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File: 1532878160238.jpg (77.61 KB, 720x960, 27458872_1993751514219750_8226…)

No. 773289

I haven't been following her as closely lately so I don't have all the latest milk but here's some info from over the years
>Goes by Isibella, real name is Perdita Woodley
>Has some family that was a duke or something
>Her rich "master" picked her up in a bar in England when she was a teenager and brought her to the states to be his slave
>Used to be really down to earth and nerdy, would talk about things like My Little Pony and World of Warcraft
>Got a set of huge, horrible looking fake boobs (also lip injections, and some suspect a nose job sometime in there too) and suddenly became obsessed with "glamour" and "luxury" and her "rich life"
>Since becoming obsessed with portraying this spoiled little rich girl image she refuses to acknowledge her nerdy past
>Always posting about how rich and fancy she is, how much she just loooove champagne and caviar and etc.
>Always bragging about how she lives in a mansion
>Wears circle lenses and animu makeup that make her look fucking creepy
>Founded "The Chateau", which she says is "Like Playboy for kitten girls"
>Puts out a monthly (? not sure if she's still doing it) web zine about The Chateau with poorly photoshopped covers (released a cover that said "May 2015" in November once)
>Says The Chateau accepts all models but almost all of them are skinny white girls
>Widely reported to play favorites with Chateau models
>Many accepted models submitted photosets that never got posted. Isibella, however, constantly continued to post pictures of herself.
>When she eventually does post a model's photo they're often low rez and low quality
>Bulk orders cheap metal collars from China and resells them for a huge markup as "official Chateau collars"
>Often says she's the "founder of the kittenplay kink"
>Brags that her picture is on the Wikipedia page for animal roleplay, but she uploaded it herself (if you look at it it says it was "uploaded by missisibella")
>Posted a video on "types of kittens in kittenplay" where she basically said Chateau kittens were better/more elegant than other types of kittens (most of which she made up anyway)
>Sadposts a lot about how her master not giving her enough attention
>Her master at one point collared another girl instead of her
>Her master has been known to flirt with/possibly harass other girls online
>Goes by master's last name, no one's quite sure if theyr'e married or not
>Heavily involved with the "vampire community", possibly in a relationship with vampire comunity leader Father Sebastiaan
> Has been featured in a few short documentaries about the vampire and kittenplay communties
>Friends with known pedo Dahvie Vanity



Vampire documentary:

First time posting a thread, hope this came out okay.

No. 773290

i have no idea who tf this is but judging by that picture alone i hate her

No. 773291

This chick. Must be pretty rich.

No. 773292

The picture was horrifying enough but the summary was a trip. I'm intrigued.

No. 773293

this looks promising. the thread pic alone got me.

No. 773294

>Then we have what I like to call the KOWAI kittens

Why can cows never pronounce kawaii properly?

No. 773295

So… the poor man's version of Steamgirl / Kato?

No. 773296

File: 1532909391085.jpg (38.18 KB, 588x441, boob.jpg)

Her boob job looks insane. And this is already year(s) later so it's all healed. I'm not sure what's going on with it. She must have had enough money to go to a good surgeon.

No. 773297

I’m so happy someone finally made a thread about her! She’s basically a pimp to tumblrinas. They’re all about ~muh mental illness~ but don’t get real diagnosis, doctors, therapist, medication; and they all seem to have some or multiple severe mental illness claims (which never stop them from drinking/drugs and partying). ~muh LGBTQfgknsowps~ but are all cis women who solely date/SB/fuck straight cis men. And ~anti slut-shaming~ but are literal whores who are manipulative and rude to other girls. It’s embaressing to see them pretend to be über classy and rich on ikea furniture and urban outfitters discount accessories. Bragging about drinking Costco bulk champagne bottles is just too much. Her ego is extremely inflated. Her faux intelligence and “calm relaxing fun sisterhood” is total BS and EXTREMLY cringy.

>”when we started kittenplay”

>founded kittenplay

Her sh00ps are almost, if not equally as bad as her tit job. And her face is really punchable, she shoops it so much bc IRL it looks like she has a melting potato face.

No. 773298

File: 1532915537179.jpg (72.11 KB, 720x960, 20881990_1399670046819778_8675…)

Oh god, I saw her on that VICE documentary on Facebook. She seemed sort of weird but this is promising.


Another of her Facebook profiles. Also pic related is absolutely hilarious.

No. 773299

File: 1532916148478.png (623.7 KB, 783x483, viva_la_summer_by_angelpapillo…)


Her dA has some embarrassing angsty jewels

No. 773300

>her master collared another kitten
Do you know who that is? Any clues or thoughts if you're unsure? I've heard this before, but I'd love to know who he thought was better than his main kitten.

No. 773301

Jesus fuck what a badly designed site. Almost as bad as her titjob.

No. 773302

File: 1532918998268.png (290.72 KB, 357x537, roses_white_by_the_little_skyl…)

There's no way she hasn't had work done on her face. Old pic for comparison.

No. 773303

maybe this is naive but i don't understand how people like this want to be seen as rich. how does being rich go with the oppressed queer mentally ill victim persona? aren't they worried their peers will guilt trip them or beg them for money or call them privileged?
do you only get a pass for being rich if you're a whore because you're sticking it to those white cis johns by taking their money?
i just don't get it because tumblrinas i've seen usually hate rich people, and if they're rich themselves they hide it and project onto others.

No. 773304

Her whole persona is a rich high class elegant princessu that suffers from romanticised Ophelia depression. She's not tumblry in the sense she's an oppressed mentally ill victim, but rather that she's all about playing that ~luxury sad gurl~ life.

No. 773305

File: 1532923688552.png (458.82 KB, 1293x745, chrome_2018-07-29_23-04-47.png)

>Brags that her picture is on the Wikipedia page for animal roleplay, but she uploaded it herself

No. 773306

Why in God’s name would she choose that picture to post on the wiki page?!

No. 773307

File: 1532930848880.png (4.23 MB, 2404x1266, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.0…)

This is what she thinks a mansion is? Hahahahaha

No. 773308

File: 1532931432163.png (430.48 KB, 552x674, Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.1…)

Oof if she has all this money to blow on surgery why the hell doesn't she fix her nasty teeth? Or at the very least get a fake one put in where she's missing a tooth, yikes.

No. 773309

File: 1532933194299.webm (5.49 MB, 1080x720, [hd] Madame Isibella - The Cha…)

This hurts to watch

No. 773310

File: 1532933339736.jpg (72.46 KB, 960x720, 350.jpg)

she charges $350 for these tacky things

No. 773311

File: 1532933794154.jpg (127.76 KB, 960x960, 23231569_1953127394948829_6159…)

Pic dump of one of her Chateau "magazines".
Shitty shopped cover

No. 773312

File: 1532933843281.jpg (101.3 KB, 960x960, 23319129_1953127544948814_7750…)

"Vampurrs", a term she completely made up

No. 773313

File: 1532933903537.jpg (115.9 KB, 960x960, 23434762_1953127368282165_2679…)

"Adopted lovingly by the community" meaning her and her stans only, not anyone in the bigger scene

No. 773314

File: 1532933929744.jpg (84.03 KB, 960x960, 23319417_1953127458282156_9081…)


No. 773315

File: 1532933959870.jpg (161.44 KB, 960x960, 23316306_1953127341615501_2058…)

Flat dumpy kitten girl asses

No. 773316

File: 1532934026683.jpg (70.87 KB, 960x960, 23231465_1953127301615505_8610…)

Metal collar ordered in bulk from China, engraved with their logo and some shitty "crystals" glued on and sold for $200

No. 773317

None of the articles listed on the cover were actually in the zine

No. 773318

Did they sharpie out some of the jewels, or?

No. 773319

File: 1532935462100.png (52.66 KB, 362x403, chrome_2018-07-30_02-22-49.png)

I think some are red and some are black. Looks awful.
$600 for a gold plated steel collar from China with cheap jewels glued to it. This bitch is delusional.

No. 773320

These aren't even pictures of the actual collars, this looks like a shitty PS job that the Chinese webshop whipped up for her (the stones are all flat and copy-pasted)

No. 773321

She looks like a completely different person now, freaky…

She used to be somewhat down to earth before her boob job at least. It was pretty sudden too because I thought she was happy with her body before. Maybe her master was checking out bustier girls and it made her self conscious?

No. 773322

It's like she wants to be Katopunk so bad and Kato may be fucking crazy but at least she has an eye for aesthetics. Yikes.

No. 773323

File: 1532980352212.png (97.53 KB, 1130x1001, Untitled.png)

She's obviously not with the same guy anymore but rip

No. 773324

Any more recent posts? These are kind of old. Also, who is Cincinnati kitten?

No. 773325

File: 1532984612662.jpg (44.84 KB, 450x470, 137241881.jpg)

Unico deserves so much better than this

No. 773326


Known about this girl for a while, mostly because she grew up somewhat close to me. She used to be very nerdy and quite down to earth but now seems very pompous and way too into the bubbly for someone who is "with child".

Her master used to/ works for Nasa, which explains her source of money, since I believe she isn't close to her family anymore.

Can't really hate on her figure because she's pretty qt, but I remember from a previous youtube vid that she got her lung punctured during her boob job, so couldn't have been that expensive..

No. 773327

Does anyone know where she buys it from? I tried checking AliExpress and Wish as well as a reverse Google search cause I was interested in seeing how much she potentially would make from each sale but I couldn't find them. Actually I found much nicer ones there

No. 773328

No, she's still with him. Daniel is the older guy who took her from England to the US to be his slave. They're still together.

No. 773329

With child? Where are you hearing this?

No. 773330

File: 1533010808705.png (507.69 KB, 1307x847, Untitled.png)

No. 773331

File: 1533012320652.png (751.81 KB, 1054x461, Untitled.png)

Spoke too soon

No. 773332

Interesting. Most people are severely upset about losing a baby, she hasn't seemed to care at all. Probably just happy to get back to the champagne.

No. 773333

Does anyone else feel like lifestyle kinksters like her should absolutely be the last people to have children? What kind of environment is it to live in where you don't know who is your father, sexed up 20 something kittens running around, and a mom who's entire profession is cat-themed sex parties? It's not some toy or an accessory for you.

No. 773334

Several of the Chateau kittens actually have had babies recently. Shudder.

No. 773335

Kinda agree. Plus when the kid grows up they're going to be bullied to shit about their sex-slave catgirl mom

No. 773336

File: 1533019666212.png (8.21 KB, 294x110, chrome_2018-07-31_01-47-29.png)

The official Chateau Tumblr is a fucking mess.
Also lmao @ the inspirational quote in their sidebar

No. 773337

File: 1533020242349.jpg (90.08 KB, 515x820, 000541fc-a5dd-df48-0383-f1f051…)

Bras don't even sit right on her because her boobs are so fucked up and high up on her chest

No. 773338

File: 1533021198042.jpg (248.17 KB, 958x711, 000511bc-e024-ff85-fb42-4eebd3…)

No. 773339

Wtf is that eyebrow jesus

She looks like an uglier Frank Wolf

No. 773340

File: 1533026200949.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.95 KB, 439x610, 08735245.jpg)

It's a shame because she used to be kind of cute before she was made of plastic

No. 773341

File: 1533028066264.jpg (30.51 KB, 480x360, michaels.jpg)

Not to nitpick, but it is a cute looking house.
I could see why a woman who never grew up in a privileged background would think it's like a mansion.

I've seen the same tea set charms at Michael's. I bought them for a crafting gift for a whole $3, iirc.
Gosh you can even see the glue behind those rhinestones.

No way those headbands are costing her over $20 each. Whoever's buying these and those collars are directly funding her little retreat out in Colorado.

No. 773342

>I could see why a woman who never grew up in a privileged background would think it's like a mansion.
She's literally royalty and grew up in a giant ass house lol. She's always been privileged as fuck.

No. 773343

saged for nitpick but why do girls still wear those cheap amazon cat tights? eww

No. 773344

File: 1533032251564.png (172.93 KB, 1035x549, 2018-07-31_05-16-18.png)

They're like $40 on Chinese wholesale sites like Aliexpress and DHGate. Cheaper when bought in bulk.
The "crystals" are acrylic.

No. 773345

She probably buys the ears in bulk too, glues on the shitty plastic "jewels" and cheap $3 charms from Michaels, and then sells them for a ridiculous markup because they're "handmade"

No. 773346

If you google her real name you can find information about her family, I believe her dad is a baron.
Her brother also has his own page on the rational wiki, apparently he's an alt-right pseudoscientist who's published several racist and sexist papers. Real charming family.

No. 773347

File: 1533035008302.png (40.72 KB, 385x169, id__by_angelpapillon.png)

Going through her old DeviantArt is so bizarre. She was just a kid, saying things like XD all the time and w00t, signing things XxXxPerdyxXxX, writing shitty emo poetry and random journal entries and drawing shitty anime art. She was just a kid. In one of her journals she said she "wasn't cut out to be an aristocrat, nor do I ever want to be one."
So strange and sad to see what she's become.

No. 773348

Do people not even care about shoop looking normal anymore or…?

No. 773349

File: 1533035092438.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.86 KB, 461x820, 000570f8-d30c-01bc-a373-247ce7…)

No. 773350

My mistake, anons made it seem like she was some bourgeoisie dummy who got picked up by a rich sugar daddy american.

No. 773351

File: 1533036531625.png (8.38 KB, 445x168, chrome_2018-07-31_06-27-14.png)

I'm not 100% sure what this means but I think it says the company she owns/represents is delinquent on their taxes? Hmm
Maybe another anon can clarify

No. 773352

Here's what I've gathered from following her loosely for years and reading around on Tumblr.
Her master is Daniel, the guy who took her to the US when she was young. She and Daniel were together I believe since she was 18, so around 2006-2007. The house she lives in is Daniel's.
She also has another master, Giovanni, who she's posted about on various social medias.
After years of being with Daniel she got sick of him being too poly and fucking around with god knows how many other girls they broke up 1-2 years ago.
A bit after this time she was involved with Father Sebastiaan from the vampire community. They hinted they were going to get married but had a falling out and broke up.
She started seeing this guy Logan. Not sure how long they were together but they're broken up now. Some speculate Father Sebastiaan broke up with her because she was fucking around with Logan while seeing him.
She's possibly back with Daniel now, but I'm not sure if it's been confirmed, but there's been some hints that they may have married. She is still living in his house.
A few months ago Daniel said she was pregnant. Most assumed Daniel must be the father since he's the one who first posted about it, but since she was with Father Sebastiaan and Logan shortly before then it's anyone's guess as to who the father really was.
She ended up miscarrying, however.

No. 773353

I can't find any info about this company. Her Linkedin says she works for CdK Ltd., an entertainment company, which I believe is her company Cirque Du Kink

No. 773354

Any idea of who Voltaire is? She's sad/anger posted about someone named that on Tumblr but I can't figure out anything past that.

Also jesus, not knowing who's the father. I doubt even she knew considering how cagey she was about it.

No. 773355

Voltaire as in the gothic musician Voltaire? I can't think of literally any other person by that name. Caps of the Voltaire sad/angry posts?

No. 773356

I think it’s that’s Voltaire, I was going through her Instagram and he apparently stayed her the other night. He’s liked a few of their posts too.
Not sure on the drama though.

No. 773357

post caps pls

No. 773358

File: 1533065244143.png (467.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180731-142605.png)

No. 773359

File: 1533116320926.jpg (366.51 KB, 958x710, 000535f7-52fe-3088-4e61-10f271…)

A lot of the chateau girls are straight up ugly. they're only part of the group because they're personal friends of hers.

No. 773360

Literally looks like an alien.

No. 773361

File: 1533298860073.jpg (83.93 KB, 668x960, 38135279_2101633620098205_7753…)

Please do not.

No. 773362

…Why would Americans be on Germany's Got Talent?
Anyway, I hope they accept just for the trainwreck value.

No. 773363

And what are they supposed to perform?

No. 773364

They usually invite them to act like they went themselves and to bring some kind of drama, embarass themselves or to actually show talent (that's not singing preferably).

No. 773365

Uh, "we're not broken up, he's dating someone else, I'm happy, everything's fine" -> literally the same day: "He's gone, I'm not happy anymore, he left me, boohoo" -> a month later: "Why do you think we're broken up? Everything's cool". Okaaay? Quite an emotional rollercoaster. Doesn't sound like a healthy relationship at all. But then, not many BDSM relationships are healthy in the first place.

No. 773366

Oh god, this guy is such a manwhore. In the Alt Cows thread, it was discussed how he hits on almost anyone he meets, and now he's visiting this bordello too.

No. 773367

File: 1533325285246.jpg (22.38 KB, 538x277, 1531881209233.jpg)

Oh god I hope they get accepted, I'm ready to see a mess of flabby girls jumping through hoops and rolling around on the ground wearing cheap cat tails

No. 773368

I don't understand why she's trying to present this as such a "feminist and empowering act" that was "made by females for females". Like, girl, the house is obviously owned by your (ex?) partner and he's financing the whole project, as you don't have a job yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if the "Kitten Girl Mansion" was his idea in the first place, so he could create some sort of harem and have more girls to fuck.

No. 773369

Gonna have to read that thread. Met him at a con a few years ago and he kissed me and I had no idea who he was and I thought it was funny and he was cute. Now I want deets tho.

No. 773370

Aaah, Puddin, the fuckbuddy of the Austin vampire king and queen. I love when these cows know each other.

No. 773371

isibella is such a liar. remember when she was suppose to be jewish. remember when it was made out that she paid for everything. then the master paid for everything. remember how the cat girl think started. it was such a good idea. what ruined it was she wanted to be the star. she went out of her way to assembly a bunch of willing women then got antsy that they was becoming too popular. its crazy. she already had them paying for everything. she wouldn't publish the pictures. it doesn't make sense cause its free content. from the beginning the chateau was suppose to be like a clubhouse. so are they prostituting now? I think she wasted too much money in the beginning and now needs for one of her businesses to bring money in. in her defense about some of the other girls. they were flakey. they didn't have enough money to keep it going.

No. 773372

Or she was coerced into "miscarrying" rather convinient now that her sugar daddy left her. Arent these types of women too vain to want children in the first place?

No. 773373

Why on earth would a group of 'catgirls' come together in a house if it wasn't a literal cathouse.

No. 773374

Very likely because it's a selfish motive to seal the deal on their BDSM relationship like a baby is an accessory to their lifestyle

No. 773375

Swear she shoops her nose

No. 773376

She says it's "modeling" for a "magazine". The magazine is just a shittily Photoshopped mess published on their disaster of a website. Most the girls look like shit and can't pose to save their life but now think they're models because they had some pro photos taken. It's delusional.

No. 773377

File: 1533446860750.jpg (83.06 KB, 467x582, 251fb531ad54798293e29851bd34d0…)

If you look at her nose in old pics vs now there's no way she hasn't had a nose job, or else she HEAVILY shoops it

No. 773378

File: 1533447089784.jpg (156.15 KB, 547x820, 0004e0d1-d005-9f82-283a-2ae27c…)

She honestly used to look pretty cute. Shame she's obsessed with looking like a blow up doll now.

No. 773379

She looks pretty handsome here, anon.

No. 773380

She claims it's just contour but I'm not buying it

No. 773381

File: 1533450475825.png (32.2 KB, 486x435, chrome_2018-08-05_01-26-59.png)

She says she makes a lot of money with her "businesses" and that she's actually taking care of Daniel (her master/ex/whatever the fuck) now. Hmm.

No. 773382

File: 1533454748505.png (59.25 KB, 533x705, cults.png)

I saw this on facebook, and it creeped me out, but couldn't put my finger on it… So many questions.

Like, is this a cult? Partyhouses can be dangerous.. When you give people drinks/drugs, a sense of community, and a common interest they love enough.. People will overlook anything bad going on. They get blinded by their naivety and think everything's great. I don't know, maybe it could be all fun and catgirls, but the potential for these girls having their heads fucked with is huge. See: Charles Manson.

What's up with this schizophrenic girl? Is she okay? Jesus.

Why does everyone in her youtube videos look so brainwashed? They've got dead eyes. It's creepy.

And lastly, I wonder if there are any stories from girls who've worked with her. This thread has so much potential, tho.

No. 773383

This is a stretch, haha. Isibella is a pompous bitch and totally full of herself but she's not schizophrenic and they don't really seem like a cult. They're just a gross trashy version of the Playboy Mansion.

No. 773384

She's always been so hard-faced. It's unfortunate.

No. 773385

The girl at 6:29 said she was schizophrenic and wasn't making a lot of sense.

I don't want to assume it's like that, but from personal experience… When people are that open and trusting of each other, things are bound to get weird. It seems like a situation that could be very easily manipulated by whoever owns the house.

No. 773386

Calling it a cult gives waaaay too much credit to them. It's literally just a circlejerk of alt girls who want attention for being ~unique and kinky~ and aren't pretty enough to model otherwise.

No. 773387

But from the Vice documentary, it seems that about seven of them also permanently live there in that house, so it doesn't seem to be "just" modelling… Seems more like a brothel, really. Is this Daniel guy maybe intimately involved with all of them or something?

No. 773388

And her nose looks really strange now, kind of deformed. The plastic surgery IMO made it worse.

No. 773389

This doesn't make much sense. Supposedly, they met in England in a bar and she travelled with him to America and moved in with him, quite spontaneously - it's hard to believe that he had no money at that point? They've been living in that house since the beginning, right? I find it hard to believe that she would do this if he was poor, especially when she herself is supposedly from an upper class family. Their relationship sounded like he was her sugar daddy from the start.

No. 773390

I agree, I also find it pretty disturbing that people with serious mental health issues are involved in this mess. Seeing that schizophrenic girl made me sad and worried. Also, those types of people are easier to manipulate, so I really hope that nothing sinister is going on there, but yeah… I'm getting bad vibes from it.

No. 773391

I the only one here who sees nothing wrong with consenting adults and think these people should be left alone?

No. 773392

No. 773393

This is the wrong website for you buddy.

No. 773394

So according to father Sebastian they dated for to years and "It was a #!#$% journey". An eye roll and it seemed like he was happy to be rid of here. He also kept other kittens as they were dating, some of them were gifts from here. I think they might have had breake about 1 year in to the relationship and even then he was complaining about how high maintenance kittens were.
As far as I know, even if i don't have the exact dates, they were broken up well before she got pregnant.

After that she had a breef relationship with Logan, and if I understand they met through the vampire ball that Sebastian runs but logan works with? Speculations around he being the father of the child before the misscarage. some slightly lovydovy fb posts were laid and David asked (might have been removed?) Under one post who the father was.

I don't know Sebastian well, just well enough to exchange plesentrys when we meet at clubs (like once a year) so I'm afraid that's all the milk I got.

No. 773395

Not to mention, we're not just talking about hot girls living in a mansion like some playboy bunny shit, but they're in subspace. It's an altered state of mind, and you'll do whatever the person in charge says. I can just imagine a sociopath walking in there like, "Yes… I've waited my whole life for a willing group of scantily-clad mentally ill girls to manipulate."

No. 773396

Corsets can cause miscarriages she may wear a light one under other clothing a lot of the time

No. 773397

File: 1533538234817.jpg (91.64 KB, 960x720, 38515480_2106129102981990_6759…)

new fb pic, what are those extensions

No. 773398

Kek you can't seriously think they're all in 'subspace. Assuming the concept itself isn't nonsense, a bunch of attention whores aren't likely to actually be so submissive and well fucked it happens to them.

No. 773399

In that Vice documentary about vampires in New Orleans, linked in the OP, this Father Sebastian comes off like quite a douchebag - he even randomly scolds her on camera for trying to answer the interviewer's question, as he wants to answer it himself or something. He really seems like a prick with too much influence.

No. 773400

Oh honey what is that everything. She really needs to lay off on the insane eye makeup, that combined with her man face makes her look like a dude in drag.

No. 773401

Honestly looks like some living doll Valeria wannabe bullshit makeup, as if that's still something to emulate in good ol' 2018.

No. 773402

what's funny is that she’s now 30 years old and still been doing this same makeup and wearing circle lenses

No. 773403

>complaining about high maintenance the kittens were
Any more details?

No. 773404

I'm afraid not, talked a little bit more about how the vampires weren't to keen on the kittens (outside clubbing) sins they were noisy and everywhere pretty much. From what I understood the kittens he talked about were extremely clingy, hard to diseplin and has much higher expectations of a master then your average slave.

No. 773405

File: 1533667783374.png (506.22 KB, 720x739, 2013.png)

Isibella without circle lenses

No. 773406

I don't know if it's much milk but I'm pretty sure I ran into their poss at Hollywood this weekend. I was hanging at a bar near Sinistar (Sinister ?) and saw a bunch of half dressed girls with kitty ears waltz in, accompagnied by pseudo classy masters (aka dudes with top hats and greasy hair)

Nothing too milky besides hearing one of them outside a door for a special event area go "Meow meow let me in !". Extra cringe. Couldn't take a good pic and I only have my friend's one from a few of them from afar so dunno if I should post it in case it's different girls.

No. 773407

File: 1533714795750.png (365.36 KB, 520x509, chrome_2018-08-08_02-53-00.png)

Definitely them.

No. 773408

File: 1533715082813.jpg (137.31 KB, 1080x1349, 36906381_900557366802787_67356…)

Seriously, what is wrong with her face? It looks so tiny and weird compared to the rest of her freakishly portioned body. Maybe it's just all the shooping she does.

No. 773409

File: 1533715683592.jpg (46.2 KB, 640x713, catgirls.jpg)

Oh makes sense then ! I only have this one pic because it was impossible to take pictures inside the other bar.

Nothing to say about them except the kinda cringy cat talk and half of them were barely dressed but nothing too weird for LA. I remember seeing two blond girls and thinking the one with the doughy face was probably Isibella, the other one was a real cutie.

To anyone feeling jelly of their lifestyle : their dudes were the typical goth dude with cheap top hat trying to pretend they look galant. To each their own though.

No. 773410

They (mostly Isibella) always talk about how they're supposed to be just ooooozing class and luxury but tbh they almost always look really really trashy to me.
To be perfectly fair Isibella herself usually looks decently put together, aside from her ridiculous makeup and that awful tit job, but all the other kittens look so cheap and nasty.

No. 773411

She claims to be Jewish? You mean as in she's like an Ashkenazi Jew or that she's a convert?

No. 773412


Yeah I get what you mean. Which is extra funny too because there's so many rich people around LA, after a while you can easily spot who's extra flexing and who's not.

I don't think Isibella was looking terrible but as a whole they definitely didn't look anything close to elegant. At best they looked on their way back from a burlesque show and at worst just a bunch of cheap hookers.
I think she at least had some sort of overlay robe so there's that.

No. 773413

File: 1533724528570.png (904.64 KB, 680x1011, pastelmaycover.png)

In case anyone doesn't know lolcow's favorite ABDL dumpster fire Binkie Princess used to be involved with this

No. 773414

Ewww that is not a flattering photo. She looks extremely mannish. More so than usual.

No. 773415

File: 1533770064096.png (289.73 KB, 996x847, woof.png)

i joined their facebook group, it's p milky. some girl was getting straight up roasted today

No. 773416

File: 1533775282192.jpeg (107.83 KB, 640x480, 04D7F0E2-0FA5-48DD-A348-DB8AD6…)

My favorite Binkie picture she did with the chateau, when she was still pastel quartz.
Very unsettling to me.

No. 773417

That's not Binkie lol. Those aren't her tattoos.

No. 773418

Literally everyone in there is sensitive as fuck. Mental illness everywhere, they tried picking on a friend of mine just cuz she got a real fox tail

No. 773419

Only an idiot would post they have real fur on the internet. I personally don't care, but those types of "vegans" or anti-furs are psychos.

No. 773420

Nah, the people in there are just sensitive ass snowflakes that get upset over anything

No. 773421

I was the one that posted that lmao

No. 773422

Pardy actually ended up deleting that thread due to all the butthurt vegans but jfc that whole thread was a wild and entertaining ride

No. 773423

You don't have to be vegan to think it's disgusting and tacky to walk around with the bodypart of a dead animal. Any person with empathy and a brain is likely to feel that way.

No. 773424

Exactly. What was even the point of that post? To boast about owning real animal body parts? And then responding to critical comments by saying that you don't support real furs/leather - then why are you buying this shit? Oh, I forgot, your master bought it, so that makes it cool. How logical.

No. 773425

Also, what is going on here with these posts from kitten people, accusing others of mental illness? You know that we may think that you're the ones who are fucked up, right?

No. 773426

Who even cares about that when theres treasure to be found in that group

No. 773427

That was quick on finding this thread. And it’s obvious they weren’t farmers before since they don’t even know to sage their damn posts.

As someone that loves foxes, I don’t care what that girls excuse is. The hate she got was deserved. Gross.

No. 773428

She didnt even get that much hate lmao it was like 4-5 people out of so many so

No. 773429

Can we not derail the thread into vegan hatred of animal products? I have no idea why anti-furs and vegans are like this, but no, not everyone agrees with you and your personal preferences.

Anyway, can anyone get some more caps from that group? I'm sure there's a lot there.

No. 773430

Learn to integrate and sage your damn posts, christ

No. 773431

File: 1533857447893.png (Spoiler Image,553.88 KB, 540x738, is 05.png)

no one ever needed to see this and i need bleach for my eyeballs now

No. 773432

File: 1533857618591.png (Spoiler Image,638.3 KB, 499x811, gross.png)

ewwwwwww. no one cares

it's just a bunch of fugly girls posting selfies, unending posts on where to buy cat ears, and pics of isabutta's tits, but they're all dumb as hell so it's kinda hilarious

(reposted for spoiler)

No. 773433

File: 1533857688207.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.03 KB, 798x960, 17022319_1216216111831840_5924…)

her eyes are creepin me out in this one

No. 773434

File: 1533857971374.jpg (18.01 KB, 320x320, touchy.jpg)

Is she bi or something? Or is she just an awful queerbaiting type?

She's always naked around these kittens and acting like she enjoys them, but I've heard she's just straight. I really can't stand when women are "lesbian" for a photo and so she can make money off the thirsty male "masters" that subscribe to her site.

That shit is really not helping the depiction of female only couples. Making it seem like lesbian or bi girls desperately want men to watch them kiss or in intimate moments leads to their entitlement or even shows that straight women will be "bi for a man" if coerced. Straight men are also never expected to pose all gay for the sake of women and would outright refuse. I bet her master would never get in a bath naked with some man and it's one-sided.

No. 773435

I hear circle lenses are super bad for your eyes if used long term. With any luck she'll go blind before long.

No. 773436

Go kill yourself, you annoying Facebook fag. Seriously.(a-log)

No. 773437

Yeah, we've speculated about that before. She's trying to act as a huge feminist/queerbaiter, when it's kind of obvious that males are actually financing and promoting this shit in the first place.

No. 773438

That's not very friendly of you, anon.

No. 773439

Yeah, sorry, the kittenfags invading the board just put in a bad mood. Won't derail anymore.

No. 773440

Right, jeez, where do I begin….

So last October a few of my friends and I decided to purchase the vampire ball tix to see one of our friends performing. One of the guys in our group actually traveled like 4 fucking hours flying in to NOLA to attend.. so anywho all was well until we got to the venue (we all had the VIP tix), got in and were allowed to go upstairs since we had permission to, paying more and such.

Out of nowhere a bunch of annoying girls dressed up as cats, smelling like cheap strong alcohol and followed by a bunch of creepy rapist looking men arrived to the place where the vampire ball thing was happening, rushed to the back stage area and were generally being an embarrassment. They were loud as hell and simply didn't fit in. Really childish, meowing, afke making out with each other, fucking cringy. We decided to go down to get some air and distance from this shit for a few and when we returned, we were told that we couldn't go up because there was no more room. So these low class prostitutes were up there taking our spot (that we PAID for) and we had to watch from the back of the crowd. All because the main cat prostitute fucks the guy who put the vampire party together. Everyone was talking about it. We were so fucking pissed we started randomly talking and ranting to this guy who apparently knows Sebastian (ive seen his pictures on lots of these event pages) and he spilled so much tea….lol omg

Ok so from what he said apparently the main blonde bimbo has been manipulating sebastian for years using his money, fakes drama on social media to get attention (ya'll know the recent fake miscarriage etc etc). this guy also informed me that the girls around isibella are actually prostitutes. They put up a "we're just models" front and legit get paid to just sleep around. and wearing tail ass plugs… thanks to alcohol for making this guy talk so much, at one point my friends and I just stayed quiet and let him rant on.

He also told us that he went up to sebastians hotel room or something and was hearing him and isibella fucking, like really loudly. this girl basically leaches on guys who have some money to take advantage of them. at least that's what her own people/vampire ball people are saying. this guy also told us that sebastian is a douche and i kinda have to agree.. we saw him ordering people around rudely like they were his slaves, we cringed so much.. this group is just all sorts of retarded. never attending any of these cringe events ever again, fuck them

also we paid extra for the tickets for the next night event too, and when we got to the venue it was literally a bunch of cokehead looking people tying each other up in middle of the dance floor and was taken over 100% by the cat girls. we stayed for like 1 hour and had to leave.. it was fucking horrible. one of the cat girls bumped into me all drunk and gave me the dirtiest look then went to the isibella girl and started talking about me like a fucking highschool kid.

these people are mentally challenged.

No. 773441

Oh and apparently this is Perdita Woodley's brother. How fucking charming..LOL no wonder she doesn't use her real name.

Wiki: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Michael_A._Woodley_of_Menie

"Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie is a HBD pseudoscientist who published sexist and racist papers at the London Conference on Intelligence"

No. 773442

this bitch

No. 773443

this is like a walmart version of that scene from eyes wide shut

No. 773444

Also she claims to be royalty from the UK, which she is not. Correct that her father is a Baron, which.. lol Baron is the lowest rank of the British peerage, standing beneath Duke, marquess, earl and viscount - with Duke being the highest.

Now she more recently claims to be an almost celebrity in the US which of course she isn't, she's a z-list Denver socialite (with a small online following) at most. Being recognized by a group of girls who watched your vice "documentary" doesn't mean shit.

No. 773445

yes that Jesus you people know your shit lol
We didn’t stay long enough to see anything more than their dumb tying each other shit as they were being photographed by some amateur rapist looking photographer guy. The whole event was just a photoshoot for these girls and we paid so much attending thinking it’ll be a good event

No. 773446

Hah, thanks for the milk. Yeah, Sebastian comes off as a douchebag in that Vice documentary, so I'm not surprised that he acts like a dick towards his group. Why does he even have any influence again? What surprises me is that he's getting manipulated by Isibella according to this testimony - even though now they're supposedly broken up… But it lasted for years, right? Like, what does anyone see on her? She looks and behaves so fake… Probably fakes orgasms too, heh.

Also, yeah, we've suspected here that the kitten girls are actually prostitutes, not just models. Quite sad, when some of them suffer from severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. It's probable they're being exploited. Is Isabella actually their pimp who finds their clients for them? And what is the role of that partner of hers, who owns the house? Do you have any more info about that?

No. 773447

I mentioned this in >>773346 but didn't post the link because you're not really supposed to bring family into this.

No. 773448

File: 1534072985878.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 38662804_147915129407989_84269…)

I do not understand how they think this is an acceptable way to act in public. They're so embarrassing.

No. 773449

Uh…, no wonder so many people with self respect are distancing themselves from any event she's hosting or is a part of. There's so much internal chat about this issue. The vampire ball events got ruined so much by having her and her people involved. truly one of the most embarrassing things ever..having a bunch of fat girls with daddy issues running around a venue where everyone is dressed up in their amazing vampire costumes..and then there's these idiots meowing with ass plugs. What the fuck were the vampire ball people thinking…what the fuck are Vice people thinking..? But then again, Vice also interviews rapists and pedophiles, which this Isibella girl seems to befriend. Dunno if anyone mentioned how she's bff's with this pedophile musician guy..forgot his name, he looks like an electrocuted animal. and her own husband Daniel is a known creep who hits on reeeeeeaaaaly young looking girls.

No. 773450

No, the thing about the pedo musician hasn't been mentioned yet. Any chance that you could give us a name?

No. 773451

I've noticed this video has a ton of dislikes. Are those coming from all the disappointed vampire people, perhaps? :D

No. 773452

yeah the dancers are actually well liked but lots of people later complained about the weird setting of the whole event and these random girls sitting in the back like that

No. 773453

yes the singers name is Dahvie Vanity and there are pictures of her and him together calling him her best friend and shit. The guy has assaulted young girls
someone posted a link or a photo of that in this whole thread but I cant find it unfortunately

No. 773454

Is there any milk on Kato?

No. 773455

She has a thread on here somewhere. A lot of people who have worked with her have some pretty awful stories about her. Theres also some really disappointed people on her reddit with details about her scamming people about her snapchat and false promises that could definitely be added as well. She's just got a huge ego and has really stepped on other people to get where she has.

No. 773456

Would you epect them to be anything else? They put up a front about being models but they engage in illegal prostitution.

No. 773457

So it looks like their new “reality tv show” just went up.

No. 773458

No. 773459

No. 773460

The full thing is on https://asytv.com/, if anyone's willing to spare the $3 and record it

No. 773461

"Comtessa Mircalla Karnstein" - is there a reason why does she go by yet ANOTHER name on Facebook? Thought she only goes by Isibella.

No. 773462

I do believe that here karstain names are all vampire characters of the karstain famely of vampires, or from people who are in those stories. this latest one comes from carmila.

No. 773463

Did you know that if 10 people Facebook report her account as having a fake name (all Facebook reports are anonymous by the way), Facebook will force her to change it? Or delete her account.

You’re welcome. ;-)

-your friendly neighborhood troll(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773464


No, Facebook will require that she verify her name.


No. 773465

Is there any way to get around this?

No. 773466

Read the rules here

No. 773467

What is it about this thread that brings out all the retards and newfags? Christ

No. 773468

Under rule 5c:
Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).

Do not contact a subject's family.
Do not use lolcow.farm to crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
Do not organize raids on twitter, twitch or other social media.
Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 773469

omg, she doesn't even clap. i know she's just sitting there but the vibe of this video this makes me hate her so much

anon, is this bait?

No. 773470

File: 1538230364996.png (442.7 KB, 969x485, chrome_2018-09-29_09-10-04.png)

Found a shop from Norway selling the exact same "custom made just for The Chateau" ears as her, further proving she's full of shit and most likely just bought them in bulk from China and sold them at a huge markup.

No. 773471

Surprised to see it took this long for her to be posted here.
She's not nearly as milky as she used to be when she was active on tumblr.
She lives a very interesting life. But most of it all seems super cringe. Almost all of the "masters" or "sirs" are ugly grease balls. Almost none of the models involved share the same vision as Isabella does and make up for it just by being super sexual. The luxurious lifestyle doesn't seem worth it to me to put up with everything else that comes with it.
I know she's said her parents didn't speak to her for about ten years after she left for America. She said her mother was an opera singer and I know she's posted about the celebrities her dad works with in the film industry. Also claims she had a mistress in england that more or less just shielded her from the predatory males in the BDSM community. Any farmers know much about her life before daniel?

No. 773472

>Used to be really down to earth and nerdy, would talk about things like My Little Pony and World of Warcraft
>Since becoming obsessed with portraying this spoiled little rich girl image she refuses to acknowledge her nerdy past

All other content aside, I suspect OP used to be an online orbiter of this thot while she was pretending to be a basic-ass "I like MLP and WOW" nerd grrl, and got his heart broken.

No. 773473

Not being funny but the impression I get from her old blog posts is exactly privileged upper class teenager. Exactly like the girls at my private school. She just somehow got some slightly more niche interests. But the drugs, class snobbery and expensive tastes were always there

No. 773474

OP here and no, I'm in the kink scene myself and discovered her on YouTube years and years ago and used to find her super cute and relatable, as another girl who likes things like WoW, and it's just fucking awful seeing what she's become over the years.

No. 773475

I'm surprised she didn't have a thread earlier. She's not really that interesting anymore tho. I feel like this thread would have been more popular a couple of years ago, tbh.

No. 773476

File: 1540741064418.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2318, Screenshot_2018-10-24-21-19-18…)

Hand crafted by our queen.
Yours for $350.

No. 773477


Do people actually buy these or

No. 773478

File: 1541218005332.png (8.69 MB, 1242x2208, 8276B3CE-A847-4A8A-A7C6-737B33…)

That moment when she edits her flat ass so much that the straight mirror handle bends. Bad editing gives me cancer..

No. 773479

binkie burned everyone. no one has really said what happened. binkie is the only one who really pulled a fast one on isibelle. binkie got all the press and ditched the whole community. to add insult she wouldnt give up her spots. encase the abdl thing didnt work out. binkie is not as innocent as she appears. I havent read her thread because she is a total cash grab. I think that situation made isi more guarded. it would be great if someone who was right there would chime it.

No. 773480

I suggest reading her thread, there's a ton of milk on her there. She's trash.

No. 773481

I tried to look up their "reality show" she was bragging so much about and it's not even there anymore. That was quick. Ha.


No. 773482

These are a racket. How does she seriously sell things like this? She also sold Vivienne Westwood saturn themed ones and the charm was absolutely not from VW. Is she getting bootleg charms from alibaba or something?

No. 773483

I kind of hope someone recorded it and uploaded it somewhere else - I'm not gonna pay for this nonsense (even 3 dollars is too much), but would like to have a laugh.

No. 773484

remember when she claimed that one of her associates was a metalsmith. i actually believed her. she showed some tools and some guy was around them. well, some time later she did show some collars that couldve been made cheaply by the metalsmith guy. I get the impression that she wanted something grand but didnt have the funds. she probably did order from alibaba and then had the guy go over it. this sums up isibella failing. she has all these plans but then wants too much so nothing gets done. after that first catgirl group became famous i think she felt overshadowed. so now she has to be first/get her cut first and its not working. she should go back to standing on the sides. she should have enough money for real gear now. people buy what she has because they want to be apart.

what happened to roseblood manor. remember them?

No. 773485

File: 1541291695443.png (10.63 MB, 1242x2208, D6B6B15B-2E49-4CDE-A3AD-B4BAFC…)

Aaaaaand unedited. Fuck. Me.

No. 773486

supposedly its a legit site that started off as a wrestling channel. I would sub but I cant find show listing. like, how do you know if its a scam or not or if its a show you want to watch.

okay, so have we confirmed if she prostitutes. we dont really know who funded the chateau at first. when she left her boyfriend/husband/platonic whatever– thats when she started behaving like a prostitute. I cant figure out if she is just living her dream or is this a cash grab.

No. 773487

Why are all her "unique uwu" collars these ugly, skinny, hard metal cuffs? I wouldn't want to wear something like that around my neck for more than a few minutes, and it'd be so easy to injure yourself with one of these things. Why not just use leather or ribbon like every other person who makes collars lmao

No. 773488


keep in mind she's some sort of british aristocracy. i doubt she has any real need for money, i think this is just her being stuck in teenage rebellion against her "upbringing".

No. 773489


Her father's a Baron, which… does not mean much at all. It's the lowest titled rank amongst the aristocracy in the UK, so that does not make her some billionaire royal heiress uwu lol

No. 773490

Has anyone here actually met this girl in person? What's she like? Like actually. Beyond the annoying voice and cringy ass videos. I'm curious. There are lots of videos on yt of girls talking about why they left her group.

No. 773491

You say that she definitely had an upper class upbringing. Doubt any of that is accessible to her now though.

No. 773492

There were so many mentions of father Sebastian in this thread that someone seriously needs to open up one of these on him. He seems "off" from what I've heard. Real sketchy.

No. 773493

If you want a thread on him gather the milk and make a thread yourself. And learn to sage.

No. 773494

IIRC on her tumblr she once stated she doesn't like her family and vice versa

No. 773495

Yes, I've met her and hung out with her plenty of times. She's into cringe stuff and thrives on attention, but she's a very nice person. I actually felt bad for her because she's stuck with her disgusting, middle aged "Master" who takes care of her financially and keeps her housed. Plus he benefits off of her by her bringing in endless amounts of girls he gets to ogle, hit on, and occasionally fuck. She's trapped with him until she can find someone better.

He buys her nice things, gets her new pets when the old neglected ones die, etc. but with that he exerts control over her. She looks bimbo-ish but she is smarter than she looks, and is kind hearted, so I do like her. Don't like her master.

No. 773496

She says she doesn't like them but she sure does enjoy flaunting them when she wants to show off how fancy she thinks she is, being "royalty" and all.

She claims allllll the time that she has her own money and works for it, plus she likes to flaunt that she comes from an affluent upbringing. Either she's lying her ass off about that (and we know for a fact her family is rich, so…) or she's not stuck with shit.

No. 773497

The guy she’s sleeping with now (Logan South) just accused father Sebastian (her ex boyfriend) of raping and beating girls including her. Also something about sexual assault of underage girls. She and her girls have all removed Sebastian from their social media and are distancing themselves. Weird how she starts dating the other vampire guy and suddenly the old one is a rapist? Grabbing my popcorn…..

No. 773498

KEK this is a delicious cow-crossover. why is there no thread on the 'vampire' community??? also, that's probably true, but it's probably true of logan too. these men are all psychos.

No. 773499

iirc father sebastian had been accused of similar stuff before and also has a history of scammy/stealing peoples stuff and things like that
i think he was one of the people michelle belanger talked about distancing herself from because of the allegations but i cant be sure

No. 773500

I'm a fucking newbie to this so if anyone is interested in opening a thread on the vampire community and such, please do!!!! it doesn't have to start as informative as this one, others can always add. seems like lots of people have something to say about them….. including me

No. 773501

Comtessa = Countess, she's just dropping her first name for a title.

No. 773502

So she's in another fake 3-way relationship now? Like the other one with Logan and his wife? What's she doing with that pompous fat, old fart (daniel?) then? Just mooching off his money and home? So confusing. Imagine being so bland and without talent that you have to use fake relationships and fake drama to make us curious/interested.. LOL

No. 773503

They all look like trannies.

Isibella really is the poor man's Kato, as another anon mentioned. Why are all these BDSM people fucking nutcases? Yikes.

No. 773532

File: 1548805316676.jpeg (217.81 KB, 1447x703, E5B8820C-F34F-4FCE-B767-1B867C…)

The resemblance is uncanny - except Alaska looks more natural.

No. 797708

The one with the cat ear looks like something you'd order off Ali Express. lmao That whole community is cheap as fuck.(necromancy )

No. 811477

It’d be more fair to compare her to a shitty kids drawing. shes so fugly and she flaunts her shit like shes a goddess, its so annoying(necro)

No. 817198

File: 1559549886787.jpg (140.06 KB, 768x960, f.jpg)

she’s putting on weight round her middle(nitpicking, necro)

No. 821614

File: 1560423332157.jpeg (370.8 KB, 1242x2061, 7BA4E6F6-F039-40CC-8B02-3FA15E…)

Coma inducing cringe.

No. 821615

No. 832312

File: 1562333866420.jpg (93.72 KB, 720x960, 66087381_2313079568953608_3250…)

Her new scam is these stupid Ankhs with kitten ears she's selling for obscene amounts. There's a lot to unpack here.

No. 832315

File: 1562334223782.webm (6.44 MB, 720x900, getfvid_66427619_1248921720790…)

Also saging this one for not really being milky but this may be the worst thing I've ever seen

No. 832317

lmfao what kind of cheap bootleg marilyn monroe is this?

No. 832419


Happy bwuffday? Am I missing a reference here or is she just retarded?

Also why get fake tits when your grill looks like that? Her teeth are all jagged and brown.

No. 832451

I've always wondered this.
Nice body but such a prawn!
She seems to spend a fortune on makeup, costumes, holidays ect but her teeth are fucking terrible and she has a man face. She needs a jaw shave or braces or something.
The circle lens along with those fucked up brows and stupid face she pulls does not help.
Girl get one of your greasy neckbeard vampire daddies to buy you invisaline or some shit.

Also not sure if her speech impediment is caused by the teeth but sometimes her fake posh accent slips and she sounds kinda like a lispy chav.

No. 833207


The assumption is she's going for this but Marilyn sounded nothing like that so I have no idea what the fuck she thinks she's doing.


No. 887905

So let me get this clear.. for the first half of her "career" she leeched off the cringe-inducing grease-balls of "endless nights" and their pervert rape-y 'Father Sebastian', and when that gig didn't work out so well and she couldn't leech more money and shit off Sebastian to get him to pay for her shit, she moved on to creating her own vampire group with all the left-over Sebastian worshipers?

But..The fuck is the point? It's the same people, same idea, just more like the Ali Express version of it all. This is all so fucking stupid. On one end is Sebastian desperately trying to fuck every woman around him to the point where he's getting canceled left and right, and the other end is this girl and her new group, all fucking each other and making out with one another in every photo and video you see online connecting to their events. I mean, fuck yea, you do you.. but wasn't this supposed to be some classy, fantasy vampire ball? There is literally zero class with both these groups, hers and Sebastian's. It's all a big fetish thing with too much drama mixed in and nothing more. I follow for the drama.. but beneath it all, there's nothing more to them. Drama and watching to see who fucks who next. It's all a big fucking mess and I'm here for it.(necro)

No. 889567

Did the cat gurls ever perform for this German talent show mentioned 1 year ago?

No. 890152

Two of my old friends have recently started posting photos of them and this woman out partying together. Like, a lot of pictures. I don't know whether she's grooming them for Chateau (one of them is married but heavily into the kink community so there is a chance her husband is as well) but to say the least, I'm concerned.

No. 890257

You should be concerned. How about giving them heads up?

No. 890503

They're both very much into the idea that any negative press about a person on the internet can be ignored or disbelieved because 'those people don't know her, but i do' and also critical anonymous feedback about anyone's behavior is just a side-effect of being so popular and successful that you have 'haters'. So I very much doubt that expressing my concern or linking them to this thread would do anything. But I will say from the exchanges between them and isi that i've seen on facebook, it sounds like they're well into sipping the kool-aid already because isibella, i have to assume, has a decent amount of clout in Denver's goth/kink scene. I live a few hours away but I have to admit that going up to visit would be a decent excuse to play fly on the wall.

No. 898784

Ok, previous Chateau kitten here. I used to be a part of it when I was lonely and looking for a place to belong and left when I realized how god awful it was and grew up and stopped acting like a cringe kitten. And yes I am ashamed I was associated with them.

I have had Isibella on my FB and many other chateau kittens on there as friends for a while. It is a constant cringe fest.

The chateau is an ego boost for her. She brings in sad ugly models who will worship her and she promises them a champagne and diamond lifestyle which is how she pulls them in. Basically being a model for their shitty magazine, you have to pay for your own photographer and when you submit photos, you may not even get chosen for the magazine and just have your shit posted else where on the website while Isibella profits off the photos and promotional material these girls give her for free.
The more you submit the more you "level up" from a pearl level to ruby, amethyst and other stupid shit. The more you submit you can buy more cheap stupid collars for insane prices. But as a model you still pay full price for this BS. It's to keep the girls giving her free promotional shit so she can get more famous. Models and photographers don't get paid from the chateau at all. That's why all the photos are garbage. The models can't usually afford a decent photographer and most decent photographers won't shoot for the chateau.

Every so often they throw these parties at the "mansion" and this place is always a disgusting pig stye. I've only been to one (thank god) and it was awful. It's a bunch of girls and gross slime ball guys all hooking up in cheap amazon goth dresses and butt plugs, whipping each other in the basement or getting drunk on cheap champagne up stairs. Daniel is constantly hitting on all these ugly ass girls while Isibella (who everyone calls Isi) is being fawned over by girls wanting to be a part of her inner circle. Being apart of this inner circle is usually just going to smaller parties they host or events and you have to be personally invited by the "contessa" herself. But private or public, the events all center around her. At the Christmas party everyone gives her gifts but she gives out none herself except her cheap cat ear anhks to her favorites. Oh and if any girl is getting more attention than her she gets mopey and whiney and makes a scene until the attention is on her again.
She makes Facebook posts "poor me" and the comment section floods with her kittens and creepy men with words of support. Poor little rich girl.

And she does shop her face ALOT. She uses the app called BeautyCam. One time she forgot to remove the watermark from the app on oNE of her photos. She over shops it and uses heavy filters that make her look drastically different, almost anime. She has also gained a lot of weight especially in one of her recent event photos her belly is jelly.

She boasts that if you're a chateau kitten you get to live a life style just like her. But really you cant. It encourages these low self esteem fat ass models to get low rate sugar daddies so they can live her lifestyle.

My next point: the models
Most of the girls in the chateau are all really ugly and fat but act like theyre so god damn hot and sell nudes and snap chats or are strippers or prostitutes or cheap cam whores who post all their cam links and amazon wish lists. Most have sugar daddies and men in their 50s. They all boast they are bi and poly but really they all just fuck each other while also shit talking men every other post and acting high and mighty. Like "hunny, men don't want you as much as you think." These girls are sooooooo fucking gross. They're cheap whores. They also all claim to be pagan witches and bitch about "mercury in retrograde is fucking with my life omg"

A lot of creepy slime ball guys hang around the chateau pages and forums in hopes one of the girls will accept their FB flirt comments.

Isibella also uses other people within her inner circle to get more models and more people to worship the turd carpet she walks on. I will leave their names out of this but basically it's like her own little entourage and posts photos to make other chateau girls want to be there more (kinda like the whole FOMO thing).

I'm a cosplayer mostly these days and the chateau is slowly invading it going to cons and cosplayer events in lingerie and kitten gear calling it cosplay. Most of them don't even play video games or watch anime or read comics. They just wanna be Harley Quinn or post "watching star wars, omg this kitten is such a nerd!" They're slowly poisoning the community. I'm slowly seeing more girls in the cosplay community want to join the chateau and I want to so badly tell them not to. That it's all just an ego trip for some floosy sugar baby and I want to so badly call them out but if you do, Isibellas entire harem of kitten girls, entourage and fan boys will fucking come at you, make public posts, humiliate you… it's bad. They will ruin you. They will make sure you're kicked oUT of a club or any public venue they frequent.

The Chateau is like a mini Cult of Personality.

Someone found me this thread and I'm happy I can finally talk about what a shit show the chateau really is.

No. 898786


>lolcow.farm is an image board

where are the receipts.

No. 898808

Yes, any screenshots you have would be greatly appreciated. Facebook posts, PMs, anything. We want the tea.

No. 900544

File: 1575295386708.jpg (69.36 KB, 960x720, 44846103_2004760922903220_4546…)

Ngl, none of this seems like a reach. Her "master" tends to post a lot of unedited and behind the scenes type photos which seem to confirm at least portions of this anon's post.

There's definitely an almost pyramid scheme sort of thing going on with the collars? It's bizarre. The turnover rate for the girls seems pretty quick for the most part too. Some seem to get special privileges and special outings with her and her "master", but even her inner circle seems to go through an awful lot of changes over the years.

I'll drop some caps. This is her "master".

No. 900545

File: 1575295440056.jpg (75.17 KB, 960x721, 73333350_2620840644628575_9428…)

No. 900548

File: 1575295596438.jpg (135.39 KB, 960x721, 75472813_2606084416104198_4717…)

A sampling of the gorgeous catgirls they have to offer.

No. 900551

File: 1575296418620.png (Spoiler Image,909.07 KB, 924x762, zxc zx.png)

Basically he just selfies all the time with various girls often scantily clad in the background as props.

No. 900552

File: 1575296566740.png (333.09 KB, 511x794, stalkerclaims.png)

The only real new drama is that she was dating "fangsmith" Rikki Sixx earlier this month, but came back to the chateau after a "stalker situation"? Daniel seems to imply Rikki is likely her ex now.

No. 900553

File: 1575296596456.png (433.05 KB, 407x822, rikki.png)

No. 900578

My favorite part about this picture is how they clearly arranged the most attractive girls to be closer to the camera and all of the girls in the back are clearly…not so good looking.

No. 900587

this is whatever but cows like perdita are my favorites. old school, involved in shady activity, in with a loser/weird scene–vampire communities were some of the best places to farm in the 2000's, all drama whores with constant milkflow. hopefully whoever has an in to horseface perdy will keep dropping deets, it's super fun.

No. 900780

File: 1575338677600.png (1.41 MB, 781x764, catgirlpoolparty.png)

There's definitely only a handful of girls who are decent looking or even kind of cute at the "manor". Tbh, almost anyone can get an in if they paypig their way in or stroke her ego enough. Only the "pretty" catgirls get any real attention though, the others sorta just lurk around in the background of group photos.

No. 900935

I feel sorry for the girl at the far left, she's obviously uncomfortable and forced to stand in the back so she doesn't ruin the photo with her face.
Girl, run away as far as you can.

No. 900958

Imagine paying actual currency, arranging photoshoots, managing scores of other women, organizing parties and trying your best to look attractive while doing this cat girl LARP shit, just to end up having some old, portly man with multiple chins and scraggly, unkempt facial hair as a "master".
With all the effort put into this whole thing, you'd think any "master" she'd have would look like Peter Steele in his prime, or some sort of gothic prince. The reality is so much bleaker. He's not even a good poet, fucking hell.
She supposedly comes from a rich family, so it's not even like she needs him for money. Does she just hate herself?
Even worse than that is the idea of being one of the female orbiters who actually pay to be in her "inner circle".

No. 901035

I feel so sorry for that black girl, she's so lost and needs to get the fuck out of that hellhole

No. 901313

The shitty poetry dude isn't her "master" just some dude she ran off with temporarily in New Orleans who was a "fangsmith" before they ultimately broke up and she ran back to the chateau and "master" with her tail between her legs. Rikki is okayish looking if you are into shitty face tats and cheesy vampire novels.

Her "master" however, is who shipped her in from the UK, supposedly used to work for NASA, and who she claims to financially support now. He's your typical grimy, middle aged, neckbeard who treats women like props and thinks wearing a tophat makes him classy. Like the dude literally has brown teeth. I don't really understand what he brings to the table, but I suppose that's why she ran off with that Rikki dude briefly.

No. 902650

Stumbled upon this small documentary type thing. It’s one of her back up, less attractive girls.


No. 902858

File: 1575706001856.jpg (110.49 KB, 534x302, 294.jpg)

No. 902859

Samefag but these girls need to learn the difference between a kink or a hobby and an identity. It's fine if you have a kink or even a hobby for dressing up…weird and cringe sometimes but w/e. It's not an IDENTITY though, not every little thing you do needs to be or should be a part of your core identity. It's concerning when people base their entire personality around their kinks.
Also you ever notice how so many of the "masters" in these relationships say things like "I was kind of weirded out by it and not into it but decided to go with it…" Rubs me the wrong way. The boyfriend seems like a weird old nerd but an okay guy.
Forgot to sage last post, sorry

No. 903748

File: 1575915192481.jpeg (168.01 KB, 960x720, 1368D326-F895-40F8-B38E-3EB469…)

Found some untouched images. Glorious.

No. 903749

File: 1575915248578.jpeg (138.23 KB, 960x720, 52F766F9-77EB-4ABD-A1F8-A87F7C…)

No. 903751

File: 1575915390065.jpeg (136.87 KB, 720x960, 85B4C581-2205-4EBA-BC6A-621892…)

Oh my.

No. 903752

File: 1575915461210.jpeg (156.77 KB, 640x960, DEA9A1CE-73E8-400C-8712-D9C93D…)

Oh look. With the other cat.

No. 903753

File: 1575915569900.jpeg (570.94 KB, 2048x1365, 6CC388AA-2234-46FC-9889-DE8C6A…)

No. 903764

Why are the walls all missing chunks of paint behind them? Cat girls clawing the place up?

No. 903767

Ah, cats have been clawing at that curtain I see.

No. 903774

File: 1575919182196.jpg (9.37 KB, 259x194, ffff.jpg)


lmao their aesthetic is so cheap and tacky. this literally looks like those weird russian dating site photos, pic related

No. 903833

The OP image versus this one is very "Instagram vs reality"

No. 903971

Oh god same. Sage for OT but do you have any obscure favorites to share?

No. 903973

File: 1575956553791.jpeg (113.35 KB, 486x729, 3FC94DAC-8586-4F59-B7FC-84ACE7…)

No. 904059

Why does she always make this closed mouth beak face? She doesn't look posh and fancy. Not even trying to rag on her but is it because her teeth are so fucked up that she can't properly close her mouth or enunciate?

No. 904175

Oh my. It's a dude in a wig, you can't convince me otherwise.

Her mouth is indeed very strange. She's either trying to hide bad teeth, or unlucky duck face.

No. 904598

File: 1576107182720.png (13.18 MB, 1242x2688, 16152F5B-846C-4518-91A9-4162AA…)

The shopper version oh my

No. 904647

Please god someone help her match her foundation

No. 904974

File: 1576200063008.jpeg (61.01 KB, 1242x340, C9F261A7-C301-49B5-886F-25CCE9…)

Is there anyone she hasn’t fucked?

No. 905111

tbh I think it is because she is getting older and it makes her mouth area look "better"/"younger" even though it just looks silly. I notice lots of older women doing it, and have honestly considered it myself… if it didn't look so bad.

No. 911916

File: 1577763588114.png (1.03 MB, 981x476, chrome_2019-12-30_21-34-38.png)

Yesterday she uploaded for the first time in 7 months asking if she should start making videos again.
Then an hour ago she posted a Rise of Skywalker review. Who is she targeting with this? Her core demographic probably isn't going to care much about that, hardcore SW fans will probably think she's a thot. Haven't watched the video myself but she's the last person I want a Star Wars review from anyway.
Also her head looks way too small for her body, it's freaky

No. 911917

File: 1577763731747.png (792.38 KB, 854x427, chrome_2019-12-30_21-40-56.png)

Another example since her head was turned in the last one. It's not just the angle. Her botched boob job and giant man shoulders combined with her hideous eye makeup and whatever the fuck she's done to her nose make her proportions look absolutely alien

No. 911922

She looks so different now wtf

No. 911926

Obviously shot through some very heavy beauty filters. Might be making her head look smaller as she pretty obviously pinched in her face and there's the whole fact she's literally glowing? She doesn't actually look like that. All those filters and makeup aside, her teeth are still looking absolutely mangled. kek.

No. 911959

she legit looks like a japanese ghost

No. 912071


>Her botched boob job and giant man shoulders combined with her hideous eye makeup and whatever the fuck she's done to her nose make her proportions look absolutely alien

Still doesn't change this fact tbh

No. 912618

People people… she’s using a live tracking filter on her video. Lots of Asian live streamers are doing it.

No. 912620

File: 1577934108417.jpeg (122.82 KB, 486x729, 675B7EC4-8B19-4DA1-8F79-DE28E5…)

Real face. Unedited.

No. 912661

No,she deadass cosplaying Inuyasha.

No. 913214

File: 1578085794887.jpeg (424.72 KB, 1224x1238, 9C3C424C-1E87-4540-8992-369394…)

Pretty hilarious when airheads like her try to get into other realms like movie reviews, and now, politics. She should stick to her own field - being a cheap prostitute.

No. 913319

I mean normally I'd agree with you but in this instance she's right. Although I'm sure this looks extremely irrelevant on her social media, especially amongst her usual posting, my family members are now on deployment notice lol. So it's founded on some logic.

No. 913501

ok but she cannot write

No. 914466

File: 1578348522727.png (7.61 MB, 2688x1242, 3BEF4068-42FB-462F-9E2B-960927…)

Imagine being so unhappy with your face that you use beauty filters throughout your entire vlog. Pathetic. xD You see the surroundings morph like crazy throughout the video. Cringe. Love it.(xD)

No. 914468

File: 1578348730955.png (7.78 MB, 2688x1242, 479BBAE5-8751-4A14-8F28-36F9AE…)

I can’t. XD(XD)

No. 915996

it's a bad teeth smile, definitely. it makes the muscles in your face look fucking bizarre.

No. 922019

Random additional information:

So some firsthand, some secondhand knowledge.

My understanding was that Daniel was doing some car stuff, like selling high-spec engine parts or whatever, when they first hooked up. He had money, but not a huge amount of money.

According to the drunken ramblings of an associate, he hooked up with her and (allegedly; giant, sharp grains of salt here) she remained a virgin for like two years because they only did anal as part of the whole master-slave thing.

When I chatted at her a few times, she was still in the nerdy-dork phase and had only recently gotten into the whole kittenplay clusterfuck. I was friended to her actual, personal, non-kitten Facebook profile for a few years - around 2010, so that's when most of my info is from - and she was super-paranoid about about any mentions of her real name when interacting with her fake-ass Isibella profile(s).

She is Perdita Alexander Caroline Woodley, the daughter of the Baron of Menie (the guy who sold Trump the golf course) and some of her early pictures are from inside the giant-ass family home (formerly Menie House, but I think Trump renamed it Macleod House).

When I was still interacting with her she seemed nice. Above average intelligence, up for a giggle, decent banter, daddy issues; but this was in the slave phase, before all this Chateau bullshit kicked off. So I dunno what's happened in the last 7-8 years.

My personal view from a nice, safe distance is that she bailed on her family to hook up with Daniel because she was young and naive, had a blast for a bit, outgrew him and is now stuck out in the boondocks having become shallow in order to survive, and too weak to just bail on the entire thing. I would also assume her family have taken a pretty fucking dim view of her lifestyle and choices.

No. 922023

^ Same poster ^

Also, at one point, Daniel was pals with some super-scummy fuck who'd keep borrowing money off everyone, because his thing was to make girls get cosmetic surgery.

It turned him on to convince the girls to get shitty boob jobs or have their nose realigned or whatever.

So if we're talking about crappy boob jobs, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that maybe this dude's backwoods surgical hook-ups played a part.

No. 923035

Idk why but there’s something so uniquely British about her face. Like definitely looks like some girl who would only eat kebab everyday while vacationing in Ibiza. Just don’t feel like there are a lot of American girls who look like her.

No. 923711

All her recent vlogs are fucking cringe. Using a thick layer of beauty cam filter live. It’s hilariously obvious and I’m living for it.

No. 932855

File: 1581891811248.jpeg (254.81 KB, 1909x1242, 8D9B734C-E43A-4263-A7A5-1F5D1D…)

Dear god.

No. 932889

File: 1581901431425.png (730.9 KB, 634x727, whitechicks.png)

No. 932935

Her inbred nobility genes are showing.

No. 941320

File: 1583419942673.jpg (202.57 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20200306-014052__01…)

Sorry for the necro, I'm not sure how important this is so I'll sage. But did anyone notice the anti-sebastian string of comments over the years on the vampire vid linked in the thread description? Aside from anon speculation about father Sebastian being abusive/manipulative (agree) here's the most troubling comment. Obviously I can't prove it but it gives some creedence to the speculation. As much of a cow as Isibella is, her body language said a lot in the video as well. Revisited the thread today and noticed this comment, it's particularly strange imho…

No. 1219177

Anyone knows what she’s up to these days?(necro)

No. 1219317

File: 1619661533565.png (1.97 MB, 1794x1210, Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 6.12…)

still hawking repackaged aliexpress crap at an insane markup to her horny band geek followers. the chateau insta hasn't been updated in almost a year though. (also sage your necro)

No. 1220992

File: 1619880932505.jpeg (80.99 KB, 640x1422, CBF869A6-39C7-44D8-B2AE-90DD86…)

No. 1220995

File: 1619881110576.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2688, F5E84907-981F-4F0D-A73D-DCC1F3…)

No. 1220996

File: 1619881140747.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2688, EC5BB18A-5BD0-4F83-9E78-5BE369…)

No. 1221000

File: 1619881868422.jpg (92.61 KB, 600x600, pbyxjOsh.jpg)

>ancient Egyptian symbol
>appropriated by uneducated blacks in the 60's because of the rise of black kemetism

No. 1221003

Anon, Egypt is in Africa so the ankh is technically an African symbol

No. 1221007

File: 1619882264934.png (1.63 MB, 1242x2688, D488D85D-2B03-4E27-84B4-48765D…)

No. 1221017

>racism is the most natural thing on the earth, nothing can be done to stop it, its been around since man was created, be it between blondes and brunettes or black and whites.
Ah yes, anti-brown hair racism, the worst kind of racism

No. 1221027

>They wrote something in an ancient, dead language!
>From a culture that doesn't exist anymore!
>One of the most used symbols in fantasy media!
What the fuck, you cant appropriate ancient Egyptians lmao.

No. 1221280

I am not a fan of Isibella but I find it funny that the person calling her out for racism for a post she made when she was 15, Logan South (real name Logan Barnett), has been doing performative racism by suddenly (in the last couple of years or so) claiming he’s Native American based on something his mom (who he doesn’t even trust or speak to) told him. He never reveals what tribe he’s supposably from and even speaks for all Native Americans when he talks on his Facebook about how he doesn’t mind certain things that upset real NAs. Like, show us the receipts—what tribe because we can call the tribal council to verify your fake membership? If you’re so proud of your false heritage, what tribe, bro? Despite being pale as milk, he labels himself as Native on his TikTok and even says dumb shit like, “Leave my people alone” in pseudo activist posts on Facebook. He’s the last person who should throw stones as he has some abuse allegations himself. These people are a dumpster fire.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1221331

Actually copts have the closest living language to ancient egyptians as they are their modern descendants. Americans are dumb.

No. 1221396

I think anon's referring to the sperg conspiracy theories that circulate the black American community. African Americans are not culturally Egyptian, so this isn't much better than woke twitterfags unreasonably inserting themselves into other culture's issues. Hell, even the current population of Egypt are barely related to ancient Egyptians. The fact that such innocuous shit is considered controversial is absolute peak smooth brain.

No. 1221414

Most coptics are Christians, and are the result of the melting pot that was Hellenistic, post-conquest Egypt. They are hardly direct decendants. Also Coptic is close to Demotic(romanized) Egyptian, not Archaic Egyptian, which is hugely different and it's the reason we still have trouble translating hieroglyphs. Especially from the time period in which hieroglyphs like the ankh originated. Their alphabet is mostly Greek ffs. The Coptic cross is literally a christianized ~appropriation~ of the ankh lmao.
I'll take my ban for Egypt sperging. Hope your third world education serves you well, nonny.

No. 1222174

Oof yikes didn’t see that coming. What a shit.

No. 1224222

She posted about money troubles late last year as well. She's currently traveling with a guy who she has been seen with before. Girls are still coming to the Chateau for photoshoots during the whole C situation

No. 1227074

I'm not sure how her being racist is a surprise, considering who her brother is.


No. 1227087

Likely true, just not for the ankh sperging above.

No. 1227297

File: 1620672253385.png (405.3 KB, 626x365, michaelwoodly.png)

For a minute I thought, "Oh, so this guy got all the looks in their family" until I scrolled down a bit more. Dude looks like one of those losers who stormed the capital in the US. kek

No. 1227342

File: 1620675650899.jpg (309.49 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot.jpg)

Samefag but his bio mentions Perdy by name and says she's in the "modelling" industry

Top kek

No. 1227383

Did anyone save screenshots of what she said? There's no copy on archive.is, and it seems to be deleted.

No. 1227465

File: 1620691327602.jpg (75.28 KB, 640x1422, FB_IMG_1620691271880.jpg)

No. 1227466

File: 1620691466603.jpg (77.97 KB, 640x1422, FB_IMG_1620691276235.jpg)

No. 1227469

File: 1620691499643.jpg (77.06 KB, 640x1422, FB_IMG_1620691280556.jpg)

No. 1227470

File: 1620691545282.jpg (63.85 KB, 640x1422, FB_IMG_1620691284010.jpg)

No. 1227476

Ah you beat me to sending the screenshots over. It’s funny because she actually deleted fb after ex-kittens in the comments were bashing her for making a statement about racism 16 years ago rather than the shielding of rapists/abusers that follow her around

No. 1227478

File: 1620691910164.jpg (307.78 KB, 1080x1633, Karen.jpg)

Logan also had this to say after her apology

No. 1227486

Here are some of the comments under the video from her now-deactivated fb. All disappeared when girls started posting more about her age when she married Daniel.


No. 1227646

No. 1231286

Wow the tea. Thanks anon

Was she underage when she married Daniel?

No. 1231848

File: 1621249726057.png (72.75 KB, 481x1039, cPPS4ipEO9.png)

more from logan

No. 1231850

File: 1621249807081.png (118.6 KB, 815x964, BZAgSuZzr7.png)

No. 1231852

File: 1621249929619.png (64.54 KB, 827x544, Ep89o2PezX.png)

No. 1231853

sorry for update spam but also this happened

No. 1231870

File: 1621252535306.jpeg (39.29 KB, 490x625, 193849382722-647.jpeg)

This is twitterspec cancer, but it's funny seeing her called out. But if I'm being honest I can't get through the buzzword-lace sperg… I hope someone summarises this shit

No. 1231995

File: 1621270124213.jpg (235.74 KB, 691x625, 1534130688844.jpg)

Yeah, it's a lot of sperg. Anyways Logan said that one of the well known rapists in The Chateau and the VC is Father Sebastiaan.

No. 1232243

And this is a surprise? Sebastiaan is a low-life on just about every level. He and Isibella are perfect for one another.

No. 1232474

File: 1621314087746.png (34.66 KB, 419x525, uYnE20d3Jf.png)

yeah ik they went off lol. i just thought it was interesting. also, the chateu's facebook page was deleted and thechateau.org is down, and rxpzxllx made a video about it

No. 1232527

Does anyone have any more information on the allegations against Sebastiaan? I tried looking and found nothing, I'd like to see something other than just this Logan guy

No. 1232868

Father Sebastiian has a pretty dark past including tax fraud, abuse, rape, psychological manipulation etc. If you ask around everyone will tell you about it. For some reason no one dares to write about it or go to court. I don't know why. Mabe it is because he is quite threatening and people don't feel like they have the financial means or "circle" to back it up. While he has enough people to have his back and his lies. Just like a sect leader. But there is a reason Sebastiian fled America und went to France and later fled France to go back to America (his words).

No. 1233087

I don't know who to ask as everyone I know is closely involved with him, so I don't want to bring it up. I wanted literally any actual proof or even just accounts from someone first hand.

No. 1233304

Isn't that thread about this isabella thing? Did she respond to the allegations yet?
More people made videos.

No. 1233308


Google his real name Aaron Todd Hoyt

There is a lawsuit, an entry on drama-pedia or so, some old feud from the 90s of a girl that dissappear in the NYT and more. I don't know about the shit that went down in europe but I bet they have stories too.

No. 1234004

Isi's husband is a creep. Now he proudly shares on facebook that the police thought he was a pedo when he proposed to her. This is getting wild.

No. 1234026

Wait what?

No. 1235111

He seems like a massive fag but I was sleuthing through some of the videos with him in it and the body language of the people surrounding him is… Off… Everyone treats him with such reverence and Isibella seemed really intimidated.

No. 1235417

File: 1621635140751.jpg (326.27 KB, 847x1130, catgirl.jpg)

just found this thread and realized I am one degree of separation away from these people, yikes. looks like they're now being publicly outed for sheltering creeps. Repzilla put out a video that included clips from this one >>1231853

No. 1235526

Does anyone know why Isi and Rikki broke up?

No. 1235852

He's back in his country so I figured his visa was up / he couldn't marry her.

No. 1235875

TLDR: in 2016, she was 20 and uneducated about the scene/modeling field and most other kittens were. Models were not paid. Christopher sexually harassed/assaulted her continually and others brushed it off including Isi & his girlfriend. She was interviewed by Michael who asked inappropriate questions and she told Isi about it. Daniel claimed he was unaware of any claims against Christopher. And Christopher was only removed because he assaulted Isi
Isi saw Sebastian and in circles there was discussion of how he assaulted a kitten and his presence faded.
She posted another video with claims of animal abuse against her birds & dog.
Christopher threatened a lawsuit against Erika.

Other videos

No. 1236188


Holy manipulation Batman.

No. 1236200

Holy Redditor cringe, nonny. How many updoots do you want?

No. 1236218


No. 1236247

File: 1621782485912.jpeg (Spoiler Image,442.38 KB, 2048x2048, C2C4F629-54DC-4112-8865-8094CA…)

It’s popping off on FB now and all her former friends in the “vampire community” (kek) are dragging her and making memes about her.

No. 1236454

File: 1621804431999.jpg (275.59 KB, 1061x954, SmartSelect_20210523-161238_Fa…)

Isibella just posted this video yesterday.


No. 1236562

File: 1621816890036.png (1.5 MB, 1436x1300, Screenshot (1).png)

Gotta wear trashy disheveled makeup and contacts for the sob story. Anyway, she really just let's anyone and everyone into her house. Before doing business with someone and having them over to your house, wouldn't you do a basic search and see they're a rapist? Especially as a "leader" of a kink community.

This is supposedly part 1 but it's just her playing victim and she chose this 5 year old incident to defend instead of the racism, covering up assaults at her events, scamming people with her collars, animal neglect, etc.

No. 1236614

File: 1621823073558.jpg (468.52 KB, 1052x1584, SmartSelect_20210523-212058_Fa…)

No. 1236615

File: 1621823109673.jpg (663.12 KB, 1080x1362, SmartSelect_20210523-212347_Fa…)

No. 1236617

File: 1621823195576.jpg (1004.56 KB, 1015x1909, SmartSelect_20210523-212652_Fa…)

No. 1236849

The whole "vampire community" really deserves its own thread because I've never seen a bigger group of lolcows. The cognitive dissonance between how they see themselves and how they actually come across is extreme. They promote a luxurious, aristocratic Victorian aesthetic but they're just trashy as HELL. The women all look like low-rent sex workers with terrible wigs/extensions, circle lenses and tacky makeup, and the men are fat greasy neckbeards in top hats. And that's not even mentioning the insane levels of LARPing, drama, infighting and overall milk this community produces.

No. 1236873

Isi has been warned from many people many times she knew but she thought she was that special one that everyone would fall for and would treat better. Watch the movie Courtisan of Venice and you'll understand how Isi sees herself (she mentioned it several times herself). She needs a mental health doctor aka psychiatrist because she lives in an illusion. But that does not free her from her responsibility of luring, manipulating and abusing girls.

No. 1236890

File: 1621875640441.jpg (183.63 KB, 1080x1504, FB_IMG_1621875576187.jpg)

No. 1236892

I forgot to put this with the screenshot above, explaining what is is about: another disturbing story that Isi wrote saying that Daniel let a 60 year old man molest her because he felt disrespected and wanted to teach her a lesson.

No. 1236911

Fuuuuucckk that is so screwed up. No wonder she has no problems letting other girls get abused….

No. 1236921

More coming out about sebastian

No. 1236924

Exactly why she's just as bad as the men. She orchestrates the whole thing. She was groomed so now she is the groomer.

No. 1236926

File: 1621879161597.jpg (521.99 KB, 1078x1439, SmartSelect_20210524-125844_Fa…)

I cant download the video or find a link, but this video is also being shared around the VC

No. 1236942

File: 1621880919806.jpeg (448.44 KB, 694x872, 4C154396-40B7-474E-834F-6D3B43…)

Look at the girls and then look at the gross old men they’re with. Bleak.

No. 1236943

Disgusting as fuck. Anyone who is caught grooming another human is proven trash.

No. 1236969

File: 1621883355368.png (292.89 KB, 1474x1038, Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 1.49…)

As if we needed any more proof this was a brothel.

And she must be reading this thread since the "Club" entry from her old LJ was removed, but there's still a bunch of milk up there including:

- her "master" Daniel bringing her to the US, beating her every day and keeping her in a house with his young child while still married to his ex-wife
- refusing to let her go back to England to see her family or friends when she was lonely after 8 months(!)
- proposing to her at a public park, which the police crashed on suspicion of trafficking a minor

The whole thing is very obviously a sex trafficking scheme that she was pulled into and is now running. I think Daniel is way milkier than her and is the actual pimp behind the operation, he's just better at covering his trail. And it's no surprise a bunch of other known predators like Sebastian and Maven were involved. They made a ton of money running these events and rarely paid the prostitutes - ahem, "models" for their time or services. I hope these girls go to the police, because I'd love to see an investigation into the finances behind this operation.

No. 1236972

File: 1621883619434.png (1.66 MB, 1584x924, Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 2.13…)

Bonus photo of her neckbeard pimp's "proposal" kek

No. 1236981

Here is a facebook link for the video. Not sure the original source of the video.

No. 1236983

File: 1621884322984.jpg (697.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210524-112526_Fac…)

No. 1236985


Yes please, that would be an excellent thread. I briefly befriended a classmate a few years ago that turned out to be a total whackjob from "Father Sebastian's" cult. That was my first hearing of him and I quickly backed off the friendship as I discovered she was nuts. A poor mutual took pity on her sob story about leaving (or rather, getting kicked out of) the clan and allowed her to move in and helped get her a job where she was constantly trying to convince their coworkers she was a time traveling stripper/vampire and renowned egyptologist despite not even having an associate's degree in history. That scene is absolutely overflowing with cows like her and milk aplenty.

No. 1236986

File: 1621884505568.jpg (664.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210524-112507_Fac…)

No. 1237019

File: 1621886206235.jpg (542.92 KB, 1080x1864, SmartSelect_20210524-145631_Sa…)


I agree. Daniel owns the chateau, he was the main ringleader, and groomed isibella at a young age, shes probably fooled into thinking this is the way of life, not knowing she literally is a sex traffic victim. She is like the gislaine maxwell to jeffrey epstein after he geoomed her.
There is a short online journal she has online, you can read each syory and it follows daniel and her relationship at the very beggining and breifly mentions his ex wife and son and kind of speaking ill of his "crabby" child. Theres too much to screenshot, so ill just give you the link to the whole journal.

No. 1237026

File: 1621886967823.png (156.39 KB, 1187x604, FhGjaOdWsT.png)

yo wtf was she kidnapped

No. 1237028

File: 1621887034956.png (228.07 KB, 1378x729, ZoXFNa8uBt.png)

she asked to go home and he wouldn't let her

No. 1237034

File: 1621887302102.png (156.55 KB, 1438x451, Ux30Q3NBse.png)

dude hadn't even gotten a divorce yet

No. 1237052

File: 1621887842790.png (206.51 KB, 1452x677, P6fmUYP8Tq.png)

it sounds like he made her walk around the house naked while having a kid live with them with shared custody from his previous wife and that's uhhhhh

also found this. lots of milk probably https://chateauopinions.tumblr.com/

No. 1237082

Jesus christ this is gross

No. 1237100

I'm curious whether she was even in the US legally when she was writing this journal. She wasn't working, in school or engaged to Daniel, 8 months is way too long for a tourist visa, and I doubt USCIS is issuing residential visas to teenage sex slaves. It sounds more like he groomed/brainwashed her, trafficked her, and then quickly divorced his wife and coerced her into a marriage she didn't want to keep her in the country. None of this excuses her role in facilitating the trafficking & sexual assault of other women, but it does suggest Daniel should be getting WAY more scrutiny as the main pimp. I agree she's the Ghislaine to his Jeffrey, but she's getting most of the heat since she's an attention whore who makes all her moves public while he lurks behind the scenes.

I'll make one later if I have the time and anons are interested! Not to blogpost but I grew up in New Orleans and have connections to some people in the vampire scene and it's milky as HELL, I'm surprised there's not a thread on them already. Sebastiaan's antics are just the tip of the iceberg tbh.

No. 1237102

Also "nightly flogging" his child sex slave upstairs from his little kid who'd almost certainly be able to hear all that. How was the mother ok with this? It just gets more and more disgusting the more milk comes out about these people.

No. 1237107

This is disgusting and sad and so many levels.

No. 1237119

File: 1621891509230.png (1.84 MB, 1206x1188, Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 4.20…)

Not milky compared to everything else here, but DYING at the wavy curtains and wallpaper on this cursed shoop.

No. 1237132

My eyes went straight for the waves- does she not realise how obvious they are???

No. 1237382

This whole thing just sickens me to my core. BTW, I'm just going to leave this here in case anyone wants to take legal action against Daniel.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1237424

>The whole "vampire community" really deserves its own thread
Would read

No. 1237462

Yes please! I vaguely remember that there used to be one but that may have been on a previous incarnation of the farms.

No. 1237488

I’m not part of any of those community or even US based but had the misfortune of running into their group while me and my friends were out.
You’re absolutely right that they have this self image of poise, fortune, high society kind of shit but IRL they’re basically a cross between mall goths and weeb cosplay shit.

The second hand embarrassment was palatable. I’m not American so I’m not too sure how Americans feel about people wearing furry shit outside of costumed parties or Halloween. I remember thinking some of the girls were pretty but absolutely ALL the dudes were disgusting greasy neckbeards with long hair and top hat and canes kind of crap.
Absolutely like >>1236942 if not worse.

I kind of feel bad for the girls who got trafficked there but also everybody with half a brain would see the guys and dip out quickly imo. No amount of money (and really if they did have lots of money, they’d dress better, just my opinion) could convince sane women to associate with those oddballs.

No. 1237839

I was thinking this too. He had his young son exposed to his weird ass sex behavior at a young age. A sex slave dressed up as a kitten, half naked wandering around the housewhen he would go to visit his dad. Like what kind of messed up shyt is this?
Also, I would love to read a thread on the VC. I also live in New Orleans and heard of alot of horrible stories, but I would love to be more aware of what is going on and who I should distance myself from. I have already had my fair share coming across some really messed up people who circulate themselves amongst the artist and lifestyle cliques of New Orleans, and as far as the action of Daniel Du Predator, are very much alike in that crowd as well. New Orleans artists and lifestyle cliques are a hot spot for predators

No. 1237845

No. 1237938


this is an image board, please post caps, not all of us have facebook

No. 1238161

File: 1621995588055.jpg (405.82 KB, 1068x1669, SmartSelect_20210525-204910_Sa…)

Heres those images

No. 1238163

File: 1621995677655.jpg (75.49 KB, 640x1315, FB_IMG_1621995113614.jpg)

No. 1238164

File: 1621995727420.jpg (106.88 KB, 1080x1262, FB_IMG_1621995117741.jpg)

No. 1238165

File: 1621995761914.jpg (161.25 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995121374.jpg)

No. 1238167

File: 1621995791637.jpg (142.74 KB, 1080x1733, FB_IMG_1621995123942.jpg)

No. 1238169

File: 1621995824066.jpg (95.41 KB, 1080x1677, FB_IMG_1621995126592.jpg)

No. 1238170

File: 1621995848934.jpg (123.02 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995129593.jpg)

No. 1238171

File: 1621995877560.jpg (125.61 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995132312.jpg)

No. 1238173

File: 1621995915263.jpg (105.28 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1621995135296.jpg)

No. 1238174

File: 1621995945688.jpg (131.9 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995138046.jpg)

No. 1238175

File: 1621995973671.jpg (124.5 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995140797.jpg)

No. 1238176

File: 1621995996664.jpg (102.75 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995143548.jpg)

No. 1238177

File: 1621996018812.jpg (129.61 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995146416.jpg)

No. 1238178

File: 1621996076109.jpg (119.97 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995149768.jpg)

No. 1238179

File: 1621996103876.jpg (111.28 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995153200.jpg)

No. 1238189

File: 1621996968736.jpg (116.36 KB, 996x2048, FB_IMG_1621995155904.jpg)

No. 1238190

File: 1621997008752.jpg (85.62 KB, 1080x1370, FB_IMG_1621995159021.jpg)

No. 1238191

File: 1621997035141.jpg (Spoiler Image,219.5 KB, 1078x1084, SmartSelect_20210525-211301_Fa…)

No. 1238193

File: 1621997057781.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.63 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1621995166190.jpg)

No. 1238195

File: 1621997149016.png (3.49 MB, 3348x1988, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 7.13…)

Posting these caps from Kayko's YouTube video since they're extra disgusting. Highlights from the other caps:

>Daniel and Sebastian being creepy with an autistic 18-year-old model

>Isi ripping models off, not paying them & demanding free labour in exchange for "promotion"
>getting kittens wasted and practicing unsafe BDSM on them including bondage, beatings and knife play(!)
>confirming the collars are bought in bulk from AliExpress and resold at insane markups
>lots & lots of accounts of rape and sexual harassment

No. 1238197

File: 1621997196234.png (1.9 MB, 1946x2006, Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 7.13…)

No. 1238204

File: 1621997661046.jpg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_05-25-09.54.21.jpg)

No. 1238214

File: 1621998086843.jpg (193.93 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_05-25-10.01.42.jpg)

No. 1238218

Most of the girls who got raped & assaulted still seem to think Isi and Daniel are only guilty of being too passive and not taking their complaints seriously enough. I don't think they fully realize sexual assault was a feature of this community, not a bug. Grooming young women WAS the point. Isi's old LJ clearly lays out the process:

- target & lure in young, inexperienced girls with uwu sparkly glamorized BDSM bullshit (and in the case of the Chateau, fake "sisterhood/women's sexual empowerment" propaganda that Vice and other media outlets helped them spread)
- isolate them from family & friends in a cult-like environment
- groom them into being submissive "kittens" for creepy old men
- get them completely wasted
- serve them up on a platter to rapist predators, most likely for ca$h

The whole Chateau was just a scaled-up version of the same abuse Daniel perpetrated on Isi as a young girl. You don't get that many rapists in your inner circle (including Dahvie fucking Vanity) by accident. They were straight up pimping these girls, and it makes me sad a lot of them still don't get it and see them as "friends" who betrayed them rather than experienced predators who targeted them.

No. 1238223

File: 1621998760288.jpg (263.42 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_05-25-10.12.03.jpg)

No. 1238225

Source for this conversation?

No. 1238228

>It's come to my attention you made several of the girls uncomfortable.
He raped them. He raped them, Isi. Isibella. Or Perdita, lets cut the cutesy bullshit and use her real name.
Saying he "made them uncomfortable" is the understatement of the century and really goes to show how much she tries to sweep things things under the rug and ignore them. She doesn't take any of it seriously at all. And the sad part is she shared her own story of being assaulted by him just prior…maybe after being treated the same way by people for years she just can't take it seriously anymore because it's so normalized to her. This is all so fucking sad on so many levels. It actually makes me angry.

No. 1238235

File: 1621999497874.png (268.97 KB, 626x786, image_2021-05-25_222530.png)

Don't think this has been touched on yet - in Kayko's second video she shared a screenshot where Daniel confirms that he and Isi are no longer married

No. 1238243

>daniel du kinque
Ew dude

No. 1238245

Daniel's texts in that video made me blind with rage. He straight up gaslit Kayko that it was her fault Isi got raped by sick fuck Christopher because Kayko didn't come to him directly with her concerns. Bitch why would any woman confide in you about anything?? You're a rapist too!

No. 1238282


Heres the link to the comments and side stories I posted screenshots of. It's a public Facebook post by sarah Ferguson. Theres like 191 comments so I only shared a few screenshots from it that stuck out to me.

No. 1238295

> A sex slave dressed up as a kitten, half naked wandering around the house
A sex slave who was likely living in the country illegally, who was barely of legal age, half his own age (35), all the while he wasn't even officially divorced yet.

No. 1238305

i feel like it's very weird that she started off her explanation/apology? video series with what is essentially a sob story about herself. Can she not read the room? This is about how other people were hurt. Now is NOT the time to talk about her bad experience with someone who she, unwittingly or not, lent credibility to when she admitted him into her home and events.
I really feel like Perdita is not cut out for leadership and she is just kind of a willing puppet for all of these creepy 'gents' she and Daniel have made a safe haven for. But that doesn't mean she isn't as culpable in orchestrating the circumstances that have led to the women at these events getting straight-up raped. Like JFC, the story about the one girl having 30+ drinks in a day is like, if this actually was a business, there would have been a cut-off point to keep the models from getting sloppy drunk. It's very clear that nobody is managing these events, whatever the owners of the Chateau may claim.

No. 1238306

File: 1622008716065.jpg (553.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210526-001350_Fac…)

This guy really is ridiculous. He posted this yesterday in his brulee group.

No. 1238592

i totally forgot because it was 2 years ago, but important to note, that apparently logan dated isi. this thread is flowing with milk it's glorious

No. 1238718

Yesss. I seen the logan saga stuff is from 2 years ago, which is why I posted these

No. 1239379

>radical inclusion
Right…but chateau "models" need to be thin, white, conventionally attractive, neurotypical…and no trans women allowed

No. 1239591

I've been to a few events thrown by Daley and Logan and can confirm they were deeply ingrained with the Chateau. And yes the 'kittens' are super cringe IRL, especially out in public (though they tend to try and stay inside the goth club, in public it's too embarrassing to bear). Also Logan and Daley for all their posturing watched and stood idly by while women were taken advantage of or outright sexually assaulted (saw a girl get mouth kissed by a performer at one of their vampire events and the girl ran off afterwards, Logan and Daley did nothing event though they watched it happen from the back of the stage).

No. 1239842

Someone's gonna need to explain to me all the neurodivergent looking borderline troons she surrounds herself with if this is the case.

No. 1239904

A lot of people automatically think thin, young and white = "conventionally attractive", even if the girls are objectively ugly. And I'm not surprised most of the "models" she attracted were plain Janes with cluster B disorders, most legitimate models with options aren't going to gravitate toward a place where they're expected to work for free and get pimped out to gross old men with no compensation.

No. 1240244

I know a few of the OG kittens and an OG gent. They were all strippers when they joined the Chateau. Some were also cam girls. But the ones I know never escorted.

They all thought this thing would take off but realized it was a sham early on and went back to stripping. These girls spend every waking hour thinking about getting attention from men.

The OG gent has slept with every pretty girl in the scene because he was the only semi-good looking one. He moves from scene to scene sleeping around.

No. 1240296

Who Daniel?

No. 1240298

File: 1622171293243.jpg (543.21 KB, 946x1630, SmartSelect_20210525-210903_Fa…)

No. 1240309

Yup I know some of them irl too and they’re all strippers and camgirls. This is why I strongly believe the Chateau is a cult, because there’s no other reason why professional SWers would stick around this long if they weren’t getting paid.

And fwiw, Logan and Daley South are not innocent in this. They were deeply involved in the Chateau and also have defended rapists and abusers in their own community of Austin. They’re just jumping on the bandwagon because of their personal falling out with Isi, this SJW crusader shit they’re pulling now is a joke.

No. 1240316

File: 1622173336151.jpeg (122.34 KB, 1080x1910, received_3987437128016045.jpeg)

I would love to drill down to having the victims press charges. It really is about time for the final nail in the coffin (goth pun intended).(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1240320


Daniel is her (ex?) husband, the guy who dragged her to America

Also sage when you don't have milk

No. 1240599

This got milky then turned dark real fast. But glad its all out in the open now.

I thought Perdita was a lot older than she actually is

No. 1240644

This is the first I'm hearing about Voltaire, anyone know the details

No. 1240649

Aurelio Voltaire? What the fuck, my disappointment is immense

No. 1240749

I mean, it's nothing new that he's a lecherous creep violating boundaries of young girls who feel they don't stand up to him in a power dynamic. If you search his name on here, there are plenty of milky threads with details on him groping and creeping on underage or very young fans at conventions.

However, this takes the cake and should be seriously looked into if sexual contact with a minor was actually involved. Time for the curtain to fall once and for all.

No. 1240793


Ew, no. Daniel is a gross neckbeard. His name is T.J. He is super tall. You can see him enter the house in the Vice doc with Hollie and Heather, the twins.

No. 1240917


I was trying to ask who they were referring to. They said they were referring to TJ.

And, how do you sage anyways? I've been here for a while and haven't the slightest idea.

No. 1240931

Well obviously I hadn't seen any of it, and google isn't yielding shit

No. 1240933

yeilding anything about allegations I mean, I know he licked the devil's nipple on stage once and shit like that

No. 1240947

For those who havent seen part 2 of Kayko's video. This was a follow up video after all the response from her first video and the video Repzilla came out with.

No. 1240949

File: 1622249074594.jpg (523.04 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210528-191413_You…)


None of the gents in any of the docuvidz I have seen so far are even remotely attractive. So I had to ask. Lol.

I dont know how to sage, so heres a screenshot I was going to share anyways.

No. 1240951

File: 1622249100910.jpg (383.43 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20210528-191728_You…)

No. 1240958

And then here is Kayko's Part 3 video, which was posted 4 days ago.
She talks about how people need to chill out on the death threats towards Perdita and reminds them that she is still a victim herself, even though shes still guilty.
Talks about Daniel's response to her videos, which isnt much. He's just gaslighting the entire time.
And breifly talks about Dahvie Vanity at the end of the video.

No. 1241041


Put the word sage in the email box

No. 1241299

Welcome back to the shitshaeu!

Perdita FINALLY came out with a new video! She must have turned off the ability to share the video. Idk bc I cant get the link for this one for some reason even though the video is public.

Heres the facebook link until I can find the original one.


No. 1241305

File: 1622304478347.jpg (221.31 KB, 1060x722, PicsArt_05-29-11.08.12.jpg)

Comments are coming in now on Perdita's new video if anyone wants to check out her facebook or the original youtube video itself. Here are just a few screenshots

No. 1241309

File: 1622304589577.jpg (419.71 KB, 1078x1312, Screenshot_20210529-104435_You…)

And why are they blocking underage girls from seeing this? Kind of weird but maybe it's just bc of youtube. Idk.

No. 1241340

File: 1622308036928.jpg (169.25 KB, 837x835, PicsArt_05-29-12.07.26.jpg)

No. 1241352

Wow, she’s getting torn to shreds in the comments. I gotta say, putting out these videos all about herself/her own victimhood without addressing any of the other allegations (rape, harassment, animal abuse etc.) is such a bad look. I’m beginning to think this girl isn’t right in the head, or at least so narcissistic & toxic that she isn’t capable of taking any accountability. She needs a mountain of therapy and a lot of the dudes around her need prison time. This went from an entertaining lolcow to a dark horrible situation so quick my head is spinning.

No. 1241390

It is a dark situation, thats why Im trying to share as much info as I can. Its actually very quite easy to find loads of information on each individual situation if you look on facebook

No. 1241401

File: 1622313818854.jpg (1.22 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_05-29-01.43.58.jpg)

No. 1241646

Yes I checked FB and there’s huge amounts of milk on there, just need to sift through and find the most interesting stuff. Thanks for posting caps!

No. 1242044

File: 1622380113923.jpg (189.65 KB, 1048x834, SmartSelect_20210529-172343_Fa…)

So while all this is going on, Daniel is running around in the backround commenting and deleting his comment, and going around messaging each kitten that spoke out, harassing and gaslighting them about the allegations brought against him.
Here is a screenshot showing that on girl has had enough with his antics and acthally going to do something about it.

No. 1242048

File: 1622380669282.jpg (420.24 KB, 1053x1242, SmartSelect_20210530-032915_Fa…)

Here's an older, but still an odd story about the token black girl they have to represent the chateau. She goes by the name Kat, and after reading alot of the victim accounts, Kat is actually one of the more toxic kittens hanging around the chateau events.
There are several accounts from different people, men and women, whom Kat molested and raped people.

Here is a screenshot from a photographer who decided not to return after getting weird vibes from Perdita when she shared this youtube video with him.

And the video focuses on Kat, and her fake gent. Which I will also share next

No. 1242050

Here is the video Perdita shared to the photog that creeped him out enough that he didnt come back.
I mean, just the commentary on the video alone makes you question why she shared the video in the 1st place.

No. 1242057

File: 1622381207651.jpg (329.62 KB, 992x783, SmartSelect_20210530-082713_Ga…)

This is one of the screenshots in Kayko's video, and the person is directly talking about Kat being a predator and know for dating registered sex offenders. I'm not sure who the guy is in her video above, but I am betting he is one of them.

No. 1242501

The 18+ setting of youtube is basically forcing everyone to have a verification (credit card or ID) in place (with google). Which not everyone has, not even google account users. I have google accounts, but non of them have uploaded a age verification in form of a credit card or picture of my ID, so youtube(google) tells me that I can't watch the video.

This way she limits the amount of people seeing it and being able to react to it.

No. 1242734

It's honestly gross that she's used the fact that she's a woman to jump over the fact that her (and a few of the models at The Chateau) are abusers themselves or enablers. In that last video she was like "those men are scary", but quite frankly, what she has done is extremely scary. She brought young women in to be groomed by nasty old men. That's disgusting, vile, and doesn't deserve to get hidden behind some "let's join together, girls!" fake feminist empowerment.

No. 1242744

She's been talked about upthread


Sometimes I genuinely wonder if these girls even realize how creepy and gross they are when they do those things, like what she did to that photographer. Being groomed and hanging out in an environment like that normalizes it so much they think it's fine to behave that way. Almost reminds me of kids who experience CSA and act out sexually with their peers. Except these are grown ass adults who should know better but often seem to lack social awareness. The cycle of abuse is a weird thing. Not excusing anything shitty this particular girl or anyone has done, mostly referring to Isi/Perdita and this situation as a whole.
Sage for no milk and slight armchair.

No. 1242911

I cant beleive this thread died after this post.

Theres so much milk on isibella with sebastian, and there are so many accounts of sebastian being one of the main predators.
Anyone else have anymore milk?

No. 1242939

Sebastian being a preadator: The blond girl in her video testimony up thread said Sebastian bit her neck and pinned her down in the backseat of her car. Isi said she'd ban him but later Isi was engaged to him? If you search Chateau Experiences on youtube there are a few more youtube video takes some time to listen though

No. 1242940


Sebastian assault video testimony

No. 1243876

Yea, I seen all that already, but I know there are tons of others. I vaguely seen some things on facebook when I was looking for milk on Perdita.

No. 1244038

This girl is a liar. She stalked perdita and bought the same ring as sebastian because she was jealous. She tried to seduce him by coming to Tampa and was all over him all night
everyone saw her flirting and he kept walking away. There was witnesses for her behavior. There is text messages from her as evidence. She lied when she claimed it happened and just now is bringing it up again. She claimed to be a lesbian in love with Isibella.

No. 1244046

and petplay palace is reaping all the benefits. Bunch of not hot haters who just couldn't be good or wanted to do porn and were asked to refrain from sharing their porn on picture sets. All these girls are set to destroy because lets face it they benefit from her demise. They socially cancelled her because they didn't get what they wanted. People are so fake the entire thing was a big sex cult and when they didn't want to participate anymore they called rape. Last I heard sex magic of consenting adults isnt illegal so you christian bitches talking shit about Thelemic practicing should just gfy hypocritical self. This lame social assassination is only the beginning they will hunt down anyone who doesn't agree with them, they always do this in these groups. Battle of the cults. Boring… NEXT

No. 1244050

Isibella never said she would ban him and she never said she was engaged. Everyone who was actually involved knows that Cat is lying. She made up this drama because she was in love with isibella. She tried to seduce sebastian and was unsuccessful. She eventually dumped him after much pressure from EVERYONE. That dude is a lot of things but he isn't a rapist. The girls that claim this are lying. Its strategic to push new kings of the vampire scene. The entire scene is a bunch of loser people who know little to nothing about esoteric magic and spiritual energy work and want to feed their egos. The fans of these people who want to be the cool kids in the "inner circle" have to pay to hang and very few get close to the "kings and queens" so when they do they form this big pact align against rival promoting groups. The entire thing is a way for these men to pick up on barely 18 girls to brainwash into their cults and eventually these women grow up and are angry so they claim rape but in fact they are the ones trying to ladder climb with their sex. Its insane how these American vampire cults pretend to be.

No. 1244103


Receipts or you just look like Daniel or a Daniel stan

No. 1244309


Whatever this girl never had receipts and you all believing her lying ass. There is receipts out there I seen them just didn't take any photos at the time.

No. 1244334

I'm not trying to be biased but her putting herself out there to publicly tell this story and have it confirmed/discussed by others has more credence than an anonymous post on a small forum without providing evidence.

No. 1244352

Oh its coming out public soon don't you worry. Stay tuned on that public forum.

No. 1244358

Why don't you post receipts telling us who you are and how you're connected to the case then? That would be enough to evaluate your claims vs. Kat's fairly. Because as far as credibility goes, I'm far more likely to believe the women staking their identities & reputations on their claims (with all the legal risk that entails) than anons firing drive-by shots from the shadows.

No. 1244424

Amen to that.

No. 1244448

oh they are coming for sure on social media keep checking back every 5 minutes like you basic trolls do anyways.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1244694

Still didn’t answer the question but ok..lol It’s not looking good for Sebastiaan, Perdita or Daniel. There are tons of women with allegations and stories, with their faces and voices claiming the abuse, and zero comments from Sebastiaan about anything. It all just makes them look even shittier.

Glad these things are finally coming to light. These groups are just full of abuse and terrible shit. It’s enough. It was about time..

No. 1244767

File: 1622694995972.jpg (663.35 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20210602-233339_Fac…)

I KNEW that alot of people weren't going to be able to see the video all because of her user settings. She did that on purpose, because the rest of her videos aren't set that way.

No. 1244772

File: 1622695305772.jpg (56.5 KB, 640x1351, FB_IMG_1622695215364.jpg)

Multiple kittens complaining about their pictures still being used on the website even though they are no longer kittens and had asked to take them down. Cant take the pics down themselves because they cant log in either.

No. 1244775


Har Har. XD not trolls sir! Trolls stir up trouble, we just farmers, sharing milk from the cows!

No. 1244791



And another thing makes me really concerned for her if she is still being manipulated, because she posted her videos publicly on her page, where anyone can comment, and Sarah Ferguson and the other kittens have been calling her out about how crappy and lacking her videos are, when she isn't taking any responsibility for what is going on. She's not addressing social media, any of the comments, but shes not taking them down either. It makes me wonder if those men are preventing her from speaking out and replying to anyone. Idk just seems weird.

No. 1245337

Honestly I think she just doesn’t know how to not be worshipped so this whole area of being so hated is probably scary and facing reality that she has to give up everything is throwing her off. She is a victim of so many years of manipulation and abuse that she literally doesn’t know how to handle this situation. If you look at people like Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped and forced to be a wife to the guy who stole her from her family. She had a hard time going back to regular life after.

She has only been away for like 3 months and as I am sure she is trying to come out with some kind of fix to save her ass it might not be what the Audience is actually looking for people need to have patience. I’m sure she is going to make more videos because she is getting attention and that’s why she does all this in the first place.

No. 1245634

Perdi has no age restrictions on any of her kink and kitten bdsm videos but on her new video? To protect minors? Yeah that's really convincing(emoji)

No. 1245726

Let's not get too wrapped up in sympathy for Perdita. She is absolutely a predator and is only trying to avoid repercussions. She craves attention and thrives on it and knows it might be coming to an end. There was no attempt to go after any of the men before Perdita herself was facing any criticism.

Let's not get wrapped up in the idea that she is a delicate woman being bossed around by bad scary men. She is a predator herself and has used and abused women for her own gain for years. She is part of the problem

No. 1246104

Absolutely. She is just as guilty as the rest of them

No. 1248297

Another disgruntled kitten dropping new milk on this cow (if you can handle the vocal fry):

>joined the Chateau after moving to Colorado, was seen as an “it girl” (Isi’s preferred type), joined because she was dominant and wanted to explore her submissive side

>saw red flags right away, kittens were expected to always be submissive and participate in BDSM sex acts with gents to maintain their status (she is claiming they weren’t pimped or sold but I have my doubts)
>Isi claims the Chateau is woman owned but it’s entirely owned, operated and manipulated by men
>Isi invited at least 5 sex offenders to the Chateau including Dahvie Vanity and Sebastian
>Isi’s story about Dahvie sexually assaulting and chasing her out of a parking garage is true, but Isi still let him party at the Chateau later that night
>Some milk on rapist gent “Sir” Christopher
>Brûlée (their Burning Man camp) claims to be separate from the Chateau but is not, is a “slave camp” that should be shut down
>She tried to help Isi & Daniel run the business and even tried to buy it from them, but was refused. She thinks Isi doesn’t care about the business and is only in it for narcissistic reasons.
>She thinks Isi & Daniel are psychopaths who need help, started the Chateau to live out their “psychotic fantasies”
>She was iced out of the Chateau community after raising alarms about Jeff Lawson, a photographer who’s name keeps popping up as one of the main people assaulting and abusing the girls

After listening to this, I’m getting strong NXIVM vibes off these weird motherfuckers.

No. 1248299

Another kitten’s follow-up video, although this one is pretty pointless & non milky. At least half is sperging about being gender fluid and Isi “misgendering” in her first video (by calling the kittens “the girls” and not especially acknowledging this one kitten who IDs as genderspecial kek.) This person was clearly on the fringe of Chateau happenings and has little milk to offer but is still making videos for attention.

No. 1249049


Omg this girl…

You can tell Isi was getting desperate for members towards the end and this girl is proof of that. She does NOT look like that IRL. That filter is doing her a LOT of favors.She only has her bottom 4 teeth and bad skin. She looks like a legitimate crackhead IRL.

She keeps complaining about Isi not being considerate of her gender identity but Isi probably doesn't even know her name lol

No. 1249060

File: 1623110549774.jpg (543.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210607-180049_Fac…)

No. 1249065

What is her instagram?

No. 1249098


It's @themanimalgonewild but she only has a couple of pics. She mostly posts on FB under Ruth Rebardi. She might a low level munchi.

No. 1250114


Yea, seen their videos, but honestly I didn't even bother to post any of it here because even though they were a kitten, the milk they have is really not even that milky or even relevant to the sexual assault and human trafficking type shyt going on behind the scenes.
This person just wants attention by trying to jump on the " im a chateau victim" train.

No. 1254275

Isibella put up a new video yesterday.

>>Somewhat talks about Christopher and her relationship to him, how they met, and how she lived with him for a few months even though she was dating someone else and broke as a joke.

>>talks about how she was warned by people already about Christopher but she really didn't care because it didn't affect her.

>> Says how even after she was warned that someone caught Christopher trying to drug her drink, she still ignored it which winds her up to be drugged by Christopher at a hotel in Las Vegas where he raped her while she was paralyzed but conscious.

>>says she crawled to the bathroom and fell asleep afterwards instead of calling for help or telling her boyfriend at the time.

>>Christopher took her to dinner at a fancy restaurant to try to make it up to her. She says the whole time she was crying in the bathroom and bleeding from the rape.

>>says how she stayed with Christopher even after that because she was broke and needed a ride to see her bf who was in LA at the time.

>>talks about having to get hung up with Christopher on the way to the burning man camp, which she is reffering to their "Brulee" camp. Still brings him there and endagers everyone else who is there by not telling anybody.

>>one of the kittens comes to herand tells her that she isn't comfortable with Christopher being there bc she was previously molested by him already once before.

>>Isi says she confronts dude, and her friends help her get some of her stuff from his car, but somehow he got away with taking the other 90% of her things.

No. 1254284

File: 1623535621887.jpg (165.88 KB, 1078x1196, 20210612_165952.jpg)

She just cant face the truth so she turned off the comments.
Everybody warned her many times and she didnt care until it affected her.
She already knows shes going to get backlash because she's trying to play victim and not just drop the facade and just own up to the fact she let all these known predators hanging around all the events and put everyone else at risk!
The I hear you video is so deaf, wveryone just wants you to acknowledge your mistakes, not play pity me I was taken advantage of after I basically said FU to everyone and continued to put you all at risk by not saying anything.
She's obviously not in control of the chateau or anything if she didnt ever do or say anything about it until it happened to her.
She's so concerned about being with the "It" crowd, she really doesnt care what she has to do or who she has to step on to get there, and probably doesnt help that she was groomed at such a young age by Daniel to be ok with all of this for so long. All she cares about it her precious chateau and the lights on on now, cant hide those skeletons anymore. Nobody wants to be apart of a kink scene and put themselves in harms way.

No. 1254325

File: 1623537180251.jpg (199.92 KB, 564x1080, PicsArt_06-12-05.30.17.jpg)

Now this is the truth. Isibella needs to be held accountable for putting everyone in danger.

No. 1254339

File: 1623537730837.jpg (436.12 KB, 940x1458, SmartSelect_20210612-173721_Fa…)

Nobody asked her to come forward, they just wanted her to have sympathy and help their situation to provide safety to everyone by banning all the predators from any and all events, regardless if SHE was the victim or not. But she didnt, until it only affected her, and her chateau's reputation.
She manipulated all of those women into thinking they were safe and were going places with their career, and tricked them into just being props for her fairytale lifestyle while living off of all the profits from all the cheap merch and shamelessly expensive events.
And why not? All the sugar daddies want to be with a kitten queen as long as she's surrounded by her kittens like they are her pawns.

No. 1254718

The entire time I just can’t stop thinking about how she went to the effort to fry her hair and put in those big fake Halloween circle lenses before plopping in front of her camera to tell the story of her struggles. So authentic, stunning and brave.

No. 1258328

No. 1258513

tl;dr: she doesn't accept the 'apology' she received and is still mad.
>after all of this i do feel like an idiot
good, she should.
it is absolutely mind-blowing to me that this girl is claiming responsibility for Isibella making those 'apology' videos in one breath, and then in the next she's avowing that Isibella mentioning her by name in RESPONSE TO HER VIDEOS is showing that she ~doesn't care about the victims~. Considering that her initial 'expose' video has been the most successful one on her channel in 2+ years, she is straight-up just trying to milk the views right now without having anything further to contribute. Cake-O is honestly as bad of a lolcow as the rest of the Chateau cat house.

No. 1258559

She gives off Ashlee vibes, using being a victim to try to have a successful channel. They even have the same hair almost lmao.

No. 1259131

I think it’s a given all the kittens are cows themselves, you don’t get that deep into a BDSM furry human trafficking pyramid scheme by being a sensible well-adjusted person.

No. 1261421

Well i mean, kayko is absolutely correct in what she is saying so….? She's called out isi for being fake af

No. 1262645

No way cake-o is making a big deal now because she is helping Bobbi foster and molly mayhem fill up their group it’s funny they all
Pretending to be happy go lucky and loving towards Izzy for the last 3+ years and waited until she left Colorado to drop this bomb give me a break meanwhile that idiot Chris been off doing his bs Too many more girls because you know they were so afraid to call the police and instead trying to get somebody who doesn’t even know how to call the police to call to deal with their drama cool send a submissive to do it that’ll do y’all bunch of salty cows that’s all it is she couldn’t deal with her the fact that they were all leaving so they took apart the Château but whatever it’s all drama anyways this milk is spoiled ..next.(sage your shit)

No. 1263742

There are one or two that seemed moderately well-adjusted when I checked out their social media pages but all of the sane ones are distancing themselves from the situation because nobody wants to be caught up in the blowback. Frankly, the 'kittens' (and goddamn but even using that term makes me feel like a creepy old man) involved COULD be using this as an opportunity to have a discussion about how to police SA in a private kink group - which I think is a discussion that the people running these events absolutely need to have REGARDLESS, because this is not the first time I've seen it happen in a kink community - but there is way more focus on finding someone to blame.
But I am really unconvinced that holding Isibella accountable for all of that is the right move to make. Also, if I got straight-up raped at a house party or a festival like Burning Man, I would never go to the people who organized the party, I would go TO THE POLICE. And this stuff like 'weh he made me uncomfortable and i complained to izzy and she didn't do anything about it!' is also the kind of thing that comes to convention/event security attention ALL THE TIME and gets disregarded because it is almost always a case of 'y'all need to work this out between yourselves, we are not your parents.' And the stuff that Isi SHOULD be held accountable for, like not paying the person who completely redesigned the shitty old Chateau website for their time and work, is being totally ignored.

No. 1263826

I’m from the ‘chateau’ back in the day, use to be called FaerynKitten, all my pictures are still on this god damn website I don’t even do kittenplay anymore >:(((learn to sage :()

No. 1264429


Of you've ever been in a situation like that, you would know that the police really can't do anything about it unless you have marks on you to prove it. I have been hit in the face by a man before, and cops didn't do anything about it because it didnt leave a mark. I had no proof. Isibella most definetly should be held responsible because she claimed to be in charge of all the events. If she wasnt, then she needs to come forward and say who was.
All she is doing is tip toeing around the whole thing while still trying to maintain the woas me facade.

No. 1264677

Exactly. Kek at these Karen anons posting lectures about calling the police, as if American police give a fuck about BDSM sex workers getting assaulted. And they certainly don’t care about sexual misconduct at Burning Man ffs. Isi should be held accountable because she trained these women to be submissive, ran the events, fed them with alcohol and then deliberately allowed/invited known rapists and creepers into the mix. She set up a dangerous situation and then refused to change anything when people told her it was dangerous. That’s blatantly predatory.

No. 1265698

The police can't do anything about a guy at a kink party 'making you uncomfortable', but the victims of the more serious aggressions could absolutely have prosecuted the guy who sexually assaulted women at events off-site that were still 'Chateau-sanctioned' - which is why these lolkittens are saying it's Isi's fault for 'letting' them happen.

Basically what it comes down to is whether you consider the Chateau a legitimate business or a nickname for a personal house party venue. I would be inclined to treat it as a business because it's registered as such, and I genuinely think they hoped to become a nationally-recognized for-profit organization, but in that case it still makes more sense to hold the then-business owner (Daniel) accountable for what happened instead of Isibella. I understand why people like Cake-o harbor a personal grudge against Isibella since she was the one who interacted with the local community most frequently, they probably wanted to be friends with her at one point, and they feel she misrepresented the Chateau as a 'safe space', but ripping her a new one does literally nothing to change the behavior of the actual predators in the scene. Those guys will keep going to events, parties, shows, and finding new victims, whether the Chateau keeps going or not. So, y'know, good job, cake-o, you got a bunch of death threats sent to your former buddy and it makes you feel very important, glad your ego got jerked off for a couple weeks. really wish something of more substance had come out of it.(unsaged)

No. 1271798

Oh(sage your shit)

No. 1272110

File: 1625522071442.png (5.65 KB, 363x102, Screenshot 2021-06-27 at 13-54…)

know anything about this comment? it was left on one of the 'reaction' videos to kayko's ~expose~

No. 1273283

I never actually visited the place as I was in another country but they rarely posted photo shoots only the ‘favourite’ models

No. 1273368

did you ever actually meet isi or any of the other kittens or were your interactions strictly through social media?
if so are you willing to spill any deets that struck you as shady? from what i've heard it's basically the same 'they didn't pay anyone for their photos' story from all of the models so far but not much more than that.

No. 1273562

File: 1625767232372.jpeg (330.68 KB, 750x855, 205596CB-841F-476C-82E1-93416D…)

She’s gone dark on social media but word about Isi is still getting around her new town

No. 1273759

Not even following this cow and she's in my town? Yikes. Will keep a lookout and report milk. Cant wait to spot a cow in the wild. There only so many "alt" bar scenes here so it wont be hard to narrow down.

No. 1273791

ntayrt but hay a(vl)non. I live in murphy now but it's good to see local farmers around uwu

No. 1273794

Also an avlanon and I predict this retardation will absolutely flourish here.

No. 1273975

The fact that she’s trying to recruit a new round of girls for a “wolf pack” tells you exactly how sorry she is about all of this. Especially since she’s seeming to do it all without her ex pushing for it now

No. 1273996

Where did you see that?

No. 1273998

The picture above: >>1273562

No. 1274225

File: 1625868880334.png (525.24 KB, 596x594, Screenshot (208).png)

'cult activity' i would say is paying isi a compliment, cults actually take effort to run and make money. this entire pearl-clutching emphasis on 'the youth' is gag-worthy, though.
Part of the reason is probably because if you call it a cult, then less people ask questions about what exactly was attracting all the impressionable young attendees who were the victim of all this 'heavy drinking' (something youth are known to never do on their own) and sexual assault. 'Cause it was definitely not the 'luxurious' lifestyle, Isi's charisma or the opportunity to meet such classy, attractive older 'gentlemen' as picrel (this man's BEST SHOT at looking like anything other than a basement-dwelling tech neckbeard). Let's be real and call it a halfway house for sex workers who either were there until they started making enough money to live on their own, found a sugar daddy at one of the parties, or dropped out of the 'internet fetish model' lifestyle and got normal jobs as office workers or something. Nobody is shocked or surprised if you say heavy drinking or sexual assault happened at a petplay fetish parties attended by a bunch of Onlyfans models, but if you say it happened 'at parties attended by the youth' then it's way more scandalous.

No. 1274922

Lol 😂 you guys have completely gone off the rails none of you were actually kittens or even know her at all. She is just a brat who moved from England cus daddy wanted to marry her off so she says and she came to America with Daniel and in 2015 they started chateau to have sexy parties and give her a chance to blossom her Petplay to make money. In 2016 Chris came around During the sebastiaan time and played devil’s advocate because Daniel was abusing isi and Chris gave her an out someone to cater to her since she didn’t drive. Sebastiaan was her boyfriend for a little while and he is also her vampire sire. She again was trying to find a way to be famous and make money since Daniel spent all their money and couldn’t keep a job. Daniel beat her up and she moved out and went fo LA on that trip with Chris to get away it was a several month adventure for her to finally be free from Daniel restraint and possibly get to be with her boyfriend. However, sebastiaan flipped out in Vegas over Chris and Chris started being more creepy to everyone then he raped her and she had no choice but to go with him the rest the trip where finally it all came to head at burning man. That was the last time Chris came around and in 2017 Christmas her and sebastiaan were over. She was pressured by the Austin vampire cult to get rid of him she was given Crowley by Daniel to get rid of him and sebastiaan had been womanizing and cheating on her since she was still married to Daniel this entire time so she was forced to live with Daniel since at this time had no money and no out. In 2019 she decided to try to make her own way with a big thing in New Orleans and in 2020 she was going to do the same thing but her plans were interrupted because of COVID but also because her split of friendship Austin cult vampires caused her to get even more in debt and not able to do much. She said several times during 2020 she was closing chateau because of lack of support and Money. So “duchess” Bobby foster screwed her over and canceled her event for 2020/2021 and she lost a lot of kittens to Bobby Forster who started the pet play palace all the girls did a mutiny and destroyed the hell out of her company. She then moved out on Daniel and moved to another state where she was going to start over. Then this stuff all came out about Chris and all and she then decided not to start anything else or keep it going . So you all in ashville don’t worry she isn’t starting a Wolfpack or anything else she is just minding her business you guys made sure of that. So chill the heck out angry people move on because I’m going to be honest this anti isi thing has turned into a cult lol. Most of the disgruntled people are not even connected to the community they are people who saw a video or was fueled by Logan and decided to push this agenda. For the girls actually hurt by Chris. I’m very sorry I understand what you went through he was very creepy and even made me uncomfy on that trip. I understand and it sucks but you have to either report to police or move on with counciling. You guys made your point to the lady. Trust and believe she isn’t going to move forward with anything at this point. The person who is trying to keep it going to is Daniel because it was his way to meet younger women he is the creep factor in this. He is really controlling and abusive and anyone who has met him will tell you how he is. He is a chaos magician and wanted to create as much chaos for anyone who doesn’t serve his best interests. Including fueling this fire against isibella. You guys fed into this show and that gives the entire vampire community attached to this energy so if you really want to stop all this just stop giving it attention and move on with your lives.

No. 1274927

Also something I don’t understand is there is plenty of bigger models/ POC models I was a kitten from 2017-2020 and there were tons of them. I guess I’m not understanding the assumptions. Many of the loudest complaining kittens were brats mad that their egos weren’t fed enough. If hue Hefner had a bunny complaining they weren’t featured enough they would be booted. Now let’s address payment no where in any literature does it say you will be paid. It says you will get in free to events you are assisting on. This was an underground fetish magazine and maybe if all these brat kittens hadn’t have destroyed the business from 2017-2019 they could have started paying. But these girls attacked everyone who was working with the company about their pictures so the people running it quit or moved on. The support that was paid left because the kittens who felt they were more important then the hundreds of other kittens were being so mean and complaining so lo loud that the staff left. Can we just hear that it wasn’t isibella at all it was you guys. You started this drama because you were angry about you not getting enough attention. And now you are in other pet play groups being featured with EVERYONE like a high school year book. Boring no one wants to see shitty selfie photos they want to see high quality work. Modeling isn’t putting your image in Instagram it’s doing tfp until you are signed into a group and if everyone would have worked together instead of fighting the business could have took off. Unfortunately in 2020 they group fell apart and I left because I was tired of all the kittens fighting over power. Everyone wanted to be special so they could get close to isibella as if that would make her feature the images more. She didn’t even approve the images in 2019-2020 it was Melissa and a kitten from Asia. Finally the people who were raped didn’t seem to have a problem with Isabella until the racism shot started and then the bandwagon came around to join in. Prior to that the same girls were at the events and parties getting in for free getting free champagne and everything until the parties stopped and your girl moved out of town then the milk went sour. So let’s be real here are you mad cus some dude grabbed your Titties or because the free stuff dried up.

No. 1274934

File: 1626014288494.jpeg (65.07 KB, 500x522, 4E2E0A7F-378D-453E-AD5D-B28B10…)

Nobody wants to read your thesis on victim blaming, Perdita.

No. 1275010

>Vampire sire
>Chaos magician

What the fuck kind of young adult novel shit is this?

No. 1275074

Lol not her sorry actually I bet you can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t join the legion of drama queens latching onto whatever the media is feeding you. Ps no one is a teenage novel people have beliefs and feelings just like the people complaining about their own beliefs sorry if esoteric life scares you aww you are scared of fetish but want to do BDSM. Get out of here internet noobs. You guys are the trash of 4chan crying into mommy’s anon skirt because you can’t face it for real. I bet none of you kittens except Erika/cat/Sarah/shadow/ have actually said anything to isibella face you waited until She had something to loose and you tore her down for your own gain but guess what it’s no ones gain and none of you will get to experience that shit again good luck with PC bdsm parties with no one attending but angry people looking to get mad cus you touched their collar wrong. Bdsm scene is dead so put your cat tails away and move on because the bandwagon will derail you if not.

No. 1275095

File: 1626038276959.png (24.44 KB, 500x512, Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 03-36…)

i legitimately have questions on who this 'Bobby Forester' woman is because she/he/they a) look like even more of a trainwreck than Isi and b) aren't they the same person running the 'chateauopinions' tumblr page? Pic related.
Legit would not surprise me if there was some shady shit going on that hasn't even surfaced yet. This is the 2nd person I've seen who has mentioned the kittens perpetrating some kind of sexual assault instead of the other way around, too.

No. 1275133

Creeps like you who insist it's just par for the course are the reason psychos like Sebastian and Daniel get to get away with their abuse for so long. I went to many events and it was always dudes like that ruining it for everyone because they can't keep their hands to consenting parties, so go on complaining about 'PC BDSM events' because in reality it needs MORE monitoring/security, not less. You seem like one of those women who blows off peoples complaints about their friends because 'they never did that in front of me'. Keep hiding behind YA fantasy terms to try and soften the blow of the truth:
Vampire = creep narcissist
Chaos magician = creep megalomaniac
Wolfpack/kitten = cult mentality toxic environment used to foster abuse

No. 1275157

Dude you’re on an anonymous site calling us losers but here you are sperging. I get that your experience was different than others maybe it’s because you’re ugly and have a horrible personality. You’re invalidating their stories and say it doesn’t matter. Quit acting like a retard and go make a public Facebook/Twitter post if you’re so confident with your opinions.

No. 1275356

Lol mature. That just proves your idiocies. Good luck with your smear campaign cus your 15 minutes of fame is over. PS no one cares anymore so move on.

No. 1275358

Wow judge much you have no idea what bdsm is you are just sucking the d of the me too movement. Guess what you don’t have the right to tell anyone their beliefs are wrong stop bullying people on the internet and get a life.

No. 1275360

Exactly. Thank you for recognizing the truth.

No. 1275363

You are mingling in the middle of a bunch of community scenes and insulting our cultures what is any difference between what fit accuse isibella of and what you are doing. Your assuming these beliefs are negative due to some people acting out. Sounds like your haven’t been paying attention to the thread you want to preach about racism and judgement yet you are delivering the toxicity on your statement.

No. 1275370


Go suck her cock then ??

No. 1275371


hiya misses know it all :)))) I’m from England and yes I was in the chateau, it’s shit it’s not even luxury lol
Don’t be a daft cunt how am I suppose to speak to her face to face my fkin pics tires are still on that disgusting website !!!!!!!! I’ve messaged her saying fuking get them off it’s EMBARRASING

No. 1275373

As if you’re trying to act so hard shut up you silly sausage

No. 1275374

Provide solid proof that you were a kitten and not Perdita. We’re waiting.

No. 1275411

Who calls people a sausage I guess that’s what you can come up with when you know someone is right but want to clapback. lol listen to yourself baby you need a master to show you how to act that is why you are going into these bdsm groups but masters don’t want to deal with brats so grow up and act like an adult and maybe you won’t need to claim someone raped you to look like you are getting action.

No. 1275413

Shut up ya daftyy ahahahaaaaa am dead
Not even into this anymore ‘master’ makes me cringe, why you proper crying tho just get over it lols

No. 1275416

And why would she lie about rape u ok hun

No. 1275424

Same reason they are making up stories about this cow so they can get attention hello…

No. 1275425

Yeah but have you seen the guys Isabella hangs out with? Ick

No. 1275430

Honestly thins whole thing was just a drama plot to get the chateau out and bring in a new leadership because everyone is tired of this cow wining about her drama and life. What an easy way to destroy someone just claim they are a pedo/racist. Bye girl bye. But the real issue isn’t that anyone is harboring pedos the real issue is the deep seeded issues of wanting to engage in BDSM anyways. You got some pain in your heart girl you need Jesus.

No. 1275434

Right hun idk what you’re going on abt but my heart is full and I’m happy lmao what you on about

No. 1275436

Well that’s great. Now if all these other cows would join your happiness campaign we could move onto other cows let’s discuss this keely cow she is 2 shades of methhead gone wrong. She is a “ entrepreneur” the only things she is entrepreneuring is cocaine sales.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1275439

Omg I heard she got kicked out of the burn camp over that. Trying to smuggle drugs to the camp site in the Chateau Caravan. Lmao what a moron.(learn2sage)

No. 1275445


Mm yeah she is a crackhead lmao but what’s this got to do with the convo

No. 1275446

Well she is a cog in the crap wheel of this train reck.

No. 1275447

Get the fuck off lolcow you illiterate slob.

No. 1275453

How embarrasing(sage)

No. 1275593

oh hello Keely.

No. 1275613

File: 1626120843378.jpg (282.78 KB, 1125x855, IMG_4760.jpg)

what happened to your second video there buddy did you realize your bullshit ass story didn't mean anything to anyone and your video got less likes than the tweaker group post of your video LMAO.

No. 1275618

Keely said she was going to ruin Isibella's life with her video. She is confident her 10K was going to save the petplay world. You going to get that 10K from drug hustling. No one cares bitch sit down, clearly this was all going downhill without your tweaker input. Also, kudos to Erika for getting more traffic to her page cus we know how much she was getting before her exposé. You girls need Jesus.

No. 1279325

Isibella and Michael Radford brought a new macaw to a club. Middle of the night. Fog machine. Everyone was touching it :/ Fucked up thing to do to a bird honestly.(:/)

No. 1279869

So what pirates do it all the time.

No. 1280119

Is Isabella a pirate? No(sage)

No. 1280203

I mean kinda you guys accusing her of stealing booty. She likes luxurious things she is from a far off land and she invaded territories and turns people into kittens she is like a kitten pirate.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1280408


No. 1280462

This thread became kittens infighting, at least explain the inside milk.

No. 1280632

File: 1626751097675.png (81.73 KB, 711x1477, chateauopinions.png)

the milkiest thing i've been able to find out so far is that this bobby forester person started 'chateau opinions' in 2016 as some kind of burn book (it literally has FOUR YEARS worth of drama, y'all, this is an untapped well of milk), ended up becoming Isi's self-proclaimed 'kitten duchess' & 'right hand', then stole the Chateau's mailing list to found her own Pet Play Palace group after this debacle.

the implication being that she was somehow involved in getting Kayko & Keely & whoever the other ones were to come out with their videos bc they're in this 'P3' group now. I don't think there's any hard evidence so fAR but it's enough that the whole situation looks sus imho.

No. 1280656

File: 1626754830967.png (210.85 KB, 293x291, bobbeh.png)

I know people hate Isibella now, but if this is true she has total grounds to sue this person. She didn't just damage her business and income. Bobbi ran a drama blog to stir up shit and actually stole private information from her business to create her own. Isibella really needs to go to court for multiple reasons, including going after "Sir Christopher".

This Bobbi clearly stood no chance against Isibella unless she would've taken her down, pic and video related.

Just looking at their instagram, Pet Play Palace is like the Kitten Chateau for retards. It's also a terrible branding name because there's multiple real world pet businesses that share it and don't want to be associated with a bunch of fat Chateau reject kinksters.

No. 1280723

You sound like some sort of "women don't do sex assault" nerd. Perdita is an enabler and a rapist herself. You don't need to do a "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" for her. She is an adult and can handle herself.

She is complicit in many of Daniel's crimes, including running unsafe sex parties and getting minors drunk.

No. 1280792

Oh ya were you ever at any of these parties to confirm these fake news details. I think you are some person who saw a video and wanted to fuel the fire buzz off unless you understand the real situation. Which is that Isibella is guilty of maybe not including everyone enough so they get upset and decide to take out the fact that they couldn’t handle themselves at a party and blaming someone else. Give me a break. I’ve seen the way a lot of these supposed “victims” behaved don’t tell me they weren’t cruising for trouble. You can’t tell someone to do something to you and then turn and say it’s rape. You are extorting people and you clearly need to consider your me too against isibella because it’s just not the true truth.

No. 1280926

Bobbi submitted that post about her fb live TO the confession blog, because people were discussing her on it, she's not the person who runs the blog

No. 1280947


Isi still having lap dogs like you is pathetic. You're either some incel that's hoping she'll fuck you, or some Shitten who still wants to be in her inner circle

No. 1280980

“Pet play” in general is for retards, anon. I don’t know how this thread got overrun with disgruntled kittens but this is a gossip site for making fun of furfags, not for spergy slapfights between various factions of furfags promoting competing scam “businesses.” Milk or gtfo.

No. 1281026

Neither I don’t care either way I just think you guys are boring and need something better to discuss. I think it’s funny you guys preaching about inequality and on here calling people derogatory name lmao 🤣 god the people who are going against this whole thing are just fading drug addicts who thought chateau was going to make their career. Delusions of grandeur. Guess what losers get a job and quit spending all your time on the internet McDonald’s needs more hamburger technicians.

No. 1281027

Shut up no one needs your peanut gallery input

No. 1281028

Yes she is she is the reason all this fucking drama started

No. 1281032

Not sure what being fat has to do with anything because you guys always complaining chateau didn’t bring fat people in which is just not true. It’s not the like kittens are that hot the skinny ones have fucked teeth and the fat ones .. honestly tho I agree with you on Bobby she should be sued because she stole from chateau and basically just copied. Honestly tho all the kittens work together to destroy isibella because she went on and on about how she was going to close her business what did she think would happen. I hope isibella does sue these people maybe then she can move on from this trash community.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1281036


Learn to sage you dumb fucking furfag.
P.S. no one cares.

No. 1281413

>>1280947 sage
Nah I’m already in her inner circle and I’m not a furry or anything lol you guys are full of shit and know nothing. Bunch of bitches from the VC talking shit about cat girls have fun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1281432

U ok babe????
I’ve got a fucking good job who actually thought the chateau was a job or something to turn into fame? LMAO it’s a hobby if anything Jesus Christ get outta her ass

No. 1281433

She’s the one who made this community you’re so thick, she’s the fucking freak who moved to this Daniels house when she was a teen acting like a CAT , she’s a freak and freaks like u stick up for her

No. 1281435

‘I’m already in her inner circle’ huns don’t make me cringe anymore I can’t handle it

No. 1281787

Aww so you're here to white knight for the bad-boobjob-bimbo rape peddler? You actually like that freak?

My God, I can't imagine being around these people and enjoying oneself.

No. 1281788

Ugh please.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1282202

Your reply screams "fat peplaypalace" you dollarstore shitten

No. 1282267

You guys came down on isibella for not having fat girls and now you are displaying hatred towards fat girls lmao

No. 1282270

You know what’s funny there is a chateau kitten who says “shitten” and “Shiteau” sounds like you are deflecting

No. 1282282

You guys talking a bunch of crap but you are on this thread too so obviously means enough that you are checking it constantly.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1282296

“Sage” goes in the email field you complete moron.

And based on this thread I can absolutely see why so many kittens got scammed, these clearly aren’t rocket scientists.

No. 1282332

What can I say hun? I love the drama that’s why I check, loveee it

No. 1282450

Actually read the rules it says anywhere!

No. 1282500

Lolol actually your wrong Daniel is a rocket scientist.

No. 1282714

No, she didn't. That was posted by the owner of the blog; you can tell because there's not an 'anonymous asked' or a grey text box. If that WAS a submission then the blog owner did her a huge disservice by reposting it independently of the submission, but frankly that seems like a really questionable narrative. Why a shit-talking blog would have any interest beyond personal investment to promote Bobbi as like, 'the fresh & healthy alternative to the chateau' when she was involved right up until the drama implosion is beyond me.

No. 1283076

Damn, that insta is cringeeee.
also does it strike you as weird that Bobbi made the Pet Play Palace insta back in JANUARY of this year, at least two months before any of the drama videos were filmed? Her mentioning the 'attorney on retainer' in her FB video is anything to go by. Why would someone feel the need to keep an attorney on retainer for a fetish group unless they were expecting some kind of legal pushback?

No. 1283344

Bobbi and molly mayham started this plan to overthrow isibella because everyone was looking to replace her and she wouldn’t give up chateau so they made a new group and they started it last year they asked me to join but I declined them and that was in December 2020. I dumped chateau because I was bored and tired of the drama and here Bobbi came around sniffing asking me to join. Later I found out she canceled isibella event without asking on purpose so she would loose a ton of money and then she went around spreading rumors those two girls had planned to just push out isibella but they are both totally nasty cows so their bs PetPlay palace only attracted the trash of chateau. They are not attractive and the pictures are nasty af.

No. 1283499

File: 1627146823558.gif (273.95 KB, 320x240, 3EE1CF94-55EC-4304-B559-3013C9…)

No. 1284288

can y'all stop sniping at one another for like five minutes? i just want a comprehensive narrative. yeah yeah petplay tards but if this person genuinely has an irl connection then let's get as many details as possible instead of wasting our effort in-fighting. thx.

what event of isi's did bobbi cancel? first time i'm hearing about this.

No. 1284466

File: 1627282237012.jpeg (174.37 KB, 828x1398, 5E1325F8-DC95-4210-8316-357338…)

She’s slowly been posting heavily edited photos to her second Facebook again but no surprise there as that’s the only place she won’t get called out, as whoever she has on that friends list are dickriders who only stroke her narcissistic ego in the comments

No. 1284482

File: 1627285701418.jpeg (178.3 KB, 738x1198, 2E4F54DE-E95F-440B-B7AF-8BB89F…)

‘Weird’ is he fucking kidding? After all she’s done wow !!!!! Yes being sexually assaulted is weird but more than that !!!

No. 1284483

File: 1627285793491.jpeg (272.92 KB, 804x1437, 341F4558-9DCB-4F86-A030-03A2B7…)


No. 1284514

Her main event New Orleans because of Covid it was post poned in person but Bobbie went into the event website and fb and canceled the events without asking she jusr logged in and changed shit according to the cow directly. She lost over 100k because of Bobbie. At the time she was the trustees assistant and so she had all the passwords and such. Soon after Bobbie did that she started her pet play palace . Pretty convenient if you ask me. Then all the main kittens started lashing out it was a strategic imo

No. 1284581

Kek he looks like a dollar store Mr. Big here

No. 1284701

Oh my god shut your hole no one actually got raped it’s just a bunch of kek kittens pretending so they can bring down their leader it’s really Bobbi foster and molly mayhem controlling these kittens

No. 1284735

I was gonna say a shitty Voltaire knock-off. Look at the slicked-back hair. Is THIS what she moved to Asheville for?

No. 1284739

Also jfc but losing 100k would have been enough for me to go after this woman in court. Do you know why she didn't? Also, do you have like screencaps or anything of where this information was shared? Farmers tend to like accumulating evidence & unfortunately we can't use 'this one anon on lolcow' as a credible source.

No. 1284747

I don’t have physical evidence anytime anyone talks about critical information like that it’s all over the phone you’ll just have to look into the pattern of the behavior of Bobby in her BS group. PS I agree She should have sued

No. 1284812

Yeah, unfortunately I cannot imagine Bobbi ever admitting to causing that 100k loss publicly because it would absolutely put her in the wrong, and her current persona is, y'know, savior of the now-'international' petplay fetish scene (because she has one woman from eastern europe on her team, apparently P3 is now 'international'. Yeah. She deserves her own thread.)
But I would not be surprised if that event is the reason she now claims she needs to keep an attorney on retainer. if i fucked someone else over to the tune of $100,000 i would absolutely expect repercussions.
If you are this close to Isi or her group that you found out about this shitstorm over the phone, do you think anyone else out there has interest in providing evidence of what provoked this fallout? They don't have to make their identities public, we just need verification that Bobbi was responsible for the cancellation. Might be worth putting out some feelers & see if anyone else who was involved IRL would be willing to come participate in the thread.

No. 1284851

Exactly what you said. I can sniff around farmers to see if any milk on this new cow. In addition to Bobbie stealing money she sexually harassed people in chateau constantly also she is a fashion tragedy.

No. 1285011

You’re rude asf

No. 1285050

Cry more

No. 1285239

Aww did I hurt your feelings I’m sorry. Well listen sweetly the truth hurts and if you don’t like the truth then stop spreading lies and get your facts straight the truth hurts :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285243

Fuck off ya silly cunt you are rude you tramp(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1285244

Go meow sad cunt

No. 1285245

Also how’s it a lie they was raped? Wow you’re anging u

No. 1285298

Did you read any of the above posts or anything on the internet other than what you choose to read. Selective reading. It’s important to look at the larger picture if Kat and Sarah and Erika and all of these girls actually had an issue they should have done all of this in the time it happened and came to the group when the call to the girls went out but they posted on the cat girl group and then it was all puppies and kittens and happiness until this cow decides to leave her farm and then the entire thing implodes because the inner circle turned on said cow and that inner circle called the main people complaining and asked critical questions about “their rapers” to get their stories straight, her assistant canceled said cows events and then starts her own kitten group, these people are pretending to get ratings and be heard. You all can hear or not hear what you want but all these anons telling a treacherous story of this weird scene. These people are hurting each other just for popularity or fame and it’s like you might get as famous as Hugh Hefner or likely will actually not because the aging thing effects your popularity in the adult industry so maybe instead of them holding on to this dream they can consider going on with their lives and getting themselves a future and moving on from this nonsense like a normal person. It just seems like you guys are clinging to this story for something to do and the actually people being hurt by this are not the actual victims that are screaming the loudest but the silent ones with in. I know all of the “victims” and I was there during many of the incidents they claim to say happened and actually didn’t. So I say you believe what you want but I hope victim or not the entirety of the group can heal and move on.

No. 1287718

Tumblr has an ask feature and a submit feature. Asks look the way you're describing, but to send a link, the way bobbi did, you use the submit feature, and it looks like that post. I've looked through the posts on that blog, and it shits on bobbi as much as the rest of these wannabe queens, there's someone else running it

No. 1289497

Yes it’s molly mayhem/Callie she was salty about not being able to surpass isibella on the chateau leveling system because she did so much content and they used to be close but something happened between them and the molly teamed up with Bobby to destroy isibella and make the new chateau without isibella. These cows singing the same old song even with a new farm.

No. 1289717

and the submission posts coincidentally looks exactly the same as if the blog owner posted it independently? i'd honestly be more inclined to say she's shit-talking herself to throw off the scent, we've seen plenty of cows try the exact same thing on the image board we're on right now.

No. 1290194

Who has time for that.

No. 1290485

Literally yes lol, submissions have always looked like posts made from the blog directly, and it has caused confusion before
I'm just trying to make sure you're not wasting your time following evidence that doesn't exist

No. 1290486

File: 1628048303731.jpg (328.15 KB, 1399x1526, Screenshot_20210803-213807_Tum…)

No. 1291309

pretty much every cow that's been outed for selfposting has talked shit about themselves or their friends at some point during their posting history to try to drum up interest by creating fake controversy. i still think it's fishy for a burn book tumblr to pick sides but alright.

huh, thanks anon. appreciate the heads-up; does the 'submitted by [x]' only show up on mobile or something? i literally cannot see the same text when I visit the page on my end.

No. 1291972

I am on mobile, so that could be it

No. 1297699

File: 1628668715494.png (4.93 MB, 828x1792, F3B3B987-917B-4BE0-81F2-911A28…)

So scary

No. 1297846

? What’s scary about that.

No. 1297886

File: 1628696004460.png (3.68 MB, 1125x2436, 36749245-C76A-4BCF-965A-35BAF8…)

You know what is weird is PetPlay palace models who would think this is a great image this lady is old and weird looking and that pose isn’t sexy. Why do these boomers keep trying to model. All of these animal groups have lost their mind if you want to dress up like an animal whatever but if you want to model at least let it be flattering. This is just trash content and no one is going to pay for it. These little internet companies trying to act like they know what is attractive. If you are this old and trying to model make it classy. This is just weird and scary. These are the kind of pictures she should send to her husband and no one else or maybe the trash can.

No. 1298003

her face

No. 1298041

The filtering?

No. 1298066

File: 1628711959965.jpg (72.87 KB, 820x430, iu9P8YH2GP.jpg)

Nta but that image has extreme haunted joker doll vibes, look at the crazy smile (no smile lines due to so much filtering making her look uncanny, nobody has near-smooth cheeks when widely grinning), ridiculously over-angled brows combined with the clockwork-orange slight head tilt.

No. 1298173

I got sucker punch vibes

No. 1298217

File: 1628725506424.jpg (784.75 KB, 1076x1838, SmartSelect_20210805-122752_Fa…)

You think that one is scary, take a look at this one. Holy cow

No. 1298295

File: 1628734203033.jpeg (288.54 KB, 1440x1440, 2A1BCA32-8FC7-4241-9225-FB333C…)

we think you’re ugly and creepy. get over it.

also, cute diaper ass, Isi

No. 1298467

File: 1628760114241.jpeg (609.31 KB, 1201x1729, 7414949C-9718-4AE0-8B05-614CD2…)

But this is any better. Lmao who leaves comments like that you don’t speak for we you speak for you I don’t think this cow is ugly I think she had drama with these cows and now they on the this thread calling people diaper bum. Hey guess what these bitches are nasty Walmart version of chateau everyone tore it down now look at this mess you all made . GG

No. 1298585

Diaper ass.. you better watch out you going to offend the littles

No. 1298586

Man that lady is gross. What is the furry community coming to these days. Hey how about everyone stops pretending to be animals and be decent human beings first. Woah what a thought. That PetPlay Shack is gross the last post with a bunch of their photos is barf worthy. I agree the models are just nasty.

No. 1298587

Yikes. All these cows need to just stop.

No. 1298717


No. 1298797

I can see why the blonde one could get an ego when these are her kittens, the redhaired girl in the middle is the only one with both a pretty face and body. Top right has a nice face but the body of a middleaged woman. The rest of them should not be posting photos of themselves on the internet.

No. 1298904

if you’re not ugly, why do you warp and filter your pics so hard?

No. 1299108

Yet she doesn’t care for her own birds

No. 1299109

File: 1628840824749.jpeg (289.95 KB, 828x1437, 62DCA32A-6DFA-4617-8E6E-C0CF69…)

No. 1299197

Yes she does her crazy ex won’t allow her to take Crowley out of the house.

No. 1299429

this makes sense because she looks like a fucked up bird

No. 1299471

File: 1628888710430.png (155.87 KB, 978x644, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 4.57…)

the comments on this pic kek

people aren't forgetting as quickly as you want them to, Isibelle

No. 1299537

you talking trash and don't even know her name. Shows real strong likely hood this shit is fake news guess you sharing some bullshit comments from a girl's page who made the most noise wooooh must be real.

No. 1299542

File: 1628894795636.jpg (351.11 KB, 1440x1920, 162293927_165290662099705_7542…)

same reason you do erikah/sarah/harmony/kat/keely/bobbie/molly do. And any other person on insta/fb. Get with the program. You guys expect to change the world then make a group that does no filters. Guess what everyone does. see receipts that group is sharing shitty images with filters lets start a farm for these cows too.

No. 1299543

File: 1628894849592.jpg (156.81 KB, 1920x1280, bitchface.jpg)

the amount of photoshop on ppp images is just the same as this cows.

No. 1299545

File: 1628894880420.jpg (403.72 KB, 1850x1387, 195155317_208544284441009_7643…)

shit and photoshop

No. 1299546

File: 1628894898885.png (3.59 MB, 3328x1608, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 6.47…)

sorry. Perdita**

I can totally see now why she filters her pics so much though. yikes.

No. 1299548

File: 1628894965904.jpg (145.74 KB, 671x838, 159048163_160495079245930_3536…)

eww its nasty how she goes from fat to thin in like every other photo..but you claim you aren't using filters LMAO

No. 1299550

wait, do you think I'm the one in the pics? sorry Perdita, try again. not everyone in this thread was a part of your little animal-fucking club.

No. 1299551

File: 1628895097167.jpg (350.01 KB, 1080x1350, 188780954_200214341940670_3174…)

kek some more molly we wouldn't know it was you.. you and your terrible filtering. no different from this cow.

No. 1299554

File: 1628895189362.jpg (214.16 KB, 1303x2016, 230488396_4157442120989829_578…)

Erikah is trying to bump her comments again guess the traffic died down after she started posting her awful photos. "no filters" okay sure. Guess you needed to be relevant again with your wolf crying story.

No. 1299557

File: 1628895340340.png (1.34 MB, 1152x1232, Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 6.53…)

stop trying to turn the subject away from yourself, cow

I can tell she's British not by her ~posh~ accent but rather, that disgusting mouth. why hasn't she spent some of her pimp money on getting that grill fixed?

No. 1299581


who even are these people? this thread is about Isibella Karnstein / Perdita Woodley, who thinks she’s a cat but looks like a horse fucked a bird

No. 1299602

File: 1628901518332.jpg (49.44 KB, 464x622, Capture.JPG)

The truth is revealed. There it is this cow just out for blood for ratings farm this cow. These toxic cows are just looking for ratings.

No. 1299603

File: 1628901756112.jpg (59.4 KB, 423x475, Capture.JPG)

These cows will stop at nothing for clout. All these people taking down Isi because she has more fame them them. They are so confident in themselves they are smearing it all over the internet.

No. 1299732

Imagine your parents naming you that ew hahaha(sage)

No. 1299942

These are the people starting the rumors for their own gain and ratings. Meet PetPlay palace the scorned kittens who did a mutiny on their”leader” cow.

No. 1299946

File: 1628955807013.jpg (279.01 KB, 2667x1500, _methode_sundaytimes_prod_web_…)

damn she really looks like that one pathetic woman whose only income is from shitting on meaghan markle and defending prince andrew on talking head shows. she's got maybe 15 years if she's lucky before she looks like this(sage)

No. 1299952

start a thread for them, then. this one is about Perdita.

No. 1300049

No fr she gives me vibes of her(sage)

No. 1300394

How is her ex crazy? It's not really unreasonable to not let an exotic bird go all the way to Asheville.

No. 1300408

What exactly is Erika's endgame and the Retarded Petplay Palace freaks? They already destroyed Isibella's career and now they're mad she's just posting pictures to her personal Facebook.

Why do they think Isibella must publicly address every little allegation they make? They're accusing her of narcissism but posts like >>1299603 make it seem she's just like Bobbi with ulterior motivations.

No. 1300499

Lol ok people move with animals all the time it would be beret off in ashville where she can care for it who knows what he is doing there the guy who trapped her for so long and beat her up I hope she is able to rescue her animals from him.(emoji use)

No. 1300510

exactly these people just trying to take over the club scene I guess I was wondering what is the point other than they taking it over because she left. Ya they are accusing her of forgetting it because she posted on her birthday like okay but they are over here on this thread and tumblr calling her ugly and stuff but she is the bad guy. They are dragging out this lies of SA but the truth is Erika called Claudia Riley one of the top kittens to get the dirt on Chris she had to “get the dirt” on Chris in order to make her videos but okay you obviously need ratings if you go that far. And then keely is sending people message talking about she will destroy that bitch it’s just so stupid. I get that they are upset because she moved and how can they continue the events far away she was originally going to continue to go back and forth but after they destroyed her career she is now just chilling with her boyfriend she isn’t starting another chateau she isn’t doing anything because of the cancel mob. Yet they continue to try and “destroy her” so I’m assuming the PetPlay palace “Bobbi/Molly” group several of their members left chateau after they got in trouble for writing a complaints list and got found out they were trying to do shady crap behind her back and she let go of Bobby and a few of the members who made the list some of the demands were so ridiculous like okay. The Website didn’t make money it was bad at the end she was asking people to help pay for the site at the end just to pay the employees because they don’t make money and yet when they through parties for the kittens they served expensive champagne they paid for out their own pockets not the company money so events would be enjoyed more. I am not isibella but I witnessed many of the BS that is going on unlike many of the internet surfers who don’t even know the group or is just an outsider in the group of course isibella is guilty of not giving enough attention to everyone but to be fair her ex was mentally and physically abusing her and when she escaped from Chris there was a rock and a hard place after her assault and when all the kittens started bombarding her to get rid of him there was an investigation and not a single girl called the police even though they were all encouraged to I encouraged them too if you are telling the truth and you were sexually assaulted go to the police because if anything happens in the future god forbid it happens again you have a record of this bad stuff but instead they harbored their stories and several people including Jeff / satine and more threatening isibella when she left to ashville. Finally the vampire community dumped her because they don’t like kittens and sebastiaan has a history of bad juju so it was easy for them to let her go but the people like Logan and Daley it is no shocker they are doing that to her after they called her squat mattress and dick warmer in addition every single person leaving comments on her video responses and crap were all apart of Logan’s circus of terrors who set out to destroy and mob they do it to anyone and they are all dialed in and ready. Anytime he says go they destroy! So mike and rain from Texas abandoned her also after being in her “court” because their fame was threatened. But mike witnessed Logan sexually harassing isibella at his Austin vampire ball with a forced kiss she had lipstick all over her face and laying on the road crying from the stress because mike /Logan we’re going to fight over it but she has to defuse the situation meanwhile Logan almost killed them in a car ride driving recklessly while drinking and such but one of these stories have been spread all over the internet because it’s easier just to accept things and Isabella tried to kill her self over all the harassment and stuff she had her man to help her through all this destruction. I just hope that all these people can find forgiveness in their heart because it doesn’t do you any good to keep carrying this if you want to be the new chateau so it no one is stopping you but you don’t need to keep trying to destroy peoples lives. Sorry for the novel.

No. 1300546

I don’t know any of these other people or give a shit about this silly ~pet palace~ thing. I like to laugh at Perdita because she tries to put out this luxurious, refined image but she looks like a gaudy old hag. I don’t know or care what’s going on between them but watching these idiots fight amongst themselves about who’s the true cat vampire queen when they’re all just dumpy prostitutes in their 30s (Perdita included) is hilarious to me.

No. 1300558

That’s fair you can have you opinion.

No. 1300637

I didn’t ask for your permission. Just letting you know that not everyone here who thinks you’re ugly is part of your dumb little club kek

No. 1301195

She is no longer in contact with Mike and Rayne? I thought they were her best and most loyal friends???

Also how does she even know Logan and Daley? why was she at their wedding all those years ago? Did her and Logan ever have a relationship?

No. 1301202


damn bitch you need to use the enter key more i ain't reading all of that

No. 1302474

What's with her and Logan? Did they really date? Also, I've heard mention he stalked her. How else could he have found a deviantart journal entry of hers from when she was literally 16. He was also part of the people who found her old LiveJournal. He seems to scour the internet for her.

No. 1302623


Logan seems really fishy. I'm not sure what went 'down' between them but it seems he held a grudge.

Also he was meant to have been abusive to Ilona one of his girlfriends in regards to her BPD?

Anybody who spends time 'exposing abusers' but has such a dodgy past themself is a red flag for me……

Also in regards to chateau events - was their drug use? Not talking about weed and alcohol

No. 1303551


She never dated Logan this is why they were made Logan and his wife and trail of girlfriends kept trying to get her into the harram and she rejected Logan for a long time while she dated seb and then everyone ganged up on her about sebastiaan being bad juju so she dumped him and stayed loyal to Austin vampires because everyone was trying to have this whole unity project but then that whole slander text message issue came out thanks to a lady named sitre storm who was a gf of Logan’s/ a hater of isibella she released all these videos on Logan and the issues I wasn’t able to find the video she might have removed l Logan attempted to date Isabella several times getting sexually aggressive with her at several events in Austin Texas and in Denver when she was with him and his girls and she declined him each time and each time he became more aggressive at one point he tried to scare her by saying he was a devil and driving 125 miles an hour in heavy traffic and nearly killing him and all the people in the car whereas Daley expressed he does this all the time the entire group including all of the unity project people or anyone who join him any of the vampire groups any of the cat girl groups they all are being manipulated by all of these people.

here is another video of Logan hanging with the exact guy he accusing of being a raper and the. https://youtu.be/lW0BcqfFDMQ and then some of the vampire people complaining about his abuse https://youtu.be/e4_eoMBM9yc he got arrested for assaulting the same group he is coming down on isibella for. It’s honestly dumb the entire thing people actually in the vampire community do not look at Logan as a vampire leader he is a piece of shit from Austin who decided he was going to try to steal the success of all of the leaders and Thar have been doing it since the 80s and try to publicize it not only did he bring down Isabella Sebastian dnash Evan Christopher and more he joined with maven n New Orleans and twisted maven‘s mind around the whole thing is just turn into a bunch of people fighting on the Internet most of the people who supported the scene no longer support the scene and I’ve since retired from going to all of these events etc. all of this stuff is essentially promoters fighting with other promoters it is absolutely the most stupid bullshit on the Internet to date.People are destroying other peoples lives without any depth of knowledge of what’s actually going on all these seen people are joining because they like cats or they like vampires and then they’re taking this drama level to like a whole new level people like Logan fuel the already angry members of these groups and turn them into just justice warriors and he essentially uses them to destroy people like he’s doing with Isibella now and I’m not saying she isnt guilty of being a snob or she isn’t guilty of not exactly knowing everything about the vampire scene and then joining it there has always been people that join the scene and then rise up to the elders of the communities and work with them based off of their popularity and the entire misogyny of the vampire scene is just disgusting only the men are allowed to have any kind of say so in regards to what happens and who does events and not only Sebastian but also Logan we’re upset about the fact that Isabella‘s event was becoming more successful and was becoming more popular according to the records on the Internet of course if you go to the event it’s a different story just like Logan‘s business you go to his event and there’s like five people besides his employees at the event it’s just unreasonable these scenes they were just fighting for power and it’s not even power anyone gives a shit about meanwhile all the people that started the drama like sitre and Logan have since left the vampire scene or the cat scene and now they’re just being pieces of shit on society on the Internet . Anyways to make a long story short yes Logan is fishy no Isibella never had a relationship with him and yes he abused iiona over her multiple personality disorder and bipolar.

No. 1305139

File: 1629511101951.jpg (48.63 KB, 1071x1215, SmartSelect_20190807-160641_Sa…)

When isibella made that video of her talking about meeting Dahvie, she totally lied about her encounter. She said she never hung out with Tesah or Dahvie after that happened and didnt let Tesah in when she came to her hotel, but I was friends with Tesah back then, and I discovered the Chateau kittens after I seen pics of Tesah laying in bed with Isibella and the other kittens with Dahvie when they were in vegas. The pics are gone, but here is one pic I have from way back then. I used to idolize them both back then.

No. 1305357

that is just not true you are making this up this is from when they went to dinner. Just like the people lying about SA. She never hung out with Davie after that I was there in vegas at the hotel room when she came up running and stressed out. she didn't sleep with Davie and she never hung out with him again after that night. If you look through her history there is no evidence of davie ever again after that so the image was taken before that. and always the style of kittens is to do a kitten pile.

No. 1305366

Many people warned isibella about dahvie but she continued to not listen to them

No. 1305372

No. 1305403

Honestly bad punctuation. Yes I was one of the people around during this stuff I’m telling you she has never hung out again with this disgusting human.

No. 1305405

Many people warned the girls who claimed they got raped by this dude or that dude they should call the police but did they listen no.. once isibella had the harsh reality that dahvie was a bad person he was ejected from ever being allowed around again because again if you look through videos and thing she was never around again after Vegas. I’m not saying people don’t make bad decisions isibella is guilty of not listening to people sometimes because if you listen to slander from everyone you won’t hang out with anyone and that’s just the truth everyone in these scenes accusing everyone else of SA and then turning around changing their stories later. The story is convaluded with he said she said. The hard facts are that not a single person reported anyone to the police and now are using this story as clout stacks to bring down the rival kitten/vampire promoter groups. I know for sure that as soon as Dahvie did that crap he was out. The first sign of that shit he was gone. So stop making this into a picture of some random dumb blonde being a sexual preditor it’s just not true.

No. 1305416

the police do nothing to help most rape victims unless it’s violent rape by an absolute stranger
never use “they didn’t call the police” to call into question the validity of someone’s statements about being raped, or having something stolen, or having been hit by a partner
if you’re from somewhere where calling the police is actually helpful, lucky you

No. 1305431

This. Telling people to "call the police" and leaving it at that is incredibly dismissive and unhelpful and she knows that. She just said that to put an end to the conversation

No. 1305455

LOL, stop trying to make this into a picture of Isibella being a blameless scapegoat - it’s just not true.

No. 1305510

yes it does if you call the police it is absolutely documented and people can then get tracked for this type of behavior stop reading shit on the internet and assuming. The police do help you and that isn't a justification to destroy another persons life over your pain BLAME THE RAPER not a random cow you associate with otherwise you are a no better cow them them

No. 1305520

no one ever said she isn't blameless stop trying to make her into the scapegoat for your anger go tell the police Erikah/cat/sarah/harmony. Stop trolling cows on the internet and GO tell the police so Chris or dahvie or who ever can go to jail. You spend all your time internet surfing and not paying attention to the reality that chris and dahvie haven't been blamed at all.

No. 1305527

What will the police do if it is reported?
If a sexual assault is reported, the police will typically first collect as much evidence as possible. Adult cases are handled much differently than cases involving children. Cases involving children typically aren’t investigated much by the police because typically the cases don’t have much actual evidence. The police usually refer the child to a facility that will conduct a recorded interview. The police will then generally interview the parents or caregivers or, if the accused person is the parent or caregiver, they will interview whatever other adult that might have information about the child. If it’s an adult case, the will interview the complaining witness and any other witnesses. The police will also try to obtain any surveillance footage that might have captured the incident. If the case involved the alleged use of alcohol or other drugs, the police might take a blood sample from the complaining witness and seek other people who might have been in the vicinity where the substance was used. If the accused person had a pre-existing relationship with the accuser, the police might obtain phone records between the two people or witnesses that could speak to the nature of their relationship. Whether it’s an adult case or a child case, the police will refer the complaining witness to a sexual assault nurse examiner to attempt to collect physical biological evidence from the complaining witness’s body. This can include evidence of tearing or biological residue, including semen. Sometimes the police will collect other physical evidence if the incident occurred recently enough for it to be useful. For instance, if the activity allegedly occurred in a bed, the police might collect bedsheets to inspect for bodily fluids. Police usually take photos of the scene where the incident took place. Often, eventually the police will reach out to the accused person and ask for a statement. This is frequently the time that my clients first become aware that they’re being accused. But remember that by that point, the police have already collected or attempted to collect a lot of evidence. They will be confident that they know what happened. Sometimes the police might think the case doesn’t merit further investigation and just want to hear you deny it. Other times, they have already decided to arrest you regardless of what you say in an interview. In addition, you can reach out to a lawyer

No. 1305528

Also, in case there is confusion as to what is the rape laws in the state you think you were assaulted in please read below for Colorado, Louisiana, Texas. I have also included a lawyer contact in each of these locations. You should consider if you were actually assaulted contacting them they can force the cost on the person who hurt you.


CRS 18-3-402 is the Colorado statute that defines the crime of sexual assault (rape) as any forced or non-consensual act of sexual penetration. Sex is automatically deemed to be non-consensual if one party is intoxicated or unconscious. The law says that “any actor who knowingly inflicts sexual intrusion or sexual penetration on a victim commits sexual assault.” The sex act must be penetrative – such as vaginal, oral, or anal sex.

Examples of rape

A vagrant abducting a pedestrian and forcing fellatio on her,
A guy at a frat party fingering a drunk girl, or
A bellhop having intercourse with a passed out hotel guest

As a felony, rape carries from 2 years to life in Colorado State Prison. It also requires lifetime sex offender registration.


Potential arguments to fight sexual assault charges include:

No sexual penetration or intrusion occurred,
The victim consented, or
The victim made false rape accusations
Below our Colorado criminal defense attorneys discuss:

1. What constitutes sexual assault in Colorado?
1.1. Age of consent
2. What are the penalties?
2.1. Sexual assault without force
2.2. Sexual assault by force or drugging
2.3. Gang rape / serious injury / deadly weapon
2.4. Statutory rape laws
3. Is sex offender registration required?
4. Are there other consequences?
5. What are the defenses?
6. Can rape victims sue the perpetrator?
7. Resources for victims
See our related articles on invasion of privacy for sexual gratification (CRS 18-3-405.6), sexual exploitation of a child (CRS 18-6-403), and sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust (CRS 18-3-405.3).

hands on bed (18-3-402 C.R.S.)
CRS 18-3-402 prohibits nonconsensual sex in Colorado.

1. What constitutes sexual assault in Colorado?
Rape is a knowing act of unwanted sexual penetration. Specifically, sex becomes rape if either:

It is against the victim’s will,
The victim is inebriated, high, or otherwise mentally debilitated, or
The victim is physically helpless (such as being asleep)
Sexual assault also comprises these less common scenarios:

The victim consents wrongly believing the other person is his/her spouse,
A victim is in custody or a hospital. And a person with authority coerces him/her, or
It is committed by a purported medical provider. And there is no legitimate medical purpose1
Sex acts that qualify as sexual penetration or intrusion under Colorado law include:

Vaginal intercourse
Oral copulation (fellatio or cunnilingus)
Anal sex
Penetration with a foreign object
Therefore, CRS 18-3-402 does not include groping intimate parts. Non-consensual touching of breasts or buttocks would instead be charged as unlawful sexual contact (CRS 18-3-404).

1.1. Age of consent
The age of consent in Colorado is 17 years old. But there are two close-in-age exceptions. Children under 17 may consent to sex if:

The child is less than 15. And the other person is less than 4 years older, or
The child is 15 or 16. And the other person is less than 10 years older
Otherwise, sex with children under 17 is statutory rape. It is irrelevant if the child wanted to engage in the sexual activity. It also irrelevant if the child lied about being 17.2

2. What are the penalties?
Sexual assault is generally a felony under Colorado state law. A violation of sexual assault laws is also an extraordinary risk crime. So the maximum sentence is extra harsh.

Also see our related sex crimes articles on date rape and spousal rape.

2.1. Sexual assault without force
Rape is a class 4 felony when:

There was no use of force by the defendant, and
The victim is not injured
The sentence is:

2 – 8 years in prison, and/or
$2,000 – $500,000 in fines
The defendant also has to register as a sex offender.

2.2. Sex assault by force or drugging
Rape is a class 3 felony when the sex was accomplished by way of:

The use of physical force or violence,
The threat of physical force or violence,
Drugging of the victim without consent,
A believable threat of imminent death, serious bodily injury, extreme pain, or kidnapping, or
A believable threat of future retaliation against the victim or any other person
The sentence is:

4 – 16 years in prison, and/or
$3,000 – $750,000 in fines
The defendant also has to register as a sex offender.

2.3. Gang rape / serious injury / use of a deadly weapon
Rape is a class 2 felony when:

The rapist is physically aided or abetted by one or more other persons,
The rapist is armed with a deadly weapon,
The rapist appears to be armed with a deadly weapon, or
The victim suffers serious bodily injury
Serious bodily injury comprises injuries that carry either:

A substantial risk of death,
A substantial risk of serious permanent disfigurement,
A substantial risk of protracted loss or impairment of the function of any part or organ of the body, or
Breaks, fractures, or burns of the second or third degree
The rape penalty turns on whether the defendant used a deadly weapon. If there is no weapon, the sentence is:

8 – 24 years in prison, and/or
$5,000 – $1,000,000 in fines
The defendant also has to register as a sex offender.

If there is a weapon, sex assault becomes a crime of violence. It carries the following enhanced sentence:

16 years – life prison, and/or
$5,000 – $1,000,000 in fines
The defendant also has to register as a sex offender.3

2.4. Statutory rape laws
Colorado statutory rape carries 6 months to 8 years behind bars depending on the ages of the people involved. See our article statutory sexual assault for more information on this sexual offense. People face statutory rape charges even if the only sexual conduct was consensual sex.

3. Is sex offender registration required?
In most cases, a Colorado rape conviction requires lifetime sex offender registration. The following information about offenders is publicly searchable through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Name, address, and date of birth,
Physical description,
Specific crime(s) and date(s) of conviction,
Predatory habits (modus operandi), if known, and
Whether the defendant is considered a “sexually violent predator” (SVP).
Convicted sex offenders are labeled sexually violent predators if:

They were 18 years of age or older at the time of the offense. Or they were tried as an adult, and
Your victim was a stranger. Or they established a relationship for the sole purpose of sexual victimization, and
The CBI’s risk screening assessment indicates they are likely to commit a subsequent sex offense.4
Failure to register as a sex offender (CRS 18-3-412.5 – .6) is a separate class 6 felony. Penalties include:

1 – 1 ½ years in prison, and/or
$1,000 – $100,000 in fines5
Sex offender community notification warning in accordance with CRS 18-3-402.
Convicted rapists must register as Colorado sex offenders.

4. Are there other consequences?
A rape conviction has many non-criminal penalties as well.

Firstly, it shows up on background checks forever. Future employers and landlords will see it. So otherwise qualified candidates may get passed over for jobs and housing.

Secondly, convicted felons lose their gun rights. And the only way to reclaim firearm rights is through a Governor’s Pardon. This is very hard to get.

Finally, rape is a deportable offense. So if the defendant is not a citizen, the state will fight to remove him/her from the U.S. Learn more about the criminal defense of immigrants.

5. What are the defenses?
The best way to fight rape charges turns on the facts of the case. Five common defenses to these criminal charges include showing that:

No sexual penetration or intrusion took place.
The sex was consensual.
The defendant is the victim of mistaken identity.
The defendant was falsely accused.
The victim regretted the sex and later claimed it was rape.
Many rape cases fall into “grey areas.” Maybe there was a miscommunication. And the defendant honestly believed the other person consented:

Example: Kim and Jordan are making out in his dorm room. Kim tells Jordan to “do it already.” Kim means for Jordan to give her oral sex. But Jordan takes it as a green light to have intercourse. Kim protests when Jordan penetrates her, and Jordan immediately stops. But Kim calls the police claiming she has been raped.

Here, Jordan genuinely thought Kim consented. So under the law, he committed no crime. But law enforcement may not believe Jordan and arrest him anyway.

Sometimes defendants claim they were too drunk to realize the victim did not – or could not – consent. But courts are clear that voluntary intoxication – getting drunk or stoned on purpose – is never a defense to rape charges. (Colorado courts have not ruled whether involuntary intoxication could be a defense to rape charges.)6

In every criminal case, the D.A. has the burden to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a very high bar. And in most sexual assault cases, there are no eyewitnesses, video recordings, or rape kits. Oftentimes, the only evidence is dueling testimonies. Therefore, the state may have a difficult time getting a conviction for lack of proof.

6. Can rape victims sue the perpetrator?
Yes. Sexual violence victims can pursue not only criminal justice by filing a police report. They can also seek civil remedies by bringing a lawsuit.

Three common causes of action rape victims sue for include:

False imprisonment, and
Intentional infliction of emotional distress
Most lawsuits settle out of court. But if the case proceeds to trial, the victim can seek compensatory damages. This is meant to reimburse the victim for any:

Medical bills (including therapy),
Pain and suffering,
Lost wages, and/or
Lost earning capacity
The court may also award the victim punitive damages. This is meant to punish the rapist for his/her conduct. Depending on the case, punitive damages can amount to far more than compensatory damages.

Note that civil judges cannot order any jail time. Only criminal judges have that authority.

Also note that civil cases are easier to win than criminal cases. In a civil lawsuit, the plaintiff (victim) has to show only by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant (accused) is liable. Therefore, it is possible for an alleged rapist to be acquitted in criminal court but found liable in civil court.

7. Resources for victims
The following advocacy and crisis organizations provide information and help to survivors of sexual abuse:

Department of Justice Sex Assault Resources
CCASA (Colorado Coalition Against Sex Assault): 303-839-9999
SAVA (Sex Assault Victim Advocate) in Northern Colorado: 970-472-4200
The Blue Bench in Denver: 303-329-9922
Wings Foundation in Lakewood: 888-505-HEAL (4325)
Project Safeguard in Colorado: 303-219-7049
RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network): 1-800-656-HOPE (4673)
WomensLaw.Org: 1-800-799-7233
Pandora’s Project
Joyful Heart Foundation: 212-475-2026
1in6 (for male victims)
TESSA: 719-633-3819
SCESA (National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sex Assault)
Team of four receptionists with headsets
Call our Denver criminal defense attorneys for free legal advice. Our criminal law attorneys create attorney-client relationships throughout the state:

If you or a loved one is charged with sexual crimes, we invite you to contact us at:

Colorado Legal Defense Group
4047 Tejon Street
Denver, CO 80211

No. 1305529


First Degree Rape is a rape committed upon a person 65 years old or older or under the age of 13 where sexual intercourse is without lawful consent of the victim because it is committed under any one or more of the following circumstances:

(1) When the victim resists the act, but whose resistance is overcome by force.

(2) When the victim is prevented from resisting the act by threats of great and immediate bodily harm.

(3) When the victim is prevented from resisting the act because the offender is armed with a dangerous weapon.

(4) When the victim is under the age of thirteen years. Lack of knowledge of the victim’s age shall not be a defense.

(5) When two or more offenders participated in the act.

(6) When the victim is prevented from resisting the act because the victim suffers from a physical or mental infirmity preventing such resistance.


Whoever commits the crime of aggravated rape shall be punished by life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

However, if the victim was under the age of thirteen years: Capital Punishment

The district attorney may seek capital punishment, the offender shall be punished by death or life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence, in accordance with the determination of the jury.

If the district attorney does not seek a capital verdict, the offender shall be punished by life imprisonment at hard labor without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

Second Degree Rape — La R.S. 14:42.1
Second Degree Rape is rape committed when the anal, oral, or vaginal sexual intercourse is deemed to be without the lawful consent of the victim because it is committed under any one or more of the following circumstances:

(1) When the victim is prevented from resisting the act by force or threats of physical violence under circumstances where the victim reasonably believes that such resistance would not prevent the rape.

(2) When the victim is incapable of resisting or of understanding the nature of the act by reason of stupor or abnormal condition of the mind produced by a narcotic or anesthetic agent or other controlled dangerous substance administered by the offender and without the knowledge of the victim.


Whoever commits the crime of forcible rape shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than 5 to 40 years. At least 2 years of the sentence imposed shall be without benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence.

Anyone convicted of Forcible Rape must Register as a Sex Offender with the state for Life, to be conducted quarterly.

Third Degree Rape — La R.S. 14:43
Third Degree rape is a rape committed when the anal, oral, or vaginal sexual intercourse is deemed to be without the lawful consent of a victim because it is committed under any one or more of the following circumstances:

(1) When the victim is incapable of resisting or of understanding the nature of the act by reason of a stupor or abnormal condition of mind produced by an intoxicating agent or any cause and the offender knew or should have known of the victim’s incapacity.

(2) When the victim, through unsoundness of mind, is temporarily or permanently incapable of understanding the nature of the act and the offender knew or should have known of the victim’s incapacity.

(3) When the female victim submits under the belief that the person committing the act is her husband and such belief is intentionally induced by any artifice, pretense, or concealment practiced by the offender.


Whoever commits the crime of simple rape shall be imprisoned, with or without hard labor for not more than 25 yrs, without benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence.

Sex Offender Registry
All three of these offenses require registration on the sex offender registry after release from incarceration.

Legal Assistance
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Oh it happened in Las Vegas

Sexual assault is prosecuted as a category A felony in Nevada. A conviction carries a life sentence in Nevada State Prison as well as lifetime sexual offender registration in Nevada. Whether a defendant can be released on parole depends on:

the age of the victim;
if the victim sustained substantial bodily harm in Nevada (NRS 0.060); and
the defendant’s criminal history
Age of victim in Nevada rape case

Penalties for Nevada rape conviction

16 or older
Life in prison without the possibility of parole; or
Life in prison with the possibility of parole after 15 years; or
Life in prison with the possibility of parole after 10 years (only if the victim sustains no substantial bodily harm)
Under 16, and the defendant has no prior conviction(s) of sexual assault or a sexual offense against a child
Life without the possibility of parole (if the child sustains substantial bodily harm); or
Life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years (if the child is aged 14 or 15 and sustains no substantial bodily harm); or
Life in prison with the possibility of parole after 35 years (if the child is under 14 and sustains no substantial bodily harm)
Under 16, and the defendant has a prior conviction(s) of sexual assault or a sexual offense against a child
Life without the possibility of parole
There are several possible arguments to fight Nevada sexual assault charges under NRS 200.366, including:

The defendant was falsely accused;
The accuser consented to the sex; or
No sexual penetration occurred
Depending on the available evidence, it may be possible to get a rape charge reduced through a plea bargain in Nevada or dismissed outright. Or if the case goes to a jury trial in Nevada, the prosecutor would bear the very high burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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1. What is the legal definition of sexual assault in Nevada under NRS 200.366?
2. How do prosecutors prove guilt?
3. What are the penalties?
4. Do defendants have to register as a sex offender?
5. What are common legal defenses?
6. What are the immigration consequences?
7. Can the record be sealed?
8. How long do prosecutors have to bring rape charges?
9. What other crimes can defendants be charged with?
10. What rights do victims have in rape cases?
11. Can victims sue for sexual assault?
gavel over paper that says sexual assault (NRS 200.366)
Sexual assault under NRS 200.366 is the second most serious offense in Nevada. The first is murder.

1. What is the legal definition of sexual assault in Nevada under NRS 200.366?
Nevada law defines sexual assault (also referred to as rape) as having penetrative sex with another person against that person’s will. It is the most serious crime in the state second only to murder.1

NRS 200.366 outlaws all types of non-consensual penetrative sex, including:

vaginal intercourse
anal sex
digital sex (“fingering”)
inserting body parts or objects in a vagina or anus
penetrative sexual acts with an animal2
Non-consensual sexual touching that falls short of penetration — such as groping — is not rape. In these cases, the accused could instead face charges for the Nevada crime of open and gross lewdness (NRS 201.210) or the Nevada crime of lewdness with a minor (NRS 201.230), depending on the victims’ age.3

Lack of consent occurs not only when the alleged victim articulates “no” or signals “no” to having sex. Lack of consent also includes circumstances where the perpetrator knows — or should know — that the alleged victim has no capacity to understand what is happening. Examples include when the alleged victim is:

passed out (such as in the recent Bill Cosby “aggravated indecent assault” case, where the victim was given a drink with sedatives that caused her to lose consciousness4),
overdosed on drugs,
being in a coma or vegetative state, or
severely mentally disabled
Spouses who have unforced sex with their sleeping spouse can arguably escape prosecution for rape under Nevada law.

Sexual assault is prosecuted the same whether it occurs between strangers or people who know each other, such as the Nevada crime of date rape. But with the Nevada crime of spousal rape (NRS 200.373), non-consensual sex between spouses is arguably legal as long as it is not accomplished by force or the threat of force; an example would be if the spouse was sleeping.5

2. How do prosecutors prove guilt?
Unless there was a video recording of the alleged rape, sexual assault can be extremely difficult for the D.A. to prove because it often comes down to a case of “he says, she says.” It is not enough to show that the two people involved had sex — prosecutors have to show that the victim did not consent or was unable to give consent to the sex.

Therefore, the D.A. tries to compile as much circumstantial evidence as possible, such as:

witnesses who saw or heard the alleged rape or the victim resisting;
witnesses who saw the victim in an incapacitated state (unable to give consent) shortly before or after the alleged rape;
text or email communications by the accused where he/she admits to the alleged rape; and/or
expert medical testimony supporting the victim’s account of the alleged rape
Rape victims have twenty (20) years after the incident to report the rape to police before it becomes too late for the D.A. to prosecute it. And there is no time limit if the victim filed a police report within 20 years of the rape or if DNA establishes the suspect’s identity.6 However, it is usually harder for the prosecution to prove guilt the more time that passes between the alleged rape and when the victim reports it. The more time goes by, the higher a chance that witnesses’ memories fade, physical evidence disappears, and video surveillance gets erased.

3. What are the penalties?
Sexual assault is a category A felony, the most serious class of Nevada crime. The sentence is life in prison and sex offender registration (scroll down to section 3 for more information). Whether the defendant may be eligible for parole depends upon three factors:

the age of the victim at the time of the rape,
the defendant’s criminal history, and
whether the rape caused the victim substantial bodily harm7
gavel and handcuffs
Rape carries life in prison in Nevada.

Note that “substantial bodily harm” comprises either:

prolonged physical pain,
an injury which creates the substantial risk of death,
serious, permanent disfigurement, or
protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ8
Finally, note that rape carries lifetime supervision under NRS 176.0931. But it may be possible to get off lifetime supervision after 10 years.

3.1. When the victim was sixteen or older:
If the victim sustains substantial bodily harm from the rape, then a Nevada judge may impose a sentence of:

life in prison without the possibility of parole, or
life in prison with the possibility of parole after fifteen (15) years.
But if the victim sustains no substantial bodily harm from the rape, then the sentence is life in prison with the possibility of parole after ten (10) years.

3.2. When the victim was fourteen or fifteen:
The sentence for rape is life in prison without the possibility parole if either:

the victim sustained substantial bodily harm, and/or
the defendant had a prior conviction of sexual assault or a sexual offense against a child
Otherwise, the judge will impose life in prison with the possibility of parole after twenty-five (25) years.

3.3. When the victim is thirteen or younger:
The sentence for rape is life in prison without the possibility parole if either:

the victim sustained substantial bodily harm, and/or
the defendant had a prior conviction of sexual assault or a sexual offense against a child
Otherwise, the judge will impose life in prison with the possibility of parole after thirty-five (35) years.9

4. Do defendants have to register as a sex offender?
People convicted of rape in Nevada are required to register for life as a Tier III sex offender in Nevada (NRS 179D.117). Tier III offenders are publicly searchable on the Nevada Sex Registry online database.10

Convicted rapists who get released on parole are required to register within 48 hours of being released. And they must check in with a local law enforcement agency at least once every 90 days.11

Failure to register as a sex offender is a category D felony in Nevada, carrying:

"sex offender" written in scrabble letters
Convicted rapists are required to register as sex offenders in Nevada.

one to four (1 – 4) years in prison,
and possibly $5,000 in fines
A subsequent failure to register (within seven years of the first failure) is a category C felony in Nevada, carrying:

one to five (1 – 5) years in prison,
and possibly $10,000 in fines12
Certainly, convicted rapists sentenced to life without parole never need to register because they are never released from custody.

5. What are common legal defenses?
Even though rape is one of the most serious crimes a person can be accused of, it also lends itself to several effective defenses. The following are just some strategies defense lawyers may employ in Nevada sexual assault cases:

The defendant was falsely accused;
The accuser consented to the sex; or
No sexual penetration occurred
A rape charge is only the beginning of a criminal case, and it may be possible to get the rape charge “pleaded down” to a lesser offense or dropped completely. As long as the state cannot show guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, sexual assault charges should be dropped.13

5.1. The defendant was falsely accused
Judges and prosecutors know that innocent people can get falsely accused of rape whether it is out of anger, revenge, a misunderstanding, or a way to win child custody. Common evidence that may show that the defendant was a victim of false allegations include:

text messages, emails, or audio recordings from the accuser which show a motivation to lie about getting raped;
witnesses who may have heard the accuser discussing the fabricated rape; or
expert medical testimony that may show that any of the victim’s injuries were self-inflicted
If the attorney can raise a reasonable doubt by showing that someone may have falsely accused the defendant, the sexual assault case should be dismissed.

5.2. The accuser consented to the sex
Rape is forcing someone to have sexual penetration against his/her will (or when he/she is too incapacitated to resist). As long as the prosecutor fails to show that the sex was non-consensual, Nevada sexual assault charges cannot stand.

There are rarely video or audio recordings of sexual encounters in rape cases; therefore, defense attorneys look to other evidence, such as:

consent in the dictionary
Consent is a defense to rape charges.

text messages from the accuser after the alleged assault which indicate that the accuser consented;
eyewitnesses who saw the accuser sober and fully conscious around the time of the alleged assault; or
expert medical testimony which indicates that the accused was not the victim of assault
Note that the age of consent in Nevada under 200.364 is sixteen (16) years old, and that consensual sex between adults and children under sixteen (16) may be prosecuted as statutory rape. Scroll down to section 8.2 for more information.

5.3. No sexual penetration occurred
NRS 200.366 prohibits only non-consensual penetrative sex. If the prosecutor fails to prove that penetrative sex occurred, then the charge should be either dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge.

For instance if all the prosecutor can show is that the defendant committed non-consensual sexual groping, then the charge should be reduced to open and gross lewdness. A first-time offense is typically prosecuted as a gross misdemeanor in Nevada, which carries much lesser penalties than a sexual assault.

Or suppose that the D.A. has evidence a victim was physically assaulted but lacks evidence of sexual assault specifically. The prosecution may then be willing to reduce the rape charge down to the Nevada crime of battery (NRS 200.481).14 The sentence is lower than that of sexual assault, and the defendant would not have to register as a sex offender in Nevada.

6. What are the immigration consequences?
Rape is considered a crime involving moral turpitude in Nevada (CIMT) as well as an aggravated felony in Nevada.15 Therefore, non-U.S. citizens convicted of rape will almost certainly be deported from the U.S. once they finish serving their prison sentences.

It is important that aliens facing rape charges in Nevada seek experienced legal counsel immediately to fight the charges or try to negotiate them down to a non-deportable offense. Learn about the criminal defense of immigrants in Nevada.

7. Can the record be sealed?
Rape convictions can never be sealed from Nevada criminal records; the conviction remains on the defendant’s record forever.16 But if the defendant is acquitted or rape at trial — or if the charge gets dismissed — then the defendant can pursue a record seal right away. Learn about the Nevada record sealing process.17

magnifying glass
Rape convictions may never be sealed from Nevada criminal records.

Nevada’s prohibition against sealing rape convictions is another reason why it is so important for defendants accused of rape to try to negotiate a charge reduction or dismissal. People with rape convictions on their record face discrimination from potential employers, landlords, and lenders. And they can be disqualified for — or stripped of — professional licenses.

8. How long do prosecutors have to bring rape charges?
The D.A. has no time limit to prosecute a suspect for rape if either:

DNA evidence identifies the suspect; or
The victim filed a police report within 20 years of the alleged rape
Otherwise, there is a 20-year statute of limitations for Nevada prosecutors to bring sexual assault charges.18

9. What other crimes can defendants be charged with?
For general information about sex crimes against children, see our article on Nevada child sex crimes.

9.1. Open or gross lewdness
The Nevada crime of open or gross lewdness (NRS 201.210) is a very vague offense often that is charged when someone allegedly touches another person in a sexual manner that does not rise to the level of rape. A first-time offense is a gross misdemeanor, carrying up to 364 days in prison and/or up to $2,000 in fines.

9.2. Statutory sexual seduction
Also called “statutory rape,” the Nevada crime of statutory sexual seduction (NRS 200.368) occurs when an adult eighteen (18) or older has sex with and a child who is:

fifteen (15) or fourteen (14) years old, and
at least four (4) years younger than the adult
It makes no difference if the child consented to the sex. Statutory rape can be a category B felony in Nevada or a gross misdemeanor depending on the age of the accused.

9.3. Incest
The Nevada crime of incest (NRS 201.180) occurs when relatives closer than second cousins marry or have sexual intercourse whether it is consensual or not. Like rape, incest is a category A felony. Depending on the egregiousness of the situation, the prison sentence ranges from two (2) years to life.

9.4. Sexual conduct between teachers and students
The Nevada crime of sexual conduct between students and secondary school employees (NRS 201.540) and the Nevada crime of sexual conduct between students and college employees (NRS 201.550) occur when teachers or school employees who are twenty-one (21) or older have sexual relations with certain pupils above the age of consent (age 16 or older). It makes no difference if the sex is consensual. This offense is published as a category C felony, carrying one to five (1 – 5) years in prison and possibly $10,000 in fines.

10. What rights do victims have in rape cases?
Nevada lawmakers recognize that rape is a traumatic experience. In an effort to encourage victims to report, Nevada law enacted the following safeguards:

upset woman
Rape victims can usually keep their identities confidential in criminal cases.

Victims who report to police may request rape kits, which in Nevada are called SAFE kits — short for “sexual assault forensic evidence.” Police are required to submit SAFE kits to the applicable forensic laboratory responsible for conducting a genetic marker analysis no later than 30 days after receiving the kit. Each lab that receives a kit must test it within 120 days.19
Any identifying information about alleged rape victims remain confidential in court filings unless the judge in the case rules otherwise. This measure is to help protect victims’ privacy and protect them from harassers.20
Should the case go to trial, evidence of victims’ prior sexual conduct is inadmissible to challenge the victims’ credibility (with some exceptions); this rule is called the “Rape Shield Law.”21
11. Can victims sue for sexual assault?
People accused of rape face not only criminal but also civil charges. Depending on the case, the accuser may try to sue the perpetrator for:

false imprisonment, and/or
intentional infliction of emotional distress in Nevada
It is not uncommon for defendants to get acquitted of criminal rape case but to lose in civil court. This is because the burden of proof that the accuser has to meet in civil court is only “by a preponderance of the evidence.” This is a lower bar than “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which prosecutors have to meet in criminal cases.

Defendants who lose civil lawsuits may be ordered to pay hefty compensatory damages to cover the defendant’s:

medical bills,
pain and suffering,
lost wages,
loss of future earnings, and/or
other out-of-pocket costs
Additionally, the judge may order the defendant to pay punitive damages as a way to “punish” the defendant. Punitive damages may be as much as three times the amount of compensatory damages.

Under Nevada Revised Statute Section 200.366, the crime of sexual assault involves sexual penetration against the will of the victim or when the victim is physically or mentally unable to consent or resist to the act. The lack of consent can result from the resistance of the victim to the act, the age of the victim that renders consent impossible, the victim’s drug impairment or alcohol intoxication, or mental disability.

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 200.373, even a husband can commit an act of sexual assault against his wife if at the time of the assault; there was the threat of force or actual force. Law enforcement officers often make an arrest decision without the benefit of knowing all of the facts of the case, the motives of the witnesses to make a false report, or prior difficulties of the parties involved.

Penalties for Sexual Assault in Nevada
Sexual assault is a category A felony which carries certain penalties that depend on the age of the alleged victim and whether it is alleged that any substantial bodily harm resulted from the act.

If the alleged victim of the sexual assault is 16 years old or older:

Imprisonment in Nevada State Prison for life with the possibility of parole after 10 years of imprisonment;
If substantial bodily harm is alleged, the offense is punishable with either life without the possibility of parole or life with the possibility of parole after 15 years of imprisonment.
If the alleged victim of the sexual assault is a child under 16 years of age (applies to children who are 14 or 15 years of age at the time of the offense)

Imprisonment in Nevada State Prison for life with the possibility of parole after 25 years of imprisonment;
If substantial bodily harm is alleged, the offense is punishable by life in prison without the possibility of parole.
If the alleged victim of the sexual assault is a child under the age of 14 years old:

Imprisonment in Nevada State Prison for life with the possibility of parole after 35 years of imprisonment;
If substantial bodily harm is alleged, the offense is punishable by life in prison without the possibility of parole.
Enhanced Penalties Apply If Prior Convictions Exist
Certain enhanced penalties result in a sentence of life without any possibility of parole if the defendant has previously been convicted of any of the following offenses:

Any act of sexual assault under Nevada Revised Statute Section 200.366;
Lewdness with a child pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.230;
Luring a child using a computer network or system under Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.560;
Incest under Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.180;
Sado-masochistic abuse under Nevada Revised Statute Section 201.262;
Any offense in another state that would constitute a sexual offense committed against a child under Nevada law; or
Any offense in another state that if committed in Nevada would constitute a sexual assault under Nevada Revised Statute Section 200.366.
Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault
Below are the statute of limitations for Sexual Assault in Nevada:

In Nevada, the statute of limitations for any crime of sexual assault is four (4) years. The four year time limit normally allows prosecutions outside that period of time if the crime of sexual assault is reported to the appropriate authorities within 4 years of the incident.
The statute of limitations for sexual assaults in Nevada is extended in certain circumstances, including allowing prosecutions after the four year period when a juvenile victim of sexual abuse reports the crime by their 21st birthday. In the rare case in which the juvenile victims of sexual abuse alleges that he or she did not know earlier that they were a victim of a sexual assault, the crime must be reported by the allege victim’s 28th birthday.
For prosecutions in which the crime was not reported for years after the event allegedly occurred, defending the case becomes more difficult because the memories of witnesses fade and evidence to establish an alibi is lost. Any issues related to a failure to report the alleged criminal act must be aggressively litigated.
False Allegations of Sexual Assault in Las Vegas
Many individuals are surprised to learn about the limitations placed on the defendant at trial. Under Nevada’s rape shield laws, before a person accused of sexual assault can introduce evidence of the alleged victim’s prior false accusations of sexual assault or sexual abuse, the defendant must file a “notice of intent to cross-examine and present evidence regarding such accusations.”

After the notice is filed, the court will conduct a hearing outside the presence of the jury to examine the need for such questioning and whether any corroborative evidence supports the questioning. The defendant has the burden of making the following showing at the hearing:

the accusations were made by the alleged victim;
the accusations were false; and
and the extrinsic value of the evidence is more probative than prejudicial.
Such notice requirements are rare in criminal cases other than sexual assault (rape) and statutory seduction (statutory rape) cases.

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What is the current Texas law about Sexual Assault?
The Texas crime of Sexual Assault is defined in Texas Penal Code Section 22.011(a). Subsection (a)(1) of the Sexual Assault Law deals with sexual assault of adults, where the primary issue is “consent.” The next subsection, subsection (a)(2), deals with Child Sex Assault. The current Texas Sexual Assault law is as follows:1

(a) A person commits an offense if:

(1) the person intentionally or knowingly:

(A) causes the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of another person by any means, without that person’s consent;

(B) causes the penetration of the mouth of another person by the sexual organ of the actor, without that person’s consent; or

(C) causes the sexual organ of another person, without that person’s consent, to contact or penetrate the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of another person, including the actor; or

[This next subsection, subsection (a)(2), of the Texas Sexual Assault law deals with what criminal defense attorneys call “Child Sexual Assault.”]

(2) regardless of whether the person knows the age of the child at the time of the offense, the person intentionally or knowingly:

(A) causes the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of a child by any means;

(B) causes the penetration of the mouth of a child by the sexual organ of the actor;

(C) causes the sexual organ of a child to contact or penetrate the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of another person, including the actor;

(D) causes the anus of a child to contact the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of another person, including the actor; or

(E) causes the mouth of a child to contact the anus or sexual organ of another person, including the actor.

What is Sexual Assault of a Child?
If you accuse a person of having sex with anyone under seventeen years of age, they can be charged with Sexual Assault of a Child. Child Sexual Assault is still categorized under the law of Sexual Assault, but it refers specifically to a violation of subsection (a)(2) of the Texas Sexual Assault law (see the law described above).

The Child Sexual Assault offense does not list “without consent” as an element of the crime, so the state does not have to prove that the sexual encounter was nonconsensual. You can, therefore, be convicted of Child Sexual Assault regardless of whether the person consented. This is why it is called “Statutory Rape” – the statute defines it as “rape” even if it both parties agree that it was consensual.

Sexual Assault of a Child covers various types of sexual activity, including penetration and simple contact, between a person and a child. The person accused can be a child, too. However, the child accuser must be under seventeen years old at the time of the offense for the crime to be considered Sexual Assault of a Child.2

Sexual Assault of a Child does require the state to prove that the accused person engaged in the sexual activity “knowingly or intentionally.”3 So if the act was unintentional, the state would have to prove that the act was not somehow an accident.

Only certain types of sexual activity covered by the statute. See the text of the statute above to see what types of contact and which types of penetration are covered by the law.

How old does someone have to be to consent to sexual contact under Texas Sexual Assault Law?
In Texas, the age of consent is, generally speaking, seventeen years old for purposes of the Sexual Assault law.4 However, the age may sometimes be lower when the two parties are close in age – the close-in-age exception to the Sexual Assault age of consent that allows a person to have sex with someone under seventeen as long as the older person is not more than three years older than the minor,5 but this exception does not apply to people who have to register as sex offenders.6 Also, note that the age of consent is eighteen years old under for purposes of the Sexual Performance by a Child law.

What is the law on consent in Texas?
Consent is by far the most important aspect of any Sexual Assault case involving adults. It is the one factor that distinguishes legal sexual activity among adults from the Texas offense of Sexual Assault. If the sexual activity is done with consent, it’s legal – if it is done without one party’s consent, it’s illegal.

Generally speaking, consent means an agreement to engage in an activity. There are eleven twelve (the twelfth situation is effective starting on September 1, 20197) situations in which Texas law says consent is lacking for the purposes of the Sexual Assault law:8

(b) A sexual assault under Subsection (a)(1) is without the consent of the other person if:

(1) the actor compels the other person to submit or participate by the use of physical force or violence [effective September 1, 2017, H.B. 1808 amends this language to look like this: (1) the actor compels the other person to submit or participate by the use of physical force, violence, or coercion];

(2) the actor compels the other person to submit or participate by threatening to use force or violence against the other person, and the other person believes that the actor has the present ability to execute the threat;

(3) the other person has not consented and the actor knows the other person is unconscious or physically unable to resist;

(4) the actor knows that as a result of mental disease or defect the other person is at the time of the sexual assault incapable either of appraising the nature of the act or of resisting it;

(5) the other person has not consented and the actor knows the other person is unaware that the sexual assault is occurring;

(6) the actor has intentionally impaired the other person’s power to appraise or control the other person’s conduct by administering any substance without the other person’s knowledge;

(7) the actor compels the other person to submit or participate by threatening to use force or violence against any person, and the other person believes that the actor has the ability to execute the threat;

(8) the actor is a public servant who coerces the other person to submit or participate;

(9) the actor is a mental health services provider or a health care services provider who causes the other person, who is a patient or former patient of the actor, to submit or participate by exploiting the other person’s emotional dependency on the actor;

(10) the actor is a clergyman who causes the other person to submit or participate by exploiting the other person’s emotional dependency on the clergyman in the clergyman’s professional character as spiritual adviser;

(11) the actor is an employee of a facility where the other person is a resident, unless the employee and resident are formally or informally married to each other under Chapter 2, Family Code; or

(12) the actor is a health care services provider who, in the course of performing an assisted reproduction procedure on the other person, uses human reproductive material from a donor knowing that the other person has not expressly consented to the use of material from that donor. [this subsection (12) refers to what is being called Assisted Reproduction Sexual Assault]

Texas appellate courts regularly examine cases that hinge on legal issues related to consent. In Orgain v. State,9 the Second District Court of Appeals outlined the necessary requirements for a consent defense. In that case, the defendant believed he had received consent from his partner. However, she alleged that she had not given consent. The defendant was convicted and appealed his conviction, arguing that the evidence was insufficient to prove that he knew that his partner did not consent.

On appeal, the court held that the applicable law is that a sexual assault is without the consent of the other person if the actor compels the other person to submit or participate by the use of physical force or violence. The court held that sexual assault is defined by the attacker’s compulsion, not by the victim’s resistance.

The takeaway from this case is that courts must consider the defendant’s use of force, not necessarily what the victim did to resist the defendant’s actions.

What is the affirmative consent debate?
One of the major ongoing debates in the sexual assault law field is with respect to the idea of affirmative consent. Some people argue that the current system allows “passivity” (due to sleep, incapacitation, or unconsciousness) to be sufficient in establishing consent because the victim did not assert nonconsent.

The movement to establish affirmative consent as the basis of consent laws has not been successful in Texas to date. There was a bill filed in the 85th Legislature to establish affirmative consent, but it was ultimately unsuccessful. However, the affirmative consent movement won in 2015 in California, becoming the first state to adopt a stringent affirmative consent law. Since then, many other states have followed the trend.

California defines affirmative consent as an “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.”10 The Texas Tech Law Review explained:

The policy explicitly states that each person is responsible to ensure that he or she has affirmative consent to engage in a sexual act. California provides even more guidance by adding that lack of protest, lack of resistance, or silence does not constitute affirmative consent. Moreover, it requires that the affirmative consent be ongoing throughout the sexual encounter, the affirmative consent can be revoked at any time, and a dating relationship or past sexual relationship cannot “by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent.11

New York added to California’s definition stating the affirmative consent “can be given by words or actions, as long as those words or actions create clear permission regarding willingness to engage in the sexual activity.12

Opponents to these reforms argue that affirmative consent will not eliminate sexual assault, and there are too many ambiguities in sexual situations. For example, it can be unclear when a person gives consent when under the influence of alcohol. If someone affirmatively consents while intoxicated, does this count as consent? What if they consent but simply forget about it? If someone who is not acting intoxicated gives consent, but it turns out that the person in fact intoxicated, does that change anything?

What is statutory rape in Texas?
There is no offense in Texas law called “Statutory Rape,” but when a person has consensual sex with someone under a certain age, they can be charged with Texas offenses including Sexual Assault, Sexual Performance by a Child and Indecency with a Child.

Indecency with a Child is more closely related to what is commonly referred to as child molestation because it does not require penetration or contact between sexual organs. Therefore, groping of a female child’s breasts or a male child’s buttocks would be covered under Indecency with a Child, not Sexual Assault of a Child. Learn more about Indecency with a Child here

Sexual Performance by a Child is a more unusual law. It covers the activity implied by the name – performances of a sexual nature – but also all other sexual contact as well. It is, therefore, duplicative of both Sexual Assault and Indecency with a Child, and this can lead to some odd results, especially considering the age of consent for Sexual Performance by a Child is different from that of Sexual Assault. Learn more about Sexual Performance by a Child here

All of these statutory rape laws are strict liability crimes, meaning that the intention of the parties is not considered. Consequently, mistake of age is usually not allowed as a defense.

This can lead to some absurd outcomes, and the courts have done little to remedy this problem. Some younger people appear to be much older, so how is a person supposed to ascertain someone’s age? Are you supposed to demand an ID after your first date? What if they produce a fake ID?

To make matters worse, the courts have held that the sexual assault statute does not contain a provision allowing for a mistake-of-fact defense.13 The burden is on you (whether you are a child or an adult) to discover your sexual partner’s true age, and you assume the risk of prosecution if it turns out that your sexual partner is under the applicable legal age of consent, regardless of whether they lied or provided ample proof of their age that turned out to be fake.

What is the difference between sexual assault and rape?
Sexual Assault is the Texas law that is closest to the meaning of “rape.” In Texas, there is no law defining the word “rape” or an offense called rape. Under Texas law, if you are accused of rape, you would most likely be charged with Sexual Assault or Aggravated Sexual Assault. The Sexual Assault offense does not require intercourse or penetration, but instead can include only sexual contact.

What is the difference between Sexual Assault and Aggravated Sexual Assault?
Aggravated Sexual Assault requires the state to prove certain “aggravating” factors in addition to the underlying sexual assault. For example, Aggravated Sexual Assault occurs under violent circumstances, including when a weapon was used in the commission of the offense. Unsurprisingly, Aggravated Sexual Assault carries a more substantial penalty than Sexual Assault. Learn more about the Aggravated Sexual Assault law here

What is the statute of limitations for Sexual Assault in Texas?
There is no “statute of limitations” for Child Sexual Assault (technically, the way the law works in Texas, we say there is no time limitation).14 This means that can you be arrested and charged at any time for any type of Child Sexual Assault after anyone accuses you, no matter how long ago they say it happened, even if it was 50 years ago or more. The accuser gets all of the leeway in making the accusation.

There is also no limitation period for Sexual Assault of an adult under certain circumstances. In 2019, the Texas legislature removed the limitations period for Sexual Assault cases where biological matter has been collected but not yet subjected to testing.15 So, now you can be accused of Sexual Assault (of an adult) without any limitation on how long ago the accuser says it happened (1) if the state alleges that DNA evidence was collected during the investigation but no suspect is found with matching DNA or if the DNA has not yet been subjected to DNA testing or (2) if the state alleges that there is probable cause to believe that you committed the same or similar offense against five or more victims.16

Also in 2019, the legislature set a new limitations period of “two years from the date the offense was discovered” for Sexual Assault punishable as a state jail felony under Section 22.011(f)(2), Penal Code” (which is a new category of Sexual Assault created in the same legislative session).17

All other types of Sexual Assault must be prosecuted within ten years of the date the offense was committed.18 So, other than the specific exceptions described above, the accuser must choose an offense date within the last ten years in order for the state to prosecute you.

Where can Sexual Assault be prosecuted?
The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure says, “Sexual Assault may be prosecuted in the county in which it is committed, in the county in which the victim is abducted, or in any county through or into which the victim is transported in the course of the abduction and sexual assault.”19

For example, if a victim was kidnapped in Dallas County, taken in a car from Dallas County to Collin County, and sexually assaulted in Denton County, the defendant could be prosecuted in Dallas County (where the victim was abducted), in Collin County (a county that the victim was transported through), or in Denton County (the county the sexual assault occurred in).

The law also says the State has the burden of proving venue by a preponderance of the evidence (the lowest burden in criminal law).20

What are the defenses to a sexual assault charge?
There are two affirmative defenses available to a Sexual Assault charge. An “affirmative defense” requires the defendant to prove the facts related to the affirmative defense by a preponderance of the evidence – this swaps the normal burden from the state to the defense. The state still has to prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, but if the defendant is able to convince a jury that the facts supporting an affirmative defense are true, then a jury should find the defendant Not Guilty and acquit the defendant, meaning that the person charged with the crime will not have to go to prison, jail or be placed on probation.

The affirmative defenses for Sexual Assault are applicable only to the Child Sexual Assault subsection (a)(2) charge. The first affirmative defense is that you are are married to the child.21 You will not be convicted if, for example, you can prove by a preponderance of the evidence that a person you had sex with was your spouse, even if the person was underage.

The second affirmative defense is (under current law): (1) the age difference is three years or less, (2) you are not already a sex offender, (3) the accuser-child was at least 14 years old, and (4) the parties were not prohibited from being married (under the Bigamy law) or prohibited from engaging in sexual contact (under the law against Incest).22 The final element of this affirmative defense regarding Incest was added by the legislature in 2019,23 and is effective as of September 2019.24 So that final requirement should not apply to earlier offenses.

So if an eighteen-year-old has a sexual encounter with a fifteen-year-old, the eighteen year old should not be convicted of Child Sexual Assault because there was not more than a three year age gap between the older and younger person, assuming the eighteen-year-old was not a registered sex offender, related to the younger person or married to someone else.

There are no available defenses when the child is under fourteen, regardless of the child’s willingness to engage in the sexual activity because of the law’s position that a fourteen-year-old (or younger) person is legally incapable of consenting to sex.

There is one defense to prosecution of Child Sex Assault. What this means is that if there is a defense to prosecution issue, the court must instruct the jury that even just a reasonable doubt on the issue requires that the defendant be acquitted. Unless the prosecution is able to convince a jury that the facts supporting the defense are not true beyond a reasonable doubt, then a jury should find the defendant Not Guilty and acquit the defendant, meaning that the person charged with the crime will not have to go to prison, jail or be placed on probation.

The defense to prosecution of Child Sex Assault is “that the conduct consisted of medical care for the child and did not include any contact between the anus or sexual organ of the child and the mouth, anus, or sexual organ of the actor or a third party.”25

What is the penalty for Sexual Assault conviction in Texas?
Sexual Assault is by default a second-degree felony.26 This default punishment may be enhanced to a first-degree felony if the victim was a person whom the defendant was prohibited from marrying or related to the defendant.27 Also, it is only a state jail felony if it is a Subsection (b)(12) (Sexual Assault by lack of consent for Assisted Reproduction) case.28 Learn more about the Range of Punishments for each grade of felony

Sex Assault is a reportable offense under Chapter 62,29 so sex offender registration requirements will apply. You may not be eligible for an order of non-disclosure if you receive deferred adjudication probation, even if you successfully complete the program and the charge is eventually dismissed.30 There are many other potentially negative collateral consequences.

For starters, a Sexual Assault conviction will carry with it all of the consequences of any other felony conviction. If you are convicted of a felony, you will be labeled as a convicted felon for the remainder of your natural life. You will lose certain civil rights, such as the right to vote31 and the rights to possess ammunition or firearms under federal32 and Texas state law.33 The felony conviction also makes it difficult to gain and maintain employment and may result in an individual’s loss of ability to be licensed in certain professions. Convicted felons also lose their ability to join and served in the country’s armed forces.

A conviction for any felony, but especially one for Sexual Assault, will very likely affect the outcome of a divorce or child custody case. In these situations, the one convicted may be awarded less money in the divorce if it is determined he or she was the reason for the divorce and given less to no time with his or her children of the marriage.

Perhaps the most widely talked about consequence is the requirement to register as a sex offender. The Texas Sex Offender Registration Program requires adults and juveniles with “reportable convictions” to register with the local police department in the city or county in which they reside.34 This is a significant consequence because it will affect not only your ability to gain and maintain employment, but also it limits the places where you can live and areas of town you are permitted to go (such as areas near children – i.e. schools, parks, etc.) for any purpose.

Can I get probation instead of prison time?
Whether you can get probation after being convicted of Sexual Assault depends on who assesses punishment, what the length of confinement is that would be suspended what your prior criminal history is, and the age of the victim.

Under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, a jury may generally recommend that a sentence be probated, but there are a list of limitations to this.35 If (1) you are given a sentence of more than 10 years36; (2) you have been previously been convicted of a felony37; or (3) the alleged victim in your case was not under fourteen years old.38

However, a judge may not sentence you to probation after a conviction because Sexual Assault is one of so-called “3g offenses,” which do not allow for judge-ordered community supervision.39

What are typical conditions of probation?
Conditions of probation are often agreed on by the state and your defense attorney. This situation is ideal because it allows your attorney to have some say on the type of conditions that will be imposed upon you while you are on probation. In a case where the judge or jury places you on probation, neither your attorney nor the state will get to choose your conditions.

One thing that is true of probation across the board is that it is costly. Defendants must pay a supervision fee every month, which varies depending on the county. The defendant will also be required to pay a fine, court costs, and attorney’s fees. In addition, there are often costs associated with doing community service and taking the required classes. Typically, there will be a stay away order issued against you. A stay-away order is an instruction from a judge to a defendant telling him or her not to go near or have any contact with an alleged victim.

For almost all types of probation in Texas, the defendant is required to complete a certain number of hours of community service. These hours must be done in person at a nonprofit, nonreligious organization. Typically, this community service involves picking up trash, cleaning graffiti, and other activities aimed to make the community cleaner and look nicer.

Another common condition of probation are classes. These classes are usually targeted to deal with the specific offense that the defendant was charged with. For example, in a Sexual Assault case, the defendant would likely be required to take a a class on how sexual assault affects victims and the community at large or a class on making better life choices and getting back on the right track.

What is the difference between Child Sexual Assault and Indecency with a Child?
Indecency with a Child covers a much broader range of sexual conduct than the Texas Sexual Assault law does. Indecency with a Child covers all sexual contact between an adult and a minor under 17 as well as simple exposure-related conduct. Learn more about Indecency with a Child here

In many cases involving child accusers, a jury is asked to determine whether an adult’s finger penetrated or simply made contact with a child’s sexual organ. If the jury believes there was penetration, you would be convicted of sexual assault. Otherwise, it would be Indecency with a Child.

How old is a child under the Sexual Assault law?
For purposes of the Texas Sexual Assault law, “child” is defined as a person younger than 17 years of age.40

Changes to the Sexual Assault law Effective in 2019
The 86th Texas Legislature made several changes to the Sexual Assault law in Texas. HB 8 removed the limitations period for sex assault cases where biological matter has been collected but not yet subjected to testing. Learn more about the limitations period for Sexual Assault

HB 667 made changes to both the penalty scheme for Sexual Assault and provided a limitation on an affirmative defense. Both of those changes applied only in cases of incest (more specifically, violations of the Prohibited Sexual Contact law). Learn more about the affirmative defenses

SB 1259 created another category of Sexual Assault that applies when a health care professional uses human reproductive material from a donor knowing that the other person has not expressly consented to the use of material from that donor.

Kevin Bennet
1411 West Ave #100
Austin, TX 78701

No. 1305860


I didnt say she slept with them, but they were laying in the bed together and there mustve been a mirror on the ceiling bc they were taking pics. Dahvie was in some of those pics. It was on Tesah Jordin's old Instagram. That's when I first thought the chateau was so fun looking and glamorous back then. Tesah had seperate pics on her IG where she mustve been staying in a different hotel room with Dahvie later on that night or maybe the night after. I remember thinking oh great she with Dahvie again, bc that dude is a fkn creep.

No. 1305874

So someone says “I’m anonymous but I was friends with Tesah and I, um… I saw pictures of of Tesah and kittens, and they’re gone now… but guys totally believe me that they existed at some point and I’m totally friends with Tesah and I’m a real person. Oh, here’s a public photo of Isibella and presumably Tesah that should certainly corroborate everything I’m saying” and everyone should totally believe you. Right.

No. 1306123

And the chicken strips AHHHH(sage)

No. 1306165

What lol

No. 1306454

>>1305 Tesah 139
Is Tesah the girl she went to dinner with? The girl in the back of the car who tried to assault her???

My only “questions” was I remember those pictures of Isabella and Dahvie being up for a long long time on all her social media pages
I know if I had such a traumatic experience with a person I wouldn’t want any association with them, or their face on my Insta feed

Although I don’t have proof I remember when the whole dahvie thing started going down on YouTube that the pictures were still there (from my memory)

No. 1306462

If someone has the pics of Isibella and Davie together please post them

No. 1306474

File: 1629678489117.jpeg (81.23 KB, 1792x828, BF218F46-ECDA-4D45-BC3A-2E62CF…)

No. 1306478

File: 1629679037359.jpeg (162.25 KB, 750x931, 56915E69-D3DE-4301-9FC0-2C93CC…)

No. 1306479

File: 1629679079027.jpeg (222.59 KB, 750x1084, B38D9581-D1B1-46B8-95E2-C46699…)

The photos from the trip to Vegas are still on her Instagram but with davie

No. 1306480

File: 1629679107675.jpeg (279.83 KB, 750x1064, 07B1A086-CCFC-41E4-8E06-29A105…)

Whoever moon is buying her lingerie

No. 1306481

File: 1629679140585.jpeg (282.46 KB, 750x1104, F6B307F2-6D88-4663-A219-A9E46C…)

Kittens she was with

No. 1306483

File: 1629679181530.jpeg (281.41 KB, 750x1094, 88E01754-608F-4A78-A648-38B31B…)

Another kitten? But one I don’t recognise or remember

No. 1306485

File: 1629679225846.jpeg (259.71 KB, 750x1108, 80A53006-A910-46A0-ABD9-01D578…)

More weird shenanigans from Vegas that year of davie assault

No. 1306995

Yes that is the girl.
And she tried to say that she never let Tesah into the hotel room, but there were pics of her clearly hanging out with her back at the hotel room taking selfies in the bed with the mirror on the ceiling ^^^ im glad someone else was able to corroborate with the pictures.

Yea obviously I don't have the pictures. That was Tesahs old deleted IG. She had like 20k followers on the old one at one point. And yea, I prefer to remain anonymous like everyone else thanks. ;-)

No. 1307000

This is one of the photos I was talking about. The girl on the left is Tesah Jordin before she got her boob job. They each have their own thread sh**show here on lolcow too.

No. 1307003

Of course it's liked by Aurelio Voltaire he's a fucking cow himself. So far up his own ass. Like bruh your only hit was some trash on a hot topic cd put out by projekt, chill.

No. 1307036

Is Perdita a MtF?

No. 1307080

No, she’s just a weird-looking British girl

No. 1307179

File: 1629762861950.jpeg (158.52 KB, 750x728, 61481413-BC92-472C-A9B1-F62A35…)

I think they spent quite a bit of time together

No. 1307181

Given that this is the intro text to Tesah on lolcow - kinda collaborates with Isibella’s story but sounds like there are parallels between them

Tesah Jordin is a SW/dancer and pick-me, formerly of Chicago but now based in Raleigh, North Carolina, whose initial claim to fame was being the Ghislaine Maxwell to Dahvie Vanity's Epstein. “

No. 1307215

File: 1629765517579.jpeg (184.9 KB, 750x659, E31A49CB-E65D-4CA8-8A24-1CEA87…)

No. 1307245

>never assume a person is happy
>depression is an invisible killer
>I'm fine by the way
Weird suicide baiting and sad vagueposting.
Voltaire has been mentioned more than once in the Alternative thread. Definite cow past his prime. Does anyone know if him and Isibella slept together? He's got a reputation for hitting on anything female. The fact she is so easily swayed by him is funny.

No. 1307298

They didn’t he tried she picked sebastiaan and he cried. I watch his bitch ass cry outside the banquet dinner of her event in Colorado and I laughed it was hilarious.

No. 1307428

So Isibella has had this long list of suitors appearing at various events and causing drama
Whilst the whole time Daniel is sat in the corner watching all of this

And then at the end of the night she ultimately returns to Daniel every time and goes back to ‘the chateau” ?????

No. 1308083

no the list is actually very short. Daniel, sebastiaan, and michael. All the other "suitors" were just for show. She didn't sleep with any of them except those 3. Daniel dumped her way back when and was screwing kittens in her bed while she had to sleep in the basement it started with Madison and went on and on daniel was more her mentor and father figure as she was so young and had to leave England to escape and arranged marriage. These men wish they slept with her but truthfully its just those 3. She never slept with anyone else according to her.

No. 1308084

Daniel is the reason a lot of the drama happened he caused so much chaos. He still is trying but Michael has finally overcame after 3 years of courting. Its actually sad all the times she cried over daniel's abuse. He was mentally and psychically abusive and if it wasn't for the fact that everything was so convoluted together I am sure she would have left years ago. Unfortunately the bad part about being a dependent catgirl is that you have to deal with the hand that feeds. She delt with Daniel through thick and thin and then finally Michael came and took her home. Michael isn't perfect and she isn't perfect but at least Michael will help her to live a semi stable normal life where as Daniel had her out here playing yoyo with these suitors which was sick while he had many girls in his bed and she sat in the basement crying.

No. 1309196

I have so many questions about Daniel and this abusive relationship. Isn't Isibella a sex trafficking victim? He groomed her when she was young and vulnerable and desperate to flee from her conservative household. Has she ever referred to herself as a sex trafficking victim or acknowledged it?

How does BDSM fit into all of this? Does she really like it or was he using that as a shield to hit her and using her to pull in other girls? Was the Chateau itself really something Isibella wanted? She claims in one of her videos she wanted to find other girls with cat ears.

No. 1309286

you sound like one of the randoms from the interwebs. She wasn't sex trafficked If you read what I wrote she chose to leave with him instead of being a victim of arranged marriage. In England many women of aristocracy are married off to other members of the aristocracy. They are BDSM lifestylers. No one really knows what isibella wants I don't think she knows. She is a kitten girl none of the ever actually know what they want they just act impulsively but she is more like a kitten in a big city not this insane Ghislaine Maxwell person she is being painted to be.

No. 1309321

I’m from England and I have never heard of this in my life, I think any woman from any country could do the same ?

No. 1309332

What even is this. England isnt perpetually stuck in the 1800s, not even the upper classes. Nobody was forcing her into. Marriage kek.

No. 1309348

She's not royal blood, just a baron. Why would they arrange a marriage for her and to who? I've heard this story over and over from her but it just sounds made up and romanticized to explain why she ran away to the US. The truth is she wanted to have fun with a (now former) sugar daddy millionaire and escape her family duties. She's not living in a different era.

You're clearly in her inner circle, but come on. Don't feed into her narcissistic story just because she's tricked herself.

No. 1309370

lmao I'm sorry but this has nothing to do with England. She's just romanticizing it to sound like she's a 'poor little runaway aristocrat' when she came from a supportive well-off family and just wanted to larp in America as a bimbo sexdoll 'kept woman' to a married man.

No. 1309384

Her father is the 28th baron of menie. Which is a barony in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. He was not born into the peerage as far as I’m aware as he took the title in 1996. I could be wrong but I think the title was a gift. Someone else in the peerage gave it to him. Before that he worked on films and as a Special Chief Inspector in the Surrey Constabulary.

All the aristocracy nonsense is untrue about arranged marriages they are barely even aristocratic.
She ran away with an older man who promised an exciting pampered life in America but of course, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. And of course her family wouldn’t want their young daughter to run off with some random to the US. Especially an upper class family.

No. 1309397

Literally never heard the woman until this cult she made up she’s a freak(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309529

>>1309384 this statement right here is exactly how I feel about all of it. Even if you are from England if you aren't an aristocrat what do you even know. The people and the aristocracy are on two different plains. I think that she is making it more than it should be but who are we to judge.

>>1309332 How do you know where you there when she was forced to choose, do you know. You have no idea what they were asking someone to do so go ahead and continue to be a hater Annie. We both know you are apart of PetPlay Palace trying to troll the shit out of Chateau cus you feel like the fat girls didn't get enough play.

but you are here on this post so you must be interested. You know nothing other than what you read on the internet so maybe go away i dunno. The chateau wasn't a cult it was an online magazine. None of that shit that was said by the youtubers is correct they are feeding on rando details fed to them by a bunch of weebs on the interwebs.

you have such anger in your heart for her. You don't like her then don't look at her shit you don't like chateau then don't join don't go to her stuff or look at her website. The reality is every single angry kitten was mad because they wanted to be something huge and famous and felt stepped on or something i am not sure or maybe you didn't find your sugar daddy dreams you thought you would get by going to the parties I am not sure. I wish all you girls the best and hope your heart heals though. Its time to move on because there isn't any point you destroyed the community. All there is now is the trailer trash posting their only fans and facebook images boring…

No. 1310084

She's hardly much of an aristocrat. There wouldn't even be a point in marrying her because baron titles and holdings are passed on through the son's direct line, unless it is gifted. Also sorry about your weird defensiveness of her but she's an idiot at the very least. Jumping countries with a man she doesn't know to end up being a glorified prostitute who's ascetic is stuck in '03, and being complicit in sex abuse isn't exactly sympathetic anon.

Honestly, Perdita should just be glad she's still more palatable then her disgraced antisemitic brother who can only get publish in racist peer reviewed gossip rags. So cheers to that. Shining examples of desired aristocratic children. If you're telling the truth some man really dodged a bullet avoiding this family.

No. 1310261

Me too! What made a girl leave an incredible wealthy family to go live with this random old American dude who was already married and had a child?

She didn’t even finish her degree in ancient Egypt which she references often…. Instead Daniel swept her away.

What was happening at home that made him seem like the only option? Why was returning to England never an option? It doesn’t seem her family has ever come to visit her, or offered her money to come home to them.

All her early internet posts suggest she wasn’t happy with her father and the aristocratic life they were forcing upon her.

But it also sounds she was incredibly trapped with Daniel from a very early age… and he obviously took advantage of her when she was incredibly naive & vulnerable. Isolating her from any support network or sense of home…..
Remember Daniel took her virginity, introduced her to BDSM when she was 17 and drunk on their first night together.
He is evidently a predator.

No. 1310262

File: 1630150687964.jpeg (114.97 KB, 748x615, 02907E0E-D262-4D85-8768-B8A480…)

I have a feeling this is their wedding night/honeymoon.
Even though she was legally 18 here, there is no way she doesn’t look like a child.

Daniel obviously has an inappropriate attraction to young girls or women who appear that way.

No. 1310270

File: 1630151259275.jpeg (160.95 KB, 750x838, 321B0FFE-7313-4D14-942B-317FAF…)

I believe this is taken at her dads place as he does airplane stunts etc for movies. He’s a pilot from what I understand.

“ Mike Woodley
Owner of Aviation Filming Ltd”

If you google his firm comes up and all the movies he’s worked on, alongside her other brother who also makes movies.
And then they have the other brother who is busy doing some racist genealogy bullshit.

As far as I understand both brothers are named “Michael Anthony Wooley” after their father…. So that’s also weird and kinda odd.

No. 1310333

This is really inappropriate to post her butt on the internet . What are you even doing googling her family are you that desperate to wear her skin that you have to find out every single thing Jesus get a fucking life.

No. 1310334

So what lots of people look young. What does it matter men have been dating younger women for years what does this have to do with her facilitating rape this shit is just more evidence ya all trying to groom the community for your bullshit smear campaign.

No. 1310338

Believe it or not this is common in America also. People are forced into marriages to benefit the lie family growth. This isn’t uncommon behavior for women to be forced to do stuff. What you are missing is the fact that she has now moved into her own and had divorced Daniel and is living her life her way. Whether she was young or not is not anyone’s concern. We know Daniel is creepy he left her for a younger girl because he said she was to old. If you can reread that she was too old at like 25. So, let’s just stop posting pictures from 20 years ago and focus on the fact that she isn’t in this gilded cage anymore and I making her own choices now. If her behavior continues the same pattern then you know it was her and not Daniel instigating whatever you people are mad about.

No. 1310339

Stop you can’t be a sorta aristocrat you either are or aren’t it’s the same thing at any level so stop being so judgmental just because you are a commoner.

No. 1310493

> This is really inappropriate to post her butt on the internet .

she’s literally a prostitute running a brothel

imagine being an 18-year-old girl looking like a 35-year-old man kek

No. 1310633

Holy fuck, you idiot, hereditary dukedoms and life baronies aren’t at all the same.

No. 1310634

That’s not true wtf are you talking about she didn’t run a brothel that shit is a lie.

No. 1310636

Get a life duckdom

No. 1310721

The Chateau was a whorehouse, babe. no need to be self-conscious.

No. 1310874

They weren't forcing an aristocratic life on her, her dad got given the title as a gift. Why are you acting like she was a princess locked away in a tower?

Her parents didn't want their 16/17 year old daughter getting groomed and fucking around with an american twice her age and into BDSM.

Why is this so hard to grasp?

She ran away with him because he was facilitating her fantasies.

No. 1310949

File: 1630211650542.png (611.76 KB, 947x451, chateaumadam2.png)

You do understand she's a professional sugar baby running burlesque, has gone to sex parties since she was legal, and basically runs a whore house?

I'm pretty sure it's not the only naked picture Isibella has. I'm pretty sure she gets off on people finding her naked body attractive.

Also, she calls herself a madam even after the shit show. She's not even trying to hide it so I don't know why you're simping for her.

No. 1311652

File: 1630314165435.jpg (160.28 KB, 1080x1774, 239969156_2962187684042790_286…)

I'd love to know what you think Perdita "does" if not prostitute/madam. What do you think her "job" is?

Anyone know what her boyfriend does? They're both so tacky lmao picrel

No. 1311664

It seems Michael or Mick owns a logistics company in Asheville and was in the army for 6 years.
All his social media is private apart from his linked in.
I'm guessing he is probably around 14 years older than Isibella.

No. 1311778

At the point I’ve provided copious evidence to you that this is a sham smear campaign yet you keep pushing this agenda to bump the truth out. I am stating clearly that it was not a whore house or a brothel which isn’t the same as a burlesque show you fucking retard. Also Sarah/cat/erikah/harmony and their follower clowns are spreading hate and lies so you go ahead and continue to do what you think is right while the rest of the world knows the truth. PS I posted all your personal phone numbers and nudes on 4chan I hope you like it ;) bye cunt face bitches.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311794


No. 1311796

Don’t threaten me you stupid fucking incel, suck your mum

No. 1311810

File: 1630342104662.jpg (150.6 KB, 883x700, Screenshot_20210830-184323_Sam…)

How are you not going to post this one. Absolutely terrifying

No. 1311884

File: 1630348350474.jpeg (410.17 KB, 1943x1744, 7AF229BD-5A9C-4493-9C8A-89F831…)

Lol you posting photos from when she was so young here you go look at this ugly ho oh ya she is the one making all the noise and then posting sexy photos of herself and calling herself the kitten princess bitch sit down fucking Maximilien Robespierre looking / acting bitch. I am sure if we went lurken in all these tired hoes’ pages we would find this trailer trash shit. Girl bye I don’t see how anyone can buy this stupid ass drama ya all a bunch of drama queens tryna make a name of this English bitches back get a hobby girl maybe do you hair I dunno go to the nail salon do your make up and stop taking ugly stank ass selfies and expecting dudes to pay you for that trash lmao looking like you just woke up from a period nap lmao

No. 1311887

She been dating that dude for over 3 years no one really knew it. Old news you guys need to catch up.

No. 1311935

File: 1630351156720.jpeg (284.95 KB, 1128x1307, AE2C3386-3E43-43E9-8600-798BD0…)

“ Omg Robespierre looking /acting bitch” I get none of these dumb cows get that.
Off to Wikipedia..(samefagging)

No. 1311967


What the fuck is going on in this thread, and why can’t you use punctuation?

No. 1312102

File: 1630361375481.jpeg (247.27 KB, 1479x915, 1F506668-DCD6-492E-8E23-3F11C3…)

literally who?

Perdita is big mad

she looks like Mark Zuckerberg and Elizabeth Holmes had some kind of fucked up bird-lizard-horse baby

No. 1312156

Holy fuck Anon thank you, I knew she looked uncanny but I couldn't put my finger on it. She looks like if you put a poodle in a sock and bashed the sock against a table.

No. 1312242

We know they have been dating for years, you dense heffer.
Contribute something?

No. 1312267

Hey Isibelle, what’s the deal with Mick’s ex, Grey Malken / Wynifred Wilson? She killed herself in December at age 30, and then you moved to Asheville with Michael in March.(hi cow)

No. 1312271


You slutty cat people are psychos. I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

No. 1312272

Yikes that's a long middle face. Thought this was a tranny at first.

No. 1312283

Wow that is sick. You got some weird issues Sarah why don’t you stop trying to stir the pot you all up on catgirl opinions and now here go on somewhere girl we know Ryan didn’t rape the willing stupid cow hoe.(hi cow)

No. 1312471

File: 1630404881454.jpeg (25.6 KB, 300x400, BFDBFEA3-AC59-45D5-9698-864676…)

Wynifred Wilson

Who is she?

No. 1312493

File: 1630410601124.jpeg (124.91 KB, 1440x1080, E6537949-5E1E-4B00-A028-440E82…)

over 3 years? hmm

No. 1312505

Yes and they knew about it. Grey was gender fluid and had many partners. They liked to be called they so why don’t you be respectful. They didn’t commit suicide because of anything to do with anyone they had their own personal issues. They were made for another world. Of course you trolls gonna turn into something crazy. Let’s hear it.

No. 1312509

File: 1630414934839.jpeg (466.68 KB, 828x1715, 64818C83-9C64-407C-93E5-23717A…)

just wondering because the only partner mentioned in Grey’s obit is Mick

and Isibella moved in 3 months later?

No. 1312537

File: 1630419248524.jpeg (245.23 KB, 985x1006, DCCA7B22-C7E2-4A2A-8EB1-212999…)

Girl I didn’t call you Robespierre because you are a humanitarian I called you that shit cus you like calling yourself the kitten princess after your reign of terror just like Robespierre calling himself the emperor until his own people cut off his head. Thanks for heads up about the wrong photo here is the correct one.

No. 1312538

Yes because she wasn’t greys partner.. she was Michael’s are you new to the world of being poly. Maybe you should get your Spook board out and call to her so you can figure this mysterious issue out and then you can make 4 videos about for ratings.

No. 1312540

He came and got her from California.. he asked her to move there so she can get away from Daniels abuse wtf is wrong with that last I heard it was morally wrong to spend time with the ones you care for on any level. You are grasping at straws ;)

No. 1312544

File: 1630419892598.jpeg (757.39 KB, 1125x1712, 81578F7A-4E47-475D-A749-909A45…)

This bitch is pissed about this picture but she didn’t she even notice this one.

No. 1312550

File: 1630420160793.jpeg (453.56 KB, 1920x1440, 1F8F5513-6807-4BB1-9B53-FA3DC3…)

You cows are getting off topic let’s get back to this amazing quality of PetPlay Palace. This is worth exactly 1 Walmart token right here. Who the fuck even looks at this trash group. You furry retards are so gross.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1312559

The stink of that room must be foul like a dirty hamster cage. Pets are cute in real life and these faded pastel trailer rats are only serving mangy flock of snaggle tooths.

No. 1312566

New queen of kitten play looks like a hot topic ham hock

What an upgrade !!!

No. 1312571

Wtf does this even mean lmao what an upgrade lmao okay.(emoji)

No. 1312574

File: 1630421491500.jpeg (55.65 KB, 400x400, F83FDA60-2B21-4498-AC2F-832613…)

No. 1312583

File: 1630422106810.jpeg (705.82 KB, 1800x1663, 94C57A75-B5BD-446C-A2AA-070F77…)

Hey you know what I heard about Cake-0 is that she constantly begged Chris to fuck her and forced herself on him at the event after he rejected her so what you see on the video is actually taken out of context it’s her trying to get on him. We know how it is when desperate hoes like this who obviously spent most of their teen years as a emo girl and didn’t get attention from the boys would go out of their way to destroy their secret crush’s relationship. Seems legit.

No. 1312593

Las Vegas petpalace looks like it has fleas, kennel cough and a vibrantly ripe selection of inflamed red tissue, gingivitis and bad hair.

No. 1312629

Girl you are mad af posting on your facebook. Minute by minute updates. Of course I know you I just don't care about you. No one cared about your until you started posting your smear videos and then the randoms giving you attention instead of people you secretly wished would give you attention. Guess you were expecting Christ to come running into your arms since you made isibella look bad. Why are you calling Claudia to get the details then seems like you are stalking chris and isibella to get enough details on your own.(stop)

No. 1312649

>You cows are getting off topic

the topic is Isibella / Perdita Woodley so yes, let’s get back on topic

No. 1312654

It’s all the same farm

No. 1312845

make a thread for these other hoes if you’re so inclined. we’re here to talk about one bird-faced hoe in particular.

no matter what the deal was re: Grey Malkin, Perdita and Michael look like trashy assholes.

No. 1312991

Anyone who was one of Perdita's kittens is fair game here since it's talking about the Chateau. Look at the thread title, it's "Perdita + The Chateau". It's impossible to talk about Isibella's recent drama without mentioning the specific kittens trying to destroy her career like Kayko.

No. 1313309

what career? brothel madam profiting off other women’s bodies? good

No. 1313549

Yea thats weird af and too much of a coincidence

No. 1313555

File: 1630538190316.jpg (1.01 MB, 1536x2048, 217519302_869368090678549_5275…)

You know what??? You are absolutely right… All kittens from the Chateau are free game including Sam Birringer AKA(Purrista) Yah wanna dance? I sure as hell can spill of a lot of tea there…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1313567

You NEED to get you facts straight… Isi didn't even have the decency to wait 3 months… Exactly one month after Grey took their life she was already posting about how much she was in love with her new man… Not even cold in the grave and Isi was a bitch in heat… She moved in with him after 3 months. Also to the one saying Isi was only with Daneil, Seb and now Michael You forgot about her 2 year relationship with Rikki????? How she gave him and half her guest Covid from her ball?? The dude nearly died and lets not forget Logan… also the there was the fahter of this baby…. Keep grasping at straws to make her look better than a selfish skank who couldn't even respect the death of her friend a month before warming Michael's bed.

No. 1313573

PS: Michael A.K.A Mick Radford… that's why the obituary says Mich

No. 1313738

File: 1630563810741.jpeg (977.02 KB, 828x1714, 55E8A772-AF16-415F-AFB8-A0AE53…)

he recently un-privated all these pics of him and Grey. guess he knows we know… something.

tbh I think Grey was gorgeous and much prettier than Perdita. Grey also seemed incredibly bright and talented. this all made me sad, and makes Perdita look even more pathetic.

No. 1313760

I'm sorry they both look like horse-faced trannies.
He's gone from pillar to post.

No. 1313902

File: 1630588552051.jpg (632.26 KB, 1536x2048, 225217197_873111876970837_4065…)

Talk about a meth head wanna be… looks like she hasn't slept or had life in her for days. But I just don't care….(ban evading )

No. 1313925

mini blogpost; but I been to the chateau once, to meet a friend their, who was a kitten being consumed by scrote fetishism, to try and talk her out of being a public sex weirdo. its really fucking weird there; like max I could stand ten minutes their because the fake mewing kept grinding my nerves. they're all sex weirdos the lot of them, I cut ties with my friend like a year ago, she doesn't live there anymore, but it takes a special kind of dedication to be that fucking weird.

No. 1313994

>He's gone from pillar to post.
Not what that means, anon.

No. 1314702

To clear something up for you Hollywood dream damaged kiddos.
1. European aristocracy has mostly a normal life. The only ones restricted to anything are the ones married to or in the direct royal families of following countries GB / Denmark /Sweden /Spain: Monaco & Netherlands lowkey. The other countries often still has royality yes real princes and princesses (Prince Phillip the late husband of the queen was Prince of Greek for example. Mind yourself Perdita is NOT royality she is barely nobility. And you probable never heared of these actual royals in Europe and most people in Europe barely know them, simple because they live like normal people. The titles are nothing but beautiful letters they can attach infront of their name. Some are broke, some have money. They don't have special rights and don't get tax money to fund their lifestyle or have certain "duties" etc.etc.
2. So even Perdi being from a "Baron" she isn't part of the aristocratic society. Her family got the name as a present or more likely they bought it. She wouldn't be allowed even close to the queen and doesn't have any "aristocratic" rules to oblige to, because she is NOT important enough and because her family doesn't get financed by tax payets money (unlike the royals in GB).
3. Also it isn't uncommon to buy a Baron title in Scottland because it is literally just attached to owning a piece of land. You could buy a tiny squarefoot or rather squaremeter of land and get a Baron title with it. Some people do that just to fool others (as it shows here it works). It works specifically well overseas because people have no means of verifying anything and often are not familiar with how titles work. You can go and buy your own scottish title. Just google.
3. So there was no "strict" aristocratic life she ran away from. But I don't doubt she ran away from an abusive or at least toxic family (aristocracy or not). Just look at her brothers rightwing, sexist political propaganda. Everyone would have run away from that. Specially at an age of self-exploration any teenager thought of running away at least ones. Her wanting to run away at that age is absolutely normal! She was young, wanted to get away from toxicity and had a rich, romantic adventure infront of her. Let's also not forget how America is still romanticized as the "land of opportunities and dreams". Just look at Kato (also Brit) for example, she also ran to America to persue her business/dream. It's just much harder to "make it" in Europe. Which leads to alot of Europeans specially the young ines still wanting to go to America.
4. I also believe that Perdi genuinely was interested in the bdsm and bimbo lifestyle at least at first. And without the bad press and media most girls are kinda into that "sugar daddy" shit, they just don't admit it. So she isn't so special or so dumb in that. She was a young girl dreaming and being naive and a old guy saw that and used it.

That doesn't excuse her behavior later and what she did, let happen or how she used others. Just to explain that she wasn't a victim of aristocracy.

No. 1314716

Exactly… You buy even the smallest piece of land in Scotland and you can get a title… Remember Lord Chaz???? All you have to do is think about how well that worked out. Secondly it didn't take her father long to sell the ancestral property to Donald Trump. Who changed the name of the estate and turn it into a golf course. Isi used the title for clout and to look better than everyone else but then tried to hide her name.

No. 1314727

One of the most sickening things she did was to her one brother…. They hadn't spoken in years and then she found out he had tried to commit suicide… THEN does she try to help him or do anything productive??? HELL NO.. she immediately jumps on to social media and tells the world about her bother's private business and his struggles to thousands of her followers to garner sympathy and attention. Her brother was livid and disgusted. How dare she blast his personal struggles to the world without even asking him if it was okay??? She took all the attention and fawning and then had her followers contact him. But was even more twisted was she tried to use this situation to gain more clout as a psychic and say she had dreamt about him doing it the night before. She is not psychic she is a psychotic attention seeking narcist

No. 1315102

>But was even more twisted was she tried to use this situation to gain more clout as a psychic and say she had dreamt about him doing it the night before.

damn Perdita, if you’re a psychic why didn’t you try to stop it?

No. 1315145

When her brother found out what she had done he was so enraged and embarrassed he refused to speak to her… She put his worst and lowest moment on blast to thousands of her followers for her own desperate need for attention. I don't think he has spoken to her since. Isi's followers chased and harassed him to the point where her family (none of whom had spoken to her in years) forced her to make a public post asking them stop and to leave him alone. However she made follow up posts where she became the victim in this situation. She only thinks of herself and not the damage and harm she might have further done to her brother that was already suffering. But hey she got to claim her psychic abilities were par none

No. 1315307

File: 1630730245151.jpg (840.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210818-160432_Fac…)

Its all swept under the rug. She has no remorse.

No. 1315411

File: 1630742187892.jpg (90.46 KB, 1315x640, 241512826_2966620043599554_708…)

any caps of this stuff?

also I love how she photoshops herself and Michael, but doesn't bother with her friends

No. 1315597

I think the first time people meet her they must be shocked that except for her hair she looks NOTHING like her pictures. She photoshops the hell out every picture of her… She actually has a double chin, bad skin, jowls, horrific teeth, small eyes, the worst frizzy as shit hair extensions and a fat nose… And someone please tell me for the love of God what is her obsession with bobby pins???????????? That freaking bobby pin looks so stupid and yet it is the only hair style she knows/

No. 1315598

File: 1630763006659.jpg (157.02 KB, 640x960, 78983698_3723870544293370_5184…)

What she really looks like… Average at best and without the hair extension below average…

No. 1315714

No remorse - but a metric buttload of filters and Photoshop, kek.

No. 1320780

dead forum?(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 1323650

File: 1631612457048.jpeg (203.57 KB, 750x1193, 6D91214C-C60E-4669-A77E-F5314B…)

Technically not Isibella related but wtf happened to Logan didn’t even recognise him
Daley looking beautiful as always tho no idea why she’s married to him(emoji)

No. 1325320

File: 1631760167680.jpg (271.77 KB, 1080x771, SmartSelect_20210915-214217_Fa…)

Im gonna lmao if she shaves her head dude

No. 1325383

She would look so terrifying. Especially with her lifeless circle lenses, tiny mishapen teeth, and how she filters her head into a dorito. I’m ready for it.

No. 1325385

She doesn't have the headshape or facial features for a buzzcut, and that's putting it nicely. She needs to remember what she really looks like, not the edited version. >>1315598
The real proportions are gonna look like a wine mom having a midlife crisis. All the egirls with buzzcuts already have petite heads and features.

No. 1325472

gimp girl vibes

No. 1325548

I can see her doing this and then only wearing unstyled hard front wigs from AliExpress.

No. 1325692

Anything to get rid of that god awful bobby pin

No. 1325968

File: 1631826943981.png (215.65 KB, 633x425, hqdefault.png)

What she looks like without all the editing and photoshopping. Now imagine that bald….

No. 1328182

british people have healthier teeth than americans, thats the consequence of having a functioning healthcare system.

No. 1328187

Am I the only anon who thinks a buzz cut (or any hair cut, really) would be a HUGE improvement over that cheap yellow plastic wig?

No. 1330273

Isi has inherited all the unhealthy ugliness plus bad teeth from her British genepool.

But her shaving her head at least would give us the GoT "walk of shame" vibe her victims deserve.

No. 1331155

She looks like Alaska Thunderfuck

No. 1352403

File: 1634777545529.jpg (705.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211021-014615_Fac…)

This suggestions that her new Piece might be "collaring" her.

No. 1352404

File: 1634777647302.jpg (554.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211021-014726_Fac…)

Seems like she isn't showered with fancy flowers anymore

No. 1352406

File: 1634777840721.jpg (651.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211021-015458_You…)

She deleted the sob sorry videos she made. I mean now that it's all been brushes aside by her she can pretend it never happened and move on.(namefag)

No. 1352408

File: 1634778170496.jpg (821.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211021-020213_Fac…)

Hasn't she said this about everyone she's been with?

No. 1352423

Daly always seems so out of place with these people, even when she was “friends” with Isabella. I genuine like Daly and her posts

No. 1353048

Completely agree - she seems genuinely sweet unlike the rest of these crazies

Anybody notice Daniels post recently?

No. 1353455

It seems Daley always some what distanced herself from the kittens despite her odd friendship with Isi a few years ago. it seemed Logan was far more into the Kittens then she ever was and she just went a long for the ride. She NEVER claimed to be a kitten or apart of the Chateau in any way.

No. 1353458

Ilona was deep into the Chateau for awhile and was close friends with Isi till the whole bust up between Isi and Logan. Only a few months ago Ilona posted on FB denouncing Isi and the Chateau for their bullying and treatment of kittens that Isi felt were unworthy of her attention ot time

No. 1354363

I want to know what happened to that midnight girl and all that drama she had with Isi. Does anyone know?

No. 1354640

Post caps of Daniel's posts then

No. 1355385

File: 1635150903070.jpeg (168.34 KB, 750x930, 93F1B1A6-7E36-4D99-9609-8FF23A…)


Proof the Isibella didn’t pay for anything herself & Daniel feeling bitter(don't use emojis )

No. 1355387

File: 1635151148913.jpeg (184.23 KB, 960x720, 28DD42CD-973B-4BA4-8C05-99DAFA…)

“ Once upon a time, about nine years ago to the day, we were at Church downstairs for SIN Sunday. Isibella and I used to go to Goth night jokingly referred to as vampire hunting. That particular evening, I told Astra that someday we were totally going to host a party in the Church sanctuary. And sure enough, that night, I spoke to Thanos. He seemed on board. Next day I emailed April about a “Cirque du KInque Sideshow” concept - maybe a “Vampire Ball”. In a matter of days, we scheduled it, made this flier, and got to work. In less than three weeks, we schemed a ridiculous concept - we would sacrifice a virgin on a cross suspended from the rafters… Jovan built us the suspension cross, Vic agreed to lend us his suspension skills, and we met the beautiful Corinne who was entirely down to be sacrificed in our questionable endeavor. We got some DJs, found some other performers - aerials, burlesque, opera - and had a fabulous party. And went on to have many more!

This was long before Chateau, long before we knew about any larger Vampire Community. Long before many of you probably even had any thought about catgirls or vampires or fetish balls for that matter…

We didn’t get paid. We didn’t sell tickets. Church just charged at the door. It was just a fun thing for our community. There wasn’t really any large scale vampire or goth/fetish events at the time, and we wanted to create something magical.

It then, of course, exploded. And the explosion exploded. And now, years later, more or less everyone I’ve tagged - and cannot tag - above has left and moved on to other adventures.

But, if just for a moment, we did create something wonderfully magical….

Thank you all!(don't use emojis )

No. 1355388

File: 1635151183803.jpeg (365.35 KB, 750x1200, 614CE479-908C-413F-9002-401D27…)

No. 1358001

Wasn't Corinne one of Daniel's girlfriends he had at the same time as Isibella? Also is this his was of trying to get her back with nostalgia or are they still friends?

No. 1358040

Isibella doesn’t allow any of Daniels post to be visible on her page, nor does she ever like or comment under them.

she also only has him as a friend on her 2nd account, not her main “Isibella Mircalla Karnstein” which she posts on

Are they still on speaking terms or does Daniel just post like they’re still in contact and he didn’t groom her from the age of 17 and drunkenly stole her virginity?

No. 1358489


From what I can remember Midnight Bloodrose real name Tasha (Natasha?) Hill and her then boyfriend, both from Plymouth in the UK, were into kittenplay and made youtube videos similar to Isibella's.

They even created a copycat Chateau called Bloodrose Manor which was cringe. I think they both just stalked the shit out of Isi's social medias at the time and were sending her anon abuse on tumblr and just being incredibly toxic.

Midnight's boyfriend appeared later under the name Felicity Sweetland and i think was actually on speaking terms with Isi. Felicity was actually now a kitten also but would photoshop pictures and wear wigs to creepily look like Isi.

No. 1358490

File: 1635588036649.png (192.63 KB, 679x466, Screen Shot .png)

No. 1358491


Thing is , I remember seeing tumblr anons warning her that Felicity was actually Midnight's boyfriend. So this dramatic post years later was hilarious at the time.

No. 1358493

File: 1635588267829.jpeg (66.72 KB, 597x960, 1.jpeg)

No. 1358494

File: 1635588374268.jpeg (60.56 KB, 600x960, 2.jpeg)

No. 1358515

Idk these people man. How are they not clawing their own eyeballs out with embarrassment over being middle aged and acting like vampires and cats? Like how do they face people like their workmates while posting shit about sacrificing virgins in their garage. Maybe it’s just the culture I come from but people would follow these weirdos around making fun of them every single day. They’re ridiculous.

No. 1358724

Midnight has moved well on though hasn't she? She isn't on social media? And I don't think she's with her boyfriend anymore? I dunno. I can't find anything new.

No. 1358741


As far as I know, yes. I can’t find anything new about Midnight either and all that drama first happened approximately 5 years ago so safe to say she’s moved on. Those messages between her and Isi (from that 2019 Facebook post) were the last heard from Midnight.

No. 1358802

File: 1635638535203.png (1.29 MB, 717x916, felicity.png)

>obviously very edited/photoshopped/filtered
>still obviously a fat man with a 5 o'clock shadow wearing a breast plate
>wearing ex gf's underwear and clothes
>posting poorly traced pokemon porn
She was fooled by this chrischan looking mfer? lmao

No. 1358807

File: 1635638828779.png (Spoiler Image,2.17 MB, 1214x908, lilflowerkitten.png)

sage for samefag, but he seems like an entire horrorcow himself

No. 1359310

Has no one picked up on that part in the message where he apparently threatened to burn her alive? Was he abusing her as well?

No. 1359329

I can't believe this is real, this picture looks like something you'd get by feeding a bunch of troon pictures into one of those AI photo generators and trying to get it to make a unique pic

No. 1359860

I remember this tumblr drama. Bizarre that the boyfriend is dressing up as a kitten now.

No. 1359864

The hills have eyes but make it kawaii

No. 1359872

Do you anons have any screenshots? It sounds like the perfect mixture of histrionics and autism

No. 1360185

File: 1635847728255.png (69.91 KB, 1023x597, Screenshot tumblr.png)

I found this on Tumblr. I may have not gone back far enough or she had a clean up of the drama. But I remember there were asks because she always had simps asking if she was okay all the time.

No. 1360189

File: 1635849570503.jpeg (332.57 KB, 934x1630, 311D58C1-CA84-4A1B-8E3A-0B3575…)

that’s not her real face

No. 1360190

File: 1635849595432.png (4.19 MB, 828x1792, 89F536A1-A699-4854-BCE8-C207F1…)

No. 1360329

Is there a board for all that Midnight drama at all?

No. 1360404

File: 1635883321124.jpeg (124.6 KB, 934x1826, 7D926B71-3D5C-4FEF-B722-8A65A1…)