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File: 1511397207768.jpg (283.5 KB, 786x900, 748cfcfb5bf7855de3295f832b5981…)

No. 433040

The threads in /cgl/ keep getting nuked because it brings in the drama and fetishists getting angry at us. We're moving to Lolcow.

Lets talk about males who degrade lolita fashion as some sort of sexual fetish online. Here are two examples:


No. 433041

File: 1511397301337.jpg (172.39 KB, 967x826, dolly_debt_by_sissyfairy-dbfde…)

No. 433042

File: 1511397335574.jpg (155.53 KB, 637x992, 1511365244475.jpg)

No. 433043

File: 1511397452935.jpg (395.52 KB, 889x580, kam_kidnapped_by_sissyfairy-db…)

No. 433044

File: 1511397586017.jpg (48.97 KB, 512x350, a_bittersweet_goodbye_part_2__…)

This is their modus operandi.

No. 433045

It's so fucked up how these girl's images are being used for this. It's kind of like getting raped over the internet; your likeness is being used without consent for sexual gain.

No. 433046

This, but also its ruining lolita fashion in general. I'm sure lolita enthusiasts are just cringing inside to see this being taken and used for a stupid fetish

No. 433047

Oh, of course that too. I'm also a lolita and it makes me rage. The fashion already gets a bad rep, now shit like this is circulating on places like Pinterest where normies can form even more ill informed notions about the fashion

No. 433050

Why the fuck would you bring this to lolcow of all places? This board is full of males and normies, you're just gonna bring in even more trolls.

No. 433052

Can we post disgusting sissys in general too? Just found a ~50yo sissy with a nail fetish by accident on youtube. And of course he uploaded a video of singing children and pride parades and his favorites are full of fetish shit, porn and "drag queen" little boys.

No. 433054

Is there anything that can be done to stop these creeps? Gulls succed in taking down pictures from one guy's account, but he will reupload them for sure. It's not only harmful for lolitas, but also for children and women in general. As seen in nuked /cgl/ thread they won't listen to any voice of reason, and if someone dares to say something about their "kink". they get triggered and start to insult everyone. They also tried to make lolitas seem like the bad guys, by saying that they are homo and transphobic. Good lord.

No. 433055

I used lolita pictures on my captions because I´m transgender and I love that fashion style and wish I could wear those pretty dresses myself. (body doesn´t help me) TO ME, I was just making false scenarios and it was never my intention to offend the lolita community. But after being reported and having more than 300 captions erased, I can only assume I did. I hate you guys so SO much for what you did… (only around 6 or 7 of those captions were about sweet lolitas and you reported over 300 of them) But you do have a valid point. My apologies and no: I won´t reupload nor use lolita pictures for my captions anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433056

I'm glad they did. I was in all of the threads over on cgl and it was really fucking annoying that the thread kept getting deleted. I want a place to call these shitheads out.

>i hate you guys so so much
Aw boohoo go shit your diapie you degenerate fuck(no1curr, sage)

No. 433057

File: 1511488950465.jpg (39.07 KB, 705x367, image.jpg)

Poor Agnes, she doesn't deserve this.

Btw, if you aren't upset about the lolitas, check out the use of children.

No. 433058

File: 1511489444405.png (527.38 KB, 960x600, held_for_ransom_by_arstories-d…)

Here are some who seem to use/favorite mostly children in their captions. I don't give a shit if they were paid for - knowing that they're being used for fetish stuff is disgusting and if I found my child in one of these captions you bet I'd raise hell. I don't care if they put this under the guise of "age regression" bc you know they're also getting off on it. Like how the fuck can they be ok doing this?



No. 433060

I think at least one reason is bc we were including their usernames and "raiding" bc i got banned for a couple days for screenshotting one "diaperedsteph"'s journal posts (my ban was for having a vendetta lmao)

No. 433061

File: 1511490209322.png (39.99 KB, 981x502, whatanidiot.png)

What an idiot and for you to show up here. I hope you get v& by the FBI.

No. 433062

>I'm transgender
Way to use the Kevin Spacey defense you mentally ill twat

No. 433064

Try the warosu cgl archives.

No. 433065

File: 1511491888809.png (85.59 KB, 626x273, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 8.43…)

Here are the two pertaining to cgl outing him. The comments for this one are pretty extensive, but here you go - you can see someone his defenders as well.


No. 433066

File: 1511491926768.png (79.51 KB, 625x340, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 8.43…)


And >>433061 supplied the last relevant one (so far)

No. 433068

Sure. I'm eager to find more of these freaks and get them to bawlete. I mean I know they'll move to other places but it seems like they're not that hard to shake at least.

No. 433069

File: 1511493029569.jpeg (187.79 KB, 600x800, 7E3B01C0-AE44-4E3D-B181-2E0D4F…)

Get help for your obvious mental disorder. You’re a disgusting creep for using pictures of people and CHILDREN for your sick fetish. How dare you sexualize lolita fashion.
>I hate you guys so SO much for what you did…
Apology my ass, you deserve to be locked up. Follow Maggots advice and jump into river

No. 433070

Do you realise those are real people on your pictures? It doesn't matter if they are lolitas or not. Imagine you post a normal picture of yourself on a completely non-fetish related platform. Then someone saves it, photoshops shit in you face and naked kids next to you and posts it all over a scat childporn website, where other pedos spread it to more websites. Later, a friend of yours or a a potential employer reverse google image searches your pictures and the first thing they see is fucking scat CP.
You have no right to play the victim in any way. Is it SO hard, to just not upload your captions and keep them to yourself?

How can you write fetish shit like this, put a picture of a real child next to it and don't get how horrifying that is. How and why do they not immediately kill themselves?

No. 433071

Because they're too self-centered and obsessed with their ~life-style~ to understand how what they're doing could possibly affect anyone else. That guy's answers to a lot of comments calling him out seem proof enough for that. Saying things like "lolitas are so mean" or "they're so ignorant" just show that they don't give a shit about trying to see it from the view of a girl in one of their photos. They just want to think about the ~pretty dresses~ and whatever else they like to fetishize.

No. 433072

why. don't. we. actually. treat. trans. mental. illness. instead. of. exacerbating. it.

No. 433073

you guys reported a caption using this image (that I legaly bought, btw) as "Child nudity". Come on, guys, SERIOUSLY? https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-children-having-conflict-home-frustrated-serious-quarrel-domestic-interior-image67012723
If you don´t support the transgender fetish, you don´t. But DON´T use words like "child porn" . I despise those pedophiles animals as much as you do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433074

Moddddds can you eject him again

No. 433075

>transgender fetish
There it is.

No. 433076

Few posts ago you said we "don´t listen to any voice of reason" so here I was, trying to be mature about the whole incident, yet YOU won´t listen to anything I say because of the mental image you created. Don´t worry about ejecting me I know my way out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433077

We get to reports as soon as we can. Please don't make posts to call for mods, it doesn't serve a purpose. Thanks!

No. 433078

Thanks! Sorry about that.

No. 433079

And yet you cater to them by using ACTUAL CHILDREN IN YOUR PHOTOS. Sorry, sissy shit is not and will never be normal or okay, especially when kids are involved
>you guys are big meanies! Leave my trans fetish alone!
No people like you deserve to be outed for trying to make society worse.

No. 433080

Not only that but he's writing sexually explicit text that pedos WILL WANK TO. Thinking otherwise is just stupid. FFS him sexualizing the idea of trans children is pedoshit even though it has to do with trans, it doesn't make it free of criticism.

No. 433081

>transgender fetish
Did…did he just admit it was a fetish? Are people finally going to start being honest?

No. 433082

Talked to one of them. He told me: Being trans itself isn’t a fetish. But the act of being feminised or turned into a girl by a hot girl is. Femdom. I ALMOST feel I can respect that. Except when it involves children…

No. 433083

that is trans being a fetish. it's called autogynephilia and it's a real thing despite what trans lobbyists want you to believe. trans is a mental illness anyways and these gross autogynephiliacs are just making it harder for them to receive mental treatment that isn't mutilation.

No. 433084


If you really cared about children/people that you sexualize without their consent, you wouldn't be captioning pictures of real people you'd be comissioning art, hurts no one involved (it actually help artists).

Stop trying to justify this shit.

No. 433085

autogynephiliacs are fucking nuts man, you can't argue with these mentally unsound people. i respect people like this or even people with pedophilic thoughts who actually get mental help. but this shit is just sick.

first it's fantasizing, then drawn shit, then porn, then stealing photos, next he'll mutilate his body and feel excited by it for a bit until he realizes he can't jackoff properly anymore. it's like those people who get off to being circumcised and then actually do it and realize after they've mutilated part of their penis.

No. 433086

Maybe he'll bleed out then.

No. 433087

I've been blocked by this steph person for calling them out on their gross behaviour, they didn't take kindly to listening to logic, and you can see that yourself where they kept returning to the comment thread to 'defend' themselves even after 'ending' the conversation. They've become too old and stubborn to realize how selfish they really are. Even though I'm blocked, I can still read everything just fine (and I could just use another account to comment again).
The person seems to flip-flop on what is and isn't sexual, admitting that transgender is a fetish to them (which suggests a fear of commitment, they want to live life as a masculine person and 'transform' unwillingly into a feminine person for the sexual excitement of it). Trans folk have a hard enough time being taken seriously, and this steph person is sick, masquerading as a trans person just to get some cummies.
If steph were smart, they'd use commissioned art, host it on a site dedicated to adults and sissies, admit they don't take lolita or transgendered people seriously (honestly steph, if you respected lolitas, you'd stop rubbing your diapers while thinking of us), use 'transformation' instead of 'transgender' as a fetish, stop using images of children outright, and commit to living life as a woman full time - with all the issues that come along with life as a lady. It's not so sexy when you have to commit, honey.

No. 433088

>implying trans people aren't just mentally ill

No. 433089

That's a whole other debate not related to gross sissies and other weirdos who use lolita as a fetish.

No. 433090

File: 1511568131533.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Here's another one who seems to use a lot of lolitas in his captions.


One of his contests includes photos of several famous lolitas: Lor, Kate, Fahr, Peachie, and several others.


No. 433091

File: 1511568958187.png (2.33 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Bonus: a photo of him in replica AP. They really can't respect anything enough to not steal, huh.

No. 433092

Good thread. In my years being involved in the kink community, I've noticed time and time again the people with the least amount of respect for other peoples boundaries are sissies. I try not to kink shame but idk.. even comments like "I like your pretty dress" rub me up the wrong way when coming from them. We are not into the same why are you messaging me I don't welcome any attention from 40 year old men ok and especially not ones in obnoxious frilly satin dresses and nappies :/

No. 433093

This. I have no problem with people who have problematic thoughts - just the ones who deny it’s a problem, don’t get help for it, then start forcing it on everyone around them.

No. 433095

File: 1511652402328.png (452.15 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

New stuff from DS. I'm on my phone so I apologize for not being able to just post the whole journal entry in one go.

No. 433096

File: 1511652427663.png (438.69 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 433097

File: 1511652447767.jpeg (100.31 KB, 750x501, image.jpeg)

And the photos he posted.

No. 433098

File: 1511652472326.jpeg (152.09 KB, 750x685, image.jpeg)

No. 433099

Honest question: what's with males and writing these really autismal and cringeworthy essays under their fapfodder? Porn gif captions, the shit in this thread, etc. You know what I'm talking about.

Women have their own brand of fap-cringe, but it's never this bad. What the fuck is wrong with male organisms?

No. 433100

I have no fucking clue. Last night I just kept thinking about how they have to turn every damn innocent thing into a fetish and it makes me want to vomit.

No. 433101

Literally autistic men.

No. 433102

File: 1511663931464.png (141.41 KB, 527x616, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.37…)

Newest DS post.

No. 433103

File: 1511664345372.png (51.29 KB, 572x229, Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 8.41…)

Not trolls, just legitimately hate him.

But really, I hate him and anyone like him. I hate the people who keep defending him and calling us haters and idiots. They literally can't get what we're saying through their fucking heads.

I may be a bit naive, but I never realize how deep this hole went. I've been wearing lolita for about five years now, and these people make me terrified to take photos and post them on my personal social media anymore for fear that they'll get stolen and used for fetish shit.

I try really hard to be a good person and be understanding of everyone. Never have I had a negative thought towards people who are transgender until I saw these people. Now, pretty much all of my opinions on trans rights have been flipped within a few days and I lean closer to being a TERF than ever before. Idk lolcow, I guess I just don't know how to process all of this knowledge. How do other lolitas deal with it?

No. 433105

He TRIED an appology and you guys blast all his comments. Have you guys noticed he hasn”t shared this post link in public? ( of course you have: you’re reading and screenshotting everything) it’s obvious to me that HE DOESN’T want a war!! Please focus your attention on something else ? I am not even a follower but at this point, I actually feel bad for the guy

No. 433106

(Still me) is he weird? Yes. Is he mentally ill? Probably. But there isn’t a valid excuse to stalk someone like this.

No. 433107

Trans people of all stripes from radiqueer tumblr types to normie pass or death sleth trans people to self identified transsexuals hate these people too anon. It's bizarre and creepy and just really really not ok you have every right to hate people who sexualize you and turn something into pornography without your knowledge or consent.

Idk your life but maybe you could take a break from the internet and just do lolita irl or in private groups url at least for a while maybe it could relive some anxiety, you can always go back to being an full online Lolita at anytime but some time away might be good just to process this? I'm so sorry these pigs are making you even have to do/think about this.

No. 433108

You're really bad at hiding who you are.

No. 433109

>>433108 Not trying to hide it . Just stating I wrote both messages on purpose. I dunno how to feel about all this fetish thing, tbh. It confuses the crap outta me. But the stalking you’re doing by watching him every move? I don’t think that’s right at all. So yeah I actually feel kinda bad for him

No. 433110

Lol do you know where you are?

No. 433111

Not really ? First time around. 2 days ago a lolita friend sent me this link to help her “defend the lolita community against those sissy creeps” so I discovered Steph and this forum as well. Sorry I just don’t see it . But well : we think differently, I guess.

No. 433112

I’ll stop writing I guess you guys must be hating me too and I don’t want a war. Lol. Have fun

No. 433113

>"I'll stop writing."
Why are you talking about yourself in third person? How embarrassing.


No. 433114

Ok yes. I’m justpassingbyman and I didn’t even knew about this forum until 2 days ago.. I don’t know how to feel about all this ,! But what you are doing is harassing a person. And to me , that IS a terrible thing to do to ANYONE.

No. 433115

So why do you type EXACTLY like diaperedsteph?

No. 433117

lol. Judging from all the images you have posted, I seriously doubt this steph person would hide behind a false username. But well: it IS true that this forum is Anonymous and it isn’t my fight either , so have it your way.

No. 433118

They have the right to write whatever the fuck they want on this forum (as long as they don´t start harassing me again on DA, I can accept their hate) YOU are harassing me!!STOP writing here and STOP writing on my profile. Just fucking stop, ok? Not helping anyone.

No. 433119

Lol. A mod needs to put this hysterical cow in timeout.

No. 433120

Sorry for the language. I´m so tired of all of you guys. Including my "protector". But I mean it: you can do whatever you want HERE. It isn´t harassment not stalking if they keep it to themselves. REALLY, randomman or whatever, don´t force me to write here again we obviously hate each other. Bye for good, I hope.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 433121

No shit we can talk about what we want here. You keep saying you're going to shut up and keep coming back. You done yet? For real? Don't you have better things to do like getting off to shoving marshmallows up your ass and shitting your diapies?

No. 433122

Since you keep frequenting here would you mind doing everyone a favor and getting psychological help you fucking sicko?

No. 433141

File: 1511821384574.png (876.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)


Here's another to watch out for. Unrelated to lolita, but seems to be defending Steph a lot and their own profile is littered with small children.

No. 433173

File: 1511822955046.gif (933.85 KB, 300x195, NY.gif)

this really needs to stop

No. 433348

>It's another "AGP uses the trans defense" episode

No. 433527

Yeah this was the person on /cgl/ defending Steph (they admitted it on Steph's journal but I knew who it was before that) claiming that "we were the pedophiles."

Probably another disgusting old man.

No. 433594

Trans or not, what you were doing was creepy as hell. You had pictures of minors/children for your creepy captions, along with stealing pictures of lolitas. Go cry and piss your diapers.

No. 433608

Ah, yes. The people noticing how creepy it is and calling people out are the pedos. They've just gotten so used to normalizing it they can't see what the problem is. It's so disgusting.

No. 433666

just to add to all the confusion in this thread … so many of you seem hung up on the idea of lolita fashion as a pure, non-sexual thing that has been appropriated by the sissies and made into something else. didn't happen. lolita started in the 90s; sissies have been a thing since forever, and in the modern sense, since the 60s or 70s.
now back to the madness.

No. 433684

Most people are aware of the fact that sissies have existed before lolita fashion. But you're wrong about one thing - sissies are appropriating the fashion when they take it and turn it into something sexual. If they want to wear lolita, they can do so in a way that is unrelated to their kink and treat it like a real fucking fashion (since it is). If not, they can stop buying replicas of brand dresses and stick to their shitty polyester nonsense and leave us out of it completely. It ain't that hard.

No. 433685

Also, in case you're not aware, we get equally mad at girls in the fashion who use is in their DDLG crap. Sissies, littles, whatever. People outside of the fashion already think it's something sexual and it just makes it harder for us to get taken seriously when they're uploading shit that makes it sexual and fetishy.

No. 433695

dude are you okay? the fact that sissies existed BEFORE lolita doesn't mean they didn't appropriate it. appropriating something just means using it without context. that's what they're doing.

No. 433699

i'll say i'm amused that most of the pics they choose are fucking ugly. i guess it's cause they have no taste.

No. 433755

What? We aren't hung up on it because lolita is ~uwu pure~, its because we're already seen as weirdos and outsiders because its an alt fashion. In normie minds they always want to connect it to "so its a sex thing isn't it?" instead of just treating it as what it is; loud, obnoxious clothing. Having creeps take it and twist it into something more (its frilly, they must want to be fragile little girls! I want to be humiliated and turned into a fragile little girl because thats the worst thing you can do to a man! Wank wank wank) associates us with the thing in a negative way and makes the public look at us in even more of a negative light. I just want to wear stupid clothes man and not have to worry about someone actually accusing me of touching myself to children. Deviant men ruin everything.

No. 433759

lolita definitely seems to be more than just loud obnoxious clothes to normies. it's super creepy and unnerving to most people. i'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying and i don't think these creeps should be putting their dicks in it.

No. 433771

>super creepy and unnerving

Do you even wear lolita? I don't think anyone cares if normies find it weird outside of it being presumed to be a sexual thing because of the name and kinksters who use it. If a normie thinks my clothing is weird bc it's different, I couldn't give a rats ass. There are plenty of outsiders to the fashion who also love it and go out of their way to tell you so. However, I don't like being sexualized in ANY capacity, and knowing that the fashion often gets linked to fetish shit by normies is what pisses me off.

No. 433794

i do wear lolita, and most people outside of lolita find the doll-like look and super matchy-ness to be creepy and unnerving. especially when our comm does twinning, where the fuck have you been?

No. 433799

also calm the hell down, i wasn't saying that normie opinions matter, just that most people already have a problem with it more than just being loud clothes, so of course they think it's sexual.

No. 433805

The only time I've ever seen people say it's creepy or bizarre is when normies see a video on FB or somewhere that misconstrues what the fashion is about. Do people actually come up to you and tell you how "unnerving" you look? They might point and laugh or take photos, but I at least have never had someone come up to me and be outright rude to my face (although it has happened according to some people, and I'm not trying to imply it hasn't happened to you).

I'm not mad at you, anon. I'm just upset that when we try to explain to people that it's just a fashion, they already don't want to believe us. And when sissies are using our photos behind our backs and connecting them to their sexual activity, it doesn't help our case.

No. 433807

And tbf, if normies have seen people like the AP clones, I can understand why they think it's creepy sometimes lol. Sorry though if I came off as angry at you.

No. 433811

okay, I get you now, sorry for being defensive. we have a lot of rude women in their 40s who actually do come up to us and stuff. and they are very vocal about how weird they think it is. i've had people tell me the dresses are cute but the doll look is creepy.

No. 433821

I know the main focus of this thread is sissies, but can we talk about how nasty DD/lg is too? The whole community is full of misguided kids thinking they're oh so edgy for making cute things sexual and leaving themselves vulnerable to grooming for would-be sex offenders and pedophiles.

No. 433834

yes anon all of this. i don't blame the younger idiots as much but man, women who like this stuff are super creeps there's something almost pedo about wanting to be pedobait yourself. minors and even newly-legals are sad to see though, even though yes, they could also possibly be gross pedos but like you said, usually just edgy teens that get groomed by creeps. some threads we have about ddlg stuff gives me the creeeeps.

No. 433835

I fucking hate DD/LG. It just screams “I need to make myself special and I don’t care how.” However - like the subject of this thread - idgaf what people do in privacy, it’s how much of this crap ends up online that bothers me. It’s even spilling out into public now.

No. 433838

Plus it’s only going to give you a complex in the end. If you sexualise being young, how are you going to deal with that when you’re 40? Like, these girls aren’t going to be young enough to pretend forever… for themselves or their partners. Then what?

No. 433845

this is so simple. stop objectifying women and lolita fashion in your fetish stuff. Take pictures of yourself and post weird fetish stories to them. If you want to use a lolita you need to message them personally and tell them what you plan on using their picture for. If no lolita gives you permission to write fetish stories about their image tough shit, stop doing it or use credited anime images.

No. 433847

I actually think a lot of tumblr minors want to be victimized so they can add CSA victim to their list of credentials.
Also, girls who call themselves lolis and try to be pedobait, regardless of age, are pedos themselves.
A 15 y/o sexualizing being 5-9 is a pedo.

No. 433853

Oh jeez the sissy shit started way back when I was into lolita like, almost 10 years ago. One dude in our community, awkward and ugly brolita who was probably about 30+ who came to a meetup tried to follow one of the girls into the bathroom stall. We banned him and he wrote this big WOE IS ME post on LJ and tried to paint us all as abusive trans haters. Yeah.

I hated sissies and brolitas then, I hate them now even more as I've gotten older.

No. 433895

Oh fuck. I always thought that wearing gothic would make me mostly exempt from this shit but clearly not. I don't post my outfits online besides the occasional floordinate and now I'm even more terrified because of shit like this.

dd/lg cunts need to stay away from lolita too. I don't care what people do in the bedroom but our fashion already has a name that sounds suspicious and degenerate as fuck to normies, so we shouldn't let them associate themselves with us publicly. Some little went into the lifestyle thread on /cgl/ trying to convince us all that pretending to be 13 and calling their s/o 'daddy' is the epitome of the lolita lifestyle. Again, I don't care what people are into but the second that shit leaves the bedroom or any designated areas they need to fuck right off especially from the fashion that has nothing to do with them. Same goes for sissies and kinks in general.

I just hope all the edgy 15 year olds into ddlg grow out of it without getting seriously hurt. Where the hell are these kid's parents?

No. 433904

I agree with this. I honestly feel bad for minors who get wrapped up in DDLG bc as much as some of you seem to want to call them pedos and blame them for being special snowflakes, they're still basically children if they're younger teens. They don't have the mental capacity to see what it can do to their mental and emotional health or what it might mean for them down the road. Perhaps some of you were more mature than these girls at that age, but there are plenty who don't really get what they're doing, even if they pretend to. I wish parents/guardians would monitor for things like that more often, because many older individuals prey on these girls since they're naive and immature.

No. 434195

OT as well but I think it may have a lot to do with Hollywood fetishizing youth, especially within women/girls. Look at stars like Britney Spears, they told her to change her deep singing voice cause it sounded too "mature" and dressed her up as a sexy school girl at 16.

Being sexual while young is glamourized so young girls aspire to be sexy before they're old enough to really understand what it is and men get off to it, our society is fucked up.

No. 434298

melanie martinez is super cringy and i honestly hope she gets hit by a bus.

No. 434300

trying to make young girls sexual in a mature way is waaaaaay different than young girls trying to make the childlike aspect of them sexual. obviously making girls act and dress mature while underage is messed up, but it makes sense that people are attracted to a 16 year old who is looking and acting 20+. a 16 year old acting 10? hell no.

No. 434312

Sage your irrelevant shit

No. 434332

Calm down, it's just /snow/.

No. 434831

File: 1512026302164.jpg (52.57 KB, 600x600, 40e0071d-dae0-47fb-93c4-40b8fe…)

this steph guy seemed vaguely familiar to me. then I remembered he randomly messaged me some creepy shit (about his mom dressing him in lolita) on tumblr a few years ago. now I'm afraid I might be a part of his secret fapfolder, fml

I banned him immediately, and he was still on my blocked list - his tumblr handle is keriboy

No. 434894

Found out today that there's actually a recognised name for getting aroused by the idea of oneself in infant form - autonepiophilia.

/Sage for useless info

No. 434895

This. With some 15 year olds acting/looking sexually mature you can understand why people get lured in, even if it is grim (and unacceptable if they do actually know they're 15). The idea of a grown man getting aroused over a 20 year old woman in a nappy sucking a dummy is fucking horrid, full stop.

No. 435006

Ew, really? I'm sorry that happened, it's disgusting.

No. 435008

Also, still reblogging pics of lolitas I see. Yep. He'll totally leave us alone.

No. 435055

That's basically keri.allen/judie.smith on Flickr/IG

No. 435068

File: 1512069264969.png (1.27 MB, 1200x1002, 1511390022923.png)

>admin of UK lolita meets called CLAM
>is a sissy fetishist
>professional humiliatrix
>website is http://www.serveprincessaurora.com/home

No. 435094

Wait are you just talking about keri.allen? He was mentioned further up thread. I don't think that's Steph's dumblr url

No. 435176

If she's keeping it out of lolita, does it really matter?

No. 435198

Anyone know if Brolita Jenny is still doing his thing? Last I saw he was boo hooing over Lolita’s telling him to fuck off after he was masturbating while a fan blew up his dress on you tube.

No. 435224

Call me a kink shamer if you want, but sissy fetishists are not only gross, but misogynists as well, since they view being "feminized" as humiliating and degrading. Miss me with that shit.

No. 435240

I just don’t understand the whole sissy fetish? Like what’s with these men being obsessed with being turned into bimbos?

No. 435307


We could talk about what kinks we're into and not into all we want, but the thread is about gross fetishists trying to infiltrate a fashion community and play victim when they're told how inappropriate they're being, not about whether you're into the kink or not.

No. 435341

Look what men did to something as innocent and for children as My Little pony. Never in my entire life would i think bronies and sexualizing ponies would be a thing. I honestly hate 90% of men.

No. 436683

from what I've seen, most girls end up either moving on from it and cringing at their past selves, or they become rabid sjw's. Only a small portion of people actually end up holding on to the ~nymphett lyfestyle~ past their teens.

No. 436714

it's cause those gross weirdos don't watch anime mlp is literally just a kids show that has 'cute girls doing cute things' but furries like it. it's like the dudes who waifu precure girls.

No. 444813

File: 1513378208043.jpg (80.95 KB, 960x960, 18342707_186036321918933_58039…)

Annie Alice Cotton's account on Facebook

Bio says, "Young, Sissy Lolita TV boy! I DONT ACCEPT FRIEND REQUESTS FROM MEN! I enjoy dressing up and cosplay!"


No. 444938

I don't see why anybody would want to allow men in lolita. All I've ever seen between /cgl/ and actual meets is gulls bitching about how much they hate men so why allow them into our spaces?

No. 460887

Daipersteph sissie is apparently reposting his lolita fetish shit on his tumblr, so we're not done yet bois

No. 460889

>It's kind of like getting raped over the internet

Sorry but I just had to repost this because it's hilarious, like someone is writing a parody post.

No. 460890

So is lolita style.

No. 460899

link? I want to report this sicko

No. 460900

Any links? God this is so shitty.

No. 460915

It looks like he's sending links to people who ask. Maybe someone should pose as a fan and get it?

No. 460966

How did you find out?

No. 461045

Read one of his posts on d.a
Someone will have to have a convincing sock account to get the link from him since he was at least smart enough not to use the same username

No. 464164

I dont hate HIM I hate lolita captions in general but no I dont think he is this was posted a month ago https://lolcow.farm/snow/src/1511663931464.png

No. 464700

Lolitas aren't close minded, they just don't want your pedo lifestyle affiliated with them when they've tried hard to convince people the fashion isn't to attract pedophiles, and taking people's photos to post your gross shit is wrong, they didn't consent to it and I'm sure as hell you didn't ask

No. 464767

If he aint using Lolita pictures anymore, does it really matter what he thinks? Dont take me wrong im not defending him: but its over: we won. Lets stop focusing on this loser and focus on the other ones that were mentioned at the beginning of the post cause they still use Lolita photos lets take their crap down too

No. 464770

I didn't realize it was more than one person, that's really gross how many people are doing it, a lot of my friends left the J-fashion community because creeps were doing this shit with their photos on tumblr too

No. 464780

2 that I know of: sissy fairy and annie candy andI know them because they were mentioned on this very forum

No. 465006

You kind of type like one of them.

No. 465035

Why? Because I speak English? PLEASE guys get yourselves an account so you can see what this one does he has plenty of lolita captions: https://cotton-candyannie.deviantart.com I dont think devianart will erase his stuff if im the only one reporting!! Sending you some samples as soon as I get home

No. 465049

No, you type like Steph honestly. Plus, you don't know how to sage your posts.

No. 465056

File: 1515429287504.jpeg (795.93 KB, 1645x1538, 0B5E0C08-9C1E-445D-A0DA-7E8DAC…)

Why the fuck would we still care about steph when this Annie brolita is still using our pictures and has over 80 of them!!? Im reporting Annie and your all welcome to join me

No. 465110

Lots of them here: https://cotton-candyannie.deviantart.com/gallery/60922964/Captions
I already reported like 10 random ones so I hope they get erased soon

No. 465340

Guys, that's soo petty. People write samey, no big deal. Even if it is that Steph guy, and he posts here to get rid of competition or whatever, it will still get rid of them.

No. 540364

File: 1522271195447.png (475.08 KB, 613x789, untitled.png)


No. 540478

you're too merciful, why hide this freak's face lol

No. 540493

I wasn't sure of board culture here, but the page is there if you want to see even better images

No. 540788

It's absolutely hilarious that they have to use legit women in all these pictures and the one or two real "sissies" that they use look like that fifty year old guy who was larping as a six year old

No. 540840

She thinks her dress is ~super rare~

No. 540899

No. 544681


I know this person in real life as well as their actual account, he was horrible in school both to people I was friends with as well as me and is a creeper.

he'll link you his fetish stuff without you asking and he talks about how he's into hypnotism and this weird male to female force dress up shit

went on here legit to see if he already had a mention

No. 621308

File: 1529961270360.jpg (91.39 KB, 966x966, 33430528_1859244704137047_7584…)



No. 621310

File: 1529961290722.jpg (33.39 KB, 444x444, 29089980_1736407476417788_3939…)

Another IG post

No. 621401

Scarfing Scarves did a good video on him.

No. 621415

No. 621429

>Buffalo bill vibes
Probable serial killer detected

No. 621444

No. 621473

File: 1529974775545.jpg (582.52 KB, 1638x1104, thinking.jpg)

Where one of the bodies is buried. Fred West did this shit.

No. 621779

ewww. He has this posted on his IG thanking LWLN!

No. 621928

File: 1530022366729.jpeg (733.49 KB, 1242x1772, 5134C869-3704-4D44-8D91-FD6E9C…)

Tf is going on here

No. 621930

Also, sorry for double post, but I really want to know what his trucking company thinks of him. I saw one post saying he got in trouble for not wearing steel-toed shoes and safety vest. I’m just wondering how he even keeps his job.

No. 622035

Did he? Sad and disgusted to say that he probably got off to the humiliation.

No. 622171

WTF - Can you imagine what happens when he gets to a truck stop and needs to use the facilities? Can't quite imagine truck drivers giving him compliments on his coord.

No. 622202

What the fuck anon he's not a lolita, are you retarded?

No. 622211

I find it pathetic that anyone fetishies lolita fashin. What freaks…

No. 622243

File: 1530046200934.png (340.15 KB, 399x553, truckdriversusa.png)

No. 622380

It was a joke! LOL

No. 622468

DDLG is in the public? Jesus Christ where?

No. 622803

Well at least the coord matched the truck.

No. 622813

I'd be kinda tickled to see a lolita weeb truck driver tbh but I know that's not what this is, sigh.

No. 622879

File: 1530120297378.png (2.39 MB, 1202x1214, VL.png)

this is so creepy and ewww

No. 622897

Why are sissy dresses made so horribly?

No. 622922

For the same reason most girls into ddlg and lolita go for cheap garbage and replicas - They don't care about looking good, they just want frilly shit for their fetish even if it's a polyester monstrosity. Especially if it's a polyester monstrosity, actually, since those tend to look more ridiculous.

No. 622942

Sissies don't want good quality and brand reputation, they want a certain look. They want the lavish dolly cascading lacey frills and the layers upon layers of "soft" swishy fabric. They want to feel like a useless doll in an OTT ridiculous dress that can't be seen as anything but ornamental. These men want to feel humiliated and deprived of status, and being a dumb dollie does it for them. Sissy clothes have one need - lavish frills. Doesn't matter what it's made of, as long as it is big, and fluffy, and looks like a cluster fuck of lace, it suits their fantasy.

No. 623828

So why do some girls have sissy boyfriends? I'm sure I have seen a few couples online. Is it just a fetish thing?

No. 623940

It's a sad situation but honestly: the fetish came first. It's been around for many decades. The fashion came a lot later. So yeah, it sucks to see the fetishists pushing into fashion comms with their bullshit, but it doesn't change history. They had a lock on it long before anyone thought to wear it unironically.

No. 623942

Sissy fetish and lolita fashion are two completely different things, though. The aesthetic is even completely different if you look past the surface of poofy dress with ruffles and lace. it's not the same outfits worn in a different context.

No. 623944

sage for samefag but it's pretty much impossible to put a date on when sissy fetishization/forced feminization became a thing, since it was mostly underground, but the earliest mentions if it i can find date back to the late 70's and early 80's. This makes sense, since it was an era of sexual exploration and increased sexual freedom. Lolita fashion began to evolve around the same time. There's really no evidence that lolita fashion is derived from sissy fetish culture or even that the latter "came first"

No. 623967

this nightmare's real name is peter. I discovered him on insta through a creepy comment on a misako post like two years back. I posted him in the ita thread then kind of forgot about him, glad to see he's in getting the hate he deserves. Also scared he might enjoy it

No. 623972

I think I remember that happening

No. 624012

Oh shit, I never realized that was the same guy.

No. 624160

Yes, sissification/forced feminization is a fetish. And unlike what this >>623940 mongoloid thinks, it's completely and entirely unrelated to lolita.

Honest question: Are you retarded?
This might be news to you but sissies didn't invent lace and frills. Shocking, I know.
The only thing they did invent is wearing lace and frills for the purpose of humiliation and sexual gratification, which I assume stems from some form of misogyny which is also not a new concept.
The fact you'd put sissies and lolita fashion in the same field by saying that the fetish came first and
>They had a lock on it long before anyone thought to wear it unironically
tells me you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Are you even a lolita? Please see yourself out of this discussion if you aren't because your opinion is irrelevant.
If you are a lolita you must be very young and naive, like the idiots in the community who stumble over themselves to accept these fucks because they're "trans" or "crossdressers".
>inb4 b-b-b-but Mana is a man who wears dresses!!
Please educate yourself before you start spewing your bullshit.

No. 624175

I agree that sissy fetish and Lolita fashion are completely unrelated.
But there are many women who enjoy dressing men as girls. Is that basically all about Sissification/forced feminization as part of the domination and power fetish?

No. 624230

Lolitas dont wear lolita for sexual gratification or to humiliate themeselves. Its not a sexual fetish.

No. 624232

>bumping the thread to reply to 5 month old bait

No. 624249

File: 1530279615852.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1320, Lolita Candy.png)

No. 905933


Turns out he's got a cosplayers insta now: instagram.com/rotten_r_cosplays

Rotten is apt. Have heard that he has not changed at all and is still as predatory as ever, tries to get commissions of himself being bimbofied or hypnotised and has a huge bunch of red flag fetishes in general. He used to bully a girl I knew into killing herself and the fact he's supposedly an administrator of meets worries me when he's out there being a creep to girls.(necro)

No. 918027

File: 1579009424846.jpg (502.25 KB, 911x686, d25smyh-4f0d8f76-82f1-42f4-987…)

You folks remember when unseelieallure of "how do I wear lolita to the gym" fame posted pics of girls from her comm on a dollification fetish forum without their consent?

Here's the old gtfo post, but tinypic's demise ate all the proof pics. Does anyone still have them?

While she doesn't seem to be in a lolita comm at the moment, she was recently involved with taobao reseller loligirls and did photography for at least one lolita, a larpthot called Raquel Skellington. They haven't shot together recently, but she did a photoshoot with Dollfille/Toshi.(necro)

No. 959143

File: 1586943386698.png (71.47 KB, 831x255, tt.png)

This gross, predatory-feeling tranny that first came on my radar when they were whining about how there needs to be more 'Slutty lolita'
Fucking red flags all around

No. 991855

File: 1592864765545.png (11.86 KB, 640x231, lolcow.PNG)

in the lolita fashion thread theres like a broken link to the new page? do you have a normal lolita fashion lolcow thread now? what happened to it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 991946

No. 1328501

imitates Star Fox 'incoming enemy' sample

[WU-WUUUT! WU-WUUUUT!] [psh] "Incoming transphobia" [psh](autism)

No. 1328502

>The threads in /cgl/ keep getting nuked because it brings in the drama

You brought that drama onto yourselves by yourselves. Admit it.

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