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File: 1580173761529.jpg (99.43 KB, 1080x810, 36149181_1813159382083384_5739…)

No. 80122

Old thread >>>/w/10091

>fannyrosie still bored in Japan tries to coord weirdly stopping short of bedding an Asian dude
>Yanise still scamming on innocent lolitas in NYC
>IVB finally marries her military husband
>obiviously.happy still being an edgelord
>Voldie moves to Montreal
>RC has extreme vetting
>ScarfingScarves still calling out bad actors in lolita
>LovelyLor continues to whore out her now-lolita gf

No. 80126

Shit thread starter yet again.

Some semi recent milk recapped from last thread from cows who might produce more


Military wife and overall Karen. Leeches off of her husband, @s AP on insta posts about problems with their products to get attention instead of emailing them like an adult, has literally no personality outside of being a military wife.


Horse faced shoop offender. Sperged out on /cgl/ and insta over candids getting released, flipped people off on insta over it, and went to the hospital because of a “panic attack” over said candids and boolies.

>mod of Daily-lolita group (someone tag her insta please)

Obnoxious ita who made special snowflake versions of CoF to avoid the /cgl/ boolies. But also posts people in ita threads and asks for 4chan mods to give out IP addresses like a sperg.

No. 80137

File: 1580181600753.png (1.88 MB, 1236x2048, Screenshot_20200127-211646.png)

I swear the entitlement of this girl. Why not just politely ask them to move? Not everyone is focused on you.

No. 80138

Wait, is that the really ugly girl who was kind of popular and some kind of influencer?

No. 80140

File: 1580184032354.jpg (57.32 KB, 510x680, DiJpuVwW4AAH9ol.jpg)

No. 80141

Can you spoiler that shit next time? Nasty.

No. 80164

Fannie is already married to an Asian dude

No. 80170

What is nasty about that pic?

No. 80173

Probably because she's not stick thin.

No. 80178

What scamming did she do? Heard she was pretentious.

No. 80179

Read the other thread.

No. 80191

File: 1580235373880.jpg (122.54 KB, 750x1334, 83945124_2816796245074044_1016…)

Wonderfinch is having a stroke because someone dared to post crit on one of her once-every-3-months coords.

No. 80192

File: 1580235394370.jpg (185.76 KB, 750x1334, 81571733_603244950509946_45459…)

No. 80194


This is a little cringy, but I kind of agree with her. I can see how it would get annoying to have people constantly posting their shit, "who the fuck are you even" opinion on her IG. It would be more mature to just ignore it though

No. 80196

I mean, yeah, she's right.

No. 80200

the daily-lolita mod is chizukekihime on instagram

No. 80202

This isn't constantly, literally one person made a suggestion in her comments and that rant is coming from someone whose coords have been boring at best and ita messes at worst for over a decade in the rare occasion she does wear lolita anymore and also from someone who gave crit herself several times. That wall of text is just because she's mad a single person didn't give her asspats.

No. 80203


sounds like someone's annoyed she didn't like their concrit

No. 80205

watching lors vids because I forgot she existed, what the fuck happened? she got a gf and suddenly her shit tastes became mega shit?

No. 80207

Larasuzanne is boring as fuck please get better milk

No. 80214

Not many people respond with a full blown tantrum to being posted nowadays, let alone go to the emergency room over getting posted. One of the milkier things to happen in the last thread, not sure how you think it’s boring, but her WKs sure love coming to this thread.

No. 80217

Interesting how you assume that was the reason she went to the ER but go off I guess

No. 80219

She literally posted on Instagram saying she was in the ER because of her panic attack over getting posted. WKs always crawl out of the woodwork for this girl, it’s ridiculous.

No. 80234

She is absolutely right, and it hurts me to agree with her about anything because wonderfinch is completely off her rocker… but this is true and this kind of interactions need to stop because it is just plain rude.

There are plenty of other screen caps of WF being a nutter though that can be shared to laugh at her craziness.

No. 80266

I'm not fond of Wonderfinch but she has a point. This reminds me of one of the lolita discord admins who would ALWAYS give concrit. I forgot her name. But she gave the most mundane advice and felt the need to nitpick every coord posted. I don't even remember if she ever posted coords herself

No. 80276

I don't think she even wears lolita anymore.

No. 80282

File: 1580294115871.png (704.06 KB, 750x750, d10463ae929b02959ba870c78587a5…)

Her taste was always mega shit but it's definitely gotten worse.

What really grinds my gears is that she honestly treats Lolita like a costume. She wears really shitty shiny wigs, jarring eye makeup, and then gives coordinate advice to newbies who then in return give her the "YASS QUEEN" reaction when she pulls a fucking CLOWN lolita coordinate out of her ass. It's a cringe feedback loop.

No. 80283


what the cunting fuck is this

No. 80287

If someone comments this on your coord, it's generally not a good sign.

No. 80296

Lor has a whole thread to herself.

No. 80300

This woman needs her own subthread, she's insanely milky.

No. 80301

Wonderfinch, I've forgotten about this cow. Here's a link to her old lolcow thread


No. 80316

I don't get why you all hate this so much, I think it's really cute. I wouldn't' show up to a standard meetup tea like this but it is fine for OTT occasions.

Also I see girls wearing wigs this shiny all the time, the only reason hers gets so much hate is because it's rainbow.

No. 80317

Yes! That was her! I eventually got kicked due to inactivity, but it's nbd. Sometimes I wonder how that discord is doing because I liked most of them, but it could get toxic with mob-mentality. Maybe it's different now idk, but I have no desire to rejoin

No. 80320

I like how you ignored the fact that she's literally dressed like a FUCKING CLOWN

No. 80321

Not a WK but you seem really hungry to start drama about her. Just saying.

No. 80323


It's just themed makeup. People put like glitter and strawberry stickers and little rhinestones and shit on their face all the time when they're wearing OTT, and no one bitches about them.

No. 80325

clown lesbian sex

No. 80326

lor's coords arent all perfect but i've noticed people hate on her just because she's ugly.
i remember when a fan asked her if she had marfan's syndrome.

No. 80333

are you really out here comparing 2 or 3 tiny stickers to a full face of clown makeup?

No. 80336

yah I am, tell me like I'm 5, what's specifically is wrong with clown makeup

No. 80353

Not any of the anons that have commented so far, but I'm not a Lolita, just someone who has watched maybe 10-20 videos about it. But the idea of Lolita is that it isn't a costume, it's a cult fashion the same way Goth is, to rebel against expectation.

Putting clown makeup on feeds into the "Character/Costume/Cosplay" thing which Lolitas strive against.

No. 80367

File: 1580348781430.jpg (294.13 KB, 1080x1235, 73131876_492478281482331_29877…)



Lor will sit there and whine and winge about how people shouldnt treat lolita as a costume and then she does shit like this and constantly wears cheap wigs.

She's the one putting herself out there as a rolemodel so she should be expected to stand on a higher level. Yeah lots of people have cheap wigs and bad coords but those people arent out there being invited to cons as a lolita embassador nor are they making entire youtube channels based around how totally knowledgeable they are on the fashion.

You can do themed lolita coords and not look like a joke.

image: @choconokecha on insta She's done quite a few 'costume lolita' looks that still fall under the general 'lolita rules' (I'm sure there are better examples this is the first thing that came to mind)

There are far more fitting 'clown' makeup looks for 'lolita' than whatever that mess is on her face and it feels more like a 'do a clown themed makeup from memory' challenge than anything she put actual thought into.

No. 80371

Nitpicking but this isn't a good example in the slightest. Witch hats aren't considered costumey and her shoe + sock combo are out of place with Horror Garden

No. 80391

File: 1580375656263.png (89.33 KB, 447x836, 1454463533353.png)

Thought it was funny that Ina's thread spawned from wf one has a cap of her sperging about Aubree, the Daily-lolita mod

Cows never change

No. 80394

I'm lightly involved in lolita fashion but I don't get the sperging over how lolita isn't a costume. I don't wear lolita to "rebel", I do it because I like how the dresses look, and so do most people who do. If someone wants to wear something even more flamboyant on top of it, it's no skin off of my back. Normies aren't going to see lolita as fashion either way.

No. 80413

I don’t have problem with people wearing OTT coords but the comstant whining when normies see their clothing as a costume.

No. 80421


This just becomes a semantic argument at some point. No one has ever taken the time or mental honesty to firmly define "costume," and instead just throws it around assuming people will run away from it because of its unspoken connotations.

"This is a costume!" Is an insult because we associate "costumes" with cheap party city nonsense or cosplays with shitty wigs. First of all, who cares if normies associate lolita with costumes? What exactly rides on this assumption that impacts lolitas' ability to wear what they want how they want to?

Second of all, saying "this is costumey" a) doesn't make it a costume if you don't exapling why its a costume and b) doesn't mean much anyway. Costumes can be incredibly detailed, high effort, and quality (think of movie set costumes like Cersei Lannister's gowns or theater or documentary gowns)

a) Lor is not "dressing up as a clown", she's incorporating stylized clown makeup into her coordinates to make them her own. She's not pretending to be a clown, she isn't acting like a clown (cue unoriginal snarky comments here), she wouldn't tell anyone she's "dressing up like a clown" or doing anything remotely clown like aside from incorporating clown themes into an outfit that she wears for fashion's sake and not for any other reason.

If someone wears that white OTT makeup style I can't remember the name of rn, they're not being "costumey", if someone wears gyaru, they're not "pretending to be" anything, they're just wearing OTT makeup and that's totally fine and exactly the same as what Lor is doing, from my perspective.

You guys got to be more careful about slinging loaded words like "costume" or "costumey" around because there isn't any actual point there, you're just blindly insulting someone and hoping people will clutch their pearls and reject the person being attacked because you don't want to be that guy who supports them.

Incidentally, this same logic applies when people are blindly accused of being racist or a terf or lazy or spoiled, it's literally the same thing

No. 80425

The white OTT makeup (Shironuri) was 100% called too costumey and was frown upon so I dont know where you're getting that from.

The difference issimple. Shironuri is a makeup technique used in fashion niches in Japan. Gyaru is a fashion trend.

Clowns are a totally different and she is dressing up like one aka a costume. Also her outfit in general is not a good coord. Basically everything clashes and barely any of her colors match at all.

I'm sure if you look there are tons of clown or pierrot themed lolita coords that fit properly in the realm of lolita. The issue comes mostly from this being extremely poorly coordinated and also that Lor puts herself in a rolemodel status while doing things like this.

literally the only thing about the look that is 'lolita' is the JSK she's wearing and if anyone else did this they would be told the same.

No. 80429

I can see where youre coming from, but I guess we have different mentalities about what lolita is and can be. I don't think her coordinate is that bad, first of all. I think she did a good job of balancing the bright colors with the tones down pastels. The dress is toned down to balance out the bright colors, and the outfit is cohesive by pairing the undershirt colors with her makeup, etc. I think the makeup is also flattering for her face by making it look slightly smaller and The solid pink nose gives her a much "cuter" dumpling sort of look than she usually has. Maybe the nose dot can go though to be more toned down, and the wig could be a little nicer, sure. I wouldn't say the wig is terrible quality, though, I've definitely seen much more terrible rainbow wigs.

As for "fitting the realm of lolita" I think this doesn't need to be a hard and fast rule, especially for someone who obviously knows the rules inside out and anyway. I appreciate people pushing the envelope and experimenting with new things, so I get that it's going to be controversial and I'm fine just disagreeing about whether you think that's a step in the right direction or not.

Now, if everyone started doing clownlita to the degree Lor does, I think that may be an issue. I can see your point about how exposing new people to clownlita may be bad because her target audience does include a lot of newbs, so they may think they need to be this OTT in order to be a lolita or that all lolitas are like that.

But just on the merits of a single lolita who has been in the fashion forever putting herself out there and trying new things, I think it's fine

No. 80437

I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on this but I appreciate you staying level headed on this too.

I disagree on the colors being coordinated well because I think the dark pink stripes stand out too much without anything (maybe a necklace or pendant of a similar color to break up the pastel of the jsk?)

I also feel like the wig is a poor choice. It cheapens the look overall as well as the neck ruff just feels a bit tacked onto the whole look? I understand clowns/pierrots can be found wearing them but they usually match the rest of the look.

The makeup just feels questionable because for an obviously clown themed look it misses the mark?I think a smaller dot on the nose along with a subtle eyebrow would have been better even though I think in general it would have been better if she had only tried to do a full 'clown' look.

On the point of her being a 'single lolita who has been in the fashion forever' i see your point but as you said she has a lot of newbie fans who will probably try this ESPECIALLY in the current climate of tik tok and insta 'aesthetic try hards'. Like on one hand yeah it sucks to feel pigeon-holed into a certain aesthetic but she kinda put herself there to the point where she is going to be held to a different standard than other lolitas

No. 80443

lmao because she got fat as hell, she can't have it if shes a chunker

No. 80445

she looks worse fat. i don't understand this makeup.

No. 80446

Lor has her own thread. Take it there instead of clogging up the general with nitpicks about coords

No. 80456

File: 1580416464003.jpg (86.68 KB, 500x736, tumblr_nip7r7nqAr1rdqdhdo1_500…)

What the hell is this? At first I thought some anon did a "funny" edit. Women like her are the reason people see lolita as a joke.

Call me an old school fag, but if you compare the coords of some teens in the early 2000s with Lor, who's considered one of the most known lolitas nowadays… There are so many guides out there, she can look up and order everything on the internet, yet she always manages to look completely awful. Her unfortunate face os not her fault but that doesn't mean she should style herself as of she's (colour)blind.

No. 80458

no wants to necro a thread for nitpicking. she's ugly and people just want to sperg about it.

No. 80459

Lor being a fat ugly ita is the stalest milk imaginable. Sperg about it on /cgl/ where threads don’t take a year to hit post limits

No. 80470

>as evidenced by the fact that I have not "gotten better" between now and 2006
ain't that the fuckin truth lmao

No. 80477

You're clearly not actually a lolita. After Lor's first clown makeup, COF became filled with clown makeup.

Can people who aren't actually part of the fashion stop giving input about the fashion?

Once upon a time, when Lor was still in LA, she was more liked solely due to the fact that people appreciated someone not pretty on YT. But she moved to Canada, got fat, whined about the fashion, and turned to the most hideous makeup and wigs.

No. 80478

I'm not into Lolita, but this doesn't even look like Lolita, this is a fucking girly clown costume.

No. 80479

>can people who aren't a part of lolita fashion stop giving opinions about it?
>i know you explained that you're into lolita fashion yourself which is why you feel the way you do, but i'm going to say you're not lolita because i decided that

No. 80637

File: 1580515458028.jpeg (794.66 KB, 828x1439, 62C823DC-38BC-4700-A13A-83E5D5…)

Not even being subtle

No. 80639

I think at one point they had a go fund me or something like that? I can't seem to find it again…

No. 80646

>soul searching over someone supposedly copying her coordinate idea

Oh come the fuck on. Get over yourself

Is she an ebeggar/mooch? She made it a point to complain about money issues in her COF post so I wouldn't be shocked

No. 80647

This just screams BPD from the rooftops

No. 80686

File: 1580558456172.png (87.92 KB, 702x518, 1580545143166.png)

For anyone who has fb, please post more of her whenever you get the chance.

No. 80689

File: 1580562736503.jpg (58.1 KB, 640x1137, 84490144_192689631921540_76802…)

Me neither, she already starts whining in her stories.

No. 80932

I believe Ina was kicked out of Chicago comm for being batshit crazy

No. 80933

In that case her and Aubree belong together. Crazy loves company.

No. 80936

Ina was temporarily suspended from the Comm and then she was later back in.

The last notable lolita that was banned from the Comm was Chunlichan. That occurred when Rachel took over. She lives in Wisconsin now being a funeral director.

No. 81066

What did she do to get banned?

No. 81306

File: 1580867290771.png (1.5 MB, 1708x978, Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 12.1…)

CGL called it, yet another ita on the pedo wagon.

No. 81318

is she typing like a retard on purpose or

No. 81335

Is that IVB?

No. 81336

No, dumbass.

No. 81399

It's @pocket.lolita

No. 81435

I wouldn't' show up to a standard meetup tea like this but it is fine for OTT occasions.
Okay, let's break this down:
>normie blouse
>Shakespearean neck ruffle thing??
>party city tier wig
>ill fitting dress

Found the roleplayer. No one would wear this hot mess to an OTTea, including Lor's ita ass.

No. 81447

Who's this?

No. 81493

this. the fucking coord is bad. if the coord was good or made sense (like a clown in one of those aatp sentimental circus collab coords) then i could understand it, but the coord is piss poor to begin with and that's being overlooked because of the makeup.

No. 81504

File: 1580968498785.png (2.13 MB, 1192x1092, 1.png)

No. 81512

wtf dress is this?

No. 81597


christ i hate pastel goth

No. 81651

File: 1581100797815.png (370.4 KB, 503x509, disgustingmalecreep.png)

Disgusting male creep in Argentine Comm gets caught for posting lolitas onto a sex forums. Post is in Spanish: https://www.facebook.com/145685165597539/posts/1495783357254373/?d=n

No. 81673

Any man who looks like this should be instant blocked from all lolita platforms. Absolutely vile.

No. 81715

Maybe I’m confusing him with another guy but weren’t people previously defending him when he was posted to ita threads and such? Saying he wasn’t a sissy, that he wasn’t creepy and that he was trying to improve.

Some girls are so quick to defend brolitas but in my experience, >9 out of 10 times they turn out to be fetishists. People love to point to Mana but he’s clearly the exception rather than the rule.

No. 81722

I think this might be a different guy? The bro-ita in question isn't from the Argentina comm as far as I know. Could be wrong though.

No. 81741

Can someone translate this? He looks disgusting but it’s hard to judge the situation too much because of the language

No. 81747

Dear Tertulians, the administrators of this community open the doors of Tertulia to everyone interested in lolita fashion and we trust that they join us with the willingness to share this space together with other lolitas in a cordial and honest way. However, sometimes we run into people with bad intentions that lie to us and trick us. Today we write to you because more than anything we watch for your security and we want you to be aware of what's happening and to be careful.

We've just been informed that "Sakura Hiyama" on Facebook(whose real name we don't know), who presents as a b-lolita, is actually someone that sexualizes our style and join our spaces for perverted reasons. The truth is that whatever you do in your private life is your business, we're not interested, but to involve Tertulia and its members in your fetishes - we won't tolerate that.

"Sakura", also known as "Ahiru", has been posting our pictures without our consent in forums where erotic pictures are also posted. Not only that, but he brought other men disguised as boy-stylers to lolita events, with the sole intent to "catch" a lolita, and further more shared links to our private group so that predators could come for us. The worst part is that this person remains active and mentioning our community in the forum he frequents.

Unfortunately, Tertulia Lolita was not his only target. He also assisted events from other communities and openly shared them so that people completely separate from our subculture could join them. Not only that, but at the moment he's commenting that he wants to make a photo session with "lolis", as he calls us, so we recommend you keep alert and remain safe. From our part, if he appears at one of our events again we won't hesitate to report him. And as of now he remains banned from our community.

Share and let's watch out for each other!

We leave you with some selections of conversations this man had about us:

No. 81748

File: 1581183234702.jpg (484.54 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20200208-133239.jpg)

I'm always here. It's just that us lolis have matters to attend to.

But so you can entertain yourselves, I'm leaving these pictures here, afterward I'll read to you what they wrote since my last post, surely all comments of love.

No. 81749

File: 1581183546229.jpg (217.78 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20200208-133550.jpg)

>Hey Sakura, did you grow up with older sisters?

I wish.

The pictures are ready… I don't know if I should post them. I don't think the lolis will be too pleased to find that their pictures have been posted in this section of the underworld <_<.

EDIT: Well, I'll leave you a few that I took, so you can see that the loliday was real.

No. 81750

File: 1581183770678.jpg (166.44 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20200208-134144.jpg)

>Photos of everything with extravagant details pls!


I won't post more so you don't stalk the lolis. If you want to know more join Tertulia. At least I won't be the one responsible for giving you access.

No. 81751

File: 1581184277093.jpg (246.19 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20200208-134428.jpg)

>Ahiru introduce me to a friend, I promise to behave.

You're welcome to participate in any lolita tea party :3

Stop by -Tertulia Lolita FB link-

No. 81752

File: 1581184502471.jpg (198.03 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_20200208-135506.jpg)

Ahiru do you know all of them? I've been investigating and there's a couple that are good. Can I be your friend?

No. 81754

File: 1581184701432.jpg (203.21 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20200208-135655.jpg)

first time I went, it was nice. There weren't that many but for those of us that were there it was good.

The next was going to be in Hotel Casteliar but it looks like that died.

No. 81756

File: 1581184988070.jpg (171.93 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20200208-140308.jpg)

>Ahiru when I went to get the Whatsapp and Snapchat of a few of them you took me for a sucker, and I didn't land a single phone number.

You're gonna have to work on them more… maybe you can enchant one by giving her gifts…

No. 81757


Aaaand that's it for the translation of the whole post!

No. 81761

Thank you!

God, what a creep. Posting girls to fetish forums is bad enough but he was actively encouraging other fetishists to contact the girls and even took some of these guys to meetups? What a scumbag.
How did the comm find out that he was doing this?

No. 81764

Thank you anon! This is an actual horror story, holy shit. Fucking disgusting.

No. 81890

am i the only one who finds scarfing scarves last week lolita news a bit hard to understand? i am a native english speaker but i feel like she says too many words in her sentences and combined with her tone of voice when she delivers her lines it’s just hard to follow along with . or maybe my brain has deteriorated since watching tiktok and i’m just losing my literacy lol

No. 81902

i don't watch her because her shitty 2014 era fake youtube persona is really cringy.

No. 81903

her shirt is literally from forever 21

No. 81923

you're probably retard, sorry.

No. 81952

she speaks in microsoft word synonyms packed into runon sentences. it's part of the gimmick but i don't love it either

No. 81957

File: 1581311652378.jpg (586.33 KB, 1046x1808, tamie.jpg)

wew lad

No. 81994

She's posted some crazy shit since the hk protests broke out. I can't decide if it's entertaining or sad.

No. 82000

I really enjoyed these and her virtue signaling between her posting her prada shopping bags, other brand hauls and her almost daily eating out in upperclass restaurants. I guess some things are the same all over the world.

No. 82038

>>81757 Holy shit this is unsettling.

No. 82058

………so those who have coronavirus deserve it since they are corrupt and evil and therefore not as heavenly or divine as her ass?

No. 82083

I believe she meant that racists are easier to spot because of the outbreak.

No. 82639

The other girl doesn't deserve to be in this pic. They aren't even friends any more.

No. 82682

File: 1581794024642.jpeg (363.96 KB, 1125x1180, 000B3F3E-A262-4F37-87B6-F6384A…)

Wtf was up with this retard? I didn’t get any caps of the comments before she deleted it.

No. 82709

she doesn't get japanese customs and when everyone explained it to her she got defensive.

No. 82711

Does she think that when they walk you out with your purchases, they're kicking you out? That's just common practice in Japan. And they've never let you try on blouses, they wont let you try on dresses unless you have a blouse on. I believe there are signs in the store for this too. Is she just totally ignorant of Japanese customs?

No. 82730

She sounds pretty ignorant, also calling Lolita 'loli' and 'harajuku fashion.' I can imagine how entitled and rude she would've been in person.

No. 82759

File: 1581813320818.jpeg (341.69 KB, 1242x1229, E64DC783-B1A6-4471-8CD3-806A16…)

I know Voldie has been getting fat these past few years but holy shit.

No. 82766

I'm not a member of this group. Did she explain what she meant by "kicked them out"?

TBF, when I was at the LaForet AP shop, the girls are a little standoffish, especially if you are not wearing lolita. But I can't blame them, I'm sure they get a ton of retarded non-lolita tourists.

No. 82771

A lot of stores in Japan don't let you try on clothing since they might get damaged. Bitch doesn't know the customs.

No. 82788

Is that actually her?

No. 82790

File: 1581825754806.jpeg (382.17 KB, 1242x2206, 76C4137D-AD54-4AC0-8936-640AF2…)

Yes. She posted in her story about it and commented on the post. It’s on the account @_kobrah. It’s sad. She must be 200lbs by now

No. 82797

Jesus, people are so bad at guessing weight. I used to be 200 pounds. She’s definitely gotten heavy but based on the dresses she’s able to wear she’s prob more like 150. When you’re short it really looks like a lot.

No. 82800

File: 1581831011029.jpeg (415.04 KB, 1240x1483, 93EB0576-D49A-45AD-9051-359C4A…)

Nobody cares about your fatass blogposting. You could at least sage. Also Voldie isn’t short. She’s about 5’5”

No. 82817

She carries 200 lbs in her face alone

No. 82938

That tattoo has been so badly done, the fade/aura thing around the pokeball looking ying yang for example looks like there are stubbles growing out her back.

No. 82982

But why? I always thought it was strange because IVB seems like such a tradwife Karen while bread.first.search is in a poly relationship and seems pretty down to earth. They don't follow each other on Instagram at all and they used to be besties.

No. 82983

She was originally a bridesmaid too, so something must have happened.

No. 82984

Anything below 5’7” is a womanlet, pls grow up. Literally. Only another womanlet would say such a thing.

No. 83019

anon what the fuck

No. 83103

Sage for responding to this shit but i was 150lbs for the longest time and never had back fat patches on my back, i didn't even have fat rolls up front unless i was sitting

No. 83112

How tall are you though? Also if your weight comes from muscle vs. weight from fat, then ofc you won't have rolls.

No. 83150

It doesn’t matter how tall that anon is, it only matters how tall Voldie is. And at 5’5” 150lbs wouldn’t even be an overweight BMI. She would just be chubby. Nowhere near where she is with enough back rolls to open a bakery. But she isn’t just chubby, she looks obese.

No. 83156

It's just on the cusp of overweight, depending on what BMI calculator you are using.

No. 83160

The point still stands despite your autistic nitpicking. “Just on the cusp” of overweight isn’t fat enough to look like the michelin man like Voldie does

No. 83169

This reeks so much of delusional fatty and their excuses. Unironically get a reality check anon, Voldie is nowhere near 150 in >>82759

No. 83177

I am 5'2 so yeah voldie is not anywhere near 150, and you're delusional to think otherwise

No. 83185

File: 1582054235618.jpeg (168.43 KB, 539x276, E0C5516F-5DE7-4E16-977B-4140DA…)

Voldie’s edited photo vs the artists

No. 83216

I am a totally different anon, making a comment about where 150 is on the BMI scale, but okay. Fwiw, I do think she is really big.

Isn't she embarrassed to be tagged in that right photo? Looks like mantits on her back. Even with her arms raised she has back rolls.

No. 83244

She admitted she is around 165 on her story, if someone wants to cap. She claims she is ~not bothered~, but these posts here was enough for her to publicly respond.

No. 83260


What a boldfaced lie.

No. 83313

File: 1582095815250.jpg (785.81 KB, 1080x1902, Snapshot.jpg)

No. 83319

>very forgiving for my figure
She looks like she's about to bust out of most of her pieces. That Lotta coord of her's where the jsk is clearly straining at every seam comes to mind right away.

No. 83322

Voldie pls, we all see you've gained weight and didn't stay the same in those 4 years. If her pic related is 165 than 200 makes perfect sense now.

No. 83325

>bait and r9k-tier sperging about "roasties" stays on cgl despite being reported
>random posts replying to it mentioning the word "scrote" get deleted
I think it's safe to say the only one moderating the board rn is a male cosplayer.

No. 83334

Oh she’s definitely gained. You can scroll back and find posts from 2017 where she looks much smaller. In >>83313 I believe she is 165. There’s no way in hell shes still there.

No. 83337

this is some weak fucking tea. You have nothing better to think about than some random person's weight? What exactly makes this farmworthy

No. 83340

>doesn’t sage milkless post

The “tea” is she’s lied about it for so long but now there are pictures surfacing of her where it’s really hard for her to keep lying. But true to Voldie she’s still lying about staying at 165 for 4 years like we don’t all have eyes and can see otherwise.

No. 83343

oh my god stop the fucking presses, time to call CNN, someone is lying about their weight

No. 83357

What the fuck is happening in the Ita thread? Who the fuck is Emmett?

No. 83359

People on this thread are awful at estimating weight. Check the body visualizer, she's far closer to 165 than 200.

No. 83360

Sage your irrelevant posts, newfag

No. 83361

The body visualizer is shit. I’ve known people IRL her height that are 200lbs and they look just like her current candids. Sure, her recent shoops to make herself look smaller might look closer to 165, but there’s NO WAY she’s the same weight as 4 years ago. Or even 2. There’s a visible change.

No. 83395

a furry who's mad at some other furry

No. 83401

The body visualizer doesn’t account for any variations in weight distribution, some people are bottom heavy/too heavy. You’re better off comparing her to people of similar height and weight on mybodygallery.

No. 83445

Did voldie delete her instagram? I can only see her side account?

No. 83448

She blocked you, it’s still up

No. 83472

File: 1582169976351.jpg (326.38 KB, 1080x1807, 1.jpg)

The lady_of_royal_manners Insta that was brought up on the ita thread makes me sick. Hopefully they'll drop lolita soon.

No. 83473

>you can’t wear sweet over 20

Between this and the way they describe lolita I want to believe this is a troll. But it’s probably just some dumb ~lolita at heart~

No. 83474

File: 1582170329471.png (147.61 KB, 1730x1033, image2.PNG)

Pretty much what >>83395 said
To add on, Emmett is another obnoxious salt regular on Facebook. They seem to be incapable of not namedropping so posts get deleted. One of his friends got caught posting to the ita thread because she posted a screencap including her Instagram profile picture lmao

No. 83499

it's probably some sissy

No. 83565

tbf, it’s not really healthy for her to block so many people. she blocked me because she accused me of talking shit about her which I did not. her own behavior is the source of her problems. too bad because I really enjoy her coords

No. 83566

Fuck off funkbrothers

No. 83588

File: 1582217573712.jpg (729.31 KB, 1048x1347, Blegh.jpg)

So Bree/raesofpink was caught posting people on the ita thread in cgl. She probably whined to a mod and got it taken down.
What's up with this girl?

No. 83589

Holy shit her neck is double what she photoshops it as

No. 83602

this girl looks so much like me im obligated to say "fuck you she's cute, this is just a kind of awkward pic and why do those rock things on her dress look like swastikas"

No. 83605

Nobody cares, sage your non milk posts you ugly newfag

No. 83650

To be fair she is pretty ita in a lot of her coord pics on instagram. I think what made everyone sperg though was her trying to defend her stupidity. Plus, it's always the itas themselves who get caught posting other girls to the ita threads. I honestly don't keep up with the ita threads often, but in my years on 4chan I have only seen other itas being caught.

No. 83788

This tranny-looking, sneaker wearing bitch no fucking room to talk.

Also not white knighting but Lor does work as a clown performer,so I'm skeptical if the whole clown lomita is an attempt at actual lolita, or if she was repurposing her lolita items to wear at a performance.

No. 83810

Wtf she actually works as a clown??

No. 83812

Jannies deleted the whole thread and banned me over one random comment. Didn't care for this girl before but I sure don't like her now.

No. 83818

they deleted my tangential comment and gave me a warning, too. I'm high key pissed, fuck 4chan.

No. 83820

They won't allow me to repeal the ban cause it's too short, so yes fuck that one jannie in particular.

No. 83822

File: 1582336537740.jpg (118.97 KB, 640x1350, FB_IMG_1582336359440.jpg)

Anyone else tired of seeing this girl spam her non otome vintage coords in the otome group? She keeps posting really old photos in CoF as well. I can't stand her.

No. 83831

I wouldn't be surprised if she and her salt squad (Emmett included) started the ita thread to shit on Dildo-chan, but then she got caught posting. There was probably at least one vendetta-chan dragging it out, but there was a ridiculous number of WK-ing in the thread. I feel sorry for Australian lolitas who have to deal with a bunch of shitstirrers

No. 83860

Emmett definitely started it and was wking lol. He kept trying to redirect attention back to the dildo furry.
I don't think any of the good Australian lolitas deal with these weirdos.

Yeah her outfits are fine but the group spam is seriously annoying

No. 83870

I reported some of the post who clearly sounded like asshurt anons who got posted in the thread before and tried to live out some kind of revenge fantasy by proxy. If you were one of them, my bad, but you really did sound like vendetta.

No. 83871

You’re an idiot. Every time someone outs themselves they get that kind of reaction.

No. 83893

My comment was only that she seemed to be WKing herself, and even that got a ban. Fuck you anon.
I was dumping for the CoF thread and even that got deleted by the crazy Jannie. Well someone else can take over if they want, I can't be assed anymore.

No. 83957

I got banned for posting the large version of her visible profile pic. There was nothing identifying about it but the reason given was still "vendetta." ok mods

No. 83964

I didn't think it sounded like vendetta at all. She literally got caught doxing her ita self and people dogpiled on it. Happens every time someone does that. Always the itas posting itas and it's only fair that they get posted as well, considering they look like shit and are posting other girls there. If you're going to talk shit, don't get caught.

No. 83965

Thank you for reposting. I missed it initially

No. 83967

File: 1582427887671.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, 0FBEA319-EAEB-4F43-A5AE-7447D1…)

_rosie.doll_ got caught WKing herself in the insta thread insisting that walking at Tekko is ~real modeling~, which was only brought up because she selfposted trying to make it look like people were recommending her

No. 83969

just saw this on the front page and clicked it out of curiosity so apologies bc i dont know this cow but i noticed the screenshot is kind of odd? when you look at your own posts, you dont see that "follow" button because you cant follow/unfollow the account you're logged into. i guess it could be a self post if they have a side account where they have the same pfp? but it maybe seems like someone is trying to make it look like they're selfposting which is kind of milky lol

No. 83971

File: 1582429610848.jpeg (330.34 KB, 1227x1932, BE0F5FCA-F394-4CD6-AFB8-33B2FA…)

Unless they were the ones to originally recommend her which looked to be a selfpost I doubt she hasn’t done at least some selfposting in that thread. But there’s more milk with her. She’s apparently an age player and changed her sm handle to try and distance herself from it

No. 83972

File: 1582429639786.jpeg (485.89 KB, 1232x2075, 340E5242-735A-46B0-92D2-3EFF05…)

No. 83973

File: 1582429775391.jpeg (303.67 KB, 1242x1430, DAD808E6-CB4C-47C2-AE20-E435C8…)

No. 83974

File: 1582429910099.jpeg (354.11 KB, 1235x1813, BA55ED5B-B50B-4A73-B484-856138…)

The same pic she used in that thread posted around the same time on her insta

No. 83975

File: 1582430057356.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1242x2029, 7D435DB3-0261-4ED1-9184-68E5FF…)

The account posts about being in Pittsburgh too, where she’s from.

No. 83977

File: 1582430708743.jpeg (122.34 KB, 1242x759, C2069F1C-0D3C-4E94-BF1D-D318F0…)

For some reason she decided linking her linktree with that username was still a good idea though despite changing other handles

No. 84003

Is it me or are jannies weird in general lately? They allow derailing and fighting for hours, yet are so quick to ban, especially for vendetta, even posts that are written in a polite tone. I got that 3! times in the last weeks.
That girl being dumb enough to doxx herself was funny af, let people have that.

No. 84009

I get the impression that they indiscriminately delete whatever gets mass-reported and ignore everything else. Most people probably don’t bother reporting derailment and infighting (and reporting >10 posts is a pain in the ass anyway) but if Eyebrows mobilised her friends to mass report “vendetta” posts then those will be brought to the jannies’ attention.

No. 84010

I reported the Instagram post for stupid racism shit, but they're still going. Even the off tangent Sumipe thread is there.

I wonder if there's a way to report the jannies for being dumb.

No. 84012

There actually is. You'll have to go on the 4chan IRC like >>>/w/78646 did.

No. 84013

File: 1582462361748.jpg (73.54 KB, 445x868, cof.JPG)

What? I can understand the comment about open discussion but exposing minors to adult content? What?

No. 84015

they are complaining about some outfit with a fetish inspired piece. Its ugly but many outfits now are similar (Spiro's hl outfit for example) and no one cares until this outfit. The idea that teens will be scarred by a dumb edgy girl is laughable.

No. 84016

Except there were literally minors in the group saying how uncomfortable they were at crybaby posting it.

No. 84018

You have to do heavy shitposting to get ALL of your posts deleted anon. Be honest.

No. 84020

>Every time
You mean the grand total of two times in the ita thread? In cof threads anons just politely point it out and ignore it after that and it used to be like that in ita threads too, but that was when there weren't so many angry itas hate-lurking in them.

No. 84021

Sorry you got posted.

No. 84022

They did that for attention. The reality is that if you are old enough to be on fb, you are old enough to learn how to deal with weird shit you see online. You can be uncomfortable with the fetish items at any age, the oh what about minors is a meme.

No. 84026

Can you not impose your kinks in front of minors, especially when they explicitly say it makes them uncomfortable? Thanks.

Apologies for slight blogpost but it’s relevant. Not really, I once got all my posts deleted for responding “no u” to someone telling me to kms. /cgl/ jannies are lazy fucks who do the bare minimum and mass delete posts out of spite.

No. 84030

Bullshit. Mass deletion always happens with seasoned shitposters who derail threads with multi-post infighting attempts and samefagging. If everyone who only makes one "no u" posts would get their whole history deleted, we'd be completely empty.

No. 84032

Believe it or not, recently if you post even one reply to a thread derail you’ll get banned for an extended amount of time or have your post history deleted. Plenty of people have complained about it, there was even a thread made on it on /cgl/ in 2019(might be late 18) and one on /q/ asking why iirc. If something gets reported enough no matter how inoffensive it is you’re open to the same treatment. It doesn’t matter if the rest of your post history is clean like image dumping or answering questions in the stupid questions thread or whatever. /cgl/ had gone to shit in 16 but it’s irreparable and not even worthy of existence now.

No. 84041

I replied to a few derailing posts recently too and never got banned. You don't get your entire post history deleted for making one wrong post, you actually have to shitstire so much a mod allows them to be deleted. Other than that, /q/ doesn't exist anymore for at least a good 3 years. All we have now is /qa/ where jannies and mods actually visit sometimes and you can get btfo for lying like this, so none of the current cgl shitposters dare to complain on there.

No. 84043

Congrats on not getting banned, your personal experience is not what happens to everyone. Why are you so insistent in defending the shitty moderation that’s on /cgl/? Several people within the past few days alone in this thread have commented on their struggles with mods and jannies abusing their power there. And I guess I meant /qa/ then, because it happened within the past two years or so.

No. 84048

I've been on cgl for 11 years and I'm not defending their moderation, I even posted >>83325 myself. But pretending that one innocent post gets your whole post history deleted is a flat out lie. And looking up /qa/, that isn't true either. There is one thread made by myself before I realised something and one by a butthurt lolifag angry that a feels thread got deleted.

No. 84075

A mod deleted this post lmao

No. 84081

You can't get all your posts mass deleted on 4chan, it's not a thing

No. 84099

Be warned that there's nsfw content on there.

No. 84114

Yeah, I caught a ban the other day for NSFW content. I’ve never posted anything that could be considered NSFW.

No. 84147

Then you probably have a dynamic IP and cought someone elses ban.

No. 84149

Wow, really? How many grievances can Maya collect

No. 84161

All I said was that eyebrows chan was probably WKing herself in the ita thread.

And that somehow got the CoF post deleted cause I started the thread (even though there was no drama there). I'm tired of the shitty jannies being lazy and nuking shit.

No. 84173

Deleting someone's post when they already said they're leaving the group? Now that's what I call power tripping.

No. 84183

Maybe they thought the post would start some drama. If this person is so bothered, they can leave the group without trying to cause a scene on their way out.

No. 84217

i disagree, expressing dissatisfaction instead of quietly leaving is the only thing that will help the mods get their heads out of their frilly asses.

No. 84218

So just clicked her Linktree. Her tumblr account shares a username with what looks to be her backup instagram account. It doesn’t have the same picture but it looks like she changed the picture on her main account too so who knows.

No. 84221

Pittsburgh is so full of problematic lolitas it’s a little disheartening.

No. 84232

File: 1582586429335.jpg (179.44 KB, 750x1334, 84486041_1263964557139973_1535…)

WF is at it again with the hypocrisy
>Don't just repost black people for one month a year!

No. 84233

File: 1582586464540.jpg (44.65 KB, 750x1334, 87318649_271192224022455_64618…)

>..then does exactly that for her next stories

No. 84234

"sorry light-skinned POC, you don't count because you're not black enough"


Is this even true? I feel like I see black lolitas being reposted a perfectly normal amount of times, but I haven't been exactly keeping score

No. 84236

I got banned for replying to the anon who posted caps of her PM with maya lol

She must be lurking and reporting stuff.

No. 84291

Or maybe you got reported because you encouraged off-topic shit instead of staying in your containment thread.

No. 84306

people discuss drama with coords all the time in the ita and CoF threads, so you are full of shit

No. 84315

But it happened outside of the cof thread and wasn't "drama with coords" but crying about fb mods, which is why you got reported and banned.

No. 84316

there is crossover when coords from CoF are posted to the ita thread, how new are you?

the drama was pretty significant, people are literally leaving the group over it

No. 84320

dd you miss the other 10 people complaining?

No. 84334

Yes, sometimes, when it comes to coords but you are bitching about the group itself. If you absolutely have to do it in the ita thread and general instead of the thread made for that group, don't be surprised if you catch a ban.

No. 84358

That’s bullshit. Had I made the reply in the new CoF thread the same thing probably would’ve have happened.

The thread about it on RC:U has almost 300 comments after a single day but sure, go ahead and pretend like I’m just 1 single person vendetta posting.

The ban wasn’t justified and it wasn’t a violation of the singling out rule as was claimed.

No. 84363

What’s her insta? I have a feeling I know who but I’m not entirely sure

No. 84371

>not knowing WF

Fucks sake.

No. 84376

Diff anon but not everyone follows her on insta. I blocked her on everything because I can’t stand her diatribes

But wow… The audacity of her saying light skinned doesn’t count as black is off the charts because she’s almost white passing herself

No. 84402

I’m aware of who she is I just don’t know her insta. But thank you for no info.

No. 84404

File: 1582713623127.png (831.67 KB, 1129x1917, ab.png)

Removed before I could respond. Not surprising because jannies always delete anything involving her or her croonies (Bree, Emmett, other Facebook mods/regulars of drama groups, etc). She's the mod of sOuNdS LiEk YoU dOnT kNoW wHaT LoLiTa FaShIoN aCtUaLlY iS, Sounds like something an Ita would say, Sounds like something a sissy would say, Lolita Humor: Round Two - Electric Boogaloo. There are way too many groups and she's active in all of them or is friends with mods. All the original lolitas who made these groups and were actually funny have left or stopped posting. People in these groups, including herself, are always drama hungry and "asking for the tea." Can't handle being posted on CGL, but will actively share screenshots and cry about snitches when they're banned from mentoring groups or get called out. These groups have like 500+ members in them, so it's not like they're that exclusive or private. A lot of the regulars don't even seem to be well dressed themselves, so it feels like they're trying to be salty to fit in

No. 84426

Ignore the other anon, it's purestmaiden

No. 84427

>Had I made the reply in the new CoF thread the same thing probably would’ve have happened.
No it wouldn't. 4chan doesn't bend its rules just because you're too new to post in the right thread.

No. 84430

The rule was the singling out rule. Not he off topic rule. The newfag appears to be you, friend.

No. 84431

File: 1582744110423.png (84.73 KB, 1005x414, 1579110289766.png)

She's also a mod of daily egl so mentioning them can nuke threads

Don't forget that the daily egl admin tried to get 4chan mods to give her the IP address of an anon posting daily egl coords

Meanwhile, she admitted to making an ita thread to rag on someone

No. 84457

If you posted in the right thread, it wouldn't have been reported for that. :^)

No. 84462

I like how you keep moving the goal posts whenever you’re proven wrong lol

First it was “this isn’t drama, no one is talking about it”

And now we’re at “well the rule doesn’t apply to you but it still counts because I say so”


No. 84466

Who are you quoting?

No. 84534

Cgl jannies fucking suck. There was a thread posted about how to upskirt women at cons, and the thread pic was an extremely long and graphic webm of a woman being stalked and upskirted without her knowledge. I reported the thread, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because cgl is a blueboard and should not have NSFW content on it anyways.
Jannies didn't do shit, it got hundreds of replies and stayed up for god knows how long. Makes me fucking sick to my stomach. Her face was clearly visible too. I felt so sorry for her.

No. 84537

File: 1582826432761.jpeg (513.25 KB, 1242x1494, 6A444E8D-2996-474A-95DE-9E3FFF…)

Anyone have any idea on who this psycho is?

No. 84549

what a creep

No. 84578

This is incredible, it must be someone trying to set up a specific person, which is why they don't want them to confront them. Like they know someone sold the dress to x and went to the ice cream bar with x and they're shitstirring.

No. 84643

Super late to the party, but I was in/around ChiGothLoli during like 2012-2013 and remember some of ChunLiChan's antics. IIRC she was a mod there at the time too. She stirred up a lot of drama, and pretended not to, bullied people in the comm, and threatened to kill herself because her friend got Day Dream Carnival and she didn't. No idea what might've happened post 2013 cos I'd left town for college at that point lol. I can't imagine she's got the sensitivity it takes to be a funeral director, but maybe she's grown up in the past 7 years idk.

No. 84650

My thoughts exactly. There’s way too much identifying information there. It’s not hard to keep track of people buying/selling dresses especially if it happens over Lacemarket or FB, and one of them probably posted about the ice cream date on IG or something. There is no information in that post that wouldn’t be publicly available to someone following either of these people on social media aside from the part where Krystal went to the bathroom at some point, which is a pretty fair assumption to make.

It’s fucking weird, either way. I wonder if the post was saged.

No. 84696

File: 1582931510472.jpg (147.71 KB, 650x870, 1582918330688.jpg)

Jesus Fucking christ jannies needs to get a grip on itself. I said nothing about any irl person, just made a sad attempt at the retard-chan meme and got banned for "vendetta posting". Meanwhile crap like this stays on the board forever. Retard-chan, if you're reading this, you're a fucking moron

No. 84704

You were derailing threads insisting multiple anons were all the same person, and you have been doing this for ages. You can’t start your made up drama thread after thread and get upset when you get banned for it you autist.

The word “retard” has been used on /cgl/ since the dawn of time. It isn’t all one person. Mods aren’t banning you for outing the big bad troll. YOU are the obnoxious shitposter in this situation. YOU are getting banned for acting like a retard.

No. 84706

ok retard-chan

No. 84710

>act like a delusional retard
>face consequences for said behavior
>cry about it across different websites continuing the same delusional retard behavior that got you banned to start with

You don’t even have the excuse of being on the same website to fall back on for your paranoid shitposting. The least you could do if you’re going to act like a cow is sage your shit.

No. 84735

It was an obnoxious derailment that made you look like an idiot, what did you expect to happen

No. 84773

>implying all the people calling out retard-chan's samefagging are the same person

No. 84775

As you can see, retard-chan legit lurks here too. But don't worry, at least 2 of her IPs got a ban too.

No. 84779

“Retard-chan” isn’t a thing, so unless a bunch of gullible newfags are going around doing it because they latched on to some actual paranoid schitzophrenic then yes it is.

No. 84781

Kek so calling out a shitposter for their obvious samefagging is paranoid/schizophrenic/delusional but saying the same about the ones who call it out is not? Just stop sperging about your shoop vendetta and shitting up threads and people will stop mentioning your autistic posting style. When several people can recognize it, you should ask youself what you're doing wrong.

No. 84783

This has been said before but apparently it needs to be said again, the word “retard” is commonly used on /cgl/ and has been for ages. This whole “retard-chan” thing started because some autistic retard newfag got upset over the word being used and in their retard mind they were unable to comprehend that.

No. 84785

It's not about using retard only, it's about your excessive edge, retard-chan. But go on, defend your-totally-not-samefagging-self some more.

No. 84786

>thinking everyone who is edgy or uses the word retard on 4chan is the same person

The only milk here is that there’s some newfag(s) this stupid who go on multiple websites thinking they’re hunting down/talking to the same person over and over because of the word retard or being edgy. Newsflash, 4chan always has been and always will be full of edgy people. Apparently getting banned by mods for starting needless drama over sensitive feelings being hurt by muh big bad edgy boowies isn’t enough of a clue.

No. 84789

>over sensitive feelings being hurt by muh big bad edgy boowies
>reports anons for calling her a samefag
Ok, retard-chan. Keep going, you are really working yourself here. And no, I'm neither the anon who posted it on cgl nor the one who posted about it on here.

No. 84799

Holy shit, we get it. Anonymous posting confuses you.

No. 85011

File: 1583184237432.jpg (102.33 KB, 589x960, 88228472_561186108080694_85029…)

Anyone else like to follow this chick purely for the cringe factor? the way she speaks on her posts about herself is very strange, like she actually believes she's a real professional model

No. 85012

File: 1583184268956.jpg (84.73 KB, 618x960, 88429741_782804182129040_71183…)

she is bffs with sissy andrea too

No. 85018

>love your versatility
All three looks are the same bland flavor.

No. 85041

Molly is delusional. She thinks she's a top model and bosses the other volunteers around. She hogs the makeup artist, thinking they're her personal mua.

No. 85061

File: 1583211109139.gif (774.24 KB, 327x414, just modeling.gif)

it's very this gif

No. 85076

Anyone feeling really fed up with the cgl mods recently? I just got a warning for comm drama for saying that the Daily egl mod was a bitch.
Are they going to call people out for swearing now wtf.

No. 85078

And shoops out her massive eye bags

No. 85080

Her 'sweet' looks classic. Sorry gurl try again

No. 85081

her attitude is disgusting, i've volunteered with her in shows and she's said that "modeling" for indie brands is beneath her

No. 85082

Get the hint and don't post facebook drama on 4chan.

Sounds made up.

No. 85114

Some people actually put in their applications that they want to model to only ”real brands”. That will actually put you straigt to ”no” pile.

No. 85121

I think it's best not to discuss them on cgl. Seems like EGL mods are actively reporting posts. I've seen comments and threads get deleted for any mention of them or their friends

No. 85173

I can't believe the new cgl mods, I got a 13 day ban for criticizing that old school girl's sewing. (Not the anon who called her a boy.)

No. 85176

Getting banned for responding to or participating in drama isn’t milk. Or even something new or surprising for that matter. /cgl/ jannies are shit at what they do, are powertripping sensitive babies, and have been for years.

No. 85220

myself and a lot of my friends who've ~modeled~ with here have all had weird experiences. i have chat logs with her where she was being weirdly predatory when i was underage, but unfortunately her milk is hard to share because nobody wants drama attached to their name.

No. 85240

cgl is trash

No. 85293

Accusing someone of being predatory towards minors is a huge accusation and unless you have caps of such an accusation you need to fuck off. For someone who says you don’t want your name attached to this, you sure have pointed it to you being Shoop-chan.

No. 85350

Retard-chan is losing her marbles again in the DD thread, this time while openly referring to her past shitposting and is confirmed lurking and posting here. So >>84696, did you really get banned on here like she claimed (implying she reported you out of butthurt for calling you out, for the second time lmao)?

No. 85351

Are we going to start this again? Really?

No. 85353

who the fuck is this and why does she look like lovelylor?

No. 85385

Janny apps are open for 48 hrs. Be the change you wanna see, anon.

No. 85386

Looks like a lor copy cat with that make up

No. 85396

Isn’t this the girl that accused AP of not using her as a model because of fatphobia? Fatphobia accusation aside, she’s hideous with that witch nose and really is fat.

No. 85399

She may have an unfortunate face and a voice that grates on my ears but honestly I find her content refreshing and way more interesting than, say, Lor's.

No. 85402

She looks nothing like lor

No. 85403


She looks more like the Penguin.

No. 85404

I find her voice so annoying.

No. 85410

Yep, she was salty because AP rejected her. She's not even really fat, she just has the typical old lady body of thin legs + bigger upper body. People who've been models carefully tried telling her that maybe her waist was too wide and that your face should be at least somewhat young/cute lol
I found it pretty ironic that her reaction to somebody whining about no tall girls being allowed was "that's because the dresses are made for small japanese girls". Same applies to you, they're not made for brick waisted grannies either…

No. 85416

This is some stale milk. Has she done anything recently that’s milky? If not then why bring her up over a year later when this very thing was discussed last thread? Being fat and as ugly as she is is tragic but not milk.

No. 85422

>she's a janitor
>on the internet
>on an anime imageboard
>she does it for free
>she takes her "job" very seriously
>she does it because it is the only amount of power & control she will ever have in her pathetic life
>she deletes threads she doesn't like because whenever she gets upset she has an asthma attack
>she deletes threads she doesn't like because they interfere with the large backlog of little girl clothes she still has to wear
>she will never have a real job
>she will never move out of her parent's house
>she will never be at a healthy weight
>she will never know how to cook anything besides a hot pocket
>she will never have a boyfriend
>she will never have any friends

No. 85425

Not OP but she encourages sissies to join the fashion. I can’t find the screen cap rn but “Rosie” name dropped her as a friend who encouraged him to continue in the fashion

No. 85449

File: 1583619350182.jpeg (335.45 KB, 750x937, CBCAA4D3-1B24-417A-90B9-07AD55…)

Guess shoving yourself in any alt scene in SoCal pays off, her face looks so swollen, even with the framing hair pieces.

No. 85453

She's really…unfortunate looking. But good on her for succeeding in spite of that I guess.

No. 85460

File: 1583657857032.jpg (909.58 KB, 2160x1080, professional moderu.jpg)

I wouldn't say she's succeeding, unless you define a few unflattering ads a year as success. She claims to be a pro model but her only "modeling" experience is for modeling her friends' t-shirts or for shows at cons. A lot of photographers in SoCal are also really annoyed by how much she begs for free shoots.
It's also hilarious that she really wants to market herself to asians as an influencer. Jfash is still a niche even among asians, and just because she's wearing jfash doesn't mean that all asians will automatically think "wow, she's one of us and so relatable!"

No. 85461

Thanks for the laugh, the picture on the right looks like she's constipated.
Well arguably having 20k followers and some ads (albeit unfortunate) can be defined as having more success than many of the other lolitas. It's a shame because so many other lolitas look cuter and dress better than her.
I always wonder why the popular lolitas look so unfortunate, her, Lor and that Tsumikko girl are all kinda fugly.

No. 85466

Shouldn’t her target audience be Latinos since she said she was from Peru? Sure Asians make up the majority of the jfashion spectrum but like we have actual models from Japan that are featured in magazines to look up to……….Her Lolita coords aren’t too bad but her other ventures into other styles look tacky. She can’t pull it off at all

No. 85467

File: 1583680608883.jpg (88.36 KB, 768x960, 87965041_2902633853108855_4734…)

No. 85468

File: 1583688023975.jpg (223.59 KB, 1080x1196, 68823466_358906348381384_84847…)

Theoretically yes, they should be her target market, but she has yellow fever so it's all about Asian approval for her. Her lolita coords are ita at best.

No. 85469

She's way too ugly and haggard looking for Asians to ever accept her as a model/influencer

No. 85475

this video was really uncomfortable to watch. I'm surprised they couldn't get better takes or maybe edit it in a way that wouldn't feel so awkward

No. 85488

What is with German girls and their unfortunate bodies? That madame_pamplemouse chick on IG has the same penis shaped nose and is built like a fridge

No. 85489

fluffy kawaii jo is french

No. 85508

It’s proof that she doesn’t have what it takes to be an influencer. There isn’t a single photo or video of her where she looks completely comfortable in front of the camera.

No. 85509

Bitch you tried…

No. 85518

She doesn't really model or influence per se - her and some others in LA do photo shoots at studios and make it seem like they're modeling. Their entire circle of friends do this.

Is Hot Topic her first actual paid gig? And why did they make her look this unflattering?

No. 85525

File: 1583773848117.jpeg (290.49 KB, 1528x1528, 865FFDEF-D5D9-43C2-9B30-441749…)

She calls herself a model and influencer on various networking groups. In reality she’s neither.

No. 85539

Why the fuck is she in that group at all when she's not asian??

No. 85551

Swiss, actually

No. 85611

She looks like a younger mexican Pixyteri

No. 85622

I think someone covered that in one of the previous 2 threads.

No. 86075

File: 1584226682417.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1167.PNG)

Fanny Rosie's sperging about this boy band and their yaoi fanservice is extremely cringy.

No. 86078

Idk its nice to see her have a personality, even if it is a fujoshi.

No. 86339

File: 1584469470910.jpeg (210.91 KB, 828x812, 47D2AF87-5181-4FEF-AE77-B9B2F5…)

I don’t feel bad for her for being stuck in Peru. She went after health officials were already starting to tell people to avoid unnecessary travel and now she’s stuck there because of her own stupidity.

No. 86380


That is the laziest attempt at begging for money I've seen so far.

No. 86392

>give me money because I’m a retard who ignored government issued warnings about a deadly virus outbreak weh

She’s not nearly good looking enough to act this entitled

No. 86463

File: 1584576410194.jpeg (872.96 KB, 828x1167, DEED0C82-8324-445C-9CD3-9CD846…)

Well, well, well… if it isn’t the consequences of your own actions

No. 86465

Lima is in quarantine ya dumb hoe. Read the news for once

No. 86494

Her and Jordy are back to begging for donations as if they're the only ones affected by this epidemic

No. 86551


No. 86570

He was ebegging in the last thread for laser hair removal, another member of the LA lolita comm.

No. 86617

IM SO GLAD SOMEONE POINTED THIS OUT also I feel like she catfished AP. I modeled with her at the 2018 AP USA party and she looks absolutely NOTHING like her insta. She had horrible acne scars and red skin under all that makeup and shoop. You can even see in the left photo an acne scar she forgot to edit out. And yes I am aware mentioning the teaparty means I am at risk for being outed.

No. 86629

can’t he just get a real job instead of Fickle Wish?

No. 86647

yeah that's another thing I noticed too when I saw her irl, her face was really acne ridden.
There were a ton of bumps under her make up.

No. 86658

File: 1584737165431.jpeg (274.08 KB, 799x998, 8B28AD4D-E079-4066-8CFB-14F1C1…)

Why do ppl like this exist

No. 86662

Do you have actual milk to share or is this just
>hur ugly person

No. 86678

take it to the ita thread

No. 86679

This is lolcow…

No. 86683

You're right anon. This is lolcow, and being ugly isn't milk. kek.

No. 86705

yes ugly people are allowed to exist and im sure you are just as ugly as her.

No. 86726

File: 1584817802870.webm (4.79 MB, 720x1354, 77110663_149353436542530_28152…)

This is not playing Tamie, your cat is scared, leave her alone jfc.

No. 86758

This is some pretty weak milk. We don't know her cat's personality enough to condemn her for something so little.

No. 86793

If a cat was genuinely distressed it would try to get away or SOMETHING. It’s body language isn’t scared. What an autistic nitpick to act like annoying your pet on occasion is abusive.

No. 86877

>ears laid back, wiskers laid back
>hitting when coming to close and showing non-playful aggression
What was that about autism? And yes, a lot of cats are afraid of vacuum cleaners.

No. 86892

I bet you’re the kind that would say bathing your cat if they got filthy is abusive too. Yes you’re an autist. Bothering your animal on occasion isn’t abuse. Believe it or not people are allowed to take out their vacuum cleaners even if their animal doesn’t like it.

No. 86896

No, I have nothing against bathing cats or taking out vacuum cleaners(which she isn't doing, she's "bothering" her cat with it and tries to pretend its playing) and I wasn't talking about abuse either, where does this come from? Did I hit a nerve? I hope you don't have any pets if you're too retarded to read their body language.

No. 86900

So in your mind she didn’t do anything abusive but you posted about it on the farm over this nonmilk anyway?

>I hope you don't have any pets if you're too retarded to read their body language

I hope you don’t bathe your cat, take them to the vet, or call their name while they sleep. These can all startle or scare cats. Wouldn’t want to mistreat them.

No. 86903

File: 1584892260952.jpeg (94.55 KB, 678x960, CA573D23-8BCD-4B82-8B6E-9A36F1…)

dollsmeat is an edgelord. pissing in lolita for shock value.

No. 86904

Now this is some good milk. No, I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who’s taken pics of you pissing in public in lolita. She can try and pass it off by saying “I’m asexual” all she wants, but nobody who’s not mentally retarded is going to think this is anything BUT kinkfuel.

No. 86907

She’s batshit delusional. Taking pictures of people going to the bathroom is tacky and gross no matter the fashion. Like this is just a you situation and not lol #relatable

No. 86914

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 86916

Being shit to your pets and disrespecting them is not normal behaviour or 'so cute and funneh xD'. Since you can't stop strawmanning, it seems like I really hit a nerve.

No. 86918

File: 1584905558748.jpg (199.05 KB, 1079x811, Screenshot_20200322-153112_Fac…)

The posts with her friend defending her are even milkier.
That furry Emmett Teef who doesn't even wear lolita told her to kill herself in the comments of a facebook post too. I'm too lazy to go cap it all but here's a taste of the sperg. All the trash is taking itself out today folks, kek.

No. 86972

lol she's on hard drugs and it shows, i'm getting major luna slater vibes.

>i know i'm not the only person who's done pics like these but everyone's so scared to post them
bitch what

No. 87016

File: 1584987026489.jpg (841.5 KB, 1078x1822, 20200323_140820.jpg)

Why is this girl rp-ing as piss-chan now?

Side note, this girl called another girl's hair ugly and told her to wear a wig. Does she own a mirror? Balding isn't very lolita.

No. 87018

File: 1584988038018.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1242x1515, 5AE64A50-3287-4151-B5CF-514EAD…)

She’s also posting dead animals to her insta. I’m pretty sure >>86972 is right and she’s on drugs. I know the oldschoolers have this pissing contest, pun intended, of who can out-edgy eachother but photos of someone taking a piss and dead animals is a bit much.

Warning for the photo, it’s spoilered but still disgusting.

No. 87020

Can some one post the stuff that went down between this girl and the members of I'm Telling Tyler Willis on FB plz? Sage for gomen.

No. 87044

File: 1585013847611.png (4.3 MB, 750x1334, 40706BF7-67A0-4316-B79A-39D9C7…)

She also follows this dumbass who posted this in the midst of the pandemic

No. 87052


lol anon who is this?

No. 87071

What an annoying edgelord. Some of us might have had to pee outside in lolita before, but who takes pictures while they're peeing and then posts them to the internet? I wouldn't be surprised if this is her gross ass kink.

No. 87075

Some rando who wears Lolita but is also edgy like dollsmeat

No. 87086

Not exactly a rando cuz if you check archive she used to post diaper fetish tags on her lolita cords. And some sexual stuff too.

No. 87088

Do you have any experience with white trash? I used to see dozens of photos like this uploaded to facebook while I was in school, it was common enough that I didn't flinch at this. Drunk people think it's funny, but it's the sober people that post it later that confuse me.

No. 87117

Holy shit

No. 87211

Begging for money from gullible people while larping as a girl is easier. He can pull the uwu twans card to guilt people into giving him a free pass.

No. 87274

File: 1585288351584.jpeg (128.18 KB, 828x409, 0D2A39F9-6352-4597-B1A1-529227…)

People are losing their jobs and dying because of the virus, entitled bitch.

No. 87278

People are still allowed to complain about their everyday lives. Post better milk

No. 87317

File: 1585359824032.jpg (Spoiler Image,622.6 KB, 1556x1362, 20200327_213125.jpg)

Another oldschoolfag taking the attention seeking edge-lord thing way too far. Spoiler: It's vomit and a bed bug encrusted mattress.

I'm taking bets on the next one who tries to one-up this. It's got to be one of two options, scat or suicide on live.

No. 87339

What does it have to do with oldschool?? Idgi

No. 87340

Scroll up for context?

No. 87341

Different anon, I understand the context but also question what the fuck does this have to do with oldschool. All these rando newbies acting like retards under the guise of "oldschool is edgy!!!1" don't know a single thing about the fashion's conception and are just doing it for attention.

No. 87342

Why are you blurring out names on your caps? This isn’t /cgl/

No. 87343

NA but their instagram is @Ghostdesu

No. 87344

File: 1585406950882.jpeg (935.34 KB, 1242x1382, E1BBC112-401E-4108-9B4D-D73874…)

Her face is so forgettable I didn’t recognize her but her wheelchair bullshit sure is memorable. Her munchie antics are elevated compared to other oldschoolers

No. 87346

Wait, so she doesn't need a wheelchair? Idgi.

No. 87350

No, she does not. She posts photos of her vomit, her in a wheelchair, saline drips from getting dehydrated like a dumbass, rotten teeth that fell out, etc. for attention.

No. 87351

File: 1585414252471.gif (41.18 KB, 300x431, eppers.gif)

If you have to explain how not-racist you are, then you're probably racist.


No. 87353

File: 1585415398252.jpg (515.45 KB, 1511x2015, 1577212194821.jpg)

I recognized her immediately, it's Barcode bangs-chan. Same girl who wks herself in every thread and who (allegedly) made a discord dedicated to herself/her fans where all the channels were titled "edgy". What a mess, I didn't realize she was still posting lul.

No. 87381

she didn't make a discord dedicated to herself, she just made a new one after she got kicked out of the other old school discord because of some sort of disagreement with the mod there. she doesn't even post on her own discord anymore lol

No. 87385

That kind of sounds like it was centered around herself if she made it because she was kicked out(for being a drama mongering autistic sperg)

No. 87386

It was literally called the GhostDesu server and she shilled it as an official group in the OS facebook group. This smells like self-wk to me.

No. 87388

Well, she is known for whiteknighting herself at any given chance. I wouldn’t be surprised

No. 87392

Was it Garbage-chan she got into a fight with? They used to be friends, and you can see how they rubbed off on eachother. Garbage moved on to some other autistic friend

No. 87413

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Her stories constantly give alt-right hiding behind conservatives vibes.

No. 87422

On one hand, she reads like an edgy teenager and she is one. I know plenty of people who got into this bullshit because it sounded deep at the time. Most people grow out of it as they become adults and realize its stupid.

On the other there are many people who dont and spending time on /pol/ like this will only makes her more likely to hold onto these ideas.

No. 87429

Is this kinda an American thing? Like being gross and unhygienic on purpose to let it appear cool to not have a functional health system?

No. 87434

File: 1585504549942.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1403, CF113027-CC78-4B6F-A988-99A2D1…)

No, it’s a munchies/attention whore thing to post your cuts/bruises/vomit/whatever gross medical thing to get sympathy and attention. Prevalent amongst the UK oldschoolers too.

No. 87437

anarcho-capitalism is a meme ideology for meaning absolutely nothing and more often than not involving pedophilia

No. 87440

Tbh I think she's probably needed it. It's been discussed that she has a physical disability.

No. 87446

Lots of people have physical disabilities and don’t need wheelchairs. What is this supposed “disability” and caps to prove it? She’s always been full of shit and posts ~frailty~ shit for asspats and sympathy

No. 87451

File: 1585521203663.jpeg (960.78 KB, 1242x1240, D45F5A9A-6F93-4E93-B0E0-108332…)

Sure she needs it.

No. 87452

File: 1585523137313.png (38.46 KB, 928x237, 58eaf930004162ec2dc5ace150c2c4…)

She didn't need it, she said herself it's the ~mildest case doctors have ever seen.~ She's nothing but a pathetic case of Munchhausen by internet.

No. 87453

(Sage for double reply)
She also has pictures on her instagram of her doing DDR. If she can dance, surely she can walk.

No. 87457

do you have any caps?

No. 87461

there is such a thing as an ambulatory wheelchair user - look up jessica kellgren-fozard, shes a semi-popular youtuber.

I get she's cringey and all but imo its too far to assume her medical situaton

No. 87462

Hop off her dick any time now. And sage your shit while you’re at it.

No. 87463

So she uses a wheelchair once a year and is sure to take a selfie for internet attention when she does. Still a munchie.
And you're totally not her too right?

No. 87465

File: 1585537549116.jpeg (158.82 KB, 1080x2220, received_838820713259143.jpeg)

More tea on the wheelchair picture; looks like the other girls were having a lot of fun together. There are plenty of photos of just those two. So naturally, Barcode-Chan had to go full munchie to put the ~attention~ back on herself.


Sage for tinfoil/speculations but it's clear that's exactly what happened.

No. 87489

Pretty sure she’s a minor and everyone says dumb political stuff when they’re literal children.
Also isn’t it weird how every semi known old schooler is being dragged one by one?
Sage for kidposting and tinfoil

No. 87490

>says sage
>doesn’t sage
>doesn’t know that you can post minors 16 and over here

Did someone on /cgl/ post a link? Is that why were getting so many WKs?

No. 87491

It's not our fault every oldschooler is posting piss and shit atm.

No. 87494

Here's her blog: https://neoegomania.blogspot.com/2020/02/what-made-me-anarchist.html

She probably doesn't even own a gun in fear of the feds. LARPer.

No. 87496

>every oldschooler is posting piss pics
It's literally just one you dramatic retard.

No. 87498

I thought it was strange too.

Cgl posters often say "check the farms" and "this isnt lolcow". This board isnt a secret.

No. 87500

Right, and another posting vomit. And another being an actual racist.

No. 87501

Well, this other one is posting a toilet full of vomit I don't see a difference.

No. 87510

>Also isn’t it weird how every semi known old schooler is being dragged one by one?
You scared you're next? kek.

Still haven't figured out how to sage either.

No. 87514

Sorry but can someone link “the ita threat”? I cannot find it here

No. 87515

Holy hell.

No. 87547

she is british you mongoloid

No. 87573

she has nefferinthia in her blog roll, anything on her?

No. 87579

what is it with the recent vendetta against this girl? she's just fame hungry edgelord but there's no real milk. she's nowhere near on the same level as some of these others

No. 87585

She posts herself on /cgl/, and probably WKs herself too, so it’s a valid question to ask what other milk there is. WKing people on the farm is pathetic.

No. 87595

Pissgirl's skinwalker was harassing commenters in the I'm telling Tyler post in her defense, I wouldnt be surprised if something like that is happening here. All these other literal who's feel like a desperate redirect.

She "probably wks" without any proof and her posting to cgl like most of us isn't milk, its speculation. Post caps or find a new cow.

No. 87597

That was my first post about her ITT. Calm down WK, before you have a stroke. It’s not an impossible leap that someone who’s confirmed to selfpost on a board would also WK themselves on the same board.

No. 87599

Post milk, gripe less.

No. 87600

I’ll do that when you learn to sage and hide your obvious newness

No. 87656

Nayrt but this sudden whiteknighting while nobody has said anything bad about her seems pretty obvious to me, you might want to be a little more subtle about it next time.

Anyway, she's an edgy alt-right /pol/tard with a nasty personality IMO. That being said I haven't seen her do anything particularly milky online so she can't be called a cow in that sense.

No. 87659

What are your thoughts on teaandmacarons on Instagram? I feel like I don't see much about her and she's kinda just overall pretty cringey.

No. 87660

Do you have any caps of anything she’s done that’s cringe or milk? She’s ugly but nothing looks particularly cringe besides that and being ugly isn’t milk

No. 87666

I m a g e B o a r d .

No. 87667

I guess she's just one of those people that buy OPs even if they're too fat to even wear them. Just seems like wasted potential.

No. 87668

Not milk. At least learn to sage

No. 87672

This isn't cgl, and that's not milk.

No. 87721

okay samefag

No. 88067

she's tryng to lose weight healthily. don't be rude.

No. 88408

File: 1586549029399.png (206.26 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20200410-150252.png)

Cursed image. Why spend all your money on clothes and not a dentist?

No. 88413

She’s ugly across the board. She can fix her teeth but it’s not like it’ll change the rest of her face being fucked.

No. 88586

File: 1586716789795.jpeg (810.58 KB, 828x1426, 92EE7458-29F5-48F7-ACD4-C84EDD…)

she needs to save up on the babby

No. 88605

>Anyway, she's an edgy alt-right /pol/tard with a nasty personality IMO.
More on this? I haven't seen her post about politics.

No. 88608

Well she's now got her husband fully entrapped with a baby on the way.

No. 88609

Why would he run away from her

No. 88628

I thought she was looking fat recently. Not sure if this is any better. Feel sorry for her kid.

No. 88629

it’s not noticeable in the first trimester

No. 88631

Sure the actual size of the baby doesn’t make you look fatter, but lots of women gain during the first trimester with cravings. What a stupid post.

No. 88649

Is the date when they had sex or when she took the test? Either way that is kind of creepy to keep the test that long, or knowing they haven't had sex since February.

No. 88658

I assume it's from the test

No. 88669

Can’t it be an old photo? The tests don’t last that long.

No. 88702

It obviously is and anon is an idiot. IVB is an ugly, fat Karen leech but some of these posts about her are dumber than she is.

No. 88718

lolita is a fat people fashion so she fits right in…but i don’t see her as fat. IVB has big tiddies…hope her husband tittyfucks her a lot

No. 88723

Fuck off scrote

No. 88726

File: 1586812784771.jpg (277.45 KB, 1080x1350, 70629313_692159194595847_93886…)

It's the day she took the test. Her post says she's expecting in October, which means she got pregnant in January.

She's pretty open about wanting his benefits and pay. Prior to dating him, she'd talk about her career aspirations, but ever since she got with him, she's only focused on wanting to have kids and be a SAHM.

I think you're confused, anon. She wears a lot of clothes that nip in at the waist and have a defined waistline which makes her waist look smaller than it really is. Her body shape is actually more or less a rectangle.
>pic related

No. 88727

File: 1586812953344.jpg (1.06 MB, 3240x1080, itsvanillaleech.jpg)

Happy Easter! Though we may be thousands of miles apart, we’ve got huge news to share with you

No. 88731

Never seen a picture of IVB's husband before but it looks obvious she married him for the money

No. 88735

They both look like they have some sort of mental retardation/birth defect. They were made for eachother.

No. 88742

was it planned of unplanned?

hope she tricked him by saying she’s on the pill so don’t wear rubber. boneheaded move

No. 88743

She posted about trying for a baby with him.

No. 88759

File: 1586844528664.jpg (83.16 KB, 660x660, 1523299727690.jpg)

The most I can find is a secret made about her in 2018 where someone says she has a shitty alt-right personality and some stuff about her being the anti-sjw militant girlfriend or something on cgl. I think shes smart enough to not rant online.

No. 88771

she used to be very sloppy about hiding her tracks in the cgl feels thread so anyone who was her friend on FB could tell which posts were hers. And by sloppy I mean she actually posted about her very uncommon first name alongside posts about being a qt anti-SJW military loli gf and wearing Die Walkure to university to trigger the SJWs in her classes. Military in this case is the lolita substyle, not political militarism. To me it felt more like superficial NLOG pandering to edgy 4channers rather than actual alt-right beliefs, but who knows.

No. 88776

After she posted on cof and people saw her photos like this she locked down on it. She hasnt changed, but she is more careful now.

She is just an edgelord, but current cgl and lolita comm doesnt really get the nuance between someone being edgy and someone believing in alt right stuff.

No. 89448

Lol you're right. Just look up "Lima" and "Bean-chan" in the archives and it's all there.

No. 89452

holy fuck she was annoying as shit k e k

No. 89530

File: 1587549195237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,333.97 KB, 828x1457, DA23B39C-78CD-4A6A-9613-02D390…)

Why would she post this on her public account? She should go back to rambling about her mental illnesses.

No. 89541

Self-hating Asian women feel the need to "show off" their white boys as much as possible

No. 89542

who is this?

No. 89558

@miemuu, ivb’s best friend.

No. 89579

I’m sorry but is there a backstory behind this that would make this milk? Because it isn’t milk if there’s not. It’s stupid but not milk.

No. 89582

She posts nudes/lewds on her other lolita accounts too, unless she's gone back and deleted them.
I followed her on tumblr awhile back and she posted pics of her ass and her humping her bf. It's uncomfortable since she's a shop girl for btssb.

No. 89592

Is it really milk that a lolita has sex?

No. 89612

Then post that instead of the tame ass photo that got posted ITT.

No. 89762

File: 1587707090545.jpeg (421.57 KB, 620x1334, 4322A6F3-21A3-4804-90C6-DDFE02…)

Downy browny is back to wearing lolita again

No. 89846

File: 1587779875273.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.18 KB, 1080x1080, garbage.jpg)

Autumn is so edgy she's posting literal porn for a reaction

No. 89853

Can you at least spoiler when you post images with porn?

No. 89899

Literal who?

No. 89906

I'm so tired hearing about this girl. We get it, you're edgy. It's not shocking anymore, get a new shtick.

No. 89944

nice selfpost garbage chan(hi cow)

No. 89945

((hi cow))

No. 89946

Uh no offense anon but the porn is barely visible in the thumbnail. It’s not like they posted a picture of that girl’s butthole or something.

No. 89953

It’s still visible dumbass. This is literally why spoilers exist here. Not everyone wants to see a BBC when they come into a thread about lolita drama.

No. 89964

Hide the post

No. 89965

Gee, if only there was a way for the post to automatically be hidden for everyone and only those who wanted to see it could.

No. 89973

Nothing can be done about that now so instead of complaining just hide the image

No. 89999

>it’s totally cool that this idiot posted an image with a clear massive cock in it, just ignore it

Or newfags could learn board culture before they post. This entire thread is filled to the brim with tons of newfaggotry.

No. 90001

Nta but she's a random k8 bootlicker that wears ita-tier eBay wigs and reposts the same 3 outfit pics for months on end. She's literally no one

No. 90018

There's no rule against it so I guess the only thing you can do is whine(whiteknighting your lack of spoilering images with adult content for multiple posts)

No. 90020

It actually is against the rules to not adhere to board culture. Posting images containing dicks or vaginas without spoilering is against board culture. Even >>89530 which doesn’t even show anything was spoilered.

No. 90350

lol did tamie delete her ig?

No. 90352

It’s still there. You got blocked. Was this really worth bumping the thread?

No. 90465

No, she just renamed it.

No. 90572

File: 1588342495534.jpeg (1019.53 KB, 828x1546, 9BDF7278-3767-4A3F-964A-28B110…)

he’s back…

No. 91017

I'm so glad tallulah is posting videos again lads. She came back twice as milky too.

No. 91031

care to elaborate?

No. 91036

She came back with her last haul ever saying she thinks she’s giving off the wrong image and she also privated all her old hauls. I don’t know how anon thinks her providing less milky content from now on is more milky.

She’s still fatter than ever though kek.

No. 91094

Yikes. What happened to his old account? Did IG finally ban him for being a creep?

No. 91378

What’s the tea about Tallulah? I was searching for her videos for a while and someone on cgl reminded me her name, but she took down the ones I was looking for.
I’ve been out of the lolita community for a while.
Also, puvithel. Back when I was more involved, she was a cringey and mostly unpopular ita. Now somehow a popular indie brand creator? How did this happen?

No. 91394

Idk about Tallulah but I'd wager a guess that Puvi became popular after she was endorsed by Lor and other lolita youtubers. I can't tell you if she's popular with lolitas or just people who like alternative fashion though, might be just the latter.

No. 91418

It isnt really milk, but Tallulah is someone who has shopping addiction. She is way too fat for the old school moitie clothes she hoards, and was making videos going oh should I sell all these things when she would end it with no I wont sell it. If she is sticking to what she said with the hauls, she isnt really changing her hoarding habits, but is self aware that it was crazy to be posting stuff like that. She has a good paying job so she can do things like this, but she really just needs therapy.

Puvithel is not that popular, but she does have people hyper her up a bit. I dont think it is Lor's doing, but her brand made some accessories that people liked, and she made a Tyler pin recently. She is still ita, and very cringy. She recently got into some cgl drama with the Secret Santa because she half assed her gift and her SS partner specifically said no Puvithel lol.

No. 91420

oh man please post caps of ss drama, I didn't know about this

No. 91434


That was so sad to watch. The mail she was opening in the video was months old. Now if I were receiving a precious DD in the mail, I would open it right away, inspect it for any undisclosed damage, clean it and then add it to my closet, where it's safe from mold and dust. Leaving something that long in plastic wrap and damp packing is disgusting. Imagine what her cleaning habits must be like if she can't even be bothered to sort through the things which she claims she truly anticitaped.

No. 91448

Or posts thirst traps to instagram? This isn't milky at all.

No. 91501

I really wish the videos weren’t private now. I have the same problem and was going to use them so I could see what I do from an outsiders perspective.

No. 91502

Seconding for caps, lol. Why would the coordinators match her with Puvi anyway?

No. 91506

File: 1588794346164.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x2085, 02F0905F-285C-42C9-BDD4-DD8DBD…)

The coordinators for the last round of SS were really unorganized in general. I don’t think it was a case of them being intentionally malicious so much as it was they just sucked extra hard this past round.

The anon complaining about getting puvi stuff was a bit of a cunt so both sides were pretty milky.

No. 91507

File: 1588794436418.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1049x2447, 3A4DDD3C-DFCB-4CED-B662-9B82F3…)

No. 91508

File: 1588794531986.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2461, A8A1ADF6-D00F-4C80-92F6-37D5D9…)

No. 91509

File: 1588794609479.jpeg (966.91 KB, 1242x2230, 3373AB1E-CDAB-4C14-B1C0-0F4D33…)

No. 91542

Do you have a photo of the stuff she received? I'd be pretty upset if I received a box full of Puvi accessories too.

No. 91545

File: 1588801251935.jpeg (481.04 KB, 1280x1280, 23FCF5D8-7D1D-4295-904F-E08772…)

Giftee never posted photos of everything that she got, just one with most of the items unopened.

No. 91549

kek I mean it does look like a box full of ugly trash. girl was kind of a bitch about it but im surprised no one seemed to be on her side? its fucked up to pay $100+ on gifts for ss and get this in return where obviously she mostly used her own stuff and likely didn't put in much money

No. 91555

File: 1588803312197.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x2419, 6955A7B6-EB0D-4F22-8FB4-AC5941…)

She was a cunt to absolutely everyone who replied to her, not just the Santa, and wanted to make a scene instead of talking to the organizers first. Puvi’s stuff is shit IMO but as the thread went on it was revealed there were other things in the box included which the giftee didn’t photograph because she was just trying to shitstirr in the thread. She also lied and said there wasn’t any packaging when all it takes is one look at the photo she posted to see there is packaging.

No. 91562

File: 1588805723078.jpeg (124.73 KB, 640x640, 25796FFC-0667-46F2-82CB-A18E27…)

Kawaiigoods looks rough. How old is this girl again? That makeup. That greasy hair. Those eye bags.

No. 91563

File: 1588806210067.jpeg (88.74 KB, 1440x1440, FF803EDD-DFC8-4985-B059-74DF9C…)

This is just depressing

No. 91567

She said it was her last haul video ("..probably" kek), not her last haul. And since she talked about other video ideas I got hopeful, but then again she did this in several other videos years ago and never delivered or constantly changed her mind. It's a bit like watching someone who's manic but as a personality trait. She contradicts herself non-stop with no filter. And I think her latest 3 new videos were all pretty milky with the context of all the videos she now privated.

>She has a good paying job
/cgl/ thought this for years but turns out she just spent all her money on lolita despite not wearing it and can't even afford to move out which she planned to do for 4 years now.

No. 91586

I would have been pissed too though. If you read the thread, you would have seen how many anons agreed with the giftee. It's such a cheap cop-out for Puvi to send random unsold stock from her own brand. She claims the jewelry is worth $100, but she's buying wholesale, so it probably cost a lot less than what she advertises in her store. She just dipped into her pile of unsold stuff. Meanwhile, I'm sure she received some cool stuff from whichever Santa gifted to her. Seems a bit scammy to me.

No. 91587

If you actually read the thread you can see it wasn’t just her own jewelry she sent, so it’s not like she got a discount on things outside of her brand by buying wholesale. More people were against the giftee than on her side, rightfully so. Especially when her lies about no packaging/wrapping and what she was given got pointed out.

No. 91603

The red bag, pouch, and printed leggings and socks (?) she sent were from her own store too, not just the jewelry. If there was anything else it's not visible in the photo.

No. 91608

While the girl was a real cunt about it Puvi also is well known to send her cronies to shill her on cgl, so they were probably white-knighting the shit out of her too.

No. 91610

As someone who buys wholesale I can say Puvi marks her stuff way up. Overcharging her fans. Those heart earring and gaudy heart jewelry are all made from cheap junk from China. I’ve bought some of the same supplies all for under 10 bucks. She did not use 100 dollars worth of stuff from her “brand”

No. 91612

there are caps in this very thread where it’s explained that she sent other brands, and this was never disputed by the giftee. Just that she didn’t like what was given, including something from BABY. I wish dumbasses would read caps before commenting with their useless non applicable dribble. Puvi is a talentless retard with a shit brand but you’re just as retarded if you can’t even read what’s been posted ITT.

No. 91628

puvi was just covering her ass. if she actually sent $100 worth of pieces that weren't her unsold inventory she would have said so but she literally admit she didn't

No. 91651

a baby photobook and postcards don't count. especially when she specifically said she didn't want stationary?? she should only ever include MAX one puvi item. most people participating are buying everything specifically tailored for their giftee. this is some scam shit.

No. 91667

I'm wondering if this person is the shitty gull I was paired with 4 years ago. They harped about the small filler items I added (lip glosses, nail stickers, etc) for years, even though I included brand accessories like they asked and spent well over $100 on everything I sent to them. That person was a bitch

No. 91674

A photobook isn’t stationery, though the postcard doesn’t count. Why doesn’t a photobook count if she didn’t say no books/magazines?

She said that if the pepfox item had come in items that weren’t her brand would have totaled $100 alone. With peppermint fox brooches/necklaces going for $20-30 if you’re capable of math that means she sent $70-80 worth of items not her brand.

I find it odd there are so many people ITT chiming in who either didn’t actually read the thread/weren’t there when it went down chiming in saying things that you can check to verify as false. Anyone can go back and read the thread and SSs so why are people spouting this “she only sent her brand” narrative?

Her items are shit, she’s a retard, but she didn’t just send over her own brand and call it a day. Anon never disputed that Puvithel sent over other things, just that she didn’t like what she got. I don’t know why people are defending an anon that was even more milky than Puvi was in this situation.

No. 91685

Why would anyone in their right mind participate in cgl secret santa? It’s always a huge mess.

No. 91690

I've gotten some good gifts before. It's not always a cluster.

No. 91691

Nobody in their right mind would. That’s why you have retards like Puvithel and the anon who sperged out so hard filling the secret santa threads. The organizers are so terrible at it they paired those two for three years in a row kek. And when confronted about it they basically just said “weh it’s so hard to keep things straight! Not our faults!”

No. 91695

People love to hate. In this situation both are at fault. Puvi was lazy and has issues with time management, so she dropped the ball on this gift. She did say the Pep Fox was 100$ alone (but didnt show up in time) so her plan was to send a gift that was worth more, but the assumption is that the gift she gave was at least the 100 with her stuff. Sending a bunch of your stuff is tacky and she should have toned that down, but I think she knew she needed to pad it a bit because the planned idea wasnt happening.

The Giftee was going to hate it no matter what she did. She could have sent all brand and she would have complained because she had a grudge going into it. But by never giving feedback Puvi had no idea there was bad feelings about her previous gifts.

It also doesnt help that this past year everyone was jumping for drama and so there was stuff escalating that didnt need to.

Part of it is the fun of getting and giving gifts with jfash people, I think a lot of the anons who go for it dont have many friends/comm to do this with. I find that any SS with people who arent your close friends can get awkward, and that can be the case with coworkers or comm members. Cgl just has weird organization on top of that risk.

No. 91820

she'd doxxing her ex friends now, anybody got deats?

No. 91826

sounds like you do

No. 91851

it's not true. that ex friend is literally fucking psycho.

No. 91854

Caps? This is an image board

No. 91873

While I agree that Barcode is psychotic after seeing her post history in this thread, wking your friend here isn't a good look either.

No. 92594

pray do tell who the fuck is barcode and can we have some caps

No. 92596

Caps and a description is literally ITT. How fucking lazy can you possibly be?

No. 92955

Ngl Puvi seems like she's a smart business owner. Even if her skills aren't 100%, she does a lot of collabs, frequents conventions, and networks a great deal. Also it seems like she's good at organizing meet ups. Many of her designs are questionable but her networking and asskissing of more aesthetically skilled lolitas has gotten her a long, long way.

No. 93186

She’s super nice and pleasant to work with.

No. 93440

Why is fannyrosie even mentioned here, she is the most normal person ever, she doesn't pretend to be anything that she isn't and is pretty knowledgeable about the fashion. How is she a lolcow??

No. 93442

Whiteknighting her isn’t going to do you or her any favors here. This isn’t /cgl/.

No. 93443

It probably isn't, but it would still be a bit easier for me to whiteknight her if someone could explain what she did to become a lolcow and where is the milk.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 93444

Nobody cares about you newfag. Learn to sage and quite WKing people in this thread. Fannie is an obnoxious attentionwhore who regularly cries about not getting enough attention.

Imagine being so pathetic you WK someone who wouldn’t give you the time of day on lolcow.

No. 93448

Oh no, this was intentional. I remember one year someone specifically requested no Puvithel and got matched with her. I kind of wonder if she's one of the organizers.

No. 93471


No. 93516

There have been different organizers for the last three years at least. If you have proof of it being intentional by all means post it. I still think it’s just a bunch of incompetent retards unable to pull something like SS off.

No. 94588

File: 1589913690702.png (158.23 KB, 516x597, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 1.36…)

This just came on my facebook feed.
right now drama is a brewing

find it on Yasmine Wambolt facebook
admits to be using lolcow here but wants to cry about some fashion crit group. currently waiting for them to accept my join request for more

No. 94590

File: 1589913994349.png (283.24 KB, 510x596, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 1.42…)

>>94588 most epic cow drama yet!
this post is very milky bc half these people are cows themselves arguing over one another

No. 94593

File: 1589914441724.png (246.71 KB, 508x595, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 1.48…)

No. 94594

She’s a hypocrite for this for sure. She’s been in the group for months posting and commenting herself, yet only chooses now to say something?
She posts on lolcow and cgl, is known to be friends with pisslita, harness chan, bloated corpse chan, and that girl who told another girl to kill herself because of a wig…..
yet finds suddenly finds a moral high road. This whole thing is amusingly hypocritical.

No. 94596

The fact that she’s friends with so many of the top disgusting pieces of shit in this community says so much about her.

No. 94598

File: 1589916384203.jpeg (Spoiler Image,867.82 KB, 1242x1994, 471A9935-F901-4978-A81C-5024E0…)

Posting with drugs and used needles in a disgusting bathroom so kawaii

No. 94608

@dollsmeat pt 2. That's who she reminds me of

No. 94612

No wonder she’s so bitter about those groups. She’s scared to get posted lol

No. 94616

File: 1589922320141.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1963, 30C339F4-D1FD-4E12-A04C-FA0A71…)

It’s always the ones most vocal about buwwies that are milky, unabashed morons. She slapped her name on a ton of stuff including a Pinterest under @rainbowpeguses with a “thinspo”. More caps incoming.

No. 94617

File: 1589922509332.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2088, F5B09E11-A081-42C7-ABFD-5C2AD7…)

During the panic buying phase of the Covid Pandemic she also thought it would be a great idea to go to a store and climb all over the shelving units without any kind of protective gear.

No. 94621

Imagine someone being this loud and vocal about how disgusting the comm is only to find out they’re a filthy degenerate themself.
The cognitive dissonance is astounding….

I wonder if she’ll respond to the comment calling her out… or will she delete it like she’s been doing a few other call out comments

No. 94622

File: 1589923601903.jpeg (Spoiler Image,442.88 KB, 1242x1048, C2272DED-C18D-4AD8-B1EC-245C8C…)

Repost because spoiler fell through

This nasty photoset of her ass hanging out while climbing up on a roof really sums up her instagram

I wonder what she thought would happen with being so vocal? Did she think that people wouldn’t look into her shit?

No. 94623

I think part of her wanted that exact thing to happen…. what does she hope to achieve tho? Someone else spelled it out perfectly:
You’re in salt groups. You participate in them. You comment and throw salt as well…. you left this group, only to come back for screenshots and to berate others? What could you have possibly hoped to achieve by making a call out post other than attention and clout?

No. 94625

File: 1589924103272.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1672, 66855B45-6B9E-4AF2-8879-F9F7B8…)

She definitely seems like the kind of retard who would do anything for attention.

No. 94628

What the literal hell.

And people really are going to take a callout out from someone like THIS seriously….
I’m still failing to see doxxing. Do they mean accidentally failing to censor a name because if that’s the case, that’s not doxxing at all.
She had me thinking they were dropping emails and addresses or something heinous like that.

No. 94636

don't flood the thread anon. A new thread /w/

No. 94639

If you’re going to minimod you could at least sage.

No. 94649

You're shitting up the thread with all this selfposting. No one cares about "cursed images" and JoJo posing. This isn't milk, the call-out post is. Learn the difference and take the rest of this to /cgl/ where you belong.

No. 94651

>hi cow

Yeah it’s me that belongs on /cgl/. And I’m not selfposting either. Why didn’t you sperg out over basically the same thing with Barcodebangs-chan or Garbage-chan if you’re of the opinion of this edgelord shit isn’t milk?

No. 94653

>Why didn’t you sperg out over basically the same thing with Barcodebangs-chan or Garbage-chan if you’re of the opinion of this edgelord shit isn’t milk?

Because Cursed girl isn't even wearing lolita in half of these posts? She's a cosplayer first and foremost. The only relevant image to the thread is the bad guro coord, but that image is more cringe than milky.

No. 94655

She got posted to this thread for LOLITA drama in LOLITA groups. She doesn’t have enough milk for her own thread but nothing posted ITT wasn’t milky. Quit crying about people posting lolita drama you don’t like.

No. 94657

Don't you mean for posting
>general jfashion drama in a cheap jfashion themed spin-off of Tyler's lolita groups?

No. 94658

If you’re going to keep sperging out like this you should probably sage, otherwise everyone knows you’re just a newfag that is probably here to WK her.

No. 94659

Thought I did.
Not WKing. I just think this belongs in a cosplay thread.

No. 94660

>I think this Jfashion drama mainly involving lolitas belongs in a cosplay group

Yeah sure. Totally! It’s not like her and her friends are confirmed to selfpost and defend eachother both on here and /cgl/ either. You not wanting this to be in the correct thread totally has nothing to do with that.

No. 94666

File: 1589936477825.jpg (Spoiler Image,202 KB, 852x779, 20200519_210142.jpg)

She's a cosplay thot, are you confused?

No. 94668

The drama is not cosplay related. You’re the one who’s confused. This sperging over “she’s a cosplayer!” Has just been more derailing than the posts about her, especially since now she has her own thread. Remove the stick from your ass and move on.

No. 94673

File: 1589938737131.png (100.17 KB, 470x791, lol.png)

Autumn is wk her hard with her bf, considering the 2 of them are banned from their comm for harassing members, I cant see Yasmine faring any better.

Likely was also involved in whatever was happening with this and barcode

No. 94674

Hi barcode hair, Making everything about you now?

No. 94676

File: 1589939673147.jpg (175.52 KB, 960x913, dairy.jpg)

Elyzabeth Holli, why did you censor your name out? Don't be a coward now, you were so bold before.

No. 94684

Didn't that Sarah girl tell another girl to kill herself just because of a wig?
My god, she associates with some gross people.

No. 94685

got the proof?
all this facebook post is
are cows vs cows

No. 94686

This whole thread is just fucking bullies picking down other Lolitas in the comunity. Is this what all y’all 4 channers do?? Pick down others??? Leave Yasmine alone they was so right about this website! You guys ruin this comunity & the reason why I left the comunity(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 94688

Yasmine didn’t do nothing! They did the right thing to call out you lolita bullies and Tyler wannabes. All this site is full of jealousy

No. 94689

Worst bait I've ever seen

No. 94691

If your going to fake WN than don't make it so obvious. If you want to make her look bad than do it right lmao

No. 94693

File: 1589945569039.jpeg (107.61 KB, 462x691, FABFB43E-416B-4B2D-979E-D1741E…)

Stop making people uncomfortable in this comunity maybe. You people do nothing but judge others and run to your hate groups

No. 94694

You all are so entitled and just shits on others on here you don’t like

No. 94702

Might take me a few minutes to find, but I'm sure I can dig up those shots.

Do you morons know where you are or who you're defending? No one gives a shit about why you left, your friend is trash and you're gullible.

No. 94707

they're too dumb, it's bait from members of the facebook group, no one is this retarded

No. 94708

File: 1589948270029.jpeg (240.34 KB, 1071x1880, E07409B6-F9C2-4B38-B757-D599FD…)

Considering how many people were defending and agreeing with her? It wouldn’t shock me if someone was white knight her…..

Took me a second, but I found some! Granted I couldn’t find all of them, I found a fair bit.

No. 94709

File: 1589948308047.jpeg (242.75 KB, 1080x1867, BA9BD52B-57AC-4DA6-9AE8-1EFA1F…)

No. 94710

Not shocked tbh, they're trying to cover themselves up from the autistic spurg. but even the OP lurks on here from what i'm seeing on >>94590

OP:"I joined the group when it first started because the group was ment to discuss the Japanese fashion community but turned into somthing worse than cgl and lolcow."

No. 94711

File: 1589948404904.jpeg (214.52 KB, 1079x1837, E2988CC8-9042-444A-A6E6-D45DF8…)

No. 94712

File: 1589948462568.jpeg (93.96 KB, 836x960, 7597807D-C314-46D2-BD7F-BFD3BC…)

Final one. Like I said, I can’t find a lot of the caps, but here’s what I found so far

No. 94714

I think if op actually lurked shed know what lolcow and cgl is, it feels like she's only heard of it from other snowflakes who've been posted and checked it out, where's her "UNFRIEND ME IF YOU GO ON LOLCOW" post, every cow who's been posted has one

No. 94715

Fantastic, this looks like some shit out of the FGC. I wish there was less catty nitpicking and more confrontational flame wars tbh

No. 94716

She’s been posted before so I’m almost sure she’s actually lurked/ is lurking, which is why I’m confused as to how a lolita salt group is anywhere near the same level of cgl/ lolcow

No. 94719

Her and her edgy old schooler friends 1000% defend eachother here and on /cgl/ and you must be incredibly new to think they don’t

No. 94722

File: 1589949791706.jpg (58.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Holy shit this is too funny..pure capture anon

No. 94724

File: 1589951079049.png (505.97 KB, 847x502, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 11.4…)

had the facebook post still open on another window and ain't it a coincident that this person changed their bio to match the apparent thread made


i think the person made the thread for attention

as said here it's obvious >>94710

No. 94726

File: 1589951231349.png (517.24 KB, 856x544, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 11.5…)

bio change that follows the thread >>94634 ,, i think its them

No. 94727

I think she changed her bio in the middle of the argument between herself and Felix Hastings so that people would call out Felix for misgendering sjw bull shit. The thread description is based on her facebook bio, not the other way around. Sage for extrospection.

No. 94730

Yeah, she had never made any indication she went by them/ they until last night

I don't doubt that she made the thread like >>94724 and >>94710 think.

No. 94736

is that mark grandmont in that pic??? He groomed garbage chan for a while but idk what their situation is. All these people suck so much.

No. 94737

Ok groomer

No. 94738

Ok cow

I didn't post what ur replying to but she's far from the only person who hates those two. Fucking toxic weirdos who make "posting on 4chan" their entire personality.

No. 94759

they've been in a relationship for 3 years apparently. Do spill.

No. 94762

>>94708 was this what >>87020 was talking about?

Someone thought she was 3 years younger than she is but theyre still 5 or 6 years apart
>>65552 >>65607 >>65635

No. 94800

Afaik she cheated on an ex with Mark, then they were FWB before moving in together. She has no uni education and a dead end job, and only time will tell how long before she's off to leech off someone else.

No. 94861

Madelyn you really should contain your vendetta for her it’s getting kind of creepy how much you obsess over her

No. 94868

I'm >>94738 and still not Madelyn. Just because you burn all your bridges with your friends doesn't mean they're the only people who find you gross.

>>94759 they came from the same small town and he knew her when she was underaged. They started sleeping together once she turned 18

No. 94875

They didn't even meet until she was at least 18, the other thread already confirmed all this.
Can't tell if baiting or actually just terminally illiterate. Either way it's not milk, Garbage-chan's what, 21, 22 now? Too old to be acting like a twat but old enough to date.

No. 95013

I'm late. did she delete the post

No. 95289

So this is the person who has been sperging about tag groups for the past month. I was surprised, because I've never heard about that on cgl before.

No. 95298

Its been a thing for a while, and its full of itas hating itas. The Im telling Tyler group is extra cringe since it also has this idea that maybe Tyler will talk about them! feel.

No. 95339

She did. I’m guessing being posted to cgl freaked her out? Either way, it’s best considering she used to post in those groups, it kind of makes her whole rant void.

No. 95363


It’s a lot to cap but weirdo with the bug on her face is outing her ex friend as lying about her age, gender, relationships, and straight up saying she just wants to be famous. Messages are included


No. 95364

Proof/milk? I know her thread op was spaming the same out of context comment (got banned not suprised) but other than that I didn't see anything in the group from her.
Don't think she's cow worthy unless someone has something on her. Just think she pissed off someone in the tag group considering they couldn't even spell her name right in her thread.

No. 95365

File: 1590210346892.jpg (19.19 KB, 275x262, 1589939673147.jpg)

Dropped pic (from higher in the thread)

No. 95366

I think people in the group wanted to rat her out for her wrong too doings. It blew out of proportions when other were digging up hypocrites in the comments like sarah >>94708 >>95365

No. 95369

the level of autism it takes to make a doc like this over internet drama. i hate everyone involved lmao

No. 95371

The person who wrote this is projecting so hard

No. 95372

Both Aika and Hera are so fucking dumb and young. They both are hypocrites and annoying. Hera acts like they invented all their borrowed looks and Lace borrows from Hera. This is all so boring and tired. I knew this would come soon, but this was annoying and the screens were hard to follow.

No. 95373

This is fucking embarrassing to read but I'm also not surprised that these cats are tearing each other apart publicly. The tea in this doc is cold and I feel weird reading their personal convos like this, bad move on Hera's part tbh- though I'm only part way through.

No. 95374

>I hate lavender.
>Omg me too!


No. 95376

it’s mostly personal dirty laundry that didn’t need to be aired out. The doc was supposed to “warn” people about lace, but besides the emotional aboose there are so many self serving instances in it. Let’s not pretend that people can say rude and petty shit sometimes but honestly I would be concerned about my privacy if I was herau’s friend, they either had to scroll thru their entire message history to find some “callout worthy problematique” messages to take screencaps of or they were planning to call her out the entire time they were friends. If they wanted to drop someone they could make another doc this is just super messy

No. 95385

fucking petty children. everyone looks bad here

No. 95389

Hard this.
It's been pretty obvious both of them are in it for asspats and e-attention. They're both young idiots and it's a shame that they hunger for validation this hard.

Laceferatu is still kissing lor's ass and she butters up that one fat Moitie lolita to get free Moitie. It's been obvious she wants e-fame, but it's pretty transparent. She's a pretty girl in mediocre coords with no personality. That works well on insta. The weird fake biracial and name stuff is lame.

On the other side, the lolita who compiled this needlessly 80 page doc had a massive meltdown when she lost the AWA coord contest and acts as if she is a gift to lolita. 2 or 3 pages of the actual lolita stuff would've been sufficient, but she's so self-important that she needed 80+ of overly personal, mostly not empty information, so fucking yikes to that.

They are both childish narcissists who add nothing to the fashion, but people will still follow/kiss their ass regardless, as people tend to do on social media. Both of them are incredibly forgettable and hopefully they'll quit the fashion sooner than later.
Nothing new.

No. 95401

Well said.

No. 95403

Does anyone else think page 38 comes across kind of controlling and gas-lighty? She's upset that L dumped all her emotions on her, but is also freaking out on the girl for not feeling talkative for a few days. No wonder these girls are at each other's throats. They haven't had a moment apart since they became friends. Normal friendships need time apart, they were bound to get sick of one another going on like this. Where is the healthy boundaries?
This seems like a case of people who had nothing (but clothing) in common forcing a 24/7 high maintenance relationship.

No. 95427

Herausputzen is such a batshit narc cow herself, the fact that she wrote this whole document (totally not for attention and asspats) doesn't make her look any better.
She's currently throwing a full blown pity party in her stories and acts like a martyr. Gonna post caps once I'm done reading.

No. 95433

Thanks in advance for caps. I'd post some myself but the Google Doc is asking for an email and I don't know if the OP will be able to see who accessed it

No. 95452

She's also encouraging people to share the doc and spread it around so she can have an even bigger pity party, what a fucking narc

No. 95466

File: 1590255233987.jpg (691.57 KB, 1080x1491, 20200523_123258.jpg)

I honestly regret spending 2 hours reading this. Then again, I aint got anything better to do.

My favorite part was her shit talking about the furry girl and then being besties on AWA lmao.

No. 95467

“She stole my coord ideas” ? Not defending lace but she bought it in the first place and there are so many other Lolita’s that buy pieces just for pics and sell it immediately. From the doc I’m assuming that all herau has been doing is borrowing from her all this time why be upset if it’s not your clothes to begin with? Of course coordinates would look similar if you’re borrowing clothes from each other jfc. I feel like herau is mainly upset that lace is getting all the clout for the ideas and decided to spruce up the call out with a bunch of unnecessary personal dms as the cherry on top as to why lace is an “abuser”. anyone with eyes can see that it’s just petty drama

No. 95471

Can’t believe she’s trying to tell people she’s 20-21. She definitely looks at least 30. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s something super creepy about pretending to be so much younger.

No. 95475

I can't even keep track of half of these things now… Hera had an OLD ass account from before they started wearing the fashion and were posting stuff they claim to be against. This included nymphet shit.

No. 95476

Yeah I hope that girl knows how fake she is. I get hating the furry gimmick, its cringe, but to imply she is a sexual deviant then suck up to her irl is hilarious.

I dont think they borrowed clothes, I gathered that Evan would talk about wanting a dress or its her DD or want to do a look and then Hera would suddenly get it. The archangel one Hera got from a friend after posting how its her DD for "years and years".

No. 95492

Ooh do you have tea/caps of that? Eye emoji

No. 95494

I am currently trying to find it again, I don't cap everything, and Hera deletes stuff all the time. They had 2 other older accounts, one where they wore sweet lolita (before they claimed not wearing it as long), and in one the posts… they mention the LA comm forcing them out and saying they weren't a lolita???

No. 95613

My god they both sound god awful and yes I agree Lace is fucking nuts about lying about her entire life but hera….bitch why do we need 80+ pages of this…..let it go you mental case

No. 95623

I think everyone involved, from the group commenters to the post commenters are idiots honestly. Damn near everyone is a hypocrite, but she really shouldn't have done it. If she's been posted to cgl before, she should have known someone was gonna go investigating her as well to potentially call out hypocrisy. Let's just hope the group admin does better I guess, and fixes the problems.
Truth be told, I don't mind seeing a group for people rightfully frustrated over tags being spammed with useless shit, as long as minors and handles aren't posted. I know I am.

No. 95638

She deleted all her posts except a few screenshots she compiled into one post. Such a melodramatic child

No. 95639

File: 1590322049880.jpg (424.81 KB, 1080x2043, Screenshot-Instagram.jpg)

>fannyrosie still bored in Japan tries to coord weirdly stopping short of bedding an Asian dude

I wonder why the hell she is staying in Japan. It doesn't seem like she's still with her husband, most her family and friends seem to be in Canada, and she's constantly complaining about being poor, but doesn't want an office job in Japan either. Really, why the hell is she staying?!

All she does is hang out at home and bitch and whine about everyone, including aforementioned friends.
>pic related
>waaah waah my friends have no more time for me, I'll abandon them for someone else, how dare they be married and have kids, they should pay attention to meee

What a fucking assholish thing to say. "uwu bless you for not having children and constantly feeding my need for attention!! Have you heard about muh Korean BL drama??"

No. 95653

The Japan situation is weird but the friends being married and having kids thing is a pretty common sentiment single people her age.

No. 95654

I saved the old version before she started editing/kicking out readers, but it was the mobile one where the pictures are bad quality.

No. 95656

Majority of the caps were hard to follow and didn't prove the points she tried making anyway.

No. 95684

File: 1590336775070.jpg (360.67 KB, 1080x1113, 20200524_102934.jpg)

She has made no comment about the doc, is she gonna hide until people forget? Here is an interaction from a day ago with another person, Lor , she shit talked behind her back lmao

No. 95710

100% convinced that the doc was made to make her feel better over her insecurity. Lace sounds delulu, trashy and has lying problems but that’s the egl comm for you. Tbh herau is 100000x delulu. “Laceferatu doesn’t have the same passion for the fashion like I doooooo look at all these comparisons of my planned coordinates vs what she’s wearing I’m so original she’s not she ‘stole’ (bought out)all my clothes that I had my eye on” also idk why the boyfriend or older men was mentioned at all, it’s no one’s business.

No. 95711

it was privated, anybody have a copy or caps

No. 95715

100% agree. the whole section on lace "copying" proved nothing except that hera is way too self-absorbed. and even though it may be poor taste, whatever lace chooses to do with men is her choice and if they're dumb enough to fund her shopping habit just to keep her around, then they probably deserve it

No. 95743

Imagine having a friend who accuses you of copying her imaginary coords that she hasn't worn because she's "poor" and doesn't own any of the clothes (Bitch, you have holy lantern, you're not poor), and then gets jealous and cries that you bought the same clothes you happened to like.
Imagine that same friend is sobbing to you over 7 dollars, so you offer to give her the 7 dollars. The cost of Starbucks. Practically nothing for a friend. And then imagine you get cancelled for both having more money than her, and for offering her the 7 dollars she's whinging over. Insanity.
Hera, you dumb cunt, this girl gave you money, brand, let you walk all over her feelings, texted with you every day and you had the audacity to call her manipulative for giving you short responses when she said she was feeling down about something personal. You owned this girls life for the entirety of your friendship, she comes off as deeply insecure and desperate to please you. Most people would be flattered when their "best friend" wanted to own the same pieces as you.

No. 95744

Sorry, replied to wrong post. I agree with you.

No. 95745

They’re both dumb cunts

No. 95748

Well obviously.
I'm disappointed in some of my friends for sharing this Doc in all seriousness on their Instagram stories though. Our opinion on this matter is far from popular.

No. 95749

It’s being edited because the caps were unreadable on mobile. Looks like it may be cut down a bit too.

Hera is poor, they don’t have a job. But their money management is crazy bad, see that custom boots for example.

No. 95752

having poor money management isn't an excuse to be shit to her friends who have money. just don't associate with them, or the lolita community in general, if it bothers her that much, frankly. lolita is a money spending hobby so I don't know what she expected getting into friendships with people who regularly drop coin on brand, con trips, out of town events, trips overseas to visit brand stores, etc.

No. 95753

I think Hera also openly asked for donations to their coord for the mmm tea too. Or am I mistaken?

No. 95793

Yeah I don't really get why she's still in Japan? She doesn't really seem to enjoy living there and she doesn't speak a lot of Japanese iirc.

No. 95830

She's married to a japanese man iirc

No. 95841

she wishes.

No. 95845

No she literally is married to him. She posted about it a while ago. They met in Canada.

No. 95865

So I follow them and one of their friends and apparently the doc will be back up after the messages has been transcribed because the caps were for ants. ngl it was messy to read i got bored, but theres lots of shit there to cover.

No. 95892

File: 1590408234163.jpg (139.13 KB, 1080x1920, 100906124_108870474046512_8481…)

Yeah I didn't get to read it to the end either, at about 3/4 I refreshed it because some pictures weren't loading and I got the login screen. I'm betting all my money Hera is only "editing" the doc now because she realised it showed her gossiping and behaving like a pos too.

What I got from it, was:
>Laceferatu pouring out her identity crisis and insecurities on her, while Herausputzen responds like a literal bot using empty phrases and then writing walls of texts about herself and/or how she has it even harder. Later Hera says to another "friend" she found that weird and that she's not Lace's babysitter.
>Lace using her husband as an ATM
>Lace lying about her age and name and her relationship with her husband
>Lace being ridiculously petty, childish and needy and having revenge fantasies
>It seems like Hera took some of the screenshots when they were still friends, judging by their icons.
>Both of them gossiping about other people, with Hera cutting the screenshot off where I guess her juicy response would come into play.
>A screencap of Lace telling Hera they're best friends as proof that Lace is isolating and abusive lmao (I'm not shitting you here)
>BOTH of them gossipping about other lolitas made Hera afraid to meet new people
>To the point Hera is straight up blanking out whole passages of her own messages because it's her gossiping and being salty and jelly about someone owning a moitie set she wants and probably insulting them
>Going on about how Laceferatu is faking her mental illness and her genderspecialness, while Herausputzen literally does the same
>Hera mentioning how lavender and weed are "trigger scents" for her when they randomly brought up lavender because her r**t(yes, censored) put her in lavender bath water(??) which she thought was necessary to put on the doc as a side note.
>Hera mentioning being a neglected child as a quirky relatable response
>Lace yelling at her husband "triggered" Hera "because that's what her dad did to her"
>Overall throwing around the word "trigger" like it's meaningless
>"Every aspect of her(Hera's) being is being exploited to this day" by Lace lying. (Hinting at her aboose once again, treating it like it's a personality-trait like a true spoony)
>It also sounds like Hera read a psychology/abuse 101 and then psychoanalyzed every word from Lace as being abusive or jealous of her.
>Hera being an asshole and taking pictures of Lace when she was pissed.

They are both complete messes who think they are hot shit and are both tumblr spoonies, the only difference is that Lace is slightly more retarded with her lies.

No. 95893

File: 1590408340471.jpg (34.52 KB, 1080x1920, 100485200_310374316643907_1463…)

Gonna dump some of Herausputzen's stories she posted on the day she published the doc.

>yes, please give me as much attention as possible

No. 95894

File: 1590408656336.jpg (17.46 KB, 1080x1920, 100937554_100807824972034_7659…)

No. 95896

File: 1590409540945.jpg (98.66 KB, 1080x1920, 100941390_246047929940916_7363…)

I'm quoting from the document:
>This includes fabricating stories to get on their good side/befriend someone to borrow things, attempting to identify with ppl by invading poc and queer spaces and molding her life story and self after others actual experiences to seem relatable and pitiful.
>(acting like she talked to Lace)If you have ever endured even an ounce of abuse, you would have never wanted to be pitied for it but attention and pity are what you want most.

No. 95898

She could get divorced if her relationship and situation is as bad as she hints it to be. But maybe in Canada she don’t have enough people to gush how moderu-san bijin she is and stroke her giant ego more

No. 95899

File: 1590409824089.jpg (107.15 KB, 1080x1920, 100487417_829496514539710_4934…)

No. 95901

File: 1590409870541.jpg (85.94 KB, 1080x1920, 99042509_567169270839168_32766…)

No. 95902

File: 1590409905904.jpg (71.64 KB, 1080x1920, 100645719_1162999630719435_708…)

No. 95903

File: 1590409955719.jpg (64.75 KB, 1080x1920, 100495106_143862830582739_7216…)

No. 95904

File: 1590410011585.jpg (74.39 KB, 1080x1920, 101037318_2590894601184357_333…)

No. 95906

File: 1590410305334.jpg (89.24 KB, 1080x1920, 99093091_3121540047889809_2784…)

Some newer ones, still being a peak hypocrite.

No. 95907

File: 1590410330271.jpg (61.93 KB, 1080x1920, 100894998_3180943368611829_133…)

No. 95908

File: 1590410453280.jpg (149.36 KB, 1080x1920, 100959662_2366935296940678_934…)

I was right kek.

No. 95912

“She’s triggering my eating disorder, what a bad person” all the while she’s constantly posting body checks, intentionally taking strategically angled selfies of her thighs, arms, and overall body to show off how “thin” she is because she’s so stressed out etc etc. what about all the people that follow you……so fucking dramatic. I don’t know too much about her but I know that she used to be part of the Cosplay and y2k fashion/makeup community before getting into lolita. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was “forced” to leave those communities too because of some unnecessary shit stirring that she did.

No. 95919

"some people were appreciative to see a bit of her petty behavior mentioned" wut literally this whole google doc reeks of pettiness. no one talks like this. super disappointed in what they decided to do, I followed both of them for a while now and seeing this trashfire is sad and proves that you can't trust anyone especially people that give off super cluster b vibes like herau. why are call out posts needed? i know plenty of people in the egl comm that have the worst kind of drama w each other and maybe they vague post sometimes, but do they air it out to this extent? nope. Whatever happened to removing someone from your life, blocking them on social media, discussing personal problems with your support system and close circle of friends, and moving on?

No. 95923

Book a room for yourself or stay the fuck home next time. Was she an overdramatic child at AWA?

No. 95927

She's married to a Taiwanese guy iirc

No. 95941

If she's married to a Taiwanese guy, that would explain why she's obsessed with HIStory and vacations in Taiwan often. Otherwise, her frequent Taiwan trips seem random.

No. 95946

this is beyond cringe. why would aika "release a statement"? she's not a public figure. this is all a private matter and should've never been made public like this. it's all giving me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 95950

The entire thing is petty and makes both sides look just as bad. Hera says she didn’t do this for attention but it’s really obvious she did.

No. 95951

Apparently yes, like >>95389 said, she most likely had that meltdown because she didn't win the stupid coord contest and is now trying to blame Lace fighting with her husband for it.

I can understand why, considering how stupid this all is. But at the same time, I wish she'd spill on herausputzen in return.

No. 95952

She's pulling the "I'm only ott petty for your own sake" shit that every narc does. The sooner they both leave, the better.

No. 95966

Maybe I’m dumb but I’m not seeing how Lace comes out of this looking bad? It sounds like she just had her own shit going on and argued with her husband and that Hera is absolutely fucking mental

No. 95969

It doesn’t drop a bomb or show us a side we didn’t know about her. It’s just more examples of her being a petty whiny child. But Hera is also a petty whiny child and really didn’t think this through.

No. 95984

I mean lying about your age and pretending like your bf is creepy because he got with you at 17 (a lie on its own) seems pretty bad. She never was married, the bf was just a bf. She also was cheating and saying she was unable to get a divorce to be with both men and get more money.

Also shittalking everyone who is seen as competition also means she probably is shittalking her new friends as well. Outside of hera, there is that 3rd person who did the HL with them who is no longer friends because they were saying how abusive she was.

No. 95986

still no one's business, talking amongst circle of friends is enough, doc wasn't needed. both of them are bad, but to a lot of people it makes hera look even worse than lace imo. stop convincing yourself that the tea is hot when it's not

No. 96025

These two girls are such fucking messes. I hope I never have to meet either of them IRL.

No. 96028

Its fascinating that when there is actually something to talk about there is always someone trying to act like its "cold tea", and really just to make this a fyi, milk is milk. Its way more interesting than saying Voldie is fat or Fanny is whiny.

This is good milk, and you should fully enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with having fun with their petty drama.

No. 96030

>this is good milk

Nta but it really isn’t. It’s more interesting than Voldie being a fatass or Lara being ugly but it’s not good milk. There hasn’t been any really good milk in the lolita community in a while.

No. 96048

they have the doc up again and the way it's formatted makes it look like dramatic novel introduction. lol

No. 96050

holy shit I would tell a bunch of lies to that kind of friend too if I knew what they were gonna take screenshots of all my dms and post it publicly super fucking batshit

No. 96051

I sincerely hope Lace defends herself, both for our enjoyment and for herself so she can try to move past this disaster.
If she leaves it alone the sjw-chans will continue to put this doc in their bios and shit-talk her in their stories and she won't change or become a better person. She'll be a paranoid mess and have no reason to stop lying because she will have no one to change for. Herau is irredeemable but Lace could come out of this on top if she drops receipts in return.

No. 96055


you have no idea how badly this needs to happen and how I want it to happen

No. 96056

File: 1590459546242.jpg (28.63 KB, 822x286, 001.JPG)


No. 96060

I knew that it was gonna go down like this. ive followed them for a while and they would broadcast their friend's dms over ordinary conversations on their ig stories constantly, almost everyday. Whether they asked permission for posting screenshots for the public and their followers to see(highly doubt), they do not come off as a trustworthy person, let alone a good friend in general.

No. 96084

File: 1590469409370.png (496.69 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20200526-140115~2.p…)

Imagine being so new you think an innocently worded Lace Market message after purchasing something is scammy

No. 96091

I remember hera once posting weirdly gross dm stuff that wasn’t funny, like “haha mana sama is my daddy uwu I’m gonna piss myself when I meet him I would let him spank me”
It was supposed to be over exaggerated but kind of just came off as gross

No. 96100

I rolled my eyes. It’s smart to do a double check like this considering some people’s pp address isn’t the same as their current residence.

No. 96105

what the fuck kek who posted that?

No. 96115

they're really just rping as lolita there huh

No. 96136

I had to deal with returned packages because of outdated pp addresses before. It's such a fucking pain in the ass and costs so much time having to arrange shipping and filling out all the customs forms again when this hits you unexpectedly and you are busy with other things in your life. And then the buyer gets pissed and ungrateful because they have to pay shipping again… no fucking thanks. That message was totally resonable.

No. 96279

She's one of the main shit stirrers in the Tyler tag group. She posted a coord to COF recently and it was mediocre, which is hilarious given all the nitpicking she does

No. 96328

Do you have a photo?
Most of the shit stirrers are the most mediocre lolitas ever, they just salt publicly to compensate.
Anyone who can coord usually just keeps dumb shit like that to their inner friends circle, like they should.

No. 96336

File: 1590565618881.jpg (53.76 KB, 422x750, FB_IMG_1590494718136.jpg)

No. 96337

Reminds me of the annoying Vietamese girl who couldn't coord well but was also posting catty comments on rufflechat.

No. 96365

Is she friends with Ali or Emmett, her salt levels come off on par with those two so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are

No. 96371

her coord is uninspiring

No. 96373

She didn't seem to handle criticism in the COF threads when people pointed out her nasty attitude and seemed to chill out

No. 96415

File: 1590617884909.png (180.24 KB, 410x650, 1.png)

What the hell is going on with Moitiefags lately? She doesn't fit into it anyway lmao.

No. 96424

Which one? Kek. There are so many lolitas in RC with mediocre at best coords who leave bitchy comments. The only bitchy RC frequent commenter I've seen with good coords is xiyuee or how ever her name is spelled.

No. 96433

File: 1590627021380.jpg (306.08 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1590626960528.jpg)

This one, she used to go by Reira but changed her name to Ann.
She shoops a lot too. Haven't seen her post much recently in CoF so maybe she finally left.

No. 96435

Herausputzen seems to have changed her username or deleted her instagram entirely.

No. 96439

She just changed it to xherausputzenx to pretend like she left, as she said in the doc and her stories. But she probably can't last a day without attention and validation.

No. 96442

Not really milky, but this girl is very entitled. She used to be able to fit her Moitie, but hasn’t been able to for awhile. She won’t let it go, even if she looks gross in it due to hinging her entire identity on her clothing. Her coords are passable at best, though she’s been in the fashion for awhile, but she thinks she’s an authority on Lolita. She’s friends with Fanny.

No. 96443

How manipulative of her. Hypocrite-Herau is at it again.

No. 96462

Another Moitie ita who only likes/wears Moitie because they furiously masterbate to Manasama

No. 96487

File: 1590647137083.png (791 KB, 742x640, 10954400_777937945617884_20886…)

I've seen her before. Her coords are all either ita or nitpick. So many people who shitpost in lolita groups have nitpick coords at best. Her shooping is pretty heavy-handed.

No. 96512

I love rabid moitiefags. This dress looks like a run of the mill IW or VM piece.

And this is coming from someone who loves moitie. I just think the hype around dresses for the sake of moitie hype is lame.

No. 96517

File: 1590668294445.png (775.47 KB, 601x600, DC.PNG)

Part of it is that she is fat, so she can only wear the full shirred items. A lot of the best Moitie is the ones she will never be able to wear. But yeah like >>96442 said a lot of it is that she is obsessed with the brand/Mana and acts like she is THE biggest fan ever. She even moved to Japan to be able to go to shows and go to places photoshoots were done.

No. 96519

Basically if you're not wearing Moitie or you're not anyone who's been in the scene for 10+ years she won't talk to you.

That dress she didn't win doesn't look like it would fit her

No. 96524

File: 1590671490804.png (41.54 KB, 1408x112, fjow2.png)

Who was this about?

No. 96547

File: 1590680501315.jpg (491 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200528-164223_Ins…)

what a train wreck she has become…

No. 96548

Being fat and ita isn’t milk. Lor isn’t milky.

No. 96589

considering this is a place where we discuss gossip, it’s unhelpful. there’s no place for retards like you. hth

Lor does have weight issues. she needs to lay off the Cheez-Its, but part of it is due to the pandemic.

No. 96590

Being fat isn’t gossip. And even if it was, Lor has been fat and ita for years and it’s already been discussed. The only really milky thing she ever did was throw a shitfit when her ex broke up with her.

No. 96599


No. 96601

It’s incredibly old milk from like 4 years ago when she had the black and green hair. She has since deleted the video. I don’t know if anyone saved it but she was basically just bawwing and salty she got dumped. It wasn’t even very milky but it’s the most milk she’s ever had. Unless she comes out with some video explaining why she became a fat whale or Holly dumps and ghosts her like her ex I doubt we’ll ever really get any milk out of her.

No. 96604

NTA but she made a video about a lolita meme Instagram page that was ableist and 2 edgy 5 me, whined that she wasn't invited to the same tea party as another YouTuber, shills Devil Inspired because she gets free items from them, posted a horror story video where a fetishist in a bee costume exposed himself to minors and no one did anything to remove him from the situation, and there's probably more

No. 96605

None of that but her not reporting a predator is milk. If shilling devilinspired was milk like 99% of lolitas with any kind of platform would be milky for it

No. 96641

I think her general attitude on yt is trash. She complains almost every video about her views being so bad and threatened to quit that one time because of it. Also one of her lolita reacts videos where she she’s people she knows in the vid and gets so fucking offended that they didn’t invite her to collab and goes off on a tangent about it as if she’s even entitled to that

No. 96650

To be fair her so called friends in the comm went behind her back to secretly plan it to purposefully leave her out and when she asked them about it they told her they thought she was just attention seeking. Which even if she is, implying the girl who set it up, purposefully didn’t invite Lor because she’s salty Lor has more of a media platform than her is absolutely laughable. The SOL comm is full of actual cows but they all post here so you’ll never hear about it lol

No. 96706

This too. She'll roll her eyes in some videos and say "well I needed to post SOMETHING" or complain about her engagement going down. If making videos isn't what she wants to do, she's not obligated to keep doing them

No. 96713

Lor has her own thread. You guys should take this there instead of shitting this one up with old/non-milk.

No. 96799

It's dead and she doesn't have enough milk to warrant an entire thread.

No. 96801

Still not an excuse to shit up this one with old barely-even-milk

No. 96922

Then do something instead of bitching. People were infighting over the Moo and Kelly threads about creating a separate thread for their orbiters and they don't have enough milk on their own. Talking about Lor is fine here.

No. 96971

If there was any milk that was interesting and not ancient sure. But what’s the point of bringing up milk that’s months and even years old when it’s not even that milky? Why not post it when it actually happens? Nothing milky was even the cause to bring her up this time around.

No. 97629

Does anyone else have any opinions on this? I understand that pole dancing is a sport and isn't inherently sexual, but I feel like this is in poor taste since lolita is often misconstrued as being part of a fetish. Especially since there was no disclaimer on it saying that pole dancing isn’t sexual and lolita isn’t a kink. I wouldn't go as far to say this video is harmful to the egl community, but it just doesn't feel right to me considering how many lolitas get harassed by gross sex perverts online. I would appreciate any other opinions on this because I feel like I’m being a bit unreasonable with my beliefs.

No. 97663

Left COF over a year ago, and avoid Facebook. But on cgl I heard something about new mods for COF. Did any of the old mods leave and who are the new ones? Any milk with the administration shift?

No. 97734

I agree. Sure it’s a sport, but there are so many sports you could do (badly) in lolita, why focus on the one sport that’s associated with strippers? I guess she wanted the video to be controversial.

No. 97756

some of their intros are in the ita thread. not much has changed.

No. 97757

I see "desperate grab for attention" when I look at that video thumbnail.

No. 97766

Have you seen this girls content? Its all click bait bullshit. Makes me feel like its 2010 again and I'm clicking on a shanedawsontv video

No. 97778

File: 1591127922453.png (573.49 KB, 810x538, kay.png)

Some "popular" lolitas are posting coords with feeble #BLM messages. And just pretty words with the hashtag, nothing else.

Why are they advertising themselves at this time? Do they not think people can put two and two together?

No. 97779

File: 1591128847198.jpeg (320.78 KB, 1080x2357, EBA55D52-E712-4350-8348-6342FA…)

I’ll do you one better, gemgem posted a Sambo skirt for sale today.

No. 97791

that's one fugly dress

No. 97792

Leslie has always been super tone deaf and oblivious when she's in spaces where she's not welcome. She got upset a few months ago because she tried to make an attention grabby post in either subtle Asian fashion or subtle Asian aesthetics and no one responded.

No. 97823

This is in poor taste

As is the fact that one of the LA mods liked this

No. 98295

How do you check post history?

No. 98463

No. 98553

> I wish she'd spill on herausputzen in return.
Same, she's clearly the milkier cow.

No. 98555

The dumbest part is that the seller probably saw this shit.

No. 98564

I think you hit the nail on the head. I love pole dancing, and have done it before when visiting a friend's place in lolita because I kind of can't help myself when there are things to hang/swing from. But why take pictures and post it for the world to see? ESPECIALLY if you aren't going to include a disclaimer ffs.

Her numbers are probably down T B H because I feel like she should know better.

No. 98565

They're all ita, Maya the loudest most ita of them all is still a mod. Basically nothing has changed.

No. 98566

ok larper.

No. 98568

Her failing miserably to pretend to be asian amongst actual asians will forever be the most entertaining thing for me in these threads.

No. 98569

I'm not new, just retarded thanks.

No. 98573

>I’m not new
>doesn’t sage any of the posts you make

No, you’re new AND also retarded.

No. 98647

File: 1591397385595.jpeg (961.94 KB, 828x1449, 30FA514E-136A-4171-B1E6-1BBF83…)

Wow, such an inspirational message. Thank you for your support!

No. 98665

I'm honestly surprised the pole studio let them in dressed in lolita, there's a reason why pole fitness is basically done in your underwear and it doesn't have anything to do with being sexy, it's so you can actually grip the damn pole; you can see when they're attempting pole sits about 17 minutes in they can't actually do them properly because their clothes are in the way. The fact that the instructor started them on inverts in petticoats and bloomers without a crash-mat slightly alarmed me too, tbh, that's a very good way for a beginner to get their head cracked open when their grip and strength fails.

And yes, you're right, it's in bad taste. I love pole and I wish there wasn't such a stigma attached to the sport, but it's absolutely not something lolita should be associated with because pole has sexual connotations for 99% of people. And like >>98564 said, there's playing on a pole whilst you happen to be wearing lolita and then there's filming a 20 minute video about you going to a pole class and flashing the camera your pink bloomers a bunch.

No. 98668

This is the girl version of when a guy sperges about trigger discipline on a plastic gun in a one-off cosplay photoshoot
It's just a dumb YouTube video to generate views and it's worked on you. If the studio didn't benefit from it then they wouldn't have agreed to it

No. 98673

not only did she list it for sale, she took it down when called out and relisted it at bid for a $1

No. 98785

File: 1591476927285.jpeg (764.77 KB, 828x1438, 55E8A0F1-684C-45B4-B45D-F9A4E8…)

Happy ILD everyone!

No. 98786

She goes out to Starbucks all the time still and does a bunch of shit outside. Nobody should feel bad for this cow for this.

No. 98793

I just watched part of IVB's new video out of boredom and she acts like she started in lolita by scraping together money to buy brand, when she really started wearing lolita as a kid, lol. The SF comm used to coddle her so hard because she was so much younger than everyone else.

No. 98794

File: 1591485961515.jpeg (571.41 KB, 1046x976, 3D5AEC1C-489F-45D3-A8B7-282B11…)

I know this is probably a nitpick but I’ve always thought she looked like she is retarded or has some chromosome fuckery. She doesn’t look downs but downs adjacent. And isnt she only in the first trimester? She’s getting pretty fat. Not that she was slim to start with.(nitpicking)

No. 98817

>scraping together money
She's a trust fund/rich kid so…lol…

No. 98818

Is she really though? Do you have caps of that? I don’t know of many trust fund kids who would marry down to someone in the military though she has the face of an ogre so it might have been her best option.

No. 98838

It's so weird that she's posting BLM stuff when her national guard husband is probably intimidating those protestors at the same time. Has she acknowledged that at all?

No. 98840

Not sure about the specifics but she's talked about it and I mean you kind of have to be rich if you're a kid wearing lolita and living in SF and shit

No. 98851

IVB is a centrist who only posts vaguely liberal things for clout. Right now, posting BLM resources will bring you support and attention, so that's why she's posting BLM things.

She never talks about it online because she needs to keep up her hardworking Cinderella-chan appearance. At a meetup once, everyone was talking about how they first started in lolita, and most people talked about saving up after getting their first job or scrimping and saving where they could to buy their first coord. IVB, in all of her tactless glory, proudly bragged to the meet that she got her first coord while she was still in elementary school.

No. 98938

File: 1591552954581.jpeg (334.18 KB, 828x726, 2D048787-A7FB-4CD9-B5F8-021B31…)

Anyone know what the hell this is about?

No. 98943

The post is pretty long but Keysha (Kaiser on fb and ig) called them out on fb. The gist of the situation is that she saw them putting BLM in their IG and got heated over something that happened in 2017. They went to a venue for a concert together and Lipton and her wife got super drunk. So drunk they started causing a scene and the police were called and Kaiser had to put put themselves in between these two and the cops. They still didnt stop and Kaiser felt that it may escalate worse as the cops were saying they would have to get more serious if it didnt stop. A quote from the post is "The authorities informed me after my “friend” said “you’re just a rent a cop” behind me that “they could give me” the real cop treatment, while snapping their black latex gloves."

Afterwards they never really addressed it at all, not even the obvious alcohol problem they have but also how it got to a point that it may have led to violence. The friendship ended over this. Tbh Keysha is super dramatic and doesnt keep friends long because of her attitude, but also I have seen other black people talk shit about them too so it seems to be a thing.

Also to note that Keysha is also gay and has a wife so this idea of oh they were homophobic doesnt match the fear of being beat by a cop for being black and gay.

No. 99005

lemon isnt a mod anymore

No. 99198

Someone started spilling the tea on this in the ILD virtual meet today lol. The organizer just asked a question about how/when to do virtual meets and one person just started talking about "3 years ago at AX…"

So tactless…

No. 99335

oooh what did they say? I missed the meet but was planning on going

No. 99345

This is a dumb situation all around. So much for Shaf/Lipton trying to paint herself as The Ultimate Queer Brown Ally.

Lol how did the meet go? I didn't go because I was expecting it to just be another boring meet where everyone whines about shipments from Japan getting delayed.

No. 99347

I get that they were trying to provide some background information, but it was just so oddly specific, talking about basically the same stuff as >>98943. They were cut off by other people in the meet before they could actually explain the situation, though. They got as far as saying it was 3 years ago at AX during a concert and because of this post and the situation that happened, some people in the comm might not want to go to meets hosted by Shaf/Chen.

That's fair but the meet organizer was just literally just trying to get an idea of how often/when meets would be convenient for people. It really struck me as being too eager to spill tea to an audience who hadn't even seen either post, might not even know either parties, and so would much less even care about the drama.

It was fine! The organizer usually does a good job of being planned and organized and having stuff to do. We just shared/talked about our coords, played a game of Lolita/Rufflechat Trivia (in the same style as, say, bar trivia- host asks the questions, you write down your answers, then they give the answers and you tally up your points), then ended with the charity raffle.

Obviously it would've been more fun in person, but it was fine for what it was and given the limitations of remote meeting/video conferencing.

No. 99351

Who was the one trying to spill tea? I know a handful of people in the comm try to start drama with other comm members just for fun and then turn around and play victim when they get called out for starting shit. One of the BTSSB shop girls even goes through other shop girls' Instagrams to try to drum up gossip.

No. 99366

I think her name was Tivonne? I don’t know her that well and have only seen her at meets a few times.

No. 99380

File: 1591683187179.png (1014.76 KB, 1089x2048, Screenshot_20200609-011129.png)

So how true is this? This seems grossly exaggerated for effect.

No. 99381

She’s a histrionic attention whore.

No. 99383

Ok so while it’s true that sometimes we get less than savory comments and backhanded compliments ….
What she’s saying is SERIOUSLY over exaggerated….. I highly doubt anyone is that rude.

No. 99403

I'm getting sick of posts complaining about lolitas going back to "normal life." Are we not allowed to have life outside of coronavirus or the protests? Even if you repost information or donate money, you're accused of virtue signaling. This is mentally exhausting

No. 99415

So what is everyone else expected to do? Bend over backwards entirely at all times to make sure her feelings aren’t hurt? She and anyone else with this victim mentality needs to grow up. It isn’t other people’s job to “ensure that (my) black friends can have the same escape.” It’s a fucking hobby. If it stresses you out don’t get into it.

No. 99420

>lolita hasn't ever been an escape for me

Well color me shocked that a fashion that cornerstones itself on superficial and financial hierarchy wouldn't ultimately be a field of rainbows and acceptance.
Many of them would've told her lolita isn't also for fattychans, tallchans, disabledchans, poorchans, etc. If you're an outgroup you're fucked, it's nothing to do with being black.

No. 99423

It's wonderfinch, what do you think. She's been a delusional and hypocrite nutjob since day 1.
>I haven't been feeling like dressing up lately
Bitch you "haven't felt like dressing up" for years now and only wear your shit to about 5 meetups a year despite owning around 200 main pieces and still buying more on a weekly basis after whining how you should save money. She's worse than Tallulah at this point, how is someone in that state of mind even a lawyer?

No. 99426

Samefag, but my point is that she's barely even part of lolita anymore besides endlessly buying shit, which ironically is an escape. Nevermind that she got defensive and bitched at people who only slightly asked questions in that direction in her stories, saying "she impulse buys to cope with her depression". I'm so tired of this mental case spreading her shit takes as the opinion of and speaking for all black lolitas.

No. 99436

Honestly, she's probably loving the protests going on because it gives her a reason to be condescending and the victim without having to search something out.

No. 99441

File: 1591717056909.jpg (390.78 KB, 1080x1526, 20200609_162551.jpg)

laughing so hard rn

No. 99442

File: 1591717092773.jpg (417.99 KB, 1080x1670, 20200609_162637.jpg)

No. 99443

File: 1591717165747.png (73.96 KB, 720x427, Capture _2020-06-09-17-24-38.p…)

She absolutely does. It's really telling when your worst experiences with racism is anons on 4chan shitposting about black lolitas and someone calling her a nigger on the internet.

No. 99444

File: 1591717205975.jpg (446.11 KB, 1080x2220, 20200609_162712.jpg)

No. 99445

File: 1591717350403.png (46.33 KB, 720x350, Capture _2020-06-09-17-24-15.p…)

>whole comment feed is white lolitas patting her ass, black non-lolitas petting her ass and one actual black lolita petting her ass

No. 99446

File: 1591717537108.png (60.05 KB, 720x382, Capture _2020-06-09-17-25-20.p…)

And suddenly she's racially ambiguous enough for racist to vent to her. What now?

No. 99447

But anon, some lolita totally took the time to send mail to her home calling her a nigger and to sell her wardrobe! She is The Biggest Victim and you should feel sorry for her.

No. 99448

File: 1591717669259.jpg (140.27 KB, 1080x716, 20200609_164807.jpg)


No. 99449

Who is this? Why are you crossing out her name? This isn’t /cgl/, you don’t have to do that.

No. 99451

5 bucks say this is the same rules sperg from /cgl/.

No. 99501

This is partly why I blocked her rude ass self. She's obviously lying about the mail incident too.

No. 99521

How would they even get her address if they aren't very close to her? Why would they send it via physical mail? I bet someone said something like "shitty ita should just sell her wardrobe" on btb or cgl and she twisted it to be a ~threatening rl experience~ after she realised for a second how retarded she sounds.

No. 99530

if its so bad quit and sell your shit. end of story

No. 99537

literally who

No. 99539

File: 1591735159554.jpeg (602.63 KB, 1080x2220, 9A452213-DBC1-4C87-81A2-4370B2…)

I’d like to know too, she’s pretty milky in her responses.

No. 99562

Racially ambiguous my ass…. that’s a white girl with lip plumpers and a bad attitude…..

No. 99574

>the time someone sent racist hate mail to my house calling me a "nigger bitch" and demanding i give up all my dresses
What? Did this actually happen? I haven't even heard of this happening to actual black lolitas. The rude comments are definitely a thing, but this seems over the top, especially for someone who's "racially ambiguous".

No. 99587

No, it's not the white chick saying that, it's wonderfinch who's saying that. Basically she's saying she's black enough to be called the n word but is hypocritical because she's also white looking enough for people to shit talk black people to her

No. 99590

File: 1591758330548.jpeg (14.22 KB, 310x320, CC0D2A60-CAB1-4E60-B7C7-E3218B…)

Lmao those hassidic Jew curls she gave herself

No. 99606

I’m very new to the comm, and attended one meet where she really only talked to the other popular girls there
After reading the comments on this, why does everyone in the comm kiss her ass so hard?

No. 99609

File: 1591773569761.jpg (691.8 KB, 1080x1987, Screenshot_20200610-082038_Ins…)

No. 99610

where are these "lolita" outfits she wears?

No. 99626

all her shit is tagged ddlg, she's the wrong type of lolita.

No. 99632

I know who you mean and stand by what I said.
That is a white girl who’s blackfishing honestly. No racially ambiguous black girls I know experience that kind of racism and if they do, it’s never outright like she’s claiming.

No. 99737

She's biracial you walnut

No. 101152

File: 1592404671927.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20200616-202715.png)

Going full Karen, huh?

No. 101159

She double parked someone to stalk the delivery man? What a cunt.

No. 101163

She also ended up confronting the driver and demanding her package.

No. 101164

What a dumb bitch. Not only is she being a Mega Karen but I highly doubt she’s being safe and taking precautions against covid. She’s already had to be tested once because she goes out to Starbucks and shit every single day.

No. 101167

How else is she going to gain that baby weight if not with her daily sbux frap. (which she also complains about waiting for in her air-conditioned car)

No. 101175

she's a full-fledged Karen already, remember how she complained about the scratches on her Honeycake jewelry?

No. 101178

File: 1592415627648.png (4.02 MB, 1658x1472, 103632595_183934753061847_8247…)

She's such a fucking cunt; it's a wonder that she has friends and a husband. How do they tolerate her? Are they all doormats?

No. 101300

Wait patiently, girl. You could’ve damaged the fetus your carrying while running down the UPS man.

No. 101408

File: 1592520485968.png (178.55 KB, 349x449, 44156546516516516556.png)

Ngl if my tracking says they have it and I see them and they claim otherwise I have hunted USPS down personally as well. Idk about you but losing big purchases in the mail isn't fun, especially if they are rare lolita shit I've been hunting for years.
I guess if you only order cheap trash you can don't care ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 101411

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the individual driver doesn't have it then doesn't that mean it's at the local sorting center and couldn't she have just driven to that location to pick it up? Like she's already wasted that much time in the car and walking around. It's been awhile since I've fucked with UPS but all that seems like extra nonsense, and she only stands to upset herself and make the delivery man even more antagonistic towards her in the future.

No. 101413

I dont think tracking tells you that a certain vehicle has it. You get stuff like out for delivery notices and stuff like that though. She basically harassed a man just trying to do his job over a dress.

No. 101415

Nope! Because imagine, everyone else waiting on a package driving down to their local to pick it up. It'd be a mess.

No. 101460

Idk I've talked to postal workers before asking if they have a package but there's something about taking photos and documenting it on social media that's so gross.

Plus we're in the middle of a pandemic. The postal service is severely backed up by all the people online shopping right now, give the worker a fucking break.

No. 101461

if it's always only one usps truck in your neighborhood you know the general time that they are around. Mine is on the same street for a good 3 hours in the afternoon every day. If there is a discrepancy with my tracking and it claims it's delivered and not there I go out and find the truck. Last time they managed to scan it as delivered but still had it in the truck somehow.

No. 101466

USPS is different from UPS though. USPS usually only makes 1 delivery a day during your normal mail time, while UPS has multiple trucks taking different routes throughout the day. I've had multiple UPS packages arrive at different times in one day before.
Anyways, don't harass your mail people over packages, especially when there's a pandemic going on and they're juggling tons of packages.

No. 101540

File: 1592592010161.jpeg (648.43 KB, 828x1456, 4FD61212-0706-4321-A32B-905D4A…)

“As someone who works in the industry”
Bitch, you’re a shop girl. That’s retail. Quit trying to sound like an industry insider.

No. 101570

That pissed me off too. She's also a rich kid who goes on vacation all the time, so I'm sure she isn't even full time.

No. 101588

What's their financial crisis?

No. 101599

IVB is not pretty, though at least she puts in enough effort to be kind of okay looking. Her husband is a different story. What a creature.

No. 101611

Their physical locations can’t afford to stay open because of miss rona. Corona has lead to a huge decrease in foot traffic, affecting IW’s store income while they still have to pay rent/utilities and staff. They also had to close international orders in April due to shipping restrictions from Japan so they can’t sell internationally. Basically the same reasons as every other small business that’s getting fucked over by corona.

She’s barely ok looking even with all of that makeup. Kek.

No. 101778

WF is definitely half black

No. 101814

Only nutjobs harass and chase down delivery drivers. Most people get their packages dropped off with no issue at all.

You must live in a shit area if you have to constantly chase down drivers to prevent your packages form being stolen. Maybe spend some of your vast burando wealth on a less trashy apartment, anon? Or heck, do a full spendy yolo and actually insure your pwecious packages?

>She’s barely ok looking even with all of that makeup. Kek.

That's because she's a spongemonkey.

No. 101821

>married him for the money
I mean no doubt military gets a few perks but they're not filthy rich, tbh I think they're a good looksmatch. Both of them are pretty below average.

No. 101853

Wonderfinch is a brand hoarder yet ita. How does she afford it? I heard she was a lawyer but she does civil rights law and can't possibly be making bank. She also graduated law school only two years ago.

No. 101855

Oh wait I'm dumb. WF's dad is a judge. Apparently he's a federal judge. He even has a wikipedia page. Way for her to trot out being disprivileged when she's never had to worry about money.

No. 101958

the ones that scream about not having privilege the most are usually the most privileged

No. 101972

File: 1592869555012.jpeg (351.7 KB, 828x1451, 55D78202-427F-474E-9C0D-94BC8D…)

Hellobatty has been complaining that she might have COVID.

No. 101996

I'm 90% sure it's either on credit debt, family or her poor bf. I remember when she was still in the old school discord, she cried about having to hold back and save up for the rest of the month (on the middle of the month) and then posting about a $900 dollar haul literally 3 days later.

No. 102001

File: 1592878731631.png (964.12 KB, 1578x703, Screenshot (4).png)

>trot out being disprivileged when she's never had to worry about x
This applies for literally all her "reminders" and "callouts". She also seems absolutely obsessed with race (despite probably passing as almost any of them), a few days ago she complained in her stories how there are only 2 kid-shaving black families in her upper-middleclass neighborhood. Who tf counts their neighbors by race and categories?
Like >>99436 said, she basically bathes in the situation and the opportunity for her to act like a entitled self-righteous asshole. It sounds like being partly black and pretending the success of other black people is her own is the only thing she can feed her ego with so she milks it in ridiculous proportions.

No. 102111

File: 1592953248222.jpg (43.95 KB, 800x450, honklhonk.jpg)

yes because insurance will bring back pre 2010 JetJ if it's lost kek.
Money isn't the issue, neither is stealing. I worry about negligence and general fuckups. If hunting down a delivery pleb means I get my stuff then that is what I will do. Idgaf if they are tired or busy - however I know my mail people and we are on friendly terms. They don't mind unless you are a raging cunt.

No. 102128

No. 102162

This has been the case for everyone since march. I see little spoiled miss privilege is late to the party.

No. 102351

File: 1593070227054.png (39.28 KB, 356x462, 1592953580828.png)

I love how they think that this issue is only coming up now because of COVID, when they have been failing to meet deadlines and don't reply to messages long before COVID was even a problem.

No. 102373

The few times I’ve had to chase a driver down was before Rona, and that’s because they literally lied about attempting to deliver a package. Had I not gotten that text, I would have had to go to the post office, and it smells like a ballsack in there.

Only in extreme cases I feel it’s ok to “chase” a driver down.

I mean I kind of see what she means in a sense. When my IG started getting boosted, it was like 85% white girls who didn’t have/ never made a single post about black creatives, but at the same time…. get over it. Show these white girls what they’re missing and keep going. Maybe it IS to soothe their ego. Maybe it’s because the algorithm really does smother black creatives.
Either way, just…. shut up and be thankful for the increase in traffic. It’ll work out for you because you get the visibility boost

Lol he look mean as fuck damn.

I mean…. it sounds like this brand has had more problems pre Rona than anything.

No. 102439

Does anyone know the girl the Lolita in this video is talking about at 6:13? She chose not to name her, but from how she describes her and some of the comments, she's kind of infamous for being a shithead.

No. 102441

Isn't it naturallycute/naturallyracist?

No. 102447

It’s sad how many indie designers lack basic business skills. Yeah I know it’s lot of work to run a small business but I just can’t understand how they make a living if they don’t answer emails and ignore potential customers (if they are not friends/have big following)
I’m not talking about Miss Danger in particular but the indie designers in general

No. 102506

I’ve had so many problems with Miss Danger way before COVID, they never answer emails and are always months behind on preorders with no updates.

No. 102515

I’m really glad I’m not the only one. I thought it was just me. I’m really apalled that they’re not taking responsibility and blaming their customers for their failures. Also, they’re wanting to out the “problematic” customer to other indie brands. If she is as “problematic” as they say she is, why don’t you publicly post proof? Everyone should know about problem customers, why should only indie brands know? Or are they too scared someone else will call them out even further?

No. 102588

Yes. This is absolutely, 100% about Jenna Grat. There's screenshots floating around out there where Jenna was talking to someone about attending a con with Asami Moon, (just after the "not my cup of tea" scandal). Jenna said, "my haters are going to be shocked when they see me with her. Because she's black, I'm going to take lots of photos with her and they will totally die of shock." Using Asami as a token.

No. 102631

Also, Jenna Grat is still a member of Pittsburgh Gothic Lolita and will bully the skinny white lolitas too if she feels like it. If you host things for this comm or invite them to things, I suggest blocking her. If you see that she has someone cornered at an event, check on them. If she's not bullying them she's boring them. The older mods seem really determined to keep her around for some reason.

No. 102664

I’m just glad this is making a resurgence.

I had my own run in with Jenna and if she’s comfortable around you, she’s makes the most off color comments, bordering outright racism. She often uses her black acquaintances as tokens, it’s so damn irritating

No. 102682

I would love more info on this. Never heard of this person.

No. 102710

A look back on Jenna thread.

No. 102712

File: 1593216137077.jpeg (270.17 KB, 828x1526, E4767AB2-23A3-435B-99EE-9680FB…)

No. 102737

Why isn't she banned if the entire comm knows she's racist? Jfc

No. 102742

The pitts comm is absolute trash

No. 102750

She hasn't had three strikes in one year or some other bull shit. The mods didn't see her being racist so it doesn't count. Laziness disguised as fairness, because they don't want to deal with kicking her out.

No. 102875

They have decided to ignore the three strikes in the past. They don’t with her because she kisses their asses and enables their delusions.

No. 102921

>One strike on Goose and she got banned
>Multiple strikes on Jenna, but she’s not banned

We need new mods

No. 102949

goose did nothing wrong

No. 102963

Plus fetishizes the fuck out of Asian people. I hope they kick her out.

No. 103052

She comes to like two meets a year. She's not ignored, but I wouldn't say she has friends either. She's certainly not friends with the mods.

Seralise, or whatever the fuck you're calling yourself these days, you don't want back in the comm. People compare notes about the stupid shit you did. They know you called a 19 year old and screamed at her to get you back in the comm when you were kicked out.

That time you drove out to a tea three hours away with three comm members and returned the next day with zero is fun to tell at meets.

Two found a different way home at the tea because Goose can't drive. The third was rescued from a gas station where Goose was having a meltdown. The third bumped into some comm members stopping for gas and they took her home. Fun details: Goose insisted on everyone driving to the hotel, which she made her friend pay for, and then being escorted to her room.

Also sage if this isn't milky enough. Just fucking sick of Goose doing her wounded bird act.

No. 103073

As in she wants to be a tiny Asian girl or drools over any Asian dude she sees?

No. 103150

No. 103215

Does anyone have deets or proof?

No. 103385

Well on my end, it’s hard to get proof of irl convos, I’d have to have been weirdly videotaping everyone.

No. 103466

You could type out what was said instead of generalizing

No. 103561

….. you want me to try and remember a two year old conversation when I barely remember what appointment I have in two days?

No. 103816

This is why problematic people don't get banned. If you have problems with people actually report that shit.

No. 103884

I. Did. They don’t c a r e. Haven’t you been following along?

No. 103888

People give this girl a pass because they assume she’s autistic

No. 103894

Which influencer is being talked about here?

No. 103908

File: 1593907772375.png (292.45 KB, 484x1196, naturally racist.png)

Ironic considering her previous weird whining about not having autism

I have this old ass cap compilation that doesn't include her name however

No. 103914

Who the fuck knows. A nobody making a video in which they share anon comments about people they dont name is very boring. Just call them out or shut up.

Dont shill this boring shit

No. 103924


No. 103938

Wait did she actually mix up hijabs and Punjab?

No. 103939

Someone said she was or is extremely sheltered so probably.
I mean sheltered isn’t an excuse…. but it could explain why she can’t read a room and doesn’t know how to keep those thin little lips of hers zipped

No. 104241

She was banned for this by the old mod team for about 6 months before they let her back in.

No. 104280

File: 1594178970601.jpg (2.07 MB, 1080x13295, 1.jpg)

No. 104281

Why is she sperging out so hard like she owns lyrical bunny? So what you spent a week picking out the background and pose? What a snowflake

No. 104282

I feel like this should be posted with the text
>Who was in the wrong here?

No. 104283

the original is pretty ugly but it looks like her own artwork, not a copy of a lyrical bunny from a print. i can see why she’s upset

No. 104284

Tokimeki.bunny has been sperging out over her ED on her stories recently. This lowkey feels like an excuse to post bodycheck images especially with the overlay photo of her leg vs someones arm. I don’t have caps of her crying about being triggered but maybe someone else grabbed them.

No. 104287

This having anything to do with an ED seems like a stretch. Especailly with close up images where, even if one is a leg and one is an arm, the angles and all are too odd to seem triggered about. She isn't low-key shaming her.

I am with >>104283 in this. I don't care if it's a common character. People take Sailor Moon characters and create their own unique artwork for tattoos for them. If it's not an image being made for commercial purposes by the company, it's personal artwork then. Copying the tattoo like that shows how low level the tattoo-ist is too if all they did was change the colors and nothing else and literally can't come up with their own design and copying a different artist's work line for line pretty much. Aside from enlongating to cover more of the upper arm. She has every right to be shaming this girl for stealing the design. Its like people are too pussy to ask permission for OG work if they want to copy it for tattoos or cosplay. The other girl is shitty. I'm siding with the original tattoo and artist here.

No. 104288

I’d agree with you if she actually owned the character. But as is it’s just a meltdown over someone copying her super special unique idea of getting a tattoo of a popular character within the style the character was made for. Go whiteknight her tantrum somewhere else.

No. 104290

She doesn't have to own the character to have produced a specific pose and design of the character. Especially commission work. I'm not whiteknighting. It's basic knowledge when copying anything. Making your own design for an existing character doesn't suddenly mean you don't have rights to it and anyone can copy it.

No. 104291

>Making your own design for an existing character doesn't suddenly mean you don't have rights to it and anyone can copy it.

That’s actually exactly what it means WK-chan

No. 104292

this, it’s like someone tracing fan art and passing it off as their own. the original artist doesn’t own the character, but it’s still shitty

it’s a pretty common sentiment anon

No. 104294

>hi cow

The white knights are really flooding in for Merisa. Both sides are retarded, Merisa is extra retarded for crying about how her super original idea of getting a tattoo of a popular character got ripped off though

No. 104297

I don't even know who any of these people are and /w/ is slow, so I popped in here. What about basic copyright laws don't you get, anon? You can copyright fanart and commission work is copyright regardless of filing as per US law.

No. 104298

When Merisa takes this girl to court over her snowflake tat and wins I’ll concede.

No. 104299

getting upset about it is a thing, if you google copied tattoo there are people who look down on copied fan art designs too. there’s plenty here https://www.instagram.com/tattoocopycats/

No. 104301

It’s “a thing” but that doesn’t make it any less retarded. It right on the same level of bullshit she used to pull about being special during her OG coconuthead days. She’s just better at keeping her mouth shut now but she’s never stopped being like that.

No. 104302

She's in the right on this one and right now it seems like you are the only one calling her a snowflake for asking someone to not have copied a design she commissioned. Take the L, anon. It's fine. Ill just leave my bit at that.

No. 104304

>She’s in the right

I guess if you think a woman in her mid twenties crying about how someone copied her on something she’s not making a profit off of or that doesn’t harm her in any actual way is in the right then sure.

No. 104305

OT but what is it with the old schoolers all looking like they use drugs? Why are so many of them so edgy and additionnally mentally ill, i cannot fucking understand

No. 104316

who are you referring to? dollsmeat? plenty of them don't look like they're on drugs

No. 104319

File: 1594189987757.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20200708-023236.jpg)

probably k8

No. 104320

Post examples. Otherwise you're just phishing for someone to start drama on who they think is and isn't on drugs.

No. 104321

K8 isn't an oldschooler

No. 104322

Who is the person that got the shitty version?

No. 104349

I mean it is tacky af to just copy someone's tattoo like that, but making this big of a deal about it just makes her look bad. It comes off as a call to harass the girl.

No. 104359

File: 1594214696555.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x2160, 0A676434-5B5D-470A-B008-9C8080…)

>It comes off as a call to harass the girl.

That’s exactly what it is. She didn’t stop posting about it after just >>104280 she had a bunch of her friends come to her defense, making images and shit all to “shame” this girl for something that Merisa didn’t actually lose anything over except snowflake points.

No. 104373

Why is this bitch being such a fucking snowflake holy shit!

Don't worry ladies, you'll both equally regret those dumb tattoos in 20 years anyway. Enjoy having to re-shade that soaked-in-piss ageplay tier bunny every five years!
Tattoofags are the WORST. At least when children get mad at other children for copying, it's over homework and art that's actually original. Not designs they stole from a brand and just redrew differently. Even that snowflake Haenuli had more of a right to be annoyed when someone ripped her dress artwork to put into a tattoo–but even that bitch later got called out for selling unoriginal shit too! Lmao.

No. 104391

She didn't name the girl though so people finding her on their own isnt her problem. Its stolen commission work and stolen fanart if you need another way to put it. If there is existing real merchandise of this character in this pose with everything she had for the OG tattoo, she cannot claim it as hers. If she commissioned a non-existing piece, its the same as stealing fanart and tracing over it and claiming its yours. Its that meme people use for momokun all the time. "You made this?" … "I made this now". Its a concept littaught to you as a kid.

No. 104392

It’s not “stolen”, unless you want to by your own logic admit that Merisa “stole” Lyrical Bunny to use in her tattoo. And then by default that neither party is in the right. The only party who had anything actually stolen from them is AP. To have it stolen you had to actually own something/lose something of value like potential revenue.

No. 104395

I don't get how you don't understand the difference between stealing and fanart/commission work. You are basically saying anyone with fandom tattoos cannot have their tattoos stolen because it's based off of pre-existing trademarks. While this is true in company perspective for seeing purposes, this is not the same for altering and paroding an existing work. When you do that you create your own copyright because it's not an existing license commercialized by the parent company. This is why people can sell their own versions of Nintendo items at Artist Alleys and sell photos of them dressed as these characters. It's a parody clause basically. Due to that she DOES own the rights to the original concept of an existing license. The person who copied the tattoo, in that turn, did steal an original artwork and has every right to be blasted.

Your logic is fuck all, anon. You probably defend knock-off lolita, too.

No. 104396

The OG tattoo artist could sue the other tattoo artist as well as the commissioner for the copied tattoo then if you want to erase Bunny from the equation completely and base this solely on stolen fan commissioned artwork. That will hold in court.

No. 104398

Like was said before, if Merisa takes this to court and wins then I’ll consider her in the right. But I highly doubt that even if she took it to court that it would pass. She DOES NOT “own” lyrical bunny in any specific pose. You whiteknights are beyond retarded.

>You probably defend knock-off lolita, too.

This is just showing how immensely stupid you are, considering I’m saying that Merisa knocked off lyrical bunny so she doesn’t have a leg to stand on to begin with and that neither party is right here.

No. 104399

Link cases where someone who doesn’t own the copyright to a character involved has won? From what I can find online from examples like Disney it’s actually illegal to get a tattoo of a copyrighted character but the copyright holders never go after the people who do it so it just slides.

No. 104400

Anon, she is probably not going to court for this. Most people do not go to court for these things. Why are you so retarded about this? Fanart is copyright and you don't need to file for them. You don't have the own the original IP for the character if you are producing something of your own version. This is the case with this. She paid her tattoo artist a commission fee for the tattoo design. Taking that design, changing the colors, and getting it done somewhere else is theft. There is a loss here as this was paid commission work to begin with and the original designer should get royalties for it being recreated.

No. 104402

Again, by this logic royalties should go to AP too for the character. It’s astounding how you’re saying other people don’t understand but then cherry picking who should get what out of this based on your own logic.

No. 104403

Just because big business don't go after small creators doesn't mean small creators don't have rights to their original work of existing IPs. You sound autistic as hell.

No. 104404

I’m the autistic one, not the mid twenties woman having a meltdown over muh special tattooz copied or the whiteknights coming to her defense? Tattoofags really are mentally retarded.

No. 104405

I don't even go to this thread. I'm telling you basic copyright laws, but okay. >>104359 >>104280 is in the right on all fronts of this, so I'll just leave it at that. Copying tattoos is shitty. Because it's an existing IP doesn't make it right. It's still paid commission work.

No. 104406

>I don’t even go to this thread

And yet here you are defending a cow you supposedly don’t know over her retard sperging that her tattoo of a character she doesn’t even own got copied

No. 104409

>I’m the autistic one, not the mid twenties woman having a meltdown
She's posting memes about it to her personal stories anon calm yourself, people vent on online all the time about their lives

Imo she's totally in the right to complain about it as much as she likes. She paid an artist to design and tattoo that custom fanart and then another person just took that art and got it tattooed on themselves. The lolita community is small and very vocal about art theft, just what did the girl who got the copy think was going to happen when she shared photos of the copy online? Play stupid games, get stupid prizes.

No. 104414

How many stories did she make about this shit lmao. It's shitty to knockoff a tattoo design but this is so overdramatic.

No. 104416

No its not for a $800 tattoo and weeks worth of editing it and then getting it permanently put on your body and some hack steals the design and has a sorry tattooist do it too, botch it on top. Shes in the absolute right to complain like this. Drag the cunt.

No. 104420

What is actually taken away? Did she have to pay for the other person's tattoo, as well?
This is one of the risks you take when you post anything of yours on the public internet. She should be glad she doesn't have a literal skinwalker

No. 104441

Not how that works, anon

No. 104443

Not an argument.

No. 104453

They look exactly the same save color and background why is she so anal about this…

No. 104464

because its copied commission work

No. 104475

imagine being this angry about a tattoo that you're going to be begging to get lazered off when you're 40 because it's childish and embarrassing to have.

No. 104478

dollsmeat/piss chan DEFINITELY uses hard drugs she looks fucked up and so does her hair and her kumya (have you seen the poor thing? It's gray) Barcode bangs chan probably does so as well.

Speaking of piss chan she is known to call other girls aging,ugly or fat on cgl while looking quite chunky and crusty herself. Projection maybe? She also got cucked by her "poly" boyfriend who paid for her shopping addiction and cried more about losing her income than her boyfriend on the OS server kek.

During my short stay on the server I remember garbage chan saying something along the lines of the way fat people were rotting once dead was interesting. Nutcases,the lots of them.

No. 104479

While i get being pissed someone copied your tat this bitch is mentally retarded and assblasted beyond belief. She doesn't own Lyrical Bunny and it looks like something you would see on a nursery wall anyway. Embarassing.

No. 104512

now this is the milk she deserve. what a self righteous cow.

No. 104517

not gonna defend dollsmeat, but barcode chan isn't on hard drugs. she's just disabled and can barely keep herself together. garbage chan also never said that on the OS server. the caps are from a different server.

anyways, a couple cows don't mean the entire substyle is trash. you sound bitter and lacking in the critical thinking department.

No. 104521

Gotta be same anon who defends the stealing too.

No. 104527

kek no

No. 104528

There’s not just one person defending the “stealing”, which isn’t even stealing, it’s copying. If it was one person samefagging and replying to themselves agreeing farmhands would call it out. This isn’t /cgl/. On top of that, it’s ridiculous to think that every opinion you disagree with ITT comes from the same person.

No. 104531

File: 1594304795994.jpeg (43.56 KB, 330x358, F827E53A-8843-4519-8ECA-2AD898…)

Reposting from /cgl/ because an anon pointed out that the pose people are using to defend Merisa’s spergout with is actually just directly copied from the Lyrical Bunny on Fancy Whip. This makes her claim of working on it for a week extra retarded, since she just changed the colors up and the strawberry to a star.

No. 104532

Because of how much is changed, it would file in her favor for copyright law if she wanted to go to court, the artist of the tattoo, not Mer. There isn't, however, enough different aside from color changes to the copied tattoo and omitting the background. Adding to it conceptually does make it unique. Taking the parts away and overlaying the photos, it's direct copy of a tattoo recreated and new so it's OG, regardless of IP existing. It's the character of an existing IP, but the art style is different. Thats why people are defending it being theft. Also you can overlay the photos. It's traced.

No. 104533

The word theft isn’t applicable. Merisa lost nothing. I’d argue she gained something since she got to throw a tantrum and have a bunch of people like yourself rush to give her asspats. The pose was used though in defense of Merisa ITT, and now that it’s turned out it’s not original people are just moving the goalpost.

No. 104534

i'm not, but you sound pretty bitter about that post anon :) it's so sweet of you to come defend your friends.

No. 104535

What was stolen, exactly? Special snowflake points?
Two retards have the same rabbit drawn on their skin. So what?

No. 104552

Go back to cgl, retard

No. 104554

you can't file copyright for fanart lmfao.

No. 104569

You don’t understand anon, Merisa is super special and these circumstances are so drastic that she totally could. It’s theft and she’s the most special artist so it’s ok for her to rip off a character from AP but if anyone else does they’re bad.

No. 104598

>if she wanted to go to court
you can't go to court over the use of fanart in which you used someone else's IP. this is peak stupidity

No. 104612

Anyone else finding it hilarious how ivb is having multiple meltdowns about not fitting into her dresses anymore (after getting pregnant only a few months after getting married at 25) and is constantly whining about her loss of MUh IdEntITy now that her 50 something dresses can't be worn?

No. 104631

Oh just wait until she has her little gremlin. Then she'll complain even more. Sorry you choose to get nutted in.

No. 104655

Doesn't speak much of her "identity" if she feels she lost it just because she can't wear a style of dress. Pity the poor preggo, she's in for an even ruder awakening when she has to share her money with baby and can't dump it all into asian fashions anymore.

No. 104658

So she rushed into marriage and then pregnancy and now regrets it huh. So much for her military wife fantasy.

No. 104659

It’s not impossible to fit into lolita while you’re pregnant but she was fat even before she got pregnant so it was never going to happen for her. The real takeaway from this is she is retarded enough to have not realized this would happen before.

No. 104668

IVB can fit into lolita after her pregnancy but she needs to take care of herself. I wonder if she is going to end up as your typical overweight dependa lmao.

No. 104676

this. breeding bitches know what they're getting into by letting losers cum in them. She'll grow to be a bitter Karen once her child is born and takes over her life. This is why you adopt,don't pop one out of your pussy because your body will be ruined and you won't fit your dressed

No. 104682

Yep. She doesn't even have a house, only an apartment. With no washer/drier. Funny how she acts like a spoiled trophy wife when she couldn't get a house out of her husband.

(She also only worked her self appointed "Big Girl Job" for what, 3-4 years? before quitting to be a stay at home parent. That's gonna look great on her resume when she is forced to work again.)

Gonna be rolling with laughter when she has to sell most of her wardrobe.

No. 104684

File: 1594427455919.png (71.72 KB, 490x456, Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 5.11…)

Fitting into lolita should be the least of her worries. Her wanting to be a lolita mom is going to be a disaster. Even the calmest of babies still get diarrhea, vomit, spit up food, and are generally gross. She's having a boy and boys sometimes pee on you when you change them. Her dresses are gonna become disgusting so fast if she goes through with her stupid plan.

Her spending priorities are wack. She splurged on an ~aesthetic~ bassinet instead of buying a sensible one for $100-200. Who knows how much more she’s wasted on buying cutesy things for highly inflated prices instead of buying sensible ones for much less.

No. 104687

Considering she is already a bitter Karen with how she complains online/chases down and bitches at her delivery driver for her packages, I think she is two steps ahead.

Her advertising herself as a "lolita mom" is going to be glorious milk. Can't wait for the meltdowns.

Jokes on her too for having a boy, now she'll never have her perfect accessory.

No. 104698

What do you guys think IVB is going to name her kid? I’m betting on something like Kaydon or Jaxxson to complete her Karen personality.

No. 104768

He could always be an "ouji accessory".

No. 104895

unless she "loses interest" in the fashion because of pregnancy/post-pregnancy weight gain + the fact she probably won't have time nor energy for dressing up for the next 16+ years

The more she romanticizes her future as a flawless ~ lolita mom ~, the more disappointed she will be when reality hits

No. 104902

Hahaha but isn’t her identity a MiLiTarY wiFe!!!

No. 104955

File: 1594687497432.jpeg (554.83 KB, 1080x1386, AD271DC8-9FF0-48C4-8861-D43802…)

Anyone know who wrote this gem?

No. 104970


No. 104975

>eurotard acting like an expert on american racism
>has probably never even seen a black person irl
why am i even surprised

No. 104978

This is so narcissistic… Who fucking gives a shit about how many outfits you've worn, why shoehorn that dumbass analogy into this essay? I don't understand why she couldn't say her thoughts without dragging herself and her ~ lolita accomplishments~ into it like a fag.

No. 105010

Every single picture she’s posted for the last several months has a sermon about BLM or another social issue in the description. This is the shortest one I’ve found, on a picture of… socks.
>Roses are red
>Racism is systemic
>Terfs are not feminists
>Stay safe from the pandemic

No. 105014

File: 1594738535402.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1249, 69E77F65-AD18-4617-8996-1E2701…)

She should focus less on writing novels on something she knows nothing about and more on making sure her 55 coords aren’t all ita dumpsterfires

No. 105022

this is god awful

No. 105036

File: 1594747661684.png (1.18 MB, 1161x868, 73F3ABF6-572F-4DE2-9E1C-B50884…)

Dollsmeat is at it again being a crazy bitch

No. 105038

>those cheap fugly ali/tb tights that pop up every time you search for lace tights

i didn't know anyone would actually buy these.

No. 105040

File: 1594748555152.jpg (31.2 KB, 640x636, EWQxVJKXYAAsqdA.jpg)

>relax, it's just clothes - the set's gonna pop up again someday

No. 105041

kek i lurk in this server let me fill you in:
>girl in discord snags ugly poodle dress
>dollsmeat wanted poodle dress and proceeds to ree about it on /cgl/
>possible lurker in server tells dollsmeat who got it
>she gets mad pissed (kek) at girl upon realizing they were once friends
>turns out girl dumped her mentally unstable ass a year ago after realizing she obsessively shit talked one of her friend also in this server
>ffw to now
>dollsmeat blocks girl
>somehow girl finds out
>if i recall she was going on her account to show piss picture to a newfag
>views account on private mode and sees this
>she tells the server about it and shit ensues

One of her friends who was still friend with dolls dumped her ass as well and dolls apparently started fake crying and sent her gf because she's a baby who shit her pants. It has been confirmed that she once OD'd on drugs and almost died while hanging with lolitas too. She's a wreck.

No. 105042

Caps please? Dollsmeat is such a prime cow

No. 105043

>she once OD'd on drugs and almost died while hanging with lolitas
top 10 best meetup ideas
(but for real, how and why the fuck does shit like this happen)

No. 105045

File: 1594749172487.png (57.06 KB, 476x363, 2020-07-14 195.png)

too lazy to cap the whole conversation but have this as proof

No. 105046

And the other chick she used to obsess about is still in the server.
dolls would just post her on cgl constantly and call the poor lass old and haggard a lot for
no reason until poodle dress girl found out what a sad bitch she is and left her

No. 105047

Could someone post the poodle dress in question? I wanna see what she's so upset about.

No. 105048

it was embroidered poodle by meta in a set

No. 105050

File: 1594750689541.jpeg (20.08 KB, 300x400, 0c5f6d6a-fba8-5051-81d8-15719c…)

this one perhaps?

No. 105051

All this based on speculation over an anon /cgl/ post? Seems fishy.

No. 105072

Not really when you take into consideration Piss-chan’s Long history of posting on /cgl/ and acting like a crazed twat all over the Internet.

No. 105081

Got the nerve to look like this while trying to capitalize off BLM like >>104955…..
Don’t do shit like this. It’s narcissistic and makes you look like an ass

Serves her right, crazy ass.

No. 105099

There’s still zero proof she actually wrote that post on /cgl. And a secondhand account from someone saying she overdosed in front of a bunch of lolitas? If this girl really was overdosing at a meet why did no one contact a mod and get this handled? If I went to a meet with an overdosing girl my first step would be to get her medical help and contact the moderators to get her banned from the community

No. 105111

She posted about it on her Instagram too. What more proof do you really need? Also learn to sage your shit newfag

No. 105128

it doesn't say it was a meet could be one person

No. 105183

Why even bother with the blue at all? Does she not own a powder pink/mute pink or a black dress?

No. 105186

Could you at least prove who sent it or time stamps? Something to confirm this is real and isn't just a cropped and faked text field to look like Discord? These all have times and stuff after being sent.

No. 105371

Anon some of her stories are literally reacting to /cgl/ posts. A few days ago someone in the old school thread was shitting on people with shooped backgrounds and a few hours later she posted in her stories about how she inspirationless and tired of background shoops. Nevermind she posted several times in the DD thread.

No. 105374

Nayrt but they'd just give away their timezone and the server is hyperautistic with purging as soon as drama starts.

Though I too would love to see more of the conversation.

No. 105381

That doesn't prove anything.

No. 105384

You’re an idiot. Ofc it does.

No. 105427

Ok I'll blindly believe you now

No. 105434

>you say 2 + 2 = 4? Fuck off im not a sheep

Kek. Ok anon. You are an independent thinker.

No. 105468

Sure, what a bunch of weird coincidences who all happen in a row. 0/10

No. 105684

that thread hasnt been active in a week and not once do they discuss shooped backgrounds. So as much as i dislike the person, this isnt even true.

No. 105697

File: 1595124498396.jpeg (783.6 KB, 828x1467, AF2B27F7-5F31-401F-90A9-F65345…)

Lolitas going out to eat, why are you doing this? IVB is pregnant and she is asking to get COVID.

No. 105705

IVB is a fat moron but I’m surprised her friends are willingly putting her at risk considering she’s pregnant.

No. 105706

I wouldn't care if IVB wasn't pregnant and got COVID because she's an adult and that would be the consequence of her own action, but I am worried about the fact that pregnant women can pass COVID onto their babies in utero. It's irresponsible of her to be out knowing that her son could get COVID if she catches it.

No. 105716

So they are being safe while going out at least. The pearl clutching about "how dare you go out during covid" is so ridiculous.

No. 105717

>being safe

You really think they’re going to be able to eat and drink with masks on? They aren’t six feet apart either. You sound like the same kind of retard to insist that you should be able to go out to bars during a fucking spiking pandemic

No. 105720

The tables are and tey do have distance unless they are spitting at each other. I bet staff has masks and as a food worker, I bet they are doing as much extra as we have been. You need to calm down. You sound as bad as the people in the thot thread about cosplayers still doing shoots even though they are seen with masks on. It's not like they are crowded.

No. 105721

i don't like her but this isn't milk, or everyone who goes out during covid is a cow

No. 105723

yes, everyone who goes out during covid is a cow

No. 105726

>The pearl clutching about "how dare you go out during covid" is so ridiculous.
People are dying, anon.

No. 105729

And those servers have to work and their business is open. Not every place does takeout too. It's dumb to take one of each other to their own home and a lot of places have public parks closed. So what do you want people to do, anon? The business is open and has outdoor seating. Everyone is trying to get by. People are indeed dying, but going out during COVID and wearing a mask and eating outside across from someone is good enough for the situation no one can control and yet our economy has to stay open.

No. 105771

Hard agree. Placing your own satisfaction as a higher priority than saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of people instantly makes you a cow.

You sound like a cow too. The places that don’t do takeout during a fucking pandemic deserve to close. There are places where one in every eight people are suspected to have this virus. We are going to reach 100,000 cases a DAY soon. Crying about muh economy doesn’t make you in the right. If a place can’t adapt to the pandemic, they get shut down. The government is handing out welfare like candy right now.

>but going out during COVID and wearing a mask and eating outside across from someone is good enough for the situation no one can control and yet our economy has to stay open.

This is literally the exact kind of pants on head retarded thinking that lead to cases skyrocketing in the USA. You are so monumentally stupid I’m amazed you were able to get onto a computer and type this out with how low functioning you must be to think going out to eat with friends during a pandemic is fine.

No. 105774

The place did adapt. It created outdoor seating like most places had to that still need to stay open and hopefully patrons come to give them a paycheck.

No. 105776

That’s not properly adapting when the patrons are seated less than 6ft apart. If any business is trying to stay open during a pandemic and not doing takeout they must be run by people as mentally challenged as you are.

No. 105791

You sure were quick to reply to my post.

Anon, just because it is happening does not make it okay. Doing frivolous things like this IS a problem. As said above, if a business cannot adapt to just offering takeout/curbside pickup right now, they really should not be open and should have been closed for months. Places like this are part of the problem. There are lots of options for forgivable loans and unemployment if a business needs to close. And if they are staying open but not adapting to the pandemic, people should indicate that is okay by not giving them money, ie business. So it is on customers as well.

The fact that people are not being strict with themselves is exactly why the US is having problems curving their numbers, and this wishywashy commitment you seem to be okay with is entirely the problem.

The CDC says you should stay 6 feet away MINIMUM when around others without a mask outside. And overall, it is stated that quarantining is the best option right now. The reason some states are allowing some slack is because people are being giant pissbabies and complaining they can't go to a restaurant, bar, or shop and they are so boohoo bored and they don't want them to get hysterical and more more stupid choices. But, as we can see with current numbers, there are going to be more lockdowns because of this exact kind of shit: trying to still get away with these nonessential activities that can easily spread COVID19.

It is clear that at this table they are not 6 feet away. That is on the restaurant and IVB and her friends, too.

Also, she is pregnant and doing this shit during a pandemic when we don't even completely understand what this virus does long term or what it could do to her child, either in utero or once born. She is being incredibly careless at the expense of her child's health and her own. Plus, she is setting a terrible example to those who follow her as well, acting as if now is an appropriate time for lolita meets and lunch with friends all because 'uwu I wanna get out of the house/I want attention for my pregnancy.' She could at least not post about it and keep her selfish actions to herself instead of flaunting them on instagram.

No. 105820

I'm in IVB's comm and recognize that tea place. That place does takeout. She could've gotten her order and did a Zoom call with her friend.

>She is being incredibly careless at the expense of her child's health and her own.
She's not just careless about her baby and herself, but she's been regularly going to Starbucks since the pandemic started and chased down a UPS driver to demand a package. She doesn't care about anyone except herself.

No. 105821

File: 1595187061926.webm (442.56 KB, 640x640, 107808256_271346324096576_8406…)

I just checked IVB and her friend's Instagrams and there's a video of her and her friend sitting near each other and eating with no masks on. "They took precautions", my ass.

No. 105824

stuff like this isn't really a problem if people are wearing masks in public and practicing good hygiene. if you have no possibility of being sick you can hang out with others who also don't, no problem. the issue arises when people aren't honest and probably were exposed but act like they weren't.

No. 105827

>good hygeine
cmon now, anon. you also have to factor in that people can be asymptomatic carriers. just because she or her friends aren't showing outward symptoms of having miss rona doesn't mean that they're completely safe from it.

No. 105828

File: 1595192052647.png (133.48 KB, 260x446, parlor.png)

It's funny because her's IS a ripoff of an existing design too. She just redrew bits of this and combined it with >>104531

No. 105829

The only people who “have no possibility of being sick” are the ones staying at home and not hanging out with people to start with, so this is redundant and not applicable to this situation. Not to mention IVB goes out to Starbucks partially every single day, if not actually every single day, by her own admission. You are delusional if you think you’re aren’t at risk but still go out AT ALL.

No. 105830

She had the tattoo a few months before the print was even previewed

No. 105831

It may not be a ripoff of ICP but it is of >>104531 good to see Merisa’s WKs are still at it ITT though

No. 105832

Outing yourself as a newfag who doesn't know when AP fashion shows are is pretty sad.

No. 105833

That wasn’t even me who posted >>105828 retard. Outing yourself as a newfag who doesn’t understand anonymous posting culture is pretty sad.

No. 105853

As much as I understand feeling uncomfortable by someone doing this, It's not appropriate to post someone on lolcow and shame them for them having, what sounds like, a mental health episode. If someone almost OD'd around a normal person, I don't think their response would be to complain that the person makes them "uncomfortable" unless they're very immature or a teenager. Someone should have called an ambulance if she almost OD'd. This isn't drama or "milk", this sounds like someone dealing with a serious mental illness who needs help, not ridicule.

No. 105854

>wehhhh peepl not eeting wiff MASK
i dislike IVB but you sound really retarded. We arent going to stop living altogether and stay locked up in a bunker til christmas.

No. 105861

>fuck you im not going to stop going out even if it means hundreds of thousands of people die

Good on you anon! You going out to eat with friends is more important than all of those peoples lives.

No. 105904

Actually yes. Not everywhere is as bad as America and i couldnt give less of a damn about someone i dont know or care about dying if it means i have fun

No. 105910

> i couldnt give less of a damn about someone i dont know or care about dying if it means i have fun

Don’t cut yourself on that edge

No. 105914

>This isn't drama or "milk", this sounds like someone dealing with a serious mental illness who needs help
If someone's poor mental health disqualified their actions from being milk, we'd have no cows on this site.

No. 105922

> Actually yes. Not everywhere is as bad as America
But IVB is American and lives in a highly infected area. Not everything is about you, anon.

No. 105950

i hope you never leave your house and only get groceries delivered, ect. You should retarded as fuck.

No. 105952

>You should retarded as fuck


No. 105987

You said it yourself, if she was really ODing and experiencing a crisis then her friend or friends would have (or should have) called for help, so either she has shitty friends who dont call for help when their friend is dying or it didn't happen in the first place. Based on her behavior in the bast I'd say it was just attention seeking.

No. 106001

Dayum there is a pandemic going on and Lolitas are still busy having high tea.

No. 106225

The fact that you keep moving the goalpost about this is hilarious

No. 106226

>I’m not whiteknighting, I’m just responding to a 3 day old post even though the discussion has moved on to defend a cow

Merisa’s WKs really just can’t let it go(derailing)

No. 106236

File: 1595438954527.jpeg (174.1 KB, 795x1009, 626EBBAA-941E-4445-B092-EB65B1…)

What's this girl's deal? Has she always been this sick?

No. 106240

Gosh idk she’s obviously an anachan but damn. I had to block her on insta to not see her

No. 106241

I keep seeing this girl in my explore page and I am terrified for her every time one of her pics pops up. I have no milk to contribute, but hope other anons might.

No. 106252

I don't know her but people who do chime in on /cgl/ every so often when she comes up in threads. Apparently she's "in recovery" but she's been in the fashion for years and tbh she seems thinner than she's ever been as far as I can tell so take that with a pinch of salt. Anons say she's nice, though, and she doesn't seem to have any drama. I've noticed that she sells a lot of barely-used or NWT AP on her LM account which makes me think she might have a shopping addiction as well as an eating disorder, but that's just speculation on my part. Don't think she's very milky in any case.

No. 106254

File: 1595442060003.jpg (828.1 KB, 2400x1800, mmm.jpg)

moitie put out a $120 oversized tshirt and the fighting in the comments is cringe

No. 106255

Whats the main post, not the comments?

No. 106256