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File: 1572197030292.png (106.35 KB, 512x384, 1458989120418.png)

No. 71172

Hazuki No Yume and TheBlackCero
>vocaloid subbers, got into a fight with rachie, circus-p and some irrelevant utaites
>basically they said the hazuki and cero were just reuploading videos, when, in fact, for the most part they were not
>apparently rachie stole hazuki's translyrics, and cero is mad because "hazuki's japanese skills are superior"
>cero goes on large twitter rants and just can't fucking let it go
>hazuki "retires", and ultimately just leaves and deletes all their accounts
>cero is mad that people are reuploading hazuki's videos, because hazuki is the fuCKING bEST
>used garageband for a majority of their music
>knows nothing about music theory
>had a music series but discontinued it because "i am depressed"
>horrible tumblr art
>"bendi and the ink machine ees good game
>tRIGGER WARNINGS bECause i have mental illnesses and you do too
>not very milky, just shitty voice, shitty art, and shitty translyrics
>terrible fucking music
>keeps shilling his album
>obsessive fanbase of edgy children

No. 71174

Previous Thread: >>12305

Sorry for the lazy copy-paste OP, but I feel like with the two soon ending MikuExpo contests there is drama incoming.

No. 71178


I read where it said she deleted her youtube. this is another youtube which i really think is her. im not a fan enough to be sure . i linked the videos because the main pages autoplays a video.

No. 71210

File: 1572229525905.jpg (159.29 KB, 1816x834, purification.jpg)

just a summary of the more recent hazuki/cero stuff. Disclaimer: don't have receipts for most of it, and didn't see the 'apology' video before it was taken down

>2018, Cero starts uploading translations on his channel.

>After a while the videos start including both cero's logo and hazuki's hidden in them, usually pretty faintly but it's still obvious the two are still working together on translations/subs
>Meanwhile, a lot of different channels have been reuploading hazuki's old translations. Links to a large archive of videos are posted on reddit

Things seem calm for a while, with Hazuki & Cero translating a range of songs from big producers like DECO*27 to lesser known ones

Then, earlier this month, Kaja released Unclosed Human, a wowaka tribute song that was a collab between a number of producers including cillia

>Hazuki & Cero sub and reupload the song on Cero's channel and are called out for it, hard, for reuploading without asking Kaja's permission

>They make a community post on youtube that's half an apology, half trying to justify themselves by pointing out issues with youtube's captioning system e.g. a lot of producers don't enable it, accuracy of translations because anyone can upload, etc
>(I think they also took the video down before this, not 100% though)
>Mostly negative response from the community
>Then they did a livestream titled "An Apology" where:

"They made a short speech about how it was unethical to translate/reprint without permission.

-They noted that they had never asked for permission for any of the videos on their channel, but now understood it was unacceptable…

-…And therefore they would be deleting all of their videos during the livestream." (taken from the reddit post)

Cero's channel, and all the videos on it, were deleted. Seems like a few of the channels that had been reuploading old hazuki translations have had their videos deleted or deleted them themselves in response to hazuki's blog post.

On the 14th, Hazuki posted the following statement on her blog:
"This blog is permanently inactive.
Please refrain from reuploading any video featuring my translations.
Please do not put my translations on any uploads, closed captions, wikis, etc.
Removal of past uses of my translations is greatly appreciated.
Thank you."

All previous translations have been deleted from the blog, and she later added to the message:
"Postscript: It has come to my attention that there may be some comprehension problem regarding my statement above.
To clarify, by “Removal of past uses of my translations is greatly appreciated,” I mean that I would like all past uses of my translations to be removed.
This includes subbed videos, closed captions, wikis, etc.
Any use of my translations should be considered unauthorized and an infringement of copyright."

If anyone has other sources/actually saw the video please add to this. sorry for messiness, not posted here before

No. 71479

>(I think they also took the video down before this, not 100% though)
They did take it down around 12+ hours before making that community post.

No. 71739

so is no one else going to talk about how sam made a whole goddamn song, "let's get wild", where it's a duet with him and his vocaloid aka he's just singing with himself. i knew he was pathetic but this is a new low. it screams "LOOK AT ME I DID THIS THING THIS IS ME THIS IS MY VERY OWN VOCALOID AND I'M SINGING WITH IT PLEASE CLAP".

No. 71758

File: 1572848683741.jpg (98.71 KB, 1061x662, chika.JPG)


vocaloid voicers singing with their vocaloids isn't new, what's your point?

No. 71770

File: 1572867294658.png (145.78 KB, 724x407, CF304875-4244-4F78-91C9-5D3AD8…)


my point is that it's pathetic for someone to have a copy of their own vocaloid and constantly use it for their music. it's fishing for attention because you're clearly trying to get people to care based off of the one slightly interesting thing you accomplished so they'll post brainlet comments like "omg u totally sound like dex i can't even tell the difference ur so gud wow my wigggggg" on an otherwise mediocre edm track. the duet isn't the problem. fixating upon your status as a voice provider is

No. 71786

He was probably given a copy since he provided the vocals? It's not like he went out and bought it. Yeah it's an attention grab but how else is he supposed to advertise dex/himself? At least he actually wrote a song for it instead of just doing a bad cover of a popular song like most people who think they'll get famous with a shitty utauloid of their own voice.

>mediocre edm track

You mean like 99% of songs by western producers?

No. 71787

Lmao if the Vocaloid was actually good you wouldn't need the voice provider to use it in order to get people to care. Its quality should be self-explanatory by the content other people make. Don't remember anyone else pulling this except Aki, Kenji, and Misha, and coincidentally they voiced three of the worst Engloids we got in a long time.

No. 71805

Nta but its truly sad how boring and soulless Vocaloid music has become, i always try to give producers a chance but everything sounds so uninspired, "oh your tuning is awesome, X sounds so good!!!" and so? the music is absolute shit, wtf cares about "good tunning" if your song sounds lifeless.

No. 71807

also im aware Ghost isn't the best songwriter but sometimes she creates some interesting melodies…but this one was genuinely disappointing, if she was going to get so lazy she rather not release this shit, such a forgettable song.

No. 71808

they're all so fucking same-y as well. whether it's ghost or creep-p every song is just gore/horror/abusive relationship. they're both in their 20s, just fucking go to therapy already and stop pandering to 3edgy5u teens

I like ferry just because she actually has a series with lore going on, and her songs don't all sound the same.

No. 71838

Ferry is fine, but it's sad that one of the only tolerable western producers sucks at music production. Her mixing has gotten a bit better, but it still comes across as amateurish.
She'll probably improve with time, but it fucking sucks that the only people in the community who know sound design choose to make the most uninspired EDM/muh trauma shit.

No. 71853

That's because you're only clicking on what gets recommended to you instead of actively searching for new stuff on various sources. I'm really sick and tired of that "hurrr vocaloid is shit now muh nostalgia" "durrr vocaloid is dying" nonsense. Stop being lazy, there a tons of good new producers and great new stuff from older producers. The way it's distributed is just too contraproductive now.

No. 71861


what does it matter when her brainlet middle schooler fanbase will eat up everything she releases no matter how bad or uninspired or forced it is. that's why she has no interest in actually pushing herself to improve or do anything significantly different; why care when all your feedback is going to be overwhelmingly positive anyways?


you've got the right idea, cheers

No. 71883

That only applies to Japanese producers/community outside some really few exceptions lmao, you are fucking delusional if you think there's talent/something interesting in the western community nowadays.

No. 71886


not exactly easy to find talented new japanese producers when one of the most active subbers likes to throw shitfits and insist everything they've ever translated is "tainted" and must be nuked from the internet.

Forgetfulsubs was about the best other one but they went on health hiatus almost a year ago and hasn't said anything since, and most the other subbers mentioned in the previous thread who aren't google translate level only upload one or two videos a year

No. 71892

oh boy ghost, i checked out housewife radio from them recently because i thought it might be interesting since i've never seen 1950's aesthetic in a vocaloid video before. music could have been catchy if they worked on it more, lyrics are bad and gumi sounds like shit even tho her english is really good.

not connected but are there any western producers you guys would recommend? i mostly listen to japanese producers and a few old english songs.

No. 71898

File: 1572999957792.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 1C05DD07-B633-4ABA-898A-AC72CA…)

so aki is charging forty dollars for an ugly gremlin chibi doodle because she needs money but she also has enough money to attend a four day, out of state con in atlanta with three different homemade cosplays. $28k where

No. 71904

The best producers i have heard have been spanish/latin for some reason. There's this guy called YZYX, he's really good (i could mention more producers but i don't remember most of them since their peak was like 5 years ago). There's Quasar-P, their production is awesome but vocals are sad.

No. 71905

forgot video lol

No. 71907

Steampianist (if edgy shit is your cup of tea)
Beau Jordan
LesManga Musique (more on remixes tho)

how about those?

No. 71920

Marvin Valentin and Lauren Estes are pretty good

No. 71956


Quite a bit of SoundCloud users are actually pretty good if you're willing to dig. Not sure what style you're aiming to listen for but I can give several recommendations.

No. 71963

listened to the song you linked and its a bit too generic edm for me. quasar-p's music wasn't bad but there's definitely room for improvement in the vocals as you said.
i don't mind edgy shit every now and then, (bacterial contamination is pretty fun) but steampianist's stuff really isn't my thing.
i really like AdyS's more rocky sound, but the singing is pretty bad, in "Can't stop the world from spinning" the music just straight up overpowers the singing.
really enjoying Beau Jordan's more chill music, thrive reminds me of another song, but i cant put my figure on what.
on LesManga Musique, i'm not really into this kinda meme music but that madeon and porter robinson mashup is great.
"Mine" from ODDEEO could have been something i liked but i felt the vocals didn't work really well with it.
checking out Marvin Valentin and "Gifted Child" gave kind of a bad impression at first cus it felt flat to me, but "Starburst" is actually pretty good but they need to work on the vocals.
from Lauren Estes "Beyond the Veil" started out fun but the singing quickly ruined it, though i've heard that dex and daina are kinda low quality vocaloids. their other stuff was a bit slow for me.
yea i should prolly have started with that lol. i'm into metal/rock stuff, listening to a lot of utsu-p and maretu right now, but i also like a more electronic or pop-y sound like deco*27.

No. 71982


If you like metal/industrial I suggest Derek Spear and Bakeneko. Dasu has really good dubstep songs that hit hard, but it's in Tagalog (the language of the Philippines). There's also Uta Yamato if you're more into ballad rock and Shius - which is kinda a mixed bag? Depends if you like rapcore. Look them up and see which you like the best.

No. 72018

I found a western producer called Polycerate Majesty hoping his music would maybe be decent but that quickly went out the window. God my ears are bleeding

No. 72029

the difference is its not very often. chika and her voicer did it for one time. arsloid and his voicer did it on stage and so did seeu. sachikos voicer even made a cover and meika voicer made an original but thats the thing. they dont do it constantly and as an obvious ploy for attention because they dont even need it. all of these other voicers are already famous or well known that they dont even need a vocaloid to boost that. sometimes the things they do dont even boost the popularity of the vocaloid anyways cuz chika and arsloid are still unpopular as shit regardless.

aki, kenji, and misha are all nobodies in comparison to all of the other vocaloid voicers. the only clout they fish for comes from the vocaloid fandom and anyone willing to suck up to them. theyre all shitty people who unfortunately got vocaloids and equally shitty ones at that. the easiest way to keep clowning around for attention is to keep using their own vocaloids and promote them as good vocals even tho we all know the three are garbage. or if youre aki, scam people for money, get people to do shit for you for ugly ass keychains, pander to other languages cuz youre weeb trash, and praise shota baby panties

dex doesnt need the advertisement. character itself is the least shitty of the three worst engloids. people consider using him unlike daina and ruby. kenji himself is a desperate manchild who manipulates others into doing free fanart and doing everything he could to try to stay "relevant", including doing a "voice provider edition" of "Honey I'm Home" that nobody asked for.

this entirely

No. 72030

"uwu im a wolf, my vocaloids a wolf, my utaus a wolf, and my song is about wolves awoooo"

No. 72047


that's it that's literally the whole song. you can just read this post and get the idea without listening to four minutes of bland ass edm

No. 72071

theres this new big al anniversary album thats coming out and circus, aki, and kenji in it. aki used daina in hers and kenji used dex in his. that japanese artist whos been doing free fanart for kenji did the art track for kenjis song. good job converting your fanboy into a brainwashed slave. we all know he didnt find any of your shitty songs on his own. you force fed them to him on twitter cuz youre desperate for attention and want dex to be loved so badly that you could never settle for people who already liked him. filthy cunt

does anyone else feel like what aki and kenji are doing for the album is in bad taste? they literally cant make a song only for al, the character the album is dedicated to. is it necessary to shove in your own shitty characters in an album that has nothing to do with them? it could have been any other vocaloid top but they choose their own just because its theirs. fucking retarded

No. 72091

yeah, that's incredibly dumb. it's literally a fucking tribute album, how is shilling their own shitty vocals a 'tribute'? if it was at least a duet it would be slightly less shitty but they're not even bothering to pretend to actually care about the point of the album

No. 72095

wow i know nothing about these aki and kenji characters but the organizers seriously will allow them to not use the fucking vocaloid that the album is about?

No. 72105

File: 1573161779362.png (18.62 KB, 615x222, REEEEEEEEEEEEEE.PNG)


it's in very bad taste and, like with everything else they do, is a clear attempt at forced relevance. as for what >>72095 said, the people organizing the big alliance album either allowed it because either "oh em gee how could i say no to real life voice providers" or sam and aki twisted their arms into doing it. knowing how sam is having uoshi pump out dex fanart while still policing what people say about dex and daina three years after they've been released, i think we can guess which one it was at this point

No. 72116


kenji's might have been a duet with al and dex considering that uoshi's track art had both of them in it. iirc aki's uses daina as harmonies and al as the main vocals? point is its fine if there are vocals in the album that arent just the vocaloid its dedicated to as long as the subject gets the main vocals. thats been done in plenty of albums. but thats the tea: they use their own vocaloids and not any other engloid. its just shit shilling and self promoting. imho it would have been nicer to use another pfxloid but instead its dex and daina because its kenji and aki.

classic grown ass man acting extremely childish. its been three years. this isnt fucking utau. its a paid product. people have a right to be dissatisfied for what they paid for. grow the fuck up

No. 72126

It would've been pretty cute if they used another PFXloid as like a family thing. They could've used that to their advantage as a gimmick instead of hurrdurr this me Vocaloid but of course they had to be ginormous speds about it.

It's gotta be an insecurity thing. If he was actually confident about Dex and Daina he wouldn't be doing all this autistic screeching every time someone said something mean about them. Damn. At seventy dollars each they're the most expensive Vocaloids in Zero-G's library. Get over yourself.

No. 72142

thats just it isnt it? dex and daina are nothing to be confident about. they along with ruby are complete shit. dont forget that the pair have wookie noises for growl and somehow zero-g and yamaha allowed that.

its so funny how almost 4 years ago since dex and daina released that kenji claimed that people were entitled to their own opinion and whatever and was fine with the criticisms as long as theyre valid. now hes a hypocrite. all he does is cry and whine and screech every time someone says something against dex and daina and sometimes its real criticism and nothing mean. he just doesnt like to hear how flawed they are and made himself the official police. if youre going to be this butthurt stick to fucking utau because a lot of those fans are just as annoying and butthurt

i know misha and syo does the same shit with ruby too but misha is also an entitled bitch who doesnt give a fuck about what retarded things she says. ruby is crowned worst vocaloid so it doesnt even matter in the end. for kenji and aki, they just keep fucking themselves up and whore for attention and use people

even for the three worst trio, dex is the most popular of them. even though he has problems people like him for other reasons. for kenji thats not enough. he has to rub dex shit all over and manipulate people to do it. its beyond pathetic

No. 72143

the albums have potential to tap into new and upcoming musicians and artists but then you have circus, aki, and kenji existing in there too just to overshadow everyone else. maybe the other producers dont feel that way because they feel honored theyre in the same album with "popular western producers" but behold: those three are gross anyways. considered buying the album myself, but with those three in there, no thanks. not interested in boring and bland shit, especially from producers who dont really seem to care.

No. 72144


just listened to the album crossfade on twitter and it sounds like it has some promising talent in it. too bad it's probably going to be ignored in favor of two insecure dipshits and a burnt-out soyboy.

No. 72202

Daina just sounds bad. I dunno how anyone can justify it beyond 'feels'.

Her delivery is inconsistent. Kenji frames it as a strength as it makes her sound more "dynamic", fuck that. If I wanted my Vocaloid to sound dynamic I would tune it so. KenjiB says its because their director told them to deliver with "power" but that doesn't change that Aki didn't have enough vocal training to deliver it consistently. It doesn't matter if its Aki or the director's fault, it makes Daina sound bad.

Her gear was garbage. Who the fuck thought recording on a Blue Yeti was a good idea? You don't need the extra pickup patterns, its diaphragm is fucking tiny, and the mic has no dynamic range. You want to know why Daina has no low end, Blue Yeti can't record below 50Hz, is -5db at 100hz, and doesn't reach 0db till 200hz.

The eternal problem with many Engloids is Zero-G cheaped out on recording once again, rather than renting a studio they had each voice provider use their home studios and quality varied wildly. Its not quite Sonika's webcame mic quality, or Oliver's I can hear the Computer Fan quality, but it was still pretty bad.

The only compliment I can give is at least Dex sounds okay. I actually like Dex. He is no Big Al, but he is passable enough.

Long live The BIG ALiance. As a western fan I preordered it anyways because there are more artists than Kenji and Aki on it.

No. 72304

Here, Cilia finally made her own song so now you guys can stop saying there are no good Western producers.

No. 72306

I think the problem is it doesn't fit Gumi's range well. She, Meiko and Rin are all Alto range (lower female) and those notes in the song are ungodly high

No. 72311

I liked it. Nice to see Meika Mikoto getting some more use. Lyrics were a bit too close to ghost/creep-p etc "muh trauma" shit but I guess that's pretty common even with japanese producers.

"here's a reference sheet in case anyone wants to draw fanart~" seemed a bit much though.

No. 72312

true, i exactly like gumi because of her bit more on the lower end voice. though rin goes pretty high most of the time, is she really alto?

No. 72333

in a lot of her songs she sings in a clam, lower range (and has a general tomboy-ish masculine voice, albeit high-pitched.)


now, this isn't to say she idn't strictly an alto, but she CAN sing low notes a lot better than say miku.

len is obviously a tenor, although his v4x can go much lower than his previous vbs.

No. 72335


The song isnt bad, but now every producer decides to crawl into her ass and kiss it, even likes as Creep who soley rely on collaborating with other artists to get popular. Am scared Cillia will start thinking too highly of herself around shit producers like crypt who obvi think theyre some sassy queen of drama n shit

No. 72341


that's what i was thinking. all you need to get popular on this side of the fandom is to do the bare minimum, and sometimes even that isn't necessary if eyeris is any indication. success isn't always the hallmark of quality here.

No. 72367

>Now you guys can stop saying there are no good Western producers.
Obviously there are some good western producers out there but they're definitely rare and almost nonexistent, also Cillia making a song doesn't redeem the rest of the western community, she's an exception (this song is imo very generic and boring).

No. 72384

besides isn't she pandering more to the JP side anyway. would she even want to associate herself to the western fandom lol

No. 72447

Yea she does but cillianis a big deal in the western fandom bc thru her, anyone who collabs probably with her would be able to shill their music to a japanese audience

Like thats why i think creep should finally just drop his act and admit hes just out to shill his music. He doesnt do shit by himself anymore,
tunings done by his friends, same with pvs, and probably tries to kiss his ass through The guy who masters all vocaloid tracks bc his mixingnis trash as well

No. 72533

File: 1573539186007.jpg (55.42 KB, 500x500, Circusp_icon.jpg)

Am I the only one here who kinda feels like Circus-P's music has gotten kinda bland over the years? As well as his general aesthetic?

I dunno, his newer stuff sounds like generic american pop songs.

What happened that made him change style? Whenever I look at his newer stuff I have a hard time believing it's the same dude who wrote Circus Monster, iNSaNiTY and mErcy all while he was a teenager.

But as an adult all he can make is bland pop music…

No. 72555

i didn't even like circus monster and never checked their other stuff so they were just bad to begin with for me.

No. 72578

His stuff has never sounded stellar for me. I never understood what was so special about his works, even back then, they've always sounded either bland or extremely cheap to my ears.

From what I can see, nowadays he makes the safest possible releases, since he's aware that he's got a large enough fanbase to support whatever works he puts out. Probably doesn't feel like coming out from his creative safe space with stuff that may end up diminishing his income.

No. 72582

If you think his older stuff was better, you're being blinded by nostalgia. The quality has gotten better but his stuff just doesn't have catchy melodies and the tuning sounds off tune as fuck.

No. 72588

Or maybe he's just lazy and sloppy.

If you think he's stepped away from edgy stuff or whatever for the sake of his large fanbase, look at creep-p and ghost.

Also what the fuck even is his icon?

No. 72589

I get this is about the western fandom but I cannot get why people like Drop Pop Candy. Boring ass melody, super bland.

No. 72604


edgy circus monster bishounen boy to distract from the fact that he's probably another white, overweight loser weeb that no one would approach in real life


he was never a stellar producer to begin with, but at least his earlier songs had a distinct style and personality that set him apart. these days it just all blends together, not only within his own body of work, but with what everyone else is doing too. he seriously doesn't have any passion for what he does anymore and it shows

No. 72605

these days it just all blends together, not only within his own body of work, but with what everyone else is doing too. he seriously doesn't have any passion for what he does anymore and it shows

no passion is fucking right. once people hit the "popular" tier, they dont have to give a shit about what they produce anymore. its all for money and attention and they know their fans would take it anyways.

No. 72607

Not exactly what I meant. I don't think he stepped away from edgy stuff for the sake of his fanbase, but rather he just goes the safest and easiest route to keep himself there. He basically produces things that will keep him a (or any) fanbase, no afterthought on what he produces or anything; as long as it resembles music it'll be enough to count as content, which will give him the income he needs to keep himself afloat. In the end it all sounds bland and similar since he doesn't really care (or at least it looks like he doesn't) about what he's putting out, he's just doing so for the sake of doing so, no passion or anything involved.

But yeah, his icon looks awful.

No. 72617

Jesus, never thought about it before.

But now I feel bad for him. When he was a teenager, he sought after making music as an enjoyment, and it even shows in his illustrations. He used the vocaloids with much more character, not just blank states to sing for him.

Now, he's doing this for the purpose of surviving and meeting ends. He never talks about his personal life on twitter, but I can imagine he's been going through a depression for a few years now. And music was his coping mechanism.

Maybe I am just looking too far into this. It's my own thoughts.

No. 72638


matt is definitely burnt out at the least, which is pretty hellish by itself. the western vocaloid community is probably the worst place for someone in that state to be in because it demands regular content while also not giving a shit about the actual quality of that content. it makes the producer miserable while still reaffirming them that even if they're tired, it doesn't matter if that reflects in their songs since their fanbase won't care either way

No. 72664

So what exactly made the vocaloid community like this?

Because I know that the western side wasn't like this not even a few years back.

No. 72669

I mean, a lot of people will say that vocaloid has been losing momentum for years and I don't think that's inaccurate. Just look at Sand Planet
>Written for Miku's 10th birthday celebration
>song is literally just about how the creator feels vocaloid has become a desert

In Japan it seems like this has to do with producers establishing themselves through vocaloid and then moving on to have a music career without it. In the west I guess you get the opposite, people like Circus-P clinging on to vocaloid despite clearly being burnt out and no longer inspired to make music.

No. 72677

Everyone who complained ITT, get into vocaloid and do it better. And I don't even mean that in a provocative tone, I'd love to hear what anons could do.

No. 72678

Hachi as a hack and doesn't deserve your mention. He was also more talking about the state of NND, but still.

No. 72681

Hachi isn't a hack, but all the edgy western producers who owe half of their career to Matryoshka and now hate him because of Sand Planet definitely are

No. 72687


>hachi is a hack

please elaborate for me

No. 72695

It's not just edgy producers, japanese fans dislike him for it too.

He got attention due to the overwhelming support of his vocaloid fans in the first place. Now that he had success outside of it and made his 400mil yt views, he finally blessed us filthy mortals with one song after years of absence that was commissioned to be a celebration for miku and all he does is shit all over not only the community, but also every new producer and displays himself as some kind of leader. If he wanted to show his displeasure with the current state there could have been a million ways to do it better while also showing your gratitude but he did it in the most rude and useless way. Hell I loved Official Orange but I can't help but feel the bitter aftertaste after reading his interview and seeing his self-cover of sandplanet. He's extremely full of himself, esp in contrast to Wowaks's take.

No. 72709

I'm pretty sure people just use Hachi as a scapegoat bc he's extremely visible and popular. A lot of oldschool Japanese fans feel the same as him. No one gave cosMo this much shit for writing The Real Disappearance of Hatsune Miku.

No. 72732

Wowaka literally left vocaloid in 2011 because he was (rightfully) upset that people associated his songs with Miku and not him as a creator. If you're trying to say Unknown Mother Goose was wowaka's "take" on the current state of vocaloid and not about his own experiences with vocaloid/music in general then I think you're wrong, but I don't wanna sperg about lyric interpretation.

No. 72816

File: 1573785530991.jpg (6.88 KB, 259x194, download (1).jpg)

>Sonika's webcame mic quality
>Oliver's I can hear the Computer Fan quality
Wait what? Am I the only one here who actually likes Sonika and Oliver? (oliver more so because i own him)

No. 72828

used to like Oliver a lot when I was new, now I don't even want to do anything with him. I can't even draw fanart or use him for covers because it attracts creepy spergs

There's a creepy neckbeard pedo in the community that pays people to use Oliver in suggestive covers + paying cosplayers to dress up like him in a questionable way.

No. 72840

You can like Oliver and recognize he doesn't have good quality recordings. Some of baggagelizard's Oliver originals are among my favorite Western tracks.

There is low frequency noise and buzz in almost all his samples. Either he was recorded on a 'noisy' mic, he wasn't recorded using balanced audio equipment, or they captured background audio AC fan, computer, fan or something.

There is definitely something wrong with Oliver's samples, beyond just the untrained vocalist behind the mic.

Sonika though, besides some really good fanart/cosplay has no redeeming value. I can think of exactly 2 original songs with her that were any good, that wasn't a duet with a better Vocaloid.

No. 72846

sonika always felt like a knock off gumi to me design wise, and her voice isn't that distinct from her either.

No. 72854

I think Sonika looking like Gumi was a coincidence, what the devs really wanted was a western equivalent to Miku. Obviously, that one didn't pan out.

Tbh, every single Engloid dev team since Miku has been a struggle between weebs with no technical proficiency and software engineers that have no idea how to market to Vocaloid fans. It's why basically every launch is fucked for one reason or another

No. 72855

Momocashew has some good Oliver originals too. He still seems like a low quality Vocaloid though, but I guess all Engloids are. Am I the only one who thinks the best “Engloid” is GUMI English?

No. 72863

yea, english gumi's voicebank is great. i get pretty sad every time i see western producers managing to fuck up using her.

No. 72867

English Miku wouldn't be bad if people realized she isn't the same as JP Miku. She sounds different, needs to be tuned differently, and people using her are using her for all the wrong reasons.

Besides The Kenji being an asshat his Vocaloid Dex actually sounds okay, Avanna is a bit soft but passable, Ruby has a shit design but doesn't sound bad. Sweet Ann was one of the better V2s. LEON, LOLA, MIRIAM are dated but weren't bad for the time.

Cyber Diva & Cyber Songman are fucking awesome in Vocaloid 5 and are a fucking steal if you get V5 Premium, especially with the upgrade pricing.

The rest? Big Al is a good meme. The rest are garbage.

No. 72882

Think I know who you're talking about. TheOliverManiac? Or is there another creepy neckbeard pedo that's obsessed with Oliver?

No. 72883

Diva and Songman ARE fucking awesome. I love Diva's cutesy-yet-mature idol voice, and Songman sounds amazing as well (though some attention to him is purely because he's one of the only black vocaloids.)

and their designs are cool to me. I love the futuristic aesthetic, it's reminiscent of how crypton tried to design miku, len and rin.

but the problem is the marketing, and design. of course,

i'm not sure what it says about the vocaloid community when any male vocaloid or a vocaloid with a non-animeish avatar isn't as successful.

No. 72884

sage for somewhat off topic but I thought it was kinda cool how Police Piccadilly used Gumi's english voicebank for their latest song even though it's in japanese. Ik they're probably not the first to do something like that but it sounds pretty good and it's definitely unusual/rare

No. 72886

File: 1573856926029.png (283.41 KB, 750x1334, 5638E4DA-53BA-4781-88E1-AF9A50…)

Sometimes I wonder if Vocamerica is actually just one big meme that overstayed its welcome (cont.)

No. 72887

File: 1573857335778.png (293.94 KB, 750x1334, 03071028-F5D3-42B0-A144-D37BB5…)

No. 72888

File: 1573857451244.png (463.18 KB, 750x1334, 110B0A04-47B7-4A37-963A-9FAD92…)

Oh and she released the only English Vocaloid most of the fandom cares about years after the hype's already died down. The updates are all behind a paywall though of course. Thank you Aki, very cool.

No. 72894

Yeah it's him. It was a rabbit hole when I found out who was commissioning v3xman (a cover channel) with these Oliver covers. v3xman seems like a degenerate himself so I guess they just click.

No. 72896

Thought he might've been the same person as TheOliverAddict, but I guess not. Apparently TheOliverManiac hits on 3D minors too.

No. 72899

File: 1573873241939.jpg (9.05 KB, 257x196, download (2).jpg)

Jesus. Not even Len Kagamine has fans with this level of 'shota' obsession.

Though I am curious as to why Piko doesn't get the same level of obsession as the other three boys.

How is v3xman a degenerate? I actually kinda like his covers.

No. 72908


i'm friends with the guy who runs that blog and he would tell me about some of the weird shit that maniac said and did while it was happening. this was years ago and i'm tired as fuq so i can't remember everything, but the two things that stick out are how he would always bug the blog owner to draw really suggestive oliver fanart and ask him to have his actual copy of oliver make moaning noises. i was actually the one who took those evidence screencaps in the post because i wanted to help him get the word out about that fucking creep, so it's good to know some people saw it

No. 72928

i thought piko had more shota fans from japan than fukase honestly. i dont even consider fukase a "shota" because his voice doesnt sound ~kawaii uguu~ but more like a teenage boy's. do some anons agree with me on this? kek

imo besides GUMI's, fukase also has a great eng voicebank

No. 72935

They ALL sound like teenage boys. Fukase, Piko and Len. That's how they're marketed as being. Same with Yohioloid, VY2 and Zola Project.

But it's more disturbing when people sexualize Oliver imo because his voice provider is an actual 13 year old boy and not a man (or woman) voice acting.

No. 72960

File: 1574028659472.jpg (21.45 KB, 554x554, absolutely_not_a_fetish.jpg)

piko seems to have more "woke" fans from the west side and thankfully they're contained in tumblr/vocaloid amino. the likes who'd draw him in a dress and claim he's genderspecial trans uwu

No. 72982

File: 1574043738795.jpg (8.57 KB, 194x259, download (3).jpg)

To be fair, he was intended to give an androgynous/effeminate flair, like the real life PIKO.

But yeah, lately he's gotten the same treatment as vFlower of people assuming he's trans when he's not.

No. 73005

>assuming theyre trans

Why must tumblrinas ruin everything?

No. 73009

the vflower mess pisses me off tbh. Even if you want to be all tumblr about it amd cling to the "androgynous voice" thing despite her gender being officially stated, why would you jump to "must be a trans woman!!1!" and not just go with gender neutral/nonbinary or whatever. Oh wait, it's because if tumblrinas don't make every female character trans they can't draw their fujoshit.

No. 73012

It's not even the fujoshi this time. Vocaloid community legit has been infiltrated by actually trannies for a while now. See miku ebooks or whatever for an example.

No. 73023

oh boy, i really like flower's tomboyish design, but it's so annoying people assume for anyone that is androgynous or just not overtly presenting as their gender as trans. and these are the same people who will say gender is fluid, but the moment someone expresses their gender differently they jump on the "they must be trans!!!!" train.

No. 73043

Guess that's what middle school spergs with too much time do nowadays, play pretend tranny and then project that onto their favorite character so they can shriek when someone disagrees in the name of ~progressivism~

No. 73046

>i really like flower's tomboyish design
lmao i'm the opposite and prefer her original design and usage. When her v4 design dropped i just knew the len/oliver/piko/fakeboi community would take over her fanbase and spread their shit

No. 73048

for some reason i heard that the more feminine design came later on so i was kinda sad that they "changed it" lol

No. 73049

less middle school more 30 year old man.

No. 73050

eh, she has her appeals. to me, at least. i think her accent is kinda cute, actually. she's better than len v4 english at least.

i also think it's funny how ghpz tries imitating circus-p but kinda sounds better than him

No. 73055

Not western but any kururingo/inumaru shibaigoya fans here? I know it was a little while ago but I'm still kinda bummed they nuked everything from the internet. I know some songs have been reuploaded but it's mostly with cringy osumatsu-san (or other fandom) PVs.

No. 73059

no idea about these producers, but why did they nuke everything?

No. 73060

They 'retired'. There were rumours at the time about it being because a fan sent them poisoned something or other, but that turned out to be a mistranslation. They got sent a lot of hate apparently, though they weren't that well known so I figure it must have been one person with a grudge.

No. 73072

Of course, GHPZ is a better producer than Circus. He spent more time practicing his craft. Plus, there is a reason he won the MikuExpo concert.

Plus how much time has Circus spent on "hiatus"? Sure Circus has been around for a long time, but he spent at least of that time "quit" or being involved in some sorta drama.

Circus has spent more time on hiatus than many producers entire careers in Vocaloid. Time in the scene does not translate into quality. Many newcomers are much more skilled and more productive than many longtime veterans.

No. 73084

egh its pretty much just a chill and cute song and i like how rin's voice was tuned in it, hence the reason why i kind of found it enjoyable (after a lot of listens lol)

sage for blogpost

No. 73136

I mean does anyone remember old VocaloidOtaku Circus? He deleted and completely purged his YouTube channel at least 3 times. He has always been a mentally unstable attention whore. I saw his bad breakup with Crusher-P a mile away.

Fuck, I have been following some of these Western producers for over a decade. Man some of them are so disappointing. I don't know any of the V1-V2 era Western producers that turned out well. Give me a dozen GHPZs any day.

No. 73138

Holy shit. I haven't been in the Vocaloid Community long enough to see old drama, but…is there any screenshots? Or any recording of his tantrums? Or his fight with Crusher?

Man what does GHPZ see in this dude

No. 73141


what >>73138 said. please provide evidence if you have any because i would love to witness his hissy fits firsthand

No. 73164

RIP. No screenshots, was all VocaloidOtaku drama. Before Twitter drama and Amino drama there was VO drama. It was the #1 hub of bullshit and drama from the western community's early years.

Place closed down after the lead admin had a mental breakdown after he was accused of abusing donations. He used to earn $250/mo in PayPal donations pre-Patreon to cover "server costs" and run a vBulleting message board.

I had a love-hate relationship with the shithole, the people were terrible, but the drama was delicious. There were your usual weeby assholes who knew nothing of music and listed over shota, but it also had a lot of knowledgeable people who actually used the software as well. It was a bittersweet fruit. I still miss the place.

Not only was it 25k users, but it also had a lot of Western producers active in the discussions. The post-closure spin-off, founded by select mods was never the same and was mired by identity politics, clique groups, and no actual producers, just obsessive fans who never touched the software in their life.

No. 73250

Wait, THAT was the reason they closed it down? Fuck now I'm tripple mad. It was such a good source for information and they just nuked it without any archival.

No. 73253

File: 1574264663264.png (87.2 KB, 585x715, nata.png)

The thing about the admin abusing donations was some lowkey drama for a while. He'd almost totally dropped out of the Vocaloid fandom and just kept hanging onto the site to squeeze money out of it.

The actual last straw was when he decided to sell Alter Ego voicebanks of his OCs, didn't get a license, and fucked over absolutely everyone on the dev team to take 100% of the profit. Site got nuked right afterwards since no one in their right mind would give him money anymore.

No. 73275

Friendly reminder Vocallective Records is still run by this scumbag. He is a leech of the western community and is only in it for money and ego.
He sucks up aspiring producers into his "record label" promises them the moon and for that… he publishes their music to BandCamp for them, negotiates bad deals for cheap bundles on Groupies. All while taking a cut of their sales.

No. 73383

There was several pedo scandals on VocaloidOtaku too. Actual adult pedo men who groomed and sexted with children on the site. It's a part of why it was shut down.

No. 73387

I keep seeing people on twitter complaining about others who don't like the song contest winner because it's in spanish but can't find any actual posts or tweets for it? On yt there are only those who don't like the song in general or confused japanese who don't recognize the language or confuse it with french (kek). Did I miss something?

No. 73388

From what I can see one of the sources for all these people complaining was this one artist on Twitter who complained the song "wasn't European enough": https://twitter.com/yen_mi1/status/1197156697762127872

But apparently things have spiraled down enough there people are selling their tickets over a song: https://twitter.com/MIKUSAMAREVIEWS/status/1196877094711640066

No. 73390

The language barrier has made it harder looking up some tweets unless those are just some rumors being spread around to stir drama. Wish there's some Spanish-speaking anon here who could provide some milk though.

lol I see this person is still around copying a bunch of popular Japanese artists. From iXima, Suzunosuke, then now Rella.

No. 73394

So it's twitter overreacting and misinterpreting again. I like the song too and will be dancing and singing with it no matter what but the complaint isn't unreasonable. Most europeans simply aren't used to latin genres outside of Spain. But then again, I fully understand MikuExpo's decision too. They wanted a song that is original, represents a spirit of Vocaloid being international and about the experience of going to the concert, is well tuned and is preferably with several languages mixed in. They didn't state it directly but it was kinda between the lines in their contest page and tweets. And a suprising amount of submissions didn't really explore these criterias.
And I saw that ticket selling tweet you linked too but have yet to see anyone stating that the reason for their selling is because of MikuFiesta. It doesn't make sense either, why would the ones in barcelona sell their tickets?

Same, pls enlighten us

No. 73398


where'd you get this info from? i knew the site was bad but i didn't know it was that bad. i thought the worst of it was the whiny weebs flailing around every time a new vocaloid got released. i still remember the yohioloid shit show and i kinda wish i saved screencaps of that thread because that was a sight

No. 73404

Some of the ex-mods migrated to a Vocaloid server on Discord where they've spoken about it a few times. Some of the pedos involved are also on that server (and the mods there know about it.) It's a fucking mess.

No. 73409

File: 1574310131164.jpg (103.4 KB, 776x1200, D57BZiAX4AI1ydJ.jpg)

I could be VERY wrong, but…is this the same Yen-mi that made some shitty genderless furry UTAU (named 'Bai-F0)?

No. 73412

One thing I don't understand is how the hell no matter how long Vocaloid has been around, the average age of the community has stayed the same.

Is there an endless stream of 13 years old where as they age-out of the 13-17 demographic they are replaced with new 13 year olds?

I have Vocaloid videos on YouTube that are 9+ years old and Google lets you do detailed reports on your audience demographics. 2010 to 2019, the 13-17 demographics has always made +50% of my Vocaloid video viewers.

Is there something inherent about Vocaloid that attracts tweens? Because I know what is attracting the predators, its the fact that +50% of the community (at least my viewers) are 17 or under.

No. 73433

That's not surprising at all, though. Why wouldn't tweens flock to anime robots singing edgy songs

No. 73460

The girl who sold her tickets is his LDR ex-gf and he was into her when she was a minor. IDK what is up with that because I don't follow but his current gf and his followers were posting clowns in her replies and calling her pelotuda/stupid in spanish and she had to lock her account.

These people act shitty but the north american community as always is unaware of spanish tea and polices opinions bec "Don't like the song? >racist!"

No. 73462

I think there is more adult fans of Vocaloid than kid ones, but its kids who are the most vocal about it on social media and most likely to join forums etc. I've also found that adults try to find other adult friends who like it but kids will force themselves into every area of Vocaloid. It's why you see kids making callout posts about Miku porn, they just can't comprehend that they shouldn't be following adult accounts. Pedos have picked up on the fact that these kids are determined to be in adult spaces so its like lambs to the slaughter. There are so many actual pedophiles grooming kids in the Vocaloid community its disgusting.

No. 73465

The spanish community has always been a special brand of autistic thought I can't speak for the fans actually in Europe but the Spanish speaking Latin American audience has always been especially dumb.

Spanish speakers don't deserve Voctro Labs. They are a great fucking company, made quality Vocaloid, but left the scene to make video game tools and their own synthesizer after they got almost no support.

The rampant piracy of Bruno and Clara paid with the self entitled attitude of many Spanish speakers was honestly kinda disgusting.

No. 73467


but the fandom never talks about it. they just focus on fictional porn while ignoring the actual pedophilia going on within them. i don't get it.

No. 73469

do you have a screencap or something of what she originally said? I can't find it, looks like she deleted it

No. 73471

Nope, Bai-F0 was made by Utakoloid, Yen-mi has an UTAU called Ami Ichigawa though

No. 73474

File: 1574367187426.jpg (259.99 KB, 1276x1280, rella.jpg)

I'm glad someone mentioned that, it's not okay

No. 73476

The Rella copycat tipped me off when I saw Shu-t tweet his Change Me remix. Imagine settling with a discount Rella.

No. 73477

There's something really fucking weird about it. I've seen kids on twitter doing essay long callout posts about adult women doing sexy Miku cosplays yet never a SINGLE CALLOUT about the actual adult pedo men in the community grooming real life children. The same retards that call people transphobic for saying Miku isn't trans are the same retards calling adult women pedophiles for doing a sexy Miku cosplay. its fucking pathetic.

No. 73490

unfortunately these days almost every fandom is like this, they basically care more about the "rights" of the fictional character than all the actual horrible shit happening out in the world. adults who want to control the content other people consume target impressionable teens to get more and more people on this train. them doing this is so much more predatory than that woman doing a sexy miku cosplay you brought up.

No. 73504


maybe they just aren't aware of all the creeps in the fandom because they don't really leave their social circle? but at the same time, where are the callout posts from the people who do know. the only one that was ever made (as far as i know) is the one about theolivermaniac.

No. 73506

there was that london mikuexpo pedo/grooming ring discord thing but i haven't heard anything of it after it blew up overnight. i believe someone brought this up from the last thread

No. 73511


so that's two callouts. that's still a really small number though. i mean it's better than nothing but god.

No. 73515

Who are the pedos tho?

No. 73519

two of 'em were Neurotoxin and Ortsa. Unsurprisingly, at least one of them was a Lenfag from what I remember. An acquaintance of mine, a minor last time I knew, mentioned how Neurotoxin would try to bring sex into their RPs.

No. 73524

honestly if a grown ass adult is into len that's already a red flag for me 'coz of the amount of creeps in this community


a quick google led me to a banned Vocaverse forum account with just two posts, hm

No. 73525

I was gonna ask if you (or any anon really) thought that the closing of VO led to the stagnation Western Vocaloid has been experiencing lately, but google informs me that it only closed spring of 2018. Feels like we've been devolving long before that.

No. 73529

We've been a shit community ever since Lady Gaga had Miku as an opening singer with her shit v3 english back in 2014.


No. 73530

File: 1574398560544.png (243.91 KB, 468x464, dfsssssssssssss.PNG)

No, like, for real. Thanks Lady Gaga, skank ruined the community because of this by allowing normie pop fans and regular anime fans and hentai addicts in.

there were even of vocaloid fans complaining about this, and everyone was responding with "it's not just for you anymore".

it can all be traced to this

No. 73531

I would say part of the problem, that lead to this stagnation in the west, is the lack of official support from any Western Vocaloid companies.

PowerFX checked out in 2010 with BIG AL, they outsourced Oliverm Yohio, and Ruby to that dumpster fire of a company run by Anders, VocaTone.

Zero-G has always been schizophrenic about their support for Vocaloid. They tried experimenting with Sonika's design, making that a contest, but in the V3-V4 era, they always tried to keep the greater community at length.

They struggled with character designs removing the fantasy elements from Avanna, and the kemonomimi from Dex and Daina in order to placate their Western distribution partners (BigFishAudio, et. al.) that did not understand the Vocaloid thing and were afraid of weebshit™ alienating serious producers.

Yamaha being Yamaha is way too fucking aloof. CYBER SONGMAN & CyVa V5 are probably one of the best Vocaloid ever produced but they didn't get promoted for shit besides being an addon for V5 Premium, causing them to loose a lot of hype as if they were a stand-alone release.

We don't have our 1st Place, Crypton, or Internet Co, that engage with their community, run official events, continually promote and support their products and characters.

Beyond its final closure in 2018 VO bled a lot of users and the community fractured. 2018 fandom was much more decentralized than the 2010 fandom. Unless you were actively searching for it, F5-ing the tags on Tumblr, Soundcloud, Twitter, etc. it was easy to miss new releases and artists.

VO's decline wasn't a sudden closure, but a long running series of events that ended in its closure. It was on its decline due to mis managment for a long time. At the same time VocaloidOtaku was too big and it strangled every other traditional forum from Vocaloid-User to MikuFan. The only way you could survive with VO hogging all the users was if you made your niche distinctly different, a la UtaForum.

Beyond VO's specific decline, message boards were on a decline as a whole. Don't 'ok boomer' me, I am old but not that old (I do no some boomer Vocaloid producers) but honestly I blame #hashtag culture. Sure you felt closer to your community in a Discord server or Facebook Group, but the conversations seem more ephemeral and if you were looking to learn and actually USE VOCALOID like I was, Discord and Facebook Groups are practically useless.

As for the general decline of Vocaloid in the west I blame an inability to make money within this niche. Because of the age of the audience (young and poor) and the early free (as in beer) culture, the community cultivated, you can't monetize it and producers that are into it have to do so for alternative reasons, mostly ego. If people fail to immediately grab attention, they drop out.

Also, the "decline of vocaloid" is not just a Western problem, I know many people that think the same of Japan as well, where once producers make it big, they stop making Vocaloid music and go on to anime/videogames/other genres, etc. There are some counterarguments to this, I honestly don't believe it, but I have heard many people repeat it.

No. 73533

reeeing about lady gaga ruining the vocaloid community by introducing normies to it has to be one of the funniest spergs I've seen in w in a while.

No. 73545

File: 1574419234150.png (145.24 KB, 1048x654, wut.png)

Y'all see Magenetra's post about youtube's latest bullshit? People in the comments suggesting that because the bot flagging videos for 'child-directed content' is going to be targeting anything cartoon/animated a lot of vocaloid is going to get flagged. Kinda worried it's going to end up with producers/subbers etc just leaving youtube entirely rather than have to deal with this shit and the only alternatives are like NND or bilibili.

Also heard a tinfoil that this whole thing is because youtube is hoping people will complain enough to overthrow COPPA so youtube can keep making money off of pedo elsagate videos.

No. 73566

Is this a troll post? Are you 10? Vocaloid has been mostly hentai addicts and weebs since day one. Gaga helped get more normies in which is only a positive thing.

No. 73567

Neurotoxin and Ortsa were both Rinfags. Ortsa and Neurotoxin are pedos active in the discord server mostly, only a little bit on VO. But Ortsa/Neuro are in the same friend group with the ex-mods as the other VO pedos are.

No. 73568

Most of the people in the know are people who actively protect the pedos and people who try to callout what is going on get driven offline. Callout posts calling people pedos for retweeting Miku's ass have made callout posts about real actual pedophiles meaningless tbh.

No. 73571

File: 1574439059262.png (747.23 KB, 586x796, lit.png)

No, Crypton is the one trying to attract minors both in the west and in Japan. The Miku English official twitter account is a fountain of 'how do you do, fellow kids?' cringe and I would pinpoint it (created in 2014) as the shift in the fandom to an even more kiddy one. Accounts like mikumiku_ebooks and all the ebooks meme cancer accounts didn't help. You can't look up Vocaloid tags nowadays without being flooded with 14 year olds photoshopping Len into a leg or some shit. You think Lady Gaga showing Miku once many moons ago to an audience who dgaf about Vocaloid had more impact than a Crypton approved 117k account that tweets childish shit like this?

Maybe children won't spend money but they beg their parents to and once they turn 18 and get part time jobs they have no sense of responsibility and waste their entire paychecks on Miku things instead of saving to move out. You only have to see how people around the ages of 18-21 compete with collecting Miku merchandise to be the biggest Miku fan, something I had never seen in the western fanbase before. Cultivating a fanbase like this can be as profitable as catering to older otaku or producers, or even moreso, because children are never critical of Vocaloid companies and their organized events.

No. 73572

Is there anything sadder than the fact that VO not only protected popular users that turned out to be pedos, but also entirely new users who are pedos

No. 73573

Exactly this. Gaga opened Miku up to normies in a legitimate way. Ebooks and the official EN twitter are the ones who've got all these fucking actual children dominating the western fandom screaming about "Miku is a uwu nb trans gurl and if you disagree you are transphobic!!!" and making twitter accounts dedicated to nothing but posting bald edits of the mascots with Drag Race slang captions. They need to fire whoever runs the official twitter and C+D the ebooks account asap.

No. 73574

That's what I don't understand. Ortsa was one warning away from a permaban on the discord server yet the owner of the server himself lied about the entire thing to cover for him (even going as far to say there was no proof about what Ortsa did when Ortsa himself confessed to doing it to him) The ones behind VO would rather shut down the server than ban a single pedophile who was grooming kids there. And nothing can be done, these retarded 13 year olds making callout posts about "uwu sexualising a real life minor" over Miku porn have made it literally impossible to get actual warnings about real life grown ass men pedos to get through. Even above someone said "If they're a Lenfag I'm suspicious" when actually there are Lukafags and Mikufags doing this grooming shit. Whatever pixels they fap to in actuality has little correlation to if they are grooming kids or not in the Vocaloid community. I'm yet to find a Lenfag who's been caught up in this. All the pedos I know of are Mikufags with a handful of Rinfags.

No. 73576

Well, when VO was alive, there was actual fear that calling out the pedos would kill the entire site. Like other people have mentioned, VO was the only real hub for the western community for the latter part of its existence, and the main admin was only interested in it as long as he could make money. It just so happened that several of the biggest patrons were adult dudes who wanted to keep the site around to sexually harass teenagers. If they were kicked out, their paychecks would go away. Very fucked up dynamic all around.

I can't wrap my head around why they would repeat this on a server that costs $0 to run, where they get absolutely no personal benefit. It's not a good thing to be controlled by pedos you numbnuts.

No. 73577

Maybe they plan to reboot VO and want to keep their adult pedophiles in the community to pay server costs?

No. 73581


the more i learn about this fandom the more i wish i didn't.

No. 73582

I love the software but I keep out of the fandom completely. The two biggest groups are young stupid kids who say Miku made Minecraft and pedophiles who try to fuck them but ask anyone else what the problem is and they'll say "people sexualising Miku!!!"

I once saw a callout post about "dangerous pedophile in the Vocaloid community" and all the screenshot was was them saying Miku was there waifu. It wasn't until a few days later when someone ELSE said "they're a pedo because they've said they want to fuck kids" and posted a screenshot of them saying on Facebook that they thought 11 year olds were hot or some shit. Miku being his waifu was MORE important to them than him being actually attracted to real children. The whole thing is totally fucked and a lost cause.

No. 73585

Ortsa was in this Kagamine server I was, and he'd post ~lewd~ shota Len fanart like a horny dipshit all the time. Being a Rinfag and a Lenfag aren't mutually exclusive things.

No. 73588


guess it's because dealing with real living criminals requires actual effort as opposed to cancelling a producer who said something edgy three years ago. so now we have this big fucking problem that gets ignored because mongs like shay prefer running around accusing someone of being a pedo at the drop of a hat over nothing while the actual pedos basically remain an integral part of the community. how nice.

No. 73590

I only know him as a Rinfag. He sent Len porn to little girls so most likely was a technique to get kids to talk to him. Whenever he talked about what he was fapping about it was always Rin, never Len. But when he pmed porn to kids it was just whatever Vocaloid was their favorite including Len or Miku (loli Miku of course.) Always shota Len too, never anything that didn't look like a retarded moeblob.

No. 73591

The stuff with that KiKo or whatever having a doujin talking about child sexual abuse in a very serious non-sexual way getting him cancelled by Western kids was just the last straw for me. If you spoke out and said he might be using that to deal with his own abuse they said "if it happened when he was a child he should be over it by now, its not an excuse" these kids parents need to remove their fucking kids from social media i swear to god. i simply do not give a single fuck if someone wants to fuck Miku, Len, Luka or any other non-loli style drawing. it has nothing to do with me or anyone else. what has to do with ALL of us is 30+ year old pedophiles meeting up with 12 year olds at concerts and making group fap chats with them

No. 73595


>"if it happened when he was a child he should be over it by now, its not an excuse"

holy shit how cruel do you have to be to say something like this. like i knew these kids can be nasty sometimes but damn.

No. 73606

Can we nuke the Vocaloid fandom already?

No. 73622

I saw MULTIPLE CHILDREN make this argument with each one having loads agreeing with them. I had to look up the doujin myself to see what it was as they all made it out to be some sick pedo comic. It wasn't at all, it was a really harrowing and serious look at child sexual abuse from the perspective of the child, I did see CSA survivors praising it too. Kids then argued back that it shouldn't exist at all even if it isn't erotic "because it could be used to normalise sex to children" to which Kiko (not the proper name but I forget it now) made a public statement saying the comic was for adults only, not children. And Twitter then came back and said "well it was on your public Pixiv, just because its marked 18+ doesn't mean kids won't see it, you're a pedophile!!" I can't imagine how devastated Kiko must have felt especially if they are a CSA survivor themselves (which is extremely likely)

No. 73627

what is the title of the doujin? Do you have a link to it?

No. 73631

File: 1574483927038.jpg (13.47 KB, 187x269, 62c7f49cdb795757184516641b4125…)


Should this kind of shit have a name? I've been thinking "Vocagate" or something along the lines of it.

I'm personally disturbed by this because I was introduced to Vocaloid when I got a copy of Oliver for my 15th birthday a few years back…

I used to think the Vocaloid community was innocent and harmless.

No. 73633

I don't know the name as it was in Japanese but its by Kikuo. It was on his Pixiv but its gone now after the backlash from western children on Twitter.

It should have a name but unfortunately no one even gives enough of a shit to name it. Unless you're sharing Miku or Len porn you can get away with whatever. The Vocaloid community is dangerous. Even the kids will right threads about you if you dare post a photo of yourself in a Miku cosplay in a lewd pose, but will do absolutely nothing if you are groomed by gangs of pedophiles.

No. 73635

Here's people discussing it in the last thread:

The person who made the original callout was like 14 and shouldn't be reading that shit in the first place.You can see other people in the thread talking about having looked it up for themselves.

No. 73636

Well, something needs to be done. We all need to spread the word.

I don't want another Elsagate…

No. 73639

People have tried. It just doesn't work. The pedos are so close knit with each other they will harass you until you stop. Even if you read above you'll see they'll protect other pedos they don't even fucking know or like at all. The kids you're trying to protect have been so desensitized to "pedo callouts" on behalf of drawings that actual warnings mean nothing. Even in the last thread there was someone sperging out about how GigaP should be cancelled just the same as Kikuo and when pushed to answer why they said "because of Gigantic OTN." The situation is beyond saving.

No. 73641


You can't just protect children from pedos in communities in general, bc first, children do what children aren't supposed to do. Second, shit like shota and etc does make children less weady, because most of them never got proper sexual education, neither the idea that people can use content like that to groom them. If kids would be cleared up, it'd become way easier to spot pedos in the community, because weirdos who just like drawn kids which dont look like kids probably would never think abt touching a real one

No. 73644

the person who made the call out… was actually like…. 19.. its wack

No. 73648

No he didn't delete it (thankfully, imagine deleting almost 100 pages of hand-drawn manga because some dumb children can't read your language), it's under the R-18 filter like it always was. You have to login to see it.

No. 73649

No, they had a tumblr where they stated they are 14. Pretty sure their twitter profile stated it too at some point, but they had multiple accounts.

No. 73650

He probably was, he spent the whole next day up until 2am in japan, responding to people who said they were disappointed fans or don't support him anymore (which was probably both a lie anyway because his patreon only gained supporters lol) and linking his response. Fucking twitter kids.

No. 73663


kikuo seems like such a nice, talented dude. he didn't deserve any of this, especially if he truly did go through childhood abuse. wish there was a way to shut off these brats' internet until they figure out what empathy is.

No. 73665

People who are fapping to Miku are not lolicons. If she's drawn to look young, then yeah, its questionable. But Miku (and all Vocaloids) are designed to be anything you want them to be, including sexy women. By these kids logic if someone was drawing a literal baby in a diaper but they whacked the age of 45 onto it that would be fine. Pedophiles are not listening to Gigantic OTN and jerking off, it couldn't be more obviously not about a child. These twitter kids are fully blown retarded

No. 73729

File: 1574606358189.png (511.28 KB, 627x1300, Image_Kaiko_bySorbe.png)


>>But Miku (and all Vocaloids) are designed to be anything you want them to be, including sexy women.

Including kaito

No. 73763

File: 1574640731666.png (265.94 KB, 750x1334, 50B52D52-2E8C-47EF-9119-55B21F…)

whatever this song is going to be about, i'm sure sam will tackle the subject matter in a very nuanced and tactful fashion that won't be influenced by kneejerk twitter politics at all

No. 73773

my GOD, does this leeching asshole do anything other than talk about politics all the fucking time?? i actually prefer akiglancy over this guy. at least she's passionate about what she does

no like seriously, look through his twitter. he retweets leftist news articles ALL the time. get a life dude

No. 73782

I actually love it

No. 73788

>>73763 >>73773
I watched his stream.
Let me spoil it for you:
It is a song about school shootings.

No. 73795


what in the hell compelled him to think that was a good idea for a song

No. 73804

because EDGE. Target audience is angsty teens.

No. 73888

passionate but just as bad of a leech. doesnt pay anyone properly and bitches about being broke but buys shit she cant afford

both of them are manipulative cunts either way

No. 73889


is there really such a thing as a lesser evil with these two. is there such a thing as a lesser evil with most big name english producers in general

No. 73894

As much as I agree that his rants are annoying as fuck. I just can't bring myself to have any preference when it comes to him vs. Aki. Mostly because Aki made a team of animators work for her with VOCAMERICA merch (keychains, some stickers and a shirt) as payment.

I honestly don't even know what's worse, the fact that she did this, or the fact that people accepted it and animated anyway. It's just mesmerizing that she made an entire KickStarter, didn't calculate (considering she calculated anything at all) animators payment in the amount, and thought delivering them bootleg-level merch would do it.

In either cases, it's fucked up how much most of the big name English producers get away with.

No. 73896


wait, she didn't pay them a monetary amount? like, at all? i thought that's one of the main reasons why she pissed through the 28k so fast, because she was overpaying people for substandard work

No. 73898

the fact that she still does this and people submit to it is disgusting. people think shes an angelic popular and successful western producer that theyre willing to get used if only to get recognition

wake the fuck up. youre all being manipulated into doing shit for free or cheap shit

No. 73899

File: 1574788892487.jpg (67.32 KB, 526x526, 14695448_1860165394213887_7136…)

A lot of the money went to Adan and Akuo (controversial figures mentioned here >>60390) Adan made the models and Akuo the textures and a lot of the illustrations.

The theory is she pissed most of money away in merchandise like those Dex/Daina custom plushes and probably in travel and other booth/promotion expenses, considering Vocamerica flew to Europe twice.

I have heard years ago from bts she did not compensate at least some of the producers involved and not sure about the animators but rumors exist they are paid in merchandise instead.

No. 73906

Unfortunately, those about the animators being paid in merch aren't rumors. It was a statement by Aki herself on a YouTube video she's posted years ago while looking for "Emergency Animators" for VOCAMERICA. The video (which was posted in this now defunct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpMpUP-ce90) has been taken down since then, and I haven't been able to find anyone with a back-up for a re-up. In the video she basically stated animators were going to be paid in merchandising, as "they didn't have enough budget to pay them money for it".

No. 73908

she has yet to deliver those KS stretch goals yet she has the audacity to ask for more money

iirc she's planning to launch another KS for this next year

it's funny and sad like, every now and then she would post her weeb shit haul then later see her e-begging with commissions or patreon

No. 73913


but she had enough money to buy moke, a physical copy of longya, fl studio, materials for multiple cosplays made from scratch, cash for non-vocamerica related cons and all their expenses, and god only knows what else. i should probably mention that aki also e-begged for three hundred dollars so that her sink could be repaired about two years ago. to think she quit her real job to "work on vocamerica full-time" for this is something else.

as for extra vocamerica financial fuckups, for some reason she thought it necessary to buy hundreds of glow sticks to hand out to attendees so it could be like ~a real vocaloid concert desu~, multiple times. she travelled overseas twice for absolutely no reason when she should've focused on domestic audiences first. she spent money on physical cd copies of albums that had almost nothing to do with vocamerica or any of its producers, such as two different robo albums and some furry utau compilation thing that happened to feature dex and daina because sure why not, which were subsequently sold at her tables. basically, anyone who still respects and supports akiglancy at this point is an orbiting retard.

No. 74011

File: 1574869545693.png (297.84 KB, 750x1334, F871A993-81A1-4447-BA3C-F56254…)

Lupin really did turn Uoshi into his fanboy slave. This is just getting creepy now.

No. 74031

Have any of you ever met Aki in person? She has absolutely terrible personal hygiene. She never wears socks or proper shoes, she mostly wears sandals with no socks and she has disgusting long toenails. It seriously grossed me out seeing her at Miku Expo one year.

No. 74032

I was so naive a few years ago that I drew art for one of Aki's songs and refused monetary payment because she was nice (lol). She offered merch instead but the best part was she never sent it at all.

No. 74070

Fitting for an obese white trash weeb lmao

No. 74275

File: 1575105303472.jpeg (191.58 KB, 1920x1080, 5ABE7F77-044B-42AF-B0D8-CDD99F…)

I’m actually very surprised WaffleFoxAlpha “P” hasn’t been brought up yet (unless I missed something from the previous thread)

She posted a tutorial about how she traces from 3D models- not just the figure but the shadows and face as well. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if not for the obligatory “It’s not technically tracing” and praise from the 13 yr olds (she’s 23 btw). She’s done work for some more unknown P’s like, iirc, Quasar.

No. 74281

ive seen her around here and there but i didnt know she traced, i thought she was just a huge lumifag that popped up every time lumi content gets posted. go figure lol

No. 74282

on first look i thought this was a straight up 3d model, but it's just a shitty trace. face looks weird as fuck.

No. 74283

the torso is really lumpy too, maybe its supposed to be the folds of her dress but it looks more like a tube full of mashed potatoes. she really getting praise for this?

No. 74322

File: 1575142570438.png (1.41 MB, 1629x858, gallery.png)

ive seen her around and didnt think much of her other than a lumi fan as another anon said. art was never my cup of tea. the lighting is too bright that it hurts to look at

learning that she traces models and getting praise tho. yikes. no thanks

No. 74339

She probably makes it super bright to distract from the wonkiness of the actual character lmao

No. 74356

Did she make and pose the models herself? I don't see any issues tracing your own work. Or if not, did she at least credit the artist who did make the models?

No. 74357

The models aren’t hers, she uses some application named DAZ Studio.
Legally, yes it’s fine. But the tracing of the model down to the generated shadows just makes the art look so wonky- especially when she doesn’t know how to draw hair or folds in clothing properly.

Here’s a link to the tutorial (on amino go figure)

No. 74427

File: 1575286958775.png (296.35 KB, 633x686, wtf is this anatomy.png)

never thought i'd see DAZfags anywhere outside of creepy uncanny valley porn on pixiv, let alone someone trying to sell their art to prods in the vocommunity kek
It's basically like those kids who trace gacha studio, but for adults

Sucks cuz I thought it was original art, and I like Lumi

No. 74451

Hey so like can someone please explain to me why Ruby costs $100 even though she's literally just Misha's UTAU ported to Vocaloid, besides the fact that Misha is a huge cunt

No. 74452


Engine and development costs lol. Everyone who worked on her vb defenitely deserves some sort of cut obviously, even if theyre out of power fx, but also yamaha owns the most copy right to vocaloid, so most of rubys income goes straight to yamaha

No. 74455

PowerFX vocaloids are usually more expensive than Zero-G vocaloids and they rarely roll out discounts. Also love yourself and buy Cyber Diva instead.

Speaking of Ruby, does anyone remember that claim of Crypton was interested in picking her up?

No. 74457

who would you guys say are some underrated vocaloids? are there any with really good voice banks, but you feel they get overlooked? any who get used by talented, but unpopular producers?

No. 74458


oh fuck i do. how much you want to bet it was just syo/misha making it up for clout? because why would crypton suddenly give a shit about an english voicebank when all they've focused on are japanese ones

No. 74459

But her price compared to Big Al, Sweet Ann, and Oliver doesn't make any sense. YOHIOloid at least has a kind of popular visual kei name attached but Misha is a literal who.

No. 74460

i think the same. why the fuck would crypton give two shits about that, even more so if you take in consideration the time of ruby's release and development. back then crypton was focusing on updating their own characters to V4, given that context, i don't think they would care much for an english vocaloid project from a part of the fandom that, at the time they, didn't focus much on, let alone a project from literal "whos" who happened to have the development kit.

No. 74465

Some time ago their V2s used to cost $120-ish then had a permanent price down. Oliver used to cost around that too. But I do agree Yohioloid might be expensive due to 1.) 2 vbs (eng/jp), 2.) YOHIO possibly getting a cut as an agreement/licensing. Ruby might have been $100 ever since as an introductory price for V4 (and their only V4).

Not to defend Ruby or anything, I think it's just really PowerFX not caring about Vocaloid anymore and just keeps them up for as long as they could.

thought the same as well, too convenient for it to bring up during the time Ruby's release was in limbo and if Crypton's really interested wouldn't NDAs be in place?

No. 74470

That makes a lot more sense. I also had no idea PFX's VBs were so expensive at first. YOHIOloid's royalties are for sure a part of his price tag whereas Ruby must just be them not caring anymore after her controversy.

No. 74471


>tfw prince syo and misha were so desperate for attention that they made up a bullshit claim about crypton asking for ruby's license without providing any proof thereof

well i mean when the final product sounds like this can you really blame them

No. 74477

File: 1575337907528.jpeg (114.63 KB, 743x532, D1346936-0393-4B8C-8047-68AB6D…)

expect more gibsmedats in the upcoming months

No. 74479

I wonder how she feels about Miku Expo coming to Atlanta after Vocamerica going there (twice).

No. 74500

nekomura iroha v4

No. 74502

File: 1575356230144.jpeg (569.53 KB, 907x1365, 96AAAFA2-1092-4709-ABA3-35B901…)

^ in reply to someone saying they don’t like her voice on Yunosuke’s new song

I know Jubybooby is kinda old news and we all know she’s fucked but I’m not the only one who sees through that moderator bs, right?
She’s done damage control with her “moderator” multiple times but, god, this was bad. First she claims to use no auto-tune which is bullshit, then continues to self-advertise for no reason? Why is a moderator even on Yunosuke’s video lmao.
Everything she writes makes it sound like she’s applying for a job- I mean have you seen her wiki page? It’s a whole essay about her career (and her 8+ octave range as her moderator stated on one of her videos)

Maybe I’m just nitpicking but the whole act is just super embarrassing, especially when she’s extremely mediocre as a singer. Can she just leave the vocaloid community for good already lol

No. 74525

nah this isn't nitpicking anon, i wouldn't understand why a moderator would suddenly start writing about juby like they are writing for a wikipedia article. though i understand even less why she is writing like that for herself but she is clearly lying and overpraising herself.

No. 74539

File: 1575401754000.jpg (24.42 KB, 291x213, piggyback.JPG)

she'll probably piggyback on it like this

this feels like a bot posting

No. 74545

Remember the reason why the V2s cost so much is because they came with a full version of the Vocaloid Editor. Once V3 rolled around they only came with "lite" trial versions and the cost was broken out separately. V3s V4s and V5 all require a separate $225 purchase on top of the VB costs, which V2s didn't require. Using V2 pricing to justify Ruby's insane pricing is a bit off, individual VB prices should have gone down after everything was unbundled.

No. 74574

Sadly don't have recipts because VO went down, but remember when Misha basically harassed Bil Bryant and is the reason PFX dropped out of Vocaloid

Misha didn't communicate what Ruby's was supposed to be and Bil had revealed a lighter skinned design at some anime convention. She accused PFX of white washing and racism and basically invited the western fags to send malicious emails to PFX
She also harasses Latina/Mexican vocaloid fans for not supporting Ruby because its "race traitorism" or something. what a clown

She also self-identifies as an SJW and has a Naruto obsession

No. 74576


she was the one who started that #saveruby shit, right? anyways something that personally annoys me is how ruby is constantly held up as an example of ~poc representation~ in vocaloid, which misha herself obviously harps on about, but i can promise you that most actual ~poc~ vocaloidfags could not give less of a fuck about skin color. they just want a good product that doesn't sound like a prolapsed garbage disposal unit.

No. 74578

Besides, literally all japanese vocaloids are poc

No. 74594

This feels like a bot. It definitely is.

Also her octave range thing is B.S. Remember all her earlier covers where she pitched the song down? And even then, she has trouble hitting high notes.

She clearly cant't hit low notes either, given by her having to pitch up the audio in her cover of Lemon. She can't sing Bass or Baritone, nor Soprano.

No. 74620


they aren't dark skinned so it doesn't count apparently.

No. 74637

To be fair, it'd be a little silly to expect her to hit bass or baritone.

No. 74656

File: 1575493771600.jpg (75.2 KB, 1024x596, christ.jpg)

tbf PFX's design of Ruby was ugly as fuck I would've made a campaign to change it too

No. 74659

the current design is shitty too but in another way, this one looks like someone's character from second life.

No. 74667

How's the current design shitty? It looks bland but otherwise fine to me imo.

No. 74684

File: 1575502716219.png (12.88 KB, 571x147, 109340.PNG)

doesn't come to me as a surprise. misha's a whole clown. she basically fishes for oppression points like every other sjw. have you seen her twitter bio?
it's like she's about to make a check list for all races under the sun.

for me, it just looks like she uses these as an excuse to post those extremely shitty (and borderline racist) takes she has on every single of the races she usually says she's a part of.

that aside ruby is a mistake in every aspect. the voicebank performs poorly, sample quality is, well, what you would expect from a sub-par mic in a bedroom, and the voice itself sounds bad. literally no one asked for another female vocal with a sinus infection.

No. 74720


Can someone care to explain how Misha and Lupin got to voice vocaloids in the first place when they're both literal nobodies? Aki has at least been in the fandom for a decade and has done demos.

No. 74727

All of them came into the fandom around the same time so they've just known the right people. Aki making a few bad demos doesn't warrant her a Vocaloid over the other two imo.

No. 74729

Lupin had talked about it on stream. Zero-G was accepting demo reels, they liked how he sounded, they invited him to audition.

Aki was already doing artwork for Zero-G, Avanna's boxart as they wanted someone in the community to do the art. That's how she established a connection to Zero-G. Knowing she had made an UTAU before they had invited her to submit a demo reel.

The "female vocal" was outsourced to VocaTone by PowerFX. Misha had connections to VocaTone staff and got a private invite through those connections. I think Bil Bryant would later regret this one.

All had made UTAU at one point. Being an early adopter to UTAU likely played a part in all of it.

No. 74813

Since in the west, there's a super low chance professional vocalists would make a vocaloid due to it's reputation here(compared to how eastern VA's might go "my vocaloid could be the next Miku*"), they're almost forced to use either random people or people in the fandom already. Companies might think "Well since this person is already well known it might get more sales", and that's how shitty fandom vocals are born.

Kinda hilarious how if a english Vocaloid is voiced by someone in the fandom it's almost always shit. English vocaloids aren't everyone's cup of tea, and Songman and Cyva might be a little nasal at times but at least they weren't recorded on a Yeti in someone's basement

*newer vocaloids almost always fail but this is just an example

No. 74814

I hate the design too, but that doesn't justify her getting her SJW weeb army to push an entire company out of vocaloid because of her racial inferiority complex.

I highly doubt shes all those races. She's pale as fuck.

No. 74816

Man, English Vocaloids are somewhat OK. It's western // american utauloids that suck ass. everything that's made with that godamn program is a cringe weeb fantasy come true.

i still can't comprehend how kikyuune aiko got so popular despite having a nasal mom voice just like daina.

the main problem is that western female utauloids have unappealing voices while male utauloids sound too bland and can't hit high notes

No. 74820

There are plenty of better western UTAU that should be at least as well known as Aiko but aren't. I have no idea how Aiko got popular myself, her tone and voice type are grating. I suspect it was just being in UTAU early enough and pumping out content.

No. 74821

I will never understand how people think UTAU is better than Vocaloid, especially when 90% of western UTAU, japanese or not has a super strong disgusting accent. I once heard a CV from someone that had literal sick sniffling in the samples.

Yamaha might have questionably retarded business practices but V5 isnt bad to the point where singing weeb OC maker sounds anywhere comparable to it. If I wasn't biased against EmVoice I'd say its the worst synth(but even EmVoice has better results than UTAU)

Especially now that people try to make their UTAUs diverse and care even less about actual vocal quality.

No. 74823

What's the issue with EmVoice?

No. 74824

You have to pay $200 dollars or get restricted to only seven notes, you can't import MIDI files, it's 100% cloud-based which means if the servers ever go down you lose all your work and your money is wasted, the developers are past UTAUfags who hate vocaloid and think they've made the best synth ever and have no competition, etc etc

No. 74831

Honestly, it was a mix of being early to the game, regular with releases, and sheer quantity and body of work. Popularity begets popularity after all.

Beyond that Myst and her circle has always been particularly effective in building a personal brand and engaging the community. I am not just talking about her being an admin of UtaForum either, but her efforts in the Overseas-Utafest DA group, and her frequent collaborations with other producers and artists.

I think a key point was the 2013 release "United Together Around UTAU". It was one of the first Western releases to be tabled at the Japanese doujin event Minna no UTAU and was key to exposing many of the featured artists and UTAU to Japanese audiences and mainstream appeal, or as mainstream as you get within this niche.

Collabs, collabs, collabs, and a lot of networking within the niche is the reason Aiko is so popular. Besides United Together I suspect the breakout hit of Bi☣hazard was a major part of it, it was the first of Crusher-P's "killer hook, drop the damn bass already" hit parade and it was a breakout hit in Japan. I think Aiko is the only western UTAU I know of to get an EXIT TUNES release.

There are better western UTAU definitely, Cz-loid is a love of mine, but no other Western UTAU makers has worked harder in the niche, put themselves out there more, and has done a good of a job self-promoting as Myst & Kiikyune Aiko have. Her current notoriety is built on literally a decade of work.

No. 74833

I guess then even if Aiko sucks I'll give it to Myst for actually putting the effort it to be known. I almost forgot about those releases she was in. Your writing feels familiar to me but I can't quite put my finger on it. But thank you for the refresher info anyways anon.

No. 74849

They all have weird accents without proper tuning, Vocaloids included. Imo there are some nice UTAUs, I especially like Namine Ritsu's latest voicebanks.

No. 74854

If you posted on VocaloidOtaku then probably. I was a prolific shitposter before the mods and politics drove me away. Plus nerding out about UTAU probably gave me away. There are a limited amount of people still around since 2009. Holy fuck it has been 10 years. I don't have anything for my UTAU's 10th anniversary…

No. 74856

Are there actually people who think UTAU is better than Vocaloid that is like… order than 13?

Any competent UTAU user who has used both clearly understand's UTAU's limitation. Its accessibility problems, its lack of dictionary, and all the various hacks you gotta do to make things sound decent.

It certainly has its own advantages, you can create your own without having to trade sexual favors with Anders Sodergren for example, you can add additional samples to emulate your native language and new phonemes, it is free/shareware, etc. etc.

But I don't think anyone who didn't have their head up their own ass would say UTAU>Vocaloid, especially if they ever used Vocaloid 5 Editor.

On that note, I can't take any Vocaloid producer seriously that is NOT using Vocaloid 5 Editor. Looking at you Lupin, he said on stream he doesn't buy Vocaloid 5 because he doesn't really like Vocaloid. WTF dude why you even a producer and keep milking this community if you don't even goddamn like Vocaloid.

No. 74882

Damn, that sucks. I thought it looked pretty good. Cloud-based music software was a mistake.

No. 74884

any software with no offline mode is a mistake, i just don't get how anyone thought that was a good idea for a music software.

No. 74889

> the developers are past UTAUfags who hate vocaloid and think they've made the best synth ever and have no competition, etc etc

I think you mean Synthesizer V anon.

No. 74891

Anyone else sick of that Megurine Luka "skinny" twitter account? Recently they tried to flex on the fact that so many people blocked them, but really it's because they're insufferable and they're basically a reject stan account.

No. 74892

Is there any way at all to make in in the UTAU community in 2019-2020? asking this because I've been interested in the community myself for a long time (yes i'm a cringe weeb) and i've just thought about doing it for fun.

Of course, i want to put effort into it.

No. 74896

All those unfunny shitpost accounts (including every single ebooks account) are cancer with every last one of them ran by actual children

No. 74903

To be fair, Luka the vocaloid is actual shit, so this parody account is probably the most attention she'll ever get

No. 74907

Luka literally has more songs than that account has followrs

No. 74921

I was thinking about the same thing, but it really seems like the UTAU scene is dead now. I was kind of shocked when I realized how different the popularity is from its heyday in ~2009-2012. I heard that the program was written in an ancient programming language that's like 20 years old, so maybe there's no new users these days because no one wants to put up with the early-2000s era UI anymore.

No. 74926

So apparently there's milk with this Saya Scarlet cosplayer…

No. 74930


every day my respect for the shitshow trio of sam, aki, and misha continues to sink lower and lower. what the fuck are they even doing at this point. why did sam agree to have his own vocaloid. what is wrong with them and why are they wasting everyone's time like this.

No. 74937

I think the bigger question is why are people continuing to give them the time of day? People need to stop pretending these three are anything other than total fools, it's not a good look for the community. We need some fresh blood to flush them out in my opinion, but that's a tall order condsidering the state of vocaloid as a software.

No. 74941

quantity ≠ quality

admit it. her voice sucks

No. 74944

SynthV too, but according to what I heard the EmVoice devs did the same shit

Man, why are all independent synths ran by UTAUfags

No. 74945

retarded question but what if farmers became producers kek
at this point anyone can be better than whatever the fuck this current shitshow is

No. 74947

Do it anon, I'd love to see

No. 74948

I love Luka but yeah, the account holder seems extremely patheric. They remind me of those fandom callout tumblr users who hate everything that is even slightly ""problematic""(read:not 100% morally right mary sues or villians) or everything that isn't about their chosen self-insert.

No. 74950

That sunny account sounds like an absolute nutjob. I already wondered how Saya didn't gain any fat neckbeard stalkers yet.

No. 74951

File: 1575719223362.png (126.38 KB, 720x754, Capture _2019-12-07-12-44-18-1…)

Kek, nevermind. It seems like that account is run by one of her jap. neckbeards who jumped on the drama because he is angry there isn't enough posts on her patreon.

No. 74965


Bro are u retarted, synthV costs 90 dollars and kanru hua was a passionate utau developer until he was able to make his dream of an own singing synth true. No need to be a douche

No. 74984

synthV dev used to work on a miku knockoff vocal synth and pitchforks were raised after people found out it was a blatant reverse engineer of Vocaloid. The fandom was quick to demonize him until he came back developing moresampler, in which the utaufags quickly worshipped him for. Eventually he announced he was working on a new synth (which will become Synthesizer V) and I sure do remember utaufags getting their hopes up thinking it's their meal ticket of having their singing OCs on a different engine.

The funny part about this is the voice provider for Emvoice Lucy is the same VP for CZloid. I remember CZ being salty at SynthV dev for making his own English recording list. There's something funny about CZ being adamant about their precious English UTAU list only to jump ship to Emvoice later.

No. 74995

Skinny Luka acc obviously lurks on here. Hi you stupid attention whore.

No. 74998

generally, i ignore/mute these ebooks account as some of them are run by children. kids are dumb and it's not the end of the world.
though the mikubooks and len cfm accounts are next level autism. the mikubooks mod is a creepy troon and whoever's running the len cfm account is an insufferable orbiter

anyway which anon retard cowtipped that luka account, now we'll have more newfags shitting up the thread

No. 75005

Where'd you get that info about the VP of Lucy being the same one as CZloid? Only got results leading back to this thread when I tried searching for that.

It's a shame the emvoice devs are retarded because I actually liked Lucy's voice bank, and they were onto something with choosing to use casual pronunciation as default. But $200 for a half-broken plugin? No thanks.

No. 75010

File: 1575774680679.jpg (63.29 KB, 642x508, soho emvoice.JPG)

back when emvoice used to call itself soho

No. 75064

It's also equally silly to suggest she really does have an 8 octave range.

I take back my original statement, She's Soprano. The only instance of her singing Tenor is when she covers Kagamine Len songs (and even then, they're not that low. While Len is a tenor range vocaloid, his VP is a woman.)

Rachie and Kuraiinu on the other hand actually have impressive ranges.

No. 75089

Agreed. Skinny Luka is probably trying to get a screenshot of this site to epic expose us or whatever and get the fandom on our asses. Starting shit over dumb petty shit is what those ebooks autists do.

No. 75097


Bro, his first project, the voca ripoff, was him being a fucking nerd, because at first he wanted to make miku sing chinese, and then make a utau esque editor where you'd record ur own vbs. Thats why most thought synthv was goin to do that too

Never saw anyone hate on him personally, and i didnt either because it was his old devs team decision. Anyways, since renri is in synthv, the possibility that it allows user vbs is still there lol

No. 75115

Did you all see this? https://twitter.com/nostr8answer/status/1203957263079219201

I personally wouldn't mind a wish list, had it consisted of stuff with decent prices (although, I think it's a kind of a reach already, considering his only merit for having people buy him things is being "best known as the voice of VOCALOID DEX."), but the dude literally has a whole set of studio equipment with prices around 99$ to 299$ (granted there are cheaper products there), an almost 300$ pair of dumbbells, and a… 580$ DSLR camera?

Maybe it's just me, but I think that's kind of too much to ask for just being the voicer of a VOCALOID (which, for itself, is a paid product). I have to laugh lol

No. 75118

They're probably a 15 year old tranny. Who even cares

No. 75143

The Miku v4 japanese/english trials from the song contest haven't been removed from the site yet. Go live your producer dreams, anon.


No. 75145

lmao the dumbbells are cause he wants to get fit but he's trying to have his fans buy his equipment for him. like you can't do workouts at little to no expense, you fuckin mong

No. 75149

may have found the greatest active western producer: a neural network.
"just so you know, my promises never held much faith."
why is a robot the best lyricist by far?

No. 75153

I never knew there were songs on the japanese side of the fandom that also sounded like absolute shit

No. 75154

that's cute anon, were you legit thinking being shit is exclusive to the non-japanese?

No. 75156

yes actually. i guess i was proven wrong, because every japanese song i've listened to beforehand has been good sounding.

No. 75180

File: 1575951191716.jpeg (222.19 KB, 750x1212, 6BB08D27-ED8F-44F3-AC24-EF6630…)


i don't know what's more annoying, skinny luka or its buddies. this astro person has been showing their ass a lot lately, especially with the whole "loooooooooool i'm cancelling livetune" thing

No. 75193

If you sincerely thought that all japanese producers know what they’re doing, you haven’t seen that much of vocaloid lol
I think a good example of a producer who can’t write well is eve, where all of his songs sound similar and are written in the same exact key
And Honeyworks who just can’t write interesting songs for shit

No. 75196

For the most part, only the best Japanese produced vocaloid songs make it into the English language internet. So there's definitely a lot of bad Japanese content, it's just obscure
Being Japanese doesn't make someone a better music producer.

No. 75205

Bless your soul I was looking for these trials
I own vocaloid already(not miku yet), I'm just a retard still trying to learn the software

No. 75206

Kinda creepy, but the fact that this robot has better lyrics than the most popular in this community is hilarious

No. 75228

As far as I understand it's just a retarded joke but knowing twitter there are probably people who'd just assume livetune actually did something bad purely based on their shitposting.

Also please stop giving those children attention, they probably get off on it.

No. 75247

File: 1576012592020.png (312.28 KB, 728x559, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…)

>search up childish war by reol
>juby and rachie's cover comes up first instead of the original

god fuck youtaites. rachie's parts especially were too autotuned and the harmony was louder than the melody for her parts

No. 75263


No. 75285


Anyone remember old Japanese Vocaloid horror songs? So many of them were absolute trash in the name of being loud and chaotic. Guess it mainly just makes me laugh cuz you could go into the comments and always find people being like “this is so deep. nobody criticize this you can’t criticize it because it’s deep”

Honestly, if that isn’t the issue I have with a lot of songs. If it’s about something serious suddenly to mouthbreathers that means it must be good and you can’t be critical. Nothing wrong with writing about serious things, but sometimes it feels like fans and maybe even the producers themselves use this to deflect criticism.

No. 75286


To be fair, I think a lot of what video you see is based on your location. I think if the original artist is credited at least text-wise then it’s fine, just annoying. When I start to get bothered is when you look up the song itself, like drop pop candy, and it literally credits JubyPhonic as the credit lmao

No. 75287

i just looked up for childish war and its funny, underneath the juby cover it says kradness is the artist. tbh sometimes it bothers me when japanese coverers/utaites get more attention than the original too, especially when their rabid fangirls shout about how much better the cover version is, even when the original is far from garbage.

No. 75288

That's actually understandable somewhat. The Kradness/Reol version of the song was uploaded at the same time as the Len/Rin one, so it could be an error.

No. 75289


Do I have the song for you, anon.


No. 75294

That's not even that bad tho. It's cohesive and has a catchy rhythm, which is still more than you can say for most western producers/

No. 75329

TadanaCo has like at least one decent song, just a very specific style. I can see why people wouldn't like it, but I don't think Alkaline Adult is the best example since it's not even one of his popular songs. Yue ni You & Me is probably his most well-known.

kek I still listen to some Babuchan stuff but the comments are full of people trying to be deep like "I think this is about a girl being raped" or "this is about a miscarriage!!1!" like what clued you in, the fact that their logo is literally a fetus??

It's the same with people complaining Kikuo writes about child abuse like wtf were you expecting from a song with a picture like Gomenne or a title like "you're a worthless child"

No. 75337

>Babuchan stuff but the comments are full of people trying to be deep

>meanwhile, on babuchan's stream at midnight: "I love shit. Shit is great. Shit is sexy. I am shit. You are shit. Everyone is shit. Death is shit. The world, aaaaaall the world is shit. hums Amazing Grace I get into my Mercedes Porsche and drive to shit road666. Wow, Brazil! I love Bob Marley. Bob Marley is shit GOD. I am not babuchan, I am Vomit Shithead. Not Shithead, VOMIT! Shithead. Babu shit is green, like a forest. What? What did you just say? Shit are feces? WHOA!! WOW!! You genius! Is that so? Really?? Now I understand! Shit are feces! screams uncontrolled"

No. 75354

I half agree with honeyworks being a shit songwriter. I never really liked Suki Kirai (Rin/Len) but I always thought Crybaby boyfriend/Nakimushi Kareshi (miku/len) sounded good.

No. 75375

Fuck, Honeyworks' songs are soulless. My first taste of them was from Suki Kirai. Thought to myself, alright, cute song - kind of mediocre and generic, but what other songs they have?
Then I learned that 99% of their songs are shallow shoujo manga garbage.

No. 75383

How's about a roundup of songs from big names released in the last month-ish? Most recent is Circus' new anxiety anthem "Afraid of Everything."

Already discussed a bit, GHOST's "Entomologists."

Next up, KIRA's "i DO what i WANT."

And as a bonus, nostraightanswer's DEX cover of "Afraid of Everything."

Opinions? Insights? Relevant milk?

No. 75388


As someone who actually really likes some of Circus's songs, "Afraid of Everything" was super weak and embarrassing. The lyrics especially suck.

No. 75411

I actually think it's better than most of his recent stuff, though I may be biased because of the video giving the song at least a hint of personality.

No. 75503

>"i'm cancelling livetune" thing
Why livetune though? What have they done "wrong" now?

No. 75517

been wondering that as well, seeing little to nothing on twitter

No. 75519


it's them bitching about how his songs all sound the same and how the tuning is boring. he didn't actually do anything, they're just being exceptional.

No. 75544

Just some retarded child who claims livetune's songs are so bad when they praise Kira like a god as if Kira's songs have any type of substance or redeeming qualities outside of decent tuning

No. 75546

Is it weird I actually like this song?

No. 75549

It's not offensively bad or anything, just kinda generic EDM. Also furry

No. 75561

also a reaching reminder of how much he loves the shit out of wolves and that his vocaloid and utau and self are wolves awooooooo

No. 75562

File: 1576357614905.jpg (47.38 KB, 500x500, artworks-000161121544-6d1lfy-t…)

Is it an already established thing that Aiko's design is basically Blue Rin™? Is that something Myst gets insecure about?

No. 75564

The lack of originality throws me off a lot. Not that Crypton's VOCALOIDs were anything exceptionally original (given it's basically just a revamped tech-y school concept), but Aiko screams bootleg merch. It's the kind of thing you'd see in a con being sold for 5$, just like that blonde MEIKO keychain.

I wouldn't have much problem with it either, weren't for Myst talking about her design as if she'd just invented the wheel sometimes.

No. 75568

It was established in earlier times, I think Myst herself had mentioned it too. I'm kind of amazed that she hasn't done anything about it after all this time but then again look at the voicebank itself.

No. 75572


aiko is total deviantart tier shit are you kidding me. she looks like a design prototype, not the finished product.

No. 75594

File: 1576379990464.jpeg (199.18 KB, 750x1072, 94556553-010F-4D7E-8549-7EAB50…)

No. 75595

File: 1576380044306.jpeg (477.52 KB, 1632x1489, 3C39BB65-6AAF-4CB5-BCEE-A1059B…)

so this was really the best she could do this year huh

No. 75601

That's honestly pretty sad.

Ten years and absolutely nothing to show for it.

No. 75607

It's hard to wrap your head around, but some people just can't improve their art no matter how long they work at it. Usually anybody can improve artistically if they just work at it for a few years, but every once in a while you'll run into this type of person who doesn't seem to have the ability to learn.

No. 75610

Man, Juby didn't do this song justice well. I'm disappointed too since I'm really into Mafumafu's stuff.

The lyrics are nice, but the autotune is too much (people also complaining about the lyric 'black santa claus' even though it's literally in the original and not talking about race at all)

also where's that 8-octave range? she can't sing as low as soraru or as high as mafumafu nor can she deliver the same power as either singer.

i dunno. juby seems like a nice person so i don't want to be mean. at least the original has more views.

No. 75615

She does the sketch, base coloring, and then slaps on a multiply layer and shades using one color. She does cell shading and it’s so lazy, especially with the way she does it.
What bothers me most about her style is the lazy-ass highlights and disproportionate bodies. It’s so simple and boring, why would anyone buy from her when they can get someone else who knows how to shade and do perspective for much less?

For someone who writes such shit music, you’d think they’d try a LITTLE harder so their art can at least be a selling point. Like with Cillia and her tuning lmao

No. 75638

I love seeing western ""woke"" weebs retweet miku art from a porn artist and then later say "oh im so sorry i didnt know they were a pedo"
no one fucking cares

No. 75646


she's coasting off of name recognition. like with all popular western producers that both draw and make music, her fanbase is content with whatever the fuck so she has no real motivation to improve. it drives me up a wall to see this level of stagnation, but at the same time, if she wants to piss away what little talent she does have, that's her prerogative.

No. 75658

Where'd the 8-octave range meme even come from? Three seems like the max for most people.

No. 75660

>hachi is a hack because he calls out the vocaloid fandom for being trash
>in a thread where we discuss the vocaloid fandom for being trash

bitch, are you fucking serious??? anyone who has been in this community for a few years knows how garbage people around here can get (the japanese fandom too). Hachi literally did nothing wrong with sand planet.

No. 75661

oh my god this.

No. 75663

File: 1576455751718.png (1.47 MB, 2490x1164, nVY4apj.png)


Its something claimed and propagated, but I never saw it myself, even in Aiko's first 2009 design. The key parts of Aiko's design have always been the knee length split boots, the hoodie, the skirt w/ spats, short hair, hair clips, and arm warmers.

Basically, the only thing Aiko had in common with Rin was short hair and arm warmers and that arm tattoo, but this was 2009, everyone had arm warmers and arm tattoos, but those are hardly unique to just Rin, I mean Miku had them too.

There were plenty of knockoff Vocaloid designs in 2009, Aiko is probably not one of them. Sure, she took some inspiration from Crypton, but everyone did and the entire "blue rin" thing is mostly a meme and never was true.

No. 75666

hi mystsaphyr(hi cow)

No. 75667

Now you are just retconning. Do you realize Aiko's original release and character art pre-dates the release of meltdown right?

No. 75668

>short hair, arm warmers, and arm tattoo are the only things rin and aiko have in common
nigga are you blind or pretending to be retarded

No. 75669


lol you make a failing argument, delete your post, and that's your new response?

Myst has gotten so much shit from jealous UTAU-tards and the "I don't get why she is so popular" crowd for over a decade. She stopped popping into and engaging these threads years ago when they would come up monthly on DeviantArt & VocaloidOtaku drama threads.

Your "edgy" new opinion is neither new nor original. It's the same baseless garbage people unfamiliar with UTAU have been parroting for over a decade. Like no one can google what her 2009 design looked like? You can look it up and form your own opinion. Most don't go that far before just repeating just the same 'blue rin' narrative without checking themselves.

No. 75670

File: 1576459102405.jpg (116.16 KB, 468x877, o5BPwk2.jpg)


Holy shit! You are right. How could I ever have been so blind? They look EXACTLY alike! Sailor fuku, shorts, those belt things, leg warmers, that gigantic fucking bow. It's all the same!

Like dude, if the only parallel you have is "short anime hair" then to character design is original.

No. 75671

>Is that something Myst gets insecure about?
Well I guess we have our answer now

No. 75672

hi mystsaphyr

No. 75673

File: 1576459563584.png (92.62 KB, 1100x700, Fx4Nb7G.png)


Almost. Just a dude who made a low effort stick figure UTAU.

No. 75674

go away shaun

No. 75675


You know I am attracted to Vocaloid & UTAU drama. Of course I would be here.

No. 75676


you couldn't make your insecurities more obvious if you tried, myst.

No. 75677

Who is shaun?

No. 75678


well. i'll be damned. sage for doubleposting.

No. 75679


That talentless hack who peaked in 2013 and has been leeching off other people's projects ever since.


No. 75680

Stop attention seeking, this is embarrassing

No. 75681

I mean I was happy remaining Anonymous for most of the thread. But if we're gonna start guessing Anon's internet handle I figured I could own up to my own posts.

No. 75687

How does liking werewolves make you a furry?

No. 75689

There aren't people in this world sad enough to be jealous of you, Myst. Aiko has such an ugly voice and unoriginal design, you know its bad when the other shitty UTAUfags can do better than you

No. 75690


ITT. People making rhetorical arguments to someone who is not here.

To avoid further misconceptions I already claimed the post. If you are replying to that post, please direct it at me.

>other shitty UTAUfags can do better than you

Please drop some names. I am staff on UtaForum and UTAU.wiki and I consider myself generally knowledgeable about UTAU, at least out here in the West. Who are these UTAU?

Have they tabled at Minna no UTAU multiple times? Have they been published by EXIT TUNES? How well regarded and used are they outside of their creator? How well-received are they in Japan? If not these metrics, how do you quantify an UTAU's success?

Honestly, UTAU, "success", recording, design. I would love a serious UTAU discourse. I am a certified UTAUfag and would love for you to elaborate on all these topics.

No. 75692

Holy shit you guys, nobody with any semblance of a life gives a shit about whatever the hell you guys are arguing about here. These clowns smugly mocking some lame recolor UTAU are literally just as funny to watch as this autistic "hentai" dweeb.

No. 75693

File: 1576470858108.png (73.96 KB, 800x600, 13Vemsj.png)


100% Real California Milk

No. 75698

File: 1576472251035.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

cliquefags please go

No. 75699

Anything I'd personally say abt This is, change Aikos Name from weebish to something western native cause she's not supposed to be a voca ripoff anymore.. Also hentai why you here

No. 75703

File: 1576473017629.jpg (78.07 KB, 800x808, a59fbc5ba0dd6c7872d786ba666b19…)

totally not rin

No. 75704

the fuck is that thing

No. 75707


No. 75708


No. 75709

File: 1576473411636.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, ohgod.jpg)


No. 75710

Is this a vocaloid person or did you post in the wrong thread

No. 75712

File: 1576475886964.jpg (2.1 MB, 1584x2301, NSfaWaN.jpg)

I mean if we are just posting images…

Actually Rin.

I was always a fan of the Senbonzakura art myself. It must be the eyepatch, it screams chuunibyou.

With so many original designs what makes Rin art Rin? Some have long hair, some have short hair, some have childlike pigtails, some have bows, some do not, some in shorts, some in skirts, others in elaborate kimono.

Besides the blonde hair what makes Rin art Rin? What if she no longer has blonde hair? Is it the Pixiv tags, is it what the artist says, what the community says? Is a stick figure I arbitrarily tag as Rin on Imgur Rin?

Not just Rin, but any Vocaloid really.

No. 75713

File: 1576476425495.png (249.42 KB, 668x602, cxfd.png)

There's also a design of Rin where half of her body is cut off and attached to Len's body.

Listen, unlike the others here I'm not saying that Aiko is a direct ripoff of Rin.

The shoulder-length hair and barettes, however, prove that Rin inspired her design somewhat.

No. 75714

File: 1576478001103.jpg (85.22 KB, 462x710, e09yq3h.jpg)

Definitely. This I concede.

She was made in 2009. Her original design didn't even have feet because why draw anything not rendered in the YouTube release video? lol that was the mentality of the time.

UTAU styles of the day called for a -ne ending name, leg/arm warmers, useless triangle pattern belts, and that stupidly awkward boxart post.

Look at the #UTAUofthedecade tag on Twitter. A lot of the early UTAU stuff was bad, many were Vocaloid inspired, there is a lot of overlap between the communities. That being said looking at the tag most of the weebs shed their Vocaloid influences over the years in favor of more "original" desins.

The one design element Myst has kept was the pause/play barrettes. She shed the tattoo, the arm warmers turned into bracers, and even the hairstyle waffled over the years. The ahoge appearing, disappearing, getting floofier, more solid, etc. with only the length staying the same. Which I think is less significant considering how often Rin's hair changes in PV art, I don't think even the length is signature to Rin.

Why I never liked the "Blue Rin" narrative was because besides being of limited accuracy, it was stuck in a specific time period, repeated ad nausium within the "fandom" (no wonder it used to annoy Myst), never updated with the times, and often used to dimish and/or belittle the work that has gone into Aiko over the years.

Also to continue my previous thought experiment.
Is the attached image Rin?
Would that change if I attached said image to a cover of Rin cover of Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru and tagged the video and its related media #vocaloidrin?(namefag sperg)

No. 75717

Holy shit bitch, no one fucking cares stop acting like this is a damn investigation. No one came here to argue over wether or not Aiko looks even SLIGHTLY similar to Rin so can we please drop it?

No. 75740


there's autism and then there's this.

No. 75741

damn the design barely evolved and in 7 years their art didn't improve at all, they just went through art style changes.

No. 75750

lmao look at what this faggot is posting on twitter

Hentai I thought you could take a joke because you were the one who made that stickman UTAU but fucking hell this is beyond autism.

No. 75755

their account is just fucking cringe and they were seriously just pasting their tweets here? was this some kind of really bad attempt at getting followers?

No. 75781

God damn, vocaloid as gone down the shitter huh?

No. 75786

Vocaloid has always had one foot in the shitter. We're just choosing to splash around in that side for fun.

No. 75787

The western fandom is in that weird middle ground where there are lots of people who know about it, but anyone who's REALLY into it has depression and self esteem issues. Anyone who's actually talented/disciplined has better things to do with their time, and the less talented get to coast since it's not like anyone's going to usurp their (technically earned but not necessarily warranted) popularity. No point in trying to make your own stuff when there's lots of content already made that you can consume at your leisure.

It's sad, yeah, but it's not like anyone has the motivation to really do anything about it. I can always listen to Cantarella or anything else pre-2010 if I really want to scratch the nostalgia itch that bad.

I do predict a resurgence in the coming decade, though. Here's to hoping the nostalgia wave actually produces something worth listening to.

No. 75792

You say you predict a resurgence in the coming decade– why? It seems super unlikely to me now that vocaloid as a software is dead (hence all the companies saying they won't be producing V5 banks). Sure, SynthV isn't bad, but how far can it really get with it just being one (narcissistic) guy's passion project? Even if Crypton does come out with their own engine, they already said it'll be proprietary and I'm not convinced Miku & the Kagamines can carry the thing by themselves.

No. 75799

Because people that were kiddos back when it first got popular are now adults with jobs and money. They're going to make things inspired by what they liked when they were young. And if they wanted to be a Vocaloid producer and don't have anything better to do now, they can go achieve that dream. It's not like there's nothing stopping them.

The beauty of Vocaloid is that you have something you can find creators based off (the vocals in their music), but there's no limits on what that content is. Literally all you need is someone to make good content on a consistent basis and people will start talking about it.

No. 75803


i like the way you think. like, if the state of vocaloid bothers you so much, then the power is completely yours to try doing something about it.

No. 75804

>Own Kagamine Twins and Oliver
>have wanted to cover music and make originals for forever

Could I do it?

No. 75805

You could try, although I'd recommend starting with covers if you aren't very familiar with the software yet.

No. 75832

With this topic on Vocaloid being dead, y’all reminded me of some drama that happened a while ago. Can’t remember what it ws exactly, but I know an article was posted about the ‘impact’ of the mikumikuebooks account, and the guy who runs Mikufan (jrharbort) said “this isn’t what I wanted Miku’s perception to be, a meme”. People hated on him for this, but tbh he’s not wrong. I feel like at least nowadays, Vocaloid isn’t taken seriously in the west because of all the ‘HAHA MIKU!!’’ memes and the general lack of any professional names.

Think about it. ‘Miku’ has basically become a punchline, kinda like Sans Undertale, except that one works better because everybody already knows and loves Undertale. Vocaloid doesn’t have that.

No. 75834


go for it dude, and don't worry about having perfect tuning right off the bat either. vocaloid has a learning curve like every other instrument and you're likely going to struggle with it at first. oliver especially can be difficult to tune so don't get discouraged if your first attempts aren't like, god tier stellar.


honestly the fandom should be glad vocaloid even has this as far as wide-scale exposure goes, and it's not like miku being a meme is inherently a bad thing just because autistic weebs say so.

No. 75838

I'm not well versed in vocaloid lore, but I've played almost all of the US ported vocaloid rhythm games and to me, I thought things were going well. But it might just only be a Japan thing since SEGA japan publishes a lot of games and Sony is ok with SEGA of America greenlighting the ports here.

No. 75839

try it fam, how can you fail if you never try?

No. 75851

Lol do it. I will too. Maybe we'll even cross paths someday.

No. 75852

do it, and when you get popular you'll get nitpicked here then you know you've made it.

No. 75855

you assholes know just how to be terrifying, yet motivating.

No. 75857

File: 1576649949232.jpg (91.12 KB, 481x640, 1.jpg)

No. 75858

File: 1576650032598.jpg (88.35 KB, 481x640, 2.jpg)

No. 75861

No. 75866

I don’t understand how her brain works. Looking through her twitter, all she has done recently is (mediocre) cosplay.

Oh, and I guess those commissions only 1-2 people have asked for

No. 75868

This would be a fun idea if it was actually recognizable as miku. You have to have the twin tails, man. That’s the main identification feature of a Miku. I hope that’s just a work in progress because it could be funny if she pulled it off better.

No. 75880

No, miku doesn't deserve this.

No. 75882

>No point in trying to create music when there's lots of music already made that you can consume at your leisure.
Have you ever heard of doing something because you yourself enjoy the process of doing it or want to express something yourself? Fucking youtube and its 'Content creators', there are more aspects and reasons to engage in creative activities other than spitting out 'content'.

No. 75889

Vocaloid is pretty popular in the west, yeah. But no one in the west is actually making anything worth anything.

No. 75904

File: 1576696745087.png (26.26 KB, 872x304, kkkkkvfxx.PNG)

>trap is a slur

No. 75906

anyone who says trap is a slur is a ginormous tool, end of story

No. 75911

>Vocaloid MV thread on Twitter
>I don't recognize any of this shit
>The oldest song listed is "Just Be Friends"
>LITERALLY Project Diva PVs
>No other classics

Is the English fandom really this bad? I'm so tired.

No. 75916

File: 1576704289231.jpg (18.77 KB, 414x176, nostalgiafag.JPG)

i don't even know you but you made me look up said thread

don't be this exceptional anon

No. 75927

Rather unrelated, but is saying you've got the "deepest voice" a fetish in the UTAU fandom? I personally am tired of literally everyone claiming they have a deep voice, when in reality they don't, especially when it comes to male UTAUs. I'm personally tired of people who (badly) fake their voices deep to a point where the engine doesn't even know how to synthesize the sample properly, making them all sound like vomit. I personally think Aiko fits in that category, given how unnatural this UTAU's tone sounds at times.

That said, I'm not exactly surprised, considering half of these people take that free Christina Aguilera online range test, and think they have a thousand octave range.

No. 75929

Big thanks to whatever retard invited the twitter newfags here.

No. 75937

More future producers! We could make a farmhand compilation album at this rate

No. 75939

Could you name some male UTAU's like this?

No. 75943

Most Bara or Furry UTAU monstrosities out there should fit the bill. The first ones that come to mind is Walt and especially Kuroda. You don't need to go too deep in this part of the UTAU fandom to find more examples really.

No. 75948

Some of the pitch-shifted ones sound like this too. Normally you find kagamine ripoffs with one natural and the other modulated to sound more "masculine" or "feminine", so we've got an epidemic of distorted bara and chipmunk voicebanks.

No. 75949

It seems most people get grossly enamored by shitty grainy banks with deep “mature” voices. But they especially shit themselves over UTAUs with fifty thousand pitches and bits and bobs no matter how fucked the actual tone is (or if it’s the same type of voice as every other popular UTAU). The hivemind mentality is real.

No. 75950

File: 1576727723888.png (90.43 KB, 600x236, w-h-1.png)

voice-wise I like Waltt to a certain extent (Though his design looks like a Len ripoff)

but yeah his voice has issues (one of them being he can't hit basic tenor notes like most male vocaloids/utauloids).

speaking of, what does everyone think of Furloids in general? aside from having an anthro design

No. 75951

A lot of them sound the same, and I mean alot, but there are a few I think are okay.

No. 75952


they're fine i guess. besides the anthro art they don't seem to be unique from other utaus, at least based off of what i've listened to.

No. 75953

The problem I have with this is that deep voices CAN be executed with amazing results. Look at Gakupo, Big Al and Meika Mikoto. All have deep voices but still sound good.

No. 75960

Its a shame Big Al's lowest samples are some of his lowest quality recording-wise. If you want something really low, sometimes its better to have him sing higher, then pitch shift that output lower if you want a cleaner sound.

No. 75965

Still true for the other two though. Mikoto has a really nice lower range. It's strange, since Kikyuune Aiko is also a lower female range but sounds worse.

Making a japanese voicebank when your native tounge isn't japanese seems to be an issue. especially considering that myst is from tennessee.

No. 75984

File: 1576761005336.png (957.96 KB, 950x4668, twitter.com-I AM BECOME CHRIST…)

Imagine being such a narcisst, you make a 16 tweet "apology" playing the victim and whining about the consequences of acting like an absolute dumbass without even once admitting your own wrong-doings (and only regretting getting rightfully called out for it instead) or even once considering the fucking havoc they caused for the man whose career and life they alost ruined and how he must have felt. The fact that you're a minor doesn't make you any less accountable, in fact that means you shouldn't have read it in the first place since it's R-18 and you have to make an adult account to see it. Assuming you even did that before throwing around cp accusations, since you keep spreading misinfo. With 19 pages Kikuo was referring to the whole situation, the actual R-18 was 6 pages with half of it censored. Bitch you literally learned nothing.

No. 75995

>me me me me!

No. 75997

>I'm a minor!!! That means consequences don't apply to me!!!!!

Stupid bitch. If you're old enough to go on the internet unsupervised, you're old enough to know you can't just go around accusing people of being pedophiles and expect nothing to come of it.

Ever notice how false accusers never have to deal with an unshakable reputation after the fact? People parrot false information, but the source of it always gets away scot-free after some half-hearted apology.

No. 75998

> I want to say sorry
Continues to explain why she shouldn’t be sorry

No. 76003

File: 1576784831894.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 978.67 KB, 473x3072, 3472F60B-3E0A-4995-AAA2-EE1BA2…)

When this “news” came out I literally dropped everything I was doing to go straight to the source and verify it. And I was kind of expecting it to actually be as bad as the people on Twitter were claiming because pedo culture in the manga scene is totally out of control and I knew Kikuo was male. But to my surprise it totally, for those who have not read the offending comics, was not what people were claiming it was. I’m no expert at Japanese but I could read a fair bit of the text, by the way. But anyway long story short, it’s a super long comic series and out of all the pages only like 10 or less had any sexual content on them— and those were not graphic in the way you’d expect a “porn manga” to be. Plus it’s important to note the whole thing is from the kid’s perspective, meaning he’s not even in the panels of those pages a lot of the time and instead the only character focused on is the teenager (still kind of bad but it’s japan and that’s like, normal)

No. 76007

this looks fucking disgusting and way over dramatized. i don't know if it makes more sense in the full context of the comic, but with it looking like this i'm not surprised people who don't speak the language jump to conclusions.

No. 76008

Gross and overdramatized? Maybe. CP? No, not really.

No. 76009

It's obviously supposed to look unpleasant, the last two pages especially so. It's almost like the people who claim this manga is porn have never seen actual hentai.

No. 76014

not gonna claim it's cp, i can just understand why someone would react badly to this. but it's still not okay to go making claims without the full context of the comic since the language barrier.

No. 76016

>this looks fucking disgusting and way over dramatized.
Yes that's the fucking point. It isn't supposed to be hot or something casual from the perspective of a child, it's horrifying and that's exactly what he drew and stylized. You are supposed to react badly.
>but with it looking like this i'm not surprised people who don't speak the language jump to conclusions.
You don't need to speak the language to see that it's intended to be terrifying and not arousing. To jump to the conclusion that it's porn you'd either have to look at pictures without thinking or have an immature reaction to anything implying naked bodies or violence, which is why it was R-18 in the first place.

No. 76041

bro this girl looks like a thumbkin in a miku cosplay
>To jump to the conclusion that it's porn you'd either have to look at pictures without thinking or have an immature reaction to anything implying naked bodies or violence, which is why it was R-18 in the first place.

you also would have to have a pixiv account that has you listed as an adult to view it. so they are a minor w/ a pixiv account that allows them to view it. not everything in the r-18 tag is porn, pixiv has a good amount of guro on their site and most of it is tagged. they are at least old enough to understand the concept of accountability but brought us this anyway. >>75984

No. 76043

B-but anon don't you get it? She got to cancel one of the biggest producers in the entire fandom. Who cares about common sense or reading comprehension when you can have two seconds of fame on Twitter at the cost of someone's reputation.

No. 76069

That’s exactly it. And people like her get rewarded for being so “woke”

No. 76071

File: 1576830250005.jpeg (240.75 KB, 750x1102, 0E91799A-CD49-4509-BCFA-454749…)

how unfortunate. at least we know who to blame for starting this tho

No. 76072

File: 1576830384960.jpeg (201.37 KB, 750x1176, B779012F-248F-4FDD-AFAC-7AFC2B…)

and the asslickers are worse yet

No. 76075

They really wouldn't be commenting at all if it was someone rando in the fandom who looked so gross.The clout chasing from the people there who have thousands of followers is pretty funny honestly. The popular users are in an ass slurping circle with each other constantly.

No. 76086

this entire thing tangentially reminds me of how apparently the tumblrfucks think Senbonzakura is a pro-imperialism song because of vague WW2 references in the lyrics, and the (much less successful) crusade to get people to stop liking it

these weebs really can't seem to interpret media beyond their own shallow america-centric point of view, i guess. and what better person to pick on than someone who can't defend themselves because of a language barrier? fuckin nasty

No. 76104

Wait are people actually saying that? Are there links?

No. 76105

this is the most exemplary post i could find, in fairness i ignored most of it at the time because it's stupid as all fuck.

mostly it's because some versions of the translyrics have references to the rising sun flag and… that's it actually. generally just an extremely reactionary take on the song's actual content. iirc the song itself is mostly about the meiji restoration with some allusions to post-ww2 since those were two phases in japan's history where they were more or less "forcefully" modernized.

the lyrics literally say "this is now an anti-war country" so i seriously have no fucking idea how they came to that conclusion

No. 76108

>I'm of Japanese descent
And why does the opinion of some bored bratty American kid matter more than the opinion of someone who's actually a Japanese citizen from Japan

No. 76110

this makes it sound like they were born in japan and/or have japanese parents, but don't speak the language cus then they could clearly see that it's not supporting imperialism lmao

No. 76126

File: 1576878470984.jpg (16.6 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

Was there any actual point in the 'big reveal' or Piko and Miki being siblings? I feel like it's just an attempt at fishing for attention by the big name companies.

Besides, what point is there in it anyway? All it does is restrict what you can do with the voices (prepare for the incoming slew of retards calling old pikoxmiki videos pro-incest)

No. 76130

First of all there was no big ~reveal~ it was just some fun info they shared as part of AHS's 10th anniversary. Second, saying they're siblings is ridiculous to me. Just because their voicers are from the same label suddenly we're calling them siblings? So are we gonna call Miku and Luka siblings now then?
I just feel like people are over reacting to hell and back about this, I guess because the VOCALOID fandom is starved for any sort of content.

No. 76141

piko will be the only jpn vb lost when V2 becomes unsupported so this new info lets his fans dream of his voicebank being updated even if ahs never does pick him up

No. 76142

This might not be the hottest take but Crusher making Calalini to take advantage of not only the edgy preteen crowd and a REAL LIFE girl's "condition" is imo the worst thing in the Vocaloid fandom. Not only was Crusher complicit in the abuse of this girl, allowing her parents to give her LUDICROUS amounts of antipsychotics, she didn't even make the song a subtle reference: all of the lyrics in the song are directly taken from Jani's videos and documentaries. Not only has none of the money from Calalini (the song) gone to Jani (who is now recovering in a special all-girl's house), Crusher was still shilling out Calalini on their album and promoting it, without directly calling out her parents. It's this shit that PROVES that money is all a lot of producers care about. And it ended up ruining the life of a REAL, and more importantly, INNOCENT child. Honestly, with all the crazy shit Crusher has done (including stealing YT revenue and not letting Circus have a say in the rights and distribution of the Circrush songs, glorifying mental illness and using it to sell shitty music, and being generally intolerable and uncreative) its a wonder they haven't been cancelled yet.

These producers are desperately trying to milk the money out of a dying and dead fandom and it sickens me.

No. 76144

want to preface this by saying I think the argument that it's pro-imperialist is stupid and I do not agree with tumblr that the song is problematic or needs to be censored.

But the military references in senbonzakura aren't exactly "vague", idk how much more blatant you can get than ICBMs, bombs, etc. About half the outfits are clearly based on stylised uniforms, though you could probably argue either way for whether they're military or just supposed to be the school uniforms introduced in the meiji period, I don't care enough to research it more than two seconds of googling.
Also, senbonzakura isn't available in the Korean versions of project diva and taiko no tatsujin games. Yeah Korea has in the past had some major issues with censoring Japanese media and still kind of does but senbonzakura is apparently ~problematic~ enough to get cut.

It's not "pro-imperialism" though, and there are plenty of other vocaloid songs about the meiji period that do seem more critical of 'westernization', they're just latching on to senbonzakura because it's the most well-known. If they just want to bitch about imperialist japanese media they can go read attack on titan or something.

No. 76145

Plus the lyric "boys and girls becoming samurai" which then cuts to len and rin in the PV. which is probably an allegory for forced drafting/recruitment. (girls were recruited too, just not in direct combat)

but it's not even a pro-anything song. it's literally just a funky song with fun ww2 trivia in it.

No. 76146

Hey, Planty here. To preface this post, yes, I'm a shitheel who did a lot of shitty things to some people who may not have deserved it. BUT, that being said, my Vocaloid career is over and in the past, and I reaped what I sowed. However, there are some things that have been on my spirit and I would like to share them with you guys; "Spill the Tea", as it were. Tea on myself and tea on others; as a semi-popular Vocaloid producer, I was privy to a lot of things that went down behind the scenes. Some innocent, some not. So let's start from the top.

I never hacked any Vocaloids. Hacking things was never in my skillset; I wasn't that smart. AlexVox was the one who cracked and distributed Project 575 and AnonKanon, I simply used them. Because I was typically the first to use a newly-cracked Vocaloid, I was constantly the one who was blamed for cracking them. That simply wasn't true. Was using them a shitty thing to do? Absolutely. But I never cracked anything; again, wasn't smart enough.

STELLA was my biggest fuckup, but she wasn't meant to be what she was. She was originally supposed to just be a XSY-made Vocaloid, a legal one, too (between two Miku V4 voices). But she had a story, a much deeper story that I was to afraid to share, given my already negative status in the fandom.

See, Crusher and I (she went by Cien) were actually quite close. I would mix things for her, we'd talk extensively on Skype, I even went to my first ever anime convention with her (she was dressed as Fem!Prussia from Hetalia). Although I genuinely liked her, she always came off as really cold and dismissive to me sometimes. But, I was around 15-16, so I was STUPID. I was in this part of my life where I desperately wanted everyone to like me, so I would do anything, say anything, and put up with anything. Luckily, I've outgrown that phase, but back then I would do literally anything Cien asked of me.

Again, by my standards, this friendship was pretty close. Looking back, I realized I was really just more of an industry friend or acquaintance to her (or, more accurately, someone to use). I was working at an appliance store at the time, and i was ALWAYS on Skype or Twitter mobile because I was constantly checking in with my Vocaloid friends/socials. I was obsessed with it, honestly; I loved the tech, loved the music, I was just enthralled, and had been for years. It was actually kind of unhealthy how much weight I put on it (again, I've outgrown that). But one day, Cien just stopped talking to me. Straight up ghosted my ass. And I was so confused, because I didn't think I had done anything wrong?

I had known they were struggling with mental health issues, some pretty serious ones (or so I believed, I don't know what the truth was), so I was extremely worried. Cien was always a really dark, semi-suicidal person, and my 15-16 year old mind immediately went into crisis mode; "Oh my god, Cien's finally killed herself", etc etc. After a few weeks, she sent me a message telling me she was fine, she had self-harmed and was in the hospital.

So, like any good friend, I really wanted to find out what was bothering her, talk to her, stuff like that. She wasn't having it. She got extremely mad when I asked her if she was okay or if there was anything I can do, and told me not to tell ANYONE about it.

I agreed, but I got even more worried when she started displaying this behavior again. So I DM'd Circus (who I was talking to at the time), and asked him if he had noticed anything weird or wrong with Cien. At this point, I should've left it all alone and gone about my business. But again, undercooked brain, young stupidity.

BOTH of them got irate that I asked if Cien was okay, and they both literally removed my from their friends lists and blocked me. And for what??? It happened so fast, and without warning. I was just so confused, but mostly I was HURT. I had considered Cien a good friend of mine, and to have her just cut me off for no reason, I didn't know how to cope.

So STELLA was born. I wanted to create a Vocaloid as a way to get back at her, a sort of "ha-ha, I made one and you didn't" sort of thing. To me, creating a Vocaloid was the ultimate badge of honor. I dreamed about making them, it was literally my waking fantasy. Originally, STELLA was meant to just be a cross-synth voice billed as a "Virtual Idol", but I got greedy. I had already applied for a Vocaloid license and was denied, three times. I was getting frustrated because I was just hurt and confused and going through a lot (when you're that young, everything seems like the world is ending). So the fake XSY hack was created. I didn't know how to tell the others that this had turned from a legit revenge scheme to a fake one; I was embarassed and honestly, I should've never taken it this far. None of the STELLA team knew that she was originally a sort of get-back plot, I was going to keep that to myself if she was succesful (and we see how that turned out).

I was never going to keep any of the money for STELLA, it was all going to go to the Arts Charity. Additionally, while we're here, I never plagiarized any music. I purchased sample packs, sort of songs that are split apart and are able to be put back together. They're obviously not very creative and many people purchased the same packs as me, leading to the same sounds. (Like for real people, how could I create a perfect karaoke of a vocal song that had no karaoke released? Or edit the midi data for a song that had already been rendered???) But my status was already so low in the community, nobody wanted to hear it haha.

Giraffey and Nageko and PianoBench and the others didn't deserve the bad publicity, they were all very very very kind to me, far kinder than I deserved. But, what is done is done, and I can't take it back. I've also apoligized and worked through my own self-guilt about the whole situation; it was a horrible, stupid thing I did. But I was young, and I can't let it hang over me forever. I've apologized and coped with it, and I'm mostly over it.

But Cien… that person is horrible, manipulative, and spiteful. Even more than me. A few weeks after the STELLA fiasco, CirCrush broke up because she was hoarding the YT revenue money and not allowing Circus access to the rights for their songs.

AkiGlancy and I were in a Skype call and she ripped Creep-P's music apart; calling it horrible, discordant, and disgusting, then turns around and is nice as a peach to him later and wants to be on his album. (This wouldn't be a big thing if not for the FERVOR she tore his music apart, I was like DAMN okay CHILL DAMN OKAYYY)

ALSO! Creep-P gave all of his Macne banks to me and others (back when Nana wasn't a Vocaloid), then goes on a crusade against POCALOID and illegally acquired banks. He also had this HORRIBLE thing on Skype where he would use Homestuck typing quirks (his favorite was the Eridan one where the w's are vv's and stuff), and would get extremely pissy when I asked him to stop for a bit. It was grating when he would do the aLtErNaTiNG caps thing, especially.

AND! Misha called my Ring Suzune revival project (the mess that was JEWEL), a horrible, derivative ripoff when her own UTAU, Makune Hachi, is a derivative ripoff of Macne Nana (then proceeded to sic her followers on me). Some self-awareness would've been nice.

Cien discontinued Daisy because she wasn't able to monetize it; PLOGUE told her that since Daisy was a testing library and not up to standard, monetizing it would not be right. So she demanded they pull it from their site.

In the English version of "Tell Your World" which is on kz livetune's Re:Dial album, I helped Circus with the phonetics on the VSQ, but he refused to credit me for it.

Cien got mad and demanded I take down a remix of ECHO I made because "It made her uncomfortable" and was "being positively received".

Aki at one point told me I should quit Vocaloid as Planty and make up a new name because I was never going to be big in the community with my checkered past. I actually met Aki at a con and she was quite nice in person, if a little disingenuous.

There were more things but this all happened such a long time ago, I can't remember anything else. If I do, I'll post it.

In retrospect, I fucked up ALOTTTTT. Messed up a lot and wasted a lot of chances. But I kept quiet about a lot of the fucked up shit that happened to me as well. This is not a WAHHHH I'M PLANTY I WAS MESSED WITH post. I deserved to be called out and I deserved to be ousted from the community. But rest assured many of the other producers have done fucked up things with more regularity, they were just much better at hiding it. So this is a sort of catharsis for me, a way for me to get all of this shit off my back and put this community behind me for good. Thanks for reading.(super autism)

No. 76147


this was brought up about two threads ago but i didn't know it was that bad. thank god jani is finally out of munchy mom's reach, but to directly profit off of her suffering by using it as material for a dumb edgy song is about as low as you can get. but crusher will never get cancelled because she blends right in with the rest of the sjw brainlets, which makes her immune to criticism unless she, i don't know, says there's only two genders or some shit. you can literally do whatever you want in this fandom as long as you got the right political leanings and it's fucking insane to watch.

No. 76148

dunno know much about your personal drama when you were planty so i cant comment on that, but i gotta say, this tea is delicious. super thanks for proving that literally everyone except eyeris and eyeris' fans hates his music lmao

No. 76152

Is there anyway you can prove it's you? Also I'm curious as to why you bring this up now…
Also what do you do as a hobby now?

No. 76153

He literally went to great detail (22 paragraphs). i think that's enough proof

No. 76154

it's honestly more reassuring than it should be to know that other people in this fandom actually have taste. shit the way I found this thread was because I was practically desperate to see if at least ONE other person saw eyeris for the talentless egomaniac he is

this whole time I always felt there was something more to crusher, it seemed weird to me how often she had "falling outs" with people so fucking easily. makes sense now that she throws a shitfit if she isnt the sole person making all the money off of something. i knew she couldnt have been as genuine as she looked on the outside

fun fact: did you know she used to date thelivingtombstone? as in the shitty pony remix dude? dunno if they're dating anymore though

No. 76155

No way to prove it, unfortunately. But why would someone impersonate me and write this long-winded, emotionally charged paragraph with details only I could know?

I bring it up now because I'm still in the Vocaloid community; not as an active creator, but as a watcher. People STILL shit talk me, even to this day. It doesn't bother me as much as it would have before, but I just feel weird not having the full story be known. Believe it or not, my Stella fuckup really messed with me. There was a lot of guilt and self-hatred and just… a lot of emotions. It's taken a lot of self-reflection and time to come to terms with what I did. It may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but I hurt a lot of friends and ruined the trust of my allies. It took a serious toll on me haha.

This isn't for me to sling mud on people; these are just things that happened and I want to talk about them. I always felt a little used by the producers, although obviously it didn't warrant me making a fake Vocaloid and ruining everything. I kept quiet on lots of things while everyone else felt free to talk shit on me pretty much constantly.

This is really just a catharsis for me; i haven't talked to any of these people in YEARS, and people change (I'm proof of that). So, they might have improved or something, I don't know.

As for hobbies, I've gotten into cosplay and DnD. I had a thing with Overwatch back in the day as well, but my main thing right now is DnD.

No. 76157

Hey, I get it. We all make mistakes. It’s great that you could own up to your own.

I was a fan of your work before STELLA though, and I’ll take this chance to ask: Can we follow you anywhere nowadays? Glad to hear you have new hobbies too.

No. 76159

You've witnessed the true nature of Crusher. Why not expose her? There's no doubt she'll manipulate others in the future.

The same could be said about Circus, considering the two used to be butt-buddies.

No. 76161

Ngl, I felt sorry for you back when the Stella drama happened, but why are you bringing this up now, 5 years later?

You basically call everyone a hypocrite, which they are, but in your apology from 2018 you state
> The reason I faked Stella wasn't for attention, or for fame, or to hurt anyone
yet now you're saying that it was to get back at Crusher
and that
> have a house, a family, a wonderful husband, and an amazing career
yet you have time to talk shit about your online ex friends on anonymous forum?

Weren't they also just stupid kids back then? This shoudln't excuse their behaviour, but why it excuses yours?

If you want to get back - do it. Like Circus used pocaloid, and despite that he's still around.

No. 76162

I'm not on social media anymore; the Stella thing actually triggered a complete 180 in my life. I recognized that that sort of environment just doesn't work for me personally. Thank you for saying you liked me old stuff though, I sometimes get nostalgic about the "good old times", as they were.

People HATED me on principle because of my spotty past. I was so scared of saying anything against Crusher/Circus/others because I was, again, so desperate to be liked and accepted. I was afraid to say anything because of potential backlash or that I'd lose their friendship (even though at this point it had been gone for a while and was never real in the first place).

I was young and vulnerable and afraid, and put WAY TOO MUCH weight on what other people thought of me.

I didn't want to reveal the truth because I was afraid, again of the backlash (even though at this point I was gone from the fandom and not coming back). I wanted it to be a simple, clean explanation, with no mess.

But that wasn't the truth, and it never was the truth. I was trying to protect someone who never cared about me, and I was trying to wrap everything up nice and neat. But again, that wasn't the truth.

As for the shit-talking, the STELLA fiasco affected me deeply. I KNOW it sounds dumb, but I've been afraid to really DO anything creative because of my negative experience with the Vocaloid community (as self-inflicted as it was). In order to move on and heal, I need to come clean about what happened. I've been taking my mental health very seriously this year, and I've had many talks with my therapist about the issue. And no, the therapist isn't for this specifically, everyone should have a therapist just to tell them that they're not a terrible person and to help them work through anything life throws at them.

And my youngness doesn't excuse my actions: I fucked up. It was horrible, it was wrong. But I'm OWNING UP to it. I'm not hiding anymore. Being young doesn't excuse me. And it shouldn't excuse them, especially when their actions are having real-life consequences (like poor Jani Schofield).

I don't want to come back to Vocaloid; that part of my life is over. It's just a part of my life I'm trying to get over, in a way. I let it mean far too much to me and I'm paying the price for my mistakes. But again, if I never talked about the true situation, I would have it in the back of my mind forever and ever, like it has been for years now. This is just a cathartic exercise for me.

No. 76165

Protect her from what? As far as I'm concerned, it was all over her tumblr that's she suicidal and been to a mental facility after an attempt (it was the same time circrush drama happened) etc. You're so concerned about people still talking about your past, go start a twitter thread, where it could actually make an impact.

No. 76166

Your willingness to own up to your misdeeds is what seperates you from Crusher, Circus, Aki and Creep.

The best time to reveal the truth was back then. The second best time is now.

(speaking of, have you had any interaction with ghost? asking because she used to shittalk creep on her tumblr but they're supposedly best buds now)

No. 76167

>You've witnessed the true nature of Crusher. Why not expose her? There's no doubt she'll manipulate others in the future.
because literally everyone cut off planty for being a serial liar. it's not tea.

No. 76168


you. you're self-aware and willing to own your fuckups. i like that shit. that's good shit. keep it up. anyways if you have additional deets on the big names, feel free to share. the thread has been kind of dry on fresh content lately.

No. 76169

Is there any fresh milk from the UTAU side of things? I know there was a recent incident where a user made a tweet about how you should tune your covers, and then Mae Blythe stepped in and said it was albeist because some disabled people can't tune (iirc, can't sit down long enough to tune or are tone deaf). Cue a shitshow of one half of people demonizing the OP and the other half telling Mae to stop her usual bullshit. On another half, I'm wondering if there's anything about that popular user Hanabi? She's a popular kiss ass but I've heard rumors she's not as nice as she seems.

No. 76170

Crusher has nowhere to go. She has burned every bridge and slapped every hand that has reached out to her. To anyone who actively collaborated in the community or interacted with her in any personal or professional capacity, her reputation has been shot for years. It really is not news to me. I expected the Crusher X Circus collab to crash and burn much sooner myself. If anyone is ignorant of her nature, they have had their head buried in the sand.

No. 76171

If you're not willing to come back and you've "moved on" then why are you on here? You're kinda expired milk tbh
Also you never provided caps…
I know Vocaloid cliques are toxic, but you're still stooping low to their level.
I really don't buy it….

No. 76172

File: 1576899073353.png (204.99 KB, 1158x506, credit.png)

By the way Planty, don't you feel guilty about "real-life consequences" for "poor Janni schofield", when you yourself helped Crusher create that piece of work? "Their" actions, yeah. She wasn't even 18 when she made that song, was she? And considering all her works are created with help of someone else, it's most likely Calalini would never been there in the first place without your help. Shocking, right?

This "self-aware" bullshit is getting old. Acting as if you are above them when you are clearly not. You're trying to portray yourself as some poor little kid that's been taken advantage of… When you all were roughly the same age. You're not doing this to get it off your chest and move on, you're evil person that tricked people into giving money for your shitty fake vocaloid. You're not a victim.

No. 76173

Yeah Hanabi….don't like her…She talks a lot of shit behind people's backs for someone who constantly preaches about muh positivity.
I don't know how she is now, but I found it quite irritating how she always shoved her UTAU in everyone's faces.

No. 76174

Hate to say it, but Anon might be right. Reading back over Planty’s post I remembered that CirCrush songs were always posted on Circus’ channel. I’m not trying to white knight Crusher but how would she be able to hoard money if it was directed to Circus’ accounts?

No. 76175

well. guess i definitely don't know a damn thing about planty then. i was barely engaged with the fandom when this was all originally blowing up so i never had the full scope of things. damn. i was really hoping these posts were genuine too since it'd be great to have a known producer with a conscience for once.

No. 76176

This is an imageboard…by default it is hard to expect things in full good faith.

No. 76177

This is a sort of release for me; I just wanted to get all of this off my chest. It's really for me, not to get back at anyone anymore, that ship has sailed. Again, it's been bothering me for years now.

Of course I'm not a victim. I'm just as guilty of fucking up. I did bad things, yes, but I'm working through them and have apologized. It is your right to not forgive me, and I'm not going to beg you to. I made a mistake and I will need to sit with it.

But as for Calalini… I didn't know that the song was going to be monetized, shown on talk shows, or made into T-shirts… I didn't know any of that. I was just mixing a song as a favor to a friend. I was also not offered ANY of the money that was made from Calalini, and was shut down when I told Crusher it was insensitive to use a CHILD for monetary gain.

Of course, I don't have screencaps of any of this. I rescinded access to my accounts long ago. And my word isn't exactly pure either. But again, this is just for me to tell what happened from my point of view, not to rally people to my side. At the end of the day, I'm not coming back to Vocaloid and I have no desire to.

In short, I don't expect anyone to whiteknight me or even fully believe me. I just wanted to tell everyone what happened to me so I can move on. I'm not going to get mad at anyone for hating me or being distrustful of me; again, I planted those seeds myself. I've had these thoughts and truths for years now and would like to get them off my chest.

Even if you are like "This fucking shitface I hate him" (and you are justified in that thought), it helps me to just speak what happened in a semi-public setting.

No. 76180

the tards found this thread it seems

You're obviously a crusher fan, save for the possibility that you ARE her and somehow found this thread

You're trying to stem away from the fact that cien STILL made a remastered version using kaai yuki v4 on her CONCIENTIA album.

now, with all the information about jani schofield not actually being schizophrenic and instead said condition being faked by her parents, you'd think that Crusher, now an adult, would call back and delete her remaster of Calalini from her album on spotify, right? Wrong. It's still out there, even with all the available information at her goddamn fingertips.

No. 76181

>I was also not offered ANY of the money that was made from Calalini, and was shut down when I told Crusher it was insensitive to use a CHILD for monetary gain.
but apparently you didn't care enough to step away from it? lol
i think you're confused, nothing about that post is even remotely wking crusher

No. 76183

Are you serious right now? That anon is definitely not a crusher fan, they're just pointing out that they were also involved aka the act of being an accomplice.

Planty's just bitter he didn't have the same level of impunity as the others, it's that simple.

No. 76186

I just don't get how every other week she makes a post for everyone to tell her about their OCs or UTAU or whatever the fuck, to show how "loving" she is to original characters and other UTAU, only to stop caring in 5 seconds and proceed to shove Crecia into people's faces (as though Crecia is more innovative than any other UTAU ever made). Rinse n' repeat. I don't know anymore besides that as of right now.

No. 76187

I should've stepped back when I got some warning signs, it's true. I was too focused on being friends with someone that I didn't make the correct decision.

I also just found out about the true Jani Schofield story today at work. That is actually what inspired me to make this post. My role, even if it was small, was still there. I am not innocent and I was involved in the production of Calalini, even if I was shut out during the high point of the song's life cycle.

The fact that something I was involved in, even if I was just the mixer (and not a great mix either, offhandedly), actually affected this child in any kind of way made me feel guilt and remorse and a desire to step up. That was a horrendous song made about something that should not be monetized, and I was involved in it. That was wrong, and I'm here to say that it's wrong. And that's it's STILL happening.

I was bitter for a long time, it's true. I won't pretend like I wasn't seething for a while. But after I really took time to reflect (and mature), it became a lot less about bitterness and self-hate and more about "Wow… we were all kinda fucked up, huh?"

Again, I just wanted to put this all out there. What you guys do with it is up to you, whether you believe me or not.

No. 76189

File: 1576901665327.png (45.33 KB, 1151x916, circrush.png)

It is true, the songs weren't on Crusher's channel, nor they shared an youtube account. They did, however, share a twitter account. Basically, all the drama happened because Circus got salty over Echo reaching million or something views, and Crusher "taking the credit" for the work (not sure if it was related to "Echo", "Circrush" projects, or both). The links to their works (now privated) are still up at wiki.

Please, at least be more consistent with your lies, Planty. First you lie about stolen revenue, now you say you posted out of "guilt and remorse", when you never say a thing about it untill the moment it's brought up by someone else. And out of a sudden you're actually self-aware and even tried to stop her, right.

And no matter how many times you say you don't try to play a victim, that's exactly what you are doing.

No. 76190

Me neither. Then again, from what I've seen, a good chunk of the "muh positivity" and "soft uwu" people are the most toxic and rotten ones. They just don't show it publicly, 'cause they want to have a holier than thou image, so 1- People don't have any "tea" on them & 2- If someone does have tea on them, their good samaritan act will be enough to have people whiteknight the shit out of them.

Just look at Aki and her asslikers.

No. 76191

It is your right to be distrustful of me; again, I fucked up and this is to be expected. All I know is that I'm telling the truth, and I can't expect everyone to believe me with my past. And that's what this is about; me getting it out there even if people don't believe it.

The stolen revenue is confirmed by many sources, not just me. I'll admit I'm not 100% clear on the details. I wasn't privy to their bank account information after all. That's just what I witnessed.

You are more than welcome to pick apart my side of the story and accuse me of anything you'd like. The fact of the matter, whether you choose to believe it or not, is that this is what I experienced and that is why I'm posting it today.

I set a timer for this thread, as a part of my 'moving on', so to speak. At midnight, EST, I will stop responding to this thread. Not out of malice or annoyance, but simply to put a cap on my involvement in the Vocaloid community.

No. 76192

Then do everyone (and yourself) a favor and just go. Cause you're basically beating around the bush and still playing the victim (despite you saying you're not, you still are). If you're to move on then stop postponing it, move on now. It's been 5 years, people come and go, part of the fandom doesn't even know who or Stella are anymore, yet you're here fishing for attention and validation on an anon forum, to make you feel better about yourself by trying to look like the bigger person.

Please, lmfao. If you wanted to truly own up to it, you'd have done what anon said earlier and made a thread on Twitter where you're sure to make an actual impact (mostly cause half, if not all, of the users you've mentioned are still roaming around there), rather than just some forum, without any proof whatsoever.

No. 76193

Oh yeah, many sources? Like what? It's funny how the "stolen revenue" was never brought up in the community before, but then Planty decides to "spill the tea". You "witnessed" it.

You're saying that
> I was never going to keep any of the money for STELLA, it was all going to go to the Arts Charity.
But is there any reason to believe you, like at all?

> The fact that something I was involved in, even if I was just the mixer (and not a great mix either, offhandedly), actually affected this child in any kind of way made me feel guilt and remorse and a desire to step up.

It's funny how you try to play "good guy" when your call-out post is literally just about how shitty your friends treated YOU and there's literally one sentence about Jani. One.

You're not a better person than them, you're JUST like them, you don't give a single fuck about that little girl.

Go and make another shitty XSY fanloid to scam people into giving you money, you need it to pay for your therapy, since 2.5 randoms on the internet are bullying you. Complete 180 big childhood trauma, for fucks sake.

No. 76194

Truth is I'm still very afraid of posting anything on Twitter. This isn't about bringing them to justice or whatever, or even me fishing for attention or trying to be the bigger person.

The whole reason I'm here in the first place is because I made a huge mistake. That alone places me very firmly in the other producer's ballpark. I'll say it; I'm just as bad as they are. But I'm not here to high-road anyone.

I've said my piece and I honestly feel a lot better about everything already. Even if some of you don't believe me, I got it off my chest and that's all I wanted.

I actually might cut the timer short because you're right: I shouldn't have stayed this long. I should've dropped my side of the story and left. BUT before I go:

Vocaloid was an amazing part of my life. Even if it had ups and downs and goods and bads, I made a lot of friends and had a lot of good times. It's hard to let go and even harder to admit when you've fucked up. And EVEN HARDER to accept the consequences when you fuck up.

I'm here FAR FAR too late. I should've never done anything like STELLA, but I also should've never kept quiet abut the fucked up things happening behind the scenes. I was complicit in a lot of ways. I wanted to end that here and now, so I did. No time like the present, I suppose.

With this post, I bid you all adieu. A FINAL adieu. This is everything I wanted to say; with this final thread of what actually happened, I feel like I can finally just move on and put all this stuff behind me, even if some you are distrustful (which is within your right, as I keep saying).

But, before I go, from the bottom of my heart, I have to say that it was really fun being a producer, even if it ended in a dumpster fire. I'm sure some of you Anons used to be friends or acquaintances of mine; and I have to thank you too. It was a weird time for me, and Vocaloid, despite its craziness and my mistakes, was a defining part of my childhood and has shaped who I am. It's taken me years to get to this place (crazy, I know), but I'm hear now and that's what matters. Please know that I am not an evil person, I just made a mistake. Well, a few mistakes.

Anyway, I'll see you guys around, maybe? Thank you for putting up with me for so long, tbh. And I want to leave on a not-so-sentimental note, so I'll just say:

Thanks. From Planty, with genuine love. C:

No. 76196

Didn't CrusherP make an apology thing about Calalini and all that when she released her album? Old tea

No. 76199

When is Mae not trying to insert her self into random drama? She hasn't been relevant for like 6 years but still tries to insert herself into any drama she can just for a bit of attention. I stopped humoring her cries for attention years ago.

No. 76200

Not even sure. But I highly doubt it was sincere.

No. 76201

Thought it was on Twitter but I did some digging and found it on her Tumblr. https://crusher-p.tumblr.com/post/181931495493/id-like-to-apologize/amp
It honestly doesn't sound insincere to me, especially considering how she was inviting people to message her about it.

No. 76204

Speaking of Crusher, apparently she's gotten the chance to have an official remix on Kairiki Bear's album. Whenever Japanese and Western producers do anything, it gives me a weird feeling since the western prods are clout chasing 24/7.
Compared to the original(https://youtu.be/aDJIhRlftU4), this sounds like it was made with 3xOSC and default samples. Why is the production of every western song so basic after a fucking decade?

Not suprised almost all popular producers have basically admitted they're not into Vocaloid anymore, but they're milking all these little kids' parents money for as long as possible. What happens when these kids grow up and there's no more kids to scam for rent money?

No. 76206

Then new kids come along. Simple as that.

No. 76207

Will vocaloid in the west even be relevant in 2025 onwards though? When the music has remained the same shit for over a decade?

No. 76208

Maybe. Kira shows promise, albeit only as a popfag. But I can see it getting better once all the big names leave and a new community forms.

Which will happen, by the way. Myst is 29 and Empath is in her 30s. It's not like they'll be doing this their whole lives.

Ghost unfortunately may stay. considering her rising fanbase and her now uploading videos in 3 GODDAMN PLACES

rip vlare. you had potential

No. 76209

File: 1576918303812.png (39.39 KB, 842x279, FOR CHRISTS SAKE.PNG)

Oh. And here's the post she made, showing her massive attention seeking across 3 platforms now.

No. 76216

I've read the whole wall of text and there isn't a single drop of milk or new info. No one cares about you or your clique rants, give real milk or fuck off to where you came from.

No. 76218


as much as i don't like shay, i have to admit she's pretty good at wringing out her fanbase. they'll follow her through hell and high water if she asked them too. it's probably that combination of "talent", cosplaying as a nice and helpful person in public, being edgy as fuck, and using ~qUiRkY~ humor. she's a perfect blend of everything a middle schooler could ever want.

No. 76299

As much as I don't like their music, I'm not sure if consider this attention seeking. It's pretty normal in the fandom to upload to YouTube and nnd, and with the recent YouTube stuff with the potential of being sued and videos revenue getting taken away I don't think it's too much of a stretch to attempt to branch out to another platform.

No. 76325

File: 1577032591257.png (1.73 MB, 1280x1392, F99FF663-23D3-4EC8-BCD4-4101B6…)

so is no one is going to talk about how fuckugly Mishas art is

No. 76349

Well, at least it's something to match her personality.

No. 76352

File: 1577045192926.jpg (66.32 KB, 353x468, how-to-draw-manga-improve-at-m…)

shit looks like something out of one of those How to Draw Manga books

No. 76410

Once upon I time I actually liked Misha’s art
Jesus christ though, there is so much going on here. The red and green which DO NOT work (at least not the way she did it), the fucked proportions (the palm, the waist compared to the legs, one leg is skinnier than the other, etc.), the weird texturing that adds literally noting. It’s just a mess, which is fitting for Misha lol

No. 76416

File: 1577077827144.png (933.42 KB, 2260x1438, lel.png)

it literally is, I have this book with this exact same pose (fucken weeb i know)
I couldn't find the page but I found once pretty similar just looking for it. for shame.

No. 76428

snake fingers lnao

No. 76502


Bro i dont care about her art, i rather care about the milk about her utau to vocaloid thing and how it ruined powerfx just because she, her dumbass korean friend, and lil prick cheesum ruined a potential eng voca company bc they couldnt give proper information about rubys fucking design

No. 76509


the developer for powerfx told Syo that if Rubys design didnt suck they would use it and when they didnt Misha and Syo threw a shitfit lol

No. 76511

File: 1577175504813.png (36.82 KB, 589x348, af23ac5c0c70261d1240024a897997…)

lol guess the free art kenji gets from uoshi isn't enough

No. 76515


shay has always been an attention seeking cunt ever since ghostie-p. she's never changed. there's no reason to upload her shitty engloid edgy music on NND, because no one pays it any attention. guess she's finding a another platform to spread her shit to make up for it

No. 76518

every utaufag is like this tho but Kenji takes the cake thinking he gets a pass for voicing a vocaloid™

No. 76520

Opinions on The Big Alliance? I haven't finish the album yet but honestly I'm just glad Al got new content

No. 76524

I haven't listened to all of it, but I liked the Ferry one, the casino one and Midas.

No. 76529


sam is such an attention starved loser that it's almost an accomplishment how brazen he is about it. the "n-not like anyone's going to care tho……." at the end really sells it. what is he, a teenage girl fishing for likes on facebook? pathetic.

No. 76532

seeing the leon/lola discourse last night on twitter made me cringe. no one fucking cares how people draw them except you haneoka

No. 76537

oh gods, this about their race?
they have NO canonical race lmao

No. 76538

Their VAs were revealed as black a long time ago, and ever since then people have been periodically starting a fuss about the old fan designs. Never goes anywhere tho.

No. 76539


Kagamine Len and Nekomura Iroha are voiced by the opposite sex. Dex is voiced by a white guy. That doesn't make any sense

No. 76541

Tweets were deleted but if I'm not wrong this was about an artist trying to draw every Vocaloid as sticker merch. Weren't they bullied off for drawing Leon and Lola in their most popular fan designs? Because who would buy a woke and politically correct design no one has seen.

No. 76543

haneoka is a cunt for a lot of things but most of her shit is buried since its old tea. considering how shes friends with misha and aki, nothings as surprise anymore

i remember years ago when she was trying to draw every vocaloid, she gave everyone else a nice description but kaito because she hates him and expressed how much he sucked and is the worst vocaloid ever and deserved his failures. then she acts all shocked when people get pissed off at her shitty opinions (its okay to not like a vocaloid, but her description was complete hatred and disgust) and blocked off comments on that page because its her opinion. no wonder she and misha are friends. they are the same in personality: entitled cunts who think their shit is good

No. 76545

thousands of utaus in the world and not every creator begs for content like this. this is disgusting. art and music is earned. either do it yourself or commission someone else.

must be nice to have fans to do shit for you for free kenji. must be nice to have flexing power unlike smaller utau creators. get over yourself.

No. 76546


Tbh its probably a cv voicebank and won't hold up to todays standards lol. Theres also the thing that Kenjis utau had to be discontinued, so if Kenjis gonna release it, he'll break the vocaloid vp contract

No. 76548

File: 1577209434756.jpg (87.04 KB, 914x907, add6add0cdb10bb321ea02697ddf46…)

All of them have official designs already, so there's not much room to change anything. Though Dex was actually intended to be a white guy with a tan, and that reveal pissed some people off.

The current drama is dumb, but tbh most Leon and Lola fan designs grind my gears because they totally disregard the "soul singer" concept and only focus on animu. I think that reflects the current western fandom's tendency to not engage with most non-Vocaloid music, which really hinders creativity.

No. 76549


so glad i'm not the only one who doesn't like haneoka because she seems like a total snobby bitch. a few months ago she was vagueposting about a vocaloid's voice provider and how they always crawl twitter for mentions of their vocaloid, which implies it's one of the three engloid stooges, but every interaction between her and them is typical bootlicker shit. it's just gross to watch.

No. 76553

Everyone here is a weeb, Anon. Including you and me. I don't think anyone joined this fandom because they like soul singing or smooth jazz.

We all joined because we saw 'le cute animu girl with leek' and sperged right over here, because we were all bullied in middle school.

That may not be the case with Aki as engloids made her interested, but it definitely is with lupin, myst and others. All turn to this fandom because they didn't have friends in middle or high school. even crusher, who is a sociopath

No. 76554

why do these weebs insist on using JP-only voicebanks for their english songs? ghost's word salad lyrics make this almost cotton-mouth shit completely incomprehensible. even the decent ones do it

im sure their shitty music would be at least marginally better if they actually used an english voicebank instead of geeking out about their favorite uwu genderspecial vocaloid even though their engrish is shit

No. 76555

>using ghost's preferred pronouns

No. 76556

"their" meaning every one of these mediocre teenage attention whores, because let's be real. none of these people have talent.

No. 76557

everyone who does this just highlights their lack of understanding of japanese. there is a way to make these voicebanks sound like cute engrish, but most of these weebs can't even manage it.

No. 76558

Sorry for ot but attack on titan is pro-imperalism? Wow…

No. 76559

Since when does being a weeb mean you can't have more than one interest? Most interesting Japanese producers actually care about music. Being a bullied middle schooler or whatever doesn't prevent you from being creative, no matter how much the resident underachievers would like to think so.

No. 76563

the problem is that western producers' investment in making vocaloid music is on the vocaloid and not the music.

that's why we have people like ghost who have $1200 worth of vocaloid software but are still making basic as fuck background music with the default midi sound palette in fl studio.

No. 76565

yeah thats her alright. all she does is kiss ass and fish for attention. she is no different from the others except that she doesnt sing.

years ago she'd get attention from only her mediocre (and still mediocre) art. now shes cosplaying and im sure saying she looked like cyber diva only fueled her already inflated ego.

im not going to bother looking into her accounts for evidence, but just know shes fake, an attention whore, and like this anon says: a snobby bitch

ps: does she still flex that she was born in japan and acts holier than thou because of it? Lol

No. 76566

dont remember where exactly but he said something about it not applying to japanese

since dex is english and not japanese, that is apparently the "loophole"

No. 76568

Haneoka reeks of a superiority complex. So insecure that she has to virtue signal about shit no one cares about to convince herself how good she is, lol.

No. 76569


Why can't Daina/Namida and Ruby/Makune Hachi follow this same rule? Why does only lupin get to do this?

No. 76570

Different topic but imo Makune Hachi had a way crisper voice and was more palatable than the mildly muffly same-y sound the Vocaloid engine did to Misha's voice, it's a shame. I think I might've rather seen Hachi upgraded than see Ruby ever made. I don't think this is a popular opinion but eh idk.

No. 76571

Almost every week she flexes her previous Japan trip pics from ages ago.

She's the run of the mill fandom weeb, treating her Japanese Twitter mutuals like some trophy accessory.

No. 76572

depends on the contract they have probably. and by updating an old utau bank, thats almost admitting that the vocaloid voicebanks werent good. which they arent anyways lol. but theyll never want to admit that

even tho misha and her content are fucking garbage, i think this is a valid opinion. if it means ruby never existed, id rather this too. if ruby is the reason vocaloid sucks ass now, i definitely would prefer that she never existed. thanks misha and syo for singlehandedly ruining vocaloid

so shes still weeb trash trying to validate herself by flaunting that she was born in japan lol

or in this case, flexing she even went to visit. so fucking pathetic

No. 76580

1.) Circus does good guitars. Decent Al tuning. Otherwise unremarkable. My opinion on this one is open to change over a few more listens.
2.) What is this synth industrial? Poor Al usage. I don't like this track and I don't have many strong opinions about it.
3.) LOL @ Lystrialle using Al for folk. Of course, she did. Not bad, just unexpected genre. Pretty good Al tuning overall. It's not for me, but I recognize it is well done.
4.) Boring and disappointing for a BaggageLizard song, sounds like he phoned it in. He did well with Miku and Oliver, maybe Al just isn't for him.
5.) Its Vocaloid dubstep. It's stupid and fun. Either you like it or you don't. Good execution & tuning. As expected from the guy behind The BIG ALbum.
6.) Meh, unremarkable backing track, don't like Al singing in this register. It didn't catch on with me and I have no strong opinions.
7.) One of Empath's better efforts. Better than another fucking piano ballad. Would have been stronger without Daina. The extra vocals just seem so… extra.
8.) Wow, this was unexpected. This is probably the most surprising and unexpected tracks on the album. With a basic backing track, spoken word, and Al, this was the most tuning dependent track on the album for that cheesum has some balls, he went all-in on the Al.
9.) Great hook, rhythm, and mix/paster but probably some of the weaker Al tuning on the album. A little too much consonant slurring for a producer of GHPZ's tier, I hold him to a higher standard than most.
10.) Of all the tracks featuring guest vocals CyVa is the most welcome. The two really complement one another and overall really well executed. Mrs. Peach has gotten a lot better of the years.
11.) This song slapps. Probably the best track on the album and from Myst of all people. The last time I heard her use Al was a dumb Naruto cover. Excellent tuning, the song is very dynamic with a lot of nuance to it. My favorite track of the album and new favorite Al song.
12.) Great until 1:17, then Dex kicks in and dominates the track until 2:15 when they start dueting. Its an OK standalone track but I don't think it fits in well with the rest of the tracks on the album.

No. 76583

Yeah, what I'm saying is (most) everyone joined because cute anime girl. No one looked at vocaloid with music creation in mind. Then all these social rejects realized they could make a quick buck expressing their teenage/young adult angst with music and having these cute characters singing.

and let's be real. a lot of the guys here joined because they're hentai addicts whilst girls joined because yaoi.

speaking of, is circus-p actually asexual? he 'joked' about being gay on a livestream with aki.

No. 76586


But what abt yamahas contract that most do have to sign, im p sure that one doesn't allow it.

No. 76587


overall thoughts? is it worth a purchase? because i do want to support producers that pay attention to engloids, let alone older engloids.

No. 76594

File: 1577243978234.jpeg (801.87 KB, 1103x3425, 5D4E4A34-9E5D-4EED-A44B-C53743…)

Damn he really went off. Even had to have Circus come in and be like “yeah, we’re like besties and we always pay full price”
Now wether or not he actually does pay his artists (which is doubtful considering he works/worked with Aki who avoids paying with money at all costs), this autism sperg is so unnecessary. What’s the number of spergs he has had on twitter? Like fucking 20?

Can’t wait for the backlash to hit when he drops the school shooter songs

No. 76596

File: 1577245811510.png (99.36 KB, 529x815, thread.png)


Found the thread he was talking about. He's either looking at this thread, or looking up his/Dex's name. Hi, you fucking loser.

No. 76600

This is just weird, I'm supposed to believe a grown man still types like this and he's still sore over what amounts to petty teenage e-drama from several years ago? You are probably as bad as the rest of them. Shame, because I wished you were the one doing AlexVox's work because Vocaloid is such a black box I've always been interested in. I was hoping for Planty's SoundCloud series to take off (where he talks about .dbb files) and that Vocaloid would have some kind of subcommunity like iOS jailbreakers and other tinkerers but the fandom gets fucking crazy over anything "illegal" like it's morally condemnable too.

I swear to god I hope this thread stops attracting washed up nobodies chasing after old drama. Think about it, imagine what it would do if this thread alone brings even more idiot refugees into lolcow?

No. 76601

File: 1577247209003.png (197.27 KB, 736x822, lol.png)

that is exactly the thread he is bitching about

this dumb fuck really thinks that he takes criticism and applies it? lol every time someone tells him he is wrong or gives him criticism, he doesnt want to fucking hear it. fucking hypocrite. merry fucking christmas moron

No. 76602

File: 1577247467620.png (645.15 KB, 1112x1568, 3A3DBFB5-98B2-44E4-AE8A-CF6FC6…)

It’s like nothing ever happened lmao

No. 76603

I bought the physical version for the stickers pins and physical merch. I'd only buy it if you collect physical Engloid merch or want to use the Bandcamp app to stream. Otherwise there isn't any "supporting creators" because all the proceeds go to charity anyways. Charity is the only way big collabs line The Big Alliance works, otherwise everyone fights over the profit split. One thing I appreciate about big collabs like this. Some of the only times big egos ate able to put their ego aside, though some still try to make it about themselves.

No. 76604

Overall I ask very happy with the release. Big Al is am uncommon Vocaloid and I believe he had three capacity to sound good. Exactly 2 producers missed the point of the album but overall I thunk it is really well executed and a great tribute to Big Al. 4 tracks were excellent, 4 tracks were good, 4 tracks eye boring or poor. Not a bad split for a big collab. I will probably add Avalon Casino, Midas, The Alibi, and Justice to my general Vocaloid playlist.

No. 76611


Lupin mentioned it on stream. He has a timed non-compete for English language vocal synthesizers. He can create a UTAU, use a UTAU for its 10th anniversary, may even hand it out to friends privately, but he can't release, distribute, or collaborate for distribution any competing product for an undisclosed amount of time.

No. 76613

No. 76614

File: 1577261786755.png (112.92 KB, 768x646, mmkay.png)

wrong button

anyways found that post i was talking about earlier. i remember seeing this post when i was looking at rubys wiki page to see if theres any shit tea and who actually likes this poor excuse of a vocaloid and saw this a while ago.

No. 76615


Then is Ruby worth buying? I'm planning to buy her along with the other powerfx vocaloids but I'm kinda debating

No. 76616

no shes not worth shit. its up to you if you want her but she is the worst thing to ever come in this fandom. garbage tier. the other powerfx vocals are so much better. actually youre better off buying cyber diva

No. 76617

Ruby isn’t worth buying at all. Super nasally voice and she often sounds like she’s slurring her words. You’re better off buying Gumi Eng or Cyber Diva, both have the best enunciation of all engloids imo

No. 76622

Sage for music sperging, but maybe some of you will find it funny that fucking vocaloid out of all of things was what discovered jazz to me as a teenager and now I can appreciate it because of this weeb shit.

Back in the golden days of niconico jazz music where VOCALOID was used and had it's own vocajazz tag (I think there was a vocaloid tag for almost every genre of music) and there were some dedicated producers who stuck to the genre. I remember me and another weeb loser tried to make a jazz session with Luka and band in a box… Thank God it never saw the daylight because it was so dumb.

Damn I miss the old days, there was good stuff. A pity all that sticked in the western fandom are, well, talentless losers who only want attention. I'm thankful for all the good musicians vocaloid helped to create who then moved on though.

No. 76623

This post is month old but I do know for a fact Circus is white and used to be severely overweight if not obese during his teens years at least, because I saw photos of him.

No idea about now, maybe he got his fat ass up from the chair but knowing how it usually goes with these guys…

No. 76624


she's easily the worst engloid out there, worse than sonika because buying her means giving money to misha. she's an overpriced train wreck.

No. 76625

>getting that assmad about a thread with 4 likes total that no one saw prior to that
faggot lmao

No. 76633

gotta love grown ass adults getting mad and scream they're acting like a fucking adult but in reality have the brain capacity of a two year old

ugh when will these cows learn

No. 76638


i hope they never learn so we can keep getting free entertainment. anyways i'm sure zero-g feels really great about these fucking freaks representing their brand.

No. 76640


What are your motivations for buying her? If you want a pop female vocal CyVa is a much better voicebank, both in recording quality and enunciation. Ruby is amongst the most expensive of the Engloids as she has a high MSRP, never goes on sale, and you could buy Dex+Daina for the same price.

Even CYBER DIVA II is cheaper and her price is inflated to make Vocaloid 5 Premium look like a good deal. Though it is a good deal, if you are getting V5, definitely get premium for CYBER DIVA II , CYBER SONGMAN II , VY1 , & VY2. The extra Yamaha banks are actually good and the bundle is a healthy discount even if you were only interested in 1 of them.

No. 76648


Mostly just so the "family" is complete and I can make some choruses with all 5 of them. But oh that's too bad, maybe I'll just only purchase the other four, they come with a small editor unlike v4s, right?

No. 76649

photos? please upload here

No. 76651

Presented without comment.

No. 76655

>I really want to push boundaries in the vocaloid "community". I want to bring industrial music and other underground genres to vocaloid because I think vocaloid music need something new and fresh.
and then it's just generic vaguely industrial edm with twitter discourse pasted over it… ok. I'm all for breaking boundaries but this is not it.

No. 76657

Nope no "tiny" editor. Part of the reason many V5s dropped in price, they require a separate editor purchase. Though Vocaloid 5 does have upgrade pricing if you bought either V3 or V4 full editors you can get ~$100 off Standard or ~$150 off V5 Premium. They stopped advertising it, but the upgrade page is still there:


No. 76658

This is so pretentious holy shit

No. 76659

youre right. i take my comment back then

still want to see these bitches get their asses fucked over big time tho lol

No. 76666


i for one am hanging on to the edge of my seat for sam's school shooter song. i can't wait to see how this hamfisted idiot is going to tackle such a sensitive, nuanced subject involving hundreds of dead kid corpses with actual names and families attached. if he doesn't use his shitty vocaloid as his mouthpiece for this, i will legit be surprised.

No. 76691

File: 1577333414674.png (126.09 KB, 720x170, 1577333137224.png)


Then is this old news or what cause I thought v2 came with full editors and v3 with tiny one's? They only stopped on v4.Took this from Oliver and Ruby product page on powerfx

The information on sonicware was kinda weird due to translation so I deleted the earlier one sorry

No. 76696


The lyrics weren't complete besides the chorus when he previewed it on stream but it seemed pretty whiney and emo, at least lyrics wise. The backing track and hook were pretty banger tho so it had the outline of a pretty fine song. Shame he decided to waste what sounded like the beginnings of a great track with some edgelord lyrics.

No. 76698

V1 & V2 came with full editors.
V3 definitely did come with a Tiny Editor that limited the number of bars you could output at a time. You could still output songs, you just needed to chunk it and re-assemble the outputs in a DAW. A right pain in the arse, but I know some songs were put together this way.
I do not believe V4 came with any editors though some companies did create their own custom bundles that included a full editor.
I definitely know none of the V5s do unless its a Yamaha Bundle. I don't think any 3rd parties did any bundles with the editor.
Some editions of Vocaloid 4 also had that weird "Cubase Edition" for use on Mac. I think some versions of Crypton stuff had some Piapro Editor plugin? I am not sure, I never bought the Crypton stuff.

No. 76712

Sadly I don't have any photos left anon, I'm talking about something that was shared almost 10 years ago in a msn chatroom. If I do remember correctly we got these from his deviantart account; I don't follow this guy anymore but most likely he must have nuked those sort of stuff. Sorry.

No. 76743

He did. I went through his deviant art account and they're all gone - and he's been there recently too (the proof being he now has his pronouns in his deviantart bio - something every tard in this community nowadays feels compelled to do)

I even put his social media links, VO included in the wayback machine. nothing juicy

No. 76777

File: 1577469836264.png (2.71 MB, 2285x1197, Illustration9.png)

God i saw yenmi mentioned in this thread and its like she doesn't even try to hide where she colour picks all her art she cant decide on which artist she wants to skinwalk as tbh

No. 76780

>she cant decide which artist she wants to skinwalk as
my fucking sides. she could at least try to be more subtle about it like how the fuck hasnt the fandom eaten her alive yet

No. 76785

There’s nothing wrong with learning by trying to imitate an artist’s style for a little
However, Yenmi has done nothing but that for YEARS. She’d make a good bootlegger lmao

No. 76864

Who is this artist she's aping now?

No. 76888

Even if you buy her PFX will take forever to send you the serial -IF- they send it all.
When I bought Ruby it took months to get the serial and that's after Yamaha themselves had to say something to PFX.
I hear other users are currently having trouble getting their serials from PFX for other vocaloids as well.

No. 76903


That's if you buy from pfx themselves, I think if you buy from sonicwire it'll be more trustworthy? I need confirmation tho

No. 76907

Yeah pfx's customer service – no, scratch that, their service as a whole has been nothing but shitty for the past few years. I tried getting Oliver during April 2017 and as soon as you tried to checkout it'd load an error page saying the site was in maintenance. This continued until October. It took them half a year to fix their shitty website.

No. 76908

What do you guys think of his new song? I can't listen to his music because it's just boring now. I can't take him seriously anymore, especially after the whole Kenji bullshit he tried to comment on.

No. 76910

Honestly not bad. V5 Chris is pretty fucking hard to use and the fact he made him make sound "decent" is impressive. The lyrics as "meh" but the song itself is pretty dynamic and is a tier above aimless garbage like >>76651

No. 76917

File: 1577581675216.png (598.08 KB, 730x826, ew.png)

i love questionable artists supporting questionable artists

seriously? haneoka's art never changed over the years. i feel like her coloring gets uglier and uglier with how theyre shaded. she also has this awful habit of making things so bright that it hurts to look at. awful anatomy too, especially with legs. they look broken as fuck

annoyed with how many greedy bitches exist in this fandom

No. 76920

It's part of their survival/marketing strategy. Unsolicited promotion of others so they remember you and in future promote your shit in return. It's all a gigantic ego circlejerk as everyone grasps for attention.

No. 76934

"Where would you get some that look better than these!!"

literally anywhere else yenmi lol

No. 76947

>where would you get some that look better than these?
any 5 year old with a crayon and paper. i hate how haneoka's art is like how to draw manga books with ugly muted colors and blinding highlights

No. 76948

File: 1577631615368.jpeg (242.33 KB, 750x1280, 3E89AA57-133F-4457-B80D-EBB630…)

i see your haneoka art and raise you miku ebooks art. people are actually buying this deviantart level weeb shit.

No. 76949

thats not deviantart tier thats 11 year old weeb tier. im so sad theres something Worse making money

No. 76951

File: 1577633538789.png (547.75 KB, 834x531, Screenshot_3.png)

Kira made an UTAU medley and added Ruby to it.. Idk who's idea it was but it said Syo tuned her. These guys really have to shill 24/7. Ruby isnt even made for Japanese

No. 76952

File: 1577633996708.png (566.43 KB, 821x517, Screenshot_1.png)

obese UTAU?

No. 76953


if someone showed this to me without context i'd assume it was a parody. this is the ugliest fucking shit.


>when your official licensed vocaloid does so badly in sales you have to shove her into an utau compilation to make people care about her

i'd laugh if ruby wasn't the one who singlehandedly tanked power fx's vocaloid sector.

No. 76955

File: 1577637916710.png (126.04 KB, 500x459, makune.png)

misha got pissed on that one cover of closer with Ruby about people's "pedo ships"…but she has a bunch of loli type art of her own UTAU on her tumblr blog for it? including a loli panty shot

No. 76956

File: 1577637961446.png (98.79 KB, 500x396, you_goin_to_jail_nigga.png)

No. 76957

File: 1577639217148.jpg (108.76 KB, 1024x1446, tumblr_mvle56uCEq1r38a1io1_128…)

I was going to laugh at you for calling something so mild "loli" but then I actually went into the blog you linked and I found shit like this blatant pedobait crap.

Why it's always the crazy sjw tumblrina types the ones who push for trash like this. Also I don't care that she just reblogged it, reblogging it's synonym that you sponsor this sort of content.

No. 76958

This sort of trash 11 year old art is very popular within the vocaloid community for some reason. I remember certain spanish speaking producer who had her girlfriend draw for her shitty songs and the final result was so fucking hideous it felt like a joke. Then I found out both of them were not tweens or even teens but grown up ass adults, one of them went to music school.

I've got no idea what has vocaloid got that draws these specimens you won't find anywhere else here.

No. 76961

God it's like she took the original concept and ravaged it with her own brand of generic crap style. That Meiko feels like an insult to the original artist. The proportions of the face are off. Her expression is so bland, uninspiring and boring. The coloring and the shading are lazy and don't make justice to the referenced piece. It's infuriating to look at it knowing where she got the idea from.

I've known yenmi for some years already, and her art always so bland and uninteresting and I couldn't figure the reason out, and now I know why it always had this weird feeling to it.

No. 76963

Over half of these are shilling their inner circle's voicebanks, the other parts are the most popular Japanese voicebanks. Could Kira not find any better UTAUs to include besides fucking Defoko and Teto? It's just boring but not unexpected I guess.

No. 76964

so he's got ruby singing in japanese and ritsu in english… literally why

No. 76968

lmaoooo I just watched it, "a decade of UTAU" my ass, they're giving all these literal whos in the overseas fandom credit for UTAU instead of the japanese people that did most of the heavy lifting

No. 76969

honestly thats what they do though. when have you ever seen them give credit to the japanese side of the fandom? western vocal synth fandoms take the credit for everything when the only things theyve contributed to is the downfall of these fandoms

No. 76973

Truer words have never been spoken.

All the western utaufags do is to virtue signal and try to force their oc into everything. And ride any trend or improvement the japs do.

No. 76975

i dont know most of these utaus except for some japanese ones and a couple of western. the rest are either whos, owned by shitty people in the fandom or by annoying preachy attention whores

does anyone remember when there was a tag on twitter comparing the utau with their providers (utau vs voice provider i think?), and misha came in with "voice provider vs utau vs vocaloid"? then she got pissed that people pointed out it was power flexing. i wouldnt be surprised if aki and kenji did the same thing. how the fuck did we end up with these people as vocaloids? its pretentious and disgusting. they ruined vocaloid

No. 76977

The creator of that UTAU goes by they/them pronouns lmao

No. 76978

>how the fuck did we end up with these people as vocaloids?
Cause the two major Engloid companies were staffed by older suits who were wildly unprepared to deal with the explosion of the Vocaloid fandom. At some point they both decided that hiring people directly from the fandom would solve that, but unfortunately a lot of the most visible people in the western fandom are brainlets.

I remember when there was hype about Ruby being the first Vocaloid with a native English reclist… fast forward a few years later and most people seem to agree that she's crappy and unintelligible. Weird huh

No. 76979


literally a living tumblr parody. i can't get over how ugly the art and design is. who thought it was a good idea to start drawing characters with mammy buckteeth?

No. 76980

One of the few to draw their utau's appearance according to their appearance IRL, I'll give them that.

No. 76981

File: 1577659812815.png (1.4 MB, 1500x2000, d94n1b3-9a4c0138-900b-492b-aa9…)

All of this talk about bad overseas UTAU is giving me flashbacks to the person whose character went from a Macne OC…

No. 76982

File: 1577659847824.png (Spoiler Image, 2.41 MB, 2738x2480, 957.png)

…to this shit

No. 76992


that's genuinely a fucking shame because the first art is cute with a nicely designed character. yeah she's another moe blob, but it's miles above that boob blob.

No. 76993

I know everyone has to do their hustle but she would guilt trip followers into buying her charms like "woe is me I am losing money/ not enough preorders boohoo". Maybe she'll realize no one wants them 'coz there are better charm designs out there.

No. 76994

everyone has to do their hustle but if they stopped being gross shits, maybe people would support them and they wouldnt have this issue lol

haneoka is a trashy person in general. doing commissions wasnt enough. she finally grew the balls to make merch but honestly theyre not worth it. only getting away with it because shes offering or working to offer all vocaloids possible. id say the same for all other artists with this offer in mind, but not all of them are bitches. some of them are nice people

No. 77005

Ah yeah. The project diva fags larping as genuine vocaloid fans. One of the seven wonders of the western community.

Yes. I am afraid I have been around for long enough to say most of the western fandom is pretty much like this. Better stick to the old pvs and songs, or just make a niconico account if you want to look for decent shit and subscribe to the Japanese producers who have YT channels since it's becoming more common nowadays. But stay the fuck away from literally anything else.

There are also some music channels like the one that jrharbort guy maintains who upload nice stuff from many producers and they are nice for album recs and discovering obscure composers but that's it.

No. 77017

jrharbort is the mikufan guy who is a massive dick. he genuinely thinks that because he has connections with crypton he has the right to be a snob about it. when miku chinese was announced he insisted that it wasnt real when there were pictures it was. instead he kept saying that one of the people from crypton told him it was fake or something and when there was a real announcement, he said he asked the wrong person. then he insisted that he is trustworthy and said he cant provide any proof

he is also an asshole in real life too. someone met him at one of the miku concerts and he is as snobby as he is online. he acts like hes too good for you. for someone who runs a fanmade news site he really has a way with interacting with people. unprofessional.

honestly these news sites really act like cloutchasers and will rub that in everyones faces. its disgusting

No. 77019

Really? I only know him from an upload of a remix of Boku Boku by Avtechno.

(the original is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRYiPO4ltkg)

they both are pretty fucking good tracks, but i'm not sure if the remix belongs to him. also, why is he calling it the original?

here's his upload of another song called 'lost key': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r72Pp5HZVoo

are these authorized reuploads?

No. 77020

hes known for reprints but i dont think he asks permission to do it. he probably just grabs, uploads and post credit in the description as minimum

so hes leeching off of other peoples work basically

No. 77021

he posts reprint videos on his twitter for the retweets tbh so its all for clout

No. 77022

they're two versions of the same track, AVT remixes his own work pretty often. i believe the version from the crystalloid album was the first.
that said, he definitely didn't get permission to reprint this. especially considering avtechno has his own yt channel

No. 77043

He's a total hardass about asking for permission, I have no idea what you're talking about. It's one of those things people do when they try to suck up to the Japanese fandom, because a minority of producers are neurotically overprotective of their work.

Fun fact: #SaveMiku caused a huge slapfight across JP producer twitter because DaifukuP (notorious reprint hater) falsely claimed it was about producers taking down illegal monetized reprints

No. 77045

if youre going to this extent to defend this you probably are him or you know him. anyways hi

No. 77047

If you think that was a positive description at all I'm gonna have to hand you the L

No. 77048


Hi JrHarbort/Mikufan.

Deflecting and or moving the topic isn't going to make us talk about you any less. If you don't want us to discuss you stop reprinting popular nico videos to your youtube channel and putting on airs. All this is doing is stealing views from the original p and discouraging them from posting more. Nobody wants to see a shitty reprinter have more views than their original upload. At least the translator's and subbers contribute something but you are purely stealing views and clout under the guise of "muh exposure" for lesser known producers. Makes my blood boil when I think about it especially. You act like you are hot shit for running a fan site when reality you are no different from the the tumblr blogs who steal pixiv content except you steal from Nico douga. /ts

No. 77049

Lmfao @ people trying to attack jrharbort with the same "ur stealing muh views!!!!" manufactured outrage he feeds into

No. 77051

>He's a total hardass about asking for permission

But, it's not about asking permission. You can get permission to repost (especially from producers with broken English who don't navigate YT), but it's still exploitive to repost other people's work. You can say "I have permission to post this", or " "I want to give this talented producer more exposure" but why don't you just tweet the original link to the video video instead of reprinting the entire thing? Why not create fan content like fan art for that video? Creators don't like seeing their original content reprinted or even see a cover of the original get more views than their post.

No. 77052

Lmao at you for defending asshole moves because you have "permission to repost." With or without the op's permission, it's still a repost, you nonce. JrHarbort needs to get some fucking talent and then come back when you have your own original content instead of leeching off the hardwork of jp creators.

No. 77060

for some reason, this video popped up in my recommended just now. 10 bucks and a blowjob to the first guy to tweet this at eyeris (and post the results, obviously)

No. 77063

only eyeris? you could make an entire twitter thread of producers who need this, and all of them would probably throw a hissy fit all the same. lol

No. 77064

File: 1577765679101.jpg (529.35 KB, 900x900, caffein.jpg)

Because not everyone uses Nicovideo. Or even could, in the olden days. When Vocaloid was first popping off, the registration wall and lack of localization made it literally impossible to view any content without knowing Japanese. Are you really gonna tell me that you never watched shitty 240p reprints as a young weeb? Everyone did, it's why we're here.

To be blunt, it's just funny to see people trying to counter a notorious fandom elitist by being even more pointlessly elitist. I think he also got shit from damesukekun once lol, talk about a battle of the elitists.

You're right, permission doesn't matter. Here's me reposting caffein's art without permission.

No. 77065

can't argue there. though imo i always found eyeris to be the fucking worst out of all of them. the least talented and among the most arrogant. even fucking ghost is slowly improving, but eyeris is as shitty as he's ever been and seems to have no desire to improve.

No. 77067


but how and why does he have a dedicated fanbase when he clearly doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. how do you get so many fans despite sucking so hard. why are several talented smalltime producers going unnoticed while this faggot rakes in millions of views. this genuinely aggravates me.

No. 77071

Because he's been doing it for a decade, posts shit on a semi-regular basis, and interacts a lot with his fans. It's not rocket science.

Is he a garbage producer that sucks at making music? Yes. Are there producers out there much more deserving of the recognition he has? Also yes. But he didn't get his fame in a vacuum. He kept doing his thing and people began to recognize him after awhile. The more fans you have, the easier it is to get even more. It's just that most people aren't going to keep it up for long enough to get to that point.

No. 77088

Jfc I'm not even that anon to but you need to take a chill pill. Reprints have been a thing in the vocaloid fandom since the days when niconico was basically inbrowsable if you didn't have basic understanding of japanese language. Nowadays they aren't as needed as they used to but what's even wrong with it when both with it if the reprinter is granted permission and the author is ok with it? Do you understand there are many obscure producers who are actually benefited from a bigger channel with more exposure sharing their stuff? >>77019 Hell I'm a huge fan of AVtechNO! and I've never seen the guy complain about this channel repriting his stuff (and I was around when the KAT-TUN plagiarism shitstorm). You sound like fucking HnY when she had that huge aneurysm about people "stealing" her translations while crediting and linking to her.

You seem to have a huge hateboner for this dude, if you have this much milk of him just spill it and don't start retarded infighting about m-muh reprints. God I don't even know him, I just mentioned him because it was the first example that came to my mind, there are vocametal channels that also do the same. Only retarded preachy newfags would made such a fuss over something like this.

No. 77091

>He's elitist
Not to defend him if he's actually a dick, but have you ever meet the average vocaloid fan irl? I don't blame him for not wanting to hang out with the likes who unironically listen to circus, akiglancy or ghost's crap.

No. 77094

Lol @ Kanru Hua getting BTFO'd
Happy new years I guess

No. 77096

You can't just say that without posting it.

No. 77106


No. 77109

File: 1577823015651.png (131.46 KB, 731x710, what is that.png)

probably referring to this

No. 77110

dear god

this is giving me flashbacks to the utau with the thick ass thighs except this is on the opposite end of the body

smh ruined a perfectly good design too. fucking shame

No. 77111

I don't get it? I checked and all the replies are positive

No. 77112

seems all the fire is not on the tweet itself, but in general twitter posts.

he basically tried to hype that theres new stuff coming for synthv and people probably thought it was going to be a new voicebank or something. in other words people interpreted the surprise to be something else and were disappointed

or something

No. 77113

ppl are pissed that he's focusing on the engine instead of the voices and whatever the fandom wants

No. 77117

I don't think the problem is him working with the engine itself and not releasing new voices (i've seen some being upset about it not being a new voice, but it's a small minority), if it were, i don't think people would take issue with it. there seems to be a general dislike for the fact that he hyped something as trivial as a mere web editor, rather than some actual improvement on the engine and its technology – of which has been pretty much stagnant, small updates here and there aside, the synthesis still doesn't sound like "the world's most advanced voice synthesis" as he loves claiming.

personally, i agree that this is something dumb to hype. this is like if AHS hyped people saying something new was on the way, and in the end it was just the ability to test their voiceroid in your web browser; a feature that while useful for potential buyers, means nothing for users.

i just don't think it's something to get overly upset about like people did though. the man gotta do what the man gotta do, in the end it's his program.

No. 77120

File: 1577830420807.jpg (388.53 KB, 719x1222, 20191231_190034.jpg)

On the subject of Kenji. Have you guys seen this artist that has basically only drawn Dex religiously, in the same fashion that Japanese artist does? For someone who barely does shit other than bask in how he's Dex's voice actor, he sure seems to know how to grab asslickers easily. Lol

I encorage you guys take a look at this artist's profile ( https://twitter.com/viihmel ) as the sheer number of Dex posts from them lately have been almost obsessive (I've seen quite a lot of Kenji RTing him in my TL). My theory is that artists are probably seeing Kenji as an easy means to get clout, (given he RTs anything with Dex on it) since any quick glance on this rando's profile shows they didn't exactly draw Dex only before Kenji (ironically enough kinda resembles what happened to that other artist that now is basically Kenji's bitch).

No. 77124


Sooo, I'm friends with this artist and since I know this isn't gonna comeback to him, Imma expose this situation, so, my friend actually has a crush on Kenji, so he actually started drawing Dex exactly because he knows Kenji rt everything with Dex on it, especially kinda of lewd pics, so it ain't for clout or anything, literally just for his attention, which grosses me out, I always have to see WIP's of Dex in whatever the hell and I'm sick of it lmao
But yeah, my friend draws him a lot and Kenji didn't even follow him for a while and he was super depressed and shit because of that, he offered to work for Kenji (for free) and Kenji ignored it but honestly I feel really bad for my friend and kind of feel like Kenji is taking advantage of him, I mean, sure my friend is drawing him willingly but also sends like a lot of signals that he wants to work with him (even if it for free) and he seems to just lead him on you know? Like my friend tries to dm him and reply to tweets but he has broken english and he just never answers properly, Idk, just makes me feel bad for my friend and think poorly of Kenji, like he's leading him on just to get more draws and so he won't stop.

No. 77125

"love is blind", they say.

I now thoroughly believe it.

No. 77128

thx for the clarification. my bad

youre right tho. nothing to get too pissed about bc tbh people set their expectations too high. not his problem

No. 77129

hoping your friend wakes up because thats not healthy at all. nothing is shittier than being taken advantage of and we all know that kenji & friends only see people as either their slaves/tools for popularity or just a number. they dont give a shit about anyone but themselves

we all know what happened to that one other artist who became kenjis bitch. kenji saw how popular that person's art got and that the artist was a fan. thats an easy why for him to wrap them around his finger. even if kenji claims he "paid" for art, it doesnt matter. he managed to get free fanart and shilling anyways regardless of what he does with them now

like >>77125 said, "love is blind". "don't meet your idols" and shit like that

No. 77131

File: 1577835360835.png (494.15 KB, 750x1334, E9545E98-509F-4CD4-A618-C2F103…)

speaking of sam and his art slaves, uoshi now has his account set to private. any ideas why?

No. 77132

Uoshi does that often. I follow this artist and notice they don't tweet for a while when the account is private. I assume they're just on a break.

No. 77135

No way that's true. Have y'all seen his face? I don't think anyone on this earth could ever have a crush on that ugly ass goblin-looking manchild
Your friend needs help asap lmfao

No. 77136


i could buy it. there are some uglyass motherfuckers in this world who have swarms of people swooning over them just because they're famous. in this case it's more like """famous""", but you get the idea.

No. 77137

same, aki looks like she eats 3 people a day, yet i've seen people on stream call her attractive and shit. people fall for that fame BS so easily.

No. 77139

>>77135 ngl I enjoyed his voice a lot on streams I've watched, he had an attractive voice I thought, but I hadn't seen his face yet, when I did it was a whole 360º he's so ugly even his voice became a big yikes, and yes, my friend really does need help lmao
I just wish he would see that Kenji is basically leading him on for fanart.

No. 77140

I mean why would you want kenji's fanbase to notice you? It's all either kids or unemployed, creepy losers
I get sucking up to people for clout, but kenji?????? Him and his crowd are super disgusting, and I don't mean physically (though he really does look like the poor albino version of ed sheeran), they're not even good people, always taking advantage of their fans so they can maintain this delusion of success they live in. They legit gross me out

No. 77141

File: 1577839024214.png (17.33 KB, 430x216, 295304930.png)

well, looks like they found the thread lol

No. 77143

ngl if anything at least hes brave
if i had a face like that you wouldnt catch me dead posting selfies freely like he does

No. 77145

I wanna know what the hell happened here, like what was the thought process? I thought that person was a regular teenage girl back in the day, I have a hard time believing women can really 'get' that type of fetish the way men do. Maybe I'm just ignorant.

No. 77146


cry some more. let's ring in the new years with some fresh tears.

No. 77170

Is there a reason why most big names in the vocaloid community (Mystsapphyr, lupin, misha, ghost, etc.) are all far left and regularly express their political views? and why so many of them do this retarded twitter thing where you put pronouns in your bio?

No. 77174

For those that are educated (not Lupin or Misha), its because they all got liberal arts degrees and that is just what they teach. Also if you are supposed to be gay/bi/asexual like many of the people you state claim, they tend to be woke and broke.

No. 77179

No lmao. The fandom used to be primarily on Tumblr, and now that it's on Twitter, people have kept the habit of reblogging popular left-wing opinions alongside fandom stuff. They're pretty much just following whatever's trendy at the moment.

No. 77189

GHOST's got a new song out…with a title like "Celebration of the Decade", I'd assumed it was gonna be something big, but no; it's just a meme. It's actually painful to listen to, I'll warn you now.

No. 77196


she already took it down. either too many people complained or it's part of her funnyman routine.

No. 77199


According to a post they made, they deleted it because people found it super unfunny/disappointing and began complaining about it. Somebody did, however, make a cover of it before the original was taken down.

No. 77206

File: 1577919912632.png (223.58 KB, 750x1334, A38A3BF5-6A1F-47A3-9219-443536…)

so shay did learn music theory. she just ignored everything about it and churned out crap anyways.

No. 77208

so basically the music version of artists who get pissy when people point out anatomy/proportion flaws on their art and go "it's muh style uwu"

No. 77212

>ghost was so unfunny to the point her fans that worship the ground she walks on even decided its shit
fucking kek
if only they were smart enough to see the other bullshit

No. 77213


maybe this will knock a few people loose from her cult and make them realize that she's not an ineffable talented superstar. it isn't much, but it'd be an improvement. also maybe it's just me but it seems like shay's popularity has shrunken somewhat in the past year or two. i mean, she used to be fucking everywhere back in 2016 and 2017.

No. 77226

That's far too hopeful, unfortunately. It'd take Ghost doing more than posting an unfunny joke to get her gaggle of 13 year olds to stop worshiping the ground she walks on.
And as we've seen thus far with Crusher and the like, you can be as terrible as a person as you want as long as you retweet a few "miku said TRANS RIGHTS!!!!!" posts every so often.

No. 77242

Crusher never rubbed me the right way. I remember back in 2014~15 when she'd screech at anyone who got her pronouns wrong, even though she never listed them. She'd also change sexuality, pronouns and gender every so often like a russian roulette (ironic, considering she then decided she was just a "Cis Hetero She/Her" the moment she got in together with TheLivingTombstone, which means she basically was a transtrender lmfao). This would easily raise some eyebrows had it been a who in the fandom, and would've probably started never ending discourses, but as always, all of the """famous""" producers' circlejerks are protected by infinite layers of whiteknights. And like you said, as long as they keep RTing a few "miku said trans rights" or "minecraft bee is trans" BS, they'll be fine, regardless of the shit they do or how bad their personality is.

No. 77244

It's kind of sad, honestly. I used to consider Crusher the least-terrible of all the big name western producers because while she definitely had a shitty, childish attitude, she gave me the impression of the only one actually trying to be a "real" musician. Though in hindsight, it makes sense that her falling out with everyone she's ever worked with is because she's a serial bridge burner who seems to bail the second she's mildly inconvenienced.

Like, look at her album. Half of it is remastered versions of songs she made in collab with someone else, except the remaster is just her. I guess she wants a version to market without any "icky" people attached to it. My personal fav is how she remade OBEY which was originally a Chipspeech demo, then she remade it with GUMI and now pretends her time working with Plogue never existed.

No. 77259

I've noticed that nobody here has mentioned R.I.P. Personally, I think their stuff sounds decent; their instrumentals remind me of GHOST's, but their lyrics don't require Thesaurus to understand. Their most popular song is CORROSION; it's pretty good, in my opinion. However, it ended up attracting a bunch of GHOST's fans, because it sounds pretty similar to most of their work. So now, if you dare to scroll through R.I.P's comment sections, you'll find all the same stuff you'd find in GHOST's.

No. 77262

File: 1578014980517.jpeg (228.72 KB, 750x1219, 51F17EB4-BC64-4C0F-AF8E-DCBA63…)

and the circle of dicksucking continues.

No. 77263

File: 1578015091144.jpeg (690.46 KB, 2048x1648, BA331F14-F468-48C4-B035-C8535D…)


the designs in question. they're ugly sailor moon bootlegs because haneoka can't costume design worth a shit, so aki got two cluttered moe blob messes for the price of one.

No. 77274

my eyes hurt from looking at this jesus christ

No. 77278

Oh come the fuck on anon, I can tell just from the thumbnail that this is just another GHOST knock off from the art down to the fonts they use

No. 77279

Dude she has always had a screw loose. I used to play on her Minecraft server, mostly because my other friends all played there for whatever reason and fuckall one day she went on some crazy power trip used her admin powers to nuke everyone shit, destroy their sandcastles, then started banning everyone that complained. Then later the same day she did a tweet not-apologizing saying she was having a "bad day" and "forgot to take her meds"… but didn't unban or roll back the server after her rampage.

No. 77280

File: 1578028478969.jpeg (342.43 KB, 2048x683, 27860506-0847-41A1-AB0F-016FCD…)

There’s more. The colors are all over the place and inconsistent. The only thing that kinda ties everyone together are the jackets the guys get and sailor uniforms the girls get (and the terrible use of the salmon color in random places)
What an eyesore. Vocamerica was obviously just made so all of these “producers” can live out their dream of producing a concert and having a crowd lmao

No. 77281

Vocamerica is 4 years old and Akiglancy has yet to fully deliver those kickstarter stretch goals. Where is the 22k Aki?

smells like a self-post

No. 77282

my eyes fucking burn holy shit

No. 77283

>hana ch*kako
oh nonono no no no no no noooooo no no no nononono no no

No. 77317

File: 1578068952488.jpeg (165.95 KB, 750x1166, FC7DE042-4BF8-4054-A76F-01720E…)

anon you silly nigger shes too busy doing this to care about vocamerica, now that she got her five minutes of fame she doesnt have to give a shit anymore. its all pretense

No. 77323

File: 1578073305804.jpeg (428.09 KB, 2048x1638, ENV7OqHWwAEcSa_.jpeg)

kenji just posted this selfie, dont know if i should laugh loudly or cry

No. 77326

It's not like he's trying to be sexy, the caption just says he's posting it as a before photo

No. 77327

File: 1578074885608.jpeg (156.71 KB, 970x1050, 24A8E001-BD3A-485E-A42F-01CFC3…)

No. 77328

Is the one on the right meant to be a Kagamine twin? Look at his shirt, its straight up just a Kagamine twin shirt with a coat over it

No. 77330


Whelp, at least he recognizes a problem and is trying to improve himself. Which is honestly more than some neckbeards. I think he said previously wants to make himself an IRL "bara" like his UTAU, which while rediculous, is a goal at least.

No. 77361

Yeah. A big indicator of whether or not ghost is posting is if the post calls ghost a 'she' or a 'they'. not always true, but usually.

No. 77369


Is he albino or something? Cause holy shit he's so white?

No. 77385

That’s what happens when you’re stuck in a dark room in front of a computer all your life

No. 77409

I can assure you, I'm not GHOST; I'm pretty sure that, even if they were posting here, they'd still be typing like a 14-year-old on Tumblr, just like they do on Twitter. I only use they/them pronouns when referring to GHOST because I'm here to make fun of their work, not their identity (I couldn't honestly care less what pronouns they choose to use).

No. 77412

he is albino

No. 77421

File: 1578168420389.jpg (19.55 KB, 400x400, ab293af519ae1b48feecf690030836…)

>I'm here to make fun of their work, not their identity

img related. but also how is calling ghost she "making fun of" her lmao.

No. 77426

You're right, it's not. Whoops.

No. 77427

File: 1578171276242.png (604.52 KB, 782x347, Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 3.54…)

Apparently, Miku's going to be performing at Coachella this year. And knowing what kind of a crowd Coachella brings in, you already know they're gonna make Miku sing some crappy EDM or pop song by some rando English producer

No. 77428


i'm just surprised it took them this long to bring on miku to be honest. what are your bets for how this'll turn out

No. 77430

how it usually does. That is, the song will be terrible but people will be too distracted by the novelty of the concept of an Anime Girl Hologram Dance or they'll write it off as "yeah I knew vocaloid was just low quality preteen weeb shit."

I mean, not to give people war flashbacks, but remember David Letterman?

No. 77431

I'm assuming it's gonna be awful. It's Coachella, which is, as far as I'm aware, a music festival for indie artists. There's no way they're gonna play something iconic (I'm pretty sure that anybody attending Coachella would be turned off by any Japanese Miku songs); they're gonna ask Aki, or Circus, or some other English producer to make another generic pop song.

I can't honestly see it playing out any other way.

No. 77433

oh god please, anyone but Aki. I'd even take Circus. At least his songs, while pretty bland, are usually passable quality with some vaguely interesting sounds. I think the best case scenario would be KIRA, who is imo at least slightly better than Circus.

No. 77437

You just had to go there

I don’t know why they’re bringing Miku to Coachella of all things. Not that I know much about it, but isn’t that like a basic white girl event? Idk I just doubt you’re going to be seeing a lot of people there for Miku kek

No. 77439

They're probably using Miku to make their event sound cooler; "Oh, look at us! We've got an anime girl singing at our event!"

They've apparently got Kyary Pamyu Pamyu playing this year, too, so maybe there's some weeaboo amongst the staff deciding who gets to show up.

No. 77441


they're also several years behind the curve. kyary hasn't been big since what, 2014? and that was only because of how wEiRd AnD wAcKy ponponpon was.

No. 77457

Calm down. They've had Japanese acts before (X Japan and Perfume). It's nothing new.

No. 77494

Hold up, when did any of us decide kira was any good at songwriting? His songs are all the same edm-sounding generic pop shit, you can't possibly like his stuff.

also what is it with him using gumi all the time? have a little diversity man.

No. 77497

Gumi English is one of the most used voicebanks. KIRAs music may be repetitive and boring as fuck with shit lyrics but theyre one of the few who's music doesn't sound like it was made by a deaf person. KIRA could actually be a hit with Coachella normies, their music is just generic pop

No. 77506

You know the fandom is fucked when a producer who makes cookie cutter mainstream pop bait is still one of the better ones because at least he actually knows (and utilizes) basic music theory.

No. 77520

I’m guessing none of the negative Nancies here has attended Coachella or many other music festivals? I read that Miku is rumored to be second to last at the Gobi tent (22:15 - 23:20), where Perfume performed before. That stage is where you go to see smaller dance artists, indie foreign bands and the more eclectic performers. The crowds may not be massive but they can be very good at that time. People that are not into Rage Against The Machine or Rex Orange County (rumored to be at the same time)will be hanging around the dance and art installation area. Don’t underestimate the hipsters, Japanophiles, and stoned people that will be drawn to the flashing lights. Especially the stoned people. Lol.

No. 77527

I think people are just feeling cynical because of how many people have tried and failed to introduce Vocaloid to the west, and how so many western producers are banking on the "generic watered-down EDM to not scare the normies" niche for that reason. But I agree that the kinds of people who'd be OK with Charli XCX and Perfume are more likely to be OK with Miku's weirdness. It's a step in the right direction compared to confusing collabs like Dominos and Letterman.

No. 77578

the one positive I can see to this is that it'd be marketing vocaloid as, yknow, music, instead of most other western exhibitions of it where they go "look at the newest WEIRD AND WACKY thing from Japan. what'll they think of next?!?" a la david letterman and such.

then again, that's me being really optimistic

No. 77589

Yeah, I'm convinced they just put notes in the DAW with their mouse and call it a day. (Highly doubt KIRA uses a launchpad though.) Man, how could they even deal with so many out of tune notes though? How do they listen to that shit and go "yes melody good"

No. 77600


it's easy to deal with it when you don't know they're out of tune in the first place, obvs

No. 77628

Anyone following this whole thing on pkakatora?


Dude runs halfassed channel with Project DIVA ""hacks"", cringy ass shitposts, those godawful Vocaloid UTAUs, doesn't even tune his own covers, yet thinks he's above everyone else.

Retard levels are off the charts with this one.

No. 77631

>vocaloid utaus
why would you feed processed samples to a shit engine, it's like eating your own vomit

No. 77634

It's a trend I personally don't understand. UTAU fags seem to be all over this concept, with most of them claiming it sounds "so much better and realistic!1!!!11 uwu", when basically you're taking already synthesized samples and… synthesizing them again? Congrats, you have now doubled the engine noise. Not to mention the flat out horrid programming most of these have.

Kinda ironic we're full of deaf people in a music based fandom.

No. 77635

why would you take the word of this rando twitter user, '@syphnnyaa'? seems like you posted your own tweet on him.

he's annoying but kyammi is worse lmao. kyaami is out here taking credit for actual vocaloid songs, to the point where her covers are getting more credit than the original. good tuning doesn't excuse taking credit for other peoples work.

No. 77636

I agree with the sentiment over good tuning and not excusing credit for others' works. It does kinda bug me that she gets overpraised on things that aren't even hers.

And well, as for taking the word of a rando, unless there's provided proof that counters their screenshots (which there are more on their Twitter media), I don't see why I shouldn't take their word.

No. 77638

I sometimes wish that someone who knows actual music theory re-arranged Ghost songs, i think most of them have an interesting concept but the execution is mediocre at best, i wonder how Ghost music sounds if you actually make it sound "listeneable".

No. 77639

i'm one of the many that do it, but I just like the tuning system more in utau then vocaloid

No. 77640

At least Kyaami contributes to original songs by tuning for other producers. And with her recent single maybe she'll actually start making her own shit? What's this other guy do besides make covers and shitty VSCO girl memes?

Though I agree, it sucks that her covers get more recognition than the originals. The western fandom's entire culture around covers bugs the hell out of me. The majority of decent content in the west is just covers, and even then it's people all using the same VSQs provided by someone like Kyaami. People are literally to fucking lazy to tune their own Vocaloids, what's the fucking point of having one if you're just gonna use somebody else's tuning

No. 77641

except she isn't fucking doing ANYTHING about it. no 'hey please support the original song thanks?'. nope. she clearly KNOWS that her shit gets more views and she takes advantage of that. 'teehee my stuff is accidently more popular. whoopsy i made a widdle fucky wucky'

(also why is it whenever she uses ritsu she has him drawn with big tits? isn't he 6? and uh, male?')

No. 77643

as per his original design, he's a robot with missiles for tits. all the vipperloids have ridiculous and weird backstories on purpose, it makes it all the funnier that the tumblr tards keep trying to claim them as "twans icons uwu"

No. 77644

Can someone tell steampianist to stop using Oliver and get better at tuning? it's sad that his instrumentals and general arrangement are godlike but the tuning is ALMOST NON-EXISTENT and he always insists on using one of the worst english vocaloids.

No. 77646

I haven't ever seen kyaami actually claim she made someone else's song. Though I also listen to her casually so maybe I'm missing something.

No. 77671

Have you literally only heard one steampianist song or are you really just like this

No. 77678

I was thinking the same but with Eyeris' stuff. Feel like that'd be more of an interesting task since his shit is totally fucked from the ground up, like he was going out of his way to make anti-music.

No. 77680


He uses Gumi as well homie. If you want to hear other vocaloids but with steampianist composing then take a look at Project Overdoze. Also his tuning is fine? Have you seen his vsqx files?

No. 77682

File: 1578330701890.png (111.03 KB, 508x376, 1564692779089.png)

You sound like a Vendetta-chan and nothing more

No. 77683

How is it kyaami's fault her tuning and mixing sounds better than the original? She always credits the original.

No. 77685

Agreed. I mean, would it make any sense to get mad at a person who is a very good singer for covering a song and subsequently getting recognized for it? No. She’s got a talent and her tuning is fun to listen to. I don’t see a problem.

No. 77689

File: 1578336333274.jpg (13.73 KB, 356x164, cfm.JPG)

pretty sure cfm has done arrangements on everyone's behalf to make this happen so sit down. cover artists selling songs is not a new concept anon, you sound like a vendetta-chan

No. 77690

to me this just sounds like PK himself trying to deflect the topic, considering after his username popped up here, magically anon decided to talk about 2 other unrelated users (ghost and steam), and a whole talk about kyaami and her covers lmfaooo

there's also the fact that if you look at OP's twitter page, they've started arguing not much longer after the thread was posted here, which i have my doubts on how PK would have found a thread with only 16 likes and 2 RTs this easily. unless he's into egosearching, already follows OP or someone sent it to him. (gotta consider all alternatives) in either cases i find it questionable, considering how salty anon sounds.

there's also the chance this is just some extremely bitter soul that hates kyaami for whatever reason i don't care about, but that's just my guess.

No. 77692


Tbh kyaami isnt a bad person at all, I once asked her to collab with me with her singing for my songs. She declined, but was still friendly and shown more examples, because she still is interested, yet not confident about her skills.

If anything, shes way better than eyeris, ghost, and other music producers in the fandom, and is even nice.

No. 77725

Oh c'mon, almost all his songs are with Oliver, maybe sometimes GUMI if we are lucky, but most of the time she just appears on duets. I wasn't saying he doesn't use other vocaloids, i said he should stop using Oliver all together to focus on better vocals, it really ruins the songs.

>Also his tuning is fine? Have you seen his vsqx files?

I don't care, it sounds underwhelming, plain and boring, a total random on SoundCloud could do better. He could be the best producer on the western community yet does a shitty tuning work that doesn't equate to the instrumentals, it's almost sad.

No. 77735


you seem bitter, desu

No. 77736

You know what website you are on, right?

No. 77739


Steampianist? Yeah he uses Oliver quite alot but hes the only semi serious vocaloid that actually sounds good with his music, gumi is way too lively and anime, for any of his eerie songs (vegetables) gumi would totally ruin it. But its not his fault that powerfx made oliver cheap and bad.

No. 77740

I’m sorry but you’re insane if you think Oliver is a better choice than gumi for like, any song at all kek

No. 77743


Bro Gumi is a Jpop voice that may has some cuteness in it, Oliver is designed to be a serious choir voice. He has alot of great songs that use his voice type well like Tarantula and secrets of wysteria, gumi could never accomplish that.

But youre probably one of those vocaloid boomers who think jp vocaloids are the only good ones who he like "damn luka megurine v2 eng is SOOO good!!" while she sings asdfg something

No. 77746

>only semi serious vocaloid that actually sounds good
>serious choir voice
>Unironically beliving Oliver isn't useless
Oliver's voice doesn't make justice to steampianist music it's literally one of the worst choices, also there's a thing called parameters, if you edit maybe BRI, CLE and BRE Gumi could emulate Oliver's voice type easily but Oliver will never have Gumi's quality.

No. 77747

File: 1578419401825.png (213.5 KB, 1007x532, siiigh.png)

>he thinks he's better than kyaami!!!
>no proof

>he's so rude!!!

>singling him out when the screenshots literally show he wasn't the only one doing it.

>pkakatora says fuck trans rights!!!111one

>the screen shot doesn't have him mentioning transpeople at all

Is she retarded? Is she legitimately mentally challenged?

Though looking through her twitter, I guess it's not surprising.

No. 77748

Coachella just uploaded their 2020 lineup, including Miku’s song…it’s called “My World”, and honestly, it doesn’t sound terrible; I can hardly understand what Miku’s saying (she is speaking English, though; of course), but the instrumentals aren’t atrocious. I’ve got no clue who actually made the song, but it doesn’t sound like any of the producers I’ve heard talked about here

No. 77749

>youre probably one of those vocaloid boomers who think jp vocaloids are the only good ones

Or maybe I just have ears. Oliver is a novelty— a fun one, yes, but a novelty item. I have never once hear a single usage of him that was understandable, and he has tons of background noise in his samples. Gumis samples are clean, and I truly have no idea what you’re smoking to claim her voice type is some sort of irrevocable “anime cutesy” voice. Bro she literally just sounds like a normal young woman. If you can listen to Meika Hime, Una, lapis, etc (aka ACTUAL anime cutesy voice types) and claim gumi is at all in the same category in her default settings, you need to get your ears checked.
But even if you hate gumi, there’s many better choices than Oliver. Avanna, for one. You can lower her GEN and up her BRE and get a fitting mood with her voice.

No. 77752

File: 1578423401114.jpeg (183.34 KB, 750x1014, 605918C0-EF7D-4403-AD66-F9F022…)

this just in: having a personal opinion is bad and mean

No. 77755

Why the fuck is anyone surprised? I saw the Len header and trans flag and my brain immediately shut off.

The fact that everyone seems to get so defensive over Dex & Daina when people bring up any criticism really says a lot, I think.

No. 77766

"The fact that everyone seems to get so defensive over Dex & Daina when people bring up any criticism really says a lot, I think."

especially if the voicers have anything to say about it. ruby applies too. basically goes on a crusade to say fuck opinions because theyre my vocaloids and theyre perfect

or in kenjis case cry about how life isnt perfect/the vocaloids arent perfect and that people are being unfair and theyre trying their best sob life sucks lol

fucking cows

shes always been defensive and over the dumbest shit sometimes. wish i kept receipts

No. 77794

we really out here pretending zero-g has "good vocaloid designs" when most of them don't even have designs lmao

No. 77797

read: Daina, Dex, and Avanna, who aren't pinnacles of character design either. Daina specifically is a fuckshit ugly oversaturated mess but no one will ever admit it lmao

No. 77799

File: 1578446431368.png (162.25 KB, 345x530, babysfirstanimedrawing.PNG)

They all look like they were drawn by a 6th grader, especially Avanna… Oh wait

No. 77801

wtf is her cape doing. why do her hands look like that. whats wrong with her skirt. who approved this.

No. 77803

tbh i don't mind avanna THAT much, mostly because the only thing ruined by the Terrible Trio is her boxart. her voice is actually pretty unique imo

No. 77806

Oh please is there any way for Gumi to emulate Oliver's voice type, shes a english vocaloid with a japanese accent. She doesn't bring the same tone of emotion than oliver ever could, shes designed to be used for pop vocals.

She sounds like Luka with her english voicebank in terms of accent and voice type, she can't sound like a convincing child and never will be, and it' s just my honest opinion. If you can't deal with it that people genuinely like Oliver more than Gumi for some songs, then suck it up retard.

No. 77807

oh my GOD shut the fuck up. you are getting ass ache over a piece of software. go get your dick sucked or something.

No. 77808

>people genuinely like Oliver more than Gumi for some songs

right, you and the shotacons who spend all their time shipping him with len kek

No. 77835

I like Natasha Allegri's work, I really do, but holy shit what is Ruby's final box art??? Why did they change artists when she got released when there was a perfectly fine one right there

No. 77841

File: 1578484811612.jpg (84.26 KB, 680x680, ff7.jpg)


Tell that to anon


>>you and the shotacons who spend all their time shipping him with len

Oh sorry KEK I am not KEK Momocashew KEK

Can't wait to get called out here for liking oliver, even though i have criticism towards him

No. 77842

Bro are you retarded or something? Literally no one actually cares about whether or not Oliver is good but as long as you keep acting like an autist about it we’re gonna keep mocking you

No. 77847

saying a producer OBVIOUSLY should have bought a new female vocaloid and genderswapped it instead of using a male vocaloid you don't like is also autistic as fuck, so congrats, you're all spergs

No. 77854


the tism is coming from the inside

No. 77855

You're almost desuka levels of sperg and that's saying something

No. 77858

sorry vendetta-chan, but more than one person thinks your posts are dumb

No. 77859

God, this thread is very quickly devolving into some pathetic NEET-fest.

Go listen to Oliver some more if that’s what you like doing, but quit whining about how “great” he is here. Nobody cares, and nobody’s going to defend your argument.

No. 77861

You spergs can't even tell anons apart and that's funny as fuck.

Vocaloid in general is a dead software considering V5 is a flop, so the ones who are actually not mentally handicapped wait for a new proper voice synth that isn't called synthv2. So it doesn't matter if anyone prefers gumi or oliver, because they're technically on a dead engine and I'm pretty sure Internet co is looking for a Synth alternative for Gumi and Gakupo, because they're quite adored in the fandom.

No. 77864

oliver is boring, just here for the slapfight
they can probably keep on coasting on v4 sales until either yamaha gets their shit together or another good engine pops up. i think that's what they're trying. for producers, having the absolute latest vbs isn't always necessary - if pkakatora has proven anything, you can straight up bullshit the fandom into believing v1 voicebanks are realistic and innovative if you really want to

No. 77865

File: 1578505783921.jpeg (131.53 KB, 379x982, 2012892C-F99A-4376-A1D9-03F2A9…)

No, internet co has confirmed that they’re dropping out of the voice bank game. The CEO said on Twitter that they’re not making any V5 banks and also are not looking to switch to a new engine. RIP to Gumi, Gakupo, and una.

No. 77880

And with Crypton moving on from VOCALOID to a new engine, things are looking pretty grim.

No. 77888


They said they may develop new products can't you read. That means they may switch to a new engine but currently they have no plans for it, most likely because gumi v4 was a failure with the effort they put in

No. 77891

Yes, they said they may develop new products, but they're not solely a vocaloid company. They have more non-vocal synth related products than anything else, so it's hard to tell what he meant.

No. 77892


Obviously not, no company soley focuses on vocaloid. But they still had moderate success with their vocaloids. I doubt they'd drop entirely the possibility for singing voices, after all they catered to the english speakers as well

No. 77894

man, I really like internet co.'s products but their business logic fucking sucks.
>make gumi and gakupo v4 updates
>they're basically just an engine port
>obviously nobody buys them because why bother
>"i guess people just dont like our vocaloids anymore"

if they drop out of the vocal synth game because of that I'm gonna be disappointed as hell

No. 77898

granted, gumi had those other VBs that came with the V3 ones but that's not really an incentive either

it sucks they didn't follow through on wanting to update her english to V4, they probably could've fixed her glitches

No. 77901

>saying a producer OBVIOUSLY should have bought a new female vocaloid and genderswapped it instead of using a male vocaloid you don't like is also autistic as fuck
>a male vocaloid you don't like
>Oliver being objectively shitty is just "anon's personal opinion"
Anyways is not about Gumi, literally everyone sounds better than Oliver, just that by comparison Gumi is x10 better and since Steampianist owns her, anons were discussing he should use her instead.

No. 77902

>Oliver being objectively shitty is just "anon's personal opinion"
this but unironically

No. 77905

File: 1578535487510.jpeg (171.92 KB, 750x1089, C8142D45-CD77-4EFA-824A-40200E…)

@anyone still arguing about oliver v gumi instead of actually talking about the cows: kill yourself. anyways. here's taro being a fag as a continuation of >>77752, because she thinks that just because she was autistic enough to draw every vocaloid it means she has the right to gatekeep personal opinions.

No. 77907

It wasn’t just a port though— Gumi’s V4 had at least three distinct new voice banks. Idk why they aren’t used more because two of them especially (Soft whisper & Mellow Adult) are really good.

No. 77908

gumi's extend voicebanks are practically indistinguishable. it's worse than miku's appends in terms of how redundant some of them are.

No. 77915

people who manage to draw every vocaloid (+ whatever else) or hoped to either turn out to be amazing and nice people

or cunts with their heads far up their ass. taro and haneoka are prime examples of this

since taro was brought up in here shes doesnt only look like a gatekeeping twat but just another greedy artist looking to milk from the fandom

No. 77917

God, I've procrastinated for so long I haven't just missed the boat, the port's turned to fucking dust. By the time I ever make an UTAU or something, Vocaloid's corpse is gonna be long decomposed. Is anyone else in this spot? I'm not trying to 'get famous' or build a name, I'm happy if I ever achieve making a shitty cover of Meltdown. I always found this fandom hard to participate because it's massively towards music/art production that requires anyone who wants to join to learn like a dozen programs. I remember being burned out as a teenager when cranking out a few covers for some songs I liked because they had no .usts then getting pissed off when I realised one of them never had an off-vocal released and I knew I couldn't settle for trying to clean it when all I had was Audacity and my teen brain getting stuck every step. Nowadays I don't even see UTAU as viable because it's so old, I looked at DeepVocal as an alternative but so far there's no real tutorials on what to do (yeah sorry my pea brain needs to be spoonfed all of this but it's all so ????)

Hope this doesn't come across as whining, it's rather that I wanted to say this hobby has really weird barriers to entry and only so much for regular people to do if they're not aspiring musicians (like, being a normal fan I think is not enough because we don't really 'do' fanfics or comics of Vocaloid, it's all about more music or more PVs if you want more 'canon' to play with). I'm still hanging around imagining my end goal just to be making a few covers I'd be proud of but it's always been the software(s) that really put me off.

No. 77920

gumifags lurking

seriously i don't get why people go on about how (high quality) she is. like sure her english vb isn't complete horse shit and she sounds cute but that doesn't mean she's meant for every genre lmao.

she's more meant for pop songs and emotional stuff. oliver's meant for soft ballads and such

No. 77921

There was a tweet I viewed, unfortunately I have no screenshots

I was a twitter poll thing not too long ago that asked people how they felt about Kagamine Len as a vocaloid. Everyone was down to earth about what they liked and disliked. Some praised Len for his wide vocal range, while others complained his voice is too squeaky, and prefer Rin over him.

This is even for most fanarts of Len posted: Most everyone in the comments feels secure enough to poke fun at Len. Obviously he has flaws as a vocaloid, and people are okay with admitting that, and still like him.

However, whenever there's an UTAU or Vocaloid whose creator is in touch with the western fandom, everyone defends said voice with everything they've got.

If you were to criticize Kikyuune Aiko's voice, on Twitter or whatnot, most people would be pissed at you, and the creator herself may or may not get involved - possibly taking offense because it's her voice samples.

Call Aiko 'Blue Rin' for instance.

The same is done here with Dex and Daina. Obviously they both have flaws, and people can have reasons not to like their designs (the kemonomimi which was removed anyway because zero-g is full of pussies) or the nasal sound of Daina's voice. Yet, if you criticize them, the creators and their cult followers will more likely than not take offense over that.

It really makes you wonder. I doubt Asami Shimoda is crytyping on twiter every time someone says Len sucks.

No. 77922

File: 1578558439963.png (19.32 KB, 1200x401, lAKAGLW.png)

Is being nasal people's main problem with Daina? She has a laundry list of problems. Being nasal is just the tip of the iceberg for anyone that has actually attempted to use her.

My chief complaint about Daina is her Inconsistent Delivery. Lupin actually admitted this flaw on stream. Made excuses for Aki which may or may not be true, that this inconsistency was the result of direction from Anders Södergren, one of two engineers in charge of Dex/Daina who wanted a more "emotive" Vocaloid than an accurate one. Anders may have been pushing Aki, who had no formal training, outside of her comfort zone. Also, he may have been cheap/lazy in paying for retakes when there were notable flaws. If Dex/Daina are failures Anders Södergren is at least 25% at fault. Actually, I am willing to give Anders 100% of the blame, fuck Anders and fuck VocaTone. 100% of the Vocaloid Anders has been involved in were bad. He is the common link between all bad Engloids.

Besides delivery, my other complaint is the amateur level hardware. The Blue Yeti is, considering its use case, quite possibly one of the worst mic choices Aki could have chosen for vocal recording. Its capsules are tiny, only one is used for cardioid capture, and its frequency response is fucking terrible, RecordingHacks graph comparing the Blue Yeti vs the Rode NT1-A, a popular choice for many YouTubers. Not how it has almost no low end and how subdued the high end is. This explains a lot of Daina's problems. Her hardware choice was fucking terrible.

Also, I saw a 2015 selfie of Lupin with a Samson C01U on Twitter. Someone please, for the love of God, please tell me DEX was not recorded on a $50 USB microphone. Please tell me he didn't use that Samson C01U. Jesus christ what was the hardware budget for these English Vocaloid recordings? I know shitty UTAU users who had more pride in their work and hardware and they weren't even trying to make commercial products.

No. 77924

If you want the current topic itt to change just do it and don't whine over people not talking over whatever you want, dumbass. Be the change you want to see.
>Instead of actually talking about the cows
Really? a vocafag being retarded on twitter it's ""milky""? that's just normal.

No. 77927

in other words dex daina and ruby are glorified utaus with a price tag

getting the fandom inside vocaloid production was a fucking mistake

No. 77928

you arent exactly bringing any milk yourself genius

oh lmao so this explains why kenji and aki get so defensive over dex and daina. the recording process sucked, the equipment they used sucked, the programming sucked, the final products sucked and everyone knows it but wont be honest with themselves. like the only reason why they didnt fall through all the way was probably because of those creepy little culty fanbases they got latching onto them and insulating the vps from criticism. they have nothing if they dont overcompensate.
also can you elaborate more on the inconsistent delivery thing? like is it in dainas volume or phonemes or what. the flaw must be a pretty big deal if kenji actually acknowledged it

No. 77930

and it sucks because you'd think the fandom would be able to understand what vocaloid users want and need considering that's exactly how VOCALOMARKETS and Yukari happened (and later Akari)

but no, the people who got involved are self-absorbed clout chasing cunts like pretty much every other "big" name in this fandom

No. 77933

normally i wouldn't recommend looking at vocaloid wiki, but it really is telling how yukari's article is mostly "this was done to respond to the lack of X vocaloids" and dex/daina/ruby are all "this was done because the VP felt like it"

if anyone wants to make an english voice synth that's genuinely for producers and not a total vanity project… it's free real estate

No. 77975

I hate the fact that a company like Zero-G employs people like Kenji and Aki to provide voices for their products, when they started out with people like Miriam Stockley (a professional singer with actual talent). They could update their older voicebanks (Miriam Stockley showed some interest in updating MIRIAM to V4; that ship's kinda sailed, though), but instead, they give us DEX and DAINA, recorded on the same microphones that 14-year-olds use to record their crappy UTAUs.

No. 77992

I feel this. I'm learning how to produce music because not only because I want to hear western vocaloid music that isn't edgy, but also I want to inspire ppl to be ok with not kissing ass to get to the top, to make what they want without pandering to middle schoolers. But in the midst of that, I'm trying to learn how to make art and music at the same time, and while my art is "bearable" it's probably still very NGMI. I can just barely work FL. I also have the intention to pick up 3D modeling after that too, it's really tiring. I'm burnt out as hell as well. I guess thats why I can never get into new shit, but I'm greatful that this fandom is so full with retards because without it I would never strive to be better or pick up half this shit. Or worse.

No. 77993

What's worse is Kenji WAS that '14-year-old that records their crappy UTAU'

No. 77995

Quite a few UTAUfags make their names only doing covers. Yes, the fandom is past its prime, but the program isn't quite obsolete yet. If we're really moving towards DeepVocal, it might be useful to gain experience with recording and tuning in UTAU first, since there are years worth of tutorials available. I'd still recommend learning mixing (particularly EQ, some voicebanks need it) and basic harmony construction even for covers.

No. 78121

Which raises a question. Why is Anders Södergren, a Swedish national, the foremost expert on English voice synthesis? I bet you half the reason English pronunciation is shitty is that Ander is ESL and is configuring the voicebanks to his Swedish ESL standards. The more I look into Anders the more fucked up English Vocaloid seems at the very root, at it's very beginning by being involved in its production and having all the worst ideas. Looking at you VocaTone.

The inconsistency is one of delivery. Aki's ability to hit a note accurately and then hold the note for the duration of the sustain without warbling. Trying too hard for accuracy from untrained vocalists supposedly leads to voicebanks being flat or boring, under Anders direction the Engloids were recorded to be "emotive" rather than accurate. Whether that was a creative choice, a cost-saving measure, or simply a limitation because of the voice providers, we will never know. We could have had both emotion and accuracy if they had hired professional vocalists from the beginning rather than raising people up out of the fandom.

No. 78160

File: 1578715712113.jpeg (163.36 KB, 750x1039, 2D5C883F-BF12-4C2A-8337-D21B00…)


No. 78168

I've never read this thread before and I just saw this pic scrolling by and I literally had to stop and check the date. This looks like something I would have seen at a convention in like…..2010

No. 78179


to be honest that's a good summary of this person so you're not wrong. she's like the vocaloid fandom's in house pixyteri

No. 78187

What do you mean in 2010? How have anime conventions literally changed in the past decade?

No. 78188

Nta but ronald mcdonald is an extremely dead meme

No. 78196

File: 1578776497747.png (375.45 KB, 671x792, burn this shit.png)

see i dont even know if this is a joke or not since twitter is full of fucking clowns but theres this shit in the #hatsunemiku tag

No. 78201

OP is a pedo(""MAP") this post is unironic

No. 78204

what the actual fuck?

No. 78205

Damn, the whole "Miku is (insert sexuality/gender)!!" thing was fine; relatively harmless. But this is just gross.

No. 78206

These people are all 4chan plants trying to get a rise out of people. Don't give them any attention

No. 78227

pedosexual, clovergender, etc. were /pol/. MAPs are unfortunately usually actual pedos. but fortunately everyone hates them outside of their circlejerk

No. 78231

Okay, still. A 4chan user would totally larp as a map to fuck with others.

No. 78259

File: 1578836118472.jpg (117.05 KB, 720x406, IMG_20200112_213549.jpg)

Th3olivermaniac deleted all his accounts last year as someone exposed him to his audience. Present day and now he has a new account acting like a teenager? (omg school is so hard, am I right fellow kids? XD) I have no idea if the account is actually his since it's dead now but the wording and overall vibe I'm getting from can only be him.


Account that posts Oliver? Check
Account that posts commission art of Oliver? Check
Has posted lewd picture(s) of Oliver? Check
Posts about this girl that makes him depressed? Check (at least in bio)
Typing style from 2010? Check

Also the person who drew maniac's profile picture is the same artist as hollowed, even though it's not credited

No. 78263

File: 1578840663840.jpg (351.72 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20200112-084758_Twi…)

I'm guessing someone found this thread?

No. 78264


part of being an artist is receiving criticism, especially if you post your art online for everyone to see. if you can't understand that then you're sheltered as fuck

No. 78271

File: 1578844400110.png (28.51 KB, 536x115, Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 10.5…)

Yes, because when you're jealous of someone, you critique their work and point out what you don't like about it. Of course!

No. 78302

File: 1578858786529.jpg (19.26 KB, 449x251, utau.JPG)

guess that callout has done shit lol 'coz he's at it again

I really don't care about these "illegal" utau ports but it would be amusing to see his fans and the utau community go on an autism holy war against each other.

No. 78308

so when exactly will someone write a mail to crypton about pkakatora violating their terms of service?

No. 78311

File: 1578862622474.png (44.48 KB, 747x139, Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 3.51…)

This guy can't be serious. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that importing VOCALOIDs into UTAU is illegal.

No. 78325

File: 1578866211946.png (43.16 KB, 865x297, vocaloid wikia is definitely n…)

He knows, he's just doing it for attention.

No. 78339

It was not fine. Stop this fucking shit with the stealing of artworks for your garbage edits. This is where it was inevitably going to end up getting to.

No. 78353


I mean correct me if I’m wrong bc I don’t know much about this guy but i don’t think he’s distributing the UTAU banks. If he was, I could understand the outrage but as it is now it just seems like a fun experiment. So really, unless you’re a Yamaha bootlicker, why do we care?

No. 78356

can't say for sure but that account seems very suspicious>>78259

No. 78363

Yeah, as far as I'm aware, he's not distributing them, which is what initially made me question if what he's doing is actually illegal or not. But apparently, simply importing a Loid's voice into UTAU goes against UTAU's rules (and presumably Crypton's, too).

No. 78380

Has anyone checked out that new mastodon thing certain users are trying to move the western Vocaloid community to as a safe space Twitter alternative?

Basically an English version of Vocalodon, though I don't read moonrunes so I never had a feel for Vocalodon's penetration. Proportionally I do know Japan are amonst the heaviest adopters of mastodon as a whole.

No. 78385

it's okay ig, there are some vocaloid fan accounts but they don't really post besides the miku one

No. 78414

File: 1578928802487.jpeg (69.53 KB, 750x218, 3790B441-9136-41E4-884B-3A07D2…)


No. 78448

I straight-up saw one poster unironically defending pedophilia, and another poster saying not to be mad at the pedo because she(he) is just a bwave twans. Checked out for life after that.

No. 78450

Mastodon became big on tumblr after the porn ban when everyone was looking for an alternative. Never looked into it myself, but that alone should give you an idea of what kind of people you can expect to find there.

No. 78456

Not a fan of mastodon because it's a pedophile haven. I might as well stick to Twitter in that case

No. 78466

Does anyone else feel like male voices just don't synthesize as well and maybe that's why they're less successful? Big Al sounds terrible (but is that down to his accent?), most male UTAUs sound ugly to me, like they're deep enough but turn mushy-sounding.

It would be plain sad if the answer to his involvement was simply "we couldn't find any native English speakers interested in this".

No. 78468

Big Al is definitely a little crusty, but I think it comes down to just how competent the company producing them is. Big Al was one of PowerFX's first Vocaloids and their first time making a male voicebank. Compare him to Yohioloid, who I think is pretty clean and sounds good. And of the few male JP voicebanks, most of them are pretty good too (besides KAITO V3 who sounds like he's deepthroating cotton balls).

I think the biggest reason male vbs don't do as well is because there seems to be a preference for cute animu girls, which is why the market is so saturated with forgettable cute girl voicebanks. I'd actually love to see a company do something a little daring and go for a unique male vocal. So many of them are just trying to re-create Miku and that's just not ever gonna happen.

No. 78473

imo male vocaloids belong to a really niche market of fujos (ex: something obscure like tonio has a small community of gay porn artists). They're dedicated but not enough to make an impact where it matters more (save for Len).

so yes, as >>78468 said cute animu girls sell more, even more with lolicon-bait characters like Una or the Meikas.

No. 78478

"a little crusty" I'm kekking, anon. Yohioloid is okay but again I think he has a very nasal tone like Fukase does too. But then they're two very youthful sounding males. I love KAITO as a character but I was never that fond of his V3 for that same reason, I'd rather have his V1 in UTAU (I ignore those slap fights about how legal it is because to me it's like pirating Windows XP because I don't want 10 and would never pay for it even if it's the only option - either way, Yamaha/Microsoft won't gain a V3/W10 customer out of me)
This is too unfortunate. Clearly the solution is to make a generic brown/black-haired male character who is isekai'd into the world of Vocaloid as an otaku surrogate so they can ship themselves with Miku through him.

No. 78594

To be fair, the role of 'self insert male protag' in songs is usually already played by Len (Plus Boy, straight faced science girl, etc.)

(Though you see kaito play this role a lot as well)

No. 78670


they did attempt a unique male vocal back then with yuuma, but i don't think he has much traction outside of the fujoshit community. ironic since he was supposed to be a professional voice bank for professional musicians, but that's usually how it goes

No. 78688

>self insert male protag
>plus boy
>implying it wasn't just GigaP's shota fetish manifesting in yet another song

No. 78739

File: 1579184323270.jpeg (178.93 KB, 750x967, 600CB3A2-6B37-41C2-A7B4-8A3305…)

a followup to haneoka's hissyfit. i'm pretty sure we pointed out exactly what was wrong with her art and how it could be changed but since it wasn't wrapped up in a bunch of uwu ur so amazinggggggg ilu <3 praise it doesn't count as constructive criticism. i hate artists who do this shit. if they don't pull the "B-BUT IT'S MY STYLE" card, they dismiss what you say altogether as being a jealous hater so they can continue to insulate themselves from differing opinions. this fandom is just deathly allergic to anything shy of dicksucking

No. 78772

i wouldn't really call len in plus boy a shota. he's more like…a typical representation of a horny prepubescent boy.

Gigantic otn would be a better example of giga-p's possible shota fetish seeing the light of day.

(i think reol has a shota fetish as well. i like to laugh at the thought of her singing with kradness specifically because he sounds like a little boy)

No. 78831


ngl I always thought plus boy was gigantic otn, I was always confused on how plus boy was a song on how he has a big dick

No. 79050

So I have a question. I kinda of discovered you guys on accident looking up info on Vocaloid and UTAU. After reading through this thread, it seems like it is mainly a few producers that are causing a lot of negativity. I really don't want to become like that. I would just like to do this as a hobby in between my job and working out. Should I stay off of twitter all together so that I don't get into this drama? Also is commissioning a character design really looked down on? I can safely admit, I can't draw but I do know of some artists who I would be interested in commissioning.

No. 79056

first, even if you're not here for long you should skim the rules/info so you don't get banned.
the drama a lot of producers get into has less to do with whether or not they get on/use social media, and more with their personalities. the producers we've spoken about here are pretty much all emotionally stunted, narcissistic, etc. if you're a well-adjusted person you should be fine.
as for character design, i personally haven't seen much hate about it. in my opinion, it's not a problem; plenty of popular japanese producers commission art for their characters. just be polite and make sure you credit the artist properly and you'll be good to go. granted, my view may differ from others, but this is basically what i've experienced.
all-in-all, don't let a bunch of adult children on the internet prevent you from having fun. good luck, anon!

No. 79060


Ah good to know. I will keep what you mentioned in mind. I will admit back when VO was still a thing I was a shitty teenager/ 20 something year old but since that has closed down and I have gotten a full time job, I have found my self more mellowed out and just remembering that people have a right to disagree and to not let it get to you. If that makes any sense.

No. 79065


79056 covered it. stay away from drama if you can help it. try not to pander to people and be "uwuuuu positivity!" for every bad thing that happens because some people think thats attention whoring and annoying

take a break and think before you type. consider consequences of what you say. if nothing seems like a good idea, dont say anything. its better to say nothing and earn nothing than say something and get flamed for it

to add to the "narcissistic" kind of producers, dont let fame go to your head. be humble

No. 79066

honestly? just focus on making some good fucking music. that's really about it.

No. 79067


Well hopefully I will be able to. I know the basic of music theory since I was in orchestra for most of my childhood. Though playing an instrument doesn't equal making an original song but the only way to learn is to do. But I'll make sure to keep what people have said in mind. Besides I'm sure younger kids could probably run circles around me with burning me (is that what kids still say?) so I'll make sure to think before I post and keep out of drama.

No. 79078

if you want you can also use each big name producer as a guideline on what not to do. don't burn yourself out like circus, don't appeal to the lowest common denominator for easy clicks like eyeris, don't be up your own ass like ghost, etc. it's been very useful for me personally.

No. 79132

Oldfag here who's been years in this fandom. I personally advice you to stay away from the community. Only interact with people who seem well adjusted and chill and be in alert for any redflags at all, and as soon as you see something that may seem suspicious cut contact with them. As it's been pointed out many times in this thread and the last one too, for some reason this fandom attracts specially fucked up people like pedos and when not people (of both genders) tend to be very predatory. I had to deal with some of them myself as a teen, and I still deal with aftermath effects even after having gotten away from them. Be very weary of people with an autistic fixation for pedobait characters (ie lenfags and oliverfags, but to an extend rinfags and hardcore mikufags too).

You say you are interested on commissioning a character design, are you making an utau? I must warn you that utaufags are cancerous as fuck and tend to talk in cringy rupaul lingo (many of them are also trannies or genderspecials, or furries; oh god don't even interact with the furries). It is funny experimenting with the utau program and covering your fave songs and all, but for fuck's sake, don't become fixated with being popular and getting exposure because that's how you get caught in the net of fuckery. Use twitter for the bare minimum necessary and stick to youtube and soundcloud because that's where you'll have to upload your stuff anyway. And please, keep it at being a hobby and always be ready to leave the community if things get sketchy. I know people fucked up in the head enough to be obsessed with this thing to the point it's their main job for them, unironically. Also don't idolize popular coverists/producers because all of them turn out to have some amount of drama in my experience.

Answering to your question, I don't think commissioning a character design is looked down as long as it isn't a fanloid or something stupid, and if it's for your utau, as long as you do the rest such as the otoing and recording it and etc, I've never seen anyone have a problem with that.

No. 79143


Like >>79132 said, steer away from the community. Especially if you plan to do UTAU things because in the event your singing OC gets popular, the salty utaufags will come at you if they can't get you to be in their circlejerk/clique. They'll do a smear campaign ranging from digging up things you can get canceled for or how your UTAU isn't a 34634534-pitch CVCVVCVCVCVCCVCWTFBBQ voice bank therefore the popularity is undeserved.

No. 79184


So basically, be humble and have common sense on the internet?

But for the commission, yes it is for an UTAU. I haven't even really been looking at designs yet because I figured I should start by trying to actually record well and oto well. (If it makes any difference my mic is a Sterling ST155)

No. 79205

Pretty much. As for the UTAU stuff, don't expect recognition until you're fairly active and what not. Also, the community is so small and niche that even if you make your voicebank 8794589734 pitches and have 5358954 appends it could still only be used by like, 5 people max. So, take things easy and just do what you like personally.

No. 79208


Yeah I kinda don't expect to get famous at all. I just found a discord that encourages people to make utaus and has a lot of helpful guides. Also the guy I was buds with on VO before it closed is on there as well and he has kinda mentioned that as well. And as weird as it might sound I want to make it good for them and myself to prove I can make something somewhat decent…or at least be able to follow instructions. if that makes anysense.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 79283

Pretty much yep. It's just that there is a disproportionate number of people in this community who lack that common sense. You'll get to see it yourself.

Anyway don't sweat it too much with your first utau, just try to have fun doing the thing and you'll learn as you keep trying to record and make new voicebanks. It's something you learn to do through trial and error, and since the recording and otoing involves several stages of production there is always something you can learn.

It's nice that you are getting some help with your first voicebank tho, good luck bud. Hope your friend likes it but don't get too sucked into it neither.

No. 79442

File: 1579665360307.png (459.66 KB, 555x747, 151.png)

cringe. i hate that these twitterfags have ruined miku for me.

No. 79464

lol, cant screenshot rn this retard has a fanloid thats just "what if miku was fat and black with a giant nose?"

natrually twitter retards flock to her while giving clout and acting like she ended racism for it.
they have "yaoi" in their header and draw every character fat, what do you think the chances of them being a fetishist is?

No. 79484


She actually looks pretty cute minus the circle eyebrows, but then it said trans rights and it became apeshit

No. 79511

File: 1579702971039.jpeg (284.75 KB, 2048x1117, EO1TV7fXUAU3_nn.jpeg)

Yeah, I was expecting much worse from anon's description.
This isn't even fat in the least, especially compared to the mess in >>79442.
I agree the brows and tranny stuff are cringy, though.

No. 79515


the colors are hideous too. it looks like neon shitpuke

No. 79516

This is the one who started the Miku is trans thing to begin with though. She posted the very first Miku trans headcanon and rose to fame by being dragged for it by anime twitter.

After that the Miku is trans thing blew up to piss off the people who complained about her take.

She's a major SJW.

No. 79517

File: 1579704153053.png (121.87 KB, 360x450, Mina_official.png)

Samefag but she also did this monstrosity to Ixima's art.

No. 79519


I don't get it, why do all these woke artists intentionally make their black headcanons so ugly? They're trying to be inclusive but it just feels a bit racist and wrong.

No. 79521

That's why a lot of art like this isnt made for black people at all… Its like some online SJW law when all the attractive black chick art is trans or a black version of a nonblack character. If it's a normal black chick, the "artists" make us look like Shar Peis, rotund AF or disabled or something weird.

No. 79524


sjw artists are horrible about falling into racist stereotypes when it comes to drawing pee oh sees. at its worst it looks like a propaganda poster from ww2 or jim crow art. it's horseshoe theory at its finest and yet they pat themselves on the back for being so brave and representing minorities. also the artists are usually sheltered upper middle class white kids

No. 79527

It's because making a black character is already them being generous and over the top, in their own eyes, so they decide to go the extra mile to also make them ugly, fat, trans, autistic, and hairy.
To them, dark skin is probably already low-key synonymous with all those things, and they want their woke status.

No. 79528

yeah! let's race racebend this asian character. that'll show all those white people

No. 79542

its like fucking kei recolors and traces all over again but woke and twans uwu

No. 79543

God this artist seems to be in every popular fandom and posts literally nothing but gay / trans / black / fat headcanons. Nothing at all. Just constantly spamming mediocre headcanon artwork for notes.

Ngl I don't even think she tries to make her art ugly on purpose, she just sucks at drawing.

No. 79553

Looks like it's actually not a racebend.
I do understand why she's pissed, now that she mentioned no one complaining about Calne Ca and other versions. My only real problem is the ugly art style, personally.

No. 79554


maybe no ones complaining about calne ca and other well known fanloids because they arent shitty attempts to milk woke points? the two arent even remotely comparable, this is just the woke version of shitty self insert kei recolors

No. 79556

But why complain about it? Who is actually harmed, and how does it negatively affect the character?
Self-insert stuff in general is pretty harmless. Fans do that shit. It's to be expected. Not liking it makes sense because it's usually pretty hideous, but getting angry doesn't, imo.

No. 79560

If we're continuing with the Calne Ca example, Calne Ca is different in that she's not strictly a Miku "recolor" and never was one originally. She was Deino's original creation and while her Miku-esque form is the way most people recognize her she's not necessarily "creepy robot Miku"

On the other hand, this is definitely just "wut if miku black" and the only credit I can possibly give is that the artist at least had the sense to make it a derivative. still sucks tho

No. 79561

people have the right to get angry at whatever they want, nobody is free of criticism, its the internet lmfao. a lot of people are just sick of seeing this ugly garbage and the ess jay double yews it brings into the fandom, as an oldfag its pretty annoying to have to deal with

No. 79562

Nobody's said they can't. I'm just saying it makes no sense to be angry
Who gives a shit if some Twitter rando drew a genderbend of a fictional character with orange skin and cystic acne and rainbow hair? Shit's ugly, scroll past. If it inspires rage in you, you might be taking Vocaloid too seriously lol

No. 79563

At the same time, people have made characters like Mikuo Hatsune obviously based on "wut if miku male", and straight up recolors like Miku Zatsune that were obviously just "miku but goth".
I agree it sucks, but it's all just derivative fanmade content in the end. It'll fizzle out of popularity like all the rest.

No. 79566

I never got the appeal of most derivatives tbh. The only time they're ever interesting is if the artist tries putting their own spin on their characterization or something. I think the big difference between the Zatsunes and Mikuos of the world vs black Miku is while the former was pretty much just dumb fun, the latter is almost definitely some pathetic attempt at an Inclusivity Win

No. 79674

File: 1579828588190.jpg (63.72 KB, 598x515, aki.JPG)

No. 79680


but what kind of messages? are there any screencaps out there?

No. 79683

File: 1579839789131.jpg (104.56 KB, 510x600, mikuo.jpg)

Speaking of Mikuo, what do you think would happen if all these woke pc artists discovered Mikuo or genderbends in general? Since a lot of them see Miku as a trans girl already.

No. 79684

I mean…most little wokies know what genderbends are already and ignore them because they're "problematic"

No. 79685


apparently it was caught by a random youtuber:


funny she's startled by this to the point of making
a thread, when a quick google search gave me this:


the post dates back to 2013, meaning it was, like she stated, years ago, meaning it's no hacker, it's just flat out her being her. difference being (my guess) is that she didn't think she would get caught years later, mostly cause almost no one uses Tumblr nowadays, but here we are.

No. 79687

this is the hurtful message she's pretending to be hacked over? calling unintentionally homoerotic sports pics gay?? no one would even care normally

No. 79691

i've seen lots of people complain about them saying they're "transphobic" but they never explain how or why.
people still draw them and shit, they just sperg out over the use of the word "genderbend"

No. 79692

I think the worst part of this is that they should of brought Miku on when she was widely known which was around 2012-2014…

It's just kind of strange they brought on now. Or why didn't they bring Luka on when the song Sad Machine came out?
Sage for blog post.

No. 79710

Ah I remember when this started to become a thing on tumblr. It's transphobic to draw genderbends because they could be trans, but aren't, and drawing sex differences could theoretically make the absolute most sensitive people feel bad. Depending on how galaxy brain the person is feeling, the correct way to draw Mikuo is either to draw him as a trans man, or just draw Miku and say she uses he/him pronouns.

This is basically not a real issue but it's useful for attention whores. Hey, you know that thing that you like? Well it's problematic now and you need to like MY thing instead

No. 79731

porter robinson used avanna in sad machine tho

No. 79741

They call genderbends problematic because it only acknowledges male/female as a gender and not the other 150 gender identities tumblr made up.

No. 79841

File: 1579986302346.jpeg (241.33 KB, 750x1190, FF92FCFD-508C-4D5B-A82E-194D6A…)

>being so full of yourself that you cosplay the character you designed

No. 79948

is kenji still working on that school shooter song?

No. 79977

File: 1580075542841.jpg (20.43 KB, 274x208, latetweet.JPG)

I thought she deleted it already

No. 79996

God, I hope so. I'm looking so forward to seeing the end product.

No. 80105

File: 1580166313531.jpg (178.57 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20200127-200421_Twi…)

Not someone with it/xe pronouns saying this shit.

No. 80109

Everything about this screams underage

No. 80115

>real music
>mitchie m
This is sarcasm, right?

No. 80128

File: 1580175611681.png (83.81 KB, 597x741, soooo.png)

Anyone else seen this? Some Japanese Twitter users were trying to drag western Vocaloid Twitter into their callout for SOOOO. One side says SOOOO is secretly an asshole who sexually harassed a teenager into leaving the fandom, the other says he's being doxed and stalked by people holding a grudge.

Idk what's actually going on, but it's kind of funny that this is leaking here solely because the western fandom has a hardon for creepypasta.

No. 80144

mitchie m is like the dev demo of miku append.

No. 80160

File: 1580207728301.jpg (149.34 KB, 871x1280, 20-01-28-04-31-49-709_deco.jpg)

ghost has a paid discord server, imagine paying to talk to her

I want to get in just to see if theres any milk, but I refuse to give them money

No. 80161

samefag: i have never seen thank you credits in any of her videos

No. 80186

File: 1580231233337.png (1.69 MB, 1334x750, 14A2F063-3BB0-4620-9315-456F6B…)

They included the little “thank you!” thing at the end of Entomologists’s PV. It’s absolutely insane how many people are actually paying this broad every month; they’ve got 184 patrons. Nobody in their right mind would actually pay to hang out and talk with GHOST, you already know, it’s all just edgy teens and 20-somethings who act like edgy teens.

No. 80190

I'm so damn triggered. Why are there still dumbasses spreading this? I hope >>75984 fucking rotts.

No. 80193

tbh same

No. 80198

>going to the western side to help with callouts

why this is so funny

No. 80199

speaking of mitchie M i'm pretty sure his most recent upload is about being a capitalist shill
so yeah, real music. so inspiring.

No. 80204

Fucking yikes. This has got to be some of the most obvious chinese capitalist propaganda I've seen. Some of these lyrics are actually so disgusting and insidious like "oh u got a crush on someone?? nah nah don't talk to them or anything, our AI suggests u should buy this expensive gift from us and then our drones will deliver it to them so u don't even have to leave ur house!"

Maybe it's just me but the whole concept of like face recognition "smile and pay" is fucking creepy anyway, let alone when you try to shill it with kawaii desu anime shit.

No. 80210

Damn, the PV is pretty cool, but the instrumentals and lyrics feel completely soulless.

No. 80211

This confused me so much, at the first listen I thought it was satire or cynical but mitchim's music is usually very lighthearted. But if it's for some chinese ad that sure makes sense.

No. 80213

what, the whole "buy buy buy" shit didn't tip you off?

normally i'm pretty cool with mitchie-m. his stuff is pretty much that stereotypical bubblegum pop people generalize vocaloid to be, but he seems to actually put some effort into experimenting with new instruments and shit (not to mention the sheer technical skill of the tuning is pretty up there).
but this? i feel like it's pretty obvious he got a shitton of chinese money to make this song… this ain't it chief

No. 80218

>at the first listen I thought it was satire or cynical
I mean… are we going to forget that he remixed an anticapitalist punk song years ago? Pretty sure this isn't unironic.

No. 80239

Pretty sure he got commissioned, as many VocaPs usually do get commissioned, to make songs, for commercials, and products. Don't see why this is such a big deal.

No. 80257

at least twitterfags cant claim miku is canonly some man-hating communist anymore(since this song is official right)

No. 80258

File: 1580274325854.png (91.33 KB, 1069x930, 1569851961654.png)

No. 80280

could be worse

No. 80370

i wonder if fukase would be half as popular if his design wasn’t shota bait

No. 80372

In Japan, maybe, seeing as his voice provider is a member of a pretty successful band over there. But in the West, probably not.

No. 80523

To be fair, it's still leagues above pretty much anything the western fandom has ever produced.

No. 80623

Well, GHOST's got a new instrumental out. It's super boring, generic, and sounds like all of their other instrumentals–messy as Hell. Also, the title (Insecta Apostate) makes no sense. "Insecta" literally just means "insect", and "Apostate" is just a fancy word for someone who isn't religious. So, "Atheist Bug", pretty much.

No. 80642

This has no structure?? At all?? Even if you don’t know music theory it should be apparent that this is basically the musical equivalent of a keyboard smash.

No. 80645

everything she makes sounds like evil clown music

No. 80654

>hitting randomize in FL and calling it a song

No. 80656


that was uuuhhh….something alright. Not gonna lie lyrics were kinda odd. Good tuning of miku's voice I will give mitchie that but that is almost his bread and butter at this point. (I do always wonder how much phoneme swapping, pitchbends, and 3rd party effects he puts on his vocals to make them sounds like they do?)

No. 80692

What is this, 2009?

No. 80696

anon, it's the append version. he doesn't do all that much.

No. 80707

What the hell is this? did she really learn music theory/was in a band? that has to be bullshit.

No. 80727


>paying for the chance to talk to someone who publicly posts this garbage like it's something to be proud of

imagine unironically being a ghost fan

No. 80825

I think she was in band, not in A band.

She probably played 3rd trumpet or something and just played what was put in front of her.

No. 80850

Bro if you think any voice bank, even an append, comes out of the box sounding like that then I unfortunately must diagnose you with stupid disease

No. 80866


On the topic of VOCAMERICA someone asked Aki a while back if they could get access back to the VOCAMERICA models and she said she wasn't distributing them anymore? https://twitter.com/codyboyo/status/1205403701361422336
100% its fallen off the rails and she doesn't want to make a public statement about it.

"it's more that we've decided not to distribute them to keep people from using them/distributing them on certain programs without permission" aka "I didn't like people putting them up on VRChat". It happens, get over it, lmfao.

Also I really hate Vocamerica now I wish I never funded the fucker. The UTAU shoehorning pisses me off (Namida is such a shit voicebank) and she still has yet to finish any of those stretch goals – most of which I feel that the money others spent onto the project got splashed elsewhere (she literally funded like 3 expensive kickstarters after her kickstarter finished).

No. 80973

surprised she made the models available for distribution in the first place. people dont follow rules and butcher models sometimes so i wondered why she thought it would be a good idea to let people use them if they just end up in places where she doesnt want them to be or used in ways she doesnt like

probably to promote the fuck out of vocamerica since adan and akuo are their model brands. where theres those two theres vocamerica. her mistake for thinking people werent going to do this kind of thing to the models lol

youre right. vocaloid is a waste of money, time, and is just shoehorning of not just their utaus but their own vocaloids. its a disgusting mess of "look wut i made hurr" and not paying people properly. the fact that people fall for it and help anyways for less is fucking stupid

No. 80974

samefag. vocamerica is a waste

No. 81022

File: 1580730670706.png (686.05 KB, 590x690, hhhhh.PNG)

No. 81023

>The program doez it guys omg
Jesus Christ I Anon I have no words even the most obnoxious weeb posted itt knows the bare minimum about how VOCALOID works what the fuck are you even doing in here

I bet some vocalistener at least is involved even if he just uses it as a reference given how much of a clusterfuck that plugin turned out.

No. 81038

He uses a pretty wide variety of programs in addition to Vocaloid, he's posted his process for some of his songs on his blog.
I read somewhere that he also tunes everything at like half-speed and then speeds it up to the proper tempo when he's done. Dunno how true that is though.

No. 81069

you can't even pay me to take those, christ those are fucking ugly

No. 81085

random but does anyone think rachie and juby are absolutely ass at singing and push out consistantly garbage english dubs that do no justice to the originals? i seriously dont get who would rather listen to these half-assed english covers than a good jp cover

No. 81133


I would of never guessed he tunes at half the tempo then speeds it up. Would it be so that they can listen to any weird glitches in the voice?


eh, I don't mind them to much, but i don't follow them that much anymore. I will give them this, I have attempted to adapt lyrics into English and it is harder than it sounds so I can at least respect them for trying. However I do agree that juby isn't all that great at singing pop. I think she is better at broadway like songs. (I think she mentioned she was trained in jazz at one point.) Though I do think Oktavia does a good job of adapting and singing. Her Sing = Like a Magic is pretty close to what the lyrics of the original are and she can hit the low notes pretty well.

No. 81162

Akis artwork is as pathetic as her music which is as pathetic as her vocaloid/utau. Literally no one wants it but she keeps pushing it on people. Bet you shes passing them out at a con cuz shes not supposed to be selling Moomin shit.

Is she still selling those on her patreon or shop?

No. 81220

That's a very smart thing to do actually, it makes sense he would do that. When you're editing stuff on its original tempo you can hear the mistakes but can't tell where they are exactly and it can drive you crazy for hours.

Pretty much yep.

No. 81253

File: 1580846206629.jpg (71.92 KB, 603x566, neru aki.JPG)

No. 81268

there. thats where the 22k went. not on vocamerica. not on stuff people would actually give a shit about. its all going towrd shitty cosplays and ugly merch to show at conventions

people need to stop giving her money

No. 81282

its like shes rubbing our faces in it at this point. thank you mama aki, very cool!

No. 81328

i honestly don't know what i'd do if someone who looked like this called themselves "mama aki" to my face. i'd probably call the police.