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File: 1532219710874.png (926.53 KB, 944x565, 1529572723798.png)

No. 3990

Old Thread - >>>/snow/402703

Lana Rain:
>Popular camgirl & cosplayer
>Once dated/groomed a 16 year old girl from Italy
>Can't take criticism & sends her fanboys after other cam models
>Once had a video where she masturbated near public parks where children were clearly visible

Social Media:

>Lana's manager/pimp/fuckbuddy
>Sociopath and narcissist
>Groomed the same girl Lana was grooming
>Claims to be a tranny now
>Gets everyone in his and Lana's circle addicted to shrooms and MDMA
>Claims to have an extremely high IQ yet dropped out of high school
>Attacks anyone on Twitter who criticizes Lana or anyone in their circle
>Distrusts psychology/psychiatry and believes he can save the world with shrooms

Social Media:

No. 3991

Don't usually follow Lana's threads, but that image is a work of art. A+ to whoever made it.

No. 3992

just cruisin' on through from pt, never followed this thread and i am sure this has been said before but boy does she look like footface

No. 3993

i've been waiting for this(sage posts like this)

No. 3994

Terence hiding in the background is amazing.

No. 3995

Does anyone else find it ironic that Terance claims psychology/psychiatry and mental illness are bullshit yet he claims to be a tranny now?

No. 3996

File: 1532702996344.png (11.54 KB, 582x88, apologize!.png)

You guys prepared your apologies yet?

No. 3997


Apologies for what?

No. 3998

File: 1532728004700.png (835.63 KB, 1440x1482, Screenshot_20180727-174033.png)

Lana Rain, who claims to want to make a positive change in our society, still refuses to admit to her current relationship status just to fool her paying orbiters, and plans on making G/G videos with Nova because lesbian sex sells. Would be funny if she asked her bf if having sex with another dude would've been ok, but hell yes love me some double standards!

No. 3999

File: 1532728935697.png (477.46 KB, 1440x1406, Screenshot_20180727-174725.png)

Darling in the Franxx is well written according to her when it's cliché story with predictable characters, developments, overused post-apocalyptic world setting, annoyingly slow pacing,a rip off of countless of other mecha animes. It also keeps bouncing between genres. Is it a mystery, sitcom, slice of life, action? This show does a horrendous job at presenting its themes and topics, some characters in the show just preach about sex, love and family without any context or purpose.
The fact Lana finds this hot mess to be well written is not surprising to me though. One of her favorite animes used to be Lain, and she preaches Evangelion for being a masterpiece without ever elaborating what makes it so good (because she doesn't understand it herself)

No. 4000

File: 1532729130991.jpg (851.89 KB, 4096x2730, IMG_20180727_180317.jpg)

Anyone noticed how her latest Sonico photoset has two logos? Does she have a new photographer or editor or is it just Eight breaching into another failed career path, using Lana for promotion means?

No. 4001

Making fun of his hair

No. 4002

File: 1532729640968.jpg (136.04 KB, 725x1024, IMG_20180727_181259.jpg)

She even bought the phone Eight and Lana always rave about lol (at least it's a good one).

No. 4003

I think this Chibella Chan girl is Lana's new female room mate. You can see Lana's apt in every background of her latest pictures. I wonder if Shane still lives over there, he's been around Nova for quite a while, maybe he moved his ass out of that hellscape.

Check out Chibella Chan (@Chibella_Chan): https://twitter.com/Chibella_Chan?s=09

No. 4004

The phone was bought to her by her mod. I wonder what’s the story behind it, because unpacking on cam seemed a bit off.

No. 4005

I have not seen the stream, but it's an odd coincidence that all of a sudden she's picking up Lana's habits and personal preferences. Now Nova always wears those shitty cat ears like Lana used to.

No. 4006

File: 1532744543890.png (143.89 KB, 1440x587, Screenshot_20180727-222127.png)

The narcissism though.

No. 4007


Neon Genesis Evangelion is the Rick and Morty of anime. Pseudo-intellectuals love it and see philosophical shit that just isn't there.

No. 4008

Seems like she regrets her boob job she hasn't taken her top off in a long time https://youtu.be/NtB_jvznaNM

No. 4009

Lana 2.0.

Now that Lana has actual botched square tits, and is looking older and rough, eight had to find a suitable replacement to groom.

No. 4010

Lana never was a beauty to begin with. It's hilarious to me though, how while Nova is being groomed into becoming Lana 2.0, Lana is trying so hard to resemble Nova so she can have Eight baby and lust after her again.

No. 4011

File: 1532780883736.jpg (894.83 KB, 1598x998, poopoppo.jpg)

This is so random but I found this girl on Pinterest by chance and I think Lana copied the look pretty much, not sure if milk but she always boasts about others copying her style like she's the most original thing under the sun

No. 4012

That's Leda Muir, she gets copied quite regularly

No. 4013


oh that's rich

No. 4014

Ask Eightloaded, since grooming mentally ill girls/guys is his thing. He'd probably do a better job if he lost the autistic hair and covered himself in tattoos to go prowl NA meetings, though.

No. 4015

File: 1532894776016.jpg (51.73 KB, 589x960, IMG_20180729_160054.jpg)

It was either Eight or this chick who helped Lana film her Makoto video judging from her lean legs. She sells nudes online so I would not exclude the possibility she's cohabiting with Lana to attract attention to her content. It is quite ironic how in that circle everyone is exploiting each other so blatantly while claiming their friendship to be the most legitimate around.

No. 4016

File: 1532994049450.png (178.57 KB, 1440x727, Screenshot_20180730-193821.png)

Twitter update

No. 4017

How could a high school dropout actually think he's this smart.

No. 4018

No. 4019

Is he trying to say that he's too busy to not be perfect? Haha what

No. 4020

He's the same guy that thinks it's okay to have bad manners and mistreat others because of his origins of a third world country, all while he was raised and lived in Brooklyn.

That's what he's trying to convince himself of. He's pre-suading himself with the suggestion that he is powerful so that the chances he'll eventually shape into his ideal self are much more likely.

No. 4021

File: 1533066469154.jpg (480.76 KB, 4096x2730, IMG_20180731_154428.jpg)

Viewpoint, saturation and brightness is /coincidentally/ identical to Lana's photography. This supports the theory that this girl has become integral part of the circle of shroomheads and is relying on them for her career like Lana, Shane and Nova have. Is this how Eight lurks them in? Offering his "micromanagement" for help when they feel like they hit their all time lows with their occupations?

No. 4022

At first I was like "oh hey, new girl is pretty cute" and was surprised.

And then >>4021 happened. The whole squad looks like sickly junkies.

No. 4023

No. 4024

File: 1533099440856.jpg (459.32 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20180801_005026.jpg)

How many people have gotten trashed in her bedroom ever since she moved in a few months ago?

No. 4025

File: 1533099551399.jpg (182.03 KB, 850x558, image_mh1533099382446.jpg)

No. 4026

File: 1533152180177.png (840.8 KB, 1440x1267, Screenshot_20180801-153505.png)

No. 4027

File: 1533152258327.png (129.58 KB, 1436x522, Screenshot_20180801-153519.png)

No. 4028

File: 1533152307952.png (181.01 KB, 1440x721, Screenshot_20180801-153524.png)

Important Twitter update. LOL

No. 4029

File: 1533177625628.jpg (918.51 KB, 4096x2730, IMG_20180801_223928.jpg)

Now it's just Eight's logo

No. 4030

Did whipmebabe move in with the cult?

No. 4031


That photo is so dark holy shit. It looks awful.

No. 4032

What a stupid useless logo, doesn’t say a name or anything and it’s not like they are that popular to already know who is it when you see it, it’s just cluttering the photo. Also it’s cringy how she tries to look both sexy and badass in her photos yet doesn’t manage to do either right, her face is perpetually stuck in the same expression as ever no matter the character , very weak

No. 4033

File: 1533251942741.png (114.07 KB, 1440x358, Screenshot_20180802-191756.png)

Twitter update

No. 4034

File: 1533267580264.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 405E6F81-DAF3-4C90-BFB5-50D77D…)

No. 4035

File: 1533338718003.png (972.79 KB, 1440x1026, Screenshot_20180803-192452.png)

Oh God

No. 4036

File: 1533338827312.jpg (152.05 KB, 1080x1617, IMG_20180803_192635.jpg)

No. 4037

File: 1533356029036.jpg (528.07 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180804_001330.jpg)

This is… so bad.

No. 4038

Oh god, I thought maybe cosplaying male characters will look better on her but this is just… horrible, her face just doesn’t cooperate with any type of animu style pretty characters , not male nor female, it’s just too…long and weird

No. 4039

Straight up ignored contouring the potato face and just slammed her whole mug n a basin of baby powder before slinging in some contacts. Oof.

No. 4040

Watch her transition to a man, while eight does the opposite.

No. 4041


About the only character she can pull off is 2B, and that's if she's wearing the eye mask. 2B rarely emotes, so that's perfect for her. A lot of the moe characters she can't pull off because she's fucking autistic and doesn't grasp basic facial emoting. 8 hasn't cured shit.

No. 4042

that's 9S the boy one…

No. 4043

Learn to read

No. 4044

File: 1533521003462.png (207.89 KB, 1440x1069, Screenshot_20180805-220003.png)

As if the last two minutes are so crucial for the contest. If this has happened before, her tippers would've known better to tip a few minutes prior to the "cache glitch". Seems like a sorry made-up excuse for her low ranks, she's losing every contest for a reason and the caches certainly aren't playing a role in that.

No. 4045

File: 1533521293378.png (116.36 KB, 1440x351, Screenshot_20180805-220413.png)

Prior to that tweet she falsely congratulated the winners. If she were genuinely proud or happy for them, she wouldn't have tweeted seconds later how butthurt she is over losing the contest. MV can't even do crap about it, so a tweet won't do anything except letting people know the only reason she sucks ass at her job is the website, which is not even true.

No. 4046

File: 1533524590416.gif (220.03 KB, 1192x843, bmg04-fake-mustache-the-diplom…)

Her eyebrows look like fake moustaches

No. 4047

their apartment is like a drug den with people coming and going every few weeks,next is Nova and goldgoddess Sammy in the next few weeks,then her mods after

No. 4048

File: 1533571066069.jpg (Spoiler Image,790.03 KB, 3654x3648, IMG_20180806_115735.jpg)

No. 4049

I wonder what happened to Sammy, do you think she cancelled her trip to NJ? She should've flown there weeks ago but kept camming from her room and never gave any hints of being out-of-town visiting friends. She's normally pretty open about being at Lana's too. I also noticed how she doesn't really tweet at anyone from the cult anymore, maybe she's distancing herself publicly so people won't drag her in their gossips on the druggy anime den. Even Chibella Chan avoided giving hints of being at Lana's as much as she could, yet failed horribly lol

No. 4050

File: 1533596981296.png (21.47 KB, 566x204, 2018-08-06_19-00-41.png)

I think it's safe to assume she somehow knows about this thread.

No. 4051

Look at how nasty their floor is, are you really going to sell a photoset where you couldn’t even be bothered to sweep? Gag

No. 4052

File: 1533659975706.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.4 KB, 1903x961, IMG_20180807_123800.jpg)

I'm pretty sure everyone from Lana's cult knows by now.


Update on Lana's 9S video. Judging from the preview it looks extremely boring. I understand having a dildo in your ass for ten minutes is exhausting, but $30? The dialogue doesn't seem very innovative (nor is sexy), it's the same o "this is disgusting, what is happening, I can't stop" jazz. I won't say I could do better, because I couldn't, but at least I'd price it honestly (a.k.a. 10$, and that's too much still).
And who cut that wig?

No. 4053

My thoughts exactly. Can't even make the effort to, I don't know, blow that bunch of dust out of the frame?

No. 4054


Eight was already cow tipped by some newfag in the previous thread.



No. 4055

It's funnier this way. I don't know about you all but I want them to see the threads. I don't encourage cowtipping but maybe the cult can get a reality check out of them.

No. 4056

File: 1533680681068.png (207.69 KB, 1440x749, Screenshot_20180807-182340.png)

Welp, this sequence of tweets explains a lot.

No. 4057

its the same boring shit over and over again.
dont get it how ppl can still buy shit like this

No. 4058

her and Nova was supposed to move to NJ together,but who knows now ,but Lana said they will be with her around the end the month and may do a gg shows or videos with them

No. 4059

well she only do her videos when 8 is around (hint the long time spent without uploading any videos even after she film them) so it most of his lazy writing and ideas that make cut

No. 4060

>zero time for imperfection
>"Gud nacht."

He couldn't even use Google Translate? Haha, verpiss dich, Terence.

No. 4061

File: 1533750318117.png (1.81 MB, 1440x1994, Screenshot_20180808-133626.png)

>"ZERO time for imperfections"
>gets blackout drunk

No. 4062

File: 1533754812428.jpg (12.09 KB, 500x281, IMG_20180102_150810.jpg)

She looks like shiiiit. Leave good boy 9S alone.

No. 4063

Hope he knows drinking heavily while tripping is a great way to give yourself violent psychosis. Not that he deserves to be outside of a prison cell, though.

Lana and Chibella may look like shit and both are dumber than bricks, but Terence is arguably the worst out of the whole lot.

No. 4064

Personally I think Chibella is quite pretty, her personality doesn't seem nearly as obnoxious as Terence's and Lana's. These two on the other hand…

No. 4065

File: 1533758026865.png (315.3 KB, 1437x1710, Screenshot_20180808-133617.png)

No. 4066

Has anyone ever seen someone obsessing over Eight outside of people who enjoy making fun of his hair? No one takes him seriously for a reason besides his autistic, impressionable friends. First he tweets about wanting to save the world, the next minute he tweets about wanting to destroy it. He tweets that he loves his friends, then he tweets not to feel understood by them and that he's getting tired of it. Who is stemming with insecurities, mr. Sanchez?

No. 4067

File: 1533758745111.png (413.56 KB, 1436x1078, Screenshot_20180808-133635.png)

No. 4068

>someone with the will to burn millions for a smile

I thought he was going for a different narrative, burning one's smile to light many other's. Has he upgraded to another narrative yet again? I can't keep up with his logic anymore.

No. 4069

File: 1533781024403.jpg (390.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180808_195227.jpg)

If you do any type of work for a criminal organization you would NOT have such nails on you.

No. 4070

File: 1533781591236.png (95.61 KB, 1440x351, Screenshot_20180808-195214.png)

I agree, how did you not die ten years ago is a mystery to everyone.

No. 4071

File: 1533781886733.png (306.53 KB, 582x574, 473875833.png)

nyehehe uwu ima child x33

No. 4072

this is just semantic shit

No. 4073

File: 1533853439372.jpg (835.57 KB, 1526x1736, white-heads.jpg)

Both manly face and moustache made me think it's Eight cosplaying. But then I saw her recent cams with white heads on her potato face and then things fell into place again.

It's a mystery to me why nobody of her mods or regulars ever comments on the shitty microphone settings. One of the cam girls from their cult recently said something about that they cammed with Lana, but "Guyz, why didn't you tell us the mic was not working properly?! WHAAAT?!" So they now kind of know about this issue, but Lana is anyway too lazy or dumb to fix it.

Such a sad little aspie… Can't wait to see how she looks like in 1-3 years.

No. 4074

In something like 99% of the cases, NO ONE deeply rooted enough in criminal organizations posts their business online. What is posted online is virtually never actually deleted completely. What you share online may be used as evidence when courts are looking into crimes in general, or if what you say can be used to pin a crime on you. From the other side, most criminals don't want their dirty laundry aired where others can see it to make connections, so details may get you in trouble from them. If you can thread the needle to not get caught up by the various law enforcement agency's and waving others dirty laundry…do you really want the law taking a hard look at you if there’s a chance your going to commit a crime such as involving yourself with human and drug trafficking?

No. 4075

I'll agree that I don't think Terrance is involved in any real criminal group. He's just some lowly drug peddler that uses his weeb camsluts to distribute his drugs for him.

Another anon said that his money is from an inheritance, which he has been steadily burning through (as seen in the video he himself had posted to YouTube). With Lana's popularity waning, he's looking to recruit fresh meat like Nova to try to keep the money coming in. In all reality of things, he's a nobody really.

No. 4076

I used to think Eight had some sort of introspective illusion of his self, feeling like he's uncovered his true intentions when in reality he's making educated guesses about his intentions (many of which, God forbid, can be unconscious). But right now we're dealing with the quintessence of superiority complex. He genuinely believes his thoughts are facts fallacy, because he thinks something therefore it is true and doesn't even check his assumptions with others and acts on limited or skewed data. Since he is such a leader he wouldn't hurt his pride by asking for feedback, but even if he ever did seek any, the results could've been nothing short of detrimental for him, since all of his friends are aspies who can't make candidly actionable choices for themselves.

No. 4077

File: 1533914497128.jpg (53 KB, 527x527, IMG_20180810_111753.jpg)

Dang, can't even blend a blush properly after years of cosplaying for profession. And what in the world is that under-eye white liner? It's so thick and chalky. Even the way she applies her tinfoil fake freckles is bad.

No. 4078

like a teen leaning to use make-up

No. 4079

He is a nobody. He claimed to be popular in the DotA community back in the day but nobody really knew who the fuck he was. http://www.d3scene.com/forum/warcraft-3-forum/42289-bloodcalibur-those-who-remember-i-need-favor.html

This man never accomplished shit in his life besides hitting jackpot with Lana. Why do you think he gets so passive-aggressive everytime someone laughs at him? People who have truly accomplished something in life don't feel the need to mention it every week on their Twitter accounts, let alone to let their concubine's orbiters know about it.

No. 4080

Anyone noticed how Eight uses vocabulary straight out of a Doctor Strange comic?

No. 4081

File: 1534128993332.png (138.28 KB, 1440x504, Screenshot_20180812-224713.png)

No. 4082

File: 1534141644585.png (8.22 MB, 1992x2490, Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 06.3…)

It's hilarious that she just compliments herself over everything. These crusty nose and caterpillar eyebrows make me nauseous. Nope Lana, you're not getting better at anything. Still disgusting.

No. 4083

Lmao , remember she said she bought a high quality wig? This looks the same as the cheap ones and that styling leaves to be desired. And ok the lashes are alright but wtf is that red chalk under her eyes, looks like a little kid applied it while playing with her mother’s makeup, can’t see much improvement here

No. 4084

She somehow manages to make expensive wigs look cheaper than the ones you can buy at Target during halloween

No. 4085

I remember once on cam, she mentioned that a few times her cats went into her closet and pissed on her wigs.

No. 4086

Literally every cosplayer cuts their lashes for the same reason, why should that be praiseworthy?

No. 4087

File: 1534142725427.png (140.09 KB, 1440x517, Screenshot_20180812-230035.png)

No. 4088

File: 1534142845370.png (159.61 KB, 1440x756, Screenshot_20180812-230904.png)

O o f

No. 4089

She didn't even bother using a different type for the bottom lashes. She's an aspie, every second spent on criticizing or mentoring her is wasted time. She'll forever be a child who thinks that sex and drugs make her a grown woman.

No. 4090

This cracks me up tbh, they're so unbothered by haters that they keep track on the boards. Worry do not, a few years of upgrades later you'll be able to sleep at night without worrying about online gossipping.

No. 4091

To anyone who intended to purchase or look up Lana's Makoto Nijima video at some point in time, you'll be glad you never did. She advertised it as a visual novel sim with several unique endings. That's bull. Each progress she makes (fingering, fellatio, sex) is the "unique ending". It's normal porn, and the editing isn't any different from her Ann video. All the juicy endings people were looking forward to from the previews last a minute max, most of the video is fapping with boring dialogue. The video is so long because she extended the black screens, the "The End" titles (which come after each scene of the video, I'll remind you) and the choice menus. $50 for this shit is outrageous. It's the first video to date that she's marketed misleadingly, a scam not worth watching even if for free.

No. 4092

it 50 minutes long,3 mins of full black screens,30 mins of a shitty bj,12 mins of strap on play (2 of those is anal) and the last 5 is getting hand fuck by a dildo , that is all a guess because i skip some of it when the dialogue got too cringy or when she try to a speak few times her voice was so flat and low you will mute or skip pass those parts , not counting the sound quality of it with her cats,random people,or just hearing random stuff falling in the background of almost every scen, you may hear her fake moan louder to cover over it,if you take your eyes off of her when the camera is on the floor you will see holes and grey spots on the white sheet or her tree and boxes making the sheet point less.

No. 4093

She moans like some kind of dying animal

No. 4094

File: 1534181507134.png (158.27 KB, 1440x769, Screenshot_20180812-230203.png)

No. 4095

File: 1534186211990.png (142.05 KB, 1440x566, Screenshot_20180812-231216.png)

No. 4096

i agree with that but nails? come on.

No. 4097

Have you ever had long fake nails on you? It's pretty hard to do anything with those, including basic stuff such as texting, cooking, cleaning… Not a smart idea to have something so inconvenient on you if you're working in a dangerous environment.

No. 4098

File: 1534213454548.png (280.75 KB, 1423x781, Screenshot_20180813-221703.png)

Damn this nigga has been tipping the fuck out of her, it wasn't just that one time with 102700 tokens :V

No. 4099

File: 1534213523941.png (1.2 MB, 1425x1518, Screenshot_20180813-221423.png)

No. 4100

tokens she made and tipped to him to tip back to herself lets remind ourselves

No. 4101

File: 1534214009150.png (143.67 KB, 1440x814, Screenshot_20180813-221656.png)

No. 4102

Pretty sure he was one of her first tippers, no way this aspie made any cash camming without him boasting her scores to get people to notice her.

No. 4103

File: 1534214499352.png (226.07 KB, 1440x1205, Screenshot_20180813-223001.png)

I wonder why no one is talking about this thread

No. 4104

File: 1534214642125.png (428.76 KB, 1440x1901, Screenshot_20180813-223006.png)

Where has he seen kids get their legs hacked off? What has he done to help them since everyone else is too sissy to? What a moron kek

No. 4105

File: 1534214734204.png (481.93 KB, 1440x2110, Screenshot_20180813-223011.png)

No. 4106

File: 1534214831025.png (Spoiler Image,309.46 KB, 1440x1249, Screenshot_20180813-223017.png)

Spoiled due to high level of self masturbation

No. 4107

File: 1534214994793.png (428.52 KB, 1440x1814, Screenshot_20180813-223032.png)

He just contradicted his own point with >I have my own personal hells to experience first hand
People are in war and getting their legs hacked off, what could you possibly be witnessing first hand that is so horrible, the downfall of your aspie friends on shrooms?

No. 4108

File: 1534215364322.png (270.17 KB, 1440x911, Screenshot_20180813-223121.png)

He's encouraging depressed people to keep their mouths shut because others have it worse- is he an actual retard? And people who literally "broadcast it 20x times a week" aren't depressed but attention seekers, just as much as he is when he boasts about being a god. ¯\_(ツ) _/¯

No. 4109

File: 1534215463925.png (135.76 KB, 1440x705, Screenshot_20180813-223242.png)

No. 4110

File: 1534231272274.png (250.88 KB, 1440x967, Screenshot_20180814-032035.png)

I think this is what Terence meant by being popular in DotA. He spammed this Steam group throughout various forums and managed to build a small community.

No. 4111

File: 1534242249257.png (72.59 KB, 960x459, 2ce.png)

No. 4112

eightloaded fake tipped her from the start and had talked to her when she was underage on animuu forums. They conspired on cams since day 1 please read full thread newfag

No. 4113

Eight also used to have about 400k that he quite possibly inherited from his family. Sorry, but I hardly believe he fake tipped, Lana had no money to lend him for the tips, and she was a boring, unsightly mess back in those days. How could she possibly give Eight 100k tokens with no source of income?

She used Eight's $, and Eight is using her back as his new source of income since his bank account is getting all dried up from his reckless spending, it's a neverending cycle

No. 4114

He did it in hopes of fucking her some day, which he eventually did

No. 4115

Point is it has all been fake from the start as in her being his personal investition. I still don’t cosider the tips genuine when your pimp does it expecting things in return as pimps do. It creates unfair competition. She also always pretentded they are not in an intimate relationship to bait users into thinking they have a chance with her. I remember an old tweet of his where he made fun of girls for bringing paid traffic to their chatrooms and saying he also did it before. Thing is it’s all super shady and fake af

No. 4116

He brainwashed her on MAL before she became a camgirl and once she started livestreaming he used his inheritance to tip her and raise her scores. He invested in her to kickstart her career. He had to constantly start fights in Lana's room to make it more lively too, because she's too aspie to entertain

No. 4117

File: 1534275304829.png (147.77 KB, 1440x696, Screenshot_20180813-223258.png)

No. 4118

File: 1534275714865.png (146.18 KB, 1440x800, Screenshot_20180813-223304.png)


No. 4119

File: 1534276331483.png (185.26 KB, 1440x1059, Screenshot_20180813-223310.png)

No. 4120

he must have found about TOR for the first time

No. 4121


red rooms are a myth, is he really this retarded or just hoping his followers are?

No. 4122

Red rooms are definitely a myth. There might be a few live-streams of that nature out there, but such services would only be offered to very knit-tight monitored connections. I don't believe such things are streamed online, even with anonymity networks it would be nearly impossible to live-stream without getting caught or having a really bad video quality. If he ever tried entering a red room, he got scammed and dealt with yet another failure of his life by coping in a cognitively dissonant state of mind. People like him who clearly don't know what they're even talking about are simply making an attempt to show disgust and remorse at the existence of something that never even qualified as a red room in the first place. It's pretty revolting how he wants to believe in a creepypasta so badly.

No. 4123

That seems like a bunch of crap for her to have spend so long it.

No. 4124

Normally I didn't enter here but who the fuck is that guy? Cringe.

No. 4125

Lana's personal photographer, manager and "God".

No. 4126

File: 1534380019089.png (107.35 KB, 1440x374, Screenshot_20180815-203028.png)

Woah this nigga is insane.

No. 4127

File: 1534380375369.png (223.9 KB, 1440x1215, Screenshot_20180815-203918.png)

No. 4128

TLDR: is the guy who got Lanarain where she is today and her ideas behind the scenes.

He a guy who prey on a young Lana online and the reason she got on cam a few days after she turned 18,was her highest tipper when she started (her making around 500$ from it),she ran away from home and moved to america and live with him a bit before getting her own place, (she had sex with him,as she always feels indebted to him). become one of her high tipper again for bit after that, finds out an under age girl like Lana,get Lana to online date her,(she also help edit some Lana videos)he wanted to get her to move to america like Lana when she become 18, her and lana broke up and he started dating her after that,but she broke it off with him too and cut them off,he became Lana new editor after that.he also got cam model shanehall(now dreamer zero)to be her roommate for bit before getting both of them to move to a new apartment with him(now sharing a bed with her again).he also low level drug dealer that thinks he saving people with his drugs (mmda,shrooms,weed) and give some of it to the group and say it cured them(lana of her autism and Shane from one drug addiction to another).he now got his eyes set on another cam girl (Novastorm) and use lana to lure her into the ground too.also there are more people in the group beside them 3(a few more cam girls) too that supports him and keep his ego up

No. 4129

You forgot how he tried luring in many other camgirls after Lana such as Eevee to earn more money from brain washing them into lesbian sex on cam.
And Terence was always Lana's editor, the girl she dated only edited a few Y.T. videos while they were busy doing drugs. It's unknown whether she did more work for Lana or not.

No. 4130

That guy claims he's saving the world (literally) with shrooms. He says he's fighting human traffickers currently, and wants to eradicate red rooms. He makes girls think he's their God and tries to have sex with them.

No. 4131

File: 1534446068700.png (217.66 KB, 1440x1178, Screenshot_20180815-204502.png)

He never went to war, he's only good at sitting his ass in a camgirl's couch and playing marvel hero online. Jackass.

No. 4132

well most of those cam girls came to work with Lana, but she goes and tell them how much he help/save her (like a religious person) then and he jumps in and try to take over control them too (now he knows to hold back before making his move).
it also looks like he care less about money and sex , and more about the power of his cult/drug den, Lana and Nova never had lesbain on cam together, but him and Lana are the new editor of Nova videos (after she deleted all her old work). the group also cry about the lack of sex they having even Lana, (him going a week or two, think he world saving selling drugs) mean he the only one that get fuck them, (also mean they can only have sex with each when he around too) just like any cult leader.

No. 4133

Ok I knew Lana have a relationship with that minor but I didn't know anything about having sex with that gross guy. I didn't like Lana but now I see her like a prostitute for having sex for money (/the tips he gave her).

No. 4134

don't forget he got Lana to invite her mods and closes followers back to her place so he can give/force them drugs and have them support him and his ideas,it worked on most of them but a few

No. 4135

wait what
explain this

No. 4136

Her mods often come over at her place when it's convention time. They all took MDMA, we don't know about shrooms for sure.

No. 4137

It's part of his "cult" to force drugs on people. They're on mushrooms a lot of the time.

No. 4138

when she go to cons,she use as a meet and greet for her fans and mods,it terence idea to invite the most loyal ones back to her place,where he schoolyard peer pressure them to take the drugs with them

No. 4139

She has a boyfriend, probably that regular of hers that seems to be always over at her place, he always gets tagged in cult-related tweets. You must be a moron to believe her cries for sex are real, she's just wearing her horny camgirl mask to keep the cash coming in.
And she promised that if her Chloe video sold well she would make a G/G video with Nova, so the lesbian sex will eventually come.

No. 4140

Lana is border line in love with Terrance, she always whines on Twitter and cam when he's absent and acts on his commands for everything she does. Maybe the boyfriend thing is a cover-up or he's just a temporary replacement for Terrance when he isn't around. I don't think he's very absent though, she is doing better lately and all the pics he takes are in Lana's home. Maybe the bf is a farce.

No. 4141

it less about the money and more about how she feels he the only person that supported her.

terence prey on Lana way before she turned 18(giving her life advice in her early teens and him in his 20s and married) and the reason why that online relationship with that minor happened (it was to try lure her to him,and it worked for a bit).Lana was a chubby,depressed, autistic teen with a poor and shitty home life, with 2 bad relationships with boys before running away. (the first one used her to feel better about themselves before coming out trans years later, and second one was pump and dump type of relationship) when she started camming the money give keeps up her self esteem, but her religious mother find out she bisexual and camming, and wanted her to stop,so she ran away with no plans or places to go, terence prey on this and got her to ran to newyork (her dream city) to where he is, and you know the rest

it a bit sad if you think about it,if she had sex with him for money she leave when it dry up,but she away feel indebted to him like a good prey and he knows it, and use that to get anything he wants from her sex,money,or use her to lure people, that he later brainwash with drugs to call him their god.

No. 4142

Lana don't have a boyfriend, she have a one side relationship with terence that the group see as their god,it a cult of full junkie and weak mind people

No. 4143

And Lana can't see he's a bunch of shit? But of course she isn't that pure. (Or I don't see her in that way)

What happened with that ex underage she has? I need to say this: I don't feel like she's a pedo for that. Both was young and the age difference wasn't much.

No. 4144

the girl was 15, possible younger and had been going on longer than what was originally said - she had tippers buy the young girl gifts… that isn't wrong???

No. 4145

Lana is too dumb to know and care about how shitty he is ,she believes his lies about how he almost died 8 or more times(hint the name 8 and why it keeps changing).
the reason she gets so worry about him when he leave her in the first place,is he lie to her about going on dangerous mission saving the world (when he just selling drugs at the club),he may had cut back on that lie for now,as he having trans stage now

No. 4146

Lana was around 13 when terence got her, and she away bring up italian age consent when question her about her the girl relationship

No. 4147

Reading these foreigners go back and forth in English is making me feel like I’m having a stroke lol

No. 4148


Hi Terrance

No. 4149

What? The girl was turning seventeen, she was not fifteen. And there's no proof she got gifts from Lana's tippers, where did you get that information from? It's not on any thread, so unless you have proof do not make shit up newfag.

Tbh, same.

No. 4150

Don't whiteknight her, I'm sorry she's not your wet fantasy anymore but she is clearly in a relationship with either Terrance or someone else. It's not one-sided with Terrance, that's for sure.

No. 4151

I agree that the relationship was fucked up but Lana never let any of her tippers buy things for anyone, her ex included. She's a selfish bitch that always wants everyone's devotion and attention, I don't think the underage girl was that friendly with her regulars in the first place. Their relationship started in August of last year when the underage girl was sixteen, I think she turned seventeen in november or december. The asks are gone but she started sending Lana messages in August, and friended her in August on Facebook, so no it didn't go on for longer than we know, it has been proved otherwise already and if you are new to this cow I recommend you to go read the first thread.

No. 4152

first im not whiteknighting her at all, she a dumb woman that will burnout and crash hard eventually, second terence is narcissist that had opened relationships in the past,so it not out of the question the relationship is oneside base on how useful she is to his ego

No. 4153

He manipulated her into having sex with him, earning money for him and whiteknighting him against trolls. She's obsessed with him, but so is he with her, you can tell everytime someone interacts with her he scares them away because he's jealous, and he's always hanging out with her because he wants to get his dick sucked. It's not traditional love maybe, but they're clearly obsessed with each other and that obsession is far from one-sided

No. 4154

Lana is like a child, when she's uncapable to get attention from her caretaker she will do what kids do and act out by saying or doing something that creates some drama. She's always whining, praising baby-steps she makes in everything she does, acting like the world revolves around her, and creating this kind of drama as an adult is at best a sad commentary on an obviously broken communication dynamic, so Terrance hasn't cured shit, he just encouraged her behavior because he needs her to be passively aggressive when he gets bullied and made fun of online.

No. 4155

that the type things predators and domestic/emotional abusers do to control their victims,but it doesn't mean they don't love the person they are with,it just they care more about the control and the idea of relationship it self ,more then the other person well being.
that kind of what i mean by one sided , it a very unhealthy relationship with two people that love each other,but one care alot more

No. 4156

she feed his ego and he feed her self esteem, two peas in a pod

No. 4157

I agree with you, but I would define it imbalanced more than one sided. >>4153 Maybe manipulation isn't the right way to put it either, that would be the intention of taking without giving in return, but Lana and Terrance have a very give and take sort of arrangement going on, so "influence" would be the correct label for moleman's actions

No. 4158

File: 1534580706487.png (335.11 KB, 1440x1474, Screenshot_20180815-203506.png)

This was just a month ago, which is quite amusing to me considering how besides failing to live up to his own promises he keeps verbally denying feelings of anger, shutting down conversations or leaving them mid-air, and is essentially a master at the art of concealing his anger and getting unsuspecting others to act it out for him, furthermore he's confident no one will ever read into his actions when day by day he contributes in making them crystal clear

No. 4159

File: 1534581294383.png (162.69 KB, 1440x774, Screenshot_20180815-203958.png)

Maybe that's why women always break up with him and never the other way around, he is so insecure that it might be impossible to have a viable relationship for him. The tweet is old but he still has all the signs of being insecure, he tweets expecting praise and approval, is possessive with Lana, he always smothers in her business etc….

No. 4160

Terry's excessive attention seeking could be his brain wiring response to early developmental trauma, maybe he was neglected as a child and is making up for it with drama that gets him the attention he needs.

No. 4161

Does anyone have a back-story on this? Seems like someone, quite possibly Terry, tried cooking chicken and wasted 1k on taxes because they burned it.

No. 4162

i had been following the cow longer than she had been a cow and assure you YES her tipper bought that girl gifts and they posted a picture about it even, i'll dig it up to repost it

No. 4163

Being so short and probably having a small wee wee to go with it does things to a man’s mental health. He seems to be trying hard to compensate like those small agressive lap dogs

No. 4164

i hope he gets deported back to the phillipines

No. 4165

If Lana has been dating for a while like Terrance said she must be eager to move beyond the heartache from her previous relationship and try fall in love again, which is a wrong move for herself and the person she's going out with premising that person is not Terrance himself. You would want to process what happened with your former partner so that you don't repeat the same mistakes in that situation, but she's obviously upgraded enough to think she's above her issues, or maybe she thinks she was never the problem in her relationship 2 begin with, which seems very unlikely considering her cunty attitude towards her own fans and friends. How can she even fathom she's above everyone when people only care for her when she opens her legs, such a ridiculous little woman lol :V

No. 4166

i think honestly that terrence has pumped her numbers without telling her so that she does indeed feel intitled to the "success" she thinks she attained. He bloads the mv views and everything else with paying bot clickers a few hundred and doesn't tell her. Thats just my tinfoil theory

No. 4167


I think she has a princess complex, focusing only on materialistic things, putting herself as the center of the universe and obsessing about how loli-like she appears. She's trying to live the fairy-tale she was deprived of as a child because her parents were so terrible to her or so she claims, explaining why she believes her self to be self-sufficient when in reality she always relies on men for her shit. Because a real princess has to rely on a savior to make it all better, right? And her savior happens to be a perverted addict with a god complex at that..

No. 4168

>>4167 Her syndrome is also affecting her friendships that appear to be very vapid and superficial, and whoever her romantic partner is who gets to dictate to her what she can and cannot do as if Terrance wasn't enough, and a lack of internal motivation because she expects it all to come to her

No. 4169

Lol best comparison so far, he's an angry lap dog in every sense, cept he looks revolting

No. 4170

well, when you manipulate someone,you have to give them a bit of what they desire to keep up the the manipulation.

No. 4171

that Lana ,terence is more like trump

No. 4172

all that is true, but the self sufficient part,they just copying anime tropes to sale her, and they can't keep that one up, always switch between how much her friends/fans are helping her and what got her to where she is today(the power of friendship),or she just leaned everything and did everything on her own with hard work (the lone hero)

No. 4173

That's what she's telling her fans, but the truth is she lets other men do the work for her behind the scenes.

No. 4174

At least Trump accomplished something in his lifetime. Terence is 28 and the only achievement he has is grooming cam models.

No. 4175

all her cosplays are store bought amazon ones, her money is from tippers or recycled from friends, im sure she dougemastiff the only hardcore "fan" is actually 8 loaded too

No. 4176


Dougemastiff is one of the biggest cucks in her circle. He's yet another person who claims he was "cured" of his 'tisms because of Terrance.

No. 4177

you can said that about all her mods,one of them even became a mod for Nova stream

No. 4178

that and a drug den of a cult that comes to his online defence

No. 4179

She doesn't even script her own videos, makes Eight edit them because the only thing she knows how to do is color grading like shit and trimming clips.

No. 4180

yeah she tell both stories,two facing it.
Her mods and fans buy all the cosplay she wears,her video ideas come from terence or her mods when he not around,her mods also the ones who upload everything she makes to her pages manyvids and other sites, and now she got a cameraman that film her for most recent videos.
that woman is lazy

No. 4181

File: 1534642345587.jpg (700.05 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_20180818_213144.jpg)

No. 4182

well that maybe the only thing may had taught her

No. 4183

she's not adult enough to start learning shit on her own instead of expecting her caretaker to teach what he wants her to learn

No. 4184

If she ever leaves the cult they will accuse her of pooching Lana's fans. Gg, she digged her grave.

No. 4185

wait,if terence ever caught supply and selling the drugs he got,can he get deported from the country?

No. 4186

I don't think so, he's a US citizen, hence why he married that Russian woman to get her a Visa

No. 4187

I can promise you she wouldn't be influential today if it weren't for Terrance's tips that sky-rocketed her scores. She left MyFreeCams because she always has the same five boring orbiters tipping her on there and her MV scores are also dropping everyday, possibly due to Terrance's inability of affording more bots to get her views because he's spending all his savings on drugs

No. 4188

well you can say he stopped paying because they living together now,she said him and shane are the ones that pay bills and rent in the apartment, and her only job is to get the food for the group

No. 4189

can Lana lose her green card,if found out?

No. 4190

He stopped paying once she gathered enough regular tippers who'd come check her out because of her high scores >>4188 I bet rent costs less than their food expenses lel they're always having ubereats and eating out, can you imagine all the grands she's wasting?

No. 4191

File: 1534684656187.jpeg (171.31 KB, 1334x750, DfxfQAZV4AAE4W6.jpg-large.jpeg)


All of above, plus they taught Nova how to raise ranks and her friend meribald now tips her huge amounts of tokens almost every broadcast. What sane person would spend 5000$ on tokens to give 50% to CB? (Pity for Shane though, he doesn't have a sugar daddy and he cut the tree branch he was sitting on after parting with Sammy and Johny).

I dunno, meri dude comes off as creepy af and in lust, or he's her boyfriend although she said she's not interested in relationships and more is into gays (and she has a guy's brain, although she likes makeup so much, she prefers to stay a girl, lol).

Do we have any milk on this meribald? Who's he and what's his background? I thought he was kind of friends with sammy and his group of friends?

No. 4192

File: 1534685329627.png (889.1 KB, 1440x1976, Screenshot_20180819-092415.png)

During the infamous Twitter debate with Holland House, meribald whiteknighted Nova calling the boys out for being terrible people. One of the boys snapped back at him, later calling meribald out for having a fake moral high ground since he refuses to drink alcohol but consumes a substantial amount of weed. The boys also stated he was being lied to by Nova, implying she would talk wickedly of him behind his back.

No. 4193

what kind of teaching lesson is that, isn't it a given that the higher the tips the higher the scores?

No. 4194

So in short. Beforehand, Nova was pimped out by Holland House and now Nova is bring pimped out by Terrance?

Btw, anyone here know the sauce on Whipmebabe and Golden goddess? They both seem to be pretty close to Lana and support Terrence whole-heartely

No. 4195

Whipmebabe is an old friend of Lana's, they met recently for the first time ever when she was at that convention cosplaying Asuna I think, but they don't look too close as friends, I think she was mentioned in one of Lana's youtube xmas presents unboxings. Goldengoddess was made fun of by Eight for being friends with Eevee on his website where he used to make articles on camgirls but she sided with him ultimately and seems to be a very good friend of him and Lana now. Goldengoddess is weird when it comes to Eight, she tweets about him as if she's in love or something, she's not that nice even with Lana

No. 4196

Really. Does goldengoddess bang eight too?

No. 4197

Nobody knows, but maybe not, I think she's the only woman Eight scored irl without making her abuse drugs regularly

No. 4198

File: 1534701343019.png (228.46 KB, 1440x1200, Screenshot_20180819-023233.png)

No. 4199

golden goddess maybe alot more smarter than lana and know what to say to get on eight good side, but is it for the laughs or to get something in return from them (drugs maybe),who knows

No. 4200

I don't follow her but she seems like a nicer, down-to-earth person, maybe it's just her nurturing nature or she's fallen in love with Eight, I would not rule out the chance she's in it for the drugs either

No. 4201

File: 1534726503150.jpg (296.69 KB, 1280x853, IMG_20180819_204929.jpg)

her editing is so lazy, the transparent of her fanart was pre-made by the artist too. for a person who claims to improve every day this is terrible, a kid could make that in a few minutes with pizap or picsart, the way you market yourself as an influencer is very important so youd expect her to put some effort but no

No. 4202


Why is the lettering over the artwork? Why is it white on light background? Why does this suck so much ass?

No. 4203

It's also in violation of ManyVids rules. They, like all the cam sites, aren't allowing meet-ups for money. Wonder if Lana will continue to get away with rule-breaking…

No. 4204


Only thing that can be done is people reporting her, and even then ManyVids clearly doesn't give a shit if Lana breaks TOS or not.

No. 4205

File: 1534736559679.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 2285x2000, 66984283_p0.jpg)

I wonder if Lana has even seen this piece of fanart.

No. 4206

She's one of the models with the most sales, ManyVids still has a long way to go in terms of traffic growth and Lana is one of the few models that got some recognition outside of the camming community through cosplay and interviews, so as long as they need her as a trump card they won't ban her. If it wasn't for Lana I wouldn't know what ManyVids was either, many out there are in the same position as I so that says a lot I guess

No. 4207

morbid yet spot on representation of her submission to terrance

No. 4208

I don’t see her getting much recognition as a cosplayer or whatever else, she’s mostly mentioned as a cam girl but it’s true that compared to others she’s one of the few who even tried to breach outside of sex work. Fake or not her career has been built on some good moves for the most part. It’s only if you follow her a bit more closely you see how fucked up everything is, at first glance she may seem an ok online persona

No. 4209

if it doesn't come with bad pr (like her public videos) they let it slide,as alot of other people have public videos still up meaning they don't enforce some rules

No. 4210

she's quite unknown amongst cosplayers but she tried lol

No. 4211

it usta be that way, now she's very open about her abuse of drugs and her belief she can change the world, so it's obvious at first glance she's not ok at all, and as a camgirl she's not that well known either, she's known amongst people who follow camgirls and anime which makes her more unique than 'normal' sex workers because she mixes multiple hobbies and interests in her work, but she's not a popular cam model at all, her niche is very restricted and the only interview that helped her get visibility is Vice because they spam their interviews everywhere multiple times, bbc is mostly followed by judgemental hags so she didn't get much from that, her interview made her appear like a loser too when she said her regulars were her only friends so it made sex workers look even worse in my opinion and the way it was edited was very ominous as if sex work is a dark and twisted world for oddballs who have noone in their lives

No. 4212

File: 1534823177442.jpg (735.94 KB, 2473x1914, IMG_20180820_234121.jpg)

She's obviously keeping tags on the thread, she musta made the image over again with the excuse of adding the bonus of a custom vid per $500/700/1000 raffle but she also changed the fonts and avoided writing over the render of her OC which she was criticized for. Too bad it's still garbage, what the fuck is that black shadow, whoever edits her shit they must have done it for years now so how can they still be so bad at it

No. 4213

First time I watch her streams and first thing she said today is she will open this PO box that's "super cheap" (which would be sixhundred dollars) and she will restrict her address to her fanclub members because she's scared "hate forums" dedicated to her will come for her life and send her poison or whatever

No. 4214

she's also having someone else open her mail which is a smart move as a sex worker but it's sickening to know that mail opener will be eight because he's her fucking pimp

No. 4215

I think you are right, I remember her having a cleaner image at first glance but I think drugs are degrading her mind, idk I haven’t followed her in long since she became fishy with the change the world shit. I just look at this thread from time to time and I find the trainwreck amusing. She is an oddball tho in the worst possible way, and what’s even worse? It’a not even her own personality for the most part, her mind has been molded into whatever the hell that is by the little troll, how pathetic

No. 4216


It's better but still just terrible. Like you said, that black bar randomly under that text just looks so jarring, it's still hard to read that white and green text. Just…don't put text on a noisy background.


LOL like any of us give enough of a shit to want to go to her house or send her shit. Bitch, please.


I can't wait to see how her life ends up 10 years from now. As much as she and Terrance want to pretend that doing drugs all the times doesn't negatively affect you, clearly for them it does.

No. 4217

don't the post office check for things like this, along with drugs and bombs

No. 4218

not for her packages apparently

No. 4219

sixhundred dollars a month is nowhere near cheap, it's laughable coming from her who complains she can't afford to buy a lot of cosplays and shit like that

No. 4220

They can't open your mail without a warrant.

No. 4221

yes but they scan it.

No. 4222

it was most likely terence ,he the editor of everything she do ,and also looks up himself often

No. 4223

she thinks the world revolves around her ,so anything she buys is cheap or a deal for her after she gets it

No. 4224

Doubt anyone from here dislikes her enough to indeed do something like that, she should be worried about her creepy fans who want to date her at all costs, but admitting that publicly wouldn't do her friendly loli image much good, so she's gonna blame it on the haters

No. 4225

Anyone know how much money Lana brings in? I'm wondering if they're still mostly supported on Terrence inheritance or if they have enough money to support themselves.

No. 4226

File: 1534875526422.png (313.8 KB, 1440x1439, Screenshot_20180821-033158.png)

No. 4227

terrences inheritance is the only thing they can bring up

No. 4228

in psychopathology her way of interpreting the world would be defined as "feelings of reference", quote on quote from wikipedia "the phenomenon of an individual's experiencing innocuous events or mere coincidences and believing they have strong personal significance"

No. 4229


This guy spends all of his time on the internet policing an industry that he isn’t involved in. And when there’s no one to wave his righteousness stick at, he settles for making fun of PumpkinSpice’s grammar.

I’m all for trying to make Lana and her group look like the idiots they are, but having this guy do it is like sending the village idiot. I want to see someone with integrity try to bring her down a peg.

No. 4230


You are on gossip website, you aren't really one to talk. Who cares what he does with his time at least he is trying to make a difference in a shitty community. What Ive seen he has made a few good points and making Lana and PumpkinSpice look like dumbasses.

No. 4231


A community he’s not a part of. He stands on the sidelines and yells at models to follow the rules of sites he doesn’t belong to and has no affiliation with. He’s a self appointed internet cop. You have to wonder about the mental health of someone who does that, which is the first thing almost everyone who argues with him mentions. He’s an irrelevant guy on the internet with too much self importance and I don’t think it’s unfair to say that anyone else would be a better candidate. If that hurts your feelings, Anon, maybe you’re in the wrong place.

No. 4232

They do lack the ability to give feedback in a way that doesn't discourage someone or demoralize them, but simply because you haven't done what the criticised person has done, it doesn't mean the assumptions you are analysing an action based on are false. I will grant in this case that a cam model who has experience with sex work is likely a better source of practical information and advice, but they've obviously observed the community for a long time now, so, as dedicated viewer, they should have some references they can support their opinions with. Following your logic, most of us shouldn't be allowed to talk in this forum, because we lack of first-hand experience in Lana's field, let alone criticize shroomhead because we haven't abused drugs like he has.

No. 4233

That really wasn't the point of the screenshot, the highlight was Lana's response on Terence's financial stance. Unless you're a sex worker and drug addict yourself, you should practice what you preach and get off this forum mate, just an advice.

No. 4234

File: 1534889902961.png (866.78 KB, 1440x1093, Screenshot_20180821-171442.png)

I wonder if he gets such long nails done to make up for his short fingers, plus he mentioned a friend who's learning photography, maybe he's retiring from his job as Lana's caretaker, he doesn't need to do anything for her anyway because she's completely devoted to him and he'll always gain visibility on Twitter from her orbiters as they know him as her best friend and former manager

No. 4235

he going through a trans stage now , and shane may had taken the pic as he the other roommate and his lackey

No. 4236

People like Lana believe (her case being a false belief and is in denial) themselves to have no issues dealing with the trauma that they have experienced and tend to become enraged when they see people who are having difficulties, reason why she shits on psychology when her logic is nothing but psychological

No. 4237

Really dude, you don't know who is a member of any site or not so stop making yourself look silly. You seem obsessed with the guy. I just went through the tweets of that account and I can't find one about pumpkinspice. If he has had a go at her, that's great but if it was it must have been long ago as I see nothing. Are you stalking him?

You're sounding more and more like some scamming girl he's called out. You say that anyone would be better so why not you? (Please don't answer. Let's stay on topic which isn't your latest crush) >>4229

No. 4238

newfag stop whining about the tweet , that guy whim is a phycho for ANYONE who breaks rules and prob could have his own thread if anyone cared enough

No. 4239


I think he is on here defending himself lmfao
or one of his little friends is. most of those twitters are all the same people too

can we move on from this idiot now?

No. 4240

This thread isn't for Whim, if you're so passionate about shitting on them you're invited to make a separate thread. Nobody doubts they're a moron, we're just not interested in their involvement with the community, because, just like you said, they're a nobody. Take a chill pill.

There's a chance. Lol

No. 4241

He's either trans because faking being female turns him on (remember he's sooo passionate about traps), or because he makes a really ugly male and hopes being a female will make up for his height and weight.
No, Terence, you're horrendous no matter which gender, isn't that the reason you edit your whole face all the time?

No. 4242

it both ,he may also be doing it for some sjw points, they come to defend and aid any trans person no matter how dumb and dangerous the things they say

No. 4243

Shes doing a contest on MV and is number 6. Two of her high tippers for it are Anonymous. Seems like they're up to their old tricks again.

No. 4244

no one else has anonymous top voters, I've only seen one amongst all the models who are participating, gives to show how dirty she plays her game

No. 4245

what is the point of it, don't they lose more money then they gain?

No. 4246

Sorry, what do you mean by that? Are anonymous voters at disadvantage?

No. 4247

It depends on how much it costs to become the top 3. If they put in a little and end up being #1 they gain to make more then they lose

No. 4248

File: 1534993126726.jpg (202.78 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20180822_225758.jpg)

her carpet is so dirty but that's no milk knowing her

No. 4249

File: 1534994448005.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1983, Screenshot_20180822-231807.png)

now she wants to open a patreon because chaturbate, manyVids and onlyfans are no longer enough for her. her cosplays are garbage and nobody with the exception of her regulars would pay to see them unless she's half naked, she should stick with flashing her vagina each photoshoot honestly since thats the only reason people like her to begin with

No. 4250

From the looks of the video Terrance had posted, he was constantly withdrawing money for food and other smaller purchases, as well as multiple few hundred dollar withdrawals. I forget how far back he went, but it definitely looked like he's not making any kind of deposits ever? Those curious should just ref the video, it's still posted somewhere in these threads. They have enough money right now, but they probably aren't making nearly enough to replace what they have been spending.

No. 4251

File: 1535050923948.jpg (127.39 KB, 738x787, ncpjwc.jpg)

No. 4252

but back in 2015 he wasn't doing drugs, i think their expenses for their shroom supplies are liquifying his bank account more than food already was

No. 4253

500k sounds like a lot but when you are constantly draining it… won't last forever living that lifestyle

No. 4254

you have to consider how in this screenshot he already spent a grand in the matter of two days, and this was back in 2015, he must have about 100k left if even

No. 4255

haha,if you had seen the beginning of that stream, you may also seen how dumb she is too,she didn't know what apps and bots to use to set up,she always need her mods to remind her,or she will text the person that set it up for her to tell her how

No. 4256

It's easy to get inorganic traffic on chaturbate, but it doesn't really do much when her tippers are and will always be the same five idiots

No. 4257

that's crazy, how does she not remember this shit after five years of camming. she makes eight tweet for her so she doesn't sound retarded too

No. 4258

she could of asked nova or goldengoddess to help her set up a theme,but that because she is so lazy and dumb,she also can't even keep up on time with her own time schedule or things she tweets to her fans

No. 4259

Her schedule used to be "clean house, clean toys, get groceries, write scripts, get on cam" etc. That's what every other human being does even if they have work to do, and her schedule would be packed because of that? Please. Basic human being needs. And no one buys that she doesn't sleep because of work. If she does drugs all the time that's on her. Her job is fairly easy compared to endless professions out there. She's not the only (shit) entertainer, (shittier) editor and (trashy) writer on the planet, some do multiple jobs of this caliber at once and don't complain like she does. To make it worse she has nothing to complain about in the first place because the quality of her work, and with all the people who help her behind the scenes, she seems to be doing almost nothing. Even her camgirl friends don't complain and they seem to be very productive people, always on cam or updating their followers on their lives. They don't have a friggin anime den in their houses doing shit for them, don't they? She's conceited at her finest, a face of a brand she didn't make let alone mold into what it has become today.

No. 4260

Knowing them, they'll first thing open fake accounts to give her a boost. They love such insidious practices, idk how they can live with themselves and brag so much about basic shit saying it's super hard work. Yeah sure, Lana worked hard at times but overall not more than your average camgirl. What boosted her have been tricks since the very start

No. 4261


This guy is a fucking freakshow and his circular rambling about despising/saving the world and desire to troon out gives me Randy Stair suicide tapes vibes. I’m convinced Eight or Terrance or whatever his name is going to commit a very serious and very violent crime within the next handful of years. The drugs have clearly fucked his mind up, he frequently writes about narcissistic and EXTREMELY delusional beliefs, and he’s only been getting worse over the years. Red fucking flags everywhere. If I were Lana’s friends or family I’d be getting her the fuck out of there even if I had only glanced at his Twitter for just five seconds.

No. 4262

she have no real friends,and not very close to her family, and it will end bad for the both of them.if he die from suicidal or drug overdose, she will not be from behind

No. 4263

with terence controlling most of her work,they both have to wait to his drug high wear off before doing anything

No. 4264

At this pace he will never get off his high even if he stopped consuming drugs. He says you can't overdose or get addicted on shrooms but there are even rehabilitation programs for that. He's not the first idiot to ingest shrooms like candy, there's hundreds of thousands of people out there who went through the same experience and ended up regretting it in the long run. And guess what they all had in common: an inflated sense of self importance.
Plus. Shrooms might be some of the safest recreational drugs out there, but it's easier to get your hands on water soluble rcs sold by amateur asshats and con artists. I assume he gets them on the dark web since they're only sold there, and mind you, even kids can enter those online stores. The dark web is full of shams and broken links. Countless thickheads get scammed daily without ever realizing they're being sold the wrong psychedelics, reviews can be easily moderated as well. With this being said, there's a high chance he's not consuming shrooms, but something potentially more dangerous that could neurologically harm you beyond repair

No. 4265

liquid shrooms don't exist doofus, they're marketed that way for convenience. he's having 4acoDMT or mescaline

No. 4266


Even when I was a fan I didn't buy into the whole "staying up for days to do hard work" shtick. I've been around people who are chronic insomniacs who stay up for days (or don't get well rested sleep for days) and they are not healthy-looking people. They have bags under their eyes, their eyes are bloodshot, they aren't on their top game and eventually they crash after awhile. There is no way someone can look as young and peppy as her and also be the type to stay up for days.

No. 4267

it's probably an excuse to make people feel either bad for her or respect her for being such a hard working whamen

No. 4268

both,she sometimes say how lazy she is,but when it comes to selling stuff, she will go on and on about how hard it was making the items

No. 4269


>there are even rehabilitation programs for that.

There are programs marketed as treatment for every substance, but they are all treating the same underlying issues of substance use and abuse. Most patients in programs are poly drug users.

No. 4270

from time to time she says that to make up for all the blatant lies about her daily work routine. people won't doubt her because she admits to being lazy occasionally. it's all manipulation

No. 4271

you giving them too much credit, they don't think about long term plans or stuff backfiring on them,it just her losing one of the fake masks they put up

No. 4272

I think we'd all like to believe they're smarter than that, but you make a solid point

No. 4273

what made you stop?

No. 4274

I'm not the anon but have you not read the threads? Lol.

No. 4275

Terence is poly drug, and is just as retarded as kids who do too much cocaine and heroin. The rehab programs would be ideal for him because they ARE made for people like him: just like you said, the underlying causes are the same for every drug addict, just because what 8 overdoses on doesn't physically harm him doesn't mean he doesn't need help - thus people who do too many shrooms or too much mdma get treated the same as any other drug user, only difference is there's no drug replacement therapy as the addiction is strictly psychological.

No. 4276

yeah, but they may have their own reasons too

No. 4277


I believe I mentioned it in the last thread, but basically what finally got me to stop and look at things from a clearer perspective was when I made an innocuous comment to Lana on Twitter and Terrance decided, out of nowhere, to call me autistic for it. I noticed the way he acted towards others and recalled how she put him on a pedestal, and it made me see the red flags for what they were. That's how it started, anyway.

No. 4278

I think he has been turning off a lot of potential tippers and fans, I’ve always cringed so hard seeing his unprofessional behaviour and her not doing anything about it but in fact adding to it. Also rich from him calling ppl autistic when Lana has it and by the looks of it he’s on the spectrum too maybe even more so than her

No. 4279

File: 1535477067238.png (1.56 MB, 2880x1440, Screenshot_20180828-131952.png)

The way she tries to arch her back to make her ass look bigger

No. 4280

Wtf. She's looking manlier by every month. Are we expecting transboi coming out any soon? Her look and voice are just not matching, I hate that she's squeaking like a dog toy while talking, that shit prevents me from luring in her room on CB.

No. 4281

File: 1535485931044.png (238.22 KB, 1440x1145, Screenshot_20180828-131823.png)

No. 4282

File: 1535486410940.png (243.96 KB, 1440x1065, Screenshot_20180828-131737.png)

I think they're dating

No. 4283

she always looked like a man, and now the drugs are certainly not helping

No. 4284

Now she pretends she can cook lol.

No. 4285

it's funny because Nova just had a cooking show from her kitchen. Coincidence? In case it's not all inspired by MoleMan then I imagine they will at some point get pissed at the girl and expel her from the friend circle. The name, the cat ears, cat, videos she makes, cosplay — you name it — is all a rip-off from Lana, lol. It would be interesting to see them pouring shit on each other, 'cos Nova is more outgoing and expressive and seems much more manipulative than autistic potato. Sry for armcharing, but I think she also has anger issues.

No. 4286


"Autistic" is his go-to insult and diagnosis for anything he deems not worthy in his eyes. I don't doubt Lana is on the spectrum because she shows a lot of the signs, but Shane also claimed to be cured of autism because of shrooms and mdma and he pretty much is just a normal dude. So yeah, Terrance just labels anything he doesn't personally like as autism. So much for his "years of study" of neurology and psychiatry.

No. 4287


Holy shit this video is so bad. She fidgets and says Um a lot. The food doesn't look appetizing or plated well, like it was just shoved on some of their plates at home. Her cosplay is so distracting. I can't even get through this whole fucking video.

No. 4288

File: 1535490154340.png (1.51 MB, 1180x796, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 22.5…)

Guess who cooked (sorry, burnt) all this? Shane was once eating on cam and he couldn't resist but bragged about his housemate, "Oh, he cooks so well! He cooks for me too, his shit, man, is so good! He's a very talented cook." It was just some greasy rice and veggies if I recall it correctly.

No. 4289

What better way to get rid of your misery by telling yourself drugs have cured your illnesses uwu

No. 4290

File: 1535520908720.png (257.72 KB, 1440x1074, Screenshot_20180829-013130.png)

may lord forgive us all

No. 4291

This reminds me of that imgur thread where Eight burned the chicken and paid 1k for firefighters

No. 4292

What the fuck….

No. 4293

if she drop her manager and apologize for his behavior,will her fans come back or had that ship sail?

No. 4294

why were you her fan in the first place?

No. 4295

I doubt people would come back. She needs him for her to do anything at all. He runs her life. Unless you're like her betas that have kept following her you realized they'res better models out there.

No. 4296


I really enjoyed her 2B video that she did. I never bought it, friend sent the trailer to me knowing that I'm into 2B. I was curious about the model and at first, Lana seemed like just a spazzy adorable otaku chick who also does amateur porn. Then I found out, well, all this other shit lol.


I wouldn't, because she's toxic with or without him. He's already influenced her in terrible ways and it's going to take years of reevaluating herself to unpack all of it. Not to mention, it would have to take some actual self-reflection on her part, something that I don't believe she's capable of doing.

Ignoring the pedophilia and anti-psychiatry sentiments, both Lana and Terrance are the type of people who get high sniffing their own farts and think they're intellectuals because they watch "deep" anime like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Some of her fans, like Atani or whatever he's called, are the exact same way.

No. 4297

Apologized for what? Sleeping with a man and letting him manage her work? He's an asshole, but she's not the one that made him bully people. She could only apologize for supporting it backstage and lying, but not for what he's done deliberately. Without him she wouldn't be able to work so she'll never drop him or turn against him, also I think she's terrified of the influence he has on all her friends since she'd be a loner without the cult, so she will never cut him out of her life, he'd come for her blood and she'd lose her manager, writer and producer

No. 4298

looks like her mods are kissing his ass alot more than her now

No. 4299

If they don't play the einstein game along, they will be emarginated from the cult, thus losing their chances of dating Lana which is obviously their ultimate goal

No. 4300

File: 1535661895718.png (173.61 KB, 1440x720, Screenshot_20180828-131835.png)

Twitter update #1

No. 4301

File: 1535662086391.png (262.82 KB, 1440x1115, Screenshot_20180828-131752.png)

Twitter update #2

No. 4302

File: 1535662269796.png (899.71 KB, 1440x1373, Screenshot_20180830-164946.png)

Twitter update #3

No. 4303

File: 1535662335267.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1964, Screenshot_20180830-164955.png)

Twitter update #4

No. 4304

File: 1535662427929.png (346.33 KB, 1440x1351, Screenshot_20180830-022437.png)

Twitter update #5 (deleted tweets)

No. 4305

He always threatens people with lawsuits but has he ever filed one before? What happened with JP and Johnny Stone?

No. 4306

File: 1535664101550.png (155.92 KB, 1440x780, Screenshot_20180830-171700.png)

He's all talk

No. 4307

File: 1535664140305.png (415.54 KB, 1440x2055, Screenshot_20180830-171531.png)

No. 4308

File: 1535664212649.png (309.68 KB, 1440x1487, Screenshot_20180830-171828.png)

No. 4309

File: 1535664262498.png (433.02 KB, 1440x2227, Screenshot_20180830-171549.png)

No. 4310

File: 1535664320501.png (588.39 KB, 1440x1630, Screenshot_20180830-171542.png)

No. 4311

Is it Lotte/Charms they're planning to ~sue~? She has a mother who is 1) a working attorney and 2) not a fractal incarnation of anime on earth so that would be comical.

No. 4312


Who is he subtweeting to?

No. 4313

The only explanation to this bullshit is that Terry went to do his nails and saw a poster and it made him write an angry tweet, because he thought the universe sent him a special kind of signal of truth. Seems like he's back to overloading on drugs after some quiet moments. It's also funny because it's what drugs do to the brain, they make you believe something has a value or a new meaning, while it's just a delusion. This midget lover just takes it for granted. What a junkie idiot… Somebody should make a documentary about their anime den, a cautionary story of what one should not do in life. Damn, it would be a successful show, maybe even a series of documentaries broadcasted every Sunday.

No. 4314

Doesn't Lotte have threads on here too?

No. 4315

Quite a few. She pops up in the Camgirls General for now since she's not very active.

No. 4316

I don't think that's his point, he agreed with the poster's slogan and followed his tweet with a picture he took of it. "Secure destruction" is his "karma"

No. 4317

Lol I think he's getting overwhelmed by his delusional predictions, with this tweet and all the angry ones he posts and later deletes, sign that he's impulsive and easily regrets is actions (but without ever apologizing for them, he is only quick to retract them). He had certain expectations of what he thought it would be like and when life didn't meet his end goals, he felt stressed. Life doesn't conform to no one Terry, it is what it is. Don't have irrealistic expectations of output from the wrong input, and stop talking about your failures in third person and projecting.

No. 4318

He's subtweeting several people, that's the point. He's all talk and no spine

No. 4319

File: 1535768418106.png (129.13 KB, 1440x503, Screenshot_20180831-142024.png)

Anybody noticed how much he boast of having a crush or girlfriend? Being around a submissive, autistic doofus like Lana who works in the adult industry sizzled his brain, he speaks of women as if they're accessories, when he talks about one it's to insult her or compliment anything but her thoughts, feelings, and desires, he really is the perfect example of a millennial fuckboy, but 29 years old turning 30

No. 4320

>>4319 I am not against bragging because none of us should be scared to flaunt our best features,but every time one goes on a date or gets a gf? Thats a bit much, you must be really insecure to be flaunting that online all the time, it's probably not easy for him to get himself a girl so he needs to document every little successful step he makes as to prove everyone he's a real man (sharing failures is out of the question since he's "perfect")

No. 4321

File: 1535807321998.jpeg (166.33 KB, 640x529, 445292B1-7528-4FCF-8C3E-AE6C92…)

Every one of them thinks they are the center of the universe. Will these kids ever grow up? The only synchronous thing here is how stupid they all become after taking shrooms with moleman. She posted this after spanking her ass 2000 times. Such a right path indeed.

No. 4322

File: 1535809918264.png (42.17 KB, 572x419, InfiniteLoaded-LanaRain-MadeUp…)

Oh shit, looks like Eight and Lana have made up.

No. 4323

How the fuck has anyone from Encyclopedia Dramatica not made an article on this Philipino nigger?

No. 4324

because even though his milk was top tier golden back 3 years ago (when lana was kicked out of a contest from his bad attitude towards katiecatmfc) no one here took notice to much cam drama

No. 4325

they never had a fight,they probably disagreed over something stupid but they were still friends. a twitter unfollow doesn't represent friendship

No. 4326


They never stopped being friends and supporting each other. He did it to try and boost her rep, it didn't work and no one bought into it, so now he's undoing that. No one except for their in-circle bought into it.

No. 4327

Jews and Azns are always a plague. But together their kikery are incredibly immense.

No. 4328

nope, they too dumb to do it/keep it up, and more about them acting like emotional teenager

No. 4329

Without Lana he looks like a loser with nothing going on for him whatsoever, he reconciled to save his ego

No. 4330

File: 1535874772824.png (9.87 MB, 3034x2284, Cooking for the fools.png)

Secret seasoning - mescaline? No wonder Shane's skin looks like shit.

Does anybody know why Shane renamed himself into Dreamer_zero? I thought it's somehow related to the bullshit talk Moleman started some time ago about zerotonin and smth devided by zero. So, we have dreamer _zero now as a synthetic serotonin receptor?

No. 4331

he a loser with her,also his ego too big to see her as a lost with more people in their cult supporting him

No. 4332

His ego is too big only to admit that Lana would be a big loss for him, all of his Twitter followers come from Lana, the only people that kiss his ass are Lana's regs, if Lana stopped being friends with him people wouldn't bother with him anymore, he'd go back to being a nobody, that's why he needs to be known as Lana's best friend still, so that his tweets will get noticed again

No. 4333

From my experience as a shroom user I can confirm liquid shrooms do not exist, he's having mescaline. In terrance's defense mescaline does mimick very well the effect dried shrooms have, it's harder to have bad trips on it because it's much easier to handle at large doses compared to shrooms, very trippy visual and intense nonetheless but easier to handle and lasts longer

No. 4334

But he's taking mescaline at irresponsibly high dosages isn't he? That will fuck him for sure

No. 4335

they join the cult because of lana , but stay because him and his drugs ,if she leave them he can turn that against her, with being the god/king of their drug den

No. 4336

meh I don't buy it being mescaline. He's probably like most neo-trippers and buying stuff online. The chemical in mushrooms most responsible for the high is psilocin which is 4-HO-DMT, and there are tons of analogs of this substance on the black market right now. People put it in liquid because it's easier to insure the customer is getting the correct dose. Many of these drugs are measured in very small doses and without a milligram scale can be very dangerous. So suspending the drug in liquid you can just tell the customer "take X number of drops for a hard trip". It's much more likely that this is the case than it being a schedule 1 substance. Dealers make more money this way much easier and with almost no risk as these drugs are technically not illegal. This is also why almost all molly (which is supposed to be MDMA) is research chemicals. DEA even said that almost 90% of "MDMA" seized in recent years contained ZERO MDMA.

No. 4337

well they technically join for terrance only, because he's the one that made lana famous with his dirty tricks and they want him to help them too, although his dirty tricks used to be tipping thousands of dollars to raise her scores and he can't afford it anymore with his new 4acetoxy hobby so he's just going to make lana promote their content through retweets

No. 4338

He tweeted he really loved someone called Victoria, maybe Sammy's real or second name is that? They only say I love yous to each other but coming from Terence it's a bit creepy tbh.

No. 4339

Reading the threads I observed how perfect the workpath as a cam model for Lana is, because it's a play chase game in which you only give attention to people if they pay you, and if you show more interest than expected of you you won't be as charming to them because most tippers are after women that they think as out of their reach. Verily Lana cares a great deal about her follower's opinions, she feeds on their praises and compliments. She feels so ugly and stupid that she can't make the effort to drop Terence and work as her own boss.
But who knows, maybe she is a nobody after all. Has she even tried stepping out of the comfort zone and do something >she< thinks could make her audience satisfied? Or has she been cosplaying as shroomhead the whole time? Minus during camshows because she can't have him script it for her, she pulls failed attempts at it at best like when she talks about psychology and drugs but she manages to look more autistic than when she's her usual self which at this stage of her overdose has been completely neutered and replaced with a mask

No. 4340

so it mean she have more to lose if they break up?

No. 4341

in my opinion it's a loss for both sides, lana can't do much on her own probably and terrance would lose clout

No. 4342

people like lana are so used to being abused in their homes that when they enter friendships and relationships abuse seems right to them and truth be told alot of people are so naturally abusive towards others that they feel being with another abusive partner is exciting because it allows them to also display their abusive behavior without judgment. personally I can't stand those types of people and I can't hang around them for they are nothing but trouble, to each their own as a matter of course

No. 4343

Funny how this is a very common debate amongst shroomheads alongside the shared illusion that shrooms can cure people's tisms and give you powers, yet Terrance thinks he's ahead of everyone else with his groundbreaking discoveries

No. 4344

i think lana simply lacks of self worth and is scared of making a fresh start. if she thinks that losing her relationship with terence is a situation she cannot allow, then she is in a dysfunctional relationship and should let go before it's too late

No. 4345

File: 1536009268221.png (113.97 KB, 1440x366, Screenshot_20180903-170514.png)

Is this supposed to upset people or make them laugh?

No. 4346

It's a middle-schoolish attempt at trolling, he wants us to criticize it so he can pull the "owned" card on us. His jokes are always sexual and lame, for a 29 year old he sure does enjoy making people shake out of their complacency with gross witticism, what an unfortunate disposition he has for a third world child

No. 4347

what is too late?

No. 4348

It's already too late for her

No. 4349

well, she not dead yet

No. 4350

Lmao I think he’s just living another of his macho anime guy dreams, this time is that scene from Devilman Crybaby where Akira , as a demon is so potent that , after masturbating hits the ceiling with a big splash of cum ahaha , they are so delusional it’s amazing

No. 4351


No. 4352

now lana is trying to make a youtube documentary about herself with terence help, i wonder how much of terence she will cut out it or add for his ego

No. 4353


I wonder how much of it will be outright lies. They better get their story straight and stick with it because unlike Twitter, you can't just go back and delete certain segments of the documentary once it's out.

No. 4354

I bet most of it will be. Just trying to put lana in a positive light while putting tereance in the shadows. I bet the comments on it will be super bad

No. 4355

she did an nbc and vice documentary about herself too shes so conceited and for no good reason. It sucks that the vice people didn't touch up about her 14 yr old gf but of course she paid for that too lmao

No. 4356

what lies can she tell?

No. 4357

How she does all her stuff herself with out any help. How she comes up with Ideas on her own. That she goes days without sleep working on a video. Just so it will be perfect.

No. 4358

Will she be talking about her past as well? I bet she'll embellish her persona by speaking of how much she was abused. I wonder if that's a lie now that she's being caught in so many rebuttals and contradictions

No. 4359

this remark reminds me of the time she was attacked by bulgars, i think she ordered her drugs directly to her apartment and got targeted by one of her dealers, that or her dealers sold her address to someone else

No. 4360


What moron orders illegal drugs directly to their house?

No. 4361

The same morons who one states that shoorms can fix people. Who can figure out to work a cam site shes been apart of for years. Also the fact that she believes he's as smart as he thinks he is even though theres no way in hell he is.

No. 4362

File: 1536199012775.png (1014.47 KB, 1440x1715, Screenshot_20180905-215122.png)

Twitter update #1

No. 4363

File: 1536199100485.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2228, Screenshot_20180905-215141.png)

Twitter update #2

No. 4364

File: 1536199126111.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1754, Screenshot_20180905-215146.png)

Twitter update #3

No. 4365

File: 1536199150039.png (878.2 KB, 1440x1408, Screenshot_20180905-215203.png)

Twitter update #4

No. 4366

File: 1536199169317.png (907.45 KB, 1440x1400, Screenshot_20180905-215207.png)

Twitter update #5

No. 4367

File: 1536199236976.png (479.07 KB, 1440x1252, Screenshot_20180905-215211.png)

Twitter update #6

No. 4368

File: 1536199254240.png (678.37 KB, 1440x1195, Screenshot_20180905-215215.png)

Twitter update #7

No. 4369

File: 1536199271260.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1191, Screenshot_20180905-215218.png)

Twitter update #8

No. 4370

File: 1536199286477.png (716.64 KB, 1440x943, Screenshot_20180905-215222.png)

Twitter update #9

No. 4371

File: 1536199304188.png (691.41 KB, 1440x1166, Screenshot_20180905-215227.png)

Twitter update #10

No. 4372

File: 1536199334749.png (296.79 KB, 1440x1237, Screenshot_20180905-215232.png)

Twitter update #10

No. 4373

File: 1536199355118.png (596.67 KB, 1440x2415, Screenshot_20180905-215323.png)

No. 4374

Maybe it's not Lana who orders them but Terence himself, she can't even set up her chaturbate bots

No. 4375

why is he mentioning that he likes less than ten rappers, you can be impressed by the skills of your friend without showing off. i don't like rap but i wouldn't deny one's talent if i saw it. as usual he makes a show of his superiority complex to us normal humans who are such feeble earthlings to like more than ten rappers, because liking less than ten is a pretty big deal apparently

No. 4376

I don't think she paid them, they pretty much interview dogs and pigs. One thing is to be interviewed by someone else, another is to interview yourself. Who does a documentary on their own lives? I hope she applies a Q&A format to her series or else she's only addressing what she finds convenient to put out there. She's no different than Logan Paul.

No. 4377

Did she have a girlfriend back then? Where did you get that? And a 14 year old at that?

No. 4378

Damn that's lame af, she roleplays as a kid even out of cosplay. Also many adults like plushies and squishies so no Lana you're just fine, sorry

I don't know if that's true but I heard that you should be wary of shrooms when you buy them online out of season. Liquid shrooms sound fishy, why doesn't he buy the real deal, is liquid cheaper?

I'm not white knighting but how is she conceited for that? It's a good marketing move, well the vice interview was, the bbc one was useless because no one gave a shit. Do you have proof that she paid them or are you assuming by the way?

No. 4379

the funny thing about that,is that it happened a few weeks before she moved into her new apartment

No. 4380

Nah there ain't no proof Lana ever dated a fourteen year old prior to Vice's interview, there's no milk on a fourteen year old to begin with. It's probably a newfag talking.

No. 4381

Wow can you stop being the newest fag of the them all and go back to thread one? LOL

No. 4382

I think Terence ordered the drugs with her address since he was living in her old apartment anyway. In his Facebook you can see he tried to get rid of his place in Brooklyn to live with Lana

Moving takes more planning than two weeks but it is a funny coincidence. Terence either got beef with some scummy lowlife who knew he was living at the chick's apartment or one of her creepy fans found her address and tried to break in

No. 4383

On thread one there's milk about a sixteen year old, not a fourteen year old?

No. 4384

Are you the same dude who's been saying Lana paid vice and bbc to get interviewed? I can't find the milk you've been talking about either. Just because this is a gossip site you can't say whatever you want without proof to back up your claims with. I dislike Lana, I believe she would be capable of dating a 14yo tbh since she likes playing the kindergarten child so much, but there's no proof she's ever done it so unless you have some that hasn't been posted before don't spread false information. Lana is ridiculous on her own anyway, she doesn't need fake rumors to look bad.

He dated a sixteen year old August of last year, it started from Lana's ask fm where the minor sent her a question along the lines of "I like you but I know you're too busy to make friends" and Lana started sending her questions back. It was before the underage girl used Twitter and followed Lana. Someone else verified the date they friended each other on Facebook and it was late August so about right after the asks.

No. 4385

File: 1536258135621.png (136.71 KB, 1440x495, Screenshot_20180906-142016.png)

Is this Terence tweeting for her or is she copying him again?

No. 4386

i think terence set it up to happen to her, not many people knows her building address ,so knowing the floor she on and target the room she in ,without a mistake on the first try, and to happen a few days without the person ever doing it again or getting caught.if it was a crazy stalker why did they stop trying to get her and not get caught yet,she said it was black old man with a power drill that was caught on the building elevator cam,and that also asked about her male roommates to her neighbors.the day she upload the picture of her door with a drill holes and called the police, those same male roommates happen to not be there ,but it stopped after they came back.
everything about it is very fishy

No. 4387

I think Terrence is in this thread or one of Lana's whiteknights, trying to start fights and whatnot.

There was never a 14 year old. She was 16/17 and she broke up with Lana as seen in >>583549 and >>583546.

Infiniteload started to groom Lana at age 14. It's at the beginning of the previous thread.

It's just a rumor what Lana did to get on NBC and Vice, but I wouldnt put it pass her to blow someone to get on TV.

No. 4388

Terence recorded a video of Lana running around her apartments floor with her cat, you could see the numbers of her neighbors doors and you could tell which building she was living in from her room tour and all the pics of the view from her windows, some creeps I noticed tweeted at her saying they found her address or lived in her same building as hers. Terence says he's very smart and protective of the people he loves but he did a really bad job at keeping his friend safe. Maybe he scared her on purpose to rush her to move out and get an apartment with him, who knows

No. 4389

Well that's dumb of him because they used to live together. If she moved out already, he'd have to kidnap her to get her to move back in.

No. 4390

well,she do have a fear of going outside on her own (like a child).

No. 4391

How bad would he look for moving in at Lana's apartment? It would be more convenient for him to make her move out so it looks like they decided to live as roommates together. I don't think he staged it though, he's well capable of it but I can't see how this stunt would be beneficial for Lana's career. She set up her donations to move out prior to the accident, maybe Terence staged it to make people donate out of sympathy and pity? The theory of the bulgars being their drug dealers or some scummy people who had beef with Terence seems more plausible

No. 4392


As you just said he most likely pushed her to move out so they could live together officially and save his face from looking like a pussy who ran to her female friend (remember he's a proud misogynist) for housing. And in her tweets on the attempted break-in she mentioned how this had happened before, so maybe Terence pulled the stunt before Lana decided to move apartments, or it could have been a stunt to earn more money through Lana's donation fund, again the possibilities are endless, but as you also already said, the most plausible one is that they ordered drugs illicitly directly to her place and got targeted from some lowlife

No. 4393

Makes me wonder if Lana's fans knew he was basically living with her, Lana and Terence never confirmed it but he was almost always over to help her with work and post stupid pictures on his twitter, her fans are delulu enough to believe he wasn't literally living with her but just staying over very often, if they didn't believe that they could've gotten jealous of Terence and suspect a romantic relationship between the two

No. 4394

>>4384 It's NBC not BBC.

>>4387 She never was on TV, the interviews were online exclusives

No. 4395

yes,most fans know about them living together,as she talked about him and shane as her roommates before she moved

No. 4396

the incident happened about 3 times in a week or two,the first time she was out with friends,but came home with drill dust by her door,the second time she said,she was sleeping but one of her male roommates was there (you can guess which one) that some how happen able to scare the dude away from the door ,but was unable to describe the person to her,the last incident is the one she upload ,she was all alone that day so she called the police and her apartment manager,and nothing else happened for the remaining weeks she stayed before moving

No. 4397


Where's the police report?

No. 4398


The first tweet makes no sense also it's versus its Jesus Christ

eight makes a passable trap

No. 4399

makes you wonder if this accident ever happened in the first place. I remember how lana said that her "friend" protected her with knives from the bulgars, what if the "friend" staged it with someone else's help to look like a superhero in front of lana?

No. 4400

maybe it's his phone corrector, but he made fun of one dude for sounding like an "iphone user" because his tweets were grammatically and syntactically correct besides maybe one or two auto-corrected abbreviations turned into possessive adjectives or viceversa. the hypocrisy jumped out

No. 4401

Really? Was that on a camshow? I don't watch those, but I remember Shane going back to his city often before they moved together to the new apartment, so they weren't exactly room mates yet.

No. 4402

yeah,it was few months before they moved in together.
here a stream.
>warning of how dumb they are.


No. 4403

that maybe one of the reason they call him god

No. 4404

Why does Lana always censor her (boy?)friends hand and arm in her videos, what is the purpose?

No. 4405


well her whole success relies on her image of the empowered, nerdy single loli, if it were a girls arm she wouldn't censor it because lana never had a problem with playing the lesbian online, without the mosaic you'd be able to tell if that arm belongs to a man so she's censoring it

No. 4406

Terrance is still on his anti-psychiatry crusade:


This study is brand new and it even says "may" rather than "definitely", as in further research needs to be done. You'd think someone with an IQ as high as he claims to have would understand how this shit works. But just like with any pseudo-science shit, they only look for whatever claims their can to back up their already established theory rather than look at the evidence and draw conclusions based on that.

Part of me wants to feel sorry for Lana and the others in their circle who suffer from mental health issues. Almost, but the narcissism kinda prevents one from empathizing too much with them.

No. 4407

It's silly, you can't even tell who the arm will belong to unless you know all of her friends in person, you might only tell if it's a girl's or a guy's so she's not even doing it to protect her friend's identity like she said that one time for her Makoto video which was recorded with the help of Eight or the black girl, who both have short slim legs (makes sense censoring that girl because Lana's friends are in the majority white it seems, and the girl didn't look like she wanted to be associated with Lana despite living in her apartment as her roomie). From all her mosaic videos you can tell the person she's censoring is white and Lana has many white friends, unless they have a tattoo or a scar (doesn't seem so, it would show a bit on the mosaic) they would be hard to identify without the censorship. Dulcis in fundo she doesn't want her fans to know it's a guy, which gives to show how dishonest her persona is, she leads her followers on to make them pay to get close to her to hopefully date her, if else they wouldn't be bothered by a man helping Lana out for her porn and Lana wouldn't need to hide it in the first place

No. 4408

For someone who wants to change the industry she sure does pull a lot of manip and dirty tricks. Takes me back to the drama with hollandhouse when Nova felt offended by the boys labeling her as a blondie instead of giving her a name on their video's titles, which makes sense for seo purposes and wasn't really meant to dehumanize her. Lana pretended to be outraged by that but she pulls the same tomfoolery with her followers by fetishizing lesbians and lying about her private life to make herself more appealing as a gf-for-auction. I wouldn't dislike her nearly as much if she wasn't so hypocritical and fake; at least her cultist pulpitry is fun to watch, thanks Eight!

No. 4409


Lana doesn't want to change shit. The thing is, all she has to do to make the industry better is not engage in the petty drama nor engage in shady practices. However, this is an impossible task because of Terrance; he's always causing fights n shit amongst other models and that thus brings her image down. Not to mention, the whole drug cult thing.

No. 4410

Lana has a lot of pent-up anger that she likes to vent through Eight's Twitter beefs, some of the shit he's started with other cam models was so petty and inessential it probably came from a place of frustration, if she was happy she wouldn't stay with someone so angry and emotional that tweets out every outburst they have, yet she worships them as a god and defends them when they cause unjustified ruckus. For someone who's rather successful at what they do for a living she sure does hate life, maybe that's why she indulges in fat food and drugs everyday

No. 4411

the black girl is not her roommate, shane and terence are her main roommates, with random third party coming and going from their den

No. 4412

While that girl was posting pictures she took at Lana's Lana had just released her Makoto video in which she let someone else be filmed with her, when people asked who that person was she said it was her new roommate and that it was a girl

No. 4413

she always talk about how both her male and female friends help her make some of the videos,but lately most of her new videos have a hand off cam holding the toys or being the camera man,it most likely just terence forcing himself more into her on cam stuff as he writes and control most the things she do,he may just use censorship as a way to keep his self in the videos for now on without much push back as they never use/need it before,as she too dumb to just replace him with a doll or machine and make a rewrite,but that means cutting him out, and his ego cant have that happen

No. 4414

terence also go as girl too,sometimes

No. 4415

she once said narcissist people hated themselves alot, it hard to say if she talking about herself or eight

No. 4416

It's not Terence, his arms are slimmer and his skin tone is different. Go look at her newer preview, you can just tell it's not him
Maybe she meant Terence, that's true. It doesn't add up to me, Terence was known as her room mate for a while, and she said it was someone new. I think it's that other girl, maybe she intended to move in and who knows, she still might be at their place or she changed her mind and moved out. The amount of people that come and go in that apartment is appalling

No. 4417

Does it matter who she lets help her with her videos? We know she has a pack of freeloading animals in her apartment, she probably has a relationship with one of them too and it still wouldn't change squot, she's a repulsive, snotty liar and people are slowly coming to realize it, even her views and favorites for her Many Vids tiers have drastically decreased, she gets about half or sometimes a quarter of what she used to get months ago

No. 4418

File: 1537081226820.jpg (41.55 KB, 576x344, d59b0635dee5faa263c28c7ba64f6a…)

that's a really sloppily worded, off the mark paraphrasing of a concept you would find in a quantum physics book meant for laypeople to sort of understand. it's all good to be excited about concepts you find inspiring but this is embarrassing and you can tell he thinks this botched summation is going to impress people. just quote someone actually articulate and shut up.

No. 4419


People with NPD don't hate themselves at all, it's the opposite in fact.


When you can't wow them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

No. 4420

Why does he act like he's the only one who's heard of quantum mechanics? he acts like he's the one who came up with all the theories, when he seems to have just done some basic reading, and had poor reading comprehension at that. I mean I know narcissism is the answer, but still.

No. 4421


Because he's a narcissist that's trying to control his "cult". Charles Manson would wow his followers with pseudo-intellectual garbage, too.

No. 4422

explains why he never shares sources or even names of authors or scientists that influence him. his hoes could just get high, read them, and be like "oh yeah, it's just like….everything is connected if you zoom in far enough. i totally kinda get it man. trippy!!!" and promptly rob him of his superior forbidden knowledge

No. 4423

that's eights fault because he can't afford to pay for bots anymore, his inheritance is running dry

No. 4424

eight has a unique way of manifesting his macho-man ego, he wants to be associated to lana but without being given credit for his help, because he wants people to think lana is with him because she likes him and not because she needs him for her work. he will never take credit because that overthrows his agenda

No. 4425

he got her mods to take care of it after joining the cult of theirs,but comes back when she lose too much or when her self esteem take a hit

No. 4426

he the covert type of narcissist,that explains the way he acts

No. 4427

File: 1537202606601.jpg (420.69 KB, 1440x1920, IMG_20180917_120943.jpg)

not to be mean but really eight? after you and your cult overstate how smart and intuitive you are and do amazing things at first try?

No. 4428

he doesn't cover it, his symptoms are very much obvious, he just denies it but that's typical of narcissists

No. 4429

when you're god and you can groom camwhores but not some eyebrows

No. 4430

All that inheritance and you can't buy a tweezer

No. 4431

His dirty ass hair tho. Fuck.

No. 4432

Ate Terry
Those stupid glasses will never not be funny

No. 4433

This reminds me suddenly of the astral warriors movement in 90's and 00's. When people were laying in their beds and dreaming about doing shit in astral space and preventing the world to go south. He's just preventing the WW3 now with his fingers while tripping on shrooms…

There was a post on his twitter about him hating his body and what he's done to it while being in sports, because he wants to look feminine. But what exactly did he do? He's short and pretty fat, so I don't see the point of his complaints. Actually the whole fake-tranny thing is quite nauseating since he needs to share his success with makeup "uwu, I did makeup again and it took half of the time!" Is identity crisis something that mescaline does to you? I knew somebody who was using shrooms from time to time and went from being a decent man to being a crazy tranny. Well, success with chopping his dick off.

No. 4434

This is so crusty, the lipstick is smeared, doesnt bother fixing his amazon forest of eyebrows, the mascara sits so weird on his fake lashes you can tell have been used and abused yet havent been cleaned in forever (look at that white glue ugh), he has this weird white line on his left eye and not on the right maybe coz the result on the first one was too awful even for him and didnt want to risk replicating it (but didnt bother to cover the first attempt), the eyeliner is uneven af, that eyeshadow is too blotchy

No. 4435

File: 1537498716902.png (Spoiler Image,641.88 KB, 1440x1032, Screenshot_20180921-045539.png)

No. 4436

Does he think this looks feminine? Just looks like a fat guy who shaved his ass.

No. 4437


My God. Eight's brain is broken on a fucked-up level that's incomprehensible to the average human being. There is absolutely no way he can function normally.

It's prob gonna be in a few years when he decides to start HRT and off himself.

No. 4438

That's what being trans is for him, being a pervert that thinks of school girl uniforms as a fetish. What else did he do as a female besides taking pervert pics and editing his face to try look like a little girl? His gender switch is an erotic act, and he is participating in a culture of transphobia that deems transexuals bodies as valid solely when they're sexualized. Gender-swapping fetishes aren't the equivalent of transitioning, he is making a joke out of trans

No. 4439

On multiple levels since it's not even his ass.

No. 4440

>gender swapping fetishes aren't the equivalent of transitioning
back to Tumblr

No. 4441

i guess no one informed the scientific genius that female pereneums don't uh…crease….like that. that's ballskin baby

No. 4442

To be fair, it's true, they are not the same. A man getting excited being seen in girly clothes isn't the same of a man having body dysmorphia. Eight changes his pronouns everytime he wants too.

No. 4443

File: 1538260793092.jpg (1.03 MB, 1280x1350, lana-eight-not-a-couple.jpg)

No, it's "fuckin" sad it's too hard for you to admit you are not just a couple of strangers on social media, you live together. He's shilling his totally-not-a-waifu on every platform and does all work for her. Although at least he puts in quotes the word "man". But I'm confused: is Lana now a man, and he's her girlfriend? On the side note — those damn clothes covered in cat hair… Really what's wrong with them retards.

No. 4444


I love it when Terrance tries to tell other people how society and relationships work. It's something he himself clearly doesn't understand.

For instance, this picture. They're huddled up next to each other, and in the next pic she's even giving him a kiss. Most people would look at that and assume they were dating because they're showing all of the body language of a couple. And of course, when someone innocently asks about it, Terrance has to lie and insult them in the process.

For someone who loves to call other people autistic, he sure seems fucking autistic himself.

No. 4445

violently tries to sway tippers to believe otherwise whenever they show proof they live together and have been dating for 5-6 years

No. 4446

I mean, Lana looks more like a man than he does? She looks so hard faced and rough these days. Een the filters can't hide it.

They look like a very femme gay couple if anything.

No. 4447

She looks like she's high on mescaline, could he not choose a more flattering shot maybe?

No. 4448

This is not your typical best friend relationship. They broke the boundaries of friendship by far both physically and emotionally. What's the difference between his definition of friendship and the universal definition of partners? What's a girlfriend to him?

No. 4449

He just doesn't want to claim her. Gotta keep those otpions open, especially with her cam career tanking.

No. 4450

She looks and acts like a child, it feels so wrong to watch her be sexual on cam as if I were looking at child porn (that is if I don't focus on the square tits). That's what made her relationship with the teenager so creepy too, her fans are low key pedo for getting excited looking at this fat square boobed big child squee over cats and forcefully repeat "hehe" to look cute, she acts nothing like an adult,

No. 4451

lol,in her new video she cover up her tits

No. 4452


She looks high AF

No. 4453

>she looks and acts like a child
I'll agree that she acts like one, anon. But she hardly looks like a child, let alone her actual age. She looks rough for someone who is what, only in their early 20s?

No. 4454

I meant she dresses like one and tries talking like one, she always looked very ugly even backwhen she had some baby fat and a brink of self respect when she started her career. I bet no one liked her in highschool except one or two secluded creepy XAtani level losers,I wonder if she has ever asked herself why people like her now, and her personality isn't it as it's flat as a cardboard

No. 4455

dressing like she does just makes her look even older tbh.

many women can actually pull it off, but they usually look young (or atleast have good skin) to begin with.

No. 4456

anyone have a link to her old last.fm?

No. 4457

File: 1539032717055.png (458.83 KB, 1440x2080, Screenshot_20181008-090854.png)

Just like you guys predicted, Nova fought with the cult and she was guilt-tripped for letting Eight help.

No. 4458

File: 1539032756654.png (390.04 KB, 1440x1864, Screenshot_20181008-090900.png)

No. 4459

File: 1539032859893.png (369.58 KB, 1440x1609, Screenshot_20181008-230136.png)

No. 4460

File: 1539032870292.png (348.36 KB, 1431x1588, Screenshot_20181008-230234.png)

No. 4461

File: 1539033522404.png (376.54 KB, 1440x1574, Screenshot_20181008-230213.png)

But this is the interesting part

No. 4462

File: 1539040789507.png (1.28 MB, 1384x850, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 01.1…)

I watched Nova's cam briefly and she asked her mods to silence everybody who brings up Lana or mentions the video they made together. Made me instantly think of what drama happened in the anime den?

It doesn't take a lot of brain cells to buy a DSLR camera if you have the money, but shit photos and "logos" that Eight makes are not worth the credit he or his girls ass lickers ask for him. Even a monkey can push the button and make a photo. It's funny though Goldengoddess or Cassie feel obliged to defend their god.

Nova also said something interesting about her cosplays/characters. That playing sociopaths really fits her and she becomes one with the character. I wonder how much time she needs to realize why it is "fitting".

Pic is not really related, just them camming together during their last meetup.

No. 4463

File: 1539041778364.png (247.22 KB, 1262x1302, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 01.3…)


Possibly this?

No. 4464

It's maybe part of it, but there's probably something more. Maybe she wasn't buying into the bullshit Eight was selling? He said something about being unsure about her virtues and goldengoddess was making it out like she had been caught speaking out against them? Definitely weird, but good for her for standing up for herself and getting away from them at least.

No. 4465

I think Lana unfollowed Infinite because he's following and has been tweeting to/at the underage girl again.

No. 4466

From what I've seen, she (the underage girl) hasn't responded to him nor does she follow him back, though. Makes him look desperate for her attention, which I'm sure upsets Lana.

No. 4467

LMAO Nova was warned about the shroom cult from her former friends, but did she listen? NOPE. Serves her right.


Imagine being in such an unstable relationship like theirs. I can't imagine it's mentally healthy for Lana. Terrance is a sociopath so it's not like he really suffers from any of this.

No. 4468


Why, is she jealous or worried? I think she unfollowed him accidentally. If she has a reason it's probably a stupid fight they must have had, she will follow him again eventually, not something worth looking into.


I don't think Nova is that stupid, she simply wanted Lana's clout and ignored her friends. She knew the risks so as you said, serves her right. I can't imagine anyone wanting to join the cult if not for the free drugs and Lana's popularity (in her niche)

No. 4469

it doesnt look like nova lost anything out this ,but lana lost a partner she was hoping to work with,and terence lost a member to his cult,a new play thing,and maybe a hit to his ego. so it looks like a win for nova for now

No. 4470

No one lost a thing technically, for Eight it's another strike to his ego though, maybe Lana too since she liked to believe Nova was her "celestial sister". So much for that haha

No. 4471

I don't think so, Eight is her God and she hardly ever seems to question his choices, unless you're implying she's jealous she would have no motive to unfollow him because of that.

No. 4472

She looks rough for a 20 year old, she looks about 30 if not older. I see where you anon come from, it feels wrong to watch an autistic person be sexual, especially when their autism makes them sound like a clueless kid.

No. 4473

If Terrance has such a high IQ then why isn't he actually doing something with that IQ? Why is he just a petty drug dealer and managing camwhores?

I mean, I know the real answer (He doesn't actually have a high IQ, just pretends to on the internet to impress stupid people like Lana and the rest of the cult), I just want to hear his explanation.

No. 4474

This has been the most interesting rabbit hole to read about some bitch I fapped to once. Thanks for that.

No. 4475

File: 1539588507599.jpeg (126.37 KB, 756x1194, D20370C1-CBED-43D7-BC01-E95987…)

Ouch, not too bright putting your faith in the phycho and not getting your work yourself early on

No. 4476

>risked getting a criminal record
What is she referring to?

No. 4477

It was a public masturbation Harley queen in a mall or a shop and then the dude who was an owner approached her and asked to leave ASAP because it’s not allowed what they were doing. He wanted to call a police. I imagine it’s all influenced by best experience of Lana.

No. 4478

File: 1539614935968.png (452.9 KB, 1440x2162, Screenshot_20181015-164750.png)

No. 4479

So she blocked him? And then Lana unfollowed him? Are we about to see the fall of the Shroom God?

No. 4480

no,they just acting like dumber high school kids, like always

No. 4481


lmao why didn't she back this shit up on her own hardware?


Is she selling this on ManyVids? Didn't they ban shit like this?

No. 4482

They will never give him up, he's the smartest among the clan of idiots and they know it. Lana especially wouldn't survive adulthood without his assistance.

No. 4483

Lmao you hit the nail on the head with this one. He may seem retarded but among the idiots he gathers around he’s the only one that can at least tell them how to make money. They’re too stupid to even make money with sex work, Lana is a lost cause, I think her autism is worse then they let it out to be

No. 4484

Is Lana low-functioning? I mean, can she literally not do shit on her own without someone else doing it for her? Maybe her parents should have fought to keep custody of her. Certainly she would have been in a better living arrangement than some sociopath that's clearly just using her.

No. 4485

And what else would she be doing now if she stayed with her parents? Sorry to say but maybe she was meant to be used by someone like Terence, she has no potential for any other purpose unless you count living off your parents as one

No. 4486

Wtf anon, plenty of genuinely disabled people go live meaningful lives under the watch of their parents and love each other. She could be helping her parents around the house or even manage a simple job with support. Lana could have had a slow but steady home life with her family rather than being pimped out in a cult

No. 4487

File: 1539677378324.png (961.58 KB, 1440x1635, Screenshot_20181016-100718.png)

Lana's regular, SoulEater, plans on moving in NYC/NJ?

No. 4488

Do you think she was raised well after she escaped from her home asap in the arms of some random guy 10+ years older? It's not about her autism, it's her shitty heartless demeanor

No. 4489

Is Lana confirmed autistic or is it just a theory? We know Terrance spoke a lot about curing autism, that's a hint, but he never addressed Lana's mental health I think

No. 4490

it the opposite,he mostly need her to survive, but her low self esteem is what keeps her around

No. 4491

lana always tells people how abused she was in her home so no staying there was never an option
who is this agentxavier? he's always tagged in their stuff

No. 4492

>>4490 he's using her body as the face of his brand, he can't whore his self for cash so he's making some dumb chick do it for him. He made her fall for him when she was still a child and then convinced her to get sexual on cam with the promise of a better life. He's playing the manager but that money is almost entirely his, Lana's farse persona is created by him too. He can't live without her but only because she's his tool, if it wasn't Lana he could have found another girl to do it for him, what is Lana capable of doing on her own instead? Nothing

No. 4493

i don't think she every said she was abuse,just her mom dislike she was bisexual and hated she was on cam and wanted her to stop ,but terence talk her to move in with him so she can keeps her cam work

No. 4494

She said it in her camshows, actually. I think someone from the threads recorded it too, but I'm too lazy to go dig it up

No. 4495

i think terence just got luck with lana ,he tried the same trick with that girl lana was online dating and maybe a few more behind the scenes,it also true that lana can't do anything without him,but he can't do anything without her , with her followers/mods are slowly trying to replace him

No. 4496

isn't mostly about her daddy issue,how he just call her dumb and stupid,and got angry problem and yell at all the time,and how much a loser she view him

No. 4497

File: 1539683264007.jpeg (663.09 KB, 873x1323, D60B0A37-1669-4B1D-AA43-9EFD5D…)

Holy shit, how can she or any of her friends think this is acceptable make up. There is like 0 blending and not cute at all. I thought real friends would tell you stuff like that. How can she get worse in time at make up

No. 4498

You should just watch any of her shows when she isn't dildoing herself. She always says "I was so autistic in the past, like I was literally like not able to like put two words together and my mind was like literally blank. I was so empty and had no interests". But then she was cured with shrooms. You can chime-in in her chat and ask about autism, she's talking about it pretty much a lot alongside the shrooms, because she believes her role now is to save the world and help people with giving advice on relationships and personal growth and development. Don't think she was diagnosed thought, it's the favorite insult of MoleMan for people he finds stupid.

Maybe her father was right, what are her interests? Watching anime, playing an anime character and discussing relationships problems. There's nothing smart or meaningful she can share or say.

Random thoughts: it's funny how she describes all her lesbian relationships as abusive and manipulative, as in, "I was dating that girl, and she just used me for money, so we broke up and now I feel insecure to have female gfs" but she ended up living with a weirdo who pimps her out for money… If she cannot see or judge her relationships clearly how tf is she in any position to help people with their shit in life? LOL And now there is Nova, who used them for gaining popularity and money, and if they are so smart, why didn't they see into her motivations. I guess MoleMan will play it out as "you see, I told you all women are evil, that's why you are destined to be with me".

No. 4499

Anon, one does not simply criticize a member of a cult, because you get expelled and lose access to the wisdom of a shroomhead. If Lana IS having a mental retardation, she cannot learn or see what she's doing wrong, therefore she relies completely on opinion of her god. And all friends they have are inside the circle of the cult anyway and they are all tied.

No. 4500

she once said was diagnosed with it and was sended to therapy for it as kid and got some medication for it (she doesn't take it any more),she also hate therapist because they didn't cure of her autism (and terence make her believe he did) ,so she believes she knows better than them,and advise her followers not to get one

No. 4501

looks like her father was a shitty man,and her daddy issues made her fall for that the same as her father.

also she described most of relationships with both males and females as the same with her as the victim, it also helps keep up the idea why she is single

No. 4502

File: 1539721740621.jpg (346.26 KB, 2048x1536, DpmeLd_UcAAcYrU.jpg)

She posted this picture, trying to get people to buy her used panties. Couldn't she at least shave her stomach hair first?

No. 4503

or clean her navel for that matter

No. 4504


How did no one notice that?

No. 4505

They probably don't care as long as the panties are present. Its just like how the photo of her in cosplay looked like shit. They think the little details aren't worth the trouble as long as the big picture is done. The problem is that little details can ruin a big picture

No. 4506

full on lazy,to them why put in the work when people still going to buy it anyways

No. 4507

i think all them are trying to,so the question is which one of them is the biggest cuck

No. 4508

becoming a transboi in 3 2 1

No. 4509

Woah. I know body hair is natural and all, but that's an awful lot of thick, dark navel hair for a girl, isn't it?

Is she putting on weight too? She's looking a lot less scrawny than usual.

No. 4510

probably forgetting to take care of herself, can meaning something affect her mentally or emotionally and have depression,been a week since she was on cam, and a month or more since one of her last masturbating type of cam show

No. 4511


So much for her being "cured" of her mental health issues.

Part of me hopes that one day she wakes up and realizes that Terrance is just using her and she'll get the help she really needs. Maybe her parents will take her back in and she could actually learn some life skills instead of having to rely on Terrance to do everything for her.

She's so delusional, though, so I doubt this'll ever happen. She legit tells herself that she's still successful, even when her numbers indicate otherwise. She also tells herself that everyone else is just jealous.

Of course, there's also the possibility that sometime in the future she could realize that she's wasted so much of her life with this twat and not see much of a reason to escape anyway.

On another note, I remember in the last thread there were some people who claimed to be in her inner circle or whatever, I wonder if they still browse this thread?

No. 4512

I don’t think she should go back to her family. Maybe her family was actually abusive plus she’s not a kid anymore. I was thinking maybe she should get her life into her own hands, even her e thot career, even if she did less money at first at least she wouldn’t be a little troll’s slave and still be emotionally abused and used as she clearly is. She should move away from him and do her own thing if she really is functional

No. 4513

i think she knows or is aware of that , but like any victims of domestic abuse (in her case grooming), she will find a reason to stay,her mother may not do anything out of fear losing her (lana said her mother visiting next month), and all her delusion comes from terence narcissistic ideas, without him around any more she may just kill herself from the lack of emotional and mental support.(looks like she lacking it now)

No. 4514


Someone suggests she should leech off the Musk

No. 4515

Why did that 16 year old and Lana break up?

No. 4516

it was on the old thread. >>>/snow/402703

No. 4517


Like Musk would lower himself to someone like her. While I disagree with him plenty, he's a smart man, he can do better than a pseudo-intellectual druggie camwhore.

No. 4518

I mean, he did date grimes for a minute. So we know he's not opposed to dating ugly art hoes. Lana has the busted part down, but she doesn't seem to have much in the way of personality.

No. 4519

File: 1539876302757.jpeg (723.87 KB, 1125x1466, B9542BBE-8371-454E-8328-E63EA3…)

Now this is why her career was doomed to stay a niche cam whore only or hit a wall. She (they?) are too socially inept and don’t realize that shit like this would hurt their image. This is so cheap and distasteful I can’t even

No. 4520

why is she selling alot of underwear lately?

No. 4521

to avoid camming or doing anything

No. 4522

All that editing and they still couldn't edit her socks clean.

She seems really depressed lately tbh. Her career and ranking has plummeted, she's looking rougher than ever, she's clearly not taking care of herself.

No. 4523

why edit them clean, when she could had bought a new pair of socks,that just more work than it needed to be for her

No. 4524

I understand she’s buying her cosplay and that’s alright , so she can focus on her sex work but damn why is she so low effort even like that? Her cosplays look dirty and unironed all the time. Her body and hair looks untaken care of, make up skills actually regress, what the hell is she doing all day? I would get so bored and depressed with her lifestyle but maybe as some anons said, maybe she is depressed. Living with that drama filled mentally ill psycho can take a tall on anyone I guess

No. 4525


Last year she actually seemed to take care of herself better. At the very least, I don't remember her having non-ironed and stained clothes plus unshaved body hair. Speaking of body hair, I remember she mentioned that she has laser hair removal surgery, so why doesn't she just get it done on her stomach since she clearly needs it?

I wonder what she's going to do when her career eventually dies. Kill herself? Get help?

No. 4526

She has always had trouble with ironing and styling but at least it seemed like she was trying to improve , nowadays she doesn’t seem all that interested in the quality of the stuff she puts out for sure

No. 4527

didn't she some what lived on her own back then, meaning she had some free time to herself,but now she living with other roommates and terence full time, even letting it slipped her and him have to share the same bed together,probably spending all her time trying to make them happy with no time to herself, making her work more shitty and why all her videos have someone else hands or random noises off screen ,maybe she just slowly giving up mentally

No. 4528

New @ from InfiniteLoaded to esmerillia

No. 4529

I only saw a few videos of her when she was suggested when i watched some stuff from cherry, but holy shit this whole story is a trainwreck….she, the moron king, his other bimbos…like how pathetic do you have to be.

To top it all off… I've seen stuff from cassie and golden too, but all of their stuff is so low key and just plain bad. Why cling to that guy when all he can offer is low quality shit they're releasing?

No. 4530

File: 1540143535765.jpeg (611.13 KB, 1125x641, 40A42E58-B767-45BE-84E3-06E98F…)

Doki Doki Walmart club

No. 4531


God that's cringe.

No. 4532

These are all bad but Natsuki looks like a crackhead

No. 4533


Looks like he's trying to whore himself for cash now. I doubt it'll work, considering he's still a manipulative lunatic

No. 4534

File: 1540264165503.png (17.29 KB, 576x122, fag.PNG)

look at this shit

No. 4535

File: 1540264188533.png (18.11 KB, 577x144, fag2.PNG)


No. 4536

File: 1540264229844.png (18.58 KB, 576x145, fag3.PNG)

how tf can anyone take this guy seriously

how do his followers not see this for what it is

No. 4537

Aren't there weight classes? Why would he be fighting men twice his weight? It's hard to believe any of the shit he says anymore.

No. 4538


He's probably just boasting and hoping people are too stupid to call his bullshit.

Also, it looks like Lana and Terrance are in contact with Vero again. I can't believe she would go back to them after the way she was treated. I hope someone can send her some kind words.

No. 4539

File: 1540266765887.jpg (270.27 KB, 650x993, nakai1.jpg)

real women don't think of those things as mutually exclusive, narrow-minded idiot

you are correct. at most he'd fight someone one weight class above, if they couldn't find anyone else. twice his weight makes zero sense.

once again he claims superior understanding of theories that he won't explain himself in his own words. can you imagine if a girl tried to pull this shit? even if it's not possible to sum up string theory in a single tweet, i'd love to see him explain any part of it, in specific terms, not vague trippy bullshit. anything at all.

No. 4540

>solving world problems with societal evolution as a constant background
the verbose way to say "let's all dress like colorblind anime"

No. 4541

you can play match the drugs to the users type game with all the faces

No. 4542

it because he told lana and shane that he use to be in underground fighting areas (he got the idea from fight club) and use the idea to look like a badass in their eyes

No. 4543

Can he be more of a retarded red piller, fight club fan and wanna be cult shit leader? Say whatever you want about the American Horror Story Cult season but they nailed the main cult leader wannabe to a t. So many lines and ideas the character used sounded like Terrance tweets lol , he's such a cheap cliche

No. 4544

That’s because the more kawaii she tries to be the more her ugly manly face contrasts with it and makes her look like trash. Her only chance of looking decent is a nice western clean style. Animu doesn’t work for her like at all

No. 4545

I doubt they're "in contact" with Vero. Theyre just following each other on Twitter. No likes or replies yet.

Vero was wise enough to stay away long enough and break their hold, and she seemed pretty smart about what Terrance's schtick is now. My wager is that Vero's just keeping an eye on their activity, either for amusement or in case they try the same shit with someone else.

No. 4546

File: 1540317918829.jpg (105.25 KB, 1162x442, IMAGE 2018-10-23 13:01:31.jpg)

You missed the best one!

It'll be a fun day when he pisses off some Russian weeb to the point that the ruskie does something to really screw up Terrance's life. Russians are spiteful, and Terrance is a reactionary shitbird.

This will end great

No. 4547

File: 1540565589572.jpeg (673.33 KB, 1125x1461, C117CA45-4341-42C8-97D8-0A723F…)

Oh she was one of the dum dums keeping their savings in such a flimsy and untrustful service like First Choice Pay lol, how can she or the Terrance idiot think they have any kind of business smarts when they do shit like this

No. 4548


lmao she can kiss that money goodbye

No. 4549

I used to feel sorry for her because of how manipulative Terrance is over all of them. But I don't anymore.

There's no use in mourning idiots, all you end up is crying everyday.

No. 4550


Am I the only one that sees this as a "Hey guys, look how successful I am, look at the money I make!" pot shot?

No. 4551

no its deff a humble brag within a cry post to garner more sympathy and also make herself look successful at the same time, if she really did lose it she really did need that $ more than ever with age onset

No. 4552


Regardless, it's tacky af.

No. 4553

First Nova "didn't know" Payoneer would close down and lost her dosh, now Lana goes the same route. I dunno how they are so dumb if literally everybody got notified at least 2 times by CB 1 month prior "closing" and 2–3 times by those "banks". They had all the fucking time to get their money out of there, but bitches didn't care to do so, because some speshul snowflakery. Oh damn, and $4+4 = 8! Whoa… mind blowing, mind blowing.

No. 4554

they too lazy to read the notice

No. 4555

No. 4556

Post caps, this is an image board.

No. 4557

looks like her tits got smaller now(sage)

No. 4558


Terence has been hitting her titties as a speedbag whenever he gets mad.

No. 4559

how many times did she get them worked on them?

No. 4560

File: 1541525672071.png (740.29 KB, 1794x920, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.3…)

Nova locked her twitter, and now I'm real curious as to why.

No. 4561

File: 1541547588972.jpg (653.67 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181106-233846.jpg)

The underage girl has started going on Terrence-esque rants, and Lana has been retweeting her

No. 4562

I thought Vero is 18 now, but regardless it's fucking creepy of them to still be talking to her.

No. 4563


I believe Terrance is writing this shit for her, to make her seem more intelligent than she really is. Kind of weird that she'd go back to creepy people, but whatever, she's an adult now and her mistakes are totally on her now.

No. 4564

She shouldn't be underage anymore, but her tweets aren't very Terence like, although he seems to be whiteknighting her while she gives him no attention. It would be interesting to hear her side of the story now
If you look her name up you can see some recent tweets in reply to her that seem to be hinting at her career. Maybe she is regretting her life choices now

No. 4565

No. 4566

it's an imageboard, post caps not links

No. 4567

File: 1541650385680.png (223.79 KB, 1188x826, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 10.0…)

Yeah, I just searched her name on Twitter and didn't have to scroll down far to see a tweet about her.

I've never watchhed any of her videos or streams but I'm morbidly curious to see how hilariously bad her Harley impression is.

No. 4568

Didn't last long, they unfollowed her and she unfollowed them, maybe they had a fight or they did it for publicity, but now that she's an adult or almost, she should take the consequences of her choices. If they are friends Eight will fuck her up again just like he does with everyone except the most autistic people he finds that are easy to convert like Shane and Lana

No. 4569

>>4567 Doesn't she post pictures when she goes on stream? It doesn't look like she does Harley Quinn that often. The guy is probably just trying to flatter the cam model for being "better"

No. 4570

What are you on about? She just made a video where she, dressed as Harley Quinn, goes to a public mall and walks and walks around, flashing random people and masturbating.

I'll agree the dude's just trying to flatter her, but Nova posted a pic of her Harley costume in August, and it was before thatt guy tweeted

No. 4571

File: 1541782119340.png (1.55 MB, 1046x1306, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 10.4…)

oh goddammit of course i forgot the image.

No. 4572

at least this one can sorta do make up

No. 4573

Terrance's actions inspires me heavily. He teaches me that it's possible to get many attractive girls on your dick despite be a mentally deranged manlet. The one caveat is that you have to go out of your way to find the most retarded girls out there.

No. 4574

I will never understand what is with pseudointellectuals and Elon Musk.
He hasn't done so much, just reiterations of other vehicles.

No. 4575


Well, Lana and Terrance are latching onto him now because he's stated he likes anime, so in their eyes that makes him one of them.

No. 4576

Them tweeting at famous people is nothing new. The @ Shane, euguneacooney and anyone else they hope will answer them

No. 4577

she doing public videos again, i thought manyvids ban those?

No. 4578

report publicly @ manyvids and support@manyvids.com or w/e the support email is. They don't take it down unless someone reports it.

No. 4579

He also invested heavily in a re-usable launch vehicle that works pretty well, comes up with a ton of cool companies, and seems like an alright guy - there's nothing wrong with being an elon musk stan

No. 4580

most of them believes he is the saver of humanity because he said/like a few nerdy stuff (tvshow,comic book,anime related things) they think he can make real just because he a rich nerd

No. 4581

You're already on lolcow so why not check out the celebricows thread on /ot/. Elon is as much of a trainwreck as these retards.

No. 4582

its not gonna matter. As long as the vid makes money Manyvids don't care. As long as no kids are in the video they have no reason to remove it. A lot of public vids are on manyvids that don't get removed.

No. 4583


Even then, they made special exceptions for Lana. Where other models were forced to remove their videos for such a violation, Lana was told to edit the video to remove the kids. They only removed ALL public videos once this started going around Twitter and people were talking about it.

It's funny, Lana claims that sex workers get treated poorly and the career is often looked at in a negative light, however she's done nothing to try and change this. Her interview with that one news station presented it as some shady line of work, when it doesn't necessarily have to be. I think Lana enjoys the idea that she's in a shady line of work. It gives her life sort of an edge, makes her feel like she's doing something dangerous and exciting with her life when really her life as just as monotonous as anyone else's.

No. 4584

Lana is one of those "I was plain growing up and uninteresting growing up" chicks, so she compensates by being a total whore and making that the only aspect of her personality in her adult life.

No. 4585


When you remove the mask, she's still just a plain and uninteresting girl. I've seen so many girls with similar setups to her's. All cosplay, have Pusheen and/or Rilakkuma shit all over their background, and claim to have nerdy interests when at best they have a passing interest in these things.

No. 4586

File: 1542444466909.png (Spoiler Image,617.81 KB, 434x599, l.PNG)

I'm confused how an established cosplayer, whom brags about having the highest quality wigs, has bangs this choppy.

No. 4587

Because she cut it herself. She probably thought it was straight and her head screwed it up.

No. 4588

I'm guessing manyvids heard from everyone. The new video is getting reviewed or it got removed. Either way its not there anymore. Shes still selling it through her twitter though.

No. 4589

File: 1542593356948.jpeg (92.78 KB, 640x398, 1BC43397-0FA0-4C30-B408-845D78…)

It disgusts me to think of seeing Lana masturbating her herring while you’re doing shopping on the day off. Smh. How much did she ask for that video, 100$?

No. 4590

Hey guys, Nova here. I'd appreciate being left out of this thread from this point on as I'm no longer associated with these people and am trying to move on with my life. Regretfully I wish I would have seen these posts months ago, but it is what it is and all I can ask for is privacy from this point forward.

For my physical and mental safety I will not share any information about my experiences so please stop bringing it up in my chat room or messages. Thank you

No. 4591

She just tweeted that the character is "existentially important" to her and that she wants to respect it by doing the "perfect cosplay" when she couldn't even cut the bangs properly. Maybe she thinks that commissioning a cosplay = effort

No. 4592

she's tied with moo for worst beato ever now.

No. 4593


People warned you about Lana and her ilk before you decided to roam with them. Terrance & co have done this to numerous people in the past. No one should show you any sympathy when you should have known better. Fuck off, cow.


I hope one day she does this in front of the wrong person(s) and it escalates.

No. 4594

yeah, back in that reddit ama a few people was saying how awful they where,only for her to defend them,so it most likely one of followers posting now

No. 4595

File: 1542628030519.jpg (117.15 KB, 996x2048, IMG_20181119_124647.jpg)

No. 4596

Thats so stupid she already has one. If she just took care of it it would be fine. Some cosplayers make their own shit and do great photoshoots. this is just a grab for some cash

No. 4597

her stupid minions can't keep coming here after being balls deep in the circle and then be like "no guys i don't wanna be talked about!!!" after the fact. You are as much as a cow as lana is if you wanted to ride terrences dick for tokens

No. 4598

Lana's cosplays and photoshoots are so lazy and sloppily done. It makes me cringe when her sycophants buy several prints and display them on their walls. It's shit art they're proud of owning.


If anything, posting here going "please don't talk about me uwu" just makes people more willing to look into them further. The best way to avoid people looking into you is to keep a low profile and stop doing stuff that makes you worthy of being milked.

No. 4599

well she did recently said she lost alot of money

No. 4600


It was a humble brag. She still has plenty of money to do most of the things she wants.

No. 4601

File: 1542668532008.jpeg (200.27 KB, 800x1200, D9D96A38-4025-4BBE-A17A-16E15F…)

I agree that it’s stupid. The biggest issue with the cosplay is the wig, the dress is fine (although she does need to steam the wrinkles out of the sleeves.) The fabric is kind of cheap, but a talented cosplay photographer can make it look good. I don’t see why she wants a “perfect” cosplay if she’s going to dribble cumlube on it anyway?

No. 4602

Her under eye area is always so puffy and irritated, combined with the cosplay makeup she looks like she's recovering from an eye infection

No. 4603

imagine this is still heavily edited to hell and back her face looks like a train wreck and her cosplay is store bought halloween costume quality cosplay

No. 4604

File: 1542678952082.png (10.13 MB, 1125x2436, 7DFDCC74-1694-45C0-BFEE-7D7097…)

Those eyebrows.

No. 4605

File: 1542680087666.jpg (24.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

No. 4606

these are the make up tips other cam girls are DYING to find out by being in the 8loaded cult - pls lana make me as pretty as u

No. 4607

Reposting here because I was too retarded to realize that the other thread was old. lmao

I realize I'm super late but I remember watching her before she became "weeb famous". When she was just a camgirl with dyed hair, small tits and under 50 viewers.

Never really talked to her, just lurked. But I remember how she'd make these weird promised. I think I remember her getting a guy to make her a website. This was before manyvids was a thing. And she'd seem just super horny and would say shit like how she'd do gangbangs with fans. And her first videos would be of her going to suck cock at a gloryhole. All this weird shit. And then a few weeks later when she suddenly started getting viewers and tips for doing pretty much nothing, she'd just ban anyone who ask her about these things.

No. 4608


Did she call herself Lana Rain back then? Was she still pretending to be a gamer and otaku, or was she a bit ore honest about those things?

No. 4609

She's definitely the type of chick who just whores it up for attention. There's no two ways that Bianca wasn't a popular girl at school. This whole "I get attention from being a slut" thing is projection at its finest.

No. 4610

Her saying that was probably before eight started to sink his claws into her. Now shes loyal to him and doesn't want to do anything to hurt him. The guy was probably eight too. Since hes the tech guru of the cult.

No. 4611

I remember the gangbang one, the highest tippers would get to fuck her in one

No. 4612


Yeah, she did. It was on the same account. She was much less of a weeb back then. Still had normal colored hair. That was like around the time when Otaku camgirls started making bank. There was this thicc camgirl named "QuixoticButterfly" who'd just lie on her stomach, half naked/ half in cosplay and watch anime while making a lot of tokens. I guess Lana learned from her. (Not literally.)


Yeah I remember it like that too. Just that she did that more than once. Which makes sense of you organise gangbang. But of course it never happened. Same with the Gloryhole shit.

I also remember that eightloaded guy tipping a fuckton of coins. So many that I still recognize the name. I think he might've been there from the beginning. I remember him being her "advisor" and if anyone bought something they'd have to talk to him. No private messaging with her. Total whiteknight behaviour. After a while I just unfollowed because both of them were insufferable.

No. 4613


Also one thing I forgot to mention. I read that there was this whole confusion about ther age. And I think it stemmed from the fact that chaturbate allows you to fake your age. Ton's of camgirls I've been watching have been "18" for like 4 years now. I wouldn't wonder if she did the same. I'm gonna guess it brings you more viewers.

No. 4614


That came from the fact that some website said she graduated high school on a certain year, which someone did the math and it would have made her 16 at the time. I dunno, it was some weird rumor that I never bought into and ultimately felt like it distracted from the legit cruddy things she and Terrance have done.


I don't get it, because otaku is still pretty niche. She probably would have way more of an audience if she tried to appeal to the general population of people looking into camgirls rather than be fake and appeal to some nerds.

No. 4615


Because "normie camgirls" are like sand on the beach on that site. If you don't look like a supermodel or have a nice personality you need to stand out to make cash.

And virgin weebs are pretty pathetic little creatures. They'll stay with their "waifu" Lana and gladly give her money everytime so she stays happy as their internet girlfriend.

No. 4616


I can sort of get that, but I can't imagine being a complete fake for a good portion of your life just to get some money out of a handful of losers. I dunno, I just think she'd be far more successful and not have to lie to herself if she just aimed for a broader audience. For instance, instead of these weebs buying her a bunch of otaku shit that she really has no interest in, they could be buying her things that she actually want. She's stated numerous times that half of the characters she cosplays she hates or isn't even interested in the media they came from.

No. 4617

She knows that if you get them in deep they won't leave. She is a little of a weeb but she follows eights instructions. Her doing cosplays of characters she doesn't like is appealing to a broader audience. If she just did ones she like she'd loose a lot of her followers.

No. 4618

She has followers come and visit her. I bet they get high and have a god damn orgy. Unless Eight is a little bitch and wants lana all to himself. Which makes sense because she always has gf and never bf

No. 4619

IRS better get her and Terence soon.

No. 4620

Came to see if the whole camslut irs shit made it to her.

No. 4621

what are you talking about anon?

No. 4622

File: 1543212060870.jpg (305.15 KB, 1004x705, 1543171893068.jpg)


Probably referring to this, which is why I think it's cute when people in that industry are right leaning, lmao.

No. 4623

No. 4624

sorry for the double message. I think this thread needs to know that in Quebec, high school is structured differently than the rest of Canada and the US. Basically there's no middle school and high school is 5 years long. Therefore, kids usually graduate at 17 but if they're born between august and dec they can start a year early. So it is actually quite common to have kids graduate at 16

No. 4625

If you're not paying your taxes you are not right wing, and you probably don't have anything to worry about.

No. 4626

what are libertarians?

No. 4627


Libertarians are basically conservative on economic issues and liberal on social issues. More often than not, they're only playing lip service to those social issues as they're more than willing to throw people under the bus if it's good for the "free market".

No. 4628

what job do terence have (outside of being a pimp/cult leader)to bring in money?

No. 4629


It's suspected that he either has no job and just lives off of inheritance, he's a petty drug dealer, or both.

No. 4630

You don't get it, she resorts to weeb culture because she has no charms as a person,she would need a personality to please a broader audience without cosplays and cringy waifu moaning

No. 4631

Or he lives off of Lana's income

No. 4632

that because it not for her ,it for terence,if you ever see her talk about any of the stuff she have the one thing she always say is her friends like it or talked alot about it

No. 4633

File: 1543341786450.jpeg (Spoiler Image,222.01 KB, 1125x1262, F3B1F8F2-1F10-48F7-8750-12543E…)

Nova posting about cults the other day is oddly specific and definitely comes off as some Lana/Terrence hints.

No. 4634

I saw this too, couldn't help thinking the same thing.

No. 4635

File: 1543698232985.png (Spoiler Image,513.74 KB, 1440x2591, Screenshot_20181201-125956~2.p…)

I think they are trying to pretend Terrance is gone again. Also what do we know about that X guy?

No. 4636

X is just Lana's regular and suspected boyfriend, he would go by the name of xombeh on camsites

No. 4637

Also is a member of the cult

No. 4638

No. 4639

looks like she deleted every post she ever made

No. 4640

She’s just trying to move to twitch like a lot of failed camgirls do, but they always never realize they’ll make even less there

No. 4641

Now I don't know about all of you, but if I happened to find Terence pulling any of this kind of garbage on a sister or any women in my family. I would get my repeater loaded

No. 4642

I actually went through that article. It really goes in depth and exposes Lana and Eight as just being stupid horrible children in a mutually parasitic relationship.

No. 4643

Hi guys, this is "the minor" speaking. You probably don't care much to hear a cow mooing over expired milk, but I'd like to apologize for the language I had adopted around one year ago, back when I was 16, during the time of my involvement with the camming industry when confronting you over the matters that are being spoken about on this thread. I used to attempt at "trolling" and "shitposting" out of thirst for attention, or using the N word in my blissful ignorance as an italian who had barely studied and learned about slavery (but knew, to an extent, the dimensions of disrespectfulness the word held – hence I used it for shock value and pulled a Tana Mongeau). I know you'd rather have me answer other questions which you could kindly ask me if you'd like by quoting this comment, but to this day my childish behavior from back then really weighs on my heart. I'm sorry if I hurt or offended anyone with my thoughtlessness. That is all for now, sorry for breaking the chain and please carry on with your discussion!

No. 4644

File: 1543937177826.png (92.49 KB, 1139x833, lied.png)

Terence Sanchez and Bianca Cordisco are married.

No. 4645

im betting her regulars doesn't know this, as they still trying get her by moving closer to her

No. 4646

File: 1543946471826.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 4647

Bait or if it’s really you, the attention whoring and self importance is too stronk. I think you fit just right in the “cult” and it wasn’t just you being young and dumb

No. 4648

Great find, no idea how she's gonna react/front since shes kept the lie of ~not married~ for her whole ride

No. 4649

You must be retarded, learn how to take a bait
So what's with the old certificate he tweeted, was it forged?

No. 4650

I wonder if Bianca had ever regretted making these choices in her life? In some of those logs it almost seems like she's aware she's in an abusive relationship, yet she still defends Terrance and worships him like a god. I can only imagine how much lying to the public to keep up her image has actually damaged her mentally. She can't keep this up for too long, in a few years she's going to have a major meltdown and/or attempt suicide.

No. 4651

that was his original/ex wife he brags often about his friendship with her on twitter from time to time

No. 4652

my bet is turns troon and gets sjw money next as a fake boi

No. 4653

Wait, I thought Terrance didn't trust psychology/psychiatry? So how the fuck did he get on hormones? You need approval from a psychiatrist and/or psychologist before anyone will prescribe that shit to you, and usually you have to wait a year and live as said gender before you'd be allowed to transition. Something isn't adding up.

No. 4654

Judging by Tumblr there seem to be shortcuts to the traditional year long wait process.
I wouldn't put it past Ate Terry to use street hormones though. He can tell if they're legit via ~quantum magic~

No. 4655


Yeah, but the photos in that article show his full name and they look like legit prescriptions. So he had to have went to see a legit psychiatrist/psychologist.

No. 4656

you can find a doctor that will just give out hormones medication like painkillers

No. 4657

that a short video ,but you can guess what she leaves out

No. 4658

I wouldn't be surprise its to keep lana in the country. I doubt shes had to fill out a green card since she started being a cam whore.

No. 4659


People should link the article in the comments.

No. 4660

What did she leave out? Not up to date on any drama

No. 4661


She doesn't mention Terrance at all by name, and only vaguely references him in passing, mentioning "a friend" who helped her get an apartment.

Terrance was a major influence in how she got into camming and how she got to NY. I think they're leaving a lot of that out to put up a front, specifically to put on the front that she's independent and does everything herself. It's all marketing.

Also, if you check the comments section of the video, several people admit to also having autism. That's not the least bit surprising.

No. 4662

“He went into very extreme detail from smuggling gun parts from Vietnam piece by piece so any Federal/Regional authorities couldn’t track him and his collaborators, to giving us a layout plan of the building and how they ran in in a line so each room was cleared before any targets of the engagement could not regroup, and that he left 3 people alive. One he told run and if he gets shot he’s dead. Guy ran in a straight line non zigzag formation and was shot in the leg then he shot him in the dick and let him bleed out, Second guy he challenged to a fight the guy lost, he beheaded him with a Bowie knife he said the blood was more he even imagined from a human decapitation and that he told the guy “don’t die don’t die” in Filipino as he sawed his neck from the bone, the last guy begged for a quick death when he asked “wanna play a game,” Terence shot him.”

No. 4663

you can do it doing her mv stream ,as her regulars have no mod power there so you can see their reaction in real time

No. 4664

File: 1544297505334.jpg (875.61 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181208-193034.jpg)

Two days ago.

No. 4666

five o'clock shadow isn't very kawaii

No. 4667

Does anyone see how badly Lana is balding? It's only a matter of time before she becomes completey ugly.

No. 4669

Her nose is taking an unsettling amount of space on her face yet she could still look half decent with a more suited styling. A proeminent nose doesn’t have to mean auto ugly curse. The kawaii shit just brings out the worst in her features, so tragic

No. 4671

I think she believes herself to look like a "real life anime girl" with the big eyes, then lips etc.

No. 4672

Thin lips*

No. 4673

File: 1544325514286.jpg (661.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181209-031757.jpg)

The balding.

No. 4677

Also didn't that Nova girl also use those fake freckles. I think she stopped using them after Lana started doing it.

No. 4678

This doesn't really look like balding to me, just a big forehead and an unfortunate hair texture

No. 4679

The large amount of baby hairs around the forehead indicate that there’s some hair loss going on.

No. 4680

The balding is pretty bad, do you think it is because of wig use?

No. 4681


Possibly drug use.

No. 4682

File: 1544456556935.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.01 KB, 2048x1145, 41780443-57A5-4954-B91F-9E673A…)

New Weiss video out.
I don’t understand how she can go on about being a “perfectionist” and have her cosplay makeup look so nasty.

No. 4685

Yeah. Like, you can be a perfectionist and still not have stuff look good due to lack of practice etc. But she's been doing this for over five years now? It's not tricky to learn how to do makeup that suits what you're doing, it's just a little time consuming. There's no need to have super heavy makeup caked on like you're doing a stage performance and people can't see your eyes unless you outline them.

No. 4686

she too dumb to understand adding more makeup doesn't make you look younger

No. 4687

I want to watch the video just for the fuck of it but how could she forget one of the thing that makes Weiss, Weiss. Where the fuck is her scar!

No. 4688

File: 1544527663610.png (472.45 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20181211-031413.png)

Got me wondering who this "Jayson" guy is who is now editing her videos/ potentially living with them or at least near them

No. 4696

File: 1544527726504.png (Spoiler Image,133.14 KB, 1440x1091, Screenshot_20181211-032219~2.p…)

I assume it's this dude since he's been in a lot of photos with them lately

No. 4698

File: 1544527820341.png (Spoiler Image,801.39 KB, 1440x1646, Screenshot_20181211-032437~2.p…)


No. 4700

that lana eight marriage day is the same one from the one he showed marrying the russian lady

No. 4701

confused, is this from a video she made and didn't cut out or part of the theme? I don't get the sentence being said

No. 4702

File: 1544644174225.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.82 KB, 1224x1632, IMG_20181212_144608.jpg)

Lana posted a new Misty cosplay today. She specifically mentions that the wig is "improved" which is a weird call out. (Still shit IMO)

No. 4719

Pretty sure it's some kind of bloopers reel. But it's strange to caption "Jayson" who is X, and "that dumb bitch" who is obviously Terrance.

It's disgusting how lana boasts at the end of her videos about how she edits her own content and has no one helping her, when she obviously has a team behind her.

No. 4720

Foundation is super splotchy and her eyebrows are a weird grayish color. This is hardly an improvement.

No. 4721

When will this bitch watch a good eyebrow tutorial?

No. 4722

Wait why did she make her eyebrows white?? Misty has brown eyebrows.

No. 4723

Do autists never clean or what? What's all that trash on the floor and cats food and hair, amount of trash they are living in already disgusts me so much. I think you can even see some dirt under her nails and on her thumb. Maybe she cannot do her brows because she's so uwu oversensitive because of her autism? But yeah, dildoing oneself for hours is also not so easy, so I dunno how to explain those grey caterpillars.

Dreamer/Shane recently bragged that he bought an amazing wig for his Jack Frost cosplay, it's so purrrfect and it was 160$ or something. Knowing them I predict the cosplay will be as bad as fuck.

No. 4724

Strange. So he didn't marry the Russian lady and it was all a ruse?

No. 4725

She's doing another psuedo-bestiality video with that Misty cosplay. How long before she actually starts having sex with dogs?

No. 4726

why do they keep using numbers like computer software updates?

No. 4729

bet if asked she will say she will be into it if the animal is ok with it,as a smarter person will try to dismiss it as a fantasy to never act out on real animals.

No. 4731


In one of her curiouscat asks, she mentions she can't fap to anything that can't be acted out in real life. So, that leads me to believe that she'd totally be down for fucking a dog.

No. 4733

Man I know it's hard to style wigs but "I can't trim my wig without making it look blocky" is like the #1 tutorial for this stuff. You can't just chop parts off.

No. 4735

File: 1545205168526.png (Spoiler Image,122.74 KB, 1440x763, Screenshot_20181218-233808~2.p…)

Who do you think he's talking about? Who's the newest addition to the cult?

No. 4737

File: 1545222190842.png (81.22 KB, 598x640, Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 13.1…)

Why do you spoiler all sfw pictures?

Is she not using Chaturbate anymore? Does she only cam on ManyVids? It makes me wonder why did she decide to do simulated zoophilia stuff. I just can't imagine her sitting in her trash and thinking, "Ok, like so there are those neckbeard like perverts who like to jack off to dogs like fucking anime grills so this is what I'm gonna do like to make like a lot of money". No, she's stupid for that. Is it then Terence? And anyways, I think it's stupid as fuck, is it really a big market for zoo porn with anime?

No. 4744

she live stream on youtube now

No. 4745

they an amateur porn couple, terence write the script that get him off or just steal them from the last anime porn he found (explaining the lame and cringy lines),then lana act them out for him on video,then sell the results after editing the parts he dislike out. besides most of her videos have the same themes rape, gangbang/gang rape or a type of zoophilia , without researching the characters she plays to build a story around or act close to their personalities,just making each one she play fully submissive with no difference between the videos

No. 4746

File: 1545251196702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,562.87 KB, 2880x1887, 6D51A867-3A67-4748-AC9F-5073AB…)

Misty video is up

No. 4751

Why doesn't she just get quality wigs for her vids? She makes money off her vids. She should invest that money into stuff she needs for her vids. Shes not smart enough to realize that and instead is gonna re-edit a vid instead of having quality shit for her vids.

No. 4752


I don’t understand why she uploads it if it’s so shitty that she’s going to have to edit it. Why not just wait and reshoot it until it looks fine and then upload it? Reminds me of when game developers rush to make money and start selling a glitchy ass game only to “fix” it months later.

No. 4753

it more than likely that eight is low on money now and she have to make up for it meaning less money for cosplay item , and she can't beg her followers for more stuff or it will make her look poorer than she already look

No. 4755

Horrifying. She looks like Kathy Griffin in that picture.

No. 4756

New terrible video. Sobobody should tell her to stop polluting Internet with herself.

No. 4763

I call this makeup "Recovering from a recent pepper spray attack". Please tell me why she thinks a literal shit ton of blush that doesn't match her skin tone at all is an acceptable appearance? She always looks like she's getting over an allergic reaction, or has some kind of infection.

No. 4764

File: 1545681840939.jpg (22.56 KB, 863x121, stream.JPG)

Not sure if you guys give a shit but she'll be streaming later today.

Probably a good way to ask her about stuff like that >>4644

No. 4766

Funny how Terence used to troll Jessi Slaughter, but Lana would have been on her way to that point without him managing her life.

No. 4767


Stop promoting Lana here, Terence.

No. 4768


he's willing to go to people that despise them for a few more possible viewers. How shallow.

No. 4769


I know I'm late, but it appears that person was Veronica. Somehow they manupulated her back into their cult. A little disappointing because I thought she was smarter than that. But maybe now they can be public about it since she's finally legal.

No. 4770

Those were two different anons posting, you dumbass. The gnome is too busy with mushrooms and his scientific paper to post here.

So was she online and if so where was it? Got any milk?

No. 4771

Any proof its veronica?

No. 4772

Her birthday is on the 19th, he later tweeted at her happy birthday

No. 4773

Hopefully Vero doesn't fall for the same bullshit.

No. 4774

could she just be doing it to get back at them or to milk them some more? she did come here to post not that long ago

No. 4775


was her nose always that crooked?
i just noticed it
looks like its been broken before

No. 4776

yeah it has been, the bad make up and weird lighting they use makes it stand out more than when she used a logitech cam and shoe angles

No. 4777

>>4756 Wow she sounds like she was simply an awkward teenager what a special snowflake. Seems like she’s always been obsessed with herself and it’s stuck in the iamverysmart phase. Her autism might or might not have that much to do with it but she isn’t over shit. She’s still in an abusive relationship and social skills are nule. Tbh with a face like that I’d have some deep rooted frustrations too

No. 4778

File: 1546145033563.jpg (388.19 KB, 1067x1423, 20181229_233027.jpg)

Quantum 8 is suing this dude who did a really long/detailed expose on him and Lana.

Milk includes verified screenshots of Lana revealing that Terrence pulled an Onision with the minor. And that he shared nudes of the minor to people, in person.


No. 4779

File: 1546145065233.jpg (663.98 KB, 1062x1889, 20181229_233042.jpg)

No. 4784

Streisand effect.

No. 4785

frankly nick is a cow but damn did he back everything up

No. 4786

File: 1546180289975.jpg (510.63 KB, 1080x2017, 20181230_092039.jpg)

Here's where Terrence whines about not getting enough sex and having a breakdown because Lana is seeing someone other than him.

Gonna see if I can get screenshots of the texts Lana sent to someone of his entire hissyfit, but on my phone they're made for ants, sorry.

No. 4787

He might be a cow, but damn he's a smart fucking cow. The amount of work and thoroughness that he put into his article is damn impressive. He also summarized pretty much complete workings of their dysfunctional relationship.

No. 4788

File: 1546376939414.png (Spoiler Image,2.62 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190101-130351.png)

In the photo Terrance recently posted in Lana's house, there seems to be a male figure. The hair and height difference leaves me to believe it's Jason (Xavier) Which some people have speculated that he lives with them since now he is helping with shooting Lana's videos.

No. 4796

I pity Lana to some degree.
It just really looked like Terence liked Veronica due to being ripe and inexperienced in his point of view. He knew V could have replaced Lana if it weren't for his stupidity in being public about the grooming. There is no proof Vero would bother going back to the cult, she contributed to nickmon's article willingly.

No. 4797

look like she got over it, and doing the lesbian(trans) sex terence wanted ,by the looks of her twitter posts

No. 4798

I hope Terence and Lana get cucked by the CAD they themselves sent, they deserve to actually get hit with reprecussions for all the bullshit they do and Lana especially deserves to actually get fined for something considering her flashing at the kids play park etc kek

No. 4799

I think eevee and lana made up

No. 4800

proof? i highly doubt that, eevees career was ruined and she has boderline ptsd after dealing w/ them, also shes asked 3x to not be posted about here

No. 4801

why was eevee's career ruined?

No. 4802


Vero is definitely back in the cult. She liked this post from Terrance.


I wonder what made her go back? I mean really, what makes someone go back to the person that shared CP of yourself?

No. 4803

cam career i should say, from being attacked. They would send lanas tippers into the room or 8 would talk shit about her during shows until she'd cry and log off. They bad mouthed so bad she went back to vanilla, shame cause she could make bank.

No. 4804

They follow each other on Twitter

No. 4805

Maybe both Vero and Eevee are plotting revenge. This isn't the first time Vero forgives them and puts them on blast afterwards, not too sure about Eevee but she was defending Nova a week back so.

No. 4806


People are expedient. This was most likely the closest relationship that she's ever had and it's pretty hard to build something new because that takes work and requires novelty. It's far easier for her to go back to something she's used to.

No. 4807

File: 1547238251244.png (161.14 KB, 1440x999, Screenshot_20190111-122240~2.p…)

Shane is moving out from cult house and back to LA. Even if for family reasons, let's hope he is smart enough to never go back

No. 4808


She has friends offline though. Certain, she could find a better relationship than a middle-aged edgelord druggie pedophile.

No. 4809


She has friends offline though. Certain, she could find a better relationship than a middle-aged edgelord druggie pedophile.

No. 4810

File: 1547410274391.jpg (61.61 KB, 724x318, 1.JPG)


hope pic related isn't about this situation.

No. 4811

More then likely what it is.

No. 4812

Why does Lana write "IT" on her instagram when she's more Canadian than Italian on the grounds that she doesn't speak Italian and was born and spent her entire life in Montreal - Quebec?

No. 4813

Why the fuck would Vero go back to them after contributing to Nick's article? What a little fucking attention whore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4814

File: 1548357559767.jpg (84.69 KB, 1080x1350, 49751075_330605934219277_85233…)

No. 4815

Are you promoting or what fag?

No. 4816

Pic could look cute, too bad about the shoe like face

No. 32428

Her chin is just so damn long plus she also def has horseface going on(no1curr)

No. 39829

because she dumb and did an ancestry test with italian being the highest percent she got

No. 42242

Has anyone noticed that she stopped camming as much and has been making more videos. Also not to mention the fact is she has stopped showing her tits in all her media?

No. 42716

The equivalent what she did is like a second-third generation Japanese American who's great grandparents were interned in ww2 calling themselves a pure Japanese person when only one grandparent is the only Japanese and they have Scottish ancestry and don't speak a lick of Japanese.

As a Canadian I'm slightly offended Lana would abandon that

No. 43301

she mostly stopped camming after her falling out with Novastorm who quit camming,and she stopped showing her breast for more then a year but show them recently in her last video

No. 43820

Vero thread when?

No. 43879

But why?

No. 44234

How are Lana's finances doing now since she's pretty much stopped camming? There's no way her video sales alone can pay for her luxurious life. We all know she doesn't save anything.

No. 44286

File: 1555459974441.png (161.54 KB, 1216x676, Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 7.09…)

So Terrence tweeted this two days ago, and Lana's likes in the past 24hrs are pictures of hamsters…

If she turns into another pet youtuber, I don't think I could ever stop laughing.

No. 50871

That's crazy man, No updates on this trainwreck?(necro)

No. 50977

If anyone wants to go nuclear just submit a tip to the relevant authorities with that video of her leaking lube out of her ass in front of random strangers in downtown Manhattan. Open and shut case, Johnson.(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 56114

I'm listening to the you must remember podcast about Charlie Manson and I can't notice that there are a ton of similarities between terrance and Manson.

They both found their insecure marks, espouse the idea of free love and encourage the notion of enlightenment with the selves as the leader alongside with LSD/shrooms for the purpose of brainwashing. They also held extreme grudges against people who've spoken up against them and have gone to extreme lengths for "revenge".

Anyways any new milk?(necro)

No. 56809


I think Lana and Terrance are dead cows at this point. Neither have done anything worthwhile; either they learned to stop sperging because that causes you to have negative attention drawn to you or they're currently busy trying to keep themselves afloat since she's stopped camming and Terrance's inheritance is running dry.

No. 56810


Sorry for the double post, but people have already reported these two to the authorities. However, there are much bigger fish to fry and it's a lot harder to go after someone who has abused a child from a different country. That child is now an adult anyway, so nothing can ever be done about it. Lana and Terrance put children in danger and even abused an impressionable teenager and they got away with it.

No. 65256

I'm new to the whole Lana drama, and it's pretty weird seeing an ongoing drug sex cult. She's still married to eightloaded and he turned himself into a tranny?

No. 67490

Hey, I was in Lana's Patreon (Now I'm out of there since I learnt about this)
I entered at her discord and many of her fans are worshiping her like a God. But after a few weeks, Terence tried to make me part of the cult, but I denied because I was in another country.

He called me an hypocrite, a bitch ass and things about shrooms and liberation…

I was in depression because of her. I really thought her and I could have been friends, but since I learned that she is a racist, pedophile slut, I just hate her…

No. 67491

I feel better now, but things are going weirdly for them. Chibella Chan or whatever her name is, started camming in ManyVids so the story isn't over yet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67506

if you're gonna necro at the very least post caps or gtfo

No. 69905

long interview,

No. 70138

This interview is a few years old, it's a repost

Also Terrance is back on a rampage on Twitter

No. 81454

Anyone ever seen Veronica's drawings looking inconsistent?(necromancy)

No. 85555

she made a new dumb youtube video on relationships(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101977

god,this is so empty. also, she made a dumb video again(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 101978

we should do something for her birthday. just for the lulz.

No. 116887

No one cares about her anymore? Isn't what she did kinda cancel-worthy?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 116901

You have to stop bumping this dead thread unless there's something new.

No. 116993

lmfao this Terence dude is basically the weeb version of Tiger King.

No. 117112

Christ what a shitshow. So did Eight force her to get her shitty boobjob? And who the hell did he inherit all that money from? He's supposed to be from a poor immigrant family.
I'll be sure to join her birthday stream for the lulz.

No. 117848

File: 1603658969641.jpg (451.49 KB, 960x1280, EjxoHJjWsAM44Gx.jpg)

Does Eight not allow her to go out in public unless she's drugged up? Also, apparently Sasha (Lana's ex-bf) passed away recently. I guess that's one way to escape Eight's cult.

No. 118613

So apparently she's fighting with her family over who gets to inherit her grandmother's condo. Claims she wants it to preserve the memory of her grandma, but we all know it's gonna become the new den for Ter's cult. Wonder if her family even knows or cares about the fucked up situation she's in. Anyways, she'll be streaming again on her birthday, first time in years.

No. 118715

Let's make it official then. If you want, you can join on her birthday, and I don't know… Maybe watch her say or do something stupid. Let's remind her that we're always watching.(no)

No. 118909

Unfortunately she'll probably limit chat to tippers only.

Also, I find it hilarious that she says "If you guys get me a gift for my birthday I'll thank you personally!!" Bitch, isn't that the LEAST you can do for a stranger who's buying you shit?

No. 124539

Lana is basically what happens to egirls after they "peak" or whatever. Sharing an apt in Jersey City with like three guys (I guess one of them has to have a job to make rent) and getting some change from selling videos online of putting carrots up your ass while wearing a wig. There isn't anything more that's going to happen to her until her looks/body go past the point anyone wants to watch her anymore.

So now you gotta wonder, what happens to egirls after they age out of selling clips of their butthole on onlyfans?(necro)

No. 125425

did Shane end up dying from AIDS?(necro)

No. 127172

File: 1608456990000.jpeg (176.31 KB, 1125x627, 0050EB3B-0864-443E-A4FB-581D19…)

Nova just confirmed everything

No. 127173

You could at least archive and link it.

Truth be told I am surprised Lanas thread has only existed purly for necro bumps, she seems like the exact sort who deserves more attention here.

No. 127181

This shit is insane, it reminds me of that Final Fantasy house cult from years ago. The lowest level of old school shitty weebs that are so fuckin broken from the real world and attract only very traumatized and mentally ill ppl into their cult because no sane person would stand them for more than a few minutes . They are a danger for vulnerable young, impersonable persons. This shit should go out for ppl who may be attracted to Lana’s “success” to be careful

No. 127232

Nice that nova finally came out but ultimately nothing will come from this. Manyvids certainly won't ban their cash cow.

No. 127293

File: 1608501768720.png (334.63 KB, 1524x1316, Screenshot (87).png)


She really does need more attention, what she has done in the past is disgusting. They are fighting on Twitter if it matters, there is so much going on.

No. 127302

File: 1608503486295.jpeg (978.95 KB, 1284x2094, 84007612-2BA7-4C04-A71F-6831D9…)

More assinine shit these ppl did. They need to be pushed out of the community. Young traumatised teens or adult sex workers with mental traumas are at risk of being even more traumatised if they get lured into the cult

No. 127303

File: 1608503602293.jpeg (1006.99 KB, 1284x2244, 7DC4C51D-EE31-4D3D-B193-4F2604…)

Lana Rain viciously defending her spouse doing all the fucked up shit because she’s as much of an abuser as he is even if maybe at first she was one iof the victims. These ppl are a lost cause

No. 127310

File: 1608505790759.jpg (580.34 KB, 1080x1722, 20201220_180907.jpg)

No. 127316

File: 1608507635059.jpeg (831.54 KB, 1284x2054, FCD7E48B-F2DC-46B0-A536-C8D2F3…)

Eeeveee’s statement is heartbreaking tbh, I did not expect so much fucked up shit when I clicked on it. This is text book cultish predatory and super manipulative act. These ppl deserve to be here more than a lot of the overshooped boring cows but they’ve been ignored because their victims, apart from Nova seem to be very little known and not succesful enough to make noise until now

No. 127349

Unless the 16-year-old girl comes forward, this will all be swept under the rug and forgotten again in a few days. Right now there are more people defending Lana/Eight than there are accusers.

No. 127354

File: 1608518778445.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 860x1720, Screenshot_20201220-214539.png)

Terence pointed a knife to a guy just because he was pushed during an argument apparently, Nova posted the video on Twitter

No. 127355

File: 1608519015894.jpg (Spoiler Image,288.46 KB, 1010x2048, 20201220_214817.jpg)

Nova also posted this statement. Flagged as spoiler in case sexual assault triggers anyone.

No. 127363

File: 1608522535280.jpg (698.89 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201220-224810_Twi…)


Lana has already stared Vero wants nothing to do with this drama, funny enough its coming from Lana.

No. 127364

Whoa what the fuck

No. 127393

File: 1608530933002.png (117.99 KB, 1440x556, Screenshot_20201221-010749.png)

No. 127395

File: 1608531172019.png (200.12 KB, 1440x1056, Screenshot_20201221-011207.png)

No. 127397

Who is the guy fighting with Terence?

No. 127400

I think his name is ID. One of lana’s mods.

No. 127424

File: 1608556094773.gif (3.66 MB, 341x250, ate terry.gif)

The knife is one thing, but it's nice to have confirmation that Terence is shaped like Miss Juicy.

No. 127428

File: 1608558369586.png (134.96 KB, 1440x781, Screenshot_20201221-084436.png)

"we only dated for 1.5 years when she was from 20-21 & it wasn't romantic" the fuck does the word dating mean to this guy

No. 127430

Samefagging but this is not true, the only people on Eight's side are Lana's regulars who have zero credibility for crystal clear reasons. It's a couple of simps versus several alleged victims with more proof to back up their claims than Eight does. In one of Nova's tweets another girl was mentioned (the one who had a seizure at the cult's den) so they must have even more victims that are yet to speak up

No. 127431

File: 1608560258587.jpg (12.69 KB, 513x152, 20201221_091503.jpg)


No. 127434

He will say that is “in the past” too lol, even events from like 1-2 years ago are in the past and solved for them, they should not be held accountable for anything in this world. Is everyone elses’s fault and the circumstances of course, they only have good intentions and any haturz just wnat views from her relatively pathetic social media reach even when compared to the average ethot

No. 127436

File: 1608561490942.jpg (557.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201221-093253_Twi…)


Im hoping more girls come forward, however I have a feeling a lot of them are scared. The girl who had the seizure came forward and said she had a seizure because of LSD she took a week and a half to two weeks prior. I'm not a drug expert but does LSD have that long term effect? Seems odd.


No. 127437

File: 1608561523108.jpg (713.15 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201221-093305_Twi…)

No. 127438

File: 1608561571288.jpg (661.2 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201221-093316_Twi…)



Also she responded to herself in an odd way

No. 127468

Its crazy how that short, ugly, chubby dude was able to recruit so many girls like that. I guess all it took was lana rains success to bring in all the girls that wanted to be like her. In that video, he looks like he is on crack and just seems mentally unstable. He also has a very punchable face. He claims hes a genius but in the video he just seems like a wanna be thug…and now hes a girl?

No. 127477

Yeah no this is weird, you wouldn't be tripping two weeks later after doing 1 tab. Although it is possible she just has epilepsy and had a regular seizure triggered by the lights, but then why wouldn't she say that?

No. 127480

Keep in mind that they might have been threatened to keep quiet. Nova herself didn't speak out until 2 years later. Veron (the 16-year-old) is talking a bit on Twitter (@veron_pan) but will not make a direct accusation.

No. 127492

after all these years is still crazy for me how this ugly horseface aspie and that lunatic midget were kinda """thriving""" on camwhoring? anyways i agree im happy Nova is finally coming forward with all this how the internet is right now i dont think lana will come clean.

No. 127496

I learned about this thread through the first Nova post, as she linked to it. Going through all the posts, it's crazy that this has been talked about for years, but now it's really exploding. I was never a fan of Lana, much less when she got that botchjob. So seeing that Nova post got me excited at first, excited at the prospect of cancelling a mediocre performer, but this is not what I expected at all. Wow.

No. 127498

File: 1608575666485.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.49 KB, 1125x699, 6BBDBE9B-B36F-49C1-890F-38C625…)

No. 127499

File: 1608575702277.jpeg (Spoiler Image,512.75 KB, 1125x876, 848EDEAE-F49D-44AC-A5F1-199BCE…)

No. 127502

reading this shit made me realize drugs truly are the shortcut to getting pussy

No. 127503

Thats if the girls do drugs though. Terrance was already involved with lana before that. it doesnt seem like terrance got play with anyone else. he touched nova but she didnt like it and it doesnt seem like he ever met the minor. all their talk from what ive seen are online.(namefagging)

No. 127546

The only reason she got so big is because Terrence bankrolled her with huge tips at the beginning. She's been declining ever since

No. 127550

File: 1608590726032.jpeg (82.91 KB, 621x879, 327EA074-97AC-4B67-914A-F6026B…)

No. 127551

He was active on gaming and anime forums before he met Lana, she can't be the first he tried to manipulate. Lana is just the first that he successfully baited because she was so lonely and autistic, when she eventually made a name for herself she worked as the one to bait other sex workers in for him. If you think about it these are all girls with traumas caused by abusive exes, so the guy has a pattern, probably to prove he's the exception not the rule

No. 127562

Oh absolutely. He knows what he's doing

No. 127566

She declining because she super lazy and haven't been doing her camshow for 2 years and her videos are recycling the same 3 or 4 positions and camera angles with a lot of dead fake moans.

No. 127567


Still consistently top 1 or 2 in Manyvids every month. Her fans don't care about this stuff.

No. 127570

I'm new to this cow, can anyone fill me in on why they got married?

No. 127578

Exactly what this anon said. Terrance was always her largest tipper and funded the entire thing with a large inheritance he's been very quickly burning through. It's only a matter of time they are both broke.

No. 127588

She needed a visa to move from Canada to New York

No. 127589

probably her cult dumping money into it to keep her on top. remember the only reason people join her little cult is because she on top and believe she could help them.

No. 127688

Well this was a fun dead-cat-bounce. As I predicted, this will all be swept under the rug again. Until next time folks.

No. 127698

It was good until it lasted, many vids should have enough information to incriminate her business by now but if they didn't budge at Nick's article there's little chance they will deplatform her now.

No. 127946

File: 1608745118094.jpg (341.61 KB, 1080x2108, 20201223_093532.jpg)

Eevee is still tweeting about how abused the cats are. This is so disturbing

No. 127947

File: 1608745250818.jpg (200.85 KB, 1080x1704, 20201223_093925.jpg)

No. 127959

I mean the way they treat human beings is repulsive I can only dare to imagine the lack of respect for the life of animals they probably have . It’s damn sad that they will still prey on vulnerable individuals forever, it’s how they function. The older they get it’s harder to change

No. 127970

I mean regularly beating your pets to death is pretty unhinged for even the most malignant narcissist yknow? This is like serial killer shit. And apparently Lana just lets Ter do this

No. 127981

They need to make a clip stating which date they're filming the cats in and doing something, anything that Eevee tells them to to prove it's not an outdated video with a voice over. It might sound extreme but it's for the welfare of the animals and Terence is a massive liar.

Don't say it's serial killer shit, that will just boost his Bateman ego

No. 127982

File: 1608756786867.png (400.94 KB, 1440x2204, Screenshot_20201223-155024.png)

Terrance we're still waiting for your lawyers you threatened us with years ago

No. 127984

File: 1608756810648.png (401.16 KB, 1440x2213, Screenshot_20201223-155032.png)

No. 127986

File: 1608757128401.png (132.73 KB, 1440x752, Screenshot_20201223-155431.png)

They're all sharing the same shit hole of an apartment holy shit. How can it fit all these lunatics

No. 127989

File: 1608758184879.jpg (268.39 KB, 1080x2018, 20201223_131518.jpg)

This guy lives there too. Who are all these people wtf

No. 127990

File: 1608758460928.jpg (213.01 KB, 1080x1589, 20201223_132038.jpg)

No. 127994

They're all old regulars of Lana

No. 127996

Terrance's very convincing side of the story: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srh2uh
His explanation of how Nova's lies work: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1srh31b

No. 128005

Why do they move in though? This really is a cult yeesh

No. 128006

He stated that 5 people lived with them for 3 years and have no problems with them. He's being vague. Are they regulars or lana who would do anything to live with their fantasy girl?

No. 128040

People react differently to drugs, and people with genetic dispositions to certain conditions can be triggered by drugs. Including seizures.

No. 128049

She said she took the LSD 2 weeks prior to the seizure though

No. 128052

Definitely not the same regulars if so, the Soul guy said he's been living with them "for a little over a year now" >>127990

No. 128056


I have a hard time believing anything Terrence says. How many people have come out stating Lana & Terrance are toxic, plus there are videos of them being toxic.

Yeah does it really take LSD two weeks after its taken to cause seizures, seem odd.

No. 128062

No it definitely does not, thats why her story seems weird. She probably was on something the night she had the seizure but is saying she wasn't to save face?

No. 128066

I wouldn't be surprised if hes just saying hes been their for over year. Xavier has been there for at least 3 years.

She could have been in something the night before. Still though for him to tell at someone who can't handle shrooms their first time either.

Not to mention the fact is Terrance is saying that he isnt sexually active yet people came out about him and lana fucking and sending porn to a minor. Also he is getting mad about peoplw calling him out for grooming Lana even though that's what happened.

No. 128070


Its weird as fuck they say they aren't in a relationship yet they are married, live together and still fuck.

If it wasnt cow tipping I would say call the United States Citizen and Immigration and let them know the relationship was faked so Lana gets her greencard revoked, I doubt its that easy.

No. 128073

“Very convincing” his brain is so fried from shrooms I dont trust anything he says

No. 128078

She's insane, wtf kind of camgirl lets a bunch of her fans all live with her.

No. 128079

It's called irony, anon. Look it up.

No. 128080

Yeah it seems to be a rotating cast of characters living there too. They must be like live in servants for her? Like they wait on her or do what she asks? I don't get the point otherwise

No. 128083

>Its weird as fuck they say they aren't in a relationship yet they are married, live together and still fuck.
Gotta keep up the illusion that she's still "available" to what's left of her fanbase. Especially if they think they have a chance to move in and live with her.

Imagine joining a fat hobbit's half assed shroom cult to try to get a peek at his autistic, butterfaced camgirl wife's pussy irl. kek

No. 128123

No. 128125

It seems like you all have very little understanding of psychedelics in general to not know that the effects of lsd can last that long in a person, and in fact can result in effecting the person for years to lifelong. HPPD or hallucinogen persisting perception disorder can cause a person to see or feel things they would while high long after they take the substance. Sorry for the prior comment, never commented on mobile before and fucked up.

No. 128131

File: 1608811955564.png (465.99 KB, 1440x1828, Screenshot_20201221-091647.png)

It's funny how he pretends to feel threatened by some fake account's trolling after he sent Lana's minions after every person that's argued with him before to bully them.

No. 128137

It can't last that long in a person anon. You're wrong. Its a common misconception about LSD but once it's over its over. LSD trips last about 12 hours on 1 tab.

No. 128140

Looks like he already deleted this lol

No. 128159

Maybe if she took more than one tab, but only on that quantity it's very unlikely someone would trip for two weeks. She is either covering for them, lying about what and how much of it she took, or she has a condition she's unaware of

No. 128175

I feel like they were all rolling that night tbh and no one wants to say that

No. 128182

He must have realized how much of a beta he sounds like now

No. 128564

I wonder how the cult dynamic works. How much money does one have to give to live with Lana and Terrence and does Lana get passed around the high tippers

No. 128576

File: 1608981560397.png (262.21 KB, 1440x1492, Screenshot_20201226-061540.png)

Instead of changing this guy keeps saying the same shit all the time. Bro, your mistakes were made even way past your teenage years. You were almost thirty years old.

No. 128584

This is hilarious coming from the guy who has beaten cats to death in the last year

No. 129640

I wonder if there is a degree of envy with Belle Delphine.
Think they would try to start shit with her?

No. 129796

They wouldn't, nobody would ever care unless Belle herself gave them attention, which is unlikely. In the case she does decide to acknowledge them they might get their moment of spotlight, but I can't see them benefitting from it so much. I think it's more likely that they are envious of other e-models like Hidori tbh.

No. 130029

Guess its different in this world, especially since Belle Delphine may transition into more "professionally" once she gets into contact with Riley Reid, I guess its different since Belle is also a personality. You would think they would try to punch up, you know clout chase I guess, not sure how much longer Terence can keep up this charade since his inheritance money be a few digits left.

No. 136306

This would be possibly cowtipping but i somehow managed to know her harem's place. Soho lofts, minutes away from the david bowie mural.

No. 137547

>>136306 why would anyone care about that though. Nobody in their right mind would try and make use of that information, only her creepier fans who want so desperately to meet her in person for perverted reasons. Not that she was that discreet about her location anyway, but still

No. 140413

She moved back to Canada. Guess she's planning on living in her grandmothers house. How long before they absolutely trash the place?

No. 140451

Did the cult go with her?

No. 140462

File: 1614972282364.jpg (344.72 KB, 1080x1217, 20210305_142341.jpg)


Post pictures anon. We dont know that for sure, she could have just gone up to visit.

No. 170176

File: 1630432776870.jpg (25.6 KB, 580x188, 7tMB3Z2.jpg)

Seems like she moved back to Montreal. Not sure who came with her. Was she not making rent in NJ? From previous posts it sounds like she was basically given her grandmothers house after she died.

No. 170703

I always thought Terence Sanchez/Eightloaded/Infiniteloaded/Bloodcalibur was covering. Not sure if it was last year or the year before but someone shared the dude had liquid with $400k. I'm sure atleast half if spent unless he gets a cut of Bainca's and whomever he/she is grooming for cams.

No. 171338

He inherited 450K back in 2015. I have no idea how much he has now and I don't think Lana even has enough to cover her life expenses

No. 171355

I remember him posting screenshots of his bank account and he was blowing through thousands within weeks. Imagine inheriting almost half a mil and having nothing to show for it other than some square boobed hook nosed camgirl's failing career, a grooming legacy and cringey screencaps from twitter. kek

No. 178599

That was just the money in his bank account. i am sue he invested some of it. if it was back in 2016 he should have at least tripled what ever he invested.

For Lana don't know if she is stil top model on MV but all her videos are online so no idea why someone would pay for them. She also seems lazy as fuck. like her prime is over for a couple of years now.

About Nova, she tried moving to Austin to hang out with big twitch streamers. most of them avoided her but she was hanging out with Reckful before he killed himself while he was microdosing on Shrooms. Also her Ex boyfriend MitchJones(twitch streamer/musican) started taking shrooms after getting with her.

Would ike to know what dealer they are all using down in austin. I know they can just order it from the darkweb, but Nova showing up and everyone started taking shrooms is kinda weird.

No. 178600

i came here from the twitch/camgirl threads.
Nothing to do atm moment so i was reading roughly through the blog ppost about 8.

Nver payed for any camgirls on cb/mfc/mv you can find all th stuff you want using a search engine. like lanas first shows before she became the anime "queen" are still up and never gotten DMCAd.
Love that the blog post points out Lanas tip goal druing her 19th birthday stram (anal cumshow ass to mouth).
Eevee also used to do ass 2 mouth on the regular when she sarted streaming.
Videos of them doing it are still up on camwhores.tv
Maybe a fetish of 8?

About 8,he/she used the drkweb early so he probablly has some bitcoin he made bank with.
Obviously into teen girls so loaded up a bunch of btc to buy "porn".
Also he/she posted pictures to trips to the Czech Republic. EU country pretty lax drug laws, highest producer of methamphetamines in the western world. Czech and German sellers used to be the biggest ones on silk road back then. i even knew of people in the early 2010s going to czech to buy molly in 1000 quantity for $3 a pill to sell at rves for $10 per pill.

About Reckful, not going to blame Nova for it since Reckful was also hanging out with Destiny, who makes no huge deal about taking shrooms and other drugs on a regular basis.
But kinda weird to me that when Nova showed up and she has pictures with Reckful on her instagram. That he stsrted treating his BPD with rhrooms, microdosing daily, until he jumped out of his 30 floor appartment building in Austin Texas last year.

Just thought its kinda interesting sorry if i am going too much offtopic.

No. 178970

which blog? there are multiple ones

No. 179018

this one https://nickmonroe.blog/2018/12/03/quantum-synchronicity-the-ballad-of-terence-bloodcalibur-sanchez/amp/

Is already 3 years old but shows how fukced these people are in the head. 70% on the stuff on there was either posted on here or just retadrded nonsense.

Also 8 actualy looks good with the contats and phototoshop after trooining out.

Would really le the know what lana is doing, if you look up her twitter it's just simp 1 ,2,3,….bought a video from my MV.

Stop payng that bitch all her stuff is onile for free?

No. 210010

if you post anything about her weight gain on her reddit page even its it is worded in a positive manner she will delete it lol!

No. 210030

looks like most of it when to her tits. nice.. hott

No. 222326

hey its nova, ive only met reckful a few times. he was always really kind and genuine.
he offered me shrooms one night and i mentioned how i was in a cult previously so id pass. never ended up going into detail but i kept my distance after that because i was getting flashbacks. its really tragic hes gone, i cant look at the downtown skyline and not think of him.

even though its been a few years i still have to remind myself this is real, as much as id like to forget everything that happened it feels like a ghost that follows me.

terrence sent me a long email recently, not sure if it was a genuine apology but it felt like he was trying to lure me back in like hes done with half the people that have left..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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