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File: 1507844236717.jpg (30.31 KB, 400x400, fqytnMFR_400x400.jpg)

No. 402703

>Very popular cosplayer and cam girl
>Under fire for having a 16 year old girlfriend & exposing her to the 18+ community
>Lana and her members have tagged the 16 year in hentai, and constantly make inappropriate jokes to the 16 year old
> It has come out recently Lana is 24 not 21.
> Lana's member and friends defend her actions and bullies anyone who question her.
>Being called out for having playgrounds/children in the background of her public masterbation videos. After much outrage Manyvids gave Lana a slap on the hand but no real punishment happened
>NBC Left Field did a news story about her but missed some major points.

Social Media:

No. 402710

File: 1507844746558.png (Spoiler Image, 416.26 KB, 634x778, Untitled.png)

No. 402712

File: 1507844892815.png (Spoiler Image, 665.84 KB, 622x620, gross.png)

No. 402713

File: 1507844929006.png (Spoiler Image, 432.89 KB, 677x357, gross2.png)

No. 402717

File: 1507845429952.png (162.49 KB, 567x566, age.png)

No. 402748

Lots of people think her girlfriend is just her creepy fucking groomer. All her pictures look a lot like a younger Lana.

I'm not so sure, only because she also has a Facebook page and definitely has a lot of Italian friends and speaks Italian. So unless this is a super elaborate con involving her weeb friend learn italian, I think she's really dating a teen.

The fact she's even older than she says she is makes it worse.

No. 402770

File: 1507854575595.png (184.76 KB, 1252x700, 1506237706591.png)

She and Charms fought it out for a bit when Charms found out about her dating an underage

No. 402783

Isn't this illegal and the video is a proof of the crime? Her face is in the video and everything.

No. 402792

been wanting a Lana Thread for god knows how long.

Also "socially acceptable" lol, yeah legally we can't do shit, unless her parents don't approve (vero's), but I sure as fuck doubt society from both areas accept this.

And tbh, only way to confirm Lana's real age other than the proof of those websites is to confront a fellow alumni with photos asking if they recognize Bianca

No. 402815

She's 26 - she doxxxed herself and has posted proof of this years back i'll find it in my files & also if a GUY did this it would be blown out of the water but hur hur the protective leeches that are camwhores are defending it

No. 402818

calls herself livingcosplay - other people use that tag she SPERGS out on twitter and actually worse than MO MO at cosplay. Hasn't ever built anything herself and buys it on amazon

No. 402835

File: 1507862043829.png (531.7 KB, 1040x651, bitchstick.png)



The date of birth is 1993 which would match the 2009 graduation. The previous name on the forum is xxangelchanxx

Her little lapdog InfiniteLoaded is on this forum as well under the name Bloodcalibur.


"Yeah, we're both extremely understanding and communication is zero problemo.

3.7 years with the other one and 1.6 years with this one."

Makes it seem like they are in an open relationship?

There are a lot of gems on that website.

No. 402853

Who's infinteloaded and what is wrong with his hair? Yusuke fudoh voice

But yeah these are all proof I just hope this shitstorm is fucking huge that Lana has to try to shut it down.

Lana and Infinite being fwb makes sense and doesn't anyone have info about eeevee because she was lanas buddy but she left due to drama

No. 402897


not to be that guy but to graduate in 2009 she would've had to have been born in like 1991, or graduated when she was like 15. in which case yeah she's like 25-26. 1993 she would've graduated in 2012 or so.

sage for obvious reasons.

No. 402920


From what I read, you can graduate high school at age 16 in Quebec. If she was born in 1993 and 16 is the normal age to graduate that would make the graduation year 2009. Either way no way she is 21.

No. 402927

>But yeah these are all proof I just hope this shitstorm is fucking huge that Lana has to try to shut it down.

Don't forget to archive all the evidence.

No. 402995

She'll make the video finally admitting it, and she'll get in trouble due to grooming.

Honestly Lana is actually fucked when she hites 30 because camming is something that will lose her money because she'll not be attractive anymore, her creative videos won't work because there'll be a younger more prettier girl who'll do the same thing.

She'll be stuck in New York and not have a stable job, and at her age, what can she do in college? Because according to her College is useless.

No. 403127

he's her live in pimp / bf who now is trying to pretend to be a grill on his twitter to not scare of her small mfc fanbase. He's also working on grooming camwhore #2 aka the "16 year old" gf of hers. I believe he lurks here and will sperg sooner than later about this.

No. 403200

>IRA profile picture
lol what

No. 403208

This. I was born in very early 1993 (a few days after New Year's Day). I'm 24, turning 25 in January 2018. And me and all my classmates (all born after me but in 1993) were class of 2011. I know you can graduate early in Canada (same with select us schools) but I believe it depends on credits (or quicken them, taking summer classes, night classes, college courses, etc). But it doesn't matter, even if she was class of '09 (she'd be 26ish) or if she was born in '93 OR even if she graduated high school at the age of 16 (in '09) she still would not be 21.
I think she's older than me. Most people who are class of '09 are ages 25-27.

She's probably lying about her age since she started porn, all them bitches pretend to be a few years younger to appeal as jailbait and lengthen their career span.

No. 403213

File: 1507934388337.png (504.03 KB, 1029x529, chaturbate.png)


She is online with one of her fellow camgirls/supporter.

No. 403242

Quebec you can graduate at 15-16 and according to lanas old Mal she listed her dob Nov 1993 fitting class of 09.

But 26 can work if she's dumb and got held back

No. 403245

File: 1507938252261.jpg (Spoiler Image, 357.42 KB, 1440x2248, IMG_20171013_194212.jpg)

they aren't even doing anything. just sitting there naked. this photo is the most they've done. I bet they won't even have sex.

Lana's boobs are such a weird and ugly shape. she looks terrible. the other girl is pretty though

No. 403249

someone just sent them $150 for just sitting there doing nothing. wish I could be this lucky

No. 403251

It's 16/17, no one graduates with 15. Even so, a lot of people do so with 17/18 (I'm in Ontario, not Quebec, but know a bunch of people from there. You can also look this up online, e.g. http://www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/81-004-x/2010004/article/11360-eng.htm)
She would have graduated with a bit over 15 which I highly doubt.

No. 403254

Actually glad to see a lana thread

I always felt something was… off about her. Definitely wasn't the 'perfect hentai waifu' she presented herself and people hailed as.

No. 403255


I never understand the popularity of Lana, besides of doing videos and shows with the cosplay trend, I don't find her atractive in any particular way, her body it's pretty normal, and has an ugly face.

No. 403268

I think it's more of her having connections than actually being cool, like yeah her videos are creative but anyone could make those with knowledge of editing.
What i find funny is she says she's always busy with scripts all the time, like she can literally make a video of herself just fapping and it'd sell no need for the extra mile.

Lana did have a boob job because she was insecure about her small tits.

No. 403270

ohh that makes sense. they look awful. such a weird shape that looks terrible imho. she'd look better flat chested

No. 403272

File: 1507942715766.png (Spoiler Image, 40.68 KB, 1106x659, vero.PNG)

Well we can't dig Vero's shit because she disabled her ask, and I'm sure her fb is stricter than before

No. 403273

I'm a boobies person but she'd actually be more pretty with flatter boobs due to how natural they look.
I follow this cosplayer who has barely any tits but she's one of the most beautiful woman I've seen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 403275


No. 403276

File: 1507942912936.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.66 KB, 960x960, pedo.jpg)

I remember this photo lurking around and Lana posted it on her insta too but deleted it.
Can someone please ask why no one has checked up on Lana's status?
Like I know cops are useless but generally they're more strict with foreigners, it's like officials secretly fap to her porn too or someshit

No. 403284

Why would someone check up on her? It's legal. Ethical? Well…

No. 403295

The relationship isn't what I'm complaining about, that's fucking weird regardless and not socially acceptable despite it being legal.

I'm talking about Lana exposing a child to porn and her denying it's sexual when she used euphemisms when talking to her…

Also masturbating in an area with children, giving some weird person

No. 403353

I think those 2 broke up because I haven't seen Vero tweeting to her and Lana doesn't follow her on instagram.

Or they're being on dl due to negative attention.

Also Vero never mentions her "commision" she got

No. 403630

It’s weird how no info leaks at all about her and Vero at all. She always hides every shit

and there she is now, kissing another of her fellow camgirl friends / supporters after all that shit with Vero went silent.

No. 403730

plenty of info was leaked but it got deleted, they openly admitted and that was it. The illegal part of the "grooming" and buying gifts for the young girl was just ignored by everyone is all.

No. 403732

her tits got botched and she had 3 surgeries in one week to try to "fix them" by getting injections now she just wears a top and sits to the side to hide it

No. 403747

I meant the past few days there wasn't any interaction between Lana and Vero on twitter so I'm assuming it's on the dl

No. 403754

File: 1508007845415.jpg (44.17 KB, 1024x256, lana.jpg)

I just googled her for the first time and this made me chuckle a little bit

No. 403894

You are correct that Lana had a boob job.
Bonus points, she used her buddy InfiniteLoaded's username (Bloodcalibur) to post on the surgeon's website with a positive review.

No. 403912

File: 1508028752835.png (144.77 KB, 638x695, rumors.png)


I wonder why she used his username, its not like it's a secret.

According to her they are still together. Veron's twitter is back to private by the way.

No. 403938

buddy….. more like husband. Eevee has said they are married , to get that sweet citizenship in the USA

No. 403939

i was just cruising this thread and holy shit she does it in a lot of videos, is it on purpose??

No. 403941

she's probably trying to ahegao like a animu bitch. only she's doing it wrong and in a way that looks forced.

No. 403948


do we have any proof of that? I ask because I found this doing some digging.


But Lana lived in Montreal not Calgary, Alberta or Ontario. Could it be his other girlfriend/wife?

No. 403954


He got her to move in with him in NY when she was 17-18 ~ and got citizenship to the US years later. They tweeted about it 2.5 years ago.

No. 404116

File: 1508077223155.jpeg (69.44 KB, 400x324, 4570EAF5-595C-4111-AFC6-90080C…)

Actual question: does anybody follow her past / current gf she tries to hide since shit went down on twitter ?

No. 404218

File: 1508092967742.jpg (31.74 KB, 300x379, thumbnail.jpg)

Shallow dig but she has quite the dorito chin.

No. 404231

File: 1508095957126.png (324.56 KB, 720x570, Screenshot_2017-10-15-15-30-49…)

She totally fucked a producer to get featured on this segment


(Yt link box is broken)

No. 404239

This is so cringy, if they were going to do some cam girl type of thing there are tons of better things to do than lana. I never realized how plain and bad she looks without all the filters and lighting, but then again I should've seen that coming

No. 404268

File: 1508101512466.jpg (155.9 KB, 1051x564, Screenshot_20171015-170348.jpg)

Crusty dorito bitch

No. 404288

She tweeted that he took her out for drinks before filming it wouldn't surprise me if she did.

No. 404310

Funny how she pretends to be 21 with that crusty skin.

No. 404320

I remembered her complaining about other girls doing it and found the tweet. She acts like she's the one true anime porn God.

No. 404323

File: 1508108448570.png (11.74 KB, 587x109, lana.png)

No. 404409

File: 1508124106576.png (382.94 KB, 1274x570, Untitled.png)

thoughts on this?

No. 404422

File: 1508127918835.png (193.36 KB, 576x563, really.png)

There were some racist tweet from her. I can't find the other ones

No. 404425

can someone explain how this is racist. does it have some context around it we are missing?

No. 404446

File: 1508135889826.jpg (74.07 KB, 864x288, tweets.jpg)


here they are in context.

No. 404449


tinfoil speculation here but I wonder if someone contacted the 16 year's parents hence the twitter being privatized and they are keeping their relationship on the down low. These people are not good at keeping their private info private. They use their real full name on social profiles.

No. 404780

>"but i am a white person from America so who cares."
Okay, and? Is she excusing herself for being potentially racist like this? Because that's not how it works…

No. 405024

>potentially racist
There is enough shit wrong with Lana, you dont have to grasp at straws.

No. 405063

Uh that anon isnt grasping at straws, that racist.

No. 405124

She allowed eighloaded to insult a disabled guy and laughed during a cam show once, lets not dwell on small stuff

No. 405126

File: 1508261033053.jpg (73.46 KB, 826x493, thumbnail (1).jpg)

No. 405127

File: 1508261063908.jpg (84.69 KB, 840x594, thumbnail (2).jpg)

No. 405173


God, her makeup is so crusty.

Not for nothing, she also loves yo ploy that she's in NYC but she's flat out living in Jersey City.

She mentions in her bio about Brooklyn being unsafe but literally ANYWHERE can be unsafe if you aren't aware of your surroundings.

No. 405616

Wow. What a wannabe.
She thinks Brooklyn is unsafe? Brooklyn is becoming the most expensive, gentrified place in the country. Which isn't to say that bad things don't happen in Brooklyn at all regardless of those facts, but wow. She's still relatively new to the US, right? That's kind of a weird prejudice to have. There's fuckin ~artisan mayo shoppes~ in Williamsburg where you wouls blend right in, Lana. Stay in Jersey City you creep.

No. 405686

late to the party but Chaturbate's Terms of Service says cosplaying underage characters is a bannable offense.

I've fucked with people before on there, and if everyone here reported them for "being underage" next time they were online, chaturbate would ban them, without even looking into it. its pretty crazy.

No. 405699


I am pretty sure she was suspended for playing video games on stream.

No. 405747

I remember that. She kept bitching to chaturbate about it saying that she's a top earning girl and they should value her more. Its clear she expects the rules to be bent to her, and why wouldn't she, when sites have been allowing it so far.

No. 405804

she was never a top earner with her husband reverse tipping 50% of the time , now they just spend $ to buy contests

No. 406010


No. 406147

There is speculation that Lana and her cuck InfiniteLoaded got married so she could receive her green card see >>403938 and >>403954. I need to do some digging to find proof though.

No. 407835

as much as I believe it, aren't marriage registry's public?

Also we need more Eevee and Lana friendship moments because I want to know why they stopped talking to eachother

No. 407868


No, exactly. Of course if you're alone at night looking to pick up a john in what? Brownsville? It's gonna be a bad time. Even Bed Stuy and Bushwick are now relatively safe as long as you don't go out of your way to look or cause trouble. If anything, JC is less far along gentrifying and if you go a block or two in the wrong direction anywhere deeper than Grove Street, you're fucked. Newark is a shit hole, too.

Sage for NYC wank.

No. 408474

No. 408538

File: 1508809058233.png (25.96 KB, 518x381, Capture.PNG)

Lana wants a bodyguard apparently…

Having a bodyguard will make her look bigger, but also a bigger target.

Plus why would she want a bodyguard? It just makes her look ego centric

No. 408721

File: 1508841459307.png (34.51 KB, 310x314, pot-and-kettle.png)

>evaluate your self esteem issues

No. 408900

She is now stating that the Laval Catholic High School page is "for Middle School, not High School".

No. 408906

Interesting. She also claims she didn't start camming ON her 18th birthday. It was the day after.

No. 408961

please do, that proof would be a gamechanger

No. 408985

File: 1508892185193.jpg (35.49 KB, 250x697, 7pgslpzc.jpg-large.jpg)


Can anyone from that area confirm this? Seems fishy to me.

Not to mention the account on myanmelist gives a different birthday

No. 409052

File: 1508920737176.jpg (22.38 KB, 640x478, 9ypPpHX_d.jpg)

Well this closes her fake age by taking a photo from her passport that confirms her birth date.

Too much work for a 24 year old so she's really turning 22.

No. 409073

I watched one of her youtube videos for the first time and why does she sound like a 5 year old talking..crinngggeeeee

No. 409269


Still seems weird her middle school is combined with her high school

And that means infiniteload starting grooming her at age 14. Gross.

No. 409296

Wow and we don't even know how old he is or what he even does

No. 409381

jesus christ I can't believe so many people thought she was born in 1993 just because she put that year on some inconsequential forum when signing up. I've never put my real birth date because there's no reason to, and when you're younger you often make yourself older by a couple years so you can get past any 18+ barriers

No. 409413

that's not why we thought, it was because under quebec law people graduate high school when they're 16 and said school was laval catholic high school class of 2009.

If she graduated in 2009, her birthdate would've been in 1993 and the mal proved it.

The passport just proved we were wrong and she's born in 1995 and the laval catholic school apparently did middle and high school in the same place.

No. 409414

this just shows that the main villain in all of this is infinite "bad haircut" loaded who knew a girl since she was 14, and if he's way older than her, he kinda groomed her, but we can't make a thread on him because there's nothing on him, not his real name, how he looks like without his hair, his age anything.

Kid's good with his private life

No. 409427


Not true if you google bloodcalibur, some of his information comes up.

No. 409816

Lurked his YouTube and found some Andrew wk video and insulted him

No. 409818

not true, he doxxxed himself by posting mail to his home address - will try to find the image but if you just poke at him he'll do it again the dude is legit insane

No. 409842

Please do, he's the main villain in all of this (is this rule breaking?)

Like Lana is the result of grooming in denial.

Infinite is a child predator who's going to groom a 16 year old turning 17. It doesn't help that Vero is a us citizen meaning she can go to new York and meet with Lana if possible thus destroying her life if she becomes a camgorl

No. 409889


It still pisses me off how smug Lana is being and Infinite and Vero are making jokes about the situation.

Not sure how much I can say because it has to do with the 16 year old but lets just say I have confirmed she is not coming to America for awhile.

No. 409944

Vero making jokes is more out of ignorance, I mean when we were 16, legal children, we fantasized dating older people, so from her perspective they're just random adults. Kids always play the "I'm mature card" and not realize a mature kid can tell who's a child predator and her naivety is being shown.

Do tell about the not coming to America part. I'm kinda curious

No. 409954

Holy shit I thought this was lainey. Same long face with the long nose.

No. 409969

File: 1509065274806.png (179.56 KB, 1275x697, ss12.png)

No. 409971

File: 1509065302397.png (159.38 KB, 1274x695, ss13.png)

No. 409974

I decided to try finding Vero again, and her fb shut down too, damage control I see.
Watch Vero go private again on twitter, I follow her, so you guys have an inside man.

No. 409975

bruh, can you post the entire conversation, if possible leaving out personal deets?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot

No. 409976

File: 1509065701089.png (14.35 KB, 594x102, Capture.PNG)

found this gem, apparently a 16 year old dating a 23 year old, apparently the 23 year old has such a large brain they dated a child because fellow 23 year olds had small brains

No. 409977


No worries, as long as the admins have no problem posting this, and it doesn't seem too much over the line.

No. 409996

File: 1509067592476.png (159.28 KB, 1273x692, ss1.png)

No. 409997

File: 1509067606912.png (182.27 KB, 1271x692, ss2.png)

No. 409998

File: 1509067623574.png (185.19 KB, 1272x693, ss3.png)

No. 409999

File: 1509067641011.png (171.34 KB, 1272x696, ss4.png)

No. 410000

File: 1509067651878.png (166.53 KB, 1272x694, ss5.png)

No. 410001

File: 1509067664122.png (163.02 KB, 1273x695, ss6.png)

No. 410002

File: 1509067683689.png (164.43 KB, 1277x695, ss7.png)

No. 410003

File: 1509067700468.png (167.7 KB, 1276x696, ss8.png)

No. 410004

File: 1509067717425.png (172.01 KB, 1273x695, ss9.png)

No. 410005

File: 1509067727587.png (167.84 KB, 1273x694, ss10.png)

No. 410007

File: 1509067739233.png (289.09 KB, 1275x696, ss11.png)

No. 410012

File: 1509067935512.png (260.53 KB, 1274x689, ss14.png)

No. 410013

File: 1509067951921.png (152.61 KB, 1275x693, ss15.png)

No. 410014

File: 1509067966221.png (164.76 KB, 1275x695, ss16.png)

No. 410015

File: 1509067988493.png (164.45 KB, 1274x696, ss17.png)

No. 410024

lol that is hilarious sending 2b porn to a italian mama

No. 410029

2B porn is best porn
I see your anonymous message worked, as Vero's fb is dead, and all…

Waiting on Lana's answer to her curiouscat about Infinite knowing her since she was 14

No. 410055


her steam is private too, even if she is shutting down her accounts she is still talking to Lana.

No. 410137

Nice shared photo

No. 410144

doin good work anon

When I think about it though I feel a little bad, I'd be shocked to find out if my kid was involved in something like this. I'm curious if lana will make any comments

No. 410284

Wait, Vero is Italian? I'm surprised by her mother's English level, it's definitely above average there.
I think Ma will be more shocked by her daughter being exposed to a sex community rather than the age difference, in Italy it's not a big deal if a 16 y.o. person dates a 21 y.o. or a 26 y.o.
Anyway you did the right thing, anon

No. 410424


Yeah its weird how good her English is and her whole reaction seems off to me but that is just me.

No. 410497

According to vero's old ask fm answers she said her dad is an American so it's possible her mother lived in the us at one point.

Then again it could be a coincidence as I've met people who know good English despite not living in an area with English being common

No. 410529

It's the photo the mom sent in the chat?

No. 410582

possibly eightloaded dummy account (he had a tattoo?)

No. 410588

File: 1509150523084.jpg (115.55 KB, 900x1200, DITCC71XUAEuWiV.jpg)

boderline cp , 8 posted this image it could be vero?

No. 410591

eightloaded dox mail? or his fathers name not sure!

No. 410596

File: 1509150797768.jpg (84.91 KB, 815x720, CO1FW9GUAAAZ857.jpg)

No. 410639


I thought that was infinite dressing as a chick

oh my gawd how anon did you get this. Is this infinite's marriage certificate to one of his many poly relationships??

No. 410654

that's infinite, he often has photos of his with a bottle between.

And Vero's skin would likely be olive

No. 410684

he freely posted it himself on his own twitter, its still on there as i said b4

No. 410825

How is this legal? A non American born citizen is using their citizenship to grant other foreigners American citizenship

No. 410850

I got the impression she has more problems with her daughter, from what she said. She seemed to suspect the account she was talking to might be someone she knew who was using a second account. That made me wonder whether the girl had some problematic relationship before or some problem within the family and that the mother might be suspecting that the person she was talking to had ulterior motives to contact her.
That would explain why her reaction is a bit weird, but I'm just inferring by the way she spoke and the questions she asked. She also didn't seem overly surprised that the girl was in a weird relationship, so I wonder if she's aware of previous transgressions and is trying not to blow things out of proportion for fear of actually pushing her daughter into even more extreme behaviour.

I mean, I don't think a girl would easily and suddenly get in an open relationship with a notorious porn star without having had some extravagant behaviours prior to that. I'd imagine most people, however young, would be unlikely to end up being in LR's circle unless they had a peculiar outlook on life to begin with.

That said, I might just be getting old and assuming kids are like my friends and I were years ago.

No. 410960

That's often the one defense Lana is using. We all did it before so what's wrong with other people doing it

No. 410968

Nice work anon. She reacted pretty calm imo, I wonder if she knew something? I suspect the same as >>410850

>file deleted
What? Can anyone explain more on infiniteloaded? Why he tries so hard to be enigmatic?

No. 411072

File: 1509227574861.jpg (75.64 KB, 1200x680, CqwEFvyWYAAFN5D.jpg)

he posted this on his own twitter

No. 411073

he tries to stay in the backround or pretend to be a trap to not scare off lanarains tippers. They of course don't want to know the truth that she is married/living with him or has been for years and he spends his money from selling pokemon cards to win manyvids contests and make her look like shes doing better than she is

No. 411114

Confused. If >>410596 shows he married some Russian, how did he also marry Lana? Did he divorce the Russian? Is this address >>411072 also hers?

No. 411115

Is infinite the main villain?

No. 411180


From what I understand, they are in some poly relationship. Its hard to say exactly whats going on.

No. 411232

he doxxes girls for no reason (attacked katiekat for 2 years over the contest lana lost), has a huge internet ego and looks like an embarrassing weeb with too much hair gel who loves grooming underage girls

No. 411249

so he pretty much has friends way younger than him because people his age realize he's fucked up?

like seriously, his hair is not even cool looking, just makes him look like he has to fix his hair each day making it tedious.

Grooming children?
That's what I'm afraid of, he possibly groomed lana if he knew her since she was 14, and now he's doing the same thing to Vero, who might have to shut down soon due to her mother getting involved.

Lana lied about Vero's parents apparently too, as she said on her curiouscat that Vero's parents knew about her

No. 411263

seems more likely vero lied to lana about telling her parents

No. 411269

Well, apparently Vero is not "shut down" as she has edited a sex toy unboxing video for Lana. Products she's not old enough to purchase, but she's editing the video of Lana (a sex worker) unboxing and discussing them.

But I guess people won't care because it's on YouTube and there's no nudity involved. shrug


No. 411435

File: 1509294471961.jpeg (426.32 KB, 1460x1269, CF90CC9F-6A58-4EF8-85A4-C6A5D3…)

Have you guys seen her new over the top photoshop ? Look at her hands and hips

No. 411437

File: 1509294756667.jpeg (594.04 KB, 1734x2358, 2F6D72B3-269E-4DB8-8ADB-323D82…)

I wonder who does the shitty work of these three: vero, her secret husband or even
Lana herself

No. 411440

it looks like somebody drew this, in that sense it's pretty cool

No. 411481

I find it hilarious she thinks of herself as a top cosplayer when she doesn't even make her own costumes or just dresses up at the character whole revealing panties

No. 411768

any receipts about the doxxing stuff?
Lol, I didn't knew that manyvids accepted bribery. Plus not punishing Lana for the public masturbation video with the kids in the park seems that they love her

No. 411876

Lana is nothing more than a spoiled brat who comes of really arrogant.
Even Sabrina Nichole (or SabrinaTheBunny on Twitter) sews some of her stuff.
Come on a simple sewing machine doesn’t cost you so much lana.

sage for mentioning another person

No. 412040

Well props to Lana for making a living off her videos.
But if manyvids gets more and more pressure that girls start leaving the site then they'd try to take action against Lana because they care more about money than about Lana obv and atm Lana and money are the same thing.

No. 412456

I doubt they will, she should at LEAST get a one month suspension, along with other girls who were doing shady shit. (a girl getting a cum facial in public and whiping it on baby clothes, a girl shoving a cucumber up her ass and peeing/squirting in a grocery store)
Most girls have forgotten about her drama and moved onto stormy.

No. 413342

Lana and Infinte have been silent recently, are they doing damage control?

No. 417685

seems like it, she's back to doing 24 hour streams and streaming on sites she's previously denounced.

No. 418143

what sites are those again?

No. 418429

File: 1510134425031.jpg (121.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171108-094023_1.j…)

Found this while scrolling through my instagram so I guess they're still together. Blacked out the artists name as I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show since I'm new here.

No. 418863

also when is Lana gonna ditch the crybaby pastel pink look, it just looks too gross.
not to be an ass about that style.

Also yeah them being together makes sense, but Vero is locked down on the dl, because she had to leave fb, and her mother found out about Lana, let's just hope this doesn't culminate in the poor girl turning 18 and running away to the US to meet Lana, then forced to cam.

Honestly it won't make much a difference, I mean yeah good you blacked it out tho

No. 418921

Its public & easily accessible. If the artist is of age it’s whatever

No. 420492

Eevee here,

I don’t know who is saying I said those two were “married”. This is misinformation and whoever is saying this is looking to cause problems.

This kind of misinformation people like to spread around has had serious consequences for me, including them leaking my full name, because they insist that I said things like this, which I have not.

I cannot confirm or deny anything that anyone comes to me with asking me. I have no direct proof or knowledge of anything. Please stop telling everyone I said things I did not I value my personal safety. Also, there is no need to have even said “Eevee said this” on an anonymous board that’s so silly.

No. 420667

sorry about that, (granted I wasn't one of them)

Back to topic,(directed to everyone on the board) but with Lana doing 24 hour streams, is it more just to avoid the internet drama, and how she and vero don't flirt with each other anymore. She makes jokes about being a pedophile (which technically she won't be), and Infinite "Bad Shonen Hair Day" Loaded acting like age doesn't matter with the "I don't care about age I care about ur BRAIN" tweet.

No. 426228

Hello everyone. Someone who used to know Bloodcalibur/Terence Sanchez / Eightloaded / Infiniteloaded here a few years back here with some more info for you, but I can't be bothered to go and search for evidence so feel free to think I'm making it up.

He has dated a series of women, all online before meeting in person and then dating in person or long distance first (he can't get a woman in person and never has). The order was Amanda, Jessica, Jillian (he called her Jilly), Bianca (Lana), and then most recently Veronica and he claimed to be dating Jilly's sister as well.

He dated all of these women except Amanda who was older than him when they were young and <18. He certainly grooms them. Bianca and Jilly were both 14-15 when he started dating them.

That Ontario post was him trying to visit one of the other above girls, I can't recall who these days but pre-Bianca and Jilly days. Good digging though.

As you all suspect, him and Bianca are in a long-term husband/wife relationship and she moved straight from Montreal to be with him in NYC. This is a ruse to make her appear to be a lesbian for her camming fanbase. He also has used multiple programs to springboard her to success in camming by tipping - at one point, he was 5 of the personalities and her biggest tipper on manyvids. He also encouraged her to camgirl at the start of her camming career. She definitely did not start camming 'right' when she was 18, how funny that people actually believe that trife.

You are correct that Bianca's username on that anime website was biiitchsticks. They were in a three-way relationship with Jilly/Bianca/Terence at the time. Jilly has since stopped communicating frequently with Terence.

Terence plays a lot of videogames, he was big into warcraft 3, world of warcraft, dota, league of legends are the most prominent since you can find old posts of him flaming/trolling on Blizzard forums. He is about 5ft tall tho, hence why he has to meet girls online.

Oh, Jilly used to go by mini_kitteh or mini_kitty if someone wants to go find that online. I believe the Jessica girl went under something like Soul.

Also, of course Veronica and Terence have a relationship. How do you think Veronica was introduced to Bianca if not through Terence? This is what Terence does. He is a predator and he is running Bianca's show.

You guys did pretty well coming up with all this information without having known them personally though, kudos.

No. 426980

>>426228 Weird guy. I'm wondering about how he sees the world, his upbringing, and how he ever manages to convince these girls to move to New York with him. Is there anything more that you could tell us about him?

No. 426998


Holy shit anon, you are amazing to confirm some of this. Just curious how do you know Terence is dating Veronica? Is there proof out there?

No. 427172

Possibly Terence trolling us himself.

No. 427364

sounds pretty spot on anon, i don't think so

No. 427592

can you provide us proof from Jilly?

Also should we rename this to Terrence because in all sense, he's the main villain here

No. 427622

File: 1511077962612.png (73.94 KB, 300x256, 2 (27).png)

shes gonna be 18 in two years and all of this facebook confronting is gonna just be over. Why even care about It when the age of consent in America are 16 to 18

No. 427624

1. no it's not
2. even if it were, it's illegal to have porn of anyone under 18.

No. 427656

Yep. It's illegal to have any semblance of porn of someone under 18. Suggestive pictures can even get someone in huge trouble if the subject is a minor.

No. 427783

Sure, why not to sharing more if you guys are interested in his mentality. He is 29 years old, born June 10 1989 in the Philippines and his parents moved him to NYC pre-grade school. His sister and Mom are nurses in a nearby hospital, his father is an alcoholic. He hasn’t gone to anything past high school for education.

When he has shared his state of mind with me, it seems quite delusional. He feels he is a bored genius of 181 IQ and can look down on the majority of the population around him like a God due to his higher intelligence. His words. He claims to always be bored and enjoys messing with / manipulating people but is quite aimless in his life direction career wise. He doesn’t work although he has tried in the past to make money via creating boxing websites, gaming guilds and forums, and a rebuilding computers website. Oh, and he has printed business cards IRL with “TEK” (the elite kingdom or something) that describe him as an entrepreneur and manager for web personalities (I.e. Lana’s manager). He claims to see demons in his sleep and him and Lana do a lot of drugs like MDMA, LSD.

Why do girls go for this act? He picks young and impressionable girls whom are lonely and have limited family/friends or are susceptible to influence. Bianca, for example, has mild autism which you can pick up based on how awkward and thought out some of her behaviour is on camera. She also had a very poor relationship with her mother and little to no friends at school when Terence met her.

Here’s Jilly’s fbook:
Here’s an old post from Terence showing his age:


No. 427820

Wow, that's incredibly fucked. How the fuck do you retain that mentality when you're unemployed, have no higher education and do nothing with your lives but play video games. On another note, how fucked up is Lana Rain for moving into New York with this guy. How much of a split does he receive from Lana anyways? Srsly, camming is like the only job that you can completely do without salary varying based on geographic location.

No. 427868


No. 427869

That jillian profile looks kinda shady but this https://www.facebook.com/BLooDCalibuR?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab&pnref=friends.all looks very legit.
Do you know where this guy contacts girls? I'm thinking battle.net forums but I'm impressed since he apparently groomed more than 2 different girls.

Lana probably makes good money camming (but not as high as everybody thinks tho) and maybe Terrence snatches almost all of it, now he is grooming Vero so she is ready to cam before dumping Lana for a younger gamer cam girl.

No. 427884

As far as how much lana makes I have wondered how much it is myself. She had never finished with a very high rank on MFC (it is high given the number of women who broadcast on that site but girls who are equally as well known online usually finish with much higher rankings). As someone who has cammed on MFC before I can confidently say that at least back around this time 2 years ago, ranking around 250 meant you’d make around $7k-$7.5k. I don’t know how girls earnings have fluctuated since. Obv it changes every month. Maybe someone smarter than me could take that info and also look at the leaked MFC earnings to sorta extrapolate from that and come up with an accurate figure. According to mycamgirl her rank placement isn’t very consistent. Idk how much she would be making on manyvids but she has said on Twitter that she gets 5 digit paychecks. Then again she did say that when she was telling someone off, so I took it with a grain of salt. Probably low 5 digits, but that’s still a nice chunk of change and she should pat herself on the back. I’d say she’s probably pretty well off but not as well off as like girls who are always in the top 20 on MFC or whatever who always rake in high 5 digits to 6 digits every month.

No. 428102

Funny on his twitter he was trying to make it seem he was flying somewhere for a "business trip" but I don't fully believe that.

Also I recall him showing off the Pixel2 XL, which is a $900 phone. Thats $35 payment over two years. He has to have some steady job to pay for his lifestyle. No way can he be making that much from being Lana's manger.

He just posted this on his Facebook
"Who wants to rent a Brooklyn apt for $1900 a month? 625 sq ft, 1 bedroom 1 bath."

Wonder whats going on.

No. 428188

Considering Lana lives in Jersey City, maybe they're moving into the same flat.

No. 428285

Ok so. Pretty newbie here but I'm around Lana age and come from the province of Quebec too. I use to know the weebos/harajuku-fashion subculture of quebec pretty well, and I'm like… pretty sure I saw her pictures back in the day.

So yeah. Nothing really new but I think she was into japanese street-fashion. I will have go deep (and in french) to find any relevant pick, but I do remember a bunch of underage girls from there back in the day posting pictures of themself in panties. She might have been one of them…

No. 428320

if you're from Laval/Montreal area please do this for us

No. 428325

why are so many jailbait girls throwing themselves at this beaner dwarf? does he lie and say he's japanese lmfao

No. 428682

Combined with insecurities I say he probably gifts them with shit

No. 429160

File: 1511259305738.jpeg (501.34 KB, 539x815, A7AE2901-095C-4393-836F-AC2448…)

I just scrolled through her likes and I can’t believe she is under 30 … why does she look so old on photos from others instead of the ones she edited

No. 429161

forgot to mention, but her likes are sometimes a goldmine to see how she really feels about stuff. For example feeling weird at cons when she meets fans.
Yea, they are cringy probably.
You made ur own grave lana

No. 429559


considering they spend at least half of what they make on manyvids to win contests + she doens't cam regularly and only plays to weebs then no… shes not making very much at all

No. 429630


Really? Wondering if you have sources to prove it?

No. 429770

File: 1511323085234.png (778.11 KB, 1009x630, Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 9.56…)

umm was scrolling and this caught me off guard lol

No. 429805

She looks like pixyteri in a major way

No. 429877

File: 1511341708046.jpg (34.51 KB, 474x223, 111111.jpg)

No. 429983


They both seem like completely fucked up human beings. Like one in a million autism and stupidity match. I honestly can't wait for their money to run dry.

No. 429990

Oh man, Dyrus looked so healthy before he started dating this cringy Emiru. :(

No. 430020


Yeah. I still have a massive crush on Lana tho.

No. 430028

Dyrus is dating Lana?

No. 430246


Found this crazy's guy's website. He comes off as really fucked at times.

"insensitive, selfish, self-centered, self-righteous, overzealous, sub-95 IQ, same-eyeliner-everyday-wearin, ran-away-from-MFC, cant-make-shit-on-CB, cant-make-shit-on-MV, basic ass suburban, nothin-but-salad-eatin, hasnt-gotten-slapped-in-the-face-yet, stupid ass bitch. I see right through you like a badly done contouring."


No. 430248


"Sorry I have the memory of a gold fish when it comes to people too many multiples of ten IQ points below me."

Like seriously. How absurd is it for this guy to think he's some sort of super genius?

No. 430379

Usually a person who has to keep calling himself smart is actually the opposite.

Also who has the time to make a website that's just spent talking about why someone is a loser or even creep, when the person who makes the website is a cam girl's number 1 fan, and groomed a girl with mild autism, and is on the process of grooming another girl…

No. 430431


So does Lana actually have mild autism? Or is that just speculation?

No. 430550

Yeah, I doubt she has been diagnosed with aspergers or anything and even if she were the chances of strangers on the internet knowing for certain are pretty slim. The thing about her and eightloaded using their own money to win contests is purely speculation at this point too. It seems likely given he was (is??) Lana’s top tipper for ages. He once tipped her 100,000 tokens ($5000 to her) on cb and then shortly after posted some thing on twitter saying he had compiled data from a token/tipping tracking system and found that if cb had camscores lana’s would be the highest among a handful of other popular cb girls. Uh well yeah dude you literally just tipped her a 3 digit tip days before.
There’s also the whole eye crossing orgasm thing. Watch old recordings of Lana’s broadcast and you just won’t see it. Then all of the sudden she starts doing it and eightloaded is right there with her talking about her “genuine” ahegao expressions.
For the longest time she explicitly referred to him as her mentor, but then he posted recently on twitter that she got successful in the camming industry all on her own. So you tipping her so much, giving her a place to live, modding her room, giving her tech assistance, creative ideas, business model tips, etc did nothing for her? Well, alright then.
There are tons of SUBSTANTIATED reasons to find these two super unsavory, guys. Come on haha. They market themselves inauthentically and eightloaded attacks people all the time.
Oh and fuck what they did to eeeveee just recently lol. Eightloaded definitely did put her real legal first and surname on Twitter along with her location a long time ago. Just recently she brings up that he “dox’d” her. He blatantly denies it and calls her a liar over and over again. Have no idea what actually happened with those three (no one does other than them it seems) but whatever it was happened like 3 years ago and he’s not over it. He and Lana also both told their story about how when eeeveee first came into their circle they told her she was going to be “tested” and one of the “tests” was lana making up a story to tell eeeveee over text messages that eight had killed a cat and had serious anger issues. I guess the test was to see if eeeveee would keep the secret? Try to save lana from a bad situation? I don’t know, but what kind of grown ass adults play stupid mindgames like that? This isn’t a fucking anime you dumb weebs. It’s real life. How out of touch do you have to be?

No. 430602

I would believe they are both functionally retarded just reading the anecdote you wrote about tests. I remember meeting two kids who did stuff like that in elementary and they were considered pretty stupid for their age, already. These guys are in their twenties.

No. 431150


So I'm wondering why exactly is he married to Jillian whilst also being married to Lana? Who is he currently married to now. What's the story behind that?

No. 432013

We're all kinda curious about if that initial marriage is still in place, and what proof/evidence exists of any Lana-related marriage.


No. 432418

There is no documented proof of a lana related marriage. He's not THAT stupid to have physical evidence of their love. If anything he is just using his marriage with jillian to hide the fact that he's with lana.

I see everyone talking shit all over this thread, but what exactly do you guys expect to come of all this sleuthing? Lana will simply stage a breakup with eight, or eight will fake his death.

Also can anyone show any visible proof of lana or eight claiming that eight was her mentor?

No. 432529

I dunno if this was posted, but she also uh, advertised on her chaturbate that she was going to have a gangbang bc of her huge gangbang fetish and her 'top, trusted' donaters and wallet slaves would get to be in on it. I dunno if this was a scam to get people to pay out (for her tit job mayhaps) or if she actually did it. This was while she still lived at home, supposedly.

No. 432806

anon he says it himself and she posted about him mentoring her for years, even while being underage… read the thread proof of that has been posted a million times over. Stop shilling to downplay the situation.

No. 432809

The 100,000 tip was just tokens they saved and tipped themselves. They would argue up and down about others doing it and did it themselves to make her look good.

No. 432894

File: 1511811063169.jpeg (72.11 KB, 639x437, DAAAC6BF-DF34-4C67-9699-860D52…)

Google Lana Rain “mentor” and you’ll find at least 3 tweet threads and an ask.fm question where her answer defends his behavior, you’ll also find a blog post from her website, and I think it’s mentioned elsewhere also, I just don’t wNt to dig for it because I’m on mobile and it’s tedious

No. 432898

Is there proof of this?

No. 433241

If they have a shit ton of drugs at home why don't we just call the cops and have them search the place.

No. 433252

have you ever read the rules here, my dude.

No. 434514

Anyone curious where vero's other artwork is? I mean she only posted that Lana one and the closest I've seen is some bakugou art that looks really different in coloring and shading and even art.

No. 434611

I think she keeps her other art on her facebook, its all traditional however. I find it highly unbelievable that her first digital piece was of that caliber. She most likely commissioned someone to draw that for her.

No. 434803

see screenshots above w/ 8 gloating about his wallet to tip

No. 434828

Hey does anyone have any proof or knowledge of what happened to eevee exactly when eight doxxed her? Was there like stalkers following her or anything?

No. 434865

has anyone info why she deleted her Kyoko pics ? It seemed hilarious to me because it looked cheap as hell

No. 434868

File: 1512036483135.jpeg (144.57 KB, 640x1136, 2A1B13E8-7AE3-4617-8CF6-180071…)

Because she deleted it I‘m going to post it here again

No. 434949


Not sure but I have noticed in her past few pictures her wigs look really bad.

No. 434958

File: 1512058077710.png (136.82 KB, 373x494, 5FE2B9DA-D1AA-419E-A29A-5BB236…)


No. 435474


Holy shit what is that thing on her head?!

No. 436003

That’s why she probably deleted it, kek.
I’ve seen better REAL cosplayers who did a much better job on the wig and so on

No. 436429

Her face looks like some teen dude here. Holy shit. If she doesn't have wigs to fill out her face, she looks awful.

No. 437104

It doesn't help she wants to be come some "living hentai" and ask people to support her world of cosplay but her skills as one is actually horrible. Her Kyoko cosplay is literally bad like the wig was inaccurate and she lacks the other stuff that made Kyoko kyoko

No. 437686


Just found this guy's AskFm. The variety of his posts seems as if he's living the life of James Bond.


Some of these posts are actually hilarious

"Holding a suitcase with 2.5 million dollars (Wasn't mine)"

"Lol, this won't be taken seriously: be the negotiator/delivery boy for things like plutonium when I was in mid teens. Only did this for four months (four seemingly long ass months though)"

"eightloaded", 8 times in my life I survived events that hardly make sense to survive (some don't make sense at all). 8 oz gloves used in boxing at my weight class, 8 rounds in a 9 round h&r .22 revolver implies 1 bullet missing (aka 1 fired, don't ask what this refers to I'm not gonna talk about it with strangers), and….my 8 inch dick bitches! Jus kidding no lol."

Some of these tweets seem like he's spouting bs nonsensical new age garbage.

"I'm open to possibilities with scientific backing, such as certain supernatural "psychic" ability evidenced in some studies within quantum mechanics."

"Believe me, if people understood or at least knew more in the realm of quantum physics more ppl would see just how much more astronomically beautiful the reality of existence is compared to some human-made arbitrary concept. It's mind breaking, ego destroying level beautiful, for instance with how sentient perception molds existence itself by subatomic design. This isn't really something I like to get deeper into unless it's with close friends though."

"Quantum boxes" exist in a non-physical "hyper-subatomic" state in a realm or "space" not definable by any currently known word or concept. I call it the "source" of perception. Perception in turn molds reality and the two are self verifying with each other in what my weak mind can only perceive currently as a paradox. The concept of "soul" (quantum box) to me is absolutely nothing like the one described in spiritual literature.

Perhaps the most perplexing faucet of his personality is how obsession with IQ.

"Anyway, I took two tests in my life. The first I scored 181 at age 8. It was the Stanford Binet one. It was administered to us before a scholarship program's real test that came after.
The second I took at 17 and scored 176. It was the WAIS test and I did it at the time to see if I degraded in measurable performance after all the beatings I took at this one job I use to do that wasn't very legal."

"(He wants a gf with) 175+ IQ"

An IQ of 176 - 181 assumes that Eightloaded is one of the top 70 to top 10 most intelligent people in the United States. If Eight was actually this smart, he would've been a PHD at MIT. However, EightLoaded has yet to even finish college and believes, "I'm overqualified for college at this point. I don't need a degree. "

If we assume that the majority of his claims to be true. Then we're forced to believe that Eightloaded is a 5 foot tall James Bond figure that's a super genius who has a better idea of Quantum physics than the physicists of our day and age.

Does he actually think that he's all of these things?

How does he still function after being this fucked up?

What his actual day to day living like?

No. 440297

File: 1512750714760.jpeg (468.01 KB, 750x677, CC92B3EC-7E54-4E8F-A279-519B00…)

new tweet from Lana claims that she “recorded a custom without makeup” when she’s clearly wearing foundation, mascara, eyebrow filler, and lipgloss.

No. 440365


lol she still looks busted.

No. 440373

There's nothing wrong with thick brows but they look sloppy. Doesn't she make enough money to buy herself some tweezers?

No. 440545

File: 1512773511502.jpeg (256.02 KB, 640x657, 1D3C9D63-08C3-48FD-AB97-B6F8CF…)

Did you all notice how less she posted stuff since everyone wants her out on manyvids?
I bet it’s because of all the hate she has gotten from twitter by other camgirls.

This girl is so insecure about herself recently lmao. Deleting pictures / statements is really fishy from her too

No. 440605

what pictures did she deleted?

No. 441058

File: 1512848013943.jpeg (131.2 KB, 750x893, 3626C169-1166-492C-BA8E-05C7ED…)

No. 441094

They're both so fucking disgusting and crusty no wonder they have to target underage girls online.

No. 441782

File: 1512947405692.png (115.66 KB, 1080x515, 20171210_180853.png)


No. 442560

I think she keeps her other art on her facebook, its all traditional however. I find it highly unbelievable that her first digital piece was of that caliber. She most likely commissioned someone to draw that for her.>>441782

Wow the irony in this statement is hilarious. Instead of talking about the money in her bank she is talking about the worth of her clothes. Smh, no better than the "nigga" calling her out.

No. 444246

File: 1513305723479.png (98.31 KB, 650x775, Eight Drama 01.PNG)

So apparently this chibellachan girl, that also went by hentalyachan, was a big defender for lana when every camgirl was attacking her for dating a minor, is now in a tussle with Mr.ShadowTheHedgehog.


It seems she knows some insider knowledge but doesn't want to spill the beans publicly. She has a discord though, so we might be able to join and get some info.

The discord is pinned on her Twitter

No. 444915

File: 1513385823342.png (572.93 KB, 630x622, Capture.PNG)

Kinda a nitpick but doesn't Lana know what Love Live is?

She keeps calling it "school idol" basically similar to calling Gundam "Giant Mech" or One Piece as "straw hat"

No. 446659

File: 1513615347020.jpeg (107.37 KB, 635x484, 84D348F8-A400-477B-9A07-6ADB2A…)

“No one has anything about me doxing anybody because that’s not what I do”
Can someone PLEASE post a screenshot of the tweet he tweeted with Eevee’s first name and surname when he was being a bully? It’s since been deleted. I’m sure someone has it.

I honest to god think this guy has a personality disorder.

No. 447009

eevee asked to not be a part of this or be posted here since she continues to get her work and life attacked each time she is discussed. He will deny EVEN if proof is posted no need to argue with a complete idiot.

No. 447053

File: 1513642471650.jpg (95.84 KB, 599x574, IMG_5018.JPG)


Gonna save for nitpick but this shit bugs me, nothing makes it more obvious that you're a fake fan. Plus she makes the cosplay look really ugly/uncute somehow. I actually googled some cosplays a while back and all of them seem so.. unpolished

No. 447404

Of course she doesn't care that the character in hand is a first year, aka 15 years old. Overall that costume does look like shit, and the wig is the wrong color.

No. 447817

H o r s e
f a c e

No. 448117

and she has "support me on world cosplay" on her insta bio.
you should see her mio cos or even her stocking cos

No. 448501


Jesus Christ the skirt is so wrinkled, even when she buys her cosaplay outfits she still fucks it up.

No. 449462

honestly, Lana representing camgirls doesn't make sense, as earlier comments brought up her not even being high ranking on the site.

No. 451956

File: 1514173816668.png (47.29 KB, 634x491, Capture.PNG)

Loaded thinks these are what aspies are

No. 453976


Sage, but perfect song to describe Terrance

No. 454118

Psst your icon is showing at the bottom

No. 473685

So apparently, Terence deals drugs and they launder it through Lana Rain's ManyVids account. That's how Lana ends up making so much from Manyvids despite not being MFC top 100 or huge on Chaturbate.

No. 475144

wait what?
Can we have some links? I mean I believe you but I'm curious

No. 475672

I wonder how her girlfriends feels about Lana fucking guys in her videos

No. 475818

Caps??? This is an image board let's back up our assumptions

No. 475843

well since 8 is dating the minor also i guess pretty good

she doesn't fk anything but dildos in her vids anyways and they can share 8 happily i guess

No. 475969

wait 8's dating Vero I thought Lana was?

No. 476626

File: 1516511261190.png (6.41 MB, 3052x2018, nice.png)

No. 476858

kek @ 8 loaded being her top tipper every category

No. 476999

I highly doubt that eight would deal drugs considering there's a high chance he would get caught compared to what he is already doing with lana. It would be safer just to assume that he's taking a fraction of the profit lana ears and investing in crypto currency and then using that to pump lana to the top.

Who knows when he started investing in crypto, if he did that about a year ago he would have more than enough money to pump lana to the top consistently.

I highly doubt he is dumb enough to deal drugs online or in person.

No. 477361

Holy shit Lana made a bestiality video.

I would put a screencap but to me that is beyond fucked up.

Here is a link of her talking about it and calling it a bestiality video.


Here is a preview. Proceed with caution.


No. 477460

That’s not a bestiality video ON TWITTER and you know damn well it’s not. The fact that she’s trashy and makes a stupid inappropriate joke does not actually make it that. Dog shaped dildo =/= fucking an actual dog. Don’t be dumb.

No. 477651

At best it is a simulated bestiality video. Lana said what she made and is proud of the implied bestiality. It's gross and tacky. She said herself "It's clever". Getting away with this tack is not right and, in your own words "you know damn well it's not. Don't be dumb"

No. 477681

we all know lana's fans search the net to defend her. They sniff things out like bloodhounds (dog joke)

No. 477710

Please learn how to sage idiot, unless you have something important to add to the thread. Read the rules.

Filming herself mastrubating in front of people and children is one thing, but fucking herself with a dildo and saying it's a dog is another. It's not real so who the fuck cares.

No. 477720

It's like that porn that say "teen fucked by a big cock" but we all know damn well she ain't a teen.

Lana has soo many stupid and plain out wrong things to be accused of and you're mad about this?
Let's make a thread for all the other whores who make "dragon dildo" porn. Or are you saying you're worried someone will actually rape an Arcanine?

No. 477737

Lana's "fan" is working hard to deny the facts which are:

1. SHE called it a bestiality video.
2. SHE referenced sex with a dog.
3. SHE boasted that it was clever to circumnavigate things this way.
4. SHE actually put the word "BRED" (in capitals) in the title.
5. SHE is the one with the sordid history.

Don't argue with me, argue with her and stop fangirling.

No. 477744

Learn to sage anon, are you dumb??

She can call it whatever she wants, at the end of the day, it's not a real dog so there's no harm done?

Don't argue with an anon here, argue with her and please your hate boner on twitter.

No. 477752

So if it was sex with a toy baby, that would be okay too?

No. 477755

its trashy either way and this is a thread to talk about trash

No. 477758

I completely agree, to me it's also trashy and disgusting.
But the anon above said she shouldn't "get away with it", with what exactly?? Lmaooo it's roleplay.

No. 477759

You didn't answer the point about a toy baby

No. 477760

learn to sage anon, you're bumping up the thread for no reason

No. 477764

The same point to be said about rape or kidnapping roleplay. Just because it's a "baby" doesn't mean it's more bad, moral fag.
To me it's all disgusting, rape roleplay to whatever the fuck you said. But at the end of the day it's still roleplay and no one is getting hurt.

She is a piece of shit, but she's not doing anything illegal is what in saying.

No. 477768

Stop the ad hominem attacks please. What she has done may not be illegal but she broke the rules of CB in doing it. Also, what she has done, including this video, is morally repugnant. I'm also opposed to the types of roleplay that you quote but, let's remember that this thread is not about me.

No. 477769

this is the same logic pedos use to defend drawn cp.

No. 477773

What rules did she break? Did she do a cumshow where she was representing being fucked by a dog?!

No. 477779


I agree how can anyone take a look at this video and think "Oh it's okay because it's not hurting anyone. It's exactly as you say, morally repugnant. I agree same logic as people who think drawn CP is okay just as >>477768 stated.

Also she even said she really enjoyed making this video. She is so smug that she bent the rules of Chaturbate.

No. 477783

1) Everyone must be over the age of 18 to broadcast. There can be NO minors, children or unauthorized persons on camera or in the same room.

2) No bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or pro-vocative context.

3) The use of illegal drugs on webcam is prohibited.

4) Absolutely no skat play.

5) Its against the rules to mention or advertise competing websites.

These are the Basic Rules. Take a look at #2 and #5

No. 477786


From Chaturbate:
Illegal and Prohibited Conduct. In addition to the above Code of Conduct Contributors are prohibited from doing any of the following:

Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context.

From ManyVids:

No Animal Sex - No vids or images with animals involved in sexual activities.

She is purposely pushing the envelope.

No. 477787

But what does the video she made have to do with CB?
It's the same on MFC. Guys are not allowed, but you're sure as fuck allowed to sell boy/girl content.

You should talk to CB about #5, I see a lot of girls on both cam sites promoting their MV even though it's against the rules.
She's just doing what all the other top models are and admins don't give a shit because they bring them money.

No. 477789

Anon, her video does not include real animals.
"She is purposely pushing the envelope" I mean it's MVs own fault for having stupid rules imo.

No. 477794


So it's okay because MV has stupid rules and techinally she isn't breaking the rules? Where do you draw the line?

No. 477796

Draw the line at what? For what?

Some people think it's morally wrong to sell sex. The same people can ask you "where do you draw the line"?

When did lolcow become a place for moralfags?

I'm all of shitting on her and being petty but you're just being annoying lol

No. 477804

Why is this the hill you pick to die on? I hate to break it to you, but Pokemon aren't real. There were zero animals involved. A dildo is not a sentient, living thing. Bestiality is a felony in most states. This is not bestiality neither by legal definition nor the CB and MV rules.

You should swing by Bad Dragon, though. It should be informative for you.

I'm pretty sure it's one anon. I've never posted in these threads and even I had to stop at the clickbait that was >>477361 and say "are you fucking joking?"

No. 477835

I come to these threads to laugh at the cringe of these cows and snowflakes, but some people are plain stupid lmao

I just checked this guys twitter and this is all he does, just policing cam whores on the stupidest shit kek

No. 477888

He's also the same guy who went on a witch hunt for her after that whole exposing herself near a playground with children near it.

No. 477897

dog dildo vids are best sellers on mv for a reason but exposing 2 children and violently shaking to fake orgasms is another

No. 477931

I don't think anon is saying it's okay, rather that this man has a bit of a preoccupation with her. There's a difference between taking issue with something (as anyone should in the case of the playground incident) and obsessively rallying the troops against someone.

No. 477936

and the "dog" video is the best example, just nipicking and wanting to do a witch hunt and then raging on lolcow because we don't wanna "work for him" kek

No. 477986


Just because anons don't agree with what videos Lana make doesn't mean it's one person, everyone here has different opinions of what is morally right and wrong, stop calling it nitpicking this is a gossip forum for Christ sake.

No. 478097

MFW an anon questions if an anon is another anon hence trying to relinquish part of said anonymity. lmao.

As someone else said, this is a forum of people. Stop trying to promote your own cause by pretending that only one person would disagree with your point. It's makes you look silly.

No. 481732

what does 8loaded/infinite loaded even mean?

and can someone explain to me how he keeps his hair like that, like how does he sleep with that hair and keep it like that the next day?

No. 481981


it refers to his infinitely high IQ i think he sperged out with a 5 paragraph essay explaining what it means but it was just experimental chemical drug induced nonsense.

No. 482349

can I have a link to it so I can laugh and make myself feel better for not being a genius?

No. 494852

File: 1517901243495.png (3.32 MB, 1943x1386, a.png)

shes on cam with 8loaded and ex porn star with aids shane hall aka fucked pumpy in an awful video they seem to be on drugs

No. 494853

File: 1517901467355.png (58.49 KB, 1630x177, lol.png)

No. 494854

File: 1517901484957.png (2.98 MB, 1960x1225, hmm.png)

No. 494856

File: 1517901735521.png (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 2193x1114, d.png)

No. 494857


i wonder if they will go it on cam? Or her lives are as boring as Lotte's? lmao Just checking her phone and being grumpy.

No. 494888

File: 1517905954189.png (Spoiler Image, 124.63 KB, 560x332, ps1 ass tits.png)


Why is it so lumpy??? I swear to god I did alter this shit.

No. 501501

It just looks like the implant is still dropping and needs to settle. Don’t know if it was under or over the muscle but it makes a difference; under will take longer. It’s hard to tell from a webcam but it looks like decent work. She didn’t get bolt ons and her nipples and areolas aren’t really high on the breasts.

No. 501515

Also you can see that she decided to get a donut lift where they cut around the areola instead of a lollipop or anchor lift even though the other options are more reliable for shaping the breasts even if they leave more scarring

No. 501516

she got them done over a year ago, they are not done well

No. 501523

File: 1518456741185.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 960x1002, 11111.png)

No. 510894

did anyone notice that Vero isn't following Lana nor Infinite anymore on twitter?

No. 515797

I didn’t notice that tbh anon, maybe she recognised how stupid her fellows are,
with their “high IQ” aka
drug spouted nonsense

No. 516290

if eevee came here, watch vero come here and admit

No. 523619

Okay, why the utter fuck is InfiniteLoaded sounding like those guys who make MLM posts on facebook, acting like some pseudo-genius when he's not even a student of some established university…

I honestly don't care if this is a Lana thread, I count him in it, as he's one of the Lana cronies and probably the worse.

No fucking wonder Vero stopped talking to them, the pseudo science, the weed smoking, 24/7 hentai, they're fucking delusional, it's like she realized that they're not gonna be capable of seeing themselves after 5 years so she jumped ship.

No. 523768


God, his twitter is literally hilarious at this stage. I highly recommend reading it, if you guys ever just feel like shit about your life. I think the main thing that bothers me about this is that this guy will never think that he's wrong.


No. 524038

File: 1520525904986.png (133.75 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20180308-111821~2.p…)


No. 524047

I'm waiting for the day he pisses off the wrong person he goes on live debates.

And the hopeful news is he didn't successfully groom a child recently.

With all that's wondering I wonder if anyone can convince him to do a speech at a university just to see him shit.

No. 525161

File: 1520641240238.png (56.06 KB, 778x465, vT9XqHm.png)

In regards to Infinite being a creep, does anybody else feels like he just tells Lana that she's talentless and she should be thankful to have him? I don't have any hard evidence, but there are tweets like these that give me that impression.

No. 525226

for all of Lana's flaws, she's talented with some stuff.

Terrence? What does he have that's talented? Being a degree-less almost 30 something with a teenage immature personality?
He is a nobody, we talk about him because he's that much of a nobody it makes him a somebody that is a creep, grooming (Lana succesfully, if he knew her for 7 years meaning she'd be 14, and he be like 21) (Vero was unsuccessful if we go by her not talking to them much)…
He calls people aspies and other insults,
he is a self proclaimed genius, when all he does is post shit that people can't read properly because they make no sense.
"Imagine perceiving time in four directions instead of one. " What does fucking mean?
sorry to compare, but if you wanna know a genius who you can understand, follow Neil DeGrasse Tyson, at least he can be understood at first glance when you're not even thinking.

No. 525330

Part of me believes that Terrence does that weird thing with his hair in order to look like Rick Sanchez

No. 525391

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Infinite Loaded.

But in all honesty, I heard Terrence has challenged people to fights irl or someshit, anyone have the dirt for that?

No. 525529

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Infinite Loaded.

To understand his level of idiocracy or are you implying that he himself does have that so called IQ of over 200 or whatever?

No. 525556

it's a meme, anon.

No. 525574


Hahaha! Wow that one went over my head!

No. 526044

File: 1520737717956.png (218.63 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20180310-220807~2.p…)

That sure is an elaborate way of saying "we're doing drugs"!

No. 526375

If said friend is infiniteloaded. How is he smarter than a doctor? Can someone please show us his old school records (without doxxing)

No. 527734

File: 1520912920933.png (317.41 KB, 1080x1205, Screenshot_20180312-234849~2.p…)

How is he so chuuni for a near 30 y/o?

No. 528108


What the absolutely fuck is he going on about. I hope he presents his "research" and they laugh him out of the building. He is spouting off gibberish.

No. 528155

No one's getting past that fucking hair to listen to him or to read what's written in his stack of Fullmetal Alchemist spiral notebooks.

No. 528369

Local laws matters.
This would be legal here in Germany (isnt that legal in New Mexico too?)
also the correct term is hebephilia 12yo to 16yo

No. 528382

I have to correct myself its actually ephebophilia, sry

No. 528910

File: 1521037483699.png (186.18 KB, 774x1442, eHz75g.png)

when you're so quantum that you start contradicting yourself.

No. 529131

doesn't quantum mean "minimum physics", so going quantum means going minimal.

Also why does Infinite act like he's some famous scientist when all he is doing is probably reading flyers given to him by randos near a train station?

Like dammit, I wanna see his degree for proof that he's some genius, as actual geniuses, despite hating school, will still get a degree to get a job in said field

No. 536246

i don't understand how lana claims to spend hours creating "scripts" and "editing videos" when the camera is stationary the whole time and she never actually talks in her videos. she just puts text layovers of what she's thinking as the character. it's super bad.

No. 536310

only effort i can see being done is making the fake lube,

also scripts? if she needs to do those, just film herself blowing infinite loaded with crappy diologue

No. 536756

File: 1521829899370.png (2.33 MB, 1920x2152, rtav5864AR5aa.png)

She showed it once in a video.
But it still seems like not a lot of work at all.
I can imagine that the Eromanga Sensei video was a lot of work, but that was just a lot of unnecessary bullshit and all the chat text was cringe as fuck.

No. 536808

No. 536847

He really brainwashed her ass good lol

No. 537040

Yikes. This is so embarrassing.

No. 537084

Other than her justifying Griffith, which is surprisingly the most normal thing she's talking about.

I have a feeling she'd be a mess when Terrence stops talking to her once he finds a younger girl to groom succesfully

No. 537093

I doubt he will, shes a very good pawn to have in his game of finding young girls to groom. She's become his accomplice in grooming girls like they did with Vero and in turn has become a predator herself.

No. 537412


I feel like this might've been a one-time thing. Like it's going to be incredibly difficult to find someone as stupid and impressionable as Lana Rain again. Especially considering how much InfiniteLoaded's brain has deteriorated from drug use. I doubt he's even competent enough to hold a normal conversation anymore. Furthermore, it seems like grooming would take a lot of time considering it took like 7 years with Lana Rain.

No. 537457

I hate how she can't take criticism whatsoever, with her constant talks about how she's the only person ever to 'actually' portrait an accurate 'ahegao' face and all the bitching about other camgirls. Girl, lift others up for a change, Jesus.

No. 537511

At least I can say is Vero jumping ship was funny because she said in the beginning she's too mature for her age and all but she kinda proved that she's at least more mature than Lana and infinite by not talking to them anymore.

I bet if infinite took more and more drugs that he decides to show his genius in a live debate he'd probably get owned even more than usual.

Lana not taking criticism can I have a few screenhots for curiosity?

No. 538202

Next time post caps.

But dear god, she sounds like any other kid who overdoes it on MDMA when they first get into that scene.
Both of them are too far gone to realize how crazy they sound, I have to say I never expected this, though. I thought she was sober.

No. 538289

She'll crack soon with all this going on, once it gets exposed that she does it that she goes to the hospital

No. 538442

This is pretentious and annoying too? Literally anyone can cross their eyes and pop their tongue out and look like a dumb idiot. She's mad and wants to be the best at ugly-fucked-silly-face, lmao.

No. 538447

Man I couldn't stand her before find this thread and now is even worse. Also knowing that she went/goes to participate in a podcast with a game reviewer that I really like for a Nier Automata/drakengard talk with the posibility that she's going to bring her shitty pseudo-science, "magic mushrooms makes you smarter", and ero-gamer gurl stand makes me cringe to the limit.

Sorry for the OT rant.

No. 538467

File: 1522041819104.png (95.7 KB, 537x678, Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 12.17…)

Lots of stupid fuckery here.

"LSD is the failure to shrooms.."

Girl, what the fuck are you on about?
Comparing two completely different substances. Can't wait to read see his paper or whatever it is. I'm sure it'll throw all of the research done on the benefits of taking LSD out of the water.

No. 538471

File: 1522042207883.png (49.11 KB, 524x328, Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 12.28…)

same fag here. blow, not throw. sorry.

Now this. Yes, such a dangerous and treacherous journey you have ahead of you in pretending to know everything better than everyone.

No. 538600

He always sounds so edgy -
like he tries to be some main anime hero
who saves the world. lol

No. 538664

Yeah same. I don't think Clemps knows what he's getting into :(

No. 539144


Sorry for the stupid question but, who is this guy? and Wtf is wrong with his hair?

No. 539153

meth is the answer to both questions

No. 539160


Tell her to rotate 8 90-degrees to really blow her mind! kek

Over-emphasising the significance and prevalence of numerical patterns is also a trait of schizotypal personality disorder and a symptom of delusional disorders.

No. 539376

He sounds like some badly written character in a cyberpunk anime,
I am curious for him failing, via him probably overdosing on drugs or someshit

No. 539442

Oh man I don't think anyone needs a delusional, uneducated, ugly bitch teaching them about the inner workings of the universe. Lay off the Rick and Morty, fellas.
Also lmao at her constant mentioning of Terrance's ~paper~ like he's an actual authority on anything. So embarrassing.

No. 543067

Anyone have any idea what "legal battle" Eight keeps spewing on and on about? Something involving him or Lana? Or something that has nothing to do with him/them and he just has to continue with his verbal diarrhea to feel good about faking his intelligence?

No. 543671

I bet the legal battle is some lawsuit because he stole some rando's papers and using it as his own lmao.

Or no battle and just him spewing on and on about him being a genius and using it as some analogy.

But I can't wait for the schadenfreude about him getting his just desserts when he goes to some university and scientists make fun of his demeaneur.

I've met his types before, their highest education is high school graduate where they took the lowest of the low classes, and dropped out of college out of some false sense of being "smarter" than everyone and not having a stable job.

Bitcoin mining isn't a job, it's just a waste of electricity and power Terrance

No. 543742


I hope he shows up to court in his everyday clothes and his weird hairstyle. No judge would take him seriously.

No. 543899

And he represents himself and says quantum every 5 seconds, in the end he's sentenced to 8 weeks of community service, 8 months of probabtion and has to pay 808 dollars

Lana will then tweet that 8 is really significant because of this

No. 547589

File: 1522978221788.png (413.05 KB, 1456x361, lana.png)

I'd like to point out that for brief periods of time, Lana drops 4-5 places on Manyvids top model list, and then one day she randomly shoots to the top and stays there for months despite putting content out maybe once a month. I feel like there is no way she actually reaches that height without some sort of cheating involved… there is no way Lana in THAT big

No. 547593

File: 1522978477911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.56 KB, 861x482, DZyUxi2VwAAzbdG.jpg)

She posted a screenshot for her new Chun Li video… how do people still think she is the best cosplayer on Manyvids?

No. 551593

Who are you? Id like to talk.

No. 553253

Hello Terence

No. 554543

File: 1523638674390.png (350.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-13-12-55-29…)

Jfc can she learn to fuck off from obsessing over 8?
Hey guys it's a coincidence but it's the 8th time viewing her 8. Posted at 12 58 pm here.
I wonder if her iq is 8 and we know she loves her girls 8

No. 554578

File: 1523642387580.png (69.3 KB, 490x609, yikes.png)

The comments, kek.

No. 554634

People seeing through her bullshit

No. 554800

Terrence just comes across as that kid you would see in middle school that always wore the trench coat and reenacted Naruto/Kingdom Heart scenes, then would go to his remedial english class and spout some BS about world philosophy, go home, and jack off to some badly drawn Sakura rule 34(that he probably made)

No. 554854

File: 1523660260709.jpg (285.57 KB, 493x740, wonblcsvbtlgktqeboeurztbdiaibb…)

This one I'd like to call

No. 554990

why is Lana's anatomy so weird in this photo

No. 555011

It's probably bcuz she recently moved so she got support from her fans even tho she put no new stuff out

No. 555034

File: 1523672075802.png (103.23 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_20180413-221046~2.p…)

Probably don't have that eight-inch dick tho

No. 555351

File: 1523706012996.png (1.1 MB, 1178x1000, awsheeit.png)

it's probably something to do with this

my money is on "drug-related"

No. 555417

Probably all the ruffles making it look off, also it looks like the sleeves of that pyjama top are too small in the shoulders so they make it bunch up

No. 555430


I bet she owes money to someone or something dumb. I'd doubt its because she is internet "famous". Didn't she recently move to a different apartment building?

No. 555582

I honestly think she has serious mental problems, people are asking her stuff and she replies with " yes my friend likes that , my friend does that , my friend is super smart but
nobody knows yet just wait and you will see. Damn I follow her for a long time but she is degrading slowly

No. 555595

Yeah, I doubt it was a 'crazy stalker' or whatever she was claiming on Twitter.

Going by the dates, this was just before she moved to her new place. I'm getting the feeling of "unpaid drug debts" or something similar

No. 555606

She's probably just trying to be the new Tana mongoose since she got popular by claiming to have a crazy in depth stalker

No. 555617

Looks like she is already tinfoiling for real. That's what happen when you do a lot of molly or bad quality shrooms. Plus, Terrence is batshit crazy and thinks he is living in a nier automata world.

No. 555630


Two gigantic blades and the power of anime of her side.

No. 555636

No. 555637

No. 555643

She has 0 personality now, she is Terence , Terence is Lana. Kami-sama ,good at every subject,game etc. She seriously admitted she has no skills and that Terence is her savior, how brainwashed is she ?

No. 555733

who'll fall first, Lana or Terrance?

No. 555762


What the fuck did I just watch?

No. 555833

Isn't it just fun watch a degenerate's life go to shit?

No. 555834

File: 1523754130943.png (921.14 KB, 1371x1028, Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 03.2…)

Here you can see the midget Terrance behind Shane. You could roughly estimate his height. His ridiculous hair is supposed to make him look taller? Also Shane said one of his roomies is a cam model, does it mean Lana, Terrance and Shane live together? Sorry for Shane, he used to be in a much better company.

No. 555878

She looks high as a kite holy hell

No. 555888

Alright I wanna see someone captioning this photo and ask what the context is.

Also I think they do, I doubt a single cam girl who isn't that huge on sites can afford a good apartment in new york a long with a ps4, large tv, led lights on the floor, a high quality camera, a computer, adobe (tho that might be pirated), ps4 games, steam games, all that.

So plausible she lives with them

No. 555894

File: 1523762225221.jpg (492.38 KB, 1920x1440, IMG_20180414_231403.jpg)

Maybe im just tin-foiling too much, but in some photos of lana's new place the same air conduct thing can be seen like this.

No. 555910

prob just a bigger apartment in the same building to house their house boy that they will raise together aka shane boi puss

No. 555911

they do shows together multiple times and take pictures together often, they do live together

No. 555923

they absolutely do, checking his Twitter he's literally in her apartment in his new vids and they're using her same DSLR camera/angles. Must've really pissed Stormy/Pumpkinspice off when Shane became buddy-buddy with Lana who she's had shit in the past with.

No. 555927

at least guys we can say one thing, Vero jumped ship from them

No. 555928

File: 1523765099045.jpg (59.29 KB, 576x1024, DZyWvchVwAE42I-.jpg)

More evidence Shane lives with Lana/Terrance.

No. 555929

I hate her as much as anyone, but how do you think she's not successful? She's #1 on ManyVids. I'm in the 1500s and still make at least $200-400 a month from it.

No. 555932

No. 555966

>to know end
His & Pumpy's grammar never ceases to amaze me.

No. 555967

File: 1523769051118.gif (879.63 KB, 240x240, fried.gif)

>i am going to be living with some of my best friends and people who inspire me to know end
>know end

No. 556001

File: 1523773339212.png (233.85 KB, 1826x502, RKA7HEw.png)

That's not nearly enough to afford all that shit though, especially in NYC, not on her own at least.

Up until early March she was letting some batshit crossdressing tweaker live with them (he posts on 420chan, claims she's his ex or something), I talked around and I guess Terrance realized he couldn't exploit him for anything decent, so he kicked him out. Pic related.

No. 556157

Wow do you have any more pics of them. That's pretty messed up. They must be raking in at least 60-80k a year from Lana and their still living in squalor. Where does their money all end up going? Drugs?

No. 556206

File: 1523807098941.jpg (184.31 KB, 960x1280, 26jan.jpg)

from when the "trans" tweaker first moved (late January)

No. 556210

And this is from February.

don't do acid/meth when cooking chicken, kids.

No. 556213

File: 1523807647277.jpg (116.16 KB, 976x1279, 14feb.jpg)

No. 556281

Wow. He looks like a leprechaun.

No. 558474

File: 1524020526692.jpg (49.43 KB, 700x534, b74e5d3b9fb1301c2b3939c0041488…)

Omfg I laughed my ass off reading that fam, someone told me I was in your thread here and lmao basically 💯 accurate besides the pronouns but whatever I ain't no SJW.

I thought it was funny y'all saying dude do meth when no lol I do yet all things considered I'm not the most stand out character in this thread… that's a change.

Also before you ask about my insights "no comment"

No. 558551

File: 1524029146584.jpg (46.88 KB, 600x600, Screenshot_54.jpg)

Also how'd y'all silly doxxin mofos get that pic? I'm pretty sure I only put that on my FB yo. Also found the chicken day pics. Damn y'all got too much time on your hands lol, but it's all good.

I'm kinda entertained I'm part of this imageboard based soap opera going on here, us tranny's love attention y'know. My character name is cool too "Trans Tweaker".

My one comment to this thread it's correctly directed less on Lana as I can assure you she's not a bad person and the questionable shit is not sourced from her actions. I hope the best for her especially and also that household, but tbh I'm glad I'm outta there personally. I'm better off back in Detroit smokin my meth then having to be in the spotlight of this complexity.

Y'all do have a lot of time on your hands tho may I suggest a hobby, writing, actual soap operas… or my personal favorite drug addiction?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 558571

Oh nice you're a lolcow yourself!

No. 559141

File: 1524087723353.png (54.67 KB, 1014x182, 2.png)

holy shit i found his twitter, definite lolcow

No. 571727

Terrance "exposed" some other cam model

lol @ comic sans, did he do this in MS Paint?

It's hilarious

No. 571883

File: 1525278990424.jpg (2.09 MB, 1720x5782, 3iTd0UC.jpg)

Even moar trus for you guys. in lana's voice.

No. 571907


Maybe because I don't have the full story but I don't get why infinite is bashing this guy. He seemed to apologize for his actions so why keep picking a fight.

No. 571934

File: 1525285265218.png (1.69 MB, 1754x992, Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 20.1…)

It seems those guys are making fun of 8loaded, do you think he's able to give advice on anybody's career without ruining it? Look at this trash. My only hope that Lana will read this and will consider taking advice from us anons.
To improve: do nose job and put some fillers in your freaking lips.

Do you guys have any proof of loaded being a legit man? He seems a lot like trans. Small, fatty, no beard, girly hands, pedo/hentai obsessed.

No. 571945

That's what I was thinking. This reads like Terrance wasn't able to manipulate another cam model and is having a tantrum about it.

Not as far as I can tell. The way he talks doesn't fit with being trans, at least.

No. 574885

It's a fucking cult.
Terrence is giving them shrooms and brainwashing them, some guy Scarlet worked with posted a phone call about them on his porn blog site where she exposes a bunch of their shenanigans.

No. 574899

No. 574904


This is fucking amazing.

No. 574918

Can't wait for this shit to blow up

No. 574924

File: 1525589313464.jpg (22.57 KB, 784x185, shane fcked.jpg)

This is exactly how cults work Shane, wake up

No. 574927

File: 1525589532733.png (67.09 KB, 640x427, Screenshot (114).png)

No. 574947

Did she even listen to her own call????

No. 575019

File: 1525611519547.jpeg (91.95 KB, 1029x586, C3BDB3FD-98B3-4C60-B6E4-FFDE7C…)

Her makeup skills are amazing , this looks trashy on so many levels

No. 575280

So it's safe to say Vero pulled out, and probably Eevee

No. 575362

File: 1525644212839.png (15.46 KB, 758x113, Eevee.png)

It doesn't appear she's out just yet, or at least isn't willing to come forward with anything

No. 575833

Holy shit, really puts this >>494852 in context, eh?

No. 575898

she got doxxed via here from the info she gave so ofc she doesn't want anything to do with you guys - all her info she already said is mostly word of mouth that yes they live together and we already know that

No. 575899

The faces show it, Shane is on drugs and Bad Hair do is enjoying the manipulation

No. 575901

File: 1525711914365.png (50.81 KB, 1000x637, asdssd.PNG)

Welp they're deleted for some reason, how come?

No. 575981

File: 1525718765803.png (318.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180507-144348.png)


Probably for legal reasons. Sammy said he took his evidence to the New Jersey State Police, I hope they listen.

On a different note did Lana even listen to the phone conversation? Scarlet said it multiple times eight likes being called a God. Is Lana that dense or just brain-washes?

No. 576073

File: 1525725534413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 2285x2000, 66984283_p0.jpg)

Lana is a narcissist.

No. 576083

they ignore the phone call , they hate it when people have evidence , especially one like this

No. 576430


I have a gut feeling that she knows someone on ManyVids' staff or knows several people there. What else would explain all the special treatment she gets from them? She's broken numerous rules and time and time again they give her a slap on the wrist or change their policy so as to avoid having to discipline her for breaking them. Not to mention, they actively block people on Twitter for calling them out.

No. 576470

No, she just makes them money and porn companies don’t really give a shit about morals, if you couldn’t tell.
As long as you’re willing to be somewhat within their guidelines they dgaf

No. 576588

File: 1525761010916.png (141.49 KB, 1119x668, IMG_3655.PNG)

No. 576595


what is that in response to?

No. 576602

File: 1525764006637.png (359.12 KB, 1125x1481, IMG_3656.PNG)

No. 576628

File: 1525769777505.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.53 KB, 1373x769, IMG_3659.JPG)

how was she #1 on manyvids for so long with this shit quality ?

No. 576676

Is that old glue on her lashes???

No. 576697

The real question is why do so many people on Twitter defend him? There really is something kinda strange bond between narcissists and bipolar ppl.

No. 576729

At work yo, spoil that shit

No. 576778


Thanks man. Also, Lana's response sounds extremely…immature, for someone her age. No wonder she dated a 16 year old, she has the mentality of one.


Other models on that site have gotten penalized for less, even some completely removed from the site. Hell, half of the people ManyVids Twitter ended up blocking were other models using their platform. There has to be something going on, even if it's just as simple as Lana making them the most money.


I get why Lana defends him; she's been groomed by him since she was 14. He fans though? He's even went out of his way to start shit with her fans. I remember one of them showed concern for the 16 year old when she made a Tweet talking about depression. 8 started attacking him, claiming psychiatry and mdma can save her. Lana defended this.


To be honest, I'm surprised she can even have a fanbase, given how toxic 8 is.

No. 576871

File: 1525804177742.jpg (160.97 KB, 899x1024, PicsArt_05-08-02.28.41.jpg)

Sorry for the shitty edit, but this dude is such a fucking creep.

No. 576885


Yeah, he's super creepy and dangerous. If you notice in that thread, that ID guy even gives some evidence that mdma isn't great for treating depression and explicitly says people need to do their own research. 8 throws a fit and just expects people to take him at his word. He has no background in any medical field yet feels confident to give medical advice to people.

No. 576903

He is frustrated cause he is short and probably has a small dick and now he hates the world

No. 576913

File: 1525807704173.jpg (48.1 KB, 734x463, 8dicks.jpg)

I am just gonna leave this here

No. 576925


I personally don't believe she works as much and as hard as they let on. She claims to stay up for days getting shit done, yet somehow she looks relatively fine. Maybe she hides it all under makeup, but having that kind of sleep schedule and being up for days does not bode well for your mental or physical health.

I believe 8 does a lot of the work for her, or at least they spend an equal amount of work. They just market her as doing everything because it looks better on her. The scripts in her videos don't even sound like her writing. It's almost as if 8 is pulling all of the strings.

No. 576938

So the guy being accused of feeding people shrooms and forming a cult around him… is telling a depressed person that they need to stay off meds, do shrooms, and find therapy through religion? Uh okay.

So much for him not liking being called "god".

No. 576982

File: 1525812152395.jpg (72.8 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20180508-134105__01…)

No. 576983

File: 1525812230287.jpg (72.32 KB, 1080x469, Screenshot_20180508-134137__01…)

what the fuck

No. 576984


I'm not defending 8, but she's obviously joking here.

No. 576985


Here's hoping he kills himself.

No. 576989

Shane Hall and "Nova Storm" are "joking" too

No. 576991

File: 1525812664638.jpg (190.09 KB, 1080x1060, _20180508_134946.JPG)

dude's been joking about this for a while tho

No. 576993


To me it's clear that, on Twitter at least, they're mocking the whole "we call him god" thing, to try and save face. However, that phone call and text in that journal indicate that it isn't a joke. They really do call him god and treat him like some profit. You would think, logically speaking, they would come to the conclusion that if you have to lie to the public space then you're probably doing something shifty.

No. 576994


Someone should ask Lana what the fuck this is about. I don't think she'll give a real answer, but I'm curious as to what it might be.

No. 577029

This dude is certified. He's like the chuuni version of Charles Manson.

No. 577078

I'm curious to see a version of Lana where she wasn't manipulated by a midget with a bad hair do

No. 577080

File: 1525821713914.png (112.53 KB, 633x833, InfiniteLoaded-Shrooms-180508.…)

Here's hoping he gets arrested for possession/distribution of a Schedule I drug/substance. Why out of all of this, nobody's reporting his illegal activity to the police instead of complaining about the fact that he likes to be considered a god is beyond me.

No. 577083


Reporting someone for admitting on the internet to doing drugs is next to impossible.

No. 577092

she'll just defend it by saying he's joking or that he is some psuedo genius of the world and has proven to be Godly in his ways

No. 577121

Why not just swat the faggot

No. 577138

He literally thinks doing shrooms gives him supernatural abilities. He must have started using early because he has the mentality of a 10 year old boy who played Tekken 3 for the first time and larps Jin Kazama during recess. Imagine being manipulated by someone like this. What a nightmare.

No. 577168

I seriously don't understand why this guy even draws the attention and support that he does from these other people. He's a dumpy, stumpy, porky looking dude with one of the worst hair styles and clothing "aesthetic" that I've seen in a long while. His personality is abrasive, arrogant, toxic, and downright ignorant.

What is this guy's appeal? He's not attractive or particularly likable or talented in any eay. Is it just his steady supply of drugs? Are they all just too mush brained at this point to know better?

No. 577178


With Lana it's because he was grooming her since 14. The others, I have no idea.

No. 577183

He groomed Lana since she was a child, and the others maybe through the pretty face and then drugging them a lot.

No. 577185

pretty face? is there like an uncharacteristically good selfie of him somewhere that we missed or what?

No. 577189

Lana's pretty face* that some people would latch on to, and then Terrance would do his Terrance deeds

No. 577190

oh gotcha. my bad. maybe he's one of those people that seems to absorb other people's good qualities when he's in a group and therefore comes off more attractive/cool/interesting by association.

weird deja vu from >>547593

No. 577214

Am I the only one who doesn't think Lana is even that cute? I'm not saying she's hideous, but she's got a big chin, thin lips, a big bumpy nose and "okay" eyes at best. She had an alright body before the botched boob job though, I'll give her that?

No. 577216

His "friends" probably only hang around him for the drugs, or he has them dependent on what he's dealing. Either way its messed up no matter where you slice it

No. 577217

definitely agree. i think the anime cosplay kind of emphasizes those features too. like you subconsciously compare her to whatever impossibly cutesy anime girl it is so things like her skinny head shape and bumpy nose stand out even more than if she was styled like a pretty human woman

No. 577218

File: 1525836709998.png (475.46 KB, 483x434, lana.png)

Yeah, I do think the "kawaii" pastel stuff looks the worst on her, because it highlights her harsher features. She filters and edits the hell out of her pics to soften those features too. Are there many pics of her unedited/unfiltered? They seem fairly rare.

No. 577220

File: 1525837126810.png (Spoiler Image, 525.83 KB, 736x615, LanasWeirdFoot.png)

Look at this shitty photoshop work.

Whoever her photographer is clearly has no idea what they're doing.

No. 577222

Looks like they shooped her foot in from an entirely different photo. The edges, the blur, and even the wonky shadow shading here. Weird.

No. 577225


There's a few other issues with her prints, but I'm sure no one here wants to hear anyone sperg out over photography. I will say that I saw better work from my beginning photography class years ago.

No. 577390

Terence's mad skills at work, she actually said that he knows everything without learning
(don't remember which software photoshop or premiere)

No. 577460


oh my god he sounds exactly like Vicki Shingles.

No. 577462

Why doesn't Lana and 8 have a Kiwi thread already?

No. 577631

You could start one and link it here

No. 577817

This is pretty disturbing. Wonder how long before it turns into some weird suicide cult.

"I've taken 38 vials, looked into 12,815 futures, and realized planet Earth is about to be recycled. Your only chance to survive is to leave with me and my harem"

No. 577989

This is in reference to the new Avengers movie tho, a character has a very similar line, he’s retarded anyway but this time he tried to crack a joke (never seen a funny one from him even tho smart ppl can usually be funny with ease as we all know)

No. 578021

File: 1525937457942.png (Spoiler Image, 201.84 KB, 995x1677, IMG_3672.PNG)

"Best cosplayer " : gross nails with left over polish and trashy rings on chun li, hairline on the wrong side ( she actually said she reshot it and still got it wrong ) and her pantyhose are the wrong color . I like how she always brags about attention to details

No. 578026


in the comments he said he was not joking (…)

No. 578036

Then he’s just the usual dumb self, he probably thinks the Avengers movie is deep af

No. 578176

Either her crusty ass is totally self unaware or she knows and doesn't care because her pedo-enabling fans just fawn over her cheap store bought cosplays.

No. 578565

STFU I'm not a stan and def not into cosplayer crap she doesn't need to do anything to her face, and yes I know you are trolling

No. 578802


>not a stan


also she has a horse face

No. 580109

Someone should compile all the info on the Kiwifarms. I wanna see shithair try to go to war with them.

No. 580111


I do wonder what kinda stuff they could comb up. They're usually pretty good at digging up information. And yeah, 8 & Lana couldn't do shit about that site so it'd be hilarious watching them go to war with it.

No. 580115

I don't think I've ever seen a 30 year old manlet go full Rick & Morty before. Should be interesting to see him freak out at the people over there.

No. 580153

File: 1526111182327.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.96 KB, 672x756, DCk1SFjXoAAVp54.jpg)

Anyone remember that Lana shot a public masturbation video near a playground? She claims that she did it when she thought no children were around, however you could still see kids in the back of the shot. Regardless, why would she pick that location anyway? Even if she thought she'd be less likely to be seen by kids there, she had to know there was still a chance. It's almost as if she wanted to expose herself around children. Either that, or she's autistic and doesn't understand why this is a social faux pas.

No. 580155

She looks like a creepy hobo in the second pic. I don’t think any kids saw her or that she cared, but she (and her owner 8) are clearly unawere of any social cues and how much of a fool they make out of themselves constantly

No. 580157


tbh if it weren't for the fact that they're in the cam scene, I would of assumed they were a couple of high schoolers. That's their mentality.

No. 580160

Be careful , they might take that as a compliment (it’s not). Lana wants to be a smol cute loli when all she can look like is a teenaged male in drag at best and their mentality , espcecially around drugs, reek of 16 yrs old just discovering them and having their weak undeveloped personalities blown away

No. 580706

PLEASE that >>580115
8 vs the whole internet would ruin him

No. 580894

File: 1526175037182.png (15.58 KB, 603x169, everyoneisjealous.PNG)

from her curiouscat page

No. 581174

Um id check twitter right now

No. 581237

File: 1526212740043.png (299.25 KB, 579x599, imaginary friend.png)

I bet those three "almost died" is just his version of "I was almost raped because some ugly guy hit on me in a parking lot and I thought he was creepy."

It was probably just some black guys making fun of his stiff stinky hair.

No. 581239

File: 1526213111975.png (559.36 KB, 607x913, The Hair.png)

A team of camboys are ganging up on shithair to the point Lana had to step in to say people "love" his hair.

No. 581258

File: 1526217299679.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.01 KB, 1412x1158, 3F63F1B6-54FA-45A2-9C25-18A3F4…)

Top tier editing , yea Lana we believe that it takes you 8h to edit your videos,such a hard worker

No. 581321


I, too, fantasize in rectangles.

No. 581533

File: 1526240175354.jpg (684.66 KB, 2052x1140, just a fan.jpg)

When they were pretending he was just a normal user that tipped her.

No. 581762

File: 1526252477869.jpg (114.44 KB, 698x1199, proof gohan.jpg)

holy shit. absolute proof of shithair being a pedo imo

No. 581787

He's such an embarrassing try hard. Addressing his "other personality/imaginary friend" via twitter serves what purpose? Does he really believe any of this shit? How much drugs do you have to take to permanently make you this mentally impaired?

His "almost died" was probably him putting himself into dangerous situations while really fucked up on drugs. Funny though, how he's upset that he's aging and idealizes his 17yo self. Aging is going to be extremely brutal for people like him and Lana. It's going to be a hilarious trip.

He looks like a fucking troll doll though? A crusty, greasy, troll doll. His hair looks so bad and I just don't understand why or how anyone would think it's a good look or style. Half the time his shits all fallen down too.

Is this Vero? How old is/was this girl again? How old is eight now?

No. 581813

vero was 16 , maybe 17 now - possibly younger

No. 581833

Doesn’t anyone have a screenshot of Veros Facebook? More specifically showing her age.
She deleted her Facebook recently

No. 581839

I believe 8 is 28 or 29

No. 581853

File: 1526256719522.jpg (21.31 KB, 292x380, 9vz6g2G7.jpg)


She deleted her Facebook but here is her Twitter from Nov 2017 before she wiped that clean too.

No. 581861

His hair is going to start falling out. He's aging badly, and constantly spraying gallons of hairspray to his unwashed icicle hair is going to damage it permanently.

No. 581890

File: 1526258136875.png (2.06 MB, 2022x1554, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 02.2…)

I literally like calculated like how many times Lana says "Like" in like 5 mins, and I swear it was like 45 times. OMG. Why wouldn't she take a speech class? Like srsly.

Also note she undresses for 500$ (1000$ for viewers) to show off her lumpy tits, wtf.

Does anybody know why she came back to CB, because she used to start a campaign against them in the past, 'cos they are recording and uploading broadcasters' videos and act badly towards models.

No. 581919


Where did this come from? Who is she speaking too? Did she finally turn against them or something?

No. 582036

She's so homely looking. Her petite body was kind of the only thing she had going for her and she ruined that with a botched boobjob.

No. 582052

natsuki is like 13 years old this is so gross

No. 582066


There's a good chance she's only vaguely familiar with the character or the VN she comes from. Most of the characters she admits to not liking them or the franchise they come from. She cosplays beloved characters from popular franchises so dumb nerds will give her money. She's basically a fake weeb. But goddamn, she sure sound a niche full of stupid mother fuckers that are more than willing to throw their money away.

No. 582156

Did Vero admit to being against Bad Hair?

No. 582338

File: 1526299544047.png (56.15 KB, 1131x247, shaneissodumb.png)

Hey Terence , I think Shane is illiterate, why are you keeping him around ?

No. 582356

Source + more if possible, please. I'm so proud of Vero for getting the fuck out of dodge.

No. 582459

The more I look at this situation with Scarlett, I realize it's just her getting out of a shitty group of people for an even shittier group of people.

It's kinda depressing to think that 5 foot manlets prob banging her tho.

No. 582465

she needs to get a nose job too before asking for that much to do nothing

No. 582534

Don’t worry anon, she will get rid of lana/hair/shane as soon as they are not useful for her anymore and will come up with a bunch of lies. If you haven’t realised yet, she’s a manipulative psycho. You’ll see.

No. 582558


hi terence

No. 582587

I know this is asking much for a bunch of anons on the internet, but as a friend of Vero's, can you guys just leave her out of this now? She's going through a shit ton with depression and body dysmorphia, so please don't harass her. I can tell you guys that she isn't still associating herself with those two, and really wants nothing to do with any of their fucked up shit. You all already have all the info you need. Yes, she's a minor. Yes, she was dating Lana. Yes, they broke up and she moved on. Just don't make things harder on her please.

No. 582590

Is Terence Eight's real name? Do we know his last name or anything?

Can you imagine having standards that low? I bet he's always sticky and smelly from the absurd amounts of hair products he uses.

No. 582597


I'm glad to hear that she's left and is moving on. Do you know what finally opened her eyes to them?

No. 582611

I don't think the anons here really have anything against Vero or have any intention to harass her. Most anons seemed disturbed that she, as a minor, was being groomed by these predators. It's good to hear she doesn't associate with them anymore. I can't imagine any of them were a good influence on her.

No. 582622


Ahh. I see. I do wonder what her relationship with the people she was doing porn with before she met up with Eight and Lana were like. It seems like she has a dependent personality and always needs guidance and direction from somebody. I wonder if that's the same with most cult followers.

No. 582631

I can't say with full certainty to be honest, as I didn't bother to ask, but I would say it was most likely a culmination of things. After her mother found out about the relationship, she restricted her ability to interact with them. After that, her and Lana had a blowout. Lana broke up with her, and basically wanted her to quietly exit Lana and 8's discord server, and Vero was upset about it. She ended up staying, but it was clear things only deteriorated from there. She doesn't talk at all in there anymore. 8 and Lana were right about one thing though, she is mature for age. She was mature enough to let all the drama go, and she deleted her facebook because she's actively trying to get away from the toxicity and unhealthiness that is social media. I'm honestly really proud of her. It is disgusting that those two associated with her at all, considering the very clear depression a self esteem issues she is going through. I don't want to give away too much personal info, but her mental condition was so poor not that long ago, that her family and doctors signed off on a surgery to try and help her. They really preyed on someone that wasn't and isn't in a good place at all, but I'm glad she got out of it and is doing better.

No. 582635

yes a piece of mail he doxxed himself posting online was already posted here and an old marriage certificate

No. 582801

well, let's just ask anyone who's in her discord server to comment on this, but most of them won't

No. 582845

See: >>410596 and >>411072

He uses so much gel that his hair looks like it's made of fucking plastic, lmao.
He looks like a cheap knock-off Wayne Static.

She unironically made a couple "Griffith did nothing wrong" tweets a while back. She considers Griffith to be the most noble character in Berserk. Which, if you know anything about the series, is hilarious when considering how she worships and views Terence vs what he really is like.

No. 582917


Lana's opinions are basically a reflection of 8's opinions. At this point it's hard to tell what she actually thinks vs what is 8's brainwashing.


What did Lana blow up about? I mean, it's just funny to me that at the time she painted this picture that she and Vero were so in love and all (yet on a curious.cat question she said they barely knew each other, wtf it can't be both) and even had artwork of the two commissioned for them. It's really says something about Lana's character that she's willing to do a 180 on someone she claimed to love.

Of course, it's my personal opinion that Lana has narcissistic personality disorder and possibly some co-dependence issues. To me this explains so much about her personality and actions.


Lana's discord server is nothing but her sycophants. Even if they did witness something wrong, they're wearing rose colored glasses so red flags look just like flags.

No. 582935


Hmm but what about what was said on the phone call with Scarlet? That Vero has stomach cancer and her mom was abusive?

This shit isn't adding up.

No. 582943


That could have been a fabrication of 8 and Lana to try and manipulate people so they wouldn't see anything wrong with the grooming. Maybe the girl lied and told them that. Maybe it's partially true or all true.

No. 582950

File: 1526340000607.jpg (13.7 KB, 400x400, bloodcalibur.jpg)

Thanks anon! By the looks of things, he went through a shaved head phase way back in 2011, claimed to be an amature boxer and has his "BLooDCalibuR" handle tattooed across his back. Hilarious. At first I didn't think it was him, but the location, name, and the hair all match up from the time frame. As he had posted a photo of him with a shaved head around this time on that forum.

I wonder what lead him to drop the tough guy, wanna be boxer act and decide to start the troll doll hair and shitty 90's rave clothes. Is he trying to look like a bootleg tekken character or something?

No. 582955

File: 1526340469264.png (36.79 KB, 675x588, antisocialpersonalitydisorder.…)


He's probably a better shit talker than a boxer. Maybe he got his ass kicked one to many times.

That, or he lost focus in boxing or did something to ruin his reputation within the underground boxing culture.

Also, read the list on this image for some interesting coincidences. :^)

No. 583196

that's illegal when you are asking from money with these people and making up gf has cancer

No. 583202

That, I also can't 100% confirm or deny. While I know more than what an outsider would about all this, I'm not super close to Vero. Though I can safely say that it is most likely fabricated, as it wouldn't make sense for a mother to not treat their daughter's cancer, but would go the extra mile to help their daughter get cosmetic surgery because of their mental illness (which I can say for a fact she did indeed get this surgery [there were pics and such to prove it]).

No. 583206


Do you think Vero made it up or would it be Lana and 8's doing?

No. 583209

Knowing all three of them, I would definitely say that it was most likely a lie made up by 8 to save face and manipulate this new girl. I wish I could say more, but certain information would easily out who I am if one of them ended up reading this.

No. 583213



I know that was the guy 8 went after for daring to show concern for Vero, because he believed in actual medical science rather than 8's pseudo-scientific drug trips.

No. 583225

Is it safe to say she's not actually a fan of Joji considering she doesn't seem like the type to watch filthy frank or listen to his kind of stuff?

Also glad Lana is getting negative traction can't wait to see mental gymnastics

No. 583229


I'm curious to know who you are and would like to talk to you. If you're willing, I made a temporary Discord server, It'll only be up for a few hours though:



Take pleasure in the fact this thread is on the second page of google when searching "Lana Rain"

No. 583231

Sorry, but I'm not going to reveal my identity, but touching on the whole drug thing, yeah 8 and Lana legit are kinda like a cult. They pretty much try to persuade anyone that gets close enough to them into doing mdma with them at her place. It is really bizarre.

No. 583234

Cosmetic surgery?

No. 583241

How does anybody find this bitch attractive? She is like way below average with her big ass crooked nose and caterpillar eyebrows, like it makese feel gross just looking at her

No. 583243


If that's the case then why does 8 chase away so many people with his shit attitude? I've seen plenty of people who were enamored with Lana get "attacked" by 8 for seemingly no apparent reason. He could have more people in his shit cult if his attitude were a little better.

No. 583250

File: 1526361000606.png (443.74 KB, 413x426, miku.png)

What do you mean, anon? She's so smoll and has such delicate kawaii features. Just look at this face. It's like real life anime. kek.

No. 583269

What did this phone call of scarlets say?

No. 583272

File: 1526363648613.jpeg (511.64 KB, 1125x949, DDA08D0B-BA36-4E00-A72E-32CD19…)

Yeah nooone thinks his hair is bad except every sane person. Just because their fake friends kiss every aspect of their ass doesn’t mean they truly unironically like his clown hair lel.

Idk why we are even talking about Lana as a separate person anyway, she’s just an avatar for him because who would care about a talentless ugly midget and his over inflated ego if his pupped dindn’t bring him an audience

No. 583273


No. 583280

File: 1526364770940.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1125x1921, 5251A8DF-BECC-4801-9496-360531…)

She’s always posting stolen art like nobody’s business to promote ger shit yet agressively fights any illegal posting of her content. She/8 also have a twitter account called HentaiChan which is basically only stolen hentai images without any credit to the artists. How gross and ironic.

No. 583286

File: 1526365794435.png (7.46 MB, 1800x1800, 5EDD6EC6-B3B1-4377-BD3E-C4E6E7…)

Bad hair, ugly attitude and his stupid crusty glasses. Is she subliminally trying to tell us she is in fact him and has 0 personality ? Also her receding hairline and black roots look disgusting.

No. 583288


She pulls mental gymnastics to justify this behavior. She's been called out on it before but
1. she says the art was freely posted online and thus it was ok (then why not credit the artist?)
2. just go "I don't have time to look for the source of everything"


dog face really?

No. 583293

How is she better than any other 4/10 thott who tries to act like a 7/10 through the magic of shitty make-up and wigs?

Look at that hairline. It's so far back.

No. 583303

She’s not and she’s not even using those tricks properly, she’s still ugly af. But when you stay on cam for 24 hrs marathons and keep it up for years on end and manipulate ppl into thinking you’re a hard working “living hentai” you are bound to find a bunch of maniac deluded fans to grow your ass

No. 583307

I don't usually make posts encouraging someone to get a thread made on them, on the Kiwifarms, but the fact that this guy tried to groom a 16 year old made me take that step.


I hope Kiwifarms takes notice, and he will refrain from ever attempting something fucked and pedophilic like that, ever again.

No. 583310

File: 1526371066383.jpg (13.56 KB, 367x352, FB_IMG_1507023199475.jpg)

I have a lot of caps of information on the dude if somebody wants to get them out there

No. 583313

I don’t want to look up old tweets now but I distinctively remember ppl calling out just that , why is he so toxic in her chat and she said “I can’t control him” . Funny because he seems to be able to control her just fine, what a wholesome friendship

No. 583317

This user has been given a very short ban and is welcome to return if they post their caps rather than baiting.

No. 583321

The deleted call will be great!

No. 583322

Ok, but please also learn how to sage.


No. 583327


thanks farmhand, I was just about to post I don't believe anything anymore saids without proof. This could easily be eight trolling us.

No. 583334

File: 1526374456546.jpg (16.74 KB, 439x335, 11749482_683736918426670_13906…)

Sorry about the wait, here dat phone call


you can download it too, keep in mind

No. 583337

File: 1526374672141.png (342.4 KB, 675x780, brooklyn.png)

Now here's a bunch of shit without real context. He talks about his night work and his "mentor" a lot. Probably how he makes his money tbh

No. 583339

File: 1526375060567.png (95.69 KB, 778x760, gohanhypothesis.png)

this is what the dude actually believes apparently

from what I can tell, he gets the people he hosts at his place in New Jersey addicted to both the drugs, (shrooms and MDMA) and the supplier, (him)

No. 583340

File: 1526375183950.jpg (236.07 KB, 1200x1200, GohanSelf-ProclaimedStory.jpg)

I'm gonna keep dumping shit without my commentary, you guys can just do you

No. 583344

File: 1526375269517.png (44.27 KB, 727x404, gohanindigoaccusation01.png)

No. 583345

File: 1526375305653.png (48.5 KB, 731x369, gohanmentor.png)

No. 583346

File: 1526375321844.png (56.77 KB, 733x378, gohanmentor02.png)

No. 583347

File: 1526375336364.png (19.71 KB, 724x139, gohanmentor03.png)

No. 583348

File: 1526375361328.png (23.77 KB, 728x181, gohan-teach.png)

No. 583350

File: 1526375388331.png (98.18 KB, 777x562, fghjk.png)

No. 583352

File: 1526375415726.png (63.04 KB, 738x464, gohangery.png)

No. 583353

File: 1526375469710.png (25.85 KB, 728x182, sbhjlmkm.png)

No. 583354

File: 1526375498239.png (35.73 KB, 732x249, gohanwarningsign.png)

No. 583355

File: 1526375522252.png (54.66 KB, 778x445, gohanPGP.png)

what's PGP?

No. 583356

File: 1526375544093.png (15.41 KB, 729x102, groomednocontext.png)

No. 583357

File: 1526375569737.png (85.47 KB, 771x648, gohanvirus.png)

No. 583358

File: 1526375631162.png (866.24 KB, 729x771, souleater - x0mb3h.png)

No. 583359

File: 1526375656980.png (162.32 KB, 760x719, membermeeting01.png)

No. 583360

File: 1526375691678.png (134.37 KB, 433x728, membermeeting02.png)

No. 583361

File: 1526375752122.png (84.56 KB, 781x652, goku.png)

No. 583362

File: 1526375783398.png (33.82 KB, 536x283, verobirthday.png)

No. 583363

File: 1526375801445.png (174.7 KB, 715x394, findawomanwho01.png)

No. 583365

File: 1526375840778.png (589.87 KB, 873x782, findawomanwho02.png)

No. 583366

File: 1526375857203.png (234.87 KB, 1399x382, findawomanwho03.png)

No. 583367

File: 1526375882561.png (17.52 KB, 728x127, gohanpredator.png)

No. 583368

File: 1526375909129.png (73.72 KB, 773x510, gohanforbiddenlove01.png)

No. 583370

File: 1526375926562.png (59.56 KB, 761x436, gohanforbiddenlove02.png)

No. 583371

File: 1526375963131.png (124.92 KB, 783x878, gohanverogroomed.png)

No. 583373

File: 1526376056727.png (786.89 KB, 761x735, gohanassignment.png)

No. 583374

File: 1526376079651.png (66.57 KB, 753x588, gohanassignment02.png)

No. 583375

File: 1526376168377.png (653.06 KB, 754x702, veropeddefense.png)

No. 583386

Can you stop with the spam ?

No. 583389

I told you guys I was going to drop some stuff I found, but okay my dude

No. 583393

File: 1526377395129.jpg (148.76 KB, 1762x487, qrBH6xY0.jpg)

Here's just an excerpt of Infinite's "roast" towards Johnny Stone. Really fucking weird wording.

No. 583401

File: 1526378761981.png (769.33 KB, 583x739, novastormtrailline.png)

In the call she says she didn't work with anyone out there, but in a picture of her with Shane while she was in Jersey, you can clearly see a track mark on her arm. Pretty sure you don't usually inject shrooms or mdma intravenously.

No. 583403

I wonder what Lana's mother thinks of all of this. I remember she claimed her mother threatened to kick her out when she found out she cammed. Supposedly their relationship wasn't very good. However, on Lana's ask.fm, she states that her mother is proud of her. I know people can change their minds, but to do a complete 180 like that? I wonder if she even knows what else is going on in her daughter's life. I can't imagine she'd be proud of her daughter being in some weird cult.

No. 583408

File: 1526379914757.png (1.12 MB, 1145x779, lanathepirate.png)

Spams anti-piracy messages in all her videos but uses utorrent :) gj Lana practicing what you preach

No. 583412

There are loads and laods legal torrents of free software and content.

No. 583414


She makes a big point that she uses professional products and shit.

No. 583418

Usually you find free software directly via website , let's not kid ourselves we know what trackers are popular for

No. 583460

The drugs themselves aren't addictive, but they make you psychologically vulnerable and if you can be coerced to take more quickly, he can keep manipulating.

No. 583504

Literally nobody is harassing Veronpan. If you have proof, please post it.

No. 583506

lol the whatsapp screenshots of 8 sexting aren't chats with veronpan. this guy has sex with lana rain and they write each other dirty ass shit when he's off to his illegal missions. he has spread lies about veronpan on his twitter several times out of spite because she wasn't condoning what he was practicing. he can't clear this situation up on twitter tho, Lana's regulars will stop tipping her if they learn she isn't a holy Virgin. EightLoaded has told several people that he has sex with her, it's not going to be a secret for long, I have proof myself. Stop harassing a girl that was only victim of these people's lies and manipulations.

No. 583512

You technically are harassing her by still spreading screenshots of a predator who is implying on his twitter account that he's been sexted by a girl that has nothing to do with him, all of this out of spite. If you weren't on Lana's discord channel you have missed out on Veronpan standing up against these people several times, being attacked by her beta orbiters of course. It's some fucked up shit. I cannot post proof of Lana's sexual relationship with 8Loaded until I have permission to from my source, but it's there, and multiple people who have interacted with 8Loaded in the past can confirm it for me too. It won't be long until it's all outed :)

No. 583513

Can you tell us more inside information?

No. 583523

you are saying all this without providing any proof anon, pics? anything ??

No. 583525

her name gets brought up, she isn't getting attacked post proof

No. 583526

In all fairness, it might be Veron he has gotten this proof from. But its pretty obvious Lana is in a relationship with Terrence. Based on many different sources, and the fact that they are living together. While there is no proof as of right now, I don't think it's a strange assumption to make.

No. 583527

Lana has been saying shes a lesbain and doesn't have sex for years if it could be disproven with more than "word of mouth" it would be huge

No. 583546

File: 1526393100128.png (31.13 KB, 499x382, scr1.png)

No. 583549

File: 1526393162039.png (31 KB, 509x413, scr2.png)

No. 583553

thanks for sharing this. she seems pretty down to earth, I feel sorry for her.

No. 583558

Honestly confuses me how she even ended up in this situation. Glad she got out of it, and hope everything does well for her.

No. 583560

confuses me too, she seems to be at the very least a lot smarter than bianca. baffles me.

No. 583583

File: 1526395524899.jpg (703.33 KB, 1440x2380, SCREENSHOT_9.jpg)

Saw someone screenshot that so I asked her what it meant, hope you don't mind. She also opened her direct messages if anyone has a question, just heads up!

No. 583584

Ask her for confirmation of whether Lana and Terence are having sex/dating.

No. 583594

File: 1526396195846.jpg (258.9 KB, 1440x943, SCREENSHOT_10.jpg)

wonder why she doesn't deny it? :doubt:

No. 583607

They have DOXXED other models. They deserve to be outted, its not THEIR business anymore when they have threatened and doxxed other models for years and got rewarded for it.

No. 583609

If it was not true, she would have just said so.

No. 583619

File: 1526397624123.png (769.82 KB, 1440x2386, eight1.png)

[apologies for censoring my timezone and mentioned names]

No. 583620

File: 1526397691000.jpg (699.46 KB, 1440x2404, eight2.jpg)

No. 583621

File: 1526397722603.jpg (647.86 KB, 1440x2378, eight3.jpg)

No. 583622

"elevate my friends minds."

wubbalubba dub dub

No. 583623

File: 1526397823761.jpg (650.86 KB, 1439x2410, eight4.jpg)

No. 583624

File: 1526397832941.jpg (705.54 KB, 1440x2180, eight5.jpg)

No. 583625

I feel like the anon Who messaged eight is cowtipping. At least with Vero she is out of the picture and there were some rumors to clear up. I would take what Eight saids with a grain of salt. It's been proven he likes to troll.

No. 583626

His sentences are structured so weirdly.

No. 583630

Stop cowtipping

No. 583634

hahaha called it, holy Virgin Lana isn't so holy after all :'(

No. 583636


Shithair just fucked up Lana's entire marketing plan because he wanted to brag to a complete stranger.

No. 583639

funny how other camgirls who admit to having sexual relations earn good money just fine, but she needs to play the holy virgin card to get that coin. speaks LEVELS of her honesty as a worker and a person.

No. 583664

you know what's deplorable about this? the fact that lana and veron were still dating in november. rotten and pitiable, but what's new?

No. 583668

You know what's even more rotten? After they stopped dating, Terrence started dating her.

No. 583671

maybe kept fucking Lana while at it. Never waste your resources, kids!

No. 583675

Is anyone even surprised? Aaahh, Terry… sighs

No. 583689

File: 1526402485263.png (274.26 KB, 1440x2419, Screenshot_20180515-180606.png)

No. 583690

File: 1526402500845.png (314.24 KB, 1440x2415, Screenshot_20180515-180617.png)

No. 583691

File: 1526402515370.png (310.87 KB, 1440x2424, Screenshot_20180515-180639.png)

No. 583693

File: 1526402529745.png (247.3 KB, 1440x2417, Screenshot_20180515-180612.png)

No. 583695

File: 1526402559342.png (264.01 KB, 1440x2419, Screenshot_20180515-181555.png)

No. 583697

File: 1526402575829.png (254.89 KB, 1440x2406, Screenshot_20180515-181602.png)

No. 583698

File: 1526402587498.png (246.13 KB, 1440x2412, Screenshot_20180515-181608.png)

No. 583699

File: 1526402600544.png (248.13 KB, 1440x2415, Screenshot_20180515-181614.png)

No. 583700

File: 1526402628428.png (234.5 KB, 1440x2424, Screenshot_20180515-181620.png)

No. 583702

File: 1526402637833.png (245.46 KB, 1440x2412, Screenshot_20180515-181625.png)

No. 583703

File: 1526402647445.png (253.85 KB, 1440x2410, Screenshot_20180515-181631.png)

No. 583704

File: 1526402658694.png (276.82 KB, 1440x2318, Screenshot_20180515-181636.png)

No. 583706

File: 1526402677797.png (280.79 KB, 1440x2408, Screenshot_20180515-181642.png)

No. 583707

File: 1526402686504.png (279.52 KB, 1440x2396, Screenshot_20180515-183159.png)

No. 583709

File: 1526402699536.png (293.56 KB, 1440x2396, Screenshot_20180515-183204.png)

No. 583710

File: 1526402712567.png (267.6 KB, 1440x2412, Screenshot_20180515-183211.png)

No. 583711

File: 1526402803763.png (284.32 KB, 1440x2421, Screenshot_20180515-183216.png)

No. 583712

File: 1526402812518.png (249.52 KB, 1440x2416, Screenshot_20180515-183536.png)

No. 583713

File: 1526402821247.png (196.63 KB, 1440x2403, Screenshot_20180515-183541.png)

No. 583715

File: 1526402832358.png (273.75 KB, 1440x2371, Screenshot_20180515-183558.png)

No. 583716

File: 1526402856706.png (207.93 KB, 1440x2244, Screenshot_20180515-183550.png)

No. 583725

Why does he act like a victim? ROFL

No. 583729

He can't talk about his marriage because of legal resons but he has np bragging about doing drugs illegally

No. 583730

Ok Terence

No. 583734

File: 1526404306956.png (247.88 KB, 1440x2401, Screenshot_20180515-184847.png)

"almost a thing"

No. 583743

File: 1526404775089.png (191.53 KB, 1440x878, Screenshot_20180515-191926.png)

what does this guy do for a job again?

No. 583745

lives off an inheritance and some boxing money he got like 10 years ago

No. 583746


Are you still talking with him? You ought to ask why he acts like an ass to random people who haven't done shit to him or Lana.

8 is a sociopath with narcissistic tendencies. There's no doubt in my mind that he truly believes that his cult is helping people. But, despite what he says, he does it for selfish reasons.

Normal people, good people, don't do the shit he's done. Good people don't try to manipulate their friends and shame them for not bending to their will, which is something Vero has confirmed.

Right now he's playing the victim about Vero leaving because she managed to get out and spill some of what's going on. In reality he's probably really pissed that she got away and is telling people why really went on. He wants control over her again. He's trying to manipulate the situation so that other's will be on his side when he tries to further harass this poor girl.

No. 583747


It's easy to tell he's trying to do damage control right now. Had you not shown him this thread, he would NEVER be so nice to you.

No. 583753

Not about the thread dude. He was well aware that the anons intentions were to expose him to the camming community, he's playing r/niceguy on purpose to save his ass. It's not working very well anyway!

No. 583755

Legal reasons being, if he said he just married Lana to help her get into the country you best believe her ass would be deported ASAP

No. 583757

There’s is some truth to the amplification of senses (not thoughts) from taking shrooms. The celts used them for hunting to elevate their awareness and also during battle. Shrooms to make you perceptive but the whole 38 vials thing prior is bull shit along with all the other pseudoscience 8 spews- the guy is tripping constantly. If he’s telling the truth about the amount of shrooms he takes he may never come down. It’s happned that people have OD’d on shrooms with huge mental consequence- a life long trip. Also what’s with the whole “quantum”physics thing doesn’t he not realize that quantum physics and mechanics are completely separate to cognitive ability and neurology (and all organisms); yes, physics plays a role in everything but quantum physics refers to the physics of tiny “minimal” particles by saying he has a “quantum” brain/awareness is he admiitting his simple irrationality. We are bound by physics from his so called quatum world for a reason or else we’d be flickering in and out of existence so-to -speak and we’re way to complex for that to happen.
Anyway all the pseudo intellect as another anon said prior is just a summation of someone who was probably slightly above average intelligence but ruining it through ego, drugs and arrogance and sucking everyone up in their puppetry (I can think of personal examples of people like that no point mentioning though they’re no 8!).
It’s not a hugely uncommon thing when you break it down. He’s definetly got a superiority complex.

No. 583759

I feel now that he’s been cowtipped the milk is contaminated. With his manipulative tendencies now he’ll try to bullshit the public eye. He’d probably have found out anyway oh well

No. 583762

No. 583765

Do you guys seriously believe he hasn't checked this thread multiple times before? Let's not forget this is a LOLCOW thread about his BEST "FRIEND". He definitely looks this shit up everyday.

No. 583766

Not 8 at all just ranting coz he’s polluting reality with his drugged up nonsense.

No. 583768

true, its hard to tell he speaks constantly in run ons

No. 583770

shane hall i guess is new bf? or another loli boi this time

No. 583771

From bottom to top. That's all, you are welcome!
And he's nice to me because he probably checked my social media out and knows I am friends with Vero and someone else he used to talk to.

—Or just so he can appear as the victim to the public eye being attacked by an anon. You never kno


No. 583774

He def is her new bf. 8 would never allow some rando he has no control over to date his fav sex toy. Terryyyy 🤦

No. 583784


Imagine if you got the movie seat behind this faggot.

No. 583786

cut his hair

No. 583789

Doesn't Shane have AIDS or was that some stupid rumor? LOL maybe 8 believes he can cure AIDS with shrooms.

No. 583819

What part of don't cow tip do you not understand.

No. 583963

I don't think Lana or 8 ever sold her as being a virgin. IIRC she answered either on ask.fm or curious.cat that she;s had sex with past boyfriends.

No. 584075

I'm sure alot of these sfw artists would be grossed the fuck out if they learned some crusty gaijin was using their art to sell her cam shows (honestly I think the only reason she is getting away with using it is because they are Jap artists who are unaware)

No. 584080

Who has better fashion sense ? 8 or Chris-Chan ?

No. 584099


If Lana really does have Aspergers then it really makes me wonder why 8's go to insult is calling people aspies and autistic. Lana's self esteem is either really shitty, she's convinced she's cured of Aspergers, or she just isn't socially aware that 8 is indirectly making fun of her.

No. 584266

shes literally never sourced any porn or weeb posts

No. 584541

File: 1526445278543.jpeg (836.78 KB, 1125x1500, 824AB576-4330-4480-8806-B521CB…)

I think there’s trouble in paradise and someone upset the god, he just wants to save ppl but the assholes don’t want to be saved … kinda like the real God lmao what a joke he is

No. 584545


It's going to be hilarious when Lana is washed up and 8 tosses her aside for fresh pussy.

No. 584547

No wonder he franatically tries to recruit new sex worker slaves recently. She’s into her twenies and he only likes them young (Vero -16, Nova - 18) . Also since Lana can’t easily hold no 1 on ManyVids anymore and her cam career doesn’t look too bright he probably started worrying for his lifestyle in NewYork and his drug addiction

No. 584552

Must be pretty depressing for her to realize it's really only downhill at this point.

No. 584568


I mean, she brought this upon herself. Lots of camgirls figure out how to do business without being co-dependent on another person to boost their numbers. She chose to let 8 bring her up. She chose to keep him around while he snapped at many potential clients. She chose to emulate him and act just as nasty towards people, backing him when he went after other models. Plenty of other cam girls and porn stars are able to make a living from this field well into their 40s. But Lana let the fame get to her head and she believed herself invincible.

No. 584597

File: 1526450901608.png (10.59 MB, 1125x2436, 96FD762D-01BB-4DE4-A5C4-E17218…)

One question remains, will she ever iron her cosplays? It’s an impossible task for this hard working professional

No. 584610

I've thought about this for a while and I don't think that he's deliberately predatory. I think he's predatory because he's so fucked up himself. He likely picks up a lot of his ideas from anime and most likely sees himself as a protagonist in his own struggle. Everything else is sort of an accessory to his story. I think in a deluded sense he might actually care for the people around him in the same regard that Adolf Hitler might've cared about the idea of the German people.

I'm almost certain that nothing is deliberate with him, but rather spontaneous. A true predator would attempt to keep a low profile and selectively target his prey, but it seems that Eight is willing to preach to anybody willing to listen and most of the people are crazed camgirls.

I think that he actually believes that he's one step away from unraveling the secret to the world and everything unsavory is mearly an unsavory means to an end. In the same regard that Charles Manson thought that he needed to commit murders to spur society forward. Eight likely justifies his day to day actions and whatever the fuck Lana does as a necessity for his "higher goal".

I am very curious about how Shane/Nova perceive everything. It takes a special type of crazy to be enamoured by a narcissists delusions of grandeur.

Anyways, just my two cents.

No. 584622

I thought so too, Lana always talks about how untalented but hard working she is (just as any cliche shounen anime protagonist) and 8 probably sees himself as a “villan” or anti hero who does it all for the greater good . How pathethic is that for someone their age, I was role playing this shit with my friends at 13 years old in middle school lol

No. 584623

That's the thing. Everything they say is shit you would see from some anime RP forum.

No. 584626

File: 1526453941697.png (90.45 KB, 761x578, LanaWTF.PNG)


Can confirm, just look at this response from months ago.


No. 584628

They always talk about changing the world and other grand shit like that while she is dildoing herself on cam and he watches youtube videos on quantum mechanics and trolls kids on Twitter. No offence to sex workers , nothing wrong with that but that shit is ridiculous, you’re not doing anything game breaking and he’s just another iamverysmart with no base in any real scientific field

No. 584651

I used to have a bit of admiration for her back when she was trying to look more professional and seemed like she built a career doing what she loves but finding out it was a douche man behind all of it all this time is so dissapointing and gross, instead of trying to improve the biz as she says she actually makes women who work in it looks the same as ever, just another dumb bimbo controlled by a nasty mysoginistic prick

No. 584691

She just keeps falling in rank on MV

No. 584760

ran out of pokemon money from terry to pump that score, does it really count if you tip yourself anyways?

No. 584797

It really doesn't. It's clear to everyone who has paid attention to Lana at all, that shithair was the one getting her to the top of the ranks. That's why he was always her top tipper, and would tip her outrageous amounts of money. It was just advertisement.

I doubt ManyVids cared either. They still took their share, and Lana was easy to market due to her gimmick. But yeah, I am pretty sure Terrence ran out of money. Maybe they can use some of Lana's savings to boost her ranking again, unless they spent it all on shrooms.

No. 585034


I would take this with a grain of salt since anon reached out to Eight and he knows we are watching.

No. 585450

File: 1526511766332.png (639.71 KB, 1910x1066, eightfinances.png)

Terrance has a video posted online from 2015 of his bank account. The guy had about 450k in there at this time. But if you look at his spending, he's never putting new money in, and is spending at least 2-3k a month. He's bleeding his inheritance money dry on paying off shitty cam models to worship him as their "god". He's probably spent a good 75,000 or more since then.

With Lana's popularity waning and her rank ever dropping lower and lower. It's pretty obvious this lifestyle they have is unsustainable. He should still have some inheritance money left, but he's probably slowing down because he's beginning to realize this.

No. 585460

File: 1526512129889.png (566.91 KB, 1210x706, thetruth.png)

More milk that I haven't seen discussed yet is this video. Apparently they had a huge falling out with another camgirl named Evee Frost. Lana reveals a lot of milky stuff in this video including lying to a fan/Evee because Eight told her to even though "she didn't agree with it" and other manipulative stuff he pulled. Also, Lana admits she accidentally killed one of their kittens.


No. 585464

Eevee here again, please don’t mention me. I want my falling out with them in the past as I have graduated college and am trying to start a new life. I don’t want to aggravate or upset anyone and derail the progress I have made as a person.

No. 585472


Hey Eevee Frost, why didn't/don't you file harassment charges on 8 and Lana?

No. 585482

That was quick. I don't think you're going to be a big topic of discussion however. The milk is old and you aren't very relevant to their current story. I was more so highlighting the manipulative behavior eight showed and Lana straight up admits to in this video. I'm newer to this thread, so I was unaware as to who you are/were. I did some lurking now and understand. Though, really your best bet is to ignore threads like these and not react to gossip, even if it is entirely in the past. The fact you are keeping tabs doesn't reflect well and in itself could probably be used against you. Good luck on your future endeavors though.

It's possible she has, but American law is usually rather lazy and ineffective with "harassment", unless maybe they showed up in person to harass her, most law officials are going to try to brush it off. She's old milk, but I thought the video was interesting as Lana straight up admits with Eight acting very manipulative, her blindly following his orders despite "not agreeing with it", and also her talking about possible animal neglect.

No. 585493


Can someone break down the video? I don't have time listening to 10 minutes of an aspie talking about camgirl drama.

No. 585498

this has not been my first mention here so I occasionally check in, weird coincidence. I have seen since my last post here some months ago, that I have been mentioned like 3 more times so I wanted to give another reminder. Feel free to take that as you will, and thank you for the well wishes.

I did not and won't be filing charges because it is not worth my time. I have resolved my issues with them to my satisfaction (personal info has been removed). I appreciate everyone's concern, and empathy for my situation as it was been incredibly difficult for me, and was something I dealt with for 3 years.

No. 585507


Well don't worry, it seems like Lana, 8, and their ilk will crash within the next few years. You're improving your life. Good on that.

No. 585824

File: 1526533328105.jpeg (653.63 KB, 1125x1587, 098B716D-2F7E-451F-A17C-2BB8F2…)

Finally a cosplay that would fit her manly face. She should stick to only cosplaying guys , I’m not even joking, she did some crossdressing a while ago and she straight up looks like a twink without trying too hard

No. 585832

Too late for that considering her deformed bolt ons.

No. 585843

Oh yeah I forgot about that because she’s so embarassed with her new tits that she barely ever shows them

No. 586078

$10 says she starts doing the fake boi gettup for the next few years to ride out camming into being trap gurl

No. 586300

Why is she doing this to the mad lad. He's suffered enough.

No. 587553

Do you have a link to that? Who posts a video of their bank account? Rofl.

No. 588401

just ask terrence to post it again, he posted it himself before. He literally will post any "proof" you want if you just ask

No. 588585

The first time I saw them they were super small and saggy which was an odd proportion to say the least, considering that her body was quite chubby. How did she manage to get a botched tit job, I have never seen such horribly done breasts before, I would sue the surgeon

No. 588597

I hate to be "that guy" but she looks like a trap, even with kilos of makeup and fake lashes on. And girls usually have at least one feminine trait on their visages, but Lana doesn't. It's an honest observation more than anything, I genuinely don't understand how she got this far (she got a cute pussy tho)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 588965

Buying cosplay off taobao and being willing to get your tits out in it is basically a license to print money.

No. 592361

yo spoiler that shizz

No. 592370

File: 1527119903152.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.14 KB, 394x320, 47DD96E9-80C4-4783-92A2-259986…)


These were her boobs before anything was done.

And this is the boob timeline she posted to show her breast transformation but obviously she tried to make the before as flattering as possible, not like what you see in that screenshot https://m.imgur.com/a/OEA2c

No. 592397

For someone who claims to be a whiz at marketing herself she should've left them alone after the lift and not gotten implants. They were small but nice and could've easily sold herself as the kawaii uwu loli she pretends to be. The implants look pretty bad.

No. 592400

God, that's horrible. They still look bad after implants.

No. 592493

Yikes. They look like Chelhell's, but on a smaller body.

Agreed, they didn't look so bad after the lift. Not the most beautiful boobs ever, but they were nice and suited her body. What I don't understand is why she got such large, lumpy, hard looking implants. If she wanted to fill them out a little, she could have just opted for much smaller ones that would have looked so much better.

No. 592861

not even that, they look even more different she had ANOTHER surgery after that. She has huge scars and malformation now

No. 593366

File: 1527223884857.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1397, 4053110A-13EC-4F9E-B7BF-39803D…)

Yeah cuz Umaru chan totally has a long bony horse face, this is like the opposite of what the character looks like, she could look actually pretty styled like a normal girl but she chooses the anime aesthetic and hilarity ensues

No. 593389

File: 1527225639154.png (153.76 KB, 500x389, tumblr_inline_nzh6mfSY3B1qiz4q…)

This made me realize the IRL hentai she could pass as

No. 594363

File: 1527347761924.jpg (126.09 KB, 1920x1080, tdy_fryer_jonestown_170404.jpg)

I really do agree with the "sex cult" definition studying this case. I am a professional psychoanalyst who works at an organization that deals mostly with abused women and I've specifically dealt with cases of cult surviviors. The level of psychological control he has on Lana and others he controls is chilling. The way he mixes the mask of benevolence with the terror that comes with his played up omniscience to where she is afraid to hardly question him publically (and surely often privately in her own mind) is so extremely calculatedly fucked up it is cult leaderish. He throws in a bit of trickery and focus on coincidences (which don't exist according to him) to give his audience a show of sociopathic showmanship to solidify his fraud prophet image. He's clever (at manipulating people at least), but not that clever.
Like any cult leader he seems reprehensible to us, but within his sphere of influence he is easily beloved so much even his abuses seem to be excusable. Trust me, from my reading of him, even most of you could fall for his con if you met him a priori to your following the twister of scummy, insane bullshit he leaves in his wake that's displayed on here. You can draw comparisons between Jim Jones (drug paranoia and narcissism hidden behind a veil of creating a better world) Charles Manson (creates a "family" targeting mostly young girls fed up with their parents then uses psychedelic drugs to give himself divinity) and David Koresh (uses his divinity to justify his abusive, predatorial behavior) with Terence. I don't think he even realizes how textbook of a sociopathic cult leader archetype he is (of course he doesn't he's has legitimate sociopathic personality disorder and he doesn't seem to read anyway). Neither does he realize fully both the conscious and unconscious ways he manipulates and abuses people, I doubt… at least he is unwilling to currently or probably ever accept it.

You guys gotta really take full consideration Lana is an abusive relationship and a position many a select handful of people on this planet find themselves in life being in what is, for all intents and purposes, a cult. It doesn't excuse some of the things she's gone along with, but let's try to understand. She's clearly coping with the nagging fear she is in an abusive relationship. Which she's gotta be semi-aware that's exactly what it is, however my assumption is even accepting that she fears the existential crisis and not knowing what to do after Terence.(armchair)

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