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File: 1527888622868.jpg (84.06 KB, 516x614, IMG_0961.JPG)

No. 11133

Savannah Ariana Lee aka rasbll/rasbii is an "artist" on twitter with nearly 50,000 followers. On the surface, she seems like an annoying girl who keeps posting about cats and animu shit. However, it recently came out that she JUST turned 18 on May 21st. She's also known for her NSFW art, but she posted and sold porn on her patreon while underage. Another factor to consider is that she's in a circle of similar porn artists who are definitely in their 20s. Amusingly, she deletes a lot of tweets, but the incriminating posts are still up.

Her actual identity is a mystery. Despite telling followers that she would post a selfie multiple times, she had never done so. Nobody knows what this girl looks like, and the only evidence that she's real is through her exes on twitter, who have all deactivated or has been inactive for a few years. Her "introvert" and "shy" identity might as well be fake, as she admits to drinking underage and possibly goes to clubs.

In her past:
>used to do sonic rps
>which is how she had 3 exes
there was so much shit there that it probably deserves its own thread, but here's some rp shit that's extremely questionable, possibly sharing nudes when she was 14: http://archive.is/qPCFT
proof that she existed at one point:
>drew aka Drewbutropolis on twitter dated savannah for some time but constantly fought with a guy named isaiah, turns out they both dated savannah at one point and drew was jealous of him
there's probably more shit in there but i decided to pull out the most notable stuff.

Savannah has made multiple meet the artist pages stating that her age was 19 since 2016. She has deleted them on deviantart sometime this week, but simply googling "rasbii meet" can show her other meet the artist pages. Here is an example that was done in march 2017 where she was definitely 16: http://archive.is/B13Px

This imgur that an anon provided has more proof of her lying and selling porn as a minor: https://imgur.com/gallery/0nX3xeV

pdf of her curiouscat, where she admits to drinking underage as well: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HSqD1gDnGeTAd3M4R-ixIyGsmjTJHmxr/

interestingly, she confirms herself that she lied on her recent meet the artist page, but only admits it in replies or her curiouscat, where most of her followers won't see. this is probably an attempt to brush it off or downplay the severity of the situation. She fully acknowledges it and just doesn't care. Keep in mind she still hangs out with 18+ artists.

in general/summary:
>lies about her age while drawing/selling nsfw art as a minor
>keeps posting about wanting to be a cat or having one even though she has never had one, thank god
>rude and has a massive ego
>art is regressing somehow, keeps drawing the same animu twigs
>posts thirst traps in the form of shitty catgirl drawings
>drew porn of herself as a minor
>posting criticism constantly to get asspats from followers, obviously never takes the criticism
>says she won't take criticism because she's "self-taught"
>says she attempted suicide 40 TIMES
>owned at least 4 tablets, suggesting she's rich
>constantly deletes tweets
>keeps promising followers she will post a pic of herself, never does
>publicly posts about drinking underage

here is an imgur of a few pics of her nsfw art, done before she was 18: https://t.co/P5Djg2cT6O

other proof here: http://archive.is/BMTrc
deleted tweet with suspicious reply http://archive.is/DVYjm

twitter: https://twitter.com/rasbll
deviantart: https://rasbii.deviantart.com
tumblr: yugino.tumblr.com
nsfw tumblr: yuginonsfw.tumblr.com
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rasberruu/?hl=en
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/rasbii/

No. 11134

File: 1527889712136.jpg (139.71 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20180601-174720_Twi…)

why…didnt you just refund them at that point..wew

No. 11135

Finally a thread about this cow. I always assumed she's a big uggo to never upload a selfie, and considering she draws herself to look unrealistically stunning

Her art keeps getting worse and I don't understand why. The proportions are terrible now.

No. 11136

File: 1527890671847.png (15.56 KB, 585x106, nocrit.PNG)

This is all so sketchy, I've seen her art around but had no idea about the fake age thing.

Also just this
>posts art all over the internet
>"please nobody leave comments criticizing me ever I don't take lessons and am fragile uwu"
>the internet
>no criticism please uwu

No. 11137

This is such shit. Every artist worth their salt knows that feedback isn't a bad thing and that there's no way that you can see every problem in your art. It helps to have an unbiased source give you feedback.

No. 11138

But anon, you aren't allowed to critique her proportions because she clearly already knows all about proportions and art from being self taught at 18!!1

No. 11139

File: 1527891158131.jpg (134.85 KB, 1290x1000, IMG_20180601_180837.jpg)

tbh it's bizarre how she has nearly 50k followers yet pretty much no one tried to call her out on it until now.
she said she's going to be a face reveal on june 10th which should be interesting.
also, these commission prices for artwork that continues to regress over time, lol

No. 11140

File: 1527891282328.png (15.08 KB, 560x107, nocrit2.PNG)

Dropped the other part to this, oops

No. 11141

>don’t criticize me I’m just drawing for fun
>does commissions


No. 11142

File: 1527891592278.png (106.35 KB, 583x538, 467865.PNG)

These asks are so cringey that I can't tell if they came out of anime twitter organically or if she sent them to herself

No. 11143

Especially in the context of >>11134
if you pay someone money for something and they take a year to deliver after forgetting about you, they aren't above your criticism

No. 11144

More bullshit. Many, many, many artists especially professionals are self-taught and even they welcome critique. She's being far too precious over her shit tier art.

No. 11145

File: 1527892220263.jpg (92.53 KB, 1080x354, Screenshot_20180601-182959_Twi…)

b-but anon, she says she bases her anatomy off of her own figure! she's obviously a skinny smol slimthicc kween, not a big uggo!!

No. 11146

I HATE the 'smol uwu' culture bullshit and really wish it would die because it's not fuckin 2014 anymore. also you can tell she probably doesn't look anything like she claims to because she's so desperate for people to see her (painfully average if not kinda chub for a short girl) weight and 5'4 - wait no, changed my mind, 5'2!!!!! height and her kawaii neko art desu and just blindly assume she's so ~tiny~ and ~beautiful~ sm0l b34n

No. 11147

File: 1527893247650.png (441.36 KB, 886x553, figurelel.PNG)

>i base my anatomy off my own figure

No. 11148

File: 1527894570783.png (1.2 MB, 1196x3148, mrsteakmistake.png)

sorry for crappy mspaint quality but im too lazy to open up photoshop.

anyways can we talk about this mrsteak guy as well as the other 18+ artists in her orbit that are completely ok with her being underage and posting porn? theres no way they couldnt know this at this point.

No. 11149


Men are always like that though. Doesn't matter if a girl is underaged to them if anything it's better.

Weird seeing this thread, I used to follow and like her art. I still do. It's cute and colourful and obviously it's not the best but I don't hold it to any standard, it's just typical animu art. I used to be on her side when anons bitched about her not having enough fat and black characters but I haven't been on Tumblr since. Didn't even know she had twitter or anything but it does feel weird knowing she was underaged while posting NSFW content..

Wonder if there's anything else on her

No. 11150

File: 1527895020132.jpg (483.55 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20180601-191438_Twi…)

what about the dude she's constantly @ing? I've heard vaiigh is a real creep from questions on rasbii's curiouscat but I can't really find any receipts. Some of their interactions are weirdly romantic though, despite rasbii being a minor up until recently.

No. 11151

File: 1527895677373.png (1.03 MB, 1836x843, rasbiimeet.PNG)

the devart pages where she says shes 19 are deleted but not off of google images index, which means that she only deleted them recently because it hasnt refreshed yet. the indexing priority that deviantart has (very high for google images results) means that she must have deleted them within a week or so.

bad quality pics but the original devart pages have been deleted so i cannot archive them. will post a collage along with dates in a few minutes.

No. 11152

File: 1527897537594.png (2.15 MB, 3360x1068, age is just a random number.pn…)

before google search indexes refresh, i capped the dates on these drawings as well (one of them was unlisted)

No. 11153

File: 1527897607065.png (Spoiler Image,618.61 KB, 3426x1182, rasbiinsfw1.png)

this is all the shit that comes up just by searching "rasbll nsfw" on twitter. spoilered for mildly nsfw furry art

No. 11154

File: 1527897714894.png (593.96 KB, 1241x945, rasbiinsfw2.png)

heres more tweets, as well as her selling nsfw art while being underage

archived the tweet as well because she will likely delete https://web.archive.org/web/20180601235804/https:/twitter.com/RASBll/status/874168284052107264

No. 11155

It seems to me that part of the reason no one is calling her out is that she has tons of clout. Also, the NSFW artists who are friends with her are all degenerates who don't give a shit that they drew porn for/with a 16 year old girl. I archived her recent tweets because this bitch deletes stuff every few days.

Archive tweet where she admits to drawing and posting porn while underage: https://web.archive.org/web/20180602001548/https://twitter.com/RASBll/status/1002360004337455104

Where she admits to lying about her age (Although she's admitted multiple times before with no one caring): https://web.archive.org/web/20180601020815/https://twitter.com/RASBll/status/1002359975002460160

No. 11156

File: 1527909125654.jpg (171.26 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20180601-231148_Sam…)

LMFAO someone called her out on lying about her height and this is what she had to say. Sure, Jan.

No. 11157

This is pure speculation on my part but is it possible that rather than lying about being older, she is actually bumping down her age in an attempt to appeal more to her target audience? If you consider that she has also reported herself as being 2 inches shorter - perhaps with the intention of casting herself as a smol, loli but just barely legal at "18" waifu - in recent years, it doesn't seem that far fetched. Also, in artist circles, a skilled artist is much more likely to be praised and labeled a genius if they are younger. Granted, a talented 18 year old doesn't draw as much attention as a "forever 13 uwu" prodigy, but it is still seen as more impressive for an 18 year old than a 20-something.

If there was something that points to conclusive evidence of her age then I've probably missed it and I apologize.

No. 11158

she posted this back in july 2013, implies she was 13 at the time http://archive.is/M6gPX

No. 11159

She certainly talks like a lying overly defensive so smol and edgy (muh 40 suicide attempts) cringe teen but then again most flakes are like that so who knows…

No. 11160

honestly i suggested this at one point too, it doesnt seem too out there especially considering the ddlg-esque aesthetic she's fixated on.
if she was older and her art is at the point that it is now it would be outright embarrassing, especially if you consider "i'm self taught and drawing for 8 years uwu!!" with those wonky ass proportions.

it does seem much more likely to me that she's just underage and lying about being an adult so she can get away with posting porn for attention, especially from other big artists

No. 11161

File: 1527946845836.png (90.81 KB, 866x896, audit020618.PNG)

Most of her followers seem to be genuine, which makes it even more concerning that no one has mentioned her manipulative lying and constant bitching yet

No. 11162

i should have included that in the op. i don't understand how she has that many followers and nobody was willing to point this out, even her other sonic rp friends since 2013.

No. 11163

I bet she looks ugly af irl that's why she never shows her face

No. 11164


I know this is old but unless she works out 135 at 5"2 is certified chubby. I really want to know what she looks like. People on Tumblr used to call her pretty all the time but no one knows what she looks like

No. 11165

File: 1527962347865.png (183.55 KB, 923x1312, vaighcreep.png)

oh god i just looked into this and yeah, this guy is in his 30s and was interacting romantically with her for a long time

dump incoming

No. 11166

File: 1527962438294.png (440.41 KB, 876x2046, vaighcreep2.png)

this is just the stuff that's still publicly available, i wouldnt be surprised if their interactions were more extreme than this

the "daddy" thing is especially damning. i wouldnt be surprised if they RPd together at some point.

No. 11167

File: 1527962842418.png (1.2 MB, 911x2936, vaighcreep3.png)

part 3, a bunch of other people commenting on their relationship

the video wouldnt seem that bad out of context but when you consider that she was 17 and he was 31 and all their weird romantic interactions

Video: https://twitter.com/Vaiigh/status/928496115430907904

No. 11168

i fucked up the math but whatever you get the point. he was actually 30

No. 11169

jesus fucking christ. did he just delete these? if so he knew what he was doing and what kind of backlash he'd get for his relationship with savannah. unfortunately for him savannah doesn't delete incriminating tweets. this guy looks and seems pathetic as hell anyways

No. 11170

Not gonna lie, my first thought was that she's a tranny or a fake. She wouldn't be the first one to lie about being a ~smol qt bisexual girly girl uwu~ drawing lewd cute anime girls while actually being a man. I remember a similar case being uncovered on Deviantart years ago but the name escapes me, he had a ED page though so you could probably find him from the deviantart portal.

No. 11171

File: 1527977421871.png (13.33 KB, 536x114, OLDMAN.PNG)

I'm split on how I should react to this. I mean, that Vaiigh guy could risk being a child predator, especially if he was aware she was underage.
Also, taking in the other anon's suggestion how she might be faking it to seem uwu smoll bean TALENT, she's trying too hard and is VERY aware she knows Vaiigh is old.
I really do hope she's faking her age and actually 21. Either way, now that she's a legal adult, she put a lot of people at risk.

No. 11172

okay so what is the issue here?
She lied about her age, so why are you blaming him? If anything she's the predator

No. 11173

Yeah, if he did not know her real age, then we can’t really fault him. We don’t know.

Anyway I did scroll through his curiouscat and he at one point mentions “giving up” on a crush and even when asked why, won’t say. Not sure if that could have been her?

No. 11174

File: 1528026101861.jpg (231.84 KB, 767x1041, image.jpg)

it srsly feels like she paints the same piece virtually every time

No. 11175

I've been seeing rasbii's art a lot around dA, it's really popular for some reason. I used to follow her but she would post a lot and it was really repetitive (all anime grills from the hips up with no other interesting element in the composition). It reminds me of Tearzah's a bit, because of the thick eyelashes, the frequent use of pink/pastel colors and the genericity of it all. Both make me find Holly Brown's art interesting in comparison, even though Holly can't draw.

This. She might be lying about lying as she's getting older than 19 and cannot longer be a ~teen~

Also this. Lol, do you mean TomPreston when he was CattyN?

Maybe she's sucking up to him because she likes his art? He seems much less popular though, so idk. Both are gross anyway.

No. 11176

I'm trying to see if there's a selfie lying around somewhere. I know she's used the usernames yagsicinos, Perf_Peaches, foxyraspberry, hellapeachy, rasberruu, yugino, shaou_, Savannusaurus, ssonikkuu.

There's an instagram user who is using yagsicinos and draws Sonic stuff, but it's just a skinwalker.

I feel like Savannah might be lying about her race, too. She only started saying she's Hispanic last year. She says she knows Spanish, French, a little bit of German, which she didn't bring up until 2016. There's a tweet from around 2013 and 2015 where she mentions her dad calls her Strawberry Shortcake due to her being a redhead.

No. 11177

File: 1528037484267.jpg (188.06 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20180603-105118_Sam…)

she turned off asks from anons…hm

No. 11178

File: 1528038953508.png (68.09 KB, 585x583, OHGOD.PNG)

Hahahaha how can you fuck up so bad Savannah

No. 11179

I found the tweet. I mean, she could just dye her hair, I know she's really into punk rock and stuff. But I've also wondered if she lies abt her race, I think at one point she said smth like "uwu I'm not racist I'm Asian and I draw one (1) brown character a month" and then probably backpedaled on that and said she was Hispanic. Funny bc "Hispanic" isn't really a race and white Hispanic people are a thing, lol.

She's so fucking stupid.

No. 11180

File: 1528039403836.jpg (144.6 KB, 1080x516, Screenshot_20180603-111643_Twi…)

Forgot the pic, sorry. Saged

No. 11181

File: 1528040962865.png (10.38 KB, 336x85, rsbhs.PNG)

i think this is good proof she turned 18 in 2015. so she's lying that she's younger to seem smoll.

No. 11182

It wasn't Preston (however he's a good example too), it was some guy drawing kawaii animu girls and pretending to be one too until he was found out. I just can't remember the name because it was literally years ago but I'd love to read the story again.

If she's not a tranny or faking being a girl this is probably the reason she's not posting pics. She's claiming to be Asian while being white/Hispanic in real life and probably obese and ugly. If she looked like her drawings she literally would've posted selfies ages ago.

No. 11183

OK, I've run into a video Savannah posted in 2016 where you can hear her voice. She's definitely a woman and I guess I was wrong, but she sounds Hispanic. That subtle accent and slight deep tone in her voice sounds pretty similar to how my family and I speak, we're Hispanic, unless this is usually how people from North Carolina speak.


No. 11184

shocked she didnt get a thread earlier… she draws the same face, with shitty anatomy, and just lies lies lies lmao

she at one point said she was asian? i thought she said she was hispanic because she was trying to defend herself when people were saying she only drew pale skinned characters lol

No. 11185

>Savannah Lee

Is she white or Chinese?

If she shows her face people will know she's lying about being a ~smoll underaged girl~

No. 11186

I doubt that's her real name. if that were the case, there'd be more proof that she exists

No. 11187

Maybe I'm turning tinfoil about a lot of this but there's a Facebook with her OC's name and picture: Rasberru Llyod.
The profile's location is San Antonio, Texas. Funny thing, one of the main schools in San Antonio is Robert E. Lee High School. You think she took the Lee from the high school she goes to if she actually turned out faking her location too?

No. 11188

File: 1528066238573.png (86.92 KB, 791x332, meananons.PNG)

how else is she going to send herself mean asks for retweets and pity now? pic related

thats the point, he was 30 and she was flirting with him, publicly

shit like this reeks of artist insecurity and it amazes me that people who pump out deviantart animu shit get such huge followings. her art is getting worse too, the stuff she drew in 2016 is legitimately better than it is now. i wouldn't even complain if she weren't selling this shit. for money.

No. 11189

OP Continuing the tinfoil. She answered an ask on CuriousCat about which cons she's been to. Two of them are in Texas… I hope I'm into something

No. 11190

Common anon can you cap ur stuff incase it gets deleted?

No. 11191

File: 1528068671348.png (362.79 KB, 867x1069, caps1.png)

capped for that anon

No. 11192

File: 1528068889424.png (117.09 KB, 842x685, drafts.PNG)

the funny thing about these is that she herself IS one of those 14 year olds who roleplay sex

also the second tweet is just a blatant lie

No. 11193

the way she answered the question on cc makes it sound like she doesn't live in San Antonio since she would have to travel to get there.

No. 11194

File: 1528071199780.jpg (364.55 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20180603-201214_Chr…)

…… okay then savannah

she somewhat recently said she lives in Charlotte, NC

No. 11195

File: 1528074935446.jpg (681.33 KB, 2560x1920, 18-06-03-19-48-03-650_deco.jpg)

Savannah's been quoting some old tweets, I have a gut feeling she's lurking especially with it being specifically one about selfies.
Also, some guy replied to the tweet making it obvious he knows something. I looked at his timeline and found he mentioned Savannah's private account right before the public one.

No. 11196

File: 1528075648407.png (51.82 KB, 521x466, meme1.PNG)

yeah this seems like it could be the case, but it could be some dumb meme shit too considering these other replies

lolcow isnt that mainstream of a site so i doubt she'd know about it unless someone links her

No. 11197

File: 1528075919833.png (18.31 KB, 466x173, NC.PNG)

old tweet but it hasnt changed

No. 11198

File: 1528077272114.png (473.48 KB, 1434x798, Screenshot_2018-06-03-20-44-35…)

See, then I find stuff like this which points to the Texas thing being possible. This MIGHT be a selfie of Savannah. Pic of the profile.

I also found an RP Twitter http://www.twitter.com/RasbiiRP where, looking through the likes, she used to roleplay as Gon from Hunter x Hunter.

No. 11199

amosc means add me on snapchat so her snap is possibly princesslexy?

No. 11200

File: 1528078277707.jpg (501.53 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20180603-221026_Twi…)


that isn't her.

No. 11201

That’s what I was thinking… a good chunk of the artists I follow turn out to be really bland asian girls when they post selfies, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but her NOT posting any is very suspicious. Like what exactly are you hiding, when other artists of all kinds with followings both large and small post with no problem?

No. 11202

Who pays THAT much money for her art? I know way better artists who ask for half of the money that she is asking, don't get me wrong she isn't bad by any means. But seriously talk about overpricing your art

No. 11203

Isn't this the chick who started complaining that people stole their art style?

No. 11204

File: 1528176149454.png (72.21 KB, 595x617, deviant.PNG)

Yes it was her. It's funny because Savannah's style is just watered down Gashi Gashi, Yurie Sekiya, and popular Sonic artists

No. 11205

I commented on the journal she posted about it bc I was salty. Didn't know she had a thread here.

No. 11206

File: 1528176764337.png (25.31 KB, 495x257, WOWW.PNG)

Seems like she's a hypocrite about the art style stuff, too

No. 11207

File: 1528187338346.jpg (24.38 KB, 532x320, 1517511109932.jpg)

>claims to be severely depressed
>always talking, tweeting, full of energy and gets a lot of art done

No. 11208

how is that proof of anything? she's just a liar

No. 11209

b-but anon!! muh 40 suicide attempts!!1!
if that were remotely true in the slightest she either would've succeeded at one point or been sent to a psych ward (knowing her she would blast it on social media). she's definitely faking it

No. 11210

“40 suicide attempts” is quite possibly one of the most retarded things I have ever heard.

No. 11211

Yeah, she's an absolute joke. It's actually pathetic what kind of reputation people like this give depression as a whole. This retard is not severely depressed at all, she's way too productive and lively for it. Consistently.

And 40 suicide attempts? What the other anon, it's "quite possibly one of the most retarded things I have ever heard."…

No. 11212

File: 1528230771149.jpg (7.37 KB, 508x120, kek.jpg)

No. 11213

im dying

No. 11214

Lmao the 40 attempts thing is hilarious, I wonder what else she thinks counts as an attempt. ONE SINGLE ASPRIN.

No. 11215


This thread is shit

No. 11216

Mr. Steak is a fucking creep.

No. 11217

File: 1528685878842.jpeg (204.62 KB, 1024x1084, DfTIGLwVMAA1E47.jpeg)

well. she did it, guys.

No. 11218

Looks like less busted shoe0nhead

No. 11219

Is she… black? Indian?

No. 11220

she look like a light skin black

No. 11221

My bet she's Puerto Rican

No. 11222

I'm so confused because she's said this is what she looks like… I knew someone who was completely enamoured with her (he probably didn't know her age) and he said that she sent him these photos claiming it was her (as well as sending him nudes, masturbating with him…).


No. 11223

It's easy to catfish when there's no pictures of yourself on the internet

No. 11224

File: 1528725797649.jpg (312.94 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20180611-100253_Twi…)

she's lurking.

No. 11225


how the fuck do people never learn that talking about their thread just drives more traffic to it??? how can you be this stupid.

No. 11226

There's only 4 people in this shit thread

No. 11227

Legit just came here after reading her tweets about a thread on her lmao

No. 11228

then stop bumping it and sage your shit, genius.

No. 11229

File: 1528727290528.jpg (120.99 KB, 1024x576, 1526058515537.jpg)

It's a good way to show how shit boards like this have fallen where you stalk some thot for no reason

No. 11230

She just needs to explain herself uwu

No. 11231

When all of her old meet the artist memes have better art than her recent art..

No. 11232

she looks more mexican than anything

No. 11233



this thread only has 100 replies. you continuously bump it to the top yet have a problem with it existing. if the board has fallen from your graces, do tell why you’re continuing to draw attention to something that you clearly don’t want discussed.

No. 11234


tbh I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of Savannah's friends or the person who told her about the thread. No one had posted in days and then this person comes in, then suddenly Savannah knows about the thread hours after they posted. I doubt it's a coincidence.

No. 11235

The amount of people patting her ass over this is obnoxious.

It's really no wonder she's stagnating art wise: she can do no wrong, even when she admits she did, so that's the point of trying?

No. 11236

so there’s this and

and the fact she’s been pretending to be an ~uwu smol azn~ most of the time. People must be as stupid as she is to continue following her lol

No. 11237

Her followers must feel betrayed. She looks like a south american/black weeb. I doubt that "Lee" is her real surname.

No. 11238

File: 1528740249726.gif (912.17 KB, 500x280, UniqueDeterminedAmberpenshell-…)

Nothing can be more pathetic than some spoiled teenage chick saying she attempted suicide over 40 times and crying about how depressed she is despite being totally productive and lively.

She's cringe incarnate.

No. 11239

File: 1528740739830.jpg (15.32 KB, 635x542, 1515672598074.jpg)

No. 11240

That's a cute selfie, but please keep in mind that this thread isn't about your face.

No. 11241

File: 1528740947563.gif (903.01 KB, 300x200, 041089DF-6A81-4313-A66B-1209E0…)

Quality banter how long did it took you to come up with this faggot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11242

sorry but why are we holding a child accountable for sending nudes when she was 14 instead of the pedo who pressured her

No. 11243

Because this board is full of vigilante wanna be retards or girls from littleuglyliars who got their hate threads deleted and came here to get mongoloids to attack people no one cares about

No. 11244

I posted that 2 minutes after your post, so if you weren't literally retarded you could have just checked the timestamps. :^)

Why are you so butthurt anyway? What's troubling you, anon? People making fun of your "oh-so-suicidal-and-depressed =(" indian looking waifu?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 11245


I mean pedos deserve death but not all teenagers are complete morons. A 14-year-old with a normal iq in this day and age should know better, no matter how many times tunglr tries to tell you they're a "literal smol child uwu".

No. 11246


yeah maybe she was pressured but she should know that sending nudes will get you in trouble. doesnt matter if you got p[pressured she obviously knows better considering the fact that she dabbled in nsfw content when she was a minor.

No. 11247

Or she wasnt pressured at all and she didnt much care of the possible consequences

No. 11248

File: 1528745439476.jpg (76.33 KB, 306x311, 1510451739011.jpg)

No. 11249

Hey moron - reading stuff you put online for everyone to see isn’t stalking. Your fans do the same. Now gtfo instead of continuously bumping your own thread you’re so desperate to get rid of.

No. 11250


inb4 this anon is right and the thread is getting continuously bumped by some thirsty anitwitter neckbeard

No. 11251


They’re not pedos when she was lying about her age. If they were told her real age and continued, then they would be pedos. But it appears she never addressed her age lies until she was called out for it.

No. 11252

If she's black, Lee could be her real surname. There's plenty of non-Asians with the last name Lee in America.

No. 11253

Robert E Lee was japanese

No. 11254

Her art while stagnet is pretty to look at. I was hoping for more lame art like Holly(?) and a holier than thou attitude. Any more milk?

No. 11255

Because by law, she's still accountable. Underage kids who send nudes can be charged with distributing cp which is exactly what they're doing. As the other anon said, we don't know if she lied to this guy about her age or what and to be honest I'm sick of kids acting like they didn't know any better when they took their clothes off and took those shots. She knew exactly what she was doing, so turning around and crying about being pressured doesn't matter.
Both her and him can face criminal charges over it. If she can't have a phone without bending to anyones will and taking pictures of her ass then maybe she shouldnt have a phone or whatever she took those pictures with

No. 11256

omfg just let this thread die already jfc

No. 11257

whats your deal? btw learn to sage

No. 11258

honestly the fact that she lied about her ages completely fucks up the people who she was sending nudes or exchanging sexual content with because she lied to them about her age, which is just setting them up for a bad time.

idk why anon is saying oh maybe she got pressured well maybe dont fucking lie about your age.

No. 11259

So is Savannah 18 or 21? Who can we trust if we know this girl's a pathological liar? We're picking and choosing things she's said before whether which ones she's telling the truth or not.

No. 11260

Side note: she could even be Spanish. Don’t just assume she’s black or saying “Indian looking ass” without knowing (:(don't use emojis)

No. 11261

She doesn't look white at all.

No. 11262

She doesn't look black at all, but here we are.

No. 11263

My first thought was filipino.

No. 11264

She looks indian >>11262

No. 11265

She looks light-skinned black to me.

No. 11266

File: 1528833599277.jpg (41.44 KB, 360x640, IMG_20180612_155914.jpg)

"my finger slipped"

No. 11267

why are you so upset?

No. 11268

>Grown men obsessing over selfies in 2018

No. 11269

That fringe reminds me of every emo/scene girl that ever existed.

No. 11270

The way she says person at the beginning definitely hints towards being a native Spanish speaker.

No. 11271

Anyone else looked into Vaigh? Was going to but he's made his Tumblr private now and everything seems deleted when it was fine a week ago? Seems suspicious if you ask me

No. 11272

I loved rasbiis art but seeing this… whole thread and.. how she's been acting is honestly so disgusting. I'm ashamed I ever looked up to her.

No. 11273

Kind of a small cow here but is it illegal to sell NSFW art when you are a minor or is it not? She didn't sell nudes of herself so it's technically not child porn. Most anime soft/hard core porn is questionable since the mainstream girls are highschoolers so it's not anything signifigcant.

I don't get why these people don't keep their age and dating lives complete secrets.

No. 11274

For as young as she is she is pretty good at art in my opinion. Seems like her only crime is being an edgy teen in the past. I hope in the future she expands on her art and stops drawing the same face. I also hope she matures. I'm sure it will happen, seeing as how she's still a teenager

No. 11275

That is true. Hope she branches out more or even goes to art school. Give her a few years to get her sorted out mentally and emotionally and be a huge success (best case scenario) She's gonna have a hard time getting rid of those blemish pinups on her reputation though.

No. 11276

But like if she's lurking on this thread at least she could learn to not post the kind of stuff she is/has posted and just work on improving her art? And obviously delete all the underage nsfw pins.

No. 11277


calm down samefag

No. 11278

Hello obvious newfag, your waifu is shit.

No. 11279

jesus fucking christ stop posting in your own thread

No. 11280

I had to take a moment because all of the fanart she's been getting recently is 10x better than her art now I wonder if she notices this

No. 11281


Lulz. I post as much as I want on this. Not the only person overly concerned on this thread.(newfaggotry)

No. 11282


No. 11283

That face is too mature to be 18. She's definitely 21. She was giving "beauty tips" to someone in her mentions and she had to confirm she doesn't wear primer like of course not, she's using a smoothing filter in her photos.

No. 11284

Do you even know what 18 year olds look like, let alone underage girls? Makeup, angles - all that makes someone look "mature." She could easily be 18 or younger.

No. 11285

I'm not paying attention to her makeup, I'm taking note of her slight wrinkling, eye bags, and nose. When we're 18 we still have a slight puffy baby face. Her face is more thin skinned and wide. Makeup can't cover that. She knows she's older, that's why she's wearing a collar that says "Baby Girl" on it. It's a getup. She wants you to think she's young so the blow of any criticism goes straight to, "She's young!"

No. 11286

File: 1528863636126.png (13.28 KB, 591x108, a1be32490ddfca361bdcde7d213cdb…)

I believe she's lying about being younger than she is to make her shitty art seem better and posts like this
kinda prove that it's working 'Oh she's so good for a 18 year old' but if you look at her art when she was supposedly 14/15 it's unrealistic to think she was drawing that well at that age especially since she's gotten worse. Also it's obvious that she's not contouring or doing anything that actually 'ages' her features. She's also seemingly wearing circle lenses to try and look 'younger'.

Also most states dont allow you to get your ears stretched until you're 18 (unless she's claiming to have gotten permission from her parents?) and these dont seem new/fresh?

She also has not tweeted about finals or exams since 2014 and since she complains about every little thing in her life there is no way she wouldnt be milking it every single year. I found this tweet from two years ago pretty blatantly claiming that she had graduated from high school . It seems she POSSIBLY graduated in 2016 because there are tweets from August 2015 saying she was going back to school but NOTHING since then (this could also be her lying to seem 'relatable' since she didnt post about finals). She also has many tweets about doing poorly and even worried about failing her finals in 2014.

So she graduated sometime between 2014 and 2016 so at best she's claiming she graduated at 16 which is heavy BS because pretty much unless you skip a grade you dont graduate that early unless your birthday is in June/July. It's very rare for people to graduate at 16 and from what I know 18 is the average graduation age in the US?

No. 11287

File: 1528864476958.png (87.38 KB, 586x756, college.PNG)

Pretty sure she graduated high school in 2015 and this tweet >>11181
seems pretty sincere especially since it's not about her art or anything. She would've just turned 18 at the time too.

She didn't start talking about being in college until 2016, not including the tweet from the day she graduated and another one in 2014 where she talks about what college she wants to go to.

No. 11288

I've followed her on twitter and came to this thread to see what all this was about. I've seen some lolcow threads before, but honestly after all that's came out about her, I don't like her or her art as much.

No. 11289

Same thing happened with me I feel ya

No. 11290

File: 1528872165267.png (52.41 KB, 607x435, wow lurk more.png)

Proof that she's lurking the thread too. Maybe if she spent as much time working on her anatomy and not being a shitty person as she did lurking to try and debunk things she might actually make something of herself but she's obviously happy getting asspats on the internet.

It's a simple matter of showing us your birthdate on any document (especially a student ID) you could literally block out everything else as long as it has your name/picture and your birthdate.

Why should anyone trust someone who admits they were up until basically a week ago a serial liar?

No. 11291

My biggest issue isn't really with Rasbii. She just seems like another teenage attention whore. But that Mr. Steak guy flirting with her despite him being past 30 is really fucking creepy to me.

No. 11292


If shes been lying about her age for so long how was any guy who interacted with her supposed to know? Taking little drawings isnt flirting, besides who's to say how many other guys were out there that were older she flirted with

No. 11293

Pretty sure he knew, after she admitted to just having turned 18.

No. 11294

If anything her comments to all the drawings were more flirtatious than the replies to her comments

No. 11295

She's not 18, she's 21

No. 11296

So is she is a furry or what? What's with all the catgirl stuff?

No. 11297

File: 1528947306578.png (525.49 KB, 3528x1811, rasbiisoc.png)

I was browsing her NSFW art blog and some of the art looked really familiar. I was sure I had seen it on 4chan at some point with someone claiming it as their own art, I think. I did a quick reverse image search and yeah, there they are.

Lots of the images are saved with tumblr file names, so maybe it's someone just using her images? But it sounds like her, and one of images it just named "artstuffs.jpg" Can someone verify if this chick is her?

You can read the whole thing here, my screencaps are shit.


No. 11298

hmmm, she could be just downloading her tumblr art on her phone to post them there, i know i've done that myself with my work and stuff.

No. 11299

Tbh it doesn't sound like her. Probably a troon, mostly because they mentioned they like engineering. One of the replies say they're from Indiana, never seen Sav talk about that state.

No. 11300

File: 1530060277168.jpg (36.89 KB, 360x640, IMG_20180626_204411.jpg)

wow, what a pear shaped body

No. 11301

Gotta fake a thigh gap too.

No. 11302

When did she even have the time taking that picture when she's busy attempting suicide (unsuccessfully) 40 times a day?

No. 11303

ever since that face reveal she's been oddly really comfortable taking selfies and body shots.

No. 11304

she would also self harm so wheres the scars/evidence of that?

No. 11305

is it just me or did she just delete every recent tweet? the newest tweet on her profile is from the 15th lol

No. 11306

so ~smol uwu~

lol no.

No. 11307

link to the nsfw art blog?

No. 11308

She looks more apple shaped to me, or rectangular, since there's like zero definition between her chest, waist, and hips. The angle isn't very flattering to her body, I don't know why she would post this.

It's in the OP.

No. 11309


the catfish is strong with this one

No. 11310

File: 1530170090986.png (652.67 KB, 532x530, Capture554747.PNG)

could it be this?

No. 11311

File: 1530172232485.jpg (138.64 KB, 851x897, IMG_20180628_034157.jpg)

I'm very sure this is actually her. She posted a video of herself saying "I'm the artist Rasbii" etc but unfortunately I can't provide proof because this chick deletes everything every 2 minutes. I don't get why she would delete the only proof she isn't a total catfish, she's so dumb.

Anyways if you told me these depicted the same character with different color palettes I would believe you, wew. Girl's art has a macabre case of sameface syndrome, yikes.

No. 11312

Because she doesn't look at real people when drawing, just at her own stuff or other hentai art. I fucking hate cannibalistic animu art, it keeps inbreeding and becoming more and more deformed and detached from reality as these artists never take their eyes from the fucking screen, only stopping their fapping/schlicking to regurgitate more inbred, symbol art with.

sage for angry art sperg that no one cares about. God I hate animu artists so much

No. 11313

Oh yeah, I saw that video too. She was in the same area where she takes all her other pictures with the pink drop… I think those are her curtains? Her room must be messy as fuck lol
But yeah she was wearing the same clothes in the "my finger slipped" photo.

No. 11314

take a chill pill anon. animu art is fine, atleast it's not shitty tumblr garbage.

No. 11315

Most of the animu art from people like Rasbii is to some extent influenced by tumblr garbage/other western artists which is what makes it even uglier. One browse through Pixiv and you see artists draw all kinds of hentai bullshit but with an actual sense of character, anatomy etc as if the artists actually practiced other things than drawing their tittie OC's.

No. 11316

You know, I just came across all this cause she had some tweets up that she deleted that came from her CuriousCat. Someone name dropped the name Vaigh and that really perked my interest.

For months now, I'd been trying to figure out why the artist StickySheep/SootySheep at some point back in about 2015/2016 disappeared off the net, along with Vaigh.

This little bit here seems to give me an idea of what may have gone on back when, especially since Sheep seems to not like people asking about Vaigh, like she has beef with him

No. 11317

same…I've been trying to figure this out as well because the connections aren't there anymore and I wasn't sure if its 'the' vaigh I used to 'know'

No. 11318

Vaigh and Sticky/SootySheep used to date. Just look up "stickysheep" and "vaigh" on Google,and you'll find heaps of stuff. Looks like they had a bad breakup.

No. 11319

Yeah, they use to date. In fact, they were jointly working on an art venture with each other in 2015 that went down when they both disappeared off the net for a short period of time.

I'd been convinced that the situation had to deal with Vaigh, but I wasn't sure in what way. I guess if anything, maybe Sheep learned of something regarding Vaigh?

No. 11320

Is that artist Teruchan?

No. 11321

Mr Steak likes to send art and drawings to e-girls (including trans girls and cosplaythots). He thirsts on a lot of people.

No. 11322

File: 1531153301809.jpg (228.86 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_20180709-122022_Sam…)

it's just my style uwu

No. 11323

File: 1531158968306.jpg (29.33 KB, 300x309, nanoha-kewpiecarosurprise.jpg)

Facepalm Why did this lady thinks drawing the same face is a good thing?!

No. 11324

File: 1531444819163.jpg (260.17 KB, 640x854, fritz_willis_quote.jpg)

Can someone explain:
Idg why drawing nsfw as a minor treating like a awful thing to do, I mean - ?? When you are learning how-to-art you are inevitably drawing naked people in various poses, why sexual poses are somehow special
Well duh, teenagers know about sex – so what
Don't care for the subject, just wondering

No. 11325


You’re either trolling or completely fucking stupid to ask a question like that.

No. 11326

File: 1531448628976.gif (20.68 KB, 220x151, tenor.gif)

Okay, I am stupid, but still?
Is it illegal in your country to possess porn when underage? Or produce? If last, then it is totally okay to produce porn _art_ when you are 18+ not the other way, for whatever reason?
Maybe it's just me, at 15ish I was drawing many things, including porn stuff and that makes me… who?..(learn 2 sage)

No. 11327

drawing porn =/= drawing nude models. even if you did draw porn as a minor, a minor shouldn't be publishing porn online and selling it to adults.

No. 11328

she could literally do non-colored sketchs at $80 and people would commission her?

No. 11329

File: 1531724197902.jpg (Spoiler Image,598.17 KB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20180716-025657_Twi…)


No. 11330

There’s nothing sexual about artists drawing nude models you absolute retard. If you really think there is, I hope you’re not an artist because that’s fucked up.

No. 11331

this is… so bad? like not even because it's nsfw, but the fact that the body isn't even interacting with the background? it just looks like she's floating.

No. 11332

File: 1531975296639.jpg (83.4 KB, 540x960, orig[1].jpg)

So she just posted this selfie here,


No. 11333

ew, her face here looks fucking ridiculous lmao.

No. 11334

That hairstyle is just so unfitting for her face

No. 11335

So… is this daki supposed to be of her, or is she cosplaying the character she drew? Either way it's cringe, but that's totally the same outfit

No. 11336

her noses are straying further away from god

No. 11337

File: 1532241867633.jpeg (868.92 KB, 2560x1920, 000AC345-5436-452A-93D0-529339…)

Here, I fixed her meet the artist thing to look more like her.

No. 11338

I like your edit, it looks like her. It's not ugly either other than the philtrum which is ugly on her own art too

No. 11339


What's up with her bleaching the fuck out of her skin? by all these photos is pretty obvious her skin is way darker than she draws herself to be… like WAAAY darker. Poor delusional and racist bitch

No. 11340

She could be putting makeup over it…or just wears a lot of sunscreen.

Has anyone reported her Patreon? There is a new policy about NSFW creators, Patreon will no longer host them.

No. 11341

Child porn laws (under 18) in the US are heavily enforced, even moreso than rape accusations and possibly murder. Posession of a single image will ruin your life.

Rasbii doesn't show signs of being a nude cam girl, just sexy outfits. Her art is still gross-sigh- NSFW art isn't photo or video.

No. 11342

>how else is she going to send herself mean asks for retweets and pity now? pic related
wasn't anon about to send her hate though?

No. 11343

Lying about her age again, and admitted of lying

You were correct anon >>11293

No. 11344

I swear this girl is still lying about being 18, there's no way she isn't 21. Her past tweets about school were too consistent and less messed around with than her jumping around with her age.

No. 11345

Is this an art evolution meme or something? All the drawings are clearly drawn by the same person during the same time just trying to imitate someone drawing like a little kid by leaving out details and simplifying the colouring.

In 30 years she'll still be telling people that she just turned 18, she just lied about her age before.

No. 11346

Anon you clearly do not understand she drew the first picture 8 years ago. Just look at the "Your mom!" It's a very 2010 thing! /s

No. 11347

File: 1533986482443.jpg (315.37 KB, 1385x1845, DkTGnH4U0AAyieJ.jpg)

No. 11348

File: 1533986888626.png (521.33 KB, 752x1147, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 11349

File: 1533988474064.png (154.53 KB, 540x646, vintagerasb.PNG)

vintage cow crossover

No. 11350

File: 1533989098290.jpg (105.25 KB, 680x436, rasberruu.jpg)

Yeah no, THIS is an actual drawing of hers from 4 years ago.

No. 11351

at age 10 she knew how shading and light work and how to color lines

we love a self taught artist queen

No. 11352

so why does she keep drawing herself as a short skinny pale East Asian girl when she is clearly not…? And her fans don’t even notice? lol

No. 11353

File: 1534588094542.jpg (101.94 KB, 1280x660, IMG_20180818_062610.jpg)


No. 11354

File: 1534588963055.png (31.43 KB, 622x112, LL.png)

Looks like they're deluded.

No. 11355

Seeing this tweet after seeing >>11353 i'm cackling. Isn't the daki supposed to be of her? Look at that skin color difference.

No. 11356

Literally no one cares. There is so much same fagging and try hard nitpicking in here over nothing. Some obvious vendetta-chan(s), I'm surprised this thread still exists.

No. 11357


She draws herself SO much lighter than she actually is


this is more like it. right on point lol

No. 11358

File: 1535606687292.png (255.17 KB, 582x667, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 12.2…)

Eh, I feel like she's getting closer at least. She must be lurking.

No. 11359

File: 1536157308439.jpeg (196.81 KB, 750x994, 2B73F073-D347-4EC4-8551-6D5C01…)

No. 11360

File: 1536158495211.jpg (164.21 KB, 1280x1280, gM2bd16.jpg)

She looks like a Tekken character put through faceapp

No. 11361

don’t support her wannabe asian delusions kek

No. 11362

Anyone else noticed that she and Vaigh have stopped following each other? I think it started around the time it came out she was actually 18. She even has some vague tweets about "knowing what you're worth to people"

No. 11363

Yeah I've noticed that her and Vaigh stopped talking around the time she came out as 18, but I've always wondered if there was more to it than that

No. 11364

Is she lying about being 18? She looks like she's in her 20s

No. 11365

OT but does anyone know what Vaigh looks like?

No. 11366

From what I know, no. He's always using that creepy ass mask he has. Tbh I don't see the problem in that, if that's how he wants to brand himself, good on him. And it kinda fits his art, a lot of it is kinda unsetteling, not because of the content, but more with how it's represented.

But according to this thread he's supposedly 30+ so it's already kinda sus if he's hitting on someone he thinks is 20-22. And it could look REALLY bad if it turns out he started hitting on her when she was 16

No. 11367

I've talked to Vaigh in passing, and I'm pretty sure he's in his late twenties, which is a lot less skeevy than if he's in his thirties. We're not friends or anything, so I don't have exacts.

I figured he stopped talking to her because, like you said, if it turns out he was drawing thirst trap pictures at her when she was still sixteen, that could ruin him. He's been keeping pretty quiet on the situation, which I guess is smart.

No. 11368

Vaigh doesn't seem like a bad guy at all, a bit eccentric yeah, but not a bad fella. I notice he deleted pretty much every tweet not long ago (37 tweets?), I think he just wanted to cut out that part of his life, considering how much of a manipulator Rasbii has turned out to be. I also noticed he deleted all of the art he's done of her "character".

No. 11369

Actually I've seen photos of Vaigh while he use to be with Sticky (Sootysheep) her new name. At the time he had long hair and glasses.(maybe it was him)?

No. 11370

Yeah I always thought Vaigh seemed like a cool dude if a bit weird, so it was kinda disheartening to see him dragged into this mess

I was always pretty much distrustful of Rasbii because something always seemed off about her, then I find out about all of this and it turns out my instincts were correct

No. 11371

To think I almost ended up commissioning her at one point. Glad I found this thread and I feel kind of justified in not doing so. That and the way she talks to the people who commission/want to commission her.

No. 11372


No. 11373

I have a friend who commissioned her earlier this year or late last year, can't recall, but basically Rasbii was asked to change a few details of said commission, got very standoffish about it, and ended up blocking my friend. The anatomy was so offputting. Not the eyes, that's part of her styles, but hands that looked like gorilla hands and the arm length was like a spidermonkey.

Later on I've heard other people who've commissioned her have been put on blast through twitter, but you know not really mentioning any names, just passive aggressive tweets and being a general shithead to her commissioners, after they've paid.

No. 11374

File: 1536605344284.png (15.99 KB, 589x131, fpZKBwI.png)

Seems like she's found this thread.

No. 11375

So, basically: "I'm actually pretty upset by this, but I'm going to pretend that I'm tough and above it all, even though I'm wasting my time talking about it."


No. 11376

File: 1536609879351.png (57.17 KB, 522x521, 001.png)

I followed her back when this thread popped up to see if i could catch any milk she might make (i'll admit she's pretty boring as a cow so i kinda forgot about her) saw her make these tweets earlier today and had no idea she meant here, thaught it was a random "BAW SOMEONE SAID SOMETHING MEAN ON A DRAWING I DID" and scrolled passed.

lol makes way more sense now she's hella triggered lol, she didn't even get shit talked in here her thread is boring imo

No. 11377

She's such a dumbass though. The issue with her according to >>11373 wasn't the quality of the art, it was the behaviour and how she treated a person who was buying a commission from her. Add to that all of her constant lies, and blatantly selfsent critique, that she just dismisses with "I am as good as I can be and I'M TRYING REALLY HARD GUYS!!!". or "My art isn't regressing, it's just my evolution as an artist".

No. 11378

this just reminds me of
>muh 40 suicide attempts!!!

so depressed, people on the Internet call me out on my bullshit wah wah wah~

No. 11379

So is Sav gonna reveal she's actually 21 and she made that "8 years of drawing progression!" in one sitting?

No. 11380

Maybe she's just transage.

No. 11381

File: 1536765836997.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, 17C4A5FA-0240-4F40-B9A2-4AE536…)

So not triggered gais

No. 11382

File: 1536766245696.png (6.08 MB, 1242x2208, DCF5E329-85D5-43ED-9C92-A2EE8A…)

Also pretty sure she made this directed towards us because she’s a “tough bitch” but am I the only one who thinks that hand and finger just look wrong?

And he face is fucked it sameface per usual

No. 11383

Have met Vaigh IRL, can confirm he's a creep.

No. 11384

He has a Discord server by the name of Legion X (hence the X logo in fans' art as well as his own), which is frequented by MANY underage 'artists'. He picks and chooses the ones he hits on, gets close to, meets IRL, etc. Rasbii is not the first or only 'underage incident' Vaigh has had.

No. 11385

He is 100% over 30, that is a fact. And he is not ignorant to the age of his 'love interests'.

No. 11386

her thumb is literally attached to the knuckle kek

No. 11387

Anon, she bases her drawing of her own anatomy, she clearly learned how to reshape her body in impossible ways. Of course she totally learned this at some point during her 40 suicide attempts.

No. 11388

you'd think if she's going to put so much work into doing the same eyes over and over she'd put some work into her hands

or maybe her hands are just deformed from birth and im being a bully~

No. 11389

If you have any receipts, go make a thread on him. Unless he gets involved with Rasbii again, there's no milk.
No wonder she likes Tearzah. It looks like they both went to the academy of sameface.

No. 11390

File: 1536778453851.png (699.48 KB, 1258x558, ummm.png)

sameface? more like same-everything every time does she draw anything else?

No. 11391


Kinda smells like samefaggery, kinda smells like something Rasbii would say, and seems to be knowledge Rasbii would have. If it is you Rasbii, welcome to your thread, hope you've learned something from it.

No. 11392

Samefaggery confirmed, but no I am not Rasbii. I have certain receipts to confirm what I said, but then again I don't really care enough to make a thread on Vaigh. Just wanted to give an answer to some of the questions asked earlier.

No. 11393

Well how about you sage your no milk posts for one, and if your not going to make a thread on him or post the screens here why even post?

No. 11394

It always bothered me how the farther eye in all her drawings was a bit bigger than the closer one

No. 11395

Well, the question was whether or not Vaigh is an intentional or unintentional pedophile. Considering he is 30+ yrs old and lusting after someone who presents themselves as a child (not the first time he's done it btw), I'd say he knows what he's doing. Those creepy little drawings don't do much to help his case.
As for the documentation you want so badly, I don't think it would help since you don't know his name or face IRL (unless you are him lol). He has been meticulous about scrubbing the internet of any trace of his IRL identity, which is suspicious in itself.
So I guess to answer your question, there isn't much of a reason to post this other than as a minor public service to anyone who may interact with Vaigh in the future.

No. 11396

kind of funny coming from someone who lied about parts of her identity multiple times for no reason.

No. 11397

So basically you have no new info, thanks.

No. 11398

I don’t hide behind a ~smol pale asian uwuuuu~ false persona while shilling subpar nsfw art so I think I’m doing pretty well, thanks.

No. 11399

So what we already knew and you still didn't sage your bullshit
why are you posting here again? you can stop now

that's why she's so uwu~so mad at the mean ol' bullies now because they caught her on her bullshit and she has to try and dismiss it anyway she can in case a fan reads it

No. 11400

File: 1536812984230.png (122.73 KB, 540x519, rasbiihugbox.png)

also samefag but she started a private 'vent' account

guess she's going to stick to posting there to keep us from seeing more personal stuff?

No. 11401

She's had the private for a while. Pointed it out here earlier >>11195

No. 11402

File: 1536887465986.jpg (36.07 KB, 713x869, IMG_20180913_200559.jpg)

This was so rushed lmao what are those legs? Sav trying so hard to be relevant

No. 11403

Really nice lighting effects though tbh. At the end of the day she does have a lot of talent.

No. 11404

Lighting effects??? What? She literally just drew the fur tone a few shades lighter and added s SHINE star to the eyes. That's so easy to do there is no talent needed. I'm willing to bet all she did was added a darker layer on top and erased a portion of it near the face.. woopity. So much talent.

No. 11405

My sides. Are you sure you might not be Savannah?
That hammer is floating in air. Her skirt is uneven. There's no depth, those lighting effects are just an obscure rectangle with feathering and the vivid light filter in Photoshop.

No. 11406

but anon she used a heart stamp in the hair! kawaii!!!

No. 11407

Slow down big guy, that hammer is obviously in her hand not floating. Skirt fabric is almost always uneven too, that's realistic. If an artist can create such lighting with a rectangle and a photoshop filter I call that true talent.

Sage your shit, numbnuts

No. 11408

File: 1536893179632.png (27.71 KB, 500x397, C2CC4988-0DB7-44C4-831B-45D27A…)

>If an artist can create such lighting with a rectangle and a photoshop filter I call that true talent.

No. 11409

Wow so can she put like more than an hour into a drawing? Jesus she just shits this stuff out with no real work or skill

No. 11410

So…this thread is all about criticizing a teenage girl's artwork. Way to go, dorks.

No. 11411

Nah, she's lying about her age to be smoll uwu and so people can praise her for being so young and talented.

No. 11412

im still not convinced this >>11359 isn't in her mid 20's or so, she doesn't look 18-19 whatever the fuck

she'd a pedobaiter, a shitty artist and a admitted liar, especially about her age and art progression/skill, but oddly enough is boring and dry milk wise

so yeah, we make fun of her shit artwork because we dont have enough pictures of her busted face to make fun of.

do you not notice what site you were posting on tumblr-chan?

No. 11413

>she'd a pedobaiter, a shitty artist and a admitted liar, especially about her age and art progression/skill, but oddly enough is boring and dry milk wise

Maybe focus your efforts on the pedos she's baiting, that might be a more worthwhile cause.

No. 11414

Not the guy you're replying to, but Pedobaiters are almost as bad as actual pedos. They are basically encouraging pedophiles to take part in their community and making pedophiles feel welcome in the art community. People like Rasbii, if she is in her 20's and posting lewd shit while posing as an underage is making pedophilia normative.

And pedophilia is already an issue in the young artist community, when my friend was 15 (this is 10+ years ago) she'd get so much shitty stuff thrown her way for being "outgoing" as an artist, including multiple men over twice her age sending her dick pics or asking to meet up or cam.

No. 11415

Young artists will always look up to and desire the attention of those who are older, more established, and skilled. The problem is that these older guys are usually maladjusted thirsty shut-ins who jizz their pants over the slightest bit of female attention, regardless of age. They prey on and manipulate impressionable kids because they can, and they hide behind their pseudonyms to avoid any consequence. A huge step in ending the cycle of pedophilia in the art community is calling them out for what they are. People like Vaigh and MrSteak are pedophiles and internet predators.

If nothing else, at least her actions helped identify a handful of thirsty pedos in the online art community

Shit like this is like the beginning of a horror movie. I'm shocked the girl made it out of their gross relationship alive.

No. 11416

>Shit like this is like the beginning of a horror movie. I'm shocked the girl made it out of their gross relationship alive.

Go outside. Are you "I have milk on Vaigh but I'm not gonna share!" anon from before? At least you learned how to sage your shit.

No. 11417

You realize you're posting in a thread about a teenager who badly draws cat people, right?


No. 11418

doesnt change the fact that she was a legal adult pretending to be a young girl to bait pedo male attention. she pretty much knew what she was doing. the pedobaiting isnt some act of martyr-ism here, she isnt some saintly poor smol ugu princess who needed protection, she was lying about her age and was likely 18+ the entire time she baited vaigh, she wanted people to think she was some cutesy little girl who was "oh so amazing at art for her young age' because it inflated her ego obviously, but she was not in any obvious fucking danger, again, she was old enough to know what she was doing, fuck she's still lying about her age

not going to stand up for the obvious neets who showed some messed up behavior, but if you really want them to get the attention they 'deserve' make a thread with all the milk and see how well it does, because this thread isnt about them, it's about rasbii and her stupidity, no milk and shit art

No. 11419

>obvious fucking danger
That was obvious fucking hyperbole. But I know you people aren't known for your detection of subtle social cues.

>no milk and shit art

This thread is kicked, bro. Let it die.

No. 11420

File: 1537735915288.jpg (78.3 KB, 528x1024, DnE5wk1VYAA1Irt[1].jpg)

this sav selfie hasn't been posted, she's wearing that slayer shirt again and her makeup is shooped

No. 11421

File: 1537792600466.png (200.52 KB, 522x565, notedgyatall.png)

kek she's really insecure isnt she?

she also can't keep herself from bitching and sounding like a super edgy teen, so mature this girl, she seems like she has a horribly personality irl

anon it's obvious she baited him, she wasnt in danger if she knew exactly what she was doing and most likely was never going to meet the guy in person, it'd be different if she was actually 16 and had no clue predators like him creep on naive girls like she pretended to be

No. 11422

I like how she jumps on the bandwagon and draws whatever meme is popular to try and stay popular and relevant to what's going on. Instead of creating her own original art she just kinda let me draw that browser/peach thing a few times! That'll keep me popular and on trend!

No. 11423

I wouldn’t even mind the trend hopping if she didn’t have such a bitchy spit attitude all the time, she acts like a spoiled ducking child who’s better then everyone else who has a word against her and it’s gross
Makes her ugly inside and out having such an ugly personality, no matter how pretty she tries to edit herself

No. 11424

Bitchy shit attitude ** phone typo

No. 11425

That's basically what she is, some spoiled child who wants her way and to keep all the attention she gets from her shitty art work and every time she posts a poorly edited photo. "Omg look at all these people who like me!!!! Fuck those who say bad things about me, you guys still love me right??? Heres a selfie so you can love me more!!!"

No. 11426

File: 1538168962480.png (546.43 KB, 907x532, HTzVf7R.png)

Oh god, she might've trapped another one. Just wait till she comes out as 18 years old next year. At least this one has seemed to try and stay out of the limelight.

No. 11427

File: 1538172644842.jpg (617.89 KB, 1920x2560, 18-09-28-17-10-31-687_deco.jpg)

Sure, Sav

No. 11428

File: 1538173551449.png (186.3 KB, 1440x862, Screenshot_2018-09-28-17-24-57…)

Savannah is a hoot on her NSFW account. She claims she's never masturbated and a virgin. Uwu

No. 11429

File: 1538174012671.jpg (50.32 KB, 360x640, fe133e10-33e0-4a77-8ae3-7114a0…)

No. 11430

it's the Hispanic wigonhead, Junio

No. 11431

Junio Nicolasa Conejo

No. 11432

File: 1538572279882.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3264x3264, 839A4527-39B4-4574-9B8C-68B4DE…)

Our kawaii desu NE smol pear shaped fair skinned cat girl must be protected at all costs

No. 11433

File: 1538943280048.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.52 KB, 624x273, evidence.jpg)

No. 11434

File: 1538943310563.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.07 KB, 891x324, evidence2.jpg)

No. 11435

File: 1538943336569.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.89 KB, 756x444, tempsnip.jpg)

No. 11436

Man, this Rasbii girl is cringe incarnate.

No. 11437

why are all art girls so aggressive and bitchy reminds me of internetslutclub….

No. 11438

File: 1538962594293.jpg (198.4 KB, 720x1280, Snapchat-1856649145.jpg)

No. 11439

File: 1538962646739.jpg (207.77 KB, 660x1280, Snapchat-1386824720.jpg)

she's obv in her 20's she even has to wear a wig to look all teenage like

No. 11440

She dont even know how to do her eyeliner
It's always too thick or a thot filter

No. 11441

She's literally on twitter right now crying lol, well you shouldn't be lurking and bullying other artist thot.

No. 11442

What is she bitching about? Her accounts locked and I don't follow

No. 11443

File: 1538972186445.png (354.26 KB, 1440x1130, Screenshot_2018-10-07-23-16-06…)

No. 11444

File: 1538972729143.png (2.24 MB, 1687x967, kheithanako.PNG)

to be honest, i like kheithanako's art more than Rasbii because the poses and details are more unique. Rasbii rarely ever draws men. There's also no sameface.
kHeitHanaKo:4 Rasbii:0

No. 11445

File: 1538972819853.jpg (62.79 KB, 750x780, 137_by_kheithanako-dcn6z10.jpg)

Can we literally take a second to(no one cares)

No. 11446

appreciate how much better her art is than rasbii's

No. 11447

how did you get these i cant find them anywhere

No. 11448

Its like someone who actually knows how to draw copied her art style and made it ten times better

No. 11449

File: 1538973441793.jpg (120.65 KB, 660x1026, tumblr_pfsue13KNG1sjnzjj_1280.…)

she loves that filter

No. 11450

Can you take a second to sage OT stuff?
But regarding that pic, that stood out to me the most skimming that gallery as looking like rasbii's. I don't care about people's styles being similar, but it does look heavily "inspired".

Also some other pics look like some style was taken from that other cow artist Tearzah (like the pic to the right of the one reposted here).

Why is it such a bad thing for people to say "Yeah, your style influenced me" or whatever?

The style discrepancy really shows between her human drawings and the furries (not just the cat ears). Looks almost like someone else drew them entirely. Idk there is no reason for people to wk some random DA artist who has bad taste in who she imitates.

No. 11451

is this a self post? It's not better at all, on par if anything. it's a shitty mix of rasbii and tearzah's styles.

No. 11452

Ras needs to just stop embarrassing herself by lurking on deviantart finding young artist with "her style" even Blushy-pixy has a similar style…..I mean isnt she like 20+ now?

No. 11453

Honestly she sent me her nudes one time and honestly I was devastated,let me tell you guys that she has no ass or body what’s so ever.

No. 11454

I honestly am convinced anon. Because you honestly said that with so much honest confidence. Get the fuck out of here faggot. If you were that close to the cow you would have at least more shit to talk about than you receiving nudes.
This is the real question here, we might have a man inside the cows lair.

No. 11455

Think she’s really doing that? That seems a bit much don’t you think? I think it’s probably just some of her dumbass fans who send her the artist pages

No. 11456

The audacity of this girl… Rasbii you have the most generic, same-facey and boring art style, I wouldn't be able to tell your shit apart from half the animu artists on da. Check your overblown ego and take a good hard look at your shit art. The only reason you get any attention is bc you pander to penis.

No. 11457

pics or it diddn't happen

No. 11458

That would be childporn. And Anon admitteed to it. IF what Rasbii has said is true that is. And to be fair, it isn't the first I've heard of her supposed nudes, and it kinda makes me uncomfortable thinking that an underaged girl is that starved for attention that she has to send nudes to people.

Also I came to this thread today to find out why she locked her twitter, guess I found out.

No. 11459

She's not a child ffs, quit buying her words. I don't care about her nudes tbh but she's not 18.

No. 11460

As I said, "IF what Rasbii has said is true". I don't know nor do I care about it. To me it's her words that count. She presented herself as a minor, and whoever willingly took the nudes is a pedo. That's how it is.

No. 11461

If what she said is true
Yeah but does she even know how to tell the truth? Or is lying her first language

No. 11462

If she sent me those selfies on Snapchat to me then obv she couldn’t sent me more, but you guys are so caught up that she wouldn’t ever do that. And I do have the nudes I just won’t post them.

No. 11463

still seems like you are full of shit. You have no evidence you a close to the cow at all. You acted pathetically dishonest, having to reassure that you are being honest to everyone before anyone called you out. Either show some chat logs or go fuck off if you aren't going to add anything useful the the thread Cunt.

No. 11464

Clearly you are either just pissed that I won’t leak her nudes or youhate her so much, it’s clearly on Snapchat and I don’t save my message, but you do you, plus if I wasn’t close to her why would I have her snaochat? Don’t you think she would’ve given her snapchat to anyone, I don’t think so. I was a friend and I won’t say close but we talked a lot on Snapchat, I guess those selfies I leaked weren’t enough for you, well what can I say.

No. 11465

No, I am pissed because you are wasting our fucking time bitch. You're telling us you know her but wont prove it. Obviously you got her snapchat somehow. meaning you had messages before then. Just like you said she wouldn't just give it to anyone. But even then we dont even know if you just got those images from a friend and are trying to play us. Either cut the bullshit and give us some milk or fuck off. Because you have given us little evidence to believe your stupid ass. And hell other friends and I pass images along through discord. And those say its clearly on snapchat. So far you have no credibility and sound totally full of shit.

No. 11466

File: 1539031396291.png (30.08 KB, 589x241, tvmV4zP.png)

Y'all some meanies, leaking stuff from her discord without sharing the milk.

No. 11467

I think she means those selfies from earlier. I bet those selfies are from her discord. Which is why I am trying to hammer at that one Anon. Because he is a little bitch not spilling more milk. Especially since those arent screenshots. they are straight up snapchat files. meaning she uploaded them somewhere else herself and he is claiming he saved them from snapchat. Which just seems like bullshit. So why should I believe him when he tries to brag about getting her nudes?

No. 11468

Just a small reminder to sage if there's no new milk. And yeah, kinda doubting Anon has nudes, and I personally don't care, silly shit to be lying about.

No. 11469

exactly anon isn't giving us any milk other than "UWUWUW I HAVE HER NUDES XD" like none of us care about that shit give us something juicy lmfao

also damn I wonder who leaked her shit hmmm

No. 11470

File: 1539036727099.png (26.58 KB, 591x175, Lmao.PNG)

As if she wasn't just crying about it.

No. 11471

No one cares about her depressing life, orz is it just me? Dude that’s all she posts about, seek help because it’s what you need emo.

No. 11472

Nothing online is truly private neither is snapchat she should be old enough to know that…

Just don't post stuff you dont want others to see.

No. 11473

Let's be real here, she's really not that interesting of a person to discuss.

The most you can pick on is her relationship with Vaigh, and even then there's not much to go on cause she's not gonna talk and Vaigh's basically gone.

Really she's just a moody female artist through and through. Whether she's trying to grab for attention or not is really your interpretation of what she tweets.

Like really, what's there to dig on her? So far most of this thread consists of is picking on her tweets, nitpicking her art, nitpicking her depiction of herself, and then weird speculation.

It'd be just as worthwhile to basically sleuth someone like RileyAV. I mean, there's some more tangible dirt to find, but like with Savvanah, you're not gonna find anything cause any likely party will just keep their mouths shut.

No. 11474


No. 11475

She does not care about herself OR her friends. That is a fact. I used to be a friend of hers but I am glad I am not now. She always complains about shit but when we give advice or helpful tips, she ignores it and does not care that her friends are concerned about her. She talks about taking time to take care of herself on Twitter but cannot take the time to make sure she eats because she "forgets" a lot, she goes to bed so late at night but complains about being sleepy and does not even remotely try to fix it so she sleeps all day, she pushes commissions aside for months upon months until she "remembers" she has commissions to do and her friends basically have to yell at her to get it done, and a whole bunch of other shit. She seems like a whole narcissist. She also used to flirt with everyone since the majority of her friends are men, but she probably still does it now. A lot of guys used or maybe still have crushes on her because she likes to lead guys on all the time. She just seems like she is begging for attention all the time.

No. 11476

Does this bitch really think her art is worth $130, seriously? Lol

No. 11477

Not the leak anon but there are apps which allow you to save people's snapchats and stories without snapchat notifying the person.


No. 11478

She sounds dramatic, but why are you guys losing your minds that she might've drawn NSFW before she was 18? Age of consent is 15/16/17 almost everywhere in the world, 16 in most of the US, she's not a little kid. Being puritan like this is really weird

No. 11479

>age of consent to fuck
>right to look at 18+ porn
Two different things. You have to be 18+ to look at porn、 posting NSFW/porn is on the same level. Kids drawing porn is fucking weird and people enjoying porn art draw by a kid is weirder、 how hard is that to understand???

No. 11480

even weirder if she drew nsfw stuff for Vaigh and that dude was in his 30s when she was under age

No. 11481

When I was in high school all my artist friends drew NSFW stuff all the time. It's really strange to think that someone who is 16/17 (who can legally, with no issue, have sex with someone in his 30s or 40s) drawing porn is somehow absurd when they're able to have actual sex as much as they like.

If she was taking nudes and sending them to people, that's messed up for good reason, but it's art depicting what she can legally do and what everyone around that age does anyway, so…?

No. 11482

i think the only weird part about her is faking her age. there's some evidence she could be lying about being 18 currently.

No. 11483

Agreed, lots of teens draw porn. It's generally not very good porn because teens really only know what they learn from sex ed, looking at porn, and sex with each other, but it's still porn.

The fact you want to pretend that teens don't illegally look up porn all the damn time in this modern day in age of easily accessible porn is laughable. I know when I was 15 you bet your ass I was wrongfully clicking "yes, I'm over 18" on porn websites. I'm 23 now and I don't blame my parents for my direct disobedience of their rules, I respect them for giving me privacy online instead of helicoptering over me even though I knowingly misused that trust. As long as you don't upload inappropriate photos of yourself as a minor there's little to nothing one could press charges against for just looking at porn. No parent would send their kid to juvie over solely looking at porn.

Then there's the flat out retarded logic of thinking that you can tell someone's age by their porn art and know whether they were over 18 or not. It's impossible. Even adult porn artists can draw like shit. The only way you know the age of an artist is by either looking then up or asking them directly, and rasbii was lying about her age to appear older.

/snow/ once again bleeds dumblr. It's one thing if a minor gets groomed into making porn by an adult, especially if they're not old enough to have legal sex themselves, but a horny older teen getting into porn early? Not a moral panic. I also don't see any evidence of her trying to manipulate other minors into looking into porn early either, so shit like this >>11192 isn't hypocritical. You would actually have to be a pedophile/ephebophile/etc. if you wanted to encourage kids to get into sexual shit early, because the majority of people who do look into porn early on their own end up regretting it. I know I did.

The worst thing about her is her underage drinking, which may also be another lie to try to be "in with the cool kids", and the scary potential that there's still her underage nudes floating around out there. Beyond that this thread reeks of personal vendettas and tunglr witch hunting because this cow sucks.

No. 11484

>learn to sage

But yes of course people do illegal shit but if you do illegal shit you should also be prepared to be called out on it. yes you and your friends might have partaken in porn (hell I knew a lot of people who did the same) but to post it online is a huge difference. It's a lesser version of under 18 year olds having sex compared to them posting nudes.

You're obviously new since you think this is a vendetta thread. She's more self-important, whiny and scammy than most of the snowflakes on here. There are straight up threads where the only drama is how much they shoop so her consistent lying and bullshitting and general lazy bullshit entitled behavior is REAL easy to point ant laugh at.

No. 11485

File: 1544046778164.jpeg (96.75 KB, 631x733, 034F052F-80BD-4925-A70F-139322…)

… what is up with the vag? It looks like she has a front and a back one, that’s not how the underwear should be laying. I can’t believe people pay 140 dollars for this crap

No. 11486

Sadly enough that's how a lot of NSFW artists draw their vag :/ Especially on dA

No. 11487

what up in her legs? people really does pay her for this shit? wow

No. 11488

remember anon, she says all of her drawings are based off of her REAL body

No. 11489

File: 1544060955657.png (2.39 MB, 2630x1080, ghtr.png)


No. 11490

The shooping holy fuck

No. 11491

She has such a rectangular body, oof. It's fucking sad. Yet all her drawings are thin waisted and curvy lmao she must hate her shape bad

No. 11492

File: 1547112431083.jpg (436.64 KB, 1500x2390, IMG_20190110_023002.jpg)

Not sure why this thread was bumped, but it made me check her most recent tweets. I appreciate the fact she's doing different poses, but dear God what is with that leg?

No. 11493

She can’t draw shit from the waist down because like every artist that means taking the time to stop, practice REAL anatomy and then apply it

And that takes effort and your not allowed to draw animu when practicing real basics (if you want to actually learn that is)

It’s literally the biggest problem with all these popular artist thots

No. 11494

But remember you aren't ~allowed~ to criticize her art according to her cause she's so uwu fragile and self taught

No. 11495

File: 1547134527793.jpg (87.32 KB, 1024x528, DwLrAzeVAAA4-FR.jpg)

Well apparantly this is a photo of her, idk she's pretty qt not gonna lie.

No. 11496

Looks like another weeb with a lot of makeup and filters on

No. 11497

That eyeliner holy shit.
Also I still can't fathom the fact she's 18, a lot of her internet friends are in their mid 20s to early 30s. It has to be a lie.

No. 11498

She’s not 18, she’s in her 20s and looks the part
Maybe if she didn’t use 100 Meitu filters, face shaping tools, 80lbs of eyeliner and blur then we’d be able to see what she really looks like, because the candids prove she’s average looking at best >>11359
She’s not super hot or cute by any means and she needs to accept it

No. 11499

Samefag just realized you replied to a 7 month old post, selfies have been posted many times since then and you never saged

Maybe lurk more next time before you post hey?

No. 11500

File: 1547140852496.jpeg (104.83 KB, 512x1217, 70F9F9DC-71C3-4298-B7D0-D61F6A…)


>she’s pretty qt not gonna lie.

No. 11501

I thought I was looking at june for a second

No. 11502

she's cute.

No. 11503

why does she have the face of a woman in her mid to late 30s but her body looks her age?

No. 11504

She's a petite Mexican girl. I know a woman who's in her mid 40s with kids, but looks no older than 30.

No. 11505

File: 1547148105461.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1600x1198, 97CC7CA0-3156-4284-88BB-94B39A…)

Isn’t she like 5’5/5’6? And she’s not ‘petite’ she’s average in like every way, and being petite doesn’t make you look young that’s all genetics, I know 30 year old 5’2 girls in their early 20’s that look 30.

I mean everyone has their own opinion on what cute is but she’s not that cute imo, and the fact that she edits herself to white and smol bby makes her look even more dumpy and average

No. 11506

Shit I mean I know 20 years olds** stupid phone

No. 11507

She does have a pretty short torso to legs ratio, that might make her look smaller

No. 11508

I mean I’m the same, broad shoulders and long legs but I’m a literal stump when it comes to my torso, so when I take pics I look like 5’3 but I’m 5’5. Mind you both of those aren’t petite short, it’s average height for most women so if that makes her “smol and petite” then so are all women with her body size and type

No. 11509

idc about her body type or whatever but that middle outfit is so fucking unflattering. i dont think it'd look good on anyone.

No. 11510

she's pearshapped, and it's easy to tell from the first pic
Broad hips and shoulders/chest, dips in for the abdomen making it short and stubby (not hourglass shaped, just short and stubby) And since she's small-chested, broad shouldered and flat-assed it makes her look like a skinnyfat dude, not petite.

So yeah wearing "mid-drift" revealing/sitting clothes looks horrible on people with pearshapes, it makes you look so stubby and fat. You want low-rise and long shirt items to give an illusion of an hour-shape or longer torso. Mind you she can dress herself as well as she does makeup or draw so I don't know what I expected from her

No. 11511

Apparently shes nonbinary now, guess she wanted something else to get her attention and distract from her shitty understanding of anatomy

No. 11512

File: 1547247902705.jpeg (165.32 KB, 1242x362, 3CFA4E32-2345-442D-B355-AC7917…)

Post it don’t tell it’s an image board

I’m going to be a sec but I’m going to dump some of her new twitter bullshit because it’s funny

She’s still lying about her age

No. 11513

File: 1547249675935.jpeg (687.73 KB, 1500x1498, DA3DC0C3-A4E8-48C1-B51E-E50505…)

She’s totes telling the truth this time tho!

No. 11514

File: 1547249746485.jpeg (897.09 KB, 1200x1598, 4019C16B-E8FF-4687-922F-95C172…)

Yes because she was totally 15 when she drew that, I believe her

No. 11515

File: 1547249812315.jpeg (139.67 KB, 1242x316, F05C58A0-E1D2-4B56-B9D1-5BB534…)

At least she’s lurking
Hi Rasbii, stop lying and just be honest about who and what you are already, it’ll save you torment down the road I promise

No. 11516

>every tweet regarding school was to help cover my lie
KEK she stopped talking about "school" when she was 18, which was 3 or 4 years ago. she started making posts about college shortly after that. the only time she started saying she was 18 was for the past 2-ish years. she can't even keep her lie straight.

No. 11517

Seriously, that’s the downfall of a serial compulsive liar is they can never get their story straight and have to go back and retcon it a million times “oh no I was wrong then, THIS is the real truth, TRUST ME”

Girl you’ve been caught in so many lies now it’s sad really, just give it up and be honest.
I guess your only just applying for collage NOW this year, why tweet about it if it wasn’t true? To protect yourself online? Really? You don’t have to tell anyone your age online you idiot it just made you feel “special” being a super young and super talented artist uwu~

No. 11518

File: 1547255436330.jpg (166.02 KB, 1080x563, Screenshot_20190111-200859_Chr…)

"I'm a smol innocent bean who must be protected, also I'm not like other girls, I read so much hentai."

No. 11519

I really don't understand your beauty standards, anons, she looks fine. Nothing special, but a cute woman. It's kind of sad she resents her age and skin tone.
Her biggest problem is her art, which is so mediocre, and an influence to many copycats; art like hers is EVERYWHERE in "nsfw" twitter circles

No. 11520

People are allowed to believe she isn’t cute, anon. Without filters she is completely average looking individual with heavy makeup, that isn’t a bad thing.


She isn’t pear shaped. Pear shaped women have hips that are wider than their shoulders. Her body type is that of an apple, hence the wider waist and slim legs.

No. 11521

I agree. Opinions are normal to have. I think she’s average looks-wise, and she definitely does not have a pear shaped body, more apple shaped.
I feel like I might be the only one who kinda likes her art though…? I mean, I know it’s an art style you can find absolutely anywhere, specifically the eyes, but I just really like the way it looks.

No. 11522

Nope, I am the same. Her art is quite pleasing to the eye.
I am critical of how she is as a person rather than her art.

No. 11523

The only thing art wise shes decent at doing is from the neck up and coloring

No. 11524

her art is "better" then most of the art-weebs we talk about, but she lies about how talented she actually is because she constantly lies about her age trying to make it look like she's 'super talented' for being 'so young' and she's not, she's alright. Average, again.

anon she's average, and that's what we're trying to get at. she tries to lie about what she looks like and only ever uploads filtered and edited pictures. she's not light skinned, she's not super short and petite, she's not drop dead gorgeous or super cute. Average.
And may I ask whats wrong with average?

For real everything about her is a lie. She lies about her age, her looks, her talent, probably lies about her personality and her gendershit too. If she didn't lie about literally everything I think anons would leave her be because outside of the constant lying she's boring.

No. 11525

File: 1547317679357.png (14.74 KB, 568x149, thisshitrighthere.png)

but this shit right here is what I'm talking about.

"why does my age have anything to do with how well I can draw??!!"

It has a lot to do with it and it gives you away for being older than you really are. 13 year olds dont understand anatomy and lighting/shades like someone whos 20-25, your BRAIN is what is trying to process and learn this stuff and if your brain is still developing it doesn't catch onto building blocks and stick like it does with an adult, even then adults still need to practice. The gigantic difference is if you can actually apply what you learn and most kids and teens cannot, they dont know how to properly place it unless taught or guided by someone older and more experience, that's why art schools/teachers exists. And I highly doubt you are taking all that study and teaching of REAL ART BASICS and been applying it to your animu since 13. Really? You'd be a very rare first Sav.

A typical 13-16 year old artist makes Spechie/Holly-tier art, and I can forgive Holly on that because she's a lazy shit who doesn't want to do better. Spechie actually is 18/19 and her art shows that, she has a lot to learn.

No. 11526

File: 1547318509108.png (3.36 MB, 2728x1176, amazing13yearoldartist.png)

"oh yes, i've been mastering my skills at 13! look at how amazing my art is!"

Girl you draw like every older 20-something with this amount of talent. Stop lying. You were 16 making that first set? Funny it looks like stuff you made at 18, which sounds plausible. Even better because this >>11350 was apparently 4 years ago?? But then this was also really from 4 years ago? And you can draw like that at 10? with no coaching or practice before hand? >>11348
WOW you got SOOOO good so fast how did you do that? Totes not lying about your actual skill and these where really made when you where actually 18. Nah man.
You're just THAT amazing you stopped improving at 16 and just decided to stick to making animu eyes and faces all the time.

No. 11527

There are extremely skilled and knowledgeable 18 year old and even 14/13 year old artists 10000x better than her, but nobody gives them shit about their age. Sav, we don't think you're lying about your age because you're ~so talented~ it's because we have proof. Your art is generic trash

No. 11528

There was a girl being posted in one of her comments in this tweet >>11525
And she’s aparently a young teen. Her art is very good for a girl that age you can tell shes young. She has a grasp of one thing and it’s coloring. Her anatomy is horrible, the bodies all look like stiff statues and her shading/lighting is all over the place, but she’s obviously studying and learning better than most.

No one doubts that a young teen can draw very well or amazing, but you can still tell they have a lot to learn regardless of skill/talent. Maybe if she told the truth instead of trying to make this her gimmick because she has nothing else interesting about her to use. Her saying she’s “oh so young and talented” is the only way she can stand out against the waves of 20 somethings that all draw exactly like her, and she knows it.

No. 11529

File: 1547328558538.jpg (99.57 KB, 856x934, oyasumi_by_roseapple_candy_dct…)

Yes I saw the tweet too!
The artist is definitely very good, but her young age does show, which is not a bad thing.
This is what Savannah is trying to emulate and it's insulting to actual teens.

No. 11530

File: 1547331736149.jpg (247.36 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20190112-172050_Chr…)

No. 11531

File: 1547331845671.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1600x1198, 4E04BD8B-7EAD-434F-AC9F-9AB38D…)

That’s the girl! These ones show even better what we’re talking about. Yes she has amazing talent, but it shows she’s young from her understanding of anatomy and shading. But if she keeps going the way she’s going she will be quite the popular artist when she is an adult

But this is why it’s so insulting Savannah, this is a real teenager with real talent and skill and your going to stand there and say you are better than this? I’m sorry but no, you just need to admit you are average every which way regardless of your age

No. 11532

How about you stop vague posting about us and just come and prove it to us how old you are

Oh right we have all the proof here in the thread that your lying, and you can’t disprove any of it
Best keep lying to your fans who don’t know any better!

No. 11533

File: 1547332417462.png (47.58 KB, 567x340, rass.PNG)

no one said anything about pics retard ooh my god

No. 11534

I think I actually believe her. The only proof we have are old tweets and if you can’t trust her tweets now why should you trust the old ones? She obviously does lie a lot but wouldn’t you? If you were a young teenage girl posting things like she did wouldn’t you want to keep your personal life a secret from whoever might try to creep on you? She seems pretty paranoid about that sort of stuff to me.

Also I think she actually looks kind of young. Just a lot of make up and filters

No. 11535

File: 1547332490124.png (49.36 KB, 597x365, rasss.PNG)

>i was so tired of living a lie
a lie you created only 2 years ago lmfao

No. 11536

Why believe her now? And we do have proof she’s been lying about her age, the art is a big one because she lies about when she drew it all. She posts about collage, yet she lied and said she was younger than she was not older, she’s twisting shit around now, and why to protect herself? You just don’t post online how old you are why would poatingnor not posting your age protect you from anything other than pedos that she was also caught flirting with and baiting

She’s a compulsive liar being caught in her web and she’s trying to convince herself she’s not.

No. 11537

what's this ID she's talking about? is there a screenshot of it somewhere? it seems she deleted it if she posted it in the past

No. 11538

I think she only mentioned pics because they would be hard proof rather than just text, which is all we have

No. 11539

Yeah but how is that proof? That one artist who’s much younger than her is much better so how is the fact that she’s decently good proof? Yes I agree she’s a compulsive liar but all we can say is that we don’t know for sure if this is the truth or not. But I don’t really see any reason for her to be lying right now. When I said she wanted to protect herself I meant irl, if people know your name, age, location, etc. they could easily find you if you’re not careful. I imagine her posting about college is just like trying to lie when you’re a bad liar. You can just not say anything about it but instead you try really hard to convince everyone.

No. 11540

So she’s just lying about graduating in 2015, something that actually sounds plausible given her appearance and art “skill” she was perfectly fine with letting a near 30 year old man draw her nsfw/sexual art when she was “admittedly 16” yet she lied about her age to “protect herself” ? None of her stories match up and if you actually take the time to read through this thread you catch her lies in almost everything

She lied to seem younger than she was and when she first got caught she bumped it up, now she’s getting caught again and can’t bump up because it’ll prove us all right she’s older then she lets on

She’s all over the place with her age and height I won’t believe a damn thing this liar has to say without full unedited proof and that’s just that

Show up your ID/BC Sav, it’ll shut us up real fast about your age won’t it?

No. 11541

I saw it earlier but didn’t think to save it. Date of birth was in the 2000’s but just about everything else was blocked out even her face in the pic. But the hair style looked pretty much the same as her

No. 11542

File: 1547334900742.png (12.37 KB, 570x77, tenn.PNG)

but savannah, you have shown art from when you were "10". right here! >>11347
so is that a lie too? she's admitting she didn't actually draw this at 10?

also, if you look at her older art on deviantart from 5 years ago, she draws her arms really chunky and tries not to draw hands. no doubt this would be how she would draw at 10, but this drawing she's showing is inconsistent with her older stuff.

No. 11543

she deleted this tweet KEK

No. 11544

Oh okay hypocrite! Stop lying your age because you want to jailbait older guys and you want to be young uwu. Your art hasn’t even improved in fact it’s just gotten worse all I see in improvement is just dramatic eyelashes lol. I’ve seen better copycats that copy her art and honesty they’re better LMAO.

No. 11545

Oh okay hypocrite! Stop lying your age because you want to jailbait older guys and you want to be young uwu. Your art hasn’t even improved in fact it’s just gotten worse all I see in improvement is just dramatic eyelashes lol. I’ve seen better copycats that copy her art and honesty they’re better LMAO. https://imgur.com/a/4m4s8Ba

No. 11546

Why are you wking so hard for her? And those drawings aren’t proof they were context, THATS what a talented young artists work looks like, not what Sav tries to pass off and it works against her not for her.
That’s fucking funny Sav, maybe read the thread before you try and lie to cover your ass, AGAIN

No. 11547

You simply don’t connect your real name with your online persona and don’t tell irl people you make art that’s posted online, and if they do find it oh well, someone was obviously determined enough to find it regardless of what you tell them.

Simple shit, most digital artists do this. If she wanted to protect herself irl she just needed to not tell people she posts online “sorry no I only draw for myself/post on Facebook”

Wow, a simple white lie that doesn’t get dragged on forever because you have to lie about everything you’ve ever done or said ever, like what she’s doing now.
She’s a liar and nothing should be believed unless she can prove otherwise

And until she does she’s in her 20’s and is lying about everything to make herself more special then she really is.

No. 11548

File: 1547337881469.png (260.48 KB, 1412x961, Screenshot_2019-01-12-18-02-59…)

Savannah is a retard, we don't want to be public because we're nobodies and that's cowtipping, on top of the fact she has a large following. She's making this a public thing.
Also it's easy to post a school ID, that doesn't give anything away.

No. 11549

She’s not pear shaped, her hips aren’t very wide lol but she definitely has some broad shoulders

No. 11550

File: 1547430412015.jpeg (355.49 KB, 750x858, 7DE4EB98-F60A-455B-9E40-4537B4…)

No. 11551

lurk more anon, it's been addressed already >>11512 >>762214

No. 11552

I think she can still post her real ID or passport, just block out all the important information. And it would be good if she posted her school ID it would say the last year she was there. Or even her last yearbook photo… That'd be enough proof unless she shoops it but anons hopefully can spot it. And it's really unnecessary to block out her face too, unless she looked horrible in the pic and not like her filtered selfie???

I'm just saying this cause I've seen a lot of famous IG and people online post their IDs before but just blocked out.

No. 11553

I find it funny, it’s like she’s scared to actually post an ID or school ID when it would shut up every anon in here about how old she actually is. And it’s not hard it’s a simple post and “here, stfu I’m right” and she seems like the kind of annoying cunt that would love to rub how right she is in other peoples faces, why not do it to all your ‘online bullies’ Sav, or would you rather keep vague tweeting us and pretending you don’t lurk this thread everyday?

No. 11554

File: 1547623809485.png (10.97 KB, 583x71, howconvenient.PNG)

also she deleted the past tweets about this thread from a few days ago

No. 11555

"Heavy trauma" smells more like attention seeking

No. 11556

File: 1547863056844.png (180.78 KB, 465x806, okcool.png)

when ur mad about a meme for 3 hours

No. 11557

>>11556 Imagine being this upset about a meme and not about actual shit that matters. She is upset that it represents her because she would be boring if it wasn't for the owo, "tfw when you read so much hentai.." tweet, etc. Rasbii, I know you will read this eventually but this does not make you interesting, in fact, it just shows how much of a plain jane you really are and how hard you try to fit in that you feel blatantly called out in a meme that wasn't even meant to be taken seriously. Maybe find an actual personality instead of being a girl that you can find anywhere on the internet that tries so hard to get people to like them.

No. 11558

Like for real
She even tried passing it off to one person in her tweets that it did t upset her, she just could understand why people found it funny, then changed that to why people couldn’t understand why she didn’t find it funny

Sav, retard. It’s pretty obvious after tweet #3 that it actually bothers you because it hits a little to close to home I’m guessing. No “gurl gamer” actually stops playing because of stupid memes on the internet

No. 11559

File: 1547885183435.jpg (263.48 KB, 688x1023, Screenshot_20190119-030510_Chr…)

I think there was more to her generic personality attacked on that meme that made her so mad

No. 11560

File: 1547888388432.png (12.38 KB, 575x82, 5784926784936.png)

what's keeping ya up at night?
over-thinking all the lies or thinking up new ones?

No. 11561

File: 1547888537822.jpg (252.62 KB, 1600x2048, DxO54dXU0AAC09h.jpg)

sorry, samefag but i just saw this, why can she not draw lower-bodies at all?

for someone with such a big following and 'amazing talent' she's reaaaaalllyyy bad with bodies and anatomy

No. 11562

File: 1547890353096.jpeg (294.33 KB, 1242x643, 9AC8D209-368B-4D79-A912-F1F919…)

So sad uwu I’m depressed and hate myself uwu plz tell me how much you love me because I need asspats after not finding a joke funny uwu at least animal crossing will come out and cure my depression uwu I’m not a gamer girl meme shut up that’s not funny I’m so offended

No. 11563


guess who deleted all her tweets, again?

whatever we have all her dumb shit saved here maybe she'll try to be less retarded from now on?

No. 11564

the face is wonky as hell lmao

No. 11565

File: 1547898449089.png (171.64 KB, 943x917, tellmeimpwetty.png)

man we should check her tumblr more because literally all her asks are all about how 'amazingly beautiful' she is and it's fucking cringeeee

No. 11566

File: 1547899111000.png (Spoiler Image,600 KB, 1580x1216, tumblr_pjm6supVOF1wxdnelo1_540…)

her porn is also genaric as all hell
she's beyond plain and boring at this point but i'm start to uh…???
how can she draw relativly competint bodies in this yet…


and pretty much every other body I've seen her draw
does she trace or? just horribly reference half the time then kinda get it for the rest? whats going on here?

No. 11567

Man those people of tumblr need to see that photo of her from con where her face isnt over saturated with filters

No. 11568

She’s definitely in her early 20s. She’s been drawing herself with a tattoo (the same one she has IRL) when she claims to be “underage”. Also, how the fuck is she explaining doing commissions at “13-17”? You need a bank account and PayPal for that. So you need to be 18+. No parent would let their child have strangers dump money in their bank account, set up a paypal, and give it to her with no explanation, especially not for art porn gore. She’s lying. Plain and simple. She’s around 21-22. It’s extremely extremely unusual for an underage minor to lie about being older, while flaunting being uwu smol, bby girl, sweet16, im underage!!!1. Those are total contradictions. As well as, those tweets about high school and college, most have no likes or retweets and she even posted stuff about HS and college and wanting to transfer from her college to an art college soon, on her “private” accounts. What would be the purpose of typing a one sentence vent that nobody even sees to “protect yourself online”? She says it’s because of a “past trauma from the internet” but then calls her having a small thread here “extremely traumatic” lmao. She’s ~so shy~ but now has no problem posting her own pics bc she feels “confident” after “outing” herself (gurl plz). But apparently had no problem sending catfish photos of other girls to dudes, sending nudes and photos to dudes for the past few years, and sharing her pics on her private discord for a few years, before she overcame her “shyness”. As well as it just sounding exactly like a liar who got caught, “I was trying to protect myself on the interwebs so I constantly lied about my age to the point where I even forgot my own age!!!!” and all the flip flopping. She didn’t “out herself” she didn’t “come clean” bc she was too tired to keep up her lie. She got outed and called out, then just changed her lie in response, again. Not to mention her art from “10 yrs old” is drawn on the same program as her newer art, and if you look at her actual art from a few years ago, it’s being drawn on a less-advanced tablet.

And let’s be honest, what fucking 18 year old looks like that. Her facial features (and poor shoop jobs, which she does to her body too) resemble that of a 20-something. She puts concealer under her eyes, does the Instagram brow, etc but does no contouring or highlighting (which age you). She also uses her fake wig to hide her jawline/chin/face width to appear younger and to resemble her art more. She looks like a 21 yr old who didn’t really move on after high school and tries desperately to relive it, like when people say “oh I wish I could go back to high school with the information I knew now as an adult”, so she’s playing on what she knows as an adult of being ~uwu smol kawaii princess~ to larp as an underage girl who gets attention, which she probably didn’t get much of in high school. I’ve seen other cows do this and they all ended up not being the age they depicted. Like a do-over of her teen years. She’s complained that all her college friends don’t contact her and have moved on, and she’s just stuck, so she lives out her fantasy online.

Plus the way she’s dressing as what kids in high school dressed like in the mid 2000s. If she’s 21, and started posting in 2013, she would’ve been 15 in 2013. But if she posted about HS finals 2-3 yrs ago, at the most she would’ve been 18. But if it was 2 yrs ago, she would’ve been 19. So I’d guess that she’s even more than 21, at least 22 years old, depending on her birthdate.

But the thing that trips me up the most is claiming to be 14, 15, 16 with access to her own bank account and paypal. The tattoo. As well as her posting about having multiple “ex’s” while pretending to be 13.


Anyone who really believes she’s under 20 is retarded.

/end long post

No. 11569

File: 1547924067493.png (15.95 KB, 510x98, SMOL.PNG)

don't forget she also underage drinks

No. 11570

File: 1547925124570.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, 18CD3ED3-1689-4829-B703-9463CE…)

>drinks underage
>got a tattoo while underage
>bank account while underage
>goes to cons by herself underage
>books hotels by herself underage

>claims to have never masterbated
>claims she’s a virgin

>has many ex boyfriends
>makes porn
>takes nudes
>reads “so much hentai”

No. 11571

File: 1547927675415.jpeg (330.67 KB, 1242x623, 08DCA7AB-3066-4F45-BF6B-6DBA7A…)

But guiezzz
She’s totally waiting for us to reach out and she’ll prove EVERYTHING but only in DMs not public
What’s that? Simply posting the high school ID that should totally prove I only graduated/graduating this year and prove all the haters wrong? But then I can’t vauge tweet and have my followers asspat me and tell me how right I am.

Hey Sav, retard you know why we don’t DM you it’s called cow tipping it’s against our site TOS, we’ve told you to post this “proof” you have here and show us all we are wrong and we will shut up about you being a pedo-baiting 20-something year old, also what would stop us from posting all the DMs here anyway? You just want us to out ourselves lol you think we’re THAT dumb?

No. 11572

why doesn't she just post her ID again, she's done it before… apparently

No. 11573

File: 1547927910175.png (30.02 KB, 604x254, oh no.PNG)

LORD the guilt trip

No. 11574


Just gunna point out you don’t need to be 16-18 to open a bank account, just a parent to open it or consent. It’s not really that hard to believe, it’s just they’d have access to her account and transaction history
I know this because me and my lil bro had one since we were born /blogpost

No. 11575

on god every other day she flip flops between "lol haters make me famous stay pressed uwu" and "pp,ppleas,e stopp?p bulliyn,g,, me im sh,,hakking,, what ddid i do.."

No. 11576

i'm laughing because this all about her fucking AGE. she's really getting suicidal because people don't believe her delusion she's 18?

No. 11577

Man look at her pulling the fucking narc guilt trip hard, seriously Sav if us talking about an apparent “lie” that you can disprove so easily yet refuse too has caused you so much “trauma and suicidal thoughts” and has “lost you friends” then I think you need to back the fuck off the internet hey?
Your the one who put all this shit out here all we’re doing is talking about it and laughing at you for being a dumbass, if you wanna survive this world, especially being an artist, git guud and grow tougher skin, because Holly fucking BRown handles this better than you and she actually has a long history of poor mental health

No. 11578

File: 1547928722811.png (57.29 KB, 600x513, hi cow.PNG)

steamy, creamy milk

No. 11579

Stupid phone

But for real Sav we are not going to believe you u TIL you can actually prove us wrong and how are you going to do that without posting the ID?

Just… TELL us your not lying? Like…??? Fuck girl use your fucking brain for a minute

No. 11580

File: 1547929064887.jpeg (156.92 KB, 1242x311, 2D41F74A-807A-42FA-A17B-602915…)

Y’think? Maybe, juuuusssttt maybe stop lying about everything and your life won’t crash and burn every time someone doesn’t believe your stupid lies?

You are so over-dramatic about this it’s obvious you are still lying to cover your ass, like trying to act not bothered by a meme that bothered you enough to complain for 8+ tweets

No. 11581

i don't get what she thinks we're lying about if it's not her age? what have we said or brought to the table that wasn't backed by screenshots of things she, herself, has posted? i literally don't see anything that could be debunked.

No. 11582

Well there is the pedo bait stuff which I dont understand because if she were underage at the time, everyone thought she was over 18. Even after she “came out” about her age she only did that after she “turned 18” so where does the pedo bait come in if everyone thought she was over 18 the whole time?

No. 11583

but to be fair, being all flirty with guys over 30 is creepy as hell

No. 11584

That’s literally it

We don’t believe that she’s 18, I mean her art is mediocre and kinda suspect at best but it’s her art, it’s there. If we critique it it’s not like we’re lying it’s damn criticism. Her selfies are all edited but that’s obvious.

We have called her out for lying so that means we are.. lying that she’s lying about lying…?

No. 11585

>posting my ID gives me anxiety but I totes posted it before swear to god

how many times have we heard the same shit from cows who lie about their age? Jfc this girl just wants an excuse for pedobaiting and trying to pass blame for her lies…..while claiming to hate liars. Imagine how pissed she’d be if she had been sent n00dz from a guy she thought was a certain age or bought NSFW art from someone she thought was a certain age, to find out they were lying? She’d blast them publicly like she does to others.

No. 11586

She started off by saying she had only recently turned 18, meaning all her nsfw and flirting with older dudes, talking with them about hentai, commissioning nsfw from said 30 year old dude was supposedly from when she was “underaged” and her online “friends” had already known about it.

That’s the pedo baiting, she was pretending to be younger then she was, while also lying about how much older she actually was for attention, especially from an older guy

No. 11587

literally most of our criticism of her art is stemming off the fact she's lying about her age. she even deleted the tweet going "oh i wish i still had my old laptop with my drawings from when i was 10 i was sooo cringe!" because we found a recent tweet where she posted a drawing from when she was "10", and anons pointed out she had art posted from when she was 14 and they looked vastly different. not to mention anon recently mentioned the "10 year old" drawing was done on the same tablet and program of her most recent art.

No. 11588

File: 1547930092609.png (296.06 KB, 586x551, wedidit.PNG)

No. 11589

File: 1547930142507.jpeg (264.54 KB, 1500x1089, 9AA690E2-AA59-45EB-AC2E-5AC6B7…)

She got us folks! Totally proved us wrong by posting photos of her in a grad gown that she posted on Snapchat!
Something she could have posted just for the sake of cover for her ass

Real proof Sav, not Snapchat

No. 11590

Also how long has she really had that tattoo? Do we have any pics of her before then with it?
Because that can be debunked fast if we have the proof, plus she has another tattoo doesn’t she?

No. 11591

File: 1547930448951.png (462.86 KB, 597x705, i lied.PNG)

she posted the "updated age" meet the artist thing a day after the photos were posted

No. 11592

How is a photo saved from Snapchat supposedly months ago not proof?

No. 11593

File: 1547930593594.png (35.95 KB, 595x242, whh.PNG)

this doesn't add up though, because the "10 year old" drawing was drawn using the same tablet she has now
sav caught in another lie KEK

No. 11594

Because you can just post shot to Snapchat for no other reason then to post it, it’s not actual proof of anything it’s proof she posted a picture to fucking Snapchat, that ‘picture’ could have been taken at anytime and reposted to her damn Snapchat

Not that hard

Real proof Sav, that’s all we asked for stop lying and deflecting

No. 11595

File: 1547930769094.jpeg (110 KB, 1023x617, 88AF3619-40E2-4DAC-9548-D0D9D0…)

Now was that so ducking hard you retard?

No. 11596

Explain please cause I don’t know how you can tell.

No. 11597

And now we know that she is also from Texas.

No. 11598

I had a tinfoil about this months ago, I figured she went to Robert E Lee high

No. 11599

What’s wrong with that art piece it doesn’t look bad(finally) as for her makeup and style of clothing, that, that’s bad.

No. 11600

Metadata of the images tend to tell you what programs/dates the image was made with, tho I haven’t looked that deep into her work

You must not draw, the entire thing is leaning, the face is all pushed to one side when the angle makes it look smooshed, the horrible lines, the long giraffe like torso yet stubby little no legs.
The only thing she does “well” is coloring and it’s mediocre at best

No. 11601

Yeah but that’s one image made up of three different ones, for all we know we just had it saved or sent to her from that friend and dragged it into her new drawing. There’s no real proof that the “10 years old” drawing was actually drawn on her current tablet

No. 11602

File: 1547932052073.jpeg (226.51 KB, 1242x502, C8103BC5-C02D-42BE-BB06-A28BE3…)

She’s running folks!

No. 11603

WHEEZE of course

No. 11604

File: 1547932395659.jpeg (203.44 KB, 1242x432, 61776EED-BAE7-4F6A-A5FC-FC24FC…)

Oh this is rich

Hey Sav, your retard is showing again, if your serotonin isn’t low enough to need treatment, you don’t have fucking depression

No. 11605

aaand she deleted the past tweets again
i've saved a few

No. 11606

She’s probably going to nuke the whole damn thing in a moment

We need to figure out her new twitter handle and watch her over there, you know she’s knly doing this to save face and “erase” her past fuck ups

No. 11607

i'm keeping an eye on some of her closest followers, see if any new blog they follow looks sus

No. 11608

Tinfoil anon had me checking out Robert E.Lee. I only found one person that looked similar to her, makeup and rubber-band on wrist matched from the photo, but the names did not match up.

No. 11609

So maybe it’s a different school? Or she’s using someone else or a cousin to fake the ID? She’s lying about her name too now?

No. 11610

keep in mind the graduation date was supposedly around the end of may. not sure how gowns work out around texas, but they sometimes let students keep them after graduating.

No. 11611

just looked up their graduation ceremony for 2018 on youtube. The red gowns are a match if that helps to solve anything.

No. 11612

Maybe reread that tweet and what it is responding to.

No. 11613

There's this twitter profile I found a few months ago too. https://twitter.com/RasbiiYT/likes Rasbii lines up, drawing, Texas, even makeup. Check the snapchat name: princessxlexy. Was the person's name Alexis or something close to that?

No. 11614

Can’t because it’s delegates and I did, someone was trying to tell her she has a shit ton of love and support so if she’s sad/stressed out maybe she should reach out to someone?? And She came back with two snarky fucking retorts like that one and “guess my depression isn’t as bad as someone else’s” which is just being a god damn cunt

Is something upsetting you about her getting called out anon?

No. 11615

samefag. The name said Celeste for that person, maybe it was just a copycat.

No. 11616

Deleted ** stupid fucking phone I swear

No. 11617

Can't get over what an overdramatic tool she's being about this. Even if she is 18, the fact that she was apparently tRaumATIZed and SUIciDaL over us and possibly some of her neckbeards who stumbled upon this thread thinking she possibly wasn't jailbait or smoll is just unreal.

No. 11618

This was already posted and proven to not be her I thought.. it doesn’t even look like her usual filtered pics and the SC name seems weird for her since no generic animu uwu~ bs

No. 11619

File: 1547938772328.png (67.54 KB, 333x342, newbio.PNG)

She updated her bio too

No. 11620

File: 1547940809419.png (381.01 KB, 391x395, eye.PNG)

so, i put the twitter profile picture of the rasbiiyt and >>11550 together, layering them, the eyes line up. the nose and mouth don't because it's a snapchat filter, but i think she just used a really old photo. she used to dye her hair different colors, so this could've been an in between photo. also no doubt she straightens it.
saging because i'm still tinfoiling.

No. 11621

She wears wigs so it probably hides her natural hair which looks dark brownish-black and wavy right?
Hmmm, I’m starting to see some plausibly with this tinfoil, but she may not use this account since it’s been found before

No. 11622

File: 1547941991043.png (1.37 MB, 1242x2208, 351FA2F9-63CC-4268-9F33-1702B3…)

Im also get the feeling she might be using her private account since she doesn’t let anyone follow

No. 11623

File: 1547942171170.jpg (93.59 KB, 746x573, image.jpg)

This is why that piece is so bad. I just used some transform tool but you probably think it looks okay because her anatomy is so consistently wrong that you forget what things are supposed to look like. it's not perfect cause I didnt wanna spend too much time on it I just tried to make it look passable

No. 11624

For being so smol and basing her “art off my own anatomy” She can’t draw short girls (any girl for that matter) can she?
Like she’s lying about that bullshit too

No. 11625

File: 1547943899335.jpeg (509.74 KB, 1242x1905, 911E199B-CF3E-493F-9E3D-EEE257…)

Does anyone follow Vaigh? Possible that they still talk I wonder? If they do for sure he’d be one of the first she’d give a new account too since they were so creepily close

No. 11626

Vaigh and she dont seem to talk at all, I think he went and focused more on his career and real life than online presence

No. 11627

makes sense after what happened with her coming out as an 'underaged girl' the entire time they knew each other
She has a BF too that she posts about from time to time, he even tipped her on Ko-fi for christmas… (bit weird to me tbh wouldnt you just, I dunno paypal her and text?) yet she never posted his social anywhere and only one now deleted pic to her tumblr, my guess is he'd have any of her new accounts.

Oh well, wont be long til she outs herself and posts her art somewhere, she needs the attention constantly.

No. 11628

It's not hard to spot her art, so I'm sure it won't take long before she outs herself

No. 11629

I'll be amazed if she doesnt go right back to posting on her original account or end up retweeting herself on it because she's obviously so thirsty for fame and attention that she would have to make up for 5+ years of following and the people who commission her. How is she gonna earn a living from her art if people cant find her stuff? Not saying her stuff is good enough to earn her a living but it's so dumb.

She would have to fully leave the internet to not be found because even between her anime and sonic stuff it's the same style.

No. 11630

Wait, doesn't she still owe people for commissions?
Keep a look out for new commission art in her style and an eye on her followers like and retweets and we will have her found the day she starts posting again.

Even if it's new shit her style of eyes and midget bodies are unique to her and will stick out like a sore thumb unless she traces, which I'm starting to suspect she does with some drawings, her bodies vary wildly from one another but the faces all meld together.

You can hide Sav but your thirst will out you.

No. 11631

File: 1547953522364.png (28.85 KB, 151x373, itstillsays20savvy.png)

Oh, funny how she was on her tumblr only 11 hours ago yet she still hasn't changed her info?
Was it because we didnt pay as much attention on there and you have more followers to believe your bullshit on twitter?

Why are you 20?
Why are you still using only female pronouns?
Why is your location NC and not Texas?
Do you ever not lie?

No. 11632

If y'all are right that means she lives, at least up until reccently, in Midland, Tx…. And yes >>11609 we keep our cap and gowns. I'm kind of mind blown right now because I'm in the same school district?! Can't confirm if she went to Lee as I graduated a couple years prior. So far though things seem to match up pretty well with this area though. Tinfoiling…

No. 11633

I only believe she went to Lee because the name Savannah Lee doesn't bring her up anywhere on the internet. I'm thinking she took the name of her high school as an alias. Once I found that Rasberru Lloyd Facebook is when I started thinking, the red gowns match up too.

No. 11634

File: 1547957175452.jpg (245.6 KB, 491x634, TexasEDMFamily-100818787352120…)

Slightly OT but is this really what Texas IDs look like? I've never seen an ID so weirdly spaced. Like, I know she marked out her ID # and name etc, but where's the rest of her info?

(Just to be clear I don't think she shooped it, it's just an odd looking ID)

No. 11635

dmv anon here, that looks like a legit id. holographics and birthdate stamped into her photo

No. 11636

File: 1547958893876.jpg (66.18 KB, 654x1002, 20h3bx4.jpg)

Here's a license that looks closer to savs, no star though

No. 11637

wait so doesnt that mean that 'Savannah's' could easily be fake/edited since she's covering the 'age stamp'

No. 11638

File: 1547959357042.png (2.47 MB, 2337x988, 1547930769094.png)

It could be a new issue?
I dunno her's has alot of space compared to the other two.

No. 11639

File: 1547959409318.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

Like I said in my post, I was never questioning the validity of it, it's just an odd layout. Like, just way too much blank space. Looks way less weird to me here >>11636 so maybe just the way she cropped it makes it look odd to me.

No. 11640

it looks like a new design. the older blue id has a wider shot of the subject. the other two with the star have a much tighter frame.

No. 11641

If I'm looking correctly you can see a little bit of the 21 in her birthday, but the birth year you can't see. Does the birth year in the ID look off or no?
Also the difference between the IDs, the spacier one is an ID card, the driver's license has more on it

No. 11642

File: 1547960442166.jpeg (325.71 KB, 1242x812, 4B3450DE-DF26-4A4C-AD00-2741E6…)

No. 11643

File: 1547960580655.jpeg (325.71 KB, 1242x812, 4B3450DE-DF26-4A4C-AD00-2741E6…)

No. 11644

fuck i didnt realize that was posted already and i dont know how to delete bcs ik retarded. sorry(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 11645

File: 1547961625064.png (72.44 KB, 637x306, SAGEGOESINEMAL.png)

you have a time limit too and im retarded myself but please at least lurk before posting?

No. 11646


So, I noticed these little weird things

It's hard to tell what issue year this ID is and it would probably help us see that this isnt a fake ID or a sibling/family member

>the spaces between all the information strange, it's literally like looking at a mash up of these two ID's

>If you look in the top right corner her ID is missing something that both have over the blue building(?) design in the back. No USA or TX, no end of the word licence or identification
>The 'Under 21" also seems placed oddly but it could be the angle
>The green/teal/blue star is placed very low on her picture while on either of the others they are mid-placed on the picture.
>Same goes for the white symbol in the middle, hers is place lower, while the other two are place rather high on the ID's
>Also why is the lower half of her face covered? Whats the point if we know what she looks like?

I know I'm tinfoiling hard but her ID is looking real sus

No. 11647

Unless they re-redesigned the state IDs, I do see these inconsistencies. Remember, she's been known to apparently underage drink, she could've gotten a fake under 21 ID made for who knows what reason. Is she REALLY that desperate though?

No. 11648

She's a little whiny bitch in general no wonder she gets fucked in the ass so much. She kicked me out of her discord server for no reason, couldn't even rationalize with me like a civil human.

No. 11649

>waaah I got kicked out of a discord for interacting with a cow
A civil human would sage blogposting.

No. 11650

Agree with you wholeheartedly anon.
Why cover your pic and not show the whole thing? It's really unnecessary and you need the photo to at least show its not distorted and not a family member.

And it's just such a close shot, maybe for easier editing. I can edit an ID Pretty easily on MS paint given its on a blank space, and close enough that you can space and move things much easier without dealing with tight details. And her logic is also retarded with giving the ID through DMs. It's gonna be shown public no matter what, even if it was some random person not from lolcow, they can still post it anywhere else so it's better just for her to post it publicly herself.

No. 11651

I'm just now finding out about this thread, and I can't find myself to hate Rasbii. I'm disappointed in her actions, but I can't hate her.

No. 11652

File: 1548146683201.jpg (2.06 MB, 1865x2314, no circle-1.jpg)

You guys are on to something. ok this might seem like tinfoil but I found a discrepancy with her ID compared to the samples. All of them have the whole circle stamped across the portrait and the card, but savannah's just stops half way there and doesnt continue. That is odd you have to admit, even if its a new issue, that wouldn't make sense to have half a circle and not have it continue. Isn't that the point to have it stamped on the portrait as well as the background of the card to show its legitimacy?

So she either copy pasted an image on an existing ID or someone show me a real ID where its just half the circle. I even looked online for some Texas ID fakes and even those show the full circle, never half.

No. 11653

File: 1548148725226.jpg (320.22 KB, 771x815, blockedout.jpg)

ok sorry for samefagging and sperging but this might also just confirm she's lying. The numbers above her head actually mean the birth year format and she conveniently blocks it out. If she wanted to prove it, she would have left it to match.
And this isn't just for Texas either its for all the states cause I even have it. Its prolly used in that way to stop easy fraud where it's hard to match the fake birthdays.

So she has to show us that part if she wants to prove anything.

No. 11654

Holy shit you may be onto something, I was just trying to point out the oddities that was presented between the cards but this is starting to look like a shitty Photoshop job
I had a guy I knew who couldn’t draw for shit, yet was able to create a fake collage diploma in PS it’s not that difficult
But it does show if your just trying to half ass it to fool people on the internet
Man I’m super tinfoiling here but what if Sav is like some weird 25 year old crazy lady trying so hard to be a teen again she has to go to these extremes to make herself believe she’s a smol innocent teenybopper still.
She over reacts to being shit talked about on the internet trying to spin it as “trauma” when she brought it on herself by lying about everything she does and is, over reacts to memes and jokes, gets butthurt over the smallest of shit not even directed at her, it wouldn’t surprise me if she actually faked an ID to keep the lie going.

Then why fucking post and on top of it not sage? Fuck off and never come back please if you don’t want to contribute.

No. 11655

The thing that's stopping me from full tinfoiling is the lines and placement of the photo are really neat, but at the same time, she could've possibly made a fake ID. But who the fuck makes an under 21 ID?! Is that a normal thing people do? But yeah, the birthdate over her photo is blacked out, which is confusing for someone trying to prove themselves.

No. 11656

i think by this point we have established, if nothing else, then at least that nothing this liar does is a normal thing people do…

might be a nitpick but her portrait also doesn't seem to have the same kind of blurriness that the other two have, which could arise from using a digital image and artificially blurring it with filters.
is this the reason she ran off twitter so hurriedly? that sooner or later people ARE going to look closely at this botched PS job of an ID, and question her over it? seems like she's running out of lies.

No. 11657

why else would she run and hide from her main account? The reasoning she gave doesnt make any sense, especially since on the internet people will usually see running from questions like this as proof that she's still lying about things.

Being honest about her age would be simple, just post an appropriate ID with irrelevant info blocked out, or even better, tape over the other info and post a video of it. That's pretty much all she would have to do and then this thread would just go back to talking about how whiny she is for no good reason (her whining not the thread tbh)

Out of the artists in snow she's the one who could have gotten off the easiest but she just had to prove that she was lying all along. All of our other 'critiques' should have meant nothing because it obviously wasnt affecting her following (her samey shitty art and her being a whiny brat) but she has to either be hiding something else huge that we havent caught onto yet or she is in her mid 20s and doesnt want people to compare how shitty her art is and hasnt improved.

No. 11658

I'm massively surprised that there is a massive thread about a single artist, and you're all just hung up on her age and if she is lying about it or not. I find this absolutely ridiculous. Either way, if I were her, I'd feel severely depressed that a whole bunch of people made a thread to explicitly talk shit and demand information they have no right to anyway. I mean, seriously, using the term "retard" multiple times? The absolute immaturity on this thread astonishes me.

No. 11659

>Hung up on her age
>absolutely ridiculous
>Demand information they have no right to

The fact that you’d come here now, at this tune, during this discussion, to whiteknight her/take attention away from the discussion, reads as reeeealllly sketchy. Could you be trying to cloud over the subject because we’re getting close to uncovering something about her? Maybe a massive lie she’s trying to cover up? Sav contributed to the debate by posting a photo of her alleged id. She’s stirring the pot, so it’s not really info that her fans don’t have a right to if she’s dangling it in front of them. Either way, gtfo retard.

No. 11660

idk if that's the case tbh
but here's one of characters named Lee Ariana, from 2016
and proof she's called herself Savannah Lee since at least 2013

is this savannah herself? or one of her fans or friends?
only savannah uses the term "severely depressed" lol

also I thought Savannah lived in NC?? she never said anything about Texas apart from going there for a con, what's she doing with a Texan ID?

+here's a list of her known usernames since there are so many

rasberru llyod

No. 11661

File: 1548284114893.jpeg (543.42 KB, 2896x2896, 0CF7720C-1590-4C0F-AE16-CDB7F4…)

No. 11662

File: 1548284176592.jpeg (88.5 KB, 1080x1517, 7F766036-2AB3-4A24-A8C1-23AB6A…)

from her Kik, but not entirely sure if that's a picture of her

No. 11663

What's her kik?

No. 11664

hellpeach and hellapeachy

No. 11665

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but those IDs you’re comparing seem to be state issue IDs (drivers licenses, state ids for people without drivers license). I thought the one she posted was a school ID? Not a state DMV ID?

Because if it’s a school ID it wouldn’t have the rest of the info (hair color dye color address etc).

School IDs just have the picture, the full name, the expiration date, and commonly either their birthdate, or a date saying “not 21 years old until so and so date”, or the birthdate with some text saying they’re under 21 (so students don’t try to use their ID to get alcohol, as the “under 21” is common in school IDs so liquor store owners see it first). Or have the year they graduate or the year in school they’re in. I looked around for some Texas student IDs but had little luck. But I remember in ‘10 they were like that in other states, at a few I went to, but I’m not sure about now in 2018.

There is something off about her ID, just hard to tell what. Still doesn’t change that she could’ve shooped her pic on another ID. The birthdate doesn’t seem shooped because of the color gradient on the individual numbers are all different, but who knows.

No. 11666

Double post but remember she said she was a few blocks away from the Charlottesville’s protest (unite the right #1)?
That was on August 11, 2017.

According to what she said her age is:
She would’ve been 17 during the protest (turned 18 on May 21st, 2017)
That means she would’ve been just finished junior year going into her senior year of high school.
So why would she show an old Texas high school ID if she spent her junior and senior year in Charlottesville, NC? She would’ve gotten a new school ID and even state ID since she switched residencies to NC.

I don’t buy that “I tweeted all these tiny little details to lie about my age” bc lying about living a few blocks from the NC protest has nothing to do with her age.

No. 11667

File: 1548289596839.png (128.71 KB, 1440x703, Screenshot_2019-01-23-18-25-56…)

I think she lied about that too. I remember her listing the cons she's attended, two of them were in Texas, the other was Sakuracon, which is in California. Knowing that, who would let someone under 18 go to those cons alone, especially if they were out of state?

No. 11668


>She would’ve been 17 during the protest (turned 18 on May 21st, 2017)


Charlottesville is in Virginia.

No. 11669

sakuracon is in washington state, so even further from her

No. 11670

A school ID wouldn't have that type of information, it would be extremely basic and won't tell your birthday, from what I gathered from my college about 2 yrs ago. Only your year of attendance, and I'm that anon from cali that has the same state format as texas where your portrait has your bday on it. A school will not have that, Went to community college and a university I've never seen an ID have anymore info.

That's def a state ID, and that circle thats patially missing on her portrait is actually a watermark state stamp. Which every state has but with different variants and designs. I have one on cali as well with the same circle stamp. And the star on her portrait as well as her blocking out a signature just underneath her picture which once again a school ID wont have.

No. 11671

What the fuck kind of school IDs have you had that have your birthdate on them? And dye color? I mean, college IDs have more info on them than other school IDs, but if she's as young as she says she is she would only have a high school ID. People attend college at all ages, so there's literally no reason for a college to ever put a birthdate on. That's personal information, birthdate information is one of those things like middle name, mother's maiden name, etc that's used to verify your identity. No one would ever put that on something that you literally wear around your neck everyday.

>or a date saying “not 21 years old until so and so date”, or the birthdate with some text saying they’re under 21 (so students don’t try to use their ID to get alcohol, as the “under 21” is common in school IDs so liquor store owners see it first)

A school ID is not a valid ID for buying alcohol of any kind, a liquor store would get shut down if they did that. Legally you can't even buy liquor with an ID that's no longer valid but has all the correct info on it. (Ex: When I was waiting on my new license from the state I moved to, they hole punched my old license so I wouldn't ever have 2 valid state IDs. I'm 26 and even though it was a previously valid ID and had all of my correct info on it, I wouldn't be able to get into an 18+ club let alone buy alcohol without paperwork signed and stamped by the DMV saying that although my license was in the mail they had verified my identity and the information on the page).
>TL;DR you need a valid ID (state license or passport) and liquor stores literally cannot accept anything else, even if it has your birthdate on it.

Also unless they're doing a student discount there would be no reason for a liquor store to ever see a Student ID? College ID I could see maybe keeping in your wallet, but even then you can't just show someone your ID in your wallet you have to take it out so they can hold it and verify the holograms and everything. Some places they even have to scan your license for the register to allow the transaction. A highschool ID needs to be worn at school, so only an idiot would try and buy liquor while wearing a high school ID.

if it helps I've had 3 separate college IDs, and I drink a lot. None of them have ever had any info that >>11665 is talking about, other than name, school name, expiration date (so you don't try to use it once you've graduated), and maybe an ID number. 2/3 of my IDs haven't even had the School ID number, because THAT'S too personal and secret.

No. 11672

I think >>11665 is trying to derail and is purposely being retarded to try to stump people. It ain't working if that's the case.

Anyway, I don't doubt Sav possibly lived in North Carolina for a few years, but that was probably over 4 years ago.

No. 11673

It never fails to amaze me how little backbone she has. I'm astonished she can function in everyday life to be honest.

No. 11674

those "40 suicide attempts" should've been a given

No. 30491

File: 1548891754711.jpg (163.18 KB, 660x1280, tumblr_pm23upOvaO1sjnzjj_1280.…)

selfie from her tumblr yugino
yuginonsfw seems to have been nuked after tumblr banned porn

No. 30518

The fuck is her makeup doing

No. 30520

She's trying to look like an OC

No. 31428

She tries desperately to look like her art

No. 31498

Hey anon how did you get all her usernames?

No. 31566

Idk if it’s just me but her hands looks too shooped even for a snapchat filter.

No. 31626

Her hand looks like she bites her nails(nitpicking)

No. 32029

File: 1549331490768.jpg (145.54 KB, 1078x1070, Screenshot_20190204-193609_Chr…)

I wonder if we were close to uncovering something about her, and that's why she left Twitter and comes in here to defend herself or to derail discussion from time to time. To be honest it was probably pretty stupid of her to leave Twitter because people are going to try to find her on other platforms and this thread is one of the first things that comes up when you Google her usernames. That must bother her a lot but if she stopped acknowledging the thread and lurking there probably wouldn't be 500+ posts. Fixing her shitty personality and getting her lies straight would've helped too

Tinfoiling, but what if her OCs are named after her? She has called herself Savannah since 2013, but the character Lee/Ariana ( >>11660 ) is her Sonic persona and she said while the character's real name is Ariana, she is known as Lee by her friends. This could explain the Savannah Ariana Lee name, It seems like a patchwork of her names. It wouldn't be surprising if her first name was Ariana going off this, but it isn't a Spanish speaking name like Ramona is.

I'm also thinking her real first name could be Ramona because it's a Spanish speaking name and she's had this Rasberru Llyod character since she started establishing an online presence, 2013. ( >>11187 ) I also wonder if Llyod is a misspelling of Lloyd, but I don't think that's her real surname because it's Welsh

Assuming she isn't some 20-something year old woman trying to relive her high school years and she really is 18 years old (her DOB being May 21st, 2000), it'd be pretty reasonable if she started establishing her online presence in 2013, because of COPPA laws she couldn't make a profile on most sites until she was 13. I think her first username was Savannusaurus and the accounts with that username were opened after May 2013, which is when she would have turned 13. Her Twitter account (which at one point, was @Savannusaurus) indicates it was made in July

She does have a pretty unfortunate old looking face though, and she probably is the type of person who would fake an under 21 ID ( >>11595 ) to seem like a smol uwu baby.

Also pretty confused about where she actually lives, she's stated several times she lives in North Carolina ( >>11631 / >>11197 / >>11200 and her foxyraspberry profile on Weasyl) while all other evidence points to her living in Texas (the location of the cons she attended, the Rasberru Facebook profile, the ID) despite her never tweeting about living in Texas or mentioning Texas outside of traveling for cons.

Perhaps living in NC was just another one of her long-drawn-out lies. Texas is more believable anyway since she said was born in Mexico (http://archive.li/kMJCh)

No. 32390

File: 1549503404748.jpg (314.47 KB, 2896x2896, 20190206_203057.jpg)

After some digging I found the RasbiiYT girl isn't her but probably just a skinwalker despite resembling her so much. Her art looks nothing like Savannah's and I doubt Savannah plays Overwatch that much if at all

No. 32541

What’s this girls Instagram?

No. 32623

Nice sleuthing Anon, I really couldn't find anything about RasbiiYT months ago

No. 33407

File: 1550009406243.jpg (549.61 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20190212-170645_Chr…)

so gay!

No. 33410

>That's one small

She's really more desperate than even June to be an uwu loli, huh? No wonder the idea of her fans seeing lolcow and thinking she might be over 18 made her have a mental breakdown.

No. 33807

thats so cringe oh my god.. she became one of those tumblr users…

No. 33808

She's having her emo phase now.(learn to sage)

No. 35048

File: 1550265662071.jpg (151.24 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20190215-161810_Chr…)

So is she gay now or still totally in love with her boyfriend as her curiouscat answers say? We know she's a liar on a lot of things now but it's hard to tell if shes actually gay, doing it for attention; being as she tagged that tumble post as gay rights, or if the whole boyfriend thing was a lie

No. 35105

Okay, this shit pisses me off. Her style is incredibly derivative, yet she has the nerve to act like a massive bully about it, like it's solely hers and no one better dare to draw anything similar to it.

I hope she's still lurking here because she needs to know she's a fucking cunt.

No. 37227

File: 1550889913560.png (793.54 KB, 1236x861, Suspiciousmaybe.PNG)

Anybody think this style is a little too similar?

The dates check out, as the account's last tweet was made around the same time Sav's closed.

No. 37238

It looks like an attempted copycat

No. 37268

File: 1550919064839.jpg (333.46 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20190223-055016_Twi…)

No. 37269

File: 1550919091155.jpg (223.02 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20190223-055043_Twi…)

her bf

No. 37271

She's probably referring to her het relationship as "so gay and kweer!!!" now since she's calling herself nonbinary now.

No. 37294

just you anon. there's a better attempt at anatomy and varying line weight that is completely absent from savs work

No. 37329

File: 1550954261047.png (143.91 KB, 613x257, Untitled.png)

Lol. Uhm, alright Sav. You didn't have to block, you could've just canceled the follow request like every other human.

No. 37330

she thinks he hiding and being private will stop anyone from finding out the truth to her lies.

don't bother ANON as pathetic as she is with her art and proving she is right, she will either do what she has to do so she doesn't get figured out.

No. 37336

i figured out her discord name Anons:


No. 37338

she's not a gemini she's a psychopathic fucking cancer. does she need to lie about her zodiac sign too?

No. 37361

Wait did she really lie about that? Umm why? I'm a gemini and most astrology people don't want to be us.

No. 37375

File: 1550967941965.jpg (393.9 KB, 1080x1440, 20190223_192452.jpg)

this sounds like whatever argument or conversation they were having was degraded to pre k logic and semantics lol

No. 37377

No. 37378


The way he speaks is so fucking cringe, I can see why she doesn't want to let fans know who he is. That sort of PDA is reason enough for literal puking.

No. 37480

>goth gf
Isn't she a speshul non binary now? Kek

No. 37484

How is he able to reblog her NSFW art?

No. 37487

post on tumblr can't be delite he may have saw it on other people blog and reblog it from her or her art was safe from the porn "ban"

No. 37488

i can't get over how he text staff like, is he trying to be the "edgy daddy" is so funny lmao

No. 37503


she does not look 18… she looks mid or late 20s. it's the makeup and hair styling tbh.

No. 37590

File: 1551061308816.jpeg (225.06 KB, 934x1920, 1D1CE5A5-F5A9-49A8-9960-E79890…)

Beside this probably having a snapchat filter over it, this might be as close as her being bare skin without the thick eyeliner, makeup and such.

No. 37611

File: 1551068827281.png (11.5 KB, 318x254, chiffon.PNG)

this is chiffonrose's art. she's been around for a pretty long time. sage for kinda ot

No. 37630

File: 1551078322513.jpg (Spoiler Image,193.05 KB, 1250x1286, tumblr_ph3ghkVwtd1sjnzjj_1280.…)

Saw this drawing on her bf's page. What the fuck is this tail. Why is it coming off of her asshole? Does she not understand how tails work?

Wouldn't she like about it to cover up her lies about the age? Because of her birthday.

No. 37647

Dat face covering hand though. Are you insecure about something, savannah?

No. 37648

Maybe it's a very long poop? Also, as per usual, the only decent thing is the girl's face. Which looks exactly the same as every other drawing of hers.

No. 37652

unfortunately all you need to be internet famous is a good face.

No. 37663

holy shit, it looks so bad, legit looks like 13yo's drawing. I stil dont understand how can people actually like that shit? I guess its all about coloring and face in the end when it comes to digital art.

No. 37667

>>37630 >>37648
Her previous art had human ears as well as cat ears, in which she stated the cat ears were just clips on ears. Taking this information into mind, it wouldn't be farfetched to say that the cattail is also fake and is a buttplug?

No. 37715

The cat tails are indeed buttplugs, Sav has at least alluded to it before but since her twitter is unavailable I can't fetch the tweet. Still, doesn't change the fact that buttplugs don't suspend themselves in the air so it comes across as an actual tail, which looks weird in that position.

No. 37779

Even if they were butt plugs, that’s her cat character, so either way she used that excuse of butt plugs to hide her stupid anatomy.

No. 38230

If she ever opens her twitter again it'll be too soon, her toxic attitude will never be missed.

No. 39471

Looks like she's deactivated almost everything, curiouscat, tumblr, etc. Probably having another crisis.

No. 39802

no it looks like she’s moved over to using rasberruu for her account names again. even the twitter she was using is unlocked now so she’s probably making her public comeback

No. 40873

File: 1553248436168.jpg (127.22 KB, 1200x1500, IMG_20190322_045110.jpg)

The anatomy in her art is so off. I even think she's editing the drawings to "fix" them due to the blurring around some lines, especially the bear's arm.

No. 40878

>Baby feet
>Slenderman arm


No. 40885

her faces look horrible. some of her passed drawn faces were at least pleasuring to look at, but now they just scream sakimi's alita the battle angel with no type of nose lol

No. 40939

>>40873 Where did you find this?

No. 40940

>>40873 Where did you find this?

No. 40966

No. 40980

Why does her art look so much like lolita shit? She's an absolute slimebag to be pandering to pedoshits.

No. 41477


Not surprising tbh given her creepy relationship with Vaigh in the past. It's like she thrives off attention from old perverts, it's disturbing.

No. 41503

This thread isnt about him, but I was pretty sure we all agreed knowing her lying nature, she catfished him and many others no one knows about.

And lolita is a fashion style, loli is that younger little girl thing she tries to do with her art. I'm most certain she only stick with this cause young m'ladys and white knights, like all her fans are, flock to the "anime loli"

No. 41520

File: 1553577403634.jpg (83.02 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20190326_061554.jpg)

She is getting so much worse

No. 41525

This is so ugly, look at that chin and mouth. But everything is her real anatomy uwu

No. 41558

File: 1553618210406.jpeg (220.5 KB, 925x1000, 9603E2C6-6C9B-48A8-A709-0D34BF…)

its kinda obvious that this is another person's composition and not hers lol. colors are pretty?

No. 41580

The fingers on these characters always end up looking broken. The popularity of her style clings to the way she draws eyes, everything else is without substance.

No. 43268

File: 1554577523882.jpg (2.22 MB, 1385x1205, rasb.jpg)

Are her fans blind? Her art is terrible when u look at anatomy. I guess they all look only at her char's faces.

No. 43275

wow she literally just flipped miku's legs. And the fact that you can still see the waist on the goat girl with huge thighs looks really weird.

No. 52188

File: 1559690064270.png (96.53 KB, 945x607, cantaccept.png)

Back at it again with the childish replies

No. 52632


she got worse after she moved lol, her art only got somewhat better with the coloring, but her anatomy is fuck all lol. Her personality is as ugly as her art anatomy and her own self lol. She fakes different kind of personalities online, wouldn't doubt it since she has a disorder of, "uwu i wish i was a cat, no but youre a dumbass," she accomplished that, lol.

No. 53592

File: 1560539771687.png (82.47 KB, 681x1172, 1234_by_rasbii-dd9a8or.png)

I swear somehow her anatomy just manages to get worse and worse

No. 53626

Someone’s calling her out on her new twitter lmao

No. 53629

File: 1560577741563.png (957.01 KB, 1200x1650, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.4…)

Post caps next time. This is an image board, not a "go check her social media!" board.

No. 53630

File: 1560577791681.png (425.81 KB, 994x1662, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 10.5…)

No. 53632

I hope people see this thread more because they’re calling Rasbii out for lying about being a minor at the time when really she’s lying again about being 19 and is actually older than that.

What guy is she referring to?? Is she talking about Vaigh in this or?

No. 53634

Looks like she's talking about the guy that made the callout post.

No. 53636

shes talking about this guy http://archive.is/qPCFT

No. 53671

I don’t get it.
What does this random guy she’s complaining about have to do with her lying about her age repeatedly?

No. 53674

Have your panties stuck up there don’t we? I sent this via phone and was going to add the images when I got to my pc but I see you did it for me thanks anon.

No. 53706

Wait to post screencaps then. And sage your posts next time.

Love how she’s making herself look like a victim kek

No. 54161

All she has to do is to shut up and post only art, honestly. Her acts and personality are still completely retarded. Especially this whole 'victim card' move and that she is trying to show how 'uwu lewd' she is.

No. 78169

I’m almost a year late on this but you can’t convert deviantart points to actual money(necro)

No. 78172

You could if she took commissions through the commission widget.

No. 96826

No. 102604

god reading this whole thread made me dislike her even more. a hypocritical emo edgy brat who is too entitled with her very flawed artwork.(necro)

No. 102621

the self-victimization is insane. She claims she was traumatized because vaigh made her delete their dumb flirty tweets when she came out and claimed to be 18 (making her underage at 17 during their flirtation).

(Considering the weird discrepancies in her drivers license pic, I am guessing she was actually 20 during that time.)

No. 107247

she hasn't posted in a month. i have a feeling she'll be gone for good this time.

No. 136271

Shes under the account rasbuwu now and blocks anyone who tries to follow the account.

No. 136621

did she do anything milky lately?

No. 136993

IDK she blocked me. But she's probably still doing the poor me routine.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 204833

Some anons on her Tumblr asked where she ran off to and she replied saying she's still out there under a new name.(post milk)

No. 204855

I mean…….. yeah probably, that's what most retards like her do

No. 208366

wonder what the new username is, if anybody knows, feel free to let us know lol

No. 209586

new username is
your mom, none ya business, and you're a couch potato who needs a life. leave them alone and go do something productive. go be miserable to someone who actually deserves it, you damn failed abortions. I don't care what you have to say back to me because I know you are all miserable and poorly behaved and I can care less what you say to me.

No. 227740

Have any anons found her new name? Is she still a milky, lying, salty bitch? I find it hilarious she self-posts here to this day and photoshopped a fake ID in attempt to keep her lies about her age going.

No. 232458

Shlushies is her new Twitter. I’m following Daddy Bones and he was following her but her profile is Private.(namefag)

No. 313863

Yo Sav, where you at grrl? I tried to pick you up from school but you never showed. Now me so sad. If you come back I'll draw another picture of you sitting on my mature adult lap. You complete me. Love, Vaiigh (the real one)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 325250

shes back. her name is now Dvmogorgon(this is an imageboard)

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