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File: 1674495779731.jpg (160.58 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_23a773eafcb1b952b00e61a…)

No. 278353

Thread for all jfashion cows. All jfashion besides gyaru and lolita can be posted here. Please post gyarus, lolitas, cosplayers and costhots in appropriate threads linked below. Notable trending jfashions are decora, jirai, harajuku, ryosangata, kawaii aesthetic, visual kei, fairy kei, and yumekawa. Other non jfashion claimed to be actual jfashion such as sanriocore/kei, pastelcore/kei princesscore, and similar can be posted here as long as cows are clearly claiming the fashion is japanese.
Lolita Thread >>267569
Gyaru Thread >>262428
Costhot Thread >>174607
Cosplay Cringe Thread >>195505
Pic related is pastelkawaiibarbie aka Rachel, who has been at this for decades wearing ill-fitting clothes with no improvement. I was surprised to see her on tiktok still looking like ass.

No. 278366

She’s going to be happy to see herself as the threadpic if she lurks here or if this isn’t a selfpost. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone want to be famous for being cringe and bullied as much as this girl does.

No. 278372

it's not a selfpost, but that's exactly why i posted her, she's got a problem.

No. 278373

File: 1674501903356.jpg (626.53 KB, 960x1464, MYXJ_20230123141953416_save.jp…)

This smug punchable shit is just so insufferable, no one is "fighting" over your fairykei items its more or less a dead fashion save for gender specials going to it because it's easier than lolita. and you already know she doesn't make these for any other reason than to brag that she has like 5 of the item she's talking about, otherwise what is the point
go run your crappy chinese factory printed "small business"
Watching people who have been in jfashion for so long turn to tiktok to try and one up each other is so depressing

No. 278374

File: 1674502252341.jpg (33.05 KB, 215x171, MYXJ_20230123142713171_save.jp…)

all i have to do is post this and yall already know

No. 278379

Please post these elusive and sacred fairy kei items the community is fighting over

No. 278381

I'm so annoyed nonna that was all you needed to post to get me pressed kek

No. 278385

notable names are Dreamy Tabby, Tentacle Shota, Starpo Shop, kawaiigoods

No. 278386

Tabby is hardly involved anymore meanwhile kawaiigoods is still kicking around with her 5th grade tier traced illustrations and everyone sucks her off even though her designs are so ugly. Isn't her kid a teenager now? Yikes.

No. 278388

POV: sleep paralysis demon breaks into your room at night and forces you to listen to the worst j-fashion takes with annoying songs playing in the background for 8 hours straight

No. 278390

shit like the milklim sweater and wc cardigan (the pastel rainbow one) to name a few, I don't buy that people are fighting over them because it's overall a dead fashion, unless you count yumekawa

No. 278406

File: 1674510992599.jpg (761.27 KB, 1080x1646, 20230123_165307.jpg)

I lost interest in Jfashion years ago but this lady was always in people's comments and posting endless plastic toys. Now checking up on her, it's just sad

No. 278407

File: 1674511044684.jpg (707.1 KB, 1080x1777, 20230123_165231.jpg)

No. 278421

I can’t believe this even has as many likes as it does… how old is this woman? Is she in a wheelchair? I really hope euthanasia becomes legal where I’m from so I can get put down if I ever become a senile poor mouthing attention whore. New nightmare unlocked.

No. 278423

was the girl from OP pic a calf of jillian?! i remember her weird midsection and legs and chin so well.

No. 278425

Who is “Richie Rich” or is this some weird way she talks about people with money? Judging that if she is a collector she does have money, so this doesn’t make sense

No. 278426

That hairline..

She can have all of this if she'd just sell some of the junk lol.

No. 278427

File: 1674523824556.jpeg (322.22 KB, 826x1303, C5AA52BE-DE7F-437F-BCB2-52086B…)

Maybe she could buy Lazy Oaf if she didn’t waste her money on pencil sharpeners. Such a weird thing to collect. It has to be autism. She also looks like Chris Chan. Are we sure she is a real woman?

No. 278428

If you're including jirai, you're going to fill this thread up quick

No. 278430

File: 1674524372605.jpeg (388.87 KB, 828x1273, 9B5D8CD8-0968-43E7-9D91-D01033…)

So many white saviors in JFash. This has to be a girl right? Why so many girls LARPING as boys now a days?

No. 278433

Saying all this with a username including the word "shota" is ironic to me.

No. 278434

I know this is over 2 years old but it's so funny seeing all that then "aaaanyways heres my look for pride heehee"

No. 278435

File: 1674529417085.jpeg (121.55 KB, 720x960, C1ED308B-86C4-46ED-B032-93DA64…)

Hoarders : KawaiiGoods edition

No. 278437


"She"? Only a delulu tranny moid has this sort of mentally stunted entitlement.

No. 278450

What is she even talking about? Is she schizo or in the early stages of dementia? I’m asking that genuinely, something doesn’t seem right.

No. 278451

>that shit in the reflection
jesus she needs to get help.

No. 278452

At least she covered her face. Claudia is one of the most unfortunate looking people I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure she’s only late 20’s or early 30’s but she looks 40’s- 50’s

No. 278470

This is old milk now hence the sage but reminder that Callie/Courtney from ota-q apparel and kei club, who was once treat like a god and received free promotions from the likes of pixielocks has been allowed to get away with scamming fans out of potentially thousands of dollars while dropping off the face of the earth. Every now and then I still see people wear her awful 'made in china' printed clothing and tagging the brand featuring her in lists of black owned kawaii brands as if her actions are completely fine.

No. 278481

File: 1674573348029.png (33.19 KB, 388x347, kawaiii.png)

i went deep through her page and she's a woman, i saw her hands and pictures of her as a cyberpunk in the 2000s. she's 50 and has her elderly father, she has been disabled her whole life. she just buys random knick knacks all the time and posts about them to the point her closet is filled / the hospital doesnt' want her to add anymore stuff. at some point she talked about getting this one item a friend of hers had in the 80s when they were children. her situation is quite sad but her attitude can't help things.

No. 278484

i feel immensely sad for this woman, as someone who is disabled also. she must have some sort of personality disorder or maybe early onset dementia? she appears to act very very immature, which is common in people with dementia. i feel for her, but the hoarding probably doesn't help her situation. how did she get obsessed with jfashion? i can't feel bad for the whining or comparing herself to others, but i do feel for this situation. i wonder if she is prescribed benzos or has taken any drugs recreationally, benzo use can cause early onset dementia, and drug addicts often have this immature mindset.

No. 278485

File: 1674575705849.jpeg (674.52 KB, 828x1189, 5117E918-3479-4DB6-8307-EB5AED…)

had to find the goth picture you mentioned, figured other people would want to see

No. 278486

File: 1674575800668.jpeg (671.43 KB, 828x1202, 4F13FE3E-CF16-40DC-8350-817984…)

No. 278499

>microscopic waist size
the cope. Nothing wrong will liking cute things at any age, but there's a limit to this kind of delusion. She actually looks like she'd kill a younger girl for her material things irl.

No. 278509

File: 1674583785777.png (463.9 KB, 901x570, kawaiii.png)

"pepsi has been put into my keyboard"

No. 278514

sounds like our dear cow Heather kek

No. 278519

i've now gone down a rabbit hole of her posts, and im honestly surprised how kind people treat her. some of her followers even come visit her in the nursing home, i find that very sweet. it appears that she has moved homes, and they made her downsize her collection/put in storage. she does have a hoarding issue, but you think medical experts would understand that when you mess with the hoard it can cause extreme emotions in them. i hope she is able to curb bringing in new things and that the home lets her keep some cute things in her room. i hate how she is whiny and shit but demented elderly women seem to have less ability to control their emotions, and she seems like she is on some strong meds or maybe had a history of drug abuse in the past thats made it all worse. it really is scary to me how the human body and mind can break down, she obviously has always been alternative and weird but in these older photos she looks a lot more "normal" and could walk still.

No. 278581

This is spot on kek, I swear only Jillian's calves still dress in fairykei

No. 278602

I mean, it sounds like they made her downsize because there was less room at the nursing home or it was going to be too hard for the staff to deal with. It sounds so entitled to say that you are allowed to bring all of that wherever you want. Also she's 50, how is that elderly?

No. 278606

read the thread, she's disabled and in a wheelchair. not saying she isn't immature or ridiculous but she's probably retarded as well, idk whether it's fair to call her entitled when her hoard of pink plastic is all she has

No. 278616


Nta, but you're surprised at how kindly people treat her, and yet you're justifying her whining on lolcow of all places. If she moved into a bedroom with less space, then she can't bring all her junk with her. What's the staff supposed to do about it? Magically grow a larger room?

No. 278622

The audacity of this biiitch. She sells a knockoff milklim cotton candy sweater in her own store.

No. 278624

there are several people posting in this thread and you should brush up on your reading comprehension. she says she was "tricked" into moving in a room she didn't know was smaller, which does sound kinda fishy.

No. 278643

File: 1674673206466.jpeg (221.83 KB, 1440x1794, 1A295443-E727-4D48-B501-4DA930…)

Is that a candy wrapper? What’s even this item?

No. 278644

Link to store and pictures. Spill the tea

No. 278659

File: 1674678379184.jpg (813.73 KB, 3464x3464, i1sfggr0pkr61.jpg)

pic related (and also cow crossover), she changed the design but this is what her first design looked like

No. 278660

File: 1674679050454.jpeg (96.24 KB, 720x960, 78EDEAFB-435D-4BCB-A36F-2EC14B…)

What a masterpiece. Looks like her young daughter made it

No. 278661

It's actually amazing that she has any platform with other creators promoting her work when she was outed for tracing several times, and when she doesn't trace her stuff looks like…this

No. 278668

Who called her out on tracing? Who was she stealing art from? I thought she was just a bad artist.

No. 278675

File: 1674682863338.jpeg (950.48 KB, 3484x2173, 00163B30-2E7E-4D85-8A10-EBCD2C…)

She deleted all her instagram posts with the first cotton candy design, where she explicitly says it's a dupe of the miklim design. Left is original, right is lumina love ripoff.

No. 278678

I mean… It's obviously inspired by the one on the left but it's not an outright copy. There's nothing illegal about it, even if she is selling them. inb4 WK, no. I'm just tired of people screaming CEASE AND DESIST!!! When there is literally no legal case.
Distasteful? yeah, maybe. She could of come up with a better design that wasn't an obvious reference.

No. 278680

It's more so the irony of her trying to flex her fairy kei wardrobe when she had to make her own knockoff miklim cotton candy sweater.

No. 278681

It's just funny because it's how she got her start in her shop. And it's funny that she makes tiktoks bragging about owning brand stuff but peddles her cheap looking Chinese factory prints to other fairykei autists who would cry and scream about anyone buying from Shein.
I don't have a huge issue with her aside her becoming this cringe "business owner" like she isn't literally a NYC trust fund baby/rich girl like every other jfashion "totally self made small business owner" (I'm looking at you tempest paige and kyandii), but man is the jfashion and especially the fairy kei communities full of so much hypocrisy. People will cry about someone buying from AliExpress but have no issue buying sweatshop printed designs either from these creators or from brands. They all act like it doesn't come from the same tree.

No. 278682

she did it to sell it to the fakebois that still wear fk, you know she doesn't touch that, she's too busy owning the real thing and smirking smugly while wearing it like in those tiktoks kek

No. 278745

Oh shit I didn’t realize Boy George was into jfashion

No. 279192

File: 1674904479106.jpg (520.52 KB, 1080x1576, Screenshot_20230128_061343_Ins…)

Oh thank god a proper thread to talk on pastelkawaiibarbie, its hilarious how she will post about confidence then also talks about how she will commit suicide if she isnt successful with instagram/tiktok. The fact this video is one of her most liked in awhile makes me cackle

No. 279241

i saw people on kiwifarms posted her in a troon thread when i googled her.

No. 279283

Man she was one of my favourite Western fairy kei/fancy posters and when she dropped that Milklim ripoff I was so disappointed. It was way too on-the-nose to be considered a 'reference' and not enough time had passed since the original design was released. I was surprised no one really called her out on it either, particularly given how that community absolutely descended on the owner of Plushiepink for accidentally ripping off the Hello Cavities bat sweater lol

Hold my earring

No. 279290

milklim is a defunct brand and the cotton candy design came out over 10 years ago, that being said I understand why people would be against it, the truth is the community picks and chooses who they want to go after for things like this. especially if you're a poc/trans/whatever

No. 279328

I understand loving and wanting to own an impossible to find, iconic item, but I think it's bad taste to try to make a direct copy of someone else's design AND sell it and try to make profit with it, no matter how defunct and old it is. It's still someone else's design. Why not just create something new?

No. 279329

I don't disagree, and at least it's obviously heavily inspired but not a rip, still doesn't matter at this point since she isn't selling that design anymore I suppose

No. 279395

File: 1675003513556.jpg (5.06 MB, 4096x4096, pastelkowaigoblin.jpg)

God she's horrid looking

No. 279653

i want to know how after all this time she still looks like shit and can't figure out how to wear a wig

No. 279913

Holy shit its crazy that she's still going after all these years. You'd think there'd at least be some improvement after all this time. Seems like she wears these ridiculous outfits to distract from how haggard she looks but it only makes it stand out more. Sheesh. Actually that's sad as fuck.

No. 279927

Her username used to be SuicidalShipper or something like that because her entire (self stated) identity was all about how Ash x Misty from pokemon not being canon made her suicidal. Then she tried to rebrand and become some kind of infamous online villain and considered hate a good way to fame iirc.

She suicide baits a lot, I'm surprised she hasn't been canceled for it yet. It's too bad her mom doesn't take away her internet access so she can't post anymore because she is clearly not all the way there.

No. 279942

I watched her Ash x Misty vid a while back and it just became pretty obvious that she's the type of person who will do literally anything for attention (positive or negative) it's honestly depressing.

No. 279987

What's with her whole tiktok cosplayer gestures? Although I do agree she seems either autistic or very stunted.i feel bad for her mum

No. 279996

I know she’s an adult, but I’ve never understood why her parents just seem to buy her all these things and let her do whatever she wants in their house. I wouldn’t want to enable behavior that clearly puts her mental health at risk because she seems to get really upset about criticism even if she tries to cope by saying it doesn’t bother her. How can you see your kid talking about suicide so much and then let them keep doing the things that make their mental health worse?

No. 280004

Where are you getting that her parents know what she is doing? Most parents aren;t really aware of what their adult children are up to

No. 280024

Wow.. she is not okay. But too grown for me to feel bad.

No. 280041

Nayrt but she lives at home and they are financially responsible for her. She doesn't have a job.

No. 280218

I still cant wrap my head around the fact that this isn't a troon

No. 280302

Damn, some people really shouldn't have internet access for their own good. This is just sad.

No. 280345

File: 1675634038806.jpg (403.95 KB, 1638x2048, 20230205_225239.jpg)

Imagine you start your own "J-Fashion Brand" and you're still not able to fit into a dress properly.

No. 280425

Quit being a pussy and post it where it belongs, retarded cunt. >>267569

No. 280473

Its not remotely Lolita open your damn eyes

No. 281628

File: 1676305425229.jpg (873.24 KB, 1080x1070, cows.jpg)

No. 312905

File: 1700612982388.jpeg (148.46 KB, 828x988, IMG_6289.jpeg)

KawaiiGoods just can’t let things settle. It is 2023. And she is still mad about the bandaid drama

No. 312934

What about this shows she seems mad though?

No. 313731

File: 1701292239590.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1179x1948, IMG_8487.jpeg)

Oh boy, her woman child behavior of bitching about her past is showing again.

No. 313750

God Lara is such a fat cow. Idk how you can feel younger when you weigh 200lbs and your joints must be screaming at you

No. 313846

sage your retarded non-milk next time

No. 314408

File: 1701857675601.jpg (164.09 KB, 730x718, Screenshot 2023-12-06 101517.j…)

imagine thinking you look good like this.

No. 314409

File: 1701857763234.jpg (132.74 KB, 697x700, Screenshot 2023-12-06 101632.j…)

this literally looks like a toddler did it(sage your shit)

No. 314497

Her hair is adding an extra chin on her kek

No. 315082

File: 1702385509538.jpg (598.46 KB, 1080x1652, 1000011117.jpg)

IG engagement is totally dead now, or people realised fairy kei looks like ageplay shit.(this is not milk, sage it)

No. 315084

Maybe they just realized how creepy it is for a man to dress up in women’s clothes

No. 315085

hate to break it to you anon but that's a TIF

No. 315139

wow, seeing kawaiigoods is such a throwback, did she keep having kids and buying lolita despite being broke?

No. 315190

Tabby is a woman kek one of the first fairy kei retards to troon out

No. 315199

Her gf trooned first and then she just followed. It’s reallly depressing because she was actually cute. Now she just made herself look like a balding pedophile.

No. 315372

File: 1702700433732.jpg (2.16 MB, 1370x1382, J2mx2gH.jpg)

Cybunnie with Callie (Ota-Q Apparel) posting "hot girl" photos like Callie didn't scam people out of tens of thousands of dollars with no recourse. The only thing worse than these stupid fit pics is the fact that people actually bought her Chinese factory crap. Has she been sued yet??

No. 315390

Is the hot girl privilege in the room with us right now? It's almost impressive to be wearing 100 cute accessories yet still look 0% cute

No. 315415

File: 1702754664418.jpg (953.24 KB, 1170x1204, AhJNibw.jpg)

Literally admitting she doesn't care Callie scammed everyone and telling people to get a lawyer.

No. 315489

This is such a massive cope. If I were friends with a scammer I would be ashamed to be seen with them like this. If you didn't want to get called out maybe you shouldn't be parading around with a piece of shit that scammed thousands and thousands of dollars from others. Would love to know what bull shit explanation Callie tried to give her though kek

No. 315520

Cybunny is actively showing she is as bad as Callie, Going out of her way to call out others who are speaking out against Callie on her posts while also protecting the Callies ass. She's either incredibly dumb or genuinely doesn't realise why Callie is in the wrong and why she will inevitably get backlash for hanging out with her.

I could understand if it was a small mistake on Callie's part but this is thousands of dollars of intentional scamming. Worst part is that Callie was always a horrible person yet it took her scamming for people to actually realise it.

No. 315554

>was always a horrible person
Deets anon? I only knew about her through her business and then even more through the scamming.

No. 315623

Why should we care what randos say? For all we know an anon typed that out just to post.

No. 315946

File: 1703214338948.png (324.96 KB, 828x1608, IMG_4424.png)

She responded and it makes her look dumb

No. 315947

File: 1703214383048.jpeg (732.56 KB, 828x1496, IMG_4426.jpeg)

No. 315996

Seriously, I'm not trying to side with Callie’s friend, but I think this jhessica person is pushing too many responsibilities onto her friend or whatever she is. She’s not responsible for the situation, nor can she do anything about it. She already said to get a lawyer to deal with this, and so far none of the people who got scammed by Callie haven't pushed for legal action. I’d like to see Callie in jail for this but it seems like no one is willing to pursue with taking it legally

No. 316102

If they cannot blame Callie, who left the face of the internet, they’re going to blame someone close to her, like Cybunnie. I think the J-fashion mobs are just wasting their time doing nothing but bitch and cry versus getting Callie held accountable.

No. 316157

They did try to push it legally it just costed people too much money especially when it involved international customers. It sucks but they dont have recourse anymore, and so telling off her dumb af friends is the best they can do. Cybunnie was stupid to post with her and pretend she isnt friends with a scammer of course people will notice and comment.

No. 316234

You’d think that all the people she scammed would create a funding to sue her

No. 316242

How is it possible for her to have super slim legs and be fat everywhere else? I thought only men have that kind of uneven fat distribution/body type?

No. 316243

Is this the girl trying to asslick Romwe plus all the time??(sage your shit)

No. 316311

File: 1703536636076.jpg (437.08 KB, 1080x975, 1000011902.jpg)

Imagine thinking this expression is cute.

Obvious cheek biting to look thin smh(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 316364

She's crying on twitter because she thinks people use her for thinspo lmfao(learn to sage)

No. 318262

File: 1705876320848.jpg (327.48 KB, 689x931, 1000013069.jpg)

Why is UK jfashion full of ugly deathfats?(sage your shit)

No. 318263

File: 1705876424997.jpg (680.38 KB, 1079x1240, 1000013062.jpg)

Please.(sage your shit)

No. 318267

She looks like a young Margaret Palermo.(sage your shit)

No. 318268

File: 1705880873532.jpg (581.4 KB, 681x879, 1000013071.jpg)

Tabby looks more and more like an 80s paedo everytime she posts.(sage your shit)

No. 318452

she has looked the same for years

No. 318491

File: 1706170958468.jpg (971.76 KB, 1080x1632, 1000013401.jpg)

The poor staff seeing her waddling through their door(still wont sage your shit)

No. 319707

File: 1708070731318.jpg (95.55 KB, 1080x479, 1000014435.jpg)

Like you won't be back tomorrow retweeting your own body checks and begging for validation

No. 319709


God I used to know this girl irl. Her sister is a PhD student or something now, Cara dropped out of fashion school and lives with mummy and daddy because she's "too ill" to do anything but buy clothes and take selfies smh(learn to sage)

No. 321180

>>315372 larping as a kawaii queen while being built like a floorboard is demented

No. 321452

Ran into pastelkawaiibarbie the other day irl. She was buying a chicken finger plate with double macaroni at publix. I had to do a double take, but sure enough, it was her. Yes she dresses this way in public.(sage your shit)

No. 321483

>>321452 dawg who cares. what else, you're gonna share her grocery list now?

No. 322303

File: 1709777937963.jpg (207.17 KB, 824x1501, dollywave.jpg)

Dollywave posted this 3 weeks ago, does anybody know what happened? I know she used to be friends with the lolita group with starstarfairy and sweetlullabai. She's not tagged in any of sweetlullabai's photos of her anymore so I think they blocked each other

No. 322304

File: 1709778010708.jpg (175.63 KB, 828x1379, dollywave.jpg)

No. 322305

File: 1709778044478.jpg (310.35 KB, 828x1424, dollywave2.jpg)

The last picture she was tagged in with sweetlullabai was in 2021

No. 322362

File: 1709852767172.jpg (100.93 KB, 1080x374, 1000015551.jpg)

Our suicide-baiting queen returns

No. 322363

Is this chick still shilling Diccha's ugly Milklom knockoffs?(sage your shit)

No. 322382

Diccha can at least draw. Dolly making those Lumina Love sweatshirts that are almost identical to Milklim cotton candy shirts and yet not getting shit on for it still bewilders me when the comm generally hates Kokokuma for… making a rainbow cardigan?

No. 322520

Always baffled by how this is a thirty something year old woman living in trust fund luxury in NYC who makes these petty smug tiktoks. Jfashion people will cry about ageplayers but be eternally stuck in the 6th grade themselves, it's amazing.

No. 322521

samefag but sure maybe her friend group was toxic or whatever but I can almost guarantee you that Dolly is no better. Because most of the comm is like this. And going by the vibe of her videos and posts I don't think she's an exception honestly

No. 322632

Confirming. She has THE nastiest attitude. She’s a huge bitch to everyone if they aren’t kissing her ass. I’ve seen her be horrible to min wage service workers. The only people who’ll hang out with her are her boyfriend, her sister, or girls who want clout/pics. Her friends are all the same as her but I’m still surprised they didn’t drop her sooner.

No. 322644

File: 1710110486344.jpg (414.2 KB, 1080x1827, 1000015705.jpg)

Western fairy kei and decora just look like scruffy age play now(sage your shit, not milk)

No. 322645

None of that looks like age play.

No. 322652

No, it just looks like shit.

No. 322654

File: 1710115109951.jpg (421.63 KB, 1080x1465, 1000015704.jpg)

Besides the trash outfits, she's filming actual kids at the meet and posting it to IG…(learn to sage)

No. 322667

Did she blur their faces or did you? Cause if she blurred their faces i don't see the issue

No. 322987

File: 1710420722952.png (683.46 KB, 577x788, troon.PNG)

yeah i fucking hate this ugly fakeboi bitch

No. 322988

samefag sorry for blurry pictures, top right cap says "time for the local gyaru fairy princess to fly around the neighbourhood (take the bus)

middle bottom picture says "how people expect me to look like when i say im a dude"

No. 323019

Whenever I see dyingdollyz on Instagram I want to take my life. We are fully doomed

No. 323023

When they take away tik tok, these are gonna be the first people to kill themselves. kek

No. 323038

File: 1710497515257.png (73.21 KB, 225x286, image.png)

…her name is knives?
sometimes i wish for a time machine to delete scott pilgrim vs the world
also actual Knives deserved better so at least points for larping the sympathetic character instead of Ramona or trooning into Scott, even though this character is still ruined by the male writting and pretty much exclusively a simp for Scott

No. 323040

Dressing the way she does and claiming it to not be pandering to pedo culture. Meanwhile she names herself after a character who's whole personality was being underage and obsessed with a male.

Sure that makes sense.(sage your shit)

No. 323073

You can tell that some butthurt trutrans fakeboi made this hate collage about this girl because the infographic still ~respects her pronouns~ at the bottom.

Like please Aiden, you are no more of a true and honest man than Knives is just because you cut your tits off and you're growing a neckbeard.

No. 323084

17-year-old sounds too young for Scott Pilgrim. Idk how long they've called themselves that but I wouldn't be too surprised if it was stolen from Trigun thanks to the reboot making it popular again

No. 323119

Scott Pilgrim got a new anime adaptation just last year that was very popular with teens, so nah, not too young for it

No. 323219

they also cannot take criticism for the life of them, they made a video showing a horrendous DIY skirt and when more people gave them critique than praise they deleted it lol

No. 323224

Gurl it’s okay you’re on Lolcow, you don’t have to play along with Knives’ special snowflake pronouns here. You can call her a woman.

No. 323225


Kek, them making jokes about shein should hire eight year olds was priceless, considering her sewing skills are just as competent and uses ugly dollar store fabric that makes her look like a abdl fag maybe shein should hire her!

No. 323227

my bad couldn't tell if she was a troon or poon

No. 323338

File: 1710964339895.png (2.49 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_4734.png)

Complains about how there’s no comms near her but lives in Northern California what an incompetent retard.(vendetta)

No. 323356

What part of norcal? If it's the bay area, I wouldn't blame her for not wanting to join. Last time I looked into it, it had a bunch of druggies involved

No. 323362

File: 1710989580253.jpeg (303.12 KB, 1170x2156, IMG_6304.jpeg)

ex german cosplayer who did osomatsu cosplay videos as yukamanjuu and now rebranded as a japanese fashion girlie on tiktok under the name moca, lived in japan for some time too(learn to sage)

No. 323389

good for her?

No. 323396

This is such a boring cow. Nothing milky about some normie girl that overuses TikTok buzzwords and likes nana and you can’t even sage either.. I bet you have some retarded vendetta or ur just a newbie.

No. 323462

where can i find her pics in cosplay? tried everything and found nothing

No. 323485

For someone who talks so much shit abt replicas and buying legit in Lolita this is really funny. She’s always been a hypocrite and a cunt though.(learn to sage)

No. 323490

She left Japan? I thought she moved permanently

No. 323521

File: 1711184560394.jpg (460.84 KB, 963x1841, 1000016513.jpg)

Diccha is delulu if she thinks anyone is paying £50 for a tiny piece of plastic

No. 323522

Why is anyone still buying from her? She takes weeks to ship then blames it on MUH MEntal heAlth

No. 323523

File: 1711184894336.jpg (197.21 KB, 1049x1252, 1000016517.jpg)

Her face is now double its natural width, get help seriously(posting 3 times in a row unsaged)

No. 323552

All of her stuff looks so bad lol she doesn't dome anything, her pieces are full of bubbles and chips, and when she attaches multiple bits together, the clear resin is a mess

No. 323558

is she seriously selling this? for that much? i do resin and my stuff looks much much better than this. (i'd post but it's probably against the rules maybe i can post on /ot/ if anyone's interested?) i should make a shop if this kind of garbage is selling.

No. 323567

99% of the UK "kawaii girlies!!" are deathfats.

No. 323568

File: 1711272981117.jpg (326.17 KB, 486x887, 1000016566.jpg)

Even Miku is getting chubby lately which is hilarious since she's dined out on "I'm sooo naturally skinny guizz!!" for years

No. 323569

Also everything she makes is a direct rip-off of Spank! (Just like cute Can Kill used to be) but for 3x the price

No. 323570

Her shop says
"the shop owner has fibromyalgia, which is an unpredictable illness, so packages might take up to 3 weeks to be processed and shipped"

Maybe don't run a business by yourself if your health is thay unreliable lmfao

No. 323572

File: 1711273492690.jpg (265.46 KB, 1077x1393, 1000016567.jpg)

Princess Peach has seen some shit(posting 5 times in a row unsaged)

No. 323574

Peach wants to buy some stonks

No. 323581

People will buy anything. Have you see how many sales kawaiigoods has? Occasionally she posts art by her young daughter and it’s the same standard as her own shitty art.

Unrelated but Diccha is a hypocrite. She continued to buy from Dolls Kill irregardless of their history of art theft but complained bitterly and made multiple posts when her work was stolen and resold on taobao.(sage your shit)

No. 323767

File: 1711506318286.jpeg (532.36 KB, 1108x1477, IMG_9036.jpeg)

sick of these fuckers at every possible harajuku event acting like they originally started decora colorful jfashion full of weirdo thirty year olds parading as children

No. 323782

They look like every other Jfashion extreme decora participant. I'm not sure what you're seeing here. Could you elaborate maybe on who they are?

No. 323793

Anyone over 20 wearing this shit looks ridiculous. It was coined by literally school girls in the 90s.(sage your shit)

No. 323825

i'll spoonfeed a little. cybr.grl(in rainbow jacket) is a known tiktok attention whore weeb who copied a bunch of stuff and took from japanese and western styles and pretended it was her own special snowflake style. k8 in the middle is just crazy and used to wear lolita a decade ago but left because some girls made fun of her for having bad gas in a bathroom during a meet.

No. 323830

Never thought I’d live to see the day where people use this site to talk about cybr.grl. She’s always given credit from what I’ve seen, she doesn’t really exude any attention seeking behavior at all. Her videos are very innocent. Feels like this anon is just a bit jealous that she’s so recognized in J-Fashion.

No. 323836

Seriously lmao cybrgrl has been in the jfashion scene for 10+ years and has never tried to act like she invented the fashion or anything

No. 323845

>It was coined by literally school girls in the 90s
So that means anyone who was there from the start would be in their 30s, some nearing 40s. Most probably aren't still wearing it day to day (if they ever did) but it would make sense to have fun and bring out old clothes and accessories at cons if you had them still even if you weren't.
A lot of these fashions are just simply older now so a big portion of the people still wearing it are going to be older themselves, especially as a lot of these fashions have mostly died so it's not like they got large amounts of new young adults/kids coming in.

No. 323847

it's probably because she's gone from niche jfashion influencer to minor mainstream relevance with her new toy brand. i'm willing to bet there are more than a handful of seething failed tiktokers jealous that they couldn't get famous off of wearing decora/lolita/fairy kei/whatever. most of the recent posts itt reek of jealousy, just look at how >>322987 was written it was definitely made by another jfashion tif raging at another garish tif for being more popular than her

No. 324472

Nobody is jealous of you dressing like a clown sweetie :)(sage your shit :))

No. 324806

Kek people are jealous.

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