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No. 12305

Hazuki No Yume and TheBlackCero
>vocaloid subbers, got into a fight with rachie, circus-p and some irrelevant utaites
>basically they said the hazuki and cero were just reuploading videos, when, in fact, for the most part they were not
>apparently rachie stole hazuki's translyrics, and cero is mad because "hazuki's japanese skills are superior"
>cero goes on large twitter rants and just can't fucking let it go
>hazuki "retires", and ultimately just leaves and deletes all their accounts
>cero is mad that people are reuploading hazuki's videos, because hazuki is the fuCKING bEST
>used garageband for a majority of their music
>knows nothing about music theory
>had a music series but discontinued it because "i am depressed"
>horrible tumblr art
>"bendi and the ink machine ees good game
>tRIGGER WARNINGS bECause i have mental illnesses and you do too
>not very milky, just shitty voice, shitty art, and shitty translyrics
>terrible fucking music
>keeps shilling his album
>obsessive fanbase of edgy children

No. 12306

No. 12307

Kind of sad about the hazuki stuff. I just want my vocaloid subs, I don't care about the comm's stupid drama.

No. 12308

Exactly this. Now all the subbers left that are active are lower quality.

No. 12309

oh thank god a thread on ghost, I really can't stand her preteen fans and her sperg sessions when something doesn't go her way

Also Hazuki thought she was the best subber ever, she was disgustingly pretentious

No. 12310

Creep-P doesn't seem to have much intuition when it comes to matching his lyrics to rhythms. Like, in his song "Cry", the first line is "the tears shed have not stopped flowing" (00:59). "The" is an unstressed syllable, which means it should start as an anacrusis meaning it should start before the beginning of the bar. So instead of having it all crotchets, he could have a rhythm like ♪|? ♩ ♩|♩ ♩ ♩ ♩ || which would sound more natural. There's a few more examples, but most notably at 2:35 he stressed the word "alone" the wrong way around, so it sounds like ahhh-lone.

No. 12311

creep-p's instrumentals are good imo, but his lyrics are so fucking shit

No. 12312

there was already a thread on ghost but idk what happened to it, it died I guess? but shes such a cunt, I can't stand her huge victim complex. Someone in the old thread said her lyrics were like "she was playing madlibs with a thesaurus" and it hit the nail right on the head, I've never seen a more accurate analogy.

No. 12313

It's a re-upload because she's a serial deleter, but this song really got under my skin because it just highlights her god complex. It's essentially a song where she complains that her "rabid fans" (who, according to her, are so obsessive that it triggers her ~~BPD~~ and ~~anxiety~~) put her on too high of a pedestal.

Bitch no one fucking cares about you, you make shitty edgy garageband music with shitty engloids.

No. 12314

File: 1509897683619.jpg (107.86 KB, 1005x795, self_centered_asshole_by_ghost…)

heres some e d g y shit from her da titled 'self-centered asshole'

u dont get sympathy points just bc you dont like urself sweetie :)

No. 12315

i have no clue who these people are, but something that really triggers me about the western vocaloid community is how they give themselves -P names
your fanbase is meant to give you your -P name
these weebs dont know shit

No. 12316

those fucking colors though. that red looks terrible.

No. 12317

I’m sure someone said it already but like,.l Most Vocaloid songs are edgy as hell its harmless, and I don’t think it means anything, sage for saying the same thing as everyone else (for example that Rin Teddy bear song) which I forgot, it’s harmless and inane in my opinion

No. 12318

alrighty, ghost posted a new song
these lyrics are some of her worst.

No. 12319

I'm not sure I agree. The lyrics a still bit tell instead of show (1:40-48 especially). However, they are less "thesaurusy" which I think is a big improvement.

No. 12320


I'm a rando not really in the fandom but I've seen a few songs

I've noticed that some of the clunkiness the English vocaloid vocals could be fixed if the song writers/producers had a better grasp on singing technique and diction.

No. 12321

Yeah, it's get on my nerves too. The "P" is like an honorary title given by fans.
Coming with a "P" when you're a nobody is just as stupid as calling yourself "sama" or "senpai" (we all knows that weebs doing that too)

In France, the comm is still relatively small hence there's no drama.
"Big" producers/utaites are pretty chill and the audience too.
And as a teeny-tiny part of it, I'm greatly happy with that.
But I'd really like to know more about the anglophone part of it (since Voca is mostly a matter of community, it's interesting to compare its expression depending on the country in which it's located)

I hope that thread won't turn like the Ghost one (a massive shitshow with unfunny sperging apparently made by ghost herself)

saging for crappy english but hoping the thread keep going

No. 12322

So if you go to her channel, her videos are unlisted. Apparently she got hate over her new song, so she's going to pull another "waaahhh im deleting my channel bc my fans are crazy!!11!" stunt again.

No. 12323


also fun fact she didn't write the lyrics! that's why they'd improved

No. 12324

File: 1511146194523.jpg (53.38 KB, 619x421, revolocities.JPG)

Some drama brewing on within the UTAU (freeware Vocaloid, for those unfamiliar) community.

User revolocities is taking old voicebanks, fixing them up and creating new art for them. Some people are getting pissy at him for doing this and getting offended on the behalf of users who've been inactive for over half a decade. I figured Vocaloid and UTAU are close enough in proximity to bring this up and bump up the thread.

No. 12325

GHOST is the most incoherent content creator ive ever seen.
does anybody remember the "you can be kin with all my character besides the pedo priest" deal? when literally their character at the time were:
- two deformed monsters
- a homicidal-suicidal mother
- a homicida-suicidal wife
- a suicidal husband
- a homicidal minor
yeah you cant be kin with a pedo, but you can be kin with all my homicidal OCS!!

plus all the inside jokes they puts on their channels (both the old and the new one)? youre a content creator keep these fucking inside jokes to yourself.
and the jeff the elf deal too. what were they expecting, with that kind of fanbase?

last but not least: "I DO NOT MAKE FANDOM RELATED SONGS!!!" theyre right. they dont make fandom related songs: they rip off the most popular character of a fandom at the current time, make it into a shitty oc, and make a song out of it.
not to mention they made a thread for themselves and repeatedly shat it up.
this person's bpd-induced god complex need to get a cure. go see a specialist, ghost.

No. 12326

>this person's bpd-induced god complex need to get a cure. go see a specialist, ghost.

>implying ghost actually has bpd in the first place and isn't pretending to have it like almost everyone else on tumblr

No. 12327

The UTAU community needs stuff like what revolocities is doing. As long as he's giving credit, that is. Unfortunately that community (in the West at least) has been very nearly dead for a long time.

As for all these communities, I wish the content creators were more open to constructive criticism. There are some producers who are decent but not great, and I feel that useful criticism could help them figure out where their skills are lacking.

No. 12328

I said it before but like… the edgy vocaloid songs are a Thing and probably doesn't mean anything, We Get it already its Edgy but some jp vocaloid songs are Edgy too
too long didn''t read; The Edginess is the Same

No. 12329

if you're going to self-post, ghost, at least attempt to change your tumblr uwu speech patterns

No. 12330

I'm kinda sad to see Ghost on this thread. I found her on youtube a few weeks ago and liked some of her music (minus all the edgelordiness). Shame that the person behind them isn't all that great. Does anyone have caps of her being a generally shitty person (like the god complex every one keeps talking about) minus getting all ~triggered~ over everything ever like every tumblrina ever? Or is it just the non-binary bs?
>Sorry if I'm missing something obvious or well known in the vocaloid com I'm kinda new to all this

No. 12331

she deleted her ask blog a while ago so i don't have caps, but she used to adamantly refuse compliments and talk about how much communications (her abandoned project) was stressing her out :( but oh noo it wasn't her fans fault (even though she posted a lot about how people wouldn't stop asking for it to be finished)
someone leaked the old thread on her to her askblog (which she deleted shortly after the incident) and she posted it to twitter and got her fans to spam it with bullshit with her
she has no problem with talking shit about her parents on streams and on her blog (apparently they both abuse and hate her but she's broke buying too many vocaloids so she can't move out)
there's not too much on her other than that afaik it's mostly generic tumblr dramas and edgy music

on a side note, she's currently considering giving up music to set up an art shop. she posted about it a while ago on her Twitter, but has said nothing on any of her blogs about it. which, considering most if not all of her followers follow her for music, is kind of something they would need to know

No. 12332

>tfw I keked at this but then read the comments and realised it was just a way for the creator to fish for attention
I didn't even know who ghost was before. Seriously, are there any good western vocaloid producers at all?

No. 12333

Yusukekira is actually pretty good

No. 12334

Yusukekira's lyrics sound like a middle schooler trying to convince everyone they're the baddest bitch on the playground. We get it Timmy you smoked a cigarette once(namefagging)

No. 12335

Circus can make okay instrumentals, but his tuning is sad.

No. 12336

Can we talk about JubyPhonic in this thread?

Ugh, her covers are just overused with autotune and her fans are kissing her ass for it.

No. 12337

I personally like Juby and she's really nice from what I can tell. There doesn't seem to be any milk on her? She even does collabs with others. She even met my friend at a meet up and even though he's a nobody she hung with him and invited him to a live stream. Her only crime is she's a weeb, which honestly a lot of us are.
But I won't bash your opinion, she does use autotune and edits her voice, but most artists do. She ain't no professional singer for sure. I'm sure if she just sang on stage with a mic it would sound awful.

No. 12338

I don't have anything personally against her, but I just can't stand her nasally tone and tihnk she's way overhyped.

No. 12339

I see what you mean. Yeah she doesn’t really have any milk.
I know that most artists use autotune, but not as much and obvious as hers at least. You can really hear the autotune without trying so hard to hear it. It just ends up sounding so robotic. And I also agree with >>12338
Her covers aren’t really something to be hyped about.

No. 12340

I vaguely remember this little drama on dA about MMD model parts theft. Parts theft is pretty common among MMD autists but there's this:


This is the same guy doing the mmd models for VOCAMERICA.

VOCAMERICA was funded by a kickstarter and a part of funds go toward mmd models.

You think he has wisen up to not do this anymore or?

No. 12341

the author of the journal sounds like a brat.

No. 12342

Speaking of vocamerica, any opinions on it?
I know that there was some kind of problem during a vocamerica concert a couple months back. Wasn’t major or anything but the people who went didn’t enjoy it. And how Kenji and AkiGlancy handled the problem was pretty immature/unprofessional.

No. 12343

I don't understand why they'd add random utaus in this, also the songs are awful

No. 12344

File: 1513025647360.jpg (95.8 KB, 540x720, IMG_0281.jpg)

Vocamerica and SRP has been low-key cows I've been following on and off for several years now. EmpathP and her/his/their friends at SRP have been having their go at making super mediocre events and begging for e-money. It's a really weird thing to watch from the sidelines.

Empath's original gang used to be at SRP https://www.facebook.com/SynthesizedRealityProductions/ but I guess she moved over to Vocamerica? One of the orignal crew members (Wolf) is still keeping it alive it seems like, I haven't really been following the dramu the past year..

No. 12345


I remember this modeler got caught red handed by another modeler for stealing a whole body base once:


He claimed it wasn't the same model, but apparently he forgot to fix the one anatomical mistake the model had that gave him away to the original creator. There was another drama (also about him stealing assets) on Twitter, where REM (another MMD modeler) found out Yoi-Style was using one of his textures for one of his commissions:


So part stealing for his models isn't really an unusual thing when it comes to this guy. Which makes VOCAMERICA's 3D artist choice… Interesting to say the least.

No. 12346

I personally find the autotune annoying, but she's having fun. her fans are obviously young, they'll grow up eventually

No. 12347

Aki talked about what happened in a stream a while back. Essentially a file was corrupt (i think) and the concert was fucked, and the attendees were unhappy.

No. 12348

File: 1513117431365.jpg (97.3 KB, 913x780, rockleetist tweet.jpg)

Somewhat unrelated (which is the reason for sage) but I wish there were more adults in this community. In my opinion that's part of the reason there's not much talent - people grow up and leave for better things. Most retired utaite (e.g. rockleetist, kran) probably realized there was no reason to keep growing their skills for an audience and peers that don't care about quality.

No. 12349

There are some who would claim they're done with Vocaloid but would come back to the scene just to make fun of or discourage people who are still into it.

After depending on the community to grow as a ""successful"" producer, they pull this shit. Heard one of them is promoting a new album lately so now they're back lul

Fans are mostly blind to the obvious gatekeeping they're doing so they take this as gospel truth

No. 12350


No. 12351

it's so easy for people to just say "i'm not a fan of this producer" but instead you all decide to be assholes. ok.

No. 12352

Speaking of Rachie, she said over discord that she browses PULL. Wouldn't be surprised if she lurks this thread.

No. 12353

alright who's been googling their names here

No. 12354

Is this Ghost?

No. 12355

likely not. ghost speaks like an edgy child and doesn't know how to sage. i'm putting my money of rachie or some utaite

No. 12356

I thought I saw someone subtweeting. I can see now they were definitely referring to this board.

No. 12357

File: 1513847376658.jpg (48.36 KB, 554x456, ew.jpg)

people are actually defending this

No. 12358

Shit like this is why I refuse to believe anyone behind an anime avatar is not a degenerate. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 12359

it actually triggers me that people still repeat this misconception in 2017, it's pretty much the fastest way to out yourself as an elitist weeb who doesn't actually have the first clue about the japanese community. P names are barely a thing anymore (hence a lot of popular producers moving away from them), but when they were, self-ascribed P names were in the minority but they weren't discounted as a valid option. i can't count how many rando japanese producers i've seen with them. the "like an honorific" thing was basically grammar usage notes (so people don't make weird stacks like lamazeP-sama) but somehow that got warped into a whole damn rite of passage. it's not a big deal tbh.
the japanese community has really turned into a flaming pile of edgekid bullshit in the past few years just like the western one, it's just rare for it to leak into the western community unless it's REALLY bad. like maretu cheating on his girlfriend for a minor, or rerulili being a narcissistic dick, or like two or three people plagiarising music, or even that one utaite who made fuckin TV news after he got arrested for sleeping with a 14 year old fan. this community is so full with insane trash people that most of the people with actual talent don't even bother anymore.
also holy shit do most of these kids who got inspired to write music through kagepro have no idea about music theory at all. it's not as viscerally disgusting for someone like me as GHOST or creep-p's stuff but i legit feel so bad for the people being overshadowed by this atonal tryhard garbage.

No. 12360

>maretu cheating on his girlfriend for a minor

Forgottensubs claims that the minor was a 19 year old, IDK how verifiable that is though

No. 12361

yea if i remember right her birth date was found on her blog. the age of consent in japan is actually 20 though so he was up to some illegal shit
i think too many people got caught up in the ethics of fucking 19 year olds when the real irony is in how he made nonstop songs about women being abused and then got accused of abuse

No. 12362

File: 1513935492364.jpg (260.26 KB, 1013x849, KaaiYukiCalalini.jpg)

to keep things on topic, this was absolutely the cultural nadir of the western vocaloid community
>teenage weeb crusher makes an edgy song about a "schizophrenic child"
>parents notice and decide to use it as an opportunity to shill for their charity
>crusher sells t-shirts for them, everyone pats themselves on the back for supporting a real cause
>a few years later
>parents are thoroughly outed as munchies
>complaining about doctors refusing to accept their children's self-dxed schizophrenia
>bragging about putting their children on ridiculous dosage levels of antipsychotics that are linked to brain damage in adults
>posting videos of their barely-conscious children drooling on themselves in their fly-infested hovel
>outright admitted to physical abuse in a biography and having a child sex abuse report against them
>no vocaloid fans ever bother to check this out, at most they just complain about vague "ableism"
>despite the community possibly being financially complicit in the abuse of a child
>crusher has a falling out with the family at some point after their divorce but barely acknowledges the drama, says the kids are fine
>goes ahead and releases an updated version on her first major album anyway
like i still can't bring myself to bring crusher for this completely because it started when she was a gullible kid
but jesus fuck, i'm still trying to wrap my head around how this happened and no one noticed

No. 12363


I follow the Schofield thread on KF but I don't recall reading this part of the story.

No. 12364

i actually found that thread because i was curious about the song, lol. in terms of schofield drama being connected to some random youtuber is pretty inconsequential so i doubt people would care much. but if it got out on the vocaloid side of things… man i don't even know what would happen.
i know this is petty but ffs, this is such a perfect example of what sheltered brats most "edgy" producers are. the contrast between this, a real life case of mental illness and abuse, and the "i'm so crazy and sad :((" bullshit they write about is so huge. i wish they'd grow up. or at least take care not to accidentally involve people with actual issues in their bs.
sage for rant

No. 12365

Thank you for giving me more perspective on what's wrong with the western vocaloid community.

I've searched for copper and found gold

No. 12366

Another fake vocaloid has arrived.

No. 12367

>holy shit do most of these kids who got inspired to write music through kagepro have no idea about music theory at all
lol of course they don't. Jin himself has barely any idea of writing half-decent songs at all plus he uses vocaloids like absolute shit. The (japanese) scene went most remarkably to trash after he got popular (not that vocaloid songs have ever been the finest musical pieces neither … But I noticed how producers and new songs became drastically worse and many good japanese old producers left the scene pretty much rushedly).

sage for replying to a month old post, sorry

No. 12368

There is something I dont get about these fake vocaloids at all, how comes these kids obtain access to Yamaha's development kit if Yamaha doesnt acknowledge any relationship with them in the first place? Has this kit been pirated or something like most of vocaloids?

No. 12369

File: 1517698838603.png (125.23 KB, 929x1439, vocaloidotaku vivi thread.png)

This voicebank appears to be real. Sorry for the awful screengrab skills, but people in the vocaloidotaku thread contacted Anders (VocaTone founder, they apparently made Oliver and Yohioloid) and Yamaha. I think Yamaha is pretty out of touch with the Western side of things though.

I would like to know this as well. In this case someone from a Western Vocaloid company probably gave it to the Vivi developers.

By the way, "Ausgris" is the name of another Vocaloid whose production has seemingly halted.

No. 12370

>I think Yamaha is pretty out of touch with the Western side of things though.
Makes sense to me. I can recall similar dramas about people going full skeptic about upcoming western vocaloids because Yamaha couldn't bother themselves to give enough shits about them.

In part I get why people becomes so paranoid over every engloid anouncement that isn't backed up by some vocaloid company. What a shitshow, I dont get how comes a big firm such as Yamaha is lets this stuff happen everytime.

No. 12371

File: 1517850978271.png (34.22 KB, 595x339, vivi cancelled.png)

Regardless VIVI was legit but just unlicensed (or not), she's been cancelled until further notice.

Now why would you anounce something you lack the license to release. This is not like making and posting your fucking UTAU online.

No. 12372

The vocaloid community in Japan vs the west are so different. Like, the bulk of Japanese artists are just trying to branch out their music with vocals and attract actual vocalists. While the western seems to think vocaloid is cool and is made up of people who weren't musicians to start with.

No. 12373

>>12372 maybe that's the issue. The vocaloid community is too inbred.

No. 12374

Creep's songs are tolerable when rearranged by someone else.

Shit, but the original uploads always sound like it was made by the academy of deaf-mutes and lyrics were a direct copy and paste from the tard version of creepypasta wiki.

Outside of the "music", actually he doesn't seem to bad though. He just got posted to an instagram account which made fun of his fashion sense but he seemed to take it pretty well.

Western fandom has basically been treated like utau the past couple of years. What is Vocamerica besides Aki's OC shit show?

No. 12375

I can't stand the fact that rando utaus are being shilled. Everytime I have to listen to UTAU english, I die inside.

No. 12376

This is a pretty fucking stupid drama to start in the first place.

Yes, revolocities is an attention whore, but no, using shitty utau banks and redesigning them =/= stealing them.

No. 12377

If you become good friends with AkiGlancy, you bet your singing OC can be in Vocamerica.

I heard that's how it goes.

No. 12378

File: 1521840502929.png (1.31 MB, 603x798, Screenshot_53.png)

kind of old but creep's awful try-hard jfashion is eternally hilarious. i can't believe he went to jillian vessey's meetup

No. 12379

why did ghost go on hiatus, exactly? genuinely curious and i cant seem to find an answer.
also, what are you guyses opinion on oktavia aka oktavia von seckendorff? i found her through her kurage-p covers and all of her stuff is pretty good imo.

No. 12380

File: 1522105478573.jpg (Spoiler Image, 665.6 KB, 2048x2048, Screenshot_33.jpg)

>Outside of the "music", actually he doesn't seem to bad though.

you have to be joking… did you miss every new twitter thread he has to make about "wahhh, someone looked at me funny" every time he goes out in his awful decora

also spoiler because i gagged

No. 12381

oktavia seems a bit annoying, but she's a much better singer than Juby

No. 12382

File: 1523827133654.jpg (208.42 KB, 1453x687, DUNWpPhVoAENjWc (2).jpg)

this is why ghost went on hiatus:

No. 12383

File: 1525738786940.jpg (42 KB, 619x415, lol.jpg)

that VOCAMERICA song contest sure brought in some salt

this guy thinks they're some hot shit with this noise

No. 12384

i think the song is decent (although it could be improved upon for example i can hardly understand the vocals), if you can't handle losing then why enter? although looking at their twitter they seem to be salty since theirs was most popular and got no sort of mention (idk how vocamerica works but that seems fair). but still like looking at their other tweets they acknowledge they didn't make what vocamerica wants.

No. 12385

He just had major drama with a maid cafe. He also looks like he doesn’t wash his hair

No. 12386

No he gets mad when people take his picture. Then whines on social media and rally his army of followers for asspats.It’s his own fault for looking like a dumpster hobo clown

No. 12387

well that's just how it is with those one of OneThoughtRemain's groupie (those with edgy names)

to be fair vocamerica contest is almost a reality shitshow. the winner of the contest doesn't even know music theory and just use vi-IV-I-V progression for all his songs.

another thing i'd like to talk about is how Aki made the email, where she gave participation trophy to losers, public. so if the contestants replied directly, basically there goes your real name and address

No. 12388

Great. Cilia is a straight up pedophile. (sage for random comment)

No. 12389


No. 12390

No. 12391

Can someone fill me in on the whole subber drama thing over people "stealing" translations? I really don't get the idea of that being a thing. Like, yeah, they did the work (Excluding the "translators" who have very basic knowledge of Japanese if any at all, use shitty online translators as a crutch, and act like they're reliable sources), but they don't own the actual lyrics. Two people who know what they're doing are going to get the same or near the same translation, right? Even if you make a modified version to make it easier for people to sing in their native language, it's not your song, it's just a singable fan translation. Plus, if another subbing channel takes your translation and claims they did it by themself, isn't that technically pointless because then people will ask them to translate things they can't find and they'll be found out as a faker?

No. 12392

Is it just me or is the song quality dropping with circus's new style? I feel like the vocal tuning and overall memorability of this new one is just… not there. Might just be though.

No. 12393

Best way to put it: Whiny idiots getting upset that other whiny idiots get the same result when translating a song into the same language and start a shitshow out of it. It's pretty fucking dumb and pointless. They all seem to be pretty defensive of their "hard work" when most of it is sent through google translate and cleaned up a bit at best. It's dumb.

No. 12394

Writing is a skill and you are right that google-translate level translations are more or less the same. But translations written by knowledable people will use different words, sentence structures, level of abstractness etc

Just see the manga translate competitions that MAL hosts every year.

No. 12395

also a lot of vocaloid music has shitty songwriting (the composers are amateurs after all) so some songs may take forever to make sense out of.

No. 12396

I liked his new Luka song, Dream. His songs and tuning are extremely hit or miss for me. Once in a while he makes something really nice, but usually his stuff is a little generic and grating. His tuning style bugs me, like he tries to emphasize consonants too much. I get that it's hard to make Engloids understandable, but I don't find his methods to work.

On another note, it's too bad the Unholy Quartet didn't do more actual covers together. They're all at least decent singers, and their vocals were pretty tight. I would've liked them to do a series of songs or something.

No. 12397

if this is about HnY from a few posts above, she's not exactly some rando with Google Translate-levels of Japanese proficiency.

I think one issue was youtaite fandubbers would stea-"borrow" her translations for english translyrics then indirectly profit from it via Patreon or other means.

No. 12398

So I guess Strovi has retired from Vocaloid and possibly given up on making music? All her stuff is unlisted on YouTube and she made a post on there about it. Too bad, she was one of the few producers with songwriting talent. I was really excited to hear what her stuff might sound like once she got more practice producing.

No. 12399

This, she was one of my favourite western producers (which doesn't say a lot, but still). It seems like all of the newer ones are either completely talentless or literal children trying to be GHOST

No. 12400

You are fucking retarded. Also, tumblr is that way.

No. 12401

Lol and if you are a fandubber with 0 level of Japanese, how the fuck are you supposed to adapt the lyrics of a song for an english fandub without referencing someone's else translation at all? I may be missing the point on something but the translation-stealig shit is the dumbest drama I heard in ages and I've been in this community for years. When you are the only one to provide a translation people are bond to use that translation one way or another. Getting offended over something like that is just being an over-sensitive snowflake.

Also if I'm not wrong HnY also got triggered at people for putting her translations as lyrics on the original uploaded song videos on nico nico douga (giving her credits and everything), the ones from the song authors themselves. Fucking retard. I hope her channel wasn't monerized either huh.

No. 12402

>Lol and if you are a fandubber with 0 level of Japanese, how the fuck are you supposed to adapt the lyrics

Learn Japanese, retard.

No. 12403

On the topic of GHOST, people have legit harassed others for reuploading songs. Yeah, GHOST asked for no reuploads but people have gone to legit harassing. GHOST even had to make a post about this telling people to stop harassing others. I swear GHOST's fandom is toxic as shit.

No. 12404

Maybe they should choose an area they might have a talent/skill in?
I don't know if it's the problem here (and maybe my reading comprehension is shit and I apologize in advance if so) but crediting someone's work isn't that hard. And that should applies to everyone: artist, singer…blablabla
I'm making fr adaptations of Vocaloid songs myself, and I put a lot of time and heart into.
I can only speak for myself, but If someone would take my lyrics whitout crediting me, I would certainly not throw a snowflake tantrum but I'll be sad.

sage for blogging/shitty english

No. 12405

GHOST was an annoying person outside of vocaloid stuff, her fanbase was made up of the same sort of people as her. Remember when she was sending herself anons on tumblr about how she had a thread here?
And when her "fans" found out, "they" filled the thread with the same exact cat reaction photos that she herself used on multiple occasions on tumblr lmao…
>makes thread about herself
>sends herself asks on tumblr talking about thread
>dumps entire cat image file onto thread and claims it's her ~fans~, even though only she had used that same style of humor before
She was a real pathetic person.

No. 12406

I must have missed it, how do we know that ghost made the ghost thread? Also if the cat reaction pics was stuff ghost had posted to tumblr, then the fans could have sent it? I didn't see that so I dont know but knowing the type of fans ghost has, I could easily see them sending the cat images themselves.

No. 12407

Strovi was too good for this shitshow of a fandom.

No. 12408

I don't feel like digging for the GHOST thread but lmao at her for thinking her songs are worth 11 bucks

No. 12409

Personally I think $11 is a fair price. That’s $1 for each song and instrumental. Yeah maybe it could be cheaper, but I can see where ghost was coming from with the price.

No. 12410

strovi's back.

No. 12411

Creep-P posted the music video for Centipede, and it's basically just awkwardly zooming in on the same drawing of the centipede, with some edgy glitching and edgy sudden-red-text, and of course, awkward Creep-P lyrics. I will say that at least he made the Vocaloids sound like they're feeling some kind of emotion instead of sounding dull and robotic like in Animalistic.

No. 12412

File: 1536132951419.png (375.43 KB, 691x897, eleanor-forte_01SMALLER.png)

I saw this too, and it really bothered me. Not just the tasteless subject matter, but the clumsiness of the song itself. Creep-P's music never has discernible chords to me.

It's good that she's back, but this doesn't make much impact on first listen. I love that everyone has been using Eleanor Forte, though, even if her design is kind of bad. (Something simpler would have been much better.)

No. 12413


creep doesnt tune his own works though, prismatic does https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh17nFTXiVrEw3kC3mb7ibQ

No. 12414


appearantly he noticed that people bren talking shit bout him but i think hes been just living in denial that his music could improve

No. 12415

ngl i thought this was a miku recolor or maybe a snow miku design

No. 12416

>google "are there any western vocaloid producers that are actually good"
>this is literally the third result


The only western producer I can think of that was ever good on a consistent basis was Giuseppe (and I think he only ever did covers). Everyone else either sucks or is mediocre with MAYBE one or two good songs.

It's… really baffling, honestly. No one can mix. No one can into music theory. No one can even make lyrics with metre that ISN'T fucked in some way or another. They don't even have to be talented. They just need to THINK.

This fandom is over 10 years old and the western side of it has never produced an equivalent to Neru/Supercell/Jin/Oster Project/etc… Not ONE. How is that even POSSIBLE?

TONS of people know what vocaloid is. Shitty songs can EASILY get a million views. And yet no one with any actual gumption has stepped up to the plate on the western front. HOW?

No. 12417

talented western musicians do not waste their time on this weeaboo crap

No. 12418

is western vocaloid community still a thing after like 2013

No. 12419

eh, vocaloid is a really good tool for musicians who don't have access to singers. but that's literally it.

100% of the time i like versions with real singers, even if they vocode their voices, because most musicians don't tune vocaloid vocals well.

that said, it doesn't work that well in the western indie scene because there's no huge pool of singers wanting to work with anyone, nor is there a huge cover scene.

No. 12420

Basing your lyrics off existing translations is bad apparently, but what about if you're just cross-referencing?

Is it really stealing if you speak some Japanese, but look at a TL to help with context on some trickier parts? What if you mull over some word choices and decide the one used in the translation is the best one? Is tHAT still stealing?

No. 12421

Ghost's new song is pretty underwhelming.

No. 12422

i will fight u ghosts new song is amazing

No. 12423

Seconded. I unironically like this one.

No. 12424

same. it's fucking edgy but it's probably the best tuning she's ever done.

No. 12425

Amazing? This sounds like garbage. I don't know why people find this Vocaloid shit appealing to listen to.

No. 12426

Amazing? This sounds like garbage. I don't know why people find this Vocaloid shit appealing to listen to.

No. 12427

ghost's lyrics are stilted sometimes but jeez. this feels like listening to a word salad, save for a couple lines in the middle.
i do like the art for this a lot, though.

No. 12428

Literally anything ghost writes is garbage, like ever fucking listened to her other shit. Like the only legit good thing she written is only somewhat seen, because it isn't a mess. Get urself a new pair of ears anon

No. 12429

i think im inclined to liking the song because its literally about me :)

No. 12430

still lurking?

No. 12431

well, if you're really ghost just lurking to see what people say about u, then take some fucking criticism. get urself a new pair of ears, and stop caring what random people on the net say, because holey moley, someones on their fucking period.

No. 12432

im not ghost lmao, im the person that ghost wrote their new song about (im the spider/stalker). i dont think they lurk this thread?

No. 12433


Why the fuck are you stalking some weeb rando and why the fuck are you posting about it?

No. 12434


No. 12435

Is it u crypt

No. 12436


Didn't they resolve their differences like a year ago or something?

No. 12437

Idk ghost went around warning about crypt, who uses minors for free art for his songs or something and it really wouldn't surprise me judging how he asks for donations plus changing the artist for every song he releases

No. 12438

At least the picture looks good.

No. 12439


creep p or crypt or eyeris or whatever the fuck wouldn't call ghost's music amazing

No. 12440


What else would he say

No. 12441

off topic but crusher made a cover of this one producers songs whos having some sort of controversy going on which I think is really bothering to know, considering [REDACTED] wanted any of their work to be never mentioned again, and she decides to make a cover of his song and still tells to not mention the producer lol

No. 12442

Dunno what happened here but the producer's nicopedia page says it's OK to repost his most popular songs as long as he doesn't get credited. People have been making loads of covers of this already so it was pretty much impossible to erase all traces of it from the internet anyway.

No. 12443


Personally, it's not that she covered it, more like that she wanted to cover it right NOW where this new account got created with this mysterious producer who seems to show off that they're them who disappeared years ago.

No. 12444

who's the producer…?

No. 12445

What I wanna know is what the producer did to make people want to erase his name from the whole internet.

No. 12446

Not dating a 19 year old
BA dum ts

No. 12447

Did any of you see the drama on the Vocaloid discord?

No. 12448


>sips tea

No go ahead I'm interested

No. 12449

File: 1540473078715.png (3.22 MB, 737x14234, IMG_0667.png)

This was posted on another server. I’m not in it so can’t see what people said about this in there.

No. 12450

Lmao this keeps happening. VocaloidOtaku had a huge problem with this too. The community has been around 80% underage for years so it's trivially easy for some gross ass to take advantage of kids and teenagers.

No. 12451

Koronba, he's the guy who made LCD dem and then tweeted something like "I'm tired of saying I'm going to kill myself and not doing it" and asked people to never mention his name again. Wasn't the first time he'd done something like that btw

No. 12452

obviously for clout

this is the same girl who was "done" with the fandom only to come back crawling to promote her first album

No. 12453

jesus christ disgusting weeb men must die.

No. 12454

What makes it so disturbing is that there are just so many of them involved in defending this person

No. 12455

Why do producers do that anyway?

I wonder how many of them actually work full time. It doesn't make sense to shit on all your fans if they're paying your bills.

No. 12456

Too bad no one here speaks Japanese. An Eastern Vocaloid Community thread would probably be amazing.

No. 12457

Being a Vocaloid producer definitely does not pay the bills, but she's clearly cashgrabbing regardless. I doubt it will affect much, honestly, her fanbase is full of dumb kids.
I speak Japanese but I only know about older stuff, I've been out of the loop.

No. 12458

Pls share juicy drama regardless.

No. 12459

okay, so GHOST tries to play off how "poor" and "abused" she is but look at how many vocaloids she owns (based off her past + present videos)

-macne nana
-gachapoid (she used him for that one 'meme' song)
-her most recent addition, LUMi
-utatane piko
-otomachi una
-hatsune miku
-sweet ann
-cyber diva (?)

that's all of them, judging from what i can remember/reuploads/what's currently on her channel.
unfortunately i can't find the costs for a lot of these, so i only managed to get to a total of about 1014.78 USD (not factoring in any sales; this is including fukase, cyber diva, otomachi una, lumi, vflower, gumi, chika, gachapoid, maika, macne nana eng and gumi eng)

No. 12460

Yeah, but does she own them or did she just torrent them?

No. 12461

im not sure. she's said that she buys all of her vocaloids, but i can't be sure how true that is.

No. 12462

Hi um. Can you guys not?

No. 12463

Ghost is THEY. not "she". You guys are just mean.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12464

fuck off

No. 12465

she said she doesn't want people to argue about her gender, and she doesn't care about pronouns, so.

No. 12466

oh my god, jelf the elf. watching ghost freak the fuck out because people laughed at her thing and going full bpd was great.

No. 12467

Please elaborate

No. 12468

damn, i remember that. why did she get so pissy though? i thought she wanted it to be a joke?

No. 12469

she couldn't handle the "attention" and "fame". her fans took the joke just as far as she did, though

No. 12470


why should i care for
preffered pronouns if she blocks me for no reason? :)(don't use emojis)

No. 12471


>(don't use emojis)

sorry im a newfag(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 12472

Actually, wait, what are your thoughts on the ghost wannabe called "Zion XYZ"? I fucking hate them for being so salty and horrible…

No. 12473

I couldn't care less about their personality. But their songs suck and they can't mix for shit. just like every other western Vocaloid producer.

No. 12474

I've seen a bunch of instances where creepy male anons want too go to mikuexpos just to do predatory stuff/shag vocagirl cosplayers, that one pedo instance sadly isn't the only case, you know which thread btw

No. 12475

They seem to target underage Vocacosplayers too. Fucking disgusting.

No. 12476

it's amazing how deep in denial she is. Maybe if she tried to deviate from ghost at least a little bit it would be okay, but she just deletes any mildly critical comment

No. 12477

File: 1543097235880.png (86.74 KB, 1242x331, I am Disgusted.png)

She even fucking said Micheal Myers. MICHEAL FUCKING MYERS, a serial killer, was hot. Disgusting.

No. 12478

zzz anon, this is an over reaction lol

No. 12479

Its a fictional character. Chillout

No. 12480

File: 1543282166523.png (16.22 KB, 637x170, chrome_2018-11-26_20-26-07.png)

I'd be concerned about this (now deleted) tweet from them…

No. 12481

Feels like a lame attempt at being edgy, tbh.

No. 12482

If they try to treat this tweet like a joke, I'm going to vomit.

No. 12483

ew that's gross. i hope they're joking

No. 12484

it's officially, zion is fucking disgusting

No. 12485

Sage your one-liners in the future, peanut gallery.

No. 12486

What does that even mean?

No. 12487

It means to lurk more until you learn how to reply to specific posts and sage, obvious newfag.

No. 12488

To be fair, how else is anyone supposed to react to this?

No. 12489

File: 1543454059573.png (58.31 KB, 639x649, hmmmm.png)

Who to believe…

No. 12490

Perhaps that user is only covering for Zion? It's plausible.

No. 12491

nah, those tweets are fake. whoever’s doing it is trying to frame him for stupid shit for some dumbass reason. whoever posted those, you seriously need a life if you tried to fake tweets.

No. 12492


No. 12493

File: 1543519523461.png (20.73 KB, 590x198, chrome_2018-11-29_14-24-38.png)

This is disgusting…

No. 12494

oh my fucking god it's another fake!!!

No. 12495

File: 1543521280059.png (13.22 KB, 639x198, chrome_2018-11-29_14-54-31.png)

alas another one

No. 12496

ugh stop

No. 12497

where come all those fucking anons to begin with, this seems way too forced to be multiple people, wouldn't be surprised if ghost makes those up to begin with, considering people been callin zion a ghost ripoff and we all know how much


is a drama queen dont't we

No. 12498

File: 1543522138749.png (48.43 KB, 915x528, s.png)


just to show how easy it is to fake some juicy content. if ya'll want me to believe any of that shit get some way back machine screenshots, otherwise, eat my ass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12499

you really think it might be ghost getting back at everyone? What good would there be in that?

No. 12500


Knowing how small the vocap community in the west is, denying any other less successful P will lead most fans to the ones that exist already - like ghost, creep, circus, aki - they essentially don't let other genres breath up its either edgy or pop, but thank God that the lord brought to us kira

No. 12501

What do you guys think about Ferry? I unironically like his lyrics, though the dude can't master for shit.

No. 12502

he's a guy?
i think his lyrics are fine. he's going places but man he does have to work on his mastering a lot. maybe also his tuning, sometimes i can't even understand the words lol

No. 12503

Nah I don't think it's Ghost trying to get back at people. Besides, Ghost has never had any drama with Nico. It's probably someone trying to create drama or some shit. Who ever you are anon, please get a fucking life instead of being pathetic by faking tweets just to start drama with people you don't like. Grow up.
>>12498 Yeah I'm not buying these tweets unless it's archived. Nico doesn't even have a cat as far as I know.

No. 12504

>he's a guy?
I was just assuming, could very well be a girl.

No. 12505

Ferry is a guy. I remember somewhere he mentioned it.

No. 12506

What do you guys think of creep-p using minors for resources? (art, tuning)

I'm afraid he underpays then

No. 12507

wasn't that a rumor Ghost spread about him when they were fighting? i know he used to be stingy about it and tried to haggle, but he pays them whatever their commissions are

No. 12508


better tell us what happened so we can get why ghost is a horrible person

No. 12509

I know that Creep joked about paying a minor a nickel for their pay what you want commissions, but I dont know if he ever actually underpayed someone

No. 12510

I'm not a minor, but Creep-P did comission me for something and paid me what I asked

No. 12511

I don't think it was a rumor, I think actual people that he commissioned accused him of underpaying but it was debunked. I don't have screenshots though and I might be remembering wrong because this all happened over two years ago

No. 12512


I remember him talking about it multiple times on streams and Twitter, and he was able to pretty much set a lot of shit straight. He did come clean about underpaying Sleppu, and he did apologize for that, so I give him some credit.

No. 12513

I think you guys are being a bit harsh here. None of them are professionals, they're just people who like making music in their spare time. And yeah, they're not perfect human beings, but can you honestly say that any of you are better? You spend you free time shitting on people on the internet. Stones, glass houses, yadda yadda yadda.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12514


anon, they act like professionals, and each time their work is critized, they end up being the crybabies, so what's your point. Creep-P is one of the oldest Ps in the community so they should know how to properly pay his artists.

I doubt he even pays the child who's tuning most of his songs, because they probably be like "it's just tuning"

I hope that's not the case, but if it is, well, won't deny that it's nothing new.

No. 12515

also damn, people who directly get in touch with those producers >>12510

consider that he'd be using your work not just for a PV though, if he owns the artwork he can use it as often as he wants and on whatever he wants like merch and etc, that's why I think people really underprice that what they're working for

No. 12516

"making music in their spare time" and "not being perfect" are not good excuses for scamming people, being emotionally manipulative, sexually harassing people, exploiting mental illness, etc etc etc
there are loooads of great independent content creators in the world who don't act like shitty brats but the general tone of the western vocaloid fandom is so bad that they're staying a million miles away

No. 12517

So, it's been a while since we touched on Ghost. What are the issues you guys have with her with how she is now?

No. 12518

File: 1544277828563.jpg (184.53 KB, 1113x1089, IMG_20181208_165832.jpg)

He's actually an ok artist

No. 12519

File: 1544293270908.jpg (23.12 KB, 340x340, IMG_20181209_031811.jpg)

You left out the reference he used
It looks more than just "referenced" and straight up traced to me though in all honesty

No. 12520


Nah. The proportions among everything would be exactly the same if he traced. Its clearly a reference.

No. 12521

File: 1544295022383.jpg (222.5 KB, 1920x1080, check.jpg)

It doesn't line up at all.

No. 12522

I don't think the guy is traced. The lower part of his face looks kinda suspicious, but I think that's mostly due to line thickness.

No. 12523

tbf it's hard to tell when people trace, because people who are smart about it won't trace it perfectly, and usually do like in >>12521.

No. 12524

File: 1544782001091.jpg (164.42 KB, 720x1045, IMG_20181214_130404.jpg)

Ghost being salty about mild criticism vol 80

No. 12525

I always see this whiny shit and it never makes sense. People just like giving their opinions/throwing out their own ideas, especially online. Saying "I think this would've been better if you made this change" doesn't mean they expect or are demanding that you do it that way.

No. 12526

>I don't like the reverb on your cover. Can you please re-record it?

I have that kind of comments on my own YT sometimes and I guess it comes from very young viewers.
It can be sligthly annoying but come on, it is not worth throwing a twitter tantrum.

But this is Ghost, a girl stupid enough to create and shit up her own thread on here.

No. 12527

Her having mental issues doesn't excuse her being a bitch to everyone who tries to give her constructive criticism.

No. 12528

ghost and empath-p got demonetized on youtube who's next

No. 12529

1 person responded negatively to her complaint and after failing to start a twitter fight with said person, she backpedaled and deleted the tweet.

No. 12530

File: 1544982261890.jpg (154.19 KB, 640x772, 20181216_121620.jpg)

No. 12531

File: 1544982558335.jpg (193.66 KB, 612x862, 20181216_121403.jpg)

No. 12532

File: 1544982723316.jpg (208.03 KB, 612x913, 20181216_121223.jpg)

No. 12533

So whats up with CreepP being so mysterious about MAPs, can't he just do a proper callout post or some shit, he just shares everything in DMs like a pussy

No. 12534

What's he doing? I'm not seeing anything on Twitter.

No. 12535

No. 12536

looks like a vendetta article to me

No. 12537

Same. It's kinda pathetic writing all of this this about a literal who, anon.

No. 12538

what do you guys think about Circus? tbh he’s starting to have a more generic sound, and it’s starting to get really boring

No. 12539

YES. Thank you. Finally, someone else says it. It’s sounding so damn generic and repetitive nowadays…

No. 12540

He's extremely boring nowadays. The lyrics and the music are just so fucking bland.
The only good song he's made recently was Hello Again, which incidentally sounds very similar to Wooden Toaster's Awoken

No. 12541

Can I just sperg/vent about Creep-p for a bit?
I've been too long around his 13 year old fans and I decided to listen to songs of his that I didn't previously listen to.
And oh my god. That guy can't compose or tune for shit. With tuners it's always guests like Ghost who can make this garbage at least listeneable, and some nonames that tune worse than Creep himself.
His tracks are all cookie cutter, his lyrics are terrible, his tuning is atrocious.
The only song of him I kinda like is Animalistic and still it's such a mess musically.

How did he even get popular? Are all those fans from Exorcism?

No. 12542


Anon he makes songs out of existing franchises that are a big hit, listen to centipede, his undertale one, and fucking uhhhh dhmis. His original songs with original plots are the most basic emo teenager shit you'd see, with a obvious meaning behind his fucking basic lyrics.

No. 12543

File: 1546025638622.png (43.61 KB, 579x240, le fuck.png)

Someone asked Zion a relatively okay question, and then he responded with this. pure immaturity.

No. 12544

Because a decade of consistent producing and social media presence will accumulate at least some semblance of a fanbase, no matter how much you suck at it.

Also because there's no Jin, Neru, supercell, or other big names that actually make good songs on the western side of the fandom. Western vocaloid fans are lazy fucks that mindlessly consume whatever the JP side makes. No one with any actual talent tries.

No. 12545

Kinda funny how much music theory is shunned in this music community. Most popular producers have confirmed they don't know it(Circus, Ghost Eyeris), but I've seen some(Eyeris) even sperg out about how even insisting they should even touch music theory is bullshit and "bullying".

It doesn't even sound like Eyeris knows certain notes don't go together.

Critique is non-existant, too(that's also bullying).

No. 12546

Got Screenshots of that? Would love to see

No. 12547

Okay, to all of the anons that find this, all of the stuff that you claim they are doing, is it
A) Stuff they did a long time ago
B) Stuff they are doing in present tense

I would highly suggest thinking real hard about your answer. And once you do, you will either triumph in victory, or cringe in defeat afterwards.

No. 12548

I posted that simple quiz in the comment because people are capable of making change and pushing forward. That dosen’t mean that they don’t become aware of their past mistakes, it just means that they are rebuilding, they are a work in progress.

And i know that the other producers may do things that i may not agree with, like underpaying collaborators, interacting with minors, or something of the sort. And if you’r aware of that, then maybe reporting them to the police or even the FBI would be a lot better than resorting to this comment section here. I know this is lolcow, and it has a purpose, but there are other options OUTSIDE of this website. Like, if you’r being abused, calling the police is the best suitable option.

And if you saw someone abusing them, getting the police involved or giving the person enough strength to get out is an option as well. So it’s not like calling the police, or going to the cops yourself isn’t an option anymore.

If anyone is aware of that person’s misdeeds but still enjoys what they do, whether it’s making videos, music, or comics, etc, then let them do so. Because we all have different thoughts and opinions on people we may not like.

Unless of course you decide to make some sort of meme or joke out of this, then go right ahead. I’m kind of expecting it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12549

I would believe it. No one talks bad or criticizes the popular music or art producers, at least not in public.

No. 12550

I agree with so much stuff in this thread, but being a producer with a somewhat decent following I'm afraid to speak up. I know that if I say a single bad thing about GHOST half of my audience will be gone.

No. 12551

I wouldn't worry about that Zion kid. They're even more of a nobody than Ghost themselves.
They're just Ghost but more oobnoxious

No. 12552

What do you guys think of some of the newer producers popping up that aren't GHOST ripoffs? People like MOROS, Pumpkin Head, Poet Fog, etc.

No. 12553

Tbh you'd be better off not starting drama anyway. If someone starts shit, by all means respond. But don't be the bad guy here.

No. 12554

The people you mentioned seem super edgy. That's nothing new at this point, obviously.
Some of it was decent but nothing made me go "wow! this is worthwhile!".
There's got to be one good eng prod. somewhere, Right? Cuz this isn't it.
I like Ferry's art sometimes but not his music.

ODDEEO's stuff is pretty good though, alas, the fandom doesn't like music that makes sense. (Not sure if they're new, but I never hear people talk about them.)
Kira's lyrics might be too "baddest bitch on the playground" but its listenable and I like it.
I also like the song Back to the Future Funk(it's an UTAU original).

Yeah, its better to stay safe. Ghost's worshippers will end you.

No. 12555

Honestly? The western fandom needs a "bad guy" if it wants to be worthwhile. I stopped actively participating years ago and it's STILL a circlejerk of edgy talentless producers because no one has ever bothered to say "hey, Vocaloid deserves more than this garbage". Ofc that viewpoint needs to be backed up with legitimately good songs though.

No. 12556

https://soundcloud.com/user-27144093/fukase-englishmama-original-vocaloid-collaboration Oh. This sounds… decent? I dunno. You guys' thoughts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12557

There's a few nuggets of decency, but no it's still pretty bad. Bad mixing, clunky lyrics, reeks of midi and sounds halfbaked overall.

Also maybe it's just me, but if I were going to make a song about how bad my parents are, I'd make sure my song is good-enough to convey that on its own instead of spelling it out in the description for pity points. If anyone really wanted to know if it was based on reality, they could ask me on twitter and I'd answer them there.

An example of this done well would be Kimi wa Dekinai Ko by Kikuo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPF7lit7Z00). Was Kikuo's mom like this? Is Kikuo just being edgy? Who knows, but the song is creepy and sad and that's exactly what he's going for here.

No. 12558

From the newer producers I like Ferry a lot.
They just have a shit time making vocaloids sound coherent in english. Without the subtitles you can't figure at all what are they singing about.
I love their music, it's mininalistic and game-y and I love the themes they chose for their song (apparently they are Belorussian) so there are soviet-themed song and such.
If their songs sounded even a little bit coherent, they would be my favourite new producer.

No. 12559

What do you think of Beau Jordan?
I think his stuff is pretty nice.
Also for some reason I never hear people mention Cephied, though he has a bunch of songs with over 100k views.

Ferry is not as bad as some other western producers, but he really suffers from bad mastering. I think even his tuning would be fine if the vocaloid wasn't drowned out by the music half the time.

No. 12560

File: 1546248876261.jpg (143.3 KB, 720x760, IMG_20181231_123222.jpg)

Pumpkin Head was barely mentioned and immediately threw a shitfit

No. 12561

These people think "edgy" only refers to the subject matter and that we aren't ragging on them for anything else. Haha.
When people say your music is edgy, we're also talking about the ear-grating distortion, the fact it doesn't even sound like music.
Hell, in Spider on the Wall I can't hear any melody or chords for the entire first minute. Music is organized sound, not bashing on your keyboard until it makes noises.

These people don't even wanna bother learning the basics. They themselves personally don't wanna improve. They don't want any criticism because its all being "mean". At least they know their music won't improve because they're too lazy to try.

No. 12562

File: 1546368210542.png (49.37 KB, 511x553, worstpeopleever.png)

What's the story behind this?

No. 12563


Creep threw a tantrum over Circus a while back, so probably that.

No. 12564

Circus keeps falling out with everyone? First Crusher and now Creep.
I'm wondering if there will be some type of callout or shitshow one day.

No. 12565

Well Circus was dating Crusher, wasn't he? I don't think he dated Creepy too.

No. 12566

Circus and Crusher never dated, and I know that Creep never dated Circus, but this wasn’t about him since they had a falling out a while ago, farther then his tantrum.

I think it was about Rebornica/Mxbones.

No. 12567

Probably Rebornica, yeah. "Hive-mind mentality" does make me think perhaps mutual friends or acquaintances dropped Creepy once Circus did, though.

No. 12568

Yeah, I think they did, except for Aki because they still talk, but I don’t think he cared? But for sure I remember him talking about Rebornica and her friend group.

No. 12569

lmao have you seen ANYTHING in regards to Rebornica? He’s definitely talking about her, and honestly I don’t blame him. I used to be there too, and she was borderline a cult leader. But he hasn’t really mentioned Circus up until that stream of tweets he had.

No. 12570

File: 1546462252400.jpg (59.28 KB, 720x435, IMG_20190102_235015.jpg)

No. 12571

>vocaloid gatekeeping

No. 12572

lol they're actually talented musicians. I remember people complaining about lazy Japanese horror songs just as much when they were actually relevant

No. 12573

Tbh jp horror song genre is not as big or popular as in the western fandom. Aku, ghost, creep, and alot of look alike who imitate them, all stick to the edgy formula which is boring

No. 12574

If you're talking about Aku-P then he's not edgy at all. His stuff is actually pretty cheerful.

No. 12575


Tbh prob right bc he's composing stuff related to helping, horniness, etc, he and Kira are more diverse and I like that. Maybe I was too judging

No. 12576

File: 1546819688196.jpg (422.94 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190107-010653.jpg)

Jee, while I don't think they are wrong they say it in such a bad way

No. 12577

File: 1546819739663.jpg (602.45 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190107-010658.jpg)

>>12576 they lost all creditability with shutting down critiques as well lol

No. 12578


No. 12579

if you don't give a fuck then why does it matter if they comment or not

No. 12580

Sometime ago I saw someone posting bout big P names distancing themselves from crypt, does anyone know why that happened or

No. 12581


ghost uploaded a new song today. it just sounds the same with the same chord progressions, vocaloids, and instruments used over and over again.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 12582

I like the guitars in this one, but aside from that it's a big noisy mess. And it wouldn't be a ghost song without those shitty word salad lyrics, it's like they get worse with every new song she releases.

No. 12583

Ever heard of Meyonto?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12584

This edgelord producer named MOROS made a song about John Wayne Gacy's clown persona.

No. 12585

Not the first time he's made a song about child rape either, it's really fucking tasteless.

No. 12586


why is it always these edgy vocaloid producers that make trashy songs like this? what's with this big obsession about serial killers? is it mental illness or is it just a hip new thing that all the tumblrites do?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 12587

it's just trendy uwu

No. 12588

File: 1548189025627.png (Spoiler Image, 83.77 KB, 770x509, morosgacyapology.png)

This is his apology to the people who were concerned about the subject matter of the song.

No. 12589

hey so susan schofield is currently trying to put her son on lethal doses of antipsychotics and filming his withdrawals to prove he needs it and i keep thinking in the back of my head that crusher-p never apologized for raising money for these sick fucks and lies about how they're doing "better" when she should be denouncing them

No. 30398

She's now a vocaloid legend she can't risk to be in drama now

Which is bs cause she literally let a kid die and when the kid dies its crushers fault to not inform literally anyone of the abuse

No. 31560

That's a bit of a stretch. She's not obligated to keep tabs on the kid. And if it's really so widely known, literally anyone else could step in and make it known instead.

No. 32642


issue is, seems like its barely known, and crusher used to raise awareness for the kid, so it is partically her fault.

No. 33153

File: 1549846106948.png (113.62 KB, 603x816, cc.png)

Some compilation videos of the Schofields abusing their kids have taken off on yt lately, and Crusher's response was to apologize for "ableism" again. Which is so vague that everyone is naturally assuming it's a nontroversy and defending her. She clearly has a guilty conscience and it's frustrating that she won't just admit to what she did

No. 33174

Maybe they can dub it into the background of the coming Dr Phil ep.

No. 33444

What are your guys' thoughts on Steampianist? Any dirt on them? Or are they one of the few western Vocaloid producers with a clean slate so far?

No. 33613

edgelord and maybe problematic for some since he's a shadman fan

No. 33707


GHOST accused him for pedophilia. It's not true but its fans buy it anyway, and so does everyone in the community since it's filled by kids like ghost.

nowadays Steam just doesn't do much interaction with the community anymore.

No. 33782

Any dirt on someone named Desuka-p? I heard about some drama involving them and I wanna get the info.

No. 35126

The only thing I know is that they seemingly self-posted in this thread and then got sent out to pasture.

No. 36082

How legit is Creep-P's munnybegging? I keep seeing posts for it on Facebook.(this is an imageboard)

No. 39286

I think it's better that steam doesn't get involved in drama anymore. At least his music is pretty nice to listen to. I might be wrong though.

>I also have noticed that Creep-p's music has the same bpm. Might just me nitpicking but I noticed that years ago.

>Ghost just seems pretty nasty as a person, and Crusher-p should just admit for doing something wrong.

>I never thought the western vocaliod community can be so nasty.

No. 40539

I actually wanna know, can anyone give me a tldr of ghost and why you all (rightfully) dislike her?

No. 40652

Mother of god, thank heavens there is this kind of thread on the world wide internet.

For years and years I've been lurking quietly in the vocaloid/UTAU community although in the most recent ones I've basically been gone and boy, it is the most tacky catty middle school cesspool ever, it's unbelievable.

People only care about themselves and pretend to have friends (only to mooch off their art or other skills) only to backstab them, feel at the top of the throne when they interact/are praised by japanese fanbase, are extremely unwelcome to newcomers, only care about popularity and the cash, constantly involving politics and SJW fuckery, going on catty bitch fights…

I don't have any particular tea other than what's already known, just wanted to voice my contentment on there being a thread like this. Keep going.

That said, any tea on that girl who voiced Ruby/Makune Hachi? other than deleting their UTAU (who was better than her vocaloid imo) to make a vocaloid (for clout and money) and bitching because it wasn't "latina enough" or something?
There was some user called Scarfu as well I think they were involved but I might be wrong.

No. 41305

File: 1553460401745.png (85.72 KB, 300x502, Capture.PNG)

Hey, uh…someone's been editing the UTAU wiki to show their dumb edits. only affecting most vipperloids.

>shitty new interface

>leaving out important information

No. 41307

on a side note, does anyone have an opinion on momocashew? her music's alright, doesn't seem to be getting involved in drama.


No. 41332

ghost is probably jealous of steam. he does the whole edgy thing better than her.

No. 41368

Isn't the fandom all but dead at this point?

No. 41584

no. someone made a song about "trans rights" because millenials will eat that up


No. 41804


Anon i hope u know bigender is literally herm but not offensive to sjw, cant blame bc the old wiki gets massively replaced by the new one, so i imagine they wanna either make it look more appealing or… Dunno.

History is still a work in progress, but ngl tetos page is fucked up. Her dvd rental skills come from a fanmade pv LOL

No. 41924

What is herm? I'm not up on acronyms also I'm aware that this is the vocaloid thread and not the utau thread but any new drama on Anna Mae Blythe? She was milky enough back in the day.

No. 41927

Hermaphrodite. Nevermind I'm an idiot.

No. 41969


Momocashew has always been lowkey. It's even hard to find pictures of her face. No milk to be seen.

No. 42081

thank u anon, it bugs me how no one bats an eye on how this fandom treats japanese people as if they're a trophy or an accessory once they befriend one

pretty rampant in the UTAU fandom tbh

don't know much milk about ruby's voicer aside from being a racist sjw from what i've heard

No. 42185

What sets japanese and western edgelords apart is that japanese music producers actually know how to properly execute being edgy. like neru and mafumafu. their pvs also aren't shit.

>"talented western musicians do not waste their time on this weeaboo crap"

No. 42186

File: 1554019736154.png (38.19 KB, 319x418, tumblr_inline_poujdxkRas1vidct…)

except whoever's been doing this is doing it to ALL the vipperloids

No. 42197

lmfao do you seriously have so much vocaloid fandom-induced brain rot that you think every talented musician in the world lives in japan

No. 42221

The VIPPERloids literally came out of 2chan. I find it hilarious that they're referring to these characters with SJWspeak and want to claim them as ""trans icons" or whatever retarded shit even though they came out of what's basically japanese 4chan

No. 42436

i meant vocaloid producers specifically

No. 42631


it's ok you can say you're a weeaboo

No. 43396

what exactly was circus other than some edgy kids who just happened to knoe japanese…(he wrote insanity when he was like 14)

No. 43555

File: 1554847730531.jpg (47.11 KB, 455x419, momo.JPG)


currently on a blocking spree because she can't handle criticism on her shit opinions

No. 43560

worse, he had a JP translator who later admitted they used google translate then left the fandom out of shame

No. 43563

Aaalso, she's super into shotacon.
But yeah, she went on a freakout because people told her it's fucking weird to say that you need to be mentally ill to have good art/music, ESPECIALLY since she tweeted that because of Wowaka died.

No. 43593

File: 1554867637098.png (61.75 KB, 782x510, 112.PNG)


The whole Wowaka thing seems to have brought out the worst in people. I'm sick of seeing terrible Rolling Girl 'fanart' on my TL.

No. 43629

Went on lolcow and just knew some of the western trash producers would jump in to start attention whore as much as possible. Fuck wowaka didn't deserve this.

No. 43659

File: 1554915946054.png (791.4 KB, 591x589, Photoshop_2019-04-10_13-05-06.…)

oh my fucking god… the audacity this person had to make something like this…

No. 43660

omg he fuckin dead

No. 43740


lmaaaooooo desuka stop self posting on here lol

No. 43752

wtf… I loved Mili, I'm so disappointed. Yeah mental illness is so great for art, especially when you're so depressed you don't feel like doing anything

No. 44058

File: 1555276382548.jpg (75.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i guess that shouldn't be surprising considering how much she used oliver and len

No. 44062

File: 1555278623535.png (150.44 KB, 350x342, Meika_transparent.png)

so how do you think the western vocaloid community will react to the new "canonically nonbinary" vocaloids?

No. 44063

Why did you post this in two separate places, and where's the proof that they're "canonically nonbinary"? They're both voiced by a female VA and wear skirts.

No. 44064

Why did you post this in two separate places, and where's the proof that they're "canonically nonbinary"? They're both voiced by a female VA and wear skirts.

No. 44079

I don't know what you mean, and also, they're listed as being free of gender.

No. 44080

not really. the blue one was posted as having a husky "masc" voice. the official genders for both are female. hime being the name for the pink one being a given. they are female, voiced by a female provider. go off i guess.

No. 44081

File: 1555285512491.png (150.61 KB, 719x771, proff.PNG)

No. 44082

most official content i have seen refer them both of female. i know that the vocaloid wikia also caters to the crazies deep into the gender labely stuff just like the utau one. idk. proven wrong i guess?

No. 44083

File: 1555285696998.png (375.19 KB, 616x796, meika.png)

>Answering questions about Meika Hime & Mikoto on our TL:
>2. What are their genders?
>Officially they're not human, so… how does it work in the spirit world? The person in charge only knows that "having no determined gender is precious".
tbh the tumblrweebs already claimed flower, ritsu, and ruko as "trans/nonbinary representation", so this probably won't change a whole lot

No. 44085

File: 1555285754590.png (18.35 KB, 672x217, eaghrt.PNG)

i mean you're not wrong (this is about vflower)

No. 44087

For all intents and purposes, they're girls. Gender-obsessed autists may flail merrily and call this a "win", but when literally everything else about the characters is obviously gendered, what's the point?
Voiced by a female, both wearing skirts, both clearly feminine. They're "non-binary" the same way all other Vocaloids are, there's nothing special about them.

No. 44095

They basically look like Astolfo ripoffs tho. I think that's the point. They want to grab trap fans and cute girl fans at the same time.

No. 44139

File: 1555296938890.jpg (18.93 KB, 464x401, tumblr_ppyyje8qo31rtgh72_540.j…)

this is why the japanese hate us

No. 44156

astolfo ripoff designs ripping off zepar and furfur's idea from umineko. great. they're even based on the same folklore.

No. 44224

unimportant but she also owns kagamine len and rin. she used len for "it's dark" but never used him again for whatever reason. she never even bothered touching rin. what a waste

No. 44229

Does anyone even pay attention to the new vocaloids anymore?

No. 44239

Meika Hime & Mikoto seems well received.

No. 44263

The fandom at large doesn't

The people who do care seem to like them (mainly because "nonbinary uwu!!!" and literally nothing else)
I mean, it's not like there's anything actually special about them

No. 44266

>>44239 there's even covers from them as well after their release but as much as im hoping for their hype to continue people are gonna go back to the "original" vocaloid in my opinion…

but i really like their voices… almost close to humanlike.

No. 44353

I hadn't realized Ghost had so many loids…she definetely torrents (but at the same time, she is pathetic enough to spend $1000 on loids instead of moving out of her "abusive" parents' house.)

She also once said her dad was stalking her twitter, and her "Dad" shortly started replying to her tweets, it seemed really fake to me.

No. 44452

has anyone else realized that the vast majority of ghost's pvs are the same? usually some character at waist length over a background (usually bland, sometimes having slight effects)

No. 44506

I agree. How much you wanna bet that Ghost's parents are actually decent people and that they've spoiled her?

No. 44788


this one's actually pretty good ngl

No. 44946

File: 1556123665082.jpg (449.54 KB, 1434x1144, moo.jpg)

aren't these going to be sold during vocamerica as well

No. 44977

I'd like to know why Kasane Teto is always so mainstream. She's literally a joke utau.

Does this mean if I make a shitty april fools utau it could be mainstream?

No. 44981

…because she was the first one to popularize utau? everything in 2007-2008 vocaloid was a meme lol

No. 44985

File: 1556142686927.jpg (9.79 KB, 170x170, Kenji-b_vp.jpg)

speaking of that, any beans/tea on Sam Blakeslee? He voiced Dex and beforehand his own utau, Kenji Baionoto (he started out as a weeb like misha).

but he's more lenient and still lets people download his utau.

No. 45048

no one knew any better back then

that was also an era of shitty vocaloid recolors

i find it a bit creepy he actively searches any mention of vocaloid dex/daina on twitter even claiming that's his job as a community manager (idk who even decided on that)

he also has a tendency to blog on twitter over any slight disagreement and pass it off as a psa (5 bucks he'll find this post and do a thread)

other than those he's okay

No. 45077

Don’t you guys remember when Dex and Daina came out and he called Daina normal skinned and Dex ethnic during the stream FOR Dex and Daina.

He also talked about fucking himself with a vegetable on Twitter, which was just weird and no-one wants that mental image.

No. 45078

Really? I heard he called Dex normal skinned/tan and Daina pale then the western fandom had a shitshow about how it's racist that Dex isn't canonly black

No. 45081


It was the other way around.

And he also made himself more of mess especially that was after he outed himself as Dex.

No. 45725

iirc there was more than that, something about an ex of the illustrator trying to stir shit on the day of the livestream and it dragged Dex and Daina along

there was slapfighting everywhere it was a fucking mess

No. 45748

>unironically describing someone's skin tone/ethnicity as "normal skinned"
Why are they so cringy? I…
It's especially weird coming from someone who's literally albino (or albino-looking) >>44985.

No. 46157

Ghost's new pv is actually really good

No. 46173

How many times are you guys gonna keep samefagging?

No. 46289

i don't like the song that much, but the video's nice. tired of her nonsense lyrics though, i think it's something she should've outgrown by now.

No. 46330

I don't mind nonsense lyrics because they can be used to evoke feelings and images, but yeah Ghost really isn't good at it.

No. 46344

I agree, the PV is nice and with the dumb lyrics it's something I like as mindless background noise. I like whatever the main instruments are in the intro.

No. 46969

Literally a Hachi copy on all levels. Idk how Ghost even manages to be this unoriginal. Every single song of theirs is a rip-off of another semi-popular song.

No. 47012

is there anything on kuraiinu? he seems like a cool dude for the most part, excluding his whole "uwu trans rights" woke twitter facade.


just asking if anyone knows anything.

No. 47024

File: 1557522121672.png (249.3 KB, 738x832, oh shit here we go again.png)

the vocaloid community's new drama is getting to a rough start already.

No. 47025

File: 1557522153842.jpg (68.1 KB, 1078x526, D6KbjC1WwAAK0eb.jpg)

image from the tweet

No. 47032

The person behind the ebooks account is a classic snowflake, them causing drama for attention is no surprise.

No. 47055

hahahahaha no, crypton gave up enforcing that a longggg time ago and is fine with endorsing people like deadballP
what's next? vocaloidz bop??

No. 47170

No. 47177

Stop selfposting desuka

No. 47211

you know damn well you’re just mad cuz it’s true.

No. 47220

File: 1557646929776.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.86 KB, 720x399, 96AB664B-450C-4FF3-9EBF-89A586…)

Never used this site before because HOO YIKES but like. I wanted to comment here and say I’m actually a fan of GHOST’s but you guys do have some valid criticisms here. I’m personally a fan of nonsense lyrics and shit because I’m able to relate to them more that way?? (Idk it’s how ive grown up feeling like… I don’t wanna get personal I’m not a fucking baby lmfao) but sometimes it’s kinda difficult to understand what GHOST is implying by the lyrics and I do think that perhaps changing things up a bit would be really helpful to them and their work. I really don’t like associating with their fan base because OH my god are they toxic and annoying as shit. They either whiteknight fucking EVERYTHING GHOST DOES or they go against what GHOST wants because they feel like they’re entitled to their old songs. Which I mean yeah it makes sense, but I feel like they could’ve been a little more respectful especially when GHOST started freaking out and went on that hiatus around this time last year I think?? Is when they came back?? I don’t fucken remember. But you think they’d be like “oh this person doesn’t want me to see something they’re ashamed of, okay” instead of posting that shit everywhere just so they can listen to it. Idk. Just seemed shitty imo. At least GHOST has a reupload channel now. (Although they keep changing the fucking name and it’s hard to find it because they change it all the goddamn time). Another thing I’d like to comment on is GHOST’s distorted style of music. One of their biggest inspirations is Lauren Bousefield, aka Nero’s Day at Disneyland and also BLACK DRESSES, who are both known for having veeeery distortion-y music. I personally like some of the songs by those guys but not all of it is my thing exactly especially since the noise can be soooo harsh sometimes.
Sorry this is a long ass fucking rant BIG YIKES
I’ve been a fan of GHOST since around the time they foraged started out as Ghostie-P, waaay back in like?? 2013 I think it was? Yeah. And yeah their music wasn’t great and when I go back and listen I’m like hoooo boy but I mean my music is pretty shit too, it’s not something I take super seriously especially since I also make music on fucken GarageBand lmfaooo. I don’t use Vocaloid because it’s not something I’m super serious about and I don’t have nearly as many resources as GHOST seemed to have even in their very early days. I’m gonna be real, I’m around the same age GHOST was when they started making music and I was like what, maybe 9 or so when I first found GHOST? So it’s safe to say their music grew on me and I stuck around. We’ve spoken a few times and they actually seem to be a pretty decent person.
However I do feel like the game isn’t particularly good for them. They talk a lot about how the fame is stressful for them and it’s easy to read sometimes and that’s a bit of an oh boy. They have (to my knowledge) professionally diagnosed BPD and there’s a lot of not so great things that come with that specific disorder and a stigma around it saying that people with that disorder are abusive or rude or whatever the fuck. But honestly a mental illness shouldn’t ever. Really be an excuse for your actions yknow?? Like there are still like yknow morals and knowing right from wrong so you can’t just use that as some sort of scapegoat per se. I feel like GHOST has been a little too public and personal regarding their status as a creator and would probably be better off if they stuck to how I notice like MASA does things. (I love MASA, he seems pretty chill). I’ve never really seen him having like as much info public as GHOST does and his fan base doesn’t seem to be nearly as toxic and made up of babies as GHOST’s is. Theirs is just annoying. I mean, look at the fucking Amino they have. That shit is fucking apeshit and those bastards archive every little fucking thing GHOST does and even has like almost every single piece of their art saved in a giant ass folder. One of the other GHOST amino things has an old picture of GHOST in it from 2016 too. Honest to god, Spider on the Wall makes more sense sometimes damn. I just really feel like slooowly but surely pulling out of the public scene would be better for them since fame has proven itself to be a struggle for them and as much as I know this site is for poking fun, it’s got some valid points made here. GHOST would be a lot more well received by sensible people if they chilled the fuck out and didn’t try and make so many memes out of their characters and make jokes and be like super public with fans. They don’t need to and it only causes them more stress so I don’t see why they’d do it?? And like I said my music is ABSOLUTE SHIT and I know it but like I’m not gonna run around and try and get all big like what GHOST has done or treat myself with more importance than what I actually have.
As for the criticism thing, GHOST has a bad habit of taking the critique way too personally. I mean I do it too outside of YouTube (since that’s not what I do for a living) but honestly. I’ve noticed it in the past turn into a “Well since you guys didn’t like it I’m gonna get pissed at you instead of thinking on how to improve and I’m also gonna read ALL of it and complain and say that I’ll just become some perfect being since that’s what you all expect haha” when no one expects that and nothing ever changes. And any fan who sees anyone say ANYTHING that isn’t kissing GHOST’s ass will whiteknight the shit out of it and pull the whole “can you do this? Then don’t criticize!” When that’s a bullshit argument in the first place and we all know it. If something doesn’t sound good, it doesn’t fucking sound good. I don’t need to be good at clicking and dragging voice clips around on a computer to say “Hey, I can’t understand what the lyrics say.” Like shut the fuck up if you think like that lmfao.
But honestly I’m glad I was able to say this here because god only knows if I said any of this ANYWHERE else, I’d get my head ripped off by a bunch of angry 12 year olds who want to kill their parents or some shit I don’t fucking know.

TL;DR GHOST needs to get out of the public eye for their own sake and also work more on some improvement.(autistic blogpost)

No. 47225

He and Ashe had to basically 'come out' as black several years ago and a few people were butthurt about it because their drawn personas and avatars had always portrayed them as white/asian men. Other than that, not much I can think of.

No. 47226

File: 1557650633830.png (20.4 KB, 272x366, Capture.PNG)

welcome, learn to use this website and stop blogposting

No. 47233

No, I actually agree with the tweets, he's just being really obvious

No. 47326

What's this?

No. 47365

Ebooks shares Bandori school girls making out on their personal.

No. 47366

wasn't she the one who started the whole "haha lol miku created minecraft and is god" joke on tumblr because notch is now "problematic" all of a sudden?

also she calls people transphobes for disagreeing with the trans miku headcanon.

No. 47368

That’s the one.
They also referred to HRT pills as “cat girl pills.”
Ebooks could have a thread themselves.

No. 47370

does anyone else miss when the vocaloid community was just a joking-around kind of fandom that didn't have much drama outside of shipping wars and miku hate, rather than the woke progressive drama shithole it is now?

No. 47372

that's what you get for trying to sound as white as possible. he's also a major weeb and makes it blantantly obvious.

i also hate how he advertises his own covers on spotify and other sites during the video. that's a new level of attention seeking

No. 47374

that goes for every single fandom anon
Come to think of it, I really miss old ask blogs in that matter.

No. 47417

Not really b/c the fandom has been a drama magnet from the beginning. It's just the #woke shit that's new

No. 47425

what's funny is that there's a len ebooks account but he's for some reason really chill. no drama. no "shut up transphboes".

No. 47480

does anyone have an opinion on littlebear / madotspooki? i dislike him because he seems annoying and his covers are shit but pop up everywhere. he identifies as mtf transgender, has an anime pfp and a tumblr. also made a song about his uwu dysphoria and how hard it is to be a trans girl :(

No. 47548

yeah I find them annoying too. I'm pretty sure they like FNAF as well
>they're a hoshikawafag too
oh god

No. 47585

File: 1557875262829.jpg (41.6 KB, 540x486, tumblr_prhh2iH7081ut5g9ao1_540…)

Creep-P is such a fucking loser lmao

No. 47587

is creep-p autistic? just curious. i also coudnt find "daddy".

No. 47588

did ebooks forget when giga made a song about len having a huge dick

No. 47594

People think that ebooks is an official Miku account too, especially on tumblr
the admin uses it as an advantage to spread their autistic rhetoric

No. 47683

File: 1557940308807.png (379.75 KB, 461x562, 060f1cbe16b3087a48ef4fbeb4a81e…)

No. 47701

thanks i hate it

No. 47820

lmao imagine drawing that and going "yeah this is a good idea. not cringy at all"

No. 48016

what exactly caused the fandom to become woke? was is echo? (and why the fuck did echo become so popular? it's just a shitty crusher-p song, but it got covered by reol and mafumafu. two major prouducers in the vocaloid community)

No. 48056

Wow. The art looks good but….why be woke though?

No. 48091

because it's the popular thing right now. nowadays instead of being "dirty sinners" who ship len and kaito, everyone has a purity fetish because instead of wanting to be different or edgy, everyone wants to be the same, to spew the same bullshit.

what "rights" do grown men kinning anime girls not have anyway

No. 48193

>vflower, a japloid used for english song

WHY do western vocaloid prouducers have an autistic obsession with flower(creep-p and ghost are prob autistic). nobody liked her when she had a feminine design. its likely people only like her because of the androgynous style.

No. 48230

There isn't an Engloid that's edgy, "kawaii", or "trans"" enough
(despite the fact her creators are hell bent on saying flower is a girl and not some genderfuck)

Western Flower fans are autistic as hell, lowkey worse than the "trans miku desu" fans

No. 49150

honestly it seems more transphobic for these people to assume that flower should be nonbinary just because she dresses in an androgynous way.

No. 49165

Imagine being this sad and pathetic

No. 49167

oliver has a "kawaii" design and voice though. hence why momocashew ships him with len (and hy a lot of people ship oliver w/ both len and rin)

aside from that oliver's the only good engloid imo

No. 49168

The Len ebooks is pure fucking cancer that sucks miku ebooks cock on an hourly basis. They are extremely active in the trans rights shit too. No idea what you’re talking about.

No. 49203

Well the fandom is full of weebs who hate any vocaloid who's not japanese anyway so

Plus most westernPs can't tune/mix for shit and always make him sound all muffled

No. 49228

huh. i wonder if there's any art hcing len as trans because he's smol and kawaii like his sister cousin girlfriend

No. 49230

>>49203 oliver is meant to be a soft
vocal. momo made a song called loucetios and hr tuning of him is a shit

No. 49317

iirc it's mostly piko who gets this treatment

unless you mean those PVs of len depicted as a trap

weebs wouldnt touch an engloid unless it's gumi english

No. 49357

File: 1558451098276.png (287.2 KB, 482x418, flowers-a-independent-young-bl…)


No. 49794

lol, you just reminded me of the japanese producer who did trans len songs years before it was trendy
why are they like this

No. 49798

If you sniff out the fakebois who follow mikuebooks you'll find they're ALL into the "Len is trans" shit, they'll make callout posts about people who disagree. No better than the trans Miku shit. I think Len gets it the most because he's the most popular male Vocaloid. Miku doesn't look trans at all, has no trans features. But they've latched onto her because she's the most popular. Len is just the male version. Len could look anyway, with any voice, and would still be "Len is a transboi uwu"

No. 49802

they probably only see Miku as trans because her color scheme is white, blue and pink. Fakebois latch onto any blue & pink character(they sperg if you say blue and pink pokemon arent trans) because they're retarded
og miku was green tho, which makes it even more dumb

No. 49839

it's sad that he suffers from both mtf and ftm headcanons desu.

i like 96neko even though she's obviously a len fangirl, but knows she's a girl who likes to wear masculine fashion. fakebois should be more like her.

on a more important note, how much does anyone think the japanese know about the retarded progressive drama in the western community? do they know about ghost?

No. 49840

File: 1558489284426.png (313.59 KB, 1330x1360, MAIKA.png)

but of course no one cares because weebs are allergic to non-japanese vocaloids

and maybe in a good way for maika

No. 49841

asknonbinaryfukase, featuring black vflower

No. 49842

who was the translator? (sorry for lateness)

No. 49862

who are now mostly deleted and replaced with what you just posted, sadly

No. 49903

File: 1558531707364.png (46.1 KB, 295x295, DJ-NITE.png)

imagine being the sperg to go "i should make her a fat black genderfuck"

wouldnt be suprised if that nb fukase blog also headcanoned oliver as some demihemisemisexual. the wannabe marxists on tumblr are at least 14

thank god i love her design
its weird how the sjws usually cling onto the popular vocaloids..they probably dont even like vocaloid past their shitty "progressive"" hcs and the trashy ass music by ghost and all her ripoffs

No. 49904

There are so many vocaloids but I feel like maybe 5 of them get regularly used by producers. Are they just not any good?

No. 49906

Even Meiko and Kaito go unused now
In V3 there were too many vocaloids and people stopped giving a fuck

It's probably just because people wouldn't care about songs sung by the others, and why make a song no one will care about

But most vocaloids are around the same quality, the other vocaloids arent like shitty CV UTAUs(cuz then yamaha would be basically robbing people)

Miku hate is annoying but the other loids arent horrible

No. 49907

Why do they keep pushing out more vocaloids instead of just making Miku v107, I can't imagine any of the others sell that well given that they are literally never used. It's a shame because I actually love how Meiko and Kaito sound. Kaito especially sounds silky smooth lately.

No. 49914

because yamaha doesn't know what the hell they're doing
mikus update is gonna come eventually, but the new engine is all types of fucked rn no updates so far

No. 49916

File: 1558537995910.png (33.8 KB, 428x666, Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 8.20.…)

full list of all ghosts loids, she has way more than i thought(when did she get rion?)

i remember someone telling me she had stardust though (and that she wanted to be a knife sharpener for a job, how edgy)

No. 49917

File: 1558538178093.png (28.26 KB, 548x133, Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 10.14…)

she only got 57 followers on nico w each vid only having like 500 views
they dont give a fuck about her we good

if they know about the spergs theyve probably hated us for a while

No. 49960

Didn't they feature ECHO in one of these big Nico Nico Party events?

No. 49987

ECHO is the only western original that japanese people care about, period. except circus monster which was briefly relevant 10 years ago
that said there are some jp ghost fans in the comments of her vids. the whole "superior nihonjin must hate us lmoa" idea really isn't accurate, they're just the same spergs in another country

No. 49990

it's because they overdo it.

"Call me obsequious, I guess I'm a bit dramatic
Sometimes my appetite is eerily erratic
irreconcilable perceptions appeal to my obsessions"

-her appetite of a people pleaser song

She believes bigboy words make her smart and sophisticated

No. 50020

File: 1558583740476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.66 KB, 850x850, kagaminerin.jpg)

tumblr was a mistake

No. 50059

>the pubes
>the armpit hair
im vomiting

this person is a huge sjw but they drew kaito and len fucking on their pixiv lol

No. 50080

ghost only has three vids on her nnd tho. and i didn't see any jp comments. only a few english ones.

why is she trying to get famous on nnd anyway? why does literally every autistic american vocafag try to use nnd?

No. 50082

you need to set your language to japanese for the japanese comments to show up. they're just as confused about why she's randomly on nnd, tbh. even in japan, a lot of people are moving exclusively to yt because nico has going to shit for the past ~5 years.

No. 50101

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

No. 50121

japanese fandom validation + they're weeaboos

there's a reason why the likes of akiglancy used to fully weeb out on nnd before she got that engloid recording gig from zero-g. just look at her song releases prior to getting the job to draw avanna and voicing daina

now she projects herself as a patron saint of engloids with her glorified oc shitshow vocamerica

it's always the case for these sjws, they hate the male gaze or uglify the shit of out female characters but they'd be into shotacon or yaoi

No. 50125

am i the only one here kinda pissed at all the talentless people in the vocaloid community? aki, sam, etc. are worshipped like gods yet they started out as autistic weeaboos. and they still are

No. 50126

If anything, it bothers me that people who are in the community a long time don’t improve. If you look at Japanese producers, their skills get better or stay at the same level. Western producers seem to put songs out so slowly, and always more of the same.

No. 50541

File: 1558679534810.png (53.55 KB, 565x489, ssssssssssss.PNG)

i do NOT want ghost to be the introduction to vocalopid for anyone.

everyone should get introduced to vocaloid via either world is mine or ievan polkka

No. 50560

File: 1558712528758.jpg (86.08 KB, 800x600, ugly.jpg)

suprised that ebooks doesnt turn every vocaloid into a fat disabled queer brown person, but their art is still so shit

No. 50562

File: 1558712866964.png (231.81 KB, 1312x577, Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 10.47…)

>mikumikuebooks has a whole ass kofi for her cringy sjw tweets and shitty 2 sec drawings
>people probably throw money at her anyway

she has at least 20 kofis too. fucking hell

No. 50589

the official cfm eng account would ignored them and they'll never have the clout they're enjoying

they're also selling shitty keychains before iirc

No. 50632

I actually like KIRA's stuff, but it's kinda obvious he has a bit of an ego. On the high side.


Here is his cover of Rettou Jotto, a promotion for his two UTAUloids, and both are voiced by him.
The male sounds like any stereotypical western UTAU, whilst the female sounds like a chipmunk because he pitched up his own voice to sound like a girl.


Needs no explanation. Just look at the artwork.

No. 50648

Kira's stuff is well-produced, but the wannabe bad bitch lyrics kinda ruin it for me. Still, him, Ferry and Beau Jordan are the only western producers I follow at this point (strovi's apparent comeback was nice, but she hasn't posted anything since fucking August)

No. 50650

kinda unwoke to have a flat chested 14 year old girl have giant melons. also pretty misogynistic to make her look over feminine despite the original rin having a tomboyish look

No. 50651

ferry's music is eh but the videos are nice. he seems to be more of an artist than a musician tbh

No. 50674

I think the music is fine, if a bit simple. But yeah, at this point I'm more in for the PVs than anything.

No. 50749

desu i hate to admit it but i'm kinda jealous of him. he's only like 18 and already a successful music composer and has been one since the age of 18. samr with circus-p, who wrote circus monster at 14.

ghost and creep-p are at least easy to make fun of. kira and circus-p are legitimate talented people.

No. 50829

I'll give you Kira, but Circus has not released a good song in years (Hello Again was alright, but aside from that his newer music is boring as shit)

No. 50858

File: 1558869604944.jpg (192.24 KB, 950x1154, tumblr_orbsrxXiip1uvddkbo1_r1_…)

saying the no-no word sh*ota is illegal but its totally okay to sexualize kawaii underage trans bois desu

No. 50859

I love how Ghost has deleted pretty much all of her social media sites during her ""mental breakdowns" except her Patreon, Ko-fi, and whatever other money grubbing sites she uses

No. 50885

as far as i'm concerned the artist draws him with a dick. prob makes an excuse "uwu he's 18 he's just smol!!!!111!'

No. 50889

iNSaNiTY, mErcy, circus monster and shatter were all good songs imo, i kinda wonder why he tried to change his style.

Fade (ft dex and daina) was alright, but not as good.

it's as if he's embarrassed about his old style despite his old songs being better.

No. 50987


this blog is a fucking mess

No. 50993

File: 1558933452613.png (578.57 KB, 1280x1078, tumblr_prpzay4NG11y7pwhro1_128…)

do you actually expect a 16 year old girl and a 14 year old girl to look like this? whoever made this is projecting their insecurities

No. 51155

I don't think it's insecurities, the artist just has no idea how to draw girls

No. 51201

This thread forgot about Marvyanaka. She is probably more annoying than Ghost.

No. 51219

I've seen some of her songs, they're fine enough. What did she do?

No. 51221

Hunting for attention and saying week after week how worthless she is just to get some nice comments. I remember that like two yeas ago she used to do this few times a month andafter each breakdown she was deleting the tweets. Not to mention such things like those journals :

As a person who got near her for some time I could write even more. She is toxic person.

As for the songs… well you all judge yourselves

No. 51265

links? (please)

No. 51271

Imo KIRA's songs are fine but goddamn, they're boring as fuck i almost fall asleep hearing them, they have talent but i'm struggling understanding why the fuck people cared that much about a style so forgettable. Why western producers are always like this? They either release well composed but boring music or a complete dissonant mess.

No. 51273

Honestly? The community is so starved for content that anything even remotely resembling music will get plays. Side-effect of being so small and stagnant for so long.

No. 51327

Because Kira is the only one who knows what they're doing. I like their music ngl, I'm so starved for English vocaloid songs that are actually good.

No. 51372

File: 1559162219757.png (47.32 KB, 726x499, kira is a shit.PNG)

you guys done sucking kira's dick?

something i REALLY hate about him is how he doesn't give a shit about any comments that actually say anything positive. only half-assed overused jokes from the same 5 people.

No. 51459

File: 1559192399547.jpg (89.79 KB, 593x713, stop.JPG)

i can't really get away from this garbage huh

No. 51471

Pride month is some kind of cringe festival these days xd(xddd )

No. 51476

this is an obvious fucking cashgrab. all the images are the same with the flag being the only difference.

>uwu don't give your money to corporations who don't care about queers give it to me while i sell you a half assed drawing

this actually pisses me off

No. 51483

Wtf is wrong with her hand. This is so goddamn ugly.

No. 51523

>Don't support cynical corporate cashgrabs, support MY cynical cash grab!

No. 51731

No. 52488

i literally cannot stand utau users in this fandom, i have yet to meet someone who doesn't have an ulterior motive of coaxing me for free art of their shitty singing weeaboo oc

No. 52971

utaureizo is pretty cool. you also have rev.

No. 52994

rev is too much of an insufferable weaboo, his ego is really obnoxious and so is his orbits

No. 53035

b-but utaureizo! her covers are good (at least her newer ones) she made raine reizo and rena.

if you don't like her you have utakoloid. his only crime is being a furry but he makes good covers

No. 53038

not to mention rev got most of his fame from copying a japanese artist to the point of driving her off tumblr and never apologized for it

No. 53041

who did he copy?

No. 53081

the only decent utau user in the western community is akem

No. 53111

File: 1560213870416.png (139.25 KB, 759x429, q.PNG)

I like Kuraiinu's stuff. He's a nice guy, with interesting taste. He's VERY skilled in the music department, and his singing abilities surpass JubyPhonic's and Rachie's by a long shot.

The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the fact that he feels the need to pander to EVERYONE with his whole 'uwu trans rights' thing on twitter.

Is every modern vocaloid music producer like this?

No. 53115

No. 53120

if you think those vocaloid producers are bad, take a look at this piece of shit. i can't believe unironically listen to this type of stuff. what's your opinion on this?

No. 53121

amazing, it took the western fandom a whole decade to put out the kinda shit the japanese fandom got out of their system shortly after miku was released

No. 53125

wdym? Not quite sure what you mean, sorry

No. 53145

"haha you can make the anime girl say dick and pussy" was obviously the first reaction of a lot of people when vocaloid became a thing
i'm surprised anyone thinks that's still relevant

No. 53158

File: 1560230533075.jpg (198.74 KB, 1080x953, 1558390217118.jpg)

some sleppu shit

No. 53159

File: 1560230565703.jpg (131.11 KB, 1080x630, 1558390503251.jpg)

No. 53167

wait, she's a vocaloid producer? i didn't know since i just saw her in the fakeboi thread.

No. 53185

he does a lot of art for vocaloid pvs (mostly circus) not a producer

No. 53193

>cool baby anime boy voice
why are weebs such degenerates

No. 53194

This is some real fetish shit right here, officer. It's just an aesthetic to them.

No. 53273

No. 53274

i'm willing to bet her favorite vocaloid is len (who she probably headcanons as trans)

No. 53285

can someone please tell her asami shimoda is a woman

No. 53287


(warning, sperging ahead)

how does len even look trans, according to them? he has the stature of a 14 year old, and he's supposed to be the exact opposite of rin in the gender department. so it would make sense for him to have a dick contrary to rin having a vag.

maybe i'm looking to far into it.

No. 53289

she probably doesn't even know who she is

No. 53293

fujos love to dress up len back then (see imitation black..etc), it's likely they present him as trans now to make it more acceptable than calling him a trap


No. 53485

im guessing anon means uracata >>>/ot/352384
his archived apology: https://archive.li/tgq4E

theres actually lots of snowflake overlap in this thread, artist salt, weeb/omocat, and the old artist drama threads.

No. 53569

This song is the epitome of cringe.

Also, are there any English utaites that can actually, uh, sing?

No. 53582

Not a lot, no, but a few people have gone pro like Tonkhai aka Diana Garnett and momocashew.

No. 53586

Just wondering, but thoughts about the drama about IA in Houston, anyone?

No. 53608

I think it's supposed to be cringe, but idk.

what i meant was he sings better than juby and rachie. the autotune hoes.

unimportant, but why does he feel the need to say ~guys, gals and nonbinary pals~? isn't bara suppsed to be an exclusively gay guy thing? correct me if i'm wrong.

also, the term used for english singers like him is youtaite. since they dont use nnd and are american.

No. 53648

so who is he ripping off now?

No. 53654

I mean… you’re right. He is better than Juby and Rachie.

I noticed that they all seem to have their videos monetized, is that legal?

No. 53683

not to sound like a redditor, but what exactly attracts sjws and tumblrinas to vocaloid and utau like flies to honey?

(utau as well, hence the creation of "nonbinary' utauloids like czloid that have obvious female vps)

like, how would vocaloid and utau be appealing to those types?

No. 53734

vocaloid characters in general do not have canon info unless explicitly stated like age, however, that doesn't stop people from interpreting them with their own headcanons

but some take it too far with their autism and we see shit like black, fat, trans, and muslim miku hatsune

as for utaus, they're essentially OCs where you have free reign on their appearance and canon but difference is they have a recorded voice bank for singing

muh fair use

No. 53736

technically him. the freak behind mikumikuebooks is a weeb transbian with an obsession with anime girls and yuri shit. also expresses his wierd dickgirl fetish with his trans hcs

No. 53769

It's not. You even have to tick a box when downloading instrumentals from Piapro for saying you will not monetize your covers. Of course, they don't care and neither do their fans.

No. 53843

how have they not gotten into legal trouble for it then? especially considering how many views some of these covers get, the producers must know about it

No. 53874

1. Some producers don't go on YouTube (but it's becoming more and more popular). 2. The majority of producers is just like you & me they don't have legal power, the ones you can't mess with are those who are signed to record labels & even this doesn't mean anything.

They both are entitled idiots with huge egos who vocode like crazy tho and I hope it will catch them someday.

No. 53880

basically what >>53734 said.
Vocaloid/UTAU is a lot of a heavy DIY project, most Vocaloids really only have a design and a few sparse bits of information, and when making a song or song series or whatever you can even change the few aspects that are there, and UTAU is just an OC you can make sing.

Many SJW/Tumblrfag types are also giant fucking weebs, so being able to make your black trans muslim OC sing to your favorite anime OP or Vocaloid song is a big draw.

No. 53996

that's actually hilarious. all of these shitty american utauloids have the same gross sounding fat female voice.

did you know there's a bunch of furry utauloids as well? they're called furloids.

No. 54051

out of curiosity, why does no one headcanon rin as trans? are she and meiko not kawaii enough?

No. 54202

Because it's women who think they're kawaii transbois just because they aren't like the other girls that are making them.

Meiko is just boobielicious so no one cares about her.

No one cares about Kaito either.

No. 54238

a bad person in the vocaloido community's dog recently died and it's just karma. now they know how it feels to be hurt. ha ha.

No. 54258

ive listened to vocaloid music since 2009 back on flipnote hatena and have never specifically interacted with vocaloid fans. all ive ever seen is the trans phase 15 yos who are "kin" with my hero academia characters and like ghost. thats about it. this thread was really something to go through as a whole. cool to see people acknowledge strovi and people commenting on the trans miku bullshit. i had friends doing that and tried to ask why it was necessary and it didnt go well but hey, here we are. curious on thoughts of see-kun/colloid if anyone has heard of colloid? the person behind colloid doesnt make music anymore, but this song and on my way home are my favorites. accidentally stumbled upon this and not sure if i can link more than one video but i am genuinely curious on what people think. thanks

No. 54259

feel retarded now this was the song i was referring to

No. 54622

The song sounds nice, and I also like the beat.
>I just wish some vocaloid song artists know how to make good songs with effort and passion put into them but that's probably just me.

No. 54686

I like *Luna a lot but he/she is not really all that popular. Good English Vocaloid producers don't really exist.

No. 54689

File: 1561290093490.jpg (67.12 KB, 1097x387, a.JPG)

shit like this depresses me

No. 54691

I fucking hate Rachie. Her lyrics and singing sucks and she monetizes all of her videos.

No. 54693

Samefag but also topkek at >please stop comparing me and Juby when they both do the same bad shit and sound the same.

No. 54720

damn. i never knew how much of a bitch she was. when she and juby sang childish war her parts were WAY over autotuned and the lyrics were hard to make out.

i don't mind english covers, but don't. fucking. monetize. your. covers. and give some credit to the original producer! kuraiinu and juby at least can sing, and kura makes original stuff and adds spins to his covers.

No. 54741

I feel the opposite about Juby and Rachie, but their voices both sound put-on at times. It's interesting that you understand Juby better, I usually have to read her lyrics to hear half of them.

And about monetizing covers, I still can't believe that any utaite act like it's a real job, taking requests on patreon and such. Taking a hobby and turning it into a cynical cashgrab seems to be a special talent everyone in the Vocaloid scene possesses.

No. 55084

most youtaite have shitty eng lyrics too.

kuraiinu kept advertising shit via popups in his meltdown cover.

No. 55438

i've seen enough people in this fandom declare to never touch an utau not voiced by a real japanese person but unironically complain that no one uses their utau

i dont mingle with the utau community but i just watch their antics from the sidelines

No. 55507

Maybe I'm just going insane, but is anyone else…seeing the same pattern in every fandom?

I don't know…Maybe I just miss when people were nice to eachother. before the whole 'you know we stan/x person is cancelled' type attitude. I just wish people would stop using everything, vocaloid included, as some kind of political statement.

…I hope at least one indivisual here feels the samr as I do…

No. 55518

File: 1561807021586.jpg (34.72 KB, 744x288, steampianist.JPG)

so what's the deal with this?

same I'm tired

the mikubooks account was a fucking mistake, it's one of the things enabling this bullshit

No. 55554

What'd GHOST do to them, I wanna know
(Probably called them pedo or something retarded)

No. 55565

something about seeing steam going off on ghost gives me a positive feeling for some reason

No. 55575

Me too
maybe if the comm sees ghost isnt an angel and "cancels" her some of the ripoffs and ppl who worship her will fuck off and at least itll be a little less edgy

but they see her as a god so i doubt it

No. 55614


Hey, Shius here. I'm gonna make this pretty short and clear.

Basically GHOST and I (along with Jim) were friends at one point, (really good friends at that) until I tried to kill myself due to severe depression and GHOST basically abandoned me. They worried about me in public (twitter and yet livestreams) but never once came to me in private. I had a 7 day window before I was gonna officially off myself. Shit happened, and I called it off. I was basically saved by steam and my dad. Of all the seven days, only steam had messaged me consistently.

When I cut ties with GHOST after, they basically used isolation tactics, calling me out as the one in the wrong. All my friends that were their friends ofc took GHOSTs side. Basically GHOST accused me of being "problematic" cause I told her to "kill themself".
I never did. It's just that I remember this one time I said I would understand if they offed themselves (cause of their situations at home) but I would be sad to see them go.

No. 55623

What the genuine fuck.

I used to see Ghost as nothing more than some dumb fangirl, but holy shit. I hate her now.

Thank you for sharing what happened.

No. 55704

Thanks for sharing m8, I'm not familiar with your works but wow, fuck Ghost. I knew she was rude to fans and shit and all her songs were hit and miss with me, but fuck that fake concern shit from her.

Hope things get better for ya.

No. 55736

do you have any caps for anything during this time period?

No. 55747


Ghost apologized. I'm past it and I'm not entirely comfortable with sharing caps of a time I was seriously going to kill myself. Sorry.

Everyone involved has kept to their word of being fair, and I'm not about to break that. If you want some dirt on GHOST, I'm not the one to go to.

No. 57295

File: 1563093808861.jpeg (309.35 KB, 1210x2048, D-_hSQgXkAAEeIz.jpeg)


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