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File: 1460466485094.jpg (18.77 KB, 259x194, lasvegas.jpg)

No. 13668

What happens is Vegas, goes on the internet.
Post about your favorite las vegas snowflake, the choices are endless!

No. 13673

samefag to get us started

Who we know about so far:

>>Mariah Mallad

infamous chubo Samus who came to lolcow to defend her stuffing down dollar menu items and being a cheating ho. whines about being called a fatty but has no motivation to change that.

>>Mariah Mendoza/Yuuhi Takahiro

The one who started it all. A true lolcow deserving of a hall of fame induction. Our kawaii desu protagonist made history with her PULL thread, then quietly exited the internet. When she returned he was a hot ass, nigga-loving,
#import model #asianfantasy #rachet dream girl! We all lightly clapped as we were happy to see yuuhi morph into every other embarrassing high school student, but then surprise, surprise! It seems Mariah may be up to her old tricks and have started threads on here about other flakes.

>>Kimmy Chu/KikitheWannabee

Ddlg whore. Lived with Tavia at one point but was apparently a nasty fuck and so they had one of the weebiest, lulz worthy internet fights ever. Complains about not having any money or friends and is also an ana-chan on instagram. Wants to fuck her dad, brother and whoever else will put their dick in her incest cave

>>Sam flowers

Possible snowflake with vendetta-chan problems. Another suspect in the "who framed Yuuhi takahiro" thread debacle. More to come.

>>Tavia Olsen/MissHimenaCosplay

Kotori-chan snowflake who has slept with 99% of Vegas and apparently lied about being raped. Cheats on all her boyfriends, dates 30 year old pedo-sans, uses people for money and is generaly like most weebs who have no ambition to do anything but weeb for the rest of their lives. Has a plethora of Vegas snowflakes who hate her which should bring some top keks for us. Current question is who started her thread.

(there are a lot more vegas snowflakes but i couldn't think of how to include them so post anymore you can think of guys)

No. 13675

I wonder why there's so many weebs here in particular, I heard sooo many stories about so many people that I don't even want to attend any cons because I don't want to be associated with any of them. But maybe I actually should just to have a good laugh lol. I don't think this person is considered a snowflake but there's this one weeb fedora guy named Andrew I think, who creep on underaged girls (Or just really young looking girls in general) and buy them stuff in attempt to attract them. Gross.

No. 13677

juat don't fuck with the anime scene/k-pop scene anon. Almost every person in those two scenes is a hot snowflakey mess.
Never heard of this Andrew guy but most guys in vegas take advantage of the fact girls here are so naive and desperate for affection. It doesn't surprise me at all

No. 13679

The anime scene/kpop scence in vegas are just a bunch of fucking losers who talk shit for no reason. But when they're confronted they shit in their pants.

No. 13680


Lol yeah it seems to be the case. As far as I observed/heard about, most of them all talkshit about each other an exposes their drama publicly but when they are called out/discussed about by non-weebs people who just find them hilarious (Like most of us on there I suppose) suddenly it's wrong. smh

No. 13681

so fucking true, Vegas snowflakes love drama as long as it inst directed towards them, which makes it 10x more hilarious when they try to come here to defend themselves

No. 13682

Will some one ad rin in here ? She is the kkrew Las Vegas leader and total scum. Plenty of people hate her.

No. 13683

File: 1460498949867.jpeg (42.21 KB, 390x389, image.jpeg)

His name is Andrew yeti Olson he is totally famous in the cosplay community for being a creep!

No. 13684

He looks like a basket ball lul

No. 13685

File: 1460500006410.jpeg (136.63 KB, 750x818, image.jpeg)

The infamous Kim Do! The former owner of anime ramen and pretty maid cafe. Known for her poor management and evil schemes.
I'll give you some examples!
>didn't pay her animegacon maids, over worked them, one fainted on the job.
>called employees fat on multiple occasions and pressured them the take on her obsessive "healthy life style"
>racist and sexist
>refuses to hire girls if they "don't look the part" leading her to hiring girls who didn't even know what anime was. Then threw them into skimpy "cosplay"
>photoshopped her face onto one of her employees bodies after they quit. Lulz
>her maid cafe at sabakon consisted of girls bending over and dropping panties and they served chicken nuggets and pretzels.

No. 13686

I think Kim deserves her own thread lol this is gold

No. 13687

File: 1460500402268.jpeg (153.01 KB, 485x720, image.jpeg)

Believe it or not that was hernia chan in the middle
She made a really big deal about this, it was so lulzy. What would you expect hernia? Your autistic boss hates you from the start and you just left her in the dark! You're so ugly she just had to remove you're face.

No. 13691

I remember Kim used to sit there on her lap top Photoshopping her employees pictures. Adding eyelashes and makeup and warping their faces.

No. 13693

Sam flowers is my friend….. She was in our love live! Panel. Sam doesn't need to be on her why are you involving her even????

No. 13695

File: 1460500908835.jpg (92.49 KB, 960x960, rin.jpg)

I got you anon

>>Katherine Dunn

Infamous owner of K-Krew Las Vegas
-Used to throw tons of parties and make people buy alcohol but then proceed to drink it all herself
-alcoholic lulz
-Hates Tavia
-was abusive to her ex boyfriend and used to make him pay for all of her shit including her expensive ass Lush collection and a plethora of Kate Spade
-Dropped out of high school and started getting homeschooled because waaaa people are mean (she's graduated now)
-kicked multiple admins out of kkrew because she didn't like them
-gained 30 pounds and is a fat whale now
-doesn't even really like kpop but rides the hype wagon for every kpop event in Vegas just so she can ain popularity (see Aomg concert)

No. 13703


I wonder how you even saw this thread?. Unless you are sam! Lol

No. 13704

I heard she went out of business because her boyfriend/sugar daddy Jason left her and all her funding went to waist

No. 13706

I'm >>13673 anon. I only included her because she was brought up in Tavia's thread. If she is not a snowflake I apologize but other anons have stated she may be involved

No. 13707

You should have posted a more recent photo of her lol! She's a wale. Literally… I can't wait for her to grow even fatter.

No. 13708

Why does she hate hernia chan?

No. 13709

It's cuz she stole her bff for eva lulz

No. 13710

Sorry anon but there's more to your friend than you know, better watch your back or she might expose you! Bwahahahahah

No. 13711

Tavia "stole" her friend and then she got peanut butter and jelly lulz

No. 13712

Rin is such a skank smh. She cut ties with almost all of her friends~ then complains about it. All she has now is her gay bff Isaac and they spend they're time talking bad about their friends and the members of kkrew.

No. 13713

lol don't forget now that she has a gay black bff Rin is queen of 'shade', being 'rachet' and is a true black girl.

No. 13714

Someone plox post rins recent photos. Her ig is private her user is @rinpuff. Plz n thx

No. 13715

File: 1460502351997.jpg (147.51 KB, 479x479, CYMERA_20160412_180354.jpg)

No. 13716

File: 1460502436106.png (272.05 KB, 480x482, Screenshot_2016-04-12-18-03-01…)

No. 13717

File: 1460502508463.png (197.95 KB, 480x481, Screenshot_2016-04-12-18-02-34…)

No. 13719

File: 1460502512825.png (1.57 MB, 1439x1434, 20160412_160746.png)

Even though rin needs her own threat this is good enough.

No. 13728

Looks like a thumb. You sure thats her? Damnnnnnn… she got chins to china and back, Double chin chin.

No. 13729

File: 1460502886911.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 13737

File: 1460502906883.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This one cracks me up

No. 13739

jesus anon spoiler this shit, I almost had a stroke when this popped up

No. 13740

File: 1460502975935.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Stop stuffing your face rin chan. Zelo won't notice you anymore.

No. 13741

I was not ready either.

No. 13742

but why does she look like those fat bitches on facebook who 'work from home' selling Younique and it works wraps lel

No. 13743

File: 1460503095623.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Sorry anon this is just too good

No. 13744

Bahaha she look like an old white mother.

No. 13745

This bitchs got a nasty lazy eye. I saw her at a party that I stayed the night at and she took off her contacts and fuck that was nasty. Nasty bitch with a nasty personality.

No. 13747

File: 1460503506448.png (Spoiler Image, 539.21 KB, 1151x1968, 20160412_162209.png)

She's all about that uljing life. She try to make that dumb cross eyed look in photos then when she looks dumb enough photoshops her face to be slim and skinny.

No. 13751

Oh shit how could i forget! last year at lvl up expo she and another kpop events group had some drama because the other group (someone know the name, I forgot) hates her. They showed up to her shitty ass panelwhich was already lulz worthy because of the fact they started 45 minutes late and basically they trolled the shit out of her during the kpop jeopardy gae. Rin got all upset and pissy and when the event was over she wrote a long ass status about how the haters didn't get to her and how kkrew was better than every other vegas kpop group and they could suck it. She was so butthurt. If

No. 13752

She also was that way when a few people in kpop vegas showed up to her kpop dance practices. She told them to leave and was all pissy about it.

No. 13753

Her fat uljiang self at the sabakon performance. She thought she was killing it.

No. 13754

lol it's funny though because at every con they go to Kkrew las vegases dance covers are always despicable and kpop vegas actually looks decent. She could have worked with kpop vegas so that the dances would actally look nice but she's too much of a bitch and that's why kkrew always looses the dance battles haha

No. 13755

Lulz "I'm to kawaii for you"

No. 13756

Yeah at otakon Kpop Vegas killed there "dumb dumb"performance while kkcrew lacked a ton.

No. 13757

she looks like she smells like mayonnaise

No. 13759

She's constantly posting about all the food she eats and cafes she's going to. No wonder why she's obsess now.

No. 13761

She dances like a gorilla!
Also to add, rin was all over yuuhi and tavias threads. What's a cow like you doing in a place like this rin? Currently she thinks I'm her friend so she talks to me a little bit. Kek

No. 13763

>>13715 >>118241
This photo is when she got a hotel room for her birthday party and only like 3 showed up. Wonder why?

No. 13764

bless you anon for playing the long con lmaoooooo. I already knew she was in yuuhi's thread because back when we were friends she posted her thread on facebook

No. 13765

lulz unsurprisingly Mariah Mallad is friends with this guy

No. 13766

He is so gross. I've seen him hanging over so many little cosplay girls.

No. 13767

speaking of gross guys anyone had bad experiences with Josh Sedano

No. 13768

Do you?

No. 13769

Yes!!! He is the guy that used to supply rin with alcohol.
He's almost 30 I think, well he looks it.
I've been told by a few of my friends that he's tried to get with them. This is only from what they have told me, sorry but I don't have proof.

No. 13770

Josh is a real tool. Everyone uses him~ but I see him to be harmless.

No. 13771

Why did you bring him up?

No. 13772

>>13770 >>118303
Hes harmless,Just comes off creepy sometimes

No. 13773

he used to be reaaaaaally creepy towards me. I'm single now but when I had a boyfriend he would message me constantly inviting me to come over his house and watch movies with him, go out to eat with him and other things. I always asked if my ex could come along too and he would immediately change his mind. He never did anything per say but it was just the fact he knew i was taken and wouldn't leave me alone that bugged me. I was just wondering because I've heard other girls say he creeped on them too.

No. 13774

We're missing so much more Vegas snowflakes.

No. 13775

post them anon lol

No. 13776

File: 1460507622684.jpeg (169.28 KB, 675x1169, image.jpeg)

You're forgetting akidearest

No. 13777

File: 1460507663010.jpeg (198.66 KB, 750x1244, image.jpeg)

'Idol aiya'

No. 13778

File: 1460507921462.jpeg (128.13 KB, 750x823, image.jpeg)

'Akidearest' is a fat weeaboo man lady who thinks she's a hot-shot because she has a handful of subscribers on YouTube. Not to mention that mustache.

No. 13779

File: 1460507951943.jpeg (71.88 KB, 750x826, image.jpeg)

lol keep trying, you pig.

No. 13783

Isn't Chlamydia-chan from Vegas?

No. 13784

I remember her from a while back, I see her occasionally at events lol her voice is so deep and she's got such a nasty perverted personality~ 8D

No. 13785

I think so!! Yes!

No. 13786

Eh I kind of like her. She makes good points in her videos. Her hentai obsession is cringeworthy though, why would you want people to know you watch hentai and tentacle porn?

No. 13787

File: 1460508449522.jpeg (67.34 KB, 483x564, image.jpeg)

You're hurting everyone's eyes!

No. 13788

Hi aki! 8)

No. 13789

She needs to put on some eye makeup, sheesh.

No. 13790

Can someone please tell her to tweeze that girlstache

No. 13791

omg theres too much people How can one keep up.

No. 13792

lol this isn't even close to the amount of snowflakes in Vegas anon. This is just skimming the surface in a vast ocean

No. 13793

File: 1460525828457.png (1.03 MB, 957x912, animeteahost.png)

Wow. As a vegas anon I don't know what to say about vegas getting a general thread here, though I am in awe. I'm not sure if this counts as snowflake material, but since this is a weeb thread I'll contribute with this thing called Anime Tea Host. I'm hoping there are some anons that have heard or gone to their "events" that can contribute to this!

For starters, they want to be the next Anime Ramen restaurant with maids or whatnot, judging by links from last year.

No. 13794

Why do they keep making these anime resturants? The target audience is a very small group of people (weebs). Thats a lot of money wasted.

But anyways, whats the milk on them?

No. 13795

lol that's why Kaba Curry closed down. it only catered to a very niche collective and the food was eh. Sometimes i would go there and they would run out of items which was annoying

No. 13796


I knew someone who went there constantly; Kiyoshi Imamura or something of the other. It seemed like a cringey environment. The food seemed subpar.

No. 13797

lol the cringe

No. 13798

Lol also this one hostess/host club who failed really hard, don't remember the name of it tho

No. 13799

Ahh and I almost forgot; I heard about a bunny lounge too. Someone told me that the leader is really self conceited and make the other girls look less prettier than her lol. I think they only do business at convention.

No. 13800


This is hilarious I want more details if possible

No. 13801

The host you guys are talking about was started by Tavia and was called A more Host club. It lasted like a week until they lost funding, lmao.

No. 13802


Found this gem lmaooo

No. 13803

Bitch sounds nothing like that when she talks

No. 13804


I assume she fake her accent too ? hahahahaha

No. 13805

How could anyone fall for that half Japanese bullshit, she is clearly white as sin.

No. 13806

Pretty much everyone one in this thread sound cringey af.

No. 13807

Tavia is the reason why all of these Vegas weebs are getting exposed lmao

No. 13808

Rin had it coming tbh. All the shit she has pulled was eventually gonna end up on here. No one in the Vegas kpop community likes her

No. 13809

File: 1460582796751.jpg (2.46 MB, 2056x1371, 70857-866dc9fae49863194c05aadf…)

forgetting someone?

No. 13810


Never heard about this person, more info please ?

No. 13811

Le spoiler please.

No. 13812

Damn rin, are you bulking? Look at those gains. A heavy weight champion like tavia.I see a sumo match coming.

No. 13813

lol, top kek anon

No. 13814


No. 13815

She sounds more Mexican to me than Japanese but that's just my opinion pffft

No. 13816

Tavia must be good to hide her weight lol but then again i never met her irl so i don't know how fat she really is

No. 13817

Is she in the bathroom? Da fuck

No. 13818

She's a bit bigger than average lol

No. 13819

It's what I thought too at first tbh but she's white

No. 13820

Did she beat her ex boyfriend a lot? Trying to debate where she got those GAINS LOL.

No. 13821

She was really beating her ex? Damn, that's horrible.

No. 13822

File: 1460593647927.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Oh god no. She's so fat. They must have fired her because she was too disgusting compared to the other girls. Kek

No. 13823

Are you autistic

No. 13824

I heard the other way around. I heard that he was the abusive one, I wonder where you got that? Lul either way, she's not deserving of a good relationship. Ugly skank.

No. 13825

Calm down.

No. 13826

Lol they deleted their comment.

No. 13827

The bow is on the wrong way rofl. I bet she never even seen Madoka. Well all the girls that worked there weren't reall cosplayers anyways. Kim only wanted to hire pretty faces.

No. 13828

Wtf her ex was not abusive. He was far from it. He broke up with her a million times because he hated her but she always begged him to come back. Of course Rin would shout abuse though because she likes having control over every situation and relationship.

No. 13829

Does anyone have any info about how she apparently stole her best friends boyfriend? I saw in her og thread that she posted in it. Saying something along the lines of 'you stole my boyfriend'

No. 13830

Tavia's current boyfriend was dating some other chick or something and she met him through SoGood arcade. Being the asian fetishizer she is she snuggled up close to him because he was attractive and once he broke up with him gf they mysteriously started dating and he helped her start her shitty ass host club.

No. 13831

you must not know her then? I used to be very good friends with her until she cut me off recently. My name is adri by the way, if you're reading this, Tavia. But to confirm she broke up with him a ton of times, his name was ken and he went to school to be a dentist - confirming that she's a gold digger - I don't like her but I just have to say you're pulling shit out of your ass.

No. 13832

Okay anon, we are talking about completely different people. I'm talking about her boyfriend before this Ken person. Sorry for the confusion. More info on Ken would be great though

No. 13833

No no this is how it happend fuck bag. Ur pretty close but let me tell you. She met Austin and sarena at the host club. She then became friends with sarena. Austin and Tavia would work on the hostess club at his house. What I've been told is that they were sleeping together and Austin broke up with sarena shortly after. Then mysteriously Tavia and Austin started dating.

No. 13834

What boyfriend before ken because I know his ass too.

No. 13835

I'll tell you everything but you need to set your stories straight anon.

No. 13836

I don't think they slept together before he broke up with her, i know sarena and I know the whole story. Yeah sarena thought they were sleeping together but I guess she was feeling really insecure. Sarena has moved on already, this is super old drama.

No. 13837

Umm who gives a fuck if it's old drama, do you know how lolcow even works you dipshit? It's relevant to explaining the narrative.

No. 13838

Just clarifying things from her perspective faggot

No. 13839

You bitches are stupid enough to believe anything you read on the Internet
I'm out

No. 13840

And leave sarena out of this

No. 13841

I find it funny that the only reason this thread is here is because of the Tavia thread. along w/the LaoLic PULL user

No. 13842

Ok Sarena chan if you were so over it then you wouldn't have posted in hernia's thread.

No. 13843

lol leave bitch, don't get salty because no one is going to baby you. If you don't care you wouldn't be here on her thread

No. 13844

Lol^^^^^^ this times 100

No. 13845

Dude that bitch is fat. That's true though lmao

No. 13846

What does she look like? I'm curious

No. 13847

File: 1460595753362.jpeg (103.42 KB, 475x588, image.jpeg)

I got you anon
I actually know her from meeting her this year briefly at otakon.
looks like a dike.
Is she lesbian now

No. 13850

I feel bad for her. How can her ex downgrade to hernia?

No. 13852

she's cute, tomboyish but cute. She looks normal and non weebish

No. 13854

You literally pulled the ugliest picture of her. Whatever I guess this is how the site works. Lulz

No. 13856

File: 1460595920096.jpeg (65.14 KB, 718x468, image.jpeg)

No. 13860

He really has some low standards to be dating these girls. Wonder why

No. 13862

anon if you are going to be a newfag don't come here, you are shitting up this thread with your defense-chan mechanisms. Go lick Sarena's vagina if you want to defend her this much

No. 13864

He is pretty hot irl
makes me wonder too~!

No. 13866

No he's not. you must be autistic.

No. 13868

Hi sarena 8) do you want a thread too? I know some dirty things about you!

No. 13870

how many snowflakes in Vegas could there possibly be? Remember everyone! Tavia is the reason we brought you here! Hate her, not us!

No. 13871

Not her anon, i don't know her but if she is a weeb then feel free to post

No. 13872

File: 1460596544156.jpeg (127.43 KB, 731x845, image.jpeg)

I'm really thinking about posting these things because her ex boyfriend told me some juicy stuff about her. His name was earl.

No. 13873


Not us??? Lol! hello rin

No. 13874

rin is probably so happy the attention got taken away from her! Haha!

No. 13875

lol Rin trying to play like she ain't one of the biggest contributers to why the community is shit

No. 13876

Tell us! Tell us!

No. 13877

come on anon, we need milk to build strong bones 8)

No. 13878

When he broke up with her she went bat shit crazy throwing things and threatened to kill him. He was talking to this new girl and she went to her house and wouldn't leave the door! sarena went around telling people that he raped, abused her, and that he told her to not eat. There's a lot more but I'm not sure if you guys want to know. ?

No. 13879

She has a big past of sleeping with a lot of Vegas guys too. I know of her personally, she's no worse than this Tavia chick.
Earl told quite a few people of this story. I've even heard of it through the grape vine.

No. 13880

jesus wf is in the water in vegas. All Vegas girls seem to do is sleep with the same guys, eat shitty sushi and k bbq, talk shit about eachother, cheat on their boyfriends, become cosplayers, cry rape and start 'businesses' that always end up failing. lol this shit is sad

No. 13881

File: 1460597636892.jpeg (151.85 KB, 750x700, image.jpeg)

Look at this little diamond in the rough
apparently she has a law degree and working in retail now.

No. 13882

why? that's such a waist. no motivation in vegas, I swear it's a plagued place.

No. 13883

WOAH I didn't expect her to be posted on lolcow!Her family is really rich, back when we were friends I remember her bragging about how they got to ride on elephants and travel everywhere. she always bragged. Also she has two personalities. Super sweet around her boyfriend and then really catty with her friends. I remember this all too well. Sorry you had to be posted here sarena but it was bound to happen one day.

No. 13884

she had an eating disorder "that earl caused" sarena was super skinny when she was younger but gained a lot of weight in the recent years. so that doesn't make sense does it?

No. 13885

So TAvia's bf downgraded from a rich bitch to Tavia's poor ass? This is just too much dairy

No. 13886

Yes seriously.
What a downgrade

No. 13887

File: 1460598366033.jpeg (109.82 KB, 750x979, image.jpeg)

I remember when this photo was taken. Kek

No. 13889

File: 1460598529990.jpeg (83.27 KB, 960x640, image.jpeg)

Have mercy

No. 13891


Are you sure that's the same girl? She doesn't look like the other pictures

No. 13892

Sure am

No. 13893

Can we talk about rin?

No. 13894

Sarena chan we aren't going to change the subject because you are uncomfortable kek

No. 13895

File: 1460599117383.jpeg (112.06 KB, 1225x611, image.jpeg)

I have more milk to bring. You can see this photo is of them sleeping in a hotel from a convention. There were at least 5 people sleeping in that room. My friend Kari said that her and earrl were having sex "secretly" while they thought everyone was sleeping. so disturbing

No. 13896

File: 1460599255250.jpeg (391.15 KB, 1366x2048, image.jpeg)

>not weebish

No. 13897

WHat is she even cosplaying

No. 13898

That wig is tragic

No. 13899

that's so wrong……
' pukes '

No. 13900

How do we know that's a their legit picture

No. 13901


You are the one who took that picture! You are the disturbed one you dipshit

No. 13902

If you look at sarenas tagged photos, it's all there. Along with the people tagged that were sleeping there. Nica posted it.

No. 13903

I wasn't there you moron. Read the post again I was told by my friend Kari who was actually there. And it's posted to Facebook so

No. 13904

Sarena stop googling yourself :*

No. 13905


post links anon

No. 13907


There you go you lazy cows. I can't link you to the og photo. I'm only able to see it because I'm friends with Kari. This is the same hotel, photo also taken from nica.

No. 13909

File: 1460600547190.jpeg (180.13 KB, 750x962, image.jpeg)

"I'm I have anorexia now because earrl told me I'm too fat!"

No. 13917

File: 1460600661263.jpeg (49.9 KB, 750x771, image.jpeg)

No. 13918

Sorry I realized I was wrong here. Two different conventions. Two different hotels.

No. 13919

No. 13920

I heard she cheated on her most recent ex too, the guy's name was Cameron cox.

No. 13921

Vegas. I am so glad I don't live there.

No. 13922

Is anyone loyal anymore? It must run in weebs blood. Kek

No. 13923


My info on them is pretty old, but I hope it's informative. As someone already said here, this Tea Host thing is somewhat affiliated with SoGood, AKA the place that is co-owned(?) by Tavia's current boyfriend since they had an event at SoGood last year in the summer.

The Tea host thing works by having events at Desert Breeze park, which is kinda why it's low on the radar lol. Apparently they had a event on Halloween last year where the time changed repeatedly, though I'm hoping a vegas anon went there and can give better info than me.

Otherwise, think of Anime Tea Host as a poorly planned event at a local park. During their event with SoGood last year they were charging 20 bucks for entry and people were just walking in (Which happened at their next event after that one and probably happened during the halloween one), not helped by the fact that SoGood's arcade machines were for whatever reason not working so they had to let people play them for free. Since Anime Tea Host is a volunteer thing they tend to attract high school volunteers which is pretty unfortunate because the previous or whatever "lead maid" in that photo was bossy, though that's all the information I have on her since she's not exactly to my knowledge snowflake material unless anybody else has info on her. And Tavia was at the event after the SoGood one, if that's juicy.

No. 13924

LULZ I heard about that but I didn't believe it. That guy is pretty creepy.

No. 13925


And you are bothered by this why??

No. 13926

The lead maids name is Dasia and she is a complete slut! I know a lot about her.

No. 13927

This website is about exposing is it not. Get off lolcow newfag.

No. 13928

File: 1460601361536.jpg (79.55 KB, 640x960, 10253978_10152748233998368_414…)

look who i found in Nica's pictures from Sabakon kek

No. 13929


Do tell!!! Bring on the milk…

No. 13930

File: 1460601914625.jpeg (75.62 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

Everyone meet Dasia.
Picture below is her and her old ass bf.
>lied about her age said she was 19 but people claim she is around 15-16 y/o
>dating super old Asian guy named josh
>only cosplay is some slutty one piece out fit and some poorly put together Harley Quinn and some street fighter slut costume.
>constantly puts other cosplayers down publicly.
>very active in the Mariah thread
>wears super skimpy outfits all the time.
>calls other girls sluts when she's known for sleeping around.

No. 13931

Eww the awkwardness

No. 13932

This is gold

No. 13933

Yes she bullied the other maids in anime tea host. She has such a superiority complex.

No. 13934

Don't hate me for this but she has somewhat of a Mexican girl body. You know where it's super fat at the stomach and hips.

No. 13935

Not from Vegas but I've seen this chick try to promote herself on Facebook before. A lot of people, male and female, told her that her Chopper "cosplay" wasn't very good and unrecognizable beyond the hat, so she called in her wk army and they wouldn't stop spamming people like "NO SHE'S PERFECT AND A BETTER COSPLAYER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE. YOU'RE JELLY CUZ YOU ARENT FAMOUS LOKE HER!"

No. 13936

I was at one of the anime tea host meetings, Dasia and Tavia where there. Tavia was with her ugly ken boyfriend and left early with him. Dasia started running her mouth about Tavia and everyone started drinking beer and stuff. I left that moment because everyone there was underage. No way was I going to drink alcohol with a bunch of under aged weebs.

No. 13937

That old ass motherfucker is still her boyfriend.

No. 13938

File: 1460602377236.jpg (55.07 KB, 540x960, dasia.jpg)

she has a nice body, but god i wish girls would stop using slutty outfits and claiming they are cosplay. This shit is not cosplay it's just a glorified slutty halloween costume

No. 13939

When ever she post a cosplay picture she has to tag like 50 people in it. Probably afraid she won't get enough recognition as her senpai momokun.

No. 13940

I know! Fuck she's so desperate for people to like her shitty attempts at cosplay.

No. 13941

How old is that guy? He looks 30-ish. She herself doesn't look young though. She looks like someone's 35 year old aunt attempting to be hip by trying to appeal to teenagers.

No. 13942

I heard that she was 21 lol funny to see she can't keep her same story

No. 13943

File: 1460602621061.jpeg (79.42 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

I come baring cringe worthy photos

No. 13944

She just turned 18. Not even 21, but i do remember her sayong she was for a fact.

No. 13945

File: 1460602665227.jpg (53.36 KB, 540x540, slootplaylulz.jpg)

No. 13946

File: 1460602695422.jpeg (133.79 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

No. 13947

>street fighter

No. 13948

And she calls other cosplayer sluts? Lulz

No. 13949

I wonder what kind of drama her and momokun have. Momokun is loaded with milk.

No. 13950

Have any stories about her attitude towards the other maids? I only really have word of mouth about how she was being anal about the maid costumes or just general being an bitch stuff, though I've got a hunch she did something with Shawn or whoever the fuck is the guy's name in Anime Tea Host

No. 13951

I heard she and this other girl had a threesom with Gerard 'seans older brother'

No. 13952

I know she's not 18 because people wouldn't let her get a drinking wrist band at a gamenest event

No. 13953

File: 1460603299112.jpeg (134.59 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

Racist bitch

No. 13954

File: 1460603371831.jpg (Spoiler Image, 722.83 KB, 1225x1482, Screenshot_20160413-200801.jpg)

No. 13955

this is nasty as shit, and she said other cosplayers were sluts?

No. 13956

File: 1460603536021.jpeg (136.57 KB, 750x865, image.jpeg)

Actress? Model? Cosplayer?
You're none of those, you rat faced bitch.

No. 13957

She looks like a hooker

No. 13958

Yes I'm friends with her on Facebook and she's always saying mean things about cosplayers. I'll try to find something to show you.

No. 13959

Sounds like Yuuhi's old descriptions of herslef lulz

No. 13960

How cosplay famous! I wish I could be as famous as her one day!

No. 13961

File: 1460604297900.jpeg (171.57 KB, 750x1071, image.jpeg)

talking about yourself Dasia?

No. 13962

File: 1460604329935.jpeg (153.45 KB, 750x698, image.jpeg)

here's some of her drama earlier this year

No. 13963

Dasia you don't drink? Why were you drinking at that anime tea host meeting?

No. 13964

File: 1460604447574.jpeg (88.08 KB, 750x435, image.jpeg)

Behold! Biggest hypocrite in Las Vegas!

No. 13965

yooo I didn't know she and GieGie had beef, what's the milk on that situation

No. 13966

Basically giegie pretending to be someone else calling her out on her shit. Giegie the rich bitch has issues with every girl that threatens her spot light though.

No. 13967

But why? Is there anymore infomation on it? there has to be a start somewhere to make a pretend account.

No. 13968

It's see

No. 13969

File: 1460605206674.png (203.42 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 13970

File: 1460605261304.jpeg (132.19 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

No. 13971

File: 1460605277253.jpeg (171.36 KB, 750x1027, image.jpeg)

No. 13972

I'm not sure where the drama starts this is the only evidence that I have

No. 13973

so is GieGie confirmed snowflake material?

No. 13974

She really needs to hit the gym

No. 13975

File: 1460606888101.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Take a look at this gem I found

No. 13976

File: 1460606926466.jpeg (249.19 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

No. 13977

What the fuck she's obese!

No. 13978

File: 1460607013239.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Oger Chan!

No. 13979

Good god no wonder Kim fired her

No. 13980

File: 1460607161562.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 13981

Can we talk about that animegacon video that she did? She's so racist, that fake accent irks me.

No. 13982

Also she took it in the bathroom. Ew!

No. 13983

the look on the guy's face behind her. It looks like he's screaming "get this sumo bitch off me"

No. 13984

she might as well said ching chong, that was so disrespectful

No. 13985

I hope she gets sick and can never speak again

No. 13986

She's really gained a lot of weight since then

No. 13987

File: 1460607718826.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.39 KB, 966x605, image.jpeg)

Tavia go to hell.

No. 13988

File: 1460608357008.png (292.95 KB, 467x545, Screenshot_2016-04-13-23-13-17…)

No. 13989

File: 1460608414732.png (192.57 KB, 480x564, Screenshot_2016-04-13-23-30-05…)

Two snowflakes, one pic kek

No. 13990

File: 1460608452602.png (323.52 KB, 480x553, Screenshot_2016-04-13-23-13-30…)

No. 13991

File: 1460612355726.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-13-22-35-59…)

No. 13992

File: 1460612435768.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-13-22-36-20…)

No. 13993

File: 1460612484243.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-04-13-22-33-26…)

No. 13994

No. 13995

Can you stop spamming old as fuck photos?

No. 13996

Can you post a link?

No. 13997

It's posted in the thread, use your eyes dippshit

No. 13998

File: 1460627054303.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1439x944, Crossed eyed chicken faced bit…)

Any who

No. 13999

I was actually friends with most of these girls, but as soon as people started talking about them in PULL they got paranoid and started deleting people from their social media.

It's really sad, I remember that Tavia tried to commit suicide but failed, and Kimmy Chu posted it on fb (making it all about herself), I didn't take any pictures about it because I never thought I will ever need it, and it felt awkward that Kimmy started getting all these "stay strong" comments. Also, last year Tavia uploaded pictures of some tickets to go to Japan, but never actually went? (Does anyone know what happened?) Right after she did, Kimmy had posted on her wall that "she was really depressed, cuz all her friends were moving forward and she was stuck been an employee at a fast food restaurant". Right after she opened her Gofundme campaign to pay for her "rent" but most people agreed that she just wanted people to fund her trip to Japan or buy expensive kawaii things.

No. 14000

i remember the whole Japan thing. I know why Tavia tried to commit suicide too, but I won't say why. Kimmy was always posting gofundmes and I remember she posted one so that she could fly out to meet that one trans boyfriend she had but then nothing came of it. Kimmy (like Rin) also got super jealous when Tavia and her current bff started getting close and wrote a stupid status about how Tavia was leaving her behind for her new friend and how jealous she was that Tavia was prettier and more popular than her. It was pathetic. Tavia is supposed to be going to Japan with her bf now.

No. 14001

No surprising about the gofundme shit. When people in cosplay/kawaii community open gofundme it's obviously for their cosplay shit/clothes/makeup/travel and people are stupid enough to believe their trash excuses so they donate. Some people use this for legit reason and get pretty much nothing.

No. 14002

Just looking at her face is enough to know how bitch she is lol

No. 14003

So did you guys heard how Kim refused to hire black girls for a while? She ended up hiring one (Carol Yuuka) after a bunch of people called her out on it. Kimmy Chuu got her feelings hurt when she applied for a job at her place but was not hired.

Also, in one Animegacon (where Kim was managing the maid cafe) she kicked out one of her "maids" from a room that she (Kim) had assigned her, because I guess Sugar-daddy Jayson didnt provide enough rooms.

Poor girl has to sleep on the floor of a different room (She cried the whole night)

No. 14004

That doesn't surprise me she wouldn't hire blacks girls. All the girls she hired were either Asian or kawaii sugoi white girls like Tavia who could "pass" for Asian with the right makeup. Black girls can't pass for Asian and therefore don't fit the animuuu aesthetic. Kimmy isn't cute and is nasty on social media so she probably wouldn't have gotten hired regardless.

That's so fucked up, she should have paid out of her pocket for another room for the girl. That's some grimmy shit right there.

No. 14005

>I know why Tavia tried to commit suicide too, but I won't say why.
So why bother telling us you know?

No. 14006

>Kimmy Chu
She actually is ugly, so I'm not surprised.

No. 14007

Not only did Kim treated the girl like a retard for been dyslexic, but one of the "maids" kept bulling her constantly.

Not all the "maids" where assholes, but one in particular was known for just been a bully.

No. 14008

Which one ?

No. 14009

The only Chinese girl (cant remember her name right now), I dont think she was a weeb or a cosplayer. But supposedly she was a bitch to everyone, she even bullied Tavia.

No. 14010

I think it's weird because Kim herself isn't even a little bit kawaii. She looks like one of those Asian-Americans who want to be white really badly, or a porn star.

No. 14011

Yeah, I feel like Kim would be better suited towards the asian import model thing but i guess she saw that she could milk some money out of the rising anime community in Vegas and so she subscribed to weebism for a bit. It's wierd because now she's dedicated to being a realtor and it seems like she wants to pretend her maidd thing never happened.

No. 14012

File: 1460734824350.png (990.38 KB, 1440x2560, lol4.png)

What about Mikayla Nam/HimeButt?

I don't really know much about her, besides that as soon as something comes out movie/anime/cartoon, she immediately has to make a crappy cosplay about it?

No. 14013

File: 1460735072076.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2560, lol1.png)

No. 14014

File: 1460735308075.png (314.85 KB, 1600x900, Untitled.png)

No. 14015


Sadly most of cosplayers jumps on the bandwagon even if they don't know shit about the anime/cartoon/movie. They do that for likes and view, of course. It's getting boring. like by example; just after Zootopia came out, everyone was starting cosplaying the characters

No. 14016

File: 1460737418050.jpg (201.08 KB, 540x833, BeautyPlus_20160415092312_save…)

Is she underage?

No. 14017

By make you mean badly photoshop right? That is way too funny

No. 14018


I think she wants to be the first one to cosplay something. She wants it to so bad, that she just goes to her closet, takes whatever looks similar to any character and "finishes it" with bad photoshop.

Like the fake spots on the ladybug.

I remember that for her Ariel "cosplay" she pretty much used a bra on top of a shirt and she cut the lower part with the camera.

Im more annoyed at her constant fanservice than to her lazy-cosplaying though…

No. 14019

That eye makeup is disgusting, holy fuck

No. 14020

holy fuck this is gold op, this bitch really photoshopped the ladybug mask onto her face, it's too easy.
Cosplay is dead lol

No. 14021

This Mikayla was Yuuhi's sissy lol

hahaha xD

No. 14022

The shooped logo on her top lmaoo

No. 14023

File: 1460750485093.jpg (56.95 KB, 1080x1080, 11349417_1176060029074046_1028…)

Dat photoshop lulz

No. 14024

Mikayla goes to my High School. She is fake and I heard a lot of bad things about her around here. Lulz

No. 14025

Tell us more please lol

No. 14026

It's funny because I know who started all of this

No. 14027

>tell us then

No. 14028

No you don't Lol

No. 14029

File: 1460784853699.jpg (72.4 KB, 540x619, 13022304_261296594213601_17396…)

Rin tries so hard to look like all these Kpop Idols yet she got no brows bruh.

No. 14030

File: 1460785092629.jpg (78.07 KB, 438x420, Screenshot_20160414-230640.jpg)

I feel you anon.

No. 14031

does Vegas have a big weeb/cosplay community? Is it because it's such a convention town and attracts transplants?

Asking bc I have serious plans to move there soon (for non weeb reasons) and I'm curious.

No. 14032

Rin always has these Kkrew events, like Karaoke where everyone has to pay $10. So, it's $40 for 3 hours, and you have 12+ people pay $10, you get all this extra money, which is fine if it went to having more events or her kkrew group… but it goes to spoiling herself and dying her hair.

No. 14033

lol exactly. Rin is always talking a big game about all the events she is going to make but then it's always the same dumb shit. Dance practices, bowling or karoake. Where's that extra money going Rin?

No. 14034

Rin pays for all her Kkrew Page likes..

who even would like her page? 800 likes for them to look like Koreaboos on Crack.

No. 14035


If you won't tell us then give a hint! Hint:my fake name is laolic

No. 14036

Lol vegas is a great tourist spot, Cheap to live here,and easy as hell to get a job. But the people suck ass lmao. Our crime rate is high and we got weebs who are ugly and fat as hell who think they're the shit as you can see. That is the result of our failing school system we have the worst ones. We are producing dumb fucks left and right.

No. 14037

Not surprised to see Yeti posted here one bit. He turned into a rude douchebag. He wasn't always an ass but he was always a creeper.

Kim is a very special kind of snowflake who deserves her own thread. I still laugh at how she majored in business and philosophy and yet, her family has nothing but a string of failed business ventures. You'd think one would learn.

The worst. We don't want her back in town.

Kalika is fucking cringy as fuck. She goes by Midnight Purrsona or some shit like that as her cosplay handle. She'd always cry about people not liking her cosplays and not getting attention because she's "fat, black and ugly." Bitch, your personality is the main problem.>>119154

I didn't know this about Sarena. I'm… honestly, quite disappointed in her. Jesus.

Daisha is a fucking bitch but when you call her out on how she acts shitty toward you? Boy, is it easy to make her cry. Not everyone is going to sit and take being treated like crap, little girl.

Can't forget that the jobs here are total shit.

No. 14038

You all have nothing else better to do with your lives do you?

No. 14039

Is this bait?

No. 14040

You're probably one of those weebs posted so you are angry lol

No. 14041

It's funny how the the girl who made hernias thread AKA Sharon and her friend who is hiding behind the computer is pretty much admitting that they started the thread. All over hernias bf

No. 14042

Funny since no one mentioned in that thread or this one is the one who started this.

No. 14043

Very good point anon

No. 14044

Does Sharon cosplay love live?

No. 14045

No, the leader of the Cottontails Bunny Lounge isn't Tavia. That's another girl named Cat.

No. 14046

File: 1460938325069.jpeg (186.92 KB, 750x712, image.jpeg)

Introducing Sharon kim
Aka @sharonchan_cosplayer_
>home wrecker on multiple accounts
>compulsive cheater
>best friends with yuuhi takahiro (secretly hates her because her boyfriend is in love with yuuhi)
>cheated on her boyfriend and brags about it
>posts nude photos to Facebook
>her boyfriend is ok with her sleeping with other boys
>her parents buy all her cosplay and circle lenses and throws tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants
>best friends with kimmy chu
>may or may not be laolic

No. 14047

File: 1460938400100.jpeg (133.58 KB, 750x852, image.jpeg)

searches for nudes

No. 14048

File: 1460938725662.jpeg (121.69 KB, 747x625, image.jpeg)

Those flabby ass cheeks
Real cute flabbychan

No. 14049

I was good friends with her a while back, I caught her making out with some super fat guy at otakon earlier this year. She was sitting on his lap and touching him pretty inappropriately. Did her and lance break up yet? She treats him like shit.

No. 14050

I'm sure he knows what she's doing
He's probably afraid of being alone or something

No. 14051

Lulz I can't find it….. She deleted her "nude beach satsuki"

No. 14052

File: 1460939158508.jpeg (70.2 KB, 750x402, image.jpeg)

^ Sharon and Yuuhi together ^

No. 14053

At least yuuhi knew how to do her hair
That comb over 'cringe'

No. 14054

File: 1460939907433.png (Spoiler Image, 646.48 KB, 747x840, Nude bitch.png)

I got you anon.

No. 14055

File: 1460939913805.jpeg (511.45 KB, 2000x1856, image.jpeg)


No. 14056

File: 1460939991279.jpeg (57.04 KB, 750x999, image.jpeg)

SHIT lol I thought these pictures would be gone forever!
Are those her nipples Lulz

No. 14057

No. 14058

Go back to the fucking well, Sadako.

No. 14059

Is that this yeti guy ?

No. 14060

No it was some bigger Mexican looking guy

No. 14061

File: 1460940960835.jpeg (405.06 KB, 2000x3134, image.jpeg)

Had 2

No. 14062

File: 1460941056645.gif (45.94 KB, 317x231, image.gif)


Pls no Sharon. How many eyes do you plan to burn. I can't keep my food down.

No. 14063

Anyone got more dairy on she and yuuhi

No. 14064

Someone told me that Sharon and her bf Lance would give yuuhi rides everywhere. Sharon said that she used them a lot.
Asking for money and rides ect.
I heard that lance had a mega crush on yuuhi before Sharon started dating him and to this day he still talks about her. Poor Sharon. lel

No. 14065

hmm knowing how she is, I almost feel bad for hernia chan. her boyfriend cheated on her with a mega slut. what if she got a disease?

No. 14066

He asked Sharon out behind hernia's back? Real cute relationship she must have. LULZ

No. 14067

ew ew ew I can't wait to see her at the next convention. I hope she doesn't give me chlamidia just from looking at her. Nasty

No. 14068

No wonder she cheats on him. He doesn't give her enough attention so she goes out and steels other girls boyfriends! Bwahahahaha

No. 14069

Her bf was ok with her posting this to fb? Damn
They can't really be together

No. 14070

All these kids are shitting up a community the older crowd tried so hard to clean up. All their efforts were for nothing. Thanks, faggots.

No. 14071

Ew what's that dirt on her ass

No. 14072

You all are a sad lonely bunch of morons are you?

No. 14073

Oh Tavia are you making up bullshit to make it seem like an old friend is now just a whore to you when in reality you are nothing but a whore yourself? Sad to say but you have fucked more men in your life than she has because she's only had 1. Poor Hernia. Maybe you should go get checked out. You might need to be quarantined lulz

No. 14074

Sorry to give you real information. The mega slut Is hernia chan. Better hope she doesn't give you any stds just from her entering the building.

No. 14075

I heard that too. Wonder what's up with them today

No. 14076

Sharon's white knights riding into the farm.
Get of lolcow newfags. Lulz
This thread is for bashing all Vegas weebs if you have a problem get off fucktard. >>14073

No. 14077

Who do you think it is? Sharon? Yuuhi?
Looks like someone hurt their dirty little bum.

No. 14078

There's enough room in Vegas for many sluts. Stop trying to derail the attention away from you, Sharon.

No. 14079

Only 1! Oh that is the funniest thing I've ever heard! Go ahead and ask her herself. She knows she's guilty. She's told me herself. I dare you.

No. 14080

Samefag detected

No. 14081

( . )( . )
The nipples speak words of wisdom
"Trust me fam I only fucked one guy but told everyone about how I cheated on lance" cough >>14056

No. 14082

caught making out with some one else at a convention >only one guy 'cough'

No. 14083

Her best friend told everyone about her threesom for crying out loud
Fucking hell
>only one guy
Bitch, Hernia and Sharon can both be sluts! there's room for everyone to be milked! Lulzzzz

No. 14084

I'm dieing. This is just too much dairy!

No. 14085

Why does she talk like that? What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 14086

Look it's that creep yeti

No. 14087

My bad, I reposted lul

No. 14088

If that's her in the cover photo she's really cute.

No. 14089

She used another cosplayer for the photo. That's not her.

No. 14090

Ew she's holding his arm and calling him senpai. He's probably getting so hard off that. Yuck

No. 14091

What a dream come true for that guy. I wonder how much money and handjobs he gets from doing shoots for little girls.

No. 14092

She ruined frozen for me :(((
That cheep wig

No. 14093

File: 1460971538690.jpeg (62.96 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)


No. 14094

There there chlamydia chan, senpai will give you a nice photo shoot if you pretend to be my girlfriend for 3 whole hours!

No. 14095

Grade 'A' keks

No. 14096

Man that is cringy as hell

No. 14097

Its not a tutorial if you don't show us what you do, She going in the mirror away from the camera half the time.

No. 14098

When you're born and raised in Vegas, go to conventions in the area for ten years, and know none of these people. How the heck are you guys keeping tabs on these losers? Like I'm legit curious how you guys are finding them.

No. 14099

Gained 30? more like 200

LOL she really dropped out? What a little bitch. Is it just me? or weebs just don't like highschool? The EASIEST part of life lmao.

No. 14100

ew wtf

No. 14101

most of the community runs in the same circles, goes to the same parties, eats at the same restaurants and shit like that. Vegas is very small so everyone knows everyone. you are probably lucky you don't know who these people are anon, it means you don't have to deal with bullshit and can enjoy conventions the way the were meant to be enjoyed

No. 14102

File: 1461103511406.jpg (312.24 KB, 540x646, Thatbellydoe.jpg)

What about Ashley Mageras?
I don't really like to talk bad about disabled people, but this girl is easiest the bichiests, most entitled, ugliest inside-and-out person I have ever met in the cosplay community. I love lolcow, but I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't here talking bad about everyone.

She is "body-positive", but "fuck you" if you are skinny, because only fat people can love their own body.

You are doing a cosplay better than her? she will talk shit about you.

You are not taking pictures of her cosplay?!! DISCRIMINATION!!!

Your cosplay is too good? Well she worked harder than you so stop cosplaying!!!!

Most people knows that she treats others like shit, but everybody is too afraid/nice to say anything.

No. 14103

File: 1461103623217.jpg (Spoiler Image, 191.79 KB, 540x540, Ash.jpg)

No. 14104

Its most likely weebs preying on other weebs. How else do they even come close to knowing them? Anime Conventions. Anime sucks lol.

No. 14105

Seems like the average tumblrina. "Discrimination"!! Lul

No. 14106

Anymore sauce on her?

No. 14107

Well… People are staring at her not only because of her cosplay and that ugly ass wig but it's also because she's a tiny Asian girl with a fat gross creep. Who wouldn't give that a side eye?

Her voice is so annoying, holy shit. And I feel so much second hand embarrassment because I used to be friends with this dude until he started being an ass to me for no reason. I guess it's because I made it clear that I wouldn't date him?

No. 14108

How are more people not talking about the trainwreck that is Cat and her fucking Bunny lounge? Lol.

No. 14109

She had some seriously hot girls involved, but their costumes other than hers looked like they were ripped off of the discount rack at party city.

No. 14110

At least she had good looking girls involved, unlike a lot of anime maid etc. groups. I agree, everyone's bunny suit excluding hers looks like shit. Wtf went wrong there?

No. 14111

Do we have sauce on the girls in the group? I didn't recognize a few of them and I've been shooting cons here for almost ten years now. Are they new? Did Cat pull a Tavia and just hire a bunch of pretty faces instead of actual cosplayers?

No. 14112

Which ones don't you recognize? I think they're all cosplayers.

No. 14113

The blond one, the brunet one, and the one with the long brown wig. I think I recognize her actually, thats Allison right? She used to do Home Stuck

No. 14114

File: 1461299182610.jpeg (113.82 KB, 750x1109, image.jpeg)

herpes chan :( ?

No. 14115

No. 14116

This bitch is disgusting flaunting her cold sore like it's super normal. well it's not

No. 14117

The girls are cosplayers. I just wish their bunny suits looked better (they're all shit but Cat's) and they fixed their wigs. Some of the wigs don't fit their heads right. Other than that, I think she did a good job with her bunny lounge.

No. 14118

Weren't they suppose to have a after party after otakon but they kept failing to secure a location and made people waste there time just to say hours later that they canceled it.

No. 14119

Right ?? So disgusting I wonder what herpes Chan up to now. Probably sleeping with another guy right now. How low and pathetic of her.

No. 14120

So rin must of saw the thread about her because she got rid of most of her photos and took one of the youtube video's off her youtube account lulz. What she doesn't know theses pictures will stay here.

No. 14121

Lmao shes been lurking these threads. But for some odd reason, when rin is mentioned. The subject changes quick. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 14122

File: 1461369762534.jpeg (583.62 KB, 2000x3190, image.jpeg)

Not taking the hernias side but fuck this is funny. I wouldn't mind if the bitch jumped into traffic either, she fucking deserves it. but why would you tell us who you are? Are you trying to be edgy? cringe I did some research.
Should I tell your sergeant?
Did Sharon suck your little dick and tell you people where bullying her?

No. 14123

Sharon's white nights riding into the farm

No. 14124

My bad

No. 14125

He posted his Instagram user??? Kek
Why even post as anon.
So much autism

No. 14126

She's crying to all her friends, she's flowing with milk now.
It's so funny she's blaming all of this on hoe-bag hernia chan. I want to see them both squirm.
You do know more than just one person doesn't like you, right Sharon? You seem to have made a couple enemies along your cosplay journey.

No. 14127

So I'm on the outside looking in, this could be another attempt at throwing someone under the bus. Is he a minor? If so he is then he's most likely going to get banned her.

No. 14128

Tavia is an easy target to blame~ she's already caused Sharon enough pain.

No. 14129

He claims to be 15 so he must be a minor

No. 14130

Like what lulz calling her out for being a hoe? You know the story she told everyone that tavias boyfriend was coming onto her? Such a hard story to believe when you're such a mega slut. Tavia and Sharon should make an idol group called love sluts!

No. 14131

It's true apparently they slept together. Sharon cheated on her boyfriend with hernias boyfriend. Lulzy right? Bwahahahaha ??????
(are you 13 or something)

No. 14132

So much DAiRy

No. 14133


No. 14134

so tavia and sharon are both known to cheat?

No. 14135

apparently so, whatever they're both weebs either way

No. 14136

Really? That's pretty fucked up.

No. 14137


Ah the lovely Miss Midnight Pursona. I'm going to have to agree with the other anon that mentioned her on here.

Like 90% of her posts are her complaining about how she isnt popular or pretty like other cosplayers, which are obvious attempts to get her whiteknight friends to butter her up. And any time she gets called out on this or at least is given some actual advice on what could help her, she shuts the fuck up or somehow turns it into a "boohoo pity me" situation. Ive seen several other people comment on her posts, trying to help her but its like she doesnt want to listen and just wallow in her self-pity.

No. 14138

Has anyone heard of 'Rabbit Rebel Cosplay'? Or Pocky Amara as she goes by. What do you think of her?

No. 14139


Pocky Amara sees Kalika as her "sempai" so that says it all lulz.

No. 14140

She's kinda cute though right?

No. 14141

Has anybody mentioned Isaki yet? If it weren't for her, I'd probably join the lolita comm. Her antics make it seem not worth it.

No. 14142

>Pocky Amara sees Kalika as her "sempai"

Oh god, that really fucking does. I've never even seen what this Pocky Amara person looks like, but if they look up to Kalika in any way, shape or form? They have to be a shitty person and their cosplay must be a trainwreck.

No. 14143

That chick is crazy. she made some post on facebook a long while ago about how people who have mental disordered are possessed and need Christ.
Last I heard was she was dating some pedophile who had glaucoma or something, so we should all pity him and donate to his fund.

No. 14144

i wish this thread and site would go away. everyone here disgusts me.i came on here for curiosity found myself mentioned and read everyone else's posts

what's the matter with you people?!

No. 14145

Hella yea i would bang . eazy

No. 14146

Well hello sharon

No. 14147

Unrelated to thread but you honestly never know here. Best to keep it dl. Could be someone trying to get him into shit.

sincerely jessicanigri

No. 14148


Isaki's been mentioned already. Her boyfriend has glaucoma due to complications from diabetes and has had multiple eye surgeries. Last I saw is that they are getting married. I kinda feel sorry for them as a couple.

No. 14149


She's nothing special, looks are below average imo. Cosplays are the same.

No. 14150


I'm surprised Cat has not been posted on here. She's one of the most self-entitled attention-whores in the Vegas community. She's talented for sure but is pretty cringeworthy with her posts. She speaks about people learning to like themselves but then goes off with her "GET ON MY LEVEL BITCHES." Hypocritical, really.

And dont get me started on her constant "MY SQUAD IS BETTER THAN YOURS" posts. Jesus fucking Christ, what are you 12? It makes me laugh when she gets mad about adults "talking down at her" when she just comes off as immature period.

No. 14151

File: 1461422722252.jpeg (92.65 KB, 526x526, image.jpeg)

I found a picture of that Pocky girl from her cosplay page

No. 14152


Meh typical throw-shit-together-and-call-it-cosplay crap.

No. 14153

Can someone post a picture or links of cat and the bunny lounge or whatever? I have no clue who you guys are talking about.What's her last name?

No. 14154

No. 14155

File: 1461424162987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.42 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

Found one of her 'professional' cosplays

No. 14156


The photo composition seems decent but I doubt see why it's a "professional" cosplay

No. 14157

She apparently wore it in a panel or something

No. 14158

thanks anon. Okay but why are everyone's bunny suits half way up their vaginas, they need to look up some tutorials on bunny suit construction

No. 14159

File: 1461427497764.jpeg (149.62 KB, 399x708, image.jpeg)

I found one that she apparently made with her mom she says she's Cosplaying 'pink assassins creed Harley Quinn'

No. 14160


Hahaha good look trying to give her concrit about her bunnysuits. She's too easily butthurt if you try to nicely critique her on her craft. She'll probably say "well if you dont like it gtfo lol" instead of being mature enough to take the suggestion.

No. 14161


Good luck*

No. 14162


And I heard they DID gtfo. Someone told me people keep quitting. Makes you wonder.

No. 14163

Not the hot ones, I hope…

No. 14164

No. 14165

Did this die? Who were we talking about?

No. 14166


Hahaha just saw her latest post about her haters being mad about her squad being better.

Bitch, I dont need a squad to make me look better. I stand on my own but whatever just stay the delusional, self-absorbed special snowflake that you are Cat. You're talked about behind so many peoples' backs because you're embarrassing lulz.

No. 14167


Oh this girl is just a hot mess, minus the hot. She's whiny and loves to play the "pity me" card so often.

No. 14168


The hot ones. Sorry. Maybe they'll start their own gig?

No. 14169

She's so mad lol. Bitch cant take criticism and she's immature to boot.

No. 14170

This is why her project is gonna crash and burn. I have a couple of friends in the Vegas cosplay community who had never spoken to her before, but when they met her she just gave them the most attitude. I don't understand why she thinks she's better than the rest of us. It's one thing to be confident in yourself and your skills–because shes talented–but it's so, so sad when you have to put others down to feel good. I know she's gonna deny that she does that, but she was just SO rude to my friends.

No. 14171


She says her haters mad because of her squad being better than theirs.

Oh yes, I mad. I mad at your telling people to find confidence in themselves but then turning around and shitting on them for not "being on her level." Like what are you even trying to do? You're inconsistent as fuck. You either build people up or you shit all over them. Pick one (preferably the former).

So insecure that she constantly had to post photos of herself and how great she is. I lol'd at her photos saying that she has a big ass. Im like "BITCH WHERE? YOU FLAT AS A BOARD."

No. 14172

The funniest part to me is that theres literally multiple people telling her that her suits look like shit and she keeps denying it… We arent blind.

No. 14173

I'm lost are we still talking about that Pocky girl?

No. 14174


Yes, well she's in denial that's why. Instead of taking the criticism as something to build upon like a MATURE person would, she gets butthurt.

I also find her hoodrat "COME AT ME BOO" manner of talking hilarious because her scrawny ass would get physically destroyed in an actual brawl.

No. 14175

No. 14176


I love how she posts nsfw photos of herself and then when she riles anon up to comment, responds in a fake "umm this is awkward" way. Trademark of an insecure, attention-whore lol

She seems to not know that there's a difference between someone stating facts and someone who is just "mad" about her. FYI, someone can make TRUE statements based on observation without being a hater. But of course her immature ass wouldnt understand that concept.

No. 14177


Pocky Amara is not even worth talking about

No. 14178

Can we get sauce on the hot ones????? I don't even know who they are.

No. 14179


I had never met this Cat girl before but several of my friends complained about how obnoxiously annoying she was in their Japanese class. To me, she looked pretty good at what she likes to do so I decided to not judge her based on what my friends said about her and see for myself. Overtime, the many many times in which Ive interacted with her, I can see why people dont have nice things to say about her. She talks in a very condescending way to people and is unnecessarily aggressive in many of her posts like she WANTS someone to start shit with her. And when someone does start shit with her or points out that this is how she is, she goes "LOL YOU DONT KNOW ME AND MY LIFE AND MY SQUAD HAHA GTFO" when actually yes, there's quite a few of us that know how you actually are.

No. 14180


Hopefully those other girls start their own venture because that girl is batshit

No. 14181


Aaaaand my admiration of her just went out the window. Im all for embracing your sexuality but her tumblr just comes across as desperate and trashy.

No. 14182

…why the fuck can't she just call this shit an original costume? Oh right. Attention.

Seconding this.

No. 14183


Agreed. I KNOW some of the better cosplayers (based on craftsmanship skill and experience) and thankfully none of them come off as snotty or mean-spirited. Like I just want to ask her why she has to be this way to others that genuinely want to make friends with her or learn from her?

No. 14184

I mean theyre all lesbo if you really want to know who they are

No. 14185

File: 1461465140700.jpg (708.9 KB, 460x260, hruTrcY.jpg)

No. 14186

Why do you say that?

No. 14187

It's true Midnight Persona has a bit of a victim complex, but I feel like her facebook and tumblr really don't do her justice. It's no wonder people have a negative view of her from these blogs, but get to know her in person, and shes one of the most vivacious, friendly, and hardworking people I know. Also, unlike many people in this thread, she does learn from her mistakes.

No. 14188

Not original anon, but shes just not. She's boring and her cosplay is boring.

No. 14189


I have to agree with you because sometimes I do see that caring and fun side of her. I just want to shake her while screaming "YOU ARE LOVED AND ENOUGH, SO ACT LIKE IT PEOPLE WILL ADMIRE YOU MORE FOR IT"

No. 14190

I don't understand what you mean by she's boring? I've see some of her picture online but I have no ideas who she is @.@ but her cosplays don't seem boring :P is she won one to approach? Is she a bitch or is she a good person? She fake or real? Which cosplays are boring?

No. 14191


This smells suspiciously like self-post, but I'll bite. Maybe "boring" is a strong word, Id say that she's mediocre (or almost that level anyway). She got a nice manface going on there tho

No. 14192

Manface XD maybe that's why she cosplays male characters so fucking much because she know when she's Cosplaying a girl please think she's cross playing

No. 14193

Still know nothing about personality though should I fear asking for her picture?

No. 14194

Who pocky?

No. 14195

File: 1461469322873.jpeg (255.21 KB, 1280x960, image.jpeg)

Pocky Amara also known as Rabbit Rebel Cosplay

No. 14196

She's a fucking shit talking bitch. I doubt she has changed.

No. 14197

Does anyone have rin on facebook? apparently she found out about this thread and is going on a blocking spree lol. She supposedly made a lulzy status about it too.

No. 14198

No. 14199


Who are you anon and why are you so interested in Pocky Amara lol

The Cat girl thinks she got rid of her hater on here but blocked the wrong person and Im gonna just keep quiet for now and let her dig her own grave lulz

No. 14200

I've seen some of her stuff on Facebook and she seems cute but I don't want to interact with her without knowing anything about her. I'm a photographer I'm hoping to get into taking cosplay pictures but I don't want to deal with anyone bitchy

No. 14201


Meh I would say pick another cosplayer, there's actually a a good number that are actually attractive and have experience with working with photographers.

No. 14202

You don't think she's attractive?

No. 14203


Personally I dont think shes attractive but as anon, you photograph whoever the hell that you want lol

No. 14204

Maybe I won't ask her for pictures then… I'll find someone else to start up with.

No. 14205

Most of the people who have been posted here aren't really popular at all…
Anymore milk on anyone else?

No. 14206

All the popular Vegas cosplayers know how to keep their shit quiet. That and they're older than most of the children posting and have been posted here. They've seen their fair share of drama in their day, I'm sure.

No. 14207

Yeah, all though there's a couple people who are kinda lulz worthy, honestly most people being talked about here are from other anon's with personal grudges trying to stir up shit.

No. 14208

I love how everyone is telling other cosplayers to act mature when the cowards behind their screens talking shit are acting like immature children and cyber bullying people bet bone of you have the guts to say this shit to our faces


No. 14209

That's to be expected on this site, just so you know.

But yeah, this is a huge grudge thread. I don't even know who the vast majority of these people are.

No. 14210

Board has gone downhill. I couldn't give a shit about minor petty grudges between dumb sluts in some bullshit boring local con scene

No. 14211


Agree with this. Most of the top-tier cosplayers are either kind, genuine sweethearts, or just dont brag about their work in general. And if they do need to promote themselves, they do it in a humble sort of way.

No. 14212

Hey what about Julie Myers? Does anyone know anything about her?

No. 14213

Again. Who?

No. 14214


Im one of the oldies of the Vegas anime community and have a good idea of who's who, never heard of that name so I looked up her FB. Might be part of the younger crowd and is why Ive never heard of her

No. 14215

She's some 'knows she's cute so she uses it' cosplayer

No. 14216

Agreed anons. When I made this thread it was specifically to point out the actual problematic people that everyone agrees is a problem. Now its just a bunch of vendetta chans posting nobodies in Vegas they are either jealous of or want to make fun of for dumb shit. Come on guys, post ACTUAL milk or don't post your shitty frenemies at all.

No. 14217

And stop doing this lazy shit right here. If you are going to mention someone fucking post some links and tell us why we should give a shit, don't just post a name with no context and expect us to jump on your hate train. This thread is fucking dead now because of newfags.

No. 14218

Maybe someone wanted it to end? It could be on purpose

No. 14219

You're probably right anon. Either way this thread is as dry as a Popeye's biscuit.

No. 14220


Lol personally I think the problematics have mostly been named earlier on in the thread, its all good

No. 14221

is poppycock cosplay still considered a lolcow? She had some huge breakdown at animegacon a while back and on top of that she is just super obnoxious. There was some drama with her and her friend group too but I'm not sure, I just heard it from someone that was involved.

No. 14222

sounds boring tbh. Also, please refer to >>14217.

No. 14223


Shes mostly kept to herself but still has a pretty obnoxious presence on FB. Luckily nobody seems to feed her need for attention lol

No. 14224

I kinda wanna update the Yuuhi thread in PULL adding all the Laolic pictures defending her xD(xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

No. 14225

Someone already figured out who LaoLic is and they are not from Las Vegas. The one who created the PULL thread about Tavia isn't from Las Vegas. The LaoLic we know commenting on Tavia's thread on here is from Las vegas.

No. 14226

Heard about that. Someone told me that LaoLic was someone who lives farther away from Las Vegas. Westcoast area I think

No. 14227

Laolic posted back in PULL saying she is not Yuuhi but then deleted the comment xD

No. 14228

Still think LaoLic is a Faggator for playing these dumb ass games. Cant wait to see if this attention needy twatwaffle actually exposes herself at LVL Up lol.

No. 14229

But why would she make it so obvious it's her? Saying she's going to lvl up expo and cosplaying as a love live character? Who cosplays love live at a gaming convention? xDDD I don't disagree with you. I think it might be her too. If it isn't her that is one big laugh in all these people's faces to those who thought it was all these people it could possibly be. -_________-

No. 14230


Maybe she realized how obvious it was and then deleted it. It was in the Kimmy Chu thread.

No. 14231

Well the only of knowing is going to that convention. I personally dont think its yuuhi because if you look at her instagram, Shes done with the weeaboo cosplay shit. So theres a high possibility that its not her.

No. 14232

Plot twist
No one started it and it was Tavia Who did. xDD

No. 14233

My friend is friends with Yuuhi On facebook. I think Yuuhi made a post a while back telling everyone how the Cosplay community in vegas is dead and she is happy she isn't a part of it anymore. So that brings a higher possibility that it isn't her. It could be still. We won't know until lvl up expo

No. 14234

Yuuhi did it I know she did! It had to be her! It's obvious! Why won't you guys believe it?

No. 14235

How do you know? Is there any sort of evidence. I can't believe any of this. Its everyone pointing fingers at each other

No. 14236

There's a high chance it could be that Sharon girl everyone talked about. She does have a love live wig. Might be the hint our beloved LaoLic (Sharon I'm assuming) was giving us for the convention and it wasn't a mystery to begin with.

No. 14237

Las Vegas Cosplay Community is so dry. This is such petty drama

No. 14238

It started out interesting but became lame after people started posting about complete nobodies. Isn't one of the rules on here not to use lolcow as their personal armies?

No. 14239

Can't tell if sarcasm or just really desperate.

No. 14240


ITT people complaining about vegas drama, not realizing they are contributing to it

No. 14241

this sadly all pretty high schoolish honestly who gives a fuck what anyone does just let them be

cause you are no better than these other people

No. 14242

With how popular Love Live is, what makes any of you think it'll easily expose whoever made this thread? You children don't know how these boards work and stop using it for petty drama and post more snowflake gems like Yeti.

No. 14243

Yeti isn't really a snow flake tbh
He's just a creep.
Sounds like vendetta to me
Girls just use him for free shoots and he's the fedora that thinks that if he's nice to them, that he will have a chance.
Nothing more to it honstly, unless you have more to add.

No. 14244


He used to be really nice and talkative to me until I met my boyfriend. He wouldn't even say hi to me afterwards.

No. 14245

Same happened to me. He used to be nice but then when I told him I have a boyfriend, he became an ass. He's definetly one of those guys with the motive of befriend then date. Not the kind of person I'd want to be associated with.

No. 14246

Lvl Up updates ya'll:
I heard from someone in related to the con that Kpop panels were apparently banned this year because of the drama from last year.
Rin didn't perform with k-krew in the battles lulz. Kpop Vegas won and it was well deserved. Momo attended in her shitty Samus cosplay because she fucked up her other one due to laziness and the fact she can't even sew lol. there were definitely some love live cosplayers who could've been the infamous LaoLic but Tavia wasn't there so nothing of that curdled milk situation. Anyone know why Tavia didn't show up? Dasia was there looking like a Boulder hooker as usual. All in all, Lvl Up was as expected.

No. 14247

Dude who cares. Add spice to think taco when there is spice to be added. These people arnt anything, that makes anons even more salty nothings. Get over your clear high school obsession. This form is deadddd.

No. 14248

there always has to be that one trying to stir some drama up for no reason

grow up who cares be an adult and invest something better with your time instead of getting dish on people for no reason

No. 14249

I think tavia is japan rn tho.. can we keep her there and out of our country though

No. 14250

Hey you guys, Anime Ramen is re-opening under the name Anime Bobba… cant wait for all the new drama!

No. 14251

hey look a shit starter

and here i thought the thread finally died

drama is gonna happen no matter what just move on and find something else to milk

No. 14252

If you're going to bitch, learn to sage.

No. 14253

Not bitching just stating learn the difference.

No. 14254

Holy fuck anon, this thread is two centuries old. There is no milk in Vegas anymore besides Mariah Mallad and she has her own separate threads in /pt. Let it die.

No. 14255

I dunno, can a place have milk? The Anime Revolution store has been shady as fuck for years. Moving from place to place and being involved with Level Up Expo, getting their guests and then not be allowed back or some shit. So there's still some stuff to talk about.

No. 14256

Idk anon, if you feel like there are cows to be milked, feel free the post any info you have,but honestly right now it's pretty dry. People are just coming into this thread saying there is milk and not actually giving any details.

No. 14257

People will say anything to start drama or cause problems.

Just distances yourself from everyone if you don't like them. It's not that hard to do.

I know people like a good cat fight every now and then but why? I can't grasp what you get out of it.

Why start something for no reason?

Not everyone cares about another person's life,drama,or problems.

personally I've started to learn not to get to involve with everyone cause of reasons like this I just wanna be friends without drama and problems in this community.

I wanna have fun cosplaying and enjoying what I love.

I don't care what people say about me in here you won't stop me from what I love to do especially those posts I see about me are just lies and slanders.I never said fuck you to skinny people and only fat people should cosplay if people actually read my posts regarding cosplay I have stated everyone no matter who or what you are or what you look like cosplay is for everyone.

Yes I bitch and can shit talk but sometimes I vent too and if it comes off as shit talking or bitching I apologize for this.

I'm only human.I'm not perfect and I never will be.I cosplay for me and only me.I don't do it to meet your high expectations of your ideal cosplayer.

My looks and body are my own I can't change my appearance cause you don't like how I look.I was born with what I got.There are a few thing I do hate about my appearance and looks but hey what can you do I'm just me.

But learn to get to know me before believing this thread.don't always believe what people say on the internet cause sometimes it isn't true.

And no I am not new here.

I know a lot of people don't give a flying fuck on here and won't care but not all of us want or try to bring drama if they don't like me then so be it I don't care anymore I'll just do what make me happy and not worry what others say or think.

you have your opinions and I have mine

sorry I got tired of keeping quiet about this.I don't wanna start a fight just talking so please don't attack me.I'm trying to be civil here

BUT I will say this ever since Anime Revolution's owner sicked their mom at me because I forgot about their email I haven't really been to fond of that store or the people running it.I just avoid it and shop elsewhere especially for the same stuff they sell at a cheaper and more reasonable price their shit is to pricey or can be easily found cheaper elsewhere

No. 14258

Well, I mean the son couldn't run the business, so once the mom took over… you know. But hey, their dad's business makes money. :P

No. 14259

Have you guys ever heard from herpy Chan yet? I heard she's been sleeping around still

No. 14260

Who is that?

No. 14261

One of my friends that used to cosplay at the store (live mannequin) said that dad was pretty creepy towards the girls. Also, the mom likes to have control of everything.

No. 14262

File: 1481409990107.jpg (579.14 KB, 1280x1280, 16-12-08-14-19-24-091_deco.jpg)

This is herpie chan

No. 14263

Who is that?

No. 14264

>>14263 that's herpie Chan aka Sharon Chan she had beef with Tavia before but now I heard her being a slut around Vegas again and I think its true

No. 14265

File: 1481604782630.png (155.24 KB, 1440x998, Screenshot_2016-12-12-20-50-55…)

What a broke ass bitch…..might as well be a slut on the streets than do commissions broke ass bitch

No. 14266

She is actually friends with Mikayla AKA himebutt, and I really wonder how they get money to buy all the new cosplays every week (literally every week a complete/mostly complete cosplay every week)

No. 14267


No. 14268

File: 1481724769078.jpg (74.6 KB, 726x972, FB_IMG_1481724725589.jpg)

Dva more like sutva ??

No. 14269

File: 1481837770439.jpg (589.95 KB, 1080x1920, 1481508295921s.jpg)

Wait what are happy together again??

No. 14270

File: 1481892914424.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-12-16-04-53-53…)

Oh wow……she actually cosplayed love live………

No. 14271

is it just me or is she a little bit ashy??

No. 14272

>>14271 yeah she's a bit ashy

No. 14273

>>14272 but wait guys did you hear about David and cosplay bunny being together?

No. 14274

Who is the Cosplay Bunny? is it the other Filipino weeb chick not Yuuhi that lies about being Japanese, did the whole cosplay/model thing, and cheated on every single person she dated? cuz she just started dating a David guy?

No. 14275

ok but what's with the gross crust around her chin/lips. puke.

No. 14276

Sharon is such a boring cow, don't know why you guys fixate on her so much. Is there any milk from any of the other more interesting vegas cows?

No. 14277

>>14274 cosplay bunny is a white girl cosplayer

No. 14278

I heard David cheated on TCB so now she's back with her old boyfriend, she's kind of new to the scene. Not a lot of people know her.

No. 14279

i like to poop

No. 14280

cakey makeup tbh

No. 14281

Guys did you hear herpie Chan and her bf broke up

No. 14282

She's dating David now

No. 14283

>>14282 what wait really? How long ago did they even start dating??

No. 14284

He started dating cosplay bunny then apparently he cheated on her with Sharon about 2 weeks ago. So now bunny is back with her ex and he is with Sharon.

No. 14285

Wowww ….where did you even get this information from?

No. 14286

So I got some milky news. Apparently David and Sharon are gonna be at Otakon together And so is her old boy toy. Isn't that interesting.

No. 14287

Friend of cosplay bunny

No. 14288

Ya'll some petty ass people. It makes you no better than any of the people you're talking shit about that you don't even know.

No. 14289

Then maybe you should fuck off of this forum lol

No. 14290

Anyone else know who this cosplay bunny chick is? I heard she's freinds with GabbyCCosplay and Steff V Schweetz, I haven't heard of her yet and I'm curious

No. 14291

File: 1484952830896.jpg (102.54 KB, 810x1440, FB_IMG_1484952756892.jpg)

Aawwee that's cute herpie Chan lol

No. 14292

She's about as famous as steff and whatever the other girl is. She's pretty known out here in Vegas.

No. 14293

File: 1485766466928.png (59.69 KB, 478x536, Untitled.png)

this made me LUL since Yeti is the biggest pedofuck at every convention.

No. 14294

File: 1485801134253.jpg (416.49 KB, 1024x1024, 17-01-26-00-17-48-621_deco.jpg)

When will she ever stop cosplaying dva

No. 14295

File: 1486012512428.png (266.79 KB, 1440x1428, Screenshot_2017-02-01-21-13-19…)

Well haven't the tables turned for herpie Chan. Losing more friends there herpie Chan? Lol bad day to be her

No. 14296

Lmao she's self posting now.
…sharon, please.

No. 14297

File: 1486234493292.png (1000.87 KB, 1078x1675, Screenshot_2017-02-04-10-51-16…)

yuuhi is getting with sharon's ex now.

No. 14298

>>14297 isn't that a bit fishy

No. 14299

File: 1486258552813.png (821.16 KB, 1440x1625, Screenshot_2017-02-04-17-32-28…)

I wonder what he had planned

No. 14300

I'm friends with Yuuhi and Lance and they tell everyone they're cousins. I believed it at first, but they aren't. It's impossible they have anything going on because I know for an absolute fact she has a type and it isn't lance.

No. 14301

I think Sharon is trying to rail her into this because she's always felt threatened by Yuuhi. I've met Yuuhi once while hanging out with lance. I thought they were siblings at first.

No. 14302

File: 1486436047290.png (134.05 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_2017-02-04-10-57-54…)

Why do you always post about how happy you are with your new relationship, and yet here you are going back to lance trying to start shit.

No. 14303

This is too funny because sharon always complained how lance used to like her best friend "mariah" and now suddenly he bounces back to her. Kek

No. 14304

File: 1486547365898.png (2.25 MB, 1440x2106, Screenshot_2017-02-08-01-46-20…)

Yuuhi and herpie Chan's ex might be getting a little too close here

No. 14305

File: 1486547513342.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2108, Screenshot_2017-02-08-01-46-44…)

Liking that look huh you sure you don't like yuuhi lol

No. 14306

Let me ask everyone this without getting attacked(which is to much to ask for sadly) for just asking a simple question.

Do you guys even take the time of day or whatever to actually get to know these people or do you just believe anything on the internet/ lolcow/4chan?like have any of you even tried talking/hangout with any of these people?silly to even ask but curious.

Also do some of you just judge/ insult them based on looks, or what people say?

personality i can see why sometimes.

cause looks should never matter no one is perfect and shouldn't have to meet your standards.people are born that way or something causes them to look/act that way but they're only human wither you hate them or just being a troll everyone is only human.

i doubt any of this is gonna matter to any of you since I know no one cares really might as well be talking to a wall but I thought i at least try

you have no clue what some.not all but some might be going through and you're just adding to it.even for the people i know on here are just cosplaying for themselves and want no part of the drama or try to stay out of things and still get attacked

no i am not new here i see people react to lolcow all the time

No. 14307

>have any of you even tried talking/hangout with any of these
It's pretty obvious most of the posters in this thread are from Las Vegas and personally know these people / have a bone to pick with them.

>do some of you just judge/ insult them based on looks

Nitpicking looks is common on this board. A lot of posters are only interested in the drama and embarrassing shit snowflakes do but there'll be some who can rag on someone else's looks for days because they're insecure or have a vendetta.

No. 14308

You guys really enjoy trying to get into people's personal lives. Especially ones that do not matter. Any close friend of Lance and Yuuhi's know they don't like each other. She would never like him anyways

No. 14309

Very true. Lance introduces her to everyone as his cousin too so I don't think they have anything going on with each other

No. 14310

File: 1486770563951.jpg (86.31 KB, 1280x720, FB_IMG_1485901238843.jpg)

But I mean let's talk about how herpie Chan doesn't have any eyebrows in this lol

No. 14311

Does anyone know if herpie Chan has a Snapchat lol we should put her Snapchat on blast if she does

No. 14312

File: 1486779515087.jpg (503.95 KB, 1024x1024, 17-02-09-02-32-09-420_deco.jpg)

Lol really umaru lol

No. 14313

Don't samefag.

No. 14314

>Isaki Tahashi
although she's been low key lately after getting married.

No. 14315

File: 1486949826572.png (164.77 KB, 1440x1086, Screenshot_2017-02-12-17-35-11…)

How usual of him lol

No. 14316

File: 1486978294345.jpg (556.55 KB, 1024x1024, 17-02-12-23-50-44-374_deco.jpg)

The fuck since when was she into Mystic Messenger lol

No. 14317

File: 1486978508113.png (132.12 KB, 1440x735, Screenshot_2017-02-13-01-33-01…)

Maybe you're the one that's fake around people lol like you talking to yourself lolol

No. 14318

File: 1487033978328.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2110, Screenshot_2017-02-13-16-57-59…)

I thought he wasn't into cosplaying lol

No. 14319

Sharon can you please stop self posting.
It's embaressing.

No. 14320

Why are you so triggered by lance?
>Everything being posted here now is vendetta shit about your ex and your frogger head-ass selfies.
No one wants your snapchat, sharon. You're a nobody trying to stay relivant on a fucking lolcow thread.

No. 14321

File: 1487094851069.jpg (61.65 KB, 675x232, pic_1487094431664-1.jpg)

So this must be a confession because you posted this. Kek

No. 14322

Ok how do you know if those post were me ._. I've been trying to avoid drama and just literally watch lolcow to see this cosplay community burn and watch it as the drama only grows more like. Y'all need to stop making assumptions

No. 14323

Only you can see your custom privacy setting. Your friends see the other symbol. Therefore, you posted that yourself. Clear as day. 8) please continue to make a fool of yourself.

No. 14324

Lol why we being petty over Sharon can't we find someone else to milk about>>251644

No. 14325

Since Momo got her own thread there's really no one to talk about in the Vegas community. They're all pretty bland.

No. 14326

time to let the thread die again

No. 14327

File: 1488436573949.png (301.33 KB, 1230x1835, IMG_6395.PNG)

But seriously, Sharon is kind of a whack job. Her relationship with David is disgusting, she acts like she's in fucking middle school. And it's not just this conversation, it's everytime someone talks to him on a public platform, she always has to interject with something.

No. 14328

Well the thread isn't gonna die anytime soon lol

No. 14329

I agree with this person though. Sharon's relationship is a whack job

No. 14330

Everything she does now revolves around her relationship. It's all over her Facebook and Instagram.

No. 14331

I feel like the same three anons are keeping this thread alive with this dry ass, powdered Sharon 'milk'. Can ya'll atleast make a separate thread for her or something and let this one die for good? This is the type of shit milk you reserve to Facebook group chats.

No. 14332

Her new boy toy must be annoyed by now I hate to be him

No. 14333

>>>/pt/358602 well well looks like Sharon has finally gotten her own thread lol

No. 14334

Literally the Sharon thread needs to die. She feeds off of reading these ridiculous comments. I heard that she still tried talking to her ex after cheating. She's a boring bargin basic bitch with no personality or future. Let's talk about someone worth mentioning instead of an attention needy leech.

No. 14335

Let Sharon leech on it. Only gives us to talk about her more lol she's so pathetic makes me wonder if she's lost her mind and tried killing herself yet lol

No. 14336

makes me wonder if she's lost her mind and tried killing herself yet lol

even i think that's to far you should never wish that on anyone no matter how much you hate them or find them annoying

No. 14337

I do after what she did to her ex and contacting him again? She's a waste of air

No. 14338

File: 1491205354526.png (2.26 MB, 1440x1440, edit.png)

Having confidence problem there Sharon You gonna cry if you suck at cosplay lol

No. 14339

Doesn't she buy all her cosplay because of her mommy and daddy? What does she mean, "worth it"?

No. 14340

>>14339 yeah her parents buy her cosplay and I think she means worth making??

No. 14341

Heard Sharon threatened cosplay bunny for talking to David. What's wrong Herpes chan, afraid your boyfriend will find out what a psycho you are?

No. 14342

What's up with that lol little jealous much?

No. 14343

File: 1491371590631.png (245.68 KB, 1440x1601, screenshot.png)

Well well look at what we have here pedo much?

No. 14344

Who cares

No. 14345

>>14344No one gives a fuck I don't think

No. 14346

Looks like David and Sharon's relationship isn't doing so hot lol looks like krama came to them

No. 14347

File: 1492289459728.png (182.34 KB, 1440x941, screenshot.png)

Looks like Sharon is losing friends lol she's so pathetic

No. 14348

File: 1492293350563.png (2.92 MB, 1303x2312, screenshot.png)

First Aya now Cat what's up with him thirsty much? Lol

No. 14349

And sharon is still self posting lol
This is cringe to the max…

No. 14350

Is she really self posting

No. 14351

Watching old videos of animegacon: found cringy ones of Kim Do and her maid cafe, you will notice how she was always the lead chara*

No. 14352

God that was a train wreck.

No. 14353

File: 1493137319686.jpg (14.11 KB, 320x320, 11259532_375876842613711_58231…)

I almost forgot about Misha Yamada, the original Yuuki Takahiro, I met her in that animegacon convention…

Her real name is Mariah Castelo but she has lived her whole life as Misha Yamada… she was sooo cringy…

She is also Filipino…

No. 14354

No. 14355

Have you guys noticed. That Sharon only showed up and was with a few friends and not with her boyfriend at the otaku picnic. Strange huh?

No. 14356

Those picnics always seemed like such a joke and for me they're way across town, so I'd rather not go. Granted, that was years ago, I dunno if they've improved at all.

No. 14357

Seems to me I think they've improved. But was still the same.

No. 14358

If you can't tell, you must be autistic.

No. 14359

File: 1493886739614.png (70.88 KB, 487x244, Mis.png)

Lol she hates when you call her weaaboo too

No. 14360

>calling me a weeaboo is like calling my grandma a weeaboo

No. 14361

File: 1494234560192.jpg (151.36 KB, 1439x1196, screenshot.jpg.jpg)

I don't mean to call out names but I think Cat is being a big bitch for saying this. Like c'mon Cat. Really? How about you try making a effort for once.

No. 14362

Are there any local cosplayers any of you guys like?

No. 14363

Dear Sharon Kim,
False rape accusations will not fix your self esteem issues. Hurting people because you're hurting will not fix your self image. Loving the wrong men will not teach you how to love yourself. You cannot hide from the truth. Your ex cannot harass you if he doesn't have a car. Your ex cannot harass you if you're the one instigating the issues. There is video footage proving that your claim is false that there are people who are bullying your and stalking you. For those taking your side: I feel sorry for how ignorant they can be. I hope you understand that karma in the universe works many ways. I suggest you be weary.


Those who stand for justice and the truth

No. 14364

I feel like there's more of a story here lol

No. 14365

Sharon literally has no chill lol

No. 14366

Post on your main King Lin

No. 14367

holy shit this is so cringy to read and its so obvious that this is from King Lin. Shut the fuck up you coon ass nigga no one believes you and your Sasuke ass personality. Ya'll got a problem then settle it IRL you coward.

My name is Dalauan

No. 14368

>Those who stand for justice and the truth

you sound like a cuck

No. 14369

I thought this guy was in SoCal? What's he doing in Vegas

No. 14370

>Those who stand for justice and the truth
More like I just stand of false information because I like the attention I'm getting on the internet

No. 14371

Anyone catch the drama that went down at the level up masquerade?

No. 14372

What happened? I saw that most of my friends were talking about King? but that's all???

No. 14373

Basic run down of what happened at Level Up masquerade.

Jon Chavez is a local cosplayer who is also a fuck boy. He was the big daddy cosplayer that was walking around on Saturday, he entered the cosplay contest.

When everyone was waiting to go on stage he started bragging about how he won at Silicon Valley comic con with that same cosplay (he posted it all over Facebook too so I know it's true). What he didn't know was that one of the judges was standing right outside the door. He ended up getting honorable mention but the best part was when everyone was leaving. He actually went up to the judges and was demanding that they give him best in show because "My costume is better than theirs and I deserve it." The people that won were Cosplay Bunny and her boyfriend.

It was a total dick move, I knew the guy was a suck up to some of the better known cosplayers but I didn't know he was a lying asshole too.

So that's what happened, story over.

No. 14374

From what I know, he's been helping DPiddy with videos and DPiddy was at LVLUp for god knows what reason.

No. 14375

Doesn't excuse him being a douche canoe and lying

No. 14376

Someone was just asking why he was in Vegas. So I answered. Wasn't defending him or anything???? I know he's trash I've had friends that were effected by him.

No. 14377

File: 1495769835414.png (385.5 KB, 483x565, LOL.png)

So this happened too…

No. 14378

She's honestly cosplaying all these innocent to lewd girls to making them even more lewd than they already were. Especially innocent girls. Can she just finally admit she does soft core cosplay pornography honestly. She is so shady.

No. 14379

File: 1496287222011.jpg (7.36 KB, 240x240, XAlYQW8J[1].jpg)

i just moved to Las Vegas a few weeks ago does anyone have anything on Sean Lazarus? before i moved i knew he was scamming my friends by selling them anime merchandise at double the price and had his scamming operation shutdown

pieces of shit that scam anime fans like this should kill themselves

No. 14380

I'm not a friend of Sean but I know he's had a few crush on a few female cosplayers and thats about it.

No. 14381

He comes off as really desperate for a girlfriend. For example this guy has acted like we're close friends and has been telling my friends that when I barely know him, I don't even live in Vegas. Thats all I know about him

No. 14382

Ever since I got with my fiance he acted really cold to me and tried to avoid me but I don't know why. But recently he sought me out and tried to be friends with me after I got a lot of followers and facebook likes on cosplay pages. Wanting to be friends only cause they have high social media numbers is the trait of a shitty person

No. 14383

I was wondering how long it'd take til he was posted up here.

No. 14384

He's tried to scam me a couple of times actually. He always tries to sell me some Fate, Monogatari, and other stuff at a really high price but every time he tries to do it I ebay whatever it is and show him the actual price. He bitches out every time and gives everything to me at ebay value, I think he's afraid of people that aren't dumb enough to fall for his Used Car Dealer routine

No. 14385

Yo! Wondered when I'd get posted here!
Honestly I was expecting something much worse.
Though, I haven't had anything shut down. If you want to think I'm scamming people then power to you, I sell at market average! And >>14384, that's blatantly a lie. If people show me online prices, I always price match.

>>14381 I don't know who you are obviously, but there's definitely a possibility I thought we were friends. Guess I was mistaken, sorry! As for being desperate for a girlfriend, there's moments when yeah, I definitely can't deny it, but it's not THAT big a deal to me either! Good to know I come off that way!

>>14382 I THINK I know who this is, which either way - I have NO care about facebook followers and likes, and I'd never meant to seem cold if I was. But that's my bad, and I sincerely apologize. But ironically on the flip side, talking shit about someone behind their back without actually ever bringing the issue to their face is the trait of - a shitty person.

No lie, I was waiting too!

Now that those are out of the way - It's MY turn!

I'm a huge flake - I know it! I always have a long list of shit to do, so I'm really bad at keeping to plans I made with friends - SUPER shitty of me.

I have a few outstanding debts that I've yet to pay off to some people - though I've been working on it now, some people it took a LONG time to get their money to them, despite the fact that they took their time and gave me money to help me.

Let's see… What else… I mean, if you wanna talk shit about how I LOOK, I've got a derpy ass face. I mean - gap in between my buck teeth? CHRIST it looks back, not to mention my other facial features are just odd, mixed together with an always unruly hairstyle and I am just a MESS of unattractive!

I mean, with my dental issue I must imagine my breath can't help but stink a lot of the time, so that's definitely gross!

Oh, not to mention the fact I've been homeless 3 times - great as it is that I've fixed that, it is definitely NOT a wonderful track record! (Which is part of why I don't care about the girlfriend thing - my life is CRAZY, I really don't want to drag someone else into it!)

OH! And then there's my undoubtedly over exaggerated personality around people! That HAS to get annoying. I'd LIKE to make the claim that I have a huge ego, but I really don't have that. I kinda wish I did, would fix the self-esteem issues at least!

As for the rest:
I don't use ebay for my pricing, and while I DO make large margins off of what I pick up from Japan, I base my prices off the market price and then if I can based on how much I pick it up for. I'm not really afraid of anything besides the fact that I know a lot of my friends lie and say shit behind my back thinking I don't know leading to me finding people that I care a lot about doing the same thing. That and dogs.

I won't really bother defending myself, lolcow is where you go to talk shit, not defend yourself, but I WILL say -
You can call me a shitty person if you want, some people are completely warranted on it even. I've fucked up badly before and have my regrets.
But even if I did OR didn't do it, if you think someone should KILL THEMSELVES over overpricing fucking ANIME PRODUCT? Holy shit you need to re-evaluate your life.

And if anyone feels like talking shit directly to my face/without anon tags, feel free to let me know! Not a threat, like legit. If you got something to say, then I'd love to hear it.

But yeah, continue your shitty business!

No. 14386


No. 14387

I max out credit cards to go to Japan. Then purchase anime merchandise for 6oo yen from side vendors, then I sell them back to my friends for $30 LOL It's win win!

No. 14388


I'm not part of the convention scene anymore but I did know him when I worked at CSN, he also worked there, this was about 7 or 8 years ago. He called off for work all the time and tried to get me or someone else to cover his shift on a weekly or biweekly basis with really bad excuses that usually were something like "Oh I need to go to a YuGiOh tournament today." You can already guess how long he worked at CSN and what the other coworkers thought of him

No. 14389

^ ^ LOL yeah that sounds like Sean. Also, what's with this price match bullshit? Quit lying you cheap fack.

No. 14390

This thread has to be the most cringey thing on the internet. Other than Mariah (who already has her own thread) the people you are talking about are nobodies in the community. Looks like a shit ton of self posting boo hoo feel bad for me I'm gonna post on Facebook about how everyone hates me now for even more attention bullshit over and over again. Like. You guys do realize that no one gives a shit about the people mentioned here right? Boooring and cringey.

No. 14391

Oh look a man child having a fit

No. 14392

>Oh hey I'm going to Japan again on my parents dime to buy a shit ton of shit than can just be shipped to me hurrrrr
Avoid him and his whole group of friends. Especially Tony Dodge. Fuck that faggot

No. 14393

LONZO ?! Rawr xD

No. 14394


LOL definitely someone who hates J-Team kids.

No. 14395


Are these two the same guy? They type in the same childish way

No. 14396

Is this Ruka? Your man left you cause of how desperate for recognition and attention you are

No. 14397

File: 1497321994501.png (359.92 KB, 1440x1594, Screenshot_2017-06-12-19-26-35…)

Really Mariah XD right after she's told her fans. "I'm not lewd kanna I swear." Yeah sure not make lewd.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 14398


Moo has her own thread in pt and this is old news from a month ago…

No. 14399

I've heard recently that Mariah Mendoza girl her and Sharon aren't close friends anymore but she's also flirting with Sharon's boyfriend isn't that suspicious much?

No. 14400

It would not surprise me if King Lin and Sean are close friends, but Sean is part of Mariah's clique so probably not

No. 14401

He left one attention whore for another.

No. 14402

File: 1497974340019.png (277.72 KB, 1242x2012, IMG_7966.PNG)

Nice job lewding up a child, Sharon.

No. 14403

wait Sean is friends with Mariah?

No. 14404

People have been avoiding Sharon. Hahaha! I dont feel bad for her at all.

No. 14405

File: 1499415229799.png (2.93 MB, 1440x1802, screenshot.jpg.png)

Boohoo! Well Sharon maybe if you didn't do the things you did. No one would distant from you. Also if you didn't lie about getting raped. You wouldn't be this depressed.

No. 14406

So I wanted to see if Sarena was still alive out of genuine concern, I know she had her issues. So- I just googled "Sarena XlastnameX" and landed here.

I didn't find out anything new but overall I really do wish her well.

Now onto this thread-
Holy LULZ. I had no idea this shit was going on in my hometown! Back then Sarena was telling me about her awesome cosplay group. I strongly considered going to some of the events but thank the looooord I didn't. I'd have aids. Because herpes-chan is cute and if it weren't for this thread I'd have probably pursued her.


No. 14407

So I don't know if you guys know. It looks like Sharon's relationship is falling apart again. Does she ever learn her lesson? She is such a child.

No. 14408

who is sarena?

No. 14409

Just stumbled upon this thread, awhile back when Sharon was still with that Lance guy I was following her and she DM'd me asking to vent and somehow that lead to her asking if she should send me nudes

No. 14410

Did you guys hear about Steff Von Schweetz? She pretty much said fuck you to everyone in Vegas because apparently there's too much drama and she's too good to have friends here now. Sucks that she just lost most of her fan base and burned a lot of bridges.

No. 14411

You sound like one of the bitter bitches she stopped associating with from Moo's thread

No. 14412

I actually don't even know Mariah personally so no I'm not one of those people

No. 14413

Anyone else think that David guy is cringey as fuck?

No. 14414

Sharon I think you are honestly the only person who posts can you plz stop shit talking your poor bf on here neither of you esp you are relevant enough to be on here.

No. 14415

Yo, I came to talk about Rin. Heard that bitch car chased Idols around Vegas (Big Bang, Tao) like wtf

No. 14416

File: 1506212149249.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5257.PNG)

Lol she performed at the Asian festival, so stiff, this looks so sad.

No. 14417

Learn how to crop

No. 14418

General las vegas weeb question. What jobs do the typical have. Are they living off their folks? Their are a lot los v weebs who devote a lot of time/ money but dont seem successful. What is generally their day jobs? Hospitality?

No. 14419

Only a few have real jobs and even fewer Cosplay full time. Most live off their significant others or parents.

No. 14420

Not a lot of white people work in casino's.
They hire immigrants for that. its hard to get a job in vegas.

No. 14421

File: 1506366078795.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1168, Screenshot_2017-09-25-11-58-00…)

So I recently found out about this event. And a lot of people have been saying that the owner of this event or con is racist and puts down overweight girls. And targets more small cute Asian girls. Idk if its at all any true. Ya guys know anything about it lol

No. 14422

Who is the owner Jayson?

No. 14423

It really depends on how ambitious or irrational they are.

I know for a fact that most of them are working min-wage jobs, but very few were smart enough to realize that cosplay was just a hobby and they either finish school or at least have good jobs.

No. 14424

I believe so, all I know about is that they're rude and racist.

No. 14425

Can you explain more on how their rude or racist? I thought about going but now hell naw.

No. 14426

I'll go to this.
Might be lulzy.
I need something new to do.

No. 14427

The owner of Akiba Vegas told a 22 year old, 5'2, 95lb, Chinese girl that she was too old and fat to ever be a popular idol. He advised her to lose weight and lie by saying she's 16, Japanese, and single so that people will like her.

When the owner was auditioning for event mascots he wanted girls who could make their own costumes, sing, and dance. There were a couple of girls that filled the criteria and he even admitted that they have amazing voices but "it's too bad that they are fat blackies I'm not making Blackieba Vegas"

He told another girl to lie and say that she's 21 so that she could go drinking with the staff and special guests. He claimed that hotel rooms allow underaged drinking and he knows this because he's a bartender and has a TAM card.

No. 14428

For the last animegacon, they were "scrapping the bottom of the barrel" since they had to hire non-Asian girls. Mostly because thanks to Kim, none of the cute Asian girls from the first one wanted to participate (or work) for her.

When the con was over, they had to hire the black maid (Kim/Jason didn't like that this girl wasn't small-cutesy + she was black) and the Chinese girl (who was skinny but her proportions where not "attractive")

No. 14429

Akiba Vegas owner is Omar not Jayson

No. 14430

File: 1506715247571.jpeg (544.18 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpeg)

The Akiba Vegas idol is none other than Mariah Castelo "Misha Yamada" it's funny because her idol name is supposed to be Momota Misha but they messed up.

The artwork was stolen off the internet it's a MLP fanart.

No. 14431

It was pretty lame. That Akiba Vegas.
Some litterally who j-pop something or other girls who I couldn't tell if they were 14 or 35.
They sang some nice songs but, the audience was really really small. I didn't like it. Won't go back to that place either.

No. 14432

Why is it all the weeb/cows here in Vegas are named Mariah? We have that one Yuuhi kid named Mariah, mariah Mallad, now Mariah Castello

No. 14433

Too soon to bump this thread?

No. 14434

I just want a confirm this but is it really true Sharon is cheating on David.

No. 14435

who is this tony dodge guy?

No. 14436

File: 1507809087322.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, 92A6CE7A-8125-495D-86AC-5D9293…)

Oh God… she is “performing” at Akimatsuri as Misha Momonga.
And I heard that she forced her new chinese boyfriend to change his last name to Takeshi…

No. 14437

Yes it is. She’s sent me nudes a few times this past month and actively flirted with me over the past years. She’s done it with my buddy too. I keep reminding her about her relationship but she always says it’s not that serious or how her boyfriend doesn’t treat her right.

No. 14438

You should leak her nudes kek and wow she really hasn't changed has she.

No. 14439

File: 1508273163684.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1998, Screenshot_2017-10-17-13-43-11…)

Isn't this Sharon lol

No. 14440

File: 1509648267229.png (1.19 MB, 1440x2294, Screenshot_2017-11-02-11-42-29…)

Oh god. Sharon went from a weeb to koreanboo lol

No. 14441

most small Asian girls want money or connections. if they want to do it for free they would volunteer comic-con.
one day I will make a blog that lists black people friendly cons.

No. 14442

Met the guy organizing Akiba Vegas, he seemed like a pretty regular guy. Like I get it, I personally want to see attractive, interesting, talented people on stage. That’s just a human thing, most famous people are pretty much that. If you saw the Akimatsuri cosplay contest, they definitely had no standards, (not because people was unattractive) because most people didn’t have good skits and most of the cosplay were not well made (I will assume for lack of resources)

I get it, you want everyone to be able to participate and have the same chances. But that guy wanted to give a somewhat professional show.

He promotes cute Asian girls because he is into Jpop, he didn’t get into it by watching Hispanic guys singing in German.

I get it we should promote diversity, but personally I appreciate it the fact that sometimes I get to experience things close to the source material. I honestly prefer watching cute Asian girls perform in Jpop style shows (I’m a Hispanic woman, that enjoys Japanese stuff)

No. 14443

Is Sharon still friends with Mariah ?

No. 14444

File: 1512639165187.jpg (924.62 KB, 1242x1906, IMG_2045.JPG)

Sharon… you do realize you can blatantly tell this is your own screenshot right? It said "edit profile/promote" and the bottom right icon is not on the search button, it's selected over the "profile" button.
super cringy……

No. 14445

File: 1512653832150.jpg (79.77 KB, 599x449, IMG_9643.JPG)

Everytime this happens I swear an angel gains its wings kek

No. 14446

File: 1512986070855.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 146.51 KB, 1280x1920, received_1411103388934957.jpeg)

So I found Sharons dva lewd shoot lol

No. 14447

File: 1514038753253.jpg (458.3 KB, 1440x1915, screenshot.jpg.jpg)

Well then lol

No. 14448

This is embarrassing. You're irrelevant, Sharon. Nobody cares about you. Not sure why you keep updating us here on your slimy life.

No. 14449

You look like a fat cunt, you couldn't have payed for a better hotel to take your dirty shoots in? Motel 6 really suits you.

No. 14450

Last I have ever heard they are not friends anymore. Sharon got scorned at by her.

No. 14451

She deserves it. Look at her now all she does is post about herself on here. So much lulz for her.

No. 14452

File: 1518904767360.jpg (15.37 KB, 320x320, rini.jpg)

Anyone have any milk to share on this Katherine girl? She added me on facebook after we met at party and we talked a little bit but nothing crazy. She was at a party I was at last week with my bf and after the party she started messaging him and a bunch of other guys who all have girlfriends.

She's definitely a huge attention whore from what I can tell.

>Told people on facebook that she was walking on the highway when she got hit by a car going 75mph or something. said she got up and walked just fine and a uber driver saved her and took her home. (A bunch of people called bullshit)

>Befriends a lot of people in the weeb community, (especially guys), and posts bait statuses to get attention and compliments.

>Friends with other terrible Vegas weeb girls like Kimmy

No. 14453

Now that you mention her she's added me. And not even a second she added me she adds my boyfriend and starts talking him immediately lol

No. 14454

I think she specifically targets people who are taken or she befriends girls who have bfs so she can steal them I guess?

No. 14455

I heard she flakes on people a lot. And make last minute choices.

No. 14456

She's on hella dating sites and adds all the guys from there onto her fb. Always making posts how she wanted to find a boyfriend and a hundred guys would start commenting on there. It was hilarious.
She constantly makes posts on her fb that are fishing for compliments or negative to herself.
She claimed to be in a movie.
She told me her mother died of breast cancer. (later I found out she did not)
She's constantly got herself in some drama on Facebook.
When ever a guy rejects her, she freaks. She's psycho.
She threatened to slash my friends tires and "expose him"
The bitch is 25 years old, doesn't own a car or even know how to drive, lives with her mom. She said she has no plans to ever move out unless she's married " because her dad said so"
Katherine loves attention.
Wouldn't be suprized if she even made that post herself

No. 14457

Oh and to add. She used to weigh over 200 lbs. She tries to brag about how much weight she's lost but she's still obese, maybe about 180 at the moment. She's a real secret internet fatty.

No. 14458

File: 1519449634750.jpg (171.44 KB, 1080x769, IMG_3860.JPG)

a thing she made a big deal about because a guy that rejected her was going to a party she was invited to

No. 14459

File: 1519450179262.png (145.99 KB, 1242x1741, IMG_3862.PNG)

No. 14460

I saw this shit and audibly said what the fuck. Kiyoshi had been going through stuff and deleted a lot of people but guess what? None of the other people got pissy and decided to blast him on a fucking party page lmfao. She thought he deleted her because of his girlfriend but that’s a complete lie.

No. 14461

I mean, when you have a butterface I guess you gotta show your ass, literally, to get attention

No. 14462

File: 1519529432148.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1811, AC8B19D1-0FD5-41EC-A8E4-4F1F27…)

I swear, some snowflakes should be literary fiction writers because they come up with the most fantastical stories known to man. Who writes bragging posts about their ass past the age of 15 lmao.

No. 14463

File: 1520633408443.jpeg (132.49 KB, 720x960, 49EB715B-30A1-471B-A00E-115FDB…)

Anyone else heard of Mzre Yuen. Porn star turned “cosplay model”. Total bitch in person and cringey af cosplays.

No. 14464

File: 1520633454925.jpeg (169.62 KB, 640x640, 8C135615-9643-442A-AE4D-24A5CF…)

No. 14465

File: 1520633507882.jpeg (120.64 KB, 720x960, 302FFF9C-ED9E-4769-B062-813805…)

No. 14466

Heard of her but never met her. How is she a bitch?

No. 14467

I’ve seen her bring her kid to every single cos event in Vegas, even the explicit shoots and bar events. She showed up to toy con wasted off her ass when she was supposed to be guesting.

No. 14468

So apparently that Rini chick went on a blocking spree and stuff and started calling a bunch of people out or something? Was anyone able to get screenshots, I was blocked before I could get anything good. Anyone know what triggered her?

No. 14469

She probably found out she was being milked on lol

No. 14470

Anyone have any milk on Steff Von Schweets? Seemed like a frigid bitch when I met her. Apparently she severed ties with everyone in the Vegas scene with ties to moo moo

No. 14471

Understandably so since Moo's a cunt and forces her friends to act like cunts.

No. 14472


She want on a rampage and told a bunch of people to fucck off I had some mutuals with her shes like late 30s but looks like a child

No. 14473

Steff it’s so obvious you lurk on here

No. 14474

Lmfao the reaching is incredible. Steff is my age, like 28, sit the fuck down.

From what I've seen of any Vegas cosplayers without even living there, they all look like trash and act like trash…and they all are babies. I can't blame Steff for not wanting to hang out with kids 5-10 years younger than her that she probably has nothing in common with since none of them seem to know how to hold a real job or act like adults?

No. 14475

File: 1523615368751.jpeg (346.03 KB, 1207x1036, C24ABEE5-3B26-482E-8FAD-2632CA…)

Someone screenshot this and send it to Rin if she has you unblocked. Katherine, seek help. You made what was a situation of your own doing into an even bigger situation and now you are threatening people? Please stop. You are 25. Be a big girl and stop sending people thot pictures to get attention. Stop adding men from dating sites who only want to fuck you . I don’t like you at all but I do feel sorry for you. If you want someone to be your friend just ask for fucking friends, stop using your sexuality as an ice breaker and develop an actual personality. I hope you come to terms with yourself and find enough peace to admit you are mentally unstable

No. 14477

Lol oh honey you must not know Steff voncuntz the way everyone else does. She's almost 30 and she spends every single day lurking hating and blaiming all the thots for her mediocre social media standing when her hypocritical ass does lewds too? Steff is bitter and irrelevant. Always will be. I hate Momo too, but Steff is fucking obsessssssed. Her talking about Mariah daily makes get more like a fan than anything else it's cringe to the max.

No. 14478

I've followed Steff for over 5 years and have only seen her subtweet Moo about 4 times…and most were after mutuals were calling Moo out. Granted, I don't look out for that shit and didn't start disliking Moo myself until about 2 years ago but…it seems like all the Vegas weeb scene are cunts from an outsider perspective.

No. 14479

File: 1524427759843.png (321.88 KB, 1440x1760, screenshot edit.png)

Awe man rini you really changed all right.

No. 14480

File: 1524427810023.png (924.15 KB, 1440x2112, Screenshot_2018-04-22-13-00-18…)

I feel like she's lying lol

No. 14481

File: 1524428863766.png (169.9 KB, 1440x1167, Screenshot_2018-04-22-13-21-46…)

Have anyone heard of this girl? Idk she seems relevant in the cosplay community. This is just one of her post. But I heard she can pretty toxic in the community and runs hunniecon

No. 14486


Literally Momokun posting on an alt

No. 14488

It’s so funny that she tags “no more hate” when she’s already developed such a massive reputation for being such a psychotic bitch.

No. 14489


>>*tells people to kill themselves and send her video

Ok Rinichan lol

No. 14491

File: 1527289016038.jpeg (137.16 KB, 960x960, 1EFCDB67-6435-4976-A744-36DE6C…)

Anyone else think Yeti’s photos are cringe as fuck? Who would pay $70 for this shit, it’s not even in focus.

No. 14525

He needs a lot more practice before he charges anyone. Works with like 2 popular Vegas cosplayers and thinks he's pro. His edits are so amateur.

No. 14536

Absolute shit tier quality. He seemed like a total creeper when I met him and his pics are just ugly, blurry, and low quality.

No. 14537

File: 1527576151206.png (417.71 KB, 1242x2208, 21B478E4-3D98-4A3E-8447-2C03FE…)

Who would pay $500 for his crap?

No. 14549

Answer is honestly no one. Not even trying to be mean, but he needs to take some actual classes and learn how to be a professional before he starts charging. This is cringey.

No. 14550

File: 1527655639937.jpeg (179.93 KB, 1242x1579, E0D1F25C-DA99-4745-93C7-FA7D20…)

Why is she going by Brittany now? How many times is she going to change her name?
Her photoshop to fix her football face is horrid.

No. 14552

Apparently she got that Squall dude to pay for her VIP edc ticket and she completely friend zoned him. Talk about using people. Not saying she owes him anything, but that’s at least a grand out the door.

No. 14553

stop while you are ahead there stan

No. 14554

All these milk on rini Chan kekeke

No. 14556

Basically she milked him

No. 14558

Rini Chan is canceled

No. 14560

I had one photoshoot session with him. He really does suck in my taste.

No. 14562


How is he with models? Is he as creepy as I imagine?

No. 14565

I’ve also done some pictures with him. He made me feel really uncomfortable. He gave almost no direction and it felt like he was just staring at me and not trying to get good photos.

No. 14567

Creppy much? Lol

No. 14569

File: 1527887986695.jpg (405.26 KB, 1440x1895, screenshot_edit_.jpg)

Apparently yeti took this photo

No. 14576


Wow! And he charges models? Get the fuck out of here with that. I wouldn't pay him to carry my fucking bags.

No. 14577

File: 1528274973831.jpeg (2.24 MB, 2048x1999, BBB6E0A8-5311-416B-BB59-92F659…)

No. 14579

Yeah she’s fucking fat in person. She’s not fooling anyone with that soccerball face.
It’s hilarious when she blasts online about herself being so fit and breaking guys necks.

No. 14580

File: 1531987319993.png (1.12 MB, 1440x2142, Screenshot_2018-07-19-00-58-33…)

She at it again lol

No. 14608

File: 1531987340891.png (374.09 KB, 1440x2369, Screenshot_2018-07-19-00-58-39…)

No. 14609

She’s psychotic. She deserves her own thread.

No. 14610

File: 1532805490172.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 246.25 KB, 1242x1102, 208B0043-7EED-482E-ADA6-2F7F12…)


Remember when she sent everyone this ass pic and started freaking out because someone shared it in the group chat?
She sent tons of lewds to people and cried about it.

No. 14612

File: 1532806004609.jpeg (179.54 KB, 1080x1410, 71C80DA7-ABB4-4A42-A242-0E316E…)

No. 14613

File: 1532806116579.jpeg (89.87 KB, 446x680, 2935036D-0AD7-4DF2-8513-8B8AA0…)

Crazy hoe

No. 14619

It’s funny how she’s trying to nitpick at your relationship when she can’t even hold one for herself. She’s probably jealous of your relationship.

No. 14620

File: 1532971358789.jpeg (239.47 KB, 1242x2208, 2833B65A-41DE-49CB-8950-9CE993…)

So I wasn’t gonna share these because she’ll probably guess who am based off of the context in which the messages fit but fuck it lol. So this bitch was added into a rave group chat i’m in which focused on meeting up with local ravers or whatever and doing different events across town. As soon as I saw she was in the chat I had planned on telling the people in charge to get her kicked the fuck out but nobody in the chat knew her so it would have just came off as vendetta. She was chill and didn’t cause to many problems at first until some people she did know were added into the chat and started roasting the fuck out of her.

I don’t have screenshots from those messages but basically she had invited herself to a party and got kicked out of the party because no one knew who she was lol. Anywho she blocked the guys who were roasting her because unfortunately she has mod privileges and that caused some drama as they were well like by everyone. The guys were readied by other mods then they started to go back and forth with Riki or whatever. Eventually they settled it.

Fast forward to three weeks later. We planned a pool party at a friend’s house. The day of the pool party everyone who didn’t have rides was asking to get picked up and everything. So this dumb bitch who lives in buttfuck no where asks to be picked up right? Multiple people offer to come get her and she doesn’t respond.

So what does she do? She starts completely nuking the chat. She deleted about 50 people from the group chat and everyone was like wtf? The guy who initially made the chat was livid and at the party everyone was asking what was going on so I explained her to them and told them about her psychotic behavior.

Later on the head mod messaged me and sends me some of the messages she sent him about “why” she did it. Here they are;

No. 14621

File: 1532971493496.jpeg (126.91 KB, 1189x1067, 596C7BD4-1BC4-4A68-B285-3851A3…)


No. 14626

File: 1532971524559.jpeg (162.9 KB, 1240x1838, 4508B554-8E8C-4DEA-8D94-BFBE44…)


No. 14627

File: 1532971659303.jpeg (168.41 KB, 1242x1826, 1CCFC1D7-96FE-48F8-AEF3-D03368…)


No. 14641

File: 1532971684820.jpeg (208.62 KB, 1242x1849, CDD8F5CC-1AFA-4586-9D56-5E098F…)


No. 14643

File: 1532971708870.jpeg (238.11 KB, 1227x1813, 7850FC61-81AA-4E86-A186-0F251F…)


No. 14649

File: 1532972055222.jpeg (461.33 KB, 1240x1829, 1AC3B6BA-CA0A-4DAC-B1AA-F3DD17…)


No. 14650


She did lie about her mom having cancer. I’ve actually met both her parents. I brought up the cancer thing in front of everyone.

I have a family member who had passed away from cancer as well, I just wanted to ask how they got through it and stayed so strong.

Her mom had no idea what I was talking about, I didn’t address it any further, I could tell that Katherine was obviously embarrassed so I didn’t want I make the situation worse.

No. 14651

File: 1533007512835.jpeg (284.9 KB, 1242x584, A540C3B5-4FA2-4864-A778-254D8D…)

Also not too sure why all these weebs like to announce they are going to magical japan land and never actually go.

No. 14664

File: 1545988159015.jpg (285.13 KB, 1440x2046, PicsArt_12-28-12.12.18.jpg)

I've heard this guy is going out with a minor. He said that he doesn't wanna be seen as a pedophile. But is being a pedophile. Shouldn't someone report him by now?

No. 14667

File: 1545989914598.jpg (134.36 KB, 1440x2368, screenshot.jpg.jpg)

Is this what you're talking about??

No. 14669

Why are you posting this autism in every thread.

No. 14670

File: 1547883618919.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2386, Screenshot_2019-01-18-23-37-03…)

I heard this girl has some milk. Anyone have milk on her?

No. 14807

I heard she's friends with mariah mallad but that's about it

No. 14808

A friend told me she's asked for money several times but hasn't given the people back for what she owes. But has also manipulated and guilt trip people many times.

No. 68508

File: 1570341841642.png (364.13 KB, 1440x1232, Screenshot_2019-10-05-23-02-50…)

Guys Sharon identifies as Trans now wtf is this

No. 86199

File: 1584324233292.jpg (366.82 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20200315-185235_Fac…)

This creep is having another event and surprised he's not on here.

Omar U Senties

> Huge idol creep

> Doesn't pay or compensate staff members, uses them to get closer to Japanese idols then tosses them.
>Has a huge boner for Momoi Haruko to the point he would take her on secret dates in America and sleeps with her (He would go into gross details on dating her during staff meetings on how he takes her to baseball games and shows off his photos)
> Uses ticket money for said dates to the point his events are not profitable.
>Multiple accounts of him being racist and calling black staff member "blackiechan"
> When he was called out on it, didn't apologize and blamed other people for spreading false lies when multiple people during the meeting heard him say it.
> Goes to local anime conventions that even remotely have a Japanese guest and use his slimy ego to try to get contacts.

Fuck this guy and his events.

No. 86209

File: 1584328278008.png (836.01 KB, 625x678, haruko.png)

Are they legitimately dating or is this some sort of weird sugar baby situation. I had to google who she was and laughed a little that the dude is trying to brag about bagging a 42yo "idol". Asian fetishists are the worst. Any receipts on the other stuff?

No. 86213

File: 1584331365186.jpg (999.15 KB, 810x2530, 20200315_205611.jpg)


He doesn't have much money to be a sugar daddy ironically. Everytime before an event he would book her ticket with a few extra days for them to go to California. The ex staff members were in a group chat that I can go through and censor.Have to dig for a bit to find it.

No. 86214

File: 1584331502010.jpg (36.73 KB, 414x654, FB_IMG_1584330815371.jpg)


It's also a bit of old milk but he removed all of the ex members and still holding events.

No. 86422

Oh Jesus tittyfucking Christ I remember this! I felt so awful for the band this fat ass Goomba made sleep on the floor at this ratty ass apartment. How the fuck do you have no furniture and expect people to be your guests?! I remember this jackass also treated their translator like shit just because she was a black woman. Fuck his racist ass. I can’t believe he’s trying to do another event after how he handled all his past ones.

No. 87349


Now I'm glad his shit closed down due to the virus. From what I heard he didn't pay any of his staff members or get proper translator some of the staff just happen to know enough. I hope this piece of shit never comes back.

No. 88245


Not only his translators but no staff was paid at all. We met for hours every week before the event. It was shitty

No. 102580

File: 1593152186916.jpg (260.84 KB, 1080x1263, PicsArt_01-22-11.17.16.jpg)

This is a call out thread of @latulacosplays. She trheatens, manipulating, and toxic to her ex and her friends who genuinely wanna help her. But she treats genuine and caring ex's and friends. If anyone else has tea on her please expose her on here(emoji)

No. 107391

Is anyone else who a cosplayer from Vegas embarrassed about the scene we have here? Like honestly we have so many toxic cosplayers that act like they own cons and like they're real big shots. Not just Momokun, Vamp but even Steff Von Schweets acts super entitled about her cosplays, Jez Roth who usually host Lip Sync for your cosplay is such a big Douche too and ALWAYS picks the same people to compete. I know with Shinecon the founder was trying really hard to stay away from having anyone have a grip on his con. I just hope these cons improve and try their best to stop entitlement(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 108149

I remember Shinecon announced Steff as a guest before shit hit the fans.

We're infested with attention seekers.

No. 114199

Damn. Surprised there's no mention of The Sphere Hunter/Sue Lightning.

I could go on and on but (ironically) the best source of information on her is a lost media wiki article that details a stream where she had a crywank, trust me though there's more out there: https://lostmediawiki.com/Sue_Lightning_"Final_Chatterbate_Stream"_(lost_adult_livestream_of_trans_sex_worker;_2017)

No. 115919

I am also shocked at how much Sue has buried and distanced herself from. There's tons of fans who somehow don't know she was a porn star. Seems like she did actually turn her life around and personally I wouldn't want to be associated with shit like this either:

>As the chat continued to mock her, a user donated an amount of money said to be around $500 dollars. Sue then proceeded to masturbate to climax while crying on camera, quickly shutting it off afterwards.

No. 136199

A note about Shine Con since Sean Lazarus is the owner of it. For most of 2020, the pandemic forced a lot of cons to postpone or cancel, Shine Con has never formally announced if they were cancelled or when a new date would be set but it’s been notorious for not refunding the artists for their tables when it was offered and ghosting them when asked about when they’d receive the money. I have a few friends who were supposed to table there say they had to basically threaten legal action in order to get their money back after nearly a year of emailing/messaging them. Sean has not and probably will not take responsibility for it, as usual. He was more concerned with his personal brand of cringy anime clothing than he is with running the show. I felt really bad for some of the staff who apparently got Covid and had to pick up his slack.

No. 184580

Sadly anon I know Sean and to be honest. I'm kinda glad he didn't do a second year running shinecon. Sean is notorious for being a begger to people. He's always talked about how he's been homeless on multiple occasions. And now how he never associates with his mom. I understand that guy is stressed but come on especially when you've illegally took people's money and never refunded people's money that not only bought badge but tables for your con. Really shitty of him in my opinion. Like if you're gonna run a con. At least give back people's money.(necro)

No. 252918

File: 1664689405297.jpg (698.09 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20221001_223924.jpg)

Heard some milk on this dude. His name supposedly is Waleed. He comes down to Vegas often for cons. He's apparently done some shitty things. He happens to be racist and homophobic as well I'm not surprised lol idk if this forum still alive but yeah. Anyone else got any dirt on this dude.

No. 252924

Anon here I happen to know him because he’s friends with others from other cosplayers I know. Dude feels like has mad self esteem issues, and wants to be a famous cosplayer, but he seems very judgmental over others. He’s also trying to hop on whatever is popular, I noticed he cosplays Genshin Impact but apparently he’s never played the game.

No. 253075

Seems pretty milk worthy lol. Heard the dude also done something terrible to Sharon? Heard it go around a bit. The dude seems pretty insecure lol.

No. 253090

I heard about that. What did he exactly do? Cause I haven't heard about Sharon in awhile. If you got any dirt on that you should totally milk it on here.

No. 253209

ngl he gives major creeps vibes and heard from others he creeps on women who are nice to him

No. 253465

He also lurs women to his hotel room as well. He's for sure hella creepy

No. 253479

File: 1664756980593.jpeg (306.95 KB, 1284x1338, 47760719-A59D-44C6-A387-6EDB33…)

Not sure if this is milk but his stories always consist of white girls loving Starbucks jokes, and when it doesn’t he gloats about his popularity when it’s hardly even anything. 4,000 plays and 200 likes that’s hardly anything dude kek he’s really pathetic

No. 253481

hes also very secretive about his age which is even grosser. he’s like in his 30’s.

No. 253504

I realized that like lol what are you hiding your age for?

No. 253611

From the information I know about Waleed and Sharon. I heard he tried doing things to her unconstentually. She had used him for money then she stopped using him for money.

No. 253673

File: 1664782892360.jpg (270.91 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20221003_004042.jpg)

The dude looks creepy even out of cosplay

No. 253703

typical loser who found cosplay and now uses it for his own self esteem and popularity. He definitely gives major creep vibes.

No. 254639

Interesting you bring that up because he tends to post on his story how heart broken he is because of a break up he had. If it’s about Sharon I wonder if they had a relationship where she used his ass only for the money and Waleed being too dumb to get a clue because he’s that desperate lol

No. 255111

Hi Anon, a friend told me that Sharon never had gone out with Waleed. She just used him for money lol. He was just really desperate in the end lol. I did hear that Sharon is in a current relationship and that broke Waleed's heart. He's really milking out for Sharon(sage your shit)

No. 266126

File: 1668581321015.jpg (369.4 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20221115_224613.jpg)

He's always making the same white girl jokes. This is becoming cringe

No. 266206

Why are men always so mad about women enjoying things.

No. 281235

File: 1676120996850.jpg (304.3 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20230211_044601_Ins…)

Is the dude still hung up on Sharon? Lol

No. 281321

The PSL jokes are the worst ones of all. Men mock women who read YA books and like drinks. I dont get their deal. More women need to mock men for their obsession with capeshit and call them faggots.

No. 288824

File: 1679875842084.jpg (151.1 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20230325_115420_Ins…)

The cosplays are always well made but when it's just him without cosplay he looks so gross looking lol

No. 291784

File: 1681276126567.jpg (165.54 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20230411_220725_Ins…)

It's ironic he says this but he did the same thing and was openly racist to his own friends. Hypocrisy much?

No. 297089

File: 1684286255880.jpg (432.88 KB, 3464x3464, Edited. Screenshot.jpg)

It's funny you mention that cause he just made these comments lol

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