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File: 1593050174414.jpg (34.66 KB, 500x327, stahp.jpg)

No. 102290

Previous Threads:

Notable Cows:

>uses garageband for a majority of her music, knows nothing about music theory
>Deletes own songs without notice for attention, "muh depression"
>Swarms of 13 y/o fans who idolize her
>horrible tumblr art
>claims to have DID, now, apparently.

Aki Glancy/ EmpathP
>Mediocre producer who got to live our her fantasy of becoming a vocaloid
>Spearheaded VOCAMERICA. Enough said
>Still has not delivered on the stretch goals for a related kickstarter. Where's the 22k Aki?
>Instead, uses the money to create unbelievably shitty XXXXL sized vocaloid cosplays to parade her obese body around in

Hazuki No Yume and TheBlackCero
>vocaloid subbers, got into a fight with rachie, circus-p and some irrelevant utaites
>basically they said the hazuki and cero were just reuploading videos
>apparently rachie stole hazuki's translyrics, and cero is mad because "hazuki's japanese skills are superior"
>cero goes on large twitter rants and just can't fucking let it go
>hazuki "retires", and ultimately just leaves and deletes all their accounts. Says she wants vocaloid wikis to delete all her translations.
>cero is mad that people are reuploading hazuki's videos, because hazuki is the fuCKING bEST

No. 102292

I'm not defending her but GHOST actually knows a bunch of music theory. She just doesn't care. IMO her earlier songs on her channel were nice in composition and the instrumentation was all right and I liked them, but over the years and with her recent songs she just got messier and more insane and chaotic to be "unique" but to the point where it doesn't even sound like a song anymore and just a dissonant slamming of random chords and rocks.

About the DID, there's a possible chance she may have it, and if so, that's sad and I just feel sorry for her, but the fact that she's now joking about it and typing like a 12 year old and treating it like something fun and funky like she describes is fucking stupid and makes me doubt she really has it. I get how some coping mechanisms involve viewing the situation as something irrelevant and funny but it gives off the worst image to fans of hers who are preteens

No. 102293


i'm glad more of these are popping up, i'm getting tired of dumb kids cancelling someone over a sexy miku pic

No. 102294


I'm all for unique instrumentation but she just is the textbook definition of insane edgy when it comes to her music now. I agree, her older songs were decent, but now it's just factory sounds, especially entomologists, such a forgettable and muddy song, and what the fuck was the mess that was spider on the wall

Also I don't care if she has DID or not, either way it doesn't excuse her being an funnie boi about it. I get that it may have made her make some irrational decisions in the past and if she's genuine then sure I'll take her apology but even after that apology she's still so self centred and in the clouds with her fans and treats them like her pawns in the comments

No. 102295


Not surprising. They worship everything she does. I hate cancel culture but I don't think Ghost has changed much at all especially since she accused Steampianist of being a pedophile and got her fans to witch-hunt him. She's still immature as fuck and I've seen 13-14 year olds act a thousand times more mature and responsible than her.

also unrelated but I went on her curious cat and she supports he/him lesbians lmfao

No. 102296


They claim it's "pedophilia" and harming children and then harass the artist to death. Yes, fiction can affect reality but when actual minors get harassed and groomed and preyed on by actual pedophiles, they ain't saying shit. Really proves how hypocritical over half of the western community is, no wonder the Japanese side of the vocaloid community doesn't want much to do with it

Also we should make that Naku person a big cow tbh

No. 102297


what the fuck is a he him lesbian

No. 102298


some stupid Tumblr MOGAI oppressed bullshit for woke points

No. 102299

Naku isn't particularly milky imo. She's a FTM who had a creepy relationship with an underage girl, and that's all the milk there is. Not a cow, just your average predator.

No. 102301


She immediately ran away when she got called out. All socials are deactivated and nobody has provided any new milk so it would be hard to make her into a cow. She is very creepy though, agree.

No. 102308


Steampianist isn't much better. He's a racist on his Twitter saying that all Chinese people are scum, since he's apparently Filipino and the government is giving special treatment to Chinese people like in taxes and healthcare, so he uses it as an excuse to be racist.

No. 102310

File: 1593059944363.jpeg (134.73 KB, 639x788, 1591202101215.jpeg)

this was already posted on the bad art thread, but I think it belongs here too. Supposed to be Luka and Meiko.

No. 102311

damn i don't remember vocaloid fans intentionally drawing characters as fat and black for clout when they were 12

No. 102312

that meiko looks like a mexican grandma. they BOTH look like mexican grandmas.

what's the point of butchering a character's appearance this badly? why not just make an oc? do they draw this shit and slap a fandom label on it to get more likes or something?

No. 102313

File: 1593060572144.jpeg (348.62 KB, 1339x1710, 79BAA819-8574-49BB-8940-3038AA…)



No. 102315

File: 1593060771381.png (515 KB, 1536x2048, F3D8BA82-CD13-40A2-9261-9EA557…)


I don’t like GHOST but I’ll have to say I personally am on her side for this one

No. 102319


I think GHOST was in the right this time, she might not be the best person but it's official now, Steam is fucking disgusting.

No. 102320

At best I can maybe see him guilty of racism, but the claims about him being a pedophile are complete bullshit.

His songs aren't 'glorifying' child predators, I don't get where people come to that conclusion. Yes, he writes songs about them, but shay also wrote a saga about a deranged mother (who's personality stems from a misogynistic trope) obsessing over her son, and then his equally deranged wife (who shay really specifies to have synesthesia, which is important i guess) murders him out of 'anxiety'.

him owning a nazi outfit really isn't that big a deal. i don't know why people are blowing that out of proportion so much. in karakuri burst len wears an outfit with a swastika on it, yet Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△ remain free of criticism, as far as i'm aware.

also that last point. "i can't find any evidence myself of him using the n word". shut the fuck up if you don't have evidence.

No. 102322

File: 1593061865180.png (24.87 KB, 735x160, we.PNG)

so is ghost seriously going to start referring to herself as "we"…

No. 102326


the racism is pretty disgusting though. also meh, I don't think she glorified it that much and she's mentioned how she doesn't want to be associated with communications and acknowledges it was shit.


anon I think that we means she and all her followers should work together as one and a "we".

No. 102327


they're not glorifying them but it still isn't the best move to write a song about a real person and the pain it caused her family after her death. it's kind of insensitive imo.

I'm not defending ghost much but at least her storyline was fictional and she now admits it was shit.

No. 102328

For Karakuri Burst though that’s because the swastika symbol (manji in Japan) has a looooong history of being a holy symbol way before the Nazis started using it. The title even uses the reversed version of the swastika (卍).

No. 102331

Yeah, communications was shit. Not because it's themes were too dark, but because the subject matter wasn't handled well.

Again, if shay can recognize the subject matter she was writing about and realize it was morally wrong, i don't see why she can't come to the conclusion that steam can do the same. she's living in her own head.

but yeah you're right on his racism. though i've only seen him make those kinds of comments towards the chinese specifically.

No. 102332

That's pretty interesting, actually.

But again, would the fandom know or care if there was a situation where hitoshizuku and yama got cancelled? (hypothetically speaking)

No. 102335

I'm definitely taking Steampianist's side on the anti-China comments. Everyone should read up on how the Chinese treat Filipino people (and literally anyone who's not white) before forming an opinion on this. Westerners are stupid as fuck for projecting their relationship with China onto the whole world and assuming all opposition comes from the racist/white supremacist roots of their own culture.
The song about a child molester was trashy and tasteless, though, IMO. I haven't heard the murder song, but I have a feeling my opinion will be the same. Edgy content from a self-admitted edgelord. He deserves to get dragged for that, but everything else just seems like filler.
The "Nazi outfit" thing also clearly takes more inspiration from punk culture, and the spirit of being offensive, than any actual nod to Nazi ideology, so there's not much to call out there, besides the tastelessness (yet again). It's there for shock value, he literally rotated the Buddhist symbol.

No. 102336


I actually like and respect Ghost on a small level for acknowledging Communications was shit, so it’s understandable why she discontinued it. Her not saying that at the time she discontinued it wasn’t right, but at least she explained and apologised for the bad way she wrote it. I thought the music was decent, some parts were pretty catchy too, but even when I was a huge fan of hers it made me uncomfortable to a degree. Especially Kennith/Colorbars.

She acknowledges the fact that Steam can change, too. She hopes he can, it’s outlined in her tweet. But considering his recent racist tweet was this month, I don’t think he’s changed much from last time he made racist remarks.

No. 102337


I can tell he’s pissed off at the treatment he gets and the privilege they get, along with all the other political matters. But he way he states in his tweets, he’s implying all Chinese are racist scum, and that’s not something to be taken lightly.

No. 102338


Eh, if it’s comfortable to her to express herself like that I don’t see the problem, unless you believe she’s faking it or over exaggerating it

I wouldn’t mind anyone with DID calling themselves we to feel better, to be honest. But to agree with earlier anons the way she talks about her did seems like a joke…

No. 102339

>nazi outfit
he said that was from his high school years when he's a dumb edgy lil shit, he had to do community service 'coz of that patch

he's still edgy today though, if anything i'm surprised people are only finding out he stans shadman

No. 102343

File: 1593066705131.png (17.83 KB, 594x143, akiglancy.PNG)

where's the 28k, aki.

No. 102344

That's basically a meme at this point. 'Where's the 28k aki'

i don't know why you think he needs to be punished for being edgy. most people in the western vocaloid community make edgy shit, he can at least do it well.

circus p was an edgelord before he fully committed to making shitty edm songs with the laziest pvs and most boring subject matter cough 1/4 cough warning signs

No. 102348

Using pedophilia for edge points with no point is just nasty. Who the fuck writes a song about a "friendly child molester" with no real message besides "haha pedo halloween amirite wow spooky the candy is his dick welcome to my twizted mind i got a fucked up sense of humor you could say ;)", and then tries to pass it off as a "warning"?
There's transcendent art that happens to be about dark topics, and then there's cheap shock value BS.
I know the western Vocaloid fandom is mostly mentally stunted weebs, but can they not raise their artistic standards even a bit? Be less embarrassing? You can be edgy, but at least put some actual thought into your work.

No. 102367


I quite liked 1/4's music and simplicity though. Kaito's voice sucked but it was a nice song imo. Warning Signs though was just pretty lame except for some parts of the music

No. 102368



No. 102370

Actually everyone what are your thoughts on the LamazeP pedo controversy?

No. 102371

File: 1593079495552.jpg (1.98 MB, 810x8443, Screenshot_20200625-060315_Twi…)

No. 102375

Elaborate? His songs have always seemed pedo-ish

No. 102376

He posted a song three years ago that was basically a mock eroge opening with all the little girl voicebanks. He got very belatedly "cancelled" for it, but it seems like not many people care that much.

No. 102378

suddenly people are finding out about asia outside japan and korea kek

No. 102385

Agreed with the other anon, he seems like a lolicon in secret but his songs are harmless and I don't care as long as he keeps that nasty stuff to himself and leaves rl kids alone.

No. 102386


Honestly everyone in the story is an asshole except for Shius.

No. 102392


no Shius is an asshole too for defending Steam's racism and saying it's blatant facts. There's a difference between facts that some people of an ethnicity are being cunts and generalising that all of them are scum

No. 102396

File: 1593093922618.jpg (2.48 MB, 1920x3720, CollageMaker_20200625_10033265…)


I don't think Steampianist is generalizing tbh

No. 102397

File: 1593094038886.jpg (1008.84 KB, 810x3957, Screenshot_20200625-093849_Twi…)


Also some context on that guys tweets defending steampianist

No. 102400

I mean I fully agree that Ghost already uses their allerged DID as an excuse for being shitty, but that person sounds like a suicide-baiting and attention starved narcissistic cow themselves.

No. 102404

File: 1593096217902.jpeg (50.25 KB, 512x512, EWQTRZUVAAAZUgI.jpeg)

samefag but
>pinned callout post only has 4 likes in total, the OP of the ghost one has only 2 likes, no retweets or mentions besides their own
>5 hours later
These kind of people shouldn't be allowed to use the internet.

No. 102407


The racism thread has responses tho, afaik everyone who tweeted support for Steampianist has been getting massive hate for it

No. 102412

Literally everybody mentioned in this thread is a horrible person. I don't care about their takes and call-outs on each other, it's like watching a slap fight between overgrown babies. I'm so exhausted with this ""community"" of clowns. Can we not get one single sane adult in this fandom?

No. 102417

All the sane adults leave when they see the fandom is run by crazies. Can you blame them?

No. 102419


The thing is, the sane adults stay mostly quiet unless they drop a song.

No. 102427

preach to the choir. and besides, that's just one song. i thought twaddles of a flue faker was pretty neat, for its pv and lyrics.

warning signs was basically just 'look guys a song with CHRIS now!'

i don't fucking know why circus is pretty much the go-to guy for demos.

No. 102429

Seeing how the Japanese vs. western fandoms evolved is so fascinating to me. Japan's community spent the last 10+ years blossoming into a vast network of talented artists and musicians, full of people of all ages who can actually make things.

Then you've got the dumbfuck American audience, which started out mostly as preteens with no skills and no talent, who did nothing but consume the content made by Japanese creatives and making none themselves. They had a decade to grow up and instead they just kept doing the same shit they did when they were 12, except now with more fat trans headcanons and stupid drama.

There's Japanese producers that have been on the scene since the beginning because they're surrounded by a community that fosters good will towards its creatives. The western fandom is so toxic and childish it chases anyone away who isn't also toxic and childish.

No. 102434

You're right about japanese producers being generally superior, but let's not glorify it and pretend like they don't also cause drama, harass creators and go batshit with it.

No. 102470

Yeah, unfortunately, the Japanese fandom is also criticized a lot for being toxic and childish. It just had a decade-plus of doujin culture to fall back on from the beginning. The western fandom keeps struggling to build it all from scratch and kneecapping itself.

No. 102490

>japan good, murica (overseas) bad
ok weeaboo

it's amusing how weebs think Japan is a utopia of no conflict/drama just because they can't read what's going on

No. 102510

>do they draw this shit and slap a fandom label on it to get more likes or something?
Yes, that's pretty much the reason why.

No. 102522


Chris was decently tuned but the music was meh. Nice instrumentation, just bland though in composition

No. 102523


All right then. It’s good he at least acknowledged it but he should’ve at least gone into better detail.

No. 102525

File: 1593127686070.png (700.17 KB, 1536x2048, 1B8031D5-0A85-4658-AB79-A776B4…)

I don’t know if he’s changed though. This is pretty shit and I agree with ghost on this one.

No. 102527


I’ve seen 12-14 year olds act more mature than them, they just don’t know how to formulate a basic argument other than screaming and being over dramatic as fuck.

No. 102528

Everyone sucks here, admit it. None of them are in the right here.

No. 102804

If he doesn't like real kids he's not a pedo, I couldn't give less of a fuck about drawings(even if I find them gross)

No. 102805

Yeah, because the western vocaloid fandom is just so amazing and not cow-filled. No one said it's bad just because it's not Japanese.

No. 102814


I agree, drawings and actual children are different, I know people who like those drawings but hate children.

No. 102892

File: 1593288484340.jpg (198.7 KB, 996x2047, IMG_20200627_150713.jpg)

No. 102900

Can you give more context? I can't tell what's going on from that tweet alone.

No. 102902



the dude calls out his ex for various things, but seems like people aren't buying it, including crusher, who heard of the daulton drama

No. 102908

What's funny about this is that he's dating a minor

No. 102909

Man how are you going to call out someone as a pedo for dating a 15 year old at 18, when you went out and dated a 15 year old at 22? I'm not going to say he's lying, but he should've seen this coming.

No. 102913

So far from what I am getting from this is that he's just starting drama to cover up the fact he's dating a minor????

No. 102974


he locked his acc,

if anyone on here follows them, why not leak the stuff he posts now

No. 102983

File: 1593313169139.png (60 KB, 480x484, Screenshot_2020-06-27-21-57-49…)

No. 103083

Maybe, if you'd explain who tf that guy is.

What is it with all the fucking furry pfps. Every 3rd vocaloid twitter I see, there is one.

No. 103092


he's the guy who dated daulton, who is a minor who pretends to be 21, and to make it worse, he was defending himself dating daulton saying it was legal at the time of them dating

No. 103109

No, who are these people in context with vocaloid?

No. 103119

ngl this whole daulton thing smells like vendetta to me ever since the last thread. Every time I turn around some anon is going "b-but what about DAULTON" and everyone else is like "who?"

Either provide actual milk & pics of it or shut the fuck up

No. 103121


Thibaud, aka vy1v5, some french utau/vocaloid user with a small following, though they seem to be aiming to get in touch the community again. He tried to callout his ex, after that Hanabi/Lizzy drama ended up getting lots of traction

maybe not a big lolcow, but he is a presence in the fandom like other users


No. 103160

File: 1593372235269.jpg (43.12 KB, 532x633, h_9lL6OHBK4.jpg)

Well, Shay also said that she had been (self)diagnosed with dpdr and BDD in her edgy teenage phase (which now is perpetual for her), so it's no longer a surprise to see her saying that DID is now the new escape goat for her shitty person, and this attitude of her has never changed unfortunately.
This. She used to be pretty decent as an amateurish composer, many of her scrapped works are x10 times more interesting than her new tastless shit, even her oldfags point that out.

No. 103208

As far as mediocre producers go, shay could be a lot worse. At least her shit actually vaguely resembles music, which can't be said for a lot of the other "producers" in the community.

No. 103260


all her songs before In Iolite actually showed decent composition and a decent structure in chords and melody etc. then she just discovered rocks and thunderstorms and turned everything into a mess to try and be edgy but it's barely listenable like what the fuck is spider on the wall

No. 103288

File: 1593432898295.png (174.37 KB, 750x1334, 1533F48B-615E-4D97-8A26-F3E195…)

first time posting here. wanted to bring attention to someone who has really risen in the vocaloid cosplay community who needs called out on their shit. mikumeeks said she was “quitting cosplay” because of the community and threw a shitfit… because she was exposed for scamming LOADS of people so she could buy miku expo tickets.
an expose was made on her in a Facebook sale group, but one of the admins got it under control. here’s screenshots of the interaction anyways - I didn’t persist because the admin who sorted it contacted me.

tldr: personal grudge against someone who got called out for being shit, tried to make herself the victim and was going to “quit cosplay” over people rightfully wanting money back”, and now has risen massively in the community

side note: i don’t agree with my behaviour in these screenshots. only putting them for proof this was a thing that happened.(Newfaggotry, lolcow does not exist for callout culture. Do not try to use lolcow for your vendetta or to "cancel" someone. We do not interact with the cows, only observe)

No. 103353

File: 1593467899570.png (18.37 KB, 584x350, autism.PNG)

this is autistic as fuck but maybe we'll get some milk (1/2)

No. 103354

File: 1593467922541.png (37.62 KB, 586x533, autism2.PNG)

No. 103355

Link me, anon, I need to see this list.

No. 103356

No. 103357

There is barely anything on this list and no screenshots or evidence to boot. What the fuck is anyone supposed to take from this?

No. 103363

Yeah the list itself is a big nothingburger, can't believe it took OP 3 months to produce. The only notable thing about it is how a bunch of fandom attention whores are overreacting to it.

No. 103373

File: 1593479059365.png (51.14 KB, 1811x558, idiotfights.PNG)

dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life. kek at "sporadic behavior, potentially hostile", sounds like a description for a fucking SCP

There is absolutely no proof or receipts, and below this is an area where the creator just lists every single user in some discord server for "gatekeeping" because "they all deserve to be held accountable"

Losers trying to smear other losers for drama points in a dying fandom that literally no one but the people involved know exists. These people themselves are the funniest cows.

No. 103428

File: 1593524270003.png (11.45 KB, 588x184, vocutau.png)

They're still trying to make this trainwreck happen… Now the accusations have more detail, but they're actively refusing to share receipts of anything that's not common knowledge.

I guess we're supposed to trust their "vetting process". Where they marked someone as being a high risk pedophile over drawing porn, and marked a known sexual harasser as "very safe" because he sent them one nice message.

No. 103461

File: 1593551186626.png (97.1 KB, 598x874, vocazone.png)

Samefag but lmfao someone is threatening to sue OP for calling him a liar

No. 103462

File: 1593551230167.png (73.38 KB, 611x841, EbvIn-XXQAULUNJ.png)

No. 103469

This is SO fucking funny. The vocdeliquent retard accuses someone of a federal crime in their obscure drama list and the person they accused is also retarded enough to harass them threatening to SUE them… it's just too good. I hope this blows up more because the milk from both sides would be truly delicious.

No. 103496


uwu! uwu! owo! senpai! uwu! úwù! law! court! smart brain! uwu! uwu!

fucking 10 year old

No. 103531

File: 1593624972849.png (50.4 KB, 594x641, femboyaddiction.png)

"high risk pedophilic behavior" = "femboy addiction"

No. 103532

This reads like the navy seal pasta.

No. 103534

how can you write out something like this and not realize "holy shit, i sound like a fucking insane person"

No. 103551

Tinfoil, but hear me out. I almost feel like this account is run by some degenerate who got called out and is mad about it, so they made this account and are acting as stupid as possible and accusing random people of serious offenses in hopes that it blows up, people see how stupid the list & account is, and decide to stop taking accusations of abuse and crimes within the community seriously? Like the boy who cried wolf sort of thing.

The reason I think this is because the way they are acting and typing is very strange and unnatural, even for the vocautau community. For example, @-ing users they previously accused to tell them they have been REMOVED from the list, and ending the announcement with cutesy tildes and a party emoji? Any person serious about making a list like this would not see removing people from it as a cause for celebration, because it would reflect badly on them since it suggests they have been making false accusations. If anything, they would be much more likely to try and sweep their blunder under the rug so as to not lose credibility… So them continuously @-ing people they accuse makes no sense and it reads as if they are really trying to make this blow up. Thoughts?

No. 103593

This is probably a stretch, but I believe VocDelinquents is probably run by Reson Lore. 80% of the people originally on the spreadsheet have been detailed of "harassing" him in the past. One of his white knights posted this a while back where you can see the list https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sr5e13

Although this isn't definitive proof it's run by him, looks like most replies to VocaDelinquents already think it's him anyways.

No. 103976

literally who

No. 104123

Were you perhaps touched as a child

No. 104124

GHOST is literally the most manipulative and drama thirsty vocaloid cow I've seen to date. The way she jumped to this discourse as fast as she could speaks for itself. I sense some jealousy over a better producer here.

No. 104141

File: 1594089758822.png (246.77 KB, 770x440, rnq.png)

Not to "Hi cow", but that's pretty unoriginal, especially if you've had like 4 years to come up with a decent response, kek.

No. 104144

NTA, but do you wish you were molested so you could relate? Were you too much of an ugly fuck back then for that to happen? God, imagine that - being too hideous even for that.

No. 104149

Can you two go somewhere else to write your shotacon fanfiction or something

tbh I'm surprised it took this long for him to be cancelled when this tweet has been up for so many years. Totally tasteless way to respond no matter how you spin it

No. 104150

No need to project. I'm just trying to find out what makes someone so obsessed with child sexual abuse that they write songs about it, and try to sniff out victims to mock. Envious femcel type shit.

No. 104208


lulziest replies i've seen in awhile anon you triggered these girls bad lmao, how embarrassing

No. 104230

>still no sage
>"h-heh triggered"
You okay, girl? Sounds like a nerve was struck.

No. 104250

found the troon. note of advice: don't reveal your weakness online, pussy, your anger makes you an easy target(derailing)

No. 104275

Now I'm a troon? What a reach. I can smell the rejected pussy transplant from here, scrote. Fuck off back to your rat hole. Sorry people didn’t like your emo weeaboo child rape music
You want to accuse anyone of troonery, try pointing a finger at the staff lol

No. 104277

File: 1594178282919.png (560.45 KB, 1200x675, canyouallpleaseshutup.png)

No. 104451

Not to tinfoil, but I wouldn't be suprised if these vocaloid fags are shitting up this thread on purpose so that it hits post limit and we stop talking about them. They aren't used to criticism at all and think it's bullying, they cry and do anything to silence it.

No. 104481

What are you fucking talking about? Drop the hostility and ignore the fucking sperg, you headcase.

No. 104632


she probably is jealous but again steam was a piece of shit for what he did. god why is almost everyone in the western vocaloid community a cunt tbh

No. 104633


kys you pedo lmao

No. 104635

>replying to a 4-day-old post
>not knowing how to sage
Why are "pedophile!1!!!!" fags like this?

No. 104689

because they're 12 years old

No. 104697


this was said on the other thread: all the sane decent people run away when they see the fandom is full of delusional fucks

No. 104702


how is she manipulative?

No. 104705


just shut the fuck up jfc

No. 104708

VOCALOID was a mistake.

No. 104714


Just look at her interactions



No. 104715


how can you say something like this and not wonder if you're fucking retarded

No. 104716


yeah I still listen to her older shit, it's decent.

There's no way she could have DID tho. You don't fucking get to that stage in life without knowing you dissociate, especially if she has diagnosed BPD. It doesn't add up.

No. 104717


1/4 was pretty good, but after that everything just went to shit for circus and then all the edgy, self diagnosed retards like creep rose to fame

speaking of which, it's a while since we touched on Creep, any new milk?

No. 104718


not much apart from the fact that his music is incomprehensible and he's fucking shilling his shit and doesn't pay his artists or tuners(samefag)

No. 104719

Genuinely curious: Is there much utaite milk here?

No. 104724

unrelated: Is shipping LenRin considered problematic™ nowadays, or are people who engage with it on thin ice? I haven’t stepped one foot in the Vocaloid fandom since the new fandom culture broke out. Like you could ship LenRin years ago and the only detractors would be harmless, “NO LENMIKU/NERULEN FTW, LEN AND RIN ARE BASIcally TWINS” and they’d calm down when you tell them they aren’t. Now you could do something like ship Miku and Luka, aged up or not, and you’d probably get a bunch of 15 year olds in your replies calling you a pedo.

No. 104725


Yes I'd say it still is. Literally every ship is bashed on in the Vocaloid fandom now for being pedophilia, incest, age gap, unhealthy, abuse, whatever people can come up with. Even if you say you see Rin and Len as not twins, they'll accuse you of normalising incest and then bitch all over your profile/posts/whatever

No. 104726

I'm not defending GHOST's shitty behaviour but I don't think she's lying about her DID, considering the history she's revealed on their Twitter, and some of the things she mentioned she went through are shocking in general.

No. 104727


I've seen it too, and it sounds terrible for any child to go through, and I'm sorry for her and all but you're missing the point. It doesn't excuse her problematic behaviour and the fact she gaslit people and manipulated them. I do wonder whether she'll stick to her apology though…

No. 104728

New fandom is cancer, anything that isn't black fat trans Miku in a hijab and MikuRin is problematic. If you can avoid getting back into it, don't

No. 104747

Anything that isn't MikuRin is problematic
its literally canon cuz project diva uwuwu, if you like mikuluka or kaitolen you're a pedo, if you like mikulen you're a lesbophobe for shipping a straight ship instead of these two kawaii black trans muslim lesbian jews

No. 104767

caps or stfu. You sound like ghost stans from twitter

No. 104769




He opened join to his channel, not much.


A bit of the Naku/Kuro thing but not much, unless anyone has anything to contribute.

No. 104770

Unrelated, but does anyone here think JubyPhonic absolutely fucking sucks? Her autotuned pitched up voice is torture to listen to and she's stealing all the attention from the original producers and she's literally asking for donations to find new covers.

No. 104771


Just stfu, nobody cares. She maybe has it. She maybe doesn't. There's still decency in every person and she doesn't show it. We're not giving her a pass because of her past, you sound like another of her asskissers

No. 104772

I agree, even Google credits her as the creator of Patchwork Staccato instead of toa, it's annoying. Why would she even need money to make covers?
One of my favorite Japanese producers collaborated with her, I wonder how and why(her vocals don't fit the song well)

No. 104787

Her voice is the most blatantly auto tuned I’ve ever seen out of any mainstream youtaite. It’s uncanny how filtered her voice sounds in every cover. She sounds like she’s singing from a tin can.

No. 104791


Some of her translyrics are all right, but it's like she pitches her voice up by a whole octave and does the cute kawaii baby™ voice, also the donation thing makes no sense

No. 104794


Which one was it?

No. 104805

The only reason her translyrics are half-decent is because she uses other people's translations for them.

JubyPhonic and Rachie sound the same to me and neither of them are that good, it's just the uwu irl anime voice that gets them attention.

No. 104831

File: 1594583681235.jpg (126.49 KB, 1000x750, 39303646_p0.jpg)

What the hell, did these motherfuckers really just coopt the sacred oldfag ship?
Fucking newfags, I bet they don't even know Doki Doki☆Yuri Gakuen. GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY NOSTALGIA SHIP

No. 104832

I personally think her English lyrics are mostly top tier with the rhyming and flow consistent with the original Japanese one, but her voice is admittedly sort of grating. I don't have a problem with her though, I just wish someone else was singing her lyrics.

No. 104948

File: 1594681163573.jpg (42.49 KB, 600x477, yenmiarttheft.JPG)

I know some anons brought this up on the previous thread already

OP's reaching on some posts but that Change Me Meiko pic definitely has stolen the background from Rella's art


No. 104961

Is it just me or she's singing a few notes higher than the instrumental/kind of offkey?

No. 105097

>JubyPhonic and Rachie sound the same to me

This. I've thought this for the longest. They literally sound exactly alike and when they collab I can't tell either of their shrill, annoying voices apart.

No. 105544

File: 1595005365226.jpg (77.45 KB, 666x800, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

god remember the point in the vocaloid fandom when everyone agreed that rin and len's relationship status is completely up to interpretation and it's perfectly fine to see them as siblings or lovers

what the hell happened to that. literally why is every fandom like this nowadays

No. 105584

>literally why is every fandom like this nowadays
Ship wars that got out of control + really bored people who found a way to gain clout without much effort.

No. 105607

File: 1595064537486.jpeg (389.41 KB, 828x960, 75E8C189-4C5B-4217-8E64-AF177A…)

Creep-P is dropping all of their vocal synth work.

No. 105617

File: 1595068618351.png (23.78 KB, 641x176, creep-p.png)

He spoke about this on Twitter too. Looks like he's pretty much done with the vocal synth community, but will still be making music. I saw this coming, especially with how much he's said he didn't want to be a called a VocaP for a while.

I don't personally give a fuck about his obnoxious ass or his shitty music, but good for him I guess.

No. 105693

and nothing of value was lost

No. 105779

>dropping vocaloid
>creating music for adults
so uhhh, he's committing career suicide?

No. 105869

No. 105876

Unrelated but Misha should be labelled as a cow by now

No. 105883

any of those people who voiced Dex, Daina, and Ruby to be honest.

No. 105907


what's so bad about nostraightanswer compared to Aki?

No. 106041

If turning the smallest thing into an hour long sperg was a superpower, he would be a superhero

No. 106073

So what? He's going to go through the trouble of finding real people to sing his songs?

It's fine if he doesn't want to be associated with the vocaloid community anymore (honestly who would in this day and age) but it's still convenient as a singing program. There's still plenty of engloids that have no real identity and are just voices (cyva, cyan, chris, amy, miriam, etc.)

Also imo he should just stick to making insturmentals. He's really great at making normal music, but songs and lyrics not so much.

No. 106074

>He's really great at making normal music
are we talking about the same person? creep's instrumentals are literally the most discordant shit i've heard in my life.

the problem about doing vocaloid is that you kinda pigeonhole yourself into the vocaloid community (unless you're like, porter robinson or something i guess). that was good for creep because his shit has literally no appeal whatsoever unless you're an edgy weeb tween.

now that he's not doing vocaloid, who the fuck is he making music for? normal people don't like the sound of a fat autist banging on a midi keyboard. dude's gonna crash and burn and it will be hilarious.

No. 106653

File: 1595641491476.png (117.08 KB, 590x738, demonetized.PNG)

who's next?

No. 106665


What's the big deal about it?

No. 106671


Why's he still keeping the -P suffix though? Isn't that strictly for Vocaloid producers?

Also, what was the P suffix trend ever for anyway

No. 106673


Rachie isn't milky tho?

No. 106678

Is this because she mostly covers songs using the officially released instrumentals? Doing that while asking for money always seems sketchy to me.

No. 106679

It comes from the (irl) idol business, unfortunately. The dudes who write songs for idol groups have P names

No. 106682

Ghost and Lauren made apology #2 for Candle Queen.

No. 106683


Eh, it seems pretty logical to me. I don't get why everyone got so butthurt over the lyrics though, the song was good considering it was Lauren who wrote it and not Ghost. If they genuinely mean their apology though then that's good. I'm still wary though

No. 106684


Has JubyPhonic been demonetised yet

No. 106687

Im not even sure the apology was needed especially when the song never specifically stated “by the way, fuck people with NPD”. Abusive people still exist and I don’t think a few people getting butthurt should warrant artists to stop talking about them.

No. 106693


Overall the apology isn't really needed but isn't really much to talk about or milky imo

No. 106698


I literally can't see how the fuck CQ's lyrics are ableist. It's just about an abuser and shitty person who ends up being alone in the end due to their actions. There's literally nothing about npd/bpd in it and it's your fault if you choose to interpret it that way. If anything the drama, apology, etc. is just attention seeking.

No. 106842


To me, it seems like most of the vocaloid fandom can't stand songs about characters with the slightest flaws and immediately cancel the producers. Producer writes a song about a pedophile? Must mean they're a pedophile! Producer writes a song about an abuser? Must mean they're an abuser! Producer writes a song about a shitty person in general who got karma? They're ableist and disgusting and rude uwu! The people who call them out are also all fucktarded 13 year olds

No. 106895

>the word piss is in the song
ghost at the beginning of her song: trigger warning!!! contains swearing AND MENTIONS OF BODILY FLUIDS!!!111 WATCH WITH CAutiON

No. 106897

That's just what fandom culture is like now. Making content about subject matter = condoning the subject matter, to these people. Everyone has lost the ability to think critically about a single fucking thing in their lives.

I think about how edgy and grimdark the Vocaloid fandom used to be in like, 2010 and wonder how the fuck these people even got here. I know a lot of them are 12 so they're too young to remember it but it's wild that it never occurred to them.

No. 106947


This. It's like you're not allowed to write a song about any negative topic these days or the 14 year olds will spam your inbox calling you a pedo, incest shipper, rapist, whatever. CQ is a decent song, and there's nothing wrong with writing a song about someone with that backstory. It's a tragic character, and gtf over it.

No. 106977


It's funny because the topic of it is vague and just about an asshole person in general. It never stated anything along the lines of "npd and bpd people are disgusting and deserve no help and support". Some vocaloid fans are bigger cows than any creators

No. 106985

they recognize themselves in it and that makes them upset because it reminds them how shitty they are

No. 106992

Remember when underage autistic fandom spergs tried to cancel Kikuo for having drawn a comic about experiencing sexual abuse as a child? These cunts be listening to his dark songs and then are shocked when he draws about the same subject matter his lyrics have already gone through. Dense, stupid fucks. And he couldn't even speak English so he could explain how drawing or writing about a trauma =/= approving of if. It's one thing that westerners have their retarded cancelling drama but entirely another when the one they're attacking can barely even understand what they're saying.

No. 107030

Fucking good. Bitch has been profiting off of content that doesn't belong to her for way too long.

No. 107032

i assume you’re talking about the tiktok retards who are trying to cancel kikuo again lol

No. 107044

File: 1595872567112.jpg (21.12 KB, 236x239, 54a3b20750658d7bfad7ec4c9fb791…)

This is what I don't legit get. Why do people get so offended when artists explore dark subjects?

What is the difference between fetishisation/romantization and just expressing yourself, and why are people so obtuse to understand it nowadays?

Example, this is a drawing of an underage girl. People can cancel Kikuo just for that.

No. 107046

It's trendy and they do it for clout. It's as simple as that. Nothing gets you retweets faster than trying to cancel someone with a big follower base by yelling whatever problematic buzzword is in today. If they actually gave a shit they'd go after the numerous confirmed child abusers and MAPs online, it's not like they're hard to fucking find.

No. 107048

That drawing's not by Kikuo, it's by si_ku, who's a woman. Also how can you be so sure the girl is underage? I'll give you props though, it does sound like something an underage Twitter user would write in an uninformed call out post.

No. 107049

Yeah, that was the point, I think calling out someone for a drawing like this is nuts

No. 107051

>how can you be so sure the girl is underage?
Oh, don't you know, anon? All women who are of a short stature, or have a small frame, or have small breasts, or have little-to-no hip definition are obviously catering to pedophiles with their features. Aside from the fact that many adult women have these traits, of course.

No. 107066

My favourite is when people call obvious adult Asian women "children" if they have less shapely bodies and a smaller stature. It's happened so many times it's not even funny anymore. You need to have at least a C-cup and a 1:2 waist-hip ratio to be an adult woman.

No. 107102

>The people who call them out are also all fucktarded 13 year olds

No. 107106


have they actually cancelled him for it yet or is it just a possibility? it's pretty cool art tbh, literally cannot see how anyone could see it as pedophilia considering in Japan, nudity isn't inherently sexual, just to represent innocence and just body beauty in general.

No. 107107

I think it was mentioned in a previous thread but some kid attempted to but it went nowhere. I think kikuo explained himself and then the clout chaser was harassed into apologizing for well… clout chasing.

No. 107251


that's a bit of an exaggeration. some of the topics she puts tws on do make sense

or am I missing something here

No. 107600

These threads are a blessing

No. 107742

Apparently MARETU is a predator? Does anyone have any context or thoughts on this?

No. 107743

old milk discussed in the first thread
tl;dr he cheated on his girlfriend with a 19 year old (technically under the age of consent where they lived) and she accused him of abuse

No. 107763

File: 1596353783047.jpeg (94.82 KB, 1080x1080, 71838EAC-9DFE-48A6-8EF7-306DF5…)

Ghost deactivated their twitter, probably as damage control for the Candle Queen apology

No. 107770

What a weird solution. Anyone else think she's blowing shit out of proportion? I haven't seen anyone exploding in unrelenting SJW anger over Candle Queen in years. It seems like she's blowing all this drama up herself, but I can't figure out why.

No. 107773


eh, I don't give a shit. If she's leaving to avoid her fanbase then honestly that's a good move for her if she wants to be better, and also her fans are rabid fucking asshole fucktards so wouldn't blame her

No. 107779

File: 1596370256872.png (108.49 KB, 603x679, picture.png)

She said in a reply to a comment that it's to reverse the parasocial relationships between her and her fans or something like that. I do remember her complaining recently on Twitter about how toxic her fandom has become so I think that's her primary motivation. It may also be an attempt to control her venting/oversharing addiction though. For example, she posted this the day before.

I agree, it's a very good move and it will help her a lot, but she's very impulsive and rarely sticks to her decisions so she'll probably be back in a few months, maybe even less.

No. 107785


"hi i'm an alcoholic" makes me cackle because that's the exact thing people are calling her out for, spreading the message to her young fans that drinking culture is cool and romanticised? "hi i'm an alcoholic osdd1b/did system" god she just makes osdd1b people look like a joke and also I thought she said she's been professionally diagnosed. You're either one or the other.

Yeah it's a good move, but she probably will

No. 107786


can she fucking type normally for once? she's got mental disorders yes but pretty sure you can still use proper grammar and punctuation and capitalisation for fuck's sake regardless of that

No. 107806

Cackling at anybody who actually buys this or think she’s serious about it. This is the same bitch who deletes her own well-loved songs without warning just to get people to freak out and ask her what’s wrong. Everything she does is a calculated (sometimes poorly) move to get more attention. Hence “apologizing” for an old song no one gives a shit about just to stir up sympathy, bringing up the fact that she’s a uwu mentally ill ““system”” all the time, and now, claiming that she’s leaving the Internet. This is just a regular part of what she does.

No. 107850


honestly she's not even milky anymore, it's just a repeated cycle lmao, let's just wait and see

No. 107875

Lol what. What can I search to find this drama? That’s ridiculous

No. 108403

I know this has been mentioned but it's hilarious how a huge percentage of the fandom is 16+ year olds who should have common sense that call out pedophilia in ships but don't so shit when minors get groomed in the community and when there's literal 14 year olds dating 22 year olds and it's just fucking stupid how they refuse to educate themselves on anything and never can have civilised debates and learn to empathise. Recently the Vocaloid fandom has surged in pedophile jokes like "I wanna fuck Una's bb 11 yo ass" I kid you not(necro)

No. 108440


anon do you realise this is common knowledge now lmao

No. 108487

File: 1596919855848.jpg (210.08 KB, 720x786, drama.jpg)

"I know this has been mentioned" then why do you mention it again. If you don't have anything to add at least sage.

Changing the topic, does anyone know what this is about? She said this group is a "facet of the vocaloid community", so I doubt she means this site. And also accused this group of driving two producers (ghost and creep I assume) out of twitter. My gut tells me it's just the same old shit again but I have hope that it's at least a bit interesting this time.

No. 108493


Well it can't be this site since we're not really interacting with them and just pointing out their shitty behaviour. I'm assuming this is related to the Ghost drama somehow or just for clout because Ghost wasn't chased or bullied, they did it on their own accord and maybe it's a good move if they want to change, and Creep left on his own will too. It's probably for clout but if they're making up more drama the milk might be delicious

No. 108518

File: 1596969550471.jpg (230.8 KB, 720x834, Edginess is ableist.jpg)

I've investigated a bit and apparently some minors were critizicing/"harassing" other minors because making edgy songs is ableist now? So yeah same shit as always. What I don't get is why they say it was kids being harassed but ghost was affected by it too? And to the point of deactivating her Twitter account lmao. If I find the "harassers" they're talking about I'll post more screencaps here

No. 108519

File: 1596970083553.jpg (170.8 KB, 720x631, lol.jpg)

No, they say ghost left because of these people, so it isn't only about her. Apparently this teenager RIP (he's 16 iirc) was also attacked and he got depressed and privatized all his YouTube videos for like a night (What's with these people and their tendency to DFE whenever they're in trouble?). Maybe when they talked about "minors being harassed" they meant him.
(Btw the Shay in the screenshot is not ghost, they just have the same name)

No. 108526


RIP is a girl. She's not really a big deal, her music's pretty talented for starting at around 12-13, but istg all the producers like her who are part of Ghost's group just have this mentality of running away probably for attention and uwu points. But eh, RIP isn't much of a topic here.

In general why the fuck doesn't that Shay call someone out? It just creates more drama when they talk about it but don't specify what's going on.

No. 108550

> In general why the fuck doesn't that Shay call someone out? It just creates more drama when they talk about it but don't specify what's going on.

Because her goal is drama. It functions like a career steroid for her since her audience of young impressionable cancel culture Twitter activists fall for the drama hook line and sinker and uncritically glorify her as a victim uwu and stan her even harder.

She used to do this same thing when she had her tumblr. She’d passively incite her fanbase of flying monkeys to go harass anyone who spoke critically about her music and then when confronted about it, take no responsibility for her stirring of the pot and lean further into her victim act.

No. 108571

I think the Shay the anon meant was the one in the screenshot, not ghost.

I do agree that vague-tweeting and not talking about the problem directly is quite annoying. They say it's because they don't want these people to be harassed but how the hell is the community supposed to know who to avoid/hold accountable then? And how the hell are we supposed to know who to laugh at?! They're making everything needlessly complicated.

No. 108619

Because people who see anime characters as real life are fucking retarded. Of course the type of weird child who makes callout posts to defend the honor of a drawing won't give a shit about real children being hurt.

No. 108746

Anime characters aren't real retard. Making jokes like that would get you cancelled by a flock of 13 year olds instantly & the fandom is full of pedophiles/child abusers because the pedos lay low while they try to paint adult cosplayers and artists as "literal child abusers!1" for saying Miku is hot

No. 108761

Wasn't Ghost triggered by Vocaloid Callouts as she made a tweet about them before leaving more drama?

Also, as far I know Ghost and R.I.P previously had troubles with a bunch of people that recovered ghostiep/marzmitzi songs and shit. Vocallouts also exposed the unnecessary compulsive need of Ghost to purge her works.

No. 108896

File: 1597243546111.png (393.12 KB, 1125x2436, 7767844E-5A42-4257-A71B-70B4B1…)

Pretty much. Except now no one can access Vocallouts’ twitter cause they literally deleted their account. At least keep your shit up, hiding it is more suspicious.

Ghost did say something about a wip that leaked and was circulating from their Patreon (?) idk how much that really matters their old songs being leaked and reuploaded is nothing new

No. 109072

She also directly mentioned vocallouts in her last thread daring them to reveal their identity, so I assume her "leaving" Twitter (I'm 100% sure she'll come back eventually) may have something to do with them. Maybe vocallouts also deleted their account because of ghost's thread? Idfk, these people are so sensitive, I don't understand why they're still public figures.
Yes, she said a WIP had been leaked from her Patreon and that's why she stopped posting WIPs there. I don't know why she's surprised that her fans don't trust her to finish her projects or to keep them posted kek

No. 109542


This soundcloud clip about the Hanabi situation was posted a few hours ago. The drama itself was brought up at the end of the last thread but was forgotten in the switch to the new one. The uploader was kind enough to link all the original callouts in the description if you missed it.

No. 109600

Ah, yes, I remember that. A well-known figure in the community turned out to be a creep and an abuser. Not surprising in the slightest.
Have these people actually done anything to deal with their community's pedophilia issue, or do they just mention it every now and then when talking about other petty drama?

No. 110120

File: 1598251741497.jpeg (546.17 KB, 1242x2149, 36D7A396-68C3-46B2-96CF-EE9720…)

Anyone know what the hell this is about? Or is she just a crazy racist? She’s not even a good modeler. Being able to use Koikatsu does not make you a 3D modeler

No. 110122

File: 1598251926058.jpeg (340.55 KB, 1242x1274, 8FAF70D1-40C1-4628-8EAB-26BA6F…)

The account is full of it. Am I just missing something here?

No. 110178

File: 1598328175327.jpg (16.4 KB, 320x286, IMG_20200825_140201_613.jpg)

Someone on the dead ghost thread posted this "picture of Ghost". Not sure what this is all about but I highly doubt this is Ghost.

No. 110183


Milk or nobody cares

No. 110185

I have no fucking idea who that person is or what she's talking about. She probably just saw a couple Russian people that pissed her off and of course she wants to start drama about it. But I don't think anything actually happened.
Does she usually behave like this? She might have some milk to give.

No. 110186


why do you think it's not ghost?

No. 110192

File: 1598353117477.jpg (800.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200825-125530_Red…)

Indeed it's not Ghost, just a reddit user who has nothing to do with Vocaloid at all

No. 110193


Makes no sense as to why someone would just do this, probably for cancel clout

No. 110476

What the fuck.

No. 110571

File: 1598665019376.png (59.36 KB, 533x466, an inactive account.png)

Guess who's back and blaming it on the alters! This bodes well for a full return in the future.

No. 110586

File: 1598671990278.png (28.42 KB, 725x184, myalterthealchoholic.PNG)

This milk is just too good. I called it being an attention stunt but the added flair of her blaming it on one of her ""alters"" is really taking this to another level.

Pic related, currently claiming her drug addict alter is making her drunk-post kek

No. 110587

File: 1598672234461.png (25.33 KB, 720x166, myalterthetwink.PNG)

calling one of her alters a "twink" and setting up a potential "argument" between that alter and the druggie alter

No. 110591

File: 1598674070971.jpg (59.51 KB, 1080x600, 6yBqpRH.jpg)

Not gonna lie, GHOST's old 2014 art style was somewhat better.

It was pretty fucking edgy, but it did occasionally feel macabre.

>it still doesn't excuse her for being a bitch.

No. 110615

File: 1598694039801.jpg (135.86 KB, 720x599, potential munchie.jpg)

Shay is back AND inappropriately oversharing personal details about her supposed DID? Why am I not surprised?

What worried/interests me the most is this tweet where she talks about turning her Twitter into a mental health ""awareness"" account (aka munching out). I know she rarely keeps her promises but this sounds like something she would actually do. I'm sure she's already preparing her Meet The Alters video.

No. 110652

File: 1598720895717.jpeg (426.4 KB, 1429x1500, 48AFA16A-40C5-4D08-901C-F36980…)

This bitch is deadass drawing fan art of her “alters”… not pictured is her pretending to be a different alter this morning who is freaking out over last night’s alter’s behavior

No. 110654

inb4 alter utaus

No. 110669

Sometimes I forget that this dumb bitch is a grown adult in her 20s. Everything about this screams teenager on tumblr ca. 2015.

No. 110670

Nice misuse of neurotypical, neurodivergent is only used in application to autism and adhd.

No. 110725

man, to think i actually looked up to this woman.
unironically thought her music was good, until i discovered more niche and better producers.

i never followed her drama closely because i didn't use social media aside from youtube back then, and now that i know what she's really like, it just disgusts me how low she can blow, now riding on the coattails of DID and autismos.

sage for slight blogposting

No. 110768

File: 1598777029859.jpg (162.02 KB, 720x694, babes.jpg)

She's actually been riding the self-diagnosed mental illnesses train for a long time and she has collected quite a few "diagnoses" so far, as you can see in this tweet. It's from July 5th of this year. She has also heavily hinted at having ARFID in the past. So like another anon said she has munchie potential. I could believe her having depression or something like that, but AVPD? Come on.

No. 110769

File: 1598777971604.jpg (158.12 KB, 720x632, thank_god_you_arent_a_psychiat…)

The reply to this tweet is actually interesting, it makes me wonder about what her "diagnosis" process is like. Does she seriously think that relating to a disorder's DSM diagnostic criteria means you have that disorder? Or does she take "well, those feelings could be caused by BDD" as a psychiatric diagnosis? Or both? Who knows.

No. 110797


Man she's just a huge trainwreck by now. For some reason I do think she has to an extent some of the mental disorders she claims she has but this is just fucking insane it's funny. I just knew the moment she rose to fame, the Vocaloid fandom was going to break.

No. 110799


Fucking hell, she's starting to become like the DID YouTubers who have awful acting, present completely incorrect "facts" about DID, and make DID people in general look like a fucking joke, her and her edgy funnie!! cool!!! yeah babe!! alcoholic alters reek of Tumblr.


Many people with DID do draw their alters to get a better visual acknowledgement of themselves, but she just screams edgy 13 year old Tumblr girl tbh


"Mental health awareness" my ass, if you call talking like a 13 year old kid without any fucking punctuation, grammar or logic and being insensitive about everything and ignoring everyone who tries to help and just being an ass in general and spreading """facts""" about DID "mental health awareness"

No. 110832


If she really had a therapist and support system as good as she claims, then that therapist would've helped her with all of this and how to keep herself in check when she literally fucking acknowledges how she can't control herself. Just proof she most likely has 90% of her disorders self diagnosed.

No. 110862

Aaaaaaand she’s gone and deleted everything she tweeted in these past couple days, which of course includes these tweets. Most recent tweet is now from August 20th. Silly fool, your dumbassery lives forever on the farms.

No. 110864

File: 1598859647551.jpg (91.99 KB, 663x311, severely traumatized individua…)

Luckily for us, her followers know her and someone captured her Twitter profile yesterday with the Wayback Machine. You can't delete anything off the Internet, Shay. Sometimes you have to act your fucking age and face your own mistakes.
Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20200830235407/Twitter.com/ghost_and_pals
I'll also attach a screenshot of my favorite tweet of hers during that time.

No. 110865

Honestly I hope Shay stays in the DID train, those tweets are all hilarious. She seems desperate for attention enough to become a full-blown cow. Her DFE habit might be a problem though.

No. 110866


It's interesting how so many of her fans are also self dxing with DID just because she's doing it—remember back in 2018 when all her rabid fans were self dxing with BPD when she said she had it? Insane worshipping levels here. I can't wait for actual DID people to call her out, if those fans in her comments that say they're also systems actually have DID I'm surprised they haven't called her out for her foolery yet.

Too bad you can't even act like someone with actual DID.

No. 110871


I'm honestly terrified she'll turn her account into a "mental health awareness" thing and then write a book about false facts about DID and BPD and then spread a tenth wave of self diagnosis over her new impressionable fans.

No. 110886

omg i hate this so much, she needs to make some what a trainwreck that would be!!

No. 110915

The thing is that people with actual DID usually aren't on the Internet because they're too busy trying to have normal and healthy lives to worry about what a random 22-year-old teenager girl may say of a disorder she doesn't know shit about. Even if they were on the Internet and knew of Shay, most would have enough common sense/shame to avoid talking about their severe mental disorder online, which is why 99% of these self-labeled "mental health advocates" are fakers.
It WOULD however be great if she did become a mental health vlogger or what the fuck ever and Dr. Grande commented on her "activism" like he did with DissociaDID and Trisha Paytas. That would really be worth watching.

Implying that she would even bother making the effort to write a book when she can just stick to shitposting- I mean, "raising awareness about the disorder" on Twitter and maybe YouTube. If it usually takes her 8 months to make 4-minute songs, I can't imagine how long it would take her to write a 200-page book. She could hire a ghostwriter (kek) like most influencers do but I dont know. I kind of hope she won't get to that extreme. It would be very sad.

No. 111004

Has anyone heard of LittleBear/madotspooki/Lindsey and her drama? She's been mentioned in the previous thread once for her shitty tuning but looks like she's dedicated an entire server to hating on Ghost while also being obsessed with them (not that ghost is much of a good person but this is fucking shitty), made a remix without the creator's permission and when the creator called her out she simply blocked her, and overall is just a nasty person

No. 111005

most of the drama with her is forced on by ghost's white knights. id say leave it be.

No. 111007

Care to give the full story? Without context it's hard to judge if it's milky or not.
Like >>111005 said, ghost's WKs do run around starting a lot of drama and sending targeted harassment for stupid shit, I've seen it happen more than once.

No. 111008


Lindsey is both rabid ghost fan and shitty person. She's an asskissing whore who thinks she's entitled to Ghost's attention just because she makes a lot of ghost covers and reuploads and shit

No. 111009

lmao? no? she's never wanted ghosts attention and how can you consider her an asskisser when she's been so fucking harsh towards ghost?

No. 111014


I think anon is referring to the recent drama and shared screenshots on Twitter.

No. 111019

Not everyone is a twitterfag. Post caps and sufficient context or stfu. We can't read your minds and see all the drama you've witnessed, you actually have to show us, retards.

No. 111053

Hi Lindsey.
Like fucking clockwork, she's back. I don't know what did it, but we're now reaching levels of tumblrtism that shouldn't even be possible. It's be hilarious if someone drew porn of the three "alters" to make her reach super saiyan levels of assmad.
I agree. That was before she became plagued by the clout culture of mental illness. All genuine art tends to be charming in one way or another.
>newfag can't greentext
Lurk more.

No. 111067

Nobody harassed R.I.P they just pull shit out of their ass for sympathy. One person who criticized ghost said they didn't like R.I.P in private and the kid considered that harassment.

No. 111076

Oh lord, Vocaloid fans/producers being whiny and taking the Internet way too personally, that has never (>>>/w/78263) happened before (>>>/w/86193)
The difference here is that RIP is an actual teenager while the rest are adults acting like teenagers kek.
Seriously, if the Internet upsets them so much, why don't they just leave? The world would be a much better place.

No. 111115

File: 1599106945288.png (259.67 KB, 1366x768, 9415276A-A97E-4DA8-B51B-917B28…)

4 years and several thousand dollars later, oliver's vocamerica model has finally been released.

No. 111136

This is a several-thousand-dollar model? The hair and the hat look wrong. Jesus Christ. I hope the rest are better.

No. 111141

This looks so off model, that's not even a sailor hat. Does this mean they're going to do concerts again?
Is there a fandom for engloids anymore? the western fandom only cares about Miku now

No. 111153

4 years and thousands of dollars for a half-assed model of Oliver?

Jesus Christ, that's so lazy.

No. 111175

File: 1599151647089.png (248.6 KB, 595x435, brits have no rights pt 5.png)


it gets worse. you can't even move his arm without his capelet spazzing out, for starters

No. 111176

File: 1599151722676.png (198.69 KB, 506x367, brits have no rights pt 3.png)


yoistyle still has no idea how to render clothing folds

No. 111177

File: 1599151775338.png (225.55 KB, 426x430, brits have no rights pt 6.png)


and of course what would a vocamerica oliver model be without referencing aki's creepy shotacon bullshit

No. 111198

Actually, I think this model is a perfect representation of the Western Vocaloid community: disappointing, mediocre and creepy.

No. 111200

Tbh it doesn’t look that suspicious really, that’s just how pants work. However I am curious to hear about aki’s shotacon bullshit if you have any milk on that

No. 111210

It's on one of the other threads. Don't clog up this one with old news.

No. 111218

As the person above me said, that's just how..pants work…anon. They look nice, asides from not actually working properly lmao

No. 111228

i can tell exactly what zbrush tool was used to make those clothing folds. this is mediocre work at best.

No. 111230

You're either trollshielding or just really fucking dumb because nothing about the shorts look nice. This model is a chopshop job that isn't worth $2 let alone $22k plus four years of dead air waiting for release.

No. 111244

Honestly I thought MMD was dead? Do people still use it?

No. 111245

I'm not saying the whole model is good or that it's made properly, only that the shorts from that angle look pretty to me lmao. It's fine if you think otherwise.

No. 111252


Where did you get it from? I can't find anything about it

No. 111254

File: 1599211497814.png (14.16 KB, 585x123, Capture.PNG)

So GHOST's back with what I think is an apology as one of her alters

No. 111262

I read the link. Basically she's still blaming stuff on her alters but she does recognize (some of) the things she's done wrong and she says she'll work on it. Lmao we'll see how that goes.
Is she actually going to therapy? I know treatment can be slow but I feel like her therapist should've told her that you don't talk about your fucking mental illnesses on a 20k follower account. No one cares. Act like an adult.

No. 111263

File: 1599219861106.jpg (216.76 KB, 720x773, shay_possible_breakup.jpg)

Wait. I just noticed something. Shay always had her significant other's Twitter account on her bio, but… it's not there anymore. It could be that they (does anyone know their gender?) deleted their Twitter account, but… (1/2)

No. 111265

File: 1599220096612.jpg (188.69 KB, 720x823, suddenly_puns.jpg)

…the account is still there. Inactive, as always, but still there.
Does anyone know if this means anything?

No. 111269

Well, it's either one or two things: they broke up and Sai hasn't changed their bio yet, or GHOST just doesn't want people flocking over to her s/o's twitter and bugging them for inquiries. Sai is kinda active seeing how they're retweeting images, but their bio still says they like their bae. If they truly broke up, I betcha like ten dollars and a bottle of Jack Daniel's Sai would've deleted the bae part.

No. 111287


i was a tard back when vocamerica first came out and i donated enough money to get access to these things when they come out. they're only available via a dl link sent via email that's also passcode locked. for some reason

No. 111294

File: 1599253141639.png (149.49 KB, 732x528, ghostandpalsdotcom.png)

Ghost has updated her website with the alter art. Also of note, there is no link to twitter but there is a tab that takes you to a browser version of the snake game. I wonder if that's just a holdover from the template she used.


No. 111300

>“pls don’t ask about my alters”
>“you aren’t supposed to know about my alters“
>“teehee my alters don’t exist wink wink”
>alters are literally the only topic this cow talks about
the snake game is the only good part of the website

No. 111306

They talk about their alters so fucking much, it's annoying. They even did it in their last ""apology"". How can someone talk about their (alleged) medical problems so much? And how do people not realize it isn't normal nor healthy? The Internet needs a slideshow on how to detect Muchausen's…

No. 111600

call this dumb bitch by what she is. Why do people on this thread insist on playing along with a narcissistic womanchild's delusions lmao

No. 111686

You know that "call her by what she is" implies you should call Ghost "they", right ? Your enbyphobia turned into an accidental advice(>>>tumblr)

No. 111691


No. 111697

>bumps thread just to sperg about """enbyphobia!1!!"""
do you know where you are, retard?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 111725

so people are canceling namine ritsu's voice provider for being a trump supporter but it's hilarious the same people are using this opportunity to shill their shitty utaus as a "replacement".

No. 111729

They want to cancel all the vipperloids for various reasons. From Ruko and Ritsu being "transphobic" to having Tei "a pedo preying on minors" to Teto's concept being originally a nazi character kek
This community has gone from praising edgy jokes so much it was what put vippers on a pedestal, to trying to justify still adoring them by any means years after, to ultimately the Vocaloid/UTAU community becoming so woke there is no other choice but to cancel them.

I do think there are big benefits behind cancelling all these japanese producers, UTAU and artists. There is no shortage of people using these to promo themselves or their western friends followed by "unproblematic king" replies

No. 111731

According to some random person idk on twitter, the voice provider also said they "hate japan and love north korea" so it seems like they're just a major troll whose trolling doesn't translate. But who knows, maybe he's actually just crazy lmao

No. 111732

Ritsu's character bio has had the whole "hate japan love north korea" since his conception. It's never changed throughout the years. My guess is the community is mad that it's no longer a muh edgy oc joke since VP's actual shitty political beliefs are clear.

No. 111734

just call them whatever the fuck you want to call them. it derails from everything when you throw fits over pronouns(derailing)

No. 111820

File: 1599704106949.png (50.83 KB, 730x415, lkdlkmn.PNG)

Ghost is having a mega super sperg-out over a thread somone made criticizing her and her (discord?) server. There's like 25 long tweets about this so instead of trying to cap all of them: TLDR, "I'm like, totally okay with being called out, you guys know that!! I welcome it. Except for I'm not okay with being called out this time because I totally didn't even do that stuff."

pic related is bonus sperging about how ALL of her OCs are trans as some sort of damage control after some equally autistic person complained that too many of her OCs are cis

No. 111825

I saw that earlier today. You'd think that she'd keep her word when she announced she won't be all that active on Twitter, but nope.

No. 111831

File: 1599713453928.jpg (30.31 KB, 584x352, IMG_20200909_235001.jpg)

I honestly doubt they committed suicide. "Singing robots" really isn't really worth killing yourself, but idk about these kids

No. 111838

I call bullshit, it was a planned bomb knowing that most of these people couldn't defend themselves due to time difference

this is perpetuated by an asslicker that has no qualms on faking a suicide to burn the people that this person has differences with.

No. 111844

Imagine killing yourself over tranny UTAU drama. That's fucking hilarious if true. But nobody even has any proof this person actually killed themselves, all that happened was the person was like "wahh imma kill myself" and then deleted their account. My bet is they just deleted their account to avoid the people arguing with them and put the suicide thing up right before just to cause a stir and feel like a victim.

No. 111847

File: 1599725517307.jpeg (598.26 KB, 1125x1687, ED4F2406-3DE7-422D-A394-9AF242…)

Its so sad how she constantly bends over for her fans (or antis) even when they clearly in the wrong. Yall really want to deny the fact that mentally ill people aren’t your precious little angels uwu. What a pushover

No. 111848

Oh come on, at this point no one believes her promises, not even her fans. She's gonna stay on Twitter until she's actually canceled.
I doubt it's real. They just implied it to make the other side look bad without actually confirming anything. It is very funny to see how people so supposedly worried about mental health issues use suicide as a literal weapon in their slap fights.

No. 111849

She has somehow managed to build a literal abusive relationship with her fandom. Honestly her alleged BPD is the only one of her (self-)diagnoses I could believe, if only because of how bad she is at social interaction in general.

No. 111861


it's funny because apparently that person was a trump supporter and was getting dogpiled on twitter

No. 111869

File: 1599739101481.jpg (147.35 KB, 717x717, faked_suicide.jpg)

So as it turns out KaynTheWolf's suicide is, in fact, fake. Apparently he did it to frame this MSyphn person after having a "debate" with her about Trump. (1/2)

No. 111870

File: 1599739199524.jpeg (70.39 KB, 1059x865, EhjO0etXkAA5UJZ.jpeg)

The conversation between RossCuth and KaynTheWolf. (2/2)

No. 111872

File: 1599739327788.jpeg (206.99 KB, 996x2048, EhjAyRfXgAEozx2.jpeg)

Also screenshot of the fight between Kayn and Mia because they literally acted like children and it's funny (the image isn't mine, sorry for the horrible font).

No. 111873

Yes, he replied to this Mia girl defending Trump's border policy and people started criticizing him for it. Then when he faked his suicide people started calling Mia a "murderer" lmao.

No. 111882

tbfh this Mia person is annoying as shit, one of the most insufferable newcomers to the fanbase, but this is a new low either way. I dont know how you come back from that

No. 111890

I confirm this bitch is annoying as fuck but remember that MOROS still licks Creep's Armpits.

This part of the UTAU community is fucking disgusting. They need something better to do what the fuck.

No. 111896

inb4 they try to "reclaim!!! uwu" the vipperloids by making them into some ugly uncreative tumblr shit (as if they haven't been trying already)

No. 111905

File: 1599765315073.jpg (219.05 KB, 1080x1163, 20as7d.jpg)

>irl aged up minor

No. 111912

>irl aged up minor of 21

more like disgusting

No. 111918

more like manchild lmao

No. 111944


Maybe we'd call her by those pronouns if she wasn't such a huge asshole.


I thought Communications IS shitty and ableist though? How is it not or am I missing something here?


Tumblr transage lmao

What else has MOROS done? Need some milk

No. 111948


That photo is unrelated to their reply.


It's interesting how a lot of nonbinary people tend to be extremely mentally ill. It's apparently proven that the "not feeling like belonging to a specific gender" can stem from mental illness and feeling out of place. If anything Ghost looks like a woman who's just extremely out of touch with reality. I really wish she'd actually get help and listen to others for once. It's good for her and everyone. I sometimes wonder whether she's actually in therapy because a lot of the things she does seem fishy she's just 99% self diagnosed. I can believe she's depressed and has dysthymia but she's not insane and it isn't an excuse to be a cunt.

And I swear to fucking god, why are there so many """"trans"""" people out in the UTAU community. Bet fifty bucks 99% of them are nondysphoric tumblrinas.

No. 111949

You have autism if you really believe that. Communications is absolute dog shit but it’s not ableist for pointing out that mentally ill people can be and often are abusive/manipulative.

No. 111952


"Mentally ill people are all lovely sweet uwu babies" sort of mentality.

No. 111954


Not surprising. Apparently not having a character of a certain minority makes you minorityphobic these days, according to these fucking brainwashed teenagers. It's great to have diversity but just not having diversity for a little apparently makes you racist, sexist, transphobic, kinkshaming, and whatever people can come up with these days. And god forbid you have a character who does one bad thing as part of their storyline. You're instantly cancelled for "supporting" that bad thing. I honestly feel bad for any new Vocaloid fans, artists and producers etc. People have lost entirely the ability to think critically.

No. 111958

I heard he supported a zoophile by saying he should not be in jail, and apparently issues with drawn child porn but people have yet to prove everything

No. 111964

Moros has always given me pedo vibes. His fucking utau looks fetishy as fuck, the way that kid is drawn just screams shotacon.

No. 111991

File: 1599830419552.png (663.31 KB, 700x980, 1304713789545.png)


> talking about moros creepy ocs

> ignores the fact that the entire vocaloid fanbase ignores the loli/shota content, including the fact that GigaP used to tune songs for shota vocaloid songs

alot of the newer fans don't acknoweldge the fact that vocaloid is build on creeps and loli/shota cons, anyone who comes with the idea that its new is just young and retarded.

Moros is cringe and has some milk potential, but please stop with the lolicon/shotacon obsession, because thats the same old sour milk thats been given out since 10 years.

No. 112002

Oh god, I used to work with these people about 10 years ago or so and their history is steeped in milk. They’ve rebranded twice from “Vocaloid Visions” to “Synthesized Reality Productions” to now “VOCAMERICA,” probably because they’re constantly running from their bad reputation. I unfortunately don’t have any screenshots to back the following claims, so obviously sage.

Almost everybody from the original group has jumped ship except for a select few. They used to have a group of all high school, underage girls who would cosplay the main Vocaloids and promote and open the show. “Underage“ is key because they were told to act as glorified booth girls and sometimes were put in skimpy clothing on stage. One of the girls was groomed by the sound guy-turned head of SRP and VOCAMERICA. This guy, Wolf, was in his mid-twenties when he started dating her when she was a high school underclassman. He’s a classic narcissist and constantly praises himself and his “company.” They’re still dating to this day according to their fb and they’re the only ones left over from the early days.

All of the other high school girls left fairly quickly, and some confided in me that Wolf and the lighting guy Alfred would make romantic and sexual comments towards them. I specifically remember that one of the high school students told me that she was uncomfortable, because Wolf told her something like “virgins are attracted to Asian guys because they’re less intimidating.” She was dating an Asian guy at the time. I told her that I would look out for her if anything else happened, but I deeply regret not doing anything more at the time.

The lighting guy would follow the cosplayers around like a puppy and make nice-guy protective “m’lady” comments when any other male would try to talk to them. I wasn’t very close to him so I don’t have any other stories. I left before Aki got on board so I don’t have any info on her either.

I apologize for the wall of text without any verifiable milk, but I’m ashamed of being silent while it was happening especially since the girls were underage. I have a lot of other stories about the crew but don’t want to shit up the thread, so I’ll end it here.

I think that these are very indicative of both VOCAMERICA and the Vocaloid fandom.

No. 112021

Do you have the other vocamerica models?

No. 112035

Mmd is still fairly popular, japanese people create amazing content with it. It's even used in the vtuber industry.

Since motion capture been released
However, Aki choose mmd so she can underpay teenager animators in exchange for motion data, she doesn't want to pay professional animators because it would cost her more. Not that she doesn't have money for that. She just finds fancover dances on youtube and then comissions people from deviantart. I don't remember the name of the person, so if anyone knows please tell me who they were, I remember that they were around 17, not from USA and been paid 100 dollars for hours of work.

A fair amount of motion capture apps were made for MMD last couple years, which only require a clear video to work. With that in mind, I imagine quality of vocamerica dances only gonna drop further.

No. 112058

sorry, but i don't. the only other ones that were released afaik are dex and daina's, and that was back in 2016 so the link has probably expired by now.

No. 112076

I didn't know those were given out. I tried to find them, but never did.
Sage for off topic

No. 112139

Holy shit, that's very milky.

No. 112159

she didn't even pay people at one point when she needed emergency animators, she just offered shitty vocamerica keychains as compensation

iirc these were kickstarter backer rewards unless people have been leaking them on deviantart?

No. 112175

Aki is a cow literally and figuratively. I would ask how she hasn't been booted from the vocaloid community, but these weebs think she walks on water

No. 112232

She has her foot in the door with Vocaloid companies.

No. 112261

not even surprised at this point. like attracts like and in this case "like" means creepy weeb spergs who never outgrew their middle school years. good to know we have a place to compile all this inside info on these freaks.

No. 112560

I wouldn't call it a "rebrand" they share some history but each entity is distinct in personnel and leadership.

“Vocalekt Visions” was TempoP and neutrinoP
“Synthesized Reality Productions” was Wolf Neve and neutrinoP with additional contributions by AkiGlancy
“VOCAMERICA” was all AkiGlancy

Everyone that has worked with Wolf Neve knows he is a verifiable asshole. He has admitted he only did the Vocaloid concert thing to increase his own profile and make a quick buck. Also confirming that Alfred was a creeper, they were both kinda creepy when it came to the cosplayers.

It may be pedantic to separate them, but they are 3 distinct entities. I just want to clear up some background, as I was involved with all 3 parties.

"Vocalekt Visions" was the brainchild of TempoP& neutrinoP. At the time Mikunopolis hadn't happened and it was their dream to bring Vocaloid concerts, even a fan concert, to the West. It disbanded when TempoP exited Vocaloid and relocated out of California to Texas and could no longer meet his convention obligations.

“Synthesized Reality Productions” was made to specifically fill the hole in the convention schedule "Vocalekt Visions" left. Wolf Neve was live programming staff and met Tempo/Neutrino through their con concert activities. When TempoP left he used his connections in the convention scene to get neutrinoP on board and he basically inherited all of "Vocalekt Visions" assets through neutrinoP. In this was SRP is a direct descendent of VV.

“VOCAMERICA” was created by AkiGlancy because she got in a clash of egos with Wolf Neve and thought she could do the DIY Vocaloid concert thing better herself. Wolf Neve was all about unpaid labor and I think he never gave Aki her cut for voicing the SRP mascot and the work she contributed toward the concert production and promotion. This led her to want to do things herself and it was a clean break, VOCAMERICA started from scratch and inherited none of SRP's assets. This led to the Kickstarter and thus The rest is history.

About the only thing the 3 had in common was contributions by Re:VB-P, the developer of "AniMiku" which was the renderer that powered much of the DIY concert footage. He also did a bunch of projection experiments and guided all 3 groups on their projection tech.

No. 112561

Fuck Wolf Neve is gross. Him and Alfred invited me up to his hotel at a convention and I didn't know their reputation at the time. I being the nieve dumb kid I was in 2012 took him up on the offer.

He offered me pizza that he said he was gonna bill to the convention, said he was keeping all his receipts so he could "expense it", talked about how such a great negotiator, how he got the convention to pay for all his stuff, he just couldn't fucking stop talking about himself, and he came off as a real fucking creeper.

I regret my IRL encounter with Wolf Neve to this day, 8 years later. I wish I still had my Skype logs of back in the day conversing with all these insider Vocaloid peeps. There was some real milk buried in there.

No. 112694

File: 1600376975010.png (92.31 KB, 592x381, potential milk.PNG)

>queerbag furry

Seems very milky to me.

No. 112949


Assholes blocking assholes.

On another topic, is there any milk on Creep anymore now that he left the Vocaloid community?

No. 113106

Doesn't seem so, he probably still is out there being horny on main despite 95% of his following being minors, overhyping his musical equivalent of keymashes and smoking weed
Typing it out makes it seem like certain "influencers", and honestly that's pretty much him

No. 113271

Nah, he's still making music and talking about how much he wants to eat the cum of a "dad bod" or what the fuck ever. The only kinda interesting stuff I found while scrolling was that he did a Twitch stream yesterday and that he still calls himself "Creep-P". You'd think he would've dropped the P after leaving the community but nope. Aside from that, nothing interesting.

No. 113768


Apparently he deleted his account? Did anyone catch that before it happened or did it happen after the lock.

No. 114159

File: 1601267643980.png (340.05 KB, 679x779, dollar signs.PNG)

old milk but this thread is anemic af anyways. went to his twitter to make sure i didn't hallucinate his $200 tuning lessons post and found stm worse instead

No. 114171

Tbh I don’t see what’s so unreasonable about the prices in the pic. Making a song is a pretty big undertaking and he’s decent at it. That said, if he really did ask $200 for tuning lessons then he’s seriously ripping off his fans—but tbh if you’re too dumb to look for all the free tutorials out there on yt & google then you kinda deserve to be scammed lol

No. 114185

anon, $400 for a song commission is chump change. this reeks of vendetta posting.

No. 114270

His tuning and instrumentals are mediocre at best, absolutely not worth $400 USD. Not to mention no one in the Vocaloid community has this type of money. Tough shit.

No. 114291

ok vendetta-chan. sorry you can't afford a custom song from this guy, but you should try journaling your anger instead of making us watch

No. 114296

didn't mean it to come off as vendettaposting, i was legit surprised by these prices, but at the same time i don't know shit abt what proper pricing is for custom made music. i also just assume everything kenji does is for the sake of coasting off his fame so i came in w that in mind. also, >>114270 isn't me, i was at work all afternoon

>if you're too dumb to look for all the free tutorials out there then you kinda deserve to be scammed
lmao honestly. it's exploitative but at the same time… come the fuck on. at least google this shit and look at some decently tuned vsqs before shilling out that kind of cash

No. 114496

not even that anon but you could not make it more obvious that you're one of nostraightanswer's chud buds. embarrassing behavior

No. 114508

File: 1601495167558.png (27.65 KB, 748x747, ohohohwhatdowehavehere.PNG)

me pointing out that 400$ is not an unreasonable price for an entire custom song means that I'm buddies with nostraightanswer…? ok

anyway what's going on with ghost's twitter? Did she get hacked or was she displaying such bad schizo behavior that twitter clocked her for a bot? kek

No. 114522

is it even possible to sperg out so hard that twitter logs you as a bot? if so then that's fuckin hilarious, gg shay

No. 114572

>is it even possible to sperg out so hard that twitter logs you as a bot?
From what I've seen, it usually happens when you block lots of people on a small period of time or like too many tweets in a row.

No. 114643

yeah that sounds about right for her. what is she even having a meltdown about this time? or is she tilting at windmills again lmao

No. 114688

File: 1601609108274.png (3.57 MB, 1450x2500, iceberg wip.png)

WIP, wanted to do this for the laffs. If anyone has any ideas for other stuff I can put in here, let me know

No. 114736

Probably might want to swap daina with dex

No. 114844


Is YOHIOloid's voice samples that bad?

No. 114848

Please stop shilling your shit on here and /jp/.

No. 114853

Supposedly, his voice samples weren't entirely done by Yohio and they had to bring someone else in to record a tonne of them on his behalf, because he was a shitty kid who couldn't focus long enough to do it himself.

No. 114856

I’m anon from >>112002. Sorry for not responding for a long time. I don’t come to lolcow that often.

Thanks for clearing up my misinformation. I apologize for my incorrect info and I appreciate the corrections. I actually had no idea that VOCAMERICA was a separate entity. (I got out of the mess before Aki was associated with SRP.) If VOCAMERICA lost access to SRP assets, that explains why their animations went so downhill. Each character does the exact same dance animation with no realistic timing/movement variations, making it look very robotic (even more so than those of Vocalekt Visions and SRP). It also explains why Aki doesn’t have access to Japanese Vocaloids, since Wolf was the one who exploited Tempo-P, then one of the high school cosplayers, then another one of the cosplayers when they graduated into college for Japanese translations.

You and I must have talked together on the Skype messages at one point. Do you remember the mess of a human being James (I think that was his name)? He was so incredibly creepy in both personality and looks and constantly made promises that he never kept to the point that everyone including even the other extreme cringe members got fed up. I feel gross thinking about him. I also remember Brian (?) who helped with show setup. I remember him talking about drugs around the still underage cosplayers…
Wolf also told me about the pizza after the convention. Good to know that he felt the need to get validation from multiple people and not just me.

No. 114883

I thought Aki knows Japanese or she's just pulling it out of her ass with weebspeak? I remember her friends going to her for jp original song lyrics for that sweet jp fandom validation kek

No. 114920

If that Yohioloid bit is true it makes SO much sense
It definitely explains why his "Japanese" voicebank literally sounds like his English but reworked, it literally sounds like they gave up recording it and instead they took samples of his English and said fuck it

No. 114921

Any confirmation on that? I never heard of this before

No. 114978


Most of this is old milk from a decade ago that is irrelevant now, what's the point lmao


I thought she used her fans for translation or something.

No. 114995

I went back to double check Aki's Japanese lyrics, and they're pretty consistent, so probably not outsourced. Her lyrics are more competent than the average weeb, but still obviously non-native to the point where a couple Japanese comments complained about them being nonsensical.

No. 115000

Did it for shits and giggles and the tisms mostly. Who knows, maybe it'll help spread the word about some of these things and take certain people down a peg. It's a thought at least

No. 115060


Candle Queen drama just proves the stupidity of the fandom rather than any mistakes its writers made. People will go call anything ableist and discriminatory these days. It's a nice song ruined by a bunch of retards.

Is the bottom picture Ruby saturated to oblivion? Can't tell lmao. What's with the Crusher and Calalini though? It's been like 11-12 years since that happened. She's got no milk now

No. 115079

didnt crusher rerelease the song for her album

No. 115099

I’m new to these cows so I appreciate it anon

No. 115219

File: 1602064790441.png (388.98 KB, 700x620, 1307452982007.png)


for you wannabee milkers, Calaloni was released back in 2010 where crusher wanted to raise awareness of the family and it did work. there was som merch and them donating money to the family to "help them" until in late 2010s the familys abuse came to light.

crusher then obviously split the connection to the family, but still released her old song in her album. It wondered me why shed bring it back, as now everyone will think shes profiting of abuse even tho thats not the case, just desperate farmers trying to get some milk out of this fandom.

y'all are retards and it shows, mostly cause none of you documented the MSyphn/XAmy/Kayn drama which was milky as fuck and aged like fine cheese if you know the whole context. VocalSynth is just a bunch of kids being stupid. Wish vocaloid never left japan, so i can rave off shitty shota parodies from giga-p

No. 115226


i could document it, only if it would get enough attention to get more milk on MSyphn and Mava

No. 115233

File: 1602073280572.png (6.44 KB, 152x226, image_2020-10-07_082256.png)

she's mega cute methinks

No. 115234


Don't tell me the people in the fandom still check this thread without bringing any milk.

No. 115236

File: 1602074172990.png (3.63 KB, 260x239, John_Homestuck^2.png)


she drinks whole milk so her bones are nice and strong if that's what you're asking

No. 115237


learn to sage retard

No. 115238

File: 1602074745880.png (20.52 KB, 179x182, Capture.PNG)



No. 115249

File: 1602082380577.jpg (387.68 KB, 680x680, Good to know im not the only d…)


can someone ban them already, getting this thread filled with random fans of the cows is annoying


wouldn't mind to actually list it up later once I got time. The western fandom as a whole was pretty bad at dealing with this shit

No. 115266

File: 1602102404512.jpg (591.25 KB, 1080x2400, wat.jpg)


No. 115267

File: 1602104005720.png (4.04 MB, 2900x2800, garbage.png)

samefag but heres the colored version

No. 115269

she's drawn a box art for avanna (and really shit at it), voiced a shit voicebank and ran a scam kickstarter but i guess girl really needs to feel relevant all the time with a new shitty OC

No. 115294

Poor Aki doesn’t have a shred of talent in her whole giant body. Shitty art, shitty voice, shitty cosplay, shitty management skills, and mediocre songwriting. I feel like someone should tell her to log off her accounts as an act of kindness. Her following is basically just people doing the equivalent of telling a toddler you think their play-doh creation is beautiful only over the internet and to a grown woman. They probably did it out of pity at first but now don’t know how to stop without crushing her ego, causing her to embarrass herself more and more. It’s kind of sad.

No. 115428

File: 1602242425811.jpg (135.14 KB, 720x689, 20201009_072102.jpg)

I am kinda new on writing on here, so please excuse any mistakes I made.
Also sorry if some stuff in here don't really belong on this site.

Does anyone know about the producer DASU/Dasucakies here and about her stuff?
Is she a milky cow?

And did anyone on here, read her Stellar Paradigm novel? Well the two chapters we got so far plus the prologue. ((I haven't checked tho if she uploaded another one.))
I have to say they are really… lacking.
Its probably a nice story at least what I understood or more got from her song series so far.
But I feel there is just stuff missing in the novel. I am a huge sucker for people going a bit more in depth about. For example like the scenery the characters move in.

And I was kinda disappointed after chapter 1.

Even if there are books I read that miss that I could still enjoy them but with hers.. it's a hit or miss I think.
Something just lacks.

Other than that I enjoy her work and gladly watch her grow unlike other producers…

On another sidenote;
Does anyone know more about the post I put alongside this? She suddenly posted it and well it's a nice message for her followers to watch out for themselves but it left me rather curious.

No. 115488

don't think she's a cow but her lyrics are cringe

No. 115504

The iceberg is more supposed to be like a comprehensive list of shit that's happened in the fandom, not trying to revive old milk. Figured Calalini was worth a mention since it was a whole thing once more info came out about the Shofields. So what's the deets on MSyphn?

No. 115506


homegirl can't design a character worth a shit lmao. she has no real creativity and all she can do is recycle the same basic concepts over and over


idk about you but i want her to keep embarrassing herself so i can see how far she can fall before the fandom at large realizes she's a fucking idiot

No. 115507


Nah Dasu's all right. Her lyrics are kind of cringey but overall she's got great skill in art, video and animation. Her melodies are kind of bland but her production is good.

What she said in that picture is true and apart from her cringe lyrics she's honestly one of the producers who's kept a clean good image in the fandom


That hurts my eyes, her art reeks of Tumblrina ugly

No. 115511

avanna's design has some appeal imo, at least when anyone other than Aki draws it.
this dude looks like shit tho. this color scheme makes me ill, it's like a printer that's out of yellow ink.

No. 115548

I don't think she's a real cow either, just extremely overdramatic and snappy/sensitive to criticism judging from how she interacts on SNS/her channel.

No. 115560

She seems very self-absorbed with how she inserts her sexy crown-wearing anime girl sona into literally everything, so I'm not surprised to hear that at all. Don't think there's been any real drama with her, though

No. 115594

File: 1602359468406.jpg (125.76 KB, 1435x690, Screenshot_20201010-214752_Twi…)

god do I hate westerners for being fucking retarded and hating on canon for being misinformed. Probably will end up posting about that MSyphn drama bc its half connected to Canon but westerners are fucking retarded.

No. 115704


Nah there's nothing milky about that. It's just talking about truths in the entertainment industry ig. Stellar Paradigm was all right, not the best thing I've read


Avanna's design is decent imo. It's just Aki's lack of shape in her art

On another note,
Is there any milk on PKAkatora? Didn't he get cancelled recently again by another wave?

No. 115710

he still obsessively namesearches himself with numerous alt accounts (coz ppl just block him). other than that not much.

as long as he has brain dead stans ready to defend him he'll just keep stealing and making money off people's stuff. used to be funny seeing assmad people about this but it's getting tiring at this point

can't beat him? join him i guess. like that guy who's stealing ust files and making $800 a month on Patreon

No. 116161

Dear god.
I really fucking hate it when people needlessly censor names and words like a typical snowflake.

No. 116182

I'm guessing it's censored to avoid being seen by canon's fans, unless I'm mistaken.

No. 116225

But "canon" is such a common word that there's no point to censoring it.

No. 116291

File: 1602860372789.png (433.77 KB, 1316x506, everyones a little bit retarde…)

No. 116303

It's really sad that this is pretty much the attitude of the devs and employees working on Vocaloid these days

No. 116371

anon did you make this or did you get it from somewhere because this is the kind of niche bitter vocaloid humor i need in my life

No. 116431

Did any of you guys get screenshots at the western sperg-out at ustu-p? As far as I know he was posting "cult" imagery, and he posted a picture of someone (him?) wearing a Buddhist manji and ton of westerner's flipped at him because the manji looks like a swastika?

No. 116436

Noooo not Utsu-p… why must the western fandom embarrass us all like this Jesus Christ. The “””swastika””” has a completely different meaning in Japan.

No. 116438

File: 1602951951200.jpeg (496.25 KB, 976x2503, 7C459A1B-3F67-41D1-BB87-8590D1…)

>“Ok now I understand it was my misunderstanding for being a stupid American but I STILL THINK HE SHOULD APOLOGIZE!!”
>“I know we all just ganged up on him to call him a racist bigot for no reason but telling us we’re too sensitive is really uncalled for.”
holy fuck

No. 116441

way publicly to show everyone you're a frothing retard westerner, holy shit

No. 116455

>"Why doesn't this smelly foreigner care about my delicate American feelings? Clearly we are the only culture that matters!"

No. 116465

I know it shouldn't surprise me anymore but it really pisses me off how little these weebs actually know about Japanese culture.

No. 116497

my friend made it and I asked them if I could upload

No. 116554

File: 1603062279912.png (126.21 KB, 1130x1076, voca.png)

Totally random post here, but I saw posts in the past bitching about Aki/Vocamerica, and I just thought I'd share this. This is part of a discord convo with PhilYamahaUK (a known vocaloid programmer who retired). Basically we got talking about dex and daina and how bad they were and he all but explained how vocamerica was a payment plan for them, and THATS where a good chunk of vocamerica money went to. I could go on about other bs vocamerica did and other dirt i know as a semi-dev myself, but I might save that for a future post. Also if you want proof of my dev-ing, I can show you the V4 Dev kit. Not the one that MAKES the voicebanks, but rather the testing one. I actually have vivi, who's shit lol.

No. 116555

Sorry, forgot to post Phil's twitter as well.
It's https://twitter.com/AWarmNukaCola if you wanna ask. He's pretty open about his vocaloid devving.

No. 116597

damn, not surprised. i heard that aki was in debt to yamaha over dex and daina so she used vocamerica as a way to cover the costs, but since there wasn't any sauce provided i couldn't take the claim 100% seriously

No. 116638

I do remember an anon saying something about that on a previous thread, guess they were right then. Not exactly surprised that's something Aki would do.

No. 116644

What a load of bullshit.

Phil of formerly Yamaha UK is an end processor of vocal samples. He edits them as to compress them for the final release he has worked on kaito v3 and some English vocaloids. If you claim that he is a developer/ programmer then you are dead wrong because the man has never touched the programming aspects. He has been let go because the Yamaha UK subsidiary for vocaloid is no more. This says to me, you are not a dev and you will never be a dev because you would be able to distinguish the role of a dev vs a sample editor instead of making this shit up.

No. 116646


I mean I have nothing really to prove to anyone, I just wanted to share what I was told.

No. 116647

Have any proof that it's bullshit? Please enlighten the thread, anon. Otherwise it'll just look like you're a rando who's talking out of their ass as well.

No. 116648

Adding to this, even if it happens to be true, that he's, in fact, not a VB dev, he'd still be a part of the staff, meaning there's still a solid possibility he'd know of the things that were going on internally, no? Proof that he's not would still be proof that he's been a staff member.

So, it's rather irrelevant, whether or not anon knows how to distinguish between a dev, and an end processor.

No. 116673

I have the proof right here.


No. 116675

Can we all agree that Vocaloid 5 is dead now that Crypton/ Internet Co and everyone that matters has left the chat?

No. 116689

i find it funny how some anons always try to derail the thread whenever anyone talks about aki & co. and their doings, it never lasts anything more than 3~4 posts before something of the sort happens.

No. 116693

when will her wks realize their utau wont be a vocaloid through her

No. 116697

wonder if akiglancy and/or her orbiters check up on this thread regularly, i wouldn't put it past them.

No. 116817

Why the fuck are American kids so self-centered to the point of forgetting that not everything in the world relates to current/past events in their culture?
Any chance you could upload Vivi? Even if she's absolute shit, it would be neat to see what kind of work had been done on her.

No. 116903

File: 1603271090123.png (625.99 KB, 1364x840, for context.png)

for context on what they're upset about, Utsu-P announced a live concert for his band and the gimmick is that all concert attendees are given robes and candles to "ward off covid 19". and right after, Utsu made a (now deleted) tweet where he said "i wanted to go with this sort of design, but it would be too expensive". most western fans only saw that one and didnt look for context, of course.

No. 116976

I mean, with the current times we live in with BLM and all that, I would understand how some rando in America can take it out of context immediately. I don’t really blame them for that.
I only blame people for then trying to keep cancelling him if once they get the context though.

No. 116977

Yeah, people can take things out of context and not be at fault for misunderstanding, but the issue starts when they begin throwing accusations without researching or even trying to understand the situation first. It’s the same exact issue with karakuri burst and the “swastikas” that aren’t actually swastikas at all.

No. 117039

I can because these dummies know these people aren’t American and still apply an American world view to them. Americans have such a hard time understanding that the world isn’t America and it’s extremely embarassing.

No. 117118

I might upload her eventually. Right now I’m trying to use her as a bargaining chip for another private vocaloid haha.

No. 117147

Stop picking on Aki, you're all just jealous because you were never picked to voice a vocaloid, okay?

No. 117148

Tfw Circus was next in line for this.

No. 117176

considering how the vocaloid we're ~so jealous about~ sounds like utter dog shit… nah, i think aki's just a bad person and her stupid mistakes make her an easy target

No. 117212

If that was the case everyone would be complaining on Twitter, not here… Being jealous of someone for voicing a vocaloid is way too childish

No. 117214

2/10 how many keychains did aki promise you for this post

>Being jealous of someone for voicing a vocaloid is way too childish
You'd be surprised with the UTAU community

No. 117215

I was the anon that said aki used the money from vocamerica to pay back on debts to release dex and daina. That's why the concerts are so crap and why the stretchgoal rewards never got delivered. This is the true reason behind vocamerica.

She also promised a bunch of people they would get vocaloids too if they collabed with her, including matt and akuo, which won't happen, last I checked.

No. 117216

do you have proof of any of this, like screencaps? if true, it's mega fucked

No. 117224

Too bad Luan (voiced by akuo) was dead on arrival.

No. 117239

Everyone that got paid off signed a NDA and I'm pretty sure they are watching this thread anyway.

You can verify with the guy who programmed ruby. Enough time has passed, he might be willing to talk.

No. 117257

she wasnt picked u fucking retard. shes nowhere near that talented to have zerog choose her. y do u think she collected all that debt and used vocamerica to pay it back. she scammed everyone. u r either that fucking braindead or too busy sucking her asshole to defend her.

No. 117364

Watch out! If you side with her too much she might eat you next.

No. 117396

I've been in the utau community for a while now and the only jealous people are childish teens who only dream of voicing a Vocaloid
UTAU is good enough by itself and you get to decide everything so whatever

No. 117606

File: 1603578280327.png (397.88 KB, 734x506, ugly buttplugs.png)

its like she wanted to remind us that she tried to sell these without permission from moomins creators

is she still selling them on her store/patreon or did she finally grow a braincell? still ugly as dog shit

No. 117656

Luan was in all honesty pretty damn awful. Glad he's dead.

Talking about garbage, I got reminded that Akuo took very "obscure songs" from Norse producers and just adapted lyrics and profited from those.

No. 117698

luan is an ungodly reminder of how english-speaking western fans are fucking selfish and disregard other westerners. when luan was revealed he got so much shit because he was voiced by akuo. people on vocaloidotaku didnt know why everyone from the spanish fandom hated luan and called them ungrateful because there werent many spanish vocaloids and their own needs were more important apparently

spanish fans made it clear what they wanted. giuseppe knew that and still gave castilian spanish through lucia and luan. luan being voiced by someone the spanish fans fucking hated was the shit that hit the fan. when people tried to explain to vo why luan was hated, they didnt want to listen and kept asking and kept saying spanish fans were shit ungrateful

for people who dont know why akuo is hated its because he is twofaced and talked so much shit about maika and her artist despite being "friends" with her because he was so jealous that his design didnt win the contest. thats why he keeps pushing his shit design in everyones faces. he also talks a lot of shit about the spanish community but english fans give him a pass because they cant fucking read and he fakes his personality with them to look sweet and innocent. he also shits on the mmd community and says that his boyfriends models are the best if i remember correctly

No. 117713

File: 1603603206284.png (299.75 KB, 467x438, leireh.PNG)

akuo could be a bigger cow than aki (metaphorically speaking) if not for the language barrier

>bf's models are the best

if he considers models with stolen parts from REM, TDA and YYB the best, sure

No. 117761

Oh we talking about Akuo? what a great time to remember when his Bf was caught stealing assets from other modelers and making profit from them via commissions and Akuo whiteknighted him badly. Aki also knew about the situation, yet, she didn't care and still worked with them for her concerts

No. 117805

So who's behind nobu nakamura?

No. 117831

Makku-san and a(n ex-)user previously known as Mora.

No. 117850

its because theyre her irl yaoi boiz

No. 117851

Ah, classic Giuseppe behavior, boomer in all of itself.

Akuo's Maika design was Ok, not horrible, but MEH, as he is himself.

Aki is the most relevant cow to the VOCALOID fandom because well the majority of the fandom is english-speaking. But you can get a lot more milk from Akuo.

No. 117856

Proof? Or are you in some kind of inner circle with them?

No. 117857

Aki paid Akuo and co out of the funds raised from vocamerica too. Stop supporting trash like this, people.

No. 117863

Does anyone still have the screenshots of when Rem called them out for it? Shortly after they "lost contact" with Aki for about 4~5 years.

Akuo also whores his shitty MAIKA OC (Leire)? into everything he collabs in, its really off putting.

No. 117866

Idk, i think you can still find posts regarding what heppened on dA, REM called him out, YYB did and other modelers who Akuo's bf stole assets from called him out.

No. 117867

Inner circle. I'm not going to post any screenshot as, if I did, my identity would be a bit obvious to them. But I can say that Mora used to sing for the female vocaloids and Makku for the male ones. They'd use a program that blends vocals, and then mix them.

No. 117870

iirc an anon posted something about this on the first thread links and all. if you wanna find something, chances are it's around there.

No. 117955

I fucking knew it. Thank you anon.

No. 118184

Anyone know the drama with Lollia and her lying about her boyfriend raping her?

No. 118251


Yeah. The way they handled it and their responses to the whole drama seemed decently mature tho. Still don’t know who to believe but it’s really not that milky.

No. 118317


Where did this happen?

No. 118344

File: 1603917524685.png (44.53 KB, 741x370, manchild.png)

or people hate them because theyre shitty banks

should never have left utau if theyre going to bitch about people rightfully hating their shitty vocaloids. people are paying for this. theyre allowed to hate it if they want

No. 118346

As always, KenjiB is blind and deaf to all constructive criticism.

No. 118349

What's funny is how much he paints himself as the victim. Boohoo, woe is me, I am getting attention (but not the kind I wanted).

sksksksk The worst thing for Dex and Daina's reputation is actually not even their vb but the fact they're associated with Kenji and Aki. Everytime I think about them, I see this hot mess of a person.

No. 118351

he lurks and witch hunts everyone on twitter dot com for every disagreement

i dont know how people can stand him or not see red flags. ive seen him shit on people for the littlest things and hes so manipulative its disgusting

No. 118353

wait til he finds out that theres even furries who hate them because theyre bad vocals kek

u can have furries with good vocals and furries with bad. theres lots of good furry utau with vocals dex and daina wish they had. those two are just bad. tough shit. he thinks because he and aki voiced them nobody is allowed to have an opinion on how shit they really are lol what a child

No. 118354


I read it in a comment on one of her videos and that’s apparently the reason she’s mass deleted her covers?

No. 118373

according to a friend of mine, dex and daina aren't even furry, they're kemonomimi, which is an almost universally hated concept by most furfags. so he's trying to hide behind a fandom that would most likely crucify him for saying these are furry characters lmao

of course, that doesn't actually matter, because he's just pulling new reasons out of his ass to deflect criticism of his objectively poor-quality vocaloid.

No. 118377

this is ironic since he originally pointed out theyre kemonomimi when they were revealed and got mad when people were calling them furries. so which is it kenji?

No. 118379

someone please let kenji know that furries are not an oppressed minority group… wanting to fuck dog people is looked down on because its fucking weird, it's not that deep.
People hate dex and daina because they sound like literal ass, not because they had animal ears.

No. 118380

haha holy shit kenji is literally Cope 101

No. 118381

It's true! My friend drew art of Dex as a full blow furry, and Kenji had a little meltdown on twitter about it, all pissed off that Dex was portrayed as a furry 'when he's not'.

No. 118410

dex, daina, and ruby should never have been made and producers or fans should never have gotten involved with creating vocaloids unless they actually know what theyre doing and can handle criticism. yukari and akari were made by producers and dont seem to have this problem but they dont sound nearly as shit as those 3

whats worse is that kenji seems to be the only one that does this constantly. i dont think aki does this much and misha and syo did at some point but its not as bad? u can expect them to react aggressively but when kenji does it its pathetic mainly because he acts like a victim and his background and history of being a manipulative and whiny desperate cunt from wanting to be liked. hes a grown ass man who should know not everyone will like him or his work and its childish of him to think the fandom owes him that

No. 118420

lmao Misha and Syo were just as bad as Kenji in that screenshot when Ruby was going through that shit with them and PowerFX.
Misha just hides her disdain behind passive aggressive positive comments now.

No. 118422


so he stalks and manipulates people into drawing free art of his vocaloid, utau, character or song but hates on people who draws assumed harmless furry fanart for free because its not what he wants lol

i dont get it. hes a 'furry' but doesnt like furries and didnt like them being called furries but now calls them furries while furries dont like kemonomimis. ok. sound logic.

this man is the embodiment of a trainwreck

thats the thing shes complains but at least its the same consistent bullshit that nobody really cares anymore. kenji just has a new meltdown every x amount of months and contradicts himself that its so pathetic its hilarious. he acts like everyone owes him respect when he acts like hes bullied

No. 118426

Good point, anon. I remember when he made that post that they are just kemonomimi. I also remember them taking off the ears on dex and daina in the final box art too so it's like dex and daina as furries? Stop deluding yourself.

May Kenji go down in history as king of changing the narrative to suit his own ego. So Dex's popularity never got to the level you wanted but damn, keep bitching so we can all have a laugh at your expense.

No. 118428

is kenji even a furry? i see his character drawn as kemonomimi. the only time ive seen him as anything else was in his original song but it was treated as more like a werewolf which i dont think counts as a furry

No. 118543

akuo IS a bigger cow than aki in the spanish speaking community. Everyone knows about his endeavors.

You englishfags have no idea. The spanish community is an endless stream of milk to the point I regret we didn't have anywhere like lolcow but in spanish so these people could be discussed properly, so most discussion didn't go beyond gossip in private groups. In fact I know lots of minor cows getting away with tons of shit thanks to the language barrier. It's quite tragic, actually.

Very good summary. God the burgers in this fandom are literal fucking cancer, I am so glad that pedohole vocaloidotaku is gone.

No. 118574

on vocaloidotaku englishfags had the audacity to blame spanish fans for being ungrateful and the reason why there would never be another spanish vocaloid. they really act like they were going to use spanish ones themselves when theyre not what those vocaloids are marketed to. iirc spanish fans were mad they got another castilian vocaloid when they wanted different accents and regional representations and giuseppe knew this. instead they were given more maika/clara clones with one of them voiced by one of the most hated people in the spanish fandom who also happens to be akis friend. doubt its a coincidence.

so much for that. akuo wanted clout that bad and luan died on sight as soon it was leaked akuo voiced him. good riddance. but fuck the englishfags for assuming shit about the spanish fandom. they know nothing about it and had no right to act entitled for vocaloids that werent made for them. people can have an opinion but this was more than that

namedropping one of them: laura megurine. i remember her being one of the ones blaming spanish fans on vocaloidotaku before it went down. acting sad and angry because there would be no more spanish vocaloids after akuo and giuseppes treatments even though akuo is scum and giuseppe was being an asshole because he couldnt take fair criticism in the comments

No. 118635

Did some drama happen in the vocaloid cover niche? Why do most uploaders suddenly have the habit to constantly take down VSQxs/vsqs shortly after sharing them?

No. 118650

i dont know about shortly but they take down their vsqx/vsqx/whatever likely because other people dont credit them for it especially if it was pretuned. so its shitty people ruining it for everyone as usual

No. 118684

No. 118761

Ghost announced taking a break from social media now.

No. 118794

tldw for those who don't wanna give this views:

"wah wahh people in this community are SO mean to me that my therapist says i have to quit going online for a VERY VERY long time sadface emoticon. I don't want anybody 2 make a big deal about this, please don't make a big deal about this guys, I'm leaving out details because I don't want people to start making theories, but i'm basically being CYBER harassed rly bad by mean evil people in the community who i will not name because again I definitely DO NOT want people to make a big deal out of this, even though this is really upsetting for me because im such a pure soul who wants to make sure everyone plays nicely with each other but I can't control all the cruel, cruel things people say to me online, again, please make sure you DO NOT make a big deal out of this. bye bye, maybe for YEARS….."

No. 118807

God this brings me back
>tfw naive smoothbrain self got talked into wasting 300€ for some underrated no longer active vocaloid in VO forums by some creeps because "piracy bad"

Whatever happened to Mae Blythe? That was one of the milkiest things from what I remember from all sides
>I am a true nihon professional unlike you baka gaijin, please, allow me to help you
>white witch proceeds to chew and blow genki japanese into shitty microphone
>westerners fight over who is more japanese and racism
good times kek

No. 118818

File: 1604246325969.png (35.59 KB, 554x491, ok.png)

I stumbled upon her again recently, she has an UTAU review blog that no one apparently reads

No. 118824

I am 99% certain she has been lurking in these threads because in one of the old threads I spotted that someone tried to bring up drama from over a decade ago that was one of mae’s old enemies who nobody would know nor remember nowadays. Since it looks like she is still actively posting about UTAU that practically ensures she posts here, I’d say.

Mae was the most batshit insane person this fandom ever had, I haven’t checked up on her in a very long time, it makes me kind of sad she is still posting about UTAU when it’s not only practically dead but nobody ever paid attention to her work when it was popular anyway.
She sounds super miserable, wow. This is sad.

No. 119296

File: 1604587293501.png (536.56 KB, 1280x492, 1441FF65-43AA-4F8B-9D4F-2B1583…)

Turns out Ponkansoup’s a plagiarist. Didn’t really believe it in the beginning but some are so fucking obvious. It’s ridiculous. I’m surprised no one mentioned it before, but the kind of idiots who listen to him don’t know any “artist” outside him, GHOST, and GHOST’s other eight hundred copycats.

“Leopard” is a rip-off of Bocca Della Verità by Hiiragi (complete with shitty bootleg art), “over x dosage” is copied from Villain by Teniwoha, “slow day” is near identical to windrag by that one Jack Stauber dude. Not that shocking considering Soup started out as another GHOST copycat, but Christ. You’d think he’d have stopped copying people somewhere along the line.

Since there’s multiple examples I’ll leave y’all to listen yourselves, if you can stand it. Pic’s an example of one song that copied both music and art.

No. 119306

There's definitely some incredibly lame lifting of theme, general sound, and art style, but from what I can tell the music is still technically original, it's just heavily "inspired". Still tacky as hell though.

No. 119313

For sure; copying the exact same instruments, art style, sound, and even VB in some cases is still shitty as fuck, though. Technically original, but still largely stolen. Least he could’ve done was mention who/what he was “inspired” by.

No. 119530

lool these are ridiculous levels of plagiarism

his last songs at least are better than the OG lame ghost copies

No. 119551

That's too bad, Now every time that he would upload a new song instead of appreciating his work all that I have in mind was to find the original that he plagiarized.
Have you checked his newly uploaded "autobiography"? If you set the youtube playback speed in to 1.5 it's kind of sounds similar to 初音ミク 孤独の宗教 - syudou.

No. 119576

Only because he's using plagiarism as a crutch to be "better".

No. 119582


also the video itself aesthetic wise looks like its "borrowing" from niru kajitsu's wozwald.

No. 119612

Whoah I didn't notice that. I remember how he mentioned something about he doesn't have a stable art style and it keeps changing every week. Now it makes me think that he's just tracing other people's art the whole time. Also it seems to me that he's plagiarizing music from every Japanese voca-producers that aren't well known from most of the English vocaloid community because he once mentioned that he doesn't want people to call him "sounds like Ghost" anymore. Or maybe he found plagiarizing from JP voca-producers as the fastest and easiest way to create a mass production of voca-songs in a short period of time without his followers noticing because they're ignorant about the existence of those JP voca-songs. Just a speculation.

No. 119619

GHOST just uploaded a new song thats an absolute mess. her fans still calling it a “bop” even though its literally just a discordant mess

No. 119641

The very first Russian phrase is so clunky, it's obvious she just used Google translate and went "yup, good enough". Immediately kills the whole "creepy" factor she was going for.

No. 119643

"я хочу ничего" sounds extremely unnatural. it should be either "я ничего не хочу" or "я не хочу ничего" (though the latter still sounds pretty strange as a single sentence).
she literally just translated the words with no regards to proper sentence structure.

No. 119655


Honestly good for her if she's really trying to be better, who even cares at this point, she's not really milky anymore.


Just gets worse. Google Translate language and bam bam random notes piano owo big boi vibes and whatever language the idiots use

No. 119682

>>119619 holy hell this sounds like SHIT.

No. 119684

Good on GHOST for stepping away from social media, and trying to improve themselves as a person. Their music, on the other hand, is somehow getting worse. This is literally just noise.

No. 119691


amazing that ghost JUST posted about needing to step away from social media then just hops back on to drop this mess , trying to excuse the shittiness as a "vent song".

No. 119791

I know it's not milk, but I don't care. Okame-P will die of pancreatic cancer soon at it sucks.

No. 119810

I know it’s an image board but please link to where you got that information.

No. 119812

that's truly sad to hear, I loved their work.

this song sort of captures my problem with ghost. it tries to be deep by throwing all this imagery in your face but none of it feels effectively conveyed.

No. 119827

vid description

i'm sad

No. 120023

now you got me in tears jfc

No. 120585


Soup is actually a woman as you can see on her Spectre video she's shipping her self-insert character with some Jojo anime character. Despite the misgendering it still wont excuse her plagiarism though.

No. 120645

she's a she-plagiarist then kek

honestly she could make good music if she develops into her own identity, you can hear evolution in her tracks

she's only 17 according to her twitter so yeah, kinda excuses the plagiarism for me

No. 120657

I wish she would just stop all this and do her own thing. Soup seems nice to me at least. I can see some talent in her like I do with a not so close mutual of mine who currently struggles in a similar fashion. I actually loved Honey Blue and Spectre or her artwork in general and was devastated to learn she still rides the plagiarizing train. Her story from 5 to nine (I think it was called?) Was also interesting to see and I really wanted to know more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 120779

Being 17 wont excuse someone from being a plagiarist, She will be 18 on 2021 & completely aware of what she was doing. Heck, 9-17 year olds are completely self-aware of not to copy/steal/plagiarize other people's work if they're taught well by their parents. She was earning money from those plagiarized music without any consequences. It's always easy to say on public that the money they earned would be donated on some charity to make a good image of their selves or to cover up what they did. But was the money would be legitimately donated?

I know this is a thread about GHOST being crap but at least when she was 17 she has some creativity to create her own music/art style & got a hundreds of copycat vocaproducers including Soup. I respect GHOST's ability to create a good melody back then but I don't support the things that she did & said outside her work. Though checking on GHOST's stuff now her music had really deteriorated.

No. 120879

ayrt, gonna sound like a whiteknight but i had never heard of her before lol

she's a teen and she's dumb, turning 18 won't suddenly make her mature, hell even at 20 you're a dumb fuck, i know i was at that age

what's that bit about kids being taught by their parents specifically not to make music sound like music they like lmao, you're really acting like she's an unredeemable pos

that's not really milky to me, we shouldn't focus on teenagers being dumb in the vocaloid/utau fandom since it's like 50% of the userbase, the other 50% being pedo 30+ year olds lol

No. 120916

speaking of pedo 30+ year olds does anyone else find it weird/disgusting how aki still calls herself mama/momma aki? i know she has older fans but isnt that kinda grooming underage fans by doing that too?

No. 120928

imo that's more of a general "fandom mom" thing. older women in fandoms love to act like because they're 32 and still writing fanfic that they're somehow an authority and all the teenage fangirls are their brood or some shit.

tho when aki does it it's definitely creepy, especially because she's done nothing to deserve being respected as an authority on anything. comes off more as a "look at me i'm older and wiser please validate me" thing than pedo-y

No. 120991

It's not about parents teaching their kids not to create a music that sounds similar to another or about mental maturity, Just used it as an example. It's about having a basic common sense that plagiarizing has some risk of some people would recognize the similarities from the original just like what happened right now. I'm sure not all teenagers are that dumb to blatantly copy someone else's work because even most kids or thieves their selves knows that stealing has a consequences.

But I agree with you Anon this has to stop now, A dumb teenage plagiarist's story was getting boring & shouldn't give her any more clout. I'm just thankful to the OP because they saved me from buying a bootleg song from bandcamp.

No. 121020

Plagiarism isn't milky? Lol ok anon…
I get she's young and a dumbass but it still doesn't make it okay.

No. 121064

That Anon could be just one of Soup's simp pretending not to know her so they can defend and divert the attention on something else. Notice how obvious it was trying to brush off the topic. lol

Soup seems to already know about her being a cow because on the description of her "Slow Day" video she finally added that "the music was heavily inspired by Windrag" and it wasn't there before. So that could explains it.

No. 121483

I mean, it's creepy as hell but it also isn't grooming.

No. 121644

… do you know what the word grooming means? I hope for your sake you are just some dumb underage b&.

No. 121828

was there any more milk about akuo other than what was already said here?

No. 121833

File: 1606021162107.jpg (67.09 KB, 391x411, knin1666566666.jpg)

>"Yeah uhh I'm leaving (sort of) the vocaloid community for the 110th time because like I can't stop breathing drama and bitching about people talking about me or my past works"
>why the western vocaloid community works
Should've done that earlier daughter.
Ngl I kinda like it, at least it sounds better than her previous noisy songs.

No. 121842

I miss the when vocaloid fanbase was centered more on the vocaloids themselves instead of attention whoring producers.

No. 121852

the fanbase still cares about the vocaloids, y'know. by that i mean only about miku and "underage" vocaloids being depicted in icky songs, or artists just using miku as a political mouthpiece.
remember when wowaka was cancelled beyond the damn grave back in may this year for two-faced lovers? yeah, that's the absolute state of the fanbase now.

No. 121854

i feel like the most active fanbase overall is really young and i don't want to deal with crazy teens

also it's discord-heavy, there's no board like there used to so everyone's shitposting in their servers

they still care about the vocaloids i think, i see comments from 2020 that look like they're from 2010, people still fighting over who's the best between miku and the kagamines, the thirsty gakupo fans and the special fans who only love CUL and chika

it's just that the community is young and server-based imo
………..and the software is dead so there's no big new gumi v5 with 40 appends to get excited about

No. 121858

File: 1606051918742.png (93.2 KB, 996x292, Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 13.2…)

No. 121859

File: 1606051970699.png (83.32 KB, 1004x296, Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 13.2…)

No. 121915

File: 1606073550081.png (19.89 KB, 512x140, wow.PNG)

holy fucking shit bro… i don't even know what to say.

I wonder if the thing about delusions is true or if this is just the only way he could think to cover his ass after making everyone worry for him.
I'm thinking maybe it was something like "i'm gonna kill myself but before i do I'll post something saying i'm going to die of cancer so i can see what people would say about me when i die" but then he pussied out about killing himself and realized he can't make music ever again unless he admits he didn't die (& therefore that his cancer was a lie).

I shed real tears over his fake announcement and I'm sure many others did too, people have even released entire tribute EPs to him. What a mess.

It's ironic that when the first anon posted about his initial message we all were like "well its not milk but we'll let it slide bc it's important" and then it actually wound up turning into real milk.

No. 122138

Why does Juby not know how to cut out her big hulking gasps of air she takes while singing. It’s so distracting. You’d think being one of the biggest western cover artist she could afford someone to go into sound software and cut out GASP GASP HHHHHH HHHHHHH

No. 122254

I get it with Over×Dosage and Slowday but somehiw can't find the similiarity with Leopard

No. 122300

Leopard >>> Bocca della Verità / Hiiragi Kirai feat. flower
Almost the same character pose and both are about hating someone.

Speak on the Inside >>> [Yuzuki Yukari] DEAD HAND [Ferry]

Dance of Endeavors >>> [初音ミク] 死生活 [syudou]

Honey Blue >>> 宴 / 初音ミク

Spectre >>> ageha / 初音ミク
With [Ferry] Hack Writer aesthetic.

Over x Dosage >>> [初音ミク]フラミンゴ [syudou]<{Only the opening part combined with} ヴィラン / flower・てにをは [villain/ flower・teniwoha]

Price of Hate >>> Bitter Choco Decoration [syudou]
It's like a slowed down version change the YT playback speed to 1.5. At the end of the video both has a scene where the main character looks back scared then a shot of a creepy looking character smiling in the dark.

Autobiography >>> [初音ミク] 孤独の宗教 [syudou]
Another slowed down again change the playback speed to 1.5 with a ヲズワルド Wozwald tittle screen smoking aesthetic.

Limits {No longer public but someone re-uploaded it} >>> The Distortionist [GHOST]
Same character pose later being covered with blood and has an identical beat.

No. 122458

If it's alright anon I also want to add about the "Speak on the Inside/[Yuzuki Yukari] DEAD HAND [Ferry]" The style was "GHOSTie-fied" made to sound creepy, almost the same color scheme, MC was drawn like a "sketch" art style and slowed down need to change the playback speed to 1.2. "Dance of Endeavors/[初音ミク] 死生活 [syudou]" Same has a mention of drinking/alcohol and both of the MC was having a self-issues/social problems with a scene where they're being stared by the girl they like[?]. Also about the Price of hate and Autobiography playback speed it should only be 1.2 not 1.5.

No. 122535

I'm not even mad tbh, thank god he is alright.

He has been diagnosed as bipolar for years now, made a whole personal goodbye song (despite most of his songs being about departure) and also tried to hurry up his album release with KarenT to the 25th. I think it being delusions makes sense. He also started tweeting about pains and cancer and even changing his medication for a while, that was not something sudden.

No. 122794

look at this and then compare it to what ghost keeps threatening to leave the internet over and you'll get whiplash

No. 124449

Out of curiosity are there any more plagiarist vocaproducer that people has been discovered other than Ponkansoup or it's just only her so far?

No. 124462

Was he born in raised in Japan or was he someone who moved there? I get he’s written Japanese songs, but his Japanese tweets are extremely smoothly translated to English through Twitter and machine translators - something that isn’t ordinarily achieved with native Japanese tweets.

No. 124471

I'm not sure if I can upload her, but I could certainly render something with her if anyone wanted.

No. 124531

I was going to ask if there were any vocal synth communities left to hang out in but the only sane places left seem to be here and the /jp/ thread and I don’t like the thought of chatting to zealous teenagers.

It really feels like this is the eve of Vocaloid. I can’t help but think Yamaha critically failed to push Vocaloid as the professional piece of software they envisioned it to be: they coasted far too long on the mascot gimmick, saturating the market with anime characters and alienating their potential professional market with the idol/otaku culture. V5 and their YouTube tutorials with that literal who seem to be their attempt to change but I think by now it’s far too late. I think they should’ve tried harder to market the software to music producers outside of doujin circles.

It’s all so tiresome. The only silver lining I see to this is that the fanbase is shrinking, hopefully it goes back to that fandom sweet spot where they aren’t large enough to attract normies and phone zombies and all the idiots that were once there get tired of the thing and leave.

I love Okame-P’s music but that’s fucking shameful. I’m sorry for his situation and think he needs help but this is not the way to go, Okame.

No. 124540

Is there any significant reason this song's lyrics aren't English like most of GHOST's songs anyway? It's like they thought "language most my fans don't understand = more style"

No. 124543

because russian is ~edgy~

it's kind of weird. i think a big reason vocaloid did so well in places like japan is BECAUSE of the cute anime marketing angle - and i don't think it would have been successful if it didn't have some kind of mass crowd appeal in addition to being attractive to professionals and users.
i also think it's the same reason it never took off in the west, because the only people into it in the west are weebs, and legit music producers see that and are put off by it. imo yamaha tried too late to really make it "professional software" (i.e. the VY series, ZOLA, cyva etc.) and by then vocaloid kind of already had a reputation for being weird niche anime music.

the question now is whether software like Cevio and SynthV are able to carry the torch. if we're talking purely about the quality and usability of the software alone, it was only a matter of time before Vocaloid got outpaced by a competitor, but vocaloid as a "genre" is also the only reason anybody cares about them.

No. 124569

I think synthv can do it. Cevio sounds like ass though and they really only have IA. Plus her latest english banks sound like a fucking muppet run through a robot voice morpher, super unpleasant.

No. 124607

I didn’t include this originally because the post was getting long but basically, yeah. They had a guaranteed level of success within Japan but then chose to rest on their laurels with that instead of potentially turning Vocaloid into a staple tool for music producers worldwide. Many Japanese producers who use Vocaloid eventually moved away from it because they wanted their music to be appreciated as a product of their talent, not because it had Miku’s face on it. I’d ask Yamaha “why is it that people eventually stop using Vocaloid and go back to using real human vocals, if Vocaloid was once meant to compete as a replacement for requiring a real singer?”
I don’t think Miku needs to become a real idol or anything like that, it’s just that Yamaha had a real opportunity to carve out a new market to dominate like the LogicPro of voice synths but they chose to sit there for nearly two decades churning out singing anime characters that rapidly lose their shelf life if they aren’t Miku or Gumi. People already use VOICEROID to narrate videos, they could revive themselves in the Vtuber circle but they aren’t. And you’d think, in the past 14 years, international musicians would realise they could use it without the character part like that Paprika movie but I can name the times they have on one hand - nobody worth their talent actually wants to use this thing.

I was pretty pissed the other day when I found out Kanru Hua’s site to host moresampler was gone. It was a university domain so I guess it might have been deleted since he graduated or because part of that research went into SynthV. I really wish I backed it up because the documentation was really interesting and now all that’s left of moresampler are copies being passed around and an incomplete list of flags for one version of it (I think moresampler got as far as version 8.x if that means anything to anyone). It’s vaporware now.

No. 124649

No offense anon but have you paid attention to any news regarding vocaloid within this year? Crypton seperated from Yamaha (who are the ones who wanted those professional normalfag customers) and is now working on their own Piapro-based engine that can be updated much more easily and frequently with patches. They just released first copies of MikuNT(NewType) at Magical Mirai. The new app game they started has been in the top 3 of japan's google play for weeks now, they started crowsfunds for Kaito/Meiko figures that reached their goal within recordtime, they started a crowdfund for Mikuexpo that reached their goal within a few hours and filled up the remaing goals so fast they had to add new goals, who filled up just as fast to the point they now struggle to come up with new goals because there are too many people willing to give them their money. They had a bunch of Miku and Meiko appearances on japanese mainstream media, had miku as a spokesperson for covid protection and were scheduled to play on coachella this year. Nevermind a lot of older japanese producers either had their comeback this year after years of abscence or went into overdrive with the amount of songs they produced and bathed in views. New songs are still produced daily. Yes, "vocaloid culture" has changed a bit and it's harder to discover new producers and songs now thanks to youtube but I don't know what it will take for people to stop with the "vocaloid is dying" bullshit.

No. 124650

NTA but that's kind of the issue. Crypton might be doing great, but look at Vocaloid as a whole. There's been barely any V5 releases (issues like covid etc. withstanding) and Yamaha seems to not give a shit about their product anymore, hence Crypton jumping ship to make their own damn engine so they don't have to rely on Vocaloid software anymore.

And again, a lot of this is happening overseas in Japan. In Japan Vocaloid has a mainstream presence, but in the west, even still, it's being covered as a novelty despite it being around for over a decade. Whatever Yamaha/Crypton/whoever had to do to get their foot in the mainstream door in the west, it's too late. Vocaloid does have a dedicated fanbase in the west, but it's very niche, and that's the catch.

To be perfectly clear, I don't believe Vocaloid is dying either. It's just different now, for better or for worse. I'm glad that there's still new developments and an active community, but Miku was the core of Vocaloid software, and with Crypton no longer in the picture I'm really unsure how long "Vocaloid" will be "Vocaloid" if you know what I mean.
I don't think the culture is going anywhere, but Yamaha won't be number one much longer unless they pull some really impressive shit out of their ass.

No. 124715

File: 1607399723792.jpg (24.29 KB, 404x404, オカメP.jpg)

he's japanese. he's just legitimately mentally ill or something.

No. 124726

kind of hot tbh if it werent for the crazy. i like his bone structure

No. 124871

seems like multiple calloutposts were made in the past few days, and the community itself seems very dissatisfied with the current state of the fandom. I genuinly hope all the normies in the community gonna leave so the dweebs can reign again

No. 124881

Suzumu, maybe? That's the only producer that comes to mind.

No. 125206

What happened to the vocaotaku fourm? Did that get shutdown

No. 125262

thats been shut down for years especially after azureflux fucked up

No. 125275

I haven't been on there for years. What happened?

No. 125278

Elaborate on this?

No. 125286

It's been talked about in the older threads, but he nuked everything because he got called out for trying to sell an unlicensed voicebank for his OC and never paying the devs he hired for it.
He just recently tried to reenter the fandom and immediately pissed everyone off by releasing everything on Vocallective for free lmao. A bunch of artists accused him of hoarding all the sales money over the years.

No. 125309

Yikes. Western producers were a mistake

No. 125336

On that note I guess kaimiku is considered problematic now? I know kaito doesn't have a canon age but he's commonly depicted as an adult.

That's really funny considering kaimiku was one of the most popular ships back in the day. Oh how the tables have turned kek.

Also lol at negitoro being cancelled now as if magnet isn't one of the most iconic vocaloid songs ever. I thought everyone hc'ed Luka as a lesbian so who does she get shipped with now? I haven't seen anything gakuluka related in years so that ship is probably dead.

No. 125445

File: 1607733857448.png (1.94 MB, 818x819, Daisy 2.0.PNG)

Ashnikko the rapper released Daisy 2.0 feat Hatsune Miku and it's so poorly tuned. Also lol at miku mentioning her pussy in the song.

No. 125453

not to be all "uwu vocaloid music should only be pure and cute" but when western producers make this cardi b-tier type thot music it just feels like they're trying too hard like "ooo look at me i made miku say PUSSY"

No. 125455

Western vocaloid producers were a mistake

No. 125456

i know a lot of people who like ashnikko's music was waiting for her to do this. yet, it was disappointing, lyrics kinda bad aside cuz lol i made miku say pussy! miku had the "i have gummi bears in my mouth" singing voice that her v2 had in early 2010s when ppl would make her sing english songs.

No. 125460


It was so disappointing, tuning aside, I'm not even sure Miku was even in key?

No. 125463

who even tuned her for this song? or did they get some rando to do it

No. 125503

I don't think the producer has been posted anywhere yet but it 100% sounds like a non-Vocaloid producer who just touched the software for the first time.
The irony of this happening right after anons complain about the lack of Western professional producers lol

No. 125519

File: 1607759764219.jpg (151.45 KB, 1080x1350, @ashnikko on Instagram_ “she’s…)

>makes a career out of poorly cosplaying miku
>can't even use her properly

No. 125522

I love Ashnikko but this ain't it

No. 125550

the art is obnoxious too. more how to draw manga-tier shit that makes both characters look like blow up dolls. who would like this unironically?

No. 125566

File: 1607777060933.png (243.19 KB, 448x373, 1502234039281.png)

I've been a fan of vocaloid since 2010 and recently have been really wanting to get back into the fandom but does anyone else find it hard to do so? I feel like things are too different now and the fans are really hostile for no reason. All the places I used to hang out at are dead so I tried to join a few discords. The discords were mostly filled with mentally ill underages and they were really toxic. Amino apps was a nicer environment but again it was mostly really young kids. Out of all the places I've lurked twitter seems to be the most tolerable but even then I've seen pretty questionable content. Is there a chill place where older vocaloid fans can hang out? If not I think I'll just resort to making a twitter account.

No. 125591

>Also lol at miku mentioning her pussy in the song.
When does she do that? Her lyrics seem pretty basic.

No. 125592

As with most everything nowadays, I've found the best way to enjoy something is to carve out a niche with a few friends. I gave up trying to be part of a fandom a really long time ago. Especially with something like Vocaloid, in my experience you get dumb stan culture teenagers just about everywhere, it's kind of unavoidable.

No. 125614

The fandom as a whole is cringe everywhere you go. You’re better off doing what
said and finding a couple cool people to chat with. I was surprised how many terfy vocaloid fans are out there & I made some friends that way. I mainly hang out on tumblr ever since I deleted my twitter. I find the cringe is similar on both websites but it’s more inescapable on Twitter, on tumblr you can better curate the content you want to see.

No. 125619

This. If you really want to enjoy yourself then the best route is discussing Vocaloid only among a few good friends. The fandom is full of people who will ostracize you the moment you disagree on something. And even the adults join in on the stan culture shit.

No. 125623

I second tumblr. There's definitely some dumb crazy bullshit there, but it's easier to control how much of it you see (and some may say it's gotten better since all the REALLY insane people jumped ship to twitter). I might be biased though because I'd rather take a bullet to the head than make a twitter account

No. 125624

Not that anon, and I don't mean to derail, but do you have any good Tumblr accounts you can recommend to follow? If you can't talk about it here, we can move the discussion over to the Vocaloid thread on /m/, people have expressed similar sentiments about the fandom on there and I'm sure they'd appreciate it (unless you guys are all the same people lmao).
I'd also like to know where you met TERFy Vocaloid fans, I'm guessing they'd have to be oldfags like us because the newer generation is all up trans people's asses.

No. 125625

I haven't used tumblr in years and just assumed it was dead since the pornban. I don't really have irl friends to talk to vocaloid about so I guess I'll check tumblr. This might be a dumb question but how does one start interacting with people on tumblr lol? I mostly lurked and reblogged shit.

No. 125686

Mostly I follow art blogs or blogs that aggregate good content and find new people that way. At the risk of sounding cringe the askblog community is a good way to find chill people too, even if it's not as active as it was back in the day. Find people with good taste and decent art and make your own little cool kids club lmao

Well it IS more dead but that's arguably a good thing, the crazies went to Twitter instead.

No. 125713


Ashnikko's music is just zero harmonic melodic shit that's all "lick my pussy suck my stinky toes" retardedness.

Watch the next wave of english vocaloid become her edgy cringe trash shit and whatever small remnants of decency in the western vocaloid community be destroyed.

No. 125716

So how do we feel about KIRA being selected for Miku Expo 2021's theme song?
I've thought for a while that he has the most promise out of just about any western producer nowadays; he's got skills, that's hard to deny. It's a shame he tends to waste it on Ariana Grande knockoff "i'm the baddest bitch at skool" tier shit, but who knows, he's still fairly young (if him being only like 19 is true) and still has potential to improve and evolve. If this song is any indication it at least shows he knows how to write something other than "i'm so awesome and sexy and cool" tween anthems.

I think if he manages to separate himself from his current fanbase of twitter stan dipshits, he could easily become actually successful. imo he deserves it more than Crusher or Circus now, that's for sure.

No. 125744

Sorry if this sounds autistic but how do you start interacting with them lmao

No. 125764


Kira's a pretty good producer in audio production skill and effects, his melodies and style is a bit bland and typical lame pop sometimes but overall for age and such they're decent. He doesn't seem to have any drama or engage with all the twittertards so he has potential, agree

No. 125783

Lurk, reblog shit and follow people you like, if you're mutuals with someone then send em a DM or something. Most people are pretty receptive to an ask or message telling them you enjoy their content

No. 125817

VocaTone revealed having something in the works and tons of twitterfags are trying to cancel each other over Ausgris's pronouns (yet again).

No. 125818

Was he announced to be non-binary or something? Idgi

No. 125820

he was originally a male vb and then some tumblrfag involved in production got her greasy hands on it and made him nonbinary because yes

No. 125821

Kira is good but man do I hate the way he tunes Miku English. I dislike Miku English to begin with but his tuning only makes her sound more annoying to me, idk.

No. 125832

it's that vocal fry popstar voice effect. for clearer native english vbs it works but miku's pronunciation is so muddy it doesn't do her any favors

No. 125864

File: 1607896514247.gif (1.99 MB, 480x190, giphy-min.gif)

>someone in the yt comment section said spice sounds like it's from the 90s
I'm going to off myself

No. 125873

I’m really gonna hate having to use they/them pronouns for this fucking voice bank with all my genderist friends. Kill me now.

No. 125887


They're fine, as long as you don't have twittertards shoving it down your throat


She's mega cow cringe honestly

No. 125972

Sadly the twitter vocaloid scene is total cancer. Best to stay in small groups yeah, but I imagine it's hard to meet people if you look like an outsider? If you make covers/draw, it might be easier. Godspeed tumblr anons, I hope it's better there.

jesus would it have been so hard to get someone proper in to tune her

No. 126080

The western vocaloid scene is overrun with newfags that blew in on the miku meme train and reject the very foundation of vocaloid which is them being customizable singers for creators to use as they want. You can make miku into a fat black trans muslim, but god forbid you decide to make her an adult in a relationship with luka for a song or youre a dirty pedo. Disregarding that miku, rin, and len all have sex songs in official media, and len and rin have an incest song in two different games. It's not them who are wrong, it's crypton and everyone who joined before them obviously.

The western twitter and tumblr scene and overrun with these types. I don't know how you can find someone with any sense amongst the garbage.

No. 126801

>I can’t help but think Yamaha critically failed to push Vocaloid as the professional piece of software they envisioned it to be: they coasted far too long on the mascot gimmick, saturating the market with anime characters and alienating their potential professional market with the idol/otaku culture.

Lmao im replying super late to this but you're so on point anon, I've been saying this since 2012 at least when the whole idol/mascot shit got out of hand and every new vocaloid tried really hard to be the next miku and it was a complete cringefest. Honestly can't say I feel bad, in fact I'm glad their pandering has cost them most of their marketshare but everyone was too invested in the next new singing waifu. Like literally every company that came in and bought the license to make a vocaloid would pander to the literal teenagers that were pirating the sowftware instead to professional musicians that could actually buy their voicebanks… How did anyone behind an actual company who had to invest money to get shit running could think that was a reasonable idea? Not talking about crypton who already had miku and all the popular characters but about all the small companies that started popping up after them. This whole community has always been swamped by brainlets like nowhere else I've ever seen.

No. 126803

>I'd also like to know where you met TERFy Vocaloid fans, I'm guessing they'd have to be oldfags like us because the newer generation is all up trans people's asses.

There are 2 in total anon: you and me kek

No, but for real. Even my oldfag acquatainces who got in this fandom at the same time all grew up to be either troons, wokies, furries, or the 3 of them at the same time. I wish oldfags were sane at least, but all the people I used to know involved in this fandom who are still somehow involved and are now adults really give off strong groomer/pedo vibes nowadays from their bios and profiles. I think most normal people simply moved on when the hype around old iconic songs who attracted the good artists in the first place died.

To be frank there are a few small facebook groups I happened to stumble across and I check from time to time because they are harmless and comfy but they mostly share fanart and memes more than for people to interact.

No. 126861

Not gonna lie, sounds like you oldfags missed the fiasco where Yamaha tried to convert Vocaloid into "professional" software and ironically received more sales from weebs than professionals. The idea of voice synths being more successful without characters is pretty firmly in the "not happening" bin at this point. Also weebs will witch-hunt you for having Pocaloid and at least half of the pro music people I know pirate the fuck out of everything lol

No. 127165

When would one be considered a newfag?

No. 127169

I'm sure there are some sane oldfags out there. Lately I've been seeing a lot of people saying they miss vocaloid and wish there was a way to get back into it. I joined a few discords and yeah it was mostly underages or troons. But there were still a few normal people. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a renaissance in the fandom within the next couple of years.

In my opinion anywhere between 2007-2011 is oldfag, 2012-2014 is in the middle, and anywhere beyond 2015 is strictly newfag. You can also tell who is a newfag based off their favorite song and vocaloid. If their favorite song is ghost rule they're 100% a newfag. If their favorite vocaloid is vflower or fukase they're a zoomer kid.

No. 127189

File: 1608469195525.jpeg (154.59 KB, 713x673, 84A3C9E1-0A4C-49D6-9F06-F0FB70…)

Reminds me of this old Tumblr meme. How can you put ECHO next to Black Rock Shooter like they're anywhere near the same league? Plus they left out Melt so you can really tell they're a Western newfag.

No. 127192

get your head out of Ryo’s ass, dude. the meme is just calling them both edgy.
> Plus they left out Melt so you can really tell they're a Western newfag.
they included suki daisuki and you think they’re a newfag? you’re trying too hard here

No. 127193

The point is that these are supposedly Vocaloid classics, yet ECHO and Drop Pop Candy are from completely different eras to the rest. It's incongruent, that's all.

No. 127290

ECHO is a classic, though. It's like the only western voca song to reach widespread success in the JP fandom and has been used in japanese live concerts and shit. It's one of the most viewed vocaloid songs on youtube. I know it might feel "new" to oldfags, but the song is actually over 6 years old now. Drop Pop Candy is actually the same age. They're definitely classics regardless of whether or not you personally like them.

I mostly agree with your classification scheme but I would argue that newfag has to be post-2017. At first that seems like it can't be right but when you think about it, it's almost 2021, and imo anyone who has been into vocaloid for over 4 years can't be considered a newfag.
I've been shocked how young some new vocaloid fans are when they say shit like "been listening to vocaloid since my older sibling played it for me as a toddler" and i'm like thats impossible—waaiiit you're 14… and I'm old.

No. 127377

they're all "iconic" songs in some way or another but i definitely wouldn't put something like ECHO and magnet in the same category. they're absolutely from different eras in Vocaloid's history. that 2010 shit hit different i dunno

No. 127603

File: 1608620858453.jpg (629.15 KB, 1080x1524, -mybclm.jpg)


Spanish speaking anons, what's the deal with this?

No. 127732

File: 1608666546323.png (15.52 KB, 301x87, Screenshot_2020-12-22-13-46-34…)

What do you anons think about Circus' new song? His music is ok imo but i haven't listened to it yet

No. 127743

Honestly all of Circus's music sounds pretty same-y so I couldn't care less lmao.

No. 127760

I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s noticed zoomers in the voca community lacking critical thought, what’s with that? I saw a post with a thousand likes shitting on Adolescence and everyone in the comments were acting like the song itself was a war crime. I hope that shit attitude dies soon.

No. 127767


I've noticed that too. We got the people with Fukase pfps screaming about how overrated the crypton vocaloids are but failing to realize that fukase is on the road to being as overrated as them

No. 127822

(i'm not into vocaloid but since nobody is telling you what is going on) Alex is a venezuelan men (and know edgelord) that will stop working in some project because he can't get money of them , that and seen his profile he try to call out another composer

No. 127956

Isn't it more of a "since I won't be able to make money out of my old works/projects anymore, they will be deleted and reprints are strictly forbidden" kind of thing?

No. 128000

yes, but if you go and see his profile he is playing the victim and trying to call out an argentinian women, also why deleted all his work? is stupid unless he is trying to make his fans sent him money

No. 128011

The music video came out and it looks like shit too.

No. 128106

File: 1608803332403.jpeg (164.6 KB, 750x1189, 36A98122-6274-4DD0-8511-9F24F3…)

>i-it's meant to look shitty you guys don't worry about it!!!
ashnikko and ashnikko stans confirmed braindead

No. 128162

File: 1608834094597.png (Spoiler Image, 380.24 KB, 417x448, awful physics.PNG)

I don't care if was meant to be shitty, there are so many things wrong with Miku in this segment.

No. 128165

Did they make this in something other than MMD? That would explain the lack of physics on Miku's skirt and the horrible post processing.
Also I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to port that model into other programs, stay classy assnikko

No. 128228

Does anyone know what Miku model they used? I don't see credit to the modeller anywhere in the description

No. 128268

File: 1608881200320.png (349.12 KB, 660x1197, tsumidango.png)

The model in the MV is definitely Tsumidango's Miku v4x. They just removed the "01" tattoo on her cheek, didn't put credit, and called it a day.

No. 128424

dae find it fucking hilarious that vocatone's big announcement is to ask for money to "developee a synth engine" in C++ when C++ is outdated asf? I was lowkey expecting Chii & Nat to post a demo of their new engine or something of substance instead of nothing. Just another day in the western fandom I guess.

No. 128428

they think they can be the next synthv if they collect donations from the fandom but don't know anything about coding

No. 128468

File: 1608930163638.jpg (178.06 KB, 1229x2048, 20201226_100107.jpg)

imagine actually dropping money for this Tumblr OC

No. 128469

File: 1608930270405.jpg (154.01 KB, 1130x2048, 20201226_100106.jpg)

samefag for the other pic

No. 128481

I dunno how she did it but the artist managed to make the chick's design into a boring clusterfuck. Why the ram horn headphones, the poncho, the robot limbs? It's just a big pile of beige and purple with no coherency or purpose. At least Augris has those little pops of white to break up the palette.

No. 128482

i hate his stupid smug expression, it makes me want to punch my monitor

No. 128483

I dislike Crossfrown in general so maybe I’m biased, why would you have her do the art for this when there’s tons of capable artists who can actually design out there? These are so muddy and poorly done.

No. 128490

She's probably buddies with the people in Vocatone and that's why she was brought on to do the illustrations instead of selecting someone based off of actual talent, like how Aki was picked to do Avanna's box art.

No. 128510

these voicebanks vocatone are "working on" have been around since V3 and I've heard their unfinished demo banks before. Are they seriously making them on their own custom engine or pulling a fast one on the fandom for donations?

No. 128575

File: 1608981082768.jpeg (135.65 KB, 1400x1900, 43538C6A-7A28-4A4B-B717-A9DE38…)

Here's an old Aurum design pic that Crossfrown put up in a Twitter reply, dunno why she couldn't have just stuck with this instead of piling on random shit and calling it a day. Also >tfw her art has actually gotten worse over the years

No. 128652



western vocaloids like dex daina and ruby really feel like the people who made them dont give a shit about the engine and only give a shit about putting themselves in it

No. 128696

File: 1609037676835.png (Spoiler Image, 792.53 KB, 583x830, tweet.PNG)

learn to screenshot newfag

Crossfrown had that typical dA weeaboo anime art back then but at least it wasn't obnoxious ugly tumblr art like now

No. 128738

>don't make me use my VOCALOID voice
looks like something you'd find in forever 21.

No. 128759

They are so fucking stupid it hurts. Why is the western vocaloid scene so completely incapable of being functional? The only “western” thing that has gone well in the last few years is SynthV and that’s probably because the creator is chinese

No. 128874

>east good west bad

No. 128879

>implying the eastern fandom doesn't have its own fuckups

No. 128934

I’m sorry, but you have to be being deliberately obtuse to try and insist that the difference in quality level between the eastern fandom/companies and western fandom/companies isn’t enormous. Sure, there’s fuckups in both groups, there are thousands of losers on the JP side as well, but the difference is the west basically ONLY has fuckups.

We have, what, Kira and maybe circus? And that’s literally it for producers.

As for companies we have synthV but it’s basically Chinese, need I remind anybody that when Eleanor was first released for pay the only way to purchase her was through a Chinese website with no translation and a payment system unfamiliar to anyone outside of China or HK? And that 90% of its voicebanks are chinese?
Other than that we have a bunch of incompetent companies that thought working with Aki Glancy was a stellar idea and who churn out sub-par voicebanks recorded over SKYPE. And now vocatone, the geniuses, are opening a kickstarter for an engine no one needs, wants, or asked for, developed in an outdated programming language, without even giving adequate information or previews and instead just retweeting a bunch of art of their cancelled non-binary voice bank whose voice provider is the fucking head of the company. Please open your fucking eyes, man

No. 128969

File: 1609166482041.png (62.11 KB, 587x187, n.png)

friendly reminder circus doesn't know how to mix and doesn't care that he's just using maximizer 3 times on his projects. Sorry to break it for you, the eastern fandom has way more passionate hobby musicians, at least those who are on top. If you are talking about eastern fuck ups, whys noone talking that Giga-P is a shotacon or Okame-P faked having cancer? Well latter was a topic here, but if you ever think western vocaloid producers are less fucked than japanese ones, then your ears are broken and I'd recommend getting new ones

No. 129026

If you listen to any of his songs you can immediately tell that he has no idea how to make music. Ear hurting songs.

No. 129101

I think that’s a bit of a stretch. He’s clearly decently competent, even if the stuff he puts out is boring as hell.

No. 129212

I'll never understand why western vocaloid-P's are incapable of improvement or even just being good. there are jp producers who will debut with such distinct and polished work, but every westerner will debut with some generic unmixed GHOST-copy with unintelligible flower engrish. surely jp newbies can't be the only ones with an ear for music, but the western side keeps turning up with nothing. doesnt help that none of them actually know how to play an instrument and just churn out a half baked fl studio loop.

circus-P's vaguely improved at first, but he's just stagnated since he took on the name circus-P. if it wasnt for him being one of the few people that can tune jp english vocaloids to sound understandable I wouldn't even acknowledge his work.
plus every artist he brings on to make videos for his music is worse than the last.

No. 129638

File: 1609408649230.png (282.62 KB, 546x432, 1478924040644.png)

Lately I've been seeing a lot of comments from people saying they got back into vocaloid after a long hiatus. Is a comeback happening for the fandom?

No. 129749

Let's hope so. Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to imagine them getting immediately scared off again by the mess the majority of the Western fandom has become.

No. 129753

You're right anon, you should show him and the rest of the western side how to mix properly.

No. 130099

Thanks for calling out this fucking PUA edgelord anons. Pan con chocolate is fucking cancer and if he deleted it I'd celebrate. I honestly don't get how his cringy salsa songs sung by vocaloids with bad tunning can be this popular.

probably that's exactly what he's trying to do
>waa waa im a poor venezuelan send gibs
venezuela is in a shit situation undoubtely but he definitely isn't a good composer or musician, and his song was featured in a miku concert just because he's well known and he should be grateful he's managed to go this far with his lack of skill. The idea he tries to start shit with any other composer hints of narcissism (like 90% of the scrotes in the spanish fandom are)

No. 130147

File: 1609642389702.jpg (19.76 KB, 300x469, venezuelan-president-hugo-chav…)

Learn how to spanish and then you can like, theorize about what Alex is saying?

Basically says he is under a hurry and some things related to his project that made him earn money from it aren't happening. Probably issues with YouTube/Ad revenue or even PayPal.

How can someone who literally won a Mikuexpo contest doesn't earn money? He got a stunning PV.

>he definitely isn't a good composer or musician

OK gringo. Not because he doesn't do your_average_denpa.mp3 means he doesn't nail his genre.

Y'all suck. Eat shit and die.

No. 130149

Spanish is my first language dumbass, just because I only highlighted a part of his tweets doesn't mean I didn't understand the rest.

No. 130151

File: 1609643243947.jpg (22.05 KB, 460x288, hugoChavez_1469285c.jpg)


Ok, so you understand the Venezuela's embargo from USA, right? So you also understand that not being able to take money from their accounts is like a lifechanger for any independent artist?


So please fuck off and stop spreading bullshit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 130194

iirc mikuexpo grand prize is just some 100k jpy voucher you can use to buy Crypton/sonicwire products plus some weeb merch aside from getting your song featured in the concert so yeah that's not edible.

Also I roughly recall Alex winning some Vocaloid song contest years ago but he couldn't claim his physical prizes of more Vocaloids because >Valenzuela

No. 130207

>y’all suck, eat shit and die

LMFAO is this Alex himself??

No. 130213

Afaik it has never been possible to monetize YouTube from venezuela tho? but ppl find middlemen and workarounds. And PayPal venezuela has always sucked, they closed my account for no reason in like 2014 and kept the money.
What does the embargo have to do with anything tho? Unless you have ties with maduro's government they don't mess with your shit, a shit ton of Venezuelans including myself get paid and pay almost everything through zelle and the US doesn't give a shit?
If the US sanctions are targeting your money is because you probably fucking deserve it and I hope it gets so much worse for you lol.
Also reporting you for avatarfagging y por violinúo.

No. 130265

No, there's royalties that Crypton pays to the MikuExpo Winners for presenting their song in the concert, apart from the voucher from SonicWire to adquire the products from Piapro.

Also your recall, is kinda correct but he was offered some compensation and he wasn't the only one affected by it.

I doubt it anon, I doubt that Alex would even see it

Amigue, relajese.

No. 130266

File: 1609691699359.png (363.29 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20210103-153250.png)

I can't begin to tell you how sick I am of Twitter minors.

No. 130269

File: 1609693128667.jpg (52.66 KB, 567x562, DvscgumWoAED0k9.jpg large.jpg)

>not realizing in 2021 that crypton characters doesn't have canon ages and they are fictional.

No. 130274

>Oh no, a vaguely adult looking cartoon character in love with another vaguely adult looking cartoon character! We must stop the rampant pedophilia in the shipping community!
At this point it must be the autism that makes them treat fictional characters as real people.

No. 130299

I’m going to cut my fingers off and eat them why do we have to have this discourse four times a year the retardation levels are so high its destroying my cells through the screen

No. 130360

seriously what kind of vocaloid songs do these people listen to? being upset over their flexabile ages/roles makes a huge chunk of songs with mature themes too "problematic" for them.

No. 130361

I was wondering when I would see discourse on this. Usually they tend to ignore it in favor of screeching over Miku/Kaito because at least Miku/Luka is gay. That's probably why it's gotten a pass for so long.

I find it endlessly funny that the only time these people give a shit about "canon" is in the one case where there's literally no canon (unless you count those little bios Crypton made forever ago, but who really gives a shit about those?)

No. 130367

The twitter post makes it seem the forbidden love depicted in the song is over their ages and not that the fact that they're women. Nowhere in Magnet are their ages mentioned. I don't know why it's hard for some people to understand that Vocaloids are basically instruments/tools/performers/whatever to help bring songs to life. Miku and Luka don't have to be 16 and 20 in this particular song. Hell, they don't even HAVE to be Miku or Luka if you don't want them to. No one would have a problem with a lot of these songs if illustrators used original characters (and it makes sense that they didn't in early songs especially, fans would recognize the characters and click the video). Sorry for my rant but it annoys me that the vocaloid fanbase seems to be filled with people just looking for trouble. They're just fucking synthesizers with names and faces.

No. 130417

That's even funnier considering Kaito has never had an age in his bio, so he could be Miku's age if anyone wanted. But no, since the fandom has agreed upon him being an adult it must be law now. It's ironic how some of them give a pass to Luka but not him.

No. 130425

I think that's also the reason why they haven't given Miku an Anime. Crypton has always let the fans do whatever they want with their characters.

No. 130446

The whole VocaTone situation reeks of a scam. There's no demos out and there's not even a functional VB for demoing with. So many red flags really makes me wonder, especially when they claim Ausgris was just a development name for these two new voices. Then they ask for donations to put out a demo, which is just hella fishy.

Side note, but: Who genuinely thinks C++ is "outdated"? That's not even a valid argument; SynthV is written in C++ with a bunch of UI Kit extensions. C, maybe, might be considered outdated, but C++? Head of the coding world.

No. 130519

Does Crossfrown even have an online presence anymore? I haven't seen her in years aside from the occasional blurb of art I've seen posted here.

No. 130537

File: 1609857371557.png (129.33 KB, 589x281, crossy.PNG)

No. 130546

Nah, anything Miku/Luka has been dealing with this shit for a long time too, I actually hadn’t heard of people going after Miku/Kaito at all until now. The tag used to be spammed with obnoxious children screeching over pedophilia.

No. 130547


Didn't they put back the kickstarter so they can put a demo out first?

No. 130600

I fucking hate zoomers so much

No. 130606

I think I know why people say vocaloid these days is dead. And I think kagepro has a lot to do with it.

Before kagepro a lot of the vocaloid songs featured the actual vocaloids in it. If you wanted a song about Miku falling in love it was there, if you wanted a song with Miku in feudal Japan it was there, if you wanted a song where Miku is slutty it was there. It's also why back then they'd say a song was by Miku instead of the producer who made it. After kagepro exploded in popularity it inspired songs with OCs in it instead of the actual vocaloid singing. They were now telling a story instead of being in the story. In that regard the fandom died as songs with the vocaloids in it weren't popular anymore. But instead people were following the producers.

It's sort of a double edged sword as vocaloid was originally intended to be nothing more than a voice synthesizer. However if it wasn't for people treating the voice banks like characters I don't think vocaloid would've ever exploded in popularity like it did back in the day. I also think that's why it's hard for new producers to get hits these days as people aren't really looking for a new Miku song anymore.

No. 130627

I disagree. Shifting the focus from the anime mascots to the people who actually write and compose the songs is a good thing, not a bad thing, even if it did make people lose interest (which I don't believe). I think it's more that people are growing out of /getting tired of vocaloid naturally. It's been around for over a decade now. But there are new generations getting into it these days for better or worse.

No. 130645

I never said it was a bad thing. That's for you to decide.

No. 130653

>Shifting the focus from the anime mascots to the people who actually write and compose the songs is a good thing
Not the person you're replying to but nah. Yeah the producers deserve to get credit but the anime mascots is what made vocaloid soulful. Also the attention whoring producers (mostly western ones) associated with the community these days are absolute cancer.

No. 130660

It's hard to say it's 100% good or bad, tbh. The reason Vocaloid has crowd appeal (i.e., interesting for audiences) is because of the mascots. I don't think the subculture would have taken off if there was no way for it to connect with listeners. Having a face to connect to the voice is a huge deal, and it helped people get past the weird roboticness a bit.

Of course, for producers who are trying to get recognized for their musical talent, it can kind of suck ass to be overshadowed by the fake anime girl you bought to sing in your songs. Overall I'm happy that people are starting to recognize producers nowadays, because that's what really fucking matters.
It's been mentioned in this thread before I think but what probably fucked over Vocaloid's appeal to professionals is that it's too attached to the anime-avatar thing, which just isn't something that's going to charm western musicians. It worked wonders in Japan, sure, but that kind of thing is still seen as weird in places like the USA.

So it's hard to say, Vocaloid literally wouldn't BE what it is if Crypton hadn't come up with Miku and spearheaded the avatar concept, but likewise the very same idea hampers Vocaloid's ability to get widespread support by anyone outside of Japan in the professional sense.

No. 130664

I mean this is what people have been saying for a long time now. You have to remember that it’s not just songs or producers alone, interest was made in iconic pvs, art and cosplay and the cycle of that being made and having to do with vocaloids directly dies when it branches off into generic worthless light novel shilling.

No. 130666

I think it just didn't come out at the right time to have appeal to the west, anime has grown a lot in popularity these past ten years, twitch and gaming went even more mainstream, vtubers started in 2020 and they're already popular among weirder people who are not weebs, we have several cases of brands creating cartoon mascots. Like that league of legends character with a twitter profile. Hell, we have Grimes dating Elon Musk and Musk posting about cat girls on twitter. The generation of weebs from back then grew up and branched out.

It wasn't appealing to the west back then, sure, but I think that now it could definitely be.

No. 130674

I’ve been thinking the same for a long time, anon. kagepro really did feel like the beginning of the end. As for if it brought more harm than good, I’m not sure. I think we have around the same amount of good songs, but now PVs are usually shit and more sanitized. Everything feels less indie. Good and bad, I guess. Tohma had heavy OC use before he ghosted, and I don’t think there was a lot of the same attitude surrounding his work as there was say, honeyworks or kagepro- so there’s that to consider too though.

No. 130880

kaye pro wasn’t the start of this but it definitely made it explode in popularity like no other song series

No. 131164

I don’t have any hardcore analysis but my 2c to throw into this but for me, personally, kagepro was when I started falling off the bandwagon. I knew they were Vocaloid songs but yes, what put me off the whole saga as well as the TV anime was that they were some random producer’s OCs that I didn’t care about. Vocaloid characters themselves are a bit like actors playing roles to me, like in your examples it’s enjoyable watching Miku in all these different stories. But insert some random nobody character in there and you’ve lost my interest. Also Kagepro came out when I was beginning to get sick of all the J-rock, it’s almost bland. I don’t really care about being an ‘oldfag’ missing out on whatever is coming out these days, it all sounds like generic J-rock made by depressed Japanese people singing out their vague suicidal tendencies. I loved shit like Nekobolo but all of that all the time is just boring and exhausting.

I generally agree with this but they really should’ve seen what was ahead by flooding their small market with a ton of releases. Do we really need more sharp toned youth female voices? Why should I use Unity-chan over Rana, Rin, Una, or Mirai?
Is pandering to otaku with only so much money more profitable for Yamaha making their software a household name? I just wanted the best for them like any other fan but now I’m just baffled at what they’re doing with V5.

No. 131181

File: 1610144853213.png (52.32 KB, 589x256, image_2021-01-08_182656.png)

Oh boy…

No. 131183

File: 1610144926884.png (49.11 KB, 582x262, image_2021-01-08_182838.png)

https: //twitter.com/AkiGlancy/status/1347653627788357633

No. 131184

>someone is threatening to cook the cow

No. 131193

I wonder if this is about the 28k kek

No. 131257

shit, i hope this doesn't mean someone is trying to be le epic troll guy by harassing aki. you don't do that because usually all that'll happen is the cow will either dfe or shut down for a while, and then no one gets new content

No. 131382

File: 1610209482923.png (16.77 KB, 342x182, image_2021-01-09_122414.png)

oh lord

No. 131485

holy fucking christ she is retarded lmfaoooo

No. 131522

I agree with the shit J-Rock, anon. It’s repetitive and it feels like they’re trying and failing to copy deco27. (Who hasn’t been pumping out the best work recently either) Kairiki Bear has even fallen into this shit recently. Thank god Pinocchio-P and Hitoshizuku are still around. If only the west gave a shit about Ankoku DouwaP and Taku.K. It looks bleak, and with youtube putting the axe to subtitle submissions it’s not easy to be optimistic for the western future of the community. Besides the whole. Kids thinking Magnet is predatory or whatever thing. The kids aren’t helping.

No. 131572

especially with subs being smited there's barely any chance for new/unknown producers to hit the west part of the fandom

No. 131666

>Ankoku DouwaP
For a second, I thought you were talking about Dobuno Awa.

No. 132042

So, does anyone know what's happening with VocaDB now?
I keep seeing people mentioning that a) it's gonna shutdown soon b) some weird vague drama between the admins

No. 132302

Why is there always drama between moderators on a vocaloid website?

No. 132366

NOO I will be so fucking upset if they shut it down, especially if it’s because of retarded infighting amongst the mods. I will seriously be fuming mad. That website is the best resource we have right now to get accurate information about vocaloid songs and is a great way to find new music. I will lose my mind if these faggots nuke it over discord drama or something

No. 132447

Should we start pooling funds to buy the domain?

No. 133063

File: 1610928000744.jpg (189.33 KB, 758x2048, pedotora.jpg)

canceling someone over liking cartoons is retarded but tora is an equally dumb autist for even bringing up the age of consent over a fictional character

No. 133128

Twittertards are so fucking out of touch with reality. Pretty lame to post TORA arguing with this literal who though, especially since not much came out of it.
Behold, GHOST'S new song, though I'm using that term liberally. Dont forget to check the comments by actual 12 year olds, they're even worse this time.

No. 133165

I wish GHOST would make decent music for once. Her edgy psychotic angel aesthetic is absolutely wasted on this indiscriminate noise.

No. 133422

They've released two new songs, apparently. 'PIERRE JANET'S CRIMINAL DEFENSE' is unfortunate in the sense that it had the potential to sound decent, but it's so noisy that it's almost painful.

No. 133725

Ghost seems to be a big fan of Nero's Day At Disneyland, so nothing is going to stop her from making shitty inspired breakcore earrape music. What she fails to realize is Lauren Bousfield's music sounds good because she has a grasp on music theory and uses it to her advantage most of the time, unlike Ghost.

No. 133761

Tora is a dumb piece of shit tho

But this ain't it. I hate this with a passion

No. 133857

they probably only listen to ghost, kira, and mitchie m

i fucking hate antis so much

literally why is every 14-16 year old an anti? why are the vast majority of fandom people nowadays antis? where the fuck did this all come from? this wasn't even that much of a deal back in lke 2016-2017.

i just wish normalfags would fuck off and leave us all alone. go back to liking marvel movies and quit trying to be weird

No. 133890

they're such a cancer in the community
nowadays it's harder for content to actually be seen unless it's a vflower growl compilation or a stan twitter meme

No. 134144

I really enjoyed this one. As >>133725 said, the Bousfield influence is obvious, down to the modified waltz time and key modulation after an atonal break. But unlike anon, I think this is a pretty decent Nero's Day at Disneyland bootleg. I do agree that >>133422 just didn't work, though.

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