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File: 1583717260601.jpg (98.09 KB, 700x990, unnamed.jpg)

No. 942916

This thread (originally dedicated to Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro) features the assorted cows in the larger SoundClout universe. The SoundClout umbrella encompasses rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, models.


>Layla Shapiro/Too Poor - Instafamous pseudogoth and “model” who had a very public and very toxic relationship with both Lil Peep and Tyler Grosso. Currently dating Nolan Santana/Killstation, a friend of Peep. Makes money from customised merch, sporadic “DJ” bookings and attempting to embark on a cheap SoundClout musical career of her own. Currently on the wagon and advocating sobriety. Toned down the oversharing and self-destructive, cringy behavior after Peep’s death and being mocked by strangers and her peers yet still refuses to finally graduate from her bullshit and make the most of her following.

>Tyler Grosso/Pepper Ann – SoundClout’s very own Pillsbury Doughboy felon and the least self-aware person in the world. Peddles shit designs that are unoriginal at best and stolen at worst via his clothing brand Superrradical. Regularly scams both his own fans along Peep’s fans and family out of money. Has no personality of his own and embarrassingly clings to rappers and tweets/tags them to suggest relevancy. Has no filter and overshares every mood swing, resulting in either relentless whining about not having any friends/girls to bang and delusions of grandeur. Abuses drugs and purportedly lost a kidney as a result of his lean habit. Appears to have instated an annual suicide bait-fest wherein he gives away all his material possessions (including hideous overpriced designer nonsense) for free. Inadvertently caused the death of his dog by not taking him to the vet. Crashed three Porsches and is now on probation. Strong contender for SoundCow of the year with his glorified drug habit and lack of impulse control.

>Kevin Pouya/Pouya - Rapper associated with Peep, disgusting misogynist with several rape accusations under his belt. Along with Fat Nick has made several groupie gang bang videos, the surfacing of which lends further credibility to the rape accusations. Currently very mad and defensive about it and very maturely tells his haters to “suck his dick” and flexes with his opulent lifestyle. Virtue-signals by dating cancer victim youngbabycoco while looking like a starving hobo next to her.

>Courtney Neville/Coco/youngbabycoco - Kevin’s girlfriend/enabler. Instathot with what is possibly the most horrendous make-up application in history and self-proclaimed ~angel~. Suffering from soft tissue cancer yet still finds the energy to accuse her boyfriend’s rape victims of lying. Becoming less angelic and more desperate by the day, defends her rapist boyfriend and relentlessly attempts to stick it to the “liars”. Screeches about FAAAAAX, slander and lawyers in a gloriously unhinged manner that can only be rivalled by Onision.

>Nicholas Minucci/Fat Nick – Grossly obese rapper associated with Peep and Pouya who also has several rape accusations under his belt. Rode Peep’s dead dick for clout. Is currently paying a cross-eyed stripper who looks like 6ix9ine in drag (Cam Anderson/luvmecamille) to be his girlfriend proxy. She calls him “big stink” (barf) and probably only tolerates him because he pays for her wigs.

>Cassidy Hill/Cass/hotelshrimp - Layla’s ex BFF turned skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating Layla’s ex boyfriend Corey 2 weeks after Peep’s passing. Known for her atrocious anatomically impossible shoops and make-up that is almost as bad as Courtney’s. Currently trying to stay sober and become a wholesome qween role model after celebrating and oversharing her coke addiction and raging dumpster fire lifestyle.

>Paris Vazquez/prodbyparis - Vacuous Bud Light shotgunning dudebro fuckboi who produced the imaginatively titled album ‘One Night In Paris’ in 2 days. Snapped up by a record label to profit off Peep’s posthumous popularity. Subtweets and deletes shit about other artists. Slowly fading into irrelevancy. Aubrie Elle/sp00kybabyyy’s poisonous on/off flavour of choice.

>Arzaylea Rodriguez/Arz/Arse - Dated Peep for a hot minute, was his most recent ex at the time of his passing. One of the many scumbags that has attempted to ride his dick for clout, most notably via an unauthorised pop-up and GoFundMe campaign which she alleged was for Peep’s family (all proceeds of which are MIA). Has terrible lip fillers and writes the worst poetry known to mankind.

>Marilyn Rondon/sheyatted/intellectualchica - Peep-obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age hippy nonsense and despite her self-proclaimed intellectual status has a very poor grasp on spelling and grammar. Has a proliferation of Peep-inspired memorial face tatts and refers to him as her “twin flame” despite spending limited time together/their relationship being platonic. Has pitched a tent in the comments section of all SoundClout social media posts. Is in her 30s and way too old for this nonsense.

>Annie - 18 year old girlfriend to Diego - Lil Xan. Faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage. Insists it's true but the ultrasound pic she posted was stolen from Google images.


>Netflix released a documentary about Lil Peep's music, life and death which (of course) allowed many of the usual characters to milk what clout they could get from making an appearance










Fat Nick:












All lolcow rules apply. Read them and follow them: https://lolcow.farm/rules

Furthermore, the following topics are frowned upon and may lead to a ban:

-Peep psychoanalysis and the dissection of his “romantic” relationships. Only discuss current milk relating to Peep’s ghost. Peepettes can either integrate or fuck off

-Discussion of musical merits

No. 942967

Just wanted to say that this is an excellent OP, possibly too good for any of the involved parties.

No. 943221

good OP anon!
I missed these threads

No. 943432

File: 1583820528569.png (2.28 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200309-225202.png)

Grosso being gross

No. 943697

You dont know shit about Pouyas relationship.

No. 943716

Fuck off whiteknight, there’s literally no one in this thread discussing that rapist right now anyways.

No. 944105

When’s his next suicide-baiting sale? Out of all of these people I think he’s the least redeemable, most shamelessly clout-hungry. Also prob has a hand in Post Malone’s current weird psychosis…or will claim to.

No. 944208

Did that one girl who accused Tracy of raping her ever post proof? I read the last thread and didn't ever see that she did.

No. 945237

okay i just watched the documentary and i have some hot takes. Every time they play one of his songs they turn the volume down when he's talking about sex, maybe because his family was involved in the doc, idk but it's particularly funny on beamer boy. They continue the narrative that Emma was the love of his life, tp gets a few scenes that basically sum up to "people used him. he could've stopped doing drugs if he wanted because sometimes he stopped for a week. when he went hard he went to hard and thats why he died" she does raise the point of why didn't anyone check on him in like the 4 hours he was dead which is, pretty fair. Mackned goes off abt being a victim and how it's not his fault peep died cause it looked like he was asleep. nothing new really.

No. 948355

They also downplay GothBoiClique's role in Peep's career so hard. Wicca Phase is not even mentioned once, Lil Tracy is barely there; except those two (Wicca is a veteran of the scene, and Tracy's dad is a hip hop star in his own right) were instrumental in forming Peep's sound and getting him to blow up.

No. 948429

I miss when this thread was active. Was one of the funniest on this board. This whole Soundcloud aesthetic is dead now, and Tyler Grosso stopped gaining weight :(

No. 948430

Ofc dumb bitch coco is back with pouya according to insta

No. 948501

File: 1584879216311.jpeg (227.85 KB, 677x1614, 262B4808-C28F-40F0-B1D0-6048F5…)

They interviewed all of gbc iirc, even going to see wicca in bumfuck where he lives but they all got cut, really weird since they went through the trouble.
Peep being a giant wicca Stan is very funny to me.

No. 948557

a lot of his music was plenty the same before he collabed with them though? he just dropped all of his other creative influences for the most part once he got with them, it seems. i think the documentary had a lot of input from First Access and their associates, who had/have been blaming GBC or whatever. plus, the whole mackned thing with the roxies (not the xanax) really was determined to be sketch, and fishnarc really did say some weird shit, so. they cut out coldhart too iirc? they obviously kept in mackned's paranoid interview to keep the blame off of first access and cut everyone else because they really didn't give a shit. first access and mackned probably share culpability. either way, either jenny or first access wanted them out for reasons.

No. 948754

i kind of was into wicca not being in it to some extent because he's the only one from that whole squad that i really respect, but i imagine like, personal bias aside it probably would've been much more honest to hear from everyone. can't imagine what the motive for cutting all of their interviews was.

No. 949456

wow yeah that was rough, the only reason I knew about peep at all was thru wicca. can’t believe how much he’s been nearly milked dry already in a little over two years after his passing

he’s getting this little cobain status treatment though from all the dubious angles/sources. What a mess.

No. 956779

File: 1586528138268.jpeg (252.32 KB, 1440x1794, EUJWXo-X0AAJmxI.jpeg)

no milk but fuckkk can this chick match her extensions to her hair/blend them better, it really looks like shit
can't believe she's back with rapist too btw
also wish this thread was more active

No. 957085

File: 1586595633009.jpeg (634.91 KB, 1300x1804, 50AB1852-69AA-4674-88EC-7DC5B8…)

no milk either but i wonder til when she’s gonna keep trying to make coco pose happen. like how narcissistic do you have to be to claim a pose every other girly toddler has made since the age of corny old-timey photo studios? is that what it’s like to lack enough personal redeeming qualities

I feel sorry for these kids whose parents did em dirty like this

No. 957967

HAHA my thoughts exactly, only recently caught up with these threads and could not believe she wasnt joking about literally trademarking that stupid fucking pose. plus threatening a c&d to some insta girl who did it.
selfies, fake eyelashes and a sexual abuser/low-brow rapper bf, what a great claim to fame!

No. 959765

File: 1587023312897.jpeg (326.74 KB, 750x1203, 2DF5C7A8-C44E-4913-B835-5E7C25…)

followed and egirl and this was her bf (now ex lol) he’s a SoundClout boy and poser and creepy

No. 960002

the amount of skinwalking people do in this community is so creepy… they literally cosplay him

No. 964849

File: 1587773855397.png (6.05 MB, 1125x2436, 004F5C3A-817A-4005-9EF0-505013…)

Cass and horsehead broke up so she’s been on a like 3 day bender now and started an onlyfans

No. 964851

A lot of these kids were like high/middle schoolers when peep was around I can’t really fault them for skin walking because when you’re like 14-17 that’s just how you are

No. 966574

The man is 23

No. 966593

Soundclout are posers and creepy

No. 967902

Spotted Hotel Shrimp in this cringe video, not sure when it was made or what it’s for:

No. 968686

File: 1588562813325.jpeg (301.94 KB, 1463x1835, 5B767A33-40FC-494F-BC6B-1B3B91…)

No. 968690

this guy is pathetic, peep died years ago and hes out here pretending to be him. half of his posts are directly about peep or are tagged #lilpeep. how the fuck do people become like this?

its not normal at any age. kids might be inspired by celebs but skinwalking is very abnormal.

No. 969636

File: 1588725856276.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, D3479BE2-56D2-4128-B31F-3AE9E1…)

No way in hell she isn’t on coke again with these pupils

No. 969637

I truly don’t understand her current “image”. She looks bloated and dirty and she her style is complete shit unless she’s skinwalking.

No. 969647

imo she has objectively cute features (plump lips, small nose, nice eyes etc) but she manages to fuck it up and look so greasy and messy all the time i dont understand. she doesn't suit this dirty edgy egirl look at all

No. 969678

Girls like this make me wonder what is going to happen to this generation after this sounclout trend is over in 5 years. This is the first time in recent history being “thick” instead of skinny is considered attractive. Instead of being paranoid about gaining weight like their mothers and grandmothers all these girls are told constantly they have the perfect body so they lead the worst lifestyle ever, doing drugs, sitting on their ass all day, eating junk food for Instagram pics ect with no care as to the fact the one day their metabolism will slow down. All of them are gonna get brunt so hard by this destructive lifestyle

No. 970224

why is coco involved with these people? shes a wine mom. she literally drinks red wine all day and looks 35. she doesnt seem to care about the scene or music at all, she was doing the macarena as one of pouyas shows looking like an out of place parent that was dragged there by her kid. is it just her obnoxiously giant tits?
she uploaded this 32 minute makeup tutorial. its really funny.
>the boyz are watching shark tank u no

No. 970388

I’ve always gotten the impression she wants to be a “video baddie” but is too ugly/stupid for anything bigger than SoundCloud.

No. 970511

No. 970858

File: 1588950059464.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 33F9F305-33E7-4EBA-A588-43193B…)

Yeah Layla, you’re really not 21. You’re now about 30 and can still only post hideously filtered pics of yourself. This weird veiling around her actual age because she refuses to actually act like an adult (a common theme with this thread’s subject) is so uncomfortable.

No. 970883

Thick has been a pretty consistent beauty standard in black and Latino communities because that's just how women are built for the most part. Chances are these girls aren't looking for brown/black boys so once the trend does blow over it will be sad to see.

No. 970997

Same, not just the body issues but the drug use and awful tattoos too…that goes for everyone, not just the girls. Peep was the only notable member of this scene and the hype over him/his death has certainly calmed in the last year. I don’t think anyone will remember who any of these people are in five years and they certainly won’t age well.

No. 971199

yeah black and latino bodies are a trend

No. 971302

She used to be such a pretty fun girl cloutchasing really ruins people

not sure if this is a eat hot chip and lie tier pasta or not but u do realize everyone male and female in the scene has an eating disorder right? Being thicc is “in” but in a fake way, it’s all surg or photoshop because being fat or even ~normal size uwu~ is still unacceptable

No. 971364

being thicc is in but only if it's the "right" kind aka big boobs small waist big butt and sometimes big thighs. you're right in that so few women naturally have that body type and have to rely on ps and surgery for it. its not just in this scene though, instamodels in general are either slim like real models or go for the thicc baddie dr miami look.

No. 971496

Yeah out of the scene in the larger Instagram world it’s a little more ok not not be tiny/be thiccums but the soundclout scene isn’t so kind. Like I said even the boys have a weird relationship with food/drugs cause not being skinny is just gross and out of place

No. 971610

everyone is just trying to be the kardashians

No. 974730

File: 1589596037345.jpg (856.09 KB, 1080x1703, SmartSelect_20200515-222512_In…)

Check out the drug tray on the table complete with rolled up bills. Cass is going off the rails again, but insists she's doing better than ever and only got sober before because of her ED.

No. 974760

I feel so bad for genesis

No. 974772

No. 974775

Kek. Anon there’s literally whip it’s all over the floor. She’s huffing shit and straight up posting about it, she even says she was huffing in the caption.
Literally why? She is just as bad as cass, an anachan attention whore with bad fashion taste. She seems to be the reason why hotelshrimp is spiraling/using tbh, cass was not doing drugs or drinking (again) until she started staying with genesis. Genesis is totally enabling her. Genesis’s face looks like a damn ugly little rat.

No. 974841

Those linebacker shoulders, god damn

No. 974868

File: 1589624487225.jpeg (341.05 KB, 549x838, F091830A-FCEC-4804-842F-E1CBAB…)

How is coco claiming she’s natural and never had any work done? Pouya tweeted a while ago girls always be hating cause her lips and boobs are real…. sure kev!

No. 974892


The way I see it brown/black woman know you gain weight as you age so they seem to be more into fitness to maintain their proportions. Girls like hotelshrimp are just out there living the same type of lifestyle that girls like Paris Hilton did 15 years ago, Kate Moss 25 years ago, Angelika Hutson before that ect… except when you are naturally that skinny your body just never stores extra fat. I’m not pro Ana just pro like… common sense

No. 975023

nta and I don't give a shit about this thick skinny genetics trend crap, but she's skinny because she's a drug addict lmao, not because she's "naturally skinny"

unless you meant 'naturally skinny' to mean not naturally curvy or some shit, idk, this is a shit-post convo and I feel shame for engaging in it

No. 975167

File: 1589678271716.jpeg (104.33 KB, 640x348, 3599CCAB-5E71-4ECA-9120-26BDFE…)

No. 982557

man these threads used to be so funny now they're all dead. the soundclout era is dying and those la goths and gbcs and whatever else right along with it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 982573

yeah because they are like 30+ year old adults now

No. 983070

File: 1591254818896.jpg (141.47 KB, 428x608, urgs.jpg)

Wash your goddamn hair, gross-o. ffs.

No. 983169

File: 1591278976727.png (843.33 KB, 1334x750, 74669C26-0FDD-4215-B9DC-04A943…)

Coco before discovering a lip lift and denying surgery or fillers. LOL holy shit gremlin

No. 991826

File: 1592863332457.jpeg (171.45 KB, 750x1003, DF3109B8-E695-45B8-858F-3B9020…)

Old tea but Marilyn is pregnant

No. 991847

Countdown to the birth of peep's reincarnation or whatever shit she'll come up with.
>from across a crowded maternity ward I knew

No. 1015887

because of peeps passing an entire scene died that internationally blew up. that’s so fucking sad lmao. like not one person stepped up. that or culturally this music just doesn’t have a place anymore.

stoked layla recovered and is in a committed relationship. she may have been an addict too, but peep really took advantage of her for content. i hope she continues to heal and do things at her own pace.

No. 1017616

old milk but it’s delusional how peep’s doc is essentially taking the blame off first access for his death but a rolling stone article back in december said otherwise (w sources). so like.. what’s the new narrative now? i swear they’re toying with peep’s fans and make them see whatever they want them to see that day. idc for peep but those are actual kids being manipulated. how is no one really seeing that?

No. 1023539

who even is this(necro)

No. 1023560


Try reading the thread description my dude:

>Marilyn Rondon/sheyatted/intellectualchica - Peep-obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age hippy nonsense and despite her self-proclaimed intellectual status has a very poor grasp on spelling and grammar. Has a proliferation of Peep-inspired memorial face tatts and refers to him as her “twin flame” despite spending limited time together/their relationship being platonic. Has pitched a tent in the comments section of all SoundClout social media posts. Is in her 30s and way too old for this nonsense.

No. 1023581

irrelevant. shes nobody. just an obsessed fan.

No. 1023590

I haven’t checked in on her til now but she has a bunch of actual celeb followers now…how? How’d she get people to be fooled by her weird fake indigenous pseudo-spirituality schtick?!

No. 1023594

name some celebs that follow her. i bet they aren't actually celebs and just losers with followers

No. 1023620

Lol well, not exactly A or even B list celebs but people who exist in the public eye outside of this dumb scene. Ruby Aldridge, Margaret Cho, Brooke Candy…those were the ones I saw. Not much but still puzzling.

No. 1023670

this type of music still has a place, but no artists have gotten as popular as peep

No. 1029523

paris is pretty irrelevant now as expected lollll

No. 1029539

I wonder how he’ll look back on that time of his life. He seemed like a cringe dumbass but not as bad as most of the people itt. Maybe he’ll go back to being a firefighter.

No. 1029740

It's becoming more obvious by the day he's an industry plant. His music is generic and even the aesthetic he's "going for" lately looks so forced. Doesn't seem like this guy has a single creative bone in his body. blows my mind he's almost pushing 30 and still holding on to peep's remains just to creep on barely 18 alt girls

No. 1059389

cassidy and all her friends are annoying as fuck

No. 1060513

Are you referring to the finsta they all made together? I think it’s pretty lame that all of these people are well into their 20s and act as if having sex and snorting ketamine are profound and interesting topics… especially for LA it’s so normal I don’t get why all of them think they’re so important

No. 1062136

they are just posting pictures. nobody said anyone was trying to be interesting. you are projecting

No. 1062358

reminds me of baby goth and that whole scene

No. 1062361

ngl i personally enjoy the pics… makes me feel better about my own life and they’re more entertaining than most stuff on my feed tbh

No. 1062963

Lol. You’re obviously one of the people on the finsta. Also, not everyone who has an opinion is fucking “projecting”, but whatever makes you feel better I guess.

No. 1063218

File: 1603315890651.jpg (166.18 KB, 1071x518, Screenshot_20201021-143212_Chr…)

Just wanted to share this gem of an anon opinion on peep from our very first Soundclout thread

No. 1065565

soundclout wasn't even a thing yet lmao it was just laylas weird shitty boyfriend

No. 1072230

im literally not just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I know them retard

No. 1072862

File: 1604289602087.jpg (105.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201102-035704_Chr…)

Ugh, has anyone seen the ugly clothing now being sold on his website??

No. 1073355

the way they’ve literally started releasing whatever they want now but with peep’s name on it & limited stock to rip off fans. cash grabbing attempts from his own family. gross

No. 1074345

for some reason i thought it was peeps brother who designed these based on something liza posted, but her instagram is deleted or deactivated? sad.
who would have access to use peeps name for this, wouldn’t it only be the family or at least approved by them? at that price point it’s obviously not for his younger fan base so the designer should use their own name. the clothes and campaign are so ugly and include an intentionally bad 3d peep walking a runway with the pink set on. wish they just promoted some anti addiction or mental health stuff with his name and literally reanimated corpse instead.

who tf buying this during a pandemic

No. 1074753

I’m thinking she has temp deactivated her account due to the court case open and recent and upcoming hearings. she went on private last week and now is MIA.

No. 1074833

I feel Peep would have absolutely hated the clothes, the idea, the actually going through with it, and especially the hologram.
I can't get over how derivative, generic, cheap and tacky those garments are.
How have they got the chutzpah to price them like that?
They look like a cross between a "punk collection" from forever 21 and some budget price internet only fetish wear.

No. 1075408

she went live a couple of days ago saying how bad she felt bc of the negative comments on that 3d thing. i mean you can't release something that was clearly unfinished and expect positive feedback? she shouldn't take it that personally imo. could also explained her ig absence.

No. 1085282

i mean he got an ironic whole ass entire upper arm tribal tattoo to cover his ironic girlfriends name tattoo that he got for clout as he publicly abused her (layla) into the hospital and further into her own addictions, so he probably would’ve loved the shitty coked out 90s pleather relaxed fit nickel back disgusting garbage set, and if not he deserves it because if he was still alive we all know he would be continuing to exploit and drain women like objects.

people bitched about azalea making merch off his name, which was tasteless just like w/e this release is and whoever authorized it, but he only fucked and made sure to publicly claim her like a sexual accessory because she was blackbears ex groupie. he made up a whole ass intimacy with her and used her mere image for petty revenge (claiming to cover said layla tattoo with gigantic tribal by azaleas request) while ex (layla) was reaching out about taking care of him at his worst from his addictions. he dropped emily (i think, back home gf) for layla to clout hop while still leading her on enough for his mother, cheated on layla for chello then bella thorne of all people thennn azalea all while also fucking the murder manager lady who wasn’t even competent enough to get a junkie narcan and plowing about 3,000 underaged girls who pay rent to their parents by selling tie dyed clothes online while never once acknowledging them.

females 100% were not people to him so why are females defending his name that was built on abusive narcissism? Liza knows better and needs to fucking do better as an adult woman to peeps fan base. it’s been years, obviously that’s her son, but the reality is so many way too young girls look up to him for the wrong reasons. She knows this and could be a very intelligent and strong female influence they all desperately need. fucking stop selling them bullshit clothes and emotionally manipulating their loyalty, and fuck his untalented brother never going to be sorry for nepotism especially in his case. i’m sure peep would’ve wanted him to come up, and you guys are going to hate me for this, but if layla grew a backbone and got further education and training in fashion she would kill it and she deserves it far more.

tldr peep only happened bc girls learned to hate themselves on the internet and now that he’s dead an Adult™ needs to rectify tf out this shit not sell them musty 90s butt rock outfits but that’s clearly not the wAvE so i have 2many feelings

No. 1086933

Ahaaaaahaha,a very succinct sumup of Peep's (at least public) life!
All in all then, this cheesy clothing collection is a fitting epilogue to all of that.
And I fully agree about his brother, ugh, his fam are certainly carrying on the clout chasing tradition.
Everyone who modeled those garms looks terrible in them, and low key embarrrased to be there.

No. 1091124

cassidy totally relapsed. body checks galore all over her insta

No. 1091227

she probably didn’t, or if she did i hope she gets help again. those don’t look like body checks and it’s ok for her to lose weight. i thought she was only mentioned here because of what she did to layla like years ago, it’s weird to keep posting about her potential eating disorder and drug use. idk

No. 1091228

lena had adam22’s baby and a last minute c section, she and the baby girl are healthy, they named her parker, and have a video up on youtube about it. it’s actually really sweet so if you need something positive it’s worth watching.

No. 1092676

HA. no thanks

No. 1092705

1092676 Wow, I wouldn't call that positive at all! Imagine having Adam22 as a father, unless he has a massive epiphany in life and decides to renounce his skeevy ways and especially his attitude towards women, big fat NO

No. 1109132

File: 1608228671994.jpeg (404.96 KB, 1125x1764, E52DA3C5-E998-4085-B85D-3A91C6…)

still spiraling

No. 1109137

i'll pray for the child

No. 1109146

I’ve never heard of a girl being named “Parker” lmao that’s dumb asf. I feel bad for that child imagine being in your mom’s womb and your dad and mom are fucking a nasty bitch named Trisha Paytas. And you’re getting nutted on as a baby for $5 a month on onlyfans. Imagine having a sketchy sleazy pedo predator dad and a dumb whore of a mom. Nothing about that situation is “cute”

No. 1109156

File: 1608231134645.jpeg (176.45 KB, 828x1792, D03BF733-7886-4D25-930D-E820E0…)

is there any good milk on this old woman that is coldhart’s baby mom @jimmytoast ?my friend called her out for being rude to her followers in which she harassed her for an hour sending her pics of her and her cats asshole lmfao. also messaged her on her BABYS acocunt when she got blocked lol. shes middle aged and acting like this

No. 1109210

File: 1608234743208.png (1.04 MB, 1858x904, Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2.49…)

lmao @ silverlittlecat still trying to get groupie clout from peep all these years later. sharing vids with her face in them to popular fan accounts

No. 1109286

Holy shit I forgot about this chick. I thought her existence totally dissolved after her micro beef with layla kek

No. 1109330

Does anyone follow lil lotus's ex ogAquafina? Stripper/sugar baby "rapper" They broke up again and she tweeted a bunch of shit about him oweing her money and that he was the reason she bought a house in texas, and that he was verbally abusive, apparently she posted a video of him yelling at her calling her a hoe (based on replies or random girls @ing him saying things along the lines of wow you dont support sex workers) but she deleted it pretty quickly. If anyone has it it would be appreciated cause I like his shitty fusion music but it'll be a bummer if he's actually a piece of shit. I kinda doubt it since she's now openly a xanned out prostitute and if he had done anything more than yell at her there's no reason for her not to say so.

No. 1109473

File: 1608257174845.png (251.81 KB, 700x762, Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 12.3…)

ot sorry but coco is my favourite cow itt
i find this really hard to believe. also i know her whole image is meant to be "trashy" but googling and sharing your own figurative worth online is just sad and a weird way for her to flex.

No. 1109500

If u go way back in the threads maybe #10 there’s someone talking about how he got in a fight with some people anon knew in Texas. Lotus is hella volatile and rushes into relationships, like the girl before sage he got a face tattoo of her name a week in and then they broke up a month later and all he did was talk shit lol

No. 1109525

lmao she probably had this added herself

No. 1109888

lil lotus worked with a girl i know (in a music video) and got so angry @ her for accidentally smiling during filming. he’s such a rude person from all i’ve seen and heard

No. 1114030

Yes please someone share a cap of this, that whole group of dudes has allegations and I can’t find caps anywhere. Lotus, smrtdeath, nedarb all pos

No. 1116523

check previous threads

No. 1120795

File: 1609656965450.jpeg (97.01 KB, 946x579, B097DC8D-5F98-4BFC-A271-31486D…)

this chick deserves her own thread, she's super milky and cringe

No. 1120995

This is the mostly brutally honest and perceptive take on Peep I’ve read. His lyrics alone are so hateful towards women. He talks about killing us, ffs.

No. 1121139

Here she looks like the discount -70% sale Walmart druggie Tati Westbrook version

No. 1121156


Agreed. She nuts. Love it.

No. 1121212

File: 1609711564489.jpeg (527.34 KB, 2048x2048, 2301E1CB-C51D-4E4C-9D0A-EB8D8A…)

hard to feel sorry for someone so bitchy and mean. typical cow who is so self-absorbed and thinks her shit don't stink. she constantly lies. lotus is just as bad but at least he's quiet and not blabbing every detail of his life. apparently back in march-april they got back together and she'd tweet cringe shit about "LETS HAVE AN ABORTION TOGETHER" then she actually got pregnant, then tweeted "abortion shower otw" then she lied and said she had a miscarriage and threw a woe is me vuv i am infertile and have to pay 20k for a baby. her weird obsession for a baby since lotus already has one is concerning. i guess she thinks she hasn't won him fully ? she's wack. i'd made a thread myself but she's the kinda narc that would get off on being on lolcow. screen caps provided

No. 1121232

Those lips of hers are fucking awful.

No. 1121756

You retards embarrass me with how much you screech about "m-muh abuse". Obviously if Layla has a problem with Peep still, that's between them, but she clearly likes cashing in on that Peep check, for someone that was abused, they sure love collecting that money every corner they turn. You act like there were no conditions to these relationships and that these adults are consenting, I swear. Act like people with face tattoos just have this magical wand they wave around and every girl that comes into contact with them just gets "manipulated" and "used" when the situation is literally just between those 2 people as adults.

You can bitch and moan all you want, but people liked Peep for his music and his image, even his brother came out and said that the Peep we saw was not the Peep he knew at all. That's all there is to it, anyone else that decided to interact with peep otherwise made that choice themselves, but to say that he, and most other people that get posted on this forum for you whiney ass babies, is just another abusive narcissist is just a stretch like every time it's screeched out loud, when really all it is the fact that a guy got famous, some girls got involved, some girls got their feelings hurt, boohoo. Layla didn't have to reach out for his drug addcition, Peep didn't have to respond, he doesn't owe Emily anything if he wants to not be involved in her life anymore nor does he owe Layla or anyone else anything at all. It amazes me how entitled to his life you act, when people acting entitled to his life led to his death. GBC felt they were entitled to his fame(they let him in the group, they wanted to be on the stage with them when most of them make mid music), Emily felt entitled to his love(insisting that was the love of his life and he couldn't have an option to leave), his management felt entitled to his Persona (feeding him drugs), Layla felt entitled to be a "problem" solver (Peep clearly didn't want his problems solved if he was doing so many drugs), and all of these people acting entitled to him are why he lost his life, because the only thing we might agree on, is that it was his responsibility to deal with his life at the end of the day, and everyone tried to take that responsibility away from him. He killed himself and there's no one to hold accountable for his death other than him, but to keep screeching abuse every time these people voluntarily cooperate is so fucking dumb, I don't know why you milktards can't accept reality for what it is and do these amazing mental gymnastics.

No. 1121758

Aw, someone is a fangirl

No. 1121768

Someones mad they got called out. I think most of the people posted here are immature and Peep is no different in that regard, but you all keep trying to do mental gymnastics to defend every other person because this forum is full of arm-chair psychologist, and you do enough psychologizing to where you attempt to justify and understand every nuance for every character if it supports a dogshit narrative crafted by censored instagram post, missing context interactions, and outright falsehoods in some cases. Despite missing out on lots of critical information, I.E. you weren't there at all, I find it amusing everytime I see the screeching of "abuse". I don't care if you wanna talk shit about Peep, cause like I said, I'm the first to admit here that he killed himself and he's responsible for it, but he absolutely isn't responsible for the way that others feel, and he's absolutely allowed to detest any interjection he would want into his personal life. Bexey isn't, Mackned isn't, etc. for his life. The only person that could be partially responsible is the person that pressed fentanyl into the pills, but other than that, Peep was going to likely die from drug abuse anyway. I don't even think most of these people are bad people, other than the obvious obsession for clout that all of them participate in. Other than that, they're no different from anyone else in your personal life probably, they're just outright clout chasing is probably it.

No. 1122737

What in the actual fuck are you even rambling on about? Literally no one is talking about/gives a shit about who is at fault for Peep’s death. As for his moron brother - he didn’t even think Peep had an issue with drugs so I would take anything he says with a giant grain of salt.

No. 1123481

you are about 3 years too late on this topic. that conversation has come and passed long ago

No. 1123837

lmao, the reading comprehension presented here. And sure he can have a problem with drugs and his brother may not have known the extent, but he obviously wasn’t this emo persona all the way around. that wasn’t the point i was trying to make

i don’t care about that conversation, but this psychologizing shit has gotta stop is more what i was going for. It brings nothing to this thread, and doesn’t add anything to most of the threads on this board because that shit is almost entirely all projection or outright falsehoods. talk shit about the guy, but underhanded excuses to always excuse the girls from the guys behavior is stupid way to view this subject when everyone is participating. excusing toopoor for “abusive narcissistic boyfriend with machismo” mentality is just such a dumb fucking mindset, but it happens way too often on this forum as a whole.

No. 1124075

yeah we get it. next time say it without all of the extraneous bullshit.

No. 1124106

File: 1609971758688.jpeg (550.91 KB, 828x1159, 720604BC-6E62-4C96-BFD2-68CB1B…)

Sage bc not new milk but ffs

No. 1124654

File: 1610034920609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.7 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20210107_07474058…)

Okay but what the fuck is wrong with ogaquafinas tits? Why do her nipples look like they were cut and pasted onto her body like that lmfao? And this chick was supposedly a stripper…? Bet they were paying her to put her clothes back on because she gives me major ariana vibes in the sense that I feel like I could smell her through my screen kek saged for sage since that's what her name actually is and because she isn't even relevant to bump the thread in the first place

No. 1124715

*Scrubs eyes out with bbq brush

No. 1124853

Areolar breast augmentation incision?

No. 1124865

If that’s true then that surgeon needs his license revoked. I have areolar BA and it looks nothing like this.

No. 1124868

Implants through the areaola? Anisa Jomha's tits look similarly botched and that's what she had done.

No. 1124892

This is really off topic, but I've been heavily looking into getting implants. I have shallow breasts, so just small ones to get a full cup size. How's surgery? …

No. 1124999

There’s a plastic surgery thread

No. 1125594

File: 1610117428100.jpeg (187.53 KB, 1125x649, CAEAE70E-A965-4615-A8C7-88D6EA…)

she's literally getting surgery rn for them to fix her areolas…. ugh she is another vapid narc, talking about her here prob fuels her ego

No. 1126754

File: 1610202553943.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2048x2048, 0D44AA8D-FA23-4EC2-BE78-4BADDD…)

lol ew

No. 1127633

I agree. Sure Peep acted like an idiot in his public relationship meltdowns and didn’t seem to have a ton of respect for women but he was definitely playing a character to some extent. Not saying don’t hold him accountable for shitty behaviour but there was lots of shitty behaviour all around. Plus he was barely 21, and a lot of people act like assholes in their late teens early 20s - immaturity has a lot to do with it. I think jumping to the diagnosis of abusive narcissistic is a bit much.

No. 1129484

File: 1610471520853.jpeg (631.89 KB, 828x1792, F0874499-AFAF-4E48-B328-E81E95…)

peep’s mom all up in the lil peep sub. I feel for her losing a son but honestly is this healthy?

No. 1129654

File: 1610484587990.jpg (59.64 KB, 700x934, 20s8ratk7i011.jpg)

He constantly messed with Layla and poked at her purposely to make her melt down publically. He fucked every alt fangirl he came across but decided to lie and act like Layla cheated on him. This image still comes up when you google Layla because it was the biggest meme that wasn't even true on his part. He was a scumbag who got fame for being a sadboy. Lil peep was absolutely abusive to the women he dated emotionally.

No. 1129756

I’ve always wondered how Liza, as an ultra left wing feminist, excuses his absolutely abhorrent behaviour towards women - even in his lyrics it’s pretty apparent. I’d love to see her address it but she never says a word. I feel she excuses him for everything and was almost afraid of upsetting him when she was alive. She did fucked up idiotic shit like mailing a 19 yr old man baked beans from NY to California ffs.

No. 1129832

that being powdered milk is really fucking funny first of all. i got the impression he got any form of respect because his drug use was real? come around was so old it had emma in it i thought, so maybe it started out as performative and became real because it sold. as a mother if her son's management or whatever were pressuring him to have that image, then she watched him enter a drug addiction that killed him just so people could make more money off of him, and now she manages all this music with nothing but drug and death references, i can understand her wanting to get some form of the truth out. he did die from negligence, it was 100% avoidable, and anyone could see that coming. i'm kind of glad because his fanbase is young and if they learn it started out as fake, hopefully it will encourage them not to emulate him. i think she's a strong lady with a reasonable voice despite going through something so heartbreaking.

No. 1129873

I agree to some extent. I feel for her. And I am kind of glad in a way that she is coming out and trying to correct some of this stuff seeing is his fan base seems so incredibly young. It’s absolutely negligence on the part of his management- like holy shit how could you just sit back and watch that happen? I hope her lawsuit is successful. I do think she’s in denial a bit about the extent of his drug use, and his own responsibility for it, though. Like his Twitter begging for drugs in every city is so sad and disturbing and you can’t blame his management for that.

No. 1130035

File: 1610508080656.png (4.01 MB, 828x1792, E7A55399-036E-45A1-B7C9-30B33E…)

Hotel shrimp is def on drugs again and on a bender. It’s weird how her and genesis make an acct to showcase their drug use and make tik toks about benders, catering to 15 yr olds. Their whole aesthetic is tired.

No. 1130130

did they say they were catering to 15 year olds?pls post screencaps if so

No. 1130342

They are so gross. All of them.

No. 1130371

You’re clearly one of the people in this horrid group of friends, I don’t need to post screen caps. If you’re posting on tik tok and using hashtags you’re trying to cater to teenagers. Case closed.

No. 1130946

again just because someone disagrees that them using social media isnt the same thing you use it for doesnt mean i am friends woth these people.

No. 1130990

How do you know he lied?

No. 1131065

So you’re the same person who defended these people before.. yeah you’re def one of these bitches. I don’t have a Tik tok so you’re retarded and projecting.

No. 1132744

>If you’re posting on tik tok and using hashtags you’re trying to cater to teenagers
>I don’t have a Tik tok

can you shut the fuck up? no one cares about your raging hate boner for this girl, she does drugs and posts about it online, literally you are the only one embarrassing enough to have feelings about it or care.

No. 1132811

Again, Layla is still cashing in on the Peep Check, and not only that but he didn't want to see a video of her sucking another dudes dick when she got on twitter and lied and said she was doing coke off their dick. Lil Peep was about as abusive as these girls are empowered by retards like you over psychologizing and justifying their shitty behavior. He got famous because of his music and image, like most entertainers nowadays. If you're just gonna keep trying to give Layla the pass for being shit, take it somewhere else.

No. 1133111

Posting a screenshot and making an inference does not equal hate boner. It’s odd how you keep defending these people like you know them and keep checking this thread in particular.

No. 1133503

It always seemed like their relationship was one of those extremely toxic ones fueled by drugs, drama, and sex, and stupidity that a lot of people have in their late teens and early 20s. They were awful to each other publicly - no doubt. Still don’t think you can diagnose him as an abusive narcissist based on that.

No. 1134574


idk how to embed twitter videos but heres a vid of i think lotus calling her a dumb bitch(imageboard)

No. 1134589

is that what this is now just random people calling each other dumb bitches

No. 1134721

Holy shit she’s 33?

No. 1134980

Wow he sounds sweet.

No. 1135568

she is a dumb bitch where is the abuse you were trying to highlight here

No. 1135647

And yet, having irrelevant beefs w people barely out of puberty. I get that she was some weeb English tutor in Japan when she was everyone else’s age, but I think she should shut the fuck up and enjoy what little clout she’s getting from her low rung gbc baby daddy.

No. 1138066

File: 1611246099296.jpeg (183.23 KB, 1152x2048, 79C9BD3D-F156-44A8-A232-43FE9F…)

straight up lol

No. 1139930

newfag might be sage but has a lil relevance since lotus and smrtdeath are in the same scene and both sound equally as shitty, i havent seen much posted abt him before in the previous threads (might have just overlooked) but i heard he’s got abuse allegations as well like being verbally abusive to his ex amongst other things i’m not even sure which ex but does anyone have screencaps of this? all of the mfkers in the lil aaron scene are all so sad being almost 30 and still dressing in hot topic looking shit man it’s so laughable

No. 1139932

also sage is from south carolina she’s predisposed to being dumb she probably used to live in a trailer park next to a citgo and felt like she was in the projects from the way she talks about how she “made it out”

No. 1139962

theres a lil aaron scene?

No. 1140395

File: 1611439528008.jpeg (633.46 KB, 1242x1527, ADBF68DE-F9E3-4536-A6A5-28EA3D…)

lil aaron, lotus, smrtdeath/sloppymakeout & their cringe “boyfriends666” group, hotelshrimp, genesis n her ex matthew, copes and that general friend group, wouldn’t consider them as gbc fallout i was just tryna be specific lol

No. 1140397

File: 1611439562702.jpeg (675.39 KB, 1242x1530, CD86B94A-80C9-409C-A1CD-BCD9D4…)


No. 1140425

Saged for ot and sperging but the amount of body odor and sweat somehow permeating off of this image is making me nauseous. Seriously what the fuck

No. 1140453


sage for not milk but she’s from a rich family kek

No. 1140476

what in the trace cyrus flashback hell

No. 1140621

genesis and matt broke up??

No. 1140650

yeah this whole "came from nothing" persona is actual cringe but typical of LA losers. her mom owns like ranches and shit and her dad is in contact with her, she acts like she has nobody but she does, she just rather live the fast life all to flex on 14 year old instagrammers. lmao. I also noticed that she really started pulling the southern girl thing once taymoney started blowing up. i think when she lived in dallas she tried to link up with taymoney but taymoney didn't fw her so now she periodically tweets stuff about her to cause beef because "bAd PuBliCiTy iS bEtTer ThAn NO pUbLiCiTy" also her real name is Marlowe.

No. 1140652

File: 1611456683283.jpeg (430.03 KB, 2048x2048, E7410273-171A-48FE-8ECB-113701…)

so which one is it?

No. 1140656

File: 1611456954613.jpeg (400.43 KB, 1125x1288, 351B74BE-8078-4BF7-8204-EFEFC1…)

just my two cents but i'm pretty sure she found out she's infertile cause 20k is the cost of ivf and she's tweeted lashed out at others on twitter about family planning before. i think lotus left her because she continuues to whore herself with the defense of "using my youth while i can and to save so we can have a baby" cause we know lotus is broke and also pays child support for his other kid. i would feel bad for her but she's openly bragging about taking plan b and "lEt's HaVe aN aBoRtIaN tOgEtheR, PaPi" – like what do you expect? that shit prob fucked up her uterus

No. 1140657

File: 1611457018148.jpeg (205.61 KB, 1125x666, 01154253-4896-49C2-9D54-D683EC…)

she's obviously terribly salty

No. 1140720

is this the same person with the mouthful of bars?? no one cares what she has to say about babies thank god she's not having children instead of a single personality trait, and babies cost more than 20k this is stupid.

No. 1140750

funny how you list genesis as friends with them before matthew

No. 1140788

if this thread is just going to turn into scene kid drama please someone make an entire new thread for these horse faces no one fucking cares

No. 1140818

This is the SoundCloud GENERAL thread and lotus and genesis/Matt have been getting posted since like 2018

No. 1140844

does it matter lol
this is so laughable

No. 1140845

A little she’s a nobody that got with a known abuser for the clout so her name should stay with his

No. 1140866

almost everyone in this scene is harmless and just causes drama, none of it is really anything serious other than losers being losers.

This scene of people is really just irrelevant trap nation music makers and spoiled LA girls at this point, honestly shows how much this thread has died in the last 2 years. Soundcloud rap is pretty much dead at this point, and no one is paying attention to these artist at all. IMO until something big happens again, this thread she be permasaged/sent to the grave, especially the last 80 post have just been irrelevant cherry picking. I can't even think of the last time I've seen anyone I follow bring any of them up, not even Pouya gets thrown out anymore.

No. 1141045

no shit sherlock

No. 1141552

File: 1611553228233.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.98 KB, 817x427, 3D2136BA-EB9E-4956-84EC-0BA7A7…)

Lotus is giving serious Schlitzie vibes here.

No. 1142284

File: 1611633593240.jpeg (313.9 KB, 1125x848, D7340FEB-CBB4-4CF8-9F80-630C90…)

lol we knew u were

No. 1142456

sperg sage whatever but what tf are u on about they were literally both mentioned in the same sentence quit nitpicking

No. 1142976

I’m so tired of this “I’m crazy” act all of these desperate hacks put on. No you aren’t crazy. You are an entitled middle class basic white woman who dates morons, makes poor life choices, and does too many drugs.

No. 1144005

File: 1611806428486.jpeg (540.95 KB, 1125x1247, 995B6ABC-B4B3-497B-BCD4-A7A832…)

literally no one:

here comes the 33 year old pudge face who gets off on 14 year old attention after trapping the lowest grade member of gbc ak a group who died off 2017:

No. 1144058

Jesus H. Christ I just read through her Twitter feed (why the fuck did I do that?) and the level and perhaps more alarmingly the prolificacy of the stupidity/banality is jaw dropping. I just truly do not understand these people. You’re 33. YOU HAVE A KID. Step away from Twitter ffs.

No. 1144089

Does anyone have screenshots of Sage dragging that @killedbychloe girl?

No. 1144102

apparently she's autistic… no really, she tweeted before that she was "on the spectrum" but seems more like tourettes if you ask me

No. 1144105

no she deleted them too fast. but apparently lotus was all boo'd up with chloe at the beach along with smrtdeath and hotelshrimp. she tweeted a photo of them and called her an offbrand version of her. then kept twitterfingering to meet her at chacha lounge to fight. honestly i think the chloe chick is way more pretty than marlowe. she at least has interesting features and i actually admire her confidence with her big teeth

No. 1144117

File: 1611818638659.jpeg (752.62 KB, 1242x1979, D817BE95-00CE-446D-925C-723956…)

idk if milky just kind of sad but genesis’ recent ig post & matt’s comment, i thought they weren’t speaking lol

No. 1144122

lmao no bitch you are a dusty and crusty homie hopper you just trapped a low level member of a defunct goth trap group. you are all just fall out now.

and calling out lolcow is embarrassing enough but what a stupid insult to call us bored asses during a pandemic with stay at home orders. now your followers/lurkers are going to look for this and you out here ensuring they catch your stupidity framed correctly. what tf you doin. hope her kid isn't a girl she's already slut shaming.

No. 1144133

that's what i'm saaaaying! jimmytoast exposed herself for lurking some rando gossip site instead of taking care of her baby and husband. she purposefully drew more traffic here for what reason? classic narc behavior. they google search their name to measure their relevance and stumble upon these threads, immediate gratification thinking they're some popular D list celeb, only to become consumed, constantly refreshing and actually letting the mentions on here feed their ego to the point where they start acting out with the agenda of being posted more. look at pnp for christ's sake. girl's in hundreds of thousands dollars in the hole for plastic surgery she didn't need and probably got to shut up us rando anons. lolcow isn't a trophy, this is where the bottom of the barrel dingleberries end up. only the retardedest of retards end up here and mask their obsession with nonchalant annoyance. but whatever what do i know? i'm just super bored and shitting on the toilet as i check in.

No. 1144134

Do they not realize that being posted here could potentially ruin any future oppurtunities with brands or for knock off tay money's case, future husbands? One websearch and threads pop up. Not a good look.

No. 1144336

That is kind of sad and she actually sounds surprisingly well spoken here but it’s kind of hard to take her message seriously when she’s constantly flaunting her drug use to her 14-yr. old fans.

No. 1144486

no the joke is caring so much about this forum, that extends to people who post here. it's all an embarrassing joke but we're just bored it's all stupid. no one takes this shit seriously and no one should.

No. 1145606

File: 1611968336193.jpeg (20.08 KB, 243x192, D267A6C3-8833-40CE-BE58-24A222…)

What is up with Emma’s lips? A cold sore, grossly overdrawn, or has she had really Shitty injections?

No. 1145611

File: 1611968436949.jpeg (87.78 KB, 291x270, 1AA57D67-D959-481D-AFA6-2B46D4…)

I mean…

No. 1146533

overdrawn. these fucking idiots have been literally drawing like an additional curve over their cupids bow to give themselves triangle lips instead of lightly connecting the cupids bow, and also lining the bottom lip so it balances out. women naturally have bigger bottom lips than top lips so they're just fucking up hard. grimes did the same thing.

No. 1147667

Someone needs to tell them that it makes them look diseased.

No. 1147740

is that not the point

No. 1151565

File: 1612413188922.jpeg (372.33 KB, 1125x1492, 6357C85C-2B41-401E-8728-F30616…)

archiving in case it gets milky

No. 1162591

Cassidy is engaged to SMRTDEATH according to Genisis

No. 1162593

Lol yeah. Idk why she’s so mad about it he’s literally a nobody and so are all of them

No. 1162621

Yeah seems like Genesis is pretty butthurt about it. Who cares though, really? Smrtdeath is so gross looking, I hope he's rich.

No. 1162690

did I miss something? did genesis post on her story being butthurt or what?
smrtdeath and cass a one shower per month match made in heaven

No. 1162727

Genesis and Cassidy both unfollowed eachother lol.
Everyone was telling Genesis she should of listened to Layla about her.

No. 1162735

how can she be surprised a clout chaser used her to get to someone else

No. 1162807

So tired of people from your lame ass friend group getting on this forum to talk about yourselves. This “scene” is dead and so is that tired mall goth y2k bullshit. Depop a personality

No. 1162825

then mute the thread, stalker

No. 1162828

shes still skinwalking toopoor? trying to bag walmart peep to fulfill her dream of being toopoor

No. 1163198

i use to really like genesis until she started hanging out with cas. i had to unfollow genesis. last time i saw cas before she started hanging with genesis was when she was at the peep memorial drunk laughing her ass off.

No. 1164019

fucking gross…. smrtdeath smells like shit irl, b.o. and unbrushed teeth

No. 1164122


I can smell the oil permeating from him when I see a pic

No. 1164374

sage your shit. also, this is an image board. post your caps.

No. 1164455

Genesis said it on live retard.
How am I gonna post screen caps of that?

No. 1165180

No way he’s rich and he’s been accused of abusing his exes so, a total catch. Don’t have screens but drop them if you do because this was a year or two ago

No. 1165977

personality aside shrimp hotel is actually objectively way out of smart death's league. if she's this sociopathic she really should set her sights a fuck of a lot higher. can people stop fucking these nasty men now please

No. 1166333

she is not out of his league
she is disgusting and looks like the crypt keeper not to mention they both look like herpes

No. 1166800

She always looks so fucking greasy and unwashed, they belong together. An annoying try-hard "stylist" with no fucking style and a musty wannabe soundclout rapper with a pedostache.

I hope they get married ASAP, can't wait to see the fallout.

No. 1166810

imagine her trapping him with a kid because she thinks hes going to succeed

No. 1167610

Allegedly SMRTDEATH cheated on his ex girlfriend with Cass (who she was friends with) while Cass was still dating Horsehead… while all living in the same house? SMRTDEATH’s ex posted about it on twitter, but it was deleted before I thought to cap it. His ex is @montanamartz

No. 1167787

this is hilariously messy if true

impressive cass found a way to downgrade from fucking horsehead

No. 1167824

why does she keep going after people in relationships and exes of her friends? i know most people here don't find her attractive but i really think every girl that's ever been posted in these threads is too attractive for any of these guys. just stop taking xanax and look around jesus christ

No. 1167986

montanan even modeled for shrimps shitty clothing and lingerie, they used to take pics and be friends.

genesis outed her a few months ago on iwantfriendslikethis. genny was talking about how she was talking to a guy w a gf and that cassy had been doing it "for like eight months"

No. 1168249

theres nothing wrong, those type of surgery scars (called lollipop and another idr) are either from a lift or a reduction. More visible under certain lights or skin tone etc

But you sound like a scrote or a shut in femcel why I',m even typing this.
Her tiddies are nice and not milky to trash her on. How about her taste in men, lip fillers and personality if you have a hate boner for Sage

No. 1168264

Wait … does someone mind explaining why Genesis cares if Cassidy is engaged to smrtdeath? Weren't Genesis and Cassidy still friends when they got together? Why would she care suddenly if they're engaged?

No. 1168360

File: 1614045642448.jpg (372.75 KB, 1056x1698, SmartSelect_20210222-205852_In…)

No. 1168494

nta but i still don't get it. she's mad that cass got engaged bc they haven't spoken in a while? embarrassing but ok…..

No. 1168503

cassidy is ghosting genesis is what she is mad about

No. 1168526

social climber is mad they got dumped? lmao

No. 1168631

Haha yeah this is all it really looks like to me is social climbing in LA and people acting like they’re still in high school why tf does this bitch even have a finsta isn’t she in her 20s?

No. 1168710

No. 1168717

honestly this makes me like genesis more. cass proves time and time again she's a social leach first and foremost

No. 1168779

genesis looks really good there.

and yeah girl, no shit. if she doesn't/cant keep girl friends it's a huge red flag. you're lucky she didn't come after your man.

No. 1168861

give cass some time. im sure she will be with genesis ex in no time

No. 1168959

>wah wah my friends won’t come see me
>btw i think i have covid

idk who this bitch is but she’s dumber than a fucking bag of rocks

No. 1169074

and is currently on a mini trip with her friend right now after saying she might have covid

No. 1169714

I saw that like wtf. Out at bars and restaurants.

No. 1169805

shes thinking if the other influencers can why cant i

No. 1169821

Honest question: how do these people survive? Isn’t LA expensive? None of them appear to have regular jobs or any stable source of income. Does Genesis really make enough from her online shop to survive off off? Same with hotel shrimp. Just a bit baffling to see these people in their early to mid 20s living it up with no apparent source of income.

No. 1169902

high middle class familys

No. 1170109

Massive credit card debt too

No. 1170164

Considering they were freaking out about $40 fish on their vegas vlog I think it’s safe to say they’re broke

No. 1170200

Sage your shit samefag

No. 1170396

The cheapest apts in LA, go for $1700/1800… and it appears that groups of them live together. If you have 4 or 5 people living there, it ends ups being affordable.

No. 1171572

isn't it even less because of the pandemic, even more homeless people swarming in, and the police being largely defunded?

that's $40 they could've put up their noses

No. 1171985

Lmao the people fleeing LA /California are not in the same tax bracket as these kids.

No. 1174487

Now Genesis is asking her followers for money so she can get invisilign - because she “just spent $4000 yesterday so she can’t spend another 4K.”

Also apparently she’s cleaning up for the rest of the year which will mean significantly less milk.

No. 1174577

Please post more from her finsta, I’m not following it. Genesis has some drama in her comments section now too for supporting a pedo predators

Are they still posting to iwantfriendslikethis ?

No. 1174824

finstas more boring than her main. you're not missing out on much just selfies and borning long captions about nothing really. she doesn't have much drama going on around her besides that fake shrimp beef she had for 4 seconds.

No. 1174886

Who is she supporting?

No. 1175210

File: 1614786882457.png (339.83 KB, 828x1792, 45C60171-62FC-4635-B39B-C04A50…)

People honestly give her money. What is wrong with this world ffs

No. 1175359

She's bitching about free money, and posting that should deter other people from donating but they seem to love fin dom.

Invisalign is trash lmao, my friend had it and hated it. Have fun.

No. 1175386

It’s sheer lunacy that these people give her money. I imagine the majority of them are young teenagers who don’t know any better? I hope?

No. 1176472

does anyone know what happened between smrtdeath and montana?

No. 1177049


No. 1177678

Maybe he pulled a Cassidy and ghosted Montana when he got engaged.
To be fair, nobody even knows who @Third.world.elite is.

No. 1177957

File: 1615066449364.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 9DE813B6-FF0D-48CC-B98B-BB0BEE…)

Is there no longer a pandemic in LA or…

No. 1178282

i thought she said she has covid

No. 1180490

ya i agree, cass is literally the slimiest bitch in la… and she look like she stank

No. 1181006

LA is populated by people who only give a shit about anything as long as it's socially relevant, and Covid is now boring and old, so effectively the bored masses are just ignoring it like it never happened bc spreader parties get more likes.

No. 1185132

File: 1615829951219.png (450.9 KB, 1840x582, what the hell.png)

sage cause this isn't big news but either Cass is back on Twitter or someone is being really weird and impersonating her. Literally remade a word by word old tweet she had about Miley Cyrus

No. 1187691

Their content was better when Cass was single and still friends with genesis, now they’re all boring

No. 1187730

That’s not cass, her Twitter is @hotelshrimp2 and she doesn’t use it

No. 1187732

Whoever’s running that account just has an ED and is using cass as thinspo

No. 1189229

Hotelshrimp posted pictures with smrtdeath today on instagram and montana commented “💫❤️“ underneath it. Montana doesn’t even follow smrtdeath anymore since they broke up, it’s weird seeing her support his relationship with someone she considered a friend. I think if you date one of you’re friends ex boyfriends you’re a bad friend. Hotelshrimp is known for dating her friends ex boyfriends so this comes as no surprise to me. Its just weird knowing she was with horse head for the longest and now horse head and smrtdeath aren’t friends since smrtdeath started dating hotelshrimp. I believe that hotelshrimp used genesis to get closer to smrtdeath, she became friends with montana, and when the time was right she went after smrtdeath when her and horse head broke up for the 100th time.

No. 1189266

This is obviously one of those people or someone involved, none of these posts are sage and no one cares about a fake Twitter or comments.

No. 1189601

anything to stay relevant. she definitely used genesis to get to someone else to leach clout off of

No. 1189602

shes not sipporting them she's being condescending

No. 1189718

Crazy that Cass befriended Genesis and then got herself into Genesis’s whoooooole friend group and they all still like and hang out with her. Like damn. Genesis went to high school with Chloe and Sophie.

Like is Chloe just being friends with her bc she’s dating copes and it’s convenient? Surprised there’s not more drama tbh

No. 1189741

Right, hotelshrimp hasn’t been around genesis in a while and that’s obvious because they all post every minute of they’re lives on instagram. Cass has been with chloe every day now. Genesis has been hanging out with other people but I’m surprised she hasn’t posted any shade on her finsta about cass or chloe.
She might be condescending but Montana seems more mature than this group of people, maybe she for some reason supports the relationship but I have no idea why she would.

No. 1189921

Montana probably supports the relationship bc she dodged a bullet lmao.

No. 1190864

File: 1616468929767.jpeg (786.93 KB, 821x1436, A6E5EC5C-A6BE-4219-A996-ED14B6…)

Now Genesis is begging followers for money for injectables. I hope they at least get botched, so boring now.

No. 1190893

File: 1616472731984.jpeg (92.83 KB, 1125x487, A23212DA-EF1A-4262-8C07-44CF0B…)

this bitch obsessed with lotus still. quite embarassing

No. 1190999

Sage bc no milk but I really noticed cass wasn’t hanging out with genesis after genesis talked about getting clean and staying sober. What a friend.

No. 1191250

Well Genesis definitely isn’t sober anymore, that lasted for what, a week?

No. 1193259

File: 1616717716747.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 9D141D1D-53FC-42E7-95B9-264A8B…)

Seems like everyone who hangs out with Cassidy becomes a junkie empty shell of their former self.

No. 1194208

File: 1616805690734.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 500.76 KB, 750x1019, 8B02A38A-A842-44B0-B86C-753EC8…)

Was lurking on Genesis’s old post and wtf is going on with Cassidy’s crotch?

No. 1194209

File: 1616805719744.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 19.58 KB, 278x235, 4341EA4E-C14E-4DCD-8640-9C63E5…)


No. 1194541

Omnmmgfgg I remember when this was first posted. She had to know that her deli meat is showing.

No. 1194569

Its not her pussy…. Come on do you have one yourselves? It's just her ass and thigh folded a bit. Her pussy is higher up

No. 1194728

Ladies. Genesis would like us to know that it’s 2021 and image boards like this are passé. Instead we all need to be begging for money and flaunting our drug use to 15-yr olds on our finsta.

No. 1194938

Pretty smart, 15 year olds are the only ones who think this skank garbage shit is cool

No. 1194978

This is an image board post caps

No. 1194998

It was a video.

No. 1195139

File: 1616886696774.jpeg (170.56 KB, 828x1461, F52977FD-3BEE-4FD9-9755-A32CB9…)

Annnnnd this is what she’s up all night “creating”

No. 1195264

I think Chloe is my new fav she dresses the cutest and tries the hardest.

No. 1195284

her mouth is scary

No. 1195332

Nta post the video

No. 1195337

does she ever have original ideas ever

No. 1195493

File: 1616927267962.png (1016.84 KB, 750x1334, EAA4672E-652E-497E-A7FC-071B68…)

Tried posting the screen recording.
But here’s a screen cap of her reacting to the thread lol.

No. 1195636

File: 1616941471233.jpeg (219.58 KB, 828x1432, D069BAD0-28D3-4CD0-88D7-147E87…)

Did anybody else see Lil Tracy’s accuser post saying DNA was found in her rape kit…? She is saying her case is going to court now because DNA is substantial evidence.

No. 1195649

File: 1616942542886.jpeg (259.63 KB, 828x1699, DE128834-E8A8-4DC8-9304-D29973…)

She explained it on her TikTok…

No. 1195782

I honestly have no idea why anyone is a fan of Tracey. His music is mediocre and he seems like a truly shit human. Also his whole “I’m a homeless gangster” trope is such bullshit given his upbringing and pedigree.

No. 1195871

He’s absolutely idiotic. He was homeless by choice but acts like he had no other options during those times, whole time his parents are rich + famous and he always had a safe place to stay with them if he wanted.

No. 1195875

Exactly and same goes for Peep. Couch surfing by choice doesn’t equate to being homeless. It’s fucking insulting to call it that when either of them could have called home at any time and had a nice soft place to land.

No. 1195934

Right. Most of these guys were bums by choice but they think being able to say they’ve been homeless before will earn them more recognition for their “success”.

No. 1195941

Back on the topic of the girl who said Tracy raped her though, I think it’s a good thing she is now able to take him and the others to court and whoever raped her will be identified. I do believe it was Tracy cause he’s been known as a pedo and creep for years. But we’ll have to see. I just think she deserves justice in some form regardless of who raped her because of how horribly people treated her for coming forward.

No. 1195973


No. 1196198

Anybody else watch the recent Demi Lovato youtube doc, then revisit that dumbass TMZ clip of her drug dealer talking about her OD like a month after it happened, and notice that guy “bighead” is lurking around in the background staring directly at the camera and looking like a tweaker? Meanwhile the “dealer” in question is wearing the bighead chain. Seems like quite the little festering scene there in LA.

No. 1196678

File: 1617036614451.jpeg (71.85 KB, 1125x277, 89FF274C-90E2-4095-89BB-951461…)

confirmed, worthless ovaries

No. 1196987

I noticed that as well when I watched the 2 interviews of his after seeing the Demi documentary episodes. Bighead in the background tweaking looking like he is straight up high on meth is comical but all these dudes are sickening when it really comes down to it. And obviously Brandon Johnson himself (Demi’s dealer/rapist) was acting beyond suspicious in both those interviews. His body language, inability to maintain eye contact, his whole demeanor. All very telling of some type of guilt. In the one without Bighead in the background, he literally says something like “What else is a girl looking for when she hits up a dude that late” referencing how Demi invited him over around 5 am when he sold her those drugs and raped her when she was OD’ing on them. We can’t really draw any more conclusions from making these connections for now, but it’s clear these predators love to run in the same circles so they can cape for one another and enable each other by doing so. As most “influential” predators in positions of “power”/connections to those in those positions often do. Also wasn’t this the same dude under investigation for possibly selling Mac Miller the coke he OD’ed on which was laced with fentanyl? All these dudes are trash.

No. 1197824

I just watched one of the TMZ interviews with the dealer (brandon) and Big Head in the back ground. All of these pathetic LA “producer” man-children make me cringe - the level of degeneracy is off the charts. People always go on about how Peep was such a good guy but he certainly had garbage fire taste in “friends”.

No. 1198138

Does anyone keep up w grosso anymore? I miss these threads being active wondering if anyone else keeps an eye on djquincyy on insta? la dj/model/drug person who always around some of the grimier sc freaks, has chilled w bhad bhabie for a while but just recently pics. has pics w uzi, peep. few years ago he met up w maya bijou after dm sliding, they had two days of being "best friends" fucking n doing drugs, she gave him head on live , then 20 minutes later their both live screaming how the other is a opp. this goes on for hours them shittalking and doxxing eachother, telling eachother where to pull up, next day quincy is at his "safe house" ie his moms . mayas account w 100k followers gets deleted. maya bijou did actually get someone killed at some point, like a random over shittalking outside a club iirc. theres articles about it. her old twitter had a lot of shit bout i run w gangs blah blah blah which turned to get me the fuck out of la around the time of that incident. had caps of a lot of this but lost them when my phone broke. anyways quincy is pretty but has fucked up teeth and is a actual drug addict so its always interesting to see who hes around

No. 1198217

no. get help

No. 1198445

no one actually cares about la people especially that grooso bam margera look alike fucker

No. 1198566

I’d be curious to know more. Grosso is so delusional and disgusting, worse of a clout chaser than Cass. Back in this thread’s heyday, his antics were entertaining. Drop more milk if you’ve got it.

No. 1198679

My favorite grosso milk is him turning his dead dog's ig account into a fan account about himself that he pretends someone else made.

No. 1198714

whoah this is crazy but also not surprising. what is surprising is that it seems to be going unnoticed right now but then again people refuse to listen to victims a lot.

No. 1198865

Don’t forget his SuperRadical giveaways prompted by threats of suicide.

No. 1198966

File: 1617240393683.png (1.42 MB, 792x1226, fatso.png)

he's till active on twitter, stil being his crusty-ass dead-eyed junkie self

No. 1198976

File: 1617240821689.png (1.34 MB, 1196x1178, doaflip.png)

oh and he's still suicide baiting too, in case you were wondering

No. 1198986

Why am I not surprised. Shameful.

No. 1199296

wait you had me at Maya Bijou, I had no idea she was involved with that meathead

No. 1199458

File: 1617292652985.jpeg (247.98 KB, 828x776, 94B0999C-84AF-4953-B157-459443…)

Nah, I’m gonna continue to pronounce it GROSS-oh

No. 1199595

File: 1617302268954.jpg (324.42 KB, 1284x1200, IMG_0949.jpg)

sp00kybabyyy being a conservative trump supporter is hilarious considering her faux gothic alternative schtick.

No. 1199793


Oh all of those idiots love him!

No. 1200296

it is really funny and around the election she had to make her twitter private bc people were dragging her

i think someone asked layla about it and she just dodged the question.

No. 1202422

File: 1617659337663.png (301.39 KB, 828x1792, EB04ACF1-567F-44AA-BE3B-84D7C6…)

she also was arrested in august for felony battery and apparently has had a baby. >>1199296

No. 1202815

I’ve kept up with her socials since it first happened in 2019 bc I believe her and she has always issued lots of evidence that Tracy’s dick riders choose to ignore. Tracy has yet to issue any proof of his innocence and has only showed signs of guilt online. Even when she posted an article explaining the situation in full and issued more proof people chose to ignore it.

No. 1205113

File: 1618029298721.jpeg (1.29 MB, 3464x3464, F4C4896C-02AC-4803-8BB8-F0C0F5…)

Genesis has been giving me Shoddy Lynn vibes lately.

No. 1205186

i was legitimately thinking the same thing

No. 1206881

File: 1618273137624.jpeg (658.75 KB, 828x1319, CE2D0DB6-0044-4197-8F90-A53618…)

i still cannot believe this is how smrtdeath proposed to her

No. 1207583

They got secretly engaged after secretly cheating for like 8 months which is even more embarrassing imho

No. 1208143

Engagements are meaningless. See if they actually get married, because then they’ll have to get legally divorced. I doubt either of them are capable of filling out the paperwork.

This is why it was so weird for genesis to be mad, I wonder if something else happened

No. 1208571

it seemed like cas used genesis to get friends and dropped her after that

No. 1208767

ngl it's pretty funny to see tracy having breakdowns and deleting his twitter every 5 seconds
you guys think he's back on the nose candy?

No. 1208899

File: 1618476929303.jpeg (82.42 KB, 393x640, B16E2F16-D8C3-45D6-B1E3-0EAFD5…)

Why is Coco with this man, he looks like a 50 year old trying to get “in shape” after having hip surgery. His hair is so disgusting

No. 1208991

Coco is a fat drunk and rape apologist/victim blamed. They deserve each other. They’re both disgusting people.

No. 1209043

No doubt. I really hope he posts some crying selfies again that shit was hilarious.

No. 1209052

aww cute he squatted his own body weight

No. 1209350

There’s literally a wine stain all over her tongue in her profile picture and has been for years

No. 1209754

File: 1618571013124.jpg (44.32 KB, 640x903, PKUHYxB_d.jpg)

Loving how he is bitching about how everybody only cares about him because of peep and can't realise it's because his solo stuff is trash

No. 1211029

Been reading through all of the old 2017 threads recently, kind of sad in hindsight watching the whole layla & peep debacle playing out knowing peep would die a month or two later (even though he was a massive asshole)

Do you think Layla would still be trying to get on his dick now if he hadn't OD'd?

No. 1213080

Nah, those toxic as hell, drug fueled, immature relationships don’t tend to last long term. Even if people grow up and stop using it’s hard to move on from all or that bullshit.

No. 1219598

File: 1619709747400.jpg (62.83 KB, 720x518, 20210429_122226.jpg)

What kind of fuckery is this? Is this guy really a "singer"? Wth come on

No. 1220565

Uh what the fuck? And nobodies talking about this? I hope Tracy gets arrested and the truth is brought to light/she receives justice soon. This girl has deserved so much better than how most people responded to her for telling her story.

No. 1221020

File: 1619883916895.png (361.02 KB, 828x1792, 7E0A25F2-B83E-46D2-A1BE-C195A6…)

No clue what this means?

No. 1221128

Cassidy blocked Genesis, I guess.

No. 1221433

you must be new here. For starters read the fucking rules. his has been covered already. two years later and crickets.

No. 1221907


No. 1222263

Are you not reading the comments above? That girl posted saying DNA was found with a screenshot of an email from somebody who works for seattle PD who confirmed it. So i’m confused why people aren’t talking about it cause it seems like a significant piece of information. Maybe you should read the rules cause you’re the one speaking off-topic right now. Dumbfuck.

No. 1222264

“Two years later and crickets” way to invalidate a victim’s story cause they haven’t received justice yet? If you knew a single thing about sexual assault cases and investigations you’d know it was never “covered” and there aren’t “crickets”, and she has no control over how much time it will take to get that man in a court room. You’re trash and you’re speaking out of context at this point for deliberately ignoring the proof that girl issues every time she is asked.

No. 1222332

File: 1620052661402.jpeg (1.6 MB, 3464x3464, 21B2C2B0-0E22-45DE-8506-635DAB…)


No. 1222632

this type of stuff is exactly why i believe the allegations against tracy are true and why i find all the other allegations about people in that whole shit circle very believable. not only that but way more proof has been shown indicating his (tracy’s) guilt then there has been proof shown of his innocence. fuck horsehead’s ugly ass too. he said he believed the allegations against tracy so that was clearly an attempt to draw attention away from his own disgusting behavior.

No. 1222641


Men actually deny others allegations to protect themselves, like paying it forward to get defended later or have their friends harass their victims. So I’m glad he supported Tracy’s victim, it doesn’t excuse his own abuse but maybe he was trying to do something right and change instead of just doing nothing or protecting another rapist. I won’t say her name but didn’t his ex get a lot of shit for cheating when he was hooking up with middle schoolers apparently? I believe it also, and weren’t underage girls peep had been with posted here too? This is such a weird thing to look back on

No. 1222698

>I won’t say her name even tho she’s supposed to have been hooking up with middles schoolers
>men aaaaschukalllly
Shut the fuck up then your post was pointless if you don’t call out the fucking pedos wether it’s alleged or not. Especially if you, yourself believe it.

No. 1222725

their comment said SHE got shit for cheating while he was fucking middle schoolers. i agree though. if they’re gonna mention it and express belief they should say that shit with their chest and name exactly who they’re referencing.

No. 1222756

>no sage
>no milk
> try to BBBBUT SHE
Exactly, say it with your mf chest or don’t say shit at all. Thanks for agreeing half-heartedly

No. 1222767

but you referred to her as the pedo when that’s tracy. she was just cheating. the pedo was already named while she was not but she deserves to be exposed too. i was right when i made that correction. you sound like a fucking middle schooler getting mad i didn’t “fully” agree with what you said just cause i corrected something you clearly misread. calm down.

No. 1222787

I’ve also followed Rosie for a while and I believe her for lots of reasons, not just bc the receipts and proof she has posted, but cause why would somebody be so adamant about making their voice heard on something this fucked up if they were lying? Given all the aggression from his fans that she’s faced for speaking up. Girl literally moved out of Seattle cause of harassment from his fans and friends. I think somebody who’s lying about that would give up the act after a certain point. It’s been over two years and she keeps showing more and more proof as time passes.

No. 1223119

File: 1620112114126.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, AF6BDBC9-9225-4730-910A-957656…)

Who the fuck orders a water with whipped cream?
Genesis really hit rock bottom after being associated with Shrimp.

No. 1223367

this is some truly cursed shit

No. 1223394

I think she’s on some kind of fucked up diet which is bizarre giving she’s about 50 lbs.

Does anybody know the backstory on her? Where is she from etc? I’ve been through this thread and didn’t see. Was she involved with Peep or TP in some way?

No. 1223397

This is why it’s funny to me when people accuse women of lying about sexual assault. All these women get is a barrage of abuse and harassment from shitty stans, and statistically speaking even if the accused does get charged they likely will not get convicted. It’s not a thing women want to go through (also the reason many don’t even bother).

No. 1223467

I didn’t say the name of horsehead’s ex because she self posts you stupid bitches. Figure out who he claimed during that time who got shit for cheating when he was cheating on her with middle schoolers. She has been so desperate to be posted here she ate Layla’s gay ex’s ass for months, now married some other 2021 SoundCloud rapper, and her and her friends mysteriously get posted here even though no one knows them or cares.

No. 1223572

their whipped cream is around 100 calories and will just make her crave more sugar while aging her this is so stupid

No. 1223576

File: 1620165629236.jpg (110.23 KB, 1080x1285, 2E7lo28idYVaUskI8oSKhCypC3tnnx…)

the photo is literally a shitpost meme that's been around for ages. the original caption is "ha ha can't believe they spelled my name wrong" about the Geff on it when obviously the bizarre thing about the photo is the fact it's water with whipped cream. did you people just disover the internet 20 minutes ago?

No. 1223675

shut up ana-chan

No. 1223895

Shes from like Oklahoma or Arizona or some shit, there’s nothing interesting about her. She dated Internet girls ex boyfriend for awhile and took a lot of ig pics during that time to build a “feed” and sells ugly shit on depop, she’s boring and I don’t understand why all of these people have to move to LA. I think she’s desperate to be Internet girl level of popularity but that era in LA is dead and she’s soooo late, and no this is not hotelshrimp

No. 1224414

nothing to do with toopoor or peep

No. 1225175

You bitches sound so jealous. She’s model gorgeous, smart, and extremely talented. Maybe try building people up instead of tearing them down. She’s an inspiration, you guys sound so miserable.

No. 1225188

hi genesis

No. 1225323

Gorgeous? Maybe in photos but as soon as she is videoed or seen doing anything in motion she looks so terrible like worse than Layla, as for talent… where? Designing rosaries and shit that has been done 10x ? Or a regurgitated version of a microchip necklace and Tesla tank top? If you’re impressed by this you’re probably like way young because none of this is original from any of these people

No. 1225324

Forgot to sage

No. 1225398

File: 1620400801090.jpeg (73.03 KB, 1125x1383, F5062869-C222-414D-8929-38961D…)

aubrie and Layla no longer follow each other?

No. 1226055

Tracy is so guilty. When I read his victim’s story and she included proof of the other suspects telling a fake story about some fucking tampon to cover up their tracks I knew there had to be seriously something wrong that’s being hidden.

No. 1226399

Wouldn’t be surprised if Layla unfollowed her because she’s a Trumpie, Layla is friends with a lot of people who wouldn’t tolerate it

No. 1231902

File: 1621260630092.jpeg (562.8 KB, 828x1316, 4FEB41BD-E2BD-47D3-AAC4-20C45C…)

That eyebrow.

No. 1232444

Stfu anon, Genesis is a gorgeous and talented model who is definitely NOT on her way to another OD.

No. 1233642

Right my bad. Remember when she was sober for like 4 days?

No. 1234909

who would know this information besides someone who is personally close to her

No. 1234929

lmao. genesis. go dye your other eyebrow and get your shit together. Sorry Cass milked you dry into a shadow. maybe hit lilith back up and get the IV.

No. 1235460

>>1139930 sextingatcostco (smrtdeath's ex) has spoken up about his abuse several times since they broke up in 2018, it even went to court but when he got lawyers for parents it's easy to sweep under the rug

No. 1235465

who cares about him, he's a rapist

No. 1235476


Went to court for what for physical abuse? That whole group is so unbelievably tired and lame. Does anyone follow Nascar Aloe? He's signed and dresses super punk and used to make videos of himself screaming and chewing on cigarette butts but seems like just a nice kid doing it for fashion's sake.

No. 1235527

It’s cool to know he’s a good person and aware it’s a fashion or aesthetic, don’t follow him really but I’m so tired of the rapists and the women fucking them for inbred clout. I’d love anyone else to be posted

No. 1235599

i cant believe this group either especially since the group of rapist men is best friends with other people who publicly and loudly are anti rape. i guess we no see it

No. 1236147

as if you arent sextingatcostco self posting right now

No. 1236489

Literally anyone who follows her finsta.

No. 1237825

she doesn't post any life revealing content on there

No. 1238062

She definitely posts enough for me to know she was on a health/sobriety kick for a short time.

No. 1239357

based off what she chose to show people

No. 1239556

File: 1622082580180.jpeg (120.92 KB, 1125x391, E8764842-7A8D-43F4-A5B2-E37129…)

not something you should say outloud, and this bitch wonders why no one wants to marry her… lol

No. 1239849

STFU red pill

No. 1239893

File: 1622134239793.jpeg (174.26 KB, 1125x456, 86810295-1B76-405D-858D-DC4F2C…)

at least she's self aware

No. 1240299

No one cares please stop posting her tweets

No. 1241329

File: 1622306860922.jpeg (399.21 KB, 720x1444, 13D1BCDA-C739-443F-8873-58F6EC…)

Going hard for washed up rapists.

No. 1241484

When women do this shit it’s the worst, she was his victims ages once. It’s also not hard to just not post pictures of him.

No. 1242329

It’s absolutely disgusting. Sometimes I almost start to like Genesis, or at least feel a bit sorry for her because she genuinely seems to be struggling, but then she posts something like this and I’m like nah.

No. 1242630

how else would she get the clout

No. 1243545

What are the chances any of these idiots are vaccinated

No. 1243867

if any of them got vaxxed they would have posted a clout-chasing ig story by now

No. 1243964

i wonder if layla still lurks here

No. 1244000

Nil - I’ve never seen any of the Genesis crowd post a single thing that isn’t completely self-centred and vapid. Genesis thought she had covid and then went to Vegas with her friend. The party photos never stopped, I really don’t think their lives ever changed at all.

No. 1244045

LOL he’s so ugly. Can’t imagine anyone going hard for him like this cause of how ugly is alone.

No. 1244494

He looks like a drunk toddler.

No. 1250241

Lol he’s almost that exactly. He made himself have a heart attack from taking prescription medications. Hope he doesnt survive next time.

No. 1262765

@iwantfriendslikethis is public again and hotelshrimp has been kicked off the island(necro)

No. 1262859

>>1262765 wait what island?

No. 1264329

she posts about him daily. loves to talk about her trauma from mike whenever she’s bored and needs attention, along with glorifying mental illness and listing the medications she takes

No. 1265934

File: 1624847376828.png (Spoiler Image, 869.14 KB, 1125x2436, A8D20D64-B657-445E-808D-F5CF6C…)

wonder who’s she suing even tho she’s not even milky anymore

No. 1266014

Stepdad must not be answering the phone.

No. 1266083

her bio dad or intellectual property

No. 1270963

File: 1625357654136.jpeg (378.6 KB, 1125x1268, BABE7FCA-B59E-43F1-A7E3-52838C…)

Not really milky but i think it’s hilarious how he clapped back, joking or not, she’s so annoying

No. 1274085

i know thiscomment is left field here but ive been lurking these threads sonce the beginning and after everything we've been thru with cass, ithink shes much more of an interesting and grown person that the rest of iwantfriendslikethis.. you know?

No. 1274087

sorry for typos.. ive had some drinks

No. 1275101

Cass seems to be doing better emotionally and mentally which is good, it’s also good she has a goal or a plan to be a stylist. I always wondered wtf she was going to do for a living in LA because the sugar baby life isn’t forever.

but I think Chloe is a better dresser with a more cohesive style and eye for fashion

No. 1275516

i dont even know her and i can tell cass is the fakest bitch to walk the planet. i do not doubt for a second that you are not her self posting in here right now.

No. 1275805

File: 1626145130060.png (8.06 MB, 1242x2688, 383F9837-7AD0-42C8-A977-8FD908…)

is she literally serious???? she’s literally still flexing that she fucked peep and a bunch of girls who came out about being with him while he was with layla. like i get it’s embarrassing knowing that you dead ex bf who you had a terrible toxic relationship it’s just like why even bring this up? people love to ride his dead dick so hard and it’s not even something you should be bragging about chelji literally uses this to milk any clout she has which is gross it’s just ew what the fuck…?

No. 1275875

Anybody else see peeps soundcloud got hacked a few days back and some of his shit got stolen/deleted? I'm curious as to how somebody could do that to such a big acc unless his password was like 'ilovelayla123' lol

>you dead ex bf
potato was never that close to him, just one of his many side hoes

No. 1276024

i was talking about layla lol everybody knows by now they both treated each other horribly… they both cheated on eachother layla would constantly brag about peep choking her and fucking her so many girls came out after his death and said they fucked w him while he was with lay so

No. 1276076

no one cares, it's ancient drama and the guy has been dead a few years and everyone has moved on - so should you.

No. 1277028

Cass is disgusting. Really gives off smelly troll vibes.

No. 1277209

she showed up on my fyp about a week ago where she got arrested for something. genuinely forgot she existed but guess some ppl never change lmao

No. 1277403

Apparently Emma covered up her Peep tattoo with a giant fucking dragon. I wonder what her motive behind that was, the tattoo was a pretty sentimental drawing he did of them

No. 1277421

File: 1626384912503.jpg (270.79 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_1614.JPG)

it's not a good cover up either, like the tattoo of her and peep is still kinda visible. makes no sense.

No. 1277436

>>1277421 Yeah at first I thought it was for the shoot, like a temporary tattoo? But there's some older unrelated pics where she has the dragon

No. 1277488

did something new happen with her bio dad? not asking for anything private just wondering if she posted more, when i used to read these threads she opened up on twitter about him being an awful person and i really felt for her.

No. 1277506

tell us more please

No. 1277550

probably got tired of being reminded of her dead ex every time she looked at her thigh lol

No. 1277584

anyone else find it weird that emma and layla hang out? they both banged the same dude who is dead. are they just clout chasing on that fame still?
emma sells her used raggedy clothes on depop and always sells out. pathetic that people eat that shit up. her bf since peep died is also some wannabe rapper from her hometown. super weird.

No. 1277601

I guess they just bonded over it? Who knows. Both only got big because of the peep association in any case

No. 1277645

>>1277584 I used to think it was weird but I kinda get it. Like the other anon said, they probably bonded over it. They both got screwed over being the main girls and then having a ton of dead man side pieces coming out of the woodwork when he died. Plus both get a lot of weirdo comments from fans. It's a weird ass bond, but a bond nontheless

No. 1281122

read the previous 18 threads nonnie

No. 1283255

File: 1627104410886.png (53.97 KB, 749x418, IMG_1890.PNG)

Peep's crazy grandma talking shit on Emma and being nice to Layla lol.

No. 1283517

File: 1627148014972.png (4.73 MB, 1242x2208, 4A08C50E-A89B-49AF-8627-31B559…)

Even after all these years potato is still obsessed with Layla. Lol girl move on

No. 1283519

File: 1627148067572.png (2.18 MB, 1242x2208, 46C6C109-F51F-49E7-8423-A3A48A…)

No. 1283805


didn't his own brother release shitty merch using his name? the stuff with his mom and grandma fighting with people online makes me so sad their clearly hurting and traumatized and he would have hated it all obviously, all of it. she's right though especially considering he basically kept Emma hidden whilst he was alive.

No. 1284053

i dont think theres a single person who hasn't capitalised on his death tbh like it's still trippy seeing someone updating his socials and releasing all these "limited" drops like i get it his family also has to eat but i think they should've done it differently cus this all is just way too obvious

No. 1285550

His mom and his grandma need to stop lurking around on social media and reddit arguing with fans. I read recently his mom has had a series of strokes - I can’t imagine constantly arguing with 15yr olds helps with stress levels.

No. 1285620

File: 1627428463530.png (688.31 KB, 828x1792, 44CDF0F9-35E0-474B-8C97-6B5066…)

I’m going to post some screenshots from the girl who said Tracy raped her cause I think they are worth noting…. I’ve been following her for a while and she posted these today. 1/3

No. 1285621

File: 1627428535035.png (887.99 KB, 828x1792, 8B403E42-5ADD-4247-9980-2E195B…)

2/3 This makes me really sad cause she seems to be really honest and upfront about it all like she has to prove her trauma to others. Even when there is a lot of proof of Tracy or these other dudes being guilty of something

No. 1285623

File: 1627428593264.png (630.54 KB, 828x1792, C68A9999-C4E3-4C9F-904C-310F28…)

3/3 This one is just crazy cause that’s a very bold thing to accuse somebody of without proof of it lmfao

No. 1285721

Just popped in to say I went to high school with genesis. She’s a rich white girl from Oklahoma and is totally cosplaying some “alternative” girl. I think her major in school was ballet. She was always scrawny,weird, and unpopular just like all the ballet girls.

No. 1285817

these soundcloud groupie thooters accuse someone of rape once and never let it go. it’s a pattern with them. pouya was accused of being a rapist years ago and his accuser, to this day, searches his name on twitter to argue with his fans and tell them pouya raped her. you’d think that they’d be too traumatized to obsess over their alleged rapists constantly but hey, anything for attention i guess. tracy’s accuser said she was going to provide proof “soon” but it never fucking happened.

nobody gives a shit.

No. 1286275

Scroll up in this thread. Look at the screenshot of an email from an investigator saying DNA was found. Read what that entails. All them have to issue samples so someone will be proven guilty. She was raped that night regardless. Why would vaginal tearing be found? and You’re retarded if you think SA cases are quick and easy for victims. She doesn’t sound obsessed she sounds traumatized. You’re a dumbass and to defend Pouya too is wild cause there’s plenty of suspicious information about him on here, too. Consider suicide

No. 1286329

I’ve always wondered her backstory and this tracks. I imagine she got all those cringe tattoos in the span of a few months.

No. 1286350

i never denied that she was raped but DNA being found doesn’t make tracy her rapist, does it? accusing him specifically when she doesn’t even know who raped her is attention-seeking and flat out fucking stupid. at least wait until you have your results back before you go publicly accusing someone of rape. i’m not defending pouya either, he is a rapist. i’m saying that searching your rapist’s name constantly (in regards to pouya’s victim) to argue with his stans years after the rape happened is childish and, again, attention-seeking. you’re telling me to kill myself because i don’t support these spergy clout-chasing wannabe goff tumblr girls and find their behavior ridiculous. get the fuck off lolcow.

No. 1286409

lol you genuinely sound retarded as shit and you’re victim blaming. yes we don’t know if its tracy yet but we also don’t know it’s not. and you don’t have proof of her lying when she says she woke up next to him that morning. almost all her other claims about that night have been proven so i doubt she’s lying about that part. and i doubt you were there that night too lmfao. people should be putting more pressure on the people accused rather than her because of how much evidence has been identified. a rape victim giving their testimony without knowing the full truth of everything that happened to them doesn’t make them an attention seeker. it’s true she actually sounds traumatized as fuck. very upset and like she has PTSD or something. actual rape victims don’t continue speaking on it like that for attention cause so much of the attention is negative. she seems hurt as fuck and like she needs help and i don’t mean that in a “she’s crazy” way i mean these people obviously hurt her bad. so i reiterate that you should end your shit cause you’re an apologist to rapists if you put your energy into demonizing a victim instead of a group of people already proven to have involvement with the victims assault.

No. 1286411

Ew you sound gross. How can you acknowledge she was raped then call her attention seeking because she is still talking about it. Rape victims deserve the space to express their emotions about their trauma freely, You’re the one who should get off lolcow

No. 1286413

I follow her IG she posts a lot about it and talks about other SA related issues too so yeah I don’t think someone lying about being raped (already proven she didn’t lie) would try to keep it up for this long. Most attention it attracts is horrible. Also it’s true she does seem traumatized as fuck constantly which is sad to see. She said she was diagnosed with PTSD after her assault. And the other day she posted saying she’s going to inpatient rehab soon, hopefully she can get help there.

No. 1286421

when did i say she was lying? 9/10 soundcloud rappers are pedophilic coomer rapists, it could’ve been anyone. why would you definitively name someone as your rapist when you’re unsure? in what world does that make any sense? sure, put pressure on tracy. he’s responsible for proving his innocence. but, she quite literally named him as her rapist and should be responsible for proving it as a result. it’s that simple. if you want to moralfag, go to twitter. there’s tons of your kind there. i’m not going to apologize for wanting evidence. there’s help out there for victims of assault in abuse, she should reach out instead of leading a fucking e-girl twitter crusade against a washed up soundcloud rapper. i learned my lesson from doing that.

No. 1286560

File: 1627551186786.jpg (31.41 KB, 320x693, wghzm3coz3e71.jpg)

Tracy the rapist is currently having a sperg out over people saying that peep made him (actually true numbers wise) and set his insta account to private. I'd post more but there's nothing much else other than him bitching lol

No. 1286561

File: 1627551347348.jpg (42.77 KB, 320x693, 1tezp0yt54e71.jpg)

No. 1286562

File: 1627551378824.jpg (38.3 KB, 320x693, besfn1yt54e71.jpg)

>actually have talent

No. 1286563

File: 1627551408306.jpg (28.7 KB, 320x693, 7r7r07yt54e71.jpg)

No. 1286564

File: 1627551519820.jpg (48.48 KB, 320x693, uwsrknyy94e71.jpg)

actually kinda funny

No. 1286574

No one is moralfagging. Sucks to suck you got burned by some whore but this ain’t that situation. how is she unsure when she’s named him and said she woke up to him and has stuck with the same story this whole time?

> sure, put pressure on tracy. he’s responsible for proving his innocence but she quite literally named him as her rapist and should be responsible for proving it as a result.

So.. you agree she’s named him(sounds sure) and she should be proving that through the court system like she is? Make it make sense
Like someone else said get offline

No. 1286686

Lmaoooo and what do we learn from this? He is nonexistent without lil peep. Goodbye!

No. 1286836

legit the dude should be sucking peep off at every opportunity for how much exposure he gets

No. 1288833

File: 1627836153800.png (9.52 MB, 1125x2436, 2F035F9C-FEC1-4EFD-98CE-A4808F…)

Hotel shrimp has some audacity promoting her “styling skills” I fucking hate LA so much

No. 1289292

did lotus od or something why is he talking about health problems but im fine on twitter.

can someone make a summary of lotus smartdeth lil aaron who they are etc?

also has anyone looked in to @thagothfatha on insta managed xxxtentacion and now is managing nascar aloe and a bunch of other lil punk revival blue hair losers

No. 1289749

She was like “I made it in an hour after midnight 🤪” like yeah bitch we can tell

No. 1289801

Is smrtdeath trans? Their chest tatt's looks like cover up tattoos for top surgery.

No. 1289803

you didn't know that?

No. 1289817

i also did not know this

No. 1289860

File: 1627961146649.jpg (136.83 KB, 1000x1000, 803ba86fd4f8bb3191fb1ad3e8db0a…)

i don't see any scars

No. 1289862

File: 1627961405354.jpeg (356.1 KB, 828x1454, 6C7DE8B9-9E58-4CBF-8C2C-C063BF…)

sorry for shitty pic, lil tracy posted horse head on his story the other day after everyone in gbc cancelled him??

No. 1289913

Ugggh thanks for the pic clarification, dudes has such a shittly put together style and embarrassing seeing a cis dude copy a look mostly associated with transmen

No. 1289935

Why was horsehead cancelled? I always wonder about wicca phase the guy who used to be in tigers jaw he seems legitmately chill and interested in music and I feel so bad for him in regards to the peep situation

No. 1289936


ehh he might be and just have started on hormones young? Idk anything about him other than he talks like every other white boy from Ontario who pretends to be nice but is evil towards women

No. 1290036

Its a joke anon

No. 1290206

File: 1628015575318.jpeg (478.96 KB, 828x982, 43139D89-FC93-43AE-A78B-E7FF18…)

Horse Head tweeted this after Hotel Shrimp tweeted about how everyone in gbc was staying silent about the Tracy situation. It escalated pretty intensely and everyone in gbc unfollowed him, Tracy posted videos of him pissing on HH’s porch, apparently slapped him, Fish Narc said HH called the cops on Tracy, Cold Hart said Tracy was innocent and posted a bunch of shit about HH, wicca unfollowed him, Tracy started saying HH was racist, even Mackned made vague tweets talking shit about him, etc. It was covered pretty well on r/gothboiclique. Strangely enough, at Wicca’s show last week he shouted out HH.

No. 1290233

thanks i am a dumbass

i dont understand why he goes by michael and sethany??

No. 1290253

iirc he said in an interview that sethany came from him coming up with nicknames off of smrtdeath and he stuck with sethany, so idk if it is of much significance

No. 1290370

that’s fucked up wicca unfollowed him for literally saying that something obviously happened, and that the men who were there that night need to help. if they’re not guilty, why would they be opposed to helping and giving clarity? wicca is like the oldest one and i thought most mature, guess not. most gbc fans are girls and they only pretended to care about the other dudes so they didn’t feel left out because they were just there for peep. this was a fan too, so all of them retaliating against the most calm and supportive take is fucked up. and homeboy got accused of sexual acts with a minor too, so at least he’s trying to contribute to some form of justice. hotel shrimp posting about it first and indirectly getting horsehead to do it is cool though fr love to see it.

No. 1291448

Isn’t he from Winnipeg?

No. 1291453

File: 1628173214748.jpeg (268.53 KB, 828x1453, FAF9D330-F530-422F-A232-2399D0…)

Sorry to change the topic but looks who’s going down the shitter again.

No. 1291454

File: 1628173242944.jpeg (294.92 KB, 821x1441, 2CD17EA0-A819-4B56-9463-BD232F…)

No. 1291456

It’s fucked up that all of these grown men who claim to be so leftist and progressive are defending him. Just shows where their heads are really at.

No. 1295924

File: 1628516057991.jpeg (441.08 KB, 828x1406, 7A125192-71F1-4980-8BEE-077489…)

Peep’s mom is fighting with the kids on the lilpeep sub Reddit again - this time arguing that he wasn’t an addict. I feel for her, I really do. She lost a child and I cannot imagine the pain she’s in. But I can’t see anything productive about trolling that sub and arguing with 16 yr olds. It must be exhausting.

No. 1295984

for someone who's had 2 (?) strokes by now, she needs to have her priorities sorted out like asap. anything related to 'clearing up the rumours' will only add more fuel to the fire. but most ppl around him were addicts to certain degrees for sure and that's not news. the entire soundclout scene is based on drugs and destructive behaviour which isn't the news either. ik it was her son and all but everyone needs to stop trying to make him a saint.

No. 1296620

This bitch is such a failed anachan. She must measure her waist everyday because on depop she used to say she was an XS and a 23” waist and now she says she’s a small with a 25” waist lmfaoooo

No. 1296673

there are pics of him doing coke and xanax since his career began grief is making her delusional

No. 1296719

should she lie

No. 1297271

legit every vid of him performing shows him high as fuck and the whole documentary she supported was about his addiction. I feel bad for her but she really needs off social media

No. 1298769

File: 1628797646340.png (134.48 KB, 750x829, IMG_2679.PNG)

coldhart's wife not happy that he's playing a show with tracy. not sure who she's referring to as her friend who was "deeply hurt" by him.

No. 1298800

These people are so fucking disgusting and I can’t imagine what that’s like to be married to and have a kid with someone who is fully willing to play an entirely avoidable show during covid and with someone who raped a fan who was also a minor. That girl actually went through with the torture and hell on earth that is the legal process too, at the height of this stupid music. I fucking hate these people. Peep’s death was tragic, and some young fan’s rape isn’t? Tracy made the choice to do all of that and ruin his life and an innocent girl’s, no one made him do that and he can deal with the consequences instead of dragging every dude he can and their relationships into it. It’s trash she even has to make a statement because her husband can’t figure out why this isn’t a good idea or a message he should want to send any female fans, or idk people in general. Fucking trash

No. 1298801

Genesis is actually so hot tho

No. 1298804

yeah, he was buddybuddy with another winnipeg “musician” who was a major rapist with a whole laundry list of victims. the group was called GUTES HAAR and the rapist is named mike gachenga but he went by patrick bateman (yes, after american psycho) and some other names i’m forgetting now

No. 1299342

This woman gets on my nerves with her incessant, inane tweeting but at least she’s willing to stand up for something which is more than I can say for 99.9% of these scum bags.

No. 1299445

Idk Should you lie, Genesis? Fuck you lurk so hard don’t you?

No. 1299480

Lmfao I know right. Around two years ago she dmed me because I was speculating about her and Cold Hart and she was actually very sweet, I think she just is just driven absolutely insane by incessant GBC fans. I genuinely feel for her and admire that she is actually responsible and logical.

No. 1299634

Looks fade Genesis, you should stop supporting rapists for clout.

No. 1299694

are you talking about “praying”

No. 1299704

you are saying im genises because im asking if she should lie about her size when selling clothes? make it make sense

No. 1300310

jamie (coldharts wife) is a moron regarding her covid comments. she should stay her pregnant ass home with her toddler if she is worried about covid. her AND coldhart have been traveling the past two months with their toddler. so they really haven't been safe at all. if she can't trust her husband to keep his distance during the show, that is pathetic. she is putting her, her unborn baby, and toddler at risk by going.

No. 1300323

Wait so she has been traveling with him?

No. 1300572

Is that brand praying made by a rapist? The guys name is skylar who makes the brand are you talking about him?

No. 1300620

She’s pregnant again with another SoundCloud baby this is so weird no wonder he has to play this stupid show his kids gonna need braces one day

No. 1301742

File: 1629188818911.png (7.12 MB, 1170x2532, D841BEA3-E8A8-42FF-8AA3-620F3D…)

No. 1301749

No. 1303871

File: 1629405602730.png (722.15 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210819-153427.png)

Germ from G59 ($uicideboy$ and Ramirez rap collective) called 911 and watch through the window while his gf got kidnapped in front of his house. She was murdered later.

No. 1303878

sounds sketchy af i am sure he had something to do with it

No. 1303879

File: 1629405762734.jpeg (265.38 KB, 946x2048, E9FlsDNVkAkjpwg.jpeg)

I guess he had fun charged so that's why he didn't shoot the guy. Idk how u can carry on w a hard persona after something like this. But idk I don't think anybody really thought he was hard tho dude is friends w Pouya and fat nick lol

No. 1303880

Gun charge not fun charge

No. 1303885

Idk how to post links so hopefully I did this right but I also think he set her up cus his 911 call sounded weird. 911 call starts at 58 secs.

No. 1305179

File: 1629515352677.jpg (59.98 KB, 431x767, z9p5w6i48ki71.jpg)

Peeps mom with coldhart from GBC
i thought she wasn't on good terms with GBC or is it just specific members?

No. 1305195

File: 1629516890212.png (19.22 KB, 682x116, Screenshot 2021-08-21 3.31.47 …)

also forgot to mention that according to the hackers that hacked peeps sc and have previously leaked a lot of stuff an unreleased EP will have trippie redd added onto a song

how cash grabbing can you be lol? these were finished songs also, i wouldn't be surprised to hear about a drake feature next album

No. 1305198

File: 1629517107385.jpeg (458.73 KB, 1125x1585, F56CDE31-09A1-4249-A981-8AF558…)

Sage for blogpost but what a dumbass worthless cunt. Seriously sits there and cries for attention on how abusive this piece of shit is then “flaunts” him around in some mediocre low class joke. Hope she k*los herself. Fucking whore

No. 1305211

can someone drop screens about his abuse? she always dirty deletes

No. 1305212

I think she’s on okay terms with most of them now. It’s the crazy grandma that always had the most drama with them.

No. 1305214


No. 1305241

Go back to wherever you came from or integrate

No. 1307009

File: 1629747634017.jpeg (474.1 KB, 1125x1288, 29BCC42B-2B04-46D0-A296-542D5F…)

Lol jimmytoast subtweeting ogaquafina

No. 1307520

File: 1629817243917.jpeg (488.19 KB, 828x1002, F5A33CC4-5139-4F30-A259-611039…)

Aw pedos supporting rapists. Warms the cockles of the heart, doesn’t it? I screen capped the video but it won’t post here. You can barely understand what they are saying through the drugs.

No. 1307997

seconded, I cant believe shes been brought up here, I used to creep her twitter just cause it was so fucking bonkers lmao

No. 1308838


I find it so funny that she tries to have any relevancy. She used to go around saying that Peep gave her a playboy bunny necklace and that he was in love with her but in reality it was a shitty amazon necklace she got herself. Her tattoo on the side of her face says good girl because "peep called her that", when she had only met him one or two times.
She and her mum where arrested for fraud, and had over 10k in debts the last time I heard. She was also arrested for benefit fraud, she opened up an only fans account after leaking her own nudes and didn't declare her income, kept collecting benefits. She was begging people on snapchat to give her money. Now she lives in a YMCA and makes Tik Toks.

There's a lot more and I only know because I used to hang out in the gbc circle and dated someone who she slept with her. He said she stunk and would get guys to take her clubbing for free drinks and then she pissed in his bed. She also talked about Peep the whole night and lived in a council estate tower block with her mom at the time.

No. 1309547

Wicca not the oldest one mackned and yawns both have a few years on him I’m pretty sure. And his statement doesn’t mean anything since they all kissed and made up in the end. I think the biggest beef now is between fish who is pretty unstable and rides for tracy very hard and the rest of them because they’re all friends with horse again fish keeps tweeting about feeling betrayed. You’d think he’d just be happy tracy has his long time friend back with how much he mothers him.

Horse was at that show that’s probably why he got shouted out. Must have been insanely weird since hotel shrimp and mike were a few feet from him for a lot of the night

No. 1309845

How the hell did she even meet Peep in the first place and what did he see in her? She seems so so rough.

No. 1310041

File: 1630117317499.jpg (187.61 KB, 1242x2151, 78124ud94zj71.jpg)

lil kawaii (friend of tracy and other soundclout members) died of an overdose overnight. Wonder if this will finally be the wakeup call to all the junkies? (it wont let's be real)

No. 1310080

Not that anon, to be fair they all were lol. The people that got sober definitely look better now, I think it was just access and to use her to manipulate other girls like Layla or just enjoyed the adoration. He slept with anyone and everyone it seems, didn’t shower, and had those dirty long nails. It makes sense to me they hooked up idk.

No. 1310104

Inju a photog that took a bunch of pictures for that scene died 3 days ago the rumormill is saying David shawty gave lil kawaii the laced percs. He hung out with both hours before they died

No. 1310243

they all dabble in drugs thinking it makes them goat not even checking their plugs and then die one by one like. what did you think was gonna happen smdh

No. 1319037

File: 1631127399932.jpeg (346.61 KB, 1170x2389, 8BF5CB66-5F75-40DB-A449-A81271…)

Is she admitting to doing drugs to sound cool? After pretending to be sober for so long?

No. 1319041

File: 1631128088988.jpeg (722.77 KB, 2048x2048, 0B9B4AAF-337D-494D-99A7-8F21A7…)

Hotelshrimp is freaking out over having a couple pimples. Maybe it’s from all the alcohol and drugs you brag about doing? Just a thought

No. 1320287

That’s more than a couple of pimples. Her face looks like shit. Maybe clean your phone with some Lysol wipes every now and then if you’re gonna be touching your face, Cassie? Ideas.

No. 1321671

Drugs fuck up your skin and the organs you use to detox your body, adderall alone frequently causes skin issues. I’m surprised none of them used the pandemic to get sober

No. 1322710

File: 1631502460483.jpeg (439.18 KB, 1536x2048, 61F68592-5DE5-4176-8A3D-58936E…)

Lol she posted her full name… good job ever getting a real job outside of prostitution ogaquafina Marlowe Crosland

No. 1323236

File: 1631565790791.jpeg (263.24 KB, 1125x1097, F96AF94B-D3B3-41E0-A8AD-483DBE…)

This chick is crazy. I can’t believe she’s on lolcow now. It’s funny bc she always does things to “spite” others and not for herself. That 20k on a detox center is about to be a big fat waste. She won’t stay clean. She’ll always be a barred out retarded prostitute.

No. 1326921

File: 1631909980208.png (2.23 MB, 828x1792, 35D7DC2B-0BAB-4061-9C61-65236C…)

Lol guess we’ll see. She’s in rehab now exposing herself. I guess her real name is Marlowe? What kind of parents would do that to a little girl kek.

No. 1327036

has she actually been on a 5150 hold and is she actually in rehab or just writing this embarrassing tumblr notes detoxing at home? she’s in for a fucking ride.

No. 1327143

I think this is a rehab or support group exercise.

No. 1327607

really weird to me that she’s suddenly using her real (??) name or at least a different name because whenever lotus would talk (complain) about her to me he would always call her Sage

No. 1327663

she should take it seriously and write things that would be too real to post online. it’s way too basic to be an exercise or she’s not committed at all. that line “abusive relationships aren’t my thing anymore”, really??? and now she can be herself? she was that whole time, she was just using and coping destructively, it’s still something she needs to face and resolve if she doesn’t want to use again. getting off of benzos takes months even if you quit cold turkey and you can get seizures from that. it’s a really serious thing, if she’s tapering that’s fine and cool, if she’s this open to posting about this while sober she should share how she’s getting off of it because it’s so common but wtv

No. 1327923

i was watching third world elites live and someone asked him to address the accusations and he said "show me the evidence theres none" i want to know if victims have come forward or any evidence of any kind because i couldn't find anything. also i was not expecting him to look like a 12 year old lmao.

No. 1327967

Who are you referring to?

No. 1328026

im p sure horsehead and internetgirl are dating now

No. 1328159

Kek this is like people being shocked Marilyn Manson was a mega abuser when it's all in his lyrics. Third world elite loves pictures of young teen girls, he basically just deflects the accusations instead of deadass addressing. And hey, there's a reason he never shows his uggo babyface.
An account popular with these types of people

No. 1328349

I hope Sage or Marlowe or whatever the fuck her name is does get clean. And I hope once clean she rids herself of trash like lil lotus. I want to see her succeed not because I like her but because I am so sick of these women in their gross, unhealthy abusive relationships, with their EDs and addictions, using and glorifying it to all of their followers who are probably 14. Do fucking better.

No. 1328472

women matter at all ages and she should get out of all that for herself, not just for the sake of someone else’s child who shouldn’t be looking at stuff like that and has their own resources. she’s not responsible for anyone but herself and has real issues i hope she sorts out, so do all the men who still post about far worse things like abuse and rape. seeing nothing happen to the men that abuse women does real damage, seeing a woman struggling with abuse is reality and a result.

No. 1328490

i agree. especially lotus.
he’s such a weird mean person, not gonna give too many cause he would definitely know but he gets mad about the littlest things. only spend a brief amount of time with him so i can only imagine what actually dating and being with this guy long term would do to someone’s mental state. (sage for not really relevant sorry lol)

No. 1329001

what are the accusations? personally had to unfollow third world bcs the pics of malnourished, russian teen models and porn stars didn’t really fit with some of his “affirmations”

No. 1329043

You are right. I do want her to get out for herself. But I also want her to stop glorifying that lifestyle because even though it may not be her “responsibility” she still has a lot of young followers and I’d love to see her just kick it and start shining.

No. 1329093

lotus anon I wish you could tell us more he creeps me out and i cant put my finger on it. i sighed with relief when she outed him then had to take it right back when she took it back

No. 1329116

She’s at willow springs in Texas… kek. Same rehab Taylor Nicole dean was at. I agree, if she was so serious she wouldn’t be on Twitter and instagram everyday. Pretty sad, this could be her real chance and starting over but of course she has to make it an aesthetic.

No. 1329156

the most i can really say is he treated me like shit, and i can only assume he does the same with other girls. he’s quick to set off, takes one tiny thing. haven’t seen him in person or really spoken to him in over a year but from the drama i can see with other mutuals, i doubt he’s changed since then. he slept with his friends (sincewhen) girlfriend a couple weeks ago and all 3 of them had it plastered on their stories for a few days.

No. 1329207

Elias is a terrible human being but i don’t feel bad for Marlowe either. Equally as awful. They deserve eachother.

No. 1329208

He also has a really small dick like i’m talking 3 incher. And skinny. No wonder he’s so hateful.

No. 1329211

File: 1632159599811.jpeg (506.07 KB, 1125x1579, 358A8B80-C86E-49BA-89CE-D96361…)

Ahh shit here we go with the MU COUNSELOR this MU COUNSELOR that… fucking Kek

No. 1329320

lotus anon here. can confirm.

he acts very full of himself and like he’s some sex god but he performs like someone who has never had sex before

sorry for possible nitpick. just really enjoying the shit talking on someone who was so cruel to me lol

No. 1329435

So the opposite of a nitpick. He sounds insufferable

No. 1329472

juicy anon, post screens of this. i hate men who treat women like shit. why do they all act so woke

No. 1329487

totally should’ve screenshotted. it was the most high school drama i’ve ever seen a few mid to late 20s adults take part in.

No. 1329488

why? because they know eachother?

No. 1329496

File: 1632180207043.png (383.81 KB, 800x600, pipe game weak.png)

sorry for double post, but anon here again. did a bit of digging.
from what im gathering sincewhen's girlfriend was telling lotus (him and sincewhen are good friends) that her and SW broke up and they ended up fucking. im not sure why these full grown adults had to make this so public but it only took a quick google search to find a few of SW's stories.

No. 1329555

The reason why i bite my tongue from spilling the tea on him is because this psycho LOVES attention. Any kind, if he knew he was being gossiped about on lolcow he would view it as a badge of honor, like he’s some kind of celebrity. Let this thread die. And to the juicy lotus anon, ahem, please go back to Twitter where you belong and @ing guys you’d never stand a chance with. Groupie whore.

No. 1329765


How was he cruel? And what drugs is lotus on why are they all constantly talking like he's some hard up addict. Is his dick actually small?

I believe you anon, he gives me BPD male vibes like bitchy and evil and insecure. Which is a shame cause he seems to actually be a talented vocalist compared to everyone else he hangs out with.


Let the girl tell her story you dumb bitch groupie anons always deliver milk

No. 1329862

stop trying to block the milk retard

No. 1329870

kek, dont worry. still here anon.

No. 1329872

oops sorry for double posting, i didnt see this comment. i actually dont know what drugs he was ever on because when him and i were "talking" or whatever you wanna call it he was "sober" and didnt really talk about the drug stuff much.
his dick is pretty skinny and small yes, kek.

and he was really easy to anger like i said before, he would get mad for miniscule things and always complained unprovoked about his ex. im trying to give examples without giving myself away but it's hard lol.

also not relevant but not a groupie, i met him through someone else and he seemed nice at first. im also an artist so unfortunately i have mutuals with these guys sometimes.

No. 1330067

No she’s dating yungcortex

No. 1330293

every girl is a groupie to them, what made you give him a chance? all of these people are so gross to me no offense sis

No. 1330577

no offense taken i 100% agree with you lol

No. 1330712


What sort of stuff would he get mad about? Sorry anon not to blow your cover, I'm dying that he's a whiny cunt irl not just in his image. He seems like someone who intensely lovebombs girls and then devalues them really harshly. He was hot to me before the excessive stupid face tattoos and I like his shitty music so it's sad to find out he's a piece of shit. Any milk on Sethanie?

No. 1330792

100% lovebombs then devalues. at risk of embarrassing my anon self, i thought he was super genuine at first, kept acting excited to see me, acted all into me and after i got home got really cold, barely talked to me, few days later snapped on me for some seriously dumb shit (can’t say what but if i told you i promise you’d all be really confused too) and then a couple months later started talking to his fans about how awful i am, they were showing me the screenshots. he messaged me kinda recently too but i mentioned i had a boyfriend and he hasn’t said a word since. dudes a user, with people and drugs.

i know that’s not really milk but basically from what i’ve seen and experienced all your tinfoil about him is confirmed. and i don’t doubt he is the same way with other girls, at least he never publicly posted me so i didn’t have to deal with the public humiliation haha

and unfortunately no milk on sethany. talked to him once but after all the stuff with lotus i just stayed far away from him and all those soundcloud guys.

No. 1331051

File: 1632298368085.jpeg (505.56 KB, 828x1133, 808BE9EC-035C-418E-9F17-8AD05E…)

Let these dudes fucking die already

No. 1331104

Suing shitty dead people for a song that came out after they died. What kind of rock am I living on?

No. 1331453

You have to know the vultures who pieced together that godawful song are the people being sued. I know this is the SoundClout thread but come on.

No. 1331639

She’s so miserable and doesn’t want her husband to do his job as a musician. It was so sad to see what happened to her cat but It wasn’t okay that she blamed her friend publicly for his passing. Her friend didn’t kill her cat so it’s not okay that she is acting like she did. For anyone who doesn’t know, her friend sent her flowers to congratulate her on her pregnancy and the flowers she sent are deadly to cats. Not many people l think of this when buying flowers so it was an honest mistake. She admits to knowing that the flowers she was sent were deadly but still kept them in her home. She even name dropped the friend on twitter by showing an old insta story post of the flowers with her friends name tagged when she got them.

No. 1331648

wait what? if she knew the flowers were deadly but kept them in the home with her cat, what argument could she have to blame someone else and why would you do that? she knew, they didn’t and went out of their way to send her flowers about a pregnancy. why the fuck would she have them in the house if she knew that’s so sad

No. 1332796

Lotus anon sorry he was gross to you. can you confirm the weird gay baiting thing he does is for clout it’s so corny to me

No. 1333363

never really said anything to me about it but basing off him as a person i’m pretty sure it’s just gay baiting kek he likes attention way too much

No. 1333731

did he ever talk about his friend jupiter? i always thought, you know.

No. 1333746


whose jupiter? lotus anon can you talk more shit please i love it. Why do you think he ended up so fucked up? and agree w other anon that the gay baiting shit is fake and cringe because he doesn't seem actually in to the guys he presses tongues with lol.

No. 1333858

not to defend him but your dad committing suicide is pretty harsh

No. 1333952

idk who this is but that is really fucked up and sad. i also agree it’s not an excuse and i don’t think anyone that’s ever been mentioned here has a father figure, most people i’ve met don’t, you work on it like everyone else and don’t take it out on vulnerable people and become your father. i also know dudes who has trauma with their dads and use it to manipulate their targets who surprise have the same issues so they repeat the cycle together, but they really fuck them up. you would think it would be the best motivation to be a better man.

No. 1334665


that is really sad and i didn't know that i was referring more to the face tattoos and clout seeking behaviour. hope he does grow up and work on his issues cause his actual music is better than most soundcloud people, feel like if he just focused on that and not being a fuckboy he could be successful.

No. 1334865

Not the lotus-obsessed anon here. But someone else who feels obligated to once again, call this psychopath on his shit. Elias dad didn’t commit suicide; he died of liver failure due to alcoholism. Dude’s such a attention-seeking liar lol. Wish he’d focus more on being a better father to his kid instead of trying to impress 14 year olds.

No. 1335180

Oh my god what a psychopath! I only know of him in passing but he always refers to his dad committing suicide

No. 1335236

Omg that is beyond fucked up. What an absolute trash bag human.

No. 1335243

he did kill himself with alcohol so i can see if it’s a misunderstanding but based on his treatment of women probably not. idk where he said that or the context, how many times, etc and i’m not defending him, that’s still fucked up and i can see why he’d refer to it as that. either way he needs serious help to not end up like his parent who abused people around him to get by with an addiction that rampant.

No. 1335401

Is he still sober?

No. 1335420

File: 1632716850826.png (1.32 MB, 860x1718, Screenshots_2021-09-26-21-26-3…)

The irony of this is that she's the biggest pick me of all

No. 1335492

No offense but you obviously didn’t know him long nor well enough to really get a grasp on what kind of person he is and probably are here because you’re sad he didn’t pick you. And I’m not trying to in-fight but that’s basically what these (as in him) narcissists do…
there’s no mIsUnDeRsTaNdInG. Elias tells everyone he “held his dying father in his arms after he shot himself”. Intentionally, lying for attention and empathy. Yeah it IS sad his dad died. But what kinda sick person lies about something that deep, not only that, but somewhat profits off of this “poor me muh daddy killed himself” image. A long time ago, he accidentally exposed info that didn’t add up. Not that it even mattered (how his dad passed) but why lie? Then multiple other people said they heard the same story (about blown out brains). No one ever compared stories at the time because a normal human being would figure that’s a touchy subject -and maybe like, not think twice someone would lie about something like that??? Anyways, Dude looks like a corpse now though. Can only be dead inside for so long until it starts showing on the outside. And he’s definitely gay-baiting lol.

No. 1335746

why is she still mentioned here when there's no milk. she's cringe and irrelevant

No. 1335783

is cringe not the point of this entire thread

No. 1335842

Not for nobodies, her 3 minutes are way up

No. 1335906

Def seems like she is self posting trying to get that sweet negative internet attention that all her idols in this thread were blessed with. She has to let everyone know she’s on tiktok now. Obviously no one cares which is why she keeps coming back and posting screenshots every few months

No. 1336085

im a newbie and i wanted to know more about smrtdeaths allegations and shit he's gotten into my bf likes him a lot he always seemed really gross and creepy to me though

No. 1336134

His ex girlfriend has accused him of rape and assault in the past she’ll post on twitter about how much he fucked her up and how hurtful it is to see her rapist being successful

No. 1336148

File: 1632797646667.jpeg (197.84 KB, 824x1006, 422B9A9B-D6C4-4175-A586-9CE341…)

No. 1336149

File: 1632797740988.jpeg (115.13 KB, 828x560, CD87AD83-4AD1-4A19-87D3-28A956…)

No. 1336333


She let herself go so much I didn't even recognise her on my FYP. It's been years and she still got that exact same cringy personality though, desperately trying to stay relevant by reposting a vid of her getting arrested.

No. 1336861

look u dumb bitch i don’t even know who he is and if he is the one i’m picturing then he looks like a goddamn horse with warped tour tattoos, this entire genre is such a joke don’t even start. why the fuck would anyone know what he says about his parents, i got halfway through your comment to read he said he held his father after her shot him self. that’s what i asked for clarification on. those are obviously conflicting stories which was not clear before so yeah that’s fucking obviously manipulative and fucked up. no one even knows his real name or gives age at all are you serious lol this has been dead since peep but his dingleberries keep self posting.

No. 1336867

is this a bowl cut????? this is a bowl cut. she doesn’t need any girl to do either of those things, she has a fucking bowl cut, a face tattoo in a language she doesn’t even know that’s part of a culture that 100% would not support a woman getting a face tattoo, and her british is really showing in the face. does she still live in a ymca locker room? man she also has a sideburn tattoo that says good bitch, why can’t she just have a good time

No. 1336890

Looking at her twitter, I believe the “friend” she was referring to is Rosey. She and Rosey had beef last year but they seem to have made amends for whatever reason. They seem to be interacting a lot on Twitter, I also saw she (jimmytoast) comments on Rosey’s instagram posts sometimes too.

No. 1337032

File: 1632883366412.jpg (106.61 KB, 514x600, where's my oat bag.jpg)

>he looks like a goddamn horse with warped tour tattoos

jfc, he looks like the final Kentucky Derby evolution of Trace Cyrus.

No. 1337049

My bad amon, for being a dick. I thought it was lotus anon replying to me. Who i kinda feel i know who it is, and someone i’m not very fond of. Agreed. We’re kicking an (almost) dead horse at this point, pun fully intended KEK

No. 1337104

it’s fine lol i would lose it too if i had to know more about these fugly men. if you mean lotus anon as in the girl that slept with him she gave some legit details and i hope sharing that was a way to let go of that mistake forever, i feel for anyone that was in a weird enough place to do that. if you mean a fan of his here it makes me really depressed to think people still get caught up with dorks like that. like you can do drugs with hot people and you’re in la it’s really not hard. i still don’t believe this horse is a thing, he sounds like someone that has to be high or drunk constantly because he’s so insecure and covers himself in tattoos like he doesn’t care but he does and it’s not even about something deep it’s just his tiny little wiener and that he can’t fuck. and if anyone catches onto that he throws a mantrum to force someone to talk about anything but his embarrassment…

No. 1337189

>>1337049 you don't know me, please don't dislike me haha

>>1337104 kek, i stopped replying cause no more milk, but thank-you for actually getting it anon. i never really talked to anyone about it so venting to a bunch of anons who also think hes trash is a very nice feeling

No. 1338839

File: 1633089601235.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3464x3464, 5C3D0E69-B24E-4F0C-B77C-271FE7…)

Smrt Deaths old girlfriend once again accusing him of sexual assault via email to his record label

No. 1338840

File: 1633089647561.jpeg (783.04 KB, 828x1344, 2FB3C75A-2B04-468E-95DB-40DB64…)

No. 1338841

who else is accusing him of stuff?

No. 1339119

Good for her, these people fucking suck and at least half their brain dead fanbase is women who need to wake the fuck up. If employers didn’t accept this and give these people platforms they wouldn’t have access and their fucked up fans wouldn’t imitate it. This shit should never be ok and it’s repulsive every one of these men turn out to be narcissistic abusers who take advantage of girls who already have issues. I hope more people keep speaking out, I hate that sharing stories about being abused by the same person brings more people together than supporting the first victim so this never happens again.

No. 1339324

can u post her handles so i can keep updated on this? thanks

No. 1339358

sextingatcostco is where those screenshots are from, its been locked for like a year now maybe she lets ppl in idk
ig is tessadeactivated. be warned she’s hardcore bpd anachan on both if that sets you off

No. 1339486

This is shit. I don't doubt that Smrtdeath is actually a fucking goober, but none of these girls ever actually go to court or the police because the internet says "the police won't believe you" and it's such shit. I'm most of these men are dorks, and maybe even 1 or 2, but every person here has been accused of something from someone, and this is no different. This girl is manipulating the situation and using verbage to her advantage and trying to win the court of public opinion. If Smrtdeath was legitimately a fucking rapist, or any of these people, one of them would have an arrest by now, but this a lot like the Tracy allegations are shit. Until some legal action happens to one of the goobers in this thread and there's an actual trial and criminal proceeding, these allegations are pretty much all shit with the exception of maybe the Fat Nick one.

No. 1339501

sethanys parents are lawyers tho, I kno tessas mom is a professor or whatever but I don't think she's tenure so she couldn't get a good of a lawyer. And tracys been sued that girl to shut her up even after she went to the police so what are you talking about with people not going to police?

No. 1339641

wonder who this whiteknight could be… anyway what do you think her motive is? it couldnt be clout because shes been saying this privately for years not trying to actually “cancel” him sooo? still fake? lemme know what you think when u detox from the coke binge and puff bars

No. 1339760

As he should because it’s defamation, if she couldn’t pull a conviction, police at this point in time are looking for any good reason if they can help it. And regardless, if the civil suit can’t pull anything either, which would probably have been more pull for her evidence, she would have got something.

Kek, sorry this girl literally chooses to live and die by her “trauma”, and supposedly can’t get anything in private either. It doesn’t mean shit, it’s just another way to get leverage in the court of public opinion. Like I said, I’m sure he’s a fucking goober, but this isn’t milk, and these aren’t girls trying to get justice, and they’re trying to build up gotcha moments the same way that looks like for all of these accused people. Surely by now one of them would have went through. I’m not saying there aren’t legit cases, but come on now, don’t you think it’s a little bit ridiculous to email the label and no one else has a conviction? That’s not a move from someone trying to get a conviction, that’s a move from someone trying to take away their success, which isn’t much cause it’s fucking smrtdeath lmao. Move on.

No. 1339917

All this is literally the definition of of milk, wether you believe it or not what else do you want us to gossip about? Tracy not passing his drivers test?

No. 1339953

Literally anything that has actual evidence and drama behind it, some girl who types up a wall of text about how they "dated a shitty guy and reframed the entire sexual relationship" isn't milk though, that's just someone who needs to move on at this point. But to be honest, there's really not much milk with these losers anymore. No one even listens to Lil Aaron anymore.

No. 1339986


shut up victim blamer ur obviously the same person

No. 1340271

good one. that will show them

No. 1340588

They’re a fucking incel troll there’s nothing to prove and don’t deserve any attention at all

No. 1340624

oh wow incel on lolcow. surprising

No. 1340775

>whhhaaaa why no one believe these accusers whaaaaaaa

And now you've derailed the thread because you can't accept people are being skeptical over serious criminal allegations, and you wanna live in your drama filled echo chamber where you jack yourself off and pretend your not envious and criticizing them for their milky lifestyles. Grow up you fucking dork lol.

No. 1344617

I didn’t even respond to you earlier there’s multiple people posting here. There’s nothing to be jealous about. You’re coming after anonymous people on a stupid message board, take your own advice and a break.

No. 1344856

File: 1633873418810.jpeg (114.79 KB, 828x534, 8FAA10BF-C03D-44DE-9463-B50F51…)

Make up your mind on where you want to stand with lotus, Marlowe.

No. 1344880

She’s so predictable she’s pulled this shit like 5 times now. She’ll get into a relationship with lotus they’ll have a big falling out she’ll accuse him of being abusive tell all of Twitter that she’s working on herself and that she’s the best she’s ever been without him, then she’ll hookup with some randoms while on a drug binge constantly posting about it to make lotus jealous he’ll tweet some whiney emo bullshit and then they’re back together and claiming they’re so good for each other.

No. 1344897

you all are so starved for milk that you become misogynistic. its okay to have healthy skepticism but if you dont know that people get back together with their abusers you must have no experience with it so lucky you. i remember when yall got mad that toopoor wasnt milky anymore either. whats even milky about marlowe, shes a stripper? cows on this site have a much higher bar, this sounds like a vendettachan. sorry im not gonna suck off lotus and defend him. hes a loser and the real cow here

No. 1344902

at some point you have to stop letting yourself be abused and used by males. it’s retarded that she knows he’s abusive but continues to go back to him, that’s her fault not anyone else’s

No. 1344917

you’re talking about someone whose been blacked out on bars for years. good for her for getting help. it probably makes gaslighting really easy when you dont remember shit. this thread blows now i kinda miss genesis and cass selfposting

No. 1344931

>you have to know people get back together with abusers

You have to know that's a personal problem. You say that it's ok for her to do. It isn't.

No. 1345164

Can you please learn to understand that abusers are defined by their ability to coerce, manipulate, lie, and use victims good and trusting nature against them? This happens to very intelligent people all the time, not just people addicted to drugs in sex work who have likely been subjected to a pattern of abuse their entire lives. No matter how much therapy you are in, that is always there. Enough already.

Agreed. What happened to pepper Ann and that Paris twink

No. 1345167

Not true. You definitely have a choice in who you choose to be around. That's nobody's fault (or problem) but your own. Stop with this ~abusers have magical powers bs. That's your own toxic mindset.

No. 1345172

I’m not here to cape or white night for Sage or Lotus, but anon has a point. Addiction at some point becomes out of your control, much like depression or anxiety. If it were that easy to say “no,” these terms wouldn’t exist. Making the choice to admit you have a problem and seeking external help is a huge first step.

Also, coming from this forum? Where so many of us women have been abused and taken advantage of? It’s incredibly disingenuous to reduce it this much. It’s not your fucking fault if a liar lied to you, and you… idk, believed it? Again not to wk but you guys praying on her downfall cus she participated in the sex trade is brain dead as hell. Go back a few threads and peep the videos of lotus berating her on the phone. We’re here for him and his ilk, after all. She’s a cow for sure but at least she has sought help. Same can’t be said for xanbrained ass deadbeat dad lotus.

No. 1345184

i am sincerely happy for you to have zero experience with this topic and have the luxury of having such a shit take. please go stan eileen wournos or whatever it is your degenerate femcel ass does

No. 1345185

you know what actually i take it back. this is definitely some gbc hanger on loser. your scene is dead. go wait in line at emo night and choke

No. 1345212

Backing up these anons. Idk how you missed that this is a woman’s forum but you sound like a scrote licker.

No. 1345424

It’s not magical powers it is trauma bonding and forms a chemical addiction that preys of the deepest malformations of the brain from prior abuse. You are a fucking dumb ass, it is not “magic” it is science.

No. 1345429

It has to be a dude who feels threatened women have voices online and are calling out all the weak pathetic men who enabled rapists and abusers because they were too fragile and desperate for the false promise of social benefits for backing abusers like that. It’s to divide and intimidate people who know better, like literally all women who either have experienced it or have family or friends who have. It’s inescapable. We can recognize the patterns of abuse, her and Layla have similar stories. The anon who met lotus confirmed the very typical fuckboy method. It’s all the same shit and they abuse their platforms for ego and trends. Stop expecting women to take that shit and watch it happen to younger girls.

No. 1345615

Lotus is an abuser. Let’s not forget this isn’t the first time he drove a girl to enter an inpatient facility. Happy this loser’s history is starting to catch up with him….

No. 1345649


ya but she's being fucking annoying about being an addict now, won't stop posting throwback photos to when she was fucked up, talking about As An Addict in every tweet as well as tweeting stuff like
"My favourite thing when all the hard ass AA guys are telling their war stories is to just be like but did y’all ever suck dick for alcohol??"

like I don't doubt she had a problem cause xanax is super addictive but it's also not meth or crack and you can be functional on it especially if you've got a tolerance, and she's always been functional enough to afford a place to stay and a range rover and designer shit she flaunts for social media. She should shut the fuck up with the ~addict narrative~ she's now spouting for clout on all her social media and be humble and do some actual work. I feel bad for her because she does seem like a mixed up girl who just wants a family but she's not going to find anyone who treats her right when she leads a superficial life that's about nothing but being a object for shitty men and feeding her own ego with designer shit and flexing online. I'm sure lotus was a piece of shit to her but it's bs to blame him for her addictions or any of her other choices.


Agree I miss these threads being milky and Pepper Ann's endless antics.


Who else did he drive to enter a facility?

No. 1345726

ill read your blog when you quit drinking too anon

No. 1345748

who the hell was actually mad lay got it somewhat together? by the end of her time on here everyone was more or less rooting for her and nitpicking to nitpick with no heart behind it

tell us about the other girl anon i've never heard of this.

Sage is obnoxious as hell but I hope she can leave lotus behind for good. I remember when adam22 was getting outed she called out a bunch of rappers in the scene that did a 180 once the benefit of backing him was gone and it was cool to hate on him for being so transparent and fakewoke

No. 1345827

File: 1634052086123.jpg (729.73 KB, 1440x2558, Screenshot_20211012-171743__01…)


Paris randomly decided to switch to a raw diet, reposts dumb conspiracy and woo woo shit to his story on the primalparis account and also announced that he impregnated some thot. i guess he's done with being an emo twink kek

No. 1345828

File: 1634052124971.jpg (632.05 KB, 1440x2549, Screenshot_20211012-171958__01…)

And the pregnancy announcement

No. 1345950

So he’s a vampire daddy now? Honestly he’s hot and he is the only physically attractive man anywhere near this group so that’s cool.

No. 1346118

File: 1634096173143.jpeg (779.78 KB, 828x1355, B411ABCB-27E3-4D03-AA03-A2AB6C…)

I want whatever you’re smoking, Nona. Is he conventionally attractive? Absolutely, 100%. I love the long hair and brows. But shit like picrel make me think he’s a bisexual degenerate, possibly at risk of trooning out when the attention shifts to his gorgeous baby momma and soon to be child. I seriously cannot trust a man that flirts with cross dressing, but that’s my two cents.

No. 1346954

Aha so he’s still a twink!! I knew it. And v lowered expectations, I mean compare him to pepper Ann, the tattooed horse whiteboy, doughy and gross horse head, mouth breathing fish narc, pouya, they’re all literal embodiments of recessive genetics. I didn’t go to his page and just saw the abs in the sc and a decent face, that’s more than any of them have. He looks good in the picture of him and his girl, dressing somewhat normally. Like he can lift a weight and isn’t fluorescently pale.

No. 1347372

I want what all of you dames are smoking - he’s gross. Look at that tiny concave chest! True the bar is very very low, with the exception of Peep they are all were and are hideous but that includes this dude.

No. 1348019

peep was ugly too he just has a halo now so no one admits it anymore

No. 1348312

If you scrape off the crust and give him a bath he was objectively good looking. Good bone structure, nice eyes, tall. Less so when he was in the depths of addiction. There’s no way he’s on the same level as some of these degenerates.

No. 1348316

Is there any milk on Nebarb? He seems like the type that preys on super young girls - using whatever clout he has left to get them into shows etc. Just a feeling

No. 1348979

Apparently elias and Connie are together??? Lol elias is so full of shit he does anything for attention. Matter of time until he ODs and i can’t wait, only
Reason i check back here to see if this loser is dead yet

No. 1349163

Who is Connie?

No. 1349172

where do you get that impression from?

he's genuinely just a nerdy music autist with a slight drinking problem. He's into chasing cold adult girls that are out of his league if you see the two women he's dated publicly (singer of bleed the pigs and bbyafricka) you'd see what type of girl he likes in private too.

the only vaguely milky thing is that he has a baby but he's a pretty committed dad so it's not that milky.

No. 1349246

Connie said they’re not together they’re just “bestfriends who like to kiss”

No. 1349265

Who the fuck are these assholes no one cares.

No. 1349267

Yeah he’s just talented. There’s real people with real allegations that don’t get taken seriously, he’s definitely not one of them and it’s fucked up to put that out there with “just a feeling”. Fuck off.

No. 1349294

you obviously know these ppl irl stop gossiping about ur fake friends online weirdo. using their real names on a imageboard just makes you look desperate cause no one else knows what or who ur talking about.

tranny in seeyouspacecowboy

No. 1349329

nah sorry i want to see his loser abusive ass suffer from loneliness as long as possible thats more fair than death

No. 1349553

First time post here, I only read for Sage and Lotus js. And full names are always used on these threads so they’re pulled up when people google the cows is that not obvious

No. 1349570

You’re right. I get intense creep vibes from everyone in this scene, and he remains friends with a lot of hella questionable people - but I shouldn’t have said it. I’m sorry.

No. 1349679

for google. add what i missed

sethany / smrtdeath/sloppymakeout/mike skwark
lil lotus/elias / john elias villagran
horsehead/therealhorsehead/ chris christopher thorne
lil tracy / orenjivert / jazz ishmael butler
yunggoth / luis venegas
kevin pouya
fat nick / nicholas minucci

COMPLACENT (support careers and ignote allegations of those above):
lil aaron / aaron jennings puckett
nedarb / braden morgan
coldhart / Jerick “Jay” Quilisadio
wicca phase springs eternal / adam mcllwee
doves / william hayward
mackned / trey gable
yawns / roman luna
fish narc / ben funkhouser
youngbabycoco / courtney neville
slugchrist / charles paul chaz bell
zubin / kevin o’neill
foxwedding (can’t find real name)
abvhvn (can’t find real name)
jupiter keys (can’t find real name)
gcoco (can’t find real name)

dark medicine merch

Tyler Grosso
killstation / nolan
sp00kybabyyy/ aubrie elle
Arzaylea Rodriguez
ethel cain / Hayden
hotelshrimp / cassidy hill
ogaquafina/ sage / marlowe
genesistheangel / genesis
sheyatted / marilyn rondon

GRADUATES (not milky):
ghostmane / eric whitney
toopoor / layla shapiro
lil peep / gustav ahr
pullingteeth / cheyenne snyder

No. 1349702

Very good work nonnie,I was a little lost myself. Miss the milk in this thread.
Also here is the allegations on pouya and fat nick:

No. 1349712

HAHAAHAH hilarious. Sage for adding last names to
Ethel Cain @mothercain Hayden Anhedonia
Ogaquafina @ogaquafina @5150_barbie Marlowe Crosland
Killstation @killstation Nolan Ryan

Abuse abusive lolcow real name

No. 1349833

LMAO @ 'dark medicine merch' they're all hardcore kids/wiccas friends that have everything besides their ssn online dig a lil harder

No. 1349850

and you didn’t just write it here instead of bitching about it? gtfoh nerd

No. 1350412

Layla promoting Genesis new merch drop on her IG. Were they ever friends? They don’t follow each other

No. 1350652

File: 1634591701136.png (1.96 MB, 828x1792, 9A5544D2-437A-4623-9027-48576D…)

Sorry to ask for spoonfeeding but I’ve never seen @mothercain online before today. She’s all over King Woman’s story from the NYC show at Saint Vitus last night. Whats her deal? I’ve read the last few threads and can’t remember seeing her name before

Sage for my retardation

No. 1350763

No idea but she’s done some things with Wicca Phase. She seems actually really interesting, I like her aesthetic a lot.

No. 1350774

Yah, she’s not a calf.

Don’t be too sorry. He may not be an abuser/rapist himself but he’s best buddies with/supports an awful lot of them.

No. 1350777

Hey no worries! I thought that could have been someone like the troll trying to start something, thank you for being so polite and clearing that up! It’s understandable that if someone hangs out with abusers, they could be too, and it should be safe to ask since there’s almost nowhere you can have an open dialogue about potentially dangerous men. He’s been in music forever so he’s probably used to doing his own thing while “not getting involved”, which is enabler shit that only hurts everyone in the long run. Men always know unsafe men and don’t say or do anything enough covertly to keep girls safe from violence. I wouldn’t trust any of them honestly. Wicca did a song with Georgia Maq called Stress, her lyrics are fucking dope and her voice is so good. Her part starts at 1:18, It alludes to the “art vs artist” argument and her overcoming a past man who was coercive. I think that’s the only time anyone related to these people have actually addressed the female perspective instead of degrading it in a childish objectifying way.

No. 1350796

File: 1634606194066.jpeg (603.94 KB, 1169x1934, 353AB5F0-2855-4429-97B1-744A97…)

This reminded me of coco. No idea if she’s still with the rapist but she made two carousel posts about her “sister”’s wedding and they’re 20 pictures of just her. This is the only one with anyone else. She posts videos of herself in bikinis and her body has been through a lot so I’m not going to say anything, but she really should have stayed out of the sun and stopped drinking. There is still a wine stain on her tongue in her pfp.

No. 1350798

yall are retarded this is retarded twitter shit. call out actual abusers or rapists sure but a list of people who are "complacent" because they know each other from their careers? thats a stretch and not milky at all and it's just retarded

No. 1350864

Waaah go cry about it w ur rape apologist bros on Reddit faggot

These ppl tour and shit together so unless they do their own thing most of these ppl know what's up with their peers.

No. 1350977

op here, i just added ethel because shes close with a few enablers. nothing milky besides that but her lives are hilarious and she does uppers

No. 1350978

when said enablers consistently brand themselves as those who participate in callouts, check their friends often, and are on the right side of justice- and lie about it- im including them. this sinking ship needs a push.

No. 1351108

Yes. Yes. Yes.

No. 1351207

So lolcow does like some trannies then?

No. 1351209

ethel's definitely a seething troon tho. i remember him vagueposting about "theyfabs" on twitter after some mutual nb friend of ours posted something on fb about being trans. i think this one is just better at containing his milk than most in the thread

No. 1351219

OT, but it's hilarious how women just have to exist to make moids like this seethe kek

No. 1351230

No. >>1350763 is an outlier

No. 1351236

Part of me likes to believe Ethel is just honestly naive. They’re relatively new to the scene still and was introduced by Wicca, who also isn’t that milky but like Coldy just “stays outta drama”. But i agree, i think they should all be included because how can you turn a cheek to abusive allegations over and over. It’s a bad look. If they were smart, they’d simply opt out and not associate with them. I do think Coldy made an effort by moving to NYC. But for some reason his psycho wife is always dragging the scene back to him. I think she kinda likes it even though she claims she’s constantly regurgitating “i’ma a 34 year old woman” like she says it’s annoying but she obviously likes the attention. I’d definitely categorize her as a calf more than Coldy, Wicca or Ethel.

No. 1351238

Jimmytoast (Coldhart’s wife) also reads here religiously. I think she does aspire and get off on being spoken about. Makes her feel like a cElEb

No. 1351415

Ahhh okay he’s a troon then, say less, Nona.

No. 1351419

File: 1634677429437.jpeg (660.37 KB, 828x1249, 9EAF9305-E3DB-4E46-9412-4ADDE2…)

Sage for samefag but Jesus Christ.

No. 1351422

>>1351415 The funny thing to me is that he included the person he was talking shit about in the God's Country MV. Not really that milky but hilarious in retrospect

No. 1351468

Wow very typical man shit. Cool we don’t have enough of that.

No. 1351680

File: 1634699728277.jpeg (222.53 KB, 1125x1888, E7570F29-3077-4C76-9B3D-FE00EF…)

im just supposed to give nedarboner the benefit of the doubt that he doesnt know his roll dawg got a blowjob from an 8th grader?

No. 1351682

was anyone around for the breakup between horsehead and cheyenne/pullingteeth? all i remember is that she was basically condemning his behavior and she never wanted to talk about it because it disgusted her

No. 1351931

he was better looking, rip

No. 1352272

She’s always going on about what a lefty she is and how woke. Like, it’s easy to take a Twitter stand against texas abortion laws or police brutality or Kanye’s latest bullshit but harder to take a stand against actual friends and/or acquaintances that have allegations. That is uncomfortable and not a single one of these fake woke fucking assholes are willing to get uncomfortable. I’m so tired of their endless inane posts about their boring lives and their virtue signalling that is absolutely meaningless when they don’t speak out against abusive people in their own circles.

No. 1352439

I bet she will make a vague tweet about hater/losers on lolcow like she usually does. Just funny to me that she reads here

No. 1352627

unfollow them then

No. 1352694

Yeah it’s dumb as fuck and these dudes have been involved with like children and very nonconsensual sex. Those people literally never get involved with misogyny in their lives and resent the women for speaking out because it exposes and inconveniences them for having to feel a moral obligation to idk act on the morals they jerk themselves off to. They don’t give a fuck about real actions regarding vulnerable people.

No. 1352903

Thanks tips.

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