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File: 1494043369256.jpg (175.74 KB, 960x1280, tp.jpg)

No. 305681

Prev thread: >>66660
"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Used to be a club kid, doesn't seem to go to parties anymore. Most of the people she partied/associated with 3-4 years ago have expanded beyond internet fame, layla has notably not.

Burns through friends like it's nothing

Currently in a Very public on/off relationship with lil peep. As a result she's publicly hanging out with soundcloud frat boys. Some unclaimed but predominantly moneyposse, and horsehead of GBC. Still has amicable connections to the HAM crew.

Has mental breakdowns on every platform she uses regularly, lurks her thread on here.

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face

"broke" but still hired an intern clone for said store

allegedly known to sleep with old men, have sugar daddies.


No. 305695

at least she could actually make some money if she auditioned for a Shrek Live! performance…Lord Farquaad.

No. 305706

No that goes to the milliedollgrave girl i only really know from threadshots here and passing updates.

No. 305899

What the fuck happened to her "assistant"? Bitch needs to hire a PR manager or a life coach someone needs to help the troll out

No. 306012

File: 1494097239887.jpg (77.14 KB, 605x807, cat-bee-stings-104__605.jpg)

idk who this girl is but scrolling down she reminded me of pic related

No. 306126

Spot on except this kitty is still cute

No. 306822

I thought it was kinda obvious she hired the assistant to tend to her "shop" while she went out of town to follow Peep around.

No. 307118

File: 1494219001203.png (101.05 KB, 750x770, IMG_2737.PNG)

I truly can't tell if this photo is skewed or her head is really that damn crazy shape

No. 307638

Anyone see her snaps where she was buying bottles of codeine syrup in Canada? She deleted them but it was a neat look into her ~fake internet persona~

No. 307650

Yess I did see those damn

No. 307727

>Horsehead of GBC
>allegedly known to sleep with old men, have sugar daddies.
Is this true? I've met few legit sugar babies and they were very charming and conventionally attractive. I can't picture a wealthy man giving TP a lot of money for drugs and an unhealthy lifestyle.
Sleeping with old men, doesn't necessarily mean shes been paid for it.

No. 307763

moneyposse is a group of soundcloud boys who her bf works/hangs out with and that she's dj'd with. They're a lot messier than gothboiclique(gbc) which is what peep is in, and she seems to spend more time with soundcloud boys not in her bf's crew than with. I thought to include it because she burns though groups so quickly it's good to have a name for this crowd. She's honestly gotten a lot of publicity with the soundcloud rapper fanbase and that seems to be her crowd at the moment.
Horse head is a person in the la scene that layla has ties to from her club kids days a few years ago. It's notable they're still friends because again, she burns bridges so quickly, but it might just be because she's dating a member of his group now that they're being amicable with each other.
tl;dr nobodies but I knew the names of the current characters she's around and it might be relevant down the line so I used them.

I have no clue if that sugar daddy thing is true, I just copied that over to the new thread cause the old one was about to close & no one confirmed/denied.
Personally don't believe it but who knows.

No. 307774

I know this is slightly off topic but it seems like that Cassidy chick is friends with TP again. They were like bffs for a month and then totally stopped posting with each other (and I think even unfollowed each other) but Cassidy was wearing one of TP's sweatshirts in a snap today and posted a happy bday to her on insta. So strange.

Also what happened to the guy she was friends with almost immediately after Cassidy and her stopped hanging out, Cody or w/e?? I saw some people mention her calling him out or something, wondering if there was any drama there? Are they still friends?

No. 307986

can anyone go through the effort of looking through court cases in los angeles county for layla shapiro? her birthday was in the last few days so anyone with a birth in the early days of may must be her

No. 308012

cassidy and layla stopped hanging out because they were meeting people and layla told the people that cassidy was her assistant and not friend. cassidy went on a long rant about layla on instagram live and even said she would leak peeps number to the first person who dmed her because layla and peep are both trash. all those people are toxic anf fake as shit honestly. except for cody

No. 308015

i used to love layla so much but then when she got back with peep this last time i unfollowed her on everything. she has no self respect and dates guys for attention. peep is going to cheat on her again lol and then shes going to be doing crack again on her snapchat and then get back with him because she cant do better than him. shes fucking stupid honestly

No. 308116

layla and her assistant fetish smh

No. 308121

It's funny the peep thing made you dislike her bc it's what made me grow fond of her. Before she was with peep I really hated her now I think she's interesting to watch & she's (kinda) endeared herself to me

No. 308159

Saw Too Pooh up close last night at Peep's Seattle show and damn does she look busted irl,she was hanging with some teenage looking insta girls which only made her look more worn out and old, she's only 2 years older than me and looks so haggard

No. 308256

i'm almost a decade older than her and my skin looks nicer lol

No. 308263

remember when we didnt have peep fans in her thread….like ur all a part of this embarrassing following and ur all super proud of it lol

No. 308269

u dont fill out the email baustin….

No. 308280

Why does this thread always turn into gossip girl bullshit? Starting to think this girl actually has no real fans besides the desperate boys that send her cum photos and buy her fingernails. They all just come here to talk shit about her.

No. 308305

File: 1494352883276.jpg (842.03 KB, 1104x1392, 20170509_124918.jpg)

looking through her tagged pics on ig all of her fans are teens who are probably too naive to see that's she a lazy, racist "famous for nothing" cow.

im just tired of people only coming for her appearance like ok we have been talking about that since before the last thread ended, what else is going on? unless she starts looking unrecognizable it just seems annoying to keep bringing it up.

pic was from her tagged photos i think she exchanged one of her nails for weed. kek

No. 308340

The term hate follow exists for a reason

No. 308349


Where did that come from? I never heard that she was racist.

And yeah, I agree with you but the farm is notorious for endless nitpicking. I kind of wish this thread would die just so there's one less thing to fuel her ego and her tween "fans" to sperg out over.

No. 308500

File: 1494365823369.png (331.41 KB, 1439x1031, 20170509_162434.png)

she got called out right before/right at the start of when her and that guy Joey got together. i remember because it was a few days before she had that "show" in Austin. if u look at her old thread there could be something else about it but anyway she tweeted some hateful things about how not knowing english makes u retarded, calling someone a "tranny" and saying racist things about mexicans. this was the only screenshot i could find now but they were all from a long time ago, which if she had handled the situation well i could have found it in myself to forgive her because yes it was a long time ago, but all she did was post (and delete) a bullshit apology being super vague and basically said it was years ago and now she's different. but idk if she was really different i feel like she would have made a sincere apology to her fans especially when so many people tried to get her to explain herself.

No. 308514

I don't understand these demands for internet "apologies" like they mean anything. She said she was sorry and moved on; dragging it out so much so long after the fact would just be self-martyrdom and it's not necessary. Not to white-knight TP, I'd say this about anyone. Plus, she's not acting like that now, so what is the point of trying to be the fake internet police? It's boring and there's no milk.

No. 308522

File: 1494366985492.jpg (189.06 KB, 986x1163, 1489478449919.jpg)

this is the apology she posted but deleted. she said the tweets were from 2010/11 but i remember the racist mexican tweets she sent were more from 2014. either way, to me this wasnt the best way to handle it considering how many people tagged her in posts about those tweets on twitter n ig. i remember this was exactly when i stopped following her on ig.

No. 308537

is her head shape edited?

No. 308571

she hangs out w a bunch of white dudes that look like they say the n word for fun……so how is she not acting like that now? because she doesnt tweet it out and probably keeps it to herself/"friends". i just think she was saying sorry because of the hate she got not because she was really sorry thats why i wont let it go. plus if ur really sorry why not keep the apology up? i dont see how that's like fucking crucifying yourself…..

No. 308765

Ew she would call Cassidy her "assistant" to people?? That pretty awful. She's not a Kardashian, idk why she thinks she's important enough to have assistants. Cassidy was clearly just a friend. I don't blame her for cutting off contact, I wonder why she went back tho, probably bc she's pretty shallow as well and at least TP gives her some internet fame.

Imagine being that lame of a person lmao.

No. 308778

I follow Cassidy's ig and she got dumped so she's probably just lonely and vulnerable

No. 308805

What happened with cassidy and her bf?

No. 308812

Idk man I'm not gonna start an argument about race here, especially based on what the dudes she hangs out with look like. I'm just saying that apologies on the internet for internet bullshit are never really meaningful and I don't understand why they're so sought after. I mean, why pressure someone for an apology if you're going to take it as insincere because they apologized under pressure?

And yeah leaving an apology like that up forever just draws more attention to the fact that once upon a time when she was a teenager and she said some dumb shit. Literally everyone does. Again, not white-knighting Layla, just pointing out that no one immortalizes every mistake and apology they make on social media for the sake of being, like, a good person or whatever. If they did it would seem really fake. I mean, if you were to describe the right response, how would you script it?

No. 308859


No. 308975

i have no idea what happened with cassidy and her bf but idk. layla is a shitty friend lmao. when peep dumped her ass her friend cody, (vchillbruh on instagram i think) he hung out with her legit everyday and comforted her everyday and codys bf just dumped him yesterday and layla was no where to be seen. in my opinion layla is just selfish & uses people

No. 309385

Do you guys mean Kaycee? Aka babytrash? Who is Cassidy?

No. 309402

cassidy is hotelshrimp on ig

No. 309679

Ohhh ok thank you anon

No. 309723

Who is this new Kate girl who TP brought back to LA with her? Doesn't seem too big on IG so what's the deal, not Layla's usual choice for new bff

No. 309735

She's dating omgimwiggs who's the default camera person for gbc. Layla needs to stop hanging out with teenagers.

No. 309825

gbc people are only faking to like layla bcs shes w peep. not to be rude but i dont even think peep likes layla. i feel like hes just using her for a bitch who will do everythin he says. layla never says no to him or he will dump her ass and she will lose half her following

No. 309878

Peep could have any instagram clout hoe he wants but he's the one posting angsty shit on twitter while they where broken up, facetiming this bitch on stage and telling her to unblock his number. It's not a healthy relationship but you're a stupid fangirl if you think they're not both cows/peep doesn't want her.

And most actual GBC members are internet weirdos in their mid to late 20's, they probably have more incommon with layla than peep does. Plus while her a peep were broken up a lot of them were still following her and liking her stuff. She doesn't hang out with them but why would she? It's not like she's close with anyone.

No. 309893

Didn't someone say she was buddies with Horsehead before peep? He's def the oldest he looks 30 but I don't see that lifestyle helping either

No. 310240

yeah idk if they were friends like that but they were/are a part of the underground party scene in LA so everyone is a friend of a friend at the least.

And horse has 1990 in his SoundCloud name, assuming that's his birth year he's 26/27

No. 310253

I get this but like why would he get her name tattooed on him them, especially such a big tattoo? Do you really think he'd do that just for the crybby boi aesthetic? Actually, he probably would, nevermind.

No. 310269

she just rear ended someone on live and said how she always does it but no one cares kek she's so reckless it's crazy

No. 310784

File: 1494570412990.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5458.PNG)

laylas assistant or old one ?? idk. posted this on her story, which looks like a photo of layla and savanna (the assistant) and she has her middle finger over it so im guessing layla fucked her over

No. 310813

What's her @

No. 310930

on ig or snap ?

No. 310934

When does she go live? I always miss it somehow.

No. 310960

Yes cuz he also tattooed Crybaby on his fucking forehead

No. 310961

File: 1494594502823.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2829.PNG)

lol what did she get tattooed on her neck tho

No. 311010

yea can u pls post her snap or ig someone needs 2 get 2 the bottom of what happened between them!!

No. 311282

Peep and her are done again he unfollowed her off IG and she's been an emotional little bitch lately probably isn't posting much about it because they'll both look like idiots

No. 311300

he's still following her.

No. 311542

File: 1494632346786.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5562.PNG)

that tattoo is so fucking ugly lmao…

No. 311545

handle with coare…? thats not even cursive. it legit looks like an o

No. 311546

Handle with ceare

No. 311547

Looks like "Carl". "Gate" or "Cane" too. The "C" and "R" cursive looks terrible.

No. 311548


No. 311549

she's fucking 20-something why would be getting these childish tattoos??

No. 311561

sage for stupidity, but what do her face tattoos mean? IAO BAD? All of her tattoos are so fucking shitty, except that little heart on her collarbone.

No. 311567

File: 1494634219481.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5565.PNG)

laylas assistant gave herself this tattoo…. sound familiar? too poor or somethin like that ??

No. 311574

"Lost Sole"??

No. 311576

"lost soul" just some goth instagram hoe trying to be edgy

No. 311589

lmao u know she disabled comments bc she didnt want people comparing her 2 layla……..

No. 311597

yes ik lmao

No. 311684

is this the same girl that had the picture of her flipping off the photograph w layla?

Does anyone know who her latest victim on snap is? It seems like she's gotten a matching tattoo with another random.

No. 311735

yes its the same girl

No. 311768

have u guys seen laylas snapchat story… shes literally bitching abt everything at the restaurant shes at for like 7 snapchats… thts so annoying and rude

No. 311780

File: 1494651816690.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5580.PNG)


No. 311789

she's at tattoo shop right now on IG live and looks haggard AF

No. 311800

lmao she's getting her tongue pierced and is like "maybe ill feel something" like……..bitch? lol u already displace ur emotions 2 the fucking world we know u feel bc u post every thought u have like its your middle school diary lol

No. 311802

File: 1494654742386.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5589.PNG)

she went got it pierced

No. 311806

OT but u comment on tp's live stream quite a few times lol @ hawaiianstropics

No. 311807

File: 1494655113193.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170513-014927.png)

Lmaooooooo gurl

No. 311808

That whole ordeal was a train wreck.
>irresponsible, misinformed peircer lets her pick a bar thats too short
>all the jewelry she has to pick from has acrylic balls on it
>peircer proceeds to peirce it crooked, has her wash her mouth out AFTER
>tells her to rinse her mouth with listerine and hydrogen peroxide after she smokes

Yall i cant wait til this thing is embedded and infected & shes whining about it on snapchat

No. 311809

i called her dumb and she responded lmaoo

No. 311818

Which one of u said "lord farquad" in the livestream lol

No. 311821

Ya camera flash light on, loud as fuck, disruptive n entitled

Hopefully staff hocks snot in her food on the regular because she seems to act like this everywhere she goes

so depressed boohoo~
what a narcissist

No. 311827

peep dumped her again after she spent all that time with him on tour with his dumb ass friends and got another tattoo for him……. owch.
peep is an asshole for leading her on like that tho

No. 311828

sorry for double posting, but rachel is a true ass friend for telling layla that peep sucks. she really does need to move on

No. 311830

oh man that's so bad

who's rachel?

& that fact that this bitch got dumped and literally went out and got a fucking neck tat is just too good for words.

You know peeps gonna be trying at her again in a few weeks too.

No. 311831

lmao what did she say?

No. 311881

honestly…she knows he ain't shit, she KNOWS but she'll still do whatever he wants whenever he wants because he brings in more attention for her and thats all she lives for

No. 311950

try using twitter's advanced search engine to look at her 2011-2014 photos
she was so basic

No. 311964

yeah we know she was a pinterest blonde bitch

No. 312006

i cant believe this bitch is 24 and still going around getting awful tattoo after awful tattoo, getting her tongue pierced by randoms and hanging out with teenagers.. she needs to love herself

No. 312361

File: 1494726657911.png (996.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5624.PNG)

shes so rude, she just threw her broken fidget spinner on the sidewalk when im pretty sure there was a trash can in like 10 feet. smh

No. 312413

she's hanging out with some 19yr old dude and was surprised that he was so young. She can't make any friends her age it seems.

No. 312701

That's the red flag that she's intellectual stagnant and a piece of shit. She'll never get it together. Like there's no hope for this one she isn't even a person, she's a hollow character. Kek

No. 312725

>is a cougar by her mid twenties

No. 312726

indeed, anon. just goes to show how immature she is.

No. 312765

File: 1494782588112.jpg (96 KB, 608x442, 1490334009044.jpg)

lmao i had a friend who reminds me of layla now. she was an emotionally immature cunt who'd never held a job in her life and freeloaded off her boyfriend's parents. she was such a cunt all the time i broke off ties with her. later on i saw her trying to tag along with some friend-of-friends who were yeah around 19-21 (friend of mine was like 25-26 at the time). it was so pathetic seeing her trying to hang out with these people who were just young and didn't know better and yet she still failed to integrate and just looked like a sad person who couldn't find friends her own age

No. 312815

My god her tits are pancakes.

No. 312853

anyone see her latest tweet? I wonder who she's talking about

No. 312951

Screenshot & post dude, she doesn't even get notifications when you screen shots tweets.

No. 312989

not to be rude but who the fuck cares what age of people she hangs out w

No. 313002

File: 1494814619728.jpg (56.83 KB, 542x505, get out.jpg)

No. 313003

You are most likely young yourself, when you get older, or you're supposed to realize when you get older that it is strange and creepy that an older person ONLY hangs out with teenagers.

OT but Nicole Dollanganger is an even more extreme case of this sort of thing

No. 313037

If you're here it's to be rude

No. 313099

SAYS ALL OF U LMAO… u are all spending ur time hating on layla. yes some things are bad abt her but attacking her for hanging out with younger people is stupid.

No. 313108

you have to be at least 18 to post here anon

No. 313255


No. 313289

I can't believe her and Peep have broken up again. I swear they only just got back together. Does anyone know when they first / got together??? I was always curious as in Peep's music he speaks so much about girls or a girl, I was wondering if he wrote anything about Layla.

No. 313291

>>313289 First met* my bad.

No. 313305

lol just step away from ur computer/put ur phone down and reflect on how u came 2 a website DEDICATED 2 talking about people and all of their flaws just so that u can defend someone who is totally a cow. its an uphill battle n just not worth it?? lol

No. 313560

When they first broke up she was complaining about him using her for his music, apparently ''Never eat, never sleep'' and a new song on his upcoming album ''sex with my ex'' are about her

No. 313600

he says "too poor" in a few are those them or maybe there are more?

No. 313765

in the old thread someone posted a screen shot layla posted with peep sending her songs and saying one was about her

No. 313773

samefag but https://soundcloud.com/lifestrash/lil-peep-fuck-my-life people are saying this new song is about her too.

You should hit up the GBC reddit if you wanna talk about peep tho, they'll have more info on him than us.

No. 313883

I do kind of agree here, like, it's weird, but it's not that strange.

There's been a bunch of that in this thread, like, someone posted a picture of her fucking littering. Like, is littering seriously milk?

She's a ridiculous person, same with Peep, and definitely a cow, but I don't think we need to reach to find milk here.

No. 313884

Forgot to add, it seems a little like posting one of the munchie cows saying they think they have a cold because they have a sore throat.

Like, they could be faking it, but it's a fucking cold, who gives a shit? Normal people do that too.

No. 313897

god peep is one of the worst rappers in the game right now. its nice to know hes a dumbass who cant make up his mind and gets with goofy hoes like these too.

No. 314146

This thread is loosing momentum once again. C'mon ppl all those photos of her taking bars and all you have to say is that she litters. Gimme some real milk on this bitch!

No. 314215

am i the only person who thinks is fucking annoying how she parts her hair so she looks like fucking Skrillex… its annoying

No. 314232

The more I see posts like this, the more I think that there's self-posting going on or just a bunch of jealous peepettes. Who else would want milk of her, she's exceptionally boring and everyone already knows what she does since she puts every detail of her life out there. If you want milk, then start finding some yourself and/or wait for something milky to happen.

No. 314343

File: 1494983361975.jpg (102.25 KB, 1199x1114, IMG_3150.JPG)

Is it a reach to think they're sub tweeting each other? Peep uses his twitter so sparingly it's a little suspicious he tweeted so soon after Layla.

I don't know how either of them can live with such a petty dramatic romantic life either way.

No. 314369

no i think u are right

No. 314379

For sure there are jealous peepettes here. They type just like too poo or like tumblrinas.

No. 314399

File: 1494987416006.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6010.PNG)


No. 314401

File: 1494987653044.jpg (17.52 KB, 307x200, ron_perlman.jpg)

I hope this thread gets moved to /sty/

No. 315059

Don't use emojis here

No. 316540

someone pls repost her ID with the 1991 birthdate on it

i'm so sick of hearing how she is 21 or 23

she's on the wrong side of 25

No. 316553

File: 1495211623252.png (140.96 KB, 750x710, IMG_6557.PNG)

imagine being this ugly….

No. 316616


I found it funny that the next picture he uploaded was him shaving his head. Probably reaching but it could've been a small dig.

No. 316674

File: 1495218198296.png (234.19 KB, 1110x1386, IMG_0052.PNG)

Layla's delusional. She's going crazy.
She was even talking about "her" on IG live before going to bed and she was actually scared.
Also, her disordered eating is clearly getting worse and has been for a while.

No. 316814

Not going to lie I fucking love lil peep's music lol.

No. 316815

Also someone should record her ig live.

No. 316816

Looks like layla ;)

No. 316818

Sometimes lying is perfectly fine.

No. 316837

No. 316843

>How do you deal with any negativity that comes your way via social media?
>I see a good majority of it, but I don’t acknowledge it. If anything, it fuels me to keep going. Even if people are talking sht, at least they’re still talking about me :-)
this entire "interview" is hilarious to me

No. 316936

File: 1495241981216.png (386.13 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6559.PNG)

go watch @ccryme on instagrams story…. thats laylas old assistant & shes so dumb lmao

No. 316944

>I’m also just sick of supporting these huge corporate stores that are just ripping small independent artists off.

didn't she steal clothes from a bunch of "small independent stores" and resell them?

>I see a good majority of it, but I don’t acknowledge it.

except when it's lolcow then she has a fucking fit and screeches about it like a retarded chimpanzee

No. 316994

Slightly OT, but this was discussed in the last thread, but Ron Jeremy is staying at a hotel 5 minutes from my house right now. He's still at the bar, part of me wants to go ask him about his "relationship" with Layla, but the other half of me wants to stay home and not engage with this creep. What Do? Will provide video of any anons want it

No. 316995

do it and show him the image from the last thread. video proof would be awesome too

No. 316997

File: 1495249896345.jpg (177.16 KB, 640x1136, 20170519_230841.jpg)

Ok, at the bar now. Blurred out my friends' faces. Not posting my pic with him, lol. He had no fucking clue who Layla or "toopoor" was, said "probably some skank". Lmao. He's going to bed now (He's old) so I couldn't take any video. Too funny! He's kinda a prick

No. 316998

He invited me to his hotel room though. Top kek (obviously I declined) What a weird night!

No. 317001

Triple samefag, but I did show him the last thread and he just said "that skanks a liar", and had no idea what lolcow was (Not surprised) . He seemed pretty drunk though so idk. He denied any involvement with Layla, but take that with a grain of salt.

No. 317012

probably from all the drugs, when I took so many dissociatives I was having hallucinations for awhile as well

No. 317167

File: 1495276225977.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6584.PNG)

big ass nose bitch lmaooo

No. 317261

File: 1495289418085.jpg (22.92 KB, 220x275, tmp_3778-SamTheEagle36527453.j…)

ugh, it makes her look like sam the eagle

No. 317878

Layla (((Shapiro)))

No. 317885

File: 1495339713534.jpg (81.89 KB, 722x622, sc.jpg)

layla is back to old messy ways. she was on live drunk as hell

No. 317886

File: 1495339936080.jpg (184.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG.jpg)

Also seems like she may be wanting corey back. She's been liking his pictures and commenting on them since the peep drama

No. 317902

Is she Native American?

No. 317905

Look at that nose dude >>317167

No. 317931

shapiro is one of the most common jew names.

though i dont think you needed even that after seeing that giant kike beak

No. 317949

LMAOO yes shes jewish & her and corey are just friends i think. hes said that their relationship was abusive before

No. 317975

File: 1495354485975.png (399.55 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3061.PNG)

No. 317979

File: 1495355672523.png (810.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3160.PNG)

@'ing successful artist/models he's friendly with w his tongue out & getting a flirty public response back

No. 318024

I have to say for me personally the milk dried up. The most exciting thing that happened lately was when Null from kiwifarms fawned over her and called her beautiful in a thread he made. Layla seems pretty boring after a while

No. 318039

File: 1495370366039.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6635.PNG)

i wouldnt answer her either.. & he probably dropped her cause peep did

No. 318054

calientechica is gross

No. 318068

peep is gross. imagine making yung lean look talented and cool.

No. 318072

No. 318229

I don't fw kiwi but isn't null like, insane?
Did he say anything else about her tho? It's crazy that she's even on his radar tbh she is a pretty mundane person.

No. 318436

Null has a lot of time to read every single thread and obsess about cows. Like you say, basic dull Layla is a funny one to single out though.

There have been a lot of ex-Kiwi posters flooding lolcow lately for some reason, whether Null's on another ego trip or what. Look for any thread where an anon is upset that people are speculating. FAX ONLY GODDAMN IT.

No. 318467

some time ago he made a "beauty parlor" section of the site, which was designed to directly compete with here. He's been trying to make sure every thread here is over there too.
I actually like kiwi but it'll never be as good as here bc
1. kiwifarmers aren't bitchy and catty enough
2. they do nothing about male posters shitting up the threads
he's salty that the admin rejected/ignored him and wants to replace this site, basically

No. 318487

I just feel bad for her bc she was blinded by false celebrity and ruined her life over it. Like I doubt she'll ever get sober and value herself and realize instagram isn't fucking real, and the only people who follow lil peep are just bored idiots that jumped on an ironic trend they all collectively agreed to.

Like bitch fucking love yourself and stop showing your flat ass for free and get an education and a career and legit laugh at all this stupid shit because it's all going to end up like MySpace. It's. Not. Real. These "musicians" are doing an ironic thing, but they're fucking w real drugs. They'll age hella poorly with nothing to fall back on - those ironic tattoos will age even worse than scene hello kitty tattoos, and the drugs will destroy them inside and out just bc they 'did it for the gram'

I feel bad bc she's a young woman and our culture is shit and I wish she just had a friend or family member that gave a shit about her so she would stop with this meaningless spiral. Like now she has a platform - let's say only half those people actually "like" her, she could easily monetize that in a way that lasts beyond instagram.

Lil peep is this generations john hock. And it's funny bc I know Wicca Phase of gbc and this is all such a tongue in cheek joke. Prob why I'm having actual feels about this girl getting so deep into it and letting some fool run her life, but also I'm just so fucking sick of these young women with nothing going on because of a social media trend. It's like the ultimate drug to them besides defining themselves by a man.

Anyone dropping her now is doing her the biggest favor of her life. She needs to move the fuck on and contribute something to the world, fucking hop off this ugly ass dudes crusty dick he never cared about you.

No. 318586

Is kiwi not, like, 99% male posters shitting everything up? Or are the male posters just so vocal that it just feels like that? I think PULL is more tolerable because of it, even though it's full of spergs and babbys. Men really need to learn how to stay in their lane.

No. 318596

The thing is most of gbc is older internet ppl who were around for MySpace &/or witchhouse-tumblr-internet-wave. Like they all do keep a low profile have somewhat normal lives and are aware it's a weird niche thing they do. It's real but they aren't like peep or some of peeps peers who I honestly don't think are being ironic at all and are trying to "make it", face tatts and all. I know peep has a lot of teen fangirls but l'd say most of the rest his fanbase in the us at least he shares w gbc which is aging emokids/hardcore dudes & younger weird internet kids.

I'd argue Layla is like Audrey Kitching level not Kiki. Audz is still out here doing whatever the Fuck she was doing in 2006 & almost all the band dudes she hung around w for clout have fallen to the wayside. I think the scenequeens of yesteryear have done far better for themselves than the band dudes. I'd imagine this trend will continue bc yeah the dudes are making flash in the pan music but there's some longevity to being a pretty media bitch. Then again in 2006 the thing to do wasn't get massively fucked up on xans & film it…

It's funny you bring up MySpace too bc anyone in the scene that's old enough to even tangentially remember MySpace is telling these kids it's a bubble that's peaking right now but totally gonna break & they need to be ready for it.

Also wicca seems like such a massively overwhelmingly normie ass dude does he have any milk? I don't know how someone can go from being a pop punk god to an internet musican & still be seemingly so fucking normal.
That is so sad. & I don't know what Kiwi is actually like but I imagine it's overwhelming male. It's just never gonna compete like, men just have no clue how to actually have real conversation about women positive or negative.

No. 318649

wicca/adam is pretty normal (i have some mutual friends with him and a number of people in gbc to be honest). he hasnt got any milk, i guess, but you're spot-on, anon, about how these are just older internet people who make work around nostalgia for a weird specific web era. layla's thread was really surprising to see on lolcow because so much of what she does feels like typical alt girl hoe shit (just on steroids) to me - and a lot of the milk in this thread just basically boils down to stupid music scene drama, just that this scene isn't local but is basically publicly taking place and centered on the internet, lol - but i'm glad that a good amount of people in it seem to "get it" or get that aspect of it at least.

with that (& all the talk about kiwi's users >>318467 >>318586 >>318596), one of the biggest things i notice when lurking kiwi is that their users are - yeah, men who are generally close to being cows themselves and are autistic as fuck. they have a really bad (sometimes no) frame of reference for other "scenes" or communities, even online, as a result and sperg about shit they misunderstand or misinterpret way too often (have seen too many clearly-ironic twitter jokes including "woke toddler" type shit taken as 100% serious), so you can guess how much worse they are at discussing women

No. 318650

Lmfao i just found out lil peep is ONLY 20 YEARS OLD that makes all of this so much funnier and v bad for Layla daaaaamn

Yeah I thought GBC was all ppl like WP bc of how obvious all of the recycled cultural reference points were, like it was all ironic good-bad type stuff. Now I see the divide with them and lil peep considering his age, omg this only gets weirder.

The only "scene queens" that appear to be doing well are bc they came from rich af families to begin with. Specifically Hannah Beth and everyone who used her for her connections like Jeffree haha. Remember Amor Hilton? She did the drug thing, and she was even in LA and still managed to fuck it all up. Those are the vibes this girl is giving me. Any girl who wants to make a living from social media has to work with other brands and come correct about it, then obviously know how to parlay it into the next thing that happens. She doesn't even have a good personality and I hate saying this but for real does anyone have any back story on why Peep and her were dating for so long or why her?

&yeah Myspace is always the ghost story to keep instagram famous people quiet. I was young when all that happened and was over but it was a good lesson learned. I'm about Layla's age so it's impossible not to give her shit for letting a 20 YEAR OLD run her omg.

And lmao no Adam has no milk, dated a girl long term who was shitty to him and cheated on her, that's it. Is in a new long term relationship. He's always loved goth shit tho so when witch house was a thing it was around when he quit his band and just did Wicca Phase.

No. 318661

real talk she is not even cute how tf is she getting lil peep to buy her shit when they're together

No. 318680

Is it just me, or is the typing style in this thread drastically different from everywhere else on the site? It makes me think that toopoor threads are full of a bunxh of her fake friends or other tumblrinas who carry the same aesthetic and hate this chick for being more popular (idk how popular she actually is in this "scene" though)

But seriously I cant be the only one noticing the weird tumblr style of typing in nearly every post, and a handful dont know how to properly reply to a post. Maybe its one big weird samefag like Kiki was.

No. 318699

File: 1495436362048.jpg (73.76 KB, 1164x650, CxLez1-UcAAGzx9.jpg)

i'm >>318649
the typing styles are different because the people who are interested in this thread probably are into similar things/scenes that layla (because i'm not really sure what'd be super interesting about her otherwise) is in/around, and these typing styles (along with some of her behavior, on the lowest of keys) are more normative there - it's not really weeby/nerdy shit like momokun or game grumps.

i'm not really sure if i'd categorize it as a "tumblr" thing (though i do think a lot of her aesthetic developed on the website and that the shit you're seeing was definitely super popular on it) because figures like her (and people around "alt" [but not in the way that lolcow categorizes the goth "altcows"] music, be it GBC & fans or or people into lil ugly mane et al or FIDLAR-liking house show attendees etc. - most of these sorts feel like they eventually intersect) are way bigger on twitter/instagram now, but i guess i'll also say that alt kids have typed like this since the blogspot days

she's not really that popular if you're not a person who follows
A. GBC, or B. grimy alt (usually "goth" or "goth"-inspired in a very particular way, see pic)/art twitter/ig thots

No. 318703

ot, but rip yams ;-;

No. 318704

File: 1495436958432.png (136.66 KB, 1242x1242, IMG_7160.PNG)

do you think she's wearing it to get his attention?

No. 318705

This! Old MySpace scenequeens only survived if they were from rich families or branched out on other opportunities off the interwebs (like kat von d with her tv show & makeup, Jeffree w/ his makeup bc LOL at his "music career" bc that was going no where & was worse than botdf) & MySpace didn't make no one money, compared to how now-a-days yt bux/IG sponsors/twitch/mfc tips. That's why girls like Kiki & vicki shingles fell at the wayside. And in between girls like taylorBEBOP just grew up & normie-fied (she's a nurse w/ a normal family of her own now). I was a moderately popular myspace scenester back in the hay day and was friends with all those people from the jump and it's weird to see where they all have landed in 2017. But speaking on the "rich af family" thing…. it was my understanding that Layla is actually from a rich as fuck Jewish family in New York and grew up in private schools and to this day can rely on mommy and daddy's bank accounts? Is this not true?? (Genuinely wondering)

No. 318743

It wouldn't surprise me if she was from a rich family. Her whole shtick is that she was poor, hence why she got her name. I don't recall her saying she was ever poor. In an interview, she said she'd still things for her tumblr, but specified she did have the money to pay for it, she just didn't want to.

No. 318744


No. 318752

File: 1495445346447.png (394.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3217.PNG)

This style of typing is more conversational vs like shit talking comradery ppl in /g/ & some /ot/ threads talk like this all the time. I'm enjoying it it reminds me of lurking on efagz& lj gossip comms as a bby teen. Layla's whole shtick reminds me of the scene queen & late MySpace/early 2010's era of gossip which was as another anon mentioned kinda just music scene drama for a period of time. & if yr familiar w that era & style of gossip, it is normal that some ppl living/besides it will take part.

& that's so wild anon honestly I was really young when the MySpace scene queens were a thing I only knew of Kiki/audz/hanna/jeffree/Raquel like girls on buzznet who were paid to go on warped tour & amor later bc of efagz & thought she was a total nobody that was just fun to laugh at (tho I thought it was so cool she was still in ap magazine l m a o to be young) I didn't realize there were so many ppl considered "scene queens" in the ~internet socialite~ way you know.

Yams was for real a visionary. Internet rap star w a goth bitch is a meme he was living in 2014.

Also lol I think peep is done w her for the moment at least. She's posting shrek porn while he's partying.

No. 319210

Maybe I'm lumping the toopoor aesthetic with the Dollanganger aesthetic (which thrives on edgy tumblr reblogs) because they type this way too to each other.

>it reminds me of lurking on efagz& lj gossip comms as a bby teen.
Lol I can understand the nostalgia's sake. It's kind of like seeing the whole weeby "^_^ xD" style and being reminded of livejournal's prime if you were ever in those kinds of communities.

No. 319276

I'm really glad y'all are bonding over early scene queen nostalgia…. but jfc can you slim your replies down a little bit? you don't need to type a novel every time you're reminded of something from 2008

No. 319340

Nah I think they'll absolutely just keep spinning around each other for a while, it's not like he's really moving out of her circles or anything.

Kind of curious how "dm me I'm lonely" equates to being out partying to you though.

No. 319342

Yeah but life hasnt been right since madradrant

No. 319365

He with a lot of money & gbc were on live & just all over insta/twitter saying they were looking to party/wanted girls to come over last night. & peeps been saying he's moving to London by the end of the week for a few days. If it actually happens it's gonna make me think he's honestly kinda spiraling too the head shave & sudden move even his friends didn't know about till like 3 days ago are a bit much.

No. 319378

I dunno, just seems to me someone saying they're lonely and asking for dm's probably isn't out partying.

The moving thing is pretty weird though, you're right, if it happens at all. I feel like more milk comes out of peep at the moment than tp really, his weird obsession with taking this shit so seriously while also trying to emulate people like Cobain or Vicious and not getting that he just looks fucking dumb is hilarious to me.

No. 319856

jesus christ…….can one of yall just make a fucking peep thread and get the hell out of here…..?

No. 320350

layla doesn't have enough milk on her own to even be in snow, don't you think it'd be fair to have them both be topics? i thought people only cared about her bc of peep, she's had nothing new or interesting happen, all her old shit was dug up in past threads and it's tired.

now knowing peep's age i think he was only with layla bc she's controlling and was abusive in the past, he clearly fucking hates himself and is probably attracted to that level of control. besides her being a locally known instate goth he could use for aesthetic points, i think there was something 'legit' behind their relationship even if it was just that they fit each others weaknesses.

No. 320352

What difference does it make? This thread has been about both of them from the start, talking about her and peep is the vast majority of what goes on in these threads, why not just be able to talk about the milk that comes from him too?

I don't entirely know if he hates himself honestly, I think he idolises people that hated themselves, and clearly has issues, but I don't think he's on the same level as some of the more self destructive musicians he clearly looks up to, you know? A lot of it is clearly put on image.

The whole thing with Layla seems to me to be really image based honestly.

No. 320390

File: 1495601832468.png (49.72 KB, 640x465, IMG_3229.PNG)

Layla… girl… love yourself a lil

I'm interested in hearing why you think he hates himself tbh, I thought it was mostly an act but I don't really know anything abt him.
Tho I do agree that peep and tp feel something real for each other, however unhealthy & backwards.

No. 320392

I won't link it bc it's not really interesting, but there's an interview on youtube (first page if you search his handle) where he talks about his issues and drug use and for a 20 year old the drug use alone is going to fuck your head and destroy your serotonin. he's permanently covered himself in the most pathetic and thirsty tattoos to fit a dying trend, idk to me that screams self hatred. In the interview he said he went through some serious childhood abuse and bullying, mentioned no connection with his father. He's so painfully desperate I think he does hate himself but is too shallow/unintelligent so he pulls from destructive celebrities like every band guy/groupie ever.

Even Cobain was super constructed and carefully planned out, he just wanted everyone to think he wasn't, like everyone else. As far as I'm concerned until peep fucks a mentally handicapped obese girl to lose his virginity like Kurt did then he's nothing like his idol. Cobain just had good publicists, and Courtney (lol literally) buried anything that hurt her image, which extended to Kurt's.

No. 320397

here's the interview, but to save you time he just mentions a pathetic amount of drug use, bullying, and family trauma. i'm going off his mannerisms too and how he presents himself, it's just an obvious vibe. i'm more interested in how anyone would think he has a healthy amount of self respect when he doesn't seem to respect his own mind, body, or soul in any way lmao. how many stds and drugs does he fill himself with, toxic relationships and bullshit tattoos? for what or who? he doesn't value this, no one does, it's just the instant gratification of social media status. same could be said for layla.

and fuck why can't she just DM him or some shit. If she's going to keep this public mess going she needs to bring it harder bc she's so fucking boring lately. surprised she didn't post public nudes or write his name on herself for him.

No. 320411

LMAO FUCK YALL i went to grab that dumb peep interview and this lifestream layla did from just yesterday was on the sidebar and i started watching it and HI GURL you still lurk!!

>said she'll never go to london a few times, prob bc of peep which is weird bc she's tweeting at him in the most pathetic of ways

>at about 10:30 someone brings up her neanderthal head shape and she claims "people" "talk" about her fuckin weird ass head but ppl made fun of it in the LAST thread so hard it stuck with her.
>right after the head shape comments she immediately puts her hood up and someone asks her favorite movie and she says Shrek, probably bc the head comments reminded her of the Lord Faarquad ones

then they have her nasty vibrator at the end, so if you want to see her get weird about her head shape that's all the milk this helium-voiced crack hoe has.

No. 320417

She got his birthname blasted on her arm like a week into being together again like, she can't stop that. Maybe she'll make another voodoo doll lmao

My impression of peep was that he was a kid that came from a lot of privilege and was on some luna shit & doing a mix of play acting struggle with some risidual teen angst(I'm only a year old than him so I Get It wrt the teen angst).
He comes from a family of multigeneration ivy league alum & aside from his father says nothing but good things about his family.
"I had a fucked up childhood" isn't like a window into anything especially coming from a dude who's persona is a reimagined for the instagen sad sensitive emoboy. "Im just so fucked up and sensitive I won't make eye contact & got an unsure smile but I get mad alt girl pussy where the blow at" is a character thats been around since like, the dawn of teen-early 20's boys.

I wonder what makes some people act out, the only thing that raises any red flags to me is the history w heroin and the fact that he really doesn't talk abt his father/ is a total moms boy. He is a little withdrawn but a base level of drug (ab)use and some dumbass tattoos reads more rich kid acting out & knowing his parents will bail him out than some tortured soul to me.

No. 320426

tbf if he comes from such a successful family something must have happened to him to fuck it all up like this. you're on point about his persona, but bc he's otherwise so privileged why wouldn't he follow in their footsteps? i'm not at all saying he's deep enough to be a tortured soul in any way, but i think he hates himself enough to play act at this nonsense. i definitely think he's doing some luna shit, anyone that hasn't grown up in a real ghetto that may need to get involved with drugs to survive is always making the choice to do drugs in the first place, so it's all aesthetic and lazy instant gratification. if he does really have issues he's a piece of shit to blast them so much without doing anything legitimate to fix them.

he has around 400k followers, probably all kids that in some way hate themselves, forced or not. it's pretty fucked he has so much reach and doesn't offer any mental health insight along with his work. he just fucks all the underaged ones, adding statutory rape as another reason for them to hate themselves too.

No. 321061

I definitely think he's got problems, don't get me wrong, I just don't think it's a self hatred sort of thing. He's doing trendy drugs, and everything he does is really trying to garner fame in some way or another.

Cobain definitely did the same to some degree, but there was heaps of shit in there that just didn't fit that at all, breaking his instruments off stage, fucking up shows on purpose, refusing to play certain songs live even if they were hugely popular, all that sort of stuff, and obviously the suicide attempts.

I agree with what you're saying though, I think, that he's not really as fucked up as he wants people to think, but definitely has issues and just tries to pretend to be other people who had bigger issues, while missing the actual attitude that came with those people?

I just think that everything Peep does is designed to try to look like a self hating musician, it's all with a "hey look at me I'm so fucked up lol" air to it, rather than the reality, and the way he acts really contradicts who he says he is.

This post put it well >>320417
>"I had a fucked up childhood" isn't like a window into anything especially coming from a dude who's persona is a reimagined for the instagen sad sensitive emoboy. "Im just so fucked up and sensitive I won't make eye contact & got an unsure smile but I get mad alt girl pussy where the blow at" is a character thats been around since like, the dawn of teen-early 20's boys.

No. 321071

Ok true I agree with that. I'm in no way saying he hates himself like we should give him sympathy or a break, just that no one would trash their lives if they didn't hate themselves to some degree. Like him putting on to such a tragic degree is such obvious overcompensation. But he's neither actively attempting suicide or seeking real treatment so I fully agree this is a huge act.

which makes it worse that Lola is so devoid of personality/depth that she latches on to someone that's only slightly more interesting in that he's producing a trendy product, who doesn't even want her back. was it ever established what she even wanted out of life?

No. 321081

Yeah, I agree there, he's definitely got some identity issues going on, but like the other person said, he's come from a really good background with a good family, just latched onto stupid role models when he was a teen and not really let go of that.

Lots of people chase that rock and roll lifestyle because they think it's cool and edgy sort of, not because they think it'll fuck their life up.

I think the big part that makes it look fake to me is the same as the person I quoted said. He acts like he's some fucked up sensitive idol, but then like a few hours later is hooking up with heaps of people and out partying and having a great time, with no real dysfunction at all. None of the musicians who were legitimately messed up really had that, they partied still, sure, but there was heaps of time where they just didn't, or would go get high alone instead.

It's just how the whole thing feels like a "Look at me I'm just like 'insert musician who died here'" rather than his own personal issues I suppose, loads of people put on this act for popularity.

No. 321207

oh my god this really is just a peep thread now
@ layla plz… shave yr head too or some shit we're turning into peepetts

I'm the person you quoted & think it's also worth saying that peep I don't think was into any particularly fucked up musicians, that's (almost) alllll other peoples readings. His fav band is the red hot chilli peppers, and it seems like he's on his gerard way shit w "I want my music to saves people's lives".

He's just a dumb weirdly magnetic teenager who's a little sad & writes about it, likes getting fucked up, having fun & blew up like 6 months into making music because of that weird magnetism(& I'm sure that background helped). Maybe because I'm in the same age group he is but I don't even think he has any pressing issues, like, everyone's kinda a mess mentally/emotionally in their early 20's/late teens, especially those with the safety net he does. I def don't think he views anything he does as trashing his life, it's just dumb shit you do when you're young, figuring it out, maybe do want a lil(lot) of attention and are dealing w that residual angst that comes with growing up.
His name is gustav åhr & his grandfather(who he seems to love) taught at yale ffs even a facetatt at 19 can't erase that kind of upbringing.

also can the anon's that know adam come back? I just realized people thought he died like a few years ago what was up w that??

No. 321295

Well, he is emo after all. Lots of them did/do this, especially the ones in the era he's obsessed with.

No. 321382

Layla asked everyone on live yesterday to go comment on Peeps IG to call her back…and early this morning she posted some angry tweets.. Hopefully there's milk to come, because this thread has definitely become a boring discussion about what kind of shitty musician Peep is.

No. 321468

File: 1495737700659.png (158.24 KB, 641x684, IMG_3240.PNG)

That is so fucking pathetic she's a grown ass women freak out over a 20 yr old. The Russian teens need to get more consistent with their taping of those things, I don't have time to watch her lives in real time.

Also I'm kinda hoping for these to be about some of those single use friends she has, that might be more interesting.

No. 321472

her head looks like a baby with a zika virus

No. 321921

Chris (Horsehead) is 27.

No. 321922

File: 1495773650715.jpeg (201.92 KB, 750x1334, 1495773555304.jpeg)

Literally what is interesting about her?

No. 321944

sorry this is off topic
I met a group of girls at a party that were having a conversation about soundcloud rappers they fucked. A few girls said they had sex with Goth and tracy. Tons of other guys were mentioned too, I don't know who most were but it was entertaining to say the least.

No. 322167

Kinda sad she's doing interviews and buying Louis Vuitton and yet her car is worth $500 and her bank account is prob empty lol

No. 322579

Did anyone else see those snaps from Thursday night of her like on some dudes motorcycle driving into a 7/11? I think she might have posted a vid on her twitter too. That shit made me so mad. Like I expect that type of dumb, reckless, attention seeking behavior from teenagers but like Layla is like 24 right? And the people she was with were all over 18 as far as I know. Like come on now, why are you disrupting someone's business and sitting there laughing like it's funny.

No. 322756

File: 1495876963946.png (1.29 MB, 1000x793, toobad.png)

IG vids are pretty neato

No. 322762

we already know she's done blow………and who hasn't. idk y its milky 2 do drugs

but her doing crack in nyc after her first break up was prettt funny lol

No. 322806

she was complaining on ig live about how people sell her fake xanax all the time so it wouldn't surprise me if she was doing fake coke too lmao

No. 322815

Lmao imagine how easy it is to rip her off.

No. 322866

It's pretty milky if you're not TooPoor without the internet fame, just saying.

No. 323096

saw this in my recommends, apparently she's going to be on this guy's podcast.

she pops up around the middle of the video. she really has an awful voice, i'd never heard her speak before this.

No. 323274

she looks rly cute here but her glasses are covering half her face and the guy behind her is SO UGLY. prime example of someone who needs a beard to make up for his chin nonsense

hoe does one get sold fake bars / why doesn't she just lie to psychiatrist like everyone else damn

No. 323324

can this thread be open to peep and/or other girls like layla? she doesn't have enough milk atm but i don't want this to die

No. 323334

there's already an insta hoe thread for girls like layla and also who cares about peep outside of their relationship

No. 323364

??? lol i have no clue what u were trying 2 say…

No. 323365

go talk about peep on reddit, zero milk there
just another tryhard hypey internet rapper

No. 323581

Probably because you're retarted, and sage your shit.

Tbh there's literally no reason to have a Peep thread, there's an insta hoe one but not surprisingly died down pretty quick.

No. 323638

Nah that was pretty hard to understand. You're the stupid one if you really think a 24 yr old doing coke is milk

I'd personally be interested in a larger soundcloud gossip thread but I don't think this is the site for it.

No. 323673

anyone notice on her IG feed those dumb posts bragging about how her devoted followers wont unfollow her even with their s/o saying to do so? must feel good i guess

No. 323682

It's probably satisfying to her that those random ass people who don't even personally know her won't "leave" her even if their relationship is on the line, unlike peep who seems to pick her up and drop her at the blink of an eye

No. 323716

I wasn't even that oringal anon, you aspie. Besides, they weren't wrong? It's pretty fucking lulzy but honestly who gives a shit.

No. 324256

dude that's so fucked up. imagine finding out your s/o is stupid enough to fuck w her, it's like finding out they're secretly a jugallo/into ICP. and she's bragging about it after saying some shit about 'women should support other women' and shit like that. it just looks so fucking thirsty.

there's a recent video of her with two people on a motorcycle driving into convenient stores bc thats soooo funny + cool. some dumb fuck is on the back taking a selfie and gets her phone snatched (lol) and they all start collectively whining that "she's underage" and gets the phone back from a cop. everyone involved is genuinely so ugly and repulsive and i hope they all overdose.

No. 324868

File: 1496106689956.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3106.PNG)

That new blonde is not cute on her what was she thinking

No. 324927

she still has the Gustav tattoo, I thought she got it covered

No. 325037

File: 1496123504753.png (484.1 KB, 642x424, Untitled.png)

lmao. who even are these ppl really. this looks so boring and everyone seems incredibly awkward but thats all id expect from nerds who live on insta and twitter

No. 325071

god she looks ugly no matter what hair colour but the blonde is making her look worse because her makeup is so dark. i bet she never maintains her roots like half the lazy bitches who dye their hair lighter

No. 325123

shes a natural blonde actually so she wont need to touch up her roots

No. 325130

File: 1496139670436.png (116.4 KB, 750x737, IMG_7287.PNG)

late as fuck but one of laylas exes named joei has a new gf and they seem super cute and happy. i feel bad for joei still because he got t.p tatted meaning toopoor and like 3 days later she dumped him for peep :/ and also laylas forehead tattoo "love you" was for joei also, he had one on his forehead that says "love me" they happened too quick but still, sad what layla did to him

No. 325141

File: 1496141021421.jpg (52.88 KB, 930x620, toopoo.jpg)

No. 325149

joei is as trashy as layla. how you gonna date someone for two weeks then exchange vows and matching tattoos like ???

No. 325268

you are right

No. 325272

lmao she's laying down on the streets of L.A and taking videos of that shitty tattoo on her ass

No. 325634

lmao she never will bc with his name tattooed on her desperate wrist she can always be ready to namedrop him

they're literally all normie af and that blonde white girl is apparently underage. the dudes are fucking so ugly and she's too old for this shit.

her new blonde hair makes her look like such a lame mall bitch. the black made her look so much more fashionable and suited her personal look better.

how dumb she made such a drastic change to her really nice hair like immediately after peep shaves his head. codependency is so fucking ugly.

No. 325680

>super cute

No. 325753

nice self post

No. 326056

File: 1496226600587.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7459.PNG)

shes been hanging out with him a lot lately, new man maybe?? prob not

No. 326058

The dude's sitting naked on her floor, I'm pretty sure there's something going on between them.

That's not how people who are just friends act.

Kind of curious what's going on with his neck though, the red marks all over it.

No. 326193

i think the red marks is paint, cause on laylas story he was painting her walls

No. 326194

File: 1496243997687.png (909.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7457.PNG)

i really wonder what happened. layla and cody unfollowed eachother like a month ago

No. 326195

File: 1496244029236.png (1012.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7458.PNG)

No. 326240

Ummmmm The guy is clearly gay…….

No. 326467

i think hes gay too but hes never said

No. 326486

What a beta

No. 326523

No. 326678

she's with corey on snapchat ????

No. 326712

File: 1496292290689.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0467.PNG)

No. 326728

he's gay too lmao

No. 326739

he looks fucking miserable

No. 327425

bet she leave him 4 peep again she is so high school its embarrassing lol

No. 327507

File: 1496393187667.png (3.62 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0536.PNG)

No. 328769

File: 1496558708116.png (2.35 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0622.PNG)


No. 328975

She's aging smokes cigarettes like crazy n is getting fat… she's gonna start looking like straight trailer trash soon

No. 328980

wish the OP spoilered the thread picture, i hate seeing her disgusting snot every time i scroll by.

No. 329223

File: 1496622173438.png (62.49 KB, 640x568, IMG_3324.PNG)

Back @ it again, with a whole ocean between them this time.

No. 329228

File: 1496622522813.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7727.PNG)

i think its sad people want chewed up gum from a crack whore

No. 329288

File: 1496629430712.png (849.38 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7229.PNG)

pestering someone like this is embarrassing and pathetic enough but posting it publicly for everyone to see you acting like a clingy psycho is just sad

No. 329324

I can't believe how normalized drug abuse is in the recent years like they're deadass crackheads

No. 329329

Honestly I know they did this like a week ago but I can't stop thinking about how her and her friends drew all over her walls in what I assume is a rented apartment like, she ain't gettin' that security deposit back. Also who does that???

Her behavior recently has been sooo childish.

No. 329378

File: 1496640886286.png (3.18 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_0799.PNG)

on some hand i want to give her the benefit of the doubt because breakups are tough, especially one as public as this. but it's like she on this destructive path where she stays up until 5am fucked up on god knows what, eats atrociously, and posts snapchats of herself on the toilet going number 2. it's wild to watch and i can't look away at this point. sage cuz no1curr.

No. 329399

File: 1496648245342.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7774.PNG)

shes so annoying

No. 329557

File: 1496677668605.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0663.PNG)

they're actually a joke

No. 329567

I wonder what's gonna happen next

No. 329598

I looked on his Instagram and he's deleted it?

No. 329626

Yeah he deletes a lot of stuff, that's why screenshoting is always a good idea

No. 329638

He deletes her all the time but she kept all the pictures of them, the pictures with joei are deleted but peep stayed

No. 329648

She deletes stuff on her snap and twitter all the time too, idk about insta but she's prob aware of the fact that their "breakups" aren't really breakups & doesnt bother going through all that anymore.

No. 329760

What is the point of uploading something to just delete it?

No. 329767

File: 1496704068135.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0670.PNG)

she's so pathetic she'd probably drop everything and fly all the way to london just to get cheated on and left again lmaoaoaoaoaooo. how stupid do u have to be.

No. 329805

she's tweeting about how she's mentally unstable and suicidal and that her "mind is telling her to do this". I mostly think this is manipulation to get peep back, damn layla get it together

No. 329807

File: 1496709341978.png (265.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3375.PNG)

She's a mess, there's no way this level of drama is fun to live or broadcast

No. 329808

File: 1496709372912.png (36.3 KB, 640x413, IMG_3374.PNG)

No. 329834

File: 1496711019238.png (5.23 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0676.PNG)

this is so pathetic and disgusting

No. 329854

Gotta get that gustav in the shot

No. 329857

she's so annoying she's literally hopeless she should just kill herself already I'm tired(a-logging)

No. 329879

imagine being in your mid twenties and contemplating suicide over a soundcloud rapper

No. 329909

What a foul thing to say. You should be ashamed of yourself. Every threat of suicide is real, I have many friends who constantly attempt. It's not for attention, this is real and the results aren't pretty. Layla is you read this please think of your protective factors, the people who care about you and would miss you. I may not be a fan but this is a human being having a rough time. To laugh at this sad situation reveals what a horrible person you must be

No. 329910

I agree with what you're saying, that poster is a fucking moron, but if your friends are constantly attempting, they probably aren't serious about dying. Particularly if you know about their constant attempts.

I doubt Layla would do anything, but I do agree it's a shitty thing to laugh at someone who's clearly going through something, suicidal or not.

No. 329914

Oh, they are serious about dying. It's harder to successfully complete a suicide than people think. Luckily they have been caught in the act but I've also lost some forever too. These are people who luckily have access to psych wards. I hope Layla reaches out for help from a professional. She loves peep and it's hurting her. I've been there before and I can tell you her pain is real.

No. 329933

Yeah, regardless of if she's serious about it or not, she's clearly got some issues and I do think that she should seek help for them.

Wishing death on someone is just pointless edgy shit, especially when she's not done anything that particularly bad. I can get why some people didn't feel bad about Kadee's death or similar, because they constantly wasted resources that could have resulted in someone else dying, but Layla just seems to be melodramatic and immature.

No. 330181

File: 1496769337212.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7853.PNG)

No. 330185

yeah i would take a wild guess that shes full of shit about suicide

No. 330229

It seems like this all came out of the blue with Layla. We all knew she was unstable and had some issues, but this is next level. I feel it is in conjunction with Peep, as it appears that he is now not replying to, which could have sparked this off. Regardless who likes her or not, it is still a human being feeling so damn low that they want to take their own life.

No. 330247

I agree that this is next level, she used to make her breakdowns glamorous & "cute"/edgy, like buying Chanel & the voodoo doll, that's like playing it up for the audience. There's nothing cute or glam about what she's doing right now, eating like shit, fucking up her house, & crying when she's not with her friends, some of who are actual teenagers.
It should be noted that all of peeps friends still hang out with her, on their own without peep. I think everyone around those 2 know they're together even when they're fighting it's really sad this is affecting her so much. He's really not worth the genuine distress she's displaying.

No. 330327

I honestly have a bad feeling rn. She hasn't been active on snapchat or twitter. Her last tweet was "my mind is telling me to do this"
I hopefully she's just taking a break from all the social media bs and didnt do anything to hurt herself. I may not be a fan and i dont agree with a lot of shit she does but she's a person with feelings. As a person with clinical depression i could only imagine what she's going through rn. Layla if you are reading this. I hope you find some help and please stay sober for a bit. The drugs you've been doing are probably fucking with your head. Please be safe

No. 330332

literally even crack i don't give a fuck about, she's making a huge song over half a gram of probably shit teir over-priced coke, it's really get's in my nerves actually, i don't see why there's even a thread about her.

No. 330379

File: 1496794799036.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7915.PNG)

shes fine guys.

No. 330459

she's blasting all over social media about how she wants to die for ATTENTION, it's the only thing that makes her pathetic life worth living lol….. maybe she wouldn't be so suicidal if she stopped chasing after 19y/o dick

the fact that any of you are taking her blantant attention-whoring seriously is hilarious….. this thread is full of retards obsessed w/ lil peepee & instahoe nobodies

No. 330480

she's super wack for pulling that publicity stunt, probably just to get peeps attention. she's psycho and manipulative. she's better off in a ward.

No. 330491

File: 1496800536797.png (29.61 KB, 278x288, toop.png)

After this stunt I can't see how she has so many stans. Her fans call other people out for doing the same shit she does, but she remains untouched. I wish she'd go to therapy or something and get off the internet.

Enjoy my shitty edit

No. 330509

File: 1496803133811.png (58.02 KB, 640x480, IMG_3378.PNG)

Peeps been posting I hate my life/I'm a bad person stuff & acting out too, they're both acting stupid. I think Layla's definitely struggling right now but I doubt she's in any real danger,

Can the anons who come in here complaining about her having a thread just fucking hide the thread or ignore it like I do the seemingly endless threads about gamers no one who isn't a nerd cares about.

Also what stunt? Are we calling some angsty tweets a stunt now.

No. 330680

she needs to delete her social media to be honest, at least for a while

No. 330684

She needs to stop doing drugs and dating. It's ruining her life. I wish she'd get help.

No. 330820

File: 1496849836503.png (836.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0586.PNG)

No. 331005

File: 1496870676859.jpg (286.37 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0703.JPG)

She commented this on that Lilgustav groupie chicks page

No. 331218

no some people have actually lost people to suicide, or suffer themselves.

layla isn't in therapy or doing anything to help herself. if you're on so many drugs that literally DESTROY your serotonin so frequently, you'd want to die too. i understand she may have started using drugs as a way to escape from her very obvious low self esteem and i sympathize, but she clearly knows she has a problem and instead continues on so she can take instagram pictures. there's something very felice fawn about her making all of this so public.

it's fucking dumb how these people don't realize how great life can get when you stop participating in the hamster wheel of instagram. but then again we wouldn't have lolcow.

layla is obvious another idiot who fried her brain's reward system with drugs and instant validation of instagram. some junkie 15-minutes-of-fame nobody said he "liked her hair" and this grown woman wrote it on her wall. it probably made her whole month. and she doesn't even like peep, she just lives for the attention. she probably realizes this and that makes her want to die.

she needs fucking therapy, the life she has now is worthless and she contributes nothing and has no skills.

No. 331219



No. 331223

File: 1496904979834.png (116.99 KB, 750x671, IMG_8035.PNG)

tbh i laughed

No. 331252

I get the feeling she's doing this to emotionally manipulate him into taking her back, he's a piece of shit but corey did mention her being abusive as well.

No. 331326

I wonder what's happened I don't think she could just go three days without using social media at all??

No. 331341

just to get his attention… i think she would and could bcs she's that hurting looool

No. 331349

its like the social media version of not texting back

No. 331402

File: 1496946741048.png (690.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8080.PNG)

and shes back

No. 331410

File: 1496947997852.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0727.PNG)


No. 331423

File: 1496949376059.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0729.PNG)

wonder if this is for her haha

No. 331568

File: 1496966368114.png (248.19 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2548.PNG)

haha I randomly came across a toopoor stan on twitter and was looking through her pics. it's mostly her nutting her pants publicly over how gorgeous and amazing layla is but then I found this.

lmao @ her stans hitting her up like they're her friends and getting butthurt enough to post about it on twitter when she doesn't reply

No. 331569

File: 1496966412325.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2549.PNG)

the sad part is, she's right. she's probably one of the less pathetic ones, which says a lot

No. 331865

Forgot to screenshot her snapchat, but she snapped a photo of her in a mirror with her arm up saying "back to being ok" or something like that, and I don't know about you but it definitely looks like she's wearing a hospital band around her wrist.

No. 331870

File: 1497018029802.png (989.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7712.PNG)

No. 331901

not to mention the hospital slippersocks

No. 332029

Well, I think we can safety say she wasn't lying about being suicidal and whatnot. Unless she lied about what she's in hospital for, which I don't think anyone would do (I fucking hope).

No. 332131

Sorry for the length, but this struck a nerve. If I need to sage this please let me know.

anon 5150ed for suicide: They give you hospital socks when you stay overnight, but they only give you ones with treads on them if you're unstable. This could vary from county to county (idk why but w/e), but I'm in the same state as her.

If she was 100% confirmed offline for an entire 72 hours, then she would have been on a mandatory psychiatric hold for attempted suicide, meaning 5150. If she got 5150ed it would go on record, she couldn't buy a gun for 5 years, and given her attitude there's no way she would have endured something like that without exploiting the hell out of being in an actual ward.

If you end up in the hospital/ER and disclose suicidal intentions, they will 5150 you. Sorry for quick personal note, but I mentioned something that merely implied a serious attempt and was put on hold. We are in the same state, different city, and seriously doubt it would vary.

This is a girl who intentionally overdoses recreationally to take aesthetic pictures and videos with underage teenagers so she can post them online for "credibility", because she is a fucking blackhole of a person, void of skills, of life goals, of any real love at all. As a reminder, she chose all of that so she could play a out a role to seduce a soundcloud rapper, who is acting out the same role.

This girl will never do anything serious because she is far too narcissistic. I know that word gets thrown around here a lot, but please let's all look at her a lot more critically considering her follower count and how serious this is. I wanted to like her because she seemed dumb and harmless, but even implying a suicide attempt publicly for attention is really fucked up. This girl has never seriously self harmed beyond taking too many pills, and making three times as many tweets about it. They obviously confiscate your phone is a real ward, so the next best thing she can do is vague-write, and purposefully keep her socks and bracelet on.

If you truly attempted suicide, you don't fucking keep those things on and take gratuitous vanity pictures for every social media platform you have. Literally none of her behavior match up with someone who just attempted suicide, and all she's doing is glorifying it to her followers. She's not thanking anyone for support and keeping the gory details to herself, the only difference between this and literally any other Saturday night overdosing is that she went to the hospital to collect some accessories for a photoshoot.

She has no mental illness, she is just a rich burn out with no serotonin left after her partying and shitty fucking diet. They may have just given her socks because she may have shown up in barely any clothing and heels, it may have simply been for warmth and comfort while she was being chemically stabilized from whatever pills she took obvious no physical wounds). Or, as >>332029 mentioned, she could have gone in for any other medical condition, which is very plausible.

Lastly if this were real under any circumstance she wouldn't be posting and she would be with her family, seeing a therapist, going to rehab, etc. There's a tremendous amount of shame from this, and if you don't withdraw from the shame, you should be withdrawing from almost losing your life. You'd still be suffering from a great deal of delusion and instability, and with that you're just quiet. I know everyone of course is different, but with consideration to my experiences and all the experiences of everyone I've met in various group therapies for this, this is complete bullshit.

Again apologies for length, I just wanted to make it clear this girl went to the hospital, but she didn't disclose suicidal ideation/intent or she would have been 5150ed, and if she went for "accidental overdose" she does that all the time and needed more authentic accessories to get more attention.

Fuck her.

No. 332190


I get the tread socks anytime I go to the er. They are not just for 5150.

Sage for it.

No. 332197

File: 1497060911556.png (232.01 KB, 750x1019, IMG_8116.PNG)


No. 333221

I thought it was funny how she didnt tag him but tagged everyone else

No. 333355

i have yet to understand how peep "helped" her since she only ever exhibited self destructing behaviour after she met him and she picked up her whole suicidal/drug addict act from him lmao

No. 333581


No. 333605

Found her discord (or at least a discord that she's in). Not sure if she's still in since with her thread stalking she might leave. discord.gg/axEA6sy

No. 333611

Can someone confirm this is her? I don't see any reason a someone like her would ever get a discord

No. 334259

how does she afford her apartment, is it conformed she's still begging from her parents?

No. 334263

lol i HIGHLY doubt she uses discord

No. 334281

File: 1497252752736.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7278.PNG)


No. 334284

People who plaster this shit all over social media and brag about it are obnoxious. Have fun showing everyone how edgy you are, Layla, I'm sure that won't come back to bite you in the ass. It's just like when scene queens on Myspace would brag about their cat scratch cutting and having eating disorders.

No. 334595

lmao this is some dumb dbt book about coping, look at the corner. equivalent of self diagnose w false edge lord answers

layla you just choose to do shitty drugs with shitty people. get actual help or die but just fuck right off.

No. 335328

File: 1497408153130.png (144.95 KB, 1242x1242, IMG_1045.PNG)

No. 335387

File: 1497426700552.png (270.36 KB, 1242x1741, IMG_7291.PNG)

No. 335389

File: 1497426791367.png (198.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3448.PNG)

I don't wanna say stop posting because I love watching her make a fool of herself for the internet but layla you need to stop posting

No. 335507

Should we make bets as to when they'll be on facetime again?

No. 335659

File: 1497475094237.png (288.44 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1057.PNG)

I can't believe people actually like this bitch, it's always like 15 year olds too

No. 335667

File: 1497476085060.png (2.11 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1058.PNG)

i'm so confused what happened ????

No. 335689

File: 1497480329453.png (95.72 KB, 640x654, IMG_1432.PNG)


No. 335725

File: 1497488704055.png (118.3 KB, 750x758, IMG_8808.PNG)

No. 335726

File: 1497488721238.png (112 KB, 750x734, IMG_8809.PNG)

No. 335727

File: 1497488732906.png (73.01 KB, 750x750, IMG_8810.PNG)

No. 335728

File: 1497488744231.png (49.62 KB, 750x721, IMG_8811.PNG)

No. 335729

this was totally blown out of proportion, layla should have just posted that one snapchat but to say the girl needs help and stuff when layla CLEARLY has mental problems and smokes crack is funny to me

No. 335733

LOL she should've just left it alone and made her look like an idiot when she actually wasn't at her house or in la

No. 335743

As someone actually in the goth scene and over the age of 13, this shit makes me want to puke.

No. 335746

I'm so confused. who is whorekayla? is she just a little teenage follower of Layla who "lied" about Layla flying her out to LA? lmao if so, who cares? Layla's such a go hard for no reason. if I'm wrong, someone fill me in

No. 335750

I've follow kayla for the cringe. She's just a pathological 15 year old liar

No. 335769

it's for drama and watered down content. she knows her life is boring so she's blowing this up as if anyone would stalk her. she's playing us.

oh so you're 14 bc the nu goth trend has been a thing since like 2011 and it's all been done in irony you dense twat

No. 336278

>it's all been done in irony

you are seriously overestimating the mental faculties of a lot of these layla-esque trend following self destructive bimbo sluts

No. 337250

File: 1497744063521.png (Spoiler Image, 4.48 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1155.PNG)


No. 337252

her inner organs must be screaming in agony every time she shoves this shit in her mouth

No. 337300

She wouldn't even be interesting enough to make it to /snow/ if she hadn't gone on multiple tirades against lolcow and sent her followers this way. Just shows how pathetic she is even if she tries to act like she doesn't care. She clearly does and her brain is in permanently edgy, insecure teenage stage.

No. 337302

Samefag oops I thought u meant Layla lol.

Same thing.

No. 337397

Sorry you're into nu goth and I offended you. Thinking it's all done in irony is pretentious and dumb. Pick up an Xmal Deutschland album instead of new killstar merch.
> masterbate
I know it's not picky, but I hate the way she types. She's trying to seem as young and hip as possible.

No. 337398

Nit picky*

No. 337406

File: 1497769370946.png (90.37 KB, 187x210, herd.png)

omfg i can’t believe she’s hanging out with Victoria Nguyen she’s literally 10x the cow layla is, honestly she desperately needs her own thread. milky as fuck on a DAILY BASIS, she just can’t help herself. its a wonderful shit show to witness. i’ve never made a thread but if anyone is interested her tumblr is catholicnun and her insta/twitter (main) is communistnun

sage for OT

No. 337435

No, you answered your own question; they are too dumb to actually know what goth is so they buy dollskill bullshit that's my fucking point. It's BLATANTLY not real goth, so it looks ridiculous when you compare it to the real thing. apples/oranges.

You're tonedeaf and insecure, once again we are on the same page in agreeing these girls are FUCKING OBVIOUSLY not goth, stating that they aren't makes you seem like you sustained a head injury that impacted your critical thinking. Nu goth is the dumb trend they're following, they literally never claimed to be goth. Don't even bother name dropping to make yourself feel better I can smell your desperation to adhere to an embarrassing subculture from here and it's pitiful.(calm down)

No. 337448

oh my GOD i remember catholicnun from like, the 2011 ish era of tumblr and vaguely recall her being really young back then and doing super inappropriate bullshit? like she was infamous back then but not in a good way lol i haven't kept up with her whatsoever but she looks……. rough

No. 337581

File: 1497806915486.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9005.PNG)

No. 337582

File: 1497806949217.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9004.PNG)

"#healthytoopoor" this was on the same night.. okay.

No. 337586

I think you miss the point here that Instagram goths don't have any desire to be ~real goths~ and some even hold traditional goths with a level of distain. Irony might not be the right word but there's a level of self awareness/tongue in cheekness that sets internet goths a part from the type of goth to go to a goth club or make an actual lifestyle out of it.

Anyways peep just walked for vogue I wonder how her pseudo fashionista ass feels about that

No. 337627

I agree, victoria is actually a nice person but she's a fucking wreck

No. 337715

File: 1497835001874.jpg (178.58 KB, 720x887, IMG_1606.JPG)

This is too real, I thought it was them for a minute.

No. 337717

If it didn't say 2017, I'd think this was made in 2002.

No. 337828

Wouldn't call myself insecure, so much as drunk and use /mu/ to much.

No. 337838

different anon, but fucking ew. that's way more embarrassing. why would u ever admit to that, even anonymously?

No. 337971

lol this is internetgirl n her bf. her style is 90s/00s and this pic perfectly describes them. sage 4 ot

No. 338493

Isn't internetgirl a bit of a cow too? Or am I thinking of someone else.

No. 338973

ive been following her for a few years now and i wouldnt say she's a cow tbh. i mean she has a successful brand/depop shop and is living her life. i could be missing something about her, but on the surface she just seems like a ok person.

No. 339268

File: 1498100753425.png (492.86 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1266.PNG)

Lolololol someone go kick her for me.

No. 339275

I went to high school with her and shes very sweet and chill. Just focuses on her work and has had an notoriety in an article in Vogue and danced on stage for Marylin Manson. Sage bc no contribution except for being a successful and normal version of layla

No. 339279

Ok it was prob another girl then, I didn't know she danced for Marilyn Manson. tbh 80% of these internet girls(lol) are doing more for themselves with their notoriety/brands than layla.
She's stared going to events again tho idk if anyone's noticed

No. 339292

File: 1498107768069.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1275.PNG)

what a fail

No. 340242

File: 1498250891891.png (188.49 KB, 750x1141, IMG_4564.PNG)

so it was 10 days for her to go back to her old ways

No. 340311

This is so sad… He hasn't even mentioned her at all since this >>330820

I know peeps busy with 2 fashion weeks & his debut but he still finds time to shitpost on ig about all sorts of dumb things that he hasn't mentioned layla is really telling. And makes her do nothingness so much more pronounced. Dial it back girl! Desperation is a bad look.

No. 340635

she keeps on tweeting his lyrics and singing his songs on ig live too, it makes me cringe

No. 340641

File: 1498324294933.png (58.27 KB, 1242x429, IMG_1317.PNG)

oh god

No. 340649

So now, estimates on how long it'll take for another classic tp breakdown where she's "healthy" for eating salads from mcdonalds

No. 340676

after two fashion weeks and being in an entire different country and this guy still fucks with this loser omg they are made for each other its so lame

No. 340776

It's like he only latches onto her when he's bored and between gigs. Will she notice?

No. 340784

File: 1498341490032.jpg (168.56 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0218.JPG)

I don't think she'll ever get a decent tattoo in her life

No. 340785

File: 1498341514382.jpg (212.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0219.JPG)

No. 340791

she's walking embarrassment, all her tattoos are cringe

No. 340828

Lil Peep and the rest of the SoundCloud rapper crew were in a New York Times article about the moment. We're truly in the worst time line
When is TooPoop and her rich girl friends getting their 5 mins of fame? Lmao

No. 340928

File: 1498364322189.png (Spoiler Image, 4.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1323.PNG)

she's trash

No. 340929

File: 1498364358835.png (Spoiler Image, 2.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1321.PNG)

she loves go look disgusting

No. 340938

it's that instagram goffik look anon!!

No. 340939

…Is she using her teeth?

No. 340952

i was just thinking about that. dafuq

No. 341035

omg no that is not how you suck dick layla

No. 341116

File: 1498404435301.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1324.PNG)

No. 341155

Her life seems to be pretty accurate to what we're equating it to be, I think a great example are her edgy tattoos and the stuff she tweets about being crazy, it's nothing we came up with its stuff she shows the world, like her gross bloody tissues

No. 342055

I… I have regrets.
Is she bulimic? This looks like a binge and purge meal.
They remind me of this pogo punk couple I know. How can you keep breaking up and getting back together? More importantly, why? Peep is like, 20 and to is unstable af. She needs to work on herself before trying to make a relationship with some horny 20yo work.
Oh good. She gives toothy blowjobs. There's nothing sexy about her.

No. 342568

I truly think she is or has been bulimic in the past. She's even tweeted about barffing her fast food before, long time ago though. Don't mind the new tats, they're an improvement on the previous ones. I guess she's just another girl trying to find her way in the world. I genuinely feel sorry for her. She's got a lot of borderline traits and I know people who struggle with that. It's often a misunderstood and underestimated state of mind. I can see why she feels people don't know shit about her. It's quite sad to watch actually

No. 342779

i think she's borderline too. its classic and i think she's been bulimic before too. honestly ive gone thru similiar things and im younger than her so its like watching my own life but different.
sage 4 blog post but i actually wish recovery was "trendy" maybe she would actually try to get help…..

No. 343296

File: 1498731282164.png (3.73 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7438.PNG)

I honestly think she looks cute here

No. 343366

She has a good look here.
The fried messy blonde and pinning after a 20 year old fuckboy crybaby at fucking 25 or something is NOT good look on her however.
But cows willing to do this to themselves are the whole reason this site is so entertaining.

No. 343671

File: 1498779313381.png (885.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3637.PNG)

Laylas sobbing on snap again and peep just posted this

No. 343675

File: 1498779496715.png (537.3 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3641.PNG)

On twitter too with this caption and some shit abt being a bad person lmafo

No. 343719

W.e she was crying about I didn't see it she must've deleted it.
This little trash baby doesn't give a single fuck about tp. Wtf does she do this to herself for? I want her to ask herself that.

No. 343822

File: 1498798973996.jpg (108.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3648.JPG)

She just hates herself

No. 343823

stop obsessing over meeeee it not healthy

No. 343824

Also no service on that phone like girl… yr 24 that not cute anymore

No. 343831

You're way way way more unhealthy.

No. 343833

I bet you that every person who bumps this boring thread after weeks of nothing (the majority of this thread) are either people who follow her and constantly gush over her on Twitter/Instagram then come here and complain about her… or just Layla herself.

Nobody else cares and I'm only posting this because I keep seeing it get bumped.

No. 343836

She literally did bump her own thread. But I don't think that was her intention

No. 343924

lil peep is in london, most likely fucking a 15yo every other day or some shit. the fact that she can't get on with her own life without obsessing over a child is truly sad. doesn't she have a job?

No. 344056

No one here is any more obsessed than the losers who buy your broken nails and cum on your pictures. Both are things you actively encourage. But I guess it's only "obsession" when it's people who finf you to be repulsive and don't kiss that embarrassment you call an ass. Try again.

No. 344064

Agreed, anon.
She is canned milk at this point.

No. 344075

love how she keeps up w this thread and proceeds to complain.

No. 344079

File: 1498844061370.png (3.93 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1474.PNG)

This is disgusting. Does she thinks it's cute to be fuckdd up

No. 344115

Lmao that's just funny but unfortunate she relates it to her mental illness

Or she thinks this is edgy which is also funny

No. 344233

File: 1498864700620.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4447.PNG)

ive always thought t.p was extremely cute and generally enjoy watching her trainwreck, but fuck, her side profile is something else

No. 344342

toucan sam in the cut

No. 344373

i was going to say this one wasn't so bad but then

>it's upside down


No. 344680

shes a person who would totally just always "casually" show off her tats in selfies, it fits

No. 344688

File: 1498947507585.png (591.95 KB, 640x1136, 1498864700620.png)

i wouldnt go outside with a head like that

No. 344719

she has the nose she deserves

No. 344752

No. 344804

Holy fuck that's so true and so sad.

Selfie angled tattoo.

No. 344957

File: 1499014451684.png (37.84 KB, 750x209, IMG_3720.PNG)

Whoever posted this leave this site forever you are somehow more annoying than her and you're not good enough to be a main cow either you literal idiot.

No. 344984

File: 1499019189291.png (556.32 KB, 640x1136, 1498864700620.png)


the nose knows

No. 345043

I always thought she was kind of pretty (spare the odd head) but I always knew there was something up with her nose somehow.
I guess this is why.

She could fish up Moby Dick with that thing.

No. 345048

you guys are fucking ruthless.

No. 345091

I regret continuing her thread

No. 347744

File: 1499416999597.png (466.76 KB, 480x800, gsyC5to.png)

love this jew bitch

No. 347831

Stop self posting Layla

No. 348660

my friend facetimed layla and layla said peep and her are dating and will be back soon,, they are so fucking stupid lmao. and they are following eachother still so its probably true

No. 348666

File: 1499541055822.jpg (65.22 KB, 750x882, IMG_0676.JPG)

and here is a screenshot from their facetime if yall dont believe me

No. 348683

How did your friend facetime her? Honestly tp always puts her foot in her mouth. I remember her whole "look at me I'm heartbroken and use me as a person to relate to if you're going through the same thing" and the "being healthy"

No. 348717

layla tweets her soundcloud email sometimes and asks people to facetime her when shes bored then deletes the tweet so my friend and her have facetimed like 3 times

No. 348719


aka he's using her as a cock sleeve while he fucks around with other side hoes lol

No. 348722


No. 349201

File: 1499589397326.png (975.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3713.PNG)

Ahh I wondered what this was about also she must keep a close eye on this thread these post were less than 12 hrs old when she posted a response

No. 349303

She checks this page more then the posters do.
Anon took one and this is hilarious how she gets mad over shit she was going to show her followers anyway..
Did anon not care if they were outed to tps following to harass them though?

No. 349323

Even if Layla wanted to @ them if it's through email iMessage/FaceTime doesn't reveal much about the person your talking to, so I doubt she could.
You're right, she's totally gonna blast their "relationship" all over her accounts once peep gets back
& What everyone here is saying is echoing what most of her fans say anyways, no one is rooting for them anymore.

No. 349384

File: 1499621210331.jpg (112.56 KB, 750x766, IMG_0742.JPG)

i have a lil theory 1/2

No. 349387

File: 1499621278592.jpg (112.17 KB, 750x1098, IMG_0741.JPG)

i think the chucky is probably peep, cause awhile ago layla posted a photo of tiffany with a heart on her chest that said peep,,, 2/2

No. 349398

Godddddd this is pathetic. I stopped even following her for laughs because everything she does is just so pointless and a cry for attention. She and peep remind me of edgy middle schoolers at this point.

No. 349651

File: 1499647212828.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0784.PNG)

first off, her nails are ugly as fuck, second if shes still talking about this thread shes dumb for looking through it if her ego couldnt take it

No. 349657

She wears fake LV with pride. that LV backpack is a knock off lmao

No. 349721

really? i thought it was authentic, mostly because she shows it off in every other picture like every idiot who spends their paycheck on a single designer item and proceeds to use it 24/7. guess i was wrong

No. 349722

But she doesn't work or have a paycheck, just daddy's money

No. 349726

Her middle aged lady man hands stress me out.

No. 349744

true. does she even work at the cobra shop anymore or has she gone full-leech on her parents? judging from her social media she does nothing all day and we all know how expensive rent is in la

No. 349750

nope she hasnt worked there in a long time i think

No. 349793

Omg same I thought I was the only one, does she never moisturize?

No. 349814

She still works at the Cobra Shop.

No. 349827

like she does;t know that's all she does in life

No. 349829

solid black rose tattoos are the new livestrong bracelet from a decade ago
they the tackiest of tacky and it's how you spot a true lame, your edgy ironically bad tattoos can't save you now bitch you're like 5 years too late

No. 349837

>hol up hol up lemme take one for the gram before i actually light my prop i mean cigarette is my coke nail in this w8 up w8 up lemme spin the bottle so the label show awww yes thasright is i was back in la my Ivy League Grandfather would whoop my ass if I drank underage - LOLJK no one parented me bc no one luvs me GOTHBOICLIQUE

No. 349840

Guys fuck sorry for the double post this thread is doing me in. I legit thought that fat ass face was Rob Kardashian no lie. His teenage metabolism is slowing down fast my guy.

She's what, 5'1? She's a midget, if she was actually eating those insane amount of calories she would balloon up, weight that short is so hard to control from what I've heard because there's obviously less places it can go.

They covered her mouth lines but she looks like upstate new york trash, someone friends with ember.

you're obsessed with a serial cheater and faking suicide for instagram fame. get your life sorted before you even respond here you filth.

tbh it should be a GBC thread, peep is a train wreck.

look he just needs a desperate and dumb courtney love to fit his kurt cobain cosplay ok, they're using each other just like their contemporaries.

No. 351647

File: 1499917645342.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1074.PNG)

her fucking hair im.

No. 351699

What even is this hairstyle supposed to be? Are those ratty old black extensions? Her hair looks so fried, wispy, and thin too.

No. 351728

the fuck are those glasses and makeup tho

No. 351897

i wonder if she knows those giant ugly fake glasses stopped being a trend in 2012

No. 352123


No. 352130

Uhh i wouldnt say its that, Never has tp ever claimed to be a fan of any of those things. She just has 0 self awareness of how stupid she looks.
However shes most likely an "outcast" from her insufferable behavior. She never keeps friends for long for obvious reasons. Cassidy only puts up with her because she's pretty much the same thot.

No. 352151

Cassidy is dating that man now and toopoor just follows them around it looks like. It doesn't seem like anyone actually likes her in person. She must be pretty insufferable.

No. 352152

File: 1499998161827.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1130.PNG)

didnt she say this after her first meet up?? lmao she just wants attention

No. 352186

except it is because she literally captioned "geek squad" and has a "stereotypical ironic nerd" outfit on, keep up

her hands are fucking gross

No. 352790

File: 1500083663120.png (Spoiler Image, 3.18 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7556.PNG)

what the fuck is this

No. 352796


That's a dead fly, anon

No. 353060

File: 1500146540467.png (393.77 KB, 547x500, poo & pee.png)

layla please just delete your social media. you're so much fun to watch, like fat strippers beating each other up on jerry springer, but it's really not worth destroying your body/life over.

care for yourself for once and not your image.

No. 353904

File: 1500266735340.png (Spoiler Image, 3.76 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1950.PNG)

is nobody going to talk about how disgusting this bitch is, washing her dirty feet over dishes

No. 354560

If those are her dishes or someone else's I have no clue which one is more fucking disgusting.
Why not a bath? An empty sink? These trashy hoes have 0 self awareness then cry when you call them out for putting their disgusting behaviors all over the internet.

No. 357099

File: 1500671027453.jpg (Spoiler Image, 841.31 KB, 1440x2269, Screenshot_20170721-165851.jpg)

If this is "herself" I'm already imagining what her future is like. Self explanatory why she's so lonely.
Double keks at Lilith for showing more of her gross personality

No. 358052

File: 1500797307807.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0897.PNG)

She lurks this thread so hard oh lord

No. 359595

lil peep is back in LA how long till toopoo and peepee get back together and layla becomes a drug addict again ?? any bets ???

No. 359622

>becomes a drug addict again
Girl, she never stopped.

No. 360216

yeah but… wtf is that?

No. 360528

What's going on with her feet?

No. 361400

File: 1501130839967.png (128.86 KB, 750x847, IMG_2081.PNG)


No. 361414

That entire torso is liquefied, from that mushed down tummy to those awkwardly angled much too high ribs. What even is a sternum?

No. 361552

File: 1501161184770.png (670.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3853.PNG)

Peep is back home, cuddled up on another bitch & neither party has said a word, is it finally over?

No. 361625

That girl page is a lesbian, lurk moar.

No. 361688

Peep always looked like a complete douche, but he's just gotten straight up ugly now. Damn.

No. 361707

File: 1501184896375.png (2.62 MB, 1440x2360, 20170726_093619.png)

Forgot to put this up. She was making a fool and a half of herself again and now pretends to be into witchcraft by buying some random books. How unique. "Sober"

No. 361969

forgot the whole "vegetarian" thing too. she's suddenly a book worm as well

No. 362042

we all know this shit wont last long

No. 362204

Kek yes the sudden "WHOLESOME VEGAN" she's really trying to push the sober thing while tweaking out in front of her followers.
Of course it won't last long, she constantly needs new interests to shove in her followers faces for that sweet sweet validation.

No. 362262

She looks a mess in this, that hair dose her no favors

No. 362800

File: 1501312397697.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2331.PNG)

hope she doesnt do the same shit to him as she did to joei

No. 362886

If this is the person that she's trying to "mentally fuck up" and use for "inspiration" next and not some nice random dude putting up with her then I give it a month or less for him to do exactly that to her.
Yo She complains a lot about how guys won't fuck her but dudes will fuck ANYTHING no matter what, so that has to say something about her. Just a thought.

No. 363035

she posted a video of her DJ set and she included a voice memo from some guy saying something along the lines of "I want to completely tear you apart". I'm assuming it's peep since she later posted "monetize off boys who damage you"

No. 363050

Where did she post the video? Snap?

No. 363105

snapchat. it's still up but check soon b4 it's deleted.

No. 363123

Just saw, if that is peep he sound/talks way different off record

No. 365013

File: 1501649176520.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2713.PNG)

how dumb is she "canel."

No. 365055

File: 1501654521599.jpg (463.6 KB, 1070x1847, tp1.jpg)

Looks like toopoo was just hacked on twitter. It's all been deleted now. Wonder if she was actually hacked or just looking for attention?

No. 365056

File: 1501654569456.jpg (418.03 KB, 1080x1852, tp2.jpg)

No. 365057

File: 1501654640536.jpg (449.96 KB, 1080x1842, tp3.jpg)

Nothing too interesting, but I figured if some kind of drama happened later that this might be able to provide some context?

No. 365119

When you can't spot such an obvious joke, you make this whole board look like idiots

No. 365156

Aside from that twitter stupidity there's no milk other then her usual shit. She's back to being obvious about her non sobriety and harassing poor men to the point where just a short interaction let's them know they shouldn't touch her. Her quest for SOMEONE willing to be desperate enough to touch her is actually comedic.

No. 365437

What's been up with her and Cass like posting at least one pic of them peeing outside a day? Like look, we all gotta go sometimes but also they live in LA I know for a fact it's not that hard to find a bathroom. Anyway, I'm just sick of seeing pics and vids of them peeing every damn day like what even is this the new quirky thing to do

No. 365482

They're pissing outside bc they're getting drunk as hell in public. Never seen a sober person have to piss in public so many times. The "problemed sloppy hot mess with a broken soul" seems to be their newest persona.

No. 365626

File: 1501726005014.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2795.PNG)

she actually looks good here. she should do her makeup like this instead of the shitty makeup she usually does

No. 365629

She looks really pretty here actually

No. 365630

Take off the filter and that opinion will change.

No. 365660

lmao. one peeing vid taken by someone else might make it seem like you dgaf and party, but it's like they're purposely running around recording themselves pee when the bathroom is right there. hilarious.

No. 365802

I think her Insta got hacked or she had a weird episode because she posted pics of white lines on a table plus other weird pics that she's now deleted. Got a lot of negative comments for drug use. There's no way she's sober

No. 365916

Kek the awkward moment where she only looks like this because a proffesional makeup artist worked on her face. Shes probably gonna sleep in the cake face for days like she normally does.

No. 365993

Right? The first time she did it I was a little amused because honestly what party girl among us hasn't pee'd in public before but constantly doing it to post online is so weird and fake quirky.

No. 366386

File: 1501832913386.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2977.PNG)


No. 366388

it's like by doing it so many more times she's ruining any dgaf vibes she could have given with the original. the fact that she's so obsessive about it, even drawing over it and writing "i'm peein!!1" makes it seem like her normie past is brimming up and she's actually embarrassed and it's a big deal to her lmao

No. 366390

same with this actually. are people supposed to be shocked? impressed? concerned? even if that's your fetish it's just a really shallow imprint. why bother. really seems like this is the first phase in her life that she's attempted to do anything weird/shocking/kinky so she has no perspective on it.

No. 367204

layla is a normie trying really hard not to be one, that's all there is to her

No. 367228


Actually, the 'trend' (shudder) of instathots pissing started a good year or two ago.

Some edgelord Spanish sex therapist/feminist started doing it and uploaded the pictures to instagram.

Then her followers and similarly edgy clothing websites caught on and started making their models piss during photoshoots while advertising their clothes.

Just proves what an easily influenced bunch of degenerates these people are.

No. 367234

File: 1501972897404.jpg (75.59 KB, 960x640, ew.jpg)

This is one of the pics I'm referring to. Plenty more where that came from, unfortunately I've forgotten the names of most of these shitty brands as they were so samey and forgettable.

No. 367486

File: 1502011905511.png (1011.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3407.PNG)

No. 367487

File: 1502011920821.png (1019.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3408.PNG)

No. 367488

File: 1502011947829.png (955.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3410.PNG)

she needs to get over peep shes such a dumb bitch lmao

No. 367557

The answer is: every time. She's just fucking with him for the drama. She knows he doesn't care.

No. 367568

>>learn from me
I mean layla there's a lot of people learning from you and nothing is good. No one worth any time wants to touch you with a 10 foot pole and you piss in the street for the gram while crawling on your hands and knees after a mouthbreathing SoundCloud rapper..

No. 367723

Layla sorry but it'll happen even if you put your relationship all over social media lol

No. 367914

I think it's also important to note she said "he will probably call me again in like 3 months crying from drug withdrawals begging for my company and hand in marriage"
so she knows he has a pattern, next step is not giving in (obvi she isn't there yet) but I like to have hope she will move on from him eventually

No. 367988

"3 months" more like 3 weeks i swear the longest they've been broken up was that month when she started seeing that other rapper from ohio

No. 368222

…really? are you one of those dumb ass guys that says "only hoes use the dog filter" too? what a stupid thing to nitpick/derail the thread about. you sound crazy as fuck.

No. 368246

anyone else waiting for peep drama

No. 368248

you sound offended as fuck at the truth

No. 368336

File: 1502123505491.png (927.24 KB, 1440x1833, 20170807_122825.png)

Laylaaaaa you only get funnier! Literally got the first Google image you found tattooed…and how old are you again? Youre one of THOSE people that don't have a concept of having their own original tattoos. So you steal some random Google images. Its time to stop love.

No. 368399

are those precious moments?

No. 368403

Yes lol

No. 368414

>That's not how people who are just friends act.
Thats how close friends act, ESP if hes gay.

No. 368430

Really bumped the thread to respond to a 2 month old post huh

No. 368595

I didn't notice she has all those ugly heart tattoos on the side of her face and neck now. they look like deformed moles

No. 368959

youre the one whos sperging out about a filter. go take some melatonin and a nap you loon.

No. 369274

File: 1502276599473.png (247.41 KB, 1242x1222, IMG_4545.PNG)

i was hoping they weren't really tattooed but when they kept being in pics day after day i realized she was dumb enough to do it. she reminds me of this girl kek

No. 369423

File: 1502297304971.jpg (209.11 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170809_184514.jpg)

I didn't manage to screenshot it because I think she delete the snap but apparently he tattooed "too poor" on his eyelids

No. 369508

These people get tattoos as casually as they wipe

No. 369574


And they aren't even great tattoos. The "too poor" tattoo look like a stick and poke done on a bathroom floor. The letters looked so wobbly. Quite said how far these people will go for their aesthetic, even if it means making themselves look like a dumbass.

I wonder why all these people she "dates" get her Instagram handle tattooed on them. What's so special about her? Is their brain fried from the drugs? Does she give really good head?

No. 369687

Because the new aesthetic is not wanting a future apparently. I'm excited to see them in a couple years. The effort for validation from a social media will be their downfall.
Drugs are also a very big contributor. She seems the type to use teeth giving head. There was a pic in the thread of her giving head that looked kinda bad.

No. 369736

how does she convince all these guys to get too poor tattooed on themselves

No. 369783

Imagine hating yourself this much.

No. 369934

File: 1502361878176.jpg (396.4 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20170810_124417.jpg)

No. 370025

Are they real tattoos or those stamps ??

No. 370026


He looks like he'd get a Burger King tatoo on his face for a free Whopper and drink

No. 370030

I didnt think it was possibly for there to be a K-Mart version of lil peep kek

No. 370074

that greasy face looks like he just ate 9 whoppers and threw the lettuce and tomatoes away

No. 370176

this guy looks like lil peep in about 2 years

No. 370275

File: 1502407767044.png (1.45 MB, 1162x1559, 20170810_192659.png)

Fake for attention or not she's addicted to making herself look even weaker and stupider every time she fakes being sober to once again post this shit. What's the point of lying about sobriety?

No. 370297

She usually does the whole sobriety thing whenever she breaks up with peep so I assume it's probably trying to make it seem that she's better of without him and as if she got rid of his toxic influence or whatever. Could be that she's just really unstable and constantly switches between the two or maybe she genuinely wants to get sober but she's too weak/finds it hard so she just relapses everytime.

No. 370325

File: 1502413609528.png (455.31 KB, 642x720, IMG_0197.PNG)

I think I might vomit. What's going through her head? I don't understand her at all.

No. 370579

File: 1502462506386.png (944.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170811-103936.png)

Nothing you want going through your head anon trust.
Nice lurk poor. Good to know you still get shook when people call you out on your stupidity

No. 370588


Gucci house? Bitch, please.

I stay away from instathots though maybe I need to start following. The whole pissing model trend is so bizarre to me.

No. 370591

File: 1502464128375.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6047.PNG)

Did anyone else see them on peeps IG live last night?
Layla said they're fucking engaged LOL

No. 370619

File: 1502466633784.png (1.27 MB, 1440x1451, 20170811_114752.png)

These clowns stay entertaining us though so I'm waiting for the milk. Amazing how you can throw so much of your life out there and still try to back track and say no one knows anything.

No. 370625

She's back with peep? God she's stupid

No. 370643

>>369934 who is this clown

No. 370753

File: 1502476944973.png (196.14 KB, 1242x1728, IMG_4072.PNG)

and it starts …

No. 370754

the guy who tattooed too poor on his eyelids probably feels so fckn stupid

No. 370769

File: 1502479389961.png (351.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-08-11-13-54-31…)

He changed it, I can't wait to see what bad decisions this session brings
The guy that got too poor tattooed on his eyelids got too poor tattooed on this eyelids

No. 370773

Didn't she also do it with the other guy she dated? All her peep rebounds will tattoo too poor on them and then she'll dumb them a few days later. Kinda shitty she does this to them but I can't feel bad for these people considering they're actually stupid enough to get a tattoo for someone they just started dating.

Also Layla is fucking stupid is she keeps get back with peep after he keeps cheating on her and treating her like crap. Grow a backbone and get rid of him forever.

No. 370940

File: 1502498870600.png (57.11 KB, 1242x497, IMG_4583.PNG)

No. 370941

File: 1502498888014.png (232.01 KB, 1242x1541, IMG_4584.PNG)

No. 370942

File: 1502498906998.png (52.81 KB, 1242x488, IMG_4585.PNG)

No. 370944

File: 1502499153250.png (219.99 KB, 1242x1671, IMG_4586.PNG)

these crackheads need a reality show of their own

No. 370948

I need definite proof of this vids existence peeps fans are rabid i feel like everyone would be talking about it & it would have a lot of mirrors if were a real thing

No. 370955

yeah i want to see it too lol

No. 370964

Honestly good for peep if he's out here having dl 3somes. But I need proof if people are gonna make claims like that. I only hope his taste in men is better than his taste in women.

No. 370972

Everyone already said this but yeah, I want to see it too. Bones has been making some shady comments lately and everyone thinks they're directed at Peep…He's becoming as much of a cow as she is lol.

No. 370996

File: 1502502982414.png (68.52 KB, 1242x552, IMG_4587.PNG)

i checked out his twitter after reading this and whew, it's pretty shady. but then again 90% of soundcloud rappers could fit in this

No. 371057

Ty for the caps, I only know bones as a super edgey long hair soundcloud from like 2013, i feel like if it was directed at peep it would mention face tatts & not hair but thats so shady and specific it was def detected at someone.

What eles has peep done? Idk that I would call coming out as milk but i don't keep up with him that well & he deletes a lot.

No. 371058


No. 371097

wow she literally just went on a rant about how done she is with him. I am so tired of their stupid ass relationship

No. 371098

Is she trying to say couture? Or is she really trying to say Gucci is a culture? Either way, this bitch is retarded.

No. 371132

yea plenty of people have talked shit about peep but i don't think bones specifically has. he's just disillusioned with the underground scene as a whole.

and his album just got leaked, it's called "come over when you're sober: part 1" (lol)

she means culture. it's a meme within that lil circle of her's, "did it for the culture".

No. 371138

yeah definitely need proof of this

dont give a fuck about peep but i wanna see lmao

No. 371152

it would be actually pretty funny if she still lurked this thread and found out about the gay stuff from here lol

by the way the butthurt male fans in his comments feeling threatened because he came out as bi are even more pathetic and hilarious than layla

No. 371178

yeah, I kinda wanna see peep get fucked too tbh…

No. 371217

I wanna know if he had to suck someone off for his model gig

No. 371307

come on peepettes, come thru with the gay porn

No. 371323

File: 1502560143412.jpg (30.55 KB, 440x199, homosex.jpg)


lol yes come thru
We all want to see this guy get spitroasted apparently

No. 371950

File: 1502657489391.png (150.16 KB, 720x813, Screenshot_20170813-224841.png)

"what is therapy and medication??"

No. 371956

File: 1502658728674.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2223, 20170813_171026.png)

Attention seeking at its finest once again. How do her followers keep falling for it. All over a SoundCloud rapper my fucking god

No. 371957

File: 1502658777081.png (615.89 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_20170813-230427.png)

Peep plays her, that bitch Cassidy enables her, Layla will use twitter as a therapy substitute / stage for her meltdown until she offs herself in a couple of years

No. 371958

File: 1502658815664.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2157, 20170813_171046.png)

Pt.2 of attention seeking

No. 371962

She's really cringe at this point nothing can help her except therapy, she's a drug addict and keeps going back to a somewhat abusive relationship and she looks for validation from her "fans". I kinda feel bad for her at this point, Layla just get help already

No. 371965

File: 1502659277098.png (1.37 MB, 1440x2148, Screenshot_20170813-171723.png)

lmao cass pls

No. 371966

Girl, don't feel bad. She has the money and the means and the TIME to find and receive excellent therapeutic / psychiatric care. Also, this bitch does not want to die. Sorry for slight arm-chairing but the more "narcissistic" or histrionic/dramatic/hysterical/attention-seeking a person, the less they wanna die and the more they play themselves and others

cass is a fucking joke as a friend lmao

No. 371969

Gdi she locked her ig, is this a video or just a weird attention seeking photo

Did her and peep break up again, after 1 day? I can't keep up. He's not even in la rn

No. 371971

I really can't feel bad for someone who repeats their mistakes over and over WHILE making a mockery of those with actual depression. Who the fuck thinks "I'm gonna kill myself but brb first I'm gonna post a lot to milk this" fuck off to layla seriously shes trash for that. And she's going to look stupid as fuck when she comes back
Cass is another story you can tell she's rolling her eyes and gives no fucks about this meltdown

No. 371972


it was just the sideboob pic with "i'm gonna kill myself" followed by two black photos. chilling stuff

No. 371975

Lmfao at more than half the responses being jokey/unserious no1curr girl your shits so tired even your fans are laughing

I like how she chose an aesthetic modeling pic to announce her "suicide"

No. 371985

I can believe that she's suffering and has suicide thoughts / a deathwish. But I can't believe she would actually go through with it and severly harm or kill herself.

I even wanna see her do better in a way, get some therapy and her life in order and cut ties with peep. But it's not gonna happen

No. 372000

File: 1502665515774.png (3.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170813-190147.png)

Much concern for her best friend. you can just TELL on her face how worried she is about layla /s
They're both fucking clowns

No. 372034

man how old is this lady again? she looks busted. even direct lighting can't hide her eyebags or nasolabial folds.

No. 372071

>the man who raps about loving nature, eating healthy, and poetic romance
choose one.
that one tweet he made could have been directed at literally anyone since he thinks everyone in the scene is a retard except for his own crew. he disses people all the time

No. 372161

Last time bones was at his height of relevance (which isn't saying much) he was rapping about Columbine and glorifying mass shooters.

Sorry that nobody gives a fuck enough about him to bother listening to what he's up to now.

No. 372168

>le busted nasolabial eyebags
You sound like the spergchan april fools filter. Stick to bitching about actual milk or it's going to hurt for you when your own face catches up.

No. 372202

File: 1502701992762.png (639.28 KB, 720x986, Screenshot_20170814-110938.png)


hey cass, get your wholesome photo prop into therapy

No. 372203

File: 1502702106310.png (633.02 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_20170814-111056.png)


No. 372205

They overused filters to whiten their teeth to the point where it turned their gums a pale grey. Attractive.

No. 372208

File: 1502702499717.png (833.91 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_20170814-111040.png)

Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to blame Cass for Layla's bullshit. But I do wonder how much she enables her. I don't hate her tho and she's not a cow

No. 372244

i don't know.. she's a lot prettier than layla imo

No. 372286

Idunno man at the moment Cass is showing some true cow behavior. She's literally went out for food and alcohol and why do I think layla is RIGHT next to her totally fine.. Cass seems way too unconcerned. They are so not slick.

No. 372355

That was some one else who also seems to understand where I'm coming from. I said he was edgy because I've been told he's edgy & started hearing about him through reformed white boy edgelords in the hardcore & metal scenes. Thats was a couple years ago, maybe hes diffrent now but you're acting really hurt people on a gossip site don't "get" your babyfavie.
Plus I'd say constantly insulting your scene is edgy.

No. 372364

She's really pretty in that all american sweetheart way which is why she looks so weird in this >>372000 pic. That harsh hair and eye liner dont suit her sorority girl face. Plus I'm pretty sure she went ham with that face tune on her eyes which also makes her look weird.

No. 372368

And no one gives a fuck about how much you dislike him.
They didnt get where u were coming from all they did was cherrypick one tape that focused on a certain topic. Guess the entire rap game is edgy because they all call each other out even in mainstream. You guys sound hurt that anon called you guys out n yall were first to get up in arms abput how "edgy" he is. Now stop derailing.

No. 372404

Ofc Cass is prettier than Toucan Sam Layla. No comparison. Layla tries to overcompensate by being edgy. There is clearly jealousy there on Layla's part but she'll hide it bc she's a hanger-on and an orbiter of anyone prettier/more talented than her (which is basically everyone).

No. 372453

fuck off tumblr. you couldnt sound anymore assblasted that no1currs

No. 372515

>your fave
You should go back to Tumblr. He never glorified columbine and the last random line of your post makes you sound crazy as fuck. I bet you're one of those retards who thinks anyone with an interest in european history is automatically a neo nazi. You even went to look for a boring meme reaction image to show how not butthurt you are. Chill out. Id you cant manage your anger and have civil discussion, dont browse imageboards.

No. 372641

File: 1502753711433.png (129.34 KB, 720x910, Screenshot_2017-08-14-18-01-20…)

24 hrs later & shes back, I don't follow her ig so idk if she posted anything there

Both of you need to stop whiteknighting some random that has nothing to do with layla

No. 372652

File: 1502755164560.gif (132.05 KB, 201x200, topkek.gif)

>The last random line of your post makes you sound crazy as fuck

Stop projecting, darling. Calling other people crazy won't make yours go away.

>I bet you're one of those retards who thinks anyone with an interest in european history is automatically a neo nazi

My fucking sides, I hope you stretched before that reach.

>boring meme reaction image

Clearly you've never heard of safety squads closing down unsafe warehouse parties. The same kind that ugly dumb talentless degenerates like bones, Toopoo and Peepee are all about. Learn to internet and know your memes before telling people to 'go back to tumblr', you dense faggot.

Do you also want me to explain how sarcasm works while you're here, darling?

INB4 /pol/ safety squad meme becomes Layla's next tattoo.

No. 372654

The one in red looks a lot like Brooke Candy. I had to double take.

I don't think she's a cow either but anyone that makes a cow milker is just good in my books. Wonder if we'll see her cash in on the Peep drama or if they'll just keep posting vaguely homoerotic pictures for rebound value.

No. 372655

The one in red looks a lot like Brooke Candy. I had to double take.

I don't think she's a cow either but anyone that makes a cow milker is just good in my books. Wonder if we'll see her cash in on the Peep drama or if they'll just keep posting vaguely homoerotic pictures for rebound value.

No. 372895

wow i can't believe people itt are actually fighting over soundcloud rappers

No. 372897

sage your shit

No. 372901

She hasn't posted to IG yet but the fact that Cass has been posting was her give away from day 1. They're both really stupid so ofc theyre not fooling anyone but their impressionable underaged portion of following. Shes just using this as part of her aesthetic idk how transparent someone can be. You're a joke layla. Keep acting like a clown.

No. 372932

r u done? were all waitng 4 u 2 stop being asshurt.

No. 372953

Different anon here. Stop typing like a moron and shitting up this thread.

Fucking summerfags.

No. 373266

File: 1502888563679.png (191.64 KB, 1242x1504, IMG_4645.PNG)

layla, you're almost 25. looking for validation from people in their mid teens who only follow you because you're an "aesthetic" and you're a rapper's ex is pathetic. go do something else before you're 30 and your followers have grown too old to care.

No. 373295

File: 1502893196261.png (2.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170816-020552.png)

She was on live yesterday acting like she didn't just make an ass out of herself, asking for people to uber her home from the airport. Does she not have her own money? She likes to talk a lot of shit about "I don't care about you haters I get paid" where? Because a paid girl sure doesn't ask for as many handouts as she does.Also peep lopho trying to insert herself in more buisness as if she hasn't spent the last couple days getting dragged left and right.

No. 373298

i know its OT but what did that lopho girl get dragged for?

No. 373312

File: 1502895199544.png (159.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2966.PNG)

Lilith accused lopholora of copying her. Also lopholora was featured in a music video by some SoundCloud rapper who allegedly raped a thirteen year old and she made an ass out of herself trying to defend him when people started without actually really knowing what was going on.

No. 373325

No. 373339

wowza thank u

No. 373346

are you done? were all waiting for you to stop being asshurt.

No. 373414

she doesn't look old now but you know how you can look at some people and know exactly what they'll look like as they age? yeah, she's going to be fuck ugly in another decade and a half

No. 373682

in this stream she also said her family wants to send her to a 45 day treatment facility so she'll get her shit together. not a bad idea imo

No. 373709

File: 1502933727623.png (73.25 KB, 720x459, 20170816_213256.png)

Clown is still milking this. She knows she's way too self centered to have any real suicidal thoughts. Just make them believe she does for AeStHeTiC

No. 373852

layla should just do what felice fawn did and disappear from the face of this earth. broke ass bitch. you can afford designer but you can't afford uber, food, or whatever the fuck else you ask your dumb ass "fans" for. LOSER.

No. 373887

File: 1502943382645.png (71.43 KB, 640x465, IMG_4002.PNG)

Girl shut up, you're not gonna die, the most you're gonna do is milk daddies totally not deep pockets for some fluffy facility stay

No. 374059

File: 1502977492412.png (Spoiler Image, 144.33 KB, 810x1234, IMG_4650.PNG)

lmao she leaked her own nudes. how desperate

No. 374067

Cass unfollowed Layla on IG

No. 374085

Layla unfollowed her too haha she burns through friends faster than cigarettes

No. 374161

It's not even like we haven't seen those sad titties, everyone has seen them already

No. 374176

sorry to entertain stereotypes abt her ethnicity but she has money,every post where a brand is tagged she got paid, that's how insta works. her aesthetic is about being broke but she keeps her gold well hidden.

No. 374230

File: 1502995822225.png (824.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9489.PNG)

No. 374231

layla do you sell pics of your big booty?

No. 374232

File: 1502995863496.png (921.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9490.PNG)

No. 374234

File: 1502995916635.png (670.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9491.PNG)

No. 374235

File: 1502995939536.png (919.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9492.PNG)

No. 374242

Kek. I hope this thread dies again and stays dead just so she has one less thing to use to get attention.

No. 374248

She's gonna kill it herself by sending her followers here

No. 374256

File: 1502998973455.png (135.88 KB, 720x818, Screenshot_20170817-214039.png)

Friends, it's all good in trashland!!

Layla, I like your banana pillow!! See? No hate and based on fax!

>She's gonna kill herself by sending flowers here
Wow, I'm tired

No. 374258

Imagine being grown and pretending you are gonna off yourself cause a grimy dirty Soundcloud rapper dumped your gross ass

No. 374266

I've got million better things to do that I can do any time. Lolcow is what I do to procrastinate.

No. 374269

Pizza crumbs and Mountain Dew?? :( Layla you eat McDonald's salads and go a day without coke then act as if you're the healthiest sober bitch ever, do a line off Cassidy's pussy and get a really job instead of thirsting for a SoundCloud rapper

No. 374271

she has known about this thread for a while and continues to check it so really it sounds like she's just as pathetic as she makes us to be.
also just so funny when she continues to say we are fedora fags…..

No. 374272

File: 1503001268080.jpg (108.29 KB, 900x1357, I bring you bait chan here you…)

No. 374293

I wonder what she considers to be untrue tho? She's a pussy who lets herself be cheated on and treated like shit time and again while still trying to maintain her ~bad bitch~ image. Layla, letting someone piss on you like that isn't badass. It's pathetic.

No. 374326

She's referring to incorrect Statements such as Cass and her unfollowing each other

and she's adamant she's not using drugs

No. 374368

tfw you only come here to check if poopoo had offed herself yet, but no, she's still a-bloo-bloo-blooooo-ing all over social media


No. 374379

Ahh struck a nerve have we? I thought succesful bitches making mad money didn't have time to respond to hate. Hard working gal you are aren't you? Or are you too busy making an ass off yourself joking about suicide? Get Fucked.

No. 374510


No. 374621

File: 1503041409110.png (120.7 KB, 640x874, IMG_1353.PNG)

peeps new vid out, girl in it looks just like layla. she butthurt? can never tell with these two…

No. 374726

will yall just shut the fuck up already?

No. 374773

Someone on here said thats shes a lesbian but idk where they got that info.
I've seen people comparing the 2 but I don't understand why they both kissed peep on record but besides that they look nothing a like and page is like, gorgeous layla is just pretty.

No. 374790


No. 374808

I'm sorry but I know I can't be the only one triggered by the girls flat,stringy, greasy looking hair. Ffs peep couldn't have her at least wash and set her hair for a photo that didn't even require her face to be in?

No. 374888

The hair is pretty gross but grime is literally the aesthetic here. Peep looks like he smells of vinegary piss and dried semen. Layla seems like she reeks of McGriddles.

It's just what they're going for.

No. 374904

the comments on that video though

No. 375044

File: 1503106233484.png (173.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170818-212524.png)

This made me LAUGH I can't believe how many fools follow her. It's so obvious none of these people know what it's really like to work SO hard you need to take a break. I want to know if they even know WHAT she works so hard on. Please tell me. Or do they just tell that to themselves so they have a comeback? Layla is playing y'all hard if you think she "uWu needs a bweak fwom working SoOoOo hArD uWu!"

No. 375057

"sad tits"? It looks like she has a really nice body here but the contrast is UP

No. 375142

File: 1503114391133.jpg (40.88 KB, 736x552, nicetits.jpg)

Stop white knighting for those saggy fried egg tits, Layla. We know you lurk.

No. 375148

File: 1503115873733.png (105.72 KB, 598x500, kekkk.png)

Lol she just posted then immediately bawleted this. What a pussy.

Why delete? It's not as if you have any pride left to lose, you crazy desperate bitch.

>There will never be another us

What did she mean by this?

No. 375155

File: 1503116921121.png (263.4 KB, 591x442, nah hoe.png)

>same busted hoe, but now with Silver™ hair and a few more badges of self hatred on her body

We get that you're trying to prove you're coping without Lil Peepee but it's not very convincing, honey.

Sorry your ex boy would rather have coke drip and be balls deep in another guy's ass than even entertain the thought of texting you back.

No. 375164

please, we all know hes a bottom

No. 375233

Lmao true.

No. 375270

jesus christ how can you be 24 and think you're getting anything but used and disrepected this way lol. just play hard to get and watch him threaten suicide on twitter or something kek

No. 375377

She wishes he cared that much. He didn't bat an eye to her fake suicide antics

No. 375393

File: 1503163260669.jpg (644.1 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170819_191553.jpg)

Layla's habit of wearing lingerie / gowns out lol. Girl, you asleep? On the way to the bathroom for a quick wee? (I guess no cause she pees in the street)

>repeated nitpick
>comparison more suitable for chellhellbunny
chill out

No. 375426

File: 1503168061096.png (410.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170819-143756.png)

>the filthy feet
>the g-string laying shapeless and flat on her mixture of back and barely there asscrack
Oh no baby what is you doin

No. 375441

File: 1503169803394.png (92.02 KB, 720x445, Screenshot_20170819-210814.png)

No. 375501

this is what u see when u die and go to hell lmao

No. 375518

File: 1503178768378.png (76.84 KB, 436x740, 1493355662630.png)

From April, she lost weight

No. 375530

>Calls insulting Layla's ugly tits that she won't stop flashing 'nitpicking'
>Goes on to throw some lame shade about Layla's negligee (which is probably the prettiest thing about her)
>Somehow thinks that isn't nitpicking

Either you have saggy tits and you're triggered, or you're a summerfag.

How is calling Layla a lurker tinfoil hat, dumbass?

Can't you read?

No. 375636

Literally if she just stops being such a desperate mess in public and starts curving him when he hits her up you know he'll go insane.

I'd say I feel bad for their shared friend group but they all signed up for this.

No. 375671

File: 1503199790308.png (802.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5208.PNG)

ok in my opinion i think its fine for a women to post photos of her body cause its hers but layla makes sure she posts her personal shit like how she took a pregnancy test like no one needed to know that, and shes gonna get mad when people call her out for it too lol. shes so predictable at this point

No. 375685

That's the funniest thing about this whole situation. She has absolutely no game. She's crying like a little bitch over Peep's peepee, like he took her virginity or something. It's an absolute shitshow. She's fucked enough guys, you'd really think she'd have learned her lesson by now, but nope.

Ah yes, good idea Layla, take pregnancy tests and snapchat them. That's really gonna win your ex back.

She's really exaggerating her crazy now, playing it up as hard as she can for the sympathy and likes. It's actually revolting.

No. 375731

honestly, if these are what her unedited tits look like, they look fine to me, they're shaped weird yeah but eh, they kinda remind me of some 90s porn drawing boobs

when I was seeing all the comments about sad saggy tits I expect complete udders or tubular breasts but they're
sage for OT and disagreement

No. 375941

Wow. Just wow. Don't even with this Layla. Don't breed. You'd do yourself and the entire earth a favor if you let your genes end.

Also did anyone see the live where Cassidy couldn't keep her mouth shut and almost got her ass beat by a big ethnic woman lmfao She was so shook.

No. 375947

File: 1503253559739.jpg (337.88 KB, 720x859, 20170820_141917.jpg)

>i have so much on my mind
What you mean is the drugs are fucking with your head. You express yourself pretty clearly on social media. The only thing enigmatic about you is why anyone would wreck their future as much as you have.
By explanation you mean more backtracking and lies to cover every part of your life you yourself chose to expose on social media. Noone's fault but your own, And you don't exactly keep anything behind closed doors. But please. Continue to act like you're not bothered by the consequences of your own lust for social media attention. If you put it out there. People will A. Ask B. Comment. Even you can't be stupid enough to not understand that Layla.

No. 375949

File: 1503253716471.jpg (330.13 KB, 720x880, 20170820_141839.jpg)

>i don't have to explain all the lies I contradict myself with wahh! It's none of your business what I post publicly uwu!
>makes a post for everyone to see
>tells them to ignore it
10/10 cognitive functions

No. 376070

She's really retarded, as if her "fans" actually care if she offs herself, last time she was threatening to kill herself nobody took her seriously kek

No. 376188

File: 1503279824803.png (2.99 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4546.PNG)

is it that hard to go to a fucking washroom you stupid cunt

No. 376212

Honestly in some cities/when you're fucked up it is, I just don't understand her fixation on this really mundane slightly risquè thing a lot a party girls do

That was my favorite part of all of that like lmao no one cares anymore girl. The first time even people here, myself included where a little concerned, now you're just a joke to fans & ~hAterz~ a like

No. 376283

They look like they've been on some kind of bender. Shocked Cass gave her something to wipe with when earlier toopoor outed Cass on live when she peed in the street and you can see she didn't fucking wipe. Nasty. For some reason it's not letting me upload the video.

No. 376328

it's because she's very sheltered at the end of the day, so herself doing pretty usual party girl stuff is endlessly fascinating to her, and she doesn't realize how many people have had similar experiences and aren't shocked by it or find it weird

No. 376716

having a selfie angled tat oh honey where do i even start?

No. 376757

Her and Cassidy we're talking so much shit on live about Laylas current "sobriety", yea right, and drugs. Then had the audacity to say "you need to know when to get over the phase" and "now people are gonna do drugs cause of us!"
First of all, yes girls, you do need to know when to get over the phase, hopefully you two take that advice soon and get a life off of social media.
Second of all, you two are no Kurt Cobain, I highly doubt anyone looks at what you have become and think drugs look glamorous. If anything YOURE the exact opposite. Please don't break something falling off your high horse.

No. 376777

They're such a stereotype. Talentless, aimless rich kids with nothing else to do but get fucked up all the time and piss their future up a wall. These idiots are a dime a dozen.

Then they have a week of sobriety and become smug, self-righteous assholes, lecturing and spurning others for doing the exact same thing they've been doing for years.

The drugs they do aren't even addictive, it's easy to give them up. They're acting like they had a full blown heroin habit lmao. These dumb cunts.

No. 376780

File: 1503356654077.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5275.PNG)


No. 376803

Cry all you want Layla, your tears don't mean dick to me.

No. 376840

File: 1503363805111.png (57.13 KB, 1242x316, IMG_4886.PNG)

how is layla gonna react when these two smash?

No. 376846

LMAOOOOOO i would fucking lose it. its just funny because theyre all losers but i love seeing layla cry and whine and then go on benders

No. 376893

File: 1503369546864.jpg (191.86 KB, 1300x957, milky.jpg)


More fresh milk for us.

No. 376895

If I were Poopoo I'd be crying into my line of ketamine right now. Bella Thorne has a great ass and you KNOW she's a freak in bed.

I almost feel sorry for you Layla. Almost.

No. 377002

layla follows peep & he doesnt follow her back lmao she prob wants him back again cause shes stuck in a cycle cant wait til she smokes crack on a sidewalk again when peep fucks her over

No. 377004

File: 1503387317276.png (51.74 KB, 750x525, IMG_5309.PNG)

she needs to get over him lmao

No. 377014

File: 1503389826703.jpg (4.92 KB, 225x225, FB_IMG_1503202253911.jpg)

no pls

No. 377021

She does need therapy. Helped me get out of that pattern with a bad guy, I'd highly recommend it for her sanity. Her rejecting therapy makes the suicide threats just a pain in the arse. If you've got issues, deal with them in an adult manner. She won't get over it until she works through it with someone qualified, not her teenage stans…

No. 377034

At this point he is the only reason many people follow her. Constantly dropping a Soundcloud rapper's name could be her occupation.

No. 377098

not most people just you peepettes and other sc listeners follow her because of peep…
she had quite a following before they got together

No. 377175

20 random Indian dudes asking for tits in a livestream = quite a following

No. 377280

saged for off topic but i think she actually looks really pretty in these pics, especially the left. honestly could b because her hair looks washed/not as greasy

No. 377404

nayrt, I may not like her but she was definitely popular before peep. I first stumbled upon her (and her depop) way before I ever knew who lil peepee was.

No. 377609

As well as her rapidly rising totally not purchased follower count and steadily decreasing Livestream views/like ratio.

No. 377675

Fr, i knew of her before i knew who peep was. Honestly, shes the main reason i listen to him nowadays. Js.

No. 377686

File: 1503463301841.jpg (300.73 KB, 596x788, 20170822_233521.jpg)


No. 377694

this is such bs. anyone with actual ptsd wouldnt be out and about taking selfies to whine to their underage followers about being triggered. shes such a fucking cunt cant wait until she goes back into her cycle of drug abuse and ruins her barely salvageable self

No. 377721

Who locked her in a freezer? Was it that Mexican lady she used to work with, by any chance?

No. 377745

Just her use of the word triggered makes me want to put her back in the freezer.
Your guess is as good as mine. I have no clue wtf Layla is talking about. What Mexican? Are you implying that she ACTUALLY lifted a finger once in her life to work kek

No. 377796

Did I inject Xanax reading this mess like bitch wtf

No. 377816

in the rest of her snapchat story she was going to court with her stepdad, this picture apparently is outside the courthouse.

No. 377820

Poster is referring to the Mexican lady she worked with and asked to be deported on twitter because her English wasn't so good….not racist at all kek. Apparently she got help up at work years ago (fast food place I think) and the guy locked her in the freezer. I don't doubt it was traumatic but I don't think she's actually been diagnosed with ptsd because that requires actually going to a psychiatrist which she's so strongly against…. I've been IP with some people who have actual ptsd and they scream out in their sleep every night and are haunted daily to the point where they can't leave their houses. People who have killed in wars and seen their mates literally blown into pieces by bombs. Hate how people self diagnose themselves with ptsd, like yes you might have trauma but that doesn't make it ptsd. It's a very severe mental illness and I've never seen a sufferer as carefree as her, out and about. She's looking for pity points…

No. 377882

Exactly. She's been doing quite the self diagnosing lately. I doubt she even really knew what PTSD was when she posted that. I completely forgot about the whole deportation thing.
I'm willing to bet the freezer thing was pure accident and she wasn't there long but she's broke as fuck and needs to sue for some money somehow.

No. 378003

File: 1503509644652.png (66.41 KB, 750x570, old milk.PNG)

Old sour milk but this is what we're referring to.

Someone dug up her old tweets and she made a fake self pitying apology to get people off her back.

So ugly.

No. 378009

Tbh this just proves what a sheltered rich girl she is.

Probably didn't like having to work at Dairy Queen (or whatever it was) or being outside her rich Palm Springs bubble + having to mix with ~the ethnics~.

Her family is rich so it's not like her lazy ass had to work anyway. Maybe her parents got sick of her shit and staged an intervention.

No. 378021

Lol I remember this drama.

Some chick posted the screencaps (as well as ones where Layla is calling people nigger) to her instagram.

Then all these ig cholas started giving Layla shit for it. She got scared of all the big bad Mexicans and was forced to apologize kek.

So stupid to alienate herself from the current LA xicana circle tbh, seeing as they're so popular.

No. 378227

No. 378609

Did anyone see this bitch tweaking on live? This crazy bitch has the audacity to creep up on her mother and film some of her body while she was unaware taking a bath. This girl is psycho, that's pretty damn weird. Then for some reason goes on about how she hates her silver and needs to change it, needs a new hairdresser(guess she finally realized the one who did her hair prior has no clue what she's doing obviously), and wants her followers to pay her 500$ to switch it to black, complete with leaving her PayPal in the pinned comments.
Xans must be frying her mind.
That or she really thinks she's got it like that.

No. 378622

Not only that but what hair dye costs 500$ acting like they don't have 12 dollar bottles at the store, she could get that shit with some beef jerky

No. 378674

Times are hard when a bitch can't afford cheap box dye while affording cigarettes and fast food I guess.
Next time she should go to someone who knows what their doing and not trying baby's first attempt at processing a level 10 to level 2-1 jfc.

No. 378750

Realize I wrote that while high flip the 1-2 and 10 kek sorry sage

No. 380017

File: 1503733404105.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5478.PNG)

shes so ugly lol

No. 380101

Her hair looking like it's going to break off in chunks

No. 380162

Yikes, the silver was much better. Far too light with those eyebrows and skin tone.

No. 380216

does she have microcephaly or something? it she always looks like the top of her head was chopped off.

No. 380232

Man, a whole fucking page to hate one person. The internet is getting even more retarded

No. 380233

Lol too poop is posting about the thread

No. 380235

Its not hate when she expresses her self like how she does

No. 380236

You guys are such shit to be spreading hateful comments about someone that you don't even know. Honestly the only good thing this world that you can offer is love and we should work in our best effort to spread it. It's okay for you don't to like her but that doesn't mean it's okay to tear her down with such hurtful bs when half of it isn't even true. Go do something productive, like go outside or something and enjoy things instead of tearing others down on the internet /:

No. 380238

Its still hate you fucking idiot

No. 380239

Shes human, i bet most of you have made poor decisions.. and we all learn from them and grow as a person.. stop being so obsessed with hating someone you dont even know, get a life!

No. 380240

If you guys just talk shit 24/7 about this chick you fucking hate her, dont say its not when it fucking is

No. 380242

Its honestly sad that you all take time out of your life to talk shit, like what the fuck get a life jesus

No. 380247

who wants to bed all 3 of these are too poo?

No. 380250

Too Poor for president

No. 380252

wow you guys are rude

No. 380254

8505980458 y'all pullup I'm fighting everyone who's spreading hate about my goddess Layla

No. 380257

Lmao nope im honestly not toopoor

No. 380260

You have to be 18 to post here bb

Screenshots please she always deletes shit

Also lol@ her always posting about this already slow thread when it doesn't get a post for a few days. You probably check your thread more than any of the posters Layla. Are you so starved for attention you get hurt even when the gossip sites don't post about you.

No. 380262

File: 1503772635272.png (153 KB, 750x903, IMG_1731.PNG)

How could anyone hate this beautiful human being? :(

No. 380263

She looks like she smells like dog piss

No. 380264

You guys are literally fans, you spend your whole days obsessed with the lives of instagram girls you've never met, do you have nothing better to do with your life than talk shit about someone you don't even know??? It's creepy how fucking obsessed you are with her and all these random instagram girls I'm sorry that your guys' lives suck so much that you feel the need to insert yourself into the lives of people you'll never even meet

No. 380265

No one was posting anything for 2 days until Layla shed light onto this forum again. Who is really obsessed here?

No. 380268

but has she done anything to u guys

No. 380269

y'all stfu lol stop makin layla feel bad ya jealous bitches

No. 380270

Such a beautiful human wouldn't send a bunch of 14 year olds to defend her ass. She's smelly and lame and on the same mental capacity as y'all, we're going to starve you of attention like we do to layla, and that's why you're here now

No. 380272

ur all cold lmfao

No. 380273

If we have no lives why are you here defending a grown woman kek

No. 380274

You don't know anything about her, you don't know anything about any of these people you follow on instagram just to hate on and make fun of, you only see what they choose to post I pity you guys for the fact that you have you to talk shit about other people's lives in order to feel relevant and better about yourselves… please reevaluate your lives as much as you call all these girls ugly you are all so much uglier for posting hate on an anonymous hate site and saying shit you'd never dm them or say to their faces

No. 380275

>>380272 get warmed up by too poops piss lmao

No. 380276

And no I'm not fucking toopoor or one of these instagram girls you choose to belittle and make fun of, I just hope that you all are able to love yourself and focus on yourselves instead of wasting your time putting such negativity into the world

No. 380277

Most of you guys are pussies posting anonymously ? Bet non of y'all would post these hateful things with your info on it ?‍♀️

By the way, how would you guys feel if many people where talking about your mom like this or someone else you loved? Doesn't feel so good when you see it from a different perspective /:

No. 380278

File: 1503773351847.jpg (15.81 KB, 320x320, 14553091_1847258805510280_2296…)

These are the people that support toopooh.
btw, blurring ur skin to hell and back doesn't make it look good.

No. 380279

layla doesn't give a shit about her fans lmfao. she uses you guys for money and ur only relevant when she needs somebody to feel loved. y'all are so fucking pathetic

No. 380280

jesus christ can we get a farmhand in here? also why on god's earth would you post your phone number and FULL NAME on this website or any website, sydney herring? layla doesn't need 16 year olds to stand up for her she is a fully grown woman. she should be able to handle what she sees, and it is HER CHOICE to look at this thread. imageboards like this and forums HAPPEN when you're a public figure and if she can't handle or accept it then she needs to straight up stop everything she is doing. as long as anyone is a public figure there is always the chance that people are going to discuss it. no one here is obsessed with layla, she's just another cow. this is actually a very slow thread.

No. 380281

File: 1503773472562.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1733.PNG)

Y'all are just mad because you don't look like this

No. 380282

Pull up we fighting

No. 380284

you just gave out all your info Sydney. I'd suggest not filling in the email field

No. 380285

Where's your info then, anon? Don't talk pussy shit if you're lower than too pussys vaginal floor.

Also how is an online presence the same as someone's family you don't love her she definitely doesn't love you bc she loves a nigga who's getting ass fucked

No. 380287

Public figure? Why do you dehumanize these girls so much? She's a fucking person. And even if she was to never see this thread it's not even fucking about that it's about the fact that y'all have no lives and come together to spread negativity to feel better about yourselves. This the most ugly circle jerk I've ever seen.

No. 380288

This issue isn't us being "obsessed" with Layla, it's the fact that we don't want to see thousands of people attacking one person. She isn't perfect, no one is. She went through a heartbreak, and god forbid you ever experience something so awful. Look at Miley Cyrus, she's went absolutely crazy without Liam, your whole world is flipped upside down. You do things you don't realize are crazy because you're in so much pain. We aren't obsessed with her, but we will defend her because it's not fun seeing internet people attack your insides and physical appearance. As for comment including another people's photo that supports Layla, what's your point? She blurs her face, doesn't make her less beautiful. I don't see you posting selfies of yourself, do I? Stop being insensitive and let people love their lives.

No. 380289

Non of the info you pulled up off of me is correct lmao

No. 380291

No. 380294

Those aren't even my parents names though?

No. 380295

Do you think too poor cares that you're here rn? Either way she will snort a xan, she's miserable with or without the backlash. Negative talk happens with everyone in the media spotlight, it's her choice to continuously look on here and get hurt. Similar to how she continuously gets "heartbroken" by ugly boy she knows nobody else will put up with it, except you cribgey teens

No. 380298

kek she's definitely freaking the fuck out right now.

can we get get a farmhand? what's taking so long?

No. 380305

Not all of us defend with the hope that she sees , but because it makes us sad to see someone be attacked. Also, not all of her followers are teens, im sure a majority are, but not all of them. It is just kinda fucked up that this is the reality of the world, if you're so offended by her behavior why do you not set out to present the example of what you want to see social media "stars" behaving like. Yes, every "star" has internet backlash, but it SHOULDNT be that way because they did not choose to be hated. If you don't like her that's fine I'm not going to argue in her defense to support her, but why pick apart the way she looks and the way her supporters look?

No. 380306

i'm so happy i don't look like THAT

No. 380309

Can you sage your shit please? At least the people coming on here to defend toopoop don't know the rules or how to use the site, you're just a retard arguing with an actual child.

No. 380311

Wrong again lmao

No. 380312

This is the most action laylas threads ever gotten including both times she threatened suicide

How the hell are you a teenager and stupid enough to post your shit on an imageboard.

Fr we need a farmhand there are kids in here using miley Cyrus as a sympathetic figure for some incoherent whiteknighting

No. 380314

I'm done with this site lmao, y'all leave Layla tf alone

No. 380315

Well, what DO you look like? I'm sure you're beautiful , but I mean you choose to not subject your looks on this thread yet again , attack everyone else.

No. 380317

>info gets leaked
>b-b-b-but my publicly available info linked to my phone number t-t-totally isn't right!
>goes on anon

No. 380321

wayyy better that your pathetic loser queen layla, stop defending some 25 year old drug addict that doesn't care about anybody or anything other than her cheating ex and her money. you all look stupid as shit

No. 380322

You're sure we're beautiful yet say we're mad we don't look like poopy. Listen, the reason her looks are so speculated is bc her nose is atrocious and she's dirty grimy and pees on her own legs. Now instigate and tell her to bring something to make her thread actually active instead of whiteknighting

No. 380323

If you can't handle the hate then gtfo off the internet TOOPOOP

No. 380324

I'm not accusing you of being 'jelaous' you don't look like her, I'm accusing you of attackinf he way she looks just because you don't find her pretty. It preference, and we can't change how we look. I have a big nose, I am not happy with it but it's how I was made. If someone was to attack me for the nose I can't change it would make me feel bad. I can't imagine the volume at which she gets hateful comments about the way she looks, she can't change that? It's cruel

No. 380330

You look as stupid as the Very Nice And Naïve teen for not knowing how to sage properly

No. 380340

Yes people can't change themselves until plastic surgery which nobody is saying she'd need it or anything, but are you this sincere in your every day life between you and your friends? Talking about people you dislike from your life or anything? Everybody judges people if we'd like to admit it or not don't be a hypocrite and try to flip the whole discussion bc you accidentally put out your info. Just let us share our opinions negatively like how you do positively. Nobody told you to comment here or continue conversation. Now get out of our corner of the internet, because no matter the person/persona/celebrity/media thot everyone will have neg opinions bye

No. 380342

did layla post abt the thread again for people to defend her since she cant do it herself ?

No. 380347

ok but to laylas "fans" think abt it does she really ever talk abt how much she loves u guys and when she does she asks for shit from u guys. like she legit asks for money. and a bunch of u guys say that she has worked for years when there is legit no fucking proof lmao. shes always been a lazy piece of shit. and her sober act is pure shit lmao. shes probably snorting lines off of peeps asshole

No. 380349

not anymore, he is too successful right now to care abour her shenanigans

No. 380396

you have to be 18 to use this, so y'all are grown and don't have anything better to do than tear someone down on the internet? that's some low ass shit lmaoo

No. 380401

I'm not even saying I like layla, I'm just saying isn't there something better to do because that's pretty pathetic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 380405

PuLl uP wE fIgHtiNg
…..Little girl, if you don't sit down and munch your poptarts.. Where is your mom while you're about to "PULL UP" for a mid/late 20s emo kid I'm DEAD. Layla would never fight for you, or any of her fans. So don't get busted and lose any hair on that ghetto trash scalp of yours trying to look big and tough.
People can and WILL be reposting as much shit as they want because -gasp- she puts it out there herself! So point to me where people are stalking her here. Pretty sure everything here hasn't been "dug up" or "outed",Even you can't be that stupid but I mean you just posted your info and you're about to fight for Layla so that in itself speaks for your intelligence.

No. 380424

File: 1503785931318.png (558.78 KB, 609x1180, 20170826_181121.png)

So remember whorekayla (now bluntbongkayla) that was trying to lie about tp? She got blindsided and got her ass kicked. The two whores thay fought her are super milky and I didn't believe that they had told tp they beat her ass until-

she has way too much time to immediately respond to these girls.

No. 380494

wait what i'm confused !!

No. 380526

>I'm not accusing you of being 'jealous'
>Y'all are just mad because you don't look like this
I know too poop has probably convinced you being educated isn't cool because it doesn't involve drugs, but that post literally implies we would be jealous of her haggard body.

No. 380562

No. 380643

When you send your stans in for battle and they're clearly just unequiped teenage cannon fodder…reminds me of hitler's youth before Adolf went and hid in the bunker with Eva like a pussy and topped himself kek ;)

No. 380740

File: 1503833785823.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4485.PNG)

she's naked on the bathroom floor and omg can't stop shaking !!

No. 380790

IMAGINE being this much of an insufferable mess when you go out.
Laying on a filthy bathroom floor naked acting "uwu so sick and shakey!" While having the energy to show social media.
Cassidy's such a raging cunt to everyone that breathes that I cant see her finding these antics cute. She has to be sticking around for clout.
You post shit like this but "I'm fuckin sober guyz you don't know anythinggg"

No. 380791

File: 1503844903046.png (3.72 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5466.PNG)

she is trash

No. 380794

My bad, I have my own cows that unfortunately don't have a thread here (@psychojuls and @patheticlola) that beat up @bluntbongkayla, the same girl that toopoor was trying to fight for posting edited DMS that toopoor was her bestie. Kayla balked out of toopoor fighting her, but later on got jumped pretty unfairly by said 2 cows. Here they're shown messaging Layla they set her up and Layla immediately responds to them. It's weird she's interested in drama from people way younger then her, And that she encourages completely unfair fights. So you can expect how Layla must throw down. (Saged for double post and slight ot)

No. 380834

Layla here-

still sober. some girl fed me 20 cigarettes, i had no water, and nearly overheated. i laid on the bathroom floor without clothes to cool off. my mentality is obviously fucked up and finds that the perfect time to go live. sue me if you don't agree with my every fucking life choice.

now about kayla-
i never had intentions of fighting her. she was underage, lives across the country. as soon as i figured out she was 16, i stopped all violence. that girl had an open DM from previously, so when she randomly dmed me months later, she's already been accepted. previous messages state:

"i'm going to beat kaylas ass for you"

and i told her violence wasn't the answer.

when she wrote me months later she had done so, i laughed and asked for receipts.
i stopped replying after she sent photos because i actually felt terrible. i don't like fighting nor encourage it and i don't know the full story so i don't have a say whether it was fair or not. regardless, i don't fight and i don't encourage it.

this is exactly why i don't respond to many dms bc no matter what i say gets exposed.

i hope you guys stop manipulating my life and glamorizing my actions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 380856

No one here is glamorising your actions. Also if someone tries to 'feed you' twenty cigarettes just tell them to fuck off ?

No. 380910

Stop it get some help Layla you have money invest in helping yourself. Stop being so messy

No. 380915

File: 1503854859943.png (233.9 KB, 500x279, no-self-awareness.png)

>"i hope you guys stop manipulating my life and glamorizing my actions."

No. 380931

literally no one is glamorizing your actions other than your large teenage following. you HAVE to be aware that most of the people who follow and idolize you are young teens? and you glamorize this lifestyle of xanax and partying and being ~unstable~. are you aware AT ALL what kind of ideas 16 year olds get from watching someone like you? you can claim you told someone that "violence wasn't the answer" but you still laughed and asked for pictures when they told you they beat up a 16 year old girl. FOR YOU. what you are doing online is not safe for the teen girls who unfortunately idolize you. teens are immature and irrational and you are basically promoting them to do fucked up things. get some help layla. you need it. when in your life did you become such a disgrace?

No. 380934

The only ones glamorizing your shitty life choices here are you and your nose

No. 380942

you post everything we talk about here. YOU and your hoard of 12 year olds are glamorizing your dick chasing, side walk pissing, xanny popping life style. we're just talking shit.

No. 380978

Get help jesus christ if you're actually layla you're clarifying things on a site dedicated to talking shit a day after sending your teenage fanbase here to get doxxed. How many times a day do you check this shit? Why do you even care? Are you getting off on the fact that there's more than 1 person that isn't your mom sincerely telling you to do something to help yourself out?

No ones glamorizing or manipulating anything except you. Stop using ~mental instability~ for clout bc clearly is backfired.

No. 380985


No. 380986

File: 1503858958581.png (538.33 KB, 720x1045, 20170827_143040.png)

If this is really you then what happened to this? None of this poem even applied to you bruv, don't play yourself more then you already have..
>every post here doing the opposite
I'm weakkkk youve literally brainwashed yourself into thinking that's all people think about you, seriously get help.

No. 380994

File: 1503859500281.gif (1.98 MB, 245x165, ohwowww.gif)

No. 381013

guys i don't think she understands what 'glamorizing' means

No. 381021

File: 1503863243985.png (11.03 KB, 547x103, 68589594.png)

She's so nice to her stans. Guess they like being treated like shit just like Layla.

No. 381028

i genuinely lol'd when this rupi kaur-tier shit popped up on her ig stories

No. 381072

I understand what she's trying to say, but that's definitely not how you say it lol.

No. 381078

who overheats from cigarettes hahaha fuck off!

No. 381175

File: 1503879697524.png (746.99 KB, 720x1105, 20170827_143108.png)

Can't speak for the other random girl but these two are way too caught up ruining their own lives, meanwhile no hearts broken over this trash. They can keep hoping tho.

No. 381206

Cassidy looks cooked as fuck and Layla looks like she always does, like shit

No. 381210



No. 381244

there's an "instathots" thread, just look in the /snow/ catalogue

No. 381246


No. 381273

File: 1503889340870.jpg (119.69 KB, 636x960, IMG_20170827_200147.jpg)

No. 381274

File: 1503889375765.jpg (20.19 KB, 960x229, IMG_20170827_195457.jpg)

No. 381301

Oh god the milk gets better

No. 381327

im not even suprised lmao

No. 381376

Pass the blame and never take responsibility…who's the one being manipulative? Ain't no one here glamorising your life at all, can you not read layla? The only person doing that is you, cass and some diehard teenage stans who think they know you but clearly don't. The hole you keep digging has probably reached China by now

No. 381391

File: 1503900571347.png (849.12 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170827-230609.png)

What is going onnn? And Tracy unfollowed Peep on IG…serious milk involving TP?

No. 381399

Kek, Tracy was the one attempted to "dab" is in the background, personally found that the most cringeworthy part of the clip

No. 381412

Tracy is a creep too apparently he's been going around messing w underage fans and shit, there like a weird surge in these soundcloud rappers being pedos

No. 381413

It's nothing new, musicians have been doing that for decades. Bowie fucked a 13/14 yo groupie but no one cares coz he's an icon…Sage for OT but youtuber Sam Pepper raped a bunch of underage fans. It's everywhere

No. 381414

Also correct term is hebephile. Pedos go for prepubescent children

No. 381416

it's mostly pedos that actually feel the need to point that distinction out lol, nobody cares, we know he's not out here raping literal children

No. 381420

The funniest thing about this pic is that Lena has like 5 sex tapes out, is dating a manchild, does youtube bait for a living and YET she's still the most functioning out of the three lmao

No. 381426

File: 1503908536771.png (55.39 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5536.PNG)

No. 381427

File: 1503908553393.png (62.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5539.PNG)


No. 381552

Haha no shit layla!

No. 381591

Two wrongs don't make a right. An adult messing out with underage teens is a creep, period.

No. 381622

Agreed, just saying there hasn't been a rise in it. It's always been that way whatever platform people use

No. 381635

No tracy does a whole of uppers and starts talking shit on twitter every 2-3 months like clockwork. He's deleted his music off soundcloud, tried to fight his videographer & producer, and "left" gbc/"beefed" with peep all in the past 4 months.

Adam "got kicked out of the hardcore scene for being a scumbag 'if statutory rape is wrong I don't wanna be right'"-22 the soundcloud scene sure is full of class acts

No. 381643

I know. This was on Laylas page. >>381413
That's kinda the staple of these greasy SoundCloud rappers it looks like
Oooo wow deep. Way too edge for me!

Idk why these cunts talk so much shit about Bella as if she's not a literal success over their "laying in a bathroom naked overheating on cigarettes" lifestyle. REALLY girls you seriously can't talk lol. Bella, whatever milk she has, still runs laps around you two.

No. 381699

whoops i didn't know about this. details?

No. 381854

nvm i found his old blog entries, it was quite a wild read

No. 381858

File: 1503954120566.png (4.36 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5690.PNG)

ew she's so ugly

No. 381888

Sage if all you have to say is that she's ugly. She looks good here anyways, just kinda chubby.

No. 381898

lol ok ana-chan, she looks trashy not chubby

No. 382018

No. 382060

Yes Layla, your messy ass stinky bathroom floor ass lifestyle is NOT as it seems ;) ;) icu

No. 382087

Goddamn, there is no man in the entire world that is worth all this, much less a cheating man-whore. Have a little self-respect, ffs.

No. 382113

That's not on-brand.

No. 382169

When is she going to get her giant jew nose fixed?

No. 382187

the dumb bitch will literally do anything to grow her social media accounts, even if ppl following her are just there to laugh at her

she's throwing away her life and dignity for followers who don't even like her its fucking ridiculous

No. 382191

i dont trust anyone w/o self harm scars that says they're gonna kill themselves

fuck her

No. 382481

You're aware that people can have scars elsewhere than their arms, right? Ofc if Layla did cut, she'd do it on her wrists because people only cut there when they want attention kek

No. 382483

Anon, are you in jr high? cuz most suicide victims above the age of 13 have don't have 'self harm scars' foreshadowing their deaths

Saged obvi

No. 382758

i mean her drug use, lack of self care & self respect says she obviously has issues. just because she doesn't cut as her form as self harm doesn't mean she doesn't mean she's not going to kill herself.
either she's going to get worse or get better
or it's basically all attention seeking
sage because layla sucks

No. 383073

This is so petty I love it

No. 383456

she actually does have a history with cutting she mentioned she used to cut herself on a no jumper podcast

No. 383541

Anybody have any details on her past shoplifting? Stealing from thrift stores and small businesses?

No. 383544


She mentioned in an interview a few years ago she used to steal designer shit from thrift stores–not because she didn't have money, but because she's Jewish (her words).

No. 383666

Wow, the level of entitlement is beyond words.

I think she was homeschooled in the end, and used that time to shoplift. I guess she must have had a bit of conflict at school too. It seems to follow her around. In her interview vid she did say "too poor is manipulative" which is funny because it's people here who manipulate her words, (according to her).

No. 383767

oh also in a livestream she claimed she lied in that interview and said she was trying to be cool. so, guess we will never know the truth abt that since she lies abt everything

No. 383780

File: 1504197027681.png (134.19 KB, 750x1067, IMG_5793.PNG)

she will always find a way to drop peeps name lmao

No. 383966

File: 1504215014737.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5903.PNG)

shes reaching, your honor

No. 384191

File: 1505001659298.png (169.09 KB, 750x1248, IMG_2204.PNG)

so she's apart of slutwalk, I wonder if amber rose knows about the racist shit that layla said before

No. 384286

File: 1505017245799.png (Spoiler Image, 97.81 KB, 640x910, IMG_7896.PNG)

No. 384297

isn't amber rose actually white anyways? i doubt she'd give a shit

No. 384422

Does she ever take those crusty necklaces off

No. 384494

She means 3 months of trying to play idiots.
Also gotta love the ugly, cheap stamp on looking heart tattoos. The terrible decision aesthetic needs to go

No. 384554

I wonder how shes dealing with the rumors of Peep and Makonnen dating.

No. 384702

She's been way more heated and triggered over Bellas success in getting peeps attention. She's so mad about it, it's great kek

No. 384713

File: 1505090165717.png (348.04 KB, 1242x1179, IMG_5316.PNG)

this was the worst possible time for lolcow to undergo maintenance cause the amount of milk from our favourite jew in the last week or so is unprecented. she went full sperg over pic related and STILL went to peep's show because "she will always support him" kek

No. 384715

File: 1505090333293.png (54.49 KB, 1242x327, IMG_5343.PNG)

No. 384716

File: 1505090356200.png (109.54 KB, 1073x617, IMG_5344.PNG)

No. 384720

What the fuck is happening w bella thorne hopping around the whole world I'm genuinely interested

No. 384725

File: 1505091843049.png (40.52 KB, 649x362, IMG_2069.PNG)

wtf is this

No. 384726

File: 1505092178350.png (9.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5323.PNG)

also thought i should mention how hotelshrimp is looking worse day after day ever since she reconciled with layla. she went from pretty blonde girl to this "toopoor with less unfortunate genes"/corpse bride look in a matter of days

No. 384734

File: 1505093508024.png (Spoiler Image, 286.01 KB, 1242x1412, IMG_5255.PNG)

No. 384744

plz spoiler

No. 384746

spoiler also did she shoop this

No. 384753

She got edgy after her longtime bf broke up w her, idk if she's trying to make him jealous but I'd be grateful if I were him

No. 384900

are you blind? everything's warping around that waist, of course this is bad shoop

No. 384906

Horse Head or someone else?

No. 384909

did anyone else see the t-shirts she made that said Fuck U Bella Thorne ?

No. 384917

I did. I didn't know if Instagram notifies for screencapped stories or I would've capped it on her ig.
So petty and pathetic.

No. 384924

Bella Thorne is super annoying, but… why the T-shirt?

No. 384970

File: 1505144668932.png (10.34 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5342.PNG)

here it is

No. 384982

Had she looks so Fucking awful in this it's like. She's objectively prettier than Layla and is a classically beautiful girl, she can't pull off this edgy netgoth shit.

No. 384987

post about the photoshop failure over here:

No. 384990

File: 1505146944939.png (217.56 KB, 1242x1236, IMG_5278.PNG)

>implying you're somehow not an "ugly bitch" yourself

btw, she hinted at some sort of social media disappearance for the 7654th time on ig. she's not gonna last more than a week i reckon

No. 385006

>This is her serious face guise

Toopoo, no one is scared of you.

No. 385055

Nah someone else, I tried finding his @ but no luck. I do know that horsehead and her might be on and off bc last time I saw her profile the pic w her and him was gone and just now when I looked for her ex it was back

No. 385061

dat microcephaly

No. 385077

at least sage your offtopic bullshit

No. 385089

Love how when her friend dies her hair black, she's gotta be blonde.

No. 385167

Am I the only one that thinks super hot? Her photoshop is completely ridiculous but..

No. 385195

she is, but i wish she'd just drop the heavy eye makeup and black hair.

the LA goth aesthetic was a mistake

No. 385202

this bitch has nothing to do with goth

No. 385218

iirc she is mixed and i think she would care, she has been vocal about colorism so i would think she'd care if this girl said someone who couldn't speak english should get deported. but she probably just doesn't know about it. im sure she or someome with slutwalk thought she'd be good for publicity. i wish people would stop using her as a model.
he has the worst taste. i hate talking about him because this thread isnt about him and i hate when he is mentioned without her in posts (peepettes: we dont really like him either?) but bella is another hot mess. she looks like a nasty groupie with a bad boob job. honestly she doesnt even look famous shes just another annoying cow imo.

No. 385221

unfortunately she does. she was heavy into the health goth aesthetic and whether you like it or not her style is considered ig goth which has less to do with a subculture and more to do with the look. thats just how things are going.

No. 385428

No, she's just an IG thot who wears black clothes. IG goth isn't a thing

No. 385478

yea ig goth is a thing…like just because YOU don't like it doesnt mean its not a trend. like you can read it and know what im talking about and you used the phrase too.
everything is just a look though.

No. 385487

Cass should have her own thread with the amount of dumb shit she does on ig for attention

And the ex bf ig is phatdragz he's way hotter than horse

No. 385492

why so defensive? it's literally thots wearing black clothes, there's nothing goth about it

No. 385495

im not trying to read as defensive but on its surface what is goth…..
a bunch of people who like to wear black. its just factual to say it is a part of the goth subculture. i feel like you are taking being "goth" super seriously….like you sound like a middle schooler trying to say someone isnt goth enough to be considered goth.

No. 385502

Why so close minded? I think IG Goth is kind of like the new "mall goth" so it's kind of goth?

No. 385527

There IS a thread where she gets posted about, and she really isn't that milky.

PLEASE lern2sage for fucks sake

No. 385788

Barely hotter & cloutless

Also are goths like really touchy? People regularly come in Layla's thread up in arms over the goth descriptor even she's like the a perfect archetype "goth bitch" the internet rap scene talks about.

No. 386083

Horse head is on tour or whatever with peep

No. 386101

ok but did you guys see the live of toopoor saying she was pregnant ?

No. 386117

you're on an image board…. caps my nigga

No. 386164

LMAO neverrrrrr she is spouting bullshit as another stunt for attention from her 12 year old Stans. I hope to everything she never plans on future kids cause poor them.

No. 386194

File: 1505338000903.jpg (158.04 KB, 634x951, IMG_5363.JPG)

No. 386204

RIP peepkonnen I hardly knew thee :'(

No. 386285

I can feel the grime from both of them in this picture… But I hope Layla sees this every day as a reminder for who she's SO SUICIDAL for.

No. 386676

File: 1505411911719.jpg (281.15 KB, 700x450, medium_2017-09-13-4ec11df486.j…)

No. 386684


That sucks for tp. Bella Thorne is way more attractive all around, but also BT has that (I really hate to type this, but it's totally tp's "goal") perfect POV dsl. Rip to toothy blowjobs, I can feel the rage knowing someone is giving her boo what he really wants.

No. 386688

now that he has someone else that's ''famous'' Layla will get dropped like a hot potato :/ sucks laylay

No. 386786

I personally find Bella greasy and unattractive but I mean she has a good couple mil followers, has been in movies, voiced a game.
Versus Layla who likes to post about her diahrea episodes and pissing in the street, has no real job to speak of and zero future.
Not much contest there when that gets taken into account

No. 386796

Bella is nuts there's no way they'll be dating for more than two weeks even if they are both equally gross and greasy

She'll move on to the next crackhead soon

No. 386802

yep bella's another known cow and disgusting cheater who's trying to make her way into the edgy scene after being on disney channel's shake it up when she was like 12 lmao.

No. 386804

This. People like her reaalllly make me wish there was a celebrity thread… Tons of them do milky stuff but almost never enough to warrant a thread.

No. 386805

File: 1505440389265.png (61.34 KB, 696x877, savage.png)

holy fuck the comments on this news article are hilarious.

No. 386882

there's one on /ot/

No. 386971

Laylas really trying for that mixtape rn it's actually pretty funny. Apparently to her the cure for not being good enough for a sound cloud rapper is.. To be one? I'm genuinely curious for how these antics will end up.

No. 387317

Sage bc blogpost but I genuinely feel terrible for layla. She clearly has real feelings for peep (for whatever reason). It's hard enough seeing someone you care about with someone else, but it must be doubly hard when there are paparazzi photographing them together. Peeps definitely with bella for exposure and to further his career, but now that he's broken into the mainstream by dating a Disney star, I don't see him going back to layla. My heart goes out to her.

No. 387342

You thought there was a chance they'd get back together before he hooked up with Bella? Why?

No. 387358

Because they were always breaking up and getting back together

No. 387364

obviously i can't be sure of her actual feelings for peep, but from what i've seen of it on social media, layla's version of "real feelings" is pretty shallow. her idea of love is worse than the one i had when i was maybe 16. all she wants is a cute, edgy looking boyfriend to take pictures with for the gram so teenagers can comment them saying "goals" or some shit. the way she addressed peep when they were broken up was borderline abusive with all the fake "if i can't have you i'm just gonna kill myself" stuff. i hope she learns something from this relationship because at 24 you should have already realized that there is more to "love" than being ultra possessive and subtweeting. it's sad for her really

No. 387944

learn 2 sage if your only adding your opinion but i agree
more than annoying it is sad. she left her long term relationship for him which means she either stayed in a relationship she wasnt really about or left a guy she loved for a guy with clout.

No. 387982

agreed. Bella will dump him and move on to the next guy

No. 387992

She was seen with a buy like 3 days before these were taken according to a rag and her type is just white tatted dudes. Peep is totally gonna get lost in the mix.

I think layla was also actually into peep but it wasn't healthy at all. Or maybe she was at least at first because the second(?) time they broke up when peep was losing his shit because she was actually trying to get over/ignore him it seemed a lot more natural. Now she just seems desperate and like weirdly obsessed. Her and peep were on the same level as far as clout when they started dating now peep had a little more but she's been mentioned in the last 2 pieces of press peep did. If she's just after clout there's no reason to be so extra even just being peeps ex is furthering her image.

No. 388770

File: 1505741310301.png (585.01 KB, 720x889, 2017-09-18 09.22.07.png)



they were doing shrooms all weekend

and she said on live that Peep was her rebound and she never loved him… LOL

No. 388771

File: 1505741343941.png (444.13 KB, 715x802, 2017-09-18 09.21.36.png)

No. 388775

File: 1505742161781.png (5 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5375.PNG)

well her "sobriety" didn't last long lol

also kek @ cassidy's dumb ass comment

No. 388791

KEK this is why she's one of my favorite wrecks.
Finds another clone of a "sad boy" ugly white kid.
Has a peep enough vibe for her so it's all Gucci.
>fuk u Bella Thorne i win!
Let's wait for the bad tattoos shall we??

No. 388801

well he already has toopoor tattooed on his stomach apparently he got it before they met or the day they met

No. 388846

got photos?

No. 388922

File: 1505753527583.png (211.21 KB, 750x1185, IMG_2395.PNG)

He has his ex's name tatted on his stomach too I'm disgusted, her name is Madeleine and she's godly compared to gross Layla

No. 388932

Was just looking at his shit and he's a total drug troll. Expect fucked up toopoor milks.

No. 388938

File: 1505755266867.jpg (40.68 KB, 600x450, CLwfghzUAAAQ8xG.jpg)

she looks great on instagram but godly is an overstatement, i'll agree that she looks better than layla though, of course

No. 388942

File: 1505755885878.jpg (41.43 KB, 325x453, IMG_0158.JPG)

That versus this? lol yeah

No. 388945

..can you read

No. 388946

Yeah what do you mean??

No. 388950

Alcohol is natural, it's made from grains and fruit.

Heroin is derived from opiate poppies. It's technically natural too if your definition of natural is "comes from the earth". Even cocaine comes from cocoa leaves and is pretty fucking pure and natural before its stepped on.

Like the argument that "drugs that come from the earth are good" is just a bullshit excuse.

No. 388992

File: 1505761501875.png (828.56 KB, 574x599, 8a909b2304485e4745dab34f4bb0ec…)

3 dudes in a week, is she finally gonna settle with Tyler? oh i mean, at least until Peep decides to start fucking with her again

No. 388996

File: 1505761879103.jpg (156.46 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_obzcj3Uw691up7391o1_128…)

Sage for not layla but kek this ex?

No. 389038

lol so ig tp is the rebound here….

No. 389146

Did anyone watch Lilpeeps live? Pretty much said that Layla was a Thot and that he feels bad for tyler

No. 389148

lmao yes i was about to post this. he also said something about layla "fucking every rapper around"

No. 389151

No this happened a long time ago I remember but he hasn't had a public relationship since then, madeleine afterwards said tyler was bugging out bc apparently they were broken up and she was hanging out w some friends and that included a guy

No. 389152

Oh shut the fuck up Cass, don't be more of a head ass because Layla is the only friend you have. You're the same type of people that say "weed isnt a drug it's natural uwu"
Wouldve loved to see that but tbh I fully pictured grosso texting peep if he can bang his ex and peep being completely whatever about it.

No. 389155

He says she fucks all the rappers but he's fucking around with bella thornevomits

No. 389163

Well the boy clearly has a type.

Tyler himself was tweeting at Bella not too long ago wanting to bang her lol

No. 389169

to be fair everyone in those circles is a whore, peep and tyler grosso included

No. 389734

File: 1505892120635.jpeg (189.29 KB, 1242x2208, C6A5FF0A-62FA-4DB3-A754-A5D86D…)

saved this for when the thread came back

No. 389740

File: 1505896651896.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5411.PNG)

No. 389756

File: 1505900896151.png (5.12 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5412.PNG)

he was also talking about how he misses "his boyfriend".. can these people be any more messy

No. 389761

"low key"

not even, she's fucking obsessed w him lmao. i'm sure he's well aware.

i'm so done with this messy trashy "alt" lifestyle that people glorify these days. can't wait to see what these idiots are doing in 5-10 years, if they haven't killed them selves.

No. 389825

File: 1505921082477.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3398.PNG)

This is sooo bad omfg

No. 390052

Just from that pinned comment alone you can tell he respects 0percent of the girls he sticks his greasestick into.

No. 390073

File: 1505943722712.png (259.85 KB, 1242x1814, IMG_5422.PNG)

No. 390081

File: 1505944181382.png (392.06 KB, 1242x1788, IMG_5423.PNG)

Oh the irony

No. 390111

I saw that and I thought it was sharpie like I can't believe that's a real tattoo. Shout out to Layla for continuing to finesse these boys into getting tp tattoos I guess.

Is this supposed to be peep? Lmao I find that so hard to believe with how insanely obsessed layla is towards him, how could she not just give he what he wants? She couldn't ignore him to save her life. I bet it's one of her other cloutless man accessories.

I think I was watching this one but not paying attention. Did he actually call makonnen his boyfriend? Finally?

No. 390126

he didn't name makonnen, he just said he missed his boyfriend. idk if he was referring to him, to someone else or if he was just fucking around but it would be curious if he considered makonnen his boyfriend since he was sleeping with bella thorne something like 2 days ago

No. 390207

I wonder what the deleted texts are?

No. 390650

I hope Layla sees this.

No. 390652

File: 1506030931802.png (747.89 KB, 720x991, 20170921_174816.png)

"I have no intentions of having a future that isn't probably living off of sucking dick for a couple bucks in the streets, so let's get more horrible tattoos instead of getting nice ones cause I'm soooo suicidal and will totally do it one day hehe!"
People… Seriously look up to this??? Ytho. Get a job. Get a hobby. Fuck

No. 390692

..doesn't she have a single decent looking tattoo on her body? that's what bothers me most

No. 390745

she got those hearts on permanently

No. 390747

File: 1506041192824.png (1.81 MB, 1200x1196, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 7.42…)

No. 390748

File: 1506041218981.png (1.29 MB, 1190x1186, Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 7.43…)

self proclaimed loser

No. 390754

Ew he got a tattoo from the new IT movie? She should work at hot topic, so 3dg3

No. 390755


>lol the Gustav tattoo

No. 390758

Tyler got a chilli pepper

No. 390762


No. 390777

i think she did and thats why there was a string of snapchats saying she's not good enough

sage for tinfoil

No. 390783

This is fucking hilarious.
I truly believe she tries to make herself as ugly as possible. Never stop being entertaining Layla please. I can't believe these people are real.

No. 390799

What a fucking loser kek

No. 390871

TP on live saying that some drink goes well with ecstasy.. so sober

No. 390916

>>”Handle with Ccare”
She is rich, How did she manage to find the most cheap ass bunk tattoo artists? It is not even shitty on purpose like Sean from Texas.

No. 390946

Those new tattoos are so fucking horrible.

Anyone know what her family thinks of her? I can't imagine having a daughter like this.

No. 390961

Oh yeah if she's with that boy she's definitely fucked up on errything

No. 391030

her parents are still financing her lifestyle at 24 so they probably don't care much.

No. 391033

Does she or has she ever had a job

No. 391147

File: 1506113009504.jpg (40.24 KB, 679x518, lol styling.jpg)

She worked at Cobrasnake's shitty clothing store The Cobra Shop for a bit. Pretty sure this is no longer the case but who knows.

No. 391163

Lmao@ “styled by” … bitch is wearing a bathing suit and a blanket

No. 391241

and converse to make this shit look even more basic and nonsensical.

No. 391316

Her artist is dethbeach on ig. He's the go to artists for all of the SoundCloud scene. He's not very good at all and has prob given more job stoppers as first tattoos than any decent artist would even consider.

No. 391406

>"I have no intentions of having a future that isn't probably living off of sucking dick for a couple bucks in the streets, so let's get more horrible tattoos instead of getting nice ones cause I'm soooo suicidal and will totally do it one day hehe
Isn't that the plot to that doujin Emergence by ShindoL? lol

No. 391492

File: 1506184468186.png (264 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-23-12-13-41…)

she's definitely not sober anymore

No. 391498

File: 1506185105756.png (246.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-09-23-12-13-09…)

It was probably crack that she smoked tbh

No. 391562

File: 1506189356717.png (1.13 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-135240.png)

I wish I could tell you I knew what that was and I don't but that response is so bizarre I'm gonna have to look it up now. (Obvious sage)
After all this she still acts like her followers should pay for her own expenses. Where's grosso to pay for your shit? I doubt shes had an actual job in her life and this heffer is in her mid twenties. Sad

No. 391651

Why would this autist get a flight to sf if she has no place to stay

No. 391666

This is why I'll never feel bad for her. She is such an ugly person on the inside. All her misery is self chosen and self perpetuated

No. 391791

Hannahgoddes/Hannah Goneaux who pops up on the IG Sex Workers thread just took a stab at Lil Peep and followers on ig stories…people who think being sad is cool, have never struggled and are addicted to Xanax because they think it's cool. Then I realised she follows toopoor…not sure if this is a stab at peep or layla for being a "grown ass lady" who likes this music/lifestyle.

Either way it described Layla to a T

No. 391836

File: 1506246427991.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7348.PNG)

No. 391837

File: 1506246447977.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, IMG_7349.PNG)

No. 391838

File: 1506246469800.png (785.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7350.PNG)

No. 391898

Wow RIGHT after she admitted to taking harder drugs again she's been more of a wreck then usual and that saying something. If you're too pussy to handle the drugs maybe you shouldn't take them Layla. She looks strung the fuck out.

No. 391914


This should end well!

What is she doing in San Francisco? Folsom Street Fair is today, but that's not her bag.

No. 391945

did anyone else watch her live on insta? it was so painfully embarrassing and annoying. she made a complete fool of herself in the airport. she's walking around shouting how she was rolling on e last night and is coming down rn and is also barred out bc she ""had a panic attack"" and then saying how a vodka cranberry would be perfect rn, she's suuuuch a mess. a couple people commented saying she looks like a heroin addict and she responds like "idk what that looks like but if it looks like me then theyre cute". i've never watched any of her full livestreams before but if they were all like the last one i have no idea how people like her…like i could never interact w someone so annoying and insufferable

No. 391951

File: 1506277155457.png (740.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-141430.png)

What the fuck is with her drug induced sperg out on snap. Incoming mini photo dump but there was alot more, she's just going nutsey.

No. 391952

File: 1506277215014.png (1.21 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-141455.png)

(Saged mini photodump 2/4)

No. 391954

File: 1506277246315.png (763.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-141501.png)

(Wtf is she even going on about 3/4)

No. 391955

File: 1506277327414.png (610.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170924-141515.png)

(4/4) of her weird "I'm better then you while still acknowledging I'm a piece of shit" rant

No. 391960

when she was live she kept mentioning her vintage chanel glasses like…we get it…they're chanel. but seriously she is going off the deep end

No. 391963

She can get ~~Chanel sunglasses~~ and LV suitcases but doesn't have a place to stay in San Francisco, she really needs to level herself out

No. 391964

i did and it was sad. not just in a cringey hilarious way, just sad. i could feel the secondhand embarassment from her friends and that taxi driver in the second live. also not only she tricked tyler into getting a tattoo of her ig handle but he paid for her and her friend's hotel room too. he's gonna regret it big time

No. 391999

She got booked with (&prob because of lbr) adamgoesham to do a set for a party in sf. Which is how you know this whole ~no place to stay~ thing is bullshit. I know a lot of promoters/bookers are scummy but everyone involved in the party she played has to my knowledge good rep, they wouldn't let her be without.

No. 392005

according to her live rn she is staying in a hotel and tyler is acting like her "daddy" by taking care or her shit and whatever she asks. i think he looks like a white kid who got no play until he had money/clout.

No. 392018

Did she flat out lie about her wallet..? It was literally in her hand in her live and she was very able to buy Chipotle and her usual bullshit.
Also cringeeeee as hell at her bothering people sitting down going about their day she acts like a crack head
>"Can I sit here? We don't have to talk. Like I have a boyfriend and shit we don't have to talk I just wana sit here"
Okay bitch just sit? It's a public place who the fuck cares. Stop acting like people are that interested in a messy ass addict sitting on a curb.

No. 392063

not to mention when she asked her uber driver if he hated her (??), told the people working at the hotel that they had shitty service and screamed stuff at random people at the airport and on the street

No. 392065

wonder if she'll namedrop lolcow again, she seems to do that when especially strung out

No. 392069

wonder if this whole relationship with tyler is just so she can have someone while the whole peep x bella thing goes on, and once both blow over it'll be back to the same toxic meant to be layla n peep

No. 392096

File: 1506293157228.png (Spoiler Image, 1.91 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4616.PNG)


No. 392136

why does she try to talk like a black girl? like it's so painful to watch white girls pretend to be black and using aave and doing "ghetto accents". she was so rude to the employees of her hotel. she called and asked if they had iced coffee and the woman says "iced? no we don't sorry" and layla responds "umm you guys don't have much bye"and hangs up before the employee has a chance to respond. she was on her live basically bragging about smoking a cricket out of a crack pipe (but she's still sober u guys it's just a cricket!!!!) and saying she hasn't brushed her teeth in 5 days. shes rude as fuck to strangers on the street when they don't have a lighter she's asking for. she just has a rude and bad and loud and weird attitude with every person she meets, like she thinks she's above everybody. i can't wait until she gets a fucking reality check and stops running her mouth constantly

No. 392150

its bc shes high on crack and drugs like that will have u super manic and if she is bipolar like she claims to be ur manic episode can be very rough and u dont really care about anyone but u and every thing irritates u terribly. im not making excuses for her tho. she was sober and decided to relapse so like an adult she should own up to her responsibilities

No. 392168

yeah actually the aave thing bothers me a lot. she talks like that in a lot of her snap stories/videos but she's just this white girl from palm springs, a rich ass part of southern california???? why does she think it's trendy and cool to do this

No. 392176

because she's spoiled trash raised on social media, and therefore socially retarded.

No. 392302


So she did go Folsom Street Fair to show off her ass.

No. 392416

Saved nitpick but I cannot get over that gstring pulled over her literal BACK like where tf does her ass begin?!

No. 392485

File: 1506368802874.png (158.72 KB, 750x1191, IMG_2554.PNG)

what's interesting is he follows peep and peep follows him back

No. 392486

File: 1506369060766.jpg (196.65 KB, 1242x916, tumblr_oma19tgZTL1vgmlyho1_128…)

yeah, they were friends long before layla came into the picture.

No. 392498

Its a really popular doujin about a young shy girl that descends into a life of sex, drugs, and popularity. It's really sad and fucked up in the end, but it's pretty well known.

No. 392630

So what you're saying is she's a shameless homie hopper too. Classy. Honestly knowing how these kids treat these sluts I doubt peep is really any kind of jealous/mad over grosso having his short fun with Layla. She's probably GBC's little joke kek

No. 392638

the guy on the right also got accused of rape by multiple girls in the last 2 days or so. this LA soundcloud scene is just 2000's scene myspace kids all over again in (aka everyone in it will end up broke, overdosing, in porn or in jail)

No. 392640

if they were friends before layla came around why would u post a pic of these guys after she already met peep. look at the tattoos

No. 392642

because that's the first photo i found. i don't care enough about it to go centuries deep in some crackhead's instagram

No. 392653

there should be a thread for those soundcloud losers because they're all cows imo

No. 392675

Oh man that's gotta be hell for those girls outing him. Do you have links to any testimonies? He's a really big name in the scene & Soundclout fans are so rabid and mindless it's really disgusting.

No. 392676

Also I'm going to be That Person and say that half of gbc are like in pretty serious long term(4-5 yrs) relationships. The other half are either messes or scumbags or both for sure tho.

No. 392785

>LA soundcloud scene
Unfortunately its not just in LA. The guys on the middle and right are close with a few of my friends. I know too many people who have overdosed and/or ended up in jail.
No more than 3 of them are in serious long term relationships and aren't cheating scumbags/messes. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 392798

here are all the allegations. of course the first girl's social media is filled with ignorant ass males sperging out with their "innocent until proven guilty" bs, as if pouya and fat nick are chris brown types that girls hope to get millions out of and actively make up rape stories about instead of actual nobodies who make sure to slip in lyrics about putting drugs in girls' drinks and taking advantage of their passed out bodies in every fucking song.

No. 392842

wow…… someone send this to pouya's mom lol

No. 392981

This is disgusting. Lol @ how some of these dudes & their friends went on ~fuck rapists~fuck X~ Rants but are out here doing similar things.

No. 393105

I just checked pouya out n he goes pretty hard.. toopoor is a homie fucker shame on her that's sad

No. 393171

File: 1506464154608.png (881.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8358.PNG)

she was shooting for dollskill like two days ago (idk why i follow dollskill on snapchat don't ask)

No. 393239

Haven’t you heard? Derelique is so hot right now.

No. 393319

Oh rip guess I fell for some fake news. Lmao.

No. 393428

if you're just gonna be an asshole and throw out opinions no one asked for at least sage your post stupid…

No. 393556

>assblasted homie hopping slut detected
Noone spergs out over a fucking simple sage, we all know that's not even what you're mad at. Please stop you're embarrassing.
I have not seen one model from dolls kill who's asthetic isn't surrounding the "I'm a broken witch fairy doll with mental and emotional problems that loves weed Xanax and SoundCloud rappers uwu!" I don't think Dollskill even make legitimate sales anymore.

No. 393567

my thoughts exactly. who fucking shops at dollskill in 2017?

No. 393616

dollskill has been over since 2013 when they had felice fawn "model" for them lmao

No. 393660

File: 1506537575867.png (100.24 KB, 640x869, IMG_4408.PNG)

People are assuming these are bout layla, are we about to see a soundclout show down over some girl neither one of these dudes actually cares about?

Peeps been calling Layla a groupie in a song he's preforming in Europe, there's no way he actually gives a shit about her.

No. 393669

sauce on that groupie thing?

No. 393673