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File: 1448994576551.jpg (71.22 KB, 640x640, 12145618_893997687362859_66615…)

No. 66660

3edgy5me "goth" girl with a ridiculous amount of followers for doing nothing.

models for ~edgy~ tumblrina brands

this bitch has been selling her broken nails on depop and people have been buying them. right now she's having "fans" pay her to write their name on her head and take a photo.

she's also known to sleep with old men, have sugar daddies and she's into nymphet lolita shit.

works at the cobra snake store


No. 66661

File: 1448994601708.png (62.4 KB, 589x331, ew.png)


No. 66662

File: 1448994632446.png (253.78 KB, 820x768, nasty.png)

fingernails for sale

No. 66663

the fuck is wrong with people…
why would you want a random strangers fingernail??

No. 66675

>why would you want a random strangers fingernail??

DNA experiments?

No. 66676

Are those acrylics?

She has a video up (https://www.instagram.com/p/9pkuRtKX65/?taken-by=toopoor) of her cutting one of them off and one of her followers said that anyone questioning this is "basic and have no creativity". Wtf are her followers smoking if they think this is creative?

No. 66677

80% of her Twitter is retweets of people complimenting her…

No. 66679

File: 1448997730884.png (59.95 KB, 652x546, what.png)

No. 66680

lolololol you fucking kidding me? what a self absorbed ugly bitch

No. 66685

File: 1449000496261.png (499.1 KB, 817x600, Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 20.0…)

Have we found Felice 2.0? She even has the bad thigh tats down. Kek at the her comment to all the people saying her tat looks like "too pooh". 3edgy5me4sure

I'm thirsty and this looks like some good milk

No. 66692

>>People who have said that the poor looks like pooh are stupid.

Yeah they're the stupid ones and totally not the people attempting to whiteknight some girl who got tattoos on her knees that are so shit you can't tell what it says nor the girl who has said tattoos. Yes, they're the stupid ones here…

Considering her fans are this retarded, it's no wonder she's been charging them $5 to write their twitter handles on her forehead and take a picture of it.

No. 66693

:( her snapchat had a video of her bf fingering her the other day. right now there's a mirror selfie of her with her pants down and him holding touching her vagina… on SNAPCHAT ffs.

No. 66694

lmao its a tattoo? I tough she drew that on with a pen or something

No. 66696

No. 66701

First thing I saw was "too poop".

No. 66703

File: 1449003699998.jpg (28.44 KB, 431x573, tacky tack tack.JPG)

This is said in a lot of threads, but DOES SHE HAVE A SYNDROME? She's got a retard resting face, even when she's not doing a retard pose on purpose.

How old is she? She's either young and looks old or is old trying to look young.

Grow some fucking eyebrows and grow that fringe.

Jesus, what a fucking try hard, lul. She likes tacky shit, ew. GASP! a knife in her mouth…GASP! assassin stars … GASP! eating food topless. HAHAHAHAHA. omg, too much.


No. 66705

File: 1449003814849.jpg (57.07 KB, 562x600, 3edgy.JPG)

To demonstrate the retard face.

No. 66709

File: 1449004103349.jpg (72.9 KB, 911x533, stick n poke.JPG)

Samefagging then outta here.

She made the TOO POOH tootat herself.

No. 66967

her current snapchats include her licking all over her bf's face and him sucking on her tits…

No. 66986

jesus fucking christ.

No. 67001

File: 1449090182802.png (614.7 KB, 964x619, 1.PNG)

No. 67002

File: 1449090251809.png (620.44 KB, 962x622, 2.PNG)

No. 67003

File: 1449090541609.jpg (51.25 KB, 560x315, 3.jpg)

No, too pooh, you did not invent that hairstyle.

No. 67004

File: 1449090577068.png (252.43 KB, 1090x638, 3.PNG)

Wrong pic, OOPS, I am just rly high rn guys

No. 67006

Ron looks like he's dying

No. 67007

He's gross

No. 67013

i just don't get why these ugly edgy gawff girls are obsessed with dd/lg shit, especially in regards to an old washed up porn star. how low if your self esteem

No. 67021

I heard that he refuses to pay for anything on dates and expects hand outs since he's 'a big deal' or something. Plus he's been hawking those bullshit penis pills for decades. Slimy old [spoilers]jew [/spoilers]

No. 67023

File: 1449094487998.png (619.74 KB, 974x628, 4.PNG)

He apparently bought her these things.

No. 67028

Or got those things for free because he's Ron Jeremy and pawned them off on a groupie.

It seems like she's headed down the Amor Hilton porn route with no pretense of anything else.

No. 67216

whats her sc?

No. 67237

TOOPOOR (because she's very original)

No. 67264

Maybe because they know they're ugly/low-self-esteem that they feel a need to make up for it somehow with the dd/lg shit?

No. 67268

Sigh, just another Jeffree Star groupie that lives in LA and tacks on whatever label on to themselves in an attempt to make it big in that shit-heap city.

No. 67287

I don't understand why she's labelling herself a goth, if anything she's teetering between the "Pastel Goth/Soft Grunge/Edgy Princess" bullshit you see all over Tumblr.

Even her boyfriend looks and dresses like a trendy normalfag.

No. 67293

lmfao. let's get high together, anon

No. 67295

File: 1449152337012.jpg (109.97 KB, 804x602, UngroundablePic34.jpg)

In fairness, she's hardly the only Insta/Tumblr try-hard labelling themselves goth even though they've never indicated an interest in the music, lifestyle, sub-culture related interest or clothing for that matter.

People (especially Tumblrtards) love to label themselves with shit they don't understand if they think it will give them "cool" points. And Toopoor is no exception.

No. 67299

File: 1449152760561.jpeg (189.75 KB, 425x567, 2484.jpeg)


I mean have you ever seen someone so goth that it's practically oozing out of them like this, like seriously? That pizza badge and the "Have a nice Day" badge on her backpack in the related link pics clearly shows how goth and edgy she is, gawd!


No. 67300

File: 1449152966035.png (662.47 KB, 949x610, toopoor.png)

I should mention: her real name is Layla Rose Shapiro (which I googled and how found the pics link from 2 years ago above!) as evidenced in this Insta of her failed drivers test: https://www.instagram.com/p/5-xFUBqXyd/

No. 67367

today's snapchat is her laying naked on a bed with a teddy covering her vagina

No. 67380

At least she's drawing her eyebrows on now, when I found her she was shaving them off and looked like a literal cock

No. 67382


"Goth" has a lot of meanings. Off the top of my head I can think of fans of the Gothic music genre (e.g. The Cure, Type O Negative, etc) most of whom just dress like >>67299. Or a goth could be someone who likes the stereotypical goth fashion but has no specific music taste. Or it could be cybergoths, or those people who think they're vampires, or it could just be a general insult for anyone who likes rock music and black clothes.

Arguing over what's a real goth is pointless. Most people's idea of a goth is probably Robert Smith and other than his hair and makeup he's pretty normalfag.

No. 67483

ur a lil misguided

No. 67486

have you guys seen internetgirl and wifislilangel, they dress the same as this girl i dont understand why its a trend but this type of style looks tacky as hell

No. 67487

Have to agree.

No. 67488

I agree with >>67382.

Most goth and punk are subcultures that are closely related with the music scene and some will describe them as inseparable, while others think it's only a lifestyle, and others just a fashion trend. Punk is better at understanding it as a subculture and even a political movement. Some say modern Goth subculture is an offshoot of the 70s punk movement with similar ideology.

You'll have some intense arguments on what being punk means and to a much lesser degree, what goth means. Culturally, fashion-wise and politically they're all premised around anti-establishment so I guess that's a defining factor if you wanna judge some of these tumblrs by their "gothness."

No. 67490


babytrash is another one. it's like some weird ugly kind of 90's internet goth 3edgy knives & sex & giant platform shoes… and awful haircuts.

No. 67499

This doesn't make sense. It has nothing to with 'gothness', it's just that there are so many sub-genres to goth, and misusing the different kinds makes you look like you don't know what you're talking about. Therefore you have to say. So when you generalize it to just The Cure, you sound like a misguided dummy. Also, 77punk have nothing to do with the subgenres.

No. 67500

Therefore you have no say*

No. 67502


>Also, 77punk have nothing to do with the subgenres.

Jesus Christ. Not "77 punk", post-punk. Post-punk is the common denominator for all forms of Gothic music whether they be guitar based or keyboard (EDM) based.

The big divide with goth culture was in the 90s when the media started labelling stuff like Marilyn Manson as gothic. That's when it became as much or more about fashion and you started to get the Hot Topic jokes.

>So when you generalize it to just The Cure, you sound like a misguided dummy.

Nobody is saying the only goths are The Cure. In fact we're saying the opposite! The term is too fragmented to have much meaning.

No. 67507

The only two comparsions you wrote were The Cure and Type O when those are just two completely different choices.

I thought you mean 77punk not postpunk because you weren't clear at all.

Goth is too much of an umbrella term so when you use the term loosely, please don't get upset with people getting upset with the incorrect terminology because that's when stuff starts to get put up in the air.

No. 67508

Also, dis chick is tumblr goth whether she owns a tumblr or not.

No. 67521

I didn't say anything about The Cure…

>Also, 77punk have nothing to do with the subgenres

Most people have read up about punk, Black Flag, Sex Pistols and punk's influence on modern music, so I'll spare a tl;dr post that only leads to derailment. I suppose I was making a too generalized comment regarding punk's influence on other subcultures because it was such a big movement. It would probably be as general as me saying blues is the predecessor to modern music. The steps in-between are important.

I'm not disagreeing with the idea that goth is an umbrella term nor that tumblrinas aren't idiots for using it as an identity when they don't understand a single aspect of it. I suppose I was just agreeing with anon's argument that the approach to defining yourself as goth can be a little convoluted.

No. 67530

I don't think she'll be Felice, but she seems like an interesting person to pass the time. I do miss Felice's scams and milk, damn it all.

No. 67536

Why do people do this stick and poke bullshit when you can pay an artist $50 to do it for you? And have it come out decent.

No. 67538

Fucking disgusting. I wouldn't let that greasy old motherfucker near me. Why do people act like old porn stars are meant to be worshipped?

No. 67539

I want to throw up.

No. 67540

Now I'm afraid to add her on snap.

No. 67589

I (the anon you were replying to) wasn't arguing about what is real goth as that's a fucking wormhole as demonstrated by the discussion that followed. I was saying specifically that Too Poor hadn't expressed interest in anything relating to the goth scene (not just Batcave shit, but including all things that could be debated about their gothiness e.g. Marilyn Manson). I was pointing how she's using the term as an identity tag yet hadn't exactly expressed how that identity is true to her - like a lot of Tumblrinas. I was making an observation, not so much arguing what goth is and isn't.

No. 67594

I wish this trashy tumblr goth trend would die. It's so ugly. Purposefully striving to look like an edgy, weird trailer park dweller isn't aesthetically pleasing no matter what. They're all so cookie cutter with that stupid fringe and their disgusting love for dd/lg.

No. 67613

My bad, anon. It just gets confusing for most ppl who don't understand what kind of goth is which because when it comes to lolcows, it's kind of an important factor on how lolcow worthy they'd be or not. Also, I misread a lot because I'm stupid.

No. 67631

I agree.

No. 67634

Ah don't worry about it! Usually when there is a discussion about a Tumblrina claiming the "goth" title to sum up their identity, it tends to go into the "she's not goth because she doesn't listen to 'real' goth music etc" stuff. Like I remember in the Tumblr days of old, it'd happen with Felice on thisisnotgoth-type blogs. So I don't blame you for thinking that's what I was saying with TooPoor.

No. 67649


My point was that the term "goth" is so diluted that it's pointless. At least she has dark hair and eyes which is more gothy than half the shit on Tumblr.

I used to get called a goth all the time but I never considered myself one. The difference was that older people who grew up in the 80s thought that anyone in all black was "goth" but to me "goth" meant the white faced types. Then you started to get the cybergoths, then the fetish wear, etc, etc and I don't even know how we got to shit like pastel goth. "Goth" now has about as much meaning as "rock chick".


You don't give yourself enough credit. Punk is tied a lot closer to Gothic music than blues is to rock. Punk was a flash in the pan compared to post-punk so when people talk of punk they often roll it all together. Post-punk bands like Joy Division aren't even considered goth but often end up at the top of "best goth bands ever" lists.

No. 67650

Totally. We feel the same way it seems like. Not sure what I was trying to say in my comments but you got it.

postpunk is goth, im sry

No. 67651

Samefagging, because my proof is that I've lived it.

No. 67652


You're not >>67651, I am. Proof of what?

Are you some butt hurt teen goth who is heavily invested in her labels and doesn't like being told that it's all dumb shit?

No. 67653

I'm an
>older person
and went to "goth" nightclubs in the 80s. What people think of as goth now isn't what it was then. There's also a big difference between what America sees as goth than the Brits do.

It's easy for the younger generation to do the "look" whereas back then, all you had to make your face pale was Leichner Clown White mixed with foundation and a few shops in big cities. Now you can drop into high street chain shops and dress up as a goffix.

No. 67654

same fagging. HAIR CRIMPERS. You were not a goff without big backcombed crimped hair!!!

No. 67655


No. 67657

File: 1449250095395.png (1.4 MB, 1319x530, banshee.png)

I made a dinky collage of old pics from my favourite club back in 1886. This is how your bog standard goff looked. Girls mostly tried to look like Siouxsie, men tried to look like Pete Murphy or Robert Smith. It was mostly about having a laugh with your friends and not having a stick up your arse about how looks best. ~meeeemories~

>inb4 fuck off lady comments. Let me enjoy my nostalgia yeah.

No. 67663

This is so awesome. I'm enjoying this collage and your nostalgia <3

No. 67664

<3 No mobile phones then, so there aren't many photos in existence really. Still, rather that than some twat tumblrina taking pics all night uploading them to ig.
Oh, only ONE girl used to wear corsets. That was the only fetish wear I ever saw. She's a semi famous fantasy artist now and still wears corsets.

No. 67697

Dat Siouxsie makeup!!! Thanks for this, anon!!!

Interesting that an anon mentioned Robert Smith up there; I did agree that many people will sum 80s goth down to him as the representation when he stole his look from the almighty Siouxsie Sioux. However, even she was a rabid Sex Pistols fan and emulated them at the beginning of her career. Indeed what's "real" is a rabbit hole.

My last post regarding punk and early gawth that doesn't involve how desperate tumblrinas are to use the label as an identity and substitute it for their lack of personality. It was a fun convo anons!

No. 67701

New Romantics influenced goff as well, but let's just leave it what's already been said heh. Sage for nostalgia derailing.

No. 67705

This is really cool. Thanks, anonette elder goth.
tbh I'm sort of envious of how easygoing goth seems like it used to be. nowadays it's like you have to ~prove~ your goth cred as though it's something that you earn a damn certificate for after taking a course.
Maybe it's just because the goth scene in my city is relatively small, though you'd think that would foster more camaraderie amongst us. but instead, the local goth night is like a pissing contest over who has the fanciest outfit or the most gothest lifestyle.

No. 68084

Anyone read this interview?


>"TBT to being a homeschooled 16 year old in Palm Springs. I used to spend full days hitting every thrift store in my valley to steal designer pieces (Versace, Chanel, Alexander Wang, etc) and post them on my Tumblr. Never got a following on there, it was just a place to view all my stoled gems. Eventually, deleted the blog. Years later, living in LA and struggling to find myself and make money, I tattooed Too Poor on my knees with a pencil and needle. From there, I wanted Too Poor as my user name and bribed the person using the name to change it for cash. I got the name, but never paid them."

God, I want to slap her.

No. 68087

Ah, the best. I was big into Rozz and Christian Death back in the early 1990s. Good times. Enjoying this thoroughly.

No. 68090

Acc. to that article, she's the next Sophia Amoruso. Only comparable aspect I really see there is similar haircuts. Not everyone who runs a shitty online used clothing depop store is destined to turn that into a multi-million dollar company, but I guess the writer was paid enough to imply that is the case for TooPoor.

No. 203726

Toopoor my arse, bitch is from Palm Springs. Stealing from thrift stores is the lowest you can go, stealing from people who are literally "too poor". Spoilt bitch

No. 203729

>bumping an 11 month old thread

No. 203731

not to continue bumping a dead thread but holy shit, a couple years ago i almost bought a skirt from this girl on poshmark and thank god i didn't since it was most likely stolen lol

No. 203764

Hmm.. Is this one of those Ghetto goths? I've seen a few on instagram and tumblr.

No. 203943

Ew what the fuck?

No. 203946

honestly more power to her. I wish I had the promotional ability for people to pay for my fucking fingernails.

No. 203950

ikr I weirdly respect her for being able to con stupid people out of their money like that

No. 203953

yeah that's pretty cool people will spend money on anything i think we should always scam the rich when possible.

No. 203998

god i hate that new instagram/ sometimes tumblr trend of "art"/ thot goth, idek how to describe the aesthetic aside from like all of this girl's mutual friends. they either go the full trashy daddy route or faux intellectual and some of the clothes they wear can be cool but it gets REAL tryhard real fast

No. 204013

they're so pseudo intellectual i think that's what bothers me most like none of them read books they just.. collect them.

No. 204048

Maybe that shit should be called "tumblr goth" -it's kinda the new incarnation of mall goth: defined by teenage stupidity, ignorance of any of the genuine goth subcultures (or maybe sub-subcultures to be more accurate) and poser mentality.

No. 204097

…i've realized there are people i know who are exactly like this.

pseudo-intellectual is definitely right, but the books they do read are hippie-dippie bullshit on crystal healing, edgelord biographies of murderers, etc. but nothing academic. the art they make is hack and talentless but you can't criticize them because their followers will attack you for "not understanding it" or "you can't do better who are to talk"

No. 204622

her current boyfriend is a "goth" rapper from LA pretty funny stuff

No. 204633

Are they actually "goth" at all? He dresses like a harcore fuckboi who is into shit like "Bunny and the Bear" and she dresses in a "heroin-chic" fashion pretending to be living in poverty when she's probably more than likely loaded with cash.

Nothing about either of them is particularly goth-like though.

No. 204634

omg his ig is so cringy

he has a tattoo of xanax pill art?!?!

No. 204635

omg it gets worse,
he has DADDY tattooed across his chest

No. 204638

What happened with her ex?

No. 204670

She ditched her ex to get with peep coz she likes to climb the social ladder…

No. 204687

File: 1480255927547.png (25 KB, 609x207, tweet.PNG)

literally pic related

No. 204689


it's the tumblr definition of "Goth". Pretty much some black clothes+ugly hair+ugly tattoos = goth. And acting all edgy and being ~depressed~ while making shit art or music.

No. 204691

this feels like such a throwback to what kiki was in 2006-7 for me, like meet the person who's popular on the internet lol. same shit different asshole

No. 204717

Her and lilpeep got each other's names tatted after only a few weeks of "dating"….young and dumb, hope they find good coverup artists because like her taste in fashion it's not going to last

No. 204718

check some of the horrid things that boy has tattooed on him
i doubt he'll regret that if he doesn't regret every other one of his tatttoos

i.e. the xanax pill art, daddy across his chest, whatever the fuck his literal forehead tattoo says, etc.

No. 205603

It says cryababy

No. 227852

No. 227859

Ugh I always confuse this bitch with Holli Quinn (or whatever her real name is).

No. 228064

What happened to her old bf this dude looks fucking grimy

No. 228161

File: 1483658029511.jpg (67.07 KB, 704x400, lgm5.jpg)

Holy shit, he reminds me of Nathan Barley in so many ways.

No. 228296

You guys have never heard of Lil Peep? I'm surprised, he's getting pretty popular. But amyways, who was her old boyfriend?

(I also found this video while looking up something about her, I don't know if anyone posted it before)

No. 228460

Why is he popular??? Lol. This song is a piece of shit and hes ugly. I saw in the comments people saying toopoor is hoe so she prolly left her bf for peep even though shes probably a side hoe

No. 228461

Are they really yelling about dicks in dennys? Disgusting ghetto whores. And who cares if its uncut or not? Acting like dumb high school bitches.

No. 232176

Lil peep dumped her after that music video went up lol

No. 232207

Really? Where did you find this out? I saw people saying they broke up before the video came out but never saw a source.

No. 232252

Her Snapchat. At least she mentioned being single like a day after promoting the vid on twitter.

No. 232392

Nope, outside of who gets posted on to lolcow; I have no interest or desire to follow up talentless, z-lister famewhores on instagram.

No. 235441

this person looks so lonely and boring.

she's pretty, but after scrolling through her twitter all i can think is 'this girl is desperately screaming for friends and nobody wants to do it'. kinda sad.

No. 235482

She used to have a lose circle but she's too unoriginal/boring to hang w even LA clubs kids.

No. 235488

like… idk how old she is but she looks to be in her mid-late 20s, and she's doing shit i thought would be cool literally at age 14. that video of her mom or grandma with her pretending to do drugs is fucking creepy. anyway, this is sad. again, she's one of those people you look at and go, man, that person really wants someone to be their friend. they're acting out because they have something wrong with them that makes people not want to be their friend. poor woman.

No. 235492

I mean he's getting covered by legit music mags like p4k & fader.
He's like a white washed up scenesters attempt at bubblegum trap which is hot rn

No. 235503

lmao jesus christ tho

how are there so many people at this? what kind of people are these even? im just imagining a bunch of rich hollywood kids who pretend to have no money posting shit on insta all day and im dying laughing at that "music" ahhahaha

No. 235504

anyway i spent like an hour trawling this girl's insta and it's kinda fascinating, like some huge trainwreck on all fronts, and i can see why idiots and impressionable people with no self-esteem would think this girl was a goddess and want to lick her asshole and follow her. she posts a lot of 2edgy stuff.

No. 235539

I think she's only pretty because of the angles she chooses for her photos, sometimes when you catch a regular candid angle of her - she bears an uncanny resemblance to a youngish Shelley Duvall.

No. 235689


shes 23-24 now, so, sad. her lifestyle already makes her look old, so she's going to look worn-out by the time she hits 28+ and then nobody will want to pose with her for insta photos anymore or let her hang around for blowjobs.

a wasted life will catch up fast.

No. 235690

oh, and she has definitely bought followers on insta, which brings this to a whole new level of pathetic.

No. 235699

is there any actual milk here? this is basically every brooklyn based art student i know. theyre all imports from vermont and illinois and their parents pay their phone bill and tuition while they try to outdo one another with tired weird-twitter humor. this is boring. i could find a thousand identical accounts. this girl is thinner and richer than most of them. that is literally the only remotely distinguishing feature i can find here

No. 235794

not really, but that's why it's in /snow/. maybe we should make this a general "edgy goth messes on insta" thread instead? i personally find it so interesting to watch people completely ruin their own lives via social media for attention, like toopoor & similar.

No. 235803

edgy insta girls like her are posted in the alt cows thread but i think we need a seperate for this brand of instagram goth

No. 235841

i used to be jealous of these girls tbh

No. 235853

OP sounds jealous tbh

No. 235859

Yeah what's the cobra store pls?

No. 235861

Can you shut the fuck up this is /snow hide the thread and fuck off

No. 235862

No one's jealous of a birth defect lookin hoe

No. 235865

Well she's a known hoe so it's not like he was going to wife a hoe or anything I knew from the start that be would happen in a short amount of time. Also after the vid came out his fans were dragging her soooo…

No. 235867

Immediately getting those tattoos lmao he played her

No. 235872

i wonder if too pooh is among us

how's life being an irrelevant hoe?

No. 235879

One of lil peeps friends stole 300$ from the girl who housed them on tour in Seattle but other than that not really.
I think toopoor & lilwifisangel/golemprincess had a falling out bc too poor kept stealing Josephine's swag, which is pretty serious when you concider she & her whole crew are paid stylists/models. Plus she did used to work for shopjeen who are also scammers but I'd say for milk that's a reach.

No. 235894

Do you have a source for Peep's friend stealing from the girl who housed them? That's so fucked and now I'm interested if he has any milk himself.

No. 235914

Yeah give me a sec tho it was awhile back.

No. 235943

Ok see I'm confused bc the way I've heard it it's always been lil Tracy, lil peeps tour mate/collaborator/gbc member, that stole from her like she said here https://instagram.com/p/BM84EhsAsnP/
+ on live & in some posts I can't seem to find now.

But seeing what's still up it seems that a "young bruh" stole from her??? Idk. Also I remembered it wrong, her friends housed them not her.

This ones from later & her stories still the same so I think she's telling the truth abt their crew being thieves just not which one exactly till later in 2016:

No. 236036

why would you do shelley duvall like that tho

No. 236045

Why were his fans dragging her? It's pretty difficult finding milk on these two because both of their social media accounts are so messy and disorganised.

No. 236049

You're right anon, too_poor has a massive hooknose and close-set eyes whilst the only thing they share with Shelley is the bulging eyes and the angular face… Shelley is therefore cuter.

Didn't they both get tattoos though? I recall that his was a lot larger than hers as well.

No. 236096

Yeah hers is small and stick n poked on her finger and will fade away and his is bigger but that guy is covered in terrible tattoos I'm sure he just wanted a girls name tatted on him for aesthetic lol

No. 236509

No. 236707

>thedaphalid Y'all look like drug addicts lol

No. 236741

she literally has made a living by designing clothes, being a DJ, modeling, and literally selling her own NAILS for money. she has that many people that like her that she can literally sell her nails. i dont see any of you doing that.she gets her followers by being herself and i dont see any of you shitty ass anons doing that lmfao.

No. 236745

Smells like self-post. I love how you say "selling her own nails for money" as if that's something she should be praised for. She's a random rich kid who tries to hard to be edgy, just like the million other social media "personalities" like her.

No. 236760

I sell my own feces.

No. 236770

>>i dont see any of you shitty ass anons doing that
Are you legit this slow or can you honestly not fathom why people would not essentially publicly masturbate showing how great they are on an anonymous website? BTW you not being privy to evidence ≠ evidence does not exist.

Sage for being way OT

No. 236786

Princessgollum is 1000 times more relevant and interesting without being trashy

No. 236787

Im guessing alot of them might know her irl or know people that do basically they were calling her "everyones girl" and ugly and shit.

No. 236789

Who tf does she model for? Lmao. She looks like the evil jew caricature. And what has she designed? She puts patches on hoodies. Come on now.

No. 236796

Princessgollum is really cute looking, and she pulls off the 'trashy' aesthetic nicely without being literal trash. Too pooh could learn alot from her

No. 236808

If you're old enough to remember listening to christian death in the 90's you really shouldn't be here

No. 236820

Fuck off.

No. 236894

No. 236906

this bitch really is so 2005

No. 236908


Remember those words when you're in your forties, rich, and bored, bitch. Kisses!

No. 237063

uh yall she flashed the titty on sc

No. 237142

File: 1484839880426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.43 KB, 844x1500, IMG_0057.JPG)

Tho this really isn't new. She's done this or similar a bunch of times before.

No. 237143


some more too poor titties for y'all. they'd be pretty decent if they were more firm/not so saggy. but i'm not gonna act like i wouldn't throw her one.

No. 237144

File: 1484840675911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.67 KB, 600x450, CQaeOdrU8AQHfjX.jpg)


No. 237145

File: 1484840690128.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.79 KB, 675x1199, Cv55pe-VUAACx7f.jpg)

No. 237148

I weirdly like this one. I dunno.

No. 237230

Aw she has a really nice body, it's a shame she's such a annoying person.

No. 237412

Lol no she doesn't.

No. 237413

What do expect from a trashy thot though? Not surprised.

No. 237423

her tits arent saggy. that's what normal breasts look like after being held up by bras all your life (women in third-world countries/tribes that don't wear bras have much saggier boobs than 99% of westerners.)

No. 237434

Are you being sarcastic? Because you're contradicting yourself. If women who dont wear bras in Africa have tits to their knees that would mean bras are doing something lmao. Also it's mostly genetic how your breasts sit and look soooo yeah hers are pancakes.

No. 237435

Also they shouldn't be that saggy while being that small tbh. All boobs don't look like this speak fpr yourself please.

No. 237498

Anon pls, I don't even keep up with this chick but the tiddies in >>237144 are clearly very saggy, especially for that size. She's raising her arm and still has the kind of fold there that could hold up a pencil. Sagging is not necessarily a bad thing, but denying that those boobs are sagging is delusional.

No. 237565


I guess when you're used to seeing truly horribly sagging boobs like Megan, Luna, and himeka, boobs like this start to look perfectly fine

No. 238114

File: 1485058878325.png (Spoiler Image, 835.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1283.PNG)

Just instagramming videos of peep feeling her up
>pls stop deleting my stuff


No. 238563

i heard that ron or whoever that guy is in the picture apparently gave toopoor girl a car as a gift ive heard these from people who are close to her im not 100% if its true but she basically used him for money etc. she also treats people really bad and say that shes a total bitch

No. 238605

Ron Jeremy got her a car? Lol what ???

No. 239142

He def did its what i heard from other people. My brother knows of her and says she just likes to mess around like this and joke about it. But this does not look like she's joking around at all shes just basically your typical art hoe girl that goes to free art museum and garage shows

No. 239247

she probably sucked his nasty dick

No. 244706

File: 1486234368321.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0117.PNG)


No. 244722

File: 1486236523340.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1415.PNG)

I enjoyed this one (I did not add that text, she did LOL)

No. 244723

Lol damn puttin her Louiebaton on the ground so #toopoor god that is the worst handle/nickname ever for an art ho in LA

No. 244790


No. 244801

I was auto corrected but also lol I don't care

No. 245030

>>237142 wow she looks like lady gaga here…I don't mean that as a compliment

No. 249426

its weird cuz shes aware of how pathetic she is but also not

she is self-aware.. but also not… what a useless person

No. 249634

This girl actually fascinates me. She needs therapy, and I don't mean that as a catty insult. she clearly has a lot of issues going on and she's clearly desperate for attention/validation

That said I've been stalking her insta and while a lot of her shit is incredibly cringy and narcissistic I found it cool how she called out some guy for using "gay" as an insult, could have just ignored it. I don't hate her, but I feel really really bad for her. I think she needs real friends who care about her and don't just use her for insta photos or twitter fame leeching since she doesn't seem to have any.

No. 249641

Eh, I don't think she does have a lot of issues. She just tries to make it seem like she does. She is desperate for attention, though - but that doesn't mean there's a real reason for it. I don't feel bad for her at all, if anything, she's living the life.

No. 249672

she looks and sounds around 28-35

No. 249674

there's tons of interesting drama with her and lil peep but i cant keep up

No. 249692

File: 1486925798235.png (58.55 KB, 609x322, 4c4b9c41b299224802516a7c76fc85…)

Apparently Peep left her for his sidehoe and she's been on a bender ever since lol

No. 249789

he left an interesting popular girl who cared about him for a run of the mill instahoe

No. 249797

Nobody ever said he was smart. I don't know why all these girls want to be with him anyways besides popularity, he's a greasy loser who switches between girls constantly.

No. 249801

kek his unibrow looked bad enough before the new tattoo. his tattoos really are dumb

No. 249873

File: 1486936189452.png (56.3 KB, 594x448, aff0a4897a51395860b2f321a9c332…)

All 3 of them are hoes and using each other tbh

No. 250682

not right now. she's fucked up over her bf breakup and going extra nuts with the crazy narcissistic reblogs.

she might be 'living the life' now but what about in a couple of years when she's not hot on the internet anymore? she doesn't seem to work, probably never has a day in her life. she doesn't seem the type to have gone to college or pursued any skill or trade. her parents are obviously paying for her life right now, so what happens when they get fed up and all this shit she's done on the internet ruins her for any other opportunities?

disaster waiting to happen tbh. i've seen people like this commit suicide after their infamy wore off.

No. 250683

not reblogs, rt's. too much tumblr.

No. 251269

Ew he looks like a greaselord

No. 252732

She went on a rant yesterday after some girl threw shade on her https://twitter.com/toopoor_/status/832068361831936000
talked about how she started from the bottom and all that in a chain of tweets, but deleted them, the info she gave was:

- Moved to LA 6 years ago with less than $1000
- Her mother stole the $10000 her grandma left for Layla after she passed.
- Stepdad is in jail for fraudulent money. No mention of a dad.
- Dropped out of fashion marketing college or something 5 years ago.

That's all I can remember.

No. 252828

File: 1487272449105.jpg (92.91 KB, 724x1200, C4wR8ulVUAEA3Yc.jpg)

And now she's reckless spending because of some dude that looks like he smells of dirty feet

No. 252838

>some dude that looks like he smells of dirty feet

Kek, entirely accurate. If >>252732 is all true, then that's really sad. She needs a actual friend to help her and tell her that he isn't shit and apparently keep her from spending 1.5k at Louis Vuitton…

No. 252843

At first I thought this was petty and was like "this looks like average every day purchases though the fast-food is kind of sad, and then I saw the louis vuitton.

Girl can't feed herself decently, but she can blow $1,500 on brand name garbage. ~aesthetic~

No. 252926

File: 1487284664832.jpg (93.65 KB, 1152x2048, C4hko0LUYAAJRPD.jpg large.jpg)

It seems like she actually liked him, I didn't save it but she was complaining a few weeks ago that he was leading her on and said he would call her and didn't, then she posted a screenshot of her pretty much begging to talk to him.

No. 252930

How old is she?? This is some petty high school shit. They even got matching tattoos lmfao

No. 252938

Yeah, it's a fact that she needs someone insightful to help her heal. Instead, the friend she has clinged to is Cassidy(@hotelshrimp), a heroin chic inspired blonde who came from Portland(she claims everyone there hate her ass really hard) and who incentives her to be trashy as fuck, smoke crack and indulges her into this fucked up designer clothes fantasy. Seriously, since Peep dumped Layla and she flew to New York these past days with Cassidy, they keep flaunting their Vouitton bags, scarves and shoes despite Layla frequently needing to beg for her followers to send money via paypal. This breakup destroyed her and all she has as support is Cassidy(currently on a rant about uncircumcised dicks on sc), her superficial friends and her online fanbase who praises her on every bad decision she makes. I feel sad. She is kind and you can see she tries to help her fans as best as she can, but she is so misguided. I don't see financial stability, I see her in a castle of cards.

also can't fathom why the fuck of all people she had a thing with Peep. when Layla and Corey were together she looked like she was having the time of her life and accomplishing good things. her mom still have pics of these two together on her profile https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207228044571033&id=1581326197&set=a.1477743875182.69828.1581326197&source=56 (worth checking, a lot of pictures from the basic ass past of Too Poor).

No. 252941

File: 1487286915930.png (51.74 KB, 344x585, IMG_1552.PNG)

Worth it

No. 252946

good lord, her mother looks like marguerite baker from re7

No. 252953

File: 1487288739144.png (50.69 KB, 748x362, IMG_7211.PNG)

lol looks like corey wasn't happy with Layla

No. 252955

aw look at little blondie dyed yt too pooh

she looks like she cant afford shampoo either with that greasy af hair she always got

No. 252961

File: 1487289444071.png (845.16 KB, 598x572, Untitled.png)

toopoori may be slightly heartbroken, have no valentine, and feel alone as fuck, but people around the Fucking world are using me as a symbol of love to share with their friends and that means more to me than any headass boy, or a dozen black roses. ily guys so much. thank you for keeping my heart warm and fuzzy. hugs & kisses - TP

lol like she didnt just sit here and make all of these herself then take a pic

No. 252963

File: 1487289602878.png (265.96 KB, 253x414, 7900d34bb926cfa5f1b8585a59dd05…)

Is this her?? i can't tell.

Also I feel like she's trying to impress peep with her designer shit and bender

No. 252966

yeah it's her lmao
she was sooo basic back in the day, biggest inspo was miley cyrus pre-freakout according to her pinterest http://pin.it/vsjBSXe

No. 252970

File: 1487290337541.png (189.99 KB, 750x940, IMG_7214.PNG)

tfw you make a voodoo doll of your ex, put it inside a Louis Vuitton plastic bag, take a picture AND TAG HIM, then later post a video of you messing with it on IG(https://instagram.com/p/BQj4TpolUJV/)

need me a petty freak like that

No. 252972

someone should tweet these at her lmao

this is psycho but not even in a cute way. like, you need a fucking life and you need some kind of self esteem because youre obsessed over some dude whos a shithead and didnt even care about you lol. sooo successful and above it all yet she does shit like this? sure if u say so, u dr seuss emo lookin dweeb

No. 252990


The link in her bio leads to an etsy she ran selling yarn covered headphones, is that what she did before being an edgy instagram model?


>Using everyday life as our canvas, Lil' Jammerz works to find new ways to help you separate yourself from anything "normal." Taking even the most standard items, and crashing them together with modern trends and materials.

>So bring creativity to the common, turn up the volume, express yourself, and never say sorry.

Nothing screams expressing yourself like apple headphones wrapped in blue string

No. 252995

File: 1487293411327.png (46.26 KB, 750x662, IMG_7216.PNG)

OH MY GOD, how could I have missed the link?

one more unflattering pic of Too Poor for the collection. tbh she would NEVER take a photo like that nowadays

No. 252999

File: 1487293882295.png (40.92 KB, 750x576, IMG_7215.PNG)


Lil' Jammerz.
Lil' fucking Jammerz.
this name is the worst

But hey, at least she already had the skill of having the nerve for selling unsellable crap even before she had a fanbase that buys anything she has to offer blindly. Gotta give her props.

No. 253084

i know hating on noses is a meme but /holy schnoz batman/

No. 253100

File: 1487303728312.png (31.26 KB, 750x214, IMG_7220.PNG)

it's truly painful to see someone rubbing on everyone's faces how unable they are to get over the end of a laughable relationship

No. 253103

File: 1487304309452.png (88.6 KB, 750x630, IMG_7226.PNG)

tfw when you're also not over your(psycho) ex partner and like a pic posted in january of you two

what the fuck these two are A Mess™

No. 253115

File: 1487306251730.png (74.87 KB, 640x689, IMG_2377.PNG)

Meanwhile peep's instahoe will probably move there just to get cheated on

No. 253130

what's her curiouscat?

No. 253139

Shit is going down, they're subtweeting each other.


peep tweeted this https://twitter.com/Lilpeep/status/832410016887955456
toopoor retweeted her own tweet that says

then she posted on her snapchat story about 40 minutes ago with the caption: "His dick didn't accidentally end up in your mouth" / "I have eyes and ears and a heart"

to wich peep replied a few minutes ago tweeting: "u mad" "U don't get it you never will" and quickly deleted

No. 253143

File: 1487309953825.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7233.PNG)

shit show's over, she's live on IG exploring tinder.

No. 253148

wouldn't jump to conclusions too quickly, the livestream abruptly ended and judging by the desperate comments on peep's latest pics on ig he threatened to kill himself lol

No. 253165

File: 1487313254337.png (16.38 KB, 640x138, IMG_2381.PNG)

Toopooh commented this on peeps latest Insta pic

No. 253221


No. 253258

File: 1487339980077.png (46.47 KB, 596x434, toopoor.png)

Ugh, why are they like this?! This is frustrating just to watch, I can't imagine how it'd be seeing them act this way irl. They both need to step away from each other and social media, stop being edgelords, and Peep's new gf needs to realize that she's probably going to get cheated on too and not move to California. Jesus, the milk is good, but what a shitshow.

Lol @ her recent tweets…I don't know but her talking so sexually all the time kind of creeps me out. Like the video of her talking about dick in Denny's, her bragging (?) about cumming 7 times, and the top tweet here. Ew, she has 23k followers on Twitter, and I'm pretty sure none of them want to see that.

No. 253417

Is this her first boyfriend or what? She's making a fool of herself.

Also "lil peep" is one of the lamest rap names I've ever heard in my life. Sounds like the chosen name of a guy who writes how much he loves hiking and adventures on tinder.

No. 253427

File: 1487355321331.png (1.16 MB, 760x1140, lillpeep.png)

his real name is gustav, which fits ''a guy who writes how much he loves hiking and adventures on tinder'' perfectly. he's a edgy greaselord and his music isn't that great, seriously i can only listen to a song or two before shutting it off because his voice is insufferable. not to mention how shit his tattoos are. i don't know why she even cares about him. she did have a bf before tho, look here >>252938

No. 253433

>those tattoos
just imagine…

No. 253480

So gross and embarrassing to think that he will most likely still have them on his body when he's an old man.
Imagine being 70-odd years old and having "DADDY" and a weed leaf scrawled across your chest. All for some cringey edgelord trend that's already dying out. Shameful.

No. 253482

that picture makes me a little nauseous, swear

layla's pathetic but i imagine she could do better than a guy who looks like he reeks of body odor all the time?

also the fact layla has so many pics of herself in a bathtub reminds me of a psych article i read recently that said people who take baths often tend to be suffering from a lack of emotional and physical comfort so they use a bath for substitute. it's kind of sad

No. 253487

File: 1487360960008.png (41.83 KB, 640x352, IMG_2385.PNG)

His new girl probably already got cheated on

No. 253494

I mean; at least the daddy and pot leaf can be somewhat covered. But the facial and neck tattoos wtf? Those are the worse tattoos ugh. Disgusting

No. 253498

File: 1487363396534.jpg (28.16 KB, 300x397, euw.jpg)

It's the Pete Doherty greasy trash bag charm

No. 253500

File: 1487363740283.png (125.09 KB, 671x899, IMG_7205.PNG)


kek, I guess she's past the denial phase. finally recognizing there's some serious loose ends between her man and layla. meanwhile, layla was in a tub with @vchillbruh to show she's sooo over it, another greasy ass twink with terrible tattoos(who am I to judge? I crush on Wrench from wd2 hard) only he seems to be very, VERY gay. At the very least bi. Don't know if peep is aware tho.

I know he's apparently trash for toopoor and is committed to the instahoe but word is he fucks around nonetheless. a few days ago this pic surfaced after layla said she wanted to punch a bitch or something, someone replied with this image and she liked it. don't know who is it.

No. 253503

He has xanax pill art tattooed on him too lmao

No. 253504

>killed by karma

Lol girl

No. 253566

They both look like they need a good scrub tbh I feel greasy just looking at them

No. 253587

File: 1487377060978.png (835.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2386.PNG)

Posted this on instagram and on said on her twitter she feels terrible and might actually be dying.
Cocaine is one hell of a drug huh

No. 253596

Omfg she looks like Julie terryberry kek

No. 253610

fucking gross, it's not the first time she does that since the breakup(posting blood stained tissue)

i truly don't want her to become hollixquinn #2672

No. 253614

File: 1487379947020.png (21.58 KB, 747x177, IMG_7282.PNG)

peep tweeted this after her tweet saying that she might be dying

how they go back and forth is so entertaining and puzzling holy shit

No. 253643

ahhhh this girl is sooo cringy. I just read thru this thread for the first time and while everyone was posting shit like "she needs help, I think she has some serious issues" all I could think was "yeah ok this girl is a cornball who left home and is being bankrolled by her family and now is trying to pretend she's always been 2edgy" and then pops up the Miley Cyrus pinterest board and pictures of layla wearing cardigans with blonde highlights in her hair ahahaha

and peep is gross. I can't deal with him, his shitty tattoos or his long dirty nails. his new girl/hoe/whatever is too good looking for him tbh

No. 253681

File: 1487387124616.png (112.63 KB, 422x316, tp1.png)

No. 253682

File: 1487387189502.png (103.29 KB, 422x303, tp2.png)

No. 253686

File: 1487387246325.png (Spoiler Image, 218.46 KB, 411x570, tp3.png)

No. 253689

This just makes me sad because one day her cashflow is going to run out and it's going to be really hard to get a normal job with things like this plastered across the internet with your name. She really needs to get some sense and stop caring about the edgy aesthetic for 2 seconds.

No. 253700

wow layla, congrats!!!!!ur so cool!!

No. 253711

she literally won't shut the fuck up about "dying of a heart attack in like three hours omg" on her livestream rn and instead of going to a hospital is giving the adress she's in at the moment so the fans can buy her lemonade or arizona tea. i'm done.

No. 253719

It's @ alizemontes33 on twitter. She follows the same trends these other twitter goths do and is seen as special because of her mediocre skating skills

No. 253724

She also kept going on about loving peep and missing him but she said if she called him he wouldn't answer lmfao girl stop being so fucking pathetic

No. 253728

how the hell do these basic bitches who publicly post their name, face, location, and the date directly associated w/ their edgy drug use pictures broadcasted to thousands not get fucking arrested idgi

No. 253992

beats me

No. 254006

oh shit it is her, i just assumed the girl in the photo was the girl peep is 'with' now. i actually like alize tho and hope she isn't a part of this nasty mess, i've seen her at a couple of shows and she seems like a nice enough well-adjusted person

No. 254041

File: 1487466022115.png (35.53 KB, 640x292, IMG_2392.PNG)

Peep types like an 8 grader

No. 254058

File: 1487469441645.jpg (61.65 KB, 486x409, IMG_7281.JPG)

that's too funny. instahoe had her head so far up her ass thinking she had hit the jackpot of pure love or something and that she got rid of layla for sure but then…there's this wonder of a message. and layla is left by peep on such a weird spot of "sup i love you but there's this really idiotic reason i can't be w/ u rn???,??"

I'd watch a reality show of those people. LA edgy models, instahoes, soundcloud rappers and their hype men, crackheads, twinks, pushers and the parents of mentioned above kind of people as special guests.

No. 254065

TOOPOOR ‏@toopoor_ 12 Sep 2016

before you send someone an ugly message perhaps exfoliate your skin, set some life goals, and contemplate, why you've reached this point

No. 254212


No. 254240

if layla had any real friends she wouldn't be tweeting constantly and doing weird psycho shit like she's filming, they'd be comforting her and helping her out

where are they?? looks like shes hanging out with random ass tweeters but mostly just having a meltdown

its sad how alone she is, does no one wanna be her friend?

No. 254346

come again????????????????????

No. 254374

File: 1487528600291.png (39.89 KB, 640x307, IMG_2398.PNG)


No. 254459

twitter drama is apparently the only thing she's good at, and even then, it comes off as really desperate :/

someone needs to take her social media away

No. 254928

File: 1487623925588.png (987.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7380.PNG)

the gimmick never dies

No. 254952

she sold the nail AND bloody piece of paper for 20 dollars. people are retarded.

No. 254973

Deep, deeep down inside I kinda admire her for being able to make quick money like this. It's truly fucking amazing how stupid her followers are.

No. 254999

Yeah she's not even trying to con them they're just that dumb

No. 255017

Didn't she JUST get that finger tattoo? The fading is horrible. I know that's standard for finger tats but still.

No. 255046

god that's a fucking nauseating image

No. 255049

when I was like 16, I did shit like this on tumblr for quick cash.
but here's the thing: I was fucking 16. she's a grown adult. this is pathetic.
people bought my shit bc I was underaged and men are gross.
what is even the incentive here…? she's so washed up. Not to mention the whole "sad boys/sad girls" bullshit thing has been over for easily 2 years now.

No. 255139

I can't wait until she sobers up

No. 255149

I find this whole thing hilarious. I saw Layla in a bagel shop in Los Angeles at one point and was like huh. crazy style. Then I saw her pop up in my Instagram feed and started following her account. Her and the rest of that LA trash crew are my guilty tabloid pleasure. They are all so fucked up its hilarious.

No. 255168

top kek

No. 255184

yeah. what makes it priceless though is that she got this SHIT on a whim because it was around the days her ass was freshly dumped by peep. she wanted to show peep, the new hoe and the world how ~uNbAlanCed she is, and took a chance because Cassidy did the "Live, Laugh, Love one". Now she sports this embarrassment.

layla's showcase of bad tats:
- iconic 'too pooh'
- 'ie cry hate'
and counting.

No. 255293

File: 1487659536762.jpg (649.5 KB, 3820x1226, FullSizeRender.jpg)

No. 255296

She's so sensitive to criticism and it's really fucking transparent, peep dumped her and she goes on a bender and keeps trying to get attention left and right then some random chick on twitter says she's using headass wrong and shes still talking about her hatErZZ days later.

No. 255466

If you look at the Twitter account of the person who she was arguing with; it looks like they were hissing at each other for days and Too Pooh deleted all the related Tweets.

No. 255666

well, of course. all these dumb bitches who post pics of themselves nonstop to insta and try to act like they're hard and from THE STREETZZZ GANGGANG BRAT STEP 2 ME are delicate snowflakes who are just pulling a front.

she definitely buys followers and likes. nobody gets 9k likes on a picture and a piddling ~100 comments. she fake.

No. 255685

Found a fan IG for here where you can get her insta, FB, and Snapchat photos all in one spot

(too pathetic tbh)

No. 255689

all that hard-earned broken bloody nail money has to go somewhere!

No. 255706

Honestly I'm with the anon whose impressed that she's actually selling her nasty old body parts
But I'm not interested until it's her ears and the skin she has peep tatted on lmao

No. 255712

File: 1487730251339.png (882.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1643.PNG)

Girl got herself a new scum bag?

No. 255714

File: 1487730407824.png (905.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1644.PNG)

Oh damn and she bought the ugliest, most useless pair of Dior glasses

No. 255719

File: 1487730551705.png (1004.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1645.PNG)

Sry for the photo drop but I bet her rich trash friend took this "pls make my poor friend buy useless ugly name brand shit"

No. 255722

File: 1487730813224.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1646.PNG)

Are those both her cuz she's like aging into a grimlin like her head is growing into that weird pyramid thing???

No. 255740

no that isn't her, the girl on the left is another girl that supposedly looks like her

No. 255741

honestly layla never bothered me much, i like her style (not that a lot of ppl arent doing the same thing) but after this whole lil peep thing wow. he seems like such a low life. they seem so immature. her and her ex seemed like a much healthier pair, he seemed like a genuine enough guy

No. 255751

Lol she looks so decrepit
She looks like a troglodyte compared to the other girl

No. 255854

Her new thing is posting how expensive the useless brand shit she buys is, how long do yall think til shes actually poor?
pretty sure hes gay

No. 255907

File: 1487758656726.jpg (175.74 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20170222_021346.jpg)

Lol wtf

No. 256058

File: 1487793228425.png (36.99 KB, 640x367, IMG_2467.PNG)

Peep lead her on again apparently

No. 256294

File: 1487820363349.png (364.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2479.PNG)

He went live and said she's acting like a victim when she isn't and he called her a thot

No. 256297

Lol wtf is happening they're insane

No. 256305

File: 1487820992227.gif (207.91 KB, 340x249, 1448652927951.gif)

how do people live like this?!

No. 256408

File: 1487828532272.png (111.05 KB, 640x560, IMG_2480.PNG)

Apparently this is what happened

No. 256416

File: 1487829633149.png (371.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0161.PNG)

This also happened too, he's still following the afternoon delight girl on ig too, I think layla blocked peep because she doesn't come up in his recommended follows

No. 256419

File: 1487830223526.jpg (163.35 KB, 1024x1024, C5UueqBUkAEZzTq.jpg large.jpg)

behold some of the losers that buy her broken nails

No. 256440

They all have autism faces.

No. 256443

she responds to literally anyone who tweets at her with petty bullshit bc it's all she really has, honestly.
she has some fans that will eventually move onto the next thing and forget about her greasy ass.
and she seems to think that makes her public temper tantrums….. acceptable?
it's just all so pathetic and i'm honestly growing pretty bored of her.

No. 256712

this is exactly what i'd expect them to look like

No. 256890

File: 1487921302580.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, tp3.PNG)

No. 256891

File: 1487921356218.png (210.75 KB, 1242x2208, tp4.PNG)

No. 256892

File: 1487921427365.png (793.05 KB, 1242x2208, tp5.PNG)

No. 256895

File: 1487921514783.png (51.07 KB, 595x377, 0c20a66732add794581dd97e5cb9a1…)

She's a hoe and if this is true he acted completely reasonable.

Meanwhile instahoe wants to spill the beans

No. 256926

File: 1487929925981.png (180.35 KB, 1186x520, Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 4.51…)


No. 257615

corey must be THRIVING rn

No. 257621

>>Has enough tissues to show off her blown-out bloody coke-riddled nose.
>>But no tissues to wipe her goddamn snotty nose before taking a photo.

Holy shit, she thrives off attention.

No. 257686

you can tell this is getting to her because she made her twitter private lmao instahoe's likes are full of comments calling too pooh trash

No. 258378

File: 1488087960820.png (62.81 KB, 750x510, IMG_7444.PNG)

lmao yes, can't blame her, sticking up for too pooh is now legit unpopular opinion

No. 258455

lil peep is disgusting and all, but man, i have zero respect for cheaters. none at all. toopooh is a self-absorbed nasty attention whore AND a cheater now. despicable. she deserves all the hate shes gonna get. this feels completely justified and im glad its coming to her

No. 258464

I'd love to see Corey speaking out about her because he said she's abusive and she herself admitted in a tweet she'll ~fuck you up emotionally and physically but it's worth it~

No. 258655

now it's not possible to leave a comment in her recent pics on IG as well
the backlash is hitting hard

No. 258676

it's ~sexy and mysterious~ for women to be manipulative and fucked up toward men until the man gets in a relationship with them. then he wants to call her abusive and nobody believes him. he should just 'man up' etc. plenty of girls exploit this.

i say as a woman who was in a relationship with one of these types of toxic women.

No. 259066

That guy Cody she's currently infatuated with/latched on to is super gay right??

No. 259068

File: 1488168671200.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1691.PNG)

He's like, a woodsy hunter aesthetic twink
How evolved

No. 259074

File: 1488169071505.jpg (66.23 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1692.JPG)

Samefagging hard I kno
I used to be kind of attracted to her until I stared at her to long and notice she has the head shape of some sort of mongoloid? She's has this long egglike skull I would be interested to see it shaved its v prehistoric

No. 259586

he is
damn, thought the same. sometimes it looks like she's microcephalic, especially when looking from the side

No. 259640

File: 1488208154980.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1698.PNG)

She's weirdly reptilian looking

No. 259731

if she reads this she'd take it as a compliment

No. 259735

File: 1488221295681.png (725.85 KB, 581x591, 4e2eb1402a51e3fe75ba25410daab9…)

Sage for samefag but she reminds me of a hartley hooligan when she was a kid

No. 259764

Her legs look massive here

No. 259887

There's no reason why she should be as thin as she is she eats junk everyday and binge drinks lol it's catching up with her..
TP no one is gonna like you if you're fat :/

No. 259963

File: 1488248765895.png (31.94 KB, 524x239, d923934bae99fea0f074819a2bf575…)

I think Layla sent this to peep's ex side piece because she constantly referred to him as ''love of my life''

No. 259967

gettin hartley hooligan vibes from this

No. 259968

Why the fuck did she even bother sending this anonymously… embarrassing ..

No. 260128

> no reason why she should be as thin as she is she eats junk everyday
d r u g s

No. 260144

Can confirm instaho is dating a tinder fling of mine sage for lurker/over excited first poster

No. 260149

File: 1488274711597.jpg (331.16 KB, 1242x1377, IMG_1776.JPG)

Dating a 32 year old degenerate nicknamed "Tuna" (center) who relies on SS, etc to sell his pills for money/xanax

No. 260166

Ew. >>260144 Is this your tinder fling? What were you thinking?

No. 260168

I wasn't. I struggle with self confidence. Sage again for mini blogpost.

No. 260253

Drugs don't just make you lose weight if you continue to eat garbage and not exercise

No. 260414

File: 1488304366153.png (167.89 KB, 640x1124, IMG_2547.PNG)

No. 261608

File: 1488405124382.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7515.PNG)

No. 261610

File: 1488405182448.png (140.4 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7516.PNG)


No. 261611

can someone explain to me the appeal of this aesthetic (or what it's even called) and why it is everywhere at Rutgers. this is like molly soda spin off shit

No. 261648

I'd like to add that ''ending their break up on good terms'' is bullshit because I remember her crying tweets about how she's such a piece of shit before side piece even came along. And, Peep tweeting things like ''why does everyone treat me like shit''

I'm assuming it makes 15 year olds who smell of B.O and have no friends feel badass

No. 261711

I hope it's just creepy men I bet they love toopoo

No. 261883

>lol this thread number
I was just rereading OP and it says she's known to have sugar daddies? Honestly I don't believe she would work hard enough to do that but she likes sucking dick so idk

No. 261947

File: 1488444245329.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2572.PNG)

No. 261965

Why is her face melting?

No. 261966

I am so triggered by her downsy looking eyes.

No. 261973

It's a snapchat filter.

No. 262133

LIZA MINNELLI LIES. Good terms? What was all that shitshow on twitter then? Bitch won't admit she was heartbroken. kek.

I'm eagerly awaiting to see what will be her new fling.

No. 262138

I don't think anyone wants to go near her now.. I hope she goes lez, personally.

No. 262155

>I hope she goes lez
Same tbh. Not going to thirstpost but there's plenty of ways for her to get over Peep.

No. 262169

Another cow who was talking shit about toopooh is now trying to copy her. Lol whyyy????

No. 262175

Sure they do if you only eat a cheeseburger combo and some Fritos a day.
google the Twinkie diet, anon.
also if she's doing uppers she's probably eating sporadically.
if she's not doing hard drugs she just isn't eating much.

No. 262187

I wanna see a fight between them soo badddd

No. 262372


No. 262405

thats it we need a reality show.

No. 262412

Luna 'Tuna' Slater she's a p popular junkie cow in /snow/

No. 262464

File: 1488517818021.png (432.11 KB, 1269x278, 043ea02d02d7cafe1131b312317130…)

It's not even a fair fight when Layla has 100k 14 year olds backing her up

No. 262475

I think Luna's beef with her is that she uses the name toopoor when she's running up credit card debt

No. 262493

yeah tuna is legit poor and toopooh is a fake or something

tuna has the power of used needles on her side

No. 262597

Is there an active thread where we can discuss other fucked up Instagram thot druggies? The altcow thread is looking at a slightly diff demo I think.

Like, did anyone know nightcoregirl's dad Jim Prentice was the premier of Alberta Canada???

I'm also really interested in more info on Hollixquinn and Lauren Alice Avery, if anyone wants to talk about those bitches.

No. 262600

It's ironic tackyness, mostly stemming from 90's trends. I think It's about having the balls to wear crazy shit and not caring.

No. 262613

not that i know of but id love this too. ia the alt cow thread isnt really fitting of these 'types' of edgelord faux-ghetto girls who think typing GANG GANG on the internet makes them tough

No. 262622

File: 1488555998443.png (94.42 KB, 633x657, scorpiotaurus.png)

I know most people think astrology is fake and don't care (that's why I'm saging this) but Layla is a taurus and Peep is a scorpio…Which actually explains a lot. They're both fixed signs and sister signs - and stubborn and unwilling to admit who's being petty. I took a screenshot of a page that explains it better than I can..

I'd love if someone made a thread like this. I don't know much about it myself but I've known a few of those types of girls and the second hand embarrassment is real. Reminds me of ginger bronson in some ways.

No. 262681


i third a thread like this, i've kinda been wanting an insta-thot general for a while. some of those girls who run in or alongside these circles i think are genuinely cool and have their own thing going (lilmixedhunny and princessgollum come to mind) but then you get cringe fests like holli quinn, lilithlevisis and sentient meat (who all have threads on PULL i believe but nothing on lolcow is very fitting for them thread wise)

No. 262970

Tuna isn't poor… She's somehow supporting a $100+ a day drug habit and she has a father who buys her Apple products, clothes, and prescription drugs.

No. 263034

I wanna believe but I just don't feel like she sounds like this?? Even if she was trying to hide who she was and type differently idk

No. 263052

Ok true but they're still not on the same level when it comes to money. I still think Lyla spends WAY more money on designer shit than Luna does on drugs even with her daily usage. Idk, I might be being fooled but it seems like Luna has a sad ass life and is legit struggling money wise (bc of how much she spends on drugs) and addiction wise while Layla chooses to spend her money on expensive designer things but still doesn't struggle to just LIVE you know? She also has an actual job and modeling / sponsor / whatever opportunities AND has a shop so as extra as she is, she is doing something

No. 263083

A thread like this would be perfect. For a while I've been wondering why girls like lilithlevesis and toopoor and holliquinn aren't grouped together in one "ghetto glamour" thread.

No. 269186

File: 1489456493997.png (82.39 KB, 750x485, IMG_1931.PNG)

Lol dam girl I can't imagine you're a peach to work with either

No. 269196

That tweet was made 6 years ago. Idiotic but who cares now.

No. 269314

File: 1489478449919.jpg (189.06 KB, 986x1163, C62QvVyVwAAYIyk.jpg large.jpg)

A lot of people, apparently. They dug up more tweets of her saying nigger and talking shit about trannies.

No. 269516

I love this tbh karma at its finest. She's getting dragged to hell on all the callout posts

No. 270757

File: 1489673905050.png (204.87 KB, 749x1091, IMG_1985.PNG)

How is she headlining an event??? What does she do? She's not listed as a DJ or anything? Wtf is this?

No. 270784

File: 1489679057362.jpg (143.96 KB, 1200x1186, CxH1Ff1UAAIgYbo.jpg)


she's gonna be sitting at a booth sucking cock for blow

No. 270830

Oh my what kind of festival is this

No. 270849

It's just a club night at a bar. Pay some internet famous people in drink tickets to show up and mingle.

No. 270961

Omg that's a thing? So lame

No. 271011

I think she'll DJ, I've seen some videos of her DJ'ing in LA

No. 271029

Didn't she used to go by heroingranola?

No. 271035

it's an unofficial SXSW event (note the texas silhouette). lots of artists (from up & coming rappers/bands to instagram famous people to comedians like eric andre & hannibal burress) participate in "unofficial" sets & events where they might perform or just DJ or are just there to be there

No. 271038

It lists DJs tho? Does she have any talents? Lol

No. 271116


usually posters say "hosted by":blahhhh. she's headlining so she'll to do something.

No. 271174

that's another girl(now goes by the name hollixquinn), a total trainwreck of a junkie. deserves her own thread tbh

No. 271230

File: 1489735339314.png (117.93 KB, 750x659, IMG_7819.PNG)



No. 271240

Is that a cigarette butt? Really? lmao

No. 271249

File: 1489738134634.png (92.7 KB, 750x572, IMG_7820.PNG)

yeah, fucking yikes

No. 271255

this is nonsense i want her old etsy with her lil jammerz to go viral kek

No. 271303

Y'all realise that Layla doesn't give a flying fuck if anyone copies her???? and if Luna has a new junkie idol let her omg, there is no milk in this, just stupid tinfoil hats and it needs to stop

No. 271307

Okay tinfoil hats is wrong, I meant that you're reaching. I'm sure 60% of toopoor's followers "copy" her heroin asthetic, that's what this bitch thrives off. And Luna's desperate attempt at embracing her druggie internet persona by idolising another is harmless and will lead to nowhere

No. 271313

Her milk is dried up she went to jail then got sober and has disappeared from the internet

No. 272000

File: 1489829926572.png (372.97 KB, 593x518, Capture.PNG)

peep rt'd a pic of layla w some other soundcloud dude (the guy taggd him) & then tweeted he od'd.
Can both of these ppl just chill out for a minute.

No. 272276

layla is such an immature and annoying jew. her dad gives her a ton of money and she cant even buy cool friends anymore. she fucked up with corey, he seemed nice. i cant wait for her 6 30th birthdays over the next few years.

hollixquinn is her current tumblr. she got "sober" and now does everything except heroin. which means she's probably back on heroin.

No. 272284

Lil Pee and Too Poop just need to kiss and make up already, infidelity aside, they deserve each other ffs

No. 272320

I'm actually starting to hate Peep more than her. he's so fucking obnoxious and I can't wait for his 15 minutes to end (and her's too). They're both going to washed up real quick with the way they're living, except Layla will probably end up going back to being a normie to please her ATM…I mean, parents. And Peep is going to end up in jail or dead or homeless and I'm going to say 'good riddance'.

No. 272731

File: 1489889531949.png (87 KB, 750x1161, IMG_7876.PNG)

thoughts on Layla's new sweetheart? I personally think it's a major upgrade

No. 272732

File: 1489889813590.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7878.PNG)

also how can a person be in the "ugh men" "dont date boys" post-breakup phase and simultaneously fancying a boy??? plus, fancying anyone like weeks after said breakup that almost KILLED her??? I don't know if it's a jab at peep's and instahoe initial situation, but she claimed this boy bought an one way ticket just to see her. she's in love, again

No. 272746

How come I don't see this on her IG?

No. 272753

damn, she deleted it already. what the fuck was the point tho?
any of you know what happened between she and karman back in the day? and is she still "dating" lillith?

No. 272783

File: 1489894158029.png (97.69 KB, 750x1019, IMG_7881.PNG)


No. 272784

File: 1489894241786.png (113.43 KB, 750x1087, IMG_7883.PNG)


No. 272785

File: 1489894390749.png (177.66 KB, 750x1190, IMG_7886.PNG)

btw, I was going to say that I wished she would drop the hush hush act alrealdy and deliver his @ bc he's hot but I found him, here's the guy

No. 272790

That's "hot?"
lol Scrawny-ass thing..

No. 272798

idk, he looked hot on the video Layla had posted(it's the one on his IG story i guess) undeniably nice facial structure, style and eyes tbf. that being said, fucking hell too pooh, yet another soundcloud boy? i hate her

No. 272809

He's a baby. Ewww. And not a good looking one at that.

No. 272820

File: 1489897940282.png (21.76 KB, 590x245, d3370a9b351237877b0d4e6df1ed0a…)

So much for peep being '''''''''''''the love of her life'''''''''''''''''''' lmfao

No. 272847

File: 1489903174505.png (17.03 KB, 416x203, IMG_7888.PNG)


No. 272995

Peep comes from money too tho. They're both dumb rich kids play acting struggle artists.
Or peep is at least, I'm not sure what layla's supposed to be besides a party girl.

No. 273084

she MISSED her dj set yesterday on a FESTIVAL she TRAVELED for because she and her friend were too fucked up on xan last night i'm dead how can she consider herself an adult?

No. 273097

How do you know that ? I want in on her secret milk factory

No. 273099

File: 1489953541220.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7897.PNG)

It's on her snapchat story, she had the nerve to tell this herself. It's painful to rewatch
(in the one she looks like this)

No. 273102

File: 1489953735623.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7898.PNG)


she weak

No. 273103

Omg I never turn the sound on my phone for her my god that terrible whiny voice!!
She thinks her life is like reality tv and I guess in ways it is cuz here we are.

No. 273126

No. 273137

What a pathetic little bitch. I'm interested in some of her photos (but the ones I like are getting scarce) and I find her oddly entertaining. Fuck, I even like her (yeah, fuck me) but this is so dumb. What a dumb loser. Hope she fucks herself up on xan everyday now when she doesn't get gigs she doesn't deserve thrown at her for her e-fame cringefest.

No. 273158


lol holy shit she needs to act her fucking age

i thought her whole thing was that she didn't do drugs or drink?

No. 273172

I can't back it up right now but I thought she does drugs for a while now. My tired brain can only think of her Xanax pillow tho.

Fun fact: I recalled her name incorrectly the other day as Sharpio (SHARPY-O) Fayla "TOOPOOP" Sharpy-o

Please make TOOPOOP the next thread name if she gets one (sorta want it to die tho, too)

No. 273181

nah, she actually drinks a lot, pops xan all the time, is a regular coke user and recently even did crack after breaking up w/ peep
ikr??? i hope the organization/staff don't pay her shit, not even the plane ticket back to LA. You can bet some of the djs performing were on something or drunk, but our goff princess dozed off and didn't bother to attend because of xan.

No. 273207

I added her just to see this trainwreck and holy shit her voice is fucking grating

No. 273233

It made me so mad when she said she missed her dumb dj set. Like she's an adult who never does shit and she actually has ONE thing she has to do and can't even have enough self control to make it.

Where the fuck does all her money come from too? I know she claimed awhile ago that she works hard and shit but I don't believe. She snaps like all the time and she's only ever getting fucked up and going to McDonald's with friends. She must have a rich family, i guess? I can't imagine giving money to a trainwreck who throws it away on ugly Louis Vuitton crap and xanax.

No. 273234

her dad is a rich jew who pays her credit card bills.

No. 273262

Goddd am I so glad I'm not the only one was grossed out by that like peep & this kid are both younger than me & she's like 24 that's so weird!!

No. 273268

she's 28

No. 273273

Wait how old is peep? He has so many bad tattoos already

No. 273275

20, I think he was still a teenager when they started to date.

I know they're both adults & it's not even a huge gap but I'm just like why????/gross ew

No. 273279

U got any proof for this one? The profile linked in the thead from 2015 says she was 22 at the time

No. 273287

She's about 24 I think? Unless I'm missing something and she's been lying about her age

No. 273292

I just listened to Peeps music for the first time too and omg I have such strange feelings about it
How did he get so many bad tattoos already tho I guess money but god

No. 273301

Peep is 19

No. 273305

File: 1489972884703.png (139.83 KB, 750x725, IMG_2047.PNG)

Damn she's totally a 24 yr old cougar I see that
also I cannot get over how strange her head shape is and her shit posture is not helping her

No. 273340

She's not even a real dj she wasn't described as that on the flyer when they listed other djs she just was supposed to be there wtf is that life >>272320

No. 273458

File: 1489986138488.png (18.61 KB, 750x153, IMG_7915.PNG)

g night

No. 273472

File: 1489987663996.png (225.32 KB, 1242x1837, IMG_2324.PNG)

she's not a real dj lul she plays pretentious parties for "internet famous" people and with shitty 'ironic' remixes and dumb soundcloud rap. Her soundcloud profile is a fucking mess.

No. 273475

That is an unfortunate looking hoof. That chubby cankle, those peeling blister/callouses on the back of her heel, the way her toes overhang her ugly shoes…

No. 273476

No. 273830

anyone see her latest snapchats? seems like all her shit caught up to her

No. 273838

what are they?

No. 273841

File: 1490048492206.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7934.PNG)


No. 273851

look up kevin s. rosenberg ya'll lol

No. 273865


I'm almost embarrassed to admit Too Pooh is one of my favorite cows. This bitch just airs all her shit out for nothing and it's so entertaining.

Never stop being a scumbag, Layla.

No. 273885

File: 1490052333587.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7940.PNG)

breaking news

No. 273887

File: 1490052470627.png (759.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7941.PNG)

No. 273889

anyone find it weird for him to pose during a facetime call with someone?

No. 273890

why is looking like a dumb greasy crackhead then new hotness

No. 273898

damn I was looking for some stuff(/powerlevel) and missed her livestream. anyone watched it?

No. 273900

Sorry to interrupt but did y'all see what happened to @garbajuice?? Aka zootlegz aka Vanessa . She got fuxked beat the hell up man she Lookin like a baked marshmallow . Ps we def need a thread dedicated to all this Insta drama thotness lol

No. 273903

you sure that's her account name? its not coming up for me

No. 273906

File: 1490054849698.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7866.PNG)

lmao yes, and it must have been a call with a serious tone. He didn't even told her to pose too, he's ~*serving*~ and she's like caught mid sentence looking like a potato. but idk coming from a guy who posts his hairy everything on IG and his hand w/ jizz on SC, I bet he doesn't even think this is weird behavior
tbh I just watch his online steps because I want another source of Layla's fresh milk, kind of what I do w/ Cas and her other friends.

No. 273909

>Mr. Rosenberg was a Deputy Chief in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force where he prosecuted federal criminal violations, including domestic and international money laundering, bank fraud and related financial crimes, violations of the Controlled Substances Act, and the RICO Act

so she's getting done for either drugs or money laundering?

No. 273913


No. 273917

her stepfather's in jail for financial crimes, could it be a like stepfather like daughter scenario?

No. 273918

her shit's private :(

No. 274104

her dad was a DA for riverside county, she'll be fine

No. 274106

I feel like this girl would aestheticize almost any risqué charge she could get so I wonder what she's even going to court for.
Maybe it's super mundane & she's just playing it up for the followers.

No. 274108

I follow this girl bc I like her but like omg I hadn't t seen that. Why did she get beat up? Does anyone know?

No. 274110

apparently got jumped and robbed by some black guys

No. 274163


Lmao, TOOPOOP in Jail - cigarette, dumb hair do, chin pushed forward, weird posture: u gaiz wanna buy muh nailz

No. 274175

I can't get over how misshapen her head is, it's weird… she's almost like a Hartley Hooligan. The only thing she seems to have going for her is her complexion, even though she abuses the shit out of herself. Otherwise, her nose is massive, her eyes are droopy and she seriously looks like she stinks of layers of sweat, vomit, unwashed cock/pussy, greasy hair and yeast infections.

I'm honestly not surprised the only guys she can attract are of her own calibre, it's like she's trying to live the life of a crust punk whose been given daddy's gold american express card to do with what she wants.

No. 274425

did anyone end up making this thread? im a long time lurker but would 100% participate in this shit

altho i like lauren, she's like a less trashy version of all these other girls albeit still with the drug habits and trust fund dependence

No. 274452

hahaha her latest snapchat calls out lil peepee and his nasty nails

No. 274479

No. 274482

File: 1490134926486.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2086.PNG)

I like that she made this herself

No. 274485

File: 1490135151411.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7973.PNG)

>this was the first thing that my ex gave to me

then proceeds to toss it away and breaks it


No. 274488

i hope she goes to actual jail so she can meet actual gangsters and get her stupid ass beat

No. 274503

toopoor will probs get off from money and daddy (no puns intended). If she really was "toopoor" she'd be in jail rn. Anyone know what she did? I'm going with fraud of some kind. Her family friends are all super rich Jewish girls who wear designer everything. I think she is so used to having lots of stuff she actually considers herself to be really poor when she's probably better off financially than most people I know her age. Maybe prison might help her see that. Hope none of those leaked tweets get out though or she could be in for a rough time…

No. 274510

Dude if stanky pussy came up and tried to act hard to me I would throat punch her without a thought and embrace her pressing assault charges on me. It's not cute to play pretend when you're over fucking 15 years old.
JS she is the type of girl to be raped by gang members so they could "teach her a lesson".

No. 274525

i believe she said on her live that it was for missing court on something maybe traffic related?? idk not super sure. anyone else watch her live? she also stated that she doesn't wear seat belts because if she's meant to die then it's meant to be LMAO

No. 274610

loll i was on her live once and she told a story about how one of her friends was going away to college or something so she wanted to do something special before she left. she said she wrapped her friend in saran wrap and tried shitting on her chest. says she was too shy to actually shit so they stopped trying lol

No. 274613

Her and peep need to get back together, their realationship was the most interesting thing about her.

No. 274652

File: 1490143822699.png (16.22 KB, 682x135, IMG_7562.PNG)


what the fuck???

wish I could find a post with more "deviant" ratings but I just needed to express my feelings, try to take this traumatic image off my head and take a 12 hour long bath. please don't be into scat, layla. be a lolcow, not a horrorcow.

No. 274734

File: 1490148974107.png (167.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7978.PNG)

No. 274736

File: 1490149095278.png (267.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7979.PNG)


No. 274741

File: 1490149243038.png (126.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7980.PNG)

needless to say, they went on board with that. male fans.

No. 274742

File: 1490149335285.png (294.33 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7981.PNG)


No. 274745

jesus when i saw her asking what people do with the screenshots i thought of this thread hahaha not her nudes

No. 274748

ew, what a fucking crazy bitch

No. 274757

File: 1490150464778.png (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7987.PNG)


No. 274759

God i was just about to post this what the actual fuck is wrong with her

No. 274763

File: 1490150689591.png (Spoiler Image, 969.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7989.PNG)



No. 274774

She looks like a pinhead.

No. 274776

When being edgy goes too far. The actual fuck

No. 274779

oh no i deadass thought that this was one of the hartley kids for a second

No. 274783

ot but cum at this point makes me want to barf just ugh who the heck wants to look at this? fucking disgusting i've gagged like 5 times trying to view this fucked up shit and i have given up

No. 274791

That guy's cum is fucked, why does it look like liquid starch?

No. 274796

File: 1490152658544.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7992.PNG)

ikr? in some photos it looks like the penis of the exceptional individual puked, in others it looks like it sneezed.

No. 274797

File: 1490152811200.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7991.PNG)

I really want to know the story behind that picture. Like, if that's what I think it is, how shitty. He nutted on another girl while thinking of TP?????

No. 274812

I think the couple just had sex and the girl is a fan of toopoop so she took a pic

No. 274815

best case scenario, hope that's it

No. 274840

Saaame. I opened one of the spoilers at random before I caught up & thought someone had cow tipped.

No. 274890

this bitch is fucking stupid she should go back to posting on her miley cyrus inspiration pinterest boards

No. 275021


I literally just spent a whole minute dry heaving… and i just did it again just thinking about it.

Save yourselves if you've only just caught up on this thread today, do NOT view those pictures unless you can handle viewing an extremely unhealthy neckbeard's ejaculate… it's seriously not worth the curiosity.

No. 275158

same fnsndmw I thought "damn i'm busted", didn't realized she was talking about her butt pic

No. 275159

toopooh is doing that thing damaged people do where they go "yeah do [x] to me! yeah! do it i love it and want you to do it!!"

they're bothered by it but have a 'get them before they get me' mentality about it. so her going overboard with the OMG SHOW ME PICS OF YOU CUMMING ON MY BABY PICS LOLLLLL LOVE ITTTT is just her furiously smashing at the keyboard while she cries irl and wants to puke.

maybe you should dial it the fuck back if you're that bothered of people fapping to your naked ass you keep posting of your own accord everywhere

No. 275167

File: 1490209767346.jpg (61.55 KB, 540x411, 16831169_10209901511951987_318…)

I keep seeing spoilered pictures but why do I keep opening them and ignoring people advising not to?

No. 275174

You fucking warned me and I did it anyways. Jesus fucking christ, I started gagging I'm gonna kill myself.

The edge points you have to be reaching for by showing off fucked up cum on a kiddie photo of you is astonishing.

No. 275204

File: 1490214241614.png (431.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2089.PNG)

Lmao tp

No. 275210

W-why is it lumpy and greenish?

No. 275214

That is an excellent question.

No. 275227

File: 1490215750543.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8009.PNG)

cant believe YOU

No. 275237

What's weird it's that as edgy as this people try to appear, they're normalfags(this kind of culture and aesthetic is becoming very popular), so It's not an expected behavior from this kind of ppl, they do crazy shit, but not that specific tier of crazy because reasonably, people frown upon creepy shit done to children. Had this come from a random horrorcow on some obscure chan/forum it'd be revolting nonetheless but at least somewhat unsurprising. I can only hope he did it only for that sweet shock value and jacked off to another picture instead, w/o even looking to lil TP. No, no. Actually, I hope that's not even cum, just some kind of cream/liquid soap. Still offensive and gross to just insinuate something like that. Too Poor is digging her own grave by reposting that, I wouldn't be mad if Tumblr callout post writers got a hold of that post.

No. 275272

It is weird that they think this is so edge but really ordinary people which they don't understand theres a difference between being ordinary and "normal"

No. 275285

File: 1490220275681.png (88.73 KB, 747x479, IMG_8010.PNG)

TP in "rap" lyrics 1/2

No. 275295

File: 1490221140330.png (76.73 KB, 750x646, IMG_8011.PNG)

TP in "rap" lyrics 2/2

No. 275300

vice is in her house filming her for something rn. saw it on her snapchat

No. 275327

File: 1490222817129.png (72.9 KB, 750x1007, IMG_8012.PNG)

Possible milk fountain?

i don't look forward to hearing vocal fry in quality audio :(

No. 275340

….is that cum on a childhood photo of her? Shouldn't she be kind of alarmed about that?

No. 275346

always thought internetgirl was fugly. and ya just gotta laugh at that tacky "short film" she made

No. 275366

This doesn't look real?

No. 275371

File: 1490225475317.png (58.5 KB, 750x744, IMG_8016.PNG)

dunno. I was searching for her name on twitter to see what ppl were talking about the #nutfortoopoor challenge and came across the tweet in this pic. requested to follow hoping it's gossip tho. If it's shitty edit material sign me the fuck off

No. 275374

Her breast looks so off, like it's a little too high and off to the side… i have to admit that she has a great bod tho

No. 275392

I seriously should have heeded your warnings.. ugh.. fucking hell.

No. 275399

File: 1490227218680.jpg (22.68 KB, 236x314, IMG_2098.JPG)

She really does I'm praying her lifestyle ruins it
But the shape of her skull makes up for it she does look like a pinhead pic related

No. 275426

ugh some of those cum photos really grossed me out like it just shows you how many beta-tier losers are following this greasy dumpster fire. how embarrassing.

No. 275513

what do you ppl think about her recent use of gray circle lenses?

No. 275522

Hadn't noticed them at all lol

No. 275596

No. 275688

the ejaculate coming from her fans is some of the most fucking unhealthy looking bodily fluids i've seen in a while jfc… i guess it makes sense her fans probably also have horrible diets and take several substances that affect this… god i wanna throw up

No. 275695

She has a nice complexion for someone who does a lot of unhealthy shit to her body, but it's pretty average otherwise though. If you checked out her more recent Instagram photos (Lol, before her account got banned), she has no ass… like Jessica Nigri levels of having no ass and her small tits are already starting to go south.

No. 275761

File: 1490278588097.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8039.PNG)

OOOOOOPS I think her """bf""""" is not so into it as she is

No. 275764

File: 1490279221796.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8041.PNG)

He must think about her psycho demonstration of affection/jealousy after breaking up with peep, goes like "damn" and knows better than not associating publicly with her. After all, I doubt she wouldn't have told everyone who he is if he hadn't told her not to. She mentions him all the time, just doesn't share his identity(?) Pretty sus coming from a person who even takes videos of herself taking a dump and pissing/shares her location to receive stuff from followers.

No. 275798

Bless you and get well soon, anon.

Toilet paper could be staging this for pity points and such? I don't trust her

No. 275833

he's carrying travel stuff on his IG stories, posted like an hour ago, I think he's going to catch another flight

lmao layla shut the fuck up you missed your damn flight to Texas, then you missed your dj set too

No. 275861

Seeing the jizz pictures made me gay

No. 275973

Lol she just posted a snap of her reading the thread. Hi Layla!

No. 275981

She's sperging out hard on her snapchat about the thread kek
"Finally calling your asses out you sick fucks" lul like we're the people posting baby pictures of ourselves with cum splattered all over it

No. 275987

I'm honestly glad she's reading this thread. Maybe she'll realize there's a world outside of her pathetic neckbeard fans, shitty soundcloud rappers, and druggies who pretend to be friends with you lol. She can go cry and wipe up her snotty tears with $100's and Louis Vuitton shopping sprees.

No. 275989

File: 1490303109679.png (173.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8057.PNG)

hi layla ;)

what's with the attitude? we're obsessed with queens like Pixyteri, u ain't shit.
>sick fucks
said the person reposting a picture of another sick fuck who nutted on a childhood picture of her kek

get ur life right before your e-fame ends k bye hun

No. 275995

>>275989 honestly! layla, what the fuck are you more disturbed by, someone cumming while looking at your baby pictures or someone saying you look trashy?

No. 276001

File: 1490304239830.jpg (8.67 KB, 239x211, download.jpg)

No. 276047

You up for a q&a with your true and honest haters, Layla? who brought you here? your lurker lolcow friend Dasha? a stan? is your head so far up your ass that you incessantly search your own name on google? The farm needs to know!

No. 276049

File: 1490309009031.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2353.PNG)

I went to screenshot but she deleted all of them and just has this up lol
Her last one about the thread looked like she just finished crying so i bet she's really fucked up rn and just realized how dumb she made herself look

No. 276070

File: 1490311076610.png (23.02 KB, 750x185, IMG_8059.PNG)

awwwwww poor lil thing

No. 276073

then go to hell lol

No. 276079

Damn I was checking Kreayshawn's youtube account and her latest vid was her DJ'ing for this girl's birthday. Talk about a downward spiral.

No. 276081

lol fuck

I'm baffled. Thought she was smarter than this. Would've suited her edgy persona more to shit on image boards and to not take it so personally. But I guess she really IS that sensitive emo snowflake persona.

Toopoor, you're smart and know how to work your followers, come on, you're better than this.
Just look at any thread and how horrible other cows are. You're not alone in the spotlight, there's room for everyone to be called out. And your fans still love you, so what's the deal???? Want the whole internet to applaud your clown circus and kiss ur ass and adore the freakish niche you cater to?

Except if this is another sheme which would make sense…

No. 276082

damn anon chill

No. 276083

I kekd. That was brillant anon

Obvious sage

No. 276097

she literally brings all of this upon herself

No. 276103

I thought she would like this thread like #haterzmakemefamous or whatever

No. 276116

kek, days ago she was bragging about how haters give her life or something, yet she had a major meltdown because of this thread. weird to know she's been lurking for a year, what did we said recently to suddenly piss her off?

No. 276126

File: 1490315703716.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8060.PNG)

bitch wash this fucking hair with that shampoo looking cum of those fans of yours

i ain't "obsessed" with no goddamn greasy hair hoe

No. 276160

File: 1490318180983.png (886.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6512.PNG)


No. 276163

File: 1490318568087.png (12.24 KB, 755x627, xpBruxA.png)

No. 276166

great, keep reading then, layla ''lil jammerz'' sharpio. you're just wasting your own time and you definitely can't deny that those snotty tears when peep broke up with you were real. ''fake life'' oh yes, because your real life which consists of getting xanned out, not doing any of the very few things asked of you (like not doing your ''dj'' set recently), and selling your tacky fingernails is so much better. i swear, such a stereotypical stubborn, petty taurus and that's coming from someone who is a taurus theirself.

anyways, does she really think anybody cares about her here? this thread gets updated every few days at most and most people in this thread say that they've never heard of her before. we have much better (in essentially every way) cows here at the farms who are much more popular than her. i guess it's that superiority complex peeking through, ''talks it about for hours i'm not mad! haterz make me famoose!''

No. 276169

Lmao then what's your real life? You document literally every moment that you're conscious I think we got the general idea

No. 276194

You're so right. I've been pretty bored lately and not working everyday as before so I spend lots of time on here. I know most snowflakes but toopoop never seemed interesting at all to me, and her thread is slow af (this is the first a time I'm leaving a comment ITT). The only reason why it caught my interest again is because the was lurking and got immensely triggered.

She tries so hard to be edgy, I wonder how terrible she's going to feel when she sobers up and face everything she did to herself to get people's attention and e-fame. I mean we all already know she hates herself behind her self esteem. Laughing at the baby pic and making it seem funny shows how deranged she is. It's also quite sad if you ask me.

She is thinking too highly of herself as usual. You don't have any haterzz here, Layla. Most anons are just laughing at your cesspool of a life, not hating.

"Fake life" made me kek sooo hard. >>276169 is so right, she documents every little thing.

No. 276210


Holy shit salty does not look good on you Layla

Lord forbid someone doesn't suck your ass and tell you how edgy you are

No. 276211

At the rate Layla is going I wouldn't be surprised if she became a cam girl or did a bit of porn.

No. 276215

dont jinx it

No. 276217

There's video of her sucking dick somewhere. It wouldn't be a far leap. And she's already in LA. But also it doesn't seem like she worries about money at all idk why tf she goes by Too Poor for real

No. 276242

File: 1490325206692.png (37.39 KB, 750x214, IMG_8062.PNG)

it's a rare disease, makes the infected stick with their dumb teenage username even though it doesn't resonate with them anymore

No. 276245

one time on a livestream, someone brought this subject up and she said something along the lines of "I'd(love to?) be a camgirl but y'all would find me"

true that, the sleuths of the farms can and will find whatever cringy shit you try to pull off

No. 276254

huh. now I realized >>254065 is probably Layla. mistook it for a random newfag because of the ";)" on the name field.

No. 276267

I think her SoundCloud jailbait ended up getting delivered she seems to be on a date w some guy on snap

No. 276279

File: 1490334009044.jpg (96 KB, 608x442, Untitled.jpg)


No. 276280


6/10 → 2.5/10

No. 276281

glo up

No. 276287

Does she cut her own hair? Those bangs, man, whew

No. 276289

i mean……. neither of these looks do her any favors so

No. 276290

why her tits so saggy? she's younger than me, about the same size but hers look so flat

No. 276293

File: 1490335572629.png (18.68 KB, 750x172, IMG_8071.PNG)

yeah. I hope she doesn't go full exceptional individual in case they fight or something

good luck on the date layla dont fuck it up

No. 276295

and don't be an emotionally abusive piece of shit this time, it's not edgy, cool or mysterious, it's fucked up. if you continue like this, you're better off alone.

No. 276392

She's obviously lying about that because she's only had a breakdown over seeing it now.

Someone cowtipped, most likely either Dasha, Millie, Ginger or Luna seeing as they all follow each other in a roundabout way and are more than aware they have their own threads here.

Sorry that the truth hurts you, Layla… either embrace it or sort your fucking life out.

No. 276396

I see you took the advice of several anons who told you to embrace being a lolcow, we don't care whether or not you sort your life out… we just want to laugh at your expense.

No. 276402

this. toopooh's thread has been pretty dead aside from the peep drama because she made such a huge fool of herself, more than usual. and now this. there's nobody to obsess over, we're all just stumbling over this internet nobody and laughing at how pathetic they are. these reactions just make it more hilarious and even more sad. she thinks she's an infamous e-celeb, LOL.

No. 276404

Not to mention all the cows posted in /snow are low-tier heifers who didn't make the cut to /pt.

Only the most infamous and well known (and loved) cows end up in /pt, imagine not even being a worthy lolcow.

No. 276435

tbh, I like both looks but I get why you would hate on them. She just has a niche now. I think right is one of her better and more consistent photos (I think the real problem is the overflow of front cam selfies and less her style). Whether you like it or not you have to hand it to her that she does not fuck around with a ton of different styles like other cows, this is pretty straight-forward just what she likes and I can respect that. But that's just my opinion and don't mean to censor this threat like other anons

Honestly, if she kept her cool about the thread and wasn't so salty AND if she properly apologized for FUCKING UP that DJ gig like a goddamn brat / douchebag loser, I'd unsubscribe to this thread in a heartbeat. For all I care she can have all the boy drama in the world and fill up and sell her own bodily fluids.

No. 276479

I don't think Luna or Ginger would cow tip too poor cuz it would just show off their lolcow threads?? Idk they don't actually know TP aNd don't care about anyone but themselves?

No. 276635

Layla pls post more snapchats with you drooling

No. 276674

is she legitimately missing a part of her skull or something?
or maybe her mother forgot to turn her in her sleep as a baby and she formed a very sloped/flat side of her head?
either way i'm constantly baffled @ her head shape

No. 277342

i'm kinda proud tbh layla sperged so much that she managed to make the thread feel awkward and die

sage for no contribution + pessimistic post

No. 277577

File: 1490513922519.png (94.94 KB, 750x771, IMG_8122.PNG)


please don't turn this into a challenge too

No. 277646

Lilith Levisis was just talking mad shit about tp on ig live it was hilarious

No. 277667

Really? What did she say? I missed that

No. 277683

didnt she show her bf a video of her sucking some other guys dick, the bf kicked her out and she whined on instagram about it?

No. 277695

retards do shit like this and layla doesn't even tag them to shout them out kek
read the fucking thread

No. 277729

"the shits" is such a bad term

i am imagining watery diarrhea

No. 277740

She was talking about setting up a depop, and mentioned she didnt want it to be like Too Poor selling fingernails and stuff because she thinks thats ridiculous. Then she went on to talk about how when she was dating Marilyn Manson she brought TP to his tour bus and she fucked him, but since he said TP was "the ugly friend" LL was like i guess its all good. She def doesn't like TP.

No. 277758

Wtf Lilith says she dated Marilyn Manson?? He's like 30 years older than her and also wtf girl? When.??

No. 277853

File: 1490561672987.png (443.11 KB, 700x700, 1472189182048.png)

That's funny that these chicks think that fucking a washed up rockstar is 'dating' and something to brag about. MM has fucked and dumped an ungodly amount of girls/dudes.

No. 277864

it's so fucking sad that this is what their lives have come to. You know that they'll soon lose their following but they just want to be edgy

No. 277866

I don't think lilith ever dated marilyn manson or slept with him tbh. I've never seen any proof (photos, texts, etc.) that they've ever met, and you'd think she'd want to document their "relationship" in some way.

No. 277868

>i'm kinda proud tbh layla sperged so much that she managed to make the thread feel awkward and die
>consistent multiple posts every day
>a little more active than it had been right before she flipped out


No. 277873

What worthy successors of … Rose McGowan, Dita van Teese, Evan Rachel Wood…
I like Manson and get why he would fuck around, hell, I even get why some girls would try to fuck him even tho he's old. But our Instagram generation projecting their need for attention and any watered down version subsitute for fame onto him, boning him to suck up that good left-over fame residue and bragging about it? Concerning.

No. 277875

Ntayrt, but traffic is still relatively slow or inconsistent at times, there were no posts for like 24 hours in between. The thread is far from dead, yes, but some anons are not as enthusiastic as in other threads, tag along and keep tabs but don't really count on milk either

No. 277917

File: 1490565939017.jpg (178.27 KB, 982x1200, CtUHZFzUAAA-l78 (1).jpg)

TP is mutuals (friends?) with this alternative model / harness maker chick Teale Coco who had a shoot by Terry Richardson (gross, but still a good gig and looks decent) with MM last year for a spread. It's actually a pretty cool shoot and looks fun (and less creepy than his other work). Wish, TP tried to do more things more like this hint hint .. winkblows kiss .. I mean, not shoot for dazed. But just have some higher ambition and perspective for herself

Pic from Teale Coco's twitter

I have to agree with anon who says this tour bus hook-up and all seems to be fake news. Typical fake story time until proven otherwise

No. 277952

I'm inclined not to buy the story too anon, but had it happened in the first place, she couldn't post pics or anything because she was underage at the time. anyone here follows her """secret"""(@lilithsecretacct) account? maybe there's something about it there(and hopefully more dirt on TP)

No. 277966

I had to exit out of her livestream after some guy commented that he got her name tattooed on him, causing his girlfriend to almost break up with him.

Why are these people so fucking idiotic? I understand stanning celebrities or people with actual talent… but edgy ig hoes? Can't relate… Whats worse is that these are the people that validate their existence/online presence. As long as they have fans they won't stop.

No. 277980

I don't recall seeing anything involving MM on her private account. That account is pretty much the same sort of content on her main, the most interesting thing probably being a couple of videos she posted of her playing around with some guys open wounds/blood then defending it because ~its her fetish~

sage for double post

No. 277992

yeah but still, it was at worst no deader than it was before she sperged out, the busiest this thread has probably been is right around her sperg out. don't see how that equated to that she made us all feel ~too awk to post~ about her.

sounds more like her wishful thinking, that either she actually made anyone feel bad with that or hoping by calling the thread dead it would die… but that's tinfoilhatting

No. 278001

anyone know what happened between layla and cassidy (hotelshrimp)? Layla doesn't follow her on instagram anymore kek also cassidy just went on a rant on snapchat about the haters getting to her LMAO

No. 278028

wtf????? yeah, the day I found tp bf's insta he still followed her(hotelshrimp) now he's not following her anymore.
@deadmomsclub unfollowed too poor(still follows @vchillbruh)
@vchillbruh unfollowed cassidy(but still follows deadmomsclub)

how sad, she can't keep bfs AND friends for long.

No. 278034

File: 1490573668809.png (991.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8131.PNG)

she got a face tat

No. 278036

I doubt she really got one. She's posted selfies and there doesn't seem to be any new tats

No. 278039

It's under bangs hahaha easy to hide

No. 278042

jeff the killer is that u omg girl looking good

No. 278100

File: 1490577619206.png (20.61 KB, 750x178, IMG_8134.PNG)

it takes one cock

No. 278143

it only takes the withdrawal of that very same cock when they break up to go "all drugs 2017"

No. 278154

but her insta life is totally fake, you know, not anything as permanent or real as a tattoo right guys nervous laughter /s

fucking kek

No. 278174

How long until her new soundcloud boytoy dumps her?

No. 278188

File: 1490583079896.png (1018.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8137.PNG)

he bleached his hair, i'm hoping she didn't made him do it to look more like peep kek

No. 278194

File: 1490583488005.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8135.PNG)

Her new tattoo. They wrote the same thing on the same spot, "love me".

o h m y g o d they've been dating for like DAYS AAAAAAAaaaaAA she's repeating the same wrong shit she did when she was in a relationship with Peep

No. 278195

she's changing him damn now i believe corey on how he called her abusive. she's possessive as shit holy fuck

No. 278199

She has matching tattoos with peep and they broke up, Cassidy/hotelshrimp and they aren't friends anymore, now let's see how long until her and this guy break up kek

No. 278205

daddy will just front the money for laser removal don't worry lol

No. 278206

this is like her curse, fuck.

I think none of these people care if shit goes South, they believe any tattoo of which the subject has been soiled just gives them more depth and edge and experience … even if everything happens in like … a week lol

Anyways, I wish them luck. Don't fuck it up gaiz

No. 278210

What's sad is that if she repeats the same abusive behavior, people/her fans will still side with her because he's a nobody, (no offense intended, I'm just saying…internet presence-wise)like Corey. At least Peep had a voice and all the peepettes dragged Layla the fuck down.

No. 278214

This is actually pretty cool and the best possible decision for their rs.

Yeah, she can fuck it up with her personality but sobering up seems to be constructive and responsible. With a clear head many things could sort themselves out

Also, that takes some balls to decide!! If Luna decided to quit using, farmers would be crying, singing Halleluja and giving standing ovations lmao. Props to her

No. 278228

Baby, mom, daddy and L☹VE tattooed on him. Something tells me he had a rather strange time at it growing up.

No. 278247

The one on his face says crybaby not just baby, he just recently got another facetat too.

No. 278258

face tattoos are always 2 edgy but the fuck even is the point of getting such a tiny one in such a hideable place, at least commit to your edgy bullshit girl damn

No. 278260

lol she's not gonna quit, she's gonna make excuses or do it behind his back, you drinkin the kool aid if you think she gonna change on any more than the most transparent and basest level

No. 278264

And of course she WILL repeat the same abusive shit because it's cute and edgy xDDD

No. 278267

File: 1490591319619.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8138.PNG)

I think it's for us! Awww! <3 Omg you guys, we take more space in her stories than her actual fans! Isn't it just marvelous?

kek u failure

No. 278272

Yeah, thought it was a good call too. In one of her recent livestreams, she was in her car waiting for her bf while he was getting some weed(he was anxious, I guess) and asking ppl where she should take him for a date. After that she posted a snap smoking pot(presumably he shared) and to be fair, it was refreshing, I literally nodded my head in approval. Was kinda sad seeing you doing coke all the time, Layla. Godspeed. Cut the xan plz, maybe people will forget the Texas fiasco and someone will call you again to do a gig or whatever it is that you do

No. 278277

So this is what drugs do to you. Holy shit

No. 278307

Since we know she lurks here; Layla, how about you drop the vid of you snorting coke off/sucking the dick that made Peep break up with you to be with a side bitch since we're so bored????

No. 278361

I'm just gonna give it the benefit of doubt. Worse people quit. Still can drag her after if she fake

No. 278383

it's really sad how layla tries to make herself seem like some girl to envy because she's so hip and gangster and busy making $$$ but she's sitting on her phone stalking fucking lolcow and getting her feefees so hurt she's brought us up multiple times.

go home to mom and dad, tp. sort your fucking life out. you're not a teenager anymore, you're supposed to be a grown-ass woman and reality is going to bite you in the privileged ass harder than you ever thought.

No. 278428

is there any PROOF she lurked here or sperged out? i just read the whole thread and i saw nothing from admins, just farmers suspecting every now and then. that snapchat could have been about a lot of things. anything else?????

No. 278439

she literally filmed her pc screen while scrolling this thread, zoomed in, and posted on snapchat the day she sperged. she just deleted it quickly.

No. 278452

Follow her Snapchat

No. 278459

She responded to us in that one posted screenshot, too? She literally responded in a matter of minutes after we talked about her whining too much. That's pretty much enough. No need to get an admin involved in /snow/ when it's that obvious. Just how dull are you?

No. 278492

File: 1490636450237.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2910.PNG)

She's looking so aged

No. 278499

She looks bloated af
I mean really edgy
Really unique

No. 278500

what the fuck is that hair, man? I even thought he was hot before

No. 278502

she's serving crack chic eleganza extravaganza

No. 278507

File: 1490638038997.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2189.PNG)

Grandma TP is speaking to us

No. 278626

File: 1490649516997.png (926.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8163.PNG)


No. 278773

drugs and cigarettes and bad diet and poor skincare will do that to you:

No. 278868

Withdrawal mayhaps

No. 278959

I don't know, he looks really average to me. Really average, but now with a bad dye job and stupid hairline tattoo…

TP just looks super bloated and gross. She seriously looks worse every time we see a new pic of her.

No. 279058

like she has any room to talk with the same exact stinky trashy aesthetic and shady tactics

BUT i do find it hilarious that they dislike each other, and kinda sad for tp that she can't even make genuine friends within her own obscure circle

No. 279078

thread was interesting at first but how long this is going on + stalking her snaps and google searching her name makes all of you look a lot more pathetic than her lol

No. 279081

Kek are you lost newfag?

No. 279084

you just described the entirety of lolcow like

it's literally a gossip website for internet personalities she aint special

No. 279086

Hi sqiuddles@icloud.com

No. 279093


No. 279121

I haven't checked this thread in a week or so, I come back and she got a fucking face tat?
I mean.. easy to hide but… what the hell?
It's not gonna mean anything to her in like 3-4 months.

No. 279127

shut up you fucking homestuck.

No. 279195

This is delicious salt

No. 279199

File: 1490704725885.jpg (11.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I swear I read thatkazookid first, dear lord

No. 279266

File: 1490715679969.png (669.61 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0395.PNG)

I'm peeing what is this

No. 279270

old milk

No. 279559

Pee somewhere else newfag

No. 280234

File: 1490831416262.png (918.4 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8223.PNG)

fingers crossed

No. 280262

>Oh, I'm at court
>Gotta shit out a weird snapchat

No. 280273

If she'd actually been arrested she would DEF be posting her mug shot etc

No. 280578

File: 1490863871814.png (39.18 KB, 578x262, dcc924e56498e34c5afb5dc32b14fa…)

did you get dumped again layla?

No. 280630

The dumb thing is peep tweeted about missing her earlier today. They should really just get back together.

No. 281958

File: 1490997813249.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0251.PNG)


No. 282163

File: 1491030519688.png (Spoiler Image, 968.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-01-00-56-01…)

No. 282282

File: 1491070287575.jpg (181.84 KB, 900x1200, C8MmN0fVYAEDIr4.jpg)

He looks way too young for botox face

No. 282285

File: 1491070398730.jpg (169.47 KB, 900x1200, C8MmODvVYAAH-Td.jpg)

Also, lol at them putting the camera into the corner of twink's new apartment instead of maybe on the kitchen counter

No. 282288

Her fucking face. Why is she a Zika baby

No. 282289

File: 1491070703798.png (419.51 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_20170401-201625.png)

No. 282290

Her titties look like sad pancakes :(

No. 282302

He's probably using her for whatever internet fame she has and her drugged up pussy

No. 282313

I get the feeling she's his sugar mommy

No. 282340

wtf did y'all notice joei and layla speak the same way????? like that "cash me ousside" girl? Layla always spoke retarded but rn it's TOO MUCH

btw joei is back to his hometown

No. 282341

File: 1491079087491.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8323.PNG)

No. 282344

File: 1491079429676.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8324.PNG)

OT but damn vchillbruh got money. thought he was just another disposable piece of layla's clique, but it's the bitch's best interest to keep the twink around.

No. 282384

File: 1491085497836.png (166.5 KB, 720x878, Screenshot_20170402-002107.png)

I'm not following their snapchats, so I can't speak on that and on ig the story is too short. He sure looks like it = obnoxious!! I listened to one of his songs and his rap sounds like his voice hasn't dropped.

This is pretty stupid for a guy who raps about not trusting bitches. Then again, he did dodge a relationship

If it's true what Peep said about her, she is honestly fucked up and abusive. But I don't really trust any info from anyone in that circle jerk

Peep seems to be super messed up and jealous in his last tweets.

No. 282385

File: 1491085536986.png (214.44 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_20170402-002054.png)

No. 282386

File: 1491085632260.png (190.35 KB, 720x716, Screenshot_20170402-002046.png)

She vague tweeted about this: I don't really care if you cry

No. 282456

I s2g I'm getting mad embarrassed just looking at those. A part of me wishes he's actually talking about whatever bitch he fucked after Layla, he can't possibly be that petty. idk I hope she really has feelings for New Guy and isn't doing all that to continue too play w peep's fee fees(0 sympathy for him, but it'll be sad to watch her prove she's that much of a scum)

No. 282461

i'm calling bullshit on her "drug free 2017" tweet, they both been looking like shit since they got together

No. 282463

that tweet is just her trolling most likely lmao
Anime is a lot like sex. Done right it's a beautiful act of creation that brings a little more light into the world. If it's sick and wrong... it's even better.

No. 282470

In her video talking about going to ohio you can hear the sound of her snorting something while offscreen. not exactly the smartest thing when you were in court less than a week ago.

Also jesus she drawls like a fucking special needs kid.

No. 282483

That's a lyric from lil uzi xo life tour

No. 282486

I can't say she does or doesn't do drugs after that tweet but quitting can make a person look equally shitty or worse. Especially withdrawal. Also, she did get really drunk the other day and say how awful being drunk is. Alcohol hangover makes for really shitty looks. I could also see her smoking pot still but I don't know what she does now and what not according to her own rule. Might aswell have broken her precious sobriety

No. 282494

Did she not miss her DJ set a week or two ago because she was too fucked up to attend? I highly doubt she's off drugs, especially with the trash crew she runs with.

No. 282497

Omg no honey that's a blink 182 lyric

No. 282509

Newfag that was before she swore off drugs
You can keep the rewards, I'd just as soon stay sick - The Cramps, "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns"

No. 282513

It was scarcasm, aspie.

No. 282576

layla is sperging on snapchat. i think she's missing joei or something and that's valid, but that shit's just cringey.
"Can I be your favorite toy? Play with me, and be too rough. I want you to break me."

No. 282577

File: 1491116987239.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8333.PNG)

Ow the edge.
"Can I be your favorite toy? Play with me, and be too rough. I want you to break me."

No. 282614

Peep was posting angsty stuff abt missing someone on insta
And then like an hour later a pic of him w a Fucking foot shoved in his mouth same pov as this. I can't tell if that's a coincidence or not.

No. 282810

She's acting like a teenager who just discovered sex and has to let everybody know she's such a freak.

No. 282828

that most recent tweet is song lyrics lol

No. 283108

File: 1491205466705.png (Spoiler Image, 2.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5747.PNG)

No. 283117

File: 1491208212681.gif (524.16 KB, 500x200, giphy.gif)

No. 283118

File: 1491208312787.gif (794.7 KB, 240x228, IMG_6365.GIF)

Wtf why

No. 283583

File: 1491260019665.png (932.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8358.PNG)

what's with this obsession of tp with people cumming on her photos? considering they were facetiming, she actually watched him do it lmao

No. 283586


No. 283598

Hahahhahahahahhahaha oh my god this is such trash. Garbage. Refuse. He makes peep sound like a rap god.

No. 283631

File: 1491262968715.png (15.98 KB, 750x219, IMG_8365.PNG)

Bubba L knows

(what are those moves tho)

No. 283666

I don't want to imagine her trashy forced accent, whiny, high-pitched voice during sex. I bet she makes sure lots of people get to indulge in that.
Also bet she does the weirdest shit during sex

Those make out vids of them, one at Cody's place, make me wonder if she'd have sex at someone else's place, too. Or in a public toilet. Probably McDonalds (God I hate her obsession with fastfood)

Imagine minding your business at home and tp putting on a theatrical, crazy show nextdoor, screaming the house down

No. 283673

This is god awful wow.

No. 283710

That's her lockscreen which is still pretty gross

No. 283838

That voice. That auto tune. Is this kid fucking special needs? This shit gets him laid? Holy fuck. Kill me now.

No. 283855

she left a dude doing sold out tours for this

No. 283937

he left her tbh

No. 284009

>I'd watch a reality show of those people. LA edgy models, instahoes, soundcloud rappers and their hype men, crackheads, twinks, pushers and the parents of mentioned above kind of people as special guests.
Kek Im genuinely surprised this doesn't exist yet.
I personally know a lot of people who run in those circles (lil peeps friends, gbc ect)for several years. Good bit of deranged social climbers/"goth" instahoes fucking soundcloud rappers, almost everyone is on drugs and/or having mental breakdowns. It looks cooler online than in real life.
Either way she managed to downgrade to a no name. At least peep is successful.

No. 284053

Do you have any milk for the rest of this crowd?

No. 284067

Thats the most I can say without naming names and exposing myself. But some of these guys get a new "gf" every week or so, sometimes underage. All instathots.

No. 284124

instahoes* Sorry Ive never been to this site before.
Anyways.. so much drama/instability its absurd.

No. 284558

holy shit she just was on ig live and was showing some pics on the fridge and one of the pics was her with her bfs dick in her mouth does anyone have the vid?

No. 284642

File: 1491361643372.png (44.62 KB, 750x391, IMG_8386.PNG)

she posted this pic on IG earlier today https://instagram.com/p/BSe1spTF6z8/
look at this comment:

No. 284645

File: 1491361728884.png (24.24 KB, 750x158, IMG_8387.PNG)

if this is legit, maybe it's the video peep referenced and got his fee fees hurt over

No. 284649

ngl too pooh has been called a thot so many times that whenever i see or hear the word i just imagine her lmao

No. 284651


she was on ig live earlier showing polaroids on the fridge and there was a magnet covering one of the photos. she moved it and it was a picture of her with a dick in her mouth. she covered it quickly it was only for a second.

No. 284656

also its p obvious shes only with this new boy and flaunting him all over to make peep jealous. i almost feel bad for the guy but he should know not to fuck with shifty ass cheating hos

No. 284657

File: 1491362379867.png (152.74 KB, 749x1018, IMG_8389.PNG)

Damn this is corey's new girl. I'd like this opportunity to say that I'm applauding with both hands and feet. Granted, he got a thing for the exotic ones, but she's so cuteee

No. 284713

what does this have to do with anything
smells like selfpost

No. 284717


Those bangs are fucking uggo. Try harder.

No. 284768

she lookin like a Sesame Street muppet

No. 284769

Exotic? Go fuck yourself.

No. 284793

She's not cute and she or layla aren't exotic looking they look like hartley hooligans

No. 284860

To me it looks like he's trying to dance like Peep and the "rap" group he's in, in this video. The sad thing is, he's so off beat/time and he's overdoing it with this song. He's dancing when there's absolutely no music so he just looks like a retard! Also, lmao at Joei getting his hair the same colour as Peep when Peep first came out, if that was Layla's idea then damn she's fucked.

No. 285097

YES. clearly they're just meant to have a toxic relationship. reminds me of my bf and myself, but things are improving with us at least

No. 285802

That's the iPhone lock screen lol. It shows her lock screen and shows that she's on FaceTime with her new man. He didn't do that.

No. 285843

File: 1491520278907.png (653.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8458.PNG)

her average haters are kind of exceptional

No. 285906

can confirm from a friend that was friends with her that at first too pooh didn't really do drugs. She started doing them to fit in to the trashy ass crowd that had the ~aesthetic~ she wanted to portray. As you can see nothing has changed, this was about 3 years ago

No. 285914

She's boring af just talking about eating healthy like woohoo I thought she was supposed to have a ~personality~ ?

No. 285922

I want that reality show damnit

No. 285928

File: 1491535564821.png (70.14 KB, 747x447, IMG_8464.PNG)

people, we have ass-patters around us. kek. layla's stans don't even know how to raid, just as expected, you are as pathetic as your fav.

No. 285931

>but I and other fans have infiltrated it don't worry! please notice me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bitch where

No. 286004

Literally it's nothing but us talking about her shit unhealthy edgy life lol where are the ass kissers who pay for disgusting nails

No. 286022

>but don't worry my fair dirty, coke sniffing maiden we have infiltrated it XD

bet u he's one of the virgin weirdos who sends her pics of his neckbeard cum on her photos

No. 286259

File: 1491590544061.png (114.11 KB, 746x733, IMG_9669.PNG)

she look like a rat

No. 286264

It's like he is dancing but trying not to look like he is because it wouldn't be cool.
Production value A+ kek

No. 286265

File: 1491591537963.png (111.29 KB, 720x781, Screenshot_20170407-145734.png)

OT but omfg

No. 287437

she really needs to stop saying she's 6 years younger then she is. stop trying to hide that you're almost 29 layla.

No. 287441

She was bitching on snapchat about her body, grandma layla knows nobody will love her if she isn't skinny.

No. 287728

Omg is she that old? I thought she was like 24 trying to pull off 21,
Also doesn't that mean peep was 19 when they dated? She's the youngest cougar I've ever seen I guess g4u Layla

No. 287774

What was she saying I dont have sc its shit

No. 287779

I wouldn't listen to this anon. Someone's been in here insisting she's a lot older than she is with no proof.

But layla is totally a cougar ether way lol. Peep was a teen for most of their relationship & I think her new boi is like barely 20.

No. 287787

layla here -
if yall got questions, you can ask me :=)

have a good day

No. 287798

File: 1491768510202.png (131.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3029.PNG)

Her lifestyle finally caught up to her i'm assuming

No. 287800

I wonder if she gets botox injections. Her face looks so bloated and stiff and expressionless (okay that's also cause ~braindead~ aesthetic). That plus the hunchback Quasimodo turtle neck poses make her look so old, it's shocking

No. 287819

It's okay if you wanna talk shit about Layla, but dont talk shit about Lil Peep just because he dated her. He's lovely, don't be rude to him for no reason.

No. 287821

This whole board is for talking shit, it's pointless to tell people not to talk shit about someone just because you like them. He's far from "lovely", anyways.

No. 287831

Either bait or a retarded teenager thirsting for his dick
She looks horrible

No. 287860

Your baby boy's gonna be a nobody w 10 face tats in 2 years if we're being generous about it.

No. 287889

wew lad, for someone who claims the shit we say here doesn't phase her she sure is paranoid/throws jabs at us a lot
reading the thread with your mother???? what the fuck for??? that's rich

No. 287903

File: 1491775332153.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8544.PNG)

oh man samefagging but that's richer

No. 287904

File: 1491775414089.png (1001.04 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8545.PNG)

No. 287910

This bitch has gotten like 10 replies on her thread in the last 2 days & wants to talk about us getting off the computer.

I don't even understand her fixation on this site either the people in her mentions, comments and dms are way meaner than us. You can't talk shit when you lurk that hard layla

No. 287923

she needs mummy's full love and support to back her up.

No. 288128

File: 1491789277167.jpg (82.31 KB, 540x505, ellexkayy.jpg)

Was looking at Tumblr and saw some art that looks kinda like Layla. Sage because irrelevant.

No. 288230

Lmao I love that she hasn't let this thread go since she discovered it and yet is telling us to get off the computer.

No. 288233

File: 1491799638501.png (116.49 KB, 340x191, pT0wgRm.png)

Sage for even more irrelevance but you've found some perfect Jill art

No. 288325

>too Gollum
What is this shit???
This fucking filter. I guess it's cool she's being polite but …. this ugly ass filter

No. 288330

If/when this thread reaches post limit I'm sure her coked up brain won't know how to find the second thread

No. 288356

jesus how is she gonna try to tell us anything when anyone on this website is probably doing way better than she is in life. I think your life needs revaluating when everything you do is to please ~fans~.

No. 288357

sage for OT but I'm so happy Princess Gollum unfollowed too pathetic off IG and dropped her ass

No. 288367

File: 1491817821530.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8563.PNG)

she's straight up miserable, lurking this thread is her new hobby or something look at what she posted kek

use that time to hit the gym layla you've been looking rough lately

No. 288385

It's so funny all the club kids/net celebs she was losely associated with like 2-3 years have the real careers taking off and she's still out here being an internet no one. She doesn't even go to parties anymore prob bc she burnt all those bridges.

No. 288445

Lol girl u the one posting a snap every 2 minutes!!

No. 288618

You guys keep saying why is she stalking this site but you guys stalk all her social media to talk shit ….

No. 288623

No. 288878

And why are you here

No. 288894

that's what happens when you put yourself in the public eye, hon. people are going to talk shit.

If you hate it so much then get a real job and stop selling your nails for Xanax lol

No. 288943

I don't sell my nails lmao I work at a hotel ??? Lol

No. 288945

the original joke is that you sound like TP selfposting. if you're not, post which of her pics you came on and sent her a snap of

No. 288952

I'm sorry I don't understand I have to post a picture of her snapchat to prove I'm not tp?? Lol I don't even know how to do that here lol honestly shes kinda hot.. and I'm a chick lol but I just thought it was funny everyone kept saying she was lurking on here but everyone's been lurking on her stuff but it's really not even that serious for me to to have to come with all this "proof" lol

No. 288954

You type like a retard. Are you ok?

No. 288958

You are a retard lmao

No. 289056


>she's kinda hot and I'm a chick lol

Okay you neckbeard go cum on her baby pics some more with your cheese dick

No. 289166

This is one of those losers on the internet you see and feel super grateful you aren't them. I am so happy for my life after this thread.

No. 289173

lmao neckbeard … no lie you guys come up wit some hilarious insults lol

No. 289310

the girl who spends her life buying followers/likes on insta and whining on twitter is telling others to get off the computer? ok then

No. 289603

I think she's snapping about this thread so much to get her fans to come on here and defend her. It's clearly really bothering her. I'm in no way a fan but I don't think she's in a very good way and some comments here are plain mean (talking about her facial features and weight). I always thought she had disordered eating and the before tp pics kinda confirmed that for me. I would hate for someone to be retriggered into an ED by online comments. Eating disorders also have the highest rate of suicide among all mental illnesses and I'd hate for that to happen. With the borderline traits she shows and her being in the public eye, I'm concerned she really needs help of some kind.

But as far as this thread goes, tp needs to understand that being in the public eye will cause people to talk, it's the other side of popularity you have to deal with. No one is leaking private pictures of her. They are all photos, vids and tweets she's putting out publicly herself on the Internet. There's no law against screencapping publically available content and reposting it. The riskier the content, the more people will talk. I think it would be helpful for tp to be a bit more selective with what she reveals about her life if this thread is really affecting her. Keep early relationships on the lowdown before blasting it all across social media etc. When you live your life like a its reality tv show people start to see you more as a character and not as a person. They will bitch and gossip. That's just people and that's not going to change any time soon so I think Layla needs to have a good think about where she is, what patterns are occurring in her life and whether she wants to change them or not.

No. 289609

Eating disorders are indeed serious, and I'm sure that Layla could benefit from some sort of therapy, but she is choosing to read these comments. It's not as if lolcow is something completely unavoidable on the vast expanse of the internet. Again, I understand what you're saying, but the fact of the matter is that she doesn't need to come here. She is purposefully exposing herself to the very thing that bothers her so much.

Moreover, this is lolcow. This is an image board dedicated almost entirely to shitting on other people and criticizing their (often ridiculous) actions. No one gives a shit if they're being mean. This doesn't mean that we should lose all sense of empathy, but I think it's a bit ridiculous to even consider censoring our posts in the interest of kindness… when Layla doesn't have to be here in the first place.

No. 289633

I don't think she'll keep up the ''healthy weight loss'' thing for long tbh girl has no self control at all.

No. 289641

I love how she said that she was reading this thread with her mom…Like 1) Why? 2) Did you show her your sad titty pics and pics of you doing coke? Oh, what about the crying ones with nasty snot coming out of your nose? I wonder how much involvement her parents actually have in her life besides being her personal ATM and get out of jail free card.

No. 289642

Yeah she eats cheeseburgers n shit
why are you >>289603 so sure she has an eating disorder?
TP is that u

No. 289654

It's delicious when cows say "ur wasting ur time on the internet talking trash" when they have a life on the internet and upload every day and take the time to read all this. TP you know your phone is just another extremity for you.

No. 289687

Nope, not tp. I've had an ED for 15 years on and off and I know an awful lot of people with anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS etc. Photos of eating hamburgers while being quite slim to me is a sign of possible bulimia with binge eating. She once tweeted ages ago about going to spew up her fast food meal. People with bulimia may also restrict. At my lowest weight the only thing I ate was McDonald's chicken nuggets and frozen Coke. Anyone remember Cory Kennedy? She had an ED but there were plenty of picks of her eating junk food. Pictures can be deceiving and help people keep their ED a secret. It's pretty classic behaviour. I lived with a nurse and doctor my whole life and managed to hide my ED from them by eating all my dinner. Trouble was that's the only thing I'd eat all day.. Anyway, my point was more that focusing on physical attributes to get your milk is kinda lame. It's her personality and behaviour that make her "lolcow worthy". And since she reads this I wanted her to think about how she needs to be wiser on social media because a lot of what she does ends up back firing on her and she gets hurt.

No. 289706

Go weigh yourself and fuck off, Karen Carpenter.

No. 289710

Hahaha damn that's all you got?

No. 289713

IDK, I found this info pretty helpful. Also anyone who believes that someone cannot have an ED because you've seen them eat fast food is an idiot.

No. 289735


That is really bad logic that if someone eats McDonald's that's a sign of binge eating or bulimia. Seriously guys, you can eat fast food more than once a week and still be very thin if you moderate yourself. Jesus, I think you're reaching too far.

No. 289747

That's not what I said. It's part of a bigger picture. Disordered eating is often undiagnosed and by nature secretive and deceptive. Look at her pre tp photos and then her photos from a year or two ago (skinny legs, tp tat). That whole group she was in with have disordered eating. Being skinny is part of the aesthetic. She's admitted to barfing up her food…There are people who are naturally that skinny but she isn't one of them if you look at the befores. She's since gained a little weight recently and looks fine. I don't want her heading back down that path of trying to look skinny just because some bitches on the Internet called her out for gaining a few lbs. Ever wonder if maybe she gets just as much milk reading all these posts? I'm starting to think she might. Some of you guys are real sanctimonious cunts.

No. 289749

File: 1491990047512.jpeg (87.88 KB, 592x594, image.jpeg)

Before and after

No. 289771

I found the """"infiltrated""""" fan!
wew lad u annoying as fuck with your unwanted tl;dr and blogposting take your ED ass somewhere else and stop embarrassing yourself

No. 289781

Negative on the ID ya miserable hag

No. 289784

after what?

No. 289786

File: 1491998493894.png (156.72 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8617.PNG)

Hope they didn't break up yet(?)

No. 289787

File: 1491998515653.png (139.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8618.PNG)

No. 289788

File: 1491998590163.png (136.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8619.PNG)

No. 289792

No. 289965

can someone please temporarily ban eating disorder-chan? At least sage your shit if you're gonna be pointless and annoying

No. 290357

Does anyone know what's going on with peep? He threatened to fight some guy that's been shading him for months out of nowhere in twitter & Layla's going on about not loving him anymore.

No. 290406

File: 1492068040105.png (407.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9720.PNG)

no u not

No. 290428

holy shit they're all so childish this is pathetic, start acting your fucking age layla.
>>289786 this shit was probably about peep too

No. 290448

shut up layla

No. 290583

File: 1492109125484.png (151.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2674.PNG)

They're both wrecks but I think peep started this round of this mess.

No. 290589

File: 1492109517089.png (226.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2675.PNG)

Wow why is no one stoping him, I know you get bored on tour but this is verging on neckbeard shit

No. 290620

i'm embarrassed for both of them

No. 290645

joei do something

joei: ok

joei: films a snap of himself with a serious and tired expression while listening to one of his god awful rap songs in his car

No. 291354

File: 1492137539390.png (147.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2700.PNG)

Peep: publicly declare love for your ex who you cheated on/cheated on you

Extra lol @ the fact even his fans are telling him to stop

No. 291420

File: 1492153094861.png (66.64 KB, 616x892, IMG_3085.PNG)

Don't be surprised when he cheats on you again

No. 291432

This is so pathetic lol

No. 291444

File: 1492159068348.png (59.87 KB, 750x450, IMG_8698.PNG)

layla crytyping i thought ppl didn't do that shit outside of tumblr

No. 291909

I'm dying

So glad they're putting this hilarious shit on display for everyone to see it's like watching two retarded chimps screaming at each other and smearing feces on the glass of their separated cages

No. 291927

She was supposed to DJ tonight somewhere but t got cancelled lmao

No. 292080

File: 1492269903709.png (1.88 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170415-082054.png)

What's going on with Layla and Joei? He changed his SoundCloud song dedicated to her from a pic of her eating pizza to this… possible homage to Layla's video of her coke-dick incident?
Also anyone have his snapchat?

No. 292089

File: 1492270700642.png (709.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1322.PNG)

Ummmmm wtf is going on

No. 292160

File: 1492278434546.png (52.74 KB, 750x429, IMG_8748.PNG)

you can't make this up

No. 292163

lol what kind of courtship is this even

No. 292174

File: 1492280111695.png (933.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8648.PNG)

so weird. they still follow each other on IG though. btw in case anyone missed, that was the pic before he changed it

No. 292224

Tbh if I didn't know how she acted right after they broke up(the voodoo doll wtf) I'd feel bad for her. Peeps acting like a psycho ex.

No. 292231

File: 1492286944729.png (22.26 KB, 590x168, too poo.png)

I'm assuming he dumped her

wasn't she supposed to be flying out to see him?

No. 292242

Is that piss in that one container?

No. 292268

go watch her Snapchat story video rant, bitch reached a new low. I agree with >>292185 peep seems to be doing it for the lulz and joei bailed on her for whatever reason. Who will be her new friend tho? she and cody don't hang out much(or at all) anymore, just like what happened with Cassidy before they stopped being bffs for good.

No. 292353

File: 1492299522375.png (463.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7040.PNG)

this was last night

No. 292388

what the fuck? If I actually believed peep to have more than half of a brain cell, I'd think he did some kind of petty, vengeful, manipulative plan. Like alienating Layla from Joei by making her realize she loved Peep all along then refusing to take her back or something. Because even with all that stuff and online PDA, why is Layla so miserable and saying she's alone?

No. 292396

Layla said in her rant that Joei was using her for publicly. I believe Peep does/still has feelings for her. His "display" of emotions for her (him singing his song to her) actually says a lot. Keep in mind, this guy is high or drunk or both at least 90% of him being awake

No. 292411

She's live rn and she's selling her entire wardrobe, shoes and random possessions. She must be going through financial problems, I can't think of any other reason she's that eager to get rid of everything. Just a heads up, she's trash but some of her clothes are cute. I'd buy too but something tells me they're going to be overpriced af.

No. 292412

File: 1492307072068.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8755.PNG)


No. 292415

What a fucking mess tho.

I agree about some of her pieces that are cute but I don't think I'd buy any of her shit solely because she looks dirty as fuck 90% of the time.

And kek at her selling her broken nails for $60.

No. 292416

Fuck it's gone

No. 292418

her car got towed, she owes like $400 or something.

he's a fucking asshole if he's just messing with her regardless of how stupid she is.

it's kind of annoying to me that people keep defending him because "layla cheated on him" when from what ive seen it looks like he spun that whole situation to make it look that way. when that drama went down they had already been broken up for a while and it seems like she was just over there for a booty call. i think in his comment on her pic he also said it was a video of her sucking a dick but in reality it was her snorting coke off a friends dick that she had posted on twitter which is still fucking stupid to show your ex but it wasn't her cheating on him. even if it was her sucking a dick, they weren't together at that time because i remember she had already been in breakdown mode for a while. i just think its fucked up that he twisted the situation to turn people against her.

No. 292419

too pooh go solo or go lez

No. 292439

File: 1492312225512.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8761.PNG)


No. 292449

He's probably doing all this shit to be an asshole + publicity, I doubt he's actually serious about taking her back when he's fucking girls on tour left and right.

No. 292454

All of these pictures look like they came from 2008 Myspace. I'm sure she'd take that as a compliment though.

Yeah, definitely. I don't think anyone here (except Layla lol) doubts that.

No. 292456

File: 1492316720680.png (53.38 KB, 740x299, IMG_8762.PNG)

warning to anyone considering buying her stuff:

No. 292474

What, is she selling her shit thru OSS? I thought it was Depop and she was sending it out herself? Anyways, OSS is notorious for being shady with their online shop (Adam is an unreliable dick in general) so I'm not surprised.

No. 292501

File: 1492324465094.png (3.11 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0405.PNG)

No. 292506

File: 1492325791448.png (92.77 KB, 750x1199, IMG_2728.PNG)

Yikes Layla I thought he's scum and uses girls like you told that afternoon delight girl

No. 292508

Joei is adressing this situation on Snapchat, go check it out quick before he deletes it! Apparently there was no drama

No. 292523

what's his snapchat?

No. 292526


No. 292534

vaguest explanation ever. "everybodys like assuming" "just bc you see shit doest mean its like that" so theyre still "friends". ok dude. dry af

No. 292539

So, he got cucked and he's trying to play it cool

No. 292555

someone in the ig comments was talking about him giving a 15 y.o. herpes but didn't say anything else. any milk on that?

No. 292590

wtf. i hope that's not true, but i honestly wouldn't be surprised.

No. 292636

peep is a typical fuckboi piece of shit statutory rapist with no future sure but layla is disgusting for being an unfaithful cheater too. they're both a mess and neither of them 'win' in this situation

all they are rn is trashy entertainment like some kind of social media version of jerry springer

No. 292722

File: 1492374279615.jpg (148.18 KB, 1080x1080, 17881938_203045610188221_14538…)

Lil Peepee is really living up to his name. Can you seriously believe that his retarded "goffick!!" fans will excuse this? It seems like he wandered off a little too far from his special ed counselor because now he's even pissing himself for all the world to see.

No. 292723

File: 1492374342032.png (2.69 KB, 288x48, 32543647.png)

No. 292736

File: 1492375327811.jpg (51.79 KB, 540x540, lilpp.jpg)

Greasy neckbeard living in his mom's basement and pissing in empty bottles is the Tru Goff Boi™ aesthetic. Idgi like even if you're in a car, you can just pull over or stop somewhere and go inside to piss. But knowing his creepy underage fans, they're probably like pic related.

Layla, tell your nasty ass on/off bf to drink some water. His piss looks like beer that's been left outside in the summer heat for months and probably smells just as bad.

No. 292799

File: 1492383644468.png (64.05 KB, 750x602, IMG_8790.PNG)

young love…so pure…

No. 292803

File: 1492384217408.png (87.37 KB, 750x1109, IMG_8791.PNG)

No. 292807

That doesn't look like pee. If it is, dude is seriously unhealthy.

No. 292811

my boyfriend's pee looks exactly the same so i don't doubt its actually pee

now that she's back with him she'll go back to drugs lmao wasted your money on a gym membership laylay

No. 292814

One of his friends has a video of him doing it on his insta story. P sure it's actually pee

Oh my god I just watched this and it was so uncomfortable. Peeps on the east coast right now so this is old, I wonder what's gonna happen when he's finally in la again.

No. 292816

I wonder if these kooky kids wear condoms

No. 292820

How did you screenshot this after 32 seconds and 1 view?

No. 292824

Since Peep and Layla got back together I turned on notifications for her posts so I don't miss her livestreams. Gotta get all that milk. I clicked on the notification as soon as it popped up, but I don't think I was the first viewer per se.

No. 293104

it reminds me of something i read before that talked about how kurt cobain always smelled awful/like piss
this goth/punk/grunge/whatever ~aesthetic~ is ok to admire from afar but in reality these people are just crusty af

No. 293184

Peep and TP's relationship is so bizarre, it makes no sense. It's not like they're celebs so I can't be like "oh they're doing it for publicity." And they're so clearly toxic for each other, anyone who's seen even a part of this mess can see that. And it's not like they're teenagers, TP is like 24, isn't she?? And didn't they like not even date for that long the first time, was it even a year?? This whole situation is such a dumbass mess.

No. 293186

yeah she was supposedly born in 1993, some people here say she's older though

No. 293308

File: 1492458032444.png (13.16 KB, 577x101, deathby.png)

so apparently some girl talked shit about her and peep on IG live

No. 293327

Isn't that's girl like a meme or something? She's in that oss crowd I think

No. 293332

that romy girl is insanely annoying and edgy I'm surprised she doesn't have her own snow thread. Apparently she kinda dated/went out with lil tracy and his ex got mad about something over his sunglasses and accused romy of stealing them. Romy isn't even of legal age last I remember

No. 293366

If you hate someone to death, you don't sheme with them for publicity. And you'd have to be tough to deceive a person that deeply hurt you when you're not over them. A ~crybaby guy~ and a ~fragile girl~ are way too weak and pathetic to fake their equally pathetic feelings for each other.

My opinion is that they're for realsies but their personalities are still a recipe for disaster.

At this rate, someone either already has or will get some serious STDs and their fights will blow up even more and they honestly could become a physical threat to each other or themselves

No. 293472

File: 1492471521352.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8837.PNG)

An assistant. She found on twitter.

No. 293480

LOL this bitch deserves a thread of her own tbh. She's a huge scammer/manipulator. Also, I had a friend who owned a really popular Instagram/YouTube and she befriended him just so he would post her retarded music video and get her followers. After that, she totally abandoned him and started talking shit about him too. Drama between these two asslicking whores is hilarious.

No. 293517

File: 1492473116892.jpg (64.01 KB, 620x416, IShallCallHimMiniMe.jpg)

No. 293567

File: 1492474992931.png (787.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4732.PNG)

Just as ugly as each other, perfect match.

Lol, so Romy is basically Joei? No wonder Layla doesn't like her.

No. 293685

Your boyfriends pee? Ok, Tuna.

No. 293692

lmao i actually am a fan of peep's music but after reading this thread about layla i hate that bitch smh. and they're back together

No. 293728

Wow she has to pay someone to be her friend lol

No. 293746

TBH I'm sure it's peep Layla said on snap chat she's only sucked 4 dicks (lol thanks TP) so that would be that first boy Corey? Peep, that other guys dick she sucked and took video of to show peep or whatever and joei? Lmao idk why I think that's so funny and sad

No. 293771

Yo, question. Do arabs/indian/russian/"hi…sex..show pussy" from other countries usually pop up in "famous" livestreams or does that mean one has been purchasing followers, likes and livestream views for their accounts? Recently the presence of those guys on Layla's streams have been pretty massive. One time ALL you could read was that kind of comment, not the usual "TOO POOR ILY OMG".

No. 293778

Layla has been purchasing followers and likes for awhile now. It's really obvious when you notice the huge disconnect between likes and number of comments.

No. 293788

Pitiful. At first I thought her following consisted of that sweet Cali circlejerk, but she has considerable reach worldwide. Edgy russian teens, edgy euro teens, hell, she's kind-of well known in Brazil. Now she should be swimming in Peepette influx, she really doesn't need that.

No. 293929

yeah, that's just the bought followers anon. nobody knows her outside of wannabe scenesters in a small part of cali. she's not a Name.

No. 293937

File: 1492525833479.png (154.89 KB, 438x180, you fake.png)

here are just a few examples. there is literally no way that someone has that many legitimate likes and so few comments.

she has a comment/like ratio of about 2%. this sort of thing doesn't happen with legitimate accounts or verified accounts because they don't buy followers or likes.

No. 293983

I'm pretty sure it was because she was naked in a bathtub lmao usually her live streams get a stable 240 viewers everytime i watch them and i have notifications on for her lol

No. 294020

whenever someone comes to defend toopooh they overuse 'lol' and 'lmao' and type like an idiot. i wonder who it could be.

No. 294101

I guess I could be defending her but idk just seems obvious to me

No. 294120

KEK. I love you, anon

Good point

No. 294172

Might be. But the livestream I was referring to, in wich all the comments were "hi i marry u" tier, she was just filming her friends and herself hanging out listening to rap and freestyling(the day she "broke up" with Joei). No nudity, no innuendos, she was wearing an oversized hoodie, etc. It was so damn bizarre, I only saw actual fan comments like four times and the stream was pretty long for Layla's standard.

No. 294180

oh, my mistake. I just assumed you meant the bathtub stream. I haven't watched her live that much lately so I must've missed it

No. 294214

File: 1492560061929.jpg (360.64 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_0444.JPG)

why are her fans like this¿

No. 294226

side note, why do these edgy insta girls always livestream from their bathtub and fucking bathe with each other constantly

No. 294263

because her fans are autistic

taking frequent baths is actually an indication of emotional instability and a deep need to compensate for lack of physical warmth

No. 294273

because they're 15 year olds

No. 294284

smh can we talk about how fucking gross and old her voice sounds. she sounds like a 50 year old smoker who has lung cancer. wtf

No. 294565

she's writing that to herself surely?? LMAO

No. 294810

Ever since Toopoor posted that Instagram story where she was on the toilet talking about taking a shit, every time I see her clammy ass I imagine her pushing a disgusting fat log out of it. I know this is a gross post but I can't get it out of my head.

No. 294854

I've owned and managed large Instagram accounts that got around 1% like/comment ratio. It doesn't mean the followers/likes are bought, not every page is going to have astronomical like to comment ratios like huge celebrities.

No. 294953

File: 1492662140209.png (139.32 KB, 750x1223, IMG_8790.PNG)

Looks like peeps got a new side hoe

No. 294954

Thats believable, its a known fact those dudes dont care how young a girl is. They are too old to be fucking with 16 year olds. Tracy lies about his age a lot too, hes said 19, 21, 23.

No. 294955

They met in October and got tattoos of each others names 2 weeks later.

No. 294961

He could be more lowkey about it, like not letting them post photos together and comment on TP's ig. One of the groupies commented something like "Scribble scribble" on Tps post just to start shit/get attention. Its a nobody trying to latch onto tp/lil peeps drama.
(accidentally replied to a diff post the first time)

No. 294997

File: 1492667592138.png (878.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4748.PNG)

Looks like what you said is true. Peep was just on IG live (high as fuck) asking everyone to tweet, IG, SC, etc Layla cause she's not answering his calls and he needs to talk to her. Interesting.

He didn't just start with that, someone commented "toopoor" and he started asking where she was, shouted her name and then said she's not answering his calls.

No. 294999

Groupie isn't the same as being a side hoe. Looks like shes trying to look like a side hoe. Honestly the chances are she only met him once, hes on tour. Being a side hoe would mean shes flying out to LA regularly to be with him, which obviously she isn't doing. Its a groupie.

No. 295006

More than obvious. Strategic, creepy groupie shit. Shes not very cute, and doesn't really do anything. Just a random chick chasing after GBC members and pretending to know them because she went to their show. Shes lucky if they even want to fuck her and never speak to her again, let alone date her. Talking to Tracys siblings to get with him, when she isn't even from LA. She doesn't even KNOW tracy, this is a new level of pathetic and creepy.

No. 295007

Since it was deleted, this silvercat bitch literally talked to Tracys brother to try to get with him. Before she met peep. Shes been planning this out.

No. 295009

File: 1492669236823.png (54.02 KB, 640x532, IMG_4750.PNG)

Original post - I just checked out her Instagram, just before she posted posted videos and pictures of her with peep and his friends this was commented on an old picture. From his page it looks like he's lil Tracy's brother (someone peep is friends with/in the same group GBC) so she's been planning this?

sage for stupidity/OT.

No. 295037

She WISH she was a side hoe.
What probably happened is she fucked lil peep when he stopped in Pennsylvania, he left and never spoke to her again. Bet she planned that one out for months too.
Seems like she spends a good bit of time stalking musicians on the other side of the country, trying to get with them.
Some people truly have no substance.

No. 295052

This boy is unstable

No. 295053

File: 1492673713789.png (212.08 KB, 750x1149, IMG_2867.PNG)

Peep actually follows her on instagram, her name is Lylah I guess? Idk how Layla deals with this nonsense

No. 295055

Yikes tp unfollowed peep but peep still follows her. If the relationship is ever gonna be successful, tp should pull a lainey and turn to polyamory

No. 295060

Layla and Lylah…? Weird.

No. 295067

Yeah he follows her but he hasn't liked anything on her page. However, another one of the GBC has commented on a picture. She's clearly just a groupie that's either been passed around or is hoping to be.

No. 295078

Which Gbc member? All I can find is that one where Tracy's brother commented "u want me bc tracy?".
Shes hoping to be. Peep is def a reach for her. Even the lesser known members have WAY better looking groupies

No. 295081

Im sure she would if she could, but theres no way shes been passed around. Considering shes from Pennsylvania, doesn't travel to LA, isn't cute or interesting, and doesn't seem to do anything besides stalk them. GBC never goes to PA and this is the only time shes met them.

No. 295090

Tbh, seems like she might have just fucked him the once, if even. Layla is just being psycho right now. Though this girl would probably jump on the chance to be his actual groupie.

No. 295093

File: 1492678787370.png (114.78 KB, 640x874, IMG_4755.PNG)

No. 295095

File: 1492679027817.png (131.97 KB, 750x967, IMG_8916.PNG)

what the fuck are they fine already

No. 295109

He isn't in GBC. Thats an affiliate

No. 295118

Checked her snap, shes looking for someone in Houston now.
Probably to look out for Peep messing with groupies

No. 295121

If she fucked him once, shes a groupie. A lower echelon groupie, but still a groupie.

No. 295128


shes heading there now

No. 295129

whats gonna happennn - is peep in houston?

No. 295131

I low key want her to bump into that honeymoon delight girl while she's there

No. 295133

Honeymoon delight girl is from Dallas, I've seen her around.
Don't know if TP is coming to the Dallas show though.

No. 295136

she just snapped 'see you soon houston'

No. 295138

I saw that.
Houston is 3 hours from Dallas.

No. 295174

It's funny to see I'm not the only one who noticed silverlilcats efforts to look like she's anything to peep. He won't even like posts she tags him in. She comments on almost everything and it looks pathetic. She couldn't even make it to side hoe.

No. 295177

This thread isn't starting to sound like toopooh or her dipshit fans trying to hate on some rando who successfully trolled and pissed off Layla.

Nobody gives a fuck about silverlilcat, this thread is about the lost Hartley Hooligan Layla.

No. 295178

No. 295181

She obviously planned out the whole scenario with meeting peep, and it didn't work out how she thought it would. Now shes trying to weasel her way into TP/lil peeps drama. She doesn't know any of these people

No. 295224

tracy was born in 1995 so he's either 21 or 22

No. 295227

Straight up, stop derailing this thread with this nobody bitch, TP is just as desperate as her, let's not act like she's a victim at all.

No. 295235

File: 1492705232260.jpg (95.98 KB, 629x960, IMG_20170420_121141.jpg)

Sage for derailing. Last post I'm making of this girl I just find her provoking Layla entertaining. When has peep EVER blocked someone for Layla??? She probably just got uber annoying to him. Its No wonder since she comments on everything and tried facing Layla on her page before Layla blocked her too. She tried lmao

No. 295241

I don't see how that's derailing since we were dealing with the possibility of our protagonist, Layla, being cucked. And I don't see anyone trying to make a victim out of her, just laughing at her chimpouts and pointing how stupid she is for trusting this manchild yet again it seems.
(ot) Layla needs to find a boyfriend in LA, there was Ohio boy and now I doubt she'll leave her """business""" to follow Peep everywhere(talented or not, he's on the rise). You guys think they can maintain a LDR?

No. 295244

>"It's funny to see I'm not the only one who noticed silverlilcats efforts to look like she's anything to peep. He won't even like posts she tags him in. She comments on almost everything and it looks pathetic. She couldn't even make it to side hoe."

there's a bunch of comments insulting silverlilcat when, if you were really not on layla's side you'd be laughing at how silverlilcat successfully enraged layla despite laylas trying to act above it all. you go, silverlilcat coco. she won this battle.

No. 295258

I dislike TP but this girl sounds delusional. I highly doubt TP would make him block her, she was probably getting on his nerves acting like there was something there when there wasn't (and commenting on all of his pictures and shit). She's making herself seem like a crazy fangirl. She and Layla are both just making themselves look bad.

No. 295276

Nope you misunderstood me. Trust me I'm definitely loling at how bothered layla is by this chick. I just noticed for a while I saw no mention of this silverlilcats milk and finally saw her mentioned. Wouldn't saw she won any type of battle tho since she seems butthurt asf from getting blocked.

No. 295278

Wouldn't say*

No. 295340

No one "won the battle". Peep blocked her, silvercat only assumed Layla made him do it. She didn't get what she wanted.
In case you don't know anything about groupies, she didn't do any of this with the intention of trolling. Even if she did troll, there were serious ulterior motives.

No. 295353

Nah noone said she was trying to troll she was definitely trying to be a groupie and miserably failed. And on top of it she acts all victimized implying she was blocked cause she was "#attractive" When really she was blocked for trying way too hard. She gets kek of the day for that extreme delusion. Shame she can't ruffle Layla anymore though. Anyway Back to Layla milk…

No. 295361

I'm happy this girl got to dumbass insecure Layla. All these TP stans are obviously on here to bash silverlilcat and defend TP's junkie ass cause they'd lick her and Peeps asshole if they had the chance

No. 295362

File: 1492721052318.png (188.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9770.PNG)

apparently she's his weed plug so that would explain him following her

No. 295377

His weed plug she says…
How is she going to deny she rode peep and tp's posts on the daily. For just a weed connect she tried to get pretty involved.

No. 295399

wtf why is she coming to houston this bitch really bout to show up at peeps concert this saturday and ruin it with her stank ass pussy

No. 295400

someone pls do witchcraft on this bitch before i jump her ass if i see her in houston

No. 295430

You sound like a crazy underage peep fan. Chill a little and stop being an internet tough guy.

No. 295435

If she does then that'll be some crazy shit. So let's hope she actually does roll up.
But IF you really about jumping her post the vids at least

No. 295436

No. 295468

File: 1492730193133.png (820.54 KB, 1104x1200, twocows.png)

cow crossover
does every attention seeking ig "model" in LA know each other?

not really much to ruin is there?

No. 295525

File: 1492734371581.jpg (29.67 KB, 499x474, 5c2.jpg)

Can the recurring peep stans keep it in their fucking pants please? It's not cool to drop you listen to him, are gonna see him or are thirsty for his urine sea cucumber, no1curr

No. 295735


she turns 24 in may

No. 295738

Went to Peep show tonight. He kept referring to having a gf, so I'm assuming everything is happy in toopooh land. For the next hour or so anyway.

No. 295787

In the livestream yesterday she said she wasn't single.. And brought up the phrase "toopeep" and wanting to match her new nails to his hair but didn't because she didn't like the colors.
Why after all of this is she even considering that peep is boyfriend material? I'm almost convinced they both do it for followers.

No. 295857

Honestly mad they don't go for Too Poop and Lil Pee kek

No. 295909

File: 1492792319896.png (466.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4758.PNG)

He's been calling her his girlfriend for a week now, he never says her name but he's transparent as hell. She even tweeted this, it's pretty obvious/well known from what they post/say on IG live.

No. 295912

Samefag but I don't see how he'd be getting that many more followers from being with her? I get Joei using her for publicity because he was and still is a nobody but peep is a lot more known and even touring.
I honestly think he is in love with her or, at least lust. Not saying they're both not stupid for whatever motives they may have but I don't see him as smart enough to make up a plan like Joei did.

No. 296050

File: 1492806317957.png (107.14 KB, 742x1019, IMG_8929.PNG)

disappointed with humanity

No. 296056

File: 1492807458214.png (2.34 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170420-215619.png)

Somewhat OT but she told her followers about someone named bitchtits or something and boom. Was taken completely off guard lol. She tried getting him to flash

No. 296064

she filmed him flashing once!!! it was magical kek

No. 296073

Damn I missed that. Felt bad for literally weezing but I legit want to know how it came to that point.

No. 296188

too poom?

No. 296199

too poon

No. 296288


I believe that was Peep. I could be wrong however.

No. 296427

Is she even in Houston? The show is tomorrow.

No. 296429

I'm seeing 'too poerto'

No. 296441

I'm pissed shes coming to Texas. I already know shes gonna be hovering peep the whole time, and acting weird/suspicious every time she sees a mildly attractive fan within a 30 foot radius of him

No. 296491

I can't wait to see what kind of shitshow comes out of them meeting irl for the first time since they got back together.

No. 296493

You're acting like peep isn't just as much an immature brat as Layla & it won't be fun to watch if she does do the jealous girlfriend act.

No. 296494

Especially given the circumstances. Hes selling out shows and will be constantly surrounded by fangirls. Texas is groupie central.

No. 296516

is she…… insinuating that kreayshawn is copying her for wearing one of those dime a dozen instagram fake art ho berets? i thought they were friends??

also lol is dasha comparing it to mina 'copying' her looks (when we all know it's the other way around and dash wants to wear her skin)??? so many questions

No. 296522

Weren't they friends? I think that was a jab. TP and Dasha are acquaintances/friends/online bffs, so Layla must have heard about the feud and sided with Putin.

No. 296540

While we're asking questions. Anyone know why Cody and Layla are upset at each other? She said she wanted to call him out. She seems to burn all her friend bridges pretty fast.

No. 296627

I''d like to know what happened to cody aswell lol

No. 296690

At first it appeared like she was joking. He said 'still mad at me?" And she went on a mini rant saying something like "hell yea I feel like calling you the fuck OUT" but ended her stream abruptly a min or two after. Weird.

No. 296857

File: 1492901298920.jpg (245.12 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mvofcavwaq1s4mu5to1_128…)

she reminds me of luna here

No. 296858

Who the fuck?
You're in the wrong thread dude

No. 296859

Do you seriously not know who luna is?

No. 296867

Im only on this site for this thread

No. 296875

File: 1492903092764.jpg (52.34 KB, 600x800, BzJdgiqCcAAOdF3.jpg)

they were cute

No. 296908

File: 1492906431410.png (Spoiler Image, 72.46 KB, 506x910, IMG_8997.PNG)


No. 296909

File: 1492906457587.png (Spoiler Image, 73.9 KB, 492x906, IMG_8996.PNG)

w h y

No. 296920

I dont get it

No. 296956

When the hell was this lol

No. 297088

YOU GUYS oh god toopoor looks so weird irl it's like i don't even know how to explain.. she's like, her head is built weird and her body looks so twiggy and like idk if y'all know who eugina clooney is but she literally reminded me of her

No. 297151

KEK last person I expected her to be compared to. She definitely has a…unique head to say the least from what we all see from her pics.
How did you see her?

No. 297384

..I've seen her in person plenty of times and I would consider her body type average, nowhere near eugina cooney. I've met very few girls who are skinny enough to be compared to eugina, and Layla isn't one of them. But she wears baggy clothes that make her look more "twiggy". Shes very short though, even in heels. She wears heels to shows all the time and probably doesn't even come up to 5'0 in them.

No. 297394

Did anyone catch the livestream of her at peeps show last night?

No. 297475

I feel like layla could actually be very pretty if she improved her posture. Her head is oddly shaped but her bone structure is very unique and quite striking. It's the damn hunchback she insists on doing that makes her look weird. If she stood up straight and kept he neck up she could be beautiful.

No. 297486

File: 1492983230996.jpg (45.44 KB, 600x600, CM1a4tqUEAA7l1j.jpg)

This just makes the junk food she's always eating even worse, too poo is going to get chubby af

No. 297522

File: 1492986617730.png (118.47 KB, 750x1041, IMG_2523.PNG)

Too poop 4 ever

No. 297525

Good, go be rich edgy tryhards together and leave people out of the dysfunctional mess that is your relationship.

No. 297837


is she deadass lying on a mattress on stage with peep while he performs?

No. 297846

File: 1493001150723.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3040.PNG)

From what I saw there was a bed but I think she wasn't sitting against a wall on the floor

No. 297848

File: 1493001248165.png (678.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170423-212452.png)

The most cringe thing about that show was the fan girls
Then Layla zooms in on a girl,puts her on blast, "she gave me a blunt."
The audience was nothing but basic bitch jail bait.

No. 297944

He has a mattress as part of his stage set up, so I don't think it's for her. But I wouldn't put it past her to lay on it and pose while everyone performs.

No. 297975

you guys are all a bunch of fucking retards. why can't you just let people live their fucking lives? i just don't get it

No. 297998

Happy you got that out your system? Its lolcow no1currrrr bye.
The cringe has been all over the place every time she live streams at his shows. The 13 yo groupies are super aware of her and keep glancing at her constantly and some seeming visilbly uncomfortable with her precense, and why wouldn't they be when shes legit just sitting on the stage documenting every move.

No. 298040

Anon this is definitely the most depressing show I've ever seen. Lil Peep if one of those musicians that you go through a phase enjoying for a summer and then start liking Beyonce so boys will fuck you.
Fucking Too Pooh creepy ass waving her fingers at the audience on the video tho kek

No. 298806

Lets be real for a minute here, yes Layla is a nobody just like us but honesty, the way she's been able to acquire such a huge fan base is impressive. Also, she's not an ugly girl by any means just ur avg jewish girl. Also, if she weren't fascinating to some degree we wouldn't be here discussing her at all so props to her. Is her relationship a train wreck? Yes! Buy everything we know about her and peep are things that she has revealed herself. She acts like she can't take criticism but is never low key about her drama. With that said, I'm actually entertained by her so very much.

No. 298814

File: 1493151812699.gif (652.38 KB, 500x260, IMG_1623.GIF)

why does everyone with a stupid fggt opinion feel the need to fill out the name box


No. 298831

What exactly is a "Fggt" opinion? You mad? I'll put my fucking name wherever the fuck I want. Aww so sad you went so out of your way to add a gif. Cute.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 298833

The point of an anonymous image board is to remain anonymous. Filling out the name field just shows you're new and don't understand the rules/this type of website. Educate yourself before you post, and please learn to sage, newfriend!

No. 298843

>You mad?
>I'll put my fucking name wherever the fuck I want!!!!!!!
fucking triggered kek. You might want to understand the rules a bit before you come in with that impressive ass lick. and thanks, it takes as long to attatch a file as it does to fill out the name and the email box… nice email address btw, you sure you're 18?

No. 298868

>honesty, the way she's been able to acquire such a huge fan base is impressive.
not at all, ever heard the phrase "stop making stupid people famous"? it's a thing. teenagers love to make stupid people famous.
>if she weren't fascinating to some degree we wouldn't be here discussing her at all
"we"? you think you belong here? fascinating? she's odd at best, this thread is beginning to slow down and there's other legitimately fascinating lolcows out there who were(and some still are) literal internet nobodies, unlike too cult following poor.

and for the love of god, learn to imageboard or gtfo, ella sailor9mars.

No. 298977

I was there. She was sitting on the back of the stage next to the blocked off section. Where security would only let people if they were "with the band".
>13 yo groupies
Even as an exaggeration thats horrible. 13 year olds are not groupies, they are fans. They look young, but not that young. If I remember, the age of consent in Texas is 16.

No. 299136

>The audience was nothing but basic bitch jail bait
Out of curiosity, were you there? They just looked like normal teenagers. Why is everyone suddenly throwing jabs at presumably underage fans? I would understand shit talking actual groupies like silvercat, but the vast majority are just fans.

No. 299213

can we all just take in how pathetic she looks getting back w peep … all that shit talking and exposing screenshots for what…? also not to mention the fact that she's 20 something doing witchcraft on a guy. obsessed much?? probably the only reason why he wanted her back, psychotic hunchback.

No. 299230

File: 1493223183343.jpg (161.14 KB, 680x668, tumblr_ny3lhcTZSh1s4mu5to1_128…)

layla aka toopoor the 26 year old gangstaaaa has to attack little teenagers to feel good about herself

No. 299259

Oh god how can anyone forget the "witchcraft" bullshit
He still doesn't seem to have said anything about layla being his gf now on Instagram despite her own post on the matter. How that doesn't warn her with a big ass red flag?? I'll never understand.
Girls like this seem to enjoy the issues and heartbreak and running in place with trash that'll make sure to break you and ask for you back every month or so. You cant even hope for a legit answer when asking these girls "what makes you stay?"

No. 299305

i think shes like 23 no way shes 26

No. 299337

Shes very much thriving on the attention shes getting with her being on "tour life" now lol i think she thinks its so cool

No. 299408

I can't help but wonder the mixed reactions of the majority of peeps fans (the ones that obviously disagree of his relationship choice) when they see her at a show.

No. 299447

She is! it's so embarrassing like yes you are in a van full of neckbeards, so edgeeeeeee

Some people embrace shit relationships like this to excuse their insane behavior. Like she got bored being alone and sober and "healthy" and somehow got peep to let her come on the rest of the tour??? That's so annoying I'm sure they all hate her.

No. 299484

Still way too old to be picking on teenagers

Pathetic tbh

No. 299525

File: 1493267391619.png (364.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170426-212755.png)

Uh oh, trouble in paradise so soon?

No. 299531

File: 1493268824982.jpg (445.57 KB, 1365x2048, C-W6dNtUIAAtxUy.jpg large.jpg)

Man, she's been looking so chunky lately.

No. 299550

Box shaped, ill fitting pants never help anyone

No. 299560

Just go to a show and ask them.

No. 299582

She looks disgusting holy shit

No. 299583

i think it's funny how she's asking her ""fans"" to buy her $15 camera film and their reward is a selfie lmao

No. 299587

was this taken in the 90s

No. 299589

She'd take this as a compliment

No. 299595

File: 1493282247405.jpg (72.47 KB, 750x739, C-ReMTIVYAAlOBB.jpg)

Speaking of jailbait.
Jesus christ

No. 299597

I agree but she wears oversized things to make herself look thinner it's kind of counter productive imo

No. 299728

she's asking them for xans too lmao

No. 299732


No. 299793

File: 1493318132073.png (68.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2895.PNG)

She deleted this right alway but that didn't last long.

No. 299818

File: 1493319721885.png (241.29 KB, 1440x2048, 20170427_144544.png)

Uhh the second comment.. can anyone confirm that?? I doubt its true but I dont have a twitter to check. Could be the reason for tps twitter post I guess if it turns out true

No. 299832

File: 1493321055128.png (556.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2893.PNG)

It's true, peep posted on that on ig.
Tracy posted the girl thing on twitter but Tracy should honestly be disregarded he's attention whore.

No. 299834

File: 1493321178999.png (775.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0789.PNG)

she took this down pretty quickly. she posted something else before this but i didn't manage to open it

No. 299836

They're both so pathetic what kind of relationship is that lmao

No. 299838

No way she still looks like that, she's gained some weight and talks about it all the time but lol I wonder what the fight was about.

No. 299839

Well there we go. Missed both of these. Never ending cycle of this behavior so I'm unsurprised. Any more milk on this?

No. 299879

why did she delete it, though? fight pettiness with pettiness, all in, all the way or nothing, we know she has it in her.

so how many days until they get back together place your bets

No. 299900

File: 1493329515150.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9183.PNG)

she posted this an hour ago

No. 299909

Hopefully she doesn't get any ideas selling her bottled piss.

No. 299911

File: 1493330446642.jpg (111.62 KB, 540x607, tumblr_oovirqylna1tm1x8po1_540…)

Saw this and thought of her and pee(p).

Her hair looks flat, that's all I gotta say about that.

No. 299919

File: 1493331430145.png (63.48 KB, 576x1024, 296301A4-D95A-4443-A130-3C7E0F…)

No. 299956

>her hair looks flat
Once you spend all day in a van full of men pissing themselves you won't have time to care about how flat your hair is.

No. 299962

Days? I think you mean hours. She's backing to tweeting about love & commented on peep's "who's gonna fuck me" with "tonight"

No. 299967

If they're still touring I feel bad for whoever is stuck in a van with them fighting.

No. 299977


No. 300064

stop making those weird one word posts in like every thread

No. 300123

File: 1493349251978.png (2.12 MB, 1439x1792, 20170427_221112.png)

looking through her tagged pics…..im sure its mostly the unflattering angle bc she is pretty thin but…..

No. 300130

It's more than just angles… it's eating too much, not moving enough, and wearing the most tragic outfit known to mankind.

No. 300132

File: 1493349789079.png (2.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170427-230147.png)

Lol @ 2poops whole fucking life. What is her new ~assistant~ doing during tpoos little escapade? Think about it wHO would hire an assistant and then go on a fucking bender tour a week later? How fucking professional of her. ( I'm basically waiting for peepee to kick her out after getting sick of having to ask her to shower u know? And that's huge cause he don't shower either)
And lol at her loving such a pathetic drug. Who the fuck enjoys feeling immobilized for 18 hours of the way? Benzo junkies are fucking dumb and most who abuse it just do it for the aesthetic who don't wanna step up and do meth or Crack.
And she's definitely started getting fat cause she eats nothing but fast food now. She posts A LOT of shitty looking meals now. Back in the day she probably was ~too poor~ to afford food making for a skinnier toopoot . I can't picture this cunt being able to make anything besides a sliced hot dog in the microwave.

I don't know how to sage because I'm a newfag. BUT THIS IS PROBABLY SAGE. A steady lurker not a poster. Soz in advance.

No. 300150

was her head smashed with a bowling ball? seriously what the fuck that aint normal maan

No. 300155

Nah fam, she's gained a lot and it's getting more noticeable, shes always posting videos and pics of herself eating junk

No. 300167

>She posts A LOT of shitty looking meals now
Not that she doesn't anyways but she is on tour. When you're driving across states every day with a bunch of guys there aren't any means to cook and no one is thinking about how healthy it is.

No. 300169

hu cares if she putting on weight…?

No. 300175

>Back in the day she probably was ~too poor~ to afford food making for a skinnier toopoot
In that case, its a good thing shes eating and put on weight. Better than starving.

No. 300179


fucking hell this pic would've turned out just fine if she didn't insisted in doing this pose/having this posture

No. 300184

File: 1493354240564.png (64.8 KB, 533x522, IMG_3263.PNG)

So, she was whining on snapchat about how healthy she is even tho she's not a twig anymore.

No. 300193

File: 1493355019031.png (125.73 KB, 586x890, IMG_1062.PNG)

Saw one of her prepubescent fans posted this. She looks a little heavy, no?

No. 300204

She's posting things on Snapchat about her weight all of a sudden. I'm pretty sure she's keeping up with this forum now

No. 300213

File: 1493355662630.png (76.84 KB, 436x740, IMG_1063.PNG)

No. 300218


since she lurks and she keeps doing this to herself I have to say this.

Wearing your pants above your belly button like an old man does not hide your belly, it makes you look like you don't have a torso. So does not wearing a bra so your boobs touch said grandpa pants. Lift those sad boobs, wear longer shirts and low riding pants to give the illusion of a waist. If you are sad about your gut wear a belt around your waist or a dress. And straighten your back damn it, that also makes you look thinner and taller.

I mean, is it that hard? It's like telling a little tween how to dress her body.

No. 300226

This thread is so mindlessly evil. I know anyone who steps on here to speak up about how horrible and trashy this all is just gets met with sarcasm and belittlement, but I hope you can all take a moment to reflect on the things you say on here that she's clearly reading. So hateful, bizarre, and obsessive that you all spend time here to write paragraph after paragraph of curated information about a girl who you don't know and never will. Also, don't make fun of a woman's weight, it's so disgusting. She looks absolutely fine.

No. 300230

for sure. tbh i only lurk here because i find her life very entertaining and i love the milk, and i get this is lolcow and everyone on here must not have much better to do especially if they are hating on layla.. but like i draw the line at making fun of her weight that shit isn't cool ya'll need to self crit

No. 300235

(you sage by writing "sage" in the email field which is the second box from the top)

No. 300237


I personally re read what I wrote. I still believe she is making herself look heavier than she is by slouching, wearing her pants super high and letting her boobs hang low.I honestly didn't read the rest of this thread. I just saw these pics and they trigger me.


No. 300246

If you two are getting triggered by something as small as that, then you should probs redirect yourself to another site.

No. 300247

Lol stfu obvs layla whines about this shit irl or to social media """friends"""and you're just a fucking stan
Anyone can see she's a wreck, she's the one putting all this shit out there it's not being pulled out of thin air.
Bye now.

No. 300254

I'm not a "stan," nor am I triggered. You're diminishing everything I said exactly how I predicted – belittlement. You can get defensive all you want but it doesn't change the fact that this entire thread is distasteful and uncompassionate.

No. 300265

No shit she's literally posted screenshots & refers to lolcow by name on her snapchat

This is a gossip site, it's kinda the point & compared to the shit she gets in her @'s, comments & dm's this is child's play, at least we don't come at her.
If she's here it's because she wants another source of cruelty.

No. 300309

why is she morphing into the hunchback of notredame

No. 300310

her torso in those pics also reminds me of this

No. 300312

She has a normal healthy looking body. Most people aren't super thin anyways

No. 300334

when did i ever call her fat or say anything about her weight lmao. she just looks like a hunchback and the way she dresses makes her look like she has no torso