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File: 1522883782734.png (260.38 KB, 477x590, toopoor.png)

No. 546557

Prev threads:

"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, and begun seeing model luke storey

She has broken up with tyler and severed all business ties

Her new branding is wholesome, healthy, and metal health woke, the validity of this is debatable

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face along with vague brand collaborations


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 546563

She’s live on instagram rn

No. 546569

Lol they’re recording a song together. Is anyone gonna tell Aubrey that her voice is trash?

No. 546594

>She has now moved to London

No. 546614

That’s from the last op, is doesn’t look like this person updated/edited anything

No. 546628

File: 1522887927809.png (26.62 KB, 538x72, 152288764439878410.png)

The previous thread was locked. Everything was copied and pasted. Nothing was updated/edited.

No. 546685

yeah I know how thread locking works, just wondering why no effort was made.

No. 546710

File: 1522895866336.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x2169, EE1F10B6-18D1-45EC-803A-E295DE…)

Hard to tell with the face swap but I’m prettyyyyy sure this is teddy cause of his voice (It’s on Snapchat) damn Layla… cold af

No. 546715

>Looks like abby brown. >>>/snow/517372

No. 546716

⌛ time ran out(emoji)

No. 546725

File: 1522896909840.png (1.44 MB, 1125x2436, DA53F8A4-4B09-450A-8A86-E3A26A…)

Peppers liked tweets.

No. 546731

Doesn't teddy have finger tats on both hands

No. 546733

Yeah you right I was extremely wrong

No. 546751

Is there a way to get a notification when she goes live I always miss it

No. 546754

Any normal person bringing their bf to their home town would be hanging out with them, showing them around, introducing them
To friends etc but clearly that's not happening … honestly sad af for luke. She really is acting like a teenager why is she hanging out with some bitch who regularly chills with her psychotic abusive ex? Girl get it together

No. 546778

Maybe Luke dumped her. Y’all don’t know

No. 546818

to the anon from the last thread, i don't see how yung lean makes a difference. a few ikea rejects doesn't legitimize the 'swedish rap scene', like, it's fine or whatever, but it's not going to compare to the authenticity of the US rap scene. it's still pretty dweeby, like i said, and teddy being swedish, trying to copy a skinny white american boy is just extra lame to me. it just would feel less awkward if teddy was american to me, is all (still creepy and pathetic tho).

No. 546820

peep is swedish

No. 546824

peep was born and raised here, bathed in US culture. him being of swedish descent is not the same as a swedish kid growing up in sweden

No. 546829

you expected them to be yodelling on soundcloud

No. 546833

no. the point is that the talent/legitimacy of white rappers is already taken into question when they're american, and at the least, grow up around actual authentic US rap scenes, and black culture. it's just dweeby to associate yourself with a culture you've absolutely not been around at all, talk 'hood', etc. why do you think people cringe when layla talks 'hood'? because we all know she didn't grow up around that shit and it's inauthentic. same goes for swedish kids trying to play like they're hard and hood when they've not been around the american rap culture they piggyback off of. it was already questionable for peep. it's extra lame for a suburban swedish kid, soz.

No. 546841

it's lame for a suburban kid that's all, the nationality part is pointless. there's hoods (so hood music) everywhere you make no sense

No. 546856

File: 1522913097130.jpg (64.44 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20180405_002121.jpg)


No. 546859

Yodelling isn't even Swedish dude

No. 546873

File: 1522915102121.jpeg (220.86 KB, 1125x1036, 5E4728D6-947C-462E-A7BF-26356B…)

Music talk is explicitly discouraged in the op but also peep quit the fake hard shit pretty much as soon as he started it. He even made fun of/explained the reason he stopped for real rapping is because it was tired in with his pretending to be hard phase. International soundCloud/net rap way predates peep too, not just with sadbois/draingang but with people like keithape & that east azn multinational group. Netrap isn’t even trying to be ~hood~ 80% of the time.

No. 546914

File: 1522926802420.jpg (16.56 KB, 115x256, 20180405_151305.jpg)


No. 546922

File: 1522927902978.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, D900C315-AF31-4B94-A96F-67C02D…)


No. 546944

File: 1522932890773.png (3.81 MB, 750x1334, 0E66E3CA-863F-481D-9252-209E92…)

No. 546950

I dont get that can someone explain please. And why is it we dont have a nickname on luke

No. 546951

Why would he fly to her hometown just to break up with her?

Also can everyone please shut the fuck up about peeps musical merits. This topic couldn’t be beaten into the ground anymore if y’all even tried. This isn’t a peep discussion board so for the love of god please take it to one.

No. 546956

File: 1522934459532.jpeg (485.97 KB, 1125x1963, 40B46C33-59C6-46A2-8409-D417AF…)

UHHHH please kindly direct your attention to Luke’s stomach “tat” (not sure if it’s real or sharpie).
“Not Cool” where everyone else gets peeps “LOVE”. Is this a jab at teddy????

No. 546960

File: 1522934714998.png (4.46 MB, 750x1334, D08E1D38-17E7-4B46-BA53-EEF8A0…)

Is this Teddy? Somehow missed his relevance other than he looks like a total peep clone.

No. 546961

File: 1522934718905.jpeg (346.53 KB, 1125x849, 64B26163-EADC-49F3-BF0D-822FE7…)

This shit has my head spinning

No. 546973

no we've all been waiting seven threads for that

i defend layla because she's traumatized and needs so much therapy, and has for a long fucking time, but oh my god if she dumps luke for the skinwalker

i'm not even that bitch but luke is emotionally intelligent and fucking loaded. there's no way she wasn't drunk i think she's just so fucking trauma bonded to peep that she is enamored with teddy. this is fucking insane though and she needs so much help, it will only get worse. i hope she let's peep's ghost go, i really do.

and for all those bitching about layla accepting designer from an abuser, an abuser doesn't just go from 0-60 on someone, they love bomb the fuck out of them. we suspected abuse long before she came out with it; not only that but if she publicly threatened him you're fucking right pepper ann would have her jumped are you kidding? everything he does is textbook, fuck you guys never defend pepper.

No. 546975

Layla get the fuck off this stupid gossip board for your own health and i mean that. anyone trashing you legit sounds like a teenager, life is complex as fuck stop making time for the hateful cunts that weasel in. no one contributes to lolcow unless they have anger issues, myself included. yeah an interesting life and no one here truly wants to see you hurt or fail, they're projecting their own self hatred.

please continue going to therapy, please continue all the progress you've made. i truly wish you find more support in your life and leave this all behind you. there's nothing here for you, you've already gone down this path of caring what is posted and it landed you in the hospital. you are sensitive and caring, don't waste it on us or being self conscious.

please continue posting the positive mental health things that you learn, especially in therapy or even your own past experiences/mistakes. You have SO many young female fans who look up to you, please consider finding a way to share them positively and you really will impact a lot of girls who need it. Maybe talking about your emotional predisposition to people like Gus would give invaluable insight to your young fans.

fuck anyone who doesn't get it, layla. own up to anything that haunts you and put it to service for others and move on, that's all you can do. everyone posting here has probably been bullied so it's not like we don't get it.

and i posted in the OG threads for peep drama, couldn't look away from when layla embarrassed herself to get peep back, but after peep passed and his narcissistic abuse was more openly talked about i can't help but want layla to be happy, and watch people like tyler and all of peep's fake girl/friends finally choke. sorry not sorry.

No. 546976

File: 1522936344640.png (Spoiler Image, 339.13 KB, 438x444, Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 08.5…)

I can't come up with anything clever to nickname Luke because he literally looks like James Holmes circa 2012 Aurora, CO mass shooting.

No. 546994

rap is exclusively black culture, it's not about class. broke canadians or russians shouldn't fucking rap no matter if they live in legit ghettos, it is a preexisting and highly specific cultural expression that was not authentically passed on to them.

the attitude they take on with rapping is the main issue, they will never fucking know what it was like. if some broke white kid was rapping they'd need to be paying so much homage to the black culture that created it and make it clear they're not hood, just like peep did. he got it.

No. 546998

Can peeps music be a banned topic because no one in this thread gives a fuck about the rules/board culture

No. 547002

can the sjws leave please?

No. 547006

So not the place for this shit.

No. 547018

Who cares there’s gonna be white rappers and the discussion should be directed elsewhere if you’re getting so riled up about it. My point was that other cultures have rappers and it’s not an uncommon thing to borrow culture from other countries.
Anyways I don’t think they broke up because I saw Layla on live near a car with Luke a couple days ago. Sorry I didn’t take any screenshots bc I didn’t know people were debating it

No. 547021

Can you please let the musical merit discussion die.
And in regards to the Layla/Luke thing…

No. 547024

LOLOLOLOLOLOL the accuracy is painful

No. 547030

I don't know who that is - but it ain't Teddy.

No. 547033

MOST guys in LA look like this now. It's not cute anymore.

No. 547034

I literally told them to move to a different thread lol shut up

No. 547037


oh god stfu LOL people have been encouraging her to go to therapy to get her mental health together she does but i cant feel sorry for her for going back to LA LMAO she said how she wanted to leave it, it was toxic and bad for her health and now shes back??? for apparently 4 weeks LOL instead of her hanging out with her loser ass potaotoe head long hooked nose friend arbys and her new peep skinwalker bf she should focus on bettering herself and making shit better for herself but aye shes gonna do what she wants, draw more attention to herself and have all these mental break downs bc she doesnt get why her life is so "bad" and why people treat her like shit. If you allow yourself to go back to bad shit then expect people to dislike you when you were "trying" to fix shit lolllll(learn to integrate)

No. 547038

*soon to be bf you mean LMAO

No. 547061

That guy is her neighbor

No. 547129

i'm dense i still dont get what these means

No. 547134

No. 547144

I think he’s trying to say “if we didn’t hang out when I was in London what makes you think I wanna hang out now that I’m in LA”
Idk I’m dense af as well with questionable reading comprehension lol

No. 547206

thats the part i dont understand because….they did hang out in london they dated in london, but i think your assumption is right. maybe he did dump her

No. 547218

He could be talking about someone other than Layla.

No. 547294


tyler grosso is a petty fat fuck. he’s one of the ex boyfriends madeleine is tweeting about; they dated before tyler fucked with layla. tyler is lurking on his ex girlfriend’s twitter a year later liking her tweets just to be shady. what a psychopath. he definitely stalks the fuck out of layla, online if not in person.

enjoy rotting from the inside and out, tyler grosso

No. 547505

I think the reason Layla isn’t spending much time with Luke publicly or posting much is to hide from Tyler. She was frightened to come back to LA because of him.

No. 547524

she just went on live saying she spends time w other people and does things on her private time. she also said she posts a lot about aubrie so we think she’s always with her or something like that. she was gonna go do something on her “private time” and then go hang out with rachel.

No. 547527

It would make more sense because I’m sure Tyler is psycho enough to track her down by watching her every move and seeing where she’s at

No. 547543

I Just hope those who are friends with both are not adding to the drama by telling people where people are ie aubrie etc

No. 547641

File: 1522981248478.png (76.16 KB, 750x1253, IMG_2620.PNG)

Sup with this?

No. 547819

he's probably talking about other people because he and layla were practically connected at the hip in london and mexico.

No. 547840

Layla was just live hanging out in her apartment with Luke and it was actually really sweet. They were both going out but sperately, said I love you when parting ways, and seemed like a normal ass couple

No. 547841

File: 1522993633358.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5972.PNG)

Not the OP but here is a bad screenshot of Luke in her live. I thought it was sweet too but kind of weird that she immediately went to see Aubrey after her and Luke went separate ways.

No. 547846

Over analyzing in my opinion. She went to record in the studio with her friends. Who was instantly next door?

No. 547865

you’re just grabbing at straws man

No. 547869

File: 1522999718743.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 747834E3-F1C2-401E-ABF9-6BCA73…)

No. 547968

i’m not a fan or anything but luke and layla were practically attached to the hip recently. they probably just want some time to spend with other people. some of you need to chill out.

that being said, if she is hanging out with that teddy guy i’ll be annoyed as hell. it’s so disrespectful to peep. he said that he had to switch up his style a lot because he hated people copying him. people should respect his wishes and not copy all his shit goddamn.

No. 548075

She isn’t hanging out with Teddy. you guys are fucking idiots

No. 548093

Okay but Aubrie is friends with Tyler, she was friends with him even before her and Layla got close. We all know that Layla can’t keep a friendship longer than like 2 months but I’m sure her and Aubrie haven’t been friends for long time so why does she trust her? She could easily just be telling Tyler everything that is going on in Layla’s life and he won’t even have to track her down and stalk her because he has his little spy Aubrie

No. 548094

tbh I think its good her and Luke aren't hanging out everyday. that leads to co-dependency which is Layla's forte. Luke is a big boy and I'm sure if he was being severely neglected he'd just go back to London. and while Aubrie isn't a great choice (terrible in fact considering she literally just hung out with pepper ann) at least she's seeing her other friends too.

No. 548103

We leavin stans like you in the old thread

No. 548301

what ever happened with adam22??? pitchfork ran an article and that was that? so shitty that there are no real consequences, even with all this metoo times up shit

No. 548315

This topic is a fucking dead horse but I am so sick of all the photoshop when Layla doesn’t look bad in her snapchats etc. I miss when she used to not photoshop her pics so much pre-Peep.

Layla if you’re reading this which you probably are, your nose looks fine. It suits you. People on here make fun of it but we make fun of your photoshop use 10x more. You’re naturally really pretty, despite being a fucked up person at times. Stop making yourself look like every other instagram girl for the love of god. That isn’t you. Be your damn self.

No. 548357

Layla isn't pretty and her nose is absolutely disgusting. Stop lying to this poor girl, she knows she's ugly lmao.

No. 548364

gtfo cass

No. 548410

File: 1523054956601.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180406-214205.png)

Layla went live with Luke {just to probe to y'all they're still together LMAO} and abrys (I think didn't see the beginning) I wish she'd stop trying to make that greasy hairstyle a "look" and wash it with some head and shoulders+ a degreaser bc its ridiculous…

No. 548451

No one cares, he’s been at it for like 15 years, an article isn’t gonna change that. The people currently having to denounce him bc of the pr damages will take him back in a few months and talking about it will go back to getting you effectively blacklisted the way it’s been since the info was made available.

No. 548566

Yes we could get blacklisted, but I don’t think you speak for everyone when you say “no one cares”. Because it’s important and no, we shouldn’t move on. How sad to see how we are conditioned to letting famous people getting away with heinous acts.

No. 548617

Cass, you're ugly. And no one here cares about you.

No. 548623

File: 1523081172532.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, C6F76080-8CC4-4F72-988E-BFD144…)

tyler on live just now going through his safe and showing off a pocket knife “that still has cocaine in it” that lil peep gave him

No. 548628

He also showed multiple photos of Layla and mentioned she’s still his best friend no matter what.

No. 548629

>no one cares
ok no one cares that a guy has raped/assaulted girls and bragged about it online while posting pics of them while underage…. your comment is so negative.

No. 548675

Smh I feel so sorry for those girls..

No. 548739

File: 1523103672351.jpeg (281.68 KB, 1117x1405, 5BA91056-A5E8-4B8D-9D55-33A49A…)

Whoa did I miss something?

No. 548741

File: 1523104328634.jpeg (120.12 KB, 1125x482, FC00A818-6E8D-4577-BA39-D2F667…)

Lurk too hard?

No. 548752

File: 1523105835902.jpeg (34.97 KB, 750x193, 6776AB02-3F61-49F3-89ED-AA36DB…)

No. 548766

What the actual fuck
Maybe she responds to him when he’s suicidal or has encouraged his sobriety?

No. 548777

He’s manipulative with his suicidal threats so I yes. It is hard to ignore someone you once loved saying they are going to hurt themselves. But you also can’t let them think that you are going to let them into your life again just because they have problems

No. 548945

File: 1523125986540.png (790.64 KB, 1242x2208, 73577C28-66FF-4275-B894-5CDD83…)

Looks like they’re in the clear

No. 548993

I'm sorry if this was addressed and I missed it, but how is Tyler connected to Enzo? he is saying our lawyers…

No. 549031

Him and layla were basically accused of being accomplices / letting the rape happen

No. 549032

File: 1523131384044.jpeg (319.85 KB, 987x2138, E919360F-DCBB-4ED0-9F09-0018E4…)

From @internetgirls ig story. GBC doesn’t like anyone lol

No. 549094

File: 1523136116314.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2208, 84BF77EF-B664-4C73-8535-7B21B6…)


No. 549100

layla move on plz… I get he was her love and everything but this just inst healthy

No. 549171

Bruh, shes mourning. It’s not like she’s @ing him on twitter saying she’s gonna eat his ass like she used to (not that she can do that anymore anyways). There’s a difference.

No. 549202

File: 1523144450015.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.67 KB, 750x1074, 6698047B-FCF1-450E-9B56-FB285E…)

No. 549203

File: 1523144469744.jpeg (77.11 KB, 750x187, 83D1F970-964F-4EBA-A71C-9591BB…)

No. 549210


peep publicly trashed layla’s entire existence up until when he overdosed. wrote a song about her stinky pussy. did multiple livestreams where he was mocking her. the infamous comment about layla’s dick sucking video.

gustav treated layla like a dumb whore when he was alive and she was still chasing after that 19 year old dick. even after he’d shit all over her. he had no respect for her and she didn’t respect herself.

layla’s been way too old for this shit. since years ago. she’s a grown woman being praised for what she needs to do in life. she just started this new “healthy” persona after peep died, it’s been less than a year since then. layla is not a changed person. she can be, she isn’t right now

now that peep’s dead, she’s free to romanticize their trashy abusive relationship without his dispute or input. she’s mourning on instagram to her little teenage fans. like get a therapist.

except her life revolves around attention and sympathy. not actual recovery. layla is a bad joke at this point

No. 549219


i think they're related somehow.

No. 549224

this is the best take i've seen on the whole situation. do we really think that song was about layla though? i wouldn't put it past him to do that, but i'm just wondering if it really was likely about her. she did this while he was still alive, romanticizing the relationship, and everything he did in response, when she would romanticize it, showed he didn't feel the same way about their time together/respect her. sad. doesn't help that layla's fans keep blowing smoke up her ass about how he saw her/treated her. if gus saw them as an iconic sid & nancy duo like layla still does, there was nothing keeping them apart, lbr. people need to stop lying to her, jfc.

but she'll probably get another peep tattoo after lamenting about the loss of being the second coming of sid & nancy and cumming to her videos of peep and her fucking (another thing she embarrassed herself about. posting on twitter about masturbating to their vids while he's busy fucking other hoes and laughing at layla's desperation).

she really needs to get out of LA and be single for a while, and fucking hopefully realize there's no reason to romanticize any of these relationships, esp peep's, because tyler is way more unstable and more pathetic, and even he didn't put her on blast every 2 days like peep did. at least tyler apologizes, too, tbf.

No. 549225

It’s still sad he died. She still spent a hefty amount of time with him. Traveling and they lived together. She’s allowed to mourn. You guys are malicious.

No. 549230

I get what you're saying (as we all should by now, since it's an overly discussed topic), but don't do it while samefagging as you blow your own dick. It's obvious and embarrassing. Leave the cringe to the cows.

No. 549243


Those posts weren’t a samefag. Your assumption is wrong. You have no right to be policing what other people post and agree with.

The topic being discussed is old milk and it is saged. Get over yourself, mini mod.

No. 549357

Ya i dunno man peep died less than 6 months ago I think its pretty normal and healthy for her to still be grieving you cold hearted fuck

No. 549361

Oh please, she was fucking grosso when peep died and peep didn't give a fuck about her at all, why are you guys so up her ass about something that wasn't even anything? I can guarantee he would be an asshole to her still even if he was alive.

No. 549405


Lol exactly. Lets keep it one hunnit peep saw layla and tyler together and wasnt batting an eyelash. Tyler would say the cringiest shit on live with Layla while they were at the gucci store, such as “Peep is a bitch and he would never spend this much money on layla while they were together”
Which is why i find tyler being sad about peep most comical of all. Goodness all these fuckheads are delusional goofies.

No. 549410

this, 100%. send this to Layla actually because she's too dumb to come to this conclusion on her own.

No. 549413

there ain't shit genuine about any of these motherfuckers. all fake.

No. 549421

Actually. As soon as Tyler and Layla posted pictures, Peep was quick to show off Arz every single time. It was like a battle. Peep also commented on the photos of Tyler and Layla in the gucci store with petty shit like “I remember when I took her shopping”

No. 549428

And if he really wanted her, he knew he could have her back at any second. He just liked the idea of having his cake and eating it too. He wanted Layla to still be jealous and flip out over him being with someone else, but didn't want her enough to date her and be faithful to her.

No. 549429

and yet it's still possible to mourn the loss of someone who mattered in your life at one point. your vitriol over this is intense.

No. 549446

Nah dude doesn’t matter. Peep was an important person to her whether he treated her like crap or not she is allowed to mourns him. It’s healthy and completely normal. Smdh

No. 549467

File: 1523166825351.jpeg (170.97 KB, 1125x557, 2A636219-0AB8-4F15-BE47-0B55CF…)

Meanwhile grosso is still being creepy

No. 549469

File: 1523166970950.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2189, 466E38F4-E17F-440A-9E8F-8EB259…)

I was gonna be sarcastic and say “wow wonder who to believe”… but then I realized it’s her word against peppers and now I’m lost

No. 549491

………..she ate peeps ass and posted about it on twitter what did she write

he must've had the dirtiest ass in the world, girl…….

No. 549492

he ate HER ass

No. 549494

she has a history of abuse, a shitty father, and there were those texts where she said she loved when peep treated her like shit and ignored her. i think she's just really fucking submissive and trauma bonding is a real thing, your brain gets chemically addicted to toxic relationships and there's proven withdrawal symptoms during no contact.

so i agree that layla needed to just get help and dump his ass with some dignity, but i think she enjoyed the exhibitionism and was degraded so often she never felt remorse for losing modesty or dignity.

No. 549499

There is a lot of talk on this board about how much Layla loved Peep, and sacrificed for him. But maybe I am at the unpopular opinion that Gus actually really did care for Layla.. he just wasn’t ready to commit to a girl when his career was blowing up. Same reason almost that him and his ex before Layla broke up. He wanted to go tour and chase pussy but I don’t think he was emotionally done with Layla. Did he play mind games with her? Totally. (I mean he is a fucking Scorpio if you care for that shit ha).

I have carefully listened to his newest album and I really think a lot of the songs are about Layla. Brightside, Awful Things, ect.

No. 549502

no, you read that wrong, op said
>@ing him on twitter saying she's gonna eat his ass

No. 549503

he admitted to being with her for song content. he's a brand remember that, I'm sure he enjoyed his music and fashion, but it's all so calculated. just like his narcissistic mask.

he would breadcrumb her to keep her on the hook and acting crazy to feed his pathetic ego. a narcissist can't love and i'm sure they had fun together, but it was just about control. he could make her do anything.

No. 549504

he wrote a lot more emotionally volatile/intense songs about emma or his other exes, than anything on cowys and he seemed to be able to drop them pretty easily too. like you said, i think he was an oversexed scorpio that liked to pretend his relationships were a lot more meaningful to him than they really are. plus, it makes for excellent songwriting material. tbqh he seemed to genuinely enjoy embarrassing layla a lot more than he seemed to enjoy spending time with her, so…

i think the thing the only thing he truly missed was the fact that they were an edgy powercouple.

this x1000000000. where did he say he was w her for songwriting material though? i don't doubt it at all and have always suspected that, just want to know.

No. 549514

File: 1523177219912.jpeg (254.16 KB, 750x858, D73FCFAE-D129-44D7-9CCA-95AA2B…)

No. 549552

If she does I will literally lose every last bit of respect for her
I hope she’s talking about someone else and he just keeps self-inserting like a fucking weirdo

No. 549590

File: 1523189038698.jpeg (931.18 KB, 1125x1800, 904D7B35-94A4-4DE5-B558-2FA374…)

Peppers liked tweets. This is so fucking gross and uncomfortable to watch

No. 549614

This listerally made me sick I hope to god she doesn’t text him

No. 549623

This is absolutely beyond pathetic. I get the mourning over peep or if he were alive her trying to talk to him but to even think about ruining a semi stable relationship with a semi attractive guy over some fat piece of shit who looks like he lives on skid row is beyond pathetic. Wtf are you doing. He's abusive, gag level hideous, manipulating and literally every other negative adjective one could think of. Why would you do that there's literally no logic behind it in the slightest

No. 549659

what I’m wondering is if Luke can see this shit too? Like is he seeing what we’re seeing? I really hope pepper ann is just thrusting himself into her life and Layla is ignoring him,,, but considering how much she romanticizes toxic relationships I really wouldn’t be surprised. Poor Luke.

No. 549671

File: 1523199071264.png (11.1 MB, 1125x2436, AC5597BE-BC1C-4BC5-93EC-884816…)

Exhibit A

No. 549682

File: 1523200625106.png (4.24 MB, 750x1334, BCF6BFB6-951C-4C40-BB10-D75FD7…)

I got the impression last night on layla’s live that luke was out somewhere ignoring her and she was trying to get his attention.

No. 549715

I swear to god this girl is fucking dumb as fuck. You finally get your shit together, get clean, have independence, a dude who actually isn’t a leech and cares for you and is also sober to fuck it all up for a dude who abused the shit out of you. I’m done with her, lost respect all over again

No. 549717

Also can we drop the peep and layla shit. Whether they “””loved””” each other or not they both were toxic for each other and humiliated each other (obviously one side more than the other). Layla is allowed to mourn the loss of a kid who was in her life regardless of the situation they both put themselves in, there really isn’t anymore milk to it so why not just drop it?

No. 549718

File: 1523204850336.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x2000, 84ED2112-4773-432F-BE73-24E709…)

Arz hanging out with Paris and Bryan (@glorellana) this bitch is so clout hungry it’s UNREAL

No. 549719

It's possible that grosso is lurking her shit. He's probably self inserting himself into drama. He's bipolar. He probably made the matching screen cap and posted it here. He loves attention.

No. 549720

*matching tweet & screen capped it

No. 549862

File: 1523218002480.png (6.26 MB, 1242x2208, 21CB5946-AE3C-4CF6-8759-5523FD…)

Figures. Paris is coming up.

No. 549863

Hahah hiding her face cuz she ain’t got her mask on.

No. 549938

They’re all going to Paris (France, not the guy) together tomorrow, according to their insta stories.
Paris is the worst skinwalker imo. Once peep died the music industry saw how much money they could make off sad boy emo rap, and scrambled to find “the next peep” and exploit the fuck out of his death/sudden HUGE interest in soundclout.
That’s obviously what they’re pushing with Paris. Like… dude didn’t even really have a music career before he got signed to 300. He shit out his first album in two days and was most likely wasn’t written by him at all. Its straight up manufactured to ride the peep wave to the banks.

For him and arz to start hanging out is so cringey and honestly just fucking gross. Skinwalking/clout chasing to the extreme. I guess they’re kinda perfect for each other in that regard.

No. 549966

File: 1523222844052.jpeg (42.5 KB, 609x248, 7677F5AF-CF3E-41C1-B95E-F9EFAF…)

wow this is just some fuck shit layla made sure to tell all her (underage) followers. how edgy.

she’s a fucking creep, this is the same woman who was reposting photos of men covering her baby pictures in semen

No. 549985

File: 1523224283140.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, 680A38C1-79FB-4FA7-ABFF-A60887…)

Ummmm haha I don’t … think … so.

No. 550006

She has a manly voice I just saw her stories and I cringed so hard

No. 550067

wow. how can people on here stan this bitch. this is a repulsive thing to make up stories about.

No. 550072

Right? This is so disgusting and that fact that all of her followers are mainly teenagers in high school is just beyond sad. So she had a bf in preschool?? The fuck? This bitch has probably never not had some soft of boy around her whole life. She's sick in the head.

No. 550079

I think that it is possible for younger children to explore “sexuality” at a young age but unless you have been sexually abused
The farthest it’s gonna go is “kissing” or talking about boobs. I remember in preschool a boy pulled me under a train set and asked if I “wanted to see his boobies.” My mom said this was relatively normal and kids will naturally want to explore these kinds of things with other children. If children are mimicking the actual act of sex or masturbating it’s usually a sign of sexual abuse

No. 550114

masturbating is normal for children to do. it's very normal. imitating sex acts, however, is not, and you're right that it's often an indication of sexual abuse. touching themselves, rubbing/humping against pillows, couches, etc, is pretty normal.

No. 550164

File: 1523237430339.jpeg (82.95 KB, 739x655, 6E0A7A11-7579-4075-9476-7B6CAD…)


No. 550185

No. 550186

Tyler did an insta live and he was also video chatting Layla on a different phone.
He flashed the screen really quickly twice, it was definitely her.

No. 550188

no he was watching her and aubrie’s live

No. 550189

i'm not even hating but she isn't cute. like at all. and her voice is disgusting, like she smoked her whole life and it cracks and it's mad low in the worst way.

i genuinely do not understand. a bitch could steal all kinds of money from her family but how in the world did she get peep? i know she met the pop punk band guy through a party her music industry dad hooked her up with, but it's FUCKING LA there's an abundance of beautiful girls. how in the world is this happening, she seems annoying as fuck and that laugh oh my goddddd

is it really just because she fucked peep for a month bc they broke up before he died …… how did he even find her so many questions

No. 550192

It's possible the charges she was pursuing against Tyler (and Layla) were dropped but the charges against Enzo weren't yet. The Enzo thing is a lot more serious and more nuanced so it's going to take a while to sort through that, but it's pretty fucking obvious that TP and Pepper weren't "accomplices" and she was never going to win that. I hope they got a gag order too because missgucciwitch absolutely would run her mouth right into a jail cell.

No. 550207

>>549966 Layla tries so unbelievably hard to come off as sexual and it only ends up coming off as creepy and borderline pedo-y. how tf is THAT her deepest darkest secret? she chose that one cause that's one that her underage fans would be like "omg QUEEN! ICON" when there's nothing "queen" or "iconic" about masturbating (love how she can't even fucking spell the word) at a young age, it's natural and it's not deep or dark. what a fucking moron.

No. 550224

Pepper is live right now getting his stans to flood Layla’s comments with “come back to daddy” he said he saw her the other day and is bragging about it. This is so fucking disgusting to watch

No. 550227

File: 1523244245182.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x2186, 25B011CE-B0A4-4D3C-96B0-DCD406…)

And this is what he looks like while doing it. He tweeted he was going live and got everyone to show up for THIS. Not to mention the casual manipulation. I want to fight him?

No. 550228

File: 1523244315951.jpeg (133.02 KB, 1125x497, F969CC3F-D7D3-4664-BE98-82D401…)

No. 550229

File: 1523244350098.jpeg (84.78 KB, 1125x891, 4796AD06-A4B4-4691-8BF3-783FD2…)

No. 550232

How long until arz is on the post malone tour w paris and tyler is out?

No. 550238

File: 1523245219361.jpeg (60.7 KB, 750x333, 19CD921F-05F5-482E-94F2-14C1B2…)

No. 550241

File: 1523245448706.jpeg (94.38 KB, 750x404, 224514A4-B5B3-416F-8E1A-452639…)

He also said he’s doing another No Jumper interview next week.

No. 550257

Girls who latch onto famous guys like she does are a type. They're usually very skilled at getting them into a one-on-one relationship, marriage, and popping out kids to keep it all on lock.

No. 550261

I’m so sick of this ugly herpe paper cut lipped loser, he makes me rage more than Layla Jesus.
Why has nobodu punched this paunchy tard in the face yet?

Why does Layla even bother? This dude is repulsive as sin

No. 550263

Layla was just on live playing her music, it was pretty decent actually .. much better than whosenameweshallneverspeak haha

No. 550275

I can’t lie, It did sound pretty good. Didn’t have that soundcloud vibe either and sounds better than Chelji.

No. 550278

Are we talking about fugly chelji here anon lmao

Pepper should really have a thread of his own he’s such a cow

No. 550293

I love catching up on Pepper bullshit right in here though.

No. 550335

This p much confirms for me that he’s being an insane leech, did he specify where and how he saw her?
He probably just showed up somewhere aubrie was or maybe saw her in passing?
I highly doubt they were hanging out willingly or he wouldn’t have people harassing her to see him?

On the other hand….maybe she needs some cash? Hmm
Can’t wait to see how the next 3 weeks pan out lol

No. 550438

File: 1523262166761.jpg (62.53 KB, 720x708, Lphh4Tfxvjc.jpg)

were these ever posted?

No. 550440

File: 1523262198939.jpg (80.38 KB, 582x720, K8rVM1yjyCE.jpg)

No. 550515

Adam played Chelji’s song on stream and was saying good things and that he wanted to sign her? https://twitter.com/iamjakub_/status/983227032782897152?s=21

No. 550520

You said its name, now you've summoned it >>550515
Potato begone!

No. 550521

lmao please leave no one gives a fuck

No. 550533

Wow I honestly feel like a fuller face/upper body suits her
I had no idea she was ever that big…
She’s admitted she struggles with food, I hope she doesn’t severely restrict to stay her current size
It would explain a lot of her mood swings and depression, starving yourself makes you crazy

No. 550547

we can mention Chelji just don’t discuss her here - not trying to be a minimod but a lot of anons hate when she’s discussed so just take it to another thread otherwise she’ll misread it for clout

No. 550566

Honestly, milk is milk. If chelji keeps making an ass out of herself because she thinks she is famous, let her. I personally find it funny to see her sperg out.

No wonder there is a drought here when milky flakes are ignored to stop them from seeking attention.

No. 550575

Wish I could say I’m surprised but like trash runs with trash lol

No. 550622

The most hilarious part about this is in the link you shared, he very clearly says he’s NOT going to sign her

No. 550634

Uhhh whose that??

No. 550653

layla. the angle/obscuring her face with her arm makes her look a little less like herself, but it's her.

No. 550680

I think this was before Corey when she wasn’t doing drugs, once she got with Corey she got to her skinniest and plumped up when she got with peep again

No. 550749

This thread moved painfully slow, a full week plus without posts, before November, regulars were perfectly fine with it. There’s no fun in discussing nobodies, or feeding into pathetic people’s thirst.

No. 550785

File: 1523299139615.png (106.05 KB, 478x659, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 11.3…)

Lmaooooo "what do you do"

No. 550790

File: 1523299294944.jpg (517.59 KB, 1425x2434, 20180409_114019.jpg)

Tyler's fans literally flooded Laylas comments with tons of these

No. 550794

Disgusting…. this is straight up harassment/abusive stalking behavior…. Layla don't do it….

No. 550797

It's also disgusting that Layla disabled all the comments for just a bit, but then she left them back up knowing damn well people are trashing luke, calling him a 35 year old loser multiple fool times..she's pretty abusive herself (we all know that anyway)

No. 550808

so did luke and her break up?

No. 550814

No. She was on live this morning and Luke brought her coffee. They seemed fine.

No. 550896

So leave and don’t come back mini mod

No. 550903

File: 1523304453335.png (651.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180410-000556.png)

Lol. Also did layla disable the comments on that deepest darkest secret post?

No. 550908

One of her little minions uploaded this, he definitely said he was going to sign her 3 times exactly and called her the ‘first woman of no jumper’ what does that mean? trash https://youtu.be/J422E4tI5-o(selfposting)

No. 550910

Why does Paris look like Jafar from Aladdin though

No. 550912

He looks like he has a sinister plan to drink all the bud light in Saudi arabia

No. 550914

File: 1523304974774.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180410-001239.png)

Luke is live and a few people asked about layla and he said something about an emergency and a broken phone didn't catch all of it plus his accent is a lil hard to understand but if someone else was watching can they clarify?

No. 550920

File: 1523305367135.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180410-002152.png)

Layla messed up her phone

No. 550932

LMAO that was the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Also cant understand why these bozos are stuck on bud light, it's like drinking water what the hell.

No. 550949

You’re just angry that anon called you out for wanting to post about Cheljiwhatever.
You’re outnumbered, you can leave. You don’t contribute much anyways.

>milky flakes
You sound hella lame

….wow why would anyone refer to that creature as daddy? Please tell me what’s daddy about paying for face tattoos to try to mask the fact that you look like a 12 year old boy while doing nothing but eating pizza rolls on your couch and tweeting?

No. 551070

File: 1523314951370.jpeg (133.21 KB, 750x660, FF52F9B8-F7DC-43E8-865F-3EB226…)

Hope this isn’t about Tyler.

No. 551071

File: 1523314963931.jpeg (49.51 KB, 750x539, 1C1081E7-8EBC-4349-80AB-ACF901…)

No. 551078


I'm going to assume all of these posts will always be about Peep. Pepper Ann is just an annoying nuisance at this point. Luke seems like an understanding guy - being over 30 & all. He allows her to grieve where Pepper Ann did not.

No. 551093

I'm glad you said his age because >>550914 looks like Onision dressing up in his toddler son's clothes. Not too far off the mark.

No. 551103

This is obviously about Tyler, I’m sure she wouldn’t call peep an ugly ass lol

No. 551119

Idk I kind of hoped it was about cass tbh

No. 551178

All of her tweets since getting back to LA seem to be about Tyler (not trying to assume) because they don’t sound like they’re about peep or even luke, and it’s weird her and luke are still even together after all she’s posted

No. 551192

File: 1523322577865.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 55862CEC-7660-4402-95B6-844D39…)

Luke was on live earlier saying he hates his most recent tattoos. he actually got Not Cool on his stomach and this casper ghost. He and Layla seem fine but he said LA has been bad for his mental health.

No. 551195


seconded. cass is a shady bitch but i would rather layla see her again than tyler lil dick grosso. all of hotelshrimp’s photos are gone too, what’s up with her?

tyler grosso is just a nasty abusive heroin smoking fatass. there is nothing redeeming about him obsessively trying to worm his way back into layla’s life. she’ll let him too, but layla shouldn’t give in to his obvious manipulation.

they’ve had some sort of communication, it’s feeding into his massive ego and power over her. tyler has been saying he saw layla, and talking about her constantly.

layla definitely isn’t showing off luke like a shiny new toy anymore. she’s back to her old lifestyle in her old town with her old friends. that’s one of the worst things a recovering addict can do because it jeopardizes their sobriety. but that doesn’t matter to layla, she isn’t interested in genuinely improving herself.

No. 551221

respecting luke’s wishes.

No. 551228

File: 1523325355745.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, 8C010B12-63DB-4BA0-B72E-38725A…)

Meanwhile - this bitch is still at it. LOL

No. 551267

File: 1523327075480.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 9C35C73D-76C7-4495-BE6B-B19569…)

No. 551303

File: 1523329742001.jpeg (252.19 KB, 1125x845, 55A2B10F-D7EF-45C1-96FB-FDB834…)

I’m calling it now… he’s gonna use this as an opportunity to blab all about Layla. Two abusive fuck boys talking about their fuck boy bullshit to the delight of teenage try hard whiteboys

No. 551321

Is his clothing company really that successful? I don't understand why or how he has fans and I doubt he invests in anything for his future so hopefully he will crash and burn within the next few years?

No. 551387

File: 1523339007751.jpeg (195.77 KB, 1236x1309, E6465155-8082-490C-B01E-5138F3…)

Hahaha… I wonder who the next victim is…

No. 551390

I dont believe it, I think its just children that buy his shit.

Also side note, I am going to say it now; if Layla doesn't go back to the UK soon, she is gonna fuck up, real bad. Either she is gonna dump Luke/he is gonna dump her. At this moment, I cannot see Layla staying committed to Luke. I think she is still grieving Peep, and finds comfort in Tyler's manipulation probably because it reminds her of him.

Hopefully, she proves me wrong.

No. 551391

obv just trying to get laylas attention. again.

No. 551400

sugarbear hair pills sure are doing wonders for those bald patches…

No. 551425

File: 1523342518208.png (383 KB, 640x1136, F18B31CA-32B3-4966-97FE-A65397…)


No. 551458

What the fuck does thing ugly pot bellied minger actually do?
Him looking special needs is one thing entirely, but the fact that on top of that he’s completely annoying and every post he makes is him obsessively trying to dig at Layla which is fuckin weird makes him maximum grating. I need his stupid face trigger warning and spoilered dear lord

No. 551466

TooPoo not using again but made a twiitter post that says "puppy chow" ? Alright….

No. 551519

File: 1523358969633.jpeg (53.3 KB, 220x322, 715F8BE5-ED46-4275-94BA-D28BD7…)

he’s got the tommy wiseau look

No. 551554

File: 1523365093820.jpeg (268.72 KB, 1242x1368, 37AA8006-3B3C-4E1C-B008-DB02AF…)

Imo this is some sort of stab at Pepper not in reference to her taking up H again.

Also in regard to the other tweets… Does anyone remember that whole photo shoot debacle where he accused Lay of running away? He commented this exact thing on one of his socials (I can’t remember which one and don’t have caps sorry) in response to one of his followers asking what happened. Also on his live the other day he mentioned Layla had blocked his number but they had been in contact since she had been back. Luke must be the a very understanding and compassionate person to be watching all this subtweeting unfold and still be supportive.

No. 551558

File: 1523365792106.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, 4014937A-C248-410A-B7CC-F8C4B0…)

Luke is going back to London today. TP is supposedly following in 2 weeks. They still seem together but Luke clearly hates LA.

No. 551567

File: 1523366766688.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x2097, DA48D431-538C-40E3-9202-5B22DD…)

Someone got a pepper tattoo….. why the fuck would you do that

No. 551603

Is Shartzaylea (every time she talks it sounds like a fucking shart) shacking it up with this Paris dude now.,.. what is her problem

No. 551608

File: 1523369298988.jpeg (111.36 KB, 1125x555, 3D654D02-2519-455B-99B9-519CC4…)

She claims she’s not but we all know better

No. 551619


THIS. Shartzaylea's friendship with Paris is as fake as her DEADASS BALD HEAD promoting Sugar Bear Hair. He got 2k more followers since she posted her ratchet self with him… I actually don't hate that he's using her for clout - that's all she's good for. Wouldn't be surprised if her and @Glorellana shared a double ended dildo as Paris filmed. I bet they're all into poop/shart stuff.

No. 551650

Subtweeting is so lame. Seeing how much her pathetic ass feels the need to sub for attention, I don’t feel so bad about Gross(o) being creepy back

No. 551653

Stop trying to make Sharyzaylea happen. It isn’t going to happen.

No. 551669

Were Paris and Aubrie a couple?

No. 551702

No. 551711

damn didn’t know Shartz stans lurked here. Prove yourself and offer up something better plz.

No. 551717

I'm assuming they broke up, do you know any deets?

No. 551731

Probably because Aubrie and TP are friends and Tyler and Paris are friends so they kinda just took different sides. TP and Paris don’t talk anymore

No. 551733

no anon i'm sorry, i just noticed that they stopped posting about each other/tagging each other and then i saw paris joining grosso in his desperation for pussy and assumed they broke up too

No. 551804

But Aubrie and Tyler have been seen together since TP and Tyler broke up.
Makes total sense for TP and Paris to no longer talk, esp. with him being around arz now… but farmers have pointed out that Aubrie and Tyler still being tight makes TPs friendship with her a little odd.

Doesn't really matter I suppose, if the breakup was milky we'd know about it

No. 551917

File: 1523392674644.png (8.19 MB, 1242x2208, BB87FF72-EC4B-4FA0-B417-C9AF88…)

Damn Layla, pay attention to the road! LMFAO

No. 551972

she’s not driving

No. 552006

sage for totally unrelated and rude, but every candid Aubrie has been posting of Layla and this one by Luke shows Layla's real face and woof. anyone can really make it in LA lol

No. 552030

I just have a feeling some fuckery is going to go down as soon as luke is gone to London…

No. 552039

seriously pouya is hilarious, you can clearly tell he's fed up with tyler's shit, sucks that his gf is going through cancer

No. 552069

File: 1523402152082.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1498, 20180411_031046.png)

Um… How about no LOL as soon as Luke leaves layla gonna go back to pepper anne

No. 552081

am i the only one who doesn’t think she’s gonna go back to grosso? let’s not forget that his busted ass was a rebound for her, as soon as peep died she realized that and tried to get away and eventually succeeded. allher nostalgiaposting on twitter is much more likely to be about peep imo.

yeah pouya is funny but the rape allegations make me uncomfortable, i wish people would have talked about it more and we would have known what actually went on

No. 552088

File: 1523403754219.png (5.22 MB, 1125x2436, ED5957B1-E559-472D-A52E-B2945E…)

Wait whoa how did I not know he had a TP tattoo? Is this before or after leaving him?

No. 552092

i def don't think she's going back to grosso, like at all. not cause layla is too mature or intelligent for that, cause she's neither, i just don't see it happening. i definitely don't think her and luke are gonna make it either, they're just still in their bullshit happy period, where they just take really embarrassing semi-sexual ass grab and finger in mouth photos for the gram to show everyone how edgy and aesthetic they are, you know, kinda exactly like her relationships with Peep and Tyler and even to a lesser degree with Corey. but it'll all go down the shitter soon. luke is just gonna be another chapter in the layla lolcow chronicles, two threads from now there will be 4 more guys with childish tattoos and half a functioning brain. having said that, i don't wish ill on layla, i just think she's incredibly dumb and weak and cannot function without a man to give her the false validation that she's worthwhile.

No. 552105

File: 1523404762820.jpeg (265.3 KB, 1125x653, 82E8205D-988B-4538-BBE9-06810F…)

Pepper keeps mentioning his “new girl” but I won’t believe it until he shows her.
I dunno, I just feel like if it were real he’d be showing her off and shoving pics with her in everyone’s face

No. 552110

yup he got it while they were dating. he also has his ex (cheriemadeleine)’s name on the other side, he’s dumb as fuck

No. 552324

Maybe she has the face of a potato. Just a thought.

No. 552329

File: 1523422271822.jpeg (913.91 KB, 1125x1404, D89515BC-4242-4627-B54D-9B13E4…)

Tagged photo of arz from 2015. There’s no way she hasn’t had some kind of major plastic surgery. No ones face morphs like that in two years

No. 552332

She’s admitted to getting plastic surgery and nobody is doubting that she did.

No. 552336

Who hurt you

No. 552338

File: 1523422860286.jpg (28.91 KB, 480x466, 411417af8e6bdd40fe280eefd4902f…)

Yeah, that pic was post nose job tho, I believe

No. 552343

Lol you’re a complete loser

No. 552359

would actually love to hear him elaborate on why LA was bad for his mental health. Seems obvious but I don't want to just assume, deep down he actually seems intelligent and since he's from another continent entirely I'm intrigued. But I just hate America so.

And yeah those tattoos are pretty predictable via irony but easy to remove, they're just simple black lines and he's rich. the not cool one is funny though ngl

No. 552361

lmfao are you fuckin serious THIS is arzayea
wtf was peep thinking god damn how did this bitch get absolutely anywhere at all

on some twitter tea thread her family member said she spent money on liposuction, and she's rumored to be like 23-26??? i'd rather use this bitch for milk, she's an evil person and deserves it.

No. 552372

File: 1523426300742.jpeg (305.88 KB, 750x1267, 190E0C03-979F-4B91-90FE-44DA92…)

This is Tyler’s “new girl”

No. 552373

She lives in Michigan so they probably haven’t even met irl lmaooo

No. 552374

that girl is fucking filthy lmfao amazing

No. 552375

Holy fuck. those extensions are disgusting, they look like they smell like shit and cigarette smoke oh my god, she's nauseating to all of the 5 senses. I couldn't imagine being near her in person i feel bad for anybody who has to be put thru that.

No. 552382

receipts pls

No. 552383

File: 1523427916029.jpeg (103.97 KB, 750x555, C5869ECC-F031-44AF-A9FA-540920…)

No. 552384

File: 1523427929323.jpeg (27.82 KB, 750x310, F36D3050-058E-4634-8CD4-51A9ED…)

No. 552385

This girl looks like suuuuuch a try hard and her music is so overproduced. Is she going for 70’s, Lana, trap queen, instathot, or Pacsun employee vibes because I can’t tell. Whatever brand she’s trying to create for herself is all over the place.

No. 552386

Let’s be real, she’s probably just entertaining him for clout and to hopefully gain a following for her own endeavors.

No. 552389

Pre nose job Arzy looks like a girl I know who is in prison for murdering her boyfriend. Spooky.

No. 552398

Looks like taylor Dean (dirty pet YouTuber who's dating a rapist)

No. 552410

File: 1523432880023.jpeg (590.81 KB, 1130x1767, 0DD221C2-E688-4EDC-88F2-A3F11E…)

Yikes, look at that white cast from trying to bake with hd powders. irl mami or flashback mami?
Also “mami”…..please.

No. 552425

I haven't seen it mentioned yet, but that irl.mami who Tyler is claiming as his new girl has twin baby girls back in Flint, MI. She mentions being a proud single parent in two interviews I've seen with her online.

No. 552426

imo tyler seems like the kind of guy who doesnt care about baggage because he doesnt actually care about having a normal relationship, irl.mami is hot enough to get clout and get back at layla and thats all that matters

No. 552439

Am I going crazy or is she trying to look like young Priscilla Presley?

No. 552442

hate to say it, but she's still more attractive than Layla. this girl is probably dumb as bricks too, but Layla is genetically an embarrassment.

No. 552451

the thing that i dont get is why tyler hasnt covered up his tp tattoo? or is he still thinking that lay will come back to him? either way it’s either truly pathetic or manipulative. but with him it’s probably both tbh

No. 552488

File: 1523452905244.jpeg (510.5 KB, 750x948, DB53A057-17D2-4CDD-BC9A-2C1375…)

Tyler hanging out with Aubrie and whoever these two are. I didn’t think Aubrie and Ty ever dated, i thought they’ve just been friends for a long time?

No. 552528

where are you getting that they dated?

No. 552537

nm i just can’t read. y’all said paris and her dated which i still find hard to believe

No. 552667

that pic is old btw

No. 552675

For some dumb reason I thought Aubrie and Tyler were brother and sister for a while.

No. 552699

Don’t wanna hate on the girl fully yet because she could be decent but damn her aesthetic is trash. She looks like she sleeps in make up and her makeup skills in general suck, like wash your face it looks greasy!!!

No. 552731

Bc Tyler referred to her as his sister multiple times

No. 552764

>>552372 >>552425 she's not from flint, she's from fenton. which is south of flint (not that it matters i guess but the cities are distinctly different).. if yal thought the inner city/east side/detroit was bad, flint is WORSE than that, and fenton is in the same tier.. or arguably worse. flint is poor, but so is fenton, & fenton is full of yeehaws, radical conservatives/republicans, white trash, meth & heroin. flint is just poor. she claims to be from the east side of detroit but fenton is nowhere near detroit, it's over an hour away and she's got nothing to do with the scene downtown - she may have spun at local ma n pa bars during high school or whatever but literally nobody here has ever heard of her and i have yet to see her do anything at all in the city - not even cheap ass underground/warehouse shows

No. 552789

There has to be something a little bit off about irl.mami. I think I can definitevely can say her face tats are worse than Potato's, which is saying a lot. She covers them up with hair and most of her Instagram photos but you can see them in a few of her Instagram videos.

No. 552810

I don't get why people keep saying irl.mami's image is all over the place. It is Trap Lana Del Rey, obviously not the most original idea but definitely strongly focused.

No. 552818

She looks like a rebound layla replacement.

No. 552871

She is bussssteeeeed. So much makeup…

No. 552880

File: 1523481046834.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 79E02750-D09D-401B-8B6C-124C17…)

i can’t believe i’m saying this but since cass got off IG she actually looks happy and healthy and they are maybe even a sweet couple

No. 552940

File: 1523484291531.png (436.92 KB, 750x1334, 8D6D0E71-6BC3-46C7-B6A7-C4977F…)

Since when do up and coming artists do interviews w tmz? Girl you are IRRELEVANT

No. 552943

Wow is that really Cass? All it took was deleting social media for her to get back to reality?! That just doesn't look like her at all.

No. 552969

File: 1523487364454.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 6A22D1CB-F736-4C20-B7DE-4DB1AB…)

layla is hanging out with her grandparents. maybe she’ll actually stay clean and away from tyler if she’s with her family.

No. 552974

File: 1523487580751.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 199E8794-0368-4D1F-A4B0-53CA22…)

lol her grandma

No. 552987

Late to the party but which songs did Peep write about Layla? I've listened to a lot of his stuff but never really made the link between them and her.

No. 553007

you're literally so late to the party that its over(read the usage info)

No. 553014

Read the other threads peepy

No. 553024

learn to sage

No. 553030

save that shit is one of em

No. 553033

no respect freestyle for sure, probably awful things

No. 553051


What in the actual fuck is this? Unless she is selling a story on someone who is actually relevant this is 10000000% fake. Chelji please seek mental help, seriously. Your delusion is pathological.

No. 553117

I think out of all the edgy insta thots who wax poetic about depression, etc… cass’s mental illness is the most real. I mean look at her god awful body dysmorphia, complete lack of confidence, and shit decisions.
She’s posted a few times about how social media fucks with her mental health. I think she’s scum but she actually had the balls to leave her insta “fame” to get better, so I gotta give her credit for that. Layla, arz, and the rest of them would NEVER give up their internet clout.

> local potato fucks peep once, feeds him ramen. swipe up to find out about how she LOST HER DAMN MIND

No. 553168

they don’t leave because that’s how they make money. cass works at a retail store

No. 553177

cass is literally doing what layla did. Layla went through this spell where she would archive all her posts and then unarchive them and then do it again when she was feeling self concious

my theory is that she has archived all of her posts because she doesn't want to be in laylas shadow while layla is in LA (sage for theory)

No. 553211

Ya I think Cass is hiding while Layla is in LA. Too big of a coincidence . I think Cass talked a lot of shit and now that Layla is there is scared to show face .

No. 553218

didnt think about that wow its probably true

No. 553219

and probably selfposting here about how "good" she looks after one week off social media

No. 553230

Just my two cents on the visa to the UK… It's not easy to get a work visa in the UK. An individual needs to be sponsored by a company marry a citizen (this still takes up to a year for the visa to process), start a company with £100s of thousands behind them, or they can try qualifying for a work visa based on merit such as degree, worth and so on. So, Idontthinkshegoingtolondon. And why does everyone say London instead of England or the UK? Guys, London is not a country. Just sayin.

No. 553231

>>553230 OR you can go for up to 6 months on a tourist visa - So she is probably doing this.

No. 553236

>>552410 tbqh I fuck with this girls music It’s definitely a lot better than she who shall not be named the water I feel like pepper and is jumping on this so that he can try to blow her up and say that he found her or some shit

No. 553237

*but why do i is what that’s should have said not “the water” omfg

No. 553247

Yes, and for anyone needing details:
>To legally hold a job in the U.K. you need a working visa from the British Embassy in the U.S. … can only be undertaken by an employer who wants to hire you and can demonstrate why a particular American candidate fits that job better than any EU candidate.

She can't legally work on that visa, or look for work. It doesn't stop people doing that of course…

No. 553248

please don't embarrass yourself any further.

No. 553252

Y’all have no idea how to let someone have an opinion lol get a life.(learn to integrate)

No. 553254

“Probably” awful things was about Layla? Have you seen the video?

No. 553269

what about the video indicated that it was about layla? he was ignoring her pretty heavily at that time. page doesn't look anything like layla, like, at all.

No. 553278

yeah, but i dabble in writing music and i know he was probably pulling inspiration from every bitch in his contacts for all of his stuff. it definitely seems aimed at her, but it's not like he was against exaggerating feelings for attention, and he could've written it for anyone, thrown in one drafted subtweet for her just to breadcrumb her and let stans gossip. i'm waiting for part 2 to drop to see if she was really on that muse level type shit, but my guess is not. belgium seems like an emma song and his whole vibe when he sang it live seemed salty/emotional which indicates there's more where that came from

No. 553286

this is off topic but does anyone follow lil skies? does he have any milk?

No. 553309

if more songs were about layla, we'd know about it. layla flaunted the fact that peep sent her like two songs that he claimed to have written about her and touted that shit all over the place. if most of cowys was certifiably about layla, i'm sure it'd have been all over her twitter profile at some point, and she'd still be hinting it to this day

No. 553319

Cringe. Just watched Cory’s story and him ben Cass have the most boring dull personalities and are so awkward to hear behind the camera. They did not sound like they were having fun. Also, Cass your face may look better but your arms are still insanely fat and your filters and shooping won’t fix that. Don’t come back to IG

No. 553414

>>553319 normally I ignore trolls like you but god damn, you can say her arm is disproportionate but you have to remember the kind of agenda you push in a chat room most likely filled with insecure women, that a VERY skinny girl is “insanely fat”. Ridiculous. Respect yourself, I know you aren’t a supermodel either.

No. 553555

Stfu. She is ugly as hell, if you want to whiteknight this gremlin slut do it elsewhere.

No. 553556


They are super strict though. If you are only staying a couple weeks they are ok, but longer than that they want to see how much money you have in the bank and they want to see a return flight. I went back and forth from the USA and the UK a lot before I got my visa and they gave me a hard time even with over 20k in the bank. If she was smart (Layla, look here), get a return flight to show them and then change it later. wink wink

No. 553611

File: 1523560401671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 276.97 KB, 798x746, 20180412_120944.jpg)


>>553414 was whiteknighting all of us, bitch Anon. You don't have to be such a cunt lol.

Anyway, I'm coming off my b/c so I'm irrationally horny all of the sudden, but I think this pic is kinda hot. Drag me lmao

No. 553627

That photo is trash. Tyler grosso is trash. you’re trash.

No. 553634

Honestly this picture is so ugly in every way. Tyler's disgusting neck beard,laylas filthy ass that probably reeks of shit. How can this be visually pleasing ?

No. 553636

File: 1523562996134.png (3.97 MB, 750x1334, E8263D78-7B41-45F0-9497-A986D7…)

Where is she??

No. 553652

It looks like the location where the pop up happened a few weeks ago. It was a peep x sus not release and had this jacket and some other things in a peep themed display room

No. 553656

File: 1523563558575.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6031.PNG)

>>553652 correct - the hyv just posted this on their story

No. 553670

File: 1523564326438.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x2215, 42656D42-DAD3-481D-A5D3-AA14AC…)

Ew aubrie went with her

No. 553672

File: 1523564427267.png (2.39 MB, 1125x2436, 7099C004-5F42-4CF3-81D4-A4BA06…)

Ew why

Also love how she said she didn’t want to talk to anyone without a manager out of fear for ruining her own career. Lmao she knows her personality is so god awful that she needs someone to construct one for her.

No. 553681

lol she needs to stop by her wearing his stuff itll only make her "grieving" harder to accept

No. 553691

Yeah, seriously tbh its pathetic. Peep wouldn't want her nasty,homie hopping ass anywhere near him or his stuff. It pisses me off just seeing her trying to keep herself in his spotlight when she didn't deserve him in the first place and he didn't even like her very much. SMH.

No. 553708

this isn't his real jacket, is it?

No. 553711

>>553708 No, it's a custom (not for sale) piece that was made for the pop-up.

No. 553713

yeah, thought it looked especially ugly. peep's real jacket was legit hideous but this is somehow even worse. idk why everyone loves that jacket so much

No. 553723

chill out peepette

No. 553758

I wonder what peep saw in her other than an old gross 26 year old thot with BO and cigarette breath 24/7 maybe so he could use to bring himself up.. She was literally all over him while he was 19 and she was way into her 20s yikes she needs a reality check peep didn't love her he may have loved the fact that she was easy and she'd always come back.

No. 553765

Can you guys shut the fuck up? This is the millionth time peeps feelings for Layla have been discussed and it’s so tired.

No. 553775


No. 553856

it really is fucking annoying that this subject keeps getting brought up since not a single person here knows 100% what their relationship was. having said that, it is hella pathetic to have Layla be up here taking pics with a replica of his jacket lol grieving someone is justifiable, but this chick is legit trynna get him back still even tho he dead. she never loved tyler, she was just trying to get a rise outta peep and then she stayed out of guilt and being manipulated and being weak as fuck, and she just hasn't accepted that Peep is dead, will not come back to her and did not want her or love her at the time of his death. during their relationship, maybe, perhaps, no one can say, but when he died? nah. Layla, you have a whole new man, leave Peep to rest and realize you got played for the fool you are by two dipshits in a row.

No. 553879

I think you guys are finding any reason to hate her. She wasn’t in town during the pop out and her merch was out of the HyV as well. She’s allowed to go see it and having photos of that jacket is a cool thing to do. I don’t think she’s milking it she wasn’t the one who posted a video of her in it

No. 553897

Maybe because alot of people do hate her, cant look for reasons to hate somebody you already hate haha,sorry to say not everyone has to like her toucan looking ass.

No. 553980

Some of y'all read so much into small things just to be mad over anything. When he passed and she didn't publicly grieve the whole thread was talking about hoping she was able to grieve because she was with pepper and now that she's able to do it she's "trying to get peep back"?

No. 553984

>whole thread

for the people who didn't come stumbling over from Layla's Snapchat, lolcow was never a fan forum

No. 554014

File: 1523583930835.png (815.16 KB, 599x596, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.39…)

i still can't get over this skin walker. he's even posing like peep now. how are peep's friends ok with this? it's seriously so fucking creepy.

No. 554026

I don’t know who that is but they look like any SoundClout white boy in the scene holding a cigarette. Peep didn’t have a signature pose

No. 554039

File: 1523585190687.png (223.04 KB, 319x382, Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.0…)

please, this dude looks like an off brand peep.

(picture of peep in april '17 for reference)

No. 554045

File: 1523585409016.png (1.19 MB, 1069x613, creepy.png)

it's teddy and he's 100% a peep skinwalker. the biggest yet.

i still can't believe no one has called this shit out. i think tracy might, maybe. very disappointed in dylan for supporting this shit. peep got pissed when people copied him, so why would you be ok with this creepy shit?

he had his best style in like early 2017. too bad he felt he had to change it bc people copied from him. his recent style was terrible and made him look pretty ugly ngl.

No. 554099

Layla was just live.
She said she’s working on a visa for the UK. She’s deciding between 3 or 6 month visa. None of her “friends” want her to go.

Her and Luke are still together. She said they “have to be grown ups”, Luke has gigs in London so they have to spend time apart. “He’s my man”

Sage for no screen

No. 554106

she said she had a year visa but only wants to go for 3-6 months. i guess we won’t know until it happens

No. 554114

File: 1523589439352.png (812.54 KB, 640x1136, 9D522A37-3D55-4B7C-8611-3ABB66…)

Unrelated note but look at how Tyler used to look… now he is this giant greasy blowfish. I thought he was actually a bit decent here

No. 554118

Anon love yourself

No. 554119

>>554114 i stg if you’re >>553611 or better yet you’re pepper trying to remind people that you can be attractive.
He’s just skinny in these pics. He still has the same unfortunate face, just less bloated.

No. 554120

He looks like a lesbian

No. 554123

Where is the lie

No. 554124

took the words right out of my mouth anon, and he wouldn’t even be a cute lesbian either. what a shame

No. 554134


i agree pre-heroin tyler is do-able. i also do not love myself

No. 554139

ladies, please, get yourself some therapy. he looks like a stumpy legged gas station attendant with white trash facial features. his face is just fucked tbh

No. 554168

> i also do not love myself
this isn't a hugbox hun

No. 554212

Wow, I never realized the age difference there. That really speaks to Layla's childish and manipulative character.

Lol I'm the first anon who posted and I actually think he is much more revolting in >>554114. As others have said he clearly looks like a lesbian named Pepper Anne pre-H

Idk I think because he's such a prick it's kind of a turn on. I am as disgusted with myself as you all tbqh

>>554139 These comments have me in tears anons

I'm glad I'm apparently not alone tho. Side note I'm literally going into therapy tomorrow lmao

No. 554217

Layla is only 24. She is only 3 years older than Peep. They exaggerated.

No. 554224

File: 1523598889905.jpg (16.98 KB, 373x100, 20180412_225207.jpg)

I wonder what happened here

No. 554225

File: 1523599023851.jpg (35.76 KB, 606x164, 20180412_225248.jpg)

Is this a hint of self-awareness?? I can't decide if that's better or worse with peps

No. 554266

Fucking kek he posted that after somebody called him out on tweeting way too much (he deletes so many) and being super fucking annoying

No. 554267

He looks like a rat

No. 554413

did he already break up w/ that chick in michigan or w/e? you think he'd be showing her off to make lay jealous.

No. 554558

I don’t think they’re actually together. She lives in Michigan and I’m willing to bet they’ve never met in person. Just some weird internet thirsty bullshit

No. 554562

She was in LA. They probably just hooked up some night then she went back to Michigan.

No. 554602

File: 1523643615655.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180413-221859.png)

Paris has such feminine hands also whose the other chick?

No. 554628

gonna take a wild guess and say arze seeing as she's been around him a lot as of late

No. 554635

Are they back in LA? AND LMAO IF IT IS then hes hookin up with clout hungry earth worm chin scammer ass arz then shm

No. 554636

lol don't take my word as absolute then bc i didn't even know they left LA (i skipped a lot above bc it seemed like it was the stale "peeps feels for layla" discussion)

No. 554637

lol i didnt..I said "if it is" (kinda is tbh LOL)

No. 554641

File: 1523646918007.jpeg (2.24 MB, 1125x1772, 6645E125-3554-406C-AFEC-899EF0…)

Her name is rose @rosewhatever on ig

No. 554642


Paris isnt even following her on ig how sad..Shes kinda cute though

No. 554657

>>554641 She has a Cry Baby tattoo on her arm (IG). How were they connected?

No. 554675

They prob weren't she may have done it for the clout or she may have met him once and felt that peep "connection"

No. 554694

Why do all the sounclout boys paint their nails now. At least Paris trims his.

No. 554721

Because peep did it

No. 554802

lmfao layla does the b/w alternation thing. i know it's just a trend and it's been around forever etc. but if you were an ""influencer"" wouldn't you want to try to be unique? that's why peep got success, he recycled shit but he pulled from things that worked for him and still had his own personality/was attractive.

isn't arz rumored to be older than she claims? she should be able to do better, damn.

No. 554804

straight male artists do it in my city, like established people i think it's just another trend coming out of less established gender identities. idk i think its wack

No. 554829

idk why everyone thinks peep started everything…I just think they are going for that mall goth/myspace emo look.

No. 554885

Bones was doing what peep did forever. Layla wasn't allowed to listen to Bones specifically, she said that in her no jumper lmao.

No. 554950

File: 1523667329928.png (1.11 MB, 718x1202, tshirt.png)

Have you guys seen this? Seems Lil Peep's shirt from Awful Things was cut up by her ex? Which ex and how would he end up with it? Seems really weird.

No. 554986

Have you guys seen this? Seems Lil Peep's shirt from Awful Things was cut up by her ex? Which ex and how would (s)he end up with it? Seems really weird.

No. 555078

File: 1523673672772.gif (2.51 MB, 350x200, ok and.gif)

No. 555124

im confused, did arz cut the shirt or did a girl arz dated cut the shirt? also that shirt doesnt even look cut? what??

No. 555142

File: 1523677531658.jpg (1.09 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180413-234435_Ins…)

Omg pepper Anne has a mole on his nose! Wtf was Layla thinking?

No. 555168

File: 1523679767003.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, CAC142C2-7486-497A-A0D0-BF4D42…)

Layla on live now playing and singing along to one of her new songs, I think called ‘running man’. And said she was going to drop a 5 song EP. I didn’t hate it!!

No. 555169


I guess the girl she was dating (touching tongues on IG) ripped it up? IDK, she cray cray.

No. 555170

at least he's learning to close his mouth instead of looking like a slackjawed retard all the time

No. 555172

>>555168 The song is ok, but if you listen to her actually singing to it, she's pretty bad. Any producer and some good beats can make someone sound good, but she would be a mess live, but maybe that could work for her. She could do some live crazy art shit, peeing in the corner and eating fries into the microphone ^-^

No. 555175

im just happy she’s being creative, even if her voice has been edited a lot in the end product, most artists are/ most artists are worse live. She already does live dj sets and has good energy with the crowd without performing herself. I think it’s a good productive distraction during her H recovery

No. 555182

>>555175 So she's an entertainer, not a singer or musician though. Yes, great she is being creative, but she's not making music, she's doing karaoke.

No. 555187

https://lolcow.farm/info will teach you how to post

No. 555190

karaoke is a reach… it is still her voice.

No. 555192

Also not sure if you watched any of her stories where she filmed herself recording those songs and it didn’t sound awful, it sounded not too dissimilar to what you hear in the recording. It’s obv been tampered with but just cos she sounded bad singing along in the car doesn’t mean she completely sucks or isn’t a singer.. she recorded some songs collating with some mates who made her beats and also sang on the tracks… pretty typical of most shit put out these days by soundcloud ppl

No. 555202

File: 1523682744891.png (1.77 MB, 1196x1192, twoidiots.png)

No. 555204

wtf do you think karaoke is?

No. 555209

wtf do you think most artists sing along to live?

No. 555227

No. 555288

File: 1523693944726.jpeg (180.94 KB, 750x830, C9C20A24-EBFB-4081-BAB1-A16072…)

Hm Arzayleas ex gf on Tyler’s recent pic (phone)

No. 555316

File: 1523697571843.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-131732.png)

"Untie my shoe" "say I'm toopoors mom" man that's some said shit LOL her mom looks so fucked up :(

No. 555319

File: 1523697709882.png (2.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-130942.png)

Adury abury whatever her name is, looks so ugly ngl… Her eyebrows just look fucking weird and gross and layla looks kinda good even tho she's heavily shopped

No. 555320

File: 1523697763815.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-131749.png)

She's an ugly child.. I wonder what her head shape is? I feel like its a diamond or heart shape

No. 555321

Neither of them are ugly, stop projecting dude you sound like a headcase

No. 555326

Thats your own opinion lol their very ugly but to each his own

No. 555336

her mom isn’t fucked up. she seemed like a sweet women. it was nearly midnight and she was playing with her mom who woke up out of bed to see her who she hasn’t seen in months.

No. 555337

The girl on the right whoever she is looks fine in the photo. I agree with >>555321 you’re just fucking weird. How miserable are you bitches damn.

No. 555338

Chill you guys sound butthurt af

No. 555352

>you bitches
surely you realise it's one samefag, anon

No. 555427

No we don’t, you’re an outcast trying too hard to fit in and as a result you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. I think you’re the one who needs to chill.

You’re right. Just been so much pointed vitriol lately that it is actually creepy

No. 555456

it is quite weird, I'm sure it's only one or two people. it's always out of step with what we're discussing.

No. 555473

How long are we going to keep talking about this? I thought this was a toopoor thread not a thread about anons who keep posting repetitively that may or may not be the same people..jw

No. 555558

File: 1523729673752.png (43.68 KB, 633x420, IMG_3996.PNG)

Can't wait til he crashes that shit

No. 555565

File: 1523730455173.png (374.27 KB, 750x1089, IMG_2257.PNG)

Tyler liking arzalayas pic. Classy

No. 555572

Wrong information. This was originally posted by page ruth, but she quickly deleted it from her story. I tried to post it 2 days ago, but it wouldnt upload.

No. 555577

File: 1523731498269.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 9ABBCA72-5D55-4DED-A09E-7D4648…)

No. 555600

File: 1523733572596.png (337.72 KB, 472x594, peep.png)

Here is a pic of her in the shirt. This was before she butchered it, I assume.

No. 555662

i didn't think Page Ruth dated Peep fr? I thought she was just in his video, the one where he wore that shirt? wtf did that caption even mean?

No. 555688

>>555662 Maybe she meant it in a platonic way. People on Instagram are saying it was Arz-barf that ripped it up.

No. 555701

they were never gfs arzaylea has a habit of pretending shes dating girls for that lgbt clout. she's done it on twitter a lot when she was dating that member of 5sos and some old tweets got brought up that proved it wrong (I'd post caps but it was so long ago its probably in that twitter thread about her that got posted in the last thread on here.)

No. 555724

It wasnt arzaylea. Does anyone know who pages ex gf is?

No. 555753

how do we know it wasnt arz? page has said she only likes guys iirc

No. 555765

File: 1523746159917.jpg (3.88 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20180414_153915006.j…)


No. 555769

He looks like a long lost Paul brother here. Disgusting.

No. 555786

bc its page who posted it, not arz!

No. 555787

Omfggg eewww. Im sorry but…LOL

No. 555802


No. 555813

he just lost a kidney, is overweight, an outed abuser, and his "company" really aint shit besides copy/pasted lifted designs from real illustrators.

how does this kid keep getting a pass

No. 555816

no way do i believe this over dramatic idiot actually lost a kidney. he was at a party the next night. can’t believe anything that bitch says. wasn’t it the same day layla got back to LA?

No. 555841

lmao he is so fugly, i'm sorry but in the looks department, layla and him were in the same league. big nose stringy hair wanna be with ugly tattoos with the fat ass Utz potato chip lookin face ginger

No. 555861

Come back to me Layla I have a Porsche!

No. 555862

Maybe they told him he lost some kidney function?

No. 555961

Was siiickbrain (name on insta) pageruths ex gf who tore up Gus shirt ? If so, I remember just seeing her in Lil Xans insta stories in bed with him.. lmao wtf is wrong with these people jesus

No. 555969

File: 1523769121292.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1885, 79AA2881-69F5-48BF-80BA-F9A8AE…)

Here’s Luke posting a pic of him with a hickey like a FUCKING IDIOT.
Layla commented a crying face and you can see his replies in this screenshot

No. 555974

what does this mean? he's cheating on her?

No. 555975

Could be. He left la, what, 3 days ago? that sucker looks fresh.
Then again, I can’t remember the last time I fucked with hickeys so I don’t really remember how long their shelf life is

No. 555979

overthinking again. layla gave him that hickey

No. 556002

File: 1523773381942.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 803EE0C2-BA9D-421D-ADC5-9742C5…)

No. 556004

idk in his other pictures/stories that hickey wasn’t there

No. 556013

I was wondering when someone was gonna bring up the hickie!!!! It was in his recent IG pictures right when he got back to London didn’t think it was from Layla

No. 556015

He literally had the hickey when he was in the Apple store with Layla in his live, but you guys go off I guess…

No. 556016


She needs to move on like fr… He's gone what's happened in the past has happened I know she's still sad… Layla like you have Luke try and live your life to the fullest peep is dead you can't bring him back only keep him in your memory but let him rest stop obsessing over peep he's gone…

No. 556017

i don't think she's obsessing lol she knows that's a picture we'd all wanna see

No. 556023

Only peep stans

No. 556024

File: 1523778286048.png (2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180415-114236.png)


No. 556047

way to make it obvious youve never had nobody close to you die lol. he died 6 months ago let her fucking grieve even if shes grieving in an attention whorey way.

No. 556093

is that a Wavy Baby tat on his neck?

No. 556094

Layla 100% gave him that hickey before he left. It was all over his live so idk what speculatory bs yall are on

No. 556095

lol here’s a vid of Pepper doing a 10min hardcore set in 2014.

No. 556153

I literally have 0 interest lmao

No. 556155

Exactly. hence why it was worth posted here in the first place. bitch knows her audience

Layla's followers went up when Peep passed in part bc she wasn't gross and disrespectful like arz, trying to turn a quick profit, and because gma peep doesn't have any ill words to say about her. She knows this and her peep posts are probably aimed towards them (peep fans).

These probably aren't the superstans who are eager to blame her for being a heartbreaking whore and quick to ignore the fact that he was a huge man whore and definitely emotionally immature

dude had the dating habits of a 13 year old

No. 556169


Lol I have ive had 3 peoplecllose to me die but I moved on and she should do the same bc they can't come back so stfu

No. 556173

Well maybe if you weren’t a psychopath and felt emotions it would be different. Moving on

No. 556174

I know this is a board filled with high school age kids but you have to be a class A idiot to not realize grieving processes are different

No. 556199

ArzFAILya is better than arz-barf. Just a (saged) suggestion, I hate when the nick names don't even flow or make sense.

No. 556249

File: 1523810793770.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, 3B1B67B6-900A-4CFA-9885-5CD5C3…)

unreleased peep track?

No. 556289

yeah it’s unreleased when they were together but kept breaking up. there’s a screenshot of peep sending her songs in one of the old threads

No. 556334

File: 1523816658481.jpeg (111.59 KB, 750x732, BE3265A6-B51C-487C-824F-10FE18…)

Old pic but seriously she looks so good and healthy here

No. 556359

My condolences. Please remember that everyone grieves differently and how you personally moved on.. is not the same for everyone. It's not a one size fits all, type of life deal.

No. 556452


lmao look at him work that crowd. poor pepper's way past his prime

No. 556475

Understand what you're trying to say,but she's honestly just milking the fuck out of his death now,5 months later. They weren't anything when he died, he couldn't stand her. She was fucking his ex "best friend" at the time. Her saying she ~wasn't allowed to mourn him when he died~ is absolutely pathetic. She's doing all of this for the attention of her 15 year old followers. I thought he was an asshole, piece of shit,loser according to her. Its truly insane how much she is trying to be remembered as peeps gf when he literally didn't give a shit about her,unless it was for his own personal gain of publicly humiliating her/making her look like the dumbass she is.

No. 556478

How old is this??

No. 556484

File: 1523826307509.jpeg (80.69 KB, 750x344, 6C02F344-999E-427C-86CA-E74A29…)

rolling my eyes until i’m dead

No. 556489

File: 1523826600222.jpg (59.77 KB, 640x508, toopoorrare_30079681_359954681…)


Nah I agree with >>555319 she's not ugly per se, but she's weird-looking. I can't put my finger on why though. It may just be the way she does her makeup that makes her look odd

No. 556493

I wanna say it's the distance between her eyes lmao they look like they're trying to stay as far away from each other as possible. And the chunky, yet short brows/ length aren't doing any favors..

No. 556503

she has a dumb face

No. 556507

Who’s that girl? What’s her name?
Is she cool? Is she lame?
Oh, you’re talkin’ ’bout what’s-her-name – Pepper Ann!

Is she lame? Is she cool?
Is she breakin’ every rule?
Is she anybody’s fool? Pepper Ann!

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, marchin’ in her own parade.
Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!
Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for seventh grade.
Catch ‘er if you can, Pepper Ann!

No one’s cooler than Pepper Ann!
She’s her own biggest fan, Pepper Ann!
Catch ‘er if you can, Pepper Ann!

No. 556510

And why is her nose brown? Or conversely why are her under eyes/cheek areas so light because I honestly can't tell what her natural skin tone is supposed to be

No. 556514

File: 1523827903396.jpg (654.32 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180415-075004.jpg)

Nice parking job fuckface

No. 556526

it’s almost as if you’re new here because you would’ve known why she couldn’t mourn. you have no compassion for what she went through with pepper. i get it if it was like a year now but she’s only had like what, a little over a month or two of mourning? people handle death differently. at least she wasn’t milking it like the others

No. 556565

File: 1523831359619.jpeg (1020.19 KB, 1125x1692, C7127CA0-8DF3-424D-8EE0-CC083F…)

>hung like a horse

No. 556569

File: 1523831645447.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1661, 5EC0BAA4-1BD6-46C3-94E2-5AE277…)

Does she look ANYTHING like this IRL?

No. 556634

she posts snapchats and videos that are obviously not edited and she doesn’t look that much different

No. 556651

she looks like an inbred kat von d

No. 556742

She has a filter on in every single post. She does not have nice skin or giant eyes and a tiny nose. Get real!

No. 556766

lol i remember Layla's dumbass was writing "his name is Tyler and his dick is huge" when people would ask if the guy in her pictures was her bf around the time she went blonde and decided her new aesthetic was wanna be Kurt and Courtney.

No. 556768

Aubrey and Luke and whoever else post pictures and videos of TP all the time and she 100% looks nothing like this. the pretty delicate beautiful features aren't there, she has a slash of a mouth and a big bird beak. sorry, but it's true.

No. 556808

it's like she has no definition in her face. no brow bone and no cheekbones, just one straight line from her forehead to her chin

No. 556817

does anyone know how old aubrey (sp00kybabyyy) is

No. 556842

they also post her with out makeup tho

No. 556848

grosso been with irl.mami all day

No. 556980

dude smokeasac posts pictures of peep like constantly, no one gives him shit. regardless of the technicalities of their romantic relationship, they were still friends and grew a pretty deep bond. toxic relationships are hard to leave for a reason and trauma bonding is extremely powerful, he will always be immortalized to her.

and for real, if you ever had a loved one die you keep their memory alive what is wrong with you fr. she didn't even caption it with some wack fake deep poetry like arz, layla would've died for peep as dumb as that is. let her mourn.

No. 556983

I don't want to clog up the thread with lyrics but I had to google this creepy shit and it's a Chevelle song called "An Island" and it's about girls growing fangs, turning into villains, and "needing an island quick to put you on"

i fucking hate this abusive piece of shit and wish he would actually die or get committed.

No. 556985

File: 1523876003985.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, EC7F66D6-EF06-4220-A948-8A331E…)

she’s trying to be a female version of lil peep so hard

No. 556988

jesus, beans needs to sort out the swelling in her lower face. what the fuck is happening there?

No. 556993

It's because the fuller and slightly longer bangs balance out the bottom half of her face/nose, she is a healthy weight and it keeps a youthful layer of fat to her face/cheeks, and the warm brown does loads of favors for her pale skin. The black with the baby bangs is harsh but I personally love it as 'her look', it's more unique and fashionable.

But if she wanted to look her best, even just getting her bangs like this again would be dramatic. That and get a blood test to determine her vitamin deficiencies and address them at least with supplements if she insists on being a low weight/restricting food and nutrients. Doing so many drugs for so long has fucked her baseline up, at the very least I hope she reads this and takes a multivitamin, she's messy and ridiculous but I hate when she posts about genuine mental health anguish. If she took her physical/internal health seriously she probably wouldn't feel the need to be so reckless and self-destructive because that's more often than not due to a chemical imbalance. I can't hate layla because I think there's something wrong with her that she can't help or doesn't think can be fixed so she trashes her life for fun.

Only pepper ann deserves to suffer like that.

No. 556995

i've never laughed harder at a post here 10/10
>his lonely soccer mom haired shadow
>"hung like a horse" yet parks like a baby dick bitch
>the woman on the right shielding her eyes

No. 556996

tbh i'd like to know all the real ages of these hoes they all fucking lie

No. 556997

i honestly don’t get how some people post about peep a couple time and get called clout cashers but smokeasac posts about peep every fucking day and no one bats an eye..

No. 557019

File: 1523883146576.jpg (202.56 KB, 900x1200, DNB6A3PVQAAVPE1.jpg)

Ew…. Cut them shits..

No. 557032

lol oooooook pepper. Get out of here and focus on saving whatever shred of dignity you may or may not have left. Or try looking less like a lesbian. Just focus on one or the other plz

No. 557041

File: 1523886505003.png (6.72 MB, 1125x2436, 7B2F51EF-13D8-4016-88BB-AD6C7F…)

>I’m a producer now
>someone else pushing all the buttons

Classic pepper. Ripping off other people’s talent til the end of time

No. 557130

File: 1523894311710.png (728.13 KB, 582x1006, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 8.53…)

Pepper was hanging out with IRL.Mami - she's obviously doing this for clout (is it really worth it though? *Barf). He's such a disgusting piece of shit. Seeing the videos she posted made me cringe.

No. 557135

File: 1523894446435.png (3.33 MB, 1866x1194, 92374983274.png)

capitalism is so weird and surreal haha.

why do you need two expensive cars?? tyler is just playing with big expensive toys, like the babby he is.


"my penis is so big"
"my car is so expensive"
"my bitch is so hot"

what a void of a person.


that's a coke pinkie if i've ever seen one

No. 557146

Driving the kids to soccer practice

No. 557150

Does he just live in the same sweatpants for weeks at a time? I bet his "big dick" smells like big cheese.

No. 557163

Uhh who's hand is that? What an ugly terribly done tattoo

No. 557165

File: 1523896259717.png (624.11 KB, 750x1334, CEA76B01-903D-49BD-8D6D-0740F1…)

We get it potato also can we laugh at these horrible extensions lmfaoo

No. 557199

Her entire head is so baffling to me. Especially her bangs like what actually are those

Ps plug your phone in anon rip

No. 557216

File: 1523898331043.png (1.76 MB, 750x1334, C20FE7CD-E00F-4C0F-9AD0-4E262A…)

lol at least she knows who to credit

No. 557228

File: 1523898717741.png (7.76 MB, 1242x2208, 0ABA7C0A-8FCA-4B3D-89D2-BBD047…)

I don’t know who I feel for. She is so unfortunate looking and can not blend her fucking makeup. Pepper is a gross ass fat pig thinking he’s hot shit in his sweatpants driving around his new bitch in his new car.

No. 557231

File: 1523898783484.png (7.52 MB, 1242x2208, 9455106B-6FAE-446E-AD74-247F97…)

It seems like he took her on a date then to his friends house. Layla used to post this house all the time, I think it might be the wrestler guys house

No. 557272

gtsheilds is arzayleas ex gf?

No. 557358

i think they've just posted dumb pics of them kissing before and people assumed that meant they were dating.

No. 557388

maybe she can get a face tat of a blue checkmark since instagram won't give her one. forever emailing demos from cheljimanagement@hotmail.com

No. 557407

File: 1523907591004.png (88.76 KB, 276x353, Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 12.3…)

Lmao did anyone see this Twitter fan account someone started for Pepper? The old pics really go to show just how bloated he's gotten… lean bloat, pill bloat, alcohol bloat, heroin bloat, Taco Bell bloat?

No. 557414

File: 1523908082734.jpg (191.75 KB, 800x969, Screenshot_20180416-124646.jpg)

The starts aligned… right…

No. 557428


the stars don't align when you buy a ticket to gain admission somewhere and wind up meeting the person you literally paid to see. fucking groupie moron.

No. 557523

File: 1523915511032.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, 4C014C39-F346-461E-B5B7-7D9598…)

TP posted the hickey for anyone still doubting

No. 557547

File: 1523933024181.jpg (48.59 KB, 554x915, Screenshot_20180416-193311.jpg)

Old pic but those bruises are from fucking a skinny guy. Trust me I know

No. 557558

File: 1523933668087.jpeg (155.52 KB, 750x653, 29FECAFE-70D6-45CE-A45D-A951EC…)

layla’s answering questions on twitter rn. this is the best so far.

No. 557560

wow this pic looks really weird…like an adult Hartley Hooligan

No. 557561

File: 1523933783847.jpeg (164.34 KB, 750x633, EF987E02-F780-46EF-8B7C-982286…)

No. 557563

File: 1523934106880.jpeg (224.28 KB, 750x966, 951AD328-02B0-4DC7-8E47-3E981D…)

anyone know the significance? i assume something peep related.

No. 557566

File: 1523934222028.jpeg (288.45 KB, 750x1187, 9ED945A0-95A2-4866-9781-6A9710…)

No. 557571

I don't think she was dating peep at this time tho, was she?

No. 557572

When did she get w Tyler? I thought it was Aug

No. 557577

maybe he wasn’t an abusive shit right away?

No. 557579

File: 1523934854394.jpeg (312.13 KB, 750x1293, 6FC92D5C-B879-4EB0-9165-2E2282…)

what do you think this means?

No. 557584


bitch wants attn for her tbt

No. 557601

File: 1523935835846.jpeg (161.05 KB, 750x1334, 22915752-32AE-4404-83D4-9F15C0…)

Same hair color

No. 557607

>>557563 Girls was published in Jan 2017, so that could have been the date it was filmed?

No. 557622

Does anyone know if there are videos of the performances the night Peep died, before they found out? I think mackned and bexey both performed before he was discovered dead.

No. 557627

File: 1523938010054.png (41.37 KB, 588x271, adam22.png)

finally someone said it, his peep tat is fucking stupid

No. 557636

File: 1523939139063.jpeg (479.67 KB, 1125x1165, F2E9A0A1-EAA9-4F53-8DCA-AE1E48…)

No. 557637

File: 1523939299993.jpeg (309.82 KB, 1125x2436, 61C0C7A7-7F58-4986-8CEF-C68804…)

Wowie I am glad I jumped ship a while back this place is a tweendream ass mess

Girls was shot from the 14-16 if I’m remembering it right, everyone purges their accs regularly but this is from the directors. The story goes they started to date a day or two after meeting, maybe that’s when he asked her out for real.

Lmafo fuck his pr stunt fake woke ass, & fuck miss oh poor me scenester elder helena for trying to come for sage for calling him on it. Brandon’s been in la for awhile. He’s has friends/acquaintances that were burned by adam in like 2015 and Adam has literally always been a peice of shit, never had any interest in hiding it. It’s just not good for these cloutchasers brands to back him anymore.

No. 557642

Lmaaoooo this is the best comment I've seen out of all her threads

No. 557681

>lets talk about lil peeps music

please don't spoil the milk

No. 557714

adam has a peep tattoo on the side of his head he's such a fucking joke fuck him

No. 557721

File: 1523954236060.jpg (452.64 KB, 1080x1329, FB_IMG_15239542048640752.jpg)

KEK XD(learn to integrate XD)

No. 557785

File: 1523968599230.png (114.01 KB, 640x804, IMG_4027.PNG)

Gag me

No. 557804

I wish I hadn't seen this. They're a joke. I'm throwing up now.

No. 557828

File: 1523972713096.jpeg (219.41 KB, 1125x638, 62BC7791-CFCD-4BAA-87BA-3A4757…)

Ok Paris could def pass as a “hot chick” but you, pepper? No. Just stop.

No. 557835

Fucking faggot. He looks like my very underage sister if she started a diet of pizza bagels and Mountain Dew.

I quite like Paris’ face although he’s just as obnoxious as the rest. He’s cute.
Tyler on the other hand looks like the unhygienic vegan-septum ring-armpit hair-girl you’d see making people take film photos of her in the corner at house parties so she can pose with the ash trays and beer bottles. He looks like Molly Soda without makeup on.

No. 557899

File: 1523979941133.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180417-194447.png)

I'm scared to listen looool

No. 557901

File: 1523979987002.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180417-194431.png)

Hmmm no wonder he looks the way he looks rip

No. 557909


Its smokeasacs fugly ass hands

No. 557930

File: 1523981609760.jpeg (310.66 KB, 1142x1774, 8DE7234E-9A84-4B25-9B6D-1D60EC…)

He always has a straw in hand. He has to still be smoking heroin.

No. 557933

Typical idiot, wasting gear by smoking through a straw.

No. 557967

File: 1523984978421.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1892, 56DFF4AD-654A-458A-9A67-9582A1…)

Is she talking about Tracy? Pretty bold to post a photo with him if so. I know in the past she’s mentioned not getting along with all of GBC

No. 558013

>>557901 loving the fake lv still in the chinese plastic wrap it came imported in

No. 558204

File: 1524002524788.png (157.29 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20180417-225944~2.p…)


No. 558221

thos extensions lmao

No. 558295

Guess ogre-head runs in her family….

No. 558316

Aunt? She has siblings?

No. 558325

File: 1524008275301.jpg (88.92 KB, 620x827, 614eacbcda20d7405480ee6ed9daa5…)

Sometimes i think shes pretty but i think she really does look legit like pic related irl

No. 558328

From the digging I’ve done it seems as though she was dating a dude from 5SOS named Luke and she cheated on him with Blackbear multiple times lol. She was busted and called out by fans.

No. 558369

she has a sister and a brother

No. 558431

>>558295 Does anyone know her ethnicity? She looks like she might be Hispanic and white. A very pretty combination. (I am as well) *flagged for white knighting) ^-^(no emojis ^-^)

No. 558433

she's jewish. → white

No. 558434

she's hella Jewish where the fuck did you come from?

also no sage and you can'r just say flagged for white knighting ^-^

it's not allowed and neither is this: ^-^

No. 558435

>>558434 Mars SAGE

No. 558437


it's well known she cheated on Luke with blackbear and I'm pretty sure Peep only got with her to get under blackbear's skin since he's a cheeseball homophobe who thinks Peep ripped off his style because he dyed his hair pink

irking layla and tyler was just a bonus

No. 558438

mars? what?

No. 558439


Jewish people (race, not religion) are actually originally from the middle east.

No. 558444


I know… That's why I specifically said that the Jewish race is from the middle east. If you converted to the Jewish religion, your ancestors are probably are not from the middle east. Learn how to read correctly.

No. 558446

she's not a convert look at that nose

No. 558449

Arabs are very different from Jews. If you say Middle Eastern people automatically assume Arab descent

No. 558450

>>558446 My point was that she is not anglo saxon or white as someone said earlier. That's it. Was just trying to understand her unique look.

No. 558455

As much as people hate on her face she's doing great for her strange looking self. I'd rather see her succeed than a pillow faced, family disowned, clout chaser like Arz. The insta model look is boring imo

No. 558456

i can finally accept why peep was with her, not even a stan at all i just do not find her attractive in any sense.

No. 558464

File: 1524019713059.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1871, 6F9867E7-BE5C-4A24-8C30-60E9E6…)

She’s back. And her hair looks awful. She looked way better blonde- it made her pasty complexion less noticeable

No. 558491

that's legitimately hilarious considering how much he brags about his ~designer swag~ and money in general

No. 558494

jfc she IS white. i mean maybe if you draw upon all the technicalities/history of the jewish people, she isn't, but she looks white and is afforded all the privileges of a white person, so….

No. 558509

she claims she’s russian and polish

No. 558529

Where did the nickname pepper come from? Haven’t been on these threads in time

No. 558534

He looks like Pepper Ann

No. 558603

wtf when did she even claim she is russian and polish? da fuck u sayin

No. 558638

it’s in interviews

No. 558693

i wouldnt doubt it 99% of his shit is fake. i can get fake ANYTHING (northfaces, uggs, gucci n louie galore. belts, glasses, gloves..) directly from chinatown where they get it from directly back home. a gucci hoodie/sweatshirt realistically costs about a dollar or two to manufacture. once it gest to ny that same sweatshirt can go for 7-10 bucks. if ur smart you’ll buy a bunch of it in ny then disperse it back in the hometown for 30/40 a hoodie. either way if peppy is going str8 the the source/chinamen, or if hes getting it thru a middle man, all his shit is likely ridiculously cheap. does he ever even flex IN the store while buying shit? i dont follow him but i have every reason to believe he’s a knock off everything bc i know peppy loves to flex (that much i know) and youd think hed do it in the store while making the purchases yano. he seems like that kinda guy. also, prob a good reason why he had no problems giving away all of his shit for free that one time. aint missin much when its all knock offs

No. 558700

File: 1524053989940.jpeg (517.37 KB, 1125x2036, A34AF499-A351-4FE7-97FF-8581E8…)

Of all the people posting about peep, pepper is the fucking worst. Does he forget that peep absolutely hated him at the time of his death? Does he not remember getting with Layla solely to make him jealous? He knew it too, but wanted the clout of dating peeps ex. I know peep treated Layla like garbage but what Tyler did is pretty disgusting. Peppers so clout hungry, he’s got zero shame.

No. 558706

File: 1524054410971.jpg (145.05 KB, 1080x1243, silverlittlecat_30077996_16813…)

I didn't realize how thin she was. Her head is fucking huge then. Just her face alone is huge in her stories

No. 558707

That's silverlilcat^(newfaggotry)

No. 558708

File: 1524054524117.jpg (116.15 KB, 1080x1304, silverlittlecat_30078023_17591…)

No. 558710

i’m not here to stan this girl but she has a very healthy looking body type and i’m so tired of the insane nitpicky body shaming that happens here. these people are awful enough without having to project your body dismorphia on to all of them. (pepper is an ugly bloated bitch tho)

No. 558717

File: 1524056058016.jpeg (284.61 KB, 750x1038, 02E8D297-472F-42FC-9DC4-B57229…)

No. 558719

He always has to suck his own dick and make these corny lists to get his ego up

No. 558735

File: 1524057581154.png (134.48 KB, 640x1136, 0C62C992-8393-4C80-ACDE-DC270F…)

Like ok we get it enough already…

No. 558736

Calm before the storm when he realizes he actually sucks at all of these things and no one wants him about because he’s a psychotic drug addict.

No. 558742

grosso is definitely bipolar, this screams manic phase

No. 558751

File: 1524059045966.png (211.63 KB, 1080x1658, 20180418_174330.png)

Awe maaaaaan I was so excited to buy his shit quality merch :(

No. 558771

i’m not saying pepper ann is a fake bitch but….in plastic presumably means it’s brand new and i don’t see like anything in the black x white monogram print in stock on the actual LV eshop (i think that colorway is from a past season?)

meanwhile taobao is fucking swarming with that same black x white monogram everything


No. 558790

he's touring america - doing what?! on the biggest tour of 2018…according to…?

his agency - what cultural perspective does this greasy whiny jerk have?

no way he's a millionaire from selling his trash 'designs' - really doesn't add up.

showing off his 'wealth' and 'talents' incessantly means he's hung like an acorn.

plus being a vegetarian as part of his new improved self aint shit - look at the teenage junk he's consuming and he looks like ass

No. 558797

File: 1524063315010.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 2ACE54C4-63A1-474B-BB2E-9A8233…)

what is written on this tshirt? does anyone know?

No. 558798

Life without Layla ain't worth living

No. 558874

File: 1524069159362.png (108.06 KB, 611x329, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.3…)

Layla just got a (not so nice) shout out in this New York Times article. Crazy.


No. 558876

I know that you're joking but yeah.. I can't make the words out. Only the "ain't worth living" is visible.

No. 558883

Layla posted a photo of him wearing this on her insta just after he died - but all of that was deleted because she was with pepper ann and going mental - it does indeed say 'life without layla ain't worth living'

No. 558888

File: 1524069949452.jpeg (178.35 KB, 750x420, B5B5F796-1350-430E-BE44-133DFD…)

No. 558900

"The biggest tour of 2018"… Bitch please. That's not even the biggest tour of the year for that genre of music

No. 558912

>>558735 can he stop lying about being vegetarian. someone actually called him out on twitter with screencaps of him eating meat that same day for this the LAST time he tweeted he was a veg and he PROMPTLY deleted the tweet after. if you really wanna impress people, go vegan maybe? do something actually extreme? SAYING ur vegetarian doesn't make up for the fact that you eat literal trash, band aids, and debbiecakes for dinner. good job pepcid, you're veg but doing neither your body, or the animals, or the environment any good. you missed every single mark.

>>558771 past season or current, LV products do not come in PLASTIC, i can assure you. the real products come in cloth bags, just the packaging that it comes in, alone, is luxury. that's what u get when u buy luxury brands. if he really bought that shit authentic, he'd be showing off the shopping bag, the box it came in, etc. trust me i've sold fake designer shit for the past 8 years now lol. it's def fake. you're still right, it's NEW. but it's a new fake.

No. 558916

File: 1524071705620.jpg (48.36 KB, 610x610, red_black.jpg)

When I was trying to find the shirt. This is what kept popping up because I'd type in "ain't worth living lil peep black red tshirt" and this would pop up. Pic related was around the same time, though! Same red and black hair! Ha!

No. 558930

I thought she was fatter and she's not, calm down sperg

No. 558953

She's jewish/middle eastern. Believe it or not, but there are A LOT of fair skinned middle easterners, it's a common misconception. I guess you could say she's also white since middle easterners are also classified as caucasians (accordin to google). Just wanted to inform you guys since I didn't really know any of this either until now!!

No. 558999

There’s no way pepper made 4 mil or however much he’s claiming he made in 2017. He’s over exaggerating every other part of his life, so I don’t think his income would be any different. He’s pretty much delusional and is very obviously in a manic episode. Going on tour with Paris will be such a shit show.

No. 559058

File: 1524082377696.jpeg (210.96 KB, 1125x1636, 9268223F-0AE7-4B1A-A072-B75DE6…)

i thought that first story was a joke tbh, like what princessgollum does to the emonite &co boys sometimes. Half the clique follows her & she’s been repping gbc loudly since 2014/5, like name dropping them in vouge interviews and shit. And that photos is from the last time she was in nyc a month ago and Tracy was being nice to her the whole time. He posted a pic from that set with a nice caption.

Idk what her beef is but it’s super a recent thing, I thought maybe it was bc of one of them wasn’t treating cortex right but Tracy’s the only one who uses his beats & they were good on Monday. So literally who knows. Maybe cause they’re all still down with her abuser ex, but it’s weird to use a picture of Tracy for that caption if that’s the case since he’s prob the least/not at all involved with Matt.

No. 559090

As far as my medical knowledge goes; the only way to perform a kidney surgery is by making some sort of cut in the stomach. Pepper showed off his new belly tattoo one or two days after the "surgery" on insta live and there were no signs of a surgery happend! Not a single little bandage. Hes a mythomaniac.

No. 559096

i'm putting my money on a kidney biopsy (they use a needle/doesn't really make a scar), that he's now exaggerating into "kidney surgery!!!!"

No. 559106

They access your kidneys from the side/back. he’s still full of shit though.

No. 559118

File: 1524086322469.jpeg (150.03 KB, 750x510, 32B3D832-396E-490B-AD26-96D9F0…)

haha this subtweet

No. 559122

File: 1524086479039.jpeg (249.9 KB, 1108x561, 1C6B94BF-9668-42C4-AC03-2D6506…)

Her stans are dumb so she had to clarify lmao

No. 559127

File: 1524086635540.jpeg (225.27 KB, 750x824, 89F01D14-A9C3-4113-8582-E522E5…)

No. 559133

I don’t understand this one

No. 559163

typo or so fake deep she ends up contradicting herself? WHICH IS IT LAYLA??

No. 559166

I don’t get that and I also don’t know who this is directed towards. Aubrie?

No. 559197

File: 1524090412197.jpeg (112.2 KB, 750x472, 88F398D1-308F-43C1-A373-6818CA…)

No. 559200

File: 1524090448814.jpeg (132.52 KB, 750x606, BFE70C78-4F60-4F82-A25B-0E1368…)


No. 559204

I honestly don't understand what this means?

No. 559213

I think he’s trying to insinuate that Luke cheated on her while in LA? Whatever it is, it’s a bunch of bullshit because he’s a compulsive liar. A pathetic one at that

No. 559215

He's saying that tooPoor called Tyler when Luke was "in Los Angeles fucking other girls"


No. 559218

File: 1524090931842.jpeg (176.48 KB, 1125x533, 52920236-29EF-41CE-ACBA-B2A6F5…)

lololol pepper may be the biggest cow of them all

No. 559220

Grosso stay lurking on this board

No. 559222

File: 1524091029430.png (47.41 KB, 682x166, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 3.36…)

No. 559223

layla put me onto this dumb shit. just get the facts straight if you gonna stalk her/us

No. 559224

Just spill the damn beans already

No. 559227

what you wanna know

No. 559229

Ok but Layla could have refrained from subtweeting bout him if she really was the bigger person here,and not focusing on negative energy. Stupid bitch does anything for drama then hides when she's called out.

No. 559233

will u marry me

No. 559234

File: 1524091215134.jpeg (174.38 KB, 833x789, 0627533F-035E-4230-A99D-45FBED…)

Here’s some receipts you dumb bitch

No. 559235

Is this from the speculation of his hickey? Which was proved to be from Layla? He's manipulative, abusive, and a liar so how would we believe him anyway.

No. 559236

Everything from your point of view. Also I agree tooPoor was really just asking to get roasted by making that juvenile tweet

No. 559239

receipt? bitch where does it say i had surgery.

No. 559240

You can "Have" a kidney but lose kidney function, whether partially or fully.

No. 559242

Is this what you do with your 'millions'? Creep message boards about your ex?

No. 559243

Pretty sure to no longer have a kidney you’d need it REMOVED. you really are dumb as fuck. Go rip off some clip art or do some heroin or something

No. 559247

Can u elaborate on this tweet? >>559197 Are u implying luke cheated on layla

No. 559248

my kidney failed from sipping lean everyday. its destroyed. i discharged myself from a hospital after they told me. never had a surgery. never lost it. its just fucked

No. 559249

why dont you get treatment???? if you think the tortured social media star is a good look, you're wrong, bc you're JUST embarrassing yourself all over social media constantly. like, i know it's hard to live in peep's shadow what with being unattractive and less talented, but you can do well for yourself if you get some help, jfc.

No. 559250

Why y'all gonna be mean to him. We want the milk…

No. 559251

Then….. why tweet that you lost it? Other than being a compulsive liar / abuser.

No. 559252

you guys are the ones who sit on a website and stalk a girl with instagram followers. we read this shit and laugh. we're friends. im not gonna spill anything about luke i think my tweeted covered a bit

No. 559253

He obviously LOST KIDNEY FUNCTION it's not that hard to understand. Codeine syrup kills your fucking kidney why do you think all these people have kidney disease…

No. 559255

Y’all are dumb as fuck. Dude can’t tell the truth no matter what. He betrayed peep for clout, lies on the daily for clout, was hella emotionally abusive, is a straight culture vulture….. I can keep going if you’d like? I don’t like giving fucking scum like this lesbian looking mother fucker a platform.

No. 559257

Honestly Layla trying to bash on Tyler for being sober pissed me off so much, she wants all the praise in the fucking world for being sober but wants to talk shit on him for doing so? Fuck you layla,go fuck yourself.

No. 559259

then leave fat if youre not gonna contribute

No. 559260

u just put her on blast on social media but u would never sink that far!!! lmao abusive fuck

No. 559262

and wheres your proof? layla? the girl you people talk shit about

No. 559264


No. 559266

Idgaf go try to be his therapist/parent elsewhere. This website ain't for that

No. 559268

Lol ok pepper. Samefagging so soon?

No. 559269

stop being such a fucking pussy all your damn life

No. 559270

i would love to see your instagram

No. 559275

"stop being a pussy" "hides behind internet forum to talk about a girl on instagram" do you like cameron dallas too?

No. 559277

I can’t wait til this lil fucks 15 minutes (if you can even cal it that) are over. You’re gonna be so god damn lonely and HELLA unattractive

No. 559278

yea no remember every time gross was pissed and layla he used to tweet about her cheating and take it back as soon as they made up?

he's pulling a peep and trying to get a rise out of her

lol is this what you've resorted to pepper? go stunt some fake vl you think were gonna spin the shit you spew into gold but nah no one buys your bs

No. 559279

hahaha g r o s s
idc if it's a typo it's perfect

No. 559280

and you'll be on…. lowcow.farm talking about @ names… go out! get some friends! go to prom enjoy life

No. 559281

Am I the only person who wants to fucking hear about whatever Grosso has/wants to say, even if it is a lie lmao

No. 559282

lmao youre all sooooo mad lol

No. 559284

we talk about you and your histrionic crew while taking a shit at work. don't flatter yourself, tyler

No. 559285


He's just looking for attention. Poor fella.

No. 559286

whats there to lie about. we're not talkkng about a god damn thing yet

No. 559287

Aaaand you’ll be smoking heroin and eating pizza rolls by yourself, reminding everyone of that one time you were cool with peep. And keep riding the coat tails of all your friends with real talent! Bout all your good for.

No. 559288

How about your own tweets?

Like this anon said, you're still trying to get a rise out of her. That's enough of a telltale sign to me that you're at the very least emotionally abusive. She's moved on and everyone can clearly see.

No. 559289

okay i totally will. you hurt my
feelings. imma go vent on a forum about layla shapiro

No. 559290

imagine thinking this is anyones entire life

No. 559291


No. 559292

ok, did layla really cheat on peep?

No. 559293

Take ya damn lithium

No. 559294

Ok but you could at least just tell us what you were hinting at in your tweets… did toopoor hit you up while in LA?

No. 559295

LOL How did you even get here?

No. 559296

it obviously is. youre all fucking creeps. you zoom in on anything we do. stalk our lives. point out anythjng about layla as if none of you have flaws. its pathetic. grow up. i bet no one in here can dm me on instagram with a real public account. because none of you have friends or a boyfriend or are attractive but love to put down layla or whoever she associates with

No. 559297

now you expect me to answer
that? lmfao

No. 559298

Y'all are bored if you're letting Pepper Ann entertain you. He should be a banned topic like Potatohead smelji.

No. 559299

Hahaha glad I'm not the only one who does my lolcow reading on the clock

No. 559300

please ban me. im over layla showing me these dumbass site. go get real life friends

No. 559301

This comes with wanting to be 'famous'. Get used to it fat fuck!

No. 559302

will u be more fun if we do???

No. 559303

Convinced that this is secretly Layla and not Grosso

No. 559304

except that plenty of posts about her lately have been positive since she got out of your slimy grip. you're wrong, doughboy

No. 559306

i would bet a thousand dollars that you dont have, that youre nothing but a fat fuck breathing heavy that i could potentially talk about the girl you stalk on instagram and her ex boyfriend and what me and her do/dont do

No. 559307

File: 1524092384948.gif (7.98 MB, 550x412, yess.gif)

half the board rn

No. 559309

Layla ain’t showing you shit. Take your L

No. 559310

lmao talking shit about otehr people's finances when you're more than likely renting porsches for a few hours a day to seem cool and bragging about chinatown knockoffs. post your bank statement before you talk shit, chubbychan

No. 559311

Did Tyler just say that him and Layla are friends and they laugh at this thread? If you’re friends, please explain why you guys are subtweeting each other. What a load of bullshit lmao

No. 559315

You've been subtweeting her incessantly ever since she left she's just getting fed up with it

And why are you even here if you don't have anything to say? do you just get off on any amount of attention good or bad? wait nm I forgot who I was talking to

Pepper I don't particularly like you but please get help. Leave your ex alone while you're at it. It'll be better for the both of you.

No. 559316

I'm actually only here for YOU :) <3 *breathes heavier

No. 559317

File: 1524092538587.png (313.25 KB, 1242x2208, EDA25D11-C59C-4E7A-B4F2-672C83…)

heres how much money i made last week. more than your parents make all year.

No. 559318

doubt they're friends, but i do really think he really does want her back and is actually super sub and all of his abuse is insecurity not actually being like a dom/hard/rough guy. to his credit, i think he's pathetically obsessed over layla, unlike peep, who wouldve laughed and felt special if she slit her wrists for him

No. 559319

I’m so tired of how every time a cow comes to this site offering milk everyone jumps on it as an opportunity to anonymously rip them apart. Like make a fake twitter if you must. But I think we should welcome any information he can give us. Take it with a grain of salt, sure, but don’t chase him off.

No. 559320

Why does everyone keep calling it a forum?

No. 559322

Lmao you’re giving so much insight to just how dumb you are.
Talking about prom, how much parents make… you literally have the mind of a child.

No. 559325

Yeah, I don't get why he's saying he and Layla are friends. I guess so he can "look good" like he's defending her when she refreshes this board every five minutes

No. 559326

bc that's what it is
are you new to the online experience?

No. 559327

Kek try harder, that bait is old.

No. 559329

gee i wonder why

No. 559330

i was pissed and was gonna share what you wanted to hear/know but you just had to be cunts, geez just wait till i leave next time

No. 559332

bitch are you blind check the date idiot lol

No. 559333

Amazing. Luckily you don't know any of us - so all of this should be irrelevant to you chubby. Don't put your life out there if you don't want to be made fun of. Wah wah.

No. 559337

why are you posting your make-a-wish donations from peep

No. 559338

I'll take that bet and raise it to my body looking better than Layla's if I weren't so tired from actual work and getting an actual education.

No. 559339

can u tell me i was nice and proposed marriage

No. 559340

that was corny and not funny try again

No. 559342

so do it. we'll be nice, but you started with "i'm not gonna tell you shit" and getting ultra defensive. endear yourself to us.

No. 559343

Exactly what I've been saying. Be nice(r) to Grosso goddamn

No. 559346

what app is this?

No. 559347

Why are you so unhappy and obsessed with your ex? All the money in the world isn't going to make you happy if you don't get help and deal with your shit. Stop posturing and seek mental health services Tyler.

No. 559353

i'm over layla. we tried when she got back to LA. you guys did your stalking you know who I was fucking and you probably know who else too. everything isnt what lay fucking tweets. i could post our texts. i could tell you she facetimes me. wtf that gonna do. stop assuming shit. me & her were together yesterday and we were perfect. stop fucking assuming

No. 559354

Are… you… okay… are you majoring in psychology at community college like chill the fuck out

No. 559355

Hey Tyler - I have a valid question for you - Why do you continue to support Adam22 & NoJumper? The dude is a scumbag - why associate with someone like that? Doesn't that make YOU look bad?

No. 559357

Okay so you're actually rich lol what's with the bootleg lv?

No. 559358

good question. i dont hang out with him - did do a new no jumper. as you all know me and lay were accused and that case was
dropped friday. well it wasnt really a case there was no charges (just to clarify). i dont support him at all if those accjusations prove to be true. theyre disgusting

No. 559359

yeah, it's gonna blow up in his face.

so post a nice text or something to just prove it? what happened to your chinatown line thing? how long do you seriously expect superradical to keep going? so often these brands start to fade away, do you plan on taking your ventures more seriously? trends come and go etc

No. 559360

theyre fake louis vuitton. sometimes bootleg is cool.

No. 559361

So you're saying Layla is playing games too? What about Luke? If she's doing all this, throwing your name in the dirt with the abuse accusations, why do you stand for all that

No. 559363

That’s just how much he did in sales anon. Overhead hasn’t been factored in

No. 559365

clearly you guys dont believe me? i dont want to air her business out even though shes gonna kill me when i get off here

No. 559366

do you compensate your rapper friends for modeling or do they do it for free? just curious

No. 559367

“me & her were together yesterday and we were perfect.”

If you were with her yesterday and things were perfect, then please explain why you guys are subtweeting each other? If that’s true (which i doubt) then the both of you switch up real fast. Instead of going on a ridiculous rant, perhaps the two of you should work out your problems

No. 559368

they do it for free. depending on the rapper they may make more $ than me. i've never asked anyone to wear it tho

No. 559371

it ended in an argument

No. 559373

“i dont want to air her business out” then get off this thread. why else would you be here?

No. 559374

Didn't you say you and Layla come here to make fun of us? and if you guys are on good terms then why come here? especially if you know she's going to get mad. What about the abuse allegations?

No. 559375

because im bipolar, i should have never got on here, youre right

No. 559378

we make fun of you guys when the rumors or whatever are absolutely ridiculous

No. 559380

have you considered maybe fading into the background for your sanity? stop posturing and get on meds or something. like, none of this is stable or healthy for someone with bipolar disorder.

No. 559383

of course. then i read what you guys say about me and it fucks with me mentally

No. 559384

Right, right - business is business. I'm just trying to understand. There is more to it - such as his blogs & posts regarding the accusations. While he hasn't been charged - a lot of things are piling up.

I get that you can relate to him (in some minor way) - having been through a similar situation because there's always going to be some he said/she said shit - but these things were actually admitted by him a number of times. Thinking long-term and with everything - it's probably not wise to use his platform to be heard. Alls I'm sayin' - there are other ways to get clout.

No. 559385

What was said here that is false? seriously though. Plus no one makes you look at this site (idk if you knew but you can say no to layla)

No. 559387

What happened w Chinatown Market

No. 559389

when we broke up in miami layla didnt want to work with CM

No. 559391

Why’d you break up?

No. 559392

Who did Luke fuck

No. 559393

this is what comes with trying to get famous though, as another anon said. you should be more worried about what you're posting on twitter. trust me, everyone that has some sanity left is thinking what we're saying about what you're doing and posting a lot of the time. same with layla. you guys are embarrassing but have surrounded yourself by people who are just as bad as you guys, or won't tell you how cringy you guys are being.

No. 559395

so are you done with that too? what's your financial planning look like?

No. 559396

So why are you letting toopoor drag your name through the dirt if she's doing the same shit back at you? :/

No. 559397

we argue way too much

No. 559401

i have alot of money saved up. i invest in multiple businesses. my only fuck up was buying a porsche instead of leasing

No. 559404

This, you come here to tell us to cut it out when she is the reason why these rumors have happened in the first place? And from what she was saying is the reason why you are very hated on here? If you're even telling the truth.

No. 559410

true. if layla didn't suggest that you were abusive/horrible/say that you were horrible, none of this would be said, tbqh. both of you are emotionally unstable, but it's impossible for us to actually parse through what's real and what isn't with the instability, and when you go on manic tweet sprees and then retract what youve said, it only seems to confirm her side of the story, so of course people on here talk shit. give us reason to believe she's exaggerating/hyperbolic, or just maligned and angry, and we won't talk shit about you being abusive, which is the only reason why people here dislike you

No. 559412


tyler let me save you bb

No. 559418

I was mean to her. I yelled alot and I was jealous and over protective. I apologize to her all the time for it. I apologized for not letting her grieve peeps passing. it was a tough position to be in. my friend died, i was dating his ex. i didnt know what to think. this is my last post here. thanks for easing up on me for a few minutes

No. 559423

Yo Pepper, why do you call people Jews, retards, and downs when you don't agree with them?

No. 559427

….yikes. These are all the reasons people here don’t like pepper… and he just admitted to all of it. Admitting he didn’t let Layla grieve is pretty cringe. And def. abusive behavior

No. 559428

someone whos parent is jewish calling someone who is jewish a jew?

No. 559431

idk if youre still reading but it's good that you take responsibility for your actions. ngl, i'd be jealous too if i had been in your position. not ideal, but at least you aren't lying. you should consider getting yourself help and try to stay healthy and in the background

unfortunate, but most abusers double down on their bad behavior and get ultra defensive, so it's pretty good that he admitted it. i really think he's mentally ill and admittedly, it seems like a hard spot to be in. i don't think either of them expected peep to die so soon and both were obv banking on making amends, and tyler couldnt live up to peep esp in layla's eyes. it wouldve been better for them to just split immediately

No. 559433

I just wanna know did luke cheat on her while he was in la? Also if Tyler and Layla were together yesterday you know they were fuckin, what else would they do? Sit there having a decent conversation? LMAO

No. 559440

would make a lot of sense actually. she took his mozzarella dick and is feeling guilty over it and is projecting her disgust of herself onto him.

No. 559443

You are a dumbfuck. Trying to start shit with your earnings? Wgaf. You worked a month, now go OD so you can be real famous.

No. 559445

in regards to your post this is exactly how i feel/felt. Everything we did or said to peep, or what he did to us, was never serious. we never thought that would happen. i loved that kid. he loved me. we dm'd everyday which no one knows but layla and other close people. like you said, ive never been in a position where im dating my friends ex and he dies and we get blamed for it and we feel guilty carrying on our love. it sucked. it hurt. it ruined us. it ruined me mentally and i took it out on her and everyone else around me. all im trying to do is change and be a better person so it sucks to see you guys make fun of that or see layla make fun of that when shes sober herself. thats why im here in the first place. idk

No. 559447

someone asked me to post a screenshot. i dont like doing that and only had it saved because i had to use it to buy a car. dont be a dick unless you read first

No. 559452

Well honestly what you're saying makes a lot of sense.

No. 559454

Do you know why no one helped Peep? I mean… it just doesn't make sense. Anyone, even if they've done drugs or not, could see in those videos that something wasn't right. Just want your opinion on it.

No. 559455

Good for you coming on here and manning up Tyler. Yeh, whiteknighting, I know ;)

No. 559457

i can see that. while your behavior during that time wasn't great, i'm sure it couldn't have been easy to see layla fanning the flames in trying to get peep back. did you realize she was just trying to make him jealous? (not saying there was NO love there for you, but she had tried with like 3 other guys before you to make gus jealous. obv he did the same thing to her, but yeah, it's unhealthy for all parties.) not excusing your behavior, but feeling like a backup is pretty shit and like i said, ngl, i'd probably have a breakdown at some point if my relationship was basically entirely predicated on the hope of my bf getting his ex back

No. 559460

File: 1524096214146.png (56.47 KB, 1170x184, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 21.2…)

Here's some sound advice from someone you likely regard higher than they presently deserve.

Just be fucking nicer dude. Plot twist- It's easier to be a better person in life, and it actually makes people treat YOU better as well.

No. 559463

Yes I knew she was trying to make him jealous. I regret that I lost my friend because she wanted to make him mad and I can never tell him sorry to his face, but then again I really fell in love with Layla and always will have special feelings for her

No. 559466

Idk and not gonna speak on that situation. I read the peep840 instagram and go off that. But of course people in our scene have told me what happened. Not my place to talk. I wasnt there. But what you assume is what happened

No. 559468

wat. how is fake designer stuff cool? i feel like it just looks desperate

No. 559470

everyone has different taste. if you try to pass a fake designer off as real… then its wack. anymore Q's so i can sleep

No. 559478

Why are you just now deciding to do this on the thread? Why haven't you defended yourself before now? Is this not going to damage irreparably whatever you have with Layla now ?

No. 559480

Why are we all trusting that this is really him

No. 559483

We're not. At all. Very skeptical but might as well ask questions

No. 559487

did anything romantic/sexual actually happen between you and Layla yesterday as >>559433 suggested or was it only just talking/hanging out as friends that went well and then ended in an argument?

No. 559491

Nothing happened. Just talked. And it was 2 days ago my fault, not yesterday.

No. 559494

Given that he referenced us on his Twitter, it's pretty likely

No. 559497

do you know if/think layla is actually sober?

No. 559507

shes 100% sober. i thought she was lying but when she got to LA she proved me wrong. she wont even have a sip of alcohol. im proud of her

No. 559515

honestly all of this sounds exactly like my abusive ex "owning up" and apologizing and thinking we're friends but really he was just hella delusional and needed to boost his ego. once abusive + manipulative, always abusive + manipulative. sure, he may be trying to turn over a new leaf but I aint buyin it sorrrrry. the fact that he's still needing to suck his own dick on twitter (and here - look @ all the validation he's getting!!!) and that he thinks Layla and him are "perfect" when the last time they hung out ended in an argument pretty much points to the same ol shenanigans. this dude reminds me of all the terrible dudes I know - to a fucking T.

No. 559517

I’m gonna be honest and say I’ve gained some respect for ya here Tyler, answering some legit questions with what feels like some self awareness and maturity

That said, my question is….do you still do heroin? For how long were you doing it? Meth?

No. 559523

how do you know enzo, like are you related, just friends ?

No. 559529

tbh, i've dealt with a lot of abusive men, and i don't see it. i would expect that from peep or guys like titanic sinclair, etc, but i dont think anyone can disagree that tyler is obviously bipolar. he had a lot more reason for his outbursts than peep had reason to humiliate layla, for example. you can see the difference between the two pretty clearly, imo. you can tell grosso was motivated by insecurity/fear/illness from a relationship that was based on layla trying to woo gus back, while peep's abuse was straight up hubris/for fun, on top of cheating on her. his cycling is too embarrassing/cringy to be fake, and the gus/layla/tyler situation was a mess. i've always thought he really did have a softspot for layla/seemed super sub and was like obsessed with her. lbr, it's not like the situation wasn't toxic enough from the start to predict that it would be volatile and harmful for both of them. falling for someone that is using you to get their famous ex back is no doubt going to be painful.

No. 559546

Finally this thread is milky

No. 559553

You can be bipolar AND abusive, especially if you aren't being treated and use it as an excuse to be a piece of shit.

No. 559567

Sure, but I think he's seemed fairly genuinely remorseful at times

No. 559578

>>559317 My company made that in two days, so…(no one cares)

No. 559582

ty r u gonna answer the heroin question or r u gonna pretend u didn’t see it?

No. 559598

i've never done meth, neither has lay. that phillip bitch fabricated everything. Other question. Not something I want to admit to but I think we know the answer. Not anymore thankfully. After I discharged myself from the hospital the last time I was sober but withdrawaling so I found a specialty doctor who has subscribed me to an 8 month suboxone plan. This all started when I began A$APs Assistant. Started with lean. Went to roxys. Then to trying to live like Kurt Cobain. No shooting. But off that & lean, hence all the sober tweets you guys make fun of me for :) lol

No. 559603

it's like a golden rule to never actually talk about your plans. you're just supposed to drop them/start advertising when it's all 100% taken care of.

him making this list is the equivalent of a mood board. you ever see peep doing that? no, cause he was flying everywhere all the time getting shit done, putting it in other professional's hands to finish up, then he would drop it. walk, don't talk pepper, you learned fucking nothing.

No. 559604

peep was a music artist. with managers and promoters. the point of my list was to try to show everything i'm doing and that I want to build something to bring artists together. please stop comparing everyone to peep

No. 559608

There are a lot of peep stans in this thread… coming from someone with mental health issues, i have a lot of respect for you w/ being open about shit. I hope you get professional help, because it would do wonders for your personal/professional life. I know it has for me. It prob doesn’t mean much coming from a stranger on an imageboard but you don’t seem like an evil dude and I sense that there’s hope for you yet.

No. 559610

If this is true, then proud of ya, Ty.
You can’t “live like Kurt Cobain”, he’s dead bb

No. 559614

>>559604 Successful people create to do lists at the beginning of the day/month/quarter/year and EXERCISE! Maybe start doing the last one too.

And I have a VPN, so you can't ban me.

No. 559617

My point was that he is assuming he knows who the people on this board are and that he is so much better than us.

No. 559619

i dont assume im better than you or anyone. im an ex drug addict with mental issues who cant keep a girl happy to save his life. at least you guys got to understand my
mind a little bit. i cant do this on instagram or twitter, usually only my diary

No. 559621

I think you’re a strong minded individual being able to come here and talk.

No. 559623

>>559619 Try Kratom. It helps a lot and is natural.

No. 559624

I kinda hope this is Pepper. I despise the dude but if he’s really being this open about his demons, it’s slightly endearing.


Actions say a hell of a lot more than words though…

No. 559627

he’s lying.

No. 559630

looks like lays mad i was in here. sorry lol nice meeting you guys

No. 559632

never a good idea to tell your "fans" the name of this place, Ty Ty.

No. 559634

File: 1524105779442.jpeg (708.63 KB, 1125x1782, 63E7A280-5637-4E38-B8B6-2D4C92…)

You in trouble

No. 559636

What’s he lying about Layla tell your truth

No. 559639

lying about what? explain please

No. 559640

to his credit, grosso didn't share anything much about her?

No. 559643

Everything he said about her was pretty nice. That she's truly sober, that he's proud of her. I guess saying they met up and were on good terms didn't sit right?

No. 559644

yes, and she had been dickteasing everyone and subtweeting him constantly about resisting talking to him and hanging out w him, i'm sure most ppl would figure they wouldve met up. she put all of the information he gave out, basically by herself.

No. 559649

This obviously isn’t him, one second he tweets “subtweet me again and I’ll blackmail you with other shit I know”
The next it’s “we’re friends, we laugh about this”.
What kind of bipolar ass bait are y’all taking I haven’t even finished reading the thread yet but damn this kid is gross af

No. 559652

So then why did toopoors twitter basically just confirm everything he said on here?
Unless of course, they're like scheming up a way to create more drama/gossip about themselves for exposure. They seem like the kinda people who don't care if others are talking shit, as long as people are talking about them

No. 559653

the way he worded some things and made the same usual spelling mistakes leads me to believe its him but its all just entertainment to me

No. 559654

Well, whoever posted here said they were upset and willing to spill milk at first, but calmed down. It does happen. It could've been him. Ask his Twitter if you're that suspicious about it.

No. 559661

While we have you tyler, i need you to confirm something. Your role on the upcoming tour of the century is giving blowjobs to the talent and fetching them taco bell. Is this true or have we been spending a little too much time around the rumor mill?

No. 559662

why the fuck are anons falling all over tyler. he admitted he's abusive, that's what he is. look inside yourself for why you're so quick to turn that into an act of heroism in your own mind.

No. 559664

File: 1524108631155.png (361.45 KB, 1242x2208, 52DA0050-03FA-4B42-8D08-BA8EF5…)

Here u go guys

No. 559668

fuck, how did you know?

No. 559670

okay thanks have a cookie

No. 559671

@tyler for the love of god, do not get anymore fucking tattoos of just text all these peoples tattoos are starting to look so fucking bad bc it's just stupid words of ugly ass fonts, a la lil Xan ://

No. 559673

chill lmao

No. 559675

I'm being hospitable!

No. 559679

i don't think you know what heroism means, anon. heroism =/= benefit of the doubt

No. 559681

Samefag but yeah okay, I see it’s him LOL
Double lol at y’all ass patting him and saying he’s endearing, him coming here and saying all that is the biggest back stabbing invasion of privacy of all, all because he wanted his own dick to be sucked
There isn’t shit endearing about this tryhard pos, even murderers have redeeming qualities but it doesn’t make them anymore respectable.
That really does suck that Layla was cheated on, but was it before or after she started lusting over peps on twitter?
Can’t really be mad at Luke if it was after

No. 559684

saying all of what? he didn't say anything bad about her at all

No. 559695

1. Threatening to expose her on twitter
2. Airing out her business with Luke
3. Saying he was with her when she clearly was keeping that to herself for personal reasons
4. Coming here at all when a lot of these threads are vitriolic af towards her is such a HUGE breach of trust, some of y’all are literally out to get her and he’s fueling the goddamn flame and providing people with things to use against her
He’s yet again just fucking embarrassing her. Let her do it on her own terms, it’s all she fucking has.
She’s only internet famous and it looks like hell, you’re not equipped with PR people and bodyguards and shit like actual celebrities so you’re constantly a target for others because of how vulnerable you make yourself and simultaneously your own worst enemy because twitter breakdowns are basically self sabotage.
And then you have to worry about crust buckets like pepper Ann destroying the few things you want to keep to yourself.

Trust no one is the name of the game because of people like him, I hope he fucking rots.

No. 559698

She was mocking him about being sober and healthy first so him admitting that they still interact isn't the worst possible thing. If she wants to hide that because it could affect her relationship that's stupid and wrong of her. Most of what he said was about himself anyway. Tyler was definitely abusive but Layla has her moments

No. 559699

Why are you defending toopoor so hard tho…

No. 559702

true. tyler obviously is no angel, but if it was so important to her that it not get out, she shouldn't have done it and hinted like a million times on twitter that she was struggling to not talk to him/hang out with him like wtf. maybe don't tease the possibility for literally days on your social media account and make it obvious to your bf, when people still stan them, for example? and the thread isn't even vitriolic. it used to be when she was much, much worse, but most people are pretty ok with layla now. you're like weirdly up her ass.

No. 559705

I mostly just feel empathetic toward her for being involved with scummy dudes, I know she isn’t perfect and she does it to herself by going for them in the first place but everyone wants to be loved damn it
And this situation in particular is just really gross to me, my heart would sink so hard if I were in her shoes.
Yeah she subbed him but he said they ended up arguing so he obviously said some shit that was fucked up for her to attack his sobriety (which she supports everyone else in, she probably just knows his shit is a facade)

No. 559706

Sorry anon, but you're overreacting.

No. 559711

I appreciate the milk don’t get me wrong, I’m just having my feelings and moving along.

No. 559716

Have you ever thought that maybe she is constantly surrounded by shitty men like this because she too is shitty.. just a thought. No one is ever completely innocent and there's always 3 sides to every story. What's not cool is making a shit show of it all on twitter for people to speculate and probably drive your new boyfriend completely mad psychologically while stuck in a foreign country

No. 559720

I disagree that 'no one is ever completely innocent', but it was totally shady as fuck to make many tweets about the possibility of hanging out with him if she knew it'd upset her boyfriend 10000 miles away, then to hide that you did? Sorry, but that's a self painted corner if I've ever seen one.

No. 559726

ok she subtweeted. but he had to do something or say something that triggered her to do so. you guys can’t recognize this abusive emotional manipulator? regardless if she subbed him or not that’s not a good enough reason to come in here and expose her private life. if they are friends and he’s proud and cares about her he wouldn’t come in here and shit on her. he’s a scum bag

No. 559727

also notice how quiet she’s being

No. 559730

>>559466 What do you think he meant by this?

No. 559732

>>559726 I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years. She doesn't get my sympathy by spending time with him while she has a new boyfriend and mocking him online. Maybe she was a completely innocent party to begin with but she has given into the acting the same abusive way

No. 559740


he meant that he wasn't there so your guess is as good as anybody's. the dude OD'd, leave it alone jfc

No. 559747

she literally started dating him to make peep jealous i mean come on

No. 559758

she seems like shes one of those people who "wear their misery" (and broadcast it to their instagram followers)

No. 559761

Have y'all never been around people who have personality disorders…. they are extremely talented at making it seem like everyone around them is doing them wrong when all the while they're the one stirring the pot.

No. 559772

Reading between the lines but this is my theory of what happened….

I think Luke didn’t actually cheat on Layla, but she thought he was going to (like either he was flirting with someone else hardcore or she just thought he was behind her back or something). She was feeling really upset and insecure and then Tyler kept calling/texting her saying he wants to be friends. She eventually picked up the phone and vented to him about what she thought was going on with Luke. Later on after that she talked to Luke and nothing had actually happened / she had kind of overreacted / something of that nature.

Tyler is a little bitter/resentful that nothing came out of them talking again and starts posting on his twitter and on here about how Luke is cheating on Layla, which upsets Layla because 1) she talked about it to Tyler in confidence as a friend and it wasn’t his business to share at all and 2) is exaggerated/a misrepresentation of what happened and it makes Luke look bad. I’d be pretty pissed too tbh.

I think if Luke had for real cheated on Layla she would have had a wayyyy bigger meltdown, they’ve still been pretty much constantly posting romantic things to each other and seemed to still see each other pretty frequently in LA (and she’s still going back to London soon).

Sound plausible? Speculation I know but I feel like that makes the most sense

No. 559779

>for the culture
WHAT culture you pot bellied rat faced pig?
Following around rappers and cleaning their jordans with a tooth brush really got to your head.

No. 559780

it almost makes sense but once you consider the fact that layla did hang out with tyler it's more likely that her and luke probably fucked up in their own ways so she can't be that upset with him. At this point no one in this thread actually hates layla we're all just trying to understand her

No. 559785

Can someone explain to me how/why smokeasac and ilovemakonnen are still using the first access entertainment management company after the way they basically helped peep overdose?? Sorry, I was looking bc first access managed Zayn Malik and it's been in the news that they dropped him because he was "difficult" aka addict and probably didn't want another peep incident :/

No. 559792

>>559740 Yeah, but he said "I read the peep840 instagram and go off that. But of course people in our scene have told me what happened. Not my place to talk." So some people have told him what really happened, but he isn't saying what really happened since it is "not his place", so he knows more than just a guess.

No. 559796

What’s this about zayn being an addict? And probably because it’s easier to blame him/his friends than it is the people paid to keep the dude in working condition (dude had 3 whole handlers present that day & he still died like how bad are they at their job, all it woulda taken is a dose or two of narcan. Stupid & incompet if you ask me.)

No. 559799

exactly what happened

No. 559800

The best thing this idiot could do is check into treament and stay there for a year+. But he won't so the best option is probably to OD. Im not encouraging suicide or anything, just saying if he dropped dead everyone who knows him would be relieved. At least go somewhere else and bother some people who aren't already scared of him and tires of his shit.

No. 559807

ppl like you make me reconsider reading these threads lol you are actual trash

No. 559811

he literally said he had his kidney removed and was going to be an advocate against lean
so i genuinely hope he crashes his new car and kills himself because he used suicide for attention and now real health/addiction consequences for more attention like fucking die seriously

No. 559816

File: 1524122146199.png (51.48 KB, 788x182, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 22.1…)

No. 559820

File: 1524122374555.jpeg (298.07 KB, 1612x1564, 56ed841f32b8d.jpeg)

No. 559821

he's obviously unwell. this is really ridiculous. at least wait for him to act out and act shitty again before psychotically a-logging like this. the guy is a mess and could be on the path to wellness. it's fucked to try to sabotage it when you haven't even seen if it's bullshit yet

No. 559822

bruhhh that time stamp tho. so hes always been a lil bitchass gimme-attention-now-or-i'll-literally die headsass

No. 559824

or hes been suffering since then???

No. 559825

I posted his old tweet in response to the anon mentioning his threats of suicide. To display just how far back this behavior of his goes. I didn't post the bridge picture though. Wishing someone would crash/OD/jump and die is legit fucked up.

No. 559879

File: 1524135110948.png (Spoiler Image, 442.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-064455.png)

Someone hacked cheljis Instagram and Insta and is posting her lewds and conversations with rappers

No. 559882

“hacked” my ass. this is highly suspect. probably Beans trying to garner some attention as usual.

No. 559892

Tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if it were herself to brag about how many rappers she’s talking with.

No. 559894

someone screenshot this shit before it’s too late

No. 559895

we're the ones who call her potato and we're just gossips so it's very suss. she probably saw gross-o saying hi here and wants in on today's soundclout/lolcow crossover action. plus what better way to get your nudes out than to spread them yourself.

No. 559896

it's the same kind of cropped messages she's posted before.

No. 559897

File: 1524137435550.png (Spoiler Image, 288.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180419-073000.png)

No. 559902

>"White bitch got cake"
Yeah that's not a hacker. Also no self-respecting hacker would use a troll face as their icon. And they wouldn't keep the name intact and not self-promote their own social media instead

No. 559903

Notice how all her promotional material is still up. Make sure you remember her single while you're perusing her ass!


No. 559904

also look at how that is filmed. she shot it herself like the lonely potato she is.

No. 559905

That video just shows how she shakes her back fat, I'm not impressed

No. 559906

lmao this, do love handles count as “cake” in 2018?

No. 559910

File: 1524139048386.png (408.96 KB, 720x1190, 20180419_075632.png)


No. 559913

They've 'hacked' her instagram too

No. 559923

This is dumb as hell. Coming from an ex pill head, that's not even that many pills especially if it was for a birthday present. If this even happened I'm sure fat Nick's pill were at least actually real kek. Saged because I've been baited. high quality bait, but bait non the less.

Fuck chelji.

Where's grosso with the live q&A's? I have some questions. First, what percentage of the clothes you gave (threw) away to that crowd were knockoffs?

It would be great if mods could mark all incoming posts from grosso. Then we could know for sure if he comes back. (Not asking but just saying it would be great. Kiki kannibal is marked. Mystery is marked. We have a confirmed grosso sighting. Why not mark it)

No. 559949

File: 1524145347422.jpeg (707 KB, 1242x1322, D8C1194E-F479-4663-81CF-C97957…)

so this is what he was referencing to then? honestly this whole hack mess sounds fishy af
like is ned going to blame it all on fat nick just because nick came after him not so long ago???? lmao this keeps on getting better

No. 559958

Did anyone save the video of Chelji twerking? It was good help a man out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 559960

Chelji, get out

No. 559961

I evaluated the subject matter and determined it was not worth saving.

No. 560053

File: 1524156550783.jpeg (150.43 KB, 750x1210, CFDD256F-BCEE-4BA7-945D-0BCC2E…)

It’s so obvious this hacking thing was fake, not everyone is as retarded as you potato

No. 560097

whether the comments are good or bad, you probably shouldn't read a thread about yourself written by people who don't know you…

No. 560101

>>559284 THIS lmao. like i spend my free time here… we passing time getting paid lets not get it twisted

>>559360 heeeeeeHAW i knew it.. "sometimes its cool" no bitch its cHEAP and it falls apart in 2/3 months lmao. instead of WEARING the fake gucci n louie, why doesnt pepper be a smart lil bizniz man and just sell it? his supremetard followerbois will eat up 50 dollar 5 dollar "designer" hoodies … & he's already in the bizniz of selling rip-offs, why not conquer knock-offs also?

>>559293 im hooting

>>559603 this >>

>>559604 nobody is comparing to peep. that really is the golden rule… for everyone. if you're creating content, you keep it fuckin hush and just get it done.

obviously everyone creates to-do lists, but when you broadcast those lists - thats when you're doing it for show, you could be busy curating. but instead you're just trying to convince everyone that's what you're doing instead. & usually whenever you ANNOUNCE shit before actually completing it, you end up never completing. pepper wants fast validation for sharing his battle plan.

>>559652 likely. drama gets views. views generates ad revenue $$$$. the more ridiculous these hooligans are, the more people are like "WTF clickclickclick". and chaching. makes perf sense

how exquisite, this here malk

No. 560111

its so embarrassing watching an adult live out an 8th grade hoes dream

No. 560151

so glad i missed the pepper ann meet & greet here, that was painful to read through.
chelji's self-administered hackjob was almost more inspiring than him coming here and thanking all of us for the little therapy sesh. pathetic.

No. 560169

>>559897 Just threw up in my mouth. And the girl is young too. She's going to look like her quadruple chinned mum soon.

No. 560261

File: 1524173853181.jpeg (226.77 KB, 1920x1920, received_1901464163484905.jpeg)

That belly button tho

No. 560265

>>560261 I feel like I'm looking at kiddie porn. GROSS!

No. 560268

Quick tip for making your self posts less obvious: don’t fill out the name field

No. 560288

oh my god after reading all of this, when I got to the point of this screenshot, I gasped lmfao. I really thought it was too good to be true and honestly I can't believe I missed a live q&a with pepperann lol

No. 560289

ugh this bitch is sooooo grimy and cringey. I read all her other threads on here. she would self post

No. 560291

Leave her where she belongs, the ig thot thread

No. 560317


Very proud of you for this, I hope you keep at it Tyler

No. 560399

File: 1524187419016.png (1.03 MB, 1170x716, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.1…)

No. 560404


No. 560407

File: 1524187897557.png (8.58 MB, 1125x2436, 7D60A297-94DD-47DD-8280-2EA4E7…)

He looks like Kylie Jenner pre plastic surgery

No. 560410

But he wasn't the one driving?

No. 560414

File: 1524188684576.png (44.79 KB, 1106x170, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 20.3…)

LOL I really hope this was one of y'all

No. 560429

Omg fuck I’m cringing, what happened?? Hope insurance covers that…

No. 560432

File: 1524190334579.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, BC2DE4BC-7D15-409A-8BBF-AFA834…)

No. 560451

A+ prediction.

I have no idea how someone could lead such a reckless lifestyle

No. 560457


Holy bloat.

No. 560471

>>560407 I bet he was taking selfies while driving and ran into the back of a car. Hahahahahha, I just can't.

No. 560478

File: 1524195028483.png (358.54 KB, 750x1334, B17A1236-00C3-49D2-A345-2681FC…)

This fools fighting with people in the comments now.

No. 560494

File: 1524196029946.png (18.81 KB, 626x86, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 22.0…)

No. 560497

>>560494 It looks like the FRONT of the car is f-ed, not the back, so that means he hit a car or whatever.

No. 560500

File: 1524196417461.png (18.69 KB, 598x86, Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 22.4…)

someone else said tht too. he really thinks he the slickest out here n everyone else must be too fucken dumb to call his shit

No. 560523

File: 1524199183308.jpg (549.51 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180419-212953.jpg)

No. 560527

File: 1524199374309.jpg (245.76 KB, 800x1138, Screenshot_20180419-214123.jpg)

LOL meanwhile…

This is bad. This is so, so bad

No. 560528

>>560527 She actually looks good there. Before it looked like she was wearing a costume, but it looks like someone taught her how to wear her makeup with dark hair instead of doing her makeup like she was when she was blonde. But that shirt, no, just no.

No. 560530

File: 1524199905529.jpg (2.68 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20180419_215044571.j…)

From hotelskinwalker's story just now

No. 560535

It looks like her head is pasted on a body and I still hate her brows but yeah tru

No. 560574

sooooo shopped. also she’s romanticizing tf out of depression, lmao anything for attention

No. 560594

Came back as even more of a TP skinwalker jfc. Went back to dark hair and starts preaching about mental health to her followers same as Lay.

No. 560620

I have so many questions.. why is her foundation the same color as her shirt? Why do her brows go to her cheekbone? Has no one ever showed her to contour her forehead? it's disappointing she keeps trying with this black box dye. It simply just does not suit her at all. She needs to accept herself, she isn't ivory skinned with black hair. Layla does the same shit with her foundation but she seems to have gotten better lately

No. 560625

nah dude, i've been suicidal my whole life too and i've responsibly been in mother fucking treatment my whole life for it. Pepper can take the hardest of Ls if he genuinely thought he could get away with using suicide as a publicity stunt to throw away his clothes ad get ~*SAVED by some underage thot. fucking next.

No. 560633

lmao she posted fucking fluoxetine, that's what they gave me first when i was like literally 14. good on her for writing out that dialogue about it considering it could divide people though, the stigma is real. a lot of thots just whine about depression while doing NOTHING (yo whattup tyler) so at least she's doing better than pepper and maybe even layla who would benefit a fucking lot from something after all the chemicals.

still stalking by them getting actual blood tests and addressing vitamin deficiencies like real adults but this is a good step. she's face tuning still but at least has a giant shit on who the focus isn't her fake weight. wait what's her talent again and what is she even doing in life…

No. 560726

File: 1524232526405.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, 9C66DDC1-B1AA-4328-AA79-F737C4…)

she’s even doing the high ponytail kek

No. 560971

It honestly doesn’t help that she’s dating someone who was really into Layla, I’m sure that fuels the desire to wear her skin even more
Those tweets about “I’ll never be art hoe enough for you” or whatever
Also Layla was on live the other night and people kept asking about Cassidy, like annoyingly so, and she was just saying that they were best friends and it’s not the right time for them right now and she doesn’t know when it ever will be but that she wishes her the best and shit
Obviously a very generic glaze over the truth because she can’t just say “she’s fucking my long term ex boyfriend and copying everything I do and it’s fucking weird”
But I do respect that she’s trying to maintain some grace about it

No. 561022

this is very old and ot but someone a few days ago mentioned layla's niece or whatever and then someone else asked about her siblings. it reminded me of an article I found from 2007 about her brother getting arrested for a hate crime when he was 20. He vandalized a house and vehicle with swastikas and other graffiti. I found it a while ago but never posted cause it wasn't relevant (still really isn't but the sibling question thing made me remember)
so I guess making insensitive/impulsive, dumb as fuck decisions that should have outgrown your teens is another genetic trait.
before any of you demand a link, I won't post it since it obvs has his name in it and that isn't allowed.
just ask the google god if you don't know his name and then search "-name- hate crime"

No. 561066

File: 1524270309604.png (132 KB, 971x602, Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.23…)

um wait tho, is this shit new??? that font is LITERALLY the font Layla's been using (even tho she probs jacked it from somewhere)

No. 561068

What the fuck does hotel shrimp even mean? The name has always bothered me because it looks stupid and gross.

No. 561079

on the toopoor no jumper interview, layla says the name came from cass thinking that song hotel stripper was actually hotel shrimp

No. 561130

layla has been selling products with her handwritten font for ages. i don’t think it was stolen it’s her actual writing

No. 561180

Yessss. Honestly this is soooo creepy wtf Like she just got poor lil thing tattooed on her stomach in this same style/font basically

No. 561209

Layla is verified on ig finally

No. 561226

Nobody gives a shit, she doesn't even do anything

No. 561227

but theyre jewish what the fuck kind of retardation is this

No. 561231

File: 1524285606874.jpeg (433.44 KB, 1125x959, 096B5F6A-B498-424E-883B-368AAD…)

This could be a huge reach but riff and peep started hanging out shortly before he passed… this could be a sub tweet about the whole dilemma. it makes you wonder what story (mentioned here >>559466) is floating around the scene.

No. 561296

personally I love the pepper ann drama and wish there was a thread just for hating on dumbass fashion/ soundcloud scene boys

No. 561399

I support this

No. 561458


thirded. im mostly here for the pepper ann drama anyway tbh.

No. 561559

Yes please

No. 561655

File: 1524344438996.png (36.37 KB, 637x221, IMG_4072.PNG)


No. 561679

File: 1524346046202.png (501.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180421-222635.png)

No. 561680

File: 1524346094416.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180421-222645.png)

No. 561686

Feel kinda bad for her actually, must've been hard for her not being able to grieve back when she was with Pepper

No. 561705

File: 1524347268472.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, 0E049611-8771-461F-A981-E45E7C…)

yikes. another ugly mourning tattoo. tyler grosso is so pathetic

No. 561716

probably about luke they don’t seem to be talking

No. 561801

>>561716 Does Luke have an IG account? I can't seem to find it anymore.

No. 561810

>>561801 he probably blocked you maybe if you can't find him yeah he still has one !

No. 561811

Does anyone know if Luke and Layla broke up?

No. 561819

>>561810 I never followed him or commented or or or or, so no, he did not block me.

No. 561822

>>561810 His IG name would have been a lot more helpful, but….

No. 561824


No. 561828

hes tagged in toopoors pics of him. i remember my first time on the internet…

No. 561831

but why do I feel like they broke up?

No. 561834

>>561828 B…, please. I run an internet company, so f offffff. But you do sound so clever and funny.

No. 561842

Layla on live right now saying she's single

No. 561843

do you guys really believe that Tyler or any of them actually replies to this thread?

No. 561844

nooooo :( I love Luke

No. 561846

Layla is on IG live right now and she just said they broke up and she's single. Also that she's not looking to date again right now

No. 561849

ugghh it would be cooler if she stayed with someone long enough

No. 561853

i only caught last mins of her stream but to said “ty if you’re watching” and then it cut off. does anyone know what she said?
also lmao lay! congrats on letting la ruining you again.

No. 561860

maybe he’s a fucking pussy and can’t handle long distance or can’t stay fucking faithful cus men are shit

No. 561861

she said tutt not ty you moron

No. 561863

good I really hope she sticks to being single for a while… wonder if she's still trying to move back to London? If so they'll probably get back together. hoping she doesn't get stuck in LA again

No. 561877

Unpopular opinion but Luke is kinda cringey and doesn’t match Layla’s aesthetic at all. the photos of him grabbing her ass made me legit uncomfortable.

No. 561887

>>561877 Luke is a rich kid who was able to do whatever he wanted because of his privilege. I really don't think they were a match at all.

No. 561890

good for you layla. luke is low key not that attractive and old and also not so much on your level. you’re still young so use this time to find yourself

No. 561891


aren’t u glad layla’s finally taken some time for herself. fuck it was well needed

No. 561898

That relationship didn't last long.

No. 561899

does Layla check this thread

No. 561900

yeah and they seemed to like each other

No. 561904

Gross! He has no self control and can't keep it in his pants! He probably has gonoherpasyphilaids by now!

No. 561908

They dated about three months. Once they went to LA they sort of just fizzled out for whatever reason

No. 561911


dude S H U T U P. just read

No. 561932

I wonder if she'll still move to London before LA ruins whatever progress in sobriety and mental health she's made. I kinda hope she does she seemed better there she was even seeing a therapist if I remember correctly.

No. 561937

Omg would love a Gross thread… lol

No. 561941

I read something above where someone is replying to Tyler so I thought they actually believed it was him

No. 561943

No. 561951


No. 562011


yall are in agreement then? Drop a link if anyone makes one. There's just so many of these soundcloud/fashion/instagram boys that are truly fucking dumb, actual clout chasing losers and they put literally fucking everything on the internet. Plus half of them are actual abusers/shitty people too, and it's funner to hate /gather receipts on evil men sometimes.

No. 562016

There should be a thread about XXXtentacion and Geneva

No. 562017

Old news and no one cares

No. 562034

Read the rules and learn to sage before bans are issued.

No. 562136

This is so beyond disgusting. Tracy just got the symbol on his face and rightfully so since they were so close. The fact that this literal sack of parasites, waste of space, sub human being thinks he can continue to copy peeps tats and act like they were friends when he hated him is just beyond gag worthy. A walking train wreck to the highest power

No. 562152

Potato just posted an Instagram story saying something like "when you replay a live video just to hear the persons voice again" and I swear the person talking in the video was Peep. And it sounded like he was saying "I feel like I'm her therapist" or "she needs a therapist." Assuming it was about TooPoor, but I couldn't hear it very well. Potato deleted it soon after too lmfao

No. 562207

Losing someone is hard. I respect how everyone feels but I wish everyone would let Gus rest. Like stop with the internet shit, stop with the tattoos and reposts, screenshots, copying him and playing dress up. Like just let his spirit rest for a minute.. Mourn in private for once get connected to the real world. Not even just about Gus but everyone needs to gtfo the internet for few in general. Go find some new energy about your self.

No. 562340


just to hear the person's voice again.. talking about his actual girlfriend while i creepily film him from the corner of the room.

No. 562342

lmao why though?
she probably only went back to la to fuck the guy that can make that happen

No. 562347

i wish more people from the la scene posted here and let us know those rumors, like people actually said about peep and especially about his death. there's obviously more to it and a 100% believe in some people being straight evil, la is definitely the place the find them…

there's enough peepettes kissing his ass, didn't some anon claim everyone low-key hated him or outed him into being into weird shit?

No. 562658

he did take a lot of them though

No. 562693

None of these people care about gus. That's why he's dead. He couldn't get rest when he was alive.

No. 562949

Take a lot of what?

No. 563063

Based on her recent live, seems clear Luke broke up with up because he didn’t want to wait for her

No. 563071

Weren't we talking about just a few weeks? It's either a suss excuse or he's really shallow, or she delayed leaving by a significant amount.

No. 563074

There's a comment on Luke's last photo of somebody Layla said there was a girl he was seeing behind her back lmao honestly good for him, that bitch deserves it.

No. 563078

File: 1524461835032.png (170.2 KB, 270x464, 152446209051633256.png)

No. 563082

File: 1524462160577.jpg (155.82 KB, 960x719, Lil-Peep-dead.jpg)

That pic of gus was from his casket photo set.

No. 563087

i get that she's grieving, but he really did not seem to care much for her. he was exceptionally terrible to her online/publicly. she really needs to realize that tbqh he died resenting her, just like he resented her while they were dating

No. 563092


layla posted a story on her ig a few hours ago like “if ur bf says he doesnt understand another girls hype then goes and likes her photos/hangs out with her dump him.” didn’t take a screenshot i was at work, knew I should have tho, she deleted it.

No. 563119

File: 1524469939573.png (525.41 KB, 1242x2208, E93AEC56-D59C-4026-8902-940868…)

Wonder what the story is here.

No. 563144

Prob Pepper

No. 563170

Oh lord that is so cringe honestly.

No. 563179

I bet that's about Luke not Pepper…

No. 563180

File: 1524502782652.jpeg (704.44 KB, 750x1177, 3D814969-D829-468B-B0E8-869669…)

Who is this?

No. 563182

>>563179 Not sure if this was mentioned yet, but her IG account now says LA, no more London it seems.

No. 563185


Damn. How much longer until she falls in with a toxic group of friends again and relapses do we think? I really really want her to stay sober and get help but I can't see her doing it in LA.

No. 563190

do you think tp wasnt actually planning on coming back to london? like she said she was getting rid off her appartment but it doesnt look like she’s packing and we all know it’d be really difficult for her to get a long term uk visa? idk man seems too convenient like how she was praising london and now shes in the studio recording and no talks about coming back to non toxic scene or at least i havent seen it on her streams

No. 563191

You really should just read the thread…..

No. 563210

Been reading the thread since 6 but haven't seen him… would take hours to go back and search through all of them for one simple question but OK nevermind…

No. 563222

I knew luke was a fuck boy i really hope toopoor stays single and just keeps making that money and taking care of herself.fuck these blood sucking dudes. Sage for no milk

No. 563226

you need to type sage in the email field for it to actually work. you don’t just say “sage” in your post and have it automatically do so.

No. 563233

I didn't think she had plans to go back. Once she hit cali that was the end. I also predicted pepper anne would total his car. These people are predictable. Layla has never had a healthy long term relationship. She's riding the cock carousel. She's going to be chasing men till old age.

No. 563265

>>563180 no idea but the kid is a joke, he cant even unclog a sink. i peeped into layla's live last night for shits and he was being such a bitch about his sink being clogged. couldnt figure it out for the life of him. started complaining about "how gross the pipes are" when someone suggested he unscrew them. "ill just call my dad" he said. "ILL JUST CALL MY DAD"

No. 563284

she changed her bio according to where she is currently located for work

No. 563302

His name is tutt. @kingtutt on ig. Since scrolling is hard.
> don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene.

No. 563322

She took down the pics of her and luke lol. Now her stans are commenting stuff on his pics like "she didn't deserve this, ur canceled" it's so pathetic yet extremely hilarious. Her fans truly believe she's a saint and not a cheating, lying, manipulative, abusive piece of shit. It pisses me off she's not moving to London.

No. 563325

Lay deleted all of the pictures with or of Luke. It’s fucked you guys say she deserves this. No one deserves an unfaithful lover. Layla claimed she never cheated on her exes and she constantly chooses men who just use her and leave her. She may be neurotic but at least she’s passionate and loyal. It’s hard to publicize your relationship especially to 350k and have to deal with backlash from fans/haters. If you’re reading this Layla, stay sober!

No. 563326

Also in her lives she’s mentioned numerous times she’s waiting to put her 30 days in cause she’s scared to move but she said she has to (doesn’t have a choice for work reasons not sure what they are) and that she already has a visa. She is probably hesitant to move because of Luke.

No. 563327

Also Layla, you're build a peep ain't bringing him back, dumbass. Even if it could bring him back you REALLY believe he would want anything to do with your sorry ass?? Hell no. Stop living your life trying to find ways to bring him back/stay relevant because you fucked him. Or keep embarrassing yourself 24/7 trying to make your life a shrine of his. Waste your life and energy on a dead man who didn't love you.

No. 563331

You don’t know where they left off. No one does. Whether they were on good terms or not he was a huge part of her life and she’s allowed to grieve or mourn in any which way. She’s not stupid, she knows that’s not going to bring him back. It’s a lighthearted thing she did to keep a memory alive. Three months before he passed they were together and after her passed she had an abusive boyfriend who admitted he didn’t let her grieve. She’s late to the process

No. 563332

Still following him on IG though..

No. 563337

Actually it's not hard to publicize a relationship with a lot of followers if you aren't known as a cheater/abuser. She was with Corey, peep hit her up on Twitter and within a few days she was fucking peep. Things went sour quick with them because they were immature as fuck ( more so Layla because she was alot older than peep) then she started fucking with joei for a week posting a bunch of pics with him, got peep mad. Left joei,peep didn't want her back. Immediately got with Tyler to hurt peep. Peep dies then her life changes because she didn't love Tyler anyway. Must have been talking to luke while with Tyler because before her and Tyler announced they had broken up she was already in London and with luke. Jeez. Must be sooo hard for her huh ? Please. She hasn't ever been officially single in like 4 years, she's had a new guy every couple weeks/ months..

No. 563353

all wrong

No. 563358

File: 1524513014702.png (136.81 KB, 244x453, 152451379586330781.png)

No. 563361

I interpreted this as she was taking that to someone along with the "good luck" balloon… but… maybe someone gave it and the balloon to her and she posted it to mess with Luke.

No. 563362

Oh please! Layla uses people and throws them out like trash. Have you seen the high price items she leeches off of people before kicking them to the curb?

No. 563365

Share what's right or shut the fuck up

No. 563366

I´ve seen that. I thought she was on the pill?

No. 563369

File: 1524513602339.png (342.41 KB, 618x616, Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.5…)

Pouya giving Pepper some real talk

No. 563373

same, didn't she do a whole snapchat stunt about birth control and how her fans need it and giving the phone numbers out for birth control in tons of countries? maybe she's buying it for someone else?

No. 563382


All facts.

No. 563410

tbqh whats wrong with that? i don't think layla is a villain, and all these guys def cheated on her, but she hasnt been single in forever, and she DID walk out on a comparatively healthy relationship to get with a 19 yo kid fresh out of high school who had no conceivable idea of what it is to be faithful or in love with someone, and she based her entire life around him. she is/was opportunistic, but that's not to say she's CHEATED like these men have on her. she just kept people on the backburner/used people to make others jealous/for clout

No. 563468

meanwhile chelji is stealing iamddb sound

No. 563469

meanwhile literally no one cares

No. 563479

The only sound chelji has is that all her songs sound exactly the same. Next.

No. 563544


No. 563595

i'm familiar with the "scene" and have no idea who the fuck he is

No. 563618

potato begone!

No. 563658

Yeah I've read all threads and didn't know who he was either kek

No. 563701

It's so stupid her fans are getting all crazy on luke for liking the other girls picture and hanging out with her behind laylas back but she was hanging out with Tyler behind lukes back as well. Once again she's trying to play the victim and get people to feel sorry for her/hate on luke.

No. 563718

Who is the girl Luke was liking pictures of/hanging out w?

No. 563726

File: 1524534384256.png (29.96 KB, 693x102, Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 6.45…)

Lolll this is why we need a Pepper Ann thread, to laugh at stuff like this - from his latest "interview"

No. 563772

layla was never going to london. just another half baked plan + half baked relationship. i'll be waiting for her album to drop.

both layla and tyler are delusional in this way. >>563726

No. 563783

I don't understand why people have to be like this. The amount of time to type out who the plunger dude is would have been the same amount of time to write the reply about how we should know this already. Gah.

No. 563785

i’m still going to london

No. 563788

Exactly. It's just a power trip. Knowing everything about "the scene" is cringe-y, honestly - I wouldn't want to

No. 563792

I'm going to London too.

No. 563794

layla don't listen to any of these psychotic cunts. i am so fucking happy you are makking music. all these random fucking boys who are thirsty as fuck, clout chasing losers, very unoriginal, and they all have Soo much fucking confidence in their mediocre, shitty art and music. You are more punk and more important than any of them(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563796

And who would this be? Pepper?

No. 563806

nah it’s me lay lay i’m goin to london stop makin a bunch of weird shit up live in the present - rn i’m in la tomorrow i could be in london - guess u won’t know til i go :——-)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563807

Layla I was responding to the one that said "I'm going to London too"

No. 563825

shut up layla and this thread is full of fucking stans or what? we all know how gross layla is, stop being all AWW STAY SOBER lets see how much it takes for this fucking loser to be into all the shit she likes u know cos thats what poor people do lmao

No. 563826


No. 563837

Except it’s literally in the rules and usage info. This thread has gone to shit because of newfags making zero attempt to just fucking blend in and not be annoying. Also this isn’t known for being a nice place. You might wanna post elsewhere if you’re looking for pleasantries.

No. 563854


i just im gonna ignore what u said but WHY DO I HAVE TO LIKE LAYLA? shes nothing but white trash, are you all fucking dumb or blind? she cant be by herself, she always has to have some dick so she can feel shes someone, try so hard on being edgy and shes as edgy as Taylor Swift, just lmao. shes nothing but a piss head instagram personality. shes not even good at something, commom

No. 563857

>>563837 Ok, point taken– read the rules and this is not a nice place. Thanks you cunt face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563859

i'm sorry, i want layla to thrive too, but layla "ocean jammerz" shapiro is not punk at all. those douchebags most certainly aren't either, but they're all avril lavigne tier 'punk' at most, jfc, anon

No. 563862

it’d be dif if i labeled myself punk tho i don’t claim that

No. 563863

white trash pretty on brand tho

No. 563867


you're naked all over the internet Layla, please dont leak your stinky pussy here

No. 563869

Layla what did Luke do to u

No. 563883

legitimately i think layla is a lot cooler and more interesting than the guys she dates

pls stay single, i'm interested in your style and your music and your modeling not the endless dumpster fire of relationships(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563887


None of them are punk, you're right, you're taking it a bit too literally lmao. What's more subversive, Layla struggling and surviving, living her life, or emo rockstars enjoying successful careers? What's more subversive, a messy druggy girl trying to make music in a male dominated scene, or a streetwear fuckboy whose had everything given to him, forever, enjoying a successful career?? You all are fucking blind and pathetic

No. 563898

she's not messy and druggy. i agree with everything else, but this is an image. again, layla wasn't a messy druggy until she began dating peep whose entire aesthetic was being a messy druggy/the new kurt cobain. please, anon. layla chose to reject relative stability to be around these fuckboys. i'm not saying she doesn't deserve credit, but you're really acting like she's fucking homeless to harvard lmfao

No. 563909

lol what the fuck, she choose the life she lives in. she could be a normal 24 years old in college or i dont know but she choose to be "poor" and she choose those scumbags she has fucked and she choose how to act, nothing subersive about this girl, shes as manufacturated as everything else we see on the media. but still dont get how all those ugly girls are praised for lmao being skinny?

No. 563933

ya i’m over dating

No. 563934

0 pussy pictures out there

No. 563937

i didn’t want to be poor i let “toopoor” fuel me and my branding and made money off of it. the name never changed. i don’t want to be too rich? i’m not even rich i can just pay my bills

No. 563944

layla get off of here for the sake of your own mental health. stop reading things about yourself that aren’t even worth replying to or countering. just work on your own happiness.

No. 563947

What about toxic LA friendships?

No. 563948

i’m workin on it just checkin in to say hi answer a couple q’s clear a couple things and let y’all carry on. this place doesn’t effect me the way it did via first thread

No. 563950

i got like one friend and the rest are strictly business relationships

No. 563952

>>563948 So what happened between you and Luke? Who was the other girl?

No. 563954

never clarified that post was about anyone in specific which is why i deleted it because i didn’t want people to attack luke. guess we will never know who it’s about

No. 563956

>>563857 I have multiple ip addresses, so you can't ban me.

No. 563961

happy for ya. seems to be a priority to be able to post in here

No. 563962

>>563954 So you want to check in and answer questions. Which questions do you want to answer? Maybe something about Luke?

No. 563963

i chose what to answer already. staying sober going to london single that’s about it

No. 563965

If you could have any super power, what would it be?(autism)

No. 563966

But did you meet up w Tyler behind Luke’s back like Tyler says

No. 563967

bye laylay just go and never come back! send my greetings to Tyler, hop u dont end up sucking that OH SO BIG fake designer dick and pls fix your hair and your photoshop is shit and u know it xo

No. 563968

do you actually still want to go to london or is it like a work obligation you already signed a contract for?

No. 563970

i saw him not behind anyone’s back. we had dinner with aubrie. not an intimate dinner. we simply can’t be friends or civil so i don’t think we will ever have a friendship but we tried.

No. 563973


Layla did you see that Peep's grandma tried to invite you to the memorial? she commented on one of your fan pages thinking it was you and inviting you. It was sweet and sad :( Everyone knows you handled the situation better than any of his other girlfriends.

No. 563974

see ya. ty is seeing some other chick and i wish him the best. he deserves happiness and he not gonna get that with me. i forgive him for any pain he caused me and vice versa.

No. 563975

do you guys really believe that it’s layla? idk how many times there have been people trying to pose as her

No. 5