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File: 1515065222731.jpg (119.09 KB, 391x796, tp.jpg)

No. 461529

Prev threads:

"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Most of the people she partied/associated with 3-4 years ago have expanded into legitimate careers, something layla has notably not done.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla how now accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her

Tyler is seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, has potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he has begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Peeps grandmother has since begun to take her grief out on the internet. She has come after a few people close to peep, sometimes after being provoked

She has denounced GothBoiClique, the collective peep was a part of, as a whole

Peeps estate pulled gbc branded merch from his webstore which may have been a result of his grandmother’s new mentality

GBC has not released any sort of organized statement in response to this

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Layla reigned it in with the mental breakdowns on social media had instead got the supremely trashy love sick nouveau riche route

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

As of peeps death her image got knocked off center, since then she has resumed her trashy love sick nouveau riche image with questionable legitimacy given the breaks of seemingly genuine hurt and desire to leave the relationship

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face

Shipping times had gotten slower since getting with grosso, who's own shop is notorious for having month long wait times for shipping. They have recently come out with a collaboration.


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are involved with the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 461584

File: 1515074917715.jpeg (294.78 KB, 1125x1636, 1AAD2967-F719-41A1-ADA6-2C62D7…)

So… he’s only sorry people had to see her treated that way, but not sorry for actually treating her like shit? Ok pepper you deranged fuck.

No. 461589

This dude is so trash. Literally not one good quality. We all know he was just a rebound for her especially after peeps death so why won't she just get away from him? I thought Rachel might have been a real friend to her …. where is she? Friend don't let friends be treated this way by any man, especially not ugly 12 year old looking ones. If she needs money or anything there's deff other guys who would help her out or people for that matter. This piece of shit has nothing he's ugly, rude, no personality just ugly ass Gucci shit and a clothing line that copies dozens of logos. Layla please leave him this isn't peep there's not a silver lining of good qualities or real fame

No. 461668

File: 1515084654550.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4125.PNG)

Wow this is literally down her fucking cheek. I thought it was behind her ear which is still gross but not as bad. This bitch has a lot of confidence that she's gonna never need a real job. And for something this tasteless too. she's really thinking she's going to make music too. A worse cow than layla in every aspect

No. 461682


It makes me so mad that her username has "official" in it. Like opposed to what? All these fake profiles of girls wanting to be you? Shut up Jumanji or whatever your name is.

No. 461685


You're a month late, anon >>441027

No. 461712

I wonder if he’s only publicly apologizing because layla seems to not be going back to him as easily this time. usually all he does is write some mean shit about her on social media and she’ll come back but I feel like she might be resisting more. I’m sure they’ll be back together soon enough although I hope she ditches him for good. if the way he presents himself on the Internet is only half of how he is in real life then he seems like a horrifying person to be around. anger like that is just going to get worse

No. 461732

lol tf so u can talk about that boring slag chelsea for 2 months straight but as soon as anyone mentions any other peep hoes its against the rules lol OK

No. 461733

to be honest i was curious about that screenshot but apparently it's a fake convo. although it's chelji shills that are saying that in the replies so idk

No. 461744

Learn what milk is. And how to sage.

No. 461753

At this point I feel Down syndrome potato’s 15 minutes of lolcow fame are over. She’s not relevant to any of the going’s on because she isn’t part of peeps/surround people’s lives as much as she wishes she was.

No. 461783

the only time i want to hear of chelji again is when i'm listening to her chav voice exploit her sloppy facedown peepee fucks via limerick over stolen garageband beats. bitch is pathetically boring lately. chelji, if you're reading, do something embarrassing again.

No. 461793

File: 1515092956766.jpeg (187.14 KB, 750x1085, 33577A98-6092-4A47-B022-3071F3…)

He’s acting offended over someone calling his relationship a trainwreck as if there aren’t tons of other people who say the same thing

No. 461845

lmao so classic, and then at the very end blaming his abusive behavior on his exes aaaahahahaha

boy fuck you

tbh worst case scenario is they did send a video to peep, but it's obvious from every single cap ever tyler is the controlling one. the video could have been sent from lay's media and we would all know it was tyler behind it.

also california has notoriously strict laws on revenge porn, if he ever did post shit like that he could serve legitimate jail time. even threatening it could afford her a restraining order; isn't someone in lay's family involved with the law? girl reach out. pawn your designer and let the state of california cancel his cartoon ass.

No. 461850

has anyone asked them if they sent peep a video? doubt they'd respond, but they might. i feel like they both were spiteful enough to do just that. peep was mad spiteful, too, so i really could see that being the case.

No. 461869

i know peep has angel wings on rn but he was the king of spite. he would bait layla constantly, like when he was with bella and layla was openly talking about suicide. he loved that shit and genuinely got off on it, tyler seems more in the moment. he can't play a public image like peep could.

i know peep stans will come at me but idc, boy didn't plan on dying but he did make it super public how he was overdosing/referencing suicide. it was an obvious reaction to something. if belgium was about layla, then he did love her and he acknowledged he didn't know how to treat her correctly. he would have cared so much if he was sent a video, enough to get irresponsible about his life.

No. 461946

File: 1515100949216.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, B67EA8FF-6D8C-4BF8-A668-91F6C5…)

textbook controlling abusive behavior. i hope she can get away from this dude before anything seriously bad happens. he feels like a ticking timebomb.

No. 462009

This dude is actually a sociopath. I feel bad for what's going on behind the scenes. He's like that asshole in 7th grade who never grew up. I bet they did send peep something or at least he did but why is she so blackmailed by that? Her whole life is on display

No. 462018

I was thinking the same thing.
She’d probably do anything to hide it because if it came out that they sent peep a video and then he died the next day, she’d be blamed for his overdose. Pitchforks would come out in full force.
If (huge if) this is what Tyler’s holding against her than got damn

No. 462103

File: 1515111460066.jpeg (112.88 KB, 750x654, 182EBF08-B241-496D-9E92-588BAA…)

reply to the last thread about internetgirl’s ex wolfdrawn being abusive. apparently his last gf chanel said he was abusive, duh this up from the comments on her first ig post from 2014. the caption was about how her obsessive ex deleted her ig. sage for old milk i guess

No. 462111

Not old milk tbh I can’t believe this is Matt, I always thought he was a cool dude, if a lil cringe with his image at times, I’m so bummed. I thought him and Bella were really cute too. I hope he never hit her since I guess he hit this girl?

All these SoundClout boys are real gems.

No. 462215


so he melts down like a fuckhead all over social media, then has a big crocodile tear-filled "apology", then blames everyone and everthing else he can for his own cuntish actions?

fucking typical. I guess next we'll see Layla with a big bunch of flowers or a new overpriced fucking bracelet that tyler will demand she returns to him next time he verbally abuses her all over fucking twitter

men like tyler are a dime a dozen. so predictable and disgusting in their misplaced rage at being mediocre.

news flash tyler, you're angry because you know damn well how much of a useless, worthless asshole you are. it's not the fault of ANY of them women you've messed around. pretty sure those women are just grateful to be the fuck away from your childish abusive ass

No. 462328

File: 1515121906043.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20180104-202845.png)

Cody is broke or something all his ig stories are him asking for a small amount of money for a repost or whatever like, why not get a job? or ask your gf who could double as your sugar mommy. it's pathetic on Bella's part since I know she has money. dating some soundclout bro with no money. he probably just has a big dick.. based on his frame I think he does lol

No. 462334

This is what you do when you’re a SoundCloud boy and you want money, (nedarb horsehead tracy mackned for instance all do it to some extent too) it’s not bad money either, the instagram story thing is new but Cody has been recommended by people for being an honest reposter on SoundCloud for a while now.

No. 462382

going down a youtube hole and came across this telling video (starts at 18:20) https://youtu.be/XrX9pKa4GCg?t=18m20s

its a no jumper from Feb 2016 where tyler talking about how he's sober from lean as of that day because his girlfriend was going to leave him, and that they had an "incident" that night and everyone gave him shit for his psycho dramatic tweets.

No. 462391

File: 1515127352678.jpeg (145.26 KB, 800x533, C813592C-79EF-4E90-96D0-FFA086…)

A pic of Matt & this girl from when they where together I’m assuming.

No. 462395

Samefagging to say how the fuck do these ugly ass abusive dudes keep landing cute girls. I know ty has some clout & money but matt ain’t anything special and he looks like a school shooter

No. 462402

She looks like an actual crackwhore. Whew.

No. 462421

seriously - you're commenting on HER appearance?
She's making a dumb face and her hair color is harsh on her. He is literally fucking deformed and couldn't look cute in any lighting. The fuck is that hairline and pinched-yet-doughy-with-being-babied-his-whole-life whiteboy face

like you don't have to cape any girl it's cool but please, if you're going to snark don't leave these baby-dicks out of it they're so much uglier and legitimate abusers, fucking come on.

No. 462426

because their dad's left them and they don't know better. trauma bonding is a real thing - it's why you're obsessed with dudes who aren't even cute when they treat you like absolute shit. layla went from a dude who was openly suicidal and whined about himself while getting off on publicly humiliating her beyond repair to another abuser, who is surprised? Pepper was only there as a rebound with clout to compete against peep fucking bella and azrzyzyzy so publicly. during that stage she was openly suicidal herself, when you're that vulnerable an abusive relationship gives you an illusion of stability, and your self worth is so low you think you actually deserve it. in short, the abuse actually does become addictive.

layla we know you lurk please what ever you do, however you do it, get a restraining order and never go back. please.

No. 462440

having checked out Matt's blogspot (in his ig comments someone mentioned it) looks like he has been making street wear for a few years so he has some influence and money I suppose. but he is too ugly for both her and Bella.

No. 462462

lmao judging by that Insta story where he's selling mentions for cash I wouldn't say he has money. influence, maybe. I think these soundclout dudes all have a certain "look" that's appealing for the alt/goth Insta crowd but maybe not for a more conventional one–cass dated horse, for example, nothing against him but he's not the cutest, and bella/ig def has a certain aesthetic going on and matt sorta went with it. maybe this is a really superficial take but I think it's def a pattern

No. 462463

appealing to*

No. 462478

File: 1515134460198.png (709.98 KB, 1125x2436, 20499712-CA3E-4D1A-BCBF-0CC959…)

I know sowet is his hustle but like, the average person doesn’t it’s not like superrradical which has legitimate backing from media/residual clout from the asap association and is actually racking it in from a particular kind of teenaged hypebeast.

Sowet is a brand by and for the kind of person that exists on the internet and in warehouse parties alone, the same way damagegroup/tarpley/anything Lilith’s ever worked for/countless others are. Which idk given how common this type of thing is that’s why I don’t think he’s so special, and it’s super niche so it’s not like a ton of people are buying it. Which makes me so sad all you need is clout not even money.

Also Layla’s back on twitter and idk, I hope she has read this and taken it to heart. Grossos a scumbag & she needs get out. Tyler’s saying they “own a clothing line together” now

Matt sells clothing. Cody Bella’s current man is the producer/repost seller which I know it sounds goofy but dudes for real make rent money off that shit.

No. 462501

File: 1515139009772.png (693.25 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9300.PNG)

At least Layla has one person around her looking out for her and probably giving her good advice / support to leave. It's not like I'm a huge Layla stan but it breaks my heart to see any woman getting treated the way she lets these assholes treat her.

Hopefully she has even more support than this and leaves his ass and sues the fuck out of him if he threatens to "expose" her. I live in LA and have had my fair share of shitty ex bfs and it's VERY easy to get a restraining order. All you gotta do is walk into the courthouse in DTLA, ask for the paperwork, fill it out, get a hearing, explain the situation to the judge, get him to issue the restraining order, then have the asshole served. That's it. And every time he violates it, straight up call the cops. And if he threatens to release private photos, Cali don't play, screencap that shit and show the cops. They'll help you find a lawyer. Cops suck but at least in my experience the ones on domestic cases haven't been too bad, even helpful.

Layla if you're reading this, seriously get a restraining order NOW. It's only gonna get worse. Trust.

No. 462581

File: 1515157004768.png (4.09 MB, 750x1334, 54FB0BEF-EB69-4B80-8313-9F0D9B…)

is it….layla’s? i don’t even know what to make of this

No. 462583

>>462581 This looks super fucked up. Is he talking about that scratch or what?

The hearts and the hickey are either implying it's Layla OR he's trying to make her jealous to come back to him. Either way he looks like a mess, so if he is trying to win Layla back he's desperate as hell.

No. 462599

File: 1515160981249.jpeg (328.43 KB, 750x1190, C322C5B9-DEA0-4034-BCD9-859928…)

She finally admitted to photoshopping her pictures.

No. 462622

I thought this was sweet. I've gained a lot of respect for her recently.

No. 462638

TP has actually won me over these past few months. She really has handled the whole peep thing with more dignity than anyone else.
I’m also glad calientechica continuously has her back. Someone in Layla’s situation desperately needs a friend like that.
It may not seem like it but layla you got some shit going for you. Just get away from pepper and make this year about a better you.

No. 462692

same here. sad as it is, i think peep’s death and other negative circumstances in her life like cassidy being a shit person and friend have forced her to confront a lot of things and as a result she’s now more self aware and it also looks like she’s genuinely interested in helping her fans who have problems instead of just seeing them as additional likes and follows on her page. while she definitely has behaved in a shitty way in her past (racist tweets, attention whoring, corey said she was abusive in their relationship..?) it seems that she’s finally growing up. too bad that she blatantly is in a bad place mentally now and that the person she’s with has a lot more growing up to do than her.

No. 462724

I feel so much for her right now, its so remarkable how much shes grown since just a few months ago but she won’t get anywhere until she leaves that shitstain & learns turmoil doesn’t mean romance.
What could pepper’s “exciting” news be?

No. 462727

He’s gotta be either teaming up w/ or buying out Chinatown market. Whatever it is it’s a desperate attempt to keep Layla’s attention.

No. 462820

shes won me over the last few months as well like everyone else but it fucking bothers the shit out of me how she sticks around with someone that abusive, i'm sure shes scared for whatever her reasons are but she has resources she can get help and get out of that relationship.

also not to be dramatic but i really hope hes not physically abusive. idk why i got that vibe when she was making tweets begging people to tell tyler she didnt get someone to call him, like he was going to hurt her if she didn't

No. 462866

I feel like this tweet was for herself, like she's rationalizing why she should stay with Tyler because it sounds a lot like his tweet from earlier that same day.

No. 462875

I think she probably doesn't have her apartment anymore and no real friends it's very easy for someone to go back to the familiar even if it is toxic. I get what you're saying but you don't know how trapped she might feel mentally or emotionally.

No. 462885

it literally looks like he has breasts

No. 463232

i'm cackling

No. 463280

THANK YOU wow been thinking this but glad someone voiced it. Peep stans saying tyler is sooo much worse than peep go read old threads. Peep was manipulative and conniving, and now that he’s dead everyone has made him out to be a ~sweet sad boi~ just because he died doesn’t mean your past is erased

No. 463282

Samefag but I don’t even want layla with a “nice” guy. I’d like to see her single for a substantial amount of time and learn to love/appreciate herself on her own

No. 463284

same she's been with someone for years without being alone. time to live!

No. 463287

Damn layla i think it says a lot that you’ve won over this board, given that 6 months ago if someone even said you “weren’t that bad” they were attacked. That’s impressive and says a lot about your growth

No. 463295

peep was soooo terrible to women, and so terrible to layla. ngl i do really like his music (not a stan, just found out about him right after he died bc of tp threads), but he really treated her like shit. i dont think even for a second layla would think of cheating on him or that she did. he really tried his best to fuck her up so she'd feel like killing herself over him or s/t. i think he loved how she'd threaten suicide publicly, over missing him. beyond him helping his friends, he was a kinda shitty person.

she needs to drop tyler. he's just as bad as peep, but has less going for him. and she's cute, too cute to be doing this to put herself thru this shit for goddamn gucci. she has really grown since peep's death, but she really needs to realise there's nothing worth being abused.

No. 463300

this is really cool. i never seen efamous women copping to shopping. good for her. it takes a lot of balls tbh.

No. 463304

Layla’s grown up a lot I think what we’re seeing now with her just kinda being lost and alone with no real friends is the result of the person she’s been for the past few years. Remember when she was calling Cassidy her assistant? She was a snake a user and a skin walker herself, now she’s growing up but she doesn’t have those people around her that you need when you’re growing up because she wasn’t a person you wanted to be around if you weren’t like that yourself. Hopefully peep dying was a wake up call and she’ll get some real friends now that she’s grown a little and get tyler the fuck out of her life.


I think at least for me even tho I know peep treated women like shit (which he did, Emma had similar “he drove me crazy!!” Stories in her speech) when Layla was with him it was a mutual thing, she was donning pink wigs & smashing shit in the street or throwing his little gifts in the gutter on Snapchat or making voodoo dolls with his face and posting logs of their conversations or just in general not being passive. With Tyler it seems like she’s not being vindictive back she’s being meek and it makes it all seem one sided and a lot scarier than 2 people in their late teens/early 20’s being petty messy people.

No. 463309

well yeah shes meek probably bc he's abusive, AND i think peep's publicly emotionally abusive bullshit took a serious toll on her self esteem and drive her into the arms of another even worse abuser. that's how it always happens. by the end of that shittastic emotionally abusive relationship she was in tatters and now puts up with even more and has less fight in her, and thinks she won't be treated better

No. 463331

File: 1515223281682.png (2.98 MB, 750x1334, 30C7AB54-CEE0-4D17-9AE4-3AE7A1…)

No. 463333

File: 1515223323420.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, BA40DE48-4147-44AC-B053-5372DC…)

Back together yet again. Hope she comes out of it okay.

No. 463507

this is exhausting. TP no matter how much he tries to convince you he's sorry and loves you and spoils you - none of that is worth the public humiliation he causes you on a regular basis. even if it was private - that shit wears a person down. cut before you're at rock bottom with him hunny pls for u and for us and all the ppl out there in manipulative relationships

No. 463567

File: 1515266446778.png (986.03 KB, 640x1136, 39763018-E52C-4C75-9684-A8120F…)

she definitely still has her apartment. she posts pics in it on a near daily basis.

also tyler’s dick looks really tiny.

No. 463577


this is what makes lolcow turn right back against you. she knew what she was doing when she posted those messages, they're serious af and meant to scare people. most people here have at least been in toxic friendships, and you really can't play the "going public" card unless you really mean it and are trying to get out. I know she's conditioned to think this way but she is also lying about her age and likely around 26. If she can be mature about everything else and see him for the abusive twat he really is one moment, she needs to follow through.

idc if this is mean as far as i'm concerned she's fair game to ridicule again. i stanned her for a minute because i felt bad for how peep treated her but this is wack. you don't get to throw around abusive relationships.

i had a hard time writing with this pale baby-legged tiny dick gremlin in the corner of the screen. the the fuck does she do it oh my god no designer is worth that what is wrong with you layla. peep was literally DIRTY AF but he's cute and tall with a style, through a screen i can sort of get it. Pepper has absolutely nothing going for him. A lot of rappers are trying to speak out against lean culture which is cool as fuck and this guy is trying so hard to rep his habit. fuck both of them i can't i need to vomit i swear this picture made me a lesbian

No. 463584

Just because peep was “cute and tall” doesn’t make him any less dangerous. An abusive cycle is hard to break.

No. 463585

I don't even like tp but seeing her go back to this crack head is really disappointing.. so much for getting sober and getting help lay… i dont feel bad for her anymore, and from someone who has experienced abuse first hand, she is not really trying to get out. I honestly believe she has some munchausen mixed with stockholm syndrome because she has a support system of friends who reach out and offer her help constantly but she never takes it because she likes the attention and probably is just too immature and ignorant to care about the potential consequences of pushing good people away and letting bad people in.

No. 463586

tyler is gross, appears to have a tiny weenie, treats her like shit, he's dumb as a brick, his clothing line is trash, he's probably broke… nothing reedming about this guy. he's literally a fucking loser. with a little dick.

No. 463589

She's either with him because he's holding a gun to her head, loves the money the spends on her or just really has no self confidence and thinks she cant get any better than Pepper Tiny Dick

No. 463595

File: 1515269136871.jpeg (344.36 KB, 1242x2208, F1F21A0D-1DC4-44D8-B102-A5AEC3…)

gross & unnecessary

No. 463616

no i completely agree, my point was that at least peep had some traits that could distract from the abuse which can make it a lot harder to break away. pepper ann has none.

No. 463684

Agreed. The more she keeps running back, the less likely people like Marilyn (calientechica) will be there to help her pick up the pieces. I know getting out of an abusive relationship isn’t always black and white but girl, come on. Most victims of dv would kill to have the support net she has. Don’t fucking waste it

Also lmao why the fuck are they out here showing off that tiny pasty dick gtf outta here with that shit

No. 463748

I just remembered recently tyler had a girlfriend a couple years ago (@cheriemadeleine on insta) who was way way out of his league. He similiarly went on a tirade on tumblr/twitter, claiming she cheated on him and going into detail. At the time I felt bad for him but now I’m doubting she cheated on him at all

No. 463791

yes this all exactly

No. 463793

lmao wait what how did this happen
the "she cheated" excuse is the same as the "she's crazy" excuse. it's hard to prove and people run with it because they want to hate on the girl. layla is a dumb fuck if she thinks this will end well, she already has peep out there with that full on meme of her "cheating", tyler will just build off of that. she really does love the attention, damn.

No. 463799

File: 1515284079088.jpeg (27.59 KB, 467x355, 1511129960038.jpeg)

I hate all of these people so much, cas, tp, pepper all poor them.
they're just like dumb ass tuna, it's so cool and fun to look poor and dirty while wearing gucci and prada, so fun to pretend to be in the broke lifestyle all while livimg under the safety net of mommy and daddys money, when ppl out here are really struggling. Fuck all those middle class white whores who come from their bumfuck nowhere hick towns to ny and other major cities to look like they "live that life"
Fuck layla, i don't give a fuck about her abusive relationship if the bitch has this much support and keeps going back like the Dumbass she is, i feel like at this point she just loves it when people are worried about her, i mean at least negative attention is still attention right? Fuck all these ugly crack head looking ass whores selling their souls for a fucking lame ass played out style, and fuck their fans and stans who are no doubt 85% dumbass teenage nobodies who think they look cool.
Bunch of sorry troglodytes, the whole lot of them.

No. 463843

peep didn’t treat women like shit. you don’t know anything about him. don’t even say that.(read the rules)

No. 463846

this better be sarcasm.

No. 463852

Fuck outta here lame ass peep stan

No. 463853

File: 1515288634556.jpeg (534.83 KB, 2048x2048, 886DBB43-3AF9-4727-94EE-483D65…)


No. 463861

scary. i don't think tyler did this. she's probably covering up for him hurting her, breaking her nails or slapping her, or something, but i agree with the sentiment and men that whine about period blood are pussies not worth speaking to

No. 463912

File: 1515297348950.jpg (803.63 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180105-013558.jpg)

In addition to that comment, she has admitted to wearing fake gucci &louis. She mentioned being stuck paying for the Nissan still even though she totaled it and has no car/money to buy another car.

No. 463914

lmao read the first thread + his lyrics r u srs rn hoe

No. 463919

her being with tyler makes sense now if he's helping her pay that all off. she'd actually have more security as a cam girl considering how crazy and vindictive tyler is. i sort of get it now but she'd be better off with an arrangement with someone else. if she gets any clout from tyler she needs to start using it now.

No. 463932

How the fuck did he get this girl. Literally
How. No amount of money or fake clout could get me past how ugly his face is and how gross his body and personality are. Bitches be desperate

No. 463935

Damn as someone in a lot of debt I can deff understand this. Like if he really does have that much money I can soooo easily understand how that makes it so hard. But this girl has so many stans and such a large audience she can get another man to pay her bills or like a friend or something. Does anyone know how rich pepper really is? Is his family well off or nah? This whole SoundClout universe just really fucks with my idea of rich or not(sage)

No. 463948

File: 1515302336914.jpg (138.6 KB, 1024x683, tyler g.jpg)

he looked a lot better (and cleaner) when he was dating madeleine

No. 463952

True, she was still out of his league but he looked 1000x better

No. 463957

he has a record for speeding in nc and the house he was living in (assuming his parents house?) at the time was a $230,000 average home. i dont think he has family money, but maybe superradical is really that successful? but how?

No. 463961

Wish I could see the analytics for the superrradical webstore. If we are to believe his twitter, he had ~5k orders on the last drop. Each person had to have spent at least like $20 per order…. pretty sweet math for Pepper Ann

No. 463966

Damnnn. And we all know This shit is hella overpriced. How much do you think it really costs to produce one shirt? Honestly how was this fucked up ugly little southern white boy even working for yams? Sooooooo many humans deserve fame/clout/money
Over this waste of space

No. 463978

like $.50 probably. like why the fuck do people even buy it? the designs are terrible…

No. 463994

The Yams cosign means a lot to people but really, even the name of his "company" is so wack. Poor, recycled designs

No. 464009

he's making at least $10 off a shirt pure profit on average, not including all of his overpriced sweats and sweatshirts and shit. he doesn't own his own ink print shop, just rents time/per garment at a downtown LA shop. it can't be that hard when you're overhead is literally only yourself and whatever is the monthly maintenance fee to keep his current ho happy with his mediocre dick and controlling ways

No. 464014

Honestly it's probably tp's followers that are making him so much money rn

No. 464020

Tps followers don’t like him that much I don’t think. Tyler has his own fanbase and his name is known it’s believable that even with the lackluster design he’s making good money. Didn’t you see the amount and fever of the kids that came to that free event a few days ago? He’s got a line to zealous teens money

No. 464033

Omg have any of y’all heard that chelji girls new “music”?? It’s literally SO.BAD. Not linking so she won’t get hits but like damn. Shit is TRASH

No. 464035

it wasnt nearly as bad as i was expecting, but still… pretty bad. she's a horrible person and just, does not have the appearance to make it in that scene, anyways.

No. 464075

Just listened to it, it's not super terrible but quite boring, monotonous production and her voice and flow are not interesting to listen to… and yeh, when this soundcloud LA rapper based fashion moment is over, she's gonna be left with those tatts looking for a job and a boyfriend.

No. 464158

File: 1515335350429.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180107-152415.png)

lmao tp posted this on her insta story

No. 464168

I really want to know what is going on w Chinatown Market, I've been fucking w this brand for a while and if Tyler becomes involved w it, it's probably gonna be trash

No. 464208

the tweet is gone now but he pretty much confirmed he bought Chinatown Market

No. 464209

Wow I swear she's literally pronouncing trust like truss in that line. Soooo whack. like stop groping his corpse

No. 464233

it’s boring af. Lyrics consist of ten words total.
Wow chel groundbreaking shit lmao

No. 464282

cheljis song is literally a hook. its not that bad but need more than half a verse to be a real song

No. 464354

why did peep do the truss me thing? idgi

No. 464391

because he was very very very very fucking high literally all of the time

No. 464397

first of all Jumanji stole loVE GANG FROM HORSE HEAD. IT'S ALREADY A THING ?????

her song is only a song because of who produced it, all she did was show up and mumble rap for maybe thirty seconds for the producer to remix. she did not make the beat or make it a song, i'm actually really mind blown people here are saying it's ok at all considering she had jack shit to do with a very ephemeral, lazy pop song. you barely have to know anything about production to know that truly, she just showed up and despite her claiming otherwise, there's still auto tune involved. someone pulled some strings or owed a favor.

cannot wait for more to come out. and of course she pronounced it "trus" she doesn't have an original bone in her body. peep remixed played out 2000s shit in an ironic way which resulted in his "look", but he was a creative person and a dude who could get put up by his homies just for showing up.

for anyone asking pepper ann said in the no jumper interview he got taken on by yams because he literally just hit him up. he started out in streetwear coming up under a fake name making bootleg OFWGKTA merch and advertising on message boards lmao. said he used to be emo and had "a bitch put eyeliner on him" and not to google his emo phase. i cannot fathom attraction to this individual but naturally, i am not googling a bitch's emo phase

No. 464444

How tf did he just email yams and get a yes …. it's really just crazy how someone this gross and pasty and horrible would be chosen to work with them like wtf. Even with his short hair where he looks slightly better his face is still just atrocious

No. 464519

tbh, i don't think tp really is poor. she just spends them the wrong way. i remember someone linking to an interview with her where someone gave her their credit car number etc and instead of paying her debt and stuff, she bought LV with it. i don't buy the whole thing with "poor me"-thing she's doing

No. 464534

lmao did y'all listen to the same song i did?? this shit is hilariously bad

No. 464540

File: 1515370239584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.17 KB, 600x352, IMG_0688.JPG)

he looks like the pedophile from that one episode of black mirror

No. 464693


No. 464735

It’s an like over exaggerated regional British accent thing he did for jokes. People clowned on Drake for doing it too but Drake was serious in putting on a

No. 464750

Oh. It didnt sound British at all. Sounded like AAVE.

No. 464776

Was potato in any way known to people before peeps death? Like what was her follow count pre death? It's just crazy creepy and incredulous to me how this bitch has gained a fairly decent amount of clout in such a short time for literally doing nothing. would she post about him and her while they were alive? the song brings these questions to light because while far from good i couldn't hate it how I was expecting too. And it's professionally produced like??? Ima be mad as hell if this bitch gets some legitimate success or fame for literally being a talentless cum dumpster who he wasn't even following on anything

No. 464802

Nah he kept her hidden. She claims its because it is trooo love and that she herself wanted to be hidden lol, when he was probably embarrassed to be with her.

No. 464804

Yeah it’s like the London version of aave I think. idk how chel sands it but peep made it pretty clear it was a joke & over exaggerated. Here’s drake doing it when he was going through that grime rip off phase

No. 464807

File: 1515391039173.png (68.02 KB, 596x382, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.5…)

for fucking real, shit is so embarrassing, and only 32 reposts and 69 likes, lmao. that's 1% of the ppl who follow her who liked it and .006% of her followers reposted it, not even 1 entire percent.
tbh, there are teenagers who have made better shit than this in garageband. and yeah, it's like maximally autotuned. how painfully embarrassing.

No. 464815

File: 1515391757539.png (58.86 KB, 581x227, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.09…)

no real contribution but it's so laughable how hard she tries to be in this group and how she talks online, totally thought her saying truss was her trying to use aave, i actually loled when i read the post in the pic bc "i'm weak" is a phrase from my hometown, that is literally where it came from, and this random british groupie is making me cringe trying to bait peep's friends for attention while saying it lmao

No. 464920

now this sounds jamaican. these rappers cant do accents for shit, wow.

tbf, the mangy turnip is only like 19 or something so she is a teenager too, just, not talented or notable in… literally… any way except for her horrible attentionwhoring

did it come from an american city or something? the im weak thing?

No. 465007

File: 1515422861430.jpeg (547.66 KB, 1125x1337, 34347351-A128-4C6D-91B0-119D55…)

Weird,Tyler, it’s as if you also need a decent personality for people to like you…

Bet this has to do with layla

No. 465022

did u really just say ur hometown invented I'm weak lmao everyone says that she didn't steal it from anywhere

No. 465037

I'm literally weak that u thought ur hometown made up "I'm weak"

No. 465077

again, if anything sounds good it's ALL PRODUCTION. she just whispered for like twenty seconds and they remixed it over a remade beat she bought. for a sound clout thread y'all should know basic stuff like that come on. if you fuck w the beat and how they attuned her voice to more cruelty fit it, that's ALL production. someone owed her or someone she knew a favor. funniest thing that could happen is if she got some success and had to follow it up or perform hahaha. it's like you guys forgot what a perm-fuck-up she is.

and her new followers are either peep stans uglier than her or ones she bought. her followers/likes still heavily do not match up.

No. 465083

to his homies he's prob low key submissive and wants to be generous like peep was. it's a good goal and in the no jumper interview he said how much yam's crew put him up and bought him food and gave him money. he's probably trying to mirror who he looks up to but yeah tyler, assholes take advantage of that shit.

he's not talented but he has a notable clothing line, he has to be better about who he lets close to him. like i said, peep did that shit and ended up dead; he took care of all his homies and everyone failed him in the most preventable death. i don't even like tyler, but like layla, i just want them to get the fuck out of this dumb ass LA drug playground and do something real.

tyler said some shit about renting a mansion and going on an "artists retreat" (maybe that house party style/kurt-cobain-and-courtney-love-rented-a-place-for-a-3-month-heroin-binge-while-she-was-pregnant works for shitty recycled designs on shirts idk) and it resulted in this. like yes tyler, and peep, your friends are using you goddamnit. now you need to be a professional, invest your money and it sucks but vet your homies better.

tl;dr tyler needs a mentor, he's in LA and could hook up with some legendary artists considering his money and connections. and if he treats anyone well it should be layla, after his friends use him up she's still there "sucking the life out his nuts" and appreciating the fuck out of him in public. i know none of these dudes want to admit the important of their relationships but yeah, maybe she wants gucci but she's apparently always there for you after you chew her out. so fuck you tyler get it together.

this is long enough but his character is grating. tyler stop posting this on twitter because you're letting everyone know you're a bitch that twitter fights. you're young but it's not cute. you are bipolar and you need a fucking good therapist if you give a fuck about your vision.

No. 465084

sorry guys, i had a lot of pent up feelings on tyler after watching all these interviews trying to "get it" while watching him hurt layla, i'll delete it if asked and in the future will keep it succinct.

No. 465092

I don’t really think he’s doing it for the same reasons as peep though.
It’s obvious tyler does this shit solely expecting something in return, whether it be clout, drugs, or designer. That’s the mentality of either a sociopath or child.

No. 465108

she was only known by his other fans because of how obsessive she was. she was in a ton of twitter groups with lil peep’s other fans. she still lives in her parents house and has no job so she must have a lot of time on her hands.

No. 465316

What if Tyler goes nutso in Big Bear and tries to kill everyone lol

No. 465354

Lmao at this point I would be surprised at all. I’m tellin ya he even looks like a serial killer. And now that you mention it… him and Layla have been awfully quiet on SM since Tyler’s Twitter tantrum

No. 465359

File: 1515453457311.jpeg (316.85 KB, 1125x1191, 8E303EFC-B1CC-4E49-A898-DC4FAB…)

This bitch is by far the worst at milking peeps death for clout. Arzaylea doesn’t have shit on her. I don’t get how peep stans fuck with her

No. 465367

Calling it now, either Tyler or Layla is gonna be making a hospital trip by the end of this "artistic retreat," if not both of them

No. 465413

LOL already deleted. She's so pathetic I can't. Like how even are there people who are actually fans of this psychopath

No. 465466


this girls life must fucking suck and i'm so tired of his groupies trying to wear his skin, like you dumb fucking bitches need to put up or shut up. you fucked him, that's dope and you should talk about it cause he's already slandered the fuck out of your pussy. other than that don't you have your own life to live? peep's dead. he is not coming back and you were never even in his life, you should have your own shit to do, and if it's music then LEARN FROM THE GUY YOU SUCKED OFF BECAUSE HE FINESSED THE WORLD ON NOSTALGIA AND SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

she doesn't have fans there's just people younger and uglier than her who never would have had a chance and look up to her in a weird insecure af way. it's typical of underage girls with no self esteem. they only stan her because she's likely poor and white just like them, or just "not your typical groupie" and want her to succeed to make themselves feel better. if Sledgehammer really wanted to finesse fans like peep it's just not hard to realize the world sucks and everyone is looking for an escape, either produce something relatable and vulnerable or steal like a sociopath/most the artists out there. i'm listening to peep as i write this and most of his lyrics are not profound at all, and they rely on remixing a well known song from something as dad-rock as like radiohead. lil tracy called himself a fucking poser on one of their most popular songs, people just want to relate.

chili just jesus fucking christ

No. 465515

that's my question, anon: how much of peep's music was smokeasac or nedarb cleaning that shit up?

No. 465637

>>465037 you must have never seen the meme about if you say i'm weak and you're not from hampton roads, virginia it's cultural appropriation, there was a huge post on tumblr a while back someone in the DMV made about it too, also ud says it too if you google it, either way, not serious, it's a joke, but it def did start there, all sayings and phrases start somewhere fr.
mostly i think it's funny she reposted someone else's post and was like LOL I'M WEAK and called him by name but didn't tag him herself lmao like do these dudes she's constantly shouting out even see them? lol
>>465022 yes, va beach of all places

No. 465646

no it doesn't

No. 465702

No. 465722

right like I wish smokeasac would make a bigger name for himself bc I know he's majorly responsible for a lot of these bangers

No. 465733


don't think we should milk the death of a dead rapper
go to /mu/

No. 465746

So much. He admits he would avoid singing certain songs live because he couldn’t do them live. The kid had an ear for hooks/vocal melodies no doubt but that’s about it he has a pretty awful voice and his lyrics where only just ok at best. Nedarb had to ride soooooo hard for him to even get accepted by the scene. For instance Adam HAM said he only tacked peep onto some random show in 2016(?) because ned wouldn’t shut up about him, he convinced Wicca to give him a chance which was integral to him getting into gbc obviously. Ned produced his first song that got over a million plays too. Peep really leveled up after that ep he did with ned and that’s a lot of ned knowing what he’s doing, not all obviously peep did work pretty hard but other people did a lot of the leg work for him. The castles ep with tracy I think was another blow up moment where it was a lot of Tracy being very good at playing into the emo trap world while peep delivered hooks.

No. 465781

Peep started off independently fucking with shit and did a surprisingly good job. Like obviously once he got some clout people could clean his sound up and edit for him but his initial sound cloud success was bc he could belt a hook and somehow edit and pair it with a beat it successfully. It was super rudimentary and he admitted in the schemma interview that when people asked him technical shit about the sound he had no idea how to respond bc he was winging it.

Chelji has dickriding clout and has somehow nabbed someone to edit her sound. Based on her twitter she's admittedly a huge whore (no surprise there) but she doesn't have the bedroom laptop success Peep did. You can hate Peep for a million legitimate reasons but he wasn't known and didn't have connections before he hit big(ish). He had something going for him at least besides sucking famous genitalia.

All of Peep stans fuck with smokeasac and BONUS, Peep's family fucks with smokeasac so he's getting the clout he deserves. You can even see him in the postmortem save that shit vid

There are lots of vids where he sounds decent but he like most soundcloud sensations he oesn't really have any vocal range. His success was largely due to his aesthetic, general vibe, lyricism, and the character he created. These people aren't musical geniuses they just know how to market themselves and finesse the youth.

No. 465789

i didn't mean his literal voice, i meant the beats, figuring out what samples will work best with the vocal melodies, etc. i don't think his acapella is that bad tbh.

wicca is terrible though. i don't know why ppl say he's so good? although, i think he is the only traditional musician in the scene, idk, his shit is so painful to listen to, tbh.

No. 465792

Agreed Wicca is overrated, Ghostmane is much better imo

No. 465796

interesting. because i was thinking, he always said "i do everything in garageband", and i know obviously his producers don't use garabeband (i'm not sure what the limits are to garageband, i dont have a mac), but i figured the more layered, sonically pleasing stuff was done with ableton or something, so i figure peep maybe only did mostly the vocals with a rudimentary backing beat or s/t, basically a reaaaaaaaaaally rough demo, that would be cleaned up and given a real sound during production, but maybe he did actually do more of the work choosing samples, etc

No. 465800

It's funny how people think Tyler is healthier for Layla than Peep bc he's so 'obsessed with her' Nah That is the opposite of healthy. Peep was an emotionally unavailable fuck but Tyler trying to trademark toopoor and steal her livelihood is waaayyy more fucked up. Also him guilting her using Peep like the week after he died is sociopathic. Peep and tp were bad together but regardless she obviously was hurt by his death and in mourning and here comes Tyler saying 'peep was right' or 'he wanted me to take care of you' and all kinds of other self-centered manipulative bullshit.

Tyler isn't just some player who Layla's too dumb to leave he is a sadistic narcissistic monster. Peep had success and so does Tyler. The fact that despite having a reputable instahype clothing brand Tyler tried to trademark toopoor just shows how fucking evil and narcissistic he is. If they break up he won't just forget and move on like Peep did he plans to destroy what she's built and doesn't want her to have any success without him. It's so fucking sad, like Layla trademark and monetize your shit bc somehow even without being a musician or having a clothing brand and some management you've managed to accumulate some internet fame and some hardcore stans who would probably gobble up whatever merch you produce and support you no matter who you were dating. Unlike Chelji you have genuine tp fanbase not just a sad clout-based dickriding fanbase. I know he makes you think you need him and that your collabs and what not gain you traction but you really DON'T FUCKING NEED HIM. YOU'VE DONE SO MUCH WITH SO LITTLE JUST FUCKING BELIEVE IN YOURSELF GODDAMN.

sage for rage

No. 465807

based on comments in earlier threads where people think Tyler obviously loves tp and just needs to work on himself. Recent events prove otherwise.

No. 465825

It’s not about the music, Wicca started gbc with coldhart, to get into gbc peep neeeeeeded that co-sign also if you go back to the last thread someone posted a screencap where peep said he really wanted to work with Wicca but he didn’t think Wicca liked him. Ned going really hard for peep got Wicca to warm up to this kid.

Also in the larger scene idk how many traditional musicians (or what you mean by that tbh?) there are, but in gbc fish narc was on subpop imprint hardly art and a lot of those dudes are ex scenesters who play instruments.

No. 465997

I wonder if Layla still lurks this thread because it might do her some good to read this and other comments about Tyler, not like she would listen anyways she didn't listen to her friends and clearly never listened to her mother (never see her around anymore.. they used to be close..).

I don't see her and Pepper Tiny Weiner having a happy ending or at least mutually agreeing to break up. They're either going to break up and he will kill her, or they'll just get into a fight and he'll kill her, or they'll both die from snorting coke and drinking fake lean.

No. 466006

No. 466011

I like how on downs potato’s twitter she talks to all GBC and related people like she’s best friends with them and it’s casual conversation but they never reply and none of them follow her ?((?))

No. 466036

all of you start a gbc thread in ot if you want to talk about musical accomplishments.
this thread has become infested with people like this. tp probably doesn't even read this anymore since you guys won't shut up about peep.

No. 466080

Shut the fuck up about people's musical talents or lack thereof. That is NOT fucking milk.


No. 466093

Honestly can a mod just step in and ban people? Since this thread is flooded with people spamming musical achievements and rando Layla white knights talking about how she "won them over" And "want the best" For someone whos never changed and would still scam them in a heartbeat and laugh in their face about their suicidal mentality..
Make a seperate thread if all you want to do is help her out of an abusive relationship that the dumb little bitch choses to stay in FOR MONEY.

No. 466119

This thread is literally primarily named Layla Shapiro why the fuck should people be banned for stating their opinions / feelings towards her at the moment? I get the musical merits stuff but talking about Layla negatively or positively
Is not ban material tf. No one was stanning her.

No. 466303

this thread is a soundclout general thread too, which includes peep and the gbc crew. the thread has been dead lately anyways lately bc there just isn't as much milk. are you nutjobs serious?

No. 466315

File: 1515535296504.jpg (50.25 KB, 700x715, chelji3.jpg)

>Although someone has compared me to a cross between ‘Lorde, Eden and Lauv’. I guess that’s a compliment haha.” That definitely is a compliment. So you’ve just dropped your first ever song ‘Know Bout’. What lead you to write this song and what’s it about?

>‘It’s just questioning if someone is ready for love, I have a lot of love to give. It turns out he did. One of the lyrics ‘love aint a thing, when you’re in pain;’ he’s suffered a lot and it’s just saying hey i’ll be there for you even when you’re in pain’..you know what I mean?”

"he did, he's suffered a lot" omg, he did not love you and wasn't even ready for love for the girls he cared a little bit about (and truly, it must have been only a little bit, even for them, given how he spectacularly mistreated women and the vile way he spoke about them. jfc. he never even mentioned you. literally no one knew about you, while everyone knew about layla, arz and bella bc they're actually hot. this is so embarrassing. when will she stop humiliating herself and her pudgy pile of melted dough for a face?

i like the thathappened tier "lord eden and lauv" comment. bitch please. where?

and that tatt… it literally looks like she has sideburns. it's so bad.

No. 466320

nobody said that song was about gus you dumb mother fucker keep him out of this how dare you

No. 466325

shut the fuck up already and let me get on with my life, you should too. stop talking about every woman he was around. it’s irrelevant. god damn u really are stupid i don’t even know who u are and i hate u u stupid fuck(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 466336

chelsea, you could at least stan for yourself subtly. this is just embarrassing. you want ppl to keep his name out of shit while you're posting what's basically cartoon porn of a dead guy fucking you from behind? gross, chelsea. stop acting like such trash, honestly.

No. 466348

that drawing is me slumped over being hugged. you are stupid and try to think the worst of situations. i draw and write to let me feelings out. i love how yall never post my good achievements lol. let me take this moment to say this song u called ‘trash’ has potentially got me a record deal. i’m smiling, ur sitting in ur bedroom evaluating people. hahaahahah here’s the link since u guys didn’t wanna get me more listens ;)

No. 466382

if there is no milk let the thread dry up for a bit. these threads aren't just here for you to talk about why you love peep so much. these threads are here for milk so no milk don't post stupid.

No. 466397

Oh boo fucking hoo cry me a river layla we have the proof of who you were before this fake ass instagram shit. You can't get mad when people criticize you for what YOU choose for us to see. If you're sho insecure about the real you get some fucking therapy and stop letting men who look like they don't wash their asses fuck you over.

If you want to get on with your life than stop reading these threads you moron, no one is forcing you to. You say you're going to get record labels and shit but who professional do you look shouting into a faceless void? We're an anonymous gossip board ya dingus, what do you gain from trying to Stan yourself here? You're a dead mans side piece, get the fuck over it. And fyi those face tattoos dont distract from your ugly.

No. 466405

lol suck ur mom bye(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 466421

LMAO a song someone else produced that you mumbled 10 words over and has 2000 plays on SoundCloud got you a record deal? Ok girl. Go tweet at some dudes who won’t respond and look desperate elsewhere

No. 466431

Honestly chel gets off on being talked about here(the ONLY place she gets talked about) we should prob starve her out it’s gross to give these types of people attention

No. 466459

Yes please stop talking about this balding, fetal alcohol syndrome suffering underbite having chubster

No. 466493

File: 1515546834711.png (5.41 MB, 2208x1242, CB59908A-673C-4DAC-B4D6-F3768B…)

Does anyone know this guys name? He was in the ‘Save That Shit’ music video on stage w/ peep

No. 466505

That's smokeasac, he was previously mentioned in this thread


No. 466560

Do you guys think layla liked peep enough that she compares Tyler to him? Idk how she couldn't be deff was a big part of her life. What are the parallels with the two relationships? Would her and peep break up every other week ?

No. 466575

Layla started dating Tyler as a rebound to make peep jealous.
The rest has been discussed at length in previous threads.

However I do think it’s weird that Layla didn’t mourn publicly like, at all. While it’s respectable it’s far from the person we all know TP to be. I think pepper is weirdly jealous and insecure and made Layla keep it to a minimum, but that’s just a theory based on his highly sociopathic behavior.

No. 466585

File: 1515598988738.png (5.83 MB, 1125x2436, 72081F20-1163-44A9-92FE-788557…)

Tyler claims he rented a “mansion in the mountains”

Meanwhile - it looks like every shitty lower middle class suburb I’ve ever seen.

No. 466647


>If they break up he won't just forget and move on like Peep did he plans to destroy what she's built and doesn't want her to have any success without him

this right here. he will burn her to the ground out of jealousy & bitterness when they finally stop twitter feuding / getting back together two hours later.

No. 466659


>dead man's sidepiece

chelji here is your legacy.


> i love how yall never post my good achievements lol

the only fame you've ever achieved was due to the genitals that were inside you or texts you leaked of some dude trying to hire you to be his bang maid. all of your accomplishments have been because of the men involved. you're a wet hole who yells louder than anyone in the room and because that's turned a couple of heads doesn't mean you have longevity. when the hype of peep's death quiets down, you die along with him. enjoy this thread while you can because no one else is talking about you – and even we're getting tired of how pathetic you are.

No. 466662


> this song u called ‘trash’ has potentially got me a record deal

no, the person who polished that turd potentially got you a record deal. you do not contribute anything of value. the people you fuck with have gotten you everything you've "accomplished" up to this point. don't get it twisted, dead man's sidepiece.

No. 466667


it looks like farmland in rural ontario.

No. 467073

lmao can this interview even be called an interview? both the interviewer and chelji sound illiterate (spelling/tense mistakes, lack of punctuation, in general v unpolished)

No. 467078

That's not post malone ? lmao

No. 467097

real talk if tyler can't live out his kurt and courtney fantasy he will definitely take the bait for a sid and nancy dream

it's big bear, california. just california mountains. good idea for a break but he can fuck off with artists retreat like you can fake OD on lean and dream up contrived mashups whoever you are cool it pepper

No. 467123

the “interviewer” is blatantly an underage peep stan, probably one of the only 5 people who give attention to chelsea on twitter. nothing professional.

No. 467881

hey sliiiiight OT but why do you guys think Peep kept going back to layla? he tormented the fuck out of her, ridiculed her, make her feel ugly, worthless, nothing. I caught a live he did when they were broken up and randoms kept saying they thought Layla was/still (obviously) in love with him, that she was going to kill himself, and he just smirked and laughed repeating "I know. I'm petty, I'm peeeeeetty"

Honestly what did he get out of this? Even Tyler doesn't do this shit, he just gets scared knowing she'll find someone better and he throws a tantrum on Twitter. Peep was KNOWN for loving it and aggressively egging Layla on when she was suicidal; writing "Awful Things" and referencing her all the time on Instagram while stonewalling her, watching her legit spiral with no support on drugs.

I'm not on a bash-Peep path I legit do not understand his behavior or why he gets a pass. No WAY was he better than Tyler, Tyler is ugly with no redeemable qualities and knows it. His spergs are about validation, not abuse.

On that note, same with Potato. He worked in a kitchen and lied about not knowing how to make ramen and had her clean his stuff. He's obviously insecure as fuck to not pursue a more intelligent/creative/cuter girl, but I think he may have gotten something out of using her as shittily as he did?

No. 467885

File: 1515719673092.png (113.22 KB, 592x386, pepperannpepperannmuch2kewlfor…)

well now we know why she was sucking that albino mini sausage dick

now it's like. we know she didn't buy it with her money but good on her for finessing the situation? was it really worth it and how stupid could she be going into business with an abuser who knows more than she does, he will legally murder her

and if that's a reference to suicide she can TAKE THE MOTHA FUCKIN L that shit isn't to be played with and she's done it enough.

No. 467895

yep, he really was a terrible person. i really think he would have been happy if he did end up driving her to her suicide, and he obviously LOVED seeing her breakdown over him. tyler is terrible too, but peep was worse. i dont think tyler would ignore layla and torment her, make her jealous, ignore her for days, if layla spent days on a drug binge, threatening suicide, but maybe i'm wrong. from what i've seen, peep was way worse, he just gets a pass because he was attractive, his music was good, and he's dead. the only thing peep MAYBE didnt do was pull a financial powertrip over her, but he may have even done that. i think the only reason why peep wasn't even worse to her was becuase, ultimately, he loved fucking with the sidehoes and couldnt dedicate his entire life to JUST destroying hers. he was just too busy with work, his friends, and finding other side snatch to manipulate and abuse so he could feel like a special lil sociopath goth angel sinner.

even if layla did suck someone else's dick, why would you publicly take pride in her feeling suicidal over you? even ppl who are cheated on are worried for the other person, or at least pretend to be for the public. i don't think she cheated, i think that like every other asshole edgelord like social repose, etc, etc, he liked tormenting women and destroying their lives.

No. 467898

yeah, not smart going into business with him, but hopefully she'll be smart enough to get a lawyer to secure herself here. (she won't)

No. 468246

100%. i'm stuck trying to understand how broken he must be as a human being to get off destroying others while preaching acceptance. maybe thats why layla hasn't said anything, she was way too familiar with his demons

No. 468351

They’re lyrics to an alanis morissette song

No. 468359

is Spotlight (peep's new song) about Layla?

No. 468374

>he just gets a pass because he was attractive, his music was good
just no

No. 468381

even if you don't like him or his music you gotta admit he was hot…

No. 468401

People actually think Peep was attractive?

No. 468421

yes, ngl, even with those trashbaby tattoos that i cannot stand, he was. he looked bad w short hair though.

maybe. he always spoke about girls leaving him but when did that even fucking happen? it seems like all these girls wanted him but he wouldnt stop cheating: emma, layla, etc. like, afaik, layla never left him so… probably not about her? or maybe that was just the victim act he played for his music idk

No. 468423

Sooooo true he was so sexy I would have loved to have chilled with him. Tyler could never even come close. His whole vibe everything about him is nothing like peep. I REALLLLYYYYY hope she knows what she's doing with this business. Having someone manipulate you via finances or moreover a business would be a horrible place to be. Layla please have your rights to shares of this company SECURED.(stop)

No. 468476


Yeah with curtains he was hot.

99% of the time people find anyone attractive if they’re skinny, look cool and aren’t majorly disfigured.

No. 468490

File: 1515787449993.gif (376.84 KB, 252x190, UDRQdb4.gif)

>so sexy would have loved to chill will him
this thread is overrun with legitimate fans at this point

No. 468492

Y’all are tripping. Dude had no concept of facial hair grooming, was a literal neckbeard, not to mention the terrible underbite and general unhygienic appearance. IDGI at allll. Actually I do. He was famous. If dude was a nobody, just sitting next to you on the bus, guarantee you would move. And probably check if you still had your wallet.

No. 468497

yeah that anon definitely is a peep stan, but i dont think the rest are. most of us are critiquing his terrible personality.

he didn't have an underbite, afaik? his bite was really recessed though. it made his whole mouth sink in, kind of, iirc. i'd still be into it, just as long as he was well spoken/didn't act like gross white trash despite dressing like a hoodlum, tbh. the emaciated body type and being tall goes a long way for me.

No. 468503

Obviously he's good looking if comparing him to PepperAnn, plus he had character, and made ppl laugh and women like that.

No. 468520

Can y'all fucking stop, no one gives a shit if you did or did not find peep attractive.

At a minimum… Sage your non fucking milk.

No. 468539

He had a bit of a funny bite which people can see as cute but as I said before, If someone isn’t majorly disfigured (Like Chelji) and they are skinny then most people will find them attractive. Obviously the music is a major part.

I don’t mind peeps music and am not fanboying, just calling it how it is but that one anon who said about chilling with him, yeah thirsty fan.

Saged as always with no milk.

No. 468555

idk why yall are mad people are discussing peep in a thread that honestly would barely exist without him. peep is the reason why literally all of these people are relevant or have brought us milk. even if you hate him you have to agree that SO MUCH of laylas milk is a direct result of him or one degree of separation away. his apperance could be discussed here. no one was too over the top and he seemed pretty funny / interesting so hanging out can be more than sexual. to be fair though i have wondered how clean/ hygenic he was irl or all these people for that matter

No. 468582


Are you fucking stupid or lost or both?

These threads aren't to just discuss anything/everything about people.



Talking about how he makes your fucking panties wet is white knighting.

Go to ot or make a damn tumblr if you want to be a damn peepette.

Lolcow is for MILK. Dumb cunts talking about how he was sooooo sexy isn't milk.

No. 468637

remember when lil peep pissed all over himself and then proceeded to post a picture of it on instagram? so sexy. clearly this man was a savant

No. 468686

lmao I think we really do have a peep stan here, they type retarded as fuck and I've been noticing their fucking stupid run-on sentences in this last thread. be gone, thot. plz.

No. 468688

File: 1515799573810.gif (800.85 KB, 400x225, Cersei-Lannister-Get-Out.gif)


No. 468711

File: 1515801384027.png (783.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180112-185157.png)

Oh my fucking god S H U T U P lylah
It's literally every day with this twerp lmfao she cannot go a SINGLE DAY without telling people about him. He blocked you, and you moved on to a wannabe clone that also wanted nothing to do with you. Is she special or??

No. 468722

Wow, embarrassing. She tried for tracy and his bro too. Shes so desperate holy shit. Peep is gone, who the fuck are you posting for? And even when he was alive, hed rather fuck the potato than talk to your ass, damn

No. 468730

File: 1515802585013.png (595.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4722.PNG)

what is arzaylea even ranting about on her story? it all sounds like projection because she's literally just describing herself. arzaylea is such a fake deep stuck-up basic LA thot

No. 468735

File: 1515802661394.png (771.85 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4723.PNG)


anyone know who arzaylea's sperging over?

No. 468776

She went on two trips recently with some other random famous for nothing LA bitches. I love how she even has to make her rant into some fake poetry format. Yesterday her story is just her trying to act "cute" and "weird" with her face beat just to sit in her house. I really need to know how this bitch even became relevant. She doesn't even have a model body how is she even signed to Wilhelmina

No. 468777

File: 1515804936080.png (951.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4245.PNG)

She's so gross. Seeing all these peep stans trying to have conversations with his friends publically when they never respond is cringe worthy.

No. 468807

ironic how arz complains about people “taking advantage” of her. did she ever even ship out the fuck xanax hoodies people paid for or did she just keep the money so she could finance her lifestyle made up of hanging out with random ass LA people she calls friends and being an absolute leech? even her own brother exposed her for how money hungry she is. not to mention she got to keep peep’s clothes from the bus even though they broke up the day before he died and peep’s family wanted to get them delivered to new york

No. 468858

Tp #6 never I hope w the way this shit is going right now

No. 469076

File: 1515868790158.png (243.17 KB, 750x750, 3D480A9B-D4CA-4E2B-B6ED-DBC875…)

Peep’s friend Bexey just tweeted this about Layla. He obviously isn’t a fan and finally expressed it.

No. 469079

File: 1515869200505.png (170.55 KB, 750x750, 153411F4-A2C0-434C-A4F9-18415F…)

And of course Chelji had to attempt to get involved as usual.

No. 469082

He hated Layla for some reason, all peeps other friends plus gbc liked her or at least didn’t hate her. Bex was egging him on to cover the Layla on his arm too.

And chel needs to be quite like she wasn’t on Layla’s dick before she went off the rails with desperation

No. 469085

He hated Layla for what she did to Peep.

No. 469086



And watch him not reply. He doesn’t even follow her and she claims they’re mates. She really is pathetic.

No. 469105

Uhh whatd she do? Not suck someone else's dick? Or maybe - God forbid - fucked around w someone else while peep was being a shady lil disease vector all over the globe and with literally any hoe he met?

No. 469119


Pathetic side chick surprised a girl whose boyfriend she was fucking behind her back blocked her after an embarrassing, delusional social media posting streak about said (now dead) boyfriend?

No. 469125

Based Bexey

No. 469131


Go away downs potato.

No. 469141

i'm not that skank

No. 469143

File: 1515874059622.jpeg (200.98 KB, 1125x1125, 4717AC5D-7DEF-4625-B549-B78EE0…)

No. 469151

Dunno why Bexey’s so bent over TP, what could she have done to Peep worse than letting him die and then chilling with his corpse?
Deadman’s sidepiece coming in hot for Layla, the seething jealousy over being just a wet hole while TP got the girlfriend label is so evident and sad. What a sorry sack of potato.

No. 469180

I don't care for Layla, but Layla was nice enough to be gracious to analface despite her fucking two-timing-ass edgelord pep whenever she had the chance even tho it was obvious he was with Layla. For all her faults and pathetic attention seeking and lack of maturity, she handled the potato with some grace. A marked improvement over her spat with Bella Thorne. Probably bc she knows she's hotter than Chelsea and that she wasn't a threat to gf status, while Bella was. Meanwhile, the ratchet ramen maid is attacking her for… What exactly? This girl is so embarrassing, and bexey is shady as hell to me too. That poor stupid kid was surrounded by no one that cared, while you could tell he idolised them despite most of them being less talented than him tbh

No. 469188

having to read through anons basically gushing over the idea of getting fingerblasted by peep's dirty pre-mortem chipped pink polish fingertalons was gnarly. bury that shit with his body.

No. 469193

File: 1515877108418.jpeg (276.79 KB, 750x930, 785ADF97-51D6-4414-B782-D2A043…)

yeah he do tho

No. 469199

Someone said in the last thread or this one that knew Chelsea and peep, allegedly, that bexey Started getting closer to Chelsea and that peep was getting jealous idk maybe it has some truth to it.

No. 469204


Is that twitter? If so I don’t use it. I was talking about Instagram.

No. 469216

There’s so much assumptions being made here about Peep when there’s no evidence to back up them up.

No. 469218

like what? he was a known cheater. even his fucking grandma admitted it.

No. 469234

File: 1515880245929.jpeg (123.51 KB, 638x955, BC15DB54-4D4B-425F-82B5-FD51E3…)

did she really? this is all she said about the cheating.

No. 469242

File: 1515880655145.png (96.28 KB, 640x858, 1514895794002.png)

jenny thinks gus is an angel. do you really think she would have known the truth or knew layla's side of the story? she won't even admit that he was depressed or wanted to use anything other than marijuana, ffs. she says here that emma was rightly concerned – presumably bc peep was fucking them behind her back as he blew up. and sorry, a drunken dick suck doesn't make it justified to laugh at your ex that you supposedly loooved soo much, threatening suicide and publicly humiliate them everywhere. no one with any decency would do that, even if they sucked someone's dick bc they were jealous or what have you. layla was obviously obsessed with gus and he knew that. he played her like a fiddle. gus certainly didn't have decency, and i doubt he kept his dick in his pants. most of his songs were about mistreating his girlfriends.

No. 469253

And I don't think layla even cheated, for the record, but in the event that she sucked a dick bc of jealousy or insecurity or an attempt at feeling powerful in a powerless relationship, I don't think peeps behaviour after this whole breakdown was proportionate to a sadgirl dick suck. She was clearly obsessed w him to the point of it being obviously consuming and embarrassing, so I highly doubt she would have fucked with her "good luck" in landing peep anyways

No. 469273

agreed. on that meme of her insta post sobbing where he commented something like "you showed me a video of you sucking someone dick and i asked you to leave" his little jab was unnecessarily exposing and meant to just bury her or at least her validation of the breakup since she was getting loads of sympathy for it and he had to snuff that out.
the subject has been beaten within an inch of its life, but i think she showed him a video of her doing something petty to try and get his attention again, likely her snorting coke off a peen (as has been mentioned before) because like you said, she had no power over him. at that point he was gaining more and more hype and she was losing him to wet holes like potato and other greasy groupies.

saged for speculation and old regurgitated milk.

No. 469297

yes, spot on. and like another anon said, when someone was worried and said layla was still so in love with him and might kill herself over him, he got all giddy and laughed and said "i know. i'm petty, i'm pettyyyy". like, who says that publicly about an ex, over a stupid sad blowjob? with all the lovebombing he'd do every so often and him having lived w her, woudlnt a nice person who was in love with his ex not, you know, laugh at their ex possibly killing themselves over them? being upset and bitter is one thing, but that's really cruel.

i can't imagine doing that to an ex that was obviously obsessed with me, even if they cheated out of insecurity (again, assuming she cheated, which is unlikely). it just seems so cold. i think he was losing interest in her and wanted to play the field, and used this as an out and her self destruction obsession w him was like his narc supply or some shit, so he'd keep fucking w her for more ego boosts

No. 469474

File: 1515895284417.png (118.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9590.PNG)

No. 469478

she keeps getting worse

No. 469507

Omg that chelsea girl is such a delusional, sad person. She posted some song about “crying and cumming” when Lana Del Rey released a song with those EXACT lyrics a year ago: also, her comments on insta just SCREAM “bought” because who is seriously checking for her music? I’m almost certain she plays her own shit 24/7 to get her listens up.

No. 469533

oh chelji. some kinda clouty dude put his dick in your mouth and now you have two face tattoos because of it. live it up. this is your prime. you can google uk laser skin removal in a couple weeks when no one gives a fuck that you're breathing anymore, dumb fucking sow.

No. 469558

File: 1515902492188.png (187.18 KB, 750x750, C3BC0774-E1BA-4B56-B0B7-1B10E3…)

pepper ann decided to give away 600 shirts for free and then just hours later decides to complain about all the money he’s missing out on. i truly don’t understand why he does this to himself? why give out free shirts if you’re gonna complain afterward? seems like this is just another stunt he’s pulling so people pity him.

No. 469565

File: 1515903286844.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.21 KB, 1242x1747, 84419433-00CD-4F6E-8BE3-D1339A…)

i think peep’s new song is about layla

No. 469577

He certainly wasn't a lyrical genius was he?

No. 469629

lmao how can u even tell from this? it's so vague… it could be about anyone he was with lol

No. 469632

always fishing for empathy with this one

No. 469676

this comes off as IT WAS A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT GUYS lmao she's been called out as fake so much of course now she goes ~it's just a character i've been making this entire time~


No. 469723

Fuck Bexey though for real he's just an extension of peeps abusive behavior towards her. she's been through enough with this gbc shit to the point where she's SO TRAUMATIZED she's sucking pepper ann dick. how tf you call someone disgusting when you publicly blast a girl's shit like that

idc what anyone says Bexey should have known better and saved his friend but instead he filmed him dying. If he gave a fuck he would have helped get narcan on the fucking bus. all these people fucking suck to the point where i'm actually defending layla. can they just fucking lay off the girls god fucking damn it

No. 469728

fuck i lost it over ramen maid

No. 469745

the misogyny of this group is unbelievable. talking shit and attacking women nonstop when all these men will undercut each other, let each other die, and steal clothing off a dead man's body. this whole group treats women terribly, and gus basically took a shit on layla whenever he had the chance, for laughs. he trolled and humilated her publicly, putting her on blast etc, and bexey is continuing this shit after his death

and you're right about bexey. none of these ppl read as genuine to me at all. all his little predatory gbc friends can bitch and moan about her alleged sausage sucking (which was probs for some semblance of self esteem), but had gus not publicly abused and rejected layla just to be able to get a suckjob from whatever stringy haired hoe he had his eye on that second, he probably wouldnt have been dead rn. at least she gave some shits about him.

No. 469747

Yo, anyone see Chelji live on IG last night??? She was saying that she has a really big producer for her next song, (someone who worked with Peep, she said, not Smokeasac )
She mentioned Peep ALOT, tallked about her tats, said that Coldhart had "designed " her sry I suck tat, and that she could be collabing with him in the future. I agree with an anon from the last thread who said that they were embarrassed that Peep didn't think he had better options in London than this.

No. 469749

That vid was of her sniffing coke off someone's dick, not a blowjob…….

No. 469756

yes, we know, but peep insisted she sucked someone's dick and used the alleged blowjob to justify the way he mistreated/abused her, so we're commenting on even IF she did give someone a blowjob, the way he publicly abused her and laughed when ppl were worried she'd kill herself, was out of proportion to even a blowjob (which likely didnt happen, and it didn't seem as if peep was being faithful anyways)

No. 469758

File: 1515926556311.png (708.94 KB, 934x589, Capturedd.PNG)

no but is this shit fr? she mustve asked someone "can i sign your pants? pose as if you give a shit about me". who the fuck wants her autograph just bc she nibbled on his knob when he was desperate???

No. 469803

take this L for following this white trash potato and contributing to her fuckery

No. 469818

The fact that anyone likes her is just so beyond me but it's not surprising considering how many horrible pieces of trash are famous these days. This bitch is just the worst… still milking clout two months later over a dick she sucked a few times over the span of a damn month or so. It's incredulous how some peep stans still support her despite all these facts. I wish she would get callleedds out by bexey. He's calling out layla who hasn't done a damn thing wrong or disrespectful since his death but hasn't said anything about this bumbling potato? Just sad.

No. 469883

bexey can fuck right off. he recorded peep's body while he was blue and dying and posted it on snap. layla has been respectful and quiet ever since his death while everyone who ever knew peep is milking it to no end. peep's friends are trying to continue the petty little game peep had going on with layla cause she's an easy target and peep already said incriminating shit about her online. it gives them a reason to hate her so publicly

the men in this scene are so fucking cruel, misogynistic, and stupid. chelji's just opening her big mouth and joining in bc she's ugly and she's trying sooo hard for that male attention

i don't know how bexey escaped grandma peep's wrath over that video of his literal death but it's sus as fuck and bexey isn't innocent

No. 469905

Peep actually was given Narcan and his drug tests show that. Bexey was gone the whole day and found Peep in a sleeping position when he came back. Bex had no idea what Peep had even taken, if anything. Not to mention that Bexey doesnt do drugs so it’s not like he knows what an od looks like. He thought his friend was sleeping because that’s how he usually slept. Putting the blame on him is fucked.

No. 469917

Lol ok chelji

No. 469920

File: 1515952794106.jpeg (144.59 KB, 739x540, A11D4A49-AA88-467B-85AF-75FC86…)

letter to peep by bexey, come on. bex is one of the only people that it seems like really care anyway. no derail but he says he didn’t know. you can’t say HE KNEW!!! because we don’t know if he knew or not

No. 469925


He was administered Narcan by the first responders which is protocol. Your point being…?

No. 469949

Bex does drugs lmafo not at all to the frequency or scale that the people around him do but he still does them.

That anon wasn’t even blaming Bex either defensive-chan.

No. 470071

File: 1515963175972.png (84.44 KB, 1080x494, 20180114_145116.png)

Looks like Bexey hasn't escaped the wrath of grandma Peep after all.

No. 470099

nice, good. they were pretty much all trash (save for smokeasac, wicca, etc). even the "best" ones (tracy) were too jealous to not shit on their friend that helped them out the most, financially, and said nothing but good things about them at every chance he got. most of them were so sour grapes that they gave 0 fucks about him. sad thing is he said in multiple interviews that so many 'friends' are fake but you dont know it, but he'd say how his close friends (gbc and surrounding) were such amazing ppl that would always be there for him. yet they ending up doing him the most dirty. jenny isn't wrong.

No. 470145

internetgirl's new piercing is so unflattering. out of all the facial piercings, she couldn't choose one that would actually compliment her old lady face

No. 470198

Who is internetgirl?

No. 470207

that bella mcfadden chick or something i think? idk shes pretty boring

No. 470232

You lost? Go make an internetgirl thread if you’re so intent to talk about her. No milk though she just basic

No. 470268


This isn't the first time Internetgirl has been mentioned, she's not milky enough to warrant her own thread. She is dating yung cortex and was friends with Peep until his death, she has his stomach tat permanently tattooed on her fingers. This thread is not just a Lil Peep circlejerk, it's for Soundclout. The post is saged, ignore it and move on

No. 470401

Saged but honestly internetgirl and toopoor used to be bffs and so did wolfdrawn and corey they a blew up on Tumblr together around the same time

No. 470436

anyone else spooked this was written after we all trashed Bexey and we know chelji linked her here

No. 470460

i was thinking the same thing anon.

No. 470462

lmao did layla ever do a disrespectful thing tho? she was just lulzy and a sad party girl. i remember from the old threads the video was of her snorting coke off of someone's dick BEFORE they were together. given she never mistreated him once i actually really doubt she would do anything like that during the relationship anyway knowing how these guys can blast these girls to their hundreds of thousands of followers.

peep was a freak and layla was prob trying to show him something he'd think was hot. they're drug addicts so i can see the appeal? peep is a narcissist though, he wouldn't be able to stand her past no matter what it was even though he fucked everything that moved.

have no idea who the fuck bex thinks he is continuing this when he was in fucking london the whole time, what would he get out of that? trashing an ex makes peep look bad and keeps his friend internally angry. did him and peep ever have a thing?

yo people don't sleep like that, his neck was swollen and his lips looked blue. he was textbook nodded the fuck out before a show; why has no one mentioned that Bexey was present the whole time peep was eating fistfulls of drugs that were supposedly sketch? People put it on Mackned that he let peep take the pills he thought looked bad, but if my supposed best friend was taking pills i would either want to look them over myself or talk them out of it. even if Bexey was sober/didn't use as many drugs, he would have been more concerned about the amount peep took since it would look even bigger to someone without experience.

lastly if peep said he was going to work out and turned up in the death pose swollen, even if the swollen neck/blue lips/fucking death rattle didn't give it away, peep was doing the physical opposite of what he said he would after taking a ton of fucking drugs. I'm sure they all did dumb shit but thats instinctually worrying. everyone on that bus fucked up.

wish we knew about the fight with arzy, could be why she's going ham on stanning peep

No. 470475

File: 1515988506710.png (55.69 KB, 638x591, chejionhisdick.png)

why is Cheji always on Bexey's dick?
and wow, I'm not surprised people came to the memorial only to meet Bexey

No. 470486

She’s one of the first things discussed in this thread, and is definitely a part of the scene.

No. 470526

File: 1515991413656.jpg (243 KB, 2150x710, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 8.41…)

gma peep needs to stay far away from these threads, there is nothing here a mourning woman needs to read.

also, since layla admitted to photoshopping her photos she's been going HAM with the fucking liquify tools on her nose, probably the worst case of shoop I've seen since dear old dakota rose

No. 470541

she has a cute nose even though it's so hooked and jewy. she doesnt need all that. really, she needs to capitalize on toopoor quick, because being famous like this is so toxic.

No. 470571

I seriously think this bitch is incapable of getting social ques. She literally replies to many peep associates daily acting like they're friends or they know each other. She's making such a massive embarrassment of herself. I hate that there's people actually on her side and stanning her

No. 470581

This. Ya’ll complain about whiteknighting peep yet everyone’s sucking real hard on TP’s titties. They’re relationship was toxic af and I wouldn’t be surprised if they cheated on each other constantly no one really knows what happened except them

No. 470593

no one is sucking on her titties. and were that the case, why did he demonise layla on his enormous platform, and laugh and get giddy over the prospect of her killing herself over him? oh right, because he treated women like shit. if they both cheated on each other, there's no reason why he was so cold to her when she was all about him, publicly. if he trashed and trolled her in public when they BOTH were cheating, that's still terrible. she didn't do the same to him. multiple girls have come out saying that he hurts girls. that one girl from texas said he hurts girls for his music, told him to never contact her again, and he had apparently been with her when he was with layla.

No. 470781

File: 1516026268923.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 9F837E96-6165-4DD2-A2AF-1FFF11…)

does anyone know why tp is in london by herself rn?? grosso is clearly already attention starved.

No. 470799

File: 1516029046703.png (8.2 MB, 1125x2436, EE16F67E-9282-461B-B249-51B26D…)

It seems a whole lot like they broke up.
I’m not holding my breath tho

No. 470801

File: 1516029176515.jpeg (178.46 KB, 1125x1079, FA43E305-522F-490E-8A4D-28DFF2…)

He posted this (deleted) tweet. It seems whenever Layla stops paying attention to him he comes up with these big elaborate ideas to keep her interest (Miami, big bear)

No. 470804

File: 1516029308276.png (3.34 MB, 1125x2436, 0D97C995-8D3D-473D-A4AA-CCB858…)

Sorry for the absolute dump of photos but I promise they’re relevant!
Ted was Layla and Tyler’s “child” (gag, I know) and she posted this before leaving for London.
Hopefully she’s there to get the fuck away from him and his influence so she can get ahold of herself. Arzy also said she’s headed to London tomorrow. Tf is happening?

No. 470825

File: 1516031052233.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, 76871C24-9FE6-47BC-9EE8-D50088…)

yeah why in the world is arz also going to london tomorrow?

No. 470861

probably leeching off some "friend" as usual

No. 470984

File: 1516042070845.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4876.PNG)

this is from 7 hours ago while TP was in london. it's either an old picture of layla's foot or grosso has found another dumb thot to dip his sad limp dick into

No. 471001

it’s an old pic. probably feeling attention starved and trying to get a reaction from layla while she was getting ready for her trip. because everything needs to be all about him.

No. 471002

Ugh he looks so fucking busted and unfortunate…vomit inducing.

No. 471036

So weird. Are these ppl proud to have foot fetishes like wtf

No. 471116

i know they're unoriginal as fuck and it's all 90s rip offs but who had this style first? just went to this internet girls instagram and it the exact same shit it's embarrassing as fuck they can only wear the most basic pre-approved and cosigned 'edgy' shit. i only knew gbc when i first saw these threads so i thought layla was at least sort of original lmao

No. 471122

I think Bella might have a leg up on Layla bc she was doing this while she was in high school while Layla was a miley cyrus basic but idk. I know layla was such an image thief a few years ago, like to the point she fell out with some people because of it. Bella’s been on the vouge site twice, she’s definitely more business minded than Layla.

No. 471205

i highly doubt they broke up because they would be non-stop sub-tweeting each other and he would be threatening her again. I don't feel bad for her anymore, she's doing this to herself and if she wants to stay in this abusive relationship with this ugly tiny dick bitch AND PUT YOUR NAME ON A BUSINESS WITH HIM (bitch you dumb as fuck) then she will have to deal with the consequences and stop pitying herself because it's getting fucking annoying. You can't play the victim if you purposefully put yourself in these fucked up situations just for attention. I really hope these stans who would literally kiss her ass can at least see that her promoting abusive relationships is so fucking dangerous and just irresponsible.

No. 471210

File: 1516052847603.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, CBA83542-082F-48A1-AB2B-7D747E…)

Layla was on Instagram live a few minutes ago showing her followers a bug she found in her London airbnb. Not a good look at all.

No. 471307

Oh wow a bug in a flat in a city that’s been around since ~50 AD. Shocking.
I was gonna ask if you’ve ever lived anywhere other than bumfuck nowhere, anon. But scratch that… have you ever lived anywhere?
I’m here for the milk just as much as the next person but for real? This is what you’re choosing to roast her on?!

No. 471332

Well shit anons, This clears up a seemingly endless debate.
Peep still loved Emma but they were doing their own thing for a while. Which is a surprisingly very adult decision for them to make.

No. 471334

File: 1516058935446.jpeg (222.62 KB, 1125x1953, 71D2EC6B-2F29-4ADE-B778-B9E4EE…)

No. 471368

I think Emma is falling into the pathetic game of uploading screens of conversations that maybe dates back … I think that getting fame and love is on her. If it had been so important because it never came out somewhere? Or some tattoo of her or something? What I see in her is an immense obsession. And I think Layla suffered a lot and paid for her mistakes. Even so I think it is the only one that respects and does not profit with the death of a love unlike others who luckily met Peep one night and every day must upload or relate something with him.

No. 471406

tbh when men say this they mean they want to fuck around but dont want to be the bad guy. i dont think anyone doubted that he cared for her, but in a true girlfriend capacity, like in a faithful, serious way? i doubt it. idk, do you really stop talking to someone you're crazy over and ignore them? she said he would ignore her for weeks or months at a time. it's one thing if he was antisocial and deeply depressed, but we know he was fucking hoes left and right during those weeks and surrounded by all his buddies all the time.

but the screenshot is so sad. i feel for her. she probably had a lot of hope for them to get back together, same with layla, and now they're totally dashed. but realistically, i think he liked to keep girls hoping and keep them on the backburner.

No. 471415

yes, how old is that convo, even? he started blowing up a while ago. could've been pre layla, even.

did she post any more, anon?

No. 471506

File: 1516063783587.png (7.03 MB, 1125x2436, 679F4A54-0AC4-487A-B58D-2CF985…)

I’m assuming this is peeps old place seeing as she has been posting videos in the area he lived in London.

No. 471524

why is she in london? has she mentioned?

No. 471539

This was the only one I saw. It’s up on her ig story

No. 471810

At least march of 2017 but I wouldn't be surprised if it was 2016. I agree with the other anon that's she's I some way seeking fame and attention from this. It seems like they were not in frequent communication before his passing besides some insta comments. I totally agree with the tattoo thing. Why did he never get her name or vice Versa? Especially since they were together when he was younger and starting to get into tattoos idk? He definitely liked her but we can't really predict what would have happened had this not happened. I just feel bad for Layla as she was the only other legitimate long term girl and she barely got respect from him when he was alive and now Emma's pushed to the forefront of the whole narrative

No. 471924

yes, if he was really his one true love, why would he not get any tats for her? layla got that hideous big shoulderpiece. high school relationships often aren't so romantically meaningful, and i think that after being exposed to all the kinds of hollywood 'goth' girls that were his type, peep cared about her, but more as family, what with her being stable, always being there for him, etc. idk with all these girls that were supposed to be so meaningful to him, he really didnt make any time for them outside of when they were novel. songs written with his very orchestrated image in mind dont mean much imho. obvs we werent there, but i dont think peeps fam is doing her any good by continually feeding her the "you were meant to get married!! he knew he was meant for you!" shit after his death.

No. 472054


i wouldn't doubt that peep had tattoos dedicated to emma just because of how long they knew eachother. peep started getting them young, around 14 years old, and he was definitely the type of kid to have tattoos for his "first love", which emma and his family claim she is.

peep lived a reckless lifestyle and made songs about wanting to die, then it happened. he wasn't serious about coming home to emma and starting a life with her. he led women on and she wasn't immune to that. emma wasn't even known or mentioned until after his death.

as for the "layla" tattoo, it was so uninspired and stereotypical, and comes off as more of an image thing to have your current girlfriend's name tatted on your shoulder. especially since toopoor is known, they were well liked together at the start of their relationship. the same goes for arzaylea's "yours" tattoo, it's unoriginal and she was dumb enough to get it (and then some more).

peep hurt women for his music and image, and because he was just a genuinely damaged person

No. 472175

Hey guys I get that for a lot of you this is a place where you can express your feelings about peep and peep’s death but please if you vent let it be only about new info. We’ve already rehashed an endless number of times about how poorly he treated women, his music, and pepper vs. lil peepee.
If you want a thread to talk about just lil peep and lil peep memories I suggest you make one

No. 472183

File: 1516101716948.png (975.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180116-061845.png)

>TFW it's 4am and you forgot to let your followers know that you met peep once and repost a picture they've seen a thousand times.

No. 472459

File: 1516129303407.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4928.PNG)

grosso is such a manchild

No. 472472

That’s not his place.

No. 472481

File: 1516130930373.jpeg (196.6 KB, 1122x1366, DF9A704F-11D2-49C5-9430-1EF477…)

Cheljello this really you?

No. 472491

Lmao she looks like david camerons fat niece. Her good photos were bad enough, yeesh

No. 472513

File: 1516133391562.png (774.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-16-15-08-38…)

The one in the middle is hotelshrimp… i have no words

No. 472530

Lol, she looks hella cute compared to now, much better blonde…..girl on the left is high af tho!

No. 472571

File: 1516137234167.png (399.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4287.PNG)

Lol her comment is funny but seriously why tf is she in London and how did she pay for it? When she first mentioned it I assumed it was something with pepper but clearly it's a solo venture. V coincidental that arz is there at the same time

No. 472576

i just assume she’s blowing all the money she made on her superrradical collab.

No. 472578

guarantee she lied about being broke because it was during the 24hrs that her and pepper broke up and she wanted her "fans" to feel bad for her and send her money before her current income (pepper) ran out, but they're back together now so she doesn't give a fuck. What a great example for the girls who look up to you (lord have mercy for those who actually do) because you're basically saying that it's okay to be in a toxic/abusive relationship as long as he pays for your shit.

No. 472746

tyler gross, drop the o.

maybe arz and tp went to meet up in london to kill chelji.

No. 472749


So why the broken hearts?

No. 472756

Apparently Layla moved to London. I’m assuming it’s over for her and pepper.

No. 472778

this is an imgboard anon, receipts?

No. 472836

File: 1516153150308.png (28.84 KB, 640x336, IMG_3421.PNG)

No. 472921

Wow…she was really cute…completely unrecognizable.

No. 472924

Unless she has a visa, she’s not staying for long

No. 472930

File: 1516157534775.png (674.98 KB, 750x1334, B2E6DBC3-9A33-4CE2-8C18-36C87D…)

No. 472942

Where is this from?

No. 472954

Lylah posted this screenshot of her talking to ionlycryblood. She finally deleted all the pics of them together on her main and private account.

No. 472956

is this a callout to Layla or who?

No. 472985

File: 1516161085437.jpeg (204.09 KB, 1125x762, 0A0A72B7-454F-4D81-9B3C-E4DDF5…)

Wtf is happening

No. 472987

File: 1516161154415.jpeg (170.12 KB, 1125x588, 9CD73CA4-8DFF-418C-B321-2FBC73…)

Whatever it is you know corgi isn’t invited

No. 473027

File: 1516162931002.png (126.51 KB, 1080x816, 20180116_221725.png)


She still has multiple videos of herself and Anthony on tinydead.

This comment was posted on Anthony's baby mama Alyssa's picture about 2 months ago. I missed the video that's linked and it's gone now. Anthony has been liking Alyssa's pictures recently. With the baby being about 3 months old, it looks like Anthony got her pregnant while he was with Myah.

No. 473136

what tf is this about?

No. 473154

This bitch is so gross and cringeworthy I can't. She literally looks so musty and dirty with her hair and always just sitting inside smoking and shit… potato vibes but less controversial. girl get a job and an education unless you have some type of serious inheritance this grimey lifestyle won't last long

No. 473156

Literally what is happening ? It can't be a coincidence that all these people related to peep are in London at once. Does it involve bexey too? I just can't understand why Layla would go there alone to do nothing

No. 473244

Ripped jeans, big screens, bad bitch and she 18
She can be my lady, you can be my lady
Hate me, everybody hate me
Everyday I wake up, everything achin'
You ain't got no loyalty, then I got no respect
You ain't got no loyalty, then I got no respect
I got no respect, I got no respect
You ain't got no loyalty, then I got no respect

[Verse 2]
Everybody know I'm next, got these bitches sendin' texts
Bitches sendin' texts 'cause they know that I'm up next, yeah
I'm on a jet, yeah, on a jet
I'm takin' bets, I'm takin' bens
What do you expect? What do you expect?
What do you expect? What do you expect?
What do you expect? What do you expect?
What do you expect, baby? What do you expect?
For me to do for you
What do you think I have to offer you?
It's cold outside tonight and I…
And I don't got a roof over my head
It's cold outside tonight
I remember when we shared that same apartment
I loved it, and I… and I, and I
And I hate holdin' grudges (holdin' grudges, yeah)
But fuck it, I don't care no more
I don't care, I don't care at all
Got enough
Got enough at all

Never saw anyone reference this. Think it's about Layla and Bella? Never heard this song til now.

No. 473254

not every vague lyric that is potentially about the opposite sex is about layla, jesus.

No. 473258

If you'd read it instead of being knee-jerk snarky, you'd see that he mentioned sharing an apartment with whoever the girl was, and how he loved living w her. He famously shared his apartment w Layla. No others, as far as I know, and this song came out before Arz/right before Bella and him were official

No. 473266

No. 473268

And in "wake me up" he sang "my new bitch, on a movie screen, and my old bitch, she a groupie teen"
Bella n Chelji?

No. 473270

As one anon mentioned literally yesterday, before peep died this thread was only ever about peep in relation to layla. If you want a peep thread go create one

No. 473272

Asking if the lyrics are literally about Layla is about Layla though?

No. 473275

Its a soundclout general thread, peep is relevant

No. 473281

Before peep died it wasn’t allowed to talk about anyone besides Layla, he just so happened to die after the thread opened up to the entirety of SoundClout

Hey maybe you wanna hit r/lilpeep with this and not the shit talking imageboard. “Peep writing a song about a relevant girl” alone isn’t really milk. Although yes, most people that listen to peep assumed this song is about layla when it came out, even the genius page mentions it. Iirc they were on an off period and peep was being mean.

No. 473289

He literally never dated Bella.

No. 473292

honestly this is probably an unpopular opinion but if emma put up with his shit sincE THEY WERE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL she's been trauma bonded to this manipulative asshole the longest and if she wants to get some clout or fame or whatever from it i don't mind. i know narcissist gets thrown around here but i don't think there's a solid argument against him being one, and emma would have been his longest/most loyal supply. if she was never heard from this whole fucking time she has a heart of gold and is naive as fuck. i like her being posted bc it's still silly, but i don't dislike her at all and I'm happy to see her receiving so much support after him finally leaving her.

IA about his family not helping her recover. i really do believe she's traumatized over everything and peeps family blowing her fucking shit ALL the way up glorifies the bullshit she put up with. maybe she feels like a martyr unconsciously over this which is a lifelong delusion. i hope she finds a way to monetize this and get really good therapy because this euphoria will wear off.

No. 473293

It does seem very curious that all these people related to peep are all in london at the same time.. some type of mourning-retreat-memorial thing? or maybe they're all organizing something? Im so intrigued!

Im not convinced that lay and pepper have broken up, right after announcing going into business together? Perhaps after his last abusive online meltdown he's funding her trip as an apology.. milk him for all he's worth layla then dump his ass

No. 473294

>>473293 I hope they're making a peep documentary or something where they all feature. Sorry I am not a stan but I love to speculate and it would be good milk. Especially if lay and arz both feature. Chelji would die of jealousy.

No. 473295

I'm sorry I'm drunk and this is so fucking funny
i can't stop laughing
why are all these fucking shitheads accidentally all in london I'm fucking dead what the fuck

No. 473300

doubt she feels like a martyr when she believes he really loved her as a girlfriend. her commentary at his memorial solidifies that.

it's so weird tho. why have all these people spend $1000+ for trips to london when say, a film maker could just go to LA and interview basically all these people? must be some kind of memorial, but how could this one be more meaningful than the one his mom threw in NY? none of them went to that.

No. 473305

File: 1516186051856.png (309.66 KB, 1472x698, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 11.4…)

Wild speculation again but if it were something like that than maybe its being organized by someone/an organization with lots of $$? Would explain everyone suddenly having flights (fatnick tweeted he's on business class so I dunno) and would explain lay replying to this insta comment

No. 473344

“none of them went to that” false, fat nick, wiggy, tracy, members of gbc were there. layla was home though because she didn’t have money or something.

No. 473354

Funny as hell since after this she legit went back to spamming videos she snuck of peep from the ONLY night he ever met her. None of his boys were paying any attention to her. She's so creepy and desperate she needs to give it a rest already.

No. 473361

File: 1516195429642.jpg (153.62 KB, 1075x752, Screenshot_20180117-141957.jpg)

What's she going to do in London till April? She hasn't done shit since she got there, just sitting in her airbnb

No. 473399

File: 1516201257868.jpeg (572.11 KB, 1125x2081, 0051449E-EA6C-48EF-A596-573A61…)

Girls just out here torturing herself I guess.
Wild speculation but I don’t think Tyler really let TP grieve when peep passed. (Sorry to bring him up but this was just posted, so on topic, right?) Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s slowly melting down across the pond.

No. 473480

File: 1516209363234.jpeg (69.91 KB, 734x721, F2C79786-D17A-4CD0-9323-8BCBC9…)

Chelji was 18 when that song was made and the video was shot in London? she would live with him for like a couple days or week at a time aswell whenever he was there, idk it was like a on and off thing, thats what she was trynna say. she also apparently did something with his friends so like the “no loyalty, no respect” lyric would make sense, maybe just me, did you guys also see Potato is doing a collab? i attached a pic

No. 473496

I really don't think he'd waste his time writing a song with the potato in mind, i definitely feel it's about Layla and could even be referencing the infamous video "no loyalty." But absolutely DISGUSTING that anyone would "collab" with this hoe. Her 15 minutes are over why is anyone giving her even seconds more

No. 473497

‘Bad bitch and she 18’ She was 18

‘No loyalty no respect’ She apparently had a thing with his friends

‘Remember when we shared that same apartment’ She stayed with him

‘Where the white? Where the white? Only time that she yell, only time that she yell’ She is sober?! Possibly got mad at him for doing it

It all adds up to me did you see at the time of Bella and Peep it was Chelji and Bexey? I feel like Chelji and Peep were trying to make each other jealous. I don’t know, Maybe we all look into songs too much. I agree with you anon.

No. 473521

Y’all for the millionth time this is not the place to dissect peep lyrics.

Chelji was literally a groupie. she was in the same shitty obsessed teenager group chat as Mariah bons. The only pics she has of her with peep are from the night they met, at one of his shows. (Aside from him passed out in bed post shame fuck.)
She’s a lame ass groupie who sits in her bedroom at her moms house. She’s not relevant. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just chilicorgi trying to give herself more attention. Stop. giving. her. attention. Irrelevant ass. They fucked maybe once and now she’s tryin to gain all the clout she can from it like the bottom feeder she is.

No. 473535

She wasn’t just a groupie though, she met his management and friends. I don’t like her but you are all missing the point and just thinking so bad of her when Peep clearly cared for her

No. 473538

Get the fuck out of here chili/chilistan. For the love of god.

No. 473542

who said im a potato stan, im just looking at both sides of the story and everything that was brought forward, it just makes sense but everyone obviously missing the point

No. 473545

Peep didn’t “clearly care for her”
He never claimed the potato. It wasn’t until after he died and could defend his image that she crawled out of the shitty woodwork.

This is a shit talking gossip site. We’re not here to consider/discuss her good traits.

No. 473553

maybe she respected his privacy? people like him probably dont get much of that in their life so im sure he appreciated the small ammount he got off her

i can see it from the brief time i knew about it what this website is, dont sound like a place for me obviously since i appear to be a rational thinker who doesnt jump to conclusions, but meh, ill still lurk this site, funny to see how ignorant people can be

No. 473556

lmao who would ever refer to someone who looks like chelji does as a "bad bitch"?? not even the copious amount of drugs peep was on constantly are enough for a statement like that

No. 473559

She's not THAT bad, she doesn't take endless pics of herself until she finds a flattering one, no filters and she is young with big eyes and clear skin and a slim body. That, coupled with obsessive levels of attention is enough for a 20 year old dude…it's women and gay men who sit around dissecting people's beauty to the nth.

No. 473560

“If you’re here to whiteknight, this isn’t the place for you” literally the rules of the site. Be gone.

No. 473573

File: 1516215826714.png (778.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180117-140127.png)

Is it really so hard for her raggedy ass to not inconvenience someone else?

No. 473576

LMAO! She's missed an opportunity to sell "cigs smoked in London" on her depop!

No. 473578

how American of her. like just butt them out and throw them in the trash. go grab an old coffee or pop can. stop being trash for maybe five seconds and show some fucking respect instead of telling the person who’s garden you’re infecting with cancer to fuck off.

No. 473581

Obviously a stan. Can't even sage lowercase typed in anonymous. Clearly never been on here except now to defend potato

No. 473582

"euphoria" is an interesting way to describe a girl who's mourning the loss of a close friend. She's not even trying to gain clout, she just misses him and posts about him to people who are interested. Leave Emma alone people

No. 473590

there's definitely proof that attention online increases dopamine hence why people can become 'addicted' to social media. She probably needs the pick me up she gets from his fans sending her well wishes. I don't think there's anything wrong with that tbh

No. 473602

File: 1516217643319.png (81.01 KB, 821x347, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 1.33…)

Something is definitely up with layla and tyler - the superrradical twitter bio now says "ON VACATION: WILL RETURN ONE DAY" when they were supposed to be releasing shirts today and tyler's instagram bio is now "lost in life"

No. 473606

The spurge begins…

No. 473610

Fffff are you surprised though? You know how pepper Ann goes through his little bitch swings and needs EVERYONE to know about it. He'll go back to doing pepper things soon.
That person was pretty nice in the note and they had every right to post it, goes to show how layla's always showing her nasty true colors. She probably felt like they should be graced to have it since her idiot stans are just so desperate to buy them. Trash.

No. 473695

lmao slim, youthful, big eyes, clear skin, are we looking at the same person tf anon

Good on them for having the balls to bring up an issue directly as they could and not be a passive aggressive little bitch. London rightfully takes their public sanitation very seriously and residents have every right to keep someone in check. And they're polite as fuck. People complain about American cities being filthy and bitches like this are why. How does she not feel embarrassed posting this

also what if they shooting a music video, would explain the members and money and why pepper is acting like it's a fucking break up

No. 473712

she has the face of an old lunchlady. beady eyes, turtle mouth, etc. she also has like, no hair on her head, which is the least youthful thing ever. chilinons are truly on some shit

No. 473717

well mackned is pretty gross and scruple-less. his music isnt terrible though, so it's really pathetic that he's resorting to this. i guess he has to kick soemthing back for her defending him against peep's fans/army.

No. 473730

File: 1516225306828.png (998.15 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4300.PNG)

This bitch is SOOOO creepy I'm not surprised at all peep had her blocked. She needs therapy yesterday

No. 473820

File: 1516229818144.png (658.45 KB, 720x1142, 20180117_175321.png)

Came across this, she also comments on Anthony's boys page. Talk about clawing for any boys attention. It's a serious turn off

No. 473839


yep shooting a music video sounds about right and would explain all this weird london mystery

No. 473849

why would arz be in it though? wouldn't liza fight for her not to be?

No. 473852


maybe it isn't being orchestrated by peeps fam/estate? also is there any ss proof that liza hated arz? because obviously gma hated her but to my knowledge liza hasn't been as vocal and it is possible she has a different take on things

No. 473855

i don't have the time to find it but in this thread or the one before there's a screenshot of liza leaving a comment on the "fuck xanax" thing arzaylea had where she said "you, miss, disgust me with your money grabbing". iirc she also said something negative about her while replying to someone on her instagram comment section. not straight up insulting like jenny did, but it's safe to say she didn't like her.

No. 473858


did anyone find out why layla is in london and what made her go there in the first place? (sorry if its been said this thread is starting to fill up with a lot of unnecessary shit)

No. 473859


yes this does ring a bell. I also vaguely recall liza shading arz on money grabbing in her speech at peeps memorial.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what all the london shit is about, it will probably remain a mystery for now.

No. 473860

that's literally what people are talking about and trying to find out in the last comments. don't be lazy.

No. 473862


if arz is featuring in whatever shit they are making in memoriam of peep then it makes me think that it isn't being run by the peep state. maybe by whoever peep was represented by in london? or someone who is somewhat neutral to all the post-peep-death drama?

No. 473863

peep estate*

No. 473864

Basic consideration isn't very Soundclout.

No. 473866

or if it is a music video or something run by peep estate then clearly arz wouldn't be involved and she could be there for something random like whatever modelling shit she apparently does from time to time

No. 473867

Tracy isn’t in London though and you would think he would be a big part of whatever it is if something is happening.

Also I’m from England and that letter about the cigarettes is the standard English way. She’s staying in the area Peep lived as well which is posh as fuck. If she was staying in a rough area they would just catch you doing it and probably beat you up so she should just chill out.

No. 473871

File: 1516232689652.png (1.49 MB, 1606x904, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.4…)

lay confirmed in comments she has moved to london… does this mean her and pepper are actually over?? lets hope so!

No. 473873

File: 1516232845131.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 83688142-9713-43E7-AD14-115C4C…)

bexey is with fat nick

No. 473876

Also a good chance that there is no mystery to the London thing. Layla may have peaced out after getting her Superradical money/ signed contract for Chinatown to start over in London (A good move i think).

As for Fat nick/Smokesaac/Arz it could just be a coincidence. Fat nick just finished his album so could be celebrating. Smokesaac could just be on holiday for similar reasons to Layla (needing to get away to mourn etc), and Arz could be modelling or going to some stupid sugar bear hair/diarrhoea tea conference

No. 473878

it's kind of hardly moving imho when you plan to come back in april. she can only stay 3 months without a visa and she said "does anyone want ot rent out my aparmtent til april?". more of an extended holiday really

No. 473879

It is possible that her LA lease ends in april so wants to try sublet it out until then

No. 473885


Or maybe she is coming back in April becos of the 3 month visa and hopefully that is enough time for her to get her shit together and sort her goddamned life out.

No. 473890


I can't imagine she could handle being away from the LA scene/ pepper (if they aren't properly broken up) for that long. I hope she proves me wrong.

No. 473905

doubt it. she's going to be bathing in peep memories in a neighborhood where he lived, and where she knew he was fucking another girl behind her back. plus it's not like the party scene/drug scene in london isn't insane too. she's just going to branch out a bit more and take her druggy bit international. hopefully she will find a decent british guy that will take her mind off pepper for the time being and sees her that she doesnt need to tolerate being emotionally abused, but she did say on the no jumper interview "no im not a feminist. i dont even know what feminism means" and kind of insinuated that feminism wasnt needed, when asked if toopoor was a badass feminist icon or something, so she probably sees nothing wrong with the way men emotionally abuse her. it'd be better for her to be alone and build herself, but this is codependent layla we're talking about

No. 473914

File: 1516234991673.png (1.3 MB, 359x640, IMG_4595.PNG)

Seems like a coincidence to me - I don't think she would say creative direction etc if she was there for a peep related project.

No. 473936

Look I'm not a chelji stan or saying she doesn't deserve all this shit because I hope she learns from it, but she clearly had a shit convict of a mother and i doubt her dad stuck around. she has literally no self esteem or identity outside of chasing clout bros. And they are straight up bros, who probably talked about passing her around, making fun of her, and publicly calling her a whore when i'm sure they had to flirt a decent amount still.

I just think she is so dumb and desperate for love; she was silent like a little bitch until peep died to obey his privacy/image, and as soon as he left she BRANDED HER FACE for him after branding herself in submission to other abusive nobodies who treated her like trash. Then she had to latch onto Mackned as a new older male figure and now she's throwing herself onto HIS fire to show loyalty even though it meant being really cruel to peep's grandmother. Bitch goes all out to destroy herself for clout because just being around such c-list celebrities lets her not have to confront all the growing up and respecting herself she has to do requiring tons of therapy.

I just think she's a young dumb ass with no boundaries and awful parents. Makes sense why she's insufferable

No. 473950

i said it once and i'll say it again god dammit layla is not the hero we want but right now she's the one we need

NOT ONLY did this bitch take my advice and move to another city and break the fuck up with Tyler in a clean way where she comes off looking good, she seems comfortable there and glad she's over the LA hustle. I'm loving how she threatens Bexey and Chelji into such ugly hate comments and I hope she's strong enough to fucking finally flex a little. She got publicly shat on so hard by these loser ass abusive dudes and I just want her to get money and be happy. NONE of the girls in this scene fight back by accomplishing shit and she might be capable of being the only one. At least she'll get some healing there over peep and an attitude check trying to get by in London, it will only help her in her business knowing how to at least fake being polite.

tbh IM PETTY and just want her to make Bexey cry like the little bitch he is and like live stream it. Just putting that out into the universe

No. 473963

File: 1516238094055.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4597.PNG)

Seems like she is at least trying to send out a positive message to young girls. Also, it appears she unfollowed Tyler on Instagram (he is still following her) If she keeps this up and kills it in LDN I'll be proud of her too. I do think she has an interesting personal style so I'd be curious to see the creative direction she is doing.

No. 473994

Does Shrimp have fillers? Would never be able to tell it's even the same person.

No. 474001

but why london?

No. 474011

File: 1516241309468.png (5.65 MB, 1125x2436, 6B432E92-E081-4FF7-B8C3-A2AC0E…)

No. 474077

It’s not that deep. I spoke to her in the past before all of this and I know she had bad experiences with men being abusive and beating her that’s not my business to speak on she just needs a good therapist and she could have a positive message to spread with her love tattoo. I also know Potato’s parents are still there stop speculations you’re not the FBI you’re being too harsh

No. 474162


I wouldn’t read too much into that. He also said he would do a collab with that ugly peep skin walker with acne skin who tattooed the horse shoe on himself.

No. 474266

Sorry, who? a few ppl got that horseshoe tat……

No. 474290

what is with toopooh and the weird bathtub pics she always does

No. 474347

fuckin ugly ass bitch

No. 474371

"she could have a positive message to spread with her love tattoo" lmao are you literally in middle school? please leave this thread

No. 474410

hahaha the only thing that love tattoo reps is her attitude towards riding instafamous five-songs-on-soundcloud stinky dick.

No. 474509

> I know she had bad experiences with men being abusive and beating her that’s not my business to speak on

then why are you telling us about it? For the hundredth time and for the hundredth reason, go away.

No. 474545

Lol, your being bossy and telling her to go away makes me want her to stay!!!
You don't speak for everyone, and unless a mod objects or the anon gets put out to pasture , anyone can come on here and add to the thread.
Pls, thnx, bye x(stop)

No. 474570

Learn to sage you fucktard

No. 474578

Not being bossy, just asking that you read the fucking rules before you post irrelevant bullshit.
I’ve read that mods aren’t crazy for this thread (for obvious reasons) so a call out to preserve the purpose of this image board is absolutely acceptable.

read the rules before you post. No white knighting. No talk of musical accomplishments. Keep on topic of the conversation, keep it milky. Sage your chilistan posts. Plz, before infighting ruins what’s left of this thread.

No. 474609

File: 1516301440130.jpeg (709.21 KB, 1242x1697, 0F4AC517-E976-4E28-8E13-397F83…)

Stop posting on this board Chelji! Big eyes and slim body?? Where?? Also in that message of the “collab” with mackned half the conversation is blocked out, he could have been replying to something else. She does that with all her convos she posts, always has shit blocked out so she can take things people said out of context. Lol at anyone thinking “peep clearly cared for her” like he didn’t follow her on any social media or ever mention her. If she wants to fuck any of peeps loser friends who watched him OD and filmed it/posted it online good for her. It’s what she deserves.

No. 474727

File: 1516306117549.jpeg (321 KB, 1124x1484, EE85051A-3FED-48CA-A9BE-D7B6B7…)

just gonna leave this here

No. 474760

I'm crying this bitch is sooooo unfortunate looking he had to have been at least 5 bars deep for that

No. 474769

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 474770

File: 1516308986767.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, FFAD98FB-42AE-4C14-9C68-87DCF9…)

Arz is leaving London for Paris, so pretty safe to say that all that London speculation was just a coincidence and everyone is there for they own personal reasons

No. 474775

Okay we get it chelji used to be and still is unfortunate looking. Can we quit it with the posting about her? It’s so boring, like kicking a dead dog with a stick.

No. 474799

We usually don’t bring her up anymore on here but then a chelji fan (aka chelji herself posting for attention) tries to gas her up and we gotta provide them the receipts on ha tragic existence

No. 474815

Silverlittlecat is on love talking about her experience w/ Layla & Peep

No. 474890

Ain't nobody got time for that, can you just post up if there's any milk?

No. 474922

File: 1516317861100.jpeg (552.53 KB, 1125x1929, 5AFDAF13-277E-4FD6-8878-00BBBF…)

How do we feel about this

No. 474989

is that toopoo? she looks good blonde tbh

No. 475009

are you lost?

No. 475025


I like girls with black hair but shrimp looks better as a blonde.

No. 475062

Leave please

No. 475088

she's so pretty but only as a blonde lol it's what suits her doll face

No. 475114

Shrimp's eyebrows are sooooooooo unfortunate

No. 475139

TP update: according to her Snapchat, she's been working with asos. That's a pretty decent gig like. And shes in England 'forever, until further notice'. I'm kinda excited to see how pepper's gonna sperg out at Layla's new found independence

No. 475149

Can we please stop talking about this chick? She is so goddamn annoying. Talking about her golden pussy on twitter when her fuck record is literally some guy who would stick his dick into a bathroom blow job socket– all hree of the dudes she's displayed are literally someone who would have to pay me to fuck them. She is a fuckin wannabe and moved to LA with hopes of some goddamn shit but realized no one cares about her basic boring ass- she's absolutely a waitress serving cocktail sauce for people's shrimp, and i guarantee her pussy smells like rotten shrimp, probably how she got her name. She dyed her hair based on the opinions of IG idiots who follow her bc she has absolutely no self esteem/can't make a move for herself in the fashion game. Get a life hotel shrimp and clean up your vagina. You boring AF and photoshop would make anyone who meets you in person confused AF to your projected beauty.

No. 475155

This is a hell of a rant, anon, but I agree. What the fuck does she have to do with TP anymore, really? Why bring up her hair? jesus.

No. 475198

I just noticed that Layla and Tyler don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore. There’s definitely something going on between them.

No. 475199


sage in the email field.
but yeah, solid. the shrimp looks like she stinks like wet socks. never forget that huge shop job she did on her ass claiming corey took the most perfect photo. all her shit is post-edited to the heavens, would not be surprised if she was a prawn in a wig.

No. 475218


LMAO "chainsmoke and write"

Bitch tf you gonna write? Your obituary?

She is not deep.

No. 475220

shes too narcissistic to kill herself, please. and when did she start adopting this aave rap hardcore goth girl image (the t shirt?)?

No. 475270

No. 475271

Horse Head doing music with Courtney Stodden!!

No. 475274

so I passed over the original Layla thread however long ago it was created bc I thought she was hella boring/gross and soundcloud rappers gross me out, but I got bored and spent a few days reading through them and holy fuck. What other threads have this level of drama and fuckery. she's not even an ex-scene queen or cosplayer.

That said, even more interesting than the drama is this boards reaction to it. she has genuinely won some of us over. and some of us are genuinely evil and can't wait to see someone fail.

Personally, I think she's on the upswing. Hopefully she stays away from that fuckbag long enough to realize she can enjoy life w/o him. I agree with the other anon too, I think she took the collab money and ran (good for her). Maybe London specifically wasn't a great idea, but it's about as far away from LA as you can get and still be in an English speaking country. Hashtag Team Layla I guess??? God I sound like a stan. Is her no jumper interview worth watching? I watched the Ghostemane one and the interviewer seemed pretty alright.


No. 475276

Also no way is she going up on the roof to do those things any time soon, it's 2°c and has been pissing it down in London. But I guess chainsmocking and writing whilst leaning out a window doesn't sound as cool

No. 475278

Sad. He's terrible and it makes sense why he's stooping, same with mackned and chelji. Ngl peep was the only one who could write or sing in that whole damn group excluding wicca. Idk why the fuck the rest of them are even trying. w/o his collabs holding their shitty features up, v few ppl would tolerate them or even have listened to them

No. 475299

am i the only one who doesn’t think she just took the collab money and ran? in my mind tyler would have sperged out a LOT more if that happened. he’s gone on massive rants for the most inane shit, i don’t see layla moving to london with her superradical coins and him not ranting as possible

No. 475302

agreed. he's too much of a manbaby not to flip the fuck out if she did that

No. 475306

just because he’s not sperging doesn’t mean she didn’t take her (rightfully earned) money and peace out. And there is still time.. he could be a ticking time bomb.
Or maybe after his last twitter meltdown he could have felt bad about it and let her leave. He had no right to stop her anyway.

No. 475307

Also a chance Layla randomly got offered thatASOS deal out of nowhere (the ‘fate’ she keeps referring too, like in her twitter bio) that allowed her to be financially able to spend 3 months over there.

No. 475383

i think that could be it. it makes sense, i can't imagine tyler just quietly letting her go there with all that money that i'm sure he would freak out since it was "partly because of him." an asos deal makes sense, but honestly her finances do not make any sense to me at all. how does she have enough money to be out here buying whatever staying at this airbnb that likely around $100 a night? where did she get this money? i do NOT believe her family is rich. they look white-trashy, her car was hella old, at best they were middle/upper middle class. where did she get this money???? even the super radical collab she only had two items and he stated there were around 5k orders. things just don't add up. how is she still paying her LA rent too???

No. 475404

Most of what that crimson chin says is dressed up bullshit. Her only experience with them is her being blocked after aggressively trying to split Layla and peepee up through obsessive nasty comments on social media (but she likes to preach "I'm so kind and loving! Teehee!)
Obviously since he's dead she'll spout whatever bullshit she can and run with it. Her and the rest of peeps bedbugs are all the same

No. 475425

>that crimson chin
oh my god I only noticed her unfortunate hooded eyes until now

No. 475586

File: 1516393299320.jpeg (334.96 KB, 1124x2267, 3B45CA96-12FF-47A3-9672-A3DC1A…)

No. 475590


I've wondered this too. Idk but I would put money on her stripping part time and / or escorting or having sugar daddies.

Only reason I sometimes doubt that tho is I'm in LA and I used to dance part time and never saw her in the clubs. So idk. But her lifestyle fits with that (I would know) and since she's got some of that IG fame I'm sure there are some dudes that she can hit up for cash in exchange for nudes, etc.

I'm not even IG famous and I've had ransoms hmu and send $600-5k for foot pics, nudes, custom vids, etc. Men are weird.

Maybe that's the blackmail Pepperann has on her? Wouldn't be surprised, it's super common for IG "models" to do.

No. 475597

If the ASOS deal is legit, often in things like that they will pay for your flights and accomodation. Maybe she’s becoming a model or ambassador for them. Also she hasn’t been living it up too lavishly, the major clothing haul she got recently was free shit from ASOS.

No. 475633

File: 1516398046282.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 7CCF7876-1E5F-4A8E-B162-14C101…)

im keen to know what her financial situation is like all ya’ll and whether it’s ASOS deal/ superrad collab/Chinatown deal/ potential sugar daddy money but tbh I’m just really proud that she’s out there doing it and doesn’t seem to have plans to revert back to her toxic LA pepper anne lifestyle. I hope she keeps this up and just grows stronger and independent and fucking kills it at whatever she does! Also this snap she posted felt like a personal snap for this thread for some reason . If you’re reading this lay im so proud of you please stay strong!

No. 475731

File: 1516402846635.jpeg (71.27 KB, 1125x594, 22C3854D-A3D6-41AE-B6D8-0B9D42…)

Just a lil baby sperg

He also has a video up on Twitter of him hanging out with post malone. Layla posted a post “appreciation” tweet about a week before. this school shooter lookalike will do anything to get Layla’s attention/make her jealous and I’m ready to see how desperate he gets

No. 475887

File: 1516416471459.png (130.83 KB, 750x529, IMG_0853.PNG)

Wow can we just talk about how fucking gross pepper Ann is in this picture. What was she thinking

No. 475979

File: 1516430837263.png (28.74 KB, 640x279, cri.png)

He's starting…

No. 476051

File: 1516446863761.jpeg (46.02 KB, 675x1200, C4hko0LUYAAJRPD.jpeg)

on laylas twitter from ages ago, found it interesting

No. 476052

Tbh she looks good here i liked her blonde days and that hairstyle gave more balance to her weird face structure. Pepper Ann tho…is another story lol

No. 476065

seen it but has 'sex with my ex' been released? brick walls, i'm assuming is 'never eat, never sleep'?

i heard an unreleased track called "who gon fuck me" and i thought it may have been about layla bc he played it during stream when he was super salty over their breakup, and given that ppl were saying to TP that peep had said "her pussy smelled" ("she a groupie, that bitch a junkie. pussy gooey, smelly funky. who gon fuck me?") it could be about her. he claimed she was a former groupie or something and that she had her eye on other clout rappers too

No. 476066

yeah the song is called sex (last nite)

btw people in this thread need to stop reaching when they’re hungry for milk and there is none, the stripper thing is so stupid

No. 476068

can't be. they got together in october of 2016, and sex last nite came out in like, june of 2016

No. 476069

oops ok i thought it was that same one

No. 476259

I've heard runaway it sounds like it could be about her (well apparently
It is) but he's mostly talking about how everyone is fake ? Kinda thought it was about gbc

No. 476332

lmao you’re reaching. he never claimed that where are y’all getting this shit from?

No. 476336

i said PEOPLE were claiming he said that on livestream, and they were telling layla that he said that (this was during their most contentious breakup), and peep was super immature. to have a song about smelly pussy in the first place shows how immature he is, along with him laughing on stream at ppl insulting bella and saying that bella's pussy looks like a roast beef sandwich (during the time period when she was basically riding his dick for like those 2 weeks or whatever). there's posts of ppl telling her that peep said her pussy smells in the earlier threads.

No. 476622

File: 1516511163319.jpeg (225.71 KB, 1125x1303, 4B71DD13-F8E3-4A3D-A991-55E15F…)

lmfao potatostans are trying to accuse tp of “copying” chili. Her entire fan base (if you can call it that) are middle schoolers.

No. 476625

File: 1516511250099.jpeg (313.24 KB, 1125x1984, A4F0485F-07DF-42E3-B2EB-079424…)

I really want tp to fuck her up???? Like especially on chodes UK turf it’d be so good

No. 476630

File: 1516511721510.jpeg (71.64 KB, 1125x570, 91B09A49-F38E-4691-840C-5639E9…)

Potato is getting exposed somewhere on the internet and I can’t find it so I’m calling on more capable anons to find the milk.
I know she’s boring and objectively awful, but if she’s being dragged I wanna see it

No. 476667

I bet we're the expose

No. 476671

File: 1516516643295.png (783.21 KB, 640x1136, D57E1872-60C9-4582-B055-1CB51D…)

maybe not doing too well haha

No. 476675

>she a groupie, that bitch a junkie. pussy gooey, smelly funky. who gon fuck me

truly a contemporary lyrical genius, so savant

i second that. we’re probably the only ones on this world wide web who pay any attention to her antics, even if it’s just for the purpose of mocking her. wonder what this chick is implying by describing this “exposé” as “intense”.

No. 476679

i actually did not think he was capable of shutting his slack tardjaw, color me impressed tyler.

No. 476680

yeah, it's pretty horrible. which is why i wouldnt put it past him to write it about layla when he most likely wanted a reason to justify his cheating, general disinterest, and dip, which i believe is the cause of the dick sucking defense. he put her on blast when he didnt need to, and was petty af, so it would not shock me at all to find it was written to be spiteful and immature

No. 476681

why does he even try? he's not cute. tyler, put out your ugly shirts and fade into the background. buy your lame soundcloud rapper fairweather friends drugs so they'll rep your shit, and stay off fucking instagram. he truly looks eternally 14, in the worst way.

No. 476694


god he's so viscerally repulsive, weeping flamboyantly all over the internet without a hint of embarrassment.

it's like every time I open this thread I see this little weakling either crying wetly, bragging, or sucking a foot

it's just so unpleasant

No. 476776

File: 1516545166315.png (4.49 MB, 750x1334, AD46A712-1039-4703-AF4D-0AFD3F…)

i think she got a job opportunity, immediately bounced and finally has a chance to mourn without tyler around. and if asos or whoever are paying her travel and room while she’s there it makes a little more sense. hopefully she doesn’t immediately slide back into tyler’s bullshit the second she gets back to LA.

No. 476785

File: 1516546026933.png (181.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5101.PNG)

honestly, who do these irrelevant bitches think they are trying to stick their noses in a dead man's drama? they've been contacting gustav's family to antagonize them and see what information they can get from these two old ladies. their intentions were clear from the start, they have no evidence or new information to offer his family. chelsea went all private detective and speaks as though she has authority on the matter because she was peep's foot rest and bangmaid while he was stuck in london.

the other girl who's posting these caps is pathetic and probably has no friends considering her entire profile is screenshots of conversations she had, just so she can "expose" people on TWITTER. like good luck with that once you burn all your bridges

these girls have so much audicity and i can't wait until it bites them in the ass. all these "good deeds" chelsea wants to do (but hasn't actually done at all) once she becomes "famous" will never make up for the fact that she's a terrible person who continues to do and say terrible things

No. 476792

File: 1516546326463.png (324 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5102.PNG)


Chelji messaging toopoor

No. 476793

File: 1516546366474.png (90.92 KB, 640x640, IMG_5103.PNG)

No. 476795

File: 1516546403538.png (298.2 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5104.PNG)

No. 476797

no way was he fucking sober for months

No. 476798

lol in his song nightslayer with bexey he literally says “on drugs when i’m in london, on drugs when i’m in public”. and he always mentioned on ig how he took shrooms and stuff in that period. sooo..

No. 476802

File: 1516547443165.jpg (1014.22 KB, 2048x2048, A54C06AD-0301-40B7-98EC-0C00C1…)

no matter what happens when this trip is over and she goes back to pepper and her lifestyle in LA, at least she's spent time mourning/reflecting by herself. without the influence of her boyfriend controlling her emotionally and financially. time will tell whether or not layla's going to self-destruct forever, or turn her image into a profitable brand

No. 476805

so he was def cheating on her. is she talking about us here? her forum?? wtf?

No. 476845

Sage for non-milk, but damn, I'm legit impressed with how big of a person Layla was being towards Chelji. Like, this is some random ur boyfriend cheated on you with and you're not acting rude or spiteful. She was being fucking polite, even kind, for christ's sake.

But maybe I'm just a petty bitch.

No. 476902

Honestly this just shows what a shitty human being potato is. Imo she's just as bad as Arzaylea. Layla was kind to her, Peeps grandma was kind to her, but the second she realized that she would gain more clout by being team gbc she stabbed them both in the back - just in time to drop her awful song.
Thank God she wouldn't go anywhere even if her voice was good because of her misshapen face.

No. 476908

I honestly think she's worse and that's saying a lot bc fuck arz but still, at least she's scaled back and doesn't speak about him every single day and isn't totally hideous and we know peep liked her. Also she's not a complete rude childish bitch to her haters on the internet. Potato is just so disgusting I can't believe she's still
Collecting clout 2 months later

No. 476960

File: 1516562226687.jpeg (83.14 KB, 750x544, 5CB36915-6BFF-45F6-804C-3A5369…)

this is weird considering peep wasn’t underage lmfao

No. 476965

Yung Goth lyrics about Peep:

Lil Bo Peep was my boy

Out bond was deep

And death can't destroy

We would fuck, yes we would

Haters go get fucked, yes we would

from Datalounge.com, lots of speculation on there about Peep and possible male lovers…..

No. 476967

Yung Goth lyrics about Peep:

Lil Bo Peep was my boy

Our bond was deep

And death can't destroy

We would fuck, yes we would

Haters go get fucked, yes we would

from Datalounge.com, lots of speculation on there about Peep and possible male lovers…..

No. 476968

No. 476993

File: 1516566045770.png (146.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4596.PNG)

Looks like Chelji doesn't have any favors left to cash in. That clout well is running dry.

No. 477003

No. 477008

So many of her friends are artists and they have studios, she is choosing to record it from her phone because she feels threatened by the men around her. Re read the tweet stop making everything seem so bad. She’s staying humble and encouraging people that can’t afford a studio that anything is possible i’m saying this and i don’t like potato

No. 477011

I respect her for that i’m making music from my iphone and it’s hard, if this turns out good i’ll be surprised

No. 477017

can the chelji shills please just leave?

No. 477021

Everything she does is trash. Sorry.

No. 477056


fuck off. you're in the wrong place to be complimenting this fake deep clout-hungry thot

No. 477063

File: 1516570388233.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 702E4E4B-CDC9-4E81-A7EA-36517F…)

I love so much that she’s gone to the Benz truck vid site

No. 477077

does anybody know where this is? also i’m curious about the origin of the “all alone” and “the peep” signs

No. 477105


fuck off and stay fucked off.

No. 477119

Unsure of the exact location after trying to do research on it - it’s just some historical church somewhere in England that happens to have those signs where him/his crew must have scouted for the Benz truck video

No. 477123

i wonder if this is true. goth seems like the kind of opportunistic asshole to lie for attention

No. 477134

It is in Northleach with Eastington. You can see it in the pic in >>476776.

No. 477151

Pretty sure tp had love gang in her bio way before anyone knew about potato in the first place yikes they’re so stupid

No. 477163


Love gang is in GBC songs and downs potato is a new jack to all that scene.

Anyone here defending her is either her or someone she sent.

No. 477177

There are so many milkier people in the soundcloud community yet this thread is overrun by 12yo tp fans wtf and chelji is a fucking nobody why are you still talking about her lol

No. 477205

then share who’s milkier

No. 477229

File: 1516579622371.png (63.78 KB, 643x341, Screenshot_2018-01-21-23-56-08…)

gma peep is back at it again. wondering how long it'll take her to turn on every peep's friend lmao can she seriously just quit being so invested in this cause she clearly only knew peep from his "gustav" side rather than his whole image.

No. 477232

yeah but she's not wrong. though tracy wasn't a great friend imo…

No. 477242


I think a lot of GBC/related people were good for Peep to be around (Wicca, fish narc, doves and smokeasac to name a few) which is why it’s shit that granny peep is tearing into GBC as a collective cos she hates mackned and needs something to blame for her grandsons death.

No. 477249

File: 1516580431239.jpeg (26.71 KB, 750x384, 5C381ABD-0399-4937-8AD8-779D21…)

“Tracy was a true friend”

Dropped Peep because he was jealous Peep was blowing up.

No. 477267

Gma peep really needs to take a break and deal with her loss peep was really not that spectacular and gbc was really just a group of crackheads Like they were known for stealing people’s shit and stuff even peep

No. 477284

There are no shills. It's all her posting. I mean, she's shown that she knows how to evade bans and who the fuck would actually be a fan of this girl?

No. 477290


Really? All of GBC?

No. 477362

peep did literally the EXACT same thing

real talk why do people stan peep (we obviously see you) and not tyler specifically in regards to those things? peep would've been just as weak, flamboyant, repulsive

i just think it's hilarious peep did those things to GET pussy and this ball of dough does the same shit and it bombs

No. 477376

posing under this is a bad look. i get she was in love with him and gave him her everything but seriously, don't stan his shit he treated you worse than dog shit stop.

Layla was so fucking nice here though, maybe that's just who she is. Which makes peep look even worse goddamn. and FUCK Chode "you probably have questions that u want answers too" bitch first nice grammar, and secondly you aren't going to provide shit for answers you copy-paste-paparazzi footstool clout whore, and third you ALREADY PROVED yourself a liar when you wrote that ramen fan fiction on your profile and dry accompanying frank of you both fucked up

im in between wanting her a banned topic so she goes away but honestly this eggs her on and it's hilarious. sucks she's ruining her life so young but she's obviously a fucking awful person who will do it one way or another

No. 477388

I'm just worried for her, i think she's alone there.
i know she's strong after dealing with all this shit but this is a really huge trauma and i fucking wish she was talking to a trauma-specialized therapist either there or over seas via phone.

this really hits me hard for her and lolcow aside i really do hope she's ok. i can't empathize going there and happy you found it, but he's gone. no matter where she retraces she will not find him and i feel like the ghost chase will start to hurt in a way she doesn't understand - who fucking would? heart goes out to layla while she's in london, whatever fuck it. please stay safe she's playing with fucking fire doing this.

No. 477394

Goth is insane but he definitely gave off the impression he had a crush on peep before he died. They were a package deal for 2 years, and when peep got close with Bex after he left London goth got really really mad and said something about “have fun with your new husband” and he’s called them lovers before.

Ain’t like half those dudes go to college & work/ed yuppie jobs? Aside from tracy and mackned they’re just hipsters.

No. 477403

Seriously I’d argue half these milk less nobody groupies aren’t even soundclout.
Honestly if they would have to pay to get into a warehouse/underground party in la they should be posted because they’re clearly not in the scene.

No. 477444

File: 1516596912485.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 2764A871-3063-4F6F-9681-567DA0…)


No. 477479

The difference is peep was attractive, charismatic and talented. Tyler's a soggy dough boy without any real positive traits. Peep wasn't perfect but Tyler has NO upside peep did

No. 477482

File: 1516602384235.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3554.PNG)

Was this review written by a high schooler

No. 477484

Agreed. And peep pulled most of his shit on her when he had just turned 20. Barely out of high school. He treated her terribly, but Tyler is 24 and still pulling this shit. I think just turning 20, blowing up, suddenly being able to get any hoe you see bc you're becoming a pretty major rapper rapping w juicy j wiz Khalifa etc, getting signed to a major label, etc affected his ego more than a shit tier Streetwear brand would have.

If peep made it to 24 I doubt we would have seen major improvements wrt emotional intelligence and the way he treated women, but he was a retarded baby at 19 when they met so i give him some slack, but he treated her just as bad as Tyler, if not worse

No. 477489

I wish someone would confirm this. Again, the outpouring of "we fuuuuucked" after hes no longer alive to confirm it is suspect to me. And that's really gross everyone knew goth was statutory raping little girls at like 14 years old and gus was plowing this ugly predator? Who bottomed, do you guys think? I would say goth but child rapists tend not to be very passive

"sparking the interest of many major labels" OK CHELSEA

No. 477499

File: 1516607479212.jpg (196.34 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3556.JPG)

No. 477500

File: 1516607493880.jpg (142.42 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3557.JPG)

No. 477501

File: 1516607512663.jpg (133.63 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3558.JPG)

No. 477502

File: 1516607526798.jpg (210.36 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3559.JPG)

No. 477503

File: 1516607545248.jpg (116.99 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3561.JPG)

No. 477504

File: 1516607556961.jpg (138.15 KB, 720x1280, IMG_3563.JPG)

No. 477505

Chelji is a shady bitch. Her garage band raps won't make it anywhere. Her beauty will fade fast and she will age hella fast from all those cigarettes.

No. 477506

File: 1516608023709.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3564.PNG)

Arzaylea wearing a beanie that was in Gus' bus. One of the things she took before his family could get to it

No. 477507

disgusting. these clout hoes are so disgusting. tis too bad gus didnt know how terrible they were before he died.

literally what beauty

so he didnt take those xans? usually its like oxies that are laced with fent and i know he took roxy that day. it happens but xans laced w fent is comparatively uncommon

No. 477508

File: 1516608317892.png (705.71 KB, 1080x1625, 20180122_020304.png)

Lil Xan got this tattoo and people in the comments are saying it's stupid because Peep dissed him at some point. I can't find anything to show that he did and nobody else is showing any proof. Anyone got anything on this?

No. 477509

i'd find that pretty hard to believe. isnt xan like 18 now? i dont think he wouldve dissed someone younger than him tbh and it's not like you cant pay respects to someone if you admired their music, even if they didnt like you

No. 477512

Diego (xan) is older by a few months. He's 21.

No. 477515

Wow, he looks 13. Peep seemed to be pretty positive about other musicians though, so I doubt it. Did he really diss much of anyone?

No. 477526

Yeah mostly people that came after him first, when nothing,nowhere(total ass if you tour w him btw) tweeted something about gbc/peep he said something back to him. He exposed blackbear when bear messaged him some pretty homophobic stuff on instagram. Idk anything about xan tho,

Come on peep knew exactly what he was getting, he just didn’t care when they gave him that good consistently. He literally started to date arz because she @‘d him on twitter and she was hot.

No. 477532

File: 1516612625496.png (1011.42 KB, 1032x464, jaw.png)

tbh shes not hot but i guess he was that much of a shallow horndog.

just curious, does anyone else think this is a jaw shave?

No. 477549


Tracy was a shitlord to peep in the end and is a legitimate pedophile but he at least was the only one who fucked over peep and publicly addressed it and apologized. i tried to find the interview but the interviewers i kept watching were so fucking bad i couldn't sorry fam. i think it was in a no jumper interview, he said he was just jealous peep was getting bigger when it was always the two of them, and that he didn't get enough time in the 'awful things' video. but they really were brothers and, like i said i hate this kid, but it's obvious how close they were and how much he loved him. bexey was just another face and made a single RIGHT after peep died trying to cash in and save face.

Wish gma would contemplate how horribly he treated women, especially considering he wrote every song because of a woman he manipulated and/or abused

also i wanna say i'm here for talking about the soundclout RAPPERS and their drama, would it be cool to bring in other rappers and drown out this chelji bullshit??? i'm down to bring in the mess XXXTentacion since he's a whole circus of fuckery

No. 477550

doubt it, she prob just hella facetunes her pics

No. 477554


seriously can she be a banned topic she's not dating anyone relevant the skin walking is a little calmer and no one cares

No. 477556

File: 1516615263833.jpg (93.55 KB, 500x692, large (1).jpg)

I dunno, anon. Looks pretty shaved.

>Wish gma would contemplate how horribly he treated women, especially considering he wrote every song because of a woman he manipulated and/or abused
Same, because I'm in her sphere politically, and it's amazing/disappointing to me how her and Liza ignore how terribly he seemed to treat and view women, the way he treated Layla, and Emma, etc. He seemed nice enough otherwise, seemed like a positive guy, treated his friends well (and he did promote feminism in a few tweets or something, saying "if you're not a feminist you suck") but beyond that, he was on some MRA level hatred based on his lyrics, tbh. I think jenny and Liza both want to think Gus was a lot more progressive than he actually was.

The no jumper interview was still pretty pathetic. I get that Tracy had been in the game a lot longer, in GBC a lot longer, etc, but he had to realize that Peep coming up as hard as he did would've helped him too. He was a feature in Awful Things, ofc he wasn't going to have equal screentime. White Wine and Witchblades both feature Peep A LOT more, too. Why go all out because of Awful Things? I get that they were close, but you don't abandon a friend, especially when Gus was purportedly so generous to his friends and repped Tracy so hard.

What's going on with XXXTentacion?

No. 477557

Peep was doted on by his mum and gma, and those are the worst type of abusers; they can gaslight their narcissistic supplies by saying "yh but I love and respect women, I was raised with strong women yada yada" but in reality they have been emasculated by those very women because they are doted on by them….girlfriends will never live up to their ideals, and if there are problems, fam will always blame what they see as "bad girls out to ruin our sensitive boy" In gma peep's messages when she said that yes, Layla had cheated on Gus and it caused some tension, I was like………uh, what about the MULTIPLE times that he cheated on and humiliated Lay? But no, cos in the family's eyes, he could cheat a million times and it will be excused but the girl will do one bad thing and she will be a bitch.

No. 477568


peep tweeted about “pooping out lil xan” and made fun of him. it’s safe to say he didn’t fuck with him, he most likely felt like he was being ripped off. he deleted the tweets but they’re in this video.

No. 477569

Tbh this sounds like he was making a joke. Like, 90% of his tweets were shitposting.

No. 477575

These aren’t azn idols/weebs anon. I think jaw shaving is pretty uncommon outside of Asia especially by non azns and who even needs it when you can just FaceTune yourself into a different facial structure with basically no consequence.

But also holy shit she’s that fat and signed to wilhelmina?
Pretty face aside that’s so unbelievable. Social media really is killing the industry.

No. 477577

File: 1516619915979.png (276.46 KB, 317x337, 2345.png)

>her beauty
who are you talking about

No. 477604

modeling contracts mean nothing nowadays. img and now wilhemina will sign any girl with a decent instagram following. i don’t get arzaylea’s body because it looks different in every picture but i don’t see her doing any modeling lately anyway.

No. 477624


Ski Mask the Slump God talking about Peep and crew in 2016…….

No. 477626

No. 477638

That’s definitely a diss dude, I forgot this happened but now I remember at the time it was taken to be a diss, and pretty serious just because peep never dissed people with out being provoked.

No. 477639

Yeah that was sorted out, it was yunggoth’s pedo ass. Surprise surprise.

No. 477671

File: 1516636969191.jpeg (108.24 KB, 1125x643, 5B0FC5F3-39AD-4226-ABB7-75A742…)

This shit is honestly so depressing ugh. Having to withhold your greiving for your past shit bf for ~2 months because of your current shit bf just sounds like a lot of yikes.

No. 477672

File: 1516637002772.jpeg (271.43 KB, 1125x2093, EA41B2EE-580B-4936-9517-2AFBDE…)

No. 477674

File: 1516637098488.jpeg (405.96 KB, 1125x2116, 1A785C88-CE9A-4A6A-80D9-067863…)

Casually on her way to a studio? The petty in me hopes this is purely to flex on corgi, but I do honestly wonder what she’s really up to.

No. 477690

she could be on her way to a photo studio to either model or do stylist things for Asos

No. 477696

Chelji has EP snippets up and she sounds so fucking flat in every one dimensional garage band song

No. 477698

I doubt Layla can sing, but how funny would it be if she made and album that became successful bc of editing and her status and potato is left to die?!?!

No. 477704

not linking this screeching mess, but chelsea's EP is so grating and uncomfortable to listen to, and it's all because of her voice. she can't sing at all, and it's embarassing that she's really trying to. these "rough snippets" chelsea posted on instagram are in no way going to get her a record deal. she straight up lied about that. her music is uninspired trash from garageband, even if chelsea finds a producer. despite "know bout" having a beat and cleaned up vocals, it was still jarring and repetitive. the trashy accent doesn't help either. chelsea, since she's always lurking/posting, we're all laughing at you!

No. 477711

'Know bout' was mixed by an actual producer, who won't work with peeps friends anymore bc of the money they are making off his death. Chelji will never get a song half as good as that one ever again. #oneflopwonder

No. 477725

LOL This is so rich esp. because she’s saying she’s no longer working with producers because “men make her uncomfortable”
Bitch please, we all know she’ll suck up any attention she can get. Especially if dude has a studio/basic mixing skills/a shred of clout.

No. 477736

File: 1516640739429.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, B5F60750-CF27-4322-887F-055D15…)

looks like she is in a music studio but no idea why

No. 477793

I can't wait to hear Chelji complain about Layla "copying" her. "I've sang since I came out of the womb and she started 2 days ago!?!"

No. 477802

File: 1516644600804.png (173.88 KB, 591x545, c71a3e2cb9c88f1a7b89ce9c659335…)

don't know if this is that important but saw this on twitter today

No. 477812

I pretty much never deny rape accusers but…. this sounds fake af.
I HIGHLY doubt someone’s response to “imma rape her” is “aw noo that’s not nice but okayy if you have to!”
Im not saying this roided out wrestler didn’t assault her but I just have a hard time believing tp’s envolvment in it based is n this written account

No. 477824

File: 1516646195849.jpeg (206.53 KB, 1125x1132, C1E4000C-6E1C-40D7-BBEE-9AADA9…)

She liked this pic of Paris in TPs shirt less than 24 hours ago.
If she let your rape happen then why are you liking this shit?

No. 477825

File: 1516646225837.png (153.49 KB, 276x592, lolcow3.png)

No. 477827

File: 1516646298196.png (53.87 KB, 280x593, lolcow2.png)

No. 477828

File: 1516646323187.png (174.09 KB, 278x591, lolcow1.png)

No. 477834

Sounds like someone tried to party with them, couldn't hang, got way too fucked up and has regrets.

No. 477837

File: 1516646755472.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3569.PNG)

Sorry but this is bullshit. I doubt tp had anything to do w it.

No. 477840

Omfg OF COURSE chodie jumps on this as fast as humanly possible. Anything to make herself think she’s better/more popular than TP. she wants to be Layla sooo baddddd and is trying to convert her stans. give it up potato.

No. 477844

>toopoor asked me if i would suck enzo’s dick
>i said possibly

i don’t even know what to say

No. 477845

I’m thankful chelji is speaking up for this girl, She clearly posted to get more attention to get the girl justice I don’t see what she’s doing wrong and there’s police records this happened

No. 477847

File: 1516647305857.png (666.53 KB, 710x399, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 1.40…)

this is that enzo dude. yikes. how could you "possibly" wanna suck this dude off?

im not saying she wasn't assaulted nor am i saying that she deserved it for saying she might "possibly" hook up with him. i'm just wondering how you look at this dude and have any feeling other than repulsion.

No. 477852

But she’s not speaking out FOR the victim. She’s only doing this for her own benefit by attempting to sabotage TP.
yet another reason why corgi is trash. Using rape for clout wtf could possibly be next. I swear she just sinks lower and lower.

No. 477856

let's not pretend if toopoor's name wasn't on this she'd be sharing it like some vigilante. she wouldn't. she just has an obsessive hard on for dragging Layla. she'll never get over being peep's sidepiece while TP had the GF tag. Potato doesn't give a shit about this abuse survivor, just making Layla look like an accomplice to rape.

No. 477860

Go away Chelji

No. 477861

>police records
Lmao where, sis??

No. 477865

Just shit photoshop, her jaw is already narrow. Plus, jaw shaving isn't practiced outside of Asia.

No. 477866

WWE would have suspended Enzo Amore if there was a case against him.
Ever since Benoit murder-suicided his wife and child, Vince will not let anything muddy up his new squeaky-clean brand – their wellness policy has zero tolerance to drugs (so about that coke weed meth the survivor mentioned…) and they would NOT tolerate a rapist in their roster. Just saying.

No. 477878

Exactly. Fight or flight would kick in the moment she heard she was going to be raped. Nothing adds up, and additionally, hearing it from Chelji makes it sound so much more fake

No. 477882

Funny how Chelji knew immediately of Too Poors involvement in something that could ruin her career. You not slick potato

No. 477883

Espcially all of the women’s revolution stuff they’ve been pushing and recent mixed tag team matches. a rapist would be DONE

No. 477890

File: 1516649637161.png (255.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3571.PNG)

Chelji really can't grasp that it isn't "reciepts" if you crop yourself out to cover your ass. You're shady as fuck with everything you do. Why are you embarrassed by everything you say? You delete all your posts, even on your spam, you always delete your story early, always hide your messages when posting screenshots. Maybe because you're a dumb fucking cunt?

No. 477891

People definitely freezes up and just “let” themselves be raped, plus these are pro athletes putting up a fight might have seemed fruitless, she was allegedly fucked up, etc etc BUT this 100% reads like a fake accusation and chelji just cheapens her claim
And honestly if anything all the uppers she said she was doing would have made her more likely to do some reckless fighting back than not. People on meth & coke make scenes like no other over much smaller things. This girl is stupid and with how popular opis & Benzos are idk how she fucked up saying they pumped her up with uppers and not downs.

Idk anything about wrestling but I do know it’s a huge huge company, if this girl got contact by real famous people with real legal power & authority not just sloppy internet socialites how fast you think she would recant?

No. 477892

File: 1516649715798.jpeg (367 KB, 1125x1927, 7AF7D99F-3983-4DB4-A4EA-47424F…)

So much to unpack here.

Does anyone know what accusations this person has made before?

And this person makes a valid point. If she was in psychosis, how does she have such a vivid recollection of everything Layla said?
And if she went to the police months ago, Enzo’s carrier would’ve ended months ago.

Lol at claiming she was given unknown drugs other than the coke and meth.

No. 477899

File: 1516650167845.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3573.PNG)

Can't miss a chance to remind everyone she climbed on peeps dick!!! Literally nothing stated here hasn't been said a million times.

No. 477900

File: 1516650191410.png (686.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3574.PNG)

No. 477901

File: 1516650229967.jpeg (174.89 KB, 1125x1293, FF83AEB3-5196-4020-915E-436ADC…)

This raggedy bitch doesn’t even have service on her phone I fucking can’t

AND She already deleted the post I’m cackling

No. 477902

Literally just start @‘ing WWE social media saying some is claiming their wrestlers raped them & they went to the police months ago and see how quickly this shit gets shut down

No. 477904

File: 1516650295684.png (200.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3575.PNG)

As if Chelji could make Layla lose her following

No. 477905

Lol at the fact that she deleted it all. All the posts, her story, everything

No. 477906

Imagine being this much of a raging narcissist. As if Jenny wasn't permanently scarred by seeing Gus dead or dying in those videos. Go fuck yourself. Leave this poor woman alone. You're garbage and she's not even going hard on your dumb, attention whoring ass.

But the photo was a candid and her jaw looks weirdly small in candids. Paps have tons of photos of her bc of her ex who was like actually famous in the real world. They're not shooped personal pics.

No. 477911

let’s not forget that chelsea spread the rumours about mariah bons being in custody when it never fucking happened and to this day she still hasn’t been convincted of anything. not to mention her dumb ass “timelines” of the day peep died, as if someone who was in her mom’s house while it all went down in tucson, most likely wasn’t talking with peep anymore at the time and never even met anyone in gbc has ANY authority on the matter. fuck her deformed ass

No. 477913

I'm a hardcore wrestling fan and have been watching it for nearly a decade. I can answer any question for anyone of you wondering who the fuck enzo is, or anything of that equivalent.

What I can tell you is, if she didn't go tell the police first, and just posted a tweet about it, chances are she isn't being honest. Why would you only do this on twitter where no one can do anything about it?

No. 477922

File: 1516650989342.jpeg (574.79 KB, 1125x1588, AC447E29-B1C5-4FEF-8E8F-B7BD75…)

Her too poor boner is about to rupture. Chelji you’re cancelled get over it.

If this is as fake as we all think/know it is I hope Layla sues her for defamation. Just cause fuck chelji.
her “receipts” make no sense

No. 477924

because it’s a blatantly fake accusation. i believe what layla is saying.

No. 477926

Lmao tp coming in with some real Receipts

No. 477927

File: 1516651190640.png (1.55 MB, 1125x2436, 9ED19ADC-142D-4688-960A-CA8D1C…)

Dropped image rip

No. 477929

File: 1516651247200.jpeg (671.77 KB, 1125x1598, 0CA1000C-CD38-428A-853B-098D34…)

Layla going IN on Twitter rn
Feels weird to be in her corner, not gonna lie.

No. 477932

damn, these girls are exceptionally ugly. they're just as ugly as they are horrible. you'd think all the cheljis, this bitch, etc, would want to keep their uncommonly ugly mugs out of the spotlight, but damn.

No. 477935

lol i can’t even tell what her scattered ass screenshots are supposed to prove. that’s what she does with every other “receipt” too, small pieces of conversation with no context at all or hidden parts.

No. 477937

video literally starts out with "guys, i'm fucked in the head. like, FUCKED. in the head. i'm on a handful of medications…" and she emphasizes the 'fucked' like by repeating it, slowing it down, etc, like 4 times. she's psychotic and wants attention.

No. 477945

File: 1516651938759.png (138.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7806.PNG)

She is such a child. Did she not graduate high school or something? She acts like it.

No. 477948

>why you gotta be the bigger person
Probably because not even Layla can be bothered to expose an exeptionally ugly cloutwhore with no followers

No. 477950

Why does she only call her TOOPOOR and not Layla? If they were on that level where Layla invited her out to party, you would think she would address her by her actual name and not her damn social media handle.

Except this entire mess is made up af and it's only purpose is to drag Layla's name through the mud. I wouldn't be surprised if Chelji's desperate ass was in on it.

No. 477951

someone should really download and mirror that video because I have a feeling she'll try to take it down. I would, but I'm not sure how to go about it

No. 477952

This bitch tries so hard to make herself relevant I wish she would realize no one gives a fuck about her. You’re a fucking nobody chelji stop trying to involve yourself in drama every time something happens. Can we ban her from this thread so she stops thinking she’s important? She’s not even entertaining, she’s just pathetic

No. 477953

If she were to take this to court (assuming it had any legal traction) she would be considered an unreliable source simply for being on medication for psychosis so. Next

No. 477954

File: 1516652397838.png (12.49 KB, 579x125, 2345.png)

People are exposing you because you're a terrible human being, Chelji. That's never boring

No. 477955

If you’re on a computer literally just google it and a bunch of sites for downloading yt vids come up

I’m also for chel being banned, she’s a nobody that shits up this thread

No. 477960

All SoundClout hoes will be discussed here.

No. 477962

I, for one, think this train wreck is highly entertaining. Don’t worry she’ll crash and burn Within The next month, calling it now.

No. 477963

Me too!!! I love talking shit about corgi

No. 477968

she's got one thing right, no one is paying attention to her; just the embarrassing and unfortunately series of events that is her pitiful existence.
don't feel too special about being "exposed" (kek) potato, you're a nobody and it takes more effort to fart than it does to pop on here and ridicule you.

No. 477969

File: 1516652784177.png (10.69 KB, 588x89, philomenamissgucciwitch.PNG)

I know people handle trauma in different ways, but if I was drugged with (what she implies to be) laced cocaine/meth and then brutally raped, I wouldn't be posting on twitter about wanting to get high the next day.

No. 477984

Didn’t she say she was in a mental hospital for 45 days after? How would she be able to tweet while she was in there? I feel like they would not let you have a cell phone in that situation

No. 477993

File: 1516653982984.jpeg (47.39 KB, 750x312, 332BCA55-2757-4644-888F-435B0F…)


No. 477995

File: 1516654024698.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3577.PNG)

In case anyone needed a laugh today

No. 477998

She's also told people to slit their wrists on twitter

No. 478000

they don't, and definitely not if she was held. they take EVERYTHING from you and the only phone you use is a community landline to call people.

No. 478004

"personality of an angel" i guess if you still consider satan an angel

No. 478008

File: 1516654392269.png (107.53 KB, 407x537, 2345.png)

Imagine getting this full of yourself for being the least important sidepiece in history

No. 478009

lmao, both cassidy and layla are no VS models but compared to this unfortunate looking shut-in they might as well be

please don't mention satan, potato will use it as a chance to increase her edge points by stressing how much of a "satanist" she is

No. 478013

isn't an ex typically someone you're in a relationship with? i've never seen someone refer to their bootycall as an ex

oh god i forgot. jfc, she's so stupid.

No. 478015

>i never said i was in a relationship with gus
>i'm peep's ex

don't have the time to look for the gif of oprah asking "what is the truth" but.. yeah

No. 478027

Omg I’ve missed out on this today but reading it makes me feel so much rage about that slack jawed Down syndrome potato.

No. 478047

File: 1516656374895.png (20.09 KB, 574x185, 2345.png)

Never piss potato off, guys. She might end up tweeting about you and then deleting it all a minute later.

No. 478055

Who are tadoe and sosa can we message them and get their takes? This shit is getting juicy

No. 478058

sosa is chief keef lmao why would a gangbanging rapper from chicago even talk to chelji

No. 478063

File: 1516657287200.jpeg (334.96 KB, 750x857, D3549FB1-636F-49E0-8A65-A11B03…)

looks like gross ass and layler have something else tonight worry about. https://twitter.com/missgucciwitch/status/955496170414985216

No. 478066

… is this a joke

No. 478067

That awkward moment when you don't bother to read the thread and you post shit that people have been discussing for hours…

No. 478075

File: 1516657649459.jpeg (357.46 KB, 750x976, 58C39C72-EDB2-400D-882A-98520C…)

In reply to that girls original tweet accusing Enzo/grosso/tp. Normally I immediately side with the accuser, maybe enzo did something fucked up but I think it’s a complete reach to blame tp and even grosso.. I don’t think tp would intentionally leave this chick knowing what enzo May or May not do.

No. 478080

Yeah that’s a fucking evil thing to do I think even in a fucked up state tp wouldn’t knowingly let that happen. This chick replied ‘possibly’ when tp asked if she wanted to suck his dick, even tho she could have changed her mind and then enzo May have raped her, you can’t possibly blame tp for this. If anything tp should have tried to be a better friend and make sure she got out of there and not left her so fucked up with a roided up wwe star, but that’s it - poor judgement only, not an accomplice to/planning a rape…

No. 478087

File: 1516658266625.jpeg (151.78 KB, 750x440, D1CC26A4-6C89-41AD-BA05-03C68C…)

She was only off Twitter for about three weeks starting three days after the “incident.” Her IRL friend said she was in rehab.

No. 478091

Yeah regardless of what enzo did or didn’t do (that we can’t possibly judge based on how crazy and unreliable this bitch maybe), tp can’t be blamed for this. Tp was probably super fucked up on coke/meth and should’ve been more protective of her friend and that judgement could have been further clouded by this bitch being vague about wanting to suck his dick or not.. but saying tp set her up for rape is a fucking gross accusation

No. 478095

It is totally possibly to have access to your phone while in rehab, depends on the particular facility as some places are more lax and people sneak a bunch of shit on. Regardless of her being in rehab at the time/ whatever she was posting on twitter doesn’t necessarily prove her allegations against enzo are definitely false

No. 478100

Yeah I don’t think this thread should be about trying to disprove this girls allegations against enzo, we can’t possibly do that with online sleuthing. We should only talk about it in regard to her defaming Layla as that is more relevant to the thread and super fucked up. This is the last shit that Layla needs right now I feel bad for her.

No. 478111

She didn’t say she was in rehab, she said she was in a mental hospital for 45 days. She wasn’t gone for 45 days. So she’s lying about that.

No. 478116

Samefag to say she may well have been assaulted or raped, but there’s definitive proof that she’s blatantly lying about a handful of things. The fact that she’s a Peep stan and is trying to place all of the blame on Layla rather than her ACTUAL ALLEGED RAPIST is super telling.

No. 478119

Same anon here, yes when I say rehab I meant rehabilitation in general, including mental hospitals. How do we know she wasn’t there for 45 days? Based on the fact she was tweeting then? Even if she was lying about the mental hospital doesn’t prove her allegations against enzo are false. I do believe she is defaming Layla though.

No. 478122

Same anon again and yes I believe we are on the same page

No. 478124

I use to talk to Chelji her and Sosa are tight I don’t know how

No. 478125

Yep why the fuck would she putting all the blast on Layla? If her allegations against enzo are true I get you would be angry and it would be easy to put blame on her but it’s still so fucked given all of the context

No. 478127

Why do i feel like Chelji is in on this? Anything she posts or talks about gets blown out of proportion so she has some power

No. 478129

Chelshit definitely in on this, will do anything to bring ‘clout’ to her name for her music and she obviously has it out for Layla

No. 478133

File: 1516659866754.png (411.69 KB, 726x836, suspension.PNG)

I mean, the fact that she says "I'm back bitches," and was tweeting pictures of her… not in a hospital is enough proof that she wasn't in a mental hospital for 45 days. You could go see that for yourself.

In other news, he's suspended as of 15 minutes ago.

No. 478137

I wonder what will happen to layla from all this

No. 478143

File: 1516660379972.jpeg (892 KB, 1242x1660, ABFD29FE-D8B9-4651-BD07-8DE58B…)

Maybe she shouldn’t start shit with people with very little info! Also, if this girl reported it to police, they would perform a rape kit on her to collect evidence wouldn’t they? Or someone from her psych hospital would have relayed the extent of her trauma
To police ? Either way, the blame should not be focused on toopoor or Tyler, it should be on the guy who she claims to have raped her.

No. 478150

Rape kits are generally only performed right after the incident when the victim hasn’t showered etc, do we know if she went to police straight after? Or only just now? You would hope if she did and also went to the mental hospital for 45 days straight after that they would have a mound of evidence to use.

No. 478151

File: 1516660642785.jpeg (305.01 KB, 750x1101, 10FE6D2C-2675-46D7-8F58-F8658B…)

No. 478162

Rehabilitation is a clinical term often used to describe the process of healing within a mental ward. I have known many people who have gone to psyc wards and have still had access to their phones. I’m not saying she’s not lying, just relaying some facts. Chill out.

No. 478163

File: 1516660987122.jpeg (75.56 KB, 750x750, 4214AFE1-0816-4FF6-AD36-5D4640…)

Peep’s grandma just commented this on Layla’s photo.

No. 478165

Hahaha fuck yes gma peep get it

No. 478170

She's ruthless. I love her. I wish she could grieve without all of this nonsense and having to watch out for her grandson's public image. It must be stressful.

No. 478171

File: 1516661271750.png (15.38 KB, 513x243, chipotleonthepsychward.PNG)

Are they also employed at the resident Chipotle?

No. 478174

Chelji only comes back at her when Jenny posts, ideally why is Chelji involved in this and why is Jenny blaming her for Layla getting hate

No. 478177

gtfo potato face, you've been lurking this thread for months now and still havent learned to sage?

No. 478198

File: 1516662460740.png (330.8 KB, 589x705, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 5.53…)

No. 478206


Ohhh my god this bitch is making it her personal campaign, I didn’t care for her when she was puking up rubbish music and shoving the fact that she was on a once famous dick in everyone’s face, but this is going too far. Hope her hamster brain soon realises that she’s been out of secondary school for a while now.

No. 478209

File: 1516663204568.png (286.58 KB, 720x1199, Capture _2018-01-22-20-17-50.p…)

This is seen in the pages of chile !!!!

No. 478211

well that was fucking quick. i am completely supportive of rape survivors coming forward and the vast majority of accusations is sincere but this is so sus, imagine this girl is really lying, all it takes for a career to end is a tweet these days

and jenny is right, chelji is a fucking idiot and a dangerous one, she would spread any piece of information with zero evidence as long as it fits her agenda of dragging layla for no reason other than the jealousy she clearly feels towards her. that, and her shameless desire to have other gbc cocks rammed inside her when none of them even follow or reply to her on social media.

No. 478215


omg she already deleted the tweet!

No. 478216

File: 1516663682473.png (199.87 KB, 586x595, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.20…)

No. 478218

File: 1516663709599.png (247.36 KB, 592x621, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 6.20…)

No. 478228

Hi Potato. Nobody else cares to have access to your "private" instagram. You are gross as fuck. GTFO you will never be relevant.

No. 478246

File: 1516665049465.jpeg (135.21 KB, 719x1280, B27CF8B0-183D-4CEC-A6F0-4BC73E…)

Irrelevant but who’s 1 Million Youtube Plaque is that in the back? This is from an old groupchat that died

No. 478264

File: 1516666274623.jpeg (524.14 KB, 750x991, E48C8006-78F0-4E1B-AB08-6ADBAA…)

No. 478269

AND on the day he died, before everyone knew he was dead, she said in that group chat "lmfao peep loud af when he's sleeping" or something like that. like, obvious that she'd been in bed with him. very subtle!! "privacy"

No. 478279

I hate chelji, but lets not make up random shit, the text your referring said "peep usually wakes easy"… A little bit off.

No. 478281

for anyone that doesn't know about Enzo (I doubt most of you do) the short story is he is a complete dirtbag jackass that is pretty universally hated in the locker room, and is known for bringing in random "celebrity" guests backstage when he really shouldn't be and has gotten heat for it. I wouldn't put it past him to be wildly inappropriate with a woman against her will, and disbelieving a possible SA victim right off the bat is the last thing I wanna do, but Enzo (for whatever reason) is on a huge push (meaning he's headlining shows, he's winning etc) so I don't think he would jeopardize that. But then again he's a total idiot. They gave him a push bc he's a charismatic little bugger outside of all his bullshit ( crap wrestling ability, but fans love him on the mic)

WWE has suspended him, but they pretty much do that ANYTIME someone is in any kind of hot water regardless of evidence, so cover their ass.

but as another anon said, mentioning Layla and Tyler is really weird? Imagine my surprise following this thread so closely and then seeing TOOPOOR and Grosso's names come up in a post on a wrestling page I follow. I had to read it 3 times to be sure.

No. 478283

File: 1516667787929.png (315.12 KB, 1000x538, saa.png)

Here's missgucciwitch's ex-boyfriend confirming that the rape allegations are flase. Just a month ago she was shoving her tongue down this dude's throat, hahah.

No. 478285

lmao you're ascribing really strong morals to TP for no reason. this absolutely sounds like something that she would do (esp with pepper anns influence)

No. 478287

wtf "fight or flight" go back to r9k. there are holes in her story but this is a stupid fucking argument. you think she should have fought a WWE wrestler?

No. 478288

wrestling anon again, but the "zero tolerance policy" on sexual harassment is basically on paper only. depending on how high up you are on the locker room hierarchy, you can get away with anything. It's a typical boy's club.

No. 478291

it's not "making shit up". i misremembered but whatever, it's similar enough. the implication is there that she was with him in bed, or sleeping with him/near him, whatever. the point is that she still tried to gain attention for knowing him/being around him

No. 478293

File: 1516668509014.jpeg (447.51 KB, 750x840, 1432C396-BF81-4662-A489-A3ED23…)

the only blog she follows on tumblr is INTJ personality stuff… the most super special of all personalities especially rare in females

No. 478297

File: 1516668824523.jpeg (316.29 KB, 1242x1051, 497FB11F-A566-4BF1-8B5B-D1DAFD…)

sorry for being harsh but i wish she would just follow peep since she loves him so much. you’re delusional, chelji. you WERE just a groupie, he wouldn’t claim your ugly ass for a second and you look like a moron insulting his grandma that he loved. this shit about talking about you “ten minutes before dying”, “running to you” is pathetic, you’re basically writing fanfiction at this point. just kill yourself jesus christ

No. 478301

lol the most rare AND the most claimed by people that belong to another myers briggs type but want to feel less basic. by the way no one cares and i feel like this thread is more infested by chelji and her middle school shills by the hour.

No. 478306

Very interesting. this guy seems to have been very close with her and that adds a lot of credibility to the allegations being untrue.

No. 478307

on one hand, the more we talk about chelji, the more she and her stans stalk and participate in the thread

on the other hand, she is straight cringe and fun to laugh at, so imo she's still kinda worth posting about? maybe her own snow thread so anons here that don't want to discuss her don't have to

No. 478311

literally how can any people that seek fame be introverted. ppl who want to be famous claiming to be introverted are just MAYBE comparatively less extroverted than other extroverts

No. 478312

File: 1516669437874.jpg (132.73 KB, 1422x948, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.50…)

why the fuck are you following potato's private instagram, anon?

No. 478314

kek "spoke about me for 10 minutes before he closed his eyes" shes truly a legend in her own mind. i doubt they even spoke that day. why would ppl that speak to famous ppl regularly be in a thirsty fan text group?

No. 478316

claiming to be an introvert is cool now. I can't figure why. Congratz on being a boring shut-in I guess? but yeah she lyin

No. 478319

EXACTLY. if she really was "in" with peep and his boys, she wouldn't be fucking with fans n' stans. It's a bad look.

No. 478321

i’m not. peep’s grandma commented layla’s photo telling her that she has her support and that she feels sorry that “a psycho superfan” chelji is jealous of her to the point of slander, and the screenshot i posted is chelji’s reply to that comment

No. 478322

File: 1516669847778.jpg (42.79 KB, 615x524, Vicky-Pollard.jpg)

I'm sorry, but I still can't get over how Peep had such horrifically low standards for his groupie doormats.

No. 478327

yeah but have we seen many truly attractive 9/10 soundcloud fans? Besides MAYBE Bella Thorne (I can't get past her lip injections)

she's probably pretty hot relative to the rest of the fan base (who are mostly 13 anyways)

No. 478332


My theory is Mariah mentioned to peep how she was in a group chat with someone who claimed to know him (chelji). He prolly just verified that he knew who she was and that they hung out a hand full of times. That was probably, literally, the extent of it. Had he not nodded out they would have changed the subject. The fact that she is acting like he spoke her name with his last breath is in really poor taste.

Also, can we refrain from encouraging her to self-harm? Laughing at her being messy is one thing but telling her to kill herself is on another level.

No. 478337

true, a lot of the tumblr soundcloud girls are fat kids or fat 20 yos with underbites, but he landed tp, arzaylea (who isnt that cute anyways but i digress), and i can guaratee he couldve had hotelshrimp, or any of tp's other decent friends, who is at least 6 points above fuckji. i think if he flaunted his clout he couldve easily gotten hotter girls at clubs etc

No. 478339

ahahahah don't make me fucking laugh dumpy. you were not basically his last dying thought. no one, especially not his crew, is backing your claim that you were more than a groupie & ramen-making bangmaid from across the pond.
riddle me this chelji, if y'all were so close, why do you only have like, two photos with him? one pathetic snap outside a venue where you were stalking him / met him for the first time, and then another creepy candid of him sleeping when he couldn't slap the camera out of your hand. even that piece he was fucking when him and layla first called it quits had more than one photo of them in bed.
christ girl, the only thing you're known for you're not even good at.

No. 478340

I agree with you.

I’d be down to have a separate thread so we don’t clog up this thread for the anons who don’t care about her.

No. 478341

ah ur right, he def could have hooked up w/ some hottie ~~~~aesthetic~~~~ chick who liked his look

Maybe he stuck to girls who were hardcore fans so he'd have power over them.

No. 478343

lmao the sleeping photo is the best part. that's like, page one from the groupie playbook.

I'm still laughing about her being all "bout to record my ep on my phone bc these men get on my nerves"

either a) none of peeps boys (or anyone with clout) want to fuck with her or b) she doesn't want to record in front of anyone out of embarrassment bc she knows she sucks

No. 478347

If we're voting I say nay. Chelji is basically Ember Whann/Emily Crockpot. In this thread talking about herself in the third person desperate for attention so she can feel relevant. Eventually she'll start doing retarded/fucked up shit for the sole purpose of being talked about on here because no one else gives a shit about her.

No. 478353

but if we had a dedicated thread to contain that, she'd be out of this one and mods/admins can more easily determine whether or not to ban her as a topic

No. 478356

samefagging but we can refer to her as "ch*lji" lmaooo

No. 478361

File: 1516671592009.jpeg (101.67 KB, 750x663, 68FC0528-E8BC-44FB-BE1F-5D1B64…)

No. 478362

File: 1516671611063.jpeg (47.18 KB, 750x306, 3B732A2E-2830-446A-9DC5-10A093…)

No. 478363

You have to have really strong morals to not set up a rape? Lmao go home corgi. Pretty sure everyone here has said that this is too low of a move for Layla.

No. 478365

File: 1516671797433.jpeg (64.55 KB, 750x317, BFCD078A-4A70-47F6-A109-492CE5…)

She’s saying this like she’s proud of being a side hoe LMFAO this is utterly repulsive

No. 478367


lol, i saw this and lost it at "ride Gus's dead body to fame". gma peep is ruthless but tells no lies!

No. 478369

still a fan of deadman's sidepiece. esp with grandma's little visual of the spud riding that stiffy into the grave.

No. 478370


literally NOTHING layla has done in her entire past suggests she sets up women to be raped, fuck off chelji

No. 478372

he (allegedly) laid in a bed with you for 6 months and all you got was that sleeping photo. pathetic.

No. 478373

the “he said my name ten minutes before he died” thing is even dumber to me now that i remembered that he was on that couch passed out for HOURS as the 2 videos we have of that day attest. so what she said is literally impossible lmao

No. 478375

File: 1516672113937.jpeg (268.7 KB, 750x628, 282937E6-707D-4B35-88A7-6EF510…)

I honestly think the whole ‘fighting with his family after his death’, ‘using his death to push her soundclout music’, and ‘attacking his exes for attention’ is fun enough to try for a thread. Plus she has some weird stans that are funny, pic related

No. 478380


lmao, i am howling at this mental imagery!!

No. 478383

tbh i don’t think a chelji thread is a good idea. the enzo drama right now is a perfect example, both layla and chelji are involved in it so it wouldn’t work to discuss that on two different threads. and she has had enough of an ego boost from the mentions in this thread as it is, no need to give her more clout by creating a new one

No. 478385


her stans are probably HER, and she doesn't deserve her own thread because you know she'll still be all over this one

No. 478386


Okay but can we take a second to appreciate the sheer absurdity of a 18 year old telling a GRANDMOTHER to “get a life” lol

No. 478388

lol he didn’t even spend 6 months in london. not only is this bitch illiterate, she can’t count either.

No. 478393

also who is chelji to tell someone to get a life when the only “friends” she has are the underage peep stans online hoping to get extra details about him out of her? all the people she follows on ig are gbc members and peep associates that don’t even recognize her, she lives in her scammer white trash mom’s house and doesn’t have job prospects other than an ep that’s not gonna make her any money. nice life you have there, chelji. everyone longs to be a shut in with no future interacting with 13 year olds on twitter all day.

No. 478403

A rape happened and we are all more interested in talking about Chelji i think a separate thread is a good idea

No. 478409

we can talk about both, chelji is only relevant in this thread because she is defaming layla, peep, and his grandmother. she is a NOBODY without what she says or does being related to those people.

No. 478410

giving chelji her own thread is an awful idea. she would LOVE it and never shut up about it

No. 478415

“a rape happened”? we still aren’t sure about that

No. 478416

File: 1516673518107.jpeg (419.69 KB, 750x898, 64C5B6F1-AC8C-44B2-A275-E105A9…)

I’ll delete if this has been posted already

No. 478418

If chel talk needs to stop,(I think it does but that’s just me) it should be through a gag-rule in next op/ban on her as a topic. She’s a nobody and if people would just stop talking about it, she go back to being anonymous white trash. A chel thread would be disasterous, imho.

No. 478419

god she has less hair than dakota

No. 478425

TOOPOOR, do not contact the detective on the case if you want to help Enzo. Talk to his lawyer FIRST. The police only want to prove the rape happened.
If she’s does this, she will likely just place Enzo at the times and the place of the alleged assault. Which isn’t helpful.

No. 478435

I don't think she's interested in the defense of Enzo. That'll come out one way or another and there's still the possibility she was actually raped. She's more concerned with the accusations that she's an accomplice as well as the slander and defamation; i.e. claims that Layla was doing meth and cocaine, helped organize a rape, etc.

Which LBR, this psycho chick won't ever be able to prove that Layla and Tyler organized her rape and then "left her for dead." I think Layla just wants to force her to shut her lying mouth and I can see why. Her name is now on every one of those news reports that was released when Enzo was suspended.

This girl went after Layla and got what she wanted: a solid blow at her reputation.

No. 478437

Also I’ve taken anonymous vague accusations as confirmations of wrong doing before, I probably will again, men do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. But this isn’t an accusation aimed at the man, this is, like all false rape accusations, an accusation motivated by an outside agenda(which to clarify I don’t think is a bad thing necessarily) This girl seems more interested in layla and grosso than the rapist, or herself. We can’t know it’s false but she sure rings those bells.

No. 478441

File: 1516674582086.png (79.99 KB, 644x319, Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.28…)

No. 478442

why would her roommate have a phone and her not? like wut

No. 478462

damn this chick should have gone back and deleted her old tweets and/or videos before she put herself in the spotlight to be fact checked and called out on her inconsistent statements

No. 478464

This needs more attention, lol. If gucciwitch's ex is saying it's fake, that's pretty credible

No. 478470

Learn to read earlier threads before posting.

Why so quick to help Layla protect Enzo if there is even a possibility that the rape happened? Layla isn't denying that the girl was over there and Tyler definitely texted her the following morning. It doesn't seem all that unlikely that something could have gone down, especially if Layla was soliciting fans to give Enzo a blowjob in the first place. Whether or not it was consensual or what/if any drugs were involved is what seems to be up for debate. Even if her social media shows inconsistencies in her narrative it's not like she's pulling the whole story out of her ass.

No. 478474

I’m just waiting to hear from Tyler since he’s also a part of this. I wonder when he’s going to speak up about the situation? He’s deleting comments people are making, but hasn’t addressed it.

No. 478476

Has anyone mentioned the fact that she suddenly started using the same Snapchat filter that Layla has been using for months? Thought that was kinda funny.

No. 478489

Layla's been deleting a ton of comments too. They both have something to hide.

No. 478492

why? what the fuck
how the hell does a salty ex offering literally no evidence prove anything?

No. 478500

Because this board is overrun with Layla stans and people who have forgotten all the horrible things she's done to her fans in the past. Just because she hasn't faked a suicide attempt in the last month and didn't exploit peep's death for clout doesn't mean she's sucks any less.

No. 478501

What has she done that’s so awful except for be an attention whore? I don’t understand why people thinks she’s such a horrible person.

No. 478502

i checked the ig for the "evidence" and this dude is definitely not even her ex and is almost certainly gay so why the fuck are these samefags lyiiiin

the amount of "i normally support accusers but…typical r9k argument" posts are unreal. there's a lot of stans and a lot of samefagging itt

No. 478506

I honestly kind of feel bad for Layla. She's in London probably truly mourning Peep for the first time since he passed since she's been stuck with Grosso's abuse for the last few months and now this comes out so she'll probably have to head back to the US straight away and deal with it.

I'm not dismissing this girl, but if it happened she's going about it the wrong way by blaming Layla for not doing anything. At her size, how could Layla have stopped a WWE dude? Not to mention if she was drunk/on drugs she might've not realized what was going on or been easier to get out of the room, and if she tried to call the police once they left Grosso could've stopped her because he was probably 100% cool with the rape as long as he got to keep his connections.

No. 478519

He’s not her ex, he was just a close friend. Your hunt for “evidence” should have showed you that. One anon made an easy mistake of thinking they were dating after seeing a picture of them making out. It’s really not that complicated.

No. 478523

two different people (probably samefags though) are positing the idea that this guy's testimony is worthwhile because he's her ex. if they can't even get that right then why are they acting like detectives? why is this guy's word worth anything?

No. 478524

File: 1516682244978.jpeg (320.19 KB, 750x717, EB89F630-43A2-4BAC-8CD5-050D3B…)

Samefag to say she herself implied they were dating.

No. 478528

His word is worth as much as hers is. We suspect she’s lying for several different reasons and now someone close to her is corroborating that. Again, it’s really not complicated.

No. 478540

what has she done that's so horrible? i'm no stan, but this is honestly bullshit. layla is gross but for this girl to be targeting layla more than anyone, when she wasnt the one that raped her, is fucking weird and it's obvious she's salty that she was peep's gf.

No. 478543

OT but this is her video that she claims was a “prank.” She actually talks about being raped in the most blasé way possible and then goes on to brag about how she lied about being pregnant for three weeks to get her ex-boyfriend back. Such prank, though.

She’s not stable.

No. 478545

as another anon said, she's seriously unstable. that doesn't mean that it couldn't have happened, but the way this whole thing came about is highly suspect in the first place. the vendetta is obvious. just bc she went to the police doesn't make it true.

No. 478567

Vendetta? Put yourself in her shoes. This is a teenager who idolized Layla and drove over an hour to get the chance to hang out with her. If Layla lured her into a situation that ended in sexual assault then yeah she has a reason to be upset with Layla. Just because she was a peep fan doesn't mean she had it out for Layla jfc

No. 478569

Should this Philomena/Enzo talk be moved to Tempcow until something more concrete develops? This thread has been moving so fast with all of the speculation and shit.

No. 478570

What makes you think she idolized Layla?

No. 478573

She said so in this interview earlier today:


No. 478581

While incapacitated, Philomena specified that she could hear a conversation between TooPoor and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion with some disturbing dialogue.

"Enzo Amore goes 'Layla thank you for bringing this girl around. This is the type of girl I've been waiting for… that I can just destroy. She's such a lightweight, she doesn't even know what's going on. I'm going to rape the shit out of her.' At first Layla and her boyfriend are like 'Dude, come on are you for real? That's kind of fucked.' And (Enzo) was like 'No, I'm doing it. I don't care what you say.'"

sounds very fake but w/e

No. 478583


Are you serious? Get out

No. 478584

I’m lmaoing not at the event but literally just the words in the sentence. if he said it, it’s fucked up and he’s insane if she made it up it’s fucked up as well but WHAT??? who SAYS that either way

No. 478588

File: 1516686320005.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1896, EE5C3F52-36C6-4019-97DD-B61E4D…)

Xanarchy is beginning to annoy me with this bullshit.

No. 478590


No. 478593

whatta we got here? a coupla haters?? the more and more I hear about Enzo behind the scenes (getting kicked off buses etc and going from main roster to 205live, randomly caught him on tmz) part of me believes it but maybe that’s just my enjoyment of wrestling’s flair with dramatics. who’s right and who’s wrong? I don’t know but this whole thing is a wild ride and I’m here for it. I never thought I could combine lolcow, lil peep, too poor, some random trash forks and wwe but here we are.

No. 478596

except it's insane to expect he said it seriously to two other people and they just ignored it. one person acting crazy is one thing, but it sounds pretty contrived, number one, and number two, despite what another anon said, there's nothing in the articles to indicate that the hospital decided on their own accord to call the police bc of severe bruising or some such. in a few articles it had said SHE reported it, and it's more than likely that she urged the hospital to report. it said she DID personally file a report with the police.

it could've happened, and layla is a shithead, but you guys seriously think she ignored "Im gonna rape the shit out of her!! thanks for bringing her you guise!!!" like, really?

No. 478599

the whole arrangement was based off of Layla soliciting gucciwitch off twitter to suck this dude's dick. layla probably thought the situation was ambiguous because of that or like "hey she agreed to it initially so i'm sure it's cool". imo it seems like enzo really did it but idt layla meant anything malicious, she's just an irresponsible idiot who was high out of her mind.
the fightful article fills in a lot of details that people are questioning.

No. 478604

Well Layla deleted all of her tweets calling out Philomena which means something, although I’m not sure what. Maybe a lawyer told her to clam up before she incriminates herself further.

If what she said in this article is true and they did collect samples in the hospital, it should be open and shut for Enzo, right? She’s never legally going to get Layla and Tyler for this though. The overheard conversation of “ME LOVE RAPE” is hearsay. She drove to the party on her own free will as an adult. As shitty as it may be, Layla’s not responsible for her.

I’m starting to feel bad for her. If it’s true and she was raped, her entire life is getting torn apart right now by clout fans and WWE fans alike. There are so few people who actually believe her. No she’s not stable at all and she’s shown herself to be a liar, but unstable people and liars can be raped too.

No. 478605

File: 1516688527682.jpg (92.67 KB, 577x1024, DUNBTZ8WAAAXq27.jpg)

"if she touches me i'm falling to the ground, screaming "call an ambulance" & suing"

so already this girl seems like a lying vendettachan but whatever

No. 478608

same, this thread could not be better imo haaaa

vintage soap opera organ sound effects

Maybe Ch*lji and granny peep should settle it in the ring.

No. 478610

a habit of compulsive lying and threatening to falsely accuse people of harming her/framing is pretty relevant.


most people don't, because it's a nightmare and something that literally only histrionic attention seekers with problems do. it doesn't happen often, but it does happen. it's one thing to have a normal rape allegation, but all of this is so out of this world crazy.

No. 478612

NTAYRT, obviously, but you do realized you’ve been replying to several different anons, right? That anon didn’t claim she wasn’t raped, just that she’s a liar, because she’s a liar.

What lab reports are you even talking about? You do know that’s not how the court system works either, right?

No. 478618

That screenshot wasn’t posted in this thread, my apologies for not carefully combing through the wrestling tabloid you’re treating as unquestionable fact. Maybe you should take your own advice and wait for said lab results to be delivered to you instead of continuing to embarrass yourself here.

No. 478621

shutup you retard

No. 478625

you need to lurk more and speak less

No. 478629

I just got done catching up on this thread, and I'm surprised no one has speculated what I'm thinking. Are we thinking there's no possibility Philomena is telling the truth? Because if there's truth to it, could it be possible that this is the blackmail Pepper has been holding over TP? Of course he would spin it in a way that he's not involved, if he ever decided to use it. But this could also explain his silence on the issue, in a way. Sage for random speculation

No. 478633

I thought of that, but given that she's already dipped without a second thought to what he could use against her, ehhh. It's not like they're still together or he's keeping her there. This would be a bombshell big enough to keep her there, and we know he'd totally use it against her to make her stay, if he could.

No. 478635

A little strange this is happening AFTER she left huh?

No. 478675

Could this…whole situation be the blackmail that Tyler had been keeping on her????? That would be incredibly twisted

No. 478676

Samefag, sorry I should have finished reading the thread before I posted but I'm glad the bells are going off for others too, it's too weird

No. 478704

File: 1516707965420.jpg (100.23 KB, 500x285, VAeA885.jpg)

oh look, chel's trying to sage

No. 478708

that doesn’t have enough grammatical errors to be a cheljipost

No. 478709

File: 1516708374909.png (547.29 KB, 720x1199, Capture _2018-01-23-08-49-29.p…)

Because I published things while in the psychiatric hospital …? I think all this is more than conspiracy and is blaming as always to Layla for nothing. I believe that whoever is free from sins should throw the first stone, nobody in this thread. I the world is free of fornication, drugs, sex, alcohol, nudity and everything that has ever been judged to layla. It's not about defending it but I find people so absurd that they blame it for nothing. Realize that this is false !!!!!

No. 478804

If you think tabloids don't lie in every issue, you are not mature enough to be on the internet

No. 478826

My problem isn't her speaking out about the rape that WE DOMT KNOW IS FICTIONAL. My problem is that she's focused more on Tyler and Layla than her rapist. She's very worried about ruining their fame, while she hasn't posted anything bad about the wwe player? He raped her, shouldn't she hate him just as much? This all seems so fucking sketchy. I know everyone has different reactions but this girl, instead of coping, decided to just do drugs and tweet for a good three months after? And Stan/follow Layla? Like tweets about her merch? And then speaks out kind of through Chelji? Yeah. I don't fucking buy that shit.

No. 478850

File: 1516723720038.jpeg (381.05 KB, 1125x1755, E3692233-2A66-4154-8D2D-EB579D…)

GBC fuckboys are on the bandwagon now. This screen grab is from nedarb twitter account.
I don’t get why they hate Layla so much? Samefag but I know she had a fucked up relationship with their friend but let’s be real he was equally guilty for their toxic dynamic.
All I can really think is these dudes are misogynistic af but we’ve discussed all of this at length.
This whole scene is a raging dumpster fire.

No. 478853

Members of GBC are not misogynistic at all. After all, none of us really know exactly what went down during their relationship. We can speculate, but it still doesn’t mean it’s true. They probably don’t like her because of what she did to Peep. Another reason he probably retweeted it is because they don’t like Tyler either. You can’t blame his friends for being against the two people that caused him pain.

No. 478854

Y'all need to relax about any amount of focus she's putting on Layla and Tyler. Layla lured her over there and they allegedly both LEFT her there knowing what was about to happen so??? Yeah both of them were very much involved.

No. 478855

Don't white knight peep or gbc, and reread the threads. You don't know any of these guys anyways, how would you know their personalities? Y'all act like the people that are portrayed on social media are 100% real. They aren't

No. 478856

ooooooookay lmao The stans are getting out of control
READ. THE. THREAD. They’re even linked at the top of this page. And while you’re at it get your whiteknight bullshit out of here.

No. 478858

It's still sketchy that she hasn't said shit about her rapist since the first post. Only out for Layla and Tyler. That's weird. And Chelji, fucking leave.

No. 478862

lmao chelji this was such a feeble attempt but ur still irrelevant and mad cause this thread is STILL more focused on Layla and pepper than her cute sage tho

No. 478869

Did you forget that she filed a police report against him? Not everyone who criticizes Layla is Chelji in disguise relax

No. 478872

And yet still hasn't said anything bad about him, has only slandered Layla. This little girl is going to get slaughtered in court, just so you all know. This case has the least legal traction, and in addition, teenagers who do drugs and get their stories all twisted up are almost always looked at as unreliable sources. She should've done something in October. Same goes to every one of here pop up celebrity sexual assault victims. Make it easier for yourself and get the police involved immediately.

No. 478874

anyone can file a police report about anything, honestly if they had information at that time to believe he raped her or sexually assaulted her, why didn't the arrest or investigation happen then?

No. 478875

Exactly. An investigation wouldn't be on hold bc a patient is in "rehab", and there would be results by now.

No. 478886

It did. The police report got filed on October 24th, so not even a week after it happened. Rape kits take notoriously long to get run, sometimes even a year.

No. 478891

If it was a week later she didn't get a rape kit. Which means less evidence. Again, anyone can file a police report.

No. 478915

So let's say she showered within that week. (Obviously she probably did.) this automatically unqualifies her to get a rape kit. With no rape kit, there is literally no evidence to charge him, hence why he hasn't been charged. Now that she has ACTUALLY come forward, (no she did not file a report- he would have been suspended. Common sense.) It is NOW being investigated. Now what they have to do is figure out a motive, place him at the scene, find witnesses and/or evidence that says he DID do it. And if they covered their tracks or she DIDNT get raped, there won't be any evidence to bring this to trial.
If Ohilomena HAD filed a report or said something earlier, or did the right thing and got a rape kit (which she didn't because she probably was never raped) we wouldn't be uncertain about this situation at all. People are innocent until proven guilty, and I don't see him being proven guilty by such an unreliable source.

No. 478928

So sick of the "call out" culture perpetuated by social media.

Why didn't Philo just go directly to the police with these allegations? If there was a rape kit and police report in the works, what's the point of dragging this all out publicly? For attention and fame. She's looking for mob justice and not actual justice.

Her history of lying combined with the fact that her ex (?) stated that she made up the rape allegations, makes her look less and less credible.

No. 478929

Yeah no way this will hold up in court but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Any possibility that what she thought was meth was actually ketamine?

No. 478935

My best guess is that Philo realizes that she may not be able to take him down via the police with her lack of rape kit, and story full of holes… but she was wise enough to know that the court of public opinion usually sides with the accuser

No. 478937

I definitely agree. It's sad that it's come to this but I believe there there should be a protocol for rape victims to follow so that they get taken seriously. I mean, I'm not trying to overshare but after I was raped, I had a rape kit done and filed a police report not even 3 hours later. I wanted him to go down, I needed it. She doesn't want him to go down. She hasn't even made sure her story is consistent. She doesn't even seem to be as angry with him as she is with Layla and Tyler. I've been in the mind of a rape victim. This strikes me as completely fake.

No. 478942

Layla didn’t do anything to peep tho.

From social media I got the impression all of peeps friends liked her, aside from bex. And I can’t remember who, they weren’t gbc, but even while they were broken up and peep was alive some one in peep circle said something along the lines of “she’s cool” when a random was trying to talk shit on her at a party in like april(?) Might have just been bc it was a public event but I don’t think these boys are smart enough to manage their image like that or let it being a public place stop them from talking shit on a women if they wanted too. They might just really believe layla did this or know because it’s on their cricle they can’t ignore it and doubting rape accusations is not the like look.

The influx of robot logic in this thread is exhausting even if this girl doing her very very best to give off the impression that she is a lair.

No. 478949

File: 1516728915589.jpg (58.58 KB, 960x720, philomena-sheahan2.jpg)

ugh, but there is a protocol. It's called "go to the police and get a rape kit".

I agree that this potatohead focusing on Tyler & Layla is incredibly telling. She wants to drag their name through the court of social media rather than going through the judicial system that is allegedly investigating the incident.

The only reason for posting this publically would be to draw attention to yourself, and to slander others. This girl obviously has some serious mental issues and fame seeking behavior.

Btw, sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. Hope ur doing okay.

No. 478953

Legal protocol. Not the suggested protocol. Like if you don't get it done you can't make an accusation. Like you have to have proof to ruin someone's status with a rape allegation that wasn't backed up by any evidence. You feel me?

No. 478954

Thank you, it means a lot

No. 478956

You're literally going to say nedarb isn't misogynistic? Recheck your facts because this is a dude constantly tweeting "I need top" and similar things. None of these dudes have an inkling of respect for women

No. 478958

No one would ever be counted as raped if they had to go to the cops. As it stands most raped women at the center I volunteer at refuse to see a police officer, even when they were these violent rapes. Going off other people that work in similar fields it’s a trend. This girl is a liar but she’s not doing anything wrong on paper it’s just her accusation and action make her seem like she’s lying because all she wants to talk about is Layla.

No. 478959

i don't know whether nedarb dislikes layla or not but he has been open on twitter about disliking tyler grosso. he also talked shit about xxxtentacion iirc, he just doesn't like alleged rapists and woman beaters and is vocal about it. i bet that tyler being fat nick's friend has something to do with why nedarb doesn't like him, if it's not the main reason in the first place.

No. 478961

unrelated but what happened to her fucking lips they look prolapsed

No. 478962

yeah weirdly enough he sometimes tweets things that could be considered.. maybe not full on misogynistic but immature and disrepectful, yes. however as i said in >>478959 he's always talked shit about alleged offenders in the sc rap scene. so i don't know.

No. 478971


Yes, they really do have to go to the cops if they want any (non-social) consequences for their rapist. It's a criminal act which requires a criminal investigation to determine a punishment. That's how the judicial system works.

I can sympathize that someone doesn't want to deal with cops after going through a trauma. And if they don't want to, I support their choice. But if they want a legal punishment to be handed out, it requires a criminal investigation to prove beyond all doubt that the rape occurred.

That's just how it is.

No. 478973

Why would Tyler text her the next morning to ask if she was okay if she hadn't been fucked up and spent the night in Enzo's hotel room? The actual evidence fits with her story even if the details are muddy. Enzo is by all accounts a complete shithead which is why so many wrestling fans aren't surprised by the allegations.

No. 478976

who leaves a girl to be raped but then cares to check on them in the morning? lol what kind of logic

No. 478996

Probably because they did a ton of drugs and she’s practically a child so he wanted to make sure she’s feeling ok? I love how a message of someone checking in on her is supposed to be damning.
Or, she stayed with Enzo and he wanted to check in the next day, because he didn’t leave expecting her to be raped. Could have been anything from do you need a ride, need a place to crash, etc. This could be real naive but I feel like peppers DM is equivalent to when you tell your friends to text you when they get home safely.

Pepper is an idiot but no ones dumb enough to lure someone into a rape then ask them how they feel the next day.

No. 478998

File: 1516731116335.jpeg (99.02 KB, 634x1242, 6E422F05-2D30-4094-AD10-0FE5C6…)

British Youtuber TBJZL (He’s based in London) - Photo from one of his videos

No. 479006

Which story, it's already changed

No. 479021

sage for no milk but uh the rape thing isnt milk imo for 3 reasons. no proof, tp & pepper have minimal responsibility even if it is true, and chelji's involvement makes everyone suss. this board isnt for wwe or the victim though its not milk, just someone couldnt hang

No. 479027

Until we have more milk we will continue to discuss what we feel like we want to discuss that pertains to Layla or soundclout. I don't understand all the people patrolling this thread telling us what to talk about.

No. 479028

I'm actually surprised this is even being entertained. This coke whore looking bitch cried wolf and is getting exactly what she wants, attention. All it takes is a quick scroll through her social media and all her claims to see that she's mentally unstable and generally out of her mind. I wouldn't believe a word she says. And no, I don't give a fuck about Tyler and Layla, and never knew about the fighter until yesterday. But goddamn. Ugly bitch probably can't get anybody to dick her down which is why she needs to make it up. That's all I'm going to say on the matter because I don't give liars exactly what they want.

No. 479034

A lot of people use this site over others because it has a semblance of rules, if there is no milk the thread should just die out until milk flows again. Before the influx of noobs that came with peeps death the tp thread averaged 2 posts a day and there was week long stretch were people didn’t post anything because their was no milk and really that’s the way it should be.

No. 479045

but then why would he be friends with yunggoth and accept that all his friends are friends w fat nick and pouya?

No. 479049

I’m not saying he’s not a misogynist but he’s not friends with yunggoth? He’s denounced him before on twitter and they were never that close even before people started listening to the girls outing him.

No. 479050

No. 479058

File: 1516734521662.jpeg (972.35 KB, 1125x1723, A4B287D5-9A4C-46B3-9AE6-358758…)

Possible new London bf?

No. 479066

Thirst, that photo of them looks like a fan photo

No. 479069


That guy has pictures with Bexey. Wonder what he will say about it if it’s true. Also he’s gross and totally not her type.

No. 479078

File: 1516735540045.jpeg (247.51 KB, 750x544, 271605C8-B1E3-4698-AE59-CF6BDA…)

I think Chelji has something going on with Mackned? Same lovegang name and he retweeted her before he wished himself Happy Birthday and she’s moving to LA.

No. 479082

“Moving to LA” I can’t wait to see if it’s utter bullshit or if she actually does it.
You know if it doesn’t go through she’s gonna have a million excuses as to why it didn’t work out and of course it’ll be everyone’s fault but hers.

Time will tell I guess but damn I’m impatient as hell.

No. 479085

she has tweeted about having a crush on mackned before (and deleted, of course). she would fuck anyone in the scene with any clout and mackned is the only one who has acknowledged her existence.

No. 479088

File: 1516736152476.jpeg (380.88 KB, 1242x990, 95E353DB-7FBD-4DAD-9B9F-4BC43C…)

No. 479091

Someone lawyered up

No. 479093

Also… did someone British write this? "Behaviour"?

No. 479094

Her approach changed in the matter of 24 Hours

No. 479095

“Layla didn’t do anything to peep”
One of the most bullshit things I’ve ever read

No. 479098

If she lawyered up then it’s probably a English lawyer telling her what to say

No. 479107

How? whatd she do to peep? A big fat nothing

No. 479109

She’s in London so it adds up. Why would she get a Lawyer if she wasn’t guilty?

No. 479112

She may have changed her dictionary auto correct to the UK version?

No. 479114

This is ridiculous and suggests that every person who experiences rape or sexual assault will have the means and access to go get a rape kit or file a report. What about minors who are afraid? Or those living in rural areas without access to health care? Or those who do not want to because they do not want the bodily trauma of the rape kit, which is their choice? Not to mention, the statistics around falsified cases - only 2% to 10%. It's rare.

No. 479115

Innocent ppl get lawyers, anon, especially if they're public figures.

No. 479116

People who are not guilty get lawyers to help them maintain their innocence. It's not suspicious - it's smart.

No. 479122

Yeah but generally ppl that have access to proper protocols and who are allegedly in the process of pressing charges have no reason to bring contentious cases like this into the court of public opinion if they're proceeding w proper legal protocol, before anything has even happened, before he's even been charged w anything. She literally had no reason to bring this to the public's attention at this juncture. While there are Def ppl who don't have access or are too scared to get an exam, etc, the way she went about this makes no sense. She's not one of those ppl. If it legit happened why would she not wait it out or at least wait for him to actually be charged w the crime before doing this?

No. 479123

I think you deleted your other one after I replied but… maybe she felt it was appropriate given the current climate with the #MeToo movement and everything? I'm not trying to defend her, just suggesting a possible motive for doing that.

No. 479125

Idk much about wrestling but another anon said that after Chris Benoits murder suicide (I believe he killed his family and then himself), WWE has gotten really strict about suspending and firing anyone accused of anything that could consider them potentially liable/bad PR

No. 479130

Deleted to edit before I saw it, sorry anon. Maybe. Could be, but again, strange how she makes Layla and Tyler the ire of her rant and not enzo. Abusive psychopathic men exploiting power imbalances are one thing and a serious problem, but a stupid cloutwhore being allegedly negligent isn't so #metoo. Idk it just seems obvious she went out of her way to smear Layla.

No. 479131

If he can buy her things, he's her type. Come on now.

No. 479134


I hear ya. But being needy for attention/annoying and using poor judgement about publicly blasting people doesn't mean it didn't happen. People deal with things in all sorts of ways, and many times those ways are misguided. I guess my ultimate point is that we just have no idea, but I don't think two smears (her smearing Layla and Tyler, and then us smearing her) make a right.

No. 479136

If you're in any sort of legal issue or know you are going to be it's 100% the smart decision to lawyer up.

No. 479139

They're stricter after the Benoit thing, but they wouldn't have fired him if there wasn't something really serious behind this. He was their cruiser-weight champion and a high merch seller. As of yesterday he was only suspended.

No. 479142

Maybe they tested him since drug use is a major part of the accusation? Probably came up positive for something.

No. 479145

he’s not fired is he? only suspended

No. 479147

maybe, but how quickly they react also depends on how much the guy is liked backstage. look at jimmy snuka, a lot of them defended him just because he's a "legend" and so many people looked up to him.

No. 479150

>Enzo Amore
>liked backstage

Pick one

No. 479153

This is the same type of bitch as someone who gets too drunk at a party and automatically claims they were drugged. I've met sooo many of this type they're all so pathetic. They choose to put themselves in situations, they voluntarily take drugs or drink a lot then they get too fucked up cant hang, make slutty decisions then automatically scream rape. I'm sure they had sex but I'm also under the impression she acted like she was into it while she was fucked up. That's not rape that's a bitch being irresponsible. Im not a male but I'm sick of seeing men get in trouble because crazy bitches wanna regret their choices months / years later. I get many cases are real but there's so many of these too

No. 479154

As far as I've seen there hasn't been testing on him.

He was released as of today.

He had a lot of heat backstage. He was kicked out of the locker-room and apparently was bringing groupies backstage. I think there was a few other things but I can't remember. I know a big thing was his attitude was a problem. There's also a rumor going around that he knew he was being investigated and didn't tell the WWE so all of this came as a surprise to them.

No. 479159

You have zero idea what actually happened, yet you believe you know the whole story. Seems like a bit of unfocused anger. Good luck with that.

No. 479161

File: 1516740250754.jpeg (336.75 KB, 750x1181, 6D1B4110-40C3-451F-B425-7AFD8E…)

welp, sounds like Enzo is dunzo? I guess we’ll see what happens to his belt etc. they havent discounted or removed any of his merchandise yet though!!!

No. 479166

I'm sure they will soon. They'll probably do some sort of tournament for his belt if they don't drop 205 Live all together.

I never actually followed this thread (I check the site daily, but this isn't a cow I was interested in), but I'm a wrestling fan, once I heard her name connected to Enzo I remembered this thread. I'm gonna assume she's going to get in some type of trouble for this unless they work out some sort of deal against Enzo.

No. 479173

god can they just drop 205 all together? also for any non wrestlingfags who want to get a taste of Enzo he would always come out and say he was a “bonified stud”

No. 479174

Not unfocused it's just pathetic to me how this girl had to inform all of social media and lump tp and Tyler into it. People have no idea how to do anything privately. This is for publicity and fame even if their is truth to it. She could have stayed low and made her reports and contacted WWE herself but instead make an entire scene 3 months later. Histrionic and attention seeking even if it did actually occur. Why would you feel the need to broadcast something like this to the internet? At the very least she's slandering the fuck out of tp and Tyler and it's so unnecessary. I doubt this dude Enzo said that to them and they just left.

No. 479214

hey idiot she's not "lump"ing tp and tyler into it they were the reason this girl was there in the first place

No. 479237

They may have sent the invite but lets stop acting like this isn't a grown woman that is capable of making her own decisions.

They didn't kidnap her and force her to go anywhere and they also didn't force any drugs up her nose.

No. 479272

Well I don't go to hotel rooms to suck random dude's dicks, and I don't snort meth either. Pretty sure my standards are just fine.

No. 479277


So do you think sex workers shouldn't be allowed to claim/press charges for rape? That seems to be your logic.(derailing)

No. 479284

Are you trying to say she was working that night?
Cuz I didn't bring up her profession at all. Just her status as an adult capable of making choices.

No. 479293

Anon, do not pluck a word out of thin air and argue against it. Sex work is not relevant in this situation

No. 479300

Philo’s former friend made a video

No. 479309

Well she may have deleted the messages so no, tho police might not have this evidence. And yes it does prove that she wasn't unwilling. Thank you for your time but everything you've said are false facts, learn how life works

No. 479316

she is an escort.

No. 479328

Unless she was working as an escort that night, that is irrelevant.

No. 479333

When did I say anything about the human mind? Reread the paragraph

No. 479334

This girl is blatantly attention seeking. This screenshot is telling as interestingly it says nothing about the rape ? Just looking at this girls page you can tell her type and it's not a good type to be. Histrionic, attention seeking, mentally unstable. Just ridiculous

No. 479335

She was not working and hasn't mentioned that pertaining to this situation. So, again, why do you think this is relevant?

No. 479336

File: 1516746126213.png (214.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4355.PNG)

Such a reliable source! So traumatized from doing coke that night that she went into psychosis yet is still doing it and making jokes? Honestly fuck this bitch for ruining a dudes who life with her fake allegations

No. 479341

Anon, nothing you are saying pertains to the argument I'm making. Are you having a stroke?

No. 479342

File: 1516746318692.png (114.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4356.PNG)

I cannot believe this bitch ruined a mans entire life. It is absolutely irrational and illogical that someone traumatized and who had just experienced drug induced psychosis would then proceed to casually drop acid something notorious for bringing out psychosis. A damn fraud, I hope this bitch is rightfully exposed

No. 479344

Not the anon who wrote 479339 but God, you're annoying.

No. 479347

Stfu and contribute to the conversation. Stop arguing for the sake of arguing.

No. 479348


Was def not suggesting she was a sex worker. I was just trying to make a point that just because someone does something you don't agree with (smokes meth, agrees to give a random dude head), does not mean they cannot also be victims of assault.

No. 479349

Learn to sage

No. 479350

We do know for certain that the victim said she was in a mental hospital for 45 days and then when people asked how she was able to be so active on social media she said it was only 26 days.

Normally, I'd side with the accuser especially when the accused rapist is as scummy as this wwe douche… but she's already publicly lied about the timeframe… she has also lied about being sober.

No. 479355

I saw that a report was made back in October and a rape kit was used.(So idk if someone who lied would do that except if she was delusional) So stfu and stop being so invested with this chick and this case, only time will tell when results come back. There's no milk, only speculation and everyone is getting butthurt over everybody else's opinion on this issue. Personally I'm out of here. This is getting really boring.

No. 479361

I’d just like to remind everyone that even histrionic, drug addicted, psychotic escorts can be raped. In fact, it’s been proven that disabled and mentally ill women are at a higher risk. Her previous behaviour can certainly make her claims sound less believable, but please let’s stop playing investigators and armchair psychologists in a case we know jack shit about.

No. 479370

then go away lmao. so tired of people saying how this isn't milk and shouldn't be discussed. layla's name is in tabloids right now because of this, it IS relevant.

No. 479381

This is irrelevant but wow these threads have opened my eyes, these groupies are absolute dogs its so wild because beautiful girls are not rare even in shithole cities,its kind of mind blowing this is who they mean when they say “all these girls were throwing themselves at him!”

No. 479388

"hasn't said anything bad about him" idk if you don't read or if you're just stupid

No. 479397

lbr how many parties does someone as unpleasant as you even get invited to?

No. 479482

File: 1516753098723.png (272.38 KB, 750x1334, C23262C2-DE90-4C10-8861-04318D…)

No. 479485

File: 1516753221625.png (4.25 MB, 750x1334, 7216A945-B621-4EB3-A7B7-A0A433…)

so weird seeing this now as a twitter moment. after reading the whole thread and all of the supplementary articles etc I’ve gone from thinking she’s a complete liar to telling the truth. This is confusing

No. 479486

Same fag to say I think she has obviously lied about a lot but I’m still confused on whether the rape is a lie too or not. Too much going on here wow

No. 479491

Would recommend clicking the link and watching the video this screencap is on, lotta evidence here but nothing completely damning. So confused on what is true or not

No. 479504

This is H.U.G.E

No. 479510

File: 1516754222601.png (492 KB, 926x494, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 7.34…)

Wow everyone in this thread needs to watch this. It's an expose from her ex friend with texts from that night.

This girl is such a lying skank desperate for attention.

No. 479521

it's illegal to have sex with someone who's incapacitated due to drugs/alcohol so even if she did ""brag"" about it after the fact, that doesn't mean she didn't get raped in the eyes of the law

No. 479523

Where's the link to the video

No. 479524

why is everyone in this thread actually retarded

No. 479529

File: 1516754767781.png (465.83 KB, 1210x528, Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 7.45…)

No. 479535

They would have technically both raped each other - at least that’s what they always told us in college. What I’ve been curious about is whether they drug tested her in the hospital during the exam. I would think it would be standard to test for drugs when someone says “I was drugged and raped,” but she just as likely could have denied drug testing for whatever reason. Or maybe that’s not how things are done, but it does seem like the logical course of action.

No. 479537

Ik idk how anons are still blindly believing this accusation is legit. Honestly, false accusations are very rare, but everyone placing so much stock in what's obviously a lie in this case because they think they're doing the right thing for automatically believing the accuser, when really, its just embarrassing and is just discrediting and further stigmatizing real victims. Literally nothing about the circumstances in this case are normal or believable. Does he seem like the kind of guy capable of rape? Sure, but literally ALL of the surrounding anecdotes are either sketch as fuck, or repeatedly shown to be a lie.

No. 479540

i still can't believe layla is actually getting dragged into this just because one of peep's side pieces can't get a life. if lay is actually gonna get charged then judging by this logic everyone who was on the tourbus the night peep died should be prosecuted as well. but that will never happen cause everyone was high or didnt care or whatever. so what exactly is the point in dragging tp into this?
everyone is so petty its not even entertaining anymore

No. 479545

not trying to lift layla of any responsibility she might or might not have in this, but i just realized how, if she never started dating pepper ann, she wouldn't be involved in this mess either. he dragged layla in his dumbass wwe obsession and this weird boner he has for being enzo amore's stylist or whatever and now that she's finally away from la and grosso, working and apparently sober, her miserable relationship with him still manages to ruin her life somehow

No. 479546

File: 1516755349590.jpeg (69.13 KB, 675x1200, 16D3A69A-B886-47F6-AB89-B297E6…)

If anyone is curious, Rachel is @motelroses on Twitter and Instagram. She’s another clout hoe. Yesterday when this all broke she tweeted in defense of Philomena, but those have since been deleted.

No. 479548

Samefag, sorry, pic related is a screenshot she made a few weeks ago trying to make it seem as if she knew Peep personally under the pretense of “RIP Peep.” Ch*lji levels of side hoe implication but without the actual follow through.

No. 479549

What does that really matter? If all she did was bring her there, she's not liable for anything. Even if Enzo DID say "I'm going to rape her" given what Philomena has said, it still wouldn't qualify as aiding and abetting. She'd have to be shown (good luck proving that BTW) that she intentionally and knowingly helped facilitate the rape. Negligence isn't aiding and abetting. Even in the worst case scenario, she isn't an accomplice in the eyes of the law

No. 479552

Don't be nasty when someone proves you wrong. This is not the board to be personally insulting people for their opinion/input

No. 479554

yeah exactly "asked". when that expose was posted it was mainly about tp & tyler being the bad guys. not the actual person who allegedly raped her. just because layla was there doesnt mean anything so thats why i dont get tp playing such a big part in this. it's called reaching and potato jumping on that wagon straight away only proves it.

No. 479566

Layla didn’t even bring her there. This grown woman got in her own car and drove herself to the Clarendon hotel under the pretense of “sucking some dick.” This grown woman made the decision to get fucked up on cocaine. This narrative of “TP lured her there and drugged her so her friend could rape her” is so twisted. She made her own decisions. Layla isn’t her babysitter. They didn’t even know each other.

Honestly though just ignore this anon. The thread is rife with their bait and arguing for the sake of arguing while WKing this psychotic liar for some reason. I don’t know where the farmhands are.

No. 479572

Thank you for reiterating that she is a grown women, I don't think many people realize she is 21 and completely capable of making her own decisions.

No. 479580

Well she’s not, she’s only 19 and turning 20 in March. She’s definitely young but certainly not sheltered.

No. 479584

She has posts that say "21st birthday" along with herself gambling but hey, no one expects her to be truthful I guess

No. 479589

Philo is literally fucking insane. I live near her and my friend group is sort of intertwined with hers (not that she has friends anymore, honestly). People only talk to her for drugs or sex, most people can't fucking stand her. She regularly does coke and goes to the mall or stores and 'fucks shit up'. In September she went to Walmart after doing a few lines and started fucking grabbing shit off the shelves and throwing it everywhere, and then she took one of the big teddy bears and started grinding on it and moaning (I saw it on snapchat). Shes so fucking gross. This video is a perfect depiction of her as a person, it gets worse the more you watch.

No. 479592

File: 1516757143799.jpeg (76.64 KB, 750x161, AAE6B44C-FB0D-4EDD-AD8E-D466B3…)

Yeah, she likes to lie.

No. 479599

Wow, she is really fucking annoying

No. 479605

I, for one, think Philomena should get her own thread

No. 479612

I fucking died at the end when he told her it was fake, this girl is literally an idiot.

No. 479614

Also, she's cried rape before but always jokes about it after. She's never tried to take legal action before. I remember once was like "Oh yeah haah last night ___ raped me but I'm so fucked upp i dont give a fuck!" and then she still hooks up with him TO THIS DAY. Once she literally squatted naked in a PLAYGROUND and pissed on the ground. She didn't even graduate highschool because she's constantly in rehab. She's tried to run people over in her car before.

At 5:16 she starts joking about another rape story

No. 479618

Also, 12:11
"He raped me but, it was partial, i wasn't screaming NO STOP, I was just like can we not, please stop.."..
According to her, when Enzo raped her she just said "I want to wait to know you better". So how's that any different? This girl is why real rape victims cant come out.


No. 479624

maybe we could at least get away with a thread in temp? I’m sure a lot of our keks are going to be from all her old stuff but that won’t count as new milk for a thread and no ones too well read on her yet since a majority of us are just finding out about her. we could keep too poor/Enzo milk here since it’s more relevant and laugh about this trash rat there?

No. 479648

this girl is crazy and gross but it's asinine to say that she's not "a real rape victim" because she didn't try to fight off a wwe wrestler. if she's telling the truth about what she said (i understand that it's a big if), that's still rape. don't be a weirdo

No. 479657

literally all i wanna know is if peep bottomed too
for a hoe there's like no receipts on this it's hella dumb

No. 479665

Seriously robots get out, she’s obviously lying but this mra logic makes me want to believe her

No. 479666

I think he’s top or vers tbh even if I like the idea of him bottoming more

No. 479695

and there's no winning because GENUINE sociopaths like these love when you call them out for it because it gives them more attention

No. 479707

no he said shit like "meet your replacement" once he got a little bigger.

he dated her bc she was a low-key famous groupie. remember peep idolized MCR and fall out boy, they all spawned famous groups like audrey kitching and shit. he wanted one of his own don't forget that peep was a HUGE fucking poser.

contouring and starvation to keep her weight low. probably got a standard suburban nose job, we know about the obvious lip fillers, could have let the injector upgrade her and injected some in her cheekbones or chin to give her that look. it's common to have "extra" in the syringe and put it elsewhere (personal experience). botox in the jaw in common too, but that looks like natural aging to me.

No. 479791

“gus was plowing this ugly predator”
Peep was openly against rape and sexual assault. When the allegations started coming to light about yung goth, he distanced himself from him. There’s no way that he knew about it prior to that. don’t put the blame on peep. And by the way, members of GBC and yung goths friends didn’t know about it either until it came to light. And like peep, they have distanced themselves. It is obvious that goth has lost a ton of friends after what he supposedly did was brought to light. There’s no real evidence that points to Yung goth being a predator besides alleged screenshot conversations, and these could be easily faked. There’s a chance he could be innocent.

No. 479803

Audz dated ppl from patd & fftl, all the famous scene queens dated people on a much much smaller scale. Hanna Beth dated tracy cyrus & fftl boys too. Mcr had wmhc girls but Mikey went on to Marry Alicia & the band literally broke up when he got caught with a kinda sus groupie they were veeeeery not about that. Idk about fob but I never saw them mentioned on the old drama blogs. Peep wanted to be gerard in an impact way I don’t think he cared about like building a legacy like that, he just wanted to get his dick wet and “famous” and beautiful people are good company

That kids barked at random high school aged gbc fangirls I know through friend that was definitely not fake and the girl I saw him go after was pretty obviously underaged & not at all “attracting male attention”, and no ones gonna fake 16+ account of anything

No. 479871

This bitch is so crazy I really can't. Her videos are so disturbing because I can tell she's being herself and isn't trying to act a certain way for them. She really was acting like she was on coke when it wasn't even coke at all. The case aside, this girl has some serious issues

No. 479888

File: 1516772679851.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4362.PNG)

This is one of her friends who apparently was another peep side piece st least once. I really just can't believe people like this exist and they have a following of any sort. I thought layla was bad from earlier threads but this is just pathetic. Peep was deff sadistic in some way if he fucked these type of girls. The uglier and more desperate/ obsessed they were the more control he had and the more he got off on it

No. 479959

No. 479995

tbh would love to see layla legally smack someone down even for defamation. we make fun of it here but i'm sick of this for her, let her grieve peep wasn't even healthy for her and she's still pouring her fucking heart out damn.

chelji is literal fucking trash i had never hated anyone off lolcow until her, and also never thought i'd like layla. oh my god.

No. 480003

Sage but can we stop saying peep was with all these “ugly” girls and that he could do better? Yeah he was hot in 2016 maybe but if we’re being honest near the end peep wasn’t looking too great, more bloated and too many ugly tattoos. Yeah a lot of the girls he was with weren’t lookers but lets not go acting like this isn’t the same guy who had fucking CRYBABY engraved on him permanently

No. 480008

I remember in the No Jumper Schemaposse interview ,Peep was 19 then and Adam asked him if he was getting any pussy and Peep said "no, I'm too weird and awkward"…that soon changed!!!

No. 480010

but lbr, even if he was an uggo, he couldve done better on clout alone. and tbh he was still pretty hot in 2017. once he cut his hair in like june or whatever, and gained weight, he looked bad tho. he was still skinny, but it distributed poorly.

as unfair as it is, guys CAN land way out of their league girls as long as they have money, clout, talent, etc. he definitely didn't need to settle for chelji level atrocities. maybe he really was insecure and hated himself.

No. 480012

Or really confused about his sexuality and just fucking alot of girls to try and convince himself he was really hetero….if he wasn't deep down attracted to girls it would explain his not caring about their looks,and treating them badly.

No. 480014

i don’t think this girl ever met peep. all she ever did was cocktease him in dms and constantly say she would visit him and shit but she never did lol which is why when he died the way she saluted him on twitter was 100% fan-like and not suggesting that they ever had a one night stand or anything like that

i thought he was still cute when he cut all his hair off in london

No. 480087

I know her IRL. She's claimed rape multiple times and admitted they were all LIES. Everyone here knows shes batshit insane. She even has a video where she talks about lying about a rape.

No. 480126

The video from her former friend is sooo telling too. It's just unfortunate because even if they don't file any charges his career is still destroyed over this psychotic ass bitch

No. 480145

The more I dig through Twitter the more nauseated I get. These kids are so fucking desperate for attention. Chelji, Mariah Bons, Philomena, and who knows how many more. It’s honestly kind of scary to see the lengths they’ll go to for their 15 minutes. I guess I finally get why they say to not meet people you find on the internet - they could be clout hungry cutthroat teenagers who just wanna be mentioned in the same sentence as more successful clout chasers. they don’t even care if they kill you or ruin your career in the process. These kids is fucked up.

No. 480169

If they supported him and wanted him around they wouldn't have fired him. He'd be a risk to their brand for many other reasons and this is the last straw, otherwise he'd only be suspended.

No. 480171

yeah I feel like this DOES have an effect Enzo has been problematic for awhile and after Paige and del rio i DONT blame them for taking this seriously/kinda using it to get Enzo out the door

No. 480219

Enzo made a statement through legal counsel


No. 480408

File: 1516827763712.jpeg (186.19 KB, 1125x948, 9EE5042A-E983-4428-8DFD-778C43…)

Paying artists for their work is a difficult concept for corgi potato to grasp.

First, stollen artwork for her “clothing line” and now possibly not paying for beats for her “music career”. Off to a great start chelji.

No. 480418

Chelji claimed on her live that she was offered a record deal and now has “a lot of money”. She’s bragging about how she’s going to buy her own house and car in California. What kind of label would sign a girl that only has one song recorded on an iphone? l hope she’s just lying for clout.

No. 480425


Of course she is lying. Like her fat mother she will rot away in a council house in the gross midlands of England.

No. 480442

if she has so much money then why is she so against paying people with actual talent?

This bitch. I swear.