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File: 1536354381349.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, layla.png)

No. 683353

Previous threads:

This thread is focused on Layla (TooPoor) Shapiro and the rest of the SoundClout Negaverse.
The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew
Please take the time to read over previous threads, lurk, and become familiar with the shitshows in the SoundClout LA scene.

The usual cows are:
@tylergrosso/PepperAnn - SoundClouts most hated. and not in the cool/edgy way he hopes. Runs superrradical and leeches off his friends success. His most recent ticket is @prodbyparis. Tyler is melodramatic, self obsessed, and delusional.
@prodbyparis - Industry plant who shit out an album in 2 days - Obviously being used by his record label to profit off the postpeep wave. Constantly putting his foot in his mouth on social media/biting the hand that feeds. Loves to subtweet other artists and deleting and soon as he catches heat. Typical dudebro/frat-fuckboy personality, frequently shotguns Bud Light.
@gtshields - Obviously clout starved (dated pepper. gross.). ex of lil xan and possibly @arzaylea (prob for the likes). Bad lip injections and highly questionable taste in men. otherwise boring and basic.
@arzaylea/Arse - Peep's most recent ex at the time of his passing. Shady groupie who hops from musician to musician. Also has really bad lip fillers. Holds two world Records: most annoying voice, worst poetry in human history
@hotelshrimp/Cass - A Layla skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating TPs ex 2 weeks after Peeps passing. Cass is known for terrible anatomically impossible shoops, bad makeup and painfully cringey coke fueled twitter rants. TPs ex has cheated on Cass multiple times. still seen desperately trying to hang out with Layla's friends.
@lukeystorey - Layla's London ex who's too old to be getting Pikachu tats and starting a SoundClout career. Posts cringey Brit raps and is just generally weird af. Speculated to be on the spectrum.
@sheyatted - Marilyn/"intellectual"chica. A Peep obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age garbage. Extremely borderline. Cannot stop getting Gus memorial face tatts and referring to him as her "twin flame" despite spending limited time together. Always in the comments section of all of SoundClouts social media posts. In her early 30s, aka Way too old for this shit.

New milk:

Pepper was arrested and is once again spurging about how shitty his life is on social media

Layla's musical debut has been delayed, perhaps forever. However will the world go on?

Columbia Records released a Peep XXX collab, drawing a line in the sand and forcing most of the major SoundClout players to choose a side. Smokeasac and Fat Nick pimped the song out hard, despite Peep's mom and brother being very vocal about not supporting it.

Speaking of Columbia Records… Lil Xan and Miley Cyrus' little sister's set-up-by-Columbia Records relationship fell apart, as predicted.

Pouya the rapist and his ~angel~ of a gf are back on their on again off again bullshit.

Cass, forever the Layla skinwalker, is getting her life together via rehab… allegedly.



When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors, DON'T POST NOBODIES.

NO PEEP PSYCHOANALYSIS. diving into his psyche or speculating how he actually felt about his flings is strictly prohibited. let the man rest in peace. Milk surrounding the investigation and SoundClout fallout is still allowed.

DON'T EXPECT TO BE SPOONFED!, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules. Lurk until you feel comfortable joining in on the discussion without being an annoying newfag.

Again, READ PREVIOUS THREADS, catch up on new posts before posting.

SAGE ALL NON-MILK POSTS - When in doubt, just sage your post.

NO DISCUSSIONS OF MUSICAL MERITS. This is a gossip board, not a music forum.

Chelji milk is strongly frowned upon unless she does something hilariously embarrassing. Before posting about her, ask yourself: "does anyone really gaf about this spud?"

All lolcow rules apply. Read them and integrate. Don't be annoying. No infighting.

No. 683442

Like Asperger's

No. 683467

grosso should've died not peep. he's never even tried to get help, if you genuinely suffer from suicidal shit you do everything possible to get help because it's a nightmare. he just loves the image and attention and tbh he gets everything coming to him.

No. 683570

hey so Bella (igirl) just posted a new youtube vid. in it, she said Cody's (yungcortex) paypal was canceled which I'm assuming means permanently limited.

now i just want to know if anyone knows anything about cody scamming anyone out of money? I feel like this is the only reason this would happen? sorry if no one cares.

No. 683578

File: 1536375092532.png (807.83 KB, 1242x2208, 6CCEAB8A-0A0F-4CC7-9CD9-159E79…)

Which one of you dumbasses is Leslie Autumns?

No. 683602

I’m honestly starting to feel bad for layla why does she have so many weird stalkers.

He’s always had a good rep, last year when the to catch a soundcloud rapper account was around they put him on their list of reputable repost sellers, he said he was falling behind on beat commissions because of the move so someone could have filed a claim but that’s rarely enough to get your account shut down, sometimes hustling too much via PayPal with out doing proper invoicing can also make PayPal freeze your shit, and I’ve had payments bounce back to me because PayPal had an issue verifing the account of the person I paid even though I got my shit so who knows, paypal has a lot of weird rules that can get your stuff frozen with out being a scammer.

No. 683635

Anyone else hear mac miller died of an OD?

No. 683639


and annoying ass tana mongeau is claiming she had a secret affair/relationship with him l m f a o

No. 683641

I imagine he had a lot of "secret affairs" :eyeroll:

No. 683647

File: 1536383716674.jpg (347.45 KB, 1080x1170, 20180907_221440.jpg)

Wanted to come over last night…

No. 683648

File: 1536383760588.jpg (452.28 KB, 1050x1660, Screenshot_20180907-221524_Chr…)

But… hmmm

No. 683670

hahah oh wow, how trashy

No. 683671

its like peep all over again. before you know it chilis gonna pop in and say they were married.

ps mongoose has a thread here >>100403

and i just wanna draw attention back to >>683260
pepper got his "defective" porsche back and already wrecked it again! its been like.. a month! safe to say this is probably how he got the dui the other night. the milk… its so sweet…

No. 683679

It was inevitable that he was going to wreck it again.. and hes gonna be just as likely to wreck whatever he gets to replace it. That's what's happens when your half gone all the time. I cant believe anyone on his social media supports him as if he isnt the cause of his own fucking misery.

No. 683701

don't forget Marilyn!

No. 683702

File: 1536394614644.jpg (353.75 KB, 1080x1326, 20180908_011605.jpg)

Not that hes much relevant now, or ever was I guess.. but I still cant believe Paris was losing his shit over this girl.

No. 683705

She has a nice bod

No. 683711

Too bad she doesnt have a face.. or anything else to go with it.

No. 683723

Idk who she is but she’s pretty cute, it’s just weird to see a girl taking glamour shots without make up,

No. 683728

still so bizarre to me that she's like 19 or something?
She looks at least around the 28 mark tbh

No. 683758

I didn’t want to like her since she’s such a fan girl but honestly good for her. Fuck all these literally worthless boys and that’s cool she’s confident enough to shoot this natural, that attitude is attractive with everyone facetuning every little flaw. I’m not about to stan her but she’s harmless and not affecting young girls super negatively unlike Layla. Closest redeeming person to her is Moonpie but she is so fucking dumb and helpless it’s dangerous. I just wish these girls had any talent beyond copying trends to be relevant and dating someone even if it’s as bs as SoundCloud music.rose is too w/e to care.

No. 683889

File: 1536425915713.png (7.65 MB, 1242x2208, 472751CF-93FF-4FB5-8A26-98498B…)

No. 683969

I'm all for confidence, but this girl seems like she has such an ugly personality I cant even like her.

No. 683983


speaking of paris what tf ever happened to him? is he completely irrelevant now?

No. 683985

File: 1536433522231.png (390.68 KB, 447x689, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 3.02…)

sry for the shitty screenshot. i nabbed it real quick on my laptop.

you guys think pepper ann fired his ~best friend~?

No. 683995

His best friend probably got tired of being paid in hand me downs or realized what a shit show Grosso's life is, and quit.

No. 684002

I would be willing to bet the majority of being Gossos assistant is just being his babysitter.

No. 684010

I find it reeeeal weird that there’s been no further mention of the puppy. Something fucked up went down. Peppers either blaming his bff or like anon said, dipped when he realized how fucked up pepper is.

No. 684016

It is weird. Maybe in addition to being Tyler's babysitter his assistant was also supposed to babysit the dog. Tyler did spend a night in jail.. a puppy can get into a lot of trouble in a short time unsupervised.. especially in a house that hasn't been made puppy safe.

No. 684150

no one worth anything advertises job opportunities on instagram stories

No. 684195

File: 1536452289208.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 0B5F10D0-E35A-4456-B1FF-1CCBC5…)

this whole thing has been hyped up for so long ffs

No. 684208

Yeah what happened to no music ever?

No. 684209

Does she even know how to play guitar?

No. 684264

Why is Brandon Johnson not being investigated even tho he admitted on TMZ to possessing drugs and providing Demi with the drugs she overdosed on?

No. 684278

Maybe he's a strung out attention whore who was nowhere near Demi. It takes a certain type to slur that shit to TMZ cameras.

No. 684340

maybe I'm heartless or just sick of people doing hard drugs for clout than getting fucking mad that they Oded like bitch stop doing the fucking drugs and get a high risk JOB if you want that thrill. it's no one's fault she overdosed besides herself, she accepted drugs from some sketchy asshole who didn't give a fuck about her life, and she gave even less of a fuck because she took them

on top of it all, like gross, she's openly bipolar and takes hard drugs that will fuck up her already fragile as fuck chemical imbalance. i think i may be jaded because i feel nothing for people like this anymore sorry. make better fucking decisions, grow the fuck up and commit to health.

No. 684846

File: 1536535800484.jpeg (258.59 KB, 1125x763, CC9CC821-4B8F-4A7D-A85A-124B6C…)

>my love

No. 684857

she looks really pretty in her icon. its a shame she inflates and pouts her lips 99% of the time, completely changing her face.

No. 684914

File: 1536543269425.jpeg (291.53 KB, 1125x1098, BCACAFF3-1523-4D80-80ED-A43061…)

Lil xan’s new face tat

No. 684986


No. 685079

Toopoor is starting to be soooo fucking boring

No. 685174



No. 685176

fucking good let the girl get entirely sober and live where random here she ACTUALY happy.

No. 685181

yo this just this just makes want to kill myself i got rapred by on industry dude so one care. I'm fucking nothing n i didn't' even chase him he chase the HELL out me and i just ent with it bcc i legit fucking hate myself so much i s=wan to die i swear i want to die that anyone of the suicdeboys sucks fuck them and fuck them for capitalizing off MENTAl MOTHER FUCKiNg ILLNESS THAT TREATS MEN LIKE POETs AND WOMEN LIKE TRAsh WHORES FUCK YOU FUCK YoU AlL WHITE BOY BITCHES DONT KNWO MOTHER FUCKIN SHIT STUPID ASS IL SUSy ASS YOUNGER SIstR DONT DONT SHIT AS FUCK YOU ALL O HELL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685182

hope my legit suicide boys rapes/played me storite come out

sick of fuckng tyler and peep cling-os let revamp this shit.

No. 685185

real talk ho t do escape this
im a succesfull illustrator foreced to socialism but i a=hate it and cancel a lot\. please help wise ladies.

No. 685190

No. 685191

go to bed claire

No. 685193

anon I can't tell if you're trolling or legitimately not alright and I'm actually concerned

No. 685449

I used to like layla. But she is really boring atm. Good that she is staying sober but still…

No. 685475

File: 1536619128556.png (365.38 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180910-173132.png)

Her obsession with cigs is so gross to me. Why do these insta girls do this when their appearance is is their whole brand and tons of young girls follow them. Sage for irrelevant but it's honestly so bad for your health overall why is she so proud of it

No. 685622

File: 1536635760896.jpeg (205.81 KB, 1242x1199, CDDFD776-E503-4463-AB8C-0745A0…)

Did she get Botox or something? Her face looks weird

No. 685655

File: 1536639350314.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 642DE4C8-739A-4089-9373-DCD12A…)

i know peep hated her before he died but she doesnt feel atleast a lil weird fucking all her dead ex boyfriend’s friends?

No. 685663

honestly what about toopoo ever screamed healthy living to you? cigarettes are probably one of the least toxic things she's involved with

No. 685666

doesn’t even look like her at all..

No. 685669

He is really not cute. She has terrible taste in men for real.

No. 685680

sage your dumbass post

No. 685683

File: 1536642437032.jpeg (134.91 KB, 1242x2208, 0405175B-8636-40A9-9CEF-079FAB…)

Nice try Layla.

No. 685702

yes, shoop. her eyes are made like 23942394x bigger, on top of changing her face shape and lip thickness

everyone in those circles sleeps with everyone tbf. i think we should just be happy her and tracy aren't fucking tbh. what's weirder is her dating such young guys, like, not because it's weird for the woman to be older, but just, like, these 'men' are at points in their lives when they're the perfect age and perfect storm of being young and NPD and famehungry, to just publicly use and abuse her like peep did. all of them seem to.

No. 685712

…this is fake, right? her nose isn't really that big……..is it? :S

No. 685722

this is so obviously edited. you can't make your eyes bigger, layla. holy shit, how embarrassing

No. 685723

She’s getting called out for editing her recent pic so she uploaded a video on her story saying “tell them you can’t photoshop a video” but does anyone remember when she uploaded this video that she obviously edited using the video feature on Facetune? Then quickly deleted it when people called her out. I don’t get why she just doesn’t admit to it.

No. 685772

she looks totally different in the pics with her fans
she looks nothing like her Instagram pics. I remember in this pic she took with a fan at the show she did with Lil Xan her face looked like it was all uneven. She has asymmetrical facial features really bad so I don’t blame her for editing all her pics

No. 685974

File: 1536688601445.jpeg (242.09 KB, 1125x1975, E62B0BC8-8EFE-4C8C-A4E4-069EF2…)

The puppy is alive and the assistant is still there

No. 685990

Spooky and TP have been quiet lately together. Now that TP has a bf is she basically just gonna leave her friend on the side? She was like that a lot with Cass tbh, would only hang a lot when she was single

No. 686217

it's clearly edited her profile is not thaaat bad lol

OP you wrong for this

No. 686237

File: 1536717280676.png (4.84 MB, 1125x2436, 1D60C940-90B1-4544-AA5A-216BAE…)

Does anyone know the song she’s fucking with in her story?

No. 686251


Moonlight by XXXtentacion

No. 686314

However small she did have her own thing going once upon a time. Now she's just nailing herself to this stupid scene that is literally dying as the weeks go by.
Changing the game for girls all right.

No. 686346

I take back feeling bad for her bc of the weirdo stalkers, hope they escalate and fuck her home up

No. 686349

File: 1536727355094.jpeg (120.98 KB, 1125x446, 02FE2F8A-F2E2-42BD-AFCF-5976B0…)

Definitley has nothing to do with him…

No. 686475

ok physco

No. 686542

the only thing he's attracting is bedbugs

No. 686873

Did spooky and Layla have a falling out I don’t see pics of her on Layla’s ig anymore

No. 686987

Did you not read the rules before posting or read above comments?

No. 686990

they have eachother's names tatted so lets hope not

No. 687078

Can you like shut the fuck up?

No. 687120

File: 1536823520010.jpeg (936.49 KB, 1970x3487, 1EFAEFA1-6E5B-40DC-8BBD-292584…)

No. 687124

Everyone go look at the comments on Killstations post of him and lay

No. 687127

layla you reposted this and talked about how big your nose is so you edit it but don’t forget about your small lips, tiny eyes, uneven facial features, and weird ass head shape

No. 687131

Lmao ur triggering her so much rn. Keep going anon.

No. 687132

im not even the one that posted the picture but i knew she was gonna only leave that up on her story for like 2 minuets and then delete before most of her fans could actually see it

No. 687139

File: 1536826879205.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2208, 5500A84D-7F1F-45BC-ADE0-A89015…)

She knows damn well not to show the right side of her face though, that ones the worst.

No. 687146

File: 1536827388779.png (6.42 MB, 1242x2208, 3BFC0441-1BD4-4D44-A93A-B3E735…)

A picture without your DT combover covering half of your face and not a video that you recorded with the MakeupPlus app and then upload it to your story….come on now Layla

No. 687156

wasn't she talking about getting a nosejob not too long ago? like come on sis we know you hate your busted ass face lol

No. 687158

Seriously… how many times can we talk about a fucking nose?!? What more is there to say about it? She boring as fuck now.. talk about someone else.

No. 687159

Does she live in a studio apartment? This is the only room of her place she ever films in.

No. 687163

she’s making it so obvious that you guys are really getting to her on her story
she already put up like 14 vids talking about this and then keeps deleting them
she’s having like a mental break down or something
also there’s videos of her lives from just a few weeks ago of her like “I hate my face and my nose is so big and ugly I can’t wait to get plastic surgery” so Im confused why she’s now acting like she’s so confident and has all this self love

No. 687164

Lmao she’s the only one that brought up her nose though.

No. 687174

what the fuck do you guys expect i know this site is for pettiness but going in on some girl who CLEARLY is probably having a mental breakdown over how she was born is low when she does actually fucked up things worthy of the ridicule.

girl has strong ass bone structure and requires a strong personality to carry it. the only thing wrong is she's letting cunts get to her like log off layla what more evidence do you need that this is not the place for you. live your damn life girl both nancy spungen and courtney love had big ass noses let it guide you into all your crazy groupie fangirl dreams. and can we please go back to outing these sound clout boys because they're worthy of actual hate, like how kill station is probably 100% using layla for her being peep's ex and she needs to quit publicly claiming dudes for this exact reason

No. 687194

Her nose has been discussed ad nauseam. It's not even interesting to talk about.

Exactly, can we either let this thread die or talk about shit that's new?

No. 687250

Yeah we all know you got a huge ass nose. But stop smacking your fucking lips like that. It is so gross

No. 687259

All of killstations fans are telling him to leave Layla in his comments because she’s just using him.
Surprise he hasn’t just deleted the pic bc I haven’t seen one positive comment.

No. 687264


Layla is an obvious poster/lurker she quoted this post verbatim on her spergy insta story all about her beak

No. 687270

Ugh i hate that every fan base for a male does this shit. The (internalized) misogyny is fucking real with these retards. As if they’re not using each other - as if everyone in this scene isn’t using everyone else. Especially now that everyone who was interesting or creative in this world when it started a few years ago is either dead or on their way, or has moved on to fresh ideas, and everyone else is all out of ideas for recycling early 2000s Hot Topic aesthetic.

Layla fucked up by not reinventing herself like a year ago. Her whole hype is supposed to be as an alt trendsetter - if she wanted to stay relevant she should have already been experimenting with new looks and concepts when the mainstream started picking it up. The best she can do with her brand now is to capitalize on the connections she’s made to get real work in creative media, but she’s….what is she even doing now? The music thing has been out of her hands for a while.

No. 687278

I brought up how uneven TPs face is a couple threads ago. And I’m glad some other people noticed it and brought it up because I thought I was the only one. If you look at any pics of her that were taken by fans her face is so lopsided, and she looks nothing like her the pics she uploads at all. It’s sad because on her recent pic all of these girls are calling themselves ugly and saying they wish they could be perfect like her
I’ve made videos using Facetune before and yea she definitely recorded this video with that app.
I’m also pretty sure she uses Facetune to record videos and then upload them to her story instead of using the actual Instagram camera. It’s funny that she was trying to convince people that you can’t edit videos so whatever you see on her story MUST be real but when she got called out for this video she went on her story and admitted she used Facetune for it and deleted the vid because that’s all people were commenting about.

No. 687279

File: 1536851677908.png (8.81 MB, 1242x2208, 1A28DA08-DF24-443B-A6DB-07C5D9…)

Forgot to attach picture

No. 687286

You DO understand that this is an imageboard, right? POST CAPS.

No. 687296

File: 1536853675450.png (9.3 MB, 1242x2208, 0CE1AE6A-0C73-45C8-8480-E5F042…)

yup she posted anons edit too

No. 687376


It is interesting to me that Layla doesn't do more #sponsored #ad content. She has like almost 500k IG followers and really good engagement i.e. it doesn't look like she bought the majority of her followers like alot of influencers, people with 200k+ are able to make a comfortable living just doing that so I wonder if brands don't reach out to her or what.

No. 687455

File: 1536868365244.jpeg (160.33 KB, 750x1200, F29E0E90-D11A-4AEC-8274-C46256…)

No. 687473

Well of course she’s not going to admit to it.

No. 687477

Open relationship! Cheating! How?! LMFAO! Vid related is mfw!

No. 687480


idk man I really think she snorted coke off someone's dick. She showed peep the video herself so she probably thought it was funny and also to make him jealous being all immature. And he freaked because…..well she was interacted with another man's penis. And peep was probably just saying "sucking someone else's dick" cuz he was really mad at her, especially after she was being petty and acting like an innocent victim crying on the internet. So while she probably shouldn't have snorted coke off someone's dick, video taped it, and definitely not shown it to Peep (mad disrespectful), it's really not cheating. I feel low key bad everyone's stuck on that she cheated on Peep forever, cuz we all know he cheated on her.

No. 687482

Can you sage your non contribution

No. 687486

Yeah I don’t think anyone besides peep stans think she cheated, it’s obvious she’s didn’t and that video was from before that got together right?

Major kek at that “open relationship” thing tho, guaranteed that’s just her softening the blow of peep fucking girls left and right while claiming her

No. 687501

File: 1536870702267.png (55.05 KB, 676x404, chea.PNG)

it's not 'mad disrespectful' showing him a nonsexual act to someone she wasnt even dating, imo. they were broken up and he cheated on her like crazy. the relationship was so painfully imbalanced, it's not even funny. she was obviously just reaching for any kind of ammunition to make him feel jealous like she did. she was entitled to snort coke off of, or rub against whatever dick she wanted while he was thrusting into a can of cold, british-baked potato soup and whatever other groupie approached him

rest of the tweets

No. 687505

I don't think doing it was disrespectful, I think showing the video was. I wouldn't go out of my way to make the person I care about watch me doing anything with another mans penis. Maybe I would tell him, but definitely would not make him watch it. But, I do agree it was imbalanced and I sympathize with her for that and mostly agree with you.

No. 687509

i don't see what's disrespectful about showing him. he chose to cheat on her, risk her health, break up with her to prioritize other people over her, so why not?

what's disrespectful and dangerous is fucking other people and lying to your partner about it. sorry, no, after you risk someone's health by cheating, i think it'd be perfectly fine for her to show him whatever she wants. obviously his feelings for her didn't matter enough to not risk her health

not that these people are the most health conscious, but that's not 'caring' at all

No. 687513


damn she really does go from one guy to the next. It's sad she can't be by herself and let her self grow and develop as a person, without clinging to someone. Even in the small moments where she is single she clings to her bffs like Aubrie and in the past Cass. One distraction to the next. This is why you have mental breakdowns like clockwork Lay, do your inner work!

No. 687517

File: 1536871429541.jpeg (119.2 KB, 728x546, 1_7eeHo_K8vLoAo64Rj_RySw.jpeg)

I wonder if she's borderline. Me the armchair psychologist! I got my doctorate at google.com lol!(armchair)

No. 687525

Ever damn bitch on here has bpd according to y’all bitches. Layla barley fits the catogory anyways, she’s just one of those girls who’s scared of being alone and is kinda volatile, her personality/sense of self is completely intact and separate from her friends (who if anything start molding them to her.)

No. 687539

I also think she fits it, spot on actually. Her sense of self seems confused—I mean she splits herself into two: Layla and Too Poor. She thinks too poor is an act, but it all comes from her, so it must be a part of her too. And personalities aren't that simple where you can say "oh that was Toopoor, but I'm not really like that." Everything's so intertwined and overlapped you can't just split a person in two it doesn't work like that. Maybe she can't accept who she is, the good and the bad, and has to convince herself that part of it is an act. Seems confused to me, anon.

It's not an insult to be BDP. Don't take it as a diss.

No. 687571

This has been discussed to death, it’s just armchair speculation and projecting, and it doesn’t matter either way. She’s insecure, moody, and lacks both insight and foresight. Any diagnosis that does or doesn’t exist on paper is totally irrelevant to a gossip thread.

No. 687587

Wow i didn’t think she’d post this on her story lmao. fyi, layla, i didn’t make this to point out just your nose
It was basically just to show how you completely change your whole face
Trust me there’s things that are far worse about your face other than that nose
stop going off about your beak

No. 687593

File: 1536875941170.jpeg (348.88 KB, 1040x1536, 6DCA5B42-E01D-43D5-90B5-210D3C…)

That mismatched 4-shades too dark foundation tho. God she just really reminds me of Kat von D. The stupid face tattoos, the hair, the wearing either too pale, or too tan foundation, the thin lips, little eyes, nose covering, lopsided face, faux goffick, the personality, the heroin use, trashy outfits, and sh00p use&denial/lip injections&denial.

No. 687599

Layla stop being a Kat skin walker

No. 687600

Looking at the side by sides, Kat Von Dateanazi can't even paint features on that potato of hers and she's a makeup artist.
Layla has some kind of dimension to her face, even if she hates it.

No. 687746

File: 1536886125377.jpeg (127.32 KB, 1125x432, 23B50B21-8081-4A91-B098-107203…)

No they were all with you for your good looks and amazing personality…

No. 687747

File: 1536886267318.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1112, 6D847FC9-A9EB-4F75-B44C-B97B6C…)

More aesthetic pics of his newly re-wrecked Porsche! Not embarrassing! So cool!

No. 687764

Kinda sad when theyre showing off a nice car and the back ground is in some white trash ghetto

No. 687766


didn't lolcow say that the second we found out he was dating grace fucking shields aka the ex-groupie of Lil Xan?

She's not a "physco", she's a basic thot with a leather face and cheap slug injections.

tyler's got a hell of a lot more personality than gtshields. even if it's a shit one.

No. 687775

This ain’t it anon…. looks like a typical California suburb tbh.

No. 687798

Hi layla!(hi cow)

No. 687979

File: 1536918771039.png (1007.75 KB, 946x1404, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 04.4…)

How many teens do you all think are going to skip the next three meals because of this? As >>687278 anon said, all her pics are flooded with beautiful young girls commenting "omg kms how can I be pretty like youu T^T". I wouldn't give af about the editing if she wasn't also trying to pull off ~beautiful the unique way I am~ whilst simultaneously feeding unrealistic, harmful ideals.

No. 687996

She has terrible taste in face and body wash.
Other than that.. it's some legs. If you're so fragile thats going to make you not eat for a day.. then you probably need some real help and would have found that inspiration with or without this picture. Jesus christ. Living in a world of fucking snowflakes.

No. 688002

File: 1536923379038.jpg (265.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180914-040827_Chr…)

How many different time and for how many different reasons is he going to quit? Stop talking about it and just do it already.

No. 688022

File: 1536927678221.jpg (71.97 KB, 680x671, e2e.jpg)

>memeing incoming

teleports behind him


headlocks him

pssshhh nothing personal kid!

shows him signed contract

LMAOing @ ur life!

grounds him for misbehaving


takes away his phone


No. 688055


wow that shadow shop..

No. 688060

I don't get what's attractive about this picture. She looks like she has chicken legs.

No. 688084

>How many teens do you all think are going to skip the next three meals because of this? As >>687278 anon said, all her pics are flooded with beautiful young girls commenting "omg kms how can I be pretty like youu

This Women’s Studies 101 take on disordered eating needs to die already. Adolescents obviously desire to emulate their idols but that’s not what drives young girls to develop body dysmorpia or destructive dieting habits.

No. 688104


Except this is exactly what, remember this is teens we're talking about not fully grown adults, teens are basically retarded (and have shit aesthetics, always). It can easily start off with something stupid and small like this, just a fucking shooped to hell pic of some thot they idolize. Just why post pics like this anyway, who wants to see legs in bath except for anas, it's obvious bodycheck thinspo bullshit and an adult should know better than to post it.

No. 688125


LOL! He is on a contract with a label for at least 2 more albums so good luck with that. He's just talking out of his ass for attention while acting like he hates attention per usual.

No. 688230

Eugenia Cooney is that you?

No. 688286

As someone who is actually diagnosed with BPD, it’s not a label to tack onto people. Armchair diagnosis mentalities are harmful and toxic as fuck. It’s not an insult to be borderline and I love myself for the progress I’ve made, but fuck. Stop tacking the label onto anyone. Y’all corny.

No. 688304

The last 24hrs of posts are like 90% Layla WK's lmao.

No. 688390

dude I wrote this AND I have BPD. ya'll soft

No. 688595

Aubrie is being really quiet.

No. 688619

File: 1536993546497.png (260.68 KB, 903x342, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 2.33…)

pepper really out here locking his twitter

No. 688683

Outside of her friendships with drama queens she's a very non-dramatic entity. I personally find her aesthetic played out and one dimensional (Hot Topic aggressively vommiting out all of it's contents during October) but good on her for cultivating a following without the toxic shitshow antics every other instahoe uses to stay relevant

No. 688864

File: 1537031264752.jpeg (518.41 KB, 1125x1098, 13F9EB9A-F80E-4026-917B-C35674…)

Did he make his twitter private so he could @ Russ without him seeing?? lmao

No. 688888

dude nobody cares

No. 688964

Who honestly cares she's boring

No. 688970

Fuck yes I am living for Russ telling Fat Nick what a douchebag he is.

All these losers act like they are so sad their “brother” Peep is gone but they do nothing but promote the lifestyle that killed him and make shitty ass music

No. 689121


Just checked this out and DAMN I am also living for it!! He also called out everyone's favorite dead-eyed scumbag Adam22 for being in his mid 30s and tryna catch the wave off kids that are like 15 years younger than him which I'm also very much here for.

No. 689244

Sp00ky unfollowed Layla, but Layla still follows her. I literally need to know what happened it’s killing me lol. I could be fun foiling but aubrie and Layla said they were dating a lot or they’d make it sound like they were at least a thing. I know girls are just like that sometimes but it’s something to think about considering they stopped hanging out when Layla started dating killstation. Aubrie could also have just gotten tired of being Layla’s friend when she’s not in a relationship, because when Layla has a boyfriend she always drops her best friend.

No. 689245

*tin foiling

No. 689246

caps? it's an image board

No. 689250

File: 1537077584778.png (55.81 KB, 577x255, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 10.5…)


My bad, here

No. 689251

File: 1537077637427.png (64.53 KB, 578x277, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 10.5…)


and this one.

No. 689256

File: 1537078149960.png (135.01 KB, 601x567, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.0…)


These too!

No. 689283

She still follows Layla stop making shit up

No. 689307

I’m not trying to make things up. When I go to toopoors insta and go to followers I don’t see aubrie when I type her url

No. 689309

File: 1537086343880.png (950.4 KB, 1242x2208, 260EE7C2-2DD4-4F6A-8778-B5E060…)

lol not milky just funny

No. 689333

she will literally say anything for attention damn

No. 689348

File: 1537093494440.png (235.27 KB, 750x1334, D455FA7A-4DC5-4A59-8B3B-748086…)

Lol she archived everything again just to come back later with another shitty post

No. 689353

File: 1537094219555.jpeg (96.8 KB, 750x1334, 19CCC422-B340-4DD0-93F1-6A89B0…)

she deleted her account

No. 689355

i think she probably just disabled it. shes too addicted to attention to actually delete it.

No. 689602

File: 1537124671971.jpeg (480.4 KB, 1206x1223, 00140FE8-2D53-4034-9CD2-3B7B4F…)

No. 689648

No. 689652

Has been posted a few threads before

No. 689735

Did anyone see Coco’s “dance” on stage while Pouya was performing? That shit was cringy as hell. She tries too hard

No. 689753

it’s an imageboard so either post a video or do not mention anything??

No. 689791

agreed please post video

but just from what you're saying fuck coco. she posts some cryptic message about him betraying her and of course people are by her side immediately but now she's clout hungry again and dances on stage with him? trash. pure trash.

No. 689802

this is amazing

back when she had actual life in her eyes

No. 689810

Sooo, this account been posted before? Girl was 15 in these videos so there isn’t really any milk in this. Just a bunch of teens being teens. Lol.

Also, Lay is this you? You always seem to post that you never start sentences with capitals. Soooooo, are you self posting?

No. 689826

File: 1537137410905.jpeg (1002.38 KB, 1242x1804, 794A1F40-A9DA-4E71-94DD-41AD50…)

Sorry, new here, but like what the fuck is she even doing lmao


No. 689830

Shut the fuck up and stop complaining about everyones post. My god you’re annoying

No. 689846

Why is she doing the macarena lmao

No. 689852

>anyone who doesn't start their sentences with a capital letter is layla
are you retarded?
also i'm in south-east europe lol mods can confirm. you are deluded.

No. 689885


Layla has been talking to a screen for at least a decade. There's a subtype of person who has a tendency to want to share their life online. Social media has changed a lot since the 00's.

No. 689891

That is so embarassing.. again with the too small clothes.. idk wtf shes doing.. 80's aerobics? It's definitely not dancing.

No. 689904


Agreed. I felt secondhand embarrassment watching her prance around like that hahaha especially since she was JUST bashing Pouya for betraying her a week ago. Like anon said, she must be clout hungry

No. 689933

Did she really do the n'sync bye bye bye hand thing?

No. 689934

File: 1537150740258.jpg (526.95 KB, 1075x1345, 20180916_191740.jpg)

Did he look different when they met or something? I just cant imagine meeting him and thinking damn I want that. His looks alone would give me a creepy enough vibe I'd keep my distance.

No. 689936

given how most of these soundcloud guys look, I'm pretty sure most of these girls are just with them for the clout

No. 689960

Imagine not being able to dance to this extent.

No. 689962

File: 1537154893374.jpeg (622.77 KB, 1125x1300, 7854CD27-47AC-4AD0-8123-C7D9BE…)

What does she mean by “sold toopoor”? Vague attention-starved ass

No. 689964

maybe she means she sold her insta profile

No. 689968

she definitely doesn't mean she got a job

No. 689970


what does selling an Instagram even mean? I checked and her website is still up (too-poor.com)

No. 689999

Do u guys think toopoor relapsed

No. 690011


No. 690023

Her Instagram is gone so….

No. 690024

Nah, shes not being weird and inappropriate enough.

No. 690104

I love when she gets right in front of the videographer/photographer and they've finally had enough and move in front of her so they can actually get shots of pouya. They literally didn't record any of her cringey little dance show

Exactly what it sounds like. Someone pays you in exchange for your account info and they take control of your account

No. 690237

I’m guessing she’s bullshittin with the “I sold toopoor” thing. She would never sell her account and lose all those followers. If nothing else, that’s her paycheck, and she might be dumb but she’s not dumb enough to give that up/

No. 690314

File: 1537207448155.jpeg (175.97 KB, 1125x510, 7FC6AB38-FBF1-45DB-96C2-6D6322…)

Girls are allowed to fuck whoever they want pepper. Also maybe stop dating obviously clout starved instathots? Just a thought.

No. 690319

Lol why is he saying that like he's a rapper. You're not all that Pepper, perhaps try a nice personality

No. 690338

If her account was sold, all the people who were following it will still be following it/will still have dm's/comments from it but the name of the account will be different. I also assume the buyer deleted pictures and unfollowed people.

I wonder what the account's new name is, out of curiosity.

No. 690355

She didn’t sell her account dumbasses she just deactivated it and I’m sure she’ll put it back up in a few days

No. 690482

she deleted these tweets

No. 690572

As if he’s not an idiot who just wants to fuck models

No. 690638

File: 1537230725608.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1876, AD80901E-BF8C-4F72-AC43-A5B2E3…)

it’s back up

No. 690649

File: 1537232417624.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2208, C04B8BBF-B362-4C2A-81B5-74A344…)

thought she sold “toopoor”? attention seeking at its finest

No. 690661

“nose queen”(sage)

No. 690719

I literally cannot fucking believe she is going to act like she didn’t have an outburst saying she was selling her insta what the actual fuck

No. 690735

the fact that this bitch is 25, a grown ass woman, and acts so immature and attention seeking will always be beyond me. what the fuck lmfao

No. 690759

Sorry but a lot of people are messes at 25. The idea that everyone is so grown at 25 is a meme.

No. 691093

i thought this was an exaggeration but wow bitch is LAAAAAAME

No. 691099

just watched it for the 30th time laughing and bitch is supposed to be SIDE STAGE respectfully not fucking on stage what a fucking dumb bitch if i were pouya i'd be soooo pissed

No. 691219

File: 1537302043088.jpeg (228.33 KB, 1125x1944, 667C0988-1CD6-4CBC-8E20-6AE173…)

Anyone know who @ohgeesy gf is? She seems like an insecure milky mess

No. 691222

File: 1537302107061.png (1.95 MB, 1125x2436, 2406CDE8-AA4A-4A1C-A606-5A669A…)

This shows her insta handle but ofc she’s private.

No. 691431

Looked like he was serious and focused in his performance and she's right behind him acting like a jackass. I feel bad bc if she was actually loved and valued by him and his people it wouldn't be so cringey and inappropriate

No. 691515

i kno this is old but she meant "selling" the persona of toopoor like her acting as that and not herself

No. 691602

File: 1537326700032.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x2167, DE522403-EA17-4810-9B3F-1BBEC3…)

Cass just posted this on instagram. Wow! So she admits she has esophageal and heart problems because of bulimia and anorexia. She also apologized for portraying a warped and unhealthy image to her followers.

No. 691613


Hey cass

No. 691616

Not Cass, posting the version with my Instagram icon is frowned upon, so I cut that part out. I just happened to see it literally right after she posted it.

No. 691619

Who’s this dumb cunt that accuses every anon of being Layla and Cass?

No. 691632

it's not frowned upon so much it's self-doxing. anons telling each other about it are trying to help, unless the anon is being embarrassing.

No. 691639

Also cass wouldn’t only have only 1 DM so that’s kinda proof

No. 691676

so so so sorry but can't delete the pics

No. 691709

I feel like the pics are still there to show as an example of unhealthy living

No. 691734

meanwhile the camera dudes have to wait till she's done with her little prance to start filming bc obvs they'd get fired if they told Pouya's bitch to fucking move

No. 691738

File: 1537348815312.png (304.12 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180919-041450.png)

so I guess this is still dropping kinda creepy it's how the higher ups are pupeteering him posthumously and running his dead account

No. 691739

File: 1537349040755.png (264.38 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180918-044416.png)

oh and I forget to post this but Liza put it up like a day or 2 ago, guess Universal beat her back and she's compliant now

No. 691792

ima be so confused if you guys start roasting her for this.
this is quite beautiful and i applaud her.
don’t care if she’s been an annoying self absorbed cow for years, change and growth is always possible and this is a really positive message. hopefully it reaches some of the girls that think she’s “goals” and it inspires them to be more than an instathot with an eating disorder. Good on her for being humble and real. Hope she gets healthier and finds a better path.

No. 691797

File: 1537359548669.png (136.09 KB, 1075x691, Screenshot_20180919-081132~2.p…)


Okay I get that she's sad her son died, but to refer to him as a poet and compare his work to Matisse is just ridiculous and absurd.

He was a meme rapper junkie. Not a visionary artist lol. Gassing him up after his death does nothing to negate the reality of the trite, shallow output he had while living.

No. 691830

If she deletes her grossly manipulated photos from her ig, or captions then with “this is heavily shopped and an unattainable body type” then sure. The damage she’s done to her young “fans” has been done, and the photos that did the damage are still posted to influence others. At this point it’s still just attention seeking behavior, until she actually acts upon it.

Of course we’re going to be skeptical. Like, look at her past behavior? I’ll take her seriously when this version of shrimp sticks around for more than one ig post.

No. 691955

The xxx and peep song was released today- the sound clip of x talking about how he wished he knew peep is a part of the song. If you have to include reasoning as to why releasing the song is okay, in the song itself, maaaaybe something is sus about it…

It also reminded me of gma peep referring to xxx’s extremely violent abusive behavior as “macho strutting” and I fucking gagged.

No. 692037

of course adam22's creepy ass is defending this wack shit too, saying peep's mom and fat nick approved it etc. which literally doesn't matter because peep himself didn't and most likely wouldn't have. peep wasn't a saint but he was pretty vocal about lgbt and women rights and just because x suddenly started fucking with his music after he died (how convenient) doesn't mean peep would have liked a song he made with makonnen to have x in it because liza was basically blackmailed into it by columbia

No. 692066

No. 692093

File: 1537387325757.jpeg (225.24 KB, 1125x2080, AC745B98-8659-479A-A5E7-3D3D67…)

God he’s so gross, and Liza and Oskar were both so vehemently against it, whatever they’re saying now is bought off. Tracy’s been shit talking it too, saying what everyone already knows, which is that peep didn’t fucking like x

No. 692101

I find people speculating how Peep the junie would feel if he were alive so exhausting


No. 692133

Tbh just sad that everyone is milking their death for money, indeed wish they were there to see what they would say about all this

No. 692215

Its so sad that it seems to be makonnen behind this, since him and peep were so close for a minute.

No. 692327

I know that's the weirdest part. I assumed since makonnen is gay he would dislike a guy who openly brags about beating the shit out of a gay guy

I don't have the mental energy to understand how any of this is okay with anyone. whatever

No. 692353

File: 1537413279990.jpeg (307.45 KB, 1125x794, 29141AC0-2CF5-4B37-8F4D-3568B8…)

Ohhh fishy…

No. 692466

>fat nick approved of it
Lmao what does fat nick's opinion matter? The only person whose opinion matters is peeps and he's dead. so gross how the lardy lean guzzler has self assigned himself as the person to speak on peep's behalf. gave the kid a bag of xans for his bday what an enabling sack of shit

And fuck adamIwishIwas22's opinion too

No. 692497

How do you replay 1 chorus and call that a song? I'd like to know how the original sounded.. it has a cool vibe to it. maybe with makonnens verses it sounded better.. or maybe I just dont understand how xxx even became somewhat popular. His voice and all songs I've heard of his sound like shit.

No. 692498

Fat nick is a trash human being.

No. 692506


The original version (w/ Makonnen)

No. 692538

File: 1537439254358.png (110.55 KB, 590x497, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.2…)


pepper ann is melting down on twitter.

No. 692539

File: 1537439282358.png (26.62 KB, 594x96, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.2…)

No. 692557

Gee wonder who that could be? Lol

No. 692558

Someones high…

No. 692611

All deleted lmao

No. 692614

File: 1537453221933.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1125x2054, 143CC02B-FE32-4CF6-995D-0D12B4…)

Seems about right…
Not saying his bestie is on the tar, looks like he’s just hitting a regular schmegular bong.
But we all know what that tin foil on the table is for; And before anyone tries to say it’s just holding weed/dabs no one puts their wax on aluminum foil. No one.

No. 692615

File: 1537453319825.png (4.7 MB, 1125x2436, 4A0421D6-93EF-4A2D-93CC-CACE75…)

PLEASE tell me this is a photo of him and Layla omfg

No. 692645

Layla has Eugenia Cooney legs that’s not her

No. 692679

Pretty sure that's keys/keychain..

No. 692698

next to it

No. 693161

File: 1537491958143.png (195.63 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180920-043855.png)

layla put this up on her story yesterday along with a small video clip of peep jamming to the original falling down song he apparently sent her

No. 693267

File: 1537503911840.png (298.72 KB, 750x1334, 05788AED-6567-481B-8524-49E3A3…)

This was on the last thread but apparently lil xan’s song purple hearts stole the beat from this guy diamond pistols? The producer who made purple hearts is some guy called Diablo and I remember (no cap unfortunately) that he posted on his story to go comment L on diamond pistol’s instagram. was this why?

No. 693326

File: 1537515831845.png (669.67 KB, 730x1376, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 02.4…)

Not milky, just sorta confusing maybe? Makonnen is at a show in Austin,TX & is performing "Sunlight on my Skin" (original version of "Falling Down" with his own part obviously). Does anyone know if he's even be allowed to perform his version since the song's rights are controlled by the label now & their final verdict was the XXX version? Also kinda weird that he likely profited by handing the song off to the label to frankenstein it & yet he still wants to additionally profit by performing the original…

No. 693394

File: 1537522189977.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 5B1DDFC7-3E00-4CD3-B2B8-E7EFEB…)

I love how she only puts half her face like we wouldn't see the one she posted before is shopped. Only with half her face you can already see major differences with the other one

No. 693399

File: 1537522733871.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, D58B1C45-23B2-44AE-8ECC-652E85…)

Ok Layla keep lurking

No. 693404

i wish i had layla's financial stability tbh, the kind that allows you to be on the same lolcow thread all fucking day and complain on twitter about having "no purpose", and literally nothing else

No. 693448

I dont think they own the rights to makonnens verses since those would hold no financial gain for them why would they bother. Also who knows what kind of agreement he has with them. Maybe he can perform his version but not sell it?

No. 693466

File: 1537532573744.png (60.46 KB, 480x463, Screenshot_20180921-070945~2.p…)

I want to see Pouya square up with a real gangster and get his string bean ass beat

No. 693467

lol how high is he??

No. 693575

the napoleon complex jumped out

No. 693626

>the streets already verified me
I’m at a loss for words. Whatever you say you Kip from Napoleon dynamite lookin mf

No. 693632

This is so cringe cause he already replied the same damn thing a while ago when someone asked it. Too lazy to look up for it but it's a few posts back, not important anyway

No. 693644

He's verified on Twitter though. What a tool.

No. 693726

Its because they're lyrics to a song of his.

No. 693755

i don't know if this is milk or if anyone cares, but tana mongeau just admitted her and lil xan were in a relationship and he cheated on her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orbEH4csAUI

No. 693779


why is she going to russia? can you use a shooped photo of yourself on visas???

No. 693785

First mac miller now him? This girl claims she dated everyone for clout

No. 693823

Old news, not really milky.

No. 693856

This isn’t even the actual visa pic. You can tell all she did was make the edited version of the pic black and white and it looks like it was taken from a screen. She was trying to make it seem like she took a pic of the actual visa version

No. 693862

God shes fucking annoying.

No. 693880

The blue check is just to keep people from impersonating you, what bullshit is this.

No. 693885

File: 1537574337939.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1534x1116, 79C82DB5-7BCD-4D64-A8D5-AD577F…)

No. 693886

She looks botched either way. Her nose editing is horrible.

No. 693889

Ffs… like nearly all pictures we're exposed to arent photoshopped?

No. 693891

Ew… whats up with the anime eyes and dr suess nose?

No. 693903

Still cringey edgelord garbage either way. His lyrics scream "inadequate". He's like a Chihuahua sounding off like he's some big dog.

No. 693941

File: 1537580612597.jpg (173.53 KB, 1081x1078, Screenshot_20180921-214224-1.j…)

we got these degens playing poker live on YouTube rn

No. 693998


Never thought I would see the day where I'd be telling AdamIWishIWas22 to try harder but here we are. The Bike is the shittiest most low rent casino in LA.

No. 694150

is this the original or you tried to deshoop it?

No. 694467

LMAOOOOOO guys ok i am so sorry to summon this IDIOT and i do not and never will fuck with adam22 but last anyone gave a fuck about making fun of chili-dog was like last year or something when she came to LA for a week and pretended to move there and got a clout tattoo on her face an uhhhhhhh


no need to time stamp cause she's on the the first fucking second and got the damn title named after her. i didn't even watch bc i came straight here and also she's there for like two hours. dressed like a straight dumb ass. and adam was stupid enough to refer to her as a goth???? i know no one cares about the actual content, i just think it's hilarious adam spent this much time with her a year ago, both of them are fuckin snakes and wish someone told adam about the low ass shit she said about peep, though he wouldn't care considering he has a peep tattoo and doesn't do research about anyone. this whole incident is just bizarre.

No. 694482

Have we talked about Adam22's girlfriend Lena in any of these threads? Wtf is homegirl doing with that manchild? In a recent video they pick up a 19-year-old girl for a threesome. That's pretty gross but whatever. The thing that got me is Lena was the one talking to the girl the whole time while Adam was too timid to. What the fuck!!!! So Lena sets the whole damn thing up right up until he puts his dick in or what? Does she put a bib on him before every meal as well like jesus christ that's pathetic

No. 694492


Lena seems like kind of a clout chaser and makes her whole living off of her online presence, Adam is good for that and probably only that. He cheats on her pretty regularly outside of whatever they're doing together. A while back he was obviously messing with or tryna to mess with Celina Powell and instead of shutting it down with him she freaked out and went off on Celina as opposed to holding Adam accountable for anything. I think she either has insanely low self esteem or gets what she wants from being with him. Either way the whole "look how transgressive and edgey we are with our open-ish relationship thing" is way more depressing than anything else.

No. 694493

lena actually is, or shall i say used to be, pretty smart, college education and all. her relationship with adam has turned her into a typical LA thot with a premium snapchat who has to engage in threesomes regularly (the third person is always a girl, ofc) in order to stay in a relationship with the human trash that is adam. sad to behold really

No. 694505

No one fucking cares

No. 694512

well you can suck my nuts because she got her own no jumper on the same level at layla and this actually DID NOT happen a year ago it happened a couple weeks ago she's in my city on visa so again go fuck yourself sandy vagina or enjoy yourself bc it's actually funny.

ok I've been drinking and i have this on in the background so some highlights include:

says 'people' know who she is bc of being controversial and her music. got this arabic face tattoo bc she woke up and was bored, adam joked she was already trying to say she was over it/act like it wasn't cool and she agreed it 'kind of is a joke'????? the translation is in fact 'my sacrifice' and she feels that's what her music is. claims she met peep through bexey (who adam pressured her into admitting she didn't fuck but blew); bexey 'switched up' on her (NO SHIT) and peep is (not was, because he's just an idea to her anyway) a good person. she's i guess out here on a visa.


purposefully completely fucks up the story about her and layla; adam asks for clarification (of above response) and corrects chili saying "oh what you mean Too Poor?" (lmao) and CHILICUNT says the timeline was she fucks peep, layla "tweeted a bunch of shit at her", and chili "attacked back" (girrrlll……), and "we're ok now" meaning layla once again pussied out of taking care of yet another english troll.
Chili said Layla's "music is fire". … wild cause i don't think she released it. Adam asks other guest if Too Poor could take over and when OG says no Chili laughs (great "friend"). Adam talks with OG about "Too Poor taking over the rap game" for a long moment and chili looks visibly annoyed. She takes it then jokes about HER taking over and obv no one fucking even listens and continues talking over her (not fucking understanding that that's literally what it's like being a woman "in the game", talking about giving head or drama or people don't take you seriously until you reach mass levels of fame and that talking down girls bigger than you aka layla won't get you anywhere you dumb bitch).
keep trying to be cool by saying she only did shit bc she was bored or drunk, that she's only doing music bc she 'showed up to the studio drunk' which is a great way to take your shit seriously peep would be soooo proud.
is wearing a fannypack by chinatown market (DOES layla still get a cut of that or did she just fund tylers abusive ass) she name drops after they ask he what she's even been doing here and she says 'music and shopping". where the fuck this girl even getting any money considering her family is white trash broke asl. says she eats burgers and noodles like we couldn't tell. adam asks her to freestyle and she like 'uhhhhh a can't freestyle' as if she can do anything at all (like a jellyfish. cheljifish) says she can't bc she'll say something offensive. cheljifish says she's fucked a black rapper and they try to guess but fail to guess mackned. so now we know.
said pedophile69 is HOT. says she tries to get with him "all the time" in his comments.
mispronounces LENA and adam does not correct her.(calm down)

No. 694514

That's what's crazy about it… if you watch her vlogs she's intelligent and obv college educated. I don't get a clouty feel from her ie >>694492 but I guess it's a possibility. It's crazy to see a beautiful, intelligent woman dickmatized so blatantly. Soooo many comments on their vids are telling her to drop him etc.

No. 694515

oh look, it's overinvested anon again!

No. 694547

Lena looks like a straight up man. She's ugly as fuck and her pussy looks blown the fuck OUT.

No. 694553

…..are u ok?

No. 694559

in what, the milk? guilty


No. 694617

i know people dont like to hear about chelsea, but it is kind of milky that adam let her on the show when she's an absolute no one, and she is spilling milk about the layla situation. this was only from a month ago?

i guess people just have such a kneejerk reaction to chili that they refuse to acknowledge it might be milky

No. 694619

Pretty girls can be grimey too.. everyone needs to stop acting like they're all fucking victims. Mist of them are living their life how they want ffs.

No. 694720

thank you for reading before judging, if i was layla i would straight stab her over this considering chili has fucked her "love" and then dragged her name through the mud over and over ad nauseam post every fake encounter ever. like tp since we all know you lurk this shit give yourself and us the gift that will give into infinity and just pay someone else o fuck her up because literally no one else on earth deserves it more. even your abusive ex tyler acknowledges you, chili is a dumbfuck who will forever talk shit. be fucking smart layla, take it to the streets or you a fuckin fake bitch.

and not even a month, shit was done on August 28 this year. I originally thought this dumb hoe wouldn't return to LA after last year but no, she is that stupid and got a visa.

No. 694847

But its old milk tho someone already mentioned it on the past thread so literally no need to bring it up again. This girl is super irrelevant

No. 695546

File: 1537755800680.png (9.97 MB, 1242x2208, 4A78EF25-06B0-42B0-8FB5-592D1D…)

I feel bad for Joei.

No. 695600

What the fuck is this I feel so uncomfortable just looking at this

No. 695643

Tbh they should drop layla and date each other lol

No. 695790

File: 1537794349940.jpeg (154.71 KB, 750x1028, EE9FC64D-913D-474C-81E0-44125D…)

She used to pull off her tats like this, kinda sad she had to ruin it with her eye tats. Wonder what she'll do next

No. 695844

The same thing has been said about her numerous times. She looked better without her eye tat, we get it.

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