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File: 1536354381349.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, layla.png)

No. 683353

Previous threads:

This thread is focused on Layla (TooPoor) Shapiro and the rest of the SoundClout Negaverse.
The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew
Please take the time to read over previous threads, lurk, and become familiar with the shitshows in the SoundClout LA scene.

The usual cows are:
@tylergrosso/PepperAnn - SoundClouts most hated. and not in the cool/edgy way he hopes. Runs superrradical and leeches off his friends success. His most recent ticket is @prodbyparis. Tyler is melodramatic, self obsessed, and delusional.
@prodbyparis - Industry plant who shit out an album in 2 days - Obviously being used by his record label to profit off the postpeep wave. Constantly putting his foot in his mouth on social media/biting the hand that feeds. Loves to subtweet other artists and deleting and soon as he catches heat. Typical dudebro/frat-fuckboy personality, frequently shotguns Bud Light.
@gtshields - Obviously clout starved (dated pepper. gross.). ex of lil xan and possibly @arzaylea (prob for the likes). Bad lip injections and highly questionable taste in men. otherwise boring and basic.
@arzaylea/Arse - Peep's most recent ex at the time of his passing. Shady groupie who hops from musician to musician. Also has really bad lip fillers. Holds two world Records: most annoying voice, worst poetry in human history
@hotelshrimp/Cass - A Layla skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating TPs ex 2 weeks after Peeps passing. Cass is known for terrible anatomically impossible shoops, bad makeup and painfully cringey coke fueled twitter rants. TPs ex has cheated on Cass multiple times. still seen desperately trying to hang out with Layla's friends.
@lukeystorey - Layla's London ex who's too old to be getting Pikachu tats and starting a SoundClout career. Posts cringey Brit raps and is just generally weird af. Speculated to be on the spectrum.
@sheyatted - Marilyn/"intellectual"chica. A Peep obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age garbage. Extremely borderline. Cannot stop getting Gus memorial face tatts and referring to him as her "twin flame" despite spending limited time together. Always in the comments section of all of SoundClouts social media posts. In her early 30s, aka Way too old for this shit.

New milk:

Pepper was arrested and is once again spurging about how shitty his life is on social media

Layla's musical debut has been delayed, perhaps forever. However will the world go on?

Columbia Records released a Peep XXX collab, drawing a line in the sand and forcing most of the major SoundClout players to choose a side. Smokeasac and Fat Nick pimped the song out hard, despite Peep's mom and brother being very vocal about not supporting it.

Speaking of Columbia Records… Lil Xan and Miley Cyrus' little sister's set-up-by-Columbia Records relationship fell apart, as predicted.

Pouya the rapist and his ~angel~ of a gf are back on their on again off again bullshit.

Cass, forever the Layla skinwalker, is getting her life together via rehab… allegedly.



When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors, DON'T POST NOBODIES.

NO PEEP PSYCHOANALYSIS. diving into his psyche or speculating how he actually felt about his flings is strictly prohibited. let the man rest in peace. Milk surrounding the investigation and SoundClout fallout is still allowed.

DON'T EXPECT TO BE SPOONFED!, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules. Lurk until you feel comfortable joining in on the discussion without being an annoying newfag.

Again, READ PREVIOUS THREADS, catch up on new posts before posting.

SAGE ALL NON-MILK POSTS - When in doubt, just sage your post.

NO DISCUSSIONS OF MUSICAL MERITS. This is a gossip board, not a music forum.

Chelji milk is strongly frowned upon unless she does something hilariously embarrassing. Before posting about her, ask yourself: "does anyone really gaf about this spud?"

All lolcow rules apply. Read them and integrate. Don't be annoying. No infighting.

No. 683442

Like Asperger's

No. 683467

grosso should've died not peep. he's never even tried to get help, if you genuinely suffer from suicidal shit you do everything possible to get help because it's a nightmare. he just loves the image and attention and tbh he gets everything coming to him.

No. 683570

hey so Bella (igirl) just posted a new youtube vid. in it, she said Cody's (yungcortex) paypal was canceled which I'm assuming means permanently limited.

now i just want to know if anyone knows anything about cody scamming anyone out of money? I feel like this is the only reason this would happen? sorry if no one cares.

No. 683578

File: 1536375092532.png (807.83 KB, 1242x2208, 6CCEAB8A-0A0F-4CC7-9CD9-159E79…)

Which one of you dumbasses is Leslie Autumns?

No. 683602

I’m honestly starting to feel bad for layla why does she have so many weird stalkers.

He’s always had a good rep, last year when the to catch a soundcloud rapper account was around they put him on their list of reputable repost sellers, he said he was falling behind on beat commissions because of the move so someone could have filed a claim but that’s rarely enough to get your account shut down, sometimes hustling too much via PayPal with out doing proper invoicing can also make PayPal freeze your shit, and I’ve had payments bounce back to me because PayPal had an issue verifing the account of the person I paid even though I got my shit so who knows, paypal has a lot of weird rules that can get your stuff frozen with out being a scammer.

No. 683635

Anyone else hear mac miller died of an OD?

No. 683639


and annoying ass tana mongeau is claiming she had a secret affair/relationship with him l m f a o

No. 683641

I imagine he had a lot of "secret affairs" :eyeroll:

No. 683647

File: 1536383716674.jpg (347.45 KB, 1080x1170, 20180907_221440.jpg)

Wanted to come over last night…

No. 683648

File: 1536383760588.jpg (452.28 KB, 1050x1660, Screenshot_20180907-221524_Chr…)

But… hmmm

No. 683670

hahah oh wow, how trashy

No. 683671

its like peep all over again. before you know it chilis gonna pop in and say they were married.

ps mongoose has a thread here >>100403

and i just wanna draw attention back to >>683260
pepper got his "defective" porsche back and already wrecked it again! its been like.. a month! safe to say this is probably how he got the dui the other night. the milk… its so sweet…

No. 683679

It was inevitable that he was going to wreck it again.. and hes gonna be just as likely to wreck whatever he gets to replace it. That's what's happens when your half gone all the time. I cant believe anyone on his social media supports him as if he isnt the cause of his own fucking misery.

No. 683701

don't forget Marilyn!

No. 683702

File: 1536394614644.jpg (353.75 KB, 1080x1326, 20180908_011605.jpg)

Not that hes much relevant now, or ever was I guess.. but I still cant believe Paris was losing his shit over this girl.

No. 683705

She has a nice bod

No. 683711

Too bad she doesnt have a face.. or anything else to go with it.

No. 683723

Idk who she is but she’s pretty cute, it’s just weird to see a girl taking glamour shots without make up,

No. 683728

still so bizarre to me that she's like 19 or something?
She looks at least around the 28 mark tbh

No. 683758

I didn’t want to like her since she’s such a fan girl but honestly good for her. Fuck all these literally worthless boys and that’s cool she’s confident enough to shoot this natural, that attitude is attractive with everyone facetuning every little flaw. I’m not about to stan her but she’s harmless and not affecting young girls super negatively unlike Layla. Closest redeeming person to her is Moonpie but she is so fucking dumb and helpless it’s dangerous. I just wish these girls had any talent beyond copying trends to be relevant and dating someone even if it’s as bs as SoundCloud music.rose is too w/e to care.

No. 683889

File: 1536425915713.png (7.65 MB, 1242x2208, 472751CF-93FF-4FB5-8A26-98498B…)

No. 683969

I'm all for confidence, but this girl seems like she has such an ugly personality I cant even like her.

No. 683983


speaking of paris what tf ever happened to him? is he completely irrelevant now?

No. 683985

File: 1536433522231.png (390.68 KB, 447x689, Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 3.02…)

sry for the shitty screenshot. i nabbed it real quick on my laptop.

you guys think pepper ann fired his ~best friend~?

No. 683995

His best friend probably got tired of being paid in hand me downs or realized what a shit show Grosso's life is, and quit.

No. 684002

I would be willing to bet the majority of being Gossos assistant is just being his babysitter.

No. 684010

I find it reeeeal weird that there’s been no further mention of the puppy. Something fucked up went down. Peppers either blaming his bff or like anon said, dipped when he realized how fucked up pepper is.

No. 684016

It is weird. Maybe in addition to being Tyler's babysitter his assistant was also supposed to babysit the dog. Tyler did spend a night in jail.. a puppy can get into a lot of trouble in a short time unsupervised.. especially in a house that hasn't been made puppy safe.

No. 684150

no one worth anything advertises job opportunities on instagram stories

No. 684195

File: 1536452289208.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 0B5F10D0-E35A-4456-B1FF-1CCBC5…)

this whole thing has been hyped up for so long ffs

No. 684208

Yeah what happened to no music ever?

No. 684209

Does she even know how to play guitar?

No. 684264

Why is Brandon Johnson not being investigated even tho he admitted on TMZ to possessing drugs and providing Demi with the drugs she overdosed on?

No. 684278

Maybe he's a strung out attention whore who was nowhere near Demi. It takes a certain type to slur that shit to TMZ cameras.

No. 684340

maybe I'm heartless or just sick of people doing hard drugs for clout than getting fucking mad that they Oded like bitch stop doing the fucking drugs and get a high risk JOB if you want that thrill. it's no one's fault she overdosed besides herself, she accepted drugs from some sketchy asshole who didn't give a fuck about her life, and she gave even less of a fuck because she took them

on top of it all, like gross, she's openly bipolar and takes hard drugs that will fuck up her already fragile as fuck chemical imbalance. i think i may be jaded because i feel nothing for people like this anymore sorry. make better fucking decisions, grow the fuck up and commit to health.

No. 684846

File: 1536535800484.jpeg (258.59 KB, 1125x763, CC9CC821-4B8F-4A7D-A85A-124B6C…)

>my love

No. 684857

she looks really pretty in her icon. its a shame she inflates and pouts her lips 99% of the time, completely changing her face.

No. 684914

File: 1536543269425.jpeg (291.53 KB, 1125x1098, BCACAFF3-1523-4D80-80ED-A43061…)

Lil xan’s new face tat

No. 684986


No. 685079

Toopoor is starting to be soooo fucking boring

No. 685174



No. 685176

fucking good let the girl get entirely sober and live where random here she ACTUALY happy.

No. 685181

yo this just this just makes want to kill myself i got rapred by on industry dude so one care. I'm fucking nothing n i didn't' even chase him he chase the HELL out me and i just ent with it bcc i legit fucking hate myself so much i s=wan to die i swear i want to die that anyone of the suicdeboys sucks fuck them and fuck them for capitalizing off MENTAl MOTHER FUCKiNg ILLNESS THAT TREATS MEN LIKE POETs AND WOMEN LIKE TRAsh WHORES FUCK YOU FUCK YoU AlL WHITE BOY BITCHES DONT KNWO MOTHER FUCKIN SHIT STUPID ASS IL SUSy ASS YOUNGER SIstR DONT DONT SHIT AS FUCK YOU ALL O HELL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685182

hope my legit suicide boys rapes/played me storite come out

sick of fuckng tyler and peep cling-os let revamp this shit.

No. 685185

real talk ho t do escape this
im a succesfull illustrator foreced to socialism but i a=hate it and cancel a lot\. please help wise ladies.

No. 685190

No. 685191

go to bed claire

No. 685193

anon I can't tell if you're trolling or legitimately not alright and I'm actually concerned

No. 685449

I used to like layla. But she is really boring atm. Good that she is staying sober but still…

No. 685475

File: 1536619128556.png (365.38 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180910-173132.png)

Her obsession with cigs is so gross to me. Why do these insta girls do this when their appearance is is their whole brand and tons of young girls follow them. Sage for irrelevant but it's honestly so bad for your health overall why is she so proud of it

No. 685622

File: 1536635760896.jpeg (205.81 KB, 1242x1199, CDDFD776-E503-4463-AB8C-0745A0…)

Did she get Botox or something? Her face looks weird

No. 685655

File: 1536639350314.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 642DE4C8-739A-4089-9373-DCD12A…)

i know peep hated her before he died but she doesnt feel atleast a lil weird fucking all her dead ex boyfriend’s friends?

No. 685663

honestly what about toopoo ever screamed healthy living to you? cigarettes are probably one of the least toxic things she's involved with

No. 685666

doesn’t even look like her at all..

No. 685669

He is really not cute. She has terrible taste in men for real.

No. 685680

sage your dumbass post

No. 685683

File: 1536642437032.jpeg (134.91 KB, 1242x2208, 0405175B-8636-40A9-9CEF-079FAB…)

Nice try Layla.

No. 685702

yes, shoop. her eyes are made like 23942394x bigger, on top of changing her face shape and lip thickness

everyone in those circles sleeps with everyone tbf. i think we should just be happy her and tracy aren't fucking tbh. what's weirder is her dating such young guys, like, not because it's weird for the woman to be older, but just, like, these 'men' are at points in their lives when they're the perfect age and perfect storm of being young and NPD and famehungry, to just publicly use and abuse her like peep did. all of them seem to.

No. 685712

…this is fake, right? her nose isn't really that big……..is it? :S

No. 685722

this is so obviously edited. you can't make your eyes bigger, layla. holy shit, how embarrassing

No. 685723

She’s getting called out for editing her recent pic so she uploaded a video on her story saying “tell them you can’t photoshop a video” but does anyone remember when she uploaded this video that she obviously edited using the video feature on Facetune? Then quickly deleted it when people called her out. I don’t get why she just doesn’t admit to it.

No. 685772

she looks totally different in the pics with her fans
she looks nothing like her Instagram pics. I remember in this pic she took with a fan at the show she did with Lil Xan her face looked like it was all uneven. She has asymmetrical facial features really bad so I don’t blame her for editing all her pics

No. 685974

File: 1536688601445.jpeg (242.09 KB, 1125x1975, E62B0BC8-8EFE-4C8C-A4E4-069EF2…)

The puppy is alive and the assistant is still there

No. 685990

Spooky and TP have been quiet lately together. Now that TP has a bf is she basically just gonna leave her friend on the side? She was like that a lot with Cass tbh, would only hang a lot when she was single

No. 686217

it's clearly edited her profile is not thaaat bad lol

OP you wrong for this

No. 686237

File: 1536717280676.png (4.84 MB, 1125x2436, 1D60C940-90B1-4544-AA5A-216BAE…)

Does anyone know the song she’s fucking with in her story?

No. 686251


Moonlight by XXXtentacion

No. 686314

However small she did have her own thing going once upon a time. Now she's just nailing herself to this stupid scene that is literally dying as the weeks go by.
Changing the game for girls all right.

No. 686346

I take back feeling bad for her bc of the weirdo stalkers, hope they escalate and fuck her home up

No. 686349

File: 1536727355094.jpeg (120.98 KB, 1125x446, 02FE2F8A-F2E2-42BD-AFCF-5976B0…)

Definitley has nothing to do with him…

No. 686475

ok physco

No. 686542

the only thing he's attracting is bedbugs

No. 686873

Did spooky and Layla have a falling out I don’t see pics of her on Layla’s ig anymore

No. 686987

Did you not read the rules before posting or read above comments?

No. 686990

they have eachother's names tatted so lets hope not

No. 687078

Can you like shut the fuck up?

No. 687120

File: 1536823520010.jpeg (936.49 KB, 1970x3487, 1EFAEFA1-6E5B-40DC-8BBD-292584…)

No. 687124

Everyone go look at the comments on Killstations post of him and lay

No. 687127

layla you reposted this and talked about how big your nose is so you edit it but don’t forget about your small lips, tiny eyes, uneven facial features, and weird ass head shape

No. 687131

Lmao ur triggering her so much rn. Keep going anon.

No. 687132

im not even the one that posted the picture but i knew she was gonna only leave that up on her story for like 2 minuets and then delete before most of her fans could actually see it

No. 687139

File: 1536826879205.png (5.07 MB, 1242x2208, 5500A84D-7F1F-45BC-ADE0-A89015…)

She knows damn well not to show the right side of her face though, that ones the worst.

No. 687146

File: 1536827388779.png (6.42 MB, 1242x2208, 3BFC0441-1BD4-4D44-A93A-B3E735…)

A picture without your DT combover covering half of your face and not a video that you recorded with the MakeupPlus app and then upload it to your story….come on now Layla

No. 687156

wasn't she talking about getting a nosejob not too long ago? like come on sis we know you hate your busted ass face lol

No. 687158

Seriously… how many times can we talk about a fucking nose?!? What more is there to say about it? She boring as fuck now.. talk about someone else.

No. 687159

Does she live in a studio apartment? This is the only room of her place she ever films in.

No. 687163

she’s making it so obvious that you guys are really getting to her on her story
she already put up like 14 vids talking about this and then keeps deleting them
she’s having like a mental break down or something
also there’s videos of her lives from just a few weeks ago of her like “I hate my face and my nose is so big and ugly I can’t wait to get plastic surgery” so Im confused why she’s now acting like she’s so confident and has all this self love

No. 687164

Lmao she’s the only one that brought up her nose though.

No. 687174

what the fuck do you guys expect i know this site is for pettiness but going in on some girl who CLEARLY is probably having a mental breakdown over how she was born is low when she does actually fucked up things worthy of the ridicule.

girl has strong ass bone structure and requires a strong personality to carry it. the only thing wrong is she's letting cunts get to her like log off layla what more evidence do you need that this is not the place for you. live your damn life girl both nancy spungen and courtney love had big ass noses let it guide you into all your crazy groupie fangirl dreams. and can we please go back to outing these sound clout boys because they're worthy of actual hate, like how kill station is probably 100% using layla for her being peep's ex and she needs to quit publicly claiming dudes for this exact reason

No. 687194

Her nose has been discussed ad nauseam. It's not even interesting to talk about.

Exactly, can we either let this thread die or talk about shit that's new?

No. 687250

Yeah we all know you got a huge ass nose. But stop smacking your fucking lips like that. It is so gross

No. 687259

All of killstations fans are telling him to leave Layla in his comments because she’s just using him.
Surprise he hasn’t just deleted the pic bc I haven’t seen one positive comment.

No. 687264


Layla is an obvious poster/lurker she quoted this post verbatim on her spergy insta story all about her beak

No. 687270

Ugh i hate that every fan base for a male does this shit. The (internalized) misogyny is fucking real with these retards. As if they’re not using each other - as if everyone in this scene isn’t using everyone else. Especially now that everyone who was interesting or creative in this world when it started a few years ago is either dead or on their way, or has moved on to fresh ideas, and everyone else is all out of ideas for recycling early 2000s Hot Topic aesthetic.

Layla fucked up by not reinventing herself like a year ago. Her whole hype is supposed to be as an alt trendsetter - if she wanted to stay relevant she should have already been experimenting with new looks and concepts when the mainstream started picking it up. The best she can do with her brand now is to capitalize on the connections she’s made to get real work in creative media, but she’s….what is she even doing now? The music thing has been out of her hands for a while.

No. 687278

I brought up how uneven TPs face is a couple threads ago. And I’m glad some other people noticed it and brought it up because I thought I was the only one. If you look at any pics of her that were taken by fans her face is so lopsided, and she looks nothing like her the pics she uploads at all. It’s sad because on her recent pic all of these girls are calling themselves ugly and saying they wish they could be perfect like her
I’ve made videos using Facetune before and yea she definitely recorded this video with that app.
I’m also pretty sure she uses Facetune to record videos and then upload them to her story instead of using the actual Instagram camera. It’s funny that she was trying to convince people that you can’t edit videos so whatever you see on her story MUST be real but when she got called out for this video she went on her story and admitted she used Facetune for it and deleted the vid because that’s all people were commenting about.

No. 687279

File: 1536851677908.png (8.81 MB, 1242x2208, 1A28DA08-DF24-443B-A6DB-07C5D9…)

Forgot to attach picture

No. 687286

You DO understand that this is an imageboard, right? POST CAPS.

No. 687296

File: 1536853675450.png (9.3 MB, 1242x2208, 0CE1AE6A-0C73-45C8-8480-E5F042…)

yup she posted anons edit too

No. 687376


It is interesting to me that Layla doesn't do more #sponsored #ad content. She has like almost 500k IG followers and really good engagement i.e. it doesn't look like she bought the majority of her followers like alot of influencers, people with 200k+ are able to make a comfortable living just doing that so I wonder if brands don't reach out to her or what.

No. 687455

File: 1536868365244.jpeg (160.33 KB, 750x1200, F29E0E90-D11A-4AEC-8274-C46256…)

No. 687473

Well of course she’s not going to admit to it.

No. 687477

Open relationship! Cheating! How?! LMFAO! Vid related is mfw!

No. 687480


idk man I really think she snorted coke off someone's dick. She showed peep the video herself so she probably thought it was funny and also to make him jealous being all immature. And he freaked because…..well she was interacted with another man's penis. And peep was probably just saying "sucking someone else's dick" cuz he was really mad at her, especially after she was being petty and acting like an innocent victim crying on the internet. So while she probably shouldn't have snorted coke off someone's dick, video taped it, and definitely not shown it to Peep (mad disrespectful), it's really not cheating. I feel low key bad everyone's stuck on that she cheated on Peep forever, cuz we all know he cheated on her.

No. 687482

Can you sage your non contribution

No. 687486

Yeah I don’t think anyone besides peep stans think she cheated, it’s obvious she’s didn’t and that video was from before that got together right?

Major kek at that “open relationship” thing tho, guaranteed that’s just her softening the blow of peep fucking girls left and right while claiming her

No. 687501

File: 1536870702267.png (55.05 KB, 676x404, chea.PNG)

it's not 'mad disrespectful' showing him a nonsexual act to someone she wasnt even dating, imo. they were broken up and he cheated on her like crazy. the relationship was so painfully imbalanced, it's not even funny. she was obviously just reaching for any kind of ammunition to make him feel jealous like she did. she was entitled to snort coke off of, or rub against whatever dick she wanted while he was thrusting into a can of cold, british-baked potato soup and whatever other groupie approached him

rest of the tweets

No. 687505

I don't think doing it was disrespectful, I think showing the video was. I wouldn't go out of my way to make the person I care about watch me doing anything with another mans penis. Maybe I would tell him, but definitely would not make him watch it. But, I do agree it was imbalanced and I sympathize with her for that and mostly agree with you.

No. 687509

i don't see what's disrespectful about showing him. he chose to cheat on her, risk her health, break up with her to prioritize other people over her, so why not?

what's disrespectful and dangerous is fucking other people and lying to your partner about it. sorry, no, after you risk someone's health by cheating, i think it'd be perfectly fine for her to show him whatever she wants. obviously his feelings for her didn't matter enough to not risk her health

not that these people are the most health conscious, but that's not 'caring' at all

No. 687513


damn she really does go from one guy to the next. It's sad she can't be by herself and let her self grow and develop as a person, without clinging to someone. Even in the small moments where she is single she clings to her bffs like Aubrie and in the past Cass. One distraction to the next. This is why you have mental breakdowns like clockwork Lay, do your inner work!

No. 687517

File: 1536871429541.jpeg (119.2 KB, 728x546, 1_7eeHo_K8vLoAo64Rj_RySw.jpeg)

I wonder if she's borderline. Me the armchair psychologist! I got my doctorate at google.com lol!(armchair)

No. 687525

Ever damn bitch on here has bpd according to y’all bitches. Layla barley fits the catogory anyways, she’s just one of those girls who’s scared of being alone and is kinda volatile, her personality/sense of self is completely intact and separate from her friends (who if anything start molding them to her.)

No. 687539

I also think she fits it, spot on actually. Her sense of self seems confused—I mean she splits herself into two: Layla and Too Poor. She thinks too poor is an act, but it all comes from her, so it must be a part of her too. And personalities aren't that simple where you can say "oh that was Toopoor, but I'm not really like that." Everything's so intertwined and overlapped you can't just split a person in two it doesn't work like that. Maybe she can't accept who she is, the good and the bad, and has to convince herself that part of it is an act. Seems confused to me, anon.

It's not an insult to be BDP. Don't take it as a diss.

No. 687571

This has been discussed to death, it’s just armchair speculation and projecting, and it doesn’t matter either way. She’s insecure, moody, and lacks both insight and foresight. Any diagnosis that does or doesn’t exist on paper is totally irrelevant to a gossip thread.

No. 687587

Wow i didn’t think she’d post this on her story lmao. fyi, layla, i didn’t make this to point out just your nose
It was basically just to show how you completely change your whole face
Trust me there’s things that are far worse about your face other than that nose
stop going off about your beak

No. 687593

File: 1536875941170.jpeg (348.88 KB, 1040x1536, 6DCA5B42-E01D-43D5-90B5-210D3C…)

That mismatched 4-shades too dark foundation tho. God she just really reminds me of Kat von D. The stupid face tattoos, the hair, the wearing either too pale, or too tan foundation, the thin lips, little eyes, nose covering, lopsided face, faux goffick, the personality, the heroin use, trashy outfits, and sh00p use&denial/lip injections&denial.

No. 687599

Layla stop being a Kat skin walker

No. 687600

Looking at the side by sides, Kat Von Dateanazi can't even paint features on that potato of hers and she's a makeup artist.
Layla has some kind of dimension to her face, even if she hates it.

No. 687746

File: 1536886125377.jpeg (127.32 KB, 1125x432, 23B50B21-8081-4A91-B098-107203…)

No they were all with you for your good looks and amazing personality…

No. 687747

File: 1536886267318.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1112, 6D847FC9-A9EB-4F75-B44C-B97B6C…)

More aesthetic pics of his newly re-wrecked Porsche! Not embarrassing! So cool!

No. 687764

Kinda sad when theyre showing off a nice car and the back ground is in some white trash ghetto

No. 687766


didn't lolcow say that the second we found out he was dating grace fucking shields aka the ex-groupie of Lil Xan?

She's not a "physco", she's a basic thot with a leather face and cheap slug injections.

tyler's got a hell of a lot more personality than gtshields. even if it's a shit one.

No. 687775

This ain’t it anon…. looks like a typical California suburb tbh.

No. 687798

Hi layla!(hi cow)

No. 687979

File: 1536918771039.png (1007.75 KB, 946x1404, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 04.4…)

How many teens do you all think are going to skip the next three meals because of this? As >>687278 anon said, all her pics are flooded with beautiful young girls commenting "omg kms how can I be pretty like youu T^T". I wouldn't give af about the editing if she wasn't also trying to pull off ~beautiful the unique way I am~ whilst simultaneously feeding unrealistic, harmful ideals.

No. 687996

She has terrible taste in face and body wash.
Other than that.. it's some legs. If you're so fragile thats going to make you not eat for a day.. then you probably need some real help and would have found that inspiration with or without this picture. Jesus christ. Living in a world of fucking snowflakes.

No. 688002

File: 1536923379038.jpg (265.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180914-040827_Chr…)

How many different time and for how many different reasons is he going to quit? Stop talking about it and just do it already.

No. 688022

File: 1536927678221.jpg (71.97 KB, 680x671, e2e.jpg)

>memeing incoming

teleports behind him


headlocks him

pssshhh nothing personal kid!

shows him signed contract

LMAOing @ ur life!

grounds him for misbehaving


takes away his phone


No. 688055


wow that shadow shop..

No. 688060

I don't get what's attractive about this picture. She looks like she has chicken legs.

No. 688084

>How many teens do you all think are going to skip the next three meals because of this? As >>687278 anon said, all her pics are flooded with beautiful young girls commenting "omg kms how can I be pretty like youu

This Women’s Studies 101 take on disordered eating needs to die already. Adolescents obviously desire to emulate their idols but that’s not what drives young girls to develop body dysmorpia or destructive dieting habits.

No. 688104


Except this is exactly what, remember this is teens we're talking about not fully grown adults, teens are basically retarded (and have shit aesthetics, always). It can easily start off with something stupid and small like this, just a fucking shooped to hell pic of some thot they idolize. Just why post pics like this anyway, who wants to see legs in bath except for anas, it's obvious bodycheck thinspo bullshit and an adult should know better than to post it.

No. 688125


LOL! He is on a contract with a label for at least 2 more albums so good luck with that. He's just talking out of his ass for attention while acting like he hates attention per usual.

No. 688230

Eugenia Cooney is that you?

No. 688286

As someone who is actually diagnosed with BPD, it’s not a label to tack onto people. Armchair diagnosis mentalities are harmful and toxic as fuck. It’s not an insult to be borderline and I love myself for the progress I’ve made, but fuck. Stop tacking the label onto anyone. Y’all corny.

No. 688304

The last 24hrs of posts are like 90% Layla WK's lmao.

No. 688390

dude I wrote this AND I have BPD. ya'll soft

No. 688595

Aubrie is being really quiet.

No. 688619

File: 1536993546497.png (260.68 KB, 903x342, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 2.33…)

pepper really out here locking his twitter

No. 688683

Outside of her friendships with drama queens she's a very non-dramatic entity. I personally find her aesthetic played out and one dimensional (Hot Topic aggressively vommiting out all of it's contents during October) but good on her for cultivating a following without the toxic shitshow antics every other instahoe uses to stay relevant

No. 688864

File: 1537031264752.jpeg (518.41 KB, 1125x1098, 13F9EB9A-F80E-4026-917B-C35674…)

Did he make his twitter private so he could @ Russ without him seeing?? lmao

No. 688888

dude nobody cares

No. 688964

Who honestly cares she's boring

No. 688970

Fuck yes I am living for Russ telling Fat Nick what a douchebag he is.

All these losers act like they are so sad their “brother” Peep is gone but they do nothing but promote the lifestyle that killed him and make shitty ass music

No. 689121


Just checked this out and DAMN I am also living for it!! He also called out everyone's favorite dead-eyed scumbag Adam22 for being in his mid 30s and tryna catch the wave off kids that are like 15 years younger than him which I'm also very much here for.

No. 689244

Sp00ky unfollowed Layla, but Layla still follows her. I literally need to know what happened it’s killing me lol. I could be fun foiling but aubrie and Layla said they were dating a lot or they’d make it sound like they were at least a thing. I know girls are just like that sometimes but it’s something to think about considering they stopped hanging out when Layla started dating killstation. Aubrie could also have just gotten tired of being Layla’s friend when she’s not in a relationship, because when Layla has a boyfriend she always drops her best friend.

No. 689245

*tin foiling

No. 689246

caps? it's an image board

No. 689250

File: 1537077584778.png (55.81 KB, 577x255, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 10.5…)


My bad, here

No. 689251

File: 1537077637427.png (64.53 KB, 578x277, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 10.5…)


and this one.

No. 689256

File: 1537078149960.png (135.01 KB, 601x567, Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 11.0…)


These too!

No. 689283

She still follows Layla stop making shit up

No. 689307

I’m not trying to make things up. When I go to toopoors insta and go to followers I don’t see aubrie when I type her url

No. 689309

File: 1537086343880.png (950.4 KB, 1242x2208, 260EE7C2-2DD4-4F6A-8778-B5E060…)

lol not milky just funny

No. 689333

she will literally say anything for attention damn

No. 689348

File: 1537093494440.png (235.27 KB, 750x1334, D455FA7A-4DC5-4A59-8B3B-748086…)

Lol she archived everything again just to come back later with another shitty post

No. 689353

File: 1537094219555.jpeg (96.8 KB, 750x1334, 19CCC422-B340-4DD0-93F1-6A89B0…)

she deleted her account

No. 689355

i think she probably just disabled it. shes too addicted to attention to actually delete it.

No. 689602

File: 1537124671971.jpeg (480.4 KB, 1206x1223, 00140FE8-2D53-4034-9CD2-3B7B4F…)

No. 689648

No. 689652

Has been posted a few threads before

No. 689735

Did anyone see Coco’s “dance” on stage while Pouya was performing? That shit was cringy as hell. She tries too hard

No. 689753

it’s an imageboard so either post a video or do not mention anything??

No. 689791

agreed please post video

but just from what you're saying fuck coco. she posts some cryptic message about him betraying her and of course people are by her side immediately but now she's clout hungry again and dances on stage with him? trash. pure trash.

No. 689802

this is amazing

back when she had actual life in her eyes

No. 689810

Sooo, this account been posted before? Girl was 15 in these videos so there isn’t really any milk in this. Just a bunch of teens being teens. Lol.

Also, Lay is this you? You always seem to post that you never start sentences with capitals. Soooooo, are you self posting?

No. 689826

File: 1537137410905.jpeg (1002.38 KB, 1242x1804, 794A1F40-A9DA-4E71-94DD-41AD50…)

Sorry, new here, but like what the fuck is she even doing lmao


No. 689830

Shut the fuck up and stop complaining about everyones post. My god you’re annoying

No. 689846

Why is she doing the macarena lmao

No. 689852

>anyone who doesn't start their sentences with a capital letter is layla
are you retarded?
also i'm in south-east europe lol mods can confirm. you are deluded.

No. 689885


Layla has been talking to a screen for at least a decade. There's a subtype of person who has a tendency to want to share their life online. Social media has changed a lot since the 00's.

No. 689891

That is so embarassing.. again with the too small clothes.. idk wtf shes doing.. 80's aerobics? It's definitely not dancing.

No. 689904


Agreed. I felt secondhand embarrassment watching her prance around like that hahaha especially since she was JUST bashing Pouya for betraying her a week ago. Like anon said, she must be clout hungry

No. 689933

Did she really do the n'sync bye bye bye hand thing?

No. 689934

File: 1537150740258.jpg (526.95 KB, 1075x1345, 20180916_191740.jpg)

Did he look different when they met or something? I just cant imagine meeting him and thinking damn I want that. His looks alone would give me a creepy enough vibe I'd keep my distance.

No. 689936

given how most of these soundcloud guys look, I'm pretty sure most of these girls are just with them for the clout

No. 689960

Imagine not being able to dance to this extent.

No. 689962

File: 1537154893374.jpeg (622.77 KB, 1125x1300, 7854CD27-47AC-4AD0-8123-C7D9BE…)

What does she mean by “sold toopoor”? Vague attention-starved ass

No. 689964

maybe she means she sold her insta profile

No. 689968

she definitely doesn't mean she got a job

No. 689970


what does selling an Instagram even mean? I checked and her website is still up (too-poor.com)

No. 689999

Do u guys think toopoor relapsed

No. 690011


No. 690023

Her Instagram is gone so….

No. 690024

Nah, shes not being weird and inappropriate enough.

No. 690104

I love when she gets right in front of the videographer/photographer and they've finally had enough and move in front of her so they can actually get shots of pouya. They literally didn't record any of her cringey little dance show

Exactly what it sounds like. Someone pays you in exchange for your account info and they take control of your account

No. 690237

I’m guessing she’s bullshittin with the “I sold toopoor” thing. She would never sell her account and lose all those followers. If nothing else, that’s her paycheck, and she might be dumb but she’s not dumb enough to give that up/

No. 690314

File: 1537207448155.jpeg (175.97 KB, 1125x510, 7FC6AB38-FBF1-45DB-96C2-6D6322…)

Girls are allowed to fuck whoever they want pepper. Also maybe stop dating obviously clout starved instathots? Just a thought.

No. 690319

Lol why is he saying that like he's a rapper. You're not all that Pepper, perhaps try a nice personality

No. 690338

If her account was sold, all the people who were following it will still be following it/will still have dm's/comments from it but the name of the account will be different. I also assume the buyer deleted pictures and unfollowed people.

I wonder what the account's new name is, out of curiosity.

No. 690355

She didn’t sell her account dumbasses she just deactivated it and I’m sure she’ll put it back up in a few days

No. 690482

she deleted these tweets

No. 690572

As if he’s not an idiot who just wants to fuck models

No. 690638

File: 1537230725608.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1876, AD80901E-BF8C-4F72-AC43-A5B2E3…)

it’s back up

No. 690649

File: 1537232417624.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2208, C04B8BBF-B362-4C2A-81B5-74A344…)

thought she sold “toopoor”? attention seeking at its finest

No. 690661

“nose queen”(sage)

No. 690719

I literally cannot fucking believe she is going to act like she didn’t have an outburst saying she was selling her insta what the actual fuck

No. 690735

the fact that this bitch is 25, a grown ass woman, and acts so immature and attention seeking will always be beyond me. what the fuck lmfao

No. 690759

Sorry but a lot of people are messes at 25. The idea that everyone is so grown at 25 is a meme.

No. 691093

i thought this was an exaggeration but wow bitch is LAAAAAAME

No. 691099

just watched it for the 30th time laughing and bitch is supposed to be SIDE STAGE respectfully not fucking on stage what a fucking dumb bitch if i were pouya i'd be soooo pissed

No. 691219

File: 1537302043088.jpeg (228.33 KB, 1125x1944, 667C0988-1CD6-4CBC-8E20-6AE173…)

Anyone know who @ohgeesy gf is? She seems like an insecure milky mess

No. 691222

File: 1537302107061.png (1.95 MB, 1125x2436, 2406CDE8-AA4A-4A1C-A606-5A669A…)

This shows her insta handle but ofc she’s private.

No. 691431

Looked like he was serious and focused in his performance and she's right behind him acting like a jackass. I feel bad bc if she was actually loved and valued by him and his people it wouldn't be so cringey and inappropriate

No. 691515

i kno this is old but she meant "selling" the persona of toopoor like her acting as that and not herself

No. 691602

File: 1537326700032.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x2167, DE522403-EA17-4810-9B3F-1BBEC3…)

Cass just posted this on instagram. Wow! So she admits she has esophageal and heart problems because of bulimia and anorexia. She also apologized for portraying a warped and unhealthy image to her followers.

No. 691613


Hey cass

No. 691616

Not Cass, posting the version with my Instagram icon is frowned upon, so I cut that part out. I just happened to see it literally right after she posted it.

No. 691619

Who’s this dumb cunt that accuses every anon of being Layla and Cass?

No. 691632

it's not frowned upon so much it's self-doxing. anons telling each other about it are trying to help, unless the anon is being embarrassing.

No. 691639

Also cass wouldn’t only have only 1 DM so that’s kinda proof

No. 691676

so so so sorry but can't delete the pics

No. 691709

I feel like the pics are still there to show as an example of unhealthy living

No. 691734

meanwhile the camera dudes have to wait till she's done with her little prance to start filming bc obvs they'd get fired if they told Pouya's bitch to fucking move

No. 691738

File: 1537348815312.png (304.12 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180919-041450.png)

so I guess this is still dropping kinda creepy it's how the higher ups are pupeteering him posthumously and running his dead account

No. 691739

File: 1537349040755.png (264.38 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180918-044416.png)

oh and I forget to post this but Liza put it up like a day or 2 ago, guess Universal beat her back and she's compliant now

No. 691792

ima be so confused if you guys start roasting her for this.
this is quite beautiful and i applaud her.
don’t care if she’s been an annoying self absorbed cow for years, change and growth is always possible and this is a really positive message. hopefully it reaches some of the girls that think she’s “goals” and it inspires them to be more than an instathot with an eating disorder. Good on her for being humble and real. Hope she gets healthier and finds a better path.

No. 691797

File: 1537359548669.png (136.09 KB, 1075x691, Screenshot_20180919-081132~2.p…)


Okay I get that she's sad her son died, but to refer to him as a poet and compare his work to Matisse is just ridiculous and absurd.

He was a meme rapper junkie. Not a visionary artist lol. Gassing him up after his death does nothing to negate the reality of the trite, shallow output he had while living.

No. 691830

If she deletes her grossly manipulated photos from her ig, or captions then with “this is heavily shopped and an unattainable body type” then sure. The damage she’s done to her young “fans” has been done, and the photos that did the damage are still posted to influence others. At this point it’s still just attention seeking behavior, until she actually acts upon it.

Of course we’re going to be skeptical. Like, look at her past behavior? I’ll take her seriously when this version of shrimp sticks around for more than one ig post.

No. 691955

The xxx and peep song was released today- the sound clip of x talking about how he wished he knew peep is a part of the song. If you have to include reasoning as to why releasing the song is okay, in the song itself, maaaaybe something is sus about it…

It also reminded me of gma peep referring to xxx’s extremely violent abusive behavior as “macho strutting” and I fucking gagged.

No. 692037

of course adam22's creepy ass is defending this wack shit too, saying peep's mom and fat nick approved it etc. which literally doesn't matter because peep himself didn't and most likely wouldn't have. peep wasn't a saint but he was pretty vocal about lgbt and women rights and just because x suddenly started fucking with his music after he died (how convenient) doesn't mean peep would have liked a song he made with makonnen to have x in it because liza was basically blackmailed into it by columbia

No. 692066

No. 692093

File: 1537387325757.jpeg (225.24 KB, 1125x2080, AC745B98-8659-479A-A5E7-3D3D67…)

God he’s so gross, and Liza and Oskar were both so vehemently against it, whatever they’re saying now is bought off. Tracy’s been shit talking it too, saying what everyone already knows, which is that peep didn’t fucking like x

No. 692101

I find people speculating how Peep the junie would feel if he were alive so exhausting


No. 692133

Tbh just sad that everyone is milking their death for money, indeed wish they were there to see what they would say about all this

No. 692215

Its so sad that it seems to be makonnen behind this, since him and peep were so close for a minute.

No. 692327

I know that's the weirdest part. I assumed since makonnen is gay he would dislike a guy who openly brags about beating the shit out of a gay guy

I don't have the mental energy to understand how any of this is okay with anyone. whatever

No. 692353

File: 1537413279990.jpeg (307.45 KB, 1125x794, 29141AC0-2CF5-4B37-8F4D-3568B8…)

Ohhh fishy…

No. 692466

>fat nick approved of it
Lmao what does fat nick's opinion matter? The only person whose opinion matters is peeps and he's dead. so gross how the lardy lean guzzler has self assigned himself as the person to speak on peep's behalf. gave the kid a bag of xans for his bday what an enabling sack of shit

And fuck adamIwishIwas22's opinion too

No. 692497

How do you replay 1 chorus and call that a song? I'd like to know how the original sounded.. it has a cool vibe to it. maybe with makonnens verses it sounded better.. or maybe I just dont understand how xxx even became somewhat popular. His voice and all songs I've heard of his sound like shit.

No. 692498

Fat nick is a trash human being.

No. 692506


The original version (w/ Makonnen)

No. 692538

File: 1537439254358.png (110.55 KB, 590x497, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.2…)


pepper ann is melting down on twitter.

No. 692539

File: 1537439282358.png (26.62 KB, 594x96, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.2…)

No. 692557

Gee wonder who that could be? Lol

No. 692558

Someones high…

No. 692611

All deleted lmao

No. 692614

File: 1537453221933.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1125x2054, 143CC02B-FE32-4CF6-995D-0D12B4…)

Seems about right…
Not saying his bestie is on the tar, looks like he’s just hitting a regular schmegular bong.
But we all know what that tin foil on the table is for; And before anyone tries to say it’s just holding weed/dabs no one puts their wax on aluminum foil. No one.

No. 692615

File: 1537453319825.png (4.7 MB, 1125x2436, 4A0421D6-93EF-4A2D-93CC-CACE75…)

PLEASE tell me this is a photo of him and Layla omfg

No. 692645

Layla has Eugenia Cooney legs that’s not her

No. 692679

Pretty sure that's keys/keychain..

No. 692698

next to it

No. 693161

File: 1537491958143.png (195.63 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180920-043855.png)

layla put this up on her story yesterday along with a small video clip of peep jamming to the original falling down song he apparently sent her

No. 693267

File: 1537503911840.png (298.72 KB, 750x1334, 05788AED-6567-481B-8524-49E3A3…)

This was on the last thread but apparently lil xan’s song purple hearts stole the beat from this guy diamond pistols? The producer who made purple hearts is some guy called Diablo and I remember (no cap unfortunately) that he posted on his story to go comment L on diamond pistol’s instagram. was this why?

No. 693326

File: 1537515831845.png (669.67 KB, 730x1376, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 02.4…)

Not milky, just sorta confusing maybe? Makonnen is at a show in Austin,TX & is performing "Sunlight on my Skin" (original version of "Falling Down" with his own part obviously). Does anyone know if he's even be allowed to perform his version since the song's rights are controlled by the label now & their final verdict was the XXX version? Also kinda weird that he likely profited by handing the song off to the label to frankenstein it & yet he still wants to additionally profit by performing the original…

No. 693394

File: 1537522189977.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 5B1DDFC7-3E00-4CD3-B2B8-E7EFEB…)

I love how she only puts half her face like we wouldn't see the one she posted before is shopped. Only with half her face you can already see major differences with the other one

No. 693399

File: 1537522733871.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, D58B1C45-23B2-44AE-8ECC-652E85…)

Ok Layla keep lurking

No. 693404

i wish i had layla's financial stability tbh, the kind that allows you to be on the same lolcow thread all fucking day and complain on twitter about having "no purpose", and literally nothing else

No. 693448

I dont think they own the rights to makonnens verses since those would hold no financial gain for them why would they bother. Also who knows what kind of agreement he has with them. Maybe he can perform his version but not sell it?

No. 693466

File: 1537532573744.png (60.46 KB, 480x463, Screenshot_20180921-070945~2.p…)

I want to see Pouya square up with a real gangster and get his string bean ass beat

No. 693467

lol how high is he??

No. 693575

the napoleon complex jumped out

No. 693626

>the streets already verified me
I’m at a loss for words. Whatever you say you Kip from Napoleon dynamite lookin mf

No. 693632

This is so cringe cause he already replied the same damn thing a while ago when someone asked it. Too lazy to look up for it but it's a few posts back, not important anyway

No. 693644

He's verified on Twitter though. What a tool.

No. 693726

Its because they're lyrics to a song of his.

No. 693755

i don't know if this is milk or if anyone cares, but tana mongeau just admitted her and lil xan were in a relationship and he cheated on her https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orbEH4csAUI

No. 693779


why is she going to russia? can you use a shooped photo of yourself on visas???

No. 693785

First mac miller now him? This girl claims she dated everyone for clout

No. 693823

Old news, not really milky.

No. 693856

This isn’t even the actual visa pic. You can tell all she did was make the edited version of the pic black and white and it looks like it was taken from a screen. She was trying to make it seem like she took a pic of the actual visa version

No. 693862

God shes fucking annoying.

No. 693880

The blue check is just to keep people from impersonating you, what bullshit is this.

No. 693885

File: 1537574337939.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1534x1116, 79C82DB5-7BCD-4D64-A8D5-AD577F…)

No. 693886

She looks botched either way. Her nose editing is horrible.

No. 693889

Ffs… like nearly all pictures we're exposed to arent photoshopped?

No. 693891

Ew… whats up with the anime eyes and dr suess nose?

No. 693903

Still cringey edgelord garbage either way. His lyrics scream "inadequate". He's like a Chihuahua sounding off like he's some big dog.

No. 693941

File: 1537580612597.jpg (173.53 KB, 1081x1078, Screenshot_20180921-214224-1.j…)

we got these degens playing poker live on YouTube rn

No. 693998


Never thought I would see the day where I'd be telling AdamIWishIWas22 to try harder but here we are. The Bike is the shittiest most low rent casino in LA.

No. 694150

is this the original or you tried to deshoop it?

No. 694467

LMAOOOOOO guys ok i am so sorry to summon this IDIOT and i do not and never will fuck with adam22 but last anyone gave a fuck about making fun of chili-dog was like last year or something when she came to LA for a week and pretended to move there and got a clout tattoo on her face an uhhhhhhh


no need to time stamp cause she's on the the first fucking second and got the damn title named after her. i didn't even watch bc i came straight here and also she's there for like two hours. dressed like a straight dumb ass. and adam was stupid enough to refer to her as a goth???? i know no one cares about the actual content, i just think it's hilarious adam spent this much time with her a year ago, both of them are fuckin snakes and wish someone told adam about the low ass shit she said about peep, though he wouldn't care considering he has a peep tattoo and doesn't do research about anyone. this whole incident is just bizarre.

No. 694482

Have we talked about Adam22's girlfriend Lena in any of these threads? Wtf is homegirl doing with that manchild? In a recent video they pick up a 19-year-old girl for a threesome. That's pretty gross but whatever. The thing that got me is Lena was the one talking to the girl the whole time while Adam was too timid to. What the fuck!!!! So Lena sets the whole damn thing up right up until he puts his dick in or what? Does she put a bib on him before every meal as well like jesus christ that's pathetic

No. 694492


Lena seems like kind of a clout chaser and makes her whole living off of her online presence, Adam is good for that and probably only that. He cheats on her pretty regularly outside of whatever they're doing together. A while back he was obviously messing with or tryna to mess with Celina Powell and instead of shutting it down with him she freaked out and went off on Celina as opposed to holding Adam accountable for anything. I think she either has insanely low self esteem or gets what she wants from being with him. Either way the whole "look how transgressive and edgey we are with our open-ish relationship thing" is way more depressing than anything else.

No. 694493

lena actually is, or shall i say used to be, pretty smart, college education and all. her relationship with adam has turned her into a typical LA thot with a premium snapchat who has to engage in threesomes regularly (the third person is always a girl, ofc) in order to stay in a relationship with the human trash that is adam. sad to behold really

No. 694505

No one fucking cares

No. 694512

well you can suck my nuts because she got her own no jumper on the same level at layla and this actually DID NOT happen a year ago it happened a couple weeks ago she's in my city on visa so again go fuck yourself sandy vagina or enjoy yourself bc it's actually funny.

ok I've been drinking and i have this on in the background so some highlights include:

says 'people' know who she is bc of being controversial and her music. got this arabic face tattoo bc she woke up and was bored, adam joked she was already trying to say she was over it/act like it wasn't cool and she agreed it 'kind of is a joke'????? the translation is in fact 'my sacrifice' and she feels that's what her music is. claims she met peep through bexey (who adam pressured her into admitting she didn't fuck but blew); bexey 'switched up' on her (NO SHIT) and peep is (not was, because he's just an idea to her anyway) a good person. she's i guess out here on a visa.


purposefully completely fucks up the story about her and layla; adam asks for clarification (of above response) and corrects chili saying "oh what you mean Too Poor?" (lmao) and CHILICUNT says the timeline was she fucks peep, layla "tweeted a bunch of shit at her", and chili "attacked back" (girrrlll……), and "we're ok now" meaning layla once again pussied out of taking care of yet another english troll.
Chili said Layla's "music is fire". … wild cause i don't think she released it. Adam asks other guest if Too Poor could take over and when OG says no Chili laughs (great "friend"). Adam talks with OG about "Too Poor taking over the rap game" for a long moment and chili looks visibly annoyed. She takes it then jokes about HER taking over and obv no one fucking even listens and continues talking over her (not fucking understanding that that's literally what it's like being a woman "in the game", talking about giving head or drama or people don't take you seriously until you reach mass levels of fame and that talking down girls bigger than you aka layla won't get you anywhere you dumb bitch).
keep trying to be cool by saying she only did shit bc she was bored or drunk, that she's only doing music bc she 'showed up to the studio drunk' which is a great way to take your shit seriously peep would be soooo proud.
is wearing a fannypack by chinatown market (DOES layla still get a cut of that or did she just fund tylers abusive ass) she name drops after they ask he what she's even been doing here and she says 'music and shopping". where the fuck this girl even getting any money considering her family is white trash broke asl. says she eats burgers and noodles like we couldn't tell. adam asks her to freestyle and she like 'uhhhhh a can't freestyle' as if she can do anything at all (like a jellyfish. cheljifish) says she can't bc she'll say something offensive. cheljifish says she's fucked a black rapper and they try to guess but fail to guess mackned. so now we know.
said pedophile69 is HOT. says she tries to get with him "all the time" in his comments.
mispronounces LENA and adam does not correct her.(calm down)

No. 694514

That's what's crazy about it… if you watch her vlogs she's intelligent and obv college educated. I don't get a clouty feel from her ie >>694492 but I guess it's a possibility. It's crazy to see a beautiful, intelligent woman dickmatized so blatantly. Soooo many comments on their vids are telling her to drop him etc.

No. 694515

oh look, it's overinvested anon again!

No. 694547

Lena looks like a straight up man. She's ugly as fuck and her pussy looks blown the fuck OUT.

No. 694553

…..are u ok?

No. 694559

in what, the milk? guilty


No. 694617

i know people dont like to hear about chelsea, but it is kind of milky that adam let her on the show when she's an absolute no one, and she is spilling milk about the layla situation. this was only from a month ago?

i guess people just have such a kneejerk reaction to chili that they refuse to acknowledge it might be milky

No. 694619

Pretty girls can be grimey too.. everyone needs to stop acting like they're all fucking victims. Mist of them are living their life how they want ffs.

No. 694720

thank you for reading before judging, if i was layla i would straight stab her over this considering chili has fucked her "love" and then dragged her name through the mud over and over ad nauseam post every fake encounter ever. like tp since we all know you lurk this shit give yourself and us the gift that will give into infinity and just pay someone else o fuck her up because literally no one else on earth deserves it more. even your abusive ex tyler acknowledges you, chili is a dumbfuck who will forever talk shit. be fucking smart layla, take it to the streets or you a fuckin fake bitch.

and not even a month, shit was done on August 28 this year. I originally thought this dumb hoe wouldn't return to LA after last year but no, she is that stupid and got a visa.

No. 694847

But its old milk tho someone already mentioned it on the past thread so literally no need to bring it up again. This girl is super irrelevant

No. 695546

File: 1537755800680.png (9.97 MB, 1242x2208, 4A78EF25-06B0-42B0-8FB5-592D1D…)

I feel bad for Joei.

No. 695600

What the fuck is this I feel so uncomfortable just looking at this

No. 695643

Tbh they should drop layla and date each other lol

No. 695790

File: 1537794349940.jpeg (154.71 KB, 750x1028, EE9FC64D-913D-474C-81E0-44125D…)

She used to pull off her tats like this, kinda sad she had to ruin it with her eye tats. Wonder what she'll do next

No. 695844

The same thing has been said about her numerous times. She looked better without her eye tat, we get it.

No. 695908

My biggest take away from this video is that potato doesn’t even know who the breakfast club is, but claims she’s gonna take over hip hop…. and she can’t tell when people are making fun of her, even when they’re face to face.
Plus, she claimed she hates her own music (?), so I never wanna hear her hype her songs up ever again. Besides, all her vocal tracks sounds exactly the same

I think this is open to discussion because it involvs soundclout general (adam45/no jumper) and is finally more than her sitting in her bedroom sperging out. I know she’s typically off limits but this is fucking hilarious.

No. 696005

File: 1537813475297.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1859, 85D32EBB-9BAC-48BF-8238-7D3A4E…)

the nails

No. 696037

File: 1537815865800.jpeg (685.83 KB, 1125x1732, 68C8C3B5-F843-4D01-ADB8-ED291F…)

Nedarb is having a baby with @bbyafricka and people are so fucking pressed wow.

Saged because he’s not typically a topic of discussion.

No. 696038

File: 1537815908093.jpeg (446.89 KB, 1125x1269, 0C937D92-6286-4ED1-BA98-287BE7…)

Comments are from this post

No. 696044

File: 1537816657614.png (524.6 KB, 623x694, Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 3.17…)

lmfao apparently every boring insta girl is making music nowadays. who's convincing these ppl they have talent

No. 696261

he’s a mix of lay and peeps style, it’s disgusting

No. 696270

what is compelling this man to do this? does he really think he pulls this off and it isn't obvious? it looks so bad…

No. 696286

File: 1537837189874.jpg (116.71 KB, 303x617, 451784445621.jpg)

Xan posted an ambulance pic.

No. 696323

Honestly Luke posts are almost as boring as potato posts.

No. 696326

Xan is the biggest drama queen in the entire scene tbh

No. 696343

Can everyone chill with the “boring/no one cares” replies? They’re more annoying than the OPs.
Xan is so dramatic I bet he’s just getting a flu shot

No. 696345

He really is. Who's going to worry about someone who's healthy enough to take their own ambulance selfie? He probably just got overheated from wearing 10 layers of clothing all the time.

No. 696349

The original is supposed to be released this week. The two songs can coexist.

No. 696461

He says its cause he ate too many hot cheetos and it ripped something in his stomach. Wow.

No. 696462

File: 1537868665829.jpg (704.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180925-024330_Chr…)

Also, is that the same pic he pissed on.. sitting on his table? Nasty.

No. 696477

this kid is a mess, and in the lamest way possible. it's sad.

but what is this 'aha' shit i've been seeing exclusively men doing? what is this?

No. 696551

This kids gotta stop giving people ammo to make fun of him. If you’re hospitalized because of Cheetos you keep that shit to yourself. And yeah, same plaque. Fucking gross.

No. 696998

These tp threads used to be so active wtf happened?

No. 697002

shes boring now

No. 697029

they were always slow, the people that were shitting them up in the postmortem peep shit show just left so it’s back to normal now

ppl been saying she’s boring since the very first thread lol

No. 697343

can we talk about Nick Koenig, “Hot Sugar” this abuser needs to be exposed. His ex posted a very detailed story about their relationship & I hate that he tries to portray this “gentle” and mysterious vibe. He’s a creep and I wish more females would come forward about his abusive behavior.

No. 697345

No. 697412

Oh man I remember Kitty. She used to hang around the seapunk crew back in the day.

No. 697413

for some reason the link didn't work but it's not too hard to find on her blog; as a fan of his I'm honestly so disgusted by what I just read

gotta love how these "softboys" create a persona that seems infallible even tho they're really just scumbags under

No. 697432

Her blog isn’t working for me and google isn’t helping, can you post a screen cap of what she said?

No. 697455

File: 1537977019558.jpg (511.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094702_Tum…)

it's a lot but I got ya anon

No. 697456

File: 1537977039328.jpg (634.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094714_Tum…)


No. 697457

File: 1537977071642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 663.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094722_Tum…)


Sorry for not spoiling

No. 697458

File: 1537977091253.jpg (Spoiler Image, 652.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094733_Tum…)


No. 697459

File: 1537977111046.jpg (Spoiler Image, 665.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094742_Tum…)


No. 697460

File: 1537977139352.jpg (Spoiler Image, 666.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094752_Tum…)


No. 697461

File: 1537977199159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 650.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094809_Tum…)


No. 697462

File: 1537977228541.jpg (Spoiler Image, 679.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094817_Tum…)


No. 697463

File: 1537977245894.jpg (Spoiler Image, 629.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094830_Tum…)


No. 697464

File: 1537977267332.jpg (Spoiler Image, 668.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094839_Tum…)


No. 697467

File: 1537977300440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 651.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094849_Tum…)


No. 697468

File: 1537977335008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 677.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094857_Tum…)


No. 697469

File: 1537977391856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 639.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094908_Tum…)


No. 697470

File: 1537977408735.jpg (Spoiler Image, 661.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094920_Tum…)


No. 697471

File: 1537977422635.jpg (Spoiler Image, 685.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094940_Tum…)


No. 697473

File: 1537977460702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 677.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-094948_Tum…)


sorry if the crop job is shit but you should be able to understand the entire post cohesively regardless

No. 697476

I remember him being brought up on Blade's page RIP and have heard from several females from the LA scene that he is a sociopath. FINALLY the truth comes out. Whereas the music industry tries to make him out to be a creative genius. He uses his clout to take advantage of females and then ghosts them & makes them feel like they're the crazy ones.

No. 697477

No. 697559

Was his ex Kitty talking about Molly Soda?

No. 697588

File: 1537987947137.jpeg (836.86 KB, 3000x4000, 6EB3EA7F-A19B-439B-9B0D-243E60…)

Yeah she’s been tweet and deleting about it for the past year, she said that was Molly. Molly posted a screenshot of something about emotional manipulation and then deleted it right after Kitty posted her statement to twitter maybe in reference to her still thinking kitty is insane.

He has pretty serious lawyers ig. I remember fish narc tweeting that he’s a psychopath and to stay away from him and his friends while they were mourning and he had to issue an apology identical to the one sam ray (kittys husband/teen suicide frontman/tumblrcore indie darling) had to tweet because he also obviously called him out. They both did it within like 12 hours too.

He posted some long as thing on tumblr calling kitty a liar and then he deleted it, idk what his deal is.

No. 697604

i had a roommate briefly who had been w hot sugar for a second and that he was one of the worst persons she's ever been w/known. this was about two years ago that she told me. i was a huge fan of HS and was playing his music one day and she talked about it later that night.

No. 697819

will never understand why people try to "defend" clear psychopaths like hot sugar, especially women, and try to drag kitty when who in their right mind would make something like that up as if it didn't destroy her career just to at least try to keep other girls safe.

No. 698926

File: 1538091220116.jpeg (158.1 KB, 750x1177, 391351AB-F09A-468A-B996-C8667B…)


No. 698929

File: 1538091260756.jpeg (153.66 KB, 746x929, 34067937-C55D-48F4-BCE9-4277B2…)

No. 698938

Yeah I’m sure the cops planted felony materials in the white boys car. He just got caught with his own supply riding around like the dumbass he is. His shit finally caught up with him.

No. 698956

yeah lmao he's a rich white guy the law couldn't be MORE on his side and was literally created to benefit people like him. it's like stealing art from the hood isn't enough now he's seriously acting like he has the same issues with the law as a black man.
i think it's genuinely racist he's coopting this narrative when this actually happens, fuckboy knows he's guilty and dumb asl and is now crying to his rich ass lawyer. what a fucking joke.

No. 698958

People don't want to believe that they have bad judgement, so they try to justify the shitty things that the people they're fans of do. There are plenty of people that fall under the soundclout umbrella who are abusive, some with undeniable evidence, but people defend them because they like them and they don't want to like bad people.
There's also a pretty consistent myth that women will make up abuse stories no matter how little they have to gain or stand to lose coming forward. Because obviously women are crazy and they're willing to endure years of ridicule and harrassment and legal battles just to make a guy look bad to a handful of people.

No. 699052

File: 1538100972216.jpeg (532.97 KB, 1125x1099, 6F734036-BF67-474E-8FFC-8583B0…)

>“Tyler told me to mention he recently spent 20k”
lol trying to flex from jail. Wheeeew he’s got so many issues. idk maybe jail will be good for him? But when he comes out he’s gonna be so arrogant because now he has “street cred”. It’ll be insufferable.

I wanna know what each of these felonies are. Any sleuthy anons?

No. 699065


Wow anon, your comment made me laugh so fucking hard. It’s sad he’s locked up and STILL tries to flex on how much money he’s got/spends. Wonder who’ll be taking care of that pup.

No. 699081

File: 1538103616819.png (107.12 KB, 1189x846, Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 9.50.…)


So it seems like he got arrested on the 5th, was arraigned today, and is pleading/getting sentenced tomorrow.

No. 699082

File: 1538103722458.png (67.3 KB, 1132x684, Screenshot 2018-09-27 at 9.50.…)

No. 699083


01 23152(F) Vehicle Code
(f) It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.

02 11550(A) Health & Safety Code

(a) A person shall not use, or be under the influence of any controlled substance that is (1) specified in subdivision… or (2) a narcotic drug classified in Schedule III, IV, or V, except when administered by or under the direction of a person licensed by the state to dispense, prescribe, or administer controlled substances. A person convicted of violating this subdivision is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be sentenced to serve a term of not more than one year in a county jail.

03 11350 Health & Safety Code
more drugs

04 11350 Health & Safety Code
drugs again

05 21510(A) Penal Code
Every person who does any of the following with a switchblade knife having a blade two or more inches in length is guilty of a misdemeanor:

(a) Possesses the knife in the passenger’s or driver’s area of any motor vehicle in any public place or place open to the public.

06 12500(A) Vehicle Code
(a) A person may not drive a motor vehicle upon a highway, unless the person then holds a valid driver’s license issued under this code, except those persons who are expressly exempted under this code.

No. 699162

Ok now it’s extra funny that he has “weapons charges.” He wants people to assume he had guns…when he had a little switchblade in the glovebox.

No. 699188


I was wrong. Looks like the sentencing was today actually? My bad. Sooooo….someone needs to figure out how long he's locked up for lmao

No. 699231

So what do we think he got popped with? Lean or dope or both?

No. 699265


Puppy chow for sure.

No. 699266

If anon hadn’t pulled up the info, I would’ve thought he was trying to pull an attention stunt while simultaneously trying to get out of sending people their shit.

No. 699328

jfc, buys two porsches, isn't even licensed. what a rockstar.

No. 699400


he is too much!!!! Take some responsibility for yourself. Also, tyler's word vs. an officer's word is all there is to go by, so who wins there? Not psycho T

No. 699414

Hope someone is taking care of his puppy since he can't even seem to take care for himself. He never should've gotten that dog

No. 700096

Anon what website did you use to find that information about grosso?

No. 700230

File: 1538235495627.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, 15CEAB59-06D6-4A9B-AB7A-BA7626…)

Damn she's actually cute without lipfillers and tons of makeup, wouldn't recognize her like that

No. 700583

new no jumper interview where fat nick, bexey,
and dj scheme talk about peep and x.

No. 700628

I refuse to watch over an hour of this fucktard “interviewimg” people. Anything notable?

No. 700748

are we looking at the same picture?? her top lip is hella long and her creepy little bottom teeth stick out like a bulldog. she has nice eyebrows? how old is she in this? pouya is so little/frail and ugly, there's no way she wouldn't be with him if it wasn't for his clout and he knows it.

any (sober) dirt on suicideboys? there's nothing out there after anons on instagram outed scrim for cheating on his girl lol. since layla is so damn boring i'd love to hear about any other clout drama.

No. 700794

Anyone got any info on redishblu? I know she used to be “best friends” with Arnoldisdead and used to keep saying she had music w Lil Xan coming out that never came out

No. 700829

File: 1538299988018.png (42.05 KB, 1176x190, Screenshot 2018-09-30 at 10.28…)

lol(stop being autistic)

No. 700848

idk anything about her but it kinda freaks me out that she’s so much older than everyone and still trying to get on the come up

i saw her once at ham and she’s looks like she does in her pictures so that’s a plus ig

No. 700849

File: 1538304165052.jpeg (218.52 KB, 1124x1210, 8B20B54D-BD36-4FDD-B9A3-17E80B…)

They all suddenly came for fatnick I’m happy

No. 701014

File: 1538325831827.jpeg (378.84 KB, 1125x939, A1843ACF-9ED6-44EE-8251-125FCF…)


I’m very here for the fat nick (w)reckoning.

Yawns twitter likes are full of slander

No. 701019

File: 1538326046791.jpeg (177.31 KB, 1125x841, 695C5410-22C1-4A06-91A3-EBD18B…)

Pretty sure Tracy took part in some good old fashioned internet bullying. There’s another reply that says “I was all about you squashing beef until I saw this” Anyone catch the original tweet??

I just think nick is legit dumb and laughably hypocritical, so this fall out is milk I’ve been waiting for.

No. 701056

I thought she was 19? How old is she from what you heard?

No. 701345

are you serious? I didn’t hear anything I just thought she was like 28/9. She looks a lottttt older than 19, she gets along with the older ppl in the scene well and is pretty reserved in a way that older people are so I assumed she was in her late 20’s. guess it’s not weird for her to collab with only teens since she is one my bad damn

No. 701483

Layla posted a preview on ig of her music and its absolutely more terrible than I could have ever imagined… jesus christ I can't believe people. She's trying to sound like peep and it's not working

No. 701515

i fucking hope it works, good for her. i want more milk and i'm entirely WAY too sick of actual man children lil babies running the "scene" now. all those skinny bassists no one fucked in hardcore grew up to make beats for all these soundcloud rappers who legitimately stan bands like fall out boy and good charlotte unironically. i know this whole scene is a purposeful meme in itself, cool, but lets see some women cash in on it for once. i don't even like layla i just fucking hate every man in this sooooo much because it's ran by every lil bitch that got curbed on myspace.

like look at pouya's dumb fucking face and tell me he deserves M O N E Y for his word vomit. this music scene only exists because no one cares enough to level it and that makes me angry. layla's not the hero i fucking want but she's the one i'm stuck with.

No. 701531

File: 1538376313707.png (8.51 MB, 1242x2208, 9D60094D-B91E-4097-8ADD-D91E69…)

No. 701532

File: 1538376334869.png (7.51 MB, 1242x2208, 10234D40-E3D6-44F8-9EFC-02BBBD…)

No. 701533

File: 1538376349996.png (6.26 MB, 1242x2208, C87E1D79-F6D4-4DC3-B3DF-0585E9…)

No. 701535

yikes! what happened??

No. 701536

has to be them joking for attention, they still follow eachother

No. 701552

I totally agree Tyler can’t take care of that dog for shit
He’s all fucked up on suboxone

No. 701560

Agreed, it looks sarcastic imo, they're probably just joking

No. 701570

File: 1538380420410.jpeg (149.38 KB, 750x1109, 5ADF5BD1-181D-4B15-8DD5-F2E562…)

Why.. would you try so hard to be "EdGy" this is so lame

No. 701735

cool premature aging though she is definitely way too old for this shit

No. 701940

File: 1538427286218.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, 132931ED-7449-4C76-B1E8-512F53…)

No. 702020

tbh i really wish i could look 10 years into the future and look how all these people will have turned into boring families lmao

No. 702045

Wait did toopoor and spook post that stuff about each other? It looks like they deleted it

No. 702074

literally just doing it for the photo op. pathetic

they were trolling obvs

No. 702137

her feet are seriously so ugly wtf. i can't believe peep had a foot fetish with her.
how old is her bf? age doesn't make you boring layla, being an uncreative waste of space does.

No. 702223

I have a feeling Nick blocked a lot of potential opportunities for Kitty after the breakup. He obviously has influence considering his legal backing (>>697588) and I think he comes from money/"prestige" anyway, considering his family was paying for his apartment at age 32.

mollysoda can get fucked too. her art is trash, very gratifying to know she's a trash person too.

No. 702233


this is so nitpicky, lmao. it's just her foot

No. 702367

Right? I'm all for calling people out for their bovine behavior but nitpicking someones normal ass foot just reeks of insecurity

No clue peep had a foot fetish tho that's funny asfuck what a weirdo all around honestly

No. 703191

The thread is dying because the scene is dying and I for one could not be more glad. Shoulda innovated, Layla. Now you gone be broke and uneducated without any substantial career connections within a couple years. Because you wanted to be an internet celebrity. Wild.

No. 703203

File: 1538572825429.png (603.14 KB, 750x1334, 83FDA95C-24C3-4697-85D6-876FCE…)

Lol imagine being so obsessed with followers

No. 703230

Lol he maddd

did anyone get the other things they just tweeted about each other?

No. 703311

File: 1538585868488.png (292.99 KB, 750x1334, DC82566C-0EA4-430C-9113-634070…)

No. 703312

File: 1538585887097.png (527.24 KB, 750x1334, BE97EE5E-7324-4EA4-96EC-52641E…)

No. 703323

File: 1538586816137.jpeg (293.78 KB, 1125x1425, 1A07526E-C069-4BB2-BEA6-861477…)

No. 703324

File: 1538586848971.jpeg (249.3 KB, 1125x1234, AA95DEE7-7D92-42A7-A718-FF30E8…)

No. 703325

File: 1538586890809.jpeg (154.8 KB, 1125x1014, C51B530A-CA86-4792-91F5-7B9811…)

No. 703326

File: 1538586926660.jpeg (99.77 KB, 1125x680, 6CAD0E1D-D107-4020-9AF9-28D8AB…)

No. 703327

File: 1538586972403.jpeg (231.65 KB, 1125x1821, 1A30E4E0-3A3E-4962-AB44-F64866…)

No. 703329

File: 1538586995097.jpeg (191.71 KB, 1125x1535, 16689FEC-5CAA-415D-858E-55A16C…)

No. 703331

File: 1538587095217.jpeg (232.94 KB, 1125x2115, D97B2354-CA0D-4D6F-BC7C-58A459…)

No. 703332

File: 1538587109726.jpeg (200.08 KB, 1125x2436, DC6F3C42-36C9-4D8C-BDDC-2D649F…)

No. 703333

He is such a bitter ass loser. Go have another heart attack Tracy

No. 703334

File: 1538587191473.jpeg (277.21 KB, 1125x1718, 5CB71014-DEE1-4B74-B737-83F79B…)

That’s pretty much it. Kind of feel like the “beef” was just for attention

No. 703340

This Tracy starting drama with tp thing is lame, peep was never about the drama

No. 703355

File: 1538588594396.jpeg (98.78 KB, 1125x410, 00488E83-AF1A-4A68-ACA8-090A56…)

I didn’t realize these were from last year and was about to reeeee at layla responding to his come on by telling him to marry his girl, that he just flew out to his moms

Idk seems like Layla was actually a little hurt (the fact that this is coming from the women who defends x, and still fw yunggoth and fat nick is so rich)

Tracy was following only Layla on twitter for a few weeks a few months ago is he really that mad Laylas fucking killstation now?

No. 703360

i dont disagree but it's so fucking obnoxious the way she pulls out "man coming out to harrass women!!!" bullshit after making all the stops to defend abusers again and again, and is disgusting. she's pretty manipulative.

No. 703362

What’s up with all these fake photoshopped screenshots?

No. 703373

Which are you claiming are fake?

No. 703380

None of this is on either of their pages. Why do I feel like this is made up? Timing is curious because Layla’s officially boring and craves any attention

No. 703384

Layla deletes shit all the time

You can see Tracy fans talking shit in the comments on her ig posts

No. 703398

Cause you’re a tinfoil idiot? Almost every Tracy tweet capped in this thread was deleted

People on the gbc subreddit are talking about it too,


No. 703430

I’m about to buy Tracy some followers

No. 703431

Sorry, there were a couple claims of photoshop, and some of the replies do seem really grainy.
Besides, just because redditors are talking about it doesn’t make anything more credible, tf?

No. 703465

File: 1538599016449.jpeg (123.33 KB, 750x1075, 96E59DA7-E2FF-4E46-B02F-CFA468…)

Just stop

No. 703468

File: 1538599085303.jpeg (152.27 KB, 750x1114, D1326C33-5A6D-4BDF-A4F0-043468…)

Remove the tinfoil

No. 703471

I don’t think you understand what I’m saying and as much as I’d like to help you improve your reading comprehension I’m not here to infight.

No. 703477

We are showing you that even though Layla and Tracy deleted stuff, there is still evidence of a beef, and you are acting like we are the ones that can't read?

Quit being a doubter and there is no fighting.

No. 703485

I’m not denying the existence of the photos anon. That’s why all you screen caps are useless.

Layla and aubrie faked beef literally a few days ago. Why is it sooo ridiculous to wonder if her and Tracy are doing the same? Tracy was seen showing TP support on social media a month or so ago. Why are they both suddenly sooo upset over who didn’t fuck who? As far as photoshopping- either her and/or Tracy could’ve put together some bullshit fake text convos. Layla’s been called out as boring over the past week or so, and you really think it’s beyond her to fake some shit for attention? Have we been reading the same threads?

No. 703495

I guess since I have to be so detailed, I should include that I really wouldn’t put it past Tracy to fake some beef. He’s been known for wilin out on sm and doesn’t seem to give a fuck.

No. 703499

No. 703646

19-20 from boston

got robbed by fauni and warhol when they flew her out to atlanta or something

No. 703658

She got a old lady cut

No. 703721

File: 1538619542162.jpeg (752.49 KB, 1125x1662, 5D5B3005-5E31-4A68-9A4B-2D00D7…)

Are you referring to this. Cause now I can’t unsee that it’s a mom cut

No. 703730

this hair style doesn’t really suit her…

No. 703731

still looks way better than those ratty extensions

No. 703747

Is this for real? Where did this come to light I never heard that. What did they take from her?

No. 703883

the fact that tracy full on LOVED this bitch before peep latched on is un fucking real. what the fuck layla doing to deserve this i genuinely have no idea it's WILD

No. 703890

the funniest thing is that the more his fans blow her shit up the more her posts get blasted in the algorithm it's based off of activity

tbh layla fuckin get him i want to see every man in this dumb ass scene go down bitch better FUCKING SHOW UP THIS TIME UNLIKE WHEN SHE LET CHELJI OF ALL BITCHES CUCK HERF LIKE GODDAMN

No. 703948

Imagine spending your birthday very publicly pining over a girl you once wanted to be with.

No. 704070

when was tracy into layla? what happened

No. 704092

Girl where have you been. You just gotta read.

No. 704167

yeah but what's the context? he was just randomly into her? was this before peep

No. 704298

Anyone notice how Frances will constantly follow and unfollow TP at least like 4 times a month

No. 704325

File: 1538685311681.jpeg (248.86 KB, 749x995, 98DE86CF-328B-4998-8920-39A3CB…)

What the actual fuck. Nightmare fuel

No. 704331

I remember people on Laylas live saying Frances unfollowed Layla when she posted that nasty video of her trying to twerk with her boney ass to Nirvana.

No. 704507

Keith Flint should knock his lights out for being such a tryer.

No. 704637

File: 1538717197307.png (98.63 KB, 640x1136, 50EEF9F0-4136-4ECA-84D0-82B894…)

Oh shut up Lederrick.

Sage for no milk, he just gets on my nerves especially with his r/iamverysmart tweets

No. 704692

holy shit you're wack you understand this entire scene is just irony or nah

No. 704693

>i don't care who raped who i just want to listen to rapists and give them money and drown out the voices of legitimate victims when they speak up hashtag woke
>peep collage as twitter header
>references dead dad in bio


No. 704754

take your stanning somewhere else

No. 704840




The insults on this thread are next level.

Also of course lederrick doesn’t care if artists are rapists- he’s desperate to have anyone at all work with him. Trash.

No. 704855

Any word on grosso’s trainwreck of a life?

No. 704894

Prob rotting in jail

No. 704955

California got rid of bail so I’m sure if he had the opportunity he’d be out but instead he’s trying to be bad. But I haven’t looked too far in his charges so who knows

No. 704967

File: 1538767298925.jpeg (146.63 KB, 1125x576, FC5158B9-8001-4933-9240-16B967…)


No. 705001

>>704967 i pray he finds a nice big ol man steak to protecc him in jail

No. 705007

anyone seen the new curb? accidental tweet on purpose?

No. 705021

duno bout u guys but the weirdos in my school were fucking weird looking

No. 705099

wow pepper ann three whole sparkles in the name, weird blurry mirror selfie as icon and a call for ~prayer. his friends left him out here with a facebook aunt lookin bio while he's in jail knowing he'll never get verified, the thing this pasty doughy culture vulture wants the most in his insignificant life. karma from all the girls' reputations he destroyed slandering, threatening, blackmailing, and abusing them and all the scamming and thieving of artwork done to an underprivileged race of people finally caught up to him.

he deserves to rot just for asking for prayers because he was caught being a drunk driving dumbfuck with weapons in his car that he didn't take the time to learn the laws about so he could own them correctly, and with drugs to numb the guilt of all the joy he robbed people of and how awful of a person he is. i'm glad they got this piece of shit off the road and out of society before he killed someone drunk driving or while abusing them so he could switch it up and cosplay sid vicious for clout. i hope the men in jail treat him like he treated his exes.

No. 705237

>i hope men in jail treat him like he treated his exes

getting a massive belly tattoo of his name? threatening suicide every 5 seconds so he doesn't leave them alone?

Lmao the idea of prisoners acting like giant lean chugging clout hungry man babies is hysterical

No. 705238

How do you even flex in prison by having the most ramen noodle cups

No. 705241

Knowing grosso he'll flex his comissary and get stabbed. I feel like this dude is incapable of not constantly trying to prove how cool he thinks he is to everyone around him

No. 705428

Idk if you have them on twitter but scrim basically said he was done with suicideboys and he was retiring and that there was some "issues" and that there is "two sides to every story" type shit. He then posted a text IG story from his friends page saying management had taken control of his socials so he won't be able to communicate anymore, still stating that their are issues going on behind closed doors - I honestly couldn't even speculate what it could be but yeah

No. 705431

This is an image board

No. 705511

File: 1538851669673.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 796B0469-48D8-4D38-9F3C-F86ACA…)


No. 705527

i'm disgusted by everything in this picture. it's like i can feel his annoyance with her through the screen, the stench of her narcissism and clout thirst. her cat eye is so bad it's on par with her literal macarena/byebyebye dancing.

No. 705601

File: 1538862528939.jpeg (139.21 KB, 750x1334, 8824C2C9-FE77-4574-AD35-B0A364…)

No. 705603

File: 1538862573717.jpeg (176.41 KB, 750x1334, 8BB27B8E-6488-416C-839F-842A43…)

Can Shoop anons confirm if this photo wasn’t touched? I’m not good at scoping those things out

No. 705613

i wanna day that the right side of her waist looks photoshopped because it’s a little bit more blurred than the her outline of her body

No. 705640

honestly looks like her face is photoshopped but idk i could be wrong

No. 705646

She’s 22? I thought she was much older. She needs a skincare regime and to drink more water.

No. 705659

File: 1538874293902.jpg (555.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181006-210316.jpg)

Pepper's back with a cool new 'do

No. 705663

How the actual fuck do you sit in jail, forced to reflect and deal with your thoughts for weeks, just to get out and do THIS

No. 705664

peep skinwalking, wow, that's never been done before. nice one, grosso. also pisses me off that the black is not perfectly in the middle.

No. 705667

File: 1538875294328.jpeg (207.89 KB, 750x1088, 7E70C1AB-7FBB-4B34-803E-34D5D2…)

smokeasac did it too, lmao

No. 705683

How is that peep skinwalking?

No. 705713

Peep had two tone hair so now everyone with two tone hair wants to where his skin. Not like that’s one of the most popular ~alt~ hair styles for years before him or anything

No. 705730

Man they laid those tiles really bendy back in the day! It's an improvement, but she's still shopping her body shape.

No. 705754

tp “dj’ed” in London tonight and all she did was play a bunch of peep songs

No. 705769

File: 1538888071273.jpeg (164.94 KB, 1242x611, 7EDD18FA-DB6A-43FC-8B5D-E0E76E…)

Wasn’t there proof she was addicted to coke and heroin?

No. 705771

This is old milk it's been posted

No. 705809

File: 1538898359962.png (4.83 MB, 1242x2208, 6754D4D3-7846-4853-8357-872E02…)

damn I didn’t know she really looked that bad in person

No. 705818

Looks like a goblin

No. 705820

File: 1538899602032.jpeg (38.69 KB, 480x360, 9134DAE0-494A-445C-8477-F134C5…)

She reminds me of the Lette Me Out doll.

No. 705845

Yall were the ones saying she didnt need a nosejob and now you're all bashing her nose like it hasn't been done a thousand times before. This isn't milk anymore ffs

No. 705850

Who said anything about your nose? Layla it’s your whole face.

No. 705852

I'm not layla but ok, was just pointing out facts

No. 705853

she did this in her shitty youtube series that only got to two episodes, so i def believe you. i think bc she inspired most of them and he used her so fucking much that she deserves to be able to use his songs tbh. his death is only a month away from being a year and i'll make fun of some of his choices but i can understand if this is her mourning process. she was obviously clinically obsessed with him.

again, no fucking idea how she even got peep in the first place. i know she had more followers at one point, but so do a lot of actually hot girls in la. does anyone else speculate peep only wanted her bc tracy did, or at least tracy wanting her so much made her seem more appealing? i feel like that's one of the real reasons tracy went off on peep when he had that episode a couple months before peep died. full on tinfoil but layla did express a lot of guilt and maybe it didn't have to do with tyler, and maybe she didn't go to the NY funeral because she knew tracy would be there.

No. 705854

it actually isn't her cheekbones are genuinely gorgeous, it's just her strong nose messing up her entire profile.

i like candid pictures of her because how much she shops is milky, i don't bash her but if she changed her nose it would drastically alter her attractiveness. i think it's wack when people get on high horses about surgery when it's really not a big deal and that shit is in the center of your face so it matters. unless they just want her to stay average looking.

No. 705858

Agreed, a nosejob would't be a bad idea at all, especially since it's making her so insecure

No. 705875

right, so everyone around peep who were admittedly jealous of him, just happen to pick up on this haircolor combo, SAME COLORS every time, right after he died – not before, only after he died, because they knew how much he hated being copied, and it's not skinwalking? ok sis.

No. 705998

anyone else think those lashes she hocks are like… exceptionally horrible?

No. 706003

File: 1538930388440.png (439.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-07-11-38-29…)

No. 706007

she's tilting her hips back to create a gap and sucking in a lot but I'm inclined to believe even she wouldn't be dumb enough to shop and lie about it after her whole ed spiel

No. 706010

More like x skin walking. Dudes trying to act hard because he has a drug charge. If he ever actually ended up in the penitentiary he'd shit himself

No. 706013

Nm the bendy tiles lmao holy shit she really is that dumb wow I'm at a loss I really gave her the benefit of the doubt. My mistake.

No. 706020

File: 1538931790964.jpg (152.89 KB, 482x481, 1538931620933-1.jpg)

yea they're garbage

No. 706073

this is sad. the trashwoman literally has very lethal cancer and this loser can't even pretend he likes her until she passes. just sad.

No. 706078

It’s not even her nose that’s the worst part
How do your jowls look that bad at the age of 25?

No. 706112

i thought it was in remission? and her personality is fucking insufferable and she's reeeeally obviously using him. i don't agree he has any obligation to keep a bad person who got cancer in his life. in fact it would free her to find someone who does care, though doubtful he has clout so she will manipulate him into sheer misery.

No. 706146

I honestly hate the fact that layla wasn't even an actual drug addict. She would get sold fake xans and bunk coke for like 3 months tops and she claims this recovery as if she was the biggest drug user in the world. She wasn't EVER addicted to anything, she just couldn't handle her shit so she had to go "cOmPlEteLy sObEr" because she's too much of a fuckin dumbass to even handle fake drugs. So pathetic. Although she PROBABLY snorted heroin a couple times with grosso and couldn't handle that either SMH.

No. 706162

File: 1538943430470.png (332.25 KB, 559x672, Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 4.15…)

this is obviously photoshopped lol. look at the way the tile lines curve—she liquefied it

No. 706199

we don't know the full extent of her drug use. i wouldn't call her an addict but she definitely had problems. this is just unnecessarily harsh

No. 706212

You sound ridiculous as fuck. You hate that she wasn’t a junkie? Get help.

No. 706240

Coco and Spooky have the ugliest looking makeup

No. 706245

I feel this anon. It's annoying when people like about addiction for clout. They don't know the half of it, they want to look damaged for fashion points. It's not a contest but when someone snorts come a handful of times and cries out for pity its hard to gaf, especially if you've really been to the depths.
Tbh tho, the average person doesn't get this and thinks just looking at heroin once means you're a criminal murderer. That's why it's so easy to be a fake junkie

No. 706260

Everybody knows the extent of her "drug use" was only to look cool to Lil Peep when he started giving her attention. She was with Corey and didn't drink or smoke pot because she said it made people look ugly,then immediately after hanging out with peep she was this full blown wannabe junkie yelling and screaming on live about how fucked up and drugged out she was to complete strangers. Once her and peep were done emotionally abusing each other she acted even worse like she was a full blown drug addict. The thing that really pissed me off the most was when she dumped out a tiny bit of coke and that no jumper interview and she literally snorted coke on it in front of everyone just for edge points. Then she proceeds to act all stupid in the interview. Not even an actual addict would need to do that kind of shit for attention. She just acts so god damn stupid I can never feel any sympathy towards her for anything.

No. 706287

Omfg I forgot about the coke snorting on no jumper lmao

She definitely was never a junkie. She tried to be Courtney Love but just couldn't hang. Sad that she tried so hard to be Peep's it girl. She was what 24 trying to impress a teenager she was cool by doing drugs? Had no idea her drug use was so minimal before. It's p sad for an adult honestly, it's not like she was some idiot teenager

No. 706303

so she's exactly the same she just shoops less and hopes people don't notice lmao so much for self growth

exactly, there's a difference between beating addiction and realizing drugs just aren't good for you. I'm glad she quit bc she obviously couldn't handle her shit but she was never more than a casual drug user and an obnoxious party girl

No. 706401

They remind me of those over the top fake lashes you buy for Halloween costumes.

No. 706635

File: 1539007647997.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 1FCC313A-BDCC-462C-9057-798BF3…)

Is he for fucking real

No. 706655

he's infinitely more trash than she is. if he no longer likes her, it's not because she's trash, because he's apparently the only person she does treat well and has done so at her own expense. he's just tired of her. it's not like he's a dignified dude now just horrified at the awful person he's shacked up with. you are right though that it would definitely be better for her to be with someone else.

it's true. not that anyone should aspire to being a junkie, but it is really embarrassing and shameful that she hopped into 'junkie' shit to impress peep. i don't know the extent of her addiction, but given how public she always was about it and given that she literally only picked up the junkie image to impress a teenage sad boi, i just get the hunch it was never an addiction, let alone full blown. the entire scene is fake. just look at moonpie and how hardcore she and layla actually seem. come on. they've always been valley girls that are trying to be mall goth and think that shit is hardcore.

not skinwalking tho, right? come on.

No. 706657

File: 1539010756083.jpeg (786.82 KB, 1125x1300, C858FC7B-2AEB-47A2-9354-525C63…)

Jesus Christ he looks like the Ronald McDonald of meth.

Layla dating a guy and immediately hopping on his euro tour is cringe as fuck to me. Isn’t she trying to start her own career? IMO she should Focus on that instead of being a soundclout accessory per usual. It’s sad to watch her latch on to each guy, one after another, and base her whole aesthetic/existence
off of them. But like, changing the game for girls!!!

No. 706660

Agree with everything BUT her "aesthetic" is always kinda the same tho except for her being sober now

No. 706665

File: 1539011519905.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x2032, 2C9E7FA5-C2A1-4022-AF69-28664B…)

SO MUCH TALENT WILL BE LOST. I’m cackling; Pepper has the most overinflated ego of all time.

The comments on this post are hilarious as well. His “stans” are all actually buying the bullshit story that he innocently wrecked his car, got knocked out from the impact, then the cops found either planted drugs, or a bag of coke in a girls purse that had been left there from the night before (not sure which lie he’s going with right now). Either way, hilarious that he’s still unable to take responsibility for his actions and has to lie to teenagers on the internet to keep up his “misunderstood nice guy” persona, even while facing down a jail sentence. How dumb are these kids to take everything he says at face value?! Everyone involved with him needs to grow the fuck up.
My theory: he nodded off while driving, wrecked his Porsche, and got caught with his stash. He wrecked that car twice, both times almost immediately after getting possession of it. Society is honestly
Better off having him locked up before he kills someone who’s actually innocent. The best part is once he gets out his 15 minutes will be up and no one will give a fuck about him.

Not saged because this photo and caption are both gold.

No. 706672

File: 1539011944953.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1904, CB930BED-9E5E-4177-BFDE-FFF335…)

Can we all take a moment to reflect upon this unedited pepper pic? I for one want to die.
(Photo is def recent. The shirt he’s wearing is from his most recent superr drop)

No. 706679

I think I’m gonna vomit

No. 706705


Jesus, Tyler needs help. If he doesn't get in therapy or rehab he's going to wind up dead. One terrible decision after the next.

Maybe prison is the best option because he'll have to get sober.

No. 706708

Disagree. She doesn’t have musical talent to make a career out of it, and this scene is dying. However, if she goes on tour, stays sober, and is smart about using the opportunity to make some good connections in fashion retail and media, she could start to transition her waning success with TooPoor into a strong career as Layla. If she could learn to be disciplined and professional, she might make a good fashion/accessories retail buyer, or content editor for digital media.

No. 706718

File: 1539016378931.jpg (38.51 KB, 615x409, PAY-Edward-Furlong.jpg)

He's turning into edward furlong. Pic related.

No. 706739

And he’s going to get even more disgusting in jail. Unreal.

No. 706788

I wonder if tp is going to get tired of this aesthetic and scene when it’s not popular anymore but will have to keep going with it because all of her shitty tattoos won’t go with any other aesthetic

No. 706826

File: 1539025333880.jpeg (199.78 KB, 1125x632, 5B8B3822-37F4-4CC0-8083-101242…)

I’m not the ig commenter, but peppers response doesn’t seem to mention peep. lulz. Why does he get on the defensive so easily damn

No. 706955

File: 1539036510306.jpeg (238.48 KB, 1242x1465, 7532581A-A6AC-4AA4-9CD3-4AF62B…)

No dumbass this isn’t pnp

No. 706978

Wow u really told them

No. 706997

File: 1539040538806.jpeg (257.03 KB, 750x1174, 60DB0043-B2C7-4049-B6FD-4B5F9B…)

rapper vic mensa calling out adam22…

No. 707012

>have you even seen 101 Dalmations from the 1990's
ok so pepper ann are you now going on record saying you're not stanning peep or bexey but literally fucking Cruella DeVille
he's really out here using disney cartoons for defenses this is an adult male about to go to prison

No. 707030

LMAO he calls screenshots fake news, doesn't address his statement, acts like he didn't groom this underage girl online until they could legally meet as if them physically meeting/hooking up would be the only wrong thing (which he doesn't even care about, he only cares about wrongness if it hurts his career/access to power), THEN completely goes off on a tangent to attack the person speaking out about an unproven and vague statement they may have made about a public figure adam is well aware would outrage people and get the heat off of him. then reiterates he's making shit up when the screenshot is not only right there but the website in its original wording is still up.

oh in case anyone cares in one of his interviews lena is next to him and he openly insults her all the time. he referred to her picking up younger girls for 'them' as lena being "like sending out a pitbull who returns with a rabbit". when there's an instagram model on she's referred to as a tall glass of water and adam says lena is a "short and stout" glass of water while her face falls and she just sits there like a dumb ass with her new implants still in a surgical bra.

people love the illusion of thinking for themselves and may see adam as a 'self made impartial interviewer/cultural figure' they wish existed because people are so brainwashed into accepting peoples' brands as reality. the way he's distracting people from his promotion of statutory rape by using X would be disgusting to the memory of someone who passed on, but X has underage girls on his tumblr, openly beats women, and raped and kidnapped his pregnant gf. there's a video of X punching a girl not even paying attention hard in the side of her head for absolutely no reason and people STILL defend him because we live in a cultural wasteland and people are that thirsty. i loathe them all and laws about online defamation have changed that girl with adam's case needs a better lawyer.

No. 707138

File: 1539053481200.jpeg (994.03 KB, 1125x1745, 7456D5AF-9452-44D8-AFF0-147456…)

Just stop.

No. 707148

Lmao is she gonna fake tp with the whole sobriety shit now.. i mean good for her, but get an orginal image instead of one entirely based off someone's existence

No. 707157

Anytime someone calls Layla out for editing the fuck out of her pics you guys are like “Layla is just insecure so she can and at least she admits to it leave her the fuck alone” but when Cass edits and admits it you guys are like “lol this dumb bitch is editing again”. Layla still is trashy as fuck and I’m pretty sure she was pissing on the street a few weeks ago in her live and people wanna act like it’s okay for her to do nasty shit like that but when Cass does it there’s a problem

No. 707165

tp doesn’t even admit it lmao she constantly deletes any comments about her shooping and anytime there’s a lot of people calling her out for it she goes on her story ranting about how people are dumbasses for thinking she edits while in the video she looks completely different than the photo or it’s an obvious video with the facetune editing that she recoreded on the app and then put it on her story

No. 707185

File: 1539057752246.png (890.72 KB, 750x1334, DD913402-9568-4680-A0B6-34CBC8…)

Not even one minute n it was deleted u are one salty bitch

No. 707190

Obviously people are gonna delete the one negative comment on their pic.

No. 707220

esp when they are edgeposting

No. 707236

Smart money would be on getting a normal haircut and cleaning up one's wardrobe, asap.

No. 707260

pissing all over her fucking shoes for the gram lmao

No. 707282

Very drag queen-esque, they look comical. She can act like she's a self made woman all she wants but lets be real no one would be buying her cartoon lashes if she wasn't shacked up with Pouya. It's the soundclout equivalent of a rich housewife hocking Mary Kay to all her rich lady friends and then claiming entrepreneurship. We all know who really pays the bills.

No way he can leave her now. Last time he "betrayed" her she went straight to social media and sperged out on multiple platforms about betraying a loved one with cancer lol

No. 707284

they both admitted to editing but layla did it first (per usual) lmao imagine being pressed enough to whiteknight an instathot who piddles all over her shoes

Cass you good?

No. 707296

Layla literally does the same thing though? She’s the one that started the nasty ass shit. Also who’s the cunt that comes on here and accuses everyone of being Cass just because they don’t hate her?

No. 707437

I just don’t understand why she’s decided to make pissing outside her “thing”. Every drunk college girl has done it, it’s really not that ~*edgy*~, it’s boring. Imagine everytime you piss out in the wild, you make your boyfriend snap a thousand photos, or direct his artsy piss cinematography (remember when she forgot to edit audio out of a piss video? Directing Corey ‘ok now back to me…’ kek)
She really couldn’t be trying any harder.

No. 707766


LMAO yes anon. I almost forgot about the time she directed the video, I'm cackling. I really didn't think that people in soundcloud would be so pathetic to get "the shot" but it really terrified me.

No. 707839

>No way he can leave her now.
He still can. He's already been shit on 10X over. I am sure he's used to backlash, guilt trip bullshit and whatnot. He's got no image to ruin. There's nothing else for him to save. What's leaving her going to do?

No. 707843

She's fine now. It would be the perfect time for him to jump ship tbh.

No. 707865

NTA She has been alluding to the fact that she is dying and went to Europe against her doctors wishes

No. 707949

Whatever he does, she'll always stay with him for the money

No. 707953

Also lol @ the fact that fucking cooc is discussed more than layla atm. Shows how dry lays milk is

No. 708166

File: 1539128548249.jpeg (134.07 KB, 1125x461, AE859F80-D7D5-47DD-B5C4-BD006A…)

But guys so much talent will be lost when he goes to jail!!! Whether you think so or not!!!

But for real, I will miss laughing at his dumb ass.

No. 708355

To be fair coco has had her own businesses and owned/paid for basically everything she has before she even met pouya. She says he has always been independent with her own money,but of course pouya buys her things without her asking…

No. 708740

Tbh Layla's relationship atm is the least problemetic one ever. She seems genuinly happy

No. 708935

She's a clout whore, would her business even be semi-successful if she wasn't known for being pouya's girl?

No. 709059


Fucking eyeroll. If she was actually dying she wouldn't have the energy or stamina to travel to Europe on tour. Late stage terminal cancer is no joke.

No. 709084

File: 1539199133719.jpg (349.8 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181010-121450.jpg)

No. 709109

No. 709217

File: 1539207789636.jpeg (213.51 KB, 750x1194, E13B251B-19EE-46D6-AA2A-58CB25…)

why is hes ancles always so swollen

No. 709221

It's not just his ankles, he's completely puffy and bloated.
Wonder how his attorney feels about the client's new trial look.

No. 709245

Lmfao. Who are you even taking about? You literally crossed lay and coco and have no idea WHO you’re talking about lol.

No. 709258

Lmao. He must be working pro bono on this case. Also, while he was in jail his accts were private and now that he is out until the 29th, it’s public. How fucking dumb can you be? Of course people look at social media accounts and clearly he’s making his charges against him rather apparent. Lmao. This dude is a wreck and I fucking love it.

No. 709283

Coco is the only ~cancer patient~ being discussed in this thread

No. 709439

exactly younger girls only buy them so they can be like their favorite instathot and get residual clout if they take a selfie in her lashes or some dumb shit. or they think they're doing good in the world buying from a ~cancer patient~ when they're likely very cheap repackaged lashes that children were forced to make. i always wonder what these soundclout rappers think when their girl does this routine, the hustle is obvious and i don't know how or why they put up with it. there are hotter and more independent girls unless they get off on the codependency

No. 709442

why is cass advertising her dirty, unwiped snatch it's fucking gross and you can clearly see she's pissed all over her shoes and it likely splattered up onto her. she probably reeks, why would fucking anyone think this shit is even edgy cute no man or woman out there is looking at them with respect.

correct me if i'm wrong but i'm assuming any attention a girl gets for this is from dudes that can tell they have no respect for themselves or their bodies so they might hate themselves enough to put out

No. 709453

Pissing on the Margielas, it huuuurts

No. 709499

Cass was actually really fucking cool before she and Layla became friends, which happened bc Cass was dating horsehead and Layla peep. Cass was happy, creative, had her own style, wasn’t a drug addict, didn’t pee outside, and had her own friends. I think Layla really manipulated her and changed her a lot being a cool older sister type as she is probably the oldest girl in the scene besides kreashawn, who made too poor. Then when Cass started dating Corey, after Layla had already basically ran all over him at that point Layla bullied Cass and made everyone stop being her friend. I don’t blame Cass for not leaving Corey. Why? They like each other, why should they break up? Everyone in the scene dates each other’s ex’s. Layla didn’t bully other people when they dated her ex’s, or befriended her ex’s. Layla is just a hot topic spin off of Regina George and always prowls on cute women to brand as her minions.

No. 709502

File: 1539220674358.jpeg (110.81 KB, 640x640, F3DCD77C-BE50-4AC8-9CB9-1F3187…)

No. 709504

File: 1539220727459.jpeg (694.83 KB, 1080x1082, C03DE808-9CDC-4CE6-B27A-1C3AB8…)

No. 709514

Lol at how she found another side kick younger than her to brand as a trashy skank? I miss aubrie before too poor branding

No. 709517

This is so fucking grotesque i can literally smell the urine

No. 709520

The first line especially

No. 709521

>also all unsaged

fuuuuuuck this literally made me laugh aloud so hard thanks anon i needed this u wild

No. 709523

Didn’t know there’s clips of Layla doing coke in that Vegas vlog. “Nobody knows what drugs I did and if they say they do they’re lying” bitch it’s on YT

No. 709527

old crusty milk no one cares cass fuck off already but thanks for refreshing like a robot and correcting the mistake i pointed out for ur dumb ass. you can self post all you want no one cares(hi (cow))

No. 709532

they only became trashy when they started hanging out with Laylas nasty ass

No. 709533

Toopoor get your crusty ass off of here(hi (cow))

No. 709537

>skinwalks even the insults of the poster they suspect could even maybe be layla

yeah hi cass how's corey's asshole taste today(hi cow)

No. 709539

Can someone ban this person? They accuse everyone of being Cass and it's annoying af.

No. 709546

forgot to sage again loser, and no i'm someone different your posts are fucking nuts.

No. 709549

tracked the IP it’s not TP

No. 709552

(Sorry for not saging before, I think I did it right this time) but seriously you know what the underground should do? Everyone should come out and raise their hand if they’ve ever been personally victimized by Layla Shapiro. I mean really? What WOULD she be w/o 1) her army of skanks 2) clouty arm candy bf 3) hot body? At least Pouya has called her out before everyone else should follow suit. She’s not this powerful fucking person so many people give her the power to be. No one should have to back down or be silenced by this woman. Don’t let her be a bully.

No. 709554

if you’re so fucking obsessed with Cass go start a thread about her. stop fucking bringing her up here

No. 709559

lmaoooo no you white knighted cass harder than anyone has white knighted in a while. who the fuck would call cass """"""cool""""" get it together go back to ~rehab

i was waiting for this thank u for coming thru

No. 709563

>>709546 They have to be lay… one else hates cass that much. Ur obsessed with get help

No. 709566

I’m not trying to necessarily white knight because obviously Cass is no saint but it is all true. She really wasn’t a complete and total embarrassment until she became friends w Layla and I promise as soon as aubrie does something that Layla doesn’t like she will absolutely try to bully aubrie as well. It’s gross.

No. 709567

You’re talking to several different anons dumbass

No. 709568

I have Laylas IP from last thread. This is someone else.

No. 709573

Shapiro its not that serious, calm tf down.

No. 709575

gtfo and go get your nose done or take care of that uneven lopsided face bitch

No. 709582

Well no, because who's fault is that? Cass is a grown woman and so is Aubrie. You're giving Layla all this credit when all she is and has been is an illusion of an 'it girl' on Instagram. She's not creative at all she just happens to fuck these soundcloud rappers, I don't get it either.

And are you kidding me? She said herself she moved from her hometown in Oregon because literally everyone hated her and it's been proved on earlier threads she stalked Layla online or some embarrassing shit. Cass admitted all she does is rot online while bingeing and purging. She's mentally ill and doesn't want help.

No. 709585

File: 1539223410182.jpeg (79.17 KB, 622x705, B3E2CC21-EAE3-47CC-87A2-5CBEEB…)

Excuse me?

No. 709588

there's only one person that would get this mad lol ok girl
p sure the consensus on calling out layla's big nose forever ago

i can't tell if you're being sarcastic but it's been safe for a while to just say layla would benefit from a nose job

No. 709589

How are you going from that to that?

No. 709591

Should I put out this persons IP? Found their insta.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 709592

yessss they're annoying af

No. 709593

It's an anonymous board and more than one anon is posting. Stop.

No. 709597

Those jowls though

No. 709601

At this point they are so trashed who cares what they are or what she does to them.

No. 709602

She's aging fast.

No. 709605

Yes they are adults and are responsible for allowing themselves to be branded but when you are best friends w someone you inevitably are influenced by them. Also Cass does want help, she has literally been in rehab for a while now. People GIVE Layla this power to bully people. Act like she’s queen bee. Stay silent when she does fucked uo shit or take her side in fear of industry backlash when in reality she has no talent besides BRANDING. I myself am a DJ in the music industry and actually have mutual friends with Layla but no direct relationship w her nor do I want one seeing how she treats her friends like minions. She tried to make Bella Thorne uncool like last year when Bella was dating peep and make everyone not fuck w her and now Bella has an entire ass record label and too poor dyed her hair red like Bella’s signature color like she didn’t try to cancel her last year and Bella just went w them being cool bc politics.

No. 709609

U really starting to look rough Lay

No. 709619

File: 1539225080759.jpeg (373.8 KB, 1231x1185, 3EE08E6A-5BBE-415A-B321-5BF4E9…)

Stay the fuck off this thread. Stop obsessing over Cassidy and go back to making your cringe ass edits of yourself. Weirdo

No. 709624

A few weeks before peep died he did a live and kept pinning comments of people talking about how Laylas “pussy stank” anyone know where I can find that?

No. 709626

thats been on youtube

No. 709630

Her likes are starting to go down

No. 709876

Anon who posted that girls’ Instagram messaged me on Instagram in a threatening manner. How were they able to get our information like that. Is this site not secure? I don’t understand

No. 709960

>>709876 unless you're using a vpn and tor browser, nothing is secure.

No. 710055

how would someone on here be able to obtain our instagram handles? insta isn't tied to our IP, is it? sry idk how the internet works lmao

No. 710336

ntayrt but ??? Read the OP anon, cass is allowed to be discussed here

No. 710350

if you're commenting on any of these tards' instas it's not hard to figure out which of you are farmers.

No. 710390

File: 1539290046535.jpeg (910.3 KB, 1039x1987, BDB530DF-089F-40CD-8CD3-08EB34…)

Is she kidding with this photoshop lmaooo

No. 710527

they look dirty as fuck

No. 710533

There’s ip logging used to enforce bans, and sometimes out people for self posting and similar stuff so no not really secure, like other anon said if you’re commenting in an attention grabbing way or don’t anonymize your caps it’s not the hardest thing to track down.

It is against the rules to harass cows or other users outside of the board so if it persist with one person maybe email the mods, idk how much they could help you tho. Best bet is just to block, change ur avi, @ and take it as a lesson to be more carful online especially on chan sites.

No. 710661

It's because they are

No. 710946

File: 1539331124117.jpeg (180.66 KB, 749x980, 36C570B0-2E20-4A62-97A2-6E648D…)

Bexy is starting on instagram

No. 711120


Oh please. Quavo is probably like, who the fuck is this idiot?

No. 711241

File: 1539371463585.png (702.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-12-14-08-55…)

Shakewell too. Also apparently Vic Mensa spoke on x even though he admitted to beating on his own gf?

No. 711264

File: 1539373315364.jpeg (234.17 KB, 745x1096, 5DBE04A3-CCC4-48C4-84EF-2202B5…)

What’s the lie though

No. 711269

File: 1539373852892.png (338.9 KB, 750x1334, E329504B-54E2-47DC-A448-475CCE…)

These friends of Peep are delusional

No. 711272

File: 1539373964614.png (1 MB, 750x1334, EED742C3-CD94-4DE1-A9C1-4FC01A…)


No. 711737

Wow I’m actually into peeps music but that’s a reach. What is making these people so delusional 🙄

No. 711754

Everyone in this scene is so good damn fake and shallow. Using Peep as a martyr so they can grandstand about how woke they are, it's fucking pathetic and gross.

No. 711783

Toopoor is becoming a nobody

No. 711793

File: 1539425319201.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, EC59E3FD-5437-4CAC-8BBE-226EBD…)

Lmao it's just because you're watching him girl

No. 712010

These tp diaries are cringy as fuck.

No. 712105

File: 1539467815221.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, 4AD47080-E2B3-47D9-AE6B-24AF93…)

Had to look twice to check if it was actually her dafuq

No. 712177

File: 1539473011468.jpeg (103.12 KB, 750x914, CBD2F797-0709-4DF3-AD9E-EA194F…)

Those wrinkels.. she should quit smoking asap

No. 712183

she already look 32

No. 712430

File: 1539505981581.jpeg (58.79 KB, 446x632, 0D95CCA4-66B4-45B9-A7C6-38989C…)

Been lookin rough lately.

No. 712432

Looks like grandma Madonna with dark hair

No. 712710

File: 1539546339848.jpeg (269.02 KB, 749x907, 4365F7C4-DFE3-43AA-85E3-D65B21…)

Didn’t anybody else think this looks like a Hitler stache? That is sp00ky

No. 712719

she's got a hitler chin too so that doesn't help

No. 712720

Besides it looking like a hitler stache it really is the ugliest piercing i've ever seen

No. 712753


Her bedroom decor is str8 out of Spencer's with some cheap plastic Walmart Halloween decorations thrown in. What a shitty juvenille aesthetic.

No. 712761

Why do people think that line in Quavo’s song is so offensive even if on the off chance it WAS specifically about Peep? SoundClout rappers have exploded the “popping xans” scene and if anything isn’t it calling out that exact problem with the scene? Young kids thinking their immune to ODing, running around popping pills and singing about it like it just comes with the territory. Peeps friends should be advocating people don’t end up like him not telling all his young and impressionable fans that if their just as depressed and messy with their health/lives too they can be just as big of a god tier legend as him when they eventually die. The whole mentality of people not being able to “disrespect” (or a better word would be criticize) peep pisses me off. He wasn’t some wholesome dude always putting others before himself. He was a petty, selfish, serial cheater who gaslit his partners and used his depression and addictions to mold a persona that influenced negatively a large portion of his audience. Feels like to me people are just scouring the web to find anyone and anything that mentions their ringleader peep so they can suck the life dry from it. I mean all their careers need resesitation since they can’t milk his death anymore.

Sorry for the rant, saged for no milk

No. 712795

Wonder when she'll grow out of this childish "aesthetic" and realize how dumb all her tats are

No. 712796

Wonder when she'll grow out of this childish "aesthetic" and realize how dumb all her tats are

No. 712798

Wonder when she'll grow out of this childish "aesthetic" and realize how dumb all her tats are

No. 713555

ot right now but does anyone know if layla’s back on drugs

No. 713634

The tip of aubrey's nose drives me crazy, it looks like somebody made a clay mold of a nose and pinched the tip of it and called it a day

No. 713657

File: 1539646194275.jpg (281.57 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181015-162907.jpg)

That's shooped in for sure, right?

No. 713685

Its weird how the piercing looks alright but the nose totally shopped.

No. 713882

File: 1539659285532.png (Spoiler Image, 7.42 MB, 1242x2208, 61024B42-0D62-45EA-882E-4B5D6A…)

instead of worrying about getting a nose job you need to worry about getting a breast lift

No. 713887


That would be her awful contour.

No. 714038

File: 1539680873515.jpeg (184.99 KB, 750x1072, 11C4C426-E449-4496-8857-E645DB…)

Ofcourse its not about him stupid head jeez, i actually feel bad for quavo with all those peep stans in his comments rn

No. 714075

her boobs are fine wtf lmao i wish i had a body like hers. lots of shit to talk about with layla but this is such a dumb nitpick don't even start

No. 714110

Yeah that anon is salty af, say what you will but her body looks great.

No. 714131

I agree that her body looks great, but remember the 25+ lbs she said she gained just a few months ago? did she just lose all of it?

No. 714164


is this coco? what the fuck she never struck me as theatre type person.

No. 714181

Do you not understand how breasts work? They’re being pressed down by her arms, so of course they won’t look perky in that pose.

No. 714217

Layla haven’t we told you to stay off of here?(hi (cow))

No. 714218

I agree, they look saggy.

No. 714225

She actually looks smart and educated here, wonder when it all went wrong and when she became a total thot

No. 714235

File: 1539711451225.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.67 KB, 600x450, CQaeOdrU8AQHfjX.jpg)


They're a bit saggy. But they're not too bad.

No. 714238

I don't think she lost the 25 lbs she looks good her like her body is healthy and not a spoop and honestly it looks like she gained weight in her fits so of course they're going to hang lower
I don't know anyone with natural C cup+ tits that aren't effected by gravity a little bit, this nitpick is outlandish

No. 714371

Layla has a perfectly normal body. I hate most of her tats and I think she should lay of the cigs if she plans on aging gracefully but it's stupid to body shame her for having normal fucking tits and being thin. If she looks "saggy" it's because most girls that thin have perky a cup tumblr tits. Anyone shaming her probably just has body issues and is projecting lmao

Sad how she opted out of pursuing her passions in life to be a soundcloud rappers instathot gf and made her boobs and him her whole identity. I always wondered what she did before she met him. Clout is one helluva drug I guess

No. 714375

Was anyone else watching Bakhshis live? Apparently 6entons fans were coming after her because Layla told her something about cheating on killstation and bakhshi told 6enton and something other people about it when Layla trusted her.

No. 714376

it’s the other way around

No. 714399

File: 1539728293235.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, D1A88A58-FBD0-4F1C-BF04-ED14DE…)

Whiteknight but i'm really glad to see people are being nice to her irl cause some people in killstations comments are really fucking rude about her

No. 714440

File: 1539732450644.jpeg (77.08 KB, 750x727, 6B90A2CD-A8B5-42AA-A94A-4A4437…)

all of them

No. 714542

File: 1539738505916.jpg (196.86 KB, 1080x857, 20181016_180807.jpg)

No. 714587

>minor in ballet
>does macarena on stage

No. 714819

surprised more people aren’t discussing this

No. 714889

File: 1539772230003.jpeg (192.93 KB, 750x1216, 84DAA713-204B-4139-B35F-46D2FC…)

What happend to her nose

No. 714900


just ugly ass contouring

No. 714910

This scene is dying just like this thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714934

I thought poyua was charles manson at first(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715033

I always thought the BFA in her bio stood for “big fat ass” oh my god

No. 715036

her contour just looks like dirt smeared on her face

No. 715317

Probably because that sentence is impossible to follow, also those other people haven’t been discussed here before.
>When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about

Can someone provide some backstory, caps, etc?

No. 715528

File: 1539822233010.gif (1.86 MB, 435x250, curtain-close.gif)

The scene and these threads had a good run though!

No. 715534


No. 715676

What do you
Guys think of Layla’s heart face tattoo I love it so much thinking about getting it done(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715697


I think you should definitely NOT get a tattoo on your face, let alone one that is already being rocked by a mildly instagram famous wastoid who is becoming more irrelevant with each passing day.

No. 715769

File: 1539840959085.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 1E9EDF75-AFB6-4653-BBFA-FC3AE7…)

Why does she has to make this about her

No. 715803

is this just random graffiti or is this some show or something? what's she making about her? peep called the stupid doll his 'son' with his ex (layla) so i mean itd be kind of hard to not get feelings over it i guess?

No. 715810

the best thing thats been posted on this thread in fucking months

No. 715859

Well she could've posted the whole artwork but she HAD to zoom into Meep because it was their "son", feels kinda stupid

No. 715945

OR it was something that was silly and special between the two of them so that's what she focused on.

No. 716039

File: 1539877906255.jpeg (820.87 KB, 1125x1319, AEA9E2A6-466A-4E9C-9FD3-07E1C9…)

P sure this was posted in response to titty nitpicking

No. 716235

File: 1539894280476.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.87 KB, 225x224, c25a1tafegg11.jpg)

Nope. She always posts her tits.

No. 716406

File: 1539908858347.jpeg (371.33 KB, 640x756, 7B394CA3-619F-4D45-BBFD-0450DA…)

Is it just me or is does her face look like Cass here

No. 716426

It's just you. lol

No. 716488

No I totally see it lmao

No. 716737

So fucking shopped

No. 716767

The comments on this post are hilarious. People are done with her shit. Finally

No. 716768

The comments on this post are hilarious. People are done with her shit. Finally

No. 716808

File: 1539953283301.png (6.83 MB, 1125x2436, D81E6107-B7E6-4D77-8FD6-715F15…)

No. 716810

File: 1539953348536.png (1.26 MB, 1125x2436, C8F46A4D-80F2-46B8-97B8-535B72…)

Clearly back on his bullshit!!!

No. 716823

its the mouth and brows

No. 716834

This is not a cute look. That head shape wtf

No. 716883

It’s funny because that’s probably why he sought her out in the first place… and now he wants to shame her for it. Typical fuckboy behavior.

No. 716964

Lil Tracy’s constant downward spirals are not a good look. He should consider a therapist.

No. 716976

File: 1539968952742.jpeg (221.08 KB, 640x640, D13D0644-1E9B-42F9-B6B0-79A97C…)

No. 716981

File: 1539969798533.jpeg (318.55 KB, 1242x2208, 98103083-75F0-4F5A-B5EE-361D0A…)

No. 716984

File: 1539970029522.jpeg (163.02 KB, 640x527, 267AB025-923D-4044-92D4-F287BC…)

He’s already deleting the tweets of course lol

No. 716987

I can kind of ever so slightly see where he’s coming from tho. For a minute peep and Tracy were a package deal until peep started to blow up. Once peep died everyone wanted to set Tracy aside and act like fat nick/Bexey/etc. had what they had. No one wanted to give Tracy any credit but rightfully so because like he said, at the time peep passed they were on bad terms. I guess he’s decided to act butthurt regardless. Anyways.. They won’t let Tracy on the new album even though they collared the most out of anyone and suddenly Smokeasac has the most creative control of posthumous releases. If smoke wanted to he could include Tracy but he’s obviously decided to keep him out of it. Kinda can’t blame him I guess.
But I do agree with Tracy that after peep died nick and smoke (but mostly fat nick) became clout leeches. Watching nick sit on no jumper and wax poetic about peep with grandpa adam was hard to watch. It seemed really ingenuine and like an obvious move to get peep fans to latch onto him and get sympathy points in the soundclout community. Idk, they’re all trash individuals.

No. 716988

Side note: I still don’t get how Bexey continues to get a pass after he video taped and watched his friend die a few feet away from him. Anytime someone mentions peep he’s the first one to get aggressive on twitter. Maybe it’s the guilt?

No. 716991


Definitley not sober. If he keeps this up he’s gonna be next. Sad shit.(this is an imageboard)

No. 717005

He checked himself into the hospital within and hour of the live last night, I think he has actually been staying clean if only because he’s started complaining about not being able to do drugs and yelling at his friends for smoking weed in his home.

He and his manger both said what triggered this was being put in the new peep music video without any mention of it from the management that’s been treating him like shit since last year/are the reason Tracy freaked, left and started talking so much shit on peep.

No. 717014

Tracy isn't getting royalties or creative control over his image. I understand why he's angry. He's getting taken advantage of and getting fucked over. He should contact a lawyer asap!

No. 717019

lmfao why does pepper ann even care?? all the dudes in this scene sexualize the fuck out of women and bang a ton of them but until its them not getting any pussy they get mad hahahaha

No. 717025

boy needs a fedora

No. 717047

File: 1539977084154.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1760, 9813D27C-DBB4-41B9-8D0E-F2F86D…)

lmao rose living out her peep stan fantasy

No. 717072

that's the ugliest mural and isn't first access the management who refused narcan on the bus

No. 717168

omg the state of that peep art… that's just insulting. he looks like a wall-eyed mexican…

No. 717178

that photo and those people are so cringe

tracy just dropped a diss track called lil whore, he didn’t say anything abt layla but did mention killstation being wack for fucking her, weird stance to take when he’s so mad, I was expecting him to slut shame her again. Maybe he still actually likes her.

No. 717190

this is editing is fucking ridiculous

No. 717201

File: 1539994481850.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 305610BF-407D-4AFA-9341-FE0E7A…)

Imagine posting this on your story just to prove to yourself that your nose aint that bad

No. 717223

File: 1539996287518.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x2208, C6BCB1FB-8C19-4832-93BC-7E891F…)

No. 717226

Love that it shows she’s saved $0 by not using… since Tyler was supplying.

No. 717250

Lmao Rose is truly embarrassing living out her pathetic fantasy of being a Peep’s girl through Smoke

No. 717284

Sage because I didn’t SS (my crotch goblin was going down for a nap and I figured it’d already be here) did anyone catch Tyler and his “assistants” instastories of their NA coins a few days ago?

No. 717294

File: 1540004965250.jpeg (263.2 KB, 640x854, 3FBB35F4-F97A-42F3-8271-0D6CA2…)

His eyes. Jesus.

No. 717360

File: 1540011105088.jpeg (807.01 KB, 1125x1706, 073C9345-1D23-4870-B1D5-7D9ED6…)

loooool “I admit I have a tattoo just like fat nick” sick line

No. 717457

File: 1540027872796.jpeg (262.56 KB, 750x1091, D4110B3A-ED30-4786-AC38-B5584A…)

Lmao why is Rose trying so hard

No. 717461

His raps are so embarassing i cant believe he thinks they sound good

No. 717504

File: 1540033843686.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, C71CF6CF-27B8-41C0-9A9D-8B8CAC…)

Literally why are you standing on a toilet seat

No. 717519


yeah i caught that too but didn't get the chance to ss either. kind of surprised tbh.

No. 717530

Where is tracy in the video? I didn’t notice so can I get some help here? Why’s tracy tripping over it?

No. 717536

shes short.

No. 717547

why do people with pancake asses think this pose helps them

No. 717564

File: 1540045385268.png (895.42 KB, 886x792, grosso-degradation.png)


Damn. How did tyler go from edgy fuccboi to pudgy felonyboi ??

he needs to get off the drugs and change his materialistic, slothlike habits. he's already headed toward jail, almost the lowest you can go. he looks about 35.

No. 717568

File: 1540046146259.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 70A6D0B9-FBE8-430D-8D0E-92C89A…)

This bitch got another fucking porche.

No. 717581

Why is the wheel already greasy? Ew

No. 717602

if you see the odometer it's already used a porsche with 36k miles, someone may have got their grease on the wheel before tyler grosso slithered all of his slime onto it

No. 717610

there's also a pretty good chance this is the first pic he took pulling out of the In and Out drive thru

No. 717641

File: 1540056498174.jpeg (248.47 KB, 1125x732, D3BEF71E-5E6E-4670-A189-3CF40E…)

Idc if she’s just being iRoNiC this shit is dumb af and sounds like someone who smoked weed for the first time / took an intro to philosophy class.

No. 717645

File: 1540057032386.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1794, 29A404E0-182A-4DA6-A8B2-26CF2A…)

i know no one cares about arzaylea anymore (and rightfully so) but i can’t be the only one laughing at how she turned her vanilla boyfriend into her personal clout frankenstein

No. 717648

File: 1540057198273.jpeg (456.91 KB, 1125x988, AB877A4F-8F8B-4FBA-8F5D-6BEF49…)

Grandpa22 is getting roasted on Twitter rn. He’s going through and deleting all his super cringey pedophile posts but people have been grabbing caps. What’s it gonna take to get clout kids to admit he’s cancelled?

No. 717651

this is him pre-arzaylea btw. he has deleted all the frat boy era photos from his account

i’ve seen dozens of awful screenshots on twitter. while i hope that he goes down once and for all, his fanbase of teenage boys don’t care about whatever shitty thing he said. they probably think it’s cool and edgy and idolize him either way and he’ll do nothing but claim he was ~joking~ and he ~grew up~ even though he was already a grown ass man when these tweets were posted and he would still post shit like that if “woke” twitter wasn’t a thing. his girlfriend lena “i graduated college so i must be smart and a certified feminist” the plug will defend him and ride for him, of course

No. 717652

File: 1540057885983.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1253, 37E046AE-2F35-431D-9939-1BA17C…)

whoops forgot the photo

No. 717666

That picture right there is part of the reason he keeps crashing the damn things.

No. 717690

HOLY SHIT that is bleak

No. 717845

File: 1540083180694.jpeg (59.62 KB, 640x160, 58EC0A33-E4DD-4019-AD42-F4D764…)

No. 717876

this thread needs a death pool
on one hand Tracy here seems one pill away from thinking he can fly and on the other we have Grosso looking like one foot is already in the grave

No. 717886

grosso 1000%

No. 717892

Isnt he supposed to go back to jail this weekend?

No. 717911

i still have no idea what her actual face looks like

No. 717947

he looks more feminine than her and those glasses are doing her no favors. what exactly does she do for work or is it really her family supporting her?

No. 717963

That's the "retired pornstar" look

No. 718090

File: 1540134448346.jpeg (684.97 KB, 1125x1349, 7455F08C-A552-4F00-9BD2-6931B1…)

Pepper trying to stay relevant like he wasn’t public enemy number 1 at the time of peeps passing

No. 718093

File: 1540134820022.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 331116C4-2B22-4D56-8553-DD3D49…)

Back at it dancing like a thot during her bf's concert

No. 718095

The fuck is that profile pic even

No. 718158

old picture from when he wasn’t as hideous

No. 718188

File: 1540143558629.jpeg (259.47 KB, 640x858, 0E89C3DE-1CE3-4F42-A8C9-A7EFFA…)

What did you do Chris

No. 718209

I’ve never seen anyone brag as often as he does about how much money he spends on other people and how ~selfless~ it makes him. Incredibly fucking annoying. We get it, you can afford to keep buying Porsches after you wreck them.

No. 718219

File: 1540146881695.jpeg (801.64 KB, 1125x2029, 5188C0A1-8295-422A-A0E8-2A5ECE…)

Lol kicked out

No. 718222

File: 1540147145526.jpeg (400.42 KB, 1125x903, 4B599296-959E-4134-836E-19DDF8…)

Also.. about that dead pool..

No. 718256

I wonder who going to take care of the puppy and update Grossos social media when he returns to jail now

No. 718304

i'm assuming chris is a young white man who probably came up in a suburban middle class family so how the fuck did life come at him at all never mind full speed sorry you can't suck tyler's tits any more way to do nothing to improve your situation but make an instagram status about it

i hate him and he did this to himself but i still feel bad everyone around him is such a fucking leech and doesn't check his behavior. he really does not have friends and i hope jail allows him to actually reflect. he needs to be in control of himself but he's also bipolar, unmedicated, and fucking up his brain chemistry further with drugs. he's a shallow clout goblin who came up literally bootlegging designs, everything he does is for an image, of course he will attract people just as shitty as he is. and he 100% trashed his body of course he's not going to be happy he doesn't respect himself AT ALL.

No. 718331

God Layla is so ugly without makeup. lol saged for no milk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718348

It wasn't saged, inbred.

No. 718349

It wasn't saged, inbred.

No. 718357

Hmm, almost like, if you have to pay people to be your friend….They only care about your money? How could that be?!?!

No. 718363

this is just unnecessary lol unless it's milk of some sort

No. 718388

I feel like every now and then some specific person from this scene comes here to taunt Layla and stir shit. Other examples
>her nose big hurr
>she needs to get surgery
>Layla is so boring now (as if provoking her to do some stupid shit to prove lolcow otherwise)
like give the fuck up already, you're so obvious as you always fail at feigning integration.

No. 718409

File: 1540165448609.jpeg (109.03 KB, 1125x629, F40337BE-6BAE-4EDC-87AF-B36E3D…)

No. 718423

Why does this dumbass act like he's too helpless to see a shrink but he's good to go out and buy/crash multiple porsches?

No. 718429

I hope nobody feels sorry for his dumb ass.. like hes not the reason he has no friends. I bet hes one of those people who does one thing for you then holds it over your head for all eternity.. or who says they do things out of being a friend or because they "insist" but really they are bitter about it.

No. 718433

Chris if you see this we were all rooting for you from the beginning, come spill the milk on phsycho T dear boy. (Please our crops and threads are dying)

No. 718479

No it’s several different people.

No. 718487

Yeah but several people who know her in real life. It's pretty obvious

No. 718515

File: 1540181864985.jpeg (317.7 KB, 1125x1071, E66E4121-B433-4D11-AC2B-64B996…)


No. 718516

File: 1540181910178.jpeg (296.61 KB, 1125x927, A4B8F5B9-0503-4E68-9C97-FE14BD…)


What a fucking dork

No. 718517

lol if i were him i'd also choose someone who's non-toxic and has my best interests at heart…

No. 718529

File: 1540187675001.jpg (42.69 KB, 500x347, tumblr_pasrhqdmdG1shn0cio1_500…)

he sounds like such a little pissbaby shitting his diapers because no one wants to fuck with his crackhead ass.

hey tyler, here's a thought - stop being such a doped up whiny toxic little bitch and more people will wanna stick around for more than just the money you constantly flex about you fucking hamburglar face ass.

No. 718599

File: 1540206939457.jpeg (218.18 KB, 744x1235, 3EAA5D7C-CBA9-4933-8728-C22161…)

Good one, Tyler. Halloween makeup on your gave also gives you pinpoint pupils?

No. 718608

sounds like a jealous girlfriend lmao

No. 718610

This is the worst lie I’ve ever heard. Try harder next time pepper.

No. It really doesn’t.

No. 718617

File: 1540212307615.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, C3F7D276-DB7D-402B-B7F4-30B7C7…)

Skeleton boi

No. 718631


No. 718653

I think anon means Tyler sounds like a jealous gf (which he does)

No. 718668

Ah okay yes that makes sense. I thought we were talking about the actual girlfriend, my bad.

No. 718887

File: 1540243779199.jpeg (184.62 KB, 750x1064, 67C58CFA-3F9F-4EB1-A11D-CFB2E9…)

Did she have a nosejob

No. 718924

photoshop imo
Also I love how she's standing by a toilet… makes the whole "i've been waiting for this moment my whole life" fucking hilarious. Just poop girl, stop waiting.

No. 719141

looking straight like that james charles meme with that flash and grayish brown contour

No. 719176

this literally looks nothing like her

No. 719212

this looks like a goth edit of one of the olsen twins, like, 2018 olsen twins. really stiff looking

No. 719483

I swear I have no idea what she actually looks like. If I saw her irl I probably wouldn’t even recognize her

No. 719530

File: 1540312208929.jpeg (555.18 KB, 1125x1054, FAB1007F-E3EF-46EB-811A-B3092D…)

This caption. I’m dead. Is he trying to be a walking meme?

No. 719616

i cant believe someone has sex with this

No. 719711

writing what? his will?

No. 719917

Probably some game changing lyrics for that amazing band he just cant seem to get started.
The thought of him trying to decide to give his ratty old clothes and wrecked porsches to is hilarious.

No. 719922

File: 1540349336009.jpeg (286.3 KB, 640x919, 9A6B06D4-BC45-4731-B3DF-49635F…)


No. 719961

>quoting the diss track that disses ur man and not you

Tracy’s girl that Layla mentioned when Tracy went off on her a week ago because they all have history, commented with one of Tracy’s adlibs lollll

No. 720147

File: 1540388652997.jpeg (542.11 KB, 1125x1948, CCD04BF9-164A-4D1D-B7D0-2296A2…)

Layla and everyone else who defends x…… yikes

No. 720165

well that's awkward

No. 720174

File: 1540391902815.png (40.97 KB, 563x545, 2018-10-24 10_34_23-XXXTentaci…)

No. 720182

"Ex ex ex ten ta see YAWN" i'm dead

No. 720207


I'm sure it'll just be radio silence from the next-level toxic and disgusting SoundClout scene. Wow.

No. 720208


Layla finally found the "right" music artist to latch onto that will take her to Europe and notoriety so she can live the fame that she's always wanted.I wish her the best but like… this outfit is peak low effort.


TBH, without ever hearing his music, I can see why he chose that name. It's a very rhythmic name that can be said in 4/4 time.

No. 720431

Might be reading that anon wrong but I think they’re laughing at how butchered that pronunciation key is. His name is just the Spanish word for temptation but you say x before the word, that’s is def not how you pronounce that word.

No. 721053

he made it his twitter icon immediately i'm dead the only thing this idiot has ever read is kurt cobains wikipedia

No. 721057

anybody else see that cass is planning on releasing a "three-part poetry series"? lmao let's see if she can beat arzaylea at worst attempt at poetry ever

No. 721066

in interviews he's said it's Latin but in Latin it's temptationem, and in Spanish there's a mark over one of the vowels so he fucked it up either way.

after watching his interviews i'm convinced he's psychotic, he's really charming and can suck you into his world it's so fucking creepy.

No. 721444

File: 1540528384101.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, DE596ACE-3765-4527-9C39-BA9CAD…)

Gatorade? Cant believe how dumb she is and wtf is that story anyway

No. 721447

File: 1540530044708.jpeg (345.64 KB, 1125x2436, 934E3402-A83B-4286-8554-FD0E82…)

issa meme

No. 721706

This sounds like some dumb shit Shayna/"dollymattel" would say

No. 721732


Yeah so this…this didn't actually happen.

No. 721868

I don't see why it wouldn't have happened. You don't get out much. huh?

No. 721888


Hi Coco! I mean I'm sure the lady told you to walk in a straight line because you were likely sucked into your phone and fucking up the flow of pedestrian traffic on an NYC sidewalk, but I seriously doubt you actually responded with that snappy CLAPBACK. Instead you made a corny IG story about what you would have LIKED to say back. Have a great day.

No. 721891

lol i'm not coco but you're butthurt that mentally ill hobos exist for some reason.

No. 721903

File: 1540596153826.png (9.16 MB, 1242x2208, B510CCE7-B39B-44EF-A230-0E780E…)

No. 721914

whats with the bald spots? is that from wearing extensions?

No. 721989

File: 1540606072823.jpeg (349.92 KB, 1125x659, 5EFEB98E-3E9E-4BC1-BC9A-191A29…)

Why do they all think they can write/publish books?
Tyler’s would probably be a poorly plagiarized copy of cobains diary and thinks no one would notice

No. 722091

If he really was an active writer he would've publicly jerked himself off about it like he does with everything else. Also Twitter is his diary so… doubt. Bets he's going to try to retroactively write about x and peep and pretend he was writing about everything as it happened and isn't just doing so now bc he can lie and they can't contest it

Active writers don't post moronic pictures with pens in their mouths and think they're special just like active readers don't pose with books and glasses with bad teen fiction (cass)

If grosso was a writer we'd have seen some idiotic scribblings by now. Guess being a rockstar fell through and he's regretting his decision to obliterate his source of income

No. 722178

no one is doubting someone said some weird thing to her they're saying there's no way that idiot woman thought of a coherent comeback.

funny how this story comes out a little after people went in on her for her own god awful cracked out eyeliner…

No. 722180

yo she really gotta stop smoking it's taking it's toll and then some on this girl, jesus.

cobain's "diary" was just as fabricated only he managed to get marketed to a much wider audience. why would anyone care about pepper ann's cling on clout scene memoir especially since he already published everything on twitter. he's a known abuser and has lied about all his exes, it would just be another way for him to hurt people.

No. 722189

Pretty sure it would be 90% selfpity lol

No. 722683

File: 1540717225745.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, C6FB1CB0-A244-4E93-B5F1-26D157…)

Um isnt he supposed to be in jail or smth

No. 722721

Why not just compile them into shitty spoken word poems over a SoundCloud beat?

I mean that would require more than paying someone to just retype all his shitty word vomit but at least it would be kind of on brand and less of a manifesto about all the girls he’s emotionally abused.

No. 722787


Did anyone suggest a rehab facility

No. 722926

He should go back to wherever hes from and get a job at Walmart. It just seems right.

No. 723040

File: 1540767192783.jpeg (977.55 KB, 1218x1766, 2C90265D-F007-4D4A-BD2A-136ED9…)

is the waist shooped?

No. 723046


home thinks he's nikki sixx with this shit kek

No. 723129

Yes it is, she's trying to maintain the illusion that she's just gained weight on top of that unrealistic body shape she was shooping.

No. 723142

Who the fuck cares anymore? Pretty much everyone on ig photoshops the fuck out of their pics

No. 723149

File: 1540781260828.png (927.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-28-21-43-24…)

Can someone explain to me why the fuck coco decided to be a SEXY INFANT for Halloween

No. 723153

I mean her UN is "yungbabycoco", obviously supposed to be a play on that even if it's weird as shit. >>722683
That ax tatoo on his neck looked like a dick in the thumbnail

No. 723158

Well she literally apologized to her followers for manipulating her photos and misrepresenting her body so yea it kind of is a big deal

I'm getting creepy DDLG vibes idk if that was her intention

No. 723159

File: 1540782396576.png (94.71 KB, 1080x571, Screenshot_2018-10-28-21-53-13…)

No. 723162

Wow that makes sense oops. I just saw the diaper and was weirded out. It would be creepy on most but given her handle it's mildly clever.

No. 723167

she's too "developed" to appeal to the borderline pedophilic lolita fetishizing tumblr crowd. those dudes are mostly into really young undeveloped looking girls dressing like toddlers but this ain't it. just another skimpy outfit for her

No. 723222

That is truly disgusting

No. 723345

Nothing says sexy like adult diapers

No. 723761

File: 1540885882684.jpg (61 KB, 638x479, a-walk-to-remember-group-13-12…)

AAAYYYY LMAO! LOL! Did her cancer come back?!

No. 724064

It never left bruh

No. 724713

I like how she posts 10 photos of her in slightly different posing variations, a true narcissist

No. 724774

Not only that she did it 3 times

No. 724981

File: 1541098086207.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, FF2552AE-D88E-49A6-A20A-8BB69B…)

Holy fuck why is her contour always so awful, looking like an orange

No. 724999

File: 1541100707497.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, 57E41F37-C597-4E39-A16E-EDA7A8…)

Ok but why expose a dead persons private social media account just to brag about the songs he wrote for you..

No. 725001

agreed. coco doesn't seem the type to pull the whole ~uwu lolita ddlg~ shit, she tried to do like a sexy version of a baby cause her username but the diaper is still kinda gross lmfao

No. 725052

sorry for blog posting but Jesus Christ she’s the worst. When my boyfriend died all his ex’s who he hated and who hated him started posting shit like this and using his death for sympathy and attention, and it’s just fucking embarrassing. She’s posted every other conversation for clout to the point where she has to find a Facebook comment from NINE YEARS AGO. girl. Stop.

No. 725082

>3 times
You mean 30 times. lol

No. 725089

File: 1541112646668.png (25.02 KB, 444x74, 154111262217894264.png)

Through his "jojo's apple" username as "gusahr", I was able to find his old myspace. https://www.facebook.com/gusahr

Here it is. https://myspace.com/gustavo122/

>Oh and Happy B-day gus and rip.

No. 725090

File: 1541112803855.jpg (18.87 KB, 600x450, gus3.jpg)

Here are the three photo's that are on his page btw.

No. 725091

File: 1541112822495.jpg (18.83 KB, 600x450, peep2.jpg)

No. 725092

File: 1541112841439.jpg (28.38 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)

No. 725108

File: 1541115742703.jpeg (120.91 KB, 747x890, 0AD9FAD3-2F05-4BED-9EF3-541AF0…)

the tatted woman strikes again

No. 725111

File: 1541115968394.png (77.13 KB, 609x339, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 7.46…)

No. 725120

File: 1541117481720.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1112x2107, A259B28A-2D82-49DC-8AC7-B8E469…)

>doesn’t get invited to a Halloween party


No. 725121

File: 1541117505085.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1125x2172, 8DC072A5-A8D6-40A9-822A-5FBAD3…)


No. 725127

If he wasn't such a piece of shit, I'd feel bad for him, but he is. So this is really funny.

No. 725143

File: 1541121688226.png (97.01 KB, 640x1136, 103C34B4-3928-4227-A1C3-ABB4F4…)

What is going on in the SoundCloud world lol

No. 725145

File: 1541121733871.png (376.64 KB, 640x1136, 02D9FC12-A917-4F2F-8404-F9074F…)

No. 725146

File: 1541121771730.png (85.53 KB, 640x1136, DF7BA04A-BB9D-4F92-A862-9D97B7…)

No. 725154

Hey guys I’m rich did I mention I’m rich

Everyone is so fake because I’m so rich

I do everything for everyone because I’m rich and no one does anything for me

No. 725156

Clearly hes got a twisted view of how he actually treats people.. or just doesnt remember how he treats people since hes probably fucked up a lot. When drugs are involved.. most relationships will be very unstable and toxic. You cant just throw money and goods at people and expect them to put up with your shit Tyler, you're not at that level.

No. 725205

Tyler reminds me of the type of guy who helps people out only so they can constantly bring it up for ETERNITY

He brings up giving people money and them ditching him so often that I imagine all his conversations going like,

“Hey man, remember that time I lent you $20?”

“Yeah, that was really cool of you, thanks again man”

“Yeaaaaah…if I hadn’t been there to loan you $20, who knows where you would be…maybe on the streets…alone…starving…no hope….you know, I really made you”

“Uhhhhhhhh yeah sure I appreciate it yup you really helped out thanks”

“Oh you don’t need to thank me~ I’m just so rich and wildly successful I just want to spread the love to all my friends, I just want to give everyone the opportunity to succeed and help them, I could have used that $20 to buy more GucciLVSupreme to show everyone how rich I am, but no, I wanted to give it to YOU because I actually value friendship~~~ I know, I know, some people say I’m TOO generous and too good for this harsh world, but really, that’s a cross I’m willing to bear…I’m just so giving and so empathetic, you know, $20 is nothing to me and everything to you~ And I would do it all over again, I’d give you that $20 any day of the week because that’s how good of a friend I am, I just spontaneously lent you $20 like it was NOTHING dude, NOTHING. There’s not many people in the world who would lend someone $20 these days…but I would” (drones on for another ten minutes)

(Person now has a look of complete terror on their face imagining a lifetime of obligation for accepting this $20)
“Yeahh…thanks again…hey listen sorry, I really gotta go but I’ll TOTALLY call you sometime”

“Oh I see…okay…fine…there’s something else more important than the friend that made your lifestyle possible…This is the thanks I get for my $20..I’m not a priority to you….I was there for you when you were down and out and had no hope left until I swooped in with my $20…You’re a fake clout chaser user just like everyone else, I should have known”

No. 725206

File: 1541131059982.png (204.63 KB, 991x424, 154113101217599439.png)

Holy fuck! Bex and peep go WAY BACK!

No. 725214

File: 1541133177823.png (8.26 MB, 1242x2208, 7B8C42A6-0CD4-4512-84E9-F11313…)

Someone give this man attention. LOL

No. 725238

mentioning the threesome when peep was prob with layla before pepper ann somehow got her… it's so nasty in a way i don't have words but had to comment, fucking ew

No. 725239

Jesus, this is so gross, even by Pepper Ann’s standards.

No. 725240

he's really hogging that pie though

No. 725244

Double nasty on account of how he flaunted Layla to make Peep jealous. He’s a fucking a psycho.

No. 725249

Aww, treasure memeories. If they were any kind of teal friends he would have a better memory pool to pull from instead of reminiscing about having a threesome.

No. 725252

I'm from Portland and I'm 99.99% sure that's just a Shari's pie. Nothing special. It's like raving about getting pancakes from ihop. Just some run of the mill food chain.. not like it's a fucking gourmet pie.

No. 725270

I’m from Portland as well! Saged because nobody cares, it’s just cool knowing other farmers are in my area.
Definitely a Shari’s pie, or Tik Tok kek(sage goes in the email field)

No. 725271

Shit forgot to enter sage. My bad

No. 725350

File: 1541168693472.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, F5E0D0DB-5986-4D9E-859B-9E67CC…)

Literally wtf is this dude

No. 725351

>"im not happy anymore"
Idk. He's bipolar. It means he's out of his manic phase?

No. 725365

>i miss the attention i was getting

No. 725401

I’m kind of amazed at how much better he looked even just a few months ago.

No. 725415

lmfao I know its not that deep but this made me feel so sad like are u that desperate for attention to bring up a pretty disrespectful memory on someone who's dead ahhh how sweet pepper ann

No. 725453

Lol at tik tok. I'm also from portland, I remember when they were here and Layla was with them. So that's really shitty of tyler to post that when clearly Layla was on that tour as Gus' girlfriend at that time.

No. 725529

Tinfoil: Layla was the girl who had the threesome with them. It would explain a lot re: her moving on to Pepper Ann after Gus kicked her ass to the curb and the subsequent shitshow of PDAs,

No. 725583

That would totally explain it but I feel like if it was Layla, Tyler is so desperate for attention he would have actually said her name instead of "that chick"

No. 725599

File: 1541201685490.jpeg (157.68 KB, 534x741, 7ED7AAF0-E287-4C0A-B3C2-0F496D…)


99% sure that’s from the when the lean runs out tour in 2016 not the 2017 peep show tour. Peeps hair was blond in 2016 and then two toned in the spring when the tour layla was on was happening.

This post is from a handful of days before the Portland date of the tour with Layla and peep looks totally different from what tylor posted >>301150

You can google when the lean runs out tour to see videos/pictures of peep on that and see for yourself that he looked like what tyler posted

Also I remember vividly the Portland date of that tour because it was the last date the bulk of obiters on the Cali dates were there and tyler wasn’t among them

No. 725601

I dunno, I feel like “that chick” is dehumanising/objectifying her and by not mentioning any names attracts more attention to him by way of speculation (case in point: tinfoiing about it here). That said this is TyTy we’re talking about and he is a few stubbiest short of a six pack so I’m probably giving him too much credit.

No. 725605

Its tyler were talking about.. they probably kissed the same girl and hes calling it a threesome.

No. 725623

File: 1541205252176.jpeg (29.78 KB, 400x400, download.jpeg)

>he is a few stubbiest short of a six pack
The only six pack he's close to is a six pack of beer. Pic related.

No. 725626

“A few stubbies short of a six pack” is an Australian colloquialism meaning someone is of subpar intelligence wherein stubbies = beer bottles and a six pack = 1/4 of a case of beer, so this works on more than one level where Pepper Ann is concerned.

No. 725628

File: 1541206478623.jpeg (3.66 KB, 151x49, urban.jpeg)

Thanks for explaining that. You should put a definition of that on urbandictionary.com :^)

No. 725660

File: 1541210774279.jpeg (72.96 KB, 1080x1080, 1541210758981.jpeg)

anotha one

No. 725679

I meant 3 sets of 8-10 photos so yes lmao

And they just keep coming

No. 725683

Oof girl blend that hair line. I do not understand her coloring??

No. 725684

This is beyond invasive I'm honestly so sick of Emma. Who knows what kind of old personal stuff he has on his private anonymous facebook account. I used to defend her but it's clear she's uneducated and has no talent and is using perfectly ok with obliterating his privacy postmortem to keep the limelight on her and gain clout at his expense.

Wow I truly feel like I'm trapped in the delusional workings of Tyler Grosso's mind. Spot on anon.

No. 725701


using her new “fan base” to sell shitty old clothes lol

No. 725749

File: 1541222077671.jpeg (477.34 KB, 750x936, 878DCC45-D6B1-4690-A0E6-F7C09C…)

There’s this one too, kek. You might want to make sure your giant saggy udders are tucked into your bikini that’s several sizes too small before thirst posting, coco.

No. 725754

New too poor “tour diary” is up, I will never understand why people go berserk over her playing shit decade-old emo and commercial “punk” off an iPhone, much less how it warrants a “tour”. I guess there’s no real need to expedite the drop of your overhyped musical endeavours when your fan base is happy to hand over their lunch money to see you jump up and down on a stage like an autistic preschooler to a soundtrack of Green Day mp3s.

No. 725764

video unavaliable

No. 725770

Works for me, might be an issue with your settings

No. 725787

Are her boobs real? She says yes but..

No. 725791

I think they’re too saggy to be fake. She’s fairly rotund, I’d say they’re real.

No. 725794

god she’s literally SO top heavy it’s actually kind of disgusting. i feel sick looking at how massive her shoulders and ribcage are along with her gut, and then she just has this tiny little pancake ass and no hips whatsoever. god did her so dirty and this is so nit picky of me so sage all over this post.

No. 725912

this is repulsive. she looks so dirty and disgusting. her contour and highlighter made me laugh out loud. i feel bad because she has cancer so she doesn't have much time left to fix her shit, but she can at least stop posting it for the world to see. there's nothing aesthetic about this.

No. 725928

Wonder what layla is gonna do with her life now that the tour is over. Prob gonna break up with her bf pretty soon now that he hasnt anything left to offer her

No. 726007

File: 1541270543189.jpeg (140.13 KB, 1125x432, 0F672AF9-146D-40E3-85F2-8DB329…)

Complete meltdown is imminent.

No. 726031

So BPD. Always losing his shit when the attention drops, when he feels rejected, abandoned, unwanted. Look at the Halloween tweets. Sage for armchair but my god this boy is textbook male BPD and it’s retarded that nobody competent has diagnosed him properly yet. Mania doesn’t come and go with tours and attention and money and clout.(armchairing)

No. 726035

She ain’t stage IV is she? She’s probably gonna be just fine. Not to be dismissive of cancer, but girl is pretty healthy these days.

No. 726047

she wouldn't be worthy of hate/nitpicking if she didn't defend her rapist boyfriend who constantly cheats on her, but that's exactly what partners of people like that do especially when their partner has some sort of social power. her contour is insane and i agree there's nothing aesthetic, it's repulsive she gets attention for this mess but it's only because of the rapist she fucks. girl has cancer and she's still so hateable.

yes it does, mania is triggered but he's not even responsible enough to stay off drugs when he's bipolar so he doesn't deserve sympathy. mental illness is so difficult to diagnose properly because of overlap, regardless if his psychiatrist was right the bottom line is he's not doing anything to help himself and therefore others.

it's a combination of his unchecked bipolar, drug abuse, and he came up bootlegging and stealing from nameless artists, he was given way too much money for being a cunt and whines when he's not given the same treatment. being a drug addict alone makes you look bpd i understand where you're coming from though.

No. 726142

File: 1541285616068.jpeg (231.7 KB, 750x904, 34323DE8-6230-4C19-A8F7-F4CE86…)

>2000 samples



>Gave out

>For $10

Wow, much charity

No. 726159

I'm pretty sure that anon meant borderline (BPD), not bipolar (BD)

No. 726166

File: 1541289889417.jpeg (319.62 KB, 1125x2046, 982699E7-3CD9-46D2-BBE9-905182…)

Oh spoopy, you absolute fucking idiot. Back to hanging out with Paris even though he publicly humiliated her by dumping her immediately after signing to 300. The clout thirst is powerful damn

No. 726224

File: 1541295298109.png (8.75 MB, 1125x2436, AF6B50B0-CA6A-4035-BE95-9A4969…)

Tyler using syringes as “decoration”
So tasteless. Such a try hard.

No. 726247

Jfc this is gross. Cringe factor aside, how the fuck is he so dumb that he hasn’t realised that this 3edgy5me ‘hood LARPing isn’t working for him? He is destined to be a doughy white neckbeard for the rest of his mortal days so he should get comfortable.

No. 726248

How dumb dose he think people are? only thing he’s shooting with a needle like that is his HRT

No. 726276

since he stopped getting posted here i had really hoped he disappeared into nothingness. he likely gave her a half assed apology or acknowledgement if she reached out to him and now she's back to using him for association. all these people really have no talent or creativity and are just followed because of their association to peep which is super weird because peep wasn't even original but maybe just well timed and good at using people. tbh none of this makes any sense

can he just get locked up already what a fucking asshole. this isn't fucking aesthetic and if he was really a junkie and an artist he'd find a way to express it in his work if he even had the drive to between getting high. you know some kid is going to see this and think it's not as big of a deal as it is

No. 726279

needles are good prop decorations good idea tyler

No. 726314

File: 1541309156447.png (193.25 KB, 488x413, 154130916015610764.png)

Paris looks like a corpse.

He is partying WAY to hard.

Tinfoil. He's got a substance abuse problem.

Pic related. http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/linkin-parks-chester-bennington-recalls-days-of-drug-abuse/

>He looks like he's ready to kick the bucket.

No. 726319

File: 1541309442270.jpeg (361.77 KB, 1125x980, 24D1BA89-2F56-4DF0-A53E-5A0C7D…)

She’s stage 3 according to her Instagram.

No. 726326

For soft tissue cancers, stage 3 has a survival rate of somewhere between 55% and 75%. Theres a lot of factors we dont know that would effect her prognosis.

No. 726332

File: 1541311252394.jpeg (425.62 KB, 750x1250, 47472793-F9CA-4C22-95F4-547434…)

>founder of #cocopose

This will never cease to make my eyeballs roll right out of my head and away on permanent vacation. It’s bad enough that people dress as Layla for Halloween but dressing as this thot is some Guinness Book of Records tier cringe.

No. 726359

"actress" no you post your boobs in xxs bikini tops on the gram for a living and hock cheap eyelashes shush

No. 726363

I hate her fucking #cocopose nonsense. This pose has existed for decades. Every highschool girl in America has done this pose. She literally invented nothing.

No. 726368

The only reason she was upset that some girl was going to come out with her story is because it would expose her as a talentless doormat who lets her boyfriend cheat on her. She doesn't give a shit about other women or the trauma he might have inflicted on them. He's a scumbag who preys on his fans. Regardless of whether or not they say "no" or fought back he knowingly lured them to his hotel room and treated them like fleshlight party favors for him and his buddies instead of human beings. There's a difference between enthusiastic consent and forcing someone you know looks up to you and idolizes you into a situation where they might have a hard time saying no. He had power over these girls and he took advantage. Coco is a disgrace to womankind.

No. 726518


something tells me pouya isn't joking about having a side piece

No. 726585

File: 1541354289545.jpg (230.73 KB, 597x1062, 20181104_095832.jpg)

No. 726627

What is that

No. 726628

Her reaction looks so non-surprised lmao

No. 726650

File: 1541365196025.jpeg (381.55 KB, 1242x1854, 055AF32D-65DB-473E-929C-1953C0…)

No. 726668

No. 726676

Neck is bruised too. Bdsm is so kewl

No. 726691

Um ok?

No. 726758

File: 1541380784662.png (1.59 MB, 1125x2436, 96F5BA54-594E-4831-AB2F-09592D…)

“One of the good people” lmao being clout hungry has made her gaslight victims. Garbage

No. 726761


her makeup is so fucking insufferable, she looks like she spreads literal shit on her face except for around her eyes and above her eyebrows… who let's her leave the house like this???? it's so how awful. if anyone looks at her pictures before she started doing it this way she actually looks nice.

not even get started on her "costume".. an adult diaper up her ass posing that way (you know, the 6000 pictures she posted) isn't cute whatsoever. knowing she went and bought a whole pack of depends for a costume is laughable though. she could have achieved a way better baby Coco costume but knowing this bitch she couldn't execute much more than the adult diaper with a safety pin lol brainless

No. 726775

do you genuinely think hickies are bdsm or are you stupid

No. 726784

That passive aggressive heart emoji, she is such a piece of shit. And redundant use of “literally” is redundant. Go back to school and learn how to use the English language instead of thirst posting in cringey outfits, ya hag.

No. 726785

i don't think this is some bdsm accident i think it's just layla posting some injury and leaving it open ended for people to speculate as much as possible. that's probably literally from her snorting coke for the 3rd time it's embarrassing that she thinks she has to resort to this for attention when she could just do her makeup really well. and not promote people posting injuries on social media, she just looks messy as fuck and she's not even trying to get it together just sell merch about being 'enough'.

the fact that the first thing she says about herself in her bio is her midget height should immediately ascribe the limitations of her nonexistent personality.

No. 726809

>she went and bought a whole pack of depends for a costume is laughable

Wait, that's a confirmed real diaper? Why do people think this is ever cute or acceptable???

No. 726813


100%. Since Layla is a garbage narcissist who subsists entirely on internet attention from teenagers, it's not exactly unlike her to try and make something as banal as a nosebleed and a hickey into some purposefully vague *~*aesthetic*~* social media BS. Fucking yawn.

No. 726817

File: 1541389810191.jpeg (40.83 KB, 368x788, 154138925836022722.jpeg)

Did she fall off of the sober bandwagon and is she subtly bragging about snorting dope?

No. 726835

File: 1541392028704.jpeg (109.27 KB, 1235x420, B80DBB8A-86A7-4D2E-9D76-C52FDA…)

No. 726836

File: 1541392149314.gif (620.58 KB, 245x247, giphy.gif)

lol. What a liar. hahahahahahahaaaaa! Bitch!

No. 726840

Shr probably got a nosebleed and decided to capitalize on it for edgy points idk. Y'all read tm into things. Pretty sure if she was doing drugs again there'd be way more obvious signs of it since she can't handle herself on them

No. 726841

I mean yeha it looks fake but lmao at her saying this after people are like “this is cringy and probably from her doing baby coke lines”

No. 726842

File: 1541393080845.jpg (29.61 KB, 400x451, lol.jpg)

>it looks fake
It doesn't look fake. lol.

No. 726859

isn't it so much worse to be fake blood though, i don't get her cover up unless it's the truth and she's REALLY lame for posting a fake nosebleed and leading people into thinking it's real by not explaining it. what the fuck this is almost as bad as pepper ann's syringe posting those two deserved each other

No. 726882

File: 1541400502787.jpeg (444.76 KB, 1242x1055, A4DD69E1-E92F-4479-B68A-5DB862…)

No. 726883

File: 1541400561226.jpeg (421.45 KB, 1242x1002, E25CDFF1-D654-4348-96A4-130B6E…)

No. 726940

all anons saying it's real, just open it in a new card and zoom in on the nose. It's fake - it doesn't come from the inside of the nose, don't know how to describe it but her skin is clean there. It's too shallow for a real nosebleed.
Sorry for no screenshot, I can't take it atm
(bonus, you'll see how ridiculously enlarged her eyes are.)

No. 726943

is this normal to put in your bio?

No. 726954

Honestly the only thing that makes me question her sobriety is her constantly bringing up how the haters don't believe she's sober. She seems really pressed for someone who's supposedly been clean for a while now. Anyone with sense knows a real addict will relapse at least once anyway.
Maybe she just picked her nose too hard and decided to take a pic for edge points.

No. 726955

It's literally bc people are constantly questioning it tho idk doesn't seem unreasonable to clarify. If she stayed quiet we'd all just keep pointlessly speculating

No. 727015

>posts photo with "nosebleed" and no context
>spergs out about people questioning her sobriety

This is what she wants us and everyone else to do. She's just an attention whore. She does not want to lose relevancy sooooo badly

No. 727101

File: 1541443659101.jpeg (305.09 KB, 1125x2037, 3F57CA96-9E2A-4B29-B335-7F315B…)

This could be a reach, but Emma’s design for her “clothing line” looks veryyyy similar to the goodbye bread design Layla has tatted on her collar bone. This scene is a vacuum of originality.

No. 727104

File: 1541444161606.jpeg (850.33 KB, 1125x1718, 3AD3BF12-E236-4D93-805B-8A266C…)


no, not a reach at all. a straight up copy. creepy that it’s also the design layla got tattooed on her too …

No. 727106


Does she really expect Layla to not notice?

No. 727321

pretty much. It's her whole is/isn't she sober? shtick

No. 727356

except she shares zero knowledge zero strength

she’s 100% branding

No. 727432

Wow that design. It's not even terrible in an ironic way.

No. 727443

Yeah, Layla’s is a lot better wasn’t it also by goodbye bread? That’s pretty creepy… what is with these people

No. 727445

Yeah, Layla’s is a lot better wasn’t it also by goodbye bread? That’s pretty creepy… what is with these people

No. 727556

You guys know Layla didn’t design that shirt right? They just had her model it for them and then a few months later she got a tattoo of it. She didn’t come up with the design though lol

No. 727587

We all know that, hence the multiple references to goodbye bread. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a blatant rip off.
Layla didn’t design it but she certainly popularized it - saying Emma/her line didn’t draw the, um, “inspiration” from lay is asinine.

No. 727632

Emma's version reminds of school when I was asked to do something creative…and I'd just slightly change the original cuz I was desperate and had none of my own ideas

No. 727810

File: 1541561208935.jpeg (258.72 KB, 750x658, D5190349-E3F0-4562-941D-E064F1…)

>calls women accusing her piece of shit boyfriend of rape liars
>is a fucking angel

Retweet the neckbeards who blow smoke up your ass all you like, coconut. It won’t make the truth any less true.

No. 727859

File: 1541570755937.jpeg (243.28 KB, 1242x1108, F12587F3-FBDD-4D57-AA47-546432…)

No. 727860

File: 1541570768991.jpeg (306.18 KB, 1242x1406, 9F750B18-C075-429B-91C3-3B65C8…)

No. 727866

She should let people know she’s dropping an album

No. 727875

>i’m a shit dj

Bitch, you’re not a shit dj because you’re not a dj period. Putting together a playlist in iTunes is not djing.

>inb4 the “album” she “drops” is actually a recorded karaoke session

No. 727880

Am I the only one who’s noticed spooky low key posting Paris on her snaps and on her IG lives but he hasn’t showed her not once not even on the low low low low key…. smh

No. 727881

Whoops by snaps I meant ig stories lmao

No. 727906

File: 1541581965723.jpeg (241.28 KB, 1242x2097, E181E7E7-22D8-4130-BFEF-5B8B83…)

No. 727914

She sounds like tyler here lmao

No. 727943

No. 727944

apologize for above spam, accident


imagine if he never mentioned her on the lowkey x6? thats 6 levels of disrespect…

sage because yeah,

No. 727954

Why does this girl have fans? She does nothing but date someone semi semi semi famous. Damn people will literally put anyone on these days for the bare minimum.

No. 727965

Her mentioning that she's a victim of assault makes up for the fact her boyfriend is raping women, this is like when LenaThePlug said she worked in a womens shelter so that meant adam22 would never hit or rape a woman… Also let's see those receipts sis

No. 727966

File: 1541597532268.png (259.83 KB, 468x666, 27286362.png)

picture didnt upload

No. 727990

File: 1541605275624.jpeg (744.79 KB, 1125x1855, 86700C35-11DE-4E08-8FF1-9C7BE7…)

This is just… cringe

No. 728029

This sounds like next level stalking tho. Not cute at all

No. 728030

This sounds like next level stalking tho. Not cute at all

No. 728095

File: 1541617491533.jpeg (489.54 KB, 1125x1537, 113479CE-7A67-4C4F-A75E-C7FCEA…)

Seriously wtf does this woman actually look like. Why does her face change every day?!

No. 728141

lmao she claims she found proof (what form would that ever fucking exist in anyways) but never posts it so people who are rightfully concerned can leave it alone. by her logic she should be rotting in jail rn because she's fucking lying.
really mother fucking sick of parters of rapists or shitty men first of all doing more than their partners to address the issue, but even getting involved at all let alone to the point of saying a girl who has nothing to gain from this situation is lying based on how much they don't want to lose clout. pouya would never risk his entire reputation for this bitch she's really obviously overcompensating and because she's used cancer as an excuse for being a bitch she thinks she can use being a victim of sexual assault as an excuse when if anything it should give her empathy for the girl victimized.
like she knows she invested her life in some rapist so now she has to go in on this 10x harder because deep down she feels guilt, and that's the only reason pouya keeps her around, because she blinds herself and manipulates herself into doing his dirty work. if your girlfriend is a victim of sexual assault, wouldn't you therefore take those claims very seriously out of respect for her? he hasn't addressed them because his only defense is to say that girl is lying, which is scummy rapist 101. if she is lying he could easily be able to prove where he and his team were instead, or what they were doing for a full fucking night, but he can't because he's obviously lying.

i hope the victim went to therapy and can therefore provide a psychologist signing off on the work they had to do. i've seen girls come out about things like this and had to get all kinds of professionals to sign off on the validity of their trauma, etc, and have to post that as proof. all those seemingly little things add up, with the cost of real mental health care no one would go through that unless it was real.

sorry for the long ass post obviously saged, i hate this kind of shit and i'm sick of seeing it.

No. 728199

File: 1541623774244.jpeg (487.27 KB, 750x1048, 2CD5B07A-037E-4A91-9C59-B9B756…)

She is such a piece of shit. How much does she pay these fucking autists to call her “an angel” so she can retweet them while sucking her own dick?

No. 728201

File: 1541623807247.jpeg (174.28 KB, 750x699, 1C3638F9-5B83-44F5-AAEF-4B0468…)

No. 728212

If she loved them so much she would post proof that victim is a liar instead of both her and her rapist bf. wish she loved other women as much as she loved clout, what a disgrace.

Someone should demand proof she was assaulted and treat her the way she’s treating this girl because according to her every survivor is a liar unless they have proof.

No. 728240

She is so self obsessed, i really dont get why anyone stans her anyway?? She literally has no talent whatsoever. Apparently showing off your ass and tits can get you anywhere these days. People are blind

No. 728248


Who saves multiple pictures of a third-string Soundcloud rapper and his girlfriend to their camera roll? This is almost as weird as the rosewhatever "fan pages" where they superimpose pictures of her & Peep next to each other. Fucking barf.

No. 728253

She’s not even pretty and she’s short and dumpy, especially in comparison to a stack of other instathots. Kevin probably only dates her because in addition to putting up with/defending his nonsense he is hard pressed finding a girl who doesn’t dwarf his scrawny 5’5 ass

No. 728307

She’s ugly af in the pics other ppl take of her

No. 728344

File: 1541633862573.jpg (288.09 KB, 798x1064, 20181107_153645.jpg)


Obv she's wearing the booties at the request of the property owner but wtf is the rest of the look

No. 728349

Jfc what is that

No. 728353

oh sis i DOUBT he is 5'5, in those pics she's like right underneath him being 4'11. i have seen tiny men stay with short and stout women bc of their height though, anything to feel bigger I'm sure.

underage fans are fucking desperate i bet they'll look back in a few years and feel really dumb for giving contour clown their attention and money. they just want to be in her position shit posting on instagram being 'known' for nothing, kids probably want to escape the reality of the world now and she represents their delusions. but yeah it is weird af these pictures are saved and used as relationship goals like both these people are essentially actors based on how they're mutually using each other, though coco is clearly losing a fuck of a lot more in the long run, coming out about being a supposed survivor yet openly bashing a victim of her bf.

No. 728407

File: 1541638244683.jpg (71.46 KB, 1108x1439, Piper Install 02.jpg)

>property owner
it's obviously an art installation anon. it's even tagged as such.

No. 728409

….. who cares

No. 728410

File: 1541638347600.png (160.53 KB, 1015x396, 37847438743.png)

coco is 5"1, not 4"11 like she claims though lol, she lies about dumb shit like this.
Also I'm 100% convinced the reason why she has stans is because all of them want to live vicariously though her, date a soundcloud rapper and be admired by a bunch of idiots..

No. 728415

agencies sometimes alter details to appeal to a target audience. like maybe she's really 5' and she uses 5'1 to sound taller for acting or whatever and 4'11'' for yungbabycoco

No. 728459

*openly bashing multiple victims of her bf

I remember when the first rape accusations came out, people started asking about it in her comments on ig, bc she was posting pics with her bf like nothing happened, she responded to the comments calling them liars and saying they were just trying to get fame, money, clout. Which is retarded since everything pouya gets is rented, and in the long run he’s going to get forgotten and go broke, just like her.

No. 728468

lmao it says she's 28

fuck are you serious i really thought there was only one accusation, my heart just broke fuck this cunt. she's obviously projecting how she's with a geriatric pube bearded rapist for fame money and clout. and what do you mean rented, based on his fame having an expiration date or something else? i went through her twitter for 10 min and got through 35000 selfies to only find out he once bought her a nice looking new jeep only to get mud all over it. her narcissism is next level

No. 728479

File: 1541645222619.jpg (266.06 KB, 1005x729, 20181107_184706.jpg)

That nose

No. 728527

One year on and I do wonder how the peep skinwalkers are getting on. Especially the ones who copied his face tatts.

No. 728535

File: 1541652079604.jpeg (335.9 KB, 1201x1807, 7A10BE5D-A1ED-4F3F-8257-118A9D…)

No. 728547


Iron Shoop: Nose Battle

No. 728576

File: 1541660741685.jpeg (306.89 KB, 750x842, DD7EE11F-E3FE-404C-9D13-818E1C…)

Imagine being almost 30 and vaguetweeting shit like this not one but three times in order to elicit a response from your “fans” who clearly give the sum total of zero fucks about your ~guardian angel uwu~
Pretty sure Gus would want you to keep his name out of your mouth seeing as you support a rapist too

No. 728592

peep supported rapists like adam, lena is the exact same person as coco minus the cancer. all these dudes fucking suck peep was no angel or gave a fuck about women at all. especially based on how he treated layla and moved onto bella and the plastic girl (she was posted before whatever) while layla was suicide posting and he LOVED it. dude was a straight psychopath people forget that shit. peep doesn't love you coco peep only loved his mom, hentai, and fucking with layla's head for whatever weird ass reason.

also adam's blog about complexcon showed up in my recommended and i watched it for lena's outfit BUT tyler's dumb ass is in it. only posting because he lurks (and posts and deletes like a bitch would) n he's wack af. this grown man got a full booth and posted up huddled in the corner like a fuckwit instead of hustling like he wasn't entitled to money off his stolen bootleg designs. at what age will this man start to face himself and get it together because the only reason he has a booth and any of the other capable artists there do not is white privilege and a follower count based on white privilege.

like he has every opportunity to be anyone he wants and create anything knowing he will definitely make rent and his dumb ass is like "anything??? fuck that's TOO MUCH uhhhhh KUrT CoBAIN has that been done beforeOH WELL THATS Me"

8:06 u see the pudgy gremlin

No. 728600

"support your farmers" lmao nice Freudian slip there

No. 728609

Holy yikes, Pepper is paunching it something chronic. This is what too much purp and Taco Bell will do to you, kids. And that hair, my lord. It looks even more stupid on him than it did on Peep. He straight up looks like he should be in his mum’s basement scarfing stuffed crust pizzas while vlogging about how much he sympathises with Elliot Rodger

>lena is the exact same person as coco minus the cancer

Nail, head, &c. Adam and his pet goblin are as putrid as Kevin and Coco

No. 728624

50% of the comments on this video are people concerned about grosso. Sheesh. I wonder if Adam paid Tyler for that sweatshirt

No. 728625

File: 1541672215000.png (53.62 KB, 300x590, 1006674.png)

victim of assault

No. 728628

File: 1541672632685.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1972, 2DAC6FFF-CA62-4793-B431-38D8BB…)

No. 728639

File: 1541676560018.jpg (80.5 KB, 1200x731, tyler.jpg)

No. 728651

I could be wrong but I don't think coco has been assaulted based on how insensitive she's acting about this whole thing. I don't think a traumatized sexual assault survivor would use the phrase "on behalf of the world's real victims of assault such as me." Didn't one girl say something about how Pouya tried to pin her down so some other guy could fuck her and she pushed his limp noodle lookin ass off? Yea that sounds consensual. It was the girl who said she still respects germ bc he was the one guy not involved in the creepy gangbang shit and talked to her while they fucked her friend. Doesn't sound like Pouya gave a fuck about consent or the kind of terrible situation he put those girls in. There's a reason the other girl felt so awful afterwards and had her friend pick her up. According to coco's tumblr they've been together for 4 years sooo yea he definitely cheated. Why would would more than one fan of his makeup such a ridiculously specific gangbang scenario involving him and his buddies? She's an idiot if she believes him but deep down she probably knows he has cheated and is just salty that people know about it.

No. 728661

Yeah, the girls coming forward have pretty much nothing to gain and everything to lose, but they're still brave enough to expose him which is very admirable, like someone mentioned earlier it's funny how coco is harassing these girls calling them liars but has yet to prove she was ACTUALLY assaulted herself, but just expects everyone to believe her? What's the difference between you and them? Headass bitch.