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File: 1512245591240.jpg (64.54 KB, 413x753, IMG_5933.JPG)

No. 436448

Prev threads:

"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Most of the people she partied/associated with 3-4 years ago have expanded into legitimate careers, something layla has notably not done.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 16, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla how now accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler is seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, has potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing

Before peeps death he was is bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Layla reigned it in with the mental breakdowns on social media has instead got the supremely trashy love sick nouveau riche route

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

As of peeps death her image got knocked off center, we'll see how it develops after his passing.

All of SoundClout is mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face

Shipping times had gotten slower since getting with grosso, who's own shop is notorious for having month long wait times for shipping


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are involved with the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, don't post nobodies.


No. 436461

How does hotel shrimp even find Corey attractive he looks like someone’s dad

No. 436462

i asked about the rachel thing in the last thread because cass is liking her tweets and retweeting them so i didn't know if rachel was cool with cass after doing that shit to layla

No. 436465

Peep's memorial in case anyone's interested.

No. 436467

Yeah, I noticed that too. I think Rachel should really think about cutting her off.

Cass and Layla always seemed like an “instagram friendship” (take photos with each other, comment on each other’s photos, etc) while Rachel and Layla seemed so much realer. I remember one stream in like August where Layla was over Rachel’s house and it reminded me of waking up from a middle school sleepover. I think her friendship with Cass was a lot faker than they tried to make it seem to be.

No. 436479

This shit ruined my morning.

Also we're not on auto save anymore so get back into the habit of Saging

No. 436481

Fuck, whether you're a fan of peep or not, this is pretty tough to watch
Also it looks like they stuck to banning Arzaylea from the event, I haven't seen her self promoting yet

No. 436547


Yeah, but they invited this Emma chick, I guess his family still can’t get over their break up which happened AGES ago. Why didn’t they invite all of his exes? Like, is it only Emma the girl who’s accepted by his family? Sage for shitty english.

No. 436557

lol i don't think "they can't get over their break up", it's just that they spent a significant amount of time in each other's lives, moreso than layla and everyone else, and she is close with his family and lived at his mom's house. so it comes as no surprise that she gave a speech.

also i think the memorial was pretty much open to everyone that wanted to come, except arzaylea. layla wasn't banned or anything.

No. 436563

Don’t exactly remember where but Layla said that she couldn’t get enough money for a plane ticket so that’s why she wasn’t there. Wasn’t banned, just couldn’t go.

No. 436565

Emma knew the kid for most of his life & was clearly close to his family, of course they would want her to speak.

Layla said she just couldn't afford the flight, and it seems like only people the family or management could vouche for spoke. The only one of peeps rapper friends that said something was smoke who wasn't even their in person. But it was open to the public and a handful of peeps friends flew out, his other gf could have come. Just not arz

No. 436592

I totally agree with this. She's thrust so hard into the spotlight, he definitely was not and has not been the person he was in middle / early high school so idk why she's getting so much clout when they both were dating other people

No. 436595

>>436592 so much clout? She was his friend from childhood dude. She's not even on the instahoe SoundCloud scene. She's literally just mourning a friend

No. 436597

I don't even mean she giving it herself, I know this it's just some people are saying like that was his love and stuff as if it was real recent

No. 436618

Yeah And from what it m seems, he was the one breaking her heart and ignoring her, so tbh if she was a deeply meaningful love to him, he probably would have treated her like one? That having been said,obviously this guy treated women like shit and didnt have a functional relationship with any of them, and at least their relationship wasnt a trashy public shitshow, so i guess this one stands out to them as being his "tru love"

Its interesting hearing his mom and gma talk about peep like he was such a sensitive flower of a boy… Cant help but wondering if thats the typical familial idealisation, or if he really was a suffering sweetpeep deeply bothered by social injustice blah blah blah

No. 436619

we're not on auto-sage anymore, friend

No. 436640


Other gf? bella or who?

No. 436645

considering I really hate the people to fuck people about, it seems from what people are saying that peep was sensitive and did struggle despite being manipulative and cheating. maybe his struggles were the reason for him being detached with girls. i don't think he's bad, everyone does bad things, but it's clear peep struggled and did good things too.

they could have been on and off until really recent and waiting for each other to grow up before coming back to each other. if their family saw this too, it could explain their love for her and talking about her as though she's family.

No. 436666

Typo I meant gfs as in just any other girls he fucked with they weren't bared. Also like other anon said we aren't on auto sage anymore, you should sage unless you have caps or something.

No. 436682

Anyone figure out why Tyler is trying to “expose” Layla for? And not gonna lie I thought it was fucking hilarious she’s out partying on his birthday without him and she seemed to genuinely be having a good time (kreyshawn and Rachel were there they all seemed happy) it’s what she needs, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT KID

No. 436699

lowkey breaks my heart cause she begs people for handouts constantly, if she had like a sale on her merch (or w/e the fuck she sells) and was vocal about needing donations to figure out getting to his memorial service i'm positive people would have helped and that's a really hard thing to judge. i wanna throw shade at her for not trying but i don't blame her for not having the energy to do that

she doesn't shrimp is literally an instagram whore, but not even people who positively benefit her but just make her feel better about being an empty soul sucking waste of life. sry not sry

No. 436712

tyler is on live right now just snorting drugs and shit talking layla
>i hope she pregnant so she has to come back to me

and more insufferable shit it's really hard to watch

No. 436713

I agree you can tell she’s struggling but is a little too prideful to ask someone for a handout like that, I think she’s comfortable asking for Uber or food money but not something like that (plus she legit has no food in her fridge it’s clear she couldn’t afford a plane ticket) she was making money at the cobra shop she should’ve stayed there instead of trying online selling or whatever “dj“ gig she gets that’s rare

No. 436719

I can't believe you guys are throwing sympathy for their financial situation at someone who took money for selling their nail clippings and cig butts.

Snap out of it!

No. 436720

If she can afford Louis Vuitton then why can’t she afford a plane ticket? Or she could sell her shit for the money? People are dumb enough to buy her broken finger nails, I’m sure if she said she needed money for the ticket people would be willing to buy more of her dumb shit.

No. 436722

that's probably all she really has anymore, material things. peep is gone, tyler is off his shit, she's obviously not ok, and i see that she follows emmalitarosa but not vice versa, it probably would have been too much for her and she didn't get her hopes up. can you imagine that? who would have gone with her? it sounds awkward to me.

No. 436730

sage goes in the email field , normal mistake

No. 436744

File: 1512287151469.png (39.64 KB, 640x460, IMG_3152.PNG)

What was that? It was about 9 weeks ago under Emma's September 28 ig post

No. 436745

File: 1512287188565.png (211.72 KB, 640x894, IMG_3151.PNG)


No. 436747

File: 1512288621316.png (264.12 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171202-185134.png)

No. 436748

exactly. there's a lot of peep's comments like this and his likes of course. and this been all the time, but this comment about wedding is more wondering, i mean, he commented this while he was in relationships with arza. aw such loving he were

No. 436749

what else did he say about her? i just saw screenshots of layla in the live posting pregnancy emojis

No. 436756

File: 1512290951302.jpg (713.07 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_5941.JPG)

I know know Layla is going through a lot right now if whatever but god damn if her hair doesn't look like a party city wig now

No. 436773

There's so many girls suffering that don't treat people like that so honestly that's not good enough. Peep knew what he was doing he just got coddled by his Mother to death that he never really learned emotional regulation and relied on drugs. Of course it's tragic, and of course people should mourn, but let's not go back and reason his shitty behavior on his pain because a lot of people suffer without hurting anyone else the way that he did. His death being accidental is parallel to his personality and decision making.

No. 436778

LMAO that's such a good hustle it's not even funny, the most respectful thing about layla is that she can even sell her nail clippings and cigs like that die slow cass

No. 436787

A respectable hustler is an oxymoron. You moron.

No. 436795

How is it an oxymoron? Respect the hustle brah. Some of us have no idea how to finesse

No. 436796

She's not even hurting anybody with it or scamming them. People are just literally dumb enough to buy her fucking fingernails. I'd say that's pretty respectable as far as hustles go

No. 436798

Peep was probably loopy on drugs when he commented that shit but regardless we have no way of knowing who he was before he was lil peep. We only know the what he publicized or dramatized. Kind of obnoxious to speculate whether or not he really cared about his first love because he dated a few insta nobodies once he got famous

They knew Gus we knew Peep. He was a person before a persona and no matter how much we think we know we really know very little about who he was to his friends and family

No. 436799

i stalked emma on fb and his mom commented on her photos and inviting her for dinner (most recent comment from july) while he still was with layla, so i guess they were really close even though peep and her weren't together and it makes sense they would let her give a speech.

No. 436800

Yeah I don’t really get the moralfag stance until it involves people who can’t really be expected to know better (kids/people with learning difficulties/etc). If there are grown adults out there sad enough to buy some nobody’s fingernails, then she’s clever to capitalise on that. Requires minimal effort, legal, makes her money. /OT

No. 436802

She looked pretty ok in latest vids (Layla) I hope it's not just the booze and that she's finally said fuck you to Tyler and his whining. He'll probably try to manipulate her back tho. If his tweets are any indication of how he handles things I'm sure his private messages are way worse

No. 436806

File: 1512303356150.jpeg (565.54 KB, 1242x908, A8B5D541-7B46-4233-A57F-55786C…)

anyone remember this chick?

No. 436816

nothing moral but it can't be that great a hustle if she couldn't make a plane ticket to a memorial.

No. 436828

For god's sake how many girls he fucked with lmao

No. 436831

I think she was not “part of the family” in the way emma was so she might have thought it was not her place to go especially since it was heavily family and people who had been part of Gus’s life before all the fame. Someone’s choice to go to a funeral/memorial is very personal and non attendance is often for a legit reason. We don’t know what the family’s relationship with Layla was. She may have not attended out of respect for them in their grief. Not fair to judge without knowing the deets

No. 436839

i fw this because she was his first long term west coast thing, it makes sense she didn't meet his family even though they clicked for so long. he was such a fucking asshole to her but obviously cared since he could've just chosen a new victim, shit was complicated and i'm really glad she didn't bust her ass to show up for someone who publicly humiliated her on the reg.

these girls REALLY need to stop stanning for him though since more and more keep coming out the fucking woodwork there has to be some overlap and a whole lot of lying.

No. 436853

Oh yes, the honeymoon girl. I remember that Layla was mad jealous of her

No. 436924

File: 1512322798801.jpeg (270.31 KB, 1242x1523, B92445C8-93AA-4443-AEB5-8FE4F5…)

quite a lot

No. 436928

funny how half of them only have pics of him sleeping

No. 436945

He was a nodded out junkie on tour, of course he'd be sleeping??

No. 436955

File: 1512326277769.jpg (129.95 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_4418.JPG)

It pretty funny even In his own home off tour

Honestly? It just makes a Me think the he really liked Layla that much more. He was an infidel but he could and did have whatever it is he wanted. He went back to and wanted Layla's attention the most out of everything SoundClout could offer.

No. 436994

i missed tyler on live i wanted to hear what he had to say about layla, why hes angry and reacting this way because shes tired of his manipulative shit is beyond

No. 437005

he didn't say anything specific really he was just shit talking layla and spouting bullshit being petty. no actual facts. theres no root to the pregnancy thing besides someone posting it during the live like "is she pregnant?" most people in the live were just shit talking him in support of layla which was pretty great also he was with Paris who i guess is a soundcloud producer and a bunch of girls were gushing over him cuz he's cute. no real milk besides pepper ann being a petty ass bitch.

No. 437025

i cant get over the pepper ann, he went from punchable face to straight up laughable face

No. 437059

File: 1512332473165.png (492.2 KB, 915x557, 2345.png)

Found this on some Layla fanpage. No idea if it's legit but Peeps grandma does seem a bit confused when it comes to communicating on social media

No. 437061

File: 1512332694156.jpeg (69.21 KB, 749x653, A38C30F0-0CDE-4EA7-8399-A3EE64…)

That’s actually kinda sad. I wonder if Layla saw that.

This tweet is so gross. We get it, you want Layla’s attention. Actually, attention in general.

No. 437070

this actually makes me happy that his family can see that she did love him even though their relationship wasn't good at all, they see she wasn't using him or that she was a basic hookup like the other hanger ons

No. 437071

shes such fucking trash oh my god

No. 437084

lmao its so enteraining seeing her embarrass herself

No. 437086

that's a nice thought anon but peep used layla as a constant supply of narcissistic validation. with all of these girls being posted there's no way one of them didn't happen while he was technically with layla. she was obviously valuable as a person, I'm not trying to bash her in any way, but he treated her like shit unless he was building her up. she got the meme, was also a junkie, fit his image for a long term girl, and probably took care of him in every way - obv egotistically.

i guess it's not worth talking about since he's dead but i hate reading that "he cared" when she definitely deserved a lot more for how long he fucked her around and left her, and how hard she's clearly struggling with reality.

No. 437090

…peep’s grandma’s username is “drivenbitch”? lmao i guess i’m not surprised

No. 437091

He probably did care about girls like Emma and Layla but wasn’t emotionally mature enough to be a good boyfriend. An asshole in the sense lots of young guys are to girls; not sure if that made him a shitty person. Perhaps given the opportunity he would have matured and looked back on his past relationships with some regret for his actions.

I guess we won’t ever know for sure.

No. 437102

yo for real no one talks like this ever publicly what the fuck does she even think she's doing and what does she think she comes off like because she is writing like an incel about their nonexistent girlfriend what in the fucking world

like with the creepy AOL pedo :') face i didn't even cringe i wretched and it keeps happening daaaaaaaaa a a a aaaaaaammmnn

No. 437108

i don't think he was a bad kid, just… i don't know, i dont feel he was as intelligent as sensitive as his family is making him out to be. as an example, his family is pretty far left, and self declared socialists. while peep hyped socialism, he still flaunted flashy, unabashed symbols of capitalism (designer clothing everywhere), dating layla whose whole image is around being a designer drug baby, etc. idk, his family seemed to really write home about how he resonated deeply w economic injustice and social injustice, but idk i dont see much of that in his music or interviews or the way he styled himself or carried himself. idk, i feel like they believe he was a lot more radical, politically aware, and sensitive, than he actually was.

No. 437111

(and no, i'm not using the iphone capitalism argument here. he wore A LOT of designer shit still with tags on them, enormous logos, talked about very materialistic shit in his songs, etc)

No. 437112

girl.. he may make you cum but have you seen how he fucking looks

then again cassidy isn’t known for dating attractive men really

No. 437113

also 1848 was the year the communist manifesto was published, also known as the 'year of revolution' in european history so yeah i think drivenbitch1848 could be her since his family is openly communist lol

No. 437117

tbh his family seemed awesome

No. 437122

she posted on liza's posts saying she's his gran, and the profile says jenny kastner, so it likely is. doubt anyone else would go so far as to reference marx and engels in their username in trying to impersonate her

No. 437124

yeah, if you don’t count his father. was he even at the memorial yesterday? i guess peep was right when he said he was a selfish man

No. 437134

hysterical how these dumb bitches are willing to post the ugliest angles of themselves as long as they've snapped a quarter of an identifiable tattoo of the kinda famous guy they've taken to bed.
of course he's sleeping, that's how this and other fuck&chucks take their proof photos these dudes otherwise would not want to be in.

No. 437136

this is so repugnant. i can’t believe cass is posting stuff like that and i really hope layla has her blocked so that she isn’t seeing it. tyler is going off the wall, gus just passed and cass is posting all about corey. whether you like layla or not, you gotta feel bad for her. cass was someone that was supposed to be her best friend and she absolutely stabbed layla in the back. i feel like cass didn’t even ask layla if it would be okay if she went after corey which is the respectful thing to do if cass developed feelings for him. best friend’s long term ex-boyfriends should be off limits and cass even said that in one of her lives but seems like she can’t hold her word. i have a good friend who lives in the area and i’ve seen corey like her photos and post heart emojis all in her comment section. it looks like she follows cass and layla but not the other way around so i’m wondering if maybe she has some of the scoop due to the corey connection… i am just too embarrassed to ask.

No. 437160

File: 1512339827860.jpg (276.29 KB, 640x2677, IMG_5949.JPG)

He had a ~uwu black trans wymyn~ be in the girls video and used to get into it with his fans over being Zionists and trump supporters (cap is from an anti trump pro commie post spam in June) plus talked up his "badass communist grandpa & my man vlad" in a deleted post on his grandpas birthday which all makes me think he was about that life to a real degree but a vocally commie sjw rapper ain't gonna sell like a depressed and flexing SoundCloud boiii

I love peeps grandma for this, I'm emotionally invested in lil peep being a red and idec anymore

No. 437179

Ask in a week or two so it doesn't seem weird or something?

Cass is officially the most foul person in the Layla thread to me. She gives off such a dim vibe, I feel stupid thinking she was cute and harmless for so long.

No. 437184

does anybody know anything about tyler supposedly cheating on layla? and what about the pregnancy stuff? i cant find anything about this just people claiming he cheated

No. 437194

Makes me sad if Layla never saw this. Maybe not knowing his family all that well she didn't want to intrude. Might've given her some closure to know that not everyone sees her as a villain. Peep's fam don't have anything against her like so many of his fans do. Really sad man that was 6 days ago and no one tagged her before the memorial.

No. 437195

She lurks so even if it was too late for her to go she'll at least know his family has no hard feelings

No. 437198

ughhh, thats annoying tbh tho. this kind of shit shows the young left for what they are: poseurs. theyre embracing idealism in Marx's name and spitting in the face of materialism w this trans shit. we're an oppressed class bc of our biology, not our feelings and there's no fucking way Marx & Engels would've agreed with them.

sage for super OT

And sure, but not all rappers were so publicly materialistic, tho I know that's a big thing in the rap scene. Idk I feel like he just wasn't as radical as they think he was. I would've been disappointed w my self admitted commie child if they flaunted symbols of capitalistic consumption so heavily when they had a prominent platform, but yeah I get what you're saying but idk i don't think he was that groundbreaking and special like ppl are saying

No. 437218

I… disagree a lot and was abt to argue before I remembered where I am lmafo. I will agree Peep wasn't a radical just a far left kid. He was also super young so who know maybe had he gotten a little more time he would have been able to come through with something forward. People were losing over him being so nonchalant about his coming out, it would have been a breakthrough in rap if he had publicly dated a man instead of just teasing with Makonnen.

No. 437226

it wouldve been pretty groundbreaking if he dated a guy yes, but that's another thing that makes me wonder. layla had said a bunch of stuff about lying about sexuality for publicity or something, obviously with regard to peep coming out, like, right at the time when he came out? i dunno how much she actually would have known him. she did live with him for a number of months, but that's strange.

No. 437240

I've read all of these threads and people continuously bring up that peep was a womanizer (which he obviously was) but also that he cheated on Layla. How do we know he cheated? Genuinely curious. I just haven't seen anything truly suggesting that that's what really happened unless i missed something.

No. 437288

I don’t think you’ve read enough of the thread then

No. 437290

Smells like infidelity to me

No. 437291

File: 1512346957023.jpg (136.21 KB, 640x1806, IMG_5956.JPG)

Dropped image

No. 437294


I’ve never seen this article. It’s nearly a gear old. They were living together and peep states he dyed his hair black for Layla and they matched nail polish colors. I think Peep really cared for her over the other secret random hookups he had plus continued to keep Layla around the same way he kept Emma around. Maybe Layla was his west coast girl and Emma was his East coast girl?

No. 437310

This Chelji girl just wants everyone to know she was his side piece. But that’s all she will ever be. He hid for a reason

No. 437318

Chelji looks like a down syndrome chubby rat bro I would hide her too. It's also creepy as hell that she not only took a pic of him asleep, but released it after he died and couldn't put his two cents in. They all annoy me except the emma girl. She at least seems the most genuine.

No. 437325

cass's most recent move definitely made me see her as a grossly spiteful trash person, but she's got a long way to go to be anywhere near as cruel/ attention hungry as arz. linking that exposed twitter thread about her in case anyone missed it from the last thread and wants to read about how she's been doing this shit and worse since like 2015: https://twitter.com/pramhedas/status/899525588523896833
last i read the girl who gathered all the receipts updated in late november with the lil peep drama, most of it is about her past relationships/ friendships that follow the same exact pattern if not worse. i had no idea she was ever with the 5sos guy or had weird bella thorne/ page ruth/ etc beef, or anything beyond the merch scam scandal until now.

kind of hate myself for thinking LAYLA was the villain in this stupid soundclout posse, but tbh she's kind of just a self-destructive, harmless mess that i pity now that she's losing literally everyone close to her. OT but i'm from the area and i'm so glad i never fucked with the toxic LA social-climbing art/music scene circles

No. 437359

Chubby is a bit much I don’t see that but yeah everything else

No. 437398

File: 1512358281910.jpeg (74.43 KB, 572x621, 779073F1-AE2C-45B7-BBE0-CB3906…)

at least she knows she’s a snake

No. 437419

shrimp literally does not have feelings for corey she has feelings for skin walking layla and she gets off on that, that's it. she's a fucked up human being but saying even that about her makes me feel like i'm giving her too much credit. i really hope layla doesn't spin a narrative about shrimp and actually feel any sort of heartbreak because it was really a matter of time and it's not her fault.

asking your friend isn't worth any shred of residual embarrassment lol it's not like there's some trove of wisdom within shrimp's actions she's just a dumbfuck doing what dumbfucks do she's not even worth insulting because she does an unbelievable good job herself. she's going to feel violated as fuck when the sadistic joke gets old and corey is seriously the biggest fuck up creep in the world for just taking advantage of whatever shrimp has wrong with her.

No. 437444

Exactly this bitch is beat af how is she official, how is she even known? She's gross af in summation

No. 437472

i've never understood side chick aesthetic because they're always embarrassing why would you put the effort in to lie and break someones heart over that wtf

No. 437474

the day of peep’s death layla sent peep videos of her fucking tyler and blowing that heroine junkie. this is why layla has a new number and phone now because the screen shots were going around.(you've been warned)

No. 437475

somone start a wiki feet page for layla

No. 437477

how long until layla gets into porn? i saw 8 months max

No. 437486

Bullshit. This rumor is nothing but a rumor. I'm willing to bet this is cas or Tyler considering the lack of board culture knowledge and the general faggyness of these three posts. If you have proof, post. This is an IMAGE board you turd

No. 437487

File: 1512375037726.png (827.77 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

And they're back on

No. 437488

Learn how to use the fucking website if you're gonna samefag

No. 437490


you’re retarded.

No. 437491

nothing like getting your photo taken with your on-again-off-again-every-hour boyfriend while your ex on-again-off-again boyfriend’s second tattooed name pokes out ya sleeve.

No. 437499


U got those SS? It's an imageboard….

This post & the two after it reek of Cass / Arzaylea. TP is a hot mess but at least she's not a snake and / or not trying to make $$ off a dead man.

No. 437513

jesus fucking christ layla JESUS FUCKING

No. 437517

File: 1512383503469.jpeg (695.62 KB, 1242x1706, E7E8D4A9-9A5C-48A7-A5F5-32F51C…)

fr it was vile to let every person on earth know that she managed to fuck him as soon as he died because he wouldn’t claim her while he was alive. imagine realizing you’re just another retard when you see all the other pics identical to yours that other girls have taken. “love of my life” lmaoooo

No. 437519

also kek @ “i didn’t want the attention” yet you posted this and all that other shit??

No. 437526

if i acted like this and tolerated his man-baby bullshit this is what i would be admitting in group therapy not instagram like it's something to be proud of. this is so fucking pathetic and he was probably with layla, he clearly didn't even TRY with this girl based on what he said and how he acted. that bit about her "not knowing who she was"~ is telling af. she was so desperate, he obviously knew, and used her.

maybe she had a mom vibe i don't even know with these drugged out children

No. 437532

No. 437533


Noticeably thinner and wasted.

No. 437564

Such a shady bitch. I like how she admits he wouldn't show her on live but thinks it's because she wouldn't have liked it.


No. 437565

This story doesn’t even make sense, what hurt?

No. 437568

I dont see how she looks thinner she was already pretty thin idk

No. 437571

Notice the heart over the belly. Is he trying to start the rumor she's pregs?

No. 437573

I doubt Tyler has enough brain power to think of something sly like that

No. 437574


LMAO. you realize ppl dont fuck condoms. what a hilariously stupid thing to say, trying to tell this bitch off by saying, GURL U ARE JUST A CONDOM TO HIM !!!!!!!1

No. 437577

lol calm down, no one really gives a shit about her peep story

No. 437583

i think they mean something to cum in

No. 437586

ok chelji u fucking cumdumpster

No. 437604

i couldn't see any of his girls (except emma). am i blind?

No. 437618

File: 1512402386727.png (981.45 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3228.PNG)

>>437061 >>437112

finally someone who makes me cum as hard as i make me cum ;)

No. 437619

No. 437621

layla, arzaylea, bella weren't there

No. 437627

File: 1512403925832.png (79.77 KB, 640x616, IMG_3229.PNG)

cory is obviously not over layla if he's still feeling the need to be petty & vindictive when they haven't been together in years.

him & cass are mutually using each other just to hurt layla, exactly what tyler/layla were doing to peep while he was alive.

not only is cass trying to wear layla's skin, she's also using layla's own manipulation tactics against her. i mean, what more can you expect from ol pathetic cass? she's a former fatty & everyone from her hometown hates her. lol

No. 437651


is this in LA?

No. 437657

File: 1512408285826.jpeg (200.52 KB, 1242x828, C09BC868-0661-4DD9-82E9-B9B03F…)

i ended up asking and she didn’t really have any details besides this. lol @ cass

No. 437662

yikes…. why did layla get back with him? i don’t think i could get back with someone after they threatened to publicly expose me online and tweet the shit he did. i understand he’s bipolar, but he needs to take his problems up with layla and not the internet. i’ve seen a couple shady subtweets and snapchats from layla about him but nothing compared to what he’s posted. this pulls at my heart strings since clearly she has borderline personality disorder and is in what appears to be an abusive relationship so he’s probably manic right now and is trying to charm her way back into her life and she’s left with nothing right now so is just taking what she can get. i don’t know, i’m sure there’s some real feelings and substance there but tyler makes it appear like layla is his puppet and she will do anything he says.

No. 437665

At this point this is just "Layla & Peep (played by Tyler) part 2: The even more unstable relationship"

No. 437667

I wonder if she’s getting back with him/playing nice just for her sanity of not being “exposed” or ripped apart by him on Twitter. I doubt he has anything to expose her for because he would’ve shown it by now but maybe she’s just afraid of him idk

No. 437668

Trueeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Except Tyler is complete trash where as peep was actually cute and had talent

No. 437669

Agreed, but what else about her life could really be exposed? I feel like every aspect of her existence has been seen by the internet lololol

No. 437672

File: 1512409978741.png (404.54 KB, 1242x2208, 7473A305-5392-4C00-945A-8D0D37…)

honestly, that’s what i’m thinking too that she’s back with him because she doesn’t want to be slandered online. i don’t even know what he could black mail her with. revernge porn? welp, good luck with that, he’d be in jail. saying she’s depressed? it’s all over her twitter. talking about peep? the relationship has been discussed thoroughly online. shady shit she’s done? big whoop, i am sure she’d own up to it and apologize. i feel bad for her… this is such a classic cycle of abuse and i’ve seen something very similar happen to a friend of mine and it only gets worse.

anyone see this too? post lyrics but quick look at the lyrics makes me think the tweet is meant for layla.

No. 437682

i wish someone would hack him and delete his twitter, honestly

No. 437694

who did you talk to i thought cass at first but you referred to her in the third person

No. 437698

if i were her i would rather have whatever he's blackmailing her with shared and deal with that/let it blow over than continue to stay with his crazy ass and probably have the same shit shared eventually anyway

No. 437711


how do you know she was fat omg pics please

i know she once said that shes not a good enough person to live in Portland (her hometown) lmao

No. 437715

lol someone's mad.

No. 437727

Arza has been silent for a few days now…No poems or outpourings of declarations of love…must have moved on.

No. 437755

oh my fucking god you guys are insane she's not FUCKING BORDERLINE she is a superficial drug addict with a long ass history of putting out for clout can you guys break your fingers instead of writing this shit

No. 437756

Weren’t Corey and Layla fucking again right before she was public with Tyler?? They spent like 24 hours together and posted IG stories of him holding her boobs from behind in her bed. Maybe she hurt him again when she got with Tyler and he’s fucking Cass out of spite.

No. 437762

File: 1512419439819.png (60.71 KB, 640x628, image1.PNG)


i don't have pictures, cass was overweight during her childhood & either lost the weight before or while she was in highschool, because she was petite by the end of it. it also explains her excessive use of facetune, because she's an insecure leech.

cass has talked about her childhood & family infrequently on her livestreams, if you could even tolerate watching them.

her parents are separated & she has a stepmother, i think it's a "dad runs off & starts a new family" type situation, because she has daddy issues & they don't get along.

these are pictures of her towards the end of highschool

No. 437763

File: 1512419461162.png (72.34 KB, 640x633, image3.PNG)

No. 437764

File: 1512419573812.png (132.08 KB, 640x899, IMG_3242.PNG)

No. 437767

She looks like such white trash

No. 437795


Cass has latched onto Laylas whole identity. Just a few months ago she was blonde and girly and over time she spent with Layla tried to just become her. Weird as fuck.

No. 437797

The sequel is rarely as good as the original.

No. 437816

honestly i feel bad for tp. even if she doesnt have a specific mental illness, theres clearly something wrong with her (and all the rest of them).

normal ppl with normally functioning brains/hormones dont behave like this. they dont need this much attention or drama. i honestly hope she gets better & cuts all contact w/that fkn loser pepper anne.

No. 437826

File: 1512428291206.jpg (556.3 KB, 2048x2048, 597C1A58-30A1-4936-B7F1-4E81AA…)

cassidy jane hill before & after toopoor lmfao

No. 437830

File: 1512428352167.jpg (639.19 KB, 2048x2048, 3D434608-112A-4D60-A541-DA0873…)

No. 437832

Case even wears her necklaces exactly like tp in the same style this is like Taylor n Dakota with Taylor doing everything she can to look like kooter

No. 437835

do you think she internet stalked layla before this because now it's just really fucking sad. cass is legitimately someone you could get away with making an argument about borderline, this identity thing comes off as pathological and she clearly she has no respect for herself at all. how do you let the ex of the girl you fucking stalked inside of you what the fuck

she looks like a dumb ass and should have stayed with her more natural look. layla has a fashion face that can carry her style but cass just looks like a tryhard. get help.

No. 437841

Looks like she poisons people lmao their appearances…sad.

No. 437854

are joei and tp still friends? they've liked some of eachothers recent ig posts, most recently from 2 days & 3 days ago

No. 437856

File: 1512430422009.jpg (772.39 KB, 2048x2048, AB6AF8B9-67B0-4566-82AA-E9E600…)


cass is literally a skinwalker. it's pathological & obsessive at this point. stealing layla's look wasn't enough so cass had to go after layla's ex-boyfriend from when she was a teenager! layla & cory went to prom together.

cass obviously has some sort of complex from growing up unattractive/overweight, she's desperate for (male) attention & insanely jealous over other women. it's just so obvious & pathetic

No. 437864

Holy shit and look at her ass compared to the heavily shooped shit she posts on Instagram now, what the hell is wrong with cassidy? she looked better when she was in high school

No. 437865

Cass is a poser ass bitch

No. 437866

LOL …. if only peep was able to see her for who she was not that he was an angel but still she's so sick and disgustingly narcissistic I hate that she was his last girl

No. 437873

You're so dumb. There's a difference between drug addicts and borderlines. Also excessive and reckless drug use is a main symptom of bpd. You can relax us referring to her by what's clearly going on with her shouldn't upset you this much it's not even an insult it's literally an evaluation of copious amounts of evidence she's given us

No. 437876

Can someone please explain how this bitch went from being a completely average, middle class hoe from Oregon to a SoundClout LA bitch with thousands of followers and celeb connects? I need answers

No. 437878

Ok dr.

Please at least learn to sage your unwanted medical diagnoses.

No. 437902

he was narcissistic enough to date her, so …

No. 437917

celeb connects is quite the overstatement

No. 437925

File: 1512436578558.png (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 1242x2208, E0CCDDA2-AB64-468F-9FB9-3AEAC6…)

cass was a fucking ugly kid

No. 437934


her father & stepmom are total fucking hippies too it's crazy if you do a little digging you'll see them

No. 437936

File: 1512437459538.png (219.73 KB, 750x652, IMG_9938.PNG)

layla and cass both look so bad here lol but goddamn cass looks like the most average white girl on the planet

No. 437938

also saw a bunch of pics of cass on her ex bf (@phat_dragz)'s insta (now private so i can't cap) where she's considerably plumper than she is now / an overall basic white girl

No. 437941

does anyone know how layla and cass met? now that i think about it i find the "cass internet-stalking layla until they met and became friends" theory very probable since they're both mega social climbers and unhinged af

No. 437955

Nightmare fuel

No. 437969

what is cory's instagram/twitter?

No. 437978


No. 437979

So I google image searched Cassidy and mostly photos of TP came up lol creepy

No. 437992

Samefag but I imagine a low budget psychological thriller where Cassidy eventually kills Layla in a fit of rage so she can finally be The Toopoor

No. 437993

File: 1512442292362.png (259.5 KB, 750x706, IMG_3961.PNG)

No. 438000

Is it sad I can imagine that happening irl? Cass does look psycho in some selfies.

No. 438001

she's lost so much weight holy shit

No. 438016

Learn to sage and stop acting like she was hambeast. This smells like a petty vendetta.

No. 438018

Whoa throw back I have not seen the word hambeast since the start of the decade

No. 438021

She hasn’t lost much weight. I’ve seen her around and it’s obvious she photoshops all of her photos

No. 438022

File: 1512446135894.jpeg (176.39 KB, 649x929, 2DB18B59-DBE7-4FB1-887C-91A648…)

this is by far the worst photoshop job i have ever seen. look at the eyebrows

No. 438024

is anything else about this shopped? how can u tell cause the lines around her waist seem pretty straight to me… is it just bc it looks kinda unrealistic

No. 438025

shrimp really didnt look that big before / her weight loss doesnt look that drastic. she does however, appear to have had (still have?) no ass at allllllllllll which makes her edited 'curvacious' pics soooo much funnier

No. 438026

her right side especially is blurrier than the rest of the photo. the left is a bit blurry but because that area is darker its harder to notice. if an area is blurrier than the rest of the photo it means they liquified it

I have a feeling she also used the tool that enlarges things on her chest. lol. that area is also blurry and looks distorted

on top of that, you can tell she edited the picture heavily by the contrast of the lines (especially her silhouette) she must have used the brighten tool or something

also what. the. fuck. did she do to her brows???? how she thought no one would notice astonishes me

No. 438029

and more importantly the fact that she thought those brows would look good is even more astonishing to me

No. 438030

how do u know tyler is bipolar?

No. 438035

I’m borderline and I’ve been hospitalized over 10 times and have met plenty of other borderlines… I don’t think Layla is borderline. There’s more to being borderline than being attention seeking and messy. It seems like all online personalities are armchair diagnosed as borderline for some reason, lol. And I don’t think whatever his face being bipolar has anything to do with his disgusting abusive behavior. Being mentally ill doesn’t make you a shit bag. (Did I sage correctly?)

No. 438040

a friend of mine who lives in the area that corey has been trying to hang out with.

No. 438041

Do you think it's possible she could have gotten any plastic surgery?

No. 438047

tyler said he was bipolar in one of his ranting tweets that is now deleted.

No. 438051

cass said she’s struggled with an eating disorder in one of her ig lives. she blamed it on her mom.

No. 438057

trying to bring the old school

No. 438059

File: 1512452001390.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 6365F705-097B-48C1-8F3E-334695…)

This pic is from the same night (her birthday), she literally photoshopped darker brows onto her face in the other photo which is why it looks so ridiculous.

No. 438060

she's back to advertising hair bear gummies. super heartbroken stuff.

can you not see the blurred foliage in that space between her arm / waist? it's from dragging the liquify tool to cinch in her torso and photoshop can't invent the background so it just expands what's there. also the street on the left-hand side has an unnatural curve when it disappears behind her. those eyebrows make her look like a fucking cro-magnon.
i'll give it to her tho, she got slightly better with that recent shop job of her bare ass she let the world know corey took of her.

No. 438061

File: 1512452179550.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 6D622E1A-1075-4900-946E-C16528…)

wtf is going on with tylers teeth, is he missing a couple or is it just a really busted grill

No. 438068

File: 1512452520861.png (335.51 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171204-233150.png)

Posts this yet still keeps the creepy sleeping pic up. Probably lurking on here. She's posted this picture before. She just deleted the original and reposted with a different filter. She's publicly riding his dick so hard now that he's dead and can't keep her conventionally to the side of the camera. She's also posted multiple pictures from this night months apart with a different filter which of course she deleted before she reposted so she doesn't look desperate to prove anything (which she clearly is)

No. 438071

"i didn't like it, i didn't like the attention"

Lol alright

No. 438072

File: 1512452819207.png (326.79 KB, 316x531, 1501412376843.png)

i think she just uses editing apps (poorly) and certain angles… like how did she go from this

No. 438073

File: 1512452852988.png (274.29 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171204-232452.png)

Corey's first (existing) post with tp

No. 438074

File: 1512452933847.png (265.35 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171204-232732.png)

And last

2013-2016 no wonder he's hung up

No. 438075

File: 1512453013984.png (Spoiler Image, 286.01 KB, 1242x1412, 1505093508024.png)


to this (samefag)

No. 438077

plot twist: she photoshopped layla's eyebrows on to her face

No. 438080

damn i never really thought layla was pretty, but she was kinda the cutest one peep bagged. he slept with a lotta dogs, damn.

No. 438082

"you truly were the love of life" guess that's easy to claim now that he's dead Chelji

He got a tattoo for Layla and lived with her

Publicly posted pictures of Bella and Arz even though he wasn't with either for very long

His mother kept up with Emma irl who who apparently wrote most of his songs about and they both liked and commented on her posts

This is some creepy obsessive side chick/stan behavior. Just take your bad tattoo and go

No. 438083

File: 1512454415147.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, A582BDE5-8156-499F-86A3-3EE013…)

just noticed cass liked Rachel’s latest insta of her and a painting of layla. Think she’s trying to leech back into her life?

No. 438084

I appreciate you anon

No. 438085

She needs new friends. Cass and Tyler are clearly both terrible people. I'm not against it

No. 438086

File: 1512454610370.jpeg (24.72 KB, 480x480, DHvKkLTWAAAFVIJ.jpeg)

Arz exposed by her brother pt.1

No. 438087

File: 1512454648076.jpeg (53.13 KB, 423x750, DHvKkLPXkAAAFT_.jpeg)

Arz exposed by her brother pt.2

No. 438088

File: 1512454693650.jpeg (44.08 KB, 540x540, DHvKkLQXoAIMgPl.jpeg)


No. 438089

File: 1512454767860.jpeg (35.23 KB, 480x480, DHvK-5hXUAAvQvZ.jpeg)

Here's a bonus bc her mom wants nothing to do with her

No. 438090

Wait my bad I thought it was tp. Wasn't Rachel her friend from way back when

No. 438097

That underbite and jay Leno chin. I've never seen a more thirsty groupie in my life. Most groupies realize they're just groupies. She thinks she was actually more than a face-in-the-pillow-to-hide-the-ug bang

No. 438099

File: 1512456166858.jpg (58.61 KB, 250x250, business-in-the-front-murder-i…)

Cassidy's childhood pic reminded me of this

No. 438101

Jfc all of layla's "outfits" look like hospital gowns or night gowns. Ew and the poses she does make her look especially wierd.

No. 438109

That chelji girl looks like a 15 year old trailer park thot.

No. 438112

I actually laughed out loud when I opened this pic. Damn gurl.

No. 438115


this. from now on let’s assume the shrimp is photoshopping Layla’s body parts onto herself like some creepy photoshop illiterate skank Frankenstein. Skankenstein.

No. 438117

Although the UK had issues with their potato crops in the past, they seem to be doing A-OK producing spud-faced fuck&chucks now, christ.
Can I also add that the trapstar eyebrow tattoo she got to impress / keep Peep’s attention beyond the occasional blowie is right sad.

No. 438133

just gotta go thru chelji's tagged pics to see how much of a groupie she is nd what the hell is that trashy 'digital drug lord' tattoo on her ass /cringe

No. 438137

digital druglord is a blackbear album. funny cause bear got hated on by every peep fan when he died cause he got interviewed and basically was just like “it sucks he died cause HE JUST COPIED ME SO MUCH AND TRIED TO FIGHT ME IN THE DMS AND WAS RUDE TO ME but yeah rip ??”. weird that she was such a peep lover yet has someone he disliked album’s name on her ass.

No. 438144

pretty sure they went to fashion school together

No. 438147

that's why she probably felt the need to completely morph into someone else - sad. because with her long blonde hair she could pull the goth look pretty nicely, she'd be a bit different than the rest. She could bleach her hair a bit more and voila, an interesting look
but she chose to be a skinwalker instead… uh
I'm not very into this "community", but gosh those people are exhausting, they all live in some toxic cloud, bit morbid but it feels like 3/4 of them gonna die soon

No. 438153

Pretty sure shrimp met Layla through Shop Jeen. She was Layla’s assistant or something

No. 438170

File: 1512478481444.jpeg (193.33 KB, 1242x1094, 8C0F9428-7FAE-477E-8B86-6F90BD…)

First post here so bear with me, and I might be kinda slow on the band wagon, but I remember watching this vid ages ago thinking the girl next to toopoor was some normie surfer or someshit but I only just realised it’s cassy
It’s also awk coz the interviewers are frothing over toopoor but dgaf about cass

No. 438203

if he kept her a secret she should honor him and stay a fucking secret. idk why people are tearing shrimp up when this bitch slept with peep knowing he was with layla. shit's on peep but she's a cunt now forever and now that she's PUBLICIZING IT only after his death, going against all of his actions, is super fucked up.

if anything i hope layla speaks up about this because it's making a joke out of her, and this bitch who's name is spelled like a wretching noise is playing her. like layla, shrimp is stunting on you and ialreadyforgothername.jpeg is trying to cash in on being a side hoe, you can't just get back with pepper ann and think we're going to defend you like this ever again that's not HOW THIS WORKS

No. 438267

layla follows her on ig and probably showed her this thread. she doesn't seem to have any hard feelings, which is weird.

No. 438286

so true, this bitch is only less worse than arzaylea but by far the ugliest most hidden for a reason bitch there is. does anyone know who this bitch lilgustav is? was she another international slampiece she has some of his clothes…. and exactly about layla and PA. this dude is so hideous and loooks like he hasnt even reached puberty. if she continues to stay with him it just makes her look waaaay worse and pathetic when she can and should be doing better than his gross crusty ass.

No. 438298

iirc lilgustav is just a diehard fan of peep who has met him multiple times and was friends with him and layla, she's really young and not that i don't think peep never slept with underage girls since it's basically soundcloud rapper routine, but i don't think he smashed or anything. just a longtime fan i guess. who's this ugly thot >>436955 by the way?

No. 438310

yeah lilgustav is 16 years old, im pretty sure. just a huge fan and her relationship w/ peep seemed pretty wholesome/not sketchy at all

No. 438379

File: 1512501761527.png (877.63 KB, 1080x1577, 20171205_132049.png)

I couldn't find the comment she was replying too, but it looks like Pouya's girlfriend doesn't have a good chance of surviving this cancer.

No. 438409

which is weird because cass doesn't even follow rachel on twitter yet she likes and retweets rachels shit, (idk if they follow each other on ig) but it just seems shes trying to get digs at layla as much as she can

No. 438414

i think the comment means that surgery is impossible, the survival statistics for what she has aren't too horrible, its definitely possible she can survive i believe it was around 50% but still v sad

No. 438448

File: 1512509358967.png (208.59 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 438468

i feel bad for her because her boyfriend literally acts like she doesn't exists on social media when she brags about him all the time, he looks miserable in their photos together and i hope with her struggling she doesnt need him to fall on for support

No. 438469

I'm glad she's shutting down the cannabis vs chemo bullshit

No. 438472

I work at a hospital in the radiological ambulance and her cancer infact is rare but not too rare for me to never saw a patient in person. The real question is where is the tumour located and wich tissue did it infiltrate already? I don't know those information so based on what we know there is no way to estimate a survival chance and out of respect we shouldn't! The patient I'm thinking about had the same typ of tumour in her leg. It was inoperable so we had to amputate the leg but could stop the cancer from spreading further (she received radio therapy and chemotherapy aswell obviously). In my country stage 3 to 4 cancers (we have a different classification of the stadium) would basically mean it already spread to other organs wich would mean the survival chances are very low. Sorry for my bad English I just felt the need to give my two cents to this. Anyways we should hope and pray for her I saw wonders aswell as tragedy and there is truly no statistics relevant for the one person it's always 100% for you

No. 438481

And sorry to samefag but the reality is antigen therapy is in the development and hugly relying on isolated cannabinoids so it's true in a way but not by smoking weed! That is solely for pain and anxiety relief aswell as appetite control and stomach sickness

No. 438497

actually he has been hinting at how much he’s depressed because of her illness on ig stories and twitter, before and after she made it public

No. 438529

No. 438576

Sage pls

No. 438579

No. 438601

I think he just does that so the fans don't attack and call her a gold digger, slut, cloutwhore etc. He apparently has gone to the hospital with her at least once. She made a post on Twitter about it

No. 438611

He also doesn't mention her because he was mad at everyone for attacking her after he made a post about her cheating on him. He pulled a pepperann and deleted it and got back together with her in like 2 seconds.

He's a rapey shithead tho so it's kinda hypocritical for him to dump her when apparently he's hooked up with fans while dating her. Just a scummy guy imo

No. 438618

File: 1512522310097.png (181.84 KB, 500x731, a-iilpeep-marilynlovesheroin-a…)


No. 438630

This is old as fuck what are you doing. You've clearly never been on here

No. 438633

File: 1512522803779.png (254.84 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171205-191114.png)

You spoke too soon

No. 438637

are tp and tyler together again they were at a wrestling match together last night

No. 438646

Probabaly together in the sense they usually are, wouldn't be surprised if tonight's snaps /tweets were them broken up

No. 438650

Damn she looks REALLY hot with a shaved head! I hope she's ok… prayin' for a homegirl <3

Unrelated, but "pepper anne" is making my life right now lmfao.. totally forgot about that show. It's really the perfect name. Thank you, whoever thought of it.

No. 438658

can someone explain who Rachel is? a random non famous friend?(sage this)

No. 438730

How did casa become relatively famous? I've read everything and there's nothing really about how Layla got to the status she's at either. these bitches make it seem like you just pop out to LA and that's it if you're decent looking and thin

No. 438738

File: 1512525948098.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3586.PNG)

Is this how tp looks irl? ……. yikes

No. 438773

well cass prob became famous through layla. and layla… i think she was really big on depop and also had her own vintage clothing shop (where she just resold pieces) and simultaneously grew over time on instagram, and then dating lil peep like rly made her explode

No. 438782

Layla’s best friend since middle school. Nothing really special.

No. 438799

There’s some drama going on between Peep’s grandma and Mackned and now people are saying he killed Peep. Apparently right after Peeps death he went into Peeps room and stole his favorite jacket and his grandma saw it at the memorial. Mackned was the one Mariah Bons was texting about the drugs.

No. 438807

Damn that's fucked up. He was the only one standing up for arzaylea too

No. 438808

Chelji has a punchable face tbh and all she does is fish for attention. Busted ass bitch(sage this)

No. 438816

post caps, it's an imageboard

No. 438818

Seconded I saw an odd comment on an other gbc friends profile but fans are kinda crazy. I wanna know what’s going on

No. 438824

File: 1512533560859.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 10156B24-A93E-4ABB-BCAD-4C43C4…)

poor girl.

No. 438826

File: 1512534017835.jpg (50.04 KB, 540x960, jenny.jpg)

No. 438828

File: 1512534031152.jpg (52.53 KB, 540x960, 24796590_1608328009226004_9037…)

No. 438829

File: 1512534101826.png (196.41 KB, 848x664, Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 11.2…)

No. 438831

I’m gald the family isn’t falling for the mariah witch hunt. I wonder how this will play out though, coldy has blocked people mentioning it on ig and Ned is deleting comments.

No. 438834


No. 438836

Don’t use emojis here

No. 438855

guys yet again, Layla is drinking in her snaps and then driving a few mins later. fucking selfish pathetic lowlife trashy bitch, hopefully she gets in a drunken car accident and only kills herself not innocent people

No. 438863

File: 1512537218642.png (4.15 MB, 750x1334, 40EB36FD-041D-4FDD-A29A-F40ED5…)

SO over the top

No. 438865

File: 1512537440574.jpeg (443.88 KB, 750x1023, 8EF29CFF-965B-4E13-90C7-20CB81…)

just stop

No. 438871

My lord, can they break up and STAY broken up? They obviously aren’t good for each other.

No. 438873

she wasn’t drink rachel was

No. 438874

why does she look like a corpse in this image

No. 438883

she was. she probably deleted it or something. it’s not the first time she gets behind the wheel drunk. her and tyler have done it multiple times and sometimes herself, when have u seen her in an uber? lol. never. she just drives her shitty nissan back home drunk af

No. 438891

Sage for OT but I was NOT expecting layla's voice to sound like this, she seems so childlike and… normal. And likable.

No. 438893

10:35 she says her goal for the next year is to die. i wonder how her and all these sadbois feel about all those comments they made now that shit got real

No. 438907

File: 1512543879878.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 880F2E43-3EDC-4C2B-9F92-A7AB36…)

wow cass is really stirring the pot

No. 438918

File: 1512546445958.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, 44FEF13E-1E1F-4429-B979-560B3B…)

i feel like his grandma is in denial right now and trying to find someone to pin peep’s death on. she went from publicly saying that she and liza (his mother) hate mariah bons to saying that she hates gbc and peep would be still alive if tracy was on tour. i get why they would like tracy since he wqs super close to peep before beefing and he feels a lot of regret, but he’s still a junkie and openly so. i’m not sure how mackned’s “opioid habit” differs from tracy’s coke (and who knows what else) habit. if mackned was an enabler then each one of his friends was.

No. 438923

File: 1512547151965.png (606.01 KB, 1242x2208, 3C6037D4-9DAE-4C8C-9B45-C7C134…)

also she “loves bexey” who filmed peep dying/dead and took drugs/watched peep do drugs like everyone else did. she says that peep took xanax from time to time for anxiety as if taking 6 xans in a row is recommended and as if he didn’t abuse that and other drugs all the time

to be honest i really liked peep and his death saddens me a lot but trying to find who was more of a junkie than the others among his friends is just useless, everyone in soundcloud la culture does drugs and he took them willingly. even if tucson never happened he would have od’ed at some point, in an interview he says he overdosed and was on the verge of death a couple times already.

No. 438935

The fact that mackned was the only one of his friends to buy into Arz's bs probably means he's a dumbass but I don't think he killed the kid. GBC got a lot of hype because of Peep and it doesn't really benefit anyone for him to die. I feel sad for his gma bc it sounds like they were really close but I don't see the reason anyone would poison him. Sure the drugs were contaminated but a LOT of drugs are nowadays you have to he careful.

Mackned is a shit and a bad friend for immediately stealing Peep's jacket and trying to sell merch / publicly supporting Arz but he'd still be better off with him around

No. 438937

Look at mackneds glazed expression, he's not that cunning. He deleted the Arz posts after all the fans started explaining the drama with Peeps family. If Peep was alive with Tracy around it would only be because he was buzzed and alert on coke instead of zonked out on opioids. They needed a chaperone all of them.

No. 438939

peep’s presence in gbc wasn’t just beneficial to gbc, they straight up depended financially on him. the tours they supported him on - if he wasn’t headlining, no one would go, let’s be honest. just the gbc fanbase which isn’t actually that large outside of peep’s fans. and he gave them a place to sleep, money, chains, clothes, he said so himself. after he died i started seeing gbc members selling beats on twitter, horsehead stating he was struggling with rent, etc

he was so generous that i would inclined to believe he actually gave his jacket to mackned, but apparently as his grandma said “one of his friends that was on the bus” (bexey i guess) saw him take the jacket with his own eyes so i guess that’s not the case

No. 438941

and if he was stupid enough to wear peep’s own jacket that he stole to his memorial with all his family there maybe he didn’t take it with malicious intent or realize that it was a bad thing to do.. who even knows with these people honestly

No. 438952

i’m thinking granny is just as much of a fame whore as arz. she’s stirring up shit and soaking in all the attention.

No. 438958

what a dumbass comment

No. 438960

these images are popping up now, I saw her crying pics posted in r/trashy for example.

No. 438963

meme pages post it now and then, it’s still annoying for people in this thread because we’ve seen it a million times.

No. 438966

In Cass’s live earlier she said her and Layla ain’t been friends for 5 months then later said they “broke up” in September (3 months ago). She made a big point of making sure people knew she smokes Marlboro NXT and not Camel Crush like Layla kek. Her live following is way smaller now she’s not with Layla and everyone was pointing this out which pissed her off. She mentioned wanting to start YouTubing too smh

No. 438982

lol her live following wasn’t big in the first place. i wonder what she would base her youtube on, couldn’t be makeup when the best she can do is that awful white foundation and dark lipstick look

No. 439006

She needs to except the fact she's honestly not that interesting. Even when she tries distancing herself from tp she's still dickriding Layla's fame/infamy via her ex.

No. 439033

thank fucking god for peep's family, honestly it's the coolest thing ever he legit came from such strong women. thankfully they obviously have access to his account and know better than to fuck up Mariah's name because it passed through her hands; SUS AF that machined was so quick to release those caps of her bragging like he knew she would because she's a fucking teenager. i fucking hate that peep was surrounded by the worst people ever, you don't have to like him to understand he probably was that insecure because he befriended people on that level of low self respect, but peep was able to create something real from it and people paid attention. his grandmother is so right when she says they contributed to his death, a lot of people murdered him to be honest. tracy is legit such a slimy ass cunt too and peep fucked with him the most and carried him on every fucking track because he loved him so much.

I'm not even a peep stan, and I apologize for coming off like one here and maybe not writing super coherently but his death is fucked up on another level and it's hard to process especially watching all these people try to bleed his dead body of money.

and that shit with Layla and her dad is fucked up too. really makes you fucking hate people like cass so much more because there's no way she didn't know. tbh this thread should have her picture, not layla's, layla hasn't fucked with anyone even negatively. she was funny then but idk it's like shit got real.

No. 439046

LMFAO tfw no more than 4 ppl are watching chelji's insta live

No. 439048

1000% agree. I think what everyone said about him being sensitive and having all these anxieties / quirks was true. He was finally popular and was surrounded by people who seemed like a clique of friends and on some levels were, but these people were also primarily concerned about how they were benefitting. It's upsetting and so sad that he died. If only SOMEONE had checked on him like any type of normal management or been near him or had narcan … it's just so tragic. Everyone on the tour bus somehow contributed to his death and I do feel for bexey bc I'm sure he realizes this so much but ofc there's no time travel so he has to live with this forever. His family is awesome, he was raised uniquely and well. I'll admit I'm deff a Stan but still anyone can agree there's so many factors that caused this and the worst part is it wasn't a car accident or cancer it was 100% preventable even after he swallowed the laced drugs

No. 439052

File: 1512575431633.png (872.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3305.PNG)

trashy ass

No. 439053

File: 1512575453953.png (479.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3304.PNG)

No. 439060

Peeps management were offered Narcan by a harm reduction advocate and they declined despite knowing what kinda stuff was going on. None of these kids were experienced enough to know the signs of opioid overdose which begs the question of why they were fucking with the hard stuff in the first place without a basic understanding of how the drug works. Even from the stills you can see he’s cyanotic from respiratory depression. This was more than preventable, it was a monumental fuck up on so many people’s parts.

No. 439061

100% with you. She should get off social media and spend time with the family.

No. 439082

Wow…. hearing that is even more sad. Why the fuck would anyone deny narcan just to have? Exactly, there was probabaly no one sober on the bus but I feel like it's obvious as fuck he wasn't just slumped.

No. 439138

Cass is just as big of a cow as Layla.

No. 439216

She's honestly so hard to look at Jesus
I haven't said anything in here since the day peep died but I am so tired of seeing this bitch

No. 439218

God Cass's IG story from last night was so obnoxious she kept going on and on about being in a "trap house"

No. 439277

had to be the least active trap house to ever exist because i watched corey's stories and it was literally 5 guys on a couch looking at their phones sitting still

i swear people like cassidy and grosso make fucking los angeles look like the most boring place to live in in the whole world, and i live in a town of 7000

No. 439292

Peeps gram really should blame his management if anyone. She's just angry and needs and outlet but if you're going to blame one junkie on that bus blame them all because they all shared the same bad habits peep included

It's just sad because she's obviously so angry and upset she can't see straight rn. I hope she starts to spend less time online and more remembering his life in a positive light. If she keeps looking for a rhyme and reason for what happened it's just going to eat her up inside

No. 439293

Nah cass would enjoy that too much. She's just a try hard and a poor imitator. She's a snake not a cow

No. 439296

The only interesting thing about cass was her connection to tp and now that she's on her own it's really apparent. She's an awful person and boring as shit

No. 439304

Literally the only thing captivating about her rn is how shitty she's being to Layla right after Peep's death. Cass is just some Oregon basic who dyed her hair black and smokes a dIfErEnT bRaNd Of CiGs ThAn LaYlA

Wow so original

No. 439307

File: 1512594466854.jpeg (48.25 KB, 640x624, DP85I10W4AIZCDP.jpeg)

Why does pepper ann legit look like a serial killer tho

No. 439360

Post screenshots if you want people to discuss them…?

No. 439386

shrimps IG story from yesterday was so cringy. All of her new dude friends are trash. They are all wannabe GBC. She literally tries to be Layla in every single way and it’s way more obvious now that they aren’t friends. Everything she does and says Layla has been doing for years. I hate to have Layla’s back but I feel tremendously bad for her. I would hate to have a cassidy in my life. Pretends to be my friend for clout, steals my style, mannerisms, lingo, rode the rip peep train for clout, then dates my ex boyfriend. She’s god awful. I wonder if she reads this?

No. 439455

File: 1512608484768.png (6.47 MB, 1242x2208, E3A353E5-DAE5-409A-AADC-08E60A…)

The only thing she didn’t learn from TP was how to do her eyebrows. These are tragic

No. 439490

Remember how layla posted the exact same thing like 24h ago on sc? Just saying… imI thought cass took a dig on her obviously

Most of those lil peep stan posts smell so badly like samefag plus you're going in circles we've been there already stfu lil poop was just as shitty as everyone else… I know plenty of clinical depressed people that don't behave like him nor take havy drugs, it's no excuse srly it makes mentally unstable people look bad like they don't have a choice but become addicts…

No. 439494

so grosso is dropping more dollar store designer tomorrow. does that mean we’ll be seeing $400 champagne and toopoor bj snaps friday?

No. 439519

Probably next week until that direct deposit hits

No. 439538

tyler grosso for real looks like a serial killer he's scary

No. 439557

THANK YOU I miss before peep died solely because none of us were peep stans/there were no dick riders that glorified him as this “sad boi” like no this was the man that aspired to be Chucky get a grip everyone

No. 439559

File: 1512621698263.jpeg (157.66 KB, 640x996, 29B04F55-7AA7-45D9-9876-E433C2…)

we get it

No. 439573

does this slackjawed gremlin ever shut his mouth or has he done so much coke he has to mouthbreathe

No. 439577

Ok so returning to armchair psychiatry, I don’t think TP has bpd. I think she has histrionic personality disorder instead.

Individuals with histrionic personality disorder exhibit excessive emotionality—a tendency to regard things in an emotional manner—and are attention seekers. People with this disorder are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the center of attention. Behaviors may include constant seeking of approval or attention, self-dramatization, theatricality, and striking self-centeredness or sexual seductiveness in inappropriate situations, including social, occupational, and professional relationships, beyond what is appropriate for the social context. They may be lively and dramatic and initially charm new acquaintances with their enthusiasm, apparent openness, or flirtatiousness. They may also, however, embarrass friends and acquaintances with excessive public displays of emotion, such as embracing casual acquaintances with passion, sobbing uncontrollably over minor setbacks, or having temper tantrums.

Low key still kinda love her tho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 439583

File: 1512626806143.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3343.PNG)

stay classy

No. 439591

ngl choked on my coffee at the par abt cigs
shout out u

No. 439615

the forehead tattoos in this social circle are fucking trash. forget laser removal, let’s just reinstate the guillotine.

bet shrimp will be recreating this photo as soon as she’s done coming up with pathetic ways to tweet about her yawn-inducing cocaine use (>>439559 )

No. 439623

maybe it's because we're not fucking stupid enough to take his "aspiring to be chucky" bullshit seriously, and when a teenager constantly sang about suicide while overdosing for fun with all his friends idly watching until they could steal his clothes to rep at his funeral we feel a way because that shit is unreal.

this is a sound clout thread and he carried everyone, cry about it no one else matters.

No. 439629

File: 1512636153085.jpeg (264.88 KB, 1237x1368, 277A06C0-B829-4960-97BD-24A8A7…)


No. 439631


Im laughing like a mf over this comment. God that was amazing lol.

No. 439636

Idk maybe it’s just me but something seems off now that peep’s died and don’t mistake me for a stan. It just doesn’t seem all fun and games anymore, if he wasn’t untouchable none of them are I think that’s why everyone (me included) went from everyone hating layla’s guts(like 2 or 3 threads ago) to somewhat having hope and rooting for her

No. 439726

That photoshopping is beyond obvious. After that pic of her where everyone was debating whether or not she got a nosejob I thought maybe the shooping was some weird attempt at humor but I guess not.

No. 439727

im so fucking mad layla doesn't understand how hard she could flex on shrimp right now. like just posting a side by side would end this bullshit. fucking no one likes shrimp her followers are just dumb ass peep stans that fucked with layla then shrimp ONLY out of desperation. theres nothing interesting or attractive about shrimp and she knows it.

this scene is over and it's just people crashing into each other, the sooner people realize it and get healthy the better. there is no purpose in denying the inevitable and whoever seriously gets sober first is the one that comes out on top of all of this. I'm really hoping it's layla because out of all these soul sucking fuckfaces she is the most tolerable and i want her to stick it to her shitty father. like girl what the fuck will it take for you to realize your potential and actually enjoy your success instead of sucking Pepper Ann dick for it

No. 439745

Many of us were fully aware that Peep was on a collision course with death and he was far from untouchable.
Not everyone went from hating Layla to rooting for her.
Knock that talking for everyone shit off.

No. 439779

File: 1512670979294.png (776.88 KB, 750x1334, 750AC8EE-0606-492B-BC5B-05D92B…)

cass is clearly still hung up on chris

No. 439861

Why did they break up? She’s a braindead clouthoe but still waaaaaaaay prettier than anything horse could get if he wasn’t a c-list soundclout dude.

No. 439862

didn’t she cheat on him

No. 439870

That’s what I heard & he’s a pretty solid dude but all these soundclout boys seem to default to cheating allegations whenever girls leave them.

No. 439902

pretty sure horsehead isn't hung up about a pretty face she probably cant carry a conversation and cant cook and generally isn't a real woman and got sick of it of her fame whoring bullshit and now she's with someone's sloppy seconds lmao and he's not an ugly guy anyways his talents can make up for alot

No. 439903

im surprised layla hasn't pulled the "how does my pussy taste" move

No. 439981

Theres no way you can deny after looking at past threads that people look at her more favorably then they did

No. 440013

File: 1512696899028.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 2156605C-4C76-44C8-BC4C-030ABB…)

Cass not trying to be Layla…

No. 440075

That dumb hat looks soo bad on her. She legit has no shame in her blatant copying

No. 440092

>liquid cocaine
do a line of coke every time she mentions coke

No. 440098


Already dead rip

No. 440103

Holy shit that’s fucking sad. She’s stolen her ex, her weave, and her beret.
If TP blocked her she’d have no idea how to upkeep her wardrobe or fill the caverness trashbin that is her vagina.

No. 440379

i wish people would just give layla ideas on how to humiliate cass because this is getting so stupid

No. 440443

And now Cass has gone on a giant IG rant about how all of her followers love her beret but don't know what it's called…and how it's not even that cool, every "insta hoe" wears one, definitely directly referencing TPs latest beret posts.

No. 440528

Oh Cassie girl whatchu doin??? She went and bought herself a bunch of “followers” poor insecure little wretch

No. 440598


No. 440601

Cass sure likes to upload a ton of snippets of her boring ass life to IG stories and half of them are just her talking about literally nothing. I don't see any appeal to this girl and her recent story on IG with Rachel calling her her best friend just seems to lowlife/try hard with all that's gone down between her and Layla.

No. 440602

I watched her story today and holy shit she must actually do a lot of coke… she is basically talking NON STOP about the same shit over and over…

No. 440608

File: 1512780230339.png (32.31 KB, 581x221, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 7.43…)

yeah she talks about it so much that i can't even tell if it's one elaborate joke

No. 440617

that’s just her annoying ass self. i remember watching her lives back when she still had blonde hair and she just loves to talk to herself about nothing

No. 440625

she's probably at home sober, strategically planning statuses and live monologues she thinks Layla would write. instead of the obsession with cigarettes, shrimp professes her love for cocaine as often as possible because it makes her seem so edgy.
i don't think it's a joke so much as she's two-dimensional. this girls' personality can be summed up with try-hard statuses about shitty blow and her new beret. she's truly fucking boring.

No. 440629

seconded. and what's up with her extremely frequent statuses about orgasming and sex? like we get it it was ~edgy~ the first time but now it's just excessive

No. 440644

File: 1512787300000.jpg (130.69 KB, 510x764, IMG_6914.JPG)

damn Arzaylea made off with $15k

No. 440649

I've been following these tp threads for a while, I don't know if I missed it, but why did Lil Peep and Emma break up? Just really curious now that his grandmother confirmed his "true love" for her. Why weren't they together then?

No. 440657

maybe because emma wasn't into the fame or the clout scene - she's painted as this girl he grew up with back east, and peep moved out to LA and blew up and i guess started dating layla, who better embodied the scene he became a part of

No. 440658

File: 1512789054187.png (3.59 MB, 1874x1204, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 10.0…)

She probably bought this ugly fucking jacket with that cash. Totally still mourning her 30 days of Peep.

No. 440691

i asked her on live why she's wearing layla's skin and she was like "ew"

No. 440704

Lil Peep caused of death revealed,
fuck it was actually fentanyl. So basically Mariah Bons lied saying that Peep took 60mg of Roxi

No. 440710

ignore my ignorance there, roxycodone is an instant release oxycodone

No. 440717

From tmz:

There were a ton of other drugs in his system though. According to the report, obtained by TMZ, he tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and the painkiller Tramadol in his blood. His urine tested positive for all those drugs, plus other powerful opiates such as Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Oxycodone and Oxymorphone. He had no alcohol in his system.

No. 440734

he could have taken a pressed roxy. a friend of mine passed away a few weeks ago from one that pressed with fent. :-( it’s extremely common for dealers to press roxy 30s now.

No. 440798

File: 1512807377457.png (126.43 KB, 750x615, IMG_5753.PNG)

Anon who speculated that those tour bus videos from the night of the overdose were showing a death rattle instead of Peep "snoring" - you were 100% correct.

Looks like he was actively dying during all of them and not a single person there could tell the difference between a dying man's last breath & regular snorting. jfc

Idk but me personally, the swollen neck and blue skin gave it away but maybe I'm just used to dealing with overdoses…? Still tho find it hard to believe some of those videos. He looks dead af and these idiots still filming going on and on about how hard he sleeps and making fun of his snoring while he's struggling to live. It's just so fucking sad.

No. 440799

what's up with rachel hanging out with shrimp? seems like a huge fence rider imo kinda shady

No. 440804

i'm confused. she said his system was innocent of opioids but there were literally Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Oxycodone and Oxymorphone in the tests they did?

am i missing something? i don't get it?
also ot but tuna is gonna shit her pants when she hears about this

No. 440806

yeah tbh that's sus as fuck i'm sure tp won't stand for it for too long i hope she's at least laying down the law like maybe she's just trying to be nice because cass is literally stalking her life on social media and dropping hints

can you imagine how salty cass would be if she tried to hang out with rachel, talk shit about tp, and rachel just wouldn't participate? lmao. imagine her trying more than once.

No. 440812


Yeah that confused me too. Clearly he took opiates but didn't know the xans were laced / didn't have the tolerance to handle it.

Maybe she means his system was "innocent" in that he didn't have a large tolerance from abusing opiates regularly? OT but I've been off / on opiates for years and it's one thing to pop a Perc or 2 occasionally and a different thing entirely to take 200+ pills per month, every day, just to avoid being sick. If you're using regularly you can build up tolerance like crazy but if you're just popping here and there a big dose will kill you. And just because he had all those opiates in his system doesn't mean he was a regular user. Just that he used them relatively close to his time of death.

Or Gran could just be refusing to believe he abused drugs. Don't blame her really, she wants to pin it on anything but drug abuse, and I get it. Because then the fault lies with him and not someone else.

No. 440813

>>440812 right, like fent would probs kill him whether he did them or not, not to mention it said that he took 3 times the "therapeutic" amount so yeah. like he literally has videos of him saying he starts his day with a perc and shit on his ig.

No. 440814

>>440812 also it's pretty easy to see that like all of gbc is gone off the lean and the percs all the time. you mean to tell me he had 4 different types of opioids including Dilaudid not even including the fent and doesn't do them habitually? his friends and multiple interviewers literally talk about him nodding off all the time.

No. 440815

the fact that he nods which is something bexey said he did all the time - which is why he didn't think he was dead. head back passed out = nodded

this boy was def on opiates

No. 440818

damn man watching cass's story today was soooooooooo embarrassing. bitch are you ACTUALLY wearing a lil peep hat while you're hanging out with rachel? also those ones about the beret literally i watched it through my hands because the second hand embarrassment was too real. also she literally filmed herself running down the hall screaming to see rachel. in a peep hat tho! what a god damn cunt!

No. 440833

well she must be pretty happy that ya’ll are turning what used to be a toopoor thread into a full on cassidy thread..

No. 440843

jesus, i was just playing awful things in a bar.

so did was he or was he not given fentanyl on purpose

No. 440877

chelji is pathetic. trying to one up arzaylea just because gustav's family has publicly condemned her. get over yourself chelji, there's a reason why gus hid your entire ugly existence

No. 440880

File: 1512827398339.png (104.23 KB, 639x890, IMG_3403.PNG)

Chelji just posted a video of a random woman getting attacked by birds. This is the only screenshot I got before she was called out and deleted it

No. 440895

File: 1512831369616.png (352.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-10-01-21-59…)

1/5 toxicology report for peep
Slow Internet sry more coming

No. 440897

File: 1512831438308.png (290.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-10-01-22-05…)


No. 440898

File: 1512831501478.png (310.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-10-01-22-10…)


No. 440899

File: 1512831561991.png (204.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-10-01-22-15…)


No. 440900

File: 1512831602039.png (174.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-10-01-22-21…)


No. 440907

i thought it was funny how she reposted that fb post of peep's grandma calling arzaylea a groupie as if she's any different. arzaylea is shitty but at least he claimed her, you're even more of a groupie than she was lol

No. 440922

Damn no wonder he died. And they did narcan him, it was just after he was already dead.

No. 440923

And tremadol? I really hope it was used in a pressed pill because tremadol literally has no recreational purpose

No. 440925

who cares about chelji??? she's a naive young girl who shagged a famous guy she had a crush on. nothing that she does is milky or interesting or connected to layla or gbc.

No. 440928

Not necessarily, naloxone can be used for treating chronically opioid dependent patients but given all the other opioids in his system apart from the fentanyl I’d say you’re probably right. I’m guessing it came from the paramedics though, not his friends or anyone on there tour bus. A paramedic can’t pronounce someone as dead so they’d give it routinely to all suspected opioid ODs but sadly he was already gone.

No. 440930

Tramadol does fuck all for some people but others can loop out really badly on it. It’s really down to the individual

No. 440979

yeah, the first responders probably gave him the naloxone.
interesting to see the report.

No. 440994

So know we know he was negative for H, I wonder what that brown powder they said they found in him was. He was only on pills and coke from the looks of it.

No. 441010

Has her name always been “official” chelji as though she’s even remotely famous outside of being a hatchet-faced used tissue?
Ew the fact that she even has enough followers to be called out about her bird fiasco is infuriating. Really milked that post-mortem peep dick for all it’s worth, cant wait til people get bored and unfollow her ‘official’ account. She’s prob out of creepy sleeping peep photos like the rest of the groupies by now?

No. 441012

Could have been MDMA? I’ve seen it be reddish / amber / brown before. Didn’t read the toxicology report so I dunno if it’s listed or maybe he was holding for someone else.

No. 441013


chelji is fair game. she chose to embroil herself in this the moment she made her hilarious and one-sided relationship with peep public.

the posts are saged. move on

No. 441021

OT but looking at laylas story I respect her educating the young girls that view her story on planned parenthood. Finally doing something good

No. 441027

File: 1512846166318.png (91.21 KB, 640x891, IMG_3421.PNG)

Another ugly facetat to commemorate Lil Peep! She has said this is what he would call her

No. 441035

So the try-hard trapstyle ‘Love’ she got over her eyebrow after meeting / fucking him wasn’t good enough now she has one ugly sideburn of a dumb name he prob called every vagina he’s been inside.
That font looks like it has cancer.

No. 441040

She didn’t make it public tho. If me & some other snakes hadn’t leaked her stuff no one would know because she tweets and deletes and has such a low profile no one ever takes notice. Like she was retweeting & engaging with laylas content before Layla knew she was the English slam piece & Layla didn’t even notice.
I didn’t say anything before but honestly the hate boner for chel is really weird. She’s just a stupid girl that got strung along by peep. She really did love him and he knew that and she’s hurting now.

No. 441048

File: 1512847365861.png (610.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171209-202030.png)

No. 441049

I considered mdma too right after I first read the report saying that he had that powder but he was literally neg for everything except weed coke & pills (opis & xans). He could have just been holding it for someone but unless he had an aversion to uppers I’d assume he would take whatever the party has.

No. 441052

people forget the only reason she's wearing that hat is to get people angry and talking. she is such a sad fucked up bitch that any attention is love to her; not in a cool way where she's just being who she is, but that she knows she's incapable of earning love so she upsets people on the internet.

tbh we should have a cass ban to see how she goes off. her drama is just copying toper anyways its honestly annoying to read at the point bc we know it's just a show. she's playing us.

No. 441067

lmao this reeks of chjellsi. no nothing about her is low key she is english arzy there is no fucking difference minus the clothing scam. chejllsi is fucking posting everything she can about peep and only has any followers at all because she can't keep her mouth shut

she literally has no talent or purpose what so ever and has 10k followers. no bitch you do not keep your mouth shut and unless you wanna spill tea please do not post here you sucked his dick once we get it no one cares

No. 441070

McScuse™ me bitch did she really just drop a """""""management""""""" HOTMAIL address she got the whole world fucked up if she thinks everyone isn't laughing at her for that

they couldn't manage your dumb ass away from destroying your image and body for peep i mean what are you fucking doing this is so funny

No. 441071

i agree, she's a dumb girl mourning what she believes to be her first love. she's naive as fuck and probably never thought she'd be swept up with this level of attention, and now she's being scrutinized for nothing

No. 441085

uh no. i was the one who posted the screenshot of the photo she took of peep sleeping here and it was public. it literally popped up in my explore page after i hit like on a couple gbc posts. and even though it’s gone now, she kept it up for weeks.

No. 441091

samefag but iirc she was also in the groupchat with mariah bons that got spread all over twitter when they doxxed her, talking about the way peep slept and shit like the fucking creep she is. so “low profile” is not the way to describe her, i’m assuming she told the other fangirls in that group chat that she was fucking him

No. 441097

File: 1512852796425.png (539.03 KB, 750x1334, 90528D18-4392-4D91-BE00-9FE0BD…)


No. 441102

fucking DONE. she officialed her own instagram with her measly 10k followers, couldn't even upgrade her fake management email to gmail i'm surprised this shit isn't @yahoo.

at least he posted about arzaylea, chelji was a horrible secret he kept under-wraps. she's fucking embarrassing and looks like a stinky foot with an eyebrow tattoo so i don't blame him.

"she didn't think she'd be swept up with this level of attention"
she's doing everything she can to be known as peepee's over-the-pond fuck including getting a sideburn tattoo of some weak fucking petname he allegedly gave her, what are you talking about? chelji is this you, 'good girl'?

No. 441128

Gooo Gial? Lmao

No. 441132

good giau

No. 441184

Gooo giav

No. 441248

yeah i really admired that too, esp when she said if anyone is too scared to call she'lll do it for u… that was sweet, props to lay

No. 441415

googial, the newest search engine.

No. 441434


I am surprised that he did not test positive for ketamine. It was one of the drugs Mariah said that she was bringing in her text.

No. 441468

File: 1512897536811.png (70.3 KB, 417x750, IMG_5780.PNG)

"What's that tattoo mean?"

"Just the co-ordinates where they found the corpse of my ex-fuck buddy."


No. 441493

they said brown powder was found at the scene not that it was on him

No. 441494

In regards to the tox screen anything he'd taken within the past few days to a week would show up. Substances stay in your system in trace amounts days after you take them which is why piss/blood tests are used to detect drug use during probation or when applying for a job

No. 441496

I don't know whose worse Arz or Chel. Now that potato face is getting more hideous face tattoos and "management" it looks like she's also trying to milk his corpse for financial gain.

No. 441498

Hahahaha oh my fucking god I really didn't think she could get any dumber in my eyes but she's lowered the bar yet again. No better way to commemorate someones life then getting a tattoo of the place he NODDED OUT AND DIED

This just proves what we all know. She's not really mourning just trying to get corpse clout. Of all the tats done his honor this has to be the most morbid and uninspiring.

No. 441503

Tru. The amounts of fent are what prove it's what he took that night and that it's what killed him. It was actively in his system as was the Xanax

No. 441506

>beloved soundcloud rapper dies of drug overdose
>cass decides this is the perfect time to shit on his ex and broadcast her drug abuse

I'm over her tbh, she's really boring and her attention grabs are laughably transparent

No. 441508

Arz, potato and Cass are a joke. Props to Layla for not publicly milking his death or trying to profit off it. The planned parenthood awareness is super positive and I hope she continues with this upward momentum

No. 441512

there wasn’t really ANYTHING else she could think of?? all of gbc and peep fans somehow managed to get decent tattoos and out of everything she could choose to remember him with she decided getting fucking tucson coordinates was a great idea? jesus

No. 441570


It's sideways too so when she's walking around nobody's gonna know what the fuck it says hahah

No. 441588

Wowwwww is this for real? what the fuck

No. 441598

Exactly , like bitch how about where you guys met or any other show or event you were together? She's disgusting and disgraceful. This is even worse than potatos cringeworthy creepy tat. I hope his gma sees this and goes in

No. 441622

File: 1512929667661.jpg (300.81 KB, 960x1707, IMG_5789.JPG)


No. 441623

File: 1512929860023.jpg (241.92 KB, 960x1707, IMG_5790.JPG)


Is Arzaylea fucking Mackned then?

That was fast damn girl I guess u gotta get someone to pay those bills since clearly sugar bear hair vitamins & nasty gal sponsorships didn't even pay you enough to afford a plane ticket to see Peep on tour (peeps mom had to pay for her flight) someone has to pay for those lip fillers & eyelash extensions

No. 441627

she'd better mark this location down for a proper coordinates tattoo for the place where she sank lowest in her public career as a famewhore.

No. 441645


lmfao for real

there's nothing interesting about her, she has no talent, her writing is garbage, her 'modeling' career is nonexistent, her failed YT channel and attempts at "spiritual art" have all exposed her as a boring ass basic bitch with no creativity…like? can her dick sucking "career" end here plz?

im no layla stan but all these second tier dick riding groupies make layla actually look decent in comparison

No. 441651

Idk about you but I’ve seen some awful tattoos come out of the scene. The number of people with above the eyebrow tattoos come to mind.

No. 441667

The above the eyebrow tattoos are pretty extra, these people must be pretty confident they're never going to have to get real world jobs. But still getting a coordinates of where HE DIED?!?! She wasn't even there, she left in El Paso and there's rumors they were broken up. Who tf wants the exact spot the "love of their life" (even tho we all know that wasn't the sitch) permanantly on their arm? This bitch is sick. Layla is by far handling this the best and most maturely out of any of these hoes, excluding Emma since she wasn't really in this scene. Layla has all the rights to get another tat commemorating him and she hasn't yet this hoe of less than a month gets the most disrespectful one. Smh

No. 441668

yeah i shouldn't have said "all" but "most", i've seen a couple "realistic" ones of his face that were downright awful but i thought some were pretty cool like the one fish narc got

No. 441672

I can't think of a more tasteless and inappropriate tribute than the coordinates of the place he died surrounded by junkies without anyone noticing. Like is that really the place you want to remember? Way to celebrate his life. Bitch literally got a DEATH tattoo. I guess for her it is significant tho since that was the day she could start romanticizing their short lived relationship without him alive to protest.

No. 441680

agreed with all except layla already has two tattoos (one crossed out) of his name. if she gets a third that's a little much.

No. 441727

my friend posted this and i was super confused. i’ll ask him about it.

No. 441731


I'd be very curious to know more, I found it on Peep's granny's FB. She was going off in the comment section of the original post about how shady and fucked up Mackned has been acting towards the fam. Then she reposted it to her FB and continued to talk about it and how Mackned stole Peep's jacket off his dead body supposedly. Then wore it to his memorial in Long Beach

These ppl man jfc

No. 441753

that explains why Mackned wasn't giving any criticism to Arzaylea's Lil Peep shirts

No. 441756

LOL MACKNEDS INSTA STORY THO the little kid is like who tf are you

No. 441788

not only was he not criticizing, he literally made a whole post that he later took down saying he supported her and anything creatively she did to comemmorate peep. then he went on to say "he was in love with her and spent the last few weeks of his life happy and never arguing." if only he had been exposed to the type of cunt she was before he died. smh

No. 441798

man every time I see Peep's 'friends' slip up like that it saddens me

you can tell Peep cared about his friends, including them in verses, posting about them, letting his friend coldhart tattoo him

then you see shit like this and it just makes you think if they ever cared at all

No. 441829

Exactly, regardless of what was going non with tp or other girls I think he was a genuinely selfless and caring person who would do anything for those he cares about. I fucking hate everyone on that bus who really thought he was asleep or never even thought hey maybe we should check on him. He always put gbc and everyone he worked with as priorities in his life then they failed him when he really needed people. It's terrifyingly sad and eerily that him Tracy and Mackned literally have a song called overdose. I get some of the above weren't there but for no one to think twice is just horrible. Most preventable death ever

No. 441844

These aren't even the coordinates for where he died, The Rock coordinates are 32.2234616 N,110.9561389 W

No. 441878

this photos from like 3 months ago, who posted these?

No. 441923

I know I’m late but I saw some posts about Chelji (@officialchelji) on the thread. She bragged to a FOURTEEN year old girl about having sex with Peep and one of his friends Rayn (@heavyrayn) and now she’s trying to bang Bexey who was friends with both Rayn and Peep. She’s nothing more than a groupie.

No. 441931

lol, really puts the "my last bitch a groupie teen" lyric into perspective

No. 441953


Didn't peep and arzaylea have some big fight right prior to his death? Both were posting emo shit to their SM right before he od'ed. Never fought, lol ok.

Peeps gma is also going off about how Mackned supposedly didn't take the Xanax that night because it looked sketchy but didn't tell Peep about it and let him take it.

Idk if gma is going off the rails trying to find someone to blame, but to anon who asked, those photos came from gma's FB.

If they were taken 3 mons ago, did Arzaylea meet Peep thru Mackned, and bang him first?

No. 442039

mackned post that photo after peep died. i don't know why that person said that it's from 3 months ago..

No. 442132

File: 1513008481463.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 69BE1246-B878-4C02-A9DE-53F4AD…)

No. 442133

File: 1513008806402.jpeg (378.32 KB, 750x1189, DA09DA77-F8A6-43FC-8078-E10204…)

seriously cracking up over this “fan art”

No. 442135

Wow this bitch is so pathetic I just cannot. She's so clout hungry tryna piggy back off everything the people relevant to this scene whatever is left of it do. Like Layla literally posted shit about the U.K. Her followers emailed her we don't need this pathetic cow to take her idea and add to it

No. 442136

File: 1513009308556.png (439.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3651.PNG)

LOL this comment probabaly made this bitches whole life, feeling like her cum dumpster status is actually relevant bc jenny is commenting

No. 442152

Didn’t she already get with bex? She said she’s been with bex and not ryan around me

No. 442153

File: 1513011338705.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1242x315, BE47F8C5-19CF-4FF8-9443-D7CCC3…)

i can’t say i blame her but his grandma’s denial is through the roof. you can’t just look at his lifestyle/lyrics/persona/anything and genuinely think he “only wanted to smoke weed”, he had a shitload of substances in his system and was a drug user. i agree that whoever sells laced stuff is a pos and everything but straight up denying that he was a drug addict is a bit too much

No. 442157

Mackned did say he didn’t take any of the pill because he felt weird and said to always trust your gut like right after peep died. But gma peep is really in denial about her baby doing drugs which is understandable but peep said he struggled with substance even when he was at home in Long Beach so she’s to know on some level peep did want to take those pills.

No. 442164

Yeah it's really sad to see the level of denial. Fuck everyone who pressed the xans and didn't help him but no one was feeding anything to him, I think he was genuinely addicted as a way to escape reality. And even if he didn't do xans before bars will get you addicted in a week. Fuck everyone for not giving him narcan earlier or thinking it was normal that he wasn't waking up

No. 442175

It seems like his whole family is in denial about his drug use. Even his brother said that he was happy and didn't abuse drugs or have mental problems. Nobody who pops pills like that is normal and it's sad because it sounds like he played it off to them as being 'part of his image' and they believed him.

There's a litany of proof that he had a pill problem. It's fucked that the fent is what did him but he was not living a healthy life. I don't know how they still can't see that.

I don't blame them though. Grief distorts things. I hope they can find peace somehow.

No. 442272


Still wanna know if Mackned was banging Peep's cumbucket right after his death. Anyone have any further info? For science lol

No. 442283

How's his family gonna be so clueless about his obvious drug abuse but try to spout off on who his 'one true love' is.

The longer this goes on the messier both sides are getting.

And yeah, grief can distort your view of reality but that's why his family should not be dealing with social media at all. Leave that for his management.

No. 442467

File: 1513048676550.jpeg (127.12 KB, 750x1285, B1B6C3E5-77A9-44C2-9848-FD7094…)

now she’s starting a clothing brand?

No. 442481

a clothing line featuring clipart graphics? wow how does she find the time to focus on her “music career” and a “clothing line” and her 10k “fans”. kek. this bitch is fucking gnarly, sidechick dick didn’t garner her enough clout to be making all these halfassed insta dreams come true, sorry.

No. 442485


layla has "love gang" in her bio as well. are her & chelji affiliated?

No. 442516

chelji is a moron. love gang comes from a horsehead song. if chelji really tries to ride this wave and use love gang she will make things worse for herself.

No. 442551

who tf gonna want her eyebrow computer font tattoo on a shirt / bag / any carbon-based material. fucking ugly.

No. 442552

File: 1513059924539.jpg (47.14 KB, 564x564, original.jpg)


lol, nice rip off

No. 442622

Mackned has turned his comments off due to the backlash. Also Down syndrome English girl was once in the paper


Also grandma peep saying GBC rode peeps tail and stole his sound but døves and Wicca phase are a million times more original and better.

No. 442635

no offense but there’s a reason peep was 10 times as successful as the other gbc members, he was the only one who could fucking sing at all. i don’t think gbc stole peep’s sound but they did ride his coattails in the sense that as he was blowing up he helped them get more popular too, other than straight up supporting them financially.

btw i can’t help but find it weird how jenny is changing her mind about who peep’s “real friends” were every day. i understand her being angry at mackned but now she is saying all of gbc’s trash?

No. 442638


Yeah obviously she is over emotional and she has every right to be so she won’t be thinking straight.

You’re right about GBC being popular because of Peep though. I went to a Wicca phase show in New York and it was pretty much empty but I think him and døves are artists in their own right. I can give or take with the rest although I like some horse head.

No. 442650

wicca phase is talented and i also loved tigers jaw back in the day but the problem with him and others in gbc is that they can’t sing in tune to save their lives. obviously apart from his voice peep had other things in his favor too, i.e. social media presence/personality, attactiveness, wrote one catchy song after another. they all had their small fanbase and will continue to have one for a while but none of them had peep’s potential to really blow up

No. 442654

File: 1513091516664.png (4.49 MB, 750x1334, 8DE079AB-BD87-4E9C-A0FA-B7532F…)

grosso decorating his xmas tree with empty bottles of lean hes inexplicably saved really bummed me out. how long til he’s dead too?

No. 442655

Where is she saying they are all trash?

Sage goes in the email field

No. 442663

File: 1513092716666.jpeg (168.53 KB, 1125x413, 6CB7B12F-930D-46B8-BD24-24321A…)


Yeah they could have got a lot bigger with his help so I guess they will stay at the level they are unless something big happens for them.


Slip of the finger

No. 442665

File: 1513092780708.jpeg (150.26 KB, 1125x350, 151BAFCA-87AD-4A8A-B055-6A2ECC…)

Part 2

No. 442674

Nah Tracy was definitely riding his coattails too. They all were. Kinda dumb to say Tracy was the only real collaborator. They were all artists before they met Peep. This is the first post by Jenny that's actually pissed me off. They were all doing drugs all the time. Any one of them could have gotten unlucky and accidentally taken laced stuff. It happened to be Peep and it's tragic but it easily could have been Bexey or mackned or someone else, the fact that he took drugs from fans was a mistake but I'm sure they've all make it before.

Just let them mourn. GBC was their life and Peep was helping them all. They all loved him. What mackned did with the jacket was shady but don't throw all of his friends under the bus when Peep clearly liked the company he kept.

No. 442675

yeah that’s what i meant when i said that it’s weird how she gets to choose who was a true friend and who wasn’t, partly because it changes day by day. she expressed support for bexey but not for mackned and they were basically in the same situation and place

No. 442679


She deleted the stolen artwork after putting up some seriously terrible defense. “Someone else drew it go after them”
Then when someone pointed out that it doesn’t matter because it’s her “clothing line” using the stolen artwork for the branding… her response: “but that’s not the logo that’ll be on the clothes so it’s ok”
Um…what? Jesus she really is as dense as she looks. I’d post screens but it got deleted at warp speed.

No. 442681

I saw that too. She threatened the person who called her out lol the original artist's name is johnny something and now she's admitting a friend of hers altered the piece and is claiming he "took inspiration" from the original

No. 442683

File: 1513094310666.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x2213, 57B8A037-52DD-4718-A174-7031BF…)

She’s trying to get cold harts attention now or posting that as if she’s down with him as well


No. 442688

The fact that she's threatening people on her tacky unoriginal merch page just shows how fucking unprofessional she is. She can't handle criticism like an adult.

No. 442690

so now she has tattoos dedicated to 3 different rappers on her body. classy

No. 442691

File: 1513094847866.png (220.44 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171212-090832.png)

found the original

No. 442692

“But like the eyebrows and tear drops are totally different!!”

No. 442694

it went down something like this:

>you stole this from x artist


lol good job chel you handled that well

No. 442715

File: 1513098761945.jpeg (868.51 KB, 1125x2326, D5839F76-4FFC-4D8B-BC4E-936A9F…)

Posted it again

No. 442727

i feel really bad for bexey but also didain for not being smart enough to realize his friend was fucking dead. literally there were HOURS. not minutes, not seconds but HOURS that he was dying that anrcan could have turned this into a wake up call fro him rather than this horrible tragedy. everyone on that bus should live with that for the rest of their lives. peep shouldn't be dead right now, the fent wasn't the direct cause of death to me it was the idiots around him that failed to see blatantly obvious signs of a problem. i have no medical training or CPR and that video even the earlier one with the mariah bons friend/ ugly ass dude with the juul, he was not just slumped.

No. 442730

this girl is gross, her and arz should hang out their both disgusting tacky clout whores trying to squeeze every ounce of peeps existence and non-existence for their own gains.

No. 442731

No one cares how you feel about his music.


No. 442733

HAHAHAHA holy fuck I'm dying. Did she really post the original fuckkk. ItS iNsPo YoU gUyS. Nah fuck you, you don't get to "alter" artwork and then retroactively and claim you were inspired once you're called out when you basically redrew the piece and never gave the original artist credit.

Someone in at my high school did this and won some big prestigious art award and once someone located the original piece they took her award away. You don't get to redraw other people's drawings and then say it's ok because you changed a few details fuck that anyone in the art world knows that shit's not ok.

No. 442750

Bexey was dumb but he was also an addict. I blame management moreso. They were all junkies and given the brown powder found at the scene at least one of them must have been using H. Any responsible adult should have realized that an OD was bound to happen at some point and took the necessary precautions to have someone levelheaded and sober with narcan on tour with them. They also should've brought a test kit considering how widespread this fentanyl crisis is. You can't OD from Xanax alone (despite what people think) and considering this stuff is popping up in molly, coke, xans and h people who use drugs are bound to come across something shady at some point regardless of what they buy. $25-$50 dollars a test kit is not a lot when you consider the risks

No. 442754


I guess when you’re that young and stupid you don’t think about it but that’s what tour managers are for. There’s been hundreds of “rock stars” before and normally a manager behind them making sure they don’t die.

No. 442765

The parallels between Arz and Chel are becoming more and more apparent. Dropping shitty merch lines super quick after his passing, dickridiing musicians nonstop, getting creepy tattoos and posting inappropriate things i.e pictures of him sleeping/private text messages, acting like he was the love of their life and referencing him on the daily in pretty much every post/sc when his actual long term girlfriends like tp and emma barely posted

It annoys me that his gma thinks Chel is any better than Arz. Arz may have been more overt and disrespectful about it but they're both doing the same shit

No. 442766

I'm sure if Chel was his last fuck gma would be going after her instead. I think Arz was way more of a dick about it but they're both pretty transparently trying to gain from this situation

No. 442767

big facts. what type of management is this? well considering what the asshole posted "i've been waiting for this call for a year" they clearly didn't care about him at all. there were so many people involved with him this day that should have stopped this. someone else posted that the management refused narcan a non profit offered them. complete trash. also someone explain how the fuck his death was noticed literally less than an hour before he was supposed to perform? what trash ass management doesn't bother to wake up or check on their client/star of the show intermittently before hand? they're all guilty of manslaughter imo

No. 442824

File: 1513108594857.png (885.55 KB, 1125x2436, 362D493A-6F1D-40B2-B2B8-74B020…)

Her and coldy where familiar with each other before the tattoo

Am I hearing something you guys aren’t? That kid couldn’t sing to save his life. I thought Gus was the least talented member of gbc, the obvious star who didn’t need talent to be successful, but really all he had was a ear for hooks and tattoos.

Also major lol at grandma now coming for “gbc” as a whole when peep actually worked really hard to get in with them. Nedarb and Wicca both have talked about how Wicca as the founder had to be won over because he didn’t get it at first. Peep had only been officially in the fold for a little over a year when he passed. He was obviously really happy with & loved his friends.

No. 442838

from Papermag interview:
"I hate forced features. I hate features that were put together by labels and stuff like that. I just want to have my friends featured on the album and my friends making the beats so that it becomes its own entity in itself."

"If I went mainstream I would be fine with it, if I did it with my friends. I'm not going to do it with help of co-signs that were forced. I just don't want to be an industry plan, at the end of the day."

"I'm surrounded by good people, and I surround myself with good people"

I agree 100%. Even if you don't fuck with his music it's obvious he loved his friends and was loyal to GBC. The fact that his grandma is attacking them is really sad

No. 442848

i don’t know if anyone else has seen cassidy’s aftersex selfies but that shit is so embarassing and low i didn’t even feel like taking a screenshot

No. 442862

She's such trash, I really hope she reads this and knows what a pathetic garbage whore she is.

No. 442872

He had a decent voice and his voice did sound like how it did on the albums at least. When your peers are lil tracy and horsehead, your voice sounds pretty damn good in comparison. Helped that he was the hottest in the gbc by far too.

No. 442880

I just went on chieljis live I called her a groupie then she started getting all offended saying would a groupie clean his house cook for him and I said Layla and az was more his girl than you’ll ever be

No. 442898

You’re a fucking idiot

No. 442902

You must obviously just not have a good ear for music because his voice is unique and amazing and so are his lyrics. His popularity even before death compared to the rest of gbc speaks for himself. It doesn't matter how attractive or whatever tattoos he had that wouldn't attract so many fans a very large amount of people like his voice bc it's good

No. 442904

I feel like Emma's acting like they were actively dating, like i obviously respect their long term relationship / friendship but if she was so in love with him and he meant so much to her why did they barely see each other / talk? Like she had a whole other man idk

No. 442913

They have a history and a childhood friendship. Lots of people still care about and love their exes even if things don't work out. Her words seem genuine. He had a busy life and it's usually not healthy to see your ex frequently while you're dating someone else. Friendship after a relationship can be hard to navigate and some distance is usually necessary for awhile.

No. 442916

Hi Chelji ur comebacks are pure autism “no your a groupie” lol

No. 442917

She said he barely answered her/ignored her a lot of the time bc "fame" but their love was true or whatever, she always loved him etc. i have a feeling star shopping was abt her. "While i fuck on your waist cause we only have one conversation a week, thats why all your friends hate me" or something. Idk his music that well, but i think he intiated the breakdown by being a fame seeker that probably wanted a girl more into the la scene (laylas, arzayleas etc). Idk seems like peep loved his friends more than any of his gfs. Most young men are so self obsessed theyre not capable of loving women anyways

No. 442921

i don’t get it, is she somehow proud that not only she has tattoos dedicated to 3 different people who would never do the same for her, but was also peep’s housemaid for free? have some self respect ffs

No. 442928

It's hard maintaining a relationship when you're never with the person. Long distance is hard even for normal people. Sometimes it's just better to end things even if you still love the person. I don't think he took a lot of his relationships seriously after that.

No. 442934

You also have to be pretty mature to maintain a long distance relationship and I really don't think he was equipped

No. 442937

Nah thats bullshit tbh. You make time for supposed true loves. Once a week??? Ive been in a transcontinental ldr for 3 years, and beyond being sexually frustrating, its not difficult tbh. Lots of time peep spent instagramming his friends acting like fucktards, just fucking around and hyping drugs with them, you can give your girl a skype call for fifteen minutes or at least not ignore her texts. Imho he wanted to groupie it up and not be fucked to maintain a relationship w the girl he claimed he loved sooo much (according to his music, given that everyone says his music is about her)

No. 442940

Fuck if I was famous and some groupie slam piece cooked and cleaned for me I'd probably let her over a lot more. Looks like she was his bang
maid lol

No. 442941

By instagramming, i mean like two hour instagram lives of just screwing around

No. 442942

doesnt seem he wanted her around all that much, even when she made herself a footstool. Sad. The english are notoriously terrible cooks/have absolute dogshit cuisine though tbf

No. 442945

I mean you're probably a lot more mature then him. Some people have this weird urge to go wild before they can settle into something permanent. I have a cousin like that, huge whore for years who didn't care about anyone and then all of a sudden he emotionally stabilized and shacked up with a long term female friend and is mr perfect boyfriend

No. 443048



No. 443139

File: 1513138261000.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1827.PNG)

Anon why tf did you have to call attention to this shit, this is my first time seeing one of shrimps IG stories aside from peeps memorial and oh…my god
Cory has the weirdest fucking ugliest geek ass voice I've ever heard and this bitch literally copies Layla down to her intonation and use of filler words for dramatic effect but you can hear her searching for them the whole time meanwhile for Layla like…that's just how she talks
Not a fan of hers but I feel so bad for her being ripped off THIS hard, I'm gagging

No. 443150

OMG yeah Corey's voice is terriiiibllee I was just thinking of how awful they must sound together…

I couldn't handle listening to her story today but I'm assuming she was showing off her lipstick smeared off from sucking dick?? She's like a 13 yr old drama horror show

No. 443171

I am dead his voice really sounds gayer than all my gay friends like who tf is this dude? I don't remember it being really addrsssed anywhere else how is Corey famous and what on earth is his appeal, regardless of what he does

No. 443173

This bitch is honestly the most cringeworthy shit I've ever watched. She needs to realize her behavior doesn't fit her vibe, she's a fake copy cat bitch just like chelji but worse for going for a bitchy cool girl personality. She's not tp and she never will be… she could be pretty if she got it together but this is truly disgusting especially with this Corey dude

No. 443175

Like she's not even one of those train wrecks that's fun to watch … she's not even remotely funny she's just awkward and literally painful to view. Layla's actually funny this hoe could never

No. 443207

lmao I love how you just know it's emma

No. 443217

emma is the other anon or the one he wrote about?

No. 443228

File: 1513149011900.jpeg (669.28 KB, 750x1210, CFBD9DD1-01C2-44E4-B245-5003AE…)

def preferred pre-layla-clone cass

No. 443230

Saying he didn't care about her or that she acts like she was his current gf is dumb. Besides the memorial speech which I'm sure his mom arranged she hasn't done anything

Maybe I defended her tm but I just find it mean to go after her when she's done literally nothing

No. 443231

Bringing up emma is random af anyway I bet Chelji brought her up just so people would criticize someone else. There's no new milk wyd

No. 443234

If anyone is acting like they were his current gf it's Chels not emma. She's so deluded I bet she's salty people consider emma his former love and her a creepy groupie

No. 443238

I wouldn't even consider emma a cow. She just has a weird past with some soundcloud dude

No. 443240

They're insinuating emma posts on here but I doubt she does honestly. The only people I think might post are Cass and Chels bc they're the biggest attention whores and probably devote a lot of time to googling themselves

No. 443241

She literally wants to be Layla so bad. How good can a relationship be that only exists because you're trying to piss someone else off??

This is some middle school shit

No. 443242

She's clearly obsessed with Layla. If you're over someone/don't care you don't name drop them and imitate them this much. She's trying really hard to upset her but it just comes across as suuuuper pathetic

No. 443245

The only person I'm positive has posted here is Chels. The posts defending her and saying she "keeps a low profile" and "never thought she'd be swept up with this level of attention" when she's literally done the most to get herself noticed

No. 443278

I’m the low profile person, have you seen the way she types? A lot of the reason I feel bad for her is because she’s demonstrated to me time and time again that she’s dumb as bricks.

Laylas actually posted here before go back to Layla 2.0 & you can see her responsing to people and anons doxing her fans after she posted the link on snap.

No. 443293

i have no idea how to use this website lol. i am past the fact you guys talk about me, it’s interesting and helping me understand what i need to work on and change. i would normally try and defend myself but here i see no need. no matter what! people will have set opinions on me, simply because they do not know me. what i once was to gus’ does not matter. so i’m asking you guys to lay off talking about me and gus. i don’t like the fact you guys are making me relevant for that. there’s no need, you’re giving me attention because of a dead man. you can keep calling me names, i do not care! but don’t mention me and him in the same sentence unless you’re talking positively. you are judging what we once had because i didn’t PLASTER it all over the internet. most things wouldn’t have been leaked if it wasn’t for a few snakes. you guys are most likely reading this thinking ‘shut the fuck up chelji’ . understandable have a nice day.
nah but forrealllllll. don’t you think it hurts me reading the things about gus? about what you guys THOUGHT i was? yes.. maybe that’s your intentions are to hurt me. i’m not going to lie everytime i read about it my heart breaks a little bit. i don’t care for the insults towards the way i look. but give it a fucking rest. i will never publicity speak about what happened between us. his family know. his family are by my side and i am by theirs. i’m by yours. every single one of you. i won’t reply to this thread or even read it anymore. it’s not my concern . people i once LOVED AND TRUSTED betrayed me. don’t u think his family and friends are hurting enough? no? i’m more bothered at the fact i showed this to one of his family members and THEY were going to write this for me. but i said no and i decided to step up and do it myself. i don’t want hate thrown at them. i’m alwyas protecting others. never myself. i see a few of u talk about stuff that has personally happened to u and if u ever need someone to talk to i’m a message away. i’m not trying to play the ‘nice guy’ this is literally me, raw. i have feelings, so do u . how would u feel if u lost someone dear to you and you read on the internet all day everyday that you meant nothing to them when you’re the one doing the most for them. alive or dead. u feel me? it’s draining. have a good day.

No. 443309

shes not wrong, you lot should just all give it a rest, theres no need for any of the nasty things said, especially since only backing behind them is speculation and assuming what is read here, theres obvious snakes here and you know who you are, but its all good, as long as you read cheljis message and process it, thats all that matters, if it makes you think, even better, anyway, love u all, no need for the hate, your just making her relevant, baiiii

No. 443316

well chelsea congrats on being an idiot and showing this thread to his family members, if you were so concerned with their wellbeing you wouldn’t have shared it with them. were you planning on showing them the comment sections of the daily mail articles about peep’s death next?

No. 443323

she wouldnt show it without reason, theres stuff going on you cant and wont see, i mean, his family supports her still, are you ashamed of something posted here? seems it

No. 443357

i’m not, i have always liked peep and his music but this place is clearly not something i would share with his relatives if i were her. if she is so selfless than she should stop making this all about herself and trying to get sympathy points from his grandma etc when she is hardly relevant to the matter anyway and the only reason she is on this thread is because she put a public photo out herself as soon as he died to let everyone know she fucked someone who wouldn’t claim her for a second while he was alive. by the way i can tell you’re one of the 4 people who watch chelji’s lives and stans her insignificant ass for fucking your favourite rapper so please leave this board, it’s not for you and your feelings are irrelevant

No. 443365

"Officials are interested in a series of texts and Twitter messages sent by a woman named Mariah Bons, who saw Lil Peep before he died."


No. 443385


>she said GBC - a nickname for Lil Peep 'was high af' because of her and a friend

>GBC - a nickname for Lil Peep

gotta love the daily mail's own brand of "journalism"

No. 443387

Chelji baby what is you doing.
You brought all of this on yourself. You wanted attention, you got it. Also, you trying to police what anyone on here has to say is laughable. Pretty sure we’ll all continue doing as we please.
And really? You showed peeps family a shit talking gossip site because they’re being mean to you? That’s incredibly insensitive to his family. Grow up. One way you can make this situation better is by getting over yourself and letting people mourn without thrusting yourself into the situation.
Now, Don’t you have someone’s art to steal?

No. 443423

ok i tried the kind approach & that shit clearly didn’t work so suck ur mom lol i don’t care u all prob smell like fish sitting in basements evaluating everyone’s life. & if you were smart you’d know those eyes were not mine- it was the brand i’m collaborating with. i told him to change it, mind ya business bitch. AHAHHA

No. 443426

these are clearly all the same person since they have no idea how to post anonymously

No. 443430

Stealing artwork is shitty. The fact that you defended it is shitty too. Just apologize and take the L

No. 443433

nah first one was me. idk who posted the others

No. 443434


No. 443438

you literally threatened someone over it. Why are you even on here. It's a gossip site. Get over yourself you're sinking so low posting on here and showing his family for sympathy points. You have the thinnest skin imaginable. You wanted to make yourself "official"chelji and gain publicity yet you expect people to never say anything bad about you? You can't have it both ways.

No. 443443

“i won’t reply to this thread or even read it anymore.” Then continues to obsessively refresh/reply and pretend to be other people standing up for her. Omg please continue this is massively entertaining.

No. 443444

Chelji out here giving everyone some serious secondhand embarrassment. We have reached maximum cringe.

No. 443447

i made it officialchelji simply because i’m a music manager u thick shit. i don’t know who the other person is defending me. but shout out to them. i thought why not reply? it’s entertaining for me if anything. but sorry love i forgot this was your thread ? have it back x(music manager lol)

No. 443450

Relevant to who, Chel? I think you’re confusing relevance for notoriety for being the least relevant of all peeps fuckholes. You’re so thirsty for attention I bet you think being featured here is some sort of honor. You got issues girl.

No. 443452

“Hey check out my new clothing line”
> 1 of 3 posts are stolen artwork to hype “her” brand
I don’t think anyone should have to explain to you how ridiculous your logic is. If you wanna make it in the creative world, create your own shit. Groundbreaking isn’t it?

No. 443454

If this is so entertaining and we all smell like fish than why are you complaining

grab some popcorn lol

No. 443458

don't you have another rapper's house to go clean, chelsea?

No. 443459

thats because c-jello wrote that comment about herself, it obviously bothers the fuck out of her we put her on blast here so we should obviously keep doing it.

low key mad no one responded to this post because fucking finally layla is doing something good with her following. imo she's a cow because she had those phases where she was messy as fuck lying about killing herself, but she's not a bad person (or is maybe just changing a lil). really wish she would fucking do more of this.

yo layla carera move: drop some new mercy right quick and donate some proceeds to addiction research. if you did or do still feel suicidal put information out there about helping others because you have hundreds of thousands of followers. please keep doing more of this positive shit and watch your life get so much better, we're rooting for you even tho we will still make fun of your nose photoshops bc your natural nose is beautiful and you need to quit that shit ok

ok was he calling her 'good girl' when he was balls deep and she was taking it or when she was cooking pot noodles after he lied about making something that has a three step direction process on the package?

why has no one called out the fact that he has a DADDY chest tattoo of course he calls everyone he fucks good girl she literally got a tattoo that proves she's a groupie. maybe her picture should be the new thread pic, her and layla?

No. 443461

was about to say you guys were taking things to personally

But then

No. 443462

no thanks. this double digit iq person is not even relevant enough for a soundclout thread, no one in la even knows who she is.

No. 443466

File: 1513207275600.png (8.41 MB, 1242x2208, CCFBBD0E-0752-4238-923C-BE9D14…)

I mean…. she ain’t wrong

TPs sc is actually pretty sad right now. Like the girl is clearly going through it. She’s praying to higher powers and looking for “signs” or whatever. I think we’re reaching a breaking point

No. 443473

Agreed, glad Layla is doing something positive with her following. She's been through a lot recently with Peep's passing and Cass's failed attempts to usurp/upset her. Glad she's taking the high road

I wonder if it's Grosso again. He's clearly emotionally abusive and she needs to drop him

No. 443503


it's embarrassing at this point chelji. irrelevant ass. stay mad over this thread because you can't control what anyone says lmfao

chelji's been posting here even before the namefag. at the end of the day she's just a hamfisted pig who was nothing to gus and everyone else. next

No. 443515

Chelji is 18 so that explains the double digit IQ. She just continues to make an ass of herself. Her and arzaylea both need to disappear from social media at this point jfc

No. 443517

Chelji is an irrelevant potato face. Her posts on here are laughable lol she has the IQ of a potato. Nexttt

No. 443529

Honesty chelji is making me think arz isn’t THAT bad.
She had an insta post that she deleted (of course). Some tabloid headline about peeps toxicology report. She was in the comments telling people to not start rumors and wait for her to release “official” information.
Bitch what??? leave his shit to his family. Take a backseat god damn. Like good on ya for squashing rumors but… Attention starved much?

No. 443535

It’s so unfortunate too her body is pretty nice… then you pan up and jfc her face looks like a damn root vegetable. I actually think the shit eyebrow tattoo serves the purpose of distracting from that ugly mug. No wonder she had to wait until peep died to “come out” as someone he dipped his stick in.

No. 443538

u rly think so? ngl lmao i think layla's (and a lot of people's) is a lot better

No. 443582

I never said it was like awesome just nice when juxtaposed with the taterface. I’m sure Peep only fucked her from behind was what I’m getting at

No. 443596

Her body is nothing special she just generally looks dumpy I'd say the face tats are a tragedy but her face is already not cute so

No. 443629

Chelj is so official but she was just trolling whatsapp to scrub floors for under minimum wage and then went to the gossip rags when she got trolled

No. 443630

Lol GURL what imaginary artists you managing?

No. 443677


>i will never publicity speak about what happened between us.

Instead, I will make 2902359802 social media posts about it instead and throw gasoline on this dumpster fire of a thread. Great ideas there, Chelsea.

>his family know. his family are by my side and i am by theirs.

>i’m by yours. every single one of you.

Please for the love of god, no. Wtf is this new-agey bullshit? Why is every boring ass basic bitch groupie always obsessed with ~~~spiritual~~~ shit? Like all the tarot cards and crystals in the world ain't gonna turn you from a dick sucking housemaid into blushing bride. Just stop.

>i won’t reply to this thread or even read it anymore. it’s not my concern

….proceeds to continue reading, replying. lol

Thank you for the laughs, this shit was fucking hilarious. Keep getting trolled on Whatsapp looking for minimum wage jobs, lol. Seems like that music management career's not looking so great, huh?

No. 443804

I can't fucking believe someone would embarrass themselves by proving they've been lurking and posting here.

No. 443805

chelji posting and showing gustav's family this shit thread would be milkly if anyone actually gave a shit about her

chelji's existence is a bad joke and everyone is laughing at her

No. 443849

This is so fucking embarrassing and long I haven’t a shit long enough to take to bother reading through all of it.
Chelji you’re as bad at retaliating at anons as you are clapping back at that old man who wanted you as his whore maid. You know, empty the trash, empty his balls.
Whether it’s a job or your personal life it seems the only time someone wants you is when they’ve made a mess of something.
Now you have two ugly face tattoos, the dude with a lil clout who’d miraculously fuck you is dead, you’re a laughing stock asking for beats to whip up with your lil management hotmail account and we’ve busted you for stealing artwork. It’s not long before this all blows over and you go back to nothing, with nothing.
You fucking love that we talk about you. It’s all you have left of that time the dick that was inside you made you kind of relevant. Boo hoo.

No. 443873

File: 1513271440439.jpg (442.5 KB, 2048x2048, 7AF14A2B-E729-4468-8D74-AF46BD…)

Her name is Chelsea Dann and she's a slag. "Chelji" is a putrid nickname, willingly calling herself that is as repugnant as her dumpy face

No. 443889

I'm honestly embarrassed for peep that he really didn't think he had other options in London? Like that lilgustav girls waaaaaya cuter she was in London and available if he really needed to fuck lol

No. 443892

This bitch is 1000000% the subject of my old Bitch a groupie teen

No. 443901


No. 443902

lilgustav is like 16 lol

No. 443906

do you think that'd stop lil peep

No. 443914


Legal in the UK if he wanted to but even if it wasn’t her there should be a fuck load of other girls in London to have as a cum dumpster maid.

No. 443928

peep kept this "fling" going on with chelsea out of convenience, he didn't have to stay in the UK and deal with this skank. she has absolutely no self respect and welcomed his manbaby antics and blatant disinterest in her, she is nothing special. then wrote about it on instagram like that's something to brag about

who will be the next dirty dick chelsea shoves inside her loose cavern? the only relevancy she has is from a dead man. she's just a bangmaid

No. 443946

File: 1513277160735.jpg (19.36 KB, 300x300, IMG_0171.JPG)

OMG she looks like Tyler/pepper Ann

No. 443955

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO This is gold she really 100% does.

No. 443956

File: 1513278415200.jpeg (37.11 KB, 478x479, image.jpeg)

Peep, your groupie, woof!

No. 443957

tyler looks better

No. 444124

did tyler and layla break up again?

No. 444161

She does have more of a potato nose

No. 444215

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLYYYY SHIIIIIIIIIIIITTT im so fucking late but this is blowing my fucking mind are you fuuuuuuuuuuucking serious

why the fuck is everyone fucking with peep now that he's DEAD? no one fucking got him help and they hated him when he was alive, resenting the FUCK out of his success. Peep carried everyone on every track (lets be real the genre isn't known for talent, but peep had a style that spoke for itself, minus Wicca Phase but sorry w/e) and they still found ways to subtly beef with him. This is a sound clout general thread so I feel like it's fair game to ask that if anyone has some insight on what's going on I'd really like to read it. This shit is getting actually hard to read.

And what up I'm the anon that dubbed Tyler as Pepper Ann so ya girl needs u

No. 444362

tbh, i know it's easy for everyone to shit on peep, but most of peeps music was really good, and i'm not even into any of this type of music/just learned about peep recently, and def feel like i'm too old to even be listening to shit in this scene. idk if smokeasac was the talent really turning his stuffs into hits, or if he just really was that talented at writing, but idk it really is good tbh

im not really that aware about this whole soundcloud scene, but it's sad how much the kid supported his friends and really wanted to see them succeed. it's very sad that the people he really seemed to love actually resented him deeply.

No. 444367

File: 1513317042820.png (7.17 MB, 1242x2208, FAD89FF4-F66D-4AF2-B45F-7FC498…)

It seems like it. They’re simultaneously waxing poetic all over social media.
I really hope Layla drops his (prepubescent ) ass for good but I’m not holding my breath.

No. 444377

Ty just posted a snap of TP gross

No. 444398


they probably break up when black out drunk/high, then get up in the morning and do it all over again kek

No. 444434

Pepper ann posted how he wants to move to Paris and do heroine so I guess they broke up again.

Also are we not going to talk about spookybabys Vlog on YouTube where Layla is buying the LV backpack and is saying "thank god for ty hes my soulmate and dont think Im not spoiling him either I give him unlimited head, I suck that nasty dick!" Wth?!? Lmfao
She was btw hanging out with lilith, though they all had beef or something I just cant keep up with those inconsistent people

No. 444445

they're mgmt lyrics, i mean they could mean something more but could also just be lyrics lmao. they're so wishy washy. i just want to shake layla and make her leave tyler for good.

No. 444456

File: 1513337152865.png (8.47 MB, 1242x2208, 88ECD741-60B5-4898-8BA4-318C20…)

that lilith girl (clare buley) posted this, which is funny since people on twitter have been saying that she was doing the same

No. 444457

File: 1513337243807.jpeg (658.75 KB, 1242x1431, 54B71CF6-F8CB-4822-B276-AD9695…)

No. 444462

so layla and tyler’s definition of relationship is literally the same as prostitution?

No. 444659

What r u talking about?? She's just fucking around god have u never been in a relationship

No. 444709

No. 444734

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Tyler obviously has trouble managing his emotions and both Tyler and Layla are messes, but I actually like him. Watched an interview he did and he's surprisingly articulate and thoughtful. I think he genuinely wants to have Layla as a girlfriend and to keep her happy unlike Peep who just fucked with her all the time and cheated on her.

No. 444767

No. 444807

No. 444932

File: 1513388791759.jpeg (88.35 KB, 725x445, 75D0ACC1-9A64-4765-B933-7EE9F3…)

i feel like an asshole for saying this but this seems like karma to me lol

No. 444947

Why would you keep that shit in your car dumbshit. He probably didn't even insure it because he's a teenage girl who can't adult.

No. 444966

that’s exactly what i said when i first saw that, i understand it sucks but are you really that surprised it got stolen?? pepper ann isn’t too smart

No. 445020

what a dumbass. in my city if you leave even a quarter visible inside the window is likely to get smashed. can't imagine leaving anything of value in a car no matter where i am now. it's not a goddamn safe.

No. 445131

have yall looked at calientechica 's posts about peep? i get the feeling there was something going on there

No. 445149

Imageboard. Screenshot.

No. 445167

from her previous posts about him i get the feeling that she had a crush on him, which is kinda weird considering she’s 30ish but i’m not judging

No. 445407

It was a mutual thing, there’s caps in the old Layla threads of peep flirting with her on insta.

No. 445473

File: 1513464287074.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3632.PNG)

No. 445498

File: 1513467065855.jpeg (67.61 KB, 720x1280, received_2002885826391423.jpeg)

Yung goth made a few tweets and deleted them shortly after, hinting it was Mackned that was responsible

No. 445499

File: 1513467085621.jpeg (74.08 KB, 720x1280, received_2002885796391426.jpeg)


No. 445500

File: 1513467130465.jpeg (77.62 KB, 720x1280, received_2002885806391425.jpeg)


No. 445501

File: 1513467155229.jpeg (67.98 KB, 720x1280, received_2002885859724753.jpeg)

And 4.

No. 445537

Oh geez what could she be in the hospital for? She had a show last night and was snap chatting til like 5

No. 445540

You think it's possible she's going to the psych ER? Getting help would be awesome
To see for her

No. 445610

File: 1513485670839.jpeg (108.94 KB, 1242x608, 8C9A6391-AEE5-4DA4-951A-04603D…)

I won’t be surprised if Layla’s ER visit is for mental health and was somehow caused by Tyler. This is such a toxic relationship

No. 445611

File: 1513485796546.jpeg (49.01 KB, 1228x280, 663EA8F8-DAAC-470B-AE97-77FA23…)


This was around the same time as Layla’s tweets. Super cryptic and dramatic as usual.

No. 445620

idk she’s posting snaps of her w a drip in.. could still be in psych and that’s just for dehydration due to not taking care of herself. she also posted one w her blood leaking everywhere she’s really not well in the head i hope she gets help

No. 445624

File: 1513488648397.jpg (1.23 MB, 1892x2472, IMG_0174.JPG)

No. 445633

she drew some fan art of them on like her first post about him dying and she made herself naked with the grim reaper who i am going to guess was peep. she also made him some art that said can't afford to fall in love with you, which he posted on his page and tagged her in. my thought was that he fucked her and she just wasn't stupid enough to think she had a chance. she also used to comment on layla's shit all the time. i'll post some caps

but jk about my calientechica theory i guess? because this is fucking insane? is she there with her? this entire thing is just so ridiculous

No. 445637

Yeah Layla posted a snap of Marilyn brushing her hair

No. 445654

They were both on live in an uber TP looks high af but they let her out so I guess she's just haggard

No. 445661

they all fuck each other and forgive tho

No. 445662

Layla doesn’t hold grudges against the girls peep fucked, which is maybe the most mature thing about that whole relationship

No. 445676

File: 1513498180740.png (49.51 KB, 1242x277, IMG_8043.PNG)

Is his brain literally deteriorating or some shit? JFC

No. 445688

Is Bella internetgirl dating cortex now? I’m surprised she moved on so fast, her and Matt where together for a really long time weren’t they? Kinda bummed when they broke up, I thought they were a cute power couple

No. 445705

i’m sorry but who cares

No. 445713

File: 1513509486741.jpeg (304.25 KB, 1125x715, 35D5F8BD-9206-4296-8C5A-5E9550…)

Granny peep is going off on GBC again

Who the hell is David Florentine?

It seems she just channels her anger from all of this on GBC I guess cos it’s concentrated and if anyone says something she doesn’t like she just says it’s “GBC fans” like it’s a big evil force.

She’s going through some really bad grief obviously and fan boys backing her up doesn’t help. She needs to channel all this better.

No. 445770

File: 1513527056484.png (98.96 KB, 640x855, IMG_3638.PNG)

lol what

No. 445788

File: 1513528476627.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3640.PNG)

tyler's snap story is pretty fucked up and revealing. i don't know why he is completely ignoring layla being in the ER tho, he was only talking about himself and his remorse over peep

No. 445812

nice selfpost. stop trying to be relevant or to make chelsea relevant. it’s not happening.

No. 445819

nice selfpost. stop trying to be relevant or to make chelsea relevant. it’s not happening.

No. 445829

File: 1513530690848.png (2.29 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0595.PNG)

pictured above, chelji mourning the 'love of her life'

No. 445851


lmao shut up it's fucking saged, if u don't think her being desperate as hell is amusing then ignore it and post some actual milk

No. 445857

File: 1513533821254.png (198.49 KB, 750x1104, IMG_3990.PNG)

No. 445861

No. 445891

I find it odd Tyler only speakers about Peep when him and Layla aren’t together.

No. 445938

I don’t know why midlands Down syndrome girl is trying to act relevant. I’m from London and she’s just about drunken last pickings at the end of the night. Hahahaha. English anon knows this.

No. 446237

File: 1513561799731.jpeg (219.16 KB, 720x1280, 0A623253-2D14-4AED-8C66-D96512…)

Can someone translate pls? And how can I attach videos?

No. 446239

How do I share the vid?? i got the caption

No. 446272

streamable is good, quality can get a little ass but it gets the job done

No. 446430

File: 1513577259497.jpeg (71.93 KB, 750x632, B2C88C22-F55A-4CEA-8BC3-694274…)

if he’s actually talking about rohypnol and was drinking the effects usually last 8-12 hours sooooo

No. 446453

File: 1513579745180.png (64.67 KB, 1237x596, IMG_8045.PNG)

im at a loss for words at this point

No. 446460

File: 1513580515196.jpeg (338.5 KB, 1231x1677, 562712CD-C22F-482D-9205-9F6A9B…)

Meanwhile chelji oversteps her boundaries by correcting Lil Peeps grandmother on his depression. This girl is sick. Give it a rest girl

No. 446476


I'm so sick of this girl, fr. Let his fucking family mourn in peace. Who gives a shit if his family wants to think he didn't have depression? Let them. They just lost their son, they have every right to think / act / believe however they want, and to do whatever crazy shit they wanna do.

But his side bitches / hoes / whatevers really need to leave his family alone, and stop posting private conversations publicly. The ONLY person who hasn't done this has surprisingly been toopoor. Every other girl in this has had a least one post sharing screenshots of private dms, texts, facetimes, handwritten letters. How much of a fame whore do you have to be to post extremely private shit like that to public?

/end rant.

No. 446504

god she went from cringy to vile real quick. yes his family is in denial of his depression and drug use which are two things they will have to accept sooner or later. but is it the right time and is she the right person to challenge them about it?? fuck no. she should be glad one of his family members even acknowledged her irrelevant existence and gave her the time of day, instead she’s overstepping her boundaries and making sure that everything is splattered all over social media for everyone to see. i bet peep is rolling in his grave right now cursing himself for fucking this ugly hog

No. 446505

wow she really posted this on insta? for fucks sake girl… that's awful stop trying to "expose" his grieving grandmother what is wrong with her

No. 446544

File: 1513599246640.png (976.13 KB, 1125x2436, E839A9DB-DAD3-495E-9488-EA32D9…)

What a try hard

No. 446548

yo not chel-ji or whatever the fuck awful name, but no matter what she still fucked peep even looking like that. i wish i understood too bc she seems like a dumb fuck i do not get it. i feel bad because she's 18 and obviously this is the most attention she's ever going to get

No. 446559

oh fuck man sorry guys didn't scroll down did not fucking expect that, fuck you chello

No. 446604

Pretty sure it's all some sort of manipulation technique to possibly get Layla to talk to him.
Didn't she come posting on this thread talking about how selfless she is? She's so selfless that she is going to remind his mourning family that he was so depressed and wanted to die. That's sure to make them feel better, good job chelji on putting others before yourself and making sure their well-being comes first. His grandmother commented on her pics defending her and one of peep's family members wanted to come on lolcow to defend her yet she still posts screenshots and tries to argue with them and makes them look bad all over social media. If she's so bothered by people talking about her why won't she just stop posting about peep and take a vacation off from social media.

No. 446605

File: 1513610365862.jpeg (558.65 KB, 1242x1886, DCDBAF33-20EF-42B8-9D52-F02286…)

Thank god we have chelji the private investigator handling evidence. Thank god she knows peep better than his own family.

This bitch just want to make herself a part of everything and then complain about being forced in the middle. Fucking try hard indeed. Forcing relevance by starting shit with a dead mans family is power than low. At least arz had the decency to somewhat apologize and step aside. This groupie has absolutely lost it.

No. 446610

File: 1513610596069.jpeg (250.53 KB, 1232x1696, C7B69827-5058-48E1-8B39-FAA072…)

Peep asked her to call him once so she obviously Knows him better than anyone.

>>446604 this just makes it painfully obvious that she’s doing this to stay relevant with the hopes some other sound cloud rapper will pity fuck her.

No. 446619

lmao since when is she a fucking authority on the matter?? fucking layla has been more discreet than her and she was actually his girlfriend. incredible

No. 446628

Lol she's deleting comments / blocking at record speed, this girl really is desperate to be seen as the one who has all the 'evidence' and knew peep best

No. 446642

Lmaoooo literally, besides Emma Layla was the only real official girlfriend that he was with for basically a year. This bitch is disgusting. Acting as if she knew these people well or she was anything more than a VERY TO THE SIDE side hoe. Obviously the fams in denial but why tf she thinks it's her job to preach to the world about this is sick. I'm sure Layla knows far more about his mental health and addiction issues than any of these bitches and she's stayed in her lane. Layla if you're reading this shout out for handling this as best as you can and far more maturely then any of these bitches when we know he actually loved you at some point unlike them.

No. 446648

File: 1513614018089.png (584.9 KB, 1125x2436, 5829678A-7D4E-4A16-A866-3C0BCF…)

Granny peep has spoken out


No. 446649

File: 1513614031689.png (601.49 KB, 1125x2436, 0514FEF4-D014-405E-93B1-42CAA0…)


No. 446650

File: 1513614045210.png (593.01 KB, 1125x2436, DB24C663-FEA8-4F56-B3BA-E1F5F6…)


No. 446651

File: 1513614073306.jpeg (353.6 KB, 1125x1403, 6A524E8E-2B79-44E9-A031-2EB234…)


No. 446654

nigga WHAT

No. 446655

No. 446658

File: 1513615162295.png (3.04 MB, 1125x2436, FF1061E1-CF93-4CD2-B5DA-0E43D5…)

Potato faces IG story

No. 446672

Why does she act like some sort of of official spokesperson for everything related to peep's death

No. 446679

If she’s done with this and just wants him to rest, do you think she’ll finally shut the fuck up?

No. 446686

File: 1513617725972.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3303.PNG)

Respect his legacy, don't continue to make his death about you. I laughed so hard at the part where she explained her face tatto to his grandma, like any grandma wants to hear that shit. What a fucking joke

No. 446689

She wants people to stop spreading rumours yet wasn't she one of the people that was spreading a bunch of rumours about Mariah (and I'm not 100% sure on this but I think she was the one that posted the screenshots. Her claiming she never posted about peep because she respected him is complete bullshit. If she respected his privacy so much she wouldn't have been posting personal photos of them in bed as soon as he died. she needs to shut the fuck up and stop attention whoring.

No. 446783

So it is proven that lil peep took heroin? I kinda dont get all the messages postet by his grandma. I read previously somewhere in the older threads that he apparently took heroin (after leaving highschool) but never understood how people knew about that. Did he mention it in an interview? Or did TP said sth about this?

No. 446816

Peep apparently used heroin recreationally.

Why isn't this potato face bitch going after yung goth? You know, peeps actual close homie/ex lover/not a bothered groupie who also called out mackned and said peep was sick of carrying all those no talent hanger ons and was going to separate from them after this tour?

Maybe because he isn't a grieving grandmother? Because maybe he has a little more clout?

No. 446888

according to his grandmother and the tox report his system was "innocent" of opiods, meaning that he had never done opiods before the fentanyl

No. 446891

not according to the tox report, there were pics somewhere on the internet. Just according to his grandma

No. 446892

scroll up people the tox report was posted there was no H in his system…

No. 446894

tox report starts here >>440895

No. 446897

No there was no H, but it also didn't say that he was innocent of opiods before his death. I was just asking where all this rumors came from that he took heroin (like in the last years)

No. 446898

That's not what innocent means. It means besides the fentanyl opioids were absent in his blood, meaning when he died he hadn't used any other opiates within a few days.

However opiates where found in his urine meaning he had used them recently, within the week. His system was "innocent" because no other opiod contributed to his death.

No. 446913

Wow this is some milk, jenny deleted it now but interesting information that just adds to how gross and fucked UP this stupid bitch is. She needs to give it the fuck UP. No other bitch is doing this much, including the ones who peep was actually public with including arzaylea whose made the smart choice to go under the radar. This girl is disgusting she wants to be relevant so badly she keeps switching teams with her stories and inside infor about peep depending on which piece of tea is the most relevant. There's who knows how many other girls who fucked Gus a few times who aren't out here trying to do the most. She needs to be slammed and dragged and get out of this issue and mind her own business. She literally lives on another continent. Gtfo it and stop acting like you were deeply involved with peep Chekhov and respect his family if you really knew him you'd know he wouldn't want you slandering his grandma like this

No. 446932

LOL bc peep looooved hiding his friends, right? bitch please, the only reason he wanted 'privacy' about his 'friendship' with you was bc he was banging your regrettable-ass face and didnt want anyone to know how strong those xan-glasses were. tbh i wonder if he even cared about hiding the cheating, or if it was just the shame of being linked to her ugly ass?

No. 446942

File: 1513634745264.png (112.81 KB, 640x875, IMG_8193.PNG)

No. 446944

that’s a bold ass statement, basically saying that he overdosed on purpose

No. 446960

Why's she acting like she was there ffs this girl's ridiculous, getting more involved than some of the people that peep was actually close to.

No. 446961

File: 1513635676607.jpeg (191.96 KB, 1125x1047, 511B717A-FCE3-4E0D-A77C-9B5C89…)

Reads the satanic bible once.


No. 446964

'If you try to love everyone you only lessen your feelings for those who deserve your love.'
Actual quote from the satanic bible lol, she needs to do some research on her religion.

No. 446965

I wouldn't be surprised if he basically committed unactive suicide like he wasn't 100% trying to kill himself but knew there was a chance and didn't care… it's so sad either way and it's sad to see his family deny he had real mental health issues whwn he clearly did and for awhile at that

No. 446967

lmaoooooooo. Also I just noticed peep isn't even following this hoe on insta. Maybe gma or mom unfollow d but wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't been from the start

No. 446984

>i got a face tattoo for gus. it reminds me to be myself. he always called me a good girl for being sober so it's for him.
>good girl for sober
>job killer for your dead son
>got a GOOD GIRL tattoo for a rapper with a DADDY tattoo

bitch i was hoping u was just a side hoe that was LOW KEY trying to get attention, ok we get it hard to resist at 18 if you play it right, but oooooohhhhhhhhhh my god the stupidity you've got to be kidding me

and telling his gma

No. 446990

He didn't follow her he never kek

No. 447017

File: 1513639697184.png (141.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3134.PNG)

Peep said he was clean off heroin and took it personally when kids in his comment suggested he did h, this is from April. It was while he was in high school I think he was into it, because he vaugly mentioned leaving home after school because there’s a lot of dope in the area in the ham interview a handful of the gbc boys did. He also said opiates were his guilty pleasure on Twitter last year, and wrote at least one song in ~2015 about H.

I don’t think he was was into it towards the end of his life and his tox report backs that up. Mackned & some of the other people in that scene do dabble but it’s negligible.

No. 447022

i could have sworn i read peep fucked with heroin around high school? this was in the past threads and i only fucked with the OG king Wicca. I don't want to dig it up because it'd obvious he had drug issues, was in all his songs and videos - like serious, "Come Around"? that video was the most desperate cry for help ever. But addiction can actually destroy the friends and family members that love the addict, as far as I'm concerned that's a sacrosanct subject; his fans gravitated towards him because of his honesty with his addiction because let's be real, we're a generation on pills just trying to make sense of how the people before us fucked up the world. I strictly fucked with the OG and i only really "got it" when I heard "Life is Beautiful" and "Toxic" where he actually got me to cry, and the references about "every time i die i wake up" I immediately got as an ex-addict overdosing callously to half ass a suicide attempt. The unreleased "Belgium" was basically calling out the girls he fucks with about his bad addict behavior repeating "Do you deserve this treatment?/No one deserves this treatment", trying to get through to them. Worst you could say is that he was narcissistic and played with girls, cheated on them, but he didn't even respect his own body. But life is fucked up and he was young, no one should fucking blame him because our mental health care system is totally fucked and hardly anyone gets the help they deserve and desperately need. It's amazing he was able to produce what he did and effect people enough to get his fucking portrait projected on Parliament in England.

His family doesn't need to fucking know the extent of his issues or his addiction, because that just makes it SO MUCH FUCKING WORSE that if it was so obvious to everyone else that no one got him help instead of spinning him out to let him blaze a trail for others to walk in the wake of. Including mother fuckers like Chello; and I'm not familiar with Yung Goth beyond him being a pedophile but good on him for saying something. They were all addicts so it's not unreasonable no one got him help, but they were all older and watched him get HUGE when he obviously had no way to manage it.

His grandmother needs to know how much he fucking loved them, literally that is fucking it. Having addiction issues can be as simple as having a chemical imbalance in the part of your brain the processes risk and rewards, and if he was a little depressed he was young and maybe just trying to fucking live and didn't realize how much it messes up a chemical imbalance. He spent months at home detoxing, he was trying as hard as he could because he obviously loved his family beyond words. I personally would kill for a mother/grandmother like his and it's bring up some REAL SHIT watching anyone fuck with them like this. His down ass gma has a fucking Gaza icon, she's clearly present on the internet and if you're dealing with trauma that shit is a wormhole.

Given the age and the magnitude of this trauma I truly hope Chelji burns in hell and I've never wished that on anyone I didn't know. His angel Gma and Mother are handling this gracefully as far as I'm considered, I would be losing it in every way. Who the fuck wouldn't, when they're clearly searching for answers, maybe entertain the idea of blaming themselves? This absolute demon cunt has no idea how even depression effects families and friends, let alone addiction and a fucking death from laced drugs; NEVER FUCKING MIND HOW MUCH GUILT GUS PROBABLY FELT GOING THROUGH THESE THINGS WITH NO REAL FRIENDS, PROPER TREATMENT SPECIFIC TO HIM AND HIS BRAIN STRUCTURE, GETTING MASSIVE SUCCESS AND NOT BEING ABLE TO FEEL FULLY PRESENT WITH THE PEOPLE HE ACTUALLY LOVED MOST???

I'm sorry for the essay but who the fuck doesn't deal with or know someone with depression and tried to take drugs just to seem fun and make the people around them happy, or just to feel something; that's why his music reached so many people. Look Lolcow has never made me cry but when I read he got matching designer jackets for him and his grandmother so they could be "style twins" it was just the sweetest thing and i feel pain in my heart for them knowing they're dealing with such fucked up people. Peep paid peoples' fucking rents.

Chelji deserves the ridicule more than Layla. I know it makes sense not to give her attention but keeping a record of her bullshit here is a good idea and it obviously gets to her in a real way. If anyone can dig up more dirt that would be great, and I know this has been shot down but after recent events maybe the next thread pic should at least include her (maybe Mackned or whoever else ends up outed as a demon). Layla looks like she's trying, struggling, but she's an addict and being respectful as fuck about Peep. Chili would die if her slag trailer trash ass was plastered here forever with her completely transparent "don't look at me NO PLEASE LOOK AT ME IM STARTING A CLOTHING LINE WITH STOLEN IMAGES I TALK TO PEEPS GMA NO WAIT FUCK HER TOO IM THE ONLY ONE PEEP LOVED I KNEW HIM MORE THAN HIS FAMILY SHOUT OUT THE NEW GBC TATTOO ON MY ASSHOLE"

No. 447035

girl i can feel the autismo through the screen from your posts. i understand that you’re very passionate about the subject but please keep your essays to yourself.

No. 447059

you can relax this is well written and a good analysis. fuck your bitter ass bitch

No. 447075

why did he fuck her
can she please just brag about that so i can pick out the truths
no way he'd just fuck her for a maid i don't get it, feel shitty cause she can never afford plastic surgery but she is not good looking literally at all. she needs to fix her damn personality.

No. 447076

This meant a lot to me, thank you and I really appreciate you.

No. 447081

>does clear once

No. 447082

On another note, there’s no way he wasn’t smashing lilgustav but was dicking the Down syndrome potato.

No. 447085

Fuck off Cheljugallo and your trashy fucking slang

No. 447101

think belgium abt layla?

No. 447103

Is it that hard to believe no one cares about your spergfest? Go back to r/lilpeep

No. 447107

no one cares enough to read that wall of text

can you go take a breather and then return to the thread, thanks.

No. 447131

Shut the fuck up chelji(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 447138

I cared enough to read the "essay" and every point they made was valid. Y'all can stop getting so triggered and focus on the issues. Dumbasses

No. 447145

me too tbh

No. 447146

I definitely think so, I thought this when I heard it

No. 447147

File: 1513647919851.jpeg (736.68 KB, 1125x2040, E6E68FA5-6551-4D4C-B0DA-2B0BD2…)

Do tell what “issues” are at hand?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 447148

y'all are so dumb you think everyone is the same person posting over and over again. I've posted here twice, once last week, once to defend the person y'all are attacking for putting her two cents

No. 447152

I agree that assuming everyone is the same person is a problem but there’s a difference between adding a comment and incoherent agitated blogposting

No. 447173

You can tell that most of you guys haven't read a book in years, if you think that shit is long hehehe

No. 447175

that's sad. it's too bad he didn't just own the fuck up to his mistakes, quit slutting around, and get back with her for good. he clearly wasnt happy before his death with the tyler and layla situation.

No. 447190

what's with your inability to sage your bullshit?

No. 447251

Thank you both so much.

Holy shit you literally cannot read. The caps were, again, to stand out to chelji to fucking reiterate that there is absolutely no chance in hell peep would want this to be dealt with the way that it is; one of the many issues i covered was that most importantly it probably killed Gus inside that he couldn't be present with the family he loved so much because of issues way too many people share and die from due to misinformation, unqualified professionals, pill pushing from psychiatrists or social pressure, and inability to afford or access proper treatment. You must have literally zero friends for this to have touched. We've touched on his issues here and the valid debate was centered on whether he was depressed or not, I provided insight on a few different levels. Now I have to write more for your dense ass to understand, this has to be an underage poster, scroll harder you weak gremlin.

More than happy to go back to talking about Chelji's shit life decisions, but yeah when some cow starts fucking with a mourning elderly person like she knew fuck all about a highly personal illness I'm going to write an essay for that lurking sewage sucking slag. Kick rocks.

No. 447260

That would be sweet in kind of a fucked up way, since he's saying he loved her but that she needed to question the treatment. He did use her for entertainment and he knows saying he loved her would reel her back in. Now we know she has issues with her trash father so it makes a lot more sense why she reacts so strongly to how men treat her and defines herself by things like that, maybe doing the most to keep them and excusing their emotional abuse.

Was she ever able to block Peep at any point during their mess of a relationship?

No. 447273

She did block his number for a while after break up number 2 or 3 when she got with that other kid she flew out. Peep flipped his shit and started @‘ing her on twitter demanding she unblock him saying he loved her, that she was his, and other really aggressive stuff. You can see that caps in layla 2.0 but it was really making peep look bad imho. Layla did of course cave and that’s when he facetimed her to sing her crybaby on stage and took her out on tour after that outburst.

After that Happend I personally felt like they did have something real, toxic, but real.

No. 447302

did he cheat on her after that or what?

idk it feels like he spent so muh time trolling her on sm. he acted like a real dick. i know addict men, and tbh, most of them have just ghosted or been apathetic in my exp, but he went out of his way a million times to humiliate her. idk how real it was.

No. 447307

File: 1513655689792.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, 9115A679-CB43-401B-9D27-B4DA71…)

Layla out here making mature choices n shit. I’m here for this version of too poor

No. 447375

Stay on topic and stop fighting.

No. 447433

damn me too. really hoping she takes it seriously and realizes everyone in her life sucks and she needs serious treatment, for herself.

yeah we humiliated pepper ann for that same behavior and peep did that shit maybe worse. the fuck is with these dudes so desperate for her but treat her like shit? she shouldn't be going through this, i know she's a cow and loves the attention but these clothing line scammers and skin walkers are making her look not as bad.

No. 447451

tbh i think tyler is more into her than peep ever was.

which begs the question: if belgium was about layla, why wouldnt he sing that to her, rather than crybaby, when trying to get her back? a song written just for her would surely woo her better.

No. 447459

This was before COWYS was even a thing nevermind Belgium. He probably just hadn't written it yet.

I really do recommend reading layla 2.0 if you're new to this all because it's covers the bulk of the relationship drama iirc.

No. 447470

Layla always said he would troll her and use her for musical content, so it seems to me he's creating problems on purpose for his music a la social repose

No. 447477

File: 1513667884174.jpeg (203.31 KB, 739x1178, A81166A3-10F5-4E6C-AF76-C5A021…)

i don’t understand why tylers so far up her ass, especially through social media. it’s not like she’s out sucking 80 men off and posting about it. he really needs to grow up and leave her alone

No. 447480

layla's grown a lot in the 2 years she's been posted about here but she used to be a major skin walker too, that's the biggest reason I hated her. Which is saying something given the person layla was/is.

with peep it was volatile and not healthy but I guess because she was instigating just as much as peep was it seemed more like a messy relationship vs now with just ty who's saying shit about her and making layla seem locked in.
Plus even when peep was being crazy, and cheating on her she never called him abusive, she said ty is blackmailing and abusive.

No. 447490

See if layla would just realize she's original enough to be content she could stand on her own for a moment. Tyler actually does seem to care and he might grow into a good person, but he's also using layla because she's peep's ex. he talks up peep so when he gets her back he looks good. and she has a skin walker.

I'm just surprised there's so much evidence how interesting she is that she's not more careful with herself. she's part of a dumb group but seems to have a heart, peep felt that and used it to his advantage. they both have absent fathers so i can see how they matched in an unhealthy way. this kind of makes me dislike him tho ngl the social repose comparison did it

No. 447511

>someone asks about peep

I love how she brings up her awful tattoos all the time as if they're relevant to the conversation

they're stabbed into your head chaplupa you don't need to remind people they exist every 5 fucking seconds

No. 447514

she probably just watched a buzzfeed video on satanism lets be real

Lol who said he knew they were pressed Mackned? Aka: the dude who sought out the drugs and brought them to Peep via that mariah chick. Nah fuck that. Mackned is a shit friend and he's twisting the story and selling it to chelji and she's clearly buying it. He was not some sobriety coach get real. If you saw the video he posted on insta after Peep died he was just as drugged out as Bexey.

Also why tf would someone say he could take one of Peep's things for "comforting purposes" the night he died that makes no fucking sense. Hey yo your friend just died have at his stuff and find a comfort item of your choosing! Someone said they saw him sneak in and take it and he lied to Peep's gma and said to her face that Peep gave it him.

He's just backtracking now. Dude's just trying to cover his own ass and lying left and right. I don't think planned to give Peep laced drugs but he clearly did nothing to stop him and if he knew they were sketchy and was so concerned he would've actively checked on him like ya know when he PASSED TF OUT AND WOULDN'T WAKE UP?

Chelji is just being made a fool of by the same dude who defended Arzaylea and brought Peep sketchy drugs and didn't A)stop him from taking them or B)check on him AT ALL

Chelji you dense cunt use your fucking head

No. 447516

agreed, Mackned's story keeps changing and it's paaaaiiinfully obvious to everyone who isn't an 18 year old groupie cloutwhore

>peep gave me the jacket

>gma exposes him
>I was told I could take his things

By who? Complete fucking nonsense

No. 447519

additional Mackned bs

>messages mariah looking for drugs

>brings mariah to trailer
>realizes drugs are sketchy
>lets peep take drugs
>peep passes out
>won't wake up
>doesn't check on him or try harder to wake him
>peep sits dead for hours

Some sobriety coach lmao

No. 447525

I don't think he intentionally poisoned him either but idk I don't think he really looked out for him or cared either. He was probably just bummed him meal ticket was gone

Maybe Peep thought he was cool and liked having him around but he clearly was a shit friend and now he looks bad so he's trying to save face by having Chelji regurgitate his bullshit story

No. 447527

He was also probably really jealous bc he's a washed up fuck and Peep was on the way up. Peep was literally supporting these mfs and they couldn't even be bothered to check on him when he was passed out after taking sketchy pills smh

I'm sure some of them were just to drugged out to realize what was happening (Bexey) but the fact that Mackned admits he knew the pills were sketchy and didn't even check on him after he passed out?

No wonder his gma hates/suspects him

No. 447529


Anyone got a screenshot of that supposed tweet from Mackned about the pills being sketchy?

No. 447533

Go gma for deleting it and not giving her any more attention. I bet she sides with everything said here about Chelji now that she realizes how much of an overstepping cunt self-absorbed cunt she is (since apparently his family read all this bs)

No. 447537

oh dear god, did they?

No. 447538

Sorry they had to see this awful page. Not everyone here hates Peep. This is an anonymous gossip site so there are going to be varying opinions. She was cruel for showing them. She has made everything about her since they day he died. What she's doing is reprehensible and she needs to fuck off and leave the people he loved alone.

No. 447540

She said she showed them. I truly hope she was lying just to try and intimidate us to lay off her

No. 447541

^here's her post for reference

No. 447552

I hated him and Layla's relationship but I don't hate him or Layla for that matter

I'm not a fan of his music personally but I do think a lot of his fans go here solely because they hate some of the people he surrounded himself with and need a place to vent

Even people who aren't fans of his still realize how evil chelji is being and understand that regardless of how they may have felt about him his family really doesn't deserve to deal with people like chelji and arz especially after already dealing with such a tremendous loss

No. 447555

did anyone watch layla's live just then? i got in at the end and the screen was pretty much blank w musi
playing, but everyone was commenting saying to call 911. apparently she was just chillen in the bath and slumped and dropped her phone? hope she didnt do anything stupid.

No. 447563

File: 1513680429564.png (302.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171219-214523.png)


aubrie was in her live begging her to answer her phone. everyone's tagging all of her real life friends in her recent instagram post to check on her. i really hope she hasn't hurt herself. :S

No. 447571

according to a bunch of layla fan accounts and her fans and her comments are saying she passed away. don’t know if this is 100% can someone confirm?

No. 447572

“according to her fans” = pure speculation

No. 447580

I hope Layla is okay. How long until Down syndrome potato makes this about her?

No. 447581

File: 1513682862044.jpeg (193.43 KB, 1125x1295, F4D9E171-B0F5-4727-A113-49F07B…)

She’s okay.

No. 447582

File: 1513682972752.png (338.32 KB, 750x1334, F4FD02AF-C4E2-4FD7-9DE5-17F7B7…)

she did it all for clout.

No. 447585

she didn’t do anything “for clout” lol she was sleeping and her obsessed fans did all the work themselves. shut up.

No. 447588

I honestly think this is her first chance to grieve and it’s hitting her hard all at once. Either that or Tyler did something on a whole nother level of fucked up

No. 447628

File: 1513693212905.png (370.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3770.PNG)

Friends? Bitch this is the most I'm tryna fuck text I've ever seen. Check out what she's posting now y'all she's crazy

No. 447632

Chelji just called jenny a sociopath on live rn. Someone needs to drag this fuckig cunt this 70+ year old woman just lost her young grandson someone get this fucking bitch this woman doesn't need this shit

No. 447633

This bitches accent is the ugliest grossest thing I've ever heard… imagine fucking that and having to hear her scream or say shit…. Layla is royalty compared to this literal bottom of

No. 447635

Unless someone with a large following does it, it's not going to work. She's deleting comments and blocking people like mad.

No. 447636

I'm really dead she just accused Layla of "copying everything she does" …. someone please beat this girls ass

No. 447640

I couldn’t listen to her voice any longer. Gross

No. 447642

link me??

No. 447643

getting really fucking tired of these guys fucking with her like this, I'm going through the same thing and it feels like there's no answer or end. she needs to get out of this toxic fucking place, she may be alive physically but she will be dead inside if she doesn't get the help she needs because of all these abusive empty people.

No. 447644

No. 447646

drop them anon. you and layla deserve better. this shit is unhealthy. if these edgy dipshits think it's cute or makes them special to be emotionally abusive and manipulative, fuck them.

the thing is that layla knows shes drawn to emotionally abusive and manipulative men, and just keeps acting like that's her cute quirk. NO. she needs to move out to costa mesa, get a loving cat, and distance herself from this toxic ass lifestyle and these absolute bloodsuckers. who cares if grosso buys you gucci, layla???

No. 447652

this does seem ideal for layla but its super sad to think that she honestly probably has no idea how to live a "normal" life. she's so used to this toxic fame shit that its become her. i hope she meets a real genuine guy preferably not involved in all this that can help her see her value and start living

No. 447665

You're awesome, thank you. I'm projecting but she might feel stuck in a certain social scene and that not many people are available on her level, or with boys like this that if she does the wrong thing they will blow her reputation up. Her options are realistically to move unless she grows thicker skin and gets help, but being silent about the abuse you have taken really is agonizing. That's what I see with her, someone who wants to speak out and stop but can't because her job is extremely socially oriented and these boys are worse than middle school girl cliques.

That is the very real problem with such visible girls, other girls steal all your shit and constantly hate you for their insecurities, and the boys see you as a status symbol. Layla will always be Peep's ex, which could work in her favor if she got sober for him and studied fashion again, he would want her to succeed. Cow shit aside, she has grown and she has so many people obsessing over her, I'm sick of dudes sucking the souls from these girls for inspiration only for them to suffer silently like this. If Belgium really was about Layla he was singing with real soul for her to fucking understand she's special and to stop giving it away. The problem is how easy it is to get caught up in the power structure built by boys who are actively abusing and bullying you. Because of her past it's going to hit her harder, Peep knew that and used it, Tyler too.

Remember she played into the Courtney Love fantasy with Peep too, the problem is CL is an actual fucking sociopath just like every other successful man. Kurt lied about literally all of her personality, joked about it to Buzz from the Melvins who isn't as iconic so it goes under the radar. That's why she needs to see she can only go down from here, best option is to be vocal and dedicated to getting healthy because so many of his fans just want to see something good come out of his death.

No. 447740

File: 1513703116562.jpeg (338.75 KB, 1226x1832, B7FD9AA8-02E1-498A-A65C-4B1677…)

This bitch just doesn’t know when to quit.

No. 447745

wtf do you mean to tell me chelji accused LAYLA of copying everything she does??

She's a goddamn deluded sociopath.

And fuck her for even mentioning Layla's name, Layla was his GIRLFRIEND. He lived with her and she's been nothing but respectful since he died keep her name out of your mouth, she's actually mourning from the looks of it not fighting with his family, posting his private shit and milking his death on the daily.

Your tattoos mean nothing. You know whose name he got on HIS body? Layla's not yours. You know who he wrote all his songs about? Emma not you. Fuck he even liked Arzaylea more than you. He was going to take her to visit his family lmao how does it feel to be so small that he would rather take Arz home than you Chelji?

There's a reason he kept you hush hush and it's because you weren't the only groupie he was fucking and because you're clearly an obsessive psychopath. Who tf would want to bring a girl like you home? Arz was a snake but you're honestly so much worse. He was never yours and he never would've been. You were an easy fuck who cooked him ramen and waited on him like a baby. Of course he hit you up when he was in London, he wanted to relax and you were pathetic enough to wait on him hand and foot.

You're an awful human being Chelji.

No. 447763

Chelji needs to leave his grandma alone. I don't know what happened that night because I wasn't there but the evidence shows that Mackned is a liar and a shit friend.

Chelji can you for one second think of someone other than your goddamn self and imagine how you'd feel if your grandson's "friend" brought a shady girl to his trailer with questionable drugs and let him take them even tho he himself wouldn't? Can you imagine if on top of knowing the drugs he took were shady he literally never checked on him or tried to get him help even when he wouldn't wake up?

Peep's gma has every right to hate him. He may have not intentionally poisoned Peep but he clearly did nothing to help him either. Stop acting like he was some kind of savior, he's just a junkie loser who let his friend die. I say that knowing full well that their are drug addicts who DO look after their friends and are smart enough to keep on eye on someone whose taken some fucked shit.


No. 447772

Regardless of who’s guilty of what, who the fuck tries to start shit with a 70 year old lady? Chelji is a fucking joke. Even her name is a joke. Why the fuck would you willingly names yourself that? Yikes.

No. 447773

Mackned should be charged with criminal negligence and that be that. Maybe that's what he's up against. Maybe that's why she's fighting so hard. Fighting so hard for him and his approval.
Chelji, I know you're reading this. Leave his fucking family alone. Leave his loved ones alone. If you truly did love him, stop making his death all about you. Just stop. You're hurting people.

No. 447780

Chelji, how can you embarrass yourself like this over and over? Does anyone really care if you got peeps grandma famous? With your 11.6k followers… bitch please

No. 447786

11k followers with a total of 5 people watching her lives and retweeting her shit kek

No. 447809

File: 1513708421938.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3319.PNG)

No. 447848

File: 1513711541634.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1125x5355, 3077B221-0512-4537-AA8A-95208D…)

Anyways, yunggoth got a kid pregnant?

No. 447871

I’ve seen this raggedy potato bitch say this is the last time She’ll talk about peep drama about 500 times now.
Just shut the fuck up chelji. Forever, preferably.

No. 447879

everyone should just go report her insta, maybe with some luck she'll get deleted and we won't have to see her potato face anymore

No. 447880

She just posted that she is going to go live again soon and peak about it again, BUT ITS THE LAST TIME GUYS

No. 447886

damn i can't see she just blocked me because I commented calling her out

No. 447897

File: 1513715908055.png (394.56 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3324.PNG)

Self harm jokes are unnecessary unacceptable. Someone shut this bitch down.

No. 447898

emma is in peep’s new music video which i guess was recorded after his death. although tbh i don’t really get the video because there’s another girl who’s supposed to represent a rich actress/model or something?

No. 447900

Link? Screenshot? Anything?

No. 447909


both are idiots. you don't have unprotected sex with someone you barely know. it's like people in 2017 don't know how they were fucking born.

No. 447949

File: 1513719634841.jpg (650.46 KB, 1188x2127, IMG_0177.JPG)

I think its hilarious someone sent her camel crushes

No. 447956

Why did the save ur shit video got deleted? Its not on his insta or on youtube anymore. Did anyone save it or know what was going on?

No. 447960

wiggy (his videomaker) said on twitter that they’re fixing something and it’s gonna be back up soon

No. 447990

jesus fucking christ. no wonder everyone thinks that even with how manipulative and spiteful peep was, he was an angel. look at the absolute shit he was surrounded by. they're all horrible. rapists, pedophiles, deadbeat dad rapist pedophiles, they steal, lie, cheat, wtf is up with this group and why did he rep them so hard??? they were fucking garbage

No. 447992

And Peep was always mentioning how he wanted the music industry without rapists and how they should be outed or something along those lines, yet all his friends were exactly those people he seemed to be so against

No. 447997

unintentional? think he knew?? or just unfortunate irony?

No. 448012

Highly doubt that he didn't know considering the stuff about them wasn't exactly well hidden. But maybe he was going to do something about it but died before he could.

No. 448024

does anyone know how old yunggoth is exactly, by the way? can't find this information anywhere and it would help putting in perspective just how vile he is for constantly seeking out 15/17 yr olds to sleep with.

No. 448025

File: 1513726339865.jpeg (593.16 KB, 1242x1646, DAAFBD87-EC28-43FF-8532-0C0663…)

is this what you see at the edge of your bed when you have sleep paralysis?

No. 448028

Jesus Christ that’s truly terrifying. Cursed image for sure.

No. 448036

He's like 22-24?

Always after 16 year olds.

No. 448055

File: 1513729419506.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3777.PNG)

Her comment… fucking gross yeah bitch he's deff proud of you for disrespecting his grandmother and clout whoring off his tragic death. Actually delusional

No. 448069

lmao he didn't care about you while he was alive and he most definitely doesn't care now that he's dead and you're disrepecting and trying to "expose" his loved ones in the midst of mourning while outing your fuckbuddy adventure that he was too ashamed to share with anyone

No. 448133

i like peep but tf was this mv even about? him slutting around and letting some poor girl with a normal, shitty life down and promising her the world? it made no indication as to whether or not he'd actually come thru, and that's a gamble considering how poorly he treated his gfs.

and peep would be fuming at the way this ugly skank is treating his grams.

No. 448138

yeah i don’t get the video either. i guess it’s nice that emma and his family did something but since he is not there anymore to approve of new creative content i think they ahould just release tour footage and stuff if they want to put out music videos.

No. 448149

i think they recorded that mess before he died?

No. 448153


chelji: "you might have taught him to talk, watched his first steps, changed his diapers, packed his school lunches, tucked him into bed every night, taught him to read, watched his face on Christmas mornings as he opened presents, listened to his 8-year-old songs, held him when he fell off his bike, helped him with his homework, cried over him, watched him sleep at night, watched him grow, watched him fall in love with his first girlfriend, taken him to the doctor when he was sick, wiped his nose, taught him how to tie his shoelaces, comforted him when he had nightmares, checked his closet for monsters, read him stories, made sure he ate all his vegetables, stayed up all night worrying about him, had your heart burst and break and heal itself again just looking at your son, your grandson, this boy you've loved and nurtured for 21 years, and nervously sent him out into the world, hoping like hell that he's warm and safe…
but me, I sucked his dick one time and he called me a good girl, so I obviously have more claim to his memory than you"

You're scum, chelji.

No. 448160

>you're an art thief, and you called my grandmother a racist and a liar, you harrass and insult my grieving family, demand apologies from them, and shit all over my memory.

i'm so proud of you <3 love from heaven <3

No. 448168

how unfortunate must you be in order for all of your body fat to go to your arms and stomach while your tits are sad and shriveled???

No. 448169

horrible but i lold. shes truly embarrassng.

No. 448211

Fuck this Chelsea cunt reminds me and looks like my ex boyfriends obsessive girlfriend that used to stalk me on myspace and had a baby n tried to pin it on him even tho he was infertile she still wanted him even tho we fucked right next to her at her dads house

No. 448215

File: 1513743245698.jpg (1.4 MB, 2213x2554, IMG_0179.JPG)

If she lost her hair she'd look just like Gollum

No. 448227

She was raped you fuckhead. She told him stop more than once. He forced himself on her stfu

No. 448228


No. 448230

def a rapist, and if he didnt ant to be a dad so bad, fugdaddy is 100000% times more responsible. 'both are idiots', uhhh, he's the only one liable here

No. 448231

That's not fucking emma. It's just some blonde model stop

No. 448232

Layla is out at dinner w/ Tyler on his last Snapchat. Sigh.

No. 448235


>tells a girl she looks like she cuts herself

Chelji stop trying to act like Peep's mental health specialist. You clearly don't give a shit about mental health issues

No. 448238

There are 2 girls, one is Emma. If you're going to be rude at least be right.

No. 448239

I am highly disappointed. I really thought she realized he was a piece of shit.

No. 448242

Peep distanced himself from goth and stopped hanging out with him which is weird bc they were really close at one point. I've heard the pedo rumors before and I always wondered if this was why. There was a story about a 13 year old before and now this.

No. 448245

Well the video preview didn't have emma in it so my apologies. I'd rather have emma get more attention anyway just to put chelji in her place

No. 448251

I doubt he knew he was capable of something this heinous. I just pegged him as another scumbag rapper who hooked up with underage groupies. That would still make his a statutory rapist obviously but to force yourself on an underage girl ignore her pleas for you to stop and rape her without a condom?

Dude's a monster

No. 448257

File: 1513747808444.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-12-19-22-27-14…)

What's with this "hot sauce lover" shtick all of a sudden? She picked the 2 most basic hot sauces to show off in her story (siracha and tapatio)

No. 448259

My 14 year old friend got his snapchat and he repeatedly asked her for nudes/to come meet up with him

No. 448262

the song was apparently about Layla, iirc he sent her the rough mix or whatever saying it was about her (tho really, who knows with these ppl?). SO with the red carpet and all, was Emma supposed to be homebody depressed Layla and glam girl supposed to be Bella? Or was Emma playing Emma and Layla the glam girl? Questions, questions

No. 448263

Weren't they supposed lovers? Idk if I believe goth. Mackned obviously a piece of shit, but the "lovers" rumor only came out after peeps death. Did anyone confirm it? Idk I wonder if youngith has been thoroughly trashed in the scene and keeps trying to cling to relevancy with "we were livers!!" and "Mackned evil" (I Def think Mackned is garbage, but young goth is suddenly the moral center of gbc?)

No. 448266

That's fucking hiliarious because when Layla went out to dinner with Rachel a week or so ago Layla did the same thing on her snap…
S k i n w a l k e r
Literally just waiting for the next ~quirky~ schtick she can steal off her next

No. 448270

This Chelji bitch has literally never been around for anything going on with Peep besides getting dicked down in London. Why the hell is she acting like she knows everything and like she has any place in this? This girl makes my blood boil, I cannot believe how self-serving she is in all of this.

No. 448274

Nah 2 of the dudes in the house he stayed at before 80% of his LA/gbc rapper friendships took off got busted for similar shit. Itsoktocry didn’t get anyone pregnant but still peep was attached at the hip to goth for 2+ years, he had to have know one of them at least was like that. It is pretty unavoidable in the scene but some of the screencaps are more than a year old, peep only distanced himself after it went super viral via a popular figure in the scene in LA even tho the rumors & screencaps had been out for a good while. If he publicly distanced himself it was for an image thing, because goth was still commenting on gus’ stuff till his death, calientechica even expressed condolence to his after peep died. (To the credit of gbc & some other collectives and ~factors~ Their was pockets of serious backlash to goth after the first clout hansen posts, I’d honestly have an easier time listing the people that stood by goth than I would people who trashed him)

I’m sorry that happened to your friend, I hope it hasn’t mess with her too much. Goth is a preferential predator, he went after a friends baby cousin who’s a huge gbc fan but not at all interested in them like that. He’ll go after any obviously young girl in the gbc fanbase regardless of if she’s being flirtatious or not, I hope she doesn’t feel like it’s her fault.

No. 448275

This is amazing couldn't be more on point. I'm honestly so disgusted this live stream is so sick and narcissistic this bitch really got some sketchy ass dude to validate that peep knew her on live. Vile

No. 448278

Nah makonnen was his supposed lover

No. 448282

Lmafo goth is so crazy, if he did have some chel tier hidden cocksleeve action I wonder how much he hated complex giving peep/makonnen a genuine couples shout out. He went full ape when peep and bex just joked that they were married.

No. 448283

File: 1513750925954.png (17.03 KB, 1281x168, dfdd.PNG)

from last thread

No. 448285

This live is the most embarrassing soul sucking most pathetic display of clout whoring I've ever heard in my life. Exceeds anything Layla's done by 10 fold. And this gay ass sounding 12 year old boy, the one from the tour bus video of the kid with the juul and peep slumped, just bringing up chelji, saying he talked about her to him on the bus that day, this kid going on about how much peep fucked with him. It's so DELUSIONAL and psycho it's scary.

No. 448286

how do i watch this shit? i dont see a place to watch it. when i open the thumbnail it's just like, a pic?

No. 448315


I'm honestly surprised more people haven't picked up on what this video means.

To me, it's an epic drag of Arzaylea. And because of this, I'm 100% sure it was edited and created after his death, by his family & Emma. The video opens with a quote from his mom. Obvs some of the footage of him live is old, but the plot line and the shots of the two girls are recent.

Emma is in the video with the same purple hair (in some shots) in the same styling she had at his memorial in Long Beach, NY. So I'm gonna guess they shot some of her footage around then.

How it drags Arzaylea: there are two girls. One's a Hollywood starlet type, always taking selfies, posing on the red carpet, getting in private jets, etc (meant to be Arzaylea). Other girl is a normal girl, down to earth, chill, real (meant to be and played by Emma).

Throughout the video both girls are desperately trying to reach Peep. Calling him, texting, FTing. Both are sad and upset they can't reach him.

But if you watch til the end, Peep finally responds. And he responds to Emma, not Arzaylea. Last shot we see of Arzaylea character is her alone, fed up he won't answer. Last shot we see of Emma, is him texting her back basically saying "I'm coming home."

And that's basically what the entire music video is saying - Peep was always hers, and that he finally came back to her. That he was always really with her.

Feels to me Peep's family & Emma are taking a hard shot at Arzaylea, basically implying he wasn't really into her, and def portraying her as some shallow LA bimbo. As much as I hate Arzaylea, I just find the video to be a little petty. Like really? It had to be about which girl "won?" Couldn't they have made a tribute video that didn't involve some personal drama? Idk. But that's how I saw the video for sure.

No. 448328

They might be talking about this, altho a lot more comes up for peep and makonnen when you google their names and dating.
(Starting at 30 mins & 50 seconds, I can't get the timestamped url to embed)

But I could believe and did honestly wonder if goth had a crush on peep or something. There was a lot of joking around about everyone already knowing goth was giving peep that clouttop when he came out.

No. 448335

No one ever noticed how toopoor was following chelji? Until the last time I checked cheljis page which was a few days ago. Whats that about??

No. 448389

layla respects peep's family, so i guess even with all the attempts to "spread love" and be compassionate to her ex's gloryhole who is actively trying to be the new her (and failing) she must have gotten tired of seeing her bullshit on her feed. also didn't people in this thread say that she shittalked layla in one of her lives? i can't bring myself to watch her lives and witness her deformed self trying to form opinions so i don't know what she said exactly.

No. 448441

File: 1513782780124.jpeg (218.86 KB, 1237x1789, ED90F580-511A-49D6-985A-840C77…)

She’s so desperate for validation

No. 448453

How long till chelji starts fuck him and cleaning his house

No. 448455

I keep starting her lives but I can't stand her voice and I have to exit

No. 448465

Shrimp is even at the same restaurant they were at supposedly "Layla's favorite"

Shrimps skateboarding videos are so awkward. I feel like she's a tween trying to get older boys attention.

No. 448484

Yeah yesterday chelji called toopoor out and said she was "copying her" and even had the love gang thing in her bio. Which we all know is a horsehead reference but this DELUSIONAL bitch with a sharpie marker looking tattoo thinks she knows it all lolol

No. 448487

lol as if arz has ever seen a redarpet tho

No. 448512


lol layla had love gang in her bio first what is chelsea on about??

No. 448514


lol layla had love gang in her bio first what is chelsea on about??

No. 448520

Laylas had that in her bio for months and months

No. 448528

Protecc under bites and man jaws

No. 448547

lmao i thought the same, arz is a leeching nonody who just happens to have half a million followers because she dated a guy from a boyband, she’s not a model or an actress. if the girl in the video is supposed to represent a girl in peep’s life then it can only be bella thorne.

No. 448575

File: 1513799819046.jpeg (117.76 KB, 575x1024, 162224F3-71E4-404B-A207-0B3BA8…)

Lovegang is from a horsehead song from 2014 lmafo. It was a “crew” for a while too, horse even put out actual real not plagiarized merch for it.

Also peeps family has hit critical mass and is now defending goth. I hope someone links them to that huge and through twitter thread from months before peep died. Because I understand grief especially with this kind of death and goth has known peep the longest but he’s a manipulative snake, and an actual documented predator.

No. 448625

File: 1513804155595.png (96.08 KB, 640x888, IMG_3716.PNG)

stay gone chelsea u headass ugly bitch.

No. 448627

In her bio Arzaylea says she's represented by Wilhelmina (which is true, she is). I've noticed lately that there are a whole bunch of basic IG girls with hella followers and face filler that are repped by them… they used to be a reputable agency, are they pivoting now that social media is a big thing and important to brands? A lot of these girls would have had no chance at modeling 10 years ago.

No. 448676

Nowadays modelling is a lot about popularity rather than actual ability to model. A bunch of other Instagram models are represented my agency (like IMG models, etc) but I rarely see them getting actually modelling jobs so idk. I think the agencies also have like talent management so maybe they're not being represented as models.ultimately it's a business and so having a lot of followers is a bonus.

She's irrelevant af why does she have a name for her non existent fanbase

Kinda surprised they're defending him especially considering they're supposed to be really the sjw type so thought they would be against him being a rapist

No. 448736

seriously she spread her emotional diarrhea in essay format but couldn't explain her ridiculous name??? i feel like i'm throwing up when i read it like bitch wwwhhhhiiiiiii

No. 448752

File: 1513814998494.jpeg (276.01 KB, 1242x872, C71226F0-4C24-4A1A-9CC9-5703EB…)

lmaooo now they turned against her too

No. 448758

why tf do boys do this running shit like u dumb ass it's not going anywhere and the stress will impact your unborn kid. running in like literally every emotional situation ever then writing songs about their pain? ugh. fuck this is putting shit into perspective, it's not like they have deep philosophical issues with life or any real trauma, they just can't fucking function as anything other than xanned out babies. like they all talk about gratitude, friends, and brotherhood and shit while crying about being bullied but they never put up women who are the ones cleaning up all their messes and taking care of their children. daaaaaaamn. i knew he was a pedo so i hated him, but before that i liked his fucked up droning voice. wanna separate art from artist but boy wtf

No. 448763

File: 1513816182613.png (7.21 MB, 1125x2436, 115D9FE3-1D60-4C82-A372-AC19E3…)

Down syndrome potato posted this earlier

No. 448764

File: 1513816211483.png (856.02 KB, 1125x2436, F229E523-774C-4715-BAB6-D9F12C…)


No. 448765

File: 1513816261686.png (6.51 MB, 1125x2436, 54AD0C2A-F104-4108-8D5B-98E2DA…)


No. 448767

bitch where yo waist go
bitch why yo arm so thick
bitch where yo giant ass go

how did she post this like it was ok the only attention she's going to get are from men who hate women and laugh at this shit to degrade them behind their backs, and maybe 12 year olds that fucked with layla and just want to fit in with an imaginary internet group of people. like I'm all for women doing silly shit and not having to look sexy, and even not being clothed like who cares it's her body; but it's shrimp. this is so fucking bad.

No. 448800

i'm not seeing where her arm looks thick? where

No. 448820

i think the la girl was a collective drag and it was so hamfisted because it may have been targeted at his younger girl fan base. remember his mother and grandmother are pretty strong fucking women lol. it was probably meant to make girls feel more secure being "normal", and to make the audience frustrated that they were hanging onto him that much. I'm sure it made some girls look at themselves, and after how peep treated women and all these groupies it's good to release something that might shake people from the life style. it still puts Peep on a pedestal though, obviously, and if a girl wants to be a hollywood type no one should shame her because it's so constantly rewarded. would have been cool if both were equally humanized.

that's the best song off of COWYS but it's actually a really fucked up song about layla. shrimp or azry are fucking la psychopaths, but layla is just having fun. she's messy but the dudes she's surrounded by are sooooo much messier, she does dumb shit but the dudes rape kids and get them pregnant. peep says 'you can't save that shit/all she wants is payback for the way i always play that shit' so it's really just fuck you layla for your father's mistakes that left you turning to drugs, and then admitting how awfully he treated her. these fucking people.

No. 448830

trigger warning sorry he's hot and he's talked openly about fetishes, so I'm asking about a deceased man's past sex life. i'll delete it or take my ban, shout out jesus i apologize, gma cover your eyes.

wait excuse me clouttop? like he was top to peep or was giving him head idk what that is. there is a part in an old lifestream where goth wanders in peep's room super fucked up, doesn't turn the light on and flops himself/falls onto peep saying he 'loves him' and there's like some quick boy wrestling but peep moaned in a soft way that was like. noticeably not just a friend reaction.

also bitch i know you're lurking chelji can you disclose if 'good girl' was how he implied you were a lame ass in bed or because you were his sub? explain. HOWEVER if he said good girl when you believed his ass telling you he couldn't make ramen so you would do it please just trust me and take the l that's embarrassing. but if it's some other shit, i summon thee. that's all anyone will ever care about tbh, if you stop pretending you aren't just a groupie people would be a lil less mad. you fucked an attractive rapper as a potato, that's dope, you should own it cause it's cool you got yours minus you being such a sewage creature in every other way. i think peep just wanted to be babied and chelji cleaned/cooked for him, so it seems like a really lame bdsm reference with no real fun.

in 'fucked up' he referenced the girl taking control, and didn't he have layla's feet in his mouth? i'm trying to match his outward personality with this

No. 448834

anon.. go outside.

No. 448873

Remember 6 weeks ago when outwardly being a peepette was met with group shaming

No. 448940

life was easier back then but also these threads were dead like a limp dick so.

No. 448950

I've been gone for weeks and I thought it would be over by now…

No. 448958

Chelji continues to acuse Layla of trying to be her which is completely outlandish. Chelji got a “love” tattoo on her forehead after Layla has had “love me” on her forehead. Then Chelji gets “good girl” in the same spot Layla has “bad”. Not to mention was seeing Layla’s boy toy Peep while they were still together and she’s being open about it through social media. I don’t know why she thinks it’s acceptable to share that information and act proud. You’re a home wrecker Chelji, and a groupie. Your tattoos are lame and a shitty copy of Layla’s (which are already shitty but at least original). @chelji: Let everyone grieve and stop involving yourself in everyone’s life that was involved with Peep. You’re irrelevant and you look crazy.

No. 448963

File: 1513843713750.jpeg (132.2 KB, 750x470, FADA5D9D-7FD8-49A9-BBAE-507733…)

Chelji is a groupie from hell

No. 449002

Too poor is NOT following Chelji trash

No. 449007

she's lolcow's new ember whann figure

No. 449105

File: 1513873248363.png (104.98 KB, 558x789, IMG_3746.PNG)

No. 449106

File: 1513873265576.png (47.55 KB, 506x466, IMG_3747.PNG)

No. 449118

these people are fucking sick. this poor guy can't rest in peace and his family can't grieve because of all these soul sucking blood sucking leeches trying to gain anything from his death. fuck them all

No. 449121

imo his family should give it a rest and this thread should stop talking about it because it's just getting annoying. he's dead now the fighting his grandma is doing won't bring him back.

No. 449122


But Arz wasn’t there was she?

No. 449124

Sure it’s ridiculous that peeps family v GBC drama keeps going in circles, but it’s a SoundClout general thread. Perfectly acceptable for this to be discussed here. Sorry.

No. 449131

File: 1513875556824.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171221-104442.png)

to follow up on this drama here is a pic matt, bella's ex, uploade before these two got together. im sure he changed the caption after he found out.
kind of funny she would just leave her bf of 3 plus years for some soundclout dick. but then again ms too poor herself did the same thing. no wonder they have stayed friends lol

No. 449181

Yeah exactly what i thought. It seems like a really insensitive song. But is he saying layla cant save that shit, meaning how shes fucked him over? I have to doubt that she ever did fuck him over. Idk i still maintain that he resented layla for whatever reason. Could it be that she really did suck someones dick and showed him? I really felt he was manipulating the situation w that.

Idk, maybe im misinterpreting the song, but then again, he bragged about writing it for her thru text to her, so either he didnt feel shame for being so callous, or maybe its not as callous of a song as what im hearing

And whats "i can take you there but baby you wont make it back"?

No. 449186

Chelji was on live last night bragging about how she helped peep write lyrics. Ask her lmao

No. 449190


The Downey gift that keeps on giving.

No. 449195

Omg I will. I want to hear about what songs she "helped" write lmfao

No. 449279


Downs potatoes curious cat

No. 449300

isn't that corey (laylas ex/cass new bf) on the left? why is he in this?

No. 449350

I think Chelsea has written every ask she has on curious cat so far, herself. Lol

No. 449391

Vlog uploaded on the 10th showing Layla, Tyler, & co on a trip to Vegas.

It's weird seeing them together and not subtweeting drama through twitter/snapchat.

No. 449403

yes that is him. i know that him and matt are friends because layla and bella used to run with the same crowd. everyone either follows each other/knows someone who knows someone.

No. 449437


I thought the same

No. 449455

The scene is tiny as fuck. There’s a one degree of separation at best between people.

No. 449593

Matt and Corey used to be BFFs

No. 449670

i feel like that lyric is saying he can take her into the lifestyle of being the clout-hoe she was being, but he was aware he had issues and wouldn't make it out/survive how carnivorous people are. morbidly ironic how that turned out.

i'm really curious why it seemed like he resented her too. You don't treat someone like that unless they're a threat to you in some way? I know she was reactive but there's no reason for him to fixate on her specifically

No. 449722

File: 1513917025481.png (338.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3811.PNG)

This bitch just won't stop she's deff autistic and delusional I've really never seen anything like this before, why the fuck and how the fuck did she get followers in the first place ? Did she get to 11k after peeps death or did anyone know her before

No. 449787

Her follower count started climbing after she exploited her handful of meaningless fucks with peep. It’s plateaud since she’s run out of photos of him sleeping / chilling at her place or maybe only 11k of his 2.whatever million followers care about the sloppy spud-faced groupies he’s banged.

No. 449791

Is she seeing amazing drawings she’s going to steal for her fake insta clothing collaboration? Or maybe as the cover art for one of her fake raps. I mean she did help peep write a lot of his songs (kek).
Also her fishing for sympathy is fucking right pathetic. Talked a huge instagram game, stirred the pot so very publicly about shit that wasn’t at all her business and now she’s boohooing over her DM hate like it’s undeserved. Reap what you sow.. you sow.

No. 449817

File: 1513929647199.png (818.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171221-191125.png)


No. 449819

I personally think it's good that chelji girl is calling his grandmother out, she is actually demented.

No. 449832

no, his own fucking grandmother is not demented. you're pitting her life experience and direct contact with Gus over drug addicted boys raping children and ignoring the baby. fuck off.

No. 449840


Oh fuck off

No. 449859

Layla looks like Lina Morgana

Saged for no contribution

No. 449871

it’s genuinely unbelievable how there are middle schoolers out there who are making fanart of someone whose only distinguishable trait is having a rapper fuck her out of desperation

No. 449878

File: 1513940817326.png (104.8 KB, 640x888, IMG_8254.PNG)

Gma Peep deleted her Insta after writing this. Hope all the drama is coming to an end now. I'm still wondering if Peep really was that honest towards his family or if they are seeing things the way they want to.

No. 449885

she's also been less active on facebook. i guess she's had enough.

No. 449913

I feel so bad for peeps family … All these money hungry hoes trying to get fame and money off his death.. it's disgusting

No. 449931

In one of peeps unreleased songs white girl there's really a lyric "I don't love her I just like how it feel when I fuck her and she make me a meal" oh god I really hope he wasn't talking about this bitch

No. 449932

Ok in this drawing her face is the exact shape of a potato I can’t

No. 449933

I think it's so sad … they really are seeing things as they want or maybe how he was when he was younger. I think he was probabaly how they describe him but the drugs and the lifestyle with this group and the tour fucked him up. Obviously no one except them him and Emma know the extent of their relationship but I think this is just what they want to believe, I can't imagine peep being a person who could definitively plan for the future like that when they were both dating other people, Emma seemed/ seems serious with this rahkavelli guy but we know peep was kind of a serial dater. I honestly feel bad for Layla because Emma's getting all the spotlight when she was definitely with him more in the recent past and through his career

No. 449939

File: 1513955677945.png (55.97 KB, 640x432, IMG_3783.PNG)

bitch was just at the fire department a couple days ago with her geekass boyfriend trying to get a dior ring off her sausage finger. keep trying to convince ppl you're happy, because it's hilarious

No. 449947

File: 1513956461999.jpg (420 KB, 2048x2048, 34FA7233-2BAA-47F0-BD0B-74393A…)


cass's insta pic is still her in layla's apartment wearing layla's hoodie, while dating layla's boyfriend. it's just so embarrassing. her eyebrows are fucking tragic too, yet she still thinks she's hot shit. delusional. cass doesn't have one real friend who will tell her she looks ridiculous

No. 449963

she looks like no matter how many baby wipes she uses between showers that she can't fully get the smell of wet feet to go away.

No. 450029

i agree that his family is highlighting emma and peep's relationship a lot, maybe a bit too much, but it's pretty much the opposite of what you said in your last sentence. it's layla that's commonly known as peep's major gf because they were this "big" instagram couple AFTER he got famous, while people are only finding out about emma now. she still has a lot less spotlight than layla. it makes sense that his mom would be so adamant on letting everyone know that emma was peep's girlfriend because at the end of the day she hasn't even met layla and other girls claiming peep such as arz and potato face have proven themselves to be awful.

No. 450043

To be fair, peep commented on Emma's Instagram constantly, telling her he loved her, and a week before he died that he was "planning their wedding".

Obviously he had feelings for her but living across the country and living a life on the road at just barely 21 fucking potato face groupies doesn't scream "ready for real commitment".

No. 450104

this video is so whitepeople.avi

i'm still lol at her acting offended she isnt verified on insta, bitch who are you? maybe its bc youre a nobody who buys views and followers

No. 450159

>makes fun of self harm
> simultaneously has suicidal outburst while guilt tripping her 2 fans

No. 450202

He told arz he was gonna marry her too lmao, she posted the caps.

The kid was a just player. I wonder if he ever told Layla it.

No. 450244

I'm sure he did. It's interesting to me how Layla was the only name we know of that he got tatted, like why didn't he tat Emma's?

No. 450298

a new lil peep interview for i-d just came out and he mentions self harm in his past, she obviously didn’t know the “love of her life” if she makes fun of it.

No. 450326

he did. when layla wasnt talking to him he told someone/her fans 'tell layla we're going to get married'

No. 450365

No. 450367


but if you're the same anon who ALWAYS replies asking for links and screenshots when it's perfectly clear how to find them, please just google that shit next time.

No. 450384

Not that anon but you do realize this is an image board, right? if there's an image to help support and prove what you're saying, post it. Or what you say has little backing. It's just board etiquette.

No. 450514

Yeah but I feel like it's different when it's a one sided conversation. Emma never responded to his affections on Instagram while arz and Layla practically were salivating for it.

He was absolutely "player". He was a semi decent looking dude with a little bit of credibility and tons of groupies ready and willing. Any 20 year old dude would be plowing left and right.

No. 450591

That screencap had arzaylea saying she wanted to marry peep,not the other way around. he just said something like “awwww babe”.

No. 450593

File: 1514006457360.jpeg (241.08 KB, 1242x1476, 23AA2A4D-D0E4-44A7-9BAE-C242DF…)

No. 450594

File: 1514006499965.jpeg (257.39 KB, 1242x1379, 002F469B-4B5E-4866-BC71-EA5FC6…)

No. 450705

i know these have been posted before and it's been said 1000 times but god damn these are so embarrassing like the way she acts about it is ridiculous 'i love u too bitch' is literally the response how endearing lmaooo and then the tattoo like christ the cringe is real

No. 450882

File: 1514044933568.png (112.36 KB, 750x1063, IMG_4286.PNG)

No. 450883


Oh god she sent him her preschool poetry?

Girl no. Just…no. I just cannot believe she'd post this publicly. If a dude responded to my long ass texts like that privately, I'd be humiliated. Like she's pouring her retarded heart out to him and he's sending her one word responses. Take the hint, he's not that into you. Why would she share this with the world? Is she that much of a hoe that she's never had a guy treat her with actual interest and respect? Sad. These sorts of one sided convos are all she probably ever has experienced.

No. 450895


it's about time bella moved on from matt, never saw the appeal in him. he's a tryhard and looks like a fucking bulldog. idk about this cortex fool but at least she's dating again

No. 450995

I thought this was Bella Thorne at first and modsun looks like a bulldog too so it fit lol. Who is this internetgirl bitch

No. 450999


her name is bella mcfadden @internetgirl on instagram and her ex boyfriend is matthew @wolfdrawn

No. 451083

@internetgirl is beyond boring. The only entertaining part abt her is how hard she tries to be different.

No. 451108

“Again” she was single for like a month between her and Matt’s public falling out.

Cortex is cool, a lot less visually complimenting than Matt tho. They had “the look” on lock together.
Cortex is moneyposse, they like to party a lot but mostly keep to themselves and take what they do seriously.

No. 451190

these people look like 'lords of salem' casting rejects.

No. 451371

File: 1514086274104.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, BFF73AC9-F078-4E96-B30E-F30FAF…)

fucking gross

No. 451416

why say this

do you guys think tyler is submissive

No. 451444

that’s why they were good together, they’re both desperate tryhards pretending to be relevant lol. bella has no actual talent, all she does is put random shit from value village and goodwill on and take pics. at least matt is dedicated to bmxing and is doing something with it. agreed he looks like a bulldog but she has the face of a 77 year old woman with that hooked nose and downturned mouth and eyes.

No. 451486

File: 1514105997050.png (64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9386.PNG)

No. 451588

Tried to smoke a blunt with Bexey after the COWYS tour and he said he was the only one who didn’t smoke or do drugs ??

No. 451598

Cassidy definitely lurks here, she changed her IG photo after the comments about it

No. 451726

I’ve been thinking the same thing, especially when she changed her bio to address lurkers and reassuring them she’s “hotter than the last time anyone checked in on her”. Whatever, skinwalker.

No. 451905

File: 1514167382124.jpeg (472.59 KB, 750x1288, C8ECF3D8-066B-4110-892A-A51189…)

i appreciate the self awareness i guess

No. 451966

Lmao true that. Honestly some of their posts from this outing look pretty genuine ? Maybe they're just super faking it but idk they actually seem like somewhat happy and having a good time together

No. 452001

wish they would care about each other enough to get good therapists, honestly. flex on that pepper ann. this shit has a glass ceiling and you guys need help to be able to go on to the next part of life successfully.

neither of these people have hurt anyone but each other/them selves. i genuinely hope they just chill out and get help. please. tyler is bipolar and layla has trauma issues, this shit won't last long but i can see why they feel like they have to keep coming back to each other. they both lost peep; to layla that was her clout-daddy and to pepper ann that was, well, also his clout-daddy and """bro""". it's typical but will not end well.

fuck i just want something good to happen for once oh my god.

No. 452109

Ugh same, like this isn't sustainable. Maybe it is financially but not physically. Both of them are literally had way through their 20s still doing 17 year old shit. Hope they really work on themselves in the new year, if they can do that and wanna stay together that's cool but I can't really imagine that from pepper

No. 452128

Ugh same, like this isn't sustainable. Maybe it is financially but not physically. Both of them are literally had way through their 20s still doing 17 year old shit. Hope they really work on themselves in the new year, if they can do that and wanna stay together that's cool but I can't really imagine that from pepper

No. 452133

i think pepper ann is real in the sense that he doesn't want some insta-thot, but he's not looking so great emotionally abusing layla into a relationship over and over and over just because she dated peep. she has so many things going for her she's just straight ignoring.

honestly girl needs to cash in on her lifestyle now. like start a patreon at least, do paid live chats with a smaller audience so they get more of her time, maybe video blogs of her life style. doing some ironic make up tutorials would even be fun, she has a sense of humor and is weirdly likable on camera. if she can't stop this behavior she needs to start monetizing the fuck out of it.

she s right, her life is a soap opera and people are just watching her die. maybe making money off her antics will start to show herself she has value.

No. 452152

Big facts. I'm sure she's making enough to
Pay her rent but with over half a million followers she should be manipulating the fuck out of her position. She has the resources and fan base to make herself pretty much set for a longggggg ass time. Really hope she does that, I'd watch her vlogs she's funny af the first time I watched her I was expecting to cringe after reading all this stuff but she was actually likeable

No. 452215

I know that armchair psychiatry is frowned upon here, however, I'm legitimately working on my PhD in psychiatry. Knowing what I know about the human psyche this shit literally makes me want to beat my head against a wall. The prefrontal cortex isn't fully developed until you hit 25, which means decision making skills are questionable at best until said age. However, most people show steady gradual improvement, excluding these two. I'm convinced they get off on fucking themselves up in every possible aspect. I'm still unsure of Layla's actual age, but there's no excuse for her to be acting like a teenager. Same applies to Tyler. It's apparent they lack the ability to foreshadow, and have a basic understanding of consequences. I suppose I'm next level frustrated because both of them have the funds to receive mental treatment, but they would rather blow it on designer bullshit that doesn't help them in anyway. If they would think about their future they would realize that this roller coaster they're on is inevitably going to crash. The money/availability to said money isn't going to last forever. They're in a position to grow their own empire and create more business opportunities, but they're fucking everything up instead. In 10 years they're going to be nothing, because let's be honest, no one looks up to/supports 30+ year olds who have nothing to offer. They need to shit or get off the pot. (Sorry for the novel)

No. 452244

File: 1514239538269.png (3.54 MB, 750x1334, 4D0E8873-C63C-4867-99DD-4191C7…)

these brownies cost $3 at your local rite aid, vons, dollar tree, 99 cent store, fred meyer, etc. how do you wear gucci and LV but gift shit things like that ?? they really are broke. they just buy new cloths, wear them for a few weeks and sell them saying they have never been worn ? i find it funny. also layla pawns in most of her clothes any ways (her LV shoes, bags, jackets)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 452277

what does she have against wig glue? she should just stop trying with wigs. she shouldn't have shaved her hair.
i like bella's style but she really is the ugly sister. she trys SO hard and comes off as cringy and annoying.

No. 452278

where did you hear she pawns her stuff?

No. 452319

File: 1514249782359.png (167.35 KB, 640x722, IMG_3945.PNG)

….. is this supposed to be cute?

No. 452320

she's posted about it lots of times before she'll get into moods basically and sell everything she owns, well the expensive shit

No. 452322

Ew I just saw this and it's just like …. we all know how he was so it's just like girl this still isn't cute STOP acting like marriage was on the way.

No. 452326

Ugh this. So true, like these people are literally 24, Layla might be 25. It seems like Tyler has a lot of money but I'm curious as to whether his family has money or it's all been made from superradical. How much do you think he makes from all
That shit? Like are these people millionaires I'm just honestly so perplexed by their financial situations because there's so many contradictions. Regardless unless there's some hefty trust fund this will all go fast. It's not cute to be pushing 30 acting 16.

No. 452335

File: 1514250254954.png (183.15 KB, 640x904, IMG_3950.PNG)

lmfao chelsea drew fanart of her & peep. she's so creepy, obsessed, & untalented

No. 452355

>gotten the chance to see and feel the beautiful soul that embodied his human suit


like every other groupie she needs to take the l from this fame shit and just tell us the hookup deets. or respect a dead man idk

No. 452383

w888888 did chili draw this or did a fan draw that? her face looks terrible. why is this happening.

she's so young can she please just wake up and change her friends group before she starves herself, does HELLA COKE, and becomes like shrimp or something? tattoo removal is accessible.

also chili get it the fuck together. we're a group of girls/woman and we live the double standards and we joke about your shit but it's with real fucking advise that you won't get from a therapist. none of these men care, mackned used megan (the drug girl) as a scapegoat, and not he's using you as an attack dog. y'all need to stop being bitches, everyone sees it, get your shit together. honestly unless you are an actual creative pursuing your vision, there is NO REASON to want to fit in with these vampiric assholes. they're self medicating artists who will always use you if they are men. any woman you probably won't know how to respect correctly, so get your shit together.

No. 452403

File: 1514255310236.png (299.35 KB, 460x460, 4568150C-5F04-4A49-AF22-A0C095…)

u wake up at 3am and suddenly see this. wyd?

No. 452437

This is the grossest most disturbing image on this thread

No. 452459

this is so fucking embarrassing.

>i don't know why i deleted this

because it's so so so so fucking cringy?

>it's my way of expressing a memory

of? when he was hitting it from behind so he didn't have to nod off gazing at that potato face?

i don't even know if i can recover from this. she spent so much time on the tattoos.

No. 452463


>i don't know why i deleted this..

deleted it again. thank u anon for keeping this monstrosity alive. i don't want her to be able to escape from this fucking cringe.

No. 452490

wow, this is gross. this is like, drawing porno of a dead guy almost? like, not even a sweet photo of him caressing her face or something. of course he had to be fucking her in the memorial piece she drew. jfc, what white trash. i'm sure his family will see this, too. like anyone he was related to wants to remember that he was a worldwide manwhore.

No. 452521

Wait so is cheljispam literally cheljis other account? Either way the pic is horrible af but I thought it was some weird fan account. I might die from cringing so hard to hear she actually drew it

No. 452608

File: 1514268842343.png (54.14 KB, 365x552, IMG_3858.PNG)


It's her account and her drawing, she signed it also. Chelji is pure cringe

No. 452651

without the piss poor attempt at trap-style hep c infused tattoos she’s just your average uk slag with a spud face and sixhead here to drink a pint of crisps and pull some low-grade insta-famous dick.

guess she ran out of peep photos so she’s just drawing them from memory now.

No. 452657

File: 1514278184254.jpeg (36.14 KB, 328x346, B79CA402-C380-4E03-A3BE-37DC9E…)

TP looks like an orc.

No. 452735

File: 1514299623141.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3993.PNG)


cass was at the hospital on christmas for some reason? she looks like shit, even while she was with corey's family. clearly she's soooo happy and doing soooo well

No. 452743

lmao these people. too poor rumored suicide and now this bitch comes out with these health claims. she does look like shit tho probably dehydration she's dumb af for putting this on the internet.

No. 452744

File: 1514300947976.jpeg (90.19 KB, 1242x676, 309F44DD-169C-463A-B7CA-430840…)

She’s absolutely been lurking here too.
But I dunno, her and Corey seem pretty happy together. He comes across as a pretty normal/nice guy unlike shitty pepper ann

No. 452752

Maybe if you get rid of every little thing that can trigger the fuck out of you guys and literally ban someone for a day or two then there would be no infighting. Fine, keep saying but little pointless shit, just stop.

Sage for honesty and just annoyance, but I know I’ll still get banned because eventually this will make an admin’s bra strap pop.

No. 452753

Their off topic posts had info.

No. 452758

Wasn't he part of cas's scheme to hurt Layla right after peep died? Maybe he wasn't actively posting stuff to hurt and make Layla jealous but he was part of it and didn't seem to have a problem with it so he clearly isn't that nice.

It's probably all the drugs/drinking

I thought she said she was going to leave it all behind? She seriously needs to stop attention whoring and let him rest

I highly doubt they're millionaires. I think Tyler makes more money than Layla. I think Layla makes enough to get comfortably by but both her and Tyler seems the kind to throw away their paycheck on dumb shit and don't save any money which is dumb as fuck considering its unlikely that they'll keep making all this money well into the future. They need to widen up and invest their money into something more worthwhile instead of s bunch of expensive clothes, especially Layla.

No. 452768

tf? she has no hair. jesus, this bulldog ass lookin hoe has some balls still trying to milk hopping on a dead mans dick. i'd be insecure if i were her but i guess nothing stops a narc

No. 452773

File: 1514305305254.jpeg (98.21 KB, 364x364, F3DCFDB1-23AE-4646-92B9-D732C5…)

This is so rank

No. 452790

File: 1514307643044.png (367.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3947.PNG)

Kind of bringing back this topic but, Peeps grandmother is in extreme denial. This is real interview he did with vice confirming his mental Heath/ addiction issues and she blocked me for posting it in a group on fb. I understand they're grieving but denying that he had issues isn't the right thing to do. There's nothing wrong with the truth, this is why he has so many fans bc so many people can relate. Idk why they won't just accept the truth? Like no he didn't kill himself / intend to die but he did have serious issues

No. 452812

did you directly address her/tag her on your post? because if you didn't, her reaction is a bit too much. those are his grandson's exact words. i would be pissed too if potato face or other groupies came to me telling me how my grandson was or wasn't depressed, but you can't block out the things that he chose to share himself.

No. 452816

File: 1514312320296.jpeg (825.32 KB, 1242x1624, D0C43334-066C-43D2-8D10-EFC209…)

lmao so this is chelji’s mother. i don’t always agree with jenny and the way she reacts but i can’t help but admire her commitment to drag the people she wants to drag, this shit is from 2011

No. 452822

File: 1514312716150.jpeg (348.77 KB, 1242x571, 06C39160-FF2C-4248-B67B-4308A2…)

No. 452839

wow. what a fucking pair, love how both sow and calf have a history in shit Brit tabloids.
how fucking embarrassing tho, so fame hungry they’ll proudly settle on bad publicity. “look mummy, I made the daily mail for looking like I’d empty some balls instead of a bin”
“good on ya kiddo, my three chins made some c-list rag mag for being a fraudulent sack of wet shit”

I either hope this falls through and devastates her or 100% comes to fruition so I can come back here and read the comments. Drinking loads of trapstar cum doesn’t mean you can all of a sudden spit some verses. Her single is going to be the musical version of that drawing she did of her and peep.

No. 453764

Last night on Layla's live she answered a question about Corey and Cass.
She said something along the lines of "she can keep him he's a broke boy"

No. 453806

No I literally just posted the link in the group and she was in it. But exactly it was literally him speaking. Now I can't see her drags anymore so I'm a bit mad but how is she mad about something he literally spoke to an international news source smh

No. 453819

it might be a culture thing, or that they feel it reflects on them.

or they just don't want something so personal getting out, even though this, if anything, helps alleviate the mental health stigma and gets people talking in a real way.

the only thing i can think of are copy cat suicides. a lot of his fans are much worse off with nothing going for them and would die like peep. it's a really fucking difficult time of year.

No. 453834

File: 1514326367044.jpeg (122.94 KB, 735x1089, 22555E5E-BF30-4C65-9109-6F0F29…)

TP posted an alleged secretly recorded video of Tyler complimenting her to show his ‘soft side’ — although in the comments she states she probably needs to delete it so he doesn’t kill her. So soft!
Her idea of compliments are generally all superficial. He says she looks good, has nice nails, eyelashes… and she’s cooing while he monotonously mutters this grocery list of vague attributes he likes. He does mention she’s a good person but that’s so fucking generic and uninspired.
I feel kind of bad that she’s so enamoured and thinks this makes him look sweet when anyone could better woo a department store mannequin with these same plastic praises. Saddddd.

No. 454150

I started watching this maybe expecting something actually cute / sweet then it's legit some forced ass compliments. He would want THIS deleted?? This isn't even soft. I really hope he's better in private because how can she be settling for this 16 year old acting rag doll

No. 454196

I know everyone in general is team emma and I understand their history and everything but let's be honest she's definitely milking shit on instagram. Her story rn is waking up hysterically crying is always fun… don't wanna sc since it's kinda insensitive but it's just not necessary to post that. Especially now that she has a semi large following she knows she's getting attention off of it. In some way literally everyone involved with him is trying subconsciously or consciously to get clout from this event. She never posted before and it appeared that they saw each other rarely in the year before his death. She definitely enjoys being painted as his pure one true love, let's be real

No. 454207

16 years old in looks too. I really don’t understand what she sees in him. Maybe it’s because she knows no one will ever try to steal her man?
He can buy you all the LV in the world Layla, but ya boy still ain’t cute.

No. 454234

peep always wanted his family taken care of, i think because she was in his life as a love for a very long time, he would want her to have the clout - if anyone. if she actually cares about her mental health though she's making it way worse for herself and needs to get the fuck offline. people know who she is now, she'll still have that following should she want it, but she needs to try for peep. no one is fucking trying lol.

clout. thassit. which is hella dumb cause clout doesn't pay your rent unless she's charging her audience somehow. bitch needs to stop giving it away for free.

No. 454241

in my wildest dream layla breaks up with tyler right before new years and understand he's just using her for clout. she starts some (dumb) new clothing line and sells all her bullshit to pay for her fashion degree so she learns how to hustle even harder - or not and keeps it diy. but mainly sells her designer ephemera and gets a therapist who keeps her strong.

No. 454255

File: 1514398259874.jpeg (217.22 KB, 1125x749, F0722A69-7B20-48AF-AA5C-D75977…)

Granny peep ain’t letting up on Mackned

No. 454258

even on her snapchat when she asked him to say 'i love you' he wouldnt but then that followed with "well i got 400$ on my head" (he was wearing gucci sunglasses) either she really is still in this for the financial benefits and is letting his shit abusive behavior slide from it, or she generally loves him and maybe thinks she deserves it.

shes her best when shes not with this shit head

No. 454262

She's so delusional. Like I feel bad for her but she's needs to stop. Watch or read any recent interview. Peep had issues. He suffered severe anxiety, especially on tour and performing in front of thousands of people who treated him like he was God in human form. For someone with social anxiety that's so much to handle, he was never doing this for the fame he genuinely enjoyed making music so to be in that situation of course he's going to take xans and percs and anything to take the edge off. Mackned is dumb af for not warning him or saving him in acute OD but peep wanted the drugs idk why they keep denying this. He was self medicating for untreated mental illness. There's nothing wrong with this, he wanted his fans to know about his struggles and he never glamorized imo he was just being real. The sooner they accept the truth the sooner they'll be able to start some type of healing. They should be angry for everyone who didn't notice he was dying but not at anyone for "bringing him drugs" bc peep needed those. Xans and percs aren't things you can just leisurely stop after physiological addiction sets in

No. 454265

File: 1514398972992.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3964.PNG)

I can't … the bottom is deff a text from him. Interesting how now she's turned her comments on

No. 454274

curious how she deliberately ignores the (countless) lyrics in which peep talks about his mental illness and drug abuse and dismisses it all as poetic licence of some kind, but when he mentions doing drugs with gbc in his songs then they need to be held accountable for his death.

also by now we all know peep started doing drugs way before he even knew who mackned was.

No. 454291

Exactly, like he was doing drugs in high school before he'd ever been to LA. Obviously he was a good person and to them he probabaly didn't seem like an addict or anything but he spent such a small amount of the past few years with them. They need to realize that mental illness , addiction, and being a sweet great son/grandson / person can all coexist. Him being an addict or mentally ill doesn't lessen any aspect of him. He wouldn't have so many fans if he didn't connect in this way. He's one of the few that was storytelling instead of glamorizing with his lyrics. More respect to him. They should accept it and perpetuate treatment seeking in his name as they are now in charge of his estate. It's just a sad situation in every aspect

No. 454315

yup you phrased it perfectly. perpetuating the idea that having a relative who was or is an addict is something to deny at all costs and be ashamed about only helps the stigma and makes it worse for everyone. of course it's not something to be proud either but you know what i mean. then again, i wish there was someone to explain this to her other than chelsea's "he told me he wanted to die uwu" trashy ass.

No. 454401

nah mackned specifically got him into opiates not even like a year ago, it's in the schema posse interview (it's a long ass interview and it's somewhere lost in the middle, it's not worth looking unless a lot of anon request) everyone in the group all points to mackned when talking about drugs and how peep got off h just to get back on them. vibed like mackned was feeding him them or pressuring him or whatever.

point being, he was such an easy target. ex-addict now blowing up all over the world, mackned maybe didn't mean to kill him but he meant to slow him down and fuck his shit up. not only that but who lets their friend take sketchy pills and not check up on them? especially given his vast experience. he wanted something to happen, taking his favorite coat was his idea of being handed the torch.