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No. 799153



This thread is dedicated to Layla “Too Poor” Shapiro and assorted cows featured in the larger SoundClout universe. The SoundClout umbrella encompasses rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, models, &c. Felony charges and deaths due to either glorified drug use or violence have been on the rise over the past year, so 2019 sure looks set to be a milky one.


>Layla Shapiro/Too Poor - Instafamous pseudogoth and “model” who had a very public and very toxic relationship with both Lil Peep and Tyler Grosso. Currently dating Nolan Santana/Killstation, a friend of Peep. Makes money from customised merch, sporadic “DJ” bookings and attempting to embark on a cheap SoundClout musical career of her own. Currently on the wagon and advocating sobriety. Toned down the oversharing and self-destructive, cringy behavior after Peep’s death and being mocked by strangers and her peers yet still refuses to finally graduate from her bullshit and make the most of her following.

>Tyler Grosso/Pepper Ann – SoundClout’s very own Pillsbury Doughboy felon and the least self-aware person in the world. Peddles shit designs that are unoriginal at best and stolen at worst via his clothing brand Superrradical. Regularly scams both his own fans along Peep’s fans and family out of money. Has no personality of his own and embarrassingly clings to rappers and tweets/tags them to suggest relevancy. Has no filter and overshares every mood swing, resulting in either relentless whining about not having any friends/girls to bang and delusions of grandeur. Abuses drugs and purportedly lost a kidney as a result of his lean habit. Appears to have instated an annual suicide bait-fest wherein he gives away all his material possessions (including hideous overpriced designer nonsense) for free. Inadvertently caused the death of his dog by not taking him to the vet. Crashed three Porsches and is now on probation. Strong contender for SoundCow of the year with his glorified drug habit and lack of impulse control.

>Kevin Pouya/Pouya - Rapper associated with Peep, disgusting misogynist with several rape accusations under his belt. Along with Fat Nick has made several groupie gang bang videos, the surfacing of which lends further credibility to the rape accusations. Currently very mad and defensive about it and very maturely tells his haters to “suck his dick” and flexes with his opulent lifestyle. Virtue-signals by dating cancer victim youngbabycoco while looking like a starving hobo next to her.

>Courtney Neville/Coco/youngbabycoco - Kevin’s girlfriend/enabler. Instathot with what is possibly the most horrendous make-up application in history and self-proclaimed ~angel~. Suffering from soft tissue cancer yet still finds the energy to accuse her boyfriend’s rape victims of lying. Becoming less angelic and more desperate by the day, defends her rapist boyfriend and relentlessly attempts to stick it to the “liars”. Screeches about FAAAAAX, slander and lawyers in a gloriously unhinged manner that can only be rivalled by Onision.

>Nicholas Minucci/Fat Nick – Grossly obese rapper associated with Peep and Pouya who also has several rape accusations under his belt. Rode Peep’s dead dick for clout. Is currently paying a cross-eyed stripper who looks like 6ix9ine in drag (Cam Anderson/luvmecamille) to be his girlfriend proxy. She calls him “big stink” (barf) and probably only tolerates him because he pays for her wigs.

>Cassidy Hill/Cass/hotelshrimp - Layla’s ex BFF turned skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating Layla’s ex boyfriend Corey 2 weeks after Peep’s passing. Known for her atrocious anatomically impossible shoops and make-up that is almost as bad as Courtney’s. Currently trying to stay sober and become a wholesome qween role model after celebrating and oversharing her coke addiction and raging dumpster fire lifestyle.

>Paris Vazquez/prodbyparis - Vacuous Bud Light shotgunning dudebro fuckboi who produced the imaginatively titled album ‘One Night In Paris’ in 2 days. Snapped up by a record label to profit off Peep’s posthumous popularity. Subtweets and deletes shit about other artists. Slowly fading into irrelevancy. Aubrie Elle/sp00kybabyyy’s poisonous on/off flavour of choice.

>Arzaylea Rodriguez/Arz/Arse - Dated Peep for a hot minute, was his most recent ex at the time of his passing. One of the many scumbags that has attempted to ride his dick for clout, most notably via an unauthorised pop-up and GoFundMe campaign which she alleged was for Peep’s family (all proceeds of which are MIA). Has terrible lip fillers and writes the worst poetry known to mankind.

>Marilyn Rondon/sheyatted/intellectualchica - Peep-obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age hippy nonsense and despite her self-proclaimed intellectual status has a very poor grasp on spelling and grammar. Has a proliferation of Peep-inspired memorial face tatts and refers to him as her “twin flame” despite spending limited time together/their relationship being platonic. Has pitched a tent in the comments section of all SoundClout social media posts. Is in her 30s and way too old for this nonsense.

>Annie - 18 year old girlfriend to Diego - Lil Xan. Faked a pregnancy and then a miscarriage. Insists it's true but the ultrasound pic she posted was stolen from Google images.


>Pepper Ann moved back to North Carolina, probably with his mommy. Has been posting vaguely suicidal thoughts.

>Layla actually stood up to Pouya and exposed him as the rapist he is after he accused her of stealing Coconut's necklace. Pouya then backpedaled and asked his fangirls to stop attacking Layla. Layla ended up backpedaling as well, despite saying she'd help victims.

>Annie posts about her "miscarriage" in graphic details.

>Pouya deleted his Twitter account.










Fat Nick:















All lolcow rules apply. Read them and follow them: https://lolcow.farm/rules

Furthermore, the following topics are frowned upon and may lead to a ban:

-Peep psychoanalysis and the dissection of his “romantic” relationships. Only discuss current milk relating to Peep’s ghost. Peepettes can either integrate or fuck off

-Discussion of musical merits

-Excessive talk about irrelevant attentionwhores such as Chelji and Luke Storey. Let them fade into oblivion where they belong.

No. 799155


I mostly copied and pasted the last OP but I added some new milk as well as links to Annie's social media.

First time creating a thread, sorry for any mistakes.

No. 799213


Adam22 mentioned Annies miscarriage in one of his daily news vids last week and while he was like 'oh how terrible for them' he said it all with no emotion

Comment section was full of people that picked up on it too. Nobody is buying their shit anymore, even his 'friends' don't care

No. 799290

File: 1555827558873.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1242x1821, 01B6B512-443A-4A2B-80D0-D694B5…)

No. 799291

File: 1555827609872.jpeg (138.9 KB, 1242x566, 1FDE36BF-A17C-4552-857F-C31E6D…)

yo i’m sorry but this comment left on her photo had me dead 💀

No. 799297

holy melanoma

No. 799303

use a fresh pic when you make a new thread

No. 799323

Thanks I'll know for next time

No. 799386

is this blackface

No. 799416

Looks like shrimp and Corey broke up they unfollowed each other

No. 799748

File: 1556041354570.jpeg (93.53 KB, 1080x1349, 1555999670941.jpeg)

No. 799749

I'd bet money he dumped her. She's been relapsy af

No. 799752

Kevin legit never looks happy around her

No. 799783

No shit. Once she relapsed and admitted to it she also stopped doing group therapy. She hadn’t been promoting her “healthy sober life” in a a little over a month. It’s truly started to look like she’s clearly back to drinking and substance abuse.

No. 799792

jfc her cube tits are so disgusting

No. 799793

File: 1556055254169.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1701, Screenshot_2019-04-23-16-28-34…)

I can't believe she tried to headfuck Layla after her ex fucking died and it backfired so horribly lmao

No. 799794

She really did play herself. Like what was her endgame to have TP OD on heroin? Sometimes I catch myself feeling bad for her and then I remember she's literal garbage.

No. 799796

did xan finally ditch annie? She’s like nowhere on his instagram anymore

No. 799808


He still has their pregnancy announcement and a very staged photo of them "reading" baby books in his feed but yeah. Xan's relevance is fading fast and their dumbass publicity stunt backfired massively so I think he's just trying to post whatever he can for any attention he can squeeze out of whatever, he's literally telling people to make a meme out of a recent post. Would not be surprised if Annie gets kicked to the curb shortly.

No. 799861

File: 1556068667180.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20190421-010600~2.p…)

Recent image of Cass. Definitely not so sober.

No. 799910

He was on adam22 stream an hour ago and he said he thinks Annie may have faked the pregnancy without his involvement.
Starts ay 33:50 if the video doesn't already start it at that time stamp


No. 799912


Aaaand it happened! He was on IG stories like 40 min ago saying that he's been single for the last week and that Annie tricked him into thinking she was pregnant and that he had absolutely no idea she was faking it, LMAO. He totally threw her under the bus…how shocking.

No. 799917

If anyone watched Annie's "boyfriend tag" video it's suuupper obvious she was taking advantage of him for clout and trying to jumpstart a Youtube career for hersef. He's basically special needs with whatever pills he's gobbling

I thought he was in on it but I guess he really is just that stupid

No. 799919

She's honestly glowed down so hard since leaving LA. She lowkey used to be cute and have a life

No. 799920

i dont believe he had no idea. he himself said he was with her in the hospital when she had the miscarriage? they were both lying.

No. 799921

Agreed. I think he's pretending he was oblivious so he doesn't face backlash over the fake miscarriage. He's putting it all on her to avoid responsibility (typical)

No. 799922

File: 1556086439688.png (591.3 KB, 760x1164, Screenshot_20190424-031244.png)


He also posted a story sounding like he's crying? asking people to get hold of Annie and tell her to go to "clays"

No. 799955

lmaooooo damn i just had a feeling once he posted the pic of the other bitch. They are both such morons he sounds like he’s for real special needs these days and she was a complete wack job

No. 799958


After months of seeing Annies BS on Insta, this was pretty satisfying. From him calling the pregnancy tests fake to him describing the kind of girl that he wants… I feel Adam gets him high before all his interviews to get that kind of honesty out of him

No. 799974

File: 1556123626574.png (9.12 MB, 1242x2208, A09EA93E-E2E4-4820-BB7F-B64E90…)

No. 799979


He smeared her ass all over the internet, called her a liar and blamed the whole thing (which he was very much complicit in) on her and she got back together with him literally hours later? This is a total dumpster fire even by toxic SoundClout garbage person standards. I'm here for it.

No. 800020


My fave quote from the No Jumper interview is him saying that Annie loves him a whole lot more than he loves her…

Now we all know that the reality of their relationship is him sleeping around and her getting butthurt about it. Xan even described what he wants his next gf to be like.. She's desperate

No. 800031

What? All she did was skinwalk and chase Layla to la when she was what, 18/19? She was cute only because her drinking, partying, and eating disorder didn’t catch up to her.

No. 800118

Honestly, this picture looks like she's sober trying to look high. But that's kinda her ~brand~ or whatever. Wouldn't be surprised if she was back on her bullshit though.
Haven't watched the No Jumper interview yet but this is a fuckin goldmine. Xan has a history of being sloppy as fuck with his relationships on social media so I'm not even surprised they're publicizing this co-dependent shit storm. Also lol at the fact that he posted a screenshot from one of the videos she posted announcing her miscarriage aftter pulling that shit on No Jumper.
>judging people about who they fall in love with is so sad
I mean nobody gives a shit you're back on with a D list celebrity you've been on and off with since you were a minor. But when you steal an ultrasound from mother who lost her child and then fake some real shit that real people actually go through yeah people are gonna judge.
No surprise she went back to him. They both have extremely fucked up perceptions of love and relationships. Xan said himself he first asked her to be his girlfriend the day after they met and told her he loved her right after. And that clearly didn't set off any red flags for Annie. It's a milky, drugged hazed, train wreck I can't look away from.

No. 800119

wheeeeew this is the best shitshow i’ve watched since the first time coco talked about receipts. i mean he really went faaarrrrr to diss her in that interview and like a day later they’re back to their 6th graders w too much freedom lifestyle ………….. im also super fucking here for it

No. 800129


It was less than a day! He literally went on No Jumper stream and talked a gang of shit and blamed her for everything, did the same on his IG stories, then like 2 hours later was posting begging her to come over so they could work it out and she did apparently. I lowkey almost feel bad for Annie, it's so obvious that he has zero respect for her and she's out here looking hella dumb and trashing her reputation for an irrelevant fuckboy junkie who is never gonna act right. Everyone is dumb and messes up when they're 18 but this is so public and embarrassing and is going to define her existence for a loooong time.

No. 800173

Still more of a life than she has now lol

No. 800234

in grandpa22’s interview with celina powell xan clearly wants to fuck her lol. But Annie drove him there and dropped him off, when the interview was over she wen lt back to get him but he didnt wanna go with her because of celina. She got mad so she left and then went back again to pick him up lol

No. 800311

File: 1556214394552.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, 35BC7A69-6725-43F5-BF76-086471…)

Is that horse head? Weird lol I’m ready to see how far down she spirals

No. 800334

So I just stumbled across this thread (and all the others).

I went to college with "Coco" (known as Courtney back then).

Holy absolute fuckballs am I laughing my ass off now. She is the most narcissistic, shallow, and profoundly stupid person I have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I'm not surprised that she somehow managed to take all of that and make money from it, she has zero discernible talents / skills other than throwing her tits around.

This is giving me life, thank you all.

No. 800370

Horsehead has borderline personality disorder (like actually) so I'm not suprised that he impulsively let this washed up clout chaser hop on his dick again

Guess she realized Layla's cheating sloppy seconds weren't getting her anywhere. She looks waaay thinner I wonder is she relapsed and is purging again (probably)

No. 800374

File: 1556224859407.png (2.29 MB, 828x1792, 01DB6C51-78E2-4612-8E05-EC37A4…)

So they seem to be working things out

No. 800378

File: 1556226117994.jpg (157.37 KB, 1080x1080, Snapchat-691337234.jpg)

I doubt Kevin is even still into her. She was hot but she's always been extremely self-absorbed and insufferable imo. He was literally constantly hooking up with fans during their relationship. Her screeching about how loyal she is just tells me she thinks not cheating is somehow above and beyond behavior and not standard practice in a relationship.

No. 800384

He always looks like he'd rather eat glass than be invested in Coco. He's a disgusting swamp rat though

No. 800385

File: 1556226346065.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190424-222426.png)

Grosso looking ROUGH on live yesterday

No. 800389

Everything about this is pathetic. Didn’t he write so many shitty songs about her and didn’t she cheat?? She JUST broke up with Layla’s ex, this is so calculated to make him jealous. Horse has been and always will be a mere pawn to her, he needs some fucking self esteem.

No. 800410

how does he manage to look like an unkempt toddler and a crackhead simultaneously?

No. 800411

File: 1556239578983.png (2.01 MB, 828x1792, BBF7A2F0-EBA4-4120-99CF-D97957…)

Seems as if he was visiting his family because he is apparently back in LA. it would do him serious mental health help to move back home.

No. 800415

She tried to cheat on him with his friend while he was on tour and his friend told him then they broke up, idk if she managed to cheat with someone else on top of that. Horse has these short casual flings with clouted up girls so maybe it’s just one of those, but the fact that it’s his ex is not looking so great for him, especially since cass was Venmoing him while she was still with Corey and they hadn’t even refollowed each other.

No. 800423

File: 1556243505942.png (3.76 MB, 828x1792, 9F6350D3-0FE4-47A4-8C83-B648A4…)

What fucking cracks me up is this bitch wore her GBC socks to meet up with horse.

No. 800428

P sure those are horses socks she’s wearing

No. 800429

File: 1556246361225.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2688, 72135E53-E7A4-4179-9E96-63CD67…)

wtf is this picture? did coconuts cut him up or is it fake?

No. 800430

or did he get jumped?

No. 800431

I think it's for a music video or something

No. 800433

honestly, i forgot he made music for a second and forgot music videos were a thing oops

No. 800435

That looks like purple smudged eyeshadow with a plumb eyeliner underneath.

Damn! I was wishing upon every shooting star that this faggot would catch hands for all his rapey ways. Welp.

No. 800444

Tyler's constant mental health baiting is so goddamn played out. It's gonna be a mean kick in the ass when all of his supporters get sick of it and he can't run to social media for temporary validation anymore. Need a therapist? Go out and fucking get one. He has enough money to afford it which is damn sure more than most can say.
Has to be. He has way too much of a god complex to ever admit he got his ass beat.

No. 800453

File: 1556254144856.jpg (133.87 KB, 750x1334, tracy.jpg)

Surprised nobody is talking about this. The accuser seems credible and if there's a DNA match from the rape kit Tracy is probably done.

No. 800463

Questioning the validity of this, because the people who are making these allegations against him dropped a diss track right after. Extremely distasteful to call out someone for being a rapist on someone else behalf, and then also drop a diss track right afterwards. However, I wouldn't be fully surprised, because Tracy has been caught with underage people before.

No. 800464

File: 1556257654696.jpg (188.06 KB, 664x1024, lil-tracy-accused-of-rape-2019…)

Here's the girls post about it his fans got it deleted

No. 800466

Drop a link and/or the artist and track name

No. 800469

File: 1556258106183.png (983.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-26-00-43-44…)

No. 800472

yung shame isn't the only one making allegations he's just the one with the biggest following. There is at least one corroborating witness >>800464 and the main accuser herself says she will make a statement soon.

No. 800475

does baby goth fall into this soundclout umbrella so we can discuss her here or does she deserve a whole thread about her?

No. 800477

Well, since she doesn't even come from the soundcloud scene and that's just a label that was given to her by her label, I would say no. She doesn't even really interact with the soundcloud crowd. That and honestly, she deserves nothing because her career is going nowhere and doesn't really do anything interesting other than lie about her family and cucking her husband. But I mean, if you got milk, post it up.

No. 800480

She’s been posted about before but it was discouraged and stopped as a result, she’s really just a nobody like you said

The disstrack actually dropped before the instagram post was made which doesn’t mean its not true just that it was a thought out roll out which is probably a smart thing to do since people jump on any inconsistency.

Yungshame hanging out with yunggoth and having his own rape accusations and girls from at least 6 months ago calling him out for being a creep plus working with lilsodaboi(another known rapist) is definitely sus tho

Did anyone ever get any proof for the underage claims?

No. 800515

File: 1556293918758.jpeg (235.84 KB, 1122x1124, D03D7BBF-C479-4BBB-8CA2-33D9AD…)

Didn’t he try this back in December? …and no one showed up? does he think it will be different this time, or is he just looking to cry on the internet?

No. 800570

File: 1556305398616.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-26-13-57-16…)

So she regrets letting yungshame put her on that track. A really dumb shortsighted move for such a serious situation.

No. 800571

File: 1556305425504.png (962.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-26-13-58-33…)

No. 800574

File: 1556305871814.png (144.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-26-13-58-02…)

Might be smart. I'm still at a loss as to how frequently people attack victims for being "clout chasers" when usually all they gain is spam hate and everything they post getting deleted.

No. 800584


Mmmmk, Pep. Let's not pretend that if you actually do this (you won't) that it's for your tRuE fRiEnDs who really CaRe rather than just an opportunity for you to flex because supposedly being sooooo rich is like your defining personality trait. He is fucking insufferable.

No. 800597

Why does he feel the need to post this publicly he’s so embarrassing. Especially after all he cries about is how he has no one

No. 800620

File: 1556320374805.jpg (33.99 KB, 575x604, D5DPccRUUAIhaLZ.jpg)

Seems like Tyler is trying to get some Heroin now lmao.

No. 800624

File: 1556320973355.jpeg (704.63 KB, 750x1112, 4CCA76A1-C7EC-4308-8D29-2654EE…)

Kinda weird how he’s holding her tiddy but I’m honestly impressed they’ve stayed together this long and seem to be functional as well

No. 800631

Exactly, he has hella money from all his thievery; if anyone was a real fan of his, the fact that he’s in a major ass city/could afford a really fucking nice drug or mental illness program while those fans likely have issues themselves in a less privileged position and should by now resent the shit out of him.

He’s like Lilith in the way he’s nothing but a character that performs hardships and addictions, only at least compared to him Lilith could look attractive if she cleaned up and she’s admitted drugs ruined her life and she regrets it. Tyler will never speak out about the hell that is real addiction to help young and impressionable people, and will be forever raging peep got the Kurt cobain comparison while all he got was really fucking fat. Both peep and Kurt were really great at twisting public opinion in their favor, I have no idea what’s up with Tyler because he clearly has no conscience either but always comes out looking bad yet surrounds himself with plenty of narcissistic assholes to learn from.

No. 800637

these messages are literally timestamped from 2018, anon

No. 800638

It may be they didn’t want it swept under the rug so they made a song that will always be there, unlike an Instagram post (how did fans get it deleted?). Her friend’s actions have absolutely nothing to do with what was done to her, glad she has evidence because of rape culture shit like this.

Edited to add, didn’t see >>800480 my bad, all these men seem to be genuinely worthless and scummy. Worst case is the rapper used it as a calculated cover up to convince people he’s totally not a predator too, which is believable since ALL these dudes use women’s experiences for material, but again that should never compromise her validity.

No. 800651

They usually spam report things. I mean same thing happened to spooky when she had a thing with that Youtube dude and her whole account got temp deleted because of it. And Geneva (X's ex) has had a majority of her posts deleted because of spam reporting. If enough people report quick enough the algorithm automatically takes things down

No. 800709

This isn't looking good. Every survivor I know either didn't pursue a case or dropped it. It's tough shit to go through on top of the mental process that follows being raped. The fact she's gotten a kit done and filed a police report is enough for me to believe she's being honest. Hopefully, her kit will actually be tested and she'll be able to ignore fan pressure to drop the case.

No. 800775

Honestly even if TP was/is cowy she seems to be pretty calm and okay recently

No. 800790

File: 1556395270852.jpg (669.18 KB, 1406x1150, 20190427_130024.jpg)

Look at her lips wtf is going on?

No. 800805

After she found out about the thread she talked about how she's gonna use the internet less as a diary and more for business. I don't have much of an opinion on her but she's grown a lot and seems to have more self-awareness than the others on here.
Probably got some filler recently. It looks uneven as fuck

No. 800808

She really couldn’t facetune the redness/light bruising, and had to take a picture before that shit settled??
The injector isn’t skilled, it looks super lumpy, the top lip is overfilled (I kind of like the border, but the rest of the shape detracts from it), and the bottom lip is so square like it was overfilled on the sides, not a feminine shape at all. In previous pictures she used to stick out her bottom lip like an idiot and it strained her whole lower face, why she didn’t specify the bottom lip shape is beyond me. But if anyone deserves it……..

No. 800814

who tf cares about lip filler when you have cancer?

No. 800824

It’s hilarious how she stated she’s never had fillers. This chick is so self obsessed.

No. 800825

Criticize her excessive tanning, stress of traveling and dating a geriatric rapist, she’s allowed to feel good about herself it in no way compromises her recovery and if anything would promote a better mindset. She had to shave her head, gain weight, lose her eyebrows, has intense scars, and spend hella time in treatment, she has little to no control over her body and her appearance is basically her career. She has a vile personality but if she wants to get bad filler let her tf.

I really don’t think she did I think this is her first time, anyone else would know what to ask for and let it heal before posting.

Also when did she change her ig bio to ‘real life angel / puppy’ that’s so fucking immature, delusional, and childishly self obsessed, even more than usual

No. 800829

File: 1556411066222.png (363.98 KB, 750x1334, 18D92A9C-CB53-4235-BC71-0C8289…)

Someone accusing yung shame of rape

No. 800830

File: 1556411171847.png (352.58 KB, 750x1334, 19D7D36D-3787-4495-A3FF-88FAED…)

Yung shame sent a pornographic video of himself to a group chat full of minors

No. 800831

No. 800837

File: 1556412408001.jpg (89.66 KB, 500x375, 1535569864671.jpg)

too bad for her the internet exists

No. 800851

Ummmm as you can see from the picture above, she definitely has gotten fillers before. Probably just got them re done.

No. 800858

Ugh I feel so bad for the victim. This yungshame hypocrite clearly took advantage of her trauma to gain plays and notoriety for himself while he himself is a fucking predator just like Tracy and all he's doing is invalidating her claims and making her look like a "clout chaser"

I'm disgusted. She was in a vulnerable place emotionally and he used that to his advantage for personal gain. I hope she has better friends than this to lean on during this time because this is truly despicable.

No. 800877

File: 1556423593631.jpg (57.49 KB, 680x556, IMG_5799.JPG)

cursed image

No. 800906

It’s worth noting the girl in the video sent to the hinoni fan chat was the girl accusing, so she presumably got raped then had a threesome with the dudes who made that song (yungshame and capo) who filmed posted it. Her comments make it seem like she was fine with it going in the chat even with the young teens in it but shes understandably upset it got leaked. This whole thing is a shit show to say the least.

No. 800929

>even with the young teens in it

are you trying to justify soundclout scum hooking up with minors anon orrr–

bc regardless of whether or not she was "fine with it, it was NOT OK

No. 800931

Anything interesting stories about how she was back then anon?

I wondered if her narcissistic personality was just a result of her dating Pouya but apparently not

No. 800934

if we're clocking all he work, she's had her nose done too, idk why the fuck she continues to contour it so badly even though she's paid thousands to have that done already….

No. 800969

yo wtf this is coco??? hhahaha wtff

No. 800985

This has nothing to do with anyone sleeping with minors. I’m saying rose is totally fine with exposing herself to middle schoolers and having sex with known rapists, which doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped by someone else but dose mean she’s a shitty person.
The girl who leaked the video is also acting like a maniac and refusing to remove it even tho it’s technically revenge porn and rose really does want that out there. Every single person in this situation is scum even the girls.

No. 801004

This explicit video of yungshame and his friend (capoxxo on instagram) is of the woman who is accusing Tracy of rape. It was filmed five days after she was allegedly raped. The victim said she had tears in her vagina from the rape, but was having sex 5 days later which does not add up.

No. 801005

File: 1556483988298.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3464x3464, 1F9A8D50-B960-4B23-AE4E-D6DCE0…)

This is what she said about it yesterday on her instagram story.

No. 801012

where’s the link to the lil tracy diss track ft. his “rape victim” lmao

this woman is such a cow she’s playing the victim and crying about revenge porn. she let herself be filmed wit a dick in her mouth while a train was bein run on her stinky ass by two F-list soundclout rappers. what did she expect? she looked right into that camera and kept sucking

no sympathy for this dummy attention whore. she hopped on that diss track before her accusations for the attention and clout. it backfired

No. 801015

Hypersexuality and being reckless is definitely something that happens after someone is raped,

No. 801051

no evidence, but i've watched tracy's live and he/the group he was with seemed creepy.

No. 801092

I don't see how her taking a skanky video or even having anything to do with the dis track discredits her rape in any way.

and "what did she expect"? wtf, that doesn't justify revenge porn you retard. that's like saying victims of rape were asking for it because they were dressed 'slutty'. you have to be one of these soundcloud rappers yourself to have an IQ this low.

100% this, also. not to mention if she was doing slutty things before, she isn't necessarily going to stop just because she was raped – doing slutty things or taking consensual slutty videos doesn't mean you CAN'T be raped, jesus christ. there's a lot more attention seeking shit she could be playing up right now than the pretty rational replies I'm seeing screenshot above. whether she was 'really' raped or not is up for debate, but so far there's been nothing to disprove it

you can have vaginal tearing and still have non-painful sex a week later, or even just have sex and deal with that it hurts.

starting to question how many posters in this thread actually possess vaginas or if they're just severely under educated about their own…

No. 801095

I never heard of this yungshame z-lister but he's honestly such a slimeball

>is a rapist himself and has taken advantage of girls on drugs JUST LIKE TRACY

>immediately leaks sex vid of his rape victim "friend" who he claims he's trying to help to A LOT OF PEOPLE
>takes advantage of said friend's rape for clout even though he himself has accusations and makes not 1 but 2 tracks to milk the situation as much as possible

No. 801164

File: 1556548627621.png (759.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190429-101134.png)

look what tyler posted this morning,,,i hope killstation kicks his ass, prolly wont. Pepper Ann is so stupid. "Respecting women", more like triggering women(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 801166

File: 1556549380750.jpg (67.16 KB, 1221x510, Capture.JPG)


No. 801169

File: 1556550071894.jpeg (265.64 KB, 1242x1277, 18EEBDC3-F665-42D1-897F-B89331…)

No. 801170

File: 1556550094311.png (6.02 MB, 1242x2688, 1FA554B5-429D-497B-8FF1-15EEED…)

No. 801173

lol that's too fucking funny.
>i'm suicidal u guise but i wanna do a slimeball yt cringefest before i go!!

No. 801192


Consensually recording yourself having sex isn’t the same as dressing provactively and being raped, dunce. The comparison is nonexistent. She allowed a scummy man to film her sucking his dick, now she has to deal with the consequences of her retard decisions. So yeah, what did she expect from that video?

Nobody cares about whiteknighting for this irrelevant hoe. It’s all speculation and allegations. Calm down and let it go

No. 801253


Remember the last time he was trying to get Layla's attention by threatening suicide and he made a huge spectacle of it and pulled up to the No Jumper store to give away some merch? I seriously can't even believe someone so lacking in self awareness actually exists, even his fellow scumbag Cluster B personality disordered peers in the soundclout negaverse have to be sick of his shit.

No. 801264

consensually having a video recorded /=/ she 'deserves' to have it distributed against her will

is it even possible to be such a mong that you can't conceive the rape/asking for it because youre dressing provocative comparison isn't calling the act the same - but the concept of that someone acting in a certain way doesn't mean they deserve to have their rights infringed on?

it's not even WKing for this girl, your edgelord perspective just lacks any form of logic or critical thinking skills. this girl could be anyone, the base concept of that taking a consensual slutty video doesn't mean you deserve revenge porn still stands. there's a reason it's considered, you know, illegal to distribute revenge porn… because even though a person consensually took or sent a video or picture, it is still against their will to have it distributed and they don't deserve that.

No. 801267

She was fine with it being sent to the gc tho, she changed her mind once it got leaked, prob because there was 14 year olds in the chat and it made her look bad but there was another video where she said said it was fine to the chat she just didn’t want it out in the world

No. 801296

Dude turned off his insta comments. He wanted clout but all he got was bad PR

No. 801299

>blames her for him and peep not being friends as if their relationship was entirely her fault and he wasn't yelling "fuck peep" on live like a week before he died
>emotionally abuses her to point where she runs tf away with a damn garbage bag
>suicide posting once she finally flees all the way to fucking London to get away from his abuse and the h
>knows she's getting sober yet still proceeds to try and scare her back into him track-marked arms with dramatic suicidal clothing giveaway
>after constantly lying that she's a cheater and gaslighting her publicly every time she tries to get away posts shit like this

Leave her alone lmao

No. 801301

File: 1556588445583.png (1.17 MB, 828x1792, 0691840E-609E-469B-93A6-9E6420…)

No. 801302

File: 1556588555774.png (5.21 MB, 828x1792, 8A5FB364-8E12-440D-A08E-D112F0…)

Cass makes point to claim how long she’s been recovering from her eating disorder but it is very apparent she is on coke again. Her pupils say it all. She has completely stopped doing her “group therapy” since she relapsed and has been on an apparent downward spiral.

No. 801359

Google news feed recommended me an article (from some crappy hip hip/rap news site) about how Annie lets Xan sleep around on her… lol made a nice change from all the articles blindly believing the pregnancy and miscarriage story

They were fighting while he was on insta live a couple days ago, she was moaning at him in the background, it was like he went live so she'd have to shut up.

No. 801361

wasn't that from his no jumper interview? he openly admitted sleeping around on her then, and that the pregnancy was fake.

No. 801435

i'm not trying to say this discredits her potentially being on coke (don't really give a shit about her or what she does personally) but I think the reason her pupils look big in this photo is that she pretty blatantly used an eye largening filter or editor. if you look at her iris it even looks wonky from being liquified (ie not round, its got like a big wave in it)

so her pupils look big in general because of this but compared to the color of her eye i wouldnt say theyre at high on coke pupil expansion levels. and i mean, for all i know she is high on coke. i just dont think this particular image really proves anything, mega reach if its based solely on that

No. 801454

File: 1556662489310.jpeg (101.72 KB, 750x1334, 58CF1723-17FA-43F8-AFD4-749D17…)

No. 801472

Is Dj Akademiks the one that got served? What did he do?

No. 801486

he posted an article on his instagram about lil tracy’s rape accusations but he was getting clowned in the comments anyways bc tracy fucked his gf

No. 801489

File: 1556672795422.jpeg (301.33 KB, 828x1352, 708E552F-9198-4B2E-B548-D6AD2E…)

Tracy deleted all photos except 2 and the only comment he has made regarding the accusations is this comment on his own picture of him peep.

No. 801542

Nothing he said was defamatory or false he's literally just stating that he was accused which is true. Again trying to silence people with bs legal action hoping it'll scare them into shutting up


No. 801545

File: 1556700195279.png (209.71 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_2019-04-30-21-50-14…)

You're not in either of these groups coco lmao you're literally just Pouya's bitch

No. 801550

Except Tracy has 2 parents worth of entertainment business know how and their lawyers behind him, this isn’t pouya 2.0 this is more Connor oberst 2.0

No. 801566

It's funny because neither ruby or scrim follow her on any social media, wonder if they think she's as insufferable as we do….

No. 801570

didn't the woman who accused Conor Oberst came out and said she made it up?

No. 801583

does anyone know who bighead's baby mama is? what's her @?

No. 801625

yep, she did. and the original accusation she made was in the comments on xoJane… i mean, c'mon.

No. 801628

Yeah after he filed to sue her for 2 mil lol and Conor sending serious c&ds to any publication no matter how small(think small college radio blogs) who mentioned the accusations without his ok for years after the fact is definitely weird and makes him looks guilty as hell

No. 801630

Connor tired to black list and legally threatened college kids who would bring it up dude that shits sus as hell and this girl accusing someone in a soundcloud rap song and ig post isn’t any better than the xojane comments

No. 801666

I know this is off-topic, but it doesn't make him guilty, if the allegation was proven to be false, and people still brought it up like it was a staple in your career, you'd probably be pretty pissed too. He now has to deal with people possibly associating him with being a rapist accidentally, and causing harm to a career he worked hard to make that shouldn't have that association. If anything, you're a dick for saying it makes him look guilty because it shows that social stigma behind rape accusations is reinforced with barely a doubt, even after he was cleared.

No. 801710


I saw that shit, she was bitchin' at him and he was mumbling under his breath it was like right before he started talking to the camera, she definitely didn't know he had went live at that moment

No. 801722


Buffet Boys aka Pouya's gang bang crew. She's completely delusional. She really thinks she's "one of the guys" like these dudes don't see her as Pouya's live in sex doll. All these dudes only barely tolerate her because she's Pouya's girl. They all know he cheats on her and sometimes they even JOIN IN. She's an airhead

No. 801726

Ik she 100% lives vicariously through him because she's extremely untalented outside of flopping her tits around on social media for attention. The only reason her lash line took off is because her entire customer base is just Pouya's female fans who he constantly tries to gangbang on tour.

No. 801733


Ot but can I just say how glad I am that SB haven't showed up in any of the drama, low key waiting for every rapper in the SoundClout scene to come up with allegations lol

No. 801769


sb say in a lot of their interviews that they don't really associate or hang out with other musicians. they're smart staying away from the shitshow that is the soundclout community.

No. 801797

Yeah if anything comes up about them i will have lost absolute faith in that scene
I feel confident that they're not scumbags though, although they're still friends with pouya, wonder if they're sitting on anything….

No. 801848

Pouya put them on when they were nobodies so I feel like they're always gonna be grateful to him because of that but rather than joining Buffet Boys they did their own thing. They probably know what most people in the scene are like and chose to seperate themselves.

No. 801969

File: 1556894803415.jpg (568.23 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190503_104349_com…)

Inked mag posted this video 2 days ago and it still says TOO POO in the caption i thought it was a mistake but maybe not since her tattoos are shit(emoji)

No. 801981

Watched like half of it, she sounds so dumb and looks so bad

No. 802092

She said something about covering up her tats with a sleeve. Idk if that's the move honestly. She's been putting them on merch and whatnot. They really are a part of her brand at this point. She could always remove any she really hates but I think it'd be a mistake to cover them all up.

No. 802132

File: 1556968146582.png (6.9 MB, 1125x2436, 66C208BA-E9A7-44FA-B5A7-878F9A…)

Okay this is the volcano candle from Anthropologie and is not $300… it’s like $30

No. 802133


jesus christ have you ever seen anything more pathetic

No. 802153

File: 1556978490835.png (2.12 MB, 1125x2436, ED1630FE-335B-46CB-BE8E-5DC8D4…)

No. 802247

File: 1557003921097.jpeg (154.45 KB, 1080x1080, 1557003652766.jpeg)

she legit looks black now

No. 802265

ugh someone come get their sloppy aunt

No. 802310

File: 1557022247393.jpeg (1.22 MB, 3072x3072, 5810C4FB-4276-4584-BDAE-0D2B25…)

Update from the chick who has claimed Tracy raped her.

No. 802313

Tracy’s name is 100% gonna get cleared regardless of if he did it prob the only reason she’s not getting straight up sued already is bc she opened a case and it would b illegal to give her the standard “say you were lying or get sued for everything you have and more” right now

No. 802346

she's so neckless with the most narrow shoulders, I could never pin point what was so weird about her upper body but this photo makes it pretty clear

No. 802524

holy skin cancer

No. 802709

File: 1557168921887.jpg (559.24 KB, 1418x2639, 20190506_115434.jpg)

Jesus christ she's so obnoxious, can she shut up for 1 day?????

No. 803109

Not good enough for him not to cheat though

No. 803341

File: 1557363859755.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.4 KB, 899x674, 57580403_388349911756408_16007…)

this is giving me the worst gonzo porn vibes

No. 803342

File: 1557363968247.png (Spoiler Image, 733.95 KB, 720x853, N8D0qhH.png)

it's Coco at the beach.
she doesn't even try anymore not even by her non-standards

No. 803343

File: 1557364271424.png (55.54 KB, 720x313, S8dsWrG.png)

Cocks that's not how you get into a magazine even one as shitty as SI

No. 803360

I can't help but get SO frustrated seeing her strings ALWAYS so tangled up omfg, it drives me nuts

No. 803385


No. 803389

Nitpicky, but given how vain she is I don't understand why she lets herself have such ugly hair. She's got enough length to do cute styles, but she just does…this. Damn bitch, learn to finger-wave or SOMETHING.

No. 803515

omfg this bitch really thinks she's all that
who gave her this false confidence?

No. 803666

her 'signature' straightfromaliexpress lashes - what an icon

No. 803781

Why are these all iterations of the same terrible pose. She's honestly such a terrible model. Her tongue is trying to escape her throat and it's not a look.

I can't believe this is what she's been hyping up for days. I was expecting something more artful and less amatuer porn hour.

No. 803934

File: 1557425574975.png (469.97 KB, 957x478, Screenshot 2019-05-09 at 8.10.…)

Some retard needs to quit the fucking cowtipping

No. 803999

File: 1557431580281.png (642.22 KB, 640x1136, B05B7542-FB7B-4D28-96E6-1CD2D0…)

imagine thinking you’re the shit for being in casper the musical over 15 years ago

No. 804081

imagine commenting a holier-than-thou essay full of typos on a cow's page and mentioning lolcow like it's relevant. takes a special breed of retard

No. 804340

The more clout Coco seeks the more people are going to look into Pouya's rape allegations and the silencing of his victims. Smartest thing that man did was get off Twitter.

No. 804681

desperate =/= confident

No. 804686

File: 1557506006930.png (791.7 KB, 720x1008, 9cb211b9-445c-4821-9a62-25f8ef…)

the thing that gets me the most is the tilted horizon

No. 804689

File: 1557506416639.png (111.98 KB, 720x716, 8knsQv4.png)

"she didn't straighten her horizon, can't have her in our spread"

No. 804886

File: 1557523583074.png (7 MB, 1242x2688, C39E8607-8E16-470E-A17D-4599B3…)

yall coco made merch, jesus fucking christ

No. 804901

>things the world doesn't need

No. 805010

File: 1557535343069.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20190510-183328.png)

Wow whose face is she using?

No. 805062

LMAO wtf, she kinda looks like Emma

No. 805126

TIL Layla has a 3rd nipple

No. 805133

i swear a good 40% of her edits are less pretty than she actually is. why do this?

No. 805154

FUCKING THIS. i was just about to reply to

>>who's face is she using

Fucking Emma’s.

No. 805160

The look in his eyes ahahahahahaha

No. 805193

>she kinda looks like Emma


Peeps jizz was THAT POWERfUL! DAYYYUM!

>who's face is she using

I have to admit that, that's creepy+gross as fuck IF she's using emma's face in an editing face app!

No. 805432

Fucking gross.

No. 805433

The most simple, basic pose known to man and she really thinks she created it. It's honestly baffling how delusional she is. Now she's crying on ig about people making fun of her filthy tongue….iTs fRoM cHEMO GUYS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND… boohoo

No. 805584

i swear i literally did this pose before coco was even dating pouya.

No. 805587

File: 1557628150867.png (8.87 MB, 1242x2688, 5CCC6BE4-A7EF-4A5D-8242-97F221…)

>even for me

No. 805606

she looks like a fridge at this size. if she lost a bunch of weight she’d be skinny with massive knockers in proportion to the rest of her which would look 1000x better

No. 805619

why does she even bother at this point, she's practically a nudist

No. 805749

im pretty sure i have seen her in a bikini even smaller than that, what is she even saying

No. 805787

>what is she even saying
She's saying…




>You're welcome for that free translation. Next time the translation will cost you the the charge of 4 payments of $19.99, jk.

No. 805921

in no way is it an original pose and i feel like its true origin is somewhere in the pageant/child glamour shot world, coco is just truly ignorant and narcissistic enough to believe it’s “hers”

No. 806039

File: 1557707541147.png (2.37 MB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20190512-182505.png)

Whose face part two, kek

No. 806063

She looks like she’s using her mans face

Sage no1curr but even though she’s explained the photoshop, it’s so unnecessary and confusing since she’s so comfortable posting what she looks like with no editing and no makeup. It’s supposed to be “artistic” but it’s really hard to suspend disbelief for her shoops

No. 806526

File: 1557792392735.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-180153.png)

Cass picks the ugliest dudes

No. 806535

The face of desperation. Didn't Cass cheat on him lmao

No. 806538

File: 1557794138232.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2688, 01446B4C-FC86-484B-BF86-535F08…)

pouyas going on tour again, again doing a VIP package to meet him…. hes also back on twitter

No. 806595

File: 1557803107952.png (177.38 KB, 640x1634, IMG_4750.PNG)

tried to,
He’s pulled equally hot non cheating girls after her idk why he went back

No. 806693


>all posts by mgmt

>moved a couple dates around

does he even try at all anymore lmao

No. 806700

Wow, her response is really terrible… A mess…

No. 806782

he wasnt following anyone either and then today hes following 4 people and 2 are the artists hes touring w and one is mgmt

No. 807270

He’s like. Actually repulsive

No. 807516

bailey jae

No. 807719

Sage because not sure if anyone will give a shit but Tana made a 40 min long video about her and Lil Xan's "relationship." Obviously Tana doesn't have the most credible history but I wouldn't put any of this past Xan. I wonder if he's gonna respond to this? Also I bet "Steph" is Annie.
In summary
>She saw a picture of him that went viral around twitter and put heart eyes under it
>He dms her a few days later on ig and very almost immediately sends out red flags declaring she's the love of his life and the one he wants to be with (sounds just like what he did to Annie in the boyfriend tag video)
>Explains this was suspect but didn't expect anything very serious and just wanted to have fun and was excited by how fast things seemed to be moving
>They text couple-y shit back and forth every day. Mutual friend and clout demon Adam22 adds gasoline to this dumpster fire by texting Tana multiple times and telling her they're the clout power couple of the year
>Adam sets them to meet at his birthday party. They have a long talk away from the party and hit it off
>Xan wants her to stay when she says she's leaving the party, asks her on a date the next day. Wishes that she hung out with him longer otw home and he texts her in the same moment that he misses her
>She goes to his loft later that night they hook up, he's asking her to be his girlfriend, she says she doesn't know because they just met
>On her way out the next day his manager tells her he's never heard Xan talk about anyone that way ever and that he heard them talking and says she should give him a chance
>A clip of her and him at Adams birthday is blowing up on twitter, she goes through a bunch of threads and ends up finding a girl she dubbed "Steph's" twitter.
>Steph's twitter is filled with posts about how Diego and her are in an open realationship and how Tana is a bad bitch and she's proud he pulled her
>Tana and Xan meet later that night and he keeps asking her to be his girlfriend. She brings up Steph and shows the twitter. He claims it's his "crazy ex" shows their messages which are basically just weeks of unanswered texts from Steph and texts of Xan breaking up with her. Assures Tana that she's the one
>Tana says they need to get to know each other more before she can be his girlfriend, he tells her he's about to go to New York for a week and invites her, saying they can get to know each other on the trip then and she can decide if she wants to be his girlfriend. She agrees
>The trip goes well but he tells her he's not going home and is going to Boston and Maine and asks her to stay for another few days. She does
>At the end of the trip he asks her to be his girlfriend she finally agrees. Says she took it seriously because he told her if she got with someone else he wouldn’t be able to continue his career and it would shatter his whole world blah blah blah
>Tells her he needs her to sleep by his side the night they return to LA, last minute mentions he has a studio session (it’s 1 in the morning) but asks her to come over later
>She goes to Steph’s twitter and finds out Xan is with her currently and Tana begins to ignore him and he starts blowing her line up for days.
>She finally agrees to talk with him, once again he tells her she’s crazy, shows videos from the studio that night, shows breakup texts, has his managers and friends come in and tell her he loves her and the ex is crazy
>They spend the next few weeks dating low-key, anytime Xan tries to post about it the manager shuts it down
>Tana ends up finding out he blocked her from watching his Instagram story and posted a picture with Steph in the background, also ends up finding out he got both of them rolling loud tickets
>She ghosts him and he makes his manager and all his friends blow her line up telling her she’s the love of his life once again. She sees him in person with another girl that’s not Steph and words are exchanged.
>All milk pretty much ends there, Tana mentions she wanted to bond with Steph because they both got played but Steph is too wrapped up in being in love with Xan and hates Tana (despite claiming she was proud he pulled her)

No. 807731


This is completely unsurprising. Tana is…not the greatest. But Xan is clearly a major fucking narcissist and garbage human and based on how public and shameless he's been about treating Annie like trash I completely believe it, glad he's falling off.

No. 807769

I was thinking the same shit. Sounds like he love-bombed the fuck out of Tana and clearly he does the same to Annie because it's not like there's much else that would keep her around at this point. It's so weird and manipulative that he got people to contact Tana after she ghosted him and he did the same shit with Annie on his instagram story.

No. 807779

File: 1558057560601.png (4.34 MB, 750x1334, 8D15F2BB-6514-4333-ADE7-F0ED1C…)

possibly her worst shoop yet?

No. 807787

File: 1558059354625.jpg (845.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190516-221531_Ins…)

She's most definitely high..

No. 807827

I think it's Noah not annie?

No. 807830

she mentions noah by name in the video, so no

No. 807833

This is steph. I dont know much about lil xan but I guess Annie hasn’t been his only “serious” relationship

No. 807885

I really didn't expect her to be averagely articulate, also I'm confused at the timeline of all his girlfriends? Has he been dating multiple girls at the same time because he said Annie and him started dating before he blew up and i know for sure that him and Jess were also together before he blew up, it just seems like he is literally a middle school kid that dates all the girls at once…. What a weirdo.

No. 807900

woops sorry I didn't even watch it

No. 808118

lol this girl jess aka jessbbxoxo has been tweeting about xan just how tana describes and worse and honestly … when she said in the vid that xan went to all ends to diss her and particularly “she manipulates my fans into being her fans” or whatever she really has positioned herself as like his fanclub president and she is his old gf from home. Anyways that whole vid just reaffirmed to me how much of a bizarrely childish compulsive liar xan is.

No. 808295

Wow hand-talker here actually resonated with me. She exudes anxiety but her message was relatively well articulated.

Isn’t Xan like literally retarded? Why would anyone with a brain date him for any reason? (Other than clout of course.)

No. 808408

File: 1558189548378.jpg (447.61 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190518-102503_Ins…)

No. 808599

File: 1558209335764.jpeg (947.94 KB, 1125x1602, 6F592FCB-4698-457F-BE43-B1BFC8…)

Shitty shoop Queen is back

No. 808725

There's no way she's sober taking thirst traps in a public bathroom

No. 808835

File: 1558241854518.jpg (931.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190519-005624_Ins…)

In a hospital gown, possibly related to her relapse?

No. 808962

File: 1558274732015.png (3.02 MB, 828x1792, 5B726447-8312-4650-A7B8-42FFD8…)

Definitely at a hospital

No. 808996

holy crap… i started reading these threads 2 weeks ago and i've finally reached the latest post. this was a journey. thank you all so much.

>At the end of the trip he asks her to be his girlfriend she finally agrees.
this read like a 13 year olds harry styles wattpad fanfic

No. 809085


Sooooo she's basically doing the IG version of Vauge-booking and thirst trapping from a hospital room?? Attention is attention I guess. Never change Cass.

No. 809088

File: 1558289989518.jpg (840.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190519-141819_Ins…)

It's got to suck to not have air conditioning in the California heat, peep the fan in the window in the background. Do you think they just spend their money on drugs instead?

No. 809098

LOL she really just sits on here all day ?

No. 809099

File: 1558290712657.jpg (900.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190519-143031_Ins…)

No. 809521

Can you imagine having to fuck Fat Nick, especially knowing he raped other girls ewww. His new girlfriend is cute but now ruined after letting that guy fuck her.

No. 809725

Is this the Takeshi-looking stripper girl or another one? This is an imageboard, post caps.

No. 809897

Read the threads boo. There’s oodles of caps for you.

No. 810080

All of Annie's pics have been taken off Xan's IG and her whole IG is deleted. I wonder if she finally grew a pair and bailed or (more likely) he officially got sick of her and dropped her ass.

No. 810314

File: 1558439280830.jpg (93.54 KB, 1271x685, whoisthis.JPG)

looks like he's dating 'lilsaku' now
you couldn't make this shit up ugh

No. 810326

I read the threads "boo". What's the point of your dumbass comment with no context. Just caught up on something from a month ago?

No. 810341

Ntayrt, but they were pointing out that you're mentioning very old milk.

No. 810353

Not any of the above anons, but the Fat Nick mention out of the blue makes it confusing as to whether the "new girl" mentioned by this anon >>809521
is actually just old milk tekashi girl, or if he has a genuinely new girl who's much more attractive than the amblyopic wonderthot, who anon didn't cap and post. It was poorly worded either way, too many folks in this thread are real quick to get snippy when they, in fact, are the retard.

No. 810380

File: 1558444063109.jpg (452.9 KB, 1316x1320, tekashi.jpg)

you said this so much better than me. Looks like Tekashi's still on the payroll.

No. 810383

File: 1558444177246.png (2.42 MB, 1242x2208, CFBBEF83-D413-4802-85DA-137675…)

Xan’s new girl

No. 810392

File: 1558444972928.png (5.59 MB, 1242x2208, B5209AD4-423D-435F-98B8-4C4C3E…)

No. 810394

File: 1558445021272.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, 4E2F56B0-477C-450A-9357-AA969B…)

No. 810460


Nearly anyone would be an improvement on fake-miscarriage Annie but then Xan seems as drugged up as ever so decision making isn't his strength

Adam did joke with Xan before about him looking 15 and some women liking that, they both were pretty aware of him attracting that attention, not that he acted at all bothered by it, classy

No. 810743

She's also been street banned from most venues in the hardcore and goth scene. She was a huge drama and trouble starter, and has been called out for manipulating hoards of men.

No. 810744


If you look at Xan's IG stories he's currently beefing with corny-ass Jumex over this LMAO. Also hardcore begging/hustling for engagement by love bombing all his 14 year-old fans but what else is new.

No. 810776

never heard of this jumex kid but it is very embarrassing to be hispanic and have the stagename 'jumex'.

No. 810829

Sounds like the infantile Xan has met his handler.

Can you explain why for the rest of us.

No. 810837

File: 1558487249706.jpeg (347.76 KB, 1112x1549, 0ECAB6E6-C584-4741-94B3-2EE98E…)

No. 810843

it's the name of a very cheap hispanic juice company. it's just… really lame. i can't explain but it is. it's like naming yourself 'cheetos' as a soundclout rapper. it's very lame.

No. 810894

File: 1558497970470.png (5.02 MB, 1242x2688, BDE91A8E-406E-4CB3-861E-6D3263…)

at first i thought these were actually decent, mainly the ones with both straps on, but then…….

No. 810906

He's an industry plant just like Baby Goth aka a joke. All his views are bots and it's super obvious

No. 810917


Ever since someone pointed out that these are serving major gonzo porn vibes it's all I can see.

No. 810928

Prediction: by the end of summer, Fat Nick's larp of Caltiki the Immortal Monster will cause his manky swim trunks to (finally) be completely consumed by his flesh. Tekashi better stop sitting so close if she doesn't wanna get sucked up into that jello monster too, shit.

No. 811054

Dude borderline hover hands his own girlfriend

No. 811215

most homes in southern california doesn't have ac, you're reaching

No. 811266

UPDATE: If you check her Instagram (ilovelilsaku), she's removed all Lil Xan affiliated post, Lil Xan had to remove her from the group, and she put up one about how she's begging for forgiveness for manipulating people and being a pedophile

No. 811353

>If you check her Instagram … she put up one about how
It's an imageboard, post caps or don't bother.

No. 811360

File: 1558574521062.jpeg (440.55 KB, 750x1103, 76ED4741-3B3C-40D0-B3C9-8FE423…)

No. 811411

File: 1558578395050.png (132.78 KB, 909x417, corey.png)

Corey removed all traces of cass from his account! WHEW!!


No. 811432

thats not even remotely true

No. 811445

she wrote like a 5 page essay, just go look it up dude.

No. 811460

what part of this being an imageboard don't you understand? post caps or gtfo "dude"

No. 811463

File: 1558585608662.png (445.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-22-23-23-24…)

It's literally an image board are you fucking new here. I'll do it for you lazy headass

No. 811464

File: 1558585686337.png (402.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-22-23-23-33…)

pt 2/2

No. 811467

Thanks anon. She sounds like a real piece of work.

No. 811510

Weed isn’t exactly risqué anymore lmao the gbc lighter that was in frame was milkyer than this

No. 811522


@exposinglilsaku on instagram has a tonne of milk on her
i'd post caps but there's loads

No. 811643

Like….. Lil Xan has fetal alcohol syndrome, right??? There’s no way he doesn’t

No. 812086

one things for sure
he like mac milker was a thumb sucker so his facial structure/ teeth are jacked

No. 812089

File: 1558683262618.png (244 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_2019-05-24-02-26-50…)

Killstation better actually have cancer because shaving your head and naming your song "sarcoma" just to be edgy would be beyond disgusting

No. 812219

The fact that coco has stage 3 synovial sarcoma really makes this absolutely sickening. These fucks really have no sense of reality and try to make everything into some sort of 5th grade,eDgY bullshit. It's so damn uninteresting.

No. 812220

Mouthbreathers like Gross-o

No. 812360

File: 1558725673419.jpeg (214.01 KB, 750x981, 9BEABF02-917F-4665-9E4C-48F15A…)

There’s the explanation lol

No. 812620

File: 1558768082667.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 750x1334, 13043F3E-6489-467E-A925-E26A0E…)

That wonky wall tho..

No. 812679

File: 1558792464320.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, FC1B7B56-9029-4ECE-97AC-070B8F…)

She's gonna end up obese one day

No. 812681

She looks like she could already be edging into obese territory at that weight.

No. 812786

File: 1558809275516.jpeg (207.84 KB, 750x1110, 557F64A8-4349-4605-8F03-55097F…)

my personal fav snowflake Courtney stodden is hanging out with horsehead again, they parties last night with Brooke candy, shrimp, and courtneys entourage of 40+ year old sugar daddy types. sage for no milk yet but i can sense it coming… courtney is endlessly milky

No. 812839

Her bikinis have always been the wrong size but they used to at least somewhat fit. She's gotten so sloppy and desperate.

No. 812844

why is she tagging someone else's boyfriend in a picture that's essentially just her almost naked… his gf is barely in it

No. 812863

I’m betting it was just pleasantries she’s been staying they’re working on music for over a year now and nothing’s come of it lol

No. 812865

Because she needs EVERYBODY to see her basically fully naked body. I think it's hilarious she tagged the other girls bf first before pouya, and also tagged them RIGHT on her pussy??? Like? That's so fucking awkward. Also she's literally hanging w/the most basic ass, unattractive, no lips, type bitches. Everything is so awkwarddd with them. She's basically on a cruise naked 24/7 it just seems so desperate. I know it's a cruise but it's like even more of an excuse for her to be naked the whole time (like she isn't already naked 24/7 anyway though) it's gross.

No. 813033

anyone have that video of tyler grosso nodding off on ig live?

No. 813036

This whole heaven party group is insane and should be mentioned here more often. So milky

No. 813046

File: 1558868570805.jpg (142.23 KB, 229x558, IMG_1836.jpg)

Damn tekashi ass really ain't real….

No. 813077

This is such specific diagnostic information that nobody in this thread would care about - you're not smart enough to blend in here, coco.

I hope you feel real fuckin stupid now that you know it's a memorial. And it's a certainly more dignified response to the grief & pain cancer causes than any of your antics to "deal with it," which seem to be limited to flopping your tits out online and spending so much time tanning that you're just gonna die of melanoma instead.

No. 813079

Drop some @s! Those party pics were how i discovered toopoor, holli, lilith, etc. way back when, but since then I've lost track of who's active in that scene.

No. 813107

which time? lmao

No. 813109

File: 1558887133972.png (172.55 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_2019-05-26-11-09-27…)

It literally says all this in her bio

No. 813258

i’m just hoping she hangs out with that scene more bc of the drama she would inevitably contribute. and because it seems like she could use some friends her own age lol

No. 813373

How the fuck is calling coco fat milk? Good for her she’s thicker and not literally starving for attention like every single other woman in this thread. Her personality is awful and her actions are so ridiculous, what does anyone get out of calling a woman who doesn’t work out fat? She chooses very unflattering clothing but no her body is perfectly fine even if she was obese.

The only fat fuck in here is pepper ann

No. 813514

pepper looks skinnier than coco tho… if you think he’s fat then coco is obese

No. 813616

>Good for her she’s thicker and not literally starving for attention like every single other woman in this thread

So you have no problem shaming the thinner girls on this thread for "starving" but somehow coco is off limits lmao stop projecting because you feel fat anon

She's the single most attention starved person on this thread hands down who cares if her starvation isn't "literal"

Stop praising her for being a wino and constantly sucking her gut in

No. 813890


He just has xan face, idk but the heavy users all get that droopy eye. Oh looks like he's back with annie fo fannie now…wonder how long it'll last this time

No. 814005

I somewhat agree with this, her fat almost hides how incredibly strange her body shape really is.>>813373(Nitpick)

No. 814038


This isn't really the place to be if you're sensitive about your weight

No. 814050

File: 1559053343804.png (2.59 MB, 828x1792, 26AAF67A-B65C-4319-96C2-99208E…)

No. 814444


Textbook love bombing. I know Annie is a major dumbass with the whole faking a pregnancy thing but the way this barely sentient narcissist treats her is seriously so fucking gross.

No. 814514

It’s obviously the principle and a joke.

I’m not shamming the thinner girls at all, I am shaming wannarexics who starve themselves and use photoshop to look crazy underweight for a completely fake and dangerous image are you kidding? How many people rightfully lost it when Layla posted herself on a scale with an unhealthy number or when her and spooky post thinspo. Being anorexic or bulimic isn’t cool and no they’re obviously not naturally that way get over it. There’s literally nothing wrong with being skinny, I’m saying eating disorders are shitty and I don’t care if people laugh at coco’s weight, just that it’s the dumbest low tier milk that is it. She is overweight, but it’s not funny it’s just a body type?? I have literally never once praised her besides not apologizing for her overweight body. Enough people like Cassie exist everywhere, it’s the only cool thing about coco that she doesn’t care.

I’m underweight and it doesn’t matter at all. I just said it’s not milk don’t deflect that onto me.

No. 814566

File: 1559091529592.jpeg (372.7 KB, 1194x1182, 0C2E2345-99E0-461A-A0ED-34EF16…)

Anyways here’s a great example, she looks like an alcoholic divorced aunt here and because she’s what 29 now? And legitimately about to be 30 this is such a ridiculous look and I don’t get it. Her boob is completely hanging out and she always photoshops her nipples really high up, but they’re nowhere to be seen here. For someone that does literally nothing but pose in front of a camera you would think she would take a moment to figure out some flattering poses/her angles but half of these pictures she, for no reason at all, is just wildly reaching out to nothing while still holding her boob. I don’t know if she thinks it’s sexy like it’s some innocent accident but it looks like she drunkenly walked into the ocean, fell, and someone took these pictures to show her as part of an intervention.

There’s also multiple posts of full 10 picture carousels of her in a neon micro bikini with clear straps that dig in so badly. She has such an opposite of body dysmorphia (or she does and it’s a really flattering form idfk) that it’s fascinating.

No. 814572

File: 1559091748720.jpeg (519.93 KB, 1858x1184, 718F8A87-A390-49DF-BE38-2E60D6…)

>I am simply a puppy reincarnated
>in a sexual female body

No. 814585

File: 1559093084157.jpg (745.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190528-212143_Ins…)

irlmami threatening suicide on her ig. Saged because who?

No. 814586

File: 1559093159969.jpg (824.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190528-212203_Ins…)

No. 814588

File: 1559093253175.jpg (760.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190528-212209_Ins…)

No. 814606

lol if I was a social climber…

i'd commit suicide after taking the first step on the ladder.

That's why i'm a loser.

(inb4 banned for blog post)

No. 814663

No. 814736

Her wonky cheap lashes don't help but add to the "wine aunt" look.
Imagine being 30 and still thinking behaving like this is "cute and quirky" the way she describes herself is what I'd expect a 5 year old to write for an about me homework assignment….

No. 815006

File: 1559163162034.jpeg (131.23 KB, 734x1087, 04AA4502-DBEC-4150-B326-D4A2D6…)


No. 815103

She's posted newer cringier photos you guys this is all old milk

No. 815128

File: 1559172866498.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 90E0C6BE-FD60-4D81-A6CF-AEC0C8…)

layla’s new terrible hair color

No. 815129

File: 1559172876337.jpeg (108.73 KB, 1080x1080, 1559172347460.jpeg)

desperate alcoholic divorced aunt vibes

No. 815134

File: 1559173072668.jpeg (120.21 KB, 1080x1080, 1559172466621.jpeg)

this orange number she's wearing is so tacky and unflattering

No. 815139

File: 1559173238953.jpeg (170.15 KB, 1080x1345, 1559172426974.jpeg)

has her posing always been this bad or has all that wine given her brain damage

No. 815143

….That's her nipple

No. 815145

She's lowkey an alcoholic. She drinks every day and it's definitely making her retarded. If you watch her stories and lives it's painfully obvious.

No. 815163

>a sexual female body
implying that her body is sexual and other women's bodies somehow aren't? love when her narcissism creeps through

she's always thought she was better than everyone else and now that life has knocked her down several pegs instead of it humbling her it's just made her 10,000Xs more self absorbed

No. 815169

it's been making an appearance more and more lately. She's an embarrassment.

No. 815228

But her oncologist "sAyS iTs oKaY gUyzZ" she says it like 24/7 smdh

No. 815284

I like it tbh

No. 815350

No it's cute actually

No. 815401

File: 1559215859163.jpeg (1.44 MB, 3464x3136, E829C017-B999-4C63-A4BC-C71A48…)

I think she just copied off Lilith

No. 815418

File: 1559221700134.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, 7F040124-CB89-43CE-9973-670D1C…)

Bragging on her insta story

No. 815489

I feel like this is what you get when you go to a high end salon for edgy coloring. Yikes

No. 815527


Nobody cares. Objectively, this is in bad taste & not flattering for anyone, let alone a 26 year old woman.


Layla is so stunted, her mentality is that of an edgy preteen so of course she came out a high end salon looking like Cruella De Vil & Lilith Levisis

Everybody, but especially normal bitches her age, are laughing at Layla

No. 815547

File: 1559239676656.jpeg (144.92 KB, 750x1211, 2879CF68-C696-43B9-9167-33F718…)

Coco obv lurking

No. 815567

beka, quit self posting. you "dated" lil xan for 2 fucking days and you're already back in vancouver

No. 815600

im sorry cancer survivor/patient whatever but shes so fucking trashy and her body is unfortunate. also lets flaunt those bruises girl!

No. 815628

I don’t see what her age has to do with her trendy hair color lmao, this is her actual job, keeping an ‘edgy’ image. Rn that means late 90s/2000s ironic shit unfortunately, wonder how the mall goth stuff will phase out

Tbh Courtney sodden of all people trying to hop onto gothboyclique is like the final nail in the coffin. Before peep passed away I thought he’d really blow up and the mall goth thing would stay for a lot longer, now most everyone is moving on.

No. 815681


It means she’s too old for that shit! lmao

No. 815780

File: 1559269550801.png (5.04 MB, 1242x2208, 4076EFA5-BD95-4190-AE01-26B0CD…)

No. 815781

File: 1559269592910.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 8D224B8F-2745-4444-AE15-E8BD84…)

No. 815782

File: 1559269667284.png (5.69 MB, 1242x2208, 4DD173E2-29CF-4028-AF7D-BC3E17…)

No. 815799

File: 1559275659651.gif (1.98 MB, 268x227, tumblr_ob7aviOPac1qzkueso8_400…)

No. 815802

someone please tell lilith that she doesn't invented bicolor hair or fucking cruella de vil hair;;; idk they should give credits to her honnestly lol

No. 815850

Lilith is extremely jealous of TP because she has way more clout and followers than her. She only attacks other girls, never all the rapey, predatory, problematic men in the scene

No. 815851

File: 1559285140519.png (797.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-05-30-20-28-25…)

No. 815854

File: 1559285801256.png (120.29 KB, 1080x630, Screenshot_2019-05-30-18-48-27…)

This is who she's claiming she got the look from. Honestly idc where she got it I just think it's funny she's pissing off the im sO dAmaGeD aNd iNsAnE performative junkie rich girl snowflake that is lilith

No. 815858

Imagine if Exene Cervenka were this petty with Lilith.

No. 815878

Lilith totally didn’t event the hairstyle bro

No. 815882

is this how lilith talks 24/7? is she that disengaged with everybody? her replies came off as honestly disinterested and even mocking
"soo funny bro" she sounds like a 16 year old boy making fun of someone

No. 815903

this is Lilith in a nutshell.
The only thing missing is the Marilyn Manson namedrop.
>luv of my life!

No. 815915

Lilith needs sectioning off lol

No. 815918

most of the top comments on Laylas new post are about her copying Lilith

No. 815929

Everyone on this page is just preparing themselves to become a bunch of alcoholic divorcees with three kids that want nothing to do with them. Everyone on here talks a bunch of shit but in reality would probably become friends with any of these people in half of a heartbeat if they ever got the chance. It's kind of pathetic how you can hide behind your phone and talk a big game, and I bet none of you have the fucking balls to show a picture of your face on here. Theres no justification for mocking people who struggle with addiction or someone who is fighting cancer. I don't understand how any of you can get this deep prying into other people's lives that you don't even know. It's honestly creepy as fuck, and weird that you all choose to revolve your lives around this hate page. Y'all bitches need to get your priorities straight in life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815935

Not to wk but I'm sick of everyone calling coco fat the girl is about 4'11 and her legs are thin? She just has broad hips and big tits. Shut the f up already

No. 815939

Settle down, there's always one anachan in every thread, it's not "everyone".

No. 815946

Dry your eyes mate

No. 815962

>alcoholic divorcees with three kids that want nothing to do with them.
god i wish that were me

No. 815973

its funny bc someone actually posted a pic of themselves in one of the old tp threads

No. 816082

Yeah, I’d love to know about that. I found Lilith,TP,Holli (especially), etc way more interesting/entertaining before they morphed into this SoundCloud groupie ghetto goth thing came to the uhh…cultural forefront lol

No. 816133

Delete this because next that fake unoriginal twat is going to say she’s a fan of FB and act like she’s the first one to discover the movie

No. 816200

she’s literally overweight. it’s not the end of the world, people keep commenting because she insists on wearing everything 3 sizes too small and it makes her look heavier than she otherwise would.

No. 816213

File: 1559367485322.png (6.14 MB, 1125x2436, BF061622-985C-4E7F-85EE-3E73B2…)

she’s gonna cheat on you again bro

No. 816326

File: 1559404923553.png (151.92 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_2019-06-01-10-58-14…)

definitive proof she lurks

No. 816330


Then this definitely one of coco's friends if not coco herself. Damn you really showed us huh

No. 816816

File: 1559494639093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 323.69 KB, 1125x1917, 86E882DA-DE2A-4D2F-86A0-EDC650…)

the amount that Lilith has to break her back to make her ass look fat is hilarious.

No. 816825

Lilith has a thread

No. 816933

i love getting proof that cows are so fucking self obsessed that they just can’t resist reading and repeating everything they read here. yes coco, you’re borderline obese. you’re short as fuck and heavy as fuck. 2+2=4, tragic, we know. it ain’t even a big deal, but she keeps harping on it like ~lol i’m so unbothered!!~ riiiight. thou dost protest too much.

No. 816948

I think it’s hurtful for anyone HOWEVER fuck her weight she legit cares more about her own self inflicted weight gain than addressing the victims her boyfriend raped. No one should ever forget that, the victims don’t get to.

No. 816949

What the fuck is this shit is Kiki back posting gore, the fuck is wrong with you

No. 816985

Wait are we getting raided? Is that why this >>816658 makes no sense and also has an edgey self harm gif

No. 817123

It's not that bad guys. Chill out.

>The person ends up stopping whom ever is doing that shit by calling them up. He puts away the knife and the whole thing is over.

No. 817199

But still why the fuck is this relevant? Gtfo with your edgy bullshit

No. 817226

File: 1559562045413.jpeg (258.26 KB, 750x1056, 772E47D2-7B3C-4A75-BCA3-673311…)

She uses literally any opportunity ever to show a pic of her boobs, so fucking selfish and nasty

No. 817603


“My cheating rapist boyfriend’s sister got engaged!!! I have to post my saggy tits.”

No. 817767

who the FUCK even is this. i know the OP implies we shouldn't ask that but i'm familiar with the scene and idek who the fuck this is.

No. 817779

Idk I think anon is just trolling

No. 818209

File: 1559707635009.png (3.69 MB, 828x1792, A7FB7D91-FF67-42D5-A7FE-AC39A7…)

ok but what about the coke lol

No. 818214

sorry I forgot about her fucked up dating life for a moment, have we gotten an explanation?? I haven’t seen one. or even an introduction to this sad new “man” lol who is he?

No. 818217

File: 1559707978486.png (510.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190604-221139.png)

Grosso trying to guilt someone into being his "friend"

No. 818355

File: 1559747675555.jpeg (118.3 KB, 640x679, 989CAAE4-A300-45BF-8E59-9410EA…)

Grosso is still selling Hellboy tees even though Peep’s mother personally told him to stop when he did this months ago.

Grosso faked emails between them and the estate had to tell him to stop selling these. He canceled the drop after his “fans” already ordered

Peep told all his fans to burn the Hellboy shirts before he died and Tyler knows it. He denounced Tyler and Layla publicly. Now Grosso is profiting off a dead man that hated him.

Crackhead Tyler never stops. The estate and his mother should know about this. It’s a reoccurring issue bigger than unauthorized merch

No. 818601

File: 1559783461304.jpeg (340.57 KB, 1125x882, 701AFB84-1A1C-4754-B60C-5F28CD…)

Also producing unauthorized nirvana/cobain merch.

No. 818620


He’s so not over Layla. They cosplayed as Kurt + Courtney their entire relationship while smoking H off tinfoil. He didn’t hate Courtney when Layla was pretending to be her for their clout.

I remember Layla was posting their burnt tinfoil and drugs/paraphernalia all for her underage stans. Tyler misses those days, he’s been even more fat, pathetic, and desperate ever since Layla left him. Total rock bottom.

They’re forever junkie trash

No. 818631


tyler doesn’t care about kurt cobain’s estate/family/death just like he didn’t care about gustav’s. all the gluttonous pig sees is $$

peep’s mother told him personally and publicly to stop selling the hellboy shirts. tyler posted emails he faked between him and liza. the estate was sicced on him, he took no accountability, and backed down. then continued to sell the shirts quietly. the only ppl who want this dumb shit are lil peep stans so tyler has been, and continues to, take advantage of that heavily

also he’s nasty as fuck to his customers on twitter and then deletes the tweets bc it always makes him look worse than usual. it’s almost always complaints about shipping taking months. he typically insults the customer, says it’s not his problem and blames the company he ships through. wash, rinse, repeat. full retard

No. 818722

she's back with horse head who is honestly a good musician but pretty mentally unstable

No. 818766

What does this talentless idiot even do for work, you can’t exactly not have a problem/“be recovered” if you are still a completely self centered void and can’t contribute anything besides the relief of not being skinwalked by you. I have no investment in any of these people but how she treated Layla after peep died, was getting off of heroin, and actually becoming a functioning woman was vile. All hotelshrimp has ever done is throw up thousands of dollars of delivery food and eat Layla’s ex’s ass literally only because of his past relationship.

I’m just really sick of these shallow instahoes jumping on the deep long overshare posts talking about hardships they’re obviously not even processing. Her parents forced her into an ed clinic, that’s it. She’s just substituting her addictions. I do feel bad horsehead is probably just using her to heal his ego though but she really has no interest in not being a leech or having her own identity.

No. 819096

this isn't really milk but on horsehead's podcast he mentioned that he jokingly said it was too bad they couldn't go to EDC to Cassidy making fun of one of his friends who went with his girlfriend for her job and he was surprised/let down when cass didn't get it was a joke and was like "I know we could have have fun!”

I guess he doesn’t know that much about her despite dating her twice now since her rave kid past is apparent on her facebook

No. 819214

Horsehead has a podcast? And what's EDC?

No. 819339

File: 1559928308687.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 8FBBB5D9-F77B-41BD-BEB1-F9973A…)

C'mon are there really people paying for this? A hobo has more decent clothes than this

No. 819345

pretty sure it’s electric daisy carnival, just an edm festival

No. 819377

who is this?

No. 819471


i think that’s emma who is lil peep’s childhood best friend/exgf, at least it looks like her

No. 819511

File: 1559968710945.png (299.72 KB, 1277x596, emma.png)

>that’s emma who is lil peep’s childhood best friend/exgf

Yup. It's her. She's wearing that same top with a different pair of pants on her depop page.


No. 819539

File: 1559983099939.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-08-03-36-51…)

"they need me"

No. 819542

File: 1559983712438.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1699, 2019-06-08 03.46.26.png)

why is horsehead such a cuck

No. 819554

I feel bad for corey and she's going to cheat on horsehead, again.

No. 819556

What the fuck? It's actually concerning she genuinely thinks she has a chance, she sticks out like a sore thumb compared to the women they plaster on Si

No. 819557

He’s been in Europe all week, and has shit booked all summer, there’s no way she’s not going to if she hasn’t already.

Horseheads delusional, she got with him in the first place to be more like layla/clout leech, tried to fuck HIS FRIENDS, then got with Layla’s fucking ex and he still takes her back?

No. 819559

Has she ever taken a LOOK at SI models? They're all skinny models who worked for it, not fat brats who fuck a soundclout rapper for clout

No. 819563

File: 1559992876440.jpeg (122.93 KB, 750x1217, 76A72597-8627-4CF8-84E5-73303B…)

Sage cause no milk but rose doesnt look good at all

No. 819621

No. 819631

File: 1560008513201.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, EBE7A8A5-2719-48AB-BBFB-7E4CA7…)

This idiot

No. 819643

Smokeasac's gf
Why are there suddenly people who dont even know emma and rose whats going on

No. 819658

they’re probably newfag refugees from instagram or something.

No. 819663

It's not like emma or rose are very interesting and they're both ugly as hell so who cares

No. 819668

ok but who are emma and rose?(lurk moar)

No. 819676

read the threads oh my fuck

No. 819678

Read the threads or gtfo jezus christ emma's been talked about so much on the past threads

No. 819714

>This idiot

Where was that guy that gives lil xan headlocks, takes away his phone and makes him stfu and behave at?!

I hope that guy didn't get fired!

He is/was very much so needed!

lil xan needs a babysitter 24/7!

How tf did he get a gun?!

No. 819761

>she got with him in the first place to be more like layla/clout leech, tried to fuck HIS FRIENDS, then got with Layla’s fucking ex

I didn't know that!

Thanks for the info!

That's horrible and this will not end well.

Just had to state the obvious.

No. 819844

Rose never looks good tho

No. 819936

File: 1560060013425.jpeg (877.42 KB, 2896x2896, 0696A3F4-4B76-423A-A3F4-104631…)

apparently this is ghostemane’s new girlfriend…. big yikes at the amount of work she’s had done

No. 819938

also, first photo is from 2016, second photo is from one week ago.

No. 819941

i feel like it was so recently him and jakii or whatever went through their shit

No. 819943

she doesnt even follow him on ig?

No. 819958

Yes Coco rapist enabling queen. Having Cancer isn't an accomplishment. Lots of inspiring people beat cancer but her life accomplishments boil down to

>having tits

>being a failed actress
>fucking a cheating rapist soundclout rapper
>using the clout from fucking said rapper to peddle eyelashes to his instathot stans

No. 819970

File: 1560069860789.jpg (60.78 KB, 634x983, 14541132-7119347-image-a-65_15…)

'Get the f— out, n—–': Shocking footage shows rapper Lil Xan, 22, using racial slurs and pulling out a GUN on man at an LA gas station following argument about Tupac

Lil Xan was involved in a heated exchange Friday night, with footage of the incident showing him using racial slurs and even threatening a man with a gun
He was allegedly irritated by the man filming the video who asked him why did he ‘talk s–t’ about Tupac in an interview last year, calling him 'boring'
Xan then retreats to his black Mercedes G-class where he pulls out a hand gun and begins waiving it erratically at his tormentor
The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident, officials confirmed, after the unnamed man behind the camera filed a report
In response, the rapper took to Instagram to issue a statement, claiming he pulled the hand-gun out in self-defense


No. 819971

already posted >>819631 we're not a news site, we don't really care.

No. 819981

File: 1560075982510.png (72.45 KB, 615x500, Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 12.2…)

where did you see that? she does follow him, and he follows her back too

No. 819984

all of the comments on this chicks recent photos are "eric loves you", "ghostemane loves you". cringe. anyone got more info on her? real name?

No. 820010

she lives in melb australia and last i heard she was dating some tattooed musician guy from australian idol, @jackwpellow on instagram. she’s always maintained her lips are real and gotten very offended at ppl questioning them

No. 820045

File: 1560090981910.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, C6FF7671-6C0F-4338-8382-4A987D…)

Why do girls keep lying about fillers when their lips are obviously lumpy as fuck

No. 820067

>she’s always maintained her lips are real
oof… that's a no from me dawg. she's still got old photos up on her IG of her original lips, plus they just looks obviously fake.

No. 820078

File: 1560097319524.jpg (1.37 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190609-092151_Twi…)


No. 820094

That derpface lmao, i cant believe she has such a high self esteem while she obv looks like shit.

No. 820095

someone come get their drunk aunt from the cookout

No. 820136

ive been doing my lips for almost 10 years now and there is no way in hell those lips are natural. no no no possible way. if theres anything anyone should do, i think it is ghosemanes theets that should get fixed.(blog)

No. 820145

"Ghosemanes theet" I'm crying

No. 820147

File: 1560109494055.jpg (29.79 KB, 500x382, Everyone-else-1447971692.jpg)

I have a higher esteem for ghostemane than to think he'd touch that.

God damn.

No. 820159

You have high esteem an over grown deathcore kid with a good grift wouldn’t fuck any suicide girl that comes his way? L

No. 820161

File: 1560112104167.jpeg (111.32 KB, 750x1090, vom.jpeg)

found this in her tagged photos. she looks like she has down syndrome

No. 820187

File: 1560115754662.jpg (80.45 KB, 524x682, sick-sad-world.jpg)


No. 820206

She'll be dead soon, anon.
Sit your ass down.

No. 820208

some of you bitches take the cancer thing too far. yeah coco is a retard, defends her mongoloid rapist boyfriend, and generally looks and acts like a wreck but you need to stop with the "she's going to die" shit. it's just not pleasant to think upon someone's illness like that. imagine if it were your own family, if you need to, just quit it. i don't know how you live with yourselves mentioning a fatal illness in vain like that.

No. 820215

File: 1560118783744.jpg (76.78 KB, 1024x685, evil-racoon.jpg)

>"she's going to die"
We're all going to die, anon. You're not special.

No. 820234

Holy hell that girl is actually atrocious. Might be one of the ugliest ~aLtErNaTiVe mOdEllSssss~
Gag. These cheap wannabe "dark/ witch" posers are the absolute fucking worst.

No. 820281

nta but she's kind of right. though i think more that anons should be softer on her considering the cancer. it's really tough breaking emotional bonds with a bf, i have to imagine, when very ill like that. even if he is a scumsucking loser that only drags her down, she doesn't see it that way. she bragged for months about him going to like, two gamestops to get her a skating game (when she had cancer), so her standards are obviously abysmal even without factoring in the rape shit and she has no hope of redemption while still going through the cancer.

No. 820292

Her personality is still the same, cancer or no. It's mocking her for cancer that should stop, the rest is completely fair game, she's insufferable and cancer has nothing to do with that.

No. 820309

she is but you're a dumbass if you think dealing with cancer is going to make you better WHILE you have cancer. she's obviously flailing for someone to give a shit. she's not going to be sane while fighting cancer or have any hope of a redemption arc while still going through cancer, so not giving her any leeway, imo, is ignorant

No. 820368

oh, okay then:
her contour looks really nice and suits her skin tone, her lashes are top shelf quality, her bikinis fit her well and her boyfriend is not a rapist. remember kids, she has cancer so all this is now true.

No. 820582

Sometimes I wonder if Coco hasn't embellished the facts about her cancer diagnosis tbh.
Cancer patients that are close to dying don't go on booze cruises.

No. 820717

File: 1560224507363.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20190610-200645~2.p…)

Can we talk about how bad Cass' hair is? What is happening

No. 820719

File: 1560224707451.png (1.54 MB, 1050x1581, Screenshot_20190607-103718~2.p…)

Girl is a mess

No. 820720

Is that a diaper…?

No. 820726

File: 1560229396535.png (981.94 KB, 974x949, Screenshot_2019-06-10-23-58-43…)

No. 820729

File: 1560229952815.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-10-23-49-10…)

So I guess pressuring the people who look up to you into being gang-raped by you and your homies when you have a girlfriend isn't considered unfaithful in her book. Odd.

No. 820732

coco was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. coco watched her boyfriend gang rape multiple women before and probably during 2017. pretty sure her being a terrible fucking person predates her diagnoses and having cancer is not a pass for shit like this.

No. 820745


That's some Luna level plushie and pillow filth.

No. 820746

Exactly. Disease or no disease she's a bad person. Women who sleep with sexual predators and defame victims for the sake of preserving clout are narcisstic self-serving traitors

Her and Lena are both weak sad excuses for women

No. 820748

I'm not so sure she watched but she definitely knows what he did. All of the gangbang stories are eerily similar. She probably considers them whores and blames them instead of him.

No. 820770

Sage for kinda random and sorta blog but I get clout chaser vibes from coldharts new gf. I was mutuals with him and his ex back in like 2014 tumblr and they were both about weird music and aesthetics but looking back at this current bitches ig she was into reddit teir adventure time mustache narwhal bacon xD and Starbucks frappes back then :/(xD; emoji use)

No. 820778

are you going to post her? or?

No. 820788

No. 820789

images bb, this is an imageboard. show us what you mean about this new girl, or let it go.

No. 820826

File: 1560266702488.png (6.05 MB, 1242x2688, 9CDCAF8A-A593-4F05-B843-F64F11…)

also they got engaged really fast? i feel like theyve only been together MAYBE 6 months? and thats a hard maybe.

No. 820832

She wishes she had a hair style like peep. Don't do gus dirty like that anon!

No. 820846

Do you people seriously believe that coco would watch pouya gang bang some random groupies? For fucks sake, she's the most narcissistic person, EVER. No way should she ever in a billion years would not let the spotlight only be on her. She's so jealous and threatened by anybody who isn't her or doesn't like her. She knows pouya has cheated on her plenty of times in the past, but she chooses to look the other way and pretend none of it is true. Anyway it seems like they (coco/pouya) were possibly throwing shade at each other all day on their ig stories yesterday? They're not following each other or have each other blocked again, like they always do. Pouya was saying something like "fuck a manipulative bitch" or something and coco is going on about being heartbroken and worried about the results of her scans she's taking today. She also said she isn't telling anybody the results, which is highly unlikely since she can't even sneeze without documenting it and posting a billion photos on every platform of social media.

No. 820887

I think the engagement is a joke lol, coldys new girl seems like a really weird match and she doesn’t seem to like him as much as the fact that he’s so doting and willing to buy her stuff or have anything in common with him really but they’re prob not getting married. coldly was with bbywings for like 6 years or something and then immediately started dating this new girl it’s probably a really stupid rebound so he doesn’t have to think about getting out of a relationship he's had since he was 18.

Coldys old girl was this tiny fairy girl that would take aesthetic pics with coldy and was kinda an awkward shut in, was close with coldys fam. She did music and had her own minor clout but wasn’t into the nightlife or ~scene~ in la so it was a natural match. She’s originally from Texas and coldly moved her into his place 2ish years into dating, after they had visited each other a handful of times. Her and coldhart both had a following on tumblr that carried onto ig and they both understood and enjoyed having a presence on the internet.

Coldys new girl is a chubby jeweler from New York, she’s super normal and honestly kinda mean to his fans, has some followers but her internet presence is trash and honestly I don’t think she’s a clout chaser but coldy loves giving gifts so he’s been showering her with designer shit and dates. They don’t seem to have anything in common and on live sometimes coldy will joke with people he’s taking to and she shuts it down which makes them kinda seem at odds.

No. 820975

I'm saying she's skin walking per usual. She just changed the black to dark purple so no one would catch on

inb4 peep doesn't "own" that hairstyle, obvs just pointing own how painfully unoriginal everything she does is

No. 821016

she's probably gonna convince him to quit music because "thats not a real job" and tell him he needs to grow up and get a job. thats what normie gfs usually do. I've seen it happen many times

No. 821043

Or she's just going to put on a goth skin and leach off him as much as she can for as long as she can for both clout and money. Pretty sure his b-list soundclout status is the only reason she's with him if that well dries up she'll dip

No. 821060

Their relationship is highkey insanely toxic behind closed doors. The gushy overcompensating posts, the constant unfollowing, the subposting. Definitely not a happy couple

No. 821069

That's just one retarded anon lmao. Let's be real she can't even exist in the same vicinity as other girls without squishing her bikini cups into slits wagging her tongue around and larping as a sexy dog or whatever the fuck she does

No. 821095

This thread has quickly become my favorite. It has everything!

Crack heads
Clout chasers
Uppity ugly girls
Self posts
Cheating scandals
Rape accusations
Fake miscarriages
"Celebrity" guests
Regretful tattoos

I can't wait to see who reforms or dies next!

No. 821118

File: 1560314124795.jpeg (179.57 KB, 740x959, 912EA0DA-6992-40F1-8CE3-674171…)

anyone have any milk on lil raven? i think hes tracys cousin or something. he posts desperate ass shit on twt all the time

No. 821124

After a prolonged amount of doing damage to ones body, you're pretty much fucked UNLESS you have keith richards-tier genes!

>or dies next!

I'd say you can place your bets on a whole bunch of people kicking the bucket! I am sure you've got your popcorn ready!

>anyone have any milk on lil raven
Nope. Never heard of that guy before LMAO!

No. 821126

People where roasting him for throwing a tantrum cause his girl left him

He’s got a shitty personality and tried to fight/beat up kids on Tracy’s tour. Basically all of his clout is because he’s related to Tracy lol

No. 821127

File: 1560317320533.jpeg (492.63 KB, 750x1005, 6F540BE1-A8AB-4F05-927C-AC8D77…)

the kurt shirt

No. 821128

File: 1560317397902.jpeg (72.02 KB, 750x169, 68B33A8B-97E5-40DB-8411-AC2C92…)

I would really like to see those theet

No. 821141

>self post
You mean this mess: >>820887

These clout hoes really think they're slick

Coldy is boring his new girl is boring and his old girl is boring


No. 821144

This is terrible, worse than his usual shit-tier/stolen “designs”…did he trace over a pic of LeStat/himself/first result of “90s guy”?

No. 821156


What is that strip club neon sign font?

No. 821167

hes actually been really inappropriate to girls, or thats what ive heard. i dont remember exactly, ill ask my friend in the morning. but hes another one on the list for sure.

No. 821221

He needs to loan ghostemane $85k for new theet

No. 821232

okay all he needed to do was brush them but whatever you say, grosso.

No. 821263


And not destroy them with drugs.

No. 821321

File: 1560362319413.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190612-115609.png)

Would they even hire her for any Broadway? Her dancing skills are very subpar KEK

No. 821467

> all he needed to do was brush them
>And not destroy them with drugs.
…but he did destroy them with drugs. What do you want him to do? Take a time machine and unfuck-up his life?!

No. 821516

everything aside, i would kill for her boobs lol(no1curr)

No. 821574

no one cares

No. 821786

I mean the videos of her standing in the corner of the room recording prove that she was there but go on

No. 821806

OMFG that wasn't her! That was established so damn long ago

No. 821826

It technically wasn’t “established”. Some anons thought it was her, others thought it wasn’t. Anons believing it was her noted the same clothing in ig pics, hair, and tan. Anons not believing her said it could be someone similar looking and that it wasn’t her body type/height/weight. But no it was not established.

But according to most victims stories coco was either not there or would leave directly before the creepy rapey shit would occur. Makes me think she either enables it trying to be the “cool girl” or she leaves right before bc she knows what’s going to happen and doesn’t want to see kevin with another girl that’s not her.

Either way she’s complicit and enabling of his behavior and covering up for him, as fuck.

No. 821969

I never heard anyone claim she was there but one of the victims said he was definitely dating coco at the time which I'm guessing she knew because they're one of those obnoxious preformative social media couples always always posting about and tweeting @ each other. Also she (coco) claims they've been together 4 years

No. 822031

She literally has zero shot with SI or Playboy. Get a new dream.

No. 822075

Her boyfriend is a whole ass rapist. Whatever clout she has from being his doormat meat sleeve is tainted by that. She's complicit in assault and doesn't care that he predates on and takes advantage of his fans. Idk why she thinks she's all that all she did was fuck a monster and get likes because she's associated with him and has a rack. I honestly used to like Pouya before I knew he was such a terrible human. All those girls did was idolize him and he devastated them bc of some creepy incel vendetta against womankind. Like they agreed to fuck you because they love you and your music and somehow they deserve to be humiliated and traumatized because of that? Male musicians who treat their female fans like fleshlights instead of people are garbage. There's a respectful consensual way to have sex with someone. 0 excuse for what he did to who knows how many girls.

No. 822397

File: 1560559096563.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1548, 41B19873-5FF1-41B3-81A0-64FDD8…)

Is there a thread on lilboweep yet? Idk something about her seems so milky to me and she has recently had her lips inflated, ridiculous lips. She’s one of those stupid instagirls who blah on about using Xanax and her music is quite shit.


No. 822398

Also shops herself into crazy unrealistic proportions especially her eyes.

No. 822412

apparently her bf and her were staying at this girls house and something about threatening the girl w a gun and writing something on the wall with their feces i dont remember 100% tho.

No. 822434

I remember this getting brought up a couple of threads ago! Any new milk aside from the horrendous lips?

No. 822446

I mean… wow. She is the most ridiculous looking person I’ve ever seen in my life, period.

No. 822481

i dont think so. i remember lil lotus ended up cancelling a show that they were both on because of it, but thats about it. i dont personally follow into her much at all.

No. 822612

i remember a girl was commenting on her pictures asking when she would send out the pants she bought and lil bo weep just kept deleting her comments.

No. 822613

File: 1560611580838.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 26064590-4F55-4F3D-A75C-2EE618…)

grossos hanging out with nikki sixx’s daughter. probably for the clout.

No. 822684

this bitch is so cringe to me I can't

No. 822686

I've known her since 2013 and I just don't like her I don't even know why. just cringe

No. 822746

Your life must be pretty boring lol

No. 822754

Nah nah mate, I just spend a quality of my time laughing at the fact that these girls are hideous as fuck and worth every laugh I make at them.

No. 822773

Damn i really hope its just hanging out, otherwise that would be fucking dissapointing

No. 822816


he was sliding into her ig comments for a while so i doubt it's more than just hanging out unfortunately

No. 822822

>who knows how many girls
Oh the number is definitely much higher than we know. Imagine your biggest win in life being bagging a serial rapist. Good job coco

Who in their right mind would touch Tyler Grosso at this point. He's such a fat rude prick

What's this girls @? And why is she this desperate

No. 822824

Wonder if he's just giving her free shit for the sake of tolerating him. I could see him throwing money at a girl hoping she'll fuck/date him

No. 822867

File: 1560652967438.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1847, 2019-06-15 21.42.02.png)

This try hard

No. 822872

Why is she completely incapable of forming her own identity?

No. 822874

File: 1560653677852.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-15-21-47-39…)

She's a whole ass leach. All her relationships/friendships seem to have some fucked motive. She wanted to use TP for clout and tried (and failed) to usurp/destroy her when Peep died by using Corey and now she's falling back on Horsehead's cuck ass because she lost all of Layla's friends when she backstabbed her. She has zero talent or creativity so she always latches on to other people.

No. 822914

Jesus he looks like… middle aged overweight Jesus

No. 822938

She has not stopped wearing gbc merch since she got back with horse it’s so cringe. At first I thought she was just stealing his clothes but it’s like her whole wardrobe now

No. 823014

@ fr6nkiesixx
Bitches get a ml of lip filler and think they're shit….

No. 823168

File: 1560762366279.jpeg (284.11 KB, 750x697, CDC34A18-BEC4-4285-B07F-FD59E2…)

Ick I just looked at her insta and she just turned 18 in January, grosso has to be like, mid-twenties right now right? He’s at least five or six years older than her. Also bonus of her wearing superrradical in a post she made last night (something about her face seems odd to me but maybe it’s because I’m not used to looking at what I guess is fillers on such a young face)

No. 823179

Holy shit she’s only 18 she looks 27

I don’t think the age thing is weird, he’s just the worst example and will not contribute anything to her life beyond heroin. You’d think she’d have better options condisering her dad what’s wrong with her lmfao

No. 823279

File: 1560798204781.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-16-19-44-21…)

Coco's merch looks so cheap lmao

No. 823280

So he was creeping on her when she was underage just like that j8yce girl huh? Not surprised. He's def the type of scumbag to groom underage girls bc chicks his age are wise to his bs

No. 823312

He posted on his story a long time ago how excited he was for “The Dirt” (no caps because idgaf about PepperAnn). He’s almost certainly after some “hardcore party animal” clout by rubbing elbows with the (conveniently thotty) offspring of an embarrassing old has-been drug addict.

No. 823511

Who the fuck is buying this shit?
Do these girls really idolise someone whose claim to fame is dating a soundcloud rapper.
They must live vicariously through her some something twisted.

No. 823522

File: 1560850972336.jpg (145.56 KB, 900x1151, Shroud of Turin reconstructio…)

Don't do jesus dirty like that anon! Jesus was a good looking fellow.

[pic related]

No. 823570

File: 1560871846324.jpg (254.28 KB, 1394x1189, Screenshot_20190618-082749_Twi…)

This nasty chick has had a full blown infection/rash all over her entire body for over a month and has not gone to the doctor to find out what it is, yet she's been fucking clients and having people piss on her rashed up pussy. She talked to ghostemane a few months back and is planning on trying to fuck him..

No. 823611

File: 1560882128897.png (301.33 KB, 1178x640, p&p.png)

>This nasty chick has had a full blown infection/rash all over her entire body for over a month and has not gone to the doctor to find out what it is, yet she's been fucking clients and having people piss on her rashed up pussy. She talked to ghostemane a few months back and is planning on trying to fuck him..

Yah and here's her thread.


Hopefully ghostemane ghosts her immediately!

No. 823722

I wonder if ghoste is still with his gf. They don't like each others pics anymore and don't comment like they used to.

No. 823738

File: 1560896317266.png (428.25 KB, 457x556, Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 23.1…)

holy shit this girl is milky

what in the actual fuck
she also looks like she has herpes

No. 823750

What the fuck lol what an edgy idiot

No. 823798

Nothing’s really milky about LilBoWeep. She’s just a wanna-be SoundCloud rapper that looks like every other shooped to hell Instagram hoe. No different than lilsaku or Chelji, not deserving of their own thread, and not relevant enough to be on this one.

No. 823837

sorry but, like 90% of the population, you probably have herpes too, Einstein. lol

No. 823888

>girl is milky
>cites no milk
sure anon

No. 823899

File: 1560920666538.jpeg (87.54 KB, 620x380, inigo_montoya.jpeg)


No. 823903

Yeah they already over

No. 823915

I don’t but thanks for the heads up.
I also don’t have Suicide hotline tattooed above my vagina so that helps too.

No. 823920

you apparently also don’t know how to sage or stop talking about yourself on an anonymous image board.

No. 823960

File: 1560939003650.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 7411F628-DD95-4871-9D39-8600C9…)

“friend” kek

No. 823999

Lack of simptoms doen't mean that u don't have the virus on your body and i'm pretty sure u don't get testet for herpes everytime you kisss someone or have sex (u can get it even with a condom since is skin to skin contact). Also most of the people get herpes in childhood by kisses and shared cups.
So yeah, stop ashamming ppl because of a fucking virus. These shit doesn't get on ppl because they are this or that in some idiot opinion. It's just life and biology u know, nothing to do with social judgments.
Anyway, english is not even my first language and here I am trying to educate an ignnorant. Have a nice day, read a book. Peace.

No. 824109

File: 1560975016961.jpeg (97.29 KB, 750x1036, C52C2938-A03A-4F6D-984B-214B1D…)

layla is in killstations new music video. saged for no milk but very looking-for-clout-esque. playing out the same cycle her relationships always go through

No. 824150

Does Killstation even have clout? I had never heard of him before he started dating her.

No. 824220

Hes a well known name in the scene, not the biggest name but if you know of the scene/this music you’ve at least heard the name, he’s been around long enough to feel established to most people. He filmed the white tee music video w nedarb.

No. 824236

First off, no. Just no. This is not even close to true, seems like you’re trying to normalize something that you yourself might be afflicted with but nah girl 90% of us do not have the herp.
She’s so boring and one note. I’d even go as far as saying she was one note fashion wise before but like it was entertaining when she was more of a hot mess. I vote next thread not even have her name in it bc she’s just not even milky, it’s sad she dresses like she’s going to a themed goth party but like… completely un-ironically. Kinda way too old for that shit

No. 824242

You act like being milky is a good thing. She's boring because she's growing up. Her style might be derivative but she's making less of a fool of herself then every other cow on this thread

I don't fuck with her music or her aesthetic but being mentioned less and less on this website is a step in the right direction

No. 824248

No. 824249

File: 1561008199113.jpeg (172.55 KB, 750x651, C0E5FBF5-2B7F-46AA-A30E-3BEBFA…)

we have yet to see the presumably genuine pearl(y) whites

No. 824250

nobody is "trying" to normalize. It IS normal. So common that doctors don't include this exams regullarly because of the social stigma bc ppl feel asshamed and whatever.

No. 824253

how are u sure u don't? lolololol

No. 824256

sis…please do ur research. don't worry i did it for u

"Herpes simplex is no different to other herpes viruses: all of us have at least three of them. Most of us have had chickenpox (herpes zoster). Chickenpox can recur as shingles when you get older. Most of us have had herpes simplex 1 or 2, or both. At least 25% of us have cytomegalovirus (HH-5). Nearly all of us are positive for Epstein Barr (HH-4) antibodies, which causes glandular fever. Even if you have not had symptomatic disease, well over 90% of the adult population is infected. And most of us get human herpes virus (HHV) 6 and 7 by the time we are aged two years.

To be infected with a herpes virus is a state of normality, not an abnormality. It happens to all adults, some of us with symptoms and some without. The key thing is not whether you are infected or not, but whether it is causing symptoms or not – and if it is, then what can be done about it."

Source: https://www.herpes.org.nz/

No. 824273

lilboweep definitely is milky it’s just over a long spaced out time frame

> drops out of school at 14 to “DJ”

> gains clout for being an edgy xanax drug addict, posting super edited pics on tumblr and being an original “E-Girl”
> posts sceencaps of clouty artists messaging her to collab (eg fat nick, X, ect) so gains even more clout
> dates a hype beast X-metal band vocalist for 6 months max and goes on and on about how “in love” she is
> they break up, she travels to USA and gets another BF in a month. later claims he is her “fiancé”
> get matching face tattoos
> had an incident with “fiancé” and people in USA. they didn’t do dishes, owner got mad. they left and “fiancé” came back in with a gun, assaulted owner of the house and wrote something on the wall in “shit” but apparently was avocado. they were later on the run and her “fiancé” got arrested and put in jail. Lilboweep claims to have not been there but owner of the house says otherwise. there’s probs more detail to the story but that’s the general idea
> has a show in her hometown in Australia and 2 people show up. she preformed to an empty room
> travels back and forth from AUS to USA because she has no fans in AUS
> claims to not wear any “products” on her face. gets called out for obviously wearing thick fake lashes and excessive amounts of highlighter on her face everyday
> replies “nothing except fake lashes and highlighter:) no foundation etc” ????? ok
> had her freckles lasered off but now draws them back on
> previously had super long dreads for years which was basically her aesthetic. claimed people were coping her and cut them all off and shaved her head
> complained about looking like a boy continuously
> ridiculously edits her photos, especially her waist, legs and eyes. she has big eyes already but edits them HUGE. there has been some photo proof posted a few threads ago
> claims to be a “vegabond” and has moved around a lot
> e-begs for money on her Instagram story by posting “$15 Story Shoutouts” and “$40 beats” that are so boring and one dimensional that they can be made on garage band
> had a fake lash business that lasted a few months
> also attempted to be a sex worker and sell her content
> lived out of a van for a while
> purchased a puppy (Lab X Alaskan Malamute if I remember correctly? which is a very big dog) abused it by raising it in her van in its very early stages
> now abandoned the puppy while she lives her “vegabond” life in USA
> claims to have no money while she e-begs yet gets new tattoos on a weekly basis
> also posted about wanting to get a Michael Jackson tattoo and got soooo much hate
> recently got gold on her teeth, nose job and huge lip injections
> lip injections continue to get bigger and more lumpy by the day (she had a really mouth / lips before so they look like they are about to burst)
> nose job was pointless (unless it was for her breathing) and looks botched and lumpy
> posted sooo many pics of her swollen face for attention
> changed her name to “unaloon” because she’d rather be happy over having “clout” yet username is still “lilboweep” lol

there’s probably more but that’s all I can think off the top of my head

No. 824274

File: 1561017294264.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, AC12BF44-0CF4-4BC8-87DE-D13D79…)

No. 824276

this isn't really milk it's just someone's lame life.

No. 824277

there are literally people with less milk with whole threads so…

No. 824281

well you're not getting one so give up

No. 824283

okay boss ?? literally no one asked for ur permission so shut the fuck up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 824288

wow can we stop arguing over herpes and what is milky or not and just laugh at these idiots on the internet which is what this forum is for.
this is epic, thank you

No. 824292

this isn’t a forum. i hate summerfags

No. 824303

i'm an all year round fag(learn 2 sage)

No. 824305

not the person who called you a summerfag but you should keep lurking, that's what I've been doing for a few months now. Now to never post again. Bye.

No. 824306

Okay I'm here for lilboweep being here because the only time this thread gets milk is when someone dies. Otherwise it's just the same people shitting on Coco, and it's played out.

I miss when TP was on drugs and milky, this used to be the best thread.

No. 824312

Sorry, had to show the facts because some ppl are dumb lol

No. 824314

>some ppl are dumb lol
no, we expect you to post the evidence. that's how it works

No. 824316

Yeah, the link of the statistics is right there if u didn't see. I think this is more evidence that say: "hm, no, that's not true"

Come on yall…

No. 824318

sorry I thought it was the ""milk"" and not the herpes bs. no we don't need to see that

No. 824320

Yeah I get it, BUT the person said I was wrong, wich I wasn't, so just wanted to clarify some facts and numbers.
Also, judging someone bc she "looks like she has herpes" is the stupidiest thing I ever read. I mean, this is stupid in so so so many levels. Judge ppl by their behaviour, not buy this nonsense. But yeah, look where we are right? Ofc there will be superfitial ppl.

No. 824351

File: 1561050494051.jpg (145.34 KB, 635x792, 27cloutclub.jpg)

She must be getting older bc her look here definitely doesn't scream "youth".

No. 824352

File: 1561050576998.jpg (185.8 KB, 636x790, 27cloutclub_20190620100707187.…)

Overdosing is so aesthetic guys hashtag kurt cobain

No. 824353

ok, this toopoor's boyfriend music is even worse than peep's music. jesus, how is that possible?
it is unbearable to hear even for like 3 sec

i'm shook

No. 824358

File: 1561052038181.jpg (1.07 MB, 1296x4320, tp.jpg)

More. These are lightened for clarity sorry they are dogshit quality tho

No. 824359

Good point because kurt cobain overdosed on bullets

No. 824376

File: 1561054796737.png (73.54 KB, 206x215, Untitled.png)

Everybody gets old, didn't you know that? :O
oh and eventually people die too(emoticon use)

No. 824424

File: 1561060219716.jpg (2.67 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20190620_124744169.j…)


"Lamented" was ok and the video was better than her bf's it'll be interesting to see where she goes next. Although I don't get the Grey Gardens aesthetic. At least it's unique I guess

No. 824470

LMAO! Wh-what did he do?! Have all his real teeth ripped out and replaced with screw in teeth?!


inb4 HE DID!

No. 824492

File: 1561069871134.png (384.54 KB, 425x599, tp.png)

No. 824509

File: 1561072878409.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 210EA7F3-48E5-4076-BB01-D4A52E…)

gross. worst he’s ever looked

No. 824618

I could be wrong but the herpes comment possibly had more to do with her lip fillers being so lumpy and swollen it looks like she has perpetual cold sores aka oral herpes. But I'm not that anon, just playing devil's advocate or whatever.

No. 824688

at the killstation show, and his new album as well as him doing hella acapellas to his songs, on top of dating toopoor, he really just seems like hes trying to be peep.
(sage cause not super milky or important)

No. 824716

her face is so jarring

No. 824786

File: 1561122896669.jpg (149.6 KB, 539x960, YLO0nxxFQp0.jpg)

fucking LOL @ this russian cashier who straight out copied Peep's tats.

No. 824815

Except you didn't actually sage your shit dumbass…

No. 824817

I mean people Peep had worked with musically went full skinwalker so this Russian cashier is really nothing in comparison

No. 824845

This was my first thought after listening to the video he just released. Never heard him before that and yeah skinwalker 100% copying Peep. Creepy for Layla to literally act out an overdose on cam with her Peep-skinwalking bf. I wonder what that was like for her esp. being sober like ???

No. 825060

lol y’all think you know everything it’s so funny. I personally know each party mentioned and “bbywings” is actually a horrible mooch. she used “coldhart” for years, never working a job or paying for anything while him and his family supported her, paid her bills, supplied her with food, a cellphone a place to live etc. she drained him to the bone until he couldn’t take it anymore. she’s super insecure and possessive/controlling/manipulative and even kept asking him to send her money after they broke up. her insecurities and depressive controlling behavior is what drove him away. she still tries to reach out to his friends and family and badmouth him and his gf while she sits at home, jobless and complaining on the internet. i’m soo happy to see coldhart move past that toxic relationship that brought him down and finally be happy and healthy !!! she still to this day a year after they broke up, complains to fans about him and his gf (that he’s been with for a year now) and plays the victim. one time she even asked a fan to “hurt them” physically lmao. she’s like gypsy rose part 2 someone need to lock that duck lip anorexic troll up. it would benefit her because at least in jail they make you cut your hair and she literally look like a horse woman with that rats nest on her head. not to mention her “music” which actually sounds like a mosquito flying close to your ear lmaooooo. she stay on twitter asking strangers to send her money too lmfao(learn 2 integrate)

No. 825415

File: 1561251990534.jpeg (211.68 KB, 746x1046, FullSizeRender.jpeg)

s4dgvrl come get your nosferatu looking ass bf

No. 825497

File: 1561264388313.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, CC863445-217C-4BD6-9069-F55E3B…)

lookin like he came to the show after his chemo therapy
im aware he shaved his head for a friend that passed.
he just doesn’t look very healthy

No. 825573

File: 1561297933306.jpg (6.82 KB, 360x270, fml.jpg)

tfw genuinely concerned about ghostemane.

…th-that is ghostmane, right?!

LMAO! I can't tell anymore! All these fuckers look'in the same and shit!

No. 826037

File: 1561397684984.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 4D544136-6403-4CE5-925A-C6E868…)

maybe milk incoming

No. 826096

He's just hopped up on opiates bc of his damn teeth

No. 826119

who is this again?

No. 826121

can you not read it clearly says tylergrosso in the corner

No. 826130

Apparently you can’t read because Anon isn’t responding to the grosso snap

No. 826184

Just squint your eyes anon and he's now tyler grosso!

No. 826198

it’s killstation. current boyfriend of toopoor and musician (use the term lightly). you are not missing much if you don’t know who he is.

No. 826508

Yo unrelated kinda but do you guys think all dudes tight with pouya are scumbags? Have a chance to kick it with a rapper close to him who’s been v kind to me, I don’t expect him to be like an angel but I’m not trying to get gang raped

No. 826555

No. 826582

File: 1561494771220.png (1.74 MB, 1242x2688, 067C198C-461B-4533-AA76-2A948E…)

right as i wonder if you’re talking about ghostemane i see this

No. 826664


Anyone who is still friends with Pouya, a rapist, is kinda trash by association.

No. 827140


Are you talking about City Morgue in Brooklyn?

No. 827169

Who? Get some tea
To answer your question, I don't think $B are scumbags towards women and they still associate with pouya, I mean unless anyone has milk about them they want to share….

No. 827331

File: 1561569467484.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, CAE43DCD-D236-40C4-8430-B3A770…)

here’s a thought Emma: get a job.

{for those who don’t know this is lil peep’s on/off first love and the girl most of his music is about}

No. 827403

File: 1561574268271.png (4.3 MB, 1125x2436, 6E6CA96A-8C64-42E9-87A0-6FC777…)

“aesthetic pics” lol this bitch corny af, what aesthetic?? weeb swag with elf ears and creepers that have batwings on them? if you think adventure time is corny try baby wings sitting on IG calling herself a ~*magical fairy princess*~ posting “dumb bitch juice” crying cat memes and rilakkuma pics LOL /yawn. also agree her “singing” sounds like a sad mosquito and that hair is WEIRD. does she have any goals or aspirations in life other than being a normie that complains on the internet all day begging her ex boyfriend’s fans for money lmao?? I get way more clout chaser vibes from that one haha. she still trying to ride off his clout a year after they broke up cause she would be nothing without him. no one would even know her. and her psychotic manipulative ass cracks me up how she tries to turn his own fans against him and his wife.

coLdY is so much happier now and it shows. this “toxicity” you speak of seems more like you’re just being a hater, cause everyone I see is super happy for them. jimmytoast is far from a clout chaser that’s why she doesn’t want to ever interact with 15 year old fans and is only “mean” when they harass her I’m pretty sure. makes sense since people nowadays don’t know how to respect others privacy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827451

surprised that peep’s mum can’t help her out considering that she was alleged “the love of his life” lmao maybe she’ll dig up more potato sacks to sell on depop to gullible teens

No. 827468


that’s exactly what coldys ex does but at least this girl is offering story shoutouts, bbywings just demands money for being “cute” and depressed (?????)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827686

File: 1561601764332.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_2019-06-26-21-11-39…)

return of the skinwalker

No. 827692

So because she fucked peep she thinks she can e-beg her way through life? Even Coco has a source of income. Emma literally does nothing.

No. 827700

File: 1561603090681.png (438.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-06-26-21-32-53…)

Trouble in paradise

No. 827708

They unfollowed eachother. It happens so often it's not even milk anymore. Kevin 100% wants out but can't leave bc she'll sperg out about betraying someone with cancer like she did months ago. Dudes trapped. Kinda karmic honestly.

No. 827755

This post brought to you by jimmytoast™️

No. 827772

>i'M pReTtY sUrE
ok jimmyselfpost..

No. 827868

he didn’t make the SF rolling loud lineup either and we all know the fucking fit they pitched when he wasn’t on the miami one…. maybe this time it was on purpose to try to get coco to leave him lol

No. 828014

File: 1561650887192.jpeg (168.43 KB, 640x803, 5029992D-3D75-4F84-B4F6-4F9379…)

Teddy aka Peep skinwalker strikes again.
sage bc nothing new.

No. 828031

File: 1561651754103.png (664.3 KB, 750x1334, 23B9C7EC-25AD-4A71-BCC3-8DADAB…)

think you’re gonna need more than that pepper

No. 828209

what makes you guess that, are they sus too? i think he is tight with them, they have pictures together. i'll go with some girlfriends and get milk i just want to be prepared af pls don't hold back warnings

No. 828212

are peep skin walkers aloud? because 'tattoo artist' @castlebasas is a skin walker and straight up at least 35 year old shape shifter … he has a solid post of milk on him and he's good friends with Teddy so the whole thing is fucken weird. I tattoo from his hometown in VA so I remember his crazy trend hopping. now he has hundreds f thousands of followers he scams hard

No. 828251

File: 1561671453267.jpeg (198.48 KB, 750x1108, 817908BF-9398-49A8-9194-270435…)

Coco really out there making a video for the SI swimsuit casting, the fact that she thinks she even has a chance compared to all the girls who actually worked for it lmao

No. 828257

Lol gold digger that can’t even read show me where in that post they called you toxic and not just an vapid opportunist

which honestly whatever girl get your coins no one cared about any of the ugly girls that use coldharts dumb ass till you stared self posting

No. 828275

ps you look real secure and normal sperging about ur relationship no one really cares about on an anonymous imageboard quoting a over 2 weeks old post that didn’t even call you ToXIc or a cLoUtChAsER but suggested you might be an expensive rebound (what do you have to say about that one huh? since you had so much input on everything else)

No one’s suggested that bbywings was good for him either just that they actually made sense together and had shit in common lol

anyways I know most people in this thread don't actually keep up with the scene but hella sketchy just died he was a young producer that worked with a lot of people in the scene

No. 828286

File: 1561676226488.jpeg (950.55 KB, 1242x2319, 2D211175-C493-467E-A371-94AA78…)

castlebasas tattooed a friend of mine and i was horrified over the cost of it.
and def a peep skinwalker like teddy. yikes.

No. 828306

lmaoo!! i’m not JimMy ToAsT but aren’t y’all the ones that started talkin about his relationships on an anonymous message board to begin with? (they ain’t even your relationships or mine so who’s more normal LoL!) anyway, they had NOTHING in common that’s why he left her bum ass and he glowed up with his expensive rebound that he’s marrying now and she’s still broke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sry for ~* sage *~*~* !! and the words ToXiC and cLouTchAseR VibeS were brought up several times so have a seat and keep whining(pure autism)

No. 828329

and lol @ “AN vapid opportunist” :B while you complain people can’t read yet you can’t type, hmmmmm(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 828336

Btw pretty sure toopoor bought views on her music vid on youtube caus yesterday she only had 30k views and now she magically has 100k more, seems fishy

No. 828359

I wonder if his rape allegations are following him around and that's why he's been having sm trouble. He's pretty big for a soundcloud artist

I love how she doesn't mention Kevin once. She's one quick Google search away from people realizing she got her clout by riding rapist dick

No. 828389

File: 1561686162375.jpeg (278.47 KB, 640x740, D112BD5A-2BCD-4ABB-863B-B189B6…)


Coco feels entitled to opportunities and having her bloated face/body in Sports Illustrated because she has cancer. And popularity from her boyfriend

She is constantly having her followers spam and harass companies for her benefit and to fuel her raging narcissism. For a short and fat thot, the girlfriend of a known rapist/cheater, Coco is painfully narcissistic with no self awareness. She has always been insufferable and holier than thou before her illness, it just made her even more of a trash person. Now she’s in an echo chamber of mindless support and no accountability, she can’t be negative or wrong because she’s dying.

Coco effectively trapped Pouya with her cancer for the past 2 - 3 years and so on kek

No. 828421

No one gives a shit if you like this clown scene or some wastecase within it

No. 828480

Ghost seemed like he was alright before his association with the rapist-gang and other scumbags. He appeared to be an alright alt dude. Now his character is questionable and unsavory thb.

No. 828608

File: 1561717919710.png (21.53 KB, 537x168, creepy.PNG)

adam22 tweeting to jake paul after he said "FEELS GOOD TO BE A FIANCEE" in reference to his 'engagement' to tana mongeau

i really hate this guy. he's such a nasty influence over teens and he's such an old terrible fuck

No. 828643

>When hoes clash
Throw a full fight on instagram so you can pretend to be relevant or smth

No. 828740

i don't think ghost is that sus. the stuff with his ex on that livestream was great content though

No. 828752

File: 1561734339888.png (Spoiler Image, 663.78 KB, 886x607, Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 11.0…)

Bexey attempted suicide

No. 828792


had intense night terror, attempts suicide. Says they won't get better overnight. Too soon lol

No. 828869

I kinda side eye them a teeny bit for exposing 69 ONLY after he allegedly did not pay Zilla back for posting his bail…but I haven’t heard anything scandalous. is it them? I was supposed to hang with them too but I chickened out

No. 828901

File: 1561749229227.jpg (163.97 KB, 1080x1227, Instagram_youngbabycoco_648507…)


No. 828959

File: 1561760736775.jpeg (849.09 KB, 1242x1730, 57D28F03-769D-4295-85DD-E03095…)


No. 828975

File: 1561763743179.jpeg (174 KB, 749x1211, D4FDE326-014C-4F0D-A8FE-B305AD…)

No milk but just shook at how fatnicks girlfriend is black? Did she bleach her skin or something cause she looks white as fuck now

No. 828995

Gonna be real ironic and funny when mr streetwear scammer gets scammed out hundreds by some health fad quack doctor.
Is it possible for people to buy views? I know people can buy followers but i've never heard of buying views. I wouldn't put it past her record label to do that.
Yeah he's gross and his attitude towards women is disgusting as fuck esp with his impressionable platform but I also highly doubt Jake and Tana's engagement is legitimate.
These mfs desperately need a PR team or at least a sensible manager LMAOOO

No. 829009

File: 1561769905551.png (535.56 KB, 926x564, Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 8.56…)

Genetics are pretty weird. If I had to guess I would say one of her parents is mixed, so she's white but has features that make her ambiguous. Her having bleached hair and wearing colored contacts also obviously contributes. If you go through her Instagram posts when her hair was it's natural color you can tell a lot more

No. 829020

Coco would be kind of hot if it weren't for her fucking atrocious makeup. Can she not take pointers from anyone else in their orbit? Spidery add eyelashes and hottie bronzer abuse, yuck.

No. 829023

23 going on 50. someone come get their abuela

No. 829128

She used to look okay when she used to be skinny with long hair and no makeup

No. 829132

Coco is the snooki of soundcloud girlfriends

No. 829457

Her fucking massive arm lmao

No. 829647

File: 1561921563467.jpg (289.42 KB, 1080x1350, Instagram_hotelshrimp_61763878…)

skinwalking intensifies
Lmao I 100% knew she would start this shit up again once once she decided to fuck horsehead for clout. The only thing cringier than TP's kurt and courtney cosplay is shrimp's weird obsession with wearing Layla's skin. Least original bitch alive except maybe Coco's basic thot ass

No. 829657

At least her hair looks much better

No. 829721

Why u chicken? Were u guys gonna hook up?

No. 829804

Really? Stfu creep. The rapists have infiltrated the thread.

No. 829992

I think hotel shrimp is hot idk

No. 830019

She's an awful human being no one cares who you want to stick your penis in basement dweller

Can these creepy dudes just go

No. 830025

>someone says a person is hot
you femcels are fucking embarrassing lmao kys

No. 830053

i don’t know, layla didn’t really pioneer that faux mall goth revival look. she just played a huge role in normalizing it. i think hotelshrimp is just trying to follow fashion trends on instagram for likes/views so she can keep up her ~artsy and hip~ persona.

No. 830078

Lmfao you're mad bc nobody cares about your thirst, the post wasnt even saged. Thats sus at best in a thread talking literal shit about these people, its just as embarrassing as when anons call the men hot when they all look like they grow fungus between their legs no matter the gender.

No. 830184

No I like one of the city morgue dudes I was Asking if their as fucked up as like pouya and x cuz there all friends dude

No. 830276

>calls someone a femcel for not gaf about their thirst for random cows

spoken like a true incel

No. 830280

I mean I get why you'd ask bc x and pouya are literal human garbage but it's really hard to tell with these dudes. Lots of rappers fuck w pouya and x because they act really fucking nice to everyone but the women they abuse. I would just not take any drugs they offer you and tell people where you are. Be prepared to leave too. Have an exit strategy and an emergency contact. If they try to take your phone that's a huge fucking red flag and I would leave immediately.

No. 830286

I agree but she literally does nothing original with it and completely changed her entire look when she met Layla which is p embarrassing. Her dating corey after peep died and re-adopting the look now that she's riding gbc dick just shows how obsessive she is. Kind if creepy to try and look this much like someone you basically tried to drive to OD/suicide. If anyone else adopted this look it would be less cringey imo

No. 830289

File: 1562021969713.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 3E8FEE15-1375-4CD0-B8A1-FB969B…)

Pouya can't even feign tolerance with air headed ass coco any longer.

No. 830314

He legit never looks happy anymore. In older videos you could tell he was infatuated with her but it was definitely like 95% lust. Chick's insufferable

No. 830350

File: 1562027908175.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 318.13 KB, 828x1439, 068A4363-CE7C-4586-9EAD-F48C1F…)

First it’s Kurt end Courtney. Now it’s Lennon and Yoko.

No. 830359

i hate the cfnm thing they keep doing. i get wanting to establish her self as a strong person but no one wants to see thattttt

No. 830485

Probably because no one gives a fuck about him anymore and he's stuck with a fat wine aunt wannabe swimsuit model.
I mean pouya is emaciated but there are a lot of better looking clout chasing whores who would date him and he probably hates the fact he's stuck with coco.

No. 830511

File: 1562060350279.jpeg (167.5 KB, 750x1150, C8F642E5-5EB9-4005-9A6B-C551EB…)

She's lowkey drunk 24/7 at this point, she cant look straight anymore. Aint nothing cute about being alcoholic courtney

No. 830803

File: 1562092195307.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 50FCAD79-6981-410A-B5CB-45D50F…)

why is pepperann acting like he’s still associated with post malone? putting a screenshot of posty’s upcoming single on your story despite you having nothing to do with it might be one of your most desperate moves yet, Tyler.

No. 830868

Well.. she is. But she's boring af too so…

No. 830898


These extensions are so fucking awful

No. 830908

File: 1562102845915.jpeg (189.61 KB, 750x1092, 770BA5F1-0500-4FD8-B711-F78CDD…)

Caption translated: this is nobody. Not nobody.

No. 830947

Good for her for posting natural

No. 830948

Same fag I’m rly sorry but I hope she starts maybe opening up about things she learned about addiction.. I know she had like but SHE did the work to change herself and mindset. Miss that Layla.

No. 830956

Just realized that hotel shrimp and toopoor have the same exact talking voice. Weird, don't know if it's on purpose or what. Rrly annoiyng but yet the same

No. 831000

File: 1562112707615.jpeg (122.08 KB, 1125x1020, 96FB7505-8123-457C-81D9-BC661F…)

Is she still lurking this heavy? Layla girl just stop you’ve won like 90% of the thread over

No. 831053

File: 1562123966113.jpeg (230.25 KB, 640x898, C9294467-4367-4BA3-95DD-4BD935…)

This is from a week ago but I don’t think anyone posted it. Anyway, props to Layla for not mentioning Peep and for uh, really showing her haters who’s boss.


No. 831086

File: 1562133511328.png (2.39 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190702-113716.png)

Shrimpy looking very high, how long have you been sober again?

No. 831130

??? what gives? it’s her standard selfie pose and she looks normal

No. 831279

This is a stupid comment anon. What? Why would she only care about the ppl in the thread

No. 831296


I actually like her makeup here,her eyebrows are usually worse than Coco's.

No. 831689

File: 1562211195071.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2688, 4A09D372-BD2A-432A-923E-E97500…)

someones watching.

No. 831693

This is so pitiful! Whipping out a review from her teenage years as some sort of moment of pride? Is that literally all she has? Embarrassing

No. 831699

The review references her graduating with her bachelors, so it would be very slightly more recent than high school.

No. 831708

You must be new, she used to regularly respond or react to things said here on her socials within hours if not minutes of it being said

No. 831728

File: 1562218701765.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.6 KB, 1080x1080, John-Lennon-and-Yoko-Ono3-Anni…)

Is this the new cosplay? Toopoor is yoko and killstation is john lennon?


No. 831735

>she just played a huge role in normalizing it.
Layla didn't normalize shit. There's nothing unique about her fashion. She looks like she stepped straight out of hottopic.

No. 831877


This is soooo pathetic. A two sentence review from 15 years ago to prove she’s “talented”

Dumbass should have whipped out her degree, if she has one. At least that means more

No. 831909

File: 1562256628207.jpeg (197.83 KB, 750x456, 2DC93872-1952-444F-8A23-40F095…)

Did he think people wouldnt internet sleuth to find the scene? Foolish

No. 832090

File: 1562281833893.png (1.62 MB, 1315x1108, ig-throwback.png)

layla posted some throwback pics.

No. 832420

….mind sharing your sleuthing anon?

No. 832819

File: 1562408727849.png (43.27 KB, 581x146, babycocoloco.png)

thought she was gonna an hero for a moment there

No. 832866

>becoming infertile at 29
i feel really sorry for her

No. 832922

File: 1562431148700.jpeg (701.88 KB, 1125x1558, 3180075E-E18F-4D74-AFF3-4A3492…)

In this day and age, who cares. Adopt if it’s that big of a deal.

Grosso pulling out 3+ year old photos and getting called out on being a narcissist… his desperation never gets old.

No. 833266

>In this day and age, who cares. Adopt if it’s that big of a deal.
shut up retard. plenty of women still want to have children of their own, its human nature.

No. 833821

File: 1562613520443.png (192.54 KB, 750x1334, 351C0451-AB62-4DDC-819E-F90CE4…)

once again pepperann is not fulfilling orders and ignoring the people that query him.

No. 833822

File: 1562613997465.jpeg (178.69 KB, 750x1095, 8AFD77F7-D9D5-4B4A-A0AC-1451F9…)

Coco back at protecting her rapist bf, funny how she calls those girls thots while she's obviously the biggest thot around

No. 833859

true. coco may be an incredibly annoying angel baby but to be infertile at 29 is horrible.

No. 833888

My bf cheated on me constantly and all the girls he cheated with are irrelevat thots!

Wow spicy take main bitch

No. 833952


"Y'all are lucky I'm such a NiCe PeRsOn"…proceeds to go on a vaguely threatening rant referring to her scumbag rapist boyfriend's victims as thots. mmmk. Coco, if you're reading this (and I know you are) - you are absolute garbage sis. And also how are YOU relevant? You sell shitty private labeled AliExpress lashes to a bunch of teenagers who are too dumb to know better and have built your entire online presence around your willingness to be continually humiliated by a hopelessly ugly 3rd-string SoundCloud rapper. Literally all you do all day every day is gas yourself up online and desperately tag Sports Illustrated. People who are actually nice don't need to constantly tell others how nice and good and ~*angelic*~ they are. It is legit sad that you are almost 30 years old and conducting yourself like this. Fuck off.

No. 834186

File: 1562665427607.png (2.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-07-09-04-36-56…)

imagine dating a serial cheater and a rapist can't relate

No. 834235

Imagine knowing you can't have biokids but still wanting them, must be the rapist karma.

No. 834524

File: 1562712314646.png (444.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-07-09-17-42-37…)

Kevin def on some fuck shit lmao

No. 834749

File: 1562737905539.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190709-220733.png)

get a therapist

No. 834750

File: 1562737952564.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190709-220739.png)

I don't think this is true either

No. 834810

is she implying she's cheating on Kevin bc she's salty he's still cheating on her lol ok coco

No. 834865

File: 1562751570909.jpeg (229.25 KB, 750x1120, 6F265287-7F05-4F38-BBD8-86DD20…)

No. 834909

Sooooooo she's admitting kevin is cheating?

No. 834982

Yes her cuck ass is. Apparently posting her tits all over her insta story like she does every other fucking day, subposting about it, and retail therapy buying herself a dior bag is totally showing him tho. Wow what a bad bitch. Totally not a doormat. Also whoever he cheated on is def an irrelevant thot in case anyone thought it was his fault in any way /s

No. 837159

They broke up. She got what she wanted from him and now the clout chaser is on to her next victim. She’s out at the club and he’s home talking about being alone. We saw this coming. Poor Smoke.

No. 837160

My friend said she cheated with a SoundCloud rapper but who knows. She tried to get with Peep then jumped from Paris to Smoke. He should’ve known these hoes ain’t loyal.

No. 837169

screencaps, this is an imageboard

No. 837207

File: 1563022961125.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190713-060133.png)

No. 837284

This bitch is insufferable. Going on about her retarded sobriety and here she is fucked up beyond belief. Yeah, enjoying a “drink here and there” cass?

No. 837564

That’s actually really funny, honestly if rose is that career or status minded she’s a driven and dedicated bitch, gotta be the most respectable girl here tbh all these girls are just egirl clout accessories they can use to write songs about, especially when they break up lol.

It’s just implicit rappers cheat so idk I think it’s hella funny when their girls do it instead. Smoke was stanning peep for his life and this groupie with a crybaby tattoo comes into his life for other photo ops and he thinks he can control her and never be hurt by her since she’s such a diehard. Hahaha…

No. 838007

Wow, what a waste of even 3 seconds of my life reading that nonsense. Cheating is cheating and it’s messed up no matter who does it. Also wtf does Smoke being friends with Peep have to do with being with Rose so he could “control” her because she has a crybaby tattoo and was a fan of Peep. Huh? Your ridiculous assumptions don’t even make sense. Put the crack pipe down.

No. 838132

File: 1563138759255.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, C4009595-D896-47C8-A15F-8F2C97…)

I know Lilith has her own thread but this room is aubrey’s lololol where’s the lie

No. 838136

Clare is an insufferable edgelord and this is cringe but she's not wrong.

No. 838161

Clare thinks she's a special snow-flake. She isn't unique, authentic or anything special. She's a target goth PROJECTING hard onto others! She's just another try hard fake!

No. 838168

File: 1563142064367.png (861.86 KB, 601x581, 2.png)

yikes emma keeps looking worse and worse…

No. 838169

File: 1563142141379.png (584.41 KB, 476x594, 1.png)

compare to this pic around the time peep cheated on her, she was actually cute

No. 838229

Lmaaaaoooooo but also did she mean authenticity because she wrote an entirely different word and it’s hilarious a white girl misuses ethnicity lol

No. 838231

Everything about her screams "try hard"

Her transition to insta thot post Peep's death was a total flop because apparently she can't even pay her bills now

No. 838239


is she ever going to do anything besides selling shitty thriftstore clothes to underage peep stans?

anyone else notice that she conveniently skipped over his cheating when talking about their "lifelong romance"? she probably doesn't want to put a damper on the ~one true love uwu narrative

No. 838370

File: 1563173849007.png (5.98 MB, 1242x2208, 9B3930A9-401F-4F10-A94F-070F9C…)

coldhart’s new girlfriend says that his family still pay’s for bbywing’s phone bill. Lol

No. 838430

File: 1563191928210.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 648AD76F-D87E-4B09-8583-197553…)

layla, please stop with the Lilith skinwalking

No. 838432

anyone can pose in front of a mirror we all have hip bones youknow anon chill

No. 838488

This bitch is on crack, edgelords don’t type like that, retards do
Completely denounced any credibility she might have had, if this was even something anyone should give two fucks about
Bitch is still just mad nobody gives half as much of a fuck about her, unless she brings up Marilyn Manson or photoshops her body lmaoo

No. 838673

File: 1563229662620.jpeg (192.85 KB, 750x1194, 6833058C-0500-497F-907D-7D7BA0…)

Seems like fatnick and his gf broke up, she's seeing someone else now, surprise surprise

No. 838681

omfg she meant to say authenticity but her brain is so fried she typed ethnicity lmaaao

she's literally borderline retarded it's not an act wow

No. 838829

File: 1563254463327.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-07-15-22-46-26…)

Coconut licking a knife on her insta story drunkenly slurring "don't question my loyalty or I will ruin you" like she's not out here being a dumb thot sharing tweets about cheating

Exhibit A:

No. 838833

This is so ugly and cunty of her wtf she’s a fucking nobody talentless loser, it’s a weird flex your ex pays your phone bills because you were liked so much. Like girl why isn’t he paying your bills then

No. 838851

File: 1563260314219.jpg (382.47 KB, 1125x2384, IMG_8100.jpg)

I don't really care about her or bbywings but it's funny she's lying about how long they've been together, coldy was posting pictures on bbywings ig of him shirtless in the bed they shared this time last year

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