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File: 1527099192616.jpg (259.41 KB, 1125x1410, IMG_0741.jpg)

No. 592071

Prev threads:

New milk(sorry if I forgot anything big):

Layla is now back in london after a brief stint in LA. She claims to be working on an album and trying to make new friends.

During her time in LA, she brought her London boyfriend, Luke Storey, along. They broke up a week after arriving. Layla claims Luke "ran away" Luke claims Layla is "crazy", but he also was struggling to stay sober in LA.

Tyler Grosso continues to make an idiot of himself on social media, desperate for validation.
Grosso/Pepper showed up two threads back to answer some questions, confirmed it was him on his Twitter. While in the thread, he confirmed his shitty behavior (i.e. treating Layla like shit and refusing to let her mourn peeps death). Layla has also repeatedly confirmed that Pepper was emotionally and mentally abusive and claims he is the reason she left the US. He continues to show warning signs of grooming in his current fling. It is confirmed that he still lurks here and publicly spurges about lolcows opinion of him.

Grosso wrecked his porsche like a week after buying it and proceeded to take aesthetic pics of the crash. (never forget)

He's currently on tour with Paris as a pretend DJ/begging for drugs online.

Old milk overview: "goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA. Has begun to get more serious gigs since going to London and starting a music career. She's begun to release SoundCloud mixes and has been seen recording with others in the LA scene

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Is now sober/preaching a healthy lifestyle.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing and has since been a TooPoor skinwalker.

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, and begun seeing model luke storey

She has broken up with tyler and severed all business ties

Her new branding is wholesome, healthy, and metal health woke, the validity of this is debatable

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face along with vague brand collaborations


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 592102

File: 1527101458635.png (178.27 KB, 750x1334, 1F1A413F-4CF6-411A-A7D9-071E76…)

So curious who it is lol

No. 592108

File: 1527101695560.jpeg (233.85 KB, 1104x534, 5439F22A-3904-45E1-BCF7-3F1AE8…)

Lol Lillith in the replies.
Honestly it’s none of his business and outing her would be a dick move… However my money is on Madeline

No. 592112

I definitely think it’s madeline! I know you guys don’t like her that much, but honestly she’s how I started following Tyler years ago leading to me following Layla
Her life is FULL of milk. Can’t believe there’s no thread on her and her group of ever changing friends haha

No. 592127

File: 1527103056254.png (2.21 MB, 958x1196, leatherface.png)

Look at grace shields' newest selfie, lmao.

Those fucking lip injections look like a prolapsed anus. You can literally see all the injection sites along the bottom of her top lip. they're soooo fucking lumpy and uneven. How can she possibly think that looks sexy??

She looks like Mrs. Potato head.

No. 592136

still got them half ass lime embroidered grosso nails..? or old pic bc they seem fresh here, they'd need a fill by now. shes been with tyler for how many weekes?? prob already looks strung out and drastically different trying to keep up with him and his habits. good thing u got an aresenal of pre-selfie'd-selfies, girl!

No. 592137

Holy shit i audibly gasped at this. Unfortunate af

No. 592140

She literally looks like Pete burns

No. 592143


She looks literally a million times better without the absurdly fake bozo the clown lips. Her natural lips already had a nice shape. Now she's permanently stretched her skin into these fake-ass looking monstrosities.

also, if you're going to spend a lot of money on plastic injections and fillers, go a to technician who actually knows how to do it properly and doesn't leave HUGE OBVIOUS lumps. christ. she looks like one of those plastic surgery gone wrong images.

literal potato head.

No. 592144

File: 1527104662029.png (1.26 MB, 1400x821, lips.png)


Forgot pic..

No. 592153

her upper line doesn’t match the rest of her lips at all.. Kinda sad when you spend so much money on plastic surgery to end up like that

No. 592155

Idk, she looks manly to me. A man who's lips were stuck in a pump for 48 hours. Eek.

No. 592158

tbh i saw this and got pissed off because if you look at her old photos she actually had nice features before she decided to become grosso's blue-haired living sex doll

No. 592164

File: 1527105650385.png (2.12 MB, 1070x1082, fat_face.png)

>>592127 Speaking of fucked up lips… Is Arz drawing freckles on? Looks ridiculous.

No. 592170

the way they face tune the fuck out of their face and then add film grain thinking it hides it is so embarrassing

No. 592172

File: 1527106255108.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x1628, 9D40713D-FE3E-45DB-8971-FAB77C…)

Why she look like 6ix9ine alter ego

No. 592176

they probably go to the same injectionist. except arz naturally has slightly larger lips, so they don't look as fucking retarded as gtshields.


i feel bad for her, she is obviously trashy but letting herself get branded like a prostitute within a week of knowing tyler is just sad.

No. 592177

shopped herself into a cross between michael jackson and zendaya

No. 592179

They look way too swollen here

No. 592184

File: 1527107055550.jpeg (185.86 KB, 1125x1211, 0707C4D1-521D-4523-A341-E1E43B…)

o. My gawd

No. 592193

this is some kind of sleep paralysis demon

No. 592197

>>592184 THAT forehead… I really hope this photo is stretched. Who is this?

No. 592218

She looks nearly 40 years old in at least 5 of these pics

No. 592223

File: 1527109341433.jpeg (215.39 KB, 1125x1392, D6A3852E-DFFD-4120-BF8D-AEA863…)

Lol the bio tho

No. 592230

that's not lilith wtf are u talking about?

No. 592233

I’m clearly a fucking idiot lol sorry. I just saw it as the avi on the twitter screenshot in >>592108 next to the name Lilith. Turns out it’s a cringey fan account please ignore me
I’m not the anon who posted >>592184 tho

No. 592235

her entire face is so fake i'm ready to hang myself.

No. 592236

I am triggered by those eyebrows

No. 592244

File: 1527110379568.png (1.28 MB, 866x1382, Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 16.1…)

I know Peep didn't have a monopoly on Pink Panther tattoos, but I seriously didn't think this "twin flame" delusion of hers could get any more ridiculous.

No. 592248

File: 1527110644068.png (55.24 KB, 1038x176, noparisno.png)

Paris is falling. That money is an ADVANCE, kid.

No. 592264

She looked like an MTF tranny back then and still looks like one now.

No. 592304

Why do you guys always ignore me when I’m talking about Madeline hahahahaha

No. 592309

Because no 1 cur. She’s better suited for a different thread idk maybe make one

No. 592310

File: 1527115681427.png (195.5 KB, 750x1334, C96B0CE3-67C7-4A5A-9810-2BED5A…)

Definitely Madeline

No. 592319

who cares if she is?? tylers annoying ass should leave all of his exes alone and focus on his new girl

No. 592333


She's a groupie dickhopper. At least she admits it.

willing to pimp brand herself after one week for even the slightest taste of the fame. those retarded clown lips are like a soundcloud bounce castle.

Fucking sad person.

No. 592338

no one cares about grosso and his new girl

No. 592369

it has to be the madeline chick, she has the fucking weirdest way of presenting herself for being so young she's clearly trying to appeal to an older/wealthy man. Either gross-o is fucking scum for basically blackmailing her by posting this. Why the fuck can't this greedy ass pig lard tit bitch mind his greasy grubby faygo ICP sausage fingers and leave both women and ACTUAL artists the fuck alone.

I'm always down for milk but she should belong in the instahoes thread, I doubt she'd need her own unless her life is messy as fuck. Now I just feel bad Pepper Lord of Ann-oyance is on her ass and wish she had some space. Honestly if she is an escort who cares, Tyler has hurt WAAAY more people than she ever will.

Tbh I think soundclout and their cling-ons (shout out to tyler's pancake tits) should have a thread and layla should be in the instahoes thread with lillith and whoever, since they're all the same circle. she's not as milky and i'm glad she's growing up; the dude's however are fucking embarassing.

No. 592381

wanted to add i appreciate how layla didn't shop her thighs in the OP pic, i think she looks great and i'm glad she's not wasting away her life like these other girls on facetune to suck someone who either makes garageband beats or whines over them. i hated her a few threads ago too, so im happy she's strong enough to show her real body, or closer to it.

it's the paint tool in facetune. she's not fresh.

100% michael jackson damn, if only she had just 1% of his work ethic…

>>592310 >>592333
no one cares how threatened you are by women who are sexually available tyler

No. 592389

>glad she's not wasting away her life like these other girls on facetune
Layla's last 3 IG pics are all facetuned, most obviously her eyes & nose. She literally looks like a different person in every photo she posts. Anon, please make a vision appointment I'm worried about u lol

No. 592391

If I had to guess I'd say Madeline.

No. 592394

That's a hell of a forehead!

No. 592399

Grace is not even remotely interesting. The "look at her injections" bit has grown old.(learn to integrate)

No. 592410

It’s all saged, unlike your post anon. If you’re bored of it just scroll along. it’s fair game.

No. 592485

Excuse me forgetting to save. I was not, by any means saying it's not fair game.. simply that it's been said so many times it's basically beating a dead horse.

No. 592487


No. 592614

Coming soon
>Peep secretly asked me to marry him
>Peep and I worked on lyrics together

No. 592616

Thread's waiting for Madelaine right here. Just add her and supply some info: >>>/snow/210611

No. 592744

File: 1527167972485.jpeg (136.31 KB, 1125x315, 7FBEF6D0-2CB2-4C52-9CDA-76A976…)

No. 592768

I was just about to post that shit.. WTF she doesn't rlly think he wrote songs about her rite… also I noticed gus' brother and her follow each other on Instagram. Weird

No. 592770

Also why does everyone praise her for being sober for however many years she says but she talks about doing shrooms with peep… thas not sober sweety

No. 592771

File: 1527171139927.png (100.01 KB, 740x723, IMG_3615.PNG)

Okay so u gained a smaller waist, but instead this funky looking arms looking like waves on the ocean

No. 592793

File: 1527172873746.jpeg (270.21 KB, 1003x1682, 41ADF53C-7A0B-42F9-9C46-91ADFD…)

Why does Layla go along with this person….

No. 592795

File: 1527172979866.jpeg (286.26 KB, 1125x1847, 02779952-05F4-4259-800C-D36712…)

No. 592798


No. 592799

What the absolute fuck

No. 592804

…it's her boobs.

No. 592805

lmao wtf i can’t, not sure if she’s joking or took hella drugs or something

No. 592816

File: 1527176500903.jpeg (279 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3793.jpeg)

Not only does this girl have fake eyelashes, fake lips, and fake fucking freckles, homegirl deadass tries to be a Scorpio…. her birthday is October 19th, aka Libra. I know you want to be all mystical & witchy and shit but have some respect for yourself and own who you are.

No. 592843

Lmao she was complaining how she lost her old ig handle… She should just change it to ~ yUnG gRaSsHoPper ~

No. 592850

Thats just weird.. Why would someone even lie about that? But tbh nothing surprises me anymore she’s a manipulating liar

No. 592988

she might be talking about her rising/moon sign, depending on the exact time of day and place she was born.

No. 593081

how old is arzaylea?

No. 593084

23 y/o. Oct 19, '94

No. 593090

lmao i'm assuming a "real scorpio" wouldn't post some dumb ass meme about being bad. i hate this type of humor and people hiding behind astrology so fucking much. i don't get it because claiming libra would make her appear more calm/aesthetic i don't get why she has to hop on peep's sign.

No. 593101

>>592816 Why is this @diplo ?

No. 593104

>>593101 He's a Scorpio, so maybe he is her next victim, I mean love interest.


No. 593150

I have a question about these girls living in LA, like Layla, Cherrie Madeleine, lilith lewis, and so on.. are they rich? They dont ever have to work in their hole lifes? Im so confused

No. 593173

a lot of the girls that move here to be "influencers" or some stupid shit like that are trust fund babies or just have rich parents that pay for everything

No. 593183

Or they escort… oops I mean 'sugar baby'. See: Dasha.

No. 593187

Looool ain't no way in hell he'd date her/have anything to do with her she's so fake earthworm lookin ass she should just try and see if Paris would take her stank pussy or go hop on some soundcloud dick

No. 593190

She prob tagged him to get him to notice shes a unique edgy hardcore sex addicted nasty hairy pussied

No. 593203

Didn't she already try to jump on Paris?

No. 593240

I’m pretty sure Liliths dad is some rich republican lawyer or something. It’s in that thread that someone linked above regarding Madeline.

No. 593241

That’s what I was gonna say. I think her ship to Paris has sailed. Lol diplo though??

No. 593250

Anything new from grandma peep?

No. 593255

File: 1527217817452.png (210.84 KB, 1480x818, waaaaaa.png)

We hurt her feelings…

No. 593256

I hope not. She also would do well to back away from the internet. This has totally unhinged her imo.

No. 593262

Y’all keep saying lay off her lips and I hear you but I never lurk this girl bc uninteresting but DAMN they look ridiculous in her profile picture. Like they don’t even look like lips. Idk why but they look like the texture of hot dogs to me. These chicks need to stop while they’re ahead. That last one of Arz with the gummy bear was ridiculous too and her eyebrows look terrible. Same with the MJ picture, someone said she looked like Michael Jackson and I can’t unsee it.

No. 593263

File: 1527218495694.jpg (165.47 KB, 634x942, grosssss.jpg)

>>593262 this is their future

No. 593264

File: 1527218515989.jpg (26.88 KB, 306x408, ewww.jpg)

>>593263 and this

No. 593269

>>592248 yeah seems like he is getting caught up in the game with the idiot tyler whistpering in his ear. the thing is his fans are mostly young kids, college kids and they are broke as fuck. how much can he actually be making on a tour as an opening act where tyler had to beg post malone to get him on tour? i would say he is making very little money on tour. idk, i heard he got signed but that money is all up front for what they think you will make for them so you are actually in debt. all that money in your bank is a negative that needs to be earned. youre showing your materialistic fangs paris

No. 593275

It’s not private now

No. 593285

wow they must read this thread constantly "they didnt hurt my feelings, ill show them"

No. 593302

File: 1527220574488.jpg (1.4 MB, 2495x2968, IMG_6917.jpg)

Marilyn went and got another face tattoo that totally fucks up her already fucked face god its so ugly what an unfortunate decision

No. 593307

File: 1527220799346.jpg (1.27 MB, 2288x2909, IMG_6918.jpg)


No. 593310

>>593302 what the actual fuck? her other tattoos worked (KINDA), but now she just looks like a freak show. did she add any explanation of what the fuck it is or what she was thinking or did she just make some strange mystical commentary with peep vaguely mentioned?

No. 593316

File: 1527221350773.png (59.62 KB, 1176x164, true.png)


No. 593318

Something like "tell me what you know about pain" and the number 53 which in her story she goes on cryptically about as her "angel number"

No. 593320

File: 1527221472835.jpeg (133.53 KB, 750x1334, FC76382A-1D84-45A0-BF02-7C1C38…)

No. 593321

File: 1527221494533.jpeg (129.84 KB, 750x1334, 066BFBC1-0FED-40EF-BC82-3E0F82…)

No. 593323

holyshit. Why?? That's probably one of the worst face tats i've seen in a long time

No. 593325

>>593307 she actually looks really good here https://youtu.be/8Sq2vAgzHIg couple years ago though, maybe the pics don't do her justice and if I squint, i can see why peep maybe possibly was into her.

No. 593328

So right now she lives off selling those shirts and I guess she's painted murals? Do people pay her to "life coach" though she's completely unqualified? Like how is she living this privileged life of doing whatever she wants all the time? Like she's 30 something I highly doubt its family money

No. 593331

Joie?? What happened to teddy? Wasn’t he supposed to meet her in London?

No. 593334

That was only 2 years ago?? And she's sober\vegan\health guru right? She must never wear sunscreen or something it looks like she smokes a pack a day

No. 593338

File: 1527222170472.png (702.5 KB, 1072x602, 93-u239tu2-tgu.png)

he looks like an idiot trying so hard jumping up and down triple time, trying way to hard to be hard.


And of course tyler insisted on being in the video.

he's annoying.

No. 593340

File: 1527222466807.png (2.04 MB, 1044x776, parisprodinstagramfile3942t0y.…)

>>593338 that's a sea of white there. the look on his face… with his adoaring fans, inspiring them to look at their bank account and do better if they don't smile…

No. 593344


Damn all the girls in this photo look inbred, hope its just a bad picture..

No. 593349

File: 1527222900779.png (156.98 KB, 1242x500, twitter84826520452 2.png)

If he was truly smiling at his bank account, he would already have the money to do all of these things. Paris is at the point where he is faking his fame and riches.

"You my angel in that Saint Laurent
My Gucci shirt, come and take it off
You too damn good, never last that long
You my angel in that Saint Laurent
You my angel in that Saint Laurent
My Gucci shirt, come and take it off
You too damn good, never last that long
You my angel in that Saint Laurent"

He wrote this when he was homeless. He's always been a fake. Seems to like to toggle between some hard, was homeless city guy to a rural good 'ole guy as it suits him.

Figure your shit out, Paris.

No. 593354

File: 1527223236722.png (1.5 MB, 850x982, 98382942ty382tlfngggngnrg8249t…)

>>593349 figure your teeth out to. you are not peep and cnat pull this off. looks like you dragged your teeth thru the recycle bin

No. 593358

File: 1527223550046.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

This is gonna give her a cock eyed/lazy eyed look, very in with the young kids.

No. 593360

How did this bitch even become relevant… is she also a trust fund baby who can just sit around tat her whole face and be a fake spiritual bitch while someone pays the bills? I just don't get it because she also looks like an unattractive MTF

No. 593365

No. 593367

File: 1527223926267.jpeg (16.98 KB, 174x201, 123CDCB1-71AC-44B6-B560-90708A…)

No. 593370

She's friends with TP and met peep once which is now her entire life

I don't think she comes from money pretty sure her parents were immigrants in Miami so I don't think she has a trust fund and she doesn't sugar baby or anything

No. 593427

File: 1527230514292.png (47.17 KB, 598x414, fat nick.png)

so Fat Nick just called out Mackned on Twitter regarding Peep's death

No. 593438

File: 1527234155617.png (925.72 KB, 750x1334, 3C08ECD8-461D-4FD7-98FA-847D00…)

Grace is putting all sad stories, wonder if she and Tyler already broke up

No. 593439

File: 1527234177825.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, B356C80E-C8FE-48CD-9F79-B31D2B…)

No. 593443

>immigrants in Miami
It's definitely reaching, but there are a LOT of people in Miami who make a LOT of money doing illegal shit. who knows

No. 593457

What a friend. So TP won't be friends with Cass because she's dating an old ex but creepy praying mantis over here gets a pass? i don't get it.

No. 593463

File: 1527238572674.png (684.39 KB, 1081x573, lilpiggy.PNG)


Tyler is the star of tour de Paris pt2.

No. 593464

who’s dasha?

there’s something really offputting about how she tries to interact with a man who’s almost 40 with what is literally 15 year old tumblr girl lingo. it’s honestly amazing how her brain hasn’t grown at all since hs and she has the interests of a 15 yo too

No. 593469

I'm scared to watch this

No. 593473

File: 1527243520440.png (800.59 KB, 1071x569, sofun.PNG)

Don't be! Look at piggy paying his little friend 200$ to chokeslam him, so cute.

No. 593525

File: 1527250470915.png (Spoiler Image, 485.37 KB, 750x1334, 19B10609-BB32-49A2-946A-B8F56F…)

From the tour vid. He’s playing a peep song and getting all emotional about it, what an attention whore. No one gives a shit about him so he’s gotta bait the crowd with that shit lol, if anyone crowd actually knew who he was they’d be throwing fucking tomatoes

No. 593526

(Samefag) my b, spoilered by accident even though none of us wanna look at his greasy head

No. 593534

Yeh that also rubbed me the wrong way.
The whole video is a cringefest.

No. 593551


It's speculation, but it would be hilarious if they broke up already after she's already gotten 2 tyler fucking grosso tattoos.

guess her slug lips might have to sniff out another soundcloud dick.

No. 593555

yes.. because what this leatherfaced bitch needs is a tattoo that looks like literal eye wrinkles. gr8 job marilyn.

No. 593557

this looks like some kind of fucking rejected prototype for a new x-men villain

No. 593578

This is fucking foul. I feel like he gave up all his “rights” to boohooing peeps death when he… ya know… started dating his girl for clout? (Please don’t start with the PeEP dIdNT eVeN caRe AbOUt lAYlA bullshit) and was publicly on bad terms at the time of his death.
I really wanna like… square up on him if our paths ever cross? There’s just something completely infuriating over this trash bag throwing himself a pity party on stage. Especially because let’s be honest, he’s been riding his degree of separation from peep/yams for too long. Grosso is a leech.

No. 593582

File: 1527258436080.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x2035, F962E8B9-346C-4AFE-BCD5-DF9DF4…)

Soooo desperate for validation.
A$ap rocky released an album the other day and of course Pepper Ann has to use it as an opportunity to remind everyone that he used to have a tie to their crew. until they kicked him out for not being able to stay in his own gotdamn lane.
Pepper you have absolutely no connection to this new album. Fucking stop trying to latch on to everyone else’s success.

No. 593589

File: 1527258916448.png (11.84 KB, 415x58, lol.PNG)

No. 593616

File: 1527261693127.png (1.67 MB, 2528x1254, 0284t2840y2ghg.png)

>>593463 So cringey. He looks like some chubby stripper with an angelic filter to hide all that fat flubbing around.

Really should be called Tour de Tyler.

70% of that video is Tyler being an idiot.

And that stadium that Paris "rocked" was empty.

Any idea who Paris is talking about? That really special girl…

No. 593684

File: 1527269055867.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, 42B153D2-7A49-47D9-88C6-422213…)

On another note… Paris should bring this back

No. 593689

File: 1527269523090.png (369.86 KB, 750x1334, 87A4AC3D-48EB-43EF-9B39-C99053…)

So I don’t know about this girl besides the notes but I am a wrestling fan and followed the story with the rape accusations - Enzo Amore who was accussed has been found innocent (and it was clearly bullshit). He hasn’t mentioned her or her boyfriend seems like he is keeping a distance. Anyway attached is from Enzos story a couple days back.

No. 593692

Sorry to have to be that guy but this was already posted

No. 593706

Whoops sorry I didn’t check properly!

No. 593712

File: 1527270630222.png (932.1 KB, 750x1334, FEC6AC14-8AE1-40A0-BF1E-FE930D…)


No. 593715


Yeah, looks like grace got booted and is back in some shitty apartment, so tyler is out on the hunt?

No. 593716

Or “high.” But probably “laid,” and people speculating that he and the latest girl broke up were probably right.

No. 593734

Feel kinda bad for Grace at how naive she is tho. Now she’s stuck with those tats

No. 593810

I think he could pull of caps on the canines or something. He looks like a vampire to me and I think that could go with his look. Idk.

No. 593815

File: 1527279239450.png (1.13 MB, 878x1392, Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 15.1…)

They still follow each other. Add another layer of aluminum to your tinfoil hats lmao. The conclusions some of y'all jump to is fuckin weird.

No. 593819

File: 1527279842224.jpeg (296.86 KB, 750x974, 3EE57C90-051E-49EE-8472-BD6190…)


No. 593846

i hope the allegations about pouya are false because the way he consistently roasts grosso (despite being “friends”) is giving me life

No. 593876

Wait, what?

No. 593878

File: 1527283998636.jpg (191.18 KB, 640x1138, IMG_0539.JPG)

No. 593917

Blow, he wants to get blow… or high in general, high works too.

No. 593932

AIDS also works

No. 593959


So does DICK

No. 594023

File: 1527293225788.jpeg (177.28 KB, 1125x999, 3499183A-9444-456E-9B4F-AF552E…)

Did anyone catch the original tweet before it was deleted?

No. 594047

no one cares about u here lilith, bye

No. 594048

wrong thread

No. 594080

i hope not too considering his girlfriend is dying of stage 3 cancer

No. 594091

lol another pic where no one in the crowd is paying attention to him

No. 594101

File: 1527304829681.png (1.35 MB, 912x1436, Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 22.1…)

waaaooowww Move over iNtElLeCtUaLcHiCa, there's a new professor in town. Much PHD. Very Academia. (pretty sure this is a Motley Crue tell-all lmao)

No. 594102

lmao he really feels this pressed to prove something to someone, anyone

No. 594142

maybe he and intellectual chica marilyn can run shit togheteR, eeeeekkkk

No. 594145

he looks like built onion. this looks bad. jesus christ idk why ppl think hes goodlooking

No. 594162

you have to admit he has a good face (particularly his eyes—so striking)

No. 594232

I don't get it either but to each their own…

No. 594234

She glamorizes mental illness with merch and keeps the money for "therapy" aka stupid face tattoos instead of donating it or otherwise using it for a good cause

No. 594235

If it's true then it's sad that it happened but honestly what do you even expect from rappers inviting you to their hotel room? A little chit chat?

No. 594241

Dasha is a "instagram model" in LA. She has her own thread here, it's a good read as she was just outed for repeatedly posting here: >>>/pt/519998

No. 594273

File: 1527332878589.jpeg (197.73 KB, 1125x1544, 2755C56A-48F5-4EA7-9A91-B9156F…)

Arseaylea obvs creepin in the thread Bc I was looking at that Dasha Instagram and found this … sigh. Hello Arse

No. 594354

File: 1527346886073.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1116x2205, 0F9D141E-5E61-444A-98F0-3FEC5F…)

Can’t wait for Luke’s new song lmaooo so far it seems like a post breakup diary entry.

No. 594373

File: 1527348754871.png (237.67 KB, 313x612, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.57…)

yeah you're right, he has such a good face

No. 594388

"Ah hatta block yau on evverfin inster n wazzab evverfin" and then literally tries to sound like Biggie the rest of the song I canNOT

No. 594392

Why Layla letting him be so lame and not roasting his old ass

No. 594408

File: 1527350581061.jpeg (355.76 KB, 1125x1583, BE335659-8979-4894-AE14-D0F9E7…)

Mackned deleted his original tweet being a bitch towards Fatnick and tried to redeem himself LMAO

No. 594409

File: 1527350600682.jpeg (285.01 KB, 1125x1468, 55C1B74F-5DF1-4FCB-AC65-891C1B…)

No. 594410

where's the song at?

No. 594419

File: 1527351273702.png (227.86 KB, 307x311, na.PNG)

hottest dude ever.

No. 594421

that forehead vein tho

No. 594436

He looks fucking inbred

No. 594548

File: 1527363527169.jpeg (405.7 KB, 750x1084, 6C404741-1071-42F8-A89A-BEEEA6…)

We know Cass. Get some help.

No. 594556

File: 1527364396821.png (377.23 KB, 750x1334, 6713A705-10C5-4DFC-9CB8-E6EE74…)

“TOopoOr iS FaKing Me”.. Yea sure
Also wtf @ those FTP pants

No. 594631


>1 Follower 1 Following 1 Friend

Between her astounding social presence and that little avatar I don't know what to be least impressed by.

No. 594718


Lol, he is trying to sound London type urban but he is just some rich kid like most of his mates.

No. 594719

File: 1527378037145.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1528, 20180527_034024.png)

Looks like she's also taken up to piss poor shopping that looks nothing like her and that waist LMAO

No. 594735

File: 1527380153126.jpeg (196.58 KB, 1125x662, 637A8A3D-26E2-40A1-8D53-8A32AD…)

I wonder if this is ab cass’s “look” at meme prom last night

No. 594738

Defs about cheltato

No. 594746

cassidy literally stole tps identity. wears her skin. dates her first love. takes photos exactly like her like come on

No. 594758

File: 1527382320445.jpeg (93.97 KB, 1125x355, 61BC707D-6AE6-4213-94FC-972DBD…)

No. 594761


No. 594774

if she just saved her fucking money from ALT~ body bodification she could have spent it on good plastic surgery; i mean just good fillers would do her a world of good and getting some damn bangs

No. 594781

mackned is a fucking little bitch, he has to publicly do some magic show shit to distract from the truth.

No. 594782

thank you for blaming the victim. if you wanna talk about that nasty pouya start a thread in ot.
kind of annoying seeing u say you wish it wasnt true then making it seem like victim set herself up…

No. 594794

She was in this music video (published 2012) & she had a fringe. I was shocked at how much it actually suited her.

No. 594827

Tru but if you’ve seen TP’s lives she never says anything bad about Cassidy (ppl repeatedly badger her about the subject) and they’ve both said they hope their “time” will happen again
P sure chelji is the only one she’d publicly dog considering she tried to be nice to the girl and then potato turned around and talked shit about her multiple times

No. 594832

That’s what I was thinking re the IMVU character

No. 594836

TP checks in here daily and tweeted after it was posted here, so most likely
Although, the imvu thing is being done by a lot of SoundCloud ppl at the moment and has been a ~trend~ over the last year so it’s a bit of a reach for Layla imo
I think chelji is a huge leach, but wanting an imvu character isn’t rly copycatting

No. 594850

Tbh I think Marilyn is beautiful as far as how she looks, esp in old pictures, like I couldn’t believe it when I realized she’s over 30 until I looked at a few of her from like 2010-2016 on google. I used to follow her, but I kind of started giving her the side eye bc she calls artwerk6666 her wife and that girl is a whole ass mess on top of all the crazy peep shit marilyn seems to have dedicated her life to over the past few months. I feel like she’s too old to be this kind of internet presence if that makes sense.

No. 594862

I like tattoos but her face ones are just … so not attractive. Who tats their eye lids ? I feel like the vast majority of girls in this scene just make me wonder how tf did they get a following or anything. Did she just move to LA and that was that? Like what does she do and how did she acquire fans ??? Someone please explain. She definitely looked good a few years ago but now her face looks so androgynous in a bad way

No. 594871

File: 1527392432791.png (282.72 KB, 750x1334, 45C98B07-508E-47D8-9AB7-15161E…)

saged for old milk, but I just noticed the comments on goodbyebread’s Layla post. these are just a few of them, most of the comments are just like this. People are criticizing the heck out of them for using her to promote their shit, I guess it just goes to show even though she’s doing relatively much better, she’s considered problematic af, even by mainstream insta’s trendy tweens, kek

No. 594873

cuz he blocked her on evveryfin lol

No. 594883

cocos coming off treatment, honestly with what’s going on with her i feel like this pouya shit should be put to rest

No. 594887

She glamourizes mental illnesses and disenfranchised grief for clout and capitalizes on it with a following half her age

No. 594942

why do people dislike artwerk6666? the incident where she accused that 19-y-o of rape?

No. 595038

No. Just…… no.

No. 595060

File: 1527418173106.png (337.95 KB, 913x598, gross.PNG)

No. 595093

Could have fooled me.

No. 595114

anyone else cringe every time this samefag pouya stan/rape apologist spews some dumb shit? pouya is as gross as he looks kek

No. 595117

Wondering the same! What's the milk on artwerk

No. 595118

why did it take exactly five thousand years for this thread to think of arse-aylea instead of that 100% banger 'shitzaylea'

No. 595125

he really looks like every guy in his 20s working at wendys

No. 595139

Is it the angle or did he facetune his chin/jaw smaller?

No. 595143

That was 6 years ago, so she was in her mid twenties, which in my opinion is most girls peak hotness. Once you hit your '30's it depends on how you took care of yourself and genes. You can keep looking good into your '40's or you can take a face plant into ugly.

That last tattoo really fucked her though. She should have stopped while she was ahead. Also, it seems like she never wears any makeup and never uses filters, so that has to be considered when comparing her to the rest of facetune nation.

No. 595145

Why would a guy want to shop his jaw smaller?? Should be the other way around if normal

No. 595146

I think the eye tat is sad tbh. Her twitter feed is mostly about her struggle with bpd and has recently included a lot of talk about suicide. She’s prob mid-episode, all the way off her rocker and feeling hella impulsive. It just looks so. fucking. bad.

Because he’s chubby and self conscious af about it. Have you not noticed 90% of his photos have his head down or hair/hand in front of his face? My vote is yes. Pepper has embraced his cow status and is face tuning like the rest of the insta thots. He should work on blending his face complexion next cause yikes. Drink some water.

No. 595155

he'd better facetune that super tiny mouth of him

No. 595186

i've held off on saying this for fear of white knighting but marilyn has been extremely open about her struggles with mental illness. i do not think her obsession with peep is particularly healthy and she does seem to be projecting a lot due to some intimacy gained during drug fueled experiences. but also she has never claimed to be the pinnacle of stability. this is all pretty typical behavior of someone with bpd. i have crossed passed with her a few times IRL and she is actually a very genius and kind person. unlike most of these insta famous LA people she doesn't have an ego and i respect her for that. she was there for TP when she was in the hospital and seems like generally a good friend.

No. 595188

i meant to say her obsession with peep ISN'T

No. 595211

Lol…. ok… if you think she's not trying to get clout off peeps death, then you're delusional

No. 595225

I have bpd and i can assure that social media really isn't the best thing to use when you're in a depressive episode. I guess it's good to talk about her experiences, but social media can be really toxic, especially when you have a lot of followers like her.

No. 595249

File: 1527444599088.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-220924.png)

Her face looks dirty

No. 595263

Did y’all ever play Mario 64 on the start up screen where you could play with his face and stretch it out and shit? Because that’s exactly what this looks like. Chill with the facetune girl ya don’t even look human.

No. 595276

The color difference between her face and her hand is just too much I can't cope

No. 595278

lmaoo what the fuck am I looking at

No. 595281

She did that and then she basically used her ig for a few weeks to cover her ass regarding that incident, she made a huge deal about how the dude denied her request for 60 dollars via fb messenger for plan b like 10 days after the incident happened. Plan B only works until 72 hours after so she’s a dumbass for that and I can’t believe no one called her out. She lost a shit ton of followers over it, because a lot of people who actually believe the things she “preaches” see that she used her platform to drag someone over something stupid and then acted like a child over it. She’s also clearly mentally unstable and appeared to have lost a bunch of irl friends over it too and I think she’s like 27/28. That dude was 19. She’d be so quick to call a dude who was 27 dating someone under 20 a creep but it’s ok for her? Regardless, I think most of the posts are deleted or I’d screenshot them.

No. 595286

I also think she pulled an e-brat and talked a bunch of shit about him including his @ and then had to be like y’all stop talking shit to him to her followers but I could be wrong. I know she def lost like 10k followers over it and she showed that on her metrics report on her page. She was like “I hope y’all still check in on me” like she doesn’t still have 70k followers. I used to watch her stories bc I thought they were entertaining but that whole situation put a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 595289

This honestly might be one of the worst Facetunes I have ever seen. Holy shit. Someone already said it but that face and hand tho. This girl thinks she’s something else huh?

No. 595320


omg you can literally see each syringe injection site in her top lip lol, they have such lumpy topography.

her philtrum is just… so expansive

No. 595337

She looked fairly pretty back then but has either lived hard since, taken zero care of her skin / not used sunscreen, or both… because she easily looks 40+ now.

No. 595355

File: 1527453833550.jpeg (283.61 KB, 1125x1911, 0C44989D-3015-409E-A609-87555D…)

Bruh… ur a libra lmfao also does she not know that Drake is an actual Scorpio. God she tries too hard

No. 595363

Is it true that Arzalyea is gay? Was she in a relationship with Grace? And waz up with Peep singing "i like it that shes gay" in the lyrics of "suck my blood"? I actually thought that song was about layla and then my next question is, is layla maybe also gay? And is it just a coincidence that pepper ann looks like a middle aged gay soccer mom and has boobs? Im just so confused about the sexual orientations here…

No. 595367

He has a line “getting tired of your girl. I know I need my own girl, my girl”. I always assumed it was Emma

No. 595373

File: 1527455391840.jpg (92.41 KB, 220x327, IMG_3719.JPG)

Aubrie Elle looks exactly like a character called "snusmumrik" from a finnish cartoon show called "mumin".

No. 595384

spot-on except for the nose

No. 595419

No. 595438

nope they were queer baiting shes done it before

No. 595441

emma's gay?

No. 595447

Lol she deleted it

No. 595505

I'm not shocked, it covered half her gigantic fucking forehead.
Women start losing face fat around that age, that's why if she didn't get these god awful tattoos and got some fillers she wouldn't look even half as bad.

No. 595507

how does he obviously lurk here and @ us like a dumb bitch but not GO ON A FUCKING DIET

No. 595648

File: 1527480596465.png (462.5 KB, 750x1334, 2424A299-52BE-40F2-AE14-07B2A9…)

Why’s this bitch obsessed with being a Scorpio I genuinely don’t understand

No. 595655

Emma is following Grace on ig suddenly

No. 595700

It’s the ultimate instathot sign, obviously.

No. 595708

File: 1527489170193.jpg (118.01 KB, 397x687, 20180527_232937.jpg)

on a cringe subreddit

No. 595710

It’s cringe that you’re posting this here like this hasn’t been beaten to death.

No. 595718

File: 1527490019619.jpg (911.83 KB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20180527_234541746.j…)

The point isn't the pic of Layla the point is that other people are laughing at it.

No. 595733

wow! truly groundbreaking

No. 595745

You’re not even saging your bullshit ffs.

No. 595747

it gets reposted on reddit in subs like r/trashy on the semi-regular.

No. 595884

suck my blood was written long before peep even knew about arzaylea or layla.

No. 595888

Luke sing one of his upcoming songs on his most recent live. Its clearly about layla, and one line is "now you aint clean" hmmm…

No. 595891

I seriously doubt that luke would know whether layla is clean or not, he's probably just trying to get a reaction

No. 595900

its about his ex. not layla. the three month relationship to get over the 6 month relationship. layla vs whoever ex is

No. 595955

File: 1527525833859.png (190.33 KB, 750x1181, IMG_3726.PNG)

Can we talk about how luke looks like an actual tweaker, like someone panahandling while twitching talking to themselves that you'd cross the street to avoid walking by.

Beyond just his weight and hairstyle, this like 2000s normcore fashion trend makes playing "bum or hipster" extra hard.

No. 595960

Except bums don't wear Rafs

No. 595963

i thought he broke up with her so why is he writing break up songs about her as if shes the bad guy? didn't he ignore her in LA or talk to some girl they were all over the place

No. 595980

File: 1527529276863.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 750x1334, 85B5D1AE-A556-4846-8BDF-737908…)

Her taste in music is shit

No. 596005

Wtf is your problem just chill the fuck out wtf

No. 596011

You just keep making an idiot of yourself. Big ol yikes.

I liked some of it but I can’t, in my right mind, support anything that includes down with the sickness.

No. 596014

Take your chill pill dude, you're a fucking creep

No. 596016

lol you're still doing this dude, really? You seem like an angsty twelve year old, trying to gain edgy points

No. 596039

lol wow limp bizkit how very late 90s butt rock and NOT cool of you

No. 596047

File: 1527535396500.png (5.98 MB, 1242x2208, 5243247A-9EF4-4E4E-BC84-CFA498…)

Enjoy this photo of peppers teeth.

No. 596056

This has got to be the least intimidating dude I've ever seen. If I was layla I'd just go downstairs, beat his ass and be done with it. Lmao. I cant even take him seriously.

No. 596064

ladies imagine this. It’s 10 years from now. Peppers stans are grown. They look back on the crush they had on this oatmeal cookie face and think “what the fuck was wrong with me”

No. 596070

File: 1527537311810.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.39 KB, 702x693, bbfjj.jpg)


here's my gift. I thought that creepy tweet matched the pic

No. 596071

There’s literally not one thing about him that looks slightly healthy

No. 596073

He was just live answering calls on his friends phone making plans to fuck other girls while his girlfriend was watching the live. Then goes on about how he needs oxycodone and opiates.

No. 596083

Spreading what I assume are multiple STDs across the US.

No. 596145

File: 1527543169263.png (7.27 MB, 1242x2208, A3DB38DF-DA8D-4508-B8DE-8C9917…)

Look at these brows tho

No. 596232

And how her eye makeup doesnt match.

No. 596262

File: 1527552929742.png (635.67 KB, 852x1442, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 19.1…)

One one hand I'm like "thank fucking god she finally publicly admits this"
but on the other I can't help but feel she's making this post as a roundabout way to stroke her ego. as in 'i know i give amazing advice or whatever but like soooo many people count on me and it's too much for 1 person ya dig?'

No. 596271

File: 1527553691060.jpg (237.54 KB, 1080x1080, austinoverstreetx_31977761_172…)

Her face looks one dimensional, does she not notice? Can't she pay one of her stans a couple bucks to properly edit her pics? It's especially tragic because she's fine without it & actually makes herself look worse imo
I wonder how these cows deal with the discrepancy between their appearance irl & online. Does anyone have any input here? I'm really curious about this.

It's incredibly childish to threaten to leave social media at 31 fucking years old. Why be negative about it? Like just close the computer and walk away instead of chastising your young and lost legion of followers. You know, the ones you are manipulating & capitalising on? Those are your customers after all, Marilyn Rondón.

>no content
>waste of server space

Pic related: bitch where

No. 596273

Just been watching Layla’s latest live, only caught about ten mins.
-Says she got clean as she knew she would withdraw whilst travelling, was stuck in an addiction she didn’t want to be in.
-She hasn’t been ready to talk about her drug of choice but it’s a ‘downer’
-Said her skin walker copies her life, her hair and her depression.

Think that pretty much confirms it’s cass!

No. 596274

Of course he’s wearing a fredo shirt.

No. 596280

File: 1527554230704.jpg (44.32 KB, 800x212, 20180528_173701.jpg)

Oops forgot to edit this in

No. 596283

File: 1527554425563.png (6.12 MB, 1242x2208, 7423A835-4396-49ED-9EC8-B1EAE7…)

It’s so creepy that she has pictures of herself and Rachel, TPs high school best friend on her fridge. So yeah you’re probably right.

No. 596286

File: 1527554650005.jpg (297.35 KB, 601x1069, 20180528_174411.jpg)

I realized I've never looked at Marilyn's shop. She's gross

No. 596287

File: 1527554691981.jpg (350.98 KB, 560x906, 20180528_173618.jpg)

This too just for keks

No. 596312

File: 1527556574067.png (112.33 KB, 502x476, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 9.16…)

it's nice that cass is being so candid

No. 596318

She has always put herself out there to be contacted for therapy services or "if you just need to talk" lol aw is it hard to do all that labor with that degree in psychology you don't have…

No. 596335

Oh please.. Nobody forces her to expend an ounce of her energy or time "helping" people. If shes made herself available to people like that then it's her own fault they're coming to her. Just as she has the ability to leave social media, she also has the ability to ignore requests. Cry me a river.. you're a grown woman.. handle that shit like one.

No. 596336


Cass just wants attention and asspats. Her depressed tweets are from her drug use and the come down. She’s also in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t love her and wasn’t her man to begin with.

She’s an adult venting to underage stans on Twitter. She should get some help instead of taking antidepressants and posting about it on Instagram. She expects her problems to be solved without changing her lifestyle or behavior, and she promotes negativity as much as Layla did.

Surprisingly, Layla is fairing better than her, because while they were friends it was the opposite. Towards the end of their friendship, right before Cass dyed her hair black, both were on a campaign telling people to stop comparing them because Cass was insecure and “her own person”

Now hotelshrimp is just a washed up skinwalker dating Toopoor’s highschool sweetheart! kek

No. 596352

File: 1527560452530.png (1.75 MB, 1856x1174, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 7.21…)

No. 596353

File: 1527560528335.png (58.88 KB, 1160x134, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 7.22…)

No. 596355

Shrimp just says/does whatever tp does. No originality what-so-ever. Kek

No. 596401

File: 1527563273749.jpeg (587.83 KB, 1125x1933, DB2D0B5D-6382-49D4-9DE6-84F2CD…)

1. Why do you have rap shows in quotes? It literally is a rap show.
2. I’m not even gonna touch the punk thing. Holy shit. Wow. paris’s song about Gucci shirts and saint laurent playa softly in the background I guess climbing three rungs on some scaffolding is pretty punk.
3. Y’all aren’t performing to 20k. You’re opening for the opener. Humble yourself.

No. 596404

File: 1527563413344.jpeg (763.58 KB, 1125x2039, 5202DF2E-F8A4-4A69-AE88-2360F2…)

Don’t follow peppers friend because he’s his own person with his own personality or to get to know him or anything like that…. follow because moar pepper


No. 596412

File: 1527564595395.jpeg (203.14 KB, 1125x563, D7804893-B3A7-4CD5-B885-429BA0…)

>drink some water

No. 596415

File: 1527564825418.jpg (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180528-231648.jpg)

lmao please tell me he added this face tune

No. 596417

I’m still not over the picture of his teeth.

No. 596418

me neither i can't get the cursed image out of my head fml

No. 596419

is one tooth broken

No. 596420

File: 1527565279030.png (148.69 KB, 534x256, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 22.4…)

nah its just fuckin brown

No. 596423


No. 596425

File: 1527565619127.jpg (1.77 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180528_204610664.j…)

No. 596433

File: 1527565909895.jpg (149.98 KB, 1920x511, 20180528_205125.jpg)

How embarrassing

No. 596434

File: 1527566088252.jpg (231.45 KB, 595x1203, 20180528_205439.jpg)

Capped in case she deletes. Cocaine is one helluva drug

No. 596437

Just wow.

No. 596444

File: 1527566694892.png (2.77 MB, 1670x1206, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 23.0…)

she's PSYCHIC now??? I really need to stop saying
"the delusions can't possibly get any worse" because the universe seems hell-bent on proving me wrong….

No. 596445

“Not sipping lean” but has three cups then again he’s always begging for opiates so

No. 596450

Layla this is because the people you surround yourself with are vapid. Time to move on and move up.

No. 596466

wasn't she like this last summer too, except less cocaine? maybe she's bringing the crazy out again

No. 596469

he's not sipping - he's chugging!

No. 596548

i s2g he facetuned this that sleeve is lookin mad curly and the security looks fit minus a random belly. big titty tyler what you doin

No. 596549

ive been vegan for a decade and i've never wanted to eat meat so badly in my life. besides hes a fat vegetarian/fencewalker, he's not supplementing the meat loss correctly ad working out and we all know it. homie needed to bring weights and a fucking training bra on tour.

No. 596571

someone probably asked her for a book recommendation.

i fucking hate this look at me/don't look at me thing, it's common with mental illness but shes THIRTY she's been around and if she's going to go off why cant she ever go off on anything positive? she's never moved by any other woman's story, on ly her own fabricated one. she's a fucking fraud.

No. 596590

She looks like an ape

No. 596604

Well I mean taxonomically humans are apes since we're scientifically classified under the Hominidae family aka the Great Apes lol BUT I get your point. Her orange hues are very reminiscent of orangutans.(pure autism)

No. 596641

File: 1527598285494.png (4.41 MB, 750x1334, 3CFD8C5B-2F50-4FAC-8CAB-59CC23…)

No. 596650


No. 596652

or, you know,

No. 596655

No. 596656

No. 596674

File: 1527603839354.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, C5225ADF-235A-42CC-997C-ED77EC…)


No. 596679

He’s been so fucking pressed about this for months. I’m sure Layla getting hers has made him spurge out.

No. 596740

Why would he get verified tho he doesn't even do anything except for owning a brand where he doesn't even makes the designs himself

No. 596807

File: 1527611797055.jpeg (571.53 KB, 750x1113, 01E07CE3-C3AF-46E9-B297-826E7C…)

Paris posted this pic of him and Aubrey on his other account

No. 596814

File: 1527612226662.jpeg (64.42 KB, 750x684, 7E49527A-486A-4339-A120-620A59…)

I find it interesting how Tyler is obviously having sex with a bunch of randoms on this tour, but you still have Grace commenting “mines” under his photos even when he’s making it obvious that he’s cheating. I mean look at that caption. Grace obviously has no respect for herself.

No. 596819

in this pic u clearly see how fucked up her eyes really looked, thought for a while it was only make up and photoshop

No. 596823

She’s just a regular shmegular moon-pie

No. 596838

i'm sure he is because that's just the type of dude he is, but based on some of the pics i've seen of the types of girls at his shows… that's a huge downgrade even from gtshields lol

No. 596875

File: 1527616652514.jpg (9.8 KB, 276x91, cfcikdg.jpg)

Aubrie's tweeted this a few times and paris has been reposting pictures she took with that same caption…

No. 596932

File: 1527620904565.png (759.79 KB, 1242x2208, 6D9349CA-AEC3-4D22-AD89-D77B88…)

Oh my god lol they’re in Detroit. I wish I still lived there so I could go talk shit to Tyler Grosso in person. Who fucking cares about your basic ass 10k in Louis Vuitton. Who actually brags like this? Also way to rip off 21 savage lmfao. I hope they realize what the REAL hood is like while they’re there.

No. 596950


im from detroit lmao. the venue theyre gonna b at is rly close to me. i can probably sneak in tbh but i figured itd be more fun to offer to plug him

No. 596951

also YIKES i work in troy hes literally 5 min away from me rn

No. 596975

File: 1527624184769.jpg (573.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180529-160103.jpg)

>has the time to brag about walking out of LV with a single bag
>still can't find time to brush his teeth

No. 596976

Lmao don’t do that!!!

No. 597000

Him bragging about how much he spends is just the stupidest thing I’ve seen today. Congrats Tyler, maybe try to spend some money on deodorant and shampoo next time. Spending so much money yet still looking like a hobo.

No. 597002

For real no amount of gs spent on Gucci or Louis can erase how sweaty and disgusting he looks on the regular. Invest in some dental care bro.

No. 597004

>>596976 why not? im tryna dose him into a vegetative state(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597013

Omg he is a jackass but don’t kill the dude

No. 597014

“Were in Detroit, is there a Gucci store here?” hahaha not in city limits, dipshit, welcome to the poorest city in the country.

No. 597016

throwing all this money up a wall - as he can't put an outfit together for shit and has no concept of male grooming.

No. 597024

layla was just on live freaking out about cass and how people call her goth. she mentioned cass printing out photos of her friends and putting them on her fridge (just like we posted about here) and playing mixtapes that layla made on her instagram. honestly never seen her so mad. she also confirmed that luke's new song is about his ex, not her

No. 597028

missed it by 4 mins damn

No. 597083

male grooming? more like no concept of human hygiene

No. 597087

File: 1527633630771.png (6.25 MB, 1242x2208, 25454149-339B-46DE-9B71-D18A85…)

more teeth

No. 597088

File: 1527633706247.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, 225F4DD0-A1AD-4AAD-9226-A97FBA…)

Looks like she got cheated on

No. 597096

where? All i see are 2 sticks of butter that fell on the carpet.

No. 597116

Damn, those are some buttery lookin' teeth. Gag. Could you imagine that trying to kiss you???(emoji use)

No. 597119


anyone have a video? or more information on everything layla said. i love this cass/layla milk

No. 597121


Cass was sperging out weeks ago on twitter and instagram implying she was dumped and cheated on, only to come back and throw around the word engagement.

Like where’s the ring? Cass was probably joking and bullshitting because Corey would never propose to her.

No. 597122

>text you about my poop
I hope that's some kind of inside joke



No. 597135

File: 1527636928895.jpeg (356.51 KB, 1242x1826, D032A126-F43E-47DD-9061-BA4C39…)

never realized how fucked up layla looked when she was with tyler. you can really see a difference with her sobriety

No. 597136

File: 1527636948975.jpeg (354.78 KB, 1242x1683, 829ADD5C-ADDD-434F-9737-103200…)

No. 597138

File: 1527636960802.jpeg (368.33 KB, 1237x1712, F3B13F64-D80E-414C-84C0-DD6EFF…)

No. 597148

File: 1527638364753.png (299.71 KB, 319x617, prt1.png)

No. 597149

File: 1527638380136.png (323.66 KB, 324x617, prt2.png)

No. 597151

File: 1527638399136.gif (3.22 MB, 480x360, prt3.gif)

Here's a gif of what will happen when the metal bars don't catch him.

No. 597153

File: 1527638732585.jpeg (160.53 KB, 1125x1780, 2F32FC65-7C3F-48C2-9DDA-A648C4…)

No. 597176

Jesus.. girl get it together. Pauly d doent want your nasty ass.

No. 597194

Is that person behind him ty? Bc he literally looks like not very hot dyke. Like that open back shirt would be cute on a girl.

She looks so dead behind the eyes in this. I don’t think it was the drugs as much as that being in a genuinely abusive environment totally ruins you.

No. 597197

Honestly this has to be cas constantly picking on this girl aubries looks, the bitch never even does anything? jelly of TP’s new bff are ya shrimppussy?

No. 597199

this picture scares me

No. 597214

Herron herrooonn

No. 597216

woof. 2 recently fed dogs…

No. 597217

I know, I was wondering why she kept getting posted. She literally does nothing that's interesting.

No. 597241

After he was posting on here admitting that he was buying replica fake LV stuff before, I don’t trust this at all lol. I assume all his shit is fake as fuck

No. 597242

layla on live rn, was just talking about having a finsta to lurk her exes and how she watches all their ig stories. yikes. Thats some freshman year shit..

No. 597244

File: 1527648542741.jpg (270.61 KB, 1000x1000, dead.jpg)

>She can't watch all of them because peeps dead.

No. 597246

Luke blocked her. Good luck with that! LOL!

No. 597247

That's why she has a FINSTA bro lol

No. 597248

Luke blocked her on everyfing! lol. She probably has secret sock puppet stalker accounts.

No. 597249

uhh so I don't think you know how having a fake account works

No. 597253

Y-yeah. I wouldn't know anything about that.

No. 597257

Kek she was just complaining about people messaging her too. Hypocrite much?

No. 597271

File: 1527651372973.jpg (21.51 KB, 540x540, moobs.jpg)

His shirt is on backwards. Tyler missed out on showing off his moobs.

No. 597279

yep semi ot but i was watching peep on no jumper and adam said "you can take her and i'll take too poor" and peep said "go ahead, that's all you bro, that one is aaaaaaaaaaall yours", like, he sounded suuuper resentful and like such a dick about it, like, almost embarrassed for having even associated with her. idk how she stalks these exes or misses them at all, they all seem to resent her/hate her except for cory. it's sad.

No. 597317

well corey called her out for being emotionally abusive, so…

No. 597320

She said she gets second hand embarrassment from the stuff her exes post.
She also listed heroin when going down the list of all the drugs she’s done.
Says she no longer wants to live in London

No. 597332

On her live tonight she talked about what she “requires” in a relationship. Has to be able to go through his phone, prefers him to have a freelance type job so he doesnt work where there’s “other bitches”. Has to go to all of her shows, travel everywhere with her, sleep in the same bed every night, take all her Instagram pictures….

No. 597340

I get why she may want those things if she's been in shitty relationships, but that's so unrealistic, unhealthy, and unsustainable in the long term. I say that as someone who's been there. She really should take some substantial time to be alone and learn to love herself. Easier said than done sometimes though.

No. 597341

If you dont lurk your exes insta, you can avoid that.

No. 597343

Yeah, well who knows where they stood on that particular day. Maybe he was mad at her. When drugs are involved in relationships, romantic or not, are so muddy. Love one day, hate the next.

No. 597348

Sure didnt take long for her to be over London. I wonder if something happened..

No. 597487

Can we talk about the fact that so many of paris new fans (as seen from at least twitter) has nickname as lil_peeplover and so and so on w peep in it. I had higher thoughts about peep-fans, im dissapointed. Paris is trash.

No. 597490

File: 1527684348835.jpeg (290.09 KB, 1125x1848, ADBAF030-29F8-4656-899A-6A2FD9…)

Lol. Tyler talking about blocking Layla too

No. 597491

File: 1527684382806.jpeg (392.81 KB, 1125x1925, 227AA241-7811-4951-A601-F3D7DF…)

Peep the back sheet wtf

No. 597496

File: 1527684579332.png (777.7 KB, 908x1060, Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 07.4…)

at the bottom it said something abut a Dr. Ava Cadell. Bro wtf is he reading?? lmfaoo

No. 597499

He is a transsexual?

No. 597500


She probably had no idea of what London is really like, I lived there for most of my life in the Zone1 ( heart of London) which is super expensive, outer london Zone 3/4 etc is not a generally nice place to live unless you have a LOT of money. After a few weeks she must have got fed up, if a person does not have much money moving to London is not a good Idea.

No. 597506

File: 1527685171686.jpg (34.96 KB, 458x571, lol.jpg)

They're all trash.

No. 597512

File: 1527685558593.jpeg (615.12 KB, 1125x2070, A7DEA750-F674-4A65-9489-925DCB…)


cursory google search shows it’s a pdf of form attached…

congrats on getting laid i guess? nvm the sexual assault waiver …

No. 597528

File: 1527688175418.png (234.41 KB, 750x1013, IMG_3762.PNG)

The fact that gtshields are/were (?) friends with tylers ex madeleine

No. 597532

File: 1527688673305.png (7.41 KB, 253x53, ugh.PNG)

No. 597545

File: 1527689889871.jpeg (355.55 KB, 1124x2036, FC89C6A5-135A-4E63-B3DF-A533D0…)

No. 597576

LMFAOOOO this is what I’ve been waiting for. These people literally adopt an aesthetic, fuck around in GarageBand, and do nothing. Went to LA and turned from a fire firefighter into just another clout chaser.

No. 597580

Lmfao he was so pressed to show these consent forms. He really wants to seem like he’s so relevant that people have to sign these forms. Too had given the accusations of other people he’s fucked with it seems like a way to cover up abuse lol

No. 597591

>>597500 I lived in London for a couple of years and she is living in a super posh area with a bunch of people who I don't see her connecting with. She should move to Hackney or Camden. It's hard to make friends in London. People are very busy and icy. You really need an in with people. I am a California native and it was a bit of a culture shock, so I think she might be experiencing something similar. Plus she has no hobbies, so how is she trying to make friends?

No. 597621

Ngl ge looks pretty hot in that pic

No. 597622

Think this is directed at layla? specifically by using "move" instead of something else. It just seems like a weird wording.

No. 597623

honestly she should try new york

No. 597625

Yeah, seemed like she was chasing Peep's ghost.

No. 597644

File: 1527696783360.png (4.25 KB, 336x150, download.png)

He didn't adopt it. He said that style was his aesthetic in high school.

No. 597664

first of all - Luke was the one that said that about her. Not Tyler.

No. 597665

She mentioned in her live she has to go back to LA for something then back to London. TP says she lives in both places she’s just lonely in London.

No. 597668

She’s meeting up with joei in LA. They arrive on the same day.
That live was milky af

No. 597669

well she didn't look less lonely in LA, she kept complaining about having no one to hang out w/ since she got sober. she was with aubrey all the time and no one else basically

No. 597676

Well he’s 18 on that pic and looked exactly the same before…..

No. 597686

File: 1527700697355.jpg (23.96 KB, 400x267, SMbUxsT.jpg)

No. 597693

Pepper could have turned out good looking. Probably why he has such a big ego. “I was almost attractive when I was younger”

No. 597698

File: 1527701581869.jpg (46.97 KB, 367x550, 1e1207ddbeef17a66fed262d5443b4…)

People can be versatile with fashion.

No. 597699

File: 1527701616611.jpg (103.52 KB, 640x959, 8a26a6d4c1d102f22d57d26fa9a169…)

No. 597702

What are you doing

No. 597707

>Showing fashion examples.

No. 597714

First of all…. Tyler grosso literally wrote that on his Instagram so what are you even saying. Dumbass

No. 597716

she should move to peckham in south london, it's full of clout-hungry art kids

No. 597753

Tylers "assistant" is on live right now telling people "if you guys want $500 make a wikipedia page for Tyler" because they think he's going to get verified if he has one.

They were also encouraging people to make fake Tyler accounts. Everything he does reeks of desperation.

Tyler also said "Damn, I'm getting sued by the state of california"

No. 597755

>>597753 Sorry sent too soon. Apparently he's getting sued about the car wreck. Chris asked Tyler if he wrecked the car into something and Tyler giggled and said "I don't remember" - So irresponsible.

No. 597782

File: 1527707342467.png (284.45 KB, 871x623, ig.png)

Pic related used as an example. People can buy a verification or buy an account off of someone already verified. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/instagram-verification-how-to-get-blue-tick-users-buy-verified-badges-black-market-a7940266.html

No. 597787

>>597718 Her fake English accent isn't helping her at all. It's incredibly insulting to have someone put on a Mary Poppins accent and see it as amusing. I just don't think the London crowd is amused by the immature bullshit that people in LA seem to lap up. You need a bit of depth or you're just some stupid California girl playing in London like an idiot.

No. 597793

File: 1527708396535.jpeg (422.16 KB, 2896x2896, 68744665-92E5-4659-9E7C-388520…)

Yikes. Looks like Paris has a criminal record.

No. 597802

Damn grosso, you look like shit now

No. 597803

that's not really that bad tho, esp compared to some of the other scandals grosso, etc have been involved in

No. 597804

He looks like such a fucking douche.

No. 597806

File: 1527709076883.png (205.89 KB, 472x648, vasquez.png)

Nice last name. Is he related to Jhonen Vasquez by chance? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jhonen_Vasquez

No. 597814

It's a pretty common last name (at least where I live) so I doubt that they are.

No. 597818

lmfao this whole time i thought he was white

No. 597843

File: 1527712532123.png (5.28 KB, 517x70, ithinksheknewme.PNG)

Hopefully this time he learns a lesson?

No. 597844


Okay seriously wtf. Does he make the groupie whores sign a consent form saying they'll have sex with him?

that's disgusting.

No. 597857

Ok but if you’re involved in a car crash don’t you have to stick around for insurance purposes? If it was like an Uber or their bus wouldn’t they still know who it was just bc they were there? This sounds like bullshit?

No. 597858

Lol no. They’re just covering their asses. It’s a way of formally giving consent. That way no one can claim they were assaulted later on. Still pretty gross.

No. 597859

File: 1527713570709.png (2.77 MB, 1242x2208, 8E5882F2-7277-4089-9050-3908B5…)

“Strung out” is what he changed his bio to. cool bro, you want a gold star?

No. 597867


i should've screenshotted it bc i knew he'd delete it but did anyone else see pepper ann's "dr feelgood?" tweet like we all know he isn't asking for a heroin/opiate plug?

buddy just bc you stopped sipping lean and moved onto other opiates doesn't mean you turned your life around. from a former addict: get your shit together.

No. 597873

He would have been like a senior in high school.. and looks like the charges are for a fight/ coming to campus when he wasnt allowed. In the grand scheme of "criminal records" that's pretty tame.

No. 597874

File: 1527714754155.png (41.06 KB, 662x317, waiver.png)

No. 597876

Tyler learn a lesson? Nah.

No. 597884

She could have been a passenger. There are other scenarios where you might not know who the person is.

No. 597887

Disgusting but pretty common. Lots of celebrities do this, they just keep it quiet because another part of signing the form is a portion that says they cant talk about it. It just legally covers the celebrities ass so they can hoe it up like the rest of the world and not worry about being sued.

No. 597890

File: 1527715395322.jpeg (133.28 KB, 1125x1051, 07946855-5C5B-43EE-BB42-7A6123…)


No. 597895

I am sure that it's not just celebs that are making snakes sign wavers. These modern times are fucked. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/aug/24/woman-jailed-10-years-false-rape-claims-jemma-beale

No. 597899

I'm a UK native that's lived in london for 20 years - it's not easy because it's an expensive place to live - but if you're passionate about art and/or music you will find your people - if you make the kinda mediocre mixes and tracks that layla does - she doesn't stand a chance…this is a big pond, she's not gonna make a ripple and neither is her ex luke - the city is made of music and subculture - not ex junkies with some shit rhymes

No. 597902

>I'm a UK native

No. 597906

Chelji-cheese fries? Is that you?

No. 597971

File: 1527719747982.jpeg (593.68 KB, 1125x1601, 14ED3D18-5A22-4497-B90E-FAE65D…)

Lol fish narc liking Arses insta posts…. rlly dude? Also the photoshoop holy shit

No. 598018

LOL you could say the same thing about any major city known for its culture—new york, for example, or LA

No. 598044

File: 1527723654641.jpeg (524.45 KB, 1242x1928, 04C21198-5D56-4FEF-A1F6-98E653…)

Interesting how he claims he never wants to be like Peep but suddenly gets rid of TP becomes a rapper and dies his hair pink.

No. 598061

That isn't much of a peep transformation. Now he has hair dye and rapping. Is that all you got?

No. 598064

Yeah I got more. The NOT COOL tatted like peeps love tattoo. His style transformation. Matching Tat with TP

No. 598070

It's pretty undeniable he's trying to milk/do the SoundClout shit a la peep, it's just a rlly bad old person British version

No. 598072

File: 1527725250495.gif (1.54 MB, 500x250, ha.gif)

Still not much of a peep transformation. Layla brands everyone. Tons of people have been getting matching peep tattoos. Some of his clothing style or something? You could be anyone, really. There's more then 10 of you out there. Probably.

No. 598081

File: 1527725909560.png (636.43 KB, 1328x576, jock.png)

>>597793 ew, he was a total football jock.

No. 598083

Oh em gee what a prep lozeerrrr !!!! Lmfaooo

No. 598086

Methinks Paris' bitter ex is on this image board…

No. 598093

Didnt he basically say in that no jumper that he used to be an all american type? I'm not at all surprised by this. It seems like Paris has been pretty open about who he was and now hes being who he wants to be.

No. 598099

Just when I thought she was finally maturing… ughhhh

No. 598102

High maintenance. She sounds like she'd be exhausting to be in a relationship with tbh.

No. 598129

Seriously. You'd never have a moment to do anything without her. I dont want to spend every single moment with even my most favorite of people. Besides.. after a while what would you even have to talk about? You'd have already been there for every single thing. That's why it doesnt work.. you have to have your own stuff going on too. I think shes just insecure.. and probably has good reason to be due to her past relationships. But it would serve her well to get past it if she wants a happy and healthy relationship in the future.

No. 598235

thats, like, textbook emotional abuse and so so controlling. I had an abusive ex bf who had rules like that, just bc she’s a girl doesn’t make it any less abusive. I get it probably stems from trauma and abandoment, but that’s not an excuse to control someone’s life like that. The cycle has to be broken somewhere

No. 598409

This is probably a dumb question, but could a legalfag confirm whether or not this contract would actually be binding if someone underage signed it claiming to be at least eighteen years old? I thought that minors couldn’t enter into contracts without a parent or legal representative’s signature. Does this form actually protect these scummy dudes? Because it seems to me like it wouldn’t be legally binding, and it’s mostly just a tool to make young groupies afraid to open their mouths about being taken advantage of.

No. 598411

It could protect him against claims of statutory rape because he'd argue that he thought they were of age. The rest of it seems bullshit to me though.

No. 598424

If someone's intoxicated or underage but signs off that they are good to go, I don't think the person making them sign it is automatically off the hook. Seems like it's an intimidation tactic more than anything.

No. 598427

I guess more specifically I’m curious about the line that states the penalty of perjury applies to the signer if they claim to be over eighteen, and are not. Can a minor legally be held accountable for perjury on a document they sign independently, falsely claiming that they are not a minor? Without a representative adult’s signature on the contract? This whole thing seems shady to me. Then again, everything I know about the law comes from SVU, so.

No. 598436

LOL best part from the article:

Q: What has been the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome?
“Two things: brainstorming ideas and making them original.”

He never figured it out kek

No. 598443

I don’t think it’s legally binding at all, it was downloaded from the internet lol and the wording is all fucked. I’m not a legalfag but I just know that contracts have formulas, u can’t just write a bunch of shit down and sign it and expect it to hold up in court. You can tell just by the wording it’s not legit, they’re just trying to intimidate the tweens they bring back on the bus with them. Anything grosso does/says is bullshit he’s just such a dumbass it’s unbelievable

No. 598480

This document would not do a goddamn thing in terms of legal protection because it isn't notarized.

No. 598500

Agreed, he's probably relying on just being able to intimidate people with the contract (maybe he's been taking advice from onision lol)
And also it's probably partially because he feels famous if he gets people to sign a contract, which is why he posted a pic of it

No. 598538

Kinda sad when you watch Graces old photos she used to look like the kind of down to earth travel/skatechick but now she’s just other instathots with lip fillers and designerclothes. Not original at all.

No. 598539


No. 598547

File: 1527785547192.jpeg (381.56 KB, 1125x1769, 79EE251D-E6E0-4581-8ACC-B65FC5…)

Agreed. She looks 100000000 times better

No. 598554

Also genuinly wondering what her parents/family think about her dating Pepper? I think the average parent isn’t fund of their daughter dating a drug addict who looks gross af.

No. 598576

File: 1527788144606.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20180531-133245.png)

Marilyn's comment on smokeasac's pic. Did they know each other before or is this her leeching to another friend of lil peep?

No. 598581

File: 1527788537019.png (2.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20180531-134001.png)


Samefag but I just found this pic on his IG. Check out the caption. Marilyn is fucking weird man…

No. 598599

She really looks like some sort of obsessed stalker at this point. Aint healthy

No. 598646

Aubrie just mentioned on her live that most people don’t know this but she dated peep

No. 598651

Seems like every girl he ever talked to dated him smh

No. 598653

I was watching her live recently and someone asked if she knew Peep and she just giggled and said of course… Im not even going to go there and kind of implied there was something more to the story so makes sense. I assume this was before he dated Layla?

No. 598663

Peep was a womanizer. These women think that they are special and they're not. He slept with groupies too and peep gave layla shit about "sleeping with ALL the homies" but Peep slept with/"dated" a majority of layla's friends, didn't he?

No. 598668

I'd like to add that he couldn't stay loyal and committed to his first love Emma. He cheated on her. Once a cheater always a cheater.

No. 598677

Sleeping with peep/having a fling was nothing special. I mean look at chili cheese ffs. He admitted to practically being a sex addict

No. 598679

This. The dude knew how to use his looks and butter up women (and most of his texts were fucking stupid imo) and narmed it up with the whole sad artist thing. It’s honestly kind of sad to see the effect it had on the women with lower self esteem, like Marilyn.

No. 598682

File: 1527794048027.png (28.91 KB, 414x142, 152779431148700536.png)

No. 598691

this. but it's so hard to get a feel on who peep really was and it's really interesting to me. i can't tell if he was more intelligent than he seemed or what. he texted like a fucking retard but idk if that was just an affectation, but he'd occasionally seem fairly intelligent and i just cant tell.

all of his "omg so romantic" texts seemed so ingenuine that i'm sure we've all received the exact same tier of obvious bullshit by manipulative fuckboys in our past, but with the way everyone was like "omg he was so sensitive and sweet" and marilyn's obsession over seeing his "true self" on shrooms and all this shit, i have to wonder if there really was something more to him. his mom did that whole speech on not to judge by appearances because he wasn't a basic hoodlum ass manipulative white boy, but idk.

wow. what is "dating"? because he slept with every girl he saw. jesus christ, that kid mustve had so many stds fr. stank potatoface loves to claim they dated too so whats 'dating'. all of them have 'dated' him when really it was just bootycalls and shit

he cheated w layla too and idk what happened with honeymoonphase but she seemed to really hate him after he maligned her, so i'm guessing he cheated on her too? obv she apologized for hating him or something after he kicked the bucket but while he was alive she seemed to be angry with him

No. 598692

File: 1527794649553.jpg (30.93 KB, 849x551, Narcissistic-Sociopath.jpg)


No. 598693

No. 598696

Peep apparently was a persona that Gustav created. That's how it's been explained by others. It was his "alter" personality but it wasn't him. In the same way that Layla explains that she isn't TooPoor.

No. 598699

but gus still acted like peep in his texts/relationships with people they claimed he was close to, so i question that. i mean, i think his flexing and stuff was all persona, but in his personal life he didn't seem like a sensitive sweet intelligent boy like all these women and his mom claim tbqh

No. 598703

Mans also said he had an eating disorder that gave him ulcers, and it’s still up too, lmafo idk if you can trust his twitter for ~deep insights~

No. 598706

Peep said that? He was painfully thin up until like last yr so it's possible?

No. 598711

File: 1527795680752.png (30.79 KB, 530x98, Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.39…)

Here is the tweet. What is he talking about shot in the stomach?

No. 598713

File: 1527795892510.jpg (81.15 KB, 960x720, childhood_sexual_abuse.jpg)

I wonder if he was sexually abused as a child. Eating disorder, sex addiction, drug addiction…

No. 598719

Peepettes will really latch on to anything huh?
He said all sorts of stupid shit over the years and used all sorts of mental illness terms to describe himself, like any angsty teenager/20 yro would.

No. 598726

I am not a peepette. It was just a psych shot in the dark.

No. 598727

File: 1527797229321.jpeg (441.98 KB, 1125x2331, B0567713-2453-46E8-9F00-9A5FCC…)


lmao this skinwalker is so desperate for layla’s cast offs.

No. 598732


A lot of UK natives read this thread too, myself included.

No. 598736

what the actual fuck, she really is trying to be the next Cass or something

No. 598738

wow, that's so pathetic. she thinks she's really desirable too all bc peep fucked her twice while ostensibly high off his ass. tho tbh with lukes dying of the hair pink and "not cool" tattoo and all that shit, he might fuck her solely to relive peeps history. christ this crowd is so cringy

No. 598741

Why is she always tryna get Layla’s (ex) boyfriends? Girl get a man yourself, just looks desperate and creepy at this point

No. 598756

That’s weird tbh i would think it was more likely that she dated Tyler lmfao. But for real I’d love to know that story. Like what? Also what a weird thing to randomly tell but that seems to be how these girls operate. I could have sworn she said she only met him a few times or once or something. She also only has that one picture of them on the sidewalk I feel. I feel like this needs research and idk if I buy it.

No. 598771

chelji ur a nasty bitch and u crack me the fuck up keep making me laugh xo i hope u fuck luke cus he dusty and has saggy balls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 598775

File: 1527800092045.png (5.32 MB, 1242x2208, 941848AE-0B32-424E-A688-551B83…)

This is the picture I’m referring to. It’s from a video peep did with someone called Hollywood dreaming. She’s in it. It’s from April 2017. When did he meet Layla again?

No. 598780

he and layla started dating in october of 2016

No. 598789

I agree I think something fucked Up happened when he was younger too but idk what. He does have some lyrics about it, which could be bullshit, but dunno

No. 598791

I remember not very long ago aubrie posted a picture of her and coco, saying something about her and somebody commented "if only she knew what you did, you guys wouldn't be friends still" something along those lines but then the comment was deleted almost instantly, just popped up in my head right now sorry no screenshots or anything it was a few months ago. I wonder what aubrie did that would make coco no longer be her friend ? ? ?

No. 598794

File: 1527802187492.png (369.19 KB, 426x361, benz 2.PNG)

was this her in benz truck pt 2, too? i always figured it was the same person but idk. you can the girl a little better in the vid.

No. 598825

File: 1527803781209.jpg (74.99 KB, 720x714, a7e118bef3959c0c4c7270ec2740ea…)

My first thought was that Aubrie slept with her husband. Is kevin a serial cheater? Do they have a secret open relationship or something?

No. 598838

Ew.i didnt realize but pouya is balding as hell and is such a disgusting manlet. I wish no woman gave him the time of day.

No. 598853

File: 1527804902370.png (377.92 KB, 662x439, 152780555157561185.png)

>This must be the pic. It's the only one of her and coco on her page. https://www.instagram.com/p/BMKEY3hjdep/?hl=en&taken-by=sp00kybabyyy

No. 598855

Someone on Brian Welchs live told him to listen to Laylas mix because she used one of his songs and he said he thought it was trash and didn’t like his song being used in it

No. 598856

…as in the singer of korn? i'm shocked he knows who layla is

No. 598864

Yes that's the photo it was on

No. 598871

troll comment never happened

No. 598878

Yeah. Where's the proof?

No. 598881

I imagine the only reason her live was just at 4K was only because of Brian talking about her

No. 598919

Most of them are using the term dating pretty loosely.. dating seems to = hung out for a month or so or had sex a few times. I dont think it means anything significant when they say they dated him.

No. 598920

Did Aubrie "date" Tyler? Is Aubrie an escort?

No. 598921

Interesting those two "dated" for about 2 seconds. Hmmm… this girl does lots of "dating".

No. 598927


No. 598937

File: 1527811719899.png (694.67 KB, 489x657, moonpie.PNG)

Yeah and then she does a lot of complaining on twitter. No wonder her and TP are bff

No. 598941

I think he was fairly intelligent. Not like he was gifted or something.. just not dumb as a brick like most people in the soundcloud world.

No. 598945

File: 1527812320082.png (20.39 KB, 292x201, boy_friend.png)

She could escort and be "dating" her clients. That's called the BFE. https://maggiemcneill.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/more-terminology/

No. 598947

These personas are just an amplified part of themselves. It's not like the persona appeared from thin air. And the more you "wear" that persona the more you will become it full time. Peep probably could still hold it together and be who his family knew him as when he was with them. People are complicated. We adapt to our settings.. we be who those around us expect us to be. he wasnt all this thing or all that thing. He was a complicated person with his own issues.. and no one will understand him because he never got a chance to really understand himself.

No. 598951

I always got the vibe he was sexually abused as a child..

No. 598957

His Daddy tattoo always gave me the creeps.

No. 598959

he said in some interview that he went through like every type of abuse. i cant remember what interview. that line in "u said" also comes to mind "'what have you been through?' she asked me. every fucking kind of abuse.' that makes me wonder, on top of jenny now claiming that liza was abusive… hm…

No. 598960

More likely he had some pretty dark demons he was running from and did actually suffer from something. His most common claim was bipolar. I heard him say many times he was bipolar.

No. 598965

>What is he talking about shot in the stomach?
speculation, but maybe he said something about having holes in his stomach and ppl thought he got shot. then made this post to clear it up.

No. 598966

I (& probably many others) feel like the only reason chilicheesedog would have even the slightest idea of who luke is, would be solely through TP. I can't imagine he was that well known before. Which confirms that this rank bean follows and takes interest laylas life kek

No. 598967


No. 598971

I know, I wish he would have ever explained the daddy that. He explained most all the rest.

No. 598974

>Uncomfortable speculation. It just kind of amplified the vibes that he was molested as a child and sexually abused.

No. 598976

i dont think its that deep guys. tumblr retards called him daddy and i guess he came to believe he was 'daddy'. idk if it was laylas fetish or what but she was into flaunting him choking her and he seemed to flaunt some lame 'dom' shit when with her, not like "i'm your daddy" shit but bondage/light abuse shit. the tumblr retards are also why he made his merch say like daddys girl or lil peep is daddy or some shit for a time.

No. 598977

It always gave me the impression that his dad diddled him. Hey what happened to his father anyway?

No. 599008

I know calling people daddy is the thing for some groups, but it makes my skin crawl. However I dont think the daddy thing was a direct nod to his dad or something.. didnt he get it around the time he was supposedly dating Mackonnen? I do know sometimes childhood sexual abuse by a member of the same sex can lead to confusion and confliction when it comes to someones own sexuality. But then again he could have just been bi, been pretending, been too high to care. Who knows.. it's all speculation.

No. 599009

I think as far as we know hes still a professor at Hofstra. I have never heard much else about him.. except a youtube video of him talking about running a marathon.

No. 599027

i noticed he didnt seem to have attended his memorial. very sad. he seems like a real piece of shit.

No. 599033


Take this for what you will, but Jenny has said his father has been trying to get money and also cancelled peep's health insurance like right after he passed.

No. 599058

Money for what exactly? Not like she would owe him child support or probably owe him much of anything financially. Of course we dont know all the family drama/history, but If he truly wasnt a part of peeps life.. why would he be asking for or expecting any money. Desth brings out the worst in family members a lot of the time sadly. It makes sense to cancel his insurance after he passed I dont know how soon after he did it but some people are just cold and practical.

I noticed that too, very sad.

No. 599060

File: 1527821511833.jpeg (611.22 KB, 1125x1443, 43444F49-C908-4B8A-83C3-008079…)

No. 599061

I don't think it was a nod to his dad diddling him. I think it was more like a large bright flashing neon sign saying MY DAD MOLESTED ME! Daddy being the branding of his dad diddling him. Ya know? Ya feel me?

No. 599073

When is tyler going to get on ibogaine to cure his opioid addiction?

No. 599311

Where do you think she learned to be this way? I’m sure at least one parent is encouraging it.

No. 599393

Why should we assume they are encouraging it? I dont know how old she is but I assume shes at least 18 and capable of making her own choices.. or rebelling against how she was raised. Shes probably just young, dumb, and doing what she wants.

No. 599415

File: 1527859452770.jpeg (330.67 KB, 1125x723, 3B24013E-ED52-4E36-A159-228280…)

Pepper. you don’t ask for interviews….. it’s supposed to be he other way around. lmao Now you just look desperate.

No. 599421

File: 1527860084577.png (962.02 KB, 992x923, 2018-06-01 09_32_13-Stories • …)

looks like a fucking 10 year old made this on redbubble

No. 599433

Would be nice if ACDC came for his ass

No. 599439

Does he have a terminal illness?

No. 599442

just autism

No. 599499

He'll stop making clothes and not a damn person will care. Just goes to show you hes not making nearly what he says he is. If it was really that lucrative for as little effort as he puts in, he would hold onto that as long as possible. I am amazed people actually buy the trash he makes in the first place.

No. 599501

looks like the design tp just dropped

No. 599516

File: 1527869398260.png (643.18 KB, 750x1334, image1.png)

Its so creepy that Marilyn Rondon just sits at the club videoing some stranger boy. I like how she's proud of being celibate when she's always chasing/fantasizing romances with young ugly boys.

Also remember how she moved to new York to be with her "wife" (who was not even a person she was dating she just had to be a snowflake and be like omg my wife not just her internet friend…) Anyway what happened to her? I think I saw one selfie then she never mentioned it again and shestryingbto move back to LA

Sage cuz that was a hard nitpicky load of shit I just hate this bitch so much. I feel like she could have her own thread.

No. 599521

File: 1527869857841.png (52.75 KB, 329x349, toopoor.png)

Yeah. Similar.

No. 599523

Even her cringey shit is more original and actually better (less bad?)than pepper ann's clip art bullshit.

No. 599525

Agree completely with this. Dunno why people eat her conman bullshit up

No. 599539

File: 1527874058478.jpeg (570.83 KB, 1125x1993, 008F9DBC-C414-4A29-94C0-8DA32A…)

All these ppl are too old to be idolizing Sid vicious like they are… Do they listen to the Sex Pistols. Blegh

No. 599542

Also 40 year old Luke stroking Kanyes dick on his insta story so hard rn

No. 599564

She’s definitely young, dumb, and doing what she wants, but she’s still a spoiled attention whore, and she learned that somewhere. Trashy kids grow up into trashy adults who have more trashy kids, I’m sure everyone discussed here has at least one utterly retarded parent. But there’s no point discussing them or speculating about it because they’re not relevant here (maybe with the exception of Mama & Gma Peep).

No. 599565

File: 1527877210260.jpeg (165.53 KB, 1103x1542, DC146297-E1EE-43C6-9846-3ECF74…)

Who is telling this manchild he looks better with blonde hair

No. 599584

File: 1527879356329.jpeg (276.46 KB, 1125x477, 33767BF1-8CBD-4999-BC0B-9B8015…)

boo fucking hoo

No. 599585

he and cass need to colour swap ASAP

No. 599591

lol is he talking about us? tyler, you got lucky. there was no strategy, you fucking gremlin. we can't all become drug mules for A$AP YAMS and chug lean all day to gain cringyass connections with the hopes of getting by big embarrassing ourselves to 12 year olds online for the rest of our lives, ffs

No. 599601

Even if I didn’t read these threads, and even if I believed there’s more Grosso than luck and talented friends, there’s still literally nothing about Tyler’s personality that would make me believe he’d be kind or helpful to anyone who asked him for advice. He just acts like such a little bitch on social media, and he has zero humility. He has such a weak attitude all the time, why would he ever expect anyone to see him as a nice dude or a mentor?

No. 599605

File: 1527882201149.png (424.52 KB, 924x1236, Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 14.3…)

Given the scene's rate of turnover from "bffffl<3/family" -> "skin walker/worst enemy/fake/i don't know her(him)"; if he sticks to not letting in any new friends, he'll be left with none in 6mos-1yr. Also, wtf is he even trying to convey here? lol Scare people into staying his friend? 'uwwu I'm so exclusive'?? Everything these people say and do is for their egos…

No. 599607

his real name isnt paris, right? he looks like paris jackson though fr

No. 599611

File: 1527882915328.webm (4.78 MB, 406x720, bex_peep.webm)

>It's because of peep.

No. 599612

File: 1527882974164.jpg (1.7 MB, 1080x1079, uk3pylf5k92z.jpg)

No. 599617


For the insurance she said it was like the next morning. Anyway I don't know anything else about it and there's no proof, but she did mention it.

No. 599631

His name is Paris Vasquez. His mom allegedly named him after The Cure's album 'Paris'. (source: Paris Exposed-No Jumper)

No. 599643

gotta admit that's kinda cool if true

No. 599647

File: 1527887258854.jpeg (171.71 KB, 750x430, DBE18684-6E17-42B9-B8AF-56B16B…)

this shit is sad

No. 599649

Grosso, Ibogaine will save your junkie ass. You're welcome.

No. 599657

>>599647 Grace must be having a BLAST with this guy…

No. 599662

>>599605 Didn't this guy brag about how he got good grades in school?

Paris, it's "you're", not "your". Geez. And maybe use some punctuation.

And "Mark my words" is one of the most repulsive premises to a statement ever. Does he think he's some prince from the 14th century?

This guy is falling down the big ego hole.

No. 599664

File: 1527889747978.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3776.PNG)

what is it that they are asking for??

No. 599665

>>599664 Can someone please dm them to find out? Would be pretty funny.

No. 599670

Drugs presumably, he's complaining about not having a plug here >>599647

No. 599674

File: 1527890608737.png (39.85 KB, 448x547, withdrawls.png)

I am picturing him going through withdrawls.

No. 599684

Marilyn, why all the ~ negative vibes ~ ????

Also I was reading her bio on her website and I know it says it comes from an interview but it sounds so contrived like she wrote it about herself in the third person.

Its on Www.totallystokedonyou.bigcartel.com

No. 599686

File: 1527891527125.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, image1(1).png)

Oops dropped pic

No. 599693

File: 1527891915652.jpg (327.56 KB, 1024x683, 610019812.jpg)

Have they been to flint yet?

No. 599694

I just want to know if they've had some of that organic tap water. Vid related.

No. 599702

They must be really bad addicts if they can’t find dope IN DETROIT.

No. 599703

File: 1527893104415.jpg (104.86 KB, 700x700, Funny-Detroit-Meme-9.jpg)

No. 599713

File: 1527893811702.png (102.69 KB, 620x485, kurt.png)

For being such a die hard fan of kurt, he sure doesn't know how to score some dope. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/160584/Love-relied-on-hookers-to-find-drugs

No. 599771

>>599647 He deleted all of this, hahahhaha. Must have found his plug…

No. 599777

When y'all look at sliverlittlecat does a pug come to your mind too? Honestly idk why that image comes to mind but she has a face of a dog

No. 599828


definitely. lylah has a rotten personality too, incredibly narcissistic and pretentious. she literally never leaves her home and is so stunted for a 21 year old. imo she’s a snowflake-tier cow

lylah spends her days taking selfies in her father’s white trash house. she obsesses over peep and sucks up to the women he was involved with, such as marilyn and emma, but not TP

No. 599871

If TP didn’t hate her she’d to it to her too for sure.

No. 599884

literally nobody cares.

No. 599971

Because artwerk is notoriously hard to live with. She has a beautiful loft in bushwick and can’t seem to keep roommates because she drives them all away. In the winter she had to fill every single room in her loft because all of her roommates moved out at once. If that’s not a red flag I dont know what is.

No. 599989

That's actually kind of genius

No. 600029

File: 1527932066801.png (9.38 KB, 287x251, tylerGROSSO.PNG)

His name suits him.

No. 600057

i wish we had a thread on nyc artsy types honestly, artwerk6666 is a massive cow

No. 600061

10/10 would read

No. 600066

File: 1527943544909.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3779.PNG)

looks like a crazy psych ward inmate

No. 600118

File: 1527953434412.gif (586.29 KB, 480x270, toopoor.gif)

He's just like chelji. They might as well start dating.

No. 600120


No. 600133

File: 1527955359858.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, D10304D5-E5A1-42B9-93F5-592CAA…)

this makes me sick

No. 600135

i’m curious to know the reaction of tps fans when she drops her album. also very curious to hear it

No. 600138

I am not curious about any of there albums.

No. 600141

File: 1527956086111.jpg (107.84 KB, 750x741, 31781573_585349298505536_70508…)

They were friends at one point before tyler stabbed him in the back.

No. 600143

File: 1527956462282.jpg (191.25 KB, 1242x1235, p7mx0nQeeK1wlh7npo1.jpg)

No. 600163

File: 1527958310357.jpg (572.66 KB, 1500x2033, 9b34644127b7ec3d890ae11ce806c8…)

>nice t-shirt

No. 600172

File: 1527958815651.jpeg (213.62 KB, 750x738, 65FFFE3F-89F5-4078-A049-297FD9…)

Anyone else think her fans pull off her look way better than she does?

No. 600173

File: 1527958828712.jpeg (128.13 KB, 519x722, 3708DE4C-0D16-4F58-9143-3A34FC…)

No. 600174


No. 600175

Wtf! Are these toopoor cosplayers?

No. 600178

Layla get off

No. 600179

I realised that anyone Chelji comes Into contact with, dies. Peep is dead, Chief Keef got shot at so be careful Luke

No. 600180

Lmfao this is hilarious like look at the posters on the wall. These kids are such try hards

No. 600181

looks like trash

No. 600183

File: 1527959380481.jpg (32.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I am not layla. Go watch this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZVS9l1aclA
>I would embed the youtube link but the creator of this video made that impossible.

No. 600184

I know but he’s the last person to act all sad about it since he’s the one who got with his ex for clout. Not something a friend would do

No. 600187

File: 1527959815475.png (86.2 KB, 416x606, instagram-account.png)

Maybe she's a black market assassin.

No. 600190

Everyone grieves differently.

No. 600205

LMAO if you are somehow able to look grimier and more smelly than to then good luck
im praying for this girl

No. 600206

File: 1527961093831.jpg (283.25 KB, 1242x1201, p7blzvwzY11wlh7npo1.jpg)

I believe that they really were friends, at one point. Thats why it hurt peep so bad.

No. 600215

i don't think you understand how greentext works. just don't use it

No. 600216

That’s Mariah not Chelji retard

No. 600218

lol. close enough.

No. 600221

fucking disgusting

No. 600293

File: 1527967330801.png (239.13 KB, 588x424, 152796815069120006.png)

Considering what happened to peep. I find this a bit awkward. https://www.instagram.com/p/BjUbTXPh8V3/?taken-by=bexeyswan

No. 600296

how is it awkward?

No. 600297

Its a bexey song… lmao

No. 600299

No. 600300

File: 1527968151184.png (2.46 MB, 1242x2208, D28B642A-B374-4F7C-9C92-C40403…)

We should just graduate the thread to a Tyler grosso thread. Lmao. This dude is so wack. First of all these look fucking disgusting like where did he even get this clump of shit. Second, the response. Lol. So cool to have to be revived. Way to encourage your “fans” to be reckless as fuck, Tyler.

No. 600306

LMAO he is seriously more and more of a scumbag each day

No. 600308

File: 1527969087957.jpg (106.92 KB, 1080x1080, a6bf9959437088013b78335ee18f1d…)

Making this thread devoted about grosso would be a quick way to kill it. Is that what you're going for?

No. 600309

File: 1527969155066.jpg (181.33 KB, 1200x1200, C4btwLdUkAAEvKn.jpg)

No. 600310

Lolol grosso posting. I swear this thread is just grosso, Paris, cass, Layla, and all their other minions constantly refreshing. Are there any normal ppl here

No. 600311

No. 600312

It looks more like peep posting tbh.

No. 600328

Well Layla dit become more calm since she’s sober so i guess all we do now is make fun of Tyler and his dumbass friends

No. 600373

Lol one of Paris and Tyler's "friend" on Snapchat trying to get Percs for them wherever they are now….. is it just me or is Tyler rlly trying to recreate Peeps death or something lame

No. 600419

the fact that he is rotting in hell is proof Allah is real(namefagging)

No. 600425

File: 1527982685944.png (375.11 KB, 595x438, 152798197869287023.png)

They are using drug test kits to check for stuff like fent. Pic related is tylers personal baby sitter. There was an ig post of chris testing tylers drugs before consumption. I didn't screen cap it, though.

No. 600427

Earth is hell. We're all rotting here awaiting death. This place is like purgatory.

No. 600433

File: 1527983713366.png (115.61 KB, 912x626, haha.png)

I think it's funny because they know. Anyone else think it's funny? https://petapixel.com/2018/02/15/instagram-now-alerting-users-people-screenshot-stories/

No. 600471

File: 1527987209949.jpeg (153.12 KB, 1125x480, DBA8673B-EFC8-4C7A-A294-FA320A…)

Guilts his fans into plugging him or else he’ll kILl HiMsELf

No. 600480

File: 1527987652471.png (7.3 MB, 1242x2208, BB3FF2AA-07F3-43F6-9052-9A4CF2…)

Goes to Detroit “Satan in the suburbs” lol I’m surprised he managed to stop mouth breathing in this one, also someone posted it but in that video where he’s climbing up the side of the stage, Paris is performing, like way to find the most dramatic way to call attention to yourself, bro. This dude is an egomaniac.

No. 600486

File: 1527988017307.jpeg (643.43 KB, 1125x1521, FC8FBFA0-458F-4F1C-A2E4-7E1147…)

Arguing with teenagers over the internet is peppers favorite past time. I love when they get him to sperge. Sensitive ass.

No. 600500

What was this in reference to? Lol how is she putting words in his mouth

No. 600502

File: 1527989287881.png (2.23 KB, 517x61, unavailable.png)

The person that tweeted at tyler removed it.

No. 600503

Also for every edgy teen he fights with in comments, there’s another waiting for their chance to pat him on the ass

No. 600505

His tweet calling out one of his exes for being an escort

No. 600510

File: 1527989465571.jpeg (147.05 KB, 750x917, DDAC01C9-D2A9-412F-89ED-18D87C…)

here’s her original tweet

No. 600511

Damn anon you are good

No. 600512

File: 1527989590808.jpeg (758.69 KB, 1124x1124, DDF2D8B9-224D-434F-B3FC-3CE90B…)

Arses eyebrow game…. LMFAO

No. 600514

File: 1527989654026.jpeg (337.21 KB, 1125x1154, B7F43E15-F59A-4862-8762-B169FE…)

Also she posted a throwback…. wowee gorl u done had too muxh Botox to be so young

No. 600515

That picture and reference is from almost 2 years ago. Sp00kybaby took him to the hospital when he OD'd. Old post, not a relapse it seems

No. 600517

Lol I have noticed they’ve been looking rough lately. Also the caution tape as a choker lmao. I guess this is her current fav jacket

No. 600521

Yeah but he retweeted it 6 hours ago and was trying to act like it was cool so that’s why I brought it up.

No. 600542

File: 1527992470264.png (312.81 KB, 306x544, cut-face.png)

Look at the side of his face! Did he almost die in a scooter accident!?

No. 600544

File: 1527992603726.jpeg (33.97 KB, 500x500, helmet.jpeg)

Where's his helmet, knee and elbow pads???!!!!! pic related.

No. 600548

File: 1527992834527.jpg (17.02 KB, 225x300, s-l300.jpg)

His personal baby sitter better get him all suited up! @chriseibert

No. 600577

Looks like his hair?…

No. 600587

File: 1527997445242.jpg (15.36 KB, 240x400, ce08be28475132ae187ec82efc47f6…)

Oh okay. Yeah actually thinking about it. Tyler would go full blown attention whore about it. If something like that happened he wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut.

No. 600590

File: 1527998034554.png (127.54 KB, 640x1084, IMG_4311.PNG)

Lol ok tyler

No. 600596

Lmao does he not remember his “I had my kidney removed… jk I needed it removed but I ran out of the hospital” bullshit?!

No. 600609

File: 1528001026545.png (104.98 KB, 294x408, 5QmQUfB.png)

Tylers keeping his mouth shut about his illegal activities. Interesting. lol. I never noticed his illegal activities before. This is quite peculiar. Did anyone else in the thread ever notice?

No. 600615

File: 1528001789021.jpeg (1.29 MB, 4032x3024, 753DE33B-8E5F-4605-BB9E-CA91FC…)

sage for zero relevancy but in other news, Tyler is apparently street busking on violin for change in Sydney now. Busy boy!!!

No. 600617

No. 600624

File: 1528002658083.jpeg (86.05 KB, 750x903, 63E242DD-0278-477F-8F94-5C9D06…)

She’s ugly as fuck without all the facetune

No. 600625

File: 1528002720578.jpeg (77.8 KB, 750x894, 44B0B443-69A2-41FD-8E6B-B603B7…)

Looks like a man

No. 600631

she looks like great value kat von d

No. 600633

She's not ugly, she just has a ginormous head compared to her body which looks off.

No. 600639

Wait these heads are photoshopped on right…… help

No. 600644

Get your eyes checked. She doesn't even look human in those edited pics. It looks like fun house mirror type photo-shopping.

No. 600652

Holy kek who edited this piece of shit photo? Hahahaha what???

Sorry sage for nothing new but holy fuck. Is it a British thing to be fucking awful at makeup and fashion? This is a legit question that I have googled to no avail. I feel like every time I see british chicks they have harsh as fuck eyebrows and makeup, and clothes that are about 10 years out of style. I must be Americentric as fuck tbh but… what's the deal

No. 600653

File: 1528006679905.jpg (4.24 MB, 1920x3418, inCollage_20180602_231730918.j…)

This is what I mean… I got these pics in like 10 seconds in #britishmakeupartists on ig

No. 600655

File: 1528007211454.jpg (200.16 KB, 1365x2048, gbbIMG_0945_2048x2048.jpg)

No. 600658

You seem obsessed, please stop.

No. 600661

He gave tyler a plug. His favorite kind. A butt plug. Tyler told him in return for the favor that he'd take care of him. He gave the photographer his autograph and thanked him for the dollar he threw in. Tyler said he's going to put it towards some gucci.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 600683

No, none of us are normal… that's why were here.

No. 600726

File: 1528021140037.jpeg (150.32 KB, 984x734, D92B26E3-5161-4D76-A3E4-9CBE1D…)

good god, get over yourself

you all act like lolcow is some deepweb shit when really you’re all just browsing an Indonesian scrapbooking forum with less than 100 posts a day

No. 600738

surprised this got no replies, these girls seem like the fucking shadiest, no real friends. why even bother living in LA unless you have to for a career

No. 600741

peep is from long beach new york wtf really

No. 600777

Yh, but the last place he lived before going on tour was London….

No. 600785

File: 1528031489899.jpeg (21.7 KB, 750x190, 1F995349-49B5-433E-AC35-A3D9DC…)

When is she finally gonna shut her mouth about Layla? She constantly tries to start stuff with her for no reason out of nowhere. Shut the fuck up chelji.

No. 600808

i'm not going to post it unless someone wants to give fish the attention, but on peep's last tour that guy was out of his fucking mind high on stage dancing like a dumb ass (hi tyler, only you wish anyone gave a shit you're throwing your abuser life away) and pulling bags of drugs out of his pockets mindlessly in front of everyone. the camera had to keep panning away from him even though he produced a good amount of the songs and wanted his stage time. it was so wack. all these people work for is to be on another stage as opposed to the social media one; fish lost it like a bitch claiming he totally ODed too when peep did to take the blame off his dumb ass for not doing anything while his friend sat there dying.

i think smokeasac and makonnen are the only ones honoring peep that's ive seen, but i could be wrong. fuck arsaylea though she's really the most common looking bitch ever i honestly do not understand. peep got with her to get back at blackbear and i think he just fucked with bella because she's a giant hoe and was hollywood famous. i know people say he didn't love layla, but i think he really did he was just a person with a lot of problems.

he was really young, having those empty relationships with other women was his way of fucking with layla and seeing how far she would react. then she dated tyler and he lost it. i don't understand why he didn't treat her better or just cut her off, why fuck with her for years just to put her down?

No. 600812

File: 1528036581260.jpeg (146.73 KB, 750x273, F91A6802-5516-4F7C-8FA2-900F6D…)

didn’t see the whole thing or who she was retweeting before it was deleted

No. 600820

So were these all chelji posting? Kek
What a jealous bitch

Wish she would tell why he wasn't fond of her or how she knows that so she will shut up forever.

No. 600859

File: 1528042575531.jpeg (420.93 KB, 1125x933, 41A35CEA-3FF8-475A-9626-8D23F6…)

Smokeasac aka Dylan aka peeps producer tweeted it originally.
Funny that Layla retweeted it all the sudden. Wonder if chelji is back in Layla’s DMs trying to start shit to get attention. Her 15 minutes have gotta be way dried up by now

No. 600866

When did she RT this?

No. 600873

peep didn't fuck with tp for "years", they met exactly a year before he died

No. 600885

he was commenting and liking all her old pictures what are you talking about?

No. 600886

>>600873 Peep covered his ‘Layla’ Tattoo before he died, He did not like her.

No. 600890

Arzaylea made him do that and get a matching one with her. Which was “mine & yours” I think

No. 600894

Regardless he had other ones with TP. He still at one point had enough love for her to do that and keep that after they broke up numerous times.

No. 600901

File: 1528045174055.jpg (2.26 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180603_095752336.j…)

>light wash jeans in 2018

Sorry I know I'm probably the only one who cares but what the fuck

Pic for content. Whyyyy

No. 600904

Unsure what you’re trying to say between the two photos. However the makeup they did on her for that photoshop is shit

No. 600913

My bad– the first pic is in such gross juxtaposition with her natural head and face shape. That retoucher needs to be shot

No. 600920

They literally made her kat von

No. 600927

the reason why layla retweeted that a few hours ago is because of this tweet >>600785

No. 600940

File: 1528048347552.jpeg (161.99 KB, 1125x583, 200D5F13-CB5B-4C40-9324-C7D0AF…)

There’s this…

No. 600942

File: 1528048419983.jpeg (594.97 KB, 1125x1392, 138AA08C-498B-4D26-9D22-D6433D…)

And this in her likes. Chello stahhhp. You’ll never come out on top of whatever you’re trying to do

No. 600952

Tbh I’m not even sure what she actually looks like anymore. Those photo shoot pictures definitely look just like KVD which I know has been said but is incredibly creepy. I think it’s safe to say that unless you see her in person regularly no one really knows what she actually looks like without being edited by herself or someone else.

No. 600963

File: 1528049319154.png (931.55 KB, 1242x2208, B4D98BAC-4D49-41BE-B34F-7E1FBB…)

Lol it’s like we complained and Tyler listened. Look at this shirt he’s about to drop. Also we all know you’re mentally broken, bub

No. 600964

File: 1528049397609.png (1.23 MB, 1242x2208, E324F8DE-2C74-4C65-9BBA-07F158…)

Also I know we don’t like talking about this person but the way she tries so hard to sound hood is so laughable “nobody realize how lonely I be making music” hahaha ok

No. 600966

File: 1528049540825.png (3.57 MB, 1242x2208, 1AFC8BCF-EAA5-427C-BBF7-25B566…)

Damn I didn’t realize these were the same as the highway to hell shirts. Lol. Also this dude is so out of his mind like do either trippie or Takeshi fuck with him? Haha how is he so sure they’d carry his casket at all?

No. 600984

No, just nobody fucks with your ugly ass. You don’t have a choice but to stay in.

No. 600985

People have seen her in person. There are videos of her and she goes on live. We can’t act like she’s completely shopped. Arz never goes live neither does Grace. And tp is honest about shooping but she shows her real self all the time

No. 600987

I thought we assumed that that’s why she usually used a filter or that she edited them somehow? Isn’t there a cap or two where people were asking her this in comments? I could be wrong

No. 600990

I like how she says this like she’s the one making the beats or doing anything but attempting to sing over it. Lol

No. 600996

File: 1528051882989.jpg (908.26 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180603-145107_Ins…)

She is such an ogre

No. 600999

File: 1528052203267.png (452.87 KB, 750x1334, 5C351AF7-8A31-46BB-B466-74A381…)

why is she like this

No. 601003

File: 1528052371752.png (423.25 KB, 750x1334, 8DCE5254-48A2-4B34-9C2F-78D6B3…)

lmao hi potato, pretty sure Layla dont give a shit about you

No. 601004

File: 1528052526171.jpeg (268.77 KB, 750x1028, CC63590F-DCDB-4296-A1FD-A4A5C6…)

Layla’s response

No. 601006

File: 1528052648630.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 04017ECA-EF90-4434-9412-0FBA06…)

>tell layla i want all the smoke
“let’s meet and get tea”

No. 601009

Chelji put on her story "Tell TooPoor I want all the smoke" and something about meeting up for tea lmfao I'm equal parts disgusted and amused. Why doesn't she refer to peep as Gus and toopoor as Layla. Fucking weirdo

No. 601010

This girl is just so fucking cringe. A meeting between Layla and her would be hilarious tho, but Layla is right what would they even have to discuss? My guess is that potato is getting no cloud from her lame songs so now she comes at Layla for clout

No. 601012

I really hope Layla just blocks her, she isn’t even worth a second of her time

No. 601013

It’s sad because TP was really nice to her even knowing gus cheated on her with Chelji and she was trying to be there for her regardless of what happened and Chelji just constantly tries to bash her and tried to expose their conversations but TP was nice in all of them. Chelji be nice

No. 601017

already posted, but big proof she’s constantly lurking here. kinda creepy tbh

No. 601018

She probably does it to get people talking cus TP literally did nothing. Other than RT something that didn’t even come out of her own mouth. Chelji literally tweeting shit all the time about TP and she pays no attention

No. 601023

Chilli newest insta story says in white writing over black screen "I just wanna talk babes. Hit me in my dm"
Like uh no thx I'd rather not be murdered by a creepy ass wana be simultaneous Gus and Layla skinwalker LMAO

No. 601026

lol claiming she's too busy with her music to do anything else, while lurking here

No. 601027

Chelji would want to fight she should not meet her she stabbed people before why does nobody talk about that

No. 601028

Someone commented on one of Laylas ig videos asking how she edited her face in a video and people were commenting that she uses the video option on Facetune and MakeupPlus. She kept deleting all the comments that exposed what apps she use. Like she doesn’t want people to know that she edits her face

No. 601029

BeCause we don't wanna talk about Chillicheesedawg, Chelsea Marilyn Dan! If that's even your real name

No. 601031

She got the screenshot from here, how pathetic.
Get a fucking life Chugs.
It’s funny how she says stays home alone and doesn’t party as a choice,
When in reality she just has no fucking friends and is never invited to anything.
She can only stay relevant by riding a dead dudes legacy. She’s so pathetic, I almost feel bad sometimes.

No. 601032

She didn’t delete the comments she blocked that crazy guy she keeps talking about in her lives that creates a new account to hate her every day. She goes live with no makeup all the time you can’t edit that

No. 601034

Is that real? Where did you read that?

No. 601035

Also, found your tumblr, chelji. You're def not an INTJ lmfaoooo

No. 601036

File: 1528053943431.jpeg (224.2 KB, 1125x1639, 41770844-CA4C-43EA-956C-E9C8A3…)

No. 601037

It wasn’t one person, there was several people commenting about it

No. 601038

File: 1528053960012.jpeg (269.09 KB, 1125x2005, F28905C9-BE23-410B-A10E-7B33F3…)

No. 601040

Aside from chelji, no one seems to care enough about laylas editing apps to post about it here.

No. 601043

It’s at moments like this I wish peep was alive to tell her stupid ass to stfu

No. 601044

We do? Lol. It was a joke.. get over yourself mate.

No. 601045

>Literally please unlock me

I am truly deceased lmfao

No. 601047

File: 1528054406855.jpeg (713.4 KB, 2896x2896, 42A6C6D1-4725-40BB-8794-B73725…)

No. 601049

Def a lie, why would a friend even send a screenshot to her? She’s so dumb and desperate thinking TP will believe this

No. 601050

Actually focusing on her shitty music would be better than acting like a 12 year old on social media

No. 601051

Now she’s threatened, and blackmailing TP. For what?

No. 601053

To try to get attention

No. 601055

I dont think shes trying to sound hood.. I think she's just genuinely stupid.

No. 601061

Can we all just laugh at what just was the most desperate thing ever to get Layla’s attention? Congrats potato, you got your attention, can you move on with your life already?

No. 601063

It’s like that time she pretended she got hacked. This girl is a joke

No. 601064

Shes an idiot. Making her harassment of layla public. She setting herself up nicely for a restraining order.

No. 601068

This is exactly what I was gonna say, Layla tried to be nice to this troll and she still has the nerve to start up and start insulting her any chance she gets
Sooo thirsty
Layla needs to just ignore her, chelji just wants someone (some of tp’s following) to listen to her trash music even if it’s out of hate

No. 601070

that isn’t my tumblr stupid. mine is full of sex gifs lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 601073

struck a nerve? name one person who would want to pretend to be you?

No. 601074


Ugh fuck off potato. I saw you posting on here yesterday too. Insulting and deleting like a child. Why do you even lurk? NOBODY LIKES YOU GO AWAY.

No. 601075

idk you tell me u lil fuckin interweb freak

No. 601076

honestly i haven’t posted in here for over a month.ban me plz i have a VPN

No. 601077

Get a life chilli cheese dog

No. 601078

How can chelji get called out on social media for being a desperate retard, come here and read how multiple people think she's a retard (and know that's the unedited truth since everyone here is anonymous and has nothing to gain from saying so) and still continue?

Like, she's not going to get a bunch of attention or even infamy from what she's doing… she's just going to have more people who think she's stupid and brush her under the rug because they don't want someone so annoying and try hard around?

It's like she's stuck in that annoying preteen mindset where everything they do just makes them more gross but they dig their heels in and keep going because they autistically don't know how else to deal with the blatant rejection?

I barely even follow this thread and I'm laughing my ass off at the obvious high school tier threat self post of 'don't u know I'm bad??!!! I've stabbed ppl hurrrr!'

If I'd acted as cringe as her I'd delete everything, find a new scene and try to start a new identity holy fuck

No. 601079

Thought you were done now? Go back to your 'busy' life

No. 601080

I thought you were done? people would pretend to be Grosso before they pretend to be you. Go back to your twitter to pretend you matter.

No. 601082

lol she deleted the post saying she was done, I guess she really has nothing better to do than pretend to be relevant

No. 601084

layla i jus wanna talk, no threats here! i know how this shit goes… screenshot screenshot. funny.
ur in kensington wassup!

No. 601085

She’s just trying to pull a fucking Grosso and probably got the idea for blackmail from here because that’s what he used to quiet Layla from talking shit about him
This cunt is so transparent and needs her slackjaw smashed in.

Layla puts all her business out there, people criticize her for her dumb shit all the time, and she’s still more successful, with 0 history of making music, than you will ever be.
Steady working on an album, traveling the world to model with her big alien head, and able to look back on someone who loved her, and who everyone knew loved her. Able to look at stacks and stacks of photos with him as well as memories that surpass making him fucking ramen.
Because some people actually like her, something nobody will ever genuinely feel for you and you know it.
It must drive you absolutely crazy having everything about you and your life invalidated, all the time.
Nobody paying any attention to the things you do, except people who hate it.
Things might change if you weren’t so insufferable.

No. 601087

I seriously cannot wait for her to audition for the voice, we’re all gonna crack up

No. 601089

dude I'm not layla, she's got better things to do than lurk here.

No. 601091

all she ever will be is an ex of gus.. or an IG model.. let’s be real. & if u really think he cared for her ur a fuckin idiot… if u care u don’t cheat let’s suprass talking about peep. this is literally just the fact she RT’d bullshit

No. 601092

i couldn’t care what i was to peep, that’s irrelevant right now

No. 601093

so stop with ur shitty paragraphs none will read

No. 601094

Never will a clout thot learn to integrate and even after saying 'shes done' (you can delete as much as you like we all saw lmao) she's still here samefagging. Go jump some of Laylas sloppy seconds cause at y'all just garbage trying to beef with garbage.

No. 601095

If you care about someone you don’t hide them, never claim them, and use them as a london cum rag l o l

No. 601096

Layla retweeted it because you, chillidawg, tweeted an inflammatory statement trying to get under her skin. Please stop. Ur too old for this. Dylan, Layla, Gus…. how many more ppl have to publicly declare the truth

No. 601098

i wasn’t even hidden irl tho lmao. i jus didn’t wanna b posted get over yourself. he went live multiple times while with me and i moved on the other side of the couch- u get the point.

No. 601100

Nah you can love someone and cheat on them. Why diminish an entire relationship, when it was just a hole to fuck/waste some time with.

No. 601102

I thought what you were to peep was irrelevant now.

No. 601103

stop wit the peep talk i do not care that’s besides the point u twat

No. 601104


No. 601107

Gurl… u were hidden

No. 601109

idk bro do u go places n introduce them to ur friends/ management if ur hiding them

No. 601111

bro if you're apparently so busy with your music why are you lurking here

No. 601112

also can i take this second 2 say fuck mak since y’all reading it, this dude the fakest mother fucker ever he gay but chill in peeps house saying all he ever seem to do is scroll thru ig and look at women he wanna fuck. WHY YALL PRETEND TO BE GAY FOR CLOUT

No. 601114

i’m bored rn and i thought why not jus chat and tell u guys what i know since im always gonna be hated anyway

No. 601115

And what exactly are you going to be? Certainly not an actual successful singer.. definitely not a model.. soooooo welfare pig?

No. 601116

Wait so are you saying mack is gay or peep was pretending to be gay? Lol

No. 601117

also layla this 1 for you, why u say to lilgustav on ig peep was doing heroin. that’s the screenshot i’m talking about don’t act dumb i still have the screenshots when u messaged me from ur fake acc . u all make me out to be so bad when literally everything i say is the truth LMAO(pure autism)

No. 601118

No one cares, could you take a second to reevaluate your life choices instead

No. 601119

No. 601120

KEK love you anon.

No. 601121

If he felt anything toward you, it was embarrassment that this was the pussy he settled for over seas and you know it.
And yeah sure you “chose” not to be posted…we all know for a fact it’s because you didn’t have the OPTION to be posted.
If you had in any way pushed to be, you know it would’ve been a big fat no.
You know he was fucking at least 2 other people also, which means you just again invalidated yourself by saying if he cared he’d be loyal
You really do dig your own grave every time
People bring up Gus because it’s shitty lying out of your ass about a dead man
Oh, and because nothing else about you is relevant
The only other thing people have to say about you is how ugly you are
Your mom really shouldn’t have been hitting the bottle while she was pregnant with you
Google fetal alcohol syndrome and you’ll finally feel a little less alone in looking as deformed as you do.

No. 601122

Since when did it become cool to wait until someone died to brag about how you were their side chick and try to publicly humiliate their actual ex girlfriend? Yikes

No. 601124

not tryna b cool love. jus saying the truth. i asked someone in GBC when he died if it was ok for me to post condolences and they said yes. as the whole time he knew when and everytime i went to peeps. i wasn’t going to post anything st all.

No. 601125

You weren't going to post anything but you asked if you could post something? You should try to avoid contradicting yourself in every other post

No. 601126

THEY TOLD ME TO POST CONDOLENCES * MY BAD. why y’all look for any lil thing. i’m tryna b real with u rn

No. 601127

If you've gotta ask if it's of to simply post condolences… you're mean nothing. And you could post condolences without ever really trying yourself to that person.. lots of people did. You wanted the attention.

No. 601129

Why? Do we’d like you? Too late for that now.

No. 601130

Sorry for the auto correct. you know what I'm trying to say.

No. 601131

Sure they did. Chelji, no one cares if you're 'tryna b real', you're a joke

No. 601132

maybe take a second to think.. it’s not the women.

pointer 1. gus called bella thorne a slut to me & a week later he was with her.

got me fucked up if i’m censoring anything.
at the end of the day we all got manipulated, its not something to brag about.

No. 601133

literally 4 women maybe more were manipulated at the same time, ok cool i guess that’s just gus.
but i don’t see why that makes me a bad perosn for missing someone of course i am going to miss him we shared the same bed over a dozen times

No. 601134

Well at least she can say they dated, unlike you

No. 601135

see this is what i mean. anything i say, rude responses and this is why i continue to be a cunt

No. 601136

get it through your head that no one likes you here

No. 601137

This shows you literally have no self respect. You’re just using him for clout and everyone knows that. Even Marilyn is more relevant than you at this point, that’s maybe why all of Gus’ exes get along and you don’t because you’re a toxic person that meant nothing to him

No. 601138

i’m not denying that yeah sure, maybe i was just a fuck. i honestly don’t care, but i am still allowed to miss him. i’m triggered that i get attacked for missing him when that lil silver thing posts about him nearly everyday nobody publicly call her out. but nah…. chelji wants ‘clout’

No. 601140

Also guys Grace deleted her instagram

No. 601141

i haven’t done anything to gain clout dude u sound stupid

No. 601143

If you don't care, fuck off and stop trying to cause drama on social media

No. 601144

u got me fucked up looool i’m tryna clear this up u feel me

No. 601145

cool if u still don’t like me like i said i don’t care as long as i got to say what i wanted to say

No. 601146

it’s a weight of my shoulder, ppl can still hate. i’ll still do my music lmao .

No. 601148

Clear what up? Seriously what are you even trying to gain from talking here with us literally everyone here dislikes you. Go make some music or something idk

No. 601151

Are you done now? Go and do your music instead of acting like an attention starved twelve year old on the internet

No. 601153

i know u all dislike me lol, u don’t need to tell me 2x i’m just making it clear i’m not using him for clout. i never did. end of the day, i was intimate with him. ima miss him. and i’m ALLOWED to. that’s all i wanted to say but this sht dragged on

No. 601154

Say whatever you have to say and leave stop beating around the bush and arguing on an anonymous user board

No. 601156

i did. enjoy.

No. 601157

File: 1528058736608.png (19.52 KB, 338x180, hm.PNG)

Yeh i saw that maybe it's related to tyler's latest tweets, maybe not.

No. 601158

we call her out all the time. lmao shes legit as pathetic as you

No. 601159

You've said it, so you can leave now

No. 601161

Why do you dislike Layla so much tho

No. 601162

I would much rather talk about Grosso’s meltdown and Grace deleting her IG tbqh

No. 601166

Chelji, please sage. And I don't think anyone here really dislikes layla much anymore (sorry)

No. 601167

Didn’t Grosso tweet that “his crew was dying” or something yesterday? maybe all the drug abuse scared her off

No. 601170

Indeed. Weird because a few hours ago she posted a pic on her story of both their “fate” tattoo.

No. 601179

You’re using his death for clout, and to stay relevant. You have no right to miss him.

No. 601185

You can't sense the sarcasm?

No. 601186

You guys are retarded if you think Layla and Chelji actually come on here

No. 601187

layla has def come on her and what, like chelsea has anything better to do? lol

No. 601188

lol chelji you've posted screenshots from this board

No. 601190

Lol I’m not chelji…

No. 601195

Lmao chelji literally JUST posted lolcow screenshots >>601003

Imma die if this is chili trying to clean up her mess and act like this want actually her posting here. Girl just stop. Stop lurking here and around the soundclout scene. You’re never gonna be one of them so just focus on doing your own damn thing. You’ll save yourself a lot of embarrassment.

No. 601198

Assumed you were since she seemed to be the only one who wasn't saging. Regardless, she has posted screenshots, she definitely lurks

No. 601201

I'm fucking dying. Either this is chili doing damage control or like. Where the fuck have u been bro. Space cadet

No. 601202

Wouldn't surprise me, like when she claimed to be hacked in another attempt to get attention.

No. 601206

This is sooooo good. p much confirms all those random posts shit talking silverlilnobody were chili trying to stir up some hatred. most likely cause she’s jealous that some of peeps real friends tolerate her/converse with her online. Whereas corgi gets blocked/dragged.

Loving it. So satisfying to watch all these dumpster fires. Wow.

No. 601260

Here's a recent video of her.

No. 601264

File: 1528064909905.gif (851.71 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 601270

File: 1528065213712.jpeg (43.23 KB, 750x256, 99D806A9-4411-4267-AF59-DC5A83…)

Idk if anyone here followed the short lived dustspeck/Bree Mcgee thread on here, but now she recently posted that she fucked one of Layla’s exes? iirc she lives in DC/Baltimore, any clue who that could be?

No. 601273

File: 1528065232706.gif (1.06 MB, 480x270, toopoor.gif)

No. 601274

No. 601287

ew I would not be proud of that

fuck, I'd do anything I could to keep people from knowing that

No. 601292

Why do all these skanks try to come for layla? Is that what shes doing here? Tp be jealous of meeeee!! Who cares if you fucked her trash exes?

No. 601309

I feel some kind of sad for Gus' spirit. This is wild

No. 601311

File: 1528067382229.gif (1.15 MB, 270x480, bella_peep.gif)

No. 601313

File: 1528067461505.jpeg (112.02 KB, 750x560, CB289C9C-B1AD-4BE0-8D49-4987FD…)

good ol karma at its finest. gotta love it.

No. 601329

File: 1528068569389.png (874.71 KB, 631x1130, 23332.png)


It's weird cuz earlier this morning tyler was lovebombing grace like the typical abuser. She was in the hotel with him last night & today. unless something changed drastically, they're probably still together. grace is an attention whore who needs constant asspats, i'm sure she'll be back online soon.

Also, wtf is that "grace" tattoo? It looks sacbby & infected? Those uneven black lines weren't there before.

it's funny that her name is grace because she's a sloppy, classless, hoe with no job covered in tyler's pimp tattoos and cheap lip injections. not very graceful.

No. 601342

File: 1528069168400.gif (880.07 KB, 480x202, peep.gif)

Idiots let peep nod off.

No. 601353

File: 1528069949266.jpeg (159.63 KB, 630x630, 8D337B18-92EB-4D3E-BC20-44FA79…)

Layla needs to go back to looking like this

No. 601357

>>601185 as much as Tyler likes to name drop I totally thought he was serious lol

No. 601384

File: 1528072058588.png (19.17 KB, 640x142, 152806079153544420.png)

>maybe I was just a fuck
Yep. You were.

No. 601394

Cool. Don't forget to buy some of her nails and cigarettes from her depop shop too. Groupie.

No. 601395

File: 1528072877883.jpg (415.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180603-204027.jpg)

No. 601396

(it's back btw, so the however long was apparently 11 hours)

No. 601411

If Tyler’s the type of abusive fuck I think he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he made her delete it.

No. 601442

Would be hilarious if this is what class was freaking out about but like WHAT ONE also that girl spookypuke commented on the tumblr post that “ew” in reference to toopoor. Lol

No. 601443

I meant cass but that’s a hilarious mistake tbh, can’t spell class without cass ahah

No. 601449

Class. No. I think you mean that you can't spell trashy without cassy.

No. 601454

File: 1528078883138.png (27 KB, 592x192, court.png)

No. 601458

All of these girls are so pathetic and transparent. They really hate Layla (but rlly, the persona tooPoor) because they have some complexes about themselves. It's obvious all these bitches are really self-hating. And they're all mad Peep never and will never gas them up.

No. 601509


yaaaaa tyler, it must be the ~universe~ against you, totally not like, your own negligence and lack of personal responsibility.

No. 601514

I was being sarcastic, silly obvs cass is a fucking creep

No. 601522

File: 1528088209812.jpg (31.47 KB, 480x460, zmSJsVT.jpg)

Yeah. I traveled into the future and brought back a meme of her.

No. 601524

File: 1528088316111.png (13.41 KB, 592x98, ded.png)

No. 601567

File: 1528094683805.jpeg (190.93 KB, 750x1334, 518E1F7C-B5F5-4E88-9E0B-B44A29…)

I still don’t understand how this creep keeps landing these girls like. He doesn’t even have that much clout.

No. 601605

File: 1528105031371.jpg (892.52 KB, 1989x1258, inCollage_20180604_023628009_1…)

I was looking at those silicone woman face masks and….

No. 601607

File: 1528105420530.jpg (903.41 KB, 1470x1943, inCollage_20180604_024213880_1…)

In Cass' tags


No. 601608

I don't get it either he legit looks like The Hills Have Eyes

No. 601617

hey didn't kurt cobain bitch about his suicidal behavior being about stomach ulcers/a gas problem/i'm not looking it up i hate him but all these boys stan him so hard.

you know peep and tyler actually are pretty much the exact same person just different bodies and that makes all the difference. if peep looked like tyler they'd hate him just the same, and rightfully because they're both shitheads. tyler is just really fucking bad at the persona. like monumentally bad.

with all the rumors of what he was into it's pretty likely, and wasn't that line about enduring "every kind of abuse" about himself? it was confirmed he had issues with older male figures in his life who didn't accept him at all and likely humiliated him for it, he could've processed that through his sexuality/persona and how he treated woman very similarly.

No. 601632

Yeah made me think of Kurt cobain too. Reason he did heroin supposedly.
Everything is an act facade etc

No. 601633

Also all three of them have/had personality disorders, that's for sure

No. 601634

Who is this?

No. 601660

I think it's @internetgirl's ex, @wolfdrawn

No. 601688

lmao why are her eyes looking in 2 different directions

No. 601834

File: 1528135012316.jpeg (863.42 KB, 1125x1795, FB6DA950-111C-45BA-A210-A0B7F0…)

This caption tho

No. 601838

File: 1528135502596.png (190.92 KB, 478x473, 152813661628547192.png)

No. 601839

No. 601841

He has such a look of disgust on his face. Did someone rip ass in the room before taking the pic?

No. 601846

File: 1528135804859.png (82.12 KB, 637x578, C-C.png)

He finds young women that are riding the cock carousel. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Cock%20Carousel

No. 601854

File: 1528136517905.gif (5.35 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Idk who that guy is but he looks like riche from social repose.

No. 601856

If I remember correctly from previous threads, he's a groupie. I think he's a skin walker. He hung out with peep and layla a couple of times.

No. 601871

File: 1528137916212.jpeg (877.34 KB, 1125x1281, C7D3FE81-9AC5-45FB-B8C2-7DB7AE…)

I could be way off but I’m pretty sure he’s trying to pass this off as a new post… but it’s an old photo from when he was younger/better looking.
Pic attached shows the placement of his lame “fate” tattoo. It’s above the freckle in the middle of his neck, so wouldn’t it be visible in the previous pic? At least peeking out behind the hoodie?
I guess this is one way to not get called out for facetune but loooool whatta cow

No. 601873

It doesn't look like a photo from when he was younger. It looks like he's covering up the f@te tattooo w/the hoodie. Who are you trying to fool pepper?

No. 601881

File: 1528138529304.jpeg (85.65 KB, 566x621, 152813661628547192.jpeg)

No. 601894

That’s Matt, also known as @wolfdrawn on instagram. He has been mentioned in previous threads for being abusive towards one of his exes.

No. 601900

Is he another soundcloud fuckboi that nobody has heard of? Is that how he relates to the thread?

No. 601902

File: 1528139933485.jpeg (310.33 KB, 1009x1196, 36F7C78F-055D-4C31-B525-B82011…)

Sorry for my shitty photo manipulation but I don’t want to devote too much time to pepper. First photo shows older pepper with tat on top of hoodie photo…

No. 601903

File: 1528140042371.jpeg (260.66 KB, 1125x1281, 425AFBB1-F15F-47BC-BD55-897808…)

aaaand you don’t pepper I. Hoodie on top of old saggy pepper. I made sure to match the freckle up. You would be able to see some if not most of the tat. Def using an old photo and trying to pass it off like he still looks like that.

No. 601916

File: 1528141224210.jpeg (350 KB, 1125x958, 1961A39D-F9A0-4938-819F-ADFC82…)

Just noticed Frances Bean Cobain actually follows Layla lol

No. 601921

File: 1528141510391.png (481.62 KB, 1089x645, shoes.png)

No. 601930

File: 1528142270482.jpeg (26.27 KB, 750x149, 9083B835-5775-4957-994C-D30F3D…)

happened to catch this just now

No. 601945

I'm pretty sure that friendship/acquaintance is through association. iirc, Lily Rose is irl friends with some edgy insta girl (lilith i think?) I can't really remember but I might have seen it somewhere on PULL. Idk i just remember reading on one of those trashy hoes and LRD came up as a friend or something & they were criticizing her for being so young and around such a bad scene.

No. 601961

That’s probably just his reaction to opening the front camera

No. 602011

if it’s tyler that would be so fucked. i used to love brees content and then my style changed and i turned to toopoor but i never thought they’d ever cross paths. are we sure it’s tyler tho? who else has layla dated?

No. 602033

Who hasn't she dated LMAO

No. 602038

List the boys she’s dated then since she’s dated so many.

No. 602045

Lol do I smell a self post? This thread is a wreck thx to y'all demons

No. 602051

Tyler, Peep, Corey, Joei, Luke?
That’s all I know of?

No. 602055

File: 1528153522618.jpg (240.04 KB, 1500x868, TrollunderBridge_dwg.jpg)

Go back under your troll bridge chelji-cheese fries.
She is an is a nasty little goblin.

No. 602057

File: 1528153708615.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3880.PNG)

Marilyn acting like a 15 year old…..

No. 602059

on a trash can…

No. 602060

File: 1528154367466.jpg (840.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180528-153004.jpg)

it's def an older photo
you can scroll through his insta feed and when you start getting toward the end of 2015, that's probably the closest to how he looks here.

pic related – screen from one of his lives a few weeks back… lol

No. 602067

File: 1528154906564.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 750x1334, 30635643-0E52-40FB-9C19-D66B3B…)

potato head what the HECK

No. 602068

File: 1528154949005.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.77 KB, 750x1009, 4F1E69CE-B77C-4973-9C4D-1FE53F…)

also what the actual fuck…attention seeker

No. 602082

File: 1528155788491.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 565C1738-0D37-4FDB-9130-45C021…)

Doesn’t sound like Tyler is on tour with Paris anymore. On Chris’ live earlier he was on the bus saying he missed him. Hope he can figure out how to get some professional help that’s NOT instagram.

No. 602105

File: 1528158405636.jpg (472.18 KB, 1080x1854, 20180604_192504.jpg)

Paris sure is getting pretentious for someone who was carried the whole way by others. Your music is no better than that "trash", Paris. It's all the same.

No. 602108

I haven't had the spare time to read this thread like I used to so in case anyone wasn't aware, I should mention babysuplex is Paris' second account.

No. 602118

File: 1528160102286.gif (3.05 MB, 384x185, post_malone.gif)

Is he throwing shade and biting the hand that feeds?

No. 602120

How do we know this is his actual instagram? He follows one person, ProdbyParis. What would be the point of this account? I don't get it.

No. 602122

He’s posted it on his story, asking people to follow, calling it his finsta. Not everything is a conspiracy

No. 602128

Paris also follows the account and has posted on his story multiple times that it's his account and he's going to go private when he reaches a certain amount of followers. I'm sure a lot of people have seen it but I'll try to get a screenshot of it next time if people are still skeptical.

No. 602132

File: 1528162116772.jpg (764.78 KB, 1080x1845, 20180604_202746.jpg)

You can see here that he liked this post on his main account. He wouldn't have liked it if this was someone pretending to be him. It's Paris.

No. 602133

This is all speculation but I’ve dated dudes JUST like pepper (aka malignant narcissists/sociopaths) and I’ve been able to read basically his every move because of it. Tyler probably spazzed on grace, made her deleted her insta, and probably said/did some other bullshit. She probably realized people telling her to be careful weren’t just “jealous” and finally saw all the red flags, dumped his ass, and now he’s having a mental breakdown because he realizes he’s pretty undesirable, can’t keep girlfriends, isn’t as cool as he portrays himself to be, etc. basically, in my opinion all his bulls hit is catching up with him. Again this could be wrong but I’m so into his shit at this point.

Also he missed court yesterday. Probably for crashing his Porsche kek

No. 602138

File: 1528163005582.jpg (961.04 KB, 1080x1920, 20180604_204302.jpg)

Damn Paris you really reading here a lot aren't ya

No. 602143

Sure seems like it. Pretty shitty considering hes literally nobody and very lucky to even be on tour with post. Paris is one of those people who makes shitty music, while Post is one of the most popular artist right now. Seems like something might have happened with Post, Paris, and Tyler. But that's just pure speculation.

No. 602150

File: 1528164106118.png (15.79 KB, 560x90, peeeep.png)

of course he has to write this in the comments… It's most of his fanbase.

No. 602161


Ooohhh yeah, I know exactly where you're coming from.

see >>601930, she's back on instagram after briefly deleting, he's following again. I bet he pulled the whole "oh i can't live without you' bullshit, promised her the world / lovebombed her until she couldn't say no.

she has no job or education, probably depends on him financially. also she's a star fucker.

No. 602169

> depends on him financially

uhhh… they haven't been together that long lol I'm pretty sure she comes from money

No. 602171

Doubt she depends on him financially but she probably is enjoying the small financial perks she gets from being with him and traveling along with the b&b tour.

No. 602177

Layla literally posted a photo a few days ago with the caption “tell me what you hate about me”
Chelji needs to fucking stop
How can someone who doesn’t do drugs be so mentally fried

No. 602178

Honestly Paris seems gay to me
There’s something so flamboyant about his face and the way he says everything

No. 602189

I was just scrolling along outta boredom and started to crack up when I saw Paris' name because I didn't know the guy was legit lol. I saw him perform in Philly w/ Post Malone and he was kinda pissing off the crowd since his only way to get us hype was to scream "PhillY I can'T heaR yoU ScreAm LoudeR!!" 20 times during his set. He mentioned how only 3 months ago he was homeless and how if "you have a dream fucking do it". He also brought some lil Tay kid on stage which confused everyone lol. His music and stage presence is meh but he's pretty

No. 602192

Maybe Tyler had to go home to get drugs cause he couldn't handle not having a consistent plug on the road?

No. 602243


lol, such hysterics. recognize the pattern grossbitch, you repeat this boring cycle over and over and over

use some of that money you're always fucking bragging about and pay for a fucking therapist, you wet kleenex. looking for mental health advice from his teenage followers. how embarrassing

No. 602254

She has posted before and afters of her editing and talked about how she edits her face, she isn't hiding it.

No. 602314

File: 1528197701926.jpeg (46.5 KB, 750x328, FC2E5D44-4F13-4FD8-8E33-34E3C3…)

Old sc but isn’t this girl 19 or something? in what kind of trash situation did she grew up to smoke at 8 years old? No wonder her voice is wack

No. 602315

sameeeee I’m surprised no one else ever says this

No. 602316

Why are you guys so obsessed with Chelji? Stop posting about her, no one cares

No. 602328

She's scum, her mum's famous for welfare fraud. And we really don't need to see everything she farts out. See >>602316

No. 602335

File: 1528202947800.png (7.17 MB, 1125x2436, 5940B3A7-A396-462E-A475-46287D…)

So much for his “mental breakdown”. Right back to wasting his money on the most gaudy shit in the Gucci store

No. 602340

File: 1528203428442.png (24.18 KB, 640x160, IMG_4317.PNG)


No. 602342

>7.17 MB
cmon man jpeg that shit

No. 602343

File: 1528203880924.png (517.63 KB, 750x1334, A5FCD17C-379F-4348-8075-64B345…)

Because it’s everyone else’s fault he’s terrible

No. 602346

Here’s a tip, invest some of your “millions” in therapy and not opiates, bro

No. 602348

Take that Versace and run, gtshields! (they both unfollowed each other)

No. 602350

one of my fav images on this thread lmao

No. 602351

>my mommy and daddy are rich, but they can't buy me talent or brains
>i can't talk about my feelings because people will think i need attention
>furiously posts more attention-starved bullshit

No. 602356

>>602340 Lmao, good. Tyler 'the victim' is back…

>>602335 God these are ugly.

No. 602360

File: 1528207933248.png (9.79 MB, 1242x2208, 5FC83A4C-80C4-44B3-AA17-6AD365…)

Joei posted this

No. 602368

File: 1528209052334.jpeg (166.57 KB, 1125x1110, B92C12D6-E3AD-41EA-A576-E40466…)

Whatever happened between Paris and post has been squashed

No. 602388

Soooo does anyone know toopoors secret insta account name

No. 602392

Stop it corgi fries. for the millionth time sage your blabbering.

No. 602397

lmao if that really is potato head, she is more obsessed with tp than anyone in any of her threads ever has been

No. 602402

I assume it’s her because she’s really trying to get us to give a fuck about this >>601117
like it’s some bombshell of info lol
Also being to dense to learn how to sage.

No. 602522


this reminds me of me writing in my diary when I was like 16 before I realized I actually was just experiencing mental illness… not a 24 year old adult who knows something is mentally wrong with them and won't get help, but instead screaming out to the internet. theres literally no excuse for this shit its pathetic.

No. 602557

professionals are literally trained (and paid) to not think you're weird. But seeing someone would solve your problems too easily I guess… Need to publicly spiral some more first eh?

No. 602566

Tyler ALMOST accidentally kills himself 24/7. He puts himself and others in harms way! Him constantly inviting shady characters that can potentially fuck shit up.. was REALLY SMART! "DUURRR I just need a plug! Derp DERP!". He makes stupid af decisions. He has outbursts and tantrums. Him being a junkie that can't sit still doesn't help matters. He has no sense of being professional! I bet post, paris and the rest of the crew are relieved that he's off their shoulders. They aren't a daycare service!

No. 602573

File: 1528225939010.jpeg (479.29 KB, 1124x1989, 03732F4C-1191-44D9-B736-73A754…)

Not too fast anon…

He dropped money at Gucci and Louis last night and still manages to look like he smells of old Doritos. The pants are tacky and he’s wearing already ugly
sandals with plain ass white socks

No. 602575

So I guess he didn’t get kicked off the tour lol

No. 602586

File: 1528227479220.jpeg (208.25 KB, 1151x1151, A69D97D7-F8E0-41FB-AF61-2D6BE1…)

This will be my favorite only post about chugsy because she’s an irrelevant clout whore, but she’s really trying to claim she only posted twice here lmao. She’s so lame and obvious.
Also she’s sooo busy yet has the time to respond to this thread and respond to a random nobody messaging her.

No. 602587

File: 1528227505686.jpeg (102.19 KB, 640x1136, 3F478328-7BBB-4E6B-926B-AC4C7A…)

Last one

No. 602596


lmao bitch don’t act like you don’t know!

No. 602598

No idea how autocorrect stuck the word “favorite” in there… weird

No. 602601

She really thinks everyone’s just as retarded as she.. Wake up potato

No. 602607

Tyler is going to die randomly in some sort of freak accident.

No. 602608

if he were to die on tour it wouldn't be freaky or an accident. just some dumb shit he did to himself.

No. 602609

No. 602611

I think it’s lame that all those friends of Peep are continueing this lifestyle like if his death wasn’t enough to prove how dangerous it can be. Really sad

No. 602616

You should use the term friends loosely. Don't you think? Some of those supposed friends let him die. Didn't they?

No. 602617

Been reading this thread long enough to read the full story. Just meant it in the way that him and Tyler used to be friends so a normal human being would learn from a situation like that

No. 602618

How are they tacky? (The LV Pants) tbh those are decent especially for Pepper.

No. 602622

He's not off their tour. Looks like everyone went separate ways and are meeting in Chicago. Maybe he'll get gunned down!!

No. 602623

It's unfortunate that it happened in the first place. Drug safety is important. No narcan was on the bus. No drug test kits. Nothing. They knew it was laced with fent. They just let him take laced pills, nod off and die.

No. 602627

as much as i hate pepper, that is a pretty disgusting thing to say

No. 602634

File: 1528230663120.png (117.53 KB, 483x298, 152823061685945811.png)

Did peep kill himself?

No. 602641

Jesus … No. None of that would've killed him if it weren't for the fentanyl. And he thought he was taking roxicodone. All those other opiates were probably mixed in with the fentanyl too.

No. 602642

Even IF his "friends" didn't know the roxis were fentanyl, there's no excuse to leave someone in that position for four hours DYING right in front of your eyes. Disturbing to say the least. You don't nap in that position for four hours when you're about to have to go on stage.

No. 602644

I agree.

No. 602645

Can we stop discussing his death again unless new evidence comes up? It was discussed more than enough in the threads after his death like 6 months ago.
The subject is deader than he is.

No. 602646

Didn't they also film it for their social medias, laughing about him "snoring" when really it was a death rattle? Disturbing.

No. 602647

No. 602653

It REALLY rubbed me the wrong way when, after Gus' death, Mackned put up a video on Instagram wearing Gus' coat and he was listening to Unreleased Peep music and he said "No more suffering lil bro I promise you" https://instagram.com/p/BblvlEVHEcW/

Like idk the way that is worded is rlly bizarre to me. How can he promise no more suffering and why is he trying to act like Gus had this completely miserable life that needed to be ended.
And make no mistake, the only reason Mackned is "3 days clean from opiates" or whatever bullshit is bc the feds are watching his ass like a hawk. He's worse than Pepper Ann

No. 602654

This is months old and has been posted already, who the fuck cares

No. 602658

That's disgusting. He has blood on his hands.

No. 602659

People care. Are you mack or something?

No. 602663

None of these other people would be relevant if it weren't for Gus lmao. Sorry, wackned

No. 602664

Sage if you’re going to discuss old shit that’s been posted.
What’s with all the newfags right now? We’ve already talked about all of this. Summer is in full effect.

No. 602666

Are you one of the many people that have blood on your hands? Is that why you don't want to talk about it?

No. 602667

No this was just already over discussed when it happened. You’re 7 months late, we’ve talked about ALL of this already.
It’s old news, and it’s boring. It’s obvious how new y’all are, or you’d know we talked about all of this.

No. 602668

There’s definitley a sudden influx of newfags and trolls. This thread is in the garbage.

No. 602669

You're not innocent chelji-cheese fries.

No. 602670

To add, I think his “friends” are 100% guilty for letting him die and filming it.
But guess what? We posted about that SEVEN MONTHS AGO.
It was over discussed SEVEN MONTHS AGO.
You’re late as hell. Is it because high school just let out?

No. 602672

Lol has no one discussed how chilli tried to dye her hair exact same color as gtshields

No. 602681

addicts are ridiculous. he didn't have an eating disorder he was just wired. the past couple of years or year w/e he was getting fat. he's one of those idiots that does an upper, can't eat, gets skinny and feels the benefits, and goes ~i have an eating disorder for even more attention. peep LOVED attention and bitched about anyone else who did too.

is anyone else genuinely confused why the man ever had fans?

No. 602689

Because he's attractive and able to captivate ppls attention ? Lol not to reference tired ass Kurt Cobain again but Kurt cobain was obviously a miserable ass hipster fuck and ppl adored and still adore him. Personality disorders are wild

No. 602690

Uppers and eating disorders go hand-in-hand. What the fuck do you think diet pills are?

No. 602693


i see we have all our best detectives working on this cold case, folks

No. 602696

unemployed looks good on her

No. 602701

so tragic lmao it actually looks EVEN WORSE than gt's

No. 602702

Do you have a problem with people looking for answers and closure?

No. 602703

File: 1528234602914.jpeg (214.03 KB, 1124x1844, FF230003-0048-4819-9D47-18CC7F…)

Comment on Paris insta video. Wonder what happened

No. 602705

File: 1528234622099.jpeg (51.07 KB, 1125x367, 0543780A-DC81-46BA-89B5-16A68E…)

No. 602708

yeah kinda – when they're too lazy to go back and read through past threads where all this "evidence" has already been speculated upon

No. 602709

It's ok to discuss more than once. It's a topic that's obviously stayed in a bunch of ppls minds

No. 602715

File: 1528234910473.jpg (16.95 KB, 348x348, itsoldmilktho.jpg)

No. 602716

File: 1528234953657.png (24.51 KB, 640x155, IMG_4325.PNG)

Already desperate for a plug lol

No. 602722

Lol Im not sure about it but silverlilthot’s literal RIP post was a video of peep eating something visciously, there used to be one with sound and the noises were gross, this is also the post where she said “every time I got to be with you” to make it sound more intimate lol like with these kids there are no normal groupies lol tbh I kind of felt it when potato was like y’all never come for her bc she def rides the death wagon hard. Not to sympathize with potato but that’s def a valid point.

No. 602723

File: 1528235406439.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 53C90624-820E-4239-986D-85576B…)

Love that Layla pinned the post lmao

No. 602724

Dommy changed this instaname to “laylasjewnose” and she stopped the live right after it

No. 602725

File: 1528235690971.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 416EA57A-ACDE-40DD-B0CE-39DDA8…)

No. 602727

Wtf. We all knew potato was desperate for clout but actually pay someone to make fake accounts? I try to understand why she hates Layla so much besides jealousy but I can’t figure it out.

No. 602728

File: 1528235863057.gif (1.18 MB, 344x344, original.gif)

She's jealous.

No. 602730

Dommy is that freak that kept posting in here a while ago omg

No. 602736

This. You can develop eating disorders from uppers really easily. I did, lost a shit ton of weight, and wasn't able to eat because swallowing food/chewing became so disgusting to me, which made me develop a duodenal ulcer that I ended up gaining weight from bc ulcers ache like hell and food soothes the pain, so I can confirm that this is 100% plausible and would make sense w his weight gain esp if he only recently found out the aches were from an ulcer, but this is peep and he had a habit of Cobain skinwalking.

No. 602737

wait i'm so confused right now. i've seen the stupid "dommymontana" posts on tp's threads in the past and just assumed it was a random ass troll. just now backtracked and google'd him and ended up getting linked back to this video from DominicDeAngelis? never heard of the dude but he has over a million subs on youtube… has this been discussed already? are there actually ties between chelji and this dude or is this some weird troll using a 5 year old youtube joke?

No. 602738

File: 1528236557767.jpeg (97.98 KB, 750x1284, 8F65847E-3511-4818-9ED6-8E5B0B…)

This person is in all the lilpeep Kik chats

No. 602745

It's been touched upon in old threads I think not the chat roulette vid but that he has a vendetta against Layla

No. 602746

I think he's just a troll. Prob does talk to chilli tho

No. 602747

File: 1528236821667.gif (455.8 KB, 500x373, kurt.gif)

I get that he was a fan of cobain but do you really think he wanted to fuck his own shit up? ….he didn't even make it to the 27 club.

No. 602749

He follows up on everything TP does and constantly harasses her. She probably got tired of blocking him because he makes a new account every time. He probably DM potato with hate towards TP and she’s so desperate for attention she teamed up with him.

No. 602750

File: 1528237012027.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, 023B45E9-CE81-4A67-9D06-F179DA…)

is this TP?

No. 602752

No. 602754

I’m new at this so sorry if I make any mistakes.
Tyler made an instagram story about looking for drugs yesterday. Out of curiosity I dm’d his friend/“assistant” since I live in chicago what they wanted. It was percs and oxy. When I asked if I’d receive a free ticket since Tyler’s claimed multiple times that if you plug him he’ll get you a ticket, I was told no since they both have their girlfriends coming along. So Tyler claiming to give out free ticks for drugs is a complete lie

No. 602756

No, not to purposefully develop ulcers, just to lie about them. I think it's definitely possible he had them

No. 602757

People are dumb, especially young people. Notorious for thinking they're invincible. And that's what happened to Peep. Trying to emulate people like Kurt or Sid Vicious isn't fucking cool, it's fucking depressing. They were horrible people

No. 602759

That spoiled little brat expects everything to be free. That's nasty.

No. 602760

>>602754 screenshots?

No. 602761

Also if it's true I'm wondering who pepper's girlfriend is since he and gtshields no longer follow each other on insta

No. 602762

I just wonder how lame you have to be to sit there and so desperately beg strangers for weak ass drugs like Percocet/Oxycodone/Roxi. They're not that great….

No. 602763

He's a man-whore. It can't be that difficult for him to pick up groupie sluts.

No. 602764

Why do all these SoundCloud rappers have legitimate speech impediments? Peep, Xan, Pump, 69…

No. 602766

This songs for you pepper!

No. 602767

hopefully less difficult than finding drugs seems to be for him

No. 602768

File: 1528238019726.jpeg (68.66 KB, 750x855, 3D37F791-B52A-41C7-85F0-CF8D9C…)

I was the one who posted about Tyler and his assistant in Chicago. Here’s receipt #1

No. 602769

He's looking to catch 'em all.

No. 602770

File: 1528238046303.jpeg (62.38 KB, 750x744, DF7A45FE-BEFA-41B5-8545-1FC0AD…)

Receipt #2

No. 602771

File: 1528238081323.jpeg (76.5 KB, 750x861, D3561EC5-7DA9-47D9-8083-A679B8…)

Receipt #3

No. 602772

L. O. L. These ppl think they're like Jim Morrison level I'm dying

No. 602774

File: 1528238237919.jpeg (505.46 KB, 1109x1667, 27EA8997-BD34-44F0-ACF9-300860…)

Peep skinwalking 101. Peep and his friends used to always say "ur filthy" or whatever. And wtf he wearing

No. 602776

According to him he's drowning in cash. He flaunts it all the time. Yet he can't pay for his own shit. Is he looking to step on peoples toes? Is he looking to get robbed?

No. 602778

Where's the… I scratch your back and you scratch mine, type of mentality? He just expects people to hook him up FOR FREE?!

No. 602779

LMAO what is this? Baby's first drug deal? This is why none of these people can find plugs… They're shadier than the fucking suppliers. I wouldn't deal with them and I'm sure you wouldn't if you had actually been seriously offering.

No. 602781

Oh god no! Hahaha I just wanted a free ticket but now that I can’t get one I’m definitely not plugging

No. 602782

Also noticed how I never responded and he slid into my DMs again like a desperate druggy

No. 602785

Do you think pepper cares about undercover cops?

No. 602786

yeah… 4 hours after their other prospective plug probably dipped out on them with still zero to offer lmao

No. 602790

Right? And my response to him was “with whatever idk it’s Chicago” … like truthfully anyone from this city knows it’s not hard to find drugs here. They’re just idiots

No. 602808

They're so dumb and cheap. You'd think if theyre really that rich and wanted the drugs that bad theyd just pay the ticket fee for you, even if they can't get it for free.

No. 602819


I think luke storey is slightly mentally retarded.



get a job, chelji. do you really have no other pursuits in life other than trolling this message board? why do you love the drama?

No. 602821

File: 1528241635963.png (102.22 KB, 2412x352, chelj.png)


She deleted….

No. 602829

And continues to not sage her bullshit

No. 602853

What's tacky is the way he puts it all together. Makes him look despo.

No. 602857

>what is reading the threads

No. 602974

File: 1528254310813.png (414.24 KB, 750x1334, AE21638A-62C3-4A20-82F6-5396DA…)

Yikes - same Chicago girl from earlier. This Chris inbred weirdo and Tyler both clearly read this forum hourly. Also funny how he mentions I tried to kill him when I never even came through with any drugs LOL

No. 602975

wow, how old is this chris loser? "try to kill us", holy shit they're delusional. this group is so fucking milky, it's so embarrassing

No. 602977

Also, aren’t they supposed to be at the post malone concert or an after party at this point? Can’t be having too much fun if they’re lurking this. Probably salty they never found a plug here

No. 602979

Was also just blocked by pepper anne. Must’ve struck a nerve

No. 602988

That was someone in Detroit tho >>597004

No. 603030

Oh, but that was a week ago. That wasn't the same anon, was it?

No. 603033

lol these dudes are so pressed about a random website talking shit in a forum but claim to be so busy. don't they have "millions" to count or something? they are literally asking randos on the internet for drugs daily city by city and have already seen this happen to peep and somehow don't realize how their pandering could literally kill them? and then someone else comments some dumb shit upthread and all of a sudden chicago anon is allegedly trying to kill them? you couldn't write this shit lol

No. 603041

lmao that is so amazingly pathetic

No. 603044


must be the opiate withdrawal paranoia kicking in

No. 603070

Amazing. Much love from a fellow Chicagoan, doing me a proud. sending you a hug anon xx

No. 603102

anon i love you lmao

No. 603117

i agree it may have something to do with his mother. he said his father left and he always says he was in the game to get money for his mother in several songs. in interviews he would always talk about how much he loved his mother, how he lived with her when he detoxed, and in instagram stories where he'd call out to his mom just to hear her say "what?" and he'd laugh and smile in the most ecstatic way. i think he had a complex that probably had to do with his father leaving and him feeling the pressure to fill some sort of role for her, probably after watching her struggle.

the women in his family are pretty fucking cool and all very strong/assertive. he seemed enamored with his mother though, if anything i feel it may have been a boundary that was crossed emotionally and he repressed it and it came out in other strange ways like manipulating layla/other women for their emotions. he's an interesting person albeit a mean one.

No. 603133

Okay Sigmund…..

No. 603135

did you forget to post this to your tumblr, anon