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File: 1490054741411.png (439.37 KB, 503x593, classy toopooh.png)

No. 273904

for all the wannabe-ghetto thots who parade around insta like they're hard when they live off mommy and daddy and would be torn to shreds on the actual streets.

starting with queen stanky pussy, toopoor.

No. 273905

also i know TP already has her own thread so this can just be about general dramawhore thots on insta. i don't know too many others by name so feel free to post whoevre

No. 273908

File: 1490055092461.png (631.45 KB, 479x594, who.png)

tp keeps posing with this chick hotelshrimp and she has a bizarrely misshapen ogre-like face just like her

No. 273912

File: 1490055302495.png (631.53 KB, 594x596, inbred.png)

kreayshawn, another of tp's bffs. ugly white girl who likes to use the n-word in her shitty rap songs.

No. 273952

Oh fuck, she looks like kiki with a smaller nose

No. 273957

And better lips than Kiki.

No. 273965

I still follow kreayshawn from her one hit wonder days and I'm really too lazy to hit unfollow on insta. all awful fashion aside she seems pretty decent and loves/actually takes care of her kid. only really drinks and smokes weed.

No. 273985

queen stanky pussy lmaooooooooo

No. 274094

I love kreayshawn tbh

No. 274427

File: 1490130249650.png (1.48 MB, 1866x1190, Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 21.0…)

why does she repulse me so much more than the rest? is it the lips? the body? the personality? the shitty dj sets? i can't tell

No. 274434

Jfc, she looks like a goddamn wendigo. Those sad little booty cheeks could probably chisel through stone.

No. 274477

File: 1490134741209.png (585.2 KB, 840x589, fds.png)


does this yt seriously think that shit is smth to brag about listening to

she looks a little inbred though, kinda like the rest of these girls

No. 274509

omg important question
There were two girls, a blonde and a brunette who used to date and were part of this LA trash clique, hollixquinn and all that. Brunette was addicted to xan and kind of looks like a young Joan Jett, the blonde one is complete weeb trash, fetishizes lolis to hell and back and loves Rillakuma. They used to post pictures of Vanilla and Chocola and say it was them. While they were a couple, they had an instagram account just for their cute uguu pics. They broke it off and used IG to be petty and comment petty shit on each other's posts afterwards. Brunette left LA and started to date a drug dealer(and boast about it), blonde moved on and started to date a hispanic pseudo-photographer hipster-weeb hybrid. ANY OF YOU KNOW THEIR WHEREABOUTS? CURRENT TEA??? they were hilarious. I lost my IG account a year ago and couldn't remember their @s

bonus point if you guys also know about:

-fat stoner with saggy tits the brunette gal had major beef with, she a cheater
-ana girl with alpine cheekbones, also a xan addict who left her abusive home to get shelter in her cheating and abusive bf's home to be kicked out 1 day later, to wander around(and be kicked out of)mcdonalds regularly. begged for follower's paypal cash, said everyfuckingday that she would OD.

No. 274858

>fat stoner with saggy tits
could be paige/angelicexpression on tumblr? her url used to be amphetamineangel and she was involved in all the athena drama when she passed away because i guess they were close. i know she had beef with holli and @poutybrat on ig and a lot of these girls

No. 274869

>she looks like a goddamn wendigo
not sure if the sound i just made is better classed as a laugh or a bark but it hurt

No. 274938

File: 1490167408503.jpg (55.4 KB, 500x500, 05278729-F059-4833-A791-E8D903…)

tbh everything about lilithlevisis is cringey as FUCK to me, especially her ever-changing waist to ass ratio that she tries to 'justify' with really short video clips. she had a pull thread that went more in-depth but god i can't believe how obvious some of the pictures were like her fans must be so dense

on that note i kinda miss holli quinn's internet presence it was a lot more obnoxious and milky

No. 274939

File: 1490167690215.png (587.63 KB, 872x562, comm.png)

communi.cator AKA Mia Kerin on IG is a whole new level of ghetto edgelord. She posts weird ass videos of her dancing in her underwear, and people think its art for some reason.

No. 274943

she's a qt tbh

No. 275018

I swear all of these insta girls start to look alike

No. 275023

I wouldn't say she has that trashy "ghetto" aesthetic these other girls have but she is your typical tryhard creative.

I feel like her actual content has become more trashy in the past few months though.

No. 275031

Damn, haven't followed her in a while, she looks rough! How old is she now?

No. 275039

She is (was?) dating Richard Kern who is a pervy NYC photographer and is like 70 yrs old

No. 275040

Nightcoregirl's dad is Jim Prentice, the former premier of Alberta who died in a plane crash.

Tbh I feel jealous that she can move from Mexico City to Berlin like it's nothing, but she also wasted away whatever opportunities having a politician dad offered.

No. 275042

Mia is smart and not problematic, she was apparently diagnosed with Aspergers (lol).

I do take issue with the fact that she claims to hate drugs but was consistently on Xanax and other shit like 4 years ago?

No. 275093

She strikes me as the type of person that when asked what she loves about her 70 yrs old boyfriend will say "his soul"

No. 275098

tp … makes me feel like she was called TOILET PAPER WHICH IS AMAZING

No. 275103

She actually never said the n word in any of her songs, it was v-nasty who did that and people just get them mixed up. Unless she did something new that I missed. Kreayshawn is a pretty decent person. And she actually grew up in the hood, in near squalor. She has video proof on her YouTube channel, I'm not sure if it's still there. She briefly went to school in my hometown and I know a lot of people who remember her. She is also half Mongolian, so not all white.

No. 275172

Calling normal looking white girls ugly, ogre-like, and inbred-looking smells really fishy regardless of how stupid they are. The salt.

No. 275188

Were you posted in here, anon?

No. 275236

Lol she is a hypocrite.
She made fun of people who took her Instagram seriously because she used it to exhibit a "fake persona" for the sake of art.
Unfortunately it seems Instagram has consumed her entire life and she has lost her sense of direction.

No. 275568

people getting sober is a thing anon

No. 275817

Smart she may be but posting videos of herself sucking on someone's old man foot and urinating would suggest otherwise. I remember a few years ago that wannabe J-idol Yukapon got fire for posting a pee vid. Now it's so artistic, aesthetic and quirky uwu. A lot of people I follow also follow her so her posts never fail to pop up, ijdg the appeal.

No. 275848


Chick who got arrested awhile back in FL, couldn't find normal jobs so she moved to Thailand to be a "sex worker." Her instagram stories are some of the most cringe-worthy attempts at being sexy. Kind of boring overall but she clearly lives off her parents money.

No. 275944

How is that fishy?

Some of them have neanderthal heads too like hotelshrimp, lookin like a Hartley hooligan

No. 276006

No that's TP

No. 276549


pretty sure the second one is referring to natalia /paintdeath
she doesnt do much anymore tbh

No. 276566

Ugly, ogre-like inbred detected

No. 276569

I like her. I don't think she ever said the n word in a song?

No. 276570

she hasn't.

No. 276612

File: 1490392988224.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2073, Screenshot_2017-03-24-16-49-14…)

anyone know if yungelita's done anything milky? she posts some embarrassing, edgy nudes/videos of her dancing with knives and sometimes she posts gore on her story.

Also, why does she have so many followers? Just the ~pale, lolita~ aesthetic? She's the epitome of a butterface, plus her tits are weird

No. 276615

She has so many followers because most of her pictures are of her practically naked. Vast majority of her followers are definitely creepy dudes whacking it to her underwear photos

No. 276617

Her answers to her asks on tumblr are embarrassing as hell. And apparently she is just another regularly ass american girl pretending to be russian/east european.

No. 276621

Shes from Newfoundland which is an isolated province on the east coast of Canada lol

No. 276623

>>276570 >>276569

i think that anon might be confusing her with her (former) friends/white girl mob members lil debbie & v nasty

No. 276632

File: 1490395650340.png (808.22 KB, 1440x2473, Screenshot_2017-03-24-17-44-25…)

just found her old twitter, lmao this shit is even worse than Ginger

No. 276640

File: 1490396487430.png (1.58 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_1386.PNG)

@poutybrat definitely deserves to be here. Recently did a stint in rehab for her heroin addiction~ then got fat. Always screeching on IG about how she's a "healthy" weight now.

Literally doesn't appear to do anything with her life other than smoke pot and post her "artsy" shit on social media. Maybe does some "modelling" occasionally, but it's usually for some other edgy IG hoe, or one of those god awful tumblarina fashion brands.

No. 276645

Really? I didn't know she had drama I actually have a insta crush on her lol

No. 276659

File: 1490397785947.jpg (125.19 KB, 595x325, twins.jpg)

She looks like a trans Justin Long.

No. 276671

I love kreay, I listen to her podcast and she's so funny and cute. She doesn't deserve to be in this thread.

No. 276681

File: 1490399350083.jpg (44.83 KB, 400x400, IMG_3168.JPG)

Does anyone remember xanaxprincess aka Athena Baumeister? She was part of the hollixquinn crowd and she died of an overdose when she was only 16. She had a very wealthy dad and was in a couple low budget films. We were the same age and I looked up to her for some dumb reason.

No. 276687

What I hate hate the most about her death is how easily it could have been avoided.
I fucking hate the xanax/heroin chic culture that tumblr and instagram seemed to bring back from the 90s… it has taken many lives and ruined many others.
It's not cute, never will be.
It's sad and pathetic.

No. 276741

Her face kinda reminds me of Nicolas Cage

No. 276754


well, she is pro-pedophilia.

No. 276781

well yeah, but girls like that come a dime a dozen now. especially on tumblr/ig.

No. 276807

Yep, holli killed her by giving her either a bad shot or a too potent shot.

No. 276841

Where's the evidence of that cuz I've seen it mentioned several times but no proof

No. 276865

textbook definition of butterface
her real name is Emma Harvey and she goes by Elita Harkov lol

No. 276899

oh shit really? I'd love proof of this too if there is any. i remember finding out about athena like a few months ago and i had no idea she was actually friends with holli/ lilith/ all those instahoes. god i mean i hate their grimy look/ glamorizing trashy drug use/ rly obvious photoshopping but i didn't think they had milk beyond that

No. 276905

File: 1490423372622.jpg (246.8 KB, 1524x2339, IMG_3170.JPG)

I did a little digging and I found out her dad wrote this book, pretty ironic.

No. 276917

yeah her parents are both psychology professors so that makes her death all the more sad/ironic

No. 277195

pretty sure she modeled for limecrime and was in a melanie martinez music video, that could explain a lot of the follower count. i once saw another thread about her on some other website in which someone who claimed to know her irl said she got a tit job so maybe thats why, comparing older pictures to recent ones id believe it

No. 277202

half mongolian? i thought she was just russian-jewish, i remember her mentioning that a few times

No. 277205

Her and Ginger Bronson both had/have affluent psychologists for parents. Strange correlation.

No. 277208

File: 1490473271855.jpeg (42.35 KB, 225x400, tumblr_ob4cu4dXa41re9w8fo8_250…)

Found this on Tumblr.

No. 277209

File: 1490473286427.jpeg (94.71 KB, 423x750, tumblr_ob4cu4dXa41re9w8fo7_500…)

No. 277218

Who tf is Paige ?

No. 277234

No. 277240

File: 1490475259504.png (211.01 KB, 750x1193, IMG_2166.PNG)

Some basic bitch with 200 followers?

No. 277253

File: 1490476284424.jpeg (128.97 KB, 540x720, tumblr_n43wxmwEoN1rrtemvo1_540…)

She has lots of pictures with her and Athena, so I don't doubt they were friends.

No. 277254

File: 1490476674105.jpeg (30.65 KB, 350x538, Athena-Baumeister-001.jpeg)

Tbh the juxtaposition between the way she's portrayed in the press vs. the more "personal" photos of her from Tumblr is interesting. She looks so normal and healthy here.

No. 277256

File: 1490476758262.jpeg (78.87 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_n547qhqlXd1rt0svfo1_128…)

Meanwhile on Tumblr

No. 277260

wait is that a thing now? since when is being a slav a good thing?

No. 277265

it's super popular to have a poorly translated name and google translate captions to go with their photoshopped jawline and lip injections. idk whether being slav is good or bad, rather its just ~exotic~ like when weebs are somehow half japanese

No. 277277

well yeah didn't they also not mention her cause of death in articles written about her?

No. 277325

Athena was an actress??

No. 277336

I guess people like her do tend to wear a lot of adidas, love knives (? b/c they're edgy & cool ?), and like looking/acting super trashy, which are all gopnik stereotypes.

No. 277551

People seem to think Russian girls have some sort of edge and mystery that most Western girls don't. In terms of yungelita, she seems to try to emulate Russian girls like @hofmanita and @lopholora

Some girls take it further than just edgy captions and "slav aesthetic" though, you probably already know about Sasha Vladimirovna/Jennifer Garcia.

No. 277732

She looks like a young Hillary Clinton. Sage because useless comment

No. 278845

File: 1490661391490.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2201.PNG)

lol what? Can't she just say she was lying? They can't take her unless they're committing her which means she had an episode wtf is this

No. 278862

>Sasha Vladimirovna/Jennifer Garcia
!!! Is that the girl with the cardboard box jaw and the fuck ugly baboon butt lips?? Whatever happened to her?

No. 278921

She has seemed to stop pretending to be Russian, has calmed down with the photoshop, dabbled in femdom/porn, still an attention whore.

The thread about her on PULL pretty much covers her every movement.

No. 279297

File: 1490719952759.png (288.85 KB, 1708x1460, A REAL PERSON.png)

Oh wow she's sperging over on PULL, talking about legal action too.

I wonder if she'll find this thread.

No. 279491

well a sperg from pull just cowtipped so it's only a matter of time

No. 279734

a few people in that thread were pointing out how much easier on people PULL tends to be compared to lolcow/ kiwifarms, and if she's losing it NOW then wait til she finds out she's been mentioned in like, at least three different threads on here. can't wait for her to stumble over here and yell about her big scary lawyer daddy

No. 279907

i don't know if she will tbh, she found PULL because it mentions her real name, Clare Buley
it shows up on the first page of the google results, this doesn't.. yet

No. 284149

I still remember when it happened 3 years ago.
You really shouldn't assume things like that. Her friends said it was a xanax/oxy od. She was addicted to xanax and cocaine, and regularly mixed a lot of different pills. I followed her blog before she passed and saw nothing about heroin.
When I followed her, she said her dad had a mistress who was nicer to her than he ever was. They had a lot of money and she moved to LA to do acting. When she was 14 she got raped/beaten many times by someone she worked with and he made her do shit like bring food her mom cooked for her to his house.
Athena was her best friend, unfortunately. Paige is a shitty tweaker, In/out of rehab, constantly on shit like heroin and xanax. Has all the qualities of an addict.

No. 298754


Untrue, EMS has no direct link to the hospital they are taking someone to, their only job is to get/convince/coerce the person they are dealing to go to the hospital. Actually she has the option to refuse to comply with EMS because they do not have the right take someone against their will unless the person is saying they are suicidal even if they are injuring themselves. Once she got the hospital she also had the option to refuse them admit her but she clearly didn't do that so now the state is going to charge her $5,000-7000 even if they just lectured her dumb ass for five minutes and let her go without rendering any services. Her parents will have to pay in full so it doesn't fuck up her ability to get health insurance for the rest of her life, they may not realize that tho unless someone close to the family is in healthcare. Ironically Im sure the person who called is another retarded rich tumblrina friend who thought they were genuinely helping her

No. 301942

omg aha i remember this girl from like 5 years ago on tumblr. she's a qt hapa who likes swans and david bowie and actually had a sense of fashion that looked classic and individual. i'm actually kind of sad to see all this 2edgy cam girl japanese loli porn aesthetic shit on her instagram. really thought she would lead a quiet life studying liberal arts or whatever

No. 308979

File: 1494409867689.png (1.69 MB, 1680x1196, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 4.46…)

I'm genuinely surprised that out of this entire group, Too Poor is the one truly going the way of the cow. I was expecting it from this one, personally.

No. 309005

>for that swimsuit

No. 309080

File: 1494423839287.png (1.48 MB, 1674x1186, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.42…)

The comments are killing me.

No. 309086

I thought this girl was just fucked up from famous-dead-dead issues, but apparently he passed away less than a year ago, so I don't know what explains…this.

No. 309117

Wait what?

No. 309130


This woman's face and body scare me.

No. 309233

File: 1494431876942.png (554.95 KB, 861x603, sad trombone noise.png)

just added an extra ten kilos to my squat in memory of this girl's tiny sad ass

No. 309352

That ass looks weirdly edited

No. 309379

File: 1494443633419.jpg (5.45 KB, 224x224, dota.jpg)

>the tags on the bra

No. 310386

her father is Jim Prentice

No. 313341

File: 1494867359929.jpg (662.46 KB, 2048x2048, D80F6FA7-FAE9-4ECB-9CBB-971ABF…)

Watching Lauryn Lawler try to squirm into these girls' skinsuits is hilarious.

No. 313672

Ugh did she really copy the exact tattoo in the exact location?

Dumb idea, Lauryn. Sybil publicly sperged out on Holli for copying her spider tattoos like a year ago, and Holli already had social capital in that crowd. If you actually wanted to impress her, you just failed.

No. 314031

What is wrong with this girl? Serious question.

Every time I see her she's trying to jump onto someone else's identity. Reminds me of Mila Mortice. This shit doesn't seem normal.

No. 314068

funny you lot, my instagram account is private af lol obv someone associated with ngc crowd is posting about me on here, i have already given ncg praise on her tattoos before on twitter and the tattoo itself is getting covered up next week chill down bitches

No. 314074

>>Chill down bitches

Everyone is chill though? Except for you with "your" tattoo lmao

No. 314084

it's not a case of impressing anybody tbf, admittedly i do feel like having this tattoo was wrong for that reason because i have came past a couple of photos of ncg's tattoos on ig discovery before, theme wise i thought it would have been a good tattoo for this arm because idealistically i wanted HQ and the joker tatted there along with other joker-like characters i admire such as kefka but i have changed my plans on what i want tattooed there now… yes sounds hilarious but i like to see what goes with me or not and i have had many tattoos removed and covered up its no big deal and i am not trying to push her off the hill for "whos tatt is better" or get recognised by ncg, her tattoos are awesome and she is very pretty with a good talent in music but i do not follow her and in general she does not interest me….

i came here to check out embers thread and I whizzed past this one smirking at the photo of me in the bath lo, yeah i'm a little surprised to see myself back again but under a different thread insta-hoes…lmfao and getting spoke about on this forum again but whoever you may be that made these posts in defense for ngc i deeply apologise for her and whoever it offends.

and one more thing because i'm getting bored i'm not trying to get famous, i'm not trying to be "relevant"… that's why i post under a private control… but it doesn't matter because i am careful with who i chose to follow and already blocked a few suspects ahah…

No. 314090

No. 314099

tbh I don't know who you are, but your English/grammar is the most confusing thing ever.

No. 314101

yeah sorry i'm not fully english tbf :p

No. 314160

Don't kid yourself Lauryn, no one in her crew is paying that much attention to you. I posted you, and I have nothing to do with her.

No. 314192

Fair enough haha but I'm more concerned about you posting about me…. like I knew I had this coming and I should have been faster about deleting the image. I have already been booked for a cover up so why bring me up after people on this stating that it's pointless talking about me? I have sent an apology to Sybil and I am literally not trying to get fame or attention and you should obviously see that with my Instagram being private? I think you've made a shitty move by posting images that are supposed to be unseen to other websites, I stick on private just so my images don't end up anywhere to protect myself…. like aren't you aware of those terms?

No. 314201

It's really weird how you seem to actively continue to lurk here after all this time.
PS: Does Sybil's asshole smell as good as Anca's did?

No. 314227

Let me just let you in on some true facts.
During the time when my awful experience of copying Dakota Rose all happened, I stupidly posted one of my pics on my Facebook for school friends with the watermark of my tumblr on there… then my tumblr and the old PULL got large insidight coming from the people who attended my high school… this invited active bullies from my school to bully and lurk on me….

When I got to know about lolcow however, I searched my full name on google and my thread on PT came up. Again, shit was happening between the Mila incident on ask.fm and it was linked to my Facebook and this enabled people from my city and high school to keep up to date with the new drama…. then my ex…. got to know all about this website and when he dumped me before prom he was lurking on these threads and he has admitted about shitposting….. I hope you understand how much this is a big deal to me… but I have recognised my ex's posts on my thread before because he is always tormenting me about the time I was gonna move to Finland, he even makes false Instagram accounts too and I can't stop him. I don't lurk on other threads I am literally paranoid of my ex posting personal information abour me….

No. 314261

then delete your instagram and start a new one without your number ("let people find me by my phone number" turned off), etc. attached to it and stop whining. it's always possible to start over completely, but you love the attention too much.

No. 314272

This, and learn to be your own person for once. This trend-surfing/copycat thing you do is absurd.

No. 314276

Girl you're white as mayo stop trying to be special. You're just inbred af.

No. 330941

File: 1496863296050.png (557.27 KB, 1280x720, dr.png)

Hells naw! You can't do that to my girl, Kreay. She's actually for real cool and doesn't deserve to be in this thread.

Maybe back in her one-hit wonder days when she let the fame get to her head, but she's way chill now.

No. 330953

you necro'd a thread just to sperg like this

No. 338519

Y'all are lame as fuck
And Holli needs to get her ass off this thread and stop posting convos we had because she's the most pathetic piece of shit I've ever had the displeasure of knowing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338532

Good job putting your name and user on here for everyone to see! If you hadn't necroed this thread, nobody would care. Keep your goff drama to Insta unless it's related to Too Lame, thanks.

No. 338592

Obviously this shits still relevant if there was a reply like 2 hours after I posted it.
Seriously tho this whole thread is pure comedy. Thanks for da laughs

No. 338602

i like kreay too. happy to see her narrating a vice party legend recently. ;;

No. 338621

She's a good mom too, I think she quit her former party lifestyle for him.

No. 339657

I love when horserace girls starve themselves and adopt a ridiculous persona just to get laid omfg.

No. 339668

omfg why are you such a fucking dumb ass - how did you reason getting the tattoo in the first place? No one cares about you being weak and covering it up now and ~~~deeply apologizing to those it offends, no one cares. If you have the balls to be such a fucking desperate weirdo to directly copy someone's permanent tattoo you might as well run with it. Get some real help and log off.

And also just because tattoos are "no big deal" to you doesn't give you any right to rip off someone else's permanent body work that's on their own skin forever. That's not yours to take you stupid bitch.

No. 339671

>like I knew I had this coming

Just make your shit public and embrace it. You know this is the only place for you.

No. 339682

File a restraining order or something on your ex and go to therapy and get over all this shit. You did dumb shit on the internet, everyone does stupid things in high school, but you did do some ridiculous shit. Grow up and let it make you stronger and learn to laugh at it. Your ex is a little bitch, same with the bullies, and everyone on here is just looking for a laugh. You have an extremely obvious self esteem issue that will only get worse if you don't address it.

Stop blaming the internet for finding some dumb shit you chose to do publicly funny. This isn't our fault and you lurk here because you obviously find it funny when others do it too. Again you need to grow the fuck up and stop taking the internet so god damn seriously. Become a better person and go accomplish some shit, that's the only way anyone embraces you here. Toughen up.

No. 341090

Why did Holli (heroingranola) and all of them even become a thing? I started following Holli when she was fat, then she became very thin and would take an excess of aesthetic pictures but she never ever broadcasted drug use for a long time. Can someone write a timeline? Seriously intrigued. A lot of them seem like they're either rich LA kids or wannabe rich kids too. We know Athena was rich. Are any of the other ones actually as rich as they try to appear?

No. 341767

anyone else think lilith levisis' has a weird af voice? also on UPLL she cried about wanting to take her post down made about her bc her dad is a lawyer and shit and she is having trouble getting jobs and getting into school.

it's like wait what jobs and isn't she already in school allegedly…? then stop fucking posting weird ass shit and your ass hanging out then?

fucking weird ass wanna be satanic ghetto hoe

No. 345658

she was dating someone of yungleans crew, a dj/guy who makes music during her thin/drug phase. they broke up and i lost track of her

No. 349713

No. 350256

File: 1499728633018.png (143.28 KB, 281x500, stupid hoe.PNG)

Anyone remember when Lilith Levisis started wearing a corset because it was easier than having to photoshop every picture like she usually does?

The funniest part about the corset pics, is that her corseted waist is STILL bigger than her shooped, 'natural', non-corseted waist. If your waist was really that naturally tiny, a corset would make it even tinier, to the point it looks insanely small, right? Yet even her corset just gives her a completely average size waist to hip ratio, typical for any corset wearer who is on the slim side. Just more proof of her ridiculous shooping.

No. 350358

Standing next to your bigger friends who have implants, large ribcages, and who are wearing oversized furry coats also helps if you're trying to look skinnier.

No. 350415

Idk tho cuz she posts tons of videos of her body on her insta story I think her waist actually looks like that but I never see her in a weight trainer
I'm not saying she looks normal at all it's just really obviously not edited in her insta story pic related
Her butt is her bending over backwards tho

No. 350416

File: 1499747419013.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3869.PNG)

Ugh forgot to post the pic a screenshot from a video on her current insta story

No. 350419

Just cuz you never seen her in a trainer doesn't mean she's never worn one or doesn't waist train
I'm a corseting anon here, i only where my corset to sleep or if Im wearing baggy clothes where you can't see the outline of it

No. 350433

She is so very milky. Own-thread worthy. Her PULL thread is pretty popping with info, but she is psychotic. Pro-pedophilia and incest, made up her stupid Russian persona, so much more that I can't think of but a massive cow

No. 350447

Who? TP? She has her own thread? Excuse me? Are you new here?

No. 350449

True, it still looks like she had some ribs removed though. She's definitely very rich. She once posted a bunch of $100s and someone asked about a sugar daddy and she was like "nah my family is rich" I liked that honesty tho tbh

No. 350455

File: 1499752348096.png (115.25 KB, 701x963, IMG_7757.PNG)

it's just because of the angle she holds the camera. notice how she literally always hold the camera at hip level or lower when she does the videos

No. 350459


Idk how to save/imbed IG vids fag sage
But she shows different angles in this vid

No. 350461

the camera is clearly still at hip level or below??

No. 350489

if she's that rich there's a lot of new accessible cosmetic treatments to spot reduce fat, some non surgical and all done in office. she's in LA so i don't doubt for a second she did something, especially if she has money.

nothing wrong with that but she likely didn't full on have rib removal surgery, just some in office shit. her stomach texture looks slightly off/kinda lumpy (>>350416), that's why i mention it - i have friends who have gotten fat transfer and they look similar so my accusation isn't out of no where.

No. 350494

sorry i never really looked her up and now after seeing all the ass shots she most likely had fat transfer. it would explain why she's so intent to show it off, it's expensive and the recovery is hell. she starves herself to stay skinny so it'll be gone after a certain amount of time. look for tiny scars around her belly button because that's where the doctor would have lipo'd it.

No. 350703

I misfired and accidentally responded to the OP. Not new here. I meant Yungelita, or >>276612

No. 351036

not sure if anyone would be interested but I found an article confirming that Lilith's dad was the top lawyer of the New York republican party, worked as counsel for bush/cheney, michael bloomberg, george paramo, and mitt romney. He was arrested in 2004 for drunkenly beating his wife/her mom

No. 351106

Damn so she's like rich rich af

No. 351162

Her mom's pretty successful as well… Has a wikipedia page: Cheryl Avioli

No. 351189

File: 1499879095321.jpg (409.96 KB, 640x995, IMG_8524.JPG)

Check out this fake bitch Hotelshrimp.
She removed my comment and blocked me calling her out on obvious photoshop. Obviously a body like that is photoshopped I mean look at the brick walls man.

No. 351196

Samefag~ this cow is also associated with laylabum

No. 351259

She's not that cow-ish but does follow layla around, is NEET and trust funded, dating horsehead from lil peep's SoundCloud squad, but also she's real boring. She's already skinny af why she gotta photoshop?

No. 351260

File: 1499886363727.png (206.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3908.PNG)

Did she delete your post? Cuz people still wylin

No. 351284

Nah none of those comments were mine. I'm pretty surprised about the new comments though. My comment was just to remind her that the warped bricks are obvious as fuck. If she's gonna deny that's photoshop then SHIT super mario brick blocks R fucking real.

No. 351457

File: 1499900657829.png (173.97 KB, 750x1026, IMG_3916.PNG)

Usually Patience doesn't bother me.. but this shit?

No. 351502

A sheep surrounded by fake pills SO OUTRAGEOUS lol

No. 351587


No. 353670

File: 1500238671762.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170716-155136.png)

this girl hasnt been mention but honestly she is really irritating 2 me: biohazardangel. she runs an online shop as well and sends a lot of things 2 well known ppl in the insta hoes comm like holli n too poo. she used to fuck/date(?) chad powers (chadpowersceo on ig) if u follow skateboarding and after they didnt hang out she would post about hating men a lot on lol.
not a lot of milk but she is just v annoying and a super try hard. as of lately she dyed her hair trying 2 look just like internetgirl before she shaved her head. pic 4 example

No. 353673

sage 4 same fag but also i have bought some necklaces n earrings from her shop and they are v low quality and start 2 oxidize and tarnish after a couple of weeks

No. 353792

can you please type normally you sound like you are one of these girls kek

No. 353876

>>353670 Self post, Hi Marie-Eve lol

No. 353920


LMAO im not her, i swear im just someone who follows her so please dont read this in a stupid accent

sorry i dont want 2 spell out things that i can type more quickly and u still understand what the fuck im saying………lol(learn to integrate)

No. 353939

File: 1500279442218.jpg (900.98 KB, 1440x2232, Screenshot_20170717-041315.jpg)

Surprised she isn't mentioned here but Paige is a super cringey basic pastel snowflake that posts underage photos of herself in underwear or with stupid ahegao faces while constantly mentioning how much she wants to kill herself or be skinnier. She used to date Caz Fhey and swore they would get married but just like every teenage romance it fell apart and now she swears her new man is "saving her" and that she "can't be without him"

No. 353959


stop typing like joy fucking sparkles, you retard

No. 354029

You type like you're mentally retarted, jfc.

I smell a vendetta or self post, this girl is boring as shit and it seems like there's no milk.

No. 354200

Ummm how much of a self hating idiot are you to post yourself here? Lol and throwing your own merch under the bus… Please go back to your shitty bought followers on your insta account

No. 363294

File: 1501388370802.png (446.69 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0945.PNG)

Layla pisses in public so Cassidy has to do it too. Does this chic copy everything toopooh does??

No. 363298

holy shit I was thinking this was a self-post but I went on her ig… how the tf does someone so basic get 114k followers? All she posts the same sets of selfies over and over. Shit like this makes me salty

No. 363401

File: 1501412376843.png (326.79 KB, 316x531, 45378.png)

If her photoshopping skills were better I actually would have believed her. Oh and then there's this pic revealing her real body

No. 364149

Her attitude problem also makes me question her high following. She's extremely vapid and a cunt to anyone whether they kiss her ass or make a simple damn comment. Girls will tell her she's awesome/beautiful only to receive a condescending remark. I don't get it.

No. 364156

Semi-famous bf + "omg look goals!!!" + a solid aesthetic. Also, some people think internet 'famous' girls being bitchy and rude is just being ~totally sassy~ and kewl.

Not that hard to figure out really.

No. 364379

File: 1501563198839.png (Spoiler Image, 724.54 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1087.PNG)

Jesus Christ…

No. 364380

File: 1501563473679.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1086.PNG)

Lilith casually answers her front door topless coz she's "edgy" like that. This girl has no fucking shame smh

No. 364384

god clare buley is one of the most boring vapid cunts i've ever come across. she's just a boring white girl trying to rebel against her dad. i hope he's proud of his daughters lol

No. 364397

She cracked the shits on PULL because she couldn't get a job or schooling as a result of what she chooses to post on the internet, then goes running to daddy for legal action against sites that post about her kek. These thots are dumb as fuck, they're ruining their own lives and blame everyone else. Her dad sounds like a real piece of shit too.

No. 365438

Clare is fucking ugly - nothing special about her

No. 365778

honestly i think she's insecure because her sister is actually really pretty/thin naturally so she needs to act out and grab all the attention lol

No. 365782

man she seems really pretty to me- just tryhard and exhausting with drama. is she busted without makeup or something?

No. 365849

Hey! She doesn't belong here. She's really smart and has a lot of talent.
I'm getting Sophia Coppola vibes.

No. 365927

File: 1501761630211.png (2.26 MB, 1435x1796, 20170803_075445.png)

The more she posts she just digs a deeper hole for herself. Excited to see what her lovely future is like. (Something just seems so off about this selfie)

No. 365928

ugh I'm sick of seeing pictures of Clare's horse face already
Nah she's not pretty, she's just a drug addict bitch.
Last year she set up a gofundme to protect some koala bear or something and her gofundme was set out so fake that she ended up blowing out all the money and used it for her own selfish purposes.

No. 365929

All the goddamn money coming from her daddy's way and she can't even get a nose job lmao. She edits her nose and waist like crazy.

No. 366176

she panders to literal pedophiles and is so ~random and quirky~ none of her "art" makes sense.

No. 366223

File: 1501797476683.png (456.29 KB, 1024x855, kek ok.png)

She is so delusional
>"not edited"
and clearly thinks others are as dumb as she is.

No. 366341

Tbh all her ass is a false illusion because she has so much weight that does not hang on to her waist and hips. And then of course she relies on angles and really fucked up posture to achieve that level of stupidity for her pictures. Her ass is small af and
normally sized.

No. 366342

Also she wears her panties way right over her hips so again her ass is creating a false illusion of fullness… all you have to do is look at the line of her ass as for her ass cheeks too

No. 366376

Her butt is real but she seriously looks like she's had rib removal (double checked a pic with a surgeon friend). She's not in proportion and the curve it too high up her torso.To have a waist like that from an eating disorder her arms and legs would be twigs and she'd have no ass at all. Given her rich daddy I wouldn't be surprised

No. 366471

Could you imagine all the liposuction she went through as well as rib removal though though? So in theory she could actually be average sized in body weight without all the surgery.

No. 366477

File: 1501855162825.jpg (52.37 KB, 220x500, IMG_7923.JPG)

i feel like she's normal looking but she knows her angles, sucks in her stomach, and photoshops

No. 366478

File: 1501855187127.jpg (57.52 KB, 640x640, IMG_7920.JPG)

No. 366479

File: 1501855229220.jpg (Spoiler Image, 640.71 KB, 800x1199, IMG_7921.JPG)

No. 366483

I seriously doubt she had rib removal surgery, come on guys, that's a reach don't you think

It's pretty obvious if you compare her pictures to the one's other people have taken of her that she just knows her angles
She might also do waist training (since there's pictures of her in corsets), who knows

No. 366510


No. 366597

lol not lilith
I'm just using common sense based on the pictures of her and the fact that rib removal is extreme surgery

(also sage unless you're actually contributing something)

No. 367349

Nope I posted her here. She gets followers from the thousand of impressionable underage betas that love her little "cute pastel baby that pretends to cut herself" aesthetic. And Caz got her most of the attention first. Now the only followers left active are the ones nosey about her newest relationship.

No. 370823

File: 1502483699929.png (1.88 MB, 1440x1772, 20170811_163204.png)

This dumb bitch is seriously going to SCHOOL like this I'm just?????
Gotta love how she's just gotta show her bandages to make SURE people ask.

No. 372782


She's been very open about having scoliosis aka why her ass looks so huge… really not that hard for your ass to look that big when it's mainly your lower back lmao

By maneuvering her back like that constantly just know she probably won't be able to walk eventually

No. 372888

anyone been keeping up with the lilithxlopholora drama

No. 372891

having a wide set of hips isn't scoliosis lol

No. 372893

File: 1502835667924.png (505.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8087.PNG)

i screenshotted everything even though it's relatively uninteresting. the funniest was when lilith tweeted this because she CONSTANTLY complains about how sooo many girls copy her

No. 372894

Not much on that yet BUT lopholora has been making an absolute ass of herself lately defending a rapper she did 0 research on. Typical of these hoes looking for clout in any way. I'm living for how she's been getting dragged its hilarious. Complete with the white girl "I'll sue you" bit. Screenshots I have on that aren't the milkiest and already on her page.

No. 372902

hahaha idgi if it's offending her that people copy her then why does she act like she's got a real fanbase going on? she's trying to stand out as a public figure to people and she has even been buying her followers - I've watched her follower count rise in two days

No. 372904

She's gonna need to buy those followers after all the followers she's lost yesterday and will keep losing lol. Alot of accounts called her out.

No. 372920

saying the Russian girl supports a rapist yet who's the one allowing strangers on her hidden dms to use her photos to catfish people and enticing her Instagram audience (who are most likely men) and letting them buy her things and venmo her
take a goddamn seat

No. 372925

I'm out of the loop >>372888

What's the drama and what was she called out on?

No. 373037

lilith is calling out lopholora for copying her style and people in general are calling out lopholora for making a music video with a guy who had sex or raped(?) a 13 year old

No. 373052

Unless the dude is one of them 15 year old soundcloud dudes how is fucking a 13 year old not rape

No. 373336

how the fuck are those two things even comparable??? it is deceit yes but how is that close to being worse/just as bad as supporting a rapist?
i dont really like lilith but u sound like someone who has been catfished and now u mad lol

No. 373352

oh i didn't know this, i only saw that stupid video she did with paper work nyc

i always wondered why she went to america to cosplay as one of these ~xanax girls~ rather than just living in moscow with her edgy russian friends

No. 373395

File: 1502904054418.png (159.08 KB, 640x1136, 1502895199544.png)

Okay so she'll say this then say later on that she knew but didn't believe rumors…

No. 373398

File: 1502904149870.png (836.89 KB, 1440x1793, 20170816_131748.png)

Wtf? Which is it bitch. Are you defending or you didn't know. Sorry for pic spam

No. 373400

File: 1502904265246.png (1020.27 KB, 1440x1647, 20170816_131603.png)

No. 374021

Lilith looks so fucking dumb complaining that some girl is wearing the same generic hot topic crop top as her …

No. 374056

I think people should take it easy on the russian girl tbh her english isn't exactly perfect… she's a model now yes? the way I see it maybe she was given work to model for the video but she wasn't aware about the rapper

No. 374075

ok i get that but most people in this thread have pointed out how she is handling the critism/information about the rape poorly by back peddling and saying two or three conflicting things like how she is so sorry but then claims the rumors are fake when they arent..also bringing up how she was raped like…

No. 374203

people do copy her and holli
i need to find the accounts again and post comparison caps but this thing is real

i agree, i have definitely more sympathy for this russian girl than for lilith's rich ass. it looks like she's trying to build a name for herself as a model and her insta shows that she's getting legit gigs. the only gigs lilith had are some really tryhard shoots where she looks terrible.

No. 374221

Strongly agree. Clare is just one of those self centred bitches who acts like she is gods gift not to mention she is already loaded living off mommy and daddy.

Tbh I don't think most people copy her in a way that they live their lives doing the same shit as her. If you look on tagged pics on her insta there are girls actually dressing up and doing their makeup like hers… but of course they upload pics with captions like "inspired look by Lilith levisis" . Still… it will always make me feel curious and always wondering why Clare gets paranoid about people copying her. Apart from her abnormal body that's going on she's not exactly a natural beauty. She wears way too much makeup so I'm assuming she must have some insecurity with the way her face looks.

No. 374393

File: 1503014881642.png (581.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170817-200201.png)

Does anyone follow these hot messes? @psychojuls @patheticlola are the milkiest problematic chicks I've come across in a long time. Julia made a video in black face and said "pick my cotton" (found it on @makeabitchdelete). Recently they found out the "modeling" she's been bragging about has been found on porn sites. (If you want to see that mess it's on @truthspams) most of the girls related to them are also milk fountains if you can get into their private accounts. There's way too many screenshots to post of their antics

No. 374568


Looks like she just trys to get by on looks

No. 374588

s p o i l e r

No. 374595

What happened to serial copycat Lauryn Lawler? She's been going for the Lilith look and now I can't find her Insta. Is she scared she'll be accused of copying by Lilith next? Maybe she's realised it's time to start copying someone new? I can't keep up with this cow…

No. 374628

File: 1503043721800.png (43 KB, 612x276, IMG_1354.PNG)

Probs a good move though not buying the reasoning. Saging because she craves pull/lolcow attention and has no personality

No. 374649

stop bringing her up there's no milk on her anymore

No. 374742

File: 1503060760780.png (585.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0515.PNG)


No. 376167

I gotta say she is funny as hell for acting all butthurt on twitter that she was posted here, like girl you are embarrassing yourself by admitting you lurk the hell out of this site. I mean her clothes are all Harley Quinn like Lilith/that Russian chic, she even has/had the same Hannibal tattoo as Lilith…and she's trying to say everyone dyes their hair blonde like wtf can you not see how transparent you are… Also hi Lauryn, please get off this site if it's affecting you so much. Saging bc she's hungry for attention but shit, I do find her amusing as hell. As long as she opens her mouth there will always be milk…

No. 376291

Did she complain recently? If so I wouldn't doubt she's actually a poster here if she got hurt THAT fast.

No. 376312

Yeah like in the past day or two…so funny, it just confirms she lurks this board like girl move on if you get so butthurt from it. Check her twitter, if she hasn't already deleted the embarrassing tweets…

No. 376314

Too late, she's deleted within hours of me posting this. Should have screen capped..

No. 376360

edit still there, just gotta scroll down a bit

No. 376516

File: 1503326700171.png (162.61 KB, 640x953, IMG_1248.PNG)

Oh boy did any catch cass' latest photo I mean… if you look closely the liquify looks obvious

No. 376520

You don't even need to look closely people just don't look like that, she has an alliexpress real doll body in this

No. 376522

Is busted methhead hooker the new heroin chic?

No. 376537

I'm just saying… how is this bitch okay posting this when you can easily see everything that's gone wrong, photoshop fail lmao

No. 376539

I actually kinda like Cassidy, but that hair color is shit on her. She looks much better with lighter hair, like blonde or the pink she did for a while. Like idk how she thinks this looks good, someone needs to tell her.

No. 376956

File: 1503377030606.png (409.68 KB, 720x739, 20170822_004128.png)

What kind of white people shit is this. All I can think of is "this was someone's precious daughter at one point"

No. 377007


Hey yeah that's me from like a year ago when I was doing a lot of drugs n would literally do whatever I needed to for money for my next fix

I never published that image and I sold it to someone a fucking year ago if you could please direct me to where you found that and please just delete it off here I would appreciate that since whoever posted it online did not have my consent to do that…

This photo shouldn't be anywhere online and I'm really frustrated that I got directed to this forum because someone said hey just saw a fucking naked photo of you online.

No. 377033

File: 1503396246040.png (103.32 KB, 640x743, IMG_1402.PNG)

Kreayshawn's posted this as a joke, can't help but think she's calling out these girls who obviously photoshop and their fans are like "wow I wish I looked like this!" thinking it's the real deal, making them feel shit about their own bodies. Gotta love kreay's sense of humor

No. 377580

Well that's totally fucked :(

No. 377584

Hate that this ghetto-satanic-redneck aesthetic somehow became popular

No. 377616

Hey I noticed no one responded to you yet but I am not the original poster of your image. Unfortunately the poster cannot delete their post after a specific amount of time and I'm unsure if a farmhand will see this and be able to pull it or if you'll have to email them. I can't promise you'll be successful however the site is meant to be vicious. I also can't speak for OP and if they will be willing to tell you who they got this from

No. 377619

File: 1503456816861.png (1.3 MB, 720x1112, 20170822_225056.png)

Anyone know about this chick? She Photoshops to hell and back obviously. Not a clear photo of her. Crys about being an inspiration for women to love their body but Photoshops out her stretch marks after claiming to love them.

No. 377620

File: 1503456877431.png (172.68 KB, 720x1067, 20170822_225117.png)

Topped off with an obvious case of "things that never happened"
Sorry for double post

No. 377622

seriously thought that was a Sims portrait. is this chick for real with that and are people actually dumb enough to believe it?

No. 377669

Sounds like some 16 year old girl Catfishing with some bimbo's poorly
Photoshopped pictures.

>my friends can't get over how hot I am irl

I can't get over how dumb this bitch is irl

No. 377677

That's another thing I thought. I posted her here to see if anyone recognized who she's catfishing with. It just doesn't seem like the pics are hers.

No. 377714

Thank you if you know how long that time period is for them to be able to delete it that would be awesome! I actually found the website that has them and I'm working on getting the photos taken off since I didn't consent to them being on their website and such.

I also really appreciate the response since I do know these forums can get pretty vicious

No. 377725

i'm not who you replied to, but i believe you can only delete a post within 30 minutes of it being up, so a farmhand or admin would have to delete it. as the other anon said, try contacting the admin, the email is at the bottom of the rules page. i really hope you can get those photos deleted off that website and also here, i know what it's like.

No. 377746

File: 1503471724147.png (899.23 KB, 713x995, 20170823_004014.png)

This needs to STOP
How is this anywhere touching attractive I'm-

No. 377753

ugh anon you just don't get it, it's A R T

No. 377765

File: 1503472902920.png (522.05 KB, 500x737, 1440604846922.png)

No. 377836

Honestly, if you sold it, and you've already admitted that here, then there is nothing you can do. Once you sell an image its someone else's property. Like a photographer can't sell someone an image and then tell them "oh no, now you can't use it!" Or "ur using it wrong!"

Revenge porn is not sold so its different.

No. 377907

Artists have different terms for use on their sold images all the time, so it's not that simple. But I doubt girls selling their nudes on the internet have any sort of contract they make people sign.

No. 377932

I agree, once you sell your nudes then it's free game to be posted on the net. You give up ownership. Unless a contract is signed to prevent sharing then not much can be done. What people do when they are desperate addicts often comes back to bite them in the arse. You can't have your cake and eat it too, it just doesn't work like that in the real world. Lesson to all, keep your shit private unless you want to see it posted on a site like this

No. 377935

That isn't how copyrights work at all. Buying a copy of a photo or video is not buying copyright ownership. If that's how it worked pirating movies/games/any digital media wouldn't be illegal.

No. 378031

Alright let me be clear, my issue with the person who posted them is ok they shouldn't have done that. But I know that it's pretty much my fault for being negligent.
My issue is with the porn site because on the website they're on now they watermarked the image with the companies name on it. Aka taking ownership for images that I did not consent to giving to them.

I fucked up a lot of stuff when I was using and I guess this is one of those things, but yeah just because that's the state I was in doesn't mean it's morally ok for someone to post my nudes on a fucking porn site.

No. 378035

I feel for you because you admitted it was in a time in your life that was rough, and I'm sorry you went through that. It is true that if you sold the photos, they are that specific persons. But I still feel for the situation anyways. And not cool for the photos to end up on a porn site when you didn't consent to that. Hope things got better for you, I'm sure the photo isn't a nice reminder.

No. 378068

We deleted the file.

No. 378091


Thank you so much omg ! They got deleted off the porn site too so I'm feeling way better now about all of this

n dw I'm not gonna cow tip or whatever

No. 378108

>muh rob zombie movie aesthetic

No. 378234

File: 1503534537384.png (203.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170822-231613.png)

Speaking of this I forgot to post this CRINGE interview she did. Where do I even begin with this

No. 378238

File: 1503534639397.png (176.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170822-231716.png)

Pt2 of cringe
How old is she mentally, 13?

No. 378568

Had to google owl pellets kek…making fake organs ok cool Lilith. I get why she's got a Hannibal tat now :/

No. 378647

File: 1503589798897.png (456.66 KB, 720x733, 20170824_112919.png)

Nice job lopho. Just wow

No. 378648

File: 1503589840094.png (263.33 KB, 720x803, 20170824_112937.png)

Pt 2/3

No. 378649

File: 1503589866082.png (191.62 KB, 720x1031, 20170824_112952.png)

And the response. Spam over.

No. 378665

You exposed yourself guuuurl.

No. 378676

it's on Liliths page. That was sent by blade as a screenshot to her. Instagram no longer does that annoying doxxing thing.

No. 378767

File: 1503598928155.png (183.64 KB, 744x1197, IMG_8191.PNG)

No. 378797

File: 1503600939600.png (147.85 KB, 750x1079, IMG_3837.PNG)

hahahaha she wants to look more like a slav nigga hahahaha

typical rich white hoe who treats ~exotic~ brown people like designer purses

No. 378837

He's in the picture with a Santa Muerte statue, yet she couldn't resist driving the point home by mentioning "Mexican" his name, and "the hood" in case you missed it!

No. 378920

Wow I would've never expected that kind of response from Lilith

No. 378926

ot but is that toopoor in the thread pic? looks like kate bush

No. 378938

Fucking sacrilege, I'm shook

No. 378950

you can't deny it but also im sorry for saying that

No. 378969

File: 1503615229726.png (88.97 KB, 1242x539, IMG_5627.PNG)

No. 378971

File: 1503615290123.png (905.86 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5630.PNG)

No. 378972

File: 1503615318483.png (192.98 KB, 1242x983, IMG_5631.PNG)

No. 378973

File: 1503615349839.png (68.13 KB, 1242x419, IMG_5632.PNG)

No. 378974

File: 1503615390976.png (49.79 KB, 1242x333, IMG_5626.PNG)

No. 378975

File: 1503615431020.png (59.67 KB, 1241x415, IMG_5628.PNG)

No. 378976

File: 1503615457760.png (154.62 KB, 1242x776, IMG_5634.PNG)

No. 378979


No. 379007

Lilith has modeled for wiacollections a bunch of times though, with holli too I think. All their 'models' seem to come from the same instagram crowd.

No. 379009

>mansion to basement
>acting as if this is any kind of achievement
I'm gonna need her to hold this massive L. She can't wonder why her parents argue so much with her. I'm sure theyre fed up with her stupid fucking 12 year old mentality.

No. 379032

clare buley aka lilith levisis is living off her daddy's right wing republican shady $ (https://ballotpedia.org/Jeff_Buley) and the only reason she called out lopholora is because she is jealous of her getting somewhere and she pulled that shit about lopholora being racist out of her ass because lopholora made that post about the surgeon as a response to lilith and what she did is she used it to try and bring her down hiding behind the sjw mentality knowing she's going to get attention from it and her followers are going to back her up because they want to be noticed by this fake bitch who can't even spell the word white supremacist just because she's got followers

No. 379069

Hi lopholora(hi (cow))

No. 379096

Bitch I can bring up a time when you was rating your followers and their semi nudes and you were calling them ugly even girls who idolised you.

No. 379098

(Samefag) I aimed this at lopholora but this shit is true you can even ask lilith herself!

No. 379102

So what was lopho responding to then when she made the surgeon post. How is that any excuse for what she wrote. She's already had a history of this type of mentality. She and everyone else knows damn well she isn't joking.

No. 379104

Wait a second, are you saying her name isn't Lilith Levisis & ?? her dad is rich af & funding her life? whoa bombshell!
Ksenia ur PRESSED

No. 379143

lilith is totally pulling this because she's mad at lopho for "copying" her because shes no better, just another right white girl who tries to act weird and rebel at her republican daddy. she has a couple pics with random normal looking black dudes for extra ~*inclusive points*~ shes no better imho

No. 379183

Lopho we know it's you just stop it bitch

No. 379188

File: 1503631665770.png (587.77 KB, 720x896, 20170824_150522.png)

Caption isn't wrong. Keep making a joke out of yourself you lopsided clown.

No. 379196

What is that?!

No. 379199

when you take a selfie mid wink and think it looks kinda cute, but instead of just keeping it to yourself, you go ahead and post it and compliment yourself.

No. 379226

Well she's revoked the comments. How else will she get compliments> by complimenting herself. Things are simpler that way.

No. 379280

sage your stupid tinfoiling i dont give a fuck about either of this washed up white trash thots jesus fuck

No. 379363

Jesus who the fuck gassed her up into thinking she's "a beautiful russian model"?
Someone show her pics of actual russian models and make a comparison. She looks fucking romanian.

No. 379375

meh, plenty of Russians look like that. Not the models though.

No. 379420

…Not models, but some girls with sugar daddies or ~make up artists~ who browse buzzfeed to find tricks 'how to make your lips look full'.

No. 379730

She revoked the comments cause she can't stand how sore her scalp has to be from getting dragged left and right thing month. No wonder her family doesn't want her.

No. 379733

>I'm the new cartoon
She is absolutely correct. Her lips and hair do look cartoonish but not for the right reasons

No. 407192

Anyone have a full story of what's going down with lalonies group? I know it's been brewing for a while that one of those girls was a rapist and then it died down but people are talking about it again. I can't keep the stories straight.

No. 407196


so this is ____blades screenshot? aka liliths bestie?

No. 407530

there's a short thread about them, i posted an update but the thread is dead/no one really cares


right now the situation is just lalonie pushing the "i'm a victim too" narrative and taking zero responsibility for her actions, she posted a pretty pitiful video explaining her side of things
and of course everyone eats it up like "omg you are SO brave"

No. 407757

Tysm anon I didn't know they had their own thread. There's so many different stories & long posts going around on twitter right now I might try and post those later today.

No. 408472

Yea blade took the screenshot and sent it to Lilith. Then Lilith posted it on Instagram and I screenshotted it.
I'm absolutely starved on cows does anyone have their own cows that don't have a thread?

No. 410161

File: 1509094751484.jpeg (168.77 KB, 750x1047, 7E668897-58D6-4EE9-AAA9-278717…)

No. 410193

oh god, look at this basic bitches who are trying to act all ghetto and hard and ~real junkie~ now. even her faces are generic middle class white girl faces.

No. 410229

I now understand why clare/lilith tries so hard to look edgy lol

No. 410286

god this is so fucking funny i love how all these tryhard thots are really just boring attention seeking basic bitches
also rachael confirmed for always being the hotter sister lmao

No. 410564

They're both really pretty! They look so much better here than they do now. It hurts my heart to see how much they ruined themselves with shitty tattoos, hair dye, and garbage clothes.

No. 410593

File: 1509150656800.jpg (57.01 KB, 640x642, 234567.jpg)

They're just generically pretty, particularly Clare which is probably why she tries so hard now. To be fair, Rachel hasn't changed much since this picture (based on the recent pictures I've seen anyway)

No. 410901

Imagine giving birth to a generically pretty looking "normal" girl that turns out doing heroin with SoundCloud rappers in bathrooms and selling hospital gowns and torn up plastic gloves and calling it "art"

No. 411673

File: 1509321874042.jpg (95.52 KB, 960x960, 12472448_10154041842850782_646…)

No. 411675

Liliths mom has a Facebook account


No. 411679

So here is Liliths dads email(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 412145

does anyone know if there's a girl named Gia who's part of this weird junkie edgy "goth" instagram cult?
watched some of the videos on her on the doctors (lmao) and she seems like the type to be in the same social circle as holli and the likes
even has a corny clown tattoo like everyone else these days

No. 412517

bella (internetgirl) and her bf matt (wolfdrawn) im about 99% sure are broken up. she no longer follows him on ig.
ive been suspicious of this for a few weeks now. i think her lives are getting a bit annoying. she did one about how toxic tumblr can be but when asked about it she was super vague.

No. 412523

She did one.. what?

No. 412619

a live stream on ig…

No. 412650

File: 1509489884089.png (36.52 KB, 640x359, IMG_0523.PNG)

No. 412914

sis that was a week ago… im pretty sure they arent together

No. 440626

File: 1512784091463.jpeg (506.62 KB, 1280x720, 10043.Sub.25.jpeg)


Sorry I know this is like a month old but does anyone know who she is?

No. 446310

File: 1513566416477.png (1.48 MB, 1782x1098, lolll.png)

hmmmm ??

No. 446448

I think she goes by Giavonnah Marew and Giavonnah Dominique

No. 446450

File: 1513579279267.png (317.63 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3710.PNG)

No. 446454


No. 446547

lol she’s always been annoying. i think it’s funny she tries to hide the city she lives in (i live here too) and pretend she’s traveling the world 24/7

No. 447032

I’m so surprise she’s already moved on tbh. Weren’t her and Matt together for a good while?

No. 447036

lol nah

This post is everything I'd like to say. she's 2edgy and her "art" seems like a projection lol. She used to always ask for money & had a paypal donation button on her tumblr page.

she apparently gave a shout out to her thread posted on pull saying they were crazy or something lol

No. 447247

did some digging, apparently she didnt go to rehab but her boyfriend did, last update from her mom was 6 weeks ago saying gia was couchhopping for 3 weeks

No. 447605

yeah, they were. i always thought their relationship was kind of a novelty more than anything else though. like with the memes and things she made with him that blew up and got a bunch of attention because they look like a 90s goodwill nightmare. seemed more like an arrangement for social media than ~tru luv~

No. 449075

yea i just found out from the toopoor thread she has another boyfriend. it's hilarious. some people are so desperate they stay in relationships they dont want so they arent alone.

No. 450654

you people need a fucking life you dont know any of these girls fucking pathetic you have nothing better to do than worry about their lives meanwhile these girls are fucking your dream boys and getting paid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 450660

File: 1514012271329.png (74.34 KB, 717x924, IMG_3075.PNG)

you cant photoshop videos and lilith has plenty videos of her body you guys are just jealous of her its sad

No. 450661

File: 1514012321273.png (93.77 KB, 750x940, IMG_3077.PNG)

lilith levisis has a perfect body

No. 450669

File: 1514012488807.png (Spoiler Image, 106.34 KB, 750x1098, IMG_3090.PNG)

yeah lilith levisis posts videos non stop and her body is even better in videos than in photos

No. 450672

File: 1514012664207.png (166.24 KB, 750x1049, IMG_3091.PNG)

i think lilith levisis and lil peep had a thing look at comments

No. 450674

File: 1514012809066.jpg (111.86 KB, 831x652, IMG_2999_Facetune_21.12.2017-2…)

if you actually know lilith levisis you know she has most fucked up life and her ex boyfriend actually tried to murder her she has been in pysch ward since age six and was also sent to live in finland for three years they found her almost dead in a basement with no food or water

No. 450675

your are fucking creepy for finding this out

No. 450677

atleast she doesnt spend time trashing random girls she doesnt know online get a life

No. 450678

> cant photoshop
> FaceTune in filename

No. 450689

hmm I wonder who this samefag is

No. 450698

Good catch anon, I’m ugly laughing.

>implies you’re fucking anyone worth fucking
>implies you’re getting paid
I promise you no self-respecting woman wants anything your nasty snatch has tainted, no pun intended. When the drugs take their toll and not even Photoshop can fix it, let me know how “paid” you get with your overwhelming lack of intelligence or any marketable skills.

No. 450798

yeah most of you replying to this are giving it away that you're new to this shit and you're most likely the same person replying entries… LEARN TO SAGE!

on another note, did anyone else catch lilith's story about some dude telling her to stop begging for money because she has her rich parents? she called out PULL and said she was getting bullied by them

No. 451489

Can't photoshop videos lol. Yes. You can. Hi Lilith

No. 451490

That's a load of shit there are photos of her growing up with her rich ass family, basic and boring. The girl makes things up

No. 453829

Lilith, nobody believes you!!

No. 455938

how is ericka camacho not on this list lmao her dad has a nice ass house and shes ghetto as hell

No. 456307

because dipshits like you post stupid shit like this instead of adding actual milk.

No. 457713


Such a dumb bitch.

Honestly anyone who likes Holli and chooses to associate w her after all the horrible shit she’s done to people is fucked in the head

Did anyone see Lilliths fucking “rip Manson” post?? It was so cringe. She literally said “you had a hit out for my grandma who I love more than anyone but it’s all good love you Manson”. GOTTA LOVE A DUMB SLUT

No. 458764

File: 1514806546089.png (564.69 KB, 815x458, F08A5071-B365-493B-AF4B-F6D5DF…)

No. 458765

File: 1514806567337.jpeg (637.01 KB, 800x1199, DD4AC167-AB59-47B1-BF09-80258D…)

No. 460902

lilith got some shit tattoos according to her story

No. 468681

File: 1515799251955.png (335.73 KB, 720x1069, 20180112_181928.png)

Oh the laugh…
Funny lopho would say this while being totally okay with dropping heroin, coke and hell knows what else in her system.

No. 469205

File: 1515878814800.png (692.38 KB, 1116x432, Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 21.2…)

No. 469211

File: 1515879301381.png (223.35 KB, 350x350, norm.PNG)

this is a totally normal ribcage. she doesnt have that freakshow shit. and this music video is terrible. really, everyone involved should so embarrassed that they never leave their homes again. what a tryhard shitshow.

No. 475805

File: 1516407581580.png (441.6 KB, 750x1334, 13F23038-E545-4155-A8D6-E805B7…)

Lillith is in a new music vid

No. 475823

File: 1516409915510.png (149.59 KB, 750x1162, IMG_8789.PNG)

No. 475883


No. 476133

what the heck is this cringey insta goth doing in a MV with kris wu lmao if you look around the first few minutes of the video she dancing like an idiot

No. 476135

wow. that's just so ugly.

No. 476465

Wow I'm sure that tiny dog really appreciates her smoking while holding him up to her fucking face.

No. 476468

wow so how do you know the dogs gender then? :^)(:^))

No. 476475

Why does it matter, stop derailing

No. 477215

File: 1516579093451.png (2.58 MB, 1125x2001, D20B6547-55E1-45C4-9E78-E0742C…)

She spoke about it on her story she’s probably projecting because everyone saw her looking busted irl

No. 477299

Lol what??? Who gives a fuck.

No. 478642

File: 1516695110653.jpeg (154.79 KB, 750x1162, F5523689-F0D8-4C61-A11E-3BB8DE…)

no no no no no

No. 478809


is she complaining about a video shoot being well-managed and professional and not an actual ghetto thot wannabe drug party, or am i understanding this wrong because i'm not familiar with the soundcloutisms she uses?

No. 478848

I am LIVING for this, shes most likely mad she didn't get all the attention she thought she would get. Probably figured she'd be a front line girl with the camera focusing on her.
Now that she spoke out about how she hated it, good job Lilith Noone in their right mind will ever hire a "model" That will trash mouth a production she was working on while admitting she was on drugs during. You just don't do that,but unproffesionalism is expected from trash like you. Learn from this since it could very well be the LAST time a real production crew will even look your way.
I hope they respond and put her in her place

No. 479500

LMAO the distortion on the text makes this 10x better

No. 481708

File: 1516941230224.jpeg (662.36 KB, 1125x1555, A7B1A33C-A066-43DC-A193-5F5BE6…)

Struggling artist lol

No. 481869

She’s doing the same shit when she was going to adopt a koala bear it’s so fake, expect her to only cop 1/4 of it for her pet and the rest is for her self

No. 481871

It’s so fake

No. 481876

Who’d give in to that she got her cat on a flight from NYC to LA lmao

No. 481882

File: 1516980009764.jpeg (492.28 KB, 756x1898, 9A873DE4-AC15-4803-9D38-6B97F3…)

No. 481890

File: 1516980568552.jpeg (135.12 KB, 1124x921, 8A52900E-50FC-4414-B063-F40C94…)

She’s a shit person

No. 482065

File: 1516994813244.png (2.57 MB, 1125x2001, EEEA0EFD-3110-465D-B70F-6DEED7…)

Lily rose depp is backing this lmaoo

No. 482276

So her cat is ill well what does she expect with all that ritual shit she does in “her” apartment? It’s not even her apartment it actually belongs to some photographer named Bianca. This was a few months ago but I watched one of Clare’s Instagram stories and she was throwing weed directly at her cat.

No. 482287

why does clare just ask her rich dad to pay for it like he pays for everything else? lol

No. 482289

They won’t because Clare is the family let down and Rachel is exceptionally their favourite child. Did you know Clare blocks her mother on Facebook? Lmao

No. 482339

LMFAO it probably does more to protect her poor mommy's heart to not see the disgusting gutter rat her daughter turned out to be

No. 482629


so true, the oils she keeps in her apartment are highly toxic for cats, it's super easy to google. just hopinggggg she's unaware of this.

No. 482753

She’s most likely well aware everyone knows the basics of animal proofing a house it’s like leaving tide pods next to your toddler

No. 482767

She’s a fucking dumbass she killed off her own cat for the sake of keeping her Instagram aesthetic up to date

No. 482776

File: 1517077073287.png (6.3 MB, 1125x2001, 0EF6D111-B2FE-48F4-A686-47A527…)

Anyone remember her? Used to hang out with the @lopholora kid back when cosplaying as Joanna kutcha was a thing

No. 482793

um lopholora copies her on the daily

No. 482813

File: 1517080390986.jpeg (436.4 KB, 1124x1689, B4A6D8F3-4944-4FE7-B75E-0286A9…)

Speaking of lopholora did she not say she was cutting down weed because it made her feel like she was on crack

No. 482879

that is so cringeworthy she said that?

No. 483096

are people still falling for clares cyberbegging

No. 483118

the gofundme is currently at $3,200. lots of skepticism in her comments on insta, pic related.

No. 483121

File: 1517091492124.jpeg (222.97 KB, 640x980, 4C0B75C2-A0B1-4000-A877-49BEE7…)

dropped pic.

No. 483123

File: 1517091536655.jpeg (134.7 KB, 640x953, AE9BDF90-D6D7-4C80-AFC4-361B41…)

this person is pasting this on all the pics of her cat.

No. 483126

File: 1517091674084.jpeg (163.51 KB, 640x973, 6F990495-CDFC-4185-8BEA-FD4BB3…)

there are people trying to give her legitimate advice, who are obviously going ignored as per usual with clare. as another anon mentioned, her insta story is her at some kind of party, nothing about the cat.

No. 483152

Even if her cat's treatment costs what she's asking for, I'm pretty sure she (her dad) has the money, she just doesn't want to spend it.
Like the person in these comments pointed out, clare hasn't set a time limit for the getting the money/treatment, which is strange.

No. 483161

God this is so embarrassing she should of just bit the bullet and sold shit on depop or took out a loan because now she’s being exposed for animal negligence and n scamming I guess that’s what happens when people make u think you’re special for smoking crack and listening to rob zombie (she seriously acts like she’s the first human to do that shit and soundclout rappers and 13yo fangirls don’t know better lol)

No. 483176

hmm isn't there a pending time on gofundme withdrawals because i'm pretty sure if it was a case of an emergency her cat would have been put down by now

No. 483179

*it's what she has been doing ever since she moved to LA acting like she's the shit being a immature 20 year old posting edgy shit not taking care of herself her pet or her friends apartment

No. 483186

I feel sorry for Bianca how does she tolerate Clare's trashiness and actions living there

No. 483207

File: 1517095273881.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1640, 3E2B33FA-4295-4C3B-8602-813D2A…)

She’s In Vegas oh..my

No. 483211

Yeah… this is definitely what broke people do while their pet is close to death

No. 483214

File: 1517095489386.jpeg (911.38 KB, 1125x2019, D77B7BC8-E670-4D72-8A93-9C3CB3…)

Her cats life is in jeopardy because she is out somewhere partying

No. 483217

How long is she going to keep up this Harley Quinn aesthetic she looks just as ridiculous as every Harley Quinn cosplayer at comic-con

No. 483228

Honestly this reeks of “daddy wouldn’t pay for my Vegas weekend so let’s make a gofundme hehehe and have a celebrity promote it to 3.3mil follows hehe” lol we have our Walmart felice fawn here

No. 483229

Her follower count went from 72.2k to 72.1k now. Would have expected her followers to sky rocket from Lily Rose Depps story lmao.

No. 483237

File: 1517096517191.jpeg (192.61 KB, 236x849, 7700BC46-754B-41B9-B2CE-8C3C7A…)

It’s interesting what you can find on tagged photos

No. 483245

She literally looks like a rodent coupled with the fact she’s short she must be a sight irl

No. 483323

did anyone else see clare's story sometime ago when she said she got kicked out of film college

No. 483917

Nope, why did she ?

No. 483970

File: 1517159266606.jpeg (688.08 KB, 1125x2040, 4D203B8A-4E94-4418-AFAD-2C7F2F…)

No. 483975

Shes pretending that she’s seen her cat by giving us false daily updates and reposting biancas video
she’s just fooling us

No. 484763

File: 1517196037306.jpeg (540 KB, 750x1193, F37773D0-AE71-4B7B-A6E2-716DBF…)

Bitch what fucking vet place cost $8000 for a cat. If it’s such an important surgery that would cost that much, the cat would already be fucking dead. Can’t believe the fools that donate jfc

No. 484817

Not trying to WK but it is entirely possible for vet visits to cost this. My cat had a bowel obstruction that required surgery and it cost around 5k.

No. 484840

I wonder what she’s do with the money if the cat died lol

No. 486583


so does her dad paid for rent or is she allowed to live there rent free?

I actually believe she doesn't have the money the parents may be rich but that doesn't mean they will spend 8000 for a cat esp. after all the money they already spend into clares poor life choices, moving her to LA, art school tuition, her multiple emergency room visits, private rehab, psych, 800 every 6 m for her lip fillers ect

No. 486614

She likes to make it look like she’s rich but actually she hooks up with a lot of guys and she’s only taking part in trashy modelling jobs to pay her expenses and that’s why she cyberbegs too asking her for followers for money on PayPal

No. 486620

Her latest video is disgusting every time I see her upload a video of her ass it looks like her ass stinks

No. 486670

It’s ugly as fuck what is wrong with her she literally looks like a 30yo crackwhore with a 14yos face she probably likes that though

No. 487010

I dislike all the nudity she posts it’s so degrading and she’s changed her Instagram display picture of the one were that guy is grabbing her by her pussy. Man…. she could be better.

No. 487012

I love how she’s all “oh no I post my body because I’m body confident!!” but I still think deep down she loves the fact that she’s being a whore

No. 487013

She’s literally the dirtiest bumass in LA

No. 487018

Um atually her face in person is awful it’s stamped with white foundation that hardly matches her skin tone and up close she is wrinkly as fuck but that’s because she smokes about 20 cigarettes in one sitting

No. 487032

I feel like she visits this thread often when we post screenshots and then she has a tantrum trying to justify all the things she’s been doing. Up to now she’s tried to justify the whole situation about the bikini shoot and the music video with trippieredd, and now she’s getting cautiously offended at people saying she will keep all the money for herself that was meant for her cat.

No. 487034

File: 1517339444438.jpeg (979.72 KB, 1125x1732, F7F4C1A7-3E63-4932-AD8E-EB1150…)

Did anyone else notice she changed her gofundme goal?

No. 487124

Yes but doesn't that depend on the breed of the cat?

No. 487652

File: 1517371346664.jpeg (204.35 KB, 1125x1208, B6532ACD-F038-46C8-A268-EF05B5…)

No. 487810

File: 1517379594518.jpeg (379.06 KB, 750x1081, 82104BA9-7F78-42A6-B0D7-C1EE70…)

No. 487812


All breeds of cats have the same anatomy except for brachycephalic breeds.

No. 487879

Ah right I see

No. 487880

This is just so disgusting and yet people are making out she’s a princess on instagram I think I dislike her twice as much after seeing this

No. 487883

I can see clearly why she cyberbegs on instagram I was recapping on her posts on her arrest date and she was still cyber begging!

No. 487931

How is that misdemeanour omg , and I bet when she got arrested she was like do you know who my dad is and shit

No. 488014


Whether the violation is a misdemeanor or felony depends on the substance and the quantity.

No. 488023

In a way I feel like Clare is proud of all this

No. 488243


Damn, she's only 5'2"?

No. 488425

File: 1517428475032.jpeg (142.51 KB, 1125x346, 842BFB45-4794-45B2-BEA1-B8E394…)

No. 488946

File: 1517455788740.png (376.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180131-222338.png)

Anyone know who Bella is talking about here?

No. 489298

Idk why she visits this site, clearly she does, if she doesn't care about her image like she said few times when ppl criticized her. First I liked her but now I realize 'who' she is. I liked her art, not specially my style but she seems to have some kind of a creative spirit (also with her oils) But she is trying to hard to control her image and now to justify things she did like that bad music video (btw very unprofessional lilith about this).

Oh and I just don't understand how and why she is so obsessed by her ass! It's really disturbing, so are her videos of '20sec of my ass in every angle so it looks big'.

No. 489304

Sage your shit.

No. 489306

they did..

No. 489350

Who changes the name from Anonymous to ‘anon’ what the hell… I love reading a piece of text that has noticeable hints of defence.

No. 489360

no they wrote 'pure' copy the email field.

No. 489392

Who’s pure on insta

No. 489393

Sorry didn't remember sage so I tried another thing but didn't know it wasn't allowed. But I can't delete it its too late the site doesn't let me so…(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 489994

I wasn’t expecting her to be this ugly

No. 489995

File: 1517536553040.jpeg (156.6 KB, 774x980, 7578C3D7-CD04-4915-B528-665564…)

No. 489997

File: 1517536567572.jpeg (79.72 KB, 526x693, 3588DC18-8B30-46E8-9BDD-CF92B7…)

No. 490001

File: 1517536737454.jpeg (179.67 KB, 1125x701, BF872C1F-149C-46A8-8248-FB9C54…)

This was during one of the nights her cat was suffering whilst she was at that party in Las Vegas and cyberbegging.

No. 490026


No. 490072

File: 1517541785057.jpeg (432.82 KB, 1124x1819, 10350D24-FDA9-4A48-BD79-5A9474…)

Have you seen what type of people she went on board with at that party? Look at this ladies arm. She looks like a bad junkie with no teeth and the other with the guy Clare hung out with and this pic caption “withdrawals”… don’t you find that kinda evidential that Clare’s clearly spending on drugs

No. 490073

File: 1517541806138.jpeg (275.28 KB, 1125x1623, EAD59EF8-FB9B-4B23-853E-66A55D…)

No. 490077

Funny how she’s dressed and her look was going for that Joan jet rebellious heroin/rock chick aesthetic madness but really she looks like her ass stinks

No. 490096

Wtf is wrong with her arms I’ve seen trackmarks before but they’ve never looked like that.

No. 490126

Are…are you sure that's not a tranny anon?

No. 490201


That's from picking scabs.

No. 490360

The Starbucks green tea frappucino…

No. 490842


I feel kinda bad saying this but this is one of those pics that really show her true body type and genes and it isn't natural lifelong fast metabolism like some people. If she thinks she's gonna be like her bff nightcoregirl at the age of 30s still looking thin with fast metabolism with her terrible lifestyle it's not for her. I give her 4-5 more years of good looks max.

No. 492645

File: 1517756727002.jpeg (557.77 KB, 1125x1359, 1B6A3C26-E416-4325-AF93-8A27A3…)

Does anyone else know Lilboweep? I’m not sure if she seems fitting to this thread but she has that same Instagram aesthetic going on. I’ve noticed a lot of things wrong with her photos lately she shops the shit out of her thighs.

No. 492646

File: 1517756740956.jpeg (281.8 KB, 1125x1635, BB98B106-D861-4E64-829C-843145…)

Pic related

No. 492647

File: 1517756866278.jpeg (69.7 KB, 548x493, A3F50883-42B4-4C0A-8366-CF7201…)

No. 492649

Finally someone’s called her out

No. 492767

I can’t believe she’s …. famous now she used to just copy the shit out of Holli and get hate about it on tumblr all the time lmao speaking of Holli she’s trying to plug some “merch”

No. 492795

No she ain’t famous she’s just an internet thing

No. 492872

She’s fits here and in the soundclout general thread I think. Is she cringe outside of the photoshop? I keep seeing her name come up and I never listened to her music.

No. 493717

File: 1517828218694.jpeg (475.67 KB, 1125x1787, 3DD73CF1-056B-429A-A297-996CAF…)

Is Clare still at it with her gofundme cyberbegging?

No. 493718

She needs to give it up

No. 494674

what ever happened to holli? I used to see her around in LA a lot a few years back when she was dating that guy karman. Did she really go to jail?

No. 494706

Yeah and then rehab and then she pretty much dropped off the face of the earth

No. 494722

File: 1517889330432.jpg (56.46 KB, 617x409, kid rock.jpg)


oh my god, it's kid rock! good luck in the senate, kid!

No. 494725

her instagram is @hollibalenciaga now

No. 494876

bleak, I’m glad to be out of the orbit of that scene in general

No. 494878

File: 1517904835114.jpeg (216.13 KB, 1125x1251, DD9E00E3-B19C-430B-82CD-5CA778…)

$75 for that no wonder she only sold one hahaha

No. 494880

File: 1517904933566.jpeg (864.64 KB, 1032x1306, 54A706E4-6C1B-4D28-9196-19F310…)

Who lets her do this lol

No. 494894

File: 1517907075042.jpg (68.79 KB, 1280x720, CharlotteQuin.jpg)

No. 494908

File: 1517909021506.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 323.14 KB, 1125x1350, B9CA1C07-4DFD-447A-BF3B-067255…)

No. 494909

File: 1517909203318.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.58 KB, 1125x1382, 43F6EF29-E4DD-451A-AC42-6E5E52…)

Eerrkkk since when it’s ok to just learn “piercing” by urself n start operating in instagram…. gross

No. 494912

File: 1517909287645.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.73 KB, 1125x1034, E5B4C993-A528-4B64-A417-08ADF1…)

Lol I’m impressed

No. 494938

Chill vendetta-chan no one cares about this fool

No. 494956

Sarah Snyder


Jadens Smith ‘s ex

I wanna know her family background n threads xxx

No. 494962

No. 494967

Mate the bar’s gonna have to be about a mile long, there’s a difference between learning to pierce and just sticking a needle through someone… sage for piercer sperg

No. 495017

I feel like Clare Buley sticks random girls on here because they are her enemies.

I love how this entry >>482813 was made right after people were calling Clare out for cyberbegging.

No. 495057

File: 1517929670025.jpeg (81.11 KB, 480x480, C456CCC5-E945-4115-B7EA-5F4EA2…)

(saged)that was actually me I just thought it would be funny to see how she ended up I really don’t doubt she’s on here though especially because of her pull ran and she isn’t get out much because of her cat atm
CLARE IF YOU ARE READING THIS EVERYONE KNOWS YOU LOOK LIKE A RAT IRL AND YOUR ASS IS MEDIOCRE in fact when this thread reaches its limit we’re using this as the next picture

No. 495063

Ah… sorry for the assumption!

It really bothers me how she made out her thread on PULL looks bad for her image… but she doesn’t bad an eyelid on the discussions people are having her on this. By the looks of I think there are some personal things said on this thread and I feel like LA mutuals are saying most of these things.

No. 495064

^sorry about my bad english

No. 495073

People from her own circle are on here for sure and if any see this give us the details of her dating Marilyn Manson when she was borderline jailbait

No. 495076

No. 495077

No. 495082

I'm not from her circle but I was following her around the time. It wasn't anything serious (not surprisingly), she was just one of a few/many. Seemed like Manson didn't want people knowing about her because I remember some drama blowing up after a friend clare took to his house shared videos and pictures. I don't think either of them even follow eachother on insta anymore.

Also at one point clare ranted about another of Manson's girls because she didn't have hips like her lol

No. 495086

She actually refers to him as her ex and says they dated I don’t care for Manson he’s a creep but clearly she was A) a rebound and B) a hole

No. 495089

MM is soooo not her ex ha she is equivalent to that groupie hoe from almost famous film

No. 495091

Exactly, but she's still so desperate to seem edgy

No. 495099

Mommy and daddy can’t look after her forever and people are going to get bored of her she’s already passed her peak she will probably do a lil peep

No. 495109

Clare doesn’t have hips like that either lol the only time she has definition in her waist is when shes flexing her stomach & shooting from a tilted angle.

No. 495111

She’s ~borderline* she was probably planning their wedding in that empty head of hers

No. 495135

In that crackhead of hers .. has she seen his exes haha and she thinks she’s special honestly she’s still childish and unprofessional chasing the status of being the edgiest bitch in town trying to one up the other instathots with her drug use and trashiness like fine you smoke crack whilst everyone else does Xanax bravo bitch she really deserves this thread because she actually thinks she’s unique

No. 495169

File: 1517937196474.jpeg (597.19 KB, 1536x2048, 56769B2F-15C1-4D1E-8678-2F1362…)

Temporary lip fillers because she doesn’t have any now lol

No. 495196

In rl her lips are bitty as hell with the over lining with that liquid lipstick and she never exfoliates, she stinks

No. 495328

File: 1517944465519.jpg (42.89 KB, 750x429, 27751520_930319410462453_26242…)

clare buley should really look into this shit

No. 496359

Remember when Clare set up the koala gofundme and spent it all on herself this is not the first time she’s pulled stunts like this she’s got to be called out

No. 496370

Yes I remember this far too well. She even made a go fund me called “Lilith meets Holli flight” you can still see it. You can’t trust Clare.

No. 496372

File: 1518003022040.jpeg (269.41 KB, 1125x1838, 2FF8CAFA-179B-4AC2-AF6D-082122…)

Pic related

No. 496373

Plus this was one year ago and she’s being this silly about that campaign imagine how much of a fool people would be after donating for her pet.

No. 496378

This bitch is worthy of a felice fawn style exposure

No. 496381

File: 1518003786690.jpeg (175.87 KB, 1125x500, 521AE0C9-B2F7-4BCD-AD51-0C77FB…)

Hasn’t changed a bit

No. 496382

File: 1518003850205.jpeg (88.38 KB, 640x480, EAAFCA79-8CC1-490B-9FDF-EB34AE…)

No. 496430

She’s too ugly

No. 496680


On top of reaching for handouts, the fact that it's some arbitrary amount of money for the sake of ~edge~ really grinds my gears. It must be nice to have that skewed reality supported by others your whole life…

No. 496863

File: 1518041148049.jpeg (586.66 KB, 750x840, ADFF9B91-5E9C-4998-8AA8-957CE6…)

Photo lilboweep’s boyfriend posted in January. Her legs look so different here. It’s a shame she feels the need to edit herself so much on her instagram.

No. 497163

Daaaamn her the photoshop is so shitty…the background is warped af and there’s so much blurring around her thighs

No. 497448

Felice getting exposed for yearsss didn’t do anything to her image, she peace out because she burnt every bridge she had & got into debit

No. 497497

anyone else see clare's stories crying about how she is totally alone and then bragging about buying a $75 vibrator or what is just me? she took them down quickly but I think it was up for at least 30 min.
I'm unsurprised she's reached the level of sexually frustrated cat lady (no normal guy is every going take her gutter rat acting ass serious) but I personally thought it would happen more like 25+

No. 497519

Clare buley just looks like an easy fuck to me. She’s exposed too much of herself through nudity on her Instagram so I don’t believe any guy would have what it takes to trust her.

No. 497880

To be fair I don’t think she’s in to caring guys I don’t think she’s into guys period she just obsesses

No. 498275

Another snowflake is poutybrat. Got her insta deleted at 40k+ and had a breakdown on her new one in the first few posts. She must not get much attention irl to basically beg for people to like her online. Clout chaser and that’s about it…

No. 498291

I don’t know much about her but she seems like shes trying, She went to rehab & has managed to stay clean & work pretty regularly rather than beg for hand outs when she totally could. Someone posted her nudes here a few mos back iirc she didn’t throw a crazy tantrum or anything

No. 498617

Right, she just seems like she's just trying to get her life back on track again tbh. Her first posts on her new account just mention that she's lost old convos with friends/ potential company connections

No. 498671

No one…. cares

No. 498673

File: 1518185510958.jpeg (737.61 KB, 1125x1790, DAB7A27C-0964-4A3D-B796-611CCB…)

Lol this crazy bitch I thought she was embarrassed about this whole thing but now she’s trying to kiss ass so people will work with her again aw

No. 498677

If you don't care… Don't comment.

No. 498700

Self posts to get her followers up I know she’s lurking lol

No. 498821

I’ve talked to people who are/were friends with her and she’s problematic af. They say she’s really self absorbed and doesn’t really talk about anything but herself. It’s cool she’s “sober”(I’ve heard otherwise) but doesn’t make up for the fact that she’s a total clout chaser

No. 499065

surprised no one’s mentioned @ sheslethal on ig in this thread

No. 499197

What about her? She's always popping up on my IG explore, and I'll admit she's piqued my interest. I've browsed her feed and she's very pretty, but I've always felt like something was a bit off about her. Any milk?

No. 499199

File: 1518220763622.jpg (142.64 KB, 750x1065, IMG_20180209_184840.jpg)

does anyone have any more info about Holli? this picture is not very recent but sums her up perfectly. she's like, 20-21 in this photo. how self obsessed do you have to be to look at this and think "I need to share this!"

I know there was some drama between her and poutybrat. Holli claimed she stole some stuff and there was a huge beef on IG.

she definitely doesn't have a job and is obviously on heroin all the time but somehow still affords a bunch of really expensive stuff. I really want to know how the hell she affords her lifestyle. I've been thinking she's a dealer for a while, but it's just an assumption based on behavior I've observed for a long time (and because I was a heroin addict for a long time and i feel like I have a sixth sense to this shit)

No. 499346

That’s backwards Holli was arrested for burglarizing Gigi’s boyfriend’s house.

No. 499418

I used to follow her. The only thing that seemed off to me about her is that she's self-absorbed, but no more so than the average late teens Lana del Rey-obsessed instathot. I unfollowed her because she's pretty boring tbh.

No. 499426

oh interesting. I didn't mean it in a matter-of-fact way because I only had Holli's version of events. do you happen to know what her full name is or where to find the arrest record online?

No. 499428

>but somehow still affords a bunch of really expensive stuff

Totally speculating here, but I think she's bringing in hoards of cash every now and then from dealing drugs or whoring herself out and then goes out and spends it all on a single brand-name clothing item, purse, make-up palette, trip to a high end salon for those stupid nails, etc. That being said, she's not doing this regularly enough to earn an actual living, is otherwise jobless and doesn't come from money afaik, so she forgoes basic necessities like groceries, gas and a phone plan. Which probably explains why most of her clothes look like they don't even fit her (probably thrifted), why she doesn't drive and is always claiming to not have a phone.

It's all just so she can have one Louis Vuitton backpack and then pose with it in every single picture for the next six months, until one of her strung out retard friends steals it.

No. 499439

Holli Elizabeth Vail

No. 499514

File: 1518242166071.jpeg (904.45 KB, 1125x1171, 784415BD-8FF1-43BF-919B-467736…)

Where is her waist LOL and her legs are stumpy as hell

No. 499516

Has anyone seen under the post where she was complaining about being broke that she ignored a girls advice on how to get off opiates

No. 499531

She said she just smokes a lot of weed now since rehab I wonder if she and Lilith are back on opiates

No. 499546

File: 1518245259656.jpg (53.93 KB, 500x375, heroingranola.jpg)

Holli used to be a bigger girl wayyy back, but somehow fell in with the wrong crowd, lost a ton of weight and moved from xanax to heroin and it became obvious she was a big fan of the five finger discount. I really don't think that's speculation. It's sad because internet popularity probably fueled all that. Growing up in/around Los Angeles probably added to it too. She surrounds herself with losers and her mom looks pretty messed up herself. I don't know her personal life story though, but tbh I feel bad for her more than the other idiots posted here because she actually seemed nice before she fell into oblivion, but that's talking almost 6+ years ago and that's a long fucking time. Trainwreck now.

No. 499624

She looks better thin but not strung out like how she was a few years ago but why do you think she seemed nice? I wasn’t around for pre-drug fucked holli

No. 499748

I think Clare does contour tricks with false tan to achieve the look of her small waist but it’s shows in dark light where as if she is out in broad daylight like in this pic there are no shadows to make her waist look small

No. 499792

File: 1518282351509.jpeg (417.6 KB, 750x1173, 191476D6-4ACB-4F14-801E-7AFB6F…)

so she’s gonna be a camgirl now?

No. 499800

That is funny af

No. 499828

Just a fun fact: Holli was arrested while bleaching her hair. As in, there was bleach on her head when they hauled her off to jail and she was not allowed to wash it out. I read that a while ago on Holli's IG.

No. 499832

I've been sort of followinf Kody (sheslethal) for a while on tumblr then IG, not much milk tbh. She is very self absorbed like another anon said. It really shows when she does a live on IG with other people imo. I also think she sells nudes and videos but I see her post from time to time that she doesn't have new content so it's prob a scam. I think she likes to do coke too.

She also makes cringy, wannabe Lana video edits from time to time.

If you watch and read her face when she goes live on IG to do her makeup or w/e, you can kind of tell she is self-conscious actually. But she's like 18 or 19 so… not super milky I guess?

No. 499873

File: 1518288721531.jpg (54.99 KB, 620x757, 45bd3b46-e6f5-49bb-9d4e-876bdb…)

Does anyone follow Kaycee aka babytrash on IG?

Her personality seems ok but she posts cringy af photos and videos for clout. It seems like she has no personal style beyond tumblr/ig trends. Pics related.

Also she and her husband met up with scorpioasshoe (ig) and her bf for a foursome and there was some drama bc scorpioasshoe was apparently made uncomfortable or creeped out by Kaycee's gross husband lmao. Then they passive-aggressively talked shit on each other on ig and tumblr instead of having an open line of communication between the 4 of them. There are videos and gifs of their sexcapades on tumblr and it's fucking gross looking.

Kaycee honestly gets more and more cringy as times goes on with her terrible, wannabe style. She has done some modelling for w.i.a. collections which has only encouraged her shitty sense of style completely contrived from stupid ~tumblr fashions~.

No. 499883

File: 1518289053167.jpg (400.54 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180210-102057.jpg)

Sage bc irrelevant but how the fuck do you post a gif here?? I have more pics to post but it keeps showing up as a fuckin monopoly ad wtf??

No. 499886

File: 1518289198690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 362.98 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180210-102119.jpg)

Her and scorpioasshoe

No. 499887

File: 1518289240584.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 308x308, 9081bd05-167a-4a12-978f-ff0809…)

Stand up straight ffs!!!

No. 499890

File: 1518289319902.jpg (472.47 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180210-102035.jpg)

You're too old for this nonsense Kaycee

No. 499896

File: 1518289668228.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 357x357, 0f14fb31-1708-4f83-a393-d5ef69…)

Warning gross sex

No. 500062

isnt that scorpioasshoe?
speaking of which she is starting to fall under this instagram shitshow

No. 500067

File: 1518299621413.jpeg (41.94 KB, 480x277, AC0AD67B-5AF2-4A5F-8898-2CAA45…)

No. 500103

Shes the one on the left with the snake tattoo

No. 500150

She was involved with babytrash but cut ties once she realized she’s shit. It doesn’t seem like she associates with anyone else in the SoundClout scene. Her ig is mostly just personal stuff/not all that exciting. Long time followers of hers so I know a bit, not trying to white knight but she’s not a milky person, just normal/interesting.

No. 500163


I'm the anon who posted the babytrash pics and yeah scorpioasshoe seems pretty chill. She even deleted her tumblr recently so she's not as pathetic imo. She just works and does her makeup on ig live sometimes. She just modelled for dollskill too. Maybe that's why she seems like she's cringier lately lol

No. 500215

File: 1518309527196.jpg (11.05 MB, 728x728, 3LVj06p.jpg)

The fuck are you doing gurl?

I actually think her personality is ok but what is this shit

No. 500232

thank the lord scorpioasshoe found plastic surgery cause she was ugly as fuck without it, the nose and lips were slop

No. 500325

Really appreciate her honesty tho

No. 500381

Lol kaycee’s husband uses to send me dick pics on Snapchat and used to text me a fair bit (I was kinda into him and assumed they were in an open relationship) one morning I got a text from Kaycee calling me a bitch and a home wrecker (couple years ago so no receipts) and now they’re having foursomes lmao

No. 500397


Ya on his tumblr (yunghankmoody) he creeps on girls and reposts their pics constantly. He also posts nudes and gifs of his dick so fair warning if you plan on going down that rabbit hole. (No pun intended kek) His daddy tattoo is gross too. Yick

No. 500402

File: 1518328619610.jpg (85.03 KB, 640x308, Screenshot_20180210-215134_cro…)


Here he is being smug and also some milk regarding the foursome drama.

No. 500403

File: 1518328666086.jpg (177.89 KB, 640x769, Screenshot_20180210-215224_cro…)

Fuck, dropped pics. More incoming

No. 500404

File: 1518328681296.jpg (78.97 KB, 640x449, Screenshot_20180210-215141_cro…)

No. 500405

File: 1518328699128.jpg (229 KB, 640x640, Screenshot_20180210-215235_cro…)

No. 500406

File: 1518328725461.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 300x300, 5d2f28cd-1d43-4f66-adf4-f390ce…)

No. 500514

File: 1518353109916.jpeg (273.01 KB, 1125x1876, 20210350-8A6E-436F-AB21-9527CD…)

I love how Lilith called lopholora our for being involved with that pedofile rapper teaching us all how wrong it was to support him meanwhile she uploads this video expressing what her children would look like with a serial killer who was practically a rapist

No. 500515

Why does she call so many bitches out for shit yet she does very similar hypocritical things herself?

No. 500570

He raped and murdered a toddler she’s an idiot

No. 500656

Yeah man I asked her for premium and about her content. I want to see what she posts but supposedly it’s 50 a month.

No. 500844

Scorpio was just on live saying babytrash's gross husband started treating her like shit after she refused to do DP during their foursome

No. 500847

File: 1518389243115.jpg (296.85 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180211-144657.jpg)

Speak of the devil

From Layla's story

No. 500999

Hollis life is sad af and I don’t feel bad for her. Not only has she victimized me and countless others but constantly does harm to so many people. She is truly sick and I believe she is evil. She would send me vids of her crying and punching herself in the head if she was mad at me. Incredibly manipulative and just crazy. If I got .2 more of dope than her then she threw a fucking hissy fit and would force me to give her my dope. Grateful af to be sober from that shit because I probably would have ended up as shitty as Holli. Her and Clare are perfect for each other because they’re sociopathic narcissists. The whole clan of people that used to hangout together like Sophia Holli Mitch and Sam are fucked up. I pity these people.

No. 501002

Has anyone on here talked about meg (mamaissues)? She’s really fucked up in the head. Posts screaming/crying rants on her story about how her TODDLER doesn’t clean up her toys and makes messes…what do you expect from a 3 year old….

No. 501133

check the sex worker thread

No. 501209

I won't mention your name but I'm pretty sure I know who's written this since you've used some of the same exact phrasing on tumblr posts. If you're truly glad to be sober/away from her you should probably stop lurking.

No. 501222

True. I probably shouldn’t keep coming here. It’s hard to not vent anonymously and I should keep my mouth shut. What I said are things that have all be stated previously and will most likely continue to be stated since their behavior will probably not change any time soon.

No. 501225

I doubt there will be anyone here who disagrees with what you have said / have to say. A two minute scroll through this thread shows that. But as you said, these people might not change so it's probably for the best to leave them be.
I've heard Holli got sober after her stint in jail but I don't know where she's at now.

No. 501236

I don’t know any of that information anymore. I have all of them blocked to prevent them from seeing my shit (I doubt they even look but it’s a precaution) and to also stop myself from seeing their shit. Seeing Hollis face just brings up so much anger and resentment and overall negative feelings that I really hope I can eventually let go of because it’s not healthy to feel that much animosity towards anyone. Deep down I really do hope she gets better because when I was using I was in so much pain and I know how horrible it is to feel that way and the level of self hatred you have to have to bring you to that place. If that’ll ever happen, who knows. With her track record and the way things are presenting themselves currently it seems unlikely in the near future but anything can happen

No. 501256

That's probably for the best.
I agree it's possible for her to get on the right track but I can't really see it happening with clare etc around her.

No. 501267

From personal experience I can definitely agree with that. It was impossible to stay sober when all my friends were using or totally enabling my bullshit. I can’t say how many times I’d tell myself “I’m not gonna get high” and then a friend would hit me up saying I have shit or asking if I wanted any and in an hour I’d be high again. It’s hard to cut out all these negative people who you thought were friends but it’s the only way to save yourself. When you’re on dope and meth and all those drugs it produces dopamine and seratonin and all that shit that makes you really feel bonded with the people you’re high with. You feel like you’re best friends even after meeting for a few hours because of the drugs. It really creates this false sense of unity and oneness and in reality it’s all trash and 3/4 of those people would throw you under the bus to save their asses without even thinking twice.

No. 501277

Im assuming that's why so many of the people in that crowd constantly talk about how much they love people they (seemingly) don't know that well or never see again. Either that or they're just lonelier than their instas suggest.

No. 501294

I think there’s a “community” feeling amongst people who do shit like this as well, just like a smoking area crowd. Anyone you can indulge your worst vices in front of is someone you want around.

No. 501299

Both. You develop this sense of knowing someone forever because you’re high as fuck and all those bonding chemicals are firing left and right. A lot of people feel like they can be vulnerable and open up when in those states and talk about their traumas and horrible things that have happened to them. Like the other reply said, it’s out of Thst sense of community too. Someone who doesn’t do heroin/meth isn’t gonna hangout with people who do those things. It freaks them out. When hardcore drug addicts find each other they feel like part of something bigger and they feel loved and accepted. So these lonely people, who do drugs partially out of being lonely, hangout with other damaged lonely people to do these taboo drugs, have a false sense of emotional connection, and then you have a cluster fuck of toxic relationships that enable and promote!and give fire to each others addictions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 501305

im friends with one of scorpioasshoe’s friends. they told me it caused a rift her relationship and lots of jealousy and that she didnt even want to do the 4some but babytrash became obsessed with her and talked her into it. she flew scorpion out for the 4some.

No. 501663


In the gifs they posted her ass was getting fingerblasted like a god damned porno

No. 501678

File: 1518468173456.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 332x332, 0ff86a58-290f-4cb4-ba54-be4756…)

No. 501681

File: 1518468239276.jpg (Spoiler Image, 246.04 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180212-124110.jpg)

No. 501683

File: 1518468293709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 326.01 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180212-124203.jpg)

Here he is being creepy on scorpio's posts. Honestly his tumblr is a goldmine of cringe.

No. 501903

File: 1518481830748.jpeg (79.43 KB, 1242x628, image.jpeg)

cool reply, lilith.

No. 501914

you killed athena paige lol
jk just wanna be a mean person and remind you that you cut the last xanax she ever had

No. 501923

File: 1518483143016.jpg (219.77 KB, 960x1280, 0b8c47b1-6c90-40b7-ab21-430c76…)

I knew it was Paige posting too! She won't move on and shut the fuck up about her relationships with these people.

RIP Athena. I don't really think it's Paige's fault tho. They're all rich junkies so it was bound to happen. But Athena's progression from normal girl to addict was shockingly fast.

I never understood why they hung out w Paige bc she's ugly as sin. Maybe she had all the connects (for drugs)? Pic related.

No. 501924

File: 1518483195468.jpg (84.4 KB, 423x750, a9dd9e6d-4a03-4196-8dd8-d9a753…)

No. 501925

File: 1518483213370.jpg (37.84 KB, 225x400, 2472917d-2d08-4593-8b10-1562de…)

No. 501926

File: 1518483233329.jpg (37.57 KB, 225x400, 9cdf40e9-df63-4ebb-87c3-c2fdba…)

No. 501933

I was doing lurking today and this might not be true but mitch (athenas bf) said she hung out with paige because she didn't have a lot of friends in the drug scene. again I say this might not be true I saw this on his blog after athena died and I know he started hooking up with holli after she died so he might have just been spiteful but paige really just seems like the ew friend. holli was fat before h but paige was just plain ugly.

No. 501943

i was lurking on tumblr and i saw a pic of a girl who looks like holli getting eaten out by another girl. they tagged her in it and tagged it heroingranola too but i’m not sure if i should post it? probably not?

No. 501948

post and spoil because I wanna see

No. 501976

I remember reading something similar. It wouldn't be that surpising tbh. Based on insta/tumblr, I'm pretty sure athena only knew paige briefly, she was friends with holli etc for longer.

No. 502069

File: 1518564128502.jpeg (202.05 KB, 750x1334, 5BE6E512-44A5-44B8-B732-BAB629…)

That’s because all your friends are crackheads that you use as accessories for clout stop guilt tripping your followers and get a job

No. 502101


Post it!

No. 502102


What an entitled brat.

No. 502184

File: 1518571046915.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.19 KB, 750x1115, BEE85008-AB00-4FE8-8DFE-62B982…)

might not be her but it’s weird

No. 502214

File: 1518572838245.jpg (493.91 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180213-174708.jpg)


Wow I think that is her and pic related.

No. 502215

File: 1518572894177.jpg (389.4 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180213-174824.jpg)

No. 502247

Old milk, There are pics of Holli eating her out from like a year or two ago

No. 502282

File: 1518576613980.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 430.63 KB, 1242x1789, F442CA66-02EB-426F-901A-EF504D…)


No. 502304

loser already deleted this post kek

No. 502362

This is funny because he's actually the lolcow

No. 502363


Post caps!

No. 502384

How does this bitch have so much money? Sorry I'm new to this I'm still trying to understand how toopoor got famous but how this holli bitch and clare did is even more puzzling. Is it just daddy's money and fucking relevant dudes ?

No. 502716

Same I've always wondered how holli pays her daytoday to expenses cause she clearly has job or job skills. It's obvious she attaches herself to other people with cash inflow for this reason ( the main reason she's with Clare imo) but they can't pay for everything for her.

No. 502809

They both have sugar daddies. Holli posted a picture of her in the tub with some old guy. I can't find the pic now, but she was eating scrambled eggs and he was cleaning a pistol, and the caption referred to him as her sugar daddy.

Clare has an active Seeking Arrangement profile under the name Crystal. It also appears that she has a financial slave, as she's posted caps of their convos before, so my guess is she does some findom work, too. She seems like the type to cam, and she'd probably do well, but I've never seen her on any of the major camsites.

No. 502829

same as lopholora, there is a video of her tonguekissing a grandpa on her insta

No. 502878

A bunch of comments on that video say it's just a mask that looks like an old man… Pretty damn realistic if it is.

No. 503688

File: 1518706827933.png (185.63 KB, 342x386, imageedit_2_4794112641.png)

i haven't read the comments but i will have a look. i agree with you, if this is indeed a mask it would be fx-movie tier and it just makes no sense, it looks real

No. 503971

No this is real because Clare and cassi always had a thing for fucking 50 year old uncles

No. 504163

sorry for responding to an old post, I frequent toopoor's thread and that was enough LA fuckery

clare is only 20?????? that's fucking so sad, not like poor lil girl sad, but like holy fuck your life is flaming garbage and you're such a shitty person you deserve it. i didn't know i could even feel that way about someone so young but damn what a cunt. if i read correctly she claimed to have been in some form of psych therapy? what the fuck. everyone has some traumatic aspect to their family, do your part and heal so you stop spreading pain. these people are actual pieces of trash.

No. 504268

i was surprised to find that out too, i thought she was at least holli's age (22)

No. 504649

Clare got some busted russia thot pretend to be her and scream obscenities saying if Ksusha (lopholora) copies her again she will fuck her up, like she put a wig on some chick and told her to pretend to be her
(Clare) for instagram stories

Clare this is why you have no boyfriend, no career, no real friends besides holli, nothing to show for your life

No. 504673

anyone here mentioned vivadrag?? pretty much a younger clone of toopoor n gang.

No. 504686

She's not, she's just trying to be one of them. Also not worth talking about

No. 504689

vivadrag just a wanna be instagram clout goth hoe, not pretty, not special, not interesting, not milky, who cares

No. 504722

How old is lopholora? She’s actually really gorgeous. Is it just shoop and extensions?
I feel like she had work done but I could just be salty

No. 504760

she has

No. 504789

unlike clare, lopholora is actually pretty. too bad she appears to be legitimately retarded.

No. 504855

she had her lips done and also looks different facial wise. i think clare posted a 'before' photo of lopholora after they had an argument and it looked different from her look now. does anyone have that photo?

No. 504978

Good on lopholora though! She’s moved on goes to school so she earns what she works for, Clare on the other hand… she does nothing and not even her parents support her or supply her with essentials or pocket money. Did Clare take off the link for her go fund me? She really did fool everyone after all.

No. 505144

yeah she's a layla skinwalker. Pretty much the same as cassidy or ccryme aka laylas old assistant. All definitely not worth talking about

No. 505432

how do you know she works?

No. 505477

What the fuck is up with Lilith's recent story? Who's the girl screaming in russian(?)

No. 505752

Read the earlier posts

No. 505758

Is that russian girl Ethan Kaths wife? Au?

No. 507162

File: 1518965194992.jpeg (179.11 KB, 1125x1980, 36DD36FC-40CF-481F-A646-E12F58…)

Apparently the police were above her apartment, good. Someone should really get the police on her this time.

No. 507163

File: 1518965206925.jpeg (133.05 KB, 1125x1957, 2EE9263C-36B4-444A-940E-237534…)

No. 508199

File: 1519020168949.jpg (1.22 MB, 2036x2036, XCamera-20180219_005615.jpg)

Discovered fegalvao_ recently. I think she shoops her waist to look tinier than it is. First shot is one of her most recent while the second is one of her oldest.

I could be wrong through as I did see a pic of her with a waist cincher. Maybe she waist trains? Just smells like bullshit.

No. 508219

Lmao that's a shooped bitch if I ever seen one, the right looks touched too.

No. 508230

File: 1519023580832.jpg (263.86 KB, 497x1126, Screenshot_20180219-015636.jpg)

It's so damn excessive though. I found another good example and her judging by the obvious blur, her tits are shopped too.

No. 508238

She’s cosplaying so I can MAYBE understand the crazy shoop but still the chick needs to chill with liquify

No. 508297

Yet she doesn't shoop her stomach pouch out. Why bother.

No. 508309

Maybe she thinks it makes the rest of it look more believable. Maybe it’s just too hard for her, since her skill level seems pretty low

No. 508342

File: 1519044161557.png (407.62 KB, 720x1132, 20180219_074000.png)

Does anyone else know this creature? I've never cringed harder at someone's existence. If she was more active she'd probably have her own page here.

No. 508383

This thread just suddenly derailed over the talk of waists… Clare just shut up you aren’t number one you literally photoshop your waist too.

No. 508402

her and her best friend did columbine 'cosplays' a while ago, ill find it and it post it later

No. 508413

I remember her! I use to follow her because I thought she was pretty, but then i started looking at her tags and her captions. She’s hella cringe! Idk what this obsession is with columbine??

No. 508418

File: 1519054987300.jpeg (637.61 KB, 1242x2153, D8160F94-4E36-4737-ADFC-F4895A…)

The cringe is real with this one

No. 508474

I did too! Until I saw how truly desperate for attention she was its almost scary. She likes to tell people to kill themselves and call it freedom of speech but screeches and stomps when she gets called out for insulting someone's "stupid" religion or freedom of expression.

No. 509202

lmao thank you for this
sorry everyone can download facetune/meitu and already has who cares. it's not fooling anyone and just lets dudes know you're insecure so they think you're easier to fuck. which shouldn't matter at all but these girls depend on their false reputations so idk what they think is going on

No. 509827

File: 1519165014085.jpeg (252.43 KB, 1125x615, 8EF31218-8543-4E42-8DE4-7EA229…)

She calls what she does art

No. 509840

i mean she paints and makes some stuff but it's really simple and looks like it takes 5 minutes. idg how you put 5 minutes of effort into something and then decide not only are you satisfied with calling yourself an artist but also ready to sell it for a luxury price. how do you get like this?

No. 509911

Copying toopoor with the broken nails probably

No. 510123

Wondering wtf is going on with her cat bs. She's still trying to convince people to donate?? and they…. actually are? With no updates on said cat or anything.

No. 510272

she literally just needs to rent out a studio and put on a local art show or set up at a flea market but she most likely knows only 5 of her followers would show up

No. 510982

File: 1519253922541.jpeg (702.83 KB, 1125x1546, 6A13EDB6-3FC0-4ABE-88A6-602337…)


No. 511016

This is pathetic and dumb and she looks like her ass smells of cheese puffs

No. 511081

Has anyone on here talked about Brooke (prettynypmh)? She’s pretty lame and seems like a Holli/Lilith kiss ass too

No. 511089

I used to be mutuals with her on tumblr. She actually seemed very sweet, although I'm pretty sure she only followed/talked to me because we had a similar "aesthetic" at the time. I actually blew up on tumblr for like two weeks solely because she reblogged like half of the content I'd found and posted.

This was almost 3 years ago, so I don't know if she's gotten worse since then. I do remember reading either on her tumblr or ig that she's a college graduate though, so she's at least got that going for her in comparison to the rest of these retards.

No. 511093

Also, still saging for blog, but I should note that a number of girls in this thread who were popular on tumblr (Holli, her sister and that curly-haired blonde girl they used to hang out with, for example) were also following me at the time for content, and Brooke was the only one who actually went of her way to interact with me.

Idk, she seemed really nice to me. Even if she's a kiss ass, she's still leagues above people like Holli and Lilith imo.

No. 511593

Anyone has milk on blade?

No. 511729

Where do people find these leggings that hug your ass crack? It looks really weird, like she has Barbie legs or something.

No. 512436

File: 1519392848166.png (869.78 KB, 720x1184, 20180223_082849.png)

I always felt there was something up with this chick since she takes the same edited pictures in the same corner of her bathroom without showing her face, and confirmed the feeling when she showed her busted ass face to wave her tits on live to 200 random old men. She made the mistake of showing her home which was absolutely disgusting (note: the clothing in the back was not the only massive lump of clothes thrown about her really dirty house)

No. 513252

someone has to make a thread on her she changes her political views and labels everyday and makes sure to include it in her description she claims to be autistic but based on what she does and having constant phases and obsessions with subcultures says enough tries to be 2edgy4u but gets offended every time someone comments and points out her behavior like what's the difference between her and sjws with these labels and no personality can't stand this culture vulture and did i mention she watches anime too

No. 513254

can't stand her obsession with paganism and that necklace she wears thinking anyone in these regions gives a fuck about paganism these days like she never even lived there so what would she know everything she wears does or says clashes with each other because she can't stick to something and has no idea what she's doing besides the fact she's an attention whore just look at the tags she uses to gain followers that changes constantly too(samefagging)

No. 513255

File: 1519469420863.png (382.03 KB, 1242x1769, IMG_7862.PNG)

what the fuck is this mess

No. 513261

File: 1519469957839.png (423.15 KB, 1241x1818, IMG_7866.PNG)

someone like this had to be a hipster

No. 513262

File: 1519469975836.png (209.49 KB, 1242x1884, IMG_7869.PNG)


No. 513263

File: 1519469994365.png (264.34 KB, 1242x1649, IMG_7867.PNG)

and a weaboo

No. 513264

File: 1519470112330.png (378.9 KB, 1242x1838, IMG_7870.PNG)

punk too

No. 513265

File: 1519470542384.png (265.4 KB, 1242x1851, IMG_7872.PNG)

maybe it's because you don't have a personality and can't stick to something end the sperging

No. 513266

why does she look like she puts nivea cream all over her face to appear pale but ending up looking crusty as fuck pretending she's not wearing any makeup

No. 513452

^ the great part of her too is that she loves posting daily about "no I don't sell nudes I'm not a THOT" BUTTTT will back peddle and say it doesn't effect her and she has no hate for them. Then the next day will go back to calling girls Thots. Magically a PayPal link was been added to her bio. For what bitch? Fuck are they gonna pay you for lmao??

No. 513453

Samfagging to add she abhors weebs and bashes them all the time but oops she took her dumbass outside wearing some cheap aliexpress maid/japanese schoolgirl outfit. I'm almost convinced shes mentally unwell if she wasnt just another try hard teenage "goth"

No. 513633

she's autistic as fuck has no personality and tries to cover it up by pretending to be a part of every subculture it's scary whatever she sees online she becomes obsessed with it and doesn't understand how insane it looks to other ppl and that everything she does or says clashes especially her changing her views every week someone make a thread

No. 513668

This thread is derailing again(minimodding)

No. 513797

File: 1519523607201.jpeg (812.16 KB, 1119x1716, 0D8FD2A6-0C00-4573-A934-597B54…)

FaceTune level reminiscent of toopoor

No. 513800

File: 1519523655294.png (5.9 MB, 1125x2001, 1EB8BF1E-2E1B-4E14-A060-ACDF47…)

Literally I hope they sue her brat ass for defamation

No. 513986

Lilith levisis is so milky it’s a shame she doesn’t know about this thread I would love to see her freak out over it

No. 513992

She does know about this thread

No. 514018

How come she hasn’t posted anything about it if she knows tho? She lost her mind over her PULL thread that had barely 30 posts

No. 514026

She used to go nuts on those tumblr blogs.

No. 514056

Who’s lilith’s ex? she keeps talking about him on twitter and Instagram like an obsessed bitch

No. 514072

Holli's sister looks sooo busted these days. Her body is still a bit slim, but her face looks SO BLOATED it's insane. She's constantly posting pictures with bottles of alcohol but man, she looks terrible.

No. 514094

What’s holli’s sisters handle?

No. 514105

hoodbrat69. She doesn't seem bloated to me though, scrolling back to old photos of her I'm pretty sure she just has a chubby/baby face. Could be wrong though.

No. 514106

Who the fuck would pay 22$ for this crap http://www.lilith-levisis.com/lilith-water-color-x

No. 514108

Don't know his handle or anything but it's some guy she dated in high school.

No. 514110

Her legs are so fat

No. 514113

Found out his name is mitchell or some shit, she is still capitalizing off him http://www.lilith-levisis.com/mitchell-print

No. 514115

His username is mitchell_stepien the bitch is claiming that he wants to kill her kek they even made some doll and hanged it with his junkie friend holli

No. 514157

she also used to be majorly obsessed with her ex Peter. Someone dropped his twitter handle upthread.

No. 514167

I'm pretty sure that's the ex she's still talking about

No. 514186

kamikazebeat on twitter and pebami on instagram

No. 514248

File: 1519583618491.png (140.62 KB, 750x969, IMG_1618.PNG)

lol this one is even worse

No. 514249

File: 1519583677188.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1621.PNG)

No. 514260

You guys are reaching
It's obviously those boots cutting off like a quarter of her leg length
She looks pretty but it's obv she's a narc and an addict and those traits are pretty unattractive

No. 514275

Marilyn Manson and this other guy

No. 514277

She's 5ft2, it's hardly reaching to say she has short legs lol

No. 514291

I have hard time believing she would date anyone who’s not edgy enough for her

No. 514292

she doesn’t even have proof that she was with Marilyn manson

No. 514294

He kept her a secret because they weren't actually a couple. I don't think she understands the difference between a girlfriend and groupie.

No. 514301

Marilyn manson must be into ugly girls

No. 514312

I thought he was still in a live in relationship with Lindsay Usich?

No. 514314

I'm kind of surprised she sells her stuff at the prices she does. Doesn't Tuna sell her paintings at like $60 a pop? It's not worth that, of course, but I'm surprised Miss Narc herself isn't selling ~original Lilith Levisis artwork xXx~ for a lot more.

No. 514440

Holli why are you exposing your best friend?

No. 514441

Because she totally wasn't

No. 514443

Ikr she looks rough! It's obvious she's an alcoholic, girlfriend needs AA.

No. 514448

Anything to make herself look better I guess. Idk they’re both milky af and I’m surprised they still have a following of people that actually admire/like them….they’re so fuckin cringe at this point

No. 514617

File: 1519608994290.jpeg (162.08 KB, 744x1185, 5EDF7B85-5D2A-4840-A507-4AC220…)

well this is supposedly her on stage with manson. i remember seeing him commenting on her IG posts but i think he deleted the comments

No. 514657

He’s brought people on stage before. She’s nothing special. He only dates/fucks hot chicks

No. 514730

Why the fuck is she on a trip when her cat is supposed to be dying? Hoelife comes first I guess

No. 514735

Theres screenshots of her posting cutting and richard ramirez on her secret acc miss narc is into child rapists I see

No. 514737

Post them

No. 514784

File: 1519624224730.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.88 KB, 750x955, A4A245E2-B88F-407A-B17C-2C543A…)

No. 514785

File: 1519624252601.jpeg (107.73 KB, 750x867, 9A2DCCA3-DFD3-414C-BAA3-253FAF…)

No. 514786

File: 1519624282019.jpeg (110.76 KB, 750x812, 5C562F51-CC3E-407E-A0E3-0D7122…)

No. 514787

File: 1519624307673.jpeg (125.75 KB, 750x1114, 49F6A280-EC81-45AC-9776-394051…)

No. 514794

That is such a stupid name for a finsta

No. 514929

>>514440 omfg thank you I’m so glad somebody else is paying attention to the amount of things on the page that could have only come from Holli herself

No. 514942

Disgusting… Richard Ramirez was a violent rapist who beated the shit out of women he brutally raped. He would have raped this worthless bitch and bashed in her brains. Stupid girl.

No. 515005

Those pictures are from holli's insta and clare liked them lol I don't think holli is trying to secretly expose anything

No. 515138

File: 1519669828659.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, 7B5E9891-28D1-4D72-A319-F74D5E…)

Lilith’s bestfriend y’all

No. 515345

….in what world is that artistic smfh these bitches think that they post something on Instagram w a filter and suddenly they’re the next Warhol. Jfc someone needs to smack some sense into them

No. 515417


posting a pic of some dude's sweatpant-clad dick is not, and never has been, art. get some standards woman ffs

No. 515469

Has anyone on here talked about nightcoregirl? A gnarly fuckin heroin addict but just managed to not get as busted as Holli and Clare

No. 515491

Just because you use VSCO doesn’t make you and artist.

No. 515492

No. 515498

The only drama thing about her is that she went off on some chick for copying one of her tattoos. I think it was talked about on here on the too poor thread.

No. 515600

That blade girl is as bad as lilith she keeps posting pictures of her AA size boobs and keeps complaining about people reporting it #art

No. 515709

File: 1519721312682.jpeg (422.08 KB, 1125x1716, AE59E174-60C2-4189-89C5-7DB6E6…)

This is so fucking photoshopped look at the phone

No. 515712

File: 1519721752690.jpeg (241.84 KB, 708x933, 92D362E3-8A3D-4226-AD11-D25B85…)

No. 515715

She has no ass she is just bending her back so far she finna break it

No. 515753


she also had a feud with another instathot, star_666_. Apparently star had a history of being a nazi and missanthropicon tried to approach her to expose her but star deleted all her pm's and they have beef ever since.

No. 515833

File: 1519742411541.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 735F4AB5-65F7-42EB-AA42-F9961A…)

that vingioni website she complained about modeling for has a lot of unshopped pictures of her. i think it’s interesting how she said the brand was shit and the photographer was creepy but on her IG story she was making ass videos and talking about her ass with the photog. he even asks if he can take pics while she’s filming her ass and she says yes clearly

No. 515873

this pic and the ramirez ones are from 2016, you really need to scroll that past to find something interesting about her?

No. 515878

It's not interesting, it's the sort of shit that a try hard 'edgy' thirteen year old would post which just makes her seem dumb

No. 516020

Honestly amazed at how far this bitch can arch it
Been waiting for milk on blade. She pedo pandering hard and wtf is with her chipmunk loli voice

No. 516167

Blade reminds me of those girls in jr high so constantly have to talk about all the drugs they do lmao

No. 516396

File: 1519786907808.jpeg (9.17 KB, 300x171, 5A2EC915-CD71-4299-ACD5-E13327…)

No. 516397

File: 1519786927972.jpeg (11.7 KB, 300x200, 3F2E5F6F-FD98-4254-960B-A0BD99…)

No. 516399

File: 1519786982082.jpeg (13.33 KB, 300x200, 2B16ED62-F758-4877-AC06-842728…)

sorry for the samefagging

No. 516457

She has scoliosis. That’s how she can bend her back like that. Bitch needs a back brace

No. 516460

don't u mean lordosis?

No. 516461

Blade is so annoying with her dick art 5 shades lighter foundation and infant voice

No. 516487

Lilith Lordosis

No. 516519

she definitely doesn't. bending it as much as she can + shoop

about prettynymph– she's on heroin too. but she seems nice and actually works hard. she got a job at a salon doing waxing.

also anyone else see Lilith's story today with felix.holiday in it??? she just changed her handle and i cant remember what the old one was exactly but it had "stripper" in it. i have had suspictions about her too but i really don't know that much.

No. 516580

Ugh no. She does not have scoliosis (I have it) other wise her spine would have abnormal shape that makes her spine curve one side of her body and that is clearly impossible to detect with the amounts of photoshop she applies to photos. It’s deffo a case of lordosis.

No. 516581

If scoliosis was to make her ass perk out then she must have broke her lower back or something. Lordosis is what it is.

No. 516602

File: 1519808306761.jpeg (112.11 KB, 500x311, DCE6DF24-22EE-4107-A8B9-D3BAFA…)

No. 516618

File: 1519810392060.jpeg (248.6 KB, 1125x1963, EB00DBF8-2E2C-4483-BF2C-4414A7…)

Her ass looks like it stinks so bad it’s like you can get a whiff of a bummy smell

also lol “add music to videos” she probably airbrushed this

No. 516729

I saw that. She seemed to expose herself to star about her actual feelings with mixed gender babies, she said that bloodlines should keep themselves pure, especially hers which is dominant and strong and great. We love a racist piece of shit!
Only when she got called out for it did she manage the excuse "I was lying to her to gain her trust and get information from her" Yea sure. Sage for no SS since I deleted them and shouldn't have.

No. 516731

File: 1519829708948.png (708.69 KB, 720x1028, 20180228_095431.png)

Why is she like this. Isn't she like 18 and here she is acting like a retarded 13 year old

No. 516855


honestly I'm with her in this one, star is a huge snowflake and I wouldn't be surprised if she was a NS. Unrelated but I also have soo many screenshots of her acting like a twat to her fans or plain narcissistic

No. 516909

Oh Clare stop making the thread derail this much no one has forgotten about you faking your cats illness for money since you’ve not said a word about it

No. 516936

Lilith actually answered many times about her cats situation if you followed better. Your choose to believe her or not, but I think the cat had his surgery and now he doesn't have his plastic collar anymore so I guess he feels better. >>516909

Mygod her snap must be poor quality, with her disturbing ass videos. It doesn't even look good like this! BTW what is this thing to say that her ass seems to smell bad? Is that a kind of insult? >>516618

No. 517090


turning 18 doesn't magically make people fully grown adults, she's still a dumb gen-z teenager ffs. of course she'll act ridiculous just to post it online.

No. 517325

File: 1519871964759.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 577BD185-1BBC-4E9B-AE29-7DE808…)

My back hurts from looking at her pull this headassery

No. 517326

File: 1519871984316.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, B28BD25D-80CE-48B0-9114-9AA5E8…)

No. 517363


it's ironic cause he did do some basic beauty retouching, you can see where he took out that horrible scarification underneath her pope tattoo. Sill doesnt look anything like her pics too. The similarities to Felice is amazing, all she's missing is a Rich/doormat BF to drive her around and the circle of life can begin anew

No. 517385

File: 1519876469031.png (Spoiler Image, 689.97 KB, 640x1136, B2EFB433-3C32-4D33-9CFA-904072…)

Has anyone seen this yet?
>yup that’s Lilith

No. 517396

Her nipples omg, why?

No. 517820

Eeh I can’t stand her but I don’t see what’s wrong with her nipples

No. 517872

File: 1519932803973.png (3.03 MB, 1242x2208, C55A4247-C135-418E-AC39-26C9BD…)

>posts /pol/ memes to her alt account and idolizes sam hyde
>gets mad when the male subhumans this type of shit attracts post gross comments

Loving every laugh

No. 518264

Sage for nitpicking but, good god those nips are chewed up. Clare, invest in udder cream.

No. 518508

Holli seems to have lost alot of weight

No. 518569

does this dumb bitch even know anything about sam hyde or did she just watch a couple videos and decide he's soOoO FUNNY, hes truly gross as fuck, you cant really talk about morals and shit when youre obsessed with 32 year old dude that fucks 15 year olds

No. 518831

thats just her heroin addiction

No. 518847

She gained weight after quitting heroin, she's probably just lost some of that

No. 519182

you REALLY think gutter goblin looking freaks like holli and clare ARENT on some type of opiod? damn

No. 519366

She’s still on heroin

No. 519473

Holli is still on heroin clare is probably on meth

No. 519486

Any evidence about Holli or is that just a guess?

No. 519499

Look at holli’s face and tell me she’s not a junkie

No. 519537

…so there isn't any actual proof

No. 519602

Jfc no one has ever had physical proof besides what others have been saying from experience. Do you expect her to be posting a sack and a needle on insta? Stop trying to defend her. She’s a huge fucking junkie. Always has been and probably always will be.

No. 519630

File: 1520093663142.png (348.8 KB, 608x366, 009.png)

Uh yeah they have lol she used to post drug pics online and talk about it regularly. After jail she's talked about getting/being clean.
Pic related (one of the many times there was legit physical proof).
Also you can still sage on snow threads.

No. 519633

Lol you’re just as dumb as she is if you believe her. I’ve heard for numerous sources that she’s still doing dope with Clare. It’s cute you believe her tho

No. 519638

If you know her and hate her, cool. But stop bumping and shitting up the thread with 0 actual info.

No. 519707

File: 1520100296383.png (750.1 KB, 720x1046, 20180303_130141.png)

She's so desperate for any and all attention this is an every day all day thing for her. And obviously anyone that points out her dangerous weight gets attacked and blocked. Ember whanns spam account follows her too and licks her asshole up and down. Ember herself has been extremely milky these days but for some reason she's a banned topic.

No. 519801

Wow that shit is actually really really sad and sick. Don’t know who she is but she obviously is really fucked up in the head

No. 519817

She was exposing her poor fucking daughter to this shit before the baby dad took her. This girl is wild. She lives every day of her life looking for attention online instead of getting help.

No. 519829

I'm pretty sure most of the posts here claiming to have dirt on Holli are all from the same person. And if it is in fact that person, it's hard to trust what they say because they've had a personal vendetta against Holli for years and are extremely biased.

I've literally only seen this one person claim that Holli is completely terrible person…like on the level of being a sociopath…aside from being really messed up from all the drugs she does and associating with more openly shitty people like Clare.

No. 519958

Wow. That’s sad as fuck. It’s fucked up to expose children to that kind of stuff. Damn.

No. 519961

I’ve seen a lot of people claim it not just that one girl that used to be friends with her and Athena.

No. 519991

Yup, and there never seems to be any proof posted just 'I heard etc etc'yet they get pissed when people don't just believe every word that's said.

No. 521815

yup clare and lilith are huge attention whores and clare is cringe af but i don't see any proof of them doing drugs lately

No. 521884

Lilith/Clare's pupils are pinned af in every photo even in really low lighting plus on her lives the heroin drawl is real….

No. 522285

What do you mean in her lives the heroin withdrawal is real? What does she do lol

No. 522391

I think this person is trying to say that she talks like she’s on dope with a drawal. Not withdrawal

No. 522977

File: 1520416665840.png (160.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-07-10-57-44…)

No. 523876

File: 1520503024563.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0815.PNG)

Lol blades little blonde friend uploaded a video of her and looky there ! A meth pipe lol I knew she was on that shit .

No. 523897

Is there more milk on her? I’m interested

No. 523898

File: 1520508589432.jpeg (238.79 KB, 749x1060, 0807E749-1E15-4587-9D99-96D682…)

I hope this is a joke because it’d be so sad and not even funny if this is what she really looks like now…

No. 523908

File: 1520509858894.png (950.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-03-08-12-50-33…)

No. 523911

She doesn’t look good there either, but the flash and bad quality film softens her. Is that the drug account or something?

No. 523912

That's just her regular acct I think…

No. 523913

File: 1520510400734.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 87B56F73-C286-4C4D-8F43-84D82C…)

I mean, what the fuck. Shouldn’t she look BETTER post rehab?

No. 523920

File: 1520511929796.png (986.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0820.PNG)

Blade after realizing she was being recorded LOL

No. 523924

File: 1520512144383.png (119.82 KB, 633x1007, IMG_0821.PNG)

Not sure if you meant blade or the girl who posted her, but I do know this girl is just another drugged up looking girl that hangs around blade. Also has a picture with known pedophile tekashi 69

No. 523930

I meant blade, that girl seems milky too though

No. 524041

Can someone post old holli cause I'm not seeing anything before 2017 on insta

No. 524106

She used to be really pretty then when got caught up in the drugs and being “heroin chic” or whatever and thinks looking like a 45 year old homeless crack head tweaker is cute now. Sad.

No. 524108

I don’t know why she deleted all those pics from when she looked good….it seems kinda weird but who knows

No. 524131

They really are the new Juggalo.

No. 524153

File: 1520537678338.png (1.03 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180213-002522.png)

Those are clearly fucking track marks anyone can spot that

No. 524161

Those pics from hollixquinn are her old profile she said something about forgetting the password after she got locked up or something but the hollibalenciaga IG is her most recent…

No. 524212

wow. practically a before and after warning

but what I really wanna know is the milk with layla, holli+lilith. Seems like theres bad blood no?

No. 524272

From what I've seen on Social media lilith called out layla for being a racist/ piece of shit etc and said she doesn't fuck with anybody who fucks with layla, but holli follows layla still and is apparently still with lilith. I honestly wanna see some shit go down haha

No. 524291

File: 1520544421116.png (4.32 MB, 1242x2208, 3EFA4D1A-9C44-4EA6-A1F7-6F4B45…)

Is toopoo on dope too??? These were posted on her snaps a few months ago when she was with Tyler Grosso

No. 524293

File: 1520544504370.png (6.21 MB, 1242x2208, 69C8ED8E-F582-4316-B2A2-F76662…)

No. 524314

File: 1520545806404.jpeg (69.8 KB, 640x480, D8FF7CAB-D966-4823-9760-B32066…)


Holli’s tumblr is pupper95 and she has a million tagged me photos, some of which date back pretty far.

No. 524336


Blade was on the run in upstate New York not long ago because she robbed one of her sugar daddy’s for a LOT of cash.

No. 524370

There’s a whole thread on Layla on here. Just look for it. This is old news.

No. 524381

File: 1520549743940.png (858.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-08-16-52-55…)

This rat looking Clare bitch wants to be Christina Aguilera so badly. She has no original bone in her body.

No. 524409

That’s incredible

No. 524525

what the fuck weed is legal in california the fuck she need a plug unless it's to get smoked out free, which is not the right usage of fuckin plug.

correct me if I'm wrong please, i've had a med card for a while so i don't deal with people like this, but to me this looks really weak asking about weed. tf doesn't she just get a card and get something high quality, why is she whining on instagram unless she doesn't even have trusted sources. wtf.

also he wrist looks fat as fuck for a girl who photoshops everything, why would she show off track marks and a chubby wrist looking for bud

No. 524546

Y’all are dumb. She’s not looking for weed she’s looking for harder shit. She just saying weed for IG, but showing her track marks so the junkies know what plug she’s really after

No. 524558


To be fair the weed from dispensaries is typically a lot more expensive than going thru a dealer. The state taxes it to shit. I was just in Santa Monica for a few months and there are still plenty of pot dealers

No. 524566

File: 1520566327980.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171006-134049.png)

lol @ anyone thinking Holli isn't on heroin. anyone who's had even a small part of their life in the h scene can spot from a mile away. yeah, there's no "hArD eViDeNcE" like pictures or posts, but you don't need it. she has no job. she looks like trash. she lost a ton of weight. her behavior. her mannerisms. her EYES!

I don't really think Lilith is full blown addicted right now, but if she's with Holli you bet your ass she's on heroin.

pic related: a few months ago Holli and Clare went to Target and Clare wanted to be The Edgyest so she put take blood on her head. she literally looked like she got into a car accident. like damn you're that desperate??? and she had to "go outside bc muh anxiety"… she was so obviously on heroin in her story.

No. 524567

You guys sound like people who haven’t really looked for hard drugs before. I have. She is just SAYING weed to cover her ass

No. 524568

File: 1520566427127.png (1.7 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180214-221721.png)

No. 524570

Jfc THANK YOU. Even when there was physical proof they denied it and said it was all in the past or other stupid shit.

No. 524579

These girls are obviously on drugs Christ I mean look at Hollis face. Why is this even an argument at this point. Wish i had screenshots because i’ve loosely followed Holli for 5+ years and she did massive amounts

No. 524591

If you’ve seen the progression of how she looks it is so obvious especially when you add in the fact that others have come forward saying they’ve done heroin/meth consistently with her. If you’re a Holli dick rider this ain’t the forum for you. Just hop back on tumblr

No. 524592

File: 1520568524478.jpeg (176.66 KB, 750x984, A31CB51C-05FD-416E-82D9-14770B…)

TP photographing Lilith and holli a while back. The dynamic of this makes me laugh idk

No. 524598

Pretty sure most of us agree that she’s a dope addict….. I gotta say tho as one myself it’s really fucking hard to even just survive and she has hugely turned down the messiness so I think she’s at least trying to control her habit

Imo the most ridiculous thing about Holli is her tattoos. Hands down by far the worst of anyone of these girls… like that demon mouse chicken scratch and Louis Vuitton symbol combo is unmatched

No. 524609

I think she doesn’t look messy because she doesn’t have much to mess up. No job, no romantic relationships, not really close with her family and the friends she does have are also currently in their addictions. She also constantly gets positive reinforcement for being a junkie and that probably keeps her going. I don’t think she’s overdosed because she doesn’t have the funds to use to that extent. Just my thoughts

No. 524702

File: 1520592707921.jpeg (54.97 KB, 500x486, 73238B3C-5300-4DD8-9438-014BCE…)

No. 525003

She doesn't look much better?

No. 525542

Do you think Lilith really does demonic rituals and stuff of that sort or do you think it's just an image. I see all the scary shit she has around her house like the weird owl looking stuffed animal that has what looks like real feathers but idk, pictures of her house scare me

No. 525714

Lilith collects owl pellets/ bones or some shit and makes stupid oils, draws shitty scribble art but don't think she actually does rituals, it's all image shit. She listens to basic, terrible soundcloud shit but wears black metal shirts to pull off this "demon Harley Quinn psycho" look which is dumb because the girl can't even be in public without getting/acting insecure because she ~gets weird looks from ppl~ lollll

No. 525906

Also holli is selling her "artwork" online which is actually exact too offs of precious moments. She's even making hoodies with precious moments eyes and claiming she made them.

No. 525908

Rip offs* ^

No. 526305


Not if you do drugs for any years, it pretty much destroys your health and metabolism. Opiates are actually one of the few drugs that is mostly nontoxic in the human body but the lifestyle is what fucks over people. Don't eat for days, only eat candy bars and other nutritionally devoid junk, don't sleep or terrible sleep hygiene, chain smoking (smoking tobacco is one of single worst things you can do for your appearance long term but it's also been linked to have therapeutic effects for certain mental illnesses) because you literally have nothing else to do. Holli got lucky as fuck because she has good genes for facial symmetry and nice features which somewhat help distract from what she's done to herself.

No. 526377

>Holli got lucky as fuck because she has good genes for facial symmetry and nice features which somewhat help distract from what she's done to herself.

Lol, bitch where? This has to be a self post because Holli is haggard, has NO redeeming physical qualities, and is one of the worst looking people I've ran across on this site.

No. 526411

File: 1520793785503.jpg (29.23 KB, 454x455, kitching.jpg)

Claire's hair gives me more of an early Audrey Kitching scene queen vibe. You know, cuz all these girls want to be scene queens. apologies for the late reply.

No. 526428

TRUUUUUEEEE. There’s a reason she doesn’t smile in pics….

No. 526493


Lol why? She does look haggard and horrible, I'm just saying under the bloat she has/had good features like high cheekbones and large eyes.

No. 526507

Why is scene coming back so strong? Everyone I know is doing it again.

No. 526519

Someone should tell Kiki, maybe she’d drop the love and light Elf goddess thing

No. 526631

File: 1520811102152.gif (1.63 MB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_ovkf7t0KVS1qge5e…)

mfw kiki returns to her scene roots

No. 526819

File: 1520825415625.jpg (14.78 KB, 474x474, 10858577_10152619196723246_861…)

2014 holli from fb

No. 526834

File: 1520826131092.jpg (55.05 KB, 720x960, 12924409_10154041842860782_731…)

old photo clare forgot on fb

No. 526846

why are people saying shes hideous? shes really pretty. she has pretty eyes and cheekbones, nice mouth, etc? is this a catfishy photo?

No. 526852

She USED to be pretty anon. Drugs have ran her ragged. She’s beat now.

No. 526898

File: 1520834195064.png (116.77 KB, 1242x732, IMG_7172.PNG)

idk this seems true - a connection between "Bush Era Redux" aka Trump presidency and the return of scene and Hot Topic/mall goth aesthetics

No. 526918

File: 1520837364017.jpeg (37.88 KB, 400x365, BCF9614C-22BE-49A6-A832-0A14E9…)

she was actually kind of beautiful, its still there if she cleaned up imo

No. 527301

Why does her nose look so weird

No. 527623

File: 1520906931396.png (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 750x1334, F3E41AF4-F4DB-4611-9ACC-EAB5AA…)

No. 527685

Does she colour her nipples in with felts

No. 527757

i think they can't tell the difference between looking like shit and having actually ugly features. holli has good genetics but currently looks like death.

lol it makes you wonder if some people really do subconsciously think of the president as their parents

No. 527777

File: 1520918470866.png (12.72 MB, 1242x2208, C95DDA13-071B-4277-B059-E3957A…)

Pre drug Holli

No. 527778

File: 1520918503815.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.62 KB, 640x1136, B57BBC79-E970-455C-9712-0EAA21…)

Post drug Holli

No. 527791

File: 1520920885149.jpeg (63.39 KB, 640x343, 27431F43-2D45-49C9-B6A0-84C277…)

I don’t think there’s any returning to being attractive for Holli. She’s completely fried. Her nose is caving in from snorting drugs. Her skin is hanging off of her like a drowned corpse. When she speaks, she trips over her words and slurs like she’s handicapped. Once you reach that point it’s difficult to bounce back.

No. 527793

File: 1520921062499.jpeg (66.36 KB, 500x393, F020E5DD-5838-4822-A5F2-9BC022…)

She was actually pretty sweet and normal when she was fat. So strange how obsessed with her people on tumblr got when she stopped eating.

No. 527794

File: 1520921117902.jpeg (53.74 KB, 500x375, F95B455C-2CF4-4F2A-BEE0-115EF1…)

No. 527796

File: 1520921492667.gif (102.17 KB, 681x1000, 5e8952bc198ed53b3b15386e944c02…)

she reminds me of alien sex fiend

No. 527800

File: 1520922029776.jpeg (31.59 KB, 640x427, 208D63B1-E0B6-420F-AC2D-FBE250…)

Like a hybrid between ASF and Rozz Williams LEL.
She was the OG though. There wouldn’t be toopoor without Holli.

No. 527812

Shit, no way

No. 527867

Anyone have Liliths premium snap? I feel like she only posts her ass and tits on it. idk why but I'm interested in what her vag looks like ahhaha but def wouldn't pay for it. Either way the way she advertises it, it doesn't even seem like a competition nsfw Snapchat just little bitties and broken back ass pics

No. 527869

Complete**^ not comeption

No. 527876

File: 1520936301008.png (387.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0928.PNG)

FFFFF Garretenne. I'm screaming did she mean guarantee ?

No. 527893


No. 527895

Ok I'm not even sure bc I typed this when I first woke up/ half sleep but what I really was just trying to figure out if anyone has seen her premium Snapchat. I have not seen it

No. 527916

File: 1520947868523.jpeg (392.47 KB, 1125x1822, CD3BB96C-A3C5-491E-8E3B-2A59AC…)

Did anyone else see how shitty Clare’s tattoos are? she went and got this shitty thing on her ass and then Charlotte Free went to the same artist and destroyed her body lol

No. 527917

File: 1520947882451.jpeg (325.71 KB, 1125x1679, 444841FE-0F60-4FB3-8ECE-D816A4…)

No. 527929

is this shooped or is clares ass really this big

No. 527935

What the fuck even is that supposed to be?? I seriously can’t make it out whatsoever…
I just looked at this tattoo ‘artist’s’ Instagram and my GOD they have to be one of the worst tattooers I have ever seen. This person should be shut down for ruining peooles’ bodies I’m not even kidding

No. 528013

lol what

No. 528025

That is literally her fat saddlebag thigh do you have body dysmorphia or something

No. 528039

for being thin, she kind of has a big butt there.

No. 528105

File: 1520966927795.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0931.PNG)

Anyone else see the demon in the mirror? I think my eyes are just trained to see things like this bc it used to happen to me.

No. 528107

File: 1520966945844.jpg (136.75 KB, 722x1280, IMG_0947.JPG)

No. 528152

Yall are fucking weird.

Who is that… Jesus Christ why would you ruin yourself, it looks like the stuff angsty 11 year olds would doodle on their binders with gel pen and sharpie in the early 2000s.

No. 528167

Yeah I agree I'm very weird I'm just wondering if anyone else can see what I am seeing.

No. 528171

You're trippin^^^^(read the usage info)

No. 528192

Sure, you can make out what looks like a face, but there's thousands of photos with that illusion in them, that's all it is, an illusion.

No. 528219

It’s charlotte free

No. 528313

Thats not Charlotte Free babe.

No. 528348

File: 1520981662923.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1978, D36B5A22-56C8-4ED6-ADD0-D7EFA4…)

What in the actual fuck

No. 528351

File: 1520981951818.jpeg (469.13 KB, 2048x2048, AAC92FF8-E997-466A-863E-4CCAB6…)

Also is it just me or has Selena gotten grosser recently

No. 528381

Those are not good looks…. maybe she’s running out of ideas

No. 528394

File: 1520985606540.png (773.31 KB, 833x673, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 4.57…)

lol maybe i'm reading a tiny bit too much into this, but is this for like poverty larpers who want to come off like they got home/scratcher/prison tats without the hygeinic risk? tfw you don't know anyone reckless enough to give diy tats and you don't want to risk infection but you also too scared to reveal the fact that you can affort decent shop tats. wonder what this dude's rates are

i'm not stranger to passion over skill in art but it's a bit different for tats imo. if you choose this style it seems like you want people to think you didn't spend much or anything on it because you're the edgier version of robbert pattinson's perfectly messy hair and wire-operated disheveled shirt collar

No. 528430

File: 1520987211618.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1555, 0240E8F1-93F4-4B23-8EEF-37CEC8…)

It is Charlotte though anyway the artist has photos with her…. look again.

No. 528477

Why do you always get an idiot taking photos of passport pictures thinking they on that soundcloud shit? I don’t get how someone can pull out a few undiscovered photos of Holli… it’s either you’re Holli and you’re just shit posting for the praise of it all or you’re that chick who hates Holli lol.

No. 528489

I mean she was a tumblr user for a long time. Isn't it in the realm of possibility that holli has posted a and quickly deleted pics but not before some followers snatched them up?

No. 528505

Well in that case she needs a sense of security and awareness of this kind of shit. She must be that high she doesn’t even know what she’s posting lol.

No. 528547

Tbh it’s probably Holli posting

No. 528573

File: 1520998379878.jpeg (180.36 KB, 750x745, 88429514-49EE-4076-BD14-D4C570…)

That isn’t Charlotte you dumb bitch. You shouldn’t be posting here if all you’re going to do is spread misinformation this obvious.

No. 528586

What in the hell is happening here? Are you not a lolcow regular? It can be easily implied that she’s posted this photos years ago more than likely. You know she did post her own photos when she was fat? Duh? The fact that you’d immediately mention passports and soundcloud clout is weird and word-salady. Also posting an image of her when she’s fat doesn’t scream vendetta or means they hate her? The hell is wrong with you ya god damn sperg.
I highly doubt Holli gives a shit, she’s posted on tumblr for YEARS without acknowledging the tremendous amount of hate and trolling she gets. Use some critical thinking and stop sounding so summerfag.

No. 528658

That’s a driver’s license…
Not piggy back off of >>528586
Holli posted tons of selfies when she was fat & doesn’t seem to care that she ever was honestly who even gives a shit, However I can’t comprehend how a photo of a gross little chub on her smiling face is being completely ignored, I fucking howled.

No. 528719

Yeah these look purposely shitty to me. I understand the aesthetic but find it incredible that rich children who wish they were hardcore would pay for this crap. Dude is smart for preying on them with little effort.

No. 528726

It isn’t really piggy backing. Anyone who has been around long enough knows this shit. I wasn’t really “into” Holly in-depth but I did follow her casually and she’d be on my dashboard often starting in 2012. She was pretty popular then.

I don’t find her attractive anymore, I think she’s deplorable, but I will give her one credit: she’s the only one who actually doesn’t care. Out of all of these personalities and wannabes, she’s the only one who has mostly maintained a semi-silent presence, only posting images and videos. She ignores most comments, feeds no trolls, doesn’t rant, doesn’t brag, doesn’t spend hours of her day trying to get attention through what she says. She’s always loved the life. She never talked the talk. So as much as I think she’s a pile of shit, she’s never claimed to be anything otherwise and she’s never tried to make herself look good. Kind of hard to believe she’d suddenly stoop to posting about herself on some forum when she was the original hipster Xanax aesthetic queen. Bitch hasn’t even gotten a shitty face tat yet. She doesn’t give a single fuck.

No. 528728

She doesn’t post about that shit but in person she cares SO much that’s the thing. She puts on this hard bitch don’t give a fuck persona but in reality she’s a fragile little girl. That girl who hates her and used to be friends with Athena even sent me a video of her sobbing and hitting herself in the head because she was upset/angry. She does a good job pretending she doesn’t give a fuck online when in person she does SO MUCH

No. 528729

>even sent me
Okay Paige.

No. 528730

Not paige but okay lol

No. 528733

You do realize she’s not the only one who dislikes her on this forum or the internet as a whole

No. 528737

No not at all. I don’t like her either.
However Paige was the one ITT ranting about Holli in that same fashion, also saying she sent vids hitting herself in the head. I just find it strange this Paige person would be sending that video to random anons, no?

No. 528739

Wow you’re dumb as fuck if you can’t put together that I know both of them personally

No. 528741

Alternately, I’m a lot smarter than you for sniffing out that Paige has spent a lot of time lurking this thread and bringing up what a horrible evil person Holly is. What motive could she possibly have to pretend to be someone else, right? Crazy for thinking that huh. Either bring the proof or off you go. Baseless speculation doesn’t prove anything.

No. 529300

File: 1521061451008.jpg (884.1 KB, 1439x1782, Screenshot_20180314-140303.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here…

No. 529586

Why do you keep posting about her? There’s nothing milky about her

No. 529597

She and her ho friend Bella ferrida are bullies.

No. 529598

She wishes she was good as teratology

No. 529629

So…where’s the screenshots? You dumb bitter pressed California bitches just want any excuse to obsess over random hoes in your area

No. 529643

From the perspective a bitter California bitch let me say this…. she’s irrelevent but she keeps getting people into heroin and it’s not ok. Like everyone that lives out here knows at least one person that’s been genuinely fucked over by Holli and LA isn’t THAT small of a circle (it’s a major fucking city). Also nobody’s going to come forward and say “here’s my exact proof of what happened” because Holli will see it (Lilith checks this thread) and know who it is and nobody wants to restart any type of drama with her because she’s a pain in the ass to deal with. It’s not worth putting up with her bullshit just to prove to a small forum that we’re right. Now why do we even make a big deal out of this? Because she takes advantage of the people online that worship her ass and don’t want to believe she’s a horrible person. You think Lilith is bad with scamming people online? Who do you think helped her refine the craft lol

No. 529684

She’s an awful person, but as any good social climber in this age would, mostly keeps her shitty personality off the internet. her make up isn’t really milky tho, but a number of people that worked/knew/hung out with her in like 2016 can’t stand her now, for good reason.

No. 529892

Maren is definitely more talented but she's insufferable. she's so petty and immature and constantly saying the most annoying shit. Selena actually seems like a nice person (obviously this could be false but it's just what I feel after following for years).

also did anyone see how Maren's axolotl died yesterday??? she just got it only a couple months ago so I'm wondering how she killed it

No. 529936

You newfags aren’t getting the memo.
PROVE it. Where is the proof? The screenshots? Pictures? None of us are stupid enough to believe you just by word of mouth being typed into a little fable. You can say “she’s a horrible person” all you want but if you aren’t going to bring us proof of this, why expect us to care or believe you? Without anything to work with, this looks like petty vendetta and you’re wasting our time. Put your money where your mouth is or take this to some other forum that gives a fuck.

No. 529972

Im sure maren killed her pet somehow by not knowing the proper requirements to take care of it because she's so self absorbed and interested in anything other than herself. She most likely neglected it, and now that its dead she'll claim it died of "natural causes" and she'll have it taken apart and pinned for her "edgy teratology" crap she tries to make a thing. Bitch is incredibly jealous of Selena as well because Selena has more followers than her now and maren completely burned her bridges with nearly everybody.

No. 530084

What’s maren’s current handle?

No. 530234


I'm wondering if she would block people who gave her suggestions about her axolotl, because I use to see constructive criticism pretty frequently, but as time went on it disappeared.

No. 530240

Lol that anon asking receipts was asking about Bella and Selena not Holli but I'm not surprised

No. 530329


Paige, first of all, if you're going to continue to samefag in this thread, at least try and be a little less obvious about it.

Second, this is a gossip board and most of us here agree that Holli is a train wreck and probably not a good person, but you are so over dramatic in the way you talk about her that it honestly makes you look like the weaker person. You've been bitching about her with the same level of animosity for years now and it's getting unhealthy. And yes, I really do ONLY see you bitching this heavily about her. It's almost like you want her attention more than you want to warn others about her, since you apparently give so little of a shit about concealing your identity.

>Like everyone that lives out here knows at least one person that’s been genuinely fucked over by Holli and LA isn’t THAT small of a circle (it’s a major fucking city)

Like, come one, really? EVERYONE out here knows someone who got fucked over by Holli? Fucking really? You're talking about a city with a population close to 4 million. I also live out here and I know of nobody who got fucked over by Holli. Hell, afaik, nobody I closely associate with even knows who Holli is. Maybe that's because I've never been a drug fiend, but still. Statements like this are so clearly exaggerated it's comical.

No. 530409


No. 530557


If you’re not going to integrate and you continue to treat us like we’re stupid and gullible enough to believe everything you say because of a personal vendetta and chip on your shoulder, GTFO. We see through you.

No. 535775

File: 1521735212235.jpeg (417.87 KB, 750x1106, 189C73E3-48DC-4C70-A269-B90452…)

Here’s Clare bragging about old men/dads beating off to her ass videos because someone said she has no ass

No. 536034

that's exactly what this shit is, there's a lot of it in NYC. tbh theres like no way this artist went through a proper apprenticeship (even if you wanna do ~artfully sloppy~ tattoos, nobody with proper training would wanna do lines that thin bc it ages like SHIT) and probably isn't even licensed or whatever the laws require out there. literally no different from a methed out trailer park scratcher except these people charge $500 to pratt students or whatever

No. 536060

File: 1521758173602.png (540.88 KB, 932x439, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 17.1…)

literally anybody who is even bothered to buy into this whole 'premium' bullshit are foolish and the content isn't even recent. clare still up to no good scamming people.

pic related

No. 536099

Dunno why she would brag about men actually being dumb enough to not realize that a thong pulled halfway up her back doesn't mean that even 50% of that is her butt

No. 536281

Exactly. I always thought it was just an illusion and she’s making her hip fat look like it’s part of the build plus making the thong line look like it’s part of her ass line when it’s not.

No. 536282

Her ass looks smelly.

No. 536285

regardless, it's shooped anyways. we all know she shoops. she makes it obvious. i doubt that picture has never seen the warp tool

No. 536894

Lol i was waiting for this anon to pop in and say this again

No. 537062

they’re kinda right though. she does look unwashed, like she seems like she takes baths all the time but never really washes herself, just kinda soaks in the bath-bomb water

No. 537113

Yeah it’s a really trendy thing to say “she/it/whatever looks like they stank” about just about everything right now. I’ve seen that commented on just about everything lately and I’m yawning.

No. 539026

File: 1522112365866.jpeg (293.07 KB, 640x1075, 1120E13B-B860-4731-91FF-51775B…)

Scrolling down my feed and this honestly shocked me. Taking pics with a gravestone is one thing. She is stepping and sitting on it. How dumb is she not to know how shitty this is? Maybe she just doesn’t care

No. 539065

Vivadrag is getting shit for taking pics at grave sights. She keeps deleting the comments that call her out though.

No. 539172

Vivadrag is annoying as hell

No. 539184

This is disgusting. I work in funeral services and if I saw this happening I’d have her arrested. What a disrespectful edgy piece of absolute shit

No. 539301

correct me if i’m wrong but is this not also some kind of military burial section? we have gravesites like these in canada that are in remembrance of fallen soldiers. if that’s what these are, extra fuck you to this little twit. have some fucking respect for the dead especially if they’re the reason your dumb ass is allowed to walk around like that in the first place.

No. 539331

File: 1522152238899.jpeg (612.79 KB, 1125x1904, 07589991-B313-4552-9876-BAED06…)

Jesus she is ugly as fuck

No. 539394

She looks like she's about to break her back in every picture. I want to see a candid of her so bad

No. 539433

She use to be somewhat decent, then she modeled for hottopic and got this big ass head.

No. 539478

Yep, these are the graves of world war 2 soldiers. When they are small white graves like this it’s usually soldier graves. They are also not indestructable, she could have easily toppled it over.

No. 539492

lol maybe it's just me but a lot of young people don't care about the military so I feel like this is a stupid thing to point out. obviously she is being a little try hard with that photo set but to sit there and be like "omg respec the ded and respec the military" is just annoying

No. 539513

Regardless if it is military or not, it is still disrespectful to plop on someone elses grave (most likely a stranger) just to look "cool."

No. 539550

What the fuck is wrong with you? Whether or not you care doesn’t make it any less disgusting, disrespectful and just plain cringey

No. 539570

lol yeah you are just a fucking childish ass incapable of understanding common decency, lol

No. 539581

they died so you could live the lifestyle you’re currently enjoying but yeah fuck them, what a retarded little shitposter you are

No. 539589

The majority of soldier deaths in ww2 were of young men who had no choice but to go over to Europe and died before even turning 21. Stay edgy enough to cut yourself and bleed out, cunt.

No. 539644

lol wah wah if you are gonna be so offended go back to tumblr idgaf about the military i was just saying it's a stupid thing to complain about and i stand by it. go cry about it somewhere else, quit derailing.
like i said before i still think she is being a little high school by doing an entire photoset in a graveyard like what a hollywood depiction of "goth" lol

No. 539680

lol quit derailing as i derail some more.

no one fucking cares what you think. shut up and fuck off.

No. 539696

can you at least make a point if you are going to comment on this thread? the series of comments i replied to not once mentioned vivadrag only mentioned how my comment hurt their wittle feelings lol.

but back to the point like last time, i know she is a no body but does anyone know if her and her bf zalvid broke up?

No. 539706

They’ve been off for a while now. She had this one boyfriend just after breaking up with him but I guess they’re done too lol

No. 539715

She started dating some musician named Connor and there was some drama with her messaging girls who complimented his music. Calling them nasty and telling them to never talk to him again. He hopped off pretty quickly after that

No. 539727

LMAO didn’t know that. Good call on his part.

No. 539743

thank you. I don't follow her just occasionally lurk when I see her on the explore page. def gives off "I'm not like other girls" vibes.

No. 539746

thank you. I don't follow her just occasionally lurk when I see her on the explore page. def gives off "I'm not like other girls" vibes.

No. 539766

learn to sage you fucking republican freak

No. 540042

Is it just me or does Clare's nose always look like a straight up dick in most pics? Or at least super fucked up.

No. 540053

Her nose is disgusting

No. 540155

lopholora never have any comments on instagram, did she buy followers?

No. 540523

File: 1522282150508.jpeg (383.53 KB, 1242x1779, 4E243975-8C61-47A1-960A-292B71…)

Oh miss anthropicon, I know you want to an edgy teen so bad but at least try to hide how much of try hard you are.

No. 540528

what a creative way to let everyone know that you’re a cow.

No. 540711

why the hell anyone wants to associate with the skinhead culture today when Neo-Nazism is on the rise is beyond me. Is she a white supremacist? I know that there are SHARPs but they're getting rarer and skinheads are racist af. I went to a few Oi! shows and people were nice, but a lot of shit has changed in the past 10-20 years. I will side-eye any white people who call themselves skinheads in 2018 because now I'll think they're Neo Nazis. saged

No. 540713

samefag, she has St. George flag on her arm, and that's the flag of racist white hooligans. bitch is a closet Neo Nazi for sure. Fuck her.

No. 540726

pretty sure it's the flag of england

No. 540732

Brit anon here. You are an idiot Jfc lol.

No. 540733

It’s the England flag lol.

No. 540944

File: 1522343179816.jpeg (309.15 KB, 1125x1525, B764D2A6-C8DB-4DAB-834B-B57C60…)

Her nose in this picture is so weird she has a hook nose. I have a feeling she photoshops her nose.

No. 541050

File: 1522353117812.jpeg (419.24 KB, 750x873, 1EA6FBD4-E191-4086-BA7A-1ECD84…)

speaking of her photoshopping lol just thought this was funny (inb4 “ewww reddit”) also someone in the comments said she looks like a wendigo

No. 541062

And yet she wants us to believe this >>366223 is not photoshopped kek.


No. 541173

It’s clearly photoshopped and she photoshopped it to her desired and false image. I mean… she does document a lot of footage of her stanky ass and sucked in waist anyway because she thinks it looks like that lol.

No. 541174

Does she think this is what naked eye vision looks like? Imagine being faced to face with that lmao PHOTOSHOP AF GURL

No. 544540

File: 1522706606446.png (374.67 KB, 750x1334, 4DCB29F1-3BBF-47CE-9DCF-6A8C06…)

No. 544560

rattles towards you

No. 544568

Must be Holli, she stopped following her

No. 544670

Aaahahaha YES, this is hilarious. This idiot has the most obviously superficial friendships, she and Holli have essentially been using each other for lifestyle aesthetic since the day they met, Lilith talks more shit than almost anyone, and she actually feels surprised and betrayed over this.

Speaking of superficial relationships - it seems like Lilith has been basically single for years and years? Not that having a boyfriend or whatever says anything about a person, but she seems like the only clouthoe that isn’t constantly paired up with one soundclout loser or another.

No. 544679

The funny thing is she has a tattoo dedicated to hers and Holli’s so called “friendship” on her hip.

Honestly, what a gang of tryhard idiots they all make me cringe.

No. 544684

Clare no one cares. You’re the paranoid freak show who constantly shits on everyone else. Get a job. Stop scamming people. Stop robbing others. Stop glamorising some “rich LA dream lifestyle” that you don’t even have because you’re a couch surfer living in someone else’s apartment. Go by your real self. Get a fucking grip for gods sake.

No. 544691

It’s so great. They got those tattoos within days of meeting each other, iirc. Their fake lez phase was a sight to behold.

I would put $50 on these two nerds being all BFF again within a week or two, if for no othe reason than the fact that they’re heroin users who enable each other and use each other to score. Which would be pretty sad, but it’s hard to feel empathy for these two when their heroin-chic glamorizing lifestyle is without a doubt influencing pretty young people, while an opioid epidemic is raging.

No. 544694

She’s such a dick for taking on this persona. She knows that if Clare Buley did what she does, everyone would know it’s pathetic and an ugly way to live. But if Lilith Levisis does it through the truth-filter of social media, it’s glamorous and dark and artistic.

No. 544699

Does anyone else remember when Clare’s own mom was following her with a fake account to make rude comments about her coming off as a drug addicted loser?

No. 544700

ANd yet her whole insta aesthetic is not real or who she really is. Smh.

No. 544701

I think I remember it yeah. To be honest I really like her sister Rachael and I get the feeling like Rachael as a sister, has the urge to say something about her sisters content and she things she posts but she has to bite her tongue and keep her mouth shut. She just seems more honest and candid unlike Clare.

No. 544708

The hell was this dumb ass bitch expecting? Lmfao. She does nothing but tart around on Instagram acting like she’s the shit. This stupid bitch acting like there was a change in her overnight after she had a one night stand with Marilyn Manson and then Lilith Levisis was born hahaha. Loser. Pathetic dumbass loser.

No. 544711

I just wish internetgirl had a say in this and tell us all what was the last thing she known about Clare Buley.

No. 544785

I agree, she seems more mature and down to earth, but she seems like she tends to go where Lilith goes and hang with the people Lilith hangs with, so I kind of wonder who is influencing who, and how much of Rachael’s more clean image is just down to her not attention whoring an oversharing.

No. 544788

Why? She and Lilith aren’t buddy-buddy, what would Bella know or have to say about Lilith that would be particularly insightful?

No. 544789

When Lilith went to “rehab” in Belize, Rachael was there too.

No. 544792

Did you not see her on stage with Manson as well? Clare was being the whore and I think Bella was just the sheep following and then thrown on to the side. She must know something about Clare and Marilyn Manson.

No. 544796

File: 1522721713579.jpeg (237.19 KB, 1125x1669, 752926D6-845B-4E37-9D34-9A1EF1…)

What a fucking embarrassment.

No. 544797

File: 1522721925977.jpeg (220.88 KB, 1125x1085, 88C0ACF6-A12B-4EDE-94AE-6C65F0…)

What makes it more interesting is the fact that Marilyn Manson used to like her content as well.

No. 544825

I have no proof of this because it was on IG live, but people were asking Clare why she doesn’t talk to bella/internetgirl anymore and Clare said that when she took bella with her to meet Manson, bella was begging to have a threesome and crying and saying she would kill herself if manson didn’t fuck her. idk if anyone else saw that live and can confirm. not saying it’s true obviously, but she definitely said it

also i’ve been following clare for a long time like, back when the manson stuff was happening and he used to comment on her stuff and retweet her, he has since deleted all his comments and retweets tho. i wonder how many times they actually saw eachother because the way he interacted with her seemed excessive for just a groupie hoe.

No. 544832

File: 1522724476031.jpeg (452.05 KB, 2048x2048, 1325F5C5-7D92-42D4-BAB1-ACC0DA…)

sorry for double post but this is one of the tweets he retweeted from her lol

No. 544838

The Manson shit is so annoying, I’m sure Clare loves seeing people wondering about it. They were obviously barely involved years ago, and that man is an abusive piece of shit who has pumped and dumped women by the hundreds. Is this really the only reason anyone noticed her in the first place? I thought it was from her associations with more well-known people from the Heaven party scene back when that was big, and her brief time promoting WIA.

No. 544903

Apparently Internetgirl had a very traumatic experience with the whole Manson thing .. idk the specifics , I just know it did not end well for her.

No. 545024

I honestly did not know that she and Clare were (used to be?) friends. Do you remember where/when she said that?

No. 545036

Any bitches who think Manson would be in a serious relationship with them when they're in any way below him or unequal to him is hi(gh)larious. What fucking planet are these whores on? They equate to groupies… some of you are confused too. For just a little more clarity, read the lyrics to one of his more recent tracks, "Blood Honey", and consider his actions when he was losing it after breaking off with the psycho Evan Rachel Wood about 10 years ago. He'd literally call random girls, sometimes out of a fucking phonebook to come over and fuck. Unprotected? Sometimes. There has been a revolving door of women for the last 10 or so years but while this has been happening he has maintained an open relationship with 1 woman. Of course he is unhinged, very much so, but these groupies are on their own level too. They all love it (including him), but the girls can't handle it when they're traded in for the newest model.

No. 545050

>>544825 everything Ive heard secondhand about manson leads me to believe he would gladly fuck any halfway decent looking female between 16-49 no q asked, so I call BS on this story just because of that

also lowkey it was obvious from the speech ERW wood gave about her sexual abuse and torture she was talking about him so there's that, so idk either way he seems to gave found his perfect half with lindsay usich ( passive dependent nonthreatening no career no social life) so any idea Clare had that they were in a real relationship was ridiculous

No. 545056

File: 1522742754634.jpg (204.35 KB, 1075x1188, _20180403_100135.JPG)

I know this girl doesn't fit into the main ~*aesthetic*~ of this thread but she keeps showing up on my Insta feed and I can't get over how fucking vain she is.
She pretty clearly photoshops herself and then has the balls to pretend like she doesn't photoshop at all.
Just rustles my jimmies

No. 545057

File: 1522742826539.jpg (72.32 KB, 1080x280, _20180403_100120.JPG)

She deleted the comment so I could just Screenshot this preview, but I hate her attitude so much.
It's almost Vicky Shingles levels of delusional

No. 545060

also sage but does anyone besides me remember that proto edgecow SG model nana rapeblossom that manson hit up on social media and did this exact same thing with years ago? Clare is like the crackhead, shit tier version of this chick in almost every way

No. 545061

File: 1522742964838.jpg (212.61 KB, 1078x771, _20180403_100925.JPG)

No. 545074

Post this girl in the thread requests on /pt/ or something this shit is already lol worthy. The attitude, the shop, the drawn on Kim possible mustache lip shed claiming natural. This is to much

No. 545075

File: 1522744870348.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180403-014009_Ins…)

That Dakota rose lip

No. 545081

I've heard of overdrawn lips but this is just an overdrawn mustache

No. 545098

She looks like a total dork and talks like John Maclean LEL

No. 545164

I've commented on this chick's photos before, maybe close to 9 months ago? asking if her lips were shaped that way, or if it was makeup. She told me straight up that it was makeup but it gives her a sense of liberty or somebullshit. Is she now claiming this asshole-stamp to be her real mouth?

No. 545182

The long division brows are pretty bad too.

No. 545186

File: 1522763597503.jpg (121.64 KB, 1080x1080, albanycope_twitter.jpg)

What the hell is even happening with her hair in this pic

No. 545338

File: 1522779693324.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2208, B28A5E5F-6029-45F7-BA0D-DAC1B4…)


No. 545467

Wow, she's actually cow material.

I did a little tour through her instagram and she's obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, and it seems she bases her entire persona around pretending she's a quaint farm girl princess with an english accent a la every Kiera Knightly movie in the early 2000s.

Her parents were giant hippies so of course they raised a self-involved princess living in a fantasy land where birds speak to her and she prances in meadows in bar maid dresses.

No. 546178

File: 1522861249830.jpeg (293.85 KB, 1125x1419, 275B7845-5108-4CDD-9CBF-BC2176…)

This is possibly the most funniest shit I’ve ever stumbled across jesus

No. 546181

File: 1522861340798.jpeg (217.97 KB, 1125x1038, 1D761134-CB77-47C2-ADE0-E667EB…)

Oh man make this the threads next picture

No. 546205


I will never understand cosmetic dermatologists who agree to mutilate their patients like this

No. 546249

Oh my god what is this

No. 546250

Bitch prolly got pepper spray in her eyes and took an aesthetic instagram picture pretending to be high.

No. 546339

oh wow that is just…. the most ugliest thing i've ever seen

No. 546461

she's looking high as fuck

No. 546498

First time weed puff lol

No. 546550

Did anyone see lopholora post a video of her at a playground doing sexually suggestive poses while kids were clearly around? She even made eye contact with one of them. She deleted the post now it was up yesterday I should have screenshotted.

No. 546607

Do you hold the evidence of that?

No. 546622

File: 1522887381126.jpeg (289.07 KB, 1125x2208, 91F865D4-CDA3-4263-AE59-7530A6…)

Bitch you not Lilith and you never will be

No. 546673

anyone who uses fake blood is copying lilith? lol

No. 546675

But she’s doing the exact hand gestures and blunt shit too

No. 546695

She looks like that once Kota-clone kittyphina! Same shitty shoop job, especially on the lips, and sam shitty weird photoshoots on their beds.

Looks like it was photoshopped on, tbh. Maybe using the stamp tool?

No. 546732

pleassse someone make a thread. I would but I have no idea how.

No. 546958

Ive been waiting for someone to bring up this clown

No. 547621

Oh babe you've been missing out. Stumbled across Lauryn man-face Lulzer again myself recently and she's shooping herself to look exactly like Clare. Bitch crazy.

No. 547693

What do you mean she shops herself as Clare? I don’t see the resemblance.

No. 547712

File: 1522984165079.jpeg (681.41 KB, 1124x2218, 47470D76-F53E-4367-835E-345011…)

Yeah on her feed well at least from what I can see she’s really going for that Princess Zelda/Lana Del Rey look with a hint of the living doll shit she used to do so she hasn’t changed. Also she follows that babydarkokitten lol.

No. 547741

Oh wow. She actually does have some sort of swelling going on near her nose bridge like Lana Del Rey. Shit is crazy as fuck. Do people actually pay plastic surgeons to do this to their faces? Lana’s nose bridge is also looking hideous a fuck. She looks like an anteater.

No. 547771

File: 1522987583529.jpeg (270.88 KB, 1125x2209, 42E21145-C328-4B18-BD94-B6C636…)

Grabbed this screenshot from her twitter. A short video putting makeup on kek. She’s even copying the makeup videos Lana Del Rey makes oh my god lol. I hate to say this but it seems like she really looks like some of her pictures after seeing the video. She looks like a creature. What has she done to herself or what the fuck is she for that matter?

No. 547848

Eh I quite like Lauryn. Her stories are hilarious and she’s got a funny sense of humour.

No. 547859

File: 1522997484384.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1125x1913, B1E987F3-49D6-4B0E-86A3-7F6618…)

Haha look at this bitch whining. She’s off to the cyberbegging rut again begging people to buy her one dollar birthday haul shit from her amazon wish list.

No. 547861

I’m crackling at the fact that she has artificial herbs displayed on her wish list. Essential oils and herbs are pricey and she thinks she’s getting a bargain for $2. Yawn. What an amateur. What an actual embarrassment.

No. 547863

There’s no way.
If you don’t see it you’re absolutely blind or well, Lauryn. Also a possibility, seeing as she’s akin to Sp**ny.

No. 547870

Sorry nope anon but I just don’t see it and this is my personal confession. I think she still gets her imitation from Dakota Rose. Her lips look like Dakota Rose’s chola lips and her nose is forming exactly like Lana Del Rey’s plus she doesn’t go as lengths to copy Clare’s instagram gothic aesthetic mind you I follow her and she still has some living doll vibing on. I hate to burst your bubble but I’ve seen it all in her koti/mila shops and you can tell by the editing of her lips and nose this was a look she has been chasing for a while. Take a look at it all on her thread if you don’t believe me. Now it seems like she’s got what she’s wanted and ruined her face.

No. 547977

File: 1523024448991.jpeg (15.15 KB, 211x239, 1B178042-D242-4A98-86B2-B731CF…)

>sHe IsN’T CopYinG liLiTh

No. 547996

this girl has no fucking clue who she is. she is pretending to be like 7 different people/creatures in her photos please calm down.
so she might be talking about holli or blade. i follow both on ig and blade is in LA for a little bit and she and holli have been in each others stories while lilith wasn't. so im not sure but both of them see like shit friends for either talking about her or continuing to hang out with a person who was shifty to your friend. both of them (holli and blade) were on this girls post who had a shirt with some precious moments characters on it and saying this girl copied holli. like, holli really thinks she made up precious moments or made them cool when they have been on tumblr/ig aesthetic pics since like 2015.