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File: 1524798225774.jpg (64.44 KB, 576x1024, 1522913097130.jpg)

No. 566844

Prev threads:

New milk(sorry if I forgot anything big):

Layla and Luke broke up but she's still going to London for work reasons. Apparently Luke cheated(?)

Layla, Aubrie, and Tyler met up for dinner but things ended in a fight, despite Tyler Grosso claiming they were "perfect."

Grosso showed up last thread to answer some questions, confirmed it was him on his Twitter. While in the thread, he confirmed his shitty behavior (i.e. treating Layla like shit and refusing to let her mourn peeps death)

Grosso wrecked his porsche like a week after buying it and proceeded to take aesthetic pics of the crash.

Grosso is going on tour with Paris (doing Lord knows what), bragging about being on a plane with Post Malone, and hinting at his drug use/begging for drugs online.

Old milk overview: "goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, and begun seeing model luke storey

She has broken up with tyler and severed all business ties

Her new branding is wholesome, healthy, and metal health woke, the validity of this is debatable

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face along with vague brand collaborations


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 566878

File: 1524801364220.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x2025, F4375AC4-D14F-415D-A0C3-18DFFC…)

No. 566885

She posted that after her live bc of the guy constantly asking how she feels about the drama between Viva and her ex manager ccryme

No. 566895

As you're obviously dying to keep talking about either yourself or your vendetta subject, may I suggest the 'Thread requests' thread >>>/pt/486300
where you can submit her for consideration. Or just start her thread here in /snow/ yourself, it's easy.

No. 566896

lol keep reaching anon. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the broadcasted emotional abuse/blackmail

No. 566898

I almost want to make fan art of her doing this to grosso but I'm too tired right now and I have to work in the morning. Maybe later.

No. 566900

Gretchen, stop trying to make vivadrag happen. It's not going to happen.

No. 566901


No. 566902

File: 1524803851847.jpeg (269.56 KB, 750x964, 850D2DB3-5826-495F-824A-AB8DF8…)

Found a bunch of rare toopoor pics. Here’s one

No. 566903


No. 566904

If you don't understand the reference you're clearly too young to be on here.

No. 566905

File: 1524803969169.jpeg (205.86 KB, 750x988, 2822F28E-5590-42BD-996F-088DB4…)

Bitch this ain’t no meangirls. Viva just needs to off herself. Anyways(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 566908

You can look up TP rares but you can't look up how to use this website..? sips icewater

No. 566910

Get the mean girls reference or get the fuck out

No. 566951

She could be so pretty if she had a normal shaped head

No. 566961

Her head shape is what makes her pretty and unique

No. 566965

Does anyone know who toopoor was talking about when she said she used to hang out with this ig girl that later on tried to put a spell on her to make her pussy black? She talked about it on one of her recent lives

No. 566991

Maybe lopholora? I remember a while back Lilih was talking shit on live and said that lopho would draw pics of toopoor and angrily stare at them because she thought it would do some black magic type shit. Doesn’t seem too far off that lopholora would make another attempt and try to turn tp’s pussy black.(her and to used to be friends too)

No. 566992


No. 566999

I think it's less about the shape of her head and more that her hair is just so thin/flat that it "accentuates" her head shape. If she had thick hair it would be way less noticeable.

No. 567000

File: 1524817866876.jpeg (818.37 KB, 1080x1350, 526EDA9D-6E5D-418F-9D48-EC1343…)


No. 567006

File: 1524819051978.jpg (16.49 KB, 405x363, image001.jpg)

lopholora keepin' in classy with red eye

No. 567009

Fucking ugly bitch

No. 567014

File: 1524822702554.jpg (18.24 KB, 598x282, scuzz_ville.jpg)


No. 567024

File: 1524826033799.png (173.57 KB, 750x1334, 028BC59F-0D00-42F3-A9E7-B20468…)

No. 567035

I've never followed her until now but wow that forehead is tiny.

No. 567051

Who’s forehead is tiny? Anything is better than having a tefal head anon.

No. 567063

toopoor, I mean look at this >>566902
Her head somehow reminds me of one of those shrunken heads

No. 567127

that gave me a good laugh, please sage

No. 567158

File: 1524843741996.jpeg (490.38 KB, 750x986, FE074175-AF5C-4D4F-9CB5-780A8E…)

Lol yeah right

No. 567171


Bye, Tyler! Go play in traffic while you're at it.


Anyone know which bf she's referring to here?

No. 567214

I would guess Tyler because he's so controlling but then again if I were her I'd be a little scared to post something about him righ tnow

No. 567219

She was with Luke when she started mentioning going to Milan. I remember her posting something about “Greece > Milan > Mexico” while she was in London.
When they were in Mexico she kept mentioning that Luke just wanted to stay but she couldn’t because she “had stuff to do”. So I dunno, maybe he convinced her to blow off fashion week to go to mexico sooner?
If he legitimately didn’t let her, that sucks. But I bet it was more of him enabling her to make shitty decisions, and now that they broke up she regrets it.

No. 567237

Found it
This was shortly after she arrived in London. Looks like she didn’t go to Paris either

No. 567246


Interesting. You're right, Luke is a grade-A ass if he didn't let her go but I think you're interpretation is more likely to be the case. It's not uncommon to put everything that happened with an ex into a 'box of bad' when you break up, especially if he cheated on her.

No. 567294

Oh shut the fuck up with the "I couldn't do this, I couldn't do that" you can do whatever the fuck you want if you aren't a spineless dumb fuck like Layla is. Nobody can stop you from anything but yourself you idiot. I'm so tired of seeing her blame everything on every one her whole life, when in reality she's the only problem.

No. 567313

Hm, ever heard of victim blaming? Emotional abuse is real and I suspect she’s experienced other, more intense forms of abuse earlier in her life, which is why I often feel bad for her. It would explain a lot of her behavior. Seems like she is recognizing these patterns in herself now.

No. 567325

Yea just keep falling for her shit and continue to let her trick you into thinking it's everybody else, not her. Stupid whiteknights you're fucking pathetic. All of a sudden Luke's the bad guy now when just a few days ago he was the best thing that could have happened to her?? So stupid she pisses me off so badly. Keep defending this piece of shit. Fuck you Layla, go knit a sweater or some shit boring ass sober cunt

No. 567328

Lmao I’m sorry but this has to be Cass.
I get what you’re saying but yikes you’ve got some pent up aggression.

No. 567372

Lol u ok hun? Try kickboxing

No. 567375

This has got to be pepp

No. 567378

Oooh true. He does talk/type just like this. “Pisses me off” etc. Fuck you Tyler, go enjoy your sO cOoL tOuR where you’re just a hanger on. Thirsty pathetic ass loser

No. 567380


Thought you were living it up on tour, Tyler? How do you have time to stalk your ex's thread bashing her?

No. 567383

File: 1524858929863.jpg (58.6 KB, 592x383, Screenshot_20180427-125350.jpg)

He retweeted it kek

No. 567386


Only thing hot about that gut is the pizza rolls he stuffs it with.

No. 567472

It was definitely tyler that didn’t want her to go he didn’t want her to do a lot of things based on his own ego it seemed like he just wanted to make her as dependent as possible so she would put up with all his abusive behavior , luke was just a clout chaser

No. 567474

he looks like his dick stinks.

No. 567551

so wait, is anyone who doesn't like toopoo tyler or cass? like there weren't people who couldn't stand her enough to…i dont know, make a thread about her years ago? this board has been so awful since she sent her fans here.

No. 567580

For real tho!!! All these super fans are so embarrassing. And yeah why is every post that's shit talking Layla assumed to be cass or Tyler? Like there's genuinely tons of people who still hate her despite her trying to turn her miserable life around LOL

No. 567612


>>567294 & >>567325 had a lot of vitriol which makes it seem like it may be someone close to her, like crazy ass Tyler who has been known to snoop & (allegedly) post here

No. 567613

File: 1524878345244.jpeg (536.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_959B2ECF19F6-1.jpeg)


No. 567669

I need video footage

No. 567670

File: 1524882772800.png (56.47 KB, 1176x174, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 21.3…)

TyTy how about I give you $400 to put your shirt back on so I don't have to spend 20 minutes cleaning up my breakfast.

No. 567677

File: 1524883128203.png (138.86 KB, 1178x486, Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 21.3…)

His "best friends" couldn't even be assed to include him in this tour convo, so he had to retweet it to insert himself in order for it to appear as if he wasn't left out intentionally. Is he even fooling himself at this point? It'd be more hilarious if it weren't so tragically pathetic.

No. 567681

>>567613 He's probably barking about dog food…

No. 567699

So Lay is doing Tutt, right? What do you think the probability is?

No. 567705

it's not alleged. he basically verified his posts.

No. 567734

They were on live today and it really seems like they’re just friends. She was even joking around with him about being single and saying “if you have a dick stay away from me. Sorry tutt.”

No. 567741

Layla was just live and said she’s keeping her LA apartment but is still going to London

No. 567742

She's on live rn and said that she is bringing Tutt to London with her to finish her album. She referred to him as a friend tho.

No. 567752

File: 1524891063741.png (676.82 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7122.PNG)

the comment

No. 567758

comment is from same the person as >>566905 & they got banned after saying a bunch of weird shit (now all deleted except for the 2 pictures of TP)

No. 567784

lmao his defensiveness just makes the criticism that much more valid why does he fucking do this every time??? sorry your clout whoring dick riding ass STILL DOES NOT HAVE ANY FUCKING TALENT

No. 567794

she has a crazy bipolar abuser stalking her of course she's going to talk up whoever she dated to further gain separation from tyler, why are you taking social media SO literally? what do you expect, she is clearly actually trying to better her life and be positive, this is way better than how she straight up FUCKED up her life just for lil peep. you're obviously new af if you forgot what she was like when peep was alive and act like sober layla is "boring", her going to the psych ward or pretending she was is definitely not interesting.

No. 567844

>my band

No. 567857

Layla was on live complaining about how clean her hair was and that it wasn’t greasy enough

No. 567929

Can the Layla stans stop shitting up the thread please?

No. 567936

File: 1524918600947.png (179.57 KB, 1226x736, Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 8.27…)

umm it's a forum, it's more interesting when there are diverse opinions.



tyler is such a fucking barnacle. he latches onto whoever is more famous and successful than him and tries to ride the wave into 'fame'. he always @s them but they never include him really.

he must be so annoying IRL with his shallowness and ego.

No. 567972

File: 1524920983754.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 3E8CBB7D-4C9D-4E57-972C-69B064…)

tyler snapping paris’ gross friend glorellana groping some poor girl. cool party.

No. 568024

She looks like she's enjoying her moment of "fame"

No. 568033

She should get rid of those ratty extensions and go back to a bob

No. 568034

Haaaaa someone posted this as a reply to Pepper on Twitter. There he is on stage in all his glory, in his filthy pajamas doing god knows what.

No. 568035

File: 1524927652814.jpeg (151.61 KB, 750x994, 0EF277E7-8358-43FC-8DC5-2C3133…)

Forgot to attach sorry

No. 568036

jfc im getting second hand embarrassment..

No. 568038

File: 1524927943049.jpg (27.87 KB, 480x854, l.jpg)

she got that guys name tattooed already, something she seems to like to do with guys shes dating so maybe they aren't just friends.

No. 568050

why is she even trying for these people anymore? like, she got into this scene FOR peep, and honestly peep was inarguably the most interesting/charismatic part of that scene, and i get her trying to impress him with the tattoos, piercings, and drugs everyday, but without him to front for, why do any of this? she wasn't as much of this manically tattooed bundle of pseudo rebellion before peep. this entire scene is trash.

No. 568067

OT but what surgeries and cosmetic work did she have done? Or does she really look that way?

No. 568102

There is no way in hell that Post or even Paris like him. They’re probably really embarrassed and feel like they’re obligated to throw him a bone occasionally although they don’t understand why the hell he’s there.

No. 568105

Like letting your little brother tag along while rolling your eyes..

No. 568112

Worse than that, even. You let your little brother tag along cuz he’s family and it’s sort of an obligation you look back on later and are glad you included him.
With Grosso, he brings literally nothing to the table but a cloth and shoe polish. All he does is follow up their asses, I imagine he’s that weird guy who thinks he’s a hypeman that gives uncomfortable shoulder massages and never knows when to leave.

No. 568142


So gross. I checked out his IG after this and Paris really isn't cute in any of his candid photos. The only time he looks good is when professional photographers take photos of him. He's really gross tbh and has the goofiest smile and looks as if he has no thoughts behind his eyes.

No. 568145


You're tweaking. Paris is really good looking.

No. 568159

File: 1524938938447.jpg (246.89 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage.jpg)

>>568145 Super hot on his album cover done by a professional photographer/Candid photo of him looks like he is a lost child who was abducted and put in someone else's clothes to be sold to the highest bidder.

No. 568162

File: 1524939258630.jpg (56.47 KB, 319x445, 61TpfIyeUdL._SY445_.jpg)

Omg. "one night in paris" Uh.. Who told him pic related was a good title to pick?

No. 568164

Because Paris is queen, who wouldn't want to reference her sex tape?

No. 568166

do you have candid pics of him without sunglasses on? you can't really tell he's bad-looking here

No. 568169

I see young Tommy Wiseau

No. 568173

That title implies that he takes lots of dick.

No. 568253

Everyone in here is so fucking retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 568262

>It's weird seeing her say this about herself. Reason being, her life honestly seems exciting. She dates guys that a lot of people want to get with, she travels, doesn't have to deal with working a boring ass normal job, she's popular, gets to have creative freedom etc. The list goes on. But the things she's saying in this is so relatable to someone who's just… Normal and doesn't do half the things she does. It goes to show that social media really is a facade. And though all this shit seems "cow"-like and whatnot she's human and is only curating the existence she wants us to see. It's a privilege to be able to use social media to manipulate an image and generate a living from it. She's real for being open and honest about all this double persona toopoor VS the real Layla. I like that she did this and I respect it

Bringing this comment back from the last thread. Did this make anyone else want to die because wow my life fuckin' sucks sorry for blog

No. 568269

No, it's sounds like a 14 year old wrote it, tf ? "She's with a lot of guys that people want to be with" ??????? Like who lmao ? Peep of course but rip he's gone. but who else Tyler? Luke? Corey? LOLLLL

No. 568281

there are negative interpretations to everything highlighted here, as farmers regularly point out. she has unhealthy unstable relationships with men, she doens't really have a substantial body of work for an "artist", her modeling and dj gigs are sporadic, she has no real job experience, she gets a lot of negative attention, she photoshops herself. She probably gets insecure about all of that once in a while and sees the positives about it once in a while. I know many farmers have different opinions but it almost reads like when she's feeling good about herself farmers are quick to call her a talentless futureless loser, then when she feels insecure about these things, people start going "what?! but she's popular and cool! how could she say that! if she's a loser what am i?!?!"

No. 568282

Seems to me like tyler gross needs constant validation from people. If someone post anything about liking him or thinking hes cute he has to retweet it. Sounds like some self esteem issues.

No. 568340

File: 1524951234543.png (169.68 KB, 325x621, gbb.png)

No. 568352

>implying peep was attractive and other people (not 16 year Olds) would want to date that walking toilet

No. 568362

peep is dead it's been long enough im tired of seeing this Emma person in the thread she isnt really milky at all and holds no relevance to this thread besides being the first peepette.
like why do some of yall care about her? like ive seen her being accused of milking peeps death for followers and honestly who cares? she's a nobody.

No. 568385

File: 1524953843151.png (96.18 KB, 319x614, pm.png)

No. 568388

I think they are implying that she is receiving gifts from companies like goodbyebread because her connection to peep and now the following that she has because of it.

No. 568389

>>568253 And you sound like Einstein. Thanks for your contribution. You can go back to licking windows now.

No. 568391

Are there any videos of Paris performing live?

No. 568394

so? who cares if she has a following because her first bf died? I could understand if she is trying to be something she's not but she was with him and that's all she ever posted online. maybe I got it wrong but it just seems like some of yall are mad she has followers now.

No. 568397

>>568394 I'm not mad at all, but I didn't post the photo either. Was trying to understand the reason why it was posted as well.

No. 568399

File: 1524954608508.png (8.01 KB, 393x223, gb-logo.png)

No. 568402

ok…thanks for that…please sage your unimportant comments

No. 568442

I can understand asking to sage but there was no reason to be rude to that anon at all you snob. Your comment was ass and also contributed nothing of merit or discussion, no reason to exude so much vitriol for each other when we’re all here for the same thing: to laugh at Tyler’s udders.
It’s quite fitting then, no?
In this one it’s mostly styling. I do think Paris is attractive, personally, but side on his nose is huge and he looks like he has cataracts so I’m not up in arms about people disagreeing. He does look very feminine but I like it.

No. 568471

i'm not even a stan you dumb ass, i'm literally saying tyler is so disgusting that if you had him as a stalker, wouldn't you talk up whoever you were currently dating to get him off your case??? it's not about liking her, no one deserves that

No. 568563

File: 1524963213045.jpeg (582.58 KB, 750x1153, 95D10243-7E39-41A8-AF69-DEE967…)

Tyler + grill + tongue + Anne Frank there is so much wrong with this picture. What a piece of shit

No. 568566

Oh also drool on his shirt. God he’s gross

No. 568571

>cries about people being mean in the thread
are you new? that reply wasn't even that rude stop being a baby about it. you new people are REALLY too sensitive for this site.
anyway, back to something worth talking about…anyone notice the abundance of newfags/new threads that could easily be funneled into the instahoes thread or this one? like og heroingranola is in the lilith thread and vivawhatever has her own thread?

No. 568595

File: 1524965225517.gif (1.51 MB, 480x270, GsfN.gif)

His grill makes him look like he has rotting junkie teeth. Pic related. Was he trying to hide his rotting junkie teeth or was the grill making them look worse part of his plan?

No. 568615

>>568571 Fuck face, no one cares about those people, that's why they are not on this thread

No. 568648

I’m not new, I’m oldfag as hell, I’m sorry you’re upset for being called out on having too much sand in your vagina, but it isn’t that deep. Keep kicking and screaming. It accomplished nothing and further shits up our board with cringy 2edge aggression for literally no reason friend.

But, to answer your question because no milk spilled, yeah, we’ve got an influx of newfags that don’t know how to integrate and make tons of posts in various threads and ifs a mess. It’s disorganized and it smells fishy as hell. You can tell it’s more than likely a lot of the cows and their comrades themselves, but it’s to be expected because IG and Twitter whores are narcs that need validation and secretly bash each other all while pretending to be bffs.

No. 568655

File: 1524968612444.gif (763.68 KB, 500x240, giphy.gif)

Calm the fuck down!

No. 568742

On a scale from 1-10 how bad is your autism? Can’t read context clues?

No. 568759


No. 568806

ok wait but how fucked up is this. this is so disrespectful and cringey like bro what? anne frank is not edgy, you don't post with your tongue out dude. legit looks like a middle school braces mouth that went on a field trip but is 2 cool 4 school

No. 568827

>oldfag as hell

No. 568844

Damn. Sensitive ass anon. Their post really wasn’t that bad lol

No. 568867

File: 1524978598526.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180429-090935.png)

No. 568886

File: 1524979579674.jpeg (158.76 KB, 1125x480, 54B23285-C0B4-46B8-822A-F2813A…)

He can’t fucking help himself

No. 568892

File: 1524980090312.jpeg (391.99 KB, 1125x1287, 14F0C470-74FC-4622-B5E9-58914E…)

I hope Aubrie is being facetious because if not what a shitty garbage friend

No. 568896

This dude is literally the epitome of scum trash disgust just every vile word you could think of. I understand abusers but this dude is so painfully unattractive, so dirty I can smell him through the internet and overall so useless without ANYTHING to offer that I just cannot comprehend how tf Layla is bored enough or was ever bored enough to go for him. He literally looks homeless af. Layla if you read this literally any other man you know, ever knew, or could ever know is better than this literal garbage can

No. 568906

File: 1524981472845.jpeg (248.06 KB, 750x690, B0077AE3-75CF-41ED-BEC2-9351E0…)

super shitty

No. 568910

He literally looks like a teenage girl, how is he not embarrassed?
In a video of Paris on stage he was just in the background flailing with his shirt off, potbelly sticking out, microphone in hand not doing SHIT. Embarrassment. There’s no way anyone on that tour isn’t embarrassed to have to be around him and his stupid pajama pants.

Also just curious does anybody got pics of Paris without those contacts in? Just noticed how much he edits his eyes. They’re probs brown.

No. 568911

white knight milk spoiling by the power of boring

No. 568914

File: 1524982239534.jpeg (55.88 KB, 471x643, E80BD3E3-04B4-4766-BDCD-A4548A…)

Gut by eating the weight of his failures in pizza pockets

Sage your word salad. 0/10 no keks.

No. 568942

i swear to fucking god these one or two cunts/tyler who keep WHINING about anyone who doesn't hate layla need to fuck off.

you're contributing absolutely nothing. no shit people have different opinions than you, and those of us that actually have integrated and have been around since the first few threads don't even like layla but have enjoyed how she's changed; or in this situation hate pepper ann so much and what he's doing to layla we feel bad for her. pity doesn't equate to white knighting, learn to sage you dumb bitch.

aren't heroin addicts supposed to be fucking skin, where did he fuck up and actually have an appetite on drugs. he wishes he was peep or kurt sooooooo bad but he's the exact opposite it's such a joke

someone tell him to bleach his hair like kurt i want to see the damage

No. 568956

the weight gain is probably because he was sucking down 2 liters of soda constantly when he was sipping lean and just eating mcdonald’s

No. 569041

guess the age of this man
>52, lived a hard life

No. 569108

File: 1525009119980.png (5.16 MB, 1242x2208, 5768BDEB-6FE0-40D2-ACA6-170E73…)

>>569041 I look forward to sending this to the FBI. Hoping this fucker ruins posts tour.(cowtipping)

No. 569118

FBI for what? having legal weed and a probably legal gun?

No. 569160

Ok Tyler

No. 569180

yea hello, fbi? this guy who is on tour with a bad musician got a text of someone with drugs and a gun. do your thing.
do some of yall know how life/etc works?

No. 569296

he’s your merch guy, Ty

No. 569323

lol you know who this is and no one else fucking cares why don't you stop calling everyone Tyler and realize ur being an idiot.

No. 569376

Sorry for piling on but this is some supreme idiocy. Not only are you a snitch but you’re a dumb one at that. Looks like all those thc products are in dispensary packaging. News flash: weed is legal in Washington & oregon(the two states the tour has stopped in) and guns are legal in the US. You can purchase one really easily, which anyone who’s been paying attention to current events or is over the age of 12 knows. Have a seat anon…. or actually you know what call the fbi and please let us know how it goes.

No. 569405

The feds don’t consider weed legal dumbfucks.
So much stupidity on all sides here

No. 569416

“Yes were here to waste our time/money/resources investigating legally purchased guns and technically illegal small quantities of WEED ” while your statement is correct your logic is flawed. Thinking the fbi will give even half a fuck is beyond laughable and infantile

No. 569559

That's literally an airsoft gun. I can't even believe the people on this website any more. How can you not see that. "A GUN!!!!!!! I'm CALLING THE FBI!!!!!!"

No. 569798

File: 1525064812577.png (9.11 MB, 1125x2436, 75368219-56BE-4A97-9C98-4133F7…)

This is from last night. Daddy issues still going strong

No. 569905

i feel legit bad for her because of her dad. it's obvious this man fucked up her relationships with men and is such a fucking creep. i remember maybe 3-4 threads ago right before peep passed away she was saying how he is a 'fan' of her persona too poor, i think through Facebook or something however he hadn't said anything to her for several years. i wouldn't want my dad seeing my online "persona" as professional as it is, i can't imagine what that would be like as layla who came up being messy/partying, with her dad being a deadbeat who stole money from her and is now messaging fan accounts?? the fuck would he even have to say

that's so fucking gross and i hope she stays sober. if her dad is messaging fan accounts (for what reason???) she could try to get a restraining order and maybe should consider it. if they haven't talked this long and he's doing shady ass shit like this she should protect herself and move on. idc if someone thinks i'm a stan, i just want her to actually progress as a person and grow up, which she seems to be doing minus the shitty men in her life. if her dad started her connections to shitty men i hope she resolves it and continues on her path out of this lifestyle. that's all.

people on this thread specifically just want to fuck with tyler and his dumb ass fuckboy friends. doubt that anon did anything, they just wanted to scare that fat ass teletubby bitch tyler. and it's not like his shitdick friend is trying to show his airlift gun, he's showing it like it's hard af with all his ~drugs~ and other tumblr photo accessories.

fbi recently fucked over tracy on a twitter post lmao i don't blame them. they think they're untouchable and face no consequences, even after their supposed "best friend" peep died none of them have changed (besides layla getting a therapist and getting sober). tyler clearly threatening layla and abusing/controlling her via twitter threats however is illegal as fuck and she has real history with him. WHY she hasn't acted against him, we will never know. wish she would.

No. 569952

File: 1525083849177.jpg (5.47 KB, 383x257, bust_a_gut.jpg)

does pepper think he's sexy?

No. 570001

File: 1525091313751.jpeg (190.52 KB, 750x641, E7455825-9B9F-4B0F-A154-F80ACC…)


No. 570063

Someone tweet him this screenshot lol

No. 570084

This whole tour video is so cringe.

No. 570128

File: 1525102139674.png (721.51 KB, 750x1334, 241AE80A-DD2B-451A-9B5A-AB99BE…)

Here makeup is so caked and those brows

No. 570138

For your cringey pleasure: Paris tour diary feat Pepper bein Pepper https://youtu.be/5fZ2D3qdEFI

No. 570144

>i begged him to put him on the tour - he had no songs
>we're about to perform
>i haven't let it out yet
>Paris shouts out being from Redding California
wow. that's such a nice town it's not even funny how did this happen and why is that asshole tyler talking about being homeless in NYC, just go the fuck back to redding and bumfuck virginia tyler fuck off
>Paris goes off about being homeless in LA, tells crowd to follow their dreams
homie that's cool but you only came up because tyler wanted to use you for clout/people who signed you don't understand soundcloud rap and just saw you as close enough to peep. you a puppet, tell those kids to stay in fucking school and not become another homeless artist in a big city
>7:39 tyler w/o shirt man titties just out with gut and it is NAGL and definitely not something that should be happening with tyler literally jumping around.
>paris sounds like peep, different voice and flow but the same cliche GBC rip off shit.

tyler wishes he was with peep so bad and that peep didn't hate him haaaaa. ugh this shit is so awful idk why i tried to grab the good parts don't watch it….

No. 570146

her captions are wack. she theoretically has good facial features, but her hair sucks and so does her make up (and everything else about her but w/e). honestly she'd look really good with bangs and a really subtle babylights ombre, either blonde or into whatever trendy color. i fucked with the blonde, no idea why she had to go and ruin it considering thats her real hair and not a weave. she has a cute nose and nice cheek bones, but you're right she cakes it on and her dead complexion lead me to believe she would look better with less. that phonecase looks so fucking inconvenient btw what is that it's ugly as hell

i was trying to find paris' damn instagram but ended up on youtube because he has such a dumb generic name. anyways he does this shit for no jumper and it's pretty funny. the Redding California part gets me every time

No. 570152

Tyler still looks like he eats out of trash cans

No. 570153

I didn't watch the whole thing guys i got to redding ca got the giggles then cut to here haha.

he was a fucking firefighter and quit for music, had a solid outlook about it too about it teaching him work ethic and how he put out wildfires in addition to helping wounded people. the fuck is he doing. he's the only one that's ever been mentioned on this thread with a legit job/career and traded it for "steal sandwiches from 711 you know just doing what i have to do"

he would do it just for the gram. dumpster diving clout. someone turn pepper ann into a crust punk for fun bet we could do it

No. 570165

I wonder if he's going to stop running around with his shirt open after seeing this tour video… he looks bloated and flabby as hell

No. 570171


I know im from a nordic country where everyone in general are taller, BUT I cant help to see pepper and that dark haired friend of Paris as dwarfs(???!) Pepper as a soccer mum dworf

No. 570186

Lol random but funny… and yes Pep is a total soccer mom who has a supersize soda in her car's cup holder at all times

No. 570187

No Pepper and that other creepy fella r both really fucking short lmao
God am I the only person who like. Kinda feels bad for pepper…? watching him in that YouTube makes me depressed he seems so lost and like he doesn't fit in and honestly I was just hoping they'd stop filming him :/ idk

No. 570189

I agree with everyone trying to make Paris a Peep skinwalker and his music is boring/generic but there is something genuine/nice about him

No. 570211

Uh no I don't feel bad for that abusive, manipulative, black mailing creep. Just thinking about how he tweeted "Good girl" after Layla deleted the tweet he was threatening her about makes me so pissed. If there's anyone i feel bad for it's Paris who I'm sure Tyler has set up to feel indebted for life to him.

No. 570215

I think you are the only one.

No. 570224

that's why they picked him. but in that SO SIQQ tour video at the end he admits that was his first show ever (lol) and he's crazy hungry for more. he's a lil egomaniac, he quit being a firefighter to be a soundcloud bitch. and arzaylea tried fucking with him, he's just covert. give it till the end of tour and any niceness will have been replaced with a coke habit and an std.

this, exactly. any time i start to feel bad for bitch-tits because he's bipolar and may just not understand certain things, i remember how he publicly treated layla and slandered the fuck out of his ex. and how he treated peep; layla had every reason to make him jealous after she had a public melt down about him and bella, she had some face to save and i think that's why she was desperate enough to fuck with tyler. tyler was just a fat jealous cunt.

oh, THEN i remember his entirely fabricated suicide claims and i'm OVER it lmao. no mercy. we gave layla hell when she was pretending she was in the pay ward to worry peep/for clout, he went into a full monologue "throwing away all his clothes forever bye" then claimed that underaged J8yce idiot "saved his life" when she just wanted a come up lol. people use tyler because he lets then, he turns himself into a damn joke by never getting professional help, medicating his rampant bipolar disorder, actively drinking and doing drugs that will worsen all of his symptoms, and on top of it he has so much money to throw around he can't be a real man enough to donate that shit to funding educations for inner city youth (since he steals for the hood constantly, he should give THE FUCK BACK TO THE HOOD considering all his designs are ripped from artists that once came from there), any inner city youth art programs (if he wants to keep pretending he's an artist, not an MS paint wizard and google image saver), or hell why not donate it to mental health organizations that actually have outreach programs and benefit the community?

this got long my bad you guys, the disgust from the pizza roll titties flapping about in those videos was the last straw i can't repress anything about that vile slob anymore.

No. 570226

>he can't be a real man enough to donate that shit to funding educations for inner city youth (since he steals for the hood constantly, he should give THE FUCK BACK TO THE HOOD considering all his designs are ripped from artists that once came from there)

THIS!!! He's too much of a child to ever think of anything like this. He literally behaves like a 13 year old… a young 17 at best. But he loves to sound like the good guy re: getting Paris on this tour etc.

No. 570250

File: 1525112201439.png (855.06 KB, 750x1334, 48496DC5-1CB5-4973-8C64-EEE6AD…)

did u guys see this?

No. 570253

File: 1525112727092.png (24.62 KB, 507x77, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 11.2…)

Ya. She was doing spells for the full moon in Scorpio

No. 570273

File: 1525114019211.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1822, 12CB29AC-778A-4631-AAF5-7D6ED2…)

Anyone else find it funny how Luke has been using Layla’s “aesthetic” lately? Scratchy font with x’s dotting the i’s, “to die for”…. maybe a reach but if they didn’t hang out I don’t think any of his promos would look like this.

No. 570288


He's so BORING! I feel like he is trying to add these bits in his life that are similar to peep. He says he got other people to do his papers, would skip class and said that college just wasn't for him. IDK, I just don't see anything behind his pretty eyes.

No. 570407

I’m sorry did he just say they/he was stabbing a cat?? Do you guys remember when everyone was freaking out when Layla was talking about crickets

No. 570418

File: 1525123507578.png (154.67 KB, 750x1334, 089312FD-A4A8-49F5-85DC-550505…)

It sounded like he said that he Tyler and Layla were smoking crickets and stabbing a cat
This was in the comments on YouTube

No. 570437

It's the UK they're always boring and behind-trend

No. 570453

File: 1525126532550.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180430_151416321.j…)

KEK I'm the irrationally horny anon from the last thread and I feel partially responsible for this tragedy

No. 570456

File: 1525127102856.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180430_151803504.j…)

Also, damn I didn't know this is how he used to look. I'm gonna go ahead and guess he's going to die soon if he doesn't quit this sad, self-destructive, insecure lifestyle. Whoever said he clearly isn't fitting in upthread hit the nail on the head. Everyone can see how pathetic he is, online and irl. I think he is an intelligent person. I think that's why Layla fw'd him, besides the money and clout of course… idk it'll be interesting to see if he goes full-on piece of shit from now on or if he ever catches himself and puts in the effort to get in control of his emotions and builds his brand.

No. 570463

tyler looks like a fucking special needs girl in his ig story jfc gross

No. 570546

Honestly watching Tyler's instagram lives and that YouTube video… I just want him to get some help.. psychologically, physically, some type of guidance. He needs better friends

No. 570573

The No Jumper interview that just came out? Haven't watched it yet but getting my popcorn ready

No. 570585

File: 1525134074853.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x845, FD6835B8-3CD6-422C-A5C9-D361C7…)


No. 570588

was that a type o negative tattoo in his story? I was surprised when paris included peter steel in his style inspirations.

No. 570639

File: 1525138477100.png (337.8 KB, 788x415, Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 6.31…)

Sorry for posting this image that will likely cause nightmares but wowwww Pepper looks ROUGH in the No Jumper vid. Admitted to doing heroin and currently being on suboxone (at least when it was filmed - which was probably a month ago?) Also admitted to OD'ing when he took 20 painkillers several months ago. He referred to Layla several times but not by name. Suggested she was psychotic. Also says he can't wait to "perform" in his hometown so he can tell his teachers "to suck his dick." What a class act.

No. 570675

Pepper really depresses me cause I would definitely smash pic on left, every time I see a new picture he looks so much worse for the wear. Don’t do drugs, kids!

No. 570728


I give a fuck if tyler is bipolar

i have bipolar 1 and i take my meds, regularly try to see my psych, and go to therapy

we have a chemical imbalance in our brains that seriously effects our moods
he knows this but still refuses to get help
hes making his symptoms even worse and uses bipolar as an excuse for being an abusive cuntbag

its never a fucking excuse

ESPECIALLY when he has the money to get help

part of me doubts hes really even bipolar

if he is he needs to take responsibility and instead of blowing all his cash on cars and drugs and twinkies (drugs, poor sleeping schedules, and bad eating habits DO affect our moods- his bitch ass should fucking know better) he could EASILY see a therapist. alot of therapists even have a sliding scale (not that he needs cheap/free therapy)

deadass an hour session is like $60-100

but he rather be a little bitch and not get help

yeah bipolar is a disease but that doesnt mean anybody should have to put up with abuse, or feel responsible to take care of a mentally unstable person ESPECIALLY one that has the means to get help but refuses to and continues to act like a sadistic child

sorry for the rant i really cant stand this fucker

he needs to stfu w his "im bipolar wah" bs

theres plenty of bipolar, schizophrenic, etc etc etc who are doing everything they can to take care of their mental health and be upstanding citizens

hes just a little attention whore

take ur fucking lithium pepper
go see a therapist
get some fucking help u psycho(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 570736

>Imagine him on top of you.

No. 570741

Gag. His hair is so greasy it’s wet. Prob smells like hot dog water. And he looks like a dirty ass clown with that grill in. Damn he’s busted

No. 570749

I'm stuck in LA traffic and this is the only thing keeping me from going insane but LMAO. Y'all are mean. Tyler is gross but he's human and a lot of us go through bad phases. I'm sure if he pulls himself together he could fix himself up and look more decent lmaooo

No. 570754

Yo that's what we're saying!! lmao

No. 570759

Yeah of course but his insides will remain absolutely hideous. Sorry that was corny

No. 570767

who the fuck is "we"..??? lmao he's always been an ugly doughy boy with a shit attitude even before he started to fester and mould. Sure you can spray febreeze on a pile of feces, but it doesn't change the fact it is pile of excrement. No one likes the smell of Shitrus.

No. 570768

File: 1525148525075.png (176.29 KB, 899x871, TeenSafe-TeenageBrain-thumb~2.…)

Yeah that's he thing with Pepp he's lazy. He basically has the world at his fingertips being young, white, male, with a foot in the door already and he's pissing it all away… how old is he exactly?

No. 570772

He turned 24 in Dec, so he'll be 25 later this year.

No. 570775

File: 1525149199614.jpg (49.27 KB, 800x648, Screenshot_2018-04-30_212859~2…)

Damn he's getting roasted in the comments. I guess I never ventured outside of our dark lil lolcow hovel to see the general opinion on this kid.

Also are we allowed to post caps of comments from other sites? What's the protocol? Hide usernames?

No. 570778

What a beautiful metaphor, Anon

No. 570836

Wow, he is…actually exponentially less annoying than Tyler. He talks like a typical airhead but he doesn’t put on an act or do anything notably cringe. Scrolling through his twitter, he doesn’t whine or post cow shit either.

Makes me all the more side eye at that post somewhere up in the thread where Tyler was pulling typical abuser shit bragging about how much he’s done for Paris. Making a list publicly of all you’ve “done” for a person is so manipulative and skeezy and weird, we can all tell you hold those things as leverage in case they want to scram. Besides after watching this I feel like it’s more Paris’ laidback and genuine attitude that’s helped him more than all of Tyler’s hypefag embarrassment.

No. 570842

>inb4 someone starts REEing at me for not saying negative things about Paris
He’s from Redding but he doesn’t have a spoiled princess act or act like he’s Frum Da Skreetz at least from what I see but prove me wrong by all means if I missed s/t

Not saying he’s great just saying it’s nice to see a SoundCloud rapper who doesn’t look entirely like ass or has those stupid faggot fucking face tattoos. He washes his hair too which is nice.
Just the fact that he doesn’t have stupid tattoos, a fake accent, or pretend he’s black is enough for me lol

No. 570847


Watch the fame get to him and he changes. He's likable now but just watch. He's gonna have an even bigger ego after this tour.

No. 570852

File: 1525157715625.png (768.62 KB, 1334x750, 77214FAD-8C24-4E79-8B5B-60B8E0…)

Oh yall.
I’m watching the No Jumper and this dumbass is claiming he moved in with Layla because he was “trapping” (the way he says is is exactly the way you’d expect Kid Rock to say the word trapping) and got robbed for 2 MILLION and was homeless as a result. Bitch boy please.

>”I was in a really bad relationship. I wasn’t happy. She wasn’t treating me too well.”

>Met Paris because he was fucking one of his best friends, said he wanted to kill him

>Claims he told her he was going to “pull up on him with a switchblade
>Proceeds to “pull up on him with a switchblade,” they talked for 5 min, became besties

>”I really want a wifey to hold me down that’s not psychotic, that’d be pretty nice”

>Kicked out of asap for his first NJ for going too into detail about Yams

>”me and lil pump used to sleep on couches together”

No. 570853

Eh, maybe. I didn’t get any ego vibes from him, he just acted like a goofy stoner dude who was grateful for an opportunity and decided to run with it. But I don’t check a lot of his posts so. You may know him better.

No. 570865

You realize he moved to LA a few years ago and there was a girl before Layla right…? He's likely referring to Cherie Madeleine.

No. 570867

Okay my bad but I don’t really care about that part, it’s the part that he oh idk claimed to have been robbed 2 million.

No. 570907

File: 1525166902132.png (1.58 MB, 940x1040, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 5.27…)

wow really? THIS girl dated tyler?? what was she thinking? lmao

No. 570910


she doesn't look like the type that thinks too much.

No. 570944

She was thinking 'no-one will notice this photoshop, it's the perfect crime!' Like I get not liking yourself but there's a prevalence of delusionally photoshopped hoes in this scene. Shrimp's foolish-looking body shoops come to mind.

No. 570946

File: 1525172376078.jpeg (123.62 KB, 750x640, B3D37027-0118-412C-AE65-30A14C…)

No. 570948

File: 1525172425165.jpeg (128.88 KB, 750x633, 3AEC14A1-5C4E-42E4-880A-18EF37…)

No. 571000

Assume this is about Pepper but where is “his girl” saying anything?

No. 571003

File: 1525184472190.jpeg (105.7 KB, 750x526, 843CE4E8-0767-4FF3-8BB6-61053A…)

Lmao this kid really needs to get off drugs

No. 571007

>peep was a big fan of mine
>he was shy to meet me

I can’t. Throw the whole pepper away.

No. 571050

tyler preaching about how sad he was after peep’s death was so funny to watch cus i remember his socials during that period and he wasnt bothered at all lmao him just sitting there and saying how much its affected him is such bullshit considering that he was the one who didnt let tp make her peace with peep. what an absolute scumbag. i cant believe he has such a large following.

No. 571072

it's funny to me how the first thing he says in the video is how his name is pronounced "grasso" and not "grosso" because grasso literally means fat in italian

No. 571304

Linking it here for the lazy people like me who hate navigating to YouTube to watch milk

No. 571396

File: 1525217856071.png (667.92 KB, 800x749, grosscollage.png)


Damn, don't do drugs, kids!

People pick on Layla's appearence, but, jesus, at least she puts effort in. He's going for a knock-off Kurt, but Tyler just looks like a pudgy drug addict in pajamas. For all the fucking money he has, why doesn't he take care of his body?

So trashy.

No. 571424


No. 571436

…I…thought he was just wearing a grill at first. I regret going back to take a closer look.

No. 571444

Why do his teeth look like rotted baby teeth holy shit

No. 571446

Holy shit. Those teeth. I recoiled in horror.

This is one of the only times I've wished for a spoiler when someone wasn't nude. Wtf.

No. 571450

File: 1525221209227.png (389.17 KB, 534x508, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 5.33…)

Pretty sure it's a grill (he has the same one on in some of his instagram pics) but the teeth are still horrendous

No. 571460

He looks like the human interpretation of a noxious fart, I know no other way to describe it

No. 571471

I just…. I can't believe a girl would kiss this mess, or even THINK about talking to him. even the way he talks, its not even endearing awkward. its just.. embarrassing. shame on you layla I don't understand how anyone could like this dude

No. 571478

Anyone else notice how clearly blitzed he was in the video. He was pretty much slurring the whole time and his eyes were droopy . Lol.

No. 571512

trust me i’m embarrassed

No. 571517

Grosso has been cringey since the beginning I remember I followed him on tumblr in like 2015 and he still acts the exact same.. nothing new here.

No. 571519

@Layla- please tell us your opinion of this Teddy fella aka Gus skinwalker extreme I just creeped through his insta and I am so disturbed/disgusted WTF how and why are fatnick and Dylan co-signing this…

No. 571595

And that “pain” song is so bad… sorry Layla but it’s rooooough

No. 571598

That's cordellor whatever tf his name is. Plz go look up Teddy on Instagram. It's awful. Worse than that pain song

No. 571651

File: 1525235884536.png (156.63 KB, 1176x578, Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 23.0…)

Your thoughts on her saying it may be her last birthday?? Now deleted.

No. 571668

Eh, prob just a dumb joke about getting older

No. 571680

File: 1525239506738.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, EE677C4D-2BF1-41D1-A14F-2D46E4…)

New matching tattoos with…?

No. 571695


Those are old tattoos lmfao. It’s Rachel @idiot_model on Instagram. Her and Layla have been friends for years, before the whole “toopoor” persona.

No. 571700

damn im an idiot my bad…

No. 571703

File: 1525242707705.png (911.58 KB, 750x1334, 96ACA706-4C26-4476-BA83-C355D0…)

No. 571704

File: 1525242719726.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 87C6C7B7-EB9B-4617-8610-A4F55A…)

No. 571705

File: 1525242732826.png (855.78 KB, 750x1334, 506CF050-2E26-4DBB-B75C-4DACD7…)

No. 571706

File: 1525242763610.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 65A1C26A-7E21-46C2-B1A3-5AAEA7…)

No. 571707

Who cares about that girl

No. 571710

self post lmao sis is pressed regardless

No. 571715

Ohhhhh this is the bitch who took a pic of the broken iPhone with her "texts" from Gus when he died and posted it on Instagram LMAO bye sis ya ain't relevant

No. 571718

File: 1525244446441.png (148.92 KB, 400x400, 50D38B94-5C5D-47D6-B08E-CB41A7…)

Lmao the fact you fatasses think it was her that posted when it was me 💅🏻 I should spit on all of you

No. 571719

I will fuck all of you hatin ass bitches up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 571720

WTF is happening rn

No. 571721

Chill, no one really cares

No. 571722

Lmfao anyway…. that lophowhora girl fucked 6ix9ine too… barf…

No. 571725

Omg, receipts??
That’s probably the most embarrassing thing posted about anyone on this thread thus far

No. 571728

File: 1525246976462.jpeg (262.84 KB, 1125x1671, 196CDEFF-6A5A-4FF9-9B0B-CDF346…)

No. 571729

File: 1525247053685.jpeg (102.09 KB, 1125x977, C4E4CD2B-9C45-45B1-9653-270481…)

Also I think this is her twitter and she tweeted that In Russian at Gus and I'm p sure that means Pussy… after he died….

No. 571752

jesus christ that's worse than fucking grosso even

No. 571755

Layla was just on live & previewed some "I Am Good Enough" merch concepts. That's actually kind of nice and positive message to trend on although I do think it's corny to bottle that part of herself up and sell it (good marketing strategy tho). I would never buy that crap but I bet she'll make a pretty penny off her young followers. What a time to be alive

Anyways Layla I saw the shirt design with the large 'IAGE' graphic, it was kinda lame, make the script smaller and arrange the words around the collar or divided in two among the outside halves of the sleeves

No. 571768

File: 1525258689051.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 039184D1-DDAC-4E87-A6AA-116B5D…)

Yuk what is wrong with this girl?

No. 571777

File: 1525261941469.jpeg (394.44 KB, 1125x1795, A010F8DE-051C-4BE4-9B83-DCB2C0…)

Why do they still have peeps shit on their walls…. also the comments.. the white dude is the insta and he's also mackneds "manager"

No. 571790

File: 1525264095340.jpg (568.6 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180502-052715.jpg)

He looks like a thai ladyboy. Has someone said that yet?

No. 571811

tbh i don't feel like hating on paris. yes his music is derivative to the max and he's friends with grosso but after watching the no jumper interview thing he doesn't come off as obnoxious and boring as pepper

No. 571835

Like he said a lot of girls are into it and it’s mostly guys that give him shit. I’m sure he knows.

I’m impressed that he washes his hair and doesn’t post stupid shit for validation on Twitter alone, Tyler has lowered the bar.

No. 571840

File: 1525272530482.jpeg (200.2 KB, 1200x786, 82912D35-DB6F-4D03-8F77-C583CC…)

I’m convinced these people only tolerate him because he pays for their drugs. You know when he’s not around they dog him because man is literally the white male equivalent of Felicia from Friday.

You aren’t gonna do shit.

No. 571850


Correcting misinformation =/= self post

Everyone is so quick to scream self post in this thread without any evidence

No. 571866

That's Sam Pepper in an old man's mask. He was streaming around LA pranking people.

No. 571936

File: 1525285405403.jpeg (108.43 KB, 1125x653, BB552D51-51E8-4E07-92F9-CFB6C2…)

Guessing this is about Luke, since she’s inevatably gonna have to see him to get all her stuff back in London. Really wish we knew the details of what went down.

No. 571941


No. 571952

Imagine that privledged bitch in a fight would be fun to see her get btfo

No. 571990

File: 1525290378781.jpeg (364.27 KB, 1125x820, 9E52173F-495D-4E7D-A592-69261B…)

I’m just gonna stop trying to assume who these are about

No. 572016

It's weird how she goes on about all this personal growth and shit then posts stuff like this. Yeah okay it sounds like someone said some not very nice things to a group of people you know, is it really that big a deal? And even if it is a big deal, why post this tween bullshit on twitter.

No. 572112

so it is tyler or luke

No. 572116

I can't help but think paris is really attractive whenever I see him pictured. I'm sorry anons

No. 572128

Whoever it is, she's too much of a pussy to @ them, so she gotta subtweet like the child she is. She knows she's going to get people asking who/why/what happened but then she'll just stay silent because she's a coward but also needs the attention.

No. 572132


Hes hot as fuck, no cap

No. 572133

at long as you're not wanting to jump tyler's bones, it's all good. he has decent facial structure but i'm not into it. i can see how others would be tho

No. 572139

tyler is a fat scummy little druglord piggy fuck nasty little fucking scummy little nasty piggy oink oink shave ur neck beard please you look tremendous and wash your hair and lay off the heroin you sick little piggy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572148

wtf kind of grill is this? what am i looking at? is it metal just framing each tooth? what is this? it looks like a medieval retainer from like 1504

No. 572160

he needs grills without the opening to cover his horrendous teeth that are fucking rotting from his heroin addiction. that dude is sick physically and mentally. he needs a whole new mouth, face reconstruction, tummy tuck, rehab, and a full time therapist. good luck

No. 572180

File: 1525303395608.png (623.35 KB, 750x1334, 655448F2-954A-4FA7-810C-391958…)

No. 572190

This really seems like something Tyler would say buuut I also don't know if she'd put him on blast like that given how he is with the blackmail threats. So maybe Luke is a piece of shit too?

No. 572194

Also don't know why she gives these shitheads this kind of attention. Move on girl

No. 572196

Apparently this is an old pic

No. 572252

Makes sense. I couldn’t imagine any black man let alone one with money would actually give him the time of day? Everything about him screams “I want to be hood so bad,” plus he didn’t grow up poor or struggling and willingly chooses to look like a nasty ass for purported “clout.” I’ve seen race brought up a lot for no reason but in this case ~POC~ would get the creeps and roast the shit out of him.

No. 572254

thank you for this i feel the exact same way. w/o blogpost about my health, i have something very severe and treatment resistant that results in suicide attempts out of compulsion. i'm an artist coming up with a real following from MY OWN FUCKING WORK, not some rip off shit pepper ann stole and reappropriated for his white man t-shirt business. so when he did his suicide stageshow shit that made me livid, like i've never hated a cow more tbh. what makes it dead ass so much worse is that he never not fucking once has gotten himself help; and you're very right, lithium could genuinely really help him, but then he couldn't use certain drugs and alcohol that interacts for clout aaawwwwwwwww


but idk i'm based out of la and we have mutual friends so i'm positive i'll cross paths if i'm out late enough when the gross ass junkies lurk the streets. he has no honor, no ethics, no respect, no loyalty, he nothing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 572258

Lmfao goddamn you're lame… you do realize the extreme attention-seeking "fake" suicide thing can literally be symptom of bipolar and/or other personality disorders right.. some of y'all need to leave your homes a little bit more. Plus idk if true or not but pepper Ann said he was on suboxone now so he obviously did go to a doctor to "get help," as you put it. As for wishing death on someone who's got obvious issues, yikes.

No. 572259

Yeah that's a bridge too far for me as well, and I HATE Pepper

No. 572261

Different anon than who posted that ^ but
it's not like this dude just had "issues" like peep or other people like him pepper is a disgusting, sociopathic scumbag. Not saying peep was some great guy but he had genuine characteristics and was amicable and friendly in general without exhibiting half the level of arrogance this pig does. Pepper is not mentally ill he's literally a sociopathic narcissist. Literally the most disgusting, disturbing individual in this entire scene. It truly blows my mind that this dude even has clout or followers when he should deadass be on street corners in North Carolina.

No. 572264

Sociopathy and narcissism are literally mental illnesses, but go off I guess…

No. 572265

Also, you can be mentally ill and be a shitty person at the same time (not mutually exclusive), which most of these SoundClout ppl have proven to be.

No. 572287


ur pathetic
get off peppers dick bitch

yes suicidal ideation (and attempts) are common in bipolar

dont fucking tell me about how my own fucking brain works




bipolar sucks but jfc there HAVE been cases of people being able to be in remission
it takes alot of diff kinds of therapies and a cocktail of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers and self care
i mean theres no cure for it
but it has happened before where ur symptoms go away if u work at it

hes not even fucking trying

hes making everybody else whos bipolar look bad

hes giving people a reason to not take our mental issues seriously bc hes literally doing everything to make it worse

hes so fucking obnoxious
idc how bad his episodes get bc the drugs literally make it so much fucking worse
AND he doesnt even try to eat right or at least see a fucking shrink
maybe taking mood stabilizers isnt an option for him rn- he needs to stay sober and let his brain heal

if he cares at all about the people around him he would try a little harder

like we have a chemical imbalance that can make us lethargic and suicidal but other times it turns us into childish selfish delusional assholes, HE KNOWS THIS

nobody should have to put up with that

the people around him deserve to have him at least TRY to get his symptoms under control

not his fault his brain is fucked up but it is his fault hes making it worse

for his sake and the people around him he needs to fucking try harder

he has the potential to spread awareness about bipolar and encourage others with it to practice self awareness and explore their options in terms of trying to calm down the symptoms. shit if he wasnt such an abusive piece of shit he might even have a strong support system

but he gives in to his grandiose delusions and eats like shit (food affects everybodys mood but eating fruit roll ups and pizza all day is not going to help a bipolar person AT ALL) and he blows his money on dumbass shit instead of seeing a proffesional who can help him improve his self esteem and way of thinking

god damn im annoyed i even had to explain this to you

bipolar isnt an excuse to be a cunt
yes it affects our moods but it doesnt justify bad behavior the least he can do is apologize to people hes wronged instead of playing victim

i have a schizophrenic friend who is able to hold down a job, pay his bills, practice self care, and be a decent person to others when he feels like talking

like its completely possible to have a mental illness AND be a good/productive person


No. 572295


TL;DR shut the fuck up and GTFO, samefag

No. 572296

File: 1525314481268.jpeg (132.33 KB, 639x894, 226F257F-B9C9-44D6-9068-178CDC…)

what are her proportions holy shit this is an embarassing photo she posted

No. 572298

>hes giving people a reason to not take our mental issues seriously bc hes literally doing everything to make it worse

Lol jeez I think you’re giving pepper a little too much credit/pull, I don’t think anyone
actually gives a shit what he says/does, I wouldn’t worry about him affecting how people think about mental illness

No. 572302

That bathroom looks dusty n gross

No. 572305

File: 1525315189604.jpg (317.91 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180502-171743.jpg)

No. 572315

File: 1525315650854.png (Spoiler Image, 27.69 KB, 300x250, kra4rgxPhY-4.png)

You're projecting. You shouldn't engage with activities and people that upset you like this if you're struggling so badly with your own mental health. and no one here cares

No. 572319

File: 1525315849823.jpg (656.79 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180502-194951.jpg)

He's so self-inflated literally and figuratively jfc

No. 572326

Rotfl none of the crowd is even paying attention to him

No. 572330

Grosso really needs his own damn thread at this point. Seems like this thread & the past one of TooPoor have been 75% Grosso hate fests - which I am not complaining about. Just a thought. Sage for no new milk

No. 572336

Agree. Grosso need own thread. He’s earned the spot of train wreck

No. 572343

I guess I enjoy it all nice and comfy in here, but where a Grosso thread goes, I will follow. Agree, he's earned his place.

No. 572376

Please someone make it

No. 572379

posted it in thread requests please someone do it

No. 572380

Who the fuck tags themselves in their own Instagram story

No. 572382

Spergchan is that u

No. 572383

File: 1525321148328.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 0A92BB16-6C80-4F6D-A9F0-7BD4AF…)

Layla lip syncing to Lil Peep song on her live right now….sad

No. 572384

Can we just have separate SoundCloud general/Layla threads now? She doesn’t have much to do with SoundCloud anymore, and people are probably going to talk about other SoundCloud losers in the pepper thread, anyway?
Just a suggestion.

No. 572402

the milk is real in this washed up bee damn heh

No. 572410

File: 1525324731247.gif (5.47 MB, 480x480, it's too much.gif)

god, could you imagine a Clout Kiki?

No. 572428

what song?

No. 572433

She was a SoundCloud DJ before

No. 572448

>>572287 I really don't understand why pepper has so many friends in the industry. How the f did he get Post Malone to take some random guy who had never played a live show on a tour with him? Can someone please explain to me how he has so much pull in the industry? Are we missing some charm or any good characteristics that he has? It seems like they should be embarrassed to have him around.

No. 572457

As far as solely treating layla goes, peep treated her far worse than pepper as far as messing with her mind. I’m sure a lot of oldfags (if there are any left?) agree with me

No. 572459

you gotta understand that Post is drunk 99% of the time and won't give a shit about what he's doing
of course he's gonna get talked into adding nobodies like Grosso into his pack eventually

No. 572462

Doesn't he handle merch for some of these people? I thought that's how he knew some of the pro wrestling people, on top of the music side.

No. 572465

Layla is hanging out with Peeps skin walker

No. 572467

I M A G E BOARD. Post milk caps or don't post. Very simple formula.

No. 572470

i would know. no he did not.

No. 572472

it’s not the same teddy as skinwalker teddy

No. 572481

Why won't anyone talk more shit about that Teddy dude!! Why won't Layla give her opinion about how much of a fucking creepy skinwalker he is. Why do nick and asac go along with it. I encourage y'all to look at his Instagram, it's SICK

No. 572492


>I M A G E BOARD. Post milk caps or don't post. Very simple formula.

No. 572510

This is an imageboard, post caps and quit sperging about other anons not doing it when you want it discussed.

No. 572520

someone should warn peppers new “bitch” @gtshields she’s in for a treat(cowtipping)

No. 572524

lmfao they are so messy that bitch was fucking lil xan and arzay haha this will be amazing to watch

No. 572609


i would pay to watch a reality show ft clout kiki. maybe throw 2012-2014 amanda bynes in the mix now that would certainly be entertaining

No. 572629

this debate about peep vs pepper and who was worse to Layla is so tired and old how about everyone just agrees that they both were complete shit heads to her lol

No. 572633

We need pepper in a reality show!!

No. 572636

Dommy you need a fucking hobby. Your cringe level is off the charts.

No. 572676

File: 1525357928310.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1719, CC236571-972A-4FFD-8597-3C4D61…)

She looks awful…. and like a bootleg arz if that’s even possible

No. 572680

eyes to closed. isnt she like 20-22 years old? And lil xan is like… 12?

No. 572681

my opinion for threads is that there should just be 2: soundclout and instahoes.
grosso doesn't need his own thread him and bunch of other nobody's can go in that thread.
Laylas can be turned into the instahoes since lilith doesn't need her own and they both along with holli have the same following.

you guys really want to make a thread for EVERY single person why do u want to give them that much attention.
oh and from the lilith thread u can see yet another person with quite a following sourced lolcow so might be time to move somewhere else this place is infested…

No. 572687

laylas not dating peep yalls self proclaimed soundclout king and even if she is making music shes really more of an instahoe. also maybe the peep talk can get funneled away from the layla thread so i don't have to read yalls dumb ass theories/comments anymore.

No. 572690

File: 1525359781578.jpeg (304.58 KB, 1125x1883, A3FBA28D-7348-468C-910F-7A7784…)

I'm perplexed. How does he have 300,000 followers on Twitter

No. 572691

File: 1525359810391.jpeg (395.06 KB, 1125x1909, 34A068E1-04BE-48E1-9F84-3190A1…)

No. 572740

Uh probably bought them? People do it all the time…

No. 572751


who is that??

what happened to @irl.mami?

that was short lived. there's always another instahoe hungry for the fame.

No. 572763


No one cares. Stop shitting up the thread with this irrelevant fuck

No. 572775

Don't feed the troll.

No. 572806

not corny at all, that saying about your outside always reflecting your inside is true. homie's only option is weight loss and plastic surgery/fillers/botox for his busted face and you will ALWAYS be able to see the ugly in his eyes.

if he started coming correct and acting right, apologizing and making amends, giving back to the right people, and growing the fuck up into a man than i do believe his outside will change and he will start making friends that actually give a shit about him.

how long until paris meets newer and snakier friends that convince paris that tyler is a low life? won't take long. tyler needs fucking therapy or at the very least a damn DBT workbook. if he went through an abuse program publicly not only would that make a positive impact on the young confused af boys that look up to him, but it would help rehab his image and girls wouldn't rightfully loathe him so much. he legit needs a caretaker.

No. 572814

File: 1525374486451.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180503-230723.png)


No. 572825

>>572814 Ew, no. Just no. It looks like his teeth have rotted away and this doesn't fit his look at all.

No. 572832

his maxillary gingival exposure is far too excessive for this to suit him…

No. 572835

Grills don't suit anyone, nerd.

No. 573151

i don't know who this is besides looking through her instagram real quick and she's obviously beautiful but superficial enough to have low self esteem; by caring so much about who thinks she hot on IG she's allowing herself to be manipulated in every aspect, and she seems to have been doing it for a while. makes sense why should would be with someone as ugly as tyler because she may not deep down think too highly of herself, but went for him in the first place because of status. social status does fucked up things to your head, especially for susceptible young women.

i like when she's brought up only because she's SO out of his league but i hope she gets left alone. i know i'm not the only one here who's been in her place, and unless she lawyers-up i don't see her getting away.

No. 573179


she's also like hella young, too? she's 20, according to famousbirthdays… idk how long ago she and tyler dated but she was young and naive then i guess

No. 573183

Wait…wasn’t this the chick that was dating arzaylea???

No. 573208

Nah that’s gt shields who’s on tour w pepper right now. Plus she and arz were never dating it was just queer baiting bullshit bc arz was losing followers

No. 573348

It's really mind blowing how he pulls attractive girls. Idgaf if that piece of shit was giving me $100k I wouldn't date him or waste my time, he looks like he smells worse than any homeless person. This is gold digging in its most extreme form

No. 573378

Some people photograph badly but in person look good and have an unexplainable charm/attractiveness to them. I HIGHLY DOUBT Pepper's personality/aura exceeds his looks, but could explain why bitches flock to him. Some of my exes are repulsive and embarrassing, but there was just something about them that made them irresistible to me.

Just to clarify so I don't get cussed out, I don't find him attractive/I'm not whiteknighting. I'm just trying to understand these hoes.

BUT I'm sure these are the same type of girls who would fuck an old guy for money so I don't know why I'm trying to understand.

No. 573402

Looks don’t account for anything in this situation because any bitch who fucks him is either a prostitute or just as lame and tacky as he is. These young malleable white girls that grew up in boring suburbs look at him and think wow that’s like so cool he looks like he skateboards. No woman that doesn’t have the mentality of a pre teen girl would find anything about him attractive.

No. 573404

File: 1525417386210.jpeg (34.62 KB, 750x333, 93FC8670-3B19-4B87-8539-E82E64…)

Didn’t someone say this fat minge is like at least 24? Why is he constantly making sub posts about people that in essence describe himself?

No. 573510

File: 1525436031696.jpeg (480.87 KB, 750x1301, BC117138-6473-4407-BF37-A1EEEC…)


No. 573512

File: 1525436050076.jpeg (540.7 KB, 750x1040, 3B757A4E-EE5A-418D-B13D-E66695…)


No. 573513

WOW any sympathy I had for Layla went right out the window. Fuck her for that.

No. 573514

…it’s a t shirt. is it really that deep

No. 573515

She’s purposely baiting her abusive ex boyfriend. That’s pretty messed up.

No. 573517

sure, but they bait each other every other day on twitter anyway. i just think it’s funny that the anon i replied to was pearl-clutching so hard over a tee shirt. maybe i’m missing something.

No. 573518

it definitely feels like she’s baiting him. trying to fuck up his tour and “new relationship”.

No. 573534

poor poor grosso. oh well, maybe he should have collected his things some time ago. and not be a blackmailing asshole.

No. 573544

God damn grosso and layla really havent stopped sucking each others dicks since gus died, for people addicted to trends and whats the wave they are repetitive tards

No. 573548

File: 1525441548826.png (2.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180504-174122.png)

Pic 1

I wish she'd just let him go.. He treated her really bad I understand she loved him and maybe somewhere deep deep down he loved her but she needs to move on and better herself not remincess on peep i know shes still grieving but she needs to occupy her self with other things not hanging around with skinwalkers that'll only trigger her memories and how maybe things would have been different and she could have changed peep also she needs to try and not poke at fatass Tyler

No. 573551

File: 1525441703800.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180504-174126.png)

Pic 2

I'm pretty sure her or one of her "friends" placed that peep their.. Either way I hope she can learn to move on and understand he's gone and move on take that relationship as a lesson to try and focus on becoming sober and do her music just anything that can ease what she's going through also maybe find new friends.. Just becoming better if that makes sense

No. 573595

Seems like her and Tyler and her and Peep's relationships are kind of similar. They're both kind of equally garbage to each other and neither will cut it out, kind of (from what I saw) of her and Peep. Doing things just to get a reaction from each other. I wonder if she would act like this if Tyler died.
I also wonder what makes people act like this. If your ex is such a big deal in your life that you need to keep getting reactions from them, dating other people just to make them jealous? Continuing to talk to them after you're with someone else? What is wrong with them?

No. 573609

File: 1525447508849.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, F278A66A-D247-4551-8C53-8D845B…)

is she sleeping in grossos fucking bed while he’s gone?

No. 573613

Why do you say that’s his bed

No. 573614

it looks gross and disgusting like him and superrrrrradical

No. 573615

File: 1525448192152.png (284.21 KB, 612x427, ew.png)

i never thought people would find him this attractive to make fanfics about him ew.

No. 573618

I’ve seen pics of him with that Slipknot tapestry before but can’t find any online right now. it’s either his or Aubrey’s room.

No. 573621

File: 1525448580543.jpeg (775.95 KB, 750x1051, 06401795-A286-44AC-84F1-ED2620…)

looks like it’s hers. funny cuz layla was freaking on sc about “this house having her original paintings” which is hilarious if she’s just over at her bff-for-now’s house.

No. 573631

what “makes people act like this” is grief. not to wk but i’m beyond tired of people acting like the amount of time or the way she grieves or reminisces peep is somehow wrong. yeah sure they had a toxic relationship but that doesn’t make it any less shitty and painful the way he died and the terms they were on when it happened. she’s doing pretty okay, these snaps are harmless. let her get in her feelings about it

No. 573637

No. 573647

>>573595 This is reality tv for the twitter world. They create drama to still be relevant and keep people entertained. She has spoken about how she thinks she is boring and she is. Before she had the mess of herself to keep people entertained and now she has what? She continues to play these childish games to get reactions from him and since he is such an idiot, he falls right into that trap. Layla, get some interesting hobbies or join an organization to help people out. You are turning into a Kardashian of twitter. And not in any kind of good way.

No. 573655

File: 1525451625594.jpeg (548.92 KB, 640x3860, F04A0606-D9D5-4E5A-A603-AF54B9…)

Who’s this new idiot?

No. 573656

lol that sad girl in the comments

No. 573668

It's actually a guy, apparently

No. 573674

I think that’s the guy from her story a few days ago who is her old roommate/is gay and someone messaged her about him being like “stop jumping from one guy to the next” and she responded saying shes allowed to have male friends, this is her old roommate, he’s gay, etc

No. 573777

File: 1525460735458.png (656.06 KB, 750x1334, 754FD3A8-E18D-453D-B358-6CBFF5…)

“For a friend”

No. 573813

I hope he gets pelted with corn because he's fucking corny…

No. 573880

File: 1525470183711.jpeg (236.39 KB, 750x1176, 365BD7AE-5E31-43AB-B881-E505F9…)

Anyone else notice this?

No. 573886

best part is he said in an interview from 4 days ago that he is in a relationship

No. 573903

isn't he in an open relationship? i remember people recording him making out with tana mongeau at adam22's birthday party and he was "taken", so..

No. 573906

now that you say it i recall, but it makes the i don't want a gf shit even more lame like he couldn't find a better pick up line, ppl telling him he's the new peep really got to his brain

No. 574123

File: 1525492740435.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1125x1881, B9DA10CE-774D-427E-9F88-669DDE…)


No. 574128

File: 1525493312980.png (4.78 MB, 1125x2436, A6AB2516-44FE-4B58-8032-FB9031…)


No. 574145

no one cares

No. 574149

Somehow I had a feeling this was coming

No. 574151

y is aubrie's face such a moonpie?

she's literally just a boring ass girl trying to be edgy 25/7

just a total yawn

her face looks like it was carved out of a clay ball and the person who carved it had no knowledge of human anatomy

No. 574153

who is this? he's cuter than luke and tyler so if she turned this dude down for either of them yea she fucked up

No. 574154

nm I take it back bc cute doesn't outweigh abusive (peep)

No. 574157

she creeps me out tbh the way she contours her nose makes it look like it's carved out of wax

No. 574159

I mean at least she's not a terrible person like everyone else in soundclout/instahoe universe so creepy baby makeup is forgivable

No. 574162

truu I don't get why she has any following but she's not really hateable

No. 574165

I don't hate her I just think her popularity is strange but yea I agree she's doesn't really illicit any rage she just confuses me with her cookie cutter personality and tumblresque "edgy"ness

No. 574166

someone please tell me who this guy is

No. 574170

TP ex. SoundCloud dude. If you want more details/timeline, he was discussed in the first thread, and a little bit in the second one, gradually dropping off the subsequent threads with infrequent mentions.

No. 574179

File: 1525497977421.png (1011.14 KB, 1080x1556, 20180505_092342.png)


No. 574180

File: 1525497997787.png (383.92 KB, 1080x1496, 20180505_092413.png)


No. 574181

He wasn't the greatest artist of our time lol he was a decent artist

No. 574184

read the OP.


No. 574193

Read it thank you

No. 574209

didn't he just comment on Layla's ig about wanting to make out? kinda seems like an attempt to get her attention

No. 574318

This is why we don’t need mini mods

No. 574333

Lol dumb cunt just wants lil peeps Instagram admins to be like awww look at that respect! Let’s follow!
Naaaah Diego peep didn’t like u

No. 574335

>this is why we dont need mini mods
>doesnt sage

this thread needs to be autosaged again because you idiots really can't be bothered to read the rules

No. 574354

File: 1525528707546.png (1.31 MB, 1058x1668, 20180505_175806.png)

Spooky also has no tits

No. 574358

Whoever the dumb bossy stuck up bitch is that keeps posting about sage and “I M A G E BOARD. Post milk caps or don't post. Very simple formula.” bitch shut your bossy ass up. Girl I will fuck you up you annoying ass bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 574417

at least she doesnt have laylas saggy tits tbh

No. 574439

File: 1525538814295.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180505-204524.png)

Ow my legs

No. 574441

File: 1525538898998.png (Spoiler Image, 2.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180505-204531.png)

Her butt.. I'm scared

No. 574443

Sage your shit, newfag. Also
>threatening to fight someone on the internet

No. 574463


what's wrong with her ass? lmao it looks pretty normal to me

No. 574465

you sound overweight

No. 574469

completely average ass, do you have a personal vendetta against her or something

No. 574474

thats a normal ass though..?

No. 574498

Its about the most normal thing besides her ugly face

No. 574506

Catch a ban. Please.

Her face really isn’t that bad either tho? Like don’t get me wrong, I cackled at the anon who called her a moon pie. Honestly I want this to be her name on here. But I think that’s just from wearing way too much makeup/being bad at applying it. Her face is generally cute. Idk she just seems really average and plain… but shops at hot topic.

No. 574511

Abby Brown, come get your phase please.

No. 574512

i think she has the same problem as cassidy tbh, not ugly per se but really bad at makeup. layla is the opposite, she doesn't have the best genes but knows how to make it work with make up (and photoshop, but whatever)

No. 574550


well cass is actually quite pretty naturally (and yes, awful at makeup), while spooky/aubrey is both plain and semi-bad at makeup

No. 574576

Its her eyebrows that throw me off tbh they just look a bit weird and her contour is a bit too dark for her complexion and the highlight is a little too much maybe if she toned it down a little she'd look decent

No. 574617

File: 1525555016207.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180505_141454666.j…)

I think she facetunes a lot and it makes her look really odd. First 3 are the most "normal"-looking I could find and the last one is moon pie

Does anyone have any idea where she came from?

No. 574619

Laylas been face tuning her pics so much it doesn’t even look like her anymore

No. 574636

File: 1525556770291.jpeg (62.99 KB, 750x547, C66BF5F9-A156-4B8D-AFE2-EC599B…)

Weirdly kinda looks like the tin man?

No. 574638

Does anyone have the screenshot of Axl Rose commenting on Laylas pic?

No. 574681

>>574638 Which photo did he comment on?

No. 574731

i think she just has a ginormous face and her eyes are rly far apart

No. 574735


axl doesn't have an instagram tho?

No. 574736

Laughing at this one

No. 574746

Wait what? Please someone supply a screenshot lmfao

No. 574764

File: 1525567580150.jpeg (646.18 KB, 1300x1733, CBB119C1-DC6A-4D53-9DE7-C45363…)

this girl clearly draws her style inspo from Caillou. peep the blush and weird tiny far-apart features.

No. 574765

oh my god i'm cackling

No. 574777

He does, but he doesn't use it, it's empty.

No. 574783

(Samefag) by which I mean he doesn't post any pictures, but I dunno if he uses it to like/comment, though.

No. 574816

Im pretty sure she used to fuck Paris. I remember seeing them together in his instagram lives waaaay back kissing and shit. I think pepper was going to fight Paris for her or something and that’s how they met.

No. 574873

File: 1525583050568.jpeg (77.47 KB, 750x485, A2309068-F495-4BB6-8E38-18C59F…)

off the wagon ? :(

No. 574875

>>574617 Wait, who is this?

No. 574879

File: 1525584107697.jpeg (110.85 KB, 750x875, 67389438-DA4F-4267-8A53-2ACF10…)

She’s always being rude as fuck to her fans on live too

No. 574888


but i've seen so many instances of her posing with her fans, signing their tits, etc.? also the fact that she responds to some fans' emails and encourages them and gives them advice…

No. 574890

File: 1525585576693.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 6549F844-52C3-473E-B279-87B827…)

No. 574900

Did anyone else catch Lil Xan having a meltdown on Instagram tonight after he keyed the shit out of his G-Wagon? Yiiiiikes.

No. 574902

he keyed his own car you're saying?

No. 574905

go tf away weird ass, i’m pretty sure doxxing ppl like that is against the rules

No. 574907

he's saying that he is a "slave" to his management. he definitely has some issues and this is a cry for help

No. 574908

what is she even doing here

No. 574909

Lmao arent u lopholoras friend? You’re bored

No. 574917


Go away.

No. 574925

human filth

No. 574965

I feel really bad for him tbh I guess that's why he's always on drugs so he doesn't have to deal with how he's being treated and so he keyed his car maybe to make a statement I hope he gets help bc it would be really sad to see him kill himself over how he's being treated, at least they aren't sexual or physically abusing him but he's constantly on drugs and that's what's gonna kill him

No. 574967

File: 1525597859894.png (1003.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180506-130834.png)

I just watched this lol she wasn't sober during the live, its obvi she let peer pressure consumer her

And does anyone know who this obnoxious tryhard is? She just seems really annoying

No. 574991

this is rachel, her and layla have known each other since they were little. actually one of the least annoying of her friendships since she seems to be the only one who is not a massive clout monster.

No. 574993

Oh lord somebody collect this little Justin Bieber. Why do all these tiny pasty boys that look like they’re named Hunter and live in Iowa think putting shitty tattoos on their face makes them look bad?
>they took my car and won’t give it to me reee

No. 574999

this was just embarassing to watch

No. 575002

Honestly kill yourself you’re not important just because you mini mod(a-logging)

No. 575004

Stop being unnecessary pls that anon was right.

Isn’t she like 26? Hanging around gullible edgy teens has warped her behavior into “how edgy and manic pixie will I look on the gram.” I can’t imagine she’s actually enjoying herself.

No. 575022

I think shes 24

No. 575040

yup, turning 25 this month.

No. 575047

File: 1525617715805.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 4D51E810-5A3D-4074-9898-A07E84…)

Wait but who is this?

No. 575048

Also- I’ve been reading this thread since the beginning & this is my first time posting!
You guys completely skipped over the milk between Cheriemadeline (peppers ex) and Layla when she first came back to LA
They were supposed to hang out even at one point and we’re postinng comments on wachthers insta? Very weird- did anyone else notice?

No. 575052

File: 1525618051707.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 48E5B658-A926-4F89-B134-AA3CA5…)

Sorry for all the typos in my last post lol
Here is a screen cap of one of the comments. They didn’t hang out, though!

No. 575097

what was layla doing in that live?

No. 575120

Or maybe they did and neither of them posted about it. Remember We didn’t know tyler and Layla hungout until tyler himself said so.

No. 575179

Ew really? I just saw a ukalaley.. Mini guitar being placed on her I didn't know she was fondling herself

No. 575239

They definitely didn’t. They went back & forth commenting on each others posts- tweeting one another as well. Which was VERY weird considering it was all so public and obviously for attention ?? Layla even tweeted Madeline “see you in 3 hrs” or something… & then for the entire night they both did completely different things…. Madeline with her insta model rich high profile friends and Layla w Aubrie- whoever.
And both Layla and Madeline are so self absorbed that they post 24/7 and definitely would have if they met up.
Anyways… they unfollowed one another a couple days later.

No. 575285


No. 575347

iirc he's gay/they are/have been friends for a while so everyone calm down a lil

No. 575403

File: 1525647900218.gif (856.81 KB, 230x164, that's not how this works.gif)

>I guess that's why he's always on drugs so he doesn't have to deal with how he's being treated and so he keyed his car maybe to make a statement

No. 575444

File: 1525652289805.jpeg (415.26 KB, 750x848, AF66C4A3-E2D6-4AE5-ACB8-489B29…)

No. 575463

File: 1525653083865.jpg (105.18 KB, 1080x1080, tylergrosso_30084239_125308969…)

He pulled his disgusting greasy mop back for her. It must be love

No. 575474

File: 1525653991041.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1125x2323, 123C0B6D-3632-45DB-869A-2029DB…)


genuinely baffled at how desperate some of these girls must be. yikes.

No. 575475

She hangs out with arzaylea, what do you expect?

No. 575481

>>575474 Oh my goddddd she looks so uncomfortable

I'm giggling at the clenched hover fist lmao just put your fucking hand on her leg

No. 575485

Tyler just posted an insta story where he brags about buying his gf LV shoes…girl better get that shit authenticated, lmao.

Just makes me laugh how he still tries to flex with designer stuff after he already got called out and then admitted that he was buying fake LV.

No. 575493

She looks pretty dumpy herself tbh. She kind of looks a little like June (Shoe0nHead) but lowkey uglier (without the shop at least)? She's very orange and her dyejob/clothing all look like trash. Her body is pretty alight though, so she's still sorta out of his league I guess?

No. 575523

All human women are out of his league.

No. 575536

File: 1525659542773.jpeg (58.89 KB, 750x422, 71755337-6626-4E47-96EE-F59B56…)

No. 575539

File: 1525659579178.jpeg (187.35 KB, 750x904, 36C5D2C7-705B-4389-A975-05D95A…)

No. 575548

Trying to pose herself like she was ~so damaged and quirky~ posing with a ukelele and generally trying to look ~aesthetic~ enough. Nobody does that kind of campy shit IRL. Looks dumb.

No. 575643

I gotta say, following this thread from #1 to now, it’s been a rollercoaster. We (or well many of us it seemed) we’re rooting for Layla after peep died. And now she’s just back to her old shit.
As someone who didn’t like her at the beginning and then grew to like more, or at least find empathy for, im disappointed.

No. 575666


she is uh… really not cute

No. 575676


Yeah I mostly found Layla to be a vacuous, irritating attention whore, but was totally rooting for her and enjoying her social media presence while she was in London a while back. It seemed like she was getting her shit together, doing cool stuff and making an honest effort to be a healthier/nicer/better person. It sucks that she is basically regressing now but I guess it's her life.

No. 575684

File: 1525675708749.png (672.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0551.PNG)

@lil xan

No. 575704

She looks like Walmart Jaclyn Hill. In no way do I mean that as a compliment..

No. 575729


Don't really know how to feel about Lil Xan. On one hand it's probably super hard being like 20 and in the spotlight. On the other hand I'm not sure if keying your brand new G Wagon because you have to abide by the the same rules as the rest of society means you're mentally ill or just a huge brat.

No. 575733

it doesn't, he's being a huge brat

No. 575740

You just know Hillsong Church are or will be trying to sucker him in after all this. Young, wealthy and drugged are their criteria.

No. 575758

File: 1525689930118.png (777.48 KB, 1242x2208, 32E9AF5D-A001-412D-AEB9-6773A8…)

lmao this fool
>my image/name
doesn’t even have one to begin with
>we went through some shit
has never met mackned

No. 575768


Do you remember when she got hacked and all her messages got leaked and she was taking to actual people that mattered, I’m glad she’s leaving GBC in the underground while she networks with mainstream artists. She looks like she’s trying to turn things around and become a better person

No. 575771

potato begone!

No. 575777

lol anon, you're delusional

No. 575778

go away chelji

No. 575785

It's called photoshop lmao

No. 575811

I dont see how Layla posing with a ukulele = obviously relapsed. That’s a reach.

She’s always been obnoxious, without or without drugs. Since she’s sober while all her friends are partying, she’s obviously gonna act up for attention because she cant use drugs as a crutch for her personality. She’s an attention whore and will make sure to get it by any means necessary. But y’all need to chill with screaming “RELAPSE” every time she does something over the top. Especially with no actual evidence.

No. 575853

Lmao Mackned just posted a Instagram story where he says "The officials have been telling me to stay quiet, but they said I don't gotta stay quiet anymore. I love Peep, I know y'all are grieving so I forgive y'all. But I would never do that to him." Talking about how he gave Peep the fentanyl.

No. 575890

Did he just admit that GBC is being sued? Sorry if this is known, haven’t seen it discussed here tho.

No. 575891

this guy is obviously fucking retarded. his dad is rich why is he saying he is broke and from the hood….i thought we already established that tracy comes from money and i thought mackned did too? either way the whole thing is super shady: theses crazy peepettes who are in a group message with peeps fucking grandma, and this guy who doesnt care about anyone but himself. both sides are super fucked and in the wrong i think….

No. 575892

Totally agree. I think the witch hunt over who gave peep what pills is stupid and moot. Peep did drugs, openly, and knew the risks. What’s fucked are these ass clowns that let him sit there and die for 5+ hours.

But anyway, yeah both Ned and Tracy come from family’s with successful musicians. It’s all discussed in previous threads (maybe #7 iirc. I’m not gonna search for it since new fags don’t bother reading anyways)
I don’t think they’re rollin in it but I’d NEVER consider them “broke boys from the hood”. Only way that’s true is if daddy cut them off and now they actually have to provide for themselves. Which is called real life, not being a broke boy because you tatted your face up before making it big.

No. 575897

Broke? Hood?? OK Trey Gable.

No. 575903

File: 1525712055230.png (383.96 KB, 1242x2208, 164CA2D6-C7B1-4E0F-9362-C4FB20…)

Tyler’s first ex is too pretty to be getting tangled up in this mess again.

No. 575912

She must be catching some heat because she made her profile private lmao

No. 575916

File: 1525713063179.png (27.21 KB, 473x87, Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.0…)

Awww oh noooo Pepper :( :( :(

No. 575931

Has he tried to not be an anthropomorphic garbage bag? Could help.

No. 575932

File: 1525714483101.jpeg (396.88 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3295.jpeg)

Paris posted this on his story. Thats Layla's pillow on Aubrie (Sp00ky)'s bed….. he's clearly not there. These people are so twisted. First Pepper starts dating Arz's best friend (gtshields), then Paris tries to bait them both and draw attention to the situation. Arz's dumbass poetry stories are def about Paris too.. the clout hunger is sickening.

No. 575935

File: 1525714767234.jpeg (273.33 KB, 1242x1848, IMG_3300.jpeg)

Also.. can we talk about the fact that everyone Arz comes into contact with get's lip injections? gtshields looks like she has some god awful blisters on her face. This is Arz's ex (Papi Flako)…. I'm fucking done.

No. 575959

Laylas using the MakeupPlus app to heavily edit her face in videos now

No. 575964

File: 1525717471086.png (482.54 KB, 750x1334, 6F11E9E5-CAC4-40D4-B2CD-1EE04C…)

Laylas been copying off this girls tattoos, she follows her.

No. 575969

File: 1525717733324.png (383.87 KB, 750x1334, F6855809-3C56-435C-A740-2487EF…)

No. 575977

Mmm seems like a stretch. The lo(s)ver is from IT (I'm sure hundreds of people have that tattoo), spiderweb is a classic tattoo, and goth writing on stomach… I mean… Layla has been using that text for a long time and putting writing on your stomach is another classic tattoo move. "Wait til I drop my song about this shit…" OK how about get a life. Not trying to WK for Layla this just seems like clout chasing.

No. 575978

Was just in the middle of typing this out. It's not even like the size or placement of them is the same

No. 575980

File: 1525718746172.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180507-224313.png)

(Late post)
But heres the "expensive shoes" pepper put his gf in and he said "I put my lil babygirl in some lous incase she tries to run away"

No. 575989


You mean when you faked a hack and "leaked" all your photoshopped convos with legit artists? Jesus CHRIST Chelji you are so fuckin delusional. Just stop.

No. 576101

It's honestly just so mind blowing to me that any woman on earth never mind attractive ones with nice bodies would let this thing touch them …. an 80 year old is better than this shit if money is the motive. It's just baffling. Especially seeing how he's not only heinous in looks and personality but he's also a sociopathic abuser? Does gtshields have friends ?

No. 576130

Show me more than two posts where someone said she relapsed. It isn’t being screamed anywhere. I see people saying she looked stupid posing with a ukulele but nowhere do I see anyone linking any of this together besides two posts up farther saying she must have drank at the party.

No. 576133

Chill. This photo was taken ages ago when the three of them were friends. There are also photos of the three of them together at a casino or s/t around the same time. He isn’t baiting anyone he posted a throwback where he thought his nipples looked sexy. It isn’t that deep. Do your research before you sperg and tinfoil friend.

No. 576152

She got hacked and they leaked screen recordings and screenshots Chief keef in her messages and all these other rappers looked very real to me

No. 576156

File: 1525732171829.png (367.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-07-17-27-08…)

She clearly copied. She even liked this pic. How lame.

No. 576158

Samefag I thought Layla was so original for the IT tattoo idea and was jealous I didn't think of it first.

Now I'm just laughing because Layla didn't even think of it herself.

She's just another big name copying ideas from smaller artists. Similar to grosso. They deserve each other.

No. 576163

even if layla liked this pic they both didn't invent this text so tbh they both have unoriginal tattoos

No. 576171

File: 1525733682770.png (844.26 KB, 1023x400, slug.png)


gtshield's lip injections look like bloated slugs. they are very poorly done, she obviously got some cheapo ones from a seedy hollywood technician.

they're all uneven and puffy in the most wrong, unnatural places. they hang off her face like a swollen asshole, the lip skin is all tight and distended from the plastic inside. gross.

could probably land a plane on that philtrum, too.

No. 576177

Shut the fuck up chili. No one cares, even if it isn’t shopped.
Only calling this out as a selfpost because I’m pretty sure no one here cares about her enough to post this shit.

Calm down anon. There’s plenty of instances of people assuming a relapse on here even when she was back in London.

No. 576195

>calm down anon
So is there this thing we are doing now where if someone disagrees with us, we tell them to calm down even when there’s no indication that they aren’t calm?
Get a grip dude.

No. 576197

i dont get why everyone thinks cheriemadeleine is pretty? she looks really fake and really old… im pretty sure she's only 20 but that fake tan and all those injections and makeup make her look at least 35

No. 576202

File: 1525735836024.png (185.8 KB, 750x1021, IMG_2677.PNG)

Also she's a bit like Cassidy in that it's really obvious she photoshops her waist? This just looks unnatural and disproportionate…

No. 576204

is it just me or does she legit look 40??? this fake tan and the lip injections… holy fuck they really age you

No. 576207

File: 1525736003227.png (219.19 KB, 750x1072, IMG_2678.PNG)

Forgot the pic

No. 576211

Ew …. agreed this is so over shopped it looks like a painting. Even so she's still way out of Tyler's league it's still incomprehensible why she or any one else would let him in their vagina

No. 576228

File: 1525737313426.jpg (7.72 KB, 196x257, dewy.jpg)

this is all i see… with gratuitous tanner and shooping, ofc

No. 576236

>>575932 Where's Arz's poetry at? I could use a good laugh…

No. 576265

Layla must be reading this because she unfollowed the siirens girl. She was just following her this morning

No. 576270

File: 1525739562526.png (1.8 MB, 830x1082, bad_poetry.png)

>>576236 Never mind, I found it… So bad!! How old is she and why would she ever ever ever ever post this kind of crap online? This poetry is as bad as her bloated, fake lips. Also, why are you thinking this is about Paris?

No. 576279

File: 1525739763884.jpeg (116.29 KB, 750x608, 82CC582F-EB97-46B5-971B-427F69…)

i rlly don’t get if this is supposed to be a joke or..? there’s no way she’s turning 21 lmao

No. 576324

she's turning 25 lol! maybe it's a reference to that one Q&A she did where someone was like what's the best age and she answered 21

No. 576338

File: 1525743239585.jpeg (61.1 KB, 1125x284, 6917ED6B-5A40-41B5-B978-4F4216…)

No. 576342

is paris dating someone new? lol

No. 576347


Lil Xan is 21, almost 22. I only mention it because too many people give him a pass for his shit thinking he's some young teen when really he's an adult.

No. 576394

File: 1525746831042.jpeg (73.17 KB, 744x391, 58396866-4B09-408E-A9F8-2E9955…)


No. 576396

File: 1525746885691.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x2156, B10DD4A6-B809-4A40-8198-96F73B…)

Ur memeing right? I mean this is the equivalent of some bitch getting a dream catcher tattoo

No. 576438

File: 1525749273202.png (1.5 MB, 1125x2436, 640E2BC6-FCD5-4EEA-9316-5668D7…)

This could be her best yet.
Arz and grace are the perfect friends; Neither keeps the other in check and they let each other do some real embarrassing shit

No. 576440

"i'm riding this high / just like i rode you"

this is… really something…

No. 576472

She was too inspired by sterility with this shit

No. 576553

>>575935 his lips have always been like that he was one of those Tumblr famous punk boys for a while before and while they dated and he's always had big lips

No. 576564

File: 1525758043217.png (951.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-093240.png)

From the story layla asked ppl to send her pics to their moms

No. 576565

File: 1525758061609.png (852.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-093255.png)


No. 576566

File: 1525758079699.png (1005.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-093318.png)


No. 576570

File: 1525758271543.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-093403.png)


No. 576572

File: 1525758342148.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-093534.png)


No. 576573

File: 1525758360638.png (767.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-093605.png)


No. 576583

Cheriemadeline is gorgeous idk what ur talking about… I mean. She is too skinny. Her boobs are weird ish and her skinny is more skin and bones than fit but she IS tiny. She doesn’t shop herself. Watch her videos of herself and look at her tagged pics.. maybe face tune. But that’s it..

No. 576645

use your eyes anon. there’s more than just facetune going on here. >>576207
she’s so tanned she looks like she’s made of fucking leather, she has no forehead thanks to the badly placed wig, and she photoshopped the entire bridge of her nose so small that it’s literally collapsing on itself. go ahead, zoom in. her face is 110% fucked up.

No. 576655

Looks aside, Madeleine & her friend have a No Jumper from 2016 (she was 18 years old then- 20 years old currently) if you want to experience how vapid she is while simultaneously suffering through adam22 and robesman's cringe inducing man child attitudes. I only made it 10 minutes in before I realized my brain cells were killing themselves at an alarming rate so I had to stop, so I can't remark on any decent information that may have (not likely) come from the 'interview.'

No. 576680

She has the same issue as Kylie Jenner–only 20 but so much makeup that she looks way older, and not in a good way… like one of those rich Beverly hills moms that desperately wishes she were still 21

No. 576692

she looks like she belongs in the lineup of a Real Housewives season.

No. 576703

those fucking lips, they literally are uneven. the left side arches higher than the right, and the inside angles of the lips are puffy from the injection sites.

how can she possibly think that looks good???

No. 576707

Looks like she rubbed herself with shoe polish

No. 576733

File: 1525792747447.jpeg (280.38 KB, 1125x737, 611803BB-B118-4774-B757-432C24…)

Pepper “directed” a music video yesterday and it’s got me SO annoyed, for the same reasons I hate that he’s suddenly paris’ “dj”. (Which I’m p sure @glorellana was supposed to do. I assume pepper finally got denied as paris’ manager so he cried his way into this spot)
Some people actually dedicate their lives to these things - Meanwhile there’s pepper, picking up a camera once or even looking at a turntable and suddenly he’s a professional with a whole crew/nationwide tour. What a fucking waste. I’m sure there’s someone out there with actual talent who’s dedicated to their craft and is actually deserving of these opportunities. Peppers just playing pretend and collecting clout and got damn it IRKS me.

No. 576735

File: 1525792796957.jpeg (132.22 KB, 750x747, BED4FA2D-4812-4199-96D4-ADE3F8…)

my comment on the picture with his new girl. he’s so abusive and pathetic… i remember when him and cheriemadeline broke up he tweeted that she had cheated on him with a black guy (tweets are deleted) and now it’s harry hudson….. i feel like this is the boy who cries wolf kinda thing. ps; first tim posting on here.

No. 576740

>feels the need to mention the guy was black, as if that makes he cheating worse
>continuously appropriates black culture for a profit

How the fuck does this guy have any following

No. 576742

He talked about them so much so we actually do know what's happened with his past fucked up relationships he's so fucking dumb

No. 576750

kinda weird how he calls his ex by her insta handle instead of just her first name

No. 576759

File: 1525795570775.png (169.91 KB, 1178x1190, her_face.png)

>>576735 Her face in this photo… She looks like some creature from a horror movie. Girl, don't do that anymore. No, no no no.

No. 576765

File: 1525796658342.png (1.67 MB, 1188x1162, wat.png)

>>576733 He posted a clip of HIS FIRST EVER REAL ASS MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT THAT HE IS DIRECTING on instagram. It looks like he is poll dancing/thrashing in the background with some weird monkey swinging and kicking. Screenshots don't do it justice, go watch now… This is hilarious, dying laughing watching this…

No. 576767

File: 1525796745277.png (1.62 MB, 1194x1162, is happening.png)

No. 576768

LMAO of course he put himself in the video. Of. Course.
Can’t just direct it. Needs to leech all the attention/clout out of everything he touches

No. 576772


omg those nasolabial folds and the blown-out, flappy lip injections.

i can't

No. 576773

they're perfect for each other

No. 576898

File: 1525806702340.jpeg (518.99 KB, 1125x660, 57C9C006-838C-4E88-A92F-3B5F68…)

No. 576899

File: 1525806706221.jpeg (179.48 KB, 750x778, 32CE754C-EE7B-479B-B51D-0872DF…)

Wonder which ex she’s talking about here.

No. 576908

Obviously Grosso.

Wait a minute. This is important actually.
After Peep died, it was speculated that Layla had sent Peep pics of her with Grosso, but it was never confirmed. The weight of that occuring close to Peep's death has me wondering..is this the secret Tyler has been dying to share/threat layla with for so long??? I know most of us here dont want to continue on about Peeps death but still..

No. 576923

I mean, if you're saying Peep's 'accidental' death was actually a 'suicide' because of some shit Layla sent him - it's highly doubtful. She can feel guilty if she sent those pix, but the action didn't kill him.

No. 576928

>>576923 He could have taken a bunch of random pills to numb the pain away though.

No. 576939

peep was spiraling for a long time. we know Layla lurks here and as much of a cow as she is, she doesn’t deserve to think she caused his death. he was bound to die within a few years, just a matter of when. plus peep loved taunting her and emotionally abusing her, I highly doubt the dick sucking photos did anything other than make him happy to know he was bothering her that much. come on.

No. 576944

Correlation ≠ Causation.

No. 577022

If she did this, it's already in her head. Some random post on lolcow isn't going make her go all nutty.

No. 577126

File: 1525825754204.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1810, D0471991-101C-4FFE-AE66-2E4FE3…)

Due to the size of these abominations, I have a new theory that grace/Arz found some shady back alley technician who’s willing to inject more vials than recommended. Within the past day or so they’ve both posted photos where their lips look like they’re about to explode.
ps lol @ arz explaining her “art”

No. 577146

agreed. the only reason pepper even brought it up is to make tp look guilty so ppl would hop off his ass and stop calling him out on his abusive bullshit so someone coming here to say “but what if peep died bc of tp..” is exactly what tyler was trying to achieve. pepper is still manipulating tp which should only prove her words, not the other way around. pls stop being so gullible. peep died from laced shit, it wasn’t anyone’s fault, everyone does drugs in that community and environment so it really was a matter of time. you either come clean or you die, theres no in between.

No. 577149

File: 1525828836216.png (8 MB, 1242x2208, 2D2DDBBE-3DAD-40B5-AE0D-ACCA46…)

pepper coming for clout as per

No. 577151

File: 1525828970871.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, CA746FB4-CE75-4563-968F-24C08A…)

also whoever find this attractive is delusional and needs a therapist

No. 577170

He tries so hard. Not even bothered because I know everyone else that isn’t 15 is making fun of him too.

No. 577182

whenever i see pictures of him i wonder… does he shower? i just can't imagine anyone wanting to hit that

No. 577187

File: 1525832830759.jpeg (85.41 KB, 750x552, 2C18166B-FFD7-4307-A285-9CA8C9…)

So, Layla opens a store at one pm on her birthday and apparently makes 20k from cheap tacky thongs and $66 sweatpants?
Well. That’s business I guess.
Most of the RTs from people who bought “merch” from her appear to be teenagers?

No. 577192

remember when those comments appeared here about layla sending shit to peep? why aren't tyler' posts marked like kiki/sperg-chan because i'm almost positive that had to be him; or that time those "rumors" came up about peep being a gay sex freak. tyler fucking sucks and can't handle anyone being happy, and honestly he probably tried to make peep jealous and is blaming layla, but she can't say anything because he's blackmailing her with (as he's admitting here) pictures of her having sex with him, or something else understandable for partners but bad to put online.

there's so many laws that protect her why does she put up with this, and if he's using lolcow to spread shit about there people why does he get away with it (if he is i mean)

No. 577197

Most of Toopoor's fanbase hasn't finished highschool yet.
You see the scroll of mostly teens showing their moms her pics? Most were telling their daughters to get themselves down to the dinner table

No. 577199

I don’t think her merch is terrible, kind of tacky but I can see the appeal especially since the sound clout goth style is poppin right now, so I think it’s pretty smart of her to go with what her fans are attracted to ya know? Saged since it’s not that important.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577208

kind of a dramatic way to say that she used to make the equivalent of full time minimum wage in CA and now she can make some quick cash until all of her fans have already bought merch lol

No. 577210

if anything gross would've manipulated her saying shit like "if you're really over peep send him this picture", likely when peep was doing some manipulative narcissist to bait her.

No. 577227

can we talk about how she literally used his nickname from this site cause I love it

No. 577232

This place isn’t even barely a soundclout thread anymore but does anyone know anything about lilsodaboi being a rapist? I’m from the same city he’s from but never heard anything about it till I was watching a stream with someone who called him a rapist but didn’t meantion it beyond that or expand on it really.

No. 577238

File: 1525839048046.png (Spoiler Image, 734.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180509-080829.png)

I feel so bad for the person that had to touch her, her ass looks so dirty and unwashed..

No. 577246

The fuck is that shit

No. 577247

Lil peep dying is milk as is the pure shit of soundclout shit rap

No. 577249

>>577238 It looks like her butthole is at the top of her ass crack…

No. 577251

>>577249 and a very used one at that.

No. 577260

late but he also broke up with arz less than a day before so you can just as easily apply that to her

No. 577267

File: 1525844177236.png (138.68 KB, 1268x552, sex_tape.png)

>>577192 Layla tweeted about a sex tape with her and lil peep: https://twitter.com/toopoor_/status/826968633037320193?lang=en Seemed more like a Kardashian/Pamela Lee get famous from the release of it more than a threat though.

No. 577273

Hate to break it to you nitpicker but you gotta be 28 to post here ands that’s a normal ass. Have you seen Shay from the dolly mattell thread? I’m seeing no ingrown hairs or pimples. Looks like a regular ass. Discoloration is perfectly normal and human on asses, you have to be 18 to post here.(???)

No. 577274

>you gotta be 28 to post here
An obvious typo, yeah yeah whatever “it’s 18 white knight REEEEEE”

No. 577289

You seem a little triggered and its weird looking like >>577249 said the asshole looks like its on her ass crack

No. 577291

Tbh her ass crack looks like the string is coming out of it

No. 577294

Isn’t kinda fucked up to release a sex tape of a dead dude?
Definitely no consent given.
If someone leaked nudes of a dead girl people would lose their shit

No. 577301

So true it honestly seems like she's just doing this for attention if she was "grieving" she wouldn't even have brought up a sex tape and he's dead and its really disrespectful..

No. 577303

read the date this was posted way before he died

No. 577310


i would pay like a lot of money to see that honestly :/

No. 577329

File: 1525861912537.jpeg (293.64 KB, 750x1159, B52503C0-759F-42B8-82F9-B6A607…)

um okay

No. 577330

File: 1525861951474.jpeg (344.01 KB, 750x1210, 86E1311F-A23C-41CD-BE78-36F58B…)

um okay x2

No. 577339

Lol and in her story says she’s insecure.. Sure.

No. 577341

well i mean she probably spent at least 10 minutes tuning it to her liking so one would hope she thinks it looks good…

No. 577344

File: 1525866536842.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-174229.png)

Facebook layla…

No. 577350

File: 1525867366629.jpeg (223.44 KB, 1152x2048, 3CBD9A7B-D90C-4258-BAD9-4D09C4…)

I actually really like her merch :x(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577352

this thread needs autosage. desperately.

No. 577362

I see peppers already back on his possessive bullshit (he’s tagged right in her ass) biggest eye roll ever
Certainly she did her research before getting with him? If not I feel bad for her. If she did… girl what the fuck are you doing?

No. 577395

File: 1525875728918.jpg (12.94 KB, 603x187, image001 (5).jpg)

why is he such a puke stain?

No. 577399

Omg disgusting… “nutted in shorty” gag gag gag

No. 577413

who is he talking about? himself?

No. 577417

File: 1525879552696.png (83 KB, 252x276, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.2…)

lowkey i find this kinda irritating—aubrey is white af (to my knowledge) but feels the need to add an arabic character to her name to appear cooler and more "exotic"? and she had dreads a while ago too… yikes!!!

No. 577430

isnt that it? youre telling me shes not wearing a thong in that pic?

No. 577434

he must be such a lousy selfish lay

No. 577435

She is I think but the string looks like its literally coming from out of her crack

No. 577436

I agree she is such a tryhard it’s annoying.

No. 577438

she is latino someway, last name rodriguez. Boring as fuck to discuss here, other than the fact like u just said, her face is white. Like clown make up white.

No. 577440

Lol too true

No. 577441

File: 1525882878823.jpeg (791.12 KB, 1242x1316, 00B84AB6-3DAB-4118-AF9F-14F7AE…)

This pic is so photoshopped to begin with it’s hard to determine what is real on it and what’s not, although her being dirty is a safe bet. She admitted in an old story she has gained 25 lbs being sober, and that she shops her pics a lot but people stay in the comments thinking she’s all natural

No. 577442

OK we get it you had sex. God he's such a 16 year old

No. 577452

how can u tell her ass is dirty?? are we just assuming

No. 577469

Because it looks dirty??? If you've seen her old photos it looks worse she probably had streak marks.. But who knows maybe since her being sober her hygiene might have gotten better

No. 577481

lmao tf where does it look dirty? i'm confused as to how an ass can look dirty if there's no clear indication of, like, residue lmfaooo

No. 577491

i think people are reaching because there hasn't been that much milk with layla lately

No. 577530

She's got gross rashy ass crack skin on her ass crack

No. 577564

I agree. Everyone reaching here atm enough about Layla’s asscrack it’s not that interesting .

No. 577568

File: 1525897285118.jpg (194.74 KB, 750x1138, IMG_7237.jpg)

Seriously???? A dude actually bragging about his dick size is just chef's kiss Overcompensating much?

No. 577571

>>577564 And you agreeing with someone else that people are reaching is REALLY INTERESTING!

With this photo… She's trying to make it seem like she's butt naked, so that tail growing out of her ass crack looks out of place. If she wasn't trying to look so edgy with her nude photos and it was obvious she was wearing a thong, this photo wouldn't look so gross. And though she does not have a bunch of dirt smudges and pimples all over her but, she does have a bruise that makes her look dirty.

Lots of sage here.


No. 577587

File: 1525898624094.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180510-004216.png)

Its a nightmare..

No. 577591

>>577568 That literally made me sick to my stomach. So so so so so so gross. Does anyone follow the vajay he is tearing up? Would be interesting to see if she's posting any of this nasty shit too.

No. 577592

I’m all for ripping on Layla, but I’m also not seeing it.
I see a bruise, a thong sitting weirdly on her, and loads of photoshop.
But I’m not seeing a dirty ass. That’s a hell of a reach.

No. 577603

How is the discussion associated with this picture not centered around the fact that it was posted to her twitter as part of a "glo-up" anthology from previous years??? Since when does ~Glo Up~ indicate "Before& After I learned to use PhotoShop/FaceTune" ????
BUT PLEASE continue to talk at length about how an ass looks kinda weird in a photo and therefore is dirty.
To all the Reachers: one of you types like your feet stink, another types like they have an untreated STD← see how fucking dumb that sounds?? Y'all must be a bunch of magicians, making something out of literally nothing lmfao
What makes Layla a piece of shit now that she's TooSober are not the obvious antics she used to pull while strung out, now it's the little nuanced white lies/but not really lies she thinks her audience is too dumb to spot (which, granted, the majority definitely are).
PLUS This bitch practically lives in her bathtub due to her instadepressed aesthetic, so her ass is probably one of the cleanest things on her body considering she seemingly never fucking washes her makeup off.

No. 577611

wait the bathtub/clean ass part of this post is so fucking funny lmao i'm cackling

No. 577613

File: 1525900991788.jpeg (516.23 KB, 1125x913, B9636A0E-18BD-42B6-95C8-892127…)

This grossed me out

No. 577628

God yeah, the well has really dried up here. I don’t know what’s going on or why this is even up for discussion but yikes. Feels like r9k.

Yeah this is pretty low. Obviously shilling did RTs. I could see Tyler feeding it to him that ~him and peep would’ve been super cool pals~ and that Tyler could’ve made him ~super famous.~ I don’t really see why anyone would feel the need to post that about someone they’ve never met.

No. 577652

File: 1525903901844.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1915, AE7625FC-8CED-4934-BF32-05D2BD…)

Layla’s new mans/boy toy. He’s blonde - What a surprise.
Today on her live she was wearing a shirt he designed. Aubrie said it was a memento for lay to remember his dick. Which is… weird?

No. 577655


yep, that's tyler's shitty personality lol. has to constantly remind us "my bitch is so hot, my car is so expensive, my penis is so big, i'm so famous". maybe if he says it over and over again he'll believe it himself.


you mean he has some overbleached, wispy straw hanging on to his scalp for dear life?

No. 577657

instagram ~gurus~ really need to stop spouting "speak it into existence" because then the mantra falls into the wrong hands and we get subjected to shit like this..

No. 577674

File: 1525905985450.png (477.42 KB, 471x593, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.46…)

wait he's actually pretty cute

No. 577678

File: 1525906292387.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1125x2041, 46EAC55A-CAAC-4B11-AF54-9D0A02…)

At least he’s talented and can actually make some decent designs… unlike someone we know who sells shitty designs on T-shirt’s….

If you zoom in on his midi controller..
>pre show ritual minus fucking my girl

No. 577680

Laylas getting dragged in her latest photo wearing that guys pants that are covered in patches of bands she's never listened to. Dead Kennedys, black flag, fear crass, omfg this shit is so embarrassing like why the fuck would you even do that to yourself? She thinks listening to nirvana makes her pUnK I can't believe this

No. 577683

Lmao good. She listens to nickelback unironically and her latest obsession is limp bizkit. She deserves a roasting.

No. 577691

This seems like a total attempt at making Layla jealous. No one cares that you're having sex Pepper - actually, not only does no one care, but no one wants to imagine it happening so please stop

No. 577692

lol what if they're her guys pants not hers, why's it an issue if she doesn't know the bands

No. 577693

Ugh who cares. That is some middle school shit to care about. "You don't even like the band!!!! What a poser!" It's not like she's claiming to be punk in other ways or acting like she likes those bands. She listens to crap music all the time and doesn't hide that. Not to be all defend-y this just seems really dumb to care about

No. 577695

I think some people are just desperate to criticize her and since she's been pretty quiet lately all they can think of is 'do you even listen to those bands'.

No. 577698

They are his pants which is why its fuckin retarded that she's wearing multiple bandsthat she has no idea about, how is that not annoying? She's using actual artists she knows nothing about to look cool and fashionable. Its stupid.

No. 577704

It's not annoying because she's just wearing her friend/boyfriend's pants. Who really care if she isn't into all the same bands.

No. 577706

>>577613 I was actually just giving his music a chance on Spotify… It's not horrible, actually. The songs are super short though.

But this Twitter post by Paris is such an obvious attempt to appeal to peepettes.

No Paris, you didn't get to meet Peep because you were hanging out with Lay and Peeper as they were trying to antagonize the guy. I'm sure during that time they talked a lot of shit about Peep too that he was involved in.

No. 577707

According to his FB & website/résumé: He was a graphic designer for the Center For Autism and Related Disorders. Studied graphic design at the Art Institutes of CA-LA & allegedly had the highest GPA in his class. He's 27 (I know this doesn't necessarily equate maturity but at least he isn't super young which almost always means LACK of maturity.)

Seems really normie thus far, maybe this will be good for her. But didn't we all say the same about equally blond, older, sober, normal Luke…? hmm
Is it even confirmed they are an official item? Where is the speculation coming from?


No. 577708

fucking DEAD at crippling anxiety what the fuck is with these people who obviously do not suffer from it in any way; mental illness isn't something you want, real crippling anxiety turns you into a social outcast is this even real

and she said "i took this photo" so was this self timer? she's able to strip and pose in public with her legs apart like a dumb ass but has crippling anxiety ok what

isn't think woman also about 24/15, rumored to be older? her room looks like a teenager's, which might be what she's going for. that's sad but she has the intelligence level for it. She dragged her boobs down way too far in this picture though, looks wack now since they're far apart and she is pressing on them so hard. these people are so fucking weird

No. 577711

you sound about 14 years old

No. 577720

arzaylea? she's 23

No. 577726

i feel so bad for layla, like, tbqh, the best she will ever do is dead. now she's dickhopping ugly dudes. ngl, i sympathize. she can't even take solace in the fact that the best she'll ever do is just an asshole, he's fucking deceased on top of it. she really needs to just chill and hang out with some female friends mostly or s/t

No. 577750

makes sense because the other day on ig she was saying she wants punk boys, and this guy seems to be in the scene

No. 577774

File: 1525912481176.png (2.41 MB, 1204x1196, youlookstupid.png)

>>577708 Had a look at Gross-o's new vjay hole's IG and her photo tweeks are just as bad as Arz's. Look at the proportions of her arms compared to her stomach. And her cum bucket belly button is so gross-o! These girls would look super cute without any shopping, but they seem to be determined to look like anime, disproportioned idiots that give young girls a body type that cannot be achieved. She says she has anxiety about her body, but she is participating in giving others body issues.

No. 577786

she looks like kreayshawn with blue hair

No. 577790

her belly button shoop wtf. she made the the thing the size of her eye socket
i HaVE b0Dy dYsMoRPhiA/aNxiEtY
No. You're all just fucking addicted to getting worshiped on social media by little goddamn girls who have no established sense of self image and likely won't ever develop a healthy one because they grow up seeing all these digitally misshapen social parasites.

No. 577811

lay went on live and was answering questions about luke and grosso. apparently luke disappeared from her life or whatever and didn’t say happy birthday. he just cut contact i guess. someone asked if she really cut grosso’s shirt and she said no but she stretched the collar because it was tight and he started freaking out like the screenshots showed

No. 577813

i forget why we all assumed luke cheated on layla if thats not the real reason they broke up?

No. 577816

>>577811 So he got his clout and then ghosted her? Seems a lot of the story is missing. Though he could have been sick of playing 2nd to a dead guy. That would be hard to compete against.

No. 577819

>>577790 It's a disgusting cycle. She has anxiety about her body, so posts photos of her half naked and shopped and then little girls develop the same body anxiety she supposedly has, which I don't think she really has. Half of her photos are of her with 80% of her body naked. Puke.

No. 577825

>>577441 she looks so skinny here!
She lost so much weight

No. 577830

File: 1525916814857.png (1.01 MB, 1156x728, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 20.4…)

Hello internet virgin, have you heard of a thing called photoshop?? She literally just told everyone last week that she gained 25 pounds since going sober & edits her body. This was already discussed.

No. 577837


This is why we need a pepperann / clout boys thread, so many of these shitty men and half of them are actual abusers, and they are all fucking dumb enough to put everything online. people act like peep was an angel meanwhile GBC his friends are fucking skeevy and there was that whole fat nick/pouya rape thing. Also I wanna know if young goth and that 15 year old are gunna have a baby

No. 577842

Petition to name that thread SoundClits because that's how far as their micropenises developed.

No. 577843

Don’t do Kreayshawn dirty like that

No. 577844

>>577837 I prefer having them both together. They all end up dating each other, so we would end up talking about the boys on the girls and the girls on the boys anyway.

No. 577854

File: 1525919355521.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, CEBECD77-248D-4A44-B5A3-375641…)

Back on his bullshit. RIP

No. 577860

I sense a “hey guys I actually got my kidney out this time” tweet within 2 months.

No. 577863

Not only back on it but BLAMING someone else like the little bend over bitch boy he is. What a fucking oily, weak sphincter of a life form.

No. 577867

what kind of effect is lean even supposed to produce? like what kind of physical reaction?

No. 577876

Promethazine is an antihistamine and Codeine is a narcotic. The Promethazine acts as a sedative and Codeine is an opioid usually for pain. Together it makes you feel relaxed/euphoric. Like drunk level 9000.

No. 577883

Hey Tyler if 21 told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Such a gross name dropper. No subtelty at all

No. 577938

>>577883 He wants to wait and join the 27 group. Ouch, too mean?

No. 577941

I wouldn't be surprised if he joins then comes back from the dead just to take credit for 27 Club and how he "runs the squad"

No. 577954

No. 578007

your perspective sounds incredibly limited. life extends across many decades and through many changes, my child.

No. 578012

I'm with you, can we keep them together at least for now. They're all fucking each other. If a thread is about guys only, it will devolve into rating them pretty fast. We have a separate instahoes thread for bitching on at least some of the random girls.

No. 578082

File: 1525955326584.jpeg (173.05 KB, 746x790, 7AF61E83-24EB-40B7-B4C9-FE3250…)

No. 578085

File: 1525956053098.png (297.79 KB, 1520x1176, Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 07.3…)

Sage because very old but LilB sends this exact same message to literally everyone.

No. 578087

File: 1525956182272.png (75.76 KB, 1166x238, Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 07.4…)

from my twitter inbox. notice how i didnt open it because i know it's not important lol

No. 578139

She’s not 23. 23 is her ~ magic number ~ the bitch is almost 26

No. 578158


No. 578170

has anyone noticed how layla kept saying shes turning 21? ppl in the comments believed it too. shes 25 years old, jesus christ!

No. 578171

Is that Laylas dads real instagram?

No. 578192

issa obvious joke

No. 578196

Lay keeps blocking everyone that comments what apps she uses to edit her face in videos lmao

No. 578282

Layla should watch girl on the edge that movie was powerful I cried so much and its relatable af(no one cares)

No. 578354

girl this isn’t a fanpage, dm her or something

No. 578366

Lmao apparently she’s reporting ppl trolling in her comments to the police Bc she feels threatened

No. 578413

File: 1525987492048.jpeg (165.62 KB, 750x805, 6519EE38-59E7-4029-B27D-501B8C…)

No. 578415

cool self post

No. 578419

She keeps deleting his comments. What is she trying to hide?

No. 578440

I'd delete them too, dude sounds like an idiot (who's trying to get attention from a gossip site)

No. 578447

who is this guy?

No. 578452

>>578419 She's probably donniedamta and is trying to create some kind of drama to make her life seem more interesting than it is. If she really felt threatened, she would block the guy. So dumb.

No. 578457

Someone who is self posting, so probably nobody relevant. Sounds like he's just skimmed the thread and that's why some of his 'facts' are off. Eg the post about the sex tape was made way before peep passed

No. 578485


Scott is her father. Her step-father is the one who stole the $. This idiot spamming her comment section knows nothing. He’s just regurgitating wrong information

No. 578512

File: 1525990768696.png (793.51 KB, 640x1136, 0927E3EB-0341-4802-92AB-74C960…)

I wonder what the meaning is to the continuous reference of dog food and puppy chow from Tyler Grosso and TP. It has been mentioned by both several times with no explanation

Pic above was posted to Tyler’s Instagram story

Their wannabe Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love days were a shitshow, would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall during Vegas when Peep died and when they went to Big Bear before breaking up. Not to mention what went down in Grosso’s dirty junkie apartment

Was it confirmed that Tyler was posting in this thread? Or Layla right after he did?

There have been instances where people pretend to be cows, and to my knowledge, a farmhand has not verified that they have posted here. The farmers took their word and were so quick to believe it was them

No. 578513

Grosso confirmed on twitter that it was him posting here but Layla has never said whether or not she's posted here
Dog food is heroin

No. 578572

lol peep was a HUGE PIECE OF SHIT to her and refused to get help for his drug issue, and copped to glamorizing it (in the song 'suicide'), i'd venture to say he was one of the worst guys for her it's just the halo effect of fame. and it was fame because he came up at the right time with everything coming together to help his success. if he was around before GBC none of this would have happened. not denying he worked hard but he definitely got lucky.

layla is looking like a late bloomer and even if she dates this aRt ScHoOl PuNk hopefully it'll either be really (surprisingly) good, or she'll inevitably break up with another alt loser and FINALLY GET IT THROUGH HER HEAD THOSE GUYS ARE LAME AF.

peep is an illusion and gus died from drugs/clout-chasing way before lil peep overdosed.

No. 578578

the clitoris is the only organ that's sole purpose is pleasure. how dare you compare their inferior breeding tools with a clit

No. 578582

i want to ruin dickydeedonald's life

No. 578665

Okay Layla go away now. Stop self posting

No. 578702

File: 1526001255534.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 972DA2C8-5064-490A-A9F4-D5EF73…)

lmfao gtshield’s nails tho. you can tell that tyler grosso is a broke motherfucker with how busted his new girl looks. her lip injections are so lumpy too

No. 578717

File: 1526003059360.jpeg (152.08 KB, 750x747, 1F01C3BF-7B1D-4821-B2CD-0855F8…)

If this isn’t the most accurate…

No. 578736

>>578702 WTF is happening here and why would she put this on social media? Looks like Tyler did these himself. "This is my first ever real ass manicure that I designed got a big tube of super glue and my girl's nails are going to be wild everyone will know which nail is going up my butt tonight"

No. 578737

File: 1526004392014.png (1.56 MB, 1306x1010, grossonails.png)

No. 578739

File: 1526004460948.png (1.76 MB, 1362x1382, grossodiynails.png)

No. 578741

Tbh i was thinking this was that dommydMontana guy again lol didn’t he get banned from here?

No. 578742

Gross holy shit
Gives the luna’s nails a run for her money

No. 578782

File: 1526006820655.png (140.39 KB, 1156x566, wogwr0.png)

There's no way he is making millions from latching onto a tour. Paris is probably having to be someones butler in return for the favor. Bullshit is Tyler's native tongue

No. 578819

The dickydeedonald and the dommydmontana guy are the same person. His real name is Dominic DeAngelis and his ig is @weeknds

No. 578846

>>578819 Why does he have it out for TP?

No. 578860

believe it or not there are people out there SO bored with their lives that basic gossip/observing in a thread like this just isn't enough and they have to insert themselves in someone else's drama. So whenever someone says threads like these are pathetic, think of how many other DommyD's there are..

No. 578873

My thoughts exactly.
You don’t get “a couple million” from being a nobody on tour. It takes awhile to build up a million when you’re no one. The millions don’t start happening until you’ve established a following and career. Paris started out at around 8k followers before this tour happened, and now he’s at 15 which is decent exposure, but he’s still just a filler act.

No. 579086

File: 1526018700435.png (2.02 MB, 1860x912, 292874.png)

"photoshop can really do wonders for me"

Everything about this photo is fake. She's not bad looking, why why why do these girls continue to create an unrealistic image that no one can naturally do.

Go back to texting pepper ann about his teeny tiny d.

No. 579091

Looks like itsbabydash and mina's child

No. 579092

>>578819 Dommy d is a well off youtuber though and not even in the same social world as TP why would he have it out for her? maybe someone just using his name?

No. 579116

If makeup is so wonderful, why didn't she use some lip liner to fix that lopsided uneven mess of a mouth?

No. 579203

if it exists, it's in the form of an advance i.e. it's spending money that Paris hasn't earned yet.

No. 579229


Her lip injections are soo poorly done, my God. They look like a sack of potatoes…

It's like she was going for arz's look, but didn't have enough lip skin so they got distended and bloated in different places because they couldn't stretch evenly.

When the plastic wears off she is going to have flappy skin lips.

No. 579249

File: 1526040489834.png (241.33 KB, 850x738, Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 07.0…)

No. 579294


i thought u were moving to london, layla.

you tried to hard to convince us.

No. 579309

File: 1526046187977.jpeg (102.57 KB, 750x591, 0EE3BED6-F32F-46F5-9586-A3DAE6…)

Tyler makes references to heroin by calling it “puppy chow” and I think it’s inferesting that Layla tweeted the same back in April. Adds to the speculation of whether or not she previously used heroin.

No. 579401

It’s so cringe that they always think they’re being cryptic and mysterious/cool when posting this shit. There was literally no reason to make a status that says puppy chow. None. Dumb ass loser.

It’s like Pepper Ann’s fat ass actually googling a picture of dog food and posting it on his story… sup guys I totally do heroin! Look at me!1

No. 579405

579309 So this suggests she relapsed in April?

No. 579406

Tyler's looking for it, it's why he's posting it.

No. 579420

i don't think that her tweeting that means that she actually relapsed. like >>579401 said she's most likely trying to be edgy and nothing else. layla loves flaunting her "sober" and "self loving" character just as much as she loves the self destructive, "damaged" aesthetic, so she goes back and forth between the two because as she's said before, she's afraid of being boring.

No. 579763

Layla has some cute memories of her and peep on her snapchat now. I think she is finally mourning him and not covering up all the pain.

No. 579797

Good then she will finally let him go and move on I get she's sad and all but… He's dead and if he were still alive him and Emma had way more chemistry than him and layla I'm sorry but she was always gonna be a side piece but hopefully she moves on

No. 579814

File: 1526076984727.jpeg (457.64 KB, 750x1095, 62452FE3-229C-40A6-8C89-BD49AA…)

Does she really think Layla would want to copy anything she does? What a joke.

Saged for Chelskank mention.

No. 579824

That stinky pig is so obsessed with her. She could just scroll by this shit, but she manically jumps on a chance to retweet because deep down she wants to either wear her skin or hate fuck her.

No. 579882

>>579814 Chelskank is an idiot. It was Goodbyebread that did this photoshoot, so her aim is way off. And what oh what would Lay ever want to copy from her?

No. 579894


Chelji’s profile picture just accentuates her huge fat head. It’s so funny how she botched her already fried hair to cover that forehead. You could land a plane on her upper lip. She has too much audacity for such a dumpy unoriginal and untalented person

No. 579896

File: 1526083092912.png (1009.36 KB, 928x964, ewogu.png)

>>579894 She looks the best when she covers up as much of her face as possible…

No. 579901

Damn what’s with the middle school tier unfunny nicknames lately?
Other than that lame shit yeah you’re right

OR she wants attention.

No. 580025

File: 1526091638535.jpeg (90.75 KB, 1080x987, 2FFBC3B3-439C-467B-AC0E-DFC9C3…)

Anyone else think she looks really old in this?

No. 580030

at least 70.
top grade nitpicking anon.

No. 580036

File: 1526092503446.png (1.18 MB, 712x1084, screenshot.png)

Lena the plug is gross. She's only with adam to further her own career. Same as the rest of these girls hooking up with nasty men with connections I guess. But I feel like it lowers Layla's rep by doing collabs with her.

No. 580051

File: 1526093816238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120 KB, 1022x767, Ctk6cdVXnyBEEjb0mtbQJL5sR-awIA…)

>>580036 not shit shes gross

No. 580056

Is this Lena?

No. 580059

yes her tt can be seen on 1 of her yt video

No. 580062

File: 1526094834738.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 1728x1070, woog837283829302309utt.png)

>>580051 OH GOD I JUST THREW UP IN MY MOUTH. foound this when i was searching for the video. https://www.erome.com/a/lj4iVbVV thats a bedazzled buttplug. i can never unsee this so watch out nsf(youreyes)

No. 580073

Laylas face looks like it’s starting to sag

No. 580074

What >>580062
am I looking at here? Hemmoroids?

No. 580081

File: 1526096898683.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1186x1060, file093837294.png)

>>580074 its a buttplug

No. 580089

>>580081 these threads have turned into a place to share porn. any actual milk going on?

No. 580091

really wish you would of put it as a spoiler image. now everybody is being forced to see lena’s deformed ass….yuck

No. 580095

File: 1526100319855.png (Spoiler Image, 252.47 KB, 334x528, file_09922.png)

>>580091 sorry will do it like this from now on

No. 580097

Sage for autism but I sincerely can’t wait for all of these losers to taste debt. They are just the latest generation of clueless idiots that the industry is going to chew up and spit out. Tick tock, Pepper Ann!

No. 580119

This looks so fucking nasty.. Her tits nippers look so weird and I just threw up in my mouth..

No. 580148

lena is vapid af

an shes also the literal definition of a butterface

No. 580158

Are yall just a bunch of creepy lesbians? Can you explain to me why you’re sharing her porn on a thread about soundclout? To point out what you don’t like about her naked body…? Weird.

No. 580173

>>580158 What's wrong with creepy lesbians? This started because tp was doing a makeover with lena the butt plug. seems the follow up posts were to show how tp was lowering her standards by associating herself with camgirl/snapchat porn trash. get off your high horse and laugh at it all.

No. 580177

File: 1526117044540.png (1.73 MB, 1058x1066, eowug8302302 .png)

you are being lame layla

No. 580208

File: 1526125090854.jpg (405.38 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180512-210557.jpg)



No. 580249

She says she never claimed to be goth, but still call herself a goth godmother and does "goth" makeovers… and this is what she comes up with. Talk about butchering subcultures to one million followers.

No. 580253


>finally mourning him

Haven't we been saying this for months? When she raids the camera roll?

If she is 'mourning him', why does it always need to be so publicly and in the form of #TBT?


No. 580273

Hahaha right? It's more like she's doing it for attention like "oh we had a toxic,terrible relationship but he was soooo special to me because he's dead now and i'm going to give a shit now that he isn't here to humiliate me and embarrass me on social media so I'll continue to milk the fuck out of his death for my own gain"

No. 580278

This tbh she needs to get over herself the relationship was unhealthy posting pics now cos she sent him pics of her and greasy anne and now she feels guilty af and the only way she can make it stop is post the "happy" pics and vids they took so she doesn't have to feel like shit from all the shit they both put each other thro but mostly her cos she's older and should know better lol

No. 580453

I’m not on a high horse and it’s still creepy, hardly laughable? Womp womp.

Exactly. She isn’t “‘mourning,” she’s using his death as her personal cash cow. He’s the only reason she gets most of her attention and money at all. Open a shitty clothing store? Better post TBT Peep pics to garnish views and sympathy!

No. 580476

go to new york bitch stop wasting time

i think she doesn't want to go because of luke. but tbh it's a power move to go anyways and kill it with work.

the thing pissing me off about layla is that when she has a guy she's motivated and does shit, without one she seems to slow down and be less ambitious. layla if you want people to think you're not boring, throw yourself into your WORK and passions instead of half passing those things to get a guy to throw it in you.

No. 580493

File: 1526150681231.png (682.04 KB, 640x1136, 992B7A0C-3F8E-458A-A842-B9EE10…)

Shrimp is posting emo song lyrics on her insta story. Trouble in paradise with Layla’s highschool sweetheart, Corey? She even posted her ex-boyfriend Horsehead’s music

No. 580512

File: 1526152362104.jpeg (88.23 KB, 750x758, C44BD569-F2D2-4957-AFAC-E0C5F5…)

Seems like Corey and Cass are going through a rough patch.

No. 580516

File: 1526152426565.png (409.47 KB, 750x1334, 775E8CF0-B919-4A1B-8F7B-056341…)

No. 580543

File: 1526154448692.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 52F25641-D5EE-4BED-992B-768B8A…)

She was on live yesterday basically crying and asking her followers, “what’s the worst thing someone could do to you and you’d still forgive them?” Sounds like SOMEBODY got cheated on….

No. 580562

That’s like, a kinda mean song too lmafo. Like wouldn’t you want to listen to the nicer songs the dude you allegedly cheated on wrote not ones suggesting the girl he’s writing about(maybe cass) is easy & fickle.

No. 580576

How long til cass and Layla are friends again lol

No. 580604

File: 1526157513632.jpeg (131.64 KB, 750x548, 70713480-EDAF-4C4D-AA30-1587F4…)

No. 580609

File: 1526157738867.jpeg (107.99 KB, 750x490, BC437D1D-EAC5-4403-A900-2A6761…)

Is she okay?

No. 580624

after this she wrote “being drunk is not an excuse” or something, she 100% got cheated on

No. 580646

File: 1526160922603.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180513-013446.png)

No. 580647

File: 1526161030842.png (1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180513-013427.png)

No. 580651

>>580646 who got this tattoo?

No. 580654


No. 580664

Or he hit her…damn
Lol at immediately trying to soften the blow by proposing?? These people are so messy

No. 580678


What a drama queen. She needs to shut her huge mouth because publicizing this shit isn’t healthy. Karma’s a bitch!

Also she still believes Corey is straight…. have you even seen the guy?

No. 580696

File: 1526163419590.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 4B9F6BB3-B9CD-41C6-9C22-92F82D…)

Pepper got this. His gf was probably jealous of his toopoor one

No. 580697

this isnt a digital drawing? it doesnt look like a tat

No. 580702

Real or not, big hint that she’s jealous of tp tho

No. 580733

No dumbass, you got it wrong. TP is lowering her standards dealing with Lena who openly took side and supported her POS bf, fuck that.

No. 580734

Dude has 3 tats for 3 different bitches and he’s not even 25. He needs to get those things covered he’s so goddamn embarrassing

No. 580865

File: 1526173410442.jpeg (419.13 KB, 1125x2330, 73140BE7-019F-4614-B277-E5476C…)

No. 580867

File: 1526173473762.png (8.14 MB, 1125x2436, 928B2C31-D23F-40D6-B867-30DF58…)

No. 580901

This looks like two trendy tumblr lesbians

No. 580905

i miss when layla and cass had two separate aesthetics and cass wasn’t trying to be layla all the time. she was a cute girly lil blonde now she just looks weird and washed up. now that corey is gone i hope she can go back to being herself and not layla 2.0

No. 580967

>>580733 Reading comprehension wasn't your thing in school was it… The post above says "tp was lowering her standards by associating herself with camgirl/snapchat porn trash" and then you said "TP is lowering her standards dealing with Lena". Learn how to read more better.

No. 580968

File: 1526179684206.png (330.16 KB, 458x534, gotosleep.png)

She needs to go to bed.

No. 580996

File: 1526181807735.png (1.23 MB, 884x972, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.22…)

Gross, so grosso

No. 581009

File: 1526182154331.png (1.41 MB, 880x844, prais.png)

>>580996 hahahha he's trying to be the fat paris in a crp top

No. 581050

File: 1526186668507.jpg (119.88 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage (1).jpg)

>>581009 EWWWWW

No. 581065

>>581050 one is not like the other

No. 581112

She looks like she just realized what a terrible mistake she's made.

No. 581117

Can’t wait to watch this relationship crash and burn meanwhile he got this chicks name tatted on his arm…such a dumbass

No. 581127

It doesn't look real at all. wtf

No. 581128

>>580646 wait, doesn't he have the same tattoo on him?

No. 581132

>>581112 seems like tyler is trying to be peep by taking gt on tour, friend of arz. they are getting tattoos together, etc. do they have a show in tuscon soon? he might eat too much puppy chow and try to follow him all the way down

No. 581215

That's a bit of a stretch saying he wants to be peep because of those things. Hes just a dumb guy who wants to have someone to have sex with and make him feel better about himself. Because you know our of all the guys on that tour hes the last one getting any from the "groupies" of they even acknowledge him at all.

No. 581232


Damn, she looks haggard without facetune.

Can't hide the lumpy, uneven lip injections.

No. 581435

File: 1526234148459.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180513-215107.png)

No. 581436

File: 1526234180226.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180513-215119.png)

I'm dead

No. 581438

I wonder if the money will actually go towards the donations or will she pull what arz did?

No. 581443

She deleted the campaign

No. 581458

File: 1526235219262.jpeg (376.56 KB, 1124x1991, 4F97F818-68CD-4103-8877-74B6BC…)

It’s something run by peeps management. They posted the same graphic from the lilpeep instagram too & it sends you to the hyv.

No. 581576

Grammar wasn’t your thing in high school was it… “read more better” get back to home room English sweaty

No. 581665

>>581576 it was meant to sound stupid, stupid.

No. 581781

i'm not even a fan and don't know who she is but she looks fine, you sound like you've never looked in a mirror or seen someone unphotoshopped.

what a bad place to pause it? fuck her for letting her pubes grow out and not giving a shit? i genuinely don't get it or your hate boner. if you find her so gross why do this i'm dead ass i don't understand your prerogative

No. 581809

Not the anon who was posting these but I think it has something to do with her mangled nipples and possibly the fact that she’s avidly supporting a known rapist/scumbag

No. 581828

File: 1526255493148.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 871CA4BC-C158-46EB-959A-382BAA…)

oh no

No. 581834

Did chelji get signed by a label? her socal media has changed a lot

No. 581838

Eh, at least it'll be an easy cover-up.

No. 581842



No. 581844

Her pussy looks gross she has no hair on the outer part but she has a whole bush growing on the inner area… That poor vibrator just getting tangled in that shit…

No. 581906

Bye chelji

No. 581923

I like it when we all bash cass can we do that again I just really hate her lol

No. 581964

ok @outlook.com

No. 582007

File: 1526262618527.png (550.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180513-164922.png)

… Crazy

No. 582010

Lmfao does anyone remember Chelji and just fucking laugh? I was watching a youtube video of one of peep's lives (he grew on me, sorry guys) and he's cooking this elaborate pasta/sauce meal and was explaining to Bexey how it's really easy to cook and how he worked in a kitchen in high school

Like it was giggles at first that he convinced Chelji he didn't know how to cook FUCKING RAMEN but after being reminded how he legit worked in a kitchen it makes it so much worse. I assumed people just came here for milk and didn't know about peep's high school job so I took one for the team, hope now everyone can laugh a lil harder at the DONT LOOK AT ME IM NOT A GROUPIE/NO LOOK AT ME I WAS PEEPS RAMEN SLUT girl

No. 582021

she keeps posting this same tragic little fragment to prove they hooked up. old, mouldy potatoes.

No. 582024


No. 582026

What vid was this?

No. 582031

Idk what one anons talking about but I did watch one in real time yunggoth did were peep was making probably the same pasta/sauce/meatballs dish. I just remember cause everyone was clowning on goth for not having any sauce & he got really defensive abt it. Point is peep did know how to cook and seemed to not mind doing it for his friends.

No. 582041

Yeah, caught the point. Just bored and thought I might watch it. I doubt anyone actually believed peep was incapable of making ramen.

No. 582063

>>582007 what is the point of her posting this?

No. 582112

it's not a shoot by goodbyebread; @melovemealot did her own take on the gucci shoot

No. 582113

how do you know arz is almost 26?

No. 582125

i know, i feel the same way. it's disgusting but he grew on me too. what vid was this? link? the kid wasnt an incompetent idiot, unless he was just incredibly lazy in the uk? but i doubt it, because i saw a few lives where he seemed to order food often from restaurants when he was on tour. doubt she ever cooked him meals tbh. or she made him a ramen for posterity and he was too conscientious to anyone who wasn't layla, apparently, to be like "this is the best you can do?" when he worked in a kitchen lmfao.

No. 582155

>>581781 yeah she looks fine, but maybe not for a cam/porn girl who is using her body to sell sex. did not post this to hate on her, but layla is associating with a person who has questionable character, questionable past and so is now lowering her standard to this lady who wears a bedazzled jewel in her butt. i dont give a shit if she has grown out pubes or big nipples or is not photoshopped. no hate boner here, but maybe learn how to express your opinions with punctuation, so people know what the fuck you are talking about - "if you find her so gross why do this i'm dead ass i don't understand your prerogative" - what the fuck do you mean! this is not a place to be nice and not judge, go somewhere else if you think it is. she opened herself up (literally) to people judging her and now she is being judge. go home if you want sparkles and flowers here.

No. 582157


"it meant nothing"
that doesn't sound like he hit her
sounds like he 199% cheated on her

cheater gets cheated on by her ex best friends's ex boyfriend

looks like it all came full circle and bit her in the ass

you're irrelevant chalupa fuck off

No. 582159

>>581828 Did you see gtshields IG story? https://www.instagram.com/p/BiqBW01B8Qa/?hl=en&taken-by=gtshields

A box got thrown at her… sure, sure… she just sucks at skating and her drunk ass, possibly dog eating self, fell before that. She is trying so hard to be that skater girl. Growing to hate her for her clout grubbing, lip injected, fake ass person she is.

No. 582160

don't blame TP blame goodbyebreadco for supporting her ratchet ass and legitimizing her #boycottgoodbyebreadco

if only the soundcloud community gave a shit like the rest of the country does No Jumper would be over just like Kevin Spacey and Louis CK and cease to exist because no one would work with him but no one cares obviously

No. 582161

File: 1526274064100.png (47.59 KB, 1186x216, aogeugoegowgu.png)

>>582007 in 6 months she is going to be on uk welfare with a kid on the way from some irrelevant sc artist

No. 582163

Fr soundclout community just doesn't care about women at all

Pouya got 0 flack and no one even followed up on the story it's terrible

Yung Goth's pedo ass also got swept under the rug

They literally support rapists, abusers and pedos left and right and no one gives a shit

No. 582164

she was also supposed to move to la and buy a mansion with her sweet new record deal lmao

No. 582165

>>580996 i think tyler is going to be on the streets selling himself once his money is all gone trying to be the big guy bankrolling all of these idiots he is trying to buy as friends. this is the grossest thing ive ever seen.

No. 582167

>>581112 they are going to keep getting worse once she realizes she has permanently inked herself with pepper ann

No. 582169

I really wish peep was alive just bc he would be obligated to comment on the adam22 sitch bc he was super liberal online and everyone would have expected him to

No. 582171

He's so clout hungry he spends everything on designer, fast cars he immediately crashes, and instahoes

If he does fall out of the limelight he will 100% end up homeless

No. 582172

not to mention the drug habits he won't be able to keep up that will drain whatever he has left in savings

No. 582173

>>582172 and the only reason he has hookups in the scene is because of money and drugs. no way his girl and his "friends" will be around after

No. 582174

No. 582178

bets if peep was alive to comment on the no jumper incident a bunch of dude's staying quiet and supporting him rn would bandwagon just to get some "we totally care about women" clout including tyler since he loves dickriding soundclout trends

No. 582179

The girl in the Pouya situation should have waited till he blew up to out him. He was too underground for anyone to care and his lack or response was smart on his part.

No. 582181

>>581050 I'm dying… he wishes he was paris so bad but he's the pillbury dough drug boy. so gross and gtsheilds is fucking him, tattooing him on her. shes the most pathetic of all of them. how do these girls fall for him?

No. 582182

He's literally a career clout monger. He started his clothing line ripping off designs and he can't sing, produce, edit, manage or do anything professional. He's good at snaking his way through the scene though all give him that.

No. 582184

she didn't "fall for him" she just wants clout and access to famous people and he's the lowest hanging fruit

No. 582191

>>582184 i said she was fucking him, not falling for him. shes trying to get her 15 min of fame to try to become arz who is the worst of them all. arz is going to end up on the streets homeless with tyler. or maybe she will use her inflated boat lips to sail away to oblivion. cant even imagine being one of these girls. do they have any standards or thoughts about the future? the best dreams they have are to marry a flash in the pan idiot that will burn out and they will share a studio apartment in hollywood doing crack

No. 582200

she's so awkward almost feel bad for her https://youtu.be/_3dPNcnFekw?t=4m25s she's chasing being cool but she's not at all

No. 582280

arz is not gonna end up on the streets purely because her dad’s rich. all she’s gonna do with her life is stay in her room playing with crystals and occasionally hang with her clout “friends”

No. 582287

There are actually a few different ways to legally move to a different country without citizenship but OK.

No. 582288

aww the ChilliCheese stan ran away..darn.

No. 582306

File: 1526294782908.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180514-124351.png)

Goodbyebread posted some pictures of TP on their insta story.

No. 582320

File: 1526297929578.jpg (268.02 KB, 750x500, grossos-future.jpg)

He's gonna end up like Edward Furlong, pimp and junkie.

No. 582364

File: 1526301056778.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180514-162806.png)


No. 582368

File: 1526301185506.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180514-163224.png)

Her voice scares me alot it just sounds kinda deepish

No. 582380

holy crows feet. someone needs to be introduced to moisturizer+SPF stat.

girls with messed up grills always get the worst lip filler to try to cover up their teeth…skipping out on a handful of lip bloat sessions & nail appointments would grant you enough cash for invisalign.

No. 582392

File: 1526302596668.png (1.39 MB, 884x1246, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 07.5…)

ok but if he's talking about cherie madeleine he's not wrong lmfao (he's not one to talk, regardless it made me let out a chuckle)

No. 582427

Can u please tell more about this pouya-rape thing? When where and so on?

No. 582466

File: 1526308597227.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, 947036D6-9052-4502-950E-3519FD…)

Corey spent Mother’s Day with Cass’ family so i guess they didn’t break up?

No. 582488


Wow, gtshields is pretty rough looking. How old is this girl? Judging by her skin I'd say 27-30.

Nobody would dislike her if she was just your average homely girl, but it's her bad judgment for dating fucking TYLER GROSSO that makes her the most ugly.

No. 582522

Thread 3 or 4 (maybe 5?) f3 “pouya” or “fat nick”. Or googling it since it’s p common knowledge they gang raped that girl/were accused. No1curr in the scene tho.

No. 582527


How sad she let Tyler Grosso brand her skin like a pimp… wtf. is that like two new tattoos this week?

he's love bombing her now like a typical abuser but his true colors will reveal itself over time.


honestly this is a great drag

No. 582583

File: 1526316316393.png (39.65 KB, 407x180, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.45…)


No. 582592

Omfg love bombing this is so true

No. 582677

Her voice? Did you hear his voice he literally sounds like a red neck meth head. Photoshop also does WONDERS for this bitch in the videos you can see how she's not even attractive. Still above this bread sacks level but still. Any one else just mind blown that either of these people have any type of following or notariety because it's truly mind bending

No. 582682

Does anyone even know where grace came from? I think she's from Pennsylvania but how did she get involved with any of these people?

No. 582688

No idea, it’s like her blue hair and lip fillers did the thing because she looked really basic before with the blonde hair. Ain’t nothing special about her, just the girl next door

No. 582691

File: 1526323420803.png (887.86 KB, 812x728, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 07.5…)

whether the hair is blue or blonde, doesn't change the fact her that head is an actual egg.

No. 582693

Lmao how can a head even be so pointy

No. 582698

No. 582719

File: 1526324534061.png (22.45 KB, 727x1161, HP.png)

yo Head Pixie from FOP, bruv she's coming for ya gig

No. 582729

I’m late as hell but at least he was smart enough to not get black lines this time. He knows he’s just gonna cover it up when they break up lmao cause he’s a piece of shit who just hops around women.
Girl if he REALLY loved you, he would’ve gotten it in black ink.

No. 582737

>Tat my name in black in so I know it's real
-The SoundClout anthem

No. 582740

File: 1526325732932.png (48.54 KB, 529x255, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 2.21…)

pot, meet kettle

No. 582743

Man if I was Grace I'd be pissed that he still cares

No. 582747

File: 1526326098113.png (91.04 KB, 529x616, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 2.27…)

…is he talking about arzaylea? grace should be double pissed

No. 582748

>>582698 I guess she has a type -idiots with mental illnesses and money.

No. 582751

Did he just delete all of these? I don't see them now

No. 582754


According to famousbirthdays, she just turned 21 a few months ago. quite unfortunate that she looks like that… not to be /that/ person but these white people all age so quickly

No. 582795

he's notorious for deleting tweets as fast as his grubby, greasy finger sausages can post them.

No. 582804

Honestly I got a good chuckle out of this. This dude don’t stop

No. 582811

>>582747 who is arz dating?

No. 582835

he’s so full of shit lmao i wouldn’t be surprised if shitzaylea rejected him and now he’s going balls deep into his abusive behaviour. either way he’d jump on arz in a heartbeat if she was interested and he wouldn’t even hesitate to drop his current gf which looks like arz’s knock off anyway. we all know he’s got a thing for picking up after peep, might as well stick to it till the end.

No. 582894

What am I looking at here…? I just see a suckling Ty standing in front of an orange wall?

No. 582896

File: 1526337187944.png (846.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-14-17-32-29…)

It's an image board. She does look like shit though so I'll post it. Lazy.

No. 582900

Ty lol! I was feelin really lazy cropping is too much work

No. 582932

>>582896 Looks like she got a really bad fake tan or that orange is doing something weird to her skin tone. His arm resting on her head… such a subtle gesture, but it shows his possessive, controlling attitude towards the women he dates.

No. 582963

File: 1526341038367.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180515-033722.png)

No. 582964

Right like she's just furniture! I thought the same thing he's so gross-o

No. 582997

>>582963 tried to listen to it, but not my cup of tea. did anyone get through the whole mix?

No. 583005

>>582698 these girls use soundcloud as a dating service. they are all linked. would be funny to make a chart.

No. 583023



She couldn't keep lil xan's dick interested for long enough so she moved on to the next most relevant guy who would look at her lumpy lips.

and that was… tyler. he gets her to brand her skin like a prostitute within 2 weeks of dating.

she is chasing the fame sooo hard, not with any form of talent but with her vagina.

get some self respect, grace.

No. 583024

File: 1526343036825.png (1.63 MB, 1024x1028, xan.png)

Forgot pic…

No. 583030

>>583023 https://www.instagram.com/p/BFmJWhRyUy1/?taken-by=gtshields she has been a groupie since she has been legal. does anyone know who this is?

No. 583037

Chief Keef

No. 583060

indeed she’s the next cass or something. trying to get fame using other people. Really wonder what these people are gonna be like in 10 years

No. 583080

You could tell me this was a fat lesbian and i'd believe it. Yikes, his body is soft , sad and with no muscle definition.


No. 583121

>>583080 He has some curves alright. Why would he ever post this? The headband, the hair, the pillbury dough boy belly, the tongue out, his hand on his hip and the belly fat rolling over his waist band. I want to throw up all over my computer screen. This grace girl has this disgusting bag of skin all over her. She is not talented, but does have a talent of keeping her gag reflex under control. She's working for her clout.

No. 583126

File: 1526348756019.jpeg (111.45 KB, 689x846, 017E426A-CD3C-41E8-B9B7-2BFEA3…)

No. 583127

File: 1526348777179.jpeg (439.21 KB, 1098x1950, 9E22F314-782C-40DF-B73B-72F37C…)

No. 583129

File: 1526348800247.jpeg (124.53 KB, 630x900, 403F543A-FCB5-4905-97E7-5DF570…)

saved the best for last

No. 583134

those tits are coming along nicely…

No. 583139

>>583129 it's like one of the hansons ate all of the others.

No. 583158

>better mental state
also back on drugs per >>577854 and >>578512

No. 583161

i cringed so hard at lena knowing nothing abt goth culture and layla being “goth”. it would’ve been cooler to do an actual goth makeover and have the youtuber black friday type of look. layla looks good behind all the photoshop. idk how it isn’t embarrassing for her to look 200 different ways depending on how she decides to facetune her face. all her instagram posts look like different ppl, just stick to your natural face please layla.

No. 583178

Looks like the shittiest, gayest, opening act ever. Any respectable adult at this show would hate this. The two men in the right corner look bored and unimpressed. Imagine if they played a big festival, they would getted booed off and mauled faster than tila tequila did at the gathering of the juggalos (if you haven't heard of the tila tequila thing, Google it for keks, then imagine that happening to grosso on stage)

No. 583183

>>583178 i saw the produced video of paris first performance but are there any others that arent trying to make him cool as shit? i bet everyone is super bored and wondering who the f these idtios are.

No. 583188

File: 1526354163293.png (928.08 KB, 1262x632, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 8.15…)

>>583183 oh god just watched this. his boobs are bigger than gtshields

No. 583189

File: 1526354315153.jpeg (144.51 KB, 750x447, 6E6F8C20-63B9-4965-BBA6-22CBB3…)

No. 583190

>>583188 grace was pretending to be a lesbian with arz so maybe this is a compromise. he has a b cup at least.

No. 583194

"He's blubber, flesh, and bones.
No tucks or silicone."

So far he's more of a natural woman than grace.

No. 583212

File: 1526357208387.jpg (232.95 KB, 1000x1000, bouncybitchlips.jpg)

>>583023 the evolution of her slug lips. she seriously had nice lips before, but had to follow arz and pump them up into a bounce castle for soundcloud dicks

No. 583226

Her nose is like 4 different shapes in these pics

No. 583239

>>583226 it's like shes taken a bike pump to her lips to the point they might pop at any second.

No. 583244

Between the pillowy titty and all those empty seats, I don't know where to focus.

No. 583259

File: 1526361946636.png (1.65 MB, 2444x1364, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.1…)

>>583244 so many empty seats

No. 583267

Doughboys voice in his story is honestly enough to make me throw up. This bitch must have -1000000000000 self esteeem when by all accounts she's generally pretty and could find a better looking guy at almost any gas station. I get clout chasing but she could have picked someone else who didn't look like human excrement… imagine how dull her personality is to let herself be manipulated by this creature when there's volumes of obvious warnings about him obvi regarding how he was to Layla but also his social media presence

No. 583284

File: 1526365614583.jpg (1.31 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180515-022609_Ins…)


No. 583331

File: 1526373295483.jpeg (109.69 KB, 500x523, fullsizeoutput_f9.jpeg)

in layla's live like an hour ago she explained more about the infamous crying about peep screenshot. apparently there was more said before these two comments & they were taken out of context. she basically claimed that he found a video on her phone of her snorting coke off of her friend's dick when her & peep were broken up. basically made it seem like he was going through her phone and found it. she also made the disclaimer that it "wasn't cheating". also alluded to that ultimately the pic was good because it achieved worldwide fame. kinda interesting to get more insight into that pic

No. 583341

File: 1526375218230.jpeg (232.81 KB, 1242x1319, 071434FD-C621-4573-9C8A-F42EC8…)

No. 583379

File: 1526376477728.jpeg (248.1 KB, 1125x1149, 330D9C8B-40C0-414D-8C76-FA0EEC…)

Grandma peep is losing it even more and now attacking her own daughter on IG

No. 583396

what the fuck? this is sad to witness

No. 583433

Damn… hope we find out what this is all about. I always assumed the abuse peep spoke of was related to his father.. interesting gma is blaming mom.

No. 583438

Sad. It did strike me as weird how much his mom was promoting and pushing his stuff right after he died. I assumed it was her way of mourning, but maybe peep was giving her money and suddenly that was gone. I'd hope a mother would be above doing that so blatantly, but you never know.

No. 583441

Is she responding to peeps mom?

No. 583442

File: 1526383569483.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180515-152111.png)


No. 583448

those comments are under the last ig post from peep's mom

No. 583453

File: 1526384673825.jpeg (335.71 KB, 1219x1332, B619955F-8B42-40EC-895F-631F66…)

She doesn’t even look like herself anymore its ridiculous

No. 583464


Oldfag here. I graduated HS in 2001 and this kind of look was what goth was at the time and how all our local "goths" looked- fat kids in Slipknot shirts, Dickies and wallet chains, and girls dressed like Layla (or like skaters) with black nails. Everyone listened exclusively to Nu Metal (shit like Limp Bizkit), Tool, and rap. I lived in a major US city, too. This mess isn't trad goth, I know people sometimes call it mall goth, but I think by now it is just…it's own flavor of goth. Y2K Goth.

Politely saged for nitpicking.

No. 583494

File: 1526388065828.png (700.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180515-163800.png)

She's such a coward its obvi she's talking about layla but being a fucking pussy and not following her own advice

No. 583505

How is that blatantly about Layla?

No. 583511

File: 1526389070079.jpg (81.8 KB, 300x300, mom.jpg)

No. 583530

>>583494 if anything i'd assume this is about arzaylea bc she's the most confused, preachy psuedospiritual sap of them all

No. 583536

Could be about both but laylas been pushing this new "cleaner" version of herself

No. 583544

I mean Tyler was attempting to drag arz the other day. Makes me think grace and arz have beef and Tyler couldn’t help but get involved.

This is next level fucked up/sad. His death really did turn everyone against each other and brought out the worst in all the shit he surrounded himself with. Not to be insensitive but damn, I’d wanna die too.

No. 583547

File: 1526393122095.jpeg (453.48 KB, 1125x1620, 9FFD6284-9907-4646-94C2-B62BC6…)

I’m sorry to give the potato any attention whatsoever but god damn I hate this spud.
Saged for corgi bullshit.

No. 583552

why do people like you exist

No. 583565

File: 1526394381680.png (1.13 MB, 472x1148, 3223.png)


What a basic ass drama queen. Like, bitch, what have you ever done besides functioning as a hole for multiple soundcloud rappers?

No. 583570

Imagine this on top of you.

No. 583572

she's just reposting the same sad fragments over and over anon. it's pathetic.

No. 583575

File: 1526394902892.jpeg (738.3 KB, 1125x1210, 345F25A9-A737-46CA-B07C-AC97ED…)

Anyone else notice pepper posting mad throwback photos lately?
He’s obviously looking for validation and needs to be told/reminded that he was once slightly less disgusting.

No. 583627

This pose should set the tone for her in this relationship. You will always be beneath him so get the fuck out now!!!!

No. 583656

i can't be the only one who's already over the gtshields talk, yeah grosso and her are a trainwreck but there's nothing milky or entertaining about her

No. 583679

Comparing their cup sizes is pretty entertaining.

No. 583692

Oh please she looks LATE 30s. Those are the deep crows feet of a washed up single mother still stripping past her prime.

No. 583721

I remember fish narc saying on a live that peeps management was messing with all his music and turning it into something peep wouldn’t ever want and that peeps family was supporting it and letting it happen.

No. 583740

File: 1526404681029.jpeg (427.78 KB, 1124x1881, 8F10EC4A-1A50-4BFC-B732-7A6AB1…)

I feel bad for Peep. All these people really using a dead man for exposure/instagram fame

No. 583741

File: 1526404731266.jpeg (646.72 KB, 1125x1884, 5DE93865-AF8C-4601-A1D2-30D2D8…)

Also lmfao @ toopoor comment

No. 583761

omg… this is crazy. but he always seemed to adore his mother. i wonder if it was just admiration for her because she was raising two kids alone despite being neglectful and potentially abusive, or if she really wasnt a bad mother at all. this is… wow.

No. 583767

It’s crazy fish would say that when He’s been so careful about not talking badly about his family even tho it’s obvious he’s frustrated with them.
But mean they seemed pretty not in touch with what peep would have wanted artisticly. I don’t think they’re anything sinister in a mourning family blindly supporting their dead kids art/what their management says, it’s just kinda sad. Their management are nearly 100% to blame for changes to his art. I do wonder what the new songs on the project they did together will sound like since peep had full verses explicitly referencing/gassing up the clique & we know the family isn’t ok with them.

No. 583772

the whole situation is sad. she really wants to believe he loved her. sad. i'm guessing he hadn't love bombed her since their last rendez vous, meaning in the months before his death there wasn't much of this manipulative outreach to layla. idk i think this is just as sad as emma posting like 2 year old "we're gonna get married, i love you so much" as if they were relevant to his life before he died etc

No. 583775

Please feel free to post the milk we are missing by focusing on her.

It's like you don't get how this site works.

No. 583776

I think at this point we can assume Peeps grandmother is fucking mental. I can see why the Peepettes trust her cos they think she’ll be their friend which will make them closer to Peep but does anyone on here actually think she’s sane in most of what she says?

No. 583783

well, we know spotlight wasnt anything peep had approved himself seeing as how they hadn't even worked on the song together at all, really. like another anon said, i don't know that it's being done maliciously, but i think jenny sees liza as taking advantage of the situation for letting all these music people take the reigns on his post humous releases, maybe. tbf to liza though, what does she know about music? it's hard bc jenny is right that she cant trust these music industry people, but my thought is that liza is trying to defer to the experts that jenny believes (probably rightfully) are all snakes.

No. 583785

I know damn well none of these females would be posting these screen shots if Gus was still alive

Let's face it he had a lot of hoes side hoes relationships gf's etc. Like why does everyone feel so incredibly special because he noticed them for a brief amount of his growing career. Do these chicks not know what a musicians life entails? Also he was barely 21 I doubt he was truly in love with 99% of them. This is goofy as well as laughable.

No. 583791

File: 1526407088785.png (335.86 KB, 750x1334, 103FFC29-9366-46FA-8F59-F145AF…)

the fuck

No. 583804


On the 15th of every month the screenshots appear like clockwork. I understand mourning but this is cringey and invasive.

No. 583859


Looks like every girl who has internet has screenshots like this. None of you are special. He dicked and ditched all of you, but please keep posting these weird one-sided conversations trying to get a leg up over the others.

No. 583890

File: 1526413181836.png (354.44 KB, 434x490, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.3…)

>>583741 This lady is wreck. Is that snot coming out her nose? Don't get why peep would have messed with her.

No. 583898

Also she's 31… Lol.

No. 583901

No. 583928


Fucking cringe. I actually like Marilyn & have been following her for several years, like before she even got mixed up with Peep. But people taking photos of themselves crying and then posting it on SM is so off-putting. It just seems like peak narcissism and is so lacking in self awareness that it's borderline gross.

No. 583933


It’s crazy how Marilyn was married/divorced in 2008 while Gustav was 11 just getting with his first girlfriend, it really puts the “relationship” they had into perspective.

This woman is so immature and obsessed for someone who calls themselves an intellectual.

No. 583939

9 times out of 10, anyone who is self-titled as an intellectual is likely not the grand philosopher they perceive themselves to be.

No. 583981

File: 1526418534897.jpeg (998.06 KB, 978x1898, 8FD86BD4-7C37-4053-9AA6-AE7FC8…)

Subtle shade from emma

No. 583989

File: 1526418964862.png (4.87 MB, 1125x2436, D49207D8-D5AC-44EE-A4AE-E1A486…)

Tyler’s on his abusive bullshit for sure. On his current ig story he says “you feel me?” Grace just says yeah and he says “you better”.
Then she just randomly does a head stand (?) and he looks at her all annoyed and tells her to stop. She asks why and he says “BECAUSE”.
I know they’re small things but again we all know these are red fucking flags for how he’ll treat her in the future. He legit has no idea how to be in a relationship. Idk go watch it his tone of voice is gross idc if he’s “joking”

No. 583996

much flexible. so yogi. very gymnast. waow.

No. 584041

File: 1526421359600.jpeg (341.89 KB, 1125x1754, 65B393DA-7D4F-4AD5-A99B-CD8869…)

No. 584050

>he wanted to keep me a secret
>constantly posts about how much he loved her and marriage posts
Girl… This is embarrassing…

No. 584068

He's clearly joking around. How is that abusive? I swear some of you take these people too fucking serious.

No. 584077

File: 1526424481651.png (859.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180516-024804.png)


No. 584079

File: 1526424643028.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180516-024954.png)

LOL they're only doing this cos of what some anons been saying they're tryna prove they truly love each other.

No. 584083

Normally I’d agree but he’s a known abuser and what he’s doing is obvious. Love bombing, negging, etc.
yourself, bootleg arz, and her friends can laugh it off for now

No. 584096

why is she so proud of fucking a guy who looks like he survives on lean and pizza rolls and can't wipe his own ass?

No. 584097

Why is he so obsessed with this thread tho? Not like it's crazy for anyone to throw caution to the wind as far as his abusive tendencies are concerned especially considering his past kek

No. 584128

He's obsessed with this thread because he's still obsessed with Layla

No. 584129

Who do we think sent this to him??? It's in a text message, so

No. 584140

Probably grace since she seems to be equally obsessed with herself. I doubt Layla gives enough of a fuck.

No. 584141

he probably sent it to himself to try and disguise the fact that it’s actually him lurking the board. kek.

No. 584142

Hi ty ty, if you're reading this please take a shower for the sake of your new flavor of the week

No. 584155

File: 1526428564054.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 19.54 KB, 188x188, 43EBE10C-940B-493A-9271-3C6A39…)

Now that we got ur attention Tyler… I’m begging u to NEVER let ur moobs and fat belly out in public ever again. Nobody should have to look at your gross body.

No. 584158

File: 1526428768453.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180516-035514.png)

Her hair looks so bad… She's listenig to that one song ugh what's the name of it hey hey u u I can be ya gf.. She also said she's alone in LA going to the postal office asking ppl to come to this Mexican restaurant down the street rip

No. 584168

id love to see ur hair when u wake up. also, what do you listen to? where do you eat? you seem bored

No. 584169

lmao is shrimp trynna recruit a random follower for a threesome with her and corey? LOL

No. 584171

She obviously is talking about cheriemadeline. That girl PREACHES all that positivity bs but seems like an enormous Bitch. Gtsheilds was breifly hanging out with the group of girls Madeline hangs out with before dating Grosso… I’m sure they’ve torn her apart for it!

No. 584175

can we not make grosso or his new girl relevant through toopoor

No. 584181

Hi Layla?

No. 584182

I was lurking his early insta posts and dude has put on a good 50+ lbs in the last 2 yrs. I always thought heroin addicts were skinny but I guess he's washing it down with plenty of burgers and soda.

No. 584183

Don't worry they aren't and will never be relevant…. this board is not an indicator of relevancy, lol

No. 584189

File: 1526430178891.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 48F2B822-AF79-4DA8-BEB7-BD784E…)

Blown away that u guys don’t know the relevancy of Grossos ex girl

No. 584192

File: 1526430208768.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, D2B1C048-64EF-43B2-8377-93102C…)


No. 584194

what on earth are you talking about - the relevancy of her? huh?

No. 584200

all i see is an awful fake tan, loads of photoshop (esp in her other pics), and way too much makeup? she's just one of those boring popular insta models (in the mainstream scene)… not really relevant here

No. 584203

this was directed at >>584192

No. 584207

Looks like every other rent-a-ho from LA on insta tbh lol just take gtshields' head and put it on this girl's body. There you go.

No. 584211

>>584189 go away cherie. you're incredibly boring and look like a good looking grandma that lives in palm springs who got way too much sun in her youth.

No. 584215

she looks like one of kylie jenner's similarly-faux-aged groupies. smh. why she gotta do her skin like that w/ that fake ass tan

No. 584217

Maybe she could just sign off from social media on that day rather than policing how other people should feel about it.

This is getting v cringey.

No. 584220

Piling onto Gross-o will always be relevant.

No. 584251

has she always had a depop? https://www.depop.com/emmalitarosa

No. 584261

that first listing was posted 2 months ago so probably not until she gained a following after peep passed.

No. 584264

damn i will say i love the way she edits her depop pics

No. 584322

I've seen transparent backgrounds used a lot to advertise fashion, so makes sense she'd use the technique since it's popular/effective.

No. 584373

In every other pic I've seen of her she looks so much older than 31. That's crazy.

No. 584393

I'm amazed at her ability to make herself look 20 years older than she actually is.

No. 584402

also to add to that I can't remember which of his friends posted it but when Spotlight was released they said that his original version was so much better

No. 584403

I swear no one understands how "loving" and "open" people are when they're on drugs. I couldn't imagine being with someone who is on something and thinking that those words are special

No. 584544

This is so accurate. When your head is clouded by drugs.. especially benzos.. you mean the words but the person in interchangeable. You want to love someone, be close to them, have their attention but it doesnt really matter who that person is. All these girls, save for the ones he actually dated weren't special. Just naive.

No. 584549

When you're abusing benzos in the dosages he was, you dont even remember what you've said or done half the time. So…

No. 584573

Also from an article someone posted a few threads back Marilyn wrote a whole thing about their experience (literally a night) and they took shrooms. So she's basing all this off of a psychedelic trip … girl get your life

No. 584596

why does this genuinely look like arzaylea without makeup

No. 584733

What ever happened to that honeymoon phase girl? Can't find any social media

No. 584742

File: 1526474095168.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.08 KB, 1280x720, big_1446686982_image.jpg)

Tyler with his greasy headband on