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File: 1509680288463.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1352, laylagrosso.jpg)

No. 413936

Prev threads:

"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Most of the people she partied/associated with 3-4 years ago have expanded into legitimate careers, something layla has notably not done.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

Recently ended the on/off relationship with lil peep to be snatched up by his friend and merch collaborator superrradical owner Tyler Grosso.

Peep is bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Has reigned it in with the mental breakdowns on social media has instead got the supremely trashy love sick nouveau riche route

Her entire brand has now pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content is now centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face

Shipping times have gotten slower since getting with grosso, who's own shop is notorious for having month long wait times for shipping


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the On Some Shit crew

As long as they are involved with the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, don't post nobodies.


No. 414339

layla posing for slutwalk was so laughable because she dates guys who are good friends with accused sexual abusers like pouya and fat nick (caps in last thread) …….

No. 414435

Speaking of this, does anybody know if Pouyas gf has any milk? Her ig is youngcococo. She seems pretty vanilla aside from having a rapist boyfriend

No. 415397

File: 1509837414032.png (3.02 MB, 1858x1194, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.13…)

Even though she's with Tyler I give Layla less than 24hrs to start having a public meltdown bc of this

As for youngcococo shes just a basic ass, no milk there

No. 415684

time for her to cover up her gustav tat she so subtly manages to include in every fucking photo she takes

No. 416014

First of all. That tattoo is fucking hideous.
But I want to know who cracked first. Because Layla showed off her crossed out peep tattoo the other day. Did she do it because he did it or vice versa?

No. 416104

she crossed the peep one out like 3 break ups ago. she still has the gustav one by her wrist so i guess we'll see

Also why is she following bella thorne and lilith levisis? I think that is strange considering all that has happened lol

No. 417178

File: 1510073256580.jpg (145.73 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Let's talk about this lolll

No. 417285

Hold up I need that tea lol what happened with tp and Lilith? I thought they were okay with each other?

No. 417381

Clare, The one true junkie called Tyler & TP out for dressing up as Kurt & Courtney despite the fact that they don’t actually do heroin ?

No. 417400

Ahhhhh I thought there was like an actual fight between them besides the normal bitchy spats these idiots have, my bad.
I stg Bella is sucking a new face every week wtf even is this. Why is she so mad when there's so many other worse comments.
It's really unattractive to act that possessive for no reason when she's known to hop around so much, what's her point.

No. 417514

Apparently Arzaylea said the EXACT same thing when Bella commented on a picture of arzayleas ex.
How anyone can find modsun attractive enough to act this petty over, I will never understand

No. 417640

OT but go watch TP's IG story and tell me I'm not the only one who sees her drinking from an empty bottle lmao

No. 417658

Lmao I think she's taking the last sip but it does look stupid aswell

No. 418045

File: 1510107104080.png (1.35 MB, 990x1332, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 9.10…)

who's nose is this?

No. 418165

lmfaoooo reminds me of cass's

No. 418223

File: 1510116249034.png (238.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171107-222309.png)

i honestly thought this was cass' bad ps or a nosejob since she has been off ig for a few days but i dont think it would have been enough healing time…

No. 418231

She looks like she smells like Newports and hot dog water

No. 418255

Tyler wearing a Youth of Today shirt is pretty funny

No. 418330

ngl that vid in her snap story of them at the gas station and tyler giving her cash for the casino tables was actually pretty cute(learn 2 sage)

No. 418409

kek “it’s just contour”. bitch went heavy with her facetune app… or she’s wearing michael jackson’s deathmask.
her nostrils look so jacked up, just comparing them to the threads cover photo makes me suspect it isn’t just makeup.

No. 418602

LMAO right? Because a hook nose can totally become tiny and upturned because you threw the name of a recognizable brand out there as an excuse. She's on so many drugs I think she believes it too.
It's cute until you remember who tp is. throwing cash and drugs in her face is the only reason she's "So in love"

No. 418627

even on her SC vids, she's looking weird.
like she got some shit going on with the filters
and her cam rolls are similar too. she's cooking and it stinks

No. 418710

I never heard her voice until just now, tbh I kinda liked her until now its not her voice its the the nasty white girl aave affect she has going

No. 418727

Her voice is horrifying I can't stand it and Cassidy sounds the exact same.

No. 418748

I don't believe it was a nose job only because if you put enough powder drugs up your snout it will inevitablely change its shape

No. 418903

File: 1510176280777.png (599.23 KB, 720x1091, 20171108_162138.png)

Speaking of, it looks like her and tp are falling out for some reason, but I could be wrong? They don't tune into each other's lives from what i noticed anymore, or hang out.

No. 419016

anyone notice how Lil Peep left all his other SC friends (tracy and yung goth) in the dust as he got more 'famous' and his friends got outed?

lil tracy apparently a junkie scammer
yung goth apparently a pedophile

makes sense he trying to distance himself i guess

No. 419048

he's still posting shit with fat nick the accused rapist though

No. 419073


fat nick is more popular than any of peeps old emo buddies

hes an opportunist which i guess is smart but the whole scene is pretty gross obviously

No. 419103

could it be possible that this is one of the submissions to her "dress like toopoor" contest?

No. 419150

cassidy got dumped by horsehead or some shit then her and layla kinda stopped hanging out

No. 419153

Everyone in LA/NYC would have a different nose after moving there if this was true

He still following goth on everything the last I checked and goth is the still commenting on his photos though not as much anymore because he's getting dog piled
And I think the Tracy thing is pretty one-sided because Tracy since about March of this year has refused to play any shows with peep on the bill

I heard Cassidy tried to cheat on horse with one of his friends while he was on tour but I'm p sure there was more going on, I wish I had more dirt tbh. But that relationship was doomed from the start Cassidy is an even bigger clout hoe than Layla is.

No. 419292

your nose wont go from a hook nose to a small upturned button nose. you get a deviated septum it doesnt change the shape that drastically

No. 419343

lmao i knew i couldn't have been the only one that thought that shit was hilarious. id love to think tyler is a performance artist but i know he's just some bitch ass rich kid that wasn't even around during that time in music; which is fine if you're a fan and humble about your behavior rapping a militant band like YOT, but the only thing I ever remember Tyler for is the spittle on his soft lips that have never known consequence because of the money he has as a safety net protecting him from legitimate experience. Him and Layla are perfect for each other honestly.

No. 419345

she forgot her undying love for peep the moment another idiot with clout and money decided to put up with her

No. 419364

sage for very dumb and off-topic but i have a slight hook/roman/ idk what the fuck to call it nose in profile, but from the front view and flattering angles it looks slender/ button nose shaped, so i can understand people with similar facial features who look vastly different from other angles/ selfies vs candids. layla on the other hand has a prominent nose from like, every angle. big noses aren't even bad and they can be really cute but it's like a defining feature of her face in particular and it bugs the fuck out of me that she thinks people are dumb enough to believe that MAKEUP can change the PROFILE of your face. idk why se's photoshopping more often all of the sudden when she used to openly show as many disgusting facets of herself as possible practically as part of her grimy aesthetic

No. 419631

Everybody commenting "oh sick hoodie" on his IG probably has no idea who YOT actually is, they just see some edgy

No. 419886

she was a fucking wreck last night on ig live

No. 419911

karina honey…don't put your email address in the email field

No. 420019

Youth Offending Team; stop youths from robbing stores and mugging people in the street
Hardcore bro

No. 420022

it's a hook nose and she's just a bit jewish or some shit. who cares? i won't lie that it bugs me seeing a light bulb headed eagle coming for xanax and your money

No. 420105

File: 1510292319520.jpeg (149.71 KB, 750x1267, A7B3F71A-6F6A-4FD0-9924-A9B533…)

I hope one day TP fondly looks back on her Instagram “career” and glorious moments like this.
Her fishing for attention and comments she doesn’t care about from followers is pathetic, she should try ODing for some grunge points instead of arguing with herself after two vodka cranberries and a shot of Tyler’s baby gravy about a picture she never planned on deleting.

No. 420362

File: 1510331599887.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 726C6FEA-ED4A-417B-81D3-AF9B90…)

No. 420591

that grill/silver tooth she has is honestly so cringe. she will literally appropriate any culture for her social media image (aave, this, etc.)

No. 421219

Her cringe fascinates me though lol. I'm waiting for the explosion of antics and fake suicidal posts when Tyler gets bored of having to shove thousands in cash and coke in her face for a little head. (Seriously she can never shut up on snap about her "AMAZING" head)

No. 421737

File: 1510508459872.jpg (74.32 KB, 920x575, Screenshot_28.jpg)

No. 421825

i miss when TP was calling out lolcow in the most out of touch way like some old person who'd just discovered the internet

No. 422004

No. 422140

lol exactly the shithead kids YOT fucking hated

No. 422241

she needs to go back to black hair and her goth girl bullshit bc this is so fucking boring and lame. like at least then she was pretending to have life goals reselling clothing and designing her own even if it was terrible. i have never understood the appeal of people who post about partying/drug use on instagram, if you have to post about it you're a fuckin lame and you're self conscious as fuck if you always have to prove it. there's no way that kind of personality is actually fun at all to be around making the parties they brag about a complete waste of time and an embarrassment.

most redeeming thing she can do is make up for that HUMILIATING bullshit with peep and just break up with tyler no explanation. he's prob already cheating and he's an ugly asshole who used to hit on bella thorne right before she stole peep lmao, every second she's with him it's a cringefest. it would be cool if she didn't do such predictable bullshit and broke up with him, actually got sober, and took advantage of whatever clout she has now. she could design some shit and she has enough followers they could pay for it, if she saved the money she could do things for herself - that is the only thing that will undermine the rest of the kids she hangs out with, actually growing up. she's what, 25, 26? it's embarrassing and she needs to realize every moment she spends partying now is just going to make it so much worse when she wakes up from this shit. tyler has ALL of the power to break her heart now, if he leaves her who would want her and what would she even do with her life?

tl;dr (sorry guys, lot of feels being about her age and watching her refuse to grow up) she needs to get back her dignity and break up with tyler, hopefully make a statement about standing on her own and getting sober. sobriety makes everyone physically look better so her superficial ass can at least do that. use her current clout to sell some bullshit, make $$$, and brag she did something.

i know she won't, but she lurks here and it would be so much milkier if she stopped this shit and stuck it to peep and the whole crew of guys that just make fun of her. it's way past the point of her being young and dumb, she's turning into that fucked up older woman in the bar people torment for fun.

No. 422303


lmao i agree. i really did actually like her when she had black hair–now, all she does is brag about how drunk/high she is and everything she posts is cringe-y as fuck. her followers still worship her though lmao

No. 422515

have y'all noticed that layla and bella seem to be fine now? layla likes bella's pics and they seem to be good. must've bonded over ending things with peep lol. honestly i think it's mature and kinda endearing

No. 422632

I agree. I still think Bella's comment on modsun's post was cringey tho. I knew she was a thot but I didn't think she was a bitch, too.

No. 422645

it would be amazing to see layla have a real good turn around. she could make her money, do her thing, get healthy… but lets be real. this is mcdonalds eating, coke snorting, homie hopping layla. not that im totally against that last part but fuck chick what a fucking mess. layla, money doesnt make you shit. having to bribe your "friends" like you did on live tonight just to go out doesn't really mean you have friends that want to go out with you. they just want your shit. your clout your money your drugs.. it seems very transparent to me. I am rooting for her though to pull herself away from the grimey situation she is in.

No. 423022

the thing is layla wouldn't be layla without all the cringe-y shock value posts, drugs, and throw-away lovers. she could clean up but i doubt she would because her entire insta career was built on her whole melodramatic "goth" image, and now more so the drugs/cringe-y shit she posts. she just wouldn't be toopoor without all that and i don't think she's ready to leave it yet

No. 423032

no offense i love watching this train wreck if she never got sober and became a street rat i would laugh

No. 423051

Seems to be where she's headed. Enjoy the ride.

No. 423592

UHM….. Did peep and Bella break up or….

No. 423638

Have you been under a rock?

No. 423932

Peep moved on to Arzaylea, Bella to Tana Mongoose and then modsun (how does this guy land chicks I do not get it at all).

blackbear remains bitter.

No. 423941

File: 1510690769194.jpg (367.7 KB, 800x600, appeal.jpg)

>how does this guy land chicks I do not get it at all

No. 423983

is bella ever single lmao? kinda crazy that she's had like 100 boyfriends in the past year

No. 424016

File: 1510696851974.jpeg (374.83 KB, 750x1179, F19D30B1-1287-45C6-BE17-29059C…)

99% sure Modsun used this exact same caption but for Hannahbeth when they exploited their own secondhand attempt at a 70’s inspired romance, came out with an ugly clothing line and abused too many flowy floral shirts and bell bottoms in try-hard hippie couples pictures.
Bella Thorne is going to chew this guys heart and dick up and shit ‘em out by next month.

No. 424032

lol at scary kids scaring kids
this guy was a special guest at this thing i was at and he was the cringiest piece of shit.

No. 424263

whoa, did Modsun and HannaBeth break up? When? I used to follow her Snapchat and IG but I quit following her last year when I decided she was too shallow and superficial for my taste.

No. 424288

File: 1510719909483.jpeg (163.32 KB, 749x908, 2FCBD311-28A2-49B3-8435-BA2EC1…)

Sage for out of the loop, but it’s crazy to me that Bella is involved in this shit because she’s moderately famous, or at least she gets a lot of media coverage. Pic attached is from a Daily Mail snapchat feature on her and MS, loving that height difference.

No. 424289

Pouya is a rapist??

No. 424303

It looks like creepy bull dyke Frankenstein making out with an 9th grade rave kid. gag.

No. 424304

That’s about the time they call it quits, the couple pics were nonstop with those two calling it the realest love and now he’s pulling the same staged photo-ops with Bella.

No. 424315

Yeah idk if there's more accounts but in the last thread someone posted a link to some girls outing him

No. 424371

File: 1510731978480.png (1.28 MB, 1210x1008, fried.png)

she's been doing an ok job of hiding it in most pictures but all of this idiot's hair is frying off… or maybe that maureen ponderosa dead tooth is accentuating it more here, idk.

No. 424525

It cracks me up how her and Tyler have to post about how much sex they’re having like yes, you’re both twenty somethings, we get that you’re having sex. Idk why they’re so braggy like as if anyone cares. It’s almost like they’re constantly trying to prove their relationship to people, it’s so weird

No. 424549

No. 424691

File: 1510773292758.png (1.41 MB, 1484x1078, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 1.13…)

why are we still talking about pouya and fat nick being rapists. Isn't exactly new news. I know we're 3 threads deep but seriously people.. do your hw before you post

As for current events, arzaylea and peep have broken up. She's being emotional and he's binging on drugs

No. 424694

File: 1510773386422.png (78.99 KB, 578x480, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 1.15…)

No. 424702

lol just say you dont want her and move on

No. 424715

well that was a hot minute. i wouldn't be able to tolerate that daddy chest tattoo for even half the time and double the clout so good for her. can't wait to see what urchin hops on that dick next.

No. 425201

Apparently Peep just ODed at his show in Tuscon.

No. 425241

Of course he's in Tucson. So many of those gross 'insta goth thots' on 4th. He probably got coke cut with meth. Shits nasty.

No. 425267

Guys… it sounds like he died. I wasn't a fan or anything but he was only 21. Very sad.

No. 425268

I am hearing from multuple sources that he died.

No. 425277

yes peep died from overdose on fentanyl or xanax

No. 425279

Jesus, I thought he was a dumbass but nobody deserves to go like that at such a young age. Hope this serves as a wake up call to his friends and fans that think drugs = clout.

No. 425280

he died from mixing the two apparently

No. 425281

jesus that's so fucking sad. wasn't exactly a fan of his but that's really tragic. rip

No. 425282

is this like confirmed?? i'm reading this all over twitter but is it confirmed news? i also read something saying he OD'ed and is in the hospital but not that he necessarily died

No. 425283

Dude is Layla gonna spiral?
That is so sad, Do you think that “I’m getting so tired of this” means anything ?

No. 425287

Yes, confirmed by his manager

No. 425288

File: 1510815056067.png (565.64 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_2017-11-16-07-49-25…)

No. 425289


people are saying it was likely a xanax laced with fentanyl

No. 425290

post malone confirmed

No. 425292


so has lil yachty, lil pump and rich chigga

No. 425294

holy shit, just heard the news from a fb friend and immediately came here…… i know we always give this group shit about their drug use habits but this is still like REALLY shocking to me, way more than i thought an OD from layla's crew would be. regardless of how we felt about peep that is such a young age to go and a waste of potential, i hope to god if he's actually dead it shakes some sense into these people. very curious to see how layla takes this and i'm lowkey kind of worried for her

No. 425296

so much talent. how truly sad. his music was on its way to being iconic

No. 425299

why the fuck would you lace xanax with fenty?? wow

No. 425308

I’m seeing from multiple sources that it was heroin mixed with fentanyl

No. 425309

File: 1510816189694.png (910.68 KB, 1242x2208, B64C7D38-39FE-464C-A323-F6C7F4…)

No. 425310

this caption is all the more harrowing now. Xanax culture is so fucking dangerous and he championed it. Hopefully this is a wake up call - mostly for his young fans. Prescription drugs are dangerous enough on their own without throwing knockoff street shit into the mix. Never use alone. RIP lil peep. 21 is too fucking young to not learn from your mistakes.

No. 425311


re-read the sentence. I think I read the same thing and it said "fentanyl mixed with heroin"

someone said that at the Tucson show random kids came up and gave him random xans - it's been pretty well known for awhile that certain pressers have pressed their xans with fenty/opiates.

No. 425313

maybe this is too soon but is Layla going to spiral? ruin her relationship with grosso over feels she never got over for peep? Or are those two going to be each other’s pillars? this is kinda crazy shit.

No. 425316

layla has turned off comments/limited comments on her instagram & tyler’s is gone

No. 425317

define gone?

No. 425318

the account's been deleted

No. 425319

File: 1510816705775.jpeg (221.15 KB, 750x1279, 28B343B3-4BC3-4A5D-8F63-703640…)

arzalyea just shared some texts and photos / videos. I wonder if she feels guilty because they just broke up and he wrote that shit about dying young and not being happy for more than a minute etc right after.


No. 425322

File: 1510817201433.jpg (323.81 KB, 1446x1198, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.2…)

aw man his last post on instagram was so sweet :( RIP indeed

No. 425323

it definitely wasn't, but it's still really sad that he died :(

No. 425324

more chance of it happening now that he's dead sadly

No. 425326

RIP to a goddamn legend. This thread just isn't fun anymore

No. 425330

That’s so weird, earlier he posted a video of him talking xans and he said “I almost choked/I almost died” but just took more after that. Damn.

No. 425333

This is what I came here to say too, I really, really hope people wake the fuck up and stop glorifying xanax

No. 425336

honestly looking at posts like these and a lot of his interviews on youtube he seemed like a sweet person, regardless of shitty relationships/ drug habits/ stupid tattoos. damn i didn't expect this i'm genuinely super sad about it

i know there's always the whole "you only like him now that he's dead/ are pretending to have liked them this whole time" thing that happens with practically everyone remotely famous, and he's probably gonna be overhyped from now on, but he did seem like a genuinely ok dude that just came from a really messed up place. i didn't love his music or anything but i always appreciated how much he was into like gerard way era emo music

No. 425339

or at the very least make the recreational users think twice about buying not direct from script

No. 425340

>a legend

are you retarded, anon?

Sage for non-contribution

No. 425343

File: 1510819214392.png (1.69 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0375.PNG)

lol at her balding ass head. The nerv that she has to be promoting sugar bear hair gummies but walking around looking like this

No. 425344

File: 1510819288011.jpeg (26.5 KB, 488x264, D1FCD57D-4741-4180-B823-F0060A…)

Whether he was high, thought it was a joke or this was his general reaction- people are going to get on Tracy’s ass. So many people are saying they wish it was Yung Goth instead. That’s so fucked up considering he just lost his best friend.

No. 425345

>appreciated how much he was into gerard way
gerard way and his crew helped him get his shit together when he was a drug induced alcoholic mess look at lil peep anon

No. 425348

Bexey Swan (the British guy him and Goth stayed with), posted a video saying “my brother just died in my arms man. fuck this shit, I’m done, forever.”
At first I thought this was a joke but.. fuck man.

No. 425351

He also posted a video of peep on the back of the bus straight nodded out. Probably already dying.

No. 425352

I'm so sad right now

No. 425355

Girl shut up. Now isn't the time.

No. 425356

None of these retards thought to call 911?

No. 425357

link please?

No. 425358

File: 1510820538062.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.5 KB, 675x1200, image.jpeg)

Man as an experienced and recovered addict if I saw my friend like this my first reaction would be to monitor them, break out the naloxon, check his breathing.

No. 425359

It's sad that lil peep didn't have people around him who wanted to help him keep clean and keep him from killing himself like Gerard did when he was popping pills and close to dying. The xanax/party culture is too deep and unsympathetic.

I agree with everyone else here that I hope this will make people think twice about the things they take and the things their friends take.

No. 425360

Holy shit why didn't anyone do anything??

No. 425361

No. 425362

guess he deleted this off his instagram? just checked

No. 425364

rip lil peep

No. 425365

i wonder what will happen to layla.

No. 425366

bexey posted a tweet saying peep was snoring at the time–clearly sleeping. he wasn't dying here

No. 425368

idk man he looks halfway fuckin dead here

No. 425369

he looks fucking dead in this. like, no joke, he looks like he’s already died. he’s turning fucking blue for fuck’s sake.
did none of these idiots realize something was wrong? how horrifying. imagine being surrounded by friends and being let down so fucking badly and having to leave this world that way.
rip peep. i’m not surprised but it sucks this happened. with a few more years and better friends and a good therapist i think you could have started to work through your problems and come out the other side in one piece. now you’ll never get the chance.

No. 425370

he looks 100% dead wtf

No. 425371

>snoring at the time
>clearly sleeping
Definitely not. I’d put $1000 that what they heard was agonal breathing, i.e. the final warning that he was dying.

No. 425372


Jesus Christ

No. 425373

100% agree, cant believe everyone else was too fucked up to notice him nodding out into death

No. 425375

Yep. I've heard this more times than I can count, lost a friend at 18 because we thought he was snoring and were laughing at him.

No. 425376


for anyone that isn’t familiar with agonal breathing, here is an accurate rendition of what it sounds like:
kind of puts into light how a group of people fucked up out of their minds on drugs thought it could have been snoring. but it definitely wasn’t, and they should have known something was wrong just from his position and pallor.

No. 425377

No. Any junkie knows what a nod is and what sleep is and that's a fucking nod. He wasn't snoring, he was in respitory failure and if these weren't a bunch of dumb idiot kids who didn't know shit about shit they friend would be alive.

No. 425378

I just hope he wasn’t in any pain. This shit is unbelievably sad.

No. 425379

thank you for the example! i feel like people who use drugs would be more likely to know about the overdose side-effects in general…

No. 425380

Here is a video also that shows why anyone with experience would know he was in distress


No. 425381

He was likely not conscious and unaware.

No. 425385

a junkie dream to fall asleep and never wakeup ;-:

No. 425386

I think one of the scariest things about this is, everyone around him was/is self medicating and depressed/suicidal too. I just hope this doesn’t turn into a domino effect to his extent.

No. 425387

I think his 'crew' will make sure not to take pressed xanax from people they don't know, maybe?

No. 425389

File: 1510822348262.png (690.7 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9580.PNG)

No. 425390

I doubt they’d care where they get anything from right now. Though I know Goth is prescribed them.. even though he had a seizure earlier this year because of taking too much.

No. 425391


i don't think so, all of these are dumb poser kids who think doing drugs as a lifestyle and boasting with it makes them "better" and more "real" and "hardcore" than everybody else. i think they'll be back at it in 2 weeks max, sadly.

No. 425392

well then I guess they don't care about a fentanyl overdose? clearly the east coast is currently flooded with it /westcoast fag

No. 425393

Not just the east coast. It's everywhere now. My methadone clinic lost 30 people in a year and I'm on the west coast. All from fake pressed pills with fentanyl.

No. 425394

holy shit, wny is no media outlet talking about this (vice is going to pick this up via lil peep's death)

No. 425395

vancouver canada anon here, i work in the poorest part of the city and fentanyl overdoses happen multiple times a day here. and those are just the ones i personally have to deal with in my clinic.

No. 425396

whomever is trying to sell certain narcotics for others (aka fentanyl) should be held responsible

No. 425399

yeah I was just going to say… that isn't a thing. people who know nothing about drugs assume everything is laced with fentanyl nowadays. the only thing that people lace with fentanyl is heroin (and I guess cocaine, but rarely) and half the time it isn't even a factor in an OD, even when people claim it is. he likely just did too much/mixed too much. but watch his jackass peers start posting about "his shit was laced!!!! I'm going to find the asshole who sold him it and turn them in!!!!"

No. 425400

Saged for getting slightly off topic but I can't imagine using now. I've been clean for years, but my friends are still dying and the opiate epidemic is a monster and now with fentanyl coming in making it easier for dealers to cut the shit out of their product with a cheap high 100x stronger than morphine, harm reduction is needed more than ever. Had these kids been educated in something as simple as monitoring a user for nonrhythmic breathing, skin color changing, taught CPR and how to utilize narcan, peep might possibly be in a hospital bed, not a morgue fridge.

No. 425401

You should do a little more research. People have been pressing bars with fent for years now. It's called Google.

No. 425403

No. 425404

No. 425405

I feel so badly for his family. He didn't get a chance to say goodbye.

No. 425406

Because fentanyl is extremely cheap and you can break up 1 pill and repress into 50 and make a 500% profit?

No. 425410

peep is definitely not asleep in that video. he’s unconscious. the fault of his overdose is as much his own as it is of the “friends” and his hired assistants/handlers who neglected the obvious signs of overdose for a few hours at the very least. what a fucking waste of life.

No. 425411

File: 1510825112712.jpeg (51.62 KB, 725x448, FAFB9A7C-4212-403D-A6E8-D025D4…)

Tweet from Peep’s manager.
Here’s a fucking idea: maybe you should have gone around and ensured that the friends of the CLIENT WHOSE WELFARE YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR knew how to recognize a drug overdose emergency, shown them how to access naloxone when needed, ensured that he would have at least some fighting chance should it ever come to that. For fuck’s sake. Part of a manager’s job is to take measures to ensure that something like this never happens. Peep had a regular revolving door of faces he travelled and hung out with. How hard could it have been to put some Narcan on the tour bus and made sure at least one person knew how and when to use it?

No. 425412

i feel a little bad about that bexey guy, he obviously didn't let his friend die on purpose but i also think it's a real fucking shame how stupid peep's crew is and how easily this could have been avoided. honestly in his two most recent IG videos he sounds strung out as fuck and looks numb like he isn't even fully processing what happened yet. i feel like he's gonna get a shit ton of hate and blame for that story of peep passed out but they're ALL fuckin idiots who only regret things when it's too late, and then go right back to their bullshit once the sadness has worn off (first yams, now it's gonna be peep). i wish i could believe that a tragedy could fix that drug culture but in reality, they never learn.

(also this is completely OT but it weirds me out finding out that peep was only 21, i always assumed he was mid-20's or layla's age or like…. not several years younger than me)

No. 425425

Oh my fucking god what the fuck did I just miss

No. 425432

This is fuckin true. I'm a east coast fag and you literally do you not buy dope here unless it has fentanyl in it, bc it's just better. And no ones selling straight h anymore except maybe Baltimore, New Jersey, Chicago

And honestly these niggaa are so stupid, peep is literally blue in that video, imagine fucking dying as a well known artist with your friends taping you instead of actually helping you not to die. Fentanyl and xanex, they could have saved him actually, even without medicine. They could have given him cpr and chest compressions while having him laid down with his feet elevated. It's a shame bc it works quite well and can make a massive difference. Even if it was just until the ambulance got there. What retards and shit friends. Out of all the clout retards I respected peep the most bc at least he wasn't a piece of shit and had sweet and good intentions. Fucking shame.

No. 425434

a few people on his tour were trained in HR and had naloxone training idc that they had it on the bus but honestly it's just not enough sometimes especially when the people who have have that knowledge are also indulgent/messes plus peep has a past with opiates, ex addicts always think they're invincible

No. 425435

god this is so fucking sad and weird. as much as i've always made fun of layla i've always liked peep and his music. so hard to process that he's actually dead

No. 425438

Nobody cares how you personally felt about peep. A farmhand needs to come in and clean up this thread, like this is not a gbc discussion board, it's a dragging thread for Layla. Keep it relevant to her or go post on atrl.

No. 425440

actually this thread is not even strictly layla related, it was created to talk about her + other people from the scene since her one was too slow. and given that peep is her ex it's only normal that people are talking about it. shut the fuck up

No. 425446

Fr peep was/is connected to Layla and it’s where everyone talks about that circle of people and layla herself here
Chill anon he died and tbh it’s really sad especially with how stupid the group of people he surrounded himself with

No. 425448

did you even read OP
>This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe. The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the On Some Shit crew. As long as they are involved with the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

No. 425449

>like this is not a gbc discussion board
that's literally exactly what it is but ok

you're probably one of those farmers that thinks they're a mod telling everyone to "sage their shit" in every goddamn thread

No. 425450

yeah seriously wtf is going on? i'm not even being edgy, i just do not care about some guy passing away, even if he dated the thread subject.

No. 425451

I'm OP & feel like such an idiot for leaving photog/videographer out of this but they count as SC too ovbs.

This thread is SoundClout General now too, peep is soundclout royalty.
Laylas been pretty boring and when I brought up opening it to other SC people in the last thread it received a lot of support/ no backlash

No. 425452

His death is going to have a huge impact on her. Okay, yeah, maybe there’s been enough talk about it + now the details have been posted people can slow down but there’s not going to be too much posting from her for now (I would hope). So there’s nothing else to post about unless you have another soundcloud rapper/group you’ve got to post?

No. 425462

yeah he was absolutely dying here. if he was takin xan then he would just go in his sleep. agree that the “snoring” was just death rattle.

this is so scary and sad. i feel really awful for layla and i hope she doesn’t do something stupid and end up hurt or worse. i hope this is a wakeup call for everyone involved.

No. 425465

i hope layla at least gets sober again and gets her life in check now. as we know yams' death didn't stop tyler grosso from doing drugs so i don't know about him.

No. 425471

I mean, this isn't a thread for just Layla, but I agree about the fangirling.

No-one gives a shit about how you felt about Peep personally, based on how he acted he was a shitty manipulative person who pretty constantly promoted drug abuse as some great glamorous thing, not some misunderstood sweetheart musical genius.

I feel bad for his family, but it's not like the world has lost some great visionary or some amazing person lost too soon.

It's not edge here, but it's kind of dumb to start being compassionate and talking about how much you cared about the person after they're dead don't you think? Especially if you're here, on a forum dedicated to mocking them.

No. 425473

people here aren’t soulless and it’s norma to be shocked and sad at someone’s death, even if they did shitty things and contributed nothing to the world. peep wasn’t some great visionary martyr but no one wanted him to die. and i think many people here actually want to see cows and flakes reverse their bad behavior and improve themselves.

so yes it’s perfectly normal to express remorse and remember the good things about dead people. peep wasn’t a murderer or a rapist, just annoying and reckless.

No. 425474

back in the end of layla 1.0 or beginning of 2.0 people were having similarly candid but ultimately sympathetic/kind discussions on peep at length it's not a new thing.

No. 425476

jesus fucking christ. just yesterday i'm talking myself into getting clean then i wake up to this shit. what a fucking sign.

No. 425477

It is to some degree, and I agree, there's no reason to want him to die, but seriously, look at some of the replies here, just for some of the more extreme examples

The outbreak of people acting like they suddenly really cared about him and wanted nothing but the best is insane, considering we've been mocking him and laughing at him acting like a melodramatic idiot for ages now.

People are acting like he's a good person just taken too soon, when like you said, he was reckless, and like he's demonstrated over and over again, was a fucking terrible person who manipulated people constantly, used people to get back at other people, cheated on partners, lied about shit, glamorised drug abuse to an obviously young audience, a whole bunch of shit. It's sad when anyone dies, but he's just a shitty drug addict with a mediocre music career. He doesn't need a memorial.

No. 425484

Every day I say the same, do it anon don't be a stat.

No. 425490

Layla has resources, correct? Now is an amazing time to get rehab or whatever she needs and pick up her life. He isn't coming back.

No. 425501

Im not a fan of these people but i do feel sympathy for friends and family when someone dies and this is incrediably sad. I also belive that video taken of peep he does seem.to be od and its disturbing and sad to watch

No. 425507

Okay I was patient at first but now this shit is going too far. Cut it out and take it to ot if you're going to make it this personal. Yall are getting ridiculous now.

No. 425514

Bexey deleted the video from his instagram stories. He posted this https://www.instagram.com/p/BbjE5vuBy13/?taken-by=bexeyswan in his feed saying that peep died in his arms. he looks fucking high, they took so long to realize that peep was dead. I kinda hope lil peep death would be a wake up call for everybody but -i don't mean to sound edgy- I don't really think that this would change anything, they practically live for this aesthetic and even their managers expect they OD in some moment.

No. 425519

sometimes the best strategy is to delete your account. all these fuckers will be jostling for peep's position he would have had, and using his death to justify their own binges.

No. 425529


Wow thanks so much for all your patience, keeper of the toopoor thread. What would we do with your NO AUTHORITY WHAT SO EVER.

No. 425531

can you chill out?

No. 425537

holy shit just stop, yeah he did shitty things but that doesn’t mean people can’t react to his death.

No. 425539


"Lil Peep's body was found on the bus Wednesday night outside a club called The Rock in Tucson. He was scheduled to perform there. Law enforcement tells us his manager went to check on him around 9:40 PM and found him dead. We're told there was drug paraphernalia around him, and evidence of a possible overdose, and it was likely he'd taken Xanax."

No. 425543

>She always wanted to be a Courtney Love and now it's happening.

….hhhholy shit I hadn’t even thought of it that way yet.
this isn’t even fun. I hope she checks out and goes dark for a while and reevaluates her life. Peep’s out of second chances but that doesn’t mean she has to be.

No. 425565

wow. what a piece of shit. i second what you said anon. 1. what an insensitive thing to say and 2. why the fuck didn't he have any emergency precautions for his fucking crew OMFG everyone involved is so retarded
side note I hope Layla is okay :(

No. 425566

Thought backseat modding was against the rules. Hide the thread and calm your tits.

No. 425570

Go outside and take a breath of fresh air if you're this concerned by people posting their condolences for a dead 21 year old on a lolcow thread

No. 425573

I am genuinely really concerned for Layla. I hope she's doing okay. I'm not sure what to think about her social media silence.

No. 425580

Why concerned? She's probably going to enjoy the attention and will use this tragedy as part of her future persona.

No. 425583

File: 1510850522577.jpeg (304.93 KB, 1242x983, 215ECBB0-BCC5-4C61-BBDF-CB8FA6…)

here we go with the social media pissing contests. all of Layla's cronies, and probably Layla herself, will be posting thoughtful messages about Peep, including comments about how Layla was his ~one and only~ despite the fact he had a whole other girlfriend when he passed. the only reason he kept coming back to Layla was bc she stalked his life and put up with his disrespect nonstop, I'm rolling my eyes already thinking about how they'll try to make it seem like Layla and Peep were a love story

No. 425584

yup. she's going to LOVE playing the role of mourning widow, even tho they weren't together and had been done for a while

No. 425588

I don't think so, she never got over him (remember all the breakdowns she's had because she tried to get with him again and he kept playing her) and given how obsessed she's always been with Peep I believe she's seriously hurting right now.
If I were one of her friends I'd check on her constantly. She's unstable and who knows what she's going to do

No. 425590

This. Nobody is going to remember lil peep. This is a tragedy and maybe without drug abuse he could have made something of himself.

No. 425595

i think they both were special people to each other. tp is pretty nasty and clout hungry but i think her and peep really did have something. he had another girl but why was he so obsessed with her and tylers relationship on ig?
honestly this is sad but yea im not surprised this thread is so popular right now. back when she first started dating peep her thread was infested with peepettes and i guess they stuck around.

No. 425601

File: 1510851978796.gif (842.1 KB, 480x270, IMG_9714.GIF)

Fucking underrated comment

Then fucking leave Jesus anon when kaddee died no one was like "shut up about kaddee dying it's not like this is a kaddee thread". I sympathize with you on the fangirling, but let the little ones have their fun. The nig died literally just a few hours ago. Wait a few fuckin days before you go around being triggered by anons saying goodbye to a cow a lot of us dedicated our time to finding milk on. Jesus h Christ

MODS can we get maybe auto-sage for this thread based on this current mourning?

I'm just worried that anons autisim will quickly advance if we don't do something

No. 425615

I knew fuck all about him tbh just seen many in the same situation and it's fucked up. Majority of drug programs give free Naloxone and training in the UK even if you just walk in. Fent is an epidemic in the downer scene and it's shitty.

No. 425616

"He loved you and died loving you"
What an irresponsible piece of shit tweet. This asshole shipped them so hard they've got the blinders on and are now speaking on behalf of someone who 1. they never knew 2. will never know unless they're super good at using a Ouija Board.
Layla doesn't need any more reason to feel like she's at the center of all of this. Like Anon mentioned, he had a whole few girlfriends since TP.
If TP's mourning gets obsessive she'll lose Grosso and then expect this thread to be lit the fuck up with some extra milky cringe.

No. 425632


He didn't even know it happened. He felt high and passed out. My niece died the same way.

No. 425635

Exactly. If anyone deserves the sympathy it's his family and loved ones for the fact that they will be the ones who will actually suffer for his death. He was probably none the wiser, then he was nothing anymore. Out like a light.

No. 425636

"he loved you" would have been fine but "he died loving you" is such a shitty thing to say. the person who wrote that prob thought they were being slick but it's SO obvious that it's not an innocent condolence, she or he wrote that in hopes of making peep's gf (or any of his other love interests) feel like shit and inferior to Queen Toopoor. "I mean I know he wasn't with you when he died, he was dating someone else but he DIED loving you!" uh no, he died bent as fuck off of opiates and benzos and if he was thinking of ANY woman right before he died, chances are it was the girl he had been in a lover's quarrel with just hours before.

just watch, Layla's friends and stans will start saying (or at least heavily suggesting) shit like "if he was with you, he wouldn't have died" even tho Layla's a wannabe druggie herself and enabled Peep like no other bc she was desperate for him to love her

No. 425641

Every gossip magasine is trying to make it seem like the overdose was because of his realtionship with bella thorne, like she actually was an important part of his life. Kinda sad that he dated her to get famous, and now its haunting him in his death

No. 425658

I've only heard about lil peep through this thread. I found out he died because I happened to be looking at someone else's phone screen while they were browsing their facebook feed.

Ya, I agree with this. I didn't know very much about him but it is weird people who were trashing him now are saying his death is sooo tragic. Changing your mind about someone because they died is always dumb.

No. 425664

death changes everything apparently. he just hit over a million followers on insta now, would have taken the rest of his tour and then some to obtain that sans OD.

No. 425666


Assuming that the people that expressed sorrow every posted before bashing him is also dumb.

Assuming people have changed their mind about how they feel… yup: dumb.

Stop being fucking dumb.

No. 425673

File: 1510856372202.jpeg (169.48 KB, 750x583, 6C8DA55B-1B48-4A1F-BB56-765FA4…)

I keep thinking of Peep’s mom. They were very close and he was clearly a mama’s boy from the way he would talk about her. I can’t imagine what she’s going through. You try to do your best with your children but eventually they grow up into adults with their own, sometimes fatal, flaws. You can’t protect your baby forever.
I hope some of Peep’s soundclout scumbag crew reaches out to her to support her. It’s the very least they could do for playing such a heavy hand in enabling her son down the path of aesthetic lifestyle and self medicating mental illness that took his life.

No. 425677

File: 1510856502495.gif (642.32 KB, 222x176, E52E4222-F500-413D-82F8-025537…)

So, bets on how long it’ll take for Layla to get a Peep tribute tattoo, and what it might depict/where on her body it’ll be?

No. 425682

And nothing of value was lost…well, except to his family and friends and anyone else left dealing with his poor life choices. Peep however is probably better off not making it to old age with his wonderful face tats.

I dont understand where the tragedy is, aside from his family. He made shit choices and every drug user knows death is a potential consequence. Had he lived past 21, his life would have been the same, glamorizing his drug filled shit lifestyle to his impressionable audience. We havent exactly lost a future cancer curing genius. But hopefully some young people will make better choices from this, that would be the most positive effect he could ever have.

No. 425685


lol so a life is only valuable in a public context if they were a future cancer-curing genius? it's clear that a lot of people admired peep's talent, image, and legacy. his life had value - don't be an asshole.

No. 425688

People’s value doesn’t have to lie in what they contribute to wider society. Plenty of awful people have done amazing things, plenty of absolute nobodies have enriched the lives of everyone they met. It’s relative. People cared about him, and death is sad no matter what situation it’s in - you’re more likely to die in a car crash than you are just lying in bed, but you don’t say “car drivers know the risks, why care?”. Stop being a dick.

No. 425689

I keep thinking about his parents too. How fucking awful to lose your child so young, and in such a public (and easily politicised) way. I feel for them so much.

No. 425724

File: 1510859238587.png (963.83 KB, 843x1920, tumblr_nu197cHDsE1qmbaulo1_128…)

The fact that he had an entire team and not one of them checked was there to check up on him still pisses me off. I get that people party before shows and it was probably routine, but shouldn't there have at least been a bodyguard or his tour manager or someone besides his spun out friends in that bus with him? Especially when everyone knew about his drug abuse problem? Especially when his manager said he was expecting it? What the fuck?

No. 425750

TMZ says his manager found his body when he went to check on him, but Chase Ortega tweeted that he was expecting this call for a year? I don't understand but regardless, Chase Ortega is a fucking scumbag

No. 425753

the first reports was just that he was in the hospital after suffering an overdose, this whole thing is all over the place and it could have been so fucking easily prevented

No. 425759

I don't see the point of putting blame on anyone. I get that many people enabled him, used him, profited off him but he was also self-responsible and this would've happened eventually with other people around because he indulged in addiction and made it his persona. Everyone has a little blame here but that's just what happens in such a scene. You can't ask for real, responsible, sober friends or security under these circumstances

No. 425760

Omg you beat me to this fuck. I predict within the next week, possibley 14 days. She wouldn't wait a while bc then the hype will die down and we all know she's an attention junkie.

No. 425766

Samefag also I'm betting on a broken heart emoji thing right over her actually heart with the word "peep" written inside it. I'd bet money on it.

No. 425790

Fuck that. Pointing out who could have prevented this could prevent someone else from the same fate.

No. 425801

File: 1510863250405.png (1.96 MB, 1870x1196, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.12…)

peep's final gf posted this image to instagram.

throwback or peep's corpse?

No. 425804


holy fuck i don't normally follow this thread but this is so tragic and disturbing. i can't believe this person recorded this and posted it online instead of getting help, what the fuck

No. 425806

File: 1510863353461.jpeg (68.24 KB, 640x614, 4F3673B0-5C36-4D29-BACF-B23938…)

There’s rumours surfacing with this girl and her brother that knowingly gave peep laced xans

No. 425807


i was thinking the same exact thing about the 'just like kurt and courtney uwu' parallels when i heard the news. she got what she glorified, in a sick sort of way. even though they were broken up at the time it seems like the majority of social media remembers peep with layla more than his other relationships. i feel the most for his mom and family, but i'm sure layla's going through some rough emotional shit, lolcow and the internet's cult of personality make it real easy to forget that these are humans behind their dumb personas. i feel for her and i feel worse that i don't really think she or his friends will turn this death into constructive behavior anytime soon

but i do genuinely pity her way more than some of his scummy ass crew, look at the way his fucking manager and tracy reacted to it, look at that bexey moron who made this whole thing way more gruesome and disturbing with that video of his LITERAL DYING BODY. this shit didn't have to be so rough like i feel like all the people this affects the most are so stupid that they're doing everything to make it all look even worse.

what sucks is it hasn't even been a full day and layla/gus are already being way over romanticized as some kind of tragic love story by their creepy little stans and that's not gonna do SHIT to help layla's situation. i wonder how much she's going to regret things she shouldn't even feel obliged to regret given how unhealthy/ manipulative their dynamic was, like (>>425677 beat me to it but) is she gonna regret covering tattoos of his name up? is she going to get an even bigger one in his memory now? probably

i also find the level of bella thorne being relevant to him to be overblown, they literally dated for like one day. but i guess it's because she's the only high-profile celeb involved in this

No. 425808

Are you retarded?

No. 425810

y'all dated a good 5 minutes but alright

No. 425811

File: 1510863505186.jpeg (75.73 KB, 640x636, B03FF353-706A-44B7-82E3-E71CD0…)

No. 425814

File: 1510863540508.jpeg (78.47 KB, 640x646, 89E434BB-7B5C-4527-8AA6-3E7A1C…)

No. 425816


where are you getting these screens

No. 425817

File: 1510863586908.jpeg (146.13 KB, 640x682, A390DC02-32F4-497E-9A88-B079CE…)

No. 425818

Got them on a peep fanpage on ig but apparently they’re all over twitter and coldhart rt

No. 425819

She wasn't in Tucson, throwback

No. 425821

Not the anon who's posting them but they're floating around twitter. The girl's deleted/deactivated her account but people seem to be trying to track her down.

No. 425822

File: 1510864050660.jpg (40.13 KB, 540x960, 777778.jpg)

No. 425823

File: 1510864161001.png (223.25 KB, 373x594, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 3.29…)

No. 425825

i know no one forced him to do drugs and he was already on his path to an OD, but she should be arrested. if anything the death of other people can and should be avoided

No. 425828

I agree. If it was just xanax she sold him and he mixed it or whatever and OD'd it would be different. But since it was laced and he didn't know, his death's on her.

No. 425829

pretty crazy that his last tweet was about mariah's brother, who was apparently a die-hard fan

No. 425831

sophmoric junkies always care about themselves first, sad but true. They figure he'll be fine, he does this all the time. Can't call the cops, we'll get arrested because drugs!
I hate this attitude so many young people have. If a person is dead/dying, the cops/EMTs are going to prioritize that, not the fact that someone maybe has drugs on them.

No. 425837

He turned 21 a few days ago, I wonder if alcohol had anything to do with his death? I know he's shown himself drinking before, but now that he has easy access to booze, he had a little too much and mixing it with the pills finally put him over the edge. Fucking sad if true, just a little theory I had. Wasn't a big fan but RIP Peep, hopefully others in the indy rap scene won't follow his path.

No. 425845

if he was drinking last night I doubt the alcohol helped the situation but I'm pretty positive it was the xanax and possibly oxycodone and/or heroin

No. 425847

I actually thought her post was fairly tasteful and appropriate. it wasn't long winded and dramatic, and it wasn't competitive or arrogant. she might show herself to be an attention whore as time goes on, but based off that post alone, I don't think she's that bad. Layla and I'm sure a few of Peep's other exes and side hoes will be much worse

No. 425849

Xanax and booze together aren't enough to kill someone. It was the fentanyl laced in the xans. He drank before his birthday anyways.

No. 425851

Alcohol and benzos repress the respiratory system, as does Fentanyl. All 3 together would be more than ample to cause death.

No. 425852

Honestly junkies piss me off so much. Peep just literally died on that bus and was obviously presenting the signs of OD and they were all too fucked up to notice or care, instead taking a video of him literally dying “oh he’s snoring lol #drugs amirite?” All of you dumbfucks failed him. Agonal breathing usually means the chance of recovery is better, too. They could’ve saved him.

I just hope Layla doesn’t double down on the drug use and goes to rehab.

No. 425853


i doubt his 21 would have made him go crazy with the alcohol - he's been touring and performing and hanging with these older soundcloud dudes for a while now, so surely he's had access to alcohol and that party scene for a long time.

No. 425854

Booze and xanax is literally the perfect combination to die in your sleep. No fenty needed. It is extremely dangerous to drink and take benzos.

No. 425855

Samefag but alcohol and xanax in large quantities definitely can kill people. Most people would feel unwell and discontinue before that point, but if they were taking other things/didn’t care enough to stop/had an underlying pre-existing weakness…

No. 425856


his being 21*

No. 425857

People can die from taking a benzo and then having a glass of wine hours later. It can and does happen. You don’t have to be a hardcore xannie addict to die from mixing the 2.

Source: shrink threatened to section me when I told her I was drinking wine with klonopin to sleep because she thought I was trying to kill my self.

No. 425860

Rumors stared by shitfuck kids that didn't even know what wax was in the lilpeepdaily group chats. They're just looking for a scapegoat I wish people wouldn't feed into it

No. 425864

doesn't she already have two?

No. 425871


another angle of lil peep when he was OD’ed. Why did everyone just sit around and do NOTHING? What the fuck. What kind of drug stuff is that on the table? I can’t quire tell it flashes by real fast.

No. 425873

He didn't actually perform in Tucson, correct?

No. 425874


fuck. he's basically already gone. how the fuck did they not realize that?

No. 425875


no. he od'd before the show.

No. 425877

Fucked up. You'd think they'd at least check to see if they could wake him.
Looking at the table I think I can just see empty bags / pipes

No. 425878

from what I can see on the table it looks like mostly weed stuff/things for dabs. seems like a couple of bongs, rolling papers, etc I don't see any pills or bottles like that

No. 425879

I know right? He’s in the SAME exact position as the other video, except this video it’s still daylight out so there must be at least an hour between the two videos. Nobody noticed he hadn’t moved at all in at least an hour? Goddamn his friends are retarded.

No. 425881

Seeing THIS video and how it was still daylight (the other one seemed after dark) and hearing how his manager didn't check on him until 9:40 it really makes me sad….how long was he laying there? this is heartbreaking just because someone could have saved this kid :/

No. 425884

So all his friends thought it was perfectly acceptable for peep to be passed out literally at the exact time he was supposed to be on stage.

What a great group of people.

No. 425886

Right, exactly. I'd get it if it happened quickly and they just didn't have the time to save him but it seems like it was a pretty slow process.

No. 425890

Who lets their friend who's obviously fucked up lay with their head tilted back like that?? Who are these kids?

No. 425892

You can be in agonal respiration’s for hours before dying. It looks like that’s what happened to peep.

…which means they just sat around getting high while he slowly died. holy fuck.

No. 425893

Is there a manhunt out right now for the other fucktards on that bus? It would be due justice for them to be dragged so hard for killing their bandwagon that they just disappear from the Internet.

No. 425894

The sun sets around 530 which means he was this way at least 4 hours. So sad, I can't believe no one did anything

No. 425895

I wonder how long he would have been left there for if his manager hadn't been to check on him.
I don't believe that it was normal for him to be in that position without moving for hours, particularly if he was planning on playing a gig.

The girl who gave him the laced xanax has already disappeared from the internet but people seem to be trying to track her down and I assume it's the same for the guy in the video

No. 425897

seriously, even if he was alive he could’ve choked on vomit. such “experienced” druggies, wow

No. 425900

tbh i’m more pissed about the retards he was partying with. like lacing shit isn’t cool (assuming she did and the xanax/booze combo didn’t do him in) but buying drugs is risky and why should you trust some rando drug dealer? his friends should’ve been looking out for him but they didn’t.

people are saying it was laced because “peep knew his limits” but it’s not about limits. any seasoned druggie can go at any time on any amount. a cokehead can die from a bump. booze and benzos just stop your breathing in your sleep randomly, that’s all it takes.

No. 425901

Based on the screenshots of messages further up in the thread it seems like it was laced and she knew it. I agree though that responsibility also falls on the 'friends' who left him like that for what looks like hours.

No. 425903

Honestly toopoors silence isn't normal. I feel like she would be posting sobbing snapchats. She is too involved in internet culture to not take advantage of this.

I think she realized she's never going to see peep, never going to get him back, etc. I think she's seriously seriously in mourning.

No. 425904

Just wish he was still alive to be honest.

No. 425905

hopefully not fucked up out of her mind to the point that she cant post things

No. 425907

100% agree with you. This is on him, his friends and his manager not some random chick that may or may not have given him laced pills. Had they been looking out for him, even if he oded from laced pills he could have gotten medical attention in time

No. 425908

It's almost like there's a living, breathing, emoting human behind the persona! Huh! Who would have though!

No. 425909

Fuck off anal sac. It's not a compliment that were all shocked she's not broadcasting her grief all over the Internet. If this is the only sense of true human emotions she's showed us, and it took someone she knows dying to bring it out, that's fucking sad.

No. 425910

Only issue I ever had was the fangirling honestly. It's fair enough to say it's sad he died, but people are acting like it's some huge loss.

Don't think it's the same as Kadee's death though, there wasn't much fangirling over it, just people not believing her and some people saying that it's sad she didn't seek treatment instead.

What are you even trying to say? And it doesn't matter if you "changed your mind" after he died if you've been hanging around on a forum which constantly shat on him without saying anything.

Peep isn't less of a piece of shit because he died, there's absolutely no reason to change your opinion about who he was. It's sad he died, but drug addicts die all the time.

>a lot of people admired peep's talent, image, and legacy.

Ignoring that his music was trash, what legacy? He was a mediocre soundcloud guy, he's not going to change the world or any of that shit.

Holy shit are you retarded? Odds are these people have no idea what agonal respiration even is, and just didn't realise he was dying, what fucking point is there to find out who they are and rip into them and blame them for it on social media? Unless someone knowingly sold him laced shit and didn't tell him (which I don't think there's any evidence for), the only person at fault for Peep overdosing is Peep.

It's sad he's dead, but you can't go and trash people for lack of medical knowledge.

No. 425911


hey dude, you sound like a major dick right now. you thought his music was trash. okay, great. i personally didn't think it was amazing either but guess what? he had a shit ton of fans who thought his music was incredible and pulled them through tough times. no, he didn't change the world the way someone who works directly in social impact would, but he and his music affected people - just scan social media and it won't be long before you find a huge number of posts from fans who are saying peep's music pulled them through depression/some of the roughest times of their lives. honestly, get the fucking stick out of your ass and realize that everyone's life has value, just in different ways. jesus christ.

No. 425912

>What are you even trying to say?

That this is an anonymous board so it's stupid to try to say that people posting they are sad posted previously that peep was scum.

The people saying they are sad may have never posted before, so saying that they "changed their opinion" makes you look like a retard.

Sad that I had to spell that out to you, you are clearly not very bright

No. 425919

Yeah, I'm sure you're not a fan at all, what with comments like
>it won't be long before you find a huge number of posts from fans who are saying peep's music pulled them through depression/some of the roughest times of their lives

Also are you retarded? This is a board literally dedicated to shitting on people, and your criticism is that I sound like a dick?

Also I'm kind of curious, what did he actually do that helped people through tough times? Was it glamorising drug use and mental illness? Writing songs that glamorised those things?

Sure, and I can't say for individual posters, but if you're hanging out on a place specifically designed to mock people, in a thread specifically for someone, it's fucking stupid to act like we need to now show respect. He's not a better person because he OD'd.

You're acting like it somehow makes it less ridiculous that the thread has filled up with fangirls claiming he's a legend and changed peoples lives just because those same fangirls might not have shat on him before.

If you want to start a fucking memorial for him, go do it on tumblr or twitter or some shit.

No. 425922

Sage your shit if you're going to lecture someone on board etiquette

No. 425924

learn to sage and stop acting like you have any fucking room to judge when you spend your days shit talking on lolcow you stupid fuck

No. 425925


it's not just what he did, although his last post on instagram kind of speaks to it - he loved his fans so much, and it really showed. i'm talking about his music, dumbass. it inspired people. sometimes music helps people through tough times. do you need someone to spell it out for you or are you just incredibly fucking dense?

No. 425926

Fair, should have done that earlier.


I'll ask again. Did you forget where we are? No-one comes here to be respectful.

No. 425927


>>425893 here, others on this thread give at least partial responsibility to his junkie friends. They don't have detailed medical knowledge, but they do a lot of drugs and have more than likely seen others OD. These degenerated shouldn't just be moving from one tour bus to another.

No. 425928

No. 425929

obviously very dense

No. 425930

i feel stupid even replying to you, but what qualifies lil peep as a "piece of shit" in your mins? the fact that he "glamorised" drugs? or that he cheated on a couple girls? so do most rappers and 21 year old boys, doesn't mean they have to fucking die. everyone who knew him knows that he was a kind person, to call him a pos or anything like that is simply idiotic whether you liked his music/persona or not. go outside perhaps

No. 425931

it’s not even about whether they knew what agonal breathing is. him lying there, mouth agape, IS NOT NORMAL. druggies not even making sure he was just sleeping is irresponsible - and even if they were 100% certain he was snoring and not dying, why wouldn’t they move him to his side so he didn’t potentially choke on vomit? this is shit drug addicts know. and they left him to “sleep” when he was supposed to be on stage. medical knowledge or not, this is basic shit and his friends deserve to be dragged.

also we get it, you hated his music. no one cares. i’ve never even heard a song of his and it’s still sad to see him go. you sound like fucking onion right now.

No. 425934

also, there’s a screenshot of messages that says someone attempted to wake him up and he wouldn’t, and someone replied that it was weird he didn’t wake up right away because he’s a light sleeper.

they were trying to wake up a dying man, he didn’t, and they were just like “haha weird oh well” instead of calling 911. they’re fucking idiots and deserve some blame.

No. 425935

and i also feel like this whole discourse on glamourizing shit, while i understand why it is there, is kind of missing the point. out of all the sadboy soundcloud rappers lil peep is maybe one of the few who actually wasn't making up depression to go with the flow, he sounded genuinely mentally ill. he mentioned being abused in his childhood for fuck's sake.

No. 425937

I think it's clear he was depressed, but he decided to treat his issues with drugs rather than seek out actual help once he found himself in a position to do so. He did glamorizing drug use and while it is sad that his death was so very preventable, you are actually the one missing the point by trying to excuse his abuse of drugs by pointing out he was ill and abused as a child

No. 425938

What's fella fishy is that English dude claimed that his Instagram video that showed peep obviously in distress claims he had "just passed out" that moment he took the video but now a new video showing peep in the same position hours earlier (English dudes video was taken at night, the new video was filmed in daylight)

Why is his supposed "brother" obviously trying to cover up how long his BFF had been nodded for if he was "ok". He's obviously trying to save his own ass, he knows he fucked up.

No. 425939

Someone doxxed her but I think it's against the rules to share that on here.

No. 425940


you clearly have no idea what it's like to be mentally ill/struggle with addiction. like what the fuck not everyone turns to "healthy" coping mechanisms and quite honestly you sound real condescending trying to blame him for not doing so. addiction isn't so black and white.

No. 425941

The fact that he used drugs doesn't make him a bad person. If you're mentally ill seeking out 'actual help' is easier said than done

I think everyone who was there is trying to backtrack. Bexeyswan, the bff/brother has posted a rant about how peep was just sleeping in the video he posted on his story

No. 425943

im not trying to excuse his drug habit, at the end of the day he was an adult and he made his own choices. i was responding to the edgelord anon above who is basically saying that peep was a scumbag and he deserved to die because he glamourized drugs. i'm sure that his some of his fans (mostly teens) got influenced by his constant display of drug abuse but that doesn't mean he shouldn't be alive right now.

No. 425944

were you actually replying to me or another anon? because that's the point i was trying to make.

No. 425945


oh my b. i think something glitched. i was actually responding to >>425937 , a condescending dickhead

No. 425946

No where did I say that using drugs made him a bad person.

Simply pointed out that he chose to self medicate for his mental illness and that being mentally ill doesn't make it ok to glamourize drug use. Which Peep did.

No. 425947

Do you know how much easier it is to self medicate than actually go and get help? I'm not saying that it's okay that he did that, just that it's a sad fucking fact. Men especially are victims to addiction from self medicating because mental illness is still seen as a female issue.

No. 425948

to be fair the vast majority of people in hip hop glamourize drugs, doesn't matter if it's lean/xanax/coke/molly. only difference is that peep's dead and they're not

No. 425949

Peep is 100% already fucking dead here. The “snoring” heard by this idiot was likely cheynne strokes respirations.. the final
breaths the body is attempting to take against his CNS being depressed due to the overdose. The “oh” his friend says at the end of the video is haunting.
For people in the drug scene they are pretty fucking stupid. It makes me sad to think that he may have been saved with some narcan and quick medical care.

No. 425951

I just disagree with 'trying to excuse his abuse of drugs' considering he was mentally ill. It's a coping mechanism.
And if he was a serious addict, it's expected that drugs would be mentioned in his songs, since they were obviously a big part of his life.

No. 425956

Mentally ill people make bad decisions too anon! Not everything can be lauded as a coping mechanism! Yes he used drugs to self medicate but you can still say that it's kind of a shitty thing promote publicly, especially considering his fan base. It was extremely irresponsible of him. It doesn't make it okay just because he was mentally ill. You sound like every tumblrina defending CP.

No. 425960

This is why people like Layla need to quit the whole "disordered xanax baby" bullshit.

Also that cretin of a friend of Peep's sobbing about losing his brother should have helped. This was inevitable.

No. 425961

>Do you know how much easier it is to self medicate than actually go and get help?

I do but I am not here to blogpost.

He did a lot more than mention drug use in his songs. Kid had a fucking xanax bar tattooed on his body and was regularly posting pics/videos of his drug use on social media.

I am by NO means saying that because he glamorized the use of drugs that he deserved to die. But being mentally ill doesn't suddenly make unhealthy coping mechanisms healthy.

No. 425962

i agree with the 90% of people criticizing unnecessary asshole anon, but (and not to sound like a backseat mod this is just a suggestion) i think at this point the discourse about mental health is just going to go around in circles, maybe let them have their stupid opinion and just post when there's new or relevant info

No. 425963

I haven't defended him glamorising drug use at all. I've also not said that mental illness is an excuse for his bad decisions. Just that mentally ill people often use drugs to cope (in response to the anon who implied that he didn't have an 'excuse' for his drug habit)

No. 425965

Regardless of blame, I hope his young and impressionable fans don't do something stupid like experiment dangerously with pills/alcohol or try to commit suicide because Peep died.

No. 425968

Agreed, it's a bit too late to be arguing about how he should have dealt with mental illness.

No. 425970

Hey how about instead of wasting time harping on about your feelings over the choices a dead kid made maybe go preach to some of the people in the scene that are still alive to fucking hear it

No. 425971

bc they're not druggies. they're spoiled trust fund kids who want to be ~edgy~. not trying to be a gatekeeper of addiction or anything but if they were "real" junkies they'd know about this shit. or maybe they did know & they just didn't give a fuck. I don't know

No. 425976

Does anyone know what exactly went down at the show when it got cancelled?

No. 425984

Sage goes in the email field

No. 425988

He met with fans before the show, went back on the bus during the opening acts, this is when he died/the police arrived
There's this video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbjIZG7lOGp/?taken-by=_jerry_tapia

Which is of people being escorted out of the venue. I'd guess that the story was already spreading by this point since you can hear a combination of 'what the fuck/why's it cancelled etc' and something about him overdosing

No. 425990


Willing to bet his 'friends' get wasted in his honor. A lotta junkies who don't care about the people they hang out with do. It's pretty common to be like aw man john od'ed on a speedball, let's do speedballs for our homie in heaven

No. 425991

I think a lot of anons here are forgetting that just because someone gets a following doesn’t mean their negative qualities go away. Yes, drugs are an unhealthy self-help/coping mechanism, but that doesn’t stop because you become well-known. Especially if you’re gaining a fan base of people who all do/feel the same… all artists that “glamourise” controversial things get accused of doing so, but are we all really gonna pretend like no one out there was mentally ill and abusing Xanax before Lil Peep came along? Like jfc give the guy a break. It’s the people who don’t have mental illnesses who take too many drugs, ruin their own lives, and glamourise that - like TooPoor - who deserve the harsh critique. But people like her rarely end up dying, because it’s all a fucking show to her.

His friends are dumb and selfish AF for not noticing he was dying on them. I was a drug addict for years and would never have left anyone in such a state. He took the drugs sure, but they’re still fucking assholes for not caring enough just to take one second and check how he was doing. People on nights out drinking do it, so why is it too much to expect of drug users?

Sage for blogpost/rant/fucking pointless awful sad conversation over a person who died too young

No. 425992

Tucsonian here, of course he died in fucking tucson, this place is such a hell hole. The drug scene is really bad here too, I see people nodding on the bus all the time. I wouldn't trust pills from anyone here. My party friends all have horror stories of being laced and cut with different things.

I've never cared about Layla but I do hope she has better friends than peep and someone is checking on her right now. She's been so quiet it's eerie.
Which is sad that it's abnormal for her not to be posting her life every 5 seconds

No. 425998

The world is over populated, it's very kind for them to take initiative in thinning the herd

No. 426002

guys, remember: aspies lack empathy. let >>425910 anon sperg out, she'll get tired eventually

No. 426003

Wow. Hearing someone say "he probably overdosed" in such a joking manner is spooky. I wonder how the dude who said it feels.

No. 426005

No. 426006


lol. he made an album. what the fuck have you created aside from sooper edgy lolcow posts?

No. 426009

Yeah he looks pale not blue That’s his rip tattoo lol

No. 426011

File: 1510878314957.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6313.PNG)

wait, what?

No. 426013

sounds like bullshit. layla sending pics of her and tyler fucking doesn’t implicate her at all?

No. 426014

yeah its not like layla was suicide baiting him or anything, she just sent him a video which might have pushed him, but that doesn't make her responsible. it makes sense that the police would question her because she was his girlfriend but beyond that, unless she was suicide baiting him, they can't arrest her or anything

No. 426015

it would explain why tyler deleted his instagram completely tho, wasnt peep his friend? sounds like he feels a little bit responsible

No. 426019

what weirds me out is that i've been on 4chan and i haven't seen the screenshots or discussions that person talks about in his comment

No. 426020

This is stupid. That doesn't make Layla a suspect of anything besides being a bitch. But we already knew that.

People just need to except that OD deaths are extremely common and stop looking for scapegoats. I get that it sucks and it's tough to think about, but Peep wasn't untouchable. Drugs don't care who you are.

No. 426021

I don’t believe it. I tried searching a few live 4chan archives and of recent matches of “Layla” none are related to her, just porn models. Plus they don’t specify WHICH board on 4chan. I think they’re just making things up and blaming 4chan knowing that it has a bad reputation, not realizing there’s tons of different sections of it. Plus why wouldn’t they take screenshots and back up theirs claim?

No. 426022

Exactly! same here.

No. 426023

while that does sound like some shit layla would do its a lot more likely it just pushed him to get take more xans to get even more fucked up and they happened to be laced

if anyones to blame is the girl who gave him the xans and his shitbag crew

No. 426025

All of the peep /mu/ threads are just shitposting from what I can tell. Don't know what other board they would be on. What a shitty lie.

No. 426027

i'm pretty sure they're referencing the ig post of layla crying where peep says some shit like "why r u being petty u showed me a vid of u sucking a guys dick" that was posted in the /mu/ thread

which has been floating around for a year and is the image for >>305681

No. 426029

File: 1510879582417.jpeg (29.92 KB, 600x909, d63.jpeg)

This makes no sense. "the screen shots looked as if it were taken from peeps phone" So what, he leaked the screenshots of their "last conversation" for what…? "before 4chan possible removes them"? And everyone's apparently saying the girl didn't even know what a xan was?

That's probably what it was, espically since it just got reposted everywhere a few days ago and is making rounds again. Bad timing.

No. 426032

The girl who gave him the Xan's is in custody.

No. 426033


No. 426038

File: 1510880440570.png (200.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-16-19-59-57…)

No. 426044


Is this random screenshot supposed to be proof?

No. 426045

File: 1510880557793.png (170.99 KB, 1536x1030, IMG_0165.PNG)

No. 426047

Layla’s posting on ig again

No. 426048

File: 1510880594058.jpg (484.5 KB, 1219x1736, IMG_0164.JPG)


No. 426052

File: 1510880732850.gif (412.94 KB, 320x216, Whitney-Receipts.gif)

literally EVERYTHING at this point aside from gustav being dead from an overdose is gossip. hearsay does not confirm shit, official statements and photographic evidence would

No. 426077

Bullshit. I checked the inmate lookup for Tucson and Phoenix and she's currently NOT in custody in either.

No. 426081

Of course she isn't in custody. That tweet is just one of the few misinformations via people who's only goal is to exploit the event and get a few more retweets than what they would normally get. Not surprising considering the fanbase and subculture.

No. 426084

Lol misinformed turds like you are why this kid died while his friends snapchatted his body

No. 426086

Hey, retard. It was already confirmed the pressed xans were laced with fentanyl. You're 24 hours behind in the conversation. Fuck off to wherever you came from because you sound really new here as well.

No. 426088

File: 1510883350457.jpg (75.26 KB, 576x1024, rumorsornah.jpg)

No. 426090

not to give rumors any weight this early, but damn, if this death goes from drug OD to a potential murder case, buckle up shit's gonna be wild

No. 426091

File: 1510883533463.jpeg (149.37 KB, 604x954, image.jpeg)

I don't GAF about peep but this picture shows what a baby he really was. He looks like a child. He WAS a child.

No. 426093

Yeah; I didn't mean to post that to give these internet detectives any credibility, but that rumor is really spreading around twitter, so I figured I'd post it.


No. 426094

I'm still waiting to see something besides shady screenshots from one of the guys who did nothing to try to revive him

No. 426096

TP has never sounded so sincere damn

No. 426098

seeing the baby pictures his mom is posting is what fucked me up the most

No. 426099

As much of a cow as she is, nobody deserves to have someone they knew die tragically like this. Like god, having pictures of him dead floating around must be horrible. I still don’t like her but I feel bad for her and don’t wish this on her, and I hope that she uses this to better herself and improve her life. But she probably won’t.

No. 426100

File: 1510884143521.png (74.99 KB, 387x688, head-clipart-scooby-doo-2.png)

woah, that's crazy. do you guys really think it was a murder??

No. 426102


bahahaha this scooby picture killed me

No. 426103

where are u finding these baby pics his mom is posting

No. 426104

Please don't post his fucking baby pictures here. That's doing a little too much.

No. 426106

was just asking where anon found it. lmao chill my man

No. 426107

I mean his dead body is already here…..baby pictures would be a bit honor honorable and a better memory

No. 426108

No. 426109

not saying the rumors are true they're not going to show up as in custody right away. usually in jails and prisons the inmate list doesn't "refresh" or get updated til the next business day

No. 426110

Um i think romanticizing layla and peep should really stop

No. 426111

wasn't nick the kid who has been in jail for awhile already? Mariah's brother? this seems like bullshit

No. 426113

Lol why too poor ain't even in the video

No. 426115

it's a gossip board we can have more than one opinion about them on here

No. 426119

Uhhhh… maybe on /pull/ you can, but we're here to talk shit

No. 426121

*pull, not /pull/ heh…

No. 426123

Does he really have to look up the lyrics to his own song? They're not even that special

No. 426124

he had his phone out because he was facetiming layla LOL. that's why it's captioned peep performing crybaby with toopoor

No. 426125

i don’t even care about them but it’s pretty obvious to me that he was facetiming her

No. 426126

A lot of artists do that anon

No. 426127

he's filming with his phone he's not looking the lyrics up ffs

No. 426129

That's even more lame

No. 426130


No. 426139

I actually feel bad for her. It's clear she was obsessed with peep and her childish antics in the last thread made obvious that probably still loved him (in a very unhealthy way tho). I hope TP goes to rehab but I bet she is going on a bender instead.

No. 426147

Jesus christ what a mess. I’m always late and usually lurk only, but fuck, I thought this was some kind of rumor clickbait article online. Shocked that it’s legit.

I just watched a mirrored upload of the snapchat video his ‘friend’ uploaded and my first thought was, holy shit he is clearly dead why are they posting this on snapchat??? That legit made my stomach hurt. TP is a trainwreck and I like reading her threads on my smokebreaks, and I sorta knew lil peep was a junkie, but this is a shock to me.

He clearly looked lifeless and I’m gobsmacked that his supposed friends left him alone in a room like that, long enough to die. his manager or whatever clearly knew peep had a problem, why not have security or something like that to watch over him on tour? a sober person would have known to contact emergency services…. how sad

No. 426159

yeah i mean the whole scene is a mess. junkies, reckless choices, sex offenders/pedos. sigh

No. 426179

Some surprisingly mature and reflective posts from Layla on this… I hope this is a positive sign for her. I know she must be hurting like crazy, but if her first instinct wasn’t to go straight into dramatic sobbing selfies and videos, then I would hope it bodes well for how she continues to cope with this in the future.

No. 426181

He turned 21 this month. For the vast majority of his life and his career, he wasn’t even old enough to order a beer at a restaurant. He really was just a lost kid - one of countless young people just like him with access to too many drugs and not enough people who give a shit.

No. 426192

My shrink was completely fine when I was drinking a lot on prescription klonopons for a year. It’s very hard to kys on benzos and alcohol. A friend tried a full bottle of xans with a lot of booze and was completely fine that time and was allowed back on benzos. Ended up resorting to a noose but I digress…It’s definitely the strong opiate cut that is the main cause of death in these kinds of polypharmacy ODs. Respiratory depression and cardiac arrest.

No. 426193

um, nah.

No. 426205

Did you come to this board just to post this shit? Shut the fuck up. Yes you can OD on just benzos. Get the fuck over it and stop spreading lies.

No. 426207

Mind if I ask where you found it? I searched all day and came up empty handed

No. 426209

i doubt they wanted to murder him, they’re just scummy drug dealers. it would be manslaughter if anything.

No. 426212

You are a dipshit.

No. 426214

why is scrolling up so hard

No. 426215

File: 1510896327978.jpg (216.89 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_6946.JPG)

These pppped up on my fb feed not sure if they've been posted here

No. 426216

File: 1510896344090.jpg (206.62 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_6947.JPG)

No. 426217

File: 1510896366841.jpg (174.25 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_6948.JPG)

No. 426218

Are you twelve? No, you can't except by taking a real shit load of them and abusing alcohol (and it's more the alcohol that kills you then). You never heard of the failed suicide attempts on benzos? The worst that going to happen by abusing benzos is a day long nap and feeling shitty enough to kill yourself the real way.

No. 426220

No. 426221

File: 1510896480345.jpg (183.71 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_6949.JPG)

Shit ignore that sorry on mobile won't let me delete

No. 426222

File: 1510896495645.jpg (179.48 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_6950.JPG)

No. 426223


And don't overlook the effect of the ketamine.

No. 426225

Here’s pretty much everything there is to know atm about the chick who sold him the drugs


No. 426229

If she's claiming he said he did a bunch of Roxi beforehand then all the more reason why people should shut the fuck up and wait for the toxicology report instead of trying to point fingers before anyone really knows what was in his system. I hate this speculation bullshit.

No. 426230

say hi to peep for me when your dumb ass dies in your sleep. learn to use google and stop spreading misinformation that is very possibly fatal.

No. 426231

My doctor directly told me that you can't overdose on actual xanax, even when mixed with booze. He said that you can take 50 pills and just sleep it off for a few days. Sorry I'll believe an actual doctor who prescribes them instead of a random on a gossip website.

He died because the fentanyl and possibly the roxies, that's it. There's nothing more to discuss.

No. 426232

I've been talking benzos for more than ten years for legit reasons. Doctors hand them to depressed people for a reason : you have to go out your way to die from them alone.
I'm totally believing it could have been a contributing factor if he was also doing oxy or maybe that it was laced.
But come on, noone dies from downing 'several tabs' of Xanax. That's downright idiotic. Also, you don't die from Xanax and one wine glass, the doctor was just trying to scare you so you wouldn't do shit.

No. 426234

is there any actual reputable source saying that the xanax was laced? i’m only seeing that it was mixed with booze. i don’t really believe a bunch of dipshit junkies on twitter.

No. 426236

No. People are outraged and in shock so they're searching for an easy target to scapegoat.
If Peep truly mixed oxy, benzo, and booze he toasted himself. Pure and simple.

No. 426237

Is there really a reputable source other than a tox report which is obv not out yet?

No. 426238

And my doctor told me that mixing alcohol and benzos is playing with fire. What’s your point? There’s plenty of documentation supporting that benzo+booze combo is dangerous if not fatal.

There is no real source on the drugs being laced. It’s a bunch of benzo abusers on social media not wanting to believe their favorite drug combination can kill them. It sounds like you’re in the same boat.

No. 426239

You would think at least news outlets would be picking up on the laced rumor if for nothing but sensationalism, but nowhere I’ve read mentions it.

No. 426241

Kek. Watch out for that Xanax OD epidemic, it only takes 3 tabs and a beer!
What is your medical documentation? Fear mongering websites for old people?
Stop spreading misinformation, please.

No. 426242


I'll be sure to dance on your graves

No. 426244

lol why are you so defensive about your benzo addiction? why would you want to promote abusing xanax, even if it really couldn’t kill you?

i’m sorry your drug of choice might be fatal but stop detailing. this is about peeps fatal od, not your inevitable one.

No. 426247

Stop blogging and infighting.

No. 426249

I already explained this. See here >>425477
>People are acting like he's a good person just taken too soon, when like you said, he was reckless, and like he's demonstrated over and over again, was a fucking terrible person who manipulated people constantly, used people to get back at other people, cheated on partners, lied about shit, glamorised drug abuse to an obviously young audience, a whole bunch of shit.

He was a shitty person because almost everything he did was selfish.

And no, in no way do most 21 year olds consistently cheat on and treat their partners like shit, that says a lot more about you than anything else.

Nah, lil peep played up his issues pretty obviously. I think most people in that crowd have got problems, but he acted insanely melodramatic over shit.

It's not the drug use that's the problem, as people said, drug use should be treated as an illness, but there's a big gap between simply using them yourself, and making them out to be a cool thing and glamorising drug abuse and mental illness.

Also I don't think I said anywhere that he deserved to die, I simply said that the fangirl bullshit is annoying, and we should keep in mind who he actually was, not the dumb image we get of who people were after they died, where we ignore the reality.

There are other people being morons in the thread with opinions similar to mine, but I'm not at all arguing that he deserved death, or that it's a good thing, nor have I implied that anywhere.

I've said a fair few times I empathise with his family, and think that his death is sad. Literally all I've been saying is that we should be honest about who he actually was.

This is my last reply on the topic, I've made my point pretty clearly a bunch of times now, and obvious peepettes are just ignoring what I'm saying and acting like I'm glad he's dead and think he deserved it. Rethink your life if you're spending your time defending a dead soundcloud rapper in a thread dedicated to shitting on said clique.

Unless you're mixing drugs, it's insanely hard to OD on benzo's alone.

Here's some proof for Xanax in particular
>The acute oral LD
50 in rats is 331-2171 mg/kg. Other experiments in animals have indicated
that cardiopulmonary collapse can occur following massive intravenous doses of alprazolam(over 195 mg/kg; 975 times the maximum recommended daily human dose of 10 mg/day).

You can technically overdose on them, but it barely ever happens unless people are using other depressants alongside it. You're not going to die from a few pills and a couple drinks, you'll just be pretty fucking out of it.

No. 426251

More on topic, where are these rumors of laced pills even coming from? I've not really seen anyone even say why they think it was the case, let alone like was mentioned earlier any sort of actual evidence.

Is this just flat out made up stuff?

No. 426253

people have been saying that it’s booze and benzos (2 depressants) that fuck you up, not benzos alone. keep up.

pure hearsay and some out of context messages. this mariah chick disappearing seems to have fueled the fire but if i’d been the last person to sell someone drugs before they died i’d disappear too. the drug dealer who sold kadee heroin got charged with manslaughter so even if the pills weren’t laced, they could still be charged.

No. 426254

File: 1510902774802.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, FBDA2AA9-817D-4C7E-B081-E01BE6…)

I think it was because there was a girl who posted online about being with him and giving the drugs to him. Search up ‘laced’ on twitter and you can’t find tweets similar.

No. 426255

"Once you feel unstoppable, you run into an obstacle
Isn't life comical? I think that life is comical
And if you ever need a friend then you got me
And in the end, when I die, will you watch me?
And if I tried suicide, would you stop me?
Would you help me get a grip or would you drop me?
Run away, make friends with the moon
Why you trippin'? You'll be with your friends soon
Comes a time when everybody meets the same fate
I think I'ma die alone inside my room"

This is from one of his earlier songs :(

No. 426256

Just thought it important to mention: if peep took something cut w fent, that doesn't mean it was "laced," or that he took it w/o knowing exactly what it was. Fent gets you really, really high. The effects can be extremely desirable. There's certainly a chance he could have sought it out. I'm not trying to tinfoil or anything, but he definitely could have taken whatever cut with fent FOR the fent.

That being said, when junkies nod off it's usually only for like a min and then they come to again, sometimes continuing the conversation like nothing happened. When you lead a certain lifestyle, sometimes you do just end up passing out, sitting up, wherever you happen to be. I really do not think peep's dead in bexey's video. Based on the amount of time he (peep) was passed out for and that there are other photos of him sleeping in that same position at different times (idr where I saw them exactly, I think it was some weird tp/peep stan account that showed up on my IG dash), I do believe it's likely he was just passed out hard, and that his friends had seen him passed out in that position before.

The timing, too, fits with a party lifestyle. You typically end up sleeping noon-8/9pm, which corresponds with the timeline. Also, agonal breathing aside, a corpse just gives off a different "vibe" than a living body. Call me a hippie (actually, please don't), but there'd be a certain "aura" of death about his body. I feel heartbroken for his mother, but happily she seems to be coping well so far. I hope his fans will get her through this horrible experience.

No. 426257

Ah fuck, I meant to sage for blogpost. Sorry mods!

No. 426261

No. 426267

It is, but you really do need to take a lot of both unless you've got serious other complications. Polydrug use of any kind is more dangerous, but it's not so dangerous that it'll go from needing say 10g of a substance to dying after only a couple tablets and a glass of wine. You'll be hit way harder than you would if you just added the effects of the two together still, don't get me wrong, but you won't die.

Last part is what I'd assumed too. I'd seen a bit of what >>426254 mentioned, but I just didn't see anything to say that it was intentionally selling him laced shit, let alone that he didn't want it, it's not like fentanyl gives you an unpleasant high.

Hopefully the people around him can come to terms with the reality of his death, that he was an addict and overdosed, as a lot of addicts do.

No. 426271

Thread will be autosaged so anons can get this out of their system.

No. 426281

It's always sad when someone dies so young, but peep brought this on himself with his own stupid decisions. People are acting like he had cancer or something else out of his control.

No. 426283

and mental illness/drug addiction are things you can just control?

No. 426284

>the drug dealer who sold kadee heroin got charged with manslaughter
I think it was more than the supplying in that case. she didn't call 911 right away and there are signs she cleaned up the scene, and she kinda lured her into having it, the amount and where.

No. 426286

Unless you're so seriously mentally ill that you're disabled, you can still control your actions and make choices, yes.

People with mental illness and drug addictions still are autonomous beings able to make decisions, it just impacts which decisions they're likely to make.

In fact any recovery process will highlight that you need to choose to want to recover to successfully do so.

Peep wasn't disabled, he was a guy who had some pretty apparent personality issues and made a huge amount of bad decisions that led to his death. That's without making any other assertions on his character.

No. 426289

They're things you can do something about but I doubt he was in that state of mind to, so at this time, he couldn't have stopped it, no.
But they are things that can kill you, regardless. If you get involved in any drug scene you will know people who die, people who do stints in institutions, who convert into alcoholics or struggle with depression later in life etc etc.
It's just the reality of drugs.

No. 426293

>peep stan on lolcow

Being a rich white boy attention whore is not a mental illness.

No. 426308

Not really sure why the Lil Peep news bothers me so much, but it does.
I gave him 5 years max but fuck not sure it anyone expected that so soon

Try to stop spreading rumors around is all that can be said until the toxicology report is done

No. 426311

File: 1510921560064.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)


No. 426315

File: 1510921709623.jpg (8.64 KB, 368x158, 71782030.jpg)


this thread better not get flooded with lil peep retards like this..

No. 426316

What I find really strange about this whole thread is post-ripeep is how many people are so infuriated with Peep’s “crew” for “letting” him OD. Y’all complain older people make fun of you for literally no sense of personal responsibility. Who killed Marilyn Monroe? Elvis? Themselves. No one screeched about how Elvis’ handler should’ve watched his pill intake or whatever. I am just unable to wrap my brain around how everyone is able to point fingers at everyone around peep… but no one Made him take all those drugs.

No. 426318

Shut up xXbIoHaZarDaNGelXx

No. 426319

alright grandma but your friends shouldn't just let you die right next to them.

of course it's his fault for taking the drugs. no one forced him to do it. but do you honestly feel that if someone overdoses fatally, the people sitting around them have absolutely no responsibility to say "hey he doesn't look okay maybe we should check on him" and should just let the person die?

friends need to look out for each other. that's what being a friend is. yes, you're personally responsible for not taking too many drugs and endangering yourself. but that doesn't mean that people should watch you die and record it on snapchat instead of oh, I don't know, calling an ambulance.

No. 426320

Is still fucked up to let your "friend" slowly suffocate over a few hours and not bother checking on him when he hasn't moved at all in 4 hours. And on top of that make fun of him and post him dying on social media.

No. 426322

Again with the “his friends should have wahhhh”. You mean the people this dude chose to surround himself with? Ok so he might have lived until… when? Let’s not pretend he wasn’t a danger to himself and that had someone just given the CPRs omg he’d be totally fine

No. 426323

My group of friends like to take drugs, we would not film someone passed out like that without making sure they are actually okay, I have woken my friends up to prevent them vomitting in their sleep, put them in the recovery position and taken them to hospital when needed.

This is what pisses people off, if your friends are doing drugs and pass out you should check on them and know the fucking warning signs regarding OD's, they aren't fucking 14 these people are adults who should know better.

And as far as I'm aware both Marilyn and Elvis were alone when they died and died quite quickly, lil peep was clearly unconscious for some time, in front of his friends and apparently none of them thought to do anything about it besides film him and then to leave him alone in that state.

I don't even like him or Layla but what shitty "friends"

No. 426327

oh, shut up. it’s not staged and there aren’t illuminati involved.
it’s just pure stupidity that caused an unfortunate accident.

No. 426333

Mate your post reads like that of someone who is high, reel it in a bit.

Also learn to sage when posting stuff like this

No. 426334

have you ever heard of punctuation? kys.

No. 426341

Can someone just ban this clown before he tells us lil peep died becaus of 9/11 ?

No. 426346

File: 1510927522998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 262.73 KB, 960x960, 986ADD8F-E8CE-44B9-9125-6E3205…)

is this really peep? I found it on reddit but I’m having a hard time believing anyone at the wake would really take a picture like this…..? Spoiler because possibly upsetting, it’s “him” in a coffin.

No. 426347

people become junkies every day, and people OD every day. it's not so unusual that it requires a conspiracy to make it believable.

No. 426349

Looks better there than on the tour bus at least.

No. 426350


The tattoos seem to match up? This is so sad…

No. 426351

But it's pretty soon for a funeral, right?

No. 426352

When people die they usually hold the wake ASAP. I just hope everyone had time to make it there considering he died far away from home?

No. 426357

This photo is a year old

No. 426358

He's likely being autopsied at the medical examiner still.

No. 426360

im not calling you a liar but when I reverse image search the photo nothing comes up and neither does anything when I search like “lil peep coffin” or anything. why would there be a year old photo of him lying in a coffin?

No. 426363

Sure, but when you surround yourself with dope addicts, shit like this happens. People do not act responsibly when under the influence of drugs. I mean, this is not rocket science. But in any case, I have a strong suspicion someone did notice but no one called 911 because OMG I the cops will know we were taking illegal drugs!!

No. 426369

Nah he shaved that hair off a long time ago

No. 426372

File: 1510929026945.jpg (68.76 KB, 564x564, 62803a05f6e4eb64048219695068f3…)

because he was edgy an made pictures in a coffin

No. 426382

that's some bad feng shui right there.

No. 426384

You’re right, my apologies about the post where I thought he was dead. I’ll reuqest that a mod deletes it so no lurkers see and get confused.

No. 426399

yes yes, the illumnati agenda did it. not plain old drug abuse. that's too good for your guy.

No. 426401

that's why I will always think lil peep was fucking retarded. Like other anons said, his whole ~*aesthetic~* was this live fast die young bullshit. He sold that to his very young fan base as something cool and edgy. He's an asshole. Now his whole edgy aesthetic became reality: he filmed himself doing too many cool drugs for likes and died in the back of a bus. #goals

No. 426402

this whole thread is making me retarded

No. 426410

English fuckers pupils are pinned surprised that idiot isnt in the morgue beside him.

No. 426423

do you know how to write anything that isn't a run-on sentence lmao

No. 426426

bruh nobody can understand wtf you're talking about. in english we use punctuation

No. 426429

are you aware of how absolutely fucking nuts you sound? just wondering

No. 426441

I was hoping to come back to some solid information not to some tweaker ranting about the illuminati.

I don't get how a 21 year old ODing plays a part in the NWO. Lay off the crack.

No. 426448

Holy shit some of you are retarded.

There is no reputable source about the pills because the only reputable source is a toxicology report and that takes time. Sometimes months.

No one will be arrested for murdering peep when his cause of death has not been set.

And no, his fucking body isn't going to be released to his family for a wake less than 48 hours after he died. GET A CLUE.

No. 426480

File: 1510939548968.jpg (374.2 KB, 2044x976, Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.25…)

No. 426481

tyler's instagram is back, did he delete all posts with layla?

No. 426484

Why can't you look for yourself?

No. 426492

Did you even bother to read or did you ignore the one hundred other posts saying the exact same thing you're saying only ten hours before?

No. 426496

He has. Hardly surprising if peeps death was causing problems between the two of them.

No. 426499

Go away pam

No. 426500

Yep. I wonder if there is any truth to the rumors going around about Layla.

No. 426510

Bitch what rumors don’t be vague

No. 426511

Maybe read the fucking thread?

No. 426544

Lolcow added this amazing new feature, it's called scrolling up and reading. Try it out sometime.

No. 426564

I read the whole thread and I still don't know which specific rumors anon is referring to

No. 426565

I'm guessing it's the rumour that layla sent peep video/pictures of her fucking tyler on the night that he died

No. 426585

yup, i doubt they're ever gonna be a couple again. whether layla actually had feelings for tyler or not, it would just be too weird for them both now. and it was weird enough when he was alive

No. 426593

I think tyler's probably feeling guilty and layla is regretting spending the last few months just trying to make peep jealous etc. Her latest insta spam suggests that she still loved / had strong feelings for peep
I'd be quite surprised if her and tyler even remained friends.

No. 426650

File: 1510953043865.png (50.42 KB, 597x459, 656565.png)

Oh my god people are actually believing this Mariah Bons bullshit

No. 426665

well, what is false about that statement? that she gave him the laced xanax? or that she's been arrested? because the first one is pretty much the common explanation for his death

No. 426667

There's absolutely no evidence I've seen for her giving him laced drugs that kill him, because there's no tox report.

It's just people making shit up because they're incapable of thinking that maybe a drug addict just OD'd normally, without it being some big conspiracy.

No. 426668

She didn't brag about giving him laced drugs, and she hasn't been arrested

Oh and Tyler wasn't Peep's friend.

No. 426670

Tyler should have deleted his Twitter too. Stupid fucker acting like he gave a shit about Peep now

No. 426676

he was though, before he started dating layla

No. 426677

Exactly. That was then. They were not on good terms when peep died, because tyler stuck his dick in the homie hopper. Tyler acting so distraught now is a fucking joke. It's his conscience fucking with him

No. 426683

>pretty much the common explanation for his death
are you actually serious

No. 426696

Why the fuck is everyone saying that chick is in jail. Her brother was a hip friend of peeps, and is already in jail and it's how she was in contact with the guys in the first place.

A quick look on the inmate lookup in both Tucson and Phoenix shows that that girl isn't in custody in either county.

No. 426697

Because one jackass on Twitter claimed they know someone that knows the police. And the stupid junkies that follow this crowd are too stupid to realize that information like that is easily verifiable.

No. 426698

I've not seen anyone say she's in jail just that she's going to / should end up there.

No. 426705

I've seen people say she's "in custody." Apparently untrue.

No. 426708

File: 1510957484441.jpeg (303.02 KB, 1242x2139, C926A349-C868-4EF8-89C4-50BB81…)

No. 426710

I wonder if these junkie fucks realize that mackned will most likely get arrested if/when Mariah does.

No. 426714

this is her go-to now huh.

No. 426821

File: 1510970944770.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, 77FF0C7D-C77E-4679-A76C-17B1D7…)

No. 426823

File: 1510970992184.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 4A5D515D-5950-4EF8-BFDA-D97FF9…)

No. 426861

watching the live stream and these kids are fucking dumb.. they just chanted "we are gonna responsibly get turned"
none of these wastes of spaces are gonna turn their life around lmao

No. 426863

as much as i dislike cassidy and layla's antics hearing her sobs was pretty fucking sad

No. 426864

sage for live blogging but that shrimp bitch doesn't even know the lyrics to the peep songs their singing lol

No. 426866

Cute even at his memorial his homie who let him die is still denying it.

No. 426888

After seeing how far apart those 2 videos were anyone on that bus is just as responsible. Kid looking like he was falling out from the start.

No. 426891

that’s what junkies do, it’s literally everyone else’s fault but theirs.

No. 426895

that shrimp livestream was actually really nice, and i was grateful that i could see it all but anon is right, it was grating to hear her sing aling and not get a fucking word right. but yeah hearing layla crying on the phone and all his friends making their speeches was super emotional

No. 426903

File: 1510977748147.png (3.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6314.PNG)

also i didn't expect his mom to facetime at the memorial. i'm not sure i could be able to have the same gratitude if i were in her shoes, we know damn well peep's friends were enablers till the very end.

No. 426909

you shouldn't be surprised because in that gq video peep said he got his first big ass tattoo when he was 14. my mom would have locked me in my room and then just thrown the key away if I was that out of control at that age. Peep was 21 posting pill art every other day to his insta and no one did anything, including his parents. he said in multiple interviews that the od'ed multiple times already. they're white trash.

No. 426917

His father was never in his life, so wtg show you don’t know what you’re talking about.
His mother is by all accounts a very normal person, not white trash at all. She’s a high school teacher. see her on the left.
Sometimes the kids of perfectly normal and functional people go off the rails. It happens. Doesn’t make her white trash.

No. 426919

Forgot pic(read the rules)

No. 426921

I admit that it's a bit fucked to rag on a mother who just lost her son, I'm sorry. That's low even for lolcow standarts..

All I really wanna say is that so many people were watching that kid speed towards an early grave and did nothing. Friends can only do so much and all his friends were into the cool junkie aesthetic but shit man. If my mom saw an interview where I said I od'ed multiple times she would send me to rehab against my will in 2.5 seconds.

No. 426979

Fat Nick is milking Peep's death so fucking hard, now he's lowkey claiming he saw his ghost yesterday

No. 426983

Peep's older brother got interviewed.


>“He thought he could take what he did, but he had been given something and he didn’t realize what it was.”

>“He was not as sad as people think he was. It’s frustrating as someone who remembers a happy brother.”

No. 426984

File: 1510990289822.jpg (91.56 KB, 1730x224, Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 11.3…)

20 yr old kid with a serious addiction to xanax and instagram smh

No. 426985

I saw at least one member of his crew decided to be sober for at least one day after peep's passing?

No. 426997

Layla uploaded a snap of her holding cough syrup while hanging out with her friends. Can't screenshot but it's on her snapchat if any anons want to.

No. 427000

If you watch the live Cassidy did of the memorial you can hear them talking about her needing/wanting "like 4 bottles of Dayquill" at one point

No. 427015

File: 1510995562141.png (1013.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8150.PNG)

No. 427016

File: 1510995587344.png (749.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8148.PNG)

No. 427022

Sage bc irrelevant opinion but Tbh I feel bad for layla, good to see her friends came thru! (And she could actually do way worse)
but for the memorial I dont think chanting get responsible turnt helps anyone… I liked how that one girl spoke about how everyone with addiction problems can come talk to her and stuff

No. 427037

File: 1510999624606.png (149.44 KB, 640x648, IMG_2888.PNG)

No. 427041

zzzquil's main ingredient is diphenhydramine i.e. benadryl, she's not getting fucked up on that unless she's really fucking stupid and enjoys deliriants. nobody enjoys deliriants, only 12 year olds try to get high on benadryl, and she's got the resources to buy much better drugs lol

No. 427046

His brother made some solid points in the interview bu it makes him look like an asshole, exploiting mental illness? I think he is in denial about his baby brother being an addict tbh


Layla has been crying for like two days she’s probably super congested lmao

No. 427051

His brother sounds like he's in denial. :(

And fuck fat nick.

No. 427058

Yeah like honestly peep seemed like a vibrant kid, of course he's going to remember his happy brother. But his happy brother also dropped out of school and admitted to being hooked on heroin for a small part of his pre-come up adolescence, and that's real and telling too.
Honestly I can't believe he's talking to media this early on, the body's practically still warm

No. 427060

can you guys make your own lil peep thread? no one's talking about layla here

No. 427061

"SoundClout general" in the title not good enough for you?

No. 427062

see >>426271, it doesn't matter

No. 427079

you're right. literally anyone has the resources to buy better drugs even through the fucking clearnet. only the most retarded people do dph especially in the position she's in right now. best case scenario, she's seeing millions of bugs crawling and warping around. worst case scenario, she'll be talking to lil peep, get a reality break once the hallucination of his body disappears, realize he isn't actually there, and that he died. it's just going to push a grieving person over the edge either way.

anons who said they hope she'll change her life around earlier itt have put too much faith in her. she's gonna end up the same way soon.

No. 427098

Unless she's taking other things too, I'd guess she's either scared of taking hard drugs after peeps OD or she thinks people would be pissed at her if she did. Maybe both.

No. 427123

I don’t think it’s fair to place blame on the Mom. I’m sure he was a very different person when he was visiting home. She probably didn’t realize the depths of his issues. And he lived far away from home anyway so there was only so much she could do regardless.

Also, do people think Layla and Tyler broke up? It def wouldn’t be surprising but I saw some people mentioning that Tyler deleted all pics with her and suddenly Layla is back to being surrounded by her friends. I thought it was interesting that Cass (hotelshrimp) posted an ig story of layla’s Apartment saying “it’s good to be home” which def speaks to how toxic Layla and Tyler’s relationship probably was. It seemed like they were only focused on themselves and their drug/money binges for that month or so they were together.

I think Layla does some shitty stuff and is definitely annoying, but ultimately I do hope this was a wake up call for her. Drop the toxic boyfriend, control your drug use and surround yourself by people who legitimately care for you.

No. 427202

Man I'm not a Layla fan by any means and I love laughing at internet nerds antics just as much as anyone but I don't hate the girl. I hate her image she portrays online but everyone knows that Instagram isn't real life, it's a carefully curated version of the life you want someone to see.

Like she just lost probably her first true real love. Most people handle break ups worse than she handeling his death. It's obvious she's devastated and probably just can't sleep because of the straight up pain and anxiety. I wouldn't wish that feeling on my worst enemy. Out of that whole group she seems the most effected TBH.

No. 427225

kind of like lil peeps songs but did he play any instruments? ppl keep talking about his genius talent but didn't he just sample shit?

No. 427264

think he played the trombone and something else (not in his songs, obviously). you dont really need to play an instrument to be talented tho lol

No. 427274

He played trumpet lmafo. All he did was the lyrical melody and words(which,lbr, weren't that great) he worked with really talented producers who did the backing music tho

No. 427303

File: 1511035904295.jpg (43.2 KB, 540x405, tumblr_n778f5m2cM1qc3tdbo3_540…)

Sorry but reading through the thread the last few days all i can think of is this scene from peep show

No. 427367

you sound like you're underestimating benadryl and deliriants greatly. benadryl is one of the worst drugs you can abuse. it comes with a terrible body load and does a number on your kidneys, bladder, and liver along with emotionally and psychologically fucking you up. shooting up some heroin or smoking some meth sounds a lot more appealing like >>427041 said, there's much better drugs she can easily get her hands on.

No. 427380

post malone talking about peep. he’s also spouting the “it was laced!!” shit. honestly idk anything about the girl who sold him the pills but i hope they’re not trying to ruin her life for no fucking reason. if that stuff wasn’t cut with fenty they are literally witch hunting her for no reason.

No. 427388

Even if it was cut with something, unless they have proof that she knew and Peep didn't want it they're witch hunting for no reason.

Like people have said earlier in the thread, fent isn't some poison, it'll get you high as fuck, and loads of people want that. There wouldn't be a fentanyl crisis if it was shit and undesirable, loads of addicts will buy products cut with it because it's so much stronger than most other opiates.

I wish people could just recognise that people die, having fans doesn't mean that you dying is the result of some huge conspiracy, people die all the time.

No. 427400

Right, it's going to be weeks before it's even known what was in his system, never mind whether he took it intentionally or not. I feel it's very unlikely that anything's going to happen to this mariah chick, even if she did give him laced shit.

No. 427441

File: 1511046315433.png (259.9 KB, 1357x357, bella thorne bellathorne …)

No. 427444

Exactly, you'd think people would at least wait for the tox screen to come out before they start claiming it was cut with specific drugs.

And I doubt it will either, junkies overdose all the time, if we arrested their dealer everytime an addict died there'd be no drug dealers left in the country.

No. 427461

they're in denial. they all love to abuse benzos and shit and don't want to believe that they could go any time, just like peep. there's gotta be a scapegoat so they have an excuse to keep getting fucked up every night.

i don't think she'll get arrested whether she laced it or not but these assholes are literally hounding her off the internet and her rep will probably be trashed irl as well if it turns out she's innocent and just gave him regular xanax.

would've been nice for post malone to be the voice of reason but he's fucked up all the time too, so too much to expect.

No. 427465

>a puppet in the hands of illuminati

why the fuck you think this is illuminati? why the fuck would there be a conspiracy for a lowly internet rapper? this is no bill cooper shit, this is a guy with facial tattoos and a drug addiction making emo music. did singing about xanax accidentally trigger the "new world order"? i'm sorry for him but he's nowhere near important enough for this to be any kinda organized coverup.

No. 427474

File: 1511049003660.jpg (198.75 KB, 1199x1535, IMG_5384.JPG)

Looool all peeps friends were dragging post for this

No. 427490

there's not a fent crisis because addicts desire it, there's a fent crisis because dealers are cutting their shit with it because it's cheaper but fent is ~100x more potent than morphine so people are dying left and right thinking they're buying h when they're not. fentanyl is also less euphoric than h. nobody goes to their dealer asking for fent except the rare few lol. i wish y'all would at least do some research before spouting shit as facts

No. 427491


wow, post melone is a fucking dumbass.. how can you criticise people for turning an unnessesary death into a warning message for young people?? ya ok he is dead but in a few months nobody will talk about this anymore, so why not use the attention to steer kids away from abusing drugs?
Peep didn't just take drugs in private or to party or whatever, it was part of his BRAND which he was selling to teens. This cool aesthetic is dangerous and he fell victim to it. these people must have forgotten how impressionable kids are? what a fucking retard.

No. 427506

Yeah i think it's that and the fact that post wasn't peeps best friend or w/ever. They're probably wishing it was them being interviewed.

No. 427510

Even if there was some big ~conspiracy~, no one is probably going to jail for involuntary manslaughter.
Cops don't give a flying fuck about junkies.
Look at kurt cobain… there's a LOT of evidence of Foul Play, but the Seattle Police Department gave no fucks.
And Kurt Cobain was way more important than Lil peep

No. 427513

In what world is fent cheaper than heroin for a dealer? Fent prescriptions aren't exactly handed out easily, and it's fucking tiny in dosages, why would dealers cut their product with a harder to get product that doesn't actually add to the effect at all, or create a more intense addiction? There are people higher up the chain than dealers who do add other substances to the shit the dealers buy, fent generally comes in from international factories, which your local heroin dealer sure as fuck doesn't have access to. Odds are most of the dealers selling cut product don't even know that it's cut in the first place.

People generally don't ask for fent, but they're sure as fuck going to buy from the guy with the heroin that's strong as fuck, even if that's because it's cut with another opiate.

Fentanyl absolutely is added because it increases the potency of the drug, it's insanely euphoric, just has a shorter term effect, otherwise surely they'd just cut it with some harmless shit that costs like six dollars a kilogram?

Kind of ironic someone claiming that local heroin dealers are cutting heroin with fentanyl is accusing others of not doing their research though.

Yeah, the heroin addict who had attempted suicide in the recent past who was literally saved by the person who apparently killed him was clearly murdered, no way that could have been a suicide.

Kurt conspiracy tards are just as bad as the people claiming Peep was murdered.

No. 427518

You can make fentanyl and it's pretty cheap, that's why it's being cut into so many things

No. 427520

Yeah, because your average dealer absolutely has the necessary chemical skills to synthesise fucking fentanyl.

Here's an example of the process by the way, no idea how reliable, but do you honestly think that anyone without training in the industry could follow this?

Let alone accessing and synthesising all of the precursors?

Fentanyl's price per dosage is definitely part of why it's being sold, but it's also because the high is super fucking strong, just doesn't last long. If it didn't have a significant euphoric effect, they'd cut with a significantly cheaper easier to access drug or chemical.

No. 427521

It pisses me off that they're blaming some random Stan for giving him the drugs he asked for? And spreading rumors that she's in custody.

No. 427524

Someone who doesn't know how to make it could just buy it from someone who does. And yeah it's used to make the high more powerful/addictive so that people keep coming back (if they survive it)

If she was in custody I'm pretty sure it would have hit at least one news site. There's still zero evidence.

No. 427529

Which they do, and those people are chemists in other countries, which is how they get it.

The dealers do not know how to make the substance, or know people who know how to make it, and aren't personally cutting it, they're just buying it from someone who buys it from someone else who maybe is cutting it there, or it could be cut before it's even distributed.

Your local heroin dealer doesn't have a fentanyl source of his own, generally.

No. 427530

I should say I'm not just arguing to argue, I just think this really supports how unlikely it is that the chick intentionally cut his drugs with fent to kill him.

No. 427531

if she DID cut it, it was just to brag that her drugs got him fucked up the most or something. not to kill him purposely. that's fucking absurd.

No. 427533

Agreed completely, no-one's managed to provide even a motivation for killing Peep, even ignoring you know, any other evidence.

No. 427534

Definitely, in the messages that were posted she was bragging about having other drugs with her and the fact that peep was out of it because of what she'd given him. No way it was murder, she was probably just trying to impress him or some shit.

No. 427580

jut learned of this peep guy recently, but seriously, why was he even interested in her? he was actually kinda cute, was blowing up and couldve had any hot alt girl he wanted. layla is kinda old now, has saggy tits, and no marketable skills. do you guys think peep actually liked her, or was this some kind of very public tortured tumblr goth romance all for the depreshun points?

No. 427596

>>426708 Can't seem to work out why she deleted them. Maybe she's wanting to change her persona now? That was way too many pics to delete for no reason.

No. 427603

her posts are likely just archived lol, not deleted. she's done this before

No. 427614

Old? Isn't she like 19?
She def does look haggard for her age though, the tattoos, drinking, smoking, and pounds of makeup do not help her at all.

No. 427618

She's 24

No. 427623

peep was a good looking dude but he was plastered in shitty tattoos and got fucked up probably every night of his life. him and layla just had similar interests.

i don’t think layla is ugly tbh. she’s got a fucked up head but she has a nice body. most people have some sag to their tits so whatever. the worst thing about her is how grody she is

No. 427628

Laylas posting a bunch of videos and pictures of her and peep on her snap right now it's honestly pretty heartbreaking. They might have been shitshows but they were in love.

I'm bias and I was definitely holding out hope for too peep even through grosso I'm sad it had to end like this.

No. 427631

shes not cute without posing/angles/shoop. i agree, some sag is normal, but my pooint is that ompared to ppl like bella thorne and her fake tits, and thirsty 18 yos, i'm just surprised he seemed so emotionally invested in her. it's not like there arent a million other tumblr girls in LA that love getting fucked up

No. 427632

The shit is made in China and it's cheap. There is no plant growth cycle or geographic or seasonal specificity like for heroin. It's travelling entirely outside the prescription system.

No she didn't personally lace his drugs, dealers are crushing up the pills and re-pressing them with this shit added in. She delivered drugs to him that may or may not have been laced, she may or may not have told him, and he may or may not have cared about that. This is why the "murder" claims are silly.

No. 427634

No. 427647

well i've seen a lot of girls come out of left field posting texts from gustav on their ig saying he missed them or whatever, like that lopholora girl. so he probably had his fair share of "tumblr girl" side hoes. what he had with layla was arguably more important than his speed dating thing with bella thorne etc, even if that wasn't a healthy relationship by any means

No. 427648

i dont know either.

i think it was probably a combo of first major love, which always leaves big feelings behind. i think they just had that unspeakable thing that connects you to another person… this sounds gay af lol but i honestly believe these two had that thing. i don't like layla and was indifferent toward peep but you can't deny they seemed to really actually love each other

No. 427649

lol “Why did he like her?” I think layla is kinda hot but either way from their candid videos they seem to have a lot of chemistry & they looked like they had fun together but their relationship was obviously unhealthy they both wanted things the other couldn’t/wouldn’t ever give them, but they both thought they would.

No. 427650

idk it seemed like he was into her way more than she as actually into him. she seemed more like an opportunist that knew that her relationship with him made her more interesting.

No. 427651

File: 1511091353217.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 80D1D718-455A-4B6E-959D-82EC2D…)

No. 427652

are those his? that's really sad

No. 427659

File: 1511093721010.jpg (12.17 KB, 236x314, 7654321.jpg)

Yeah, looks like it

No. 427687

His & Hers
Pretty sad

No. 427688

Tyler's posting on snapchat about how alone and uncared for he is

No. 427698

Hopefully this is the start of her getting her shit together

No. 427757

how did he treat her like shit? what did he do?

No. 427769

File: 1511108413949.png (427 KB, 663x1187, 20171119_111805.png)

Yes like I thought, Layla seems to have dropped Tyler. She's posting all kinds of memories of her relationship with peep. I understand the mourning but if you already have a boyfriend its weird, a lot of what she is posting of her previous relationship with peep is romantic and super disrespectful to tyler.
Which is most likely why he posted this. Layla stays grimey no mater what situation.

No. 427780

Honestly it's more like she was dating Tyler specifically to try to make peep jealous. The things she would post (the road head picture, talking about how Tyler's dick is bigger than a bottle of smart water) was all a show for peep to see that she moved on all to get a reaction out of him.

Now that he's gone there no need for the show. She wanted peep to feel what she felt about Bella. Like we've all been petty lets not act like we haven't been.

I think when she heard about peep she just snapped. No more audience for the show, she realized that it was all in vain, that instead of just making amends with peep and telling him how she really felt she wasted time putting on a show and now she probably feels a little misdirected animosity towards Tyler for wasting time with him when she could have been reconnecting with peep.

She played a dude no doubt but this is an extreme situation that no one could have predicted.

No. 427850

Of course it's an extreme turn of events, even if I wasn't a fan at all of peeps lifestyle and music I couldn't help feeling so sad that he died. No one deserves that.
But tbh your whole post pretty much proved my point that Layla is a grimey player in any situation. Instead of coming together and supporting each other she goes fuck all to Tyler. After all the treatment he gave her nonetheless. Don't even get me started on how fake she's being suddenly friends with Cass again after completely dropping the girl previously for seemingly no reason.

No. 427861

i feel weird defending her right now but this isn't someone she broke up with 3 years ago. they were together until a couple months ago, and everyone knows how much layla has always been obsessed with peep. i don't think posting pics and videos of him right after he died is disrespectful, layla and him weren't a couple anymore and tyler and him weren't friends anymore when he died but they both chose to remember him by celebrating the relationships they used to have

besides if tyler didn't want to get hurt he should have known better than to start dating right after she broke up with peep in the first place, when she was obviously looking for a rebound. and it's not like they were gonna get back together after what happened now.

No. 427870

Proud of her tbh, Tyler was a pig and yeah she chose it but you can get lost in things you choose.

No. 427876

Question for you all though; how was Tyler trash other than hooking with a rebound girl to piss Peep off?

No. 427900

he wasn't lol. he's just a bit annoying and immature and constantly on drugs even after seeing his friend yams and now peep overdosing. he has not done anything scummy enough to remember

No. 427907

honestly tyler is so disgusting that i feel embarrassed for layla that she ever accepted his dick inside her. he looks legitimately mentally retarded. i know layla is a messy bitch but damn, she can and has done so much better.

No. 427918

This might sound weird but I feel like tyler would make a really pretty girl… like his features are very feminine and they would look better on a girl than a guy. But I agree, as he is, he's pretty grody. Even that joei guy was actually pretty cute.

No. 427926

but maybe she is just congested from crying/wants to sleep
kind of unfair of all the anons to just assume she is bragging about getting turnt on nyquil from one out of context photo
especially after her exes death
so disappointing that even Post Malone is spreading fucking unsubstantiated twitter rumors. I expected better of him.
lol I understand your post anon and I agree.

I think Layla can be a clown but I don't find her ugly at all. She has weird features but they work well together. Also, I feel so bad for her rn bc it's obvious her and peep both still had feelings for each other. The Tyler shit was a show and we all knew it. The fact that no one is even thinking about that arzaylea chick he dated for a month b4 he died says a lot. Also fuck peepettes attacking Layla. She lost someone very close to her, meanwhile, they didn't even fucking know him.

>inb4 random anons scream stop romanticizing them!!!

I'm aware they had a toxic relationship. Most of us on this thread are aware of that. That doesn't mean I can't make the obvious observation that he was indeed in love with her.
ia and find it tragic. it's crazy to me how hard ppl are going at her right now.
you're right. he's an asshole for not being understanding.
lol this

No. 427930

File: 1511129960038.jpeg (27.59 KB, 467x355, 80A580F8-9C9E-4EA9-98AC-BFDA86…)


No. 427938


I just wasn't sure if there was beef since I wasn't keeping up much other than Layla got with him


Don't get your knickers in a knot, it was a simple question from curiosity

No. 428042

>one out of context photo
photo at a social event, thus showing it was for recreational purposes

No. 428064

lol ok she could still be using it bc of congestion from crying

No. 428065

What happened between layla and cass tho? Did I miss smth?

No. 428066

probably nothing lol

No. 428108

literally nothing. cassidy got a job and toopoor was busy with her tyler shenanigans in vegas and whatnot, people on here must think that meant they were dead to each other lol

No. 428147

File: 1511146604101.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, DE628ECF-CF31-46E3-B4DB-02EFFB…)

Tyler just posted this

No. 428152

Wow, this guy is absolute trash. What a bad timming dude.

No. 428155

Gdi, I never thought I'd post on here but I will say this.

Tyler is a fraud. Every time he and Layla went on live when they shopped at the LV or Gucci store he'd say foul shit about peep such as "Peep is a little bitch, he could never do this" when Tyler was buying Layla LV shoes and shit. Now he wants to act supremely hurt that Peep is gone but he's been clowning Peep the moment he got with Layla. Layla didnt love Tyler and I dont think Tyler loved Layla. I think it was all for show to upset Peep. Every time Layla and Peep broke up she miraculously ended up with someone new. We all saw this. I cant stand Tyler rn with this "I'm alone" shit, making everything about himself. Hes cringey and embarrassing. Im sure when he and Peep were friends he liked him but what was Tylers reasons for being a dick in the aftermath, I mean after all HE took Peeps ex, Layla. Goodness he's a little bitch. I hate doing this type of shit online but I wish this fool got called out already for his me-centric personality. He's a cornball.

No. 428172

ia w/ your post but I'm sure he actually does feel guilty as fuck right now. that or he's a socio doing this for attention but idk much about the guy.

No. 428232

he deleted it at least

No. 428282

>>427380 In all fairness Post was a good friend too, he's going through the anger and denial just like everyone else. He's grieving and doesn't know what to think but probably doesn't help with people providing screenshots and stuff even if they are fake, a griever will believe a lot more easily when vulnerable.

No. 428315

This sounds like he's trying to guilt trip layla into getting back together with him by saying that peep wanted him to get back with her. I understand that it probably sucks to lose a friend but how shitty do you have to be to try and use that to get your ex back. Layla doesn't want you get over it, what a little bitch. Glad she dumped his ass.

No. 428330

Well he deleted it already lel

No. 428331

It wasn't a social event. On Cassidy's live of peeps memorial Layla was on FaceTime the whole thing. She was sobbing the entire time. When everyone tried to get her to come she told them she hadn't eaten or slept since and could barely see straight and was afraid of crashing her car. Cass told her that she'd come over after the memorial and spend time with Layla and Layla asked her to pick her up some zzzquil because she needed to try to get some sleep.

She was showing the bottle in her snap because everyone heard her asking for it on live and she was basically showing that cass came through. She's not getting fucked up off a single bottle of zzzquil.

No. 428347

dumping Tyler is the best decision Layla’s made in more than a year. start making more decisions like that one Layla. not too late to take control of your life and do something positive with it.

No. 428399

oh I misunderstood and thought it was there.

No. 428687

File: 1511213691925.png (158.97 KB, 975x547, restinpeep.png)

Arzaylea is actually making something good out of this situation with her charity. I'm really hoping that some of Peeps xanax-romanticising rapper friends will share and support this.
Saw on his moms ig that she expected both Gustav and Arzaylea for thanksgiving, so I guess their relationship was getting kind of serious

No. 428692

what's his mom's IG?

No. 428694

read the rules

No. 428737

Seems like his friends are pretty upset with her. They haven't said anything publicly and I think they have a different issue with it. But it's pretty tasteless to hold a pop up shop 4 days after someone dies.

No. 428738

I dunno if I agree really, if it's all going towards charitable causes I think it's perfectly reasonable.

If they held it in a month no-one would care I don't think.

No. 428741

Helping is how some people have to grieve.

No. 428746

You mean the friends that let him die while they partied on the tour bus and took videos laughing at how fucked up he was?? The friends that made the calls to get the very drugs he od-ed on?

Fuck his "friends" and fuck Layla too. Acting like a widow when she was fucking peep's buddy.

Arzaylea is the only one that seems like she is trying to make something positive out of this.

No. 428750

File: 1511218721117.jpg (30.23 KB, 574x280, IMG_5523.JPG)

That organization is a charity the same way to write love on her arms is lmao & I can't articulate why it feels off to me but I saw a lot of people that spent time trashing that scene and peep be taken aback by how tacky it is too idk.

No. 428756

Maybe you should just… not post since you can't articulate shit.

No. 428759

I feel like his friends might feel that way because she only knew him/was with him for a very short period of time but seems to be doing the public grieving thing a hell of a lot more than some people who knew him for a long time

No. 428765

This. From what I can see, she's grieving in a really, for want of a better word, positive way, by helping those around her while working through the feelings.

It's pretty insane that the people who instantly started a conspiracy theory that he was poisoned by his drug dealer with no evidence, and have been witchhunting some innocent person since are judging someone for holding a charity event in his name.

No. 428772

If Peep's MOM is ok with his girlfriend doing this, Peep's shitty junkie friends should shut the fuck up and let her

No. 428776

i didn't realize how long layla and peep were together till after the fact now that shes posting all the memories they had together, i legit think they cared for each other deeply. and that tyler kid was probably her way of hurting him, idk

why did they break up in the first place? was it because she showed him a video of her giving another dude head or was that a joke? why didn't they ever just get back together

No. 428780

I think that as much as they might have loved each other their relationship was just far too dysfunctional to work, at least during that point of their lives. They clearly both had/have a lot of issues

No. 428782

Read the old threads.

No. 428789


I think she is truly grieving whilst layla is just pure cringe rn…I mean wasn't she the one telling him directly in her live from vegas he should leave her alone bc she is so truly happy with tyler and just wishes he'd be just as happy with az like concentrating on her only? And what happened to spookybaby btw? A few days ago they where like publicly proclaiming their love for each other but since peep died she has vanished from laylas life (or the other way around)
These people are all completely lost and tbh the only person (and I strongly disliked her actually before this whole shit show went down) I kind of respect now is azeylea or what ever her @ is
Just saying

No. 428793


Who'd hurts a loved one that much? To much happened, relationship is doomed and there's def no coming back from that (obviously since he died literally now)

No. 428796

File: 1511221765645.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8040.PNG)

I'm sorry I just can't with those people ugh

No. 428797

Yeah, it probably never would have worked out for them but I don't think that means that they didn't have some sort of connection

No. 428798

File: 1511221790524.png (977.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8041.PNG)

No. 428803

that spookybaby girl posted a screenshot of texts with peep that was kind of telling imo. she was probably peep's side piece and layla didn't know. people give layla shit for the infamous video thing (which she has denied over and over saying that it was a video of her sniffing coke off someone's dick, but who knows) and they tend to forget that peep was pretty unfaithful. not that it matters now, but you know

wait, is this recent? im not seeing anything from her on my ig feed for some reason

No. 428807

But it means she should stop trying to overshadow his actual real gf with whom he might could have had a real future… like try to support a sister?!
Cass also said in her live today when asked how she is doing they never had any contact whatsoever but she is probably hopefully fine end of story… nice one js

No. 428808

Nah it was vegas but like a few days before his od

No. 428809

What texts? Do you have screenshots?

No. 428813

it was on her ig live so it's gone now, i'm sorry

No. 428815

i meant stories lol

No. 428822

hate to be a layla shill but how is she "overshadowing" arzaylea right now? she's been surprisingly appropriate so far. then again some people here think that posting pictures of peep on her snapchat is the most outrageous shit so this level of reach should be expected

No. 428825

Yeah lol Peep had a London gf he had kept it hush hush too

And I realized I just think it's mark af to have people become SoundClout dare officers as a result of this. Everyone knows drugs are bad & nothing's gonna stop kids that wanna do drugs from doing drugs, peep ovbiously wanted to do drugs. The only thing that could have saved him and other dumbfuck kids was harm reduction education.

No. 428829

Who's the London gf

No. 428831

I'm not doxing her but she's involved with the group of kids that started the witch hunt on twitter.

No. 428839

You're right that people do tend to become totally anti-drugs over deaths like this, but I feel like loads of people don't few Xanax as that bad, because it's a pharmacy drug rather than some street shit.

Raising awareness about the fact that Xanax can be really dangerous in certain situations is pretty important.

Also why mention that he had a London gf if you're not going to tell us anything about her? Do you have any evidence that he did?

No. 428844


No. 428845

this is so ambiguous… who never had any contact whatsoever?

No. 428849

File: 1511225108558.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6358.PNG)

is it her? no one is gonna harass a random girl over a dead person, you might as well tell us

No. 428851

Yeah & idk I felt pretty shitty doing it myself, people can get weird.

No. 428854

Samefag to say that she's talked about it around me before and her and peep were regular thing that she was explicitly told to not put a label on. It's pretty obvious Peep just wanted a regular slam piece but she was pretty infatuated with him. I felt bad for her.

No. 428890

shut up. they posted a screencap.

what did they say?

yeah, I also don't understand what anon was trying to say.

sucks that everyone keeps painting Layla as this horrible cheater and that's why she lost him when he was actually the one who cheated all the time..ugh
also why cheat on arz? she is super pretty and seems sweet

No. 428892

cool it seems she got the word 'LOVE' tattooed above her eyebrow some time after meeting / fucking Peep and taking videos of him sleeping as proof. Sad cow, so sorry for her loss.

No. 428893

the texts were about peep asking spookybaby to come over. nothing too blatant/explicit but that was my takeaway. maybe it happened before she became friends with layla

about this other girl, he was in london this summer, pre-bella thorne and arzaylea. i can't recall if he was on and off with layla or not at the time (but if he wanted the girl to be quiet about their "relationship" then probably yes) but this was months before he met arzaylea, which he started dating a month before his death

No. 428894

wait what is this spookybaby's handle? where are these screen shots

Also Blackbear just released an interview calling out a dead peep for using drugs and stealing Bella Thorne. Lol who hasn't she been with I mean for fucks sake she fucked Scott Dissick why is he even mad

No. 428899

sp00kybaby. as i already said the screenshot was on an ig story posted last week so it's gone now

funny thing is that what blackbear is talking about in that interview is that he unfollowed arzaylea for dating peep saying that blackbear and her were on and off for 6 years before that. and from what i've gathered by looking at this british girl's account it looks like she knew blackbear too? so that would make 3 chicks they shared lol

blackbear is corny as fuck by the way, nobody cares that peep dyed his hair pink and fucked bella thorne after you did, he fucking died last week. his music is trash also

No. 428903

They were a thing for a while, whenever Peep was in London basically, she has a bunch of videos of her in his house and pics in his clothes because she was there a lot. She was enough of peeps girl that when she started getting closer to bex he got a little jealous.

And I think he was with Layla for at least part of the the time she was his side girl because she has a soft spot for her like they were sharing him.

No. 428906

i thought she was some kind of music manager that all his friends knew? like she had more of a professioal/friedship capacity?


No. 428908

didn't you just say that peep kind of used her for sex? i'm confused

and yeah i've seen her repost a layla tweet along with something like "yes lay".. i know i would feel weird if my ex's side piece tried to bond with me but who i am i to judge ¯\_(ツ)_/

No. 428910

Yeah he was only with her for sex but he also didn't want her Fucking his friends. He was territorial to some degree.

No. 428913

Honestly just looking through her social media should be enough she's not hiding it now that he's dead lmao.

No. 428914

oh ok

thanks for the insider info anon really appreciate it

No. 428939

i thought she as talking about someone else, in addition to that one.

No. 428961

File: 1511233235614.png (178.46 KB, 1242x1017, IMG_6360.PNG)


No. 428977

File: 1511234611771.png (303.28 KB, 1242x1706, IMG_6363.PNG)

i feel bad for laughing at that first reply

No. 428978

lol look at these junkies tardrage. holy fuck they're so stupid.

No. 429015

And do they think his mom is in any way comforted by their "get turnt responsibly" or whatever bullshit? Maybe the hoodies were in bad taste but at least it's for a good cause, they're not doing shit other than witchhunting a girl because of twitter dms and doing the same drugs he OD'ed on "in his honor."

It's so pathetic how they're skirting around the fact that Peep OD'ed on drugs and bitching at people who mention it like Arzaylea and Post. Sure, he was depressed but you don't OD on depression, and it's not like it was a suicide attempt either. They're all in denial that the drugs they do can kill them at any time and they're clinging to every other explanation, like "the drugs were laced!1!!11!" or "peep was depressed!!!1!1!"

No. 429023

To be fair don't think any of his friends have said peeps depressed like that it's mostly fans and strangers

No. 429027

Lol all peeps friends mad because they lost their meal (cough xan cough) ticket. Peep was very attractive and marketable in the industry and they knew they're only chance was to ride his coat tails.

No. 429046

ia the "fuck xans" shit is in bad taste
shoulda just left it at "rest in peep"
also i am lowkey annoyed bc she did really only know him for a month lol but at the same time everyone deserves to grieve
also so many of these assholes need to stop getting so defensive over their whack ass drugs
like calm down

No. 429047

sorry for samefag but another anon mentioned peeps mom saying on ig she was okay with arzaylea's charity thing? can someone post caps if true?? you can blur/scribble out her handle to not dox her. I'm just curious.

No. 429049

File: 1511242067491.png (231.75 KB, 1150x782, arz.png)

No. 429059

:/ these ppl need to get off the internet for a while jesus

No. 429073

This is honestly the shittiest way to act. Why would his mum hate her trying to raise money to donate to her and another charity, while raising awareness of the dangers of the drug that killed him?

I'm sure she'd prefer that to them making up ridiculous conspiracy theories and other ways to avoid having to admit that people just OD sometimes without there being some extra layer to it, and hurting innocent people around them.

I don't think I've ever been legitimately annoyed at how people posted here acted, normally they're just ridiculous, but regardless of how long she knew him, what she's doing is a positive thing to hopefully keep people away from drug abuse in the future, and they're attacking her over it and personally insulting her.

Just because she didn't know him for long doesn't mean she didn't care, a month is absolutely long enough to get attached to someone.

It's poorly worded, but I don't think it's in bad taste at all.

No. 429079

>Just because she didn't know him for long doesn't mean she didn't care, a month is absolutely long enough to get attached to someone.
You're right tbh I take back saying I am lowkey annoyed bc I'm not trying to invalidate this poor girls feelings. Of course she loved him. I'm sure a lot of anons can relate to catching feelings for someone fast. Also, Peep seemed like a nice person and I highly fucking doubt he'd support his so-called friends bashing his gf or witch hunting a loyal fan. Fuck these assholes. They fucking failed him in life and now in death, too. They need to take several seats for being defensive over a shitty ass pill.

No. 429082

I mean I don't really agree with him being a nice person, I think he was a pretty shitty person overall, but his friends are being so much worse than this, and you're right, I really doubt he'd approve of any of this shit.

They're complete pieces of shit, beyond just doing crappy things, their first reaction to a supposed friend dying is to go out of their way to make shit up to defend a drug, and to say "Get high responsibly". This girl's clearly pretty devastated over his death, and their reaction is to say she has no right to be and that he didn't even care about her.

I have absolutely no issue with drugs or people using them, but it's shit like these people that makes me doubt that sometimes.

No. 429084

just curious, how was he a shitty person?

No. 429089

File: 1511247986235.png (775.84 KB, 956x474, jo.PNG)

didnt see that but holy shit is this sad. poor lady.

No. 429091

File: 1511248079998.png (353.05 KB, 937x313, heart.PNG)

No. 429100

Jesus Fucking Christ this is so fucked up. Peeps family loved him so much. And the comments on that first post are making my heart break even more for this woman.

No. 429108

File: 1511252080712.png (842.74 KB, 1624x1082, Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 9.13…)

she's taken out the 'FUCK XANAX' part from the hoodies

No. 429113

File: 1511252639935.png (780.76 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Looks like she's back with Tyler

No. 429116

that's pretty disrespectful to peeps memory imho. like, you break up with him bc you know you both did peep wrong about it and never loved tyler, then you're back in his arms. gross tbh.

No. 429118

Holy shit, could they be anymore insensitive and disrespectful in the comments?

No. 429120

She's sounds really fucked up in her latest snap

No. 429121

File: 1511253787198.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8210.PNG)

No they still friends

No. 429122

was that rip always there or is it for gus?

No. 429123

meant to address >>429121

No. 429124

She sounds drunk for sure. She probably got drunk and lonely and called Tyler for company.

No. 429128

He pretty consistently manipulated and used people around him, cheated on partners, glamorised drug use (not just in songs), a bunch of shit.

He's not a terrible human being or anything, but he's no better than Layla, and she was a pretty shitty person.

Does seem like he was better than his supposed friends at least. I don't get what sort of person acts the way they're acting, it's absolutely disgusting.

This is insanely sad, I don't understand how people can be so insanely disrespectful in the comments of even this.

You'd think they'd at least have the decency to not act like fucking trash in the comments of a grieving mothers post.

I do hope his mother is able to cope, and that the people around her are more supportive than the people that were around him.

No. 429129

Holy shit what is she saying tho? Whos jacket is it? Im confused can't understand a fucking word

No. 429130

I lowkey feel like he harassed her until she opened the door lol

No. 429131

File: 1511256547287.png (99.6 KB, 1242x537, IMG_6364.PNG)

i suspect his friends never liked arzaylea and now that he's gone they don't feel like they have to try anymore. they were a bit insensitive and harsh but i do agree with pic related to some extent, as soon as the news were out people turned his death into a cautionary tale about prescription drugs. yeah he was a drug addict which ultimately led to his death, and there are lessons to be learned, but his family/friends/fans want to mourn him by remembering something else other than the fact that he took xanax bars. they feel like this amount of drug talk is erasing his identity because he gets reduced to that in the media.

guess i overestimated layla, she's 100% back on her bullshit. besides i'm sorry but who the fuck is the audience for this gross shit right now. keep it private for once

No. 429132

It sounds like there is a bug in her jacket. She says something like "I don't like you rolling around in my jacket when it's not yours. Don't go on my backpack either. Get out, let's go bitch"

No. 429135

What else would they connect it to? She's doing a charity event to raise money for a related cause and his mother, what else would she use than what actually killed him?

Also I think that's a cop out reason to personally insult her. The guy made pretty much his entire personality melodrama and drug use. If you think it's disrespectful you could simply say that there was more to him than just drugs.

You didn't see this same backlash when people were blaming some random for bullshit about laced drugs.

No. 429137

how did he manipulate and use ppl? was he a serial cheater? weird. id not heard of this guy until his death and after delving into his music, in his more somber stuff, he really seemed to play it up as the lonely, romantic serial monogamist that keeps getting hurt, when he didn't seem to be posing as a hardassed underground rapper.

No. 429139

>what else could they connect it to?
the hoodies they're selling now only have "rest in peep" written on them, here's your answer

No. 429141

File: 1511257293406.png (174.76 KB, 640x1064, IMG_8211.PNG)

Why is she saying a girl not her name ?

No. 429142

peep and monogamist shouldn't even be in the same sentence tbh

No. 429146

'I gave him his last love'…'I was only there for a month' lol I do kinda get why people close to him would be pissed off at her, charity shit aside

No. 429147

Have a look throughout the last few threads with him and Layla, there was a bunch of people he'd get with seemingly just to piss her off, if I remember right there was a fair few musicians he pretty much just used to springboard off of and then dumped them, a bunch of stuff.

And yeah, I'm not a big fan of his music, but he really massively misrepresents himself in them, from what I've seen in these threads he's really not like that at all.

A lot of musicians do that to be fair, no judgement on not accurately depicting yourself in your music.

What >>429142 said is very true.

Sure, but I still think it's important to raise awareness of the dangers of the drug that literally killed him.

A charity just because he died doesn't really have much to it, in my opinion, people die all the time.

No. 429149

No he was a womanizer. He had a side piece everywhere. That doesn't make him a bad person though, probably more so a lovely dude filling voids. It's obvious he had a lot of them to fill. Addicts tend to over due everything, relationships and sex included, to make us feel constantly fulfilled. It's being dishonest but not an inheritily bad person.

He was failed by his team and his friends. He's manager should have had him in rehab, or had a no drug clause in his contract. But because they knew his damaged emo sad boi image is what sells they ignored the problem. They paid for those drugs. They put him on tour, an already grueling shitty situation for anyone and watched him kill himself.

No. 429150


No. 429162

They found pills and an unknown powder in his pocket after his od so guess the pills wasn't laced? Who'd thought

No. 429193


No. 429215


if this is true…well, not a shocker.

i imagine when the tox report comes back saying he od’d the junkies will shit up twitter saying it’s a big conspiracy.

No. 429217

I read the police found unidentified brown powder

No. 429218

“Unidentified tan powder”….. the only tan powder I can think of is heroin. And it makes more sense for fent to be in heroin than Xanax if there even was fent at all, and he didn’t just mix the wrong combo of benzos & opioids :(

No. 429228

back to 4chan with you

just because there was another drug in the mix doesn't mean the xanax wasn't laced. at the end of the day every conclusion that people try to draw before the official reports are in in a few weeks (or more) is mere conjection. we won't know what actually killed him until then. and even then maybe it won't be possible to determine, they'll probably just say he od'ed on a bunch of different shit that was in his system

No. 429252

There's a lot more than mere conjecture involved in saying that an addict wit a history of risky drug use and abusing more than one substance at once likely just OD'd.

Calling the laced drugs crap conjecture makes it sound like there's any credibility to it at all too. There's not, it's pure fantasy.

Honestly loads of stuff can be tan, fentanyl can be tan in powder form too.

I don't get why it matters that much what he died of honestly. He very obviously wasn't murdered, the specific substance changes nothing.

The only person who should care is his mother, and that's for obvious reasons.

No. 429281

thanks, anons. i skimmed through before and thought i got the whole picture but i missed a hell of a lot. between the self deprecating songs, drug addiction, death, and romantic 'i jus luv u gurl. be mine. im suffering without u, ur perfect', i was thinking he was a sweet, tortured, but kind of intelligent, young kid with an ironic, grimy image. but he really was a cruel little dickhead poising himself as some kind of kurt cobain of the rap world for cool points, despite not being even a fraction as empathetic or truly tortured as cobain, from what i can tell. lame. kinda seems like all an act that went too far imho. he actually seemed normie as hell, cosplaying for funsies as his favorite suffering artist, with a twist.

No. 429310

It's unbelievably rare for powder heroin to show up on the westcoast. It's alllllll tar out here.

No. 429452

File: 1511295105016.jpeg (83.47 KB, 638x479, 0C04C84B-E5B6-425A-844B-FAC72D…)

Calling it now. This shit is all over Texas & Arizona.

No. 429480

>can be bought for as little as $2

so basically you accept your death and go ahead?

No. 429568

Cass just the went on live shit talking arz and in general looked horrible she looked like a horse

No. 429592

Yeah, he was definitely talented at presenting himself a certain way, but he was nothing like Cobain really, he was a pretty shitty person overall, and like you said, it all came across like a show in his music and personality, I think he was just a drug addict who was obsessed with image.

It's still sad he died, and his mothers posts are absolutely heartbreaking, but peep himself was just a complete asshole.

No. 429593

Are we sure he had side pieces or are we speculating?

No. 429598

there's literally a screenshot from said side piece a few posts above and i'm sure there is stuff in the other layla generals too. it's no secret.

when cassidy livestreamed the peep memorial in la and facetimed layla at the same time you could clearly hear cassidy say "that bitch arzaylea is here" to tp. she acted like she cared by saying she hoped arzaylea had "a strong support system" on another live but i'm sure she's glad that gbc have shown that they don't like her, so she can do the same.

No. 429605

but peep and layla were on and off again, no? maybe he hooked up with London girl when they weren't together?

sorry just trying to figure out the whole picture

No. 429613

No. 429633

that's helpful thx

No. 429658

File: 1511313663432.png (35.08 KB, 572x238, Capturefd.PNG)

with the way he tortured layla publicly and made the fool out of so many girls, and seemed to get enjoyment out of it, i think he was legit just a straight up little edgelord that thought himself special for manipulating girls. tbh after reading thru everything, i dont think any of his feelings for layla were genuine at all. it feels like he just enjoyed mocking/trolling her/taking the piss out of her and watching her fall bc she as the most messy/the biggest trainwreck/the oldest one, trying really desperately to fit in.

i went thru his twitter and he said (along with a bunch of other edgy shit) 'i'm a sociopathic sex addict, i just know how to hide it'. he seemed like every other little chantard, beyond the sensitive boi veneer. tbh and given the attn seeking, i dont get the feeling he was ever suicidal, just a histrionic, hedonistic ass. like layla, but actually way worse.

it's sad when any kid dies but idk, kind of a lot less sad when u realize its an act and he likely wasnt a sensitive soul trying to cope with his depression. still, his poor mom. she seems really sweet and doesnt deserve the hell of losing her child.

No. 429662

why do you keep posting the same thing and adding to it?

No. 429678

my keyboard and mousepad are broken and i accidentally posted too early like three times while trying to type out the rest.

No. 429745

You could definitely be right,I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was just an insanely immature person with the relationship skills of a 15 year old, but I could see it being a more malicious way as well.

I agree entirely about the whole suicidal thing too, I think it's just part of the image and used to gather attention. Every single time something bothered him, he'd spam post about how he's so suicidal or make statements alluding to it, it's ridiculous melodrama that once again, I haven't seen people do since high school.

And yeah, I think he died from an accidental OD, and I think he was simply just a drug addict with a mediocre soundcloud rap career and a better image than most. It must be incredibly hard for his family though, especially considering how his friends are acting.

We're completely sure, there's been tonnes of scandals with him cheating, there's a post of him with someone else in the thread.

There's not actual videos of him fucking people while telling a current partner he loves them or something that obvious, but as far as that sort of behaviour goes, we know for sure he did it.

The person said simply no to you because there's not really much room to argue he didn't cheat on people here.

No. 429849

There's gun powder in LA and Seattle. It's definitely dirty as hell, and probably nothing like east coast shit but it's available.

No. 429856

File: 1511336024044.jpg (73.93 KB, 640x639, 777777777777.jpg)

So fatnick has gone and got one of peep's tattoo's done. I wonder if any one else in that crowd is going to do something like this (and probably regret it a few months later)

No. 429869

File: 1511338484424.jpg (135.31 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_5596.JPG)

Wigs got the wavey baby hand tats this this monstrosity, that video kid that came with bex got his pink panther neck one. Tracy got a peep in the middle of his god damn forehead, bex got that ugly ass horseshoe between the eyebrows, chel got good girl on her temple. They are all really bad. I might be missing some these people are ridiculous like I get grief is a thing but Jesus.

No. 429873

Wow. Why do I feel like most of these people are just taking peep's death as an addition to their 'edgy' life story, rather than actually grieving.

No. 429895

sorry mate.

No. 429897

File: 1511347416569.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, F357CD68-DB35-465E-AC72-8D4422…)

Bexey, peep’s English friend who is the guy who posted the snap of peep on the bus just put up a song on Soundcloud basically documenting his perspective. Last bit of the song is really fucking sad

No. 429921

File: 1511354723639.png (541.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8238.PNG)

…but his GIRLFRIEND is overstepping her boundaries huh?

No. 429922

Yeah you should write the lyrics since I'm sure as hell not gonna listen to all that crap

No. 429923

Realhorsehead got that angel thing
Btw is oraculo like the worst tattooer they could find or wtf is wrong with literally every tattoo he does geez at least get a decent one!

No. 429924

File: 1511355929686.png (524.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8239.PNG)

No. 429925

never knew elijah was his middle name until now

No. 429955

these soundcloud ppl are mean as hell. clique is right, jeez.

No. 430067

Oh yeah, a lot of them have gotten tattoos, nothing wrong with that, I was only counting the cringe ass attention whoring job stopers.

No. 430080

It’s part of their edgy, broken baby persona. Being tragically sad and nihilistic and whatnot.

No. 430100

here's the lyrics for the whole song:


last part he's talking about is this:

No. 430114

Jesus that's jarring

No. 430143

Damn no wonder he moved to London. LA fake as fuck. I feel bad for his mom dude. His brother said his whole life revolved around her. Apparently he was even going to take this Arzaylea chick to Thanksgiving dinner his mom posted about how she was looking forward to it. All these other thots coming out with pictures are just slam pieces who took pictures when he was sleeping. None of them were ever his girlfriend.

The whole scene is fake as fuck

No. 430146

People who say he murdered his friend are dumb. Peep was Bexey's meal ticket first of all and unlike everyone else posting and milking his death rn, Peep didn't just party with him once or twice he actually lived with him.

Who leaves a junky on a tourbus alone with other junkies. He needed someone with a narcan shot who knew how to use it or at least someone with enough brain cells to monitor an unconscious person and check someone's pulse.

It could have just has easily been someone else in his crew who died that night.

No. 430149

the "our childhood was poison" line makes me think of that russian interview where peep said that weird stuff happened in his childhood that caused him to be depressed and "fucked up". not to mention that song on his album where he says he "went through every kind of abuse"

shit is sad

No. 430157

Idk i dont buy it. they call themselves 'introverted loners' too tho they clearly arent. idk i think they play up supposed abuse. these ppl love being victims for street cred.

No. 430165

Layla and Tyler are gross man. Bets the post blowjob pics again before the month is up

Dude if I were Peep I would've fucked with her head too. Obviously he was over it recently because he covered his tat but she aired their dirty laundry every day and posted every second she was with him. Given all the dudes she fucks who get tp tattoos I'm sure in the beginning there's an appeal even though I have no idea what it is.. some point he just hated her and just enjoyed fucking with her because he knew she would tolerate anything for clout

No. 430167

I'm sure he actually was depressed. He didn't talk to his dad, dropped out of hs and was addicted to h at some point. I don't think all the emo rappers are tho I think to a lot of them it's just an aesthetic they know sells

Bexey was his roommate tho so I wouldn't be surprised if he knew shit no one else would. Peep specifically moved to London because of Bexey and probably other friends too. I wouldn't trust anyone in the LA soundclout scene honestly

No. 430171

i agree with everything

No. 430172

he seemed to fuck with a bunch of girls heads tho and enjoyed doing it. idk all of them seem to value aesthetics over authenticity but maybe ur right.

No. 430175

The only girl whose head we know fucked with was Layla and she fueled that fire every step of the way. I doubt she was ever invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Arzaylea and him were way more low-key

No. 430177

hard for me to believe that peep cared about arzaylea that much to be honest, even with the thanksgiving thing. she posted tons of dramatic shit when he died but i always got the feeling that she was to her what grosso was (and is) to layla.

No. 430179

to him*

No. 430180

I mean Bexey's the only person whose tried to pay tribute in a genuine way besides Arzaylea raising money for his mom or whatever. Getting his tats is some dumb emo attention-grabbing shit

No. 430184

Considering they'd only been dating for 2 months I don't think it was super serious yet but it was a much more standard normal relationship. They didn't subtweet each other or start drama on twitter and Snapchat every day or post other weird risqué shit. Layla and Tyler on the other hand are still doing the same shit

No. 430193

If you look at Peep's posts with her (Arzaylea) they're all just cute and normal. I don't know if they'd have stayed together forever but it seemed pretty stable and vanilla which Layla's relationships definitely aren't

No. 430196

Nah Grosso is definitely much more beta and pathetic, not even close to the same thing

No. 430197

1 month. and yeah they were more lowkey but it's hard to think of peep as committed to this girl he barely stayed a month with when he cheated on layla who was supposedly his biggest most important relationship.

No. 430199

File: 1511381699825.png (441.72 KB, 1242x1782, IMG_6372.PNG)

No. 430204

File: 1511382033143.png (145.45 KB, 1242x783, IMG_6373.PNG)

No. 430208

mackned is the only one of these fools I have any respct for

No. 430209

File: 1511382658925.png (892.44 KB, 750x1334, A43FFEC1-8A5C-469B-B7F8-376A9D…)

No. 430223

So does that mean he's found out that Peep was definitely dead or dying when he made that video?

Making plans on a future together after a month? Slow your roll.

No. 430236

File: 1511384793667.png (9.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6375.PNG)

is this supposed to be a peep tribute

No. 430256

This is so pathetic and creepy

No. 430259

Umm if he cared so much abt her why did he keep breaking up with her?

No. 430261

He had a habit of breaking up w girls out of nowhere, probably to start shit. He did the same to arz.

No. 430284

When did he ever break up with Arz? And idk it's not out of the blue if it's tp tho, she was just as volatile they loved to start shit with each other. If anything Tyler's good for because he's weirdly obsessed with her and doesn't seem like he'll ever break up with her

No. 430289

good for her? lol when she was 3 months sober (if she really was) she started doing drugs again as soon as they started dating

No. 430331

Right before he OD'ed he and Arzaylea seemed to have a fight because she was posting a ton of sad tweets and said she was crying at the airport and flying back home after being with him on tour for weeks.

No. 430370

She's gross, but you could just tell her to fuck off and not associate with her anymore.

They were just two shitty people that became obsessed with each other for whatever reason.

Why are you talking like a thirteen year old?

No. 430398

Yikes I wasn't aware it was after they started dating. The timeline is messy. She always said she was but then she'd post messy sus shit

No. 430447

yunggoth said on live him and Peep were lovers, does anyone know any more to this?

No. 430458

yeah i have read about it on reddit. i have no idea but i remember that some time ago (i might be wrong but they seemed to not be that close anymore in the last few months) yunggoth commented on peep's photos with a lot of hearts and affectionate words, and had a lot of photos of them together on his page. it's not something i would have a hard time believing.

No. 430496

Well peep was bi sooo

Arzaylea posted some text of her sending peep a really embarrassingly awful poem and he text back "aw"

I don't know something in his texts to her made it seem like she was way more into it than him. But two months is nothing especially when someone is on tour constantly

His English slam piece is wildn out on Twitter about peep like she was more than just a personal glove for his dick when he wasn't in the US. She even passive aggressively called out arz. She's so pressed she was never his girl. She was a moped to him. With that face tho I don't blame him.

No. 430515

who's chel

No. 430524

File: 1511415888752.png (448.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8249.PNG)

No. 430535

1 month not 2, they literally met exactly one month before he died

No. 430539

Laylas IG is back up

No. 430540

It's literally a few posts up… just read the thread

No. 430542


his own mom said this is the girl that he wrote his songs about, seeing the more personal posts is really sad

No. 430544

Whom was peep calling out with his rappers are rapists homophobic and what not tweets btw? A lot of people thought it was about pouya yunggoth Yada yada but they all act like they didn't had a problem?

No. 430576


what's the english girl's @ for insta/twitter?

No. 430586

She's lurking here too, pretty pathetic tbh

No. 430587

Cause this dumbfuck >>428849
didn't blur out her name, Layla found her and showed her this place she's paranoid as hell now, not gonna be getting anymore milk out of her.

Deleted now. Get in the habit of taking caps.

No. 430607

File: 1511432179681.png (41.66 KB, 617x354, 123464.png)

this english bitch really needs to stop pretending like she was more than just one of the hundreds of girls he fucked. Seriously, Chelji, since you're lurking - shut up. Also, throwing shade at a girl he actually seemed to care about just makes you look jelly.

No. 430608

Samefagging but I honestly don't understand if nedarb, celji and all of those other people that are giving Arzaylea shit simply misunderstood the whole concept or if they're just retarded. I think she made it pretty clear that the whole "fuck xans"-thing is about using them without a prescription.
Also some of the money is going to his MOM which means she's cool with it, so why the fuck do they keep going on about how his "family" wouldn't agree with the message? This is so triggering

No. 430609

What a pointless thing to say. I don't think anyone who says "fuck xans" is saying "fuck alprazolam in general, anyone who uses it is an idiot", they're clearly talking about drug abuse.

I'm pretty sure the post even said to take it only under doctors orders. If you actually needed them, you'd have a script.

Fucking this

>I think she made it pretty clear that the whole "fuck xans"-thing is about using them without a prescription.

It just reads like pathetic addicts desperately trying to defend their drug abuse to themselves honestly. The same sort of thing that people who abuse oxy do when they go "At least it's not heroin".

No. 430611

he didn't stop being friends with fat nick and pouya after the allegations so those tweets are probably not about them

i don't even like arzaylea but seeing people call her "a fucking bitch" etc after they talk about how peep was kind and wanted people to spread love.. it doesn't.. make a lot of sense

No. 430616

I think Peep's family said that they don't want any money from unofficial merch made after his death. I hope that that Musicare organization isn't fishy at the very least

No. 430650

Source? This thread is currently filled with a shitload of claims but no sources

No. 430673

it's on his grandma's facebook, i would post a screenshot but some people on here apparently get butthurt over that

No. 430676

File: 1511447242186.jpeg (60.77 KB, 591x570, image.jpeg)

I'd blur her name but it's all over the thread but here's a tweet she deleted showin her being bothered and lurking.

No. 430706

File: 1511453878152.jpg (51.68 KB, 730x763, Clipboard01ad.jpg)

No. 430741

this… did not age well to say the least

No. 430771

But did that really happen? I get the feeling peep was manipulating the situation to start drama or give an excuse to leave her so he wouldn't have to tell her he's bored

No. 430781

iirc one time on her live she said that it was a photo/video of her sniffing coke off someone's dick which was taken before they were together and that he saw when they were already broken up, she also said that she never cheated on him and it wasn't true

No. 430797


I don't think most people's issue with the messaging stemmed from whether she meant "fuck ALL Xanax" or "fuck abusing Xanax." I think the issue here is people not wanting to link Peep's death to a drug and to turn his mourning into some drug abuse awareness campaign. Same reason people get upset when the news media immediately brings up gun rights issues hours after a mass shooting. The body/ bodies are still warm and instead of honoring the dead and their lives, people are hopping onto a social issue and lecturing others about it. IMO it's completely disrespectful and I totally understand where they're coming from.

If people want to use Peep's death to warn against drug abuse, that's fine, but be respectful and at least give it a couple weeks before they jump into that narrative. I get that news cycles fast but human emotions and grieving is as it always was - slow and painful. You can't just start lecturing people about drug abuse when they just lost their son or brother. It's so inappropriate.

No. 430801

File: 1511464837673.png (62.29 KB, 612x264, IMG_5678.PNG)

It's literally against the rules, so much that it's in 2 different places

No. 430802

File: 1511464867061.png (56.21 KB, 626x311, IMG_5677.PNG)

No. 430804

File: 1511465336598.png (129.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5569.PNG)

Anyways coldy posted a cap and if wanna confirm this account is hers just go on the GBC Reddit they have caps from the same account.

I really don't know why some anons are so fixated on the money going to his mom. Did you forget Peep came from a significant amount of privilege and we spend the whole of his life calling him a rich kid? His family is probably not hurting for money, Oskar will probably take care of him mom if anyone needs to, but they have at least generational wealth Gus wasn't their cash cow.

No. 430817

why are so many people saying that peep grew up wealthy? his mom is a first grade teacher in long island, his father hasn't been in the picture for a long time and i doubt he helped the family financially. peep was even homeless for a period when he moved to california, if he had layla kind of money he could've asked his family to pay his rent. this is not about the rest in peep hoodies because i have no definitive opinion on that but it weirds me out to see so many people call him rich like he grew up in the upper east side. i don't think his family is struggling to make ends meet but i don't think they're that wealthy either, they're middle class.

No. 431100

They only think he's rich because he's a white soundcloud rapper. His father is supposed to be a professor but they don't have any contact with him. Pretty sure that's why Peep is so close to his mom. Single mom kept down the fort f u dad vibes

No. 431107

He did say something in an interview once about having to make money for his momma

Also fuck Chelji. Wigs has a right to get those tattoos. He was actually his friend/photographer and actually made a few of his videos. She's nothing but a salty slam piece

No. 431108

Wait nm my mistake she's defending the tats. Regardless she's still irrelevant. Just because they banged a few times and she took a creepy pic of him sleeping lol go away Chelji

No. 431109

Teachers don't make jack shit, let alone elementary school teachers. Like yea they had a house but they were not fucking rich

No. 431111

File: 1511510688152.jpg (109.08 KB, 540x960, IMG_6869.JPG)

His grandpa is retired Harvard professor John Womack: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Womack Both of Peep's parents went to Harvard. His dad is also a professor of history and originally from Sweden, and it looks like Peep had dual citizenship (based on his mom's ig post). So he def came from an intellectual, educated family but that doesn't mean they were "rich" - privileged yes, but maybe not wealthy

No. 431115

maybe this is a trivial question but on her snap tn layla weighed herself and is only 107 lbs but like how when all she eats is fast food and fried chicken and candy???

No. 431116

Arzaylea's rip lil peep (formerly fuck xanax) hoodie page only says a portion of the funds go to help addicts. She doesn't say how much or "all proceeds" kinda shady imo

No. 431118

I don't think he had contact with that side of the family. It sounds like his dad ghosted hard and he wanted nothing to do with him. I don't think he was on daddy's bankroll or even his grandpas for that matter. Unless his grandpa died and he got an inheritance but even then it would most likely go to his dad first

No. 431120

I eat like shit and have a metabolism like that. It's a thing. It could also be that she binges and then starves herself / purges. Drugs could also be a factor. Stimulants make you lose weight

No. 431123

Definitely didn't have daddy's credit card like Layla probably fucking does. I hate her whole play poor have my fans buy me food and drinks scheme. I wonder if having followers pay for her bs instead if her parents makes her feel independent lmao

No. 431126

Probably she just does it for her brand. I.e: I'm a bougee poor girl who spends my money on LV but can't afford fast food

No. 431130

I think his dad was the only one that was absent in that family, he seemed very close to his grandmother and grandfather.

or she could just not eat unless it's for a camera/at someones insistence, I know a few girls like that

No. 431131

adding that his father ghosted but after 14 years, so his childhood was maybe not idyllic but did have 2 ivy league educated presumably well connected people providing for him. This kid wasn't raised with want, and his family won't be in need now that he's gone.

No. 431163

File: 1511520672462.png (113.05 KB, 861x1285, IMG_6393.PNG)

This thing about the english girl who loves to lurk here reminded me of that unreleased peep song where everyone was speculating on who the "groupie teen" was, now we know lol.

No. 431164

Depends on whose side his rich grandpa is on. If both his parents are IVY than why is his mom an elementary teacher?? Doesn't add up

No. 431173

File: 1511524318295.png (276.43 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5727.PNG)

Pouya's gf has cancer

No. 431179

How much you weigh has nothing to do with what you eat (on a very basic level), and more to do with how much you eat.

It's not some super metabolism thing, it's probably just that she really doesn't eat much at all, despite it being mostly shit food when she does. Can't gain weight if you don't have the calories to put aside, unless you've got some serious illnesses going on.

No. 431181

she's like 5 feet tall

No. 431343

Graduating from an Ivy League doesn't mean automatic wealth and success. My high school PE teacher went to Columbia. Also college profs don't make much either. His grandfather is certainly tenured but no prof makes bank. His family could have older generational money from something else. Seeing his house on his mom's IG, it looks like they're pretty average Long Islanders. (Sorry, didn't mean to single out your post specifically, just throwing out my 2 cents).

Omg that's really sad! Poor girl. Idk why but for some reason I kind of like her? She just seems fun and chill. I hope she beats cancer's ass! No twenty-something should have to go through that shit.

Sage for opinion

No. 431385

womack is his moms side. the fam is well off. he wasn't hard up for cash.

No. 431389

Yeah it honestly doesn't seem like they want money either. Peeps mom was just on IG telling fans that if they wanna give money in peeps name to oxFam that's all they want.

No. 431392

Right, and presumably all the money peep made will go to his mum/immediate family anyway so it's pretty good that she's encouraging his fans to donate elsewhere.

No. 432067

File: 1511669223897.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9771.PNG)

hedonism - back at it!!!

No. 432089

Oh no, what are those bangs?? Layla… no.

No. 432091

Did anyone watch layla's live just Now? She was talking trash about Cassidy because apparently she was hanging with layla's ex at someone's party last night? I looked and they aren't following each other. Cass' s comments aren't even on layla's posts anymore. She probably blocked her. I wouldn't be surprised if this was just some dumb ass fake drama that layla is creating to get attention.

No. 432093

She's still stupid for being with a rapist and someone who brags about cheating on her. Watch Pouya's interview with Adam, she's in the room with them and Pouya is bragging about cheating on her and having threesomes with Fat Nick and random hoes. Gross.

No. 432095

LMAO. why do these girls act like they're still in high school smfh

No. 432099

Are we off auto sage? I kinda liked it

Layla I know you still read this shit regularly, do something legitimately good for yourself for fucking once and leave tyler

No. 432104

Corey and Cass actually were in the same party, I wouldnt be surprised if she banged him

No. 432107

I've been following peeps ex from childhood emmalitarose and it's very obvious all his songs were written about her, and she keeps posting throw backs from them together from jr high - to two years ago and I feel more sorry for her than any of the girls he dated after because he was obviously just trying to fill the hole she left. In their videos the way he interacted with her is unlike anyone else, like he was really himself and not "lil peep"

No. 432110

Sage but he also got that broken heart tattoo under his eye for her and was interviews by GQ about his tattoos and explained he got it because he was heartbroken and it was a bad time in his life.

No. 432113

File: 1511679055121.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 432114

The emmalitarosa girl is gorgeous I follow her as well and agree they were totally adorable together. I feel so bad for her tbh

No. 432116

File: 1511679770582.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9777.PNG)

That was so fast

No. 432117

File: 1511679808389.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9776.PNG)

No. 432118

Side note but I think the bangs look good

No. 432119

File: 1511681652951.jpeg (326.04 KB, 1936x1936, E7BBF5C0-85CF-4534-8499-FA482E…)

sorry this is the best I could do on mobile but LOL at Layla blocking people that aren’t even really “hating” on twitter

No. 432120

File: 1511681748619.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't an empty threat

No. 432127

She’s too much of a narcissist

No. 432150

File: 1511695506242.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9116.PNG)

isn't that layla's ex?

No. 432152

She won't, she never actually wanted to die and never will. She is not suicidal, no matter how badly she wants to be for whatever reason. Idc if people want to come out and make fun of me, but I am legitimately chronically suicidal and have been for almost all of my life. Group therapy has been one of the most helpful things and Layla is absolutely unlike all of us. I know everyone is different but this hits way too close to home to not say something about.

People might get messy and post some things left up to interpretation but if you're planning anything you've checked the fuck out, and if you do reach out it's to someone extremely close, completely random, or accidental. Peep's death was an accident so his instagram allusions don't really count, I'm talking about anything premeditated like Layla is implying.

I was legitimately convinced homegirl would have a REAL wake up call, check into a rehab, and emerge ready to pursue a new lifestyle. At the very least you could convince this vain bitch that rehab would make her look better. But I think against my sincerest hopes she will continue the theatrics of this spiral to baglady.

She will never give up the clout after Peep's death, which is actually so fucking revolting I can't joke about it. Whatever playacting shit she's doing now, she deserves, and I hope it defines her. That's what she gets for trying to co-opt the conversation about Peep's death so it can be about her faking suicidal ideation.

Layla go to rehab and cut ties with everyone and live your white girl life, or please actually die. The world does not need another person fucking up the already insurmountably distorted conversation about mental health and suicide. Stop putting shit up your nose, let your dopamine stabilize and fuck off for good.

No. 432157

Yup, that's Corey

No. 432160

File: 1511697917221.png (96.73 KB, 640x910, IMG_6410.PNG)

No. 432164

um.. why is she doing this

No. 432168

idk about gorgeous but she does seem like the only one peep really loved. does she mention hy they broke up? they seemed to have a lot of love for eah other

No. 432169

So edgy, taking a photo of a cracked screen rather than making a screenshot.

No. 432174

this >>432116 and >>432117
are exactly >>430706 again. she will never learn

No. 432175

File: 1511702015595.jpg (997.39 KB, 1901x2471, IMG_0167.JPG)

From Cass's story

No. 432182

Cassidy is one shady ass friend hanging out with laylas ex

No. 432206

I actually feel pretty bad for layla. She just lost her ex and then her best friend hangs out with her ex at a party. That's some shady shit that Cass pulled. I wouldn't be surprised if layla livestreamed her own suicide or some shit. She already broke her sobriety streak. She's going downhill really fucking fast.

No. 432213

Yeah and cass is advertising it?? This is some backstabby bullshit she's pulling

No. 432246

yeah i was just gonna say usually layla reaps what she sows but it's really like nothing is going right for her. something about cass's smug ass face in these snaps like she's doing it just to be a bitch is extremely punchable

No. 432261

Talking about being sober isn't a sobriety streak. She's literally never sober.

No. 432305

let's not forget that Layla was supposedly abusive to corey tho

No. 432306

damn that's not very classy

No. 432315

File: 1511726909067.png (148.95 KB, 403x523, 2345.png)

So apparently peeps grandmother too wasn't happy about Arzayleas charity

No. 432317

File: 1511727062315.png (102.2 KB, 504x523, 2345.png)

wasn't too*

No. 432318

peep's mother doesn't support it either, she's very vocal about it on her instagram.

No. 432324

So who is the "real true love" who lives back east? I thought Layla lived in LA.

No. 432331

File: 1511728235165.png (93.35 KB, 1242x424, IMG_6409.PNG)

lmao peep's grandma went hard on arzaylea

No. 432332

Probably that emmalitarose girl since she lives in NYC.

No. 432335

it's emma, people have posted a screenshot from her profile a few replies up here. she grew up with peep and moved with him to california in 2014. i didn't even know who she was until she posted those photos and videos on her profile because unlike every other girl who has interacted with peep after his fame and every acquaintance of his claiming to be his "best friends", she's always been very lowkey. you can also tell by his mom's comments on her page that he wrote the vast majority of his music about her.

No. 432342

can someone please cap the comments his mom left? i cant see them

No. 432343

File: 1511729990170.png (324.39 KB, 1242x1325, IMG_6411.PNG)

No. 432345

File: 1511730145267.png (201.04 KB, 1242x726, IMG_6410.PNG)

No. 432350

File: 1511731034997.jpg (160.1 KB, 960x1280, IMG_8315.JPG)

Wise words ty lmfao

No. 432351

File: 1511731072590.jpg (124.9 KB, 960x1280, IMG_8314.JPG)

Can we cancel him already like..?

No. 432360

lmao his wording makes it seem like he had a gun to his head writing this

No. 432382

thank you, lovely anon!

No. 432408

File: 1511739001932.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 432422

As peeps mum said, I think she's been doing all of this for the publicity. She hardly knew him, no wonder his family / close friends are pissed.

No. 432464

I think Layla does want to die, but doesn't want to kill herself if that makes sense. She needs better people in her life and to stay off drugs.

No. 432465

Lmfao this get better and better by the second!

No. 432479

Real question is how old is his grandma?!? I can see now why he was the way he was tho lol

No. 432485

Honestly, it is kind of embarrassing that Peep's grandmother is bashing her for her lip fillers and calling her a whore on Facebook. They could just denounce the merch instead of going after her appearance like high schoolers.

He at least liked her enough to take her with him on tour and plan to take her to meet his family for thanksgiving, which for a dude who was as close to his family as Peep was is a big deal. It wasn't actual love but it's not like she was just a random side piece like that London chick.

No. 432496

I thought what arz was doing after peeps death was tasteless and def didn't like her when Peep was alive but I kinda feel bad for the girl getting attacked by all of peeps friends(save for ned) and now family. She should really just stop and say sorry at this point.

No. 432501

Read the thread faggot

No. 432507

Prob not chel bless her heart, normally types like a teeny bopper and is pro Layla herself

No. 432513

i might sound mean but i can't feel much sympathy for peeps mom/brother. like they couldn't be so ignorant to believe that his lifestyle wouldn't end up with him in a casket. his social media was filled to the brim with his doing dangerous shit with substances and they didn't step in at all. so to read his mom's insta posts just annoy the shit out of me. sage for me being a bitch.

No. 432516

It's still heart breaking to lose someone to drugs.

No. 432527

What were they supposed to do? Great for you if you never had anyone with a serious addiction in your life, it's not as easy as to tell them to stop.

No. 432552

I'm partial to believe peep was actually more gay than he let on. He claimed to be bisexual but something about him just makes me think of all my gay friends who came out in their 20s. They all came out as bisexual first to test the waters (not that bi is some pit stop sexuality). He's mannerisms, the way he couldn't seem to keep a relationship going, the fact that even in those relationships he was miserable and felt like something was missing. The drug use.

Too bad if he was he'll never know the relief of coming out.

No. 432561

File: 1511759376349.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

His long time girlfriend just posted this. The page says "I've written you enough love songs so this doesn't have to be too long"

No. 432563

Is this Emma?

No. 432564

I actually feel bad for Layla. First her true love dies, then her new piece of shit boyfriend dumps her, then her best friend starts dating her other ex boyfriend. I think her wanting to actually kill herself is serious I just doubt she has the balls to do it. She may relapse on drugs and continue to fuck her life up though.

No. 432565

I still can’t believe Cassidy would start dating Corey. These kids are fucking messy.

No. 432571


you don't have sympathy for a mother whose kid died? well aren't you edgy.

No. 432574

Yes :(

No. 432587

Seriously, his grandma calling this girl a whore etc just makes her, and the rest of peeps family, look trashy as fuck. there is no reason to behave this way, just tell her to stop privately, not expect your silence to be an answer.

No. 432615

Wow Cassidy has some balls to post those videos with Layla’s ex boyfriend on instagram.

No. 432628

imageboard, please screenshot

No. 432629

Honestly fuck arza. She knew him like one month lmao, and how much was he away during it for? Just stop girl. The family is clearly hurting and isn’t happy with you, just stop. this is the trashiest shit ever smh.

No. 432632

Oh pls she is already back with ty posting pictures and advertising his shitty clothing line like bitch pls how miserable can you be it's not like she doesn't have choices in life or is privileged as fuck Im sry but fuck this! Literally EVERYONE of them including peeps fam is trashy and self centered as fuck! It's not lole anyone of them makes tge world a better place at all they solely act as 'antiheros' dumb young and probably drugged out 16yo can look up to, idolize and identify with, if it wasn't layla and peeps it would be someone else with the same lifestyle but a slightly different face! Welcome to the selfish generation of overprivileged bored white kids

Sage for rant

No. 432635

File: 1511774036560.png (34.55 KB, 640x157, IMG_8339.PNG)

No. 432637

File: 1511774487706.jpg (1.36 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20171127_041907.jpg)

They are going to Japan

No. 432638

File: 1511774561297.jpg (2.12 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20171127_041918.jpg)

No. 432639

File: 1511774669678.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20171127_041931.jpg)

No. 432642

File: 1511775332120.png (107.78 KB, 637x906, IMG_8342.PNG)

No. 432643

File: 1511775375785.jpg (31.44 KB, 418x294, IMG_6412.JPG)

cassidy 1 week ago: crying on live all distressed and disheveled, posting countless ig stories about peep memorials, talking endlessly about her undying love and support for layla and how everyone should be there for each other and stick together in times like these, calls herself "wholesome"

cassidy now: fucks layla's ex, proudly posts what looks like after sex selfies while he does the same, is now a ray of sunshine for some reason

No. 432644

Maybe layla left her behind for tylor again and it's her way of revenge? Lmao they are all worthless

No. 432647

Step in and do what exactly? Ground him? Tie him up? If you're feeling second-hand frustration watching this unfold, imagine what his mom and brother were/are feeling rn. STFU.

No. 432649

i agree. i'm not american so i don't know how this shit works in places other than my country but can you really send someone who's legally an adult, financially independent and not living under your roof to rehab? i don't think so. i doubt that his mom approved of his drug use but it's not like your loved ones can do much once you're an adult and living on your own, apart from telling you to stop and warning you about the dangers you're facing

No. 432681

you can’t really help someone if they don’t want to help themselves, no.

you could make an argument that his upbringing was trashy and made him the way he was but it’s water under the bridge now.

No. 432745

A little OT I’ve never been a huge fan of layla’s but god imagine her life right now. On top of everything, peep’s family is confirming all his songs are about another girl and his true love is back east (emmalitarosa). That alone is enough to make anyone feel like shit.
When you factor in the cassidy drama and peep dying its no wonder she went back to tyler. I don’t condone it by any stretch of the imagination but she’s clearly looking for love from anyone/anywhere right now
sage for opinion

No. 432750

Wow, this is a grown woman? Even if what she's saying about Arzaylea is true and the girl is not a good person, that comment about her lips was just so random, petty and out of the blue it seems written by a teenager.
Also, it's dumb to shame a girl for having temporary lip fillers when every inch of her grandson's face and body was full of permanent tattoos.

No. 432758

i mean, layla and peep met around this time last year, when crybaby, hellboy and all of his previous projects were already out. so it was pretty obvious that at least those songs couldn't have been about layla.

No. 432796

Oh please. Stop sympathizing with a homie hopping skank ass.

No. 432832

iirc the only songs about layla are no respect and save that shit

No. 432859

File: 1511809416538.png (69.52 KB, 500x466, goth-angel-sinner-lilpeep-foll…)


No. 432878

Why do all these Emmalita posts smell like self posts? Each post about her has the same type style, and she has never been mentioned until now. Every single anon who keeps posting about her all sound the same and keep calling her his poor true love.

No. 432885

not the anon you quoted but i posted one of those and i think there are so many because peep's mom commented her photo causing a lot of people to notice her/follow her on ig

No. 432886

Like these just stink of samefag/selfpost

No. 432893

I wrote one of these. i think it’s because his family keeps referring to her as that although by the looks of her instagram it seems like she’s with a different dude

No. 432901

File: 1511811463222.png (849.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_7015.PNG)

The ones calling her gorgeous have to be self posts, what is this shit

No. 432906

lol ikr? shes def the most stable but tbh she looks pretty dudely. seems like an ok enough person but 'gorgeous'? i think not

No. 432909

idk if this is mentioned here but does tyler really make THAT much money being a soundcloud rapper that he can just drop fucking bills like that on clothes/expensive dinners/bags and shit????

No. 432913

i actually really feel bad for layla, i know her past is generally shitty and she can be/is a bad person but her life legit is fucked up right now, i don't really know how many people could handle that

No. 432921

lol grosso is not a rapper, he has a streetwear line that apparently makes him a lot of money

No. 432922

tyler isn't a musician lol, he started a popular streetwear brand called superrradical that blew up and is super expensive (as streetwear is)

No. 432929

Tyler worked as an assistant to A$AP Yams, who he claims taught him so much but Yams ODed at 26 years old and Tyler is still a junkie so he didn't learn much

No. 432939

lmao cass baby what is you doing? Do you resent Layla that much?

No. 432954

okay "lol" for me not knowing thanks for clearing that up

No. 432955

i know damn girl waht did layla do to you to do that, or are you that shit of a person

No. 432962

ik she was heartbroken over horsehead for a long ass time. she's prob just looking to fill the void somehow

No. 432981

could have found someone else to fill the void who isn't an ex of her "best friend" whose other ex died last week

No. 432995

When did this become a "poor baby layla :'(((" thread? Is nobody allowed to be friends with anyone that was once in Layla's life? It's obvious her and Cass aren't friends anymore, him and Layla are broken up, there's nothing wrong with what Cass is doing. I don't like Cass either but you're all petty over the stupidest thing while acting is if Layla is an innocent victim in everything that happens to her.

No. 432997

i could see awful things being about layla too. in a past thread i saw he responded to one of her tweets where she said she was gonna kill him with "i love it wen u do that" and posted a picture of an imvu character that looked a lot like layla with the caption "bother me" (these are lyrics from awful things)

No. 433011

Its not a “poor bby layla” thread by any means. You can dislike her and still acknowledge shes going through a shit time(even though she 100% plays the victim) which is where i’m at. also cass and layla were together all last week it looked like they reunited after peep’s death and cass and corey are clearly not just “friends.” And even if they were, i wouldn’t want mt best friend going on friendly trips with my ex either

No. 433016

He's named as a clothing line owner in the op too

No. 433017

Didn't she cheat/try to cheat on that dude with one of his friends?

No. 433027

She's only going thru a shit time because of her own shitty choices. Bitch is simply laying in the bed SHE made for herself

No. 433034

how is peep's death "one of her own shitty choices", come on now

No. 433037

They have been trying to tell her to stop privately. She's ignoring all their fucking calls and trying to profit off their loved one's death who she knew for a month. I was originally on Arzaylea's side but to hear that she's been ignoring his family's wishes like this is disgusting. She really is playing up this whole thing. A knew the "portion" of proceeds thing was fucking fishy. She also said money was going to their family and not only did she NOT contact them about any of this she's actively avoiding their calls and messages.

How is it trashy to get mad when some insta-thot milks your son's death for publicity AND tries to profit off of it against his family and friends wishes?

No. 433126

Ikr?! I mean, that’s lowest of the low, that’s like, breaking girl(decent human) code rule #1

No. 433127

Also Cass is Trash for everything she's doing rn. She went from being a leaning shoulder for crying Layla to hopping on Layla's ex's dick a week after her other ex died and putting it all over sc. I don't like Layla but Cass is just inexcusably a bad person right now.

No wonder she started up with Tyler again.

No. 433130

I don't think Emma is posting here honestly. I think people sympathize with her over his other messy exes hence all the complimentary talk. She seems to have an actual relationship with his family and isn't trying to benefit from this situation. The fact that no one really knew anout her until he died says a lot. Even Cass milked his death more and she apparently never met him and clearly doesn't give a shit about Layla.

No. 433143

Right? His family specifically said they don't want money and his mom is telling fans to donate to a charity in his name. Her merch is a lie. None of his fans will probably buy it anyways. She's a joke. Lol at her and Tyler both dying their hair pink in Peeps honor. They're both fake as fuck.

No. 433144

Did arz really make a gofundme? Wtf?

No. 433146

File: 1511821664858.jpg (98.77 KB, 1242x391, IMG_5775.JPG)

Whoops dropped the image

No. 433147

File: 1511821693834.jpg (110.89 KB, 575x1024, IMG_5774.JPG)

No. 433150

And she says it's the other way round, that it's his family who's ignoring her attempts to reach them. I guess we can't know the truth.

No. 433151

Even if peep's family aren't answering her calls etc, they've made it clear that they don't approve of her attention grabbing. I could understand why they have no interest in speaking to her directly.

No. 433157

File: 1511822277984.jpg (84.17 KB, 1152x485, IMG_5776.JPG)

That's true but these seem to be from awhile ago, peeps family had their service last weekend. I got then off twitter so I don't actually know

No. 433163

File: 1511822761957.jpg (99.69 KB, 562x867, IMG_5777.JPG)

No. 433165

I don't buy it. If they're this set on NOT having the merch or a funding site to collect mass amounts of cash and she still tries to keep all these pages up like she was his wife not his girlfriend of one fucking month.. wyd Arzaylea?? She has no right to collect funds or organize merch in his honor. She's waaaayy overstepping her boundaries. He probably only saw her a handful of times and now she's mourning widow like honestly it's so pathetic. If I was his mother I'd come down her like a pile of bricks. She needs to stop victimizing herself and respect the people who were actually close to him. And now she's trying to blame his grieving mother all while keeping the pages up.. wtf is she doing. Just stop lol

No. 433175

Exactly it's not a secret that they don't approve. At this point they probably want anything to do with her. She didn't ask for permission and she refuses to take anything down. She's been blatantly disrespectful and she clearly would rather blame them than take accountability for her actions

No. 433179

She could've directed people to a charity instead of collecting funds personally that's kind of fucked up. Give me all the money and "a portion" goes to charity like ok that makes sense. She's not his management or his family she shouldn't be collecting money at all period

No. 433180

How are you or anyone else going to act like she's SO fucked up over her ex overdosing when she was making it VERY public that she was fucking his friend when he was still alive? And peep was making it very clear how he felt about both of them?

If anything, Layla may have some regrets that she treated Peep the way she did, and that they were not on good terms when he died. Again, that is due to her shitty life choices.

Stop acting like layla is a fucking widow cuz Peep died.

No. 433181

You can get mad without acting like a dumbass immature cunt. A grandmother shouldn't be resorting to calling ANYONE a whore on social media. Get real

No. 433184

we get it, anon, you're a sociopath. now stop

No. 433185

She called her a publicity whore, not a whore. There's a difference, and it's clearly true that arza is. she knew peep one month and is trying to play the grieving widow role, and going against the wishes of his family. i imagine they said plenty to her before it got to this point where the grandma posted about her. it was dumb to insult arza but she's grieving and i cant imagine how frustrating it must be dealing with this shit. arza, fuck off and take the l.

No. 433187

A sociopath, because I think a woman in her 50s shouldn't act like she's in her 20s. Okdokie.

No. 433188

she started up with tyler because he worships her and buys her LV lmao she was with him before Cass started pulling this shit

No. 433193

i doubt his grandmother is in her 50s, but anyway it's funny how you're trying to call her out for using harsh words against arzaylea while calling someone whose 21 year old grandson died a cunt. that comment might not have been classy but if my relative died and someone who barely knew him decided to set up a fucking gofundme without even contacting me or even this person's friends AND kept on ignoring me after i expressed my feelings on the subject any platform available, i would be pretty upset too.

No. 433198

I think at least the video to awful things is based on her cuz there's literally a girl obv meant to look like her in it

No. 433200

also arzaylea could have taken the opportunity to just take that shit down, apologize and go silent for a while so things could calm down, instead she's posting petty instagram stories (along with her god awful "poems") and playing games with her dead boyfriend's family. i tried to empathize with her because of the circumstances but jesus christ, girl is 23 and should know better.

also the point that you tried to make about cassidy makes no fucking sense. layla can't be upset about peep dying or cassidy fucking her ex because she started dating grosso to be petty to lil peep? not saying what she did wasn't shitty but peep was petty to her aswell AND cheated. how bad they treated each other when he was alive doesn't mean she can't feel genuine grief over his death, you're just being an edgelord now.

No. 433203

Layla can and should feel terrible for how she treated Peep.

No. 433206

she most likely already does, no need to act like she actually went and killed someone

No. 433217

Glad I'm not the only one cringing at her god awful writing. It's sooooo bad

No. 433229

that text exchange she posted between her and peep with her writing that long ass fake deep composition and him replying with something along the lines of "awww" is basically black comedy.

No. 433243

so did anyone find out why within the week cass starte banging corey and her and layla had a falling out? because literally a week ago they were "best friends"

No. 433255

100% this

No. 433259

I really think she deep down hates Layla because she wants to be her and feeds off her drama. She has never been a good friend, only an enabler and an irrelevant basic LA coattail rider and I think she really knows what she’s doing. Layla probably thought she was a true friend but honestly who tf would even know who Cass even was if it weren’t for Layla? She jumped on the Peep mourn-wagon and now jumped on Corey when that drama started running dry. Sage for armchair

No. 433261

and at least it was pretty apparent that as emotionally retarded as layla is, she clearly cared for him. they apparently lived together for a time, and he still took to his sm time after time to humiliate her and watch her turn into an even bigger trainwreck for his entertainment. to publicly manipulate a romantic partner that you lived with… ehh

No. 433274

>>basically black comedy

:x I feel bad for chuckling

No. 433278

Apparently Layla just found out

No. 433283

How do you know?

No. 433335

gurl at least change your typing style if you're going to keep samefagging like this

No. 433338

Not samefagging just adding my 2 cents

No. 433358

how would that girl even find this place?
You really believe some normie girl that just lost someone is spending her time selfposting on an obscure imageboard that's know for youtube and weeb drama?


I'd pay money to see layla and cass, or any other clouthoe get into it physically.

No. 433362

I wanna know which of the hanger ons he gave his money too

No. 433366

lol it's sad how long we knew before she did..

No. 433377


Unfortunately I didn’t get screenshots before they were removed, but Arz was posting screenshots of her listening to I Will Follow You Into the Dark and posted some poem she wrote that ended with “bury me in the ground next to my baby” lol like I get that it sucks but she’s totally milking this shit for $ and attention. Pathetic.

No. 433398

peep wouldn't even wanna be buried next to arz lmao she was a literal random ass thot

No. 433470

File: 1511844262964.png (718.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5120.PNG)

Also yikes

No. 433482

Does she honestly think this shit is good? I genuinely got secondhand embarassment reading her texts with peep as well as this.

No. 433484

Can peep fans leave please?

No. 433509

Hahaha I remember one of Cass lives like a month ago someone asked her if she'd hook up with peep and she went on a rant about how you don't fuck your friends exs

No. 433533

It's like she dropped out of school at age 9 and hasn't wrote or read anything since. It reads like a middle schoolers attempt at poetry

No. 433557

Just saying but I'm the same age peep was and my grandma is 80 and barely knows how to play solitaire on her computer like tf lmfao

No. 433572

File: 1511868178685.jpg (82.39 KB, 1200x960, FB_IMG_1511868133996.jpg)

Haha just found on fb

No. 433585

'No idea' lol okay. If you're going to copy someone's tattoo idea at least be open about it

No. 433600

Jack francis is a model from the uk he has Tourette syndrome … he has had that tattoo for a while and im pretty sure he did not.copy peep alot of people actually have that tattoo lol. But he didnt have to be so disrespectful to someone who just passed away

No. 433616


It looks like the crackhead tweet was made in april

No. 433617

Lil Peep talks about Tyler and Layla in this video from September. 2:30 and 3:10. He said he felt bad for Tyler because Layla fucks all the homies.

No. 433656

Bickering over who had a shitty tattoo first is so dumb come onnnn.

They both look like degenerates.

No. 433665

No. 433669

No. 433670

File: 1511889020649.jpeg (948.87 KB, 750x1088, 2FE68D21-87A2-4E04-8357-E422CB…)

Peeps Grandma just posted this. It really is sad that people are sending abuse to a woman who has just lost her grandson.

No. 433733

File: 1511893071997.jpeg (299.57 KB, 750x777, 4AEB748B-801D-4966-A8AC-280C57…)

Poor Grandma, I know people were saying she’s trashy for what she said about Arza, but she’s probably just so frustrated. Arza really needs to just disappear at this point.

No. 433736

Peep's fam should spend less time on social media and more time helping each other through this.

So sloppy

No. 433744

You would wonder how they have the energy to fight considering they’ve just lost their 21 year old son/ grandson.

No. 433764

Need to direct the anger/hurt/pain they probably feel somewhere

No. 433817

you can screenshot facebook posts.. they won’t know

No. 433836

She's like 80. She might not know how.

No. 433840

File: 1511901986782.jpg (71.95 KB, 1242x531, IMG_5878.JPG)

It was totally understandable they would be online trying to clear up misunderstandings and get scams taken down. Now that it's sorted I think it's mostly His grandmother that's been answering to people on fb. I don't think it's a very good idea tho. People are crazy and disrespectful idk how she's doing it.

No. 433956


Yall missing the point/joke the post about the tat is from 2017/4/6 the second one about how he deserves respect is after he died wich explains the his sm hitting 1m lol everyone called him a fag but when he died he suddenly became some sort of superhero underdog activist robin hood alike

No. 433959

Samefag Sry I forgot to sage for stating the obvious

No. 433967

my bad lol i didn’t realize that she posted the picture that way, i glanced at it really quick and thought it was the anon who takes photos of snaps and ig stories instead of screenshots in order not to get caught

No. 433982

Lmfaooo I'm that anon and I only take photos of sc storys with my spare phone lol

No. 434038

Wtf does anything you said mean??? Am I tripping;?

No. 434077

The authorities are a little late tbh Mariah's bitch ass has prob already concoted a solid alibi. Idk why it has taken them this long to look into the texts because those began circulating almost immediately. How annoying.

No. 434085

It would be hilarious if the mariah chick only met peep but played it up (lied) to everyone and now she could be held accountable lmao. Either way she is a stupid bitch.

No. 434180

Mariah def check this shit, she has borderline personality disorder and even if she accidentally poisoned peep she's on here. No doubt

No. 434187

Off topic but since this is still a SoundCloud rapper in general thread aswell, does anyone know how and when Tana Mongeau started dating lil xan(ax)?!? Like wth is up with that, did I miss something?

No. 434190



No. 434193

Yeah probably… I was In a rush typing otherwise I meant what I wrote?

No. 434194

How do you know? Do we have a solid backup for all the speculation about the girls personality and stuff?

No. 434196

We don't Mariah was a scapegoat made by the kids and grown ass women in the lilpeepdaily groupchats. They decided it was the drugs she gave him that killed him and then set the witch hunt off. They also spread the numbers for the police department in her area & had people file complaints against her so the department would be forced to investigate after her initial holding (which btw we never got any confirmation on, if an azfag could look into the public records it'd be useful)

Idk what the hell is up with people thinking affiliated randos are lurking, the only people we know lurk for sure are Layla and chelji because Layla cowtipped.

No. 434315

The authorities are a little late… or the media is…?

Don't be an idiot.

No. 434362

He has a gf they're in an open relationship. They just hooked up at Adam from no jumpers birthday party.

No. 434381

Tana Mongross is the ultimate cloutwhore. Such a skankass

No. 434565

Ehhh wouldn’t be so sure about the open relationship thing, her instagram story is her crying about allowing herself to get cheated on

No. 434588

Layla posted a snap calling someone a "cheating manipulative hoe" and deleted it later. Do you think it could be about Tyler?

No. 434593

No, cause she talked about being hacked on twitter and Tyler tweeted about it too.

No. 434595

Whats her ig?

No. 4345