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File: 1533055319759.jpg (145.7 KB, 1125x1403, spurge.jpg)

No. 652119

Previous threads:

This thread is focused on Layla (TooPoor) Shapiro and the rest of the SoundClout Negaverse.
The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew
Please take the time to read over previous threads, lurk, and become familiar with the shitshows in the SoundClout LA scene.

The usual cows are:
@tylergrosso/PepperAnn - SoundClouts most hated. and not in the cool/edgy way he hopes. Runs superrradical and leeches off his friends success. His most recent ticket is @prodbyparis. Tyler is melodramatic, self obsessed, and delusional.
@prodbyparis - Industry plant who shit out an album in 2 days - Obviously being used by his record label to profit off the postpeep wave. Constantly putting his foot in his mouth on social media/biting the hand that feeds. Loves to subtweet other artists and deleting and soon as he catches heat. Typical dudebro/frat-fuckboy personality, frequently shotguns Bud Light.
@gtshields - Obviously clout starved (dated pepper. gross.). ex of lil xan and possibly @arzaylea (prob for the likes). Bad lip injections and highly questionable taste in men. otherwise boring and basic.
@arzaylea/Arse - Peep's most recent ex at the time of his passing. Shady groupie who hops from musician to musician. Also has really bad lip fillers. Holds two world Records: most annoying voice, worst poetry in human history
@hotelshrimp/Cass - A Layla skinwalker who took her obsession too far when she started dating TPs ex 2 weeks after Peeps passing. Cass is known for terrible anatomically impossible shoops, bad makeup and painfully cringey coke fueled twitter rants. TPs ex has cheated on Cass multiple times. still seen desperately trying to hang out with Layla's friends.
@lukeystorey - Layla's London ex who's too old to be getting Pikachu tats and starting a SoundClout career. Posts cringey Brit raps and is just generally weird af. Speculated to be on the spectrum.
@sheyatted - Marilyn/"intellectual"chica. A Peep obsessed artist, constantly regurgitating new age garbage. Extremely borderline. Cannot stop getting Gus memorial face tatts and referring to him as her "twin flame" despite spending limited time together. Always in the comments section of all of SoundClouts social media posts. In her early 30s, aka Way too old for this shit.

New milk:

Pepper has since been suspiciously quiet since claiming he needs rehab, has since kept all Social Media posts SuperrRadical related, except when he's arguing with 14 year olds on twitter. Grace hasn't been seen with him in at least a month, however her name has been added to his ex-girlfriend tattoo graveyard on his gut.

Grosso wrecked his porsche like a week after buying it and proceeded to take aesthetic pics of the crash. (never forget) He claims the crash wasn't his fault and was caused by the dealership selling him a defective Porsche, and threatened to sue them for taking too long with the necessary repairs.

Paris has been moping around with his weirdo gf @briseppe. Recently hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, but is most likely still shotgunning bud light.

Layla is back in LA and back on her bullshit, just sober this time. Got back together with ex @joeirazook almost immediately after touching down at LAX. They seem to no longer be together one month later. Spends most of her time shrieking about McDonalds with @sp00kybabyy/Aubrie-Elle. Still elicits prime cow behavior when in a bad mood, can be seen on ig live with running mascara while rambling on about how she's sick of being toopoor. Allegedly just finished an album with producer/neighbor @whynotcordell. Has stated that she now has a manager and videographer. Getting a nose job after years of FaceTuning.

Everyone's favorite MoonPie had her ig hacked and deleted by @colbybrock s army of crazed tween stans. Spooks and TP acted as if someone killed their family pet and did some mild spurging, and some supreme over reacting. Instead of simply changing her AppleID, she went out and bought an entirely new phone just to be able to use her beloved instagram again.



When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors, DON'T POST NOBODIES.

NO PEEP PSYCHOANALYSIS. diving into his psyche or speculating how he actually felt about his flings is strictly prohibited. let the man rest in peace. Milk surrounding the investigation and SoundClout fallout is still allowed.

DON'T EXPECT TO BE SPOONFED!, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules. Lurk until you feel comfortable joining in on the discussion without being an annoying newfag.

Again, READ PREVIOUS THREADS, catch up on new posts before posting.

SAGE ALL NON-MILK POSTS - When in doubt, just sage your post.

NO DISCUSSIONS OF MUSICAL MERITS. This is a gossip board, not a music forum.

Chelji milk is strongly frowned upon unless she does something hilariously embarrassing. Before posting about her, ask yourself: "does anyone really gaf about this spud?"

All lolcow rules apply. Read them and integrate. Don't be annoying. No infighting.

No. 652139

Lol @ that picture. Is she serious? She's always claiming she's legit poor, but this is her biggest concern? Not being able to tag aubrie? Wtf Layla. Don't even dislike them but these two need to grow up.

No. 652155

lol she's gonna tweet something like "people never understand when i'm not being serious!!" after reading this

No. 652206

“In her early 30s, aka Way too old for this shit.” LMAO this gave me a good chuckle.

No. 652415

File: 1533070784753.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1956, A427EECF-E820-4F19-A1FB-824F34…)

Someone come get sideshow bob

No. 652417

>sideshow bob

im cackling

No. 652934

Lmao dude looks rough yikes

No. 652984

File: 1533090732990.jpg (217.42 KB, 750x1244, Image-1(42).jpg)

Another cow collision,Eva hazen made this super cringey drawing of shrimp

No. 652992

File: 1533091001012.png (524.43 KB, 750x1018, Image-1(3).png)

I think shrimp is def the cringiest of the clout hoes

No. 653066

she's suh edgy

No. 653084

File: 1533096315995.jpeg (944.19 KB, 971x1842, 43DD068B-B0F6-465E-9C7A-A5C6F5…)

No. 653133

>took 16 pills and I feel the same

wow cool Cass you're such an emotionally numb bad ass

maybe go to fucking rehab dumbass and stop asking for psych meds just so you can abuse them and mix them with coke so you have something to post about besides playing Uno in the park with Corey

No. 653145

>nothing else to lose

maybe if you weren't such a backstabber you'd have a social circle rn and maybe if you had aspirations beyond being a career instathot with no plans of ever going to school or working then you'd have a reason to get up in the morning besides shooping yourself for internet points

I'm so done with this cow and her woe is me act, she loves living like trash for the aesthetic and repping mental illness when she's just a coke head who destroyed her own dopamine receptors for the sake of being edgy online

No. 653157

Lil Xan keeps posting pics with Noah and his fans aren't having it. They all think she's "using him for clout"

I mean true but it definitely goes both ways. They're both falling off and he's dated better looking chicks. This is 100% a PR move hence the multi-posting

No. 653169

Lay on IG live with her new song about spending all her money on drugs. is it just me or does it seem like she is trying to be the female lil peep?

No. 653178


Yeah her team is already leaking "sources" to People mag talking about it and her upcoming tour in the same breath. They both are on the same label as well. Just so obviously fake.

No. 653183

He's the prototype for all these soundclout "artists" who had 0 musical background prior to his passing. Everyone coming onto the scene rn is a Peep skinwalker to some extent it's laughable

No. 653212

>ruined my heart and liver

Then why tf are you snorting coke and drinking all the fucking time

Coke DESTROYS your heart muscle in irreparable ways along with your liver

No. 653215

Not to mention all that wine she's always guzzling alone is bad for your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, skin etc.

No. 653222


What's funny is that she got with Corey to fuck up Layla's mental health and it completely backfired. Layla moved to London and got sober and shrimp fried her brain with cocaine and became a shut it substance abuser with no life

No. 653225

whatever chance she had at mainstream success she ruined by injecting her face like a balloon

shrimp got fried lmao

No. 653237

File: 1533108312700.jpg (56.71 KB, 675x456, Noah-Cyrus-.jpg)

her consultant did her wrong

No. 653243

lips about to burst and waaaay to many facial fillers for an 18 year old

the completely unnecessary chin implant is an eyesore

this is what happens when rich people get overzealous about plastic surgery and surgeons cash in on BDD

Layla watch out, less is more sometimes

No. 653249

bih looks like she's been chronically stung by bees

No. 653270

*shut in

Anyone notice Tyler's been super unproblematic lately? Wonder if he's growing up or just exiting a manic phase

No. 653296

Thats not her, just some random chick

No. 653316

File: 1533113705782.png (1.08 MB, 1434x1060, wtf.png)

Multiple records? Uhhhh… girl has made some terrible music recorded on her iphone. Silky voice?
She sounds like she smokes packs of fags a day. How much do you think she paid for this suck ass article?

No. 653320

>we meme gang

it isn't real lol

No. 653339

Obvious love for the craft… lmao right. I guess she does love it when someone else does all the work and makes the beat for her.

No. 653377

She looks great for 45 though!

No. 653410

No that's definitely Eva Hazen I follow her

No. 653440

That's not Eva, Eva's ig is literally evahazen. The girl you posted is named Evie Dyer, according to her ig.

No. 653470

File: 1533133835895.png (961.36 KB, 1032x664, Untitled.png)

This 'fan art' has to be the cringeyest of them all

No. 653515


It's funny because even if Chelji made good music it wouldn't even matter because she has alienated literally every person and potential connection in the soundclout universe with her behavior. Remember how she "moved" to LA for like 5 days a while back?

No. 653524

Why are you fucktards talking about potatohead here?

No. 653526

was thinking the same thing. Nobody cares about potato and lets just not bring her up

No. 653533

>>653084 bulimics dont admit they're bulimic to the internet. bulimics can barely admit they're bulimic to the people they love that are trying to help them. bulimics are terrified of anyone finding out. if she was REALLY binging & purging for 10 years she'd be dead by now. shut the fuck up you brain dead retard whore. shrimp are literally bottomfeeder garbage disposals of the ocean, the name suits her SO well. her shit is likely fucked up from the coke.. if she was puking enough to puke up "a life savings worth of food" she wouldn't be so goddamn large let alone alive

No. 653544

File: 1533141176467.jpeg (256.29 KB, 1125x577, 869D6C44-44CA-4C4C-8CBA-497C4E…)

Is he…. becoming self aware?

No. 653626

i feel like he’s referencing layla

No. 653631

He should honestly just move back to bumfuck nowhere SC. It’s becoming more and more obvious that no one in LA really fucks with him anymore - hasn’t been at any of the bigger parties this summer, put out a tweet begging his “famous friends” to wear his stuff, no more instathot girlfriends… at this point all LA is really doing for him is enabling his drug use. Those 15 minutes are ticking…

No. 653643

Uh not all bulimics are the same, some are also attention whores who overshare when they do too much blow, and most aren’t thin. I’m sure she’s exaggerating, but don’t be retarded.

No. 653701

File: 1533152257630.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x1806, 7B56D1EC-F212-4FA5-B77B-3081E6…)

Oh thank god. I know we were all losing sleep over this so rest easy tonight anons!

Saged because pathetic

No. 653710

I guess its time to take that new iphone back..

No. 653720

lmao didn’t even think of that. What a complete airhead.

No. 653751


girl looks like tomi lahren going through a tumblr goth phase.

No. 653805


yeah i could never take tomi moonpie seriously

No. 654157

File: 1533172912182.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20180801-182057.png)

Jesus christ Aubrie love yourself

No. 654164

File: 1533173246702.jpg (1.43 MB, 2400x2400, pZW5fs4.jpg)

No. 654194

File: 1533174566155.png (2.57 MB, 1609x2414, Adobe_20180801_184843.png)

I'm so sorry everyone

No. 654197

Why does she just draw one line at the bottom of her eyebrow lol. Somebody buy her makeup lessons

No. 654206

Is she just another rich trust fund bitch? It genuinely blows my mind how these people are all able to have shelter and food while doing literally nothing I.e cass and this moon at least Layla has some sort of business

No. 654211

Out of all of then Aubrie strikes me as the most likely to actually be supported by rich parents/ trust fund. Slap some different clothes on her and she looks like any other spoiled rich girl.

No. 654222

For some reason I vaguely remember reading that she and fat nick grew up together in Florida. Anyone know if this is true? Florida tends to attract really wealthy people because of their tax system.

No. 654249

I thought he grew up with pouya

No. 654265

lol people can go back with more than one person anon.

No. 654292

File: 1533180858914.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 816x884, peteburns.png)


Late to the game, sorry, but is Noah going to the late Pete Burns' surgeon? Does he use angry bees to administer fillers?
Adding a reference with spoiler because it's a mess.

No. 654313

Yes I remember someone asking her on live if her and fat nick ever dated and she laughed and said she's known him since they were kids

No. 654352

I remember like a year ago when aubrie was just reaching 10k, her pix all had LV / Chanel / moschino and shit like that, & wore a slipknot shirt every once in a while, and a lot of blue jeans

No. 654526

it's not a phase mOM

No. 654562

Pouya and fat nick grew up together, so if she knew fat nick she would have also known pouya. Pouya definitely grew up poor though, idk about nick.

Also, she definitely has rich parents…I've assumed this since she posted stories from her vacation with her family skiing in Vail, CO. It looked like a super nice resort and super nice meals and fancy places. But I'm poor so idk that shit seems rich to me haha

No. 654623

File: 1533218887437.jpg (68.03 KB, 910x1300, 304830424.jpg)

kek. Every time she posts a selfie all I can think of is she looks like a child with downs.

No. 654642

File: 1533221646523.jpg (17.84 KB, 280x280, b758661e4e4d87ba59b4ba1de9a15a…)

So edgy

No. 654644


damn moonpie aubrie makes her big ass head look even bigger with all the body photoshop she does on the gram. her and TP have that in common. they’re both untalented posers who got clout from the ppl around them and peep’s death. aubrie was all over grosso before layla lmao

also these two basic white girls ain’t changing the music game at all who gassed them up? they’re so grandiose. layla has always had the worst nasally fake ghetto voice and she can’t sing. autotune is gonna save that trainwreck

No. 654645

File: 1533222440773.png (711.86 KB, 468x833, 2.png)

So edgy!

No. 654649

Not too important but Sp00ky is hispanic.

No. 654656

Latina* (Hispanic refers to Spanish-speaking people, which includes people from Spain)

and she's white-passing af, so…

No. 654664

File: 1533224327577.png (25.87 KB, 746x338, dfdf.png)

>>654656 sooooooo…..

No. 654679

i'm just being pedantic lmao! hispanic literally means spanish-speaking, though in the US it's largely used to describe racial identity

No. 654759

s-she's 18?

No. 654792

mhmm. Her DOB: January 8, 2000

whats the scoop, any juicy juice or gossip since your post is not saged?

No. 654900

File: 1533243080683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 435.91 KB, 2100x960, tra.jpg)

So Tracy has a girlfriend now. She seems like nothing more than an "instathot".

I see she lives in LA, and since >>648786 mentioned that he is doing better since moving to NY, I wonder how soon until he is to the LA bullshit.

Dude just OP and I give it another 9-12 months before he kicks the bucket too.

No. 654981

is this cleverbot or something?

No. 655123

Say what now?

No. 655178

File: 1533258826251.jpeg (141.66 KB, 1125x463, 9E382A52-6DCA-44D6-A06E-067010…)

>I dOnt Do beNzos

No. 655206

is she over 18? i think we should all just be thankful he's not molesting children after seeing that pic of him and raven grabbing those 15 yos

No. 655364

rich kids can have poor friends

she looks like your standard rich white bitch, I wonder if any actual misfits she went to school with are salty at her whole I'm NoT lIkE oThEr GiRlS act I know I would be

No. 655365

File: 1533276130095.png (431 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180723-033339.png)

her weird is our normal guys we just don't understand

No. 655367

Cringe, bet she has a "normal people scare me" shirt in her closet

No. 655369

Found an old Peep video with Aubrie in it… makes me wonder if they did have a thing and Peep did her wrong which is why her, Layla, and Grosso all plotted to get her new mans famous and try to usurp him

No. 655373

yeah she was in the benz truck pt 2 vid too i think. she was definitely fucking him for a while.

No. 655380

File: 1533278039739.png (254.66 KB, 750x1334, 76955FCF-D71F-482C-A52B-D3ABF2…)

No. 655387

haha wow so funny and original layla did the same shit months ago

No. 655519

she openly said they dated

No. 655528

she's in this one too that people forget happened. its weird as hell how she dated someone that layla got publicly humiliated forever by.

No. 655585

This girl has neck and hand tatts. I could be missing something but I’m pretty sure this isn’t aubrie.

No. 655587

How does this bitch even have aplave to live? Is cory just letting her stay with him ? Like what type of parents would pay thousands per month in rent money for a literal coke head? She's clearly coked tf out on her story going on about how she's going for a run lolololol

No. 655588

>>655585 agreed. I am not sure where >>655528 got the idea that this is Aubrie. kek.

No. 655589

Have you ever met a rich kid anon?

That’s not aubrie but that wig is awful

No. 655664

Did Cory delete his insta? I can’t find it anywhere.

No. 655670

Still there. Same as it always was. @weasonwhy

No. 655677

File: 1533316990094.jpeg (380.56 KB, 1121x1723, 270BBA3A-E5E5-4866-9A7F-E74343…)

I can't with this dude and his peep skinwalking

No. 655684

File: 1533317781321.png (156.83 KB, 750x1334, C6DA97D4-2574-4512-8645-C358DE…)

No. 655689

funny because no one was waiting for him to release anything

No. 655692

File: 1533318287255.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x1738, 87955D5C-BE56-439E-B70E-B9AFEB…)

You might’ve gotten blokt

No. 655693

File: 1533318402997.jpeg (300.36 KB, 1000x563, B5F9D9E4-8A94-4BC9-A746-3348E0…)

This motherfucker is really wearing the same pink Gucci suit lmfao what a human trash can. This dude has serious issues

No. 655696

Well, hell. Who knows then. Thanks Anon!

No. 655704

File: 1533319225722.jpeg (194.25 KB, 1125x432, 946C429C-3AFD-46E3-A1D9-BBDFD0…)

To whichever anon commented this under Luke’s most recent ig post: I’m flattered you used my insult but you may want to protect your anonymity a little more. Sound clout lurks hard here. If I could spot a farmer so quickly/easily they can too.

No. 655725

Damn and he deleted that shit fast

No. 655729

Thanks for the heads up,anon

No. 655732

Daddy probably bought it for him.

No. 655750

Holy shit. I was literally about to look for this picture. What a lame old fuck lmao. Can’t even find his own suit. I feel bad for peep, or really his memory tbh, he must be rollin in his fucking grave over all these wannabe try hards literally trying to be him down to the exact outfits he was wearing. This and the fat nick tat are like the worst lmfao.

No. 655760

I was feeling the same thing. It’s a shame he didn’t make it so he could reap the benefits of his influence. There’s so many vultures that are picking every last one of his attributes from his memory, and chalking it up to their own originality. Really sad. V gross.

Luke really did it in with me when he got “not cool” on his stomach, ala peeps “love” tat. You’re right Luke. Impersonating your ex’s dead exboyfriend is extremely, as the kids say, not fucking cool. God damn Layla, look at the monster you created.

No. 655779

even that wiggy kid just got another tattoo “wavy baby” just like him… like it’s not in memorial if it’s THE SAME EXACT TAT in the same spot it’s just creepy and weird? And he already had the Lisa neck tat

No. 655783

what I find even more interesting is out of the 27 comments currently on the photo, 7 are from dudes who are 'fangirling' over him, 3 who are wondering wtf is up with the peep suit, and the other 17 are preteens/teens commenting that he looks good/hearts/etc on a 30+ year old mans photos? this whole situation is creepy as hell

No. 655787

>>655779 I 110% agree with you because a tribute tat doesn't mean replicating the SAME tattoo. However, Wiggy was his videographer and worked with him for a solid year and a half before he died. Which doesn't give him any platform 'skinwalker' but shit, at least this kid worked with him closely.

on a side note, how old is this Wiggy kid? he looks no older than 18

No. 655920

Idk but he seemed really nice before all the clout got to him and he spent all his money on shitty replica tats for more clout tbh. I kind of felt the same the first time I went all the way back on Tyler’s Instagram.

No. 656023

I can't stand this dude his new music is just saying "fuck everyone" and he's trying to stand and move like peep in the video it truly is disturbing.

No. 656036

Meh, his IG story ‘sneak peek’ instrumentals sounds like a songI’ve heard before but cant quite pinpoint it. Give it 2 days after release and someone will shut it down.

I really consider him up there with chili. It’s just a bunch of UK bullshit/trash. He’s fucking 31ish for fuck sakes. Let the shit die out. Everyone seems to be aware he’s a skin walker. Fucking Peep lived in London- England is aware of this Skinwalker. Dude is old as shit and has no originality, so his “rap career’ is fucking doomed from the start.

No. 656083

I know but this more or less confirms it, didn't really buy it tbh thought they just hooked up a couple of times and she was exaggerating like everyone Peep stuck his dick in. Also explains why Tyler, Layla, and her teamed up to create the abomination that is Paris

No. 656087

Wiggy getting a peep replica tat is infinitely less creepy than Luke's fat nick peep combo tats when he has fuck all to do with either of them I'm sure anyone in the scene would laugh at his crust ass if they were even aware of his existence

No. 656110

I am sorry I didn’t OG post the one you replied to but what fatnick did Luke get????

No. 656113

Exactly what I was getting at. Wiggy at least worked with and had a relationship with Peep, Unlike Luke- it’s just fucking weird.

No. 656114

I bet he googles Peep on the daily trying to see what element of his style and personality he can cop next

I can't believe he tried to make a TP diss track as if their 1 month fling fucking actually served a purpose beyond him trying to gain clout. She's the most relevant person his leathery ass has ever dated and now he has to resort to taking creepy videos of some chick dancing at a bar and tell his followers to harass her to be his girlfriend

[insert Steve Buscemi how do you do fellow kids reaction image]

No. 656116

the bubble letters on his stomach are a blantant fat nick rip off

No. 656118

File: 1533344227063.png (343.39 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180803-194300.png)

How do you do, fellow kids?

No. 656334

File: 1533380652271.png (5.87 MB, 1242x2208, 5B08D9E6-5179-4FE4-BA89-5C4C7A…)

He only has 10 pictures on his ig now and he is milking the nail polish speaking of googling peep’s fashion choices lol also cool bro, you’re over 30, you edgy cig smoker you!!! but really the comment on here was the best tbh.

No. 656341

He's hiding his pre-skinwalking photos so it's not as obvious how much he switched up and became a cringey Peep wannabe after banging his ex

No. 656346

It's still pretty fucking obvious. Wonder what it's like being able to throw daddy's money around and play dress up at the age of 30. Manchild extraordinare he makes grosso look like a thriving adult at least he's capable of supporting himself

No. 656373

I remember this. When he and Lay were together, I believe she painted these?

No. 656400

No, she didn’t. Y’all really need to read the threads. The fatnick-esque tattoo has been posted, the nails have been posted, etc.

No. 656457

This dude is just beyond cringe …. I really thought he was relatively normal when she first started posting him and what not. I'd loveeeeeee to hear from previous exes or people who know him to see if he's always been this weird or creepy or Layla just made him snap

No. 656471

Smokeasac's girl is lame af. She's really gone into acting like she knew lil peep overdrive. She just posted a video on Instagram story in a store with peep on a tv and wrote "international peepkin." Girl. Peepkin? You didn't even know about peep until after he died. Soundclout social climber. Gross

No. 656475

Yup. this. Also their back and forth “I love you, we’re getting married” shit on social media is beyond cringe. They met like a month ago kek

No. 656532

File: 1533409043559.jpeg (162.6 KB, 1123x2329, 8CFB4C7C-6397-4B47-8AB1-61B5C8…)

No. 656576

LMAO got emmmm. These people who actually knew peep need to shut these creepy losers down for real.

No. 656577

For sure, but this is a typical move in this scene. Aubrey did the same thing but google remembers every adidas track jacket and oversized hoop she’s owned soooo

No. 656630

File: 1533416923843.jpeg (20.75 KB, 300x215, !!e!VVH!EGM_$(KGrHqQOKocE0g2pW…)

He looks like earth worm jim. Pic related.

No. 656648


No. 656687

Tracy deleted this which tbh makes me so sad lol I doubt Luke would come for Tracy. He would end himself if others came to defend Tracy on Twitter

No. 656730

I refuse to call him anything else from now on.

No. 656821

File: 1533435232644.jpeg (194.74 KB, 387x660, E7566FF1-06C2-4C7F-8877-1F0692…)

Noah Cyrus commenting on people saying her and Lil Xan’s relationship Is PR

No. 656831

File: 1533436543009.jpg (196.35 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(43).jpg)

No ones gonna text you Cass you have no friends besides your front facing camera and even then..,

No. 656841

He probably just doesn’t want to deal with pepper Ann acting like a little bitch

No. 656864

"Man" kek

No. 656892

File: 1533441905633.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, B45E4DC1-DD1B-4046-A88D-52288A…)

did anyone else see this? lol (second photo to come)

No. 656901

File: 1533442709044.jpeg (274.23 KB, 1125x612, EFE76ABA-5C53-4414-A68F-87C7D9…)

Getting desperate

No. 656950

File: 1533445985218.png (Spoiler Image, 4.28 MB, 750x1334, EB2C8003-EF29-4A1E-87AD-5FF3DE…)

No. 657008

ms. "i'm about to change shit for all the girls" is again celebrating her weak relationships with famous male abusers. classic. cool, layla

No. 657027

I think she posted this to fuck with Lilith bc Lilith has tweeted hate towards her and told everyone who supports tp to stop following her

No. 657029

Lilith also went off about how Peep was mentally ill and an addict and "our generations kurt cobain" after he died even though she hated on him when he was alive

No. 657040

she tweeted the hate AFTER hanging out with grosso at some scummy basement heroin party

she also made fun of both pepper and tp for posing as kurt and courtney even though they never did heroin

like she implied they were lame bc they weren't hard enough to do heroin

of course she never lets anyone forget she fucked Manson's creepy ass when she was barely legal, she's obsessed with trying to seem like a grungy lowlife when she's actually just a rich kid playing poor 100% did h for the clout bc it fits her grimy aesthetic

No. 657046

how is manson an abuser? I know twiggy is fucked but I don't remember any specific allegations against manson

No. 657052

Lilith has her own thread on here if anyone's interested >>579509

No. 657061

> “The song ‘I Want to Kill You Like They Do in The Movies’ is about my fantasies,” Marilyn Manson told a Spin reporter in 2009. Responding to a question about his relationship with ex, Evan Rachel Wood, Manson continued, “I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.”

>Speculations aside, Manson explicitly confessed to having violent fantasies toward Wood. He even describes a gruesome pattern of emotional abuse, pointing to Christmas Day in 2008, which he describes as a low point of their relationship: “Every time I called her that day—I called 158 times—I took a razor blade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands.” He continued, “I wanted to show her the pain she put me through. It was like, ‘I want you to physically see what you’ve done.’”

on top of these admissions, evan rachel wood came out to congress about an abusive relationship 10 years ago (she didn't name manson) that seem to suggest that he was the one that committed the abuse

>But according to Wood’s testimony, the abusive experiences she described happened “a decade ago” and seem parallel to Manson’s admissions. She recounted “sick rituals” of “binding me up by my hands and feet to be mentally and physically tortured until my abuser felt I had proven my love for them.” The actress added, “In this moment, while I was tied up and being beaten and told unspeakable things, I truly felt like I could die. Not just because my abuser said to me, ‘I could kill you right now,’ but because in that moment I felt like I left my body and I was too afraid to run. He would find me.”


No. 657062

Evan Rachel Wood wrote extensively about an abusive ex that was clearly him without naming him specifically, google it.

Layla and Pepper Ann both did heroin though? Does she mean that they didn’t inject or something? Caps??

No. 657081

File: 1533463792046.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, EA844EEC-BA86-4F93-8E01-EE2548…)

………. this is so pathetic

No. 657095

Oh please, Manson is just as fake as anyone in this thread.. saying shit just to be edgy. He's a messed up person, but so so much of his persona is either exaggerated or fabricated. Now that hes getting older he blatantly makes fun of himself and his persona in interviews. Dita (or Evan) ever once accused him of being abusive or even hinted at it, and that was his longest relationship. What she did say was he was a cheater and a drug abuser. So while its safe to say he probably was a jerk sometimes I doubt he fantasized about bashing his girlfriends head in on the daily or was generally abusive. Being inconsiderate and selfish doesnt equal abuse it just makes you a shitty person.

No. 657096

Lol she never ever dated Manson
She just fucked him on tour for a summer, years ago (and hasn’t talked to him since)
But keeps trying to remind everyone that she’ll suck D for clout then never shut up about it, she HATES that TP & Bella mcfadden had a closer relationship to him than her.

Lilith always sucks up to other people’s boyfriends and exes all the time just so she can be oNE Of dA guIZe, she’ll randomly talk to or hang out ONCE with someone’s boyfriend or recent ex, then claim to know everything about that girls relationship (even though she only briefly heard the bf’s side), then completely WK the guy and publicly post/DM the girls talking shit about them. She somehow thinks she looks cooler and guys will think she’s this ~totes not like the other gurlz~ If she sucks up to them and shittalks their girlfriends. She’ll act like she’s best friends with these random guys, when in reality she just kept bothering them while they were drunk at a party for 5 minutes.

She’s insanely jealous for such an ugly foot faced chick.

No. 657099

>tp had a close relationship to him
source? i must have missed this

No. 657104

TP and Bella mcfadden were closer to Manson, knew him longer, and before Lilith knew him, and still occasionally acknowledge each other/ TP has hung out with Manson more than Lilith & more recently (than Lilith) and still associates and hangs with people in that circle.

Lilith on the other hand hasn’t and doesn’t ever get publicly acknowledged by him, even though she mentions him every other week kek

I forgot which post but in Lilith’s thread (iirc the new one, not the nuked one) there’s a few posts & a screenshot of her being jealous of bella and saying she hated her and bitching about her being closer to manson. And told her followers to unfollow TP. She’s always jealous of other girls solely for the relationships those girls have/had with popular guys, that she desperately failed to get.

No. 657139

Marilyn has never even noticed Toopoor. They don’t even know each other. Wtf are you talking about?

No. 657167

she just posted two pictures of her and manson in her ig story lol, they aren't recent because she had black hair in them.

No. 657169

nvm i just looked at it again and it looks photoshopped

No. 657203

File: 1533478850550.jpeg (330.02 KB, 1242x1506, 13281D19-9D9B-4B42-95EF-8E8735…)

yea a fan took her face from this pic and edited her in a pic with Manson

No. 657210

File: 1533479519078.jpg (28.22 KB, 260x244, manson.JPG)

No. 657320

Dita and Evan both implicated him in total fucked up abuse. It’s likely he was as physically and mentally abusive with Dita as he was with Evan (who literally spoke before congress about it without naming him by name) because most women who go through that sort of thing don’t speak in detail about it to the public. It’s also likely that he’s done even more fucked up stuff to women with less public influence. That’s not part of a persona, that’s real shit, and trying to write it off as part of some fabricated ott show he’s putting on makes you both a retard and an apologist for abuse. The man is a rapist and woman beater, deal with it.

No. 657321

Layla why you stay associating yourself with abusive men tho? Was the twitter backlash over X not enough?

No. 657466

She posted fan art most likely to fuck with Lilith it's not that serious

No. 657470

They didn't do h until after Lilith called them out. I think they actually were trying to legitimize their tortured junky kurt&courtney romance by going the full 9 yards. Tp eventually snapped out of it and moved to London but yea they did that

No. 657572

Or it makes me someone who hadn't read that article and somehow missed the second paragraph and link.. I still stand by manson saying shit to be edgy, but if Evan said it then i believe her. Ive not seen dita say he was abusive though. Again, that doesnt mean he isn't. I am not arguing hes not a shitbag.. he absolutely is. But some of the shit he says is a lie.. and hes admitted to it.. as well as admitting to going along with rumors cause they sound good. Carry on anon.

No. 657574

If that's true it's really really sad. Fucking up your life just to prove to someone how "real" you are.

No. 657756

File: 1533544999589.jpeg (323.91 KB, 750x749, 096BC5E0-E2DF-4111-B398-4DD512…)

Apparently she is in a big hurry to trash her weave even further by rolling around in the super hygienic streets of Los Angeles.

No. 657758

Posting fan art of herself with a known abuser she doesn’t even have a personal relationship just to fuck with Lilith is even more shitty tbh.

No. 657761

I think it’s probably just a lot more likely that they fell into it the same way a lot of pill addicts do - a combination of looking for a stronger high and not having the cash to support a growing habit on pills alone. Lilith just doesn’t have influence like that.

No. 657786

what the fuck is that elbow

No. 657788

Hahahaha thanks for a good laugh anon! Yes her hair have been looking reeeeally bad for a couple of months, i dont understand why she doesnt do anything about it…. instead of planning a nosejob

No. 657830

>>657756 i love how the left forearm is thicker than her upper arm, such pristine work

No. 657884

it's not Lilith that has influence though, and Layla is way too calculated and pathetic to just fall into anything. This is a woman who let a teenage boy publicly drag her through the mud over and over just for clout. She licked Grosso's toes on live, she has no self respect it's all about her Instagram image. She did it for Lilith in the sense that Lilith would have and has called her out for not taking her cosplay to the next level by doing the drugs she was playacting to be on. All she did was smoke pills, she didn't actually do H just the pills and MAYBE they smoked it for a couple weeks after her cosplay pictures got enough likes and she felt the pressure to keep up with the image. She's not and never has been a drug addict she's just a clout addict.

No. 657936

Lol get off you high horse (pun intended) and quit trying to gatekeep addiction, you sound just as full of shit as Lilith. You don’t have to go full Burroughs to be an addict, tbh you just sound like one of those ex junkies who gets bitter at other people in recovery who don’t have it as bad as you.

No. 657946

>ex junkies who get bitter at other people in recovery

to a fucking T.

No. 657976

File: 1533573839918.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5318.PNG)

I dont understand why layla feels the need to photoshop her self, thats a hell of a bony hand she got there. Looks for real like a skeleton

No. 657982

jesus christ i get that milk has dried up now that toopoor and grosso aren’t spazzing out online lately but do we seriously have to talk about her photoshop 24 fucking 7? we all know she does it. she’s admitted a ton of times she does it. it’s not interesting at all.

No. 658050

File: 1533582845115.png (172.72 KB, 750x1049, IMG_5328.PNG)

Did diego/xan even know Peep? So confused

No. 658100

does anyone know if smokeasac and rosewhatever have ever met IRL before? their whole "you're the love of my life" thing is really odd, as i'm pretty sure they met online (very recently)

No. 658109

File: 1533586741050.png (596.44 KB, 712x1712, TeTNhh5.png)

No, They never met. I read somewhere where lil Xan said that peep thought he was annoying. Plus there is these posts

No. 658110

No, we’ve been over this a couple times. They never met and peep didn’t seem like like him, receipts are in a past thread if you’re gonna go demanding them.

No. 658139

IIRC Peep publicly shaded xan a bunch of times after xan talked shit about peep on a podcast or something…

No. 658159

Can we please talk about xans relationship with noah? I mean how old is she? He is doing hell a lot of drugs, is her parents approving of this? Can only see it go down..

No. 658204

I’m pretty sure they met once at a party the last time she was in LA. extra cringe

No. 658210

No he's just an idiot who gets clout tattoos. He also has an xxxtentacion one (dots on his nose just like x had)

No. 658220

Right? Like the Photoshop isn't even milky unless it's over the top completely anatomically inaccurate shrimp shooping and why is anyone surprised she laid on the sidewalk for a photo op? She went on a peeing in back alleys and documenting it spree this is small potatoes

No. 658277

I don't get what the appeal is for smoke. He has way more clout than she does so it's not like he's gaining anything and like anon pointed out they've only met up like once so it's not that he gets smash regularly. I'm just baffled.

No. 658371


I mean, there isn't really anything to talk about. It's pretty obviously a fake industry/PR relationship set up by their label (they're both on Columbia Records). Noah's Mom Tish is a notorious stage Momager who is good friends with Kris Jenner and is apparently cool with her 18 year-old daughter getting enough work done to the point where she now resembles the Jigsaw puppet thing so its debatable as to whether she even cares.

No. 658434

No one is surprised, that’s actually funny though specifically because she bragged soooooo hard about how expensive her hair was, and she’s so about her image, yet she’s doing this ~for the gram~. It’s not that she’s gross it’s that she’s literally incapable of not being retaded for five seconds.

No. 658483

File: 1533615916499.png (807.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180806-232435.png)

Spooky and grosso reunion lol

No. 658511

Ew that’s mighty sis for the only person Layla trusts but I have a feeling he’s fucked her before bc of ig posts way before Layla and peeps time.

No. 658519

From what i see it, theres two options: moonpie is a shady snake friend OR layla lied/over exaturated what tyler did to her

No. 658582

Or they were friends before he and Layla dated and that situation didn’t end the friendship between them

No. 658596

From what ive understand in America its a big thing in friendships to "take a stand", or to "choose side", correct me if im wrong, maybe just watched to much shitty american reality shows

No. 658616

File: 1533639676126.jpeg (96.64 KB, 750x444, 6C88CA13-FCD0-449D-BA3F-ED453E…)

No. 658627

File: 1533643048697.jpeg (146.28 KB, 750x344, 32CDDC52-35E5-4EBD-898B-E8855A…)

No. 658634

File: 1533645974586.png (3.92 MB, 750x1334, 2C71BFF4-A2BB-42D1-AB2C-822B8E…)

How long til he wrecks it again?

No. 658658

>>658634 i give him 2-3 days

No. 658669

rose is decently pretty/hot and i remember smoke tweeting a while back that he really wanted a gf lmao. maybe he just wants somebody, and he happens to like her a lot

No. 658727

She's using him for clout. She is just obsessed with peeps dead body it's mildly disturbing

No. 658734

Not really. I think it just depends on the person and situation. You can't expect your friends to hate everyone you hate, especially if they were good friends before her and Layla were. Not excusing anything Tyler has done, but the drama between him and Layla isn't Spooky's. But either way, i don't get why she would wanna hang with him anyways. He's so annoying lol.

No. 658800

Spoopy was doing this shit while Layla was in London. I thought she came to her senses and realized she was being the worlds shittiest friend by hanging out with pepper but I guess not.

It’s really not a matter of “choosing sides”. It’s about not wanting to be friends with abusers, and knowing that an abuser has caused your “BFF” significant amounts of pain and still wanting to be that persons friend is honestly really fucked up.

you guys have gone so soft on pepper. All the receipts for his abuse are in the threads if you really want to sit here and say it was all made up/over exaggerated. Keep in mind Layla never really went into detail of what happened between her and Tyler. All the milk came from him basically ratting himself out.

No. 658810

Pretty sure they “fucked” before him and Layla’s psychotic relationship… but I understand the point you’re making.

No. 658822

Layla and peep started dating in December of 2016.

Both Videos sp00ky was in of peeps was after peep and Layla started dating/broke up
Hollywood Dreaming was released on 2/9/2017
Benztruck2 was released 9/25/2017

No. 658859

Didnt know until now moonpie even was in the benz truck 2-video. Why the hell were she in those videos??? Is there something special with her that ive missed?

No. 658946

File: 1533676576230.png (552.35 KB, 750x1334, 1EA4D251-8DB9-4D3C-88DD-AFB64F…)

Grace throwing some shade at Tyler?

No. 658965

File: 1533678039957.jpeg (236.99 KB, 1125x1730, 33EE8379-D345-40B9-A7A3-8167D3…)

fish narcs latest insta post, chill down buddy

No. 658973

He was just begging his teenaged fans to hook him up with xans like 5 days ago. What a shit show.

No. 659156

xans fuck your shit up and fish obviously doesn't understand social media or when the fuck to log off and go to inpatient if his shit is really that bad. a good friend needs to take his phone away, sucks he doesn't have any and this whole scene is full of milky snakes

No. 659206

whenever I try to kill myself, the last thing I do is blast it all over the internet before I can even process what happened. Atleast I personally don't like to share my weakest moments with strangers. Also, I don't think gus reads Instagram comments, so that is a silly way to try to talk to him……unless you want sympathy and attention I guess this is a good way to do it. Either way, please seek professional help fish , you don't have a good handle on your emotions that's not good.

No. 659227

File: 1533699297008.jpeg (206.21 KB, 750x777, 942E5045-C918-4817-9FA5-B22091…)

No. 659283

No. 659286

File: 1533704712330.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, DCD5A152-CEC9-45D4-A449-B6FA92…)

Thought he was just asking for weed?

No. 659301

>I make boys cry make them wish they never met me see the fear in their eyes smile while they're suffering

no you don't you freak the fuck out and post snotty sob pictures on social media

No. 659391


All you have to do is scroll


No. 659415

File: 1533727359251.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, FA9377A9-9122-4772-A579-3EB771…)

Grace not putting up with Grossos bullshit

No. 659438

File: 1533734068955.png (883.48 KB, 750x1334, 78BABABF-5661-4D02-A93D-2DAEA7…)

looks like shrimp and corey broke up

No. 659452

File: 1533735952621.png (32.21 KB, 607x303, fdsfdsfdf.png)

I figured this was coming when I saw this tweet.

No. 659482

lmao he looks insane

No. 659486

idk about this song. I wish she'd drop Running Man, it's so catchy.

No. 659490

So if it is true that they broke up what is shrimpy going to do now? She has no friends and no job?

No. 659493

>>659490 more cocaine duh. maybe she'll start a tumblr thinspo blog where she posts her shoops & details her struggles / how shes ~trying so hard to recover~ from her ~10 years~ of agony. or maybe she'll start escorting i mean sugaring (and making it aesthetic too)

No. 659497

all their pics of each other are still up on their instas, and they still follow each other, so it's possible they're still together

No. 659498

was thinking the same thing. Maybe their lease is up?

No. 659519

i'm hoping that it's finally time for the shrimpy x grosso mashup though

No. 659520

not everyone who breaks up goes on a deleting/unfriending spree

No. 659526

File: 1533742911288.jpeg (350.83 KB, 1125x714, 579BB38F-22EE-459E-AF1C-8465FA…)

This plays into my theory that no one in LA fucks with the culture vulture anymore.

No. 659528

File: 1533743050974.jpeg (326.28 KB, 1125x730, DB869C1B-80F3-4699-BD9C-A5F02F…)


No. 659530

I am dead…pepper has burned too many bridges that nobody fucks with him. It's time be moved back to SC and work at McDonalds.

No. 659537

yeah but this is cass we're talking about lmao

No. 659567

File: 1533745743884.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, 85B6A02D-1D49-482A-A44F-66B97B…)

he’s going back to japan without her

No. 659568


geee, i wonder if grace shields regrets getting not one… but TWO Tyler Grosso related tattoos injected into her flesh until it rots off.

well, at least she's following a bad decision with a good one. now tyler is on to the next soundcloud ho.

No. 659576

How do you know she isn't going too?

No. 659578

File: 1533746272180.jpeg (277.77 KB, 1125x716, 82156648-BA0B-418F-8B19-2C1480…)

No. 659588

that was last night. His ticket is dated today from LAX. She could be going to considering he's flying out of LA and not an airport further away in which he would need to spend the night somewhere else. You never know. I also think that if they DID in fact break up she would go on her coke filled Twitter rant.

No. 659599

But by your logic, wouldn’t she rant and brag to social media that she’s going back to Japan? Last time we knew months in advance because Girl has an insatiable need to flex. I mean shit, she got that ugly ass Dior bag over a month ago and she still hasn’t shut the fuck up about it.

No. 659601

File: 1533747191449.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1782, ECEAB383-6807-4403-8D94-041923…)

Here she is two hours ago anon.

No. 659614

i can't spot shops for shit but are her eyes edited? they look huge

No. 659629

No. 659645

Pretty sure she's dumped all her boyfriends with the exception of Peep who was master manipulator. Corey, Tyler, Luke etc.

No. 659647

I'm assuming he wants to go just by himself and she's salty and that her "I'm not in the mood be somebody's gf" tweet was just her being passive aggressive

No. 659656

You’re doing just as much assuming as the anons saying they broke up.

Based off the receipts all we know is he’s moving out and we don’t know why.

No. 659660

why did layla and corey break up? they were together for years, right?

No. 659662

I just think it's funny she decided to sing about making boys cry when she's literally been meme'd for being someone's crying ex gf

overall the song isn't bad that one line just got me

maybe he just wants space it would explain wanting his own place and going on a solo vacation to Japan which isn't a crime but it would explain her bitter tweets

No. 659665

Nope. Spoonfeeding/derailing is in the rules. Read the threads, start at #1.

Sorry for mini-modding but we’re starting to get another wave of newfags.(mini-mod)

No. 659672

Considering she doesn't have a life and is a coke fiend with no job prospects I'm sure he's getting sick of her being a sad instathot leech. I don't know what he does but he can afford to go vacation in Japan when he wants so I'm assuming he supports himself

Wondering if he paid for a majority of their last trip and isn't willing to do it this time. She seems like the type to expect things like that

No. 659683

Seeing her lay around taking selfies all day snorting coke and drinking wine with no plans of ever being a functional adult must be getting to him. Even Layla supports herself. Shrimp doesn't deserve a vacation her whole life is a vacation. There's nothing wrong with going on a trip alone. Seems like he really loves Japan and I'm sure Shrimp couldn't give less of a shit about culture.

No. 659718

maybe this is dumb but corey also looks part asian? is it just me who thinks so? haha maybe he's part japanese

No. 659720

>>659283 This song would be ok if she clipped the chorus out, it makes me cringe every time I hear it. She really does sound like the female Lil Peep though. Lil Poor?

No. 659787

i agree with >>659782 it is very obvious he is asian of some sort. just use google yall

No. 659788

Asian ≠ Japanese dumbass

anon was asking if he's Japanese

he's obviously Asian(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 659789

my sentiments exactly

every time she sings the chorus I just picture her blubbering over peep and cringe

No. 659797

actually Anon you are incorrect, the anon >>659782 is correct considering Japanese fell under "Orientals", which was deemed politically incorrect in the 80-90s. Then somehow, "Asian" became the replacement term for "Oriental", even though it referred to the exact same grouping of countries. So Japan, previously belonging to the term "Oriental", belongs to the new term "Asian". Which, as pointed out, isn't actually inaccurate, it's just not very descriptive. Soooooo. fuck it

No. 659802

File: 1533761184431.jpeg (387.62 KB, 1123x1740, 5CDDF023-D9EB-49C9-B1E3-92409D…)

Smoke please at least say you're getting paid to promote this SoundClout hoe. What are you doing bro

No. 659808

what the fuck are you on about the question isn't is he Asian it's is he Japanese, Asian is a broad as fuck term

no one even used the term Orientatal so why are you going off about the fact that it's not pc if you can't answer the question just shut up

No. 659815

wtf do u mean lmao "just google it"?? corey isn't exactly famous. i'm not gonna stumble upon a site centering around corey san augustin's ethnicity. calm tf down lmfao jesus christ.

No. 659817

they're both deluded as fuck. really do not understand how they're acting like this when they've met a grand total of once. maybe rose is a social climber but smoke… he's in over his head and is prob just happy he has a (pretty) girl to show off on insta/twitter

No. 659821

From what I took and did from >>659787 was I just googled his name and his FB popped up and you can view his about me and see his listed family. They're clearly of (not trying to cause infighting since that is still a big thing in this thread) some sort of "Asian Decent."

famous or not you are able to view public information by searching names and/or social media handles and find what you're looking for. I am not sure where the confusion is between all the most recent posts about finding info on Corey?

No. 659824

Seems smoke prefers "love" to slopping it up with all the Peep stans that would drop down and suck his dick in a heartbeat. It's made him blind to this clout chasers intentions

No. 659825

>>659817 I think Smoke is infatuated with Rose since he finds her so attractive and 'relatable.' Smoke isn't milky and is from what I see a genuine person. Since he and Rose started 'dating' I haven't seen any drama from either of them. I don't think its really' post worthy' if there's no milk involved

No. 659832

Lets not pretend smoke isn't being stupid as fuck tho. Commenting on an instahoes pics looking for love. Seems he's superficial and not the brightest when it comes to dating. All this newfound clout went to his head. Just because he's good at making beats doesn't mean he can't be idiot otherwise.

No. 659838

plus he's not exactly hot so he's just looking for the best he can get

No. 659840

When it falls apart I ain't gonna be surprised or feel bad. Like she wouldn't dick hop to Peep in 2 seconds if he were still alive lol

Just waiting on the milk but agreed for right now they're just another cringey lovey dovey couple and not worth discussing

No. 659846

Lmao true. He's always posing like Ruby with his hair or his hand covering his face

No. 659869

Smokes girl has been stalking this scene. I wouldn't be surprised if she's been in these boards since the beginning. She stalked toopoors life, you can see where she liked Lukeys shit on instagram way before spooky and rose were all "friends." She likes weird Peep fan art and shit on instagram. It's pretty creepy and very deliberate the way she's gotten into smokes life.

No. 659905

File: 1533767003295.jpeg (196.27 KB, 1242x1234, 61C1BC73-D962-45CC-A838-4BFFB2…)

Scrolling through my news feed and had to do a double take

No. 659908

Seen her on 9gag as wel, fucking weird

No. 659920

You are late booboo. She mentioned this going “viral” on a live and nobody gave a shit about it. Not milky.

No. 659938

Sorry I don’t religiously watch hotelshrimp lives?

No. 659949

Pretty sure he's half Filipino/European.
Source: I'm half Filipina/European and have same color eyes, similar nose shape, his mom looks hella Filipina from the snaps I've seen back when Skrimp used Snapchat, and his last name is Spanish. All signs point toward Filipino y'all.

No. 659973

Rules are that we cannot post family info (caps of family’s social media included) but if you just look for it you’ll see his family is Hispanic and ‘Asian’ it isn’t hard.

Also, sage posts that aren’t new milk so we are not auto saged anymore.(mini-mod)

No. 660053

I understand and agree with that rule for the most part but god it’s annoying when you wanna confirm/source little shit like this

No. 660064

>>660058 Did you skip history class?


No. 660126

File: 1533781614100.jpeg (1.98 MB, 1112x2063, F28CD5DE-3F94-4143-8F3B-40F73A…)

Oh honey NO. no no no. What the fuck is you doing?

She had a since deleted tweet about how her mom is getting used to her “new look” so yeah, new goth persona who dis

No. 660139

this is actually the only time shrimp has been funny

No. 660249

File: 1533787587720.jpg (230.61 KB, 1071x1189, 20180808_210529.jpg)

Ok, I'm feeling snarky..
Literally the definition…

No. 660254

Ew, who flys United?

No. 660324

>>660254 Layla, is that you? Or is it Shrimpy?

No. 660332

The world may never know.

No. 660351

Why is Layla posting about Korn on her story after their guitarist insulted her mix on his live? Layla I don’t think they like you

No. 660365

File: 1533802301795.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, 802605CD-A0AF-4F9F-9405-7A1B01…)

still together

No. 660373

was thinking the same thing

No. 660376

do you have caps of that tweet?

No. 660438


he’s a psychopath

No. 660441

Yeah like buying ur girlfriend a stuffed animal would make u a great boyfriend. Hes so fucking delusional and in the insta story before that pic grace looks so disgusted and fed up with him. Why is she even with him? She could do better. Tyler sure is the lord of cringe

No. 660459

she would be cute if she didn't fuck up her face

No. 660470

File: 1533821021042.png (27.3 KB, 585x301, 2018-08-09 09_22_37-TYLER GROS…)

nice to see grosso back on his bullshit

No. 660475

I agree she could do much better. Keep in mind though- She dated lil xan who is off his rocker. I think its funny she posted this >>659415 but doesn't seem to know her own self-worth.

No. 660476

File: 1533822060174.jpeg (571.23 KB, 1125x2000, 93C7ED93-226A-4D5B-ADDC-15E051…)

Why does this sound like something Donald trump would say lmao

Corey posted videos of him in Japan to his ig story. No shrimpy.

No. 660478

god, not the kurt self-insert again

No. 660500

"Was it suicide or was is it love?" Why does Tyler post that? And why is Layla singing a lyric "i couldnt have u so i killed you"? And that lovely rumour about layla and tyler sending peep a sexvideo of them the same week he overdosed??

No. 660546


I photoshop for a living. it'`s a fact that hotelshrimp abuses the Liquify tool – it's basically a slider to drag your features bigger or smaller, wider or narrow, like a character creator on a video game.

She certainly liquifies her eyes and lips larger, and her nose bridge / width smaller. The resolution of the image is different in those areas.

she isn't a great photo editor.

No. 660553

File: 1533827996115.jpeg (353.72 KB, 1125x1980, 33F67B68-B855-498C-B146-1BD1CC…)

lmaooo she looks so uninterested

No. 660559

she has a very odd-looking face. like, not a bad one per se, but just very odd—the features are just so bizarre together

No. 660562

File: 1533828669105.png (80.73 KB, 1200x900, 1200px-Cycle_of_Abuse.png)


tyler's back into the typical abuser cycle of love-bombing I see.

i feel bad for grace tbh, she doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the the bunch.

No. 660568

File: 1533829627215.jpeg (277.25 KB, 1125x1860, 142B429B-004F-4643-937E-319283…)

Arse removed everything from her insta. Her only tagged photo is of her and peep

Saged because not really milky… just weird.

No. 660575

File: 1533831683475.jpeg (629.64 KB, 1125x1550, 5CA0D761-3F32-4479-B77C-DA3674…)

So… peeps dad is a certified sociopath apparently

No. 660577

File: 1533831769242.jpeg (448.26 KB, 1125x1545, C9E150CA-C66F-4C9F-A5F4-EDB36D…)

No. 660582

It is so fucking messy for a grown adult… a mother of grown adults at that, to be posting this kind of shit on instagram. I would be so embarrassed to be her child.

No. 660587

>trying to get clout off a dead guy's estranged father

No. 660590

Sadly I do, I won't blog post about it cause this is not the place. Hating your dad or your ex doesn't mean you should fucking spurge out on social media so a bunch of total strangers know your family's business.
This shit is from FIVE years ago. Why post it now? Bitch is messy,

No. 660598

Fuck this shit, no real designer does work on spec, this is so disrespectful to artists. Fuck you, Pepper Ann.

No. 660600

>Maybe it isn't your mother who suffers a mental disease, as J. claims, but the man himself
is she talking about jenny?

No. 660602

HI I am pepper ann I am so rich I am buying a second house but I still use fucking GMAIL for business communications.

No. 660605

lmfao what's wrong w gmail? even most @[business].com emails use gmail as a client

No. 660611

>>660568 Guessing her and Pearce are done… He still has her photos up, but he still has photos up of his ex from last year…


No. 660612

nta but there's nothing wrong with it necessarily, just looks unprofessional when you are acting like you have the authority to decide whether or not an artists' work is good enough for you to pay them to put it on your business' merchandise. get a domain name at least, grosso.

No. 660613

Gmail is a free email service, most reputable businesses own their own domains, have web hosting and even if they do use gmail they at least will use a forwarding service.

You don't see how tyler@superrradical.com comes across as more professional/legit/bougie
than using gmail?

No. 660616

File: 1533834870231.png (330.99 KB, 1710x1086, arz.png)

>>660611 and her twitter is set to private… does anyone follow her?

No. 660620

she's probably having a breakdown since she lost like 50k since peep died and maybe sugarbearhair stopped bankrolling her or some shit

No. 660622

I am curious as to where you saw that he is a 'certified sociopath." I do not see anything stating this info. His behaviors are sus, but nothing legally documented.

And boohoo, an assistant professor is a NEW professor until their review is due at the end of contract, then they go from 'assistant' to legitimate professor. Either way- assistant or not, he is a professor.

>>660582 >>660590
Agreed. This shit is 5 years old. What is her purpose in posting this on her social media? I mean what in the actual fuck? this dude is still a professor at the university and she just posts all these incriminating details of his personal life? This dude has a career and she is causing A LOT of teenage bullshit drama.

She really needs to calm the fuck down.

No. 660648

He was actively cheating on their mom and brought his teenage son around, saying "oh Oskar won't tell his mother, he's a daddy's boy" Lol if that doesn't scream abusive menancing behavior then idk. You're really defending this piece of shit(infighting)

No. 660655

Yo can you stfu with the term boohoo k thanks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 660656

Lmfao there’s no such thing as a legal sociopath. What the fuck?

Also he probably should’ve thought about being a piece of shit if he didn’t want to ruin his own career. Go back to r/incel or 4chan or whatever.

No. 660664

I do not think anon was defending his bullshit but nothing says he was a sociopath. I am familiar with a parent having an affair and spent time around the person the 'mistress' was. I agree with anon here that why post something 5 years later? other than if it was a sense of justification of this post here >>648792 .

which seems like someone felt feedback/criticism about trying to get Gus a computer.

No. 660666

>certified sociopath

No. 660669

Wtf is going on with those bars in the back?? This is way too unflattering to be shopped

No. 660674

lmao. I am dead. Girl must learn from shrimpy

No. 660675

I’m screaming!!!!
Looks like she tried to make herself curvier. Christ. This girl is really going all in to fit in with he instagoththots

No. 660679

Dude it’s “sperg” not “spurge” - as in “aSPERGers” because the reference is for getting worked up over something small or carrying on too long about it, like an autist.

Sorry for MY sperg, that’s been driving me nuts, carry on!(no1curr)

No. 660682

is it possible the bars are actually like that? i feel like this is just way too obvious a shop for her to have glossed over that… like it's just TOO bad…

No. 660683

oh, i misread your post. yeah, i don't think this is shopped. she's not that "skinny" here (which is what most of the girls in this scene would aspire to, at least in their pics)

No. 660684

File: 1533840388790.jpeg (219.08 KB, 1099x317, BC244B64-F1E6-417F-B21A-8A5143…)

The bars in the mid background curve but the fence in the far background which they overlap stay vertical. If it was shopped they would all be bowed outward.

No. 660686

File: 1533840858132.jpeg (989.52 KB, 1125x1554, 60238D37-F05E-413F-8B31-5175C5…)

Are we all looking at the same photo here?

No. 660689

this is the weirdest fence i've ever seen

No. 660721

There is no way in hell her fence is actually shaped like this. Even if so, this chick need to post pics for proof

No. 660728

File: 1533844696522.jpg (44.17 KB, 600x337, l.jpg)

not that it's not still shooped, but this is the style of railing which kind of explains the weird shape

No. 660786

File: 1533850007234.jpeg (339.91 KB, 750x1202, B35F0D55-AE77-46E5-BF81-CE1772…)

how self absorbed can you be tho

No. 660790

Fucking shocking, no one else on this thread posts solely photos of themselves. What a narcissist.

Also Coco isn’t milky in the least.

No. 660820

And not a single mention of Gus. If this is how he is with a girlfriend, imagine being his child. I guess we know where Gus' abuse came from.. I bet he pushed back against his dad and dad wasnt having it. God forbid his son be unique or different than what dad wants. It's sad really. His dad sounds like an absolute sociopath.

No. 660822

Oops, didnt see pt 2. I guess she did mention Gus.

No. 660828

File: 1533854524344.jpg (346.4 KB, 1055x1796, 20180809_154104.jpg)

Seems accurate to me

No. 660830

File: 1533854769075.jpg (47.59 KB, 500x276, pic-dbrail-curved.jpg)

I mean, there are actually curved iron railings like that

No. 660835

Some are straight though

No. 660836

She seems like an unbearable human being but she looks great, and she’s t h i c c as fuck, why on earth is she with creepy greaseball pouya?

No. 660869

Mania in full swing

I love how every birthday post she makes is just an excuse to post really hot pictures of herself that just happen to awkwardly include the birthday person the post is supposedly for

Pouya may be greasy but he's talented and a lot more clever than she is so he's managed to earn himself a lot of clout and money. She's mostly just ass and tits. They both got what they wanted in a relationship so I'd say it's an even trade

No. 660872

can we drop this Rose is clearly a thinner person and the bars are obviously bent because her body looks perfectly normal and if it was photoshopped to that extent she'd have a ridiculous shape

sometimes people are just skinny

No. 660892

File: 1533860272294.jpeg (258.73 KB, 795x1071, 1533860116227~2.jpeg)

it was love at first sight

No. 660899

skinny is a strong word

No. 660911

"Daddys boy" so creepy

No. 660912

Those tits.. nasty

No. 660925


No. 660930

File: 1533864245041.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, image1(8).png)

Cass why dont you just admit you are 90℅ facetune 10% cocaine youre making it too easy to drag you

No. 660933

Looks girl she did her make up to go out then ended up disappointed and sad in bed while Corey is living it up in Japan.

No. 660961

Staying sad in bed was the plan all along.

No. 660984

Daddy's boy is only creepy if you're into daddy kink weirdo

No wonder Gus hated his dad he was a cheating 2-faced emotionally manipulative cunt. I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of the reason he hated his dad was because of how he treated Liza

She had a following before she got cancer stop spazzing out

No. 660991

Her entire identity is her boobs

No. 660993

Pouya loves her for who she is aka a pair of tits

Jokes aside she's about as milky as moonpie maybe even less so

No. 661007

rose is definitely not thin LOL—she's def got curves (a good thing)

No. 661042

“Thicc” how? When she turns to the side her ass is as flat as a board all she has are her boobs.(nitpicking)

No. 661080

a good thing why bc she doesn't liquify herself into an unnatural betty boop shape like shrimp?

nothing wrong with being naturally thin

No. 661082

I mean she's not thin and she's not a whale so thicc applies

No. 661109

She's probably apple shaped meaning she carries more weight frontally in her tits and stomach. Kate Upton is apple shaped which is why she's not very bottom heavy and has slimmer legs despite being so well endowed up top

Her ass is definitely not flat tho. She carries a lot of stomach weight so it doesn't look as big as it would if she had a smaller middle but I don't get where you're getting that she's "as flat as a board"(derailing)

No. 661118

anon is just salty

probably the anon that wrote >>661042 also wrote >>660925

the no sage is telling(derailing)

No. 661146

Her eyebrows are one width all the way across. they’re supposed to taper at the end girl!!!!!

No. 661150

shrimp says she wasn't dumped bc if she was she wouldn't be lying in bed she'd be "flexing on my brand new dicks so that Corey would be jealous and regret dumping me and want me back"

lol keep trying to act like a bad bitch with your cheating sloppy seconds boyfriend shrimpy

No. 661158

she’s wearing smaller bikini tops than her friends who got wayy smaller boobs

No. 661164

File: 1533889722437.png (338.19 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180810-032811.png)

Exhibit A

No. 661177

wow anon was right her birthday posts are obnoxious

No. 661189

can someone post the clip of this? it got deleted from the old thread it was posted in

No. 661248

Does she only have four fingers or am I hallucinating

No. 661278

coco is annoying but like she's just getting back in a "normal" headspace from thinking about giving up on chemo and just letting herself die. it's prob a lot for a narcissist to sort out.

No. 661298

File: 1533911710705.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, image1(9).png)


No. 661304

File: 1533912151822.jpeg (331.73 KB, 1125x785, DDC34261-A322-4A6B-BE7E-5050D0…)

Rose retweeted this weird shit from some rando. Idk how smoke and the rest of the instagoths haven’t caught on that she’s just a peep stan? Like…. tf? This whole scene is filled with fake ass weirdos.

No. 661306

File: 1533912245500.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5430.PNG)

lol again

No. 661309

File: 1533912467112.png (291.22 KB, 597x588, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.4…)

i wouldn't really say she's naturally thin tho? exhibit A the pic posted earlier (with the weird fence), exhibit B right here

No. 661330

Exhibit? Are u some kind of body police? Im so curious about ur gender, i guess ur a female like most of us here? Ur a threat to mental health.

No. 661337

calm down lol, nobody's here to play nice

No. 661341

The nitpicking of unimportant shit is getting to be too much.
The color of Layla’s eyes, spoopys “thiccness”, Corey’s nationality, Rose being “naturally thin”. All of it is stupid, unimportant, and does nothing to enrich the conversation. Who. Cares.

No. 661364

File: 1533917155784.jpg (53.56 KB, 539x960, 38901205_299638024104894_65736…)

So, I know that Lay used to be good friends with 'Hollixquinn/heroingranola' chick. Holli is a heroin addict some kinda bad. She posted this photo of her and Lay back in March. I seriously believe that Layla used dope before getting together with Grosso, and Holli was who got her into it. This photo is from late 2014/ early 2015

No. 661376

um… yeah… i'm sure she used before grosso too?

No. 661394

Just report the posts nobody wants to hear you bitch about it

No. 661396

Every other girl in the scene who was around back then knows Holli, highly doubt she got all of them into drugs like that. I mean maybe she tried pills a few times but I don’t think she was really using using until Pepper Ann.

No. 661466


I know some people around LA who know Holli and she is SO spun out on dope, she for a fact used to use with everyone's favorite overrated monotone trust fund garbage dump Lillith. Anyways it's possible to be friends with junkies without using yourself and I doubt Layla could have gotten to where she is if she was using with Holli because Holli is for real a level 10 scumbag junkie who is .2 seconds away from overdose or jail at any given moment. People don't fuck with her for long unless they're in as deep as she is.

No. 661513

File: 1533927564273.png (799.41 KB, 938x521, fgfdgfdg.png)

Holli went to jail for burglary and apparently went to rehab afterward, got 'SoBeR' and surprise she isn't sober anymore. Her pinpoint pupils give it away she is still strung out.

Yes, it is possible to be friends with junkies and not use but considering how heavy of a user Holli is and Layla's personality, it wouldn't be a shocker if Layla did recreationally/try dope with Holli.

No. 661587

File: 1533933049361.jpeg (12.34 KB, 253x190, B64FCC3C-14D2-43B8-8589-4E8A8B…)

I’m just gonna leave this here……….

No. 661597

File: 1533933550735.jpeg (630.73 KB, 750x786, FAFEF4A8-9FCA-4E71-91A5-9E2B20…)

She’s obv trying to appear naturally beautiful but for one she isn’t she just needs to continue sleeping her in makeup for her and clogging up her pores at least then we wouldn’t have to suffer looking at this and two it’s not even really about that. This image freaks me out like you can literally feel her energy and her energy is so demented and tortured and gives me the creeps. Also, small rant but it irks the hell out of me how she posts about “PROTECT YOUR ENERGY” and “I LOVE ME” bullshit. Like girl, u are the most low frequency human being on the internet. The only people who fuck with u are between the ages of 12 and 17… how does that make you feel? Even after she gets her nose done it won’t make her pretty. She will always be ugly because of how dark her soul is. Too pure? Yeah, sure. Pure of poop. Too poop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 661605

Fish deleted this entire post after is saw a few comments from fans that were questioning if fish is lying about drug use since on Twitter fish was asking for xans.

One comment that stood out to me was someone saying fish posted this as an “I almost ODed and died” to get the same amount of hype Tracy did with his heart attack. Fish needs help.

No. 661615

… anon, are you okay? your post is freaking me out far more than that pic of layla ever could

(you could've just posted the first sentence—everything after that reeks of other issues)

No. 661626

I'm sure the friend zone is a place hes ver comfortable with. It didnt even take layla that long to move the fuck on from him..

No. 661634

God, move on.. who cares. Shes obviously got a normal healthy body. Shes not heroin thin… that doesnt mean shes heavy or not "thin"

No. 661647

Layla gtfo(hi [cow])

No. 661651

Layla is banned and also never saged. Kinda like you not saging this.

No. 661653

Jfc lol is this pic a mirror to you or something? Take ur meds anon

No. 661675

Layla dropped her first “toopoor diary” not really a diary, more so just a bunch of random clips of her fussing over her hair. She looks good imo

No. 661689

she looks horrible in this

No. 661695

Kek. This shis is hilarious. “Ohhh let me ‘DJ’ my ex’s songs and play them in full and gain attention from teenage kids.”

Girl if it is a diary let’s hit up the beginning and see what’s REALLY is going on with you. Not your “highest cloud gig” ever. She is delusional.

No. 661698

Everything Wrong With TooPoor vid coming soon(no1curr)

No. 661715

this will be the end for her

No. 661741

File: 1533942320664.jpeg (173.84 KB, 1125x639, 255516E1-B3DE-4968-B3DE-89BE64…)

No. 661769

If you made a vid inculduing a bunch of shit from all of these threads about her she probably would lose tons of fans. Nobody knows about this thread so ppl just don’t know how shitty and gross she actually is.

No. 661799

What are you taking about people might not know about her thread but sis can’t get posted anywhere with out at least a third of the comments being kids talking shit, and she honestly doesn’t even do anything beside be kind of annoying

She attracts the weird vendettas.

No. 661812

Sounds like a garbage idea, and thankfully a farmhand agrees.

No. 661862

File: 1533954540618.png (1.74 MB, 1966x1388, criiiinnngggeeee.png)

>>661675 so cringey. why would you include this? is this showing how edgy she is because she is climbing over a rail? so awkward. looks like a toddler trying to get over baby gate.

No. 661872

File: 1533955755972.png (8.78 MB, 1242x2208, 89B6145E-6FD6-4FA2-8FA5-52D5BA…)

No. 662045

And she deleted this… Finally came to her senses I guess. Can't even imagine what peep would say to the things she posts now.

No. 662050

File: 1533974178990.jpeg (334.86 KB, 1125x2268, BF71B692-A5B9-4720-9F70-002C16…)


No. 662188


lol what the fuck is this some sort of introduction into your terrible expose career?

No. 662189


might be a trajectory into the pits of the instathotgoth look if she befriends/infiltrates the scene

No. 662383

i thought she looked really cute in this and i really appreciated how she was treating her fans and being really sweet. it may be narcissistic but she retook pictures that she may have looked bad in with fans which shows she at least cares about the quality, which imo is cooler than just looking fucked up and trying sooo hard to look like you don't care. of course she's going to make her show about her 'best' performances, and i don't mind her playing peep's shit because she inspired most of his songs and he clout chased her first tbh. she should work on her posture because she has a cute figure but that hunchback ruins how thin she is, i wish she would just carry herself with more confidence because i think underneath her edgy tryhard shit she seems genuinely sweet and likable.

i think because she regularly posts overly personal behind the scenes shit where she's super messy in comparison to that when a videographer is there to show her best sides she comes off so much better and i can see why peep kept going back to her. she also make that little kid feel super special, i like her when she's using her platform to be a good role model for younger generations unlike shitlords like pepper ann. i just really really want to see her surpass her exes and she probably could if she looked more objectively at her brand and cleaned her shit up like geneva did. i want to see more of her friendship with moon pie, i don't care for her at all but young girls look up to her and it's fucking nice to see her coolin with her instead of being all up on someone like peep and ruining her reputation while doing so.

No. 662385

oh and while i'm at it layla should be posting more of her outfits and styling, i'd love to see her go back to focusing on fashion because being a dj is such a transient thing and she came up because of her taste and look. i hope now that she's in her mid 20s she gets inspired to pick up a real career and apply her creativity to something even if it's just going back to reselling clothes and doing some diy pieces, i'm fucking so sick of bitches like shrimp who just basically catalogue the destruction of their youthful basic looks and descent into absolute uselessness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662407

That’s literally all Layla is though, she just happened to be doing this emo revival thing at the right time (which was bound to happen anyway because the 90s shit was phasing out, and she wasn’t by any means the first in her scene to do it), and happened to be doing her thrift scamming and over-sharing in LA at the same time that Sophia Amaruso was getting a ton of attention. Right clothes, right place, right platform, right time. It doesn’t have more than a year left in it at this point, and Layla’s absolutely going to just overshare her way to uselessness if she doesn’t either sell her brand or get serious about being a businesswoman and make good on her connections, in the next 4-18 months. It might already be too late, honestly. Toopoor & her whole aesthetic isn’t the next trend to watch anymore, and the music is lackluster and an altogether waste of a career move. I don’t know what she’s going to do next but if it’s more of the same, everyone is going to start snoozing real soon.

No. 662576

File: 1534047572711.jpeg (293.56 KB, 1230x784, 073E1DBF-5B53-4034-99D3-1690FE…)


No. 662686

She looks so different without her tats

No. 662894

the person on the right isn't layla? lmao that's her friend rachel (@idiotmodel)

No. 662905

The person on the left is dumbass

No. 663143

File: 1534112921388.png (1.23 MB, 1434x992, Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.27…)

ARZ POETRY ALERT! And what the fuck is going on with this new look?

No. 663151

File: 1534113531850.png (662.45 KB, 750x1334, C36EC0AA-FBA6-4B3D-874F-2268DE…)

I cant even put into words how he fucking weirds me out all the time, it’s getting worse everyday. Wonder how many of his so called fans would be following him if it wasn’t for peep

No. 663158

A bit overdramatic to delete all her posts just to post this stupid pic tryna be all “mysterious”

No. 663163

HAHAH so mysterious. so deep. so misunderstood. dying the comment "are you going through a mental breakdown."
I'm gunna comment something encouraging, I want more of this content.

No. 663166

sugarbearhair…. come get ya girl

No. 663209

File: 1534117510222.jpeg (639.93 KB, 750x1119, 82C8535B-0A8D-42C5-828F-DB882B…)

so stupid

No. 663215

He’s so gross I dont get how he got all those stupid stans, prob all 14 year olds tho

No. 663217

I like how he uses addiction as an excuse to glamorize drugs

No. 663230

fr, also just in such bad taste imo

No. 663236

File: 1534119842672.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 54CF9569-BAA4-463C-B0BA-F2627B…)

So shrimpy is traveling and if I were to take a guess I would say to Japan since they “haven’t broken up” and she isn’t “flexing on new dick.”

No. 663240

File: 1534120349656.png (97.09 KB, 1722x840, bybye.png)

What happened to GTshields IG? Did she change her name or just permanently disappear this time?

No. 663241

File: 1534120415725.png (812.05 KB, 618x950, ogwgj.png)

>>663236 or she just got ghosted on…

No. 663250

File: 1534120958101.png (318.16 KB, 750x1334, F72275CD-76D6-4D39-A3AE-DC67D3…)

I think so. Here’s what is on my end.

No. 663252

She posted that before going to the airport she put out that ask and hasn't posted since
Maybe shes going to London to marry Luke

No. 663267

File: 1534122044625.jpeg (208.59 KB, 1125x564, E34DA3C3-8C69-43AF-8BE4-1A96C8…)

Pepper has to hit up twitter to get people to hang with him, even if it’s an invite to trippies house

No. 663269

File: 1534122118782.png (6.32 MB, 1125x2436, 872E6AF9-6D08-4D81-AFDC-FBACD0…)

and has to sneak photos for teh clout

No. 663326

can you genuinely not tell them apart, or do you just not know your right from your left? layla is on the left, rachel on the right… c'mon now…

No. 663385

They were saying the person on the left is layla. Pretty sure no one on here is stupid enough to not know left and right.

No. 663416

File: 1534139045242.jpg (863.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180812-224331_Ins…)

Bitch went home.. lmao

No. 663535

anon said "the person on the right isn't layla, that's her friend rachel" and the other anon replied "the person on the left is dumbass"

can you see where the confusion stems from? lol

No. 663549

File: 1534165742407.jpeg (291.41 KB, 975x856, B753ACF5-1B97-4CED-AED6-850DE9…)

Looks like grace has finally had enough

No. 663553

grosso, if you would stop being such a normie tryhard you might be able to fix some things in your life.

No. 663563

Yes Tyler, it is always you. Now go to rehab

No. 663669

She was seeing someone else and got blasted on IG live, hence deleted her instagram after his fans called her out. For once maybe he wasn’t the problem?

No. 663673

File: 1534181400478.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x1893, E60B5CF1-EDFA-4A51-AE95-55F372…)

Wow wtf how did I miss this? Anyone have caps?

Here’s arse with more cryptic poetry

No. 663674

is she trynna be one of those art girls on insta now? LMFAO it couldn't work if she tried

No. 663682

Kek shes wearing an ICP dark lotus shirt

No. 663688

Do you have caps?

No. 663715

File: 1534186082438.jpeg (58.53 KB, 640x481, 04247894-99EC-4352-8F20-EB06A4…)

Lol he’s such a child

No. 663735

File: 1534187182308.png (181.07 KB, 480x347, Screenshot_20180813-140358~2.p…)

No. 663736

you’re all fucking obsessed with Tyler

No. 663740

File: 1534187425125.png (314.37 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180813-140008.png)

anyone else find it kind of fucked up when people say "you live through me" in reference to dead clouty people?

No. 663742

Lol Tracy said the same thing, so did fucking Bexey

No. 663752

he's a massive cow who we've always discussed? what's the issue lmao

No. 663767

I think anon just thinks people are being nitpicky like >>663715 doesn't seem very milky, just him thanking his fans for being supportive

No. 663782

>an easy story to forget
spot on arse

No. 663784

the "you live through me" line is just them trying to manipulate his fans into supporting them

No. 663787

Tyler is a top tier cow. If he stops being milky we'll stop "obsessing"

it's like you don't know what this website is for lmao

No. 663814

>>663674 she was talking about publishing a poetry book, so maybe this is her new branding as a shitty poet.

No. 663819

Luke has a new video up for his music.

It’s not the worst thing in the world but still he is way too old to be starting a music career.

No. 663822

omfg what the fuck is this hairstyle…..
not the worst i've hard but the adlibs while the backing track were cringy asf

No. 663884

He could be pretty good looking imo, sad that he had to ruin it with all those thats & his big ass ego

No. 663909

Lukey, you're never going to make that hairstyle happen. Your music career has more of a chance of popping off than that hair style

No. 663928


I’m surprised that I actually like this

No. 663944

old man hair plus damaging dye treatments equals this brittle bird's nest peep was young which is why his hair didn't look a mess

must be nice to have daddy bankrolling your unproductive life and funding your premature mid-life crisis

No. 663946

I wish I got to Cap it but, I saw wher Pepper post a picture of himself and some random dude commented “bro, I saw you last year in San Fran and you got fat as hell I didn’t recognize you in pic.” And pepper replied with “blocked”. Dude is ridiculously sensitive

No. 663948

Why does Paris song "Night" sound almost exactly like a really really shitty peep song. Even the music video is like that music video peep did with his old girlfriend where they snorting coke

No. 663966

>>663948 where is the Night music video? I only see official audio video on YT.

No. 663970

He only posted a snippet on his Instagram. Begging people to post comments under it

No. 664092

He's such a needy try hard. I can't stand his ass. No wonder him and pepper are friends

No. 664272

File: 1534247733024.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, D96B66F6-AE8A-418F-84F5-5715F1…)

No. 664293

what an ugly child

No. 664337

I wouldnt say shes ugly.. she just looks like your average kid next door. ?

No. 664340

agreed. kek its a little fucked up to call a kid ugly >>664293 She just looks like a child I am giggling about how she goes by the 'toopoor' persona and she is literally hanging out with one of the Sprouse brothers. kek

No. 664341

Hey we've all got those phases we'd rather forget. Lmao

No. 664443

Arse deleted her 2 pics, wonder what else she's gonna post

No. 664446

Anyone know if Layla and Joei are still together?

No. 664451

Layla cant hold a relationship or friendship longer than 2 months, of course they aren't together anymore.

No. 664477

File: 1534273471537.png (2.65 MB, 1844x1088, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 3.03…)

This, apparently.

Arz is the most fake deep person on instagram lmao.

Good thing her father is a rich music industry executive or she would be a Younique makeup seller.

No. 664513

Why would anyone even try so hard for a stupid insta pic. Probably bought that robe just for this one picture

No. 664617

Since when did Makkonen become a country pop singer with a lisp? I hope whoever owns his and peeps album makes him record his part of Sunlight on your skin again because he fucking ruins it with that accent. No auto tune can fix that.

No. 664629

>>664617 Link to what you are talking about?

No. 664631

File: 1534288009676.jpg (106.73 KB, 634x910, 2D62A36F00000578-0-image-m-124…)

she reminds me of Cruella De Vil… with less clothes on.

No. 664639

File: 1534289174855.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1125x1537, 9E966A74-96E1-4F00-9AC9-405EB2…)

Thanks lay

No. 664645

>>664639 wtf is that? maybe that voodoo doll is finally working…

No. 664651

File: 1534289612903.jpg (138.16 KB, 750x1224, Image-1(46).jpg)

No. 664653

File: 1534289677859.jpg (131.36 KB, 750x1220, Image-1(47).jpg)

She's so desperate for any attention it makes her look so stupid

No. 664677

File: 1534291693248.jpg (346.12 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(48).jpg)

Lol shrimp had a meet up and no one showed

No. 664685

Was just thinking the same thing. She has been posting “where’s my Portland babies and when do you want to meet up?” And still posts photos from a bed at her moms house.

This chick is so sad. She had no friends and not even one in her home town. If she truly did, she would have posted a photo of them. She went to LA and straight up fucked her entire social life up for personal gain and it 100% backfired. It sucks to suck.

No. 664703

File: 1534293834716.jpeg (107.21 KB, 1125x452, 28CF9EB1-C9C0-4E4E-A2E8-FF9CA8…)

So annoyingly attention starved. The only people who actually care about hickeys are basically 15. Her “edge” has reeeeally dulled

No. 664705

File: 1534293998254.png (828.24 KB, 1125x2436, 0558AEF7-60B4-49FA-A141-96C38B…)

Dose anyone have any context for this? I thought bighead was single why is he mad at this girl or maybe this dude for talking to this girl?

No. 664713

Part of the lack or shock might be bc it looks more like a nasty rash or like that one person said, hair dye hit with that selective saturation than hickies . she shoulda waited till it was that yellow/purple murky stage if they really are hickies

No. 664720

i haven’t seen him mentioned here lol. who is he?

No. 664725


No. 664730

He produced Gucci gang for lil pump and a bunch of Tracy/peep songs. He was mentioned in the third or second thread a lot.

No. 664762

File: 1534299304377.jpeg (190.71 KB, 750x1334, C9D5DA4F-4ED2-4FD2-B51B-344A58…)

So apparently this happened. Can’t say Corey didn’t invite her - seems like maybe it’s time Corey stopped paying for her shit and went somewhere without her. I am sure her mom paid for her to come visit in Oregon.

No. 664767

Not that anon but here's the song. Still pretty good imo.

No. 664775

Layla and Lil Xan are neck and neck in tonight's Internet Attention Whore Olympics, he deleted his entire insta and replaced it with a single photo of a black square a couple hours ago. Eyeroll.

No. 664799

Shes just trying to find whatever personality is going to start making her money. Unfortunately people know shes about as real as a 3 dollar bill so nobody gives a shit about anything ahead does.

No. 664803

Shrimp, no one here in Portland gives half a shit you're here.

No. 665367

LMFAO these 'hickies' are hair dye from redying that nest a few days ago. I am a hairstylist for a living and I can tell you this is the same, EXACT SAME color as her hair dye on BOTH sides and perfectly RECTANGLE wher her cape was placed and the dye got in the skin while developing. Her comment >>664703 is laughable IMO. If displaying your hair dyed 'hickies' in means of gaining 'popularity' is literally a joking matter. Sure, I guess 15 year olds think it's edgy, but this chic is a 25 years old adult. Keep the hickies below the shirt line, well considering she has no job, whatever? But they aren't even hickies, they are hair dye stains. This is hilarious.

No. 665395

File: 1534359945240.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, DABA0FFA-0CD0-48DD-AA1D-5A2E27…)

Lmao she's lurking so hard. In her nex story now she says "i hate hairdyes it's all over me"

No. 665396


i wonder if the hickey-giver is okay with layla publicizing her sex life?

it's so juvenille "I have sex"-tier antics.

No. 665400

Just like >>665367 said…it is hairdye on her skin. this bitch is so dumb.

No. 665413

YAWN. Everything she does is for attention and it's pathetic. I'm actually surprised she doesn't have a new boyfriend yet seeing as how she is seemingly incapable of being single for more a week at a time.

No. 665432

File: 1534361160620.jpeg (182.38 KB, 1125x499, 7CA54C64-745B-49BF-AC2D-A6E96F…)

She probably does and just finally realized she shouldn’t be dragging them into her spotlight.

idgaf if it’s hickeys or hair dye. It’s attention starved behavior and I wish she’d grow tf up already. Wow Layla, you hook up with guys. So cool. Tell us more.

No. 665567

i wonder what Laylas gonna do when all her tattoos don’t match her next aesthetic

No. 665579

File: 1534371928665.jpeg (615.27 KB, 1125x1291, 4F5FFFEE-7406-4B07-A605-9AB195…)

Meltdown mode initiated

No. 665589

File: 1534372548622.jpg (359.22 KB, 960x1200, 85ee90dbfa957958c2e1ed29c1ffeb…)

while i know this is probably another publicity stunt, are those cuts on her thigh?

No. 665605

But but but… I thought posty was his bestie

No. 665663

her tattoos made her ugly

No. 665711

they're so random and would better on shirts, than her skin

No. 665763

File: 1534379250012.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5504.PNG)

If your not from the USA , can someone explain if this is natural behaviour? It seems a bit over the top, or what u would call a dramaqueen. I cant believe that producers actually hire her. Her lips look like stuffed sausages.

No. 666011

File: 1534397249765.jpeg (643.09 KB, 750x1090, 72DC168B-CF2C-4BAD-8724-261719…)

No. 666016


Clout Gollum

No. 666018

i really hate ugly men that refuse to realize how ugly they are

No. 666023

She was a child model and actress, that and her wild ways are why she' still famous now.

No. 666083

This is like, the fifth time he’s posted this same caption. It wasn’t clever the first time.

No. 666384

Same with how Layla posts the same "says he likes crazy girls but hates when I act crazy" every 5 seconds. It's fuckin annoying and stupid just like her.

No. 666593

what fucking kind of criticism is that lmao

No. 666595

File: 1534461207672.jpeg (172.97 KB, 750x965, 529B4ED3-5A2E-4817-91AB-FEF1DE…)

sage cos not milky at all but…
i cannot be the only one that is spooked out by bexey’s looks, right? he looks like he is playing in a horror movie

No. 666602

File: 1534461764706.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x2030, FE72AA7A-C187-4F2B-B22B-E68601…)

Lesbian looks

No. 666622

the embodiment of lesbian bed death

No. 666664

He tries to make himself look as ugly as possible for some reason. If you’ve ever seen him irl or before or with out all the weird styling he’s actually like unnervingly handsome.

No. 666681

File: 1534468458612.png (638.92 KB, 850x1081, bexey-swan__63661.png)

>unnervingly handsome

No. 666713

File: 1534470374156.jpeg (203.15 KB, 1200x1200, 31B2A867-D8C3-43AE-BA5D-3888CA…)

It’s a firm no for me.

No. 666746

File: 1534472113014.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5529.PNG)

Her voice is so witchy scary. Sounds like someone who has done heroin their whole life and smoked tons of cigarettes.

No. 666755

File: 1534473389465.jpeg (201.08 KB, 750x989, E21A51C3-20BE-40E5-9AF3-5F1A94…)

tyler yet again using people for clout. also, connor ian (the guy he’s referring to) has been accused by numerous women of sexual assault. cute.

No. 666756

ian connor* my bad on the typo

No. 666822

who is that dude

No. 666838

File: 1534483174498.jpeg (104.46 KB, 634x662, FA87E4C7-CFFE-472D-BC36-F76848…)

Tyler, you kind generous soul. Here is the validation you ordered.

No. 666841

lmao @ “where”

No. 666851

>get what you need

that part makes it that much creepier regarding the sexual assault allegations.

No. 667000

pieces - come on - your rags may be pricey but you still look like sloppy old crap

No. 667003

he's trying TOO HARD to look "scary" and it's coming off as cringey imo

No. 667005

is the guy in the picture his "assistant"? dude's looking less and less alive every time i see a pic of him

No. 667019

ive been on and off following these threads for awhile.

are there… any black people who fuck with these yts? like i never see them in group photos, they never end up here, its so many rich white kids appropriating black culture and trying to come off as HARD and FROM THE STREETS when its like…… look around u at this sea of white. look at this blizzard

No. 667040


No. 667050

Who? What?

No. 667052

Lil Tracy, come from oodles of money. Read the threads.

No. 667053


No. 667056

Clearly you havent been following these threads for a while if you do not know who tracy is. It litterally has been mentioned in several threads. Come on Anon.

No. 667067

Tracy the ultimate troll

No. 667072

Tracy has been discussed IN THIS THREAD. Luck moar newfag

No. 667120


Yes that’s him! His pupils are always so damn pinned.

No. 667169

Tyler ran out of friends in LA so he has to fly out what appears to be his only friend from his hometown. yikes

No. 667176

they're together 24/7 from what i've seen

No. 667184

File: 1534535003720.png (336.46 KB, 1229x1572, 5D8788AC-AE53-49C7-9423-859ECF…)

I wonder if this means Peep’s mom no longer has control of his music…

No. 667202


Does silverlilcat comment on EVERY post she makes? Goddamn girl get a fuckin hobby please.

No. 667270

File: 1534545036987.jpeg (211.1 KB, 750x1281, 4D0F2E03-C683-46F2-862B-BFAB82…)

Peeps brother posted this. Wonder who did what

No. 667273

File: 1534545253695.jpeg (201.49 KB, 750x1190, EFE616EA-6129-4DFF-8B73-4757ED…)

Aaand its smoke..

No. 667276

File: 1534545321329.jpeg (145.6 KB, 750x1204, A2B05FEE-9520-4B58-B663-B747C2…)

No. 667278


Peep would have not supported this. Smoke has gone down in my eyes.

No. 667279

lmao always thought this guy was trash. he has been tweeting about peep EVERYDAY since he died and gained a lot of pity clout off it and then he goes and pull this shit. he knows damn well peep and xxxtentacion didn’t fuck with each other, this is embarassing for everyone involved

No. 667282


Oh, man. What a money grab.

No. 667283


>important song to music history

He misspelled, "my wallet."

No. 667286

Not sure how his intentions can be good knowing peep hated X. "Tribute" my ass. Thought he was one of the nicer guys but totally lost my respect now. It's all money moves.

No. 667291

File: 1534547024361.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, 02BDB209-C0CD-4FF4-A0D4-FB6685…)

Fishnarc on his story saying smoke is doing it purely for the money as well

No. 667293

one whole entire black person, wowie

No. 667296

Tracy been saying it

No. 667298

His family and "friends" just should've let his legacy die after he passed away. Right now they're forcing it to a point where it doesn't make any sense anymore, wonder what Guys would say about all of this if he still was here

No. 667301

Mackned is black, nick blanco who isn’t discussed (even tho he really should be) is also black and been with this scene since 2013. Most of the scene is pretty racially diverse I think even if there isn’t an overwhelming amount of black people. Gbc even has more poc in its ranks than white ppl.

I mean his friends and family, aside from smoke, are reacting with disgust so I don’t think they’re for it but they can’t do much beyond be disgusted.

No. 667302

It's unrelated but can this guy even stand upright anymore? He's always 8 pills into the night.

No. 667312

File: 1534549265803.jpeg (285.78 KB, 1125x1432, 29285106-DB6B-40CC-9B83-B7B0D4…)

It’s really rich mr “I beat and harass my girlfriend into getting a restraining order” has the nerve to retweet a tweet from an old anti abusive artist rant peep went on

No. 667322

File: 1534550203899.jpeg (195.76 KB, 640x573, F148D203-2A12-4D00-A96F-ABF288…)

No. 667324


is avicii on this track too??? FUCK smoke sac dudes trash or this

No. 667326

File: 1534550571776.jpeg (189.66 KB, 750x1282, C8D184CA-E28F-4075-A3A0-1EE9CD…)

I'm so confused right now

No. 667328

What’s confusing about Columbia continuing to make fake songs with old stems and using lackeys under contract to hype them up?

No. 667339

makonnen is supporting this too even though his post 2 days ago on instagram Liza commented expressing love for him. wonder if she was trying to guilt him into changing his mind? Or maybe she didn't know about this yet? I'm sorry I don't have a screen grab, I'm on a regular computer but if you go to mackonnen's post on instagram from 2 days ago you can see her comment. I'm surprised he supports xxx considering his sexual orientation. He also struck me as a good friend to Gus so I don't know what to think now….

No. 667340

How is it possible for his music to get signed to Columbia when his mom / family is in control of the estate ? Who else has the rights that would allow them to intervene in that… unless smoke has a say or gets a cut than that answers everything

No. 667348

The estate probably doesn't include his music thanks to a shitty deal he might have signed along the way. It's not like the guy was surrounded by good advice ever.

No. 667374

File: 1534557737216.jpeg (200.1 KB, 1125x879, 2DF762DC-8649-4821-B653-3260C2…)

Sound clout twitter is going off right now

No. 667376

File: 1534557821148.jpeg (206.55 KB, 1125x751, 8C45D145-9E07-4305-8D78-904290…)

No. 667377

File: 1534558000182.jpeg (97.06 KB, 1125x424, C98A8900-405D-430D-92B4-54090F…)

I wonder if Tracy knew about this before hand. I doubt it since it seemed to blindside everyone but he’s been complaining about smoke for a while now

Says the dude with no friends anymore because of being a chronic liar.

No. 667378

File: 1534558032226.jpeg (167.97 KB, 1125x598, 8E3F1672-A5BE-450C-A7E2-99B297…)

omfg the soundclout universe is destroying itself before our eyes. Grab the popcorn

No. 667380

Fat nick and smoke both seemed closer to peep than jealous ass Tracy and the junkie fish narc so I believe then when they say peep would be ok with this.

Maybe momma peep doesn’t support it cause it’s not going to make her rich.!

No. 667383

How would this not make her rich? It’s rising the profile of peep for sure two dead artist are absolutely going to do numbers

No. 667384

Nah mama peep doesn’t support it because he’s a violent abuser, something her and her family are pretty vocal about. They’re all pseudo sjws.

Fat nick is cool with it because he feels the need to rep Florida hard af no matter what. Smokes cool with it because he just hit the clout jackpot and is about to make that money.

All these mfers were scrambling to collect peeps clout like sonic after dropping his rings. It’s been embarrassing for a while now. this song release was just the tipping point for everyone to start calling each other out. They really are eating themselves.

Remember: layla signed with peeps management despite knowing they didn’t do shit to save his life and are milking his dead body for all it’s worth

No. 667387

Wait, just realized this is originally peepxmakkonen…. did they boot him from the track for x? And the sound clip on this post is so tacky; insinuating that this “collab” is ok because peep asked fatnick what kind of dude x was? What the fuck?

Layla better keep all her opinions on this to herself. She could risk fucking up her music career before it even starts

No. 667390

File: 1534559466341.png (310.22 KB, 750x1334, 40F245FB-8FD3-449A-98FC-4C6714…)

He co-wrote it and is promoting it saying he’s honored to be part of it…

No. 667391

This song was from the "Sunlight on Your Skin" with makonnen… what is Makonnen DOING?? Maybe he wouldn't agree to some terms, so the label took his part out. That's pretty fucked.
Makonnen is also with that First Access Entertainment company that let peep die. They obviously do not give a damn about any of their clients.
But yeah that sound clip of xxx was trash like he just sounds like someone who became a fanboy after peep died. He said "if I'd known he was that cool when he was alive. Me and him were so much alike"…. no you weren't.
Columbia just made a huge mistake by doing this.

No. 667392

File: 1534559503198.gif (199.81 KB, 220x165, changing the game for girls.gi…)

>her music career

No. 667397

Nah I wanna see her suck up two dead dudes that hated each other at once.

Girl tell us more about how much x didn’t mean to imprison some bitch.

No. 667404

is there any evidence that peep disliked x? i hope so because the guy was a fucking trashbag and if liza doesn't come out against this bullshit 'collab', i guess we'll all know where her allegiances lie.

anyone know what jenny has to say about this shit? this is just embarrassing for peep's family for him to be associated with this evil shitbag

No. 667407

Liza already commented on Smokes Instagram saying she doesn't support it.

No. 667412

X was a self proclaimed homophobe and peep was openly bi. I’m sure they knew this about each other.

No. 667415

File: 1534561159006.jpeg (112.9 KB, 640x487, 416F932D-396C-4B31-B701-A772EC…)

No. 667418

How was this able to happen? On another group someone claimed Liza sold the rights to Columbia is it possible she did do that but just doesn't support this move? If so totally her fault why would she sell to that trash ass label that's already ruined one of his songs

No. 667426

File: 1534561909105.jpeg (401.9 KB, 1125x2026, 51EF4241-4103-494E-A645-BEFA74…)

Damn bitch can you not scroll? She’s commenting on every post saying it’s not her decision >>667276

She saying it was makonnens choice not hers and that makes a little sense since it was his and peeps song his word just might win out over hers

No. 667431

File: 1534562444593.png (701.32 KB, 1125x2436, B31CC9EB-4DE5-418E-B307-A32C9E…)

Nice backpedal

No. 667433

File: 1534562509134.jpeg (250.79 KB, 1125x1361, 409C4769-EAEB-4354-8A0A-8AD0EB…)

No. 667437

Wonder how much the record label paid smokeasac to post a promotion. Insta hoes soundclout version

No. 667439

fish narcs insta story claims peep spent time and money removing X from peep related playlists

No. 667447

File: 1534564144561.jpeg (383.33 KB, 1125x1789, 7446674E-5C7E-4F01-954D-66936A…)

No. 667448

File: 1534564166068.jpeg (305.52 KB, 1125x1290, CAD52DAD-4EC6-4D77-87FA-1F999A…)

No. 667450

File: 1534564250849.jpeg (428.32 KB, 1125x1642, 2FBFE251-393B-4A95-94B8-177059…)

No. 667453

File: 1534564639295.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 4EEAAF35-BBD8-418E-8160-F43676…)

not milk but just funny thing that peep stan posted

No. 667495

Why does it look like he has a fucked up titty job?

No. 667514

Welp…. This wasn't what I meant when I said they should redo Makonnens part….

No. 667574

Maybe he got surgery for gynaecomastia at some point.

No. 667681

File: 1534609872847.jpeg (136.3 KB, 749x940, BFF0C00F-05B9-4122-A697-873DF7…)

This is so sad tho, crazy how a person's death can have so much impact

No. 667687

File: 1534610805877.jpeg (168.91 KB, 750x1074, 243AA533-0E44-4AA3-B2FE-891BD6…)

So apparently Arse ain't the only one who stole peeps belongings after he died. What a bunch of hypocrits

No. 667689

yeah so many of these motherfuckers did. there was an image an anon compiled a couple threads ago that chronicled the GBC boys’ copping post-mortem peep fits or whatever from his actual closet . sage for being too lazy to find it.

No. 667693

Anyway one else low key wish Jenny would say something? I miss her input these days

No. 667706

She was already in la when he died tho. Any clothes she had of his was probs gifted/prep didn’t give a damn about.

No. 667716

File: 1534615839546.jpeg (352.52 KB, 1125x1825, 81BB81BD-7942-4371-AEB6-A98917…)

this I just sad

No. 667726

File: 1534616936376.jpeg (368.6 KB, 1019x685, CEF497EB-0481-4AF5-B4B6-FA18F8…)

Peeps brother going off on ig.
I agree with him this time. Fat nick should really stfu about whatever conversation he had with peep about X. It’s self serving and comes across as really clout hungry; ever since peeps death he’s been sure to insert himself into the situation as much as possible (I always called and checked on Gus! No it’s me else bothered to! supplies him with bags of xans no one else was willing to help!)
Bexey and GBC are shit for reasons I don’t even need to get into, we all know and it’s been said over and over again. I truly am dumbfounded that Bexey still has a following.

Peep made his own decisions and knew his drug use would get him killed. He’s ultimately responsible for his death. But I’d like to think he would’ve stood a chance if he wasn’t surrounded by complete shit. Sad that the dude didn’t have a single real friend and they’re all such garbage humans

No. 667727

File: 1534616971176.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x2019, 914728E6-37D1-42AA-AC50-8467DA…)

lmao back at it again. so pathetic

No. 667729

File: 1534617325440.jpeg (237.29 KB, 1125x825, 5FAD3D2E-6FA7-4433-997C-E0FEE8…)

hella convenient.

No. 667761

File: 1534620356443.png (172.05 KB, 750x1334, 701A6A48-2605-44E8-8D59-597C5E…)

No. 667762

File: 1534620408365.png (185.5 KB, 750x1334, BDEA265C-D9C6-4F86-8A14-6BBB55…)

Wicca phase and Alice don’t like this x & peep thing either

No. 667763

Honestly shame on Tyler for taking someone back who cheated on him, but also shame on her to go back to his manipulative ass who put his stans against her when he went on his rant. Both dumbasses so match made in heaven.

No. 667764

careful your profile pic is showing

No. 667768

and username

No. 667771

for anyone wondering what is the original song. makkonen got remixed out of it and they put X in the picture. also Fishy fishnarc said that Goth Angel Sinner is going to be changed completely before being released; so for anyone out there that is a fan of peep’s music- you are fucked

No. 667775

I don’t think anyone beside those on the Colombia payroll & x fans like this

No. 667782

Indeed. You can definitely tell that all X fans are little kiddos. All they do in the comments is fight and argue, dont care about Peep's family whatsoever. All they care about is that they have a new X song they can hype on. Pathetic much. If they still were alive no one would bat an eye.

No. 667797

File: 1534623803511.jpeg (863.81 KB, 1125x1397, 11610044-D6FA-4775-B65E-D22947…)

Of course pepper idolizes this guy

No. 667803

File: 1534625279368.jpeg (289.56 KB, 1125x1259, 82BE1A51-FED7-4C55-818D-F99E50…)

Jenny has finally spoken

No. 667805

Damn, not quite the answer I expected tbh. Thought she'd use the opportunity to bash GBC. Sad that peeps mom got bullied by the management tho

No. 667806

A grown ass woman -bullied- into selling rights to her sons music. Lol.

No. 667807

File: 1534626430357.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, 8FC9F51F-C6D4-45B2-B44C-267427…)

So they got a pic together but all i'm wondering is how smoke can walk with his legs attached like that lol

No. 667815

she probably got a new living room set with the money
it's about the legacy you know

No. 667818

She just unfollowed Joei today so they probably did break up

No. 667819

Tp has a new story on IG and she has like, a normal voice on it? Totally different from that fake voice she's tryna make on her lives all the time. Sage cuz no one probably cares

No. 667820

*post, not story

No. 667822

Does anyone know about laylas instagram statics and followers? Has she ever had a dip or low in the followers and is she still gaining steady??

No. 667824

pretty weird that anybody would care about that…

No. 667826

File: 1534627958642.jpeg (832.53 KB, 1125x1410, A40588A4-8DAF-4F20-BD08-1B9188…)

those LIPS oh my god

No. 667828

She buys her ig live views when they get around 2k so I’m sure she buys her followers too

No. 667829

And those eyes too. She's trying so hard to look like a human Bratz doll

No. 667832

awful waist shop, as per usual

No. 667834

Shrimp's make up is a form of self harm.

No. 667836

Wow how du know? Is instagram paying her for every live?

No. 667838

lmao you guys are jealous of Cass
she looks good

No. 667839

Someone give this girl a god damn eyebrow tutorial. Same for every other girl in this scene (looking @ you moonpie!)

No. 667840

Lmao she looks like a crackhead. The only reason you think she looks good here is because of photoshop. No one is jealous of her shit face tuning.

No. 667844

Very carefully.
Everyone who wore those pants '95 fell down at least once in the halls. Lmao.

No. 667847

Hi cass! Girl of u so cute how we’re not able keep Corey’s ugly ass lol

No. 667853

I’m really suprised she not taking about the person her grandsons stems were spliced with has pretty fucked domestic violence charges. So much for being principled.

No. 667854

Can you try again

No. 667856

Socialblade is free and you got hands, go find out for yourself

No. 667858

No. 667861

anyone seeing what’s going down in lays comments on her new post?

No. 667865

File: 1534632287015.png (166.5 KB, 740x1173, IMG_5595.PNG)

Pepper ann was also upset over the peep tracks

No. 667870

It’s just a clout grab. After x died pepper claimed they were practically besties. Dude will say anything in an attempt to look decent

No. 667871

File: 1534632929565.jpeg (742.06 KB, 1125x1127, C64BCEC8-ADD1-43EE-A1F1-E79563…)

Jenny added onto her FB post.
Does she not know Liza and Oskar are against the song release? Tf Jenny??? Isn’t she supposed to be against all the things X was known for? She’s really got it out for fish/GBC, to the point where she doesn’t care if she contradicts herself

No. 667878

If she’s still fighting with Liza she might not know why there’s an object but it is weird she’s not listening to Oskar who she still likes. Maybe someone should drop the articles with the details of his case/ a pic of that girls face lmao.
These are the people that also stand by yung goth who’s a known pedophile, so who knows. Maybe they’re just mad that the people they decided to make villains are the first to react with complete unwavering disgust along with them because that mean they have to admit tHE eNeMy actually did know their child well.

No. 667889

File: 1534636820306.jpeg (674.29 KB, 1125x1708, 1FC58CFF-4220-4C61-93D0-A7DA42…)

Caught this gem in the comments and fucking YIKES Jenny.

No. 667891

File: 1534636838420.jpeg (637.5 KB, 1125x1530, 5067E50E-F288-49CD-B00B-CF807D…)


No. 667894

Even if I thought she looked good, and she doesn’t in that pic, she’s a dumbcunt with zero talent, no ambition and no friends because she’s a shitty shitty person. Only a total retard would be jealous of that.

No. 667895

A young man in the prime of his life.

No. 667898

This is an imageboard sweetie, post caps.

No. 667909

>it's a really nice living room set
>sectional sofa
>please stream it guys

No. 667920


what the hell is she talking about?! is she aware xxx is dead and he can't change from the grave? she seems to think makonnen and peep asked xxx to do this song to change him….but this was all put together after peep and xxx died. my brain hurts trying to decode Jenny's posts. I think she lost it.

No. 667940

Wow! I was the one who wrote earlier that I wanted Jenny to comment, didn’t expect that reaction?! The fuck???

No. 667943

Who deleted all the vids of lay doin heroin and coke? Anyone still have em?

No. 667956

Ain’t this bitch supposed to be all about anti oppression and super proud of being pro Palestine lmao

No. 667997

Everyone needs to let peep rest in peace. Let his music die with him. Obviously othing will be released as he wanted it to be because the dudes dead. None of his plans can come to fruition as he wantes, unless they were completed before he died. I'm sure he had lots of ideas and things he wanted to do. Others doing it in his memory is not the same as him doing it. It just shows you how man leeches were clinging to him. It's truly sad, he probably thought all these people were his friends and it seems none of them really were. Opportunistic losers.. the whole scene.

No. 667998

Interesting, considering he made that video acting like he had boxed up all peeps stuff for his mom. He probably rummaged through it all afterwards. Sad he would make it look like he was really a caring friend who was doing the right thing. It also disgusted me how his parents gave him that engraved bottle of heny and he went and drank it. Not that it was gus' or anything, but someone gives you something as a sort of memorial of someone and you cant even respect that.. smh

No. 668004

Shit, I'd hate him too if he had the nerve to call my actual brother his brother while also supplying him with large quantities of drugs as a fucking gift. That's not what you do for someone you really care about. That's a drug friend..not a real friend. Theres a big difference.

No. 668008

I'd be interested to know how she was bullied into it. Wasnt Jenny going off on how Liza was doing it for the money not so long ago?

No. 668009

He waddles

No. 668016

Didn’t know this was a peep thread

No. 668019

How fucked up is your own look anon, for you to think cass looks good here?

No. 668023

File: 1534647918239.jpeg (505.41 KB, 1242x1916, 4A2C35E3-0929-4B22-9C32-74D576…)


No. 668025

So delusional

No. 668036

what’s happening with all the hate comments on her post ?

No. 668037

File: 1534649386371.jpeg (622.19 KB, 1125x1433, B27CE060-6F47-4634-BBA1-5B3110…)

Jenny’s vendetta has got her saying some batty shit.

No. 668038

Glad these spells and this voodoo doll been working on Layla.

No. 668040

File: 1534649439533.jpeg (631.96 KB, 1125x1720, 99E077EF-98AE-4DDA-AD5B-5DE3EF…)

Provides a copypasta response….

No. 668041

File: 1534649493397.jpeg (579.69 KB, 1125x1690, F33C45EF-8396-4D26-8780-143DE0…)

aaaand conveniently glosses over what Oskar is actually mad about


No. 668043

bitch go post this on a peep site no one gives a fuck

No. 668050

She sent all of her fan accounts to go report that account exposing her in the comments KEK

No. 668054

I feel bad Layla has had the worst looks her whole life no wonder she FaceTunes so much

No. 668057

you hate your daughter so much you gotta start posting about her on her own thread…

No. 668060

Scott give us some milk on her, fr.

No. 668067

Are you as vapid and empty as Layla Shapiro?
As a fellow Heeb I am embarassed poverty tourists like her exist.

No. 668068

You can contact me on my Facebook, just be polite. I have a lot to tell about Layla, like how my niece almost got ahold of her xans last year.

No. 668070

Why did you post the same shit and delete it later buddy?

No. 668071

Wasn't posting for me.

No. 668072

Excuse me, and who are you buddy?

No. 668079

Look up Chaz Shapiro hate crime. Chaz is Laylas brother. It happened in Palms Spring, 2007. He spray painted swastikas on someones property. Believe me, I am in disgust with Layla and Chaz. They both cant accept they are Jewish, as Layla constantly is in denial. Marci was my only good kid out of three. Layla has done nothing but cause trouble for the Shapiros for years.

No. 668081

File: 1534655579753.jpeg (192.94 KB, 1242x1062, E071A8F7-83DB-45A3-AF89-40C7CC…)

isn’t this Chaz and Marci?

No. 668084

what kind of trouble?

No. 668097

1. My five year old niece almost got ahold of Laylas drugs last year.
2. She has always expected her mother and I to give her large amounts of money whenever she wanted. Didn't get her way? Se'd trash the house and call us awful things.
3. She still expects Amy, her mother, to pay for all of her bills while Amy is dirt poor. Layla gets to spend all her money on name brand.
4.Marci just had a baby, my grand daughter, sometime last year. Layla stole money from Marci several times that was for taking care of my granddaughter.
5. She has pictures of my granddaughter all over the internet, while all of her instgram friends are burn outs and pedophiles.
6. We've always had problems with her as a child letting anybody touch her where ever at school. In her teen years she went behind Amys back bringing boys into her home.
6. Amy had to take aways her phone constantly. She was making fake profiles as a teen and talking to older guys.
7. Everyone in my town knows theres pictures of my daughter online naked, doing drugs, all kinds of shit.
8. She's been trying to sue me because I followed her profile.
I can go on and on.

No. 668099

Lots of typos. My bad folks, hope ya'll understand.

No. 668101

She also lied to ya'll about her step dad stealing her college funds. She stole Camilla Boze-Shapiros funds for her first car. It was around 4k. Camilla, is Laylas cousin fyi.

No. 668102

proof now

No. 668109

Whoevers making that YT video better get screenshots of all the shit about her that happened today before it all gets deleted

No. 668110

Are you a fucking retard? This is a Layla/SoundCloud thread and has been for the last six incarnations. Dead or not peep is a soundcloud rapper.

No. 668111

No one wants to hear about him
People come here for Layla

No. 668113

is there a way you can prove this is scott? or any of those things? people come on here a lot and pretend to know layla….

No. 668116

Can’t find this pic anywhere else. If this pic was out on the internet all of her fan pages would have it up along with all of her other childhood photos they already have. It’s probably him

No. 668120

“I feel bad Layla has had the worst looks her whole life no wonder she FaceTunes so much” smh you mfs are dumb

No. 668122

Layla, Marcie, and Chaz on Halloween.

No. 668123


No. 668126

so was she always a bad kid or was there anything that caused a change/started her behavior? What caused you to be on such bad terms?

No. 668127

We do not support posting photographs of minors here under any circumstances hope that helps.

No. 668144

Don’t listen to them because they’ve posted your grandkids in older threads b4

No. 668151

Speak for yourself, I like to read about Pepper spiralling the drain.

Someone with access to these and pretending to be him, I reckon.

No. 668156

Wtf is going on, is this one of Layla’s weird stalkers?

No. 668159

All of you can message me on Facebook for any questions. It's Scott Shapiro.

No. 668162

who wants to see the girl behind the toopoor threads?

No. 668179

Cause theres only 1 scott shapiro on facebook? Why suddenly come on here to bash Layla? Why now?

No. 668181

This thread is getting weird wtf is going on and honestly who cares about "the girl behind the toopoor threads"? She's doing nothing wrong so why care about exposing her

No. 668187

What? No, not really. Unless its layla herself… then maybe yes.

No. 668199

https://youtu.be/Zr4EDE1-vVU fat nick is actually saying the same thing that gma peeps said, that peep left gbc

No. 668209

Everyone was saying that a few days after he died.

No. 668234

Really not relevant anymore

No. 668235

No. 668239

If it was makonnens choice… why would he cut himself out. This whole this is so weird. Peeps part is kind of repetitive but catchy. The rest not a fan of.

No. 668304

Oooooooooooh nooooooooooo what you got on me? Cause I did the Layla threads 2 - 8. Then at least 3 other anons did them, lmafo.

No. 668316

File: 1534699993932.png (200.16 KB, 750x1334, 51685DE2-9DE8-44A0-ACD6-98D6FB…)

Jenny keeps on posting the same comments under her posts. seems like she is mentally ill.

No. 668318

ugh, can someone please tell her that he was long dead before this was decided?????????

No. 668322

Already posted >>668040

No. 668323

nahh, look at her top comment, this time it’s kind of different

No. 668326

Omg is she just copy pasting a set of phrases over and over again?

No. 668369

Honestly if the claims of "Layla's dad" are real, I really feel bad for her family. Being broke is one thing but stealing money from your baby niece is just beyond disgusting.

No. 668372

The 90's hit "I believe I can fly", is his theme song. Vid related.

No. 668374

Well tbh if she refuses contact and blocked him off all social media perhaps I can understand why he's watching this thread as we discuss her life into the most tiny details. I'd prob do the same in his situation, it's his daughter after all.

No. 668380

File: 1534708236223.jpg (27.38 KB, 286x407, lay.JPG)

Sage cause no milk but this pic really shows that Layla could've been actually pretty. I think a more natural look suits her way more than her wannabe edgy toopoor persona.

No. 668381

i dont think it's layla's dad. the 'y'all's are sketchy, but i do think it's probably someone from layla's family (maybe her cousin or something that she fucked over)

No. 668393

If it really was her dad, why would he come here and lurk a daughter hes apparantly embarassed of, thinks is ugly, and generally seems to hate.

No. 668395

Well aren't most of us feeling the same about her tho? Lol, don't think anyone is on here because they idolize toopoor or something

No. 668414

Yeah I didn’t nut in her mom tho and since it’s inception this thread has been love-hate about her

Wasn’t nulls psychotic ass in love with her or something? Maybe it’s him/one of his weird friends trolling

No. 668440

he thinks she's ugly? does anyone have any caps of things her dad has said about her?

No. 668460

File: 1534716277566.jpeg (138.89 KB, 749x1099, B570C6D7-4B46-4661-9115-E07D2A…)


No. 668467

This is so sad tho, I can't imagine the pain he's going through. Must suck to be in such a powerless position and seeing GBC basically dance on Gus' grave. Can't understand how Jenny is choosing their side

No. 668468

Honestly rt also it’s endless funny to me that peeps normie successful brother is a weeb on the side.

I hope he talks to jenny cause she’s wyling.

No. 668470

File: 1534716963510.jpeg (58.06 KB, 750x546, 10BB7651-E46B-46BE-9CA1-B43817…)

I mean, he has a point..

No. 668471

Who’s side? Jenny’s double downing on the hate because all of peeps friends, gbc included, aside from smoke and nick and mak hate this as much as his mom and brother do.

No. 668475

File: 1534717199563.jpeg (261.73 KB, 750x1285, DAA9E739-7E0F-4934-8F78-7F6FA3…)

Honestly kinda dissapointed that tp chooses to support Fatnick atm but yeah it's layla after all

No. 668481

Also this vid just shows how many of his so called "fans" are just Peep fans who only care about him cause he used to fuck with him

No. 668483

That’s honestly pretty fucked up, wasn’t peeps mom like super nice to her? Like defended her from rabid peep stans and shit. Lmao guess she don’t care enough about anyone, even her dead boyfriends mother to just hold her tongue

No. 668493

File: 1534718276741.jpeg (144.46 KB, 1125x854, CE59AFC1-028E-4B28-A490-337DE2…)

Gotta love Oskar

No. 668496

Imo Peep's mom is a nice person in general and people take advantage of that. Columbia being able to harass her like that is just another prove. Kinda sad that a woman who's grieving her lost son has to through all of that

No. 668498

>peep didn’t want to die

No. 668504

So because someone says they want to die in their music or social media posts, you should let your friend overdose for hours while you're sitting there watching them?

No. 668506

The fact that she openly supported Smoke and Fatnick when Peep passed, even when Smoke posted about it for the milionth time, and now they just stab her back like that, it just doesn't feel right. Expected this from Fatnick but not from Smoke

No. 668508

Same with makonnen

No. 668510

Fat nick is a gross piece of shit, so hes not wrong.

No. 668513

It's not like shes got a lot of friends (or apparantly family) to spare. She'll side with whoever hasnt/wont turn their back on her at this point.

No. 668514

I’m pretty surprised smoke would too. I think he feels bad tho, he’s the only one who backpedaled, pretty soon after this all started, instead of just doubling down.

He always gave me really bad vibes tho ngl, with being a 100% industry puppet after peep died and the chronic lying/embellishing about peep. Tracy suddenly hating smoke a month after peep died didn’t help. But I def didn’t think he would do peeps mom like this.

No. 668515

What's worse: sticking by your word and just keep promoting like fat nick, who at least has a "reason" in his mind? Or to backpedal and only act like you care because everyone is mad at him? All these people are snakes. And they all now have money because of peeps dead body

No. 668517

Just saw that all Oskars comments are deleted on Smokes insta, wonder if he deleted it himself or if Smoke did it because he was provocating too much

No. 668519

Mans is (rightfully) wishing death on people, I don’t think it was oksar cleaning it up.

No. 668520

I think fat nick it worse just cause he’s inserting himself into this, he had no part in the song this is smoke and Makonnens thing literally why is he even talking

No. 668522


peeps brothers Instagram is gone…. maybe people reported his post

No. 668523

What did this song have to do at all with smokeasac….?

No. 668526

He's an awful artist, his whole carreer is based on his and Gus' friendship. People were probably losing interest so he had to post something new. Honestly dont understand why people would pay to see this human blob "rap" but when you look at his audience on his stories I kinda understand it. All white 14 yo groupies with prob no rap knowledge whatsoever. Dont think any respectable fan of decent rap music would go to a concert like that

No. 668527

On smokes Twitter he literally said he had nothing to do with the song

No. 668528

I hope he just deactivated himself. People were kinda againt him in the comments so maybe he felt like taking a break

No. 668535


yeah me too I feel bad for him. the original post he made about fat nick he said don't call peep "brother." So fat nick goes on stage plays a peep song and then captions it referring to peep as "BROTHER." like what a petty bitch. A posthumous collab between two artists who did not associate with eachother? Get the fuck out of here peep's brother is right. I've felt that kind of rage before…it's not okay to wish death but I think we've all felt rage like that before-just wasn't broadcasted to thousands of people ready to judge

No. 668542

Jesus I didn’t even think of that. I hope fat nicks fat ass gets a heart attack who the fuck acts like that

No. 668543

Just sucks that Fatnick has thousands of emptyheaded fans behind him and supporting him while Oskar isn't that known. I just wish Peep could see how all of his fake ass friends are treating his family right now. I would've never guesses for everything to turn out this sad

No. 668544

It’s fucked up but also pretty funny that the only friends of peeps that are on his family’s side are the ones they absolutely hate

No. 668546

Yeah been thinking that as well. Honestly lost respect for each one of them at this point.

No. 668547

Tbh if he acts like this childish then he deserves his shitty audience of 12 year olds. At least they're on the same level

No. 668549

I think is obvious his family was had by sweet talking opportunists. His family even hates Brennan savage who’s know peep since they were in elementary or something

No. 668569

File: 1534724185683.jpeg (728.77 KB, 1125x1279, A0EE5022-51E8-4ECC-B565-D94659…)

Imagine saying all this and then choosing to back opportunistic leechs defending a homophobic women beater who are also antagonizing your dead ex’s obviously hurting family kek

Layla you been a snake since the day you were born.

No. 668574

Its truly astonishing how she plays this fake "believe in yourself, use your energy to manifest your destiny" bullshit when she's the scummiest, most terrible person inside and out. Nobody buys your bullshit except for your teenage followers layla, you're a god damn embarrassment.

No. 668575


when is she going to stop pretending to be a recording artist and actually drop a song…it's been a year. like she's been "recording" but she had to learn everything from the beginning….singing, piano, etc etc.

No. 668614

Fr next time I start thinking she’s in any way redeemable someone needs to slap me. I feel bad for all the girls who saw and supported her through tyler/her ~abuse activist~~~ phase only for her to do this too. Way to backstab two groups with one knife Layla, very resourceful!

No. 668689

yeah her childhood reeks of sexual abuse scott, why would she want boys to touch her that young? why did she have identity crises'? why aren't you monitoring our own niece better so she doesn't get ahold of layla's drugs or better yet why aren't YOU in AA to learn how to deal with your own damn daughter instead of making it WORSE on your family and airing your dirty laundry out on social media until she wants to kill herself from embarrassment?? i know i would if i had a father as shitty as you, i hope she does sue you from stalking. someone clearly raped or molested her when she was a child, fuck you for not loving her, getting her help, and having her back instead of going on a message board for young girl you fuckin freak.

i'll take my ban i don't even like layla i'm not a white knight but FUCK this guy, burn in hell.

No. 668708

I agree, that someone sexually abused her was my furst thought when she said she'd let boys touch her anywhere from a young age. Why was that not more of a concern? If that was her actual father he sounds like a real piece of shit and sounds like he wrote layla off as a lost cause long ago. You cant get mad at her for living her life however she chooses despite "your whole town knowing she has nudes online" you dont get to turn tour back on someone then expect them to live how you want. I'm neither here nor there for layla but damn. A middle aged man chiming in here is just sad. Part of me Hope's it's actually just layla trying to get her name brought up again here. Who knows.

No. 668713

File: 1534746544613.jpeg (18.81 KB, 275x112, 90CC03BF-3DDD-4D04-A49D-EBC4A0…)

Remember this?

No. 668717

Layla is banned from posting

No. 668727

We don’t know how long her ban was, it could theoretically be her even if she did get a mod warning to stop posting but that whole thing was so bizzarre I saw the person that posted that first ig cap post and delete it before they left it up pretty sure layla doesn’t know how to do that

No. 668728

Did not know that

No. 668735

Masterbation in kids isnt uncommon.. or necessarily unhealthy. It's not sexual in the way adults masterbate. It's more about body exploration. I'm not so sure about having others touch you.. that seems like something more to look into.

No. 668740

File: 1534750459357.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.53 KB, 937x1171, lollilpeep.jpg)

There is no proof that is "Scott" or that Layla is a CSA you stan.

Pic somewhat related..

No. 668742

*pic not at all related

No. 668752

i started masturbating super early too and i was never molested, this is a huge reach

No. 668763

Stop posting this stupid ass pic omg

No. 668767

File: 1534758990250.jpeg (147.21 KB, 750x1334, 841E752A-3357-49D0-806D-E16B94…)

I don't have the vids but I have this screenshot from her sc story when she was in vegas w tyler a week before peep died

No. 668780

File: 1534761466155.jpeg (274.37 KB, 1011x1472, 933B5289-D496-4A30-8C22-05C232…)

So while all this shit with the track is going on shrimp is officially admitting shes broke and moving back to her parents house lol. Also the last tweet with the fidget spinner ugh cringe

No. 668786

So, does that mean her and Corey did break up? Didnt/doesnt he live there too?

No. 668811

File: 1534771471755.jpeg (194.8 KB, 750x1124, 37720504-0938-4BC8-9982-9E39C7…)

just now on highsnobiety’s instagram:

No. 668822

technically anyone who has an eproxy switcher downloaded can post regardless of a ban

No. 668824

No, she didn't move back in with her mom. If you look at her IG story, you'll see her and Corey celebrated his birthday last night. Coret posted asking about a place open starting sept 1. >>659438

It seems as if they're just moving out of HER appartment into another. No breakup actually happened./

No. 668884

File: 1534783073564.png (197.64 KB, 330x569, wtf.png)

I can't help but to laugh at how ridiculous this whole statement sounds. This boy's army of crazed tween stans are seriously out to crush sp00ky. kek

No. 668901

this is very random but does anyone know when exactly toopoop started dating peep and when was the last time they broke up? i cannot find the exact dates in previous threads
sage cause no milk

No. 668904

>>668901 It is all there, just look harder

No. 668912

search or F4 “girls video” and you’ll find it a bunch of times bc people won’t stop bring it up and rehashing it

No. 668938

File: 1534789853361.jpeg (309.75 KB, 750x1193, 6E8CF9C3-D0CA-4D50-ABA8-B3B143…)

This is low even for Bexey lmao

No. 668949

I don’t understand what’s wrong with this photo? The comments were crazy too, It seemed like he was just excited to meet a meme,

No. 668987

It shows he's desperate for attention. She's a brat and has a shit personality, if she were less famous Bexey probably wouldn't like to be associates with her but since she has + 10 millie its okay

No. 669016

File: 1534795236295.png (684.97 KB, 859x322, bex.png)

I do not see anything wrong with this photo. I mean she could be a fan of Bexey and wanted a photo. Plus, he looks VERY disengaged compared to a majority of other photos of him with fans.

No. 669059

if you’re both playing the same stage I don’t see why not be excited and take photos Wicca and his boys were stoked too, one of them even instagrammed on stage for her. That’s not very “low” imo

No. 669080

File: 1534800873774.jpeg (178.2 KB, 750x1334, 258EFAB4-8D7F-4949-8CEC-0836B4…)

Tbh i think she's pretty but in vids you realize what a cakeface she actually is damn

No. 669159

Save him.. lmao
Yes, this is exactly they type of cause people need to get behind… please save this guy. Please. I dont know who they are but this person sounds like an idiot. If the worst thing that can happen to someone is moonpie trying to fake a relationship with you then I'd say you're doing ok.

No. 669160

Who is that?

No. 669177

it’s the „cash me outside how bah dah” girl, right now she raps

No. 669223

File: 1534813926074.jpeg (150.78 KB, 750x1186, BB4A5AC1-0907-422E-9018-A037FF…)

yo i haven’t been to bexey’s ig since peep died and i must say, people really cant stand him, there are so many hate comments still, i thought they would slowly disappear after a few months but he still is called a peep skinwalker like… it’s an old milk :////
btw he said he wants to die when he is 36 (cause 666) wow so edgy tell me moar

No. 669274

Lol. I agree, but deep down this is everyone. Lol let’s see a self posed photo and one canded. It’s all the same.

No. 669317

She needs an urgent brow intervention.

No. 669396

File: 1534830611833.jpg (185.4 KB, 619x575, 20180820_224922.jpg)

Oh my god….what are these brows??????

No. 669399

I always found it strange how her brows are so fucked while the rest of her makeup is quite good (but it's probably all the facetune tho). Meanwhile instead of filling her brows into a decent shape she just draws one black line under it and thats is.
Also lol @her and Layla always trying to be edgy with their cigs, it's 21st century, smoking ain't cool anymore

No. 669408

File: 1534832196505.jpg (21.46 KB, 262x390, bexxx.JPG)

Lmao I cant. So used to Bexey looking all weird that him looking like a normal human being just doesn't make sense to me anymore

No. 669419

File: 1534833678264.png (440.28 KB, 1242x2208, 87FA80A2-F17E-4319-B67D-1079E3…)

No. 669459

damn, how come no one wants to 'bully' me with a fat check?

No. 669461

lopholora…is that you? (the pic not the anon lol)

No. 669506

what kind of "therapy center" allows you to keep your phone and access internet

No. 669555

I know that atleast here in the therapy/mental ward for teens under 18 you’re not allowed internet access and they take your sim card, but in the adult one allows you to keep your phone and sim card if you’re only there getting treated for something not too serious

No. 669558

Cass in rehab, duh.

No. 669728

File: 1534877046336.jpeg (245.39 KB, 1124x1410, 0C6B44B0-A2EB-4598-AC6F-343B8C…)

No. 669751

File: 1534879024106.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, DBAFFA0A-AFB9-4D95-BE67-6E87B4…)

couldn’t help but find this so cringe. she sounds like a 13 y/o going through a goth phase “he is my master” LMAO

No. 669762

File: 1534880203448.png (1 MB, 1408x930, pm.png)

sorry I don't follow this thread too closely but is tyler grosso still on tour with post? his jet is about to make a crash landing

No. 669783

No lmao he got kicked off and even random fans on soundclout subreddits he shares a demo with will say it was because of drugs

No. 669823

>>669762 don't apologize and read the rules and read previous threads and 99.9% of the time your answers are there, so READ past Threads. Spoonfeeding isn't taken lightly. you're going to be eaten alive, newfag.

No. 669895

oh yes let me read through the past 13 threads about a cow I only have passing interest in before I post this screenshot, jesus I just got a CNN alert about this and thought it might be pertinent

No. 669971

Watch us all be wrong about lil xan being the next SoundClout casualty when posts plane burns up

No. 669979

Layla made a tweet about her dad two days ago and then deleted it. Does anyone have a ss of it?

No. 670064

Fat Nick’s instagram live talking about the peep and x situation

No. 670089

Smokeasacs girl sits on instagram all day stalking all of peeps friends and exes. She likes all of pouya, emma, and all the peep fanboys shit. She comments on every single one of Layla's post acting like they're besties and Layla never likes or responds to them. She even follows peeps mom. It's creepy as fuck

No. 670110

its fucking weird he let her in, but considering he dated case he clearly has a thing for vapid talentless directionless losers. the fact that cass is legit wasting her family's money going to rehab or whatever and STILL being a gigantic asshole sitting on twitter speaks volumes to how hopeless and tragic she is. it's fucking stupid as hell and i feel for her mom.

No. 670111

I know someone is gonna argue with me about how some dude bleaching his hair isn't new and unique but Teddy, GEazy and Pete Davidson (ariana grandes bf) are all attempting to be Peep skinwalkers and it's not working for any of them

No. 670121

Cass dated smoke? I thought the only boy in that scene she dated was horsehead

No. 670134

File: 1534910873816.png (242.56 KB, 480x436, d3c2952063e758cd58c5a9327b1d24…)

teddy's a given but i really don't see the skinwalker in g eazy. unless it's in his music, but i wouldn't know. and pete seems more like slim shady than anything else. i blame justin for this.

No. 670135

seriously doubt pete davidson and g eazy are trying to be fucking lil peep

No. 670151

Someone lied to G-Eazy and told him he looked younger as a blond. If he starts getting doodles tattooed on his face you can cry Peep.

No. 670159

File: 1534913756805.jpeg (426.3 KB, 1125x1687, 94F11849-2DC9-426B-BE12-2E96B8…)

Wow… Rose follows, likes, and comments on all these

No. 670160

File: 1534913776493.jpeg (468.83 KB, 1125x1910, 8E8E15CF-72B4-498B-99A1-F67556…)

No. 670171

But she literally comments and likes all her fan pages posts and pictures so I wouldn’t think she’d take that peep one any different… she always reply’s to her “fans”

No. 670172

Also she literally follows anyone who asks her. Lol.

No. 670173

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a problem with rose? Lol she literally doesn’t do anything she’s just dating smoke and lives in Canada. There’s nothing interesting about her to talk about

No. 670174

Actually it's pretty creepy. It's on the same level as Lil Xan posting that photoshopped pic. They didn't know peep and theyre clout chasing. And now rose is trying to weasel her way in by dating smoke. Gross.
Also Rose stalks these threads so

No. 670175

WHY does someone who does "nothing" have fan pages…

No. 670178

Like we all follow all of them? She was a fan before she started talking to all of them, why would she change that now… also I don’t know why she has fan pages she literally does nothing lol. I think it’s because she dated Paris.

No. 670179

Her fan pages made those edits, not her. She dated Paris?

No. 670181

Do you guys read the threads at all… it's been mentioned multiple times she dated Paris. She was obsessed with Paris. Then they broke up and Rose started becoming obsessed with Peep. Rose became friends with Spooky bc she stalks Peeps life, and spooky and toopoor schemed up to get Rose and Smokeasac together to make Paris mad. Smoke is getting the wool pulled over his eyes

No. 670182

Spooky dated Paris before Paris dated Rose. He apparently fucked her over

No. 670184

She was a fan of peeps way before Paris lol she got the crybaby tattoo the day after peep died and Paris and her just met eachother in April.

No. 670185

Ok that sounds like absolute bullshit lol I wish I can get the actual story behind rose. I don’t mind her as of right now just curious

No. 670186

Also Rose and Spooky became friends because of Paris lol they literally mentioned it so many times

No. 670187

File: 1534916771726.jpeg (252.25 KB, 996x994, 9A450783-2B4F-4B4B-87E2-303AED…)

I literally just said rose befriended spooky after Paris and rose broke up. They only became friends Bc they both dated Paris and rose is a SoundCloud social climber.

No. 670201

Ok, Rose. You want the clout but can't take criticism. And learn how to fucking sage

No. 670208

Laughing so hard right now. Rose deleted that post she made but it basically was her saying "Rose is just a fan I don't understand why she's even a topic on this thread I'm so bored of rose talk I'm yawning"

No. 670213

Idk what a sage is all I know is that someone sent me this link saying people are talking shit and you guys are sooo weird I tried to hide behind this and say my actual story since none of u guys have the balls to message me and ask…

No. 670214

Prove it’s you or gtfo

No. 670216

Like I said before. I’m literally just a girl from Montreal I don’t do anything lol I paint and work at a cafe. U guys are soooo weird for thinking so deeply into my life. I’m glad I’m that interesting to you when my life’s not even interesting to me. Yes I was a fan of allll of them before I met them and now I did and their my friends. I’m getting off this website but u guys are fkn WEIRD. Bye

No. 670221

Rose is "friends" with all these ppl yet she's making posts on here trying to talk shit about Layla. We can tell it's you because it was posted right after your other post and you didn't sage. So transparent

No. 670224

This post I'm referring to said "Is anyone looking at Laylas tweets right now lol"

No. 670225

And not to be annoying but like I was a fan of all of these people way before I met anyone. There’s literally no reason to change yourself and who ur a fan of once you become friends with some of the people. This chat is literally crazy and scary lol.

No. 670226

I’ve never posted on this before tonight when someone sent me the link. I was trying to change the convo into how cute Layla’s tweets were tonight since she’s giving away 100$ so one of u can actually be positive for once. I seriously cannot believe my eyes. there’s so much hate. U guys don’t know any of us.

No. 670227

U guys literally have everything all wrong and twisted, it’s not that deep lol. Focus on ur own life. Goodbye!

No. 670229

fuck anyone that doesn't think rose is a dumb ass lmao. this is hilarious thank you anon. what a joke an INSTAGRA M D E T O X is compared to people with real problems, these people are so stupid and this is exactly why i come to these threads to get my chuckles in.

>>you never read my message on twitter

this fucking fangirl i swear

also sorry i said shrimp dated smoke accidentally i can't tell chubby white ponytail guys apart my b

No. 670234

guys lmao I'm sorry I'm drunk and why tf did she really name her instagram SHEYATTED like if you're fucked up enough to have to take an instagram deTOX why is your name so close to "she shat" like how do you even say that in person wtf

No. 670236

>>u guyz don't knO any of us

girl lmfao shut the hell up you wish no one cares you're dumb as hell no one cares enough to hate you you're just acting like an idiot online, carry on and thank you for the lolz

No. 670248

so since rose is in here: how much did smokeasac get paid to promote the peep/xxx song aka the makonnen and peep song
does lil xan get a feature on a lil peep song now too since they too could have potentially one day met up and got over their differences hahahah haha

No. 670349

>>670111 >>670135
>>>g eazy are trying to be fucking lil peep

kek. G Eazy has been making music looooong before peep ever came to light.

No. 670359


this! Thanks, Anon for asking the question we all have been wondering.

No. 670377

File: 1534949694681.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, D0742AFA-4684-4EDE-8311-24EDEA…)

Lmao she's like a 14 year old bragging about smoking weed.

No. 670394

"She yatted" like "she tatted" she's explained it before since "everyone on the street always comments on my tattoos!1!!1!"

No. 670421

File: 1534957217314.jpeg (135.01 KB, 750x719, 82E2AB0B-44BA-40A0-9001-EA6145…)

No. 670428


No. 670496

File: 1534965346313.jpeg (99.12 KB, 750x1101, E0E31184-852F-44C1-B188-742DFE…)

"We're so cute" nah fam yall are gross bye

No. 670497

what's so gross about this in particular

No. 670499

Watch the video on her ig

No. 670519

>>670496 she litterally wants to be layla. her touching tongue videos ass out and boyfriend all over it pics - it has been done—BY THE CHICK WHO CREATED HER.

lel. I cant even deal with shrimpys bullshit. what happened to treatment?

No. 670529

lol, you mean her post regarding corey's birthday. we all know shes trash.

No. 670594

File: 1534972684389.jpeg (163.67 KB, 750x651, F3911F64-2FF0-4022-A54C-9E1CBE…)

How i imagine shrimp rn

No. 670607

I just wanna know why shrimp is talked about so much on this board. It's so damn boring, how is she even "SoundClout" at all. Does she make all these posts or do you guys actually find her to be interesting. I think the only fucking place she gets attention is on here. No one even likes her shit on twitter

No. 670615

Well why not lol? Milk is dry, she's apparently going to therapy, she's making a fool of herself. If you have something more intersting to post then go ahead, no one is stopping you

No. 670648

Ive been thinking the same. Shrimpshit actually has zero to do with soundcloud at this point. And also, that tounge couple thing- is already done by Layla. Shrimpshit is only mentioned because shes extreme cringe.

No. 670657

milk is dry? did you miss the above posts where smokes girl had a breakdown bc she was caught trying to tak shit about layla to deflect from her own lolcow behavior?

No. 670665

LMFAO. this is so accurate

No. 670768

File: 1534983314543.png (118.9 KB, 694x1186, IMG_5894.PNG)

Tyler was live, looking rhough as hell. Said grace left him.

No. 670783

File: 1534984232326.png (808.12 KB, 1076x1050, poorpupp.png)

>>670768 I feel really bad for this dog.

No. 670796

>When you traded all your subs for a bag but now you’re out and hurting

No. 670818

I'm starting to thinks smokes illegal immigrant poor excuse for a girlfriend put him under a spell and probably sacraficed chickens in her closet like arzealea

No. 670823

No. 670824

IMO shes on here cause shes so damn easy to make fun of and everyone else is way boring right now.

No. 670826

He looks like a haggard wizard.

No. 670859

Okay, Rose.

No. 670953

Rose really said "Arzealia" instead of Azaelia Banks that's golden and honestly both are believable anyway

No. 670994

>>670826 is there a video for this? guy is losing it.

No. 671024

just realized lilxan is also signed to columbia so ……..

No. 671038

Late but with her fuckjng framed paramour vinyl lmfao

No. 671061

File: 1535019382242.jpeg (291.47 KB, 750x1190, 2B885425-6747-4370-B1F4-DA0751…)

New 2-week boyfriend

No. 671063

he still looks like a line-cook at TGI Fridays but he's way better than dj gramps or pepper. huge improvement, and he showers.

No. 671064


lmfao is this boy even conscious

No. 671073

looks like jafar from aladdin.

No. 671086

all these soundclout demons use this website partly for what they consider "self-promotion" and partly to fuel their own self-hatred. they all stay on this thread either posting themselves or having mental breakdowns bc another soundclout cow posted them. fascinating

No. 671106

Idk what you think but i'm not layla lol. But I agree that lots of cows are lurking/selfposting here

No. 671174

ew he kind of looks like a middle eastern version of paris>>671061

No. 671246

this dude just turned 21 on July 22nd. How come Lay can't find a dude close to her age?

No. 671281

Not to be whiteknighting but he definitely looks older tho

No. 671296

that's not the point

No. 671313

Anyone notice how Layla never responds to her fans on ig but she’ll respond to literally almost every hate comment?

No. 671363

Where? I think that would be impossible for any one to do, she gets so many she’d be doing nothing but responding to ig comments all day

No. 671373

whats his @? her post has been deleted

No. 671412

Sorry if I’m dumb but I’m pretty sure it’s @killstation

No. 671414

File: 1535048040771.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1125x1923, 7F274597-321F-44CF-8488-EF5592…)

Here he is wearing her sunglasses.

No. 671420

Layla started hanging with killstation the last few weeks her and Joei were together and Joei ended up unfollowing Lay like 3 days before she unfollowed him
I bet she probably cheated on Joei with killstation

No. 671437

he was friends with gus, shot the gym class video, apparently so

he's a little scary but ofc she had to drop joei for someone with more influence/that was associated with peep. i don't necessarily blame her, but figures

No. 671447

that's sad if true. i'm sure he has his own scummy backstory, but joei seemed like a legitimately chill guy.

No. 671457

this is a fucked up behaviour. There is a peep song where he sings something like "i wonder who u fuck when im dead"-something. I cant believe she hooked up with peep AND joeis friend! She has no morals.

No. 671460

File: 1535051545742.jpeg (224.01 KB, 1125x1862, C0AC35C7-DA8E-450D-8443-C7C417…)

There’s a video on her page of him with flowers supposedly for her but then him and Brennan jokingly kiss eachother. Don’t know if I should be surprised she’s hooking up with someone so close to peep

No. 671463

learn to sage and do some lurking, anon. Spoonfeeding isnt taken lightly

No. 671465

okay the saging is valid, but i've been following these threads for a long ass time and still had no idea who that guy was. wouldn't necessarily call it spoonfeeding but idk.

No. 671473

File: 1535052232410.png (743.58 KB, 1004x578, Untitled.png)

No. 671500

It’s obviously her socking to try and make herself seem more clouty. I bet she’s in this thread lying about this

No. 671574

Anon, how old are you?
>>>It’s obviously her socking

Do you mean stalking?

No. 671580

nta but i think they meant sockpuppeting

No. 671815

Gtfo newfag

No. 671849

File: 1535077285870.jpeg (75.3 KB, 640x307, 851DC5B6-F8FD-431E-86FB-68EA9B…)

Do these kids not learn? Is he hoping for a family reunion with his “brother?!

No. 671880

u sure ur not the new one here, given you didn't sage that?

No. 671990

i don't think her and joei were ever really dating, just fucking

No. 672039

Not quite soundclout but ig hoes have a ton of cross over cause it’s basically the same thing so blade aka melanie arias just died of an overdose she has her own thread but some people might not know she’s involved with the clouty instagram la scene >>579802

No. 672058

File: 1535111295009.png (935.2 KB, 498x1164, Screenshot_2018-08-24-01-55-45…)

Gettin' wasted the night before your arraignment. Your ice won't keep you out of prison.


No. 672094

He's trash, hope he gets the jailtime he deserves

No. 672216

File: 1535127420148.jpeg (143.76 KB, 750x1071, 9F63277D-9C6B-4086-924F-837BE1…)

Now he's acting like he knows nothing? Ok

No. 672247


He is DEFINITELY going to prison, they are gonna make an example out of him.

No. 672302

It seems like he knows it too, with the one last party routine.

No. 672340

Not relevant but wonder who's nasty dick Grace will suck next for a few followers on instagram lol

No. 672352

I dont really think it matters. She isn't milky at all, just dated pepper who was the only cow here. She has really shitty fillers but other than that shes plain jane.

No. 672356

Dude, this dude has been getting continuance after continuance for every charge he has been charged with, including his Sexual Misconduct case.
I am waiting to see him being held on any kind of accountability, but yet its always continued bond/sentencing.

No. 672417


Right, but all the sexual misconduct stuff took place before he was famous and he's racked an assault case against a minor since then. I think they'll sentence him to the maximum just to save face and make it look like they're holding a high profile person accountable for something for once.

No. 672474

That's how court works. They continue for what seems like forever but it will catch up to him eventually.

No. 672480

Samefag but also if his sentence is 3 years, in reality he'd probably just do at LEAST one year or less.

No. 672484

do you mean "at most" lol

No. 672500

Ya smh

No. 672508

File: 1535148024024.jpeg (268.52 KB, 1125x1799, 477F2CC0-BE18-4613-9F92-842F6C…)

No. 672512

This is literally so embarassing and cringy.
While he's making a disatrack about Layla like she still cares she's already dated 2 other dudes, what a joke

No. 672547

File: 1535150986235.jpeg (219.08 KB, 640x843, 29BA8354-35CF-43B9-A408-A23E0F…)

Cringey. Does he ever send these children the shirts?

No. 672550



No. 672555

What a fucking sleezebag.

No. 672561

File: 1535152315991.jpg (28.49 KB, 600x315, all_in.jpg)

>>672512 He's all in…

No. 672569

What’s wrong with this besides her ass being out? It’s not really his fault if all they took together was provocative pics. Tracy always uses screenshots of fan accounts when he posts throwbacks I’m surprised he could find a photo with her at all

No. 672640

>>672636 He's a ripoff of The Streets, but Luke is shit.

No. 672644

Am I the only one who just does not want to hear British people rapping?

No. 672707

smoke a sac is sucking peeps dead body completely dry. he made an insta story post that says "fun fact. peep introduced me to teddy and asked me to produce an album for him" to promote the skinwalkers new album. and teddy made sure to post a picture of him and peep right before he advertosd his new album. these people have no shame

No. 672714

>>672644 I think it's more annoying when British individuals try to sound American. Just use your own accent. If you're good, you're good.

No. 672728

Brit rap is like nails on a chalkboard. Bite off your own culture/style you limey fucks.

No. 672825


We invented you so it is our culture.

No. 672829

Lol shots fired!
Oh wait that's American culture

No. 672978

File: 1535214855234.png (251.46 KB, 640x1136, 85BFC685-55DC-4706-93CD-14AC2A…)

No. 672985

Does.. he want Layla to have sympathy for him bc of this? Maybe try not to be manipulative or smth

No. 673026

File: 1535219408822.jpeg (47 KB, 620x236, 179EA89F-3F07-423C-9B02-0723A7…)

No. 673028

File: 1535219429010.jpeg (82.18 KB, 638x413, 84B07E76-74C3-463A-B84C-20CE6D…)

No. 673029

File: 1535219455950.jpeg (80.27 KB, 605x417, 747904C4-64D0-490C-BDB5-839831…)

No. 673046

He would die to have her back lmao

No. 673051

Not sure what he's trying to get out if this but I hope that at least he would take an example out of her sobriety and quit the drugs. He looks terrible.

No. 673057

File: 1535221945426.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, C4982ABC-E133-4E83-A92B-410A91…)

At least he cut his greasy hair

No. 673078

Why tf is he talking about Layla so much lately??? It screams "I'm desperate, TP, pleaaaase notice me!!1"

No. 673101

File: 1535224441720.png (571.95 KB, 750x1334, FCAD3312-DBCE-4D6A-A895-99B0DB…)

Lol funny how she never gets into the drama until now

No. 673117

I cringed so hard at this he's so ugly. Just imagining him posing like that in the bathroom makes me feel embarrassed? I'd cheat too tbh lmao

No. 673130

File: 1535226669858.gif (423.34 KB, 500x250, 9A5D47E0-1364-4CE0-BB8A-67EE46…)

How he thinks he looks like lmao, reverse body dysmorphia

No. 673137

File: 1535226920619.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 73D5484E-9F8F-481B-9F7B-1AC7D3…)

No. 673225

File: 1535231721606.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, A5F03405-5EDE-4CA1-B74C-A9F248…)

Tbh aubrey is the biggest try-hard of them all. Only thing scary about you is your eyebrows girl

No. 673266

THISSSSSSSS!!!!!! holy shit I can't breathe it's so true. She isn't even scary or dark like how many times you gotta try n "show" you're so sp00ky? She'd probably scream and run if she saw a spider smdh

No. 673295

male farmer here, just want to acknowledge how cringe it is for any guy to publicly admit he gets cheated on…
like damn bro you cant keep em from looking elsewhere(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 673308

Read the rules. No one cares about your gender.

No. 673312

File: 1535238907413.jpeg (153.38 KB, 605x1100, 249C9705-882C-4554-9FF1-E46EFB…)

Isn’t this grace? She’s on faze banks’ Snapchat story

No. 673326

take your fragile masculinity elsewhere

No. 673345

shes showing aubrey her vag? what the fuck

No. 673478

File: 1535259637757.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 96B8326E-304D-4222-9B5C-E1F4A8…)


No. 673479

File: 1535259722662.png (5.18 MB, 750x1334, E573071B-0776-4042-A296-44BBC4…)


No. 673480

What the fuck cough syrup costs that much??

No. 673481

File: 1535260863041.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1125x2019, D59739C4-7CDA-48C9-B130-9FB4D4…)

I am fucking deceased goodbye anons.
Everything about this just…. wow. He corrected the spelling before tattooing but this will still tide me over for months lmao

No. 673482

Fisco lol

No. 673484

File: 1535261718176.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 13FD6189-CF94-4047-AD01-022167…)

literally dead

No. 673489


“Physco T [lightning emoji]”

This is just.. -kisses fingers like a chef- perfect.

No. 673518

Lol I can't believe they got to the actual stencil before catching the error. even the tattoo artist is a drugged up retard.

No. 673601

File: 1535285699472.png (131.04 KB, 697x1116, IMG_6040.PNG)

Nice color teeth

No. 673687

One thing I don't understand about for example Aubrey and Grace and stuff is how their parents allow their lifestyle? You'd expect wealthy families to have traditional values and stuff. Do their parents truly not care or is this a LA thing?

No. 673700

>You'd expect wealthy families to have traditional values and stuff.

Anon have you ever met a rich kid? Hell, ever listened to that frank ocean song Super Rich Kids? Typically their parents could give a fuck less what they do and basically pay them no attention - most of them were raised by nannies. Rich parents are too caught up in their own lifestyle to care about anyone else, even their kids. Or, they’re obsessed with being “cool” parents a la Regina George’s mom.
Just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have higher morality. Your naivety is cute but the real world is going to depress the fuck outta you lmao

No. 673701

All that H he smokes often has finally started showing itself in personal hygiene.

No. 673713

I know plenty of rich kids but they are expected to go to the best uni's and stuff to work at their parents company because otherwise they'd bring shame to their family. If someone is being naive it's you to think that every rich kid lives a rockstar life. There's a lot that actually work and don't sit on their lazy asses all day.

No. 673716

You.. do realize that mean girls and frank ocean's song are making fun of stereotypes.. right? If you think that is real life I think you've been watching too much American comedies lol

No. 673720

Wow it’s almost as if stereotypes are based off of generalizations….

No. 673844

File: 1535314595006.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, ACDBFA4C-C36C-476F-BEF1-C0352C…)

This is so embarassing.. "I didn't know Peep was in a relationship with Toopoor when I met him".. Girl you were literally stalking him why tf you lying. Just admit that you're a homewrecker and get over yourself.

No. 673859

Also the fact that she still needs to repeat this story for the 100th time to get the slightest attention is simply disgusting.

No. 674428

Damn, I wished he had actually gotten physco on his face!

No. 674431

Tattoo artist was probably just going to do what he asked and not ask questions. People get all sorts of dumb shit tattooed.

No. 674434

I'd be willing to bet that their parents dont really know what they are up to or there is a lot of manipulation and dysfunction involved. Sp00ky doesnt really seem like she does anything all that bad.. she just hangs out with shit people and has terrible style.

No. 674497

Is Aubrey actually an escort or something? She's never mentioned working or having a job but she seems to have money for expensive stuff?

No. 674511

Prob money from her parents, she seems too innocent to be an escort imo

No. 675040

File: 1535474074711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 769.46 KB, 1125x1593, E141D400-B631-40A0-9002-3CF2E8…)


No. 675126

>>675040 she's in vogue? any link to this? looked at her "link in my story", but didn't see anything…

No. 675128

File: 1535485641287.png (Spoiler Image, 8.06 MB, 1125x2436, 2D339D2B-4C5A-46B5-903C-84298C…)

Just swipe up and hit the tile icon in the corner her portrait got a best of feature

No. 675178

Vogue Italia is the easiest to get into. It's not like getting into British or American Vogue

No. 675181

File: 1535490383996.png (162.74 KB, 747x1202, IMG_5085.PNG)

Lmfao saw this on my explore page I hope this goes viral and people start blowing his comments up for being a fucking dumbass

No. 675182

File: 1535490418482.png (164.42 KB, 750x1201, IMG_5086.PNG)

No. 675184

File: 1535490447765.png (142.4 KB, 750x1180, IMG_5087.PNG)

No. 675185

File: 1535490471644.png (123.77 KB, 750x1147, IMG_5088.PNG)

No. 675210

You're 3 days late >>673481

No. 675226

I think they were referring to people making fun of him, not reposting the tattoo.

No. 675251

Lol thanks anon so many people are sooo ready to jump on a "late post" my point was the fact that it's being posted as a meme and the comments are hilarious. Half of them think he's a girl and the other half he's being dragged for being so stupid for getting the tattoo instead of therapy kek

No. 675266

she looks like fucking human garbage i would rather be buried alive than be published looking this bad why is she advertising this

No. 675267

>how'd he get within earshot of a girl

also it's like "crybaby" only with a WAAAAY weaker font and a not even cute back story. i'm legit pissed there's not even one decent peep stan that's able to pick up where he left off, it's so formulaic and yet they all fucking fail. Also why does pepper ALWAYS use this same wack ass font it's so lame if you're going to get a face tattoo that should be your most expensive and well designed one if you're coherent enough to do it. why can't he flex his money by getting like world class tattoo artists designing his shit, he's such a fucking idiot

No. 675293


Her tattoos are so ugly. Marilyn is fucked in the head, such an old ass weirdo hanging around soundclout kids and begging for attention. Just like Lukeystorey

No. 675298

I like spooky/Aubrie a lot but yeah I’ve always wondered how she makes money too. I only remember her having a few small modeling shoots before? Dollskill and like one other maybe? Maybe she’s in college and her parents are paying her rent? Idk

No. 675300

I feel like he was baiting for attention and him going "viral" on Instagram is exactly what he wanted. We stopped talking about him for a while and so did everyone else. Playing into his dumbass games even giving him a shred of recognition. He CRAVES it.

No. 675376

File: 1535513812785.jpeg (116.29 KB, 1125x455, 9473DE47-D5FE-4CDB-845D-79AAA9…)

Speaking of needing attention…

No. 675420

>>675293 her last eye tattoo ruined her face. everything else was kinda cool and then she fucked it all up with that "Egyptian Goddess" thing on her eye. It completely ruins the symmetry of her face and beauty is said to be about symmetry no matter what type of aesthetic you are going for.

No. 675571

anyone notice Shrimpy has been ridiculously quiet on all social media platforms?

only 1 post on Twitter in the past 9 days and no insta activity since Corey's bday celebration post

No. 675578

I think it’s speculated that she went to rehab but it isn’t confirmed

No. 675579

Maybe she acually had to give in her phone for therapy.. idk seems the most logical reason

No. 675608

wiggy is a bum, he fucks people over

No. 675613

File: 1535559817987.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, 0AC194D9-E984-484C-A7E5-659FD5…)

Who is this guy. I know his name is Brandon Johnson. Why is he wearing big heads chain while big head looks tweaked out

No. 675614

Spill the milk.

No. 675616

Demi Lovato's drug dealer.

No. 675619

No. 675622

lmaoooo god the soundclout scene is so fucking disgusting. Shoulda known they’d be involved in this.

Inb4 Layla’s whining about “public perception is like so unfair!!!” Nah, you all garbage.

No. 675623

i almost threw up from looking at him. disgusting tree stump torso wtf

No. 675626

File: 1535560731840.png (353.25 KB, 750x1334, C3D01C4B-56F1-4B10-BC87-97C4E0…)

He seems proud of it. Gross.

No. 675653

I guess my thing is, is like what milk is there on him besides the google stuff. Like I nvr really saw him around before

No. 675669

He's an admitted plug why do you need there to be more? And who cares if you have never seen him around?

No. 675671

Just genuine curiosity it’s not rlly a big deal. It’s just an insane situation

No. 675729

File: 1535569864671.jpeg (89.66 KB, 500x375, 24F0BF45-2422-458D-8BAB-F0D920…)

Sage for no milk but if you search Cocos name you find a ton of old photos. She looks just like your normal teen girl in the 00s.

No. 675732

File: 1535570079825.png (66.62 KB, 1054x226, groupie-tour.png)

Looks like Layla is going on tour…

No. 675733

File: 1535570148292.png (223.39 KB, 1528x1462, kill-station.png)

But is she performing on stage or just privately for killstation dude?

No. 675735

You need to type SAGE in the email field to actually sage your post…

No. 675738

okay???? she's basic and prances around in a bikini on instagram and had cancer. other that being involved with pouya she has zero milk in general.

No. 675743

Probably going on tour with her latest toy because she’s a psycho controlling girlfriend who doesn’t trust her partners and therefore has to be by them constantly.

No. 675751

I wonder how badly people are gonna take the killstation realationship once they make it public

No. 675756

does she just hop on whoever's dick she thinks will give her the most opportunities or what? i mean, it's smart, but doesn't really go along with the image of herself she tries to push.

No. 675763

layla gets passed around to all these shitty soundcloud rappers so much to the point i actually feel bad for her. the poor girl.

also can’t believe killstation is dating her considering he was peep’s friend. seems like a shit friend to decide to get with his dead friend’s ex. like who the fuck does that.

No. 675794

File: 1535573416591.jpeg (208.74 KB, 1080x1920, 9FB3A9DD-0581-47D4-B6F7-9CC82D…)

i don’t think it has been posted but this honeymoon bitch that used to fuck with peep sold his t-shirt on depop and it makes me sick

No. 675816

>>675763 Isn't he friends with Joei too? They all want to call each other brother, Eskimo brothers is close enough for them… eek

No. 675847

that girl always gave me bad vibes, i don't know why but it doesn't surprise me that she did this

No. 675869

killstation retweeted a tweet he made recently so it appears so

No. 675964

Damn that's a totally different person. Wonder what kind of surgeries she all got for her look

No. 675967

I honestly understand why he was feeling depressed when you look at al his fake ass friends. There's a difference between friends you go out with to have fun and friends who actually care about you. Being in another state surrounded by all these fake individuals must've done something with him. Quite sad actually

No. 676138

okay she definitely got fillers in her lips amirite, i know the lips stretch out when you smile but even when she smiles now they fat af

No. 676146


That would be why I said no milk. Pouya is a SoundCloud rapper, Coco has been mentioned on these threads, I thought it was of interest. Stfu

No. 676197

Have we confirmed how Marilyn makes money to be able to afford to live in NY and get shitty tattoos?

No. 676234

File: 1535627497988.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, E99249AF-1443-427C-9D78-E3BCB6…)

No idea but she's moving to LA so i'm guessing she's really rich. Prob got lots of money from that Vogue shoot

No. 676236

By using her connection to peep to get advertisement money, just like all these other freaks. Also doing ads for the kardashians ha ha https://mobile.twitter.com/goodamerican/status/918883252223348736

No. 676237

And people buy her art like how they bought toopors nails

No. 676296

A lot of people in here like to come for people's neck if they don't post the "right" stuff based solely on their opinion. I actually thought it was interesting seeing an old photo of her.

No. 676417

I doubt that Vogue shoot paid at all.

No. 676422

She’s an artist.
Her work was just used by Obey. She has a published book. She gets paid to do murals, etc. it’s been discussed here and googling her name helps if you need more info.

No. 676463

If anything, she was paid an hourly rate by the photographer, and Vogue paid the photographer for their work.
But neither received enough money to even cover a month of NYC rent for that shoot, guaranteed.

No. 676657

File: 1535673065032.jpg (593.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180830-194900.jpg)

Anyone know what's going on with Lil Xan? I guess he was supposed to play a festival in Chicago and cancelled last minute..

No. 676705

this happened before and it was covered briefly… it's probably addiction-related. they prob thought he could do it, thus holding off till the last minute. although i thought he'd be better than that with a super-famous a-list girlfriend now…

the last time this happened, he was slobbering all over insta live while his driving bodyguard tried to snatch his phone away. shit's sad.

No. 676788

The lil skies thing is weird tho he’s a pretty big name with legit backing isn’t he?

And they put xan in a headlock on live they’re just as big idiots as he is.

No. 676814

No shit, the dude is a drug fueled man child now who Is spiraling downward REAL fast. I truly give it 2 years and he will be dead. His management know his “relapsed” addiction and are not trying to help him (convince him rehab is needed for self help/growth/awareness) but are continuing to push him to make those dollar signs. He is a sad case.

No. 676882

There’s been some serious rainfall in the midwestern area so it might be due to flooding however idk if Chicago was affected, I’m a little farther up north where I know for sure has had flooding

No. 676893

We're fine here, and if was an issue the entirety of North Coast would be cancelled not just select artists..
Plus the tweet even stated that the status was tbd by those artists themselves and when NC didn't get a confirmation response in time, they announced the rappers are going to be no-shows.

No. 676920

File: 1535688304145.png (331.58 KB, 476x594, Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 9.01…)

Skies posted this last night after a show so I wonder if it's related??

No. 6769