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File: 1517612443407.png (4.14 MB, 750x1334, tp.png)

No. 490946

Prev threads:

"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Has begun to take these ventures more seriously landing more gigs and going on small tours/on off dates outside of LA

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Most of the people she partied/associated with 3-4 years ago have expanded into legitimate careers

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Peeps grandmother has since begun to take her grief out on the internet. She has come after a few people close to peep, sometimes after being provoked

She has denounced GothBoiClique, the collective peep was a part of, as a whole

Peeps estate pulled gbc branded merch from his webstore which may have been a result of his grandmother’s new mentality

GBC has not released any sort of organized statement in response to this

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Layla reigned it in with the mental breakdowns on social media had instead got the supremely trashy love sick nouveau riche route

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, broken up with tyler and begun working there

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face

Shipping times had gotten slower since getting with grosso, who's own shop is notorious for having month long wait times for shipping. They had recently come out with a collaboration and bought the brand Chinatown Market together. What this means now that they have broken up is also unknown.


This thread is now open to the larger SoundClout universe.

The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 491200


No. 491207

File: 1517627795732.jpeg (688.11 KB, 750x1050, 9A0BEA17-54D2-4CB0-93CC-85B1DC…)

This image is so photoshopped. C’mon, Layla.

No. 491237

how can you tell?

No. 491291

First post of the thread & we still can’t get it right

No. 491329

Dude just look at her face! Her nose is a dead give away

No. 491347

she admitted she shops though? especially on her nose

No. 491350

yeah why is it a big deal if girls shop their photos? we're all insecure and if it makes them feel better or more confident, then who really cares lol

No. 491367

Let's sage on this thread so it's not such a mess.

No. 491507

Agreed, the only reason shopping is a big deal is when girls swear up and down they're just so ~naturally~ Genetically blessed and airbrushed
She said she does it to feel better and left the post up admitting it as a disclaimer
Her job is her image, she's curating something for the internet and heavily editing is a part of that I guess

No. 491522

She needs to shop out those god awful tattoos. I'm already not gonna pay this person any mind because they're fucking disgusting. Good luck with that "brand" lol

No. 491983

i was with this, but honestly girls shouldn't feel like they have to retouch at all. i know it's not going anywhere but i really like her untouched look and it sends a better message of true self love that she doesn't do it.

but maybe she's working towards that idk, she's at an age where girls start to actually be comfortable in their skin if they focus on it, so hopefully this is just the beginning of the progression.

but seriously her fucking pants i know the 90s are now but they are so unflattering on her whyyyyyy

No. 492463

I feel like for what she's doing, the scene she's in and for her style in general
The tats work for her. Some are deff amateur looking but no where near as bad as potato

No. 492499

yeah once you dedicate an eyebrow and a sideburn to a dude / scene you fucked a handful of times there’s nothing you can do with your body to redeem yourself

No. 492552

File: 1517736912010.png (6.27 MB, 1242x2208, B186F258-359A-4F64-B73F-EC9FAC…)

don’t forget that she also got peep’s exact same hand tattoo,so now she has 3 different tattoos dedicated to someone who she was a gloryhole to.

No. 492562

don't forget that smoking cigs is also a big part of her "image"

Like I'm all for self love and all but the way she flashes those cancer sticks everywhere she definitely has under eye lines and the beginning of some nasiolabial folds by now

I wish she'd quit maybe get a vape instead. Maybe it's not as aesthetic but she could get an LV print one or something

No. 492563

kinda nitpicky of me though. I'm mostly just glad she's off hard drugs

keep improving I guess

No. 492565

boring tbh

she tries so hard to be milky and relevant and feeds off hate bc it's the only attention she gets

No. 492582


I don’t think there’s much milk with her now, Just let her fade away.

No. 492597

She’s really going to get a job now. I see McDonalds cashier in her near future.

All I’m saying is that this moron sealed her fate with hand and face tattoos.

No. 492611

They are not the same tattoo she had it before she met him she spoke about this before are you blind

No. 492638

Well why would we know? Chelji isn't anyone's favorite here. And, she still knew of Peep, so it still could be inspired. Learn to sage Chelskunk

No. 492660

Stop talking about her unless there’s milk because she’ll just keep coming on to defend herself and not sage.

No. 492695

Even McDonalds wouldn’t hire someone who have appearance of hers. They have standards. People don´t want food served by crack whore with face tattoo

No. 492706

Ex McDonald’s worker here, can confirm they do now hire people with extensive hand/face/neck tattoos if they’re demonstrably not offensive. I have no idea what her face tattoo says though so.

I have full hand tattoos and have a good job. You’d be surprised how many companies don’t care anymore. I’ve seen people with them working in banks, hospitals, etc.

No. 492721

But pretty sure chelji doesn't have any actual qualifications and barely any work experience so I highly doubt she'll get a good job. Not that her tattoos are really trashy and people generally view face tats worse than tats on other body parts. But maybe her singer career will take off although I highly doubt it.

She's mentioned moving to la but does she have a job? Isn't a la expensive? How will she afford it?

No. 492809

okay is anybody else hearing layla’s fake british accent on snapchat?

No. 492813

It looks like she's just taking the piss tbh, not actually trying to convince people it's real

No. 493131


STOP TALKING ABOUT CHELSKUNK!!!!! NO MORE!! no one cares, dry her out. New thread, no more chelji PLEASE

No. 493264

layla needs to start doing squats on the double or at least stop pretending that her flat pasty butt is worth seeing

No. 493279


And you need to learn to sage, downs potato.

No. 493331

no more layla stans and no more chelji stans holy fuck>>493279

No. 493347

File: 1517797696572.png (179.89 KB, 750x1334, E03415BD-FECF-4B80-AC26-7B4C03…)

Woah. Is this about Layla?

No. 493357

lol I think he means Kylie jenner's kid

No. 493567

File: 1517810009957.jpeg (362.77 KB, 750x1010, 089CA936-0440-4FA5-9098-815D48…)

No. 493570

File: 1517810151806.jpeg (142.85 KB, 750x431, ADCD6F70-3B09-4303-9B75-2E3801…)

No. 493658

File: 1517820519167.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0260.PNG)

For the love of god, please no.

As a writer myself, if a publisher legitimately backs this book and promotes it, I'll be murderous. Hopefully it's "self published" and I'll be able to retain a modicum of respect for the publishing industry.

Her poetry is beyond terrible. There's a ton of bad Tumblr poets who get published (and who self publish) stuff that's pretty terrible, but none of them consistently misspell words, use unintelligible rhyming schemes, and compare their hearts to mold in quite the same cringeworthy way that this bitch does.

No. 493695

this dude really can’t seem to accept the fact that yams is long gone and his (past) association with asap mob is not gonna do anything for him in ten years or so.

No. 493819

Hahahaaa what dues did this cracker ass mofo pay.

No. 493855

So essentially what pepper Ann is saying is that he got popular off of other people and capitalized. I'd say Layla did the same thing.. and in addition she actually has fans. She also has a No Jumper interview. He's really letting her get to him

No. 493858

File: 1517849363375.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3777.PNG)

In Pepper Anns likes

No. 493936

his fans are just as psycho as him

imo there's no more milk on Toopoor anymore, but on the people she associates herself with

No. 494105

Tyler deleted the tweet but he was whining about how people take advantage of him and his money. Now he's boasting about getting "2 major tour offers" for cocker spaniel Paris - he must be intolerable to be around boasting and whining every other minute…

No. 494171

This is a message board, post screencaps.

No. 494177

No drama on toopoor till she’s out of london

No. 494570

File: 1517881520748.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, FEEB0305-B8D4-41DB-9E7F-01BD6B…)

Screenshot of her texts with her Mum - could be alluding to her making music? Even if it’s terrible I’m excited to hear whatever it is she’s working on

No. 494617

Why didn’t she reply to her mom

No. 494659

She def edited her lips in that picture. Why does she constantly have to edit her pics????

No. 494664

She def edited her lips in that picture. Why does she constantly have to edit her pics????

No. 494667

So I met Lil peep back in 2016, and occasionally talked to him every now and then. He came over one day and toopoor was FaceTiming him. She was clearly bugging him and he kept asking if he could go lol. We asked him if he liked her and he said “idk what I’m doing I’m just really confused”

No. 494671

have anymore deets? when was this? they only got together in like october so he must've already been over her fast. that's kinda sad, i guess, but layla seemed like a clinger holding onto a confused kid. did he ever say anything else interesting to you?

No. 494679

This was in April 2016. She kept asking him to order her food. He didn’t really say anything else about her except that she was annoying him and he was confused.

No. 494682

wow, how weird. why ask an internet famous dude you want to date to order you food?

anyways, did you ever spak to him when he dated layla? any info about the infamous layla cheating scandal, or maybe him admitting he cheated on her?

No. 494683

Wooops I meant April 2017

No. 494684

interesting. so after the infamous breakup. he ever say anything about his personal life?

No. 494689

No but he never was faithful. I witnessed him cheating on Emma in LA the summer of 2016. So I’m pretty sure he never was faithful to toopoor. He didn’t claim her to be his gf, it more was like a publicity stunt that went too far

No. 494691

He was pretty much over being “Lil Peep” he was tired of all of his old songs etc.
he didn’t like his new gf Arzaylea at all. But overall he was excited about life and his future endeavors

No. 494783

Tyler was on live just being all whatever Layla I heard she’s fucking her fans .. while he burps and looks utterly disgusting

No. 494808

wow, thanks anon, this is interesting stuff for sure. what do you mean he was tired of being lil peep? was he as depressed as he seemed or what? was the image not true to who he was?

No. 494826

File: 1517897868701.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 3BCA5B36-F170-487E-8FFA-3FF67B…)

No. 494836

Is smrtdeath trans? I’ve been wondering for a while but I saw him irl recently and he def gives off that sleath transmen vibe

No. 494841

I think he had grown out of his teen love songs and GBC. He was on to bigger and better things. And yes Peep was depressed but no more than the average young adult

No. 494845

that's too bad, bc the entire gbc shit was so lame (some good music there, but 'gothboiclique' makes me cringe, just one cringy ass, tryhard name). that's very sad. how'd you get so close to him? did he try to court you or s/t? did he seem to be very sensitive? he always seemed to try to paint that image of himself but i don't really see it, authentically.

No. 494862

Classic peepstan sage this cunts

No. 494864

>>Yeah so I met peep & he hated Layla & remained friends with me, a random fan >>April 2016 no wait April 2017
>>witnessed him cheating on Emma in LA the summer of 2016
this is so dumb, I can’t believe anyone took the bait..

No. 494873

It’s not bait u dumb bitch. It’s true
Sorry ur from a small town and can’t fathom meeting people that aren’t losers

No. 494875

No he was friends with my boyfriend so he always was super chill and nice

No. 494890

Drop a name or something solid because multiple reports from people in Seattle(girls that were friendly with thraxx) and Denver(rhinokids) say peep was standoffish or cold to girls unless he wanted to hit or you otherwise had something to offer in 2016, and he wasn’t shit then so it was kind of a bad look

No. 494892

Bait or not, you can quote and reply to multiple posts at once
See, like this. You're welcome.

No. 494902

how could he “‘not like his new gf arzaylea” in april 2017 when he actually met her for the first time in what, october?

No. 494904

and why the fuck would he date her. this is some 14yo rambling.

No. 494914

Actually I’m 23. And I met Arzaylea when she was on tour with him November 2017…and he didn’t like her lol

No. 494921

then you need to describe shit better. you talk about meeting him in april 2017 and in the same sentence you mention him cheating on emma in the summer of 2016 and then being with arzaylea in november 2017..

No. 494927

I clearly stated I met him summer 2016. He was confused about toopoor April 2017. And he hated Arzaylea November 2017. Sorry I knew him for 2 years 🙄

No. 494929

well, it wasn’t “clear” and i’m not the only one telling you this. you even had to correct yourself. so if you want people to take your anonymous confessions with no evidence at all seriously, at least read your sentences twice before you hit the reply button

No. 494931

Listen bitch, u need to chill out. It’s not that serious. U sound like an insecure cyber bully who lives in a small town lol

No. 494932

and you sound like a peep stan who is making up shit.

No. 494933

Anonymous post on an anonymous board with zero sources and a changing timeline… Seems legit. Also learn to sage Chel, its not too hard.

No. 494935

maybe she can post proof? But tbh its not like it was hard to get to peep. He spoke to a lot of fans thru Twitter dms and shit and hung out w a lot of ppl after shows

No. 494942

Not everyone is chel, when it’s her she says it her get over yourself

No. 494945

You sound like a teenaged Stan that thinks they’re the only one that can charm a soundcloud loser into letting them chill~ near people with a following. Post what cities/neighborhoods you hung out with him if nothing else, something else to verify what you say, or stop getting so hurt people think your vague baseless claims are lies.

No. 494946

i have a lot on lil peep bc i'm associated w ppl that knew him but i didn't know him personally just bc i didn't want to i couldn't stand him now we all read this n i was directed to it recently n i wanna spill bc he's dead n no one gives a fuck abt him anymore

No. 495031

This anon has come on here with hearsay expecting us to believe she knew how he felt about all his exes? Convenient that the only thing that anon ever saw was Peep dissing his exes. This is an image board, where we back up our claims with picture evidence. If you can't, get the fuck out. We don't need Peep stans in here, much less liars. This bitch isn't 23 either, 23 year olds don't go on message boards for emo rappers and make up shit.

No. 495107

Unless you have actual milk… Pics, screencaps, names… anything to verify you aren't just a bored little child making up stories for attention… no1curr.

And learn to fucking sage it's not that hard

No. 495133

File: 1517935286123.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 2AF60EFD-9D2D-4741-AA98-1BDA8C…)

toopoor is on live right now getting another neck tattoo

No. 495142

it's lil peep's 'angry girl' logo. jesus christ, layla. like, we get it, you boned him and loved him, but he's dead and you can't keep making VISIBLE body parts a shrine to him. he aint here to see it anyways!

No. 495144

thought smrtdeath was gay, in the IDCIUDHMB video there's a few clips of him kissing Lil Lotus


No. 495171

This is the first she's gotten since he died. She basically couldn't mourn for him when she was with Tyler and couldn't deal with it how she wanted to. It's totally fine for her to do it now. At least she has a pic with him in more than one shirt, unlike another slag we know.

No. 495178

Smrtdeath has been dating sextingatcostco for years, and definitely isn't trans

No. 495186

File: 1517937690224.png (302.11 KB, 867x1028, 2018-02-06 14.17.53.png)

That pattern of Peep in those polerones is by layla. Remember that Layla had a tattooed PEEP on her finger and then I plugged it. and at the time Peep launched that kind of pattern. that's why tattoos on his neck

No. 495199

Looks like lil poop

No. 495202

Sorry I don't understand this post?

No. 495217

it means that stamped on the sweater. is after Layla will cover the name of Peep on the finger … then it would be assumed that the same was tattooed by her? …

No. 495224

Are you having a stroke?

No. 495228

English clearly isn't their first language. I think they are trying to say that the 'angry girl' was modeled after Layla and that she had already crossed out the 'peep' finger tattoo when this design was released. Not sure what that has to do with anything as she got the 'Gustav' tattoo (which she still has) after the peep one.

No. 495231

I think Layla may have designed that merch.

No. 495300


I wonder if they're saying that this hoodie is a reference to Layla.

Maybe the crossed out lil peep on the hoodie is a reference to her crossing out his name on her finger?

Maybe the doodle is supposed to be her pissed off at peep?

No. 495345

anyways that trashy girl w tattoos lil peep used to fuck w actually she was fucking w him yes bc what y'all don't know is that peep was submissive a bottom n the only reason he picked ugly girls is bc they were willing to do that she literally used strap ons on him and he was a trap and into the whole cuck thing too (not with too poor but after his death she found out abt this) it was a secret between him n these girls willing to do this also this is the reason why out of nowhere peep was saying he liked boys too trying to normalize it w his fans n no one actually liked him that i know of and they just hanged out around him bc of clout

No. 495359

Sure Chelji

No. 495365

Lol I really doubt that peep was a bottom and wanted girls to peg him. Any proof? He seemed like he'd probably have a lot of rough sex and would be on top of girls like 90% of the time tbh

No. 495384

I don't think this is that incredulous that it couldn't be true. It wouldn't surprise me if he liked this along with other more normal shit.

No. 495403

The least you could do is use punctuation if you're going to keep postig shit without any receipts.

No. 495414

i dont think thats the same anon from earlier. the other anon says she knew peep. this one never said she spoke to him.

i think the other shit the other anon said seems like it could ring pretty true. this is pretty outlandish but idk, he couldve been that much of a freak, but the 'daddy' tattoo always gave me the impression he was super dom

No. 495434

File: 1517950143120.png (629.62 KB, 593x594, E3E1E8D1-1372-4B9D-8B64-334F33…)

Lmafo they’re just going that that “emo kiss” thing from their youths era of emo that’s definitely not indicative of anything

Oh ok he just gives off that vibe like, especially irl, he’s so delicate and his skin/face for a dude in his mid 20’s in such good condition. Even in his promo photos he looks like a fake boi sometimes.

No. 495452

File: 1517951074643.jpeg (492 KB, 750x747, BDEDFD2F-F787-40F5-959A-EE25B3…)

This is Layla and you guys are all disgusting little fan girls or boys. Learn to love yourself and focus on your lives. Getting my lawyer to shut this down because I’m tired of the defamation. Bye jealous bitches <3(false flag trolling)

No. 495458

lmao if this is really layla (doubt it, i dont recall her speaking like this last time she posted on here), youve just made everyone here hate you when theyve been rooting for you for the past 3 months with this ridiculous post.

No. 495468

assuming that this is really tp.. lmao @ defamation, where?? as if all the “layla” threads haven’t been almost exclusively about trashing chelji and talking about a dead man as of late

No. 495469

I heard that too after his death through mutuals. I didn't know if it was for real because it's fucked up but then before he killed himself he was definitely giving off that vibe and letting himself go around the time when everyone from his past stopped fucking with him. He looked feminine and just straight up like a homosexual to me not soundcloudy. Take a look at his bio on ig he changed it to boy toy with the flag and it all happened alongside claiming he's into boys now like anon said. He became like a sjw as well if you check his recent tweets not to mention he had no father figure in his life and you know what that does.

No. 495471

That is a photo of Layla & “you” are not doing anything except vying for attention on an anonymous message board and getting upset no one is falling for it. Layla loves having a thread, and the collective opinion on her now is pretty positive. Also she doesn’t talk like that,

No. 495473

This is so fake. What the fuck is wrong with this thread

No. 495475

i dont see it. he seemed like a straight guy that liked obscure fashion to me/wearing pink, but then again, even tracy wears pink and feminine shit (altho not as much as peep did, but peep could pull it off better w his height and emaciated body). afaik he was always 'sjw'y because he comes from a (literally) communist family (which is pretty damn cool imho). idk he read as really straight but not too insecure about his masculinity/was just weird w fashion and shit, to me.

No. 495479

According to snapchat Layla is at a gallery opening… I doubt she is posting here when she's out "making friends" (her words, not mine)

No. 495484

Seriously what is going on in this thread all of a sudden did we get shared in some fan chat

No. 495494

>He didn’t claim her to be his gf

when he was with layla she was featured regularly on his social media. after their nasty breakup when they got back together for that hot min, same thing. their relationship was volatile but it was a relationship and it was as public as public could be.

>he didn’t like his new gf Arzaylea at all

so he didn't like girl who's in every fifth picture on his instagram and still is with the caption "mine".

where the fuck are you getting your facts. seems like a peep stan who's twisting shit and fantasizing a life where these girls meant nothing.


you're not layla. you'd probably like to wear her skin tho, nice try.

what the fuck has happened to this thread.

No. 495498

File: 1517953079558.png (1019.45 KB, 750x1334, 1502011920821.png)

ntayrt but layla even said it herself, he would hide that he was dating her. i do think part of their relationship was a publiclity stunt (many people in the older threads suspected the same thing), but it became real. it was obvious that after a while he was hiding her (and at about the same time that anon was talking about).

No. 495501

File: 1517953136093.png (1011.38 KB, 750x1334, 1502011905511.png)

No. 495505

There's enough receipts from Lil Peep himself to confirm what anons who came forward with the milk have said tbh. For example that he was a bisexual boy toy. That says enough. I wouldn't doubt that he was getting pegged cuckolded and what not. Maybe on the beginning of his so called career he was a confused boy or maybe even somehow normal with mental issues because just think about who raised him (His mother advocated for Bernie Sanders). And who remembers the rumor of him and the pedo supposedly fucking? (I hear about pedophiles every day and I am done at this point because I don't understand what has it come to) And I blame the sissyfication of soundcloud and guys in general because of his influence but I wouldn't expect more from people who willingly call themselves fans of someone. They have no personality and can't think for themselves. Anyways if he didn't overdose killing himself we would hear this from him.

No. 495512

Someone who was mutuals with these people and Lil Peep spilled the milk? I don't know why though

No. 495526

now we know why he called himself lil peep it's because he was a cuck

No. 495537

But why are these people (assumining its not the same person ) all of a sudden making claims about peep and not backing it up with proof?

No. 495540

I precisely meant the roleplaying someone relevant & fake milk thing

No. 495546

Does anyone know who these girls Layla's friends with now are? Moana and Tyler? I'm just wondering how she met them and seemed to find legit friends so quickly and where they met are they models or something? The one she posted on her story has like 800 followers before she posted so are these just regular people?

No. 495552

I'm almost positive he had a sexual/ semi romantic relationship with makonnen too.

No. 495554

I think a while back she mentioned something about if anyone wants to hang out with her (paraphrasing and not 100% accurate because I don't completely remember what she said). she could easily met them from instagram/social media or maybe she met them through her asos gig/mutual friends.

No. 495569

i dont see what bernie sanders has to do with him being a cuck or getting pegged

No. 495580

What publicity would he get from a girl he was hiding? How does that make sense?

No. 495583

bernie sanders is a cuck
all commies are cucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 495585

this is going to kill her sex life already if i was too poor i would kill myself before people find out

No. 495587

he was a lot smaller when they first started dating. she was pretty internet famous and everyone was into their pairing at first. that's when the initially started posting lots about her. by april of 2017 (when that anon says he seemed over her and 'confused' about her), he had blown up A LOT more and her internet fame did a lot less for him. he also posted way less about her after about a month and a half, before the first breaup. the rest of his posts or anythign about her seemed more like he wanted some kind of narc supply and liked teasing with her/keeping her on a string.

No. 495590

she doesnt care about her image beyond being gross/edgy, so no, it won't matter. i dont believe those allegations, but this is the girl that was happy to have men sending pictures of their cum on her childhood photos. there's no reputation to taint, tbqh

No. 495593

what the fuck if that was a guy everyone would call him out for being a pedophile meanwhile i don't think anyone even knows about this in her case

No. 495597

She posted the picture on her instagram stories so it's not that people don't know but that they overlooked it. I guess since it was some guy who sent her a picure of his cum on her childhood photo people wouldn't call her a pedo, although I personally still think it's gross she would post that.

No. 495606



No. 495615

Why is Peep’s sexuality all the sudden even a topic of discussion? Who even cares at this point.

No. 495617

i dmd chelji asking her why is she into pegging and traps she replied all triggered being like why would u message me this

doesn't that confirm enough

No. 495625

seriously who fucking cares what a dead guy's fetishes were at this point. a bi guy being into pegging isn't even that weird.

No. 495639


How would that confirm? I would respond the same way if someone messaged me that out of the blue. A lot of you act like straight up children - damn.

No. 495678

says the kid who wears youth of today merch while getting fucked up for the gram and came up because he sold bootleg OFWGKTA shirts on a message board under a fake name like a biting ass little cunt

fuck you pepper ann you should be giving shout outs to zuckerberg for allowing social media to level the playing field against older gatekeepers you weenie ass bitch

No. 495692

1. came up doing bootlegs in high school, which proves anyone can fucking do it, shut up pepper.
2. worked with asap mob because he literally said he'd drop everything, move there, and do anything, and had his own car. they knew he would be there little bitch boy and thew him 100s every once in a while, which is nothing to them. he was so outside of the game that he could be controlled easily. Shut up pepper.
3. using every day association with an artist is really embarrassing and shows how starstruck and grateful he was just to be at Yams' feet daily. Shut up pepper.
4. What major tours, and everyone with a macbook or iPad is a fucking dj - Too Poor's sets are actually likely more credible than his. Shut up pepper.
5. Magazines interviewed you because you were a dumb white bitch hanging out with Yams, so people had questions. "Journalists" (independent writers doing subculture shit for clout and because they can't get legitimate jobs due to no talent and/or drug habit) write about whatever silly bullshit they have to because they are desperate for content in the same way that you literally recycle 1st wave imagery like the no creativity culture vulture you are; especially after admitting you used to wear eyeliner and go to devil wears pads shows like a bitch. shut up pepper.
6. You were never "popular on the net" and aren't now, people know your brand through the people who were KIND enough to associate with you and put you up. Dumb kids follow you now because they are insecure and will follow anyone in association with big name rappers. shut up pepper.
7. No bitch there's no more, shut up pepper.
8. even too poor has a no jumper, that guy is a desperate tryhard way too old interviewer/drunk uncle trope that only knows shit about shit because he's a creep that lives on the internet. shut the fuck up pepper

Also anyone can get verified if they provide verification. Kiki Kannibal is verified.

No. 495942

File: 1517978083914.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, A04A557E-2BDD-4391-9A7B-5EE9FF…)


No. 495963

Layla doesn't have a No Jumper interview. It was a host chat. Adam even makes it a point to say "this is not a Too Poor interview". Tyler's is an interview.

And no I don't like either of them, I don't believe Pepper Ann was worthy of a whole (boring as shit, can barely hear Tyler's mumbles) interview, just setting it straight.

No. 496158

God damn it Layla

No. 496159

File: 1517985126594.png (2.88 MB, 1080x2078, 20180207_002821.png)

Just in case anyone ever had the idea of "copying" this ugly ass design. What fucking airhead could look at this, be proud, and think "yeah, this is sellable". She's damn lucky she has a picture of Peep wearing her shirt once or people would be laughing in her face at this hideous "design". Peep stans will throw their money at anything he wore.

No. 496262

Oh my god yeah this is absolute pure garbage

No. 496271

Pffff, no milk here, stop picking on this chick, she's doing something to express herself and make a few bucks. So she had a crush on Peep, so what.

No. 496285

Bitch is nearly 22 living out of her parents house with no job, posts the same 2 pics of herself with Peep just about daily to make it look like they were best friends. Lame ass deserves it.

No. 496290

I mean the “don’t post nobodies” is bolded this time around for a reason… pathetic bitches are pathetic no need to clog up the thread

No. 496291

Exactly, no milk.

No. 496292

Lylah has been posted in just about every thread. Not sure why it's suddenly a problem but never was before.

No. 496305

Hey y'all do realize that as humans, we all have the capability to ignore posts we have no interest in? You can literally just scroll by. It would be different if it were a case like it is with potato where she's posted nonstop. This was one fucking post. Chill. Crimson Chin deserves the spotlight too.

No. 496317


wayyyyyy OT but am i missing some kind of importance/clout adam (no jumper) has? he seems like such a fucking try hard, all i do is cringe

No. 496338

Adams a total cringe lord that has been a obsessive internet weirdo for like 15 years at this point(also kind of a pos), but at this point having a no jumper can launch your career~ in this world. His co-sign means a lot, it’s a weird quirk like how having your shit posted on デーモンAstari means you’re on the come up. They’re Avenues that legitimizes whatever you’re been doing up to that point.

No. 496349

File: 1517999325962.png (231.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-07-11-27-07…)

Chelji trying to catch Adam's girlfriend's attention…

No. 496383

File: 1518003853917.jpeg (83.11 KB, 750x458, 663F8AC8-166C-44CA-9EA2-A74D8F…)

Lena liked the tweet, She’s catching Mackned’s too she’s the only woman’s tweets he likes that are not directed at him

No. 496391

File: 1518005237652.jpeg (521.3 KB, 2896x2896, EA7F79CF-ABF3-4E78-9B39-2B0546…)

Another Lil Peep related tattoo.

No. 496399

File: 1518006153869.jpeg (493.03 KB, 750x901, 853D1355-3351-4EB9-A35D-8F3A8C…)

No. 496401

File: 1518006250273.jpeg (687.84 KB, 750x1085, 96CB7E80-836A-4118-8EC0-D40332…)

Why does she have his hat?

No. 496415

Oh fuck! She has his signature light yellow hat that provides the evidence we needed all along, it’s official they were a real legit couple. That’s so wild, one could say it’s like one step down from an engagement ring ..
FOH this had been the saddest attempt to legitimize thier “relationship” thus far

No. 496420

are you going to make your whole life about this, Chel?

No. 496428

Fucking cringe that you can easily pick out each and every one of her posts. Right down to the fact she uses ’ instead of '. Such a subtle thing but so obvious. Why hasn't she been banned yet for self posting?

No. 496431

File: 1518010022539.jpg (234.31 KB, 960x960, n7c4iKQhdUU.jpg)

Who's this chick in the picture?

No. 496437

I wouldn't be surprised if she legit ordered the exact same one off the internet. This doesn't prove anything she's so gross she would definitely buy a replica and claim he gave it to her 10000%

No. 496463

There’s other posts of her in his clothes so yes it’s his

No. 496479

File: 1518016136162.jpeg (74.15 KB, 750x340, FFBF212F-4720-4F4E-82C8-2C0D2B…)

this sad dude

No. 496491


Seriously, downs potato chelskunk, you are fucking pathetic. Stop latching on to peeps corpse and accept you were nothing more than a fuck hole a few times and he didn’t even follow you in social media and was probably ashamed to even fuck you but it was convineant cos you’re such a tramp nobody.

Also learn to fucking sage you slack jawed slag.

No. 496492

lmao i was about to post this, grosso is truly desperation personified

No. 496516

File: 1518018205508.jpeg (81.95 KB, 750x344, BD851AAA-EC3A-412D-B5EC-26879D…)


No. 496520

File: 1518018340062.jpeg (350.49 KB, 750x741, EDCF309C-AC6A-4B3B-B305-811A80…)

I love how she’s mocking pepper ann. Good job Layla

No. 496607

> Why does she have his hat?

So peep could cover up her face?
But let’s be real it’s a yellow hat I could go and get ten rn and claim that even I fucked peep. There’s nothing groundbreaking here.

No. 496621

you said he killed himself, not an accidental overdose, can you please elaborate anon?

No. 496626

File: 1518025550960.jpeg (245.17 KB, 1500x1874, 1510915475533-19800718_1015529…)

No. 496664

Peep did not kill himself. Fans that were on the tour bus less than an hour before he overdosed said that he was in a happy and positive mood.

No. 496689

this isn't the same hat as here >>496399
but if she's wearing his stuff when his family really wanted it, she's even more disgusting that i'd thought. i'm continually appalled at how fug she is with each new pic

No. 496699


No. 496748

File: 1518034050002.jpeg (377.01 KB, 750x1297, F6E7C803-030F-4079-979C-F7404C…)

Pepper Ann put his twitter on private. Have a huge feeling he did it so Layla can’t view his tweets.

No. 496765

File: 1518035449446.jpeg (148.57 KB, 1125x943, C5B95046-1EDE-42E8-A484-291494…)

She posted this but deleted it real quick.
I’d think it’ could be about her new friend Tyler if it weren’t for the rapid delete

No. 496767

File: 1518035547176.png (3.64 MB, 1125x2436, 52DD9866-CF87-4A61-9DC2-10346F…)

If this is for pepper I’m kinda here for it. Like go ahead Tyler, be a petty bitch

No. 496871

can a farmhand ban the potato pls

No. 496912

File: 1518043982741.jpeg (187.37 KB, 409x750, 0DEAD77C-9A38-4BB6-B609-D0135B…)

Js not the same hat

No. 496939

Omfg enough about the hat. No one cares. Chili fucked peep once and desperately clings to it. Move along.

No. 496967

Peep fucked everyone chelskank ain’t no different

No. 497003


No. 497039

File: 1518050289142.png (807.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180208-013437.png)

chelskank is begging for money.
Yikes, keep her out of the states.

No. 497059

Wow weird it’s like we all predicted this would happen hm

Looks like a fan pic. Boring.

No. 497179


what about that lucrative record deal and music career chelji? ahahahahah

No. 497190

File: 1518056081159.png (987.15 KB, 750x1334, DC7490C3-5929-4D59-ABD0-4E5714…)

Should have mackned pay that bill huh cheljs

No. 497284


i'm cringing at goth's tongue, it looks like it's full of nasty bacteria. god some basic fucking oral hygiene goes a long way, these soundclout boys all look crusty and like they have smegma

No. 497433

Wow, £2,000 isn't going to go far in L.A :0

No. 497450

File: 1518080241818.png (802.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-08-09-56-11…)

Ahaaahhaha, Pepper Ann all up in Chelji's shit, loooool

No. 497455

File: 1518080796782.jpeg (163.66 KB, 1125x952, 1AC8F11D-E28F-4F20-86B7-2E32CA…)

Lol. What a stupid downs potato bitch

No. 497458


her existence is so embarrassing. i know we’re meant to ignore it until it dies but if she keeps up this mortifying public behaviour I really just need to watch her burn.

her obsession with Layla is sad, Tyler threw shade her way and she still thinks of TP first. how does she know she’s in London? been following her around sniffing all the places she sits? sorry fucking muppet.

No. 497464

I can't believe she thinks this is a good look for her, Layla was nice to her, and this is how she reacts, plus does she not realise that the ppl she desperately wants to hook up with in L.A. are probably friends with Layla, and will give her the side eye for beefing with Peep's family…sigh….I want a reality show "Chelji tries n fails to take L.A."
Big lol

No. 497477

Completely OT but I just realized if shmegeh ever came back her “2005 4vr” ass would slay the emotional trap scene

No. 497496

What a stupid fucking cunt, I really do wish Layla would lay her ass out once and for all
I'd god damn do it for her, who says something like that??? Leave her alone she doesn't even acknowledge your disgusting existence you walking pigsty

No. 497507

File: 1518090146780.png (273.34 KB, 1125x2436, A97396C6-DA84-43E0-AC37-4505AC…)

I hate chel and hate talking about her nobody ass but seeing her get shaded by these people is sooooooo good

No. 497510

File: 1518090677784.png (361.82 KB, 1125x2436, 21D4D550-E4F5-4D49-8D9F-554E8C…)

Sooooooooo goooooooooood.

And horse has been for real been putting out merch and repping lovegang with some other people since that song came out, I hope if she ever try’s something he can hit her with some form of copyright

No. 497524

File: 1518093888310.png (134.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-08-13-40-16…)

Loool, tried to reply to this with
"Hmm, dunno, maybe, telling a grieving grandmother to get a life, threatening Layla after she was gracious towards you, stealing other people's work, not paying for beats,the Philomena fuckfest and begging for money online.
Tweet is now deleted tho, so Chel can read it here instead.

No. 497542

Chelji is doing anything she can because her 15 minutes are up. She made another instagram account that can't get past 300 followers, no one is sending her money, no music producer wants to work with a girl capitilizing off a flings death. And she knows it. The only way she'll get past 12k on her main insta is if she buys followers

No. 497544

File: 1518098403361.png (185.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3875.PNG)

As you can see by her social blade, she's not too popular anymore, and losing followers by the day

No. 497565

Remember how potato was gonna buy a house and car when she got to la? lol

No. 497570

File: 1518101458323.png (740.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180208-094930.png)

Even the peepwalker is coming at crimson chin for her 1-2 pics of gus that she reposts every other hour..daily kek

No. 497599

File: 1518104762668.jpeg (406.3 KB, 750x1023, B82E315B-F0AE-45FD-A318-2CF515…)

I’m all about letting this bitch dry up but is she seriously getting a sleeve right now hours after posting a gofundme asking everyone for money? I keep almost feeling sorry for her and then she does shit like this smdh

No. 497612

File: 1518105540733.png (872.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180208-165632.png)

The first and prolly last time I agree with pepper Ann

No. 497628

oh shit! this is hilarious and too true, pepper. glad he's ragging on her like this. hopefully his and layla's hollywood connections would sour chili's chances. cant imagine ppl out there would take kindly to someone that trashed a dead kid's family (80 something yo gma no less!!) and lie about layla and tyler

No. 497640

Layla just tweeted something about "going back to your old bitch" something idk I can't remember exact words and when I went back for caps she deleted

No. 497715

File: 1518113151839.jpeg (158.5 KB, 750x387, ACB1CF6A-3DCA-41D3-99F8-788DBE…)

Deleted tweets, but I still have the notifications. Must be about Tyler.

No. 497767

File: 1518116345004.jpeg (101.18 KB, 750x406, 416FF4B8-0E72-4EDB-A947-101C5B…)

grosso clapping back

No. 497769

File: 1518116574306.jpeg (62.44 KB, 1125x474, D5C8850D-3FCD-4ADF-B7E2-03B034…)

Potato has been tweeting and deleting all day about killing herself. I haven’t been able to catch any of em but I got this. I’ll give ya one guess as to who this ones about.

No. 497793

is layla doing all this positivity happiness shit and getting tattoos of peep related shit just to get back at tyler? cause she's acting super affected by tyler getting with his "old bitch." it's a shame every action of these soundclout losers is just to spite ex lovers or friends.

No. 497866

Wait what rawska say?

I hope laylas not doing anything with Tyler on her mind, the peep tattoos might just be her being an idiot who’s also mourning.

No. 497949

File: 1518126386840.png (297.69 KB, 800x1280, Potato.png)

So I think chelji might have got this girl to move to la so they could live together but she made her move without having any actual confirmation that she's going to la other than castles in the air

No. 497965

File: 1518127173903.png (21.39 KB, 528x78, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 3.59…)

Looks like they are in a happiness war

No. 497966

This is a fat LOL. Top kek.
Potato must think everyone’s an idiot.
If she were supposed to be in LA right now, having her PayPal “frozen” (whatever the fuck that means) yesterday wouldn’t matter because you buy plane tickets, especially international ones, before your trip. wtf is she doing with a tattoo appointment in UK at the same time she’s “scheduled” to be in the US? Her friend is an idiot for believing her. What’s chelji gonna do when she gets there anyways? Whisk her away to her make believe mansion in her pretend lambo?

We all knew she was lying but damn this is too much fun. Kinda sad. But mostly fun.

No. 497969

>>497965 this motherfucker is so bipolar

No. 497970

File: 1518127273046.png (120.09 KB, 531x631, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 4.00…)

Happiness part 2. Dying over that goth boi diss

No. 497972

Of course pepper is happy. He found someone else (Paris) to leech off of for a while.

No. 497983

File: 1518127859737.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1112x2133, AC980978-F346-4AA9-9FF2-D4D499…)

This bitch got nice af extensions today (laughably better than the ones Tyler got her) and she’s gone international. Where is she getting all this money? The depop drop?

No. 497985

File: 1518127928215.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x2179, 3B8A37EE-4DA0-492F-88E7-ED1C7B…)

No. 497987

idk but i'm assuming it's part of her contract so she's getting them paid for

No. 497996

Do we know what contract tho?

No. 498000

i’m assuming she made a lot of money off depop because she said this was her last time selling merch and all her fangirls were spazzing on twitter. must have sold like crazy

No. 498003

Not sure but she's been posting a lot of asos, beats by dre and topshop lately that feel more commercial so maybe one or all of those?

No. 498011

Being an asos rep is pretty cushy if you work in that world from what I’ve seen but she’s not modeling or posting anything with the brand tagged in her feed which is a lil weird since most other ASOS reps have to do that at least a little

No. 498013

>>498011 Agreed, I follow a few of their reps and she doesn't appear to be one. She mentioned a working on a collection so maybe she is doing a capsule clothing line for them? Honestly that also seems weird because I can't remember them doing a line with any of the bloggers they work with who have huge social followings compared to Layla.

No. 498019

Who is paris?

No. 498023

This bitch is actually insane. No job, no skills hideous face tattoos with no type of career where that's acceptable. Still milking peeps death three months later and making people think she really knew him. She's actually verifiably delusional. The fact that people stan her is so disturbing like imagine how pathetic of a person you have to be to not see straight through her grandiose insane bullshit

No. 498024


Isn't she required to disclose sponsored content per FTC regulations? Do these regs apply if the sponsors are from outside the US?

No. 498028

Instead of doubleposting, delete your comment and start again. Don't bump threads with questions if you're not providing new information.

No. 498031

i’m assuming she made a lot of money off depop because she said this was her last time selling merch and all her fangirls were spazzing on twitter. must have sold like crazy

No. 498032

I'm kind of living for this life-swap going on though. Layla has gone to the UK, Chel's planning on LA where she'll no doubt become the second girl trying to live Layla's old life. Any money on when she'll date pepper ann?

No. 498034

@prodbyparis on Twitter and ig
The way him and pepper have been tweeting makes it sound like he recently got signed and Tyler’s his “manager”

No. 498042

File: 1518131412075.jpeg (243.56 KB, 750x870, 18ABD636-B518-4B19-9E21-EBCAE5…)

No. 498046

This Lola girl is from New Jersey. I saw her at a Lil Peep memorial/vigil that was held. There were definitely some weird vibes.

No. 498051

Consider what FTC stands for..

No. 498148


Running her account as tho she posts anything other than clout-chasing / suicide tweets. Bitch doesn’t need some fucking intern friend populating her account like it’s a business being a doughy groupie. You’re not famous potato. This is it. Relish in the end of your hype, your ‘career’ is dissolving at the same rate peep’s body is.

No. 498300

Tyler Grosso was just on instagram live. Someone asked him “What happened to you and Layla?” and he said: “Layla’s running Peep’s name to the ground for clout so….” and then immediately ended the live.

No. 498303

File: 1518147452150.png (887.02 KB, 1080x1917, 20180208_213645.png)

Hi Anthony. Seen your daughter lately? Child support, anything?

No. 498328

And talking about how he just spent $10K at the Gucci store and ripped the Gucci shirt he just bought. He seemed out of it. Also so embarrassing that he spends all this money and only buys the stuff with the brand’s name all over it (which is the ugliest stuff). Gucci makes actually nice stuff yet he buys their logo T-shirts and hats and such. Acts like a kid who found a credit card on the ground.

No. 498331

He’s such a tool. Tbh Layla’s been decent in regards to peep. Besides he’s the one who dick rides all his more talented friends and leeches all the clout he can get from them (yams, kinda peep, even Layla when he tried to copywrite toopoo, now whoever Paris is) funny how his insta is full of paris’ shit all the sudden once he gotta record deal

Btw what happened to Chinatown market lol

No. 498365

Layla is def riding Peep's corpse cock, but Tyler has zero room to talk lol

but hey props to Layla for coming into money and finally getting good hair. those greasy flat stringy extensions were a tragedy and it was sad to see her flaunt them like they were any good lol fuck tyler for doing her dirty like that

No. 498383

KEEEEEK I'm honored to have struck a nerve. Funny how he focused on just that. Now which one of the clouthungry greasestick suckers on here cow tipped?

No. 498412

HOLY FUCK no one dick rides a name harder than pepper, thank you for mentioning yams omfg. he LITERALLY just rips off old designs and came up being a fucking bootlegger of OFWG; this shit makes him so mad and gets under his skin so much because he's afraid of being found out for the talentless liar he is. he just associated with big names as their bitch and never got called out for it.

this bitch dyes his hair pink for peep and calls out layla because she had a year long abusive relationship with peep and is mourning like a rational person? Fuck him for real. I would genuinely understand if layla was suicidal over peep but she managed to leave an abusive relationship AND live in a foreign country that peep used to live in. I don't stan her but honestly I don't think anyone here can say they're not surprised how maturely she's acting compared to the past. Let's be real.

And chill can actually kill herself because she's using this suicide excuse to get people off her back for legit stealing from other artists and arguing with a dead guys grandmother. fuck you bitch. this shithead had the nerve to argue with his grandmother to say he was suicidal, and now she's using it as an excuse to get heat off her. what the actual fuck. look at yourself god damn.

No. 498415

File: 1518154541276.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, D15D8AB4-E37F-4BF9-BEDF-61FE8D…)


Surely he’s talking about silverlittlecat
They’ve posted screenshots previously of conversations fighting after they fucked and he fucked her off
And she’s definitely just as clout hungry over peeps dead dick when she would’ve met him a handful of times and recycles posts
Added bonus she milks is that peep wore a shirt she made once
All her highlights on IG are about him or her smoking weed alone in her room lmao

No. 498425

i feel like this is anthony
no one fucking cares, and him 'fucking her off' after they fucked is pathetic.
this girl is sad but the dude is a skin walker. like he cosplays peep 24/7 doesn't take the mask off, like buffalo bill style only forever. nothing is worse than that. this girl is stuck at her parents place and she's using something she made to get out of there, it's lame as hell but peep ripped people off to get out of his mom's place too.

why are these assholes getting posted they live for this and there's no way they're not self posting. we already know all these clowns lurk, when silverwhatever gets posted she feels good for being a name dropper and the skin walker feels good because she got shit talked/should be hurt. it puts her in a fucked up rewards cycle and encourages the skin walkers abuse.

No. 498432

Yooooo I was thinking the same thing.. inb4 chodie claims she attempted suicide after being cyber bullied by sound clout, when irl shes just ran away with her tail between her legs until all this blows over. She talks such a big game too.
I know posting about her is frowned upon but cmonnnnnn this is so satisfying.

No. 498439

Pretty sure he’s self posting. Dudes a nobody and I don’t think anyone here actually cares

No. 498454

No one does. Ever. It's always an argument if the fangirl should get posted, but no one follows through on banning the topic because it's so dumb lol. I think they should both get banned, let a bitch tie dye her way out the ghetto and fuck the skin walker. he's literally a fucking toad with cystic acne who has to abuse girls into getting any kind of reaction out of a female. i hope he gets hit by a car i am not sorry.

No. 498457

Yeah it’s obviously the same maybe 2 people posting that group, they aren’t relevant in the scene at all and not interesting. Even if it’s not self posting it’s annoying it sucks the only way to really discourage it if it became a banable offence which is super extreme/involves bothering farmhands.

No. 498459

sorry for double posting but i just realized i coULD BE talking about silver cat's ex oR iS iT pEPPER ANN ??????? it could fit both of them every dude in this scene is a piece of shit

No. 498464

I mean tys a piece of shittttt but he’s relevant at least, his shit does sell out and it does got for stupid money on Grailed/Depop

No. 498465

File: 1518156491992.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 8FCC8438-AA50-459D-94B8-C2CE56…)

Definitely ain’t him but I wanna lol at people dragging the both of them (or anyone riding his death for clout)
They both deserve to be cancelled, so I definitely won’t mention them again after this when we all know they do hover here trying to cling onto their 15 mins of fame
In comparison, layla isn’t milking clout at all off peeps death, she’s only now even getting to mourn him, as we’ve all seen
when from all of them she obviously had a real “relationship” with peep

No. 498467

the fuck did you post this gremlin's face for fuck you

No. 498472

wow, this guy is so unattractive. these skinwalkers need to understand they cant possibly pull off the look that peep did. it looks really dumb on this kid.

No. 498486

File: 1518157528361.png (565.17 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5456.PNG)

No. 498494

i mean, she's not wrong. he overestimated how much they gave a shit, like, all of the time.

No. 498531


>Gus' mistake was using drugs.


No. 498561

Y'all chill this is clearly Myah shit talking Lylah and Ant because she's stillll salty cloutboy cheated on her

No. 498568

File: 1518167252663.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 7A637AA5-F97A-4F68-8511-744F86…)

Tyler hanging with post and Paris rn getting drunk as hell(no surprise)

No. 498575

File: 1518168475349.jpeg (553.25 KB, 750x1334, C384E87D-FD69-4613-B57C-13B082…)

Just wanna post the receipt that I’m not Myah
There’s more people that think lylah and Chelji are a POS
Can the convo die now though and can we move onto how Tyler is trying so hard on live rn with postie lmao

No. 498576


GBC did not kill Peep, she is delusional. There was some responsibility for him dying for sure because they’re all morons but they didn’t straight up murder him like some jealous Italian mobsters “whacking” him.

No. 498578

Well, Lylah is quite boring, she doesn't do anything new or interesting apart from her quick romance with Peepclone, and at least she is doing something creative even if some ppl think that's lame…..But Chelji keeps being milky even when we decide not to talk about her any more, with her LA plans and internet threats sooooo…..

No. 498581

K, well this is a step in the right direction, admitting that he used drugs (so not just weed) and made errors of judgement rather than saying GBC and especially Mackned "fed Gus drugs". I mean, no-one feeds a 21 year old drugs, this is such a sad and messed up situation.

No. 498589

Yeah that is a good point
My original point was that I was just trying to say that I think ionlycryblood was taking a dig at lylah and not chelji, though his post could be relevant to either hahaha
I mean yeah, at least lylah posts PROOF of what she’s doing
What’s crimson chin done besides post a song I haven’t even bothered to listen to, and claim time and time again that she’s got some big record deal, is making it big
Like, where bitch? Post the receipts and not screencaps you’ve edited to make yourself look like you’re not a liar

No. 498591

Hmmm, does ionlycryblood even know who Chelji is? Most likely he meant Lylah seeing as he hooked up with her…hate mitches like this who pump , dump and then humiliate btw

No. 498644

We have to hear about you all talk about Chelslut nonstop, Stan toopoor and blow smoke up her ass, and fan over peep.
Maybe stop mini modding and let people post if they want to post because to some of us it's entertaining and you can ALWAYS scroll past it. You don't get to "ban" A topic poor you finds annoying with all the bullshit that fills this thread lol just look away then? K thanks let them post

No. 498650


No. 498658


Mentalities like are what make drugs more unsafe than they need to be. There's nothing wrong with doing drugs. Yes, there are risks but you can die while driving a car or eating for fuck sakes, but most people don't because they know the dangers of driving while texting or eating while laying down and have been educated on how to avoid making stupid mistakes.

The stigma around drugs is what makes it so unsafe. Because people act like drugs are dangerous there is a ton of misinformation, secrecy and shame. No one teaches you how to get high safely which is idiotic because the majority of people like doing drugs and they should have the freedom to do so safely.

Gus should have informed himself about the drugs he was using but he trusted his "friends" to watch his back. His grandmother isn't wrong in saying he should have chose his friends more wisely but he didn't deserve to die for that mistake.

No. 498670


Yeah but they didn’t murder him like she makes out. They were just idiots when it came to education on drugs. It could have easily been any other of the crew on tour and Peep could have been the idiot that didn’t do anything.

No. 498691


He made the decision to take the drugs that killed him.

No. 498692


But I think the circumstances surrounding his death are incredibly suspect and I don't think her line of reasoning is totally of base.

He was the main act. He had an entire management team and a crew of friends and no one checked on him once even after Mariah said that he couldn't be woken up when they kicked him. That story alone, to me, has a bunch of red flags. There were probably 20 people on his team, maybe more, and no one checked on him?

I've read Mariah told mackned, the kid who gave him the fent laced roxy, that he couldn't be woken up when he was kicked. If you found out ur friend is high af and isn't waking up when being kicked wouldn't u check on them? I mean even if you are high you can still process feelings of dread and danger. Like "oh shit lemme check on this dude and make sure he's ok, I'm worried because he isn't waking up"

My assumption is mackned knew Gus's was nodding out and didn't tell anyone. I'm guessing he may have been the only one who knew what he took and knew he wasn't responding to physical stimuli.

The fact that almost all of his friends on that bus refused to be interviewed by police is telling.

No. 498698

LOL has anyone else noticed this bitch has no real friends from where she actually is? just 15 year old children who live thousands of miles away. i'd love to hear about her from UK people who went to school with her. i'm sure they'd confirm how crazy she is

No. 498702


by that logic do you think sober people who get killed by drunk drivers are at fault because they chose to drive knowing that, despite being sober themselves there is always the risk of being killed by a drunk drivers?

Because yes, you can die from drugs but you can also get killed while driving or any other number of things that have an element of uncertainty to them. Why are drugs any different?

No. 498704

more than anyone (except emma i guess) layla has the right to publicly mourn and get tatts for him. in this other group crazy ass kids are getting multiple tatts for him and acting like their life is over without him. i can't imagine how she feels since despite how chaotic it was it was a real relationship and someone with the type of personality and self-esteem that layla has definitely fell and hung on to all the fake promises he made and the things he said to her. She is not riding his corpse, she subtly mentions him here and there but nothing crazy and no where near potato or emma who posts something every day or close to it.

No. 498705

exacttttttllyy. and let's be real, i'd bet good money yams and all the others in that crew made fun of their pathetic little white boy bitch. they probably had him wiping their asses for him. i hate pepper so much he a substance less waste of space exactly like rich white frat guys whose pathetic ass dads pay for everything

No. 498707

wow i'm truly shocked shes finally admitting this. maybe she's actually receiving good, helpful therapy? this is teh first time i've ever seen her agree to the obvious fact he was actually using drugs. I still dont think anyone intended to kill him, from a monetary standpoint even if he was leaving GBC he had unreleased songs with some of them they lost a lot of money from his death so that could not have been a motive. The issue is less of mackned then these idiots who couldn't recognize OBVIOUS signs of respiratory distress. You don't need medical training for that just basic common sense

No. 498709


also laughable that he blows his money like that but doesn't fly business class (i don't have a copy, there was a photo on i think his twitter but it has since been deleted)

ffs shut the fuck up, these people are so fucking unrelated. i'm sick of having to read about them, stop clogging the board up with these nobodies

No. 498711


Nice strawman you've got there.

No. 498715


If it's such an easy argument to discredit why not do it?

Nice deflecting you've got there.

No. 498730


A strawman argument is not a valid argument.

No. 498743

Jus scroll past I'm sick of the board being clogged with comments like this; clearly it doesn't work and ppl will comment on who they like. I get yr frustration but maybe just accept that it is what it is especially now that this is about Soundclout general rather than just Layla.

No. 498751

that would be so creepy cuz they're like ugly ass twins in the shining

No. 498752

A more accurate example would be choosing to drive drunk… dumbass

No. 498789

I’m sick of backseat modding too but there are rules against posting nobodies. Like it or not, this Anthony dude is a nobody / soundclout fan - He’s not a part of soundclout himself. The only reason he was posted here in the first place was to show how cringey/obsessive peeps fans were. Sure we can all scroll past it, but honestly this isn’t the board for him. Maybe a thread for face tatted stans that’ll never leave their hometowns? Seems to be enough of them

No. 498792


You're still deflecting.

My argument is thus: Peep died as a result of the circumstances surrounding his drug use. He was uninformed about drugs. The people he was doing drugs with were uninformed about drugs. His management was uninformed about drugs. All of those factors contributed to his death. He did drugs which was a risk, but he died because he and everyone around him were uniformed about the risks and signs of overdose.

Hence my parallel to driving. Driving is a risk but you are informed and aware of all of the dangers that go into it before you are allowed on the road. In fact not just anyone can drive. You have to take classes, accumulate hours of driving time with a qualified adult and pass a test.

If you were to drive without doing any of those things and die in a wreck as a result people would say "He didn't know how to drive, thats why he died."

Now apply that logic to peep and you get "He didn't know how to use the drugs he was taking and neither did the people around him. He died because he and everyone on that bus was uninformed about drugs."

Stop blaming people who do drugs and blame the social stigma that keeps people uniformed and at risk.


No, it wouldn't, because the parallel I'm drawing is between the riskiness of taking drugs and the riskiness of driving.

No. 498795


Could we please just not?

No. 498855

Nope. His mistake was not having a drug test kit.

No. 498856

I would much rather read about these "nobodies" than the same shit about Chelji over and over. She 100% loves to see her name on this board and feels special and famous every time she sees it. Lylah claims she's going to start making music so she's right up there with her now.

No. 498857

…or opioid overdose kit.

No. 498859

Correction. *Drug test kit and opioid overdose kit.

No. 498876

File: 1518199150197.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, C3842A06-7008-4FDE-99BF-23A4E4…)

guess she is still hanging out with that luke storey guy even though they’ve been low key about it.

No. 498899


def a step up from that gucci rodent.

No. 498928

I watched some of his Instagram stories. He’s cute and funny. Huuuuuge step up from that thirsty name dropping clown, who is currently bragging so hard about getting Paris on Post’s tour (who honestly cares). He needs to sit down/be humble.

No. 499179


They were not ignorant of drug overdose deaths and adulterated illicit pills. If we ignore that they choose to use drugs, denial is the real problem. Because of denial they ignore the risks. Put simply, thinking about the risks is a bummer, so just don't think about them.

Their stage brain development at their age contributes to denial as a result of poor impulse control and risk aversion. The areas of the brain responsible for impulse control, risk aversion, and decision making do not fully develop until the mid- to late-twenties.

The drugs that they are taking perpetuate denial and poor impulse control. Anxiolytics and opioids function on different parts of the brain to make the user literally not care.

The fact that no one in a bus full of drug users had Naloxone on hand is a testament to their denial.

Furthermore, I suspect at least one of them had some inkling that he was more than just asleep, but denial superceded rational thought.

Sage for having been a poly-drug user since before any of them were even born and having witnessed and revived ODs and ODed myself.

No. 499318

Personally I don't think it was a "hit" but I do think that mackned in his drug induced stupor probably knew he was ODing and let it happen bc of his lowered inhibition and subconscious jealousy. His instant finger pointing at Mariah when he knew the drugs were suspect and let him take them / didn't try to wake him or alert anyone that he wouldn't wake and the fact that he's changed his story multiple times leads me to believe he's paranoid and feels guilty bc why else lie? Sure he didn't murder him and Peep took those drugs willingly but he knows damn well that something was wrong and he made the conscious decision to let Peep stay asleep and continue ODing after he wouldn't wake and he didn't tell anyone else, which is why no one found out till hours later and bexey taped him like a dumbass

I don't see horsehead and fishnarc as being particularly malicious and I think if bexey had done anything he wouldn't have taped it and further incriminated himself. He's just a huge moron not a mastermind let's face it

If he did tell coldhart he was leaving GBC it's probably bc he valued him a bit more than the other members and knew he wouldn't take it personally or throw a bitch fit. Coldhart probably mentioned it to mackned at some point and that was Peep's downfall

Not a collective GBC hit team as gma thinks. Just a salty junkie allowing a friend to OD not waking him up and not saying anything to anyone

No. 499320

Also them not answering any questions and avoiding the cops isn't really suspect and makes perfect sense considering they were all zoinked out junkies found in a trailer full of drugs with a dead guy

like most druggies they probably have a fear/distrust of police authority

No. 499339

File: 1518230877409.jpeg (124.75 KB, 750x827, 9788B0ED-065C-44C2-8CEC-18B8F9…)

No. 499344


u r literally agreeing with everything his grandma said tho. Mackned most likely knew Gus was dying and let it happen.

As far as I know his grandmother never called it a hit. She said mackned fed Gus drugs that he knew were suspect. The "feeding" part is a falshood, more like supplied, but she and u both agree that mackned most likely knew he was dying, for hours mind you, and did nothing.

You said yourself mackned was probably jealous and let him OD. How you don't see that as criminal or at the very least unethical is wild to me.

Saying Peep's downfall was telling a friend that he wanted to leave a group of individuals who clearly didn't care about him is victim blaming. Letting someone OD because u r jealous or upset with them is very fucked.

No. 499373

>>499344 she thinks all of gbc was involved not just one member and it sounds like she thinks it was premeditated

I don't think it was premeditated or that anyone else was involved

it's still criminal but he has plausible deniability bc he didn't intentionally poison him and can claim ignorance about the fact that he was ODing

No. 499374

thought they were kurt and courtney. or wait, they just identified as every uninspired skid row junkie couple.

No. 499376


>How you don't see that as criminal or at the very least unethical is wild to me

where tf are you getting that from jesus christ

No. 499380


No one is ignoring that they chose to do drugs. And no one is arguing for people to ignore drug use.

We are saying that he died because he did not know how to use drugs safely. Yes he chose to do drugs but saying his death was a result of that, and that alone, is reductive.

Peep died because he didn't know how to use drugs safely because we as a society do not know how to accept and have a conversation about safe drug use.

I'm sorry you've had to see friends OD and the fact that you OD-ed yourself is very heartbreaking but I'm glad you were able to come back from it. I hope you're in a better place now <3

No. 499382

they were kurt and courtney skinwalkers and it was a complete cosplay cringefest

thank god tp's left that behind for her sake

No. 499407

it was his downfall because it literally fucking killed him. no one's "victim blaming" here.

most kids in this generation don't honestly. i can't remember the last time i saw a drug kit even though i've been around hella pills among other things. a lot of kids like doing drugs and don't want to do a quick google search and seek out information bc it makes it that much more scary and they just want to have a carefree good time

No. 499410

You literally painted a picture of mackned as a person who was not peep's friend but someone who was so jealous that he let his "friend" die a slow as fuck death for hours but then you added that peeps downfall was telling coldhart he wanted to leave gbc.

No that wasn't peep's downfall. Peep trusted someone who he thought was a friend (a person that peep brought on tour and supported no less) to not let him die. He made the mistake of trusting the wrong person, that is not something you call a "downfall".

No. 499420


You probably haven't seen a drug kit in a long time because drug safety isn't something people are taught.

You said young people don't seek out information because the information that they find when they try to do research is scary. Yes you're right, the information we give young people about drugs is meant to scare them away from using them. Obviously this doesn't work because people like doing drugs, even young people.

Soooo maybe let's not scare young people, let's inform them about how to use drugs safely and let's inform them about all of the real risks and the tools that can help them avalid a fatality.

No. 499423

But did people even need test kits before like the 2000~? Like I’m young so I don’t know anything about the reality of drug use before like the middle of this decade but I thought the fent in downers & sketchy shit in ecstasy/mdma was a new issue which is why it’s so deadly.

No. 499437


No, the thing that was most likely his downfall was mackned's jealousy.

Implying his downfall was a result of him confiding in a friend is victim blaming.

No. 499455

Why is toopoor even relevant is this bitchs parents rich or something i don’t get it she’s average as fuck n has an annoying personality there’s nothing fascinating there besides her fucking clout dudes(derailing)

No. 499460

this is her 6th thread read and figure it out if you're new…

No. 499461


then don’t read her thread………………. literally as simple as that. and sage so you don’t bump the thread like were you dropped?

No. 499574

File: 1518248558068.png (1009.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-10-08-40-55…)

Message from Gma Peep.

No. 499618

Wiggy is 19 and yawns is in his 30’s so like she missed the mark on that one lmafo

No. 499660

File: 1518258912534.png (941.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5470.PNG)

This is the pic grandma peep is referring to.

No. 499684

wow that's so trashy. i know wiggy is only 19 but wow, this is so uncouth. and the exact tattoo rip off of gus'… yeesh.

No. 499697

A ton of his friends have the same tattoos as him. Some of his friends even got Peep’s face tats tattooed on them in memory. I don’t know why everyone is coming for Wiggy when there are a bunch of people with Peep’s tattoos.

No. 499698

File: 1518270766956.jpeg (162.22 KB, 750x733, 83076544-5F14-4BB7-BF0E-73AA63…)

No. 499706

File: 1518271984843.jpeg (444.17 KB, 750x1114, AA0F9870-061E-4F29-8D1D-0A9D8A…)

No. 499712


is the abusive, hardcore, omg so gangsta tyler grosso this? he looks like a 12yo girl ffs!

No. 499720

no I'm just saying he shouldn't have trusted any of them and THAT was his downfall if he hadn't have told coldhart mackned might not have let his meal ticket die but knowing he was leaving probably gave him even more of a reason to

obviously it's fucking mackned's fault not peep's but it inevitably led to him dying so in hindsight none of his friends were trustworthy bc coldhart couldn't keep a secret it seems

idk how tf you're getting that I said it was peep's fault obviously it's mackneds

saying it was his "downfall" doesn't = it was his fault, his bad friends were his downfall that's not an opinion it's just a fact

you're literally getting triggered over nothing

obviously it was mackned's fault I'm just saying mackned probably wouldn't have killed his meal ticket (which peep wasn't going to be fore much longer)

I literally agree how you think I'm blaming peep is beyond me

No. 499723

>>499697 because he's prancing around in his grills like a moron

peep's downfall was having shitty as fuck friends all around

No. 499753


Adulterated drugs have been an issue for as long as people have been using drugs.

Black market opioids and benzodiazepines laced with fentanyl, carfentanil, and u-47700 are a very recent development and driven by profits on the part of the cartels producing the pills.

When the use of MDMA surged in the US during the late 90s and early 2000s, Dance Safe began distributing test kits wherever legal. The kits test for the presence of MDMA and for the presence of a few but not all adulterants.

Cocaine the world over is cut with levamisole, a livestock dewormer which is now illegal in most developed nations. Exposure in humans can cause a potentially deadly depletion of white blood cells and other severe health effects.


In parts of the US and the UK at least, some of the testing reagents themselves are illegal.

And as I wrote earlier, denial is rampant among users. Worrying about risks is contrary to getting high. Addiction overpowers concerns for safety. And the drugs themselves impact decision making.

Of the anons debating who was responsible for his death:

Who among have been or are drug users? Do you hold your friends responsible for your wellbeing while using drugs? If you were supplied an adulterated drug which caused you harm, whom would you hold responsible?

Are drug dealers responsible for the quality of their drugs and, by extension, harm caused by adulterated drugs? Some adulterants can be easily tested for but most cannot.

In my history of drug use I have been supplied bunk drugs, adulterated drugs, and the wrong drugs which led to varying degrees of undesired effects. But in every case I was ultimately responsible for using. And when I did suffer ill-effects or overdose, I certainly appreciated help from my friends but in no way would I hold them accountable for the results of my choice to use.

No. 499759

Ew he’s such a classic abuser it’s so hard to watch gross.

No. 499762


You're saying that Peep trusting his friends was his downfall. Now let's remove the verb trust from that sentence. Peep's "friends" were his downfall.

Do you see the difference? Saying that peep trusted the wrong people implies a direct action on peep's part that resulted in his death. The inverse is had he not trusted those people he would be alive. Yes, that is one way to view it but that narrative normalizes abuse. The sentiment of "had he not trusted them, he would still be alive" literally ignores the abuse his "friend" subjected him to. A parallel example would be "had she not wore that she would not have been raped" v.s. "she was raped".

People crave closeness and connection and attempting to find that with another person should not result in your death. People should be able to trust others and be vulnerable around them without fear of bodily harm or death.

Words have meaning and give context. They create narratives and normalize behavior. What you say and how you say it matters.

No. 499763


I'll see your logic and take it one step further: he chose those friends.

No. 499774

File: 1518280544998.jpeg (469.12 KB, 750x1044, A068FC61-905E-4B7B-A45B-2C3A18…)

the sadness parade continues

No. 499780


Yes he was learning how to trust people and he was a young person who made a mistake with regards to the people he chose to place his trust in.

That is such a minor mistake that I wouldn't even consider it in relation to his death because most people make that mistake time and time again throughout life and they are still alive and relatively unscathed.

Because, like I said, you should be able to trust people without the fear of dying as a result. You should be free to make mistakes and learn from them.

Americans have a funny way with how they conceptualize mistakes, failures, agency and the like. There is a misconception in American society that makes people believe that they are solely responsible for their life and any mistakes or errors are a result of the person not society. We need to have all of the facts and all of the information and if we fail to secure that or if we were misled then it's our fault for not seeing it.

Individualism is a cornerstone of American society. Meaning the individual is responsible for his or herself but that statement ignores systemic racism, prejudice, sexism etc. it even ignores the way we conceptualize drug users as "junkies" or "stoners" or any other category that one places an individual into.

These categories help shape our response to the people who we see as fitting into them. "Oh he was a junkie with junkie friends so that's why he's dead." Why not dig deeper and say the way we perceive drug use and success in American society is really harmful to people.

Peep's lack of information about safe drug use and his friends jealousy over his success played a role in his death. That statement opens up a dialogue about the failures of society rather than the failures of self (who Peep chose as his friends)

Off topic but I'm enjoying having this conversation with you. I don't think your wrong and I'm sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you. I enjoy hearing your perspective and having this dialogue with you.

No. 499807

what's wrong with looking like a girl? you're straight?

No. 499831

trying to develop an identity instead of spending all your money on clothes with brand names all over them might be a good place to start, tyler

No. 499848

Oh I didn’t know it was tinfoil hour and god are u lame u talk like an old person

No. 499850

hi, tyler.(hi [cow])

No. 499851

Ummm I wish cuz he rich lol ur annoying

No. 499860

There's no such thing as a Tyler Grosso fan so it's gotta be you boo

No. 499884


Lol!!!!! I am fucking crying!


No. 499902

No. 499912

LMAOOO true af.
Tyler’s that friend everyone keeps around to make them feel better about themselves. “Well at least I’m not a talentless dickriding prepubescent lookin 14 year old with a bowl cut that has terrible coping skills which makes me look pathetic all the time. Whew.”

Post started calling him bowl-cut shawty on Tyler’s own live the other night. I cried.

No. 499918

File: 1518291037467.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x2183, 3C515AA2-7770-4020-93A4-A27D60…)

Layla’s going to Bristol with Luke.
Ps Tyler in case you didn’t notice hes prob 1000x hotter than u

No. 499920

File: 1518291148022.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1796, 373C5CE7-5CEE-4F4A-9772-7D62D1…)

and she’s carrying the bag tyler bought her. LMAOOO it’s so good

No. 499925

File: 1518291435106.jpeg (122.39 KB, 1125x813, F1B41F82-E954-43F8-B0A3-989032…)

I don’t think it’s possible to be anymore pathetic than Tyler Grosso

This is the only reason anyone keeps you around Tyler. Accept it and stfu

No. 500009

I'm enjoying the dialogue between you both tbh, maybe it's taken time for his death to blow over little for the conversation to get to this point (in general, not just here where people were largely just processing feelings) but i'm glad it has.

a part of me feels bad for tyler because he obviously has psychological issues. he's an abuser so he deserves it; but these people aren't giving him shit for abuse they're doing it for being emotionally unstable/weak.

peep pretty much abused layla similarly and even blew her issues up in songs that have millions of views. i named this lil hoe Pepper Ann so i'm not a stan, i just think psychologically how these people are regarded differently socially is wild.

i have no idea what's possessing him to try to flex on twitter though because it's the worst look. if he wants other people to take him seriously he needs to take himself seriously and get help. if people even see him attempting to get help they will be more supportive and he'll learn life skills that turn him into not such a bitch.

No. 500015

File: 1518296108557.jpeg (248 KB, 750x621, 18E76E0D-5209-42B8-8BE2-1A0EFC…)

Tyler posted this back in 2016. He has serious problems and he needs to get help for it.
Tyler, if you’re reading this, go get some therapy.

No. 500036

how did he blow up her issues in songs? what songs? just curious

No. 500048


Thanks! And thanks for participating in the conversation as well. I know its funny to laugh at the stunts these people pull but I also appreciate thoughtful dialogue about what drives their behavior and what role our preconceived notions play in how we view them and their behavior.

I really like your point about why people are giving Tyler shit on this board: not because he abuses women and they want him to change, but because, in their eyes, he's a weak bitch. That's kind of disappointing cuz it likely won't result in him changing and as a result women who orbit his world will prolly continue to suffer his abuse.

I also agree that its jarring the way people have come to excuse Peep's abuse but not Tyler's. Maybe Peep was just better at manipulating people's emotions. He seemed to know when and how to be charming. That's not an excuse, just an observation. Any thoughts on this?

Tyler really does seem like he's struggling. I can imagine that the same kinds of people that let Peep die a slow death are the same kinds of people Tyler has surrounded himself with. He has so much money and access to good mental health care and he should really seek that out rather than finding validation through money. But I don't wanna blame the kid. If he has mental health issues, is using drugs and is hanging around other emotional abusers I'm sure he is not in a place where he can make good decisions.

No. 500065

Sorry if im not using this site right or im not "sageing" but i just had to comments that peeps friends finding his grills and wearing them and taking pics is so disrespectful! It seems like they dont even care he passed and are just happy to have his stuff and get his tattoos … wtf these trash people

No. 500081

Seriously, why is this website so autistic about saging posts? Who gives a fuck?

No. 500087

File: 1518300226740.jpg (476.99 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180210-140308.jpg)


Holy shit this is pathetic on a new level. He posted the Ted bear again too. Annnnd those def look like stab marks on the chair. Pic related wtf

No. 500099

Whooooa didn’t notice the stab marks until you mentioned it. I’ve definitley joked about pepper looking like a school shooter but this takes it to a whole nother level of yikes.

I get that he has issues and sure, I’m sympathetic and even empathetic to those that are struggling. Pepper really doesn’t get much of that from me because he’s a sociopathic abuser who doesn’t seem to be very self aware. It doesn’t look like he has many real friends which is sad because someone needs to tell him he’s making an idiot of himself.

No. 500106

Idk about other threads but in this one it’s just because this thread used to get a lot of people asking why Layla had a thread when she’s boring and the fact that the tone of this thread is much more conversational than some other ones so it’s polite to keep it from bumping when it’s just people talking. Some people really don’t like being on auto sage which happened for 2 threads and to keep from being put on auto sage we have to remind people to sage unless you have new info. As long as you’re not necroing I think no one cares in other threads.

No. 500115

same thing about peep tho, like, i feel bad for the kid, but like tyler, he refused to get medical care and had never even been on antidepressants or any mental health meds EVER. idk, as someone that has dealt with chronic, treatment resistant depression, i'll try anything for relief. i def think tyler has issues, but why the fuck wont these kids just try getting treated when they have the money for it?

No. 500149

I guess because they are just that - kids. They are self-medicating. Probably don’t think that any professional “help” will work. I imagine Tyler is going to look back on this phase in his life and shake his head, but people have to reach their own rock bottoms, I guess.

No. 500157


Because addressing mental health related issues takes time and effort probably

No. 500165


As someone who has struggled with their mental health I totally feel your frustration. Its really hard to empathize with people who appear to have every resource available to them and yet they seem to just continue in their self- destructive behavior.

I think it must be hard to get better while remaining around a group of individuals who exhibit such toxic behavior, himself included. I don't think he recognizes that some of his mental illness is triggered by the company he keeps.

*edited to add: I feel like that phrase "the devil you know is better than the one you don't" could apply here. If he were to get real help he would most likely have to make new friends, find a new line of work, deal with trauma etc. and I think its easier for him to just blame outside forces rather than accept the role his lifestyle and choices play in the unraveling of his mental health. Also most people envy his lifestyle so he probably struggles with letting go of hanging out with WWE stars and white rappers with mullets like Post.

On a side note: I'm sorry you have depression. It can be really difficult and you should be proud of yourself for continuing to fight. I know there isn't a cure all for every person but have you ever tried meditation or narrative therapy? Both have given me a lot of relief from my depression and anxiety. Maybe they could be helpful for you :)(derailing)

No. 500185

File: 1518306589622.jpeg (557.77 KB, 1125x1253, 3D2A4CD3-6860-4C97-9778-35A4E3…)

Philomena posted a video

She’s really incoherent and pretty much just rambles on about how she’s not lying, but manages to bring up TP within the first minute

No. 500230

finally some milk! doing a lil research on YouTube seems like this girl is a liar and steals so I wouldn't put it past her to lie about this sort of thing. not saying everyone who steals also lies but I get major bpd/REAL crazy girl vibes. apparently there is a former friend of hers that made a video saying she fucked him but this friend Sam also does drugs and hangs with people like her so hard to truly believe what he says.

No. 500234

literally looks into the camera and said she was a trump supporter lol this girl flip flops can't trust her

No. 500262

>stab marks
I'd rate this as a lucky escape for Layla.

No. 500343


I am >>499763 but not >>499720 to whom you originally replied. I was taking your logic to the next step as an intellectual exercise. I appreciate your thoughtful discussion of the sociological factors involved.

No. 500379


In regards to pepper not getting treatment when he has access
I understand it, being someone who has bipolar
When I feel “normal” and I’m not going through bouts of depression, I feel invincible to my illness
And when I’m having manic weeks etc I wonder “why do I need help”, if I go through feeling normal and feeling manic this much, the high is addictive and the high makes me question if it’s really a problem
It’s very common for people with bipolar to avoid treatment or come off meds straight away when they’re feeling okay
I don’t think I ever think rationally about my behaviour when I’m manic until I have people telling me I’m doing things wrong, and have people trying to ground me, and even then I fight their opinions because “I feel GREAT!?”
It takes me being depressed, going through suicidal ideations, realising I’m pushing people away or have abused my support system, to remember why I get help or why I have medication. And even so, I’ll self medicate with illicit substances and go through my life on autopilot to avoid dealing with my reality.
So I understand tyler avoiding getting serious help. He has money, he would love the validation he gets from “friends” when he’s flexing around them, and it must be like a self medication thing for him. He feels good spending money and feeling like he’s achieved shit but I think he hangs that over people. I reckon he’s used that in a way to manipulate layla in the relationship. Like “I bought you this LV bag, you gotta love me when I’m sad” kind of way. And when someone sticks around and depends on you, you use them like a crutch. Layla leaving, and being independent has gotta feel like someone kicked the chair out from underneath him. He would feel used, and it would amp up his crazy, and get him to do stupid shit online (post stuff with the captions and Ted etc) to gauge a reaction from layla because he for sure must feel abandoned. Money is a crutch for him, it’s his medication but it’s also a magnet for fake people. He needs better support and no fake friends are gonna be sitting there saying “tyler let’s get you medical help” when he’s paying for their fun.
Maybe I’m rambling and don’t make sense so sorry for the rant, but his behaviour is so familiar, it doesn’t matter how much people are calling him out on this publicly, he’s not getting the validation or attention he wants. He isn’t ready to help himself. He wants someone to be obsessed and dependent on him, and he lost that in Layla.(blogposting)

No. 500711

File: 1518378029064.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 4F1CB597-FEE9-4D83-88DA-071129…)

Layla has a new man. Get over it.

No. 500749

File: 1518381983588.jpeg (140.68 KB, 750x743, 10E8C3F6-FA12-4B0A-B0D8-471348…)


No. 500985

File: 1518399887718.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, 35F00B48-6B54-47EB-AD77-9690A3…)

trying so hard to make layla jealous

No. 501023

i hope we don't get a flood of tyler sympathizers, regardless of mental issues or not he abused the fuck out of layla and the shit he pulls now that shes long gone to london STILL is still abuse. hes an abuser

also layla on snapchat last night was in a hotel with luke so i really hope they get together because hes a total upgrade from fucking gross-o

No. 501027

Tyler’s live rn DMing girls with Paris for their party tonight. Legit prowling insta live for fucks. He read a DM outlout that said “I’ll bring party favors but no sucky suck” his response was why are girls always breaking my heart. He’s telling them he has a million dollars and he could piss on a T-shirt and make 50k. It’s so embarrassing and pathetic. He’s so gross. So much cringe.

No. 501030

File: 1518403584446.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x2219, 9F0BF088-DBDD-4F6F-A0B6-F3B159…)

Begging stans to get him verified

No. 501181

The most pathetic disgusting piece of trash ever. Literally he should be with chili they operate on the same level of unbearable cringe

No. 501183

shrimp being rachet in japan with layla's ex boyfriend is hilarious. she's been looking 10x mustier since she started dating corey. and those cigarettes are reeeally fucking up her skin. or maybe it's karma for banging layla's ex-boyfriend from high school two weeks after her other ex-boyfriend died. never forget how cass mourned and cried over peep so hard right after he passed just for the clout (and horsehead's attention) lmao

No. 501290

Ugh that ear to ear kool aid smile thing these nerds do makes them look actually retarded

No. 501309

He was trash talking Layla’s new dude Luke on instagram live as well. He honestly thinks Luke is a shitty version of himself. Abusive and delusional. Nice. Tyler was going on about how Luke probably has a small dick and dresses like a hobo. He kept saying he would always take Layla back. He’s actually crazy. Then he took out a wad of cash and said he’s trying to find a new bitch to spend money on. I can’t believe this guy.

No. 501329

File: 1518429571001.png (5.8 MB, 1242x2208, 6D307A49-C39B-4431-9063-97AFD1…)

Tyler smokes heroin and probably crack. His friend just posted this video of Tyler saying he’s looking for a bitch to smoke crack and suck his dick. He’s so foul

No. 501347

>18+ only
>looks like an edgy 15 year old

No. 501353

yup i noticed this too. it’s like she makes it a point to post pics in which she looks the roughest.

No. 501365

Ty and Layla both got dragged for being too pussy to smoke heroin by Lilith tho

That’s honestly super Pathetic like she don’t want you dude she’s in Europe having the biggest glo up of her career

No. 501371

The funny thing is… Lilith is in this video.

No. 501384

The post is gone now but she was ~literally crying~ cyz there's no food in Tokyo she can eat and went on to be like "I have just never left Portland or LA before I didn't know it was so hard" lmao

No. 501396


Isn't Tokyo the largest city in the world or some shit? She can't take her skinwalking ass to a Maccas?

No. 501405

File: 1518444658381.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1125x2204, 4874E78A-80E4-409D-A9B5-5B95E1…)

There were legit like 3 people at his party. lol

Luke’s an actual model unlike you ya pimple faced fuck. His jealousy is so obvious. I found a real nasty close up of Tyler’s face which I’ll include so we can all just keep this in perspective.

What is it that’s so irresistible about you Tyler? The pencil thin lips, the haggard complexion, the double chin? But hey at least someones thanking him lol

No. 501407

File: 1518445068250.jpeg (403.79 KB, 750x1115, 2186095D-9A97-4EBE-9FC0-F7D8E7…)

arz still being classy

No. 501414

File: 1518446320317.jpeg (194.65 KB, 2229x1026, 7FB1988F-AA28-4B60-A312-F89616…)


Music video for spotlight is up. Another video with a tragic love story with the main male role (meant to be peep?) going off with friends and other women (GBC and Arz) leaving the female role (Emma) heartbroken and only to claim the love (as shown by a necklace) “in another life” after the diner where the video is set is destroyed and abandoned.

No. 501415

sage for OT i guess but has anyone else seen the video for the marshmello and peep collab and feel like there shouldn’t be music videos for the music that came out after his death at all? he isn’t there to approve of anything and to be honest both this and save that shit weren’t very good as MVs

No. 501417

agreed. I also am not the biggest fan of the song. I like it but it seems a little too generic and radio friendly. I don't think peep would have taken that direction, at least that early on in his career

I asked this in the comments on the @lilpeep instagram and got crucified for it, maybe someone can answer me here - had marshmello and peep ever even worked together before? were they friends?

No. 501423

Wtf? I missed the post, but what kind of food is she trying to find that Tokyo doesn’t have? I’m like the world’s pickiest eater and I was fine in Tokyo, lol

No. 501424


She keeps complaining about how Corey's food is so much more kawaii

No. 501425

Shrimps a vegan.
She was freaking out until she remembered that yelp/google exist

No. 501433

His double chin houses his neckbeard
Does he have a black eye?

No. 501436

The spotlight music video was pretty good. Lot better than I was expecting. Way better than save that shit. Just glad it's not another literal Emma forced placement. I think peep would've liked it. The aesthetic and tongue in cheek imagery was decent. I think he had worked w marshmello and Liza reached out to him to release their work together. It is very generic tho. Some of his stuff was generic emo tho, like worlds away, but idk if given the chance he'd have made a generic emo one his single

No. 501464

I called Tyler out for having heroin on his story that his 12yo stans watch. He and all his friends deleted everything showing heroin soooo quick. Must’ve been too fucked up last night to notice/care. Got them receipts tho pepper

No. 501481

File: 1518453778303.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 88A17888-0A7F-4572-A967-234C32…)

Yesterday from Layla’s snapchat, notice the substance name is blocked which makes me think it’s not just booze she’s sober from. Do you guys think it’s heroin?

No. 501485

heroin would fit in there, could be, good for her.

No. 501500

File: 1518456010030.jpg (100.74 KB, 750x1218, Image-1.jpg)

Just posted on Insta story. This has to be a dig at Tyler, right? Like, "You are so messy that it's making me want to live my best life." Also, Tyler just posted on Twitter, "I got an assistant." LMAO… dude is so convinced he's a somebody.

No. 501503

I don't think she was a heroin addict. she's so attention obsessed that there's no way she would have let it go so long without mentioning being addicted to heroin outright or at least dropping heavy handed hints about it. maybe cocaine? or xanax?

I personally don't think she was truly addicted to anything though. I think she was abusing alcohol and sometimes drugs, partying way too much and being a lazy waste because of it. but I don't think she had a serious habit to any one drug, though

No. 501510

Pardon my ignorance but are those lines on aluminum foil always a sign of heroin or could it be something else like meth or coke or crack?

No. 501526

Honestly that makes sense. I got a little too excited at the possible milk associated with her being on h.

If anyone wants to listen to her dj skills… https://www.mixcloud.com/therealdjiq/luke-storey-x-too-poor/

No. 501538

It doesn’t look like heroin. It looks like wax (from marijuana) to me? anyone else

No. 501556

I don't think people freebase pot…

No. 501573

That's not marijuana - dabs, you would need a rig to hit that, not foil. You can't free base weed kek

No. 501592

In addition to how it’s being smoked, this does not look like wax/dabs/concentrate of any kind. They’re way thicker. Also typically held in glass or silicone, if you’re desperate, wax paper. Never aluminum foil. then like the previous anon said, smoked out of a rig of some sort. The closest thing to free basing dabs would be a nectar collector, which was no where in sight, nor was there a propane torch. This is heroin boo.

No. 501632

Isn't Lilith sober though? I thought she was… but seems like she was drinking lean last night (per her insta video). And hanging with Tyler? Why?

No. 501651

My guess is lean or coke. She was doing both pretty openly when she was with ty. Definitely looks like ty's freebasing h or maybe crack/meth.

No. 501698

File: 1518469077375.jpeg (123.01 KB, 750x750, 75B7278D-BFDE-44FD-9444-0C44AB…)

Boring video but the girl looks to be styled way more like Layla than Emma

No. 501712

dont thinkt hat was intentional. the girl rode a motorcycle and that was like a motocross outfit. but damn layla looked so bad with that yolandi ripoff styling

No. 501713

File: 1518470114034.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 6CCFEC00-6F44-45BA-B3B2-0C964A…)

She says she loves Peep so much, but is selling knock off merch and profiting off of his death. Just horrible.

No. 501719


layla got "matching" tattoos with one of her friends about a year ago, hotelshrimp if i'm not mistaken. layla's read "die cry hate" on her finger, and her friend got "live laugh love." it may not be related to layla's snap but she's throwing serious shade and it immediately reminded me of the tattoos

No. 501734


why is lilith levisis hanging out and doing drugs with tyler grosso when she publicly hated on both him and layla? she was always talking smack about them while peep was still alive, probably for his attention because they were flirting openly.

i guess tyler's finally doing the heroin he and layla refused a while back. this is back when they were still doing the wannabe kurt and courtney shit, peep was alive at the time.

there are caps in one of the old threads of lilith running her mouth in an instagram comment section about how "kurt/courtney wouldn't refuse heroin" and referenced a specific incident with tyler/layla where she offered them dope.

lilith is a tryhard junkie with a rich republican daddy who has funded her trashy lifestyle. lilith ain't ever her real name it's fucking Clare Buley

No. 501750

I don't think she was addicted to anything either but why hide it if it was coke/xanax/lean when she was already open about it? Idk but covering what she's sober from made it seem suspicious and I just don't get why she would want people to falsely assume that she was doing harder drugs. I remember when she posted that video (picture?) of her smoking crack and wonder if that was a one time thing or of it was recurring.

No. 501768

Ok this is def a reach but the top of the first letter is visible and it looks like a vertical line so it prob isn't an 'x' (xanax) or a 'c'

No. 501879

File: 1518480066440.jpeg (464.15 KB, 2896x2896, BE49A7E4-06F8-4481-B79A-B1BF14…)

Not only can you see the first letter but you can also see a hint of another line. I think it’s an H. And on the app, the only option starting with h is heroin. Photo on the left is the original snap. Photo on the right is what it would look like without the scribble and on the bottom I aligned what the text would have looked liked under the scribble. The two visible marks line up. What do you guys think?

No. 501893

I think you’re a regular ol Sherlock Holmes. Well done, anon.

Somehow this is surprising to me? Idk she just didn’t seem like she was struggling with H addiction, at least from what she presented on social media. If I remember correctly, the video her friend posted of tp, Paris &Tyler in Vegas she was doing coke in the bathroom, and that wasn’t too long ago. (Video was posted in previous thread)

She definitely looked depressed/lifeless as fuck towards the end of her time in the US. My take is that she started using with Tyler, got scared and simultaneously fed up with pepper, and ran to London before she got in too deep

No. 501900

Is there a forum for Lilith? Would love more milk on her

No. 501907

you must be new… there is stuff about her in the instathots thread as well as having her own PULL thread. recently i was looking up holli (hollixquinn/heroingranola) and remembering that drama and health goth and tumblr in 2014 so i just reread clares(liliths) PULL thread.

No. 501909


lilith levisis/clare buley has a shitty thread on PULL that she threathened to sic her "lawyers" on. it's rather inactive but will give you more background and information. imo she's a total cow and i wouldn't mind her own lolcow thread

No. 501910

because even though I think holli is worse she doesn't have her own article just discussed there

No. 501915


Good job anon! Glad I'm not the only one who noticed!

No. 501921

File: 1518482927454.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 0FAD13EB-2B50-485F-A286-BD06CB…)

Why she posted this???

No. 501931


because cass is filthy and disgusting. she's been posting half-naked or post sex photos of her and corey since the day they got together. sorry cass, layla had him first. she got his mediocre geek ass dick in highschool and then moved on to hotter guys. sucks to suck, shrimp

No. 501940

she looks so gross in natural lighting. her skin is so gross in this shot.

No. 501954

Is her dad Jeff Buley, the Republican lawyer who was accused of domestic abuse?

No. 502018

File: 1518562150352.jpeg (69.41 KB, 750x351, 9DE7F706-51F8-48E5-9E67-DD17DE…)

No. 502021

File: 1518562214728.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, FEABC9F2-ACCA-4C6E-B170-FCDBAF…)

looks like layla is getting a visitor. i bet cass is so jealous

No. 502032

File: 1518562553240.jpeg (329 KB, 750x924, BE270913-52BB-44B1-B877-F00889…)

why is this bitch more hung up on toopoor than the man who “raped her”?

No. 502034

File: 1518562629359.jpeg (391.68 KB, 750x1044, B5B34591-8D64-4D04-AB30-A759A0…)

and then gets her nails done just like her

No. 502049

File: 1518563378463.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, D2971A1D-8039-4C04-A9FA-B50D1D…)

tp is getting another awful tat on live rn. it says “poor lil thing” if you’re having trouble reading it.

No. 502054

im not trying to derail but im not going to sit here and let you say she "invented" primary colors on nails

No. 502055

No. 502082

i seriously thought toopoor was getting Lil Peep or like 11-1 on her stomach, since her whole body is now a shrine to lil peep. instead she got another shitty tattoo about her being ""poor"" in lil peep font

No. 502088


How is her body a shrine to peep? she got two tattoos when they were dating and one is covered, she got one recently. She has less than some of his "friends" he hardly knew I wouldn't say her body is a shrine at all.

No. 502099

no one said toopoor "invented" anything and missgucciwitch has said a million times how obsessed she was with toopoor. I don't think it's a stretch to suggest that's where she got the idea.

No. 502111

File: 1518566750819.png (417.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6121.PNG)

No. 502186

i know it from smoking painkillers since it's how the pill moves. i thought the other two required a pipe.

either way being open about drug use after peep's death. there's nothing but kids looking for a new face to look up to and these fucking cunts are being so irresponsible and showing it off like high schoolers. you're not on some self harming musician shit like peep was, tyler, you're a cut and paste graphic "designer" and your homies are DJs that basically do the same thing only sonically. it's weak, you're weak.

good for layla for being sober from whatever it is, likely something she had an issue with in la so i'm guessing some form of opiates. i don't know about london's opioid issue but i know coke is hella easy to find. tbh even if she wasn't sober at least she's nice enough to HIDE it knowing peep's young fans are distraught and might try to self medicate like he did. tyler literally can't think of a single person besides himself and he's 24 now, it's such a fucking joke.

ps bipolar isn't an excuse, if homeboy knows he has it and doesn't get treatment he can kick fucking rocks considering how many people he's hurting. you don't get to state your illness for some wack form of clout and not get help u little bitch

No. 502195

lmfao i bet she is legit hanging out with him because she couldn't have peep and she's pulling a shrimp getting with layla's ex. what's up with all this girl hate? you'd think with how abusive the dudes are the girls would be more supportive. shows how desperate clare is, and if she has a rich asshole dad why not use the money and become an actually interesting person instead of being such a waster? can someone cyber bully her into using daddys money on a reality show instead i really think exposure would just bring out the best in them

No. 502200

File: 1518571861413.png (129.43 KB, 361x578, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.52…)

No. 502202

File: 1518571967174.png (168.06 KB, 367x594, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 5.52…)

She also had made a post with the same pictures but deleted it pretty quick since people were calling her out on it.

No. 502219

Is there a holli / heroingranola thread anywhere?

No. 502250

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is this a Jaxxon Silva shout out??????? he collaborated with lil peep and did a song called "poor thing";
I had that white girl on me, now it's in my nose
I had that white girl shopping, buying all the clothes
Lil Peep too faded, I ain't going home
Now she doing cocaine on my iPhone
When I die, with the Devil where I'm gonna go
I don't lie, I don't tell her when I'm fucking hoes
I get high, pop a seal and I pour a fo'
I get high for the pain, you will never know
You will never know, you will never know
I get high for the pain, you will never know
Where you wanna go? Where you wanna go?
I could fly, I could take you where you wanna go
What you wanna know? What you wanna know?
I be rolling, I be geeking off that good coke
Put it on my soul, put it on my soul
Ain't nobody fucking with me and my fucking bros

That layla lol. Jaxxon is LDN based too.
This is like her fourth lil peep tattoo.

No. 502259

File: 1518575602900.jpeg (12.04 KB, 225x225, Unknown-1.jpeg)

Jaxxon merch of the collab for ref. she should've just done a straight rip of the font bc the faux self harm scar thing makes me legit take back all the support i gave her from the pepper ann shit lmao. don't try to bring self harm clout back fuck you bitch.

No. 502295

as if she should be talking. Clare needs to back into her meth den and keep making her ‘films’

No. 502299

How is that tattoo insinuating self harm?

No. 502301

Her email in her bio is poorlilthing@gmail.com and she’s had that for quite some time.

No. 502309

i don't think its meant to resemble self harm at all, scratchy font is really popular in the punk/metal scene

No. 502319

Clare is the most pathetic person, so it's no surprise she's chilling with King Pathetic

No. 502321


Nice reach.

No. 502369


>>>/snow/476465 is insta-hoes general and we just started talking about her in fact!

No. 502373

Damn this really is the same font peep had his name in. Deff a subtle reference imo

No. 502394

File: 1518586346912.jpeg (160.06 KB, 750x582, D8CB5C2E-06AC-448F-995E-70912F…)

trouble in paradise

No. 502403

im cackling at the caption

No. 502406

i understand mourning and all, but isn't getting tattoos for and inspired by a dead ex who cheated on you and probably never loved (obviously didn't respect) you kinda dumb as hell? layla, get ur money and fuck the one handsome model guy you've ever fucked and move on

No. 502407

File: 1518587150934.jpeg (129.43 KB, 1121x1091, D9EE61FD-ED55-428C-90DB-0F4FD1…)

This bitch can’t be serious? He’s ALWAYS bragging about money but all the sudden can’t afford an Ikea trip? lol what a fucking mess.

This shit can’t get any better. Peppers gonna fall apart real quick, there’s no way any of this turns out well for him. Definition of a shitshow

No. 502409

i think luke is actually really cute, and he seems to post a lot about staying sober and personal growth. seems like a really positive influence for layla

No. 502413

File: 1518587659051.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x2080, 47D54050-33EB-43AE-9C5D-73D988…)

I was trying to not jump to any conclusions about Luke and Layla being together… even Marilyn is shipping it

No. 502421


Did he blow too much on blow for his party?

No. 502428

tbh peep was on his way to modelling and was admittedly more attractive than luke, even, but she really needs to get it together. for a very short time, he seemed to like her, but he really loved toying with her – that's it. it's just embarrassing making a shrine to him when he probably barely thought about her, tbh. his life was crazy busy and he loved them groupies/sidehoes. how many more tattoos is she going to get to CONSTANTLY remind her of someone that publicly humiliated her, time and time again??

No. 502431

Y’all are seriously reaching with the font. It’s classic punk/metal script, been around long before SoundClout

No. 502447

File: 1518591747348.png (608.68 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2946.PNG)

so apparently lilith used to fw layla? lol

No. 502449

She’s clout whore so

No. 502492


yeah but peep was openly lurking and commenting bitter shit on pepper ann's ig so i think he did at least think about her from time to time. he was pretty salty about it calling her a thot and homie hopper on ig live, even though he cheated on her countless times

No. 502500

Yeah bc he loved taunting her. he knew she was w him to make him jealous. everyone saw it and everyone told him. he knew he couldve had her at any point, but he didnt want her, so he didn't really try too hard except to get his narc supply every so often bc he didnt actually ant to be saddled with her, he just liked being petty and seeing her subtweet him obsessiely

No. 502508


this is so professional. great job publicising your failure at maintaining any semblance of a business pepper.

No. 502533

File: 1518604508628.jpeg (685.02 KB, 1242x1750, 9C29B25A-2E65-47DB-8447-E57409…)

She was selling merch in 2016 with poor lil thing too. I don’t think this is a Peep thing. More personal branding IMO.

No. 502541

File: 1518606948009.png (156.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180213-033918.png)

No. 502646

Oh my god dude get a life!!! SHE. DOESNT. LIKE. YOU.

No. 502674

Why do y'all hotheads think she has so many tattoos for Gus? You really out here jumping to mad conclusions and it's so annoying to have all of this fuck up the thread. If I hear someone mention her getting tattoos "for Gus" I'm reporting it bc you are all getting too sidetracked. It's not milk. And that tattoo has little to do with Peep.

No. 502675

This dude is so pathetic and mentally disturbed. Who tf tweets shit like that? He's so egotistical and sociopathic. Never mind so hideous I can't even comprehend how tf Layla went from peep to that. Like I get PEEP wasn't the best guy but he was charming cute and funny this person is literally a run of the mill street corner homeless heroin addict. I hope she literally never speaks to him ever again luke is a come up beyond words

No. 502680

uhh, "little to do"? layla literally mentioned peep while talking about her tattoo on her live

No. 502684

File: 1518625834503.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x2179, FE2D5D06-9E01-4266-8999-3ADE69…)

Guessing these are from Luke.
Layla used the monkey emoji on this post
He signed it monkey.

But for real tf is with using monkey as a pet name in the soundclout world? Arz called peep this. Kinda cringe but hey you do you I guess

No. 502688

I actually find this super sweet. I saw on Luke's story that he is also sober so I think they are holding each other accountable. Good for her and I hope she can keep it up whenever she leaves London. She's way too influenced by whatever dude happens to be in her life at the moment.

No. 502745

This is really cute… the complete opposite of Pepper's manipulative abusive behavior.

No. 502766

This relationship (or whatever it is) is waaaay too healthy for the tp we’ve known. Really hoping she’s grown up and doesn’t fuck this up for the aesthetic. honestly Luke seems respectful, smart, and stable. (Don’t know what he’s like not sober tho) When Layla first got to London she snapped a video of him having her say “I love myself. I am worthwhile” total 180 from property of Tyler Grosso.

No. 502788

File: 1518632681448.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, 2018-02-14 15.23.13.png)

I feel sorry and disgusted by her … so much does she want to be famous?

No. 502791

Does pepper only wear hoodies and sweatpants? Lol such a fashion icon

No. 502792

Excuse you he’s wearing all designer, he doesn’t need to have a coherent or put together outfit!

I’m honestly kind of unsettled by how quick Layla’s turned her life around, like, this isn’t the girl I’m used to seeing, at all.

No. 502803

File: 1518634261064.jpeg (194.03 KB, 750x1288, 0AE9BDD4-39AB-4578-8E00-6AB914…)

No. 502806

ty's on live rn trying to find drugs

No. 502808

I only caught the last second of this but he looks SO bad, super bloated and strung out (even worse than usual.) I guess thats why he's wearing a scarf around his face.

>>502803 Wow. He's really lost it

No. 502810

He looks like shit. Probably withdrawing like a mf

In his comment he says he’s in a record label meeting but who the fuck has meetings in a car lol

No. 502811

File: 1518634693707.jpeg (356.2 KB, 1125x1976, 8B515243-66D3-4C6B-BA53-F145EB…)

Sorry forgot to post!

No. 502812

Honestly I’m glad Layla booked it to another continent, tyler is crazy and I’d hate to see the shit he’d be pulling if they could easily be in the same city.

No. 502814

File: 1518635396101.png (94.86 KB, 640x895, IMG_6139.PNG)

tyler grosso is thirsting over silverlilcat lmfao

No. 502818

File: 1518635787667.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 9CF16CF4-2EC0-4AEA-8418-959805…)

I got a screenshot too. He looks more bad and strung out than usual. I wonder what he’s on.

No. 502824

Most likely heroin, as noted by the screenshots that he deleted that anons capped (in this thread, scroll up)

No. 502832

I'm pretty sure peep passing had a lot to do with it, must have helped her see sense.

No. 502838

File: 1518638134673.png (3.81 MB, 750x1334, 9B04B544-60B5-4B7C-9615-6016A1…)

Emma just posted this confirming she still has a boyfriend despite the constant posts about Peep (just yesterday she posted a video of a rainbow rhinestone necklace that said “GUS”) He must be a very patient & understanding man

No. 502845

File: 1518638432715.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 71792C91-78A9-48C1-B93E-675463…)

Looks like they had some kind of meeting…

These idiots are so casual with the face tats

No. 502852

I mean, the kids dead, not like she can leave him for the other man when it’s a corpse.

No. 502857

regardless, it must be really hard to learn that your partner was 'in love' with someone up until their death / is constantly talking & posting about them. plus jenny saying they were gonna marry each other all over the internet which must also sting

No. 502864

>WE signed

No ones signing you for shit pepper. Your friends getting signed and you’re latching on for clout.

Damn he really loves riding coat tails. No shame.

No. 502868

She is so fucking disrespectful. Wtf did Layla even do to her that she hardcore goes after ALL her closest sloppy seconds?
But if she gets that little ass dragged she's going to cry victim.

No. 502890

Marilyn aka intellectualchica (I think that’s her most recent ig name?) has an article out about all her relationships. The last one is peep/Gus. Not milk by any means but I know there’s peep stans here who’d eat this shit up


No. 502936

So they didn't fuck?

No. 502946

No. 502979

the peep story was kind of cute but the whole thing is so badly written i can’t believe it comes from a 30 yr old woman

No. 503002

thats what i was thinking… so many typos as well

No. 503009

to be fair…

"Edited by Lindsay Alexander"

No. 503063

File: 1518649195342.jpg (36.57 KB, 750x757, jenny.jpg)

jenny left these comments on layla's latest ig post. does anyone know what she's talking about? who's sarah? why is she talking about the spotlight video with layla lol

No. 503083

she's right about the spotlight video being mediocre tbf but who is sarah

No. 503087

Maybe Sarah Stennett? Peep's "adviser and business partner"

Article for reference:

No. 503090

guess we'll have to add another person to the list of people jenny hates

No. 503134

Hating Sarah makes sense at least, they were being legitimately paid to take care of the artist, his dipshit friends were just stupid. & the video/song is was a Frankenstein mess I mostly blamed the family for, but maybe management is having a field day with peeps left over music.

No. 503153

This is a new low. Like, truly disgusting. I don't understand how people still support him and his crap brand.

No. 503221

yo didn't an anon here call the video verbatim mediocre

this is the second time she's reacted with information/opinions posted here, she must read here thanks to chelji

i love u gma peep

No. 503380

being sober has literally transformed laylas body for the best, she looks so healthy

No. 503454

Wow he really had no standards. This bitch looks so manly and not the slightest bit attractive. Not a stan just objective facts. Why/how is this bitch even relevant on insta/internet

No. 503460

lol, right? she's an artist, but not a very good one. i swear he must have just liked to try to fuck anything that moved, really.

No. 503521


Bc ugly tattoos and being naked is all these fools care about.

No. 503525

File: 1518684838014.png (498.45 KB, 898x1174, e7a.png)

Anyone else find it kinda fucked that music and videos are being produced even tho Peep's dead? The video wasn't his style at all and the song turned out so generic. It wasn't even in the works before he died. Someone literally just gave some recordings to marshmello and he's hying it up and soaking up all the death clout. They're marketing it as a legit collab even though Peep had nothing to do with it prior to his death. His social media accounts keep posting updates about the new song and the video and it's just really overstepping imo since he's literally not here to ok anything.

I don't know why Liza wanted this single to succeed so bad. Like I know she doesn't want her sons memory to die but does she realize marshmello barely knew him and is profiting off his death?

If I were an artist I would NOT be ok with this. He literally has no creative input and can't dispute anything because he's fucking dead.

No. 503532

if that's true she probably saw dumb anons saying Layla was making her body a Peep shrine and believed the "poor lil thing tat" was a Peep reference

gma if your here "poorlilthing" is Layla's gmail and it's a phrase she's put on clothing she's sold in the past

it has nothing to do with your Gus it's just part of the "toopoor" brand

sidenote: I think the tattoos she does have are acceptable
2 when she dated peep (he had 1 too)
and one after he passed and she finally got a chance to mourn (after dealing with Tyler's bullshit for weeks after he passed)

having a giant Peep tat across her stomach would've been kind of tacky and clout-hungry but that's not what it is

No. 503533

but anons say she was talking about him in reference to the tattoo when she was getting it

No. 503534

Because marshmello literally said "we were talking about writing a song together" not "we were making a song together" or we were working together or any other variation that indicates they were actively collabing

No. 503536

like maybe Liza saw this as oh gus talked to him at some point so he must be a good guy who fucked with my son's music but there wasn't anything made and who knows maybe they were fucked up at a party or some dumb shit and it got brought up

Collabing post-mortem is still messed up because who knows if the collab would've actually happened or what direction it would've gone had he been alive

No. 503537

I first read this as "maybe they were fucking at a party or some dumb shit" and I fucking died

No. 503541


any idea what she was saying

agreed it's hella shitty even if marshmello means well it's still not ok and the video fucking sucked

creepy that his accounts are still posting I figured that was just for memorial shit they really should just leave it alone

No. 503545

o shit forgot about that

I still don't think it's necessarily a peep tattoo since she's used that phrase before

her mentioning him in the video doesn't necessarily mean it was a tattoo for him she loves to babble and maybe she was just talking about him to talk about him

unless she explained that it was about him or something more specific

No. 503567

i’m the anon that mentioned layla’s livestream. i wasn’t talking about the stomach tattoo but about the neck one, she said “this is a design from peep’s merch” or something alonh these lines while pointing at it. i don’t think the new tattoo is peep related.

No. 503603

File: 1518696644883.jpeg (183.58 KB, 750x504, 1442EF57-31DF-48F5-BCDE-3D9D1B…)

He just won’t give up.

No. 503608

Is it really that shocking to think she just wants the money?

No. 503613

File: 1518698282107.jpeg (122.04 KB, 750x830, 6B40EAC1-BA09-4305-96E0-C4F53D…)

You asked if Peep and Marshmello ever worked together/were friends, Peep’s friend says otherwise. The tweet is now deleted but I think some people will find this interesting. Don’t think it’s been posted here before.

No. 503623

File: 1518700197508.jpeg (161.91 KB, 1237x791, 55E0523D-ADAD-4A80-985B-2E6081…)

You did the right thing Layla.

No. 503658


I wonder if this is in reference to a lawsuit.

I imagine his family might be suing the management team for negligence (I mean the kid was dying for hours, his death was totally preventable) and my guess is the team is trying to portray Peep as an addict and maybe Layla is corroborating that narrative.

No. 503666


But wouldn't she push the video in that case? Like she did with "save that shit"?

She hasn't even mentioned the "spotlight" video on her insta.

No. 503667

sometimes i see pics from 2016 and it’s actually pretty impressive how she glowed up in terms of makeup, hair and overall aesthetic even with all the photoshop taken into account. i just wish she would stop with the ugly tattoos because they get worse each time and they kind of cancel out the improvements she made. sage for useless opinion

No. 503713

i used to like her but i hate how high and mighty she is about being an armchair psychiatrist. Shes writing a book about psychiatry and self love but has no acreditation lol. Before she went to "intelectualchica" it was "caliente.phd" and I just wanted to scream at her. I dont know how she makes money I guess people like her art? she doesn't have a job and seems to only do self care and armchair psychiatry to girls on IG.

She also made a childrens book called "why mommy has tattoos" when she does not have children but shes giving them advice? idk she really rubs me the wrong way now but shes not milky :\

sage cuz ot/rant

No. 503742

her friend alexandra marzella (artwerk6666 on ig) is also a massive cow but she's part of the nyc artsy alt scene instead of the la soundclout scene. she's aggressively fake woke and went on an instagram hiatus when she said her 19 yo ex (she's 28) had raped her and then she took it back and everyone was calling her out in her comment section. the kind of person that thinks shaving her eyebrows and posting a million ig stories of screenshots of gofundme pages for disabled black trans people's transition surgeries makes her a gift from god. always makes sure to share her dumb ass opinions such as "being bisexual is transphobic" too.

No. 503797

The fact that it's been deleted is telling.

Meanwhile Marshmello is stating that Peeps MOM is who pushed him to release the song.

Grandma isn't hating on the song just the video so I really fucking doubt the song was released without the family's permission

Peep's "friends" sound like jealous losers

No. 503907

I’m honestly surprised artwerk doesn’t have her own thread there is so much milk there

No. 503925

>>503532 but having a giant Peep tat on her neck isn't tacky ? k

No. 503986

hmmm now that you mention it she(liza) hasn't said anything about the new vid

only his creepy dead boy insta ghost posts

save that shit was produced by smokesac and the footage was def wiggy's or someone recording him preform on tour with him so it was still somewhat authentic even if most of video editing happened after the fact. still his song and his people

No. 503988

even if it was with the family's permission imo it's still bs because his artistic direction and music career had little to do with his family

I know they mean well but hooking up collabs of your dead son's work with big name musicians rubs me the wrong way

it literally sounds nothing like his music

agreed tho peep's friend's are HUGE salty losers 100%

No. 503989

I wonder if she okay'd putting out a video and then regretted it once she saw how dis-genuine and weird the final result turned out

No. 503995

oh it's tacky as sin but her body isn't a "peep shrine" and she isn't getting peep tat's back to back or marketing herself as lil miss peep

I think she deserved to get one after everything that happened between them even if it's not particularly tasteful

maybe a different placement might've been better

No. 503998

kinda sad I would hope that's not her motive but he probably didn't leave a lot behind because he was on the way up but he really wasn't really a big name yet

No. 504006


Liza's father is a professor at Harvard. Her godfather is the director Terrence Malik. I heard she used to date the producer for all the Harry Potter films.

Not saying she's rich, but I get the feeling the family doesn't need money.

No. 504015

Considering how every single one of his so-called "friends" got one after letting him die yea I wouldn't say she's in the wrong.

No. 504118

Heavy Rayn and Mezzy did the Save That Shit vid. Rayn is Bexey's friend and he was on the tour.

No. 504134

there should be a thread for ppl like this tbh.

No. 504221

Seems like she's fit into the Insta-hoes general thread.

No. 504257

Well looks like Paris signed… now let us see how Tyler stupidly celebrates…

No. 504269

yh, //art.hoes//

No. 504335

I just wanna say I don’t have a screengrab but Tyler was 100 percent smoking a foil on one of his lives about a week ago. He would go off to the side but the foil sound was loud and he was playing with the straw he was smoking with.

No. 504340

Puhleeeease someone start and artwerk6666 thread I’ve been following this sloppy bitch for a while but not long enough to start a good thread for her

No. 504364

Instahoes OR the arthoe thread both work

No. 504634

File: 1518756563109.jpg (60.64 KB, 469x640, MarilynRondon_5.jpg)

she used to be way cute. imo she's very naturally pretty but idt she wears sunscreen and obv has gotten a lot of weird tattoos so she looks like a completely different person now

No. 504648

Does anyone know who @j8yce on Instagram is and how old? She and Tyler have been liking and commenting back and fourth on each others posts for a few days, and she posted on her story a picture of her ordering something from superrradical. I'm getting some flirtatious vibes from them but I thought she was super young, 18 at the oldest maybe? No clue. She's in La.

No. 504651

I need to understand how these weird ugly fake pathetic ass people become famous and rich enough that they don't need jobs. Are ALL these people just the product of trust funds?

No. 504665

exactly minus those dumb ugly tattoos shes improved a lot, plus since going to london she just looks so much healthier and happier all she had to do was drop abusive dudes from her life and put herself first who knew

No. 504711

this was way back in 2010 tho. peep wasnt trying to hit this. he was trying to hit what she looked like now, since they were about to hook up when he was in russia like the beginning of 2017

No. 504743

File: 1518769639445.jpg (70.87 KB, 1080x1080, 27580666_185561665539332_71107…)

matthew/wolfdrawn/internetgirl's ex seems to have found a new girl? he comments hearts on almost all her recent pictures and they got matching tattoos this month. it's unfortunate cause according to past threads he might be an abusive piece of shit, but this girl is actually quite beautiful, and bella is still ugly and her bf is cringy and hideous. he's also keeping it private by not posting pictures or mentioning her on his account, and same as her. it just seems like bella wants to make it obvious to everyone that she's moved on, rather than actually just moving on and being successful.

sage for late night sperg speculation

No. 504753

whats her @?

No. 504762

artwerk6666’s father is a businessman but iirc she says he doesn’t support her financially. she “models” and is an “artist” but i don’t know how these two things alone can support a lifestyle in new york especially since she’s just an “alt” model and her art career has been dead for a long time. she has a degree from RISD but i don’t think she works in fashion, you can tell from her stories she does fuck all all day every day

No. 504771

She gets a little money from modeling and gets gigs when she needs them but her expenses are low because I believe she over chargers for rooms in her loft apartment. She’s always looking for new roommates (she was trying to fill 6 rooms last month). My guess is she pays little to no rent.

No. 504806

damn this looks like a different person. i hate to sound like an incel but it’s like these girls (both her and artwerk shaving their eyebrows off etc) think being a woke feminist must involve getting as uglier as possible on purpose

No. 504807

whoops *as ugly

No. 504829

Ummmmm this dude (wolf drawn) is literally almost uglier then pepper. God how are these horrifically hideous people getting clout and followers? It's mind blowing. I get Layla and I get peep. Peep was actually talented and was a known rapper. All these other fuck ass dudes though … HOW!!! Ofc they're not on the same level as peep but any type of following is incredulous to me

No. 504832

Pretty sure artwerk is a stripper

No. 504841

File: 1518789812109.png (1.56 MB, 800x1280, Finftuhswgg.png)

So chelji is back to attention whoring and using peep for clout

No. 504848

File: 1518791616553.png (1.78 MB, 964x1198, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 9.32…)

No. 504863

the anon was talking about the girl in >>504743, not her.

No. 504937

Seems like she got insta famous by being cute and editing her photos to add extra limbs, etc. Art-y. She interns for No Jumper. Way too cute for Ty, hope she stays away…

No. 504974

her @ is genesistheangel

No. 504987

Yeah she also posted another screenshot of a peep DM where she crossed listerally everything out. I don’t care enough to put up a screenshot. Chelji is a boring try hard. Her relevance is drying up quick, thank god.

No. 505019

File: 1518803069533.jpeg (243.56 KB, 750x807, 1DF74EA5-3733-41D2-A50E-2ADBFF…)

Looks like there is something going on between them.

LOL - Are we really supposed to believe that pepper has more than 1 house?

No. 505026

Lol god he’s so fucking painfully pathetic. How does ANYONE bear to hang out with him?
Just because your lease isn’t up at your old place doesnt mean you have two houses lmao.
And, if it’s anything like his last party it’s gonna be like 8 people sitting around smoking heroin. Thrilling.

No. 505039

yea lets not put symbols that look like nordic runes which often get mistaken for nazi symbolism on ones forehead

No. 505053

Tyler just slured while talking to Paris that he was off 6 xans and a bottle of champagne. He was sipping too from that it looked like in the live stream.

No. 505060

I really wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing g all this to be more “peep like” to get Layla’s attention. Like some fucked up “you sure you don’t wanna get some closure with me before I’m gone so you’re not overridden with guilt again” type shit.

No. 505075

Sounds about right. Paris is live right now with Tyler and they are talking about Peep, mainly about his music. I guess Paris is getting a lot of 'you sound like Lil Peep' comments. You know Tyler just lo0o0oves that.

No. 505113

File: 1518807139663.jpeg (643.91 KB, 1125x1997, 34E042B2-95FB-428B-BAB5-E6B507…)

lol why is Philomena selling peep merch

No. 505130

File: 1518807611801.png (1.52 MB, 1682x1076, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.5…)

woww, she has a fresh tat that looks 9/10 similar to internetgirl tat (left thigh)

No. 505133

File: 1518807703932.png (1.87 MB, 1492x1080, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 12.5…)

I find it so funny that this happens immediately after attention from matthew

No. 505152

Total Peep ripoff, so yeah, does sound like him. They are both pathetic.

No. 505187

The fact that she’s using her five minutes of fame to make shitty sweaters and profit off Peep’s death is DISGUSTING.

No. 505193

I kinda hope Gma Peep sees this….

No. 505194

Especially cause it’s some cheap anvil sweater that she scribbled on with some sharpie. foh

No. 505209

File: 1518810105270.png (411.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6173.PNG)

silverlilcat just posted this. it's old milk that she had to bring up a year later. lylah has been bragging about meeting peep since it happened, and obsessing over him. like stay in your lane. she met him twice after buying tickets to his concert, and then fucked a soundcloud lookalike. somehow these screenshots were supposed to absolve her from profiting off peep with her bootleg merch

No. 505210

File: 1518810156422.png (295.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6174.PNG)

No. 505221

File: 1518810496788.png (959.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6176.PNG)

linking her instagram followers to lolcow? all lylah does is sit at home and stare at her own reflection at 21 years old. and obsess over a dead rapper who didn't find her attractive enough to fuck. go post more musky photos of yourself, narcissistic brat.

No. 505235

Lol “I haven’t read it but I’m gonna post it for everyone to read” …ok? We barely talk about her here. We’ve all decided she doesn’t have any milk and is boring and is free to type-die her lol heart out without anyone giving a fuck.

Get ready y’all, were about to get swarmed by newfags. Which btw hi Tyler Grosso smokes heroin, we all know chelji sucks, read the rules, good day to ya

No. 505258

Please sage and do not fill out the name field.

No. 505264

like clockwork.

No. 505272

Does anyone have recommendations for other tp threads if this one goes up in flames.

No. 505282

Are people actually stupid enough to continue doing bullshit like this when literally everbody knows that Peeps family isn't cool with it? I get that some people are disgusting enough to not mind profiting off someone's death but gma Peep is gonna come for you

No. 505289

Though I don’t have a screenshot, I remember Layla tweeting about Lylah and saying that she put a hex on her so that she would break up with Peep so she could become his new girlfriend.

No. 505310

I was all for talking about Lylah here but now I have no doubt she likes the attention. Hope all of this dies out. Get off your ass and start a fucking career instead of smoking and posting Instagram stories all day like a 15 year old, Lylah.

No. 505359

Layla was just on live drinking out of some type of liquor bottle…. guess she’s not sober anymore? The live was super blurry but here is a screenshot with a comment about her not being sober

No. 505362

File: 1518815023371.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, DE5B0601-D408-4FD3-AC9A-01A951…)

Sorry, here it is

No. 505366

I saw her drink out of a cup a few times but it just looked like soda and ice to me.

No. 505422

Yeah I saw her drink out that too but this was a large bottle with clear liquid

No. 505423


glad to see silverlilnobody’s ‘fans’ give less of a shit about her than we do.
no one showed up to defend her autistic clothing. (no I didn’t misspell artistic, lylah)

No. 505459

Last week everyone was saying the same shot and it turned out to be water and she was doing it to be funny.

No. 505499


She already did, Sweetheart.

No. 505515

It’s just fancy water in a glass bottle. Chilllll.

No. 505519

It would make me so happy if this was actually gma Peep

No. 505525

Gma peep needs therapy not an imageboard of straight up malicious bitches.

No. 505571

I meant Philomena's horrible shirts, not the board.

No. 505673

i would love a thread for all the "young" "hip" NYC ~creatives~. soooo many funny fuckin characters. sage for ot

No. 505733

File: 1518835981601.png (71.06 KB, 1144x310, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 20.4…)

SuperrrGross inserting himself because every tweet made by any female ever HAS to be about him..

-pic related-
LOL at her already dropping to her knees for this micro penis attached to a human host.
But honestly though, already guilting this broad he doesn't even claim (even in jest)& further strengthening his abusive and manipulative qualities, which pathetically are his best traits.

No. 505753

Joyce is super cute, not covered in tattoos, not messy and doesn't seem drug fucked yet. Really hope she stays far away from Tyler. She's doing okay with herself right now selling merch. He could fuck things up for her.

No. 505819

File: 1518842761533.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-17-01-41-07…)

What a pity this bitch gets. all the bitches … they hate layla but they need to imitate the least that they do … even the way of dressing? …

No. 505820

File: 1518842809454.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-17-01-43-26…)

No. 505832

File: 1518844421606.png (62.22 KB, 1164x208, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 23.1…)

he is going to milk the shit out of having an assistant lolol

No. 505833

I know we’re all tentatively rooting for her but Layla’s a generic ig hoe too man they all look & dress the same.

No. 505839

same, can someone link to this so-called art hoes thread/make one for the nyc art hoes?

No. 505843

File: 1518845412740.png (118.73 KB, 532x635, Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.2…)

>>505026 >>505832
Why is this loser so obsessed with having randoms come to his party? You'd think he'd be a bit more hesitant to mingle with his barely-of-age fan girls after the Enzo Amore situation.

No. 505849

I tend to disagree. I think Tp is more on the trend setting side than generic ig thots. I think shes more innovative with their style and has more of an authentic aesthetic. Plz like arz just look like they are searching for something to make them unique where tp is unique.

No. 505857

>>505849 why is this thread suddenly layla stans? layla is definitely not a trendsetter, she is a trendhumper. great for her for being less cringy and doing well for herself, but let's not suddenly make her out to be more than she is which is an IG thot

No. 505884

File: 1518848948771.jpeg (413.9 KB, 1125x2183, 59731054-7D20-4BDA-BF57-BC7A16…)

Who’s more desperate?

Pepper bragging about how totally cool he is on Twitter?

No. 505885

File: 1518849011636.jpeg (306.16 KB, 1125x1547, 9C5DB822-9337-478D-B721-F2FB1A…)

Or chelji for most likely sliding into his dms in the hopes of being invited, after he publicly called her a piece of shit last week

No. 505893

The generic twitter art hoes thread that has lalonie & her la clout fiends as the focus but the op is broad enough & it’s dead so it could work:

The other insta hate thread that’s also super broad but seemed to narrow into art hoes on ig, mollysoda, who’s nyc based was the last person discussed:

Ig thots & wannabes(but not really don’t post losers) thread that also mentions of art hoes even tho it’s mainly ig clouthoes now:

No. 505895

File: 1518849794844.png (174.88 KB, 1080x1072, 20180217_003827.png)

Looks like @j8yce is headed to Tyler's. I'm curious to see how this goes down.

Also I thought chloedemelo's comment was funny because she's the one who Lil Xan fucked & then she got mad & threw a fit on Instagram when he left her. She actually thought she was more than just a vagina to him.

No. 505950

My theory about toopoor is that Peep's death via drug overdose really shook her. Most of these trashy 'my life is so fucked and I'm always saddd' party types only believe injecting drugs is how you truly fuck up your life or die by drug use. She dated Peep and obviously knew he took drugs a lot but saw oral doses of xannies and snorting coke as normal sad boi fun. I don't think she ever saw her drug use as bad and truly believed it was fairly harmless.

I'm guessing she started snorting heroin with Pepper still thinking of her use as casual and not a fast track to fucking up her life. People die everyday from this kind of drug use but Peep was the first person Layla really knew. The first person she thought was pretty careful and smart about using and never was a 'junkie' in the sense that Peep didnt inject. I think all these tats are more a tribute to Peep's saving her life. When he died she probably looked at herself going from snorting coke at parties to using heroin and finally saw what she was doing to herself and how the shitty people in her life never took her aside and said "hey now, this is getting out of hand". I think she sees Peep as saving her life from this degenerate lifestyle and the reminder of his sudden death will help keel her grounded and sober.

No. 505969

File: 1518858566111.jpeg (149.63 KB, 1242x316, 4A824299-3B7D-4B5A-B468-508753…)

this busted ass mf is really feeling himself huh

No. 506043

The comments on Grossos latest IG post are worth reading. There were too many good ones to screenshot.

No. 506060

god this shit is like watching a car crash. layla must be really glad she got out of that situation right now.

No. 506104

ah man, looks like he deleted everything. and for some reason published his address on twitter last night.

No. 506114

File: 1518883095841.jpeg (108.34 KB, 640x926, EC1F765F-2908-4B87-9C4A-852158…)

I didn’t see anything from this party so i didn’t see if it was in his “house”, but if so, he lives in a hotel?

No. 506146


this is an imageboard. do you have caps of the comments he deleted? or what they were about?

No. 506182

File: 1518886626716.png (430.29 KB, 750x1334, FF341409-C304-4096-A400-B0AA5C…)

proud of layla. she’s posting a bunch of info about emotional abuse on snapchat

No. 506207

I just started reading these after peep died and to see her growth from the first two now I mean even the 3/4 threads to now is amazing. She literally did what a lot of anons have been hoping and it's actually amazing. There's no denying that Layla has shown signs of real change and maturity

No. 506310

this is weird because peep always said he was in this to get money for his mom. he also mentioned in a few different songs that his family/extended family rejected him (mostly from his face tattoos, could be something deeper idk) so maybe that's how he had this confident rich kid attitude (if you are actually shy/body dysmorphia you don't post ironically unflattering pictures, and peep used to be a model sooo) and why everyone thought he was loaded but he himself wasn't. the rejection from the male side of his family probably really hurt him and made him want to earn money like them, also taught him how to be a narcissist.

not a peepette i just think his life is interesting, same with layla. really hoping her deadbeat father is watching her glow up in london, i hope she can find a way to stay there tbh.

No. 506448

File: 1518902890048.jpeg (122.17 KB, 750x277, C08C66CC-1EB1-49B7-B0EC-A0539C…)

Layla’s out here spotlighting abusive relationships. Meanwhile in LA…

No. 506581

I hope Layla reads those still and knows that most of us are proud of her growth.

No. 506614

File: 1518911654063.jpeg (106.79 KB, 750x537, E21013FB-752F-4AE1-89EB-1ABE0E…)

No. 506687

okay lol I'm not trying to argue, just wanted to point out her unfortunate transformation.

No. 506709

File: 1518919077002.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4644.PNG)

Wow this bitch really met up with some other groupie hoe she met online. Sorry but I just had to comment on this bitch. Like what is she even doing in LA just talking to this bitch and reliving the 10 minutes total he was inside her from behind?

No. 506717

File: 1518919598016.png (976.35 KB, 1160x918, Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 20.0…)

Translation: Let me guilt you into lining my pockets so I can blow it on hideous designer and laugh at you for being poor/no clout when I turn you away from my 'vv exclusive LA house parties'

No. 506822

who are these people

No. 506823

chelji and her new internet friend

No. 506843


chelji looks like she smells like spoilt milk and dick cheese. can't wait til LA spits her back out, her fifteen minutes were over before she landed.

No. 506853

Went to Tyler’s party and he was pretty nice. He postmated over 300 dollars in alcohol for everyone and didn’t drink and was polite to me and everyone I saw him interact with. Wasn’t creepy or rude to anyone. Idk

No. 506871

Uh before I can take this seriously… why did you even go to that loser’s party? For intel or clout? Either way, pretty hard to value the opinion of someone who would take it that far.

No. 506890

Whaaaaa I need receipts

No. 506898

this is an image board. Want us to believe you? Have proof.

No. 506961

Hi, Grosso.

I feel like this is the second or third time Pepper Ann has posted on lolcow. It makes sense for him to stoop"this low" aka his desperate after Layla got clean off of heroin without him.

It makes sense - they rthey probably started snorting together to be more like kurt cobain and courtney love and run away from their problems.

No. 507079

File: 1518951159812.png (157.97 KB, 1168x568, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 04.4…)

I think at this point it is safe to say she won't be running back into Pepper's arms any time soon. Glad she's calling it abuse and not trying to sugar coat how she was treated.

No. 507080

File: 1518951537388.png (74.58 KB, 1176x256, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 04.5…)

I want a big glass of Ty's incoming sperg tears

No. 507086

File: 1518952187590.jpeg (257.56 KB, 750x651, D7D6762C-81A8-428D-B023-CA5905…)


No. 507092

File: 1518952646093.jpeg (259.35 KB, 750x766, C929DA29-DB5F-46D5-BBF8-2786E6…)

Posting before they delete

No. 507095

File: 1518952976336.jpeg (405.46 KB, 750x1033, 3BEF9F1C-0411-4FE0-B5E3-A7BDBC…)

No. 507096

File: 1518953049211.png (615.54 KB, 750x1334, 5BF075AE-42C0-4368-B3B1-2C87E9…)

Part 3

No. 507097

Didn't he also accuse his other ex that she cheated on him? Not saying its not possible that he got cheated on multiple times but if he's abusiveit makes sense he would try to tarnish their name. Even if she did cheat I think its pretty low to bring up peep into your quarrel when he's dead. I'm more inclined to believe layla. Her cheating doesn't mean he didn't abuse her and I find it strange he would post tweets about missing her/wanting to get back with her if she cheated.

No. 507098

File: 1518953215983.jpeg (381.76 KB, 750x996, 8E9F50E0-A4C9-4B34-8EEE-14675B…)

Agreed. They are still going at it

No. 507104

File: 1518953926610.png (20.39 KB, 594x114, Fhbdjkrtopl.png)

No. 507110

File: 1518954827075.jpeg (244.03 KB, 750x800, CC226421-5685-4616-8F63-A4E63E…)

No. 507111

More signs of abusive behavior. Is he implying he’s going to kill himself now? Just keeps proving Layla right.

No. 507115

this is so fucking frustrating, I really wish Tyler WOULD kill himself because it seems like the only way he'll stop fucking harassing her
I don't think she loves him at all, I think she knows he'll act 10x worse towards her if she doesn't sugarcoat it at least a little.
He is a psycho and a manipulative manchild, this isn't just twitter sperging, he is sick in the head and I am so glad she's a country away from him

No. 507131

God this is hard to watch.

He’s probably using the “you sucked someones dick” story because it’s what peep did to her, and he probably knows how much that whole situation fucked with her emotionally.
Same thing goes for suddenly bringing peep into it. He’s going for low blows, trying to do whatever he can to tear her down emotionally, and he looks like total trash doing it. Of course his 13 year old stans are already “boycotting” his TP merch.
I think it’s funny he says he “should’ve listened to peep”. On his live a few months back he claimed that peep told him to make Layla happy, and pepper held that over her head to keep her from leaving. He’s manipulating her grief and it’s really disgusting.

This kid needs to shut up and check himself in for some serious help.

No. 507146

File: 1518962040667.png (655.2 KB, 600x953, Djdkjfhd.png)

No. 507147

File: 1518962408340.jpeg (358.17 KB, 750x1188, 2E43FF28-9C0A-4FC6-822E-BF2AD4…)

No. 507148

She looks like a greasy fat Brit with bad posture, I love candids.

No. 507151

Is he seriously just going down the list of abuser characteristics to make sure he checks every box? This boy clearly had some deep rooted hate for women and needs help.

No. 507154

Even after Tyler’s threats of suicide, Layla is still posting about emotional abuse. If he ends up actually killing himself, Layla is gonna feel so guilty.

No. 507157

File: 1518963932041.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 3AFE28EF-E066-4FF5-8201-2A6473…)

No. 507158

Layla, realize you are not responsible for his actions. If he kills himself you are not responsible. This boy is emotionally unstable. Don’t tell her she will feel guilty. She isn’t even in the same country and she clearly is trying to better herself and further her career. This dude is sick and tries to sabotage any opportunity that comes her way and will not let her grieve or move on. Layla may or may not have been a shitty person in the past but I really feel for her. She is clearly scared of Tyler.

No. 507159

File: 1518964336578.jpeg (426.91 KB, 750x908, 94E4CCE9-7523-4649-90D6-9A2FA6…)

When did Luke start following him?

No. 507165

ot but arzaylea is so loud and obnoxious. her instagram stories are boring to watch and she has a deep voice but is always shrieking. i don't understand how she has stans, or how her "friends" can tolerate her being around. just because she's screaming/repeating something, doesn't make it funny.

also her personality is garbage and there is nothing endearing about her other than looks, but even then she has mean, beady eyes and bad lip fillers.

has gustav's family ever spoken about what happened to the money arzaylea received from her "fuck xanax" campaign? around 15,000 if i'm not mistaken? it was supposed to go to charity, last i heard.

No. 507173

Tyler has threatened suicide in the past and still hasn't done it so I doubt he's actually going to kill himself, it's like him just trying to manipulate layla and make her feel guilty and stop her from calling him out. If he does commit suicide it is still not layla's fault and she doesn't have any reason to feel bad about it.

I think someone mentioned that they were friends before or had mutual friends

No. 507242

I just want to echo this to Layla, if you’re reading this: threatening suicide is a classic sign of emotional abuse. You do not need to play into it. Take care of yourself.

That said, I hope he doesn’t actually do it. He’s a piece of shit but needs professional help, not death. I hope his friends step in and get him hospitalized. If any of his friends are reading this, you can call 911 and they’ll take him in for a mental health hold.

No. 507257

i hope tyler gets help honestly. layla showed that anyone can turn their life around, she used to be horrible as fuck.
imo i used to have doubts, but i don't think she cheated on peep or tyler. i think they both had her in their grip and beat her down. having said that, even if she did cheat on either, i don't think she'd ever admit it, it would make her look bad.

No. 507309

I’m the person who posted I went to Tyler’s party. I didn’t go for clout I just went because I like parties and I live in LA. I don’t have receipts of him postmating alcohol and I don’t really know how you would expect me to. But bottom line is he wasn’t some huge asshole and he wasn’t smoking heroin or anything else that has been speculated here.

No. 507331

He’s clearly a huge asshole based on his internet presence and the way he publicly treats people but yeah, maybe he’s nice in person because he’s actually just a scared insecure little boy who wilts when he’s not abusively posting online. Dude is pathetic and needs help.

No. 507332

Also hard to believe you didn’t take one picture while you were there…

No. 507354

File: 1518979003318.png (71.79 KB, 1178x292, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 12.3…)

Aw what a saint, he's hinting he'd do that for Paris. So thoughtful. Much generosity. Totally not emotionally manipulating in anyyy way. Very selfless. wOw. …

No. 507358

File: 1518979294569.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 3A9CA510-606E-4AF5-9E92-394DE0…)

Posted on Tyler’s Instagram story.

No. 507409

Hey anon, is just like to remind you that just because a guy is nice bc he thinks your hot, doesn't make him a good guy. He abused Layla, manipulated her, he uses all his friends, it's all here in the threads. Do yourself a favor and look past peoples masks. What kind of daft human thinks that just bc a boy is nice to you and buys you alcohol he's a gentlemen?

No. 507418

File: 1518982494420.jpeg (148 KB, 750x716, F488C9EA-6343-42CA-8137-B9BF0E…)

No. 507449

honestly just here to second everything people have been saying: layla, if you're reading this thread, you're doing awesome, we're happy that you got away from grosso, and whatever he's doing now isn't your fault/responsibility (and never was)

(sorry to come here to stan layla i'm just so pissed off at the blatant manipulation tactics grosso's displaying. it's so putrid, i can't imagine having as little empathy and basic decency as he does)

No. 507457


No one about that slack jawed potato. Her 15 seconds are over.

No. 507467

idk i think it's pretty funny lol

No. 507480

I'm pretty surprised that Chelji got her bum ass to LA in the first place. She's already begging people for rides so yeah, good luck with all that potato. LOL.

No. 507499

She can't even afford an uber, she's just going to contribute to the homeless population in LA

No. 507505

I saw someone commented "when you can't even afford an uber" on her tweet DEMANDING someone come pick her up..then she deleted it lol

No. 507511

She had to have done some seriously shady shit to afford her plane ticket last minute. I have my speculations but I’ll keep them to myself since there’s no way to prove it.

Her twitter bio now says LA/UK. Pretty sure she’s sleeping in a car but yeah, youre international now girl. Fucking lol.

No. 507529

shes only proving her case more and more by his responses and i'm so fucking glad she got out of that relationship, realized her worth and is letting it be known what a abusive prick he is, good for her. FINALLY

No. 507530

that kid is too self involved to do anything like kill himself, he just wants her attention to guilt her to feeling sorry for him. manipulation and abuse

No. 507538

File: 1518988644658.jpeg (161.88 KB, 750x1334, C8C7FAFA-C573-4107-B699-7B8166…)


No. 507539

File: 1518988684162.jpeg (187.3 KB, 750x1334, 1D10B99F-6C3E-4E1A-9F8E-41FD12…)



this comment is a couple down from the other one. make up your mind, grosso.

No. 507552

Still beyond happy Layla is on another continent bc tyler would 300% do something rash like follow her around the continent US mucking up her life/attempts at renewal.

No. 507588

he constantly claimed she cheated on him yet whenever she caved in and gave him the attention he was seeking for through his tantrums he'd back track and said she didn't and use his bipolar disorder as the reason he reacted that way, so fuck him for trying to say she cheated on him when they were together

No. 507607

That was me, she blocked me right after lmao

No. 507637

File: 1518993650902.png (74.7 KB, 1176x400, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.3…)

This edgy shit is for 14 year olds…He literally a grown ass little boy smdh

No. 507673

File: 1518994826060.png (174.42 KB, 597x577, Djksjdhd.png)

No. 507687

lol didn’t grosso retweet chelji saying something like “why can’t people get a real job” and that she disrepected peep’s family? she’s trying to get sympathy from people who openly expressed disgust for her now, not that grosso is any less disgusting

No. 507705

Chelji, knock off your shit stirring and try to focus on the more important things such as where you're going to set up your cardboard box tonight.

No. 507721

File: 1518996607723.png (386.84 KB, 1248x1448, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 17.2…)

apparently Ty has something to say. this other dude about to pull up to the OSS store. He live on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/dankquan

No. 507727

I mean you couldve just scrolled up but I guess I’ll do it for you

No. 507730


i can't believe that many ppl showed up for his shit tbh. :\

No. 507731

It's sad how many people are desperate for his hand me downs. Also why the fuck is there a baby with the guys tyler is standing with.

No. 507735

File: 1518997371331.png (685.77 KB, 720x598, Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 17.3…)

He said sum at the beginning b4 he was handing shit out like "I'm still depressed, I still might kill myself but w/e" & "I guess you guys either care about me or you just want some free shit" Like what do you think they're there for boy? this is so dumb. PS he looks like dogshit (sorry the SC was shitty quality)

No. 507738


he's looking for pity points but these people literally don't give a shit if he kills himself. they'd probably like it if he DID so they could brag about how they have his shirt or some shit.

No. 507739

Jesus this is depressing, like for human kind… all of these people showing up to take a suicidal man’s designer clothes. Literally chilling.

No. 507740

I was just gonna post the same thing. This is hard to watch.

No. 507742

Right. I wasn't expecting it to feel so fucked up. Just reminds me of when peeps 'friends' took his grills etc right after he was taken off the bus. What's wrong with these people.

No. 507743

How much we betting that cheljis in this lame crowd jostling for peppers hand me downs and attention

No. 507748

he just made every one quiet down to tell them he had sex last night wtf is wrong with LA

No. 507752

Aubrie (sp00kybabyyy) is still hanging out with Tyler. I wonder how Layla feels about that. I'm pretty sure Aubrie only knew Tyler through her, in fact I believe Tyler and Paris met through Aubrie. Paris was staying at her place and they were doing drunk Instagram lives a few months ago before Tyler & Layla got together.

No. 507781

fuck i haven't finished reading but LAYLA I HOPE YOU'RE READING THIS

his smear campaign and suicide threats are classic abusive signs. I fucking pray she doesn't give into this emotionally because I'm going through a similar thing and only through the help of two different therapists can I myself understand this kind of abuse; i can't imagine what it's like for someone who lost their similarly abusive ex to an overdose, is quitting opiates and has been successfully fighting for sobriety, and has talked about suicide herself before. tyler is a sociopath so he won't ever kill himself, maybe hurt himself for glamour shots but that's it, layla could be at risk.

she has to go full no fucking contact. every time he does this shit and she reacts to him it just reinforces his power, he's such a low piece of shit he brings in peep's death. They both equally may have made peep jealous, but peep was abusive and deserved to feel jealous, and his death was NOT their fault. tyler trying to make it her fault is fucked. layla wanted peep jealous to preserve her dignity which isn't even petty it's equal, tyler was just a jealous piece of shit and wanted to one-up his so called friend. TYLER fucked up with peep, not layla, peep deserved to feel guilt (in a healthy way) over her.

he's only doing this because let's be real lay's glow up in the past few months is, compared to where she was, pretty astonishing. she legitimately has it all and even started helping others with information about abuse. The trap though is that the abuser obviously feels threatened when you expose them - Tyler could grow the fuck up and fix his rep by publicly getting help, but he's a little bitch who got anywhere in life because he stole others designs and was yams' bitch. of course with layla stunting this hard he's going to be a little bitch.

i apologize this might read all over the place, i think everyone here has seen this way too much and layla is silly but no one deserves this shit. i'll laugh at her antics but i want her and her heart safe, especially from someone as fucked up as tyler.

tl;dr layla keep all the screenshots of this and get a lawyer and go to the police to figure out your options. get more than your boyfriend for support, keep reading resources by Lundy Bankroft because that's the most solid advice. if she's worried about her reputation with cheating she should post information about how abusers run smear campaigns, state her innocence, let people know she's handling it legally, and never react to anything again. it is the only way. the police can trace the numbers he's using too and that is black and white harassment, knowing him he would violate something and he'll end up in jail where he'll basically be in hell given that he's such a weak ass little bitch. she's fighting SO WELL against tyler i don't want a single thing to trip her up. sorry for the essay guys, i'll take the ban if it's too long, hard subject.

No. 507783

chelji and tyler when? seriously.

No. 507823

Not literal sales receipts dingus lol proof that you were there

No. 507827

it was a rhetorical question anon, i knew he did that.

No. 507873

for reference abusers get support because they aren't asking anything of bystanders other than their silence/complicity, the victim/survivor confronts bystanders with a problem that requires action and doing something perceived as socially disruptive. It can make the bystander feel unconscious guilt or stress from sharing the burden of truth. when people defend abusers it's just because they are selfish little shits who can't confront the cognitive dissonance and also don't want to believe someone is that bad and fooled them too.

if anything tyler was on his best behavior because, in addition to him being a weaselly little bitch in person, he likely threw that party to be seen acting generously/respectfully. Anon who posted that is either him, his friend, or in his 'harem' who he's 'charmed' (vomit) into accepting his perspective.

Peep did the same thing by being photographed with his overweight/less conventionally attractive fans, claiming to care about how women in the industry were treated (while narcissistically abusing them), and CONSTANTLY singing about being suicidal/how he was killing himself with drugs. peep was legit famous so he had it easy controlling the narrative, but tyler has less followers than layla and has no talent or looks.

he's using residual feelings of guilt/confusion after peep's death to make his abusive suicide threats have more emotional impact. he is so much worse than arzaylea and honestly GMA peep if you want to take out your emotion on anyone please consider taking it out on tyler there is no fucking way peep would have wanted him to do this to layla who has been the most respectful.

No. 507892

Lol I didn’t think you meant sales receipts “dingus” but how the fuck am I supposed to have visual proof of him postmating alcohol he didn’t order it on my postmates account

No. 507894

they’re just looking for proof you were there anon, not of the postmates order.

No. 507896

File: 1519003947894.jpeg (765.82 KB, 1125x2001, 292873FB-ECCB-4E21-B9F0-445A54…)

The only proof I have of me being there is a Snapchat I took in his mirror. I don’t know why you need proof I was there, it’s not that hard to believe

No. 507909

Thank you anon, and we all harp on the proof thing because this is an anonymous message board, anyone can say anything they want so something to back up a claim is important even a little one like that.

No. 507986

is there a recording of this anywhere? this is actually fucking insane he is like two steps away from going full white boy and shooting someplace up. everyone in the crowd is a fucking piece of shit, he's an abuser but he's bipolar and clearly having a fucking episode and no one is getting this mother fucker help.

i don't even like him but he's posted enough solid evidence online of him being a danger to both himself and others and EVEN THOUGH I NAMED A BITCH PEPPER ANN I WILL CALL THE FIVE OH TO KEEP LOS ANGELES SAFE. I BROUGHT HIM INTO THE WORLD AND I WILL TAKE HIM RIGHT OUT

No. 508041

How can I watch

No. 508094

No. 508099


oh this photograph of a mirror tyler is always taking selfies in just proves it! move on, you didn't say anything relevant or noteworthy. next.

No. 508101

Samefag, but the shit show starts around 10:25

No. 508117

i'm not gonna watch that video, shit's gonna make me upset for the world. just destroy LA now.
someone needs to get Tyler help, he's an abuser, and Layla got herself out, but now he's abusing himself by making a fool of himself on social media and threatening suicide (which could be empty threats but could be real because it's not unlikely that a bipolar person would take their own life).

No. 508132

Ty needs to not die, not because I care about him/his well-being in any way, but because the way people who woobify him after the fact would drive me up the wall.

I’m personally enjoying ty losing it so publicly & messily, even tho I am worried he might hurt someone given how these soundclout boys always got too many guns around them.

No. 508175

File: 1519016987780.jpeg (76.91 KB, 750x343, 1C104398-4B65-4DBD-99DE-43D038…)

can someone commit this kid?

No. 508179

the only thing grosso is right about is layla needing to have a bf every week. the only times we see her happy is when she's newly in a relationship. and then the relationship will end and she loses her mind, acts like a shit head and frantically looks for someone else

No. 508183

File: 1519018232987.png (134.57 KB, 640x907, IMG_6330.PNG)

No. 508189


Lil Xan had announced her (Grace) as his new girlfriend about a month ago. He dropped her a day or two later and never said another word about her, but she can be thankful that she gained a few thousand followers from him.

No. 508267

lowkey fucking glad i did not watch that sober that was too fucking much. people climbing in trees for his shit, tyler pointing to people to get cheers when they legit would stab each other for supreme. streetwear nonsense. you have to have no identity to rep that and not go your own way, i don't care about clout or history this is so fucking stupid.

he looked like a child getting high off attention. i'm legit surprised he didn't bump lil peep. he had some speech prepared but all he managed to get out was that "we're all outcasts", but not really tyler because you forced someone to leave the country to get away from your slime clout thirsty ass. fuck everyone that showed up there unless they needed to flip his clothes for money, but even then they'd have to be savvy enough about the streetwear brands, and anyone in that deep is likely a piece of shit too.

the way they screamed when they saw supreme, i swear to god. psychologically this is the most interesting thing i've seen in weeks. when the cops pulled up he acted like SUCH a little bitch, thanking them too. I know it's good to keep relations with them because they're ass incarnated but he regressed sooooo hard. tyler is a fucking child and someone needs to let his mother know this shit is happening.

some nice, i guess?, girls asked him for a hug at the end but he's doing this for a story not to actually die. if he really cared about people he wouldn't go out like this especially after peep. all the people around him, and none of them have a bipolar friend to be able to understand what's going on??? he's manic as fuck. he's only going to escalate, please get him 5150'd. he can afford some of the best treatment in LA this is a fucking joke and an insult to people suffering who can't afford it. This video, however, unfortunately pretty accurately defines a generation. I don't even know.

No. 508268

thank you so much by the way, it started where you left off

No. 508275

File: 1519029757287.jpeg (103.67 KB, 750x691, D70BADED-2840-47A3-9EF3-3EFA28…)

No. 508286

how does arzaylea manage to leech off so many rich kids in la? this idiot is always taking pictures with a new girl at nobu or at someone’s house and then they never even seem to meet again. and where does she even find the money to dine in certain places when she isn’t really a model, sits in her house all day recording ig stories with her annoying ass voice and is (iirc) estranged from her family? is it the peep merch still? so weird.

No. 508358

File: 1519047523336.png (644.26 KB, 800x1205, Hhdfg.png)

So chelji made it seem like she was moving to la but she doesn't even have a place there and is staying at a hotel so she is likely there on vacation. I wonder who she managed to make pay for the hotel.

>>508275 I wonder if it is Joyce

No. 508374

File: 1519049271717.jpg (75.4 KB, 1000x667, 34504_208_z.jpg)


Does she even have a room? That's the lobby and she is camped on the couch.

No. 508401

File: 1519052816094.png (313.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-19-16-05-52…)

No. 508404

File: 1519053468103.jpeg (327.34 KB, 1125x2020, 388D2C7F-60C6-4BFD-8066-8136EF…)

One of Pepper’s friends are finally calling him out for being so cringey

Shes definitley just chilling/loitering in the lobby. Honestly what was this bitchs plan? She’s show up to la and magically be showered with cash? Hilarious that she told her internet friend she’d take care of her once she got there

No. 508415

Was that really Layla’s song she was playing on Snapchat? Because I didn’t hate it, actually.

Sober looks good on Layla. I hope she keeps at it.

No. 508430

If America isn't up to potato's standards she can leave. No one would miss her.

No. 508432

File: 1519055845115.jpeg (245.16 KB, 750x444, 19880DA6-EE8C-49C8-A99A-CA6029…)

No. 508451

It’s funny because Chelji’s “internet friend” got arrested for stealing a car. Such great friends she’s got. I think it’s definitely time for her to go back to where she came from.

No. 508473


Please, we don’t want her here

No. 508478

So what is Superr Gross gonna wear now that he found a will to live but gave all his cherished designer away?

No. 508489

It’s his chance to stock up on more designer sweatpants

No. 508508

This is so directed at Layla… “didn’t judge me”… ugh. And I bet it was Joyce. Poor girl. Run for the hills!

No. 508533

Honestly whoever gets with him next is an idiot. There’s so much shit on him. The red flags are all in your face if you do just 5 minutes of internet stalking so whoever does their research is bound to run. If they don’t they’re willingly signing up to put up with his man-baby bullshit

No. 508563

File: 1519064801460.png (60.23 KB, 624x299, Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.2…)

Oh Lord… I almost want to email this girl and be like, save yourself…

No. 508567

Joyce retweeted this, so definitely her…

No. 508595

File: 1519066271220.png (129.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2580.PNG)

I'm new here so forgive me if i do this wrong. People have been claiming kennedykiff is Layla's anon account on twitter. It's only been up for a month and it's only used to call out missgucciwitch, spacegoth (who claims layla stole her art) and anyone else who trashes her.

No. 508602

File: 1519066832128.png (130.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2581.PNG)

sorry i should have said ** she claims layla copied her art, stole is the wrong word

No. 508637

File: 1519068611351.png (50.25 KB, 566x358, Gkfsrgh-1.png)

No. 508652

okay so I’m living for Layla looking happy and healthy with Luke on her SC, and her new song actually sounds really good (the song people were asking that was playing on her sc last night) but even without Luke she just seems so happy in London and away from the drugs and that life in la THANK GOD

No. 508700

Yeah, OK Chelji. America IS trash but it's not anyone's fault but your own that you came to one of the most difficult and inhospitable cities in the country with no plans or money. I live in LA and it is definitely not a fun place to be if you're broke and aimless. What was she even expecting?

No. 508712

Lmao for someone to be like “OMG your from the internet I follow you on insta!!! I’ll smoke you out and pay for everything and you can freeload off my couch”
She’s an idiot.

No. 508721

How long til chelji starts a backpage to afford her new glamorous california lifestyle?

No. 508725

I don't even think her sketch-ass car stealing internet friend has a place to live. IIRC a couple weeks ago Chelji was asking people to put her [friend] up until she got here. I almost feel bad for her because she's clearly just bumming around the city all by her lonesome now and loitering in hotel lobbies but like damn. Over/under a week until she's back in the UK?

No. 508772

She probably thought that as soon as she stepped foot in la she would become famous but instead she's broke in la with no money and in America she can't leech from government benefits like she did back in the uk.

No. 508784

when she moved to la to be with a guy in 5 seconds of summer her brother went on a twitter rant saying she drained the family bank account, that plus whatever money she makes off of nonstop promoting sugar bear hair and fashion nova is probably how she's getting by

No. 508790

It's honestly amazing to me how Layla is just one of those girls who is always able to find a man. Has she ever been without one? It's almost as if Luke was just waiting for her to arrive in London or something. TBH she's really living such an ideal life. It's crazy how she went from a middle class unattractive girl to somehow having hundreds of thousands of followers and enough money to go anywhere and do anything she wants. Imagine what it would be like to just hang out with your bf every day / dj / eat do whatever you want and not have to worry about bills. She's living her best and THE best life for a 20 something

No. 508807

yeah she is in a good place right now but let’s not act like she didn’t go through 2 abusive relationships and the death of the person she was in one of those relationships with in a year or less. plus drug addiction. not having to work a 9 to 5 is great and all but it sure didn’t stop her from being miserable for most of 2017.

No. 508819

this, and she has fucking face tattoos people warn you not to do that shit for a reason they are called job killers for a reason these fucking idiots

No. 508836

Good for her. Women get trapped in abusive relations way too often and don't get out until it's too late. Men are scummy.

No. 508852

File: 1519080766286.jpeg (417.81 KB, 746x1055, 43780EA3-2EDC-48F2-95FD-B42B5D…)

Alive and well and back to being to a desperate hanger on… tour with Post? Products with Post? It’s hard not to think he’s fully motivated by trying to impress/stick it to Layla right now. Don’t really get why Post would have anything to do with him, but I guess just because Post is rich and famous doesn’t mean he isn’t also clueless.

No. 508884

You're a dumb ass. Yeah she went through all of that and still survived and is at an amazing point in her life despite all of it. You wrote that as if she's somehow responsible for any of that happening to her, that's trash. We know she had a shitty father, who knows what else, it's not surprising she fell into those things with no coping skills.

Also love how Tyler pinned his ENTIRE recovery from a totally real suicide plan on some clout hungry teenager. Now he's shelling out 7k for a check mark because he's that much of an insecure loser instead of spending it getting real help.

No. 508899

unless it's him going into treatment he deserves to die over using suicide as a publicity stunt like that. you can talk someone down but if you're truly suicidal no it does not magically go away after connecting with one random person with no psychiatric training.

im so thankful he's unattractive in every way and that it destroys him inside because he knows it. peep would be stoked layla isn't letting tyler get to her. i don't want to bring 'karma' or spirituality into this but real quick does he not think that doing all this shit right after peep's unfortunate and totally preventable death happened that he won't suffer as a consequence in some way

No. 508945

lol i am a dumb ass for what? stating facts? what i said wasn’t meant to invalidate her progress or pin all of her misfortune on her, you literally made that up since it is nowhere to be found in my post. i was merely saying that while she may be living her best life NOW, she sure wasn’t up until a few weeks ago. there were/are enough people idealizing her past lifestyle before she came out herself exposing how toxic it was, there’s no need to sugarcoat it when she realized firsthand that she was fucking up her life lol. again, you need to learn how to read. plus this is lolcow, we’re all rooting for layla and that’s good but you sound stupid fawning over her as if we’re on a fanage when i’m not even criticizing or insulting her in the first place

No. 508952

I didn’t get caps of notifications before they disappeared but I’m am so glad Layla wasn’t posting all this stuff about comming out of suicide ideation last night for tys benefit that other girl needs to run tho, grossos nasty ass is going to ruin any women that he latches himself on to.

No. 509033

Just checked to see if Luke still follows him and he doesn’t.

No. 509142

its weird how he claims all his friends use him for money and all that, yet hes the first one to claim "we" and "us" when talking about his friends success as if it has anything to do with him at all

No. 509143

yeah i didn't read anywhere you downplaying what she went through at all in your post, and you made a point that its nice shes acknowledging the life she used to lead that a lot of kids glamorized was no sort of life to lead at all and we're all glad she came out of it alive and becoming stronger

No. 509174

File: 1519097026317.jpeg (422.22 KB, 1125x1402, 024C8C61-F775-412E-89F4-9CEDB2…)

Ew stopppppp

No. 509194

File: 1519098677758.jpeg (195.26 KB, 750x521, 45ABB71B-2197-42A6-A728-8A8CC2…)

Pepper out here trying to act like we haven’t seen him do way harder drugs 🙄

No. 509280

Honestly any bitch who is attractive to someone so sociopathic and narcissistic and just plain misogynistic, desperate and disgusting on social media gets what's coming for her. Anyone who reads his tweets or posts could tell how disgustingly and disturbingly narcissistic, fucked up abd superficial this psycho is. If a cute girl like this Joyce person who is mainstream prettier than Layla would really want that out of all her options she's missing brain cells or has no sense of self worth or both

No. 509281


No. 509335

Was it the one that went "I only want you when I'm high" or something?? I didn't know that was her damn…obviously very auto tuned but it was catchy

No. 509444

File: 1519140634402.jpeg (185.11 KB, 1125x466, 20DA5AB3-DCC5-47F3-8E78-CA306D…)

“Hello yes I’d like to reduce my chances of employment to nonexistent thank you”

No. 509449

Lmao anyone see Tyler’s new tats on Insta story? Casper the friendly ghost on his neck, a poorly-drawn bat on his face, and (drum roll please), barbed wire around his wrist. Money can’t buy taste…

No. 509465

File: 1519142475759.png (8.48 MB, 1242x2208, 8F13426C-5BF2-4EE6-8AC5-EE8073…)

He’s been wearing this filthy shirt for like a week now.

No. 509514

File: 1519145982934.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1125x2183, F09E195D-4B7E-4C1E-97F0-4F6A2D…)

She got him buying her gucci already. Damn.

No. 509518

Lol this must kill "Gucci Grosso." Honestly really happy for her. Luke seems like a good guy.

No. 509544

I haven’t been a huge fan of hers but I like her with Luke too. He seems to have the goofy Peep quality without being so manipulative and domineering.

Also… I really like her song, too. The hook has been stuck in my head. Obviously auto tuned but still. I’d be interested in hearing the whole thing.

No. 509550

Peppers “big announcement” dropped. Touring with post and 21 savage.

I fucking hate him more than ever for the whole suicide stunt. I know it’s an image board and I should’ve grabbed the screen… but after his whole melrose giveaway he tweeted a bunch of letters strung together like “fhso/6hdj” (not exact but u get the point) and I think he was trying to make everyone think he’d ODd or something. He deleted it like 15 minutes later.
I hope Paris kicks him off the tour halfway through or some shit like that. Fuck him.

No. 509564

Was watching @glorellana 'a story and Tyler didn't seem to be at Paris' studio time, although everyone was mostly wearing the Chinatown Market gucci bootleg sweater

No. 509571

Yo I’ve been meaning to mention him (glorellana). He seems so fucking obnoxious and annoying and awful. Same goes for Paris tbh

No. 509579

Lol yeah, first of all that wasn't any kind of surprising announcement. He already spilled it a couple of weeks ago. Secondly, Pepper, Paris, and their friends are all childish as hell. I can't imagine them being able to hang with professionals. Pepper's ego is now through the roof - must be so obnoxious to be around.

No. 509581

Yeah, who is that dude, and what the hell is wrong with him and Paris? Always acting white girl wasted.

No. 509583

Prob some leech like the rest of em.
Who the fuck drinks bud light other than high schoolers

No. 509593

Paris was making himself puke and then driving drunk to get more alcohol on Aubrie's live before he and Tyler became a thing. Really wish I would've saved the live but at the time I damn sure didn't think this kid who was drunk all day and couch hopping would be touring with Post Malone.
I'm over him already.

No. 509594

That Paris guy is fucking ugly. He looks like he harrasses billy goats under a bridge. This whole pepper ann gang seem like they have the people skills of a suicide bomber.

No. 509600

He’s such a blatant peep rip off too. Except he’s like the dollar store bootleg version. Honestly fuck pepper for ever mentioning peep again tbh. He legit has no shame whatsoever.

No. 509608

It's actually disappointing to see such a mediocre person get a tour with someone like Post Malone handed to him because of Tyler's connections. He made his first song what, was it a month ago? He had made 1 or 2 beats for other people's songs previous to that but nothing impressive. So many hardworking rising musicians and this kid is spoon fed these opportunities after doing nothing.

No. 509613

For real. And he made his entire album in 2 days, so it’s probably written by someone else too. So fucking disappointing.

No. 509654

I hate that anyone is even comparing him to peep. This ugly ass goat herder WISHES he sounded like a bootleg peep. He has no vocal talent his song is trash and he's literally hideous. I know a bunch of disgusting people in real life who are as superficial and rich and just wastes of space as These people with less followers. They're bad enough I can't even imagine how pepper is in person. These people are truly vile excuses for human beings and why the fuck post would allow them on hai tour is so disgusting. He has enough clout and fame idk why he would put on some disgusting pieces of trash like this, both LITERAL trash and musical trash. Peeps friend Brennan savage is FARRRRR better than Paris why Paris is getting clout over him or anything else makes me sick. Grosso should have been the one not peep. He contributes nothing and I mean nothing positive to this planet

No. 509674

Just a reminder:


No. 509681

Potato update, not that anyone cares.
She’s been sitting in a hotel room by herself for at least 24 hours now. Definitley killing it in LA.

No. 509717

She was begging people on her instagram to hang out with her but she deleted the picture (which was apparently a naked snap)

No. 509718

What happened to her record deal? Shouldn’t she be out label shopping? lol

No. 509762

>she deserves what's coming to her
>she's missing brain cells or has no self worth

more like mental illness, prob shitty upbringing (she's like what, 20? barely out of home), and clearly no self worth. she got a come up through photoshop, obvious body issues maybe even body dysmorphia, not uncommon now and especially in LA. she needs fucking help but yeah it is frustrating as fuck to watch especially now that layla is being so open. girl needs to learn to respect other women instead of looking for abusers to replace her dad and get mental help. now tyler has placed her in the caregiver role and she's exposed how empathetic/easy to control she is to him. she's fucked.

fuckin dead

No. 509765

im not even joking can she explain how the fuck she finesses like this cause we've all been encouraging the fuck out her and i feel she owes us, also good for her love that they're gucci bc pepper ann gonna shit himself

No. 509771

File: 1519161660862.png (258.53 KB, 579x402, lilbitch_onesix.png)

i know tyler is repulsive but if you catch his story please screenshot it and post it here i didn't want to go to his twitter but i took one for team chuckles.

gotta love how hard he wishes he was peep who woke up with face tattoos, now he's claiming the same thing as if those weren't meticulously planned. hate that he got a cartoon character on his neck like peep, the design is hella dumb and he should've kept it classic. angle of the axe is unflattering on his thick ass flab neck. looks like batman logo making him look even more like a dweeb, way too small to earn face tat clout.

tyler get help and move out of LA. take some fucking advice from layla she's not stupid and it's the only thing that's going to help your image. you can never replace peep, get your shit together.

No. 509789

Oh please he's pretending this wasn't planned??? God, he must be really stupid to think people aren't seeing through all of this. Stupid or cynical.

No. 509796

File: 1519162959123.png (25.07 KB, 536x89, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.38…)

Really here for this version of Layla… so many young people follow her and it's cool that she's setting a good example that you can come back from being a train wreck and find happiness (while still being honest about her struggles). Even her snapchats from yesterday where she was getting people to smile in the mall were really cute. This is a good vibe.

No. 509808

His complexion is so unfortunate no night serum is fixing that

No. 509817

Not saying post invented the barbed wire tat by ANY means but this is such a fucking rip off. Is there anything original about this kid at all?

No. 509822

File: 1519164626982.png (45.66 KB, 493x198, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.10…)

Speaking of Post… why does he bother with this kid???

No. 509846

Post is a kid too, he don't know any better. Kind of funny to see Tyler calling someone that is younger than him mom tho

I hope 21 Savage gives gucci grosso a beat down on the tourbus

No. 509855

Is nobody gonna warn j8yce before guccigrosso ruins her life too

No. 509858

Ol Gucci Gro$$o looks like microwaved dogshit. Also idk who he expects to believe he got face and neck tats while he was asleep lol.

No. 509864


If she get's involved with him she is either dumb as dirt, chasing clout, or trying to get closer to one of his famous rapper friends. Either way she deserves what is in store for her.

No. 509866

Lol not while he was asleep anon. Just blacked out from drugs

No. 509867

Either way it wasn't some big accident - he's been teasing it in tweets the past few days.

No. 509882

Damn between all the celebratory tats for his pal getting signed, the crazy legendary parties he has thrown recently and the upcoming tour you would think Grosso is having like the best year ever. He totally isn't a sad, lonely mess who doesn't shower. I bet layla is kicking herself for not going back to him.

No. 509885

Lol at crazy legendary parties… the pictures/videos from those parties are so depressing. Gross tiny kitchens, ripped leather couches, Bud Lights… definitely living the good life!

No. 509894

File: 1519168491038.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 88CA0886-12D2-40D3-9920-8E3AF4…)



sage for already posted but JESUS

No. 509897

But everyone was wearing their finest gucci tshirts, the kind commoners like you or i could only dream of owning

No. 509899

I can smell the onions and cologne from here.

No. 509904

I made this image bigger and will regret it for the rest of my days

No. 509906

Idk it doesn’t seem like they have anything going on
Maybe they’re just friends?? I mean she is interning for NoJumper and she’s friends with everyone from onsomeshit.. I don’t think anything’s going on, she’s probably just being chill with him since he’s a mutual friend with the people she’s involved with. Unless he has different intentions with her

No. 509912

Tyler “where my hug at??” Grosso

No. 509920

OF COURSE he has other intentions!! Have you not seen him constantly posting “where the girls at, I’m lonely who coming over, who wanna get pregnant, Quiet down crowd of over 100 people I had sex last night”?
Ever since Layla left he’s been beyond desperate to make her jealous by trying to get with any girl who so much as looks his way.

No. 509923

I'm surprised that despite Layla's past (racist tweets, enzo amore shit, glamorization of drugs and suicide etc.) big brands are willing to work with her. I'm not trying to come for her, and I know she has apologized and the enzo shit is most likely a lie, but I don't really understand how HR isn't like "No way, she's too much of a liability"

What's her appeal? Is it just that she has a large instagram following? I think she can be charming and funny but what does she do? Here style isn't very original, her schtick is just ironic 90's and 00's pop culture references….like I just don't get it.

Again, I'm not tying to shit on her but I am legit confused as to how she is getting so many opportunities. I had literally never heard of her until Lil Peep died (I had never heard of him either until he passed to be honest). I know a few people with over 100k followers and they have a few opportunities here and there but Layla is killing it. Seriously glad for her, but bitch tell us ur secret!

No. 509937

As fucked up as it is, these bigger companies probably have a sudden interest in her because of peep. She’s an easy sell, especially to those who only heard of them after he died.

No. 509951


That actually makes a lot of sense.

Kinda glad she's getting to use the clout from her relationship with Peep after all the shit he put her through.

No. 509958

Oh shit well I watched her once when her and Paris (prodbyparis) split a live and she seems like a really nice girl. None of that “bad girl” attitude. I really hope she’s not completely clueless about what’s going on. I wouldn’t want to see the girl fuck up her life by getting close with Tyler. I’m going to try to message her

No. 509968

This image is cursed, I can smell his bo from here. Also, I wonder how many more tattoos he'll have to get to cover up that weak fucking chin.

No. 509980

what part of Layla is charming or funny even? what part of Layla is attractive? i don't believe she's a bad person and it's great she escaped a fucking crazy asshole and is living a better life, but sometimes it's like living in the twilight zone with this girl getting so many good opportunities with such a busted face, an awkward body (namely the posture), and not remotely interesting or funny, just obnoxious and loud. it's better than potato, since she's a few steps lower than layla buuuut

No. 509981


Ur doing the Lord's work, bless u!

No, but for real, I would feel bad for this girl if she got involved with Tyler. Women are socialized to accept abuse and the fact that he has status makes it even more dangerous.

That's probably what made it hard for Layla to break the cycle. People envied her life and she must have felt confused because she was so unhappy despite "having it all".

I think Luke has been a really good influence on her but I worry that if they break up she will associate her self worth with him and go back to abusive men. She seems to go from one relationship to another without taking time to grow on her own.

No. 509990

With Layla doing so well right now it feels cruel to be going after her appearance like this, especially since she often talks about being insecure about it. I think she is cute and has an interesting/different look and got a following by being a little wild and with Peep. I don't think it's that surprising. She has some star quality, I think.

No. 510011

File: 1519172675556.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 833A1B1B-1C38-47F6-B37F-1AC003…)

OKAY PAUSE — It says that that j8yce girl is 17
Explains her stupidity.

No. 510016

lmfao i am fucking here for all the ugly man shaming tbh. he wouldn't even consider a skincare routine even though he could afford really nice shit.

he is so fucking FLABBY and doughy as hell from doing literally fuck all the entire day, all he does is remix other people's designs and idiots eat it up because that's where our culture is at. genuinely creative people are too small and get ripped off by narcissists like grosso while people like him help other assholes come up. all clueless white boys and tyler just regurgitates black culture, if he had so much money he should do something like contribute to youth education is less privileged areas instead of putting up his shitty friends and buying designer.

started with shitty skincare and ended with him being a white boy nightmare. i can't even hold back talking about grosso such trash

No. 510020

Come off it anon, no whiteknighting.

Current toopoor is likeable. Thanks to the internet you don’t have to be ridiculously good looking to blow up anymore. (Look at Ed Sheeran for an ugly example) that being said I personally don’t think Layla is unattractive.
Sure she’s revisiting 90s-00s pop culture but she’s doing it in a way that gets attention, and that’s really all you need.

No. 510023

Girl is a fame seeker. She tried to get with ice poseidon. Even though he’s a complete degenerate, he bailed when he found out she was under 18.

No. 510033

i feel you and i'm not a layla stan despite giving hella advice to her since she lurks, but i genuinely think she's really cute and funny. she has a pretty but unique face, and i for one am so fucking sick of all the facetuned generic white girls getting called beautiful when it's bland as hell. i'm jealous of her voice and she has a really nice body, but no not plastic surgery instahoe level "nice". i think she's only been loud when she's drunk? but i like that she doesn't hide those things, she comes off as normal and it's refreshing. a lot of the bad behavior comes off as ironic, and was likely from the drugs and the crowd she was in. and potato is in the basement far away from any steps honey let's keep this in perspective

No. 510035

Oh shit tys going after that girl? Lmafo I remember like when her internship or whatever was announced everyone assumed adam22 was grooming her(he prob is). I’d tell her to get out but you can’t talk sense into those types of girls, I hope it’s worth it in the end for her.

No. 510037

layla honey what the fuck where you doing with this ugly ass kid who looks like he picks used butts from gas station trash cans

No. 510040

this is arzaylea
how is this not literally the same idiot
why can't i tell any of these fucks apart

No. 510051

At this point layla is getting far too much credit from you guys. She's claiming she's a month sober every two months ffs. It really took alot of fucked up shit for her to "turn her life around" when she's actually just leeching onto the first person who is dumb enough to fall for her shit.

No. 510065

I find it so funny he admitted on the NoJumper that Tyler the Creator said to Pepper Ann's face he didn't fuck with him. Perhaps the reason for this is he got a comeup by selling illegitimate OF merch. Ugh how do people not just spit on this guy?

No. 510072

Can we all just take a moment to realize that this girl is underage and Tyler is 24 years old. This is illegal.

No. 510073

okay again, why is he “famous”? all i know is that he interned for asap yams buuut why do people still fuck with him? he a lame

No. 510074


For real, white mediocrity at it's finest.

He and all of his friends profit off of black culture and then just complain about how tough their life is. Give me a break, they won the lottery being born white dudes.

Sage for OT but It's depressing that "the youths" have such low standards for what they consider creativity or art. Everything seems like a derivative of an iconic 90's or 00's pop culture moment to the point that it renders it almost meaningless. Take the obsession with Kurt Cobain. Kids aren't impressed with the subversiveness of Nirvana or their rejection of the mainstream but rather they're obsessed with other people's obsession over Cobain. They want to be a tragic hero like him. They want to be idolized. They want to be rich but pretend like they hate the fame and money. But Cobain really did hate fame and money. Like, he was incredibly depressed because of fame. And yet these kids don't see his death as a result of the pressure and loneliness of fame nor do they see how the media machine turned his image into a tool of capitalism but rather they see his death as an avenue to fame: become a tragic hero and everyone will love me.

I don't know, it just feels like a weird form of nihilism by rendering these iconic moments as meaningless.These kids seem directionless and confused.

No. 510077

I'm not a fan of layla but I know about her a long time ago from her blog … from her videos as a girl with her friends. Is its relief in the goth world? and how impressive it was in the thousands of photo sessions he has about similar brands … before Peep had a lot of movement and followers on the Internet. I think it's growing and in a good way. It's been she was almost over a year subjected to shit. not everything turns on L.A … and the fucking scene of this

No. 510088

File: 1519176333141.jpeg (181.9 KB, 750x1334, 40603C9D-50B8-4714-9468-534A83…)

Okay I hope this is the last time we hear about this chick

No. 510092


Aww she seems like a nice kid, lol. Thank god people are looking out for her. I hope she listens.

No. 510097

File: 1519177261553.jpeg (96.05 KB, 750x978, 6B2C7662-D34C-46A2-BE85-C0F356…)

No. 510113

Fucking kek. That stupid eyebrow tat is SO BAD. It's almost as if she wants people to take one glance at her and know immediately she is a desperate, try-hard clout hoe.

No. 510115

i genuinely want to know what goes through her head LMFAO does she really think but getting face tatts and putting “official” in her user makes her someone relevant?

No. 510119

Obviously she is relevant if u guys are talking about her

No. 510120

Damn I love you for this. Thesis material.

No. 510124

followers are mostly just kids desperate to latch onto the next "cool" thing. they don't have taste or intelligence, they are the lowest common denominator type of people and they are an infinite source to cater to. all pepper needed was a cosign on his recycled designs, the designs themselves are just ripped off of things with clout so kids are desperate to be associated with those things. the quality of person his average fan isn't someone anyone here would ever want to associate with anyways, they're like ants there's just a lot of them

No. 510129

kurt cobain was a pathological liar and loved both fame and money, and even lied about his depression. buzz from the kelvins, who he idolized and grew up with, has called it out numerous times but has his own life and isn't running a campaign against kurt. but it's all there with evidence, other people corroborate it.

relevant because all you need is a good story people can eat up and run with. peep did the EXACT thing, everyone claims he loved life yet one of his unreleased songs is about cutting himself when he has no history of it, and got fame because kids are depressed and fucked with someone singing about those issues. he was a high functioning narcissist.

No. 510130

Too Poor seems to only be doing well cause she has a new guy making her feel good and buying her Gucci. how sober and happy will she be when this guy inevitably bails? and let's be real, how many of you really believe this new guy is gonna last past this summer?

No. 510140

Summer!? I don't even give it another week tbh. She's a horrible person who can't hold down any sort of relationship/friendship. She deserves to be alone and left alone because she is nothing but negative energy and her whole "fake love life" crap she's trying to pull is so embarrassing.

No. 510152

Is this potato trying to be sexy? LMAO i guess some women may look sultry with the mouth agape, potato is not one of them. Chelji, if you're reading, lose some weight and laser off those hideous tattoos. You might make a good housewife to a man pulling in 45k a year.

No. 510154

Some truth. It really irritates me that people have been fellating the memory of this dead asshole for the past 20 years, like he was some sort of messiah that we didn't deserve. His music was average.

No. 510166

File: 1519181362986.jpeg (58.73 KB, 550x566, 89FAD86A-2FA1-4D0B-A39F-C30EBF…)


chelji is genuinely unfortunate looking. her name sounds like a queef and she will never become famous. at 18 years old, her body is covered in unflattering tattoos and she’s lied to herself all the way to LA. when will chelsea realize that she’s not talented, can’t sing, and has killed any semblance of a profitable career with those ugly face tatts?

No. 510169

OK MAYBE, just maybe, shed be cute if she didnt have all those gross tattoos and if she knew how to do her makeup

No. 510172

chelji jfc, really truly scum of the planet earth, really zero upsides to her looks, personality, place in the world, etc.

No. 510176

wait so, chelji is in LA and Layla is in London lmao switched spots or whot

No. 510181

She will most likely end up doing porn for a few years after accepting she won't make it in the music business. She will likely develope a substance problem, partly as a way to numb herself from the stinging humiliation of her degrading job, and partly to fit in with her porn associates. In about 10 years when her metabolism is shot and she can't even continue working in porn, she may accept that she can't even make a name for herself in the lowest of industries. By then she will likely have even more shitty tattoos and will probably be a mum to a a few illegitimate children, and her future at this point is so bleak i don't even want to imagine it.

No. 510183


I never said he was honest about his persona, but there is no proof that he loved fame. I'm sure he originally wanted to be famous and then realized it sucked and was miserable and hated it. From everything I've read about it, Buzz implies that Kurt died as a result of his fame.

You're telling me someone who has massive amounts of money and fame but is abusing herion and eventually kills themselves in such a brutal way was secretly happy and just lying for aesthetic? No, dude prolly thought fame was amazing before he got it and turns out it was awful and he was trapped so he abused drugs and killed himself. These kids are missing that point tho.

The impressive thing about Kurt was his subversiveness. He was effeminate, ugly, messy, dirty, came from a broken home, wasn't well educated….the antithesis of American masculinity at the time and yet he demanded people pay attention to him. I think people idolize him because he was thoughtful and critical of the status quo despite being someone the world saw as a degenerate lowlife. But, yeah, he got a lot of attention and praise for simply being a white guy doing it so thats pretty lame.

Moving on, don't ban me y'all.

No. 510184

This sounds like one of TP’s jilted ex friends posting… I think she deserves a chance to prove herself. People change/redeem themselves all the time. Not whiteknighting just seems like a lot of people want her to fail which is prob mostly BC of their own unhappiness.

No. 510185


lol, its like a shitty soundcloud version of freaky friday or the parent trap or something.

No. 510196

grosso really reminds me of that one vine where the guy is boasting about his taco and then he trips over and smashes that taco on concrete lmao like they look similar and this whole metaphor of tyler playing off every “cool” card be it money or his circle of “friends” but eventually he will find himself alone. i mean his face wont get better with age so he’s got a year or two at best and then not even his social status or whatever he’s got will get him laid. enjoy your crack, ty! doing well so far.

No. 510197

File: 1519183179804.jpeg (34.32 KB, 328x495, F587F4BF-2647-48DC-A709-B353D9…)

Ok but can we talk about her HAIRLINE.

I’m with you. I smell jealous ex-friend samefag all over those posts

No. 510200


lmao beautiful comparison

No. 510220

Def not an ex friend, luckily. I've just watched her online presence since she was with Corey before she even did drugs (she would brag about not drinking or smoking weed because it made her feel ugly) then after peep she played off her drug usage as she was a huge junkie. She would complain about getting fake xans or bunk coke, so she really was just embarrassing to the point where alot of people can't stand her nor do they want to see her succeed. She got extremely lucky with how many brands still give her a chance to work with them,many people can't stand her and it's very clear why.

No. 510234

she's giving me female Tyler.

No. 510235

Potato, pls.

No. 510236

CHELJI + TYLER ohmygoshhhh

No. 510237

cmon, it's destiny. two lost souls roaming LA.

No. 510239

WHomst thou fook is Destiny?

No. 510261

It's getting to the point where I'm actually feeling bad for Chelji?? She seems like, really lost and it's clear that she is adrift in LA doing absolutely nothing. She's not even hanging out with anyone let alone having meetings with labels or producers or other musicians. She's super young so there might be hope for her if she drops the inflated sense of entitlement and gains some introspection, starting with just how far out of her lane she was with Peep's family after his death.

No. 510267

I don't she dug herself into this mess starting with forcing herself into "solving" peep's death acting like they were soulmates and being a dick to his grieving family. she what she was doing come out here and she knew how much money she had she's just an idiot

No. 510282

I’ve been watching Layla for the same amount of time, and since last year started going to parties too and I’m also amazed she still has the opportunities she has because like, she’s really got the worst personality and I know she’s burnt a lot of bridges. She’s been a social climber forever so it makes sense I guess she’s got somethings going for her but the way she was able to land all these things in a different country is kind of amazing just because of how improbable they would have sounded if anyone told me this is what she was going to be doing & how she was going to be acting a year ago. People do change tho and if anything’s gonna make someone get it together it’s going to be a sudden drug related death.

No. 510288

yes it just reeks of bitter ex friends or chelji

No. 510341

File: 1519192719140.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1855, 20180220_235711.png)

Been a lurker here but never posted, hope I'm doing this right. Really fucking disappointed that this bitch has ruined my favorite tattoo shop. Won't ever be able to go back to High Seas without this image in my head.

No. 510350

Feeling fucking blessed for these real af angles. Forgive your tattoo shop cause they exposed that bulbous nose and sevenhead. Surprised she didn’t ask the shop to edit it for her, don’t they know who she is?

Also surprised she didn’t get an anarchy sign.

No. 510367

Holy shit her nose so big it almost went thru my phoen screen wtf
Shit I need her editing app

No. 510368

File: 1519195240028.png (2.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4665.PNG)

I don't know how she can really get more pathetic…this is literally a massive train wreck. I still can't comprehend how someone like this even has followers

No. 510370


do you ever pretend your song is playing on the radio?

No. 510382

I love how potato posts pics from a dingy hotel room in DTLA then follows them up 6-7 hrs later with snaps from Hotel Bel Air.

Like does she honestly think anyone believes she's staying there? Why does she hang out there every day? Just so she can tag it and pretend to be staying there?

God what a trainwreck.

Potato - some of us actually live in LA and you're fooling no one. Also, no one ever hangs out at Hotel Bel Air. like ppl def hang at nice hotels but that one? No. Only people there are wealthy Persian families and grandmas. And high end hookers - which potatoe wishes she was.

At least google LA before visiting and pretend-stay at a trendy place. Hell my mom is visiting next week and staying at a trendier hotel lol.

No. 510392

maybe her next face tattoo can be a lower hairline, that thing is running away from the rest of the shit she’s permanently put there.

No. 510407

File: 1519199524332.jpeg (480.04 KB, 1125x1082, ACD55402-6E4C-47D1-BAA4-3D78FF…)

Just gonna leave this here so we can all refer to it when 300 decides to give Paris a real manager

No. 510414

No, you goose. destiny = fate. It's Chel and Tyler's fate to come together; they'll be the true Sid and Nancy.

No. 510437

Potato can only hope depressed dirty Grosso might finally answer the 300 DM's she's sent him. I really hope he doesnt sink that low, she's not even remotely attractive and you know she would milk the shit out of him and his associations.

No. 510454

She's the one who went to la with literally no plan. She could easily go back to England and try to do something meaningful with her life but instead she would rather try to squeeze every drop of clout from her association with peep. There's nothing to feel bad about, she's the one who put herself in this situation and she could easily put a stop to it.

No. 510462

I feel like she's heard the Peep narrative that he came to L.A to make it big so she's gonna do it aa well BUT:
It took Peep two attempts to make it there. He already had years worth of material. He had connections. He already knew Bexey and Smokeasac from gaming and in Dylan's case, buying beats ( note to Chelji BUYING, so not expecting to get other people's work for free…) plus he wasn't alone, Emma came with him the first time and then Brennan.
He made it look easy but any normal thinking person knows it's not.
Burning her bridges with most of Peep's clique hasn't helped either.

No. 510487

File: 1519211329080.png (838.94 KB, 800x1168, C9.png)

These look ugly ad why is she showing them off

No. 510490

File: 1519211358015.png (582.08 KB, 800x1138, Y6.png)

No. 510497

If by 'fire' she means 'flammable' because it was made with white-out, then YES

No. 510507

Can someone please explain the nickname pepper ann??

No. 510512

File: 1519214944056.jpg (6.62 KB, 191x264, PA.jpg)

late 90's cartoon basically about a try hard

No. 510517

File: 1519216051568.png (970.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-20-23-59-36…)


No. 510519

Isnt anyone seeing that tyler looks like a female? He looks like a tired soccer mom. So the nick pepper ann is accurate in more then one way.

No. 510547

File: 1519220261963.jpg (46.04 KB, 634x757, unnamed.jpg)

What a sloppy bastard

No. 510565

File: 1519222325445.png (32.14 KB, 640x344, IMG_3537.PNG)

lol ok tyler

No. 510579

Post seems like a really chill guy and has taken a lot of lesser known people on tour etc with him, I doubt tyler had any difficult negotiations to deal with lol

No. 510624

How many shows do we think Paris will actually open for Post with his what, 2 songs total, before these two dipshits fuck this up?

No. 510638

He recorded his entire album and shot a music video for his first single in THREE DAYS. I bet he won’t even remember all the words to his songs. If this isn’t a record label just trying to shit out content for a quick buck I dunno what is.
But anyways, I bet they fuck it up before the first half is over.

No. 510643

File: 1519229033614.jpeg (252.4 KB, 750x1018, 2934DE07-9E8A-4E2B-9F8A-1D2121…)

Omg is that Chelji and Paris

No. 510649

He is ugly as sin and looks like hungarian gypsy trash

No. 510654

File: 1519229879070.jpeg (111.94 KB, 720x540, 134E41B9-8BE2-469E-953B-0F88EF…)

I KNEW he looked familiar. Pretty sure he’s just nephrite from sailor moon.

No. 510659

as much as i hate all these jerks, paris is hot

No. 510685

I have to unfortunately agree. I don't know anything about his music but he's hot to me.
this girl is just the girl in paris' music video

No. 510692

Dude looks like a woman.

No. 510744

Yeah, since when is it a point of pride to make a record in 2 days? Or like Tyler just tweeted, 40 songs in a day? Like, what about the idea of taking your time and doing something thoughtfully? I think Kendrick re-recorded Good Kid MAAD City like five times to get it right. These dudes are an embarrassment.

No. 510746

He’s a wannabe vampire lmao but he has pretty eyes. There’s a video of Layla on his profile and I’m surprised she let him show her big nose with any shop lol

No. 510747


No. 510768

No hand tats,Not chelskank

No. 510769

he reminds me of bella thorne’s boyfriend, only slightly younger and with a couple more showers per month. pass.

No. 510784

So about that video…

What exactly are they doing here? Cause like… no one smokes weed from that kind of pipe unless you’re seriously desperate.

Video is on @prodbyparis ig. It’s his first post

No. 510786

I was wondering that too, because……>>509194

No. 510791

The constant “we” is so pathetic. He’s not the performer or the artist, so what does the we fucking mean. Hates when people mooch off his money yet

No. 510795

What did I miss? In what way was he appearing salty?

No. 510816

She really is in an uber making some poor uber driver listen to her own "music" how incredibly awkward.

No. 510839

He's like a long lost Franco brother

No. 510970

hell go from saying his friends just use him for money and clout and how he got his friends where they are etc

to them using the term "we" when talking about his friends success ie paris, paris wrote the songs and grosso didnt create the music video so when he uses the term WE, why does he include himself in everything his friends do as if he had a huge part of any part at all

No. 510971

then not them**

No. 511006

File: 1519257016310.jpeg (103.46 KB, 574x882, A79E06E6-F25D-407E-901A-97811F…)

Potato decided to model some merch in a thong for xRawska, a family member of Coldhart (whos in GBC). Straight up reaching for the attention of anyone from GBC. To make matters worse, im pretty sure he’s underage.

No. 511009

Ewww can we please talk about the quality of that shirt lmfaoo why is the “art” so shiny!? It looks like a sticker

No. 511033

File: 1519259841497.png (1.09 MB, 760x1211, Chelji.png)

She's also been complaining about haters

I'm pretty sure they hung out and he made/upcycled some ugly shoes for her.

No. 511042

i named him pepper ann because he looks like pepper ann in a kurt cobain cosplay

literally the same face

No. 511050

i mean it's not recent and mackned used chelsi to talk shit on peep. no one will be nice until she owns up to her mistakes.

she also has nothing to contribute artistically, she's another LA culture vulture who is now just taking her clothes off so it contributes to the stereotype of women needing to use their bodies to get anywhere. if she had a talent or was a talented model it could be a part of her expression but she literally has no expression, vision, perspective, etc. and provides no challenge to her viewers.

the real problem is i don't even think she's getting hate she's probably getting a lot of concerned people telling her not to waste her money in LA like an aimless moth to a flame. the idea of just showing up to a place and "making it" is a myth peddled by narcissists not wanting to admit how fucking hard they hustled and all the smoke and mirrors they used to make it look easy/desirable.

I don't even know what healthy advice would be to her at this point in her life because she has no life skills at all and burned a ton of bridges all to be someone's puppet who dropped her. if she was smart she'd return to england and learned a trade that allowed her to be a part of the industry she's psychotically obsessed with while hopefully making some solid female friends that keep her in check. we all know this won't happen but realistically this is the best possible solution imo. and publicly apologize to gma peep because that shit is fucking disgusting.

No. 511069

Lol her arm legit looks just like pepper ann's. How embarrassing. Chelji, put your fucking clothes on.

No. 511094

I’ve been wondering what Chelsea resorted to in order to get her last minute plane ticket to LA. The first thing I thought of was nudes/private snapchat, etc. I felt like an asshole for assuming that but now… it really could be possible

No. 511109

File: 1519267343498.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, 219E37D5-520B-47B3-9082-19FCCB…)

maybe no ones liking your pix smelji

No. 511117

Every time she posts a photo she goes to her story and asks people to comment on it. Lil concerned with that like/comment ratio….

No. 511124

Yes chelji, keep telling yourself that the mega social media platform that is instagram is glitching and not registering your likes if it helps you cope with the fact no one is liking your shitty fucking photos. Or maybe this is a pathetic attempt to earn more from her thirteen year old naive fans.
Bitch irriates me to no end. Always making excuses for why she sucks endlessly.

No. 511130

Wait is she really already leaving LA hahahaha

No. 511131

File: 1519269431899.png (52.81 KB, 530x211, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 9.15…)

Layla update. Does anyone have details abut this freezer situation? Sounds fucked up

*I've read through the previous threads but only been following her for ~6 months. Sorry if this has been discussed.

No. 511178

Somewhere that she worked was robbed and they locked her in the freezer.

No. 511194

She cropped her face out………… yikes.

No. 511248

I know he’s not technically coldys responsibility but I do hope when he gets back from philly later he like gives rawska a talking to, mingling w that kind of person is so not ok, especially after everyone else has denounced her.

No. 511324

Okay stfu about chelji okay this is supposed to be about layla i dont wanna see shit about that dumb bitch

No. 511325

Layla talked about being locked in a freezer on this lil interview she did thats on youtube

No. 511330

>broke my ankle with no health insurance
…layla stop. everyone knows your family is rich, so its not like youd have any problems paying for healthcare. stay in your lane

No. 511331

Read the title of the thread, it's not just for talking about Layla

No. 511333

This isnt just a layla thread, its a soundcloud General and since chelji is trying to do the whole sounclout thing its fair gsm to talk about her here. Layla hasn't been doing much and chelji is being more lulzy anyway.

No. 511342

> TOO POO(R)/ Layla Shapiro #6/ SoundClout General

saged for your inability to read more than 30 characters.

No. 511356

“As long as they are relevant in the underground scene”

But c’mon
Crimson chin isn’t even relevant in life though, we all agree on that here

No. 511366

Every time someone says not to talk about her we all say stfu and talk about her. Nice try tho

No. 511383

I feel like deep down tyler is jealous that paris got signed and is going on tour.He keeps having to make it known that he got paris the tour and that "we're" going on tour. But yet paris doesnt even shout him out on insta. On his one post with the flyer he didnt even tag tyler lmao is so obvious tylet is desprerate to stay relevent.

No. 511446

Yeah, Tyler has nothing going on of his own - his clothing brand is a joke. People complaining all the time about not getting their orders, etc., and the designs are tacky as hell. He's the ultimate clout climber. For some reason he thinks that being Yam's errand boy means he is forever cool/legitimate but really he's just a leech.

No. 511454

That’s what I was trying to say when he inserts himself into the “we” when he’s not a part of anything but really a tag along with cash

No. 511456

She’s talked about how she was only rich growing up because her dad or stepdad was a fraud and signed fake checks. Once that stop she had no money and survived on her own

No. 511480

Layla posted a video of Luke complimenting her and he's saying "she's vibrant, she's creative" like actual compliments about her character. SO much better than tyler being like "you have nice eyelashes and hair" in that junkie ass whining wigger voice.

Seeing this dude actually try to build her self esteem up and not diminish and control her is honestly cute af not even gonna lie.

No. 511498

not to mention all the times she had to beg tyler to say i love you on sc or for a compliment and hed grab her by the throat "playfully" or pull on her sweater straps to pull her close aggressively

and luke saying "the song i was singing is laylas go show her some support and tell her how great it is" thats what she needs

No. 511508

Ew I remember the exact video you’re talking about. She looked so…. broken. His abuse was so obvious to strangers on the internet. It makes you wonder how bad it really was.
Looking back at their relationship is fucking depressing. Remember when he shot the “ads” for his shoes and she ran away? He claimed she stole all his designer and called goons on him.. but I think he was trying to pressure her into a shot or just straight up degraded her appearance.. so she ran. Speaking from experience, literally running away is a common reaction to abuse. You just feel helpless and don’t know what else to do. But of course he made her the villain in that situation.
I’m just glad that this time, she ran across the Atlantic to get away from him.
I don’t know how healthy it is to start another relationship right away but Tyler and Luke are polar opposites. At least she’s with someone who’s a positive influence and won’t bring her down.

No. 511510

By the way, did anyone see Tyler's superradical "chain" that he's all stoked about "dropping?" It's so tiny and dainty, it looks like a necklace you'd give to a little girl for their first communion… lol.

No. 511540

ok buuut Paris wouldnt even have those connections or be signed to a label without Tyler so obviously Tyler is gonna claim what he made

No. 511541

Luke is literally a 180 from Tyler it's truly amazing. He seems like a real genuine guy who actually cares about her and isn't a womanizer or abuser in any way. It's truly amazing to see her basically do everything this board hoped for and suggested. I'm curious as to what exactly led her to leave to London but without a doubt her best decision ever. I hope she doesn't mess this up because this guy is cute, kind funny and seems like he has his shit together and isn't an addict. Honestly she's exceeded all possible expectations for how she would bounce back from the past few months

No. 511583

i'm gonna be that guy and say Luke isn't cute, he looks like a busted old dried up dad in designer clothes, but he seems like a very sweet dude. it def ain't healthy that layla couldn't be single and discover herself, she had to jump into the first guy's arms who'd tell her she's creative and buy her Gucci.

also wtf is that about Layla calling herself a creative genius on Instagram. GIRL. WHERE.

No. 511636

Laylas saying she got held at gunpoint 3 times and she has ptsd is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. She has multiple pics with a gun in her mouth and also sucking off a toy gun in that stupid music video with Corey. I can't stand her shit anymore, its so fake and fabricated. She's saying she lives in fear and is basically making this school shooting about herself (go figure)

No. 511649

ok but if this was true why is this label trying to get Paris a new manager? if it was all Tyler and he was so tight with label wouldn't they want to keep him?

No. 511745

this isnt layla, this is me, if anyone wants the login lol

No. 511832

yeah that ptsd shit isn't cool at all, not trying to blogpost at all but i have it and the other people i know who have it take it fucking seriously and are in treatment and will be our whole lives. it's not something you can really live with, only hide if it relapses and try your best when you have to manage it.

mentioning this only because you wouldn't pose with a fucking gun if your legitimate trigger was being held at gunpoint. working through your trauma in artistic expression is one thing, but she doesn't bring up ptsd unless it's to make herself relevant. it's not cute and it fucks up your life. she would be posting about treatment so much more in between trying to use it for clout.

No. 511839

i just realized that holy fuck. layla, sit your ass the hell down talking about ptsd. even if that was the case, nobody asked. this is about a school shooting, not your flat ass

No. 511877

The “gun” everyone is screaming about was a prop. A hot pink fake gun. And Layla knew it was a prop. That doesn’t completely disregard whatever experiences she has with people and real weapons, because you have not been around for every day of her life, she’s been involved with enough shitty people/LA scum to have enemies and people trying to jump her. especially when she was younger and coming up. Layla’s not as tough or “bad” as she acts

No. 511893

File: 1519346616309.jpg (176.57 KB, 1425x1624, IMG_20180222_164308.jpg)

There's also

No. 511914

she has an incredibly wide face.

prop or not, this is trashy and if you're a real victim of this kind of shit (3 times is a lot, like, enough to be suspicious about, tbh), i doubt you'd do this, esp when as a rich once upper middle class girl, people probably wouldnt believe you, why would you further cut at your ability to be believed and sympathized with? seems sketch. i'm glad layla is doing better but i still think ultimately, she's all about the attention and will lie for it.

No. 512047

Y'all ever think maybe one or two of the other times she was held at gunpoint were more recent? Either way we are speculating on how someon deals with trauma. I bet you grosso held a gun up to her head tho, wouldn't put it past him

No. 512074

Look at the way she "handles" trauma, she literally just blasts a pic of her gross ass smoking a cigarette on social media with some boohoo feel bad for me sob story, so yeah we are speculating the way she handles stuff, because she doesn't actually handle anything at all in A positive way. Annoyed so many people are so pleased with her new attitude, she's gonna drop it any day now.

No. 512088

oh tite a suicide joke. fuck you bitch

no one is screaming, we're bring up valid points. literally every girl in the fucking city has dealt with some 'serious shit' likely involving guns, she has an opportunity to address that but not to claim PTSD when she has no fucking medical history of it or any history of specifically seeking help for it. ptsd doesn't just magically go away when it's not cute, fuck off.

No. 512096

fucking thank you, this. if it was real she would get real help, not whine about it on social media when it suits her/the trending news report.

i wouldn't either but if he did she needs to address that to keep other girls in LA safe. like i said, if you're going to claim PTSD do it in a way that's product and believable. we're pointing out that she's never publicly gotten help, only publicly complained about something she is definitely not diagnosed with. ptsd has one of the highest mortality rates because of suicide, it's hard enough without people like layla and her 300k followers misunderstanding what's going on.

No. 512128

Ok imma need receipts for the label already looking for a new manager. I mean I figured it’d happen but I didn’t expect it this soon

No. 512263

File: 1519365035420.jpeg (53.79 KB, 1040x471, 2079B696-7FCA-46C4-B476-212880…)

Is he canceled with Paris? Is he whining about Layla/Luke?

No. 512271

just read up this thread? no one is here to spoon feed you info please read the thread before you post Tyler wrote about it on twitter himself…..

No. 512341

File: 1519373162106.jpeg (94.38 KB, 750x1020, 6C241997-9DC1-4DF1-805B-40D527…)

Kinda old but I was creeping Pepper and smelly ass Tracy left this on his pic of Paris in front of the 300 sign

No. 512358

What Tracy do to be smelly (besides the theft years ago) and this is a good catch, I didn’t know Tracy cared about ty at all, I wonder what he did to make Tracy hate him.

No. 512444

I have read up the thread and there is literally absolutely nothing about this other than speculation but thanks.

If you’re talking about this
I’m the anon that posted this and i was speculating. Stellar reading comprehension though anon. No one has come out and said his is actually what’s happening. Stop acting like shit is facts when it’s not. That’s why I asked for receipts.

No. 512487

Lol you told me to read my own post.
Jesus anon. I’m not gonna explain it to you, obviously a lost cause.

No. 512489

alright alright I'm wrong about that ok but you're still retarded for needing further validation.(derailing)

No. 512493

None of the caps say anything about the label looking for a new manager. Just that they’re trying to “pull them apart” and they’re “holding the same Gucci belt”. Don’t try to tell me you know wtf that belt shit means, because then you’re just as slow as pepper.
And no you dense fuck, I don’t expect the label to say anything about Tyler grosso because he’s meaningless to them. But a spergy tweet from Pepper saying that is in fact what they’re doing would be a receipt.
I’m so sick of people In this thread hyper analyzing every tweet/live/snap and pretending they got the gospel. Part of this board is backing your shit up with fact. Sorry for calling you out on not knowing how to read.

No. 512518

I’m pretty sure Tracy doesn’t like Tyler because of what he did to Peep before he died.

No. 512526

File: 1519402185443.jpeg (427.56 KB, 1125x1513, 408F9499-4D9E-4CE0-86BD-DA0D1B…)

Rawska our here being a big dumb idiot

No. 512529

File: 1519402430741.png (4.97 MB, 1125x2436, 3488EE37-A534-446D-A3C6-9EA364…)

Everyone’s out celebrating Paris album. Tyler is curiously not there and Aubrie-Elle wins worst friend of the century for hanging around Tyler and using his melrose suicide stunt for clout. (She was sitting in the car that Tyler was throwing clothes out of) She’s so fucking annoying and is a total try hard. Her voice is like nails on a chalk board I wish she’d shut up forever.

No. 512530

File: 1519402498643.jpeg (356.17 KB, 1125x1529, C25980EB-E5F1-45BC-83BD-F6E8AE…)

Last but not least of my pic posts is this classy gem posted by Paris. I hate these nerds.

No. 512555

Celebrating with cans of Bud Light.

If that doesn't sum up the entire existence of these dipshits…

No. 512569

I really think Tracy has no room to talk, and how peep stans still fuck with Tracy is beyond me.

Tracy wasn’t talking to gus at the time of his death because he was a jealous butt hurt bitch. He couldn’t stand to be a sidekick to peep and cried about his ego all over this no jumper interview.


No. 512647

Tracy was constantly being told his music was shit and the only reason why he was famous was because of Peep. Many people reading this will probably agree with that statement, but Tracy has real fans who likes his music. After hearing that over and over, he started gravitating away from Peep because he wanted to make a name for himself and be known as Lil Tracy, and not just a feature on Peep’s songs. Even though they had a falling out before he died, Tracy still cared about him a lot and I’m sure Peeps death is hitting him extra hard because of that reason.

No. 512825

File: 1519421471761.jpeg (26.71 KB, 750x384, 1516580431239.jpeg)

Funny way of showing how much he cares.

Tracy is a shitty person that clearly cannot handle seeing any of his "friends" reach a higher level of success than he has.

No. 512835

File: 1519422294612.jpg (56.21 KB, 431x767, XfzfRiB.jpg)

tracy lost his fucking mind on peep and called out xxxtentacion, lil pump, and bighead because of insecurity and likely too much fucking coke thinking these beefs would blow his name up. this was peep's closest friend/brother and it probably really hurt him considering he was otherwise surrounded by the fakest people ever. he was probably mad he lost his plaything layla but he was probably the most hurt over losing tracy and possibly hurt over whatever friendship he had with tyler. tyler is a doughy clout hoe so i know their friendship wasn't real, but tracy and peep went waaaaay back.

No. 512838

File: 1519422465201.png (72.41 KB, 590x295, VRcAnoD.png)

there's more but these are the most relevant