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File: 1528428581278.jpg (31.23 KB, 246x275, 1528416602921.jpg)

No. 604869

Prev threads:

Dearly Beloved,
We are gathered here today to declare that Layla Shapiro aka TOOPOOR has graduated suma CUMlaude from lolcow shitversity. This thread will still follow Layla, but she's seemingly moved on from her typical histrionic antics. She's become sober and relatively stable, thus less milky.
Since fleeing the country from her toxic dumpster fire relationship in LA, she has passed her Cow title on to her ex Tyler Pepper Ann Gross(o).
May this thread be his penance for being an abusive fuck.

The thread is still open to the general soundclout scene.

New milk(sorry if I forgot anything big):

Pepper&Paris were seemingly booted from the beerbongs and bentleys tour. The reason is unknown. It's speculated to be related to his crew begging for drugs via the internet at each stop. A fellow anon reached out to peppers "assistant" and offered to provide a plug ine xchange for entry to the show, as promised. The expose confirmed their drugs of choice (redneck-esque pills) and that they are, in fact, cheap, ignorant, and egotistical.
Tyler seems to have been dumped by his instathot/richgirl fling @gtshields. She's been noticeably absent from social media following their breakup.

Layla is now back in London after a brief stint in LA. She's working on an album with her neighbor/producer @whynotcordell and trying to make new friends. She's said she no longer wants to permanently move to the UK.

During her time in LA, she brought her London boyfriend, Luke Storey, along. They broke up a week after arriving. Layla claims Luke "ran away" Luke claims Layla is "crazy", but he also was struggling to stay sober in LA.

Tyler Grosso continues to make an idiot of himself on social media, desperate for validation. he's had several "mental breakdowns" on his social media accounts and gloats of his drug abuse and overdoses.
Grosso/Pepper showed up three threads back to answer some questions, confirmed it was him on his Twitter. While in the thread, he confirmed his shitty behavior (i.e. treating Layla like shit and refusing to let her mourn peeps death). Layla has also repeatedly confirmed that Pepper was emotionally and mentally abusive and claims he is the reason she left the US. He continues to show warning signs of grooming in his current fling. It is confirmed that he still lurks here and publicly spurges about lolcows opinion of him.

Still releasing clipart t-shirts.

Grosso wrecked his porsche like a week after buying it and proceeded to take aesthetic pics of the crash. (never forget)

Old milk overview: "goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA. Has begun to get more serious gigs since going to London and starting a music career. She's begun to release SoundCloud mixes and has been seen recording with others in the LA scene

Used to be a club kid, doesn't go to parties anymore unless she's hosting or dj'ing. Is now sober/preaching a healthy lifestyle.

Friendships still have a shelf life of 2-3 months

On November 15th, the crown prince of SoundCloud and Layla's on/off boyfriend, Lil peep passed away suddenly

Layla and Tyler grosso, superrradical owner, broke up immediately after this. Only to get back together a few days later.

Layla later accused Tyler of blackmailing and abusing her.

Tyler was seen constantly making then retracting cheating allegations, potentially had Layla's account hacked after the abuse allegations. Allegedly also attempting to copyright “toopoor” he had begun to display classic abuse behaviors

4 days after peeps death his girlfriend of a month Arzaylea announced a unauthorized pop up shop selling anti-xanax branded hoodies

This was universally unpopular, with peeps friends immediately taking to social media to slam her

Peeps family had to intervene to stop Arzaylea's incessant branding attempts and other scammers

Hotelshrimp one of Layla's pseudo friends started dating Layla's old ex Corey 2 weeks after peeps passing and has since been a TooPoor skinwalker.

Before his death peep was bitter and been seen lurking grossos shit, liking/encouraging shady comments by other people in the scene, urging fans to burn their merch collabs and posting old pics of him with layla with sad captions

Her entire brand had pivoted to an attempt at a courtney/kurt of the soundclout world.
Most of her content was centered around tyler, their coupling, spending his money, and being a self styled brat

She has now moved to London, and begun seeing model luke storey

She has broken up with tyler and severed all business ties

Her new branding is wholesome, healthy, and metal health woke, the validity of this is debatable

Shortly after her move she along with tyler were accused of setting a girl they partied with up for rape, the results of this accusation are yet to be seen

All of SoundClout is still mourning or using peeps death to further an agenda

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face along with vague brand collaborations


The "SoundClout" umbrella encompasses: rappers, producers, managers/promoters/bookers/suits, designers, photographers, videographers, "fashion kids", models, and other miscellaneous factors such as the No Jumper/On Some Shit crew

As long as they are relevant in the underground scene and have milk they may now be discussed alongside layla.

When posting new faces please include a short rundown of who they are/why they're relevant and the milk. Don't assume people will know who you are talking about, remember cringe fans are not factors,don't post nobodies.

Conversely if you’re new to the thread don’t expect to be spoon fed, read the old threads, get familiar with the basics of the scene. If you are familiar with the scene but new to imageboards please read the rules.


No. 604876

File: 1528430018553.jpg (107.58 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20180607-235214-2.j…)

No. 604878

he was just bitching about people with face tats and how gross they are

ugh he's just as annoying as grosso

No. 604880

Just came here to appreciate the art. Caps off to the anon who crafted it, and to whoever carried the thread over with that nice little valedictorian intro.

No. 604882

File: 1528431132972.jpeg (376.56 KB, 1920x1920, PSFix_20180608_001132.jpeg)

found this super old grosso milk accidentally while trying to find one of his old tweets. Sorry if this has been posted in a past thread but surprise, surprise seems to have a past as a scammer lol

i blurred out a phone number that wasn't blurred out in the original post

note that even in 2015
>Kid always had a huge identity crisis going on.

No. 604888

File: 1528431956285.jpg (1.59 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180608_002254682.j…)

oh wait this is a lot more recent

No. 604891

was this today? if so he deleted..

No. 604904

Sometimes I feel like Layla herself started and continues these threads

No. 604918

File: 1528435662894.png (7.98 MB, 1242x2208, 0DB14ECA-C41E-4217-B55E-025D14…)

It seems as if he saw my criticism on his lookbook because he actually put a filter on the next two pictures for the drop he posted after that lol

No. 604919

File: 1528435687978.png (7.61 MB, 1242x2208, 87E80029-403A-42BA-A1CD-9843D2…)

No. 604920

File: 1528435691531.jpeg (73.79 KB, 1125x555, 920F36BB-AF86-4E33-83B1-670630…)

No. 604929

File: 1528436740926.jpg (601.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180608-011609.jpg)

here's the full desperation series

No. 604930

>what lifelong mistake would my current rebound mistake want me to make

No. 604933

Have you guys read the Anna Delvey story?


I wouldn’t put it past him to (attempt) to pull off something similar. I’ve always wondered how he got that much money off his clip art tees. Especially now that he says he’s giving superr up. He’s probably scammed his way into the Porsche’s and clashing logo designer. >>604882

No. 604951

on her live earlier she showed her computer and one of the tabs pulled up was her lolcow thread

No. 604979

Well then she should be pleased to see that she has graduated and that Tyler has taken this thread to the next level

No. 604994

Thanks OP.
>Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies and pillows…
Reminder this just got closed >>603919

No. 605020

Does anyone else get the feeling that PepperAnn just does things to try to impress us since we’re the only people talking about him really?

No. 605022

Beautiful thread intro, thank you anon. Glad it’s finally soundclout general.
Lmao it’s probably killing beans that she wasn’t even good enough to be mentioned.
Let this be the only mention of her in the entire thread (I can dream)

No. 605054

Can’t we make that a rule for this thread or something? I mean, only times she’s ever mentioned is when she’s probably self-posting and nobody even cares about her.

No. 605069

i suggested in the last thread that the mods exile her altogether from the site, both as a topic and of course as a poster. maybe if multiple anons suggest it, the dream will become reality

No. 605088

i don't think she's even relevant enough for that. just ignore her posts. she's usually blatantly obvious anyway lol although i will be interested to see her bomb her the voice audition

No. 605113

File: 1528467244671.jpeg (788.02 KB, 750x1105, 3839B481-3A79-4CAC-9AFD-94A43F…)

from paris’s Finsta

No. 605122

Damn, get out before the clout gets to you, Paris! I will say I was skeptical that he was actually a firefighter lol but I guess this is solid proof

No. 605123

He was a lumber jack??? Is this a joke

No. 605127


wow this is sad. go back to carrying logs then, ya turd.

No. 605131

what stood out the most to me was “everyone just wants to get paid or laid” and “i want to stop drinking” cause of anon speculation about the amount of drinking Post does on the last thread. obviously that’s not unique to Post and we all know Pepper Ann isn’t the picture of sobriety or health

No. 605146

lmao this dude is such a normie
the whole crew has the weirdest fucking social media habits

No. 605160

normie is accurate as fuck. hope he gets some face tattoos he instantly regrets

No. 605161

nah I think he was a volunteer firefighter or some shit

No. 605166

am i the only one who doesn't hate paris on here? it's better to be a "normie" than to be a self absorbed junkie like tyler is imo..

No. 605170

Yeah he seems alright tbh, just a shame that he's associated with grosso

No. 605172

either way he's really cringey

No. 605174

>>605166 He was on IG live last night on his Finista account. It was a really bad connection while he was "so drunk" at dinner. I could only watch a few minutes before it annoyed the f out of me and turned it off. He flashed some cash in that time and talked about food and his lack of sobriety. He's probably hung over and posting his healthy photos this morning. The whole "fight" with Post seems like a publicity stunt to me.

No. 605229

File: 1528475903058.jpg (146.84 KB, 750x1334, booooobs.jpg)

>>605174 I guess his IG has gone private…

No. 605243

Lol at how one of them is grabbing his tit back

No. 605244

billy badass over here

No. 605247

tyler doesn’t follow him

No. 605250

File: 1528478173986.webm (6.68 MB, 640x360, no-more-face-tats.webm)

When is posts management going to step in like lil xans did and tell him no more face tats?!

No. 605262

Paris chooses to associate with Pepper Ann. He's worthy of hate for that

No. 605265

File: 1528479285254.webm (9.58 MB, 190x360, paris-toopoor-aubrie.webm)

Paris knew about peep before making his album. He's such a liar. He's in this insta-live with toopoor handing out shit with peeps music playing.

No. 605277

I mean, I want to like Paris - but I think I’d like him more if he cut Grosso from his life. Obviously, he used his connections to get where he is - does he really need Grosso? LOL

No. 605333

File: 1528483626830.webm (3.42 MB, 640x360, pool-table.webm)

He can't fully cut him out. Just like layla can't fully cut him out. He's part of there networking connections and friend group.

No. 605334

ew, such a typical normie. Nothing worse than a guy thinking this is how you're supposed to act to be 'cool.'

No. 605335

File: 1528483722392.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

>extreme cringe

No. 605339

it's just like such a badass rockstar lifestyle move to tear up the felt on a pool table, you know?

No. 605344

File: 1528484197264.webm (2.22 MB, 640x360, millionaire.webm)

No. 605345

>Everyone around me feels fake
>Everyone just cares about getting laid or paid

>Posts this

Okay, Paris…

No. 605346

>>605344 Are these recent? And where are they being posted?

No. 605348

>>604929 Has Gtshields posted anything recently?

No. 605352

not that i've seen
did notice these tweets got deleted tho kek

No. 605367

Pasis highkey trying to get that sensitive sad boy clout

but then he posts this shit

he's transparent as fuck idk I used to be kind of indifferent to him but he's actually annoying as shit

No. 605397

Paris is SO cringe. The first time I saw him was on a live with Aubree-whoever and he walked into a gas station and stole champagne and literally just ran out of the store with it screaming the entire time….
Side note it was like 8am and they were already shit faced.
Like you said, anon, I watched a couple minutes and he was SO annoying I turned it off.
He seems like such a poser considering all old pics he’s dressed normal, not wearing eyeliner & nailpolish? He is trying so hard..I’m confused you guys think he’s not 100% full of it

No. 605499

Grosso is his manager. Thats how Paris got started

No. 605509

File: 1528495116097.jpeg (139.38 KB, 1125x1172, 26A0178E-FDEE-4405-A183-8EE299…)

Pints being syrup

No. 605516

Why can’t he just be proud of his friend without having to point out his own name in one of his lyrics. Typical Pepper. This guy is a living meme.

No. 605520

File: 1528496377864.jpeg (289.04 KB, 749x1161, image2.jpeg)


No. 605526


anons in last thread were speculating about their ties too…spot on as always

No. 605530

File: 1528497246851.jpeg (69.53 KB, 750x378, BABB0704-CFBB-482D-80DE-CD2839…)

Look who’s making a fool of herself yet again lmao

No. 605532

File: 1528497431377.jpeg (277.87 KB, 750x1168, A1809A8D-E3DA-4391-950F-890694…)

This is the full thread. It seems like she is implying that she was pregnant with Paris’ baby and got an abortion.

No. 605534

this seems like a joke…i highly doubt they would be that brazen to discuss something like that in the comments in double speak.

No. 605535

no chelji…please… i'm begging

No. 605545

>>605526 They seemed kinda serious. Spent last Thanksgiving together with his family and his sister really loved Aubrie.

No. 605546

Wow peppers thread starting as it should: a complete shitshow

No. 605547

Its true ;)(emoji use)

No. 605550

proof? and sage your winky face anon

No. 605551

omg she's a mess…
watch her try to get in front of the cameras and get some kind of sob story going

No. 605579

>>605545 where is this info at?

No. 605726

Do not post photos of children or family not involved in drama.

No. 605746

File: 1528522010563.jpeg (270.61 KB, 750x803, 3369BAC9-C51A-4833-916E-AFD25B…)

No. 605747

File: 1528522031547.jpeg (142.27 KB, 750x436, CB676F5E-B3A7-46E6-86F2-DC6973…)

No. 605749

File: 1528522482903.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, C0516450-368F-4936-8552-478F97…)

Can we please talk about how hotelshrimp just posted 100 pics of herself smoking in the shower?

No. 605758

I saw that too lmao wonder if she’s on something in these pics or not

No. 605761

He's lame for subtweeting his gratitude for Post. Post is new yams for him. Just text or call your friend like a normal person, grosso. Or at least @ him

No. 605765

File: 1528524383411.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, CB598E27-98FB-4D4E-8F79-201767…)

Why is Aubree in the park dressing up like toopoor?

No. 605785

> nothing like a pal helping you sell some tshirts when you’re feeling glum about all those embarrassing choices you’re consciously making. thanks friend.

> so stoked I liked you before everyone else did, had to slip that little tidbit in there so everyone knows how hip I am.

his constant need to one-up and prove himself even when he’s attempting genuine human emotion reads as forever desperate.

No. 605786


bitch gonna be posing with packs of camel crush in a minute. at least she did the shower and didn’t totally rip Layla off with the bath chainsmoking.

No. 605828

File: 1528538257682.jpeg (229.71 KB, 750x1073, 54E4C50C-7E16-4943-93E1-F09CB0…)

who is she? does anyone know if they were a thing? she just posted it

No. 605839

has been discussed in last thread

No. 605848

just a stylist/street style model/whatever, her and peep weren't intimate or anything, it was just a photo for fashion week. now can we stop discussing this

No. 605887

File: 1528548835651.jpg (4.97 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180609_085343376.j…)

lmao @ him implying he's not still going through some type of breakdown

No. 605893

He has the attitude of a spoiled 13 year old brat. “Boo I’m sad I’m going to buy myself stuff to make myself happy” + bragging about it makes it even more stupid

No. 605894

i also like how in the ashtray pic you can tell he's been wearing those same lv pants for the last 3 days

No. 605933

She looks better with dark hair.

No. 605941

why haven't yous talked about fish narcs live that's now posted on youtube posted may 7th. milky and sad

No. 605953

this dude's voice is putting me into a comatose state

No. 605968

ugh I know it was rough you're welcome haha…idk what it was in response to if anything, but he talks extensively about Peep's death and drama surrounding it. Not a ton of new info other than it straight coming out of someone's mouth directly. Worthy of notes…he blames "structures of corporate capitalism" for everyone's drug use. And his lack of structural power to help with Peep's addiction.

Makned saved Gus' life on tour more than once. Only Mackned and Peep did the same substances (opiates prolly). Narc says that he didn't take the same drugs, but then says he also almost died taking the same shit.

He calls out both Mariah Bon's and Fat Nick for giving him 100 xanax and 50 oxys on his bday (without saying his name). Also comes at the tour management and management company.

He does think it was an accident and he also rightly says everyone's fighting over his legacy and GAS will come out but not in the form it was intended.

No. 605969

oh and my favorite… makned has PTSD from hood violence

No. 605970


Tyler, are you retarded? Save money for your future, or to improve your life with things like dental care. The well is going to dty up soon.

You're acting like a little kid who wants a new toy. It's pathetic.

No. 605973

He sounds like he has a gun to his head being forced to say that shit

No. 605975

Fish narc is way too smart to be trying to bullshit ppl in the way he is. Yeah. He didn't take the same drugs peep and mackned took, but he took it that night and almost overdosed?
If anything, this makes Mackned look more guilty.

No. 605979

File: 1528560690337.jpeg (219.21 KB, 750x1278, 56B41A03-7C64-42CD-B3F3-79BFC0…)

Cass is out here embarrassing herself again. Posting like twenty tweets within a minute in her usual coked out daze. The poor girl is really putting everything out there.

No. 605980

>>605941 I found that video really sad. One thing I've thought for a while is that if Arz was there, she would have noticed something was not right. I am NOT AT ALL a fan of hers, quite the opposite, but I think she would have saved his life if she was still on tour with him.

No. 605981

File: 1528560778343.jpeg (233.81 KB, 750x1284, 6085586F-ECE4-4D9F-91CF-0E9690…)

pt. 2
this is beyond embarrassing.

No. 605982

Yeah. Fucked up how the world works that the one person who would've freaked out and saved Gus (even if she sucks), had just left the same damn day.

No. 605984

what is she on lmao
why is everyone so milky already today

No. 605992

He looks like a Midwest suburban community college student who only goes to school so he can continue to live for free in his mom’s basement.

No. 605995

Mackned has an insta live up where he tries to say the exact same thing as Fishnarc. Just rambling and mumbling about how Peep is his best friend and how he's innocent. Jesus Christ it's so hard to understand him when he talks. He's either speeding his ass off or Is manic as fuck. He was wandering around Brooklyn by himself literally spinning around in circles

No. 606001

TP is having her hair dyed red, so far it looks awful what a dumb move she should have kept the black

No. 606013

File: 1528565352747.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, image1(5).png)

Dropped pic oops

No. 606043

File: 1528568008041.jpg (777.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180609-141346.jpg)

thank God that wasn't her final form

No. 606045

File: 1528568117227.png (86.27 KB, 1220x354, ummm.png)


No. 606048

That's foul.

No. 606051


Wtf is he talking about? Can anyone translate?

No. 606065

>>606051 I can attempt to…

Motherfuckers really try to fuck girls after they have done them in the bum… You guys are gross.

Is this in response to Cass? I don't think it was during the same time or maybe she was responding to him. Who knows.

Also, he deleted the boobie pic on his finista.

No. 606071

people who try to fuck girls, after you did, are behaving like bums. You are all gross, my guy.

No. 606100

idk, doesn't look TERRIBLE but the black definitely looked better.

No. 606139

He realized it clashed with his fake as fuck sadboi persona

Dudes clearly enjoying himself

He's just a normie former jock fuckboy playing dress up to get paid and laid his past pictures expose him

No. 606172

yeah this is what it means lol. definitely not about vaginal intercourse after anal, people

i liked her with both blonde hair and black but this just doesn't suit her

No. 606190

File: 1528578332554.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 41F32F0C-57E3-4A69-AEC7-2F5F68…)

this is in aubrie’s “house tour” highlights lol. bottles killed with Paris & various others. what a waste of fucking space lol that’s so much trash just sitting in her house, like it’s a college fraternity

No. 606200

>>606139 I've been saying this for a while. He's just a puppet being played. In his no jumper interview, he said he dressed different, but I think it's all a ruse. I can't see that jock guy dressing like the cure while being on the football team.

No. 606232

I was expecting vibrant red. Meh.. I could take it or leave it.

No. 606233

File: 1528582112283.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.25 KB, 750x693, 048B5A50-F76C-4CEE-BEE7-F1A480…)

No. 606237

File: 1528582207649.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 367.02 KB, 750x846, 97C66AEC-63D0-4139-A019-115AC6…)

No. 606270

File: 1528584715635.png (564.05 KB, 486x613, aubrie.PNG)

>>606237 Tbh all these girls are the same. They're all fake yet go on twitter rants about other girls copying them. That's Aubrie pre 3dgy soundcloud scene…

No. 606276


two dumbass moonpies that nobody could tell apart upon first glance. lopholora is deluded if she thinks she invented shite drawings of elves and hearts under the eyes. wonder if she kept up with the dasha/mina shit that every other insta ho was involving themselves in and now she wants to have a piece of the attention too

No. 606306

That Loph girl is seriously scary af looking….. I can't remember what exactly she said on her Twitter but it's in one of the other threads and basically it was something very derogatory about Peep even tho she posted that stupid pic of her broken ass phone showing texts with him when he died. She needs to go back to wherever she came from. Bad vibes lol

No. 606308

File: 1528586153070.jpeg (401.98 KB, 1125x1381, C26DF5C0-FB4A-489C-995E-5A8FF4…)

Those lips are about to explode ugh

No. 606313

File: 1528586345428.png (861.53 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180609-161846.png)

TP responded

No. 606315

File: 1528586360992.png (423.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180609-161853.png)

No. 606321

All these girls are so pathetic. If I were Layla, I'd have a major complex like first they all go for the boyfriend, now they're going for her. For exposure or followers or what idk but all these ppl are such soul suckers

No. 606326

She’s def in the past few months posted photos of Layla and her on ig stories even tho Layla and her were never particularly close & the pictures were just for work.

No. 606327

TP really doesn’t seem to do anything and girls come out of the woodworks to attack her or go for her boyfriends. I wonder why.

No. 606329

File: 1528586822176.jpeg (280.84 KB, 1125x1353, 37CBC3A1-F902-4273-BA87-80670F…)


No. 606330

Well Layla was a soul sucking leech & low key terrible person from the time she broke on the scene in like 2013 to 2017. It’s just kinda how girls like this get their name out. Now that’s she’s established and has thing going for her she’s chilled out but this is the circle of life for party girls.

No. 606334

LOL god is this Cass? Literally has a timeline of Layla's life

No. 606336

too coked out to type, basically. never thought i’d see the day where layla is the level headed person instead of the instigator of a petty twitter fight. she really has graduated. lophlora isn’t anywhere close to that yet, poor thing is still semi-retarded from her nose candy habit.

No. 606339

Cass would never acknowledge that Layla’s actually grown up.

No. 606347

I really don’t think she leeched? She had a weird look that got her followers and was big on tumblr. Once her and Peep dated she gained a following but even still she was bigger than him first. Who did she leech off of?

No. 606353

Her and Josephine/lilwifisangel had a huge falling out bc she kept stealing her looks & taking advantage of her kindness. She patched it up since but they still aren’t v close even tho they have like the same social circle.

No. 606372

Samefag to say the Josephine is the person that first comes to mind bc it was building for some time and like super blant and josephine is like so nice it stands out to me still, but she’s crossed and used a lot of people the the old underground party circles.

She was def bigger than peep when they got together, so idk if you followed her from back then maybe it wasn’t obvious if you liked her that she had like a bit of a reputation.

No. 606384

wait princess gollum? i didn't even know she and layla knew each other

No. 606389

I don't understand why ppl are so obsessed with saying all these ppl copied other ppl…. that Josephine girl literally just wears whatever is trendy like go on tumblr, literally everyone looks like that. It's not really copying a specific person if everyone who follows the fashion world remotely does it

No. 606407

They really don’t anymore but a few years ago they were def friendly till they fell out and they still share a social circle tho it’s obviously not 2015 anymore and everyone’s kinda moved on.

No. 606423

Vid related is the instagram live where she talks about changing her hair color.

No. 606446

File: 1528593755574.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 1869A150-45DA-4194-B0A6-ECD508…)

so fucking sorry to post anything chili related but i can’t deal with her not knowing the difference between thunder and lightning

No. 606473

Lmao I almost posted this earlier

No. 606502

File: 1528598756464.jpg (14.74 KB, 768x636, search-engine.jpg)

She has internet access and doesn't know how to use a search engine. Wow!

No. 606547

File: 1528603159041.jpg (89.96 KB, 400x522, 20180609_205331.jpg)

I haven't caught up with the new thread yet but this made me think of Cassidy And TP and all the other wannabes itt's

Song is called Post-Modern Sleaze by The Sneaker Pimps.

No. 606578

Do yourself a favour and stop following her

No. 606635

Old as fuck but remember Tyler's post of lean (or liquor but I think it was lean) and he captioned it "21 made me do it :("?

I'm a 21 fan and in his interviews he stated he has ptsd and doesn't sip lean anymore and that he can't even smoke weed bc of how badly it affects him
Why the fuck would a man who doesn't sip himself push an irrelevant loser ass worm like grossO to??? The kid is a liar and a loser lol

Sorry its hella late and irrelevant to add that but at the time it was posted (last thread) I was too lazy t o figure out how to post but yeah

Why is he such a pathetic attention whore? He literally acts like a teenage groupie w daddy issues

No. 606688

He spoke about an artist giving peep 100 xans for his birthday, Chelji Exposed that already it was Fat Nick. Why is everyone so worried to speak the truth.

No. 606697

File: 1528629540840.jpeg (108.78 KB, 750x496, B7EC3425-B656-4D20-A9D0-952D43…)

Peep fan pages posting this

No. 606698

File: 1528629625626.jpeg (148.2 KB, 749x940, 13F27FAD-D5D4-4777-A3B2-92F5C1…)

No. 606699

File: 1528629639394.jpeg (272.48 KB, 750x1038, 8ACD7B72-D3F3-4DBA-83FB-87322D…)

No. 606700

File: 1528629656163.jpeg (161.1 KB, 750x1040, F4B9F335-1E52-4751-B686-93A0C0…)

No. 606701

File: 1528629681067.jpeg (121.72 KB, 750x1050, F4B28C87-D2B1-4E3F-B8FE-6BD03C…)

No. 606702

File: 1528629702598.jpeg (220.61 KB, 750x1227, CB694024-C2F4-4D3B-B7A5-B3425F…)

No. 606703

File: 1528629727607.jpeg (221.57 KB, 750x1234, BDB87734-5106-4982-A2D8-5719A8…)

No. 606704

File: 1528629745899.jpeg (204.11 KB, 750x1233, 38679ACE-9244-4535-BB64-4898BA…)

No. 606706

i love jenny

No. 606709

These are her emails with Chilli from when she got hacked this is alot to take in there’s videos too of her speaking to nick the fan on the bus the heck

No. 606717

""hacked"". So potato leaked them.

No. 606721


“Belinda Mercer” deserves her career destroyed over this. bitch had one job to do and she failed! what an awful person.

macked from the beginning has tried to shift the blame. it’s guilty and shady behavior. i can’t wait to see all these lowlifes go down

No. 606722

Exactly what I was thinking lol

No. 606723

Benjamin Friars is Fish Narc for those who don’t know

No. 606729

File: 1528635565570.png (513.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180610-085517.png)

Lilboweep assaulted someone with a gun and smeared shit on their walls

No. 606730

File: 1528635607285.png (560.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180610-083937.png)

No. 606731

Well she got pissed at jenny so she has the motive. We know scum runs in her veins too.

No. 606733

>put the dishes away
very gangsta

No. 606734

No. 606742

File: 1528639271082.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, E3D68954-5048-4BCC-B97A-F3A175…)

you ok ty?

No. 606754

File: 1528640635822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 441.71 KB, 750x1177, yuck.jpg)

Paris's finsta is a mess

No. 606755

File: 1528640729843.jpeg (129.98 KB, 750x641, 65EEC140-93B4-48D4-839C-5A5FE0…)

No. 606757

File: 1528640965003.jpeg (130.66 KB, 750x640, FCE11E78-2901-4968-BFD3-F21A66…)

No. 606777

I wanna know more about this!

No. 606781

File: 1528644122089.png (83.33 KB, 807x665, nastyhoe.PNG)

I checked the other girl's twitter and she's in full on damage control mode kek

No. 606795

File: 1528646168025.png (60.95 KB, 1196x256, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 8.56…)

she posted this right before going on a long as twitter rant about how she "didn't do it" and yet on instagram she didn't even deny it.

"i got 100k" bitch does it count when 90k are bought?

No. 606796

File: 1528646358106.png (41.11 KB, 422x497, cap.PNG)

here's from the girl's who got assaulted. She posted a video along with it although I have zero clue how to upload vids from insta to here so maybe another anon can help out with that

No. 606817

No. 606818

is this the same boyfriend that abused lilboweep? that would make this whole story make more sense and more sad.

No. 606857

You're incorrect. This was posted 2 months ago. Vid related is labeled "21 Savage Smashed From Drinking Too Much Lean".

No. 606877

>>606757 Does anyone know if Mackned or Bexey went on stage before they found out that peep died?

No. 606885

File: 1528656891179.jpg (499.83 KB, 750x1104, IMG_7049.jpg)

Marilyn is such a creep IMO

No. 606887

Tbh idk how this chick has so many followers. She looks sooooo fucking gross.

No. 606906

They got told after Mackneds set on stage, Coldhart preformed too. There is a video of Mackned reacting and he didn’t look surprised

No. 606907

damn im Kind of dissappointed. i Remember in interviews he said he stopped sipping. I guess not

No. 606917

>>606906 Do you have the video? Can't seem to find it.

No. 606925

File: 1528660701115.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 4DBFFCB2-A939-4C73-999F-70952E…)

No. 606927

Holy shit she looks nothing like her shooped photos

No. 606937

She looks so gross, what does she even do for a living atm? Or just the usual nothing?

No. 606940

Been wondering the same! What do we actually know about cass aside from the fact that she's a skinwalker

No. 606945

No. 606951

File: 1528662363720.png (88.61 KB, 709x265, 152866223225028392.png)

Good question.

No. 606956

You could find the answer literally one post above you or in the old thread ffs

No. 606957

Read this thread it has important information in, Mackned did something

No. 606964

File: 1528663073537.png (96.66 KB, 414x213, rock.png)

I need solid receipts. There's got to be a set list/poster of the event. https://rocktucson.com/calendar/action~agenda/exact_date~15-11-2017/

No. 606966


The videos Chelji recorded of the phone call she had with Mariah’s friend Nick are disgusting, she pumped him for information as she did with Jenny, and then leaked the private conversations. Nosey as fuck.

This UK pig needs to get smacked down, Chelsea Dann is a fat deceptive clout chaser with an even uglier stage name and personality.

No. 606969

>>606945 Pretty disturbing. Any longer videos of his performance? Seems like they knew and went on stage anyway.

No. 606971

not trying to body shame but could she stick her legs far apart and ass out more for a gap

No. 606974

I agree. It’s disturbing how she came in and manipulated the situation to make it all about her. After Peep’s death, she was on Instagram live on multiple occasions and wouldn’t shut up about how Peep supposedly talked about her right before he died. It’s sick how she used his death to brag about something that was probably never even said. This delusional groupie needs to learn how to mind her own business fr.

No. 606982

You can see she was working with Jenny and did it for his families best interest

No. 606983

I agree partly

No. 606986

File: 1528665190270.jpg (283.22 KB, 1325x2048, 23592293_10155885949729299_765…)

Pic related is one of the event pics.

No. 607017

File: 1528668324526.png (551.94 KB, 1200x710, lyan-ass-ho.png)

haven't seen this discussed on the old thread, but, the charges against enzo amore/layla shapiro/tyler have been dropped regarding the rape accusation from philomena sheahan / missgucciwitch.

originally she tried to implicate toopoor/grosso for drugging her and 'allowing' her to be raped by this wrestler guy.

enzo amore also came out with a rap diss track towards philomena that talks about that "lyin' ass ho out in phoenix" and his "consensual penis".

No. 607021

File: 1528668667291.png (929.87 KB, 1050x686, whodis.png)

>>606754 Anyone know who this is?

No. 607023

Any sign of Grace (gtshields)? I don't follow her, so not sure if she is active on social media at all. Maybe she went to rehab after hanging out with Grosso too long…

No. 607024

No. 607025

File: 1528668925937.png (103.95 KB, 788x602, 152866223225028.png)

Nope. Nothing pops up.

No. 607027

File: 1528669077760.png (55.21 KB, 629x205, 15286622322502839.png)

Huh. How'd you get that info?

No. 607035

File: 1528669380353.png (1.04 MB, 1476x946, google.png)

>>607027 google images reverse search.

No. 607037

Oh okay.

No. 607039

File: 1528669624119.png (375.71 KB, 684x702, Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 17.2…)

No. 607047

>>607039 She's 19? I thought she was Marilyn's age.

No. 607050

File: 1528670090271.png (27.23 KB, 1142x685, prt1.png)

On the website none of them are listed except peep. https://rocktucson.com/calendar/action~oneday/exact_date~15-11-2017/

No. 607051

File: 1528670109393.png (33.62 KB, 1194x535, prt2.png)

No. 607083

File: 1528672894711.png (44.85 KB, 627x396, IMG_4348.PNG)

New milk??????

No. 607090

File: 1528673176139.gif (4.4 MB, 480x268, giphy.gif)

Not just yet. She has to spill it.

No. 607108

File: 1528674703828.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, A575C2A4-8983-4489-BA37-6B9D2C…)

Cass is way worse than TP ever was with her constant coke addiction posts. Her posts lately have actually gone off the deep end.

No. 607110

lol she really thinks she's the only 20-something american girl doing coke, bless her soul

No. 607113

File: 1528675603957.jpg (115.18 KB, 500x888, 2bzm3w.jpg)

No. 607114

No. 607122

Who is this?

No. 607129

Unaloom/ lilboweep/ winona brooks

No. 607147

I still dont know who that is? This is the first time I've ever heard of her. I'm newer here, sorry if this is info I should know.

No. 607150

Another nobody that's apart of the "soundclout" scene. I assume. idk who that person is either. Welcome to the club.

No. 607172

File: 1528682015909.jpeg (824.44 KB, 1125x1961, CB5E1385-B998-4971-9179-B91A49…)


No. 607196

File: 1528685675257.gif (535.34 KB, 400x220, tenor.gif)

Honestly. That song could be directed at any number of people. (song: mariah carey - obsessed)

No. 607197

File: 1528685742345.gif (2 MB, 540x275, o0ebegfFYC1qkqyvco1.gif)

No. 607206

No. 607220

File: 1528689602209.jpeg (331.18 KB, 640x913, 9171D46B-5ADD-4E6E-AFA0-BBC687…)

Wow, didn’t realise how much she’s blown up music wise. Know of her outer circle. Just checked, she’s back in Australia so tour is probably not happening and is possibly on the run from US law enforcement?

No. 607225

"he probably overdosed"

No. 607246

My boyfriend likes this music scene but knows NOTHING about the milk.. earlier we were watching a suicide boys interview and he saw some grosso merch and was like "I like that hat." ugh, i only recognized it as grosso merch because of these threads. Excuse me while I KMS. I couldn't even say anything because I didn't feel like explaining these threads.

It opened my eyes to how clueless fans are and also opened my eyes to the fact that grosso only sells merch because his popular rapper "friends" wear it.

I see grosso in the back of so much shit my boyfriend watches and it always makes me kek. Why do people continue to put him on?! He looks like shit in every music video he's in.

No. 607251

File: 1528692361724.png (412.16 KB, 1242x2208, 4401EB9B-73BF-47A8-9A5D-2C75EF…)

That pictures comments are also turned off. I guess she could have been there but not done anything but that still makes her complicit. I’m wondering how she got to Australia so fast. Google flights was looking like it’d take like 19-24 hours so maybe it happened and they dipped before they could be deported. Supposedly she talked to the cops.

No. 607276

File: 1528694913762.jpg (204.8 KB, 780x1536, qld.jpg)

Yes the flights are that long depending where you hop on in the US. She might just be faking it to stay out of trouble. "In Queensland" is just an odd way to say it. Would you say "in California"? yeah maybe, but you probably wouldn't geotag 'California' and keep generalising. Her tour also continues in a few days in Atlanta so that would be a long long flight back. https://www.weepworldtour.com/

No. 607277

ATLANTA, GA - June, 14th
Miami, FL - June, 17th
Dallas, TX - june, 2oth
Fort Worth, tx - june, 22nd
Denver, co - june, 24th
Albuquerque, Nm June, 28th
Los Angeles, ca - July, 1st

No. 607294

That your looks like a whole bunch of nobodies to me…

No. 607309

No. 607311

like I've been on all previous threads and have 0 clue who she is or how she's relevant did I miss something somewhere

No. 607315

my brother is the same he's copped superrradical merch bc of the clout and didn't know jack shit about grosso

why tf would pepper pull the brakes on his 0 creativity clout loaded clothing brand idgi

No. 607316

Glad I'm not the only one who felt that way.

No. 607319

He probably wont. It's probably just a way to drive up demand. Better grab it while its here cause it wont be around forever. Please..
I cant see how anyone would see anything of his and think it looks good. Nothing about it stands out to me. But to each his own.

No. 607320

File: 1528700612900.jpg (533.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180611-000222_Chr…)

The red doesnt look half bad on her. If she toned down the black makeup and it would look even better though.

No. 607322

he's also a graphic designer and says he knows which photoshop tricks grosso uses to rip off designs

his brand is literally all hype he started with the OF rip offs, then miraculously yams wanted to work with him (idk how that even happened), peep collab before they fell out, and now post

he's just riding the clout wave and artists dig it bc they want to associate with a brand associated with other artists

if anyone knows why yams decided to work with him please spill bc I can't fathom how someone with so little design talent got any headway in the merch game

No. 607323

I dont get why he would either, especially with Post giving him so much free advertising. It would be a good time to sell more not say you're done. I'll bet he just said that for attention.

No. 607324

Did her and her Bf break up? She seems extra hungry for someone to notice her lately.

No. 607325

This makes more sense bc I can't imagine what his next career move would be. He says he's a "manager" but all he does is continuously nurse drug habit on tour and almost die every 5 minutes.

No. 607326

Lol apt description of his tour presence

No. 607329

Maybe she's trying to go off the rails like Layla did so she can publicly get clean spread positivity and revel in her sobriety skinwalking intesifies. Either that or she's actually thinks she's cool as fuck for doing cocaine. Both are equally pathetic conclusions

No. 607330

He has no next move. He cant possibly be making that much off whatever hes doing with Paris and Let's be real, paris isnt going to make it big and if he did.. huge if… he would need legitimate representation, not a heroin addict who cant even keep his shit together for 3 days.

No. 607331

If she's actively trying to be milky by doing coke that's pretty fucking sad even for her. I wonder what her life was like before she became a dedicated skinwalker with 0 direction in life.

No. 607333

File: 1528702148353.jpg (394.42 KB, 1080x1194, 20180611_002744.jpg)

They're also symptoms of taking coke and fluoxetine together.

No. 607334

Post needs to associate with better people, he seems like a good guy and I'm sure when grosso suggested paris for his tour he was like "sure bro" like the drunk happy go lucky guy he is. I doubt he even considered looking into more talented and established artists. Tyler's omnipresence in the scene will always baffle me. He's already burned the yams and peep bridges but they both died so I guess he can pretend otherwise.

No. 607335

She's a fucking dumb ass holy shit

No. 607338

What happened with him and ASAP mob? I remember it being mentioned that they fell out but what exactly did he do?

No. 607339

he's a self-proclaimed 'marketing gENiUs' as if his tactics are original and not at all transparent… then again kids these days are dense as all fuck, so the bar to impress clout starved IG addicts dying to flex is set pretty low.

No. 607341

I could see Post being the kind of guy who would want to try and help out a new unknown artist because Justin Beiber did that for him. He was an absolute nobody compared to Justin, yet he chose him for his opening act which helped him immensely. But Paris had no music even out.. no fans. Post definitely didn't think that decision through, and as discussed before.. he was likely drunk. He's so hot right now his management probably didnt fight him much on it because it almost sounds like Paris is the opening act for the opening act..

No. 607342

He gave some interview where asap mob felt he was giving too much detail about yams and his death iirc.

No. 607347

It fits her largely monochromatic color scheme I think if she experimented with make-up it might slightly switch up up her aesthetic in a good way

I'll Google it ty anon

No. 607350

I cant link them, but in the the "tyler Grosso exposed" no jumper, at the end he talks about why he was kicked out of ASAP.

No. 607353

File: 1528704550783.png (237.29 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180611-030907.png)

I wonder what this is about

No. 607355

it sounds like a lyric tbh

wonder if it has anything to do with this

I'm just over here patiently waiting for the milk to spill

No. 607358

Spill it girl…

No. 607359

I agree it sounds like a lyric.
…about Luke.

No. 607360

I was gonna say grosso but so much time has passed I feel like he's pretty irrelevant to her life right now

He spills all his own milk anyways so if it is about him I'm sure we'll get some passive aggressive subtweets eventually

No. 607366

Could be about any of her exes really.

No. 607368

or direct confrontational tweets bc that's how he rolls


wonder if he's biting the hand that feeds and is getting sick of Tyler who despite his disgusting aura has far more clout and credibility than him

No. 607369

His ego is out of control

No. 607370

File: 1528707336962.jpeg (165.21 KB, 750x1274, 8F33C521-3962-438A-89A0-32AB8E…)

idk if anyone has posted this before but lmao @ the irony

No. 607378

File: 1528707748256.png (47.57 KB, 480x196, Screenshot_20180611-035803.png)

ok well since the original post was mysteriously deleted

No. 607379

He's just delusional. Wonder how hes going to handle the rude awakening after this tour is over and nobody gives a shit about his music still.

No. 607380

It was my post. I didnt mean to delete it. Thanks.

No. 607381

I don't know who this bitch is but I'm from Queensland and the fact that she's just blanket saying "WHOS IN QLD!!!" is really irking me like no one says that unless you're in some bumfuck town that isn't Brisbane or the Gold Coast

No. 607382

His Twitter is a mess full of sad cliches like "I can be in a room full of people and still feel alone" it's gag worthy. He calls everyone else fake and says their music sounds the same but he's 100% mimicking a dead guy and feigning depression for sadboy points and as someone who is actually mentally ill he truly disgusts me.

No. 607385

I wonder if Aubrie ever regrets introducing him to grosso. Dude's clearly an egotistical jackass. It would high-key suck seeing an ex in his position if they ended on bad terms (weird salty abortion comment makes me think they might've)

No. 607390

>>607320 It looks cute tbh I'm surprised.

>>607382 amen

>>607385 I mean she wasn't trying to do that lmao so yeah she must be annoyed now. Tyler was supposed to "pull up on Paris with a switchblade" but got scared as soon as he saw him and sucked his dick instead.

No. 607393

When did they split/stop hanging out? If they stopped seeing each other right before the post tour he might have highkey used her for her connections and bailed. If they split recently that titty out groupie picture was cold as fuck. She doesn't seem particularly confrontational so I doubt she'd start any drama about it but idk he seems like a major fuckboy to me.

No. 607410

I really hope she didnt actually expect Tyler to do anything besides sick Paris' dick. Are there people out there who would actually be intimidated by him? Besides legitimate kids I suppose? He's a heroin junkie he'd probably nod out before he actually attempted anything. Tyler is a joke on all fronts.

No. 607411

>>607393 They unfollowed each other before the tour… I guess he didn't need her house, camera and connections anymore.

No. 607427

Luke made a song about her

No. 607430

I think he took it down

No. 607432

This! My bet is she’s in “hiding” til it blows over but she might have wrecked her chances of furthering her music career in the US, customs and security seem really strict there if you have charges against you

No. 607436

Peep fans are going crazy of those Mackned and Jenny screenshots and made a video about them

No. 607455

Sadly, ultimately peep was responsible for his death. Were there a lot of bad choices and oversights by those around him? Hell yes. Was someone specifically hired to babysit him and check on him every 15 minutes? Idk, but he stated himself he had od'd before so it's not unimaginable that eventually someone wouldn't or couldn't save him. Its shitty he had people around him who were all so high/drunk and self-absorbed they couldn't tell he was dying, but they didnt kill him. It's sad he died, but he chose to put those substances in his body. That's a risk you take. Everyone thinks it wont happen to them, until it does.

No. 607474

I get that, but the choice question is skewed wen someone offers you something which is not what you thought it was…we know Peep was careless, but the issue now is, did someone knowingly give him a laced pill,cos that changes things.
Saged for no milk.

No. 607477

That's a question I dont think there will ever be an answer to. Whoever gave him those pills is the only one who knows for sure and they have to live with the fact they gave it to him.. knowing or not. I dont think there will ever be charges broughtregarding the pills or what really happened on that bus.

No. 607482

In the video the police made a statement saying the pills Mackned gave to the tour manager were laced

No. 607483

I think he gave the same ones to Peep

No. 607485

File: 1528718304200.png (360.83 KB, 750x1334, image1(1).png)


No. 607487

That still doesn't answer the question if it he knew. Even if he thought they looked suspicious it doesnt mean he knew what was in them. Even if he knew exactly what was in them hes never going to come out and say it.

No. 607488

Am I mistaken in thinking they spent a single day and night together?

No. 607493

uhhh they had months of TEXTING. gosh, obviously they were twin flames. so moved by this self appointed clout shaman, I'm a big strong woman now.

No. 607502

File: 1528719925617.jpg (23.39 KB, 572x117, hjjjhh.JPG)

No. 607505

If shes this obsessive now that hes gone can you imagine how obsessive she was toward him in private when he was alive?

No. 607506

She’s creepy

No. 607510

"remenisent".. lmao this is the same chick whose ig handle was INTELLECTUALCHICA

No. 607527

Exactly. The whole thing sounds like it was written for a middle school assignment.

No. 607529

File: 1528724137916.jpeg (139.4 KB, 750x790, C831E6A0-CBA4-4302-9711-14782A…)

She’s everywhere

No. 607542

Luke made a diss track about toop probably to gain clout for his music. He deleted it now

No. 607552

i feel bad for her. feel bad for any of these older people moving in these cringyass circles. not that 30 is old, just… this is lame, man. surely she can find it in herself to do better?? and how was gus her lover??? how??????

No. 607565

>>606925 late but i love how you can see where she's been camping for the last 63 hours that she's been awake.. on the rug, with her bottle of champagne, her ashtray, her pack of nasty cigs, and her coke plate. what a mess. i wonder how she gets all the money to sit around and do coke all day… that's easily a $200-$500 a week habit. i give her a month or two before she lands herself in the hospital. just sad, she probably has mega coke sweats. good thing nobody can smell her through a screen.. like go ahead girl put on some lingerie to make yourself feel better, it's not gonna help stop the chemicals secreting from your pores.

No. 607567


I love how Cass made a big stink about starting her first antidepressant only to defeat the purpose and abuse drugs with it. Who even knows how that combination is damaging her body. She made soooo many posts on Instagram bragging about it and writing paragraphs tryna preach about being healthy. A total Layla move. Except it was completely retarded.

Now Cass is doing coke with her psychiatric medication and screaming about having tetnus on Twitter. Not to mention her whole Twitter sperg out about loving men who do anal, did she finally realize that Corey is gay? Lmfao

Hotelshrimp is miserable and “depressed” because she refuses to change her behavior and lifestyle. Antidepressants won’t fix that shit, she’s lazy as fuck. Cass knows that she’s a skinwalker dating TP’s ex boyfriend and hanging out with all TP’s friends. It’s pathetic.

TBH I just want Layla to end her, she brought Cass into relevancy and she can take her out.

No. 607570

I've always wondered how many of these girls are escorts, strippers, or cam girls tbh

No. 607571


What was the song Luke wrote about TP? Anyone have a link or lyrics to it

No. 607572

No but it was really bad

No. 607576

still shooped though i think. her right thigh looks mighty wavy, like, the only conceivable way i could see a thigh being that naturally wavy is if you have seriously terrible lipedema and/or are morbidly obese, but even then, your skin then wouldnt be that taut

No. 607618

This post made me realize Grosso is like a curse.

Watch out, Posty…

No. 607624

File: 1528733053179.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 169.8 KB, 750x432, C6932486-5052-47BA-BA50-281C09…)

Who is this about?

No. 607627

File: 1528733104460.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4013.PNG)

I just find in intresting that they latest guy/(gay.?) from her live and storys had some of his latest insta-photos taken by luke

No. 607642

get the feeling shes trying to call out one of pouyas victims. gross.

No. 607644

File: 1528734159054.png (32.5 KB, 435x247, gross.PNG)

samefag but yup this looks like the case

No. 607645

I only know of her because she got caught stealing beats from producers who don't have a lot of followers and selling them claiming she made them. She's pretty much useless trash

No. 607646

Victims? Did i miss something

No. 607648

File: 1528734657427.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 0D877504-D6D5-4DEA-88AC-8246CC…)

No. 607649

She retweeted something pretty recently about girls who lie about sexual assault and it made me lose respect for her

No. 607650

No. 607666

Thought it said 8 filters first, haha. Could have been. still looking pretty doped out so to speak

No. 607672

File: 1528736542248.png (2.13 MB, 902x1202, dumb.png)

>>607039 They are kinda cute together. I feel like they are both try hards though. Here IG is filled with her selfie iphone photos on billboards all over the world.

No. 607674

File: 1528736569019.png (2.71 MB, 954x1194, anddumber.png)

No. 607675

ugh, who cares

No. 607683

just like lena the plug and adam22 lol. don't wanna insult her and genuinely hope she gets better health wise but she's a bit dense. these girls are only feminists when their boyfriends aren't involved.

No. 607684


Tyler bleached his hair…. Weird

No. 607699

File: 1528737926671.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180611-132204.jpg)

the first part of that insta story really gives you a feel for how grimy he actually looks irl. Check out the condition of his skin… Looks like a straight-up meth head.

No. 607703

and that's with a filter

No. 607706

File: 1528738087288.jpg (156.11 KB, 955x1200, pp.jpg)

He posted this today? Pretty sure he's only been at two shows in the last week (since he skipped one)
Also does he not realise that some people tour like this for months lol it's not that unusual

No. 607707


paris and things involving paris for the most part are pretty much the dullest topics on this thread lmao i honestly could not care less about whoever he's sleeping with/dating at this point

No. 607710

Seems like all toogross has been doing the last week is bragging about going shopping anyway

No. 607713

right, he can't handle shopping and invading two of paris' shows but wants to be taken seriously as an artist

No. 607779

File: 1528743050922.jpeg (30.83 KB, 328x586, 152874293934733895.jpeg)

They are. She grabbed the "clout" name from a lil peep insta-post that gus made.

No. 607796

He's been bleaching his hair since like 2013

No. 607800

File: 1528744717208.jpg (9.61 KB, 350x272, 152874293934733895.jpg)

No. 607851

File: 1528749541600.png (295.18 KB, 305x546, 152874293934733895.png)

No. 607875

Sage but this thread has become shit: talking about useless people, bringing things up that we discussed months ago,.. At least learn how to sage all your bs

No. 607925

Forgot about this video I remember Tyler got so much shit because he was spitting on people

No. 607927

Right there with you anon.

No. 607930

File: 1528752747652.jpg (5.21 MB, 3840x1920, inCollage_20180611_142852810.j…)

Corey v. Max Minghella who plays Nick Blaine on the show The Handmaid's Tale

Saged but this has been nagging me for a while

No. 607935

No. 607937

he got so fucking fat lmao

No. 607948

File: 1528753646957.jpeg (100.01 KB, 1125x827, 63C84C12-6557-4F07-B243-0B7323…)

Literally sucking the soul out of everything Peep related and typing like a five year old. Like we get it, you want followers and clout over someone who you knew for a couple months

No. 607960

It's just a joke in reference to peeps album

No. 607963

Well tbh Emma follows all of Peeps friends/crew/whatever.. Even Grace and Grosso. Wouldn’t be surprised if she took initiative to be friends with Marylin too

No. 607978

any girl who constantly refers to herself as "pure" or an "angel" is a probably in all actuality a self obsessed cunt

this is all about the pouya allegations for those who didn't bother clicking

No. 607979

File: 1528756364719.png (353.47 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180526-153554.png)

she literally always talks abour how she's such a pure perfect sweet little angel, seriously makes me gag

she's basically in the same league as rtshields and arz just infinitely more successful at it

No. 607981

File: 1528756573861.webm (3.42 MB, 640x360, spit.webm)

The scene where he spits on some random anon. Here it is for those who don't care to watch that whole vid.

No. 607984

Coco has definitely had some bad moments but it still feels wrong to me to talk bad about her right now, idk. Pouya is trash for sure but I can't go there with her lol

No. 607985

inb4 "she has cancer" bc her and pouya are awful and I sincerely don't give a fuck

he cheated on her with groupies constantly and he treats his female fans like actual garbage

No. 607986

then don't

No. 607989

File: 1528756790461.jpg (39.52 KB, 522x720, 7nH8R4K_d.jpg)


No. 607991

File: 1528756848597.jpg (60.74 KB, 600x960, rmmgDQk_d.jpg)

Pouya is highkey a huge fucking creep

No. 607994

And yet, hes the only one on this tour posting pictures where he looks like hes coming off a bender.

No. 608001

read the imgur thread dude it's a pattern of behavior

No. 608003

he made peep look thicc

No. 608007

So because he "wasnt into it" she respects him? How about respecting someone who actually stops them not just someone who stands by and doesnt join in?

No. 608009

File: 1528757536750.gif (3.28 MB, 480x319, giphy.gif)

>he cheated on her with groupies constantly and he treats his female fans like actual garbage
It looks like it is ONE person that's trying to start shit and has been making these claims. Why didn't this person go to the cops after it supposedly happened? Where are the other victims? Where is the evidence?

No. 608011

She has fucking cancer. Leave her alone. if you followed her you'd know how much chemo shes gone through and trying to be positive.

No. 608012

Just like he loves her for hers.

No. 608016


I've never particularly liked her but her being annoying has nothing to do with Pouya's allegations.

I think her silencing victims is fucked tho. I hope she leaves them alone and I've definitely lost respect.

No. 608019

He was the only half decent guy in that situation so I see where she's coming from

The bar is very low these days

No. 608022

File: 1528757853289.jpg (98.5 KB, 600x300, fanfic_of_the_week.jpg)

It's probably just some sick erotica porn fanfic.

No. 608023

It works out in Pouya's favor then because her current situation has been used time and time again as a reason why we shouldn't discuss Pouya and his allegations

I hate this apologist mentality

No. 608026

>silencing victims
Your evidence is where? Where are these victims?

No. 608028

I just want to say it's not unusual for victims to not go to the police or tell anyone. It can be a very shameful experience for the victim.
Just look at a few high profile sexual assault cases…
Bill Cosby- 60 victims
Larry nassar- 265 victims
Harvy weinstein-87 victims

That being said.. I know nothing about the rape accusations against pouya, but if he is preying on people that feel hes more powerful than them or that look up to him I could easily see them being afraid to come forward. I could also see his girlfriend being in denial about the kind of person he is. He probably acts much different around her.

No. 608031

No. 608033

That's still not respectable behavior. I can see why she might be less mad at him, but a lack of action doesnt make him a good person.

No. 608034

File: 1528758426156.png (53.21 KB, 464x246, rape-kit.png)

Still only one "victim" pointed out so far. Okay.

No. 608035

That screen cap was already previously provided in the thread.

No. 608036

@Layla, just drop the tea here

No. 608038

There’s two accounts posted thus far

No. 608040

As if 1 wouldn't be enough?

No. 608042

I think we can agree that pouya is free game, just not her so much

No. 608044

Yeah. That's all these are until proven otherwise.

No. 608048

We're allowed to speculate and all these accounts of his behavior make him sound like a trash person regardless

I feel bad for coco for having to deal with all of this

No. 608049

Talking shit isn’t gonna make her cancer any worse or her personality any better

No. 608054

I laughed but tbh she's fairly harmless

I can see defending her but can the pouya stans just stop? You can't just instantly dismiss all of this bc it's "only 1 account" or because they're just "allegations"

That's how big names get away with things

No. 608056

If pouya was a big name this would've destroyed him from the get go. His underground status at the time this all came out protected him. If the girl had waited till he was a "big name" to come out with this people would accuse her of trying to get attention or trying to take him down out of bitterness

It's always a lose lose situation for girls in this situation sadly

No. 608057

You don't have to be a stan to call out bullshit.

No. 608061

>refers to assault allegations as bullshit

nice job anon

No. 608062

They are allegations until proven otherwise. End of story.

No. 608064

so first they're "just allegations" now they're "bullshit"

not a stan my ass

No. 608065

that one girl's trying to claim pouya held her down? YEAHHH we know that's bullshit look at the guy. But some of his lyrics and interviews are concerning. In hunnit hunnit he has the infamous line "drop a xanny in her beverage, now I got some leverage." And in an interview I remember him calling women "bitches" literally exclusively. He can get bitches on twitter, bitches at shows, bitches in the studio…..etc. etc. But was 99.9%%%% positive a virgin until he started rapping. How he scored CoCo is beyond me she is sweet and literally fighting for her life. Bless her soul. I'd be defending my number 1 support system too if I was dying like fuck man

No. 608068


bets this is all one stan vehemently defending their lord and savior pouya

No. 608069

File: 1528761194416.png (39.78 KB, 645x389, no-proof.png)

Nope. I am not a stan. There's no proof and so it looks like bullshit.

No. 608070

File: 1528761247925.png (202.96 KB, 1224x754, hahahaha.png)

>>607672 Oh Grosso…

No. 608071

I've never listened to his music or anything. How can I possibly be a stan?

No. 608072

File: 1528761287320.png (190.35 KB, 1106x750, fuckboiiii.png)

>>608070 The comments are pretty funny…

No. 608073

File: 1528761307178.png (71.92 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171115-125419.png)

Pouya is a creep and 100% doesn't deserve coco

No. 608080

We had a ho in the trunk, she drunk as fuck
Dont even know if she breathing but really I dont give a fuck
Cause I already fucked
Passed her to my homie took advantage of her body cause she nothing but a slut

How could someone actually put that in a song jesusfuckingchrist

No. 608082

Mans probably a piece of shit but going after his horrorcore lyrics is pretty cringe.

And coco gets a bit of grace becaus she’s sick but the rest of these girl friends defending their shitty bfs aren’t inherently victims, they can be as complacent as any man.

No. 608088

he doesn't "find them" they just gravitate towards his clouty as fuck clothing brand

I need to start reading the comments more. Nice find anon

>took advantage of her body cause she nothing but a slut

aka how he sees all his female fans

No. 608089

File: 1528762159592.png (69.3 KB, 470x684, em.png)

It's a song. Get over it.

No. 608093

This isn't nearly as bad as those rapey Pouya bars

Also get better taste in music asap

No. 608095

Spelling out a rape scenario is in a different league than this imo

No. 608097

How about you pick an example of a song where pouya is doing a solo song. Why don't you blame Sdotbraddy too. Whoever that guy is.

No. 608098

lmao this isn't even that bad

No. 608101

I'll try to find a better example. lol.

No. 608103

Bc these are literally Pouya's verses wym

No. 608107


take your L

pouya is an insecure narcissistic manlet and coco is his self obsessed girlfriend. they deserve each other because they’re both nasty people

No. 608110


Gtfo with your bs and samefagging

No. 608114

File: 1528763061003.png (59.7 KB, 397x565, stab.png)

Here you go everyone! I found a better example!

No. 608124

because it's Pouya's verse. Artist tend to write their own verses

No. 608125

I love you anon

no one cares

No. 608134

the red looks really nice on layla, it compliments her eye colour well.

No. 608138

Just because we haven't seen the proof doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We can argue it all day long, no we have not seen proof but that doesnt mean she hasn't gone to police and it doesnt mean she has no proof. Only time will tell unless someone in that group feels like spilling the milk.
Not all matters are handled in the court of public opinion.. js

No. 608140

Always his own biggest fan.

No. 608142

arz actually has more followers than her unless you mean successful in nabbing a long term clouty rich and famous bf than yea coco wins hands down

pretty sure most of arz's followers are bought anyways and coco has that whole cocolash business going for her as opposed to just shilling hair gummies and stealing funds using fake charities (fuck xanax hoodies)

No. 608144

File: 1528765328275.jpeg (138.73 KB, 1080x1080, 1528764948811.jpeg)

speaking of arz. woof

No. 608147

File: 1528765455191.jpg (153.77 KB, 960x888, IMG_20180611_200421.jpg)

gravity is not her friend

No. 608155

plus followers doesn't ≠ money

a lot of these girls lack creativity and marketing skills and thus are forced to go into the fit tea sugarbear business

I wonder if Layla's ever been approached by any of these brands and refused on principal

No. 608158


that nose shop / job is fucking botched. looks like she took too much dick to that one side of her face.

No. 608161

Tp has always had some form of merch and has somewhat of a signature aesthetic so brands like dollskill and goodbyebreadco want to work with her.

Arz has to resort to gummies because she's all fillers and no flavor. No one actually takes her seriously and she's painfully boring and lacks creativity and direction.

No. 608179

honestly it probably the girl or someone who knows the girl who got assaulted if i had to guess. i know this girl because if you follow any of the other pieces of garbage in the thread, she will most likely end up in your explore tab. she also did a couple shows with sethany (smrtdth)

No. 608198

thank you!!! like it's fucking crazy to speak about someone because they have cancer. this girl is in the wrong, and honestly i've been wondering what she thinks about the pouya accusations…and she is delusional

No. 608203

everyone saying "leaving coco alone111!!!!" is too young to post on this website lol

so what she has cancer, people can have diseases and be fucking stupid and blame victims. obviously NO ONE knows how great their relationship is or if the accusations are true but when more than one person is telling a similar story it's hard to ignore

No. 608267


agreed. being sick doesn't make you some saint. you can be on your deathbed and still be a prick.

also anyone who dismisses someone's claim that they've been assaulted because they stan the predator needs to log off. most people do not lie about being raped. what would they have to gain from it? all the hate comments, people calling them sluts and liars? most women don't come forward because of that backlash. who the fuck would want to go through that while trying to do the right thing and get justice for themselves.
also for everyone saying "just report the rape" if you think cops are going to get right on the case and that there aren't hundreds of rape kits sitting on a dusty shelf waiting to be processed you're an idiot.

No. 608269

That only makes your ass licking more pathetic lmao Good job, you anonymously defended someone who doesn't give a shit about you, +1 clout token redeemable at superrradical.com.

No. 608273

She also used to post stupid shit about how much better she is then every girl on the planet my perfect credit score everyone's a hoe except classy me and went viral with some tweet saying something along the lines of "every girl you've ever touched before me is trash". I've never seen her in a good light. Sucks she has cancer yes but her straight up denying that these girls could have possibly been sexually assaulted is gross and can be criticized.

No. 608275

-posts legitimate artist
-follow up with meme group
>better example
lmfao go do your homework, we know your dumb ass has summer school.

No. 608276

I'm not surprised considering all her features were probably curated with being flat on her back kept in mind.

No. 608280

File: 1528773841284.jpeg (207.14 KB, 1124x1649, 6C355D2C-7682-4AE5-BEEC-69A114…)

People in Tyler's insta pic comments worried af about him

No. 608285

He looks like a literal demon in that photo

No. 608309

She looks like a man dressed as a woman.

No. 608310

Tyler in his truest from.. looking like the haggard drug addict he is.

No. 608334

File: 1528779571269.jpeg (238.91 KB, 1125x1435, 492DA9E6-A5FF-456E-8AC4-A5C569…)

These comments…. damn Ty

No. 608352

File: 1528782271919.png (3.38 MB, 1242x2208, C2B449E1-4586-4FE1-91AE-DD6D25…)

What the fuck tho

No. 608353

File: 1528782613956.png (5.66 MB, 1242x2208, 78EAEFE4-9728-4D8C-BCD2-85EEDF…)

Bruh this dudes eyes tho I dare this dude to claim to not be on opiates

No. 608355

Jesus. This face is going to haunt me in my dreams tonight.

No. 608360

legend has it that if you go into a dark bathroom with a single lit candle and say "dog food" 3 times, this is what appears.

No. 608361

lmfao he's got the "need to take my psych meds in rehab" stare

No. 608363

How does he expect to fool people into believing hes sober when he posts shit like this?

No. 608378

File: 1528787575612.jpeg (144.48 KB, 1111x1034, 97F23E85-968E-482F-88DD-AECC6A…)

No. 608379

File: 1528787592830.jpeg (80.66 KB, 1125x620, 8CA0CEA2-6ACA-45D3-8AF0-EFCA98…)

No. 608382

This is literally the token hon in a state ward

No. 608396

idk i fuckin love cass, she’s so shit but i really doubt she’s in any sort of denial about that, fuck with it.

No. 608398

Tyler, get your goddamn BPD sorted. Pete Davidson has it too, and he got his shit together. You’re a plague on the world until you do.

No. 608400

Go to rehab, Cass. no one cares.

No. 608401

this guy is so incredibly ugly and disgusting he makes me want to puke
i hate the layla threads now that his revolting face is all over it

No. 608402

File: 1528791512165.jpeg (233.86 KB, 1125x653, 43F47D0A-3877-4B67-B424-056EF3…)

No. 608418

>abusive and narcissistic
>blackmails and manipulates people
>made his last ex flee the country
>thinks everyone is the problem but him
>refuses to get help for his mental illness yet constantly wants sympathy for it
>constantly flexing and incessant need for validation which is more sad than impressive
>romanticizes his substance abuse and openly asks for drugs from fans (as if peeps death wasn't enough of a warning)
>crashed his car while fucked up
>decorated his Christmas tree with fucking coedine (promethizine?) bottles like we don't have a deadly opiod epidemic in our country

I'm sure you guys can think of more but you get my point


No. 608419

Do people actually OD on lean or does it just slowly destroy their liver/kidneys?

I don't think lean is going anywhere culturally anytime soon but it's probably 20Xs better than heroin

Like tyler still looked like a functional human when he was sipping lean and now he looks like the crypt keeper

No. 608422

If his followers can't see how much of an abusive asshole he's been just based on his tweets than there's no hope for them. Anyone whose gone through it or has 2 braincells to rub together can see it clear as day.

No. 608431

Yes, you can overdose one lean, in the meantime it will be slowly destroying your organs.

No. 608434

It's literally just liquid codeine or hydrocodone. You can overdose but most people just pass out before getting to that point. But yeah it's rlly fucking bad for your kidneys and probably worse and definitely more expensive and stupid than heroin

No. 608438

Hint: he's probBly still doing opiates, in case u couldn't deduce that

No. 608464

kek at all these replies defending Pouya and Coco. Just by the typing style alone you can tell they aren't a farmer, plus after looking at Coco's social media just now I can see she often posts with exaggerated punctuation and using "1" instead of "One" etc just like >>608065 >>608040 and >>608198

No. 608465

samefag but it fucking sucks she has cancer but I don't think that should make her and her boyfriend exempt from valid criticism, whether they are allegations or not.

No. 608469

File: 1528800444137.jpg (559.23 KB, 1080x1263, 20180612_034650.jpg)

God, he really is disgusting.

No. 608471

yep. cancer or not, she's a royal cunt for attacking these girls with no platform and defending pouya bc what, he drove around to gamestops in the area to get her skate 4? who gives a shit, coco? defending some baldingass manlet that's cheating on you and most likely sexually assaulting girls all over the nation. at the least, he's a fucking inceltier liability that clearly has misogynistic woman-hating, violent fantasies. fuck him and her for defending this piece of shit.

No. 608475

i've seen this exact template of guy working as a cracked out linecook at every failing franchise around the US and i'd sooner disembowel myself than fuck this. clout is not enough, coco.

No. 608479

Hes every gross and creepy guy I've ever encountered all rolled into one.

No. 608483

What part of what I said made you think I was implying he wasn't still doing h?

No. 608484

Funny you should say that, I had no real idea of who he is so I was looking for info and it said he used to be a busboy..looks like he was pretty much on that track lol

No. 608486

Remember when Layla used to brag about sucking his dick? Girl, I hope your sobriety brings you some self respect cause he's nasty.

No. 608490

damn, i know she can't unsuck his dick or anything, but layla really dodged a bullet there, which is crazy since he already looked like shit when they got together and his looks aren't even the worst thing about him

No. 608500

At least she had the self awareness to realize the path she was going down with him and flee. running is the best thing she could have done. It would have been just as easy for her to stay here and keep doing the same shit while running Chinatown market or whatever she was doing while becoming a washed up junkie has been. Btw what ever happened with Chinatown market? I know tyler said she bought him out, but is he even doing anything with the brand? Did he even really buy it?

No. 608505

File: 1528804534225.jpg (616.21 KB, 1065x1634, 20180612_045533.jpg)

What the actual fuck is this shit?

No. 608509

File: 1528804977165.jpeg (201.77 KB, 750x738, D5C713D0-743F-4F44-BEC7-5EFA79…)

he looked so much healthier here, looks like he’s pulling a Grosso when you look at his new pics

No. 608510

File: 1528804996184.jpeg (224.49 KB, 748x930, 8553B4CD-93CE-413D-9435-106DDB…)

No. 608513

He still looks like a creep who drives a pedo-van. Hes just showered in this pic. Only difference IMO

No. 608525

File: 1528806367316.jpeg (118.83 KB, 640x900, 224A7FB4-F202-46E3-8CCB-3D710B…)


Grosso’s trying to relive his glory days when he was skinnier/younger and women found his godforsaken self attractive. Tyler has never been attractive but the comments on pic related are all positive and complimentary. Public opinion has changed drastically after Layla broke up with him.

Now on Tyler’s latest Instagram post he’s getting roasted and compared to the Mr. Meaty puppets! LMAO

No. 608526

No, he doesnt. He's still got methface and three hairs, max, clinging to that certifiably creepy head. He still looks like a necrophilic predator.

No. 608527

Talentless, fat and ugly, with a shit personality. Tbqh, I'd just end it all were I in this predicament. Dude needs to move to Saginaw and retire this shit because no one wanna see this sun-soaked goat carcass on their insta feed.

No. 608528

Theres sure a lot of early 20's people in this scene who look middle aged.

No. 608538

god damn it why is his mouth so fucking tiny!? it’s soooo hilarious

No. 608541

File: 1528809159343.jpeg (213.18 KB, 641x623, FA9808A4-A909-4066-9EA6-E0A504…)

samefag but this is how he looks to me

No. 608546

i know the milk but i still kinda like some of the merch lol

No. 608547

this is how my skin looks lmao!

No. 608549

What the fuck is that

No. 608559

Damn thats a shame, he used to look good a few months back without the lenses and the weird hair and stuff.
The looks soundcloudrappes are getting are just getting more and more ridiculous.

No. 608560

Looks like Angelica's doll (from Rugrats) had a gender change

No. 608566

Hes going for the "missing my two front teeth" look

No. 608568

File: 1528814014069.jpg (398.72 KB, 1080x1440, 20180612_073322.jpg)

Seriously.. what is this hair?

No. 608572

File: 1528814151207.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1271, E3CA47C0-CF87-4AC2-A100-702A2C…)

TP was hanging out backstage of the WPSE show with bexey and rayn.
In previous threads, there’s a tweet from Bexey about Layla moving to London. Something like “keep toopoor and her negativity the fuck out of London” or something.

Wonder if they squashed it or if they just had a suuuper awkward night.

No. 608575

She needs some serious help color matching her foundation.

No. 608576

I'd guess awkward night.

No. 608579

Bexey really looks like he just stepped out of a mental ward on a day pass. I dont get what hes going for.

No. 608598

File: 1528815976345.jpeg (706.69 KB, 1125x1483, 0A2206DA-23BA-45BA-B92F-737049…)

Grace is off her ig hiatus andnposted this to her story. loooool girl… cmon.

No. 608616

File: 1528817851863.jpeg (67.22 KB, 1125x404, 7BC79B7F-7BBC-41B1-AA0C-500DAD…)

Wonder what this is about, especially since she’s still the only person he follows on twitter.

No. 608645

tyler should go on dr.phil i would watch that shit

No. 608650

He’d just try to make “cash me outside howbowdah” a thing again and claim he was he originator

No. 608653

Honestly though… who the fuck is he referring to? Someone please enlighten me. The only artist I know of that he’s “put on” is Paris and dude is sooo far from a “super star”. I don’t think he’ll last too long after the tour is over. Pepper is full on delusional.

No. 608657

is enzo emore tyler’s brother? i heard that it was but can’t confirm it online?

No. 608665

Pepper calls him his brother so he can feel better about himself.

No. 608703

File: 1528825951528.jpg (170.13 KB, 500x419, paquila2.jpg)


No. 608704

File: 1528825968597.jpg (61.91 KB, 600x423, paquila1.jpg)

No. 608870

lmao anon you weird for this one.


Yes. You’re correct.

No. 608881

its funny bc they're both not nearly as good looking as the cartoon and a pic of them kissing like that would be gross

No. 608907

Who knows what any doctor has actually told him that he has, but the boy is textbook male BPD regardless of what else is wrong with him. He is manipulative, needy, uses suicide as a threat, emotionally abuses significant others, and his most extreme emotional liability is always an immediate reaction to his circumstances. Sorry for such an armchair-y post, but it irritates me to no end that girls who act like even 1/4 the unstable psychopath he is get slapped with a BPD label in half a second, while abusive men like Tyler never have to take responsibility for their garbage personalities and just blame it all on “muh chemical imbalance.”

No. 608913

>>608870 im high and bored at work does he not look like a fuckin vulture. maybe the eagle was too generous

No. 608954

Nah you’re so right!! It was just so weirdly specific. Kinda puts another meaning to his title of culture vulture….

No. 608967


I’m losing my mind over this idk why it’s so funny to me. wtf is paquila?


Tyler is definitely more of a vulture. Or some other ugly bird species, perhaps fat and flightless

No. 608975

File: 1528842558418.jpg (103.98 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20180612-182843-1.j…)


No. 608984

File: 1528843283623.jpeg (324.19 KB, 750x1075, C700AE99-FD97-4F7F-8DFA-4BDDB6…)

“little girl”

that sounds so creepy

No. 608996

Omg what a fucking asshole loser he is I cannot deal

No. 609001

And poof… They're gone.

No. 609002

Haha it was a smart move of him to stop publicly asking for plugs and keeping his habit on the down-low. He should have been doing that years ago. It's pretty obvious that he's still using. He just isn't flaunting it anymore.

No. 609006

File: 1528845361284.jpg (80.79 KB, 668x669, DeU-LfKWkAACNc3.jpg)

>>608984 Lmao.

Pepper stop flexing. No amount of Gucci and Louis can compensate for your ugliness, lack of talent and shitty personality.

No. 609017

> doesn't mean I do drugs or sip lean

Tyler. You literally were begging fans for plugs every day you tagged along for the tour. There's literally screenshots of you DMing a girl about pills.

I usually don't outright hate cows, but wow, I think I legitimately hate this guy. What a waste of space.

No. 609022

That Dm was from that "assitant kid". Havent seen him outright specifically say " I need drugs"

No. 609023

Oh did the little boy get his feelings hurt. So sad.

No. 609030

Are you joking?

No. 609031

He's there to assist him in getting drugs/take the fall if they get in trouble/be the person who is in the dangerous situation. The drugs are for Tyler, for sure. Maybe for some other people too, but no way Tyler is staying sober.

No. 609034

…does he not understand that supreme at least hires designers to make their graphics (even if the idea isn’t original)? And they don’t steal vectors off the internet?? Like….?? I thought he was a maRKetiNg gEnIUs. There’s a huge difference, and his approach shows he has no originality. Just hops on trends and exploits them

No. 609038

He really thinks were all stupid. You just have to compare him layla to see the difference in someone who's actually sober and someone who's just claiming it.

No. 609039

He deleted his 2 bummy ass looking pics off insta. Guess he couldn't handle the truth.

No. 609040

She was being so nice/polite too lmao. Dude can’t handle any amount of criticism. Pepper fragile af

No. 609047

File: 1528848604786.jpeg (206.64 KB, 1125x615, E0499D76-58FB-454E-B461-ABCED5…)


how edgy, and not at all a waste of medical professional resources …

No. 609054

This is truly shocking information. Who could have ever guessed.

No. 609067

She was actually there to see wicca he's been touring. Funny how chalupa told her to stay tf out of London when Peep's actual friends still fuck with her as does his mom, grandma, smokesac, etc. Bexey is a giant man baby who was just on the chili train before he realized everyone actually hates her and backed off. He's just a huge dumbass milking Peep post-mortem for every last drop of clout. Once he realized that smoke, liza, and everyone don't have a problem with her he ghosted on chili and shut up about tp.

Wicca wasn't on tour with the rest of GBC when peep died btw. Even though he founded GBC he has his own following and he hasn't been hyper-posting like bexey and mackned were directly following his death so imo he's the most respectable member.

No. 609068


No. 609071

y? literally just explaining why she was in the same vicinity as bexey and why he was chill about it

No. 609075

File: 1528850105404.png (308.29 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180612-043639.png)

No. 609081

The fact that bexey knew her and willingly associated with her prior to peep proves how retarded he is

No. 609085

this crusty cum sock really thinks simply having money is some sort of positive character trait.. Well spoiler alert, most of the richest people out there (in the business world at least- not speaking so much of sports/entertainment) are sky high piles of slimy garbage who hoard their wealth dishonestly and acquired it by exploiting/stepping on others.

No. 609086


Nah that post was accurate. You sound like the sperg

No. 609090

Lol aight b that way

No. 609092

Why wasn't wicca on tour with the rest of GBC? Isn't that like his whole shtick?

No. 609095

what was deleted?

No. 609097

typo my bad

No. 609098

Tyler doesnt have the kind of money that's going to last or the kind of money he claims. He doesnt have the sensibility to create anything sustainable. In the end it's just going to be him living in a wrecked Ferrari wearing ratty designer pajamas smoking H.

No. 609101

Bexey hated Layla when peep was still alive, he just doesn’t(didn’t?) like her for some reason, he egged peep on when he got the Layla cover up & said vaguely cross things about her before that.

People say it’s bEcUSe oF hOW shE TrEaTeD PEep but peep was probably into Layla till the day he died. He at the very least didn’t seem to genuinely think he was wronged so it’s an odd reason to dislike her when the man himself didn’t have any beef.

No. 609102

File: 1528851018376.jpg (105.87 KB, 1080x514, 20180612_175019.jpg)

At least she has a sense of humor. Lol

No. 609103

peepettes randomly firing off irrelevant Stan facts is cringey. No shit Wiccas on tour; He played a show in London. Excellent deductive reasoning tho.
The op was speculating if Layla and Bexey had smoothed things over or not and for some reason WICCA WASNT ON TOUR W GBC BTW was a relevant response? This isn’t a peep thread. Stop being 13.

No. 609108

men love to see themselves as victims. he acted like he was victimized by layla when he was the abuser. men are capable of hating the women that love them for no reason. resenting them after abusing them etc

No. 609111

Personally I think it's because he wanted to suck peep off and was jealous of her. Idk

No. 609112

he's either unmedicated bipolar and goes manic or has BPD (also extremely impulsive) and just splurges every dime he makes

His savings probably aren't impressive and most of his income is probably spent on drugs/designer

No. 609114

maybe he was rooting for his london spud buddy bc he didn't want his meal ticket flying back to America

No. 609116

It's funny how everyone wants to diagnose anyone who's impulsive and stupid. Any diagnosis he may or may not have doesnt change the fact that in the end he is going to be nothing and have nothing. It's also hard to judge someones true mental conditions when they are using drugs.

No. 609121

Not a stan just recently learned wicca wasn't on tour with them. This entire thread is full of conspiracies sorrounding Peep's death thought it might be relevant.

I'll concede with sperging out about bexey being a dumbass though bc I 100% can't stand the guy.

No. 609126

The op says to read the old threads and get familiar. It’s been beat to death who was and who wasn’t on that tour. Like we all know sis.

He’s pretty vocal about the fact that touring is far from his favorite thing. Peeps management was the one who gave the tour assignments and his shift end like 3 days before and the way they talked about it when the dates & who was playing was announced made it seem like they had very little say in what shift they got. Mans also had a like long term serious salaried job till a few months ago so he couldn’t do the whole thing even if he liked touring. It also wasn’t a gbc tour, it was a peep tour. Before peep died there was a divide between peep and gbc fans which makes that an important thing to note, a lot of gbc fans I know sat out the cowys tour bc it was too much peep & friends and not enough gbc.

No. 609129

I mean it might be relevant if you believe Peep's death was a GBC hit but personally I think whoever gave him the fent is to blame and everyone else is just guilty by association for not ratting them out or noticing he OD'D

exactly wicca has his own thing going but I can see where OP was coming from since wicca hasn't been mentioned much on here

No. 609131

Fuck bexey but maybe just cut down the length next time lol

No. 609132

I have to laugh at those who think it was a hit of some sort. Like GBC is the soundcloud mafia. Lmao.

No. 609133

A stan would've already known Wicca wasn't on tour

No. 609134

Right? Like how many braincells do these people think these pill poppers have among them

No. 609136

Shit you right my bad. I've known several people with BPD so I'm biased. I have 0 clue what Pepper is like sober

No. 609141

Are you kidding? Supreme steals EVERY graphic, even more than Pep

No. 609144

Layla is self-deprecating and self aware in a way Pepper never will be

No. 609147

they all know what happened that night and you’re right that they’re all guilty by association. i tried asking someone, that was friends with gbc, what happened and they refused to talk about it probably because they’re covering. i had a minor thing with this person and it was basically a banned topic (peep’s death). they’re an asshole and i wish i had more milk to spill but i don’t have much. they’re a nobody anyway that is only making a name now that he’s riding someone’s coattails which is such a joke.

No. 609149

None of them have the staying power peep had so it's not going to matter in the long run. They've been at it for years and Peep usurped all of them in terms of relevance. It's pitiful watching everyone try to regain his hype.

No. 609157

Idk about none of that but a strangers death might just be a weird thing to get into with some rando your fucking lmafo

No. 609159

an aquila is basically an eagle just a fancy roman latin word. peppy + aquila = paquila

No. 609177

File: 1528857088492.jpeg (124.5 KB, 1125x502, 17DD9075-7C29-4935-8266-71CEA4…)

Lay is coming back to LA. Guess we’ll see if her and joei are still meeting up

No. 609185

They probably were advised to not talk about it.

No. 609189

She was just live saying she had to go back to LA to fix her car and had business to take care of. Didn’t mention Joei but I guanatee they will see each other.

No. 609228

File: 1528863296154.jpg (700.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180613-000934.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 609229

In the previous thread there was a live where she said their flights to LA get in the same day.

No. 609236

Whens he going to realize nobody cares?

No. 609242

Ummmm everyone here dedicated a thread to his ass; people care

No. 609244

I sure dont care about his tacky ass designer shit.

No. 609246

idk we talking about it so i think we care
don’t lie we love to hate pepper

No. 609248

There’s a difference between people being interested in his embarrassing behavior and caring about his designer clothes that are useless since he can’t even put together a decent outfit

No. 609249

File: 1528866140373.jpeg (326.83 KB, 1124x1817, E91F6DA3-23C8-434E-9953-0D8438…)

People getting mad about Paris dating this girl.

No. 609250

File: 1528866156304.jpeg (201.53 KB, 1125x1358, DFBF2872-4B30-4E37-B798-71471A…)

No. 609252

How does that mean we actually care though? We have a thread to shit on him, but do you really think any of us are losing sleep over this loser? Bring that reach somewhere else. That's like when cows try to claim their "haturz" are their fans.

No. 609253

File: 1528866213055.jpeg (244.34 KB, 1124x1678, D326E5B2-9CBB-4C8C-80D5-892C46…)

No. 609254

You need to take a beta blocker or a Xanax. If you take the time to come on this thread, you care, whether it's due to hate or sheer loving to watch a train wreck

No. 609257

Yeah, okay Doc. Thanks for saging your bait though?

No. 609264

File: 1528867232995.jpg (54.34 KB, 457x495, keith.jpg)

Seems to want to be Keith.

No. 609267

How about the posts showing windows with search and 'dog food' open? Or does he have to spell it out for you?

No. 609268

He can keep dreaming.

No. 609269

File: 1528867722579.jpg (404.34 KB, 1041x1388, 20180612_222808.jpg)

That grill tho. Lmao

No. 609270

File: 1528867842840.jpg (753.21 KB, 1080x1674, 20180612_223051.jpg)

No. 609276

This looks like something out of one of those Japanese horror mangas with the grossly detailed drawings…

No. 609277

File: 1528869493933.jpg (156.28 KB, 512x767, 83999703.jpg)

That neck lmao what a giraffe

No. 609289

File: 1528871350870.jpg (548.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180612-232527_Chr…)

Paris is getting punked. Lol

No. 609290

File: 1528871390253.jpg (383.35 KB, 1080x1235, 20180612_232922.jpg)

No. 609319

A Marilyn jr, who says the n word way too much. At least Marilyn was cute when she was young. This girl already look like a 40 year old mother of five who sells tamales in the Walmart parking lot.

No. 609321

This was exactly my thoughts about her.

No. 609335


girl needs to worry about capping n–gas less and wearing sunscreen more. she looks like she was left out on the hot sidewalk. get you some decent night serum girl, you're only 19.

No. 609495

File: 1528904336637.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1125x2034, 260D46B9-180A-4C60-B168-177CBF…)

Pepper trying out new insta poses so people stop commenting omg how bad he looks lol

No. 609498

File: 1528904427457.jpeg (300.67 KB, 1125x1867, 33B3A955-4D8A-44C8-A8E1-148C3B…)

Here’s the “assistant” on no sleep. Still looks straight out of SC, but not completely strung out. Unfortunately for pepper not everyone is dumb/young enough to not be able to tell the difference.

No. 609503

File: 1528904600345.jpeg (248.51 KB, 1125x1878, 8F261335-53A6-400B-8095-1532F7…)

Last post sorry for samefag.

Caught pepper being a dick to his “fans” in his comments. This is his response to someone saying he looks like cam from cufboys. I hope he keeps it up so he has no one left to buy his clip art.

No. 609523

freaking neckbeard - all the gucci in the world is not going to help you

No. 609541

The same dude who posts about how gucci is so fucking basic and played out and yet comes out with a full bag once a fucking week

No. 609543

What is wrong with this dude? What kind of man-child is this?

No. 609563

Some kind of back woods inbred motherfucker.

No. 609584


he should just put that bag over his head.

No. 609685

this dude looks like he smells like straight up piss

No. 609704

i cant believe layla ever fucked him. i dont believe peep was jealous for a second of him, probably honestly just lold that she downgraded so hard/at worst got angry that tyler 'betrayed' him. i can't imagine any normal looking man being jealous of this guy. he is truly one of the ugliest cows i've ever seen.

No. 609743

I think he was more disappointed and knew she would fall back into drugs with him.

No. 609757

He didnt have to be jealous of Tyler to be jealous. He probably just didnt like she was getting attention elsewhere.

No. 609772

File: 1528921694044.png (649.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-13-15-27-18…)

I googled the cam guy to see what he looked like and I found this fan art of adam22 in the similar images tab lol

No. 609801

It may not capture his likeness but it totally captures his essence

No. 609902

File: 1528928735770.jpg (174.33 KB, 750x1334, Image-1.jpg)

She really does look like and is definitely a crack head she has to know she looks rough I mean I know what crack confidence is but oh my

No. 609903

Grosso having breakdown on his insta story :/

No. 609918

Image. Board.

No. 609924

Nayrt but it’s a video

No. 609940

no people doesn't lurk, just constantly get comments and tweets about his appearance. People love to speculate and he gave them a reason to do so

That look is going for -on trend and also trying to hide his white kid face- doesn't help even if he had clear skin and less bloat……

No. 609942

pepper I mean damn

No. 609953

Tyler, the DJ…

No. 609975


She has gained too much weight to be a crack head though

No. 609983

What happened? Why so vague??

No. 609988

There’s solid proof of him lurking in previous threads. He’s even posted on twitter and insta about us.

No. 610003

File: 1528934799403.png (681.76 KB, 994x1156, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 19.0…)

>i'M nOt A Dj
lmfao what should they have put instead? Bloated hype-beast? Parasitic clout addict? Clip art guru? Grosso what are your preferred titles?

No. 610004

File: 1528934913967.png (1.17 MB, 904x1276, Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 18.5…)

samefag but those putrid socks… my gym socks are whiter- 'cause, you know, I fucking wash them.

No. 610010

File: 1528935227706.png (83.66 KB, 1119x395, Captura de pantalla 2018-06-13…)

No. 610016

This bitch was out walking outside in just socks then slid right into his gucci sandals…. Nice.

No. 610020

File: 1528935994186.jpg (154.82 KB, 1005x690, 20180613_172630.jpg)

Even hes not sure

No. 610036

He outright posted, not just lurks.

No. 610175

That person drew a dick on the side of adams neck. That's not a fan and look at it! Just look at it! That's a straight up troll!

No. 610182

wow, astute observation anon. Here we thought it was actually a QUICK 12 HOUR realism s p e e d drawing.. But thanks to you we now understand internet humor. bless.

No. 610184

File: 1528949483720.jpg (295.81 KB, 804x548, crack.jpg)

Anyone can be a crack head! Follow your dreams cass!

No. 610185

You're welcome!

No. 610218

File: 1528952941925.jpeg (548.32 KB, 1125x1839, BBF1F913-E42E-42ED-9343-3C041F…)

Arse got “anarchy” in Greek tatted on her neck… def not regrettable at all

No. 610223

It's probably her own tribute to peep tat.

No. 610233

Why Greek though?

No. 610241

idk because that's what she wanted.

No. 610247

because she's ~ c u l t u r e d ~ duhh

No. 610249

nothing says anarchist like disneyland

No. 610259


She could be so pretty if she quit the drugs and fixed her hair.

No. 610274

Let’s agree to disagree on this. Even being generous she’s just a basic white girl with forgettable features.

No. 610282


is he one of those dudes who buys a shoe size bigger so they don't look like they have little boy feet? he barely reaches the toe strap.

nice try gross. too bad you can't cut the inches off the end of that sandal and add them to your dick.

No. 610310

'getting money still sad too'
'i used to wanna kill myself, came up still wanna kill myself'
he's just ripping off peep. during peep's last few days he was alluding to his departure from soundclout. paris ripping him off is not only tacky as fuck but completely undeserved.

paris you apparently slept around the streets like a fuckin bum until someone helped you make an album and turn you into a puppet. YOU CHOSE THiS LIFE, YOU GOT HIRED, DO YOUR JOB. this little bitch could enjoy his legitimately free ride and be a positive influence, but now he has to bitch about things in such an unintelligent and high-horse way. at least peep was a fucked up drug addict who everyone actually did take advantage of, this childboy is just ungrateful as hell.

>everyone just cares about getting laid or paid

fuck off or learn to party you're on tour you weanie

No. 610314

File: 1528962551752.png (104.15 KB, 275x271, FE3CF21A-1B23-41DD-967C-2F68B9…)


>nice try gross. too bad you can't cut the inches off the end of that sandal and add them to your dick.

this got me real good, anon, bless you

No. 610318

>i dont want to say names i don't want to be a dick
fat fuck chili beans has to drag fat nick. way2go bitch.

also if fat nick gave him 100 xans and oxys a week earlier like fishnarc is saying why would peep need to buy that shit on tour??? from a rando?
as far as wackned 'saving peep's life multiple times' he did that because peep was his paycheck, maybe he got his laced pills because he was sick of it, or 'saved' him to look good publicly.

i can't watch the rest of it though, i remember how he'd dance on stage during peep's showed super high and having fun and now he's like a little whimpering boy and it's really fucking sad.

No. 610352

the claim of mackned coming from an underprivileged background and suffering from ptsd from 'hood violence' is highly suspect considering his dad was fucking famous

"After Kenny G became famous in the early ’80s, he hired Mr. Gable to play in his band, which toured all over the world.

While continuing to play music, Mr. Gable got a degree in graphic design at Seattle Central College, working first for Boeing then starting Gable Design Group, in 1985. In 2005, when the county’s official namesake was changed to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mr. Gable’s company designed a new logo based on King’s image.

“He was blessed with two distinct talents, the music side and the art side,” said Gina Gable.

In 1993, Mr. Gable formed Tony Gable & 206, whose self-titled album became a smooth jazz-radio staple, particularly the tune “Camano Island.” The band recorded a second album, “Summer Hills” and an EP, “Summer ’01,” and appeared on TV on the “The Arsenio Hall Show.”

“He was a gentle giant,” recalled Seattle guitarist and recording engineer Glenn Lorbecki, who played in Tony Gable & 206 and served with Mr. Gable on the board of the Northwest branch of the Recording Academy (which produces the Grammy Awards)."

wow, if this doesn't say 'hood' to you all, idk what does

No. 610368

I know we all feel this way but the disgust and absolute just …. pure hatred I feel for this cow is unbelievable. It's so sick and unfair that he's even relevant or has a dollar he is true scum of the damn earth and is literally essentially just one of those white trash trailer park hillbillies that didn't graduate high school. Regardless of peeps downfalls and behavior it's trash that this legit piece of garbage is out here alive but he's not. Train wreck isn't the correct word. Sage for ranting but I just caught up on this whole thread and half of 10 and I just want to see this gremlin get what he deserves

No. 610386

It's so transparent that he's stalked peep's life and is co-opting his problems. He's unoriginal as fuck. He's actually enjoying the shit out of himself but knows appealing to the mentally ill and misfits was a big part of peep's appeal so he's playing sadboy as if his 1 month of minor relevance is killing him inside.

I doubt he was even homeless he probably stole that storyline from peep too. He was dating aubrie and going to family Thanksgiving with her you really think she just found some street urchin and decided to hell with hygeine and men who are going places in life? lol nah

Poor aubrie I bet she regrets introducing him to her clouty circle now I know I would

No. 610387

I wish she would expose him or spill some milk but she seems too nice and non-confrontational

No. 610399

As much as I enjoy laughing at her questionable makeup choices she's honestly super unproblematic and not v milky at all. It's why she's rarely mentioned on here. She's probably a much better fit for tp than jealous obsessive skinwalker cass

No. 610400

Aubrie if you even read this please spill

anonymity is your friend

No. 610407

File: 1528979725037.png (Spoiler Image, 456.07 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180614-073512.png)

sage for repost but these are 100% strippers not groupies. Everyone is there for post not his irrelevant ass

No. 610409

wow he looks so depressed how does he even cope

No. 610411

I guess this is what aubrie gets for being best buds with tyler. Not saying she deserves it but if you hang around that dude long enough he's bound to fuck you over somehow.

No. 610413

Harsh but fair. After seeing what happened betweem him and tp she should've cut him off. I definitely would have

No. 610423

Tyler high-key just trying to recreate Peep bc he fucked up so badly the last time. You kind of lose all your clout by association when you start fucking someone's ex and saying things like "fuck peep" on live

No. 610488

sorry late but DAMN
so what's not being mentioned is that it was the victim's birthday and she was upset her lazy ass roommate didn't just put some soap and water on some dishes, which would take maybe less than ten minutes - so lilboweep/whatever shits on the walls and has her boyfriend pistolwhip birthday girl

how old are these people and seriously when you lose it this hard over a justifiably annoyed roommate you didnt do dishes (hi, welcome to adult life you do chores and people don't want to deal with your mess) that pretty much proves growing up your parents likely wiped your ass for you. she already ruined her career by smearing shit on the walls and the gun whipping but she really can't come back from this.

bitch if you really have 100k you would care SO MUCH more about your actions, but she knows they're fake so she doesn't care. more milk on people like this please i can't believe this tbh

No. 610511

Lil lotus canceled his opening spot on her tour two days ago and idk ppl are meming on her on twitter. She had some other drama but I don’t know enough about it.

This anon mentioned beat stealing & I’d love to hear more about that bc that’s normally enough to get you cancelled.

No. 610528

File: 1528991268814.jpg (197.33 KB, 1080x1080, 045262feeed728179e2586d93846f9…)

No. 610544

NSFW images need to spoilered.

No. 610583

File: 1528997154247.jpeg (532.63 KB, 1125x855, 03D9E512-B1B7-4023-BFEB-FE3D98…)

The soundclout simulation has gone off the rails. Smoke is now going after paris’ ex, Rose. And Marilyn like the tweet. Inception/Incestion

No. 610587

I cannot get over how creepy obsessed and cringey Marilyn is

No. 610670

Y'all breathed life into her by mentioning her here.

No. 610682

I don’t think this girl was ever really his girl tho like she seemed to deny it on those ig posts

No. 610684

Also she says she’s black and white but I doubt that for some reason. She looks more Latina and white to me.

No. 610745

I dont think that's the same girl

No. 610749

File: 1529006785025.png (416.99 KB, 620x436, 152900663392465261.png)

No. 610781

Wow…. are you serious??????
This rose girl literally is the exact same person as Paris. Her insta and Twitter all have so much Peep shit on it since his death. I can't.

No. 610789

File: 1529008931601.jpeg (341.94 KB, 1125x1850, BAEFDCC0-39E3-4F96-9136-02EDCD…)

This girl straight up stalks all of Peeps friends and exes. Yikes

No. 610795

This @rosewhatever

No. 610798

I'd much rather she be with smoke than paris bc paris highkey fucking sucks and he's just looking for a clouty instathot gf to replace aubrie and be the tp to his peep

No. 610800

Ok, Rose. Rose IS a clouty peep toopoor skinwalker

No. 610801

You can look at her social media for 0.5 seconds and tell she's trying to act like she's got some connection to peep. When she prob didn't know who he was until he died

No. 610802

I'm not rose I just don't want paris to get any clout. Rose is lame

No. 610803

I wouldn't call her clouty but she is am instathot

No. 610805

You forgot to add in the word groupie. lol

No. 610807

Rose is the female version of Paris except at least Paris can pretend to have a "career"/hobby which is his puppet singing. Rose is a clinger on. She is definitely clouty. Shes stalked everything peep related since November

No. 610810

I didn't look at her feed so I just assumed she had some following that Paris was trying to leech off of

Apparently Paris is going after some other girl tho? The red head one? What's her handle? I can keep all these nobodies straight

No. 610811

File: 1529009923321.jpg (303.91 KB, 535x533, facehugger-149855.jpg)

>clinger on
She's more like a face hugger.

No. 610812

So he's basically looking for a mutually parasitic relationship in which the both feed off a dead guy's image together. Scavengers in love

No. 610813

I typed my response before I saw this but it's honestly perfect.

No. 610815

File: 1529010217542.jpeg (187.22 KB, 1125x877, 726E05F4-9BDD-4C43-A2B5-B5FBDB…)

For the love of god…. plz do not move to LA

No. 610816

File: 1529010235578.jpeg (378.86 KB, 1125x1883, 5DA23B99-001B-4EBF-83B4-3E3F3B…)

No. 610817

If peep were alive paris wouldn't be a thing. But on the flip side layla might still be with grosso. I really think she's the only one peep's death shook some sense into. Everyone else is pretty much equally as destructive or even worse off (tyler).

No. 610818

lol. Kind of like zombies tbh.

No. 610820

Paris had nothing to do with laylas fight or flight instincts kicking in.

No. 610821

>pouya and coco are my goals
so being arm candy to creepy incel manlet is goals now

Soundclout culture ladies and gentlemen

No. 610824

I know but Paris was grossos pet project after tp abandoned him. Who knows maybe he's a great multitasker. Maybe he could abuse her and great a shitty peep knock-off at the same time!

No. 610826

she’s DEFINITELY not with him.

No. 610828

You read that wrong. They're saying if peep were alive, Layla might still be with gross

No. 610829

If Peep hadn't died there wouldn't be room for Paris's knock-off ass in the scene. Grosso saw the window of opportunity after Peep was lowered into the ground and he took it. He ripped Peep off just like he rips his designs off. He's a career con man with very little actual creative talent.

No. 610831

>They're saying if peep were alive, Layla might still be with gross
I highly doubt it.

No. 610832


tabarnak, save your dignity and stay in montreal.

No. 610834

File: 1529011343051.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 674267CA-1B95-4D8B-9BFA-20BF0B…)

grace is back

No. 610835

She got that tattoo less than a week after peep died. Also for some reason aubrieelle follows her on Instagram. Why

No. 610841

Rose also does the TP heart tattoos in the face lol

No. 610843

Isn’t it ironic that they got fate tatted after tp took FATE GANG off all her socials?

No. 610846

No. Tyler probably did that on purpose

No. 610848

File: 1529012715651.jpg (2.84 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180614_174414519.j…)

Here's a post and delete from her from earlier that I forgot to post
Seems she and pepperann are having simultaneous breakdowns lol

No. 610917

on the subject, does anyone have suicide boys milk or nah?

No. 610976

Scrim has a longterm gf and Ruby seems focused on the music more than anything. They haven't been mentioned because they're not fucking with instathots and cloutwhores. They just make music and stay on the grind.

No. 610982

more of the scene should aspire to be like this

No. 610985


No. 610986

The reason people like grosso and paris are always stirring the pot, clout mongering, flexing and @ing instathots is because they have no actual talent and gain recognition through drama. Post is also super unproblematic and doesn't have much milk.

The actually talented musicians in the scene don't depend on manbaby antics to stay relevant. They just keep making bangers and creating for their fans.

No. 610989


No. 610999

If Peep was still alive Post would've 100% considered him for that tour spot. They met and hit it off and Smoke confirmed that he was being genuine when he got that tat. I bet grosso found some weird manipulative way use this to his advantage and get him on tour.

No. 611004

Grosso definitely manipulated him. It's not even a question. That's how he deals with everything.

No. 611006

Yep. Peep is a sore spot for post. Pepper probably rubbed some salt in his wound.

No. 611007

I wonder if it gets tiring slithering around like a snake 24/7

No. 611014

all his slimy secretions make the slithering a lot easier.

No. 611018

He's more like a leach. He's too out of shape to be a snake atm.

No. 611019

He's always been a leach but that's besides the point.

No. 611073

he obviously really liked older women, even arsaylea uses a fake age. he was obsessed with his mom, think it's mommy issues.

what if the daddy tattoo was meant for his mom.

No. 611084

Dude had daddy issues and was babied by his mom why you got make some fucked up jump like that anon?

In my experience dudes with overbearing mothers turn out just as bad as ones with absent mothers just in different ways

No. 611086

Are you the same creepy anon from before lol go away

No. 611090

He was attracted to girls who also had daddy issues which is why the whole "daddy" kink think didn't creep them out. They had no father figure or a shitty one. My ex also had a thing for girls a few years older than him. Not all guys are hebophiles chasing jail bait and 14 year olds. It's a weird preference but way less creepy imo

No. 611092

Despite the creepy Hollywood pedo trend some guys are actually into girls that look more mid twenties and less like highschoolers. I think it creeps some guys out when girls look way too young. As for marilyn lets be real peep never saw her as a serious sexual/romantic prospect she's just projecting bc people with BPD romanticize the shit out of things. Black and white thinking to a T. They're either obsessively in love with you or they hate your guts. There's no emotional gray area.

No. 611096

Or he could've just not had an age preference. I've dated people a few years older and a few years younger. I don't think it's really a big deal as long as the gap isn't extreme.

No. 611143

Tmi but having an over present parent fucks you up in a different way

Peep may have put his mom on a pedestal and seen other women as not good enough

No. 611144

Or maybe he was just your run of the mill high functioning sociopath. We'll never know so it's pointless to speculate. Leave the dead horse be.

No. 611170

So accurate it should be in the OP tbh.

No. 611172



Guys, stop speculating over “if peep was alive he’d…” nobody cares. It’s detailing into fantasy at this point. I’d try to report all the posts but there are so many and it glitches my phone when more than a few are selected at a time.

No. 611181


No. 611186


wtf dOeS he eveN do??
>career con man with very little actual creative talent

No. 611188

>what if the daddy tattoo was meant for his mom.
I could see that. He felt like he had to be the man of the house and provide for his mom. Nothing weird about it or anything. It would just show how pressured he felt.

No. 611189

>Dude had daddy issues
He had mommy and daddy issues tbh.

No. 611190

being the man of the house is not the same as being "daddy"

it's clearly a kink tat nothing more

No. 611191

No. 611192

I think she loved him more because they were just friends. You can love a person deeply in a platonic way. She felt like they had a deep spiritual bond and connection. She admitted that she's been pretty promiscuous and wasn't looking for anything like that. From what I read, it seems like she's been trying to get her head straight.

No. 611200

Guys… just stop. It always comes across as douchey whenever this is said but this site is for mill&gossip. You really should take the peep psychoanalysis to another forum. I understand why y’all are interested in it; Just talk about it somewhere else.

I too agree this should be a rule on whatever god forsaken thread is next for whatever it’s worth.

No. 611201

Agreed. Unless it's new milk or related to new milk peep related things shouldn't be discussed.

No. 611215

All of you with your Instagram University PhD's in Psychiatry need to take your practice elsewhere. It's actual cow behavior (people like Marilyn doing the exact same is just one example) We're here to gossip and make fun of these antics, not join in on them..

No. 611248

Thank you!!

No. 611264

Lil Xan posted an insta live two hours ago talking about how he's sick and can't go to some festival but that his management is telling him he'll be a nobody and won't be invited to any other festivals if he backs out. Also at the end of it, the person driving his car tries to grab Xans phone and puts him in a headlock and it's crazy and Xan screams about how his dad is a crackhead like ten times. Dude needs help

No. 611268

File: 1529037638701.jpeg (363.24 KB, 1125x2038, 46F36B0F-5C51-4C12-8E1B-DEC928…)

fucking YIKES

he also has a video up saying “I’m sorry I can’t be there I love my fans”. it seems so forced and orchestrated, you can tell in the way he says it that there’s probably a manager just out of the frame making him post it. Paris said almost the exact thing in his “tour vlog” when he got sick. It’s like there’s some entertainment manager fucked up clout propaganda to make sure these kids keep getting money from fans

That being said, there’s no doubt in my mind that xan is a brat. but it’s fucked up seeing the other side of the industry and how artists can be made into puppets

No. 611271

As much as I know it's all bullshit, I think Xan has serious psych issues and all these people are stringing him along for money/fame

No. 611273

Someone in the car gets a phone call just before dude grabs xans whole face. Bet one of those “hire ups” was watching and called to tell his team to shut him tf up. This is kinda sad tbh.

No. 611281

I don't know who to feel worse for xan or his handlers

No. 611282

It must be hard managing an artist like that but at the same time xan still deserves his autonomy

No. 611288

LMAO!!!! What a little brat. Go to the doctor like any other normal person.

I had to skip through him (xan) talking in the beginning though, the drooling was disgusting. Is that just because he's sick or does he always drool like that?

Also, dude did NOT seem sober. Doesn't he preach sobriety or is he just anti Xanax?

He needs some Xanax.. but only like 1/4 of a bar not a whole fucking handful. Pretty sure the "higher ups" could use some too, having to deal with his crazy ass.

No. 611290

Ummmm they grabbed his neck dude. Sorry but there's no excuse for that….

Xan just posted that he's quitting music when his contracts up. Probably won't be up for like ten years…. lol. I feel bad for him. I feel like his situation is similar to peeps but xan is way more mentally ill and way less intelligent

No. 611292

I think he has a speech impediment but also seems like he's definitely taken some Xanax and weed

No. 611299

That's really fucked up. He can say what he wants.. if he wants to blast his families business to the world or ruin his career by missing some show then he should be able to. It's not like hes some a list celebrity. He really seems like he going through some shit with being controlled. Or even just in his personal life. I dont know if i believe he has an psychiatric diagnosis but hes obviously going through some shit or just fed up.

No. 611301

Was that the full video?

No. 611303

There was just a previous 10 seconds or so of him waiting for viewers to show up he said the mast shit in the corners of his mouth was milkshake.
I think it’s still up on his ig.

No. 611326

>hes obviously going through some shit

It seems like he thought his advance was free pill money he would never have to work for.

No. 611346

File: 1529047633443.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 4419A7A0-E338-4A87-BE3F-7A0898…)

can someone explain to me who this guy is in relation to toopoor? it’s his account

No. 611358

I've disliked Xan since day one but it seems clear that he has mental issues and his management and "team" don't give a fuck. He's a paycheck to them and that's all they want out of him. He seems mentally and emotionally stunted, management sees that and are taking advantage of it. I would never guess he is an almost 22 year old man. Fame is not for him and I truly feel bad that he's probably balls deep in a contract. Something needs to change or he'll be the next one to go.

This isn't the first time they've locked him out of his own social media. He really chose the wrong people to represent him. Sure he was making himself look bad but they made it worse. He has 3 million teen girls obsessed with him, they wouldn't have thought anything about this until they yanked his phone away, put him in a headlock, and logged him out of his socials.

No. 611360

File: 1529050544271.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7197.PNG)

This just got released- lol at the picture but this was one of the songs confirmed by peep to be about her. Wonder if she'll comment on it or anything also seeing as its the 7 month anniversary

No. 611363

Smokeasac made a insta post about it and now it's gone ???

No. 611364

Why would they drop this shit at 1:30am

No. 611367

i thought that layla was one of the handful who had the recording? who leaked it

No. 611369

No idea but this peep fan page posted that it was available on Apple Music too so I think it could be legit though

No. 611375

im reading that it was released like 14 days ago. maybe not officially two weeks ago tho. really sad vibe to the song. more of a reminder that he's dead for some reason, than say, spotlight or 4 chains. overall atmosphere of the song makes me feel like i'm living in a shit-shack with a grody dude. kinda catchy though. guess it's nice that he spoke positively of layla here, but it's clear, i think, that she wasn't adversarial enough for him. i do think he was probably, on some level, into being challenged and layla made it obvious that she was always going to let him walk all over her and shit all over her just to get a second of his time.

No. 611377

I just don't think it's very "single" material.

No. 611379

File: 1529052425724.jpeg (80.7 KB, 1125x1009, 983E308E-319A-49C1-B6C8-495BAD…)

That was on the lyrics page. Weird

No. 611380

definitely not. neither was 4 chains. that shit was terrible. doesn't he have scads of unreleased material? it's just weird what has been released posthumously. none of it has been single material.

No. 611383

4 chains was better than this to me..

Belgium and Needle (I know they're on a completely different album) are Singles. That shit needs to be released. Those will sell.

No. 611387

File: 1529053438523.jpeg (220.22 KB, 1125x1446, BA051B30-5A15-4867-B0D1-AFA5AE…)

No. 611388

File: 1529053802762.png (26.25 KB, 495x457, what.PNG)

what is tunecore? does this mean it wasn't manually added?

really odd.

No. 611390

samefag but it looks like tunecore is some independent music publishing company that lets the artist keep 100% of the revenue, so obviously liza did go ahead with this, i guess, seeing as how she owns the rights to his music. weird though. i wonder if jenny was right about her being kind of money hungry? just strange that she didn't notify smokeasac or anything

No. 611397


Uploaded it with out the muck.

Its honestly upsetting. Peep was supposed to cancel the show the day before he died bc he was also sick or something but ended up powering though(by his own words he just took a bunch of pills), avicii was also literally worked to death. And Something about some dude who doesn’t even seem to be his friend low key choking him out on live, while he’s driving, with people in the background just letting happen is beyond unsettling. Like where are his friends?

I really really don’t like lil xan. I’ve totally been mean to his fans before but it’s fucked to see someone being treated like that. And the dude from the jump admits the rap thing wasn’t like his calling right? It just kinda happened and he’s going with it. He’s really just a cash cow to the people he’s signed under. He also seems like super out of it and thought his live was deleted when it’s still up and saved onto his pf so who know what he’s going though.

No. 611406

Peep and Xans management can go fuck themselves. It's pretty blatant that they're really screwing these people and their families over

No. 611407

Also that dude is driving Xans G Wagon. Lol.. the level of absurdity. Idk if his management thinks this is a publicity tool, but Xan looks awful and sounds rlly not in reality

No. 611413

This is obviously a cry for help

If he's the next to go it will 100% be his managements fault. He's clearly concerned about his health and knows he's not ok. They can't feign ignorance if anything bad happens like they did with peep

No. 611416

this is why Jenny's mad at Liza for continuing to work with Peep's management

these people are around artists 24/7, they what they're up to they just choose to ignore it until the inevitable happens

No. 611418

He was popping pills on the daily, no one was testing his shit, AND there was no narcan on the bus. It wasn't a freak occurrence he was obviously gonna OD at some point.

I wonder if xan is still sober. He seems delirious but it could soley be that he's sick and running on no sleep.

No. 611419

File: 1529061010770.jpeg (355.04 KB, 1125x1854, E8D5410B-4966-4140-8BB2-EBE355…)

Pretty pathetic when your management is trying to cover their own ass by talking shut about their client on their Instagram.

No. 611420

File: 1529061025624.jpeg (275.29 KB, 1125x1581, 898B3D34-6E8A-4A35-ADDA-277BFD…)

No. 611421

File: 1529061038958.jpeg (427.25 KB, 1125x1773, 29AD7504-05DE-4CB8-AECF-E9ABE0…)

No. 611428

Welp I guess that answers my question about whether he's sober or not. Why tf would they keep him touring and not put him in rehab? Like lets drag this relapsed drug addict all over the damn place and expect him to preform and be a functional human. Makes sense.

No. 611431

No. 611434

"I don't make him do anything he doesn't wanna do"

then why was he calling out to his fans for help and being physically restrained? seems like there's a lot you make him do but ok

I don't like diego but he's obviously being mistreated rn

No. 611442

i agree with jenny. liza should 100% try them in civil court if, at least, criminal charges don't stick. she shouldn't be working with any of these fools. they are responsible for gus' death, 100%. there is no reason why there werent any testing kits or narcan on those buses. what the fuck were these losers paid for except to exploit drug addicted kids???

No. 611448

Are we forgetting that this kid sold people fake drugs and was extremely flippant about it on his public instagram page after his stupid I love peep post as if he wasn't a part of the fent epidemic that killed him? He's a PR nightmare and they're trying to stop him from tanking his whole career after he's already burned through his advance. He seems like a giant child that needs to be babysat at all times

I don't see how this is like Peep's situation at all. For all we know they're trying their hardest to keep his career afloat and have reached a breaking point

No. 611451

idk if anyone thinks diego is worthy enough to like take a break and come back, management probably wants to keep his relevancy up and no matter how sick the kid gets physically or mentally they will keep pushing him enough that he doesn’t fall off the radar, the whole situation is totally fucking sad, if something were to happen to xan similar to what happened to peep then this whole scene is going to be totally fucked up to look back on in 20 time

No. 611452


yeah, ia. if diego goes to rehab the entire scene is going to forget about him, but honestly that might nto be such a bad thing for his mental health. the dude needs it.

No. 611464

File: 1529067636221.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, C6331F51-4854-44AD-A93E-693AAE…)

Joei made it to LA. Isn’t tp meeting him there today?

No. 611475

File: 1529069578166.jpeg (293.4 KB, 1125x753, 6ED477FE-4C2E-4843-84B1-654F64…)

Who knows. She’s been posting all kinds of sad girl shit on her twitter.

No. 611476

File: 1529069593133.jpeg (206.38 KB, 1125x627, 210D96A6-3167-41AF-B6A1-822FAE…)

No. 611487

HAHAHAHAHAHA you're defending supreme - the streetwear company that ripped off Barbara Kruger? fuck off.

No. 611508

That was three days ago. No one cares. Stay on topic

No. 611520

Apparantly xan cabt drive so someone else has to drive it for him. He said that in his last freak out video.

No. 611521

He hasnt been sober for a while IMO

No. 611523

File: 1529076839931.jpeg (224.89 KB, 1125x1254, ACF94811-23DB-4547-AF17-E1963F…)


No. 611526

Both those guys profiles make them seem like pieces of shit. I wouldn't trust them to do shit. Xan probably is on drugs and they very well may be wanting him to stop. But trying to control him and limit his freedom of speech is just going to make him push back harder. You cant force someone to be sober.. even if they are your paycheck. It just doesnt work like that.

No. 611572

Yes tp you having no self respect was just part of the game and every other girl in it is just like you. Oh Lord please start a movement for them since these women can't do anything without you and your tweets will surely fix the deep seeded issues of the low self esteem losers who look up to you

No. 611581

i don’t think that’s what she’s talking about asshole

No. 611638

lol yeah dude they’re tweets. They read bottom to top.

No. 611724

No. 611727

I hate to say this but I would not at all be surprised if Xan is the next to go via overdose. I'm not a fan but came across him about a year ago shortly before he blew up and have been following his progress since then. Had he never signed with Stat Quo I think he'd be in a much better position than he is now. He might not have as much money but he would have a better quality of life and could still make music, without touring and traveling, which is obviously too much for him. I agree that they're using his poor mental state to their advantage and that's such a shitty thing to do to anyone.
I also find it hilarious that Stat is trying to say he discovered him when it was Steven Cannon who discovered him and put him on.

No. 611744

File: 1529092161359.png (1.64 MB, 1450x1040, ratchet.png)

"so I met this tall guy, kept telling me his names Paris but we met in Cali, think he likes me what y’all think?"

People tell her what they think - She flips out.

There's some more entertaining comments on the thread. I don't get why she would even reply to these troll comments.

No. 611765

Lol she’s straight trash.
What I got from reading the comments: her and rose were friends. Rose and Paris broke up. Paris and whatever this girls name is get together almost immediately. So yeah… trash.

No. 611775

She really thinks shes so hard. Its hilarious.

No. 611778


She has the physique of a 12 year old, anyone who can lift a bag of groceries could knock those lights out.

No. 611790

that hair is a disaster too. she looks like she's gone dumpster diving with a bunch of goo in her hair.

No. 611800

File: 1529096605769.jpg (876.58 KB, 1080x1440, 20180615_140324.jpg)

You're telling me you dont love this style? Lol

No. 611832

File: 1529098718926.jpeg (374.25 KB, 1125x899, AA4C35E1-E72C-451A-96DC-0014BE…)

Marilyn’s been breaking down on social media the past couple days

No. 611851

File: 1529100160203.jpeg (144.17 KB, 1125x896, 59D7B807-879E-4079-87F8-CBDEDD…)

Wow. All her tweets are Peep or BPD overload

No. 611852

File: 1529100174971.jpeg (101.88 KB, 1125x739, DADFC50F-504D-497A-95A5-EB4E4E…)

No. 611856

they look like two washed up crackheads

No. 611861

Sex with my Ex has been deleted on Apple Music and Spotify now

No. 611862

Yeah just do that! Leave twitter and check yourself in.

No. 611863

Is it confirmed that Marilyn actually has borderline personality disorder? Like has she said so herself? Or is it an internet diagnosis? Not saying she is the pinnacle of mental health, just curious.

No. 611872

She's said it herself

No. 611885

File: 1529102075540.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4066.PNG)

Cringy as fuck gt

No. 611937


At least she went brown instead of a straw-like blonde as she's had in the past. looks terrible with her skintone.

now if she got her lip fillers toned down she wouldn't look like mrs. potato head.

No. 611984

she can’t fix her donkey kong jawline though.

No. 612029

>>611885 anyone looks half decent with those IG filters on.

This girl dealt with lil xan. No wonder she is fine with Grosso. Maybe she likes having these mental boyfriends to "know themselves more than they know themselves"

And I find it hilarious that she keeps going from private to public on her IG. She is not stable.

No. 612032

>>611800 She looked so much better with her fake hair. Girl looks like oscar the grouch.

No. 612068

File: 1529113121850.jpg (172.13 KB, 750x1334, fuckboiiiii.jpg)


No. 612069

>>612068 he looks like any other guy in central california.

No. 612097

remind me to stay the fuck away from central california then

No. 612098

Jersey Shore lookin' mf

No. 612107

does he have hubcaps in his ears?

No. 612116

File: 1529116041935.jpg (146.13 KB, 1070x686, 20180615_192724.jpg)

Oh boy. Cant wait to see what kind of fiasco this becomes.

No. 612126

File: 1529116411111.jpg (2.55 MB, 3385x1647, 20180615_192954.jpg)

No. 612127

File: 1529116420053.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, B4FB70B6-DF6F-4D15-BC47-45C57C…)

looks like pep’s still sipping

No. 612129

File: 1529116644671.jpeg (129.38 KB, 1125x1064, 93A6C33D-471E-44DE-B884-FE7D68…)

Corey and cass are cringe extreme

No. 612142

Omfg there is no way he is straight LOL "I'll finger you" lmfao

No. 612147

So he's going to end his easy source of income and go into an endeavor that involves him to be an actually functional human?

No. 612150

bc asap rocky touched his hand not his dick…

anyways this is really cringey hope she gets a yeast infection from coreys unwashed fingers

No. 612163

File: 1529121271814.png (1.61 MB, 838x1006, crackhead.png)

He looks like such a crackhead here.

I would run if I saw him.

No. 612178

I honestly dont believe he ever stopped.

No. 612234


> "i want to die"


who's inspiration tho. go get help, stop using your breakdowns as instagram captions. here's that attention you ordered.


what do you meant his kid isn't a gay escort. he looks like he just crawled out of that dumpster to suck some dick next to it for that beer.

No. 612249

File: 1529135626010.jpg (226.6 KB, 750x1240, IMG_7116.jpg)

Maybe its the hat but Paris is starting to look like kid rock..


Marilyn is celebrating her monthly peep spam with a suicide thread,coo!.

No. 612271

Yh, at this point it's actually disturbing, she definitely uses her mental health issues to gain attention/followers/validation, but is waaaaay too old to be pushing this online, I mean, come on, suffering, but not too much to make and sell tacky wallowinselfpity jewellery…….and now guilt tripping people who have been supporting her and looking up to her.

No. 612291

Exactly, when you post suicidal shit what do you expect people to say? Are they supposed to say DO IT?? She's the least humble and the least appreciative person why does she even have fans? She acts like she has all the answers and wants to help everyone then threatens suicide and freaks out at everyone for caring.

No. 612292

Plus, if you tattoo death symbols all over your face and body, and you think you're all mystical an shit, why are you surprised when you only attract low vibrational energy? Sorry for armchair occultist lecture, but it never ceases to amaze me that all these so called in-touch-with-other-dimensions-you-peasants-will-never-understand types don't know the basic principles of positive an negative energy, and then whine when they're depressed.

No. 612311

sex with an ex got taken down off apple music?!? make smokey got mad :( lol(don't use emojis)

No. 612340

File: 1529153693586.jpeg (172.36 KB, 1125x939, C3641AF7-E267-45C8-8CB9-1E8CB6…)

She tweets this exact same shit about sending memes at least once a week. But now its an edgy suicide edition.

No. 612341

File: 1529153711047.jpeg (158.46 KB, 1125x953, 548D48F9-92A1-4DE9-9FB6-2C0221…)

No. 612354

She sounds like shes 14. Its embarassing

No. 612360

File: 1529156172559.jpg (475.7 KB, 1080x1717, 20180616_063435.jpg)

Looks like xans "management" got him to go to the festival

No. 612379

File: 1529158854835.png (1.45 MB, 640x1136, 8545B321-A242-441A-9418-865E56…)

broooo coco’s mouth though. and greasy boyfriend.

she’s obviously gotten lip injections in the past, would she be able to do that while getting radiation? her mouth is inflamed and swollen.

i can’t believe she posted this. but then again, coco is blinded by narcissism and an obsession with herself/pouya

No. 612388

ok question: how the fuck do you get this fat or even chubby on so many drugs/any drugs?
From my old experience and some old friends', junkies are skinny for a reason. you can't eat on like any drug, why can't this ugly fuck just switch to coke?

No. 612393

File: 1529160873785.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4075.PNG)

From tylers twitter. Look at that arm, a manbaby. A homeless manbaby

No. 612395

>>612379 OH MY GOD, Hell, that picture scared the hell out of me!! He looking like manson and her mouth like the bottom of some animal

No. 612398

You've never seen fat junkies? It happens. Lots of calories in alcohol and he probably isn't high all the time. I know when i did speed i ate like a horse after coming down. Still lost weight though but he probably doesnt use stims. Sage for blogpost.

No. 612433

he's fat off lean and all the trash food he eats

No. 612434

even mom's about the tackle the bathroom wouldn't wear socks n slides

No. 612517

its because hes retaining water and is bloated af. hes probably drinking a lot and eating trash when he does eat. also drugs just effect people metabolism differently. i was at my sloppiest most bloated when i had a coke problem mostly bc i was dehydrated af

No. 612544

those lips are absolutely terrifying. jesus christ…looking like a prolapsed anus

No. 612547

You can eat like a motherfucker while coming down and heroin makes you crave sugar.

No. 612555

>it's so sick and unfair he even has one dollar


No. 612559

Easy. Opiates trigger intense sugar cravings, slow your metabolism to a near stop, bloat you, and causes insane constipation.

Most junkies that are skinny are skinny because dope comes before food. If you’re eating sugar (white is fat free anyways) but it’s still less than 500 calories a day you’ll lose weight. Tyler is lazy, he doesn’t work out, he eats like shit, and has money so he doesn’t need to choose between one or the other.

No. 612594

File: 1529183023422.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 3F4863C6-CCBB-44E1-AC2B-429DDA…)

No. 612696

Tp honey omg please stay away from these clout boys for awhile. LA is full of grosso and paris clones and luke was high-key just looking for someone relevant to date bc he's a washed up old man with no skills and fried ass hair.

No. 612698

accurate description of luke lmao

No. 612753

luke is a 32 year old man sucking clout

No. 612765

No. 612769

File: 1529192646880.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1947, 9D0CDDAA-ECF8-41DE-A329-BD54B0…)


i quite liked luke at first // thought he was a good influence re: sobriety etc.

happy she’s away from the human embodiment of cringe now, in perfect hindsight. pic related.

really hoping everything doesn’t fall apart when she gets back to la.

No. 612785

could tell from the beginning he was fake af. sane, healthy, accountable people don't typically hang out in these really lame model/'dj' circles. he's terribly unattractive. i feel bad for layla. she can do much better.

No. 612802

File: 1529194534304.jpeg (118.63 KB, 750x846, 590881AC-0245-4D60-A8A6-29F955…)

She isn’t sober

No. 612808

File: 1529194729622.jpeg (155.44 KB, 1125x878, BD570D0E-8E6F-46E4-9B72-F5C507…)

she knows she ain’t milky no more

No. 612812

related and not bragging bc it's seriously so common, but for those who don't grow up in an industry city, i'm from la and grew up with a talented singer who's in the process of getting signed. if he talks about it he would get canned instantly, and management owns your instagram/social media and you only can add people 'in the family'. it's obviously all an aesthetic for them to make money but i 100% believe xan is being threatened and abused. kid probably does have a crackhead father and that's why he's mentally ill, and management loves that because he's easier to break and mold. i'm just saying for anyone thinking this is a story he's making up it's not. aforementioned friend has breakdowns PRIVATELY regularly and he can't talk about it. they obviously treat women way worse.

i know some shithead minimod is going to bitch about blogging but it's relevant and all of these people are in la, it's more than a fucked up place. they will bleed xan dry, but if he's giving fent to people like what was posted above, then whatever.

No. 612822

how does that make someone not sober

No. 612847

I feel like it’s that anon who keeps saying that. theyve done it in past threads too, insisting she’s “not sober on her live” because she’s doing something weird. like… what if she’s just weird? or bored? it’s layla after all.

No. 612914

I didnt umnderstand that either. Layla seems like she would be someone who has a really silly, goofy side.

No. 612947

I suspect potato head chelji

No. 612964

I’m so sick of unsaged bullshit. If we’re going to get all hype about “no mini modding” then I wish farmhands would do something about it.

No. 612995

File: 1529203916768.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 668A187F-A2EE-4F3F-942E-E9D163…)

No. 613001

File: 1529204253838.png (1.66 MB, 992x866, tragic.png)

>>612995 her face is tragic. Tyler commenting on the photo "commenting again cause youre fucking baaaad" He commenting a bunch of lovey emojis before that.

No. 613005

File: 1529204454780.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, ED522649-E1F8-4E51-BFDB-48F189…)

No. 613010

I'm trying find screen shots of deleted tweets by trapmami($crims ex gf) there were some of her talking about how she wanted pouya and was always @ing him about liking him, and one tweet was bashing coco. It said something like "why tf pouya girl pull her shorts up to her titties?lmao" something like that but now she's buddy buddy with coco wearing her lash line and commenting "love u girl etc" just think trapmami iz gross and she also was hooking up with $crim while he was with sofi (his ex before her) and now she's all buddy buddy with sofi too despite knowing he had a gf and she still was fuckinf him…

No. 613016


bitch needs to go back to being the blonde california sun child she was instead of this instathot clout monster shit …. it’s not doing her reputation and appearance any favors

grace looks so much older than she is & she has such a big face, that’s why all her pics are photoshopped to death. girl is an insecure mess and her black hair is awful. almost as awful as her blue hair with the raggedy roots

also i can’t believe TP was ever with nasty ass tyler grosso. their relationship and feud with peep was truly the peak of tyler’s life. look at where he is now. he definitely misses layla and that lifestyle. obviously he doesn’t give a shit about his new girl

grace matches tyler’s ugliness. i can’t wait until she leaves him for the next person that has a lil clout

No. 613119

File: 1529220324611.jpg (826.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180617-032340.jpg)

This fat fuck really out here wearing this outfit again

No. 613120

File: 1529220354096.jpg (687.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180617-032556.jpg)

No. 613125

I'm sure he's very proud of his slackjawed junkie son who looks like a 14 year old girl with a severe developmental delay.

No. 613126

Lmao wait, did I miss the joke? That's the WWE wrestler the undertaker, not his actual dad

No. 613138

her face is bigger than his whole head lol wut

No. 613160

File: 1529233732034.jpeg (125.46 KB, 679x955, 9D1ABAF8-6515-44E3-B7D8-E8F768…)

Greasy manlet

No. 613168

File: 1529234499968.jpeg (27.31 KB, 400x288, 6FE0DCF7-788E-44AB-8DE9-2F1C9C…)


y’know something funny? tyler apparently never closes his mouth, it’s possible he’s a mouth breather. so, on top of being allergic to soap and unable to dress himself, he also has terrible breath and a shitty lump of dough for a jaw.

check it out, tyler, since you lurk here constantly. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mouth_breathing

pic related: it’s apparently a set of sisters, (twins?) of which one breathes normally and the other through her mouth. pin the tail on the pepper.

No. 613197

He looks like an actual female. Like the fat friend who got left out cause everyone else coupled up at the party, now shes outside drunk and mad.

No. 613199


By the looks of those eyes he figured out to use facetune.

No. 613200

theyre bigger

No. 613206

lmao so accurate

No. 613214

I love how I follow scrim and didn't know any of this

No. 613217

File: 1529243723459.png (251.85 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180617-083124.png)

sage because this is old but this is why suicide boys have no milk

he hit a rough patch and instead of vomiting his feelings all over social media and obsessing over everything he just logged out

No. 613221

Pepper could learn a thing or 2

It's like half these people don't know you really can just log out and ignore the hate/drama when you need to

No. 613222

>logging out
>not responding to drama

pepper: ?????

No. 613322

File: 1529251298800.jpg (684.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180617-120132.jpg)

Dm me so I can get some lean in this fat gut

No. 613343

he even put the magnifying glass and pill emojis under the writing. smh.

No. 613380

Lmao wow… Didn't even notice that at first, just know what this phrase is code for as far as their crew is concerned

No. 613414

File: 1529260017258.png (269.4 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180617-093314.png)

as much as we joke about her being a moonpie aubrie and tp seem to have a genuinely healthy friendship. I always got competitive/jealousy vibes from cass (which were 100% true obvs)

No. 613423

Same and she doesn't seem to reference hard drugs ever so I'm pretty sure she's relatively sober. She's not v milky but that's honestly a good thing

No. 613426

bUt hEs SoBeR

No. 613429

>>613322 hasn't he learnt not to look for pills in Az? Most of them are fake there.

No. 613443

File: 1529261419177.jpg (1.4 MB, 1440x1997, 20180617_114802.jpg)

This chick is like 22?lookin about 45…. that makeup,I can't get over it,its so bad. How she cuffed $crim for a while blows my mind.

No. 613449

trap mami looks like G Dragon lol

No. 613457

LMAO!!!!! oh too funny

No. 613487

what is this tattoo? Is that graces name lol

No. 613496

suck my dick chelji no one reads this garbage daily are you serious

No. 613506

pretty sure it is lmao! Next to his TP tatoo… So cute. Boy never learns anything.

No. 613628

Jesus, how long has he been wearing those LV pajamas now?

No. 613630

So subtle. Lol

No. 613771

is it just me or does she look like she has a lazy eye…

No. 613774

I bet this is how he got her back.

"look babay, I got your name on my BELLAAAYY. Get in my BELAY"

No. 613791

Tyler is saying he is going on tour with Post in Europe, but Paris is saying these are his last tour dates. Is Tyler going with Post on his own?

No. 613858

She's literally hot as fuck lmao when did this turn into 4chan

No. 613903

File: 1529308509314.png (1.21 MB, 1242x2208, 7860B2A7-57EB-41FF-906E-3982E1…)

This fool really said I’m coming to Europe with post! And then retweeted this joke someone made about a fan who threw up after smelling post that was trending.

No. 613918

not trying to whiteknight or whatever but I saw Layla at LAX airport today and she doesn't 100% look like her pictures but she's still pretty cute in person regardless

No. 613922

File: 1529312530421.jpeg (551.5 KB, 1125x1291, 0843FA7B-BBF1-4251-BA54-AF539D…)


looks like paris is joining for the europe dates. is it just me, or does he seem a bit …. ungrateful to be going in this instagram caption?

also absolutely fascinated to see how pepper and his ugly drug sniffing minion will cope outside of america. any bets on them having to leave the tour for a “mystery reason” way before it ends?

No. 613940

Tbh the less facetune the better in her case. I'm sure she looks fine irl compared to her terrible michael jackson edits

No. 613984

Paris has been 100% ungrateful and entitled since day one despite having no real talent

No. 613994

to be fair she was on an 11 hour flight. i never look amazing when i travel.

No. 614001

He's completely ungrateful and has a huge ego. Im beginning to dislike him more and more. His music is shit.. and trust me.. I tried to find even 1 song I thought was ok.

No. 614117

LOLOL The ole eagle eye

No. 614122

>hot as fuck
i'm in no way over-critical of girls' looks, i have called both layla and cass pretty in these threads before. this chick is still a walking double chin with some (bad) make up caked on her, you don't have to be a 4chan incel to see it. what's next, are you gonna say chelji is attractive or something?

No. 614124

File: 1529339124176.jpeg (87.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1529338551161.jpeg)

looks like she was thinner when they met plus she smokes cigs / goes out drinking a lot. It probably just caught up to her

still can't believe she's 22 tho

No. 614127

File: 1529339549465.jpg (432.47 KB, 1906x1790, wtf.jpg)

So, One of Layla's cult followers tweeted asking her to "dominate him and step on his face with her perfect toes"

I replied to this sweet and said "damn dude you are wild" HE THEN DM'D ME with the attached photos saying "once he got a taste of her dominance he cant stop."

WTF is this shit??

No. 614131

>>613922 He's going to have a very very very hard time finding any plugs for the stuff he's looking for in Europe. I bet he's going to go back to the dog food.

No. 614151

I wouldn't even care if layla was domming, get it girl, but these caps feel like bullshit.

No. 614163

not quite sure how getting slobber all over ur fingers is dominant

No. 614167

could this be what Tyler was referring to when he tweeted out that he found out one of his exes was an escort?

No. 614168

ikr? It's only dominant if dude has a ball gag and you wave your fingers in his face and laugh as he tries uselessly to stick his tongue thru the gag. Ya don't let him put his nasty fingers in the Mistress' mouth ; this is why young women can't dom; they look good but that's not it.

No. 614170

>>614167 VERY POSSIBLE!!!!

No. 614173

Screenshots with handles and picture by the messages seem legit enough for me, granted anyone can photoshop but I HIGHLY doubt that is the case

No. 614176

maybe i should find this more milky but i do not care about her putting her gross fingers in some gross dudes mouth

No. 614190

the guy asked for fingers in another guys mouth because he likes her hands and toes. she’s trolling

No. 614194

Is this really the same girl as >>613443
cause they look like totally diff people to me
second girl looks like lexy pantera or whatever her name is

No. 614195

this really is hilarious but not really milky lol this seems like something Layla would do for shits…

i don’t see how this counts as sex work or her escorting unless he was sending her $$$ unless someone has a different definition of escorting

No. 614199

it’s purely speculation considering none of us know whether or not if he paid for that “service”

No. 614201

lmao i feel like this is satire on her part
even if she's into domming dudes this one seems extra cringe and neckbeardy
seems like something she prob just does for fun in her spare time because it's toopoor like come on this is the girl that used to sell her broken off nails on depop

No. 614205

File: 1529346011303.png (145.79 KB, 1074x509, wtf 2.png)


he also, told me that he asked her to send pictures of her fingers in someones mouth.
if you look at the last message from her on the first picture you see that she said "Send me 50 and ill send u 3"
Next being the three photos she sent after receiving money.

No. 614208

kek damn nice spot on that, didn't see the text cut off
too bad there's not more proof tho cuz it seems there are always a lot of people out to get layla for some reason and i could see someone making this up but idk im skeptical about everything in general

No. 614211

lol if i could make $50 that easy i'd do it in a sec tbqh

No. 614214


No. 614215

i'm so confused by why this guy is so excited to share this with even someone making a passing comment on twitter

No. 614220

that shit old and funny idc it’s not exposing why not make $50 to shove ur fingers in someone’s mouth. i split the money with my friend

No. 614233

i'd do it too, girl

No. 614249


Aint that the damn truth! the easiest money made.

No. 614285

tmz is reporting xxxtentacion was just shot in Miami

No. 614288

No. 614290

No. 614291

If thats Layla shes trolling.

No. 614293

does this count as soundclout milk or

No. 614297

Yes. Duh.

No. 614298


tbh all the power to lay. get it girl.

No. 614300

welp. shitty stuff happens to shitty people. wouldn't ever wish death on someone but damn, the docs i read about his abused ex's testimony were disturbing enough that i don't really feel all that bad for the dude.

No. 614302

File: 1529354985288.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 09FE31EE-749D-4CA5-BE8A-F7B5D6…)

tp and joei round 2

No. 614312

Honestly I really hated his music but this is insane. This is blowing my mind. He was so young.

No. 614324

No blood anywhere tho, getting lit up is messy.

I don’t follow x obviously but Ppl that do are betting if he’s really dead or just faking his death again because ig he has before.

No. 614327

not really mindblowing since he's like basically a sociopath that did stupid shit and i'm sure associated with similarly shitty people. oh well.

No. 614328

File: 1529357941601.png (9.31 MB, 2436x1125, 4A57034F-D331-4A51-A001-51ACE6…)

I’m watching a live stream of the crime scene and there is no blood anywhere or bullet casings.

No. 614334

Declared dead.

No. 614345

File: 1529358721415.png (2.75 MB, 1125x2436, 76798394-0548-48A7-9A0E-89D7E1…)

Image board. Post a screen shot at least. And it seems like they haven’t officially confirmed its him.

No. 614348

tmz doesn't get this shit wrong often

No. 614355

File: 1529359406635.jpeg (374.02 KB, 1125x2012, D8EEE502-AE6B-4102-96E9-E46D78…)

I was doubting but yeah he prOlly dead.

Grosso is of course making it about himself.

No. 614357

@browardsheriff posted a tweet saying the adult male who had been taken to the hospital died. Sry I couldnt post cap my computer is slow

No. 614358

derivative abusive loser male praises another derivative abusive loser, of course. ew.

No. 614360

Adam22 is too its gross lmao

No. 614367


Shaderoom mentioned he was a domestic abuser in their snippets and people in the comments are freaking out that you should ~respect the dead~

Lol he fucking water boarded his pregnant gf. Super deserving of respect right?

No. 614369

You read the cap they were quoting? It had the tweet from Boward county, but they hadn’t officially id’d the body yet.

No. 614371

They have to notify his family first.

TMZ doesn't.

No. 614372

>you were a legend


No. 614373

this is gonna be lil peep ripple effect round 2. here we go guys.

again, I’m also not crying about a manipulative abuser dying. good riddance to trash. fuck that ~respect the dead~ and ~but she lied about the abuse~ bullshit his 14 year old fans are on. he was a woman beater and now the world has one less woman beater walking around. case closed.

No. 614374

the tweet before it was them reporting taking him from the scene where he was shot

No. 614376

File: 1529360604422.png (478.42 KB, 750x1334, E8B6BCE7-EF2D-4EE8-AC47-933243…)

So cringe it’s painful

meanwhile GT is over here making a really meaningful statement about the impact of gun violence on American society

No. 614377

Yeah, whatever. Sorry to sound like a callous sociopath but dude was a massive piece of shit who beat the breaks off his pregnant girlfriend within an inch of her life and showed zero remorse or interest in redeeming himself. Read the police report on Pitchfork if you need clarity on this and fuck Grosso, Adam22 & everyone else who is gonna spend the next 6 months deifying him for attention & clout points. Ugh.

No. 614384

File: 1529361146879.jpeg (367.99 KB, 1125x449, 8CEC30B7-C5C7-409F-B74C-57A6F2…)

No come on Layla you stupid bitch we’re rooting for you.

No. 614385

Lmao this isn't a gun violence problem this is a shady dude dealing with shady people doing shady shit violence problem

Anyone talking about any violence as far as this asshole was concerned (esp women) had the wool pulled over their eyes and should hope they never find themselves in an abusive relationship (gtshields is already in one, so not really surprised about this one tbh)

No. 614386

ew @ Layla defending X and saying "no one deserves to die. no one" on twitter …idk why I'm surprised at this but this is so gross of her

No. 614387

File: 1529361199625.jpg (15.65 KB, 574x77, x.JPG)

Honestly this is gonna get real messy real quick on social media. Fuck Grosso, fuck Paris, fuck Adam, fuck every attention seeking twat praising him now and you know what fuck Grace for being a dumbass.

No. 614388

File: 1529361209341.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 3FC1C632-AA19-4B2B-BAEA-86829F…)

And the respect i had for her is gone now

No. 614390

People thinking every person has a right to live (and die without anyone talking about the shit they stirred up for themselves???) regardless of what they've done in the past and who they've hurt is so bizarre. Dude was disgusting.

No. 614395

Did you just post without reading anything that was recently posted?

No. 614396

Yeah you're about 2 hours late

No. 614400

a young dude dying is always sad but people acting like he didn’t basically torture a pregnant girl are stupid as fuck

people were already putting him on a pestedal and making him look like some troubled soul, imagine now that he’s been shot, his fans are gonna try to elevate him into some tupac second coming

No. 614404

yeah shes a retard. she also had a boner for him. she said on no jumper after peep broke up w her that x was hot. idk shes gross. i feel bad for her because shes an obvious target for abuse, but she's too much of a doormat that praises dick for me to respect her at all whatsoever

No. 614408

repeatedly, mind you. he shoved a barbecue pitchfork and barbecue cleaner up her vagina to torture her. the guy was really fucking sick.

No. 614409

Nobody deserves to die, yes, however X did a lot of bad shit to piss people off. He’s gotten into many fights with ppl because he’s so problematic, all I’m saying is why are people surprised by this at all. It was as inevitable as peeps death imo

No. 614410

Layla's the epitome of a nobody, i never rooted for her like other anons but this is honestly still surprising. She has given away any right to play victim when she wants to be as petty and nonsensical as to say an abusers actions should not be talked about because s/he is deceased. Even worse is the "beautiful things you've created" part, like the videos of him beating people some of whom he has also sexually abused? Songs with lyrics like "all my friends are dead"? Absolutely fuck off you box headed, inverted triangle jawed, washed out, used up piece of tour bus toilet paper. Nobody cares about your opinions besides when you say such outrageously retarded and harmful shit that people can't help but call you names cause you can't have a heart 2 heart with a blow up mattress.

No. 614412

in what world is torturing and beating on your pregnant girlfriend for months “a mistake” ? Layla don’t be fucking stupid

No. 614414

Violently torturing and abusing your pregnant girlfriend is hardly just a "mistake", Layla. The guy was a sick fuck and the world is a better, safer place without him.

It's a shame she's still this stupid.

So, she's basically no better than the teen fangirls who wanted to hop on his dick, so they excuse his shit behavior. I'll admit he was decent looking, especially as far as soundcloud rappers go, but the guy wasn't even the average grosso tier asshole. This guy was straight up serial killer level torture/abuse of someone who was carrying his child. Crazy what someone will forgive or gloss over for some dick/fame.

Sorry, deleted to edit, but exactly. The guy was a completely violent, sick, and dangerous individual.

>nobody deserves to die
You know what this guy did, right? The world is better off without people like him in it, honestly.

No. 614416

he didn’t actually do that, apparently she passed out when he was dragging it across her thigh.

here’s the pitchfork article: https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/xxxtentacions-reported-victim-details-grim-pattern-of-abuse-in-testimony/

No. 614419

no one deserves to die but I sure don't mind an abusive psychopath biting the dust. eat shit in hell, X.

No. 614420

this is extremely disappointing.

No. 614421

I agree that the world is better off but that wasn’t my point, my point was that the shit he did pissed off people (including myself) and nobody should be surprised that someone decided to take care him on their own.

No. 614424

oh ok, still, he had every intention to. and abused her daily. no sympathies for this cumrag.

No. 614425

It wasn’t vengeance tho, it was a botched robbery. Or that’s how it’s being reported. Good riddance either way but I don’t think they meant to murk him.

No. 614430

File: 1529362868311.png (52.5 KB, 453x542, layla.PNG)

nah, probably not. he just caught karma.

i love that everyone is calling out her weirdo abuser apologetics just because she was thirsty for him. everyone in the comments of her tweets, basically, is admonishing her for it. i mena, cmon layla. you're almost 25 damn years old and should know better.

No. 614433

thank god some people still have some common sense. this dude was obviously a predator. we don’t need to cry about it

No. 614436

That makes it funnier.

No. 614440

It’s was a stupid thing to tweet on a multiple levels tbh. I know she’s a self serving bitch and All that “I’ve been there!!! I understand!!! You deserve better!!” DV advocating was just to make her look good but it made her fan base have high expectations of her.
Layla’s too stupid/un woke to do the virtue signaling brand right.

No. 614442

File: 1529363198481.png (62.97 KB, 737x315, gone.png)

That video is gone.

No. 614446

File: 1529363262214.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.82 MB, 720x1280, backup.webm)

Here's back up of the video on that page. Just in case it gets deleted.

No. 614447

File: 1529363278983.png (17.14 KB, 448x193, Capture.PNG)

we've all made mistakes! i remember the first time i waterboarded my boyfriend, dont you guys? i was just innocently vacuuming the couch, and then oops, waterboarded! it's so easy to make such mistakes. RIP #legend #gonetoosoon

No. 614452

People are really coming out of the woodwork for this one lmao

No. 614453

could've put a warning that this video was his dead body, jesus

No. 614455

File: 1529363485848.png (26.49 KB, 623x225, tweet.png)

No. 614457

is that blood at the beginning or someone's red clothing? i cant tell. in the last part of the vid there's like no blood though, that's crazy.

No. 614463

File: 1529363850431.png (19.77 KB, 412x157, delet.PNG)

"i cant take the heat for my dumb opinions but im going to act like it was a wildly popular opinion anyways" and ot but i really hate her profile picture. it makes her hands look like legit yaoi hands or that her head is just abnormally tiny/zika'd

No. 614469

Im still so confused about that but he’s definitely dead now & reading around It’s cause it was point blank I guess? I thought it was a drive by or he was lit up or something which is bloody, but when you shoot someone really close up there’s not much blood unless you hit an artery. That also explains why there wasn’t any other casings around him.

No. 614475

File: 1529364604491.jpeg (386.52 KB, 1242x987, E4B82A00-EA2E-4E93-B37C-F06541…)

Toopoor is right never forget the beautiful art he made rip

No. 614479

File: 1529364880544.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.57 MB, 404x720, ded.webm)

Maybe this is the vid that got pulled. idk.

No. 614481

As much as I despise pepper, I now believe Layla was lying about being abused for pity points and attention.
Otherwise there’s no way she would be defending an abuser who was far worse than Tyler.
Severely disappointed in her. I was stupid enough to think she really changed for the better.

No. 614482


Wow. FUCK YOU, Layla. You got called out for your completely transparent and wack ass posturing while also retweeting something about people being unempathetic in the midst of defending a person who beat a pregnant woman and raped her with a BBQ fork. What a completely fake and self-interested garbage narcissist you (still) are.

No. 614484

innocent until proven guilty

No. 614485

i don't think anyone here has the time or the patience to explain any of this to you since you're clearly already stupid as fuck if you haven't seen any of the proof but there is an actual witness who was there when she was getting beat and would have been at the trial but there won't be one anymore sorry

No. 614486

File: 1529365389558.png (21.65 KB, 452x204, wtf.PNG)

well the worst part is that literally 7 tweets before it was her saying all this shit about how she's "going to change the game for chicks" and start an entire movement for women and girls

get your thirsty pussy out of here, hoe. there's testimony from countless professionals (police, hospital staff, etc) confirming the abuse, and a person that literally rescued her while she was being abused. get out.

No. 614491

Once a self serving bitch always one.

At lease she doesn’t lie about it lil miss “I don’t even know what feminism means”

No. 614494

File: 1529365795502.jpeg (238.31 KB, 640x717, A8686B6E-72AE-4C7C-B919-64BE16…)

Sorry for bringing up this irrelevant cunt, but I find it funny how she tried to throw Layla under the bus with the whole Enzo situation.
Yet here she is… also supporting a known abuser. (Most likely for the clout, and to stay relevant)
Stay classy beans. You’re just as bad as grosso if not worse.

No. 614497

she’s right tho he doesn’t deserve to get his life taken away. does he deserve time in jail? yeah. but not death.

No. 614499

We're all going to die and death is inescapable. Get used to it. People die every second of the day.

No. 614501

Nah all abusers deserve to die.
Especially ones who abuse their pregnant gf.
He was fine with the possibility of killing his unborn child through physical abuse and emotional stress, he deserves to be dead.

No. 614503

people who are liabilities to others and nearly kill others/don't have a problem with killing others, let alone the mothers of their unborn children, deserve to die. maybe not by the legal system, but karmically, they deserve to die.

No. 614505

Didn’t deserved to live either lmao

No. 614507

No one deserves anything. The world doesn't owe you or anyone, anything.

No. 614516

At least sage your waterworks, anon.

All these desperate groupies showing their love for a violent abuser. Really shows you where these girl's minds are at.

No. 614519

both deleted. I saved a copy of it to my phone at the beginning. where can I upload it that it won't get removed?

No. 614530

agreed. I felt that way from tje beginning but now I'm positive. I'm sure Tyler's a piece of trash irl and horrible to be in a relationship with but I don't think he abused her, and when she shared her other "horrible abuse stories" they were all stupid as hell. wasn't one of them like "my boyfriend at the time wouldn't turn on the AC in the car when we would have sex" or something? ugh

No. 614535

Here's one option. If it's saved as an mp4 then all you have to do is convert it to webm and upload it here. Don't forget to spoiler it! https://video.online-convert.com/convert-to-webm

No. 614544

File: 1529368295175.png (38.28 KB, 600x300, live-leak.png)

You can always upload content to http://liveleak.com

No. 614546

File: 1529368368762.png (8.61 KB, 431x74, on.PNG)

broward sheriffs confirming w his name

No. 614559

she claimed he was emotional abusive and he even admitted to it in previous thread so quick to switch up.

No. 614560

also i don’t think she ever outted tyler she just raised awareness of the abuse. he was the one that came forward

No. 614566

this is what bitches who’ve never been abused say about famous rappers accused of being fucking abusive. check yourself sis. the legal system isn’t absolute godly or even justified 50% of the time.

No. 614568

where did anyone say he deserved to die?

No. 614569

The reason Layla can go through an abusive relationship and still defend known abusers is because she’s hella misogynistic. Remember her “rules” for dating her?

No. 614570

>no one deserves to die

Sorry, but women beaters and rapists do. why is she defending his dumb ass anyway? it's so weird.

No. 614572

what a pathetic excuse. Couldn’t even own up to the fact that she doesn’t want the hate.

No. 614575

If music can save someone's life their life was never in danger to begin with. Not happy he died, but he was a vile human being

No. 614582

THANK YOU. I’m so fucking sick of “this music saved my life”. Fuck off. Sometimes shit really isn’t that deep. Kids are so desperate to feel special/misunderstood and it’s honestly annoying.

No. 614591

File: 1529369971175.png (685.21 KB, 1242x2208, 1529365218746.png)

No. 614592

File: 1529369989635.png (583.36 KB, 938x602, 1529365899303.png)

No. 614597

What the fuck is going on here

No. 614599

File: 1529370167702.png (722.04 KB, 489x594, 1529366239131.png)

Officers said they sped away in a black SUV.

No. 614603

Anyone know why they did it?

No. 614605

Nope. It's from this thread. http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/175645542#p175646610 Go read it if you want. I am reading it right now.

No. 614606

File: 1529370896162.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.53 KB, 750x1334, 1529369420031.jpg)

Close up dead pic.

No. 614607

I was about to say damn people really out here on Instagram solving the murder? But makes more sense it came from 4chan

No. 614609

No. 614611

Why does pol give a shit? shouldn't they be happy he's dead?

No. 614613

You clearly haven't read the thread. lol.

No. 614615

File: 1529371827245.jpg (133.52 KB, 720x866, _20180618_202908.JPG)

1/5 xxx murder proof summed up for lazy people

No. 614617

File: 1529371853906.jpg (127 KB, 720x851, _20180618_202936.JPG)

No. 614619

File: 1529371884832.jpg (91.85 KB, 720x905, _20180618_202850.JPG)

No. 614620

File: 1529371917896.jpg (77.07 KB, 720x904, _20180618_202921.JPG)

No. 614621

File: 1529371945024.jpg (122.29 KB, 720x891, _20180618_202839.JPG)

No. 614622

File: 1529371963866.jpeg (340.4 KB, 1242x1957, 734FA1D0-EDBA-468E-89F4-8F9D4C…)

Does nobody understand how abusive relationships work and that a victim can actually love their abuser. I feel so fucking bad for this girl

No. 614627

File: 1529372075792.jpeg (763 KB, 1242x1348, 22AF0CEA-5E3A-4BC6-A394-573D6D…)

This is the post they’re on

No. 614633

File: 1529372176389.png (40.47 KB, 606x288, 1529371437639.png)

That's called battered women's syndrome.

No. 614639

Is this posted after his death or is she defending him??

No. 614642

I mean I think it’s pretty obvious that she’s not defending him. Instead of giving him attention with a “RIP x” tweet she’s wishing peaceful rest for DV victims who died at the hands of people like him.

No. 614646

This is crazy interesting bc I cant imagine what kinds of crazy shit might be said if like Ethan Kath died. I was just thinking about this earlier.

No. 614656

when people lose their life all judgement gets set aside. same thing with peep. people said he deserves to die for glorifying drugs. you don’t remind his friends and family that he is an abuser you want to remember the positive things about someone. no matter how much you hate someone you don’t wish death on them.(this is lolcow no one cares)

No. 614657

File: 1529373352633.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 582x720, punch.webm)

XXXTENTACION Punches a female.

No. 614660