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File: 1715966864530.jpg (149.38 KB, 715x819, lesbians.stay.winning.jpg)

No. 1995251

>Admin note: Please remember this thread is not to discuss general grievances and phenomena of the trans "community". Only post here if you're talking about specific trans cows and are able to provide screenshots of their behavior. Generalized vents don't belong here, nor do your personal experiences. Use the appropriate threads on our off-topic boards for this.
/ot/ gender ideology general thread: >>>/ot/1991983

News sites/Studies:
https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/18973/pdf/ (TiM violent crime stats)
https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0016885#pone.0016885.s002 (relation between committing a violent sexual crime and srs)

Gender Critical Writings and Websites:
https://www.chimamanda.com/ (Writings of Chimamanda Ngozi, a Nigerian gender critical feminist)
https://www.jkrowling.com/opinions/j-k-rowling-writes-about-her-reasons-for-speaking-out-on-sex-and-gender-issues/ (JK Rowling's essay)

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cOANC_ykPxL_TZGnkxZCb4HNc-2tvfuK (vile comments made by TRAs)
https://odysee.com/@Skirt_Go_Spinny:7 (documentaries about TiMs and Trans activism)
https://web.archive.org/web/20231021212912/https://www.tumblr.com/chlorinatedpopsicle/654101574490161152/new-and-improved-not-our-crimes-this-never (Violent crimes by TiMs)

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No. 1995259

File: 1715967970865.jpeg (183.3 KB, 828x408, IMG_2620.jpeg)

Moid high off the instant gratification and validation received for doing absolutely nothing but “revealing his inner girl” to other troons on reddit

No. 1995266

Sounds like a teenager

No. 1995289

File: 1715975193428.jpg (592.05 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240517-143735_Red…)


No. 1995292

Do these idiots ever think for themselves? So fucking pathetic

No. 1995300

File: 1715979180969.jpg (92.77 KB, 946x957, zJjtghP.jpg)

The Jewish woman in question being an MTF children's comicbook writer who spends 90% of their FreeTime sperging out about Palestine like a schizo on facebook.

No. 1995301

File: 1715979280189.jpg (122.33 KB, 1200x855, mhJVVto.jpg)

This account is incredibly lolcowish made a public announcement of them resigning from UC Davis because of transphobic bullying.

No. 1995304

File: 1715979725358.jpg (216.98 KB, 1011x1506, tuMS3Wg.jpg)

No. 1995305

File: 1715979802813.jpg (441.14 KB, 1400x1401, hmmmhm.jpg)

well, religion and troonism surely go hand in hand. this is a now mostly forgotten (at least in my part of the internet) trve black metal specimen (pickrel) I'd dare say Ethel cain blueprint. catholic aesthetics are the main theme as the band's name is liturgy.

came across this gem many years ago through my no-longer moid "friend" who later turned out to be an incel. he was a big fan of this band. I wonder how he feels now when Hunter trooned out. though that happened a few years ago already.

if some nonnas know more or if it was talked about earlier - I'll be curious to read what you think.

No. 1995308

File: 1715980619274.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920, 24-05-17-22-11-09-563_deco.jpg)

I thought this was a parody kek

No. 1995309

It's always weird seeing how the most masculine looking men become trannies

No. 1995315

>the very kind of white people who do a lot of drugs, get advanced degrees, and turn into republicans and bernie bros
Are there that kind of white people? I'm a white person and I've never met a single person like that in my entire fucking life, white or otherwise

No. 1995316

So what he's saying is he's a spoiled rich kid who grew up with parents in academia, went on to work at a university like a good little nepobaby, and started cheering on genocide and murder. I guess that does sound like a nightmare.

No. 1995323

File: 1715983557117.jpg (154.93 KB, 950x1105, MEGJPI6.jpg)

And calls being employed at a university for nearly 2 decades a misfortune. Still unemployed after resigning 3 years ago kek

No. 1995326

What was the real reason he was fired? He sounds like a nightmare.

Kek no, absolutely no one ever thought that retard looking face with a Neanderthal brow and gigachad jaw was a waste. He just looks even worse and that's saying something. It's funny that he immediately talks about 'fucking', though. So womanly, amiright?

No. 1995333

File: 1715985412978.jpg (194.58 KB, 1189x1531, PJIaEch.jpg)

Got ghosted by a therapist kek

No. 1995340

File: 1715986262046.jpg (387.53 KB, 1226x2048, 6mtYUSP.jpg)

Replying the same image again but with edite, but basically missed work days, tried to say it was because of mental abuse and then said it was because of religious reasons. Publically posted the entire process too.

No. 1995343

File: 1715986305051.jpg (238.16 KB, 1356x1405, QxUIRMD.jpg)

No. 1995345

Thank you nonna, fucking hell he sounds like an absolute nightmare, completely unhinged. Hope he peaked some of his colleagues.

No. 1995359

File: 1715987791600.jpg (431.15 KB, 1080x1165, 1000016259.jpg)

Wuuut? They lied to him? No way.

No. 1995370

File: 1715989258178.jpg (1.47 MB, 1080x3582, 1000016262.jpg)

So basically he tried to do the right thing and got shat on in the comments. He was suggesting not to put a trannie on material for domestic violence shelters for obvious reasons (note that he is hypocritical as in, these shelters would still welcome trannies, he just doesn't want it to be obvious. Fucking great. And note that the handmaidens around the table were the ones pushing it).

Having degenerate males not understanding why women suffering from DV, SA and worst, not wanting to see males in skirts in a place where they should be safe and protected (and let's not get into how many of these perverts got access to these places only to rape women) is mightily disgusting. See the comments there. That right here is why they are fucking male degenerates to the bone and never can be trusted by any of us. Their maleness is showing. They don't understand the fear of rape or violence because they are the ones inflicting it on the regular, and were never on the receiving end of it and it shows. Holy shit.

No. 1995374

File: 1715989901681.gif (Spoiler Image,62.88 KB, 1142x1198, 295.SuckThisTitty.gif)

To be fair, he'd been making that sort of shit long before he trooned out. There's a reason why nobody here was surprised.

No. 1995380

File: 1715991403388.jpeg (Spoiler Image,660.87 KB, 750x1376, IMG_6750.jpeg)

MUTILATED JUNK WARNING. that looks so fucked up kek

No. 1995386

I like how he still has balls and a dickhead, just micro. Who said surgeons don’t have a sense of humour?

No. 1995390

what the fuck is this. do moids lick each others balls to taste for redbull or something?

No. 1995393

dios miooooo

No. 1995403

>Watching vidrel from one of my favorite free home cleaning channels
>Video mentions the resident of the house is a MtF tranny
>Blahaj on the trash-filled bed that he sleeps on
>Literal used diapers on the floor mentioned at 11:16
This moid does not deserve to have such a sweet woman who usually helps single mothers and depressed people cleaning his fucking diaper fetish mess for free what the fuck

No. 1995406

File: 1715994832777.mp4 (2.63 MB, 320x568, Transition.mp4)

This is too funny not to post.

No. 1995417

he's a talentless hack with a massive ego because he shat out some trendy nonsense after Deafheaven paved the way for shitty gentrified hipster black metal and he wrote a pseudo-intellectual and philosophically-disabled "manifesto" on "transcendental black metal" that retarded hipster men decided was profound. Not much more to the story than that, though I wouldn't be at all surprised if he ends up being accused of sexual misconduct of some sort.

No. 1995418

he literally just went from looking like a closeted fag to an out of the closet fag kek

No. 1995429

nta but what's up with anons calling chasers and t4t "straight"? "it's just a fetish, he's only attracted to the performance of femininity" is a tranny take imho, implying that people care about gender but not genitals. most troons do transition because of porn and fetishes, but a lot of them keep preying on actual women and whine about cis lesbians specifically, so the ones who happily take it up the ass 2 minutes after "coming out" are obviously not straight.

kek based. i'm guessing she gets banned every 5min tho

No. 1995431

File: 1716000798400.mp4 (2.07 MB, 320x568, KMxB-wEDNwc3HKMA.mp4)

Surprisingly she's still up on twitter.

No. 1995432

File: 1716000876324.jpg (231.66 KB, 1080x1665, GNy_bFQWwAE5uww.jpg)

How many filters?

No. 1995433

File: 1716000916385.jpg (77.03 KB, 1170x694, GNsr434W0AAPJA2.jpg)

No. 1995435

File: 1716001000128.png (802.47 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_6137.png)

What’s funny is I looked up his Twitter and the people calling his transition a shame is other men.

No. 1995438

File: 1716001138043.png (564.95 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_6138.png)

Here’s some more kek worthy comments.

No. 1995439

holy shit she's funny

No. 1995441

File: 1716001919381.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.21 KB, 1004x1038, GNZZNSmWMAAp2NC.jpg)

prepare the eyebleach

No. 1995442

File: 1716002023360.jpg (629.91 KB, 3840x2160, GNlcylHWQAIMnPI.jpg)

the feminine mind of a tranny

No. 1995443

Damn this shit sucks

No. 1995445

File: 1716002781194.png (408.64 KB, 748x702, reduxx.png)

No. 1995446

File: 1716003952554.png (304.04 KB, 748x908, man wu.png)

the trannies are all fighting with each other kek

No. 1995448

File: 1716004904956.mp4 (5.24 MB, cMnMHxQKshtQWI-q.mp4)

what a fat ugly pig of a man

No. 1995452

File: 1716005951068.jpg (156.66 KB, 1080x1562, XFmMC01.jpg)

I love how he whines about white being evil meanwhile he spends his freetime attacking Muslim, persian and arab women online kek. And he's married to a white man. A scrote larping as brown and a woman

No. 1995453

File: 1716006046352.jpg (36.07 KB, 1054x280, 1qGN9Zj.jpg)

No. 1995454

File: 1716006100297.jpg (200.51 KB, 1080x1532, MOvc4rx.jpg)

Also obsessed with greta thunberg

No. 1995455

were any of the previous women's jail rapists sent back to male prison?

No. 1995458

Did anyone listen to Wu's appearance on Heterodorx last week? It started out civil, but the second JK Rowling was mentioned, he started ranting about how she's a 'holocaust denier'. Then when he learned one of the cohosts Nina Paley is gender critical (a "terf" in his eyes,) he was immediately hostile and compared her views to flying a swastika in the yard and saying the N word. The funniest part was how much he still kissed the ass of the other host, an HSTS de-identified transsexual man who campaigns against youth transition, even though Corinna agreed with Nina on every point of contention. Wu came across like an unhinged narcissist, it was hard to listen to him insult Nina to her face. God I hope he never gains the political power he obviously desperately wants, what a creep.

No. 1995460

i think the "joke" is that the troon's foul nipple discharge tastes like battery acid, with the implication that this is because he drinks energy drinks instead of water and it is leeching into his "milk".

No. 1995465

Oh fuck no that sink

No. 1995466

She looked kinda cute when she was recreating the troon, so much cuter than an actual troon kekk

No. 1995476

Lmao at that one account named Fujoshimode.

No. 1995481

She's hilarious. Spot on

No. 1995482

kek i love this. incredibly based. her face when she's listing the side effects. she looks better than troons while dressed as a troon, no surprise there. also i smiled at the ferret at the end.

No. 1995483

>Minecraft Creative >> Survival

Ot but is that really a girly thing? Because I feel called out.

No. 1995484

File: 1716021275749.png (4.3 MB, 1020x2268, th.png)

First tranny I've ever met was an ancient 4chan tripfag(touhou1990) who had a room like this. If you've seen neckbeard nest compilations you've almost certainly seen pic related(top), but there are associated pictures from different angles that show a shit stained bed and piles of used diapers. They might be lost to time though, tried digging through archives and using reverse image search but came up empty handed.

Found a couple of recent photos with some diapers though, the bottom of which has his disgusting old mattress and from the first set of photos, and the yellow chair that was in the others.

No. 1995486

>would like to follow friends on spotify

sooo fembraibed

No. 1995490

>Why do so many seemingly normal straight men suddenly want to be “lesbians?”

A couple of theories:

These men genuinely do see the reality of violence against women men globally, so they have a sort of guilt complex around this that basically goes: "Men are violent against women (target of their sexual attraction)—and I'm a man, oh no!". They're the type of men who would be afraid to talk to women because "what if she finds me creepy or a rapist? [Insert sad emoticon]". So they latch onto lesbian relationships which they deem "purer" ("yuri is the purest form of love") as there is no icky yucky male (whom they are not sexually attracted to) involved with his icky yucky predatory sexual urges. Honestly, any male who says yuri being pure is realllllyyy telling on himself.

Also, pop culture lesbians have become pretty mainstream (Korrasami, Bubbeline, Catradora, Lumity…). Lots of transbians were most likely the socially awkward types pre-transition and use fictional media as their escape, so seeing these representation of (fictional) female romantic relationships usually starting when both girls were friends led them to the idea:

1. "Oh no! I'm so awkward and creepy with girls! They might think of a rapist! It's so hard to befriend girls."
2. >Overdose on yuri, wlw, sapphic media (doesn't involve butches, though as butches are basically men to them and thus doesn't make their PPs hard)
3. "Wow! It' so easy for gurls to befriend other gurls… gurls don't see gurls as threats like me—and I see that to leads to romance????"
4. "Hmmm, tranny shit is popular now…"
5. "That's it! The solution to getting a GF isn't to improve my social skills or improve the safety of women or calling out other misogynistic men—but to become a gurl myself like my favorite yuri shows!!"

No. 1995491

kek i heard of them too, but mostly because youtube channels who make meme videos about metal shit on them a lot. black metal scene is especially a sausage fest so idk why one of them would troon out, it's bad for business. when it came out that Gaahl from Gorgoroth is gay it wasn't so hated since he's pretty well-respected in the scene.

No. 1995496

no it's not, some moids have spent weeks recreating art pieces or cities or whatever in minecraft creative mode. this is just the old "female is when creative, male is when logical!!" stereotype.

No. 1995502

before: fucks asses, after: gets his ass fucked

No. 1995504

Yeah don't worry about it, just some secret misogynist way to say "wimmin bad at fighting/following an objective/playing games, let her just stay home and play with pretty colours"

No. 1995506

ot but christ she's so pretty it's dizzying.

No. 1995509

forget the sink, look at the crusted shit on the bowl of his toilet retch

No. 1995512

I think you're overthinking this. In reality it's just
> is straight man
> finds lesbians hot
> "wouldn't it be so hot if I was a lesbian?"
> thinks this makes him a lesbian

No. 1995528

Kekk the angle really makes such a big difference. He looks exactly the same but with makeup on.

No. 1995529

File: 1716035131647.jpeg (429.75 KB, 1170x1242, 27AE816A-70E6-4F75-B8AF-4223F7…)

Came across this video of a MTF troon saying that he tells people he’s a biological woman, FTM de-transitioned and that’s why his physical appearance is so hideously male. I can understand the satire but Jesus this comment underneath rubbed me the wrong way. What is the obsession over women with PCOS??

No. 1995530

The original video for anyone who cares

No. 1995535

>These men genuinely do see the reality of violence against women men globally
Don't be naive nonita

No. 1995539

But TIFs and women with PCOS have a completely different appearance. They are not 6'4 broad shouldered gigahons with a gigantic chin and long ape arms, they are just chubby women with some patchy hair on their chins. I'm sure normies can tell, even if they are not exactly aware how PCOS looks like and why all the female troons look the way they do. He is so fucking stupid.

No. 1995543

Ew a lot of his tiktoks/captions are about his “titties” coming in. They are so gross and fetishy with everything they do, why can’t they just be normal. I mean I know why, but still can’t they at least pretend? Absolutely NO real girls ever talk or think about their tits growing like troons do, or show them off like he does. It’s fucking weird and makes it clearer than ever that he’s MALE.

No. 1995549

"This is what hot dudes do when they realize they don't have a personality"


No. 1995552

File: 1716040327322.mp4 (781.88 KB, 576x1024, Download.mp4)

saying that but looking like this lol
you can't lie about your height

No. 1995559

File: 1716041070552.jpg (846.2 KB, 3590x1498, GNh8xGlagAAVVzs.jpg)

No. 1995562

File: 1716042917085.jpeg (81.04 KB, 494x811, IMG_7735.jpeg)

Posted without comment(context?)

No. 1995571

Yeah no one is buying the larp with those massive swinging ape arms and shitty little man hips.

No. 1995578

99% of the time when these people say they feel "intimidated" they just mean they can sense that people don't take their delusions seriously and think they're ridiculous.

No. 1995582

Context? Looks like some weird collage.

No. 1995583

idk who that is but do they really snatch their genitals down across their crack, tape it and call it a day?

No. 1995590

isn't this just an unfortunately shaped woman? can't see much of the hands but they look thin. also where's the dick

No. 1995592

Males can tuck their balls inside the socket and then fold the dick back and tape it against the gooch. For real.

No. 1995595

The People Eater in a wig

No. 1995596

Guess it could be but without the whole face visible it’s difficult to say for sure. I feel like the picture is possibly edited too, idk it’s weird. Could be an axe-wound or tucking situation?
I found it in some tranny Twitter thread and there was no other information.

No. 1995598

File: 1716049110440.mp4 (3.47 MB, 394x854, p2NWKoK.mp4)

another TIM wants to use a surrogate for a baby, he's literally talking about buying babies from women in poorer nations.

No. 1995605

He is an unhinged narcissist. Too lazy to even look up what podcast he’s going on and what it’s about, that is too funny. In the leftcows thread someone said he’s helping to produce a movie with notoriously bad filmmaker Peter vack and other dimes people about the bad trannies ruining it for good trannies like him. It’s nice to see the grifters getting grifted.

No. 1995606

with this pelvis shape? nonna, please. not even women without curves look like that. it's the bone structure.

No. 1995607

pretty sure its the before's of the men on the left, and on the right their afters. the pictures are in the same positions just on the right part of the collage if that makes sense

No. 1995614

He can "lie" all he wants, but it's incredibly apparent to anyone that he's a moid. Those clearly look like moobs. Gross.

No. 1995617


No. 1995637

Did you not realize the moids on the left looks exactly like the troons on the right….?

No. 1995642

File: 1716059594362.jpg (685.17 KB, 1079x3429, 1000016301.jpg)

But of course there are no problems we can foresee with self-ID! What a shitshow

No. 1995644

>the recent anti-trans movement is a Republican psy-op
What hilarious cope. What made me peak was just listening to trans people and I'm positive a bunch of you here would say the same thing. The fact that they think we need propaganda to trick us into distrusting them just says so much.

No. 1995647

A lot of women against that ideology are left leaning too. Trannies are deeply stupid if they truly think it's just the republicans, but when they see lefties against them, that makes them extra salty. Here's to hope for more mass-peaking from the large cohort of lefties handmaidens that are still gaslit into the cult. The thing is, this is a non partisan issue so it will be hard on the long run if they keep playing it as one.

No. 1995651

seeing kinda hot moids troon out hurts equally as hot women doing it

No. 1995660

File: 1716064480515.jpg (250.78 KB, 1080x1230, 1000010030.jpg)

It's interesting that this post seems to be aimed at women, what with the sybian comment and all, but I never really hear about women chasing trannies like this. It's just so obvious they are making this shit up to villify women, but I don't get it. The men that sexually abuse and even kill trannies are right there, but they hate women so much that the source of real hate crimes doesn't even matter anymore.

No. 1995661

>eating her dick out

No. 1995662

File: 1716064618007.jpg (837.16 KB, 1538x2048, 1000010031.jpg)

And he looks like Buffalo Bill

No. 1995670

You think that creep is "hot"? Have you not immediately seen the weirdo eyes? It's always the weirdo eyes. I can smell "this person feels uneasy to be around" just from the pictures.

No. 1995681

These are the same troons that accuse "terfs" of being sexually obsessed with them

No. 1995685

File: 1716067028608.png (47.95 KB, 767x465, a3QGQYP.png)

No way, he definitely shaved off a few pounds of browbone
Went to this guy's blog and the very first thing you see is
>rape rape rape rape I love rape

No. 1995701

>American Psycho murderrage reference
So moidy

No. 1995702

Love this girl, what a fucking waste of her time. I'm sure he'll be back in his used-diaper-nest in no time just like he deserves.

No. 1995707

Kind of post you see when the blog of some serial killer goes viral after he's caught, like this is just a parade of red flags
>violent rape mind you "rougher/mean stuff"
>knives and kidnapping

No. 1995709

He definutely has those "the victim's body was found to have 58 stab wounds across the face and chest" kinda eyes, like run for your life. Nobody thought the before was hot.

No. 1995712

>Why do so many seemingly normal straight men suddenly want to be “lesbians?”
>A couple of theories
You're giving them wayyyyyyyyyy too much credit and I've seen a similar post in these threads before. It's because men like violating boundaries (see: entire history of mankind, war, colonisation, invading, raping, pillaging, thieving) and they think they can cheat code their way into the forbidden door.
This is also why they revert to type (death and rape threats aimed at women who refused them entry) when their cheat code doesn't work.

No. 1995716

They mald because lesbians don’t want them, every time. To them, being denied sex is the most devastating form of “oppression” they’ll ever experience. What a moid moment, kek

No. 1995770

File: 1716083152041.mp4 (2.03 MB, 320x552, fat turd.mp4)

No. 1995772

I saw this on the front page and for a split second i thought it was a facial reconstruction of a neanderthal…

No. 1995773

>womanhood is a social construct based on whatever you identify as
strange how we all just knew who was a woman for 99.99% of human history

No. 1995777

i'm so sure that the other tiktok tims in his comments have already given him shit for this video kek

No. 1995782

crazy how every single culture that’s ever existed identified the same group of people with the same characteristics as women. what a coincidence.

No. 1995783

>the word “human” is a social construct
>in fact, you can be born a Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal and still identify as a human!

No. 1995787

I was reading comments and some were saying that she’s actually already cleaned up his place once before, this is the second time, so you’re absolutely right nonna.

No. 1995789

So if I say I'm a man one day will I get payed more? I also don't need to go on hormones because "not everyone needs it to be trutrans". I can also still keep my feminine hobbies and appearance because "men can be feminine and that includes trans men too!!!!"

No. 1995790

A petty part of me is very smug knowing that they'll never experience what cunnilingus actually feels like.

No. 1995793

File: 1716088614765.webp (9.13 KB, 715x388, 1000007160.jpg)

Saged for ot but the mannerisms of this retard remind me of Edgar from Men in black kek

No. 1995796

Fucking kek I've legitimately seen hoteps use this to say some races aren't actually human

No. 1995804

not only a tranner trying to ruing metal, comes from a rich family, is a trust fund kid

No. 1995811

No!! Nonnie don't you see we needed men pretending to be women to show us the true definition of woman!!!

No. 1995819

He might as well be a roach dressed as a man.

No. 1995838

god that is so disturbing, his ffs (first thing you see in his profile is a gfm link asking for money to pay the surgery) mustve been pretty invasive and is going to age so bad. he went from regular adult gay male to 15 year old "fem"boy who gets groomed into sending skirt pics in reddit and discord .

No. 1995859

could you post that on the hoteps thread, that sound hilarious

No. 1995861

File: 1716117718980.png (1.78 MB, 1792x1936, specimen2 autism awareness.png)

thought of posting this in reddit hate thread but it probably fits better here. I like his self-description

am i tripping or does he have grey hair already

No. 1995874

What was his job? Surely this retard was not a professor.

No. 1995877

>deep psychological connection
>trains and mecha
>stuffed cirno going trainwatching
lethal amounts of autism

No. 1995902

how can you post this and expect me not to a-log

No. 1995913

thanks for the eyebleach

No. 1995918

..why do i feel like he's the 275lb autistic white guy? sorry that women have conditioning to take care of our appearance even if we're autistic, youre just enforcing your male upbringing by bragging about how ugly and disgusting youre allowed to look

No. 1995919

Don't the autism creature hand stimmies consoomer posts come mostly from troons?

No. 1995921

>instantly transformed into a 275 lbs white guy
Ok but why did he have to make them white.

No. 1995922

You heard him nonnies, stop being autistic

No. 1995946

>i don't even lie around topless bc of horny
as if the only reason a woman would take her shirt off is so she can oggle her own tits. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 1995947

>he knows they're single stall bathrooms
>there are no men in the men's room that would bully him because it's a fucking single stall bathroom lol
>men typically just stand to piss and leave
>would only take time to sit and shit (which is what this troon had to do)
>women have to sit down for everything
>women also use the restroom to change babies, change pads/tampons, let their kids go to the bathroom safely, etc.
>women's bathrooms usually have longer lines for these reasons
>troon hogs the women's single stall bathroom
>throws a hamplanet toddler tantrum because "muh identity > your health and kids"

He is beyond wrong for everything and yeah he probably deserves to feel like an asshole, because he is one.

No. 1995949

imagine being such a degen that you actually think women who like being topless alone at home are doing it for the coom. They literally do believe women actually experience AGP about themselves.

No. 1995958

File: 1716145027856.jpg (27.27 KB, 547x404, 50df6d145e6a6c6135b3ebf4216b48…)

>but I never really hear about women chasing trannies like this.
The only woman tranny chaser in existence is probably Buck Angel's ex wife and currently Lana Wachowski's wife, Karin Winslow.

No. 1995962

Nonnie, you're forgetting that Elon's ex-wife Grimes left him for Chelsea Manning

No. 1995965

She's also a money hungry prostitute who was in a paid dom/slave dynamic with Larry before jumping ship on buck for the $$$.

Grimes is just an edgy pick-me. I doubt she genuinely liked him and it was more for the publicity.

No. 1995966

File: 1716149066681.jpeg (783.94 KB, 1170x2057, IMG_8296.jpeg)

No. 1995974

She’s in it for the money and how she can control him completely through his fetish.

No. 1995980

For the AGP doesn't exist folks

No. 1995982

File: 1716154097326.jpeg (801.59 KB, 3196x2400, IMG_1060.jpeg)

more scary before and afters

No. 1995992

File: 1716155313209.jpeg (228.03 KB, 535x620, IMG_0742.jpeg)


No. 1995995

ahem. nonny. that's rei ayanami, not cirno

No. 1995996

File: 1716155999200.jpg (146.71 KB, 1080x1080, 442398315_1176146033392963_383…)

Desmond is now a pretending he's a woman.

No. 1996002

Latefag but goddamn jump scare at this retarded dead eyed autistic Neanderthal. Why doesn't his right eye close?

No. 1996003

File: 1716157016627.jpg (55.92 KB, 603x629, muai-trans.jpg)

Raise your hand if you know he won in the women category.

Disappointed, but not surprised.

No. 1996004

File: 1716157822661.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1170x1617, IMG_8298.jpeg)

Shit, this kid looks old. He has seen a lot, I’m sure - sad and his parents were okay with it all.

No. 1996005

File: 1716158146707.jpg (20.83 KB, 329x409, e3852b666fd132c4376fed9cdecb65…)

This photo looks like a bad photoshop and someone pasted a woman's face over his body. This kid will join the 41% soon if no one stops his parents.

No. 1996008

it's so disturbing to see these empty eyes on every of his photos
poor kid never stood a chance

No. 1996015

Never forget his mom let him, as a young boy, hang out with Michael Alig alone. Sinister things definitely happened.

No. 1996019

A woman's face? Are we looking at the same pic?
Poor kid didn't have a chance at a normal childhood. Like kids who are put in pageantry, but with a stronger political agenda.

No. 1996020

File: 1716161939262.gif (14.91 KB, 220x220, sad-looking-at-phone.gif)

Probably is for the haircut and the excessive make-up. But if he doesn't look like a woman, he looks way older.

No. 1996032

I honest to God feel bad for him. his mom 100% groomed him into this shit and this is his life now. He could've just been a happy effeminate gay boy

No. 1996034

Jazz and him both had retarded greedy parents.

No. 1996036

File: 1716165067765.jpeg (247.69 KB, 1197x574, IMG_7847.jpeg)

>drug-cartel tranny
What the fuck are we doing. What the fuck is happening.

And of course when I googled him I found pictures of him posing in bikinis and bathing suits.

No. 1996040

Wow this is extremely surprising and no one ever guessed this would happen. But to be fair to him his parents didn't just 'allow' this or approve of it they actively pimped him out to pedos from a very young age, starved him, and were abusive in a whole bunch of other ways so he was never going to turn out normal.

No. 1996042

Kek wow, that is too funny. Another example of a relatively handsome (albeit gayfaced) moid trooning out and becoming an undateable. As for what’s happening, well, society at large has decided one very common moid fetish is actually a protected identity. Its like if being a footfag meant you could get women defending your right to see their feet in public.

No. 1996045

It's because his mom starved him and his sister, denying them food as a punishment. Also, Desmond was exposed to adults using drugs when he was like eight, so it's likely that he's dabbled in drugs himself. This is yet another MBP situation a la the Jennings or the Greens. When the drag thing ran its course, his psycho mother steered him into gender shit so she could get more attention. Here's a quote from a schizo meltdown she had on Facebook in 2018, it's aged like a fine wine:
>Desmond is not transgender. No one is pumping him with hormones or forcing a gender on him. He fully identifies as a boy who likes to dress up like a girl on occasion. Days will go by where he doesn't even dress up at all. Most days, he looks like any other 10-year old boy. The media and videos he participates in would like you to believe that he dresses up 24/7, but that is not true. It is a hobby for him, something that he enjoys doing when he wants to, same as playing with his toy subway cars, or doing his crossword puzzles.
This is why children under 14 shouldn't even be allowed to socially transition. Kids are so suggestible and their perception of the world is malleable. If you engross them in gender ideology from a young age, it will permanently disorient them, especially if they're gay. Most of the "parents of trans kids" unintentionally reward the behavior, incentivizing the child to do it more. My understanding is that the drag stuff just started as him watching RuPaul at home, and that Wendy (his mom) was the one who made a gigantic production out of it. When his psycho stage mom coerced him into taking his hobby to the absolute extreme for the sake of attention, it's not hard to see why Desmond would develop a mindset that amounts to "The more kweer and yooneek I seem, the more my mom will love me."

Little boys playing dress-up is fine. Responding to it by either medicalizing the kid or pimping them out to the cameras is not okay. Children shouldn't be rewarded or punished for what is ultimately a neutral behavior. Desmond would be living as a relatively normal gay autist if it weren't for his evil parents trying to turn him into Jazz 2.0 just because he briefly enjoyed watching RuPaul on TV. Stage parents are uniquely fucked up, and none of them should have children.

No. 1996048

Report and ignore the retard, don't reply.

No. 1996051

Women deserve better than to be part of the same species as men.

No. 1996053

File: 1716167688519.png (1.46 MB, 1272x718, Screenshot 2024-05-19 at 7.14.…)


No. 1996057

i love her. hope she's safe though. i know there's troons loading up their assault rifles

No. 1996059

i saw someone else say that his sister is estranged and also said their mother starves them. i believe it 100% and i think wendy and andrew nápoles deserve the absolute worst, but i can’t find a source for it.

No. 1996061

It's really funny that moids are having shitfits both calling her anorexic and fat and all calling her ugly when she's gorgeous and obviously socially well-adjusted in a way they could never even dream of being.

No. 1996062

There's a long kiwifarms thread about him with extensive documentation of her admitting to starving him if you're interested, it also documents the relationship with Michael Alig and him probably being there while men were snorting coke (there are even videos of him around 8-11 years old making the 'coke snorting' gesture). He's like an even more fucked up Jazz Jennings type character because there was far less oversight over what his mom was doing to him.

No. 1996063

Honestly infuriating how male autists get to go through life without knowing the first goddamn thing about masking. A woman wouldn't get away with slack-jawed train talk because we've been aggressively conditioned to prioritize social status above all else. A moidlet who spergs about trains gets told that he's a special little genius. A little girl who spergs about trains gets relentlessly shamed by her peers, then adults blame her for not trying hard enough to "make friends" and "fit in." Also, the little boy actually gets a fucking diagnosis, meanwhile the girl doesn't get one until she's like 20 because the popular understanding of how autism presents is so moid-centric. I agree that the self-diagnosed Twitter retards who talk about "uwu stimmy hands" need to shut up forever and rope, but that's not a "women" problem, that's a "it's cool to collect oppressed identities" problem.

No. 1996066

He looks like a psychopath with dead eyes in both sooo yeah…

No. 1996076

>”worship mass media!!”
>house is full of trinkets and choo-choos
ok faggot

No. 1996077

Who tf is Desmond, someone reel me in

No. 1996078

File: 1716175026326.jpeg (149.46 KB, 640x640, IMG_5295.jpeg)

Shit, I had to refresh the page and didn’t sage.
Apologies and eyebleach with a cat.

No. 1996081

Desmond is Amazing was a semi-famous child drag queen starting around a pre-pubertal age (I think he hit his peak of fame around age 10-11) with a typical stage mom who starved him and his sister. As other nonas have said he was fraternizing with the likes of Michael Alig (former 90s club kid and known druggie/gay pedophile) who his mom had a crush on when she was younger. He was trotted out to do drag performances in adult male venues where adult men were being extremely creepy toward him but whenever anyone pointed out that his parents were doing weird genderist grooming his mom would (per another nona's post above) claim that he's just a boy who loves being a boy and dressing up as a girl sometimes. It is completely unsurprising that he has now trooned out to keep some of the attention and clout he was getting as a preteen/prepubertal child now that the child drag thing isn't pulling in as much money/attention.

No. 1996093

I knew this was going to happen. What i am curious about is if he will go the transbian route or will walk the path of the asexual eunuch pretending to be horny. His mother is truly a sick woman for grooming him this way and having him hang out with a literal murderer who talked openly about drugs. I recall desmond being a controversial figure even in spaces filled with tras, now that he is a troon, whatever trauma he could possibly have will be completely thrown away and his early days as an underage drag queen prancing for intoxicated homosexuals will probably be treated as his egg phase or whatever they call it.

No. 1996100

>Why do so many seemingly normal straight men suddenly want to be “lesbians?”
They want to live in the fantasy world created by lesbian porn. They fail to realize that the "lesbian" content they enjoy is all just fetishistic trash created by men, for men. Note that Mulholland Drive is a depiction of lesbians written and directed by a man. A man deciding that he wants to be a lesbian based on his enjoyment of this media is like a blind man choosing a favorite color based on how another blind man described it to him. They want to be something that does not exist outside of male fantasies.

No. 1996101

>Desmond would be living as a relatively normal gay autist.
>transbian route or will walk the path of the asexual eunuch pretending to be horny.
Has Desmond ever stated what he's attracted to? Unlike Jazz he's never had his puberty blocked but his mom submerged him in gay culture at a early age, sending the message that being gay is preferred. Wendylou decided her son's sexual orientation when he was 8. There's no way she would let her be a boring heterosexual. Trooning out is the only way Wendy would allow Desmond to date women.

No. 1996102

Too bad it's unreadable because it's full of retards saying that cases like Desmond happen because gay people were allowed to have rights, or because feminists want to turn men into women, or whatever. Also, just tons of unfunny jokes repeated ad-nauseum.

No. 1996103

He used to identify as a gay male. I assume he considers himself a "straight woman," now.

No. 1996104

Ah, okay, so Desmond did identify as gay. But is he genuine attracted to men or is it part of the queer identity forced upon him?

No. 1996121

File: 1716199883155.jpg (365.32 KB, 1080x1909, 20240520_050630.jpg)

Twitter randomly recommended me a tranny to follow and he wrote up an entire list of embarrassing red flags and sexist stereotypes.

No. 1996129

File: 1716201287978.jpg (149.19 KB, 1080x1245, 20240520_052951.jpg)

The rabbithole goes deeper, apparently he was/is(?) in a relationship with another troon that cucks him a lot. And he memes about being a cuck within their own polycule garbage.

No. 1996132

Every single poly "contract" reads like this to me.

No. 1996150

Wtf is a lesbian bottom?

No. 1996153

"Bottom" in twittard speak basically means you're either a lazy deadfish in bed or have such low self-esteem that you would literally let your partner stab you.

No. 1996158

Everyone involved is gay men poorly LARPing as girls, so it means being a gay bottom. No one has had SRS.

No. 1996181

Anon that is fagspeak and it has existed before twatter. Fags love imitating the humiliation that women experience from PIV sex also their internal problem towards their femininity where they think femininity equals getting dicked down.

No. 1996182

have any of them posted their faces? i'm dying to see who's hiding behind these cute anime girl pfps
average twitter "fem"cel
>bad at bottoming
he can't wash his ass?
>bad at videogames - too much of a woman
kill yourself
>cannot drive and does not have a college degree
what the fuck is he even good at? turning oxygen into carbon dioxide?

No. 1996198

File: 1716223090990.jpg (70.03 KB, 732x800, n.jpg)

ugh got so many of these troons today, there really is a certain look
this is why anons say pixielocks' bf is gonna troon out

No. 1996204

File: 1716224421367.jpg (30.57 KB, 720x452, FB_IMG.jpg)

i love how he projects his porn-addled retardation but still fears being seen as a man.

No. 1996209

Why would an archeologist care about some XXI century man's corpse? Archeologists work with old human remains, not with the corpses of coombrained twitter scrotes. Normal people understand that projecting gender bullshit on ancient civilizations is retarded. This guy is mixing things up to come up with the most retarded gotcha.

No. 1996213

Ugh, Auri, please…

No. 1996217

How anyone can look at that and pretend these are women with a straight face is beyond me. Delusion in the male brain needs to be studied. Fascinating. Top kek.

No. 1996249

Bottom left has a very similar look to Stevie, it's funny that whatever they jack off to eventually ends up showing in their expression, eyes, mannerism, and dress, even before they fully troon out.

No. 1996253

i didn't know jenny nicholson's tranny brother skinwalked her so much

No. 1996255

It's not clear. I feel like he is sincerely gay, as gay children are more likely to be GNC at a young age (hence his enjoyment of RuPaul) but it's hard to tell how much of his drag phase is his own interest in it and how much of it is just reinforcement from his mom. Same applies to Toddlers in Tiaras, the little girls might enjoy dancing or dress-up, but the competitions, cameras, etc. are the machinations of the parents.

No. 1996263

I knew just from hearing Jenny mention him occasionally. He desperately wants to be her, it's so creepy. And she enables it, probably because she doesn't realize that he no doubt fantasizes about raping her or killing her and stealing her identity. If my brother did this to me, I'd be pissed, not flattered.

No. 1996264

He missed the point of why people make that observation. The idea is that it's a major example of immutable sexual dimorphism. No one actually thinks that someone will go around digging up troons' graves several hundred years from now. And what's the point of being cremated to avoid getting clocked when you've squawked about your penis a million times in writing?

No. 1996269

Holy shit, are you sure this isn't an elaborate troll? He has literally no redeeming qualities, he's just an mentally ill NEET with a broken dick and an insatiable need for constant validation. Seriously, what things could someone possibly find desirable about a person like this?

>not dom

>bad at bottoming
So he's a typical moid who wants to lie back and make the person he's penetrating do all the work.

No. 1996278

Unless he gets murdered and buried somewhere for like two years, no one would give a shit about his bones. It's funny though, forensic anthropologists can tell the age, race, sex from the skull alone…

No. 1996286

Wow, every lesbian’s dream…a male virgin with a broken dick and mental problems who demands to be serviced in bed even though he’s “very bad” at sex. I’m sure he has dates lined up around the block kek

No. 1996305

File: 1716244997463.png (641.73 KB, 692x1038, CaptainKeevanSWI208.png)

I watched Jenny's recent Star Wars hotel video and I knew the captain with the blue makeup (picrel) was an obvious troon/drag queen, but her brother was someone that I was getting uncomfortable vibes from and wasn't really sure if he was actually her "sister". Thank you for confirming and yeah, good luck to Jenny handmaidening that shit lmao.

The whole video I wanted to say that Disney allowing this tranny character and promoting she/her pronouns is open-faced grooming. Felt like a Ms. Doubtfire. Glad that overpriced nightmare died. NuWars in general has been such a mistake.

No. 1996309

>can't drive and doesn't have a degree
>can't have sex properly
>just fucking lazy in general
wow.. there are zero redeemable qualities on this list. in what world does this sound appealing to a woman?

No. 1996311

I always wondering if he was but I never got too much of a glimpse of him and was confused— until I saw her with him irl and it gave it all away.

No. 1996316

File: 1716247242108.webp (651.44 KB, 1127x2200, 1904E017-932D-4F03-A032-F184A9…)

I hate this tranny and his retarded ass comics. Dialogue is straight out of sonichu, it really is that bad

No. 1996321

if his intention was to make me want to throw up, he succeeded

No. 1996324

File: 1716249643167.png (97.44 KB, 300x244, mustnotkek.png)

trannies wanna be desired by women so bad but they're so repulsive kekkkkk.

No. 1996339

Idk how you guys didn't immediately clock him for his voice. Maybe it's just because I've been in the trenches with tranny nonsense but Tranny Voice is so distinct to my ears. It's sort of like a gay man voice, but super awkward and stilted, like the person is short of breath. Then you pepper in a little bit of stereotypical valley girl-isms, like ending every word with -uh and putting "like" everywhere. So Jenny's rapehon brother "soundsuh like thisuh, ohmeegawd." I hate it so bad, I'm so sick of hearing it. It's like someone is rubbing a cheese grater on my brain.

No. 1996350

I actually clocked him from his laugh towards the beginning of the video, kek. The voice thing is so real

No. 1996355

File: 1716261581455.png (316.47 KB, 1290x811, Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 11.17…)

this guy used to be ironically racist on SomethingAwful about 15 years ago. the racist incel to troon pipeline is what, 98 percent? screenshot from Kiwifarms of their brief mention, but I know about how dogshit they were back then firsthand. Jenny Nicholson I can't help but like but her brother would be a great study into the minds of the anime-obsessed internet guys of the early 00s becoming the world's most neanderthal looking trannies.

No. 1996360

It does make you wonder why they have such inflated senses of self righteousness and would harass/dox anyone who says something mildly edgy when they are often the original source for every degenerate online community. Moids and their mental gymnastics are something to behold

My condolences to Darth Vader for conceiving a tranny son KEK

No. 1996362

File: 1716263709234.jpeg (324.47 KB, 828x1324, IMG_7865.jpeg)

I saw this article https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-68977469, which is interesting because I guess it’s only okay when it’s labeled “gender reassignment care” and paid by taxes. Anyway I went down a fucked up rabbit hole and ended up here. How insane to be just 25 and already so mentally destroyed by the coom. It terrifies me to know these freaks walk amongst us.

No. 1996377

The voice is definitely what caused suspicion along with the height and poor fashion taste. Jenny calling him "sister" and him being off camera most of the time is what confused me. Had I not had it confirmed I was seriously thinking "Jenny's sister is so ugly and is creepily similar to her, why is the sister so up close to Jenny this is weird".

No. 1996381

File: 1716267136469.jpg (Spoiler Image,442.48 KB, 2048x1204, Mqacwcw.jpg)

I needed to see the spoiler and wow how horrifying and ironic. Spoilered for drawings of filth and general NSFL.

No. 1996383

YWNBMM (you will never be my mom)

No. 1996386

I never knew he was the one who made that, holy shit

No. 1996397

this. even going back from the last thread abou5 Antonio Garza, TiM voice is very offputting even if it manages to fool others because they sound more like fem gays talking. So yeah, it automatically sounds "off" but you don't fully recognize it until later

No. 1996406

File: 1716274197993.png (90.62 KB, 373x389, Screenshot 2024-05-20 234822.p…)

i was wondering why the fuck dril was following him but not jenny, makes sense
LMAO he made this meme? kinda based tho

No. 1996407

File: 1716275032318.jpg (60.15 KB, 491x612, skinwalk.jpg)

kek the kiwifags see it too

No. 1996409

File: 1716275396714.jpg (87.14 KB, 491x612, Untitled.jpg)

also this is probably the most perfect comparison of troon vs woman i have ever seen. it's candid, so the troon couldn't try to do camera angles to make himself seem smaller. neither are too fat nor too skinny, they are of average builds. most importantly they are siblings near the same age. it's fantastic.

No. 1996411

They’re REALLY close irl too, he follows close behind her and is always touchy touchy. He also acts all “uwu soft girl” by constantly talking about squishmallows… vom

No. 1996417

> It's like someone is rubbing a cheese grater on my brain
Exactly this. They don't even sound convincingly gay, their voices lack the energy and 'brittleness' of gay male voices. They all have that breathy whininess to their voice, dragging out vowels to mask their male vocal patterns. You can tell even if they get the pitch right from enduring 10.000.000 hours of voice training (eg. anime youtuber 'hazel')

No. 1996427

always the faggots with the most massive skulls and widest shoulders. It's like all the actually feminine men that are short and skinny become just incels and the ones with the most defined jawlines end up all becoming hons. It's like God is trolling them retroactively

No. 1996441

File: 1716285077774.png (298.96 KB, 849x1754, IMG_7867.png)

no wonder so many girls have fled /actuallesbians

No. 1996442

no way these guys are mansplaining to her what being a lesbian actually is like. Beyond parody

No. 1996444

"squishing boobs together" was such a retarded male phrase that i was picturing him complaining his tits were too small to press together on his chest. not two women doing that. ffs

No. 1996445

File: 1716287669513.png (382.77 KB, 1054x1068, Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 11.31…)

this came from a worker at the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. how these degenerates sleep at night thinking they're helping women will never not baffle me.

No. 1996454

damn, sad to hear she's a handmaiden, she seemed clever and interesting. to be fair it must be harder when its your own family member trooning out. and i didn't clock the captain..

>pressing flowers
wtf? always with the creepiest, most ridicule lingo. also the last comment missed the point, the first troon said he felt dysphoric because he isn't able to "squish boobs", but it is completely unrelated to being female, and also retarded. not the same as a woman having a rare fantasy

No. 1996457

that's exactly what I thought too

>umm actually the gross porno description of pressing your moobs against a woman's boobs is really just saying you're lonely
>that sounds like a desire to be close to someone and have the chest needed to experience this
since when is there a minimum breast size to experience intimacy?

No. 1996458

being called bigoted for saying your real actual human life as a lesbian female human woman does not replicate that of these degen mens' countless lesbian pornos made for men like them is making me want to tear my hair out nonas. on the plus side, we don't have to do anything, they just drive women out themselves lol. that subreddit is nothing but complaining about loneliness and worshipping their dying, flaccid ugly dicks.

No. 1996469

File: 1716293985380.jpeg (769.74 KB, 1170x1594, IMG_2178.jpeg)

>obvious male body used to depict antifeminist sentiment
what is the cure for such disorders?

No. 1996473

>do you know how hurtful it is to call a straight man a straight man?
I know the exact porn this man is consuming regularly to want to “squish boobs” (barf). Big titted anime girls hugging and being like “oh no our boobs are just way too big to even hold each other uwu”. They think that if they can make up a loose emotional reason for their fetish then their fetish is suddenly female brain.

No. 1996474

Stuff like this gets me everytime, kek. Claiming to be female brained but continuing to attempt control over women via sexual degradation. Such a ~womanly~ thing to do.

No. 1996475

my initial guess is this is a TIF but of course even her subconscious accepts male violence as radically 'progressive' at the disadvantage of her sisters lol. TIFs always adopt male behavior from TIMs.

No. 1996478

File: 1716297992865.jpeg (84.71 KB, 736x734, IMG_9913.jpeg)

>using his troon wand to piss all over female spaces like a dog pissing on its territory
>trannies admitting they use their fetish costume as a way to dissolve female boundaries and our ability to say no
>male-patterned violence that was and still is used during wars and conflicts
>historical terms of this are imperialism, colonialism, conquest
>trannies no different from rapists and male sex abusers
>trannies are usually both of those because their male-patterned behavior with thousands of years rooted in nature can’t be ignored or rehabilitated by a shein wig, inflatable tits and performative female gestures they learned from slice of life anime who would have thought

the amount of discourse that could be made off that picture is limitless

No. 1996480

Given that troons' moobs are often in two different zip codes because of how gigantic their torsos are, I'm sure he's disappointed he can't do that, either.

No. 1996482

File: 1716298613184.jpg (90.08 KB, 564x707, asukadisgusting.jpg)

>3 pounds for stickers drawn on price tags
lol you can buy a full roll of blank ones for the same price and draw whatever anti terf slogans you want on them
EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just know he got that from one of these gross coomer drawings of two perfectly symmetrical anime girls squishing their ridiculously huge boobs together.
i thought GallantBlade475 had a suffragette flag in their flair lol. would be funny if actual lesbians started using it as a way to identify eachother

No. 1996483

I like how it's just blank mailing labels drawn on with Sharpie. That's about the level of effort I've come to expect from these guys.

No. 1996485

She probably writes of his violent fantasies as him just being "depressed" and "tortured" from not living as his "true female self," or whatever. I've seen it many times with female siblings of TiMs, they make excuses like battered housewives.

No. 1996487

this is hilarious because the male is pissing over the text reading "Fuck TERFS", which should mean he's pissing over the sentiment of "fuck terfs", thereby opposing it, graphic design is his passion kek

No. 1996497

They talk exactly like incels. “N-no we don’t hate women we just want what every human wants which is love and sex!” no you fucking hate women and jack yourself off to thought of being woman. I fucking hate faggots and trannies

No. 1996508

Yeah I’m actually surprised there are any women left on that sub. I’ve checked in on it a few times and it’s like 90% troons whining about how nobody wants to touch their dicks, total wasteland.

No. 1996514

They speak as if women have specific check lists of components and features and anyone who can't complete it isn't a full woman. Just like how all men think. A small breasted woman is a disappointment and it's her fault. But when a small breasted male is a female failure, it's very sad and we should be sympathetic. Incredible!

No. 1996516

>Most women don't fantasize about being the penetrating partner, but plenty of cis lesbians do. Would you call that a straight man's fantasy?
uhmm yes? just because there's a small group of women having such fantasies, penetration is a fundamental part of male sexuality. what also screams male is hyper-focusing on body parts as if they were their own entities instead of seeing human as a whole. why would otherwise "squishing boobs teehee" be so important?
sorry nonnies, but it annoys me when men play smartasses and point at exceptions to blur out an obvious pattern. classic predator behavior, can't troon out of this.

No. 1996519

>by Carpetmuncherz
a man unironically using a pejorative term for lesbians to self-describe himself whilst depicting male genitalia pissing on feminists. truly, a stephen the lesbian moment

No. 1996539

they all sound like this

No. 1996541

Crazy that that's no longer a parody kek

No. 1996577

File: 1716318861712.jpg (51.44 KB, 602x507, ofc.jpg)

On how many layers of denial are you on?

No. 1996584

I'm straight but all my fantaisies involve me being in the POV of the man. Something's wrong with me doctor?(sage your shit)

No. 1996594

No. 1996596

yup, porn scarred you so much you can't read properly

No. 1996597

This happened to me briefly as a teen because almost every form of sexual content I had been exposed to was always from the POV of a male (the rare female POV ones were rape shoujo smut and their dynamics did not appeal to me at all). Such fantasies went away with time as I grew up, it helped that back then trans bs wasn't a thing. I just told myself that I don't have a penis and it's pointless for me to fixate on male POV of penetrating a woman with one when I can just imagine riding the hell out of my submissive nigel instead(not your personal blog)

No. 1996608

No one cares, go to /g/ if you want to overshare.

No. 1996625

No. 1996634

I almost can’t even get mad because it’s so delusional and stupid.

No. 1996635

Remember when they said terfs stole the genderqueer flag because it’s the same colors as the suffragette one?

No. 1996641

File: 1716334008548.jpeg (808.23 KB, 1242x1418, IMG_6892.jpeg)

Nothing can make you look like a woman

No. 1996642

I'm curious, what do these people see when they look in the mirror? I know autists are often faceblind, but surely they should be able to see 5 o'clock shadows and other obvious shit?

No. 1996646

This was also my immediate thought lol.

Breast press literally IS a man's fetish and exists primarily in cartoon porn with fictional boob physics. I have never found it comfortable to have my breasts directly pressed against another woman's, it just hurts and puts a huge empty gap between your stomachs and legs. Not fun. It feels better to hug a woman who isn't exactly your height and bust size.
Pornrotted preddit moids malding that real women are people with views and experiences that don't line up with their objectified views of women.

Thank fuck I am not the only one that cringes at breast press drawings. Yuricucks are subhuman.

They'll never know what tribadism is like because having a penis (chopped or unchopped) inherently spoils that, and this information kills them inside.

No. 1996648

Based mom, he should listen to her and just enjoy being male instead of trying to be something he isn't.

No. 1996658

File: 1716339783840.png (205.09 KB, 640x427, donramon.png)

They see a reflection of what they want to be, not what they really are.

No. 1996667

File: 1716342122473.jpeg (1.89 MB, 2268x4032, eww.jpeg)

from lesbian fashion advice subreddit…why

No. 1996669

And you know he's doing squats and all kinds of other exercises to show off his pancake ass and balls… I am vomit

No. 1996673

Unless he's in Cali I can guarantee everyone in that gym is giving the side-eye

No. 1996681

No women wears this to the gym, what the actual fuck. He just looks like a bloated alcoholic.

No. 1996683

I’m not sure if it was here from a nona sharing her experiences or from Twitter but someone was complaining about a tranny working out in like pleather bodysuits and it left nothing to the imagination let alone the smell and they felt like they couldn’t complain without it becoming a shit fest but I hate how some trannies feel the need to be such a “womenz” by wearing this nasty shit to the gym and yet girls get shit for wearing scrunched gym shorts or sports bra because it’s inappropriate
I hate trannies having to work their way into every space women try to make safe only for them to live their agp fantasies

No. 1996686

Genuinely inconceivable for a real woman to wear this outfit to a gym or for a real woman to wear such an unflattering outfit for her body type in any situation (even ignoring the fact that the troon in picrel is a built like a linebacker)

No. 1996687

File: 1716346960213.jpeg (633.94 KB, 828x1339, IMG_5005.jpeg)

Kind of annoyed they got a troon to do a voice for a devil may cry game even if it’s just gacha shit

No. 1996689

God dammit now I can't pull for my wife, she's been sullied

No. 1996691

This is so stupid, can anyone tell me why they are hiring a troon youtuber instead of an actual voice actor?

No. 1996699

A majority of the gyms in my area have a dress code to prevent exhibitionist creepshows. His outfit passes dress code about as much as he does in general.
Skirts and see-through clothes don't belong in the gym. Not a fetish btw.

No. 1996700

Crapcom being crapcom. I would venture to guess it was connections within the English office. You are better off just not supporting the gacha in protest.

No. 1996720

Virtue signalling

No. 1996736

File: 1716368592581.png (185.65 KB, 605x1481, IMG_2178.png)

No. 1996737

File: 1716368613617.png (51.69 KB, 600x461, IMG_2179.png)

No. 1996739

i mean, how many nonnas thought Alain Delon was hot but were disgusted after learning about how much of a dick he is? people can backtrack on their attraction after learning info that wasn't revealed prior.

No. 1996744

>You're a pussy
>Come fight me
>You're a hoe
His male aggression and misogyny didn't take long to show. Spoken like a true woman!

No. 1996749

File: 1716375293199.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, autismcreature.png)

found this in the wild

No. 1996750

File: 1716375419764.png (3.31 MB, 1920x1080, 1324324.png)

more pictures, it looks like he used to be a fan of some pink-haired anime girl vtuber and is trying to skinwalk her now (but i might be reaching)
no self-awareness whatsoever

No. 1996751

File: 1716375550815.png (1.02 MB, 1225x712, 436533.png)

it was funny before i got to these and realized he's fucking 16 years old. now it's just disturbing

No. 1996752

File: 1716375734924.png (277.07 KB, 383x833, texts.png)

this is how he communicates with his family. he's obviously mentally ill and his parents either don't give two fucks about him or enable his behaviour. i feel so bad for the gay uncle

No. 1996753

Doesn't she already have a voice actress? Better play the game in japanese since they at least kept the same woman everywhere.

No. 1996755

based gay uncle

No. 1996758

Are those boxes of pads on the floor? Wtf is he just wasting those

No. 1996761

Incoming “Trish is canonically trans” story lines from the Twitter fags.

No. 1996762

it's for a cheap mobile gacha spin-off

No. 1996763

File: 1716381084725.jpg (49.02 KB, 598x845, no.jpg)

Every female character is canonically trans and yet women erasure isn't a thing.

No. 1996765

Only a man would think sarcasm can only be comprehended by another man

No. 1996775

She's not even sarcastic. RPGfaggot here, but they can't even get the character right. She just teases, she has zero sarcasm, especially American type sarcasm. She doesn't crack "dad jokes." Wtf are they on about. She never talks about food, that's Tifa the cook. She doesn't wear a choker but a necklace that laces around the neck then drops down into a regular necklace. These faggots are so desperate to steal everything they can't even get the one thing they're known for right, and that's video games. The comment is the best. She dies before 23, like most botched trannies.

No. 1996790

File: 1716395407777.jpeg (337.72 KB, 1284x2002, IMG_2706.jpeg)

No. 1996793

Linux or Windows?

No. 1996796

This is so autistic… food = male. Because all women are fragile little fairy kawaii anime Ana Chan’s…

No. 1996800

It's a parody of a scene in the Crying Game where a guy throws up after finding out he's dating a troon. Idk why so few people know this.

No. 1996806

you know it's linux

No. 1996812

No. 1996825

Picrel is making me laugh so hard. As if terfs would want to fuck you you delusional retards. Classic males thinking the worse thing that a woman can be is sexually unappealing.

No. 1996845

>kinda based tho
Not really. He's just being an NLOT. He's like the TiF who came up with "pooners," caricaturing other troons to make themselves look better by caparison as if they aren't all part of the same cancer.

No. 1996846

I knew that was a troon! They keep saying you 'you never know' but like, I was watching her recent video and kept thinking 'what is with that kermit the frog voice?' The voice is a dead giveaway and then he had to show his hands and yeah. Absolute unit. I knew my troondar wasn't broken.

No. 1996863

File: 1716414823134.png (961.21 KB, 630x1056, 5D3FAFA5-DF4E-491F-9F4A-C20CB9…)

Kek. They really just see a cute female character and want to larp so bad they soil their names. Yet they never want to claim the true troon coded characters like Bentham. where’s the trans pride?!

No. 1996865

File: 1716414907488.png (742.08 KB, 786x1214, tim_surrogacy.png)

What in the absolute fuck

No. 1996870

File: 1716415895775.png (1.08 MB, 1200x675, 1000024984.png)

It's funny how troons cape for this show when the creators trans representation is this. Based Oda. kek

No. 1996872

Of course the scrote would advocate for surrogacy. Women truly are just objects to be used and discarded to them. So very gross.

No. 1996878

I don’t really agree with surrogacy in general but this is extra disgusting. When on earth has pregnancy had anything to do with troons? Why would a pregnant women need to walk on egg shells to be a trans ally? Even if she was womb renting for a horse piss filled moid, surely her doing that would be enough allyship alone? It will never just be enough for them they have to be coddled and worshiped the entire time.

No. 1996879

from what I've looked up, his lecture stated that since "trans-women" don't have wombs (yet), surrogacy is a method that can enable them to fulfil their desire for motherhood and help them start families.

No. 1996882

Insane that women who are barren have no hopes of womb replacement but trannys are already getting in line for theirs. Women already are the majority of organ diners whilst men are the majority of organ receivers.

No. 1996887

Reminds me of that weird ass troon who made his family sit through a PowerPoint on how to support him during the holidays lol

No. 1996889

If they're already getting a kid from somebody else then why the hell can't they just adopt or something? How is using another woman's body validating in any way? Wouldn't it be more dysphoria inducing than anything to be involved with this kind of process? It's disturbing to watch people shop for babies like they would for purebred puppies.

No. 1996891

what a wonderful specimen, the awful ratty aliexpress wig I doubt he cleans and his total lack of style

No. 1996892

Surrogacy is also a great way to get a kid if you're barred from adopting because you're a sex offender. Women who opt to be surrogates for troons are the lowliest of handmaidens. Probably even worse than TiFs, tbh.

No. 1996901

I'm lowkey offended that Bon-chan is being put to the levelof these troons, he's beyond based

No. 1996913

And worse it's that guy

No. 1996919

File: 1716434180633.mp4 (1.9 MB, 480x270, ScaxKe8FgWF24iku.mp4)

"Goodnight Bro"

Damn imagine the poor min wage cashier having to listen to this freak. He's done this before hasn't he?

No. 1996920

File: 1716434542302.jpg (107.6 KB, 1280x719, napoleon.jpg)

The creepy troon sounds like Napoleon Dynamite I can't stop laughing because I'm imagining Napoleon in his place.

No. 1996921

KEKKK damn don’t do my boy napoleon like that

No. 1996922

File: 1716435491073.png (740.42 KB, 1332x823, obligatory-cap.png)

this happened like 3 years ago. his online handle was commie dick girl at the time (idk what he goes by now, i havent checked in on him in years), real name blake howard hobbs. he has a thread on KF, which he joined to post in, causing backlash with his fellow trannies kek. cant remember much about the drama other than that and him ranting on the roof of a parking garage shortly after the popeyes video.

No. 1996924

heres the parking garage rant

No. 1996926

File: 1716436037648.png (Spoiler Image,301.87 KB, 318x447, jesuskek.png)


No. 1996927

File: 1716436125735.jpeg (129.84 KB, 355x366, IMG_3896.jpeg)

>They fucking laughed and treating like they were bullying some kid in high school or middle school, well, I'M FUCKING THIRTY FOUR YEARS OLD!
>t. picrel

No. 1996930

File: 1716437865483.jpg (89.86 KB, 1170x941, GOMlmXpXgAADQrC.jpg)

just tranny things

No. 1996931

File: 1716437912191.jpg (139.94 KB, 1172x1766, GONTKn_boAELp_k.jpg)

guy think his prostate disappears after taking hrt

No. 1996932

It's all a semantic play, that thing is going to say that it's not "XY that causes the cancer, it's genetical mutations". (you need to have a prostate to have a prostate cancer obviously).
Thats all they know to do, there's no honesty, no sincerity, only corrupted hypocritical cum-obsessed putrid intentions. They can toy all they want with words, they'll never be women.

No. 1996939

I looked through his replies and he's saying the blockers he takes are helping. Then he goes on to say he wasn't born with a y chromosome lmao

No. 1996940

File: 1716440544097.png (435.86 KB, 792x743, character_icons__pc_principal_…)

I'm going to cry he sounds like PC principal

No. 1996942

male sexuality is so disgusting

No. 1996948

lets not post minors, hopefully bro grows out of it(minimod)

No. 1996949

It's uncanny kek

No. 1996953

File: 1716450107916.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>those teeth

No. 1996955

OP DFE'd. Shame, I made a bet that his "queen" is another troon. Guess we'll never know now.

No. 1996962

where are his parents????

No. 1996963

Was thinking the same thing nonna, I actually recoiled reading those posts. Men are so gross and needlessly vulgar, even when they’re larping online they can’t stop the coombrain thoughts. Pathetic.

No. 1996965

rules allow posting 16 year olds but honestly looking back i kind of regret sharing this. i doubt he can simply grow out of it without professional help
no idea but he overshares a lot so you could probably search his twitter and find out (im not going back there sorry). i wonder if the pads >>1996758 mentioned are actually his, could be some disabled(?) family member

No. 1996985

the kanna shit every time. nothing more "comforting" than a "legal loli" who's canon elementary school aged friend is the coomer self insert. great.
definitely not a reach. he's got sperg phenotype and i'm pretty sure the red glasses are meant to emulate the character's red eyes in addition to the pink wig.

No. 1996994

After a 10 note tweet? Sounds like Ms Thalia is a lurker.

No. 1996995

how did his dentist keep a straight face seeing that tired ass wig

No. 1997029

File: 1716478903110.jpg (703.79 KB, 1079x2634, id88r8me.jpg)

men who wear skirts because they get off to it are closeted trans women because uuuuuhhh.. woman is when skirt go spinny or something

No. 1997030

The way the original post has effortlessly mindbroken the twittards kek

No. 1997035

File: 1716479390527.jpg (265.15 KB, 1080x889, jcguo9.jpg)

petty faggot still can't get over it
it's beautiful. 16 year old girl calls a bunch of men ugly and fags and faghags act like she's a reincarnation of hitler

No. 1997036

And on today's episode of "Cluster B Writes Fanfiction"…(sage your shit)

No. 1997057

I mean surrogates are overwhelmingly from less wealthy countries, it's basically a brother to sex trafficking, imo. I don't believe in non-familial surrogacy, but international surrogacy at the least should be completely banned.

No. 1997058

>when we let this happen
let what happen? a woman voicing an opinion on the way males look the way men do to women far more frequently? fuck all the way off

No. 1997063

I just want them to finally understand that no average grown woman cares about breast size. Breasts aren't to us what dicks are to men, we don't go around malding and become bitter and violent if someone has bigger tits than us.

No. 1997065

this. plus i actually like my flat chest, imagine having to buy, store, own and wear bras? nightmare

No. 1997070

File: 1716486285282.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1624, trans reddit.png)

No. 1997071

Because a woman would call a man's hairy and now artificially inflated nipples "small" as if they're some 13year old mean girl bully in a changing room. Probably the kind of scenario this degenerate freak fantasizes about all day.

No. 1997072

File: 1716486645272.jpg (187.6 KB, 1284x1584, saeko.jpg)

bruh cannot even stop from saying the quiet part out loud. 'i'm a pathological liar' yes we could tell by the way you shriek to the high heavens about being a real woman and call anyone who is even mildly associated with criticizing you a literal Nazi.

No. 1997073

>some people really do want to be bullies because they got teased for having small boobs
>'yes in fact i am that person, that is exactly what i did'
undoubtedly this is another one of his lies to 'spark discourse' but also way to prove their point, this guy is mentally damaged to the point of justifying lashing out at other people (or attempting to bc i highly doubt a real woman would even care) because they made a casual observation. 'I wonder what kind of stuff she's posting now' is just confessing that he obsesses over perceived slights for literal years after they happen.
but hey apparently it's fine and dandy to lash out as long as you're trans because those brave and stunning individuals might 41% if anyone opposed their behavior.

No. 1997089

>meaningful global networking
Well we all know what that means.

This, even non-troon single men with tons of red flags who’d never be able to adopt or attract a woman naturally can just purchase an infant as long as they’ve got the money. A troon could probably create a successful GoFundMe for it, too. Help Serafina Aphrodite achieve the euphoria of motherhood or else he’ll kill himself! Donate here!

100% erotic self-insert tranfiction

No. 1997116

Troon is taking half of what his wife owns just because she didnt support him in his transition

No. 1997120

File: 1716498410567.webp (21.33 KB, 580x322, 1000018946.webp)

Damn the Christelle Bazooka character was ahead of its time.

No. 1997128

it's good that she got out, a lot of wives stay with the guy after he troons out to try and make it work. He's probably the one who dragged out the divorce to make her suffer

No. 1997129

My sides.

No. 1997134

They’re so weird. I would kill to have small boobs.

No. 1997135

skinwalking a girl from 2009. Meaghan from 4th period Englishcore

No. 1997138

good news(old milk)

No. 1997154

Oh god the forced surprise at the trans "reveal" is incredible.

No. 1997164

> the governor needs to think about real issues like rent
Ofc that fag wouldn’t see the safe guarding of female sports as a real issue.

No. 1997180

File: 1716514491461.jpg (39.26 KB, 1063x598, Dylan-creepyX.jpg)

Cave man tier profile

No. 1997181

>>1997116 I respected Caleb until he decided to host this troon, i know he's milking cows and it's for views but this tr00n deserved to have his child "kidnapped"(integrate)

No. 1997182

Frenchfags rise up

No. 1997239

File: 1716521105695.mp4 (Spoiler Image,706.35 KB, 320x566, 6XZFzHGbOLjx8bZ8.mp4)

They just wanna pee

No. 1997294

For a second I thought he was Brock Lesnar in drag.

No. 1997295

Stonetoss body

No. 1997297

File: 1716526889381.jpg (340.87 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20240524-004459_Chr…)

Hello all
Same non who discovered valkriye40k/'brynn woods' here

I found a new plastic troon LARPing as a woman on youtube with gross thirst trap videos. This one even more blatant.
Meet 'Forge Goddess' Rachel May Rose.
Just like Brynn, he has 600k male followers who truly believe they're looking at a busty woman..somehow




No. 1997298

And the trans woman character in Ace Ventura didn't transition because he felt like a woman, he did it to escape after some fraud/murder shit.

No. 1997299

File: 1716527021755.jpg (161.51 KB, 720x1160, Screenshot_20240524-004821_Chr…)

Also note that xhe is a pagan larper
"Odin finds your weakness shameful"

No. 1997300

File: 1716527459837.jpg (143.33 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_20240524-010904_Chr…)

Definitely a biofem, folx

No. 1997301

File: 1716527825479.jpg (86.59 KB, 720x1010, Screenshot_20240524-011537_You…)

What a goddess

No. 1997307

Moids will nitpick every aspect of a beautiful woman and then jerk off to shrek with bolt ons

No. 1997308

Notice how it’s only ever troons that reply like this.

No. 1997309

File: 1716530736730.png (39.27 KB, 526x356, 00251001.png)

The grand prize winner for "Most Retarded Response to the Cass Report".

No. 1997310

>two year old video with no milk

No. 1997318

>claims to be a woman
>gets mad when someone makes a generalization about men
A hit dog hollers. Does he seriously think that it's "forcing people into the closet" to tell them their outfit looks bad? Christ, men are so fragile.

>transmasc femboy

So, a woman.

No. 1997325

>Immediately threatens violence
Spoken like a true and honest wimin

No. 1997339

lmao he doesnt even agree/disagree with her actions he's just like "yeah, im from there, it's pretty cold…" KEK

No. 1997352

>my child
I hate when moids say this, it's not just "your" child. I bet he was barely involved with raising the kid.
It's hilarious, and the delusional troon must've been thinking "wow, I really fooled this guy into thinking I'm a real woman!"
Best part kek

No. 1997356

has this retard ever heard of reading comprehension? comparing a surgery that's literally life-saving to """life-saving""" medically unnecessary self-mutilation is a new low, even for troons.

No. 1997357

When men nitpick women’s appearances it’s 100% just negging to bring down her self confidence and make her more sexually available to undesirable men like them. So many men are practically faceblind and barely notice what’s under the makeup, wig, clothing and fake breasts, which is why they’re easily fooled by TIMs. Men are very susceptible to supernormal stimuli. They don’t even notice what’s under the wig and breasts because those are the only things that matter, and bigger = better. This is true for all males to some extent but especially pornsick ones.

>I knew deep down that I wasn’t a boy but rather a girl on the inside so male socialisation didn’t affect me!
Also troons:
>Nooo don’t insult men that hurts the feelings of transfems too
Which is it

No. 1997361

File: 1716549806965.png (925.77 KB, 1080x556, kj.PNG)

Something about the way her skinwalker husband is sitting there with his moobs out just got me

Also one of the comments said
> Kristen and Brie really do be morphing into clones of each other overtime
And she responded
> Eh she will have FFS surgery soon and we will look different

No. 1997362

Is she saying she thinks she looks like a man kek

No. 1997365

Brb blasting parle à ma main

No. 1997380

with him and brynn i think its time to admit that a good majority moids are faceblind and see women as feminine markers like big boobs and makeup. half of this troon shit wouldnt be happening today if men had the same ability to assess sex as women do. at the very least if they werent so porn sick they'd know that women are more than implants and clever posing

No. 1997389

If appendicitis is untreated, it'll burst, giving you sepsis and killing you within 48 hours. There's no data to indicate that medical transition reduces suicidality, or that trans-identified people are more likely to die of suicide than the average person with depression or bipolar. Their entire argument is built on the idea that they're guaranteed to die if they don't get HRT/blockers/whatever, and that's just not true.

No. 1997399

reminds me so much of Anthony aka "Erin" skinwalking that little girl he met when he was what, 8? they want to actually wear our skin. every time I see one of these dudes I just hear buffalo bill saying "I'd fuck me" in the mirror. these poor long suffering women, all handmaidens need to be peaked asap. this has to be a form of abuse

No. 1997400

"Bigg Azz Tiddies"
>stamps around braless with his walleyed A-cups aflounderin' in a tankini

kmao, even

No. 1997403

this is the most humiliating thing that could happen to a woman, i’d kill myself.

No. 1997408

Why are they all red headed? I asked this before what woman are they skin walking? This is the second or third middle aged Troon with red hair and a cartoonist fake body doing the same gross shit.

No. 1997414

I think it’s just classic jessica rabbit bimbofication for a lot of them, being completely honest.

No. 1997416

File: 1716568121552.jpg (537.72 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20240524_122608_Red…)

Why do all reddit mods give off troon vibes? I never see them sperg and hover over threads like this other than when trannies are mentioned. Also, who could have guessed this would happen again. Certainly not us.

No. 1997419

bringing back this legendary video

No. 1997422

>Why do all reddit mods give off troon vibes?
Because they are troons and they want to control the narrative because Reddit is their ~safe space~

No. 1997431

How is she not leaving him tho? It feels like he might decide to kill her and wear her at any minute……

No. 1997432

That's not a real scenario with real people, that's his hentai anime fantasy. You know, those hentai animes where somehow the uwu anime girls constantly compare boobs or mock the one with the small boobs.
Again showing their 200% male way of thinking…..

No. 1997434

File: 1716575349605.jpg (143.33 KB, 1079x423, Screenshot_20240524_212706_Red…)

Oh he definetely is

No. 1997453

File: 1716586143707.jpg (198.63 KB, 1080x466, 1000004450.jpg)

New safe space on preddit for women if anyone is interested!
r/safespaceforwoman or the link to their announcement on r/witchesvspatriarchy https://www.reddit.com/r/WitchesVsPatriarchy/comments/1czmol9/for_all_the_women_that_would_choose_the_bear_we/

No. 1997454

>men's idea of "becoming a woman" is slapping on fake lashes and making a duck face(sage your shit)

No. 1997469

kek at him engaging in the male bonding ritual of bragging about having poor hygiene and being too retarded to seek treatment for medical issues (likely seborrheic dermatitis in this case). there's an abundance of unwashed unhealthy misogynistic scrotes on reddit for him to relate to.

No. 1997473

How are so many women so dumb that they would actually join ? Admittedly, a large share are trannies who couldn't possibly not insert themselves in any subreddit for women (and yeah, the creator is a troon, kek), but still. What's the fucking point if NB (males) and trannies (males) are allowed?
It's so fucking stupid but also hilarious. Hope someone infiltrates and reports back.

No. 1997497

Idk what’s the most ridiculous part of this video, but the fat one on the left attributing her diabetes as possibly caused by COVID at around the 2:50 mark might be as ridiculous as the fat man on the right.

Sage & sorry for autism but fat is literally part of your endocrine system, it releases hormones. She literally just needs to fucking try at all just once in her life to count her calories & go to the gym. PCOS makes it hard but not impossible to lose weight. Weight lifting made a huge difference for me.

Anyway the comment section is a total hug box. Literally calling him stunning & saying his gynecomastia looks good.

No. 1997505

File: 1716600287230.jpeg (83.37 KB, 1080x575, 63998d3d80158-4050112217.jpeg)

Mr. Cheese there is really morphing into pic related.

>using reduxx as a source
either dumb uncultured tranny or secret terf

No. 1997506

Judging by her reply she was Big Mad about it kek

No. 1997512

File: 1716602251016.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.54 KB, 1290x1736, GMlUAxkW4AAM21C.jpg)

Run away from PF!

No. 1997515

File: 1716602411183.png (394.75 KB, 1080x1298, b.png)

No. 1997518

last time i checled up on his kf thread he needed to get his neovagina revisioned bc it literally closed up. but yes keep bragging about that scar tissue kev

No. 1997519

Jessica Rabbit broke so many scrote brains.

No. 1997521

File: 1716603939944.png (21.67 KB, 748x147, screenshot6.png)

No. 1997522

The fact they even equate a hairy gash and tuberous estrogen moobs as female body parts is the purest form of cope. Males are so fixated on the coom they're willing to blatantly deny reality in the hopes everyone will deny it with them. Pathetic really.

No. 1997524

File: 1716605007359.jpeg (594.78 KB, 1125x1557, IMG_7897.jpeg)

Posting my personal cow again because he’s always up to some bulllshit.

> divorced MTF “lesbian”, has had several exes refer to him as their ‘roommate’ in public because they are ashamed of what a creature he is

> convicted felon, ex-heroin addict, constantly does other drugs and goes on rant rampages while blackout drunk

> previously evicted from absolutely filthy trailer home where he was using propane torches as heat, constantly begging for money to buy drugs and alcohol

> ex-wife left him because of physical assault, constantly oscillates between calling her his soulmate and crying about how much he misses her or saying what a shitty deadbeat mom she is. Claims to have BPD and DID and blames his “alter” for the abuse.

> has a child with said ex-wife who lives with his mother. Talks about what a “great mom” he is despite never seeing his child because he’s too busy getting high or flying out the next failed relationship

His latest saga involved dating a girl who came from a drug infested and physical abuse situation that he flew out to Florida from England. Girl was clearly using him to get out of her shitty situation and would only ever refer to him as her roommate in public. They recently broke up and he’s been on a rampage shit talking her and sperging about how much he misses his ex wife who has been living with her new partner for over a year. The self-victimization is never ending.

No. 1997539

File: 1716611505931.jpg (195.21 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20240524-232436_Chr…)

>PF cares more about enabling perverts than keeping e. coli and c. diff off their shower floors
Amazing. I genuinely tried to look through their policy to see if there is any clearly stated rules about not using enemas or even just shitting in the showers in general, but there's nothing aside from the vaguest "respect the equipment, respect each other, respect everything!"

There is also a different section that does say verbal/physical harassment is not allowed, so there's a chance this dude could get kicked out if he harrasses enough.

No. 1997546

File: 1716616495514.png (661.26 KB, 989x516, male.png)

if ya squint its mint?

No. 1997550

File: 1716617124140.png (938.67 KB, 888x535, male.png)

him erasing his neck hump, scrotes are so fucking dumb, i can't wait for the full erasure of the male chromosome and the end of this species.

No. 1997552

That's the real secret. We can never criticize a man because he could always secretly be a "brave future transwoman" But good news, every woman is a potential man. And if not she's a woman so who cares anyway.

No. 1997555

this. plus i actually like my flat chest, imagine having to buy, store, own and wear bras? nightmare(no1currs)

No. 1997556

File: 1716627282605.gif (450.07 KB, 400x224, slappy-that-was-pointless.gif)

>Reddit has no female spaces
>Create a space for women
>Allow TiMs, which have infested and ruined every other female sub
>Reddit has no female spaces

No. 1997558

File: 1716627326569.png (244.11 KB, 700x740, weogrikfjndfcx.png)

Planet Fitness fully supports trannies. A woman took photos/videos of a troon shaving in the women's locker room. She told employees there was a man in the bathroom, and they did nothing. Then she posted the photos online, and a Planet Fitness employee began harassing her. Her membership was revoked and she's banned now.

Employees absolutely wouldn't do anything if a nasty troon brought in dildos. It would probably be seen as "gender expression".

No. 1997559

It's more of a matter of fashion preference than anything else. Some styles lend themselves to larger or smaller chest sizes just because of the silhouette certain cuts of clothing have. I feel like having something average like 34C is best because that's what most clothing is designed for.

No. 1997561

Trisha Peytas has fake tits, but I wouldn't describe them as "designer." Something isn't designer just because you blew your kid's college fund on it. Or your inheritance in Kev's case.

No. 1997562

Did he think Planet Fitness was a gay bathhouse? Also if he's planning to "seduce" some random guy, why bring a dildo? It really seems like he just brought the dildo to shock and upset people, or more likely just brought it so he could take that picture.

No. 1997567

they're uncultured tasteless retards that gave away their lives for their fetish, how would they know what "designer" really means, they, like any other unfashionable male, think that designer=expensive asf shit, the same brand of male retard that thinks the more money you've dropped on your shoes means the cooler you are.

No. 1997572

the "I wonder what she's posting now" as if any woman actually gives a shit if his "breasts" are larger than hers

No. 1997589

File: 1716640357551.png (200.16 KB, 750x778, fubuki one.png)

I love it when they tell on themselves. the pic on the left is just a female character drawn in a simplistic but not unskilled art style, while the other is a misogynistic caricature drawn by a terminal coomer and of course the troon see's himself as the latter, cause his only idea of women is a misogynistic caricature

No. 1997595

File: 1716645434791.png (39.15 KB, 965x291, Screenshot 2024-05-25 084451.p…)

troon thinks he's a girl just because he liked watching barbie when he was a child

No. 1997596

File: 1716645686230.gif (1.82 MB, 324x183, m.gif)

troonery will be the end of gender nonconformity and male empathy

No. 1997597

i bet it literally was a one-off incident lmao, guys who regularly watch old magical girl shows for little girls are more confident on their masculinity than troons ever will be

No. 1997600

i like how they always put quotation marks around "girly" or even little disclaimers like "obviously anyone can like X but..!!", why are they even bothering at this point? everyone can see that these retards literally claim to be of a different sex based on the stupidest, most misogynistic stereotypes.

No. 1997601

you know who else indulged in girly shows meant for kids, bronies. or are they so far gone as to claim bronies as their own.

No. 1997603

a good chunk of mtf trannies are literally just former bronies, i'm shocked i haven't seen many claims of how mlp made them discover they were ~real women~ the same way they can claim cgdct anime can

No. 1997605

File: 1716646922813.png (68.74 KB, 599x576, 1716640357551.png)

No. 1997608

I'm an old toy collector, a few years ago you couldn't go anywhere near MLP FiM/G4 stuff without seeing a man talk about how him being a brony was a flashing neon sign proving that he was always meant to be a girl. Fluttershy being a tranny is still a very popular headcanon for some reason.

Many other female collectors, if they like MLP, keep to G3 and other previous series'. Men don't give two shits about those ones for some reason.

No. 1997609

No woman ever said her trooned out bf makes her feel less woman, I love how these tards twist and willfully misinterpret our voices to suit their agenda.

No. 1997614

Anon those are literally the kinds of neckbeards who often troon out. They watch the shows to ogle at underage anime girls, but then grow to believe that they're trans because they enjoy a ~girly thing~.

No. 1997615

Kekkk so now we are a psyop by the cia to inflict psychological warfare on mentally ill men? Kek. no need for us to do anything that horsepiss in his system is enough for mental retardation

No. 1997616

there's a difference between the otaku male and shoujo stuff though, trannies LOVE the former while they barely know about sailor moon and css with the latter, i stumbled upon andrea ritsu's blog once and knew he as a tranny as soon as i noticed that he had an entire blog series about lyrical nanoha, for whatever reason trannies tend to barely go beyond lip service for any shoujo magical girl series not named precure (which is, coincidentally made with both a little girl and otaku demographic in mind).

No. 1997617

File: 1716654962692.jpg (1.24 MB, 1079x1947, Screenshot_20240525_123544_Gal…)

I know posting cora on here is basically cheating but he's so fucking annoying

No. 1997618

>womanhood is vocal strain
yeah for you I'm sure it is KEK

No. 1997622

File: 1716658987019.mp4 (164.73 KB, 320x320, dgfdhsh.mp4)

>and here I am now, 15 and trans
his dms after saying that:

No. 1997694

These retarded ass niggas are complaining about an actual minority being able to psychologically manipulate them when their tranny shit is propelled to the mainstream like a trumpet of the empire coming to blast itself on to an indigenous population. The only weapon male narcs have is projecting and doing the blame game, they’re the main mofos doing psyops on women who want some brevity from the constant dick and ball energy on this planet but nah too bigoted to have. Tired of these passive aggressive bearded faggots, ynbaw

No. 1997707

File: 1716681713546.jpg (94.38 KB, 968x954, GOYafsFWEAAsQEh.jpg)

No. 1997708

File: 1716681855301.jpg (243.14 KB, 1170x1525, GOaUkHlXUAAurRI.jpg)

No. 1997730

The font is for ants, and no one will tolerate his body odor enough to get close enough to read it. That's setting aside the fact that no one IRL starts arguments about vulgar tee shirts except middle school principals.

No. 1997737

Philosotranny has a segment where he's talking to his "past self". Watch it for some laughs.

I have timestamped the part where he talks about being unsafe as a "woman" because he gets catcalled (LOL) and he mentioned Sarah Everard's murder too. He says he feels unsafe because something like that could happen to him (Yeah right). It's so insulting to hear.

No. 1997738

File: 1716695730684.png (352.2 KB, 695x703, Philosophy Tube _ Oliver Lenna…)

He's also dressed down in this video, no fancy costumes to hide his manly figure.

No. 1997740

File: 1716696056894.png (619.6 KB, 1244x774, choobend.png)

No. 1997745

Did he hire some guy to play his old self? Lmao, he could have just worn a man’s wig, he looks exactly the same so it would have worked perfectly.
He is the dullest narcissist, just so predictably self obsessed.

No. 1997753

i can’t stand this retard, everything about him makes my skin crawl, same with contra. i’ll only hate watch this video if a youtuber reacts to it.

No. 1997764

File: 1716711652091.jpg (1.99 MB, 4096x3072, lm.jpg)

Got excited for a Lone Gunmen reboot, but turns out this photo is just from a videogame tournament.

No. 1997771

File: 1716712743324.jpeg (537.49 KB, 828x1235, IMG_5457.jpeg)

So delusional. What you’re smelling/tasting is smegma and bacteria. Literally any sane person can tell the difference between a vagina and a gaping wound.

No. 1997775

>Those people are full of shit.
That would be your neovagina actually.

No. 1997777


No. 1997781


What’s the deal with trannies and communism?

They really hate liberals but not leftists & I only learned recently that liberals are not leftists by their standards.

No. 1997793

File: 1716721735898.jpg (83.25 KB, 640x800, b5619f7c-5cbb-4b9b-99a3-f2432c…)

>he says he feels unsafe
oh, how sad. if only there was a way for him to avoid feeling so unsafe. definitely very similar to actual women, who we all know can just opt out by not styling themselves a certain way.

No. 1997795

File: 1716721782821.png (287.09 KB, 642x569, Screenshot 2024-05-26 7.07.22 …)

sorry to break it to you… not defending troonery but i think this was posted in a previous tim thread or the femboy thread (i got this image from google though)

No. 1997797

He's so creepy and ugly. It's night and day what he's become since being a Troon. You can tell he thinks he's the hottest smartest thing walking.
One day all of this false confidence will melt, probably when his opposites dry up.

No. 1997804

because they are edgy losers who lack critical thinking skills. if they were able to produce a shred of critical thought, they wouldn't be trannies. communism only appeals to them because (1) it's peddled by other edgelord trannies who they are desperate to receive acceptance from, and (2) they think it is an extension of the free surgeries and constant stream of liberal asspats they are offered under social democracy. actual communism has no tolerance for self-id and their hapless, narcissistic fringe society. at worst, they would be viewed as the maimed retards they are who are incapable of productivity and their removal from society and the earthly plane would be viewed as merciful and beneficial to the greater masses. at best, they would be torn from their jobs as anime translators and their mothers' basements and placed where the government saw fit. they are too stupid to have any foresight and think about things like this. of course idiots who actively harm themselves with horse piss and beg for permanent open wounds would advocate for a system that would gleefully eradicate them.

No. 1997824

This isn't a TERF, though. It's just some random person. She's being kind of an idiot, too, because it's clearly not an issue of being more or less feminine, it's an issue of the boyfriend being an emotional vampire who needs constant validation.

No. 1997826

>It tasted identical
How would he know? It's not like he can lick his own crotch-wound

No. 1997827

>He loves himself
Yeah, we know, NarcissistTube

No. 1997837

Scorned ex-lover of Contratroon that’s trying to skinwalk him out of an act of revenge and jealousy

No. 1997851

File: 1716739779252.png (68.62 KB, 1007x2359, 1000030265.png)

No. 1997853

KEKKK next thread pic pls

No. 1997855

File: 1716740511479.jpg (170.87 KB, 1080x1352, GOgzuZCbEAIXNz8.jpg)

i think he meant other trannies but that image is horrifying to think about.

No. 1997856

libs are pro capitalism and commies arent(sage your shit)

No. 1997859

Are we gonna talk about the fact that Trannytube is making an attempt at saying that biological sex is an invalid idea (or knowledge) because:
1)"we're share 99% of our dna"…
>You share 60% of your dna with a fish, how is that an actual point?
2) that we can only talk about things through preconceived constructed notions therefore everything is gender teehee
>just because language is a social construct does not mean it is not closely related to the truth, saying that everything is gender because "sex" can only be talked about with preceived nothings does NOT mean it's not accurately describing reality. At this point you might wanna say how can you talk about permormativity when everything is performative, your understanding of perfomativity can not be valid.

Everytime when i hear or see those videos i just want to spend hours spiraling and undoing all those lies spread.(sage your shit)

No. 1997894

File: 1716749464415.webp (77.13 KB, 1024x682, IMG_6763.webp)

seems like a tranny stabbed a bunch of young girls in a movie theater in massachusetts after forgetting to boof his prog and risperidone mixture
a concealed carry a day keeps male pattern violence away, never forget

No. 1997897

File: 1716751459118.jpeg (275.26 KB, 750x991, IMG_6933.jpeg)

sir, you are literally a male. the top mod of r/lesbiangang is a tranny, because of course he is.

No. 1997898

File: 1716751835158.jpg (32.89 KB, 564x689, 64b9d94a59cd2a93e7a801d318f1af…)

So there are troons who lick and smell each other's open, pus and poo filled wounds??
>"There is a range to how vaginas look and feel" yeah but it should taste like pus you disgusting, stdchasing freak…
Also kek at them always fantasizing that there are women who actually want them when it's the other way around, I never met a straight woman complaining that troon won't sleep with her

No. 1997899

*shouldn't, the site won't let me edit, hope it's clear.
Anyway no sane person who tasted a pussy would say that, pussy and the inside of an intestine/reverted penis taste different in both texture (I guess, not that I've put my mouth in there but surely they aren't the same) and fluids due to different bacteria, they clearly never touched or tasted an actual pussy so their only parameter are other gaping wounds, it makes me vomit

No. 1997903

>Four Massachusetts girls between the ages of 9 and 17 years old were stabbed inside a Braintree movie theater Saturday evening.
Trannies hatred of little and teenage girls is so freaky sometimes

No. 1997906

probably not a tranny since even liberal leaning publications are calling him a man. if it was even ambiguous they would be too terrified to do so

No. 1997908

File: 1716754083092.png (1.25 MB, 1382x803, dm.png)

demonmama's newest video in defense of DIY HRT is making me froth at the mouth. this is insane. how does anyone sit there and go 'yeah bathtub drugs made to god knows what standard are fine, distribute that to the general public, can't possibly hurt anyone' i swear to god if someone made their own 'grey market HRT' and sold people bleach to inject themselves with they would 100% deserve it.

also hilarious how it went from 'transpeople are just speaking their inner truth, i need to express myself or else i'll kill myself and it'll be all SOCIETY'S fault' to 'don't talk to journalists, they all have agendas, only talk to people who are unquestioningly sympathetic to you'. These halfwitted scrotes tell on themselves all the time without realizing it. News flash: if the only way your argument can stand is if you refuse to allow a conversation to question it, you're actually behaving like the 'fascist scum' that you claim is everywhere all the time oppressing you.

also it feels like picrel ought to peak normies in record time if they were exposed to them. one of these dudes is in chat literally bragging about being given a fake 'intersex' diagnosis by his GP in order to scam his insurance company. How are more people not aware of and outraged by the pro-fraudulence culture that exists in trans communities? like this asshole was fully just going to ignore Keffals and let him scam the community, dox people, falsify evidence to his heart's desire until Mutahar's video dropped. Oh, tHEN this prick has found his conscience and needs to make a video to 'expose Keffals'.

No. 1997917

File: 1716756825438.jpeg (255.5 KB, 1200x1200, eddie.jpeg)

I'm old enough to remember when Izzard used to talk about being very secure as a man, but just that he liked wearing heels and stockings (obvious fetish). Then he started talking about "girl mode" and "boy mode" in the early 2000s.
>I just have an extra girl bit, which is the heels and skirts and make-up.
he really does think girl = heels and makeup. we will never see him sans skirts and make up because that is literally all he thinks being a girl (he never says woman) is. but anything complex about himself or his intellectual interests, always belong to the "boy mode" part.

No. 1997920

File: 1716757175429.gif (769.61 KB, 400x275, angryren.gif)

same. i actually cannot watch this because i am already so angry just looking at the thumbnail and hearing that he mentioned the sarah everard case. the smug and delusional self-importance is too much for me to deal with.
omfg this guy

No. 1997921

File: 1716758054445.jpeg (253.23 KB, 1080x1230, CE7D3110-8932-4585-B3D4-61FDF1…)

ive seen the publications also referring to the suspect as he/him, but it appears that the suspect does go by she/her. i just know tims are going to flip their lid over the "misgendering" in the articles, despite this man attacking four girls and two adults. he's even linked to a murder investigation. here is the article, for reference: https://nypost.com/2024/05/26/us-news/suspect-behind-massachusetts-theater-mcdonalds-stabbing-spree-idd/

No. 1997922

File: 1716759117347.png (776.13 KB, 732x1144, jared.png)

his instagram is so schizo. seems like a rich guy with not much else to do but take a bunch of drugs and develop extreme mental illness. wonder if media outlets will change the headings when they see his insta pronouns.
also found this interview which is incredible https://thesnowmag.com/skiers-giving-back-q-a-with-jared-ravizza/
>I am excited to continue to wake up thankful for the impact that my life is having on others. I believe that is why I was placed here. To see people’s lives changed. To see people see sunrises again
by murdering children?
>I hope to show this world love and truth through my work and through my life. I believe that the virtues of love, truth, and kindness are at the epicenter of purpose and of a fulfilling life.

No. 1997924

does his old nose here look done to anyone else?

No. 1997929

>women is when pretty clothes and emotional and boy is when smart!

this is misogyny distilled down to its most basic level and it's being paraded as empowerment. i would say i don't know how these people sleep at night but i'm sure they doze off while repeatedly congratulating themselves for their courage in bucking 'traditional gender norms'.

No. 1997931

File: 1716760532118.jpg (665.74 KB, 2048x1937, EvtCQ4VWEAEw-De.jpg)

ah, yes, injecting "life saving" nasty unknown black market substances in order to not want to kill yourself, definitely normal and something that should be encouraged. meanwhile there are people who really do have to rely on certain medications to stay, you know, actually alive. cis people will just never understand.
>i swear to god if someone made their own 'grey market HRT' and sold people bleach to inject themselves with they would 100% deserve it
i'd fully agree if they didn't push this shit so heavily on young teens/kids, like with otokonoko pharmaceuticals. picrel to anyone who has somehow missed all of this, they also have loli shit in their marketing.

No. 1997942

File: 1716763572267.png (656.52 KB, 704x480, girldick.png)

it infuriates me that nobody believed otokonoko was real ('they just made up the lolibait packaging because they are all terfs and transphobes!!!') when that story first dropped.
first it was 'we would never target children, everyone who says that's the case is a liar and a transphobe' then it's 'well ok this well-known company dID make packaging that specifically is aimed at minors bUT HRT IS LIFE-SAVING MEDICINE SO IT'S FINE'.

how is there even a debate. real medicine would never package itself alongside an image of a prepubescent child uwu-bragging about having a massive penis.

No. 1997944

>like all straight transvestites, i know my military history
kekkkkkkkkkkk we really need to kam

No. 1998004

We need a Kikomi edit of this.

No. 1998006

i'm 100% convinced that he trooned out to pre-empt sa allegations, and not just from contra

No. 1998017

Yeah at this point I'm just waiting for Hontra to drop the deets.

No. 1998020

File: 1716795610626.png (220.93 KB, 1058x1138, 1000023432.png)

Looks like he has Klinefelter syndrome in the before; 12 years of horse piss did him no favors.

No. 1998027

Wait a second…
>trans men are men, trans women are women
THEY MENTIONED THE DOODS FIRST. Pretty sure this is the first time I've seen it said in that order.

No. 1998031

I can see his chest plate, gross. 12 years and looking greasy like your average reddit male, either he's lying or coping.

No. 1998032

Is the new site down? When I went to check it shows 404 not found

No. 1998034

This actually made me feel bad for the moids this creature encounters.

No. 1998055

He made a big song and dance out of how he was horribly abused by an ex girlfriend and it seems like such DARVO bullshit, wish we could hear her side.

No. 1998080

File: 1716826701547.png (380.12 KB, 601x788, waking up.png)

Used to pray for times like these, the girls are waking up

No. 1998081

here's the tiktok(can't upload it for some reason)

No. 1998082

>”I want to go back to the era where women were stoned for wanting separate female spaces that are safe and not full of troons using their tranny card and dicks to harass them into submission and cowering fear”
Convenient they used the word “stoning” which is just a lethal punishment done towards Muslim women who walk too far out of line against their patriarchal society/family. Heavy implications with that one. I feel sorry for that tiktoker she’s probably being hounded by le special and kind sweet trans people~ sending her rape and death threats kek. I wonder if her account is still up?

No. 1998085

The amount of zoomer women in the comments saying “real” is lifefuel

No. 1998091

I think troonism might really be on the downswing now, the novelty has worn off for gen z, thats for sure. And the gendies have no one to blame but themselves, although (as usual) they will likely never admit it. And so it goes, the troons will double down and run their already dubious, soon-to-be damning public image into the ground, after which society will start to accelerating the peakage rate and this will all be over soon. Amen.

No. 1998095

File: 1716830374330.jpeg (184.2 KB, 1290x1577, GOgt8TrX0AAlZOK.jpeg)

The amount of articles I'd to read yesterday before one even mentioned that it was girls attacked. First few said women… a 9 year old woman? Selective reporting but hey they all made sure to say that the motive is a total mystery..

No. 1998099

Wish they would call it what it is, a misogynistic hate crime, femicide.

No. 1998101

>omg everyone was so supportive of each other in 2020
No the fuck they weren't. 2020 was when lefty Twittards were most prolific in their efforts to bully and silence dissenters (typically on their own side of the isle) because they were a bunch of no-life no-talent "journalists" and "activists" with nothing to do during quarantine but cause drama online.

>Let's go back to stoning these people uwu

Then let he who is without sin cast the first stone. How many TiMs have turned out to be "former" incels, deadbeat fathers, have paraphilias involving children/animals, have criminal records, or some kind of scammer? You think they would have learned at this point that censoring and threatening people is not how you change hearts and minds. If anything, it's peaking anyone unfortunate enough to encounter their rhetoric. They cry "tone policing" and "respectibility politics" when you tell them to stop acting like a bunch of psychos, so I guess they're just determined to shoot themselves in the foot.

No. 1998104

>left: generic moid
>right: generic moid with moobs and Prince Valiant haircut

What am I supposed to be getting from this?

No. 1998109

>omg everyone was so supportive of each other in 2020

That one cracked me up, where was thus supportive era happening in 2020? At least in the US social media was dominated by riots, cancellations, QAnon conspiracy theories, Russian bots, and people brawling over toilet paper and screaming at each other about masks.

No. 1998110

Adult man acting like a shy anime girl kek

No. 1998112

why did I think this was methel cain kekkkk

No. 1998120

If I ever have a son with autism I’m leaving it in the woods. Not worth it, sorry.

No. 1998127


Further supporting the “transgenderism is just a form of autism” hypothesis, I will add this to my portfolio.

No. 1998167

i got jumpscared so bad when i was taking philosophy and our professor linked one of his older videos for supplementary content, then i clicked his channel to watch some more and i saw him looking like this

No. 1998173

If sports aren't an issue then they shouldn't support trans people in sports, they should just admit women's sports are no big deal and troons, being rare, should just drop it. But it's always only an 'unimportant issue' when someone supports the safeguarding of women.

No. 1998184

>fuck your gender conformity
>woman is when skirt

ok bud

No. 1998203

kek nona

No. 1998207

File: 1716866789248.jpg (342.83 KB, 1170x1226, GOnV0rbXkAAKL2i.jpg)

Zach looks like a worm

No. 1998208

File: 1716866913357.png (851.25 KB, 748x1193, disgusting.png)

He needs the rope

No. 1998209

File: 1716866966179.jpeg (114.56 KB, 643x908, Screenshot_000000083.jpeg)

No. 1998214

File: 1716867594956.jpeg (40.27 KB, 480x360, IMG_0132.jpeg)

haven’t been keeping up with these two in a while. good to see they both still look as mannish as ever. tony looks exactly like picrel with worse teeth.

No. 1998225

File: 1716871285701.png (1.09 MB, 1172x1166, Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 1.33…)

The way that these men post online is so clockable that it's unfunny. I checked the profile of everybody involved, and none of them are actually real women. Only males would post about such degeneracy while referring to themselves as "girls". https://x.com/Mimic_SSB/status/1795168939384680504

No. 1998229

File: 1716872472913.png (890.82 KB, 1384x1484, Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 9.57.…)

holy shit I want to a-log looking at that guys reddit history. at least he knows he'll never be a woman.

No. 1998230

christ.. there are so many things wrong with his post. like i don't even know where to begin

No. 1998248

There's nothing more powerful in American socialization than familial obligation. I really do feel bad for Jenny. She seems like such a genuine lady, and I have to imagine that her brother skinwalking her must cause some kind of at least subconscious discomfort for her. She seems level headed, and I was pleased to see her not retcon her Harry Potter interest after 2020. But you can't exactly say anything outright nowadays. Can't stand they way the "sister" talks, but someone else's personal life won't make me lose any respect or enjoyment for Jenny. It's refreshing to see an actual women have "unconventional" interests like Star Wars, and having a dude larping as a girl tag along is pretty funny. He'll never experience the way women are treated for having "unfeminine" interests or hobbies.

No. 1998252

>2020 was when lefty Twittards were most prolific
That's what they mean. The pandemic was the peak of recent radlib ideology. They miss when people were harassed online for disagreeing with trannies. But now that people are back in the real world no one cares about them.

No. 1998263

File: 1716885081393.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.38 KB, 500x500, hunt hendrix moid tits.jpg)

omg I've been waiting for someone to bring up Hendrix. I like two of Liturgy's albums quite a bit (pre-trooning), but even so, I know this guy is a joke in much of the scene. His "philosophy" is unintelligible and embarrassing. Pretty sure all the other band members have changed at this point.

I got pissed when he trooned out because he went from being a laughingstock to getting put on "best female metal vocalist" lists. Infuriating.

Picrel is the post transition album featuring his nasty body and moid bangs.

No. 1998275

File: 1716890078467.png (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 1080x1440, sleepparalysisdemon.png)

This absolute creature keeps haunting various guitar and metal related subreddits with his dogshit guitar noodling. Looks like he's wearing a victims face too https://www.reddit.com/user/HauntingTechnology38/

No. 1998278

Most moidy gynecomastia 'boobs' I've ever seen, dear lord

No. 1998280

From averge guy to turbofag

No. 1998294

why cant moids just use normal logic why do they have to be so jordan peterson about it
"ill never be a woman bc uhh women are like chaos of fertility and anything else is normal so women are special and i dont get periods so im a dragon.."

No. 1998305

No. 1998317

I hate that they used allison harvard for his mushmouth sex pest tweet. Leave that sweet woman out of this shit

No. 1998324

File: 1716903013480.jpeg (621.19 KB, 1125x1362, CB2E028E-1346-4F51-A765-6CDD79…)

Another day, another autistic TIM screeching that it’s OpPrEsSiOn when women don’t want to fuck him

No. 1998326

So true, autistic men give me the ick. They should all be euthanised.

No. 1998328

damn i'm getting troll's remorse for posting him here. he's acting suicidal on twitter now. also admitted porn addiction (fart porn in particular). actually terrifying what neglect and unrestricted internet access can do to a child. i feel bad

and how does he know people who say this are neurotypical

No. 1998331

Reality: Male violently kills girl children because he's a misogynist
News: Woman attacks women

No. 1998333

File: 1716904190661.png (116.92 KB, 1170x672, IMG_2400.png)

Kek one seriously added narcissists and sociopaths too.

No. 1998335

There is a whole movie about his transition which was playing during a Liturgy set, it was insanely cringe and I walked out after like 15 minutes because of the gross man titties. I can't find the whole thing unfortunately but this should give you an idea of the rest of the thing

No. 1998336

as an autistic woman all autistic men should be shot then
the online ASPD/NPD dick riding always confused me. they literally cause harm by their lack of empathy

No. 1998349

Men love feeling sorry for themselves

No. 1998352

Imagine a real woman with that face screaming like that? She would be alone in a dumpster in a dark alley. No one would even consider taking it seriously let alone worthy of a stage show. Men are so tedious

No. 1998359

>TRAs: TERFs are the ones who reduce women to their anatomy and babymaking!
>transgender people: 1716872472913.png

No. 1998363

File: 1716908569547.png (245.96 KB, 819x728, lmao.PNG)

I'm glad that ppl are tired of these troons bs and start calling them out as the disgusting pigs that they are

No. 1998364

This is hilarious. "I'm looking for a prostitute except real prostitutes expect condoms so I'm going to con random college girls instead." Something inside me wants to move in with him just to kill his cats and disappear into the night.(unhinged)

No. 1998368

what the fuck anon

No. 1998369

File: 1716909471124.png (108.37 KB, 1513x493, trueoff.png)

I would have punched that man for such insult.

No. 1998381

File: 1716912766144.jpg (466.08 KB, 1072x1642, 1000010212.jpg)

Tumblr tranny entitlement

No. 1998383

Why the cats and not the troon?

No. 1998384

File: 1716912885996.jpg (441.98 KB, 1080x1571, 1000010214.jpg)

Continued. I'm just imagining this autist talking those women's ears off and then women boredly waiting for him to finish rambling about wind chimes. The way he keeps jerking himself off about being a good conversationalist leads me to believe he isn't.

No. 1998385

File: 1716913005531.jpg (347.25 KB, 1079x614, 1000010216.jpg)

Samefag and naturally he's a "trans butch" that looks like a run of the mill gay autistic guy.

No. 1998392

This picture needs to go along with one of those tweets that say some shit like “Transwomen are goddesses, the most beautiful creatures to ever walk the earth. They are the epitome of woman, graceful and serene.”

No. 1998400

File: 1716915884606.jpeg (936.25 KB, 1170x1162, 964BCFA8-0ADC-4BED-8B7F-CDC853…)

I hate this smug troon so much claiming he’s so much better looking than ~cis women~ while hiding under layers of makeup and filters. Enjoy the incoming twink death faggot!

No. 1998402

Jesus, his face is so blurred you can't see his nose just his nostrils. And the fish lip injections look like utter shit. It will be cool in a few years when his face is swollen from filler migration and he looks bogged.

No. 1998404

>I will constantly have my hormone levels consistent

Lmao the delusion, the reality is nobody knows the actual long term implications of fucking up your hormone balance to the point you become sterile. The arrogance of this ugly twink to compare his self-induced endocrine disorder nightmare of a body to actual women

No. 1998405

Kek I bet the other kweerios at the event (rightfully) figured he was a straight cis man.

No. 1998406

Yeah not to minimod but he's probably a little too young to be posted here tbh. I don't remember if the age limit for cows was 16 or 18? I feel like 60% of teenagers are basically lolcows, but they grow out of it. If someone is a cow at like 25, they're pretty much stuck that way.

No. 1998407

>can't wear condoms due to a medical issue
what a load of shit lmao

No. 1998408

Why is his skin so lumpy? He looks like a condom full of clam chowder

No. 1998410

Most likely scenario if it isn’t a troon fanfiction of “cis woman epically owned by omegapasser,” the troon was seethingly jealous which prompted them to narcissistically lash out at a total stranger.

No. 1998411

File: 1716918053851.jpg (279.83 KB, 1080x1465, 1000015369.jpg)

I can't stand this fucking moid. Some troon who goes by the name of Annie Gallagher and LARPs as a radfem. Idk what nona's general opinion is, but I always thought of Dworkin as a libfem with some radfem ideals lightly sprinkled in.

Also kek at the defending degenerate pornography made by moids and trying to claim it's "deep social commentary!!!". These people are fucking exhausting. I genuinely wonder what his idea of radical feminism is? He's a fucking porn addict and trying to rationalize it.

No. 1998412

I love when malignant narcs destroy their looks

No. 1998413

His intellectual pretensions disappear once he gets to sperg about his precious animu self-insert.

No. 1998414

File: 1716918766026.png (378.81 KB, 481x663, Screenshot 2024-05-28 105212.p…)

i looked at their videos, someone in the comments asked how tall he is and he's 5'10 kek. smol and dainty!!

No. 1998416

i'm imagining what he looks like in person, probably one of those big tall twiggy scrotes with a hunch on his upper back kek. pairing that with the long ass frankenstein forehead…what a fucking hon kek

No. 1998417


He's to ashamed to say he's 6'.

No. 1998418

Definitely a made up story and if it was true it would 100% be two men doing that kek

No. 1998419

I legitimately can't tell if that's his upper lip or his tongue.

No. 1998420

Jfc it's like they're trying to out-ugly each other. Tony should've gotten braces instead of sawing his cock off.

No. 1998423

File: 1716921949803.png (10.19 MB, 1549x7745, IMG_2751.png)

Does she not realize that those are accurate depictions of the majority of TiMs?

No. 1998426

I mean the fact that he wrote “I talked about XYZ” and not “We talked about XYZ” tells you what you need to know about his approach. There was a guy like this in a club I used to be part of. He dominated every conversation with talk about his interests and his opinions and him him him him. But he was too autistic to be able to read the room and see that everyone could tell how self-centered he was and that nobody had any interest in the topics he wanted to talk about. So in the end he was left moping that no women ever wanted to date him.

No. 1998428

I do fine it strange that could tell even before your staind that these were by drawn a TIF rather then a TIM

No. 1998430

> gives them all hourglass figures and feminine features
They should really learn to accept the reality of what they look like kek. Seems kinda transphobic of her to see a problem with the before!

No. 1998434

>They often lack capacity
He can fuck right off. No need to read past that point. His malesness is showing.

He's definitely 6ft kek. And wtf is going on with that face, although I'm not surprised a porn-addicted scrote would go for the blown-up sex doll look. Very apt.

No. 1998438

yoko taro may not be the best person to go to show how pure or feminist you are, considering a lot of his games have hypersexualized women because that's what taro likes looking at, not to mention Leonard the pedophile character there is some nuance with the character but it's still weird in the context of his other works, or the prevalence of immortal young boys in his works

No. 1998442

dworkin wrote a glowing review of the transsexual empire and died in 2005. Way way before the modern trans movement so she was not the handmaiden they claim

No. 1998445

File: 1716925662644.png (946.69 KB, 2518x1502, 528.png)

blackwinterwells (mtf hyperpop scene) started posting again after allegations earlier this year of being abusive, went quiet on insta and twitter account skinnytuna. extremely curated comment section on most recent post. seems like it would've been a good chance to make a clean break with all of this and go back to a more normal life.

No. 1998453

It's funny how TiFs cape so hard for TiMs while TiMs do nothing but seethe about how annoyed they are by "TMEs." Literally just women performing emotional labor for men and being mistreated in response. Same shit, different day.

The redesigns don't even have any of the non "transphobic" design elements of the originals, and they add a bunch of shit that makes no sense. The green one, for instance; why were the glasses removed and the hair color changed? Why were wings added when all of the characters were just supposed to be humans living in the modern world? These might as well just be OCs. I think it's funny that she's trying to start shit be ostensibly "stealing" someone else's characters when 1) they don't resemble the source material at all and 2) I doubt the original artist gives a shit about having her one-off tranny caricatures "stolen."

No. 1998471

Nonny that troll's remorse is just your female socialisation speaking. All you did was call out his inappropriate behaviour, he chose to post embarrassing pictures of himself, and his acting suicidal is to garner sympathy and excuse his behaviour.

No. 1998472

File: 1716932915351.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, 1000018360.jpg)

>"what are the most extreme misogynistic beauty standards that you're forcefully expected to follow for being female, ladies? please tell me so i can play dress up and jack off. teehee!"

No. 1998474

why are there twinkie wrappers all over his bead kek what the hell


No. 1998475

Wow he's so close to getting it. Autistic moid behaviour is indeed creepy and off-putting to most women no matter how much you push for 'acceptance' of it, just like troonism.

No. 1998479

Post locked even though it's on trueoffmychest, of course. This sounds like it might be fake but if it's real I feel so bad for that woman, 100% the troon knew she was female and just wanted to take an actual woman down a peg. And it worked apparently.

No. 1998485

Why do these people always claim every depiction of anything by a radfem/terf is 'antisemitic'? Were any of these characters supposed to be Jewish or is it just the go-to insult like they do with JK Rowling?

No. 1998487

Even after that she stills says “that is not the point” about it being a tranny, which it absolutely is. It’s the whole point. Imagine being a handmaiden even after that disrespect. These moids dedicate their lives and bodies to mock women and she’s worried that her pointing out it was a guy is a big no-no. Incredible!

No. 1998488

File: 1716938512942.mp4 (18.55 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cpa82g7og65ls0t8ll…)

We are doomed

No. 1998489

File: 1716938804902.png (527.2 KB, 600x600, mask off lmao.png)

Looks like this handmaiden went mask-off about actual TIM body types and features!
Who needs enemies when your own allies are like this? lmao

No. 1998490

anti-Semitic? And why did they turn non-human

No. 1998491

File: 1716939052435.jpg (17.46 KB, 336x302, EPvc-WdXkAA7JJO.jpg)

The cum chalice lives on in 2024!

No. 1998493

he has his own thread >>>/snow/1927025

No. 1998495

Well her thread got locked so apparently she should not have mentioned it was a troon at all even though obviously only a troon would say that to her.

No. 1998496

lmao nona I noticed this too, she just has yikes, oof, ew next to all the accurate depictions of TIM body types and facial features, shouldn't she get canceled for this by TIMs or are they so delusional they don't see themselves in the original drawings?

No. 1998501

Sometimes it pisses me off that there are actual exceptions who manage to pass because of genetics and styling but then I calm down because the exogenous hormones they’re taking is going to eventually fuck with their body anyway

No. 1998502

I have a feeling these are illustrations of specific trannies, it's not just generic ugliness but specific creepy agp grins and bottom left is exactly what all the "hot" (filtered to the moon) ones actually look like
So she redrew someone else's characters and then decided to make them all winx fairy's instead. Does anyone have a source for the Rusty original characters?

No. 1998504

The original characters are from a comic called leasebound, idk where to find it because I don't read webcomics but it's been posted in these threads before I think.

No. 1998512

Those characters weren't Jewish. The people usually throwing antisemitism accusations at any depiction of Ashkenazi features (whether the character is Jewish or not) tend to be antisemites themselves (as they think big nose = jew).

No. 1998514

You Nonnas need better taste in music.. christ my ears

No. 1998517

Yeah that's what I thought. Typical troon behaviour to invoke racism when they're the ones being racist themselves.

No. 1998538

File: 1716948178268.png (1.18 MB, 1622x955, Man Stabs 4 Girls in Movie The…)

So not a tranny when he goes on a killing spree. Gotcha…

No. 1998545

File: 1716950044787.jpg (83.98 KB, 775x960, GOsAGVkWgAAr9Ij.jpg)

No. 1998547

hate to break it to you but he honestly doesn't seem like one from his insta feed. he doesn't have anything about pronouns/transflag emoji anywhere and there's not so much as a photo of him in a skirt, just these loose baggy boho trousers. where's the proof that this is a troon and not just an insane hippie?

No. 1998548

next threadpic pls

No. 1998549

not an ally. the original character designs that they're complaining about are from a 'pro-TERF webcomic' called Lease Bound. it's completely based, I only found out about it after seeing troons make video reviews to whine about the 'inaccurate' representation lmao

No. 1998551

So it’s okay to “deadname” and “misgender” them if they wear pants, no lipstick and/or short hair? Okay!

No. 1998553

File: 1716951915625.png (771.74 KB, 929x556, Screenshot 2024-05-29 110054.p…)

His coming out post admits that he is male, but essentially just feels like a woman, "whatever that means." It's funny how one side of gender specials insists that it is literally real and their body is biologically whatever they claim it to be, and the other group knows that it is a spiritual belief/metaphor, but insists that it must be respected and is out of their ability to control, rather than an interpretive choice of whatever problems they've experienced.

No. 1998555

His instagram said she/her someone already posted it in the thread.

No. 1998557

Shit like this insults and upsets me more than the most egregious troon degeneracy usually does because it's so obvious these men who see themselves as women through some supposedly 'philosophical' lens just don't see women as people at all. 'I don't know how I have a female essence but I just do, that's my truth' is somehow even more insulting coming from a moid than 'I'm girl because of skirt go spinny and coom,' idk how to describe it. Maybe especially since this is the type of sentiment I used to see expressed by TIMs more often when I was more open to believing TRA logic, and now I feel especially insulted and skin-crawly that I ever bought into it.

No. 1998564

his insta also has a bunch of shirtless photos of himself which you'd think would trigger 'the gender dysphoria' but i've given up on trying to find the logic where these guys are concerned. anyways i wouldn't be surprised if it came out he was 'two-spirit' or some other batshit concept that he came up with after taking too much LSD. other than the single 'she' in the IG bio though everything just reads like gay man who does too many drugs.

No. 1998565

Nona you may have a point but people have been posthumously 'trooned out' after shooting sprees or whatever for even less than a she/her in insta bio. It's just convenient that this one time someone who is plausibly a troon kills a bunch of little girls suddenly he's just male male male.

No. 1998566

File: 1716953607671.jpg (184.62 KB, 1284x1551, GOss1YKbcAArZtZ.jpg)

No. 1998567

Dammit I don't have spiderman meme saved on my computer. How can anyone even take this seriously? Why would this bearded scrote unironically say this?

No. 1998571

> "Yoko Taro created a chracter he wanted to see"

A coomer with a futa fetish created a character to fulfill his fetish, okie dokie

> "She dresses like a prostitute to show off her ~confidence~!!!"

Do men dress in a slutty femgazey way to show the world how confident and secure they are in their bodies?

No. 1998572

holy shit why are AGPs so bad at art

No. 1998575

he looks like eugenia cooney with progeria

No. 1998577

File: 1716956927685.jpg (110.6 KB, 759x1224, fccd7c0f-49de-5c35-9d3e-a1d7fb…)

Stolen from ovarit. Does anybody recognize the outfit? It seems like obvious bedsheet-made cosplay, I assume bough secondhand off a bio female with a luvrmonkeys level of craftsmanship.

No. 1998581

File: 1716957873516.jpg (43.85 KB, 780x520, danow.jpg)

Dan Aykroyd???

No. 1998582

File: 1716957998516.gif (499.97 KB, 480x258, tumblr_m0sxi904eH1rqfhi2o1_500…)


No. 1998586

Who's taking the picture of him though? A roommate? Really gay taking a photo of another man's boner moment.

No. 1998591

Is a lisp a genuine feature of autism? Serious question.

No. 1998592

Shit like this is why I'm not optimistic about tranny social dominance dying out any time soon. Even when males try to do the right thing, they're outnumbered by fujotroons and handmaidens. Basically every woman involved in any kind of fan culture or alternative culture ever is a member of the gender borg. And all the fujoshi have had their whole sexuality tied up in this stupid shit before trannytism absorbed it.

No. 1998597

It reminds me of a critique I saw of Lars Von Trier's films from the cartoonist Julia Gfrörer. She said something like, on one hand the stories make sense, and from a woman could be powerful. However, he reveals through through his films that he sees women as a metaphor for suffering rather than as humans who suffer.

The TIMs who approach their transition as a spiritual or philosophical angle are doing the same thing. They use their ideas of women as a metaphor to understand strong feelings. Andy Long Chu does the same thing but he approached his transition using metaphors developed from feminist and critical theory to create an intellectually-based arena for his humiliation fetish.

No. 1998599

No, although many have quirks when it comes to their inflection and tone. They have difficulty picking up on the social aspects of speech, making very obvious and over the top speech in shows like My Little Pony or English dubs of anime appealing.

No. 1998602

I can't believe they try to argue with women that "cis" isn't a slur, yet they censor the word?? just say you hate women omfg, this would be so much easier if they just admitted it
Cringe. I hate when people try to defend sociopaths. Anyone who has actually come into contact with someone like that would not want to defend them. Wouldn't want them to be alive, probably.
>gender borg
LOL. No, yeah, you're right. Considering braindead, confused women are the ones who popularized the gendie shit back in the day on Tumblr, I think even if most of these guys drop the tranny act or all off themselves, the women will probably keep it going in the future. It's incredibly sad. You know many of the girls and women who think they're trans are just trying to opt out of being a woman because of actual oppression and trauma. And these trans "women" are continuing to further these insecurities. It's awful.

No. 1998608

They have to censor the word cis now since Elon made it a slur on Twitter. It’s hilarious. Not an Elon fan, but totally a fan of this.

No. 1998609

This is so insanely funny. "Doesn't amount to anything tangible" because the normie girls don't want to fuck you? They don't want retard dick? That's the only "tangible" progressivism now? He couldn't be more male if he tried lol

No. 1998614

Based Elon

No. 1998629


Autistic men are known for not understanding boundaries, being creepy, having no social cues, having weird obsessions and low empathy. Why would I want a man like that?
I'm on the spectrum and I wouldn't touch an autistic man with a ten foot pole, beside the fact that autist and autist relationship often don't work.
What's the point of this lol(no1currs not your personal blog)

No. 1998653

File: 1716991380874.png (192.75 KB, 450x300, IMG_2629.png)

Trannydom and male autism is such a lethal combo, and yet they always go together. Tinfoil but one could even describe the autists getting sterilized by taking synthetic hormones after trooning out as an eugenics program sponsored by big pharma not that I’m complaining

No. 1998667

Handmaidens and troons who criticize the evil meany terf media never engage in the discussions of how troons harass lesbians like enraged incels or vandalize women's shelters etc. It's always "you drew me ugly so ur evil".

No. 1998670

you're right anon! thanks for replying.

No. 1998677

File: 1717000322865.jpeg (917.62 KB, 1549x2994, IMG_2788.jpeg)

Don’t think this has been posted before, apologies if it has, but I came across one of Paloma’s official videos and instantly recognized the troon on the thumbnail.

I just don’t understand the logic.
They include TIFs because they “have been raised as girls” well, yeah, no shit, because they ARE girls.

But why include TIMs when they were never ever “raised as girls” and even if they ‘were’ it’s just stereotypes and delusion. And even if they do try to fulfill the ~girlhood they never had uwu~ they’re barely passable creepy skinwalkers.

Also kek at the handmaiden saying TIMs experience “female rage,” yeah, I’m sure your average “female rage” includes unhinged violent threats from being misgendered.

No. 1998678

I don't personally think that it's a slur, but I think it's hilarious that Elon categorized it as such. The shitstorm has been fun to watch.

No. 1998684

Wow it's almost like it's a religious belief to think that you have a ~woman's soul~ despite all of the real world physical evidence proving otherwise. It's not surprising that Dawkins opposes this postmodernist nonsense, it's basically a new age religion and has supplanted the role or religion in the lives of the "athiests" who subscribe to trans ideology.

No. 1998704

File: 1717005540533.png (451.39 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_20240521-160407~2.p…)

maybe the father looks at his son with a sad expression because they realize he's dating a delusional man pretending to be a woman

No. 1998733

File: 1717012620642.jpg (849.31 KB, 1440x1800, 1000006345.jpg)

I went through his twitter and he has a mommy kink and calls himself a tomboy or "tomboymoding". Jfc that's the most obvious male jawline and waist I've seen. That horsepiss ain't doing shit. I wish I could be this confidently delusional

No. 1998757

jesus what drain did this post-apocalyptic half-ratman creature crawl out of? this motherfucker is scary as shit

No. 1998776

Kaine's history is well documented, during focus group testing meddling higher ups kept telling Taro to make his female lead more masculine so gamers(TM) wouldn't find her off-putting, so he gave her the most masculine feature there is: a dick.

No. 1998782

they should remake men in black and cast him as one of the worms

No. 1998785

File: 1717026340128.jpg (54.16 KB, 680x566, GOgM-tbXQAAK59h.jpg)

>I get to look like this
You look like shit with or without your clown makeup

No. 1998789

This looks like it might be a troll tbh

No. 1998793

File: 1717027601405.jpg (167.39 KB, 1080x1203, GOrATM7XoAAQ3gX.jpg)

He got kicked out LOL

No. 1998830

File: 1717032625371.jpg (91.19 KB, 861x1128, GOqdqdcXYAAJfHq.jpg)


No. 1998831

What did Lois ever do to you

No. 1998833

File: 1717032893176.jpg (176.48 KB, 1280x1792, abigail-thorn-at-star-wars-the…)

No. 1998838

I legit thought that was caitlyn jenner

No. 1998849

what's with the extra skin on his cheek?

No. 1998850

File: 1717037105641.jpg (117.45 KB, 749x1128, GOv0vNFWkAAh4w1.jpg)

How edited do you want your photo?

No. 1998852

File: 1717037467666.png (426.09 KB, 413x560, GOsRLt4XwAAo6mI.png)

same ol' mandia

No. 1998855

There's a point at which every troon begins to look the same. The FFS doesn't really make them look like women so much as it makes all of them look eerily similar to each other. Also I'm going to vomit at his gingivitis-ass teeth.

No. 1998860

File: 1717039349775.png (3.51 MB, 3485x5569, 040400EB-2679-4371-859F-A23E42…)

A bit of a drama happened in a normally docile r/actuallesbians. A couple of days ago one TiMs decided to create a thread titled “Is this an issue to have a penis?” where he literally asked how lesbians feel about penises. Surprisingly, a lot of lesbians said that they don’t like it, and a lot of troons started to get really sad. The thread got locked and hidden really quick.
One of the TiMs who saw this post, MariaMagdalenaxxx, got so butthurt about it, that he created two threads next day to complain about the injustice of cis lesbians not liking penises. One of them was on r/transcirclejerk, and one on r/actuallesbians again.

First thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/actuallesbians/comments/1d1xebj/is_it_a_issue_to_have_a_penis/
Second thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/actuallesbians/comments/1d2fg6l/lets_talk_about_genitalia/
Third thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/transgendercirclejerk/comments/1d23ayn/fellow_lesbians_i_experienced_some_bottom/

No. 1998870

Love to see troons crying about lesbians not wanting their ~girldicks~ kek. Thank you for the good post, nonna

No. 1998871

gotta love how there's always a bisexual handmaiden who has to come in and reassure them that's she's 100% lesbian and looooves penises teehee

No. 1998873

It's called autism.

No. 1998889

File: 1717050354613.png (3.13 MB, 1713x1144, psz.png)

Support small businesses

No. 1998895

I just don't understand why the handmaids hate the word "bisexual." I get why troons hate bisexuals; they can't use the other person's identity as a tool for validation. But why is bisexual such a dirty word among bihet women? First people tried to replace it with "pansexual," now everyone's just calling themselves lesbians regardless of what sex they are or how much cock they suck. My theory is that the wave of BOGs (bisexuals until graduation) in the mid 2000s made it seem uncool, so bihet women think they can avoid the "poser" accusations by opting for a narrower label. Notice that it's mostly women and trannies doing this; bisexual moids don't pretend to be gay, unless they're incels looking for an easy lay from a dumb TiF. Bisexual women just have this weird revulsion at the idea of being described as such, it's baffling.

No. 1998901

This has happened numerous times but he's never addressed anything afaik. How does he keep getting away with it, genuinely?

No. 1998903

It might go into the heavily male centric ideas of sexuality. The whole bi men are just semi closeted gays and a bi women are just straight. They want to be as special as possible so handmaidens say they are lesbians or “queer” and it gives them oppression points for their blogs. Sadly it just ends up in homo erasure, lesbian doesn’t mean anything anymore. Lesbians are (yet again) being forced to take cock or transition to a man (the only gender that’s allowed to not like penis). TIMs validation will forever be more important to them then boundaries and honesty.

No. 1998905

Ah yes, getting aroused by a hideous lace nightmare… just lesbian things, teehee.
I, too, get the vapors whenever I do something as normal and everyday as putting on clothes. Lord have mercy!

Jokes aside, this image makes me want to puke. It's so disgusting.

No. 1998906

As if the homo flag proudly in the background wasn't gay enough, lol.

No. 1998909

Have there been any trans groups getting mad about his misgendering? Or are they willing to look the other way this time because his crimes are so inexcusable?

No. 1998933

ime they seem like the usual bihet/kinsey 1-2, but they have a strong attraction to femininity (likely GAMP?). they're all very deep into gender ideology, some of them seem like they'd troon out themselves but they're too off-put by masculinity to actually go through with it (and usually just resort to being she/theys).
also, as >>1998903 pointed out, labeling themselves lesbians gives them extra brownie-points and gives them moid validation, as saying "well, i'm a cis lesbian and i LOVE shenis and trans girls, i'm not like those other prudish dykes uwu" is typical NLOG/pick-me behaviour and attracts compliments from trannies desperate for their next validation fix.

in the end though, i really have no fucking clue as to what is going through these women's minds that they desire the validation of tranny moids of all people. i'd love to hear an explanation from one of these women who has since peaked, but these types seem the hardest to peak, if they ever do.

No. 1998943

I would like to hear from miss Paloma about how troons are treated as women. No one sees them as a woman. Troons, unless very specific cases of effeminate gay boys who were considered lesser men, don't grow up being seen as slaves or "baby machines", in fact most of them troon out due to extreme coddling because they can't get enough attention meanwhile women want to be left alone and live without attention. How can someone write a song like Labour and then turn out to be a tra pickme (Paloma herself said she uses she/they) is beyond my comprehension if the reason is not sweet performative attention.

No. 1998952

his bread and butter has become making a mockery of himself through ragebait posts. its come full circle to the point where popular tiktokers are asking people to ignore him because hes clearly after one thing: money (through peoples' anger). honestly i hope he keeps doing this, trannies are their own worst enemies.

most people will never listen to a woman, so it might as well come out of their own mouths.

No. 1998953

so thats why he always has a hat or cap on in his selfies. hairline receded all the way to timbuktu.

No. 1998964

I think tranny dating bis also identify as lesbians to please the troons. Because openly bisexuals expressing attraction to trannies will make then insecure about the fact they are attracted to their biological sex. Both transbians and hsts sperg about bisexuals being "chasers" and fetishizers (ironic when they fetishize being a woman).

No. 1998965

Why does it look like he's trying to closet cosplay Poison from SF? Also based owner

No. 1998972

File: 1717078511766.jpeg (112.38 KB, 956x409, A90BEE18-4BC6-4805-8C97-44909A…)

Yep, I think this might be part of the reason why. They are insecure as hell, and it’s not enough if handmaidens want to date them - troons also want them to identify the correct, affirming way.

No. 1998975

>feminized penis
i just gagged irl, fucking disgusting

No. 1998987

kekkk so true nonna(sage your shit)

No. 1998994

>feminized penis
if having a flaccid penis is feminine, then men with ED who aren't on horse piss pills are the height of femininity

No. 1999026

>they desire the validation of tranny moids of all people
I'd say that it's virtue signaling. They view troons as charity cases because they buy into all of the murder/suicide myth, and they like feeling superior to the evil dykes who don't like cock. They're the kind of people who just do whatever is fashionable, and they would absolutely have been regular homophobic bullies 20 years ago.

No. 1999033

File: 1717087849364.jpg (49.57 KB, 969x689, okay.JPG)

Stumbled upon r/oldhagfashion from a post talking about older women and fashion and found three transwomen in the 10 first seconds of scrolling including this one. To find mostly ugly men on a subreddit that apparently aspires to de-stigmatize aging in fashion is ironic.

No. 1999034

File: 1717088069477.jpg (72.38 KB, 929x747, okay2.JPG)

samefag, another one from that sub.

No. 1999043

somehow this feels cruel, like the neighbor's children lured captured tortured and shaved the tard of the village while the able adults were all at the field

No. 1999044

File: 1717089142312.jpg (738.58 KB, 1079x2148, 1000016578.jpg)

>Is my echo chamber broken

Fucking hell but they have no self-awareness.

No. 1999061

>his therapist saying they don't have to agree on everything made him feel better
isn't that like an important fundamental truth about interacting with other people? does he expect everyone to think 100% the same or something?

No. 1999068

that subreddit is at least 75% troons posting and handmaidens fawning over them. at this point i'm only staying a member to downvote their posts.

No. 1999072

Hey are we allowed to mention drag queens here, or no?

No. 1999073

there’s a drag queen thread

No. 1999074

Ah ty ty.

No. 1999089

This screams "future mass murderer". As if the icepick shit wasn't bad enough. Something about that pic gives me very, very bad vibes.

No. 1999093

She also told Allen Ginsberg she'd want to kill him because he supported pedophiles and NAMBLA. And all troons are pedophiles.

No. 1999101

Oh, honey. The sports "debate" lost when you retards started it. It's a total political loser. It and the insistence on giving exogenous hormones to children is why the public is turning on troons. Support for trans rights is going down and they only have themselves to blame.

No. 1999103

File: 1717100989215.jpeg (330.52 KB, 1170x808, IMG_4363.jpeg)

What do any of these words mean?
Also of course a TiM would use a username like that. Their whole account is just psuedo intellectual nonsense

No. 1999105

File: 1717101443032.png (40.28 KB, 697x571, 43032994.png)

>I am currently reading a book by the great Alison Bechdel - if that doesn't ring a bell, do look her up
The fucking audacity of this male looking at a bunch of lesbians and presuming that THEY don't know who Allison Bechdel is before proceeding to mansplain lesbianism. It's liking walking into a room full of physicists and telling them about this cool guy they might not have heard of called Isaac Newton.

>A woman's penis is a completely unique genitalia, that functions differently than any other genitalia known to humanity. It's feminine, the skin is soft. The way it functions is special and it works differently than anything else. I love it.

Puke, they can't even moral grandstand without devolving into fetishism. A flaccid penis is not "completely unique genitalia," just because the jizz is a slightly different color or whatever. A penis is not feminine, because it is not a female trait. Stop with this recycled Contrapoints retardation. A penis is male genitalia.

And check out this shit-for-brains in picrel, crying about how it hurt his feelings when a woman saw him and regarded him with fear. Then he claims to "share her fear" and know how she's feeling even though by his own admission he still just looks like a big stocky male. Honestly, if anything I'd be more afraid of a clear AGP than I would an ordinary moid, because now I know for a fact that I'm in the vicinity of a paraphile who would be rewarded for harming me by being put in a women's prison. He has more of an incentive to harm women than a non-troon moid!


No. 1999113

File: 1717102905960.png (206.07 KB, 760x760, 43032995.png)

Samefag. Here's another one, crying about how lesbians still wont date him even after he sawed off his cock. You're still male, stupid! You think like a male, you move like a male, your lived experience is that of a male, and you have the physiology of a male eunuch. Lesbians dislike cocks because they're gross, but they dislike the moids cocks are attached to even more. A dildo or strap is clean, it's a piece of rubber that can be washed, and it won't give you an STI or a UTI. Why can't they stop being entitled and just take no for a goddamn answer? Why do they so badly want to be with women who are repulsed by them instead of dating the bisexual handmaids who constantly virtue-signal about how much they love cock?


No. 1999115

If you really understood trauma you would abolish it immediately you ingrate moid

No. 1999116

i wish this guy had a thread, but idk how milky he is right now. he's one of my personal cows and some of the most retarded troon takes i've heard have come from him kek

No. 1999119

This depends on if he's buried in acidic soil and his skeleton doesn't dissolve away completely by the time archaeologists dig him up. Since he'll have brittle, weak bones from all the HRT, it'll probably be broken down by the soil. Oh wait, I forgot, women aren't supposed to know this kind of shit, that's for men only. What was I thinking?

No. 1999121

>I totally understand genital preference
>"I'm not racist, BUT"
Scrotes are all the fucking same.

No. 1999148

>lost the sports debate
There was never any winning in that debate anyways..

No. 1999149

File: 1717110751803.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.2 KB, 1080x1436, GOtPCRfWIAAziGV.jpg)

next thread pic lol

No. 1999153

>at that point any attraction I felt for them is dead anyway
Classic male cope after getting rejected. "Actually, y-youre ugly, and I wouldn't fuck you!"
>perhaps in the future I will just not disclose the fact that I am trans
Love how he phrases this like a threat
>They wouldn't even be able to tell the difference down there anyway
He really just said he intends to commit rape by deception with his whole chest.
When it comes to neovaginas there's no real winning. Your "best" option is an inverted penis/ballsack, which is obviously not a workaround to the genital preference thing because it's still a penis and balls. There's also colon tissue and fish skin, which no human being on earth wants to put in their mouth. Why does he act surprised? Is this not the logical outcome?
Oh fuck no I do not want to see that thing on a regular basis kek

No. 1999154

File: 1717114574062.jpg (78.69 KB, 525x520, fishbelly.jpg)

>There's also colon tissue and fish skin, which no human being on earth wants to put in their mouth
You know other troons would, though, if they were desperate enough. And troons don't practice personal hygiene. Imagine having to talk to one, knowing that his breath smells like a mixture of ass and rotting Scandinavian fish entrails.

No. 1999161

File: 1717116383974.png (58.96 KB, 775x536, antknkpost.png)

Reddit is pretty much a lost cause now, it must be. I was thinking for a while that there might still be some potential in establishing a subreddit exclusive to women or about gender criticism, but the last few years I've been unsure. Not that reddit isn't a nuclear dump on fire, but thinking of how r/theredpill and its ilk brought the manosphere to the forefront, I wonder if there isn't some residue potential in it. Then again reddit skews male so far I doubt there's even any point trying to subvert the ban armies. Even if subreddits like that do survive, they seem not to grow,or skirt the tranny question entirely.Thinking of r/radicalfeminism and r/antikink. Picrel was posted on the latter just now, some TIM complaining about how being a perv in a perv space seems to attract mostly pervs, and no one is allowed to adress the elephant in the room anywhere

No. 1999183

> spinny skirt the tranny question entirely

No. 1999190

I was recently trying to find Japanese grammar resources. A YouTube channel called "Cure Dolly" was frequently recommended as a great learning resource, so I decided to check it out.
"Dolly" is an 3-D avatar of a plain-looking anime girl that a troon uses to larp as a robot Japanese teacher, complete with stilted falsetto, horrible pronunciation, and a shitty voice changer. He's pretty dedicated to this larp, which understandably confuses commenters, though few seem to realize that he's a man.
Some comments from the first video in his grammar series:
>I only just now found the channel from someone mentioning it on WaniKani forums. Can I ask why is the voice the way it is?
>I guess I was programmed that way. Why is your voice the way it is?
>PS - I don't mean any criticism of your voice (I haven't even heard it) - but why is any being's voice the way it is? Presumably because it is that being and not another.
>I don't think TTS engines know what they are saying enough to put the kind of contextual stress/emphasis I do into words even if I still don't sound quite natural/human.
>Wait so….is this your real voice Cure Dolly せんせい or is it machine made?
>Of course it is a machine voice. I am a machine.
>Why would you do this though? Isn't the WHOLE POINT of this to make this knowledge ACCESSIBLE? The stupid voice detracts from it…I don't get it. Great content, some of the best, and all made LESS ACCESSIBLE behind this dumb gimmick…
>Boy, what a grouch.

Terminally online people (or those with functioning ears) will recognize this as a very dedicated larp. But many seemed to believe quite a lot of what CureDolly said about his character while in-character.

No. 1999193

File: 1717126371826.png (303.38 KB, 979x4871, Cure Dolly Tranny Janny Reddit…)

CureDolly eventually posted a video where he stated that he would be unable to make a video that week because he was "malfunctioning." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIGOIGfMi4U
And then another one where he said he would be forced to take a break from youtube due to these health conditions

Many of the commenters take it quite seriously. Cure Dolly encourages their belief by liking many comments lamenting his ill condition. A particularly egregious example that he interacted with:
>Oh no! For absolute real, I hope you're okay. I can't tell how serious your condition is through the veil. Whatever it is, I hope you find your way through it with all my soul. You're the main reason I haven't given up. I couldn't find any structure learning method that made sense until Organic Japanese. I was getting frustrated without any good paths to follow. Your videos get right to the roots every time without fail. And your beef with Genki, websites, and the mobile apps is so endearing for a learner like me. Never gets old.
>The work you're doing is not only helpful, but inspiring. Seeing someone like you putting all this effort into helping us learn Japanese in an applicable way, free to watch. Seeing how many others your method clicked with in the comments. Goes to us all how much a single person can change the lives of many for the better. It's the kind of impact that's immeasurable by sheer numbers.
>All that's to say I'm with you. Take whatever time you need to get better. You deserve it.

Cure Dolly's Patreon then announced that Cure Dolly "ceased to function" after "extensive repairs."
I was personally very put-off by the in-character death-larp, so I decided to start googling.

The announcement was made in the third-person, which led many Redditors to believe that the person behind Dolly really had passed away. Additionally, the comments were an absolute graveyard of removed comments. Luckily, the post was from before the Reddit API changes, so I was able to retrieve most the deleted comments from Reveddit.

No. 1999195

File: 1717126761796.png (1.7 MB, 1537x2037, kf images no dox.png)

I'll shamelessly link the kf post I found since most my information after this comes from there:

No. 1999196

In short, Cure Dolly is an old British tranny that was a member of a bizarre spanking cult (cults?) that believed there were 2 genders – blonde and brunette. (He appears at timestamp). This cult is basically a strange feminist sex cult that pivoted towards hardcore weebery in the early 2000's.

A redditor who claims to have known about the cult back in the day claims that CureDolly went by the name "Sushuri Madonna" on SecondLife.
>If I had to guess who she is, I'd say she's probably the person who went by Sushuri Madonna/Shroom in the late 2000's. I used to hover around the edges of Aristasia/Chelouranya as a lonely queer girl who desperately wanted to live a different life. I was a massive weeb who was into lolita fashion, but I remember finding that particular person's (non-sexual) fetishization of Japanese culture a bit uncomfortable. She had a young blonde avatar on Second Life, which was where a lot of them hung out, roleplayed, and held religious ceremonies. I also remember several of the ladies on Heartbook (Aristasian Social Network) watching anime, and Pretty Cure was a popular one.

No. 1999199

unironically, yes. they literally want everyone to think they way they do. policing language isn't enough – I've seen so many examples of trans people complaining that people use their preferred pronouns and chosen name and everything "but I can tell they don't actually think of me as a real woman/man." it is absolutely a lack of understanding of a fundamental truth of human interaction, as you said.

No. 1999200

Timestamp didn't seem to work. Go to 1 min 4 seconds.

CureDolly's internet presence has since fizzled away. I'm unsure if the the person in the KF posts is actually Cure Dolly; some claim that it's a separate person who is the leader of the cult/sisterhood/whatever, and that she was simply involved in CureDolly's websites, with some speculating that CureDolly taught Japanese because it was the official cult language. However, Chancandre Aquitaine and Annalinde Matichei are pseudonyms used by authors with a very Cure Dolly-esque style, but they also share profile pictures with Mary Guillermin, the actual cult leader.

Anyways. I hope that Cure Dolly is out there, dedicating his life to being extremely autistic online.

No. 1999203

he 100% groomed at least one child and left because of it

No. 1999211

this is really interesting, thank you nonna. i tried to go down the rabbithole about cure dollys death and identity a few months ago because i found the whole situation very bizarre, and ive enjoyed cire dolly's videos a lot. i frankly would never have guessed there was a tranny behind it all, and the weird sex cult thing is… very strange, to be honest. thanks for the info

No. 1999225

He knew he was trans since he was seven

No. 1999239

>voice modified to hell but still sounds lispy and retarded and ugly

No. 1999247

Reddit is beyond a lost cause, nona. There used to be TERF subreddits that were active and growing (gendercritical, itsafetish) but they were mass banned in 2020 because of how many people they were peaking. That's how/why ovarit got started. Not to mention that all female-focused subs are now overrun with and moderated by trannies. The fact that redpill subs have been allowed to continue means nothing because those subs are about hating women, which is allowed and encouraged. Tranny hate or anything other than sucking 'girldick' gets the banhammer.

No. 1999251

I feel bad for him, transitioned at a young age and as a minor he posted numerous sexually explicit things … and I mean EXPLICIT. I followed him as a personal cow and had to unfollow because of it. Bad parenting for sure is at play.

No. 1999258

Animated elder troons talking
> my two daughters disowned me
> always flirts with the waitresses
It’s almost as if he makes the women around him extremely uncomfortable, probs because they are jealous of his feminine energy.
> whilst all the boys played cowboys I wanted to be the women making coffee and sewing
Such a women brained moment, we do in fact all yearn to sew and make men coffee. What a solid reason to ruin your family.

No. 1999263

his pronunciation is horrifying for someone who taught japanese

No. 1999274

Holy shit, i wasn't expecting to see Aristasia in the MtF thread. I wanted to discuss it in an /ot/ thread but it fits here. It started out as a female-only group and i think it was mostly orbited by actual women before the internet, but the lesbian + weeb combo has drawn some TiMs over the years. Fascinating group, started out as a posh club for right-wing lesbians into Evola who wanted a male-free society, who went on to be among the first video game developers in England, before becoming an online sex cult(?) on second life. I really recommend checking out their old websites, there are some blogs/reddit accounts that archive and discuss their history aswell. It's pretty amazing that it hasn't become fully infested with transbians since it's a gathering of nerdy horny women into physical discipline and historical LARPing. I wouldn't be surprised if there were many 'stealth' troons in their online groups, though.

No. 1999276

>penises are beautiful and sensitive and versatile

No. 1999278

>I will not disclose the fact that I am trans
Don’t worry, they will know.

No. 1999283

Your weeb japanese doesn't help…

No. 1999289

File: 1717162031049.jpg (483.31 KB, 1079x1452, Screenshot_2024-05-31-15-25-06…)

Samefagging, sorry. I refreshed my memory and they weren't exactly aiming to create a 'male-free society', but imagining a parallel world and living as if they were part of it. It's also a kind of religion/cosmology, the 'cult' part was central to Aristasia from the beginning. Picrel is further evidence of the presence of TiMs in Aristasia, as a tax (kek gotta love how they always try to LARP as intersex as if it would make them seen less blatanly male)

No. 1999293

absolutely fascinating posts anon thank you
anon plz post on /ot/ about the old websites and more of a rundown this is so interesting. maybe we should start a cult discussion thread

No. 1999311

LOL i remember coming across this channel a couple of years ago and being extremely unnerved.

No. 1999326

>i guess i'm not a woman, just a sissy
at least he learned something
but also
>femininity is degrading
>if i say no it's my fault
>defending boundaries is rude
>if you don't accept this nobody will 'want you'.

wow, it's almost like he very nearly experienced what it's really like to have the female experience. very nearly based.

No. 1999327

>manosphere subreddits exist
>posts are full of rampant misogyny and homophobia
>'this is fine, let them speak their truth'
>gender-critical subreddits appear
>men aren't women and shouldn't be allowed to trample all over women's rights and spaces
>'noooo think of the troons what if they kill themselves??? we can't have this rampant bigotry on our website'

the double standard is blatantly evident and fucking appalling.

No. 1999356

How they still have investors is beyond me. That company should be dead in the ground. I can't wait to see the shit hit the fan at one stage where everyone pretends they've only just discovered all the subreddit advocating rape, sex-based violence against women, and worst. And see all the trannies lose their homeland, one can dream.

No. 1999381

Woah no way it's almost like reddit is a shitty site that scrotes founded. Don't ever waste a second of your life going on there. Life's too short.

No. 1999383

That's fantastic. Now watch as troons struggle to come up with a new way to describe men and women, since troons are neither creative nor bright.

No. 1999400

Ol' Huntard is at it again. Don't he and his gal pal look so much like women? Look at the elegant, feminine ways they carry themselves, just like a woman, which is what a woman would womanly do. (The comments section is great, lots of people speaking out against his troonery bullshit.)

No. 1999422

This shit is ridiculous. OP asks a serious, genuine question and people give their serious, genuine answers. And the TIMs get all upset over it, saying it’s transphobia and gives them dysphoria. Like what do they want? The commenters to lie and tell them that they love dick? I don’t get it. And to make a whole other post basically saying “shame on you for answering the question honestly as a lesbian, this community sucks.” Why even ask the question if you can’t handle the answer? Lesbians don’t want a penis.

No. 1999441

File: 1717190129635.jpeg (94.48 KB, 519x465, 1688649886202.jpeg)

That concussedYmir faggot really grates me. "Its the little tic, the visible feeling of people trying their best not to show it that really gets to me."

God I wanna a-log so fucking bad. That is absolute abuser mentality right there. The women in that sub (the idiots who are still there, if any of you are reading this, get the fuck outta there) have been browbeaten into keeping their mouths shut, to not voice their concerns and opinions, lest they be banned. So the second some troon tells them to accept it, they have to carefully word their replies so it doesn't trigger the knuckledragging rape ape. But this one recognizes that he does instill fear in women, even in real life, and it's still not getting through to him that he is still causing this. He's not "sharing" it, he's inciting it and reveling in it. So much so that he decides to get up on a soapbox and lecture and passive-aggressive the women in that sub that, sooner or later, they better learn to suck his cock.

No. 1999442

>were any of the previous women's jail rapists sent back to male prison?
Last week I discovered that the TiM who impregnated 2 inmates in a New Jersey women's prison was sent back to the men's

The NJ prison system has updated their transgender policy. They will take "reproductive considerations" and criminal history into account in placement.
https://newjerseymonitor.com/2023/05/08/shifting-policy-on-prison-placement-of-transgender-people-sparks-scrutiny/(this is an imageboard)

No. 1999468

This is what really irks me. Some troons mentioned that it was “so uncalled for” in the other threads. No, you idiots, one of your kind asked. Like, literally asked. And, given the fact that people who follow this sub are all handmaidens, they were nice about it. But it’s still not enough for troons. You give them a finger, but they want an entire arm.(sage your shit)

No. 1999486

File: 1717197205164.png (203.5 KB, 1125x1009, kek.png)

>You give them a finger, but they want an entire arm.
I'm starting to think even total compliance wouldn't be enough for them, and not just because they know deep down that handmaidens are hypocrites. Some troons remind me of the kind of male masochist who gets off anger and violent reactions from women who have been insulted or degraded. They constantly provoke well-meaning women for that coveted lashing out, or just go harrass women who are hostile to them.

It means 'working against deeply engrained prejudice is scawy and not arousing to me so i'd rather subvert it by cooming to the most regressive shit i can come up with. And this is revolutionary'. I hate how 'play' is a tongue-in-cheek reference to kinky sex for these people

I might, i realize now that my first reply wasn't so accurate (the info on this org is spread on all kinds of sites and comment sections). Aristasia wasn't always all-female, it's an offshoot of a previous movement (Romantia). Our autistic troon friend Cure Dolly was actually influential from the very beginning, being repsonsible for all iterations of 'Aristasia' alongside the leader (Miss Martindale). He obfuscated his identity and hid his face even back then, with the exception of the documentary posted by the other nona.
He seemingly had a predilection for 'age regression' (this has been consistently reported) which partly explains their obsession with schoolgirl aesthetics and caning. It's sinister when you realize a TiM was there all along, likely getting off from being surrounded by weird right-wing or spiritually-inclined women who subscribed to a religious/erotic lesbian-ish LARP. It also explains why the whole thing reeks of sissy/BDSM activities, like the members being named 'Miss' so and so, the obsession with femininity and LARPing as their true selves, offering punishment for pay etc.
Anyways, enough of this, i just think it's a good example of vintage transbian degeneracy. It's amazing that this guy is still recognizable as a member of the cult despite his efforts to hide his past.

No. 1999487

They're so fucking vile that even the prison system is stepping in to protect women, interacting with gendies is truly a one way ride to peaking.

No. 1999489

>what do they want? The commenters to lie and tell them that they love dick?
Yes. Their goal is to guilt trip women into liking their dicks.

No. 1999503

It's not really "protecting" women if you threw the troons in there with them to begin with. The prison system is fucked. Don't say anything nice about them, and pray they get sued to kingdom come for their actions.

No. 1999507

You see it all the time. We could make multiple threads of just the screen shots of them bitching about handmaidens because even when women lay on the ground for them it isn't enough. They don't want acceptance from women, or even servitude. They genuinely hate us. There's a reason so many serial rapist and killers cross dress.

No. 1999509

kinda disheartened by the floods of other zoomer women/girls telling them to kill themselves, though

No. 1999512

There are comments on there saying "Loud repost", but I don't speak gen z, so is that good or bad?

No. 1999514

Repost just means they're basically sharing it on their account. If someone you follow reposts something, it will show up on your "for you." Whether it's loud or silent, they reposted it and their followers will see that they reposted it and anyone that looks on their account will see they reposted the video.

No. 1999521

I think they must has deleted the comments, there's mainly comments overly praising him. The few negative ones i found were from women concerned about him being an ana chan.

No. 1999527

File: 1717212500468.jpeg (727.23 KB, 750x980, IMG_1033.jpeg)

Gee, I wonder why? I don’t think it’s because you’re mashing your HRT moobs in the tightest bra ever while sporting your felon tattoos nah, you look wonderful!

No. 1999533

scrolling through the comments. Before I even saw the troon sticker thing I knew it could not have been a woman. So troons are not only allowed to say they only want natal women without fuss but they also compare it to liking "bitchy blondes." Barf.

No. 1999534

File: 1717213574056.jpg (115.79 KB, 1080x682, 1000003243.jpg)

Fucked up and forgot to add the comment screenshot.

No. 1999538

>non-op trans girls in wlw media
So… a straight heterosexual couple? He can see that pretty much everywhere.

No. 1999540

Why do they want to LARP as "lesbians" so bad if they're not going to bother getting the choppity chop? Like, just be a feminine man—so many women like feminine men (Howl, Gojo, BTS)? Why larp as an uwu dainty wittle gurl?

No. 1999545

We really should have reformed mental institutions instead of abolishing them. Someone like this clearly isn't capable of managing his own affairs responsibly.

No. 1999546

Unfortunately, the kind of people who end up in prison typically aren't the ones who can afford to sue wealthy prison companies. Rich people don't usually go to prison, they just pay settlements or flee the country. This isn't going to change unless the public stops enabling troon nonsense at the expense of women.

No. 1999552

That would be great conversion material for handmaidens. As many anons have attested to in past threads, they used to be handmaidens who were peaked by troons themselves. The more handmaidens we could wake up, the better. Like "consciousness raising".

No. 1999554

File: 1717217770363.png (26.55 KB, 462x267, Untitled-1.png)

Ah I thought I'd screenshotted more than one of them, but here's the one I saved, lol

No. 1999555

File: 1717218305746.png (93.14 KB, 1022x495, morelols.png)

Samefag as >>1999554 , I found a looooot more. Just gotta scroll down some.

No. 1999597

Not sure if you're just unaware but there was a gender critical community (actually, multiple) on reddit as well as several female-exclusive subs and they were all banned by admin in 2020. You're literally not allowed to have female only or gender critical subs on reddit so no, there is no value in doing it because it can't be done.

No. 1999602

IIRC the new investors actually were the reason for the female-centric subreddits being banned. Admin was tolerating them until some new investors and members of the board of directors appeared.

No. 1999603

File: 1717222406547.jpeg (33.22 KB, 473x648, IMG_8161.jpeg)

I had a gander at GQ the other day (for Trent Reznor) and Hunter was on the cover so I had a look at his photos too. I am always so surprised just how male he looks, especially recently as he’s getting older, which duh, he’s a dude… but with his handmaidens online etc it’s always fun to remind myself of reality. It’s glaringly obvious when he wears more masculine clothes too, I’m honestly suprised he agrees to these looks since they really go against the whole “he’s a woman” thing.

No. 1999605

I smell a rat. A big, child-grooming rat.

No. 1999608

He doesn't see himself objectively, none of them do. That's why you see these total ogres posting themselves on women's fashion and makeup subs and titling the post 'I'm slaying' or whatever, they unironically cannot tell how they look. Hunter Schafer has been buttered up way more than the average troon so I'm sure he thinks he looks stunning and totally feminine but when they showed the vogue cover in the yellow dress I instantly thought 'wow he looks extremely male, even in that still/likely photoshopped image.' Just the body language, body shape, everything.

No. 1999659

File: 1717248349925.jpg (318.89 KB, 1054x1249, 1000010304.jpg)

No. 1999662

what does this even mean? is this cluster b speak for 'criticise'

No. 1999671

>>1999659 there must be SOMETHING about tumblr TiMs that makes them sound this incredibly entitled to groveling from women compared to, say, a Reddit troon. It could just be that they're more blatant eith the fact that they hate women of all sorts but perhaps the historical environment of tumblr being filled with handmaidens emboldens them this much.

No. 1999677

File: 1717253583034.png (852.91 KB, 932x706, 1703243323106.png)

pure unadulterated mental illness. how does a human being function from day to day when they've reached this level of absolute brainrot

No. 1999679

>you truly are queens towering above the rest
?? It's like they think trannies are objectively and unanimously liked by all people. No one is inherently better than others because they date troons. They really are delusional.

No. 1999684

Tumblr's always been an echo chamber for shit. It was very easy to find other people who thought the same as you, and thus it was easy for people to separate themselves into cliques. And tumblr has always had a history of rewarding low-effort content (I'm speaking about this as an artist, mostly, I hated the art on there). Everyone on there liked pretending they were Grenwich Village bohemian "anti-establishment" types with 50 headmates and 9 different genders (one for each planet according to their cult leader), even if they didn't openly say it. Tumblr prided itself on being qUiRkY and different and if you didn't like it, too bad, pal, deal with it. What you're seeing now is that same shit, just ultra-condensed into a cube of mental illness. Tumblr was always shit.

No. 1999688

struggling to figure out the atonement logic for this, even when i try to think using insane troon mental gymnastics.

you must atone by having sex with these people, and if you've ever wanted to have the "wrong" kind of sex with them, then you must atone by have even MORE sex, but "proper" sex this time?

No. 1999689

because it gets them off anon, they dont care what women are actually attracted to. they just want to use women as living props in their convuluted sexual theatre

No. 1999694

Notice how he says "topping" instead of "having sex with," in a feeble attempt to make it sound less rapey. I feel like the more normal thing for someone to do when they want "reparations" is to ask for money, not sexual favors. Imagine if someone said, "if you said a racial slur, you have to sleep with 20 people of color." They would be ridiculed for fetishizing a marginalized group. No one wants to acknowledge that this is predatory male behavior because TiMs have Tard Teflon.

No. 1999700

it doesn't make sense to you (or any other rational person) because your mind probably isn't irreparably warped by the overconsumption of rape-themed pornography. these people have essentially lobotomized themselves to the point where everything they say and do links back to their fetish in some way, which is how you end up with views like the only acceptable way to say you're sorry is by fucking dozens of trannies.

No. 1999716

He literally just looks like a member of Hanson kek

No. 1999723

File: 1717264744091.png (557.85 KB, 746x586, blasphemy.png)

you know what? nevermind. some things i can't excuse.

No. 1999757

He looks like that guy from that faggy new Interview With the Vampire show kek

No. 1999779

I'd love to know if any actual women played that stupid fucking game. I can bet 100% of the "playerbase" is scrotes.

No. 1999781

put some respect to that faggy show

No. 1999790

TME stands for 'trans misogyny exempt', right? What does trans misogyny exempt mean exactly?

No. 1999793

It just means non-TIM. Typically, they use it to disparage women, specifically TIFs. It's kind of a tranny-infighting term more than anything else, a way to signify to "TMEs" (TIFs) that they aren't as oppressed as "TMAs" (TIMs) and need to check their privilege and endlessly apologize for the crime of being female.

No. 1999794

It means you're not a 'transwoman.' So basically a catch-all term for 'everyone except me.'

No. 1999796

i know one who did it half-jokingly "for the plot". i didn't look into the game enough to know if the plot is really worth it

No. 1999851

If you want avant-garde metal, listen to Thy Catafalque or A Forest of Stars. Liturgy fucking suck.

No. 1999852

Obscura from Asagraum would disembowel this cocksucker if she ever saw him.

No. 1999866

is he really trans? his body is incredibly feminine to me

No. 1999881

File: 1717297487694.jpg (657.81 KB, 1852x768, Untitled-1.jpg)

Was reading an old MTF thread, saw a post from 3 months ago about lesbians posting in r/justunsubbed about troons invading their spaces. Naturally, I went to go see if there was any more like that today. Of course there is. Only this time it's mods censoring Christians from talking about the fucking Bible, most likely due to Pride Month and troons. So now Reddit mods get to decide what Christianity is about.

No. 1999886

File: 1717298337481.png (120.64 KB, 962x874, Untitled-1.png)

Found an even better example. Scrote mod bans woman from a woman-only sub (probably full of troons anyway) and then misgenders her.

No. 1999887

who cares about christcucks being censored

No. 1999890

File: 1717298640599.jpeg (628.63 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_2357.jpeg)

trannies are so fucking deranged. 4chan has birthed so many psychopathic convicted killers but a few concerned mothers are worse than them lmao

No. 1999893

"Porn addict racists > women" basically

No. 1999898

yes he is he just transitioned very early. he makes it his whole personality too

No. 1999913

Didn't play myself, but enjoyed watching the whole thing on manlybadasshero stream. He's one of the rare youtubers who doesn't lick tranny ass or coo over edgyness in modern media, so it was a fun experience like any other cannibalism horror with schizo protag.

No. 1999930

File: 1717308908327.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1966, IMG_6953.jpeg)

What makes them think hsts exempt from the male genes?

No. 1999950

Christ alive the prolapsed butthole

No. 2000002

You should care because the same forces of censorship affect everyone. Troon mods and admins on reddit have removed and censored almost every women's or woman-centric sub including benign subs on women's health issues, and now they are going after even bigger groups like Christians for saying shit against troons, it affects everyone and it is starting to affect more and more groups of people. It doesn't matter if you don't personally agree with Christians, your logic is the same as troon males saying 'who cares about cis women being censored' - if you can censor anyone just because you don't like their views then eventually everyone whose views are disliked on the internet will be censored.

No. 2000003

I think the body type can't be explained by early transition alone, there were probably some surgeries involved. I think that anon was talking about the fat distribution on the hips which usually HRT does not accomplish.

No. 2000008

File: 1717320470970.jpg (34.56 KB, 600x600, alex ero.jpg)

i think he just carries himself like the average hyperfeminine gay, his abdomen reminds me a lot of how Austin Erotica carries fat in his waist.

No. 2000010

File: 1717320770312.jpg (153.3 KB, 1125x1310, ayesha ero.jpg)

speaking of, he's already hit the wall and it's getting harder for him to look like androgynous, "so fucking iconic and so fucking cute" my ass, he looks like the average acid house drunkard.

No. 2000012

No wonder he disappeared for a bit only bc of his music trending on tiktok but yeesh that gut

No. 2000013

This looks like loose skin from massive weight loss on the stomach to me, the veondre TIM on the other hand has specifically wide hips/outer thighs that look more like a BBL to me

No. 2000017

Is this really how he looks now?. No wonder his fans only use his old pics lol. It's like ever since he started dating that yvncc guy his music and looks have gone to shit.
It is, he was a fat teenager

No. 2000027

mumsnet is based

No. 2000084

Holy shit at the gorilla in the back

No. 2000086

it's called surgery anon.You could get anything done to your body for a price.

No. 2000088

He's a twitter addict on roids, there's a 98% chance he wants tranny dick. 4chan dad could very well be a pedo or even more transphobic than mumsnet mom, but he wouldn't commit the crime of being a woman with an opinion or try to police his son. Mumsnet mom would be disgusted by his shemale porn addiction and undersocialization. Hyper online moids hate mothers because they represent social rules they've given up on, aswell as something they can't dream to have in their current sad state (a wife and family)

No. 2000089

Namjoon had a rough patch in SK army

No. 2000090

File: 1717338021593.jpeg (551.2 KB, 1290x1790, IMG_6336.jpeg)

This troon commenting on this art that’s actually hilarious. Imagine outing how distorted and ugly all troons look. Broad and ugly as sin. I can’t tell if the comment is legitimate or a troll to encourage them to draw more bad art

No. 2000096

File: 1717338678695.jpeg (151.56 KB, 1172x670, 1717044388314.jpeg)

It's funny that he chose 4chan when 99 percent of the users there also hate trannies.

No. 2000097

The art captures their wide rib cage and moobs to a tee at least.

No. 2000108

File: 1717339947631.png (479.59 KB, 719x1127, A transgender pedophile in Aus…)

No. 2000110

trailer park fit

No. 2000115

This reeks of "IT'S JUST MY STYLE, OKAY" when you can bet this fucker failed every single Figure Drawing class they'd ever enrolled in.

No. 2000117

Another example of the thing that never happens happening YET AGAIN.

No. 2000183

Next thread pic please

No. 2000194

File: 1717355674293.png (784.5 KB, 1080x1655, 1000012416.png)

Over in bongland, and """women""" are committing crimes again

No. 2000204

>you'd catch him gooning to mpreg porn
bitch you wish. in reality it would be futa lolicon/photos of naked dismembered women/cp/all of the above
genuinely what is this user on? I've never seen a moid who'd be into mpreg. it's always the TIFs

No. 2000262

File: 1717369998263.png (664.78 KB, 598x928, hello-ladies.png)

"nothing can hurt a trans woman"



No. 2000266

File: 1717370910959.jpg (263.35 KB, 1284x1589, GPDqtWXXIAAMLVO.jpg)

sailor moon doesn't deserve this

No. 2000267

File: 1717370955531.png (469.7 KB, 748x677, Screenshot.png)

>more than half the team are men

No. 2000268

File: 1717371021175.jpg (138.04 KB, 1170x861, GPDxR80WkAA1_Vh.jpg)

No. 2000277

File: 1717372407181.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1460x2000, AiKSsr5.jpeg)

it's funny how many troons insist that he is the epitome of passing and a testament to what early intervention with hormones and blockers can do, yet, unless he's in hyperfeminine styling with his bolt-ons out on display, he just looks like a somewhat twinky man. even then, he's still clocky.

No. 2000280

File: 1717372839783.jpeg (390.05 KB, 1600x1168, Ln0ik4q.jpeg)

there must have been a secret terf on the set of the GQ photoshoot because that's a man, Maury

No. 2000286

Estrogen ain't stopping him from hitting that wall. Wonder if we'll see him get fillers to try to soften his masculine features back out.

No. 2000293

File: 1717375652968.jpg (608.93 KB, 1250x830, original-4399-1646408995-20.jp…)

he is starting to hit the wall badly. now that his baby fat is going away, his manly face is coming through. it is really evident if you compare how he looked in season 1 and season 2 of euphoria.

No. 2000304

File: 1717379247902.png (206.03 KB, 254x667, Derella.png)

Good news, there actually is a youma in Sailor Moon who looks like him!

No. 2000307

File: 1717379977324.png (1.63 MB, 1132x1168, exposed.png)

The power of exposure and a little Photoshop bullshittery does not fool me. Audrey still looks like a woman, but Hunter looks like a man.

No. 2000308

He looks like a man at both exposure levels nona

No. 2000309

Twink death has no survivors

No. 2000310

Kek true but I was trying to show that the photographer thought that a higher exposure would mask Hunter's scrote face, since most female fashion models also get the same treatment. Except they're never trying to be passed off as men, only that they're flawless and young.

No. 2000311

>Hazbin pfp
Of course

No. 2000316

kek the hair trying to hide his adams apple
hun has never passed

No. 2000357

File: 1717395457450.jpg (560.35 KB, 882x1800, 1000006433.jpg)

Apologies to all the J-fashion nonnies for this. I was looking through the Jirai kei tag to look at cute fits and got jump scared by this ghoulish creature.

No. 2000376

File: 1717398898338.png (487.78 KB, 900x600, arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-copes…)

No. 2000398

File: 1717404410484.jpeg (214.19 KB, 1234x819, IMG_5427.jpeg)

There’s this fucked up tiktok trend where people rate the shifty things their parents did, and ofc everyone in the comments is fawning over how stunning this poor girls abusive “mom” is

No. 2000399

File: 1717404437393.jpeg (129.41 KB, 828x1093, IMG_5432.jpeg)

No. 2000424

>abusive dad troops out
>kid is still supportive just from that alone
There's gotta be some kind of secret koolaid in the waters for this kind of behaviour. TiMs can be full on child rapist and people will still say you gotta respect their troonyness mmmhkay?

No. 2000444

Men are so fucking stupid

No. 2000451

can you post/link the whole video? I can't decide if the girl has a good sense of humor or this is deranged. the comments saying it's heartwarming because tranny and missing the abusive part is pure comedy

No. 2000454

Of course people don't comment on the abuse and go "yas queen slay" when some mentally ill moid transitions. It's all a load of bullshit. Escape your consequences and responsibilities by using your male privilege and troon out for the extra brownie points.

No. 2000479

Anybody ever notice that when troons make comics or videos where they talk to their "younger male self", it's always with the same vibe?

Like a sort of motherly condescending talking down, framing their younger self as innocent, repressed and naive and their present self as self-aware, confident, sexually liberated and comfortable? It's always this kinda "Oh you poor little sensitive boy, I wished you'd transed earlier, look how sexy you are in the future, teehee"

It makes me think that it's a manifestation of some kind of maternal/older woman kink/complex - that they would've loved a confident more experienced woman to provide their younger self with emotional and sexual intimacy, and groom them or otherwise take responsibility for their lives. And because that obviously never happened to them IRL, and AGP means they want to embody their fantasy of a woman, they create this scenario where they are both the pathetic boy and the dommy mommy at once.(sage your shit)

No. 2000485

That's a good theory, any other examples of this?

No. 2000488

File: 1717426420664.png (1.45 MB, 1280x1328, tumblr_70393301093d84cb004adec…)

there's a number of comics with this exact theme around twitter(sage your shit)

No. 2000489

Isn’t that just a general product of /straight shota/ porn consumption in moids? They self insert as both the little boy and the busty older woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s what sparks the AGP instinct in the first place(sage your shit)

No. 2000492

File: 1717426742282.png (61.01 KB, 480x474, Screenshot_2024-06-03-10-57-41…)

Here's another one. The troon subreddits are full of them.

No. 2000493

he forgot to color half of the shirt on the third panel it's bothering me so much i'm gonna be sick

No. 2000497

He clearly looks male here even with all the professional holywood photoshopping, styling and lighting. Makes me think of that CIA lady who said you could never disguise a male as a woman, but vice versa is possible. Maleness truly has no cure.

No. 2000498

I honestly wish I had 1/10th of the blind confidence and delusion that scrotes have, I could accomplish so much.

No. 2000500

If troons had "female minds" they would clearly see him for what he is: a cute boy waiting to be saved by a big strong woman who will remove his bolt ons with a rusty pocket knife and make him suck clit.(sage your shit)

No. 2000505

THAT'S what erotica looks like now? Holy roided bodybuilder biceps. It isn't too surprising because he was onl 16-ish when his "hit" songs about shoving crack pipes up his ass were produced. He was an underage boy, now he has the body of a man. It's normal male aging.(sage your shit)

No. 2000509

Low-effort art, can't even draw fucking hands properly, can you tell this was drawn by a scrote?

No. 2000517

he really does just look like an attractive man. fucking shame what porn addiction and internal homophobia do to men

No. 2000520

This shits gross and male brained, especially the rusty pocket knife thing. Are we being raided?

No. 2000523

calm down rapechan

No. 2000530

>doesn't even look like the same person
moid washes his hair and gets a blow out and thinks he changed his sex because it's the first time he's practiced basic hygiene and styling

No. 2000538

File: 1717435228926.png (428.08 KB, 608x600, s.png)

Just popping in to say that for some reason this degenerate(that I honestly only know from these threads) is coming to my country for a show for some fucking reason. Like why him out of everyone. It's not like I even live in a very woke country. Like yeah this shit has caught on with a very specific crowd but it's far from widespread(sage your shit)

No. 2000542

No one on the site full of lesbians is going to enthusiastically agree with you about allowing "all gays are sinners!" type posts just because trans people fall under the LGBT umbrella. Read the room.

No. 2000543

File: 1717436062286.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1170x1455, IMG_2402.jpeg)

I’m 99.99% sure this is a TIM. He’s quiet about it on his twitter @m_ou_se but this & him defending men (lol) make it obvious (apart from the jawline). Picrel pissed me off, please laugh at him with me

No. 2000547

Yeah it is, I clocked this from the front page alone and clicked on it to get to the TIM thread

No. 2000548

Yeah, the most female thing a woman can have, a fucking soldering iron in the background.

No. 2000550

File: 1717436809818.jpeg (255.19 KB, 630x535, IMG_2403.jpeg)

he has his “cleavage” out in every talk/video featuring him. i cannot believe this is what men think we’re like.

No. 2000553

File: 1717437298037.jpeg (967.07 KB, 1170x1413, IMG_4368.jpeg)

No. 2000554

Idk soldering irons are fine and handy, it's the contrast with his fugly fetish clothing that really betrays him (if the hands, shoulders and whole head weren't enough kek). I've only seen this uncanny combo once in a woman and she was catering to her bf's bimbo fetish

We need to euth.. You know what never mind i'm not a-logging today

No. 2000557

tbf I have a soldering iron anon. But that thing is a 100 percent a man just from his white man face, large sholders and bolt ons.

No. 2000559

Awww sweetheart, you are an abortion.

No. 2000560

Forget the soldering iron, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT KEYBOARD

No. 2000564

isn't visualizing your younger self meant to be a way to give yourself support and care that you didn't get as a kid? not for the younger self to make the adult feel better?

No. 2000568

lord stop me from a-logging and blogposting about my infected, agonising abortion that nearly killed me. I hope this tranny suffers an equally traumatic medical mishap

No. 2000569

Trust me, I’m sure he will. Don’t worry, nona. It gets them all in the end. Typically from their own doing.

No. 2000581

No. 2000595

File: 1717443969124.jpeg (252.02 KB, 1079x1397, IMG_5448.jpeg)

The comments fully missing the part where he abused his daughter because they need to rush to give the troon ass pays https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTLcng5tp/

No. 2000599

>my dad abused me

No. 2000612

Threatening to rape people is retarded moid behavior. Don't stoop to their level.

No. 2000617

File: 1717448338030.jpg (42.5 KB, 501x360, 1080x360~2.jpg)

It's a male. Aside from his shovel hands and 5head, you can see the troon flag in his banner, along with the "polyamoury" flag (vomit.)

No. 2000619

>that hairline
>that "outfit"
>computer programmer
yeah it's a troon

No. 2000632

ngl handmaidens who let mtfs into female spaces are like narc mothers who let their daughters be abused by their boyfriends. no power to speak out. it's actually nauseating.

No. 2000636

Lol fucked up how they assume the dad is not an abuser just because he trooned into a brave and beautiful wahmen. And the OP has to be like 'no he - sorry she - actually was super abusive but I still gave hi-her a 7/10 otherwise I would be canceled on social media!'

No. 2000647

Imagine if someone posted about how their abusive father found Jesus and all of the comments were people kissing his ass for getting closer to God. These same people would probably say that it doesn't make up for the shitty behavior beforehand. But suddenly crimes are excusable when the person's religious belief is that he has a "woman's soul."

No. 2000650

Absolutely. If you asked them about it, I'm sure they'd excuse his actions because he was ~suffering while in the closet~ and ~dealing with crippling dysphoria~. There's basically no crime that TRAs won't downplay when the perpetrator is a troon, no matter how heinous. These are the same people who threw sissy fits because people misgendered CWC when talking about the fact that he raped his senile mother.

No. 2000700

I honestly don't think it's this deep or that most of them really fetishize older women, most of them are pedos. I think the real reason behind this is just because they think it's pathetic their younger moid selves kept to 'normal' standards of non-degeneracy and didn't think they should push their gross fetishes on everyone. I think the 'older mature woman LARP' is honestly just the 'liberated libfem women are sex objects and tools' voice talking to the poor sexually repressed younger man version who thought misogyny was bad.

No. 2000703

Ugh blog but a bunch of my irl social circles from college were irl friends with this degenerate (I don't think he ever lived in my city but a lot of people I knew had lived in the same city with him at one point or traveled there for events) so he was even part of some private 'extended friend network' facebook groups I was part of and holy shit if this guy was not one of the steps along the way to me peaking. He's also a total nepo baby who used his familial wealth to secure himself a grifting career while actually working class handmaidens in my life all cooed over how oppressed he is. He sets me off more than almost any other troon just because of how many people I knew who personally handmaidened for him while he was saying disgusting shit about little girls being kinky and being a gross misogynist.

No. 2000704

AYRT and I'm LGB myself, I just don't think speech should be censored to this degree on the internet, period. I am a big girl and I can handle some Christians telling me I'm a degenerate for dating and sleeping with women, I had to deal with this shit from my family my whole life and I don't think sticking it to them is worth taking away all of our basic speech rights.

No. 2000709

>first they came for the socialists, and i was a socialist, so i got fucked and BTFO from the internet. then they came for the trade unionists, and fuck the trade unionists, so hell yeah I actually agree with them now

No. 2000735

File: 1717466442361.jpg (27.22 KB, 720x375, GM-HdvmW0AAMoBn.jpg)

There's just something about how a troon takes photos of themselves that give them away. Its that and the greasy hair + nasty outfit + troon smirk that gives him away.

No. 2000738

File: 1717466635777.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20240210-152613.png)

memba the Ogre?

No. 2000739

I don't think it's how he took the photo anon, he just is that obviously male and is wearing the world's unlikeliest work outfit.

No. 2000740

Omg this troon was one of my fav lolcows back in the Yaniv days. Can't believe he is still allowed to post on Twitter, I thought he'd be arrested for stalking Megan Murphy by now.

No. 2000741

File: 1717466892250.jpeg (436.11 KB, 1170x2056, 06.jpeg)

No. 2000742

File: 1717466983489.jpg (146.54 KB, 1070x1690, GOgplXwWsAAAUxf.jpg)

Same troon who helped almost shut down a womens shelter in Vancouver btw.

No. 2000746

File: 1717467946845.jpeg (120.84 KB, 992x1488, IMG_7091.jpeg)

this is how he looks in Cuckoo.

No. 2000749

Yeah I know, anyone who followed the Yaniv debacle would know that. He also literally stalked a radfem journalist who reported on him and Yaniv lmao.

No. 2000750

I stg someone just needs to photoshop every image of him with a short crew cut and then people would stop deluding themselves that he looks in any way feminine or female. He looks exactly like any other young, vaguely 'pretty/skinny' moid just with slightly longer hair. He already looks more masculinized and jacked up facially than half of my male friends in their early thirties, he's just anorexic so he manages to 'pull off' clothing for female anorexic models well.

No. 2000758

I dunno, anon. I thought that was a picture of Rosamund Pike at first glance.

No. 2000761

Kek I like how the anon who called you out just shut up

No. 2000762

Somebody make an edit with the future him just saying "take off your pants" or the first or second one telling him he'd fuck himself. That's legit how I see things happening if ever these fucks actually meet their past selves.

No. 2000763

File: 1717472155164.jpg (140.65 KB, 1908x1146, rosamundpike.jpg)

U serious anon? Picrel is rosamund pike at a similar age

No. 2000765

File: 1717474189393.jpeg (546.69 KB, 1080x1807, IMG_5483.jpeg)

Poor baby, having a nlog thembie thot mom and a hulking clown tranny dad that call themselves “t4t lesbians” is a rough card to draw

No. 2000770

Kek, What happened to Cosmo and Wanda?

No. 2000771

>caption: We should be a famous t4t couple

No. 2000777

Except they aren’t criticizing troons specifically but homosexuality too. Troons and lesbians are on the same level of degeneracy according to Christians. Plus they hate troons for a completely different reason than us, they only care about predators or misogynists if they use the lgbt label. So no, I don’t give a fuck if christcucks aren’t allowed to say lesbians are going to hell for a month kek(continuing the derail)

No. 2000778

File: 1717476817541.jpeg (750.64 KB, 1170x1453, IMG_1397.jpeg)

I hate this inbred degenerate pornrotten faggot so much it’s insane (link for those of you who want to see the video in the tweet: https://x.com/xjosh/status/1797644865427439698)

No. 2000781

Maybe she's just not online at the moment but I still don't get what people think they will accomplish with censorship unless it's censoring criminal/exploitative content like CP. Oh no some people of some religion I'm not part of who have those opinions anyway might be saying their religious things in some dedicated community on facebook. Why do you care? You would rather people destroy every dedicated community on the internet so we can all bow down to the tranny jannies? Like what is censoring r/Christianity accomplishing exactly? My entire traditional Catholic family won't stop being homophobic because troons modded r/Christianity, they'll continue to be bigoted against me, now with less free speech on the internet.

No. 2000782

So? You think the 8 billion people on the planet will stop being homophobic if reddit bans discussing homosexuality on one sub? Why is it my business what Christians talk about amongst themselves, I'm not one. I am gender critical though, and I remember someone with a mindset similar to yours deciding that 'criticizing men taking over women's spaces is evil' and nuking every female-only discussion forum or radfem space on reddit. Christians will continue having Christian beliefs even if r/Christianity makes them shut up about their homophobia, but now censorship has prevented me from connecting with the 60k women who were on r/GenderCritical before it got nuked out of existence. I guess I should be happy that homophobes are now only allowed to talk about their homophobia on the thousands of other Reddit subs as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, in church and in every other real life situation! That'll show em!(continuing the derail)

No. 2000783

omg kek

No. 2000784

Wait how is this a t4t relationship?

No. 2000785

i'm guessing she's an enby and enbies consider themselves trans.

No. 2000789

Wow this is straight up paedophilic.

No. 2000790

AYRT, well, obviously as the other anon has demonstrated, she doesn't care. It's the whole "not in my backyard" mentality again. Funny how people with different mindsets can act the same way.

No. 2000797

maybe moids were right joking about how women see the most hideous abomination and type "SHES SO PRETTY" in the comments.

No. 2000813

I'm assuming he also jams his acne-cratered moob into that poor infant's mouth like all the other 'new moms'.

No. 2000815

Sorry to link a stream, I just thought the title and moid nest was really funny and awful. Has anyone talked about him here? If so apologies, he’s been a personal cow for me for YEARS even before he trooned out.

No. 2000872

Is this a joke? No she isn't.

No. 2000883

You have more patience than me anon. It's always sad to realize that people who you thought were criticizing a behavior/idea logically are in fact totally ok with it as long as they decide to who and when it applies.(continuing the derail)

No. 2000884

>sissy fit
KEK nonny ily i'm stealing that

No. 2000926

Why would I be comparing him to Rosamund Pike at a similar age? Obviously talking about present day Rosamund Pike.

No. 2001002

File: 1717534860372.jpeg (847.54 KB, 1242x998, IMG_4356.jpeg)

Basically her retarded self-obsessed (as they all are kek) dad abuses her, troons out and then goes deadbeat. Classic yet tragic. Poor, poor girl.(read the thread before posting)

No. 2001005

File: 1717535226993.jpg (608.12 KB, 1610x604, troongrumps.jpg)

Was reading an old mtf thread and someone mentioned Egoraptor, asking when he'd troon out. So I went looking and, sure enough…

https://x.com/GameGrumps/status/1797741588765986965(sage your non-milk)

No. 2001019

>We should not have let cisfems learn about autism

He just told on himself. He doesn’t think women can have autism and is going with the rhetoric that harms a lot of young autistic girls. He is also suggesting it is something men have “let” women learn about, as if we do not have the capacity to be born with neurological conditions, let alone _know_ about it, god forbid!!

No. 2001036

Read the thread before posting >>>/snow/2000398

No. 2001038

See this brought up a lot and understood why a few years ago, but think the odds have probably zero'd out. He's definitely surrounded enough with this stuff that if it were going to happen, it already would have.

No. 2001039

Yeah, I'm sure the Mexican janitor who gets paid seven bucks on hour loves that he "just has to live with" scrubbing semen off the wall now. That'll show those evil terfs, somehow.

No. 2001083

File: 1717551968308.jpg (44.1 KB, 896x504, GM_R4ZOXkAA-Lny.jpg)

The nipples showing through the shirt.I die

No. 2001084

File: 1717552177061.jpg (300.34 KB, 766x1062, ugly squared.jpg)

tis the season for ugly before and afters from trannies

these two are dating each other lmao

No. 2001118

Philosophytroon has been cast in House Of The Dragon, how this ugly faggot keeps getting roles is a true mystery.

No. 2001125

i don't know much about him but surely he must be some sort of nepobaby because his acting is somehow even worse than his ability to philosophize

No. 2001127

File: 1717561525577.jpeg (573.41 KB, 1242x1326, IMG_3267.jpeg)

Tumblr banned the blog of another MTF and the TIMs and their handmaidens won’t shut up about it.

No. 2001130

>crude jokes
What exactly is funny about men threatening women and young girls with rape for not agreeing with their mental illness

No. 2001133

TIMs genuinely think they should be above the rules. “snapping at a bigot” aka threatening to rape and assault women that don’t coddle them. “Show off top growth” aka post their disgusting moobs despite this going against tumblr’s rules for sexual content.

No. 2001141

I don't get why trannies don't go on about "muh gender euphoria" when getting banned for showing their gross estrogen sacks off, they get banned just like real women do for showing actual tits, they should be celebrating

No. 2001145

>GoT spinoff
Meh..not like it's gonna be any good anyways

No. 2001160

>Waaah they keep banning us for posting our nudes and fantasizing about raping women waaah
Use a different goddamn website, then! These fools said the would leave after hammercar troon got banned, whatever happened to that? Go to Mastodon and hang out with all the lolicons instead of colonizing one of the few websites TERFs are still allowed on.

No. 2001177

He's such a bad actor, it's only fitting he'd be in a bad show. One more reason to not watch that.
Found on Reddit:
>There's actually a religion in Lys where the faithful change from male to female depending on the time of day
Well that's fitting then, only he just looks and sound male all the time.

No. 2001200

The way he emphasized “she” when describing his role makes my skin crawl. What a joke. It’s like he can’t believe he managed to trick the producers into something so retarded so he just had to exaggerate it like that. He’s so gross and annoying in just about every way possible wow.

No. 2001202

File: 1717579374164.jpeg (439.97 KB, 1170x1427, IMG_3056.jpeg)

Only a male would think like this

No. 2001205

absolutely love the way that troons strain their shoulders back as far as possible in photos and videos. trying so hard to hide their massive shoulders. their muscles must be so sore

No. 2001210

Only a male would boast about being a fetish. No woman I have known has ever described being happy to be a fetish, especially when you know the type of sexual exploitation and violence porn drives.
>Stop letting these men access you for free
The fact that most trannies are not into males and men not into trannies irl notwithstanding, is he…encouraging them to sell their bodies? Fucking gross

No. 2001211


No. 2001213

the only time i've heard a woman brag about being a "popular porn category" was coming from an obese 350 pound woman saying that bbw is a popular porn category.