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File: 1433044124000.jpg (2.25 MB, 2250x1500, yum.jpg)

No. 135451[Reply]

I know there's an exercise/fitness thread but I thought maybe we could make one specifically for diets since the Tess thread is sort of derailing into diet talk.
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No. 196625


do I just check the ingredients for that?

No. 196626


"carbonated spring water, grape juice from concentrate, 2% citric acid, preservatives /9potassium sorbate, dimethyl dicarbonate) sweetener (sucralase)"

I drink tons of this

No. 196685

File: 1498661065791.jpg (53.83 KB, 500x667, 74ccecc3fdad1412d22acb00cbb9b9…)

there any other anons restricting their caloric intake to 1200-1300? would you be kind enough to share what your usual daily food log is like? like breakfast, dinner, snacks, etc? i really need some ideas/inspo.

No. 196697

Ayyyy me too.
I'm super healthy & a broke student but you can use some of my snacks for ideas.
I usually like flavored instant noodles (180-200 cal range)
Porridge sachets, no milk or sugar, i get the flavored ones because they taste better imo (150cal)
instant soup packets (70 - 100 cal)
microwave meals for when I want something really filling (500 cals)
Diet sodas, sparkling water, e.t.c that has minimal cals.
Snowpeas, sugar snaps, celery and other low calorie vegetables.

No. 196699

Trying to lose weight after getting depression and eating my feelings. Comes to around 1200kcals (350+180+500+300).

Breakfast - Chocolate banana smoothie (2x bananas, 1 cup light soy milk, 1 tbsp coco powder)
Lunch - 1 poached egg on 1 slice of whole wheat bread (no spread), season with salt and pepper
Dinner - Chicken breast (150g) with boiled potatoes (200g) and steamed green vegetables like spinach or broccoli, use low kcal condiment or lemon juice to season
Snack - carrot, celery and cucumber sticks (eaten throughout day)

I'm also drinking 2 litres of water and taking an omega supplement and a multivitamin daily.

File: 1496812121559.jpg (44.97 KB, 320x313, shocked20old20lady20edited.jpg)

No. 194158[Reply]

I wanna know my fellow farmers opinions on stuff that society usually doesn't talk about. Why is it wrong, should it be wrong, stuff that is widely frowned upon and even local taboo from your friends, families or even country.

I hope this thread doesn't go to the shitter so fast.
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No. 196677

tbh I think this subject is to big to discuss in another thread and would need it's own thread.
While saying that let me leave a short documentary about this issue. Ive watched it some time ago and think it's very good.

Imho terminally ill, with pain and no chance of ever getting better or healthy again should be able to leave in peace. We even euthanize our pets when their terminally ill and in pain. But not our loved ones?

Still there is a twist in this story. What about old people? Will old people just "want to die" because they have the possibility? Because they feel obliged to? Because they feel guilty when they dont do it? Even family members can sometimes "want" loved ones to finally die becaue they can bare it no longer.

And then what about disabled people? What about mentally ill?

No. 196681

I remember this documentary. To be honest, the way this person was acting and dragged it out seemed so utterly cruel to their family. I completely agree with it being legal but I think in situations like these, there are clearly other issues going on that are not being treated correctly so it does feel inappropriate like this. The amount of pain the family looked like they were going through broke my heart. Ultimately, people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their lives, but I think there should be a base layer of education and exposure to new things first, as opposed to the typical "Talk about your feelings and try some stabilizing drugs" thing. Maybe more programs that offer getting away and finding perspective, teaching something so people feel more accomplished or skilled, and have the opportunities to connect with others and feel some hope again.

sage for personal feels

No. 196683

Are you a Muslim Asian then?

No. 196695

File: 1498666805004.jpg (47.98 KB, 564x405, neovagina lol what neovagina.j…)

You're right, Blergh White posted pic related.

No. 196698

Poor boy. Parents who claim putting kids on puberty blockers and giving them opposite sex hormones is ~totally reversible, no harm done~ should have their kids taken away.

File: 1497825778944.gif (499.23 KB, 500x268, original.gif)

No. 195542[Reply]

The old one reached limit and now is auto-saging.


Vent your worries and stress away, dear farmers.
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No. 196669

I just want to say that I kind of hate every one of you who posted about getting cosmetic surgery, seriously entertaining the idea of it, or wearing makeup.

No. 196670

>Guys will probably love that you were a virgin and "waited" for the right guy.
Those are the very types of guys most girls would want to avoid though.

No. 196676

thanks, anons. I thought a lot about it last night, and tbh I think you guys are right. I guess I'm just anxious, but I'll wait

No. 196689

I love my grandparents and parents, but it really is time for them to all die off.

No. 196690

Samefag to add: my parents are in their 50's but have a boomer mentality. Their brains are engraved with a carbon copy of their parents' ideologies.

File: 1446444669427.png (29.08 KB, 301x219, theredpill.png)

No. 44925[Reply]

What is your opinion on /r/Redpill?
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No. 195449

File: 1497783133531.png (983.04 KB, 587x850, 37.png)

Now imagine all of the above stuttered at you, with a lisp.
While he sets the flowers he bought you on fire.

No. 195480

File: 1497809861877.png (78.03 KB, 932x754, Untitled.png)

i want something like TRP but for women. not RPW like "give your man BJs and never complain about anything", but all these manipulative strategies of getting everything that they claim women supposedly know. i'm basically super interested in what the true woman equivalent of these rp guys would look like.

even the subreddit for female sexual strategy (/r/fpua) turned into rpw lite. top post is a pity party call to whiteknight redpillers online lmao

No. 195535

They're obvious losers who are obsessed with women while claiming to hate them at the same time. Disgusting all around. If I found out anyone I knew associated or entertained that type of stuff I would cut them off instantly.

Girls who try to pander to those freaks are almost as bad.

No. 195594

A bunch of whiny entitled pussies who would rather play the victim and take their sexual frustration and insecurities out on women as a whole than take responsibility for their short comings and better themselves, or accept that they simply just aren't good enough for the women ridiculously out of their league that they think they deserve for whatever delusional reason.

No. 196686

Thank god that these type of guys are a minority, they're complete sociopaths who would make me lose all faith in humanity otherwise.

File: 1426681323597.jpg (74.11 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

No. 3463[Reply]

How long has it been since your last confession?
Get it off your chest, farmers.
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No. 196668

If you're so concerned about retarded babies, you should be concerned about men in their 20s, and against teen pregnancies/age gaps.
>* Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s. Autism rates were 28 percent higher when dads were in their 40s versus 20s.
>* Autism rates were 18 percent higher among children born to teen moms than among those born to moms in their 20s.
>* Autism rates also rose with widening gaps between two parents’ ages. These rates were highest when dads were between 35 and 44 years old and their partners were 10 or more years younger.
>The higher risk associated with fathers over 50 is consistent with the idea that genetic mutations in sperm increase with a man’s age and that these mutations can contribute to the development of autism.

But you don't actually give a shit about healthy pregnancies, you just want to raise your chances of getting a hotter, younger wife by convincing women to waste their youth on kids they can have later.

No. 196673

I stole oxycodone from a friend and i know that her bf does that too.
Also he makes creep photos of me and asks if we wanna bath together.
Never told her that.

No. 196679

>35 is when the rate of issues in children start spiking.
it's not actually "spiking". thats only what big pharma wants you to believe.
statistics is hard I know.

Ratios that are used in the US a lot are confusing I know. Let's look at it a little shall we?
>Higher Risk of Chromosome Abnormalities
>Chromosome abnormalities, such as Downs Syndrome, are much more prevalently in women who become pregnant after 35. Most studies find that the likelihood of giving birth to a child with a chromosome abnormality after 35 is around 1 in 170. This number dramatically spikes by the time a woman reaches 40, when the chances are around 1 in 60.

the ratio 1 in 170 is the same as 0.59%.
That means it's 59 of 1000 women giving birth. Wow! The number doesnt look as big anymore does it?
with 25 years old the chance of having a baby with down syndrome is 1 in 1,200.
Whats that in percentage? It's 0.08%.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 196680

from 19 until 35 the chances are 0.4-0.5% btw.
WOW THAT NUMBER SPIKED DIDNT IT … attention, it's irony

No. 196684

So I started dating this guy a couple of months ago. I was told by another close friend that he was asexual, but decided to go for it anyway and told him I had feelings for him and he said he'd be interested to try things out.
Fast forward to now, a few weeks back he revealed to me that he isn't actually asexual but thinks he might be trans. Enjoys sexual stuff (like some really freaky stuff) but is absolutely disgusted by his penis. We've tried doing some sexual stuff that mostly amounted to me getting off while he made out with me and it was pretty cool. I know we gotta go slow but I am a really sexual person and I can't really think of future steps to take.
Because of that, the frustration is getting to me pretty hard. He said we could maybe work towards sex eventually but I am so frustrated. I held back for a while but the fact he doesn't say sexual things about me or put any emphasis on how I look really pushes me. I'm bi so I don't care if he chooses to pursue being trans I just want some fuck.
I'm a popular gamer girl and used to be pretty flirty with guys on my server. Most of them I told that I was in a relationship now but a couple still don't know and I still flirt with a little on the down-low. I don't know if I should cut it all off in case I end up horny and doing more than flirting (I used to exchange pictures and call people while getting off) or if it's just harmless flirting to help me feel better about myself. Some of them give me gifts and stuff but I told them I don't have interest in dating them or doing anything more at least. I don't wanna quit the game but I don't now how to stop opening myself up to getting attention.

File: 1491775396445.png (392.36 KB, 910x512, transpa.png)

No. 186179[Reply]

Can we have a thread for the delusional folks at r/transpassing
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No. 196665

I saw a mtf in person the other day. Like 6 feet tall with a bad wig and fake boobs and a manly voice.

No. 196666

At least these ones dress pretty well.

No. 196672

I don't know if I'm biased because of the other pics of this thread but this one is not too bad ! Not sure it pass but they have a decent knowledge of make up and don't try to look like a 20 something retarded bimbo.

No. 196678

Yeah, same. I'm a lot more tolerant when they want to be a regular woman instead of a 20 yo bimbo

No. 196693


yeah i think its cause that person actually seems to know about makeup (nice eyeshadow, nice highlight and blush imo). while most of the people posted itt just bought a pink revlon lipstick and called it a day.

>tfw a 50 year old can pass and most of the 20 somethings posted in this thread can't kek

File: 1439533352375.png (110.02 KB, 640x480, Princess Maker 2 2015-08-12 at…)

No. 159424[Reply]

Anyone here a fan of Princess Maker? A lot of people who play it are pervs but it can be a cute game for girls too. I'm writing a walkthrough right now.
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No. 159535

File: 1475879578562.png (867.81 KB, 800x600, 3245gfgw.png)

First play and my daughter became general of the kingdom and married the dragon youth. Pardon the shitty screenshot, I was trying to get if of just her in her general pose and then her dumb fiance had to pop up. Very cute all the same, I'm off to try for a different type of ending now.

No. 196653

File: 1498623162133.png (148.43 KB, 624x658, gainaxomgyes.png)

Not sure how many of you have Steam (heh) but they actually released PM1 and PM3 on it too! They have a goddamn bundle going on right now for summer sale, you faggots should get in here.

No. 196656

yeah if only i had the money

No. 196660

Wow I had no idea pm3 was avaible in english. Thanks anon

No. 196671

all of the guys i met who seemed normal but turned out to be HUGE creeps had boners for Princess Maker.

File: 1497964465545.png (50.66 KB, 870x411, taoismisahellofadrug.PNG)

No. 195991[Reply]

Seeing as there have been a few subreddit threads popping up on /snow/ and /ot/ (Is /snow/ the best choice for this mods?) I thought I'd make one on what I think are two of the funniest subreddits for mining lols around:


For those who don't know, /r/asianmasculinity is basically /r/theredpill but exclusively for asian men, and seemingly even more fucked up. Whereas /r/aznidentity is where all the Chinese "American" supremacists went after /r/asianmasculinity tried to clean up its image.

Some of the threads are cringe, some are amusing and some are downright disturbing. Case in point:

>White people don't have feelings. Their girls love a sociopath who can convince them he's actually a good guy. Laugh at them when they are crying, looking into your eyes, looking for any hope that you are just joking, that you were the guy you pretended to be. See her innocence die then, and never to return, a beautiful human soul died in front of you replaced by a demon. That soul is in hell now. Hahaha.


Also, if you were wondering where a lot of the "hapas are mentally ill losers" shitposting you may have seen around 4chan and other forums/boards is coming from, see my pic.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
173 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 196590

I thought alexa chung was only like 1/8 asian or something like that?

No. 196591

I guess you are right, I double-checked.

Still, I think Eurasians of any variety, regardless of parentage, seem to marry with whites are really high rates.

No. 196598

lol it's pretty obvious most of those white girls are reformed weeaboos but /r/hapas users always manage to twist every single thing into "it's totally the Asian mother's fault". The repetitiveness of their posts is one of the reasons I stopped reading their sub for the lulz. They never get tired of regurgitating the same damn thing each day.

No. 196604

In my experience they'll defend anything asian, even bad asian parenting. So their expectation will be for the white girlfriend to just put up with his mother's shit, lord knows how spineless asian guys are when it comes to their parents, even when they blatantly cross the line of civilized and decent behavior to people.

No. 196667

File: 1454009792811.jpg (34.64 KB, 400x533, CBiTu3OUMAAJYCr.jpg)

No. 131699[Reply]

I checked around for a thread like this and didn't see one, so here is an all-purpose employment thread.

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
571 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 196654

My coworkers are being fucking annoying about shifts.
We bid for new shifts every quarter (~3 months), based on hire date, department, and age.
My rank is usually 500.
I go through a master list of shifts and have to rank over 501 of them in order of preference and hope I get what I want. Seriously, it takes me a good hour.
In order to have a hope of getting a single day on the weekend, I have to bid for shift times that are extremely busy and not wanted ie. 2pm-10:30pm
So I go for unwanted times, even though I'd appreciate a 9-5, just so I can have a Fri/Sat off schedule. Because the shift time sucks, nobody EVER picks up for me even if I had picked up for them. If they do, they do it begrudgingly because my shift is busiest and they never allow people time off during it.

So coworkers like to bid the nice, normal shift times and get relatively useless days off like Mon/Tues with the expectation that they will solicit people like me, corner me at work, and try to box me into picking up for them on my Fridays or Saturdays. So they can go on vacations, trips, and have all sorts of fun nonsense while people like me just try to get through the week with our fucked, useless weekdays.

>older bitch in my hire group sends out mass email asking to compile everyone's shifts for trades

>she's one of the ones who could get a decent shift time arrangement with a weekend off SOLELY because she is older than me, but chooses not to for the retarded tues/wed off thing
>don't want to respond to email because it makes me a target for solicitation and ergo everyone's resentment when I tell them no, no, no, no, no, fucking no
>also it's not really anyone else's business
>all the worms who usually ignore me in the office try to sly up to me around this time and act friendlier so they can mooch my weekends knowing I got at least one day

Fucking scavengers.

No. 196655

W E W.
I am so sorry Anon. You have the patience of a saint for being able to put up with that level of bug-fuck crazy.

No. 196657

Forgot to mention the other reason why they like bidding the mon/tues/wed, because we get travel perks at our jobs and those days are least busy for travel. So if they con people into picking up friday/saturday/sunday, they can go on fucking cross-country trips and vacations twice a month or more. It's horseshit.

No. 196662

I found out later that the family was involved with a suspected domestic incident last week, where a concerned customer came out and said that we needed to call the cops, as it looked like a fight between the parents was about to break out in the theatre, and the mom + kids ran out.

They ran down the hallway and outside behind the building (we're not attached to a mall) by the trash compactor, while the dad in his gold SUV with fucking 22 inch silver rims moved slowly towards the family while other managers were trying to figure out what was going on before calling the cops.

When he got close enough to the family, they apparently leapt out from behind the compactor and jumped into the car and the car sped off. I don't even know.

Then last month they plus another family came in to see a movie, and they were being loud. Got complaints, but the kids weren't in the movie anymore, so a manager asked the dad to calm the kids when they returned. He was of course met with defensive anger and asked if it was that "old bitch in the back row", and the manager assured him it was "multiple people".
Kids came back with moms, and they were clearly scolded for being loud. Other Mom pointed at the manager and said he would kick them out if they didn't behave.
one of the children responded with a loud
then promptly got pulled out by the Other Mom again.

I'll say that one at least sounds funny, if not still disruptive.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 196663

bidding for shifts sounds horrible, I've never heard of that.

Hopefully you can hold onto your weekend

File: 1475682296590.gif (1.37 MB, 300x272, crunchwmw.gif)

No. 111835[Reply]

Post any image you want. Bonus points for pictures that are rare, interesting, and/or have gone out of circulation over time.
772 posts and 655 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 196580

File: 1498558511724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.63 KB, 605x810, 4523.jpg)

No. 196582

File: 1498559650060.jpg (39.18 KB, 605x609, 465.jpg)

No. 196644

File: 1498616430662.jpg (158.65 KB, 667x443, aaaa.jpg)

lol this thread now takes so long to load on my old-ass laptop

No. 196646

File: 1498616911313.gif (3.62 MB, 320x240, IUN9uVC.gif)

omg anon

I think I lost it by Cayden Aiden

No. 196651

File: 1498622320781.jpg (113.27 KB, 960x720, margaret.jpg)

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