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File: 1552336096242.png (93.4 KB, 318x435, 5ztxMTV.png)

No. 385623[Reply]

/ot/ is a random discussion board. All personal bathroom talk should go to /g/, all media discussion should go to /m/.
Examples of a /g/ thread versus a /ot/ thread.
>plastic surgery advice/experience thread
This is a /g/ thread.
>plastic surgery deniers
This is an /ot/ thread because of the nature of the discourse.

Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology. If a thread exists for your ideology, post it there.
Please read the rules before posting https://lolcow.farm/rules
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No. 562657

Please keep COVID-19, and protesting to their respective threads. Don't derail vent, confessions, or the dumbshit thread.
If you hate a thread topic you can always hide it.

No. 660051

/ot/ is temporarily closed until further notice

No. 660126

/ot/ is re-opening, if you find a thread you wish to post in locked, simply report it to be unlocked.
>you may re-create threads that have been dead for over 6 months

File: 1594472524362.jpg (21.06 KB, 320x240, rogertroy2.jpg)

No. 582621[Reply]

ITT we discuss news stories, both new and old, that upset us significantly more than normal.

I just read the story of Alissa Blanton, a 23yo newlywed that was murdered by a 61yo stalker who was a patron of the Hooters she had formerly worked at. This story deeply upsets me for a number of reasons. There's few things that freak me out more than the idea of unrequited love interests turning into stalkers, especially ones you don't even know. The fact she was murdered for not returning this guy's interest is already horrific enough, but the fact he was a morbidly obese 60+ year old man who felt entitled to a woman barely over 1/3 of his age is beyond disgusting.
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No. 662465

What’s sad is that the spergs on the threads about her on kiwi farms and others comment on how she deserves what happened to her and how she had it coming due to what she was like on the internet and stuff. Even if she was a bad person, she didn’t deserve to be murdered and her corpse picture to be uploaded to the internet

No. 662466

She wasn't a good person and probably wouldn't turn out well (the gorecult tumblr shenanigans was very telling of her personality, no sane welld-adjusted teenager does that messed shit with so much pleasure) but being murdered is way too fucking far.

No. 662757

It isn’t inappropriate, I often wonder the same thing too at night when I get caught up in my thoughts. I have a few people in my extended family who died really horrible, violent deaths and they were NOT nice people, at all.

No. 663336

The whole Powell family case fucks me up so badly. Part of me wonders if the boys had lived, would they turn out like their dad / grandfather? I have to assume that part of the reason Josh turned out the way he did was because Stephen Powell was the creep of all creeps, and obviously instilled a lot of the religious contrarianism during his (Stephan's) divorce. It's so insane to think about the ways Josh fucked with the police by just being an obstinate dick playing innocent when everyone knew he wasn't. It's just an insane case, especially because so much of it was documented and you can hear the tones of voice everything was in. It keeps me up sometimes.

No. 663621

Alberta is so fucked up with convictions. So many criminals get let out waay too early and the government doesn't give a shit. A few months ago a little kid got raped by some rando and he was out within 2 months.

I used to be friends with this chump. The signs were always there but I never knew he'd actually come through and it shook me to my core.
also shout-out to those that might know me just by posting this lmao.

File: 1598098142935.jpg (177.21 KB, 640x335, imbreadsticks.jpg)

No. 611508[Reply]

Post dumb or fun quizzes.

Here's one to decide which /snow/ cow you are:

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No. 663588

File: 1604115025035.jpeg (150.63 KB, 847x647, 27CD9E2C-6C2C-4A12-9D72-251B4B…)

>tfw you don’t score low for any disorder


No. 663589

not a personality disorder

No. 663616

File: 1604118236714.jpeg (262.47 KB, 750x622, F82F0B37-1550-461C-BECC-C6AE2D…)

I hate that I answered truthfully and still expected my scores to be low…

No. 663617

File: 1604118423637.jpg (193.53 KB, 1080x822, IMG_20201031_052549.jpg)

I have SzPd so yeah

No. 663619


BIIIG horror cow that currently has a fake dick that is a tube of meat made out of her arm skin.
She made up a narrative where she was abused for years by a gore pedo ring that made her eat her clit and was raped with knifes or whatever. Obsessed with CP. Pretends she knew some chick she had a crush on and also preteded she also had to kill her friend/crush in said pedo ring.
It's a wild ride, the first thread.

File: 1603839511428.png (313 KB, 533x478, 8DA79313-9CC9-411D-AA6D-30E3ED…)

No. 661166[Reply]

Post your dumbass questions here

Previous thread:
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No. 663578

>I thought it was healthy but people say you can damage your joints.
Those aren't mutually exclusive. It's high impact so injuries can happen and fat people should avoid running because the extra weight puts pressure on their joints, but that doesn't mean it isn't good cardio and effective exercise.

No. 663579

It’s damaging longterm

No. 663587

The potential damage can also be mitigated by wearing supportive footwear, stretching before and after, and maintaining good running form

No. 663615

File: 1604118020264.jpg (304.84 KB, 1080x1335, 20201031_001245.jpg)

Why tf are people online like this? Grown adults can't think for themselves? Opinions from strangers will endanger you? Why do they want to police the internet so hard?

No. 663618

Nah, they make a good point. Supporting shitty people is 100% enabling them to continue to be shitty people.

File: 1603758658628.jpg (95.08 KB, 1200x1200, borzoi-sz6.jpg)

No. 660412[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why.
Please don't vent about your life here. Only physical things are allowed.
I'll start by this iconic dog that borzoi anon hates.
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No. 663604

Fuck yes someone i knew finally quit which lets us hang out more. it seems like such a time wasting activity every week.

No. 663607

Consumerism and high end brands. This is absolutely disgusting. Why the fuck does anyone need all this expensive shit? Stop calling buying a luxury bag an investment. Invest in a house or something. One of those birkin bags is like 500,000 dollars. I can't believe people will gawk over videos like this and be jealous. I just find it embarrassing.

No. 663609

lol those bags are ugly as fuck too. i don't understand rich people

No. 663614

Lol this. They can easily change the housing market by investing in a shitty house, flipping it and making it affordable, or even better but apartment complexes and charge affordable rent but noo 4 ugly carbon copy purses is better

No. 663622

So when are we gonna start lynching rich people again.

File: 1603161850625.jpg (68.13 KB, 500x245, tumblr_pqw5kpTAul1v1fh26_500.j…)

No. 659951[Reply]

Welcome home.
Previous thread: >>654049
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No. 663542

I'm gonna stuff some pipe cleaners in them to try to make them keep shape and take your advice about the back combing and bobby pins. I'll keep your prayer in heart, anon

No. 663562

If not they carry Nyx in Ulta as well

No. 663600

File: 1604116804064.jpg (24.9 KB, 480x360, 6ab.jpg)

I'm learning to write with my non dominant hand, I already do most of casual tasks with it. I can feel neural connections in my brain growing stronger. I also mastered the craft of mirror writing with my dominant hand. Next step is to master it with my non dominant.

No. 663603

Pessimist anons, what caused you to become a uncontrollably pessimist person? (I am one myself).

No. 663610

My mom had me really young. It's so weird when I register I am over 30 but she still isn't 50. I feel so much closer in age to her than I ever have and it's kind of messing me up. Not in a bad way I guess.

File: 1601575843852.png (149.6 KB, 806x810, 1515517150936.png)

No. 643382[Reply]

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 663602

File: 1604117010891.jpg (484.7 KB, 2048x1954, IMG_20201030_113934.jpg)

No. 663605

File: 1604117118661.png (217.57 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_2020-10-30-11-37-56…)

No. 663606

File: 1604117165190.png (364.5 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_2020-10-30-11-32-17…)

No. 663608

Sorry they aren't super milky,I just think the way they act online is obnoxious and their art isn't the best I used to think they were cool when I was younger for some reason

No. 663611

good god what the fuck

File: 1604003557388.jpg (29.83 KB, 400x273, enough.jpg)

No. 662724[Reply]

I've had enough. vent here anon

previous thread: >>>/ot/654901
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No. 663577

My mom is so goddamn insufferable. We have this running joke between us about my old crush that I never run into him, but my mom always seems to. Apparently he recognizes her and seems to hover around her area when they see each other. (He knows how my family looks like from my ig photos and graduation) today, she’s telling me how she had “someone from above” who came to tell her that The reason why I never see him is because he’s hiding from me. I tell her that if he’s hiding from me, there’s no point in him hovering around her, because he’d hide from them too to avoid any possibility of encountering me. Then, she gets mad and starts mocking my voice telling me to calm down when I clearly wasn’t mad at all and pretty calm. She’s like I don’t want to fight before I go to bed. ??? Like no ones fighting I’m just stating facts. I didn’t even act bitchy or anything. She even says “wow you can’t take a joke?” Like wtf you told me “someone from above” came to tell you this shit. And what about this is a joke? We’re clearly not joking around here. She acts more and more unhinged everyday. And she even has the audacity to complain that I stay in my room all day. It’s because of bullshit like this.

No. 663586

I just feel like I can never really be happy. I'm just going from one distraction to the next, trying to keep myself preoccupied long enough so I don't start self-harming again

No. 663593

i had a fucking sex nightmare about josh moon i want to fucking die. i nightmared he was just fingering me and even in the nightmare i was bored. we were laying top and tail and he was just looking over his gut at me as he fingerblasted me this is what i get for listening to positions before bed

No. 663598

>Looking at Steam Halloween Sale
>See zombie visual novel
>Oh this looks kinda cool
>During the course of the game, the protagonist will engage in non-consensual sexual acts with zombified women who in their current state cannot stop his advances. The protagonist also engages in consensual and non-consensual sexual acts with the main heroines.
The fuck man, I just wanted a zombie survival VN. Why is a game about raping zombie women so mainstream that it's on the front page of a Steam sale? I hate everything.

No. 663599

25 is definitely not too early to lose a parent, but anon my advice to you as someone who already went through something similar spend as much time with him in case he does pass and if he doesnt then be happy you can keep doing things with him.

File: 1590802540361.jpg (63.97 KB, 940x627, 8682628-3x2-940x627.jpg)

No. 561095[Reply]

Post about yourself as if you were your own personal lolcow. This thread can be used in the personal lolcow format, i.e. a greentext summary of your milkiest behaviour / what would warrant a thread, or simple one-offs that you're ashamed of. There's nothing wrong with self-awareness, farmers. Moo.
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No. 663196

God dammit anon you've posted about this on other boards and I just want to shake you until it clicks that you can and should just leave.

No. 663221

these are just sad, just like most of the posts in this thread. you guys should get help for your issues - being a victim doesn't inherently make you a cow. it's not too late to change

No. 663517

>consistently horrible taste in men
>starts with csa but can’t cope since it was never physical, just virtual
>continues with wannabe gangster who claims affiliation with MS-13
>calls him Daddy
>blogs their relationship and sexual exploits on private tumblr
>is also 16 at this time
>decides being a camwhore will be her saving grace to escape s o c i e t y
>starts dating ex heroin addict
>ex heroin addict moves from halfway house into her apartment while convincing her to stop camwhoring
>best friend continues camwhoring and moves out
>ex heroin addict boyfriend becomes heroin addict boyfriend and is layed out on the floor one night OD’ed
>”it’s either me or heroin, anon!!”
>pick both
>move home with parents after quitting heroin
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 663521

>dresses like a wannabe influencer teenage thot despite being in her 20s

I felt this one, anon. Sage for samefag

No. 663585

File: 1604114643814.jpeg (92.03 KB, 720x900, 1A1A4057-45C3-45B7-A440-0C76DC…)

>art school dropout
>25 and can't drive
>lives at home with her mom
>eats absolute garbage fast food and doesn't work out
>can't hold down a job for more than 3 months without having an emotional breakdown and quitting
>mooches off rich autistic boyfriend who doesn't know any better
>created her own unhappiness but blames it all on muh depression

fuckin hate this bitch

File: 1602804696631.jpg (16.45 KB, 182x153, download.jpg)

No. 656803[Reply]

Previous thread:

Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 663443


>What could people even be annoyed about??

I feel like it's super tedious and takes way too long. You also need to be careful af because cutting into your gums isn't good either. I mean It's late, I just want to sleep and not play around with the long ass string around my fingers …

No. 663446

You could just clean your teeth earlier, and it doesn't take long with practice. I have a weird way of doing it where I thread the string across my mouth and do two teeth at once on opposite sides, it's pretty quick.

I can't blame people for not wanting to floss because for a long time I didn't either and I started and stopped so many times, but eventually I just had to suck it up and make it a daily habit. It's really important for your oral hygiene, I consider it on par with drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating nutritious food, exercise etc. You just have to do it whether you like it or not.

No. 663564

This post resonated with me, I agree completely. It's devastating to see the anti abortion movement sweep across so many countries. Standing in solidarity with my polish sisters. I dream that someday all women will have easy access to safe abortion procedures and all men will be locked in cages

No. 663566

Honestly I can’t clean my teeth earlier than bedtime because I often eat at night

No. 663576

doctor who sucks.

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