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Townhall Chat on Friday, March 20 @ 2PM GMT

File: 1552336096242.png (93.4 KB, 318x435, 5ztxMTV.png)

No. 385623[Reply]

/ot/ is a random discussion board. All personal bathroom talk should go to /g/, all media discussion should go to /m/.
Examples of a /g/ thread versus a /ot/ thread.
>plastic surgery advice/experience thread
This is a /g/ thread.
>plastic surgery deniers
This is an /ot/ thread because of the nature of the discourse.

Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology. If a thread exists for your ideology, post it there.
Please read the rules before posting https://lolcow.farm/rules
[image credit] >>>/meta/9232

No. 426018

Per global rule 6 Do not derail or disrupt discussion. and /ot/ rule 3
Don’t make duplicate threads unless the most recent thread has been dead for more than 6 months.

*Do not post in the vent threads about topics that already have their own threads. This goes specifically for political discussion. This will result in a derailment.
*No more politically charged threads outside of gender critical and pink-pill.
[Effective 6/24/19.]

No. 458492

Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.
Repeat offenders are subject to a permanent ban from /ot/.

No. 512312

Hate a thread? Hide it.

File: 1584073504056.jpg (171.75 KB, 745x1024, Marilyn Manson Message LAX 0Qa…)

No. 524620[Reply]

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

> uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat ERW's skull in with a sledgehammer
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls, alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underaged, tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella
> Has assistant (sockpuppet? ) named Jude who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuseand stalking towards young girls
> long term drug addict and alcoholic who hit the wall going 100 m/h then got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by his ex
> torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image
> Long term on/off relationship? with Lindsay Usich, 35 y/o NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other woman he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans

No significant social media links; except the official @MarilynManson. Lindsay Usich's instagram is @LindsayUsichOfficial, comments disabled
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No. 534068

> Dita also took her stage name as tribute to Dita Parlo, who worked as an actress and burlesque dancer in Germany, namely for a German film company named UFA which was directly under the heel of the Nazi Regime. She also had either 1 or 2 nazi husbands iirc.

Parlo was a German actress, that doesn’t make her a Nazi sympathizer. ALL German film companies were under the thumb of the Nazi regime at the time. She had one husband who was a Protestant pastor.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand, Dita had plenty to say about her marriage to Manson - https://www.independent.ie/woman/celeb-news/the-art-of-the-teese-26312428.html

No. 534069

Dude, just because she lived in Germany at the time doesn't mean she was totally peachy keen with the stuff the Nazis did. You know what happened to you if you told people you were against the Nazis back then? You got fucking murdered

No. 534086


Honestly if you want to “expose” her and spew your autism can you do in another thread? I’m sick and tired and looking at your autism. I could give less if a shit if Dita wore some nazi esque crap or had some memorabilia. There was a whole genre of entertainment in the 70s-80s called nazplotation which was basically soft porn with nazi themes, you wanna sperg out about that too?

No. 534097

It'd be funny if Dita was in this thread now, defending herself. It probably isn't, but the way one anon is accusing people of being jealous side chicks for not liking her is oddly pointed.

No. 534105

Could all Dita fangirls go somewhere else please?

File: 1584811688301.jpg (56.44 KB, 1280x768, Twitter-Logo.jpg)

No. 529582[Reply]

*~Twitter:the place where racism,sexism and pedophilia is allowed meanwhile actual harmless tweets get deleted~*

Discuss the twitter cringefests,drama,stan twitter autism
or just things you dont like about the app and that irk you.
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No. 533923

File: 1585522087641.png (37.76 KB, 679x200, 76.png)

No. 534023

File: 1585540692573.jpeg (101.34 KB, 750x214, E21E35FF-50C1-4F65-B0E8-D0A3A6…)

>"they/them" lesbian

No. 534027

>trying to downloan my twitter archive before deleting my account so I can still look at pretty art I retweeted
>it's not working
What do?

No. 534028

been seeing more nb 'lesbians' as the day passes when it's just obvious tims who want to keep their dick

No. 534100

I don't even care too much about them making up new words/pronouns or coming up with complicated sexualities like demisexual but why can't they leave established words with an established meaning (like lesbian) alone??

File: 1584455971915.png (23.34 KB, 616x376, dkokoek.png)

No. 526765[Reply]

Vent about scrots here! Share your experience with terrible, worthless, pathetic men here. Share advice on how to avoid and deal with shitty men.
No whiteknighting or NAMALTing
No racebait
No inciting violence
No larping.
As always please do not respond to bait, doing so will result in a 3-day ban. Just report the bait.

Previous thread >>No. 514463
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No. 534088

certain women are attracted to masculine and certain women aren't, I'm attracted to both traditional masculine built male figures and skinny and tall e-boys, but I'm not at all attracted to normal everyday looking men

No. 534090

File: 1585561579993.jpg (186.6 KB, 1136x660, noen-eubanks-47.jpg)

foe e.g I'm attracted to both the guys on the left and right

No. 534091

I'm the anon that stated femininity is meta-physical and yes female sexuality is more tender because women don't go out raping men everyday and haven't been doing that for centuries. Their sexuality is also less degrading and dehumanizing to men, drawing loli boys and liking and sexualizing cute boys is nothing compared to the way men sexualize women from brutal gang-bangs to forced anal to them being pegged by women. A lot of women don't even have the fetish of pegging men and it's the men that have this fetish. Of course, sexuality is still sexuality but women have the feminine characteristic of their sexuality being more rational and less dehumanizing, femininity is not "flowers and submission", femininity is rationality and superior mental capacities from emotions to self-awareness.

No. 534095

File: 1585562257104.png (1.06 MB, 655x800, 443BDEF3-2A7A-49F4-BCCB-3F4F9C…)

Damn feels good to be a woman. Even after thousands of years of subjugation, we are still the superior sex. Damn.

No. 534101

This. If we stacked the sexes against each other and decided who should do what from a purely objective standpoint, 99.9% of men would probably be rock-smashers and sperm donors, while women would take on all the cerebral roles and long-term planning.
Never forget: Despite being excluded from education throughout history and in nearly every society, women are academically surpassing men to the point where MRAs are screeching that schools are "biased against boys".

File: 1581044082898.jpg (173.6 KB, 1200x800, grimes-voque-makeup-routine-01…)

No. 512321[Reply]

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviours, or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread:>>472077
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Tinfoil General thread: >>369313

Milk from the last thread:
>British Royal Family drama, such as Prince Andrew's ties to Epstein and Harry and Meghan stepping away from their duties
>Former child stars such as Aaron Carter, Amanda Bynes, and Justin Bieber still on a downwards spiral
>Die Antwood are shitty people
>Nicki Minaj keeps enabling rapists and abusers. Even married one. Sperged on the internet when criticized about it.
>MMB still looks like a 45 year old wine aunt
>Ongoing milk about Henry Cavill banging teenagers
>Azealia Banks is off her meds. Again.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 534078


Have you heard about the coronavirus yet?

No. 534085

No I mean the ‘warrant for my arrest’ part? Is it a weird joke or did Ellen do something I missed?

No. 534093

Hold up, i saw someone in the tinfoil thread talk about this, shes wearing an ankle monitor and all

No. 534094

It's a weird joke, but also a fringe segment of /pol/ thinks her recent self-isolation due to current events was actually a formal arrest for child trafficking or something dumb like that.

No. 534098

Oh is she trying to make reference to that or something? Wtf is going on in her IG comments?

File: 1585189318273.png (451.74 KB, 704x480, 2468846114689894651.png)

No. 532054[Reply]

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No. 534012

Anon, this sounds like midwest emo

No. 534022

persona 5 is fucking hypocritical as shit by making the first villain a predatory male teacher but then giving the protagonist a romance option to date a female teacher. even if it's not the same circumstances it's still nasty. also the game has way too many adult women waifu options that seem slimy and cringe. takemi comes to mind as the other creepy adult women choice, because she legit drugs the protagonist and uses him for medical trials. chihaya at least seems closer in proximity of maturity of the protagonist and also looks younger than her age but I can't help feeling that sticking all these adults in as waifubait is fucking creepy and somewhat hypocritical to the message of the game

No. 534030

It's not really new if you played Persona 4 in terms of hypocrisy. It's the game that has Rise's issues about her career as a fanservicey idol but right after her shadow boss fight she's treated as a kawaii fanservicey waifu. I like both game even if I haven't finished P5 and I always choose to make my characters single because the romance is either boring, stupid or off-putting (I wouldn't say predatory though since there's so much self-insert fanservice). The only romance options I liked were Jun in P2 and Yukari and Shinji in P3. I'm sure you'll find dating Ken in P3P even worse tbh

No. 534067

Yeah I somewhat agree even though the context between the teachers are entirely different (Kamoshida beats up and blackmails the students into sex and abuses them to the point one of them attempts suicide, MC just helps Kawakami out etc) she still shouldn't have been a romantic option. Not only because of her age but because of her position as a teacher tbh. Even at the risk of sounding like a nagging fujo I hate how they consistently chicken out of having male romantic interests like data mining revealing that Yosuke was supposed to be one in P4 but removed later in the development but then turn around to push out all these nasty fetish based relationship choices.

No. 534092

Wasn't Yosuke's social route basically a love interest one? I remember the dialogue was so gay and NO HOMO it could've very well be one of a closet couple.

File: 1583949243776.jpeg (37.72 KB, 375x350, 1579897059385.jpeg)

No. 523788[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/516907
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No. 533968

You're probably just projecting your own low opinion of yourself on others, work on your self esteem anon

No. 533973

File: 1585531494416.jpg (10.38 KB, 605x259, aXPPjGnq_700w_0.jpg)

>I know because I've meet people like that before.

everyone. step back. anon here only knows the truth. nothing but the truth.

No. 533978

File: 1585532032742.gif (139.42 KB, 275x221, 1531708718292.gif)


>u mus b bpd hurr

No. 534061

File: 1585552546368.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 29.77 KB, 300x300, F5A402C7-B102-4FF2-86D3-15E1F1…)

Why did god give me so much boob but so little ass in an era where men aren’t impressed with boobs but go nuts over a nice butt

No. 534083

Fuck's sake almost April and it's still 10ºC in this god forsaken warm country which is usually too hot to stand.
I have to spend my money on heating and I can't open my windows to get a breath of fresh air in this fucking quarantine or I'll freeze my ass.

File: 1585050082273.png (353.99 KB, 533x334, 1584915180751.png)

No. 531212[Reply]

Previous threads

Share tips, local updates, vent about people coughing on each other, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D
802 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 534076

I had pre-ordered tickets for an event that was the last time it'd be in the usa for my birthday and it's canceled for good now. Finally had my classes well planned, was going to get a job, and sell stuff online. Was leaving a toxic person behind to be more social only to be locked at home for weeks. For once shit was aligning so I could get out more with a better life.

No. 534081

No I mean I basically have no life lmao. Like I go to cafes/parks/hiking etc but bc my social life is shit so I end up at home for long periods of time during summer break for example.

No. 534096

Same. I read the restrictions for my country yesterday and I can still do everything that I did before, proving I never had a life to begin with.

Food shopping and solo walks with a take away coffee are my only trips out outside of work.

No. 534103

From the ones I've seen a lot of them are boomer tier and cringy, especially the ones in my language. I've seen some funny ones though.

No. 534104


NTAYRT but there's no way you did any basic research without knowing outdoor cats are way more likely to die young, spread diseases, and hurt local ecosystems. Did you think it was okay because you were immune? Like all outdoor cat owners, you've internalized your own personal pseudoscience, and are behaving destructively. Let's hope to god you're at least lying about systemically fucking over your community. Diane Kelly looking ass…

File: 1583362234044.jpg (36.81 KB, 500x375, 1pmwip[1].jpg)

No. 521051[Reply]

Because there are dumb questions.

Previous thread: >>507386
624 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 534047

Just realise that it's not all gonna be lovey dovey and "he's gonna cook me dinner". You both are probably gonna be confronted with habits of each other that you don't neccersarily like that weren't aparant before. Chores and taking care of the home/room need to be done.

Make sure your bf and yourself know how to communicate with each other well when problems arise. You need to be with someone who's still gonna be good for you once you're no longer with your head in the clouds and reality starts fading back in.

No. 534054

Can people 'tell' if someone is a virgin?
From mannerisms, the way they behave around the opposite sex, etc?

No. 534063

i can tell u r a virgin from ur post

No. 534066

No? Lmao

No. 534102

yeah only autist virgins worry about people thinking they’re virgins

File: 1585406876637.jpeg (102 KB, 450x338, 7C83ACF6-9E54-47DB-8A3B-2174C3…)

No. 533270[Reply]

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread
>> 512957
30 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 534007

File: 1585535327665.jpg (31.92 KB, 558x640, dN6N0rh.jpg)

No. 534026

I'm so tired of scrolling through celebrity tweets looking for amusing reactions and only seeing vigilantcitizen conspiracytard trash spewing "adrenochrome" over and over lmao

No. 534033

I get irrationally mad when someone replies to just the thread. Nothing else. Then doesn’t fucken sage

No. 534036

I always wonder how that even happens.

No. 534044

He actually noticed a mans lack of nipple etiquette? Very woke.

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