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File: 1711219932738.jpg (40.59 KB, 1200x800, Moovie Nights.jpg)

No. 1936427[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1481070

>What are moovie nights?

When a host is available we hold a "moovie night" where we unite and watch movies together. Please refer to the announcement posts per event to see when they are scheduled. Everyone is encouraged to host!

>What is Tunesday?

Tunesdays are days when we listen to music, often according to a theme. They are held on Tuesdays, but you are free to hop in whenever and organize your own! Everyone is allowed to add music to the playlist. The host will alternate by who added what so everyone gets a chance to listen to their picks.

Timezone Resources
March-October: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20230713T190000&p1=tz_aet&p2=tz_awst&p3=tz_eest&p4=tz_cest&p5=tz_bst&p6=tz_et&p7=tz_ct&p8=tz_mt&p9=tz_pt
November-February: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20231214T190000&p1=tz_aet&p2=tz_awst&p3=tz_eet&p4=tz_cet&p5=tz_gmt&p6=tz_et&p7=tz_ct&p8=tz_mt&p9=tz_pt
Hint: when in doubt, update the date to the current one on the site linked above, it will let you know if daylight savings is in effect.


We have a dedicated room for Moovie Nights here:
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No. 2088484

Like remixes with cat sounds?

No. 2088581

nta but I’m imaging this sort of thing kek
Or maybe music videos heavily featuring cats like Best Coast - Crazy For You, videos of cats meowing the blues, synthcat remixes… the possibilities are endless

No. 2088704

This + songs about kitties

File: 1683915458509.png (3.21 MB, 2000x1600, LC Drawing Room new.png)

No. 1575241[Reply]

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1337722

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan highly appreciated.

>How it works

Every doodle board has a theme to encourage creativity. There are currently 4 main boards that are cycled through, and when the current board is nearly full a poll will be posted for users to vote on the next theme. Polls stay up for about 2-3 days, and they are your sign that the board will be cleared soon. A picture of the completed board and the new theme name will be posted. Occasional reminders will be posted with the link and theme of the current board. Miss the previous theme? That's alright! Just go to the previous board and add your doodle. Make sure to post it to the thread when you're done.

If you have any theme requests, please post them! We always appreciate new theme suggestions. Themes are merely a suggestion, you can draw whatever you like on the board but please keep in mind that we have a shitpost/no theme board.

Aside from the main board(s), there may also be multiple active side boards at any given time. These side boards have themes such as coloring book, vent/horror, shitposting/no theme, etc.

If you make a new layer and then leave the board you may not be able to access that layer again due to restrictions put on the boards to protect against raids and defacing. In this case, feel free to ask in this thread for your layer back and an admin will assist you.

In general, please do not be afraid to ask for help with anything. Admins cannot be active 24/7 but we will try to help you work out any issues as soon as possible.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 2085172

lol way to shit on everyone else

No. 2085237

>>>/m/361289 Maybe you miss my posts because I don't really do much husbando art?

No. 2085560

so sensitive

File: 1717162058494.png (530.18 KB, 1400x696, 1709134679639.png)

No. 2029029[Reply]

Sonic, my life is in your hands.
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No. 2090230

was her not being in the video significant?

No. 2090231


No. 2090239


No. 2090247

thats not an answer sonic, reroll kek

No. 2090257

will i make it?

File: 1719433363910.jpg (64.34 KB, 900x670, borzoi fire.jpg)

No. 2065764[Reply]

ITT: Post random things you hate and explain why you hate them. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) so long as you don't come here to start a retarded in-fight with your personal issues.

Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbours, coworkers, etc., use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread.

Keep the borzois in mind. Thank you.

Previous thread:
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No. 2089496

File: 1720967173472.jpg (1.41 MB, 4032x3024, ztg44401nio41.jpg)

every SUV needs one of those potlid mirrors that USPS LLV trucks have so they can see the front of their vehicle. the blind spot is too much. it's the best part about LLVs

No. 2089780

The stupid quasi-snarl face Emma d’arcy makes in every photo of her ever, as if she doesn’t look ridiculous enough without it. Her work in HOTD as rhaenrya is amazing but the NB nonsense adds such a level of insufferability to the fandom and show discussion (and I mean these GOT nerds were already rabid and annoying af without the constant gender sperging)

No. 2089870

I think her facial expression is just a British thing, nbd

No. 2090206

i hate when i fart on my period and it makes a gross squelchy noise

No. 2090256

File: 1720999757832.webp (5.5 KB, 291x237, IMG_5725.webp)

I hate this fat retarded mutt and his shit-crusted asshole

File: 1710838080874.jpg (26.05 KB, 564x564, smelly.jpg)

No. 1930878[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1811472

A thread for sharing things that are too nasty to discuss in polite company, aka TMI (Too Much Information). Do you have a weird habit? An embarrassing health issue? Just want to admit something gross? Feel free to post it here.

Things could get unsightly in here, so remember– the hide button on threads is there for a reason.
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No. 2085994

I saw the post in the YouTube thread and after reading the comments about women having fishy smells and all that and I couldn't help but think "Isn't that a plus though? I've always thought the smell and taste of a supposedly ""fishy"" vagina is the best because there's a slight sourness and almost musky scent that smells so good" I swear I'm not gay though.

No. 2086962

Sounds like hemorrhoids, try using a hemorrhoid wipe after you poop and putting Preparation H on at night. They're a pain in the butt (kek) but they're manageable with over the counter meds a lot of the time.

No. 2089078

After 12 years of menstruating I just now found out that apparently you’re only supposed to bleed 1/3 of a cup worth of blood over the course of your whole period. Thats like a few tablespoons. I bleed that much in a couple of hours. What the fuck.

No. 2089178

my pubic hair is so fucking annoying. I swear it's only grown in thickness as I've gotten older and I just want to permanently whack this overgrown bush

No. 2090254

I hate when I do a big shit but it's broken up into little hard pellets because it makes me feel like a goat or a deer

File: 1718485719358.jpeg (339.44 KB, 506x631, IMG_7039.jpeg)

No. 2050407[Reply]

Post things or pictures of things that make you laugh.

Previous: >>>/ot/1559641
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No. 2090203

yknow i’ve never been the worlds biggest megan fan but i gotta say her laugh is adorable kek

No. 2090209

Ot but god i fucking hate nardwuar

No. 2090228

I cannot believe this dude is STILL around. I remember him interviewing Panic at the disco when they first started in like 2005.

No. 2090251

I can’t believe I’m saying this but she really does look like a tranny, yikes

No. 2090255

shaking his hand would be like shaking the hands of dear kurdt…

File: 1720803659914.jpg (124.35 KB, 1078x800, 1720398525980.jpg)

No. 2086559[Reply]

Off-topic random shit thread but the only rule is DO NOT TALK ABOUT MOIDS. Doesn't matter if it's men you hate, men you love, men you are attracted to, men you aren't attracted to, men you personally know, men you don't personally know, men that literally just exist, husbandos, yaoi, bara, het ships, nonexistent men, hypothetical men (including god or Jesus), men's opinions, none of these things are allowed ITT. NO PICTURES of moids (including animated moids) allowed either. This also includes trannies since they are men. If an anon mentions males ITT, report immediately.
>But why?
It's exhausting and annoying to see anons talking about nothing but moids over and over.
>Isn't this thread redundant?
If only.
>But what about-
Real life animals are fine but otherwise just follow the Rule of thumb: if you have to ask then it most likely belongs elsewhere so don't even bother.

previous thread: >>>/ot/2055834
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No. 2090043

File: 1720989024404.jpeg (347 KB, 479x694, IMG_1744.jpeg)

why does she look so neolithic(racebaiting)

No. 2090046

File: 1720989105765.jpeg (44.42 KB, 554x554, images - 2024-07-15T063046.289…)

Sayur lodeh

No. 2090047

Is this bait? she looks pretty

No. 2090208

I wish Amazon lets you search for other people's wishlist, like how Pinterest lets you search for other people's boards. I just wanna see what other people are buying or want to buy. I just go to reviews on a product, click a person's page and see what other reviews they've made

No. 2090249

It was just something about how Indo food is arguably the best asian cuisine based on texture and flavour. Not only are their traditional dishes delicious (nasi goreng, kue putu, gado-gado, ikan bakar, etc.) but they take the better parts of Javanese (also really nice food from there), Chinese, Indian and European (mostly Dutch) cuisine and puts a fantastic spin on it. I could live off mi goreng and spekkoek…
They also have lovely teas and coffees

File: 1720114071391.jpeg (31.81 KB, 736x736, IMG_1588.jpeg)

No. 2077788[Reply]

no bait
board rules apply
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No. 2090237

File: 1720999138845.jpg (94.31 KB, 550x550, 1000004695.jpg)

Sometimes I legitimately wonder if I've got a personality disorder kek. When I like someone platonically or romantically I'd do anything for them, and I enjoy being nice for niceness' sake, but sometimes when I'm angry with them all my rationality just evaporates and I want to break their possessions and say unforgivable shit and light their cars on fire. I've never done this, but only because I restrain myself. And then the rage just -poof- stops after a few hours and I'm totally fine again, as if a switch has been flicked. I wish I wasn't like this.

No. 2090240

I don't like having such a weird and guilty relationship with food. Yesterday I was thinking about how I can take a laxative to flush my body out after eating stuff that's not good for me or eating too much.

No. 2090243

Just found out that the reason she finally left was because he beat the fuck out of my little sister. And then they were back together within the week. She keeps trying to contact everyone in the family and flaunt all the cute dates he’s taking her on (bitch you’re 44, nobody cares about your fuckass husband “taking you out” to the dairy queen). A grown man beating a little girl (again) and you’re acting like he’s the people’s prince. I hope when you’re riding your little electric scooter over to his house it flies out from under you then comes back around and cracks your head open. I can’t wait until the both of them die so I can spit on their graves.

No. 2090246

my ex dumped me 3 months ago because his work hours increased to like 14hr days, but we kept in contact at least minimally ( a message per week or so) because our relationship was genuinely very good before he made that dumbass decision. but now i havent heard from him in two weeks and im starting to worry, even though it feels pathetic to think so much about someone who threw away the amazing thing we had, two weeks is the longest we've ever gone without talking and his last message has nothing to do with not wanting to talk anymore or anything like that. i keep having morbid thoughts like did he die from overwork? but imagining that im worrying about his health while he just forgot to reach out is making me feel so pathetic that i almost hope he did get sick, and then that thought makes me feel like a psycho so its just a cycle of feeling like shit kek
i want to be uncaring but i have nothing to hate him for so i have to sit with these feelings and worries, i kind of hate that he treated me so well because its why im going through this now

No. 2090252

just latina things

File: 1720923236263.jpeg (551.92 KB, 828x552, IMG_1730.jpeg)

No. 2088585[Reply]

for those who pay taxes
get in bitches
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No. 2090241

I doubt they'd consider Trump dying a win since he went along with the neocon stuff when he was president and considering how many Trump supporters are "conspiracy realist" militant right wingers
I don't think that kind of unrest is wanted right now when there's so much happening around the world

No. 2090244

I'm feeling so sad for the family of the guy who died. Apparently as soon as he heard the first shot, or, according to some sources, as soon as he saw people pointing towards the SS snipers, he jumped up and shielded his wife and daughters.
His daughters said he was a great father and made sure they always had whatever they needed and desired.
He also was a volunteer firefighter who was loved by his family and everyone in his community. >“He was a good person,” neighbour Matt Achilles told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We might not have agreed on the same political views, but that didn’t stop him from being a good friend and neighbor.” >“He donated money to us when I was in the hospital and he would always come by at our yard sales. He always waved hello when I drove past his house,” Mr Achilles said.

No. 2090245

But didnt he donate to blue candidates? Some people were thinking he was registered republican so he could vote in the rep primary for not trump

No. 2090250

File: 1720999556562.jpg (595.16 KB, 1100x619, propaganda lady.JPG)

>Comrades! Supreme Leader of the Nation, beloved Donald Trump, Defender of the Faith and Our National Liberty, survived an attempted assassination attempt by the nefarious and duplicitous ANTIFA terrorists. The Supreme Leader used His most powerful abilities to swiftly move away from the bullets, soaring like an eagle to safety. Onlookers say that the Hand of God appeared before the almighty Supreme Leader and stopped the bullets from hitting him! The Supreme Leader is ordained by the true American God and he is all-powerful! All Hail Supreme Leader Trump!

No. 2090253

It’s unlikely that he was a democrat as a gun fanatic who was wearing the guntuber shirt already discussed. But obviously there’s also a lot of speculation going on rn, so we don’t know anything for sure

File: 1720430216049.webp (50.61 KB, 827x686, the-noise-is-part-of-the-fun-v…)

No. 2081586[Reply]

A thread to discuss the dislike of dogs, their owners and dog culture in general.

Dog lovers, please don't come here to defend your pooch. see this thread >>>/ot/686457

please follow board rules, no infighting, don't reply to bait.
prev: >>>/ot/1708225
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No. 2090074

No. 2090082

>Cloud Inuyasha

No. 2090200

>The dogs name was Cloud Inuyasha of course
Average husky / wolfdog owner be like

No. 2090213

>Forced blue to interact with 2 small dogs, blue gave warnings, but owner continue
This is so vague on purpose, what happened there? It makes it sound as if the owner was rubbing the dogs on the pitbull's face when most likely it got rowdy just because the other two dogs were hanging around

No. 2090235

File: 1720998979593.png (413 KB, 720x1234, bulls.png)

>Nonna, they were bred to hold bulls in place (hence the name pitbull) it shoudnt be a shock they they can pull people apart

This is why people need to understand not all dogs are bred to be sweet and caring companions, just as how some dogs are meant to have a more active lifestyle and not meant to live inside an apartment, and how some dog breeds need a certain type of climate because their undercoat will make them overheat. I swear to God, most people who say they "love dogs" or "love animals" don't actually care about them, they care about their super duper special snowflake "connection" to animals without actually stopping for a moment to understand why saving pitbulls as a breed from extinction is not going to give them the recognition they think they deserve, it's narcissistic really. Once bull bating died down so did the Old English Bulldog (not to be confused with the current one) and nobody really misses it. It was bred with the purpose of being bait in a blood "sport". There's no need to have as many pitbulls as there are in the world.

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