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File: 1552336096242.png (93.4 KB, 318x435, 5ztxMTV.png)

No. 385623[Reply]

/ot/ is a random discussion board. All personal bathroom talk should go to /g/, all media discussion should go to /m/.
Examples of a /g/ thread versus a /ot/ thread.
>plastic surgery advice/experience thread
This is a /g/ thread.
>plastic surgery deniers
This is an /ot/ thread because of the nature of the discourse.

Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology. If a thread exists for your ideology, post it there.
Please read the rules before posting https://lolcow.farm/rules
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No. 562657

Please keep COVID-19, and protesting to their respective threads. Don't derail vent, confessions, or the dumbshit thread.
If you hate a thread topic you can always hide it.

No. 660051

/ot/ is temporarily closed until further notice

No. 660126

/ot/ is re-opening, if you find a thread you wish to post in locked, simply report it to be unlocked.
>you may re-create threads that have been dead for over 6 months

File: 1624107148976.jpg (51.25 KB, 780x490, D-g7USRXsAY217w.jpg)

No. 833823[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/825301
Do you feel held by him? Does he feel like home to you? No? Then vent about it here! Or alternatively, watch his ungrateful ass burn to ashes
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No. 834529

Doja Cat > Megan thee Stallion

No. 834533


No. 834534

No. 834535

I hate bitches who complain about how abusive their S.O's are but end up defending them like little obeident dogs when push comes to shove. I know someone who gets abused by her husband (he literally forced himself back into her life after ghosting her for years, insults her about her body, intellect, ect on a daily basis) and the only reason he gets to stay is because he gives her gifts and keeps food on the table. This bitch is too lazy to find a fucking job and is okay leeching off of welfare money. And you know what this useless shit stain did while her "husband" was gone for some years? Instead of finding a JOB and saving money to support her young son, this fucking cunt went out to get drunk and party with friends all day. She even got a little pathetic boyfriend who's daughter wound up sexually abusing her son (under the direction of that pedo ass boyfriend). Bitch is fucking reckless.

I tried to be nice to this cunt and maybe see that she had changed for the better but nope, all I see her for the manipulative immoral sleazebag she is. You can be the most respectful person in the world and listen to all of their emotionally consuming rants about their life but if you dare say you dont like their favorite color red they accuse you of hating them and being "disrespectful". I got into it with her "husband" because as usual, this faggot was being a controlling domineering prick with me and I lashed out, and of course she took his side and lied that she never argues with him despite her literally screaming her brains out at him 24 7. She says she "needs" him for his money (which ok sure, you could have your money if you didnt fucking spend your money on the legal defense of your misogynistic oldest son beating the brains out of his girlfriend or wasting your dad's inheritance on a shitty mini cooper that you paid for all at once like a tard and is now obsolete by 7 years). Fucking useless!!! Bitch, you a fucking undiagnosed BPD im sure and a fucking useless, evil, manipulative, hypocrite who always makes yourself the victim and changes your feelings about people depending on the situation. I never met someone as useless and vile as you and I pray one day that your youngest son can finally heal from the psychological abuse you caused him all these years. You can honestly go to hell and die in there you freak

No. 834542

I'm having a hard time since I found a deceased kitten (about 6 weeks old). I called a shelter before this kitten passed away and they said it was "low priority". Yesterday I discovered this poor little kitten long gone with some blood near it. The mother cat was around so I was told to not do anything and leave the two kittens. The mother is now presumed dead as there was a black cat deceased down the road (ran over) but there was one survivor. The shelter did take in the surviving kitten afterwards which frustrates me that it took the deaths to do something. I just can't stop thinking about the kittens and feeling guilty. I shouldn't have listened and took them in anyway. I can't stop crying. I can't sleep. I can't stop thinking about the kitten that wouldn't leave the body of it's littermate. I hope she is adopted fast and has a happy life.

File: 1623106660271.png (3.64 MB, 1509x2124, poot.png)

No. 825059[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/809740

>Demi Lovato announces a new podcast, doesn't get the amount of attention she wanted, doubles down and comes out as a they/them.
>More discussion of Ariana Grande's wedding, including new pics released. The question remains: did she fuck Jim Carrey? Anons examine the rich fuckboi tapestry that is Ari's dating history.
>Naomi Campbell announces that she has become a mother at 50.
>Courtney Love shares that she's unhappy about new "Pam and Tommy" series, shits on Lily James. A band of time-traveling anons from the 90s argue about Kurt and Courtney as though either is relevant anymore.
>New documents from the lawsuit filed against Marilyn Manson are published online.
>Nicki Minaj posts her pre-fame (and pre-surgery) mugshot and booking papers on Instagram, waxes poetic about how inspired she is by her criminal past.
>Jodie Turner-Smith, a black woman, is cast in the role of Anne Boleyn, a white woman. Racesperg and redtext ensue.
>Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are in an open relationship, because if your man is gonna cheat on you anyways why not cope yourself into believing that you allowed it?
>Anon posts a long story about a member of the Monkees getting taken advantage of by caretakers… I think? I gotta be real I didn't read the whole thing.
>Danny Masterson's victims share their testimony in court, it's predictably horrifying.
>Twitter sapphics lose their shit when their fantasy projection on Anya Taylor-Joy is shattered by the reality that she has a boyfriend. Downthread, anons discuss her skelly transformation.
>Lady Gaga reveals that the man who raped her at age 19 impregnated her, shares her experience with PTSD and deciding to terminate the pregnancy. How does this revelation gel with her previous collaborations with high-profile sex offenders like R. Kelly?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 834504

File: 1624167524473.gif (11.83 MB, 520x293, No_Lockdowns_Anymore_w_Ariana_…)

she's not looking very good… (also interesting because when she enters the song she says "look at my hair" as if it was a good thing to see)

No. 834509

File: 1624167872452.gif (11.97 MB, 520x293, No_Lockdowns_Anymore_w_Ariana_…)

she looks VERY unhealthy and tired, this video makes her look like a true skelly anachan and it's disturbing

No. 834524

File: 1624168776503.jpg (75.79 KB, 502x514, Screenshot_4.jpg)

lmao I see it
She definitely used to be a stuck up bitch. She might have changed since then, Idk

No. 834527

She's still a bitch, anon. She would keep having. Breakdowns on twitter which she would still delete, and even once sent her army on a random fan because she didn't like his silly banter

No. 834541

>A band of time-traveling anons from the 90s argue about Kurt and Courtney as though either is relevant anymore
Lmao no one cares about Courtney but Cobain is still relevant as fuck, zoomers love Nirvana, there's still a lot of of kids who pick up guitar because of Kurt, Nevermind will have its 30th anniversary in september and people will be talking about it even more

File: 1623891533654.jpg (42.56 KB, 610x664, a002cc542618d067760c04d718dc24…)

No. 831987[Reply]

Too Dumb to Live, Too Dumb to Die

Previous Thread: >>>/ot/823177
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No. 834474

No. 834536

it's not a children's game though? I guess it's for "everyone"

No. 834537

I woke up today with tiny bites on my neck and my fucking hand. Are you kidding me

No. 834538

Ah I just remembered I always wanted to play this game, looked really atmospheric

No. 834540

Sorry if this sounds stupid but what actually is a “femcel”? Does it just mean female incel? Bc I don’t get how that would be possible, like even if you deliberately went out of your way to try and be one. There would literally always be some man more desperate who was willing to sleep with you. The woman would obviously probably have zero desire in doing this but it seems kind of besides the point.

File: 1623836087721.jpg (77.09 KB, 722x946, hissing booth.jpg)

No. 831456[Reply]

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

previous thread:>>766899
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No. 834516

No. 834517

Sherliza Moe made a video about it, too lazy to look it up

No. 834526

Isn't she a cow on her own anyway

No. 834530

I can agree with you. Not just with wedding just in general. You can always tell who the jealous one of a female friend group is since she's the first one to go out of her way to fuck up another friends appearance whether it be bad pictures, recommending on putting bad makeup on them, recommending shitty things, etc

I'm still young though and only 20, I could imagine people mature a bit and stuff like that won't happen

No. 834539

Yeah but idk she came to mind since she likes doing those kinds of videos (I don't like her anyway, but did watch that video)

File: 1623321948296.jpeg (180.73 KB, 1435x978, 3E7811C5-0668-460C-B484-3F2643…)

No. 826927[Reply]

Come take a train to stupid town.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/813929
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No. 834500

No. 834506

They’re interested in your life, just have nothing to say maybe? Try it to be too paranoid. Do you interact with them first ever?

No. 834511

should i try to get back together with my ex boyfriend? our relationship was great but fell apart because we became roommates right before covid hit and weren't ready to be alone together 24/7 for an entire year. we were both going through mental health bullshit and each thought we weren't good enough for the other, he cut it off. it's been a couple months now and i miss him terribly, i keep thinking that since things are different now (we don't live together, we're both back to work, etc) it might be worth it to try again. but will i just get my heart broken again?

No. 834521

i straight up ask them (usually after sex) if they have any specific body parts, kinks, or fantasies they're into. chances are they'll be too shy/embarrassed to say, so you might have to butter them up first by talking a bit about your own experiences and kinks. you can start vague/tame to test the waters, and go from there based off their reaction. i've found that the more you seem non-judgemental and open up about your own kinks, the more your partner will feel comfortable sharing. even if you never actually do kinky stuff with them, it's fun to bond over sharing those kinds of secrets.

No. 834525

Yes you will just get your heart broken again.

File: 1621803003674.png (202.93 KB, 407x243, 1619368236005.png)

No. 813895[Reply]

Get your soul lighter without the need to pray.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/791206
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No. 834261


so true. either they can't stomach sexual abuse or lose their shit bc they thought they thought they could fake the family life and get everyone else except for themselves on disability for the money. funny how they are able to turn two blind eyes if any woman suffers but oh how they cry when it comes to themselves or their ideal perfect version, their sons. selfish until the very end. their stress and emotions mean more bc why?

>bc I'm a MAN


No. 834264

the thought just occurred to me that..maybe those guys taking those nudes are doing it for their dads. imagine how toxic that father/son bond is. >officially creeped

No. 834305

I forgot where I saw it, maybe it was a reddit post, of some guy admitting that he sent his girlfriends' nudes to his dad to get validation for snagging hot chicks.

Myy first boyfriend when I was a teen used to relentlessly harass me for nudes and when I sent him ass pics he posted them on his Twitter. I will never do that shit again and I hate how common it is despite stuff like >>833947 proving how risky it is over and over and over again. I don't care how "nice" you think he is, you can't trust anyone like that.

No. 834510

I think people who mourn about once being gifted kids and are now burnt out grownups are hilarious and not deserving of any sympathy. It's clear they have nothing else about themselves to brag about other than the fact that they had good grades in elementary and hate that the adult world doesn't praise them nearly as much as they're used to.

No. 834518

By all accounts I have a lot of good and exciting things upcoming in my life and yet I'm soured over small stupid shit like not being on good terms with some people at my job. What the fuck is wrong with me and why does shit like this take up so much rent-free space in my head! I wish I could knock this shit off.

File: 1623967848667.jpeg (40.63 KB, 410x496, 03BF47BE-85DB-4E5E-AB85-D31E78…)

No. 832725[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/815400

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 834238

I remember watching US tv shows and seeing that schools over there had canteens and cooked food on site…. lunch ladies serving up hot food? Was strange to see it. I lived in a fairly cold country and I have maybe a handful of memories of bringing a flask of soup to school and it being amazing on snowy days. Hot food would've been nice but our schools didn't even having dining rooms. We ate at our own work desks. It would've required space and funding that many schools were already short on.

No. 834245

Yeah, same here. We just ate pickle sandwiches our mom made in the schoolyard, or nothing at all. I'm from the Balkans where it's pretty hot most of the year so it usually stank up your backpack.
Sometimes they would pick one kid per class and give them a free pastry per day for the semester, they came in this big plastic bucket and they were super greasy. I got it once, they were okay but kids bullied you for eating it so nobody really wanted to be the free pastry kid by the end of elementary school.

No. 834246

Another EEfag here and I confirm what the other anon said

No. 834258

Ok, guess you know how universities work in every EE country then.

Here, read for yourself, I don't know what else to tell you. Keep on lecturing me about how things work in my own country I guess.

No. 834487

short, squat, pear shaped women have the hottest body type to me.

File: 1622572783413.jpg (588.12 KB, 821x1575, 1621686668367.jpg)

No. 820866[Reply]

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Reminder that any discussion or drama involving SJW artists like Succulentbud, DestinytoMoon and Loved111333 must be taken to the SJW e-Artist Thread on /snow/ to prevent the thread from being derailed which the link can be found here: >>>/snow/1220062

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
458 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 833893

>Every non-american / ESL fan will sperg about how twitter discourse is literally neocolonialism.
That's because it is.

No. 833916

Generally thanking them for asking and respecting whatever decision the artist makes over it?

Basically this. Repost pages that ask for the artist's consent (and respect if they get a "no" in response) and credit them accordingly via whatever links the artist provide is different than one that just reposts it and says "credit to the original artist".

With the former, if someone really wants to see more of someone's artwork they have a direct link to it. Not to mention, if they share it they also share the link to it, it can be helpful for artists who don't maintain multiple social media to have more people see their art and follow it back to their main page.

With the latter, whoever looks at it has to do the work of trying to find the original artist if they want it… and most people are less inclined to do that especially since a lot of people don't know how to use something like saucenao.

No. 834025

File: 1624132515642.jpg (82.88 KB, 600x771, 1101287.jpg)

>it's totally doable to make a good living with it, there are just SO many ways to go
Yes, that makes me optimistic!
Thanks anonette for ALL these answers! I really appreciate taking your time to write it all down for some random anon!
I will continue to develop my drawing skills!

No. 834471

The ValiDate game is just really ugly, the art styles are incoherent and the way the arms and hands are drawn on some of the characters look really boxy, awkward or rushed

No. 834532

"Neocolonialism" is international megacorporations exploiting developing country resources or predominantly taking foreigner workforce rather than locals leaving people scrambling for work in their own country. Equating it to a bunch of online bullying about problematic depictions of anorectal violence is pretty fucking stupid. That's just microagression bullshit.

File: 1622854102775.jpeg (72.94 KB, 949x1356, A37D9F4F-BE34-4E7C-9264-36A9A0…)

No. 823069[Reply]

Discuss former bullies, nerds, Chad’s and Stacy’s acquaintances and/or friends, etc.

The original idea for this thread: >>822952,

>my class’s here and now

Some of the popular ones and alt-chicks became white trash babymommas with sometimes white trash babydaddies, new-age sjw/get the vaxx!!! spergs and mlm hunbots or wagecucks for retail. One chick I know who was formerly a whitewashed Mexican emo who lived passing as another white alt chick and was always embarrassed about speaking Spanish got married to a black guy, returned to her roots and hates white people now while also being a clout-chasing wannabe makeup guru on Instagram because YouTube failed. Some alt chicks pulled a Lauren Southern and married well-off Asian dudes while larping as suburban conservative/rino-Karen’s retaining muh white pride shtick.

Some of the other guys became drug dealers, drug addicts/crackheads; in 2015, someone I knew since elementary school got sentenced to life in prison for shooting up a store over a pair of pants then had the police and swat team chasing him all the way to his house.

The formerly emo/metalhead white guys and Mexicans became faggot soyboys and male feminists or Trump supporters/qtards living off their Uncle Sam money from the military.
115 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 827171

That's so weird anon I want to know more. That sounds kind of milky lol

No. 827670

Once he's dry, everyone will leave and he'll regret burning his money for people who ignored him all his life in high school.

No. 831353

Biggest cunt I know went to medschool abroad out of high school. I'm stick here pursuing a useless degree in the hopes that I may find useful employment. Sucks.

No. 834453

My ex-best friend was an emotionally abusive BPD-chan and now she's a single mom with a dead end job and just became an OF hoe

No. 834466

A kid who used to tease/bully me on the bus started a youtube with his university friends and they have about 600,000 subs now.

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