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File: 1520528923443.jpg (56.59 KB, 800x453, mamamoo_1454607583_af_org.jpg)

No. 232763[Reply]

What it says on the tin. Let's discuss kpop, farmers.
>Who's your favorite band? Who's your bias?
>What do you think of the weird kpop fandoms that are popping up and the crazy fans that come with them?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?
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No. 253450

File: 1527359137908.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>Had to wade through a disgusting amount of fans talking about V's soft squishy baby boy tummy in order to find the pic

No. 253452

The tall guy in the shorts really stands out. Are the rest of the members incredibly short or is he just really tall?
He's cute anyway lol

No. 253458

File: 1527361677926.png (398.9 KB, 463x676, 9838739NFNKD.png)

Some cringe for y'all.

No. 253459

File: 1527361724688.png (408.58 KB, 609x680, NBN366R0D02.png)

No. 253462

he's just tall but I think there is at least one member that is really short.

File: 1526989184212.jpg (142.59 KB, 598x673, 1526906191936.jpg)

No. 252094[Reply]

Previous threads:

For all those who didn't fall victim to the Kpop craze.
Please use >>232763 for fangirling and thirstposting, this is a thread for people who dislike Kpop.
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No. 253434

Because somebody DM’d her boyfriend her pictures, and its better to be a metoo victim than to be a whore who does porn for money. Their whole career is based on being this super great couple.

No. 253438

Also it should be clear that it wasnt just filming 13 times, but clearly signing a CONTRACT and continuously asking the owner for more hours. All while crying on camera is saying that the whole time she was thinking “Lets just just do this and get over this to try to survive so they dont kill me”. Those jobs are super fucking cushy too. Like $600 a pop.

No. 253454

Yeah, no one would take her side if she were like "yeah I had a nude shoot whatever, they still didn't have the right to leak my nudes" because she would be seen as a whore, and in Korea, whores=less than humans

No. 253456

porn is also illegal in SK isnt it?

No. 253461

what is she talking about when she says "leaked", i can't see in any of the articles what the studio was meant to do. a studio usually doesn't pay a model for taking photos that they're not going to post anywhere, in that case it would be the model who paid for them? this whole story is a mess

File: 1526234855771.png (376.67 KB, 1024x555, PU3tBwodRWfks2r_G5vdTIqz9PjuJQ…)

No. 249320[Reply]


I'd consider myself to be one. Obviously, women would never go as far as demanding sex by threatening rape, murder, etc. like male incels, but I do think that I share some similarities with them:
>ugly + fat
>kissless virgin at 20+
>no friends
>spend most of the day browsing the internet
Living like this for some time has left me incredibly bitter. I wouldn't say I hate all men but getting bullied certainly leaves you quite guarded. Same for other women: I can't help but feel ridiculously jealous whenever I see pretty girls with hot bodies spending time with their friends/bf.
Of course, everybody is able to get a partner if they put effort into themselves, but right now I neither have the appearance/charm, nor the mental strength to change for the better and therefore am "involuntary celibate".
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No. 252321

the worst is when they give you the EXPLICIT reason why they don't like you, and end up putting you down about how unlikable you are :)
and then you feel like you're unlovable for weeks and want to hide from everyone!

personal experience.

No. 252325

Because they're pussies? My ex went out of his way to make himself as unlikeable as possible in order to get me to dump him, some people will do anything but tell the truth.

No. 252590

>openly tells his friend about it
>has no guts to actually talk to girl
god, men are fucking cowards nowadays. What is the worst that can happen to them? Will they lose their honor if rejected?
Anyways, do you find one of them cute? How about you go talk to them first?
If they are not bold enough you might need to help them a little to get started.
>anon, I heard you were fond of me. Do you want to hang out some time?

this is sad to hear but I think the scars can heal with time. Just remember that this feeling of beeing hurt is probably easier to handle than to fail many times and then land a jackpot eventually.

well then you might try to find clubs or events where people hang out with the same interests. Even if you are new to it, they will usually be welcoming to new members. My town for example has basketball, volleyball, soccer teams, even an air gun club. A swimming club. Inform yourself about the things that happen in your town and choose something new to try out. I am sure people will be welcoming to you. Even if prince charming is not there, he might be the friend/brother of someone who is there. Good luck

No. 252702

It's a blessing not to be asked out in STEM fields. It causes massive anxiety and fear for me and let's suppose you do get with someone. They're probably going to get jealous easily because of all the other men you're around. Find people to date outside of your major, it will likely work out better >>251973

No. 253460

>best friend tag

File: 1527267179799.jpeg (20.79 KB, 650x650, pexels-photo-551590.jpeg)

No. 253131[Reply]

Just wondering if there's anyone else with bad/traumatic childhood experiences.

Obvious trauma that tends to affect all involved including children includes:
>the loss of a loved one to illness or death
>a natural disaster
>an accident
>suffering physical abuse
>being displaced and moving country
There can environmental things like:
>living in poverty
>abruptly changing schools
>a sick sibling
>going through an operation
>living with parents who are always fighting
>living in a violent or dangerous community
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 253414

The kids in my neighborhood growing up would sometimes gang up on me and mock me. I wonder if some of my adult habits can be linked to those times of being humiliated. One person in particular who was pretty cruel to me happened to be one of the first people I had a sexual encounter with. Makes me wonder if my current incapability to form a healthy relationship has anything to do with this.

No. 253415


I'm >>253374 and even thought my parent actually was an alcoholic and I come from lower class background I actually share your feelings. I feel that is mostly due to the fact that my parents actually loves me, but they are to emotionally immature. In result I kinda learned that if the life wasn't going to give me a normal parent then I will be one for myself, thought I still sometimes try to bring up this stuff, but oh well there is only few months left till I move out.

No. 253421

Thankfully, therapy is helping me putting this all behind, but although my parents love me and I love them they did awful things during my childhood.

One time when I was 6 my dad grabbed me by the ponytail and dragged me on the floor until we reached the bathroom, then threw me under the showerhead.

Other incidents like it happened a lot, my dad wasn't doing good at the time and couldn't deal with me not being obedient 100% of the time. He would tell me he didn't love me when I didn't want to do my homework, and although I was doing very good at school - skipped a grade, always the first in my class from primary school to the last year of high school - it was never enough and he never really gave compliments.

The worst time was when he got really mad at my mom, threw a glass on the ground, picked a shard up and dragged it all over his arm, cutting it open with a shit ton of blood spraying. All in front of me (I was 7) and my little brother (he was 4).

I also got bullied by other girls for being too different. It lasted a year and was so hurtful I had to change schools. I didn't get bullied as bad afterwards, but still had a hard time keeping friends, and was regularly being made fun of. Just because I was smarter than the others, younger, and cried far more easily.

The therapist and the psychiatrist I see nowadays both say it's kind of a miracle I "only" ended up with depression and never tried to kill myself or got very violent.

No. 253451

File: 1527359262389.png (Spoiler Image, 42.4 KB, 524x531, wellshit.png)

>Molested by neighbor who was an older kid, he used to put things like pencils inside of me and make me watch porn with him
>Family was dysfunctional af
>Dad is cheating scum and a drug addict, mom is an okay person now but is also severely scarred by her own childhood trauma and used to be much worse before treatment
>They often put the blame of things on me, neglected me affection and left me alone despite my fear of being home alone and so on
>Had problems with hypersomnia, dad used to wake me up by beating me until i got up
>Switched schools every year, never made long term connections as a child
>Bullied at some schools because overweight and too quiet
>Often teachers would isolate me from the class or put me outside because i was "too smart" (i learnt to read very early on thanks to my grandmother, so i was a bit ahead) and was making the other kids feel bad
>Any low grades got punished by more beatings
>I often had hallucinations as a kid, whenever they'd scold me for some dumb shit i didn't even do like clogging the toilet i'd see everything going dark and them as huge distorted beings yelling and often would see the world as distorted, too colorful, too bleak, see distorted people and so on, more frequent when i was stressed, would dissociate a lot even when calm
>Had lots of nightmares because of my hallucinations, couldn't sleep with the lights off for a good part of my childhood to my teens and still had horrible nightmares
>Grandmother tries to heal it with religion, doesn't work
>Mental state gets worse thanks to existential bullshit and religious questioning, gets more dissociations and hallucinations
>Became desensitized, hurt my dog more than once, enjoyed it when he bit me back
>Dad's new crackwhore gf starts shit with my mom, parents start to fight more often and get increasingly violent at each other
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 253455

Growing up with two narcissistic parents was hell. The psychological and emotional abuse never ends.
My dad used to spank me really hard in the middle of the night because he had dreams where I did something dangerous. I remember once crying for my mom to say something to my dad, but all she did was shush me and tell me I was going to be okay.

All of the family's financial problems were because of me, or they always complained about us being poor when I was around. When my sister was born, suddenly we had money, but only for her. I would throw away field trip forums and never tell my parents about after school events because I had the gut feeling they would tell me we didn't have any money.
My parents made sure that I would never get bullied. We moved to a different city, because they believed if I went to the same middle school my mom went to, I would be bullied. I wasn't bullied so much in my new city, they started bullying me instead. My dad would make sure to tell me he thought my hygiene was terrible and how I needed to stop eating so much. He would come home after a stressful day from work just to tell me how lazy I am and everything I do is stupid.
I was never good enough for my parents. I remember graduating high school, they pushed me to go to college more than congratulating me. When I finally got to college, they pushed me to look for a job because we're too poor, yet I was able to go to classes under student aid. When I got a job, they pushed me to get a second job because I wasn't making enough. My mom also started asking me for money to "borrow". The borrow money ended up going to my sister to pay for her field trips and sports classes or just to donate. Sometimes I would have to give up $20 or so to my sister so she could go out to hang with her friends. At the same time, my parents would not let me hang out with my friends because I needed to do "chores" (it was mostly washing the dishes but that only took 20 minutes at most and when I finished washing dishes it automatically was too late to go out).
I remember looking for second jobs at one point and being a custodian looked like the perfect thing for me, mainly because I'd get good pay and not have to talk to a lot of people, but both my parents yelled at me for even considering the position because I was "too weak" and it was a "man's job".

All of the bullying from my dad and money borrowing from my mom continued up until I moved out at 22.

BuPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1526985852111.png (1.48 MB, 1359x1010, centipedes.png)

No. 252059[Reply]

Previous threads:

My unpopular opinion: BIG fan of house centipedes. They are cute, they clean themselves, they kill roaches, and they are more than welcome in my household.

>inb4 t. house cetipede
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No. 253440

File: 1527356850847.jpeg (84.59 KB, 576x600, 944FE564-14E0-4E34-A589-D5F01D…)

>I doubt people come up to girls and go "Wow! You're eyes are brow?!", because well, it's nothing special after all.

haha where do you live where anyone says this to people with blue/green/grey eyes? I have grey eyes and literally no one comments on them, because they all have them too. The only eyes someone would be shocked by are like people with heterochromia or albinos
Wash them in the bathroom with the door closed. What situation are you in where you don’t have access to a sink with privacy?

No. 253441

File: 1527356915559.jpg (47.11 KB, 625x415, 09483NF309.jpg)

I think what matters most in regard to eyes beauty is the shape. Zayn has some of the prettiest eyes I've ever seen, the shape is gorgeous, the crease is long and not overly droopy which make them look bigger, even the under creasing is perfect.
Plenty of indian or arabs guys have those kind of sexy eyes, I find them irresistible.


Sorry deleted my post because I wanted to post a front view instead of side view.

No. 253445

Or some of us just arent that into sex lmao.

No. 253447

File: 1527358438874.jpg (192.7 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

i like snakes. idk how unpopular that is though.

No. 253453

Not to mention the same guys who are crazy offended over this are almost always the kinds who sperg about how superior girls with tight (unaroused) vaginas are.

File: 1527050079112.jpg (126.86 KB, 940x400, secrets.jpg)

No. 252343[Reply]

Share something you haven't been able to / literally can't say in real life or online under the protection of anonymity. Get it off your chest. You don't even have to explain it, either.

I didn't see anything like this in the catalog, so I hope it's fine.

To start here's a secret of mine - even though I love my boyfriend immensely, I almost always think of other guys I know during sex.
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No. 253383

As an anon with no siblings and distant parents you're very lucky. Never feel ashamed, especially with living at home. Nowadays it's the smart thing to do with cost of living. Save up money and enjoy your family.

No. 253388

I'm bisexual and love watching porn where beautiful women fuck ugly men. I guess I have a degradation fetish.

No. 253404

During high school I used to go to my best friend's house often during the weekends and one day I thought it was a good idea to masturbate in her bed while she slept next to me. Being watched is a huge turn on for me but I feel so disgusted that I actually did that. I've never told her and I don't think I ever will because I am 100% positive it'll ruin our relationship for good and I don't want that at all.

No. 253439

I sometimes masturbate to gay porn, fisting, hentai/toon stuff or even old people porn when I get bored of normal porn.

No. 253444

>not getting ate out by your high school friends

File: 1526426979712.gif (141.56 KB, 900x787, funny-cartoons-jim-benton-154_…)

No. 249986[Reply]

Post any kind of comics, they only need to be short
87 posts and 72 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 253261

File: 1527279874477.jpg (30.15 KB, 400x400, tumblr_nhqrpwYqIQ1u3kbxno1_400…)

No. 253410

File: 1527349917641.jpg (125.59 KB, 700x1254, Cute_relatable_couple_comics20…)

No. 253422

File: 1527352631277.jpg (29.12 KB, 328x768, seethatguyoverthere.jpg)

No. 253426

File: 1527353770519.jpg (39.19 KB, 492x604, sirAS1N.jpg)

No. 253427

File: 1527354377851.png (990.16 KB, 1109x1209, sfmdk4ba3z001.png)

File: 1522557721459.jpg (202.24 KB, 1280x997, n6h2qlAXT91s5cyzso1_1280.jpg)

No. 238435[Reply]

Post wholesome images only pls
541 posts and 493 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 253015

File: 1527226930550.gif (348.27 KB, 180x180, F903B5F1-74BC-4ECD-AA9F-07D594…)

No. 253391

File: 1527335774676.jpg (69.9 KB, 500x668, ycF94f2.jpg)

No. 253393

File: 1527336743683.jpg (66.85 KB, 540x540, nR4Q3gm.jpg)

No. 253397

File: 1527337766511.jpg (40.92 KB, 625x417, babybeaver.jpg)

No. 253399

File: 1527337794835.jpg (90.85 KB, 605x804, babybeaver3.jpg)

File: 1457366623809.gif (516.98 KB, 427x640, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

No. 139414[Reply]

>FUJOSHI ("rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as series aimed at fujoshi (and fudanshi) like Hetalia, sports anime, and male idol anime. Discussion of BL games here is totally OK but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
453 posts and 138 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 253215

>Fujos know their game won't be translated no matter how much they push it
I feel like this is changing though, MangaGamer is working on more stuff lately like Hashihime. Otome games hardly got translated either until recently with Aksys picking up a lot of titles.

No. 253219

JAST also has a new BL branch and they're bringing over sweet pool.

No. 253269

Hope they'll take on Slow Damage once it gets released.

Also I wish bara games got translations but they're a niche within a niche lol. Fug

No. 253274

I mean you come to the BL thread to ask about a Yuri thread while absolutely having to announce that you don't like BL in your very first reply and then dig yourself even deeper in the second one. I don't know the thought process behind that course of action was but it, in fact, made you look like an utter retard.

You. I like you.

On a related note I'm hoping that the option for digital releases will bring translating BL back to life again. A lot of publishers translating BL manga seemed to go belly under due to poor sales some years ago, but that seemed to correlate with long release times caused by the manufacturing of physical copies. At least some Harada's titles were translated as digital releases recently I think.

No. 253390

>> MangaGamer is working on more stuff lately
oh that's good, I met them at Anime Boston and they have good quality stuff tbh.

File: 1494202241322.jpg (43.78 KB, 351x400, a kathleen.jpg)

No. 222299[Reply]

An féidir snáithe a bheith againn as Gaeilge? Bheadh sé spéisiúil fail amach cé mhead Gaeilgóirí atá againn ar an suíomh.

Sílim go bhfuil a lán "ba" againn in Éirinn nach bhfuil suimiúil do dhaoine thar lear agus tharla a lán i rith na bliana le comhdhálacha ag dúnadh.

Céard is dóigh leibhse?
90 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 227414

Godspeed, anon!

She's a fashion blogger, I used to follow her a bit and I'm honestly looking for someone to start a thread because I don't know what the milk is on her. I'm morbidly curious.

No. 227415

Yeah, why not? I want an excuse to have a bit of a goss with you guys.

No. 227416

I also keep hearing about "drama" in the con scene in NI but I've no friends up there so I've no idea what it's about. I'd love to know.

No. 244083

Apologies for necrobump but I'm really interested in this. I've caught wind that a few companies won't work with her as a blogger but I really don't have enough info to start a thread myself.

No. 253387

The yes side in the referendum is winning by a landslide so well done to everyone here who voted yes. Ní saoirse go saoirse na mban!

Did you guys vote yesterday? How do you feel rn?

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