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File: 1663055231859.png (3.62 MB, 2000x1600, notebook.png)

No. 1337722[Reply]

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1132888

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan highly appreciated.

>How it works

Every doodle board has a theme to encourage creativity. There are currently 4 boards that are cycled through, and when the current board is almost full a poll will be posted for users to vote on the next theme. When a board is full, a picture of the completed board and the new theme name will be posted. Every one can request new themes to be used on the board. Occasional reminders will be posted with the link and theme of the current board. Themes are merely a suggestion, you can draw whatever you like on the board.
Click the spreadsheet link below to view all of the requested themes and also to see all of the board links under the "Admin Schedule" tab, OPEN IN INCOGNITO.

If you make a new layer and then leave the board you may not be able to access that layer a again due to restrictions put on the boards to protect against raids and defacing. In this case, feel free to ask in this thread for your layer back and an admin will assist you.

>Doodle Game Nights

Occasionally on Sundays there will be a game night. In the past most game nights have been held on Gartic.io, a Pictionary style game. There is currently no set schedule for game nights but announcements for them are usually posted at the start of the week, so keep your eye out!


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No. 1436946

Who says I'm not??

No. 1437189

File: 1670501300596.gif (365.47 KB, 974x632, draw.gif)

If your lines are shaky and you don't like that try upping the stabilizer setting, 100% is better if you tend to make brush strokes more slowly, 70-80% is better if you make faster strokes. Also I don't mind scraggly lines, this is just for anons that are frustrated with theirs.

Off topic but did anyone else notice they added a new tool? Or was it there the whole time(?) There's a lasso brush tool, you basically draw the shape you want and the tool automatically fills in that space, making a silhouette in the color you're drawing in. It also has a stabilizer setting. And there's patterns too! Icon is right under fill tool.

No. 1437193

File: 1670501527669.png (122.84 KB, 553x514, elf.png)

Smooth lines or not, come draw something on the Christmas board! Here's the prompt list >>1434039
Or draw lineart only on the second board

File: 1657478486808.jpg (42.74 KB, 626x626, cute-cow-eating-popcorn-watchi…)

No. 1257659[Reply]

Previos thread: >>>/ot/1071635

nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny
Please help us host the upcoming movie nights!
nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny

>What is movie nights?

On certain nights of the week (usually weekends, although it depends on the host), we hold a "movie night" where we unite and watch movies together that have been suggested here in this thread.
These movie nights are usually scheduled at 8PM GMT.
Important check your timezone here:
Northen Emisphere Summertime: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20220101T200000&p1=tz_gmt&p2=tz_ct
Northen Emisphere Wintertime: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20220701T200000&p1=tz_gmt&p2=tz_ct

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No. 1436809

if you like that movie something is mentally wrong with you.

No. 1436899

Sometimes people like to get together and laugh at something because it's bad nona, why are so bothered?

No. 1436905

File: 1670475969683.gif (284.14 KB, 284x338, XmasLolcow.gif)

Christmas Cartoon Specials!

>The Simpsons
>Powerpuff Girls
>Sonic Christmas Blast
>Adventure Time
>Regular Show
>Ed, Edd n' Eddy
>Kim Possible
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1670261192777.jpg (51.61 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

No. 1433502[Reply]

Ask stupid answers, get stupid questions
Previous Thread- >>1416410
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No. 1437145

So hair thickening and hair growth inducing shampoos and conditioners are bullshit, right?

No. 1437163

File: 1670498592262.jpg (23.31 KB, 341x539, main-qimg-d452620dd47c0a9488ca…)

Is it possible to overcome aphantasia?

No. 1437172

File: 1670499299457.gif (3.37 MB, 300x100, 121.gif)

Nonnas who is this

No. 1437177

I think that’s Nika from the Nika and Jaelle threads on /snow/, they were two instagram spam community cows

No. 1437234

What does being a victorianfag mean? The one thing that comes to mind is the victoriananons that posts with fancy fonts or writes old timey like thou shalt not, thy etc…

File: 1668876912328.jpg (1.17 MB, 919x1200, You are a what....jpg)

No. 1414378[Reply]

A confession, whether it is insignificant or not. We'll be there for you. Barring trannies and their ilk, of course.
Previous sins: >>>/ot/1387246
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No. 1437194

I make good money now and can easily afford nice things but always resort to doing things like use torn up towels, sleep on the flat yellow pillow, etc just because it's so comforting to me

No. 1437195

I bet your friends make fun of you behind your back.

No. 1437202

Bait, well played anon.

No. 1437208

Is that why multiple threads, including this one, had autism and shit-stirring from all-lowercase posters today? Please get a hobby.

No. 1437227

I yearn for the love of a man but I don't think ill ever allow myself to indulge. All my life I've never found any man worth pursuing whether it be their looks, personality, who they hang out with, actions they took, ect. My harsh standards have saved me so much regret and troubles. The thought of allowing someone who is capable of causing immense physical harm to women to being the gender raised to think emotionally neglecting themselves is the best thing to do is insane. I thank god that celibacy is possible and that I have kept my most sacred physical and spiritual self away from the sullied hands of men. I cannot fathom how entitled they can be when it comes to women despite all the harm they cause us. I don't care if your father took care of you when you had no one else or that your nigel buys you flowers every day, the typical male behaviour has most definitely leaked out in your presence before, there is for sure a switch in his head that can trigger him, you may not be the one to flip it but the chance that you or another person does, hell is what they will give, no matter the consequences.

If I ever convince myself that I found the "perfect man", I pray that I wake up to reality before its too late or, that I at least can make it out out unscathed.

File: 1670077649353.jpg (170.53 KB, 500x649, dUMB nonny only.jpg)

No. 1431005[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/1423780
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No. 1437161

one more paper to write reeeee i dont wanna do it

No. 1437220

File: 1670504003303.jpg (244.4 KB, 850x477, Muchkin_Cat_5_things850.jpg)

i think my cat is a munchkin her legs look like pic related and no i didnt buy her she was found skeletal, abandoned, in a trash can

No. 1437222

Those midget cats are so funny pet her for me

No. 1437224

is she fixed ?

No. 1437230

all family cats are yea

File: 1653638044494.jpg (45.56 KB, 680x695, ffa.jpg)

No. 1198440[Reply]

Previous thread:

Discuss anything pertaining to Autism, Aspergers or ADHD/ADD experiences as a woman here.
Talk about the difficulty of diagnosis as a woman, the struggles with being compared to male autists. Or even discuss the recent uptick in autism diagnoses in online mental health communities like Tiktok.
1180 posts and 101 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1437218

that last line is something I discovered a few years ago when I was seeing a therapist. she told me I might have something called alexithymia because i was really struggling to identify my feelings and it made therapy difficult. the description of alexithymia says inability to express emotions too, but for me it's more through words since i am able to laugh and cry etc. but i have it with some physical feelings too, like not knowing i'm hungry or if i need to pee, until i become desperate to go. of course it's way more common with autistic people and it explained so much of my life when she told me about it.

No. 1437228

Not autism, but alcohol consumption to the point of getting drunk at around age 14 gives you permanent ADHD symptoms as an adult. Even if it was just once or twice because your brain at that time is developing vital parts that have to do with being able to pay attention. Alcohol is literally poison that noticeably affects your brain almost immediately (that's why people drink it to begin with, because that's fun to them) and so drinking that fucks up the current process being developed at the time. There are a portion of people getting diagnosed with ADHD as adults who didn't have any signs in their childhood because they don't "really" have ADHD - just brain damage mimicking some symptoms.

No. 1437229

Rocking back and forth when sitting down and thinking, clapping my hands when nervous, not being able to read the room, interrupting people, having "autist face" i.e. making facial expressions typical for autistic people, walking weird, cutting off clothing tags and avoiding uncomfortable clothing other people seem to be doing fine with, difficulties identifying emotions, getting overwhelmed easily.
Reading all that, I now realize why I can't seem to make any friends and why people consider my very existence annoying.

No. 1437231

This was me but with benzos. I'm autistic and a traumatized thirdie who went through some rough shit growing up. Where I'm from disorders of any kind aren't real so when I started experiencing severe panic attacks they didn't know what to do with me. My mom tried to Gypsy Rose me and I got put on weird horse pills from childhood until my early twenties, so now my brain is fried with symptoms as you describe.

No. 1437235

Ehlers-Danlos. they are classed as comorbidities but there is also the theory that they are separate but similar
“psychiatric features that are common in both autism and EDS/HSD include: anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and suicidal behaviors…” Other conditions that can present in ASD and EDS may include: learning disorders. developmental coordination disorders" I have EDS and always wondered if it explains my autistic-like behaviour and signs instead of actual ASD.

also being a preterm baby or your mum having a traumatic birth can cause developmental/mental issues similar to asd, sensory processing disorder, avoidant personality disorder, schizophrenia, pervasive developmental disorder, childhood trauma, OCD.

File: 1669814771547.jpg (409.04 KB, 2197x1464, AbA76Pa.jpg)

No. 1426945[Reply]

Cry and shout here.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1420829
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No. 1437122

I don't want to graduate college and have adult responsibilities. I don't want to work a soulless 9-5 job only to come home and be too tired to do any of my hobbies which are the only things giving my life meaning. it wouldn't even be bad if I was able to get a job in something I was passionate about to some degree but I chose the shittiest most boring career path and now am stuck with it. been thinking of ways to "make it big" and be able to not worry about all this. either write a super successful novel/series, become a content creator and hope for a lucky break, make some simple yet charming indie game and hope it gains traction, or regularly buy lottery tickets plus piss away some chump change playing roulette and slots in casinos. there are people who are happier with way less than me so maybe I need to suck it up instead of always crying about money

No. 1437144

the dentist visit will get worse the longer you put it off. make sure you call today to make an appointment!!
I had a tooth break oddly and a piece of it got wedged into my gums, also delayed it for way too long. the tooth started turning a blue color from the inside after a few months. definitely wouldve saved me pain and money if i went earlier.
most dentists have seen worse cases so there's no need to be afraid, it's literally their job to make fucked teeth work (or to replace them)

No. 1437171

That's it I hate my job even more than I thought. I need that job I can't quit now so I feel cornered. I came back from sick leave, had to catch up with a lot of things that a coworker of mine was supposed to take care of, and 3 days after I'm back this coworker is also on sick leave because she's pregnant so that's entirely her choice, and now I have to catch up with my work and HER work and deal with still suffering from what got me sick. I hate my life. I can't wait to get my own place to live so I will be able to find another job after signing my lease.

No. 1437211

File: 1670503213815.jpg (71.74 KB, 577x418, lenw2-cats-in-business-attire-…)

I feel like I'm not cut out for any workplace. I always have to work overtime to meet the deadline, not becsuse of the quantity of the work, but simply because I'm horribly shit at time management. If I have a series of easy tasks, then I procrastinate because they are easy. If I have a lot on my plate, then I put it off for the opposite reason. I also do retarded things like accidentally deleting folders or documents. I also cannot do details for shit, every time I think I prepared a document just right, it turns out that I forgot about a myriad of small details. If I get X right, I forget about Y, next time I get Y right but forget about X. I just feel like there's genuinely not one thing I'm good at

No. 1437226

I hate that imvu is popular now, i felt like such a fucking loser when i was on there in my childhood

File: 1669118417272.jpeg (104.22 KB, 1200x630, 1_kyjHkSF7oO5iGrMuu_IXRw.jpeg)

No. 1417602[Reply]

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?

Previous thread >>1291087
241 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1436771

It's not ok. At least I feel comfortable knowing they aren't all like this, but it just goes to show how some young women simply don't have a mind of their own, they just jump from trend to trend and never form their own identity. Calling yourself a "slut" is beyond repulsive, worse than being called one by a scrote.

No. 1436786

I fucking hate these types of teen-30 year olds. Must be nice to harass, shit on, be condescending and rude to minimum or slightly above minimum wage because they grew up upper middle class or rich. They dont understand working a shitty job to help your family or pay for your own life all while dealing with their entitlement. Tiktok, vine,musically, youtube all made it worse to do stupid shit in a local store all for "muh 30-1000 followers and the views man!"

No. 1436811

My jaw dropped. What a disgusting retard

No. 1437217

File: 1670503659746.webm (6.75 MB, 406x720, why_are_men_not_washing_their_…)

Can't touch your asshole, that's the the gayz do

No. 1437223

They understand perfectly, they just don't care.

File: 1669232213525.jpg (1.39 MB, 1275x1738, i am sorry nonas.jpg)

No. 1419137[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/1245504

Talk shit about any-blr you please.
211 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1437173

Homeschooling is good if the person knows what they're doing. Children have so many different learning styles and thrive and different ways and you don't have to deal with asshole old granny teachers giving you 5 different calls throughout the day because Timmy used the wrong colored pen. Plus you're able to teach your kid important stuff, not overload them with homework so they can have extracurriculars, etc. The school system is fucked currently

No. 1437179

The better question is why are willing to go down screaming and crying about (horrible) fictional moids.

No. 1437196

Ayrt and I guess I agree, but I don't trust the people I posted to be any good at teaching children (especially with the way they are dismissive towards teachers), especially when they claim every parent should consider homeschooling when most people work and don't have the time nor the resources to teach their kids.

No. 1437200

Teachers, at least those in lower grades, do come across as glorified babysitters sometimes. No one is saying no adult is able to teach spelling or basic algebra at an elementary school level to their kid. But what would they do if they had 30 kids and 2 of them had some kind of learning impairment?

No. 1437214

File: 1670503580113.png (260.39 KB, 1200x662, Protective sardine_95d387_9602…)

>Women talking about radical feminism
>One lesbian comes in and declares that only she is a radfem, and only lesbians can bestow the title
>Does this only to make herself feel superior, has no interest in discussion about any other radical feminism actions

ANYWAYS. I hate how Tumblr can feel like it stopped maturing at 13. You'll have 30 year old when posting cringy shit about old gods and the magic of deer. But then you'll have the annoying know it all kid, "Uh, no, actually deer aren't gods." and that's just as cringe.

File: 1670500644269.jpg (16.74 KB, 320x315, terf-axolotl.jpg)

No. 1437183[Reply]

Thread for when you're at your peak and need to vent, scream or sperg about troons, TRAs, or related topics but don't want to shit up or derail other threads.

In a world where women are shunned for standing up for themselves, banned from using the word "woman", have their prizes and scholarships given to men, get told to shut up and take the girldick, that thier same-sex attraction is transphobic, that thier kids should have their body parts cut off - it's hard to not go insane.

The fear of getting cancelled, fired or shunned by TRAs and friends around you is weighing heavily on a lot of us, lc is one of few refuges where we are allowed to be honest. So go on, scream into the void about troons all you want.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1437210

I'm so incredibly sick of my guy friend who is a hypocritical enby who literally says he doesn't believe in gender, but because he's not a hyper masc bodybuilder and instead a soft neet autist he somehow thinks that makes him "not cis, and therefore trans" by the trans logic so he goes by it.

Despite not believing in gender and admitting he would abandon it if people just stopped talking about it, he STILL insists trans women ARE real women and should only be in women's spaces and it would be transphobic and risk harming them to put them in male spaces.

TRAs being brainwashed is one thing. But hearing this guy say "gender isn't real, but also let women get raped by troons in female changing rooms becasue they are also women because their gender is female" has just made me so mad. I didn't know he was such a raging misogynist, leftist men are truly the worst. I now don't feel safe around him knowing he only cares about the safety of other men and happily let women suffer over it. I'm deeply hurt over it, I think I hate him now.

No. 1437212

File: 1670503320409.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1101x1350, Obese_Man.png)

man boobs

No. 1437213

After years of this trans shit I've finally had regular interaction with one. They are of course 10 years younger and to me it entirely does seem like a phase. It as a very tall lanky boy pretending to be a woman. I have to call him she in work because I don't want the hassle. Everyone at work talks behind his back about how not like a woman he is. He's spoke to me about being trans and how his family doesn't speak to him now and he talks about notable female leaders and figured like a fan. I mean I can appreciate waxing lyrical about great woman but he still has never spoke about why he himself feels a woman. And I suppose that is entirely his business in this pc world, but it's just perplexing. It's obviously a strange thing but to ask him questions about his identity is probably a taboo subject in a work place, but the thing is he is very mouthy about politics and says quite provocative things. Yet no one has ever dared to question his beliefs and especially those on identity because dude what the fuck

No. 1437221

>Everyone at work talks behind his back about how not like a woman he is.
Keep doing that and ignore him. It helps when you know everyone else is still sane and he's delusional on his own. Don't engage with anything trans related he says, just ignore it and change the topic so he can't keep spewing that shit and know you're not interested. If prompted by him to say something about a trans topic just say something like "Oh I wouldn't know about that since I'm not well versed in those things, anyway did you guys see this other thing… (start new topic before he can continue)"

No. 1437225

>mouthy about politics and says quite provocative things
Can't you complain to the higher ups or HR about keeping the workplace apolitical and decorous? Namely you want work in a professional environment that won't arouse conflict between political opinions and discomfort with your work colleagues. Don't mention his name, centre your complaint on how this specific co-worker keeps disrupting the work environment and how other workers experience discomfort regarding the frequent topics about politics and provocative things.

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