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File: 1552336096242.png (93.4 KB, 318x435, 5ztxMTV.png)

No. 385623[Reply]

/ot/ is a random discussion board. All personal bathroom talk should go to /g/, all media discussion should go to /m/.
Examples of a /g/ thread versus a /ot/ thread.
>plastic surgery advice/experience thread
This is a /g/ thread.
>plastic surgery deniers
This is an /ot/ thread because of the nature of the discourse.

Lolcow doesn't pander to your ideology. If a thread exists for your ideology, post it there.
Please read the rules before posting https://lolcow.farm/rules
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No. 562657

Please keep COVID-19, and protesting to their respective threads. Don't derail vent, confessions, or the dumbshit thread.
If you hate a thread topic you can always hide it.

No. 660051

/ot/ is temporarily closed until further notice

No. 660126

/ot/ is re-opening, if you find a thread you wish to post in locked, simply report it to be unlocked.
>you may re-create threads that have been dead for over 6 months

File: 1610727990124.gif (7.53 KB, 500x254, ostracised.gif)

No. 714830[Reply]

Previous thread >>>/ot/700861

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

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No. 722248

Ntayrt but I was slightly younger than the main cast in the first season when it came out originally and I thought it represented my expirience of being that age in the UK.
Underage drug and alcohol use, sex and partying was very common and pretty much what a lot of highschoolers did on a regular basis around that time, dunno if it's different now.

No. 722250

Yea, I am guessing it was more relatable to europeans in general as it was a uk show. Not to every eurofag, but moreso than to americans, I've watched some youtube videos where they talked about why skins us version failed and it was mostly due to the culture difference. Wrong vibes.

No. 722252

Seeing that hedonism and angst is their brand, uni where you go to work for a future like a dork seems not very edgy

No. 722253

then make it with a bunch of adult neets or something, i don't care, just stop using teenagers

No. 722262

I’m guessing you are not familiar with British uni culture.

File: 1611572283868.jpg (86.49 KB, 1914x1076, D24No9EWwAA1T3n.jpg)

No. 722207[Reply]

the dumber the better

previous thread >>>/ot/712809

No. 722220

File: 1611575607361.png (107.01 KB, 350x431, 350px-Pyrotaunt1.PNG)

broke: "canon nonbinary" characters

No. 722228

File: 1611577054346.gif (403.93 KB, 500x281, 1518152239473.gif)

just bought myself a butterfly knife and now I realized it would be much better to buy a training one first and not destroy my hands with a real blade but there would be no fun with that

No. 722258


No. 722260

I 100% do not believe in the Alpha Male Beta/Male Shit, see the whole thing is sociological male hierarchical theory and again while I do not believe in it, people get it wrong 99% of the time

see Beta males are second to the Alpha males, beta males are the number 2's, Goose from Top Gun counts as a beta male, Gamma males is a catch all term that applies to normies basically, people who don't stand out in any way, Omega males are basically Incels of the society, they are outcasts for one reason or another and excluded from society

now this theory is bullshit imo but people get it wrong so many times that it hurts, they literally teach this in almost every sociology class

No. 722264

LOL what, I thought it's an internet meme popularized by PUAs, it really is being taught in sociology classes? Crazy.

File: 1611374384288.jpeg (329.69 KB, 750x1055, 359EF714-C1DA-4216-AF08-79D02A…)

No. 720441[Reply]

Wow anon, that was pretty stupid of you to ask a question about that
Previous thread >>711877
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No. 722254

I thought this was Rich Brian. I can see soundcloudfags wear this.

No. 722256

What do I do when I want to go to the bathroom and I'm doing pomodoro studying sessions? Like, do I go in my break? But then it's not really a nice, wholesome break… Do I go will studying and then I add more mins?

No. 722261

Just go and pee, anon, don't be this strict about it.

No. 722263

Are you me? I went during the break but took too much time… I may be a little too lax but the important thing is studying for a whole afternoon tbh.

No. 722265

Anon you're way overthinking it. The point of pomodoro is getting studying done, you're still getting that studying done if you take just a few minutes during the studysession to go to the bathroom and go back to studying after.

File: 1611367042024.jpg (68.82 KB, 1080x1084, 327c244a-3fc2-4616-bdbb-8a5a01…)

No. 720376[Reply]

Anything goes here.

No theme, no venting, no discussion about anything, you come here to be an absolute retard and shitpost. Post whatever you want. Bark if you want to. However, global rules still apply, don't infight, don't post nsfw shit, don't be racist, etc

Previous mental impairments:
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No. 722181

i want the uhhhhh i want the original Monster Energy Drink Trademark but it's early

No. 722201

I think you can easily get away with that in Unpopular or Vent. I see a bunch of borderline-gc posts, they don't get modded unless retards start infighting over radfem philosophy.

No. 722203

File: 1611571904524.png (1.14 MB, 1337x983, 10-18-19_5-11-59 PM.png)

Good morning

No. 722219

File: 1611575373463.png (249.44 KB, 638x788, butthol.png)

No. 722255

File: 1611581967839.png (23.54 KB, 300x250, cEWAW.png)

File: 1586005081269.jpg (185.42 KB, 872x1172, shawmila.jpg)

No. 536373[Reply]

What famous celebrities do you think are closeted or in fake relationships/marriages?

Do you think it's understandable to be hiding in 2020? Would coming out affect their careers?

Who do you think will come out this year?
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No. 654070

not caring about the other person's gender identity is pan though.

No. 654731

shut the fuck up

No. 722226

File: 1611576874400.jpg (105.89 KB, 646x1200, EsXTShAUYAAqUYF.jpg)

she came out

No. 722239

Replace Sanic Totem with >>547198 Who's with me?

No. 722243

Gaydar on point
but really I’m so happy for her ahh

File: 1607635805042.jpg (196.79 KB, 1242x1641, 1605378094531.jpg)

No. 691728[Reply]

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that. Vendetta-chans and twitterfags need to leave. Don't feed the trolls that visit, for fucks sake.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 721713


I did it a couple times and I got a lot of views, likes and archives. But I think most people scrolling just thought I might have been someone they were already following so I think I only got 1-2 followers out of it. I did it a couple other times with the same results.

I think like others have posted if you dont want to blow money on advertisements make content on other platforms where they boost your posts naturally like reels and tiktok or youtube videos of your process etc.

No. 721868

pixel art is so much fun, glad you enjoy it, thanks for updating us!

No. 721883


I've seen quite a few big artists (100k-500k followers) promote their posts, so it seems to be working for them. Been thinking about trying it out of curiosity too, as long as you just invest a few dollars into it.

On a sidenote I tried tik tok for art too and got a lot of views and likes and even followers on there. But people on tiktok like and follow verrry quickly and in the end a following doesn't mean that much because most people browse on their fyp anyway. It's only when your face or whatever you do becomes so recognizeable that you are essentially your own brand that it actually matters. That plus only a small fraction of the followers will come over onto your main platform (instagram or twitter or whatever else) and they tend to be super young whereas my regular ig followers are more around my age so mid-late 20s. I don't like tik tok or doing video content anyway and have been seeing steady growth in my instagram without it so will probably just give on on that platform.

No. 722035

I saw that video, and I'm not even a LT hater, but it made a bit salty just cuz she made some small easilly fixable mistakes that could had been easily noticed and fixed that really peeved me. Like the scissors she made she drew them in a way that looks like it wouldn't actually be able to close all the way, and the positioning of the handle of the sword doesn't look symetrical to the rest of the sword. The chocolate bar didn't look like an actual chocolate bar but I guess I could begrudgingly forgive it with "it's supposed to be cartoony"
Overal to me this video in particular felt like she was really rushing it.
I actually usually don't mind her character art, but if you you mean the thumbnail then ye, the overly detailed sword absolutely does not look good being held by a flat coloured neon girl (aaaand I just noticed her hands lmaaaao)

No. 722241

This. And then people who repost them talk about how instagram hates them and changes algorithm. Bitches, it's because of you, exactly because of you reposting this kind of shit

File: 1611099405090.jpg (11.76 KB, 239x278, 1609463614593.jpg)

No. 717944[Reply]

previous: >>>/ot/711339

let's talk about it, anon

note from previous thread:
>As an added note, don't infight ITT. It's one thing to comment on an anon's post, but it's another to try and start infighting with an anon by replying with a snarky response (ex. "what did you expect to happen anon?") "that doesn't happen"

>just let anon vent, if you want to be a nitpicky bitch head over to /pt/ or /snow/. no1currs about your shitty input.
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No. 722200

Same, I miss our old flat where you could actually turn the door bell off

No. 722215

File: 1611574488750.jpeg (1004.49 KB, 1242x1021, 0BADDE57-66AA-4EEF-8A6D-CB35DD…)

I sometimes resent the fact that I apparently have a wholesome aura. People have described me as warm, “angelic” and confident just based on my face and general manner, which are nice things but apparently it comes with the qualifier that I have never experienced hardship in my life. I was in a string of abusive relationships that lasted over a decade, lost all my savings multiple times and struggled to afford basic housing to the point I developed extreme anxiety and was sleeping about 3-4 hours a night, throwing up and dealing with chronic pain due to undiagnosed health issues which I had no insurance to address, laying in bed doing nothing for 10+ hrs on the rare occasions I had time off on weekends because I would just fantasize about the sweet release of death. And yet I always have people who know jack all about me say things like, “Teehee I would ask anon for advice but she’s always had it together, I doubt she’s had to struggle for much of anything!” I just fucking boil inside but as usual I hold it together and just say something like, “Well, we all have our problems.” I feel like one day I’m just going to lose it and shove these know-it-alls’ tongues down their throats. I’m not going to lower my standards or force others to be around someone who looks subhuman just because you feel I should be slagging around in ugly sweats with cheap tattoos and visible self harm scars to “prove” I’ve been through shit. But by all means continue crying to everyone about your eye bags and how you’re sooo inconvenienced by having to pick up several extra hours of work during a busy time of the year, shithead.

No. 722221

My favourite meme-subreddit, the only thing reddit is good for tbh, is infested with stupidity… Take a look at this: https://www.reddit.com/r/196/comments/l49yo3/roole/
It's about a bill that wants to prevent biological men from competing with biological women, which is very reasonable since obviously men generally outcompete women in sports. That's the whole reason we have have women's sports and men's sports…. Also the bill says nothing about how that is determined, that it would lead to 'genital inspections' is something created by the very biased source.. But pretty much everyone in the comments just sees what they want to see. Literally calling the guy a pedophile, and crying because they think this is because everyone just hates transwomen… Ughhhh

No. 722223

>It feels like an online relationship
Because it is, anon

No. 722224

It's frustrating af for people to just assume they know your life but you're better off without the pity of others, what does it actually get you? Also you're complaining about what's effectively pretty privilege, some people's faces will always say loser but you could start a life somewhere new and your history just gets to be a interesting back story. You're more appealing to companies and other successful people if you look like one of them
T. a private person with a face that says hard times

File: 1611481724488.jpg (9.31 KB, 259x194, bird hellsite.jpg)

No. 721256[Reply]

Vent your hatred for this godforsaken hell birdapp here.

Previous: >>649527
First: >>529582
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 721338

Most are paid profiles, anon.

No. 721921

I have the same kink, it's hilarious.

No. 721962


What do you expect? Half the government and world is running on peado elite backs

No. 722075

File: 1611554705232.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, 0B35C56D-89DF-46AF-853A-0DF231…)

No. 722212

File: 1611573476068.png (728.44 KB, 958x1592, ebegging.png)

I will never get over these guilt-tripping e-beggars on twitter. Okay, at least it's not a tranny wanting free money for their unnecessary FFS, and maybe I'm just a misanthrope, but I don't se who would actually give money to these people

File: 1609476661149.jpg (127.82 KB, 736x736, b7bc98093912094fd2127482b08d93…)

No. 706391[Reply]

Twitter is sjw hellhole, Facebook is controlled by anti-vax moms, Instagram algorithm sucks balls and Tumblr commited sudoku. Youtube and Tik-tok are useless for those that don't have desire to create videos. Deviantart became ghost-town, other art sites seems to not have community aspect. Fanfiction.Net is only a shell of what it used to be, LiveJournal is only a legend now, not sure about Ao3. Reddit and Discord is hard hit or miss with communities and don't have profile aspect to it.

Also seems like most of the bigger sites are super aggressively pushing ads (looking at u Zuckerboy). Honestly, social media is getting seriously tiring and unenjoyable.

Do you think that there's left any non-dead social media/internet community that's worth using? Any hobby centered sites and forums are good too!
40 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 719751

I hate social media because the whole world is on it and we were not meant to communicate on such a large scale. Many sites legit give me anxiety.

No. 719843

tumblr belonged to the edgelords first anon, you used to get bullied if you whined about all the irl gore

No. 719875

What about the sjw edgelords? the ones who send you gore if you "misgender" them

No. 722211


It's really cool and interesting but I don't think it's gonna be the same, I mean all the deranged trannies and twitter users have already infiltrated it I can tell lol

No. 722214

Why not give them a bit of competition?

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