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File: 1521413123222.jpg (30.31 KB, 480x480, 26341515_1995695010755957_4947…)

No. 234968[Reply]

The Anti Kpop Thread seems to be quite popular, so i thought, why not make one for japanese music as well?

Since it's by far not as popular as Kpop, feel free to discuss all genres here, whether it's Jpop, Jrock or Visual Kei.

No. 234969

File: 1521413260327.jpg (61.73 KB, 640x480, A11308321-27.jpg)

My personal favourite lolcow is Yoshiki

No. 234972

I used to like Japanese drama now the all the shows are based off of some manga or anime. The shows are pretty boring and unrealistic af. Back then there were shows that were originals, where did that go?

No. 234974

What makes him a lolcow besides wearing ill-fitting costumes on stage?

No. 234976

File: 1521414718076.png (332.45 KB, 406x545, Screenshot_2018-03-18-19-05-33…)

I also hate how Japanese style has been infected by the kpop stuff. A lot of the celebs seem to be influenced by kpop makeup and style (most noticeable is akb48). They just look like knock off Koreans now with their shitty overpriced lip tints,korean clothing, white as paper skin, see thru bangs, no makeup eye look, thick straight line brows and the horrendous aegyo sal.

File: 1498006980430.png (1.22 MB, 1190x924, 161-06102015023656.png)

No. 196187[Reply]

There's a plastic surgery thread already if you're just talking about types of plastic surgery you want, but this one is about girls who have gotten plastic surgery, and deny it despite it being extremely obvious they did, and the men, and in rare cases women, who defend that person and claim they're never been touched by a surgeon. There's also men who go on and claim about how they hate plastic surgery so much, then go on and fap to girls who have had plastic surgery, this can range anyone from LA women with big butts, latina women who have had fat injections, or the east asians who get tons of lipo and make themselves look nothing like who they were before. Basically men's logic is that any plastic surgery that isn't obvious or botched is 100% natural, what do you think about this anons? Have you had any personal experiences with anyone who has thought this way?

pic related, it's yanet garcia, who everyone claims her butt is from "hard work at the gym" but she went from flat butt to rounded big butt overnight and her thighs didn't grow one bit
899 posts and 220 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 234951

looks like an alien or an egg

No. 234957

Point to me where I said she's healthy and I will leave the internet forever
I have never ONCE said she was healthy, in fact I said several times she was overweight, it wasn't healthy, she could afford to lose a few pounds etc I just dont think she's ~obese and going to die of kidney failure~ or its as bad as other anons are acting like it is
Jesus, learn to read what I'm saying instead of seeing what other anons are saying and claiming I said it when on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS I said it wasn't healthy

No. 234962

>What truly irks me is how dangerous is to put on weight just to go to a surgeon to move the fat around, that shit has to have some nasty side effects
>I’m wondering how is her heart doing surrounded by all that nasty fat,

>Please understand that we won't rely on your judgement of what's healthy or not…

Did you even bother reading a word that anon said? No wonder this board is making people crazy, it feels like you have to scream what you mean before people even understand

No. 234970

> She’s chub for sure, not obese
She's obese. Somebody like Kota is 'chubs'.

No. 234973

File: 1521414220451.gif (52.57 KB, 774x601, BMIChart.gif)

anon I think you need an update on what obese means, also not to mention BMI charts are for people who don't have muscle/implants, BMI is a weird thing because all it measures is height weight ratio, not taking into thing like her implants and wide body structure and whatnot

anyway, we don't know her height nor weight, and it's not like she's landwhale status or anything so it's not really easy if she's "obese" or not, lots of people don't know about how bmi works and which is considered obese
example, I use to think I was in the overweight BMI, I'm 5 foot and 120 lbs and I'd be considered chubby by most peoples standards however according to BMI I'm just the higher end of a healthy weight, my mom is 5'7 and 190, she's considered overweight BMI wise but not obese however lots of people look at her and consider her obese, chances are this chick is just overweight but not obese like people are trying to make her out to be, and ofc there's no evidence of her height nor weight unless an anon has her height and weight, people just tend to overestimate peoples BMIs

also ashley graham is also considered overweight but not obese, and this chick looks smaller than ashley graham

File: 1475682296590.gif (1.37 MB, 300x272, crunchwmw.gif)

No. 111835[Reply]

Post any image you want. Bonus points for pictures that are rare, interesting, and/or have gone out of circulation over time.
1070 posts and 897 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 233048

File: 1520654474841.jpeg (134.31 KB, 500x375, 8A0F5638-24C9-4E91-A023-B133D9…)

No. 233215

Okay, I was really confused if this was some underground horse trail horse people were building or something, so did the research.

If anyone else is curious, it's called Sewer Horse.

No. 234607

File: 1521216949238.jpg (45.02 KB, 700x458, sdtrangers-5a3a598c5b73d__700.…)

No. 234609

File: 1521217053610.jpg (92.61 KB, 700x700, funny-weird-wtf-stock-photos-5…)

No. 234966

File: 1521412488937.jpg (29.45 KB, 350x450, wow.jpg)

Pls guys help; I'm searching for a specific, "disturbing" image that I can't find anymore; it was a picture taken in a kind of abandonned room where a girl was on top of a guy (who looked passed out) on a shitty mattress with vomit beside it

File: 1521002636155.png (44.98 KB, 871x533, die.png)

No. 233664[Reply]

previous threads:

This thread is for:
>posting screenshots of disgusting posts/comments/pictures/videos men say or do to hate and shame women
>stories or awful encounters with men
>why you, yourself hate or avoid men
>tips on how to avoid shit/incel-tier men
>just venting about how shit women are treated in this society in general
553 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 234923

True and 90% of men have HPV
They cheat more, men are degenerates

At least women are happy and fufilled fucking other women and they dont suck and bed and get off by making women uncomfortable, unlike men who go insane when they dont get their precious dick wet all while screaming about how awful women are despite them being worse than women

No. 234927

File: 1521404975754.jpg (132.47 KB, 594x310, 20180318_132306.jpg)

Dumbass, you know the facial cumshot starting being featured in porn primarily because it is degrading? Men like it because it is degrading and "marking their territory." What you think about it doesn't even matter at that point.

No. 234950

Same with anal.

No. 234965

This makes me so mad

No. 234967

they hate women so much they had to "get revenge" by making sex bad for women
and what's it for? for not having sex with them of course!

men are fucking children, it's all or nothing because obviously the entire world has to be in their dating pool or should get stabbed

File: 1520037278774.jpg (40.77 KB, 600x442, 427b654b3b4d61d5fe12986c679633…)

No. 231926[Reply]

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and transgender threads.

Previous thread >>>/ot/221232
TERF thread >>>/g/67378
Transpassing thread >>>/ot/214811
Transwomen thread >>>/ot/203215

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Gender critical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Transgenderism posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
501 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 234754

Gender-appropriate?! So much for gender roles being arbitrary and a construct. Can't these people grow a spine and just wear this shit if they really like it and leave it at that?

No. 234776

This really fucked me up inside

I seriously thought this was a parody account for a moment because it's hilarious. It truly exhibits what male allies and handmaidens are all about.
>Wah wah wah Trans women are women it's transphobic to claim otherwise, down with terf scum
>But as a straight male, would you be attracted to a transwoman?
>hell no I only like REAL women
It's a form of "not in my backyard", they're fully on board with it until it requires them to do something else than making self-righteous tweets.

No. 234955

File: 1521411224616.jpg (34.89 KB, 950x460, Jazz-Jennings.jpg)

Ok so just want to ask I wanted to start a thread to discuss jazz jennings life which wouldnt just be a gender discussion but the whole being thrust into fame and possible exploitation of such a young person but I do not want to get banned from the site as apparently you can only discuss topic related to gender here but I also do not want to sort of derail the thread so um, advice?

No. 234964

I feel that knowing this guy is a fan of shadman explains a lot about this image.

No. 234971

God, he's a fatass. Anyways, he might warrant a thread of his own because there's just so much to unpack. As long as it's not exclusively about his gender, I think the only reason it should be locked is if people denied that his transness is anything but munchausens by proxy and derailed into OT arguing, or if they sperged about muh preferred pronouns and derailed into more OT arguing.

I still think it's stupid how the mods confined everything gender crit/radfem related to one damn thread.

File: 1520626487007.jpg (234.31 KB, 720x825, img_0.jpg)

No. 232967[Reply]

What i take from other threads is, that there seem to be many anons who also don’t buy into the recent kpop craze.

While lots already like to make fun of their cringy fans, 14-year-olds writing “Army” in the comment section of every youtube video in existence and fat american girls hopping around to the tunes of their favourite Oppas, i think now it’s time to take on the root of this evil.

Western listeners of kpop are often well over the age of 20; the stars they’re “stanning” sometimes as young as just 14.

One of the worst problems of the the kpop industry is on the one side the disgusting sexualization of minors (see 15-year-old Tzuyu “dancing” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9BtHeo8TlQ) and on the other the infantilization of adults; being forced to act cute, still sleeping in a dorm (often just one room shared by over 10 members), not being allowed to date or choose their own clothes, etc. – taking away any rights, but also responsibilities. Especially international fans seem to like to baby and “protect” them.

Other reasons to hate kpop:
1. Lipsyncing to recycled beats from generic american 90’s songs – no originality (and many plagiarism scandals)
2. Ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery + of course denying it
3. “Uncle fans”

Hand in hand with the plastic surgery, whitened skin, perfect bodies, (usually achieve through starvation; which doesn’t stop them from promoting that unhealthy behavior to their teenage fans), drilled to perfection as trainees, starting out even before the age of ten, Korea is trying to sell an image of the ideal country.
First they appeal to the younger generations through music, then fashion, makeup, skin care and food follow.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
242 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 234953

File: 1521410930492.jpg (77.26 KB, 700x873, DTBG8GRU8AAYSNM.jpg)

Her no makeup face

No. 234954

File: 1521410961135.jpg (360.91 KB, 600x900, Hwasa.full.43301.jpg)

And flat behind

No. 234960

Twice girl is plastic as fuck, her nose looks like it'll melt if she's outside in the sun too long

RM looks like he had work done but it failed.

>>234932 retarded kpop fans are so sad. Their kpop oppas and unnies are the light of their pathetic lives that's why they act all autistic and dumb like these idiots
When people express their opinions about how shit kpop is.
Your oppa doesn't give 2 fucks about you, he never did and never will.

No. 234963

>Anons calling out the jimin fangirl to stop fangirling are kpop fans

The absolute state of this thread

No. 234977

Anyone looks ugly with no eyebrows.

File: 1521209506034.jpeg (208.81 KB, 1000x1000, live_comm_6974.jpeg)

No. 234504[Reply]

Love your mom? Hate your mom? Talk about it.
34 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 234928

I cut my relationship with my bio mother. I’m planning having kids in the near future but I’m afraid to ruin or spoil them too much. Any tips in how to be a good mother? How to raise children to grow up an become decent, healthy human beings?

No. 234939

Sounds like a textbook narcissist. Mine is the same, it's tough to get narcs mental help because they always refuse and say they're perfectly fine

No. 234942

Learn about developmental psychology, and behavioural psychology.

Remember that to a screaming toddler going without the toy literally is the worst thing they’ve ever experienced and it’s annoying to us but unbearably awful for them.

Compromise, never threaten, don’t use affection as a bargaining chip. In general don’t be a shitty human being and you’ll be okay.

No. 234958

My mother had me at 18 and was depressed for most of my childhood. She beat the living hell out of me for seemingly no reason. She broke wooden chairs and plastic objects on my body and burned my skin. She would let go of me in crowds and watch me freak out from a distance (she said it was to see how I'd deal with getting lost). She would pretend to pass out or die just to see my reaction. I knew affection in the form of praise for getting very good grades only. I got a toy of my choice if I got the best grades in class at the end of the year, and that was the only thing I deserved until next year. She made me do as much house work as she did, even though I was tiny and weak and a child. She nitpicked every single thing about me, my behaviour and my appearance and that continued into teenage years, except it was worse because teenage angst made me actually talk back now. She is also extremely religious, a superstitious fanatic whose idea of curing mental pain includes sorcery and reading religious texts(yes, she doesn't see the contradictions). Fast forward through years of severe depression, eating disorders, social anxiety, hallucinations, hair plucking OCD and a fuckload of other things - I finally find a way out of this hell. At 18, she decides I need to get married because I'm getting too old. But I have other plans. Of course, she destroys them and any chance of me getting out of home. It's either her way or nothing at all. She needs to be in control all the time.
It's been a few years. We're better than before. I have an easier time hugging her now than I did when I was 10. We've talked and she said she didn't realize what a monster we thought she was - but I'm not sure if she was guilt tripping me again or not. She cried a lot, though.

I have physical damage from all of this. Chronic pain to remind me of my childhood. OCD and constant nitpicking of my self that wrecks my mind and self esteem. But I'm making my way out of here this year. She'll never accept the kind of life I want and the people I love, and it kills me. I'll have to cut her off at some point. I'll cause her so much anguish and she'll probably fall sick since she always does when I go against her.

I wish she didn't give birth to me.

I want kids. I really, really want kids. But my mother says she was ripped away from her family too early and didn't get to experience motherly love enough, so she looked forward to having kids to fill that void aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 234961

I'm sorry about all the typos. I wrote that in one go while being emotional, I should have spell checked first.

File: 1502946488193.png (552.6 KB, 480x601, koya.PNG)

No. 202223[Reply]

There's plenty of talk about artist we don't like, but what about the ones we do like?
Feel free to talk/gush about your favorite artists/art pieces

I'll toss in one of my favorites, koyamori
Her watercolor stuff is really pretty and just overall pleasant to look at
>it also helps that she's never involved in any drama
47 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 205680

File: 1506385764679.png (571.51 KB, 850x825, 52003023_p0.png)

No. 234907

File: 1521396340962.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x943, FlightofDischord.jpg)

Annie Stegg Gerard is my current favorite. She posts a lot on deviantart and it's astonishing how much she improved since 2003.

No. 234908

File: 1521396412120.jpg (114.9 KB, 600x788, autumn_rose_by_pinkparasol.jpg)

Annie Stegg's painting from 10 years ago.

No. 234910

File: 1521396466962.jpg (266.72 KB, 960x1280, original.jpg)

one of her recent paintings

No. 234938

File: 1521409306986.jpg (460.61 KB, 980x1000, 083ed572-71f2-4d96-8581-57f615…)

File: 1518034409609.jpeg (12.15 KB, 486x302, images (1).jpeg)

No. 227924[Reply]

Last thread: >>213421

You know the drill.
827 posts and 89 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 234685

>Have a degree
>Have a job
>Can drive

That's actually a few good things that plenty of people don't have or that they want! It might seem silly but it's true.

What I'd say is since the driving is the bit that makes you start thinking of hurting yourself, is there another way you can get to work, public transport, a lift from someone else? Or a more scenic/pretty way to work if that's possible? Move closer to the job?
It might seem strange to pinpoint that but it's about trying to avoid those thoughts, so changing the situation may help.

Do you have hobbies or interests you've neglected that you can take up again/invest time into to give you more purpose?

No. 234763

File: 1521357170365.gif (1.91 MB, 250x208, 1518481664275.gif)

Last year i lost like 40 pounds entirely through CICO. I started to diet in january 2017, by like june/july 2017 i was already in my goal weight, and now in march of 2018 im still maintaining that weight. My BMI can change between 20.3 and 20.8 but i have never been lower than 19.9. As i'm sure all anons know, i'm not underweight. Never have been. never gone a full day without eating, never been able to vomit. i have self induced diarrhea like two times, but i stopped because i hated the feeling too much. it didn't become a habit because it felt terrible and it wasn't worth it to me, it happened months ago. other than those occurrences, just CICO and diet coke. no smoking or pills or anything crazy.

Anyways. Since last year i've been accused of vomiting my food. First by my mother. Now by my only other close relative, my sister. They are both convinced that i throw up my food and i'm bulimic. Thing is anons, i'm not. i've told them i'm not but they think i'm in denial. Anons, the last time i threw up was in elementary school because i ate too many pancakes…. i was like 7. But they don't believe me. I do go to therapy and my dr doesn't think i have anything close to an ED. When i told her about the time i induced myself diarrhea she just told me that i shouldn't hang out in ED/pro-ana communities and that was it. fucking hell, my therapist is a lot skinnier than i am. she knows i'm not underweight and didn't seem worried at all and didn't mention it again.

how can i convince my family that i don't have ED without sounding like ED in denial. they don't believe me and i hate it because it invalidates all this hard work i've put into losing weight and maintaining it! my bmi used to be like 28.1 and they always made comments about how fat and unhealthy i looked! and now i lose all the weight and work out and do my best and they tell me i'm a cheater and unhealthy anyway! all because i'm a former fatty and i like binging every once in a while. what do you want from me?! i'm doing the best i can!!

No. 234816

File: 1521383016367.jpeg (45.55 KB, 265x275, CB01C6CC-1C63-446D-8C95-78A5E3…)

25, dead end job, no education, wasted best years on “muh depression”, pretty sure
my bf is thinking about leaving me and tbh he should, getting fatter, no savings, no life goals no nothing what so ever WHEN WILL IT FUCKING END

No. 234835

honestly, you just have to ignore it. my mum is the same way. it's infuriating because it invalidates the brainpower and willpower you put into doing it a healthy and sustainable way. tell them that it's hurtful being accused of something you actually worked really hard for, healthily! and they might see it differently.

No. 234929

At least you aren't 29 and still live with your disabled parents in a falling down house. You've still got time.

File: 1518023769429.jpg (247.18 KB, 1280x800, bitcoin-perfecthue.jpg)

No. 227899[Reply]

Can we have a thread dedicated to cryptocurrencies? Share your experience ITT, when did you start, which cryptos do you invest in, what are your predictions etc. Did you buy the dip?

Me, I made a small fortune with Ethereum and ChainLink. Currently thinking of what to buy next. I regret not starting sooner.
49 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 232924

File: 1520613589599.png (1001.74 KB, 1280x720, jay stare.png)

>No matter what grand plan you claim to be your motivation (less unemployment in your case) it is morally incorrect to melt away the savings of other people without their consent. Even if it is "only" 1% p.a.
So, you're saying the value of everything should stay constant?
Considering you feel inflation is unneeded, how would this work?
Do enlighten me then, why would you invest if the value of dollar would be the same today as tomorrow? If the value does not change intrinsically, there's no reason to invest and no trend for the value to change. When it comes to market psychology, that is conventionally seen as extremely important even by the Austrian school.

How would this affect in terms of central bank controlling exchange rates, for example? I don't know do you know about Chinese economy, but can you explain to me in your logic why the Chinese Government regularly intervenes in the foreign exchange market to keep the renminbi undervalued?

Generally this is seen to ensure exports, attractiveness of doing business and to ensure income growth of a country in the long run. Through inflation rates and foreign rate intervention.

Cryptocurrencies are by definition NOT commodities, as no basis grade exists. So I do not know how you get the idea that they can be seen as a commodity?

No. 234886

So fellow farmer crypto holders and investors, how are you all doing currently? Are you buying the dip?

No. 234898

>buying the dip
I am looking how my millions are melting away in this downtrend and I cannot do anything about it. This Japanese Gox trustee has been assraping the market since december. No wonder we totally lost traction. Apparently he has another 160K BTC to sell and he does not give a shit to which price because those BTC are from 2014.

Fuck it, there will be the next bubble and it will be even bigger and better. This is a clear downtrend. We failed to break the USD 12K line 3 times in the past months and I think this is going to the 6K levels, then to 5K then to 3K and then finally to 1.5K.

Around 1.5K will be the crucial point. If it goes down below 1200$ the long term trend has been broken (lows after the bubble are higher then the high of the last bubble) and it will become very dangerous.

No. 234900

I feel you. Both the charts and my blockfolio have never been this bad even in December/January.

Do you have an exit point? Do you plan to sell and salvage what's left?
On social media and also /biz/ some say that the bottom is near and that's it. The media hasn't helped either with claims that it's the end and the death cross, the term of the week.

No. 234904

Don't argue with cryptofags anon

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