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File: 1674620047319.png (242.81 KB, 581x412, betterversion.png)

No. 1481070[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1257659

>What are moovie nights?

On certain nights of the week (usually weekends, although it depends on the host), we hold a "moovie night" where we unite and watch movies together that have been suggested here in this thread. Please refer to the announcement posts per event to see when they are scheduled.

>What is tunesday?

Tunesdays are days where we listen to tunes, sometimes according to a theme. They are often held on Tuesdays and Fridays, but you are free to hop in whenever and organize yours!

Timezone Resources
March-October: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20230713T190000&p1=tz_aet&p2=tz_awst&p3=tz_eest&p4=tz_cest&p5=tz_bst&p6=tz_et&p7=tz_ct&p8=tz_mt&p9=tz_pt[Archived Copy]
November-February: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20231214T190000&p1=tz_aetPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1795473

File: 1701378096098.gif (1.91 MB, 500x270, swearwolves.gif)


No. 1795508

File: 1701380091488.gif (1.93 MB, 500x230, party.gif)

English language, Spanish subtitles

No. 1795515



File: 1683915458509.png (3.21 MB, 2000x1600, LC Drawing Room new.png)

No. 1575241[Reply]

Previous Thread >>>/ot/1337722

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan highly appreciated.

>How it works

Every doodle board has a theme to encourage creativity. There are currently 4 main boards that are cycled through, and when the current board is nearly full a poll will be posted for users to vote on the next theme. Polls stay up for about 2-3 days, and they are your sign that the board will be cleared soon. A picture of the completed board and the new theme name will be posted. Occasional reminders will be posted with the link and theme of the current board. Miss the previous theme? That's alright! Just go to the previous board and add your doodle. Make sure to post it to the thread when you're done.

If you have any theme requests, please post them! We always appreciate new theme suggestions. Themes are merely a suggestion, you can draw whatever you like on the board but please keep in mind that we have a shitpost/no theme board.

Aside from the main board(s), there may also be multiple active side boards at any given time. These side boards have themes such as coloring book, vent/horror, shitposting/no theme, etc.

If you make a new layer and then leave the board you may not be able to access that layer again due to restrictions put on the boards to protect against raids and defacing. In this case, feel free to ask in this thread for your layer back and an admin will assist you.

In general, please do not be afraid to ask for help with anything. Admins cannot be active 24/7 but we will try to help you work out any issues as soon as possible.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1789433

It's Madotsuki breaking the cycle of being a NEET by getting a job, so yes. Good for her, she's getting out there.

No. 1789774

File: 1701034107461.png (88.13 KB, 570x370, jar.PNG)

Come draw, theme is 4moid/reddit bedrooms (another horror themed board)

No theme/shitpost board

Halloween/Fall side board with optional theme Halloween costumes on LC and 2X

No. 1789943

Same thing Rainbow Dash. Though her wings are missing here.

File: 1682889611113.jpg (1.15 MB, 4096x2304, __original_drawn_by_tsukumizu_…)

No. 1563824[Reply]

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
Prev. thread >>>/ot/1332007
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No. 1795435

>excel assessment for job
>keyboard shortcuts i'm used to didn't work for 3 questions (otherwise got the rest right – 3 out of 21 are wrong though, one of which was pissbrain easy – copy pasting one cell from another)
god i hope they don't count it against me.

No. 1795697

i am starting to reconsider everything i have worked for. has anyone here started from scratch as a 30+ yearold woman? i hate the field i am in and i just want to start over. i don't even know as what but i feel so trapped because of all time time and effort and experience and education i put into what i'm doing now.
any advice?

No. 1795707

I took a “break” from my career when I was 30 and haven’t been back to any serious jobs in three years. It gives me anxiety but not like my job did so overall it’s nice. I’m probably going to regret it later lol I think maybe I should have gone to school for something with this time

No. 1796054

>>1791602 here, and I surprisingly got an offer for one and I've progressed to the final stage of the interview process for the other!! I'm being presumptuous to say that I have a good feeling (I always have good feelings…) that I might get it!!! I honestly didn't think I'd get this far and during the salary range question, I gave a number (that at the time) was about 5-7k above my old salary, yet now I've done research for the position, the number I asked is about 15k below the average. The other offer has offered a 2k increase on my old salary, so it makes me more invested in this current opportunity.
So I'm just asking if it would be an asshole thing / ruin my chances to throw out a higher number (like 5k more than I asked for) at the next interview if asked, or hope that they recognize the lowball I threw out and try to offer something better. It's a little presumptuous, but this is progressing so quickly that I'd like to get on top of things now just in case. Thanks in advance!

No. 1796381

I'm stuck in a retail job at my big age, I'm unskilled and uneducated with no savings to enable me to go to school so I'm kind of stuck. I'm thinking about doing something crazy like becoming a flight attendant because I feel myself going crazy from living in the same place my entire life and I always wanted to travel but I hate serving people. I'm also shorter than five feet so that will probably be a problem.

File: 1699901708822.png (160.13 KB, 346x407, egg.png)

No. 1769904[Reply]

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No. 1796321

File: 1701444800740.jpeg (897.12 KB, 1170x1822, IMG_8226.jpeg)

i mean it must be annoying for your client to always have rumors surrounding her but pain and trauma?? bc DM said that she was previously married?? come the fuck on

No. 1796343

God I wish my grandpa left me only 5 million

No. 1796365

Oh so this is why she’s suddenly selling pink pots and pans at Wal-Mart

No. 1796372

no way this isn't just a tax scheme to hide the fortune in various non-taxable nonprofits that the family members will be "employed" at.

No. 1796380

File: 1701449090428.jpeg (786.74 KB, 1620x1491, 9C2FBFAF-3AC9-4018-8F54-D47AFE…)

Kek they’re priced reasonably even though I don’t trust the quality.

File: 1701156226163.jpeg (124.41 KB, 750x706, 41F6CFE1-AA15-4CFD-BCF5-750764…)

No. 1791833[Reply]

prev thread: >>>/ot/1776699
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No. 1796312

Are you still financially dependent on him or something similar? If not just tell him to stop whining, block if needed. I had same situation, parents always depending on me and using me as a free therapist, while giving me zero support when I was a teen. Pretty much just told them to fuck off once. Father especially got mad but I ignored it. Now the situation is better, they rarely contact me.

No. 1796333

Just be careful nonna you can see this same exact story posted all over the internet especially Reddit. Once the moid is watching red pill stuff he is already starting to look into cheating on you or beating the shit out of you

No. 1796347

how do I turn off the snow flakes…

No. 1796351

this post wasn’t infight baity at all good christ everyone has become so autistically sensitive. You as a collective are like the son from the babadook

No. 1796379

Click the snowflake at the top of the page

File: 1699427136953.jpg (1.58 MB, 1134x1800, 218502fgsdl.jpg)

No. 1758716[Reply]

Previous: >>1724516
Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 1796137

I really like Naoki Saito, his videos are typically more for beginners and a bit weebish for me personally but I do enjoy how eloquently he explains certain things.

No. 1796219

seconded, i dont know any, especially i want to know their methods of putting light and make high res clear works (with barely no line)
english speaking yt channels researching popular asian artists

No. 1796232

this might help nonnie! he also shared a psd file you can download to practice on

No. 1796239

No. 1796377

File: 1701448750001.jpg (152.12 KB, 1600x1600, ipad air 5.jpg)

So I've decided and I'm thinking of gifting myself an iPad for Xmas because I want to jump on the procreate bandwagon. I'm aiming for the iPad Air 5 2022 10.9 256 gb since I can find it for a decent price (880 EUR is very decent atm and I'm buying it in 12 month installments) .
If I'd have a bugger budget, what would you nonnas recommend? Do you think the one I'm going for is ok? I plan to use it exclusively for drawing.
I know I also have to buy an Apple Pencil 2 , is there any difference between the gen 1 and 2 pencils?

File: 1698850388043.jpg (19.47 KB, 540x360, 360_F_460972112_DLymoVcD7TjRiu…)

No. 1747132[Reply]

Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

>Newfags please follow this rule and integrate. You will be reported if you insist on responding to other's posts. Previous threads had anons banned because of this.
>Don't forget to copy paste the OP onto the new thread.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1650373
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No. 1796349

İ am not really sure what you have told your new girlfriend, but İ am under the assumption you told her about my stalky tendencies with my ex-boyfriend before you.

And.. you did mention that it seems like you replaced him in my eyes.
Not at all… İ am okay alone. İ'll live. Just like you said.

İ don't even know her from a bar of soap and vice versa and yet you have already built this hostility between us. Like no İ don't hate you or her for this and no İ don't want to be friends with you and your new woman but İ really just want to go back to floating around and being independent with no enemies made.

She really doesn't like me.

Knowing you found someone new did hurt for like a second but İ think you would be hard pressed to find that İ really do not care anymore.

Besides you introduced her to the circles İ frequent in… what is your end goal?
Chatting and talking about when you guys will next meet up, all lovey.
Of course in a group it's easy to pretend like İ don't notice.
But it just smells petty to me, that's where it hurts.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1796362

Please stop doing that… it hurts

No. 1796364

>Get into relationship, my condition is no porn, i have horrible insecurities which got worse with my ex. He agrees to no porn, I quit job and move 2 states to be with him.
>Snooped partners pc 2 times, found he was lying about porn use. He says he's looking at porn but not jacking off.
Confronted, moved on.
>Snooped once and saw a convo with his ex 3 months after we agreed to stop talking to exs, he said it's because she was suicidal and if she went to kill herself he didn't want to have to decide on going and saving her or not doing to keep me happy and she dies.
Accept it, move on.
>Snooped his old phone, found telegram cache images/videos of his childhood penpal who he said there was never anything going on with.
Videos of her in underwear flipping her hair. Pictures of lewd but not nude photoshoots, ass shots, her cupping her tits.
Dated from when we've been dating, he changed phones a year ago so obv didn't show after that.
>He says they're from her posting it on her story on telegram and the cache autosaves them, they were never sent to him specifically.
He says she would post them on her story or w.e asking stuff like "should I send this to my bf".
I have never used telegram, no idea if that's how it works.
>Confront him, he's mad I snooped.
>ask to see their chat images to have proof he hasn't been cheating, he refuses.
>Says I've invaded all of his privacy and he's keeping this one thing private from me.
>Find out he has now told her about the argument and what I've done, said she's the only person he can vent to.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 1796369

We are married

No. 1796375

We are married

File: 1696292013700.jpg (66.52 KB, 700x500, 924e9bea099bca9e9195ec07e9ef8e…)

No. 1714003[Reply]

A Thread for former NEETs who escaped the NEET lifestyle and are trying to stay out and current NEETs who wish who want to get out of NEETdom

This is not a thread for wilful NEETs

Topics regarding NEETdom may include but are not limited to:
>Reasons why you became a NEET and why you want to leave it.
>Little things that motivate your escape/recovery.
>Changes that you face regarding leaving NEETdom.
>What made you slip up on your NEETdom escape/recovery.
>Asking for advice/help.
>Your success at becoming a normie.

Previous thread
#1 >>>/ot/472051
88 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1796252

I've been in the same position as you nonna, but there's no shame in being older than your coworkers. Everyone moves through life at different paces and takes different roads. I promise that there is a lot of people the same age as you who are in the same position. Don't be discouraged!!

No. 1796271

Thank you anon, I'm very thankful to my boss because she put up with so much of my shit. My first few months I was a bad employee because I was going through a lot of shit I genuinely couldn't control so I was constantly on edge, anxious (which made me miserable to me around and I cried a lot, like every meeting with my boss I ended up crying randomly) and also I was always late to work because I just didn't care enough. I once showed up three hours late because I stayed up late and slept through my alarms. Honestly don't know how I wasn't fired because prior to that I was late multiple times and I think I used up every excuse. Of course she was pissed with me but I will say once in a meeting I did open up a bit to how I was raised and my mother specifically, and while I cannot blame her for my adult life and it's my responsibility now she did later on admit to me hers was very similar and she understands why I was the way I was. Convo short my mother hated me growing up.
I'm very lucky that I work with such nice people and my boss is huge on self improvement (not just for work but for everyday life, we do a lot of life goal type stuff at work, how to achieve realistic goals so on that have nothing to do with the company) and she said she has seen so much improvement. She's extremely blunt sometimes and it can be hurtful but I think I needed the honest truth, because of her I started really trying on my sleep, walking more, trying different strategies to make sure I'm not late to work (when before I'd blame it on busses being late or whatever).

No. 1796309

I have a job interview in a few days, I really hope I get it. It's nothing special but being a NEET for too long has me stressing about the most banal things, it's nice in the first half year or so but after that you just become so detached from reality and what's normal.
I feel you nonnie. Not really the same situation but what I'm applying to is technically a side job for like 16 year olds so I hope they don't tell me I'm too old. Age discrimination sucks, so many places are notorious for firing/not hiring anyone over 18 because they actually have to pay them.

No. 1796317

Yeah she literally said a big part of her age was the pay. The thing it's an apprenticeship so it's apprentice wage and she would be starting at an age earlier than I did. I am thankful for my boss in a lot of ways as said in a reply to another anon but it did feel like absolute shit hearing "blah blah blah too old", especially when we had a 16 year old do tasks that again, take years of training and knowledge and I had to take orders from her.

No. 1796366

I got the job I interviewed for

File: 1701446137877.jpg (42.44 KB, 500x602, af9beb7c1b1f6f70080308e150f7f4…)

No. 1796356[Reply]

>adhere to site and board rules
>do NOT respond to bait
>report and ignore trolls or obvious maleposters instead of replying like an idiot

previous thread:

No. 1796360

File: 1701446598723.jpg (258.65 KB, 650x1056, christmas-aesthetic-vibes-2-2.…)

My unpopular opinion is that BROWN Christmas is the BEST Christmas. Cookies, ginger and chocolate themed, best Christmas ever.

File: 1700870039400.jpg (433.44 KB, 720x1079, asstarion.jpg)

No. 1787199[Reply]

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1744398
1010 posts and 113 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 1796125

Why isn't Omocat herself doing the art? She's working on something else you think.

No. 1796169

she should write a book about a convicted rapist/pedophile next, if this is where she's at lmao. retarded garbage.

No. 1796189

fear and hunger is not japanese. why is this thread full of twitter stans

No. 1796258

Read the posts again baby

No. 1796358

It'll never beat the original

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