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File: 1629865102745.jpg (653.66 KB, 826x1327, IMG0079.jpg)

No. 169314

Kelly Eden (n.) is an infamous narcissistic skin-walking trend-squatter who is a self-proclaimed mental health advocate. She severely shoops all of her frequently posted, same-faced modeling images despite multiple cosmetic surgery procedures. Cannot handle any criticism and blocks and deletes any "haters", refusing to apologize for any of her cow antics.

> The epitome of an airhead “has-been” e-cow who has never really been anything

> Entire aesthetic/home decor lifted/skin-walked from previous roommate Tilly Dinmore (Tillywinkle/Amelia Nightmare/Demonpuff) and Audrey Kitching
> Has breast implants, botched lip-injections/fillers, botox, and is poorly liposuctioned
> Lays claim to several mental and physical illnesses including depression, anxiety, BDD, bipolar disorder, and Hashimoto’s; none of which are known to be legitimately diagnosed (often throws self-pity parties on Twitter, crying about said illnesses)
> Is anti call-out culture, yet publicly calls out fans constantly
> Has unsuccessfully attempted to join communities such as emo/scene, goth, Lolita, otaku, gamer/nerd, BDSM, and table-top gaming; was a LARP thot and is a fake gamer girl; recently trying to weasel way into cottagecore
> Has penchant for "collecting" accessory friends (with rainbow hair); dubbed former friend group the "Fellowship of the Rainbow"
> Known to lurk, possibly post on threads
> Doesn’t shower/claims consistent dirty feet are her “brand”/wears wigs to cover dirty unfixed hair
> Claims to be “financially stable” despite constant whining about student loans/how poor she is for sympathy/money to spend on shopping trips, vacations, plastic surgery, etc.
> Known to sell sponsored items she got for free at a large markup
> Can’t be bothered to properly promote brands sponsoring her
> Didn’t address lipo for months, let fans believe weight loss/new body was due to “hard work” at gym, until video about lipo experience was posted; now offers promo codes for lipo/other plastic surgery procedures, (I.e. laser tattoo removal)
> Has a Society6 store where mugs/other merch with stolen art are sold; has been called out for it and refuses to acknowledge it

> Set Twitch money goal to help pay her rent; then one to get her dog groomed for $240; then one for a new laptop
> Continued to vague-post and complain about FotR’s “betrayal”
> Anons discovered that she did, in fact, date pedophile/rapist Dahvie Vanity
> Tweeted against Dolls Kill, despite working with/receiving free PR boxes from them numerous times in the past, then Dolls Kill ads came up that were recently filmed in her apartment
> Casually made up a rape story in a tweet
> Keeps selling nasty, dirty, chewed up items on Depop page; selling overpriced items she keeps wearing in pictures and claiming they’re “never worn”
> Anon came in claiming that Kelly’s former roommate Dre told them Kelly used to eat all of Dre’s food (take with grain of salt)
> Claimed she was cottagecore before it was a “thing”, now attempting cottagecore themes poorly then complaining about the cottagecore community “rejecting” her
> Gained liposuction weight back
> Constant complaining about “big tiddies”, said she plans to get smaller implants
> Skinwalked Azusa Barbie for a bit with newly dyed magenta straight hair and blunt bangs
> Poorly spray painted TV, remotes, etc. and advised other “mentally ill” people to do the same
> Looking to buy a home with Stefan while complaining about home market; claimed to have “baby fever”
> Claimed botched lipo was because of scar tissue, blamed WAVE plastic surgery center; few months later is at WAVE again
> Called out former fan for bringing up her alcoholic father, said “Karen mad because I moved on and won’t talk about old relationships from two years ago” (referring to FotR); continues to constantly bitch and moan about FotR without directly mentioning them
> Made ridiculous Patreon goal of $500 to revive a dead character from her doll skits
> Suddenly selling most pastel clothing, removed pink dye from hair, dressing more matronly; seemingly influenced by her bland boyfriend
> Begging for expensive barbie items for doll skits produced with poorly spray-painted cardboard items
> Review for renting out her apartment claimed it was dirty, her bf talked crazy to them, and they tried to charge more than was originally asked
> Claimed one of her former friends is running a “smear campaign” against her
> Went to Rome with boyfriend and his family; made it all about herself again
> Got interviewed for Auxiliary Magazine, said that sanding “isn’t needed” for DIY furniture and claimed she wasn’t told they’d be putting a picture of her in the magazine (where she looks haggard with greasy, messy hair in a hoodie with no makeup)
> Continues to bitch about student loans and her bf not being able to afford hospital care despite getting brows tatted, scheduling breast implant reduction, taking a trip to Rome during a pandemic and often removing her mask all while not working


> Spray painted grandmother's old tea set heirloom shitty pastel colors

> New Swedish roommate moved in; moved out; spare bedroom was converted into an “office” for her bf
> New boyfriend Stefan moved in, has been lurking/posting/WKing in thread
> Made fake happy video about FoTR downfall while continuing to bitch about them at any chance gotten
> Got DBZ friendship tattoo removed; claimed it was for “aesthetic” sake, while sister Madi bitchily confirmed otherwise in comments
> Made cringy Instagram stories/TikToks with dolls about own traumas while subtly shading others
> Badly dyed hair patchy purple; immediately went back to pink right after Courtney went pink
> Claimed to be making a Team Rocket skit, begged for costumes; never happened; continues to scam people on Patreon
> Selling expired makeup on Depop
> Made shitty art piece that featured stolen design (Hysteria Machine)
> Endorsed scammy claw machine app; got mostly negative feedback, then removed video
> Complained about being dropped by company for being "too sexy"
> Continued to tweet, complain about being severely depressed
> Tried to sell busted trashworthy boots for huge markup on Depop (and eventually sold them)
> Commissioned $5,000+ pink stove while continuing to complain about student loans; haphazardly spray painted around it
> Has been posting poorly slapped together uninteresting videos on YouTube with overly saturated ads on them for money
> Listed severely overpriced multiple horribly done new paintings and overpriced prints


> Turned 30, roommate Phi moved out

> Did ex-boyfriend tag video, had ex-fiancé Davey Suicide shade former FotR friends despite asking people to stop asking about them; deleted old ex-bf tag video with him
> Deleted/privated all videos featuring former friends, sanded down/painted over portraits she did of them
> Posted ads looking for new roommate, severely overcharging for one room ($1,260)
> Posted ads on AirBnB, rents out bunk beds in apartment for $270/night
> Rented apartment out for shoots on Giggster for $125/hour with a 4 hour minimum
> Got a new greasy suck-up fanboy boyfriend, Skeletor Stefan
> Had been hanging out with/sticking up for serial cheater Leo Camacho/Leo Zombie
> Tweeted essentially telling people to buy a home instead of pay for college; got lots of backlash for it
> Posted (horrible) severely shopped photoshoot photos on Instagram, blurring botched stomach
> Continued to wear wigs, beginning to bald
> Built an obnoxious pillow fort with boyfriend in parking lot of apartment building; hung up period stained sheets, both slept in it for multiple days
> Had a very short lived semi-racist Spanish accent mostly in videos with boyfriend
> Drama with DavedScissorhands; Kelly claimed she herself dyed a wig with Splat, Dave actually made wig himself and dyed it with Overtone; Dave called out Kelly, Kelly never apologized, removed any trace of him from her social media
> Continued to beg for video ideas on social media
> Continued to claim she just naturally has a “fat ass”, despite getting lipo on thighs
> Continued to post several work out videos at gym, suspiciously right after posting about visiting her plastic surgeron's office
> Continued to post (dirty) items she got for free from sponsors at large markup on Depop/Poshmark
> Continued to pity-seek by tweeting about depression/vague-tweeting about betrayal from FotR
> Continued to scrape bottom of barrel for “friends”/content (see: Leo Zombie, forgotten Azusa Barbie, Tiffie Starchild, Cherry Dollface, Davey Suicide)
> Went to Japan for two weeks, caused drama with group of “friends” there, got “sick” and stayed at home; walked around in underwear in front of friend’s and their boyfriends; complained about being single and alone, constantly hit on new friend Jamie’s boyfriend Taylor, threw tantrum over Lindsay’s boyfriend not buying her pink beer, went entire trip with tits practically hanging out, brought down the general mood of trip with constant whining and obnoxiousness
> Sudden obsession with Pokemon despite claiming to not like it in the past
> Went on Depop selling spree to make money for useless items from Japan trip (that will end up on Depop anyway like previous Japan trip); sold lots of free PR items at huge markup (from Dolls Kill, Chotronette, Black Milk, Doe Deere, cosplay clothing companies)
> “Quit” cosplay, claimed “cosplay brings up bad memories”; listed old cosplays/unused cosplays on Depop
> In attempt to be “edgy”, started wearing fake nose ring and painted bloody “meme” pentagram behind fridge
> Dyed Toshi pink (again) in a bath after being called out here for keeping him dirty and matted
> Posted Happy Birthday video for childhood friend, is shamelessly monetized
> Rumored bedbugs in the home, spent a lot/all of her day in studio around this time
> Latched on to new (now forgotten) “friend” Azusa Barbie, suddenly was obsessed with Barbie again for a short time
> Profile found on Japanese dating and "like" apps
> Adopted new “picnic” pastel vomit color scheme following her minty pastel vomit color scheme
> Covered fridge at home with tacky wallpaper, covered Twitch setup in studio room with tacky gingham wallpaper
> Spray painted entire Twitch setup (including computer monitors, cords) as form of “OCD from childhood trauma”; recently obsessed with spray painting everything in studio room including sink and fridge, never uses mask for protection, complains about feeling sick/tired the next day
> Streamed on Twitch for a week, dropped it despite adding Twitch as employer on Facebook
> No time to LARP anymore because she “can't find a dogsitter”; goes to LARP for 12 hours anyway, hides then leaves early (potentially related to multiple former friends being active LARPers/ex LARPer “boyfriend” Sekril)
> Put Amazon Wishlist in bio; wishlist features very expensive streaming items amongst other things (i.e. candles, toys, etc.); claims they are equipment/tools she “needs” for streaming/art, despite having all streaming equipment needed (that she got for free); made pity-seeking depressed post right after
> Advertised Smile Sciences, claimed “yes I use it”; meanwhile frequently sells Smile Sciences Kits on Depop
> Listed new, overpriced flower crowns for sale; previously known for horrible quality
> Listed marked-up items on Depop as “new” despite being clearly shown being used in previous videos/posts; listed Betsey Johnson dress she “traded” for with an antler crown from previous fan (that she blocked) for $400
> Listed sponsored Technisport chair (received for free) for sale on Facebook for $200
> Posted video sponsored by Splat hair dye ft. a patchy blue-green dye job using Pulp Riot dye; Splat only used poorly on extensions; immediately posted after about “missing pink hair”, still wears full wigs anyway
> Hairdressers asked not to be shown in Splat video, Kelly still left a ton of shots of hairdressers in video; appeared to destroy hairdresser’s sink with Splat for her extensions
> Posted happy Instagram stories with Molly McIsaac’s chickens/baby chicks; animals visibly stressed in videos/photos
> Got lipo on thighs, subsequently wouldn’t shut up about how “big” her pancake butt looks; posted gross butt photos on Instagram
> Got more fat-burning injections on areas that were already lipo’d
> Revamped Patreon after not delivering on any promises for two years+ (most notably skit videos); no more physical rewards
> Whined about wanting pink stove because black stove “doesn’t fit dollhouse aesthetic”; made Ko-Fi for sheep to donate to (instead of just buying one herself); later changed Ko-Fi to “art supply funding” (has only spray painted studio fridge ugly pastel colors since then)
> Posted new, overpriced poorly done art for sale on bigcartel; titles of art seemingly shading FotR
> Tweeted then deleted about being “betrayed and abandoned six times in a row”; referencing FotR
> Had been scraping bottom of barrel for friends (see: hanging out with seamstress Lindsay, Claire Max, Molly McIsaac, LARP randos, and continuing support for controversial ex-Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere); rest of FoTR hanging out together, sans Kelly
> Made lighthearted/“fun” video exploring abandoned Nazi camp with cousin Jimmy who was sporting red arm bandana while she cracked Nazi jokes
> Friends/fans flamed her for insensitivity; eventually took video down after deleting all negative comments about it on any posts
> Posted “apology” on Twitter typed up in notes, which doesn’t feature an apology whatsoever
> Little sister Madi poorly WKed her on Twitter and made it worse; is just as bad as Kelly, if not worse
> Went completely dark on social media for a week, came back as though nothing happened; still won’t apologize/acknowledge the fiasco
> Had been wearing awful wigs instead of dyeing hair again/investing in good wigs because “it’s easier”; too lazy to fix or wash hair
> Claimed Bob Ross isn’t considered “fine art”/his techniques are “cheating”; was using same techniques in new painting and makeup videos
> Went from being an “empath” to a “psychic”
> Hopped on Michael Jackson documentary trend by claiming abuse by “someone famous”
> Was pushing LARP/D&D videos until recently; fans greatly expressed they do not enjoy those
> Was spamming videos with empty content in light of drop in views/engagement on YouTube (didn't improve viewership at all)
> Lifted traits from Jillian Vessey/Pixielocks (milk bath photos, attempting to create word for her stolen “style”, etc.)
> Posted cringey "thirst" videos/stories on Instagram/YouTube, where she listens/gets turned on to kidnapping ASMR videos
> Had fetish for clowns (most notably Pennywise from IT); seems to have disappeared, mostly due to falling out of trend
> Posted a lot of poorly done shibari; often features poorly donned undergarments and severe chestne
> Made “Ask Kelly” videos where she talks about herself and her problems disguised as “giving advice” for 20+ minutes
> Got free expensive computer equipment from companies; would never stream on Twitch despite repeatedly promising to
> Removed stretched/faded tattoo of mother on arm, replaced with a poorly done tattoo of Sailor Moon fanart of Human Luna (by a Chinese artist which she never received permission from to use)
> Lost a cousin to suicide and milked it for all it was worth; $10,000 GoFundMe to fund funeral (which was also used on shopping/lip fillers/vacation to Mexico after his death), made monetized videos to garner sympathy in his room where he died, etc.; has now turned his room into mini-version of her home for when she visits family in Colorado
> Got liposuction after not “seeing results” after one week of working out and still eating junk; never corrects fans who praise her for “looking great after working out so hard”
> Claims to have been going to therapy and being on meds, despite bashing meds as treatment in past
> Made a (now deleted/privatized) video with her ex-boyfriend/fiancé Davey Suicide; skreeeeee'd at him for 50 minutes/demonized him at every turn
> Tweeted anti-Semitic meme then played dumb after being called out on it
> Was featured in Splat campaign ad wearing dyed wig not dyed with Splat
> Former roommate Dre got start on Kelly's channel, moved out after drama; Kelly shaded Dre, threw fit over not getting “credit” for Dre’s success
> Lost ex-boyfriend Kyle Pavone to accidental overdose, sad-tweeted/milked loss in Labyrinth of Jareth video; Kyle's girlfriend Allie reportedly livid about Kelly's Tweets
> Constant flirting with Jake Munro in front of girlfriend Kaya Lili/Toxic Tears when they were visiting the U.S./staying with Kelly and Dre
> Regularly sends sheeple to harass professionals into sponsoring/collaborating with her (see: Gallery Nucleus Final Fantasy art exhibit fiasco)
> Former Kawaii Ambassador, despite pronouncing words such as “kawaii” incorrectly
> Major debacle with attempt (and eventual success) in returning $1000+ Angelic Pretty dress in Japan (that she was too stupid to read the price of); didn’t apologize and in turn accused the store of “doing poorly”, pushing sales
> Dyed accessory designer dog Toshi pink to fit her “aesthetic”
> Used sign sent by fan as a ramp for dog
> Sold art in tacky "shabby chic" frames for $500+
> Bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots
> Threw self-pity party for being single/lonely at (former) best friend Stephanie’s wedding; couldn’t fake being happy for one day
> Got (now former) friends to babysit her for a week straight at home after getting elective liposuction for the first time
> Whinefest over Hello Kitty for not sponsoring/partnering with her; listed all HK merch on Depop (marked as sold despite still being seen in background of videos)
> Stole dad's ashes from family to mix into self-portrait painting
> Had reputation for selling horrible quality antler crowns that would break easily/reviewed as selling dirty items on eBay (username edenromance); swapped an antler crown for a Betsy Johnson dress with a fan, fan never received crown after mailing dress, was blocked after complaining
> Whines about “wasted” time in art school/as a tattoo apprentice
> Previously(?) friends with/dated dubious characters such as Dahvie Vanity
> Posed smiling, flashing a thumbs up in front of homeless person sleeping on ground in L.A for a photo on Tumblr
> Used to claim she’s a “gypsy”




No. 169391

Thank you for the new thread Anon.

No. 169612

Is it just me or does the most recent photo she posted really emphasize how bad her boob job is? Yeesh

No. 169617

This is an image board

No. 169626

Good job, why don't you post it then?

No. 169642

I don’t know what image the above anon is talking about so I’m asking them to post the photo they are talking about instead of just describing it since this is an image board

Learn to sage

No. 169664

File: 1630024555458.jpg (90.22 KB, 1080x1350, ThisIsAnImageBoard.jpg)

Lol you guys are funny. Different anon here with the pic!

No. 169668

Holy photoshop Batman

She looks like a middle aged mom trying to relive her glory days.

No. 169670

She looks so old here. holymoly. Also, why doesnt she get those implants taken out already? it makes her look so bad

No. 169676

I wonder if she shopped out her nips or if they are just abnormally low based on this image?(sage goes in the email field)

No. 169678

Escort chic. I assume these are from the same photoshoot shown on the lower half of the OP image, ergo the photographer did their best here to not make those things look insanely oversized.

No. 169728

File: 1630081768274.jpg (373.82 KB, 1080x1566, 20210827_182737.jpg)

Yup. She talks about the shoot in the caption. And then of course rambles about her depression and anxiety. Because that needs to go under a pic of her tits, rather than in a seperate post.

No. 169740

She probably can't afford to since that's another 5-7k

No. 169755

She said last thread she was getting them replaced with slightly less huge ones. Idk if it's sponsorship or that's where all of her Patreon grifting is going.

No. 169757

Having trouble posting a screengrab again but have you guys seen the recent crap she put up on her depop? She's selling more free PR stuff and a bunch of disgusting ratty extensions (including the ones she fucked up her hairdresser's sink with) and the set from >>169664 this shoot, with the panties. I wouldn't trust buying from her knowing how filthy she is. Noticed also how a lot of the stuff she sells she labels as "only worn once!" and other crap like that. Either she's super wasteful with her spending or she's bullshitting like crazy.

No. 169758

File: 1630105652421.png (568.71 KB, 1010x584, nasty.png)

She's really selling this nasty pit stained top for $110?! She's delusional.

No. 169764

Omfg the pit stains on that shirt jfc….

No. 169773

This is making me laugh so hard. That is absolutely vile. I think my favorite Kelly cow trait is her complete wtf depop listings. Remember those nasty boots that were falling apart that some creepy fan bought for $20 and was all excited about? $110 loool. What was the original price on this?

No. 169774

Kek the boots are tied with the filthy stained pink socks she claimed she only "wore once". Worn once through a swamp maybe

No. 169801

File: 1630149410029.jpg (311.8 KB, 1080x1733, 20210828_131254.jpg)

An original AP blouse ranges somewhere between $150 and $200. This one has quite some details, so will be on the pricier end. However, you can buy blouses like this, that are not soaked in stale swear and grease, for significantly less on the secondhand market.

Also this description is hilarious. We all know she has no intention of having this drycleaned. But if she did, why not wait to list it till afterwards?

No. 169802

File: 1630149498363.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1920, kellydepoplol.jpg)

Her depop is so nasty. I know the platform can be sketchy, but she makes me want to never buy anything there.
>Like new! Barely used!
>Includes photos of items riding up her crotch and extensions in her armpit, same armpit that produced those stains.

No. 169803

>Like new
>Worn once
>Chocolate stain

No. 169811

She's really grubby, it's so funny she sees nothing wrong with listing dirty, stained clothes for sale.

No. 169844

The problem is people will still buy these gross items from her so it gives her no reason to really care

No. 169890

I don't know who told Kelly breast that size were good for her but that last photo is ridiculous.(learn2sage)

No. 169957

Are you the same retard anon in the Tiffany thread who can’t fucking figure out how to reply and sage?

No. 169979

It looks like an ass she wishes to have but on her chest.

No. 170042


Ha! I always referred to Steph that way, called her "chest butt". Perhaps Kelly is trying the same methods to stay relevant?

No. 170069

File: 1630355254930.png (2.57 MB, 2522x1314, 1557145086252 (1)11.png)

Lol! I came on to comment about that blouse too. She says she's going to update it later once cleaned, but why even bother posting it then? Just clean it then post it after rather than having an embarassing armpit stained pic surely?

This is from a couple of years ago on thread XI but anyone remember when she traded a flower crown for a BJ dress she supposedly desperately wanted, and then sold it on for $400? All the whilst telling other people on depop that their BJ dresses weren't worth that much and making really low offers on stuff…
She always overprices her things on Depop, often she sells things for more than retail price eventhough they're used.

No. 170101

I seem to recall that the person she "traded" the flower crown with also never received said flower crown kek

No. 170304

kinda tinfoil but am I the only one that thinks maybe its a fetish thing? Like how people sell sweaty socks/worn underwear. There are absolutely perverts on depop who will pay a lot for sweat-stained stuff and idk her description is so weird and seems like its playing to that kind of fetish ("I was so hot and sweating for hours! this is unwashed!")

But she's also grody as fuck so its so hard to tell, maybe she is just genuinely nasty and clueless.

No. 171593

File: 1631330097945.jpeg (397.61 KB, 1080x2280, 3AD8DE54-360C-41BD-9F50-0F23FD…)

They came after her ass on tiktok kek

No. 171609

what's fucking nasty is that pit stains like that just don't automatically appear, it actually takes several days of just the dirty garment laying around on the floor or laundry basket. IF she knew she was sweating like a pig, she should have removed the blouse that evening and soaked it right away in white vinegar and/or lemon juice with cool water, then rinse and hand wash. But she is lazy af.

No. 171623

Oooh I saw this on the Depop reddit earlier

No. 171624

Did you by any chance save the tt? It's deleted now

No. 171704

File: 1631410998461.jpeg (166.47 KB, 827x1667, D0D8DA4E-4ADF-446D-BFA4-A8B4BB…)

She sent a self-inflicted suicide threat to OP of the Armpit Tik Tok on a no name account after OP blocked her. OP decided it wasn’t worth the drama over a stupid Depop reaction video so OP privated the video.

No. 171708


No. 171717

>I want to kill myself
Sounds like a you problem, Kelly. How is she in her 30s?

No. 171718

Yeah, “OP.” The video was actually reported numerous times, but Tik Tok found no violation so I just removed it myself.

No. 171719

Hey anon, no one wants your self-post and how does >>171704 confirm this is Kelly at all and not you sending yourself another message to post here?

No. 171722

She humiliated herself by posting obviously pit stained clothes. How is it anyone else's fault for noticing?

No. 171724

If anything she violated the internet trying to sell that nasty shit

No. 171726

Tbf I can hundo p see Kelly writing this. The "brutal things" part and the manipulation tactics are totally Kelly's brand. And she removed the listing so we know she saw them.

I'm surprised she hasn't removed comments from her chewed up shoes listing. They go 80 weeks or so back and are more "brootal"

No. 171728

Is she really so hurt by it though? Before she took the listing down she marked it up for $150 when people were tearing her up for it she had absolutely no shame

No. 171730

She probably thought she could make more money off some schmuck who would buy it after there was more traffic to her depop. Gross

Don't be shy OP unprivate it or post it here, we want to see

Go away skeletor

No. 171731

kek if this really is her did she not learn her lesson from lolitas the first time? She knows they'll come after you if you're acting like a retard.

No. 171732

Considering "OP" keeps pretending like they aren't self posting, I honestly don't trust this is Kelly and instead is just the same anon sending themselves this from a new made account. I tried looking for >>171593 yesterday the second this was posted and couldn't find it anywhere. Pretty sure anon posted this then took it down and then sent themselves a message to post here that "LOOK ITS KELLY SHES SUICIDAL I DID IT!" If this doesn't sound like manufactured milk, then okay.

No. 171742

It was on reddit by that point though, and it looks like it had 45k likes. It's not terribly farfetched to say somebody who watched the video looked her up and was led here.

Don't want to self blog here but I'm the anon who first said a few boards back that the fellowship were looking for a way out of friendship with Kelly. From the things she's told me that Kelly has said to her and the others, this does sound like typical Kelly behind closed doors. You can believe me or not, your choice. I'm just sharing what I've heard from someone who knows her personally off socials.

Don't doubt that the OP has posted here before, but I doubt all of the posts are from them. Idk just the way you're convinced on every reply being from one person reminds me of Kelly's tweet claiming that one person has a personal vendetta against her and is out to destroy her.

No. 171750

Anon, they posted DMs. Thats how we know its all self posting and they outted themselves lol

No. 171787

She has very manipulative tactics when it comes to getting her way, remember when she set her Instagram followers on some random girl who made a comment she didn't like, admittedly a nasty comment but setting 100k people on someone with a tiny account is shitty however you look at it. In this case she went for suicide-baiting in the Tiktokers dms, very classy not manipulative at all. she also talks like a child I hate you like you are 30, Kelly, only kids communicate like this.

No. 171788

>it's all self posting
>they outed themselves

They didn't cowtip and there are and have been many different anons in this thread, nice delusion that it's all self posting not like Kelly's antics could attract interest from more than one (1) person. That anon posting their tiktok doesn't break any rules, it has 45k likes in the screenshot so we can assume a lot of people saw it prior anon posting it here, ergo it was not made to attract Kelly's attention but just the kind of shitposting that happens every day on TikTok. People use it a bit like Twitter where they react to things and keep a conversation going, it's understandable someone would react to this weird fetishy well worn listing especially as Lolitas absolutely hate fetishists invading their community.

tl;dr take the tinfoil cap off anon

No. 171810

Seconding all of this.

I wasn't referring to the DM post, I meant more like how they keep thinking the OP is constantly the one posting here. I do believe the DM one is obviously from the OP.

No. 171861

No one said anything about breaking rules or cowtipping. Anon posted their DM and they said here >>171718

>I just removed it myself.

Saying 2 posts in 2 days are the same person when they do that isn't somehow out of left field. Still doesn't confirm >>171704 is Kelly either. How would this random lolcow anon have this person's >>171593 DMs? lol

No. 172184

File: 1631690929822.jpg (826.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210914-210113_Ins…)

Kelly got some free shit. How quickly will it end on depop.

No. 172185

File: 1631690963576.jpg (752.09 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210914-210130_Ins…)

No. 172220

I had the same thoughts watching these. She'll probably list them by the end of the week.

No. 172270

She has to wear them out to something and damage them first, then list them as brand new with tags, never worn.

No. 172323

Shit, you right. Maybe let Toshi chew or piss on them first too.

No. 173655

Looks like Kelly is back to larping, and this time dragging Skeletor around with her. Waiting to see if she posts any new photos, since she's only reposting the same photos from pre-panini…
Wonder how long it'll be before someone doesn't do what she wants and she rage quits again.

No. 173924

File: 1632394728132.jpg (363.79 KB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20210923-065607_Ins…)

Looks nothing like her.

No. 174052

File: 1632460652748.jpeg (276.18 KB, 1125x2142, 1C6E927F-F66D-4EAA-AD3B-DFDB86…)

Innocently browsing Tiktok and saw a girl using house paint to paint her damn sofa. It turned into this! several more users outed Kelly as a bitch/shitty friend, and someone even linked this board, lol.
Didn’t know if I should reveal the person who had issue with Kelly. I do have an unedited screen shot of that.

No. 174053

Don't reveal who since all that will happen is Kelly will send her a message like this: >>171704

Tiktok seems to not be a good platform for Kelly considering how many callouts she's been getting there. I guess because it's harder to search, people feel more comfortable expressing themselves there without summoning the people they're discussing.
Also hope OP enjoys her crunchy sofa.

No. 174068

It's a very old picture, her DBZ tattoo she got with Steph is still there.

No. 174087

Sounds like anons parroting what they read here vs actual firsthand experiences with Kelly. She's shitty, but the amount of people seems very unrealistic

No. 174106

>I had a really negative experience with her
>Sounds like anons parroting!!!1
Um how? Do you have any caps of that since this is an image board? She's been an asshole and burned bridges for a decade at this point, how is it sus that tons of people hate her?

No. 174195

I'm saying that because strangers always have some weird story about how this influencer scorned them. I didn't say it's not plausible, I said the amount of people with first hand connections seems a little much. Kelly is a shitbrain, but for all these people to have met with her IRL, I doubt it. Anon who posted >>174052 can go ahead and post all these
>several more users outed Kelly

She's only showing one, but if she means people are just dragging her with random stories because they came here and are linking the board, its not the first time people have said they've had head-on collisions with a cow for asspats and coddle likes.

No. 174205

Sorry you don't read the threads. Idk what to tell you. You could post caps of people paraphrasing or posting copypasta that directly from here instead of discounting that lots of people have had bad experiences with her IRL.

Remember conventions? Remember her screeching in public with her friends or "stalking" a Sepiroth cosplayer for content or using a fan gift as a ramp for her dog? Her years of nasty depop listings and patreon fraud? Her losing entire multiple friend groups? But yeah, it's probably some sour grapes cowtippers stalking TikTok for mentions of her for clout.

No. 174206

Ahah the ramp, it was all downhill from there. Some fan carefully crafted a fansign out of wood and Kelly flipped it and used it as a convenient puppy ramp. She is really careless with her own possessions too, see the depop full of stained and damaged items, and the "don't look too closely" customized kawaii house.

No. 174223


Not wking Kelly at all, she should have made sure the sign/ramp was not seen or painted over or something, but the uproar over the sign was a little much. Wtf was she supposed to do with something so weird as a big wooden sign that a fan made? Keep it for ever and ever, just bc someone made it? Bfd. Hang it on the wall like a poster in a teenage bedroom? At least it got turned into something kind of useful instead of being straight thrown away. Why the pressure to make this into a precious object?

Do you guys send handmade stuff to influencers and celebrities and cows too? Unhinged teenage shit

No. 174228

Never sent anything to an e-celeb or otherwise, but let's say you got a gift for someone and they immediately start using it for their dog instead, you wouldn't be pleased would you?
>Hang it on the wall like a poster in a teenage bedroom?
Well they did actually have a wall of fanart at the time which is probably why people were surprised. Probably Dre's idea considering how Kelly is.

No. 174234

It wasn't that big of a sign, come on. It's also called tact, which is something Kelly seems to lack entirely.

I think at the time the "uproar" was justified considering it was a recently sent in sign. I myself know a couple of influencers personally and some of them actually do, surprise surprise, keep all of the letters and whatnot that fans send to them in their filing systems or in a box. Not all, but most. The ones who don't keep them are more up their own ass, so there's that too (Kelly fits right in with that). Even then, they still keep it for a bit and are not stupid enough to show it in posts or videos like Kelly did.

Calling it 'unhinged teenage shit' is fucking stupid too. Fan letters go way back to when humans first started to read and write. Poets and authors would get them. Actors have always gotten them. Don't act like it's something new or something that necessarily makes people unhinged, maybe they look up to them or admire their craft and wanted to express that. There are grown ass women sending fan letters to rapists and murderers in jail, it makes sense to call those the unhinged ones. Not an impressionable teenager looking up to some moron online.

I'm sure there are unhinged teens sending fan mail, but this one seemed like they were just expressing gratitude to Kelly, for whatever reasons I wouldn't understand. She treated it and handled it poorly, it's not a big wonder why she practically has no more fans aside from troony Lina and is friendless now.

It's not really so much about the sign specifically but more of how she handled it all. And in typical Kelly fashion, she never addressed it or apologized for it either. That's what you do if you want to stay in good graces with your fans.

No. 174242

I'm with you. A lot of people throw fan stuff away because of accumulation. I don't see it as a big deal either, but uwu fans have their feeweings hurt and because you're 'known' you have to coddle and cater to them and keep everything they ever give you. Fuck that. That's such a shitty mentality for any profession involving having fans.

No. 174247

She literally made monetized videos of her opening fanmail for months including the fanart shrine for her and Dre before including the sign in a video repurposed so her dog didn't have to step on the ground, which is ironic when you consider her own blackened feet. It's clearly disrespectful and weird you chose to be hung up on that of all of her past shit behavior. Fans aren't entitled to be coddled but you don't have to be blatantly disrespectful to their gifts on camera, it's not that complicated WK.

No. 174252

No one is WKing her. It's ridiculous to say someone should keep all fanmail and even if it was monetized, that's no reason why they should be forced to keep it. That's such a toxic mentality and adds fuel to crazed fans who think they have some kind of kinning connection to someone they watch online. That's incel mentality.

No. 174268

No one is saying she had to keep it… just not immediately use it for her dog, record it, and post it on YouTube for the giver to see.

No. 174273

I think we have a wk here who invented a strawman of "keep all fanmail" which is not what anyone said. Clearly people sent in items specifically back then because they wanted to see them in a video, she does still get some fanmail now but I'm sure much less now she's not broadcasting it.
I think it was just the first sign (pun unintended) people noticed that the uwu persona was not what it seemed. No fan is entitled to anything, but too, a little decorum goes a long way.

No. 174284

Seconding both of these. Why is there always a WK on Kelly's boards that has to somehow justify her behaviour?

This whole post is a huge fucking reach, get some help.

No. 174294

Tbh everyone even mildly involved in the SoCal cosplay/craft scene has some weird story involving kelly, considering how she jumps around friend groups

No. 174387

she kept the fanmail alright, the problem was she treated it like trash kek

No. 174973

Anyone know why this thread won't show up on Google search anymore as of today? Did Kelly have it removed?

No. 175409

My friend was a clothing designer, wasn’t in any weird little scene that Kelly has been a part of. She worked with her in person and said it was a shit time. Barely acted like she existed despite helping with styling, refused to tag her/give her credit when reposting images (but acknowledged everyone else). She said Kelly was the most unpleasant, phony person that she ever worked with and also mentioned her shitty pink, ratty wigs, haha.
Funny how someone’s defending her like these tiktok commenters are out of line. Isn’t this board a testament as to how many people have had issues with her and think she’s shitty? This isn’t here because she’s nice. lol

No. 175433

No1currs who you are or who the person you worked under was unless you provide some kind of receipts. Whats with anons lately and somehow having a crazy story about a cow and yet no one posts anything to go with the story to make it believable?

No. 175434

Lmao Kelly get a job.(hi cow )

No. 175496

This happened with the guy who dyed or styled her aqua wig too, I remember the drama on their ig stories

Go away wk. Maybe some people don't want their identities known. This wouldn't be the first time and there have been tons of public receipts from people not involved with these boards having issues with Kelly before. It's not far fetched for her to act like a pos. Why are you so concerned with defending her anyway? You're always here

No. 175726

Just had a look at her Depop.. looks like boring Stickman really got to her, she's selling practically all of her pastel shit and PR items. Or she's broke.

No. 176104

It still shows up for me

No. 176318

I thought the same thing when I looked at her Instagram feed the other day. There’s such a stark contrast between the most recent 12-15 posts and the ones that show immediately once you start scrolling down. The change seems incredibly sudden to me.

No. 176321

File: 1633695633646.jpg (1.6 MB, 1302x2316, 21-10-08-05-19-57-686_deco.jpg)

Image board. This is an image board. Why does no one know how to use this website anymore fr

No. 176324

File: 1633696953634.png (594.29 KB, 1440x1155, icon change.png)

She's used the same pink profile pic for years and years and now it's this, bio is simply "artist living in Los Angeles" without any links. There's definitely been a change. Also looks like she deleted the photos from Rome (a weirdly undocumented vacation to take during a pandemic, what was the point of that trip?)

No. 176325

File: 1633698285655.png (966.69 KB, 1220x564, shoes.png)

This looks like most of her shoes from her shoe collection video, no takers though so I assume they are overpriced. Plus selling her kawaii hair accessories and a Sailor Moon pullip doll, a few of them have sold.

No. 176327

File: 1633698495715.png (637.94 KB, 1060x548, used microwave.png)

Someone bought the well used, even says used for years in the description, Hello Kitty microwave she's been trying to sell for years.

No. 176329

File: 1633698669147.jpg (277.4 KB, 960x961, P0.jpg)

Gonna have to drop pics because this is revolting, she didn't even clean these before listing. Hope you enjoy your disgusting used kitchen appliances, depop shopper.

No. 176330

File: 1633698716458.jpg (261.6 KB, 960x961, fgfgfg.jpg)

No. 176331

File: 1633698889740.jpg (239.49 KB, 961x960, 884e.jpg)

Where is the collector value in such well used appliances? hardly a display piece, her buyers must be just weirdos who want anything Kelly touched, regardless of it being on its last legs.

No. 176370

These were all sold at Target back in like….2006. I have that same toaster and it was around $20 and the quality is shit. Even if those were all brand new still in box, I wouldn't charge $200 for them.

No. 176391

Nobody bought it, she just marked it as sold. It's in her studio still

No. 176392

Figures why I never saw anything about it in her Depop reviews. I imagined the feedback for that purchase would have been scathing. I also find it super shady that it’s been marked as sold instead of just deleted for something that she’s kept. I wonder how many other listings she’s done that with

No. 177914

File: 1634786277032.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 1D08C8A0-1725-48CB-92D6-6FC2EC…)

Her prints are so overpriced at $100. They’re not even decent sizes. Her originals aren’t much more (and in some cases actually cheaper( than her prints. Such a weird way of pricing stuff. Does she really think a print is worth as much as a one of a kind original?!

No. 178634

File: 1635173473427.jpg (735.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211025-164907_Ins…)

Is anybody still willing to work with her?

No. 178644

>all shapes and skin tones
Lmao she must be desperate if she is willing to go outside of pale, colorful hair, and surgically augmented. So much growth.

No. 178716

Or outside of painting herself lmao

No. 178719

The faces she paints are straight uncanny valley nightmare fuel

No. 180205

I still need to know what uncanny valley filter she used to get her face to look like the photo in the middle of the fourth row. It legitimately doesn’t look like her.
Anyone think she took liberties with Snow like her ex friend used to?

No. 180240

File: 1635972951297.png (203.67 KB, 1075x1267, Screenshot_20211103-165337~2.p…)

How the hell do you larp and not own at least one tent?! Also you have two days to prepare, just run over to the camping section at Wal-Mart Kelly….it takes two seconds to buy a $30-$40 tent big enough for two people instead of trying to mooch off other people

No. 180267

Or yakno, she could just use her period stained sheets to make a tent

No. 180503

I don't dislike Kelly at all and have followed her for a while. I am not a die hard stan either. Overall, I pity her because of how messed up she must have been to act like this now. I honestly hope she gets the help she needs, for her own sake, because she doesn't have any more friends to milk now.

No. 180504

I remember watching her first house tour video on youtube, when she had ALL her magazine covers on display. How can anyone not get sick of seeing their faces all day? But I guess that is a Leo trait, lmao.

Also, I wonder how did she manage to get into the modelling industry in the first place since she is so short on not precisely super skinny. I guess that's why she still gets PR stuff even if her social media presence isn't growing any more.

No. 180506

Honestly, I would. If she was able to paint decently fugly Envy's face, I think she could do a nice portrait of my not so fugly average face lol.

No. 180509

>>180504 I wonder the same thing. Also, she is not super thin, how does she manage to squeeze herself and her implants into american size XS and asian size S?

No. 180510

>>176324 Is that change a bad thing? At least she is not chasing clout or milking her friends or ex boyfriends like before. Seems she is past the attention whore phase. Could that be possible?

No. 180511

It's because she was fucking Dave Navarro and Skrillex.

They got her connections

If you want a horrific portrait of your face then go for it kek

She doesn't, that's why they're all on sale on her depop. She buys em small then can't fit into them then sells em

No. 180591

Honestly, I don't think she's changed. She would still totally milk her friends if she could. But her old friends will no longer put up with her, and she doesn't have enough clout to attract new hangers-on.

No. 180607

>>180511 It is pretty obvious that she is a terrible person, that stole art for her merch, etc. But I don't think that nitpicking on her art is good milk. Yes, it is overpriced (especially the prints) but I actually see her talent and hard work (wasn't she taking courses online?). I mean, I can't manage to draw a decent pair of hands kek

No. 181425

There's different parts to the industry, like runway model, face model, hair model. She's done hair for splat, though it was fake and edited kek, and face and outfit for magazines. But yeah she's too short for runway and with all the shooping she does she's probably too insecure to do face modelling again. Even though you're edited there too.

No. 181428

*eiyher edited or she wore a wig, can't remember my bad

No. 181681

File: 1636728561423.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211112-154744_Ins…)

This looks like a nasty jaw infection. You might want to see a doctor.

No. 181808


What I don't get is how she seems to grasp everything else but absolutely STRUGGLES to get face proportions at all. There's always something horribly off to her facial proportions to the point it's nightmarish.

No. 181916

Be careful saying anything bad about her art, you're going to summon the wk anon

No. 182222

File: 1636916838074.png (13.75 MB, 1640x2360, 8802AB5F-B27C-4B1A-84C7-537F26…)

Ok and? I don’t understand her point in posting this. Am I supposed to feel sorry for her lol BRB lemme dump my next Sephora haul and take a photo of what $250 in makeup looks like… literally no1curr

No. 182263

No. 182305

I'd be more impressed if she splurged on Old Holland. Kek at turning the tubes so the labels don't show. Cleary not a sponser.

No. 182330

It's a meme to show a handful of art supplies and show the price. Though I feel like she could have got that cheaper, the small tubes are only 37ml, it's more like $90-100 of supplies if she shopped online.

No. 182347

She's posting it for sympathy and asspats, not because it's a meme. This is Kelly we're talking about remember?

No. 182883

What happened to her getting a breast reduction?

No. 183062

Massively unrelated to anything but does anyone else miss Kelly’s old content? I like to rag on her shenanigans as much as everyone else but I used to love watching her Japan/Sailor Moon/haul videos and the stuff she did with the fellowship. Now it feels like she just doesn’t do anything. Like, at all. There’s not even anything milky to say about her either. It just feels disappointing for me and I’m wondering why she even bothers continuing to have such a public social media presence at all if she’s not even going to use it for anything

No. 183372

I used to enjoy watching her content too, especially around the Fellowship era when Dre lived with her. Just nice relaxing cute videos. Now she seems to do nothing at all, I agree entirely, like not even her crazy rambling Twitch streams.
The doll stuff isn't interesting to me either and I like dolls.
I know it's a pandemic too so it's harder to make vlogs, but she could make painting videos and talk about her process, or just a life update or something. She went to Rome and didn't make any content there either, despite visiting some interesting locations.
She's basically semi-retired at this point, which is something I've seen many content creators do, just kinda drop off for whatever reason.

No. 183462

She didn't make any content in rome because she was pushing the not traveling rhetoric and wearing masks then suddenly she was in rome with her mask off

No. 183647

Yeah I was disappointed she hid all the old videos on her channel. She lost me with the larping stuff and the terrible animal crossing / doll drama stuff. Her old videos, genuine Kelly or not, were at least fun to watch. I wish she’d inside them again.

No. 183835

File: 1637468774107.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, 7D3B4909-EDC4-4B40-9C52-9115F3…)

Gonna get dragged for filth for saying this, but for once her painting actually doesn’t seem to look that bad imo. There’s still something left to be desired about the shading but the colours are looking a lot brighter than the dark muddy palette she usually goes for

No. 183838

>>183372 Her online presence is basically just boring atm. I'm waiting for the breast reduction, tho.

No. 183845

I don't think it looks bad but I'm shit at judging paintings or any kind of art. but can someone tell me what this is of? is it some kind of pagan thing?

No. 183888

Is tha stefan

No. 183891

File: 1637503116118.png (952.68 KB, 750x1334, 80C51238-2259-4D7C-8FE0-8AFF07…)

It’s Sammi Doll. Supposedly Kelly had booked a nobody model to come in and pose for her but they pulled out and Sammi had to replace them last minute, which I find unlikely since her ad on Facebook pulled in 30+ replies and she easily could have picked a replacement from them, but she just had to go for another barely famous person with an IG following to boost Kelly’s street cred as per usual

No. 183915

I briefly remember her posting a salty message about the model pulling out too but don't remember where

No. 184470

inb4 wk but it’s such an improvement. The technique in the background is really nice, it’s more conceptual and has better composition than her shitty still lives. And it’s definitely a far cry from putting your dead dad’s ashes in a self portrait…The classes she took and stepping back from YouTube might have actually done her some good.

No. 185199

Does anyone know why Kelly took down her video about her experience being a tattoo artist? I can't find it

No. 185215

She unhid a ton of videos and then hid them again. Lame because those were her better content than whatever she’s been pumping out most recently.

No. 191814

File: 1641429423655.jpg (992.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220106-013321_Ins…)

Is it me or his her house sadder and even shabbier now?

No. 191816

I thought they were "buying a house in Portland"? Can't tell if this is still the dollhouse and that rug is beyond hideous holy shit.

No. 191877

It must be musty in her house with all the nasty diy furniture and one poor plant. Yea Kelly maybe invest your resources in another living thing for once.

No. 191880

I honestly like this way more than her mix matched pastels. At least almost has a theme now, but like anon said, imagine the smell of all the DIY and how she probably doesn't open her windows often.

No. 192255

She painted the nails bright red/pink on the feet of her tables, I can’t.

No. 192397

First thing I saw too. Sticks out like a sore thumb and looks like pieces of tape she forgot to remove.

No. 192903

Correct me if I’m wrong but It looks like she got rid of more videos on her YouTube, there’s only like 100 videos on there now.

No. 192986

She did, she's been cleaning up her online image for a bit. Branding herself solely as an artist, not posting her face anymore, etcetera

She doesn't have any more eccentric friends to latch onto the personalities of so she's been latching onto bland stickman's personality and it really shows

No. 193024

File: 1642133552451.png (253.81 KB, 523x736, kek.png)

KEK this is fucking rich coming from Miss Anti-Semite herself


No. 193055

Jean-Paul Sartre is French?! Holy shit, it isn't obvious by the name. Not that this bitch actually read anything by him or has any clue what modern existentialism is. His standpoints and her consoooooooooooomerism do not mesh. Sorry, my "I hate vapid cunts" is showing. I do not want to see her psudo-intellectual LARP phase.

No. 193180

She's mimicking him. No personality of her own. Probs why she disappeared from the webs, nobody to base her personality off of anymore now that all her friends ditched her. He's all that's left which is why we're getting these kinds of word vomit tweets. Bet the thesaurus.com tab is perpetually open on her browser.

No. 193212


Stickman is boring as fuck and Kelly is now boring as fuck if she thinks this is content, you can't repackage yourself as an intellectual this late in the game. She also has dyslexia so reading this kind of stuff wouldn't be enjoyable for her, it's definitely stickman's doing.

No. 193633

File: 1642451671760.jpeg (214.42 KB, 1170x801, 2F078B86-3263-4C07-A6A3-CB906D…)

No. 193752

It’s about time

No. 193762

Vaguely remember her replying to someone somewhere saying that she's just getting smaller implants. She's not really getting them fully removed.

How much do you all want to bet she claims that she's removed them completely while maintaining smaller implants. Like when she was lying about her lipo kek

No. 194100

File: 1642709038994.png (4.87 MB, 828x1792, F11B1E7F-B4D3-4464-92BB-D8E8AD…)

She somehow ended up on my FYP. Someone asked her about her Sephiroth collection and she pointed out this one that had real clothes that can be removed and he’s “flat like a ken doll” and that she “already checked”. Wtf was she gonna do if he wasn’t? Also, she has way too many Sephiroth dolls.

No. 194208

Is it terrible that I actually prefer this Kelly? At least she is away from drama, doesn't hang out with other cows for milk and is focusing on improving her art. Atm I think Dre is the most annoying bitch of the ex Fellowshit.

No. 194209

>>193762 Too bad for her, we ALL will notice. I mean, there are old photos of her A cups all over the internet and there is no way she can delete the evidence kek.

No. 194303

Did she and Stickman break up? She's been posting a bunch of shit like this lately and has been tweeting up a storm suddenly, while she wasn't active for a very long time. Was she checked in somewhere for a while?

Don't worry, she's clearly manic again and is already starting up her regular problematic shit. See here >>193024

She's going to be stuck because she's either going to have to own up to getting smaller implants or have to say that her tits are bigger than before because of weight gain. Or she'll just stay completely silent like she did with her lipo.

No. 194350

File: 1642821479688.jpg (194.71 KB, 1080x2294, Screenshot_20220121-191644_Ins…)

Painting the counter

No. 194353

And badly. Her place looks ok sometimes from far away but it's so shoddy and nasty if you look a little closer

No. 194906

Per IG, looks like she’s getting her implants out tomorrow.

No. 194971

File: 1643160728208.png (934.59 KB, 1079x1730, Screenshot_20220125-193055.png)

She said she's getting them done at Wave. I can't wait to see her botched chest. As an aside, why is she trying to use medical terms such as mastoplexy? Is she trying to make it sound fancier than a breast lift to fix her sag?

No. 195051

I think literally anything would be better than this. I do think she’s just going to get a revision to something smaller since she’s near or at the 10 year mark where you start needing to get them replaced.

No. 195110

File: 1643245138155.jpeg (478.75 KB, 1640x2038, 78839610-6660-4FA5-9898-773FE2…)

Holy hell she looks just like her mom… she looks 45,

No. 195230

No way she has had them for ten years, gonna say more like 5? She's getting them reduced to be a tradwife for stickman, same as the blonde hair and rebranding into a painter (though the latter thing I think is a good move for her)

No. 195781

Or maybe she just wanted to change her hair and her boobs for herself, can't expect someone to like the same look for thier entire life..

No. 195800

Damn she stacked on the pounds huh?

No. 195829

KEK. I'm not even going to say it.

We all know she latches on to the flavor of the year person in her life and changes her whole personality and looks for them. She has no substance under that.

Also learn to sage

No. 196062

File: 1643850033927.png (2.16 MB, 1425x1902, 65755.png)

I can't tell if they're reduced or natural, they look a bit firm on the video so could just be a lower cc.

If they were completely out she might find an improvement in her mystery health problems that started after she got the implants; implant related immune problems and illnesses are a known problem for many women.

No. 196125

File: 1643871116896.png (72.23 KB, 497x353, ccs.png)

They're reduced. Her vanity isn't going to be able to let them go completely.

No. 196140

File: 1643883245568.webm (2.07 MB, 720x1280, #implantremoval.webm)

No. 196166

They just look saggy and deflated. She looks like a naturally large breasted woman not wearing a bra. Typical Wave quality! And she generally looks haggard af. Like I don't expect women to be perfectly made up all of the time but if this is her new normal, she looks like a greasy rat. Stickman has really done a number on her.

No. 196395

Please learn the definition of saggy. Boobs have weight to them. Even skinny girls eventually drop their little bites. If tits didn't do that, they'd all look like bolts.

No. 196473

Kinda wish she had gotten them completely removed, big boobs don’t really look good on her at all.

No. 196504

Relax, no one is coming after your saggy boobs. Large natural breasts sag over time. She was naturally small breasted. By removing and replacing her implants, the end result looks like naturally saggy large boobs which she probably wouldn't have at this point in her life had she not started messing with her body.

No. 196701

File: 1644343640801.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x2199, 7A033C48-7911-4DA7-98B4-428B75…)

Stay classy, Kelly.

Selling a painting with your dad’s stolen ashes.

No. 196731

No one's ever going to buy it for that price anyway

No. 196770

Honestly that’s kind of fucked up, your dads fucking ASHES is in that Kelly

No. 196773

I can't imagine the kind of person who would buy Kelly's battered-dangerhair-wine-mom self portrait and hang it up on their wall. Is there even a market for influencer vent art?

No. 196796

I'm sure her family must be full of psychos as well but I would be livid if I was them. You don't make having a dead parent a personality trait and then pull this. This is just ghoulish.

No. 197321

Dunno how to post a vid here but kelly posted a vid on her story today doing some photoshoot of firefly path and her tits look the damn same.

I'm surprised she didn't go the advocate route and start parading breast implant illness around

No. 197372

File: 1644775612558.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1762, 64313B42-BBE2-43C0-80D5-AC2D3F…)

I love how her man hovers over her is he a professional photographer?

No. 197442

This is actually disgusting. Her pockets must really be hurting.

No. 197697

Didn't follow the last thread super closely but wasn't she going to move out of her house? It looks like she's still living there

No. 197761

She definitely was claiming Hashimotos not that long ago, she just fell into her tiktok barbie hole and whatever else she's been up to.

No. 197880

Am I mistaken or hasn’t she been trying to sell this piece for years?

No. 198248

File: 1645457497125.jpeg (602.14 KB, 1640x2047, CB8A0F8D-D213-4DAF-8D7A-95873F…)

Still trying to shill the piece w her dads ashes. Even fans are disturbed. 1/2

No. 198249

File: 1645457522741.jpeg (298.45 KB, 1640x1832, FD5DA0F2-2B5A-4CDC-89CA-6ABB4B…)


No. 198341

I screenshot the same comments earlier.
Also the post itself is misleading since some/all of the pieces marked sold sold ages ago, the owner of the lemonade one is in the comments saying it's in their son's room. She only launched the website recently (and we know from her depop she doesn't rush to mail anything) so obviously a prior puchase. She needs to drop her prices imo if she wants to shift these old pieces.

No. 198352

Nobody wants to buy her massively overpriced uncanny valley art anyway. She should stick to inanimate object art and work on improving that area. She should just donate these or paint over them. They're hideous.

Still in disgusting and distasteful Kelly Eden fashion to try to sell her painting with her dad's ashes though. Her brand 100% to be an awful person.

No. 198377


Massively overpriced and oversized. I don’t imagine most of her teen girl following have space to display 6x8ft paintings or the money to pay for custom framing since her price doesn’t include the frames.

No. 201020

File: 1647265466453.png (677.65 KB, 478x853, Capture d’écran, le 2022-03-1…)

I don't know if she has lost weight or it's just the boobs gone but she look slim

No. 206109

It’s the boobs being gone

No. 207961

Wow this page is dead(wow you're an idiot)

No. 209817

File: 1651255508927.png (177.02 KB, 750x1334, C233428C-0757-4BC0-B326-D5CB4C…)

Tried to watch one of Kelly’s videos today only to find out that she’s basically nuked the entire channel. What was even the point?

No. 210005

Wait she only has one video up now?
So weird how nuking her Youtube coincides with skeletor being around, wonder what his problem is. He seems like an /iamverysmart faux intellectual whose opinions would be laughed out of the room by anyone who's read a book. (I can tell because Kelly now posts these attempts at sounding intelligent on Twitter, things that sound very unlike her)
I'm sure he has some #deepthoughts about the ills of Youtube.
Bring your content back, Kelly, there was nothing wrong with it.

Taking all her stuff down is extra dumb because now all you see is other people's videos if you search her name on Youtube, the top being the stupid "critique" video from some skinwalker, and the lolita one. It looks like she has something to hide when that isn't the case.

No. 210050

Doesn't she though? It'll be much easier for her to rebrand as a "serious artist" and sell her mediocre still lifes if galleries and patrons can't easily see her cringey weeby past. Hell she might have even gotten an agent by now who recommended as much.

No. 210225

I downloaded her channel one or two years ago, would anons be interested?

No. 210336

Very much so.

No. 210381

Yes please

No. 210413

No. 210606

No. 210608

Absolutely! Archive anons are the best.

No. 210619

File: 1651564606828.png (357.79 KB, 336x596, imageboard_sweaty.png)

No. 210624

The comments on Instagram are phenomenal, literally all from women who have lived in communist countries, are currently living in them, or whose parents escaped from communist countries opening their hearts and explaining why she's wrong, and she replies to each of like a brainwashed bible basher offering links to Youtube videos and books so they can "educate themselves" about their own lived experience. I screenshot most of them but can't decide how best to post them, I'll make some compilations later.

No. 210626

File: 1651569794991.png (663.98 KB, 1440x1904, tone policing.png)

I'll post a bunch of them, here's Kelly tone-policing someone in the comments, guess she forgot in all her activism to learn about why tone policing is a bad; it's a technique used by people in power to silence marginalised people (esp women and poc: you're not saying it the "right way" so I won't listen to you and just focus on how you said it, despite the fact downtrodden and abused people are obviously more likely to be upset about their scenario and express themselves accordingly)

It's worth noting most of the replies are polite and lengthy and she still dismisses, ignores and talks over them.

No. 210628

File: 1651571581970.png (726.13 KB, 1440x1538, People who know what they're t…)

People who know what they're talking about vs Youtube brainwashed woman, who will win.

No. 210629

File: 1651573990607.jpg (292.34 KB, 1080x955, Hugochavez.jpg)

Her twitter is hilarious.

No. 210631

File: 1651575571644.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1977, Your lived experience is wrong…)

Kelly coming swinging out of the pandemic with checks notes opinions about the CIA, how everytime communism went wrong it was the fault of the US government(?) and not the governments of the countries themselves, and most importantly: your lived experience is wrong, may I interest you in a Youtube video to learn more?

Kelly unironically needs Jesus, as at least if she channeled her (very evident here) conspiracy theorist cult member side into religion, she wouldn't be actively shitting on innocent people like she is here. Get a bible, go to church, sing, don't ignore people when they are telling you about oppression they have personally experienced.

No. 210632

Lol is she really trying to explain how people that have lived in Venezuela don't really understand what it was like living in Venezuela?
The cognitive dissonance she must be living in to be her. Imagine living in a pastel plastic puke bucket dripping with baroque/rocco inspiration all while espousing the superiority of communism. A libertine communist… make that make sense.

No. 210643

What’s with these retards thinking that reading about communism is the same as living in communism?

No. 210657

“The only people capitalism hurts are billionaires (which sounds good to me!)”

Kelly, they benefit from it.

No. 210660

File: 1651592951621.png (110.3 KB, 1956x542, commie kelly.png)

Screencap anon, that was a typo I think and she meant to say the only people communism hurts are billionaires, which is still wrong as evidenced by: absolutely everyone in the comments. Bear in mind she wrote that after reading and replying to a lot of people with her shitass Youtube and book recommendations, like she saw everything they had to say and was still stuck on her bullshit regardless.
I do blame Stefan for this, since when was she political? One comment she even espoused support for homeless people, this is the same woman who took a WaCky photo in front of a sleeping homeless man (evidenced way back in one of these threads I believe)

No. 210662

Because intervening in mass genocide is totally not cool, US/EU. Stop that. Kelly is a fucking idiot. I'm so embarrassed for her. This will absolutely fuck with her sponsors when they hear she supports present and past communist dictators and pushes it on the same socials they would use her for promotion. Dear God. She's shooting herself in the foot.

No. 210675

It’s fine to have an opinion but to go to about it this way is just tacky and overbearing. I agree with >>210660 and feel like she is just parroting whatever Stefan says to her because he uses big words and is, like, so woke.

No. 210717

I just saw this post on insta and the way I ran to lolcow to see the updates, especially after reading her say in the comments she 'deleted' her channel

Holy hell she's really burning up.
Why would you nuke a passive income, even if you don't want to make new content anymore. It might not be much, but any dollar is a dollar right?

Also her stating she's "not an influencer anymore" because she deleted her YT.
Like girl you still have a following.. it would be more because she's become even more insufferable than before

No. 210726

I think she deleted our hid this? I went to read the comments but it's not there anymore.

No. 210740

File: 1651611239043.jpg (675.74 KB, 3840x2160, 20220503_135350.jpg)

Just some gems from the comment section.

Bitch really said Cubans love Castro, is salty she's "poor" (stop living above your means Kelly, move out of LA and stop wasting money on shit)
And the old tried and true, rich people bad for not throwing their fortunes at social problems that our elected governments should be solving instead.

No. 210742

The video should be under her videos tab in IG

No. 210744

Kelly going full commie retard was not the character arc I was expecting. It’s true that America is an absolute shithole when it comes to living conditions and such but this ain’t it sis

No. 210764

i wanna slap the white outta this bitch. She has no idea what real communism is.

No. 210780

She's just being a condescending ass and barely disguising it with aggressive "positivity." You can be disillusioned with capitalism and American overreach without being like…this.

No. 210792

Is she dumb? I'm pretty sure the ones in power, the wealthy, benefit the most from communism. The working class and people don't get shit.

No. 210813

Wow. I am glad people are speaking up because her comments about this are wild. Especially considering she is a spoiled womanchild who hasn't needed to work a real job in years (or ever?), who can take months off from doing anything because of her "mental health" and probably isn't even paying her own rent in one of the most expensive cities in the US. (Let's not even get into how she buys tons of expensive shit instead of paying off her debts.)

Dollars to donuts she is peddling this take because her narc income has dried up and she doesn't want to have to get an actual job for once in her life. Blaming the economy like her unemployed boyfriend is a lot easier, never mind the fact that right now there are more jobs than workers available.

No. 210970

File: 1651749999242.png (220.01 KB, 1440x801, kelly takes.png)

Racial bias can and does affect medical outcomes, but being refused care outright affects everyone equally, to make this a race issue is as inane as trying to make it a trans issue.

No. 210972

Samefag, I have a longer rant about this which I'm trying to cut down, but we just experienced what happens when you get refused medical care due to the pandemic where covid patients were favored. In short, people die.
This affects everyone with a womb. People will suffer, some people will die, regardless of their race. Bleeding out, being refused post miscarriage care, or even being refused contraception in the first place affects everyone - to claim it only affects POC is inane and flat wrong. Plus she just spent the last few days talking over POC in her comments and telling them their lived experiences were wrong and they need to "educate" themselves via Youtube. But now apparently she cares about POC.

No. 211325

She deleted it kek

No. 211403

omg she's insufferable. virtue signaling of course. All women will suffer. all. Anyone who can get pregnant will suffer, which is only women.

No. 211933

>to claim it only affects POC is inane and flat wrong.
Um but 1. she didn't say that and 2. they are way more likely to be poor and therefore lack access to abortion? Also mortality rates for WOC during pregnancy and birth are astronomically higher than that of white women. Some of you want to be angry at someone or have an SJW punching bag so badly. Yes Kelly is being obnoxious as shit lately but you sound unhinged ranting about shit she didn't even say.

No. 212193

Her tumblr was nuked as well. Girl must really be having an identity crisis.

No. 212465

File: 1652409263972.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x2045, 47C68E99-C409-466D-BEA6-BE5939…)

No. 212530

I just want to know what went down!!!

No. 212572

Is this your retarded ask?

No. 212582

KEK this is hilarious

No. 212704

No? Just a curious anon, relax lol

No. 213486

File: 1652926279683.jpg (171.74 KB, 540x665, 20220518_220245.jpg)

Cowly sure is desperate for the attention this time putting on the fake feminist hat to cry about how poor Amber's a victim of the Patriarchy and the evil addicts hurt all women. Funny wasn't she gushing about her father despite him being an addict? Ready for the "no he was an evil addict too arc because shes always the victim of others until they confront her face to face.

No. 213489

Can you say white savior complex, unsurprising why all her token POC friends left her ass behind. Oh wait all her friends left, funny how the ones screaming about how they care so much about women constantly treats other women like shit. She 100% gives off the vibe of someone who attacks all their boyfriends exs because they were so evil to son- er "man"

No. 213523

This from the girl who said on tumblr that she'll keep working with Dahvie Vanity until he's proven guilty? No wonder she deleted her tumblr prior to her newly deranged tweets. Skeletor is really influencing her. I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually came out and called him controlling and abusive.

No. 213536

Kelly’s woke twitter updates scream white privileged bitch because this retard has no idea what she is talking about ever and constantly contradicts herself. She refused to acknowledge dahvie vanity being a predator and an abuser because she is a celebrity worshipper herself and was so obsessed with climbing her pathetic celebrity wannabe ladder. She wanted to be famous and associate with anyone in that scene so bad she didn’t care if they were horrible people. But now she has a new boyfriend so she must mirror his personality and ideas and be woke too! The hypocrisy is astounding.

No. 213552

Who worships OJ though

No. 213596

I was wondering if someone had brought up her past with Dahvie. Get off your fucking high horse, Kelly. You don't have a fucking clue what you're on about.

No. 213645

They did and she response the the original tweet saying she wouldn’t engage with comments about her personal life because “relevance.”

No. 213646


Do as I say, not as I do - Kelly

Kelly falls under the bracket of "people nobody wanted to be a voice for social justice and don't want to hear opinions from" like if you market yourself as a pinkhaired artist living in a dollhouse, that's it, your work is done. Nobody wants or expects more.
There are people I follow who I would never expect to comment on politics due to their kinda otherworldly or artistic personas. Kelly would do just fine sticking to the kawaii hustle and not trying to share her newfound wisdom.
Genuinely this is a bad career move for her and is quite jarring.

No. 213681

File: 1653001651271.png (767.6 KB, 1366x665, kekk.png)

KEK I find it hard to believe that attention-whore-Kelly wouldn't have spoken up during the whole Dahvie being exposed era if she was really abused.

No. 213686

>This is why victims don't come forward
The whole cow JUMPED out! It would almost be funny if she wasn't a lying, gaslighting hypocrite trying desperately trying to make herself look like a brave victim standing up to boolies harassing her with triggering photos.

No. 213703

I was following kelly only until the fiasco with her cousin's suicide (and how she made it all about her,) and I remember people bringing up stuff about dahvie and she was defending him and it wasn't that long ago so how is it that she is now a victim of his abuse???
Fucking cunt will do anything not to admit she was in the wrong.
People told her he was a piece of shit and she defended him. I cant believe I EVER looked up to this narc cunt.

No. 213718

Thank you anon, that's how I remember it too! She's acting as if she wasn't defending him up until very recently. Didn't she used to say that it was only a "professional relationship" and that she couldn't speak on anything she didn't know about and acted dismissive? Or was that regarding some other abuser she defended?

No. 213761

Yes. She vehemently denied having any knowledge of his personal life as she only worked with him onna professional basis and that people basically shouldn't believe everything there hear anyway.
I'm lost for words that shes claiming he's now her abuser. I thought she couldn't stoop any lower but I guess when narcissists are backed in to a corner- they spew more lies.

No. 213863

File: 1653076067552.jpeg (24.11 KB, 445x393, FTJR4xyaMAA3nPF.jpeg)

Her ex fans coming out to call out that she didn't just do this in the Dahvie situation

No. 213864

File: 1653076091317.jpeg (24.05 KB, 420x301, FTJR4xpUsAE6YGl.jpeg)


No. 213887

She's now deleted all of this except the second tweet

No. 213891

File: 1653083008422.png (1.06 MB, 1640x2360, 3A57415E-36FC-47EF-80A1-2F85EF…)

Probably because her “bully” used an archive site to show her choosing to side with dahvie over the victims directly from her now deleted tumblr… she basically spit in every victims face with this asshole comment. She thought deleting her tumblr would erase pages like this so she could now cry victim but apparently the cow doesn’t know how archives work so that blew up in her face real quick.

No. 213933

She's ridiculous. It's been documented in previous threads too. Glad people aren't forgetting.

No. 214149

File: 1653164937636.png (196.53 KB, 1440x977, groundbreaking.png)

This particular take (which everyone else on Twitter is clowning on) Kelly thinks is groundbreaking.
Today in cows being inconsistent and hypocritical, said take basically sympathises with the shooter (remember what you wrote yesterday about not siding with abusers? nah?) because he wrote, among many insane discord ramblings, that he (spoiler for scrote madness) had a toothache, and its lack of treatment was the fault of the jews and maybe he would get medical care in prison.
While there is a point to be made about lack of medical care leading to bad outcomes, most people with medical ailments do not go and then shoot ten people, you shouldn't take a crazed psycho's word for anything, and, Kelly, taking a sympathetic stance toward a white murderer is the opposite of groundbreaking, it's the way every white murderer is always reported if at all possible "uwu he was a loving family man" etc.

No. 214193

Her brain is legit rotted

No. 214207

>I was one of the victims

>he's innocent until proven guilty so I'll keep working with him

Which tf is it? She can't even keep her own story (lies) straight jfc

No. 214273

It’s believe all victims unless it’s a celebrity Kelly Eden worships or financially gains from, apparently. Once the money stops all of a sudden she is now a victim.

No. 214426

Good. My in-laws actually lived through communism “real” communism even. They lived in the Soviet Union, and fled to the US -taking many risks along the way - to gasp escape communism. Because it’s BAD. Jesus fucking Christ every time I think this girl has made a turn somewhere and isn’t going to be any more of an idiot, she pulls an ultra-cunt card like this.

Kelly and I have clashed before but I was about to straight up beat her ass with knowledge, and have my in-laws tell me what they’d say to a white ignorant privileged shit like her.

But of course she deleted it so she’s back to mUH sHiTtY aRt and is trying to sound fake smart about things on Twitter?? About Politics of all things?

Girl not that long ago you were reeeing and sounding airhorns and dabbing in public for attention. We know there’s nothing between those ears but the sound of the wind. Sit down .

No. 214429

Oh my god. First of all notice how her argument about him being “innocent” is because he isn’t on a sex offender list or registry?
He’s innocent and he’ll keep paying me!
-fast forward-

I was one of his victims. (Bitch where?)
Please be respectful and delete this. (Oh like she was so respectful and kept on posting content about her cousin’s suicide - going so far as to describe how he died? She sure didn’t care about anyones triggers then did she?)

TL;DR: fuck her “I’m a victim” statement and fuck her “this is extremely triggering for me”.
What a complete fucking narc.

No. 214463

She's calling Christ a communist in a tweet now KEK. Can't screencap it right now though

No. 214476

File: 1653270134727.jpg (124.82 KB, 828x739, IMG_8976.jpg)

Breaking news: Jesus Christ himself was a communist, according to Kelly. I wish she was still making videos cause this would be a riot.
thanks for the heads up nonnie i found it before she deletes it

No. 214477

File: 1653270270410.jpg (76.73 KB, 828x467, IMG_8977.jpg)

nvm this tweet is worse.
so the bible is pro minorities but the constitution isnt? interesting.

No. 214478

Thanks for the screencap! God, she's lost it.

No. 214482

jfc she's unhinged.

No. 214494

Can't wait until she learns a bit about history outside of America! Because women and minorities are considered lesser in every country in the world, it ain't a white supremacy thing it's a dominant male supremacy thing. But since she has her resident scrote feeding her this bullshit she's never gonna admit it's a problem with men not specifically white American men (ffs)

No. 214704

still waiting for them archived videos

No. 214790

Seconding this

No. 214928

File: 1653475298059.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2688, B68E2056-AC96-4B93-93B2-38264C…)

I can’t even

No. 214930

I meeeean this post makes valid points vs her ones claiming Jesus was a communist and sympathizing w an active shooter lmao

No. 215209

Thirding this.
Never imagined her on this path, fucking insane how much she's changed

No. 215778

I randomly thought of this this morning, but it's actually pretty shitty to the people she collaborated with that she just completely nuked her channel without warning. She had several voice actors narrate her makeup routines, and her videos are the entire reason I found out about Azusa Barbie (who still seems to be a decent, non-milky woman, and I hope I'm right about this.)

No. 215839

don’t forget on top of various individuals featured on her channel (not even talking about the fellowship) but also the patreon videos… not just dollhouse drama either, but the sailor moon skits that were patreon funded. really shitty to everyone (fans) who contributed. I used to really enjoy Kelly but what the fuck

No. 216431

I think a lot of people have gotten more vocal about inequality etc since the pandemic and I support using your platform blah blah. But these tweets all really read like a 13 year old on reddit for the first time kek. It’s so bizarre when her social brand is still all very cutesy and manufactured.

Hopefully (but very doubtful if it was all on like a friends helping friends basis) all her collaborators have saved copies of the content and agreements in writing that they can use it non-commercially. Wiping her channel is another bizarre decision. I think she probably feels jaded because of ~the algorithm~ and losing all her friends from the time where she was trying to make it big. I actually really enjoyed some of her old vids so it sucks.

No. 216539

IMO keep the animal crossing shit and unhinged doll play stuff deleted, bring back the vlogs. Those were mostly enjoyable.

No. 216785

File: 1654136239191.jpeg (281.37 KB, 1284x982, D1E40F93-33BA-4598-9CF3-9AFF89…)

Totally lost it.

No. 216810

didn't she make being an empath her personality at one point? or am I thinking of someone else

No. 216813

Sounds like something she's done at some point.
This doesn't even make grammatical sense. Rich of her to pretend to be a victim in an emotionally expensive one sided relationship when she has done shit like attention seeking at her ex friends weddings and making them take care of her after repeated unnecessary plastic surgery.

No. 216816

File: 1654144120085.jpg (700.89 KB, 4000x2810, uwuempath.jpg)

found the caps. Seems like she said stuff about it in now deleted videos as well based on what anons we're saying.

No. 216854

>mfw she used to call herself an empath at length and tweets this

No. 216856

She definitely talked about it in multiple videos as well. I wonder if Stefan is just shading her all the time and she repeats his negging, he was following/interacting with her prior dating so he saw the empath stuff

No. 216863

she made ~*being an empath*~ such a thing when it was trendy, seriously couldn’t believe that tweet when I saw it.

No. 217160

File: 1654256594830.jpeg (302.5 KB, 750x915, EAC97AF7-2C61-4C1E-9D1A-8BDC8A…)

Kelly has plans to move to Portland, Oregon apparently

No. 217310

Didn't she already say she wanted to move to Portland right after the Swedish roommate left? And if so, what drove her to pick Portland of all places when this latest post shows she didn't know anything about it? I'm guessing Skeletor was behind it, as he is for all of Kelly's decisions since they started living together.

No. 217377

File: 1654304829663.jpeg (417.71 KB, 822x1314, D67B8406-8131-47F6-A5B5-0B2E74…)

brb grabbing the popcorn

No. 217434

File: 1654333079372.png (227.68 KB, 1198x1230, wowsorude.png)

the "rude" time

No. 217461

That's the tamest conversation ever, there are better reasons to have issue with Kelly than a mild disagreement. sailor moon account seems like a cow themselves imo

No. 217508

She said eailer this year or sometime last year about wanting to move to Sacramento. But I guess the market was still to expensive for them. I'm assuming Skeltor has family in Portland and it's further away from LA and people who know her irl so she can "start fresh" and "rebrand" while she tricks new people into her orbit. The Portlandia arc might be interesting.

No. 217510

I bet when she moves, her home is going to be bland like Stickman. He's really doing a number on her isn't he? Can't wait for the inevitable breakup "he was aboosive and controlling" arc too

No. 217513

File: 1654377605236.jpeg (141.51 KB, 1351x590, 4E0492A5-805D-4EAE-903F-1A8C4C…)

I’m a retard but wasn’t America at odds with Russia during the time period stranger things takes place? Kelly types big and hard like she knows everything but somehow can’t connect the dots that maybe that’s why there is “anti Russian “ propaganda ~* in the plot??

No. 217524

>The Portlandia arc might be interesting.
It really won't be. Anyone who lives here knows that show is garbage. It's not some quirky fantasy land. It's all the same homeless tents and needles she can find in her Hollywood ghetto. LA was really the perfect city for her whole kawaii era. Don't know what she would do in Portland with her current lack of identity. Her generic fantasy paintings won't get her far in any real art scene wherever she and skeletor end up.

No. 217553

She's changed her profile picture like 3x today, having an identity crisis there Kel?

No. 217589

Yes, the cold war just ended or was just ending during the time period Stranger Things takes place. And it's a bit strange to be so worried about a show being "anti-russian" with the whole ukraine situation currently happening…

No. 217646

For real. It's like all the bleach went into her brain. She can't put two and two together.

No. 217647

If this is what these twtards consider rude, they can't exist in the real world.

No. 217653

I thought so. Tfw me, an idiot, can figure it out but Kelly, who thinks she is smarter and better than thou, cannot.

No. 217678

File: 1654451874867.jpeg (362.06 KB, 1640x2033, 60783B7C-F9DA-407C-BB4E-5AA553…)

Notice they’re all years old? Even her Portland post was accompanied by a decade old photo.

Also Kelly’s YouTube channel has another video public along with the timex ad. It’s her plain tour and review of cakeland, probably since she is really pushing the “I’m an artist” personality recently. I honestly don’t think Kelly truly knows who she is at this point.

No. 218556

File: 1654710844544.jpeg (66.92 KB, 827x446, 29D088D6-839C-4866-AA6B-6CAB39…)

Welp now we know why she is so unhinged lately, she’s tokkin the devils lettuce.

No. 218699

And here I was thinking she was preggo kekk

No. 219171

seems like she came back on youtube to rehash her terribly proportioned art.
I can't get over the part where she says "you're painting a face you've known for years" while showing how she made her boyfriend look like a bird. Then the description where she makes a batshit crazy monologue about a bar fight with her art hanging in the back KEK.

here's the description for the people who don't want to give her a view but want to know what Kelly's shitty pot induced ravings:

"The feeling I get from unwrapping an Artefex panel goes much deeper than just another fleeting hit of dopamine for my insatiable consumer appetite. Artefex is more than just a brand name I’ve acquired for its status. For an artist, this is the foundation of my work; a base for the very process and expression that gives my life meaning. I suppose I would consider Artefex as more of a partner than a producer of products. Even when my work sucks (lol), my materials, my process, the time and thought devoted to each piece are all a part of one whole that is “the work”, and as an artist, I view that work as sacred.

Artefex just may be leading an art movement that people will appreciate centuries from now, provided the earth supports human life that far into the future… cuz I have my doubts with this global warming crisis, AM I RIIITE? And even if it doesn’t, at least I know the foundation I’ve chosen for my work, Artefex panels, will preserve the integrity of my work long after this manmade apocalypse destroys our species’ most treasured works on canvas.

Ok ok ok, so hear me out. Let’s say a small percentage of humanity has survived the climate catastrophe, say, 200 years from now. It’s the year 2222, the planet has entirely flooded, and the fraction of humanity surviving lives a post-apocalyptic waterworld-type existence. Ok, so let’s say my painting is hanging in a brothel-casino-bar bad-guy-type hideout, where all the kingpins play cards for stockpiled hoards of wealth. Let’s also say my painting is a relic of “the before times” and very valuable, therefore, this bad guy hideout is the closest thing we have to an art museum in these new dark ages. You with me so far? Ok. So, a fight breaks out, some bastard jumps across the bar and takes my painting off the wall to smash over his rival’s head. The bastard has done this move before- it’s always hilarious- his opponent’s head would predictably rip through the canvas and appear on the other side in place of the fancy lady painted on the front. Kind of like those kitschy face-cutout cardboard photo-ops you see on road trips. But SIKE!! The painting is on an AMC panel and doesn’t break! The bastard knocks his rival out cold and the fight ends. The crowd goes wild and the bartender hangs my painting back on the wall with loving care. He’s the only one left who remembers the deep love and respect humanity once had for fine art. A single tear falls from his cheek and he takes a swig of whiskey to numb the pain…….. anyways yeah, AMC panels won’t break, crack, warp, or rot! And if you need an improvised blunt object for a theoretical dystopian future barfight, they’re surprisingly light weight, so go for it!"

No. 223564

ironic that someone who is so vehemently “anti-capitalist” is trapping her fans into the exact same rhetoric as the corporations she claims to hate. humanizing a product into a “partner” isn’t the creative serve she seems to think it is.

No. 224295

That’s a good point

No. 225806

File: 1656950933271.png (3.13 MB, 1125x2436, A77C0935-AB02-4395-BDE3-9A5DB6…)

Looks like Kelly is changing her home to suit stick man. Can’t wait to see the crazy inflation on her items on Depop!

No. 225913

How long has her 4 post bed been gone?

No. 225938

It was only a matter of time. Wouldn't be surprised if they move into a bland colorless house full of plants sometime soon too

No. 226011

The bed's still there, in the clip she takes the draping and lights off from the top and changes it for a new one.
The video is a bit clickbait because half the comments think she's moving to Oregon when in fact the captions state that they can't afford it (capitalism, inflated prices etc) so she's gonna redo her dollhouse instead.

Weird thing for me considering we know Kelly wants to get married, it starts off saying she wants to buy a house with her partner, like surely you should marry before purchasing a house together.
Think he just spins lies for her and he has no intention of marrying or buying a house. idk I think most of us have always felt something was a bit off about stickboy.

No. 226014

I honestly cannot blame him for not wanting to live in a house that looks like it was designed by a 5 year old. I remember seeing her pathetic bunk bed set up and laughing because you know there is no damn way anyone is fitting their ass in there. She's been so stuck in her childhood and wonders why all her friends are outgrowing her.

No. 226037

>She's been so stuck in her childhood and wonders why all her friends are outgrowing her.

tbf if you look at what any of the fellowship are doing now, it's the same thing they were doing 5 or 7 years ago, I like them all so it's not a diss but 0 of them are any more mature than her. With exception of Stephanie who took an insane nosedive downward, they're all basically the same now.

No. 226055

Annnnd the post is gone

No. 226173

She blacked out all of her socials. Can somebody get screengrabs? Not able to at the moment.

No. 226260

File: 1657063381660.jpeg (701.61 KB, 2880x3840, E580A87F-9AA6-4A21-92B1-E1FF0B…)

No. 226333

There's nothing in her Twitter replies or anything to explain the 14 year old boy 'going dark' profile pics, she was just talking about roe vs wade

No. 226687

File: 1657187185260.png (5.47 MB, 1284x2778, C49B6E49-D862-4F5B-BBB4-6984D0…)

So this is part of her “new” look

No. 226735

Somebody needs to take the grandma floral wallpaper away from her

No. 227061

Her icon is now the granny floral wallpaper, I feel like she's on manic mode right now like when she spraypaints everything pink.
I'm not sure about the excessive use of drapery, that's gonna be a dust magnet.

No. 227625

It’s ugly.

No. 227733

Convalescent home vibes

No. 229044

I just think it’s so hilarious that the man Kelly nearly married has knocked this woman up

No. 229107

Bets on how long it takes for her to sand this one down?

Also judging from when this was painted, the girl was about 2 months pregnant here. Kek.

No. 229446

She basically deleted her whole insta

No. 229455

File: 1657949522620.jpg (229.61 KB, 1440x1101, sammi.jpg)

Oh wow I didn't know this. Posted 16 days ago, wonder if this is what sparked Kelly's current home renovation. She doesn't mention Davey in the caption, but obviously there he is in the photo.

No. 229514

File: 1657978730722.png (9.68 MB, 1640x2360, 6953728E-1983-4923-96D1-71A501…)

No. 229530

Yikes Stickman really did a number on her huh. She's going to lose most of her few remaining fans by getting rid of the dollhouse and going to boring living. Most are only there for the aesthetic.

No. 229560

>We are moving!
>Not sure when yet
She literally has no plans to move and no money to do so, as she said in the now-deleted reel >>225806
Like does she think wanting to move and planning to move is the same thing as actually moving?

No. 230248

I understand why someone might want to get rid of their brand, because people do grow out of things. But I don't see Kelly expanding her art career or any other sort of career to make up for youtube. How is she going to afford living in LA?

No. 230306

did that anon reupload her youtube videos or not?

No. 230701

So sad to see people wasting time chasing and badmouthing others. Wasn't it easier to go live your life? I see so much envy in the comments, such ordinary people. I bet many of you are politically correct on social media and many of you don't practice your own speech. Y ' all think it's cool to make fun and humiliate a person who shared his life for people, that doesn't give you the right to offend Kelly much less her husband who has nothing to do with your lack of respect. It must be very sad to live chasing someone and wishing evil. What you've been doing for years is called bullying, but you're such cowards that you prefer to hide behind anonymity.
I see a lot of envy in each of you, a silly competition of who is better than who.

No. 230702

Go get your life griefshire

No. 230705

You who are in need of it, waste your time harming others.

No. 230707

Suck my nut.
Kelly won’t thank you for coming here, it’s the only thing keeping her relevant. Look at poor Lina, chased Kelly for years wanting her senpai to notice her and Kelly just took and took and reacted with the bare minimum.

Ever wonder why Kelly is so friends and alone, it’s because she’s a cunt dear reader!

No. 230708

*so friendless. Excuse the typo

No. 230709

Look at the education of the anonymous without the courage to show her face LOL Dear, while you die of envy Kelly continues to grow as an artist, the day she decides to go back to recording videos in partnerships it will rain in her garden. You just sit there brooding in anger, you'll never be like Kelly.I already got what I wanted, laughing in the face of an unhappy person who can't see the happiness of others.

No. 230711

Cool babes! But unlike Davey Suicide, Dahvie Vanity, Dave Navarro and Skrillex , Kelly doesn’t need to suck us to have a questionable art career.

Her art is sub par and tacky. But by all means enjoy it.

No. 230712

You guys watch Kelly all the time because you would love to be like her, but you don't have the spark that she has.

No. 230713

Love when Skeletor pops in for a chat. Stephan do us a favour and make Kelly relevant again, your sucking the life out of her and she’s getting all pruney now.

No. 230714

It's corny, but you keep following her career, deep down you want to be the same, but you can't.

No. 230716

If I wanted to be a washed up old cum dustbin, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard.

I’m watching from the sidelines because I hate that Kelly gets away with hanging around with molesters and being complicit in the Dahvie Vanity mess. Maybe take the moral high if you hate this page so much and leave. All though you must have had to willingly Google something along the lines of ‘Kelly eden hate’ to get here, to pick an unsolicited argument. So who is the one wasting their time?

No. 230717

I feel sorry for you, you are obsessed with Kelly's life, your life is very sad.
I'm not doing this to get anyone's attention, no, I just don't agree with injustice and those who connive with injustice are on the side of the oppressor, you are rotten.

No. 230719

Whatever dude. You’re clearly a whacked up psycho looking for some faux Lolita pussy. Have a good day

No. 230720

I'm not the one wasting my time wishing others ill, you're sick

No. 230721

Envious will never be like Kelly

No. 230722

Cala a boca sua burra

No. 230727

Haha Jeffree Start even hates her, I wouldn’t follower her too closely

No. 230728

File: 1658268822215.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x2048, EBC812D3-B1EA-429A-BDCE-7531BC…)

Welcome to the chat, Kelly wannabe.

No. 230729

Fucking hell it’s a worse skinwalker than Lena

No. 230730

I put my name just because I don't need to be a cow like you, envious

No. 230732

you will never be like kelly

No. 230733

You put your name for those sweet sweet follows and clicks. Go paint a picture with daddies ashes

No. 230735

It's Kelly's right, mind your own business

No. 230736

I feel sorry for the trash person you are

No. 230738

Don’t feel sorry babe, I don’t want the sympathy from a copy cat. Just know you’ll always be a B-grade knock off, can’t wait to see your house once Kelly changes hers.

No. 230740

When you're wasting your time, she's taking care of life, when you talking bad about her, she's being happy.

No. 230741

your poor language and profanity doesn't reach me.
You are a sad person.

No. 230743

yes, i am inspired by kelly, because her house is wonderful, but i am very happy with my house the way it is. You are already an unloved

No. 230745

Allowing deranged men to rape minors whilst be his tour girlfriend but not speaking up, Being anti-Semitic on YouTube videos, racist, faux bi and a general cunt. Wouldn’t want to be anything like Kelly Eden, let’s hope she fucks off with skeletor and stays there.

Ps. Heard she’s selling shit on Depop soon, maybe you could huff the dead skin sells out of her crusty ass closet.

No. 230746

Unloved but more followers than you! Sleep tight baby

No. 230747

Kelly is not what you're saying, you're a jealous narcissist

No. 230749

i don't care about followers i'm very happy with my house i bought with my money
do you think it's something because of followers? You're a shit that loves kelly and doesn't want to admit it

No. 230751

if you have that many followers, show your face, bitch

No. 230752

Can’t too busy sitting on Kelly’s.

Night night xx

No. 230753

so busy that you're here talking bad about her LOL how sad

No. 230755

This thread was dead and your dumbass revived it, good job.

No. 230756

You think it's something using anonymity, it's just a pitiful unhappy person

No. 230758

If you post without writing sage (as in the word sage) in the email box, you bump this thread to the top of the page every time you reply.
It's sweet you want to stand up for Kelly but, she has done some shitty things, I remember when she sicced her followers on someone who trolled her in the comments and the girl either got deleted by Insta or deleted herself. She could've just blocked the girl but instead this girl got dozens (hundreds?) of troll comments and lost her account.
Most people here used to be fans too until they saw some problems emerge, even recently there have been issues when she announced she was a communist and ignored everyone in the replies who had actually lived through/currently are living under communism and could confirm it sucked.
She doesn't care about her fans nor anything you have to say, unfortunately.

No. 230759

I didn't read it and I won't read it, all I had to say was said

No. 230761

You know what's the problem?
You think that no one can ever go wrong in life.
I saw the video of the Nazi camp, i think she did it without malice, she was young and i see she has matured a lot.
The fact that she's bi and dating men doesn't mean anything. She doesn't stop being bi. Stop invalidating others' bisexuality. I've seen kelly military in favor of the black cause and I think it's very cool of her, a person who has thousands of followers to give this space for such an important cause.
You say you are nice people in favor of diversity and you massacre a person who is trying to be better than before

No. 230763

She has bipolar, how many times must she have read all this shit and felt like taking her own life. Maybe many of you who think you are perfect would be here laughing and celebrating. But that says more about you than about her.

No. 230764

if you don't like her, you have every right, but do you need to follow the person's life to talk shit?

No. 230765

Good, either leave or kys.

No. 230766

people change, they grow, no one is the same forever, kelly is a good person. I think people who don't like her could be living their lives, being happy, doing something productive.

No. 230767

You don't have to agree with everything Kelly does with her life, but at least have respect and go do something useful.

No. 230768

About communism, communism was not even put into practice in fact, what Karl Marx defended was totally misrepresented, he was never in favor of a totalitarian regime. People have never read anything about Karl Marx and Engels and whoever talks nonsense. Kel is right to ignore some of unnecessary comments, for the sake of her mental health

No. 230769

Okay bye dayana. Thank you for all your valuable info that none of knew before going out of your way to find this forum. You can Go back to shopping on Kelly's depop now so you can continue copying her.

No. 230770

Yes, at least I don't live my life brooding over hate because a person is not what I wanted them to be. Much less I talk bad about wanting to be just like her. Kelly is my great inspiration and I will always have a lot of affection for her.

No. 230791

Hope it hurts when Kelly blocks you for coming to this site.

No. 230793

Holy shit shut the fuck up. Kelly will not praise you for doing this. She doesn't care about you and never will. Google parasocial relationships. Stop acting like a psycho and attaching your social media name to it

No. 230798

I won't waste my time with stupid people, keep talking alone yourself, I won't feed stupid trolls(unsaged newfaggotry)

No. 230799

>i won't feed stupid troolls!
>keeps posting anyways
See you later then.

No. 230803

Cringe. Wash your man face before psycho posting about how unbothered you are.

No. 230872

>you will never be Kelly! You’re jealous!
Says the psycho skinwalker rage posting in a dead thread. The projecting is strong

No. 231368

I don’t know why they have to all tell themselves this, but no one here wants to be anything LIKE Kelly lmao
Guess it’s easier to believe your fav gets so much hate because we’re all so mean and jealous as opposed to the actual truth - that your fav is a shitty person.

Oh and just because this got me; disliking someone and posting the truth about them doesn’t make someone a narcissist? The fuck?

No. 231491

She hasn't been back since she got redtexted. Kind of surprising given how this kind of dumbassery usually plays out. Bet she's reading along and crying over not being able to whiteknight Kelly and Skeletor anymore.

No. 231930

The funniest part is Kelly hates when people copy her because she’s so speshul and unique. It’s honestly annoying to artists for people to copy the things that make them “unique” so Kelly is going to find this skinwalk er just as cringe as we do. Get a life and your own personality maybe? And if you really need to copy someone’s whole identity maybe choose a better person To base your personality off of idk

No. 232109

File: 1658630426244.jpg (492.58 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20220723-193718_Ins…)

This isn't true at all. They have a right to charge you for DAMAGE…including a spray painted sink etc. Landlords must paint in la before a new tenant moves in, but you don't have a right to do whatever you want.

No. 232111

I can't imagine what the bill for damages will be whenever she finally moves out, considering she has Kelly-fied every square inch of the place including a Nicholas Cage shrine behind the fridge.

No. 232122

most leases have a clause that says you need to ask the landlord before painting.

No. 232155

>landlords legally cannot stop you

Kelly you privileged dumbass every landlord writes up their leases differently, not every lease is the same and most keep legal clauses in there dictating what you can and cannot do to the home. Sure they cannot go into your home and physically stop you but they will take your deposit and bill you for every single difference between the apartment now and what it was like before you moved in.
Your landlords most likely has pictures of the apartment from before you moved in and will compare them to when you move out, i also bet a cow she didn’t photograph the apartment to document any pre-existing issues or bad conditions before she started moving her shit in so the landlord has extra room to be a cunt (which they deserve cause she wrecked that apartment with babies first diy’s)
For how long shes lived there i wouldn’t be surprised if the landlord makes her pay for fixing the floor considering its been atleast a decade of thots in teaser heels running on it and her charcoal feet let us know she never cleans it.

No. 232290

Holy shit, I looked at the profile because I was skeptical thinking "Oh well, she has pink hair too, so what?".

But wow, that is skinwalking to the max. She has everything, the Disney TV, the wooden heart on the wall, the Tarina Tarantino barbie, the tarnished antiques, those creepy ceramic lamb things. the barbie display shelf, the fake taxidermy, the cardboard stars, the frosting licking photo, the hello kitty fixation, the star clips in the space buns, the painted kitchen, the flower crowns, the carousel shit, all of the lime crime and sailor moon shit. Restraining order NOW.

No. 232317

File: 1658693398367.jpeg (203.25 KB, 1261x1183, F20072E5-5267-420C-9A84-8E770E…)

It’s honestly fucking terrifying. This isn’t “inspiration”. It’s straight up psychotic. Usagikou levels of deranged.

No. 232327


She owns so many similar or same things that I barely even noticed from Kelly's backgrounds and videos, I think some of the reason people do this is to try and get famous. She uses a lot of hashtags on Instagram which suggests she wants more reach. But imo wholesale copying someone else is not the way.

No. 232394

>>232155 Best part is, Kelly herself has posted before and after photos of what the apartment looked like, so no way does the landlord not have them too. I can't be fucked to find them right now so if another nonna wants to post them. Also surprised she hasn't been in legal trouble with the landlord for making people pay her to take photos and stay over since that can also be something landlords flip out about, unless she got lucky.

No. 232395

File: 1658711986384.jpg (347.87 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20220724-211734_Ins…)

Who wants to bet this won't go through considering american student loan interests and Kelly will start crying in 2 months over it

No. 232396

File: 1658712012435.jpg (406.72 KB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20220724-211745_Ins…)

>>232395 part 2

No. 232425

Oh so she found another extravagant "fine art" that requires constantly spending money on expensive supplies for large scale projects. She really does think she's above working any kind of remotely regular job while probably getting swindled during this "apprenticeship."

No. 232472

The "kawaii" look suits her even less than it suited Kelly, I'd say. And her second latest pictures are abhorrent—not even in focus kek

No. 232473

File: 1658761520264.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 914x1226, put that shit away.png)

sorry for samefagging and i know this is Kelly's thread, but I found the skinwalking whiteknight's tumblr and the insanely awkward pictures she posts are hilarious (not nsfw but spoilered for irrelevancy)
>fugly out of focus photo sticking her tongue out
>thank you for all the support and love
>1 note

No. 232494

Her decor seems to do well on tumblr (despite the terrible photography) but not the photos of herself. She should hire a photographer, as Kelly does

No. 232886

Stop responding to bait and sage your shit, retard

No. 232893

Looooooooool. Sorry for blogpost, but my partner and I are both gainfully employed in Portland and still can't afford a house out here. The market is absurdly expensive and absolutely cut-throat, ESPECIALLY if you want a cute house in a desirable/walkable area.

Lurch2&Luna!Pink will never make it to Portland. Also

I think it's super suspicious that of all the places they could move to on the west coast they're picking the city that's working to decriminalize opiods because the drug abuse in the area is out of control.

No. 233106

File: 1658937935772.jpeg (381.42 KB, 1125x2010, 8D867769-F0FF-4AAB-B4D1-DB8961…)

The dust is going to be horrific!

No. 233144

Omg even the ceiling she is mental

No. 233160

I thought I was going insane. Why even the ceiling? wtf is the purpose?

No. 233179

File: 1658954948756.png (700.44 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_20220727-164719~2.p…)

Not milk but she is posting her drapery in Facebook decor groups.

No. 233182

drapery apprenticeship sounds extremely sad…

No. 233237

This is bonkers. Who wants to walk through curtains everytime you have to go in the kitchen?

No. 233267

This just looks so tacky, like a retirement home

No. 233273

This is all a giant fire hazard waiting to happen.

No. 233347

It looks like a circus tent

No. 233729

I kind of love it, in theory, but my allergies would literally kill me.

No. 233801

Drapery apprenticeship??? Holy shit she has too much time on her hands

No. 234072

… did she… staple it to the ceiling????

No. 234074

I'm kind of gagged that she's completely changing the aesthetic of her… entire kawaii dollhouse into 1 big frumpy curtain- especially considering the fact that ppl have rented the place out for photoshoots bc of it's aesthetic appeal. It's ugly + a loss of potential money imo.

No. 234181

This. I wouldn't be surprised if she changes her name soon too. Her bf has really gotten into her head kek

No. 234215

>>233179 all the dust she wont clean on top of that, woof

No. 234978

She doesn’t bother to iron the fabric, measure out the right lengths so it doesn’t drag all over the floor that always cakes her feet in dirt, and doesn’t hem the raw edges of the fabric so it’s fraying everywhere.
I suppose stick man didn’t bother to change her half assed attitude towards starting projects and properly finishing them. This reeks of manic episode.

No. 235001

I'm so glad I wasn't the only one who noticed the foot of extra fabric she left flopping all over the floor. It's a curtain not a fucking wedding dress. We know her home is horrendous but what is she hiding behind these curtains? Her dying channel?

No. 235310

Stickman is slowly turning her into his exes. She's all brunette now. Forgot to screencap her story yesterday but she looks so bland now.

No. 235325

File: 1659481495173.jpg (453.26 KB, 1080x1010, Screenshot_20220802-190256_Twi…)

>>232394 same anon, saging since this isn't real milk

No. 235326

File: 1659481539825.jpg (91.58 KB, 960x960, 20220802_190300.jpg)

No. 235418

It’s one thing to paint the walls but the cabinets and SINKS you can’t restore them back to the way they originally were

No. 235831

I'll never over that ugly ass fridge. Why would she put such heavy looking glass jars above the sink instead of just regular shit like rags and dish soap/sponge etc? it looks so tacky. holyshit. this is ugly

No. 235910

post a brunette pic if you get one, it's so weird how men get together with women, presumably for the differences as opposed to the exes, then mold them into the exes anyway.

No. 236788

File: 1659733251443.jpeg (421.38 KB, 529x741, A34194C8-F337-4893-98A5-425CC5…)

Wow I didn’t even recognize her

No. 236848

File: 1659738660707.jpg (665.26 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220805-181255_Ins…)

I wonder if she dyed this entire rug cause she made it so damn dirty and didnt want to clean it

No. 236849

File: 1659738685456.jpg (328.33 KB, 1080x844, Screenshot_20220805-183112_Ins…)

>>236848 Like…

No. 237003

File: 1659766935673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1284x2193, 69973E52-0539-4D8F-A9DE-49083B…)

Spotted in the wild on a video of a proposal at a Harry Styles concert. Lol she’s actually insufferable

No. 237451

KEK the salt pouring out of Kelly because she's an insufferable bitch who no one wants to actually marry. "they are all actors" lol more like people with expendable money will pay for such. You can tell that Kelly is used to using sex to try and keep ugly men but her shit personality makes her forever the bridesmaid never the bride.

No. 237514

Her new decor is actually tackier than the old stuff, the excess drapes (on the ceiling!), hot pink natty rug, and disco ball(!) posted on Instagram, definite downgrade. I wonder is skeletor is advising her hence the utter lack of taste, because as we've seen he has as much personal style as any moid which is zero. Like how the fuck is hot pink and disco balls part of maturing and healing or whatever she claims on Instagram.
Also on Twitter she posted that she's selling the Seph shrine, wonder if skeletor is jealous of her husbando.

No. 237722

File: 1659900944869.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, 35DBCA14-3A62-4DFA-A265-575444…)

LOL this was a gift from Lina Scott. She made a whole unboxing video when she sent it to her. What a fucking cunt.

No. 237815

>>237722 wonder if by next year she starts complaining she misses her shit and rebuys everything and has no sponsorships or gifts and throws tantrums

No. 237857

She also sold the sailor moon discs viz JUST sent her

No. 237985

File: 1659939656154.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1938, 1D798355-784C-426C-A6F5-B529D8…)

Is Kelly so broke she has to sell pictures of her with her old friends?

No. 237989

maybe she's getting evicted? not to tinfoil but her moving with no idea where or when is suspect.

No. 238133

I honestly hope she does

No. 238161

She really expects someone to pay 600USD for this?

No. 238238

File: 1659995608832.png (1.17 MB, 828x1792, 1F5E1164-0EDE-468E-8306-686A46…)

I’ve been debating on sharing my most recent happening on her depop. She’s gonna know exactly who I am but I want to warn potential buyers so I guess oh well.

I saw her post that she was selling her sailor moon collection, so I clicked the link and saw she had listed her proplica moon kaleidoscope wand for $89. Total came to $101-something. I paid and got the depop confirmation as well as paypal (see invoice image). Moments later I refreshed her depop to look at the other items listed. I noticed she relisted the wand I had just bought but the price was now $300. I checked my purchases tab and it still showed I had made a purchase for $100 but the listing was greyed out and empty now. I’m like wtf?? I messaged her right away and she had no idea what I was talking about until she ‘checked her receipts’ then claimed I must have bought the item while she was “updating prices” which didn’t make sense because the original listing was now BLANK in my purchases section, the money left my account and showed in my history, and there was now a brand new second listing of the item I had already supposedly purchased. If she were editing the post like she claims, that exact listing would show in my purchases and not still available to buy. She made a brand new post for $300 to price gouge WITHOUT refunding me or communicating with me whatsoever… I truly feel if I did not catch this I’d be out $100 with no wand. I was clearly super upset with her and she messaged me saying “I’m sorry you’re taking this personally”. which came off as a backhanded apology. The whole messaging back and forth was draining and she just kept lying to me. Eventually she gave me a refund after trying to haggle with me further for more money and at this point I’m not comfortable making purchases from her going forward. Please be on your toes if you buy from her shop.

No. 238240

File: 1659995788441.jpeg (200.93 KB, 1448x1745, 51A8BF18-85D4-42E2-A8F1-16C8D3…)

My depop purchase history after she cleared everything still showing I paid $100 for apparently nothing lol

No. 238241

everyone knew not to buy from her shop. It's your L you gotta take, nonnie.

No. 238242

File: 1659995863825.jpeg (562.77 KB, 1640x2360, FABBD986-B559-4DC0-9447-3FF518…)

The second listing price gouging after I already bought it and had receipts to prove it.

No. 238244

I learned the hard way. Consider the L taken lol

No. 238249

its very easy to get a full refund through paypal

No. 238272

TBH that’s not even a bad price considering I usually see it listed for around $500.
It’s messed up that she did that but $100 for a proplica wand in good condition (besides maybe the Moon Stick) is too good to be true; especially coming from someone who’s shown that she often misrepresents her items. I’m sure it sucked but you did get a refund so there’s really no harm done.

No. 238323

i haven't, it's usually 150-200 for this. it's not even the rare version.

No. 238405

Kelly treating a fan/follower like shit: evidence 546658

You're probably better off, she's been known to not send, send much worse condition items, or stall for weeks iirc from her past depop escapades.

I saw the stan from upthread in her Instagram replies, I bet she'll buy a ton of stuff since she's already recreated half of her house, hope Kelly doesn't screw her over too much.

No. 238454

File: 1660056825511.png (2.44 MB, 1329x1508, kerry.PNG)

people change and grow but this genuinely surprised me… her husbando!?!?!?

No. 238516

File: 1660072327320.png (210.01 KB, 319x237, Capture.PNG)

You can't be serious

No. 238521

File: 1660073427354.png (1.03 MB, 1203x1620, 765754333.png)

I think this is skelly's doing, he probably glares jealously every time he walks past the hotboi shrine, and after the 100th time Kelly finally got the message and has suddenly "grown out" of this franchise and character she loves. (screenshot from a couple of days ago)

No. 238528

what happened between last fall and now that she decided she can no longer love the "childish" hobbies she's had her whole life? i'm super confused. she actually hit a bit of success with her dollhouse series and suddenly stopped posting it last fall. she was also making tiktoks about her anime collection and doll accessories like 8 months ago

here we are in august and suddenly she's "grown out of it"? i mean i wont begrudge anyone changing their taste but it seems SO sudden. i'm reluctant to blame skeletor because he's lived with her for like 3 years and is seemingly helping with the weird curtain designs she's doing. so it's probably all kelly. but what triggered it? super bizarre.

No. 238618

her eviction notice kek

No. 238668

>what triggered it

I think she's in a hurry to hit those 'milestones' like marriage, home buying etc and probably her ex boyfriend knocking someone up (see >>229455 ) was actually the trigger, you're right it seems too sudden to blame on skeletor (I previously thought it was him until you pointed out the timeline)

Davey is someone she wanted to marry before, even appeared in a bridal show while dating and did a bridal photoshoot, and never really got over, despite him looking like shit in unshooped images/film. Honestly skeletor is more attractive though they are both busted. Anyway, gonna put it down to that pregnancy announcement.

No. 238671

File: 1660124587936.png (428.93 KB, 1440x1567, davey1.png)

Samefag, how's this for a caption, I think having the right partner would be instrumental surely would wind up an ex, especially an insecure one like Kelly since it implies the past partners weren't "right" even though this is blatantly a surprise accidental pregnancy kek

No. 238672

File: 1660124619455.png (233.41 KB, 1440x1516, davey2.png)

No. 238701

So Davey got Sammi Doll (or however it’s spelt) pregnant? Didn’t Kelly paint her a few months back?

No. 238820

Yeah we already mentioned it briefly upthread:

No. 238845

Thank you, I couldn’t view up thread on my phone. It’s interesting that Kelly chose to be friends with his new girlfriend

No. 238848

File: 1660168340245.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1662, 99724787-2B6F-4F91-B33E-EA2316…)

I have no words

No. 238850

File: 1660168482892.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1847, 6E4A4919-B066-43DD-AE2A-462F09…)

She’s completely overdoing it now with the drapes, soon the house is going to be one big fire hazard. I had to imagine all of the dust she will inhale from having all these drapes around.

No. 238858

these look like shit and aren't even fancy work that she would have learned from her "drape apprenticeship".

No. 238862

I thought when she posted this >>226687 that she was bullshitting, because why would anyone with half a brain do this? It's gotta be one of the ugliest combinations I've ever seen. But lo and behold, Kelly did it. Just further proof that her own "style" is garbage compared to when she's skinwalking someone else.

No. 238866

idk it doesn't make sense since she's just buying a fuck ton of shit to redecorate her house. she's selling everything but buying new stuff to decorate the place. unless very mentally ill i don't think she'd do that if she was being evicted.. ignore my retardation if ur comment was just a joke lmao

No. 238903

partially a joke, but she did say she was moving eventually so it's equally as weird for her to be decorating now anyway.

No. 238904

this shit is not going to swing in portland topkek. la? sure. lots of eccentric and crazies out there. portland? she's going to be judged and shamed out of the city within a day

No. 238912

wtf are you talking about. How does Portland not have more crazies than LA? Most people in LA aren't even in the entertainment industry, they are Mexican/Asian immigrants working in manufacturing or something like that

No. 238951

File: 1660208014926.jpg (429.12 KB, 1080x2034, Screenshot_20220811-044525_Fir…)

Selling her old dirty bag for $200 just cause it has Tetsuya Nomura's signature on it… the Sephiroth bag. Actually a bit concerned

No. 238952

File: 1660208093202.jpg (573.83 KB, 1075x1911, Screenshot_20220811-044323_Ins…)

>>238850 it gets worse when the ceiling is included

No. 238954

It’s a bit sad that she’s selling things she was so passionate about and it looks like she wants to start selling drapes (looking at the above screenshot) maybe Kelly has run into huge financial issues and is trying to making it look like she’s ‘grown up’ rather than drowning in debt.

No. 238986

Portlandia is just a TV show. Go to Portland, the only "quirky" things you'll see are like…more coffee shops and food carts with cute graphic design and slightly more people with tattoos than your average city.

LA is an actual home to the entertainment industry so I think it's safe to say there a lot more desperate weirdos, like Kelly and her old friends. Obviously there are going to be mostly normal working people in every city, but the myth that Portland is some lolrandom weirdo utopia needs to die yesterday.

Probably this. She sees drapery as a way to pivot into a serious adult career but even in interior design this has to be an extremely niche field. Maybe it could work for like wedding or event installation but I can't see Kelly willing to work in the wedding industry lmao.

In any case I don't think she has the drive to follow through on anything where people aren't actively licking her ass and telling her she's the best. While she might actually genuinely enjoy painting, she has to have realized her generic fantasy paintings aren't getting her the worshipping she feels entitled to so now she's flailing trying to find a new super special aesthetic thing only she is good at.

No. 238990

why does she think this looks good? any of it? the actual "drapes" aren't even steamed.

No. 238993

File: 1660231868071.jpeg (495.97 KB, 1125x2097, 25DC98A7-1759-4C43-8C85-665957…)

The house is such a cluttered mess, I can’t imagine how annoying it would be to move drapes out the way of doorways and wardrobes everytime you want to go somewhere or get something. Also note the half wallpapered wall. It looks a state.

No. 238998

One of her last tiktoks before she started going off the radar was talking about how much she loved this bag. That was back in February. This whole purge is probably just some weird bpd manic phase and she's going to hurt herself in the long run when she comes out of it and realizes she's lost so much of what she loves.

No. 238999

>>238998 yeah this is a bit worrying, a lot of times I've seen folks suddenly purging their belongings and clearly still like their things they end up seriously regretting it. (One of my brothers had done this years ago with complete pokemon games, ended up regretting it badly a year later and still hasn't bought all the games again due to how bad the market is)

No. 239020

Blatantly selling gifts like this is so tacky.

Also classic kelly for scalping it so high when she treats her things like garbage.

No. 239028

Especially when she didn’t pay a dime for most of this in the first place. Quite a few things are gifts or things she received for free from sponsors. It makes her anti capitalism rants even funnier.

No. 239030

Oh Lina you poor unfortunate soul.

No. 239073

File: 1660244467222.jpeg (72.24 KB, 599x596, 522FDC1F-F607-4C5A-938E-94ED23…)

Is this Kelly with one of the Victims?

No. 239083

HDU Kelly is a victim herself! So much so that she will get on a soapbox and speak out against anything and everyone but these fugly fossil peaked in the late 2000s scene moids!

No. 239087

File: 1660247062111.jpeg (299.16 KB, 828x1266, 5C2CAB16-DC72-4A62-9269-A62A7A…)

wasn’t she also speculated to be the “pink haired roommate” mentioned in the article on metalsucks with his victims?
The same victim also wasn’t legally allowed to drink (she was 18 not 21) but he gave her wine and brought her back to his place to party with them all. Wouldn’t this make Kelly sole type of complicit in his shit since she lived there too (if it was her) and the girl was drinking in her home underage?

No. 239098

“He’s not on the sex offender registry so I’ll keep taking my paychecks from him ya dig?
Pepperidge farm remembers

No. 239137

Oh you sweet summer child. Take an actual trip to Hollywood or Santa Monica and don't judge just from what you've seen in movies then get back to us.

No. 239298

It would make her fully complicit in his actions. But then again Kelly can’t paint herself as a victim of life if she has to actually take ownership of her wrong doings. ‘the Pink haired girl’ came up a few times during the Chris Hanson investigations, I wonder if Mal Levy ever reached out to her?

No. 239304

>>239020 its the classic kelly brand nonnie

No. 239330

I'm not sure what movies you're talking about that portray Hollywood as being mostly Asian/Hispanic.

No. 239337

NTA but your "Hollywood is mostly Asian and Hispanic!" sperging is so irrelevant. Like yes, it's a major city in a state with high populations of both of those groups because of it's location. It doesn't change the fact that tons of crazy people of all ethnicities think they can move there and make it and try to slide someone their screenplay or get an acting job while waiting tables. Most cities aren't attracting the specific type of crazy of a Kelly Eden who feels like they deserve fans just for existing and thinks they are too good to do anything but be glamorous and famous.

No. 239387

if you seriously hollywood has the same ratio eccentric weirdos as everywhere else, you're nuts. there's a reason those kinds of people live in cali and not boston or chicago or somewhere, and it has nothing to do with ethnic demographics.

No. 239388

Half of those things are from fans lol. I hope her devoted fans stop sending her shit. She seems everything as a price value and doesn't care to see it even if it's a gift from a fan or a tarnished item she destroyed over the years.

No. 239467

imagine logging into twitter dot com only to see your queen kelly eden is selling the gift you gave to her omg

No. 239518

File: 1660377407716.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x2202, 9FFA12EC-BC17-4A09-B9AD-E32DB5…)

It looks worse now!

No. 239522

>when you try romantic styling and fail

I know exactly what she's trying to do and it isn't working, the low light isn't making this look less like a messy pile of mismatching fabric

No. 239524

Just looks ominous and creepy. Skeletor must love it.

No. 239546

lmao the draped canopy thing in the before pic is the only example of draping that I haven’t hated so far. Downgrade.

No. 239692

Why is there an extra 2 foot of fabric hanging over the chair from in the wall? That would be so annoying to move every time you sit down. Clearly Kelly doesn’t bother to measure anything

No. 239759

maybe she should spend her secondhand gift $$ on a fucking clothing steamer. ffs.

No. 239795

File: 1660465150557.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1125x1923, 774822EC-DF3C-434B-9C50-E67F63…)

Who would want this? It’s shit. Maybe should could paint some drapes next time

No. 239892

Looks like a V.C. Andrews novel cover.

No. 239912

I struggle to see how Kelly actually makes any income. She doesn’t have a day job, she no longer makes any content for YouTube, TikTok or any other platforms. All she does is paint and drape, I don’t suppose any of those being any money in. So how does she basically survive? I wonder if she is fully reliant on skeletors income

No. 239927

>I wonder if she fully relies on skeletors income
Or mommy’s

No. 239961

File: 1660517192999.jpeg (693.05 KB, 1125x2285, 51EB0EE2-56B9-476A-BDD0-CDADE7…)

How much will the over priced, crap quality drapes be on Depop?

No. 239964

Anon, if you look on Depop at the listing from the previous 3 days (which have sold) Kelly has made $770 (that’s without any shipping mark ups)

$70 for one Furby.

No. 239970

File: 1660519891102.jpeg (682.61 KB, 1125x1397, A48F07A1-6CE5-4845-AB75-E1C725…)

I had to see her Depop for myself. On the left is the original price she paid for some hairdryer and on the right is her markup price. The Kelly Eden tax is real

No. 239987

>The Kelly Eden tax is real

No. 240141

File: 1660585478476.png (477.55 KB, 1125x2436, 8B604921-7D20-4270-BD1D-4FE4B5…)

Kelly’s IG now is monetized too. Didn’t subscribe.

No. 240166

File: 1660591542326.jpg (193.68 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20220815-152524_Ins…)

Holy shit

No. 240167

File: 1660591581938.jpg (1013.36 KB, 1079x1845, Screenshot_20220815-152546_Ins…)

No. 240171

ole girly needs a wellness check in. for real.

No. 240176

File: 1660593188659.jpg (383.77 KB, 960x1410, 22-08-15-12-52-34-608_deco.jpg)

Doesn't look very commie. What happened to Comrade Kelly? Hopefully that arc isn't over yet!

No. 240183

Is it just the lighting or is she painting with pale pink instead of white? Sage for colorblindness

No. 240187

she probably only did 1 coat, of course she's too lazy to sand and repaint these, she's just going over the paint.

No. 240193

When I tell you I cackled at this!

No. 240205

just dyed stained rug and it's already time to use it to protect the floor from paint

No. 240206

the end of an era. i wonder if it's psych ward next?

No. 240291

>Someone do free labor for me! Here have some crap pizza and shitty cookies as payment.
Oh Kelly, you never change.

Does anyone know if she ever shared her earnings with her friends? Since she made youtube money and patreon money off them being in her videos, I'm curious about if she ever paid them their share or if the free cup of noodles is all they got.

No. 240296

Knowing her, she paid in ~exposure~

No. 240315

Holy fuck I did not notice skeletor until i zoomed in ahahahaha

No. 240377

File: 1660672228101.jpeg (462.3 KB, 1125x952, 3B33CBDF-17F3-4B78-95C4-C939FE…)

So basically just pay Kelly for no reason?

No. 240394

Kek it’s Kelly’s psycho skinwalking fan girl. Of course she would pay money. But wtf is going to offer? Her new curtain hobby? She pretty much ditched her own discord. She never seemed the type to want to entertain her fans.

No. 240398

File: 1660682469039.jpeg (208.61 KB, 827x1121, 378626F8-8820-4981-92B1-FE7839…)

You can buy these on eBay for $20 a piece sealed in the box.


No. 240413

I wonder who would win in a fight out of this skin walker and Lina. Maybe they could battle for Kelly’s affections.

No. 240439

File: 1660693512457.jpg (531.17 KB, 1080x2224, Screenshot_20220816-193544_Ins…)

Ok kelly

No. 240442

It’s funny because she’s actually the negative energy, it’s coming from the inside. Not outside.

No. 240443

holyshit, this is a dust trap

No. 240449

Nasty. Knowing how gross her floors are, the bottom of that vacuum has got to be filthy. And it's on her bed..

No. 240467

File: 1660701890606.jpg (27.75 KB, 672x480, 1 (2).jpg)

Waking up to that ceiling would make me nauseous, funny that she's vacuuming the thing already. Also a terrible fire hazard…

No. 240468

Can't wait for the inevitable "Waah I was in an aboosive relationship!" Youtube return kek

No. 240515

File: 1660713307599.jpg (348.21 KB, 1077x1915, Screenshot_20220817-011415_Ins…)

This is a lot of undoing and redoing for a supposed move

No. 240516

File: 1660713382820.jpg (882.62 KB, 1079x1907, Screenshot_20220817-011708_Ins…)

No. 240525

That hoover looks like it’s never been emptied

No. 240561

I mean she has no friends anymore so

No. 240563

Whoaaaa Kelly don’t spend the $4 a month you get from Lina and Deyana’s two subs in one place. They are the only two sad enough to actually pay for her zero effort content.

No. 240583

Her hair looks awful. I’m sensing some kind of personality breakdown here.

No. 240590

I agree. You can have a natural hair color without looking like a dour, depressed tradwife.

No. 240592

File: 1660755373481.jpg (1.34 MB, 1315x2340, skeletor1.jpg)

Skeletor's ig gives off major red flags to me. He hasn't updated in a year, which is fine and social media breaks are allowed, but his last 10 post are Kelly over the course of 2019 to 2021 becoming progressively less colorful and more normie.

It looks less of like "look at me an my gf doing stuff over the course of a couple of years" and more like creepy documentation of his progress when he literally posts nothing else, used to be fairly active on ig, and completely purged all evidence of his last relationship with a woman he compulsively photographed. Serious weirdo vibes. Even people in their honeymoon phase don't completely devote their sm to pics of the person they are dating with long doting captions every post. For years

No. 240593

File: 1660755606139.jpg (4.07 MB, 4096x3072, skeletor2.jpg)

Summer 2019 to summer 2021. Kelly's aesthetic was tacky but completely remolding yourself and your living space to please a sickly scarecrow looking moid? Couldn't be me. Looks like he visited Portland and the pnw in the past too which is probably why they feel entitled to a house here like every other goddamn California transplant.

No. 240645

ngl I miss her pink hair. Sad to see the colour literally vanish from someone when they get with an ugly scrote.

No. 240676

She looks miserable. This is sad

No. 240692

It's all self inflicted unfortunately. If she wasn't so selfish and self absorbed she may still have a friend or two. But she clearly doesn't want to change.

I am still so curious about the "talks" they had with her before dumping her. Oh to be a fly on that wall.

No. 240757

It’s a shame because Kelly barely does photoshoots anymore. It seems like she’s always in her house either painting or making a canopy of some kind. Kelly used to always be out and about and visiting random themed places. Skeletor has definitely made her socially ostracised. I wonder if Sekril would have actually been a kinder match?

No. 240758

SENSUAL SCRATCHES OMG I forgot about him.

No. 240835

this along with the demolition of the rest of her pink kawaii dream house is the most depressing thing ever

No. 240871

Kek Kelly socially ostracized herself years ago when all of her “fellowship of the rainbow” friends got sick of her. It’s fun to blame skeletor but you have to remember she literally did this to herself and isolated herself. She looks sad? Who fucking cares? Who fucking cares that she’s taking apart the dollhouse? From ugly paintings to scamming people on depop to her draping “apprenticeship” which has only produced poorly done dustbombs and fire hazards to very obviously trying to monetize said shitty drapes ASAP she’s still the same awful person we’ve always known.
Maybe if she’d actually taken any time to work on herself (kek remember when she claimed she was a mental health advocate?) then her ex knocking up another girl wouldn’t have triggered her so badly.
If she’s miserable, she made herself that way.

No. 240877

>>240871 youre absolutely right and you should say it lol

No. 241709

File: 1661103167602.jpeg (434.49 KB, 1125x1797, FB5705A8-DAB8-4B96-B489-246D04…)


No. 241809

The absolute narcissism

No. 241821

Imagine thinking your some kind of celebrity and selling signed pictures of yourself and pictures of you and people who hate you. Pathetic

No. 241894

Just seen that BOTDF released a song in 2012 around the time Kelly and Dahvie ‘weren’t dating’ The songs called Hell on Heels. After looking back some of his old stans believe it’s about here. Thought that was quite interesting.

No. 241896

Could be a reach but that could be possible anon. They were rumoured to be in a relationship around that time following on from a Brian Stars interview.

To save time going back over old topics maybe look up the thread. Kelly is known to bed hop when it comes to ‘famous’ guys.

No. 241940

Selling Polaroids of yourself with people you’re not even friends with anymore. Classy. Times really are desperate hmm.

No. 242006

File: 1661232895392.jpeg (274.67 KB, 1125x1764, 2F590044-E850-4710-BEC8-B335E9…)

Undoing the dollhouse for a move so taking down the bunk bed to then build a heart doorway arch… I don’t get it

No. 242020

She’s going to cover that in drapes. It’s going to look shite

No. 242027

Didn't she clarify that she isn't actually moving yet, but is wanting to move in a year or two?

No. 242031

Yes, but it is a lot of work to rip down in a couple of years.

No. 242077

Y’all let’s be honest. Kelly isn’t moving. Her saying she is but she doesn’t know when is just like every other person who says “yeah I want to move”. She just had to make it sound dramatic as a sick burn to her ex? That’s the only reasonable explanation. Her saying she was moving was just another scream for attention.
She would NOT be putting that much effort into redecorating if she actually moving at ANY point in the foreseeable future.
Personally her saying she’s moving simply sounds like an excuse for why she’s tearing apart her house when in reality she’s just ditching the trashy kawaii screaming in public personality and style but KNOWS anyone who still is delusional enough to like her will criticize her/decide they’re done with her for getting rid of the only thing that made her interesting: that tacky house with the absolutely filthy floors.

No. 242082

she's literally making it worse though with her dust traps.

No. 242089

>Y’all let’s be honest. Kelly isn’t moving. Her saying she is but she doesn’t know when is just like every other person who says “yeah I want to move”.

She reminds me of people I worked with, the specific ones who claimed to want a new job and be applying for new jobs every week are still there and everyone else left kek.

After seeing her latest reel I can't see her moving at all, those plyboard sheets are huge, you will not be able to fit all that on a moving truck and she obviously paid that guy Leo a fair bit for his draping and DIY work, and paid a lot for fabric.

I think she's just renovating since her main income is actually renting out her home by the hour for photoshoots, she just doesn't implicitly state that on her socials since it's of questionable legality (tbh her landlord probably doesn't care, at least she's not making it a crackhouse or a tip in there, I have seen much worse)

No. 242100

I think what's going on is her house has been rented out so much she's giving it a makeover to "freshen things up" for other clients. Her house was so distinct and recognisable that you can actually point it out in ads/MVs/ETC.

No. 242117

ayrt, that's what I think too, either for returning clients or new ones, it is definitely recognisable at this point and she's selling off some of the recognisable pieces too

No. 242134

Building a heart doorway… straight into a wall.

No. 242148

building a heart doorway is stupid period. how are you supposed to walk through it?

No. 242226

>>242148 IMO it can be a cute idea but knowing kelly its not going to be executed well and also literally going straight into the wall. Hilarious

No. 242235

I truly want to know who is going to walk into that dusty ass fire hazard of a house with its puke green granny wallpaper and go “yeah I def wanna give you money to rent out this space”

No. 242255

Kelly’s so quirky she eats crackers whilst doing a voice over… cringe!(sage your shit)

No. 242268

heart window, sure, heart door not so sure about. if the heart is upright like she's building it, you'll have to step over the bottom when you walk. it'd make more sense if the heart was slightly on it's side.

No. 242279

File: 1661368301769.png (7.76 MB, 1125x2436, 6BDB0FCA-B3A8-4F4D-B043-710F9E…)

The room looks so cluttered now. It’s actually quite ugly.

No. 242313

it's way worse, bitch has no taste

No. 242390

Does she not understand how dangerous and unsafe all of that drapery is? She is one little ember away from a house scaled flash fire cause she decided to staple bolts of fabric everywhere like a cretin. Out of all the housemods, if i were her landlord this is the one I would have to firmly put my foot down cause she is not only risking herself but the entire home by doing this. If there was a fire safety inspection she would be asked to remove it for the safety of everyone involved.

No. 242395

File: 1661415127433.png (7.54 MB, 1125x2436, 94947DD7-AB4F-4B35-B714-1F50B4…)

Oh hell no! Is she about to start piping silicone onto the walls to make it look like cake kek

No. 242427

File: 1661434865170.png (4.92 MB, 1125x2436, 7ED4C18D-51CB-4F0B-B491-BE7CD4…)

Big fire hazard, let’s hope the lights don’t over heat the fabric. Yikes Kelly

No. 242428

>>242427 oh fuuuuuuck no those better be fake candles. She is wildly stupid

No. 242442

along with everything else wrong here, why a fucking disco ball amongst all of the romantic, princessy aesthetic shit? it looks so out of place.

No. 242456

You’re right. A chandelier with dangling crystals would have been a better option. She’s still get the light pattern and it would match the romantic look. The candles do look fake, she’d be too lazy to constantly have to turn them off and light them.

No. 242463

It's a direct ripoff from Cakeland LA.

No. 242502

Sadly you can tell she lit them left to right. Those are real candles.

No. 242548

File: 1661474055518.png (104.91 KB, 216x324, candles.png)

>>242502 yup, these can't be fake. What an idiot

No. 242552

>cover your home with mountains of draped fabric hanging off every surface
>Light some candles directly above some of it

Honestly baffled

No. 242576

I love natural selection

No. 242609

Kelly Eden, The insurance payout era!

She’s so dumb.

No. 242610

File: 1661496656672.jpeg (287.85 KB, 1125x1135, FE9C06B1-51C2-40F2-BD72-5D67D7…)

Poor child

No. 242707

she should be looking for some education instead. striped*

No. 243017

File: 1661632176141.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1956, 01770E3D-B399-4D4F-87BD-FBC55C…)

The drapes aren’t even evenly spaced.

No. 243019

I never noticed how bad those cinema chairs are painted before, guess she had no reference for those. Strange to sell after ten whole years, is it a stan just buying anything? or is she lying? Did the horrible drapes attract new buyers/viewers? Many questions

No. 243042

So, the first two rows are the only ones that matter. The rest aren't supposed to be focus not defending Kelly, but your nitpick and art crit come down to your preference. Our of most of her art, this is probably the least offensive.

No. 243058

>the first two rows are the only ones that matter
the first two rows also look like shit kek, but I guess you have a point in that they get increasingly bad as you go back.

No. 243072

The tradwife vibes are ick

No. 243271

File: 1661723781101.jpg (272.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220828-175145_Twi…)

Official before and after video of the bedroom has come out, screenshot of the before

No. 243272

File: 1661723811959.jpg (244.83 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220828-175155_Twi…)

>>243271 and the after

No. 243273

File: 1661723932426.jpg (815.33 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220828_175623.jpg)

>>243272 same nonna as the last 2, the goddamn candles. Wouldnt be shocked to hear a fire happening and I doubt the carpet in the room will be cleaned ever. Entire room is going to get filthy so fast

No. 243311

British Grandma X boudoir

No. 243312

My brain refuses to accept the fact these are real candles, but it certainly looks like it.

No. 243324

>>243312 they are real, screenshots dont really do justice

No. 243334

I’m really trying to figure out who she’s appealing to- only fans models maybe? Her past clients aren’t going to want to use this space, period. Maybe some music videos I could see that, but Atleast her old space was thematic enough for various uses but this space now just looks like it smells like vagina.

No. 243341

wow, who bought this? that painting has no dimension or life.

No. 243342

My throat hurts looking at this! Drapes and carpet? it's a dust trap

This is so dangerous. Doesnt she have neighbors? this is so risky to burning down her unit and others. holyshit

No. 243380

Still not over the yards of extra fabric just thrown over the chair.(learn2sage)

No. 243960

What is all over the floor? Disaster.

No. 243971

>>243960 its just a big carpet, wouldn't be surprised if its already filthy

No. 244281

Honestly though it’s a glow up to how it looked before. Sue me but it looks more cohesive now and like she but more effort in it. It’s tacky af but it fits her.

No. 244425

It looks like a room in an upscale brothel

No. 244917

File: 1662277201053.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 6472A404-B8BF-4C0F-8748-8275D0…)

Here’s the new Aunt Kelly

No. 244948

I thought that was Heather Sparkles/Steele at first. Her hair…jesus.

No. 244951

File: 1662292666721.png (125.86 KB, 475x538, Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 18-05…)

Is she trying to Karen Anonymous?

No. 244953

Her expression how could you?? but maybe that's my imagination kek. God that must be awkward, holding the baby of your ex boyfriend who wouldn't marry you despite marriage photoshoots and bridal reality tv show appearances? idk why she would even get involved honestly, just gonna be painful surely

No. 245223

Those glasses! Kelly really is starting to dress like she’s old.

No. 245380

That lil princess palace is going to burn with all of those candles and a wall, ceiling and floor full of fabric.

No. 246248

She clearly loves DIY interior design. She should make that her thing. Apply for tv show competitions. It's flashy enough to get views.

No. 246504

File: 1662706321282.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x2055, 3C6CCA40-859E-4768-9BA0-885D1A…)

Wtf Kelly!

No. 246524

>>246504 camel toe sephiroth lmao

No. 247308

File: 1662886581446.jpg (152.2 KB, 1080x1920, img (6).jpg)

She's really selling it all, wonder if she'll regret it since she's obviously on a prolonged manic phase. As a figure and doll collector I have read many other collectors who regret selling special pieces and not being able to buy them again/them being too expensive to buy again.

Also shouldn't she get her student debt canceled or partly paid off due to the new thing in the US? So she doesn't need to do this?

No. 247314

In what way is his pants being detachable a plus kek? I highly doubt anyone is going to go to the effort to sew new ones for a plushie that cheap looking. Wow that sounds weird.

No. 247335

I can't believe she's really selling this all, I thought she really loved Sephioroth for years. What changed? this is actually semi-concerning kek

No. 247355

File: 1662899741861.jpeg (107.28 KB, 723x847, 242A87D1-4B9C-4D9E-BF4E-AB159D…)

Seriously? You could make this at home for $10 tops. She’s inhaled too many paint fumes. The back isn’t even nicely done and still has the price tag from whatever hobby lobby type place she bought it from.

No. 247356

File: 1662899820447.jpeg (298.32 KB, 1506x1605, F0C6D266-68CE-4D88-A113-40BFC6…)

No. 247416

File: 1662910483216.jpg (748.3 KB, 1080x1866, Screenshot_20220910_143701.jpg)

>>247335 its almost gone, wonder when we're going to have to hear about her regretting all this
>>247356 i can literally hear my old art major teacher absolutely screaming rn

No. 247478

Isn’t that brand from dollar tree?

No. 247598

See, SHE painted over it, so now it's worth more./s

No. 247870

It’s literally dirty

No. 248276

I have yet to see her sell the prized Sephiroth perfume "the most sought after item in the collection". If she's really selling it all or holding onto some sentiment.

No. 248347

Some of those she’s had since she was like 15 i think? She’s the fucking weirdest when it comes to sentimental things, it’s like her trying to sell the painting with her dads ashes in it. Do you have no emotional attachment to these things Kelly?

No. 248354

Some of the stuff she's selling for only $8-15, literally would be worth more in sentimental value than actual money. I think she's doing this as some symbolic offloading of the past because it doesn't seem worth the effort.

No. 248505

Do you all think maybe skeletor gave her an ultimatum?

No. 248749

File: 1663154356298.jpg (56.66 KB, 500x448, sephiroth_eau.jpg)

>>248276 holy crap I forgot about that perfume, she could easily scalp that on depop since it goes for more than $100+ USD. But also I wonder if shes keeping it since it can be fairly subtle

No. 249449

If he did I bet you it was him saying "you like him more than me don't you?" Sounds like it's either a midlife crisis or Skelator syndrome

No. 249463

I bet Skeletor has been waiting for this day. He’s certainly made Kelly more bland and manic.

No. 249530

File: 1663342436987.jpg (17.93 KB, 320x320, 306435625_570075011523145_2948…)

Kelly Eden new profile pic just dropped

No. 249533

File: 1663342748129.jpg (127.89 KB, 1125x2000, 306963890_377208187950017_5117…)

She's replying on stories right now, basically several variations of this question and answer regarding youtube, twitch etc

No. 249535

File: 1663342812227.jpg (145.97 KB, 1125x2000, 307242415_819553882552310_6110…)

About the Seph purge

No. 249559

are we sure she's not downsizing her place?

No. 249582

File: 1663359658826.jpg (686.5 KB, 1079x1881, Screenshot_20220916_161839_Ins…)

Some of you already beat me to some of the q&a stuff lol. I know we like to clown on Kelly but at least she's doing something with herself even if it means shes bland now. (She could be Jill aka pixielocks rn)

No. 249928

File: 1663656359980.jpeg (927.46 KB, 1125x1959, 74503E50-594C-4281-8402-6D7DA8…)

Kelly is so fake deep, trying to appear intelligent on Twitter. Must still be smoking the weed with her pet skeleton.

No. 249995

She and Skeletor live on thesaurus dot com

No. 250045

Oh Kelly you are so profound and woke!!! Go you!

No. 251137

I hadn’t kept up with her but just went to look her up and wow she deleted almost everything off her Instagram. Looks like she’s changed her whole identity. She seems really boring now.

No. 251360

The majority of cows that say they’re happy and at peace or whatever are usually lying and coping. If you’re truly happy you’re not going around online announcing it to strangers and selling your supposed prized belongings like someone who’s about to off themselves. She’s whittling away at many things she held on to for many years as parts of her identity and that seems pretty grim.
I know Kelly is too much of a narc to ever kill herself but the sudden purging of her hoard and mania remind me of people who get super chipper right when they’re about to Kermit.
Even though all her colorful aspects were blatant attempts at skinwalking they at least looked more lively idk.
I guess her outside is matching her inside which is a vacant soulless person with no real identity besides the ones other people and trends gave her.
I can’t think of any actual distinctive traits she has besides being an unhygienic attention whore narc with pink hair and big fake boobs. Now without that she’s just an unhygienic husk that parrots stick man like he’s some kind of guru.

No. 251853

Tinfoil but what if her ditching the hair and the decor is her trying to purge anything connecting her to her old friend group. It started with videos and posts and now it's her entire identity, she flips her lid that people still bring them up and she always goes into some sorta spiral when she's mentioned by them. IDK the fact it's her and the bag of bones I bet you she realizes how no one liked her ass without everyone else

No. 251892

This and I think the final trigger for it was her ex having a baby with the woman she painted. The woman who was pregnant with her ex's baby at the time too topkek

No. 252053

File: 1664433402265.jpg (522.35 KB, 1080x2670, Screenshot_20220929-073618_Gma…)

Am I tripping or is this looking like Kelly's house

No. 252091

Similar style but that's not her house.

No. 252457

File: 1664571580388.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20220930_165600_Ins…)

$280 for pet portrait commissions, and also getting features in galleries. Personally, Im glad she's taking art a bit more seriously.

No. 252458

File: 1664571742023.jpg (1.54 MB, 1073x5154, Screenshot_20220930_170109_Ins…)

>>252457 Wish the text and background colors on her site were different cause this is barely readable (and kek 2021 typo)

No. 252459

>taking art a bit more seriously.
>Posts DeviantArt tier painting of a cat

No. 252469

I thought it was just my phone displaying it weirdly but it's actually like that, unreadable. Note the part about mixing pet ashes in with the paint(?). idk, fellow artfags is this a normal thing to offer, bc Kelly is the only artist I've seen do this.

No. 252500

No. It’s fucking weird.

No. 254082

Nta, but this looks good imo and DA does have good art too. It's just not popular and also destroyed by lowteir shitty rule34 art. This isn't that.

No. 254123

That cat looks like it has autism

No. 254202

File: 1664900888594.jpeg (775.57 KB, 1125x1762, 89851BDD-1D91-4BA3-9FD2-AF88A6…)

Oh to be a ‘woke’ influencer in the first world.

No. 254346

Shuuuut the fuck uppppp Kelly

Never thought I’d say this but I miss the fake nerd girl shtick. It was waaay more tolerable than this female skeletor skinwalk. It’s insufferable.

No. 254405

Kelly, you’re a washed up kawaii influencer who has a fine art degree (is it even a degree or just that she went to art school). I doubt you know anything except what you read on twitter, and even I believed that you were informed about current events, I wouldn’t listen to what you have to say since you’ve proven yourself to make bad decisions ie spray painting sinks and not realizing you were spending $1500 on a dress that won’t fit your bolt on implants. So shut the fuck up.

No. 254975

File: 1665040412444.jpeg (231.78 KB, 1125x690, A22F061F-CE98-4721-B9CC-D10979…)

Oh my god that’s cringe. Cadet Kelly over here living her best edge lord life.

No. 254996

what the actual fuck is she on about here?? like yeah kelly im sure you in your infinite wisdom know whats best for the country you have 0 ties with thats currently in the midst of a war. wtf

No. 255215

Oh yes, this american asshole who couldn't even count her goddamn yens and made a fool out of herself knows about the shit in Ukraine or in the world at all. This shit is so ignorant, it's almost offensive. She should get another botched neck lipo and shut the fuck up.

No. 255332

File: 1665077808967.png (26.19 KB, 480x218, Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 13-31…)

It's like a fetish at this point. Comrade Kelly is such a weird identity to choose to build. Is she overcompensating for people claiming she's selfish all of those years or have those student loans just really sent her off the deep end? I don't think she's Bi-polar, I think she's been BPD this whole time.

I can understand communism in theory being appealing but in practice? Wot? Is extreme poverty her new kink or does she think not being able to Postmates every meal because she literally has no job is the same thing?

No. 255366

Is she skin-walking someone now or is this an original character?

No. 255555

She's skinwalking her skeletor boyfriend.

No. 255714

Insane tinfoil incoming, but sometimes I think Skeletor's actually the one tweeting whenever Kelly wants to look deep (like >>254202) , while she's still responsible for the tweets that look like they were typed by someone at a third grade reading level(like >>255332). Now, why he'd even do that is a mystery, but maybe he just didn't realize that making Kelly a boring shell of her former self and alienating her from what few fans she had left by getting her to go trad and delete her videos isn't the way to get the word out.

No. 256468

She has a personality which absorbs and echoes who's around her, it's why the videos with Dre worked so well as the person Kelly became around Dre was quite appealing.
Now she has a boring commie "deep" moid that's all we'll see echoed and it is utterly unappealing. I think she Tweets that stuff herself but it's essentially an echo of whatever boring shit he talks about every day.

No. 256875

File: 1665303359218.jpeg (665.63 KB, 1125x1536, 23E46B58-0643-4090-B347-501823…)

Maybe if you didn’t buy a load of pastel coloured crap you’d of actually had the savings for a house Kelly. UWU such a victim of life.

No. 256878

File: 1665306858610.jpg (48 KB, 828x828, beast.jpg)

CP bump, please scroll with caution.

No. 256919

That’s just it. She refuses to acknowledge the unnecessary purchases- the anime figures, shoes, clothes, trips to japan, tattoos, consistently eating out, etc… she spent her money instead of saving it. She has a degree that she doesn’t use, she doesn’t have a job with steady income… yeah no shit you can’t afford a house.

No. 256939

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying things/doing things you enjoy if you can afford it. Even if you tally up all the anime figures, tattoos, trips etc., it wouldn’t be enough to buy a house in Los Angeles.
The issue is more that she had an inconsistent stream of income as a model/influencer, and in the past couple years it feels like she hasn’t even really been doing that. I’m not sure how she’s been paying her bills, since she doesn’t seem to work. If she had been working a regular job, or appearing to bust her ass as an influencer, I’d feel a little more sympathetic towards a post like this, because it does suck for a lot of people who do work hard and still can’t afford a house. But Kelly doesn’t do anything except fuck around with the house she doesn’t own and complain.

No. 256953

File: 1665336247338.jpeg (760.71 KB, 1125x2209, AF46D6E7-DD6F-4100-8BF6-0D78B6…)

what is it with Kelly accusing companies of not doing well as soon as she has a minor inconvenience with them? She said the same thing about the Angelic Pretty store in Japan when she couldn’t read numbers properly. Kelly the issue isn’t the companies losing business, it’s you being a self entitled brat!

No. 257339

File: 1665436822720.png (42.14 KB, 616x222, liarliar.png)

She's such a liar kek

No. 257386

“Astounding” ok Kelly

Can’t wait to see the identity crisis when they break up

No. 257581

I really hope they break up. He’s just gross and she’s changed in such a negative way since she started dating him.

No. 257607

The fact she even Tweeted it was a reduction and is now saying "removed" is so misleading. Might seem like a nitpick but implants cause autoimmune problems and other assorted health issues, so you won't experience a true benefit unless you actually remove them.

No. 257608

File: 1665509741827.jpeg (200.09 KB, 1125x1147, C5AF6746-C0CA-44DA-8EDC-740E8B…)

WTF Kelly!

No. 257611

I think her pivoting to art is a very good change, but deleting all her videos, dropping her friends, selling her figurines, and declaring herself a commie (despite onslaught of people who actually have experience with communism gently explaining why it isn't the solution) are all bad ones.

No. 257613

Assuming she is familiar with the tranny cult and isn't confused here, is she really celebrating a cis woman lopping off her breasts for shits and giggles? Like not even a transgender person or someone recovering from cancer, just a healthy person hacking 'em off?

Kelly have one single good opinion challenge

No. 257632

Some women get mastectomies if they have the gene that causes breast cancer to try to avoid getting it. Which was probably the case because I can’t imagine a doctor fully removing a woman’s breasts for no reason.

No. 257640

File: 1665516562611.jpeg (765.29 KB, 1125x2304, E28645EA-9D89-4D26-8714-D63257…)

Oooh! More identity crisis on Twitter

No. 257754

>>257640 cant wait to hear within the next few months kelly screaming and crying she misses everything

No. 258049

Have there been any pictures of Kelly’s art show yet? She’s been fairly quiet about how it went

No. 259113

File: 1666026974789.jpeg (705.36 KB, 1125x1515, 787A39FF-1942-42A5-9520-FBEA12…)

But I guess spray paint, frivolous spending and loads of plastic tat from Daiso is ok though Kelly?

No. 259116

these kinds of activists are morons though.

No. 259121

>>259113 kelly your own paints have oil in them wtf. This type of activism is stupid and obviously theres better ways but shes so fuckin dumb per usual

No. 259122

anon, they are talking about fossil fuels, oil paints contain oils from plants, not "oil" as in fossil fuel…

No. 259144

File: 1666038162017.jpeg (400.5 KB, 1125x860, 09A5C11E-0BFC-42FF-AFFF-74EBEE…)

Kelly’s Twitter has become rather ridiculous lately.

No. 259150

When you have an art degree and try and comment on sociopolitical issues

No. 259173

Uhh…has she become a tankie while nobody was caring to look? The subtext of the tweet she's replying to is very clear…

No. 264016

File: 1667568864778.jpg (252.02 KB, 1077x1914, Screenshot_20221103_230526_Ins…)

Kelly's posted being on a podcast, not sure if anything remotely milky is on it but if another anon has apple music or something to listen

No. 264431

File: 1667687745853.png (1022.25 KB, 750x1334, BE164980-75D7-4B2B-A277-F59D48…)

Kelly posted this to her story. Is it just me or is she virtually unrecognisable with brown hair? I feel like I wouldn’t look twice if I walked past her in the street

No. 264463

Skelly has turned her into his ex kek

No. 264478

>No pink hair
>No visible tattoos
>No pastel clothes
She's a boring, unrecognizable blob here.

No. 264556

Cadet Kelly Uniform

No. 264559

File: 1667770233294.jpeg (329.58 KB, 1125x642, FF98BE92-A649-477F-A192-E4658E…)

Sure Kelly. Nice Retweet Skelly!

No. 264569

Wow, she’s literally been stripped of her whole identity

No. 264575

Yeah it’s pretty normal to grow out of that.

No. 264583

Glad someone else said it, what even was the point of breaking up with the ex if you are going to "encourage" the new gf to drop every differing trait?
She did post reels in a pink wig just behaving as before too. And I think that brown hair is a wig. It's kinda like she's trying to be two opposing people at once.
>retweet about loving partners don't try and change you
>has visibly dropped many unique traits to the point followers comment about it
Cow self awareness challenge: failed

No. 264585

File: 1667780006250.jpg (481.94 KB, 1536x2048, media_Fg2iRdOUYAEXsQj.jpg)

Photo with wig(?)

Kinda giving lana del rey/coquette dated early 2010s vibes

No. 264598

>>264585 matches all the fire hazards in the room

No. 264605

That dress makes her look super short.

No. 264624

Damn even her phone case is boring and basic

No. 264632

There's growing out of things naturally over a number of years, and then there's Kelly, changing everything about herself in less than a year to suit Skeletor's tastes.

No. 264654

WHAT that is Kelly? I thought it was a middle aged lady helping her ?? What’s with her face?

No. 264726

10e says that's her wedding dress

No. 264748

File: 1667860252426.jpg (654.21 KB, 1080x1881, Screenshot_20221107_172942_Ins…)

If she didn't decide to sell all her shit off to appease her corpse boyfriend you know she would've bought this

No. 264790

I like that she sold her anime stuff she "grew out of" and then buys selkie dresses and obviously wants this (admittedly very interesting) barbie

If skeletor is reading ths thread, I think she wants you to buy it for her. She posted it on Twitter too and mentioned the price both times.

No. 264798

It’s from the Selkirk sample sale she went to. I highly doubt she means it to be her wedding dress unless Skeletor will only do a court house wedding and refuses to let her get a real wedding dress.
How do they even make money/pay bills? Kelly doesn’t seem to do… anything and seems like she’s too up her ass to get a day job.

No. 265245

She’s been posting a lot of reels with Lana audio, probably her new personality skinwalk albeit ten years too late. It’s impossible for Kelly to form her own personality.

No. 265428

As someone who viewed Skeletor's ex gf's page when he and Kelly had just gotten together.. she's skinwalking his ex. Must want that ring bad seeing how Davey just had a baby & that's the time she lost her mind kek

No. 265599

I remember around the time skeletor was writing stuff like "I want to put a baby in your belly" on Kelly's Instagram, he had a lot of photos of his ex on his account and she looks a lot like Kelly, can't remember if she was a coquette/lana type though

No. 265669

File: 1668373062319.png (6.25 MB, 1125x2436, A3605F43-54C7-498E-A062-70CB07…)

Back to the questionable pink wigs.

No. 265670

she looks really nice here, i like the makeup and the pink/green combo

No. 265687

are you kidding?

No. 265690

The fucking mood whiplash between this and >>264431 feels like a cry for help.

No. 265731

I agree, she looks really good here, this was her dressing up for the barbie release where mark ryden was signing stuff. Kinda thing would make a good video if she hadn't nuked her channel.

No. 265758

Kelly and the girl in the middle look completely busted.

No. 265761

File: 1668411040800.jpeg (557.92 KB, 1125x1865, EA24695D-5AF9-4424-BAD7-03E8DF…)

But Kelly, you don’t work!

No. 265769

The irony of her saying this right after queueing for a $350 barbie (which was sold out before she got to buy it)
Is she just straight up parroting skeletor here because nobody who truly believes they cannot afford to live would be buying selkie dresses and limited edition barbies
disclaimer I am glad she has been doing this since this seems more like normal Kelly, but it's at odds with the commie doomer stuff

No. 265770

samefag, tinfoil: skeletor can't afford kelly's livestyle of consumerism and cute stuff so he has been shilling commie doomer shit to her for years, with partial success. Typical moid trying to bring you down to his level

No. 265780

Do we know what skeletor does for a living (if anything, working is not very twitter commie)? I always just assumed he was leeching Kelly's life energy to sustain himself.

No. 265784

This bitch floors me. No self awareness AT ALL. You live in SoCal in a townhouse filled with drapery. You buy trinkets like an addict. You contribute NOTHING back to society or your community. YOU HAVE SACRIFICED NOTHING FOR THE PEOPLE. You aren't communist. You're a woke trash bougie wanna be shopping addict. Like, go get knocked up and make a pumpkin spice basic white bitch momstagram and fuck off already. Your uneducated opinions kill brain cells.

No. 265822

Chill the fuck out anon, communism is an internet meme anyway.

No. 265880

Hes a photographer, that's how they met. If that constitutes working is a totally separate discussion tho.

No. 266156

File: 1668605920299.jpeg (572.69 KB, 1125x2089, 9C0CF2CD-1795-46F6-93B4-FCD396…)

No. 266157

File: 1668606028650.jpeg (241.22 KB, 1125x448, E0E9E3F6-3840-4833-9E62-52F585…)

It’s going to be another bed in her living room area.

No. 266180

She took a draping course once and now it’s her entire personality

No. 266241

More convalescent home vibes.

No. 266286

Are Kelly's old videos archived anywhere? There's some unlisted ones in a playlist on youtube but that's all I could find.

Sage for irrelevance, it's my first time commenting I'm sorry if I'm doing it wrong!(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 266312

Put sage in the email slot otherwise it needlessly bumps the thread to the top
And idk about the vids kek I don't go to this thread maybe some other anon knows

No. 266333

You'd probably have to go through these threads and click on her yt links separately to see if they're archived or deleted, but I think most anons posted her vids here whenever she'd post them

No. 266354

File: 1668669535609.jpeg (359.6 KB, 1125x2168, B354C17A-ACE7-46C0-B15A-D04824…)

People are dying, Kelly!

No. 266357

Is Skeletor possibly Russian or of Russian descent? Because I see no other reason for Kelly to support Russia's actions.

No. 266370

I think Kelly things she’s being super ‘intelligent’ and edgy by weighing in on the Ukraine and Russian situation

No. 266371

File: 1668687116984.jpeg (520.03 KB, 1125x1942, 463B8D35-8CD2-4CEE-B4AB-5DFD9C…)

No, he’s just an edge lord.

No. 266385

I mean Kelly really can’t afford her lifestyle either? I feel like she has zero avenues for making money right now unless I am missing something. Her money must be coming from family or something because I can’t imagine how she’s continuing to rent her apartment and buy Selkie dresses without family money. I think Kelly is seething that she has to work eventually and she can’t consoom as much as she wants while laying around all day

No. 266402

or she's just acquiring mass debt

No. 266529

Imagine changing your entire life over a bottom of the barrel moid like him.

No. 266613

File: 1668809623175.jpeg (603.35 KB, 1125x1203, 65989A16-4F5B-4F90-9529-9CE644…)

No. 266687

when has she EVER been there for anybody but herself?

No. 266707

Omg Kelly, it’s been years. Everyone else has moved on. Let it go.

No. 267142

File: 1669017684304.jpeg (387.09 KB, 1125x826, 0A52824A-E8E9-434D-950D-E8B373…)

Get a job then Kelly

No. 267203

File: 1669060673625.jpeg (604.76 KB, 1125x2153, A825C964-DAF9-4397-99B1-C19D2F…)

No. 267210

what does she define as freedom lmao. kelly you don't even have a job, you're the last person who should be complaining

No. 267213

She's literally larping as a poorfag while still living in her kawaii apartment and painting and buying cute stuff and generally having a nice time.
Btw to anons wondering how she makes money, she rents out the dollhouse for photoshoots, that's her main income source I think.

No. 267214

Schizo tinfoil for the fun of it, but what if Kelly and Skeletor are about to start a cult inspired by/based on communism? Her tweets have been so crazy and she's isolated enough to believe anything coming from a crazy moid's mouth.

No. 267269

I know Kelly rents out the dollhouse but she doesn't own it. I just don't see how renting it out for a couple of photoshoots each month means she can pay rent + living costs + shopping. Unless someone has more deets about the cost of renting it out. Also I would imagine the number of customers is dropping since she is making it uglier

No. 267273

She seriously rents the place that she’s decked out to hell and back? Cringe

No. 267295

I don't see how she can legally rent it out. Isn't that illegal to do? Probably why she stopped advertising it so hard

No. 267310

File: 1669090380856.png (207.64 KB, 2708x418, Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 9.07…)

Previously people were speculating that Kelly was subletting it, maybe illegally. By renting it out, people mean Kelly was renting it out for the day for photoshoots. I don't think there is anything against that, is there?

No. 267328

actually that's more illegal than subletting. she's using it as a commercial premises, which is extremely illegal. especially since she's using the space itself to profit.

No. 267343

Coming from the thief who stole over a thousand dollars on both platforms under the guise it would be used for future sailor moon skits that never happened. I’m tired of her acting like she’s so defenseless and innocent when she is literally the problem that she is whining about. Return the money you stole under a false premise or stfu. You spent it all on materialistic plastic shit.

No. 267351

She'd had to have gotten permission from the owner to rent it out for shoots, but as long as the landlord knows she's doing that I don't think it would be a legal issue. It's a good way to make money in LA if you have an unusual or overly styled living space, like she does or did.

No. 267354

File: 1669135523082.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x2085, 3A52757E-EFE9-49C7-BD7D-C3E333…)

So ugly

No. 267358

All that & they couldn't cut the heart shape out cleanly. It's fucked on the bottom middle portion of the left kekk

No. 267372

File: 1669144124919.jpg (35.63 KB, 640x640, 282d78e5575b04e58a767dceefedad…)

It's also not centered, what the fuck did she do?

No. 267376

File: 1669146353937.jpg (301.89 KB, 1017x1079, 4890328598043277.jpg)

It's beyond off center, the whole thing is a mess. Half-assed and gaudy as per usual.

No. 267382

they should have just made two halves and stuck it together. this looks so unprofessional.

No. 267383

actually no. LA has really old zoning laws that prevent that kind of thing. things like subletting and airbnb don't count because it's still being used as residential but she could get fines for letting people use her house for photos and get in even more trouble if people get hurt there.

No. 267393

File: 1669151412444.png (621.04 KB, 1280x719, x37wd2mzh6n31.png)

Yeah, like this is your home lady… Why not hire a professional to at least cut it out or go online and buy at least half a heart stencil instead of shittily eyeballing it.

No. 267403

She’s saying it’s based on Moulin Rouge but it looks nothing like the one from the film.

No. 267523

What is she even saying? Patreon is a service people use of their own free will, and creators usually go out of their way to mention how they don't expect people to join. A tip is expected or even demanded after many services. She's so annoying and her Patreon is still up.

No. 267528

File: 1669220800587.jpeg (145.73 KB, 1125x358, CB5E5B4B-D7DE-4E33-B262-524549…)

Ironic really. I wonder if Kelly has been groomed by Skeletor into thinking she’s communist now.

No. 267530

Buying cheap bolts of fabric made from sweatshops to line every surface in your house so you can charge photogs to take pics in your tacky plastic castle isnt very anti-consumerism of you kelly.

No. 267539

Not defending Kelly here but if she was putting her house up on peerspace or whatever she was most definitely having the people renting it get a shooting permit. It's really not that hard. This is a huge business in LA

No. 267660

no anon you don't get it, it's a big business but it's technically illegal. everyone who does that is technically breaking old ass laws.

No. 267661

my bad dropped sage

No. 267740

It looked so much better before, this is so sad. Imagine people walking into your home and there's a whole ass bed in the living room.

No. 267797

File: 1669261059303.jpeg (108.97 KB, 640x640, 1595611657552.jpeg)

pros of her not having friends anymore, kek. i wish she could get over her "Backstabbing" drama and talk to other people again. Its obvious she has no one but Skeletor and its killing her slowly

No. 267832

Lives in a home that is covered in drapery and is constantly being redecorated. The cognitive dissonance, goddamned.

No. 267835

Maybe if she wasn't such a selfish, miserable skin walker she'd have made a few by now. She hung out and made a cameo in Azusa barbie's video recently but they don't seem close.

No. 267955

File: 1669356007227.jpg (72 KB, 679x706, yrukel.JPG)

kelly in a yru ad with a bad wig and body looking lumpy

No. 268061

The under brest squish kek how about working out once in a while?

No. 268374

Isn't that the loose skin leftover from when she had bigger implants?

No. 268567

File: 1669584532939.jpeg (190.64 KB, 1125x553, D575C7FF-24A6-4C9C-B3A1-4D0B58…)

Explains a lot

No. 268729

File: 1669646378912.jpeg (775.83 KB, 1125x1737, F4F3CF2C-789D-4334-A097-FB7C00…)

No shoes household, oh wow!

No. 268731

She still tracks in dirt with her nasty ass feet.

No. 268744

bong is that thing retards who can't roll use to smoke weed right ? Who fucking put ice in their weed ?

No. 268789

that dirty lazy bitche's bongs must be so crusty

No. 268800

I would never step foot into this woman's apartment
Does she think we've forgotten these

No. 268874

Are you fucking kidding me? You must be 18 to use this site

No. 269041

That or it has to be bait kek

No. 270130

File: 1670196862163.png (48.14 KB, 747x231, hypocrite.png)

You could have fooled me with your past, Kelly.

No. 270206

File: 1670226560406.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1750, 58EEB4F9-9A6B-4300-9506-8FFB65…)

Her house is going to look like a cheap brothel

No. 270207

File: 1670226893086.jpeg (793.07 KB, 1125x1403, CADF052F-4210-4353-8DEE-E1FD6F…)

No. 270209

File: 1670227257206.jpeg (657.02 KB, 1125x1443, C75C74EC-F9C5-42A2-ABCE-E1DA24…)

No. 270215

Topkek they’ll never let you in with a burger land passport Kelly.

No. 270218

She has inhaled too much spray paint, her brain is literally rotting. It is the only explanation.

No. 270219

Fuckin' north korea of all places mighty kek. what the fuck, kelly

No. 270228

She HAS got to be trolling at this point, right? RIGHT?

No. 270249

This looks like such a pain in the ass to exit and enter constantly

No. 270271

North Korea has publicly executed people for watching or distributing fucking kpop entertainment, but okay Kelly. People have been killed for simply trying to leave. So wonderful, so beautiful!

No. 270276

NK genocides and starves its citizens and puts fake food in their grocery stores to keep up appearances lol. I know she's on some communist tankie arc but even tankies think NK is bad because it objectively is. How is she this stupid?

No. 270278

No mention of the sexism against black women though. okay

No. 270281

>tranny flag
Every time.

No. 270291

File: 1670266522025.jpeg (818.7 KB, 1125x1769, DA11739F-F857-4493-B0DD-081205…)

No. 270293

File: 1670266562461.jpeg (636.84 KB, 1125x1182, B68D1220-6E86-4E97-96E4-1EE117…)

Cadet Kelly: The NK ARC

No. 270335

North Korea:
Kelly: absolutely slaying

No. 270347

File: 1670275621541.jpeg (267.78 KB, 1170x579, 16BBA629-7908-49F0-857C-A4E35C…)

Who’s gonna tell her? Go ahead, go to North Korea Kelly.

No. 270348

File: 1670277098793.png (1.08 MB, 1125x2436, 5ADD5C89-931E-44EA-88CE-6C400C…)

What’s this latest identity crisis?

No. 270349

File: 1670277134307.png (779.69 KB, 1125x2436, 3FC6D98E-0653-4218-B163-E0A5DA…)

No. 270350

Oh no
Honey don't
I feel like we're about to watch a plane crash

No. 270351

Was she hacked or she really this retarded?

No. 270356

I have a feeling that Kelly’s one of those idiots who is going to get herself radicalised

No. 270361

Can’t wait to see her trying to tweet from NK

No. 270378

>larping tranny with military autism
>also a weeb from italy
>trusted sources
Communist Kelly is gonna be my favorite arc if she's really gonna be spoonfed everything by twitterfags

No. 270401

>People have been killed for simply trying to leave.
I remember watching a documentary years ago about how these girls basically went through hell and high water to escape from there, travelling on foot, and travel to South Korea. It's a dystopian, authoritarian hellhole.
She has lost it for real.

No. 270404

Honestly this whole Tweet could have solely been written by skeletor. Girl needs to go out and get some friends, this commie shit makes her look absolutely clueless.

No. 270405

Maybe Skeletor has got a deal with someone who wants to buy the pale pinkhaired american, or maybe sell her skin and organs, I can't see any logical reason why even a commie brainwashed fool like him/them would want to move to North Korea as implied here.

No. 270477

NK would hate Kelly, she is pretty much everything they are against. Can’t wait to see her try to tweet and Instagram when she gets there, if she gets there. She’s so clueless and out of touch.

No. 270479

These TrotThots (patent pending) really need to go live the dream instead of just posting about it on Social Media from the comfort of their couches.

No. 270497

Uhh, wouldn't they immediately take her as a hostage just for the crime of being american? Kek what on earth happened to her? I never in a million years would have imagined this Kelly arc.

No. 270508

i truly don't understand what is going on with her. i thought she was into trendy armchair activist lite anarchy socialism like everyone else.

No. 270514

Skeletor seems to be the reason behind it all. He’s very opinionated and into being a Twitter commie. It’s a shame Kelly is losing herself to this sack of bones but I guess that’s her choice.

No. 270542

Kek Kelly is being groomed by twitterfag commies. Dumb bitch. We will have to wait to see the pink latex communist outfit.

No. 270609

File: 1670358163773.png (45.1 KB, 755x242, bigoof.png)

The hypocrisy train continues kek

No. 270611

File: 1670360406887.jpeg (958.48 KB, 1125x1630, 36A7B2B1-3B10-41F8-9967-05AD08…)

Kelly is going to lose waaaaay more followers if she keeps this up

No. 270619

Is she supporting Russia now too? girl…

No. 270625

File: 1670363471824.jpg (324.16 KB, 1080x973, Forkomradekelly.jpg)

Such paradise.

No. 270626

File: 1670364460301.jpeg (923.34 KB, 2704x3605, 54DBA3D7-E9E8-4648-A11C-E71A1B…)

She’s been pro Russia for a couple of months now. I think she’s renewing her ‘edgelord license’ by the sudden love for NK

No. 270627

Damn, Kelly, this is bleak af. Like, it doesn't even take much research to find the many personal accounts of North Korean defectors who detail the atrocities of living under such draconian rule.

They routinely incarcerate innocent families and use them as slaves in prison camps where torture and execution is common practice.

All the cute stuff she's mentioning is propaganda that has been well documented for years.

I really think she's lost her complete fucking mind.

No. 270632

File: 1670366120809.jpeg (288.89 KB, 1125x710, 5DECD582-5A3B-44A3-B116-C0A7ED…)

No. 270634

File: 1670366173151.jpeg (369.1 KB, 1125x952, 5EA94D7C-E073-4C0B-B993-D9F64B…)

No. 270649

It's just a bad manic phase tbh. She really has nothing going for her right now, and aside from the brief cottage core stint, what [insert trend here] can she really turn into her new personality? If it wasn't the political shit, munchie nonsense might've been her next go-to.

No. 270662

Ofc I don't agree with Kelly's views but it's obvious she's turned into a Tankie. There's no arguing with those kinds of people lmao. I think it's really bizarre that she doesn't she the dissonance between her materialistic lifestyle and the nonsense she spews on twitter

No. 270665

a lot of tankies are like this honestly. spewing this shit while being a consoomer.

No. 270670

I understand her having manic periods, but I'm still confused about her deleting all her YouTube content to make her identity whatever…this is supposed to be.

Some of her old stuff I actually liked, such as her Japan vlogs going to the Final Fantasy/Yoshitaka Amano art event.

It's so weird and sad how she's purging so much of herself. If her boyfriend is really having that much influence, what a shame.

No. 270671

its definitely a manic phase. she posted on instagram (sorry I didnt save a screengrab) about covering the granite in her apartment kitchen, because it "doesnt go" with her aesthetic. she wanted to know how to do it for cheap.

she always does the most buckwild shit with her house when manic and potentially destroying her granite countertops is up there. she's even admitted you can tell when she needs to up her meds by how much she starts redecorating her house.

didnt she say she was moving? wtf happened to that?

No. 270687

>buckwild shit with her house
Yeah, I member the "spray painting everything I own pink" phase… As for the moving, she claimed on insta it'd be like 6 months to a year before she could due to getting her finances together (so why even hype or announce it??) but tbh I think it's mainly Skeletor giving her the run around, "Well first babe you have to pay off your student loans we can't really afford it due to [insert "capitalism bad" rant here]"

No. 270701

Sad to see her clearly parroting commie conspiracy theorist moid opinions
Oh she loves Iran now too, the place where people are killed for not wearing a headscarf, protesting and beeping their car horn. Like you realise you are the fascist if you praise governments who execute innocent civilians?

No. 270702

>Skeletor giving her the run around

It's crossed my mind before that he's doing this, he has the same expression as a male friend/simp I used to have who gave me the runaround for years. Everything was circular, it (and he) never amounted to anything and was basically a waste of time. Though at least that moid wasn't also a commie fascist.

No. 270703

Samefag, specifically the top right picture/expression here is identical to the timewasting moid I knew - all promises and no conclusions >>266371

No. 270729

he's legit so hideous his expressions make me gag

No. 270744

She’s saying she wants to cover her granite counters in a vinyl car wrap and then put glass on top so it doesn’t cut it scratch the vinyl. This is going to be entertaining.

No. 270746

File: 1670412661440.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1803x3605, 6ADCE034-6308-4314-9D20-0A2E02…)

He’s a very strange individual. Kelly must be a nice push over for him, he practically started living with her as soon as they got together.

No. 270779

Yeah… no personality kelly tries to mold herself into a mini-me of this guy, but instead of finding it creepy the pseudo intellectual douche gets a boner off the idea that he's "educating" his dumb gf to be as insufferable as he is.

No. 270784

must be fun being from america and not some country that has been fucked up and over by russia multiple times, brainless bitch.

No. 270820

File: 1670444707512.jpeg (283.82 KB, 1125x1572, 802D3312-B529-4E00-9266-8E3A2C…)

Won’t be long until more followers give up with it

No. 270822

File: 1670444824004.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1725, 049654E3-AF8C-4623-8C9A-3C47A9…)

No. 270825

Is this bitch really….

No. 270826

File: 1670445009864.jpeg (123.35 KB, 750x766, 7751D14C-C834-4736-BA99-6F94CD…)

There’s no way she’s this deluded. This is in response to someone arguing with her about the NK thing. Notice how she claims that she’s educated herself via books, North Korean people, and summits when she’s literally never said anything about interacting with any of those before and also can’t provide any actual named examples because she doesn’t want to admit that her real sources are just Twitter propaganda accounts.

No. 270827

I think it’s really sad that she’s pro Russia and Putin. Innocent civilians have died. What a selfish cunt. Materialist, fake fitted hoe who’s trying to become her sad sack, boney boyfriends wet dream fantasy of an ‘educated woman’ vile. I hope she gets heat over this. Sorry, rant over!

No. 270830

I remember when the dumbest things she did were overly larger implants and spray painting her house pink. This dumbass wouldn't last a month in NK and to want to support NK Russia and Iran and then turn around and talk antisemitic is the pot calling the kettle black.

NK, Russia and Iran right now are openly jailing, raping and killing people.

No. 270831

is this a shit joke or something lmao i genuinely cant tell

i think kellys going down the same route as pixie purely in terms of cows that most anons once found vaguely inoffensive and annoying at worst, to straight up going off the deep end and becoming indefensible. every time she tweets something about ukraine or NK i want to a-log so bad

No. 270835

As someone who has worked closely with young children who’s families have had to escape NK, it’s sad to see Kelly tweet “They look so cute” like they are some kind of pet or animal. (Sorry I couldn’t get a shot of the tweet but it’s still up) People have had to leave their entire lives behind to have a chance at getting away to the safety of another country. This goes far beyond any kind of fad or joke now, it’s offensive and harmful. I hope she apologies to those she causes upset too, no body should ever support the massive killing, raping and imprisonment of any innocent civilian because the children in that county walk to school in a ‘cute’ way.

No. 270836

She keeps this side of herself away from Instagram. Is she scared to lose her paying followers on IG?

No. 270837

what the actual fuck– Is she supporting Russia invading Ukraine??

No. 270838

Women in Iran are being killed just for protesting against islam and their headscarves. I hate this privileged white bitch so much.

No. 270860

File: 1670449678003.jpeg (871.91 KB, 1125x1530, 95CF275D-2413-4948-B6D4-E433E1…)

No. 270861

File: 1670449782152.jpeg (358.59 KB, 1125x813, FEB480C7-964D-4AF3-877B-888280…)

Mental faculties! Hey Kelly remember when you couldn’t convert yen.

No. 270863

bitch is crazy.

No. 270870

File: 1670450912748.jpeg (207.93 KB, 1125x589, 92C21105-50C8-473A-BB0F-C9F152…)

She’s always been a POS. Idolises rapists both locally and abroad.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 270892

I'm curious about what books she has supposedly read and why. Years ago I read Eyes of the Tailless Animals: Prison Memoirs of a North Korean Woman, and it still haunts me to this day.

At this point she sounds like a Holocaust denier. She's really entrenched herself into a tar pit of delusions like all the alt-right conspiracy nuts. Big yikes.

No. 270895

>Kelly apologizing
Now THAT'S a real joke. She's gonna do what she always does: Ignore any and all criticism or be a condescending bitch for trying to act as if she's educated on something she clearly didn't give a shit about until she started skinwalking someone. Then, when she breaks up with Skeletor and has something new to latch onto whether it be a lifestyle/fashion trend that's popular, a friend group, or boyfriend is when she's just gonna start the whole process of "reinventing myself from the ground up because I can't ever acknowledge that I have no personality and the depth of a puddle, so I leech off of the personalities of those around me." If she's already fucking up her house, and picking fights with people on twitter, probably has to do with her realizing Skeletor has 0 intention of committing but not wanting to admit it.

No. 270900

>attending summits
Bitch name one single "summit" you attended

No. 270902

File: 1670457099804.png (180.62 KB, 1440x720, but don't use my appearance ag…)

And then she posts this, I dream of the day this bitch gets an ounce of self awareness
>pretty people are all actors!! people escaping from authoritarian regimes are fake!! Everyone who sells their story is lying about said story!
(blog but coming from the UK where normal people sell their stories constantly, what a moronic line of thought)
>but don't use my appearance against me, only I can do that

No. 270903

>her real sources are just Twitter propaganda accounts.
It definitely is, when she first announced she was a commie on Instagram and people asked for sources she linked Youtube videos. Name one summit and post a selfie of you at it, Kelly, I'll wait.
And we already know she disregards the opinions of actual citizens since she shit on absolutely everyone on Instagram who had personal experience with communist living and said it was terrible.

No. 270932

Can't wait until the "my manz brainwashed and manipulated me and made me say all of those things!!1!" breakup arc

No. 270933

Someone needs to flag down her ex-friends.

This is the kind of weird shit that happens when an entire friend groups abandon a person all at once. It put her in a position to be easily brainwashed by the next tall dark and creepy to show her attention.

Sad they didn't all weren't independent enough to end their relationship with her on their own terms and on their own timeline, they had to make a group decision, lol. We never even found out what she did that was so horrible, did we?

The funny thing is it seems like Dre has gone off the deep end too. All she does is whine about being poor (not having a job) and break up and make up with the same dude that clearly isn't into her. Those two were honestly made for each other. I don't even know what to think about what is going on with Stephanie. Hollywood messed those girls up.

No. 270940

>i dream of the day i can have a rational debate
me too kelly me too,.
legit though all she does is argue with people on twitter, it wouldnt be hard for her to make an account that isnt tied to her name and image . like being realistic, most people arent calling her out for being a woman but bc her takes are fucking insane

No. 270978

Sorry lemme just forget all the relatives and friends and pets Putin took from me, so sorry kelly. Seriously is she this manic or this hungry for a husband?

No. 270980

How did she go from scene queen to leading The Fellowship of the Rainbow to Kawaii Ambassador to being pro Russia and NK? Both she and pixie need to disconnect their internet services and touch grass. I’m serious.

No. 271011

>break up and make up with the same dude that clearly isn't into her.
She's so obviously his beard, it's so awkward. I thought she had a job as makeup artist though. Stephanie is a horrorshow, she was manipulated by a moid too since he married her and then obviously encouraged her into bimbo fetishism, surgeries, takes all her photos etc while she's said she's asexual.
Throwing away your entire personality in favour of your moid's fetishes (Steph) or conspiracy theories (Kelly) is tragic.

No. 271027

File: 1670483476717.jpeg (239.83 KB, 1125x527, 85FA23CF-D22A-49F8-B168-E8896F…)

Are people really this deluded and in awe of her?

No. 271028

File: 1670484432050.png (638.75 KB, 1440x2681, untitled.png)

That's her tranny stan, he used to (probably still does) spend thousands on gifts for her.
Here's how she responds when someone says the truth (in response to her "all NK defectors are paid actors" stance):

No. 271043

Sooooooo she's spiraling.

No. 271077

KEK this is what caused her freakout? Bitch is delusional

No. 271162

Kelly realizes her Forever 21 Amazon SHEIN shopping sprees are the antithesis of what she’s presenting, right? She looks absolutely retarded.

No. 271188

She has she has hundreds if not thousands of yards of fabric as a decoration in baroque fashion. She is the human embodiment of cognitive dissonance.

No. 271191

Her entire online existence is an antithesis to what she's preaching. She's not an "artist", she's an influencer, a cog in the capitalist machine but we're supposed to forget that because "muh communism good".

No. 271193

please don't call her shitty style baroque lmao.

No. 271197

File: 1670542964506.jpeg (176.75 KB, 750x1028, 76553AFF-08EF-4291-B5AA-F56ECD…)

Brought to you by the same woman who just hours earlier was criticising Wikipedia for having unverified sources, now would like to share her own sources starting with checks notes a YouTube video

No. 271198

File: 1670543049280.jpeg (174.19 KB, 750x1085, 2B6F2725-CBD3-4641-8DE5-953EBE…)

Added screenshot of context

No. 271209

>First, I applaud you
she sounds like a male on reddit here jfc. she went off at >>271028 for being condescending but then says stuff like this

No. 271217

I forgot that an entire arch of squid game was one of the main female characters ran away and needed the country to get the rest of her family out of NK. There are countless stories of NK defectors swimming across the ocean to get to another country. It's quite sad.. and she is spitting in their faces with this NK propaganda.

No. 271218

She sounds like a Jehovah's Witness did Skeletor put her in a secret cult or something? I know she's always been fucking stupid but this is a whole new level of brainless

No. 271254

Someone really needs to come get her. What 33 year old woman just up and decides to buy into communist propaganda wholesale? Let alone a woman as superficial and frivolous as Kelly. Actual cult shit.

No. 271255

Kelly they are pretty because of your personal beauty standards. The people who come out of NK are pale because it has always been years since they left and the no longer have to be in the sun so they follow a cultural beauty standard of being pale, considering most are in SK or China. They are thin because the aforementioned countries have a high fiber/vegetable diet most people in those countries are skinny dumb ass. Also their bodies are PERMANENTLY DAMAGED DO TO A CHILDHOOD OF STARVATION.

No. 271291

File: 1670577929386.jpeg (330.96 KB, 1125x753, 615797EE-11FD-4DF9-8611-130037…)

Will this be the start of the Kelly Army role play arc?

No. 271296

See here, pretty people on covers sell things. Kinda how it works. Even if they are vapid and fake as fuck. Like how having pink hair and big tits sold her to people.

No. 271304

Even if she wants to act like defectors from NK are "paid actors" (which sounds a lot like Alex Jones level 'crisis actor" vile bullshit), you'd think someone who seems to think of herself as so smart would know about the many documented cases, such as with Shin Sang-ok and Choi Eun-hee, where people have been abducted and tormented by the North Korean regime (and who can also account for the way the people there have to live).

It's just such a weird combination of hilarious and horrifying seeing people like Kelly having the most insane takes and then acting like people who know more than them are "brainwashed."

No. 271347

File: 1670613517243.jpg (40.02 KB, 361x500, 51dtyBmYRIL._AC_SY780_.jpg)

Yeah, and if Kelly can't be assed to read, here's a comic book about a guy who actually had to work in North Korea.

No. 271533

i don't fully get kellys views tbh. is she suggesting theres this vast conspiracy from western nations to cover up the truth of life in NK, and that defectors are just lying about how bad it is or something? what would even make her think this? ive seen people defend soviet style communism but never NK, it's confusing to say the least

No. 271537

How can she be pro choice, pro womens rights, and admire governments like NK and Iran? You can’t cherry pick the parts of a government and preach how amazing it is when women are slaughtered for things like showing their hair. Citizens in NK can’t even use the internet. It’s crazy how someone so vocal about freedom of choice worships places in the world where being so vocal is illegal and would get her jailed or executed. She wouldn’t be able to be critical of anything she claims to care about in regards to basic human freedoms. Also, lazybones would actually have to work and exert physical labor, which I can’t picture her doing. But go right ahead, go live in North Korea sweetie.

No. 271539

Also, has anyone noticed she has been using big girl words and spelling correctly? Was the misspelling phase another Audrey Kitching skinwalk? I remember she used to misspell on live journal and twitter all the time for aesthetic~* so maybe Kelly did tooon top of everything else she ripped from Audrey. Or she just uses spellcheck now to appear intelligent. Just an observation.

No. 271540

No she's just fucking uneducated and illiterate. This is a Skeletor skinwalk. Probs has him spell checking her shit. Or he does it himself because he's embarrassed.

No. 271546

I like how she's posting dollhouse drama videos on Instagram while praising North Korea and Russia and various moid conspiracy theories on Twitter, maybe anon upthread was right when they suspected skeletor was posting her Tweets, because it's like two different people.
>I love totalitarian communist governments who kill civilians for minor grievances and I want to move there
>fully grown adult lovingly filming made up stories with my dolls
are two very opposing viewpoints/interests to hold at the same time

No. 271575

I didn't see the doll drama reposts coming, because I thought she was totally done with that "era"… she sold all her dolls and doll accessories. wtf? Now she's revisiting those videos? I know we called it here, that she would sell all her shit in her depressive state, and when she got manic again, would regret getting rid of everything… Kind of sad to watch tho ngl

No. 271718

Whelp that's a whole new level of yellow fever. Did she get rid of her Sephiroth shrine for a Kim Jung-Un one?

No. 271926

File: 1670840855400.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1796, 463CC507-1122-4711-90EC-96B1CB…)

You’re right about the yellow fever

No. 271927

How is this not cultural appropriation

No. 271932


This is an old photo from when she visited Japan and did a touristy geisha photoshoot, so not appropriation since it's a service offered by Japanese people (but still a bit iffy ngl)

No. 271934

No. 271942

These photoshoots are a dime in a dozen in Japan, usually given to girls as a fun graduation gift but foreigners are also very welcome. It's just considered a fun, themed shoot over there, it's not that deep.

No. 271951

these photoshoots are explicitly for foreigners as part of japan's tourist income. but these idiots don't get that most countries aren't touchy about this stuff. and then we have asian americans making it worse.

No. 271952

I fucking hate Kelly but these photo places with traditional dress are run by native Japanese people FOR tourists. They literally want white people to come get dressed up by them because it's how they make money

No. 271992

ok guys we get it can we get back on comrade kelly topic now

No. 271994

No, you'll take your L for being an ignorant retard and you'll like it

No. 272005

The first explanation was enough, thanks! I didn’t need four more anons to reiterate word for word. I know I’m retarded for thinking it was appropriation, but damn.

Anyhow, carry on~

No. 272012

wasn't the one who posted it, just an annoyed anon who didn't need to read the same post in different jargon seven times in a row from nonnies clogging the board. back to topic now

No. 272153

File: 1670952776967.jpeg (913.82 KB, 1125x1554, EFB153A8-C247-4442-9E4E-B749AA…)

Kelly’s ‘art’ is on a cover.

No. 272158

drilling in board culture to newfags isn't clogging the thread.

No. 272160

File: 1670955846935.jpg (272.5 KB, 1080x1349, 317952351_702147747800654_8849…)

She was on the back cover of Beautiful Bizarre too, (ad for the Eden Yule art show) it seems aside from the commieshit, the art is going well for her.

No. 272161

>muh board culture
nta but I can tell you also post in the Lolita thread since some anons there go on about board culture too, it didn't need to be said three times and that's not "drilling in board culture" but simply being redundant

No. 272163

lolno. maybe go back to reddit or tiktok or something.

No. 272203

How do four weeb anons rage typing about japs selling geisha photo shoots to tourists have anything to do with “board culture”? Stfu faggot

No. 272211

File: 1670973890908.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x2334, 2CD570FD-0D8F-422E-82B0-683EF2…)

Well this is worth a good laugh

No. 272212

File: 1670974076778.jpeg (227.99 KB, 1125x650, 4BE81243-B7DB-4728-A825-FCF5D0…)

No. 272232

To her, abuse = people holding her accountable for her actions and words apparently

No. 272233

Good for Kelly but the website magazine she got featured in looks so cheap: magzoid.com. Looks like a bunch of clickbait for third worlders

No. 272234

From her father's ashes maybe

No. 272251

god damn anon thats good

No. 272265

Is this one of those websites people like Lilee Jean use? You write your own article trying to flatter yourself and then pay for some shitty scammy website that nobody actually clicks on to publish it?

No. 272269

File: 1671009832282.jpeg (359.11 KB, 1284x1243, F1E759B0-B493-4BA1-B7B5-B30672…)

I can’t post the entire convo with one pic, but this was on a Guillermo Del Toro’s ad for Pinocchio which I clicked out of curiosity only to find fucking Kelly. What the actual fuck is wrong with this airhead

No. 272270

File: 1671009858497.jpeg (353.4 KB, 1284x1195, 2913DB19-6AB8-4FC5-9BA5-2D9D81…)

No. 272283

She's gone off the edge, what the fuck is this take? I don't care about this movie but there is no correlation between puppets and money whaat
If she's saying the movie industry burn money, what's new? Saying we want money makes no difference to that industry, and it is not one the common man has any role or power in, aside from buying tickets or subscriptions.
>stop motion puppets rot and deteriorate
Much like your braincells Kelly, put the bong down

No. 272300

Tin foil- Kelly has no friends or anything to prove to anyone ever since she annihilated her own influencer career, now she is free to give all her shitty hot takes and show the world what an actual rude ass dirtbag she is. She always said the Kelly Eden persona was fake. She’s slipped up multiple times and ruined that persona. She can’t keep a roommate or a friend for long other than skeletor, only because he’s as fucked up in his beliefs as she is. This is like watching a plane crash.

No. 272321

File: 1671041224993.jpeg (506.37 KB, 1125x1961, 4C774A27-A234-45F6-94E4-96E031…)

The Kelly Eden Saga: Return to Japan. I bet Angelic Pretty are locking their doors as she types.

No. 272406

It’s a shame that if she does go back, there won’t be any video documentation of it

No. 272426

File: 1671088659036.jpeg (499.7 KB, 1125x1274, 10A78FC0-6772-46EC-A079-7E4D0C…)

No. 272430

China would kill someone like you first, Kelly.

No. 272435

Kek the average Chinese citizen would probably hate Kelly simply for the fact she's a burger

No. 272480

She's a big loud overweight burger with tattoos and fake tits. They'd hate her so so much

No. 272498

She doesn't look like her profile image anymore. She got the implants removed and has brown hair.

No. 272502

She is so deranged. Is this some sort of long-term bit for her?? Is she trying to prove she's a real commie by overcompensating in the most absurd way possible?

No. 272513

She didn't get the implants fully removed, just had them replaced with slightly smaller implants. And the brown hair was a wig. Her hair is ratty half blond and her roots are grown out

No. 273013

File: 1671373806258.jpeg (592.45 KB, 1125x1917, 13D6EDCE-4424-4846-BF88-DBCDDC…)

No. 273039

She excels at being insufferable

No. 273096

I missed the part where she was forced to go to college. Pay your loan and quit bitching.

No. 273130

>>272212 kelly you walked around a prison camp and joked about the frog nazis jumping out and you didnt say shit lmao we didnt forget

No. 273152

Iran is currently hanging people in public for protesting femicide. Russian troops committed war crimes in Ukraine including mass rape and genocide of civilians. This whole contrarianism thing she's doing is so obviously just for sad attention


No. 273223

File: 1671908379202.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1692, F9D68427-BCFC-4257-AF9E-94F6E9…)

Kelly ‘against consumerism’ Eden

No. 273232

It would be wonderful if Kelly quickly can aquire this token of unified workers and class equality. Almost as wonderful as North Korea. It was likely made by smiling children in a glorious communist factory in utopian china, where there is no poverty because poverty is illegal. They are grateful for a bowl of rice, but not as grateful as Kelly to wear a polyester chemical scented hood of microplastic pink. Even better if it is repacked in recyclable paper and marked up 400% after being shipped across the world. That way we can support workers and save the environment. Everything is available to everyone, life is abundant if you choose it to be. Wrap it in brand new textiles. Velvet, linen, cotton, all available fresh from the factory, choices as far as the eye can see. You deserve it. We deserve it. For the people! Viva la revolution!

No. 273254

i know you're trying to be ironic and whatever, but this is embarrassing

No. 273261

How so? I laughed. It really painted a picture, idk. Get a sense of humor nona.

No. 273321

Joyless consumerism. No pleasure, only buy.

No. 273493

File: 1672209878387.jpg (184.78 KB, 900x1200, FlA7DmbaYAAKJk4.jpg)

Unsettling, claustrophobic circus tent aesthetic

No. 273494

Wow, nice butthole ceiling kek

No. 273501

holy shit she needs heavy therapy and lots of it.

No. 273521

Why did she go through taking all the old shit down just to decorate in an even stranger way? The dollhouse actually made her money…literally why not just leave it

No. 273529

This heart cutout is somehow even more lopsided than the last one.

No. 273531

Last Little Whorehouse in Texas kei!

No. 273555

Thought this was Matthew from Luna's thread

No. 273556

File: 1672344308242.jpeg (248.98 KB, 1125x598, EE3D934C-4339-44F6-A1AD-A3D792…)

Or maybe you could try ‘If he preys on little girls, he’s a nonce’ Kelly

No. 273636

Holy shit I have not checked on this thread in a while and Kelly Eden: North Korea Stan was not on my bingo board. I hope they actually follow through with the trip. When people visit NK they are on a very strict guided tour. You see what they allow you to see and stay where they allow you to stay. You can't be alone outside and you can't take pictures until they say it's okay. If kelly and skelly try to wander off they are going to be arrested or murdered. She is so jealous of her ex's baby…she should see what they do to pregnant women in their prison camps.

No. 273650

It’s really unlikely Kelly would ever go to NK because Americans are supposed to be banned. There are ways around it but I don’t think Kelly is resourceful enough to try

No. 273709

She literally just posted an anti-plastic surgery reel on Instagram. You can't make this up.

No. 273710

This is an imageboard

No. 273723

File: 1672520920990.png (994.95 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20221231-120501.png)

I just came here to post this, lol. Here's a screenshot of it. She's such a hypocrite

No. 273733

I saw the same video on Twitter, it's a repost someone else made, but presumably she's now anti-surgery despite her many recent surgeries such as the breast reduction this year. Her opinions make no sense and conflict with themselves as a rule (see above: commie consumerist)

No. 273750

This seems less hypocritical and more like calling out fake beauty gimmicks. At least surgery is something people can do, but anti-wrinkle straws because you don't want to purse your lips while drinking sounds like such a dumbass fucking thing some scrote made up so that he can make money off of women's insecurities. It's on par with that double chin lift press that Japan invented too.

No. 273760

File: 1672556922403.png (8.5 MB, 1284x2778, 3B69D59E-D427-4B40-8E26-C0317E…)

And the misogynistic part is relevant because???

No. 273763

wow she sure owned him, such a girlboss

No. 273768

I have never seen a more insufferable human being than Kelly. She's so embarrassing fr

No. 273781

>>273760 kek i thought the same thing, no one cares kelly

No. 273790

If you have a problem with her painting this antique owned by a misogynist, it's because you hate women.

No. 273831

File: 1672610172698.png (860.04 KB, 720x1327, Screenshot_20221231-120439.png)

It was a video with a lot of stuff in it, and there was a lot of clips of girls talking about plastic surgery/injections

No. 273877

Wasn't she the one pushing WAVE plastic surgery not too long ago?

No. 273878

Yep. She has taken down almost all of her videos but they still have ones with her in it. She also has breast implants and got a facial peel not too long ago. Pretty sure she got lipo in her face too at one point (not 100% sure on that one though, I might be thinking of someone else). People can change but given Kelly's past of grifting I am skeptical.

No. 273888

She's gotten botched lipo on her ass and stomach too. She had a vlog years ago about getting botox on her forehead. And she got botched lip fillers when vacationing in Mexico using money from the GFM for her dead cousin's funeral expenses. We didn't forget, Kelly.

No. 273909

File: 1672679980404.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2704x3605, A9327B92-BC7D-43C4-B914-49FB72…)

Just a few of Kelly’s opinions on Plastic Surgery. Guess stickman really wants his Trad Wife.

No. 273911

File: 1672680830131.jpeg (503.14 KB, 1304x1511, C9C91604-9F9E-4B8A-9366-9C68CA…)

She realized she in fact is not someone people want to be friends with. Kelly is a red flag because she thinks people make friends by being pretty and skinny. Maybe she’d still have friends if she worked on her personality and shitty entitled attitude instead.

No. 273912

I get that, but Im talking about in regards to uninvasive "beauty hacks" like the straw. She's right about these gimmicks just existing to poach women's money.

No. 273938

Good thing North Korea is looking for self actualized drapery artists

No. 273990

“Got implants removed” … that’s a very particular way to say “I got them replaced w smaller implants”.
Can’t even be truthful on a self reflection post.

No. 274051

>euphoric stage persona
What does that even mean? Confirmed Stefan helps her write her tweets because this makes zero sense

>my authentic self

Oh sweet, your authentic self is a tankie who praises countries that kill women just for showing their hair or wanting control over their own bodies. Nice.

No. 274052

Grandpa was a misogynist yet it’s ok to praise NK and Iran LMFAO KELLY YOURE SO FUCKING DUMB.

No. 274064

File: 1672756859273.png (326.25 KB, 1435x435, naturalbeauty.png)

Who did this kek? I was googling her age because this
Just sounds like anyone going through their mid 30s except for the NK fangirling angle. You're no metamorphized nirvana attaining spirit Kelly, simply a millennial hitting that early midlife crisis.

No. 274092

Probably the Gen Z/Alpha kids on TT. They're fed up with her absolute garbage too I'm sure

No. 274643

Idk why it's not letting me post screengrabs on LC but yesterday she was tweeting and trying to seem intelligent when it just made her look even more like a hypocritical twat.

No. 274705

File: 1673198783273.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1785, 5EFA5047-BE49-4B5C-B083-FE3912…)

That’s because she is a hypocritical twat

No. 274706

File: 1673198880752.jpeg (792.72 KB, 1125x1846, C7D052F1-384E-4E3F-9F7B-2823A8…)

Kelly ‘We must not consoom’ Eden. Sure they love pole dancing in NK

No. 274716

The funny thing is that she actually has the time and resources to do things since she isn't working a 9-5.

No. 274721

Edward snowden violated his contract. Violating a government contract can involve jail time. Likenthis shit is common sense to U.S. citizens. Whistle-blower or not, he did what he did. And the u.s. govt. or any state government official can ground a plane. Even pre 9/11. Bitch needs to read instead of talking to one of those sovereign citizen retards. Fuckin' Mayor McCheese can ground a plane.
I'm legit waiting for her to get sprayed or tazed at a protest because she's weapoized stupidity.

No. 274801

Yeah, totally sucks that "The West" can't be like her precious NK, Russia, and China where everyone totally trusts the government for reasons that definitely aren't isolationism, propaganda, and the fact that critics of the government tend to go missing.

The American government sucks - so do most governments. You don't sound smart and woke for acting like western governments are somehow exceptionally cruel compared to the rest of the world.

No. 275305

Steph finally nuked all videos uploaded with Kelly.

No. 275743

Tag me in coach!!!

Snowden is the reason why usb drives are verboten in government, he stole classified documents & put them in an insecure location that didn’t follow the protocols for top secret classified materials. That ALONE is jail time and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to expose govt wide spying that’s affecting the public, or if you just brought some classified stuff home from the office so you could finish your work.

In most agencies you actually receive routine emails about whistleblower protection (given that you’re not whistleblowing something that the government will want to black site you for, of course).
For this airhead to make blanket statements about whistleblowers….this is so above her head she really needs to know when to shut up.
What else is she gonna think she’s an overnight expert on?

(Inb4 arguments about validity of this post- actively work in govt. have to have this info hammered into my head at least 2x a year)

No. 276019

File: 1673809614857.jpeg (768.91 KB, 1125x1493, 99A1268F-7E04-4CF4-893F-864F61…)

STFU Kelly.

No. 276020

Is Kelly pro-Russia or larping communist or something? wth

No. 276021

has she ever actually explained what her problem with ukraine is? does she think the media is unfairly siding with ukraine and painting russia in an bad light bc western media hates commies or something like that?

No. 276025

I honestly don't know how to read this, tbh. She isn't really saying enough whether or not she likes or hates it..

No. 276026

Yeah I'm pretty sure thats the entire angle. Her idiot moid told her that we are just bullying Russia for being communist and she was just like "okay" and started repeating it