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File: 1651169810600.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x2560, sade hickman .JPG)

No. 209658

Facebook: Sade Hickman

Sade went viral on Facebook and Reddit for her photoshop

The queen of Facebook lolcows, Sade Hickman, has entertainingly bought us many Kawaii community dramas. Not only is she the queen of Meitu and bullies other cows,
She graciously talks about how horny she is and obsesses over her favorite sailor moon character, Chibiusa.

Sade Hickman is known to use her welfare and disability checks to buy $900 pink wigs, Sailor Moon figurines, pink "designer" outfits, and likes on her Facebook page. Whenever Sade is not buying her luxurious things, she goes on her multiple Facebook accounts to harass others in the community just for the sake of boredom. Not paying rent, Sade has moved into her boyfriend's place (Brian) living free and causing community havoc. She blames her shopping addiction on mental and physical health.

No. 209659

File: 1651169906189.jpeg (62.43 KB, 536x680, EKROGgxXkAMxXJ7.jpeg)

No. 209660

File: 1651170330173.jpeg (472.47 KB, 828x1225, 7A6A4BAA-AB62-47EB-A99D-8666FA…)

No. 209661

File: 1651170548509.jpeg (706.69 KB, 828x998, C19EB78A-E0BC-4F8F-9B1C-CCDEA0…)

No. 209662

File: 1651171178086.jpeg (175.93 KB, 828x1340, EF6CA1A1-5196-4F6D-8D8D-D7BF4F…)

More sadeness

No. 209663

File: 1651171250784.jpeg (176.49 KB, 828x1394, E14CC325-796E-4314-BD00-C8B25D…)

No. 209664

File: 1651171343883.jpeg (233.69 KB, 827x1340, 1F939ED2-C858-45D8-8636-044FD3…)

No. 209671

God, Kyle and Matty are so obnoxious. Even though Sade is entirely psychotic they're so cringe for acting like harassment victims. It's fucking Facebook. Block her and move on. But they can't because they're melodramatic scrotes wrapped up in teen girl levels of stupid drama

No. 209675

I found it hilarious that Sade collided with them in the first place kek

No. 209681

Cows attracts cows

No. 209745

File: 1651204586214.jpeg (477.81 KB, 828x1056, 82F4FF3B-D32E-42D2-B77F-3F45E0…)

She’s nasty

No. 209807

Does she have relatives is her bf her brother…do they live with other people this shit seems so juvenile and weird to me

No. 209819

Why the fuck do people feel the need to share their gross sexual thoughts? Do they get off on forcing this nasty shit on the public?

Nobody asked you stinky fat bitch

No. 209839

The fact that someone as ugly as her is in a relationship at all makes me gag alone….

I hope her bf leaves her

No. 209886

File: 1651274079319.jpeg (589.77 KB, 828x1121, 25AE3530-5D03-4625-8278-95DB06…)

There she goes. Blowing $400 on designer

No. 209922

what the fuck did she do to that wig? the hairline is fucked, does she not know how to apply lacefronts?

No. 209923

The girl in the picture isn't her.

No. 210283

Can you link these threads?

No. 238475

File: 1660064639947.jpeg (97.64 KB, 821x960, 042589E2-EB72-4206-915D-79BF37…)

Sade Hickman is getting sued by Kyle velasco for leaking his nudes under another fake account.

No. 238484

Post proof and sage your shit.

No. 238622

File: 1660100404961.jpeg (441.04 KB, 1125x1858, B2FC8E8F-1AD3-4017-8C78-CBA9EC…)

wow totally forgot about the lunacy of Sade, I went to lurk her profile and dear lord one of her current 9293839 profiles she’s actively using of this woman and her kids.

No. 238738

Allegedly Kyle was sexting Sade Hickman and that’s how she got ahold of his nudes. Kyle is not innocent as, he was threatening to leak someone else’s nudes before.

No. 238861

File: 1660172002780.png (192.74 KB, 828x1792, F71B07F5-4FC7-4747-9EB7-922AE6…)

She sent me and others death threats on burner accounts

No. 238894

So anons can't post proof?

No. 242974

According to Kyle, the rumor about hon suing her was a lie made up by some person who is obsessed with him and has a long history of lying and beefing with Sade.

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