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File: 1449862790655.png (519.55 KB, 808x296, 1449858624798.png)

No. 42351

Moving this cgl thread (http://boards.4chan.org/cgl/thread/8759761/she-is-honestly-one-of-the-most-beautiful) here before the mods delete it.

Let's talk about cosplayers who shoop too much like Eikkibunny and Ahripop and also cosplayers that you suspect shoop a lot.

No. 42352

File: 1449863770195.png (4.82 MB, 2400x1200, shoop vs no shoop.png)

Summary of the thread:

>thread was titled Anzujaamu appreciation thread

>people accuse Anzu of self-posting
>different anons defend Anzu
>anons talk about how Anzu is nothing special and how she has like 3 facial expressions
>an anon brings up how Anzu has a ton of followers so the thread was probably posted by a fan
>"Does Anzu shoop?" debate gets brought up
>someone calls Anzu "the most photoshopped cosplayer"
>an anon posts Ahripop
>another(?) anon posts Ahripop and Eikkibunny
>thread begins to unravel into a overshooped cosplayers thread

What I want to know is how Ahripop and Eikkibunny's fans find them at cons.

>pic is Ahripop's shooped face vs. her unshooped face (unshooped pic was taken this month so she can't claim that she looks different because of puberty)

No. 42353

Same, like honestly they look COMPLETELY different in real life. How can any sane person look at them and think "ah, yes, this is the same kawaii Instafamous girl I fell in love with and jerked off to, so glad to meet her in the flesh"?

No. 42354

Although she isn't much of a cosplayer (I actually don't know if she has at some point) Venus looks really fucking weird in person. I met her at a con once and I was so confused. I knew she photoshops but like I didn't think it was that much.

No. 42355

I'm fucking jealous of anzuujamu she looks small, super thin, won the genetic lottery, is apparently rich, super cute, sweet.
Is there anything to make me feel better?

No. 42356

Hi anzu

No. 42357

Post all info and dirt on Anzu

No. 42358

anyone have details about her ED? she mentions it sometimes and trying to be healthy but she still looks like a stick…

No. 42359

Nah bruh, i'm from france.
if there's one person i'm actually jelly of that's her and kooter when i thought she was like her photoshopped self.


>looks like a stick
Not gonna defend her but…
You sound like a butthurt fatty. Though i always wondered if she had bulimia or anorexia or did something specific to be so thin and small framed yet keep a cute round and youthful face.

No. 42360

There's honestly not much dirt on Anzu.
She stays away from drama and any kind of gossip places.
Doesn't talk smack or anything (at least not publicly) and doesn't claim that she makes all of her cosplays.
She's pretty honest when it comes to her cosplays actually. She always lets people know what company sponsored her.


Why do you act like Anzu doesn't have real fans? A LOT of people like her because she's cute and has a good sense of style.


She probably has an ED. Her face looks like it's bloated instead of just round in some photos.

But in the end, Anzu doesn't shoop her facial features, only smoothes and whitens her skin since she looks the same in unshooped photos and in her videos.

No. 42361


She's mentioned her ED before on tumblr but was pretty vague. She's made posts about going to the doctor sand claims to be healthier but she really looks no different body wise.

No. 42362

File: 1449901124712.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-11-22-14-58…)

Well at first I found this girl and thought she looked a lot like anzu and when I looked at the pictures she was tagged in…wait for it..

No. 42363

File: 1449901181446.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-01-23-11-19…)

Ayyyyyy lmao

No. 42364

File: 1449901450930.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-11-22-23-29…)

Sorry for constant samefag but I forgot the tag

No. 42365

Samefagging means you're posting many times as different people, replying or defending your own comments.

Nothing wrong with double/triple-posting though, as long as you're not samefagging.

Anyway, is that Anzu? What's with the IG name?

I'm one of those who don't understand why people praise her looks. When shopped, she looks so average it hurts, and her candids are even worse.

Each to his own though. Even unshopped Ahri is more attractive than shopped Anzu.

No. 42366

No. 42367

I don't think she photoshops that much.

Other than looking kind of anorexic here, she looks pretty much the same and pretty cute imo

No. 42368

Its not anzu, its another girl who shoops herself to look like anzu

No. 42369


That fucking wig

No. 42370

im pretty sure nazu is ana
it only makes sense
only some lonely sad gurl with no friends would have all this time to wear wigs and do makeup and make videos

No. 42371

File: 1449952992818.jpeg (105.36 KB, 750x853, image.jpeg)

Shoop so strong that she actually looks like cgi. Holy.

No. 42372

Her body is stick-thin and she's not cute nor sweet. i'm sorry but are you ana?

No. 42373

>Not cute
You wish.

No. 42374

Jellyfat gtfo.

No. 42375

File: 1449979111967.jpg (215.23 KB, 1066x1600, SAM_8913.jpg)


No. 42376

holy fuck nose for DAYS

No. 42377

those lines under her eyes. oh no.

No. 42378

but guys, look at that perfect skin
(5ever jelly red-faced pig with huge pores)

No. 42379

I think she's cute. It's not like her nose is oversized or whatever. It's proportional to her face.

No. 42380

jesus fucking christ. you guys want her to be a perfect little doll with no pores, completely smooth skin, and a tiny button nose but if she shoops herself to be like that, you guys whine and cry about how "OMG LOOK AT THIS FAKE SHOOPING BITCH! UGH SHE ONLY HAS FANS BECAUSE SHE SHOOPS SO MUCH." get a grip.

Anzu isn't scared of showing her makeup and shoop-less face and doesn't pretend that she's her shooped self like ricare/eikkibunny or Ahripoop.

No. 42381

*ahripop but idk i think ahripoop is fitting

No. 42382

File: 1450013905604.jpeg (176.2 KB, 1216x912, image.jpeg)

bakachuu wants to wear anzus skin

No. 42383

She wants to be Asian so bad

No. 42384

omg that's what Bakachuu actually looks like?
wow that's disappointing

No. 42385

along with editing herself to look like her, I noticed that she poses very similar to anzu in her pictures, and that she does her makeup pretty much the exact same way

No. 42386

Yeah, I know right?!! like how dare she use spiked eyelashes like Anzu?!!! and that's not the end of it…. she likes Hunter x Hunter too!!! Talk about being a wannabe!

No. 42387

bakachuu pls

No. 42388

Hell no, is so damn long. But you can kinda see it even in her frontal pics that it's long

No. 42389

Does anyone know what brand of eyelashes Anzu uses? I really like it.

No. 42390

this ispretty much how every overly-filtered instagram cosplayer looks like

No. 42391

File: 1450150527128.jpeg (69.47 KB, 313x745, image.jpeg)

Shoopless Anzu (1/2)

No. 42392

File: 1450150564114.jpeg (59.56 KB, 360x640, image.jpeg)

I was the one who blacked out the other person btw

No. 42393

Anzu is so perfect

No. 42394

Like, I get that it's long, I do. It's not a bad nose though? In >>51793, it actually looks cute. Also, Anzu isn't shooped to hell and back unlike the majority of the cows/snowflakes posted.

No. 42395

she is very cute but i really think she is ana

No. 42396

yea, i agree
she doesn't look horribly skinny in these pictures, but in her selfies and videos she looks like a skeleton
nobody can tell me thats healthy

>coming from someone whos also a spooky skellington

No. 42397

yo guys i like her nose. i want a nose job bc mine is wide af and i was thinking of getting one kind of similar to hers if i could ever afford it tbh.

No. 42398

Sorry for shuffling this thread around a bit. It was in /b/, moved to /snow/, and has now been moved back to /b/.

No. 42399

You can very clearly see the makeup powder on the end of the nose…

No. 42400

File: 1457283794789.jpg (130.7 KB, 720x720, 1450201712687.jpg)

Lady Noctis from the uk. Literally the worst offender I've seen. She markets herself as a pro model then does this shit. Photographers have actually laughed and walked away when seeing her irl for the first time

No. 42401

jesus christ, fair enough to the photographers

No. 42402


No. 42403

She's hideous but nice shoop skills tbh

No. 42404

I don't get why anzu is getting so much flack, she's a good girl that does her cosplays to have fun, she naturally accumulated her fan base without forcing it on people or advertising. She never hurt anyone and she's very helpful too. She's not "overshooped" either, you can see her in all her videos for exactly how she is too.

No. 42405

They are jealous tbh. Literally jealous. Idk if she makes her own cosplays though but f she doesnt thats probably the reason? (I dont know anything about cosplay but i know its frowned upon if you buy everything or something)

No. 42406

afaik she often buys her costume, but she never lies about it. she's talented at make up though, imho.

No. 42407

what >>78168 said. She's not making her own costume but it has never been about that, I've just been noticing people are being pretty vicious towards her for no reason, it's pretty unwarranted… She's not shopping herself, she's not doing anything unreasonable she's just having fun. She also looks like she does in pictures in videos too.

No. 42408

I think she does shoop, only the menial things though, like smoothing the skin, but the good thing about her is that she never shoop to the point where her face is unrecognizable, unlike most snowflakes and people in pt. just my opinion though, anzujaamu is still one of the likable cosplayers for me.

No. 42409

Just looking at the videos of her tells me she doesn't shop though. in some of her very old shit there is some weird effects of lightening the picture but nothing really anymore. She's actually got good skin and really is white AF. I don't think she actually shops her face etc though.

No. 42410

she has closer set eyes (not close-set but closer than in pictures) she only edits eyes and makes them furher apart.

No. 42411

are you sure? It looks exactly the same in videos

No. 42412

Im pretty sure. She even posted a before and after pic of her editing (she's super nice!) It doesn't matter really because she looks great in cosplay either way.

No. 42413


No. 42414

I don't know why my reply came blank, anyway..

but that doesn't mean that she's really editing especially now I mean, look at her videos on youtube and see for yourself about if she edits or not, do you have a before and after type thing to show that she edits?

No. 42415

File: 1457525555162.jpg (55.7 KB, 338x600, 1.JPG)

Why do all these ugly ass cosplaying weebs copy each other?

No. 42416

File: 1457525564765.jpg (118.85 KB, 640x1136, 2.JPG)

No. 42417

File: 1457525582707.jpg (119.62 KB, 640x1136, 3.JPG)

Punchable af.

No. 42418

doesn't look good. this is a girl, right? what does she even cosplay as?

No. 42419

It looks so horrible. I found this bitchass weeb from @bakachuu who is basically ripping off @anzujaamu and this freak @bonbonchuu is ripping them both off. It's so damn embarassing. Apparently she's supposed to be Monster from Undertale.

No. 42420

go away pull

No. 42421


No. 42422

not her but in that case it's not too bad, a very minor character in human forum. it's kinda cute.

No. 42423

File: 1457633011196.png (5.09 KB, 35x35, image.png)

Why do you guys hate pull so much? Did someone on pull murder your entire family?

No. 42424

Have you ever been to hell?

No. 42425

File: 1458712549839.jpg (165 KB, 1080x1080, 12513645_10207740960775676_254…)

This has been circulating around my facebook timeline, I thought it would be interesting to discuss here.

Basically, a Taiwanese cosplayer named Misa Chiang is praised (or called out? I don't really know exactly since I don't understand Chinese) for her use of Photoshop by another cosplayer, Lulu Kui (I don't know where Lulu's from, but I'm guessing Hong Kong).

The 'drama' started when Lulu Kui made a post in her facebook acc with the picture I attached, captioned "Don't doubt that is really the same person Lai www. Find Different Point ! Amazing !" (I facebook translated it). Then, Misa responds back with this post in her page (English) :


Misa admits to photoshop, and apparently have blocked people who people who left spiteful comments, especially from Hong Kong people.

After some lurking in the comments, it seems the drama stems from Misa herself, who was criticized heavily for "lazy cosplaying". Some of them said that she didn't care about her quality of cosplay anymore. She always forget to bring props, or she even didn't make/buy one because she will just put that on the photo through photoshop. Lots of my friend that cosplays that have met her in real life do think she looks very different compared to her photopacks. Some of the comments also said that Misa has attitude problem, that's one of the factor why Lulu posted her post, but I don't know much about this, so I can't give more information on that.

What do you think about Misa's photoshop? I do think the it's a little bit much though, she doesn't look like herself in most of her cosplay photos.

No. 42426


No. 240264

File: 1660617466082.png (1.63 MB, 720x1280, shoopinghoe.png)

No. 240269



No. 240272

>>240269 @kiyokamis on ig

No. 240274

File: 1660619932818.png (752.43 KB, 521x932, kotorifail.png)

No. 240282

File: 1660621170905.png (47.83 KB, 971x233, idontshoopatall.png)

she claims she doesnt shoop when she gets called out on for it

No. 240348

stop trying to promo your shit cosplay, you already did this on /cgl/

No. 240726

File: 1660810924860.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x1863, 4EE7ABA5-A472-4D09-B333-5B4B22…)

Unsurprisingly, eikkibunny (now ri.care) from the OP image is a whore now who gets barely any interaction

No. 240741

I thought you deliberately chose a picture with less likes but holy shit her interaction with that followers count is beyond sad. Those are definitely bots(sage your shit)

No. 240796

Her head is the size of her entire torso.

No. 240814

This is for photoshop, not updates on low numbers. 3 vendetta posts. Sage your non milky content.

No. 241568

Her proper page is ri.ggwp. Still gets thousands of likes

No. 241662

File: 1661063904092.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x1234, 172F9C07-8192-4C8E-A841-DE73AB…)

thanks vendetta posts for showing me this thread so I can post my favorite personal photoshop cow (onicure.cosplay)

No. 241663

File: 1661064059220.jpeg (381.38 KB, 1439x1800, 06B91D7F-7BE8-4224-8D8B-B2209E…)

here’s the same cosplayer but an old picture from 2017 with likely minimal editing beyond a bad Snapchat filter vs their pinned

No. 241671

That's terrifying nonnie will you please make sure it's not hiding under the bed or in my closet

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