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File: 1658726553870.png (1.08 MB, 1080x594, i cant do photoshop.png)

No. 232428

No. 232431

In the new Abroad in Japan podcast ep Chris confirms that Sharla and him are dating but "not married or engaged..yet"(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 232432

File: 1658730067326.jpg (484.87 KB, 1080x1732, IMG_20220724_164431.jpg)

As an anon previously mentioned Chris made private the livestream of his 30 birthday.
Curiously enough some were mentioning how he took advantage of selling himself as alone and miserable in his birthday (already dating S) ,it got him plenty of donations.

No. 232437


And Sharla was in the next room laughing at all the morons falling for it, xD(xD)

No. 232440

I wonder if they either a) are already engaged or b) about to be. What kind of man says they’re not engaged YET unless he’s planning on popping the question?

No. 232444

The podcast was interesting. It was labelled as Chris talks about his love life but that was barely discussed. He just said that they were dating for a while and didn't go public because they wanted to make sure it would work first. Outside of that nothing juicy.

More interesting in my opinion was that Chris said he's going to do some kind of spartan race in two months. It'll be fun seeing him prepare for and attempt it. Though it'll be a pain in the ass for him to film most likely. Most of those kind of events really just have spectators see you at the beginning and end. As unlikely as it is I'd love for Chris to get hooked on these and become a pseudo fitness tuber.

No. 232445

I was actually surprised by how much he talked about his love life. He was obviously the reason why they kept it secret for so long, probably because he was afraid of people’s reactions. He seemed surprised that everyone had left positive comments.

He also said he probably didn’t deserve Sharla.

No. 232447

AND this was probably filmed in the Morioka apartment he and Sharla shared, not in Sendai like most of his viewers thought.

No. 232453

If anything he confirmed his paranoia at having to edit or erase stuff that could give away that both are together.
As some of us said either of two would get eventually fed up with such lifestyle.
Reaching there anon,this at least shows he's aware of the amount of comments saying they migth be engaged.

No. 232454

Chris in his podcast said he's known for not being fake kek

No. 232455

It's more so his choice of words. Not engaged YET. He could have just said that they aren't engaged, but the way he said it now implies that they are planning to be. I think they actually are engaged but they don't want their audience to know.

He said that it's important to point out that they're not married or engaged … why is that important to point out?

No. 232478


Maybe it is important to point out to people like you, who are always speculating. If he said: “We haven’t got any children” you would argue that they probably have.

No. 232481

The saying “it’s important to say”is a very British way of stressing something
Or clearing things up.

No. 232486

Of course I wouldn’t. Had he said “we haven’t got any children yet” however, I would assume that they want kids and are planning on having them. Him saying yet implies they’re planning on getting engaged and married.

No. 232487

There's literally no reason to speculate if they're married or engaged. Can't you guys just wait. We don't need a 3rd thread filled up because of tin foil. Just wait for more announcements damn. It's not like the conversation can go anywhere.

No. 232492

Chris says :"we've dating for AWHILE"
Shit 3 years and more kek
I feel the date the relationship started migth be complicated that's why both will avoid ever mentioning it.

No. 232496

Cheating tinfoil sucks.

No. 232501

why does it seem like neither of them want to admit that they live together?

No. 232511

They are slowly giving info, first dating announcement etc

No. 232512

He also mentioned one of his first dates with Sharla was to Sunshine City. To the Pokemon Center. I think they make a great couple, but that part made me smirk because as someone Chris's age, I can't imagine taking someone four years older than me, male or female, to anything Pokemon themed on a date.

No. 232515

He didn’t say it was at the Pokémon center. He said it was at the sunshine city shopping complex, across the street from the Pokémon center.

No. 232521

What does Sharla being 4 years older have to do with it? I don't get the pokémon obsession, but plenty of people living in Japan love it.

No. 232531

Japan has a Pokemon park too, anon. Its a universally love IP and nerds like Chris and Sharla of course love it too, or at least Sharla does. Imagine thinking one person in a relationship has to put a stop to even taking their partner to the PC just because you don't like Pokemon as much.

Thats how you sound, anon.

No. 232538

Was he talking about the Niigata Spartan Beast race on Sept 17?
He should've started preparing himself as soon as he decided he was going to participate instead of letting himself go until he got back from the UK. Two months isn't that long to prepare for someone in his condition. Obviously he's not going to go hard at it, but he could injure himself if he pushes himself too early. I agree with anon from the previous thread about his bag habit of doing big events to get in shape instead of regularly exercising and making long-term changes to his lifestyle.

No. 232539

Is it across? I thought Sunshine City had a pokemon center inside of it. Sharla likes Pokemon though, doesn't she? So it doesn't seem like it'd be that bad of a date idea.

No. 232540

Nta she did say that she knows her very well in a twitter reply. >>189833

Pretty sure that anon was just talking shit.

No. 232541

It makes sense that they would go on a first date in Tokyo it fits the timeline. I think Chris was living in hotels in Tokyo in spring 2019 after moving out of his Sendai apartment he shared with Lily and Sharla would frequently come down there from Morioka as she had just started working for TC. She also wrote on instagram that she had started liking Tokyo more, big surprise there …

No. 232542

It's cute that both Chris and Sharla can now share little anecdotes about their relationship and not have to worry about saying something they shouldn't.

No. 232548

Regardless of where it is, a date is a date and doing things you like less or not at all just for the sake of seeing your S/O happy, is kind of part of relationships. Anons have this really depressed look of "If he doesn't like it, he definitely shouldn't even take her, fuck her weird hobbies at 36." Damn, anons. Chill.

No. 232554

IKR, it just makes Chris seem like a caring boyfriend to me? He goes with Sharla to places he knows will make her happy.

No. 232556

Is Sharla still friends with Greg? He used to move wherever she moved to in Japan and even followed her to live in Korea too.

No. 232557

I think I saw them interact on either twitter or insta not too long ago

No. 232560

File: 1658774071165.png (323.13 KB, 626x436, Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 2.31…)

Yeah, at least it used to. It also had one of the Pokemon cafes in it. Sunshine City is a cute place for a date, there is a lot of stuff to do in addition to the Pokemon Center. Anons reaching hard for a reason to diss Sharla, hate to imagine what age they decided they had to stop enjoying things that were sort of childish. Pokemon is fun, looking at stuff with your partner is fun, big deal.

No. 232564

"Anons" (fans) from reddit and twitter who only became aware of Chris and Sharla in the last year or two should really go through our older threads to learn more about their favorite vloggers. This isn’t our first thread but they can start here >>>/snow/29300
and here >>>/snow/145728

No. 232565

Cheating ain't even the main option but probably lies like "I'm in sendai","spending my birthday alone" ,etc.

No. 232567

Definitely lived in Morioka that man can't lie.

No. 232605

File: 1658784473521.jpeg (83.27 KB, 828x510, C371F01C-543A-4220-B77E-816FE1…)

Norm now steering the ship away from Sharla comments

No. 232618

Just about every streamer does a “spending my birthday alone” stream to get more donations.

It’s like bitching about someone
Click baiting.

No. 232623

Hearing Chris struggle to define his and Sharla's relationship on the podcast was hilarious. It's obvious he didn't know how to word it.

No. 232628

It seems like defending a clickbaiter here .

No. 232663


Is not convinient for them to tell right away they are enganged because doing it later, Sharla can profit making a video.

They may not be enganged but I won't take their word as fact, as it has been proven, they lie all the time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 232669


No. 232699

I just don’t think it really fucking matter tbh. >>232623
I know it was pretty hilarious.

No. 232713

Well people are questioning or assuming that they were together during JAJ in the comments and neither of them are denying it. >>231898 >>231938 >>232161

Instead some comments were deleted/shadowbanned and it seems they don't want to say that he was in a relationship at the time. >>232185

It comes across as fishy to me. It's similar to when people were asking her if she was dating one of her guy friends and she would deny it but ignore the Chris comments. Also when they were saying that you could hear Chris's voice in the background of the Natsuki meets maro vid and she was deleting those comments. This all just ended up drawing attention to it and increasing the speculation and it turned out to be true.

No. 232723

Isn't it interesting how if you look at Chris' social media and videos there's no trace of Lily, but she keeps all of those photos up on both her twitter and insta. Chris even deleted that video that had her in it.

No. 232724

I feel like if they were to act like normal people, they could have easily said/hand waved it away/stretched the truth (were it untrue) that they have known each other for a long time but the timing was off and they were never single at the same time. Plenty of couples say such things and everyone moves on.

But instead, they have to be above and beyond reticent about it for pRiVaCy ReAsOnS instead of being able to say a few lines on their relationship and express it in words like normal people in their 30s.

No. 232726

It seems to me that Lily is still sub posting to get Chris’ attention. Can you imagine almost 4 years after the breakup she has had 0 boyfriend!

No. 232727

No. 232729

What is interesting about that? He deleted pics of his ex like a normal person and from the likes of her subtweets she hasn't moved on. That's pretty established now

No. 232730

This is an imageboard.

No. 232731


She really looks like she needs help

No. 232741

I don't think he had any photos up in the first place. Only that video where her voice can be heard.

No. 232743

We don't know that. Not everything is a cheating story. They broke up. Get over it. Don't know why you're trying to dig up cheating rumors when theres nothing to back it up and 3 years doesn't mean exactly 3 years and Chris's girl was 5 years ago,so anon,make the time make sense bc that looks like 2 years right there and Sharla divorced before Chris even had his breakup. Shut up and stop trying to spin fake narratives.

No. 232750

I swear no one on this board knows how to fucking read. I was saying they could have hand-waved at something similar to "we've known each other for a long time but we were never single at the same time 'til a few years ago and it just clicked" to DISPEL cheating rumors. Them not saying anything at all about the origin of their relationship is only making the rumors happen.

Fucking retard.

No. 232752

Why do they have to post and disparage these reasons to provre they didn't cheat instead of you mixing up timelines because it benefits your tinfoil? Get over it.

No. 232761

We have simps of each that put them in pedestals here so the single idea possible cheating is like a personal sin for them.
Personally idk if cheating happened I just find hilarious that Chris says they are together for "awhile" so far when they been living together more than 2+ years.

No. 232763

File: 1658851898449.png (81.85 KB, 857x1087, tmp.png)

Since no one ever posts pateron screencaps, heres one from Chris.

not milk but here you go anyway.

No. 232764

samefag here, heres the youtube link

No. 232765

Yeah I don't know or care if they cheated, either, but they're doing the same thing with the start of the relationship that they did with the presence of the relationship. Which is to say, not saying anything at all and making speculation more fervent than throwing a bone to calm it down. It's natural for people to be curious about the starts of relationships (romance novels and fanfics and erotica exploring this are super popular for a reason), and a vague "it never lined up until now" is fairly common, especially during a.) the truth, b.) the truth, but a cheating scenario, c.) the truth, but they realized there were feelings and he ended his relationship with Lily before cheating, or d.) the truth, but maybe they got together very quickly after their break ups.

No. 232767

Sharla just had the Tuna post still for her update.

No. 232768

Samefag. In the end, they honestly don't have to say anything. But for a pair of people who want privacy around their relationship, they seem to do a bad job of not stoking speculation. The video posted in >>232764 has him speaking a bit more normally about it. Still few words about it but a more normal level than stammering on a podcast for a few lines.

No. 232769

Pretty sure they didn't cheat but Chris and Lily didn't seem close towards the end anyway and he seemed to enjoy being around Sharla during JAJ. He broke up with his girl, Sharla would've been single late 2018/early 2019. Chris and Lily were split when he moved to Moriokafirst. Sharla was divorced before moving back to Morioka in 2019, probably to stay with Chris. I think good platonic friends became a relationship organically. Doesn't mean they pushback didn't like each other but that's honestly how a lot of relationships work, especially if you find yourself wanting to spend more time with someone who's not a drag or crazy like Lily.

No. 232771

"This video isn't available anymore."

No. 232772

still works for me

No. 232774

Works if I follow your link but not if I copy and paste it. Weird.(learn2sage)

No. 232780

It took them over three years to realize the relationship is stable enough to announce it??

No. 232781

She took five years with her ex and he didn’t even acknowledge his last 3 year old relationship, soooo progress lol

No. 232783

File: 1658856308128.png (945.04 KB, 1080x2069, Screenshot_20220726-131150.png)

>there's nothing to back it up
Well if two people go and privately and discreetly have an affair it's not exactly something that can be proven.
>3 years doesn't mean exactly 3 years and Chris's girl was 5 years ago,so anon,make the time make sense bc that looks like 2 years right there
anon what in the actual fuck are you even trying to say? Also it wasn't five ago that he broke up with lily, it was around the end of Dec 2018/beginning of Jan 2019 according to her twitter.
>Sharla divorced before Chris even had his breakup
Yes this is obvious. There was no tinfoil about Sharla being a cheater. Why don't you try reading through this post >>232713 and all the posts that are linked in it.

No. 232791

Why is it that Sharla can still be friends with Norm all these years, but used to complain about Mimei and Duncan being friendly to Ashiya? Why was she so bitter about Ashiya to Mira and Micaela anyway? The Russian girl never did anything to her nor really interacted with her afaik. Ashiya had that marriage visa thing with her husband, but that had nothing to do with Sharla, and her bestie Taylor isn't that different while Norm's always hid his wife and kid, and Sharla herself was iffy about the engagement and marriage timeline with her ex and if she helped Chris cheat, she isn't any different, either. Are Rachel and Jun still on good terms with everyone?

No. 232802

So you agree, they didn't cheat. Anons are speculating they did. Keep up.

No. 232812

what proof do you have that he didn't cheat? do you know them? were you there?
they were very obviously and very comfortably flirting on camera in presence of other people while he was still with his ex and she was not shutting him down.

No. 232813

Why is it so important for you to prove something that didn’t happen to you? None of us have any idea if they did or didn’t cheat!! But more importantly, the ex conversation is sooooo the past, it’s almost 4 years ago, it’s very much irrelevant old news! they have moved on and so should you!

No. 232814


No. 232815

The anons speculating cheating need to post the proof. Its a given there was no cheating based on the timeline. Anons posted all that already. Its retarded of you to tell anons to disprove no cheating happened instead.

No. 232826

The speculation was if he did, not if they both did. It was already established that she separated from her ex before JAJ.
You have no way of knowing that he didn't cheat. If anything did happen between them it's something that only they would know and a secret that they would take to the grave. People tend to be discreet about that sort of thing. So saying "there's nothing to back it up" or "there's no proof" is retarded. The only proof would come from their own mouths.

No. 232828

>Its a given there was no cheating based on the timeline.
No, the fuzzy timeline is exactly why people speculate there was cheating involved on Chris' side. We can’t assume Sharla or Chris cheated without any evidence, but the WKs who swear Sharla and Chris are incapable of a misstep are being extremely naive and the anons who’ve been trying to shutdown any discussion of the relationship timeline by saying there was no overlap without providing any kind of proof when no clear timeline has been established are suspicious as hell. This thread has been inundated with simps of the couple for a while now and it shows and it's getting tired.

No. 232842

I honestly really like it. I think she put a lot of personal touches in it and it shows. It looks cozy and clean. The cat prints on the walls are cute. I love the bathroom.

No. 232844

Sharla said today in response to a new comment on the relationship video that she and Chris weren't together during JAJ so there you go.

No. 232846

File: 1658870819085.jpg (757.62 KB, 1080x2888, screencap.jpg)

regarding the timeline. chris' response as to why joj was taking so long did mention him breaking up with lily
also note the "2019 has been great so far" (the very end of the post)

No. 232874

Problem solved and he split from Lily in early 2019, so everyone was single and she didn't move back to Morika until after her own breakup, before JAJ. This isn't milky. Its cut and dry.

No. 232900

Fuck buddies probably.
Honestly considering the background I don't think anons will buy her words after all plenty that said they were dating collected their win due the revelation.

No. 232901

JAJ1 was the trigger definitely.
Probably not dated but hooked up.

No. 232917

So still after both breakups

No. 232933

Nta JAJ began in early Oct and ended sometime in Nov. So it was before his breakup.

No. 232934

This conversation about an event that didn’t happen almost 4 years ago is making me want to hit my head against a fucking wall. How desperate does this shit get

No. 232936

She was still in Canada at the time. Jfc. They didn't cheat. Stop trying.

No. 232939

Do you think Chris and Sharla lurk here?

No. 232941

File: 1658882256952.png (676.1 KB, 1080x1129, Screenshot_20220727-013301.png)

Wtf are you talking about? She was there for the whole trip. Also the speculation was about if he cheated, not her. We've already established that she ended her relationship before the trip and that Chris had absolutely nothing to do with her divorce.

No. 232943

They probably started realizing they have great chemistry around the time anyway. Don't think he cheated either.

No. 232944

lol yes, most jvloggers lurk and have been caught. Just a couple of weeks ago someone posted a screenshot of chris following an ass ig account and chris unfollowed it within hours.

No. 232945

I don't think Chris cheated, he both looked and seemed to feel like shit during JAJ. He was even sick. They were constantly surrounded by other people.

I think he fell in love with Sharla, re-ignited a crush he had probably had on her for years. Sharla felt the same. But they didn't cheat.

When he came home he probably gave it a few weeks with Lily to see if he still felt the same way for her and when he realized he didn't he broke up with her. He spent like a month and a half in the UK before going back to Japan in february. If i were a betting man I would say that this is when Chris and Sharla started dating.

No. 232955

Also compared to Sharla, Lily is a lot to handle. I dint even blame him at all if he did.

No. 232957

Him and Sharla just seem so much more compatible, in every way. I watched his Patreon video and he just seemed so relaxed and happy to talk about Sharla. If he still feels that way about her after 3 and a half years, that’s good news. Lily probably never stood a chance, which sucks for her but that’s the way it is.

No. 232959

They seem to be on good terms with Micaela. Haven't seen them interact with Sharla, Chris or anyone else that they used to hangout with for a long time.

No. 232962

Agree Anon. Her Twitter gives me a headache with always playing the victim “Oh woe is me, every guy I date is a douche” She obvs still pines for Chris

She’s a software engineer?

No. 232963

It's very cute, I can't believe she doesn't want to live in it. But I guess it's more of a business investment if they want to use it as an airbnb.

I wonder how much it cost. Are renovations cheap in Japan or are they really just that cashed up? Or is it likely they got a loan? In my country I would estimate in the 6 figure range for that much work.

No. 232971

We have Chris deleting a video some hours after someone here noted a background that showed that he lived with Sharla back in Morioka.

No. 232972

they were definitely sleeping together by halloween 2019. They did a halloween stream together and were giving off strong vibes that they just recently hooked up.
Can anyone pinpoint the breakup date from Lily's old tweets?

No. 232973


I can't make the last 2 links to work, how do you do it?

No. 232974

Do you mean 2018? They did a livestream from a hotel room but I highly doubt they hooked up, that Ian guy from TC was there as well.

Lily tweeted on jan 7 2019 that she started the year with bad news and planned on moving to Tokyo.

No. 232975

I know anons talk about lily, but sometimes I think she self posts here to keep her and chris in the same conversation bc she isn’t over him.

No. 232977

Lily needs to move on. For her own sake, find herself a new man. Even if it hurts to see that the support Chris and Sharla have gotten this past week is insaaane. People clearly love them together.

No. 232981

That's not proof of them cheating or any semblance of. Stop trying to force shit without actual proof.

No. 232982

I agree. I know people want something to talk about now that they’re no longer hiding their relationship, but nothing about the timeline makes it seem like they cheated. Developed feelings during JAJ maybe, but that’s not cheating that’s called being human.

No. 232987


literally the video under the one you replied to is the video in the image

No. 232992


True, sorry my mistake(sage your shit)

No. 233043

I really liked the downstairs, but the upstairs need a lot more work imo. The wallpapers and the bedding are awful, I hope they end up changing them and keep going with the low-key cat theme since now it looks a bit odd that they kinda just dropped the cat theme upstairs.

No. 233052

You mean this livestream kek.

No. 233055

wow Chris' voice sounds different here, much higher

No. 233056

File: 1658918219787.jpg (85.57 KB, 772x646, images_easyblog_articles_6977_…)

It's cute but feels empty?? Like there are no pictures on the walls, no decorations at all, there could be more cat-themed things (plushies, clock, etc) or something? Or is this personality-less setup something that Airbnb hosts and guests prefer? I understand it is just for renting but they could have made it more cozy and I mean, if you name your Airbnb after cats, then you should have more cat themed things

I agree, the toucan-jungle wallpaper is especially awful

No. 233058

She literally says in the video that they haven't decorated it yet

No. 233059

oh okay, I wasn't paying attention evidently kek

No. 233062

File: 1658920738886.png (520.27 KB, 1079x1569, Screenshot_20220727-120602.png)

Kek is this you anon?

No. 233067

The Pokemon Centre is inside the Sunshine City shopping complex. Across the street is just a load of shit shops that no-one goes to.

No. 233068

Sunshine City has a Pokemon Centre, Pokemon Cafe, Pokemon GO shop and a Pokemon card shop with tonnes of tables to battle on.(learn2sage)

No. 233084

So way later in the year, after every broke up with everyone. And?

No. 233092

Sharla just posted some pretty cute art of her and Chris on twitter. She doesn't seem too keen on posting anything about their relationship on instagram though.

No. 233094

They put the wrong year. They were talking about this livestream from 2018 during JAJ >>233052

No. 233099

But he was still with Lily and she didn't stay there bc she didnt even move back to Morioka until 2019. Just stop already. The anons desperate that there was cheating sound unhinged.

No. 233119

If he broke up with Lily AFTER that halloween stream, then it was a messy break up and cheating occurred. What we don't know is if Chris' relationship with Lily was already on the way out.

No. 233121

Why would cheating have occurred? You know that's not the only reason breakups happen, right? And where do you think Lily was when they were streaming in the apartment? You immediately go to this worst case, but "DEFINITELY HAPPENED" scenario when it most likely didn't. Stop posting unhinged conspiracy theories.

No. 233122

>But he was still with lily
What does that matter? The speculation was about them possibly hooking up during the cycle across Japan, not that they had started an actual relationship back then.
>She didn't move back to Morioka until 2019
She appears in this vid from Dec 2018 as 'iwate resident'
No one is desperate. It's just some speculating not a damning accusation.
To clarify, the only reasons why some anons think that something possibly happened are the timing of the breakup and the fact that he obviously left her for Sharla, her unfollowing Sharla right afterwards and ignoring her entire existence despite her trying to interact with everyone else in the gaijin clique, her obvious disdain for them and it likely being the motive for why she came here to post about them back in thread 9 starting that whole discussion about them dating and living together. It was clearly revenge posting.

No. 233125

What terrible tinfoil.

No. 233131

If any cheating actually happened, lily would've taken advantage of that years ago and blasted them all over every social media she could.

No. 233133

I agree. I think she feels wronged because Chris probably went from her to Sharla pretty damn fast, leading her to believe that he left her for Sharla. Which I've seen for myself, where someone didn't cheat but still ended a relationship for the express purpose of beginning another, with someone they just met. It is a shitty way to get broken up with but generally people won't feel that bad for you, unless you've actually been cheated on. So it fits with Lily's public behavior - unfollows Sharla, disparages Chris in a relatively minor way, and goes on about her life. Hurt feelings but not devastation - not worth looking like an unhinged ex over.

No. 233135

And it literally happens all the time. People fall out of love and you can take interest in someone, not even sexually, because of just the chemistry and the way you hit it off with someone. This isn't uncommon and it is probably what happened. Tbh, I don't even think they started dating until a few months in after Sharla stayed in Japan permanently. Especially with the timelines anons were coming up with previously with cups and all. Just all seems like an organic fall out of love/divorce, meet someone better, become good friends, start liking them. Probably got drunk one night and finally one of them said they liked the other and bam, no more secret awkward crush either.

No. 233143

>meet someone better

Your internalised misogyny jumped out kek, dating is not a competition. People move on for lots of reasons, if you think life is an eternal set of upgrades you are gonna be very miserable since there is always someone "better" aka instagram models or whatever

No. 233145

How? I'm inferring Sharla found someone better too. This isn't only about Chris and I didn't mean him either and most anons agree that lily is a mess anyway, so honestly yeah. Chris did effectively get with someone better and Sharla, for her sake since she got a divorce, found someone better too.

No. 233168

Yeah it never happened, but the tinfoil is the only milk anons can find. They are desperate.

No. 233169

Why is Lily crazy? Has she done anything in the past that indicates she has mental health issues?

No. 233171

Sage your shit if you are asking for spoonfeeding.

Also, According to Sharla it's been 3 years, so that means near the end of 2019 they started really dating. 2023 isn't here yet.

No. 233180

What I want to know is if Lily did anything weird/crazy while she was dating Chris. Not when they broke up, because I know that. So my question is, did she have any mental problems in the past?

No. 233183

Where did Sharla say it’s been 3 years?

No. 233184

We've been talking about it.

No. 233185

Yeah but that’s stuff stans have dug up, I don’t think Sharla or Chris have said exactly when they got together. The stans seem to think they started dating in spring of 2019 and moved in together shortly thereafter.

No. 233186

Where the hell do you get the idea they are stans. Do everyone an effort and maybe watch the videos.

No. 233187

Fine, but my point was that it’s neither Sharla nor Chris who have said that it’s been 3 years

No. 233191

Read her twitter threads

No. 233193

Lily and Chris visited Sharla together while she was married and living in Korea in June 2018. Even though Sharla and Chris weren't together back then, it's an awkward situation in hindsight and may have sparked something, so Lily's bitterness is understandable even if there was no cheating though she should've moved on years ago.

Anyone know the context of this Korean taste test vlog and how they ended up doing it together?

No. 233198

Bitter why, just because she's a girl? What if he was bi, would Connor be a problem? People keep making excuses for Lily being 'upset', but when you have a friend group, you usually date within the friend group. Nothing happened at the time from the looks of it, they aren't even alone in Korea either. No timelines has anyone presented where there would have been an opportunity or hint. Lily being jealous is her own insecure problem, but neither of them seem to be acting on anything. lily can be mad that they have chemistry all they want, but some personalities just jive together better regardless of wanting to date or not.

No. 233200

Right after Korea Chris helped Sharla film an ear cleaning video and they even had chemistry there ngl. Don’t think they cheated or anything tho.

No. 233207

>Bitter why, just because she's a girl? What if he was bi, would Connor be a problem?
I have no idea what you're trying to say or why you're trying to bring gender and sexuality into it.

No. 233210

>The stans seem to think they started dating in spring of 2019 and moved in together shortly thereafter.
They must have started a lot earlier than spring 2019 to reach the moving in phase at the date that they did. There definitely was at least emotional cheating during 2018 if not outright fucking going on.

No. 233212

They were friends for a long time though. Some people move in together immediately after getting together, it’s not that weird. Especially since his lease in Sendai was probably up.

No. 233213

Idk about you, but we don't call what the two of them did being friends where I'm from.

No. 233215

They were friends during JAJ. It’s not their fault they had chemistry.

No. 233218

What did they do?
You have no idea!
Your opinions are not facts, it’s just your opinion, that they had an affair, but you have no facts back it up. So I am begging you, please move on!
We are all ready to move on from events that happened 4 years ago!
New tea please! let’s Move on from the Lily chapter.
please and thank you

No. 233220

Quite sure we know he lived with her back in Morioka.

No. 233221

Yes exactly, they moved in together quickly, but my point is that it’s not uncommon for that to happen, even if it’s a new relationship.

No. 233225

I personally think they probably got together shortly after the break up with Lily. Sharla was separated/on the way to divorce when she did JAJ, they clicked, Chris breaks up with Lily literally in the first week of 2019 and then sometime soon after they start dating.

However. They do not owe their fans any details. I love to gossip and speculate but ultimately it’s not our business so going on about them lying to their fans (lies of omission or avoidance I guess) is just ridiculous. Why are people so bitter about it? Unless you were one of their partners.

I started watching Chris regularly just before JAJ (and Sharla a bit earlier) and it’s not like he scrubbed Lily from his social media after the split. I had no idea he was seeing someone because she was nowhere to be seen on his videos, Instagram etc.

No. 233229

Especially for people who are older. When you’re in your 30s or older and know what you want, why hang about?

No. 233231

Just to clear up the timeline for you! Sharla, per her own words In her video comment section was already divorced September 2018. Chris told his Patreons that he was no longer in a relationship Dec 2018.

No. 233232

>And where do you think lily was when they were streaming in the apartment?
Uh what the fuck are you talking about? That Halloween livestream was from journey across Japan a few weeks into the trip. They were in a hotel room and lily was in Sendai or wherever.
I refer you to these posts >>218485

>Leading her to believe that he left her for Sharla
He clearly did kek
You don't know that it didn't happen in the same way that others don't know if it did. I refer you to this post >>232826

>No timelines has anyone presented where there would have been an opportunity or hint
The only timeline that anons have mentioned is when they spent almost two months traveling around and hanging out, sometimes in hotel rooms late at night. >>233052

Yep no matter how you look at it the timeline points to an emotional affair at the very least. Whether or not there was anything else going on, can't be proven.
The naivety in this thread though kek.

No. 233233

I don’t remember that from his Patreon. I do remember Lily saying that her 2019 started with really bad news. So I thought that the break up was then since she tweeted that on like Jan 7, 2019.

No. 233236

Cheating/emotional cheating anons need to take meds. Why is no one considering that it was cheaper for Sharla to move in with Chris when Lily moved out because rent, and Sharla didnt have a place set up for herself. You need residency.

No. 233242

Sharla had already moved into her place well before Chris moved in there. It was he who didn't have an apartment.

No. 233243

Exactly right, he was hotel hopping from February to May 2019. Sharla got her place in Morioka October 2018.

No. 233250

I wonder if that piece of art Sharla posted on twitter is based on a real life date? Sharla is touching his face and it looks like he's blushing, very very cute. She wore that FILA shirt a lot at the beginning of 2019.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 233277

Lily has every right to be bitter about things, she was the dumpee and going by the timelines it appears she got cheated on by Chris when JAJ happened, which she wasn't invited to. Yes, its years later and she should have moved on but the jvlog community is so small that there's no avoiding Chris or Sharla unless you want to avoid the jvlogs entirely. The announcement opens all those old wounds again.

If the breakup happened at the start of 2019 which it looks like it did and Chris and Sharla hooked up in JAJ late 2018 then we've got a dirty breakup caused by cheating.
Why they did it isn't hard to understand. Sharla was recently single and Chris was having a rotten time on JAJ while isolated from his partner.
This also explains why Norm is still on good terms with both of them because as a JAJ crew member he's got information on both of them that could really hurt their reputations, as does Chris Okano and Ian from Tokyo Creative.
Broad stated he has no ill will towards Okano even after he left Tokyo Creative in shambles. Ian on the other hand has a lesser perspective on Okano but is good friends with Broad.
Okano is the wild card, a spoiled rich kid with little regard for consequences, if you anons want answers he's who you goto… or Sunny.

No. 233282


It doesn't line up with cheating. Get over it.

No. 233284

There’s no point in trying to fight with them. It’s the same exact people fighting how Chris and Sharla couldn’t possibly be dating. Now they are made that was true. Trying to find anything to be bitter about.

No. 233286

The link to „why i’m dating a Canadian” ends with capital i, not small L

No. 233290

File: 1658989052063.jpg (123.41 KB, 727x1027, FYrloFhVUAEWpA9.jpg)

Pic from her twitter, same pic can be seen in her apartment in 2019

No. 233291

File: 1658989103459.jpg (108.76 KB, 1820x1028, IMG_3288.jpg)

apartment tour from 2019

No. 233292

JAJ started in October 2018
Chris amd Lilly hadn't broken up yet.
Chris and Sharla very likely slept together by Halloween 2018, Chris and Lilly hadn't broken up yet.
Early 2019, Chris and Lilly broke up.
Timelines 100% match up, cheating occured.

No. 233298


Good point about Norm. This reveal probably killed him as much as it did Lily.

No. 233311

Early or late 201?

No. 233313


This fanfiction is as bad as Santorini-san and the deniers. Stating something as a fact when you’re speculating is so obviously idiotic.

No. 233316

IKR who gives a fucking shit. Look at what’s going on now not what may or may not have happened almost 5 years ago. I’m sure everyone has moved on including his dopey ex.

No. 233317

There's some world class creeps in here. Don't be surprised.

No. 233324

File: 1658997383828.jpg (304.08 KB, 1462x824, Untitled.jpg)

No. 233325

April 2019?? Maybe it was a birthday gift to Chris.

No. 233330

cute kek

No. 233345

The art is so so cute. It looks like she’s stroking his face, very intimate. And he’s blushing, anime-style! Love it.

No. 233360

I don’t believe that fan fiction but Santorini is likely

No. 233386

Still both single, so who cares

No. 233388

No one was denying it. They wanted anons to stop filling up 3 threads fast due to tinfoil, and repeating the same shit, when clearly waiting a month and a half would've helped us not go through useless threads. I was one of the anons who said stfu and wait. Dont act like you know who I am, anon. Its embarrassing.

No. 233397

And how do you know this?
Norm was not part of JAJ 1 so he wouldn't know anything.
It's funny that you bring that up. If you look back through that discussion you can see that their posts look very similar to the ones saying that there couldn't possibly have been any cheating.
It's not as bad as the Santorini shit. That was based on a pic of a pool in which you couldn't even see the background. This speculation is based off of the reasons mentioned in this post >>233122
late 2018-mid 2022 = >almost five years. Kek
Also she's clearly still bitter af.

No. 233400

Again, Lily would've made sure EVERYONE knows since they are as 'messy' as anons claimed until they announced their dating. Move on.

No. 233406

>Again, lily would have made sure EVERYONE knows
Again, I refer you to these posts >>232826 >>218485

Stop being retarded anon.

No. 233407

Chris and Sharla are clearly in it for the long run. Everyone ships them. Everyone saw the chemistry and spark they had during JAJ. They didn’t cheat.

Lily needs to move on, she said today she had many people treating her Twitter inbox like tinder. Looks like she can choose another man if she wants to.

No. 233409

There's no "proof" because they didn't cheat. Probably just fell in love. What was he supposed to do, not break up with Lily out of pity even though he was clearly in love with Sharla and wanted to be with her instead? He broke up with Lily and waited at least a month before he started dating Sharla, possibly longer.

No. 233412

Stfu already. YOU need to provide inklings of them cheating, not just assuming every time they filmed as cheating. Its an extremely weak argument. Adults are able to not fuck each other just because they occupy the same space. Plus Sharla is timid and Chris is insecure as fuck. Everything points to them not doing anything. Move the fuck on. Holy shit. Another thread fucking wasted by you goon anons.

No. 233413

And how do you know he didn't cheat? This is just as retarded as saying that he did. There is no way of knowing either way. FFS
And yes, she needs to stop being pathetic and get herself out there and move on.
Where did I imply that? I agree that Chris and Sharla have a lot of chemistry and I get that that's life, shit happens. Nothing I said was meant to demonize them for how the situation turned out.

No. 233416

Because it’s far more likely that he didn’t cheat. There’s literally zero proof that he cheated, none. It has never been alluded to, Lily has never said he did, none of the people they were on JAJ have said anything. He cycled morning until night, spent his nights editing, rinse and repeat. They shared hotels and rooms with their crew. He also got super sick. When the fuck would he had time to cheat?

No. 233417

Post proof they cheated. Do your little micro investigating cup usage shit. Come on anon, do a trick. You think they did, prove it.

No. 233426

>There is no way of knowing either way
Also I wasn't one of the anons sperging about cups kek and I never said that I thought they definitely did.

No. 233446

Those posts are 2 different anons, you schizo.

No. 233447

>almost five years ago
Even if you're counting october 2018 to October 2022 that's still only four years

No. 233449

The fact she has a commissioned illustration of them on display in April 2019 really does suggest it (maybe a friendship/emotional cheating) had been going on a lot longer, I can't imagine getting art made of a relationship that was only a few months old. Commissions can take from a week to a few months as well depending on who you hire.

No. 233450

Say she commissioned it in March after 1 month of dating. That's not too weird. They were probably well into each other by the time they actively started dating. Maybe they talked a lot when he was in England after he dumped Lily? Doesn't mean they cheated.

No. 233455

I have a bridge to sell you anons who really believe that it's normal for two insecure, non bunny-boilers who hide their relationships for years to suddenly jump the gun and commission art after one month and move in together after two months.

What seems most likely is an emotional affair beginning around when Sharla initiated her divorce, which became a physical affair when they toured for two months together, he breaks up, she's already divorced, then they start figuring out if they want to move in together and do so in the spring.

No. 233461

Not really. everyone seemed to be over with their relationships beginning of Jan. They probably liked each other before then but that doesn't mean cheating happened. Give up.

No. 233462

How are they insecure? Hiding their private lives from the public has nothing to do with how secure they actually feel in their relationship. Sometimes you just know that a certain someone is the one. That’s probably what happened in this case.

There was no cheating. Just two people who fell head over heels in love and decided they wanted to move in together quickly. Can we move on now?

No. 233468

>There was no cheating. Just two people who fell head over heels in love and decided they wanted to move in together quickly.
You keep saying that as if saying it more forcefully will maker it true despite offering no proof to back up your claim. Is your word a word of god or something? lol

No. 233469

>There was no cheating.
Only Sharla and Chris would know that. Are you Sharla or Chris?

No. 233470

Funny how you guys keep shilling the uwu they fell in love when in two other threads with similar circumstances:
>toxic tears and jake break up after ten years and ""one month"" relationship with new girl, Kat
>anons guess it has been longer
>toxic tears keeps dropping hints about cheating/hating cheaters, most recently about finding a hair in her and Jake's bed that was not hers
>Kat's photo gift for jake featured photos taken longer ago than when they claimed to start dating
>not one anon is crying and refuting the obvious fact there was cheating
>next cow, heather explores
>actually moves in with the "love of her life" after 3 months of dating, anons think this is too soon
>shit hits the fan after two weeks and he kicks her out, not unexpected but still shitty
>everyone agrees that it was way too soon

Yet in this thread we have
>moving in together after 2mo is ""normal""
>absolute denial it could've been going on longer

No. 233471

Chris said himself that he quickly dropped the editing every night part because be realised it was impossible to maintain the production quality that he wanted for the series.

No. 233473

There was no cheating. There is zero proof of cheating. Chris literally said he was single in January. He probably got with Sharla after that. Give it a rest already.

No. 233474

I am tempted to just go and report all posts made by the telepathic Chris stan anon. Their writing is so distinct and spread over a number of jvlog threads it really makes you wonder what is the personal investment in Chris uwu.

No. 233475

Thank you. This is what happens when fans mistaken lolcow for reddit.
Are you really naive enough to believe that a cheater would admit to cheating? You can say that you don't believe Chris did or that you don't think the evidence is strong enough to suggest that he did, but unless you're Chris, you can't say with certainty that he didn't cheat.

If you don't like talk of cheating, lolcow is not the place to be. This isn't the place for fans to get defensive or gush about their favs.

No. 233476

C&S have lived together for over 3 years so clearly it worked out for them. Every couple is different.

No. 233484

for the 100th time, chris told his Patreon that he was single December 2018

No. 233489

so December comes before October now does it?

No. 233497

I imagine this is what lily probably thinks to cope with the break up. “I’m not boring and weaboo! It’s not my fault Chris broke up with me! Sharla tantalized him with her pussy!”

No. 233521

What are you talking about? I was referring to the person stating they broke up in January of 2019, and clarifying that chris already said it in Dec of 2018. I have no idea why you decided October was a thing, do keep up, for you don’t know what you are talking about

No. 233523

>Lily needs to move on, she said today she had many people treating her Twitter inbox like tinder. Looks like she can choose another man if she wants to

I think this is what Lily would like us to believe

No. 233526

you saying she's lying? she did post a bikini photo the other day so it's not that far fetched to think guys would slide into her DMs after that

No. 233533

Lol yet she won't post DMs.

No. 233534

No. 233605

This really is like Groundhog Day for the obsessed. You really wanna obsess over what happened Five years ago in the lives of second rate YouTubers?

No. 233606

Seriously. They are dating now so who cares. That shit would've come out a long time ago.

No. 233621

Not saying she’s lying, every girl gets unsolicited DM’s - she’s not as special as she makes out. Imagine Sharla’s

Lily likes to bait her following and then chastise them.

No. 233629

Have none of you redditfags come to the conclusion that Sharla and Chris like to keep things private?
Their relationship has been confirmed, there’s no evidence of anything else. Your fan fictions are embarrassing. No one fucking cares about lily; please go back to Reddit.
I always come back here hoping the topic has changed but it never does.

No. 233643

Same here Nonni. For fucks sake Norm must be lurking here as his recent YouTube comment replies have been merely passive aggressive rather than full blown epic narc meltdown

No. 233661

How many times do I have point this out?
>You have no way of knowing that he didn't cheat. If anything did happen between them it's something that only they would know and a secret that they would take to the grave. People tend to be discreet about that sort of thing. So saying "there's nothing to back it up" or "there's no proof" is retarded. The only proof would come from their own mouths.
Yes it is like groundhog Day. Anons are saying that he didn't cheat even though there's no way they could know that. It's the exact same as the anons that said that they weren't dating even though they couldn't know that for sure either.
These posts are extremely similar to the ones in this thread.

>>178182 >>178776 >>178964

>>181228 >>197791

No. 233685

If no one knows then stfu. Your flinging shit just because you want to desperately villainize something about what looks like a normal relationship. If you have nothing to contribute to offer any inkling of your tinfoil, then stfu already. It's not milky to assume.

No. 233713

No one wants to desperately villainize anything kek it's just speculation.
Reasons for the tinfoil were already provided.
>Him dumping his ex a couple of weeks after JAJ, obviously to get with Sharla.
>Their behaviour towards each other in the JAJ vids and Halloween livestream, strong vibes that they were hooking up, constant flirting and eye fucking. There's a reason that half the comments on those vids are things like this >>233062
>The ex unfollowing Sharla right after being dumped and ignoring her existence
>The ex's clear disdain for the both of them >>189833
>It likely being the motive behind her vendetta posting
>Sharla having commissioned intimate artwork of her and Chris on display only a few months after his previous relationship ended.
>Comments on the JAJ vids asking or assuming that was when things started to bloom between them got deleted/shadowbanned. Neither of them replied to the other comments on those vids.
>It seems they are avoiding saying that he was in a relationship during JAJ and they liked tweets saying that they shipped them since JAJ

No. 233714

Its derailing without substance. There's no discussion when it's all tinfoil. That's why tinfoil is banned.

No. 233715


You argue with the same intellectual capacity as a Trump-supporter.

> How many times do I have to point this out you have no way of knowing if they are aliens. So saying they are humans make no sense, because the only way we will get confirmation of them being aliens is from their own mouths.

No. 233716

All Fairpoints, but not proof that they cheated. Is it reasonable to think that they started a relationship during JAJ? sure, is it also reasonable to think that they didn’t as well?absolutely. The point is because we don’t know one way or the other, so arguing back-and-forth about it is a pointless because we don’t have a way of proving or disproving it. More importantly, this was over 3 1/2 years ago and it’s no longer relevant to the current conversation, so let’s move forward agree to disagree.

No. 233717

Tinfoiling when there is no basis to a claim is what's banned.

No. 233718

Seriously, the obsession, I don't get it. The excuse of "they are just private because they are sneaky snakes" is laughable too. I like the comparison to Trump.

Exactly, no basic, just speculation, thus tinfoil. Because you can't prove even an inkling anyone cheated, it's fucking tinfoil.

No. 233722

The other argument is people claiming that he absolutely did not cheat when they can't prove that either. They just know that he didn't somehow "I wasn't there but I know that that thing never happened" Telepathic anons kek.

No. 233731

It's more likely than making up some story about how and why he did. Get over it. If nothing nefarious looks like it happened, then most likely nothing happened. Take your headcanon shit, and go to fanfiction.net.

No. 233732

So the best thing to do is, move on! I can make up any rumor and ask you to disprove it. Y’all are drawing wild conclusions and asking others to disprove it. This is completely different from when we were connecting the dots seeing the video and photographic proof to show that they were in fact in a relationship. This is accusation based on what some think should add up. Regardless it’s a nonsense because it’s old old news

No. 233744

Anons would be more eager to move on if it wasn't so obvious that Chris and Sharla follow this thread and their simps didn't constantly shut down any type of speculation or critique that showed their vloggers in an unfavorable light. The more these simps claim there was no cheating when it can't be proven, the more anons are going to dig. Also, if you really want people to move on, offer some new milk instead of "I like Sharla's decorating" and "What a cute couple." Remember where you are.

No. 233747


No tinfoiling isn’t fanboying. Post pictures or other proof. Remember where you are.

No. 233749

Thinking someone's house looks nice isn't what whiteknighting is. No one has said these cows shouldn't even be posted here.

No. 233752

>No tinfoiling isn’t fanboying.
Claiming Chris didn't cheat is tinfoiling and fanboying. Only Chris knows if he did.
We already know Chris follows this thread. Twice he's made things he didn't want others to see disappear immediately after they were shared here. His followers have mentioned this thread in his fanthread on reddit and on twitter, so we know his people are also here. Repeatedly claiming he didn't cheat when it's impossible to prove is only going to add more to speculation that he did and that he or his fans are trying to stop us from discussing it. >>233749
Sharing milk about something or someone else is how you get people to move on and discuss something else.

No. 233758

Right? This is the only thread I've seen where people will repeatedly take a completely unproven line of defense. There's no way to prove cheating did or didn't occur, but there are mountains of comments from fans who've been watching for years who think something did happen during JAJ, refuting it is fanboy behaviour since there's absolutely no way to know either way.

No. 233761

Random people are the same as anon posters. They provide nothing.

No. 233784

Chris and Sharla are both in Sakata where Natsuki lives. I wonder if Chris Patreon stream this weekend will feature Natsuki so he won't have to answer questions about Sharla lmfao.

No. 233791

Or perhaps they will fully lean into a do a joint Patreon stream.

No. 233792

If they ever do a livestream together it will probably be on Patreon where people usually are pretty respectful. A livestream on Chris normal channel would be a whole ass mess with creepy comments.

No. 233804

That’s what I said… his end of month livestream. I’m only talking about a Patreon lifestream

No. 233806

Sharla changed her twitter header to that art of her and Chris … okay that's adorable.(this is an image board)

No. 233816


> Claiming Chris didn't murder somrene is tinfoiling and fanboying. Only Chris knows if he did. … Repeatedly claiming he didn't murder someone when it's impossible to prove is only going to add more to speculation that he did and that he or his fans are trying to stop us from discussing it.

> Right? This is the only thread I've seen where people will repeatedly take a completely unproven line of defense. There's no way to prove murder did or didn't occur, but there are mountains of comments from fans who've been watching for years who think he did kilo someone during JAJ, refuting it is fanboy behaviour since there's absolutely no way to know either way.

I think I need to spell out my point: claiming something nefarious that isn’t backed by any evidence other than speculating about a timeline with unconfirmed information is just tinfoiling. I absolutely think he was interested in Sharla before breaking up with Lily, but I don’t think cheating occurred. Maybe it did. But claiming something as a fact like >>233292 is what some anons oppose. Going back and forth about something that may or may not have happened without any evidence is pointless. I know this isn’t a courtroom, but IRL defamation is a thing for a reason - accusing someone for something nefarious without proof is illegal for a reason. Otherwise anyone can just call anyone a murderer or pedophile or whatever to harm them. That is in my eyes what you guys are doing. If there was any kind of proof besides speculation it would be fair game.

No. 233822

Ignore the 2 people beating the no proof cheating tinfoil drum.

No. 233825

This mad that you can't tinfoil. Damn.

No. 233878

File: 1659186944876.jpeg (615.12 KB, 1211x711, D108CBCA-8DF1-49CA-BE0B-11B5B0…)

She got a man and she wants the world to know

No. 233881

Nta I'm pretty sure that that anon and this one >>233119 were the only ones who claimed that it definitely occurred. The rest of us also oppose claiming it as a fact because that would be ridiculous when we have no way of knowing that he did. Claiming that he did not cheat, as some anons have done, is just as ridiculous as there's also no way of knowing that he didn't.
Anons have said things like "everything points to them not doing anything" >>233412 which is not the case, we at least provided reasons which suggest, only suggest, that something might have been going on >>233713
And this >>233416 which is just based on assumptions. The assumption that lily would even know, that he would have even told her, the assumption that anyone else who was there would have known, the assumption that he spent every single day cycling and every single night editing, which he didn't some of the vids is just him hanging out in the area like in Kanazawa and the one where he is with his friend from the UK and like this anon said >>233471 he dropped the editing every night plan.
And for some reason anons keep saying "when would he have had the time to cheat?" I guess they have never heard of a quickie or one night stand kek.
It was just speculation about it being a possibility based on a number of things. There isn't a whole bunch of anons making damning accusations saying that it absolutely 100% happened or claiming that any of the things mentioned is proof. So no, it's not what all of us was doing.

No. 233885

Sure Jan.

No. 233886

Cringe. Not the pic, your post.

Great can we all stop talking about potential cheating now that we’ve established that there isn’t a way to prove it unless one of them openly admits it??

No. 233906

I don't think they will do a joint livestream tomorrow

No. 233913

Why is it cringe? Its an update. NTA, but stop nitpicking actual updates.

No. 233914

They are not. Sharla is doing hers tomorrow. Chris hasn’t scheduled his yet

No. 233918

File: 1659195908480.jpg (839.11 KB, 1080x2050, Screenshot_20220730-084444_Pat…)

Report absolutely all anon posts without screenshots. Updates from Patreon from Sharla. Not capping the whole festival thing as its not really milky and a video will probably come out too.

No. 233919

File: 1659195943684.jpg (490.05 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220730-084433_Pat…)

Anons not posting these updates are garbage

No. 233920

How many years ago did Sharla divorce her Asian husband? Wasn't that long either right?

No. 233921

4 years ago

No. 233922

4 years ago

No. 233935

Nitpicking??? Kek fucking pot kettle black anon. An update is the image, the cringe is the text anon wrote with it. The update isn’t really an update, she changed that pic which we’ve seen in her apartment. Hardly a nitpick from home there tbh.
Thank you for being the only one to post from her Patreon.

No. 233942

I'm the same anon as both posts, dumbass. Youre absolutely not welcome because you chucklefucks won't do it yet want to bitch and refuse to post caps.

No. 233955

File: 1659204887358.jpg (179.03 KB, 1200x1012, CU53IspWsAEpRix.jpg)

I know this sounds racist but I actually like the fact the biggest jvloggers now are a seemingly normal white/western couple.

No offense intended but after ten years or more the white weeb with Asian partner thing has gotten old and tired.

No. 233958

I'm >>233752 and I've never claimed that Chris cheated, don't believe there's enough evidence to say for sure, and am skeptical there was any physical cheating involved. But we have people here repeatedly saying that Chris absolutely did not cheat as though they're him and we know his fans are here and have been trying to turn this place into a fan thread as if they have no idea what kind of place lolcow is. When the discussion begins to get less positive about their two vloggers, those people become incredibly defensive, but instead of removing themselves when the topic upsets them or steering the conversation to something else with new milk, they continue to go on and on. Even when I or other anons have tried to talk about other jvloggers, the discussion is always brought back to Sharla and/or Chris by them and the cycle repeats.

No. 233959

ngl Lily looks a bit retarded

No. 233960

Cheating, something that happens at a minimum 50% of the time in between/at the end/start of relationships, is not comparable to the rare and insane crime of murder, the fact you need to strawman this hard suggests you lost this argument

No. 233961


50 % of the time? Your statistics are as flawless as your logic.

AFAIK there is one post adamantly denying that there was cheating. Obviously no one knows so why make such a fuss about that one anon? It’s possible, but without proof it is just tinfoiling.

No. 233967

File: 1659207130618.jpg (413.76 KB, 1079x1061, Screenshot_20220730-115152_Pat…)

Didn't have time earlier to scroll, so yes. Chris and Natsuki might show up perhaps aside from just vlog stuff later on.

No. 233968

How was I meant to know you posted both? Calm your tits. I was genuinely thankful someone posted from her patreon, and I’m not one of the spergs who posts shit without caps either… hence my thanks

No. 233969

Because she is. No1 actually cares about her anymore she's barely involved in the jvlog space. Idk why anons even care about her old break-up bs. No cheating happened, she's not important anymore

No. 233973

Racesperg, go away. This isn't milky. Sage your autistic collage photos are usual.

No. 233975

Why are anons mad someone posted the redtexted, cap? And update is an update. You guys would hate the Moo thread after #15 lol

No. 233979

It's not one anon and it isn't just about the cheating. Unfortunately, this thread has been shared by fans on reddit and twitter, and Chris or someone connected to him also monitors this place. This was a very different place a year or two ago and quite different from other threads due to the influx of fans. I'm not sure the mod can do anything about it, either.

No. 233991

Yeah this is like a subreddit in here honestly, this kind of handwringing and defending doesn't happen in any other thread, you even got a sperg claiming suggestion that relationships often have overlap is "defamation" >>233816
like calm down, reddit-chan

No. 233993

>No cheating happened, she's not important anymore
I like that you posted this so soon after this anon claimed only one anon was defending >>233961
>AFAIK there is one post adamantly denying that there was cheating
You literally can't say with certainty no cheating happened unless you are c+s themselves, there's literally no way of knowing that. This is why people say there are fanboys in here.

No. 233995

Samefag, it's not like anyone wants there to have been cheating happening, the anons jumping to the defense are just streisand effecting it to the max, nobody would even still be talking about it if those anons didn't keep it going ffs

No. 234049

Oh no not everyone agrees with your dumb fuck opinions! Everyone who disagrees must be hired minions trawling through forums rather than rationale people who disagree with your garbage perspective.

No. 234063

Is Chris sure he wants to date her? Erm. She's 36. In a few years she's going to be 40. No way she can have kids… Chris could actually get someone younger and prettier so why is he wasting his time?

No. 234064

They both don’t want kids. She doesn’t want kids. Do you read here?

No. 234065

women can have kids in their 40s. What?

No. 234066

Sometimes it feels like a lot of Chris' female fans are plain toxic.

No. 234067

1) He doesn't want kids and 2) they have lived together for 3 years so yes, I'm pretty sure he's happy with his decision. You ever heard of love? Probably not, I highly doubt you have ever experienced it. But FYI, plenty of couples stay together once they both turn 40. And 50. And 60! Even 90! Incredible.

This is not a shot at Chris and I'm far from a Sharla stan, but lmfao she could easily get someone better looking than him. There's a reason she has so many simps and even though she's a pretty woman, it's mostly because of her personality.

No. 234068

They're just jealous. I saw some of them commenting how they've had a crush on him for years. Sad.

No. 234069

>You ever heard of love? Probably not, I highly doubt you have ever experienced it.
Love-fag, I can tell when it's you posting because you keep posting about how in love they are, again something only they would know.
I think Sharla is in here

No. 234070

lmfao you think it's a stretch to think two people who have lived together for 3 years and just went public with their relationship are in love? please touch some grass.

No. 234077

Lily? Well Sharla is way hotter than you(hi cow )

No. 234080

File: 1659237887199.png (377.88 KB, 660x378, Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.1…)

looks like Sam's having fun.(old bait)

No. 234084

I refuse to believe any woman still thinks the "geriatric pregnancy" myth is true. You sound like a moid.

Btw they're both like 5/10 max. IDK how anons are trying to act like either one of them is above average looking.

No. 234110

Zoomer mentality on age baffles me.. it’s like you think we suddenly become old age pensioners the second we hit 30.

No. 234111

It was a very obvious bait post ffs.

No. 234129

Wait. How was that post race sperging? I think anon just meant they are bored with all the "typical" jvlogging couples. Can't say I disagree.

No. 234130

On the subject of cheating and all that.

Do we know how badly Sharla was treated by her ex husband?

No. 234132

Dear god let it go. Find something else to tinfoil about

No. 234133

They had a good relationship and still keep in touch. Isn’t there anything else to talk about? Chris celebrates 10 years in Japan today, let’s be happy he changed the j-vlogging scene forever.

No. 234143

Stop shitposting

No. 234152

Did both Chris and Sharla stream on Patreon today?

No. 234157

File: 1659277878459.jpg (848.73 KB, 1079x1907, Screenshot_20220731-073046_Pat…)

I'll watch it later. I'm honestly not even interested. Blocked out the stream link for you guys.

No. 234158

File: 1659278037211.jpg (68.52 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20220731-073400_You…)

She's live right now as of 30 mins ago. I guess Ill watch but not capping unless its milky. Im just listening for the greentext. She doesn't keep the lives apparently.

No. 234159

>gave Mark a blender for his birthday because his blender broke when she was over at house
>paid scalp price for her PS5
>confirms stock in Japan for PS5s is just as limited as overseas
>only get one if you're lucky through lottery, has entered multiple and never won
>no other festivals except for Tanabata she's interested in at the moment, wanting to go for 15 years
>thinks attending dancing festival in Morioka, last attendance was when she danced in it
>jokes about everyone getting covid since its a festival, "if youre that worried about covid, don't attend the festival", committee is shortening streamers so theres less for public to touch
>explains how its a dumb edit to the festival because the streamers wouldn't make a difference like how sakura festival didn't let you go into the parks, but bars stayed open

No. 234161

>says jealous of how UK seems normal compared to Japan in how they've handled it (covid)
>shows off both cats
>"is chris allergic to cats?" No, hes never had an issue, especially with maru. Says onmy time its bad is when the cats go through extreme shedding when weather changes, but his nose just gets a little itchy
>no chris isnt allergic (at least not the extreme anons kept tinfoiling about)

No. 234163

>going to CAN "next next week".
>would like to spend time, no surgery involved
>chris staying in japan to watch cats
>tuna jumping all over sharla for treats
>thinking about vlogging with sister
>seeing if she can get an overseas lucky bag sponsorship while there, haven't heard back yet, they've reached out to her a few times previously
>"going to be in Canada in, like, 10 days"
>getting hair done and eyebrows tattood in CAN
>got first visitor scheduled already for neko neko in

No. 234164

a lot of just talking
>says she would've changed the upstairs in the neko neko cafe right away
>won't suggest it change because (other girl name) is allowed her choices while Sharla did hers
>festival before going to CAN
>has a video to edit that the gov has to approve of because its sponsored by japan
>worried flights might get canceled
>worried about $200 deposit on eyebrow tattoo and if flight gets moved or canceled, uh oh
>remembers how the gov had her edit out the price of a massage machine
>next gov video in sept, if not posted, probably had to edit it to oblivion
>sharla didnt want ruin chris's video so did the rollercoaster
>wouldn't have done it if it wasn't a video
>someone finally brought up dating

No. 234165

File: 1659280113087.jpg (111.44 KB, 869x634, Screenshot_20220731-080747_You…)

>is tired, going to sleep soon
>shows off to-do list
>winds down stream and rehashes whats coming up
>next video in a little over a week
>might stream from CAN
>stream over

Tried to grab a screenshot where anons can't nitpick

No. 234166

When did Chris and sexpat Bald & Bankrupt become friends?

No. 234168

Did Chris also do a livestream?

No. 234172

No. 234187

Seems like she just got bored of him, nothing abusive. It's common with these weeb marriages for one or both to get bored when the novelty of it all wears off. Surprised it hasn't happened with Rachel and Jun yet tbh

No. 234197

Yes an hour before Sharla

No. 234202

Benjamin Rich AKA Benjamin Rich-Swift AKA Bald & Bankrupt. A very popular travel vlogger who's a known PUA and sexpat, who was once charged with rape in the UK (https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/5618610.cleared-men-behaved-appallingly/), bragged about forcing a hitchhiker to give him a BJ in Belarus and has a long history of detailing his predatory exploits and giving tips to help others take advantage of women in poor countries on PUA forums. He's also a good friend of Harald Baldr, another known PUA and sexpat. Sadly, his vlogs are actually entertaining. He has a talent for languages, is charming, visits unusual places and interacts with locals on a level you don't see from most travel vloggers. I think most youtubers in the travel vlogging community are fully aware of his predilections since his identity was discovered a couple of years ago and he doesn't hide his creepy behavior when he encounters attractive women in his vlogs.
Sharla couldn't speak Korean and her husband couldn't speak English, so they had to rely on broken Japanese to communicate. There also seemed to be cultural issues at play when they moved to Korea. Sharla complained about her MIL in her videos.

Anyone else getting errors when trying to post screenshots from imgur on lolcow?

No. 234205

As far as I know Rachel isn’t a weeb? She was in Japan because of she was part of the American Air Force and was stationed there. Jun was introduced to Rachel so she could practice Japanese with/acclimatise to a new country

No. 234207

Rachel and Jun seem like a good match. They have been married for over 10 years.

No. 234208


Where the hell did you get that she's hanging with him?

No. 234209

this isn't exactly correct. rachel did a study abroad semester in japan while she was in college and it was paid for by the air force (because they paid for her entire education). jun was one of the resident assistants at her dorm in japan.

rachel also said her very first impression of jun was that he was like a character from a shoujo manga. she's definitely a weeb even though she's way more low key about it than someone like sharla.

i dont think the video is around anymore, but rachel is actually kind of bitter towards the air force because they paid for her to have a japanese education and then NEVER placed her in japan and she and jun had to spend the first few years of their relationship apart. she had a whole video where she talked about how unfair it was but i dont see it on the channel now… it was from, like, 2014.

No. 234222

Some anons low-key get annoyed when you make fun of amwf marriages or even just insinuate the whole thing started for weeb reasons I've noticed.

I remember when Venus and Manaki first moved into together and cut out Venus' mother there were a lot of weebs who would get mad at you of you even so much as slightly insinuated it would end badly.

Kind of understand it if they're still teens and have this romantic view towards getting an Asian husband and all that but in your 20s you really should be growing up.

No. 234227

Chris seems really quite okay with having the relationship out in the open!

No. 234248

Interesting, I wonder why

No. 234255

Ehhh they kinda got to love one another to be living and continuing a relationship after 3 years. It must be serious if they told there fans too. It would be embarrassing to breakup after just publicity telling the world. If they arnt inlove and don’t love one another, I’m suprised they don’t just breakup after this long trying the relationship. I feel like saying they can’t be inlove are the people who haven’t touched grass or been in a long term relationship

No. 234258

it must have sucked to hide a big part of his life for 3 years and constantly think about it when he filmed videos. he’s probably just relieved to have it out in the open finally.

No. 234270

Add to the thread or don't post at all. Sage your shit.

No. 234272

on Chris patreon he said that he didn't enjoy hiding it, and that in the end they both did a poor job hiding it. h

No. 234284

interesting. it’s true, they did do a pretty piss poor job at hiding it. it will be interesting to see how much of their relationship they show from now on, if any. they have been vague so far and not outright stated that they live together, right?

No. 234290

Vague about their living situation so far, but they know we know, so not really hiding it, but just not addressing it. He said his content will remain the same, but Sharla will pop up more on his channel.

No. 234296

Can I say whoever was in Sharla’s comment section for Patreon commenting about Lily is an idiot! Why would you bring up Chris’ ex to his current GF? Also that person has clearly been on here, so if you are reading this, learn to be more discreet, it’s clear Sharla shut down a bit after seeing your comment! So stop it!

No. 234308

wtf that is so fucking parasocially cringe. What exactly did they say?

No. 234319

I’m guessing approx 0,001% of Chris viewers know who Lily is and 0,0001% care. This is not a dig at her, but it has been 4 years since they broke up in a complete drama-free way. She’s not a public figure in any way. Strange how some people can’t seem to move on. I’m guessing they are Chris fan girls who are jealous of Sharla.

No. 234324

Now the person was taking shit about Lily. But still what the fuck? Why would they bring her up? It was completely unhinged!

No. 234339

Her twitter was posted on his subreddit >>232067 so more people know about her now. Might also have been mentioned elsewhere.
What did they say?

No. 234340

The main or 2nd one?
If the main the yikes.

No. 234341

Why yikes? She’s been on his MC before.

No. 234342

Take a look at his subreddit; it’s very inactive compared to other youtubers subs. Only a small fraction of his viewers post and comment there. Lily is still completely unknown to the larger part of his audience.

No. 234365

Stop trying to make Lily's ugly horse faced self a discussion. She's not a part of any vlogs anymore, not affiliated with any of the jvloggers worth milk, and has nothing to do with anyone in over 3 years.

No. 234413

She was but occasional not a marathon.
You said "more" so the occasional might change to frequent .

No. 234415

Maybe because he tends to minimize the subreddit of his channel so the sub doesn't grow.
He's not like Ludwig or Trastaste who interact with their respective subs and sometimes makes competitions or else.
I do remember him naming the abroadinjapan socials(livestreams) like twitter,insta,face and when he named the sub his face changed to disgust or something like that kek

No. 234420

Most redditors, unless they are on twitch, don't watch their subreddits anyway. Its always just monitored by other people.

No. 234453

File: 1659332594590.jpeg (581.45 KB, 828x1206, 9EA85AC2-DBF8-45D5-A9F2-1C700A…)

Does anyone else think it strange Joey didn’t take his mask off to give her a smooch after so long apart?

No. 234455

Because it's probably the law in the Japanese airport since it's public.

No. 234459

It’s not law

No. 234465

That's nice anon. However, you probably don't know that not wearing a mask literally ostracizes you in places like Tokyo and other larger cities in Japan right now. Even people who aren't sick and aren't hiding their face because they didn't do their makeup today, have been wearing masks and you get some nasty looks if you are seen without one, especially in public spaces.

Do a little research, watch a few more vloggers.

No. 234466

File: 1659336969805.png (210.69 KB, 1161x892, Screenshot 2022-07-31 235546.p…)

Just to add, it's a public space and these signs and notices are given through email, posted, and are said over the intercoms. At all times around the airport it asks you wear masks.

No. 234467

File: 1659336990810.png (389.08 KB, 1119x955, Screenshot 2022-07-31 235614.p…)

Sorry I used the word 'law', >>234459

No. 234468

I’m well aware of this, and have previously lived there for 3 years. Thanks for the lecture nonnie

No. 234470

Cool, but probably not right now, so it's weird you're nitpicking them both wearing a mask. You just don't see hers and she has her own thread for her and Joey.

No. 234473

I haven't seen a ton of their vids, but in the ones I have seen, their personalities seem like complete opposites. Jun always seems reserved and standoffish/tense in comparison to Rachel being annoyingly upbeat and chatty. I just don't see them tolerating those major differences forever, it must become like a chore at some point.

No. 234474

File: 1659340213890.jpeg (217.42 KB, 1169x1034, 2850C6CF-FF1C-4A60-A239-CB35EB…)

Oh dear…

No. 234476

WOW. no, she has not moved on whatsoever

No. 234477

File: 1659340834296.jpeg (196.61 KB, 1169x967, 9597C584-1E6D-48A6-A465-249E8B…)

Another tweet just now on the same thread

No. 234478

Sincerely, it must be good for her to get closure now since it seems she was as in the dark as everyone else, that must've been frustrating for her to not have a clear reason why it ended suddenly.

No. 234481

There’s another reply from her now & likely to be more, cba to post them so just look on her twitter lol :)

No. 234483

File: 1659342853007.png (426.65 KB, 1440x1565, lily.png)

This actually sucks that there was no communication whatsoever, nobody owes their exes anything but someone could've told her instead of leaving her in the dark about her own relationship for 3 years.

No. 234485

I guess this is why they took so long to come out with their relationship. They probably thought enough time had passed that there would be no drama such as this…

No. 234486

>his ex putting the pieces together that he likely cheated, even noting he acted strange after Sharla divorced
I mean if you cheat on your partner you are the person causing the drama, not the person who points it out.

No. 234487

>might have cheated
>I should be happy I was right
>spent 3 years wondering
maybe that exact behaviour is why he broke up. unhinged

No. 234494

>It's "unhinged" to wonder why your ex broke up with you and find our via a youtube video three years later along with everyone else - C+S stans

The "surely I should be happy" is obviously sarcasm, idk why you eejits are so keen to defend a cheater. Sharla is not implicated here since she was divorced, so you're literally stanning an average looking overweight british moid, get some standards

No. 234496

File: 1659345969457.jpeg (244.94 KB, 960x861, E338F528-9728-4EAE-817D-4C2A9B…)

No. 234497

File: 1659345989161.jpeg (209.78 KB, 1169x955, 842604B9-14D9-4410-A8B4-681A52…)

No. 234498

It’s unhinged to care about it years later publicly. Maybe talk to a friend or a therapist how it irks you.

No. 234499

Honestly why delete the first tweet when you follow up with this one. Unhinged

No. 234500

Caring about why a relationship ends after 3 years with no closure is "unhinged" I hope this shit doesn't happen to you. You stans are embarrassing

No. 234501

If you met Lily you'd know why he left her.
The girl's essentially Amber Heard 2.0
Look at her sociopathic tweets and you'll quickly realise this without knowing what she's like in person.

No. 234503

The fact she's willing to publicly complain 5 years after they broke up like this shows you the kind of person she is.

No. 234504

LMAO she's clearly delighted to finally find an excuse to get some more sympathy.

No. 234505

Unhinged is believing the words of a girl nobody knows anything about, except through sociopathic comments made during her frequent twitter rants.

No. 234506

Her original tweet was up for an hour and a half and only got 21 likes and no retweets. Only a couple of people replied to her, mostly simps. People don't give a fuck, she probably realized that and deleted.

No. 234508

What does she mean with this tweet, that Chris was always in love with Sharla even when he was dating Lily? Duh, no wonder he dumped Lily as soon as Sharla became available. The heart wants what it wants.

No. 234509

Quite sad still thinking about your ex for 5 years..

No. 234510

He must have been great.
In all seriousness are we really talking about some creepy French girl who’s narrative thread ended 5 years ago.

No. 234512

So sad. I feel intense secondhand embarrassment from this whole thing. Poor Chris and Sharla, I hope they don't see this shit.

No. 234514

Go back to reddit, this isn't a fanclub
This is very embarrassing for you tbh, you're really gonna spin cheating as the heart wants what it wants
Someone was in her mentions warning her it might blow up, think she deleted after that
>5 years after they broke up
3 years, no?
This all has strong uwu my evil ex scrote energy, if you really believe every ex is "crazy" I have a bridge to sell you. And there was a 20 year age gap with Amber which nobody wants to mention.

No. 234516

It's been 4 years. Even if it had been 1 year it would have still been embarrassing. He clearly never liked her the way he likes Sharla if he pined over her while dating Lily. Lily needs to realize this and move on. Find a friend or a therapist.

Why would it blow up? Literally no one retweeted it over the course of two hours. Only simps who are jealous of Chris and his success liked and replied to it.

No. 234518

It amazes me how we live in a world where people believe half a dozen tweets from someone no one has ever heard of or knows nothing about. If news reporting worked this way society would be fucked.

No. 234521

It's only one person here and a handful of simps/Chris haters who believe it.

No. 234522

Lily always likes her own tweets, I was surprised to see she has yet to like these.

No. 234524

>Repeatedly claiming he didn't cheat when it's impossible to prove is only going to add more to speculation that he did and that he or his fans are trying to stop us from discussing it
>I think Sharla is in here

Kek I think both of you are right.
Stans are still jumping to the defense. There's an anon who seems pretty hostile towards lily for some reason saying that she's retarded and that no cheating happened even though they couldn't know that >>233969
Calling her an ugly horse face >>234365
And now an unhinged sociopath and "someone no one has ever heard of or knows nothing about"
Calling the people who liked and/or replied simps who are "jealous of Chris and his success" or "Chris haters"

This feels like it's an attempt at damage control.

Dec 2018-aug 2022 is not four years.

No. 234525

Here is one of the very few replies to her, it sounds exactly like a Chris hater to me:

"Understand your reasons for deleting the tweet but fuck them, shows for all their high&mighty YouTube personas, it’s a facade especially whilst they take your patreon money. I’ve crossed swords with him before, very rude IRL. But hey, here’s hoping you’re happy and onto better things."

No. 234526

This is an imageboard. Post the tweet.

No. 234527

How do you do that?

No. 234529

This dude’s tweets sound like the ramblings of a mass murderer

No. 234531

funnily enough, that chris simp anne deleted all of their replies (you can still see lily @ them in her replies) and so did the 'shouldn't accuse someone famous without any evidence' guy
shouldve grabbed a screencap

No. 234532

Sharla just posted a photo of Chris on her IG story … clearly she is completely unbothered lmfao(imageboard)

No. 234533

File: 1659353708277.png (568.66 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20220801-123245.png)

Doesn't seem like they're a Chris hater.
Taking a screenshot nonnie

No. 234534

how does he go from this to tweeting about "crossing swords" with chris and chris being rude a few days later? da fuck.

No. 234535

File: 1659353852028.png (57 KB, 739x426, screenshot.PNG)

No. 234536

This man is terrifying

No. 234537

The sort of guy who acts like your friend in public but is secretly stabbing you in the back

No. 234538

unfortunately for lily he seems to be the only person she has in her corner! you take what you get.

No. 234539

I think if any of Chris’ friends liked the comment or said anything then it’d be a story. This on the other hand is garbage.

No. 234542

I don't think any of them follow her.

No. 234544

No one in the j-vlogging community knows or cares about Lily.

No. 234549

File: 1659359787596.png (1.46 MB, 1076x1152, Screenshot_20220801-140500.png)

Micaela knows her as does Chiaki they were friends for a couple of years, don't know if they still are. An anon mentioned that Rachel and Jun follow her you can see that they started interacting years ago when she was still with Chris. They aren't really part of the community any more though and are barely on social media.

No. 234550

Micaela DID as in used to. She no longer follows Lily on instagram or twitter. Lily often writes to her on twitter and she rarely replies.

No. 234552

It seems more and more likely that Chris indeed cheated.
No problems with Sharla tho she was single.
Can't wait anons to think it's impossible for him to do that.

No. 234553

There is no way to know.
This has been speculated to death, so you can just read the last thread.

No. 234554

sharla irl friend solareeesther on instagram just shaded lily (?) in her stories and said she can't wait to see sharla in a wedding dress!(this is an imageboard)

No. 234555

Girl I found out stuff about my ex years ago when I was already in another relationship and it was still annoying, one tends to at least have a proper image of the other person if the relationship ended in normal terms.
Thinking this is "she hasn't move on" shows how little you know about relationships.

No. 234556

The fact that just after ending jaj1 the relationship finished increases the chances of cheating.
It proves it?We will never know for sure but there's an scenario that would justify it.

No. 234557

Massive red flag

No. 234558

File: 1659362862630.png (1.33 MB, 1080x832, Screenshot_20220801-143706.png)

Also the people in TC know/knew of her. She also hung out with Joey.

No. 234559

Most will side with Chris who can help them in YouTube than a no one like Lily,just business.
This will fit with the rest of content creators black listing her out of blue.

No. 234560

And now irrelevant. No1currs about Lily anymore. Why are you desperate to talk about her? Its been almost 4 years.

No. 234562

Stop hiding post dates. Jfc.

No. 234564

File: 1659364222592.jpg (351.31 KB, 1080x1754, Screenshot_20220801-072910_You…)

Lily does nothing, barely creates content, and cant even use the right tense of 'enthuse'. Idk why she promotes her YT when nothing exists and hasn't in years. Why the fuck are people defending her? She's a literal who.

No. 234565

Your way of thought shows so little self value anon:
Possible cheating = the heart wants what it wants.
Top kek of today for me.

No. 234566

File: 1659364351706.jpeg (286.83 KB, 720x1291, DA05BF72-AC64-493D-96DF-E91215…)

Cos they didn’t post the screenshot

No. 234567

If a person is not "someone" you can trash it nonchalantly?
You think because X appears on a screen one shall grant more credibility? That's dumb as hell.

No. 234569

Are the engaged?

No. 234571

File: 1659364829466.png (1.7 MB, 1028x561, Screenshot_20220801-153336.png)

>She no longer follows Lily on Instagram or Twitter. Lily often writes to her on twitter and she rarely replies.
And guess what she was hanging out with them during JAJ.

No. 234572

Wow when they weren't broken up. Thats amazing!

No. 234574

Does this mean Sharla is guilty of cheating too? Was she seducing Chris lol?

No. 234576

Platonic friends before dating is a concept you have trouble grasping?

No. 234577

Holy shit I think these tinfoils may be correct >>231767 >>158841

No. 234578

Lily was around all the jvloggers that Chris knew, and Natsuki, Ryotaro, Chiaki… it definitely must have hurt to be dropped by so many. Pretty typical after a breakup for an ex’s friends to stop being close to the other person. But now she knows that all those people she was friendly with have known for years that Chris moved on with Sharla really quickly. And it’s clear that whether he cheated or not he ended the relationship to be with Sharla.

I’m surprised that it took her until today to react. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to them that closely.

No. 234581

Good thing hes with her.

Why have anons refused to assume Lily is the one who cheated?

No. 234585

Just to add, she's acted like she has tbh. Extra jealous, seems upset about prospects left for her. Would make sense why evetyone dropped her if it turned out she did.

No. 234586

There is probably a reason why everybody stuck with Chris and not Lily.

No. 234587

Thats what Im thinking. She is probably mas chris didnt have to cheat. Shes always seemed vapid, controlling, and not really personable. I don't understand the hardcore defense ITT towards her.

No. 234588

I personally don’t assume that anyone cheated. It’s clear that they were into each other on JAJ1, so he may have just decided to end a relationship that he wasn’t that into on the chance of being with Sharla.

I understand Lily being mad about it though. Either way it would suck to know that someone dumped you for someone that they’d always had a crush on.

No. 234589

Thats life and how feels/attraction is wired. 60 year olds fall out of love even. Lily always seemed overbearing, wanting Chris to make sure she was around when he was filming unless it was a solo info/taste test vlog. You can tell just by their interactions. She would try so so hard to have a captivating personality to entice and hopefully kick off her personal brand by using Chris. She did nothing else in the relationship.

No. 234593

Well yes, they were his friends. And they want to be able to collab. Lily isn’t useful to them either so it’s an easy choice.
Also she comes off as weird and toxic from what I’ve seen on her social media so that probably made it even easier to drop her.

No. 234594

Do you live in the real world or some cynic world where everybody has to gain something all the time?

No. 234596

Lily does and did act that way though, so whats your point?

No. 234600

In the AIJ podcast episode where he addressed the relationship, he did seem overly concerned with "negative comments," to the point that Pete teased him about it. I wonder if that's what he meant…

No. 234601

>since she got divorced he got weird
i believe she didnt publicly announce her divorce until 2019? so does that mean sharla told them both in private?

No. 234603

Oh trust me. All of Chris' friends avoid her for a reason(s). I wont say anything other than look up Amber Heard.

No. 234604

She's a public figure. Most likely, like all people in general, its nit announced publicly first. Thats not weird.

Lily and Pete? Honestly, they fit perfectly.

No. 234606

She gives off major Amber Heard vibes in her tweets. I bet Chris is doing her a huge favour by keeping quiet about what she's really like>>234593

No. 234607

I totally believe he/they cheated, simply 'cause both Chris and Sharla are not morally nice people. They use others just for their personal gain and drop them instantly at the first sign of inconvenience, but they are well-known and benefit from the halo effect, so they're fine.
It seems that Chris didn't want to be alone, so he used Lily, but kept the relationship private to keep his options open, easily get rid of her later without having to cancel posts or videos, and use his dumb audience to get pity donations "I'm all alone, guys, sigh".
Sharla probably agreed to stay hidden for a while, and maybe it's not that she was bad at hiding hints, maybe she showed those on purpose, hoping for people to notice.
At the end of the day, nothing is gonna happen to people like them and they seem they found each other, considering how Chris is behaving like a good puppy with her, probably paying for a lot of things ("Love is expensive" lol) Sharla definitely got him by the balls.
Lily does need to move on and understand that closure can only come from within herself, especially since all Chris and Sharla's fanboys will only bash her, or even comparing her to Amber Turd lmao

No. 234608

No1currs about you unprovable fanfiction.

No. 234609

Is this Lily posting on here????

No. 234610

Chris and Sharla would have an audience like TS if they were like this anon described which they don't. They are mousey, awkward as fuck people. They aren't outgoing like Natsuki or more chill like Rytaro and R&J. The defense for Lily is just so fucking weird when she's barely been brought up at in in threads since the breakup. Now anons are suddenly 'concerned' for her? Fuck that. If cheating happened Lily would've milked that shit. She was so desperate to get her own channel and persons set up.

No. 234613

I am reminded of this post >>172778
And all the rest that were mentioned in this post >>219282
We know that most jvloggers lurk here >>232944
This is giving me some major damage control vibes.

No. 234614

Lmao. Move over Tolkien.
There’s a new fiction master in town.
Barely anyone who knows Chris or Sharla has a bad word against them. Chris has had no drama at all in a decade. A few whining weirdos on this thread can dream up whatever they desire but facts are facts and fiction is fiction. Enjoy dreaming up nonsense while the world moves on.

No. 234615

Yes she posts on here. Watch out for interesting placement of commas.
That’s the usual telltale giveaway.

No. 234618

I find hilarious how anons side with Chris so boldy ignoring he's a scrote who has Norm as a good friend.
Oh yeah Norm is Sharla great friend too don't forget.

No. 234619

Without proof what can she milk?
Jvlogger group siding with C, such an easy win for Chris.

No. 234620

People didn’t side with Amber heard either

No. 234621

Depends what one gains besides feminist agenda one gains little to side with her.
But with Chris who is of the biggest Jvloggers all gain something for the future.

No. 234622

P.s I fucking called it kek >>218485

No. 234623

Wow. Lily, this you? Haha

Lily stalked Chris’s Instagram for ages, went to Japan and met him. She went on a student visa. Moved in with Chris at some point, and tagged along on his travels all over Japan. You can see from her Instagram and on the YouTube videos that are now deleted that she was always there.

She seems to have benefited from the relationship a great deal as well. I think it’s a bit much to say Chris used her when she clearly stalked him for ages and ended up living in his apartment and tagging along on all those trips. I’m sure she was upset that it ended and she had to get a job and find her own place.

No. 234624

Exactly. Proof would be easy, even for her since at the time the #metoo stuff was really blowing up. She could've easily had everyone defending her about horrible men cheating and she would've got so much symphony, but no cheating happened. Its clear.

No. 234625

Please note I mean stalk as in commenting on all his posts and trying to engage with him. Not like hiding in the hedge outside his house lol.

No. 234627

This is the truth

No. 234630

File: 1659374056939.png (283.09 KB, 1233x541, screen.png)

drawing stuff for his vids, helping with filming… doesn't seem so cold and calculating to me

No. 234631

"Symphony" kek

No. 234632

Ladies and gentleman I present Lily to you.
Digging through her old tweets desperately in an attempt to prove she wasn’t a leechy stalker. At least she was useful three times.(hi cow)

No. 234633

Yeah I can definitely smell some supporters in here, seems like the person screenshot here >>234566 and posting here >>234516 and >>234498 are the same person due to the random mention of a therapist when nothing about Lily's tweets suggested she was upset, more truimphant that she finally got closure since these sociopaths thought it would be cool to ostracize her so she didn't even understand what happened in her own damn relationship. Weren't they living together and dating for years? She has as much right to care about this as Sharla.

And if lily is a "nobody" why keep throwing out attacks on her character? There's absolutely nothing to suggest she has mental issues, she works a full time job in japan, has good health and appearance and reacted proactively with the recent tweet situation (replying kindly and then deleting when warned the stans would descend)
It seems very biased of anons to be calling her all these names, not very anon shitposter-like and more someone(s) with a vested interest, especially where it has been proven the gruesome twosome lurk, after Chris privated two videos after being mentioned here, and unfollowed the booty account he accidentally followed after being posted here.

Some of us anons just wanna kek at the idiots but jvloggers personal "thou protest too much" bullshit is getting in the way.

No. 234634

Go whiteknight Lily somewhere that matters.

No. 234635

There's nothing worse than defending a scrote who is friends with Norm.

No. 234636

Not for chris and sharla

No. 234637

Wah, someone calling my Chrissypoops "rude" is terrifying, get a grip, it's obviously just a disappointed fan as seen in his other Tweets >>234533

No. 234639

your style's so telling it's embarrassing.

No. 234642

Chris and Sharla are not infallible people. Lily being unhinged is a good reason to dump her, but not to cheat on her. Chris didn't have to keep her around for years until he saw an opening with Sharla, if that's what happened. Norm's actions quite possibly led a woman to kill herself and he has a very public history of harassing and creeping on women, including other vloggers. It was even documented on a forum that Sharla used to post on and has been referenced to multiple times on Chris' subreddit. Chris continues to use Norm.

Not only has Sharla been friends with Norm for almost two decades, she was friends with Mira and shittalked other jvloggers far too much for someone who was just pretending to be a mean girl to get dirt on Mira, and made some of the same nasty comments about another jvlogger to Micaela that she made to Mira.

What about the time that Sharla faked people being racist to her? What would have happened had the identities of those people been discovered? There was no apology and no follow up.

No. 234643

>Lily being unhinged is a good reason to dump her, but not to cheat on her
Shut up unless you can prove some kind of cheating. Fuck.

No. 234646

I think I preferred when the relationship was no revealed ,bunch of simps of both now are blabbering here.

No. 234647

>I think it’s a bit much to say Chris used her when she clearly stalked him for ages and ended up living in his apartment and tagging along on all those trips.
You sound demented, you're really tryna act like someone spending time with their partner who they lived with was weird. But Sharla doing all the same things is fine, right? Grasping for straws here

No. 234649

Anon you have no way of knowing that cheating didn't happen. Just as there is no way of knowing that it did. FFS how many times do we have to go over this.
And it's an assumption that she would even have proof.

No. 234650

No, I think it’s normal for someone to live with their partner and go on trips. I was just responding to someone who said he used Lily. Clearly it was a 2 way street as most relationships are. She also benefited from the relationship was the point.

No. 234653

>Shut up unless you can prove some kind of cheating. Fuck.
You're so emotional and sensitive to any kind of criticism of Chris that that you didn't bother to read the next sentence.

No. 234654

How would Lily have proof of cheating when Chris was away for a month long with Sharla riding his bicycle along the way? And then by the time the trip was over he broke up with her so she couldn't get anymore information.

No. 234655

>Exactly. Proof would be easy, even for her since at the time the #metoo stuff was really blowing up.
How old are you? lol, getting proof isn't that easy. She'd need someone to photograph the couple together or hack their phones, and it would've had to have been done while she was still with Chris, not after they broke up. What if she didn't realize Chris was cheating while they were still dating?

No. 234657

Prove any smackling or hint of cheat. Please. Do the entire thread a favor and showcase one instance where it's hinted there was cheating involved aside from 'he was away from lily'. Thats a weak argument. The same might as well be said for Sharla in her past one then. Maybe she cheated 2 years prior and that's what the divorce was really about?

This is the internet, these people are under a microscope. Anons nitpicking RUG placement in a bathroom. Someone would've caught something the same way there was an anon who made up a fake story of seeing both Chris and Sharla walk out of different apartments, come together, and hold hands. This isn't even like the cup thing. There is nothing to base the tinfoil off of besides "They broke up" and it's just shitflining back and forth about everyone having no proof of anything, so it's a dead discussion because there is no discussion to even be had when it's all made up drama. How old are you, anon? Can't believe you guys can't handle a thread having no milk at the moment that you desperately want to try and make some up when there's no backing to it.

No. 234658

So Sharla’s friend is presumably shading Lily here and she’s hinting that Sharla’s getting married?!

No. 234659

Chris said on the livestream that his relationship with Sharla is “easily the best relationship I’ve ever had” LOL poor Lily.

No. 234661

The fact that they reference the metoo movement, but demand proof, kek. and Metoo is not even about cheating.

No. 234663

No but it wouldve been a great time to use that group of people in it to her advantage

No. 234667

Take a breath, anon. You're so hotheaded that you didn't even read what you were responding to before you went on your rant.

But thank you for bringing up that the business with Chris may have caused Sharla's divorce! Seriously tho, the way you simps are acting are just encouraging people to dig further.

No. 234668

Dig for what exactly when there's nothing there to dig for? Come back when you find anything.

No. 234670

I think you're right and >>234657
>>234668 >>234659 is the friend in >>234566. Is it possible for the mod to look into it?

No. 234672

You think a guy will say his current relationship is just "ok" or something?
This Redditor level of reasoning.

No. 234674

He said it without replying to a question. He’s shading all his previous relationships including Lily when he could have just said “yeah it’s a great relationship” LOL.

No. 234675


no, she's still learning and wants to be one. I think she just finished a bootcamp but isn't an SE

No. 234677


> Sharla having commissioned intimate artwork of her and Chris on display only a few months after his previous relationship ended.

What's the artwork? This is an img board, plz share img

No. 234679

It was already shared >>233324

No. 234680

Again no intelligent person will say their current relationship is less than previous ones even more when talking in public.
Using this as shade is kinda stupid.

No. 234681

He didn’t have to say it but he did anyway. Chris and Sharla are clearly a great match. King and Kween of jvloggers.

No. 234684

Anne is now all up in both Sharla's and Chris' twitter replies with heart emojis, so clearly her loyalty to Lily didn't last long!

No. 234687

Not going to blog, seems like your taken your own personal experience into account that are unrelated to the situation because your not lily and lily is not you.

but it is unhinged. 3 years and you haven’t moved on. I don’t feel bad for lily about the breakup, I feel bad she doesn’t have the confidence to move on and realize she is better off. Have you even read lilys tweets? The girl is definitely off her rocker.

No. 234688

Why are you so triggered for lily?

No. 234689

Are are you retarded anon? Your so hung up on the amount of years, like that justify lily or something

No. 234691

What i'm seeing in this thread is people who lack relationship experience re-defining or misunderstanding what constitutes as cheating, people hungry for more drama stoking rumors based on speculation that lacks any solid backing, and Lily using this as a chance to paint herself as a victim because she's not over a guy whom she had poor romantic compatibility with anyway. It might feel unfair that someone moves on quickly, but unless he was giving her the impression that he was still "in love" with her while having feelings for Sharla, it can't even be considered cheating of the emotional variety. As others have pointed out it seems like a case of him realizing he might have feelings for Sharla which coincided with his lack of chemistry with Lily, and so he made the choice to make a clean break when he was certain of the direction he wanted to go. Becoming emotionally distant from Lily before deciding to pursue anything with Sharla doesn't constitute as emotional cheating either. If it weren't Sharla, it might have been someone else, or their relationship might have dragged on without any real passion or affection. Who knows, who cares. There's no reason to force a relationship between two people who aren't suitable for each other, with Chris's drinking habits being one of the main reasons on his side, and Lily's tweets give off a weird self-centered or controlling vibe to me, but I don't know what her deal is personally. Lily's not unattractive and she can likely pull someone more suited to her, or she might need to work on herself personally first, because holding on this long is pointless, unhealthy, and petty. Makes me wonder if she's the type who absolutely needs to be in a relationship, to where she can't feel secure on her own, and so would rather hold onto the past as a coping mechanism.

No. 234694

Hear hear, nonnie. Very well put.

No. 234697

>someone who has been single for years is someone who "needs to be in a relationship"
>Implying that's a bad thing while stanning two people who didn't even take a minute to breathe before jumping into the next relationship kek

Gotta love the anons trying/struggling to find some way to spin this situation while actually implicating themselves in the process

No. 234699

this tweet has only 40 likes some 12 hours after her tweeting it meanwhile sharla’s cute and flirty tweet about Chris has 5000 likes. she should probably delete. people have picked a side.

No. 234701

Basically you summed up everything perfectly

No. 234702


Lily’s creating drama out of nothing. Chris literally said he started dating Sharla about 1 year after 1st Journey across Japan.

I agree with anons pointing out Lily’s narcissistic and controlling traits. Her twitter is full of pitiful attempts to draw attention to herself. It seems like in her head she’s always a victim. Amber Heard vibes for sure.

I can’t imagine Chris putting up with such childish behaviour for a long time anyway.

No. 234703

She switched sides so quickly

No. 234707

A ton of jvloggers also unfollowed her today. All that is left is the simps.

No. 234709

She was up in Sharla and Chris’s Twitter before today. Probably just said that to get more reaction from Lily. I wonder if people were dming Lily about them and that’s why she only saw it today.

No. 234711

Where did he say that? That's interesting seeing as sharla had that commissioned art of her and Chris on display in April of 2019 >>233324

No. 234713

>As others have pointed out it seems like a case of him realizing he might have feelings for Sharla which coincided with his lack of chemistry with Lily, and so he made the choice to make a clean break when he was certain of the direction he wanted to go.
Keeping Lily around until he could pursue Sharla is still a shitty thing to do, no matter how nicely and how many words you use to put it. Should Lily have moved on? Yes, but her reaction is irrelevant and doesn't absolve Chris if that's what he did. Starting to feel like this repeated pivot to Lily from Chris is a way for some people to distract from any discussion of Chris' and Sharla's potential actions.
Sounds like a certain someone here.
So either that anon was lying trying to protect Chris, or Chris lied about when his relationship started with Sharla, which would be good reason to suspect there was cheating.

No. 234715

During today’s live stream on Chris Abroad channel. Someone asked if they were dating during first JaJ. Second half of the lifestream.

No. 234724

And if he had broken things off immediately anons would still say he's a shallow cheating bastard. He wasn't keeping her around, although I can see how if one hasn't mentally matured past their teens it might seem that way, yes. Everyone's acting like he did something malicious and selfish and not like this isn't the way relationships usually pan out between people. More often than not people stay in bad relationships trying to make them work or out of fear of hurting their partner, and if he could move on so quickly afterwards I think that's a good sign that what they had wasn't strong to begin with and that he had been considering it for while. It's not the same as leading someone on and biding one's time.

No. 234728

It's really not the big deal that everyone's making it out to be. Too much of people's personal feelings are coloring their speculation, I reckon. I've been there and in hindsight after grieving and moving on I realized how childish my interpretation of events was. Not every break up is going to be formulaic and "fair". Things already weren't going well with Lily, and he did her a favor by ending things when he realized he liked someone else. Whether or not there was someone else to like wouldn't have changed the way his relationship with Lily was going.

No. 234729

She said someone told her they saw C and S holding hands just months after the break up >>234477
plus Chris odd behavior when the new of S marriage ending.>>234483

After a year? It's definitely a lie.

No. 234732

Well if someone saw that then it must be true!!

No. 234733

One year later hah gtfo it's clear that is was way earlier.

No. 234734

Could be the remaining friends you know post purge.

No. 234736

Lily move on challenge. Chris probably broke up with her because they had zero chemistry or things in common and with Sharla he had tons of chemistry and they were much more compatible. Everyone can see it.

No. 234737

You sound exactly like Lily with how you type. Cringe.

No. 234738

How many times are you going to 'hi cow'?

No. 234741

This thread is full of fake milk. Why aren't mods doing something lol

No. 234742

What’s fake?

No. 234744

To break it down more concisely, it probably happened like this: The relationship between them started out sincerely but later unforeseen problems and personality clashes came to light. Lily is clearly more clingy than Chris, and Chris might not have wanted to hurt her or was trying to make things work, unsure of how to try and move forward. Chris ended up catching feelings for Sharla, and after carefully considering his feelings and if he should pursue something with Sharla, it becomes the extra push he needed to solidify his intention to end things with Lily. Does one have to be single before catching feelings for someone else when in a bad relationship? Life doesn't work out that way, i'm afraid. It feels unfair to the person getting dumped but it's not pre-meditated cheating just because it feels unfair.

No. 234750

Can you provide a timestamp nonnie? I skipped through a bit and only heard him talking about how most of his friends knew and how he's glad that he doesn't have to hide it anymore.
Also at 1:15:47-16:04
Someone asked who was the first person to know about the relationship and how did Natsuki react. He said "I think Natsuki didn't meet Sharla before journey across Japan" and that he didn't remember when they met or who the first person was.

No. 234752

Careful, anons are going to say "emotional cheating" which isn't a fucking thing.

No. 234755


No. 234756

Nta a pic has been posted in this thread that shows the artwork of her and Chris displayed in her apartment in April 2019 >>233324
So if he said that he didn't start dating Sharla until a year after JAJ then he's clearly lying.

No. 234758

Who cares? He doesn’t have to share every detail about their relationship.

No. 234759

Lily said he always had a crush on Sharla and began acting strange once Sharla got divorced. That's not the kind of relationship you described where he was once into Lily, but things fell off and he began to develop feelings for Sharla. If what Lily said is true, it's more that he kept one thing around until what he actually wanted became available. Just because something is a common occurrence in relationships and not as bad a cheating doesn't mean it isn't shitty. He still maintained his relationship with Lily during Journey Across Japan while ignoring her. He should've broken it off with her before or earlier, then she wouldn't have spent the entire time while he was away wondering what was going on or thinking that the relationship was going to continue. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a malicious thing to do, but it was certainly selfish if that's what happened.

No. 234763

Who stays with a man who has feelings for another woman???

No. 234770

Lily is still liking Micaela’s tweets even after Micaela unfollowed her … embarrassing.

No. 234772

this is place is full of sharla/chris defenders
first it was years and months of people obsessively denying that they were obviously dating. Now denying that there's signs of chris being on ready standby or more to be with sharla or that there was tension between in videos lmao
yall can still simp or ship for them or whatever, but per usual with the jvlogging group, there was some shady sneaky shit happening behind the scenes

No. 234774

No. 234777

Chris and sharla's PR team working overtime on lolcow.farm today

No. 234778

The three exclamation marks make it hard to take this seriously like wtf. Calm down.

No. 234780

>one year
what is saving face

No. 234781

People just have common sense. Only a handful of simps listen to Lily. Hundreds of thousands are with Chris and Sharla.

No. 234783

This anon >>231835 said that the only ones following her were Rachel and Jun and Aki. So can you provide proof that there were a 'ton of jvloggers' following her that unfollowed after her tweet?

No. 234785

>thinking follows and likes means anything in the real world

I know who I'd rather go to dinner with and it isn't the two fatties who can't decide when their relationship officially started

No. 234789

That’s right, in the real world Chris and Sharla are both successful business owners with lots of friends. What does Lily have?

No. 234793

Meh. Lily is at least in shape and not fat like Sharla.

No. 234794

They both look the same size to me, only Sharla isn’t sucking in her stomach and posting the photos on Twitter. Who cares anyway, fat shaming is very 2002, nonnie. They both look good.

No. 234795

On the stream Chris mentions hanging out with Sharla in Korea and “my friend Chiaki” no mention of Lily being on that trip. -59.30ish
Doesn’t remember how they first got together (uh-huh sure).

No. 234796

why should he mention lily? at least chiaki is well a known youtuber. he was with her husband as well but didn't mention him.

No. 234799

Yeah I guess. Seems strange to me to omit things like that. Like why mention the trip to Korea at all?

No. 234801

because that's when him and sharla became proper friends. he has talked about it before how that was when he realized she was actually funny and not like she portrays herself in her videos. he said their relationship began as a friendship and i'm assuming their friendship started for real in korea. then perhaps they grew even closer during JAJ and he probably realized he had feelings for her so he went and dumped lily. then he went to england for two months, came back, and that's probably when he started dating sharla.

No. 234806

JAJ finished filming before April.

No. 234807

No one is defending them. They haven't dune anything wrong that's provable. Keep reaching.

No. 234808

Ana-Chan spotted.

No. 234809

Yeah in November.

No. 234810

This thread obsessing over Lily the Queen of Complaining is hilarious. She’s no saint herself. But go ahead and feel sorry for the girl with the pretty face. She must be angel right?

No. 234812

As of this morning Dogan, aki, Emma tokidoki travler, victor fame of travel micaela all were following her. That’s one of the first thing I checked after her first tweet accusing them of cheating. As they day progressed they all unfollowed her. Ps I am not the anon that brought it up, but I am conquering with their post that they all unfollowed lily today! Only person left is Rachel and June.

No. 234813

Then anons argument sucks lol, if it was commissioned by April, he left Lily in Oct too, then wtf are anons complaining about? I literally don't understand. Nothing overlaps romantically.

No. 234814

Lol what's her evidence though? Just that she was left for another woman months after her breakup?

No. 234815

The only people defending Lily on the Twitter are the creepy dudes who want to screw her. Anyone that’s ever met her keeps away. Even retro gaijin who hung out with her in Okinawa avoided her like the plague when he moved to Tokyo.

No. 234818

Lmao get ready for “emotional cheating is cheating” and for more clutching at straws.

No. 234819

Some of you anons are really acting like these are the Nuremberg trials, Lily doesn't need to have evidence, she has suspicions. A 'friend' of her boyfriend gets a divorce, she wasn't asked to accompany him on a trip that DID include Sharla, probably could sense their chemistry just as many viewers did, and now she finally knows for a fact that they are dating. Do I think Lily should let it go and just move on? Of course. Do I think it's possible Chris cheated, sure - and I think Lily would know better than any of us considering she actually knew them both, and dated Chris. If she's suspicious, I want to hear more from her. Lily tweeting is the first sign of actual milk from this otherwise wholesome thread. Let it happen!

No. 234820

File: 1659403020049.jpeg (632.52 KB, 1363x658, 9A030B3D-B3D6-4ABC-BE98-6CB4D5…)

Timeline to help
Summer 2018 Sharla got divorced privately!
Oct to Nov 2018 journey across Japan!
Dec 2018 chris tell his Patreon he is single!
Jan 2019 Lily tweets about breakup!
Mar 2019 Sharla publicly announced divorce!
April 2019 in Sharla video painting of her & Chris is seen in the background!
*no one knew what the painting was of exactly, until last week after they announced that they were dating and Sharla posted it on Twitter!
So that tells us at the very least they stated dating around April 2019, just a couple months after his breakup with Lily!

No. 234822

It’s like the Nuremberg trials but Chris is being accused of war crimes despite the fact he spent the war picking apples in New Zealand and the accusations are derived from a barking dog.
Go and look up what happened with her and Retrogaijin several threads back and you’ll see all come close to control freak Lily flee the first chance they get.

No. 234825

There’s videos of them together in Okinawa. She was in Retrogaijin streams a lot and they messaged a ton on Twitter. Then one day it all stopped when Retro moved to Tokyo as he realsied he wouldn’t be able to escape now that he lived so close.

No. 234828

A lot would depend, I think, on how long the artist takes to fulfill commissions. It's likely they may have been a fan of her/him and prioritized it, but even then, we're talking a few weeks here, plus printing and framing it. Not to mention how long before they'd be comfortable commissioning the art (since on the stream today, Chris was very big on talking about them getting on together so well because they had known each other for so long, it could be that they/she were comfortable commissioning the art earlier on than normal).

The slight cynic in me wonders if she would have preferred to not address the divorce at all but release the (albeit genuinely emotional) video because she and Chris were being spotted together by that point and she wanted to squash questions about why she's in Japan now. That's probably overly cynical and it's likely that she felt she needed to address why she was in Japan again, but I'm guessing that was the main reason and not wanting to appear to be cheating if she were spotted out and about with Chris was a secondary reason.

No. 234829

To lily: I don’t know any of these people personally. So I can’t say for sure if he cheated or not!
But 3 years? 3 years lily! Pick up your dignity, live your best life! Thrive get you a new boo, leave Japan, start over!Anything, but tweeting about a man that doesn’t want you, a man who dumb you 3 years ago!!
It’s embarrassing, like I get it shit talk him in private to everyone or anyone, but you ended up looking like a crazy ex by doing this on Twitter !!!
The best revenge is for you to be successful and thrive!

No. 234833


No. 234835

I think Sharla and Chris had a really deep emotional connection before they started dating and that's why they probably felt okay with getting that art made so early in the relationship.

No. 234836

The one anon who keeps commenting at Lily is actually making Lily look sane.

No. 234837

I'm the same anon as >>234835 and I agree it's totally possible and likely in a non-cheating scenario. Like they were 'talking'/flirty/pre-dating/knew they were going to date/testing the waters/whathaveyou for a while and then went official later on.

No. 234842

I’m impressed everyone here has the memory of a goldfish. Am I the only one who remembers last year when Lily did a crowdfunding campaign to go home to France. THEN quietly removed the campaign and used the money to go on holiday to Okinawa to meet streamer Retrogaijin.
You’re defending a sociopath lol

No. 234843

>Timeline to help
Summer 2018 Sharla got divorced privately!
Chris and Lily visited Sharla in Korea at the end of June 2018 to the beginning of July.

No. 234846

Wait wtf is this true?! She had a crowdfund campaign to go home?

No. 234847

the fact that nobody seems to have reported them makes me think theyre the only people keeping the thread alive
tho im a newfag so

No. 234848

Poor reading comprehension, anon. I was only highlighting just how unhinged this one anon is.

No. 234849

Question for anons: why would Chris state they started dating a whole year after JAJ, when Sharla had commissioned art of the two of them in display in her home in April? Why fudge the date that badly? He split up with Lily after JAJ, so anytime after that would be a fine date to choose, but he went for a whole year later, when it was obviously ongoing in April at the least. That alone makes him look sus, Sharla is obviously happy to have the official date start in Spring but he pushed it to autumn.

No. 234850

No way!!! I knew that she was on there wining about not being able to leave Japan, but I don’t know about the crowd funding!!!!
She used her dads death to get a free vacation?!? Wow

No. 234851

File: 1659406012815.jpeg (348.68 KB, 958x559, 70225C95-477C-445D-BCE5-585091…)

She milked the sympathy and made a few bucks. After a couple of days she closed it down, never went to France but ended up using the money to visit Retrogaijin in Okinawa. Money well spent to bump uglies with the big boy

No. 234852

Oh my god what . Doesn’t she have a super high paying job where other men are threatened by her being the “breadwinner?” How embarrassing asking for crowdfunded money in the first place.

Below then would support this:

>I think it’s a bit much to say Chris used her when she clearly stalked him for ages and ended up living in his apartment and tagging along on all those trips. I’m sure she was upset that it ended and she had to get a job and find her own place.

Good milk Anon

No. 234853

This also seems to support the speculation that she's a bit of a clout chaser and is pissed she can't be a "power couple" with Chris anymore. Lily seems to not be telling the whole truth of the situation herself, but then again, who'd own up to that petty shit anyway?

No. 234855

Man she came across as so bitter in her posts when Chris didn’t feature her on camera. Still if I’d stalked a youtuber from France to Japan I’d expect to be on the big screen as well

No. 234856

Woah this is insane! Why the fuck is no one mentioning this?! Actual milk with evidence

No. 234858

and the screenshots of the actual campaign where?
also why sage if you say its actual milk

No. 234859

File: 1659408557958.jpeg (643.56 KB, 2048x2048, 2FA5F1C4-69A5-438B-B6F9-605785…)

Don’t forget how many times she tweets about threatening The S word, because she didn’t get her way in something

No. 234860

Is there a way to see deleted tweets from 2020?

No. 234861

If you’ve ever been with someone who drops the S word anytime you have an argument you’ll know it’s not an easy relationship to get out of. Sounds like Chris has a lucky escape

No. 234865

the wayback machine has her twitter page archived on july 25 2020

No. 234866

File: 1659409536288.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20220802-035426.png)

Did you mean 2020? Do you have proof of of the crowdfunding campaign? Because it seems she went there after she got time off work to take her mind off of things.

No. 234868

She launched a crowdfund page a few months earlier to go and visit her dad’s funeral in France. But she took the money, deleted the campaign, didn’t go to her dad’s funeral and used it for Okinawa bikini time instead. It was a Gofundme I believe

No. 234869

What's so surprising? Chris is also friends with a guy who probably got a woman killed because she rejected his advances. Just means he's got shit taste in women like he's got shit taste in friends.

No. 234870

“What should I do to prove my distress? Try the worst?” This sounds like someone who loves to throw the S word around casually to get what she wants

No. 234871


These Tweets are still online, as you so carefully removed the context
>She was not allowed to go to her father's funeral on short notice, as she was told due to covid she wouldn't be allowed re-entry into Japan, she was extremely depressed to have to make a decision like that
>She was sexually assaulted by a client/business partner during a dinner and blamed 'what were you wearing' etc

The real milk here is,,, uh was chris the ex boyfriend who said she was lying here?

No. 234872


Not to armchair or anything but she reeks of undiagnosed BPD..

No. 234873

File: 1659410461318.png (884.4 KB, 1935x1006, sexual assault.png)

lazy compilation since the c/s stans want to dig up old tweets

No. 234874

Lily you might as well just admit it’s you hear at this point.(hi cow)

No. 234876

To take this girl’s tweets at face value is to court misinformation of the highest order

No. 234878

File: 1659410807323.jpeg (356.58 KB, 958x559, B332CFF0-616B-4103-978B-67088F…)

LMFAO and there’s no better way to get over stress and alleged sexual harassment than hanging out with retrogaijin

No. 234879

File: 1659410867867.png (1.11 MB, 1440x1407, dad death.png)

lazy compilation 2 for the fuckin' sociopaths ITT who think being upset your dad died and you can't attend his funeral is weird? Your shilling is getting absurd now

No. 234880

She loved getting to play the victim card I bet like in every other one of her tweets. She could have gone back and seen her dad easily. She chose not to.

No. 234881

I dunno what she means by official request, you can leave Japan easily and return if you’re a resident

No. 234883

So did Chris really say the relationship started 1 year after JAJ?

No. 234884

On yesterday’s stream

No. 234887

No he wasn't. Those tweets are from 2019 it was already posted about here a while back.
I swear there's a bunch of Chris and Sharla whiteknight simps in here trying to smear this woman.
What's the timestamp nonnie? The stream has already been posted here.

No. 234888

I’ve had suicidal thoughts about a dozen times in the last two years. But I never talk about it as a means to get what I want because that shit is fucked up. If everyone dropped the S bomb every time they didn’t get what they wanted western civilization would collapse in a few hours

No. 234890

Please go to another thread to whiteknight a woman who isn't even a jvlogger.

No. 234891

Lily is a narc and a liar lol Anyone believing these tweets aren't just a bitter girl being mad she got dumped need to reevaluate

No. 234892

Interesting to defend someone you’ve only learned about through a handful of psychotic tweets while everyone else has long since moved on

No. 234893

That's what I'm thinking. It's just the same derailing anons as the other 3 threads. They know Lily has nothing to do with now and they know there wasn't cheating. It's just baiting discussion because they are bored.

No. 234895

it’s 2022 and we’re talking about someone from 2018. That’s how desperate things have gotten in this thread

No. 234896

Lily is trying so, so hard on twitter to be relevant to things now, but like you said, it is 4 years ago.

No. 234897

The Tweets are about her getting sexually assaulted and her dad dying you absolute sociopath, how the fuck is it about her getting dumped. You're so far up the fat Brit's arse you can probably taste what he had for breakfast

No. 234898

Doesn't excuse her narc personality. Also shows she doesn't care about her dad if the anons are right about her taking the money she was going to use to go to France. You need to calm down. Go defend Lily somewhere else since you like defending her so much. She was talked about here years ago, before you WKs came around.

No. 234899

In Summer of 2020, foreign residents needed special permission to re-enter Japan if they left after the borders closed in April that year. It was a huge deal back then. 3 days probably wasn't enough time to apply and receive the permit that would have allowed her to return to Japan.

No. 234900


No. 234901

File: 1659414523962.png (659.1 KB, 1624x804, Screenshot_20220801_234804.png)

anons inspired me to make a little compilation of my own
chris simping for micaela while dating lily

No. 234902

NTA, but at this point you could've watch it yourself. It's been up for hours.

No. 234903

Where's the simping?

No. 234904

damn you read fast

No. 234905

Link the thread(s) where she was talked about years ago. Also I doubt the gofundme story, if she was being talked about here years ago it would have been posted here. There's no proof for it.

No. 234906

File: 1659415056989.png (17.58 KB, 755x168, yep.png)

Since we are on that topic, how about Jun? You don't get to pick and choose whats just 'friendly' and what's actually sexually charged.

No. 234909

File: 1659415369749.png (29.36 KB, 748x462, joey.png)

Joey doesn't even have this up anymore, but going to assume she's talking about him being cute because tinfoil is allowed in here apparently.

No. 234910

Yeah it’s werid af

No. 234911

File: 1659415779926.png (395.67 KB, 1268x575, content.png)

Lily does a lot of deleting, I'll give her that.

No. 234912

I mean the GoFundme story is sadly true. The reason it wasn’t posted on here was it was before Lily became famous as the narco ex. Will look at way back machine on gofund me

No. 234916

I'm looking too, but Lily has always covered her tracks, so I'm honestly annoyed. I never capped anything because I never liked her to begin with and since the breakup, figured she'd fade into obscurity like she was before meeting Chris. She was a massive clout chaser.

No. 234917

File: 1659415954121.png (92.94 KB, 636x547, Screenshot_20220802_005221.png)

compare that to what he wrote to his gf

No. 234921

File: 1659416101714.jpeg (487.5 KB, 1170x951, BCBFB38F-BB80-40AB-9E10-9E1466…)

Not so hard for the tweet delete queen to remove traces of her pathetic crowdfund campaign. The only proof we’ve got is how she spent her hard earned cash on the all expenses covered trip to Retrogaijins apartment in Okinawa baby

No. 234923

mustache, not the man himself
or maybe she meant their cat?

No. 234926

File: 1659416894675.png (28.01 KB, 733x359, anothwer delete.png)

He.. wrote it to his girlfriend. Lily is calling a married man sexy. >>234923 You wouldn't say that to someone though the same way a guy shouldn't call a girl sexy, regardless of the way it's meant, if he's taken. You are double standardizing what Chris would get in trouble for doing if he said something about a hat being sexy on Rachel.

She keeps making these weird comments towards all the male YTs while dating Chris and a lot of these tweets she's replied to are deleted.

No. 234928

ciaela deleted all of hers too

No. 234929

47:46ish, he says “We didn’t start dating for I think a year… or two, after Journey Across Japan”

No. 234930

They both must be lurking in here lol

No. 234931

Literally no one has suggested that Lily is a good person and even the people who think Chris could've cheated think she's unstable and should've moved on. People are suspicious of Chris not just because of Lily, but because of how long he attempted to conceal the relationship and moving in with Sharla, and what he's said or avoided saying about the timeline. The stories about Lily seem more like an attempt to shift from the possibility that Chris just lied about when his relationship started, than a genuine discussion about someone who's not even much of a jvlogger and was never liked here in the first place.

No. 234932

and i thought hot meant sexy?
do enlighten me

No. 234933

Nail in the coffin. No wonder the simps are sperging.

No. 234934

So she was apparently talked about here ages ago in a thread(s) that you won't link, and yet no one bothered to take a screencap of her fake gofundme shit. KEK

No. 234936

Watch his podcast, anon. Everyone around them seems to not think anyone cheated and the timeline doesn't show it either [certainly Norm would've been all over that if Lily wasn't, so would TkyoSam]. Lily talks. She wouldn't have kept it a secret this long if she was just willingly open about it on Twitter recently. She wants to pawn it off as cheating, it wasn't, and she bitched out and deleted her tweet, now using the guise of "People are coming after me uwu" to try to get herself out of her quick conclusion because she desperately wants to make herself the victim when the breakup seemed like it was just.. The end for them. She was obsessive over him, still have PHOTOS of them up with her legs on his head and wearing tights [no fucking person still have that shit up after an ex leaves you]. She's still possessive. It's weird, loony, and clearly a whole bunch of bullshit on her part to try to get sympathy. Everyone literally called her out on it and now she's sad she burned all these bridges.

No. 234937

Well it was a pretty pisspoor gofundme.
She made $200 from her male simp fuckfest fan club. Still that should cover a decent round trip to Okinawa to GoRideMe with Retrogaijin

No. 234938

Which would make sense, about a year and a quarter later, 2023 is coming up, so yeah. About a year and a half after their breakup if you consider that was in Oct/Nov 2019. Not exactly almost 2 years and going on 3 years.

No. 234939

You know someone is a control freak obsessive when they still plaster photos of their ex from 4 years ago across their social media. I bet she’s been waiting a long time to post on Twitter about this. Bitterness festering away for almost half a decade.


No. 234940

Exactly, especially bedroom-type photos like that. It's weird. She's just mad she was dumped for someone she knew.

No. 234941

101%. the second somebody tried to shade chris they set about trying to find something damning on lily

No. 234943

File: 1659417813062.png (448.19 KB, 711x775, infantalizing publicly.png)

I'd be so embarrassed if my girlfriend did shit like this publicly. Lily, yes, is unhinged and fucking gross. Chris's fans saw this. How does she think this is quirky and with her winky face too. If a guy did this anons would be all up in arms.

No. 234944

Uh… I just said that even the people who suspect cheating, think Lily's unstable and should've moved on.

Norm is Sharla's longtime friend and employed by Chris, albeit for free. Why would he tell everyone that his good friend helped someone cheat and that his employer, who may be the most connected of all people in his professional group, cheated? Why would Sam know anything? Why did Chris just lie about the timeline? How can someone not know if they've been dating someone for three years or two years?

No. 234945

Might sound like a cop-out, but men suck at this shit. Sharla is the more reliable person to ask about a timeline and she actually hasn't really said anything yet. I was hoping she's say how long in her stream, but no one really asked about Chris.

No. 234947

Hashtag misogynistic cunt

No. 234948

probably same people who were probably denying chris and sharla were dating have came back to defend their king and queen once again
lily is probably an insufferable twat, we get it. But sharla has a history of being a two faced snake and her simp chris jumped on the opportunity. No one here is wholesome and unquestionable

No. 234949

Honestly it really doesn’t track with Sharla getting custom art of their relationship by April 2019. That’s like 5 months after filming JAJ1. Including time to get the art done and framed.

I like Chris and Sharla but it can’t have been that long. Pretty sure by the time she made her announcement in March 2019 they were solidly together.

No. 234950

They aren't Have you even seen the videos of the dads being asked what even the name of their kids school is? Chris is just as obvious. This isn't the place to defend men, anon. I literally called Sharla smarter than him.

No. 234951

It is a fucking cop-out. It's not like they've been dating for over 20 years and Chris couldn't remember if it's been 23 or 24 years. Don't forget that Sharla already had that fan art done by the April after JAJ.

No. 234952

Well I think this is the end of the line for this milky extravaganza. Lily has had her long awaited rant. Aki and Tokidoki finally unfollowed her and now she can be resigned to the garbage pile of history. At least she got a cheeky gorideme in Okinawa out of it

No. 234953

She also deleted her tweet saying she’d deleted a tweet.
Those hormones be all over the place.

No. 234954

Caught in a lie >>233324

Here's the stream >>234750

No. 234955

To make it less obvious perhaps

No. 234958

>Chris caught lying about when his relationship started with Sharla
>Well, I guess there's no milk here!

No. 234959

It just one lie no way he could lie again !!!

No. 234961

File: 1659418797355.png (152.35 KB, 1240x948, she's just so fucking rude.png)

She's just so fucking rude publicly, imagine putting up with that and then the lovebombing in the other tweets [which idgaf about, so I'm not capping. You guys can easily figure out how to wayback yourselves without the wayback machine]

No. 234963

Honestly a bunch of anons into Lily here like not even a Jvlogger.
If the judgement was equal with C or S then no problems but there seems to be some degree of protection for those two kek.

No. 234968

Showing Lily being a bitch and a public embarrassment for anyone dating her, isn't defending Chris and Sharla.

No. 234969

File: 1659419345158.png (84.12 KB, 653x803, desperateformoney.png)

She really went on quite the DM begging at the end of the relationship from people. I think she was trying to get them to agree to do videos with her.

No. 234973

It is if you're only doing it to bury the new milk that Chris just lied about when he started dating Sharla.

No. 234975

File: 1659419770408.png (619.88 KB, 604x946, coloring alone for multi opbej…)

This is the artist. Just so people know, Mochi works pretty fast. They've been doing art for a long time and the aesthetic of the commission isn't outrageous for their expertise. They are a tattoo artist. They thrive on quick work. Please, do any research before trying to argue the rate at which an artist can actually knock something out. Coloring alone for the artist only takes a few hours for multiple detailed parts of the photo. The commission most likely didn't take 5+ months like anons think and paid items are usually focused. She doesn't skimp or delay commissions either.


No. 234976

Fair, assuming she could do it immediately depending on her workload. However it was still in Sharla’s apartment in April 2019 when Chris is claiming they didn’t start dating until what October/November 2019 or 2020 if you take the 2 years!

Men can be vague about dates but it’s hard to believe he could be out by that much.
They really must have got together by the time Sharla made that divorce announcement. Which is tops 4 months after filming.

No. 234977

Fatties probably know the best place to get dinner though

No. 234988

not according to connor. lol
also sharla is a vegan so her foods recommendations is going to be suck

No. 234993

Sharla addressed this in her Q&A - she’s not strictly vegan and hasn’t been for some time.

No. 234999

Absolute psycho

No. 235008

Lily & Norm would make a cute couple, let’s start shipping these two

No. 235011

Now that Chris has been outed by his ex too, and Sharla's divorce date + Chris visit to Korea is out in public again, the mass shit-posting is going to escalate to the Nth degree. Each time we find out some new milk the C/S stans are all over this place like clockwork.

No. 235016

lol how many more screenshots of nobody lily tweeting into the void do we need, just useless clogging

No. 235021

File: 1659436469694.jpeg (147.06 KB, 1169x920, 300A275B-B87C-4436-A3C0-0C141B…)

I can’t believe she did the GoFundme to Go Ride Him. Each to their own I guess

No. 235034

File: 1659444691246.jpg (73.98 KB, 749x762, D52ehXZXkAE0wtK.jpg)

>men are stupid
>women most affected

No. 235035

Based. They don’t deserve friends. Women should stop caring and abandon the miserable ugly faggots.

No. 235036

Hashtag Karen

No. 235037

Is this online somewhere? Can’t find it

No. 235038

If JAJ was Oct 2018, and they weren't dating, and Sharla had commissioned the painting of them in April 2019, by which time they were, they probably got together some time that February.

No. 235045

If it was the February after JAJ, there'd be no reason to lie.
It's more like
>"When did we start dating? During JAJ…errr, I mean, a year or two after JAJ!"
If the artist is popular, even if she works fast, she'd have a list of commissions to get through and two months is a very short time to order couple art if you went through a divorce months ago.

No. 235046

Is it really outside the realms of possibility that before they were dating one of then commissioned it as a romantic gesture or for a laugh. It could have been a precursor to getting together.
Still I’m sure you’ll just disregard this possibility because you’re so weirdly desperate to prove otherwise.

No. 235048

I think we should contact the artist and ask how many seconds it takes per brushstroke and then use Pythagorean mathematic to triangulate the time taken to paint the image

No. 235050

Please explain why Chris would lie about when they started dating.

No. 235052

We should ask Chris that question, he's the one that decided to do it after all

No. 235053

People in this thread seem to really be missing the point because they're desperately reaching for any scraps of milk they can get. Over analyzing and trying to make it seem like he was actively cheating while with Lily borders on retarded, tbh. It doesn't matter that he moved on quickly when his relationship with Lily was a dead end anyways, as if none of you would do the same were you in a dying relationship with some moid. And no, I'm not interested in defending anyone, i'm more for keeping the facts in check when anons wanna get it twisted, no matter what the situation is. I swear the next thing everyone will want to speculate on is how soon they break up, or insisting that one of them will cheat, because they really can't be satisfied without inserting drama into everything. It's just so pathetically forced. Whoever said people were using this thread as a chatroom is right.

No. 235055

>i'm more for keeping the facts in check
You have listed zero facts, anon.

No. 235062

All of those Lily tweets … sigh. Isn't it obvious Chris was probably never really into her? Why does she reply to all of his tweets? He never replied back.

I can't believe she's still hung up on a man who A) according to her always was in love with Sharla and B) dumped her like a hot potato 4 YEARS AGO.

I can understand why she would want to try and sabotage Chris and Sharla by tweeting that shit she did yesterday but clearly it backfired and no one cared except the 5 simps who always compliment all of her selfies.

No. 235063

Who cares? He doesn't have to tell you when they did or didn't start dating. If he says 1 year after JAJ, then that's what happened. Maybe they were FWB before then.

No. 235065

As someone with insider knowledge I can tell you with 100% confidence they started formally dating in late 2019. Still speculate all you want. I look forward to break up speculation in the not so distant future when Chris gives a random expression in a video.
Honestly what a bunch of cunts lol

No. 235066

I always commission expensive, custom artwork to centrally display in my living room for my FWBs.

No. 235068

Why comment here when the world needs you as a stand up comedian…

No. 235069

Tell me according to which law does Chris have to say exactly when they started dating? Stop being parasocial.

No. 235071

I know right. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her or for humanity in it’s entirety.
A billion years of evolution and existence all for this garbage.

No. 235072

Thanks for the timestap. Here’s what Chris said word-for-word (no captions available for the stream):
47:32 “Uh… ’Chris, were you and Sharla dating during the first Journey Across Japan?’ No, we were not dating then. Uh, we were just friends… and of course, we were just friends for most of the time that we’ve known each other. Um, we didn’t start dating until, I think, a year or two after Journey Across Japan. Um, it was well after that… and like, with dating Sharla as a friend, you know, the best relationships, from my experience, a bit of life advice… life hacks here, it’s always good to date someone that you’re friends with, uh, or have known for a long time, I think. Like, the reason this relationship has worked so well is ‘cause we’ve known each other so bloody long. I think 7 years ago, we met at a Halloween Party in Tokyo? Uh, I was dressed as a candy man, ‘cause I’d put effort into my costume. I’d literally spent, like 50 dollars, 5000 yen, on various sweets, stuck them to like a jacket, got a top hat and stuck some sweets to that and went as the “Candy Man.” I don’t know what the fuck that is. All I know is, it was a very good costume ‘cause you could eat it as you’d go along, right? while you’re bored, while you’re mingling with other people… It was a youtube Halloween party and I walked around, I just ate my costume while I just was walking around, just eating the sweets and other people would eat the costume, to the point that, by the end of the Halloween party, after like two or three hours of mingling with other youtubers, who were far better than I was, I had no costume left. It’d been eaten. And it was great ‘cause I mean I could ride the train home and I was lighter for it, apart from the candy I’d eaten and ingested.”
If you haven’t, you should watch it to listen to his voice and see his gestures, especially during the first part, in case it disappears at some point.

No. 235073

This board is inhabited by 80% entitled 35 year old white girls. They feel like they DESERVE to know.

No. 235078

I’m going to psychoanalyse this word to word. Is CANDYMAN a euphemism for sex.
Maybe Sharla WANTED his candy.
Maybe the CANDY is code.
Yet the sad thing is, 11-12 people will now over analyze this debate monologue in an even more creepily obsessive manner below in this thread, than I could ever hope to imagine.

No. 235079

So Lily should provide evidence and shouldn't be taken at her word, but when evidence appears that Chris and Sharla were already in a relationship just months after JAJ, we should ignore the evidence and take Chris at his word?

No. 235080

Good for him!! I'm glad to see him so happy with Sharla, regardless of when they started dating. Clearly it's the best relationship he has ever been it and he even said he loves her cats despite being allergic.

No. 235081

Never said that. Was just pointing out the cope in saying they might have been FWBs with the commissioned artwork at play.

No. 235082

Are we being brigaded by his subreddit?

No. 235083

It's the Chris stans.

No. 235084

No one at his subreddit even knows who Lily is, she has never once been posted about there.

No. 235085

Yeah you should take Chris at his word because it's none of our business when they started dating. As long as Chris and Sharla are happy that's all that matters. Stop being parasocial.

No. 235086

Anons just mad no1 cares about Lily anymore ITT.

No. 235087

"Anymore"? There was a time when Chris' viewers cared about her??

No. 235089

We really need a mod to do something about Chris and Sharla stans. It's clear they're trying to bury that Chris just lied. This is ridiculous.

No. 235090

"Just lied" lolololol. It's a crime to not want the entire world to know when your anniversary with your girlfriend is? It's called wanting to protect his privacy. Stop being parasocial.

No. 235091

Yes. If she's so adamant that cheating happened even with her pussy delete tweet, she should. She absolutely should. Just claiming it happened doesn't make it true, especially because Lily's reasoning is only "they are dating now" whuch was a terrible reasoning behind her tweet. Just shows shes always been obsessive over any girl who talks to Chris.

No. 235094

Listen Karen just because not everyone agrees with your dumb fuck opinions and sense of entitlement doesn’t mean we’re stans for chubby abroad. Good luck trying to stop folks on this forum though. I’d fucking love to see you try

No. 235095

but but but she was so fucking right and for 3years she just waited for the truth !!!

No. 235096

>chatroom is right
Thats exactly it. Anins refuse to post proof of cheating when they wrre all absorbed into finding clues of living together. Suddenly proof no longer matters as long as Lily is defended. The logic is trash.

No. 235097

someone explain to me why Lily has stans?? they should get a separate thread

No. 235098

My ex wouldn’t stop messaging me for 3 years after we broke up even though I moved to another city. I know her type. Gender is irrelevant, the world will always be full of insecure control freaks. Seeing her threaten suicide in half her posts gave me flashbacks to my ex.

No. 235101

I’m all for a Lily thread where fucktards can froth over the scraps of her deleted tweets. If someone posts that image of her with Retrogaijin one more time I’m going to lose my shit

No. 235102

Chris must regret ever getting into a relationship with Lily if this is the result 4 YEARS after they broke up

No. 235106

Fuck off, anon. Lily is trash and her videos wrre trash. Complaining about Chris WKs but you're spamming this shit.

No. 235107

Holy shit dork say parasocial one more time on an imageboard dedicating to gossiping about retards and weebs!

No. 235108

Sorry, but whining about hOw ChRiS lIeD!!!! about him and his girlfriend's anniversary earns you the 'parasocial' badge

No. 235110

Maybe if enough of us report the C&S anons who are just trying to derail, mod can do something.


>1.5 Do not derail in an attempt to moderate other users (minimodding).
>7.2 Repetitive comments
>7.3 Milkless social media statuses and images
>7.4 Spamming low effort edits and candid images

No. 235113

Im not that anon. Defending Chris from disparagement on lolcow is just retarded though. Sounds like he did probably lie about when they started dating, not that anyone should give a shit, but pointing out discrepencies or whatever is milkier than just wishing Sharla and Chris many happy years together, or whatever the stans want this thread to become.

No. 235116

Complaints go in meta

No. 235119

…the sole fact you are here defending also makes you a parasocial anon.
don't you see the irony?

No. 235121

Truth be told, there is just not many interesting things to gossip about regarding Charla. They were probably into each other during JAJ and later got together in probably February but understandably want the public to think it was a bit longer than that.

Lily can't get over the fact that the man she moved halfway across the globe for was probably never that into her dumped her the minute his life-long crush (according to Lily) Sharla became available. The end.

No. 235123

Why would Lily keep this up? She needs to get over Chris. What a creepy woman.

No. 235125

Good lord, they've just invaded meta now

No. 235127

Isn't it obvious? She's probably still in love with him, that's why she still follows him and doesn't delete any photos of him. I feel bad for her but she needs to move on. She's almost 32.

No. 235128

Why does it matter that much if Chris cheated? (Yes yes, I know L2Integrate)

From surveys a slim majority of people (50-60 % of both males and females) self report that they have cheated.

Some people cheat when they are drunk or just because they are shit people. If he cheated it was probably because he was in love with another person.

Obviously, he should have broken up with Lily first, but who here hasn't made mistakes that have hurt other people?

It's just not that important.

No. 235129

People also forget the fact that he was on the road … should he have dumped her via text? He did the mature thing and dumped her as soon as he got home.

No. 235132

She's acting like Lori its weird

Really larping as a scrote redditor, damn you guys are desperate. No one said they were intoxicated and none of that is cheating proof. Wtf is the point of your post?

No. 235133

It's important enough that his fans feel the need to come here and derail the thread.

No. 235135

No one is derailing anything. There is virtually ZERO PROOF of cheating. Come back when you have proof and not "I saw them holding hands several months later in Shibuya" proof.

No. 235138

Ngl, really tired of you fags ruining my threads I make.

No. 235140

Do people really think that everyone over their thirties have to have to go through a full high school dating situation before they start dating? You know mark even if it was a month after they've known each other for so fucking long. Lily needs to get over this period

No. 235148

File: 1659457604749.png (766.87 KB, 1080x2093, Screenshot_20220802-163903.png)

No many of them do know who she is. Her twitter was posted there and she was mentioned in the post about the deleted aokigahara forest vid a year or so ago. This site was also mentioned there and it's obvious that there's a bunch of Chris and Sharla WKs here that have come from there and other places to shit up the thread and spam a bunch of old tweets from his ex and shit talk because they are triggered that she tweeted about suspecting that he cheated on her. Those tweets were deleted after a couple of hours and only like 30 of her followers even saw them so who gives a shit? You all keep saying she's some unstable whiny nobody and I agree, she's def got issues, but you're all obsessed with digging up her years old tweets and comparing her to amber Heard and bringing up some gofundme scandal that there is absolutely zero proof for. Maybe lily is a cunt but this spamming just reeks of a damage control, shit smearing campaign to me.

No. 235149

Because i'm not one of the ones in here trying to pass off over analyzation as facts.

No. 235153

> > It doesn't matter that he moved on quickly when his relationship with Lily was a dead end anyways,
How tf is this a fact?

No. 235154

I honestly believe that's the case with a lot of people in this thread speculating and overanalyzing the time before and between when they officially started dating, would explain a lot. It reeks of high school mentality or lack of dating experience. Apparently it's a thought crime or emotional cheating to feel attraction towards someone else without first breaking things off with your current partner no matter the situation.

No. 235156

No one said it was? It's a statement, ffs.

No. 235157

NTA but Lily said Chris always had a crush on Sharla … of course his relationship with Lily would end if it was built on such a shaky foundation. It was also obvious none of his friends really cared about Lily like they care about Sharla.

No. 235158

Lily needs to get over this already

No. 235160

Another statement is something like, Chris may have cheated on Lily with Sharla. Is that statement also fine or is it REEEE not a fact?

No. 235161

that's not a fact without proof

No. 235162

>gotta be 18 to post here

No. 235163

it's only been 4 years though !!!

No. 235164


I'll go ahead and clarify what I meant by keeping things in check- in other words, i'm all for calling out and poking holes in speculation heavily presented as fact when the claims are highly unlikely or have weak backing. That's it.

No. 235166

I like how Lily went from "he might have cheated" to "I was so fucking right !!!" in approximately one hour.

No. 235168

Chris is the one who said, of his own will, that he started dating Sharla 1 or 2 years after JAJ. No one forced him to say anything. This is information he volunteered himself, so comments that he doesn't need to share when they started dating are completely irrevelant. It is a fact that Sharla already had couple fan art of them completed by April 2019.

No. 235169

Thats exactly it. The cheating thing is a highly unlikely scenario. Its not logical and only benefits Lily and even she realized she fucked up and jumped the gun by the fact she deleted that tweet and all the jvloggers abandoned her. If the circle knew they were dating, except for Lily because no one hung out with her anymore, of course they would know and leave because she's an idiot who just wishes cheating happened because it would give her a massive influx of sympathy, but everyone can see through her shit.

No cheating happened. They all just moved on quickly except for Lily. Also, did Sharla EVER say the drawing was because of dating or because she just wanted to make something nice since they both lived together and it's a photo of the outside of the apartment they were sharing? Anons keep saying it's some anniversary gift, but it just looks like fanart of them and a friendship/nice gift commission.

No. 235170

How is one of the only other people in this story, Lily, claiming Chris cheated “highly unlikely” though? Chris IS a moid. People cheat all the time. It’s entirely possible that it happened. Of course we can’t factually know, we didn’t date the fucker?

No. 235173

Just to add, the photo thing really makes me wonder if anons read too much in to things. Nowhere does the photo say they were dating or she says she commissioned it for them because of dating or the anniversary, so where do anons keep getting this made up wishful "THEY WERE DATING SHE GOT THIS BECAUSE DATING!!!" thing? That immediately puts this at a spot that she could've commissioned this months before she even came back to Japan. Months before even moving in with Chris. Chris's birthday is in April.

Anons, it's a birthday gift with two friends in the photo, probably a hint from her that she likes him, but not commissioned because they were dating. Chris's birthday is April 19th

No. 235174

He was exhausted on that trip, they had a crew of nearly 10 people around them at all times when they weren't cycling, and they shared rooms with other people. Very odd circumstances to cheat under if you ask me.

More likely is:

1) he already had a crush on Sharla like Lily said

2) they became better friends after he visited Sharla in Korea and they grew even closer during JAJ

3) he's mentally exhausted after JAJ, realizes he is no longer in love with Lily, dumps her, flees to England for two months

4) comes back home in February and asks Sharla out

ALL speculation of course, but highly likely IMO.

No. 235177


I won't debate Chris being a moid, he's whatever, but as for why it's unlikely that he cheated and more likely that Lily is extremely clingy and hurt that he moved on quickly, so would rather lick her wounds and believe she was wronged, there've been quite a few posts offering realistic and believable explanations as to why the latter is the more likely scenario.

No. 235178

No, just trying to break it down for you "he cheated!!!!" anons and Lily so she can get closure.

No. 235179

To be fair I’d cheat on Lily.
She seems like the kind of cunt you can’t get away from. The fact she still stirs shit up after 4 years is proof that she’s a psycho

No. 235180

>2) they became better friends after he visited Sharla in Korea
The same summer that Sharla got divorced
>comes back home in February and asks Sharla out
But is telling everyone they started dating 1-2 years later for some reason

No. 235181

Of course she's hurt. Almost all the posts she's sent to other bloggers are gone, especially the ones where she's creepy. All those posts publicly humiliating Chris too, like wtf are those? She keeps those up and does that shit while dating so people can see the way he gets talked down to as a grown man with a massive, if not the most popular, jvlogger following? Lily seems absolutely insufferable. Imagine the shit she did in public physically with him to embarrass him, in Japan especially.

No. 235182

It is possible it was a commission to celebrate their friendship, but tbh, your post sounds like back in the denier-days saying how two platonic friends would travel together for six weeks. Then we found out they were dating anyway. Its possible that it’s a picture of them as friends…but the likelier situation is that it was a gift for Chris once they were dating. Most people don’t commission portraits of them and their ‘good friend’ to use as a gift. Maybe if it was just Chris it would’ve seemed more likely. But its the two of them and her hand is on his cheek. It looks pretty romantic.

No. 235183

LOL yes Sharla absolutely divorced her husband she had been with for 7 years and left her beloved cats behind because her and Chris spent two days together with Chiaki, Chiaki's boyfriend and Lily. Nice fanfic, anon.

So? Maybe he doesn't want to say they have been together for that long because some parasocial people think he has an obligation to share every part of his life and they feel cheated that he has been in a relationship for over 3 years.

No. 235184

How about on topic, instead of attempting to insult my post? Just admit that this would make the 1-2 year dating that Chris said actually more plausible now since this isn't a dating gift, it's a flirty birthday gift from Sharla [a hint that she likes them hanging out together].

As someone who takes commissions, yes. People do commission art of them and their friends frequently. Please, stop discussing how commissioning works when you have no idea. There are artists for everything. By that logic, no one commissions selfies for emotes of their friends too which they absolutely do. Art is art. I don't know why you're nitpicking a reason for a commission.

The statement still stands that no one has mentioned it being a dating or relationship gift. It was given to him in April, or at least anons claim it was in the apartment by April, so it most likely it a birthday gift.

No. 235185

That art looks like Sharla and Chris on a first date. She is wiping his face and he is blushing as she does it. Zoom in on the photo and you will see it.

If she commissioned it in March after dating for a month it could have easily been delivered to her by the end of April. As cute as that art is, it's not super advanced to draw on an iPad. I have friends who can churn out detailed fan art in 1 day.

No. 235189

The artist uses CSP. I don't know why you guys are even talking about the artist when you literally don't know anything. I can't believe you think she doesn't have a stand alone wancom.

Also it just seems flirty, not because of dating. Like I said, it seems like this was a nudge and during a time where when they lived together they were just testing the waters, but not really dating dating yet. They are awkward as fuck. I don't see how they would cheat or immediately start dating. Especially Sharla coming out of a 5 year marriage and Chris dealing with a stalker.

No. 235190

Take your meds anon, you're being super defensive over your random theory on this piece of artwork?

No. 235192

That is honestly so cute

No. 235193

File: 1659460124023.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20220802-175937.png)

This pic that she now has as her twitter header >>233878

No. 235194

File: 1659460209777.png (1.18 MB, 757x906, illustator.png)

This proves alone that she doesn't predominately use procreate. This is Illustrator, maybe Photoshop. The tool bar isn't Procreate.

No. 235195

And if it was just a picture of her friend, never meant to be romantic, why would she say she can post it now that they've revealed they're dating? It's 99% likely a picture of them on a cute date. Doesn't mean anything RE: cheating or whatever, so why argue the point so hard?

No. 235196

Are you purposely missing the fact that I keep saying this is probably a flirty birthday gift from her and thus it falls in line with Chris saying they didn't start dating until years later? This artwork doesn't prove anything. Anons are just jumping to conclusions about what it means because it makes good milk. It doesn't mean dating, but does show that she liked him. It was in the apartment starting in April, his birthday is April 19th. get a grip.

No. 235197

Because people would assume early on the same way anons are assuming they've been cheating. They tried to do stuff privately because look what happens when you're a public figure.

No. 235198

She announced that she was engaged in early 2016, never mentioned when she got married, divorced in summer 2018 = 5 year marriage kek

No. 235199

I don't think they cheated and I think they started dating in February 2019 but Chris UNDERSTANDABLY doesn't want to share that right now especially on a livestream where he probably panicked so that's why he pulled 1-2 years out of his arse.

No. 235200

It doesn't prove anything, but you are also clutching at straws here. You have just as much evidence it was a 'flirty birthday gift' as other anons have evidence it was to commemorate them finally dating. And giving out some random anecdotes about how you're an artist and people commission portraits of them and their friends touching each other's cheek tenderly on a staircase all the time, means nothing. you're getting super heated over something incredibly innocuous.

No. 235201

I think that Chris not wanting to share exactly when the relationship began has more to do with the fact that he doesn't want to admit that he lived in Morioka for 2 years and not Sendai.

No. 235202

Ask Sharla in her next livestream. Most likely more reliable since she commissioned something apparently for their dating and not for Chris's April 19th birthday when it started showing up in vlogs.

No. 235203

Post something that shows its because of dating then and not a birthday gift. Again, ignoring the fact it was probably a hint that she liked him gift. you're nitpicking part of what I am saying instead of responding as a whole picture.

No. 235204

File: 1659460955038.jpg (567.69 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20220802-131852_Twi…)

cant share one unhinged lily tweet without the other

No. 235205

Genuinely anon, not trying to be combative with you, do you not see how asking me to post "something that shows its because of dating" is kind of crazy? If I asked you to post something that shows its a birthday gift, could you? We have no way of knowing concretely. You trying to shut the discussion down in such a committed way, as if you know for a fact, is just weird. What does it matter, what is the personal investment here that's got you so heated? The idea that it was a birthday gift seems to come strictly from you?

No. 235206

>How is it a birthday gift to you?

>Showed up in April

>his birthday is April 19th

Just stop anon.

No. 235207

That's not proof, that's just conjecture based on when his birthday is. Also better question; post something that proves it is a 'flirty birthday gift' from a friend, and not a girlfriend.

No. 235208

Chubby abroad is he best thing to come out of this thread kek

No. 235209

showed up as a birthday gift in the apartment that they shared (as bf and gf) in April, more accurately

No. 235210

Eh, I don't think they moved in together until May

No. 235211

Is Sharla pregnant or did she put on the Abroad 15

No. 235212

is this your new favourite word?

No. 235213

She's quite open about gaining weight when she was in Europe but now she's on a diet. She also had surgery on her thyroid and that can mess with the metabolism.

No. 235214

Hey, I just reported facts. You posted speculation.

No. 235217

a diet of cocktails and ketchup pasta. She shouldn't risk her health and wait until the end of the year and just take meds as she was advised.

No. 235218

She only posted it when she confirmed she was dating Chris though? If it was a bday present then wouldn't it have been posted before?

No. 235219

Theres something to back it up though, his birthday.

No. 235220

Not if people were going to act like anons have been acting.

No. 235242

I don’t care if Chris and sharla are together, or if Chris cheated etc (I mean it’s obvious he probably did or 5ey wouldn’t be so weird about the timeline. But, not my place to judge and it’s their lives). what I’m not happy about is Chris pretending he was alone for his 30th birthday to generate sympathy for revenue when he was living with Sharla. Im beyond insulted as a longtime watcher.

You wanna cheat, none of my business. You wanna lie for revenue from regular people? Gfy (natsuki voice)

No. 235247

No one thinks that Chris that live stream to generate sympathy! It was your read, you misinterpretation, that’s on you! I saw that live stream and that never crossed my mind that the tiled was done to gain money! Nor did I gave him money! Since that stream from 2 years ago, he has done a bunch of live stream both alone and with others, where people have continued to send him superchats. I mean his last steam where he announced his relationship he got so many superchats! So my suggestion to you is to not build a one way relationship with these weird YouTubers. Dont feel sorry that they are alone or sick etc to cause you to gave them money! Use that money for your real life friends, that way you wont get disappointed when your misinterpreted a silly YouTube title and send them cash!

No. 235248

Donating to youtube streams to get attanetion from streamers is retarded parasocial shit anyway so I don't feel sorry if someone lost a few bucks over it. That's on them, and it's not like Chris told them to (he allowed them to, of their own free will) or made up some big sob story other than mentioning he was alone on his bday. No one gaf about simps.

No. 235249

Info? Never heard about this

No. 235251

I watched it live too. It was called something like I’m all alone on my birthday and he got trashed

No. 235253

Agreed never donated on these but if I were to, it would be because of appreciating good content over the years

No. 235260

Nice try at recruiting anons for your little vendetta against Chris while heavily implying that cheating actually happened (because I mean, it's no big deal right?? why is everyone so pressed because it definitely isn't an unsubstantiated rumor!). As is evident, no one forced them to donate nor were they deceived. And if you're salty because your simpbux didn't buy you his affections since he apparently chose Sharla, that's your issue.

No. 235265

Big difference between sharing a gripe and “recruiting people for a vendetta”. Whatever that means.

No. 235266

Or she wasn't actually there during.

No. 235269

I actually think this might be why he is hesitant to say they started dating a few months after JAJ. He's afraid people will feel deceived. Pretty telling that he deleted that livestream just a little while before Sharla announced that they are together.

But he shouldn't feel bad about it, the reason people donated money on that livestream was because he turned 30 which is a BIG milestone and because they like him and his videos a lot. he always gets lots of donations during the livestreams regardless of the occasion.

And being "alone" on his birthday in times of COVID I took more as not having a big party with his friends and family like he would have had if there hadn't been a pandemic.

No. 235271

I'm having a difficult time understanding why fans feel entitled to the private details of streamer's lives, or why they feel a sense of ownership over them because they donate a little money as a show of support, not even out of necessity. However if one were expecting to get something out of that transaction other than brief recognition, I can understand how that leaves someone feeling foolish.

No. 235274

Info is in the old /snow/ threads >>232564

No. 235275

Sharla nobody trying to steal Big Mouth

No. 235276

I doubt it has anything to do with ownership. Chtis has been rather adamant over the years that he's an honest man, driven by passion, always speaks his mind and etc

No. 235277

Yes, but I don't think being secretive about one's private life and being dishonest are quite the same thing. There are things that are no one's business to know, so if they were living together, why should he have to tell anyone and everyone?

No. 235279

Especially if it was before things were official. I think the relationship speculation was going to be unavoidable no matter the circumstances, though.

No. 235280

This fucking anon again. You gave Chris $10 two and a half years ago because you're a retarded simp. Get over it.

No. 235281

well, he could've stayed even more secretive by not mentioning his supposed loneliness/single status at all, no? "I'm stuck away from home" would have worked just as well imo

No. 235283

P.s. it's also mentioned in this post with the link to the vid >>219316

No. 235285

When Chris was believed to be single, was it more incentive for you or others to donate to him? I'd understand if he pulled a Lily and went to spend money meant to help a grieving child attend their father's funeral on an island fuckcation with some skeevy dude and people were disgusted, but… that said, it might be just me, but isn't it sort of odd that Lily didn't seem to try and confirm the details of whether or nor she'd be able to exit and return to Japan safely before raising the funds? If it was done in a hurry, why didn't she consider refunding people's money or being more transparent about what she decided to do with the funds otherwise, instead of just shutting down the Gofundme entirely without a word?

No. 235288

Do you actually have proof of the gofundme?

No. 235290

ohh i'm guessing scouring the archive did yield some results?? can't wait to see what proof you have of this gofundme

No. 235291

The funniest part about that anon complaining about the “alone” part is that in the live stream, chris himself said he had a dinner with a friend and had cheese etc earlier that day, to celebrate his birthday. He said he imagined his 30th to be a big party with family and friends but Corona changed all of that! That was all of us back in 2020, no parties, weddings, funerals all were canceled or we were forced to have smaller celebrations!
Why would someone draw all sorts of conclusions that because he was alone, that he needed 5 bucks, from his audience?
It’s such a silly, immature and parasocial reach!!
Also Chris makes Soooo much money of YouTube, he clearly doesn’t spend it on clothes, nor does he have a luxurious lifestyle, so keep your money and don’t donate to a rich YouTubers like Chris no matter what they say!!!

No. 235292

So you are out there attributing what kim dao said as a Sharla quote?

No. 235297

Black t shirts ain’t cheap

No. 235300

I'm not the anon who made the post with the vid link but I watched the vid and that is exactly what Sharla said at 03:30-40 "those people don't fit in japan. I can't fucking stand them." You clearly didn't watch the vid nonnie.

No. 235304

I don’t care about some silly video from a thousand years ago. Also If that’s your way of showing that Sharla is evil, you have fallen. Short . But more importantly I don’t care about Sharla, she is not my friend I don’t know her, so I am not going to defend her, or vilify her especially base on that video! But just know that I don’t care and that your reasoning and proof are weak as hell!

No. 235308

>I don’t care about Sharla …so I am not going to defend her
>goes on to attack anon for bringing up what Sharla did in public

No. 235317

What attack!?! it’s pointing out that the said horrible thing is so mild and insignificant, I don’t understand why it’s even being used! So if that’s what you deem as an attack, is it fair to conclude that Y’all are over the top and looking for excuses?

No. 235320

Can trash taste go back to Reddit jfc(can you learn how to sage)

No. 235322

atm it seems the closest thing to milk would be confirmation if people flooding the thread are in fact related to either chris or sharla and aren't just stans

No. 235323

>I don't care about Sharla
>She wrote in a gossip thread about Jvloggers

No. 235327

Chris' wikipedia page has been updated and now it says Sharla is his partner. Was Lily ever wiki-official?

No. 235328

lily wasn't even twitter official lol

No. 235329

what I mean by care about, is that I don't have a strong opinion about her. she is boring and bland, so I generally find her meh. but if we were talking about Norm for example, his very face pisses me off. LOL

No. 235332

>your reasoning and proof are weak as hell!
>Video of Sharla saying the Japanese women near their table are saying racist things about her as the Japanese women are complaining about their clingy coworker and not saying anything racist at all

No. 235339

You missed the whole part about what down with her, Mira, Rachael, and Micaela, and how she went on PULL to defend herself and claimed she was just trying to trick Mira. Thread 2 has some of screensshots where you can read all the lovely things she said about other vloggers just to "trick" Mira. https://lite.lolcow.farm/snow/res/145728.html It would be great if someone from PULL could post all the screenshots of her posts from her thread there. There was also a very informative thread there on Norm, who's her longtime friend, where at least two people who'd worked with him showed up and revealed he was hiding a wife and kid, harassing women, got celebrity and WWF/E wrestler Chyna fired from work, which drove her into a deep depression and substance abuse which ultimately led to her death. Makes you wonder why anyone would be friends with him.

No. 235340

What do you want me to do with this stale ass video!? That a group of boring lame girls plaid victims and acted like Karens? Is this the offensive act of terror you want me to condemn her for?! Your proof is so boring and uneventful, just like most of those jvloggers content, full of hot air!!

No. 235341

I hope they're paying you for this cringe, you stand out like a sore thumb with these asscrawling comments you make.
>So Lily should provide evidence and shouldn't be taken at her word, but when evidence appears that Chris and Sharla were already in a relationship just months after JAJ, we should ignore the evidence and take Chris at his word?
Right, we're supposed to listen to 'trust me bro' and swallow obvious lies like 'one or two years later' but need photographic evidence of Lily's dead father's casket if we are to believe it.

No. 235343

As much as I can not stand Norm, am I supposed to take for gospel an anonymous person post linking Norm to Chyna?! I have not seen any concrete proof that any of the stuff written in it is true. So I take that claim with a grain of salt. Then you rehash stuff that happened years ago, are people allowed to make mistakes? Have you ever done cringe and embarrassing things that you regretted while you were young? People grkw out of friendships and can be messy when they are young! So while I find Sharla boring as hell and perhaps even a flighty friend, non of the things you mentioned is damming enough for me to consider her as gross as Norm! I will say this though, the fact that she seemingly is still friends with norm is very telling makes me question her a bit!

No. 235344

You cared when you thought it was just Kim Dao who did it. I mean, making false accusations of racism is kind of heinous if you're filming around these people and getting thousands watching your friend's videos to believe they're being racist to you, not to mention if the people you're using are the people of your host country.

No. 235345

Literally no one has said that Sharla is as gross as Norm.

No. 235346

you mean the 20 line screenshots that some anon dumped of sharla & mira talking shit about other jvloggers and then mira self incriminated herself so sharla ran to rachel with it? If it's not in a jvlog thread then it's in an old mira thread. And then rachel and other jvloggers protected sharla from looking like a snake by saying "we have 100% foul proof evidence but we wont release it". Mira is a crazy cunt but queen bee sharla and her clique aren't so different, they're just better and hiding their shit. Now a bunch of reddit stans have came to defend their japan darling couple.

No. 235347

>The artist uses CSP. I don't know why you guys are even talking about the artist when you literally don't know anything. I can't believe you think she doesn't have a stand alone wancom
lol, you also don't know what you're talking about since many artists use an ipad pro, it's actually super common to use an ipad for art especially as an e-artist.
Wacom's aren't standalone, all screen tablets are attached to a computer, ipads are standalone.

t. an artist

No. 235349

>It was in the apartment starting in April, his birthday is April 19th. get a grip.

>commissioning art as a birthday gift for someone else and then displaying it in your own apartment

It seems you're the one that needs to get a grip, nobody does that, it was obviously a shared gift between them and a reference to their relationship as a reminder to herself. She only posted it after confirming the relationship >>235193, if it was just a 'friend gift' she could have posted it anytime.

No. 235350

Just because she owns an ipad,doesn't chanfe the fact the artist also has a wancom and real computer.

No. 235351

I was thinking about the PULL thread although thanks for reminding about the Mira thread. Sharla also made similiar comments to Micaela about Ashiya, who she wanted to have deported and to create a hate thread for, and Micaela also showed up in our Thread 2 to defend herself.

No. 235352

I don’t think anyone questioned lily fathers death!!
From what I have read here and from Lily tweets. The point that people were making is that Lily uses Twitter as a way to get attention or as therapist, especially when bad things happens to her!!
So her latest was that she jumped on Twitter and wine about not being able to see her family in France for 3 years because tickets are so expensive. People then respond with the sorry to hear that Lily, and show her sympathy, some even looked up diff ways for her to get to France, she objected to all the options! But then a couple of weeks later she announces that she is going to LA next week, she just came back from the US a couple of months ago mind you!
This is her pattern, rushes to Twitter, tweets long ass threads about an event or an issue.
People will rally around her to show support or solutions. She shuts down all the advices!
She did that with her dads funeral, she do r that with her countless claim of sexual harassment, she did that with the ticket to France issue!
2)get sympathy/advice,
3)ignores all advice,
4) make decisions that seems to contradict her complaint.

No. 235353

same anon, Micaela showed up to both defend herself AND Sharla, but also confirmed the screenshots were not faked.

No. 235354

Go somewhere else to fill the thread up with 2016 discussion that's anyway been had.

No. 235356

wasn't sharla along with taylor also behind mimei's jvlogger group excommunication too? and it was over some dumb reason like mimei wasn't liking enough ig posts? but please white knight wholesome sweet sharla more lmao

No. 235357


To back you up here, Mochipanko (the person who did Sharla's art piece) does use an iPad Pro and Procreate. At least from what they are using in their illustration course - https://www.domestika.org/en/courses/4043-manga-illustration-with-procreate/mochipanko

No. 235359

Yes, however, its not her only medium.

No. 235360


Yeah fair enough it's not her only medium, but it's her main one

"For digital art, I mostly use my Ipad pro recently, as well as my XPPEN screen tablet. Softwares I use are Procreate, Painttool SAI, Photoshop, Illustrator and occasionally Clip Studio Paint"

From her site - https://mochipanko.com/faq

No. 235361

File: 1659490310001.jpg (100.67 KB, 1080x484, Screenshot_20220802-182911_Twi…)

>uses sai
>has wancom and ipad tablets

Sai being her main as she used this before procreate. She uses procreate to sketch but doesnt always finalize the art on that app and will switch over. Tablet doesnt matter, the program used matters as it adds more shortcuts and brishes depending on what you're using. Shes a pro artist and tattooist. Shes usedto working out sketches quickly and the ipad is for tattoo designs a lot of the time. She owns a real tablet. The whole point is 1 month could've been doable for her. Anons claimed charlotte needed 5+ months which isnt true

No. 235362

File: 1659490432914.jpg (212.21 KB, 1080x688, Screenshot_20220802-182851_Twi…)

2020 she only was using procreate on her ipad. 2020 she was using a wancom, computer, monitor, and sai/csp for art as well.

No. 235363

(I dont want to reedit, but charlotte is supposed to be artist. Autocorrect.)

No. 235364

I don’t know who most of these people you are taking are? And your boring rehashing the story makes me even more uninterested! Why are we hashing old stale news? Shit is going down now!

No. 235365

Shit is going down and yet every time Chris’ fake timeline gets brought up screenshots of lily talking about nothing to no one gets spammed or the same fucking pic lily with another nobody YouTuber

No. 235366

It's relevant because it's proof that Sharla has had jvlogger friends come to lolcow to defend her.
She was. She was also mad at Mimei and her husband for being nice to Ashiya, who she hated. Again, Micaela confirmed that Sharla's screenshots about Ashiya were not only true but not an act unlike the case with Rachel.

No. 235367

File: 1659491992518.jpg (17.48 KB, 280x265, wacom-logo1.jpg)

pls anon

No. 235369

Thats nice an all, 7 years ago. Not relevant now. You're basically hi cowing anyone who you don't agree with by accusing them of being her friends without actually pointing fingers and it's just retarded.

No. 235394

For the love of god, bitchiness from the jvlogger clique 8 years ago is not new milk, have you all been living under a rock?
It has no relevancy to anything that is happening right now..
Did you guys only recently discover jvlogging or something? I’m curious.

No. 235398

Exactly, who cares? Those women have all grown up since then. I guess someone wants to make Sharla look bad.

No. 235399

Anons are just talking about how it was proven that Sharla and other jvloggers egosearch and WK on LC and PULL.
>>235351 kf has pull archived so i am sure you could find the proofs there too.

No. 235401

Who. Cares? That was 7 years ago, they probably have better things to do with their time now. I'm sure you also did things 7 years ago that you no longer do, nonnie.

No. 235404

Have people here not experienced that rush of being freshly in love? When all you can think of is the other person, when you constantly have butterflies and you feel like you know for certain that you will be together forever? Hormones literally take over your brain.

I don't find it odd at all that Sharla would commission art early in their relationship. By the time they started dating in what I'm guessing was February they were already into each other and their chemistry was off the charts. It's not like they started off dating strangers so the leap from "first date" to "being in love" was probably a lot shorter than for most people.

None of this means they cheated and I think it's weird and immature of Lily to openly accuse them of "maybe" cheating just because someone she knows saw them holding hands months after JAJ ended. It's just sad of her to hold onto this for almost half a decade. Girl, he's just not that into you.

No. 235415

Her tweets were very childish which is probably why she deleted them so hastily. It's a bit unfair given chris can't respond publicly given it could lead to a backlash from fanbase. these sort of things need to be settled privately. The fact she handled it like this makes it easy to see why he was happy to get out of it

No. 235419

Yeah it would be one thing if she had solid proof Chris cheated on her, then it would certainly be her right to bring it up publicly. In that scenario she doesn't owe Chris anything.

But now it seems like she found out some time later than Chris and Sharla were dating and drew her own conclusion that Chris cheated on her and made some ill-thought-out embarrassing tweets about it.

The tweets also sound a bit unhinged with the "i was so fucking right !!!" part and it is just awkward. I feel bad for her because it sucks to get dumped and to see your ex very happy with another woman (and calling it "easily the best relationship" he's ever been in no less) but she's only making herself look desperate and clingy by tweeting stuff like that.

No. 235423

>almost half a decade
Begging for people itt to learn how to count, how does end of 2018 to summer 2022 become half a decade in your mind?
>8 years ago
so…6 years ago? Convenient that everything is soooo long ago (always add a few years) when it suits the stans itt, but they also rake up screenshots of tweets from 2016/2017 or whatever for people they don't like e.g. lily, then suddenly someone asking 'pm me' or writing a joke reply to her own boyfriend or being upset that her dad fucking died is fresh milk even if it was from 5-6 years ago >>234961 >>234917

No. 235426

It's been almost 4 years. Half a decade = 5 years. Yes, it has almost been half a decade. 4 years is sad enough. Even 6 months is sad for her to cling to a relationship it never seemed he was that into.

No. 235427

>and calling it "easily the best relationship" he's ever been in no less

As someone else said, a guy is hardly gonna be like 'this is the ugliest one yet but a guy's gotta take what he can get lol' like obviously people will compliment their current partner, not disparaging anyone but taking what a man says deadly seriously like this seems unwise kek, just as a general piece of life advice

No. 235428

LMAO that's almost half a decade?!
Seriously she seems unhinged as fuck. Super lucky escape from a psycho unstable girl.

No. 235429

He didn't have to say "this is easily the best relationship I have ever had" though. Like, no one asked? He could have just settled for "yeah it's going great, it's a great relationship". Obviously he meant it.

No. 235430

End of 2018 to middle 2022 is more like 3.5 years, it's not necessary to stretch 3.5 years to 'half a decade' just to make your point. Especially in a thread where people nitpick tiny details, just seems petty and misleading to extend dates by years when it suits your narrative.

No. 235432

What is your point? That clinging to a relationship for "3.5" years isn't unhealthy and sad?

No. 235435

I'm glad Sharla and her ex husband seem to have a good relationship, he always seemed really likable.

No. 235438

You know that these are probably all different anons right? I couldn't care less about what Lily was tweeting 6 years ago nor could I care less about the j-vlogger crew possibly hanging on here and on PULL 6 years ago. What is clear however is that the jvlogger crew has grown up and moved on while Lily hasn't.

No. 235447

I mean 42 months or 1,260 days is a pretty long time to get over someone.
Although to be fair, not if you're a control freak.

No. 235449

He can say whatever he fucking wants. We don't live in communist China you thought police cunt

No. 235450

File: 1659528336555.png (188.42 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20220803-124132~2.p…)

Nonnie why do you keep bringing this shit up when there's no proof?
She tweeted about going to Okinawa because she got 2 months off work. The 'few bucks' you mentioned wouldn't be enough to stay there for two whole months >>234866

No. 235453

File: 1659529501447.jpeg (31.14 KB, 480x272, C4EF8E31-333D-457E-9B16-E04B5E…)

No better way to spend your “medical leave” than heading to Okinawa to appear in Retrogaijins streams. Less a GoFundme and more a GoRideHim campaign.

No. 235455

When the jvlogger community has run away from you and you’re left to scrape the barrel by heading to Okinawa to collab with Retrogaijin.

No. 235457

Post proof of the gofundme nonnie.

No. 235459

omg this has been posted 6 times already

No. 235462

Didn't he move to Tokyo? Have they hung out since then?

No. 235463

I like how we had several threads of stans denying chris and sharla were dating despite ample appearances in each other's videos and time spent together, yet this one anon thinks appearing in one guy's video once means these two definitely fucked (and anon keeps obsessively posting their 'gorideme' joke like $200 or whatever she got in this supposed gofundme is gonna get you very far in Japan)

No. 235464

And it'll be posted 600 times more if people keep bringing up her innocence.
Go and dig for the Gofundme yourself on the wayback machine.

Yes and he stopped being friends with her. If that doesnt raise alarm bells nothing will.

No. 235467

It seems like none of the jvloggers or twitch streamers hang out with her. It's interesting because being with Chris for almost three years should have given her a sure-fire entry ticket to the club.

No. 235468

Dude she awkwardly tweeted him after he moved to Tokyo and he never replied once. Pretty weird behaviour for someone who's home you stayed in on an Okinawan holiday and acted like a friend.

No. 235469

Looking at her twitter it seems like she as tweeted at him 10 times this past year and he hasn't replied even once

No. 235470

If you claim something happened then you have to provide proof nonnie.

No. 235471

LOL i think you misunderstood me. I meant he said it was the best relationship he's ever had without anyone asking him. It's not like he was forced to say it, he said it because he wanted to say it because it's the truth.

No. 235472

This is a dumb cunt forum not a court of law. I also hoped someone would post it on my behalf. If I wasnt so busy licking the walls in my basement Id go and look myself.

No. 235485

This thread is absolute perfect proof there has been an ongoing smear campaign against lily, the cropped, highlighted Tweets (where was that from? anon just had it ready?!) dredged up nothingburgers from years past, (woah she said 'pm me'!!) and obsessively reposting this one collab like it means anything, it's pretty obvious people have been spinning this shit for years now. They even call this chick a cloutchaser despite last updating her Instagram in 2021 and having an empty youtube.

I bet if you checked the ips itt at least half of them will be in Japan.

No. 235486

Speaking of twitter … why did Lily try to interact with Chris on twitter AFTER he broke up with her? She tweeted him several times in 2019.

No. 235487

File: 1659532312740.png (1.15 MB, 1080x609, Screenshot_20220803-134448.png)

When you make false accusations of racism, have many people believe it, and never apologize.

No. 235488

i'd wager even more than half. nobody seems to report them, wich makes me think only a handful anons itt aren't a part of this campaign

No. 235490

Smear campaign? I'm NTA who has posted her old tweets and I don't care, but there has to be a reason literally none of the other jvloggers hang out with her. Does she have friends? She never posts photos with friends.

She shot herself in the foot by making a few pathetic tweets about cheating that 'might have' happened just because a friend of hers saw Chris and Sharla holding hands months later.

It makes her sound like she is still hung up on Chris all these years later, which is just sad. I hope she gets the closure she needs and realizes that Chris won't return to her nor is it likely that she will have a jvlogging career after this. I wish her the best though.

No. 235491

Lily has done a world class job smearing herself. There’s a reason everyone who meets or talks with her wants nothing to do with her. Her psychotic tweets speak for themselves

No. 235494

When you dredge up garbage from over half a decade ago to make false accusations about a situation you didn’t personally experience

No. 235497

What does 'itt' mean? Both you and the anon you replied to used it.

No. 235499

in this thread

No. 235500

I see. TY!

No. 235501

False accusations you say? So is this anon lying? >>235332

No. 235502

isn't it more a smear campaign against sharla and chris? there is no proof of any cheating whatsoever yet some people here seem to readily believe lily's half-assed tweets on the subject … they also have a lot more to lose if their reputations were to take a hit. not like it seems like anyone cares about lily's claims outside of this site though. everyone's just gushing about how cute chris and sharla are everywhere you look.

No. 235503

the cheating discussion dates all the way back to thread 9, i believe, even before it was known they were dating. i doubt anyone suspects they cheated based only on her tweets

No. 235504

so? there's still literally no proof of them cheating. some speculated that lily might have proof she didn't want to share but obviously that's not the case.

No. 235505

yet you don't see post after post about how lily is a total freak in previous threads, only after the artwork thing surfaced
and you also don't see the same thing (i mean thread flooding wise) happening to chris or sharla in any of these

No. 235506

No one said she was a successful clout chaser.

No. 235511

>When you dredge up garbage from over half a decade ago to make false accusations about a situation you didn’t personally experience
It's literally all there in the video, not to mention that Kim deleted the video after multiple people pointed out the girls weren't being talked about at all. Einshine, who was Sharla's friend at the time, even made a parody of it and it was discussed by Japanese people on 2chan.

No. 235512

people have definitely been name-calling lily before all this went down … i personally don't condone it, but i also think her behaviour on twitter is a bit odd at times. she posted gifs shading chris only a few months ago so even then was it obvious she wasn't over him.

the reason you haven't seen anything too negative about chris and sharla is probably because there's not much to say, really. sharla has been drama free for like 6 years at this point, no?

No. 235513

plus there's no proof whatsoever of the gofundme either, yet it doesnt stop the sperg from posting it over and over

No. 235514

There's zero proof of the gofundme thing yet some people here seemed to readily believe it.
Most anons were only speculating about it being a possibility based on some things >>233713
It started after her tweets were posted here. Seems like a damage control smear campaign.

No. 235516

Damage control of what, exactly? Literally no one except 5 simps cared about Lily's tweets. It has not been mentioned again on twitter, instagram, on youtube or on reddit. No offense to Lily but no one knows or cares who she is. Chris might as well have been single during JAJ because he never acknowledged Lily in any way. He has only talked about his ex Japanese girlfriend he dated when he was a teacher, who he has even mentioned by name and made an animated podcast episode about. I even think he said they're still friends.

No. 235519

I think it's a little funny that 4 months after Chris dumped Lily and like 2 months after he probably started dating Sharla he goes on the podcast and says something along the lines of how he never used to believe in marriage but recently changed his mind and thinks settling down is a good idea. This is around the same time when the art work pops up in Sharla's apartment so clearly they were very serious and head over heels for each other already.

Then now he says his relationship with Sharla is 'easily the best relationship' he has ever been in LOL. Sucks for Lily though. Weren't they together for at least 2 years?

No. 235521

Back in the day, people used to make fun of Lily here and complain about how she wouldn't move on. No one ever said she was a sweet, innocent girl. But Lily being pathetic and clingy has no bearing on whether or not Chris cheated, the speculation came from Chris' behavior, and she isn't a relevant jvlogger anymore, if she ever was.

No. 235522

you're kinda missing the point. sure, people been calling lily names, nobody disputed that. however, compare that to an onslaught happening here: dredging up old completly irrelevant tweets, shilling this gofundme, pulling the wk card whenever somebody calls out their bullshit. all posted in bunches within a short timespan, with screencaps on standby by seemingly the same people (tho i personally like to believe it's the same anon with three personas, the anti-woke, the buzzword and the redditfag one)
that compared to people intermittently bringing up their allegiance with norm, for example, at the length of multiple threads throughout a whole year

No. 235524

remember, chris is extremly paranoid

No. 235525

i'm pretty sure the anon posting those old tweets and the gofundme campaign is the same person lol just ignore them.

those tweets about cheating were very dumb of lily to make though because it's only negative for her, not chris and sharla. saying she saw them holding hands months after chris broke up with her and that she has been trying to get to the bottom of the truth since then … 3 and a half years … whew chile. just move ooooon.

No. 235526

What's that have to do with anything? He was happily chatting on the livestream 6 hours after she tweeted that shit, going on about how his relationship with Sharla is easily the best relationship he has ever been in. If he was paranoid and afraid of what Lily would expose then he certainly wouldn't have done that. The livestream is still up as well. Rightly, he does not give a fuck. Lily doesn't have a leg to stand on. Only thing that happened was a bunch of jvloggers unfollowed her and it was promptly never mentioned again.

No. 235527

According to this anon >>231326 people have been mentioning this site everywhere and most of the jvloggers are def lurking here.

No. 235529

Most of those people reading this shit seem disgusted by it though. There has been so much shit talking about Sharla and Chris here and even though people on those sites supposedly read it, they don't believe it.

Even here, Lily has at the most 2 people in her corner while everyone else is questioning her. Not many people are gonna sympathize with someone who calls a beloved youtuber a cheater without any proof whatsoever.

No. 235530

congrats everybody here is famous now

No. 235531

>He was happily chatting on the livestream 6 hours after she tweeted that shit
>and lied about when he started dating Sharla

No. 235532

nobody brought this up on the livestream afaik, so there's no reason to beliieve he ever saw that
don't believe how paranoid he is?
he testified multiple times just how much of a control freak he is. if you look at his reddit page, almost all of it are replies to when people call him a sellout. remember the john daub thing? he thought he was being backstabbed based on just one tiny jab

No. 235533

Probably because he didn't want to disclose that he lived in Morioka for 2 years, as is his right. How are you entitled to know exactly when they started dating? That is their business.

No. 235534

Of course no one brought it up on the livestream, you think any of his viewers follow Lily?

Sharla's friend from Sendai made a IG post about it though which was posted in this thread where she shaded Lily several hours before the livestream. Sharla definitely knew about it and therefore Chris definitely knew about it. TokidokiEmma also knew about it because she unfollowed Lily that same day and she was all up in the chat of Chris livestream, celebrating when he talked about his and Sharla's relationship.

No. 235537

File: 1659537638577.png (109.92 KB, 420x571, 1.png)

look at him going off on this guy

No. 235538

File: 1659537674557.png (67.28 KB, 444x485, 2.png)

No. 235539

>Probably because he didn't want to disclose that he lived in Morioka for 2 years, as is his right.
That's just speculation.
>How are you entitled to know exactly when they started dating? That is their business.
What are you even talking about? Chris is the one who shared that information. What is the point of lolcow if we can't even discuss what was actually said? Why are you even here?

No. 235540

so it would be perfectly safe for him to say what he said knowing nobody in the chat knew lily?

No. 235541

so he's going after an offensive twitter troll? so what? what's your point?

No. 235542

you said yourself they're a troll. why go after them at all?

No. 235543

It would have been fine even if people knew Lily, because no one took her seriously except that simp who said he had "crossed swords" with Chris LOL. Why would they take her seriously? She literally said "hE cHeAtEd BeCauSe I sAw hIm hOldInG HaNdS wItH sHaRlA A feW MoNtHs LaTer !!!"

Chris knows he didn't cheat, Sharla knows that as well, all of their friends who were with them on JAJ including Emma and Micaela know it and Lily is probably pretending that he cheated to make herself feel better because she got dumped and hasn't gotten over it 4 years later.

No. 235544

because he is human and was probably having a bad day and just popped off on a shitty person? literally who cares, what is your point?

No. 235545

>Chris knows he didn't cheat, Sharla knows that as well, all of their friends who were with them on JAJ including Emma and Micaela know it and
You have no way of knowing that.

No. 235546

No one thinks he cheated. It has never been mentioned ANYWHERE except by you on here. And Lily, of course, she did say that he "might have" cheated because she saw him and Sharla holding hands several months later. No one believes it except for you. All of Chris and Sharla's friends and millions of viewers are behind them. You need to move on.

No. 235547

You are unhinged. I didn't even say that Chris cheated. Only that you have no way of knowing what you said.

No. 235548

the jvloggers have a history of sticking up and watching out for each other. they've grouped together and excommunicated 2 people out of the clique before. Even on trash taste someone nearly slipped about chris dating sharla and he quickly backtracked and changed the subject. No one will spill anything.

No. 235550

that first incident was like 6 years ago and an entirely different group of people … TT is also hardly jvloggers. pete on chris podcast has also slipped up on chris and sharla and he's still employed.

No. 235552

Firstly Chubby Abroad has a point. The troll he’s replying to is clearly a cunt. Secondly, you had to go back three years to find this. It’s not exactly a regular occurrence is it

No. 235553

They are trying to cancel Chris because they are mad no one else thinks he cheated LOL. Wow, Chris is so problematic!

No. 235554

People stick up for their cheating friends all of the time, plus Chris employs some of these people and has professional connections that some of them need. Lily being Lily also makes it easier to have less sympathy and it's not worth putting up with her behavior. They were friends of Chris's, not so much Lily's, anyway. This might surprise you, but it's far less common for people to dump their friend for cheating and side with their friend's ex.

No. 235556

they are probably siding with chris because he didn't cheat. it's not a crime to dump someone you're not interested in. lily literally said chris always had a crush on sharla so that's on her for sticking with him.

No. 235557

Has any of the jvloggers denied cheating occurred?

No. 235558

or theyre siding with him bc hes probably the biggest jvlogger out there. how do you know?

No. 235560

Chris: has always had a crush on Sharla according to Lily, didn't think about settling down and getting married before he started dating Sharla, never acknowledged Lily on twitter or instagram, said relationship with Sharla is "easily the best relationship" he has ever been in.

And Lily wonders why she got dumped? It has nothing to do with cheating. It has to do with Chris being in love with Sharla and not with Lily. That's nice that he dumped her as soon as he got back from JAJ and didn't string her along in my opinion!

No. 235562

You're just speculating and people siding with their friend and the person who gets them work over their friend's ex, who they were never close to in the first place, who acts like a ticking time bomb and offers nothing but drama, is not proof of anything.

No. 235563

It’s clear at this point Chris wasn’t happy in his previous relationship. It doesn’t take a psychologist to work that one out

No. 235564

Lily seems to Not Get It though

No. 235565

Wasn’t happy but kept lily around as a back up until a freshly divorced sharla became available. Yea lily is stupid for sticking around but scummy for Chris to hang onto her until his crush was available.

No. 235566

Before Chris went on JAJ Lily tweeted that they had never been apart more than a few weeks for years … maybe Chris just needed a break from her.

No. 235569

Not really, he was probably interested in Lily the way many people are in their boyfriends and girlfriends but know it's not exactly for life. How was he supposed to know Sharla would eventually divorce? He literally said on the livestream that he thought he had seen the last of Sharla when she moved to Korea.

This sounds corny, but I think there's something beautiful about ending up with the person you were always meant to be with, despite many obstacles.

No. 235571

So none of the jvloggers have said that there was no cheating then?

No. 235572

Why would they? Everyone's just ignoring Lily's ramblings like they always do when she ats them on twitter. Maybe if she had come out with solid proof, but no one wants to bring attention to it because it's all quite sad to see Lily act like this on twitter, really.

No. 235574

yeah. a friend of sharla's seemed to have shaded lily on her ig but that's basically the extent of it

No. 235578

That friend DRAGGED Lily by the follicles! Apparently she used to know Lily as well? Sharla's got some good people in her corner. AND we found out that her and Chris might be engaged!

No. 235580

Did she say that she used to know lily?

No. 235582

I found it interesting that she went through the trouble of shading Lily but didn't deny it happened, although she might not be in the position to know either way. She also sounds like one of the anons here.

No. 235583

according to rumors, but who knows if they are true

No. 235584

Jesus would you fucking insane weirdos make a thread for Lily, the wicked witch who dared besmirch the good name of Chris, instead of flooding this thread with irrelevant old tweets and fake GoFundMe accusations with zero proof? If some bozo can assert that Lily is a ghoul who definitely used her father’s death to fund a fuck trip to Okinawa, then I will go ahead and state Chris absolutely cheated and so did Sharla, and that’s why her dead end marriage ended.

No. 235586

i don't know, i think it sounds like she thinks lily is unhinged and needs a therapist = what she said was completely false:


No. 235589

Yeah I don't wanna talk about Lily anymore. She's irrelevant to this thread because she's not a jvlogger and never has been and has no connection to any jvloggers or Chris other than the fact that they briefly dated 4 years ago.

No. 235590


So … will Sharla spend her vacay in Canada trying on wedding dresses?

No. 235594

Wheres the engagement?

No. 235598

she said she can’t wait to see Sharla in a wedding dress, that sounds like something you would say to a friend who is engaged.

No. 235627

Or looking forward to the future.

No. 235628

@ 4:04:35 Pete mentions he's also going to be in the UK this Christmas. I wonder if all of their friends suddenly have something booked in the UK at the same time.

No. 235630

… a future where a wedding is on the horizon. I personally would publicly never write to a friend that I look forward to see her in a wedding dress unless she was actually engaged. That's just awkward for everyone involved, unless it was a joke which it clearly wasn't.

No. 235631

I think Chris mentioned something about a meet up in London this Christmas that will feature many of the classic AiJ characters like both Petes, Ryotaro, Natsuki, Chiaki and Sharla.

No. 235633

You really seem to have trouble understanding that sticking around in an unhappy relationship isn't always akin to keeping someone around until something better comes along. You can have a long time crush on someone unavailable but still try to date someone else seriously in the meanwhile and give them a chance. There are several other reasons he might not have broken things off immediately but he was certainly thinking about it all the while, but maybe was trying to work things out or couldn't find a good way to bring it up seeing how clingy Lily is. He was already fed up with Lily whether or not Sharla would've come into the picture. It just coincided with Sharla becoming available, and after considering his feelings seriously, it became the opportunity that gave him the final push to end things with Lily. After an unsatisfying relationship, anyone would be eager and ready to move on quickly with someone they ultimately were more compatible with.

No. 235634

I wouldn't be shocked if there's a wedding as well though.

No. 235636

In a post where she's trying to use it to shade the ex of her friend's man instead of celebrating the good news, no less. She also uses "therapist," like that one anon here who keeps bringing up one whenever they talk about Lily.

No. 235637

She is shading Lily in the best way possible though; by announcing that Sharla is getting married to the man Lily is still hung up on nearly 4 years later, a man who according to Lily had a crush on Sharla WHILE he was with Lily.

No. 235640

I'm not discounting the possibility of them getting engaged, but I also don't doubt that said friend might be a CxS stan keeping tabs on this thread and might have wanted to piss Lily off even more by implying they'd get married while feeding the engagement rumors.

No. 235641

It's not the best way possible because she's using Sharla and prioritizing shading Lily over celebrating Sharla's wedding or happiness, or allowing Sharla to share the news first if she's engaged.

No. 235642

many people have said that lily should see a therapist because based on her tweets, she should. it's not healthy to be clinging to a relationship where one party clearly wanted out and moved on ages ago. maybe she needs a little help moving on too.

No. 235644

You think Sharla would allow one of her good IRL friends to do that? LOL please. She's not a CxS stan, she's looking out for her friend. Everyone seems to already think Sharla and Chris are engaged so Sharla probably doesn't mind some rumours before breaking the big news herself, kind of like how there were rumours for ages that she and Chris were dating.

No. 235646

It would not surprise me if Sharla 100% okayed it first.

No. 235647

Who are you talking to?

No. 235648

No. 235649

And tbh Lily probably had a crush on some jvloggers too. Welcome to friend groups where dating is a disaster because this shit happens way too often.

No. 235650

Anon, leatn to reply to posts otherwise you look so out of context. If you were replying to that you should've known to attatch it. Learn2integrate.

No. 235651

She def needs a therapist, not this ego-stoking vendetta she's trying to pull. She also needs a new, better partner period to help her realize how pointless it is to pine over a guy like Chris when it wasn't going anywhere anyway. That's the easiest way to get over someone typically.

No. 235652

Maybe, but clearly none of them had any interest in her, as she is still single.

No. 235658

chris answered best man questions on livestream so maybe wedding rumors aren't impossible … he said natsuki would be his best man and he is going to england in december …

No. 235677

File: 1659548856574.png (1.31 MB, 976x580, Capture.PNG)

I always sort of enjoyed Bronwyn's vlogs because of her unashamed superficiality but the latest one is a bit much:
>goes to the University of Texas because of its 'aesthetic'
>stops by a museum to enjoy the airconditioning
>takes note of how many Audis and Mercedes are in front of a restaurant

Also on a random not her marketing voice and cadence is so weird
>My store, Glow ATElier dot com is CURRENTLY having a f i f t e e n percent off brand sale forR all (PAUSE) 'I'm from' skincare products, 'I'm from' is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on delivering natural (PAUSE) skincare ingredients

No. 235681

I wonder if Bronwyn will snag an invite to Chris and Sharla’s wedding

No. 235687

Not everything is about Chris and Sharla. Shut up. There are other vloggers who exist and anons want to talk about.

No. 235738

It was a pretty interesting vlog, Austin seems like a cool place

No. 235740

This is an imageboard

No. 235745

I’d never heard of Bronwyn so I had a look. Not a jvlogger and a pretty small following. Was she previously vlogging about Japan? Texas Vlogger doesn’t seem to fit this thread.

No. 235750

She used to live in Japan and hung out with Kim Dao, Taylor R, Sharla … all the jvloggers basically. She wants to move back .

No. 235758

Lurk more before you nitpick who can be talked about ITT. She used to live over there and keeps going on about wanting to move back because she misses it.

No. 235760


While any Jvlogger milk that isn't the same CxS stuff we've been rehashing would be a welcome change, Bronwyn isn't all that milky/interesting right now, not currently a Jvlogger, and I have a slight suspicion there might be some self posting going on, maybe to get people talking about her because she's thinking of returning to the Jvlogging scene, but who knows.

No. 235764

I'm actually interested in how this failed returned from Japan vlogger's business is going lol Sorry you aren't interested. The thread also says "EX-Jvloggers", so sit down, anon.

No. 235773

I was just curious since I hadn’t heard of her. Looks like she left Japan in 2017 which is before I started watching Jvloggers.
(I started watching Sharla and Chris and a bit of Tokyo Creative, Emma, in 2018)

No. 235774

I’m a different anon (the one who hasn’t heard of Bronwyn) but it looks like not that great if she’s been doing this 10 years and only has 68k on her main.

No. 235816

she started and got her boost in korea for her boob job and then moved to korea and then back to the west. She was never popular and never made anything beyond generic content. She mostly gets brought up due to people's pity about her botched tranny plastic surgery. Got caught selfposting in pull and slipped to lovelymilk(?) that she stalks here and expull.

No. 235817

and then moved to japan*

No. 235833

File: 1659568489651.jpeg (735.46 KB, 2048x2048, DAF1793B-13B3-449D-93FC-6BC85C…)

Meet the 3 girls who use to be friends with Lily but now have dropped her, and now are friends with Sharla!
We have Jess, who use to live in Sendai and worked for tohoku tourism. Jess even invited Lily to participate in the organization PR shoot! Later Jess became buddy with Sharla and would hang with her In Sendai before jess moved back to Australia this year! ( per Jess vanishing insta stories)

No. 235835

who are the other two?

No. 235838

File: 1659569564484.jpeg (574.41 KB, 2048x2048, 3A809401-4D74-4F3A-8B27-1C8162…)

Then we have Solange, who recently shaded lily and said I can’t wait to see you in a wedding dress! Solange was Lily friend back before the breakup as they were one of the few French speaking Gaijins. They met when they did basic white girl modeling.

No. 235843

File: 1659569964551.jpeg (768 KB, 1284x1935, 4675460E-2C14-442F-9C8C-EC92BD…)

Than lastly we have Nadine, who lives in Sendai. Nadine a church going Australian girl who use to hang out a lot with lily back before the breakup! But now Nadine is one of Sharla’s Sendai bestie!! She has appeared in 2 of Sharla recent videos. The one where she is looking for pokilids and another for cherry blossoms. Nadine will hang out with Sharla this weekend for the Tanabata festival in Sendai! Nadine just like the other 3 have dropped lily!

No. 235849

Nice digging, anon! They all seem to be pretty different people, fascinating that they all dropped Lily. That Nadine girl seems very sweet.

Especially interesting is the French girl, if she knew Lily personally she must know what she's talking about in her IG story.

Maybe some of them just put up with her because of Chris?

No. 235850

i like how you included "church going"

No. 235851

Her constant whining about the Texas heat is so fucking obnoxious because she would not stop whining about Toronto winters. She's just miserable anywhere she goes. Also, she seems delusional, because she talks about Japan ALL THE TIME still even though she's been gone for like 6 years and has a white tech bro boyfriend who definitely isn't going to relocate to Tokyo with her if she ever does.

Also an anon pointed out she only ever says Austin TEXAS and never only "Austin" and I can't unhear it now.

No. 235852

Sharla and Chris are definitely getting married, right? It feels inevitable at this point.

No. 235854

Whats the point of these? just seems like they dropped Lily like everyone else did. Hows these 3 more important than the others?

No. 235856

HINTS that Chris and Sharla MIGHT be getting married:

1) Acted awkwardly in Pete's livestream when talking about rings. Sharla also posted that photo of the ring right when they got back from their holiday. She never wears rings on that finger.

2) Likely spent one holiday week in Santorini, a prime proposal location

3) Announced relationship out of nowhere, likely knew they would get questions about marriage. Problem solved if they are already engaged and those questions become fun instead of awkward.

4) Sharla is off to Canada, perhaps to look at wedding dresses as they are difficult to find in Japan as a foreigner.

5) Chris talked about who his "best man" would be for a wedding "that hasn't even begun to happen" but smiled as he said it.

6) Lots of their jvlogger friends are traveling to England in December, maybe for a wedding?

No. 235857

Because unlike everyone else they weren't friends with Sharla before. Joey, Emma, Micaela … all those guys knew Sharla before they knew Lily.

No. 235858


No. 235859

Maybe not now, but it will be fun to look back and see if I was correct! My gut is telling me yes.

No. 235874

The people that dropped her from the jvloggers community that we spoke about before, where Chris’ friends, who loosely associated with Lily. These 3 girls where lily and lily friends specially, she did not meet them through chris! But after a while they all dropped her, I am curious as to why?

No. 235875

You were doing well until you mentioned Santorini! Buttttt I do think that something is going down in December, even though chris has insisted that they are not “yet” engaged!

No. 235876

lol thanks I do my homework fully. It stood out to me because she is one of those rare religious Gaijin in japan!

No. 235881

Probably because she constantly threatened the S word for attention

No. 235883

Samefagging, but we need one of the jvloggers who lurk here to give receipts of what went down between Lily vs everyone else.

No. 235888

Anon you don't need to post shit just to reference back if you are right. Literally anyone can make something up and eventually one of them will be right. Your shit isn't over the top. Doesn't mean you've solved a timeline. You just sound retarded and desperate for lolcow acknowledgment if something does happen that you said. Get help. lolcow isn't your hugbox.

No. 235889

So you're asking someone to larp and pretend something happened with no receipts like anons who claims they see them out and about all the time holding hands, right? Anon, shut up already about what could happen and stop begging for receipts you don't even have. That doesn't magically make milk happen and those people would've dropped everything years ago. No1currs about Lily anymore.

No. 235895

Where did you see anon saying they saw them holding hands all the time? That was never a statement that was made on here!,

No. 235896

2 threads ago. Go look yourself. No one is spoonfeeding you guys anymore.

No. 235915

Lily, give it a rest. Jfc.

No. 235916

File: 1659593471559.jpeg (787.3 KB, 2048x2048, 3A0B051D-DC20-4B73-A623-6D6A46…)

The thing that made me think Sharla & Chris were dating ages ago is that how nice Sharla was to his ex gf Ellen (who was in JAJ) - also shows Sharla is a nice person that she is being friendly with Chris’ ex rather than the opposite. It just gave me bf gf vibes ages a go!

No. 235919

That’s his ex? I thought he said they were just roommates at university.

No. 235920

must be the ex that dumped him where he coped by drinking if they were together during his university days

No. 235921

I remember really liking her during JAJ … she seems and looks a bit like Sharla actually.

No. 235922

What? Where did you hear that?

No. 235923

I'm not that anon but he said to be drinking for a year due relationship ending during his university days.
From a Trastaste episode I think.

No. 235929

because Sharla isn't a cunt

No. 235936

Omg lily is actually here in the thread ROFL

No. 235938


You need to be 18 to post here and nice hi cowing.

No. 235939

how do you know it's her?

No. 235941

Interesting that Chris has a good relationship with at least two of his exes that we know of. He gives me good boyfriend vibes. That makes Lily's accusations even less likely.

No. 235945

He’s got good relationships with pretty much everyone save for the John Daub spat last year which they patched up pretty quickly

No. 235949

Santorini is a possibility though, mark my words. But wherever they went on vacation I think they got engaged there.

No. 235958

Take your menifesto shit and fuck off.

No. 235961

Are there screenshots of this?

No. 235972

Drunken Chris 24:58
Relationship ended just before uni, decides to get drunk every day as a way to manage.

No. 235984

Learn2reply to who's post you are talking about. otherwise this shit looks so out of context. What exactly are you r