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File: 1660557282102.jpg (245.87 KB, 650x983, Failed-To-Abandon-the-Villain.…)

No. 230931

The thread was gone yesterday and i dont know if it will ever be recovered.
I just want to thank whoever snapshoted this in the wayback machine archive because i was able to find one archive because i forgot what i wrote for the summary. Its sad what happened and i know you other nonnies are just as sad for all those other recommendations being gone. Since the only snapshot is in may, that means only a few small posts are on the wayback.

This thread is to post about, recommend, ask about male yandere manga/manhwa/manhua, anime, novels/books, tv series, movies and games such as otome or just post some of your favorite male yandere fanart or pics.

>"Yandere" is derived from the Japanese words yanderu, meaning insane or sick, and deredere, meaning affectionate or loving. Simply put, a yandere is someone who is romantically extremely obsessed with someone in a unhealthy way and overprotective of them.

You can post about both straight (shoujo, josei etc) and yaoi/Bl/shounen ai yanderes here.

Some resources:
http://yanderemales.blogspot.com/p/master-list.html (last update 2018)

No. 230944

File: 1660560926976.png (22.93 KB, 1238x234, Untitled.png)

i found a google webcache of this thread up till 13 august. The images are broken though.

No. 230997

What the hell happened to the previous thread?

Please archive that Google cache as well. And post the link here. Then archive this thread

No. 231004

File: 1660581150267.jpg (386.64 KB, 1917x1271, 20220815_182111.jpg)

Hey I'm the one who had multiple threads dissappear. Ill just post a screenshot of the explanation.I am fucking upset.

I tried posting a link of the Google cache previously but when posted here the link of lolcow.farm thread changes into >>m which when opened doesn't take you to archive like this for example which doesn't work
this link does nothing which is why I took a screenshot if any yandere-fag want to look at all the archived posts until 13 Aug, the pictures don't work though and are broken so you will only be looking at text.

No. 231008

File: 1660581567936.jpg (674.73 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20220815-183527_Chr…)

Also I just realized the web.archive link in the thread op also doesn't work since lolcow converts thread links into >>m or >>ot.
So here is a screenshot of the deleted thread you have to paste into web archive and then you click on the screenshot from 23 may.

No. 231026

Hey nonny, I'm sorry that happened to you. And I'm disappointed too because I posted in your threads as well. I don't recommend using the same IP for so long, to prevent this kind of stuff from happening I think it's better to change your IP and delete your cookies every now and then.
Anyways, we can easily figure out how to fix the link ourselves but archiving the Google cache with archive.is instead of the Wayback Machine would give you a link that doesn't include the original lolcow URL. You could post that one no problem and it'd be clickable.
I also suggest archiving your threads every time there's a bunch of new posts. Not too often but not too infrequently either. And this doesn't just go to you, the OP, but also any other poster who wants to preserve the content in the threads.

No. 231042

I archived the Google cache here it is
http://archive.today/ZNiXb (the images don't work)

Just a little rant: I just wish the mods atleast gave me a answer if the threads are able to be recovered or not, like a simple yes or no, They always do this shit where they ignore or stay silent after they do a mistake and never apologize, they did the same thing in early 2022 during the Russia vs Ukraine threads where a mod ended up permabanning a lot of anons who were farmers and then when when they were complaining the mod just told them to take it to meta and then was ignoring everyone, I was in that thread when it happened.

Also I'll take the ip and cookie thing into consideration.

No. 231051

File: 1660586505671.jpg (38.39 KB, 285x248, 1658401251995.jpg)

gorl are you telling me you were the queen who made the yandere thread, the webtoon thread, and hot 2D men? based… love your work

No. 231101

Thank you for the link! It has the recommendations by that nona so I'd say that's fairly recent and you managed to save a lot of the thread.
And yeah it sucks when the staff won't give us an answer on anything. afaik they've never even addressed what happened to /m/ or given any possible reason.

No. 231292

the anon in the previous gone thread said they were in the process of reading warehouse, how did that go, what did you like/hate about it?

No. 231342

that was me! i thought that it had a really interesting start and concept, but the ending and other aspects (like sunho’s work and the two guys who broke into the warehouse) was really confusing, though the translation that i read wasn’t very good, so that probably didn’t help.

i thought the art was great, at least much better than other webtoons that i’ve seen, and the dark parts were nice im a bit of a guro-chan so seeing dohyun getting raped and assaulted was exactly what i wanted overall i really enjoyed it even though i was constantly confused while reading it

No. 231343

sorry if my “review” is confusing, i’m not very good at putting my thoughts into words. but if you want a dark bl yandere story with good art, i’d recommend it!

No. 231364

File: 1660680468861.jpg (59.2 KB, 720x834, cha.jpg)

>dark bl yandere story with good art
If you enjoy to see men suffering and sexy yanderes, read the side story of Sadistic Beauty. I'm really enjoying it.

No. 231367

Is this yandere though…I dont think it is, maybe I'm wrong.
(Don't get me wrong I love those type of abuse BL but Idk if a seme could be classified yandere just because he is psycho)

No. 231369

File: 1660681322089.jpg (106.65 KB, 601x1437, cha2.jpg)

He is an actual yandere. In the original story he is just a deranged sadist, but he ends up falling in love with Minho in the side story. Their relationship is very dramatic and messed up.

No. 231387

this story is so fucking good, it really hits the sweet spot but the translator is such an autistic shit

No. 231388

ayrt thanks for reminding me of this! i read a few chapters a while back and couldn’t remember the name of it

No. 231617

aw im sorry that your threads got deleted nonnie! Thank you for recreating the threads.

Is this the story where the fan translator keeps making weird comment about hating the yandere male lead? I stopped reading because of that kek, but i might start reading it again

No. 231848

File: 1660817103411.jpg (77.56 KB, 749x737, justclusterbthings.jpg)

Nooo just when I was about to catch up with the old thread! Thank you for remaking it, nona

No. 231850

Who's that?

No. 231863

NTA but why are you reading the shit translation?

No. 231865

Yul from Secret Alliance

No. 231867


No. 231870

File: 1660826381238.jpg (175.29 KB, 1200x1019, 20220818_143735.jpg)

The mod replied saying they have backups of threads before they get deleted, so I replied to her with the links of the deleted threads and now I'm waiting for the answer.

forming prayer circle

No. 232018

The other one stopped translating it

No. 232022

arent there official releases tho?

No. 241370

File: 1663877573236.jpg (49.36 KB, 540x413, tumblr_cbf9083c137796b2ecaee1a…)

Sincea month passed we are probably never getting the original thread back, lets start posting in this thread again yandere-anons

No. 241395

File: 1663885352879.jpg (715.36 KB, 1280x1269, yandere heaven.jpg)

Yandere heaven is definitely one of my favorites, it's great for both yumes and fujos since they had a series of two boys fighting over the listener and one of two boys fighting over another boy.
They're a bit harder to find now then they were a few years ago but you can still easily track them down! (or just buy them second hand)

All of the translated material is cataloged on this tumblr page

No. 241586

File: 1663942791378.gif (417.98 KB, 320x167, c3c78643c5044e23788ad3760c90a1…)

i need some yandere content to binge on.

No. 241587

File: 1663943237706.gif (1 MB, 500x275, ce1ae0d4104097a60cf5ca79ff0ebc…)

No. 242017

File: 1664058775476.jpg (128.39 KB, 640x546, 52052512.jpg)

I retroactively feel bad for disliking female yandere for a long time till I saw male ones and realised my taste isn't better than that of the generic otaku, such is life.
This could be interesting. I have to learn to tolerate that webcomic format.

No. 242035

who is this nonita?

No. 242174

File: 1664112502485.jpg (46.44 KB, 156x208, cover.jpg)

its Lewellyn from ''Lewellyns enchanting dinner invitation''

No. 242180

it also has another title called ''Murderous Lewellyn’s Candlelit Dinner''

No. 242952

File: 1664302414549.png (1.08 MB, 1452x1080, Screenshot_20220915-062903.png)

Are there any good yandere novels out there? I generally avoid the romance genre when reading books and stick to horror, but I've been craving some good yandere content that isn't fanfiction or manga/webtoon. It would be a plus of the MC ends up with the yandere and isn't teen/YA aimed but beggars can't be choosers.

No. 242956

I was gonna post him, I want revenge for him
I would choose him over that ugly brick looking dude MC chose any day of the week

No. 243618

>male yandere
Aren't they all like that irl?

No. 244394

File: 1664764119262.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.72 KB, 1010x770, E4BOb75VoAUdSw9.jpg)

YTTD He's one of my favorite examples because I think it's interesting that his love interest basically encouraged him to become a yandere

No. 244403

The screencap is so fucking creepy with the dead body just chilling there in the background

No. 244436

I laughed when he died in Sou route, Sara's reaction was kinda "oh no… anyway" and then she continued having distress over Gin

I still buy the theory the real Ranmaru (not the puppet) isn't dead yet

No. 244548

Well, he did kill him.
>I still buy the theory the real Ranmaru (not the puppet) isn't dead yet
Sounds interesting, mind going into that theory? I know there's a theory that Kai isn't dead (which I actually find pretty believable based on context clues and that we still don't know what he and Joe were talking about) but I haven't heard the 'Ranmaru survived his victim video' theory yet.

No. 244582

Here you go nonna. I suppose this was when part 1-B wasn't released yet. Not sure if this is where the theory first started but oh well

No. 244585

This one has some more evidence

No. 244606

Interesting! I still think I believe that Kai's the one in Miley's room because of this theory
It has some holes in it mainly that Rio Ranger had Kai's apron, which wouldn't make much sense since he only wears dead people's clothes but I think it could be explained away if it turns out to be ture.
Either way I definitely think the idea of it being Ranmaru could be very interesting!

No. 244780

this game is fun. I'm in chapter 1

No. 244795

File: 1664905782225.jpg (196.38 KB, 1053x1583, FdMtSdWakAA47Js.jpg)

Have fun! It's a great game, you won't hit the yanderes (yes plural) for a while though.

No. 245002

File: 1664984365893.png (203.18 KB, 800x616, Your Turn To Die.png)

..i am disappointed


No. 258388

File: 1669557966529.jpg (100.75 KB, 460x621, bx124481-btZ3PfYbjdkm.jpg)

Bumping this dead thread to say that Caught by the villain / the villain discovered my identity finally got updated after almost 5 months.

No. 258403

File: 1669560875066.jpg (57.55 KB, 644x1024, ad2af2ca934c0907b78afc942b7ff6…)

hey if there are are any anons still here since most of you left when the original thread got nuked.

I was the one who said i would give updates on yandere content every month.
I decided that was too much work and instead i am putting every yandere comic i like into my collection at vyvy (a site replacement for owlmanga).
If anyone is interested and still alive let me know if you are interested in the collection, i also used a throwaway email bcus safety important.

I really miss you anons…this thread used to be active before it got deleted, can we make it active again??

No. 258407

File: 1669562710425.jpg (33.86 KB, 392x586, brahms.jpg)

Nonas, do you have examples of attractive male yanderes in live action media?

No. 258412

i mean brahms is a example of it (edit i just realized that was him in your pic while writing this).

Its a shame they fucked up the sequel.

No. 258419

File: 1669564033754.gif (1.15 MB, 250x250, 47dcf0d148a258b9430742ce070ca3…)

Aw, fellow Brahmsfag!
I refuse to treat it as a sequel it completely ruined the twist of the first movie. I don't get why they thought it was a good idea to retcon the thing that stood out the most about it. The director said he wanted to bring him back in a third movie, hoping he doesn't fuck it up this time.

No. 258717

File: 1669626777338.jpg (157.07 KB, 720x900, 522b0895ddb583b0b2ca675cd24a8e…)

Some rec

Title : free in dreams
Status : ongoing

No. 258719

File: 1669626864409.jpg (176.95 KB, 675x1200, dadc1ee2834ce34bfb7fd14c464c65…)

No. 272536

File: 1675189009261.png (121.47 KB, 200x300, t.png)

Reviving this thread because yandere love. This manga is Tonari no Seki no Hen na Senpai. It's an ecchi/hentai about a pathetic, clingy (but also sadistic) office man who obsesses over his female colleague. Really memorable art and characters. Actually kind of hilarious when it's not being rapey 10/10. Let me know your thoughts!!!

No. 273091

Im looking for an irl yandere

No. 273447

I remember downloading this from an ad-infested site (forgot the name) years ago.

No. 273470

File: 1675560812837.png (369.93 KB, 942x451, 84848484844.png)

Started reading it and I always find it hilarious how koreans draw females. Like what breast size should be in this panel and don't forget the tiny waist ofcourse.

No. 273471

This is so dumb but I legit don't usually read manhwas because of the prevalence of huge boob protags kek. Mangas have them too of course but there's more variety in my experience

No. 273473

I don't mind hot female characters but Jesus does this look unappealing. Is this the author's attempt to get male readers?

No. 273474

I stand corrected, it's from a Japanese author not Korean one. Bit surprised to be honest as this art style is often prevalent in manwha, gonna power through it just for the male lead since I'm interested in him

No. 273488

File: 1675564538548.png (299 KB, 430x645, 06.png)

Just caught up with the raws and I agree with you on it being funny. Liked the art however the evergrowing breasts tend to take me out along with panels that focuses on her breasts and bottom which may be from the ml perspective, one thing I wished that she grew a backbone quicker so that she could bully him earlier but it got a nice build up from her trying to raise him into a proper citizen and disliking him to setting boundaries and realizing that she loved him too.

No. 273514

Tbh I don't have too much of a problem with the art of Mebuki (female lead.) She did look a little too skinny/hourglass-y in some shots, but I'd rather see two attractive people going at it than making the female character too bland or faceless. I feel like it's not often we see a daring female character in yandere media, unless I'm just not looking in the right places.

No. 273776

File: 1675696707409.jpeg (7.79 KB, 190x266, redfox.jpeg)

RED FOX - Heul ReDam
Manhwa - ongoing
Art is not the best… but it does get better

Epilogue starts of the story of FL's mom. She's the one who met a murderous creature - the Red Fox - whom eats human's livers. In despair, she offers her unborn daughter so she could live.
As FL (called Sana) grows, the red fox takes her nanny's form to raise her. The fox believes he loves her, but as the history goes through, you can notice that it's more of a feeling of possession and obsession.
Later, when Sana reaches marrying age, the fox changes its form to a man (Iza) anf forces her into marriage.
> He forces her into drinking some elixir so she would be immortal and spend the rest of her life with him;
> He's violent and murders several people around her either to force her into staying with him or out of pure possessiveness
> She attempts to leave him and is somewhat strong minded
> There are some rapey scenes after a while
> In general the story is pretty much fucked up tbh

No. 274477

thanks for reccing, i think the main story is retarded but the moments with just the yandere are really good

No. 280798

File: 1678176908417.jpg (629.3 KB, 1920x1080, akudama drive.jpg)

When does a yandere become too extreme for your liking? Pic very much related.

No. 280803

what is this ugly fucking face

No. 280811

this looks like a good reaction pic, can someone edit this to be Elsie?

No. 280969

File: 1678219825572.png (582.13 KB, 909x1186, charaDetail7.png)

Normally he doesn't look bad.

No. 281078

To me, when they make those faces is the equivalent to the retarded ahegao type of face, is it hot on it’s own? Never. Would I think it’s hot if I’m already turned on and I want to sink deeper into the degenerancy? Fuck yes.
I kind of like the idea of a hot anime guy being so insane that his sexy façade drops and he becomes truly unhinged.

No. 284581

i had to stop reading this when i realized her reaching her ''marriageable age'' was her being 12 and the red fox was a grown adult man HELL NO.

No. 284582

File: 1679460667643.jpg (57.32 KB, 564x1027, 8c52ea81a61303023c52b978b6ac4d…)

Lets revive this thread. Drop what yandere story you are currently reading, have read or plan to read.

No. 323273

File: 1695596860159.jpg (150.36 KB, 764x1200, My_Girlfriend_Gives_Me_Goosebu…)

Wondering if anybody has any thoughts on "My Girlfriend Gives Me Goosebumps". Contrary to the title, it really seems like it's moving towards having a male yandere lead, rather than a female one.

No. 323288

Fellow fatfags, how come there are never any fat/chubby yanderes? If you know any, please post them

No. 323299

File: 1695610748285.jpg (172.34 KB, 1280x1866, 306627166_10209387410479129_56…)

Does Phantom of the Opera count as yandere media?

No. 331612

I'm so sad this was rumored to become a game and it never happened.
>tfw no sexy yandere doctor

This is the hottest manga of all time. I enjoyed that he became more and more unsettling. Why is actual male yandere stuff so hard to find? The usual possessive otome guy trope isn't enough.

No. 335400

god this was so good. i need more yandere recs

No. 335414

I wish there's something for chubby/fat yandere girls obsessing over attractive handsome men. If you're talking about chubby/fat yandere men then there's plenty of that in moid hentai.

No. 343059

I would love this so much if the guy was submissive. Any recs, nonnies? Preferably with a female MC, I'm not into BL

No. 343100

File: 1702859181676.png (994.61 KB, 1280x720, ShuuIwamineRemakeICPSS.png)

Yes, it's yandere media for the refined
Did someone say yandere doctor?

No. 343104

the title is cringe and it's an overall weeb comic but the drawings are really nice and i like where it's going

No. 343105

File: 1702860363180.png (1.52 MB, 854x1212, webtoon-im-dating-a-psychopath…)

drapped pic

No. 374594

File: 1714326384066.png (7.98 MB, 1801x2560, Iyagatteru Kimi ga Suki.png)

Absolutely unhinged characters with no redeeming qualities, out of morbid curiosity, I cannot look away. I wonder where the author can be taking this to, other than killing one or both main characters.

No. 374610

It’s been a very long time since I read a synopsis, but IIRC she becomes attached to him, he beats the shit out of her, leaves her for someone else, she never gets over him, and her life is ruined while he moves on (or something like that). It’s vague but I remember it leaving a really bad taste in my mouth and dropping it immediately.

No. 374627

Nta but what the fuck, that's not what I want in a yandere story at all.

No. 374628

Oh, I wish she'd at least kill him.

No. 386468

That's not what happened at all… The male mc has been severely abused since he was a child. He realizes he likes female mc at the beginning of the story, but because "love" has awful connotations for him, the way he expresses it is also gross. He keeps having violent fantasies of her. Female mc gets stabbed (not by him) and almost dies which makes him realize that she is likely to die if she stays with him and they both continue their relationship so he decides to break it off with her. She keeps seeking out extreme stimuli from other men, meanwhile male mc does not stop thinking about her. At the end female mc gets killed by one of her "boyfriends" and male mc is in extreme denial. He seems to be having delusions that she is with him again and is stubbornly saying she is still his girlfriend and they will be together again shortly. I thought it was a good yandere-sick with love story, though it was not wish-fulfillment.

No. 387519

File: 1716997161510.png (191.66 KB, 807x453, uv7497vt2ct81.png)

Anyone here know Yandere Heaven? I literally just found out about it, it's been in development for two years I think, it's supposed to be an indie Japanese otome

No. 387522

File: 1716998482525.jpg (1.15 MB, 1420x1408, 583888.jpg)

> Yandere Heaven
Isn't it a drama CD series? I have one in my music catalogue for sure.

No. 387523

File: 1716998812562.jpeg (202.15 KB, 750x750, IMG_8238.jpeg)

Still need to pick up this one since it got taken off of youtube…

No. 387525

Shit I meant Yandere Town kek I was listening to Yandere Heaven the other day so I mixed it up, sorry

No. 387527

I wish there was a yandere heaven game now…
The drama CDs have a weird amount of overlap in that they all take place in the same school (notice that they’re all wearing the same uniform), which I guess just means there’s like an in universe yandere school where two guys are always gonna fight over (you) or another guy.

No. 387529

File: 1717001049591.jpg (14.35 KB, 250x299, 1000003434.jpg)

Are there any "baby's first yandere" characters that yall feel nostalgic for? Picrel probably kicked it off for a lot of female weebs kek

No. 387537

File: 1717003888152.jpg (88.18 KB, 550x629, Russia.full.782849.jpg)

Russia or Ivan from Hetalia. He's very loved and popular back in Hetalia's hay day and is probably still is. A big soft guy who seems pretty sweet but cold, intimidating and could give bone crushing hugs.

No. 387550

His sister’s more of a yandere than him kek

No. 387599

It's a yandere love circle, Ivan's sister is obsessed with him but he's obsessed with a guy who likes his sister kek

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