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No. 223854

previous thread: #167989

recent topics:
>hekku uses kagayaku kurogalsa as a platform for calling out people that are allegedly abusive and racist >>212081
>paradise gyarusa think mira/gyaruoftheday posted a fatspo thread to bash fat gyaru >>209993, >>209994, >>209999 (old mira thread >>>/w/60883)
>jax/cinnagal and her followers are beefing with pinkii on tiktok. starts at >>209833, >>209838

new since last thread:
>paradise gyarusa were recruiting new baby gal members and started a new gyaru discord server that is invite only
>ex kagayaku kurogalsa members kohlea and bubble bee are calling out the circle leaders (specifically paige, niccu, bebe and hekku) for bullying and racism
ig post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CfKvysPp5u8/

>tiktok gals are trying to cancel lizzie for being friends with amber/wib and liking photos of pinkii

callout tt: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNrHURE3/?k=1

No. 223856

File: 1656448301300.jpg (3.71 MB, 3000x3000, image.jpg)

No. 223857

File: 1656448466838.jpg (6.38 MB, 2999x2700, image.jpg)

No. 224005

kohlea was the same bitch taking up for niccu! oh how the tables have turn kek

No. 224032

File: 1656480984888.png (2.55 MB, 1853x2048, Screenshot_20220629-012552.png)

I saw Niccu at a grocery store in Houston yesterday. I told it how cool it was to meet it in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother it and ask it for photos or anything.
Niccu said, “Oh, like you’re doing now, you fucking lightskin?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but it kept cutting me off and going “huh? Whitey? huh?” and closing it's large meaty hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard Niccu cackle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen different ethnicites in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Niccu, you need to prove those backgrounds first.” At first it kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the EA baiting ones and started looking at it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to not assume anything “to prevent any microaggressions,” and then turned around and koreaboo heart fingered me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each ethnicity and put them in a tumblr post and started to read them out , it kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

No. 224034

File: 1656482500144.jpg (516.87 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-06-29-06-57-33…)

If you're going to start a new thread you should probably try not to immediately tell on yourself kek

No. 224092

KEK this has nothing to do with any gyaru shit but Istg I remember this freak admitting to having a crush on katie cummings way back on tumblr. The secondhand embarrassment i felt still haunts me.

No. 224215

File: 1656526233086.jpg (386.64 KB, 904x1227, Screenshot_20220629-120956_Tik…)

So niccu and paige are both ea baiting?

No. 224243

gb2 twitter

No. 224341

All these people do the same shit. They get subpar views so then they have to make some drama post for clout. Rinse and repeat.

No. 224344

She needs to ease off the skin whiten tool. Video edit as shit.

No. 225309

Truly tragic maybe three girls (including Yukapon/Natchan) out of the bunch look decent

No. 225400

File: 1656829289597.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1267x1824, 329E9F23-DDC8-4E63-BD39-178B39…)

>”I’m not one for clout but…..”
>Only gets tractions on videos talking about Natalia.
>Less than 2k views on any of their other videos.
These zoomers are fucking annoying. No one gives a fuck about your ugly ass or your opinions. How hard is it for people to block and ignore people instead of recycling the same shit. I’m tired of seeing these people say she’s sexualizing minors when it comes to anime characters. They aren’t real. Fucking cope and help actual children that are being hurt. Not some thot cosplaying ambiguous looking anime character #2482742.

No. 225406

File: 1656831706579.jpeg (807.37 KB, 828x1526, 7D939AEB-AE8E-438F-AA20-CA8B15…)

She’s 16 so I can understand jumping onto any figure for clout but I think the funniest thing is cinnagal going apeshit in the last thread, accusing everyone of being Natalia and spamming the thread.
She talks a lot of shit for someone walking around with unblended eye shadow
>Inb4 pinkii whiteknight
They’re both insufferable, one is just moreso than the other

No. 225426

File: 1656834658383.jpeg (55.37 KB, 509x941, 055B9D3A-9640-457E-9EFD-9834C9…)

Cinnagal is another breed of annoying. Claims she doesn’t need to use drama for clout but that’s the only way she gets attention as well. I have no idea why she thinks she’s a spokesperson for gyaru when all her fits look like this.

No. 225428

This photo stinks of AliExpress lingerie review

No. 225437

Ew god, worse than Mickey Moon.

No. 225470

Grim. The cottage cheese on those legs kek. She is seething over Natalia and i can see why now. It's always the fatties

No. 225471

My fucking sides

No. 225541

imagine complaining about sexualizing anime girls while wearing that.

No. 225581

No, it’s totally different Anon!!! Sexualizing Sanrio characters is totes okay!

No. 225616

I really like cinna. She makes me feel better about myself

No. 225646

Weird how people think that people are jealous of Pinkii, who is known to be very disliked and a loser. Pinkii and her friends are clearly on every thread where she’s mentioned crying “everybody is just sooooo jealous”. Why does that happen on EVERY thread? You’re pathetic as fuck and it’s so obvious

No. 225655

No where is that sexualizing children. It’s literally a bikini with a skirt bottom.

No. 225657

Why do y’all continue to post minors on here then get annoyed when they speak up about stuff. No one cares that anime characters aren’t real, that’s literally what fiction is. Yet fiction is always based on real life. Pinkii couldve easily just cosplayed a minor character without sexualizing them but she didn’t and that’s why she’s fucking gross. Stop saying “help real children” when sexualizing minor characters and clothing and stuff that is related with children literally DOESNT HELP THEM. Wearing cropped uniforms, doing ahegao, etc. you nor pinkii is doing shit to “actually help real children” either. Pinkii literally supports belle delphine, the queen of pedobaiting as she has dresses like children multiple times.

No. 225658

Stop having onesided beef with Cinnagal weirdo, they gave literally done nothing wrong(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 225661

You calling femme bodies “fatties”?? Not everyone wants to be twig get over it.

No. 225668

Weird how there’s been so much drama recently in this community and people are focusing on the least interesting, most beaten down topics????????

No. 225681

All of KKG’s apologizes were extremely shitty, it was actually pitiful and painful to read and sit through. You would’ve thought they would make a better attempt at covering their own ass.

No. 225696

Shut the fuck up and go back to tiktok. The people who cape this hard for anime characters never give a shit about real children and are a bunch of hypocrites. The same bitches crying about this have the nerve to cosplay characters from Kakegurui.

No. 225697

Cinnagal WK’s coming in like clockwork everytime she’s brought up

No. 225703

Lose as much weight as she did and then report in about your loose skin and cellulite, bone rattler.

No. 225712

File: 1656910682426.png (529.48 KB, 453x677, 75240F4A-F25C-4BCD-B7BB-BC2169…)

There's nothing inherently wrong with her bikini but it's obvious that she would use questionable anime fanart like pic related to accuse any other gaijin gyaru who wore a coord like that of pedobaiting or whatever.

No. 225716

I’m still not sure what this photo has to do with what she’s wearing though. Did she say she was specifically inspired by this? If not it just doesn’t make any sense. It’s a bikini set and a Sanrio bag.

No. 225719

Yeah like we r talking abt someone tht lost A LOT of weight. you body shame fat people into losing weight and then continue to make fun of them for having extra skin. which is it? go back to proana twitter

No. 225720

File: 1656913206118.jpeg (88.27 KB, 1280x720, 648224DB-A16C-4929-85DA-D8EFBA…)

You can stop white knighting the cow. She’s hypocritical for saying that Pinkii is sexualizing underage anime characters but has cosplayed from “problematic” content herself. She wiped all of the photos of this but she is the epitome of rules for thee but not for me. It’s just further proof that she does not give a shit about real victims and just wants to shit on others for the sake “protecting asian women who are totally getting murdered because of someone wearing a school uniform or has an interest in kawaii fashion”!! She did the same with another costhot, Tokimeki.

No. 225722

also sorry im a little lost, what other gyaru has she “attacked” for this? maybe im behind bc tbh its only been pinkii as far as i can see, she barely talks about pedobaiting so why is everyone so hung up on this worn out drama

No. 225724

Evidence of this? also, tokimeki threatened to sue an asian creator so i feel like it was reasonable to talk about her.
but imo the sexy school girl trope does hurt young women for obvious reasons. you guys are really mad that she talked about 2 people pedopandering when EVERYONE is talking about that topic rn? it also happened months ago. get tf over it. it’s weird how everyone is attacking cinnagal over talking about a topic that everyone on tiktok is talking about. it’s just bullying atp esp bc she was NEVER this hard on anyone she spoke about (as far as i remember)

No. 225725

Can you not read? She deleted the tiktoks I’m talking about, you moron. In fact, she’s deleted a good majority of her tiktoks where she went incredibly hard on people for the dumbest shit, so it sounds like you don’t know what you’re even talking about. There are others that are saying the same shit but they aren’t larping as a gyaru and acting as if they’re a pillar of the community.

No. 225727

tokimekibunny? as in that girl that asian tiktokers were dragging for months as well? look her name up and you’ll see that many people talked about her being problematic, most of them were asian. and a bunch of people called pinkii out as well, both asian and not. so whats the REAL issue here?

No. 225730

boo. proof or it didnt happen. where did she ever say she was a pillar of the community? pinkii is the one calling herself a gyaru icon, not jax. ur seething so hard that you’re trying to make this thread ALL ABOUT one uninteresting person. there’s too much going on rn for you to actually care this much. holy shit. move the fuck on. im tired of seeing the same old drama being dragged

No. 225732

well if thats true then theyre deleted, shouldnt you be happy? or will you just keep posting about her every move on here even though everyone keeps telling you to change topics? stop shitting up the thread

No. 225734

i mean are we surprised by this

No. 225735

File: 1656915750750.jpeg (921.44 KB, 1124x1414, 83C2AF42-4CE1-43C6-A42E-72FBA1…)

Just because the evidence is deleted doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, lol. You can keep bitching, but that’s not going to stop from her being posted here. Pinkii may be shit but at least she looks gal and not like a bad cosplayer. At least sage your wking.

No. 225737

her makeup used to be pretty horrendous tbh but it’s gotten significantly better. you’re lmaking this thread about her when this is a GYARU thread. for the thousandth time, move on. ur just saying the same shit over and over. we get it. ur mad that someone u dont like has a following that u dont think they deserve. talk to your therapist about it. none of this is news.

No. 225738

then you post content, i'll wait.

No. 225740

Uh…How many photos do you have of this person that you allegedly hate? That photo was from the old thread, seems like you’ve been waiting months to talk about her again. That’s really obsessive and concerning, even for lolcow, jesus that’s sad. Your obsessive hate for one person is fucking up every thread at this point. fighting for your life and nobody even cares. go comment it on her page if you’re really that mad, you clearly frequent all her socials.

No. 225741

File: 1656916536377.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x1528, CC6549FE-DE7A-4205-AFA1-E013CD…)

Yeah, her make has totally improved.

No. 225743

this photo did not prove your point whatsoever. adding that photo to your collection i see. again, you def waited for months with dozens of photos of her waiting to talk about her. seek therapy x

No. 225744

File: 1656917040451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 237.84 KB, 828x1428, 21DC60BE-7684-449C-9E59-6AF3AA…)

Maybe she shouldn’t have let herself get fat as fuck to begin with, tummy tuck scars are so gyaru.
WK’s keep crying “leave her alone”, the fact that this thread gets newfag whiteknights every time she’s brought up is milky and self obsessed.

No. 225745

Are you mentally challenged? It’s not hard to look someone up on social media and take a screenshot to post on here. That is literally the entirety of lolcow. Sage your shit replies.

No. 225746

it’s literally just a bunch of people telling you that nobody cares about this drama besides you. it’s clear that you are one person who is obsessing over her, you have way too many pics of her saved its actually scary.
YOU are the milk here. you essentially have told us that you are one person doing all of this. you’re are definitely jealous. she takes up way too space in your mind for this to be healthy. id hide if i were her…this is creepy as fuck

No. 225747

imagine being this concerned about a stranger’s body. the scar fades too afaik, weird how you will shame tf out of people for not being open about getting plastic surgery, but also shame them for being open. pick a side.

No. 225748

yeah. i dont think ive seen this thread go this hard on anyone for anything before, esp for this long. this is too much. way too much for drama that nobody actually cares or talks about outside of this site. everyone calm down and take a break

No. 225749

File: 1656917699549.jpeg (57.15 KB, 474x308, 4305B3F5-66B0-4104-A0A5-661151…)

>Stop talking about a shit sjw gyaru on a gossip site!!!

No. 225751

she's still so ugly

No. 225753

wks are really going at it. they probably have nothing better to do.

No. 225777

There is so much actual milk going on in the comm now, this cinnagal shit is fucking boring and stale. Surely this is only interesting if you're personally invested in some way. Like,KKG are eating each other alive right now, Velvet got caught posting this thread, Tiktok is on fire as usual and this is what you choose to discuss? Definitely vendetta.

No. 225811

then post it yourself instead of wking.

No. 225825

Honestly she looks much better with her natural hair, the wig looks cheap and tacky

No. 225830

File: 1656957232755.jpg (177.12 KB, 1080x1504, fagatron.jpg)

niccu, as always, claiming everyone she doesn't like is a white supremacist, i wonder wen she'll get bored or tired of convincing herself everyone that she has some issue with is racist…

No. 225839

Yet you continue to defend a bitch who openly supports a pedo baiter and sexualized children. Please tell me what YOU are doing to help actual children. Oh wait. You do nothing but support the ppl causing more problems towards children

No. 225841

What are you doing, stalking her??

No. 225842

Pinkii looks like a fucking regular egirl she’s not special

No. 225844

Maybe because y’all are weird for having one sided beef with them. If you’re so mad go to a therapist or jump a bridge no one gives a fuck about your weird obsession with them. Stfu and stop bringing that shit on here when there’s literally other stuff to talk about or just let the thread die.

No. 225851

we already been knew that niccu weaponized black issues against any person who he didnt like, its actually a very dangerous tactic which harms black people. but yeah sure kkg is a safe space

No. 225854

yeah um exactly WE KNOW WHO MADE THIS THREAD? they accidentally revealed themselves and nobody is talking about it at all? velvet clearly are the ones using lolcow and making threads but people are still on the same situation that happened months ago that nobody cares about. pinkii is a known weirdo…who gives a flying fuck.
anyways, crazy that people who are in their late 20s/30s are always the ones who get caught on here. velvet you’re embarrassing. collect your members.

No. 225859

File: 1656960918426.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1284x2227, 56E88C60-BEC8-4A8F-AC7D-F22ABE…)

Man, you white knights are working overtime. At least sage your screeching. Also tell me how this looks more gal than Pinkii? Do you think just slapping on some cut up top lashes on your bottom eyelid makes you gal? Kekkk.

No. 225860

Weird how everyone is saying that cinnagal’s fans are WKing…yet every time that pinkii is brought up, people come to her defense and deflect by bringing up cinnagal. any time people talk about pinkii on any thread across this whole entire site, people claim that she’s sooo relevant and cool and everybody is jealous. has anybody else noticed this? it’s very strange

No. 225863

Droopy shape, top and bottom lashes, inner corner liner, white on the bottom to emphasize, white nose strip. are you even a gal? this is clearly gal make. you’re actually fucking stupid and this vendetta posting is sad as hell fr.

No. 225867

You’ve been posting about cinnagal for 24 hours now, are you not tired of trying to get people to care? It’s clearly only 1 person posting all of this, def the same person as the one who had a breakdown on the last thread and posted like 3000 photos of cinnagal trying to get people to care about this…and then you waited months to post about her again. dozens of people have told u to shut the fuck up. it’s not even WKing it’s simply that nobody cares about this and you’re hijacking the thread atp. go seethe in silence

No. 225868

those are bottom lashes, you can tell by the size and shape, no top lashes are made like this. no way a gal posted this.
The gyaru community: has an insane amount of drama, including the fact that WE KNOW VELVET MADE THIS THREAD. HELLO?
you: cinnagal wear cut up top lash on bottom

No. 225870

File: 1656962181382.jpeg (781.67 KB, 1536x2048, 0260004A-9439-4DD3-B9E5-C03D7E…)

Just like how you’re the same person posting back to back in defense of a cow with shit makeup. Niccu and these others are also literal whos but no one bitches about it. Cinnagal is going to get posted on here no matter how much you guys bitch and moan.

No. 225875

what was the point of this photo of pinkii? nobody cares if you post cinnagal, its the obsession and the way that you keep hijacking every thread to talk about something that nobody cares about.
the point is that the community is on fire but you’re still dragging old shit. move the fuck on. pinkii isnt gonna notice you or fuck you for this. tbh it seems like you’re her, ur way too personally invested in something that you know nobody here gives two flying fucks about.

No. 225878

oh my god just shut the fuck up and stop self posting. this shit is weird. nobody likes pinkii this much besides herself. and since its clearly just one person posting…you guys can do the math.

anyways, velvet you’re gross for making yet another one of these threads. well done being old af yet not knowing how to use an app. boomer energy

No. 225880

I thought I was crazy for thinking that the person posting all this might be Pinkii herself, just because it really does feel like whoever is doing this just has a vendetta against Cinnagal. Glad other people are pointing this out.

Velvet have been known to use lolcow for a while now, now that I think about them it could be them posting all of this about Cinnagal to deflect from the fact that Ari made this post and we have the conformation of it.
Lots of stuff going on yet the thread has never been more boring(samefagging)

No. 225942

If you're going to bring up Cinnagal, you should also mention Nicco's intense hatred towards lighter skinned mixed girls. The bullying victims are all mixed, and have a stronger following than Nicco. Nicco invalidates their black experience because they are mixed but isn't Nicco supposedly mixed with Japanese? The comm totally skipped over Nicco's intense bullying of a minor just because they are in Para☆Dise. And guess what they were bullied for? Being mixed. Nicco invalidated their black experience and called them racist names just like he did to Kohlea, Cinnagal, Bee, and otaku no kusorina.

No. 226015

At this point I would love for a farmhand to start checking ips on these pinkii whiteknights, it's an absolute plague across the entire site. A pedobaiting seaworlder is not going to have this kind of support organically on the farms.

No. 226135

you already got banned for samefagging aren't you embarrassed?

No. 226140

>claiming that pinkii WKs are the plague but cinna has literal spam posts of people defending her/trying to attack Pinkii, who she has a public hate boner for, unsaged


People are less 'white knighting' for Pinkii and more calling her a better gyaru that these tiktokers when they're a bunch of 'kawaii fashion' and drag hag rejects who want use the 'gyaru was TOTALLY made for dark skins!' idea as a way to convince themselves and other tiktoddlers that THEY should have the same popularity as other big name white j-fashion influencers and be considered better gyaru because anime told them gyaru are all tan. It might feel like WKing because people compare them to Pinkii but they only do that because they tend to especially hate her because to them she's everything they hate: a skinny 'pretty' white girl who has more success than them. Pinkii's morality doesnt factor into it because the argument is 'who is the better gyaru' not 'who's the better person'

No. 226142

At this point you could see someone post anyone else but Pinkii and you would start foaming at the mouth about how they're derailing and trying to WK her ITT with distractions to bury posts about her. This woman lives rent free in your head and must wreak havoc on your conscience. It's baffling how you're still here and completely unaware of how you come off. If a scrawny weeb white girl affects you this much it's speaking volumes for your mental instability.

No. 226153

>13 hours since my post
>3 pinkii WK replies within the same five minutes

Yeah, who's samefagging? Get a fucking job Nat.

No. 226180

File: 1657052437475.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1284x2102, CB940B23-A03D-4CAA-81CF-568DA8…)

These are the days that I wish there was a “users in this thread” function like 4chan. Not everyone who is against you is Pinkii. Seethe harder Cinnacow stan.

No. 226205

her makeup is so shit and doesn't look gyaru at all.

No. 226227

Is a shake and go wig, SheIn clothes and shitty doll eye makeup gyaru now? She just looks like a streetwalker. Nothing about it gives gyaru of any type.

No. 226231

Do you just check her page every 30 mins just to complain to people who give a fuck?? I don’t know how you can hate someone yet youre always stalking their account and your camera roll is full of pictures of them. At the point, just make a shrine.

No. 226232

How?? It literally has the textbook necessities when it comes to makeup. Droop, bottom lashes, lenses, colored eyeshadow. Y’all are literally pulling anything out your ass just to hate on someone who doesn’t know you exist.

No. 226237

No one is comparing themselves to pinkii. No one even likes pinkii except for herself, her friends, and her ugly simps. And gyaru was literally made and started with dark skin, that’s how you’re know you’re probably one of her ugly simps defending her because all real gals already know that.(sage your shit )

No. 226246

except for the fact that people literally have only brought up cinnagal EVER when pinkii is mentioned. are you not embarrassed that ur refreshing her page? why are you checking for her DOZENS of tines a day? you’ve spent hours at this point ranting about Cinnagal and it’s deranged as fuck.
and ofc you guys are gonna say the “skinny white gal” is just sooo much better and prettier than the black gal. always pushing the “big black ANGRY woman vs tiny innocent amazing beautiful perfect white woman.” ALWAYS say black women r jealous of white women.
Someone explain how this make isnt gal.
droop, bottom lashes, downturned eyeliner, nose strip. ur just mad that ur dried up asses have been in gal for 10 years and nobody knows who the fuck you are. thats not cinnagals problem. get a following like she did or shut the fuck up and seethe.

No. 226248

god you are so pressed.

No. 226249

They’re pressed? Not the people that are obsessively posting every BORING thing Cinnagal does when everyone said it’s not interesting? Not the people who are far up Nat’s ass even though she’s not well liked at all? Make it make sense.

No. 226251

Shake n go? Ah so you’re black. A shame that you’d use a racist website to talk shit about another black gal. Jealousy is actually a disease and yall are terminally ill.

No. 226252

File: 1657062645154.jpeg (2.11 MB, 1284x1344, 268FB9F8-ADED-47E6-A866-F40C33…)

>Cinnagal gets mentioned in thread topic.
>Continues to screech unsaged to hide Cinnacow’s picture from the page.
>Posts a screenshot that anyone can get from looking at an insta or tiktok.
The fact that you’re back to back posting about this is the funniest part of this thread. Keep going.

No. 226253

Can we talk about other stuff in the comm? You guys keep fucking up the thread with this Cinnagal vs Pinkii bullshit. It’s tired.

No. 226254

I really wonder what you guys look like, im 100% sure she looks better. people who are pretty dont cyber-stalk ppl they ALLEGEDLY THINK ARE UGLY for days on end to post them on anonymous websites. is this making you feel better? id hope so because i just know u are hideous and built terribly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226256

and it’s literally not interesting at all like whats not clicking? its not even that people are WKing for cinna it’s just that they just keep saying the same shit and theyre trying to make the entire thread about her when theres actual shit going on right now.
and it’s fucking psychotic how people keep saying “MOVE ON NOBODY CARES” but nat and her toe suckers keep obsessively posting cinnagal when theyve been asked dozens of times to pack it up bc nobody cares/agrees.
weird af how theyre so set on this thread just being about her.
again CLEAR VENDETTA POSTING. idk what she has that u dont but shut up and get tf over it.
ANYWAYS from here on, lets change the fucking subject im begging(samefagging wk)

No. 226257

nta and not even a gal, but like this thread has seemed so obvious that the girl being posted is whiteknighting herself.

stop fucking shitting up the board with your unsaged dumbfuck posts

No. 226258

Do you think going to someone’s account and taking a screenshot is cyberstalking? It’s a public page with information that’s been posted publicly. She calls herself an influencer and has multiple accounts that are 60k+. It’s not cyberstalking when she’s not posting behind a locked account, you dumb bitch.

No. 226259

Nah the most entertaining part is how you’re so set on talking about Cinnagal when there’s more interesting things.
As people have explained multiple times to your absolutely brainless asses, THIS ISNT INTERESTING AND NOBODY CARES. The Cinnagal posts are clearly vendetta posts bc never, ever have people dug their heels in THIS HARD when people say this topic isnt interesting. Bring it back to your group chats, nobody cares or agrees and you guys are so mad that nobody wants to talk about your clear unhealthy obsession. MOVE. ON.

No. 226261

File: 1657063405501.jpeg (2.28 MB, 1284x2010, 2BBD4DDD-CC2D-40DB-AED1-942191…)

This thread is for talking about gyaru/gaijin gyaru so. No.

No. 226262

File: 1657063579203.jpeg (105.33 KB, 828x934, 17D677FC-AF91-4042-B78A-63F5FD…)

Is this who allegedly made this thread? or a different ari?

No. 226263

yeah exactly! it’s a gyaru thread, not a cinnagal thread, and the community is on fire right now and people wanna talk about other things.

No. 226265

please stop engaging her and her retarded wks. if they have so much milk to post, they will. but they are just going to keep bawwing and claim the thread demands different milk or some shit.

No. 226266

yeah i checked thats her…fucking yikes(samefagging wk)

No. 226268

pretty sure neither nat nor cinnagal use this site so that actually makes all of this a million times funnier.
this is grim and tragic

No. 226276

if you want people to stop talking about her then just quit posting and learn how to sage.
You're the one giving both Pinkii and Cinnagal free advertising 24 hours of every single day.
Atleast try to use different grammar and spelling than you do publicly on Twitter.

No. 226278

Ugh this thread is so fucking pathetic. Every single chance ya different snow rats get ya make a thread just to shit on different black gals. Most of ya yt gals put on bottom lashes and think ur make is gal with lame ass coord. Like go fucking off urself the less yt ppl in the world the better(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226279

Pinkii is a shitty person who need to off herself and think rapping in a baby voice is cute like stop sucking her dick & Jax make and coord is shitty perusal there’s no need to keep being her up like ur dumb racist yt gals need to find something else to talk about(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226280

this is unbelievably retarded. more than half of the gaijin gyaru comm look like shit. black ‘gals’ included. go reee on tiktok about this fake race war you’re having in your head maybe all the other schizophrenic 15 year olds on there will join you

No. 226285

Lmaoo bitches think their cool for using the word retarded on a anonymous site. This whole thread is full of pussy ass yt gals who like to be racist in private(they're*)

No. 226286

Pinkii has to do SW bc her trash ass music isn’t making her no money fiy just bc u call yourself a “rapper” doesn’t mean ur one

No. 226289

File: 1657072783230.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2052, 180F5D81-DC30-4A50-92BC-633538…)

I want to know who is asking her for fashion tips when she can barely dress herself.

No. 226295

Why u cropped ur pfp pussy let see who took that screenshot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226306

Mods should start labeling cinnagal’s post history

No. 226311

this. she's a mini mickey moon for sure.

No. 226314

It’s literally Kiki levels of delusion that she thinks it’s only 1 person in this thread to think she’s an insufferable bitch

No. 226328

File: 1657089463839.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x1870, 39BBF0AB-DB81-4715-9100-C74EBF…)

Niccu came out as trans.

No. 226332

I'm one of the 'stop posting about cinnagal it's fucking boring' posters and I don't even like her myself. But there are other people I dislike in the comm who are actually funny to observe and speculate about. Cinnagal is low-key annoying but she doesn't do shit worth talking about. Meanwhile, this? >>226328

The whole thread is gonna get locked if you don't drop the cinnagal v pinkii retardation, it's already half red text.

No. 226336

that's not on the people posting her, it's on the idiot samefagging and wking her. also threads don't get locked for that, but you'd know if you weren't so new.

No. 226342

No, it's entirely on the people posting her as there is no milk, and I've been here since 2018 you fetus. Fuck off back to school.

No. 226352

File: 1657100830931.jpeg (558.13 KB, 1284x750, 80BC71D8-6263-466E-B232-C3563F…)

>There’s no milk.
That’s because the cow deletes most of it. It doesn’t take much work to find her unhinged comments littered on any video about Natalia.

No. 226393

she's trans now so she can start accusing ppl she don't like of transphobia, give it a week she'll start posting tiktoks whining about it

No. 226433

this is so dry. again funny how cinnagal is mostly posted in relation to Natalia when nobody is invested in that beef besides a few people.

No. 226434

just use he pronouns its not that hard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226438

Okay but mickey is an actual abuser, lolicon, and scammer. where are the similarities? the absolute reach just to hate on somebody is wild.

No. 226451

You’re right, cinnagal is much uglier

No. 226468

Yall are just saying whatever now. u probs compare yourself to her, if u rlly thought she was ugly u probs wouldnt care abt her this much. thats just the truth.

No. 226470

yall r gonna use this as a way to be transphobic AND antiblack. here we fucking go(go back to twitter)

No. 226477

Transphobic? Anti-black? You must be lost. This isn’t Twitter or Tumblr, this is a gossip image board. If you’re looking for political correctness, go back to your faggy SJW social media platforms.

No. 226498


>Tagged as amekaji

>Looks like a black woman cosplaying as Korean oppa who ate all of BTS

No. 226500

she probably looked up amekaji on google and saw the shit that's not gyaru related. she doesn't realize amekaji was a separate style entirely from gyaru that just had a gyaru phase, like himekaji. those style names on their own aren't gyaru related anymore. tiktok cunts treat gyaru like lolita even more than we used to when lolitas tried inserting themselves into the community.

No. 226525

File: 1657142573701.jpeg (621.95 KB, 1284x2324, 99B40432-1B05-476F-AABC-1C453D…)

>I’m being unfairly targeted for speaking my mind!!!
>I definitely don’t even look here.
I highly doubt anyone is messaging her about being posted on here but I suppose it’s easier to play the victim.

No. 226539

File: 1657146702111.jpg (168.72 KB, 1080x602, chrissyshutup.jpg)

speaking of velvet, i see chris getting involved in beef that got nothing to do with em in tiktok comments, like damn bro worry about yourself xxx

No. 226540

File: 1657146749595.jpg (224.35 KB, 1080x807, chrissyshutup2.jpg)

No. 226541

File: 1657146846505.jpg (332.28 KB, 1080x1420, chrissyshutup3.jpg)

No. 226548

File: 1657147466920.jpg (85.61 KB, 540x960, chrissyshutup4.jpg)

No. 226558

She's so pathetic

No. 226648

File: 1657172285387.jpeg (334.78 KB, 1284x2145, 2D45A593-A628-4D74-AFA2-D5AB70…)

She keeps bawwing about this thread and claims she’s being targeted for speaking up. How does she think the people she makes call out posts for feel every time she rants and raves about them and wracks up a million views? There’s no way she could handle any actual criticism if she’s freaking out about lolcow.

No. 226659

Give it up pinkii no one cares(unsaged hi cow)

No. 226688


Give up cinnacow no one cares(unsaged hi cow)

No. 226748

As someone who works in IT, I find it amusing how a copy paste link is the undeniable proof a person made this thread, knowing the link was shared around already.
But nothing compares to the thought that if Ari really is the creator, everyone who clicked the link has outed themselves to her. I would befriend her just for that gossip alone.

No. 226899

Thanks for the proof that it’s you pinkii(sage your shit)

No. 226950

It’s a shame we can’t post minors on here when the person in the thread pic has been posting stories of asks they clearly sent themselves. How can someone who is so chronically online be so illiterate?

No. 226966

we can. 16+.

No. 226988

I like how obsessed these retarded zoomers are with Pinkii. Literally every chance they get coming to LC to sperg about how she's rustled their jimmies and she's totally problematic. I'm not even a fan of Natalia but get accused of being her all the time because I'm sick of kids trying to cancel her because they're jealous.

No. 227006

It's even funnier because the actual LC fanbase doesn't find her as milky as she was in her past anymore. You can tell the newfaggotry because they call her Pinkii instead of the name we all know kek.

No. 227007

Samefag, please don't spoon-feed the newfags and don't tell them what names Natalia has gone through.

No. 227009

Newfags letting her live rent free in their heads are outing themselves at the same time as giving her free PR kek

No. 227016

File: 1657264463242.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x1517, 625F4F55-5AC4-4639-B010-E5E557…)

It’s the only way they gain any traction on their tiktoks. They thrive off the negative attention they give her and the echo chamber of calling anyone who likes cute shit a pedophile. Every single person who tries to go in on her for the dumb shit she says or does usually get less than 1k views on anything else they post. It’s funny to see them freak out, make burner accounts to see her content and try to cancel her over and over again when she just keeps doing the same thing. But you know. Asian women are literally dying because she wore some thot cosplay and she’s definitely not a true gyal!!!

No. 227050

nat was recently in my DMs but I’m a small content creator and I’m afraid to leak it
but she is asking small gyaru creators and babygals to give her free promo… and yet still calls herself a staple of the gal community as if she isn’t begging for people to use her song(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227077

File: 1657289050630.jpeg (2.29 MB, 1284x2074, FF9625C9-AB40-491B-A62D-9ABAB4…)

You sound an awful lot like the lav/lavendar person who has been hate reading this thread nonstop with their unintelligent commentary.

No. 227198

Sounds fake you stupid retard faggot

No. 227343

Sure, Jan.

She has a couple mutuals that have tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers but she's asking small content creators for free promo? The girls in her music videos have okay followings and that in and of itself is a promo. One of the girls in the latest vid has 40k on IG and most of them have thousands so why would she be asking babygals for free promo?

No. 227349

Half breeds can't find a wig to save their life. Wig janky.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227355

The ugliest bitches be trans and bi. kek

No. 227419

File: 1657327329465.jpeg (2.13 MB, 1284x2271, 438060D5-AC78-4B85-B4D1-C33E9C…)

Don’t reply to this moron, it’s this tiktok zoomer who keeps shitting up the thread and then making multiple insta stories and tiktoks about being posted on here. I swear all these bitches are musty and with shit makeup. It’s hilarious.

No. 227457

File: 1657333832955.jpeg (409.43 KB, 828x1160, 31AEEEC7-959C-4850-96D5-F8F55F…)

No. 227459

>Generic message that was most likely copy pasted.
>Trying to include other gals in her gyaru content.
Cringe but you could’ve said no. Nothing about this message is predatory or like she’s trying to take advantage of small creators.

No. 227479

I'd personally find this cringe to post but there's nothing wrong with reaching out to like-minded gals I thought it was a community? Instead of seething over someone more successful maybe you'd be happier respecting another woman's hustle?

No. 227481

Still sus that this is even real cause they cropped the screenshot. Nothing about a full screenshot from IG would have identifying info so this could be anyone using her icon and the cropped out time is also weird. Chances are nonny sent this to themself.

Even if it was real you could have easily responded 'Is this a paid opportunity?' since she left it open with the 'Let me know what you think' ending. It's a VERY generic message that most IG users would have gotten from random companies but oh yeah the 'It'd be great if you could make a video using the track' must have made you SO scared. Do you tremble in fear when a waitress offers you the specials of the day and then asks what you want?

No. 227614

pinki music sucks so no wonder she has to tell other ppl to use it

No. 227775

DAMN She is pathetically encouraging people to stream her music. People will start streaming if you stop making bad music

No. 227782

Pinkie is getting close to 30 still in weeb stage. you just appear stupid pass age. Jap women weeb stage cease before the age of 30 Weebtards should follow suit.

No. 227793

lolno. japanese women do this shit until they die if they can. there are 50s lolitas and 40s gyaru.

No. 227800

>half breeds
Wow wonder who this could be. What a mystery
Hope 41% comes sooner than later for you

No. 227863

Grown women are allowed to have a hobbies and interests outside of get married and have a children, anon. Don't be weird.

No. 227963

Date and timestamp where? Not believing this doctored shot. She's not even being predatory either. Weird obs.

No. 228467

File: 1657625018281.jpeg (405.44 KB, 1283x2290, 90B788BB-0634-45AD-B830-58ECC0…)

Small dump of screenshots that made me kek. Cinnacow is truly going to be the gift that keeps on giving in 2022.

No. 228468

File: 1657625095660.jpeg (707.54 KB, 1283x2256, 0D895ED7-780C-4EB8-BEC2-DE60AC…)

>I’m totally not bothered by lolcow!!!
>I’m glad I can inspire people as a gal influencer!!!!!!!

No. 228469

File: 1657625231376.jpeg (617.24 KB, 1284x781, 5A4370FD-5EEA-4B2C-B1EB-3EEF32…)

No. 228470

File: 1657625305967.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2217, AD200A62-CEF2-4A3E-99D8-C5E6C1…)

Last post. Looks like she’s moving to Japan. Can’t wait until she makes that her entire personality so she can continue to skinwalk Natalia.

No. 228529


Wow!! What a difference!!1!1!

No. 228531

She's the most confident she has ever been!!

No. 228535

Just looove how she's so thankful for the support she doesn't have. In every 50 negative comments she probably has 2 positive ones and that says a lot

No. 228572


So unprofessional for someone who calls themselves an "influencer"(unsaged multiposting)

No. 228695

why does she insist on wearing this ott eyemake while everything else is extremely casual? it's like she can't pick a time period and still thinks she's gyaru.

No. 228804

File: 1657697523799.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1284x1674, 88A0EDC0-2F7D-40C4-AC71-3737B7…)

Because all her fits incorporate the same three pieces.

No. 228920

File: 1657737001743.jpeg (210.21 KB, 578x832, F2A27201-DFF1-4535-9052-7E3074…)

No. 228921

File: 1657737026191.jpeg (214.44 KB, 570x860, C2EBF594-9B94-46DE-93E0-318B4D…)

No. 228922

File: 1657737048229.jpeg (167.68 KB, 564x866, E7381200-5376-40DE-8D5F-2BD299…)

No. 228925

File: 1657737659487.jpeg (455.81 KB, 640x690, CA36B62F-16F9-4BCF-B07B-EFD2FF…)

No. 228926

File: 1657737697337.jpeg (231.59 KB, 640x721, D2771C15-ACE6-4ED9-94A6-33DC8B…)

No. 228927

File: 1657737758558.jpeg (207.78 KB, 640x707, 74EB01AF-9A17-4ABF-827D-BEBE09…)

No. 228928

File: 1657737785953.jpeg (242.52 KB, 640x700, A4843B3E-A282-42E8-91AD-34B3E3…)

No. 228929

File: 1657737883169.jpeg (204.91 KB, 640x703, 8FF3F933-D448-4C8C-A7A4-94797C…)

Go outside and touch grass.

No. 228993

this shit is unhinged as fuck.

No. 229005

this is so unbelievably retarded these bitches are genuinely deranged

No. 229022

this is so hilarious. these retards are so cracked that they came up with some gigantic conspiracy theory about white supremacists grooming minors or whatever all because people think they're annoying and dress like shit. maybe you're all just annoying and dress like shit.

No. 229026

the worst part is they are eating their own as well. they're so convinced that any criticism is some racist conspiracy.

No. 229091

This shit will implode even worse than before, mark my words. No group ever succeeded by stratifying itself based on shade of skin

No. 229124

someone telling you youre a scammer and to get a job is not a public lynching lmao, the language theyre using makes it seem as if they've been hung from a tree 50s style

No. 229161

She is aware that everyone is having difficulties. Has she actually used the money as she claimed to have? What the hell did she use it for, an anime convention? If people are calling out a con artist, how is it a lynching? Stop justifying your sleazy actions with the race card. Instead of spending the money on amusement, it could have helped someone who was genuinely in need.

No. 229224

I’m so tired of them using historical terms such as “public lynching” to describe someone being called out. It’s so fucking stupid and tasteless.

No. 229226

(you dropped your sage)
but you just know they're doing it for shock value. it's basically racebaiting on their part.

No. 229227

File: 1657855598484.jpg (477.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220715-131047.jpg)

Agreed. It's as stupid and tasteless as they are. I can't imagine people this "oppressed" and "underprivileged" would have time to let white people live rent free in their head, but here we are. Why is the image relevant? No idea but it implies caucasians think double eyelid surgery is about them and that's important kek.

No. 229228

>tfw double eyelid surgery is mainly because japanese are racist and don't want to look chinese
is this not well know?

No. 229233

She conveniently didn't mention that part

No. 229246

of course not. non asians don't understand how asian ethnicities feel about eachother, especially in asian counties. other "poc", always group asians together and end up being more racist than the "yt ppl" they baww about.

No. 229624

File: 1658007696153.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1284x2238, D3C64A6A-CCF7-4321-868C-1867B1…)

So Natalia confirmed this was real but she was offering to pay girls money to promote her songs. Thank you for showing proof that you fumbled the bag, anon.

No. 229663

It's giving micky

No. 229715

Kek, everytime Natalie is posted I swear it's always vendetta.

No. 229957

Calm down pinkii piss.

No. 230155

weird considering the spam messages she sent out didn't say a thing about payment.

No. 230238

Her message was VERY common when scouting for promotional content. You do an interest check and then if the person is interested you start talking money. If you say 'this is a paid opportunity' in your initial message then a lot of people will take the gig and just shit out some lazy content for easy cash. I've seen and gotten messages from fairly sizable companies on several platforms that read extremely similar including the emojis. If she wanted free promo/ free tiktoks using her audio she wouldnt have ended the message with 'Let me know what you think' which is asking for a conversation and tbh any one using social media 'seriously' or attempting to be an influencer would know that the reply could easily be : I'm interested but I want to ask first is this a paid opportunity?

No. 230379

pinkii seems insufferable to hang out with, also her lips look awful and way too big for her, i know its LA brainrot but her lips were already full before?

No. 230409

what's hekku instagram? i'm trying to see smth nonnas

No. 230534

File: 1658223441860.jpeg (327.03 KB, 1284x388, 39B9D6C5-7958-413E-B085-DAA81A…)

Cinnacow and her lackeys have to be missing brain cells. They’re convinced that Natalia got her account removed when it doesn’t take much to mass report an account. If Natalia really wanted to take down Cinnacow’s account, why wouldn’t it have been the one with the call out posts on it? The delusion is real.

No. 230537

File: 1658224707775.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1284x2142, 89E0ACA7-1960-4FE4-9A9D-40A2F4…)

Double post but it’s hilarious how Pinkii’s biggest haters are all suddenly wanting to be gyaru influencers. The jokes write themselves.

No. 230559

That's how these zoomers are. Willing to cancel, harass, and accuse all day to be the next come up. They're so addicted to wanting online fame.

No. 230566

So is Keeki, that's why they hang out.

No. 230580

'Pinkii is wrong for allegedly getting this account taken down because only WE are allowed to do that to HER' Honestly cinnacow probably used that account to spam false reports on other people's accounts and then it got banned for the false reports but yeah let's blame pinkii

No. 230586

How long until she threatening to off herself because she hops on the gyaru train with bad cosplay makeup

Also Yukapee why do you always ignore the ngl questions about vtubing? When you going to leech off Kiara somemore? At least your voice isn't nails on a chalkboard.

No. 230610

She's been friends with Keekihime for years and has only occasionally posted with her, I wouldn't really call that 'leeching' off of Keeki

No. 230621

File: 1658251280200.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1284x2238, CEC4825F-46E7-44B1-8D56-372EBD…)

I’m hoping this particular cow gets into gyaru full time because she is one of the most milkiest tiktok users I’ve ever come across. All she does is respond to hate comments and calls herself a self proclaimed activist for telling girls not to wear circle lens or have a kawaii aesthetic because it’s totemo her culture!!! Even though she isn’t Japanese to begin with.

No. 230656

chinese girls are the worst with this shit. they gatekeep being asian and appropriate other asian cultures and white girls are too racist to realize that all asians aren't the same.

No. 230664

half of this woman’s content is reeee asianfishing retardation please gatekeep gyaru from this cosplay makeup wearing wannabe japanese girl

No. 230827

To be honest, she could have her own thread with cinnacow but I’ll stop posting her unless she goes back to trying to be gal.

No. 230831

i think we need some kind of tiktok general thread for weebshit cringe.

No. 230832

There is a tiktok general but I agree. There needs to be a /w/ equivalent.

No. 230854

We're two different anons, and that doesn't make sense are you trying to "hi cow" kek?

No. 230865

File: 1658314016217.jpeg (692.31 KB, 1284x1727, 0DDC7B79-285C-4E01-B8DA-72BE9E…)

I wish we had a thread for these tiktok weebs/gyaru wannabes. A brief summary of Cinnacow’s mouth piece, sagemainirl / lordazothmain / xiaohong_bao.
>Entire tiktok pages are dedicated to attacking anyone who isn’t a POC for enjoying kawaii fashion.
>Accuses anyone who does dolly/ulzzang/gyaru makeup of asian fishing.
>Seems to only go after white or white passing women while defending poc creators like kittybr4t for doing the exact same thing.
>Massive hypocrite who considers herself a woke activist for attacking people online over participating in Japanese culture. Considers it HER culture and that Asia is a monolith.
>Claims others are racist when she’s been shown to be racist in her own discord server.
>Claims that she is being stalked because she’s being posted on lolcow (your pages are public you dumb bitch).
And now she’s dipping her toes into the gyaru realm after spending months trying to cancel Pinkii over wearing a bathrobe in an onsen and a strawberry seifuku. Can’t wait to see her meltdown when she comes back to this thread.

No. 230916

She could've been a "gyaru legend" if she hadn't chosen the pedopandering pissbaby route first all those years ago, that she then tried to convince others was the result of being groomed and not just her being a desperate, degenerate weeb. Foreign gyaru comm is the worst of all Jfashion comms because none of those "gyaru influencers" are nor ever were even remotely likable. It's always been about sleeping with scuzzy hosts for clout and shittalking other gals in the comm because instead of actually polishing their style, it's easier to trash each other for not being gal enough. For once i'd like to see someone commit themselves to the fashion seriously without being a total piece of garbage, but I guess the fashion attracts shallow, braindead bitches by nature.

No. 230918

yukapon wasn't even a gyaru until recently. she was following the kyary/kawaii crowd for years and pivoted for music career related reasons. she didn't intend to be gyaru to begin with, and that's not what got her to japan.

No. 230930

I would agree with you if the only reason she went down the pedo pandering route wasn’t because a bunch of men groomed her. She was a kid, let it go.

No. 230935

it wasn't though. she was doing it for weeb fame. her doing pedoshit like the pee vid was a result of grooming but you can't conflate her entire weebshit phase with grooming when it wasn't. she was that era's belle delphine.

No. 230944

No she wasn't. Don't get ahead of yourself. She was a regular cow nowhere near bell delphine level.

No. 230947

It was. I’m not going to blame a stupid teen for the fetishes of the grown men who told her it was okay. Belle Delphine was at least 17-18 when she started her shit while Natalia was groomed from 13-17 by multiple men and then she had one of her abusers dedicate an entire website to the shit he asked her to do. If she hadn’t met those freaks, she would’ve kept solely to being a weeb. Akiraskyhigh, Junnyan, etc., are never getting a pass for the stuff they pulled.

No. 230964

kek, i don't mean fame-wise. i mean as far as her gimmick. there will always be pedo pandering weebs trying to get famous by being kawaii lolis.

No. 230973

it's exactly the same shit. she was groomed into thinking she would be famous, her being groomed has fuck all to do with her fame chasing attitude.

No. 230998

Who gives a shit either way? Millions of e thots are weebs. People are trying to cancel pinkii for cosplaying characters whilw they consume the same animes that sexualize girls AND asian women also make porn in school uniforms and cosplay minors yet no one cares. None of this shit is milky. People are just mad shes fluent in japanese and actually lived in japan kek

No. 231004

She didnt choose to be a pedo weeb and its disgusting you say that. She was groomed by SEVERAL pedophiles not just akira then she was manipulated by venus’s mother and the whole internet blamed her for that video instead of akira and venus mom. She was called a whore when she said she was raped a long time ago then she was called a whore by the anons here on lolcow when she defended herself from akira then she met that famous guy with pink hair and he also tried to groom her. I dont think you understand her and venus have fucked up childhood and they are victims. Pinkiis mom didnt give a fuck about any of this just as long as she brings in money.

No. 231005

*she didnt choose to do “pedoweeb” shit

No. 231006

Its funny because she is literally a weeboo. Yes shes asian but she wants to be japanese.
If she was white or black people would agree shes a weeb but somehow chinese girls get a pass

No. 231007

The western gyaru comm is a joke anyways. Not only do so many people look shit no matter which style/era you're going for. It's like they got stuck somewhere in the 2010 era. Meanwhile Japanese gyaru have gotten new trends as so happens with fashion as time passes. But many modern day Japanese gyaru wouldn't even be considered gyaru by Western standards because it doesn't hit textbook gyaru in their minds. And then they complain gyaru is dead, while it's alive but changed. But hey, these westerners definitely know gyaru better than the current Japanese gyaru.

Even the lolita community has followed changes in trend in Japan, be it for better or worse. But somehow the western gyarus can't seem to phantom they look like those photos of celebrities in the early "00 that look totally awesome then but horrible looking back.

No. 231008

The gyaru comm is stuck in the 2000s because it stands out in the west. Trendy japanese gals means being normal in the west.
If you try to look like a gal in the 2000s then you will stand out whereas if you adapt to trends and look like a gal in 2022 then youll blend in with the rest in the west and that shit is boring as fuck. The egg gals are dressed like typical american girls.

No. 231010

this. there was less internet access back then so even though a lot of gyaru used to be based loosely on western trends, it was only loosely. now they can use social media to directly base things on western trends which is boring. plus there are still girls in japan that don't follow trend and just wear whatever. being who you want and doing whatever you please is quintessential gyaru.

No. 231013

Top kek tiktok gals make me miss gyaru secrets. At least gals back then were less sensitive

No. 231015

Trendy Japanese gals still have very distinctive make-up tho, different from western popular make-up, Korean idols, or even "normal" Japanese woman.

Clothes and hair are less distinctive, but still uncommon where I live. And always fashionably put together even if it's basics.

I personally really enjoy modern gyaru as much as older style. They both have their own charms. But the whole "new is boring", "it's not gyaru if it doesn't look like 2000 style" thing just feels dumb. As if the western comm decided collectively they're not like other Girls gyaru.

No. 231017

Youre right but modern gyaru makeup looks like regular makeup on western gals so thats why people find it boring

No. 231019

neo gyaru is literally copying instahoe trends from the west, they just tweaked it. it's a far cry from what gyaru was before. it was separate from all of that.

No. 231028

Its pretty normal for a kid to get drawn in to that sort of thing, her parents seemed like they didn't give one slice of a fuck about what she was doing or who she was talking to. She was stupid bit mot nearly as at fault compare to the adults in her life at that time.

It is funny how she started an OF, but that's a required social media for being a "influencer" in LA kek

No. 231051

That's a hell of a lot different than I remember it going down, from what I saw she latched onto the oniichan loli trend and was willfully seeking out gross pedo dudes and stringing them along because she liked the power she had over them. I might have to dig up the old threads but seems like as usual it got twisted like a rusty game of telephone that anons ran with unchecked.

No. 231054

It's known that she was briefly into gyaru before going the lolicon route. Too lazy to dig up the old threads for pics, though.

No. 231057

I don't think there's any mistaking a 50-something year old man working with a teenage girl and coaching her to act like a retarded loli to pander to other old men. She was cringy and a clout chaser, but also undeniably groomed by this guy who even her mother let visit them. A teenage girl can't have power over a grown man even if she thinks she does, there's nothing to be twisted there.

No. 231058

that's not what happened. and she wasn't underage the entire time either, do you even know how old she is?

No. 231060

Hate to break to it to y'all but a lot of weeb girls choose to appeal to pedoshits since Japanese media culture is (not so) lowkey frighteningly obsessed with youth. You see it in anime, the idol industry, fashion, etc. because they're a culture that idolizes cuteness. So weebs get sucked into thinking that shit is A-okay because it's so normalized. It's happening over here in the west too with the popularity of DDLG, where women feel terrified of aging so try to hold onto their youth by infantilizing themselves and appealing to men. The barely legal porn category can be partially blamed for promoting that mindset even though men have been disgusting since the dawn of time.

No. 231062

Thank you. Finally, someone who fucking remembers. She wasn't coached into it, she was already trying to appeal to lolicons and build her fanbase on Niconico before she even met Akira.

No. 231063

File: 1658356261261.png (91.36 KB, 954x454, Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 5.30…)

It is what happened with Akira, I don't know what you think happened. She was a teenager when they met and she started doing her oniichan shit. Akira admitted on his Yukapon truth site that she wasn't even 18, what are you on about?


No. 231064

This doesn't really prove that he groomed her, it looks more like she was planning on using him for a Visa. His dumb ass should've known better but Yuka is far from innocent in this whole thing.

No. 231066

It's along the same lines of the shit she was doing to other guys, she got a thrill out of the power she held over them and then left them high and dry. I don't feel much sorry for them, but I don't feel she's quite the victim she paints herself to be either.

No. 231067

File: 1658356981810.png (97.14 KB, 1482x352, Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 5.37…)

Read the site, at the time he admitted to constantly hanging out with her, helping make her imouto idol image, etc. There's no innocent way to interpret an old man spending this much time with a teenage girl. Sure, Yukapon was doing the lolishit idol stuff before they met, but he absolutely encouraged it under the pretense that he could make her an idol and then get close to her.

I'm not necessarily saying she didn't use men for whatever she needed and isn't a shitty person, but she was absolutely taken advantage of by an older man when she was underage, which is grooming.

No. 231071

What I got from this is that Yuka was being bratty and demanding that he spend most of his time on her, playing up her imouto character. The idol industry is absolutely shady, but wasn't she the one that sought him out? It seems like she was the one trying to get close to him and manipulate him to further her "career". Weren't there a lot of other weeb wannabe idols trying to do the same?

No. 231072

this is not what grooming is. they were obviously using eachother. also how do you know he's not lying here at all? there's no way to know. she wasn't some confused teen being groomed, she was clout chasing and using a creep to her advantage.

No. 231073

this, he's a huge fucking disgusting creep either way, but he was attracted to her because she was already like this.

No. 231077

File: 1658358342060.png (79.32 KB, 1028x322, Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 5.53…)

Sure, but their relationship was more than just him being a manager or whatever. I'm saying a lot of weebs did it, and it's all messed up and I think they're all victims of older men online to an extent.

A 50 year old man claiming to be in love and together forever with a teenager is pretty fucked up and much different than two adults using each other, you can't even remotely compare the two. Yuka was a nutcase, but blaming a literal child for 'attracting' and 'using' an older man is insane, I don't know how any girl could go through that and it not be called grooming.

No. 231091

dude you're such an idiot.

No. 231098

anon, the point everyone has been trying to make is she was never groomed into her weebshit lolicon bait behavior. their fucked up personal relationship was formed around her pedo pandering. groomed or not, she conveniently uses it as an excuse for pedo pandering, when it has nothing to do with that and her previous pedo pandering was what got him involved with her to begin with.

No. 231106

Cope harder for pedoscrotes

Yes, I agree that she started the pedo pandering before him, I was replying to the anons that claimed she wasn't an underaged victim just because she started the oniichan shit before he came around, like >>231058

No. 231109

she wasn't a victim, she was doing it for efame and clout. her not realizing it was fucked up doesn't make her a victim, it makes her a stupid kid. but it's not an excuse for her "eternally 13" shit that continued after she was an adult. she tries to shove it under the rug and blames it on being groomed, when she was doing it before and after.

No. 231122

Do you go and blame other victims of pedophilia for even getting groomed in the first place or something? Every single one of your posts reads like classic victim blaming. How in the world is it that a 13-15 year old was manipulating a grown ass man? And manipulating him for a visa? Jesus christ. You sound like the weirdos that are convinced that Venus manipulated everyone from the moment she was a toddler. There’s a clear distinction in power dynamics in this situation. She was a child and he a was grown man who was feeding her bullshit and lies so that he could traffick an underage girl to Japan. She did weird things and got sucked into Japan’s shitty idol industry that glorifies “eternally 13 lolis” but there is no way I’m going to say that these pedoscrotes weren’t to blame.

No. 231126

>She wasn’t coached into it.
Are we forgetting the scrote named Nick? Who sent her a shit ton of loli shit during her formative years? Explain to me how that’s not coaching or grooming.

No. 231163

I guess her loli schtick was pretty convincing, but she wasn't actually as young as you claim. She absolutely was aware with her pandering, and I do buy that she is/was "a liar with personality problems". That kind of statement doesn't come from nowhere. I feel sorry for actual victims, but girls who willingly get into the anime loli stuff as a trend aren't all groomed victims, it honestly requires a certain awareness because who the fuck thinks Kodomo no Jikan is an innocent, healthy show to emulate? Even as a teenager, that's old enough to know. A distinction needs to be made for these girls, because blaming an embarrassing pedopandering phase on grooming every time shouldn't be the norm. Yes, it does happen, but I really don't see that with Yukapon's case.

No. 231164

File: 1658374261926.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1284x2259, 23102433-578B-45F6-B246-7C346E…)

>Taking anything a middle aged scrote who groomed her as fact and blaming her for what she experienced.
You sound like all the other weebs who thought they could punch down on Yuka so that Akira could groom them instead. Teenagers are stupid and don’t realize the impact of the shit they do in real life or online, so I am always going to hold the grown man who wanted to fuck a teenager responsible for the shit he did, not the other way around.

In other news, sagemainirl continues to be a hypocrite.

No. 231170

If you take a look at kids who were actually groomed, rarely do they carry on with that persona in adulthood unless they are deeply disturbed. They tend to want to get away from that which reminds them of it as much as possible by taking on a more mature look, they do not come off as high functioning as Pinkii. It seems that people misunderstand what the term grooming actually means, and it's become a blanket excuse for some girls' inappropriate self-infantilization. Pinkii continued her pandering well into the mid 2010's or even a bit later, although she became more subtle with it. I personally found it pretty creepy that she was hanging all over PDR in one of his videos referring to him as her oniichan, given her past history, even if nothing was going on between them. I'm sure he wasn't aware of it either, but still.

No. 231172

Akira isn’t gonna fuck you and Junnyan isn’t gonna pose with you kek
Can’t believe you’re defending grown and disgusting men

No. 231235

File: 1658400206401.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1249x2301, 0A3835B0-C648-4E64-A8FF-11A330…)

>Gets posted 2-3 times on a gyaru general thread on lolcow.
>OMG!! They made a whole thread about me!
>I totes don’t use lolcow! Someone else sent me a screenshot!! Even though I’ve proven to lurk here while trying to take a shot at Natalia!
I’m hoping an Anonette is making a weeb tiktok general thread soon because this girl will never stop producing milk.

No. 231337

venus and her mom are the ones who got her into it.

No. 231361

Stop fucking posting about pedo shit. Take that shit to Natalia thread. Gyaru thread not a fucking pedo thread.

No. 231363

She's one of those chinks with bad faces. I only see Down syndrome; I don't see Gyaru. Bitch Chinese stay in your shit culture. Japs don’t like your chink ass.You won't necessarily look well in gyaru style just because you're Asian.

No. 231370

No. 231375

If you could post something or link something to back this up that isn't just hearsay, i'd appreciate it, because this sounds absolutely ridiculous. Being groomed requires a lack of awareness that what one is being coerced into doing is wrong. Yuka sought out validation in unhealthy ways but it wasn't by accident that she consumed and chose to emulate the loli trope, it all kind of was enmeshed in the idol/anime scene and normalized, but there's no way that anyone her age looks at that stuff and doesn't know it's wrong unless they're maybe mentally slow/socially stunted, which she clearly isn't. Up until maybe 2015/2016 when she started appearing with Juunyan, it's not like she just had bad luck and kept accidentally getting involved with these lolicon scrotes. She sought it out because she had molded her image to it and again, it was feeding her ego and desire for validation. She chose some really dangerous ways to go about that when she was stringing along the pedo scrotes and she might regret her decisions but decided to bury it through changing the narrative and a lack of personal accountability.

No. 231379

What’s with the influx of racebaiting today?
I swear, it’s these tiktok girls posting here so they can post screencaps, “These anonymous forums are racist!!1!”

No. 231395

how is it racebaiting? sowwie slurs hurt your feels.

No. 231402

File: 1658441003093.jpg (856.34 KB, 1078x2129, Screenshot_20220721-225216_Tik…)

This candygvts person gets on my every nerve, she is one of the biggest shitstirrers in the comm atm, shes made several callout posts and encouraged her audience of tiktok gals to harrass the people in the posts, all you guys talk about cinnagal making callouts for clout, but cece does the same thing on steroids. I'm sure it was her and her minions who sent anonymous questions to several people asking what their opinions are of certain creators (eg pinkii, cinna) to try catch them out just so she can call them out. She's tiara's attack dog and has several accounts dedicated to being a royal pain in the arse. She's been caught posting to lolcow before, no doubt if she sees this she'll make more subpar callout content. This bitch also posts nothing but shitty lighting, filtered, eyes squinting pics with not a single fit in sight and yet feels like she can come for other people's looks

No. 231405

Newfag gtfo

No. 231432

Pretty sure she, Cinnacow and Cinnacow's mouth piece all take turns with posting this shit. These idiots are just addicted to the drama and continue to seethe to try to get those huge numbers of views over and over again. Part of me doesn't want to give them the attention but it's hilarious to see them go on and on about how much they totally don't look at lolcow before they start making tiktoks or instagram stories dedicated to it.

No. 231509

i find it so hilarious how the gals with the crappiest eyeliner always talk shit about other gals. like girl, look in the mirror…you don't look good. especially when they're baby gals… it's so embarrassing

No. 231512

they're always the ones that claim eyeliner is all you need to be gal too. girl no.

No. 231552

>she got a thrill out of the power she held over them
It's absolutely retarded to pretend she held the power in these dynamics with grown men. Even if you dislike Yukapon, it's backwards to act like those gross scrotes were victims or being used by her with any meaningful power held on her part. I can't believe there are actually anons here wking groomer males with lolicon fetishes

No. 231569

I swear these people have never interacted with teenagers. Yeah she was a clout chasing attention whore; that's like 90% of teenagers. It's why so many of them run to youtube and tiktok. your 'formative years' are basically when most kids are constantly seeking validation in one way or another. To basically claim a teenager posting shit online 'deserved' or 'sought out' what she had happen to her is sick. Also it's easy to forget that there were several normalized loli anime being pushed around that time (Kodomo no Jikan especially) and to add on top of that as other anons have pointed out she didnt have a protective adult figure in her life so if as a young teenager your mother gives the big okay to all this behavior who else is gonna see and explain to her that what she was doing/what was happening to her was wrong?

Also the false sense of power is a well known grooming tactic. Convincing the kid that they're so mature and that they'll be rich and famous and live this idealized dream if they do these mature adult things and THATs what will give them success because they're so much more mature than their peers by doing this stuff.

That's extremely false as, yes, there are victims that become sex repulsed but there's also victims that become hyper sexual as a way to 'reclaim' that part of themselves. You simply wont get as many hypersexual victims who broadcast regularly that they were assaulted because it might make partners or viewers feel awkward about engaging with their content, whereas the sex repulsed victims will more often broadcast it to distance themselves from that content.

No. 231649

what is this sjw shit. you sound like you think ddlg is a "coping mechanism".

No. 231654

File: 1658516407816.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1284x2207, 3B45505C-D894-437A-ACDD-BED4B8…)

>Sjw shit for not siding with the grown men who took advantage of a teenager.
I can’t wait for Cinnacow’s Japan arc. She’s truly delusional if she thinks her fits are going to fly in the foreigner circles there.

No. 231727

no one is siding with them, but you can't be serious defending someone like her…

No. 231730

>mommy has to help move all my stuff overseas
Tell me you have never left home without telling me
Someone is about to get a rude awakening about moving overseas and minimalist cultures

Sorry for not caring about fat monkey lore but why would Japan even let her live there?

No. 231733

Sorry but what exactly has Pinkii done that is so horrible? Still can't understand aside "oh she wore sexualized seifuku" which if that's your case go back to tiktok/twitter where you belong. No one gives a shit about that here, AV gals do all that and more. If something like that ruffles you then gal isn't for you.

I know this isn't a Pinkii thread, and I don't really like her either (I think what she does hardly reads as "gal", she'd just be another OF thot and the stereotype of those living in/move to LA if she didn't speak fluent japanese)
but when I think about the situation with her and her mother when she was growing up, how she allowed grown men into her daughters life and basically acted like "as long as money comes in, its no big deal", its amazing that she didn't turn out far worse than she is now. Then again, her Keekihime vid had some ED vibes going on, so who knows.

No. 231735

well for one, she promoted that "eternal loli" shit past age 18 and tried to justify it with the fact that she was an adult.

No. 231746

the last thing i'll say on the subject is that you can still view someone as a victim and also discuss the gravity of their actions. being groomed doesn't justify natalie's fucked up actions, it just explains them. she keeps hiding behind "i didn't do anything wrong i was groomed!" when it's because she was groomed that she did infact do things that were wrong. she just needs to understand that she influenced a lot of people to do what she did, and that's kind of an issue.

No. 231751

That's one thing, but posting about the groomers like they were taken advantage of by her or she had power over them like the anons upthread were is the real bs. There's no reason to baby skeevy men who were already older and knew what they were interacting with her for in order to criticize her.

No. 231758

well a lot of us weren't saying that, but got lumped in with them. i just hate that her view on the entire this is just that she was groomed and that's it, that doesn't change the outcome.

No. 231761

File: 1658534531630.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2081, FD46FBB9-80F7-47B4-BA86-A9E4D8…)

>She did it past 18.
Did she though? I’m pretty sure that part of her act died after the whole Akira bullshit and all of that occurred before she turned 18. Anyway, you need to get over it. I bet your favorite Japanese idols did the same thing since it was an extremely common trope back in the day. She stopped promoting it and changed her ways and found a different voice for herself. This just reads “no one is ever allowed to grow from their mistakes and she deserves every shitty thing that has happened to her”. You also need to stop saying she influenced people to copy her. Those people only saw what made her successful and ignored all the shitty things that happened to her. If you’re going to say that “Natalia should’ve known better”, so should’ve the people that followed her footsteps.
It has yet to be made public but if I were to guess, she either applied for a student visa for a language school or she applied to be an english teacher. My bet is the first one.

No. 231762

if you obviously don't know what happened, stop pretending you do.

No. 231766

I am a pinkii dick rider and you bitches talk about her more than me. WHERES THE MILK?!?! FUCK!

No. 231768

You obviously don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. No one is going to side with the groomers that talked to her, lmfao.

No. 231774

no one is suggesting that. learn to read. also she was pedo pandering little under a year ago on her OFs. go read her thread.

No. 231781

Pedo pandering is not cosplaying ambiguous anime girl #247385 in a school uniform. The school isn’t real, the character isn’t real and that’s not her saying she’s an eternal loli past the age of 18. Learn how to sage and come up with a valid argument.

No. 231786

Are you the idiot who thinks DDLG isn't pedo shit? Get out.

No. 231896

cosplaying a random anime character lewdly is DDLG now?

No. 231918

File: 1658592200738.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1284x2222, FA5E5824-45C0-4EA5-A8EC-5D8D94…)

Anyway, when I say these cows are obsessed with Pinkii, I mean they’re absolutely obsessed with her. This one posts about lolcow and Natalia obsessively. It’s every other post they make on Tiktok or on instagram. I can’t believe they think they’re doing god’s work for telling people Itspinkii wore a bathrobe and a strawberry school uniform for an imaginary school.

No. 231926

>231918 it's sooo pathetic and weird. cows know they're flops but keep using pinkii to clout chase and stay relevant how embarrassing

could spend that time finding a job to get money to improve their trash make but gAl iS mInD

No. 231991

imagine defending pedoshit for moids.

No. 232002

What the fuck is this garbage? Take that trash somewhere else; nobody cares if someone was raped. It’s what she deserves. Do stupid shit win stupid prizes.

No. 232004

File: 1658608926350.jpg (73.56 KB, 1085x722, 3f3a705049342e101b67cc92931fe4…)

Lavender's make bothers me so much.Her bottom lashes are always holding on for dear life and her overall aesthetic doesn't read as Gal. Makes her just look like Ultimate Warrior.

No. 232006

A certain ugly tiktok gyaru seems to be pressed.

No. 232020

and her wig is god awful too. Why isn’t anyone helping these poor tiktok kids? They make the rest of us look like jokes

No. 232133

did all these tiktoddlers just see that one single tutorial by ayutama and think that's all gyaru is?

No. 232134

Don't bother with the vendetta-chans letting Natalie live rent free in their heads nonnie. They intent on ignoring how 1, they can't integrate to save their lives. 2 just because you finally read Yuka's thread doesn't mean they can twist what happened and 3 their obsession is legitimately unhealthy even frightening. Trying to blame a cringey teenager for for her actions when influenced by literal pedophiles goes well beyond normalcy. These tiktok/twitterfags are genuinely disgusting creatures.

No. 232222

>saying a lot of weebs did it, and it's all messed up and I think they're all victims of older men online to an extent.
the only decent hot take in this thread
are you the type who believes that csa victims should just give up every innocent hobby they had once a pedophile traumatises them? why would you give that much power over to literal groomers?

chan imageboards as a whole are built off lolipandering type bullshit culture from the early 2000s, you are posting on an imageboard. make it make sense.

No. 232399

Except that it wasn't the pedophiles that influenced her, it was her imitating the loli anime trope knowing what it was all about and that it would gain her more followers because male idol fans and pedophiles are pretty much synonymous. If you really think every girl who got into that trend and imitated that oniichan uwu aesthetic did it without a clue, that's rather naive.

Beckii Cruel was big in the idol dance scene and never felt the need to pander to pedos, she simply enjoyed the dances for the sake of it. And i'd like to see the proof that Yuka was a CSA victim, something that isn't just based off of a shallow understanding of how some CSA survivors act out, which seems to have become a catch-all excuse for girls who pedopander and don't want to admit they are or were into auto-pedophilia.

No. 232438

>Uses a girl whose parents were heavily involved with her career and monitored her internet usage in comparison to someone who had parents that didn’t notice she was being groomed.
You cannot be that stupid Anon. You’re comparing two entirely different situations. Beckii was fortunate enough to have parents who were protective over her versus Natalia’s just letting her do whatever she wanted because they didn’t care. Beckii also dealt with her fair share of creeps and pedos trying to talk to her (the man who sent her the expensive gifts). Also what proof do you need? Like do you need access to the videos she made for Akiraskyhigh or access to the messages? Or do you need to have been in the room with her while she was being groomed? Get a grip. She shows all the signs of someone who was SA’d and the fact that you need insurmountable proof for it is insane. A 50 year old man dedicated a whole website to smearing the name of an underage teenager the moment she didn’t do what he wanted. That should be more than enough proof.

No. 232474

File: 1658761894459.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1284x2311, E5E99F75-4558-4282-A2C5-9710FC…)

>I o-only posted about Natalia once like a month ago!!
>Has had 3+ videos about her removed. Is constantly posting about her on instagram and looking through her twitter posts.
>Y-You guys are bullying a child!!
>Can’t believe you guys are making fun of me because I’m poor and can’t afford gal.
Some advice to this dumb and misguided soul: just because you’re poor doesn’t mean your makeup and wigs have to look like shit. It doesn’t take much effort to do research and learn to work with what you have instead of complaining about how you need money to make your look work. Any real gal worth her salt would know that burando doesn’t matter. I swear these tiktok gals will run their mouth but the moment they get it back, it devolves into “you’re anti black, you’re a pedo, I’m a minor” arguments.

No. 232559

imageboards aren't all the same you fucking newfag.

No. 232613

Investing in a quality wig rather than a cheap, tattered cosplay wig that will lose its luster in two weeks. Purchasing clothing that fits your size rather than acting as if you are a size 2 is not difficult. If you can’t take the heat don’t dish it.

No. 232614

Why japs gatekeeping brand on mercari now?

No. 232661

Is she genuinely trying to pull the “I’m literally neurodivergent and a minor” card lol

No. 232736

Sorry, what?

No. 232753

Anyone know what happened to Ashley? The one who was best friends with Shiena and they were all over Tokyo with hosts? I know she moved back to the US but does she have socials?

No. 232762

Yuka, Natalia, Pinkii - was groomed and a SA victim. There’s no other way to spin it.

But she also likely has personality issues. And her mom clearly didn’t do enough to protect her. I remember her saying her dad was absent so that probs didn’t help.

Natalia first got into Jap fashion when she was 13 or something and was part of a gaijin gyaru sa. She may have even been the one who started it. This was in the early days of gaijin gyaru sa.

She then became yukapon and the akiba idol eternally 13 thing. After the Akira pedo she then went back to normal for a while then back to akiba idol then mainstream idol then gyaru then pinkii gyaru.

She’s changed her image more times than possible which isn’t normal.

No. 232766

>>223856 Ashley has a kid and lives in the states. Shiena is still in Japan even after being arrested and deported (??) A few years back.

No. 232808

No, retard

No. 232841

Stop asking. It has been answered before in the last thread.
Shiena is back in Canada.

No. 233044

File: 1658913507202.jpeg (2.44 MB, 1284x2257, 1BC2DEA8-B033-45FD-8BF2-97D3F1…)

I can’t wait to see this cow’s gyaru era.

No. 233100

so which part of this is gyaru?

No. 233138

None of it, but she thinks it is.

No. 233151

obviously. but even cutie magazine was barely gyaru related ever kek.

No. 233226

What cracks me up is that she gives shit for others using japanese language as an aesthetic but then pulls this shit. It’s straight up embarrassing .

No. 233246

it's cause she's a weeb, but she's hiding under the guise of being "asian" even though the japanese hate chinese people for the most part. she thinks she's better than white weebs when she's actually worse because she's pretending it's her culture now. it's pathetic.

No. 233294

File: 1658989730264.jpg (661.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220728-162157.jpg)

She has a multiple story sperg out I can barely understand about some white weeb sjw she's jealous of so you're not wrong. They both post annoying identity politics call out bullshit so it's interesting to see them cannibalise each other. I honestly have no idea how delusional you have to be to unironically think you're the blueprint (with one of the least flattering photos no less).

No. 233305

should just make a new thread about her at this point, she has nothing to do with gyaru no matter how much she insists that she does

No. 233358

I just want a weeb tiktok general for these cows. The way she’s sperging about some random girl in mexico for doing ulzzang makeup that fits her eye shape but then defending kittybr4t in the same breath just shows she doesn’t give a shit about what she’s talking about. Her, Cinnacow and a slew of these other tiktok activists are so hypocritical, I have no idea how they have any kind of following.

No. 233454

So wait, this isn't an anon edit taking the piss out of her? She actually did this to herself?? Girl…

No. 233490

ya, it's some trendy shit with y2k jfash zoomers

No. 233568

Honestly I have no idea who she even is I'm just going off what the other anon posted kek

No. 234051

File: 1659228430682.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1276x2306, 9D13AF9C-FC96-41B7-B676-705BE3…)

Whoever is trolling her is doing God’s work.

No. 234491

File: 1659344651956.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1284x2376, 1263E8C7-AF01-4448-9221-5BEF91…)

>Natalia posts about getting an agejo mag at little Tokyo.
>Cinnacow is suddenly into Agejo makeup.
The jokes write themselves. These girls are so transparent and obsessed with the very person they try to cancel. Not an original thought behind those vacant eyes.

No. 234824

I'd love to see these girl's internet history kek

No. 234985

This is a serious reach. It's the first time her makeup ever actually looked gal though.

No. 234997

But it’s not. Pinkii posted about agejo and some magazine she got and then Cinna posted this not even a couple of hours later. That’s an extremely unlikely coincidence.

No. 235324

File: 1659481347215.jpeg (742.66 KB, 828x1553, AFA1494C-9FCD-4D99-BD79-0E5975…)

Moving away from the cinnagal yukapee tinfoil, is this wannabe jap even a gyaru? I have no idea who she is but it’s sad to see this hag base her whole online presence on calling out ‘asian fishers’ like bitch you’re too old for this faggotry

No. 235397

If agejo was some niche thing, sure, but it's literally one of the most popular substyles. It is very likely entirely coincidence. That's like saying it's sus that one lolita buys Baby after another one mentions it on SNS, you can't make that kind of reach over something so well known in the comm. If cinnacow was copying pinkii's 'drift gal' shit (gag, I hate her having the audacity to wear oraora in pink and call it a new substyle) then you'd have a point since that's very much a pinkii thing. But she has no claim on agejo and everyone already knows about it.

No. 235869

If that woman's legitimately EA I'm fucking blind kek

No. 235872

Cinnacow is Pinkiipiss's obsession. Nobody is checking for cow only pinkiipiss.

No. 235925

Be less transparent newfag

No. 236131

Take your own advice newfag.
Cinnacow is Pinkiipiss's obsession. Nobody is checking for cow only pinkiipiss.

No. 236137

The moniker 'Pinkipiss' is the only worthy contribution to the gaijin gyaru comm Cinnacow has ever made kek

No. 236270

File: 1659643689254.jpeg (634.23 KB, 1284x2019, E4D5A087-4122-477C-A48A-6C8FAE…)

You have to be rubbing a single brain cell to think only Natalia has a problem with Cinnacow and her lackey. Your spergs isn’t going to prevent them from being posted in this thread.

No. 236497

You are the sperg, Anon. Bring milk rather than making up milk so you can keep writing about this pathetic cow. I didn't know thread currently is a Cinacow thread now? kek

No. 236519

File: 1659680956201.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1284x2345, B1EB3E46-ACAD-4E2E-8802-70F1C6…)

I haven’t been keeping up with this moron, but christ. No one hates her because she’s Asian and the fact that she’s making this the narrative is hilarious. She’s just a miserable fuck that spends all her time causing drama and shit stirring all because of how someone does their makeup (her latest crusade was against some random 17 year old from Mexico when she’s like 20/21). It’s hilarious that she thinks it’s Pinkii or her friends that’s posting her, as if no one else could possibly think she’s fucking annoying over her ignorant opinions. Glad she confirmed that she and Cinnacow are still lurking in this thread like it’s their part time job.

No. 236536

The more incapable you are of constructing a sentence, the more obvious it is you came from twitter.

Someone please explain to her she's a plain Chinese girl that has no relevance to the success of gyarus of other races. This is as retarded as when African American weebs specifically claim to be the soul inspiration behind gyaru and therefore it's cultural appropriation. I have no idea why this is hard to fathom, literally no one would look twice at this girl, how did her ego become so grossly overstated?

>She and Cinnacow are still lurking in this thread like it’s their part time job

Explains the retardation above.

No. 236650

Back to ACTUAL milk now. Did theyy resolve this?

No. 236656

Cow is a haffu and part of hana gyarusa.

No. 236707

File: 1659721087538.jpeg (795.91 KB, 2560x1920, FBA1B64C-B896-44A6-91AA-93878D…)

Is she serious? She brought off depop for $160 and selling 5x the price. Mercari sells it for $ 200…

No. 236785

tiktok has weaponized social justice shit beyond belief. that's why this boring chinese bitch thinks she's the authority on every facet east asian culture. it's just bullying. you can't win. if you're not asian, people won't listen to you and even if you are they'll claim "you don't speak for all asians" if you don't have the correct opinion. it's ridiculous really.

No. 236818

She is Chinese? Jfashion is not her culture.

No. 236984

Yet most East Asian countries hate each other.

No. 237042

File: 1659774916208.webm (12.39 MB, 720x1052, peakautism.webm)

You're not wrong nonnie. It's like they're completely devoid of the concept of irony to the extent she can't comprehend that her and other "gyaru" zoomers, do the exact same thing. Switch out anonymity for for race as an arbitrary shield, Lolcow for Tiktok and I wouldn't bat an eyelid. side note I love how despite the twitterfag interpretation of imageboard culture she is well versed in LC etiquette, even referencing the rules and giving creepshow's thread a shout out kek.

No. 237053

More indication that she lurks here and most likely participates as well. A hit dog will holler or whatever.

No. 237105

This woman was calling out people for covering their faces with cute stickers because it's "asianfishing"

No. 237135

Bullshit I have a family member that’s been going back and forth no issues. He’s not Japanese. None of us are related to Japanese either. She is just lying for attention and making up reasons to not be going when she never was to begin with. She’s broke anyway lol why would she pay for an expensive apartment monthly to piss it away and not go?

No. 237213

Bullshit unless your family member has a visa for work, school or other approved reasons. You can’t just go unless you are approved for specific reasons or you go with specific tour groups and you cannot leave those tour groups. It’s not hard to look up the rules right now, and she’s right.
It sounds like she’s moving there, which would require a visa and if she had that she could get in so I’m going to call bullshit on that at least. If she’s planning on taking so much shit that she needs an extra person to help her for vacation, she’s batshit insane

No. 237257

File: 1659810089114.jpeg (2 MB, 1284x2145, 0D067CCB-0F07-4016-9360-D44889…)

Cinnacow is full of shit. I mean she cries about underage characters being sexualized in cosplay (specifically at Natalia) but then has them printed on her top in bikinis. Chances are, she’s not going to Japan and is just saying shit to make herself seem important but we’ll see. Anyway, here’s a screenshot of how to be more gyaru.

No. 237290

>Although Japan is accessible again, the country currently only permits leisure tourists to come in organized groups rather than as individuals.
nope, it's open for leisure tourism. nice try.

No. 237293

File: 1659811667349.png (76.85 KB, 589x385, Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 2.47…)

NTAYRT but the article says the same thing she is saying, you can only go with approved tour groups. You can't just travel by yourself for leisure and hang around, it needs to be an organized group with a tour guide. which, of course, no one wants to do.

No. 237350

i missed my reply, my b. cinnagal is lying about being able to go, period.

No. 237543

Isn't she also Turkish or whatever but passively avoids correcting comments suggesting she's east asian while she calls out other accounts for "asianbaiting"? Her whole tiktok is just her seething over other women wearing jfashion or using line camera stickers, ironically her posts are way more embarrassing than anyone she is "calling out"

No. 237687

File: 1659898492121.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2388, 99DCCF38-2A53-4A5E-A0B5-8A1F23…)

What about her is gal? She just sounds bitter, angry and jealous.

No. 237929

File: 1659926955863.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2261, 0B37AB69-DD7A-4D14-800D-AF1D90…)

>I’m not like other weebs because I am educated and know that Japan isn’t perfect!!
Girl, shut the fuck up. This reeks of NLOG behavior.

No. 237990

Not like the other gals kek

No. 238068

It seems like she just keeps popping up in gal spaces because she hates them so much

No. 239516

anons who do y'all think are the best gals now???? Gaijin of course(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240392

No. 240403

Literally can’t figure out why people still hang out with Wibb when they are so problematic/racist ect. Like they act as if nothing happened it’s so weird

No. 240448

While this is true, Japan has been letting in students in for months now. You can still come in on a student or work visa.

No. 240454

This is nauseating but also one of the craziest things ive seen come out of the community since ive joined. Wib and koko should leave. there’s no coming back from this…

No. 240469

lmfaoooo so paradise members were tweaking out all over social media about how theyre soooooooo NOT RACIST meanwhile the leader (and apparently many members) knew wib was a fucking nazi? holy fuck. i get some of these things were 10 years ago but that hate crime joke was recent. admitting to rape doesnt have an expiration date either.
they wont. theyre probably arranging a diversion of some sort. surely no decent apology will come from this.

No. 240474

Koko should've spent all that energy she used on defending a nazi rapist on actually making sure everyone in her galsa looks put together.

No. 240477

Obviously do not click this link unless in a private tab,
I see you twitter poisoned newfriends trying to grab people's names and emails to doxx, you're not clever.

No. 240480

Was suspicious and tried opening the archived link to no avail, and even more suspicious that all these responses are unsaged and used the word “problematic” unironically on this site.
These bitches are insane as they are ugly.

No. 240481

Hi Wib

No. 240482

also this is all over people’s stories and comment sections. just look there

No. 240484

File: 1660707065482.png (619.2 KB, 1620x2160, BAFC32B8-BA3B-47AF-B80A-974EE9…)

I don't know who Wib is and she does seem pretty deranged from the old 4chan caps in that extremely suspicious doc, but you guys are still stupid racebaiters and trying phish anon's emails.
I can't believe people still use googledocs for callout docs in 2022 and expect to be taken seriously.

No. 240487

It’s such a stupid, borderline tinfoil idea that people made this doc just to figure out who people on lolcow are. Nobody cares about you guys nearly enough, sorry. It’s not even mentioned in the doc (afaik). It’s clearly to expose all of the batshit insane behavior exhibited by Wib (and Koko by proxy.) Stop being paranoid. The link was floating around for hours before it ever even touched this site.

No. 240488

that's an even worse suggestion,
Unless you want cinnagal to spam your ig account with fake false reports.
if you want to see the receipts just skim past all the petty irrelevant shit from an archive of that link https://archive.ph/nJV03 or search "Eva Braun" !OrYgEquius on warosu's /cgl/ archive.
It's not new milk or gyaru related, it's old seagull tripfag bs.

No. 240489

what are you talking about? has she been spamming people about this situation? i just checked and she only made one story post so this feels like weird, tinfoil-y deflection. not everything is about cinnagal and you’re probably making her head big by bringing her up constantly

No. 240490

“fake false reports” is a redundant phrasing but i cant expect gaijin gals to be the smartest ppl in the world kek. a lot of this stuff seems to be recent. even if it’s “old tea” that’s only to you bc you’re a vet. let the newer gals enjoy and discuss pls

No. 240491

Yeah, we’ve all known Wib is crazy and had anger issues but I didn’t know she was stupid enough to be racist and fatphobic in gal spaces. If she kept it to herself nobody would think to dig all this shit up.

No. 240493

Feels like someone from Paradise who is deflecting and trying to get ppl to not look at the doc. It would make sense considering they tried to bring back Gyaru confessions bc they knew this shit was coming. Even Hiibiscusgal called them out for that, it was shamefully obvious. Everyone knows it’s always a Paradise member behind those IG/Tiktok gal drama pages. They love self posting.

No. 240494

no one cares about cinnagal why do y’all bring her up for everything

No. 240495

They self post because they’re too ugly and uninteresting for others to actually like them

No. 240496

Hey, there are a lot of really pretty, competent gals in Paradise….
and then there’s Wib

No. 240497

File: 1660711368673.jpeg (404.32 KB, 826x1442, 31834127-BADD-4DFE-AF21-23D742…)

Here are the screenshots of the doc for those who are too paranoid to click on it. Some are kind of cropped but if you use your fucking brain you can put two and two together. I don’t wanna hear any bitching about the cropping. Don’t be a dumbass.

No. 240499

File: 1660711410083.jpeg (231.46 KB, 828x1464, 4825B513-182C-40A1-BD0A-DF3CDC…)

No. 240500

File: 1660711434931.jpeg (215.88 KB, 828x1591, DACC64EA-C24A-4719-83E2-84B273…)

No. 240501

File: 1660711473813.jpeg (218.76 KB, 828x1581, 7E7244F5-B31E-42D6-AB7B-126F58…)

No. 240502

File: 1660711494958.jpeg (278.59 KB, 828x1558, 9D61215D-1ADE-404B-9747-21098C…)

No. 240503

File: 1660711525358.jpeg (270.58 KB, 828x1570, 1CA41BD5-D381-4DD4-B84B-BDD4EF…)

No. 240504

File: 1660711557406.jpeg (179.24 KB, 828x1575, 0BD76F81-9AF1-432F-82AC-A3F591…)

Proof that it’s her before anyone starts with the bullshit

No. 240505

File: 1660711584493.jpeg (328.21 KB, 828x1574, F5A2C1D5-D32D-44D4-A652-B1BAC2…)

No. 240506

the fact that no one realized who she was until recently is shocking.

No. 240507

File: 1660711640698.jpeg (276.66 KB, 828x1470, BC33157D-A2B5-48EB-A4CA-1E1A7E…)


No. 240508

File: 1660711664345.jpeg (222.59 KB, 828x1442, 9BF207BB-FDAF-4030-BB48-43AB01…)

No. 240509

File: 1660711686598.jpeg (289.92 KB, 828x1459, 7E1E1133-D10C-4882-B404-661A02…)

No. 240510

File: 1660711708874.jpeg (524.56 KB, 828x1469, B652070A-30EC-4690-AD8E-7B5FCB…)

No. 240511

File: 1660711822917.jpeg (411.78 KB, 828x1415, 1039721B-520C-4572-B6D7-C13EB8…)

No. 240512

File: 1660711979729.jpeg (398.2 KB, 828x1554, 31670F41-F54A-48E2-B960-D36DCB…)

Uhh wait I already read this and somehow completely missed the part about this bitch threatening to fight a minor over a goddamn tiktok. Vet gals complain about how the new gen of gals are chronically online, but there is nothing more chronically online than being 30 and not being able to manage your anger issues to the point where you try to fight a child over a tiktok. what a gal.

No. 240513

File: 1660712012612.jpeg (427.33 KB, 828x1410, 2B664F3A-FFE2-4ED8-9754-99A70B…)


No. 240521

how are allegations about wib, a well known vet gal not gal related yet…
everything this chick does is? ive seen her attempt gal 2 maybe 3 times yet half this thread is about her. 99% of her shit is irrelevant to this community. not to mention that nobody knows who the fuck this is kek

No. 240522

Wib is a sad fuck.

No. 240524

>No one knew!

Probably because it's decade-old seagull tripfag retardation that was buried pretty deep unless you were there. I'm having an oldfag moment but I literally can not muster up a fuck to give about some old gal's ancient edgelord humor or problematic no-no word posting,

No. 240526

File: 1660717264475.jpg (198.59 KB, 1293x223, Clipboard.jpg)

not fast enough lol

No. 240527

No one cares(sage your shit)

No. 240537

I had no idea Wib was a gal because you fortunately forgot to add their actual identifying usernames to the beginning of the doc, so wasn't sure what you meant by a "well-known vet". I only vaguely recognise those names from my seagull lurking war flashbacks but Nice email you left in the field.
Sorry if I called you cinnagal by mistake, it's hard to differentiate you selfposters who can't learn to integrate.
I'm in the same boat, only replied because it's nostalgically old dirt. >>240527 aw, I care

No. 240538

hi wib(hi cow )

No. 240555

Koko must be moist knowing her name being dropped on LC

No. 240587

Paradise, nobody thinks this isn’t a big deal besides yall. It’s so funny because whoever posted this completely skimmed over the fact that Wib joked about committing an asian hate crime. She’s joking about that TODAY knowing damn well she used to be a nazi. It’s clear she’s still a nazi or at least a racist. Stop trying to downplay this. Also, can you not fucking read? It’s still new info to many people so shut the fuck up. Everyone on here always obsesses over shit nobody cares about and then tries to divert the attention when there’s real milk. Also, you’re the only one bitching about it so shut the fuck up Wib or Koko

No. 240588

Also everyone knows Wib uses this site so we know she’s the only one saying it’s old tea. I’d wish I couldve seen how she broke down once the doc was released. She has crazy anger issues so it was probably hilarious

No. 240591

kek Someone tried to sneak cinnegal to divert attention.

No. 240614

File: 1660762352127.jpeg (875.7 KB, 1284x2206, 02BE41B5-5D4C-466D-8707-81AE23…)

Why does this read like Cinnacow is posting? Same inflammatory language.

No. 240625

it’s weird how she’s always brought up when someone else is getting posted. feels like ppl on this site use her as a distraction from actual shit.

No. 240626

hmm maybe? i see what u mean but it sort of feels like paradise knows this site is always posting her so they’re trying to use that to change the topic of the thread.

No. 240627

meant to reply to this

No. 240628

No one cares about her paradise is trying so hard to make someone else look like the bad guy while their under fire

No. 240630

Nta I don't care because I can't take Google doc written by social justice fags seriously. Nor can I take you seriously with that verbiage and utter inability to at least larp as a farmer.

>Multiple links to BLM

What a reputable organisation kek, I'm sure those weren't added purely as a virtue signal.

reposted to clarify I'm nta

No. 240648

Wib acting like she is the victim on the server and saying yendia has no morals.
Who are you to talk about morals, Eva Braun?

No. 240649

It's an imageboard (and not everyone is on the server anyway), so please screenshot and post. I don't wanna act like this, but please integrate better.

No. 240652

lol, there’s no argument, Wib. You’re clearly racist and a nazi. There is no defending it

No. 240656

I have no stake in Paradise. I just genuinely dislike this cow and think she’s full of shit, and actively posts in this thread. Lol. If they’re using her as scapegoat, it has nothing to do with my input.

No. 240658

Literally no one cares about you not liking her when we have neo nazis being outed. Go talk to yourself about that. Y’all bring her up outta nowhere and it’s pathetic as hell.(learn2sage)

No. 240693

File: 1660790312704.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1246x2242, E54FE43A-106B-4857-94D0-14EEAA…)

Cope and seethe.

No. 240697

Lighten up on the photoshop and snow filters, dorito chin.

No. 240700

How is this gyaru? This is literally Yukapee uniform. Imagine hating someone so much because you want to be them.

No. 240709

Can a weeb please tell me what this hairstyle is called? Really suits her (shopping aside) and I want to try it

No. 240711

Basic egirl half up twintails

No. 240718

There's also the whole shenanigans that went down a few months ago where Wib and Koko went after gyaruoftheday over thinking she made pro-ana tweets just because the person used the same basic white girl name (Ann), going so far as to wish rape and death on her (not that she's a spick and span person, but still)

No. 240722

I'm not even the irrelevant cow you think I am, I'm just sick of seeing twitterfag stereotypes shitting up /w/. You can spill milk without screeching you don't belong here by not spewing buzzwords, moralfagging, and learning to sage replies.

No. 240731


Still waiting for the screenshots

No. 240786

Japanese gals and gaijin gals alike all edit their photos way more than this, to the point where their eye whites are literally beaming but nobody ever talks about that bc everyone is obsessed w the most boring gal in the entire comm
Natalia owns the entire color pink now? The reaching and tinfoiling on here is reaching peak delusion.

No. 240809

File: 1660839932622.jpeg (153.78 KB, 720x847, E77F2C1B-2908-46AA-8624-DB7A0B…)

No. 240842

I remember when this happened and I called wibb out on my page and people messaged me trying to defend their behavior I’m like LOL no

No. 240878

Scary as fuck knowing she’s admitted to rape and now she’s sending threats involving rape to another gal. she needs to be locked away

No. 240879

Also it’s cropped but she threatened to snap gyaru of the day’s neck in one of those messages i think. hilarious since wib doesn’t look like she can fight at all

No. 240880

Anyone who selfposts in this thread telling others to seethe is fair game for ridicule, so don’t act like you don’t know.

No. 240881

why would someone post a screenshot of their own story? when you do that it says “your story” so that makes no sense. this is manufactured milk

No. 240883

Can we just stop talking about cinnagal?We’ve heard enough about her in this thread, Jesus.

No. 240894

Bitch is terrible. Uk gals still defending this piece of shit.

No. 240896

The irony.
Bitch looks like a jew her damn self. Eva braun pfft. Ain't she 30? Acting like a tween edgelord.
Ignore the trolls. Fat bitch is posting her own self on thread.

No. 241041

>I'm a CSA victim btw LOL
Bleak as fuck

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