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File: 1659723076607.png (3.1 MB, 1286x1144, crazyextime.png)

No. 236720

Previous thread: >>>/w/232428
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling



Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers


Connor/CDawg VA





Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]


Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

>Chris and Sharla both say in livestreams that he's not as allergic as anons have been making his allergies to cats seem, Chris has built up an immunity to Sharla's cats from being around them for so long >>>/w/234161 >>>/w/
>Esther shaded Lily who is Chris's ex girlfriend he broke up with in Oct 2019 >>>/w/234566
>Lily used to hang out and be in vlogs with the other vloggers and she used to make her own content which she has all deleted >>>/w/234558 >>>/w/234549 >>>/w/234571
>Lily openly being angry and creating non-proof assumptions and then deleting them because she lost her clout from how farfetched it was and showing just how bitter of an ex she is >>>/w/234496 >>>/w/234497 >>>/w/234477 [An anon made the same claim without proof the same way Lily conveniently has a friend who saw] >>>/w/234474
>Lily still keeps intimate photos of her and Chris up after 2+ years >>>/w/234911
>Anons pointed out how unhinged her and Chris's relationship seemed compare to Chris and Sharla >>>/w/234943 >>>/w/234961 and desperate for collabs after he broke up with her >>>/w/234969 >>>/w/234859 [constantly threatening to neck herself]
>Anons claim Lily misused pity funds from a GoFundMe to take herself on a trip in Japan no GoFundMe has been found or posts regarding it though >>>/w/234868
>Chris has a live stream where the he says dating Sharla is the best relationship he ever had >>>/w/236120
>It was edited out of his video that he said him and Sharla started dating about "a year or two after JAJ" [which is a year after his breakup with Lily]
>Sharla doesn't say why or when she commissioned this artwork for Chris. >>>/w/233324 Showed up in his apartment after his birthday on April 19th and she waited until now to say where it came from. all speculation is tinfoil, there is no way to know what this was commissioned for, facts are it showed up in April in videos after his birthday only

No. 236721

Sorry, I forgot to link the other past thread. I know the photo isn't much, but I thought the pointing Lily is doing matched perfectly with the meme.

No. 236725

hey anon what do you mean by this? what livestream?

No. 236726

File: 1659723672214.jpg (304.08 KB, 1462x824, 1658997383828.jpg)

it's april 29th, not 19th
his birthday is on april 21th

No. 236728

Samefag, I'm the only one subbed to her Patreon from the looks of it and no one else is breaking down her videos. I missed the beginning part of it the other day and she has uploaded the full video recording. I'm going to go back later and greentext/transcribe the beginning we missed. No, I am not posting the video link. Another anon can sub if they want and do that.

Still after his birthday, so still looks like it could be a birthday gift and not a romantic gift. It's a dead end until Sharla says something. Don't start derailing about this nonsense.

No. 236730

Thank you anon

No. 236733

Didn’t you say someone talked about Lily in the chat? Maybe Sharla got rid of that.

No. 236734

thanks anon. there's no telling whether it was filmed 3-4 days or a week (by which it has no buisness staying in her apartment unless she couldn't hand it over to him on his bday for some reason) or a month ago so you're right on that. though I doubt sharla will ever elaborate and neither will the artist (she seemed like a long-time fan, even sent sharla something via mail back in the day)
maybe she posted sneak peaks of the tour on her patreon?

No. 236735


Never said that.

No. 236746

different anon then: >>234296

No. 236750

Why is most of the summary about Lily who was never a famous jvlogger? Is
Esther a jvlogger?
Why does it matter if the art was commissioned for Chris's birthday or not? It doesn't add anything. They could've still been a couple.

No. 236754

Esther is a smaller jvlogger who apparently used to be friends with Lily: youtube.com/c/SolangeRaeEsther

No. 236757

The art is also visible in Sharla’s Vlog from April 28, 2019 “Day at home in northern Japan” a couple of times as she is putting up an Elon Musk picture 6:55 for this screenshot

No. 236758

some are shilling the theory that they weren't dating at the time and the artwork of a straight single stroking another straight single's face was meant to be a friendly gift

No. 236759

File: 1659727970647.png (2.52 MB, 1792x828, CcXNUlp.png)

Hmm it didn’t like both the YouTube and Imgur. Screenshot here

April 28 2019 Vlog upload, art clearly visible

No. 236760

Sharla is so smiley and happy in this video she just has that in love glow. Chris posted a photo taken in Morioka a few days before on Instagram so it was obvious he was there and spent probably both his and her birthdays there.

No. 236762

Yeah I always commission art of me stroking the face of my platonic friend and put it on display in my home. Lol
Also if it was a gift for her “just a friend” why is it at Sharla’s and not Chris’s? Unless of course they are not only not just friends but are living together in Morioka at that time.

No. 236766

and nobody gave a reasonable explanation why she posted it (and not only posted, but made it her twitter profile banner) only after the reveal

No. 236767

You wanted her to post cute commissioned art of her and Chris before they came out as a couple???

No. 236768

File: 1659728875200.jpg (381.13 KB, 2048x2048, PbnBkQL.jpg)

They both posted Sakura pics at that time clearly taken the same time. Sharla posted quite a few, looking very happy.

No. 236772

I’m surprised he actually posted photos from Morioka … I don’t think he lived here yet but definitely went up to visit Sharla frequently from Tokyo while Lily had the apartment in Sendai.

He said on the podcast that it was around his birthday in 2019 that he realised he actually does want to get married in the future. Cute how he spent that birthday with Sharla.

No. 236791

Chris' video is going to surpass Sharla's in terms of views which is weird because she has more subscribers than he does on his second channel.

No. 236797

Got the date of Chris and Lily's breakup wrong, it was around Dec 2018.
Also why is the GoFundMe listed when there's not a single bit of proof that it even happened?

No. 236798

Not only is it absurd, but that theory makes Sharla look like a stalker and narcissist.

No. 236802

Not to mention
>Chris has a live stream where the he says dating Sharla is the best relationship he ever had
is not milk nor means anything. Of course it's the best relationship he's ever had right now.

No. 236805

whoever wrote this tries so hard to trash lily

No. 236807

One more question for you, why did you include old stories like
>>Anons pointed out how unhinged her and Chris's relationship seemed compare to Chris and Sharla
>and desperate for collabs after he broke up with her
>[constantly threatening to neck herself]
>Anons claim Lily misused pity funds from a GoFundMe to take herself on a trip in Japan no GoFundMe has been found or posts regarding it though
But didn't include any of the old milk about Sharla making false claims of racism or shittalking other jvloggers behind their backs of which we have actual proof? What about Micaela coming here to defend Sharla? Anything Norm and his connections to Sharla and Chris?
If you're going to include old milk, you can't just pick and choose whatever looks more favorable to your fav jvloggers and leave out everything else, and most of what you included isn't even milky or on topic.

No. 236808

I'm sorry, but I don't think that anon or any other anons are in her patreon. They've never posted caps. I seem to be the only one.

No. 236809

How when she gave the gift away..? She just didn't post about giving it to him publicly. Hows that stalker behavior? Lol

No. 236810

NTA but Chris/Sharla and Lily were basically the only discussion from the last thread, not what Sharla unrelated to Chris did or didn’t do 7 years ago. We don’t know much about Lily but this makes us understand her better, maybe. If she hadn’t tweeted what she did in the way she did about how Chris “might have” cheated people wouldn’t be taking about her now.

No. 236811

Because Lily's stuff wasn't posted before, Sharla's stuff was. Anons can go to old threads to read the old stuff, but these Lily posts are new and relevant. Anons bringing up dead discussion that's been discussed and not relevant to now with Sharla, is just a smokescreen to divert attention from Lily as Chris's ex.

Just because you want to bring up Sharla and Taylor's old videos doesn't make them actually relevant right now. Going over how anons are asking why Lily is crazy, is, because we haven't posted or discussed it like this before in these Jvlog threads.

No. 236812

He's comparing his other relationships, including Lily, to Sharla. Yeah. That's relevant.

No. 236813

I have seen several comments on Chris video that they thought he was dating Emma but they never gave off those vibes at all in my opinion. Even that livestream they did on JAJ Chris was reading comments in the chat about Sharla and didn't really listen to what Emma was saying.

No. 236814

Are you socially inept? It's incredibly creepy and narcissistic to commission art for "a friend" of yourself stroking said friend's face.

No. 236815

yes it is very relevant … saying it so publicly like 'yeah this is the best relationship i have ever been in' when he knows his ex gf of three years literally that morning posted angry tweets about him and exposed how she is not over him and has been single since he broke up with her!

No. 236816

Post caps. This is an imageboard. You don't contribute.

No. 236817

That art looked like a first date between Chris and Sharla. He is blushing. They were definitely dating when it was commissioned and I am guessing they started dating in February 2019. Does NOT mean he cheated.

No. 236819

You do know the hand is holding a tissue/napkin as he's drinking/eating with her on the steps, right? That's not a cheek being cradled and she gave it to him. She didn't hold it in secret. You are trying to make some nonsensical stuff out of this, anon.

So is self-inserting herself. She wants the attention, so the thread will give it to her. She's not going to like being seen under a microscope. She could've just shut up, but she wants to start cheating rumors and not back a single thing up about it besides "He acted weird when Sharla got a divorce".

No. 236820

YES and you completely missed my point. The anons who claim that they were just friends at the time and it was a birthday present are making Sharla look like a stalker and narcissist with that stupid theory, because a normal person would not commission that kind of art for someone they weren't even dating.

No. 236821

she also said she knew he always had a crush on sharla but she spent three years trying to figure out if they were dating each other now … she did say she was happy for them though so maybe she will move on now

No. 236822

Agreed. It's obvious they were dating.

No. 236823

Chris should have just said something along the lines of "a few months after JAJ we started hanging out more and more and realized we were more than just friends" instead of the "1-2 years after JAJ" bs

No. 236824

why would you comission an art of your friend and YOU and not just your friend alone?

No. 236825

That doesn't make her look like a stalker. They've been friends for a long time. Art from friends isn't some strange thing. You don't do it, we get it anon, you must not be in art spaces or commission work ever. This is common as fuck for friends though and I'm not just making shit up. Same way friends will buy each other matching bracelettes. Doesn't mean they are stalking each other or laying claim to each other. Your backwards way of thinking just because you don't do something makes no sense at all.

Of course she would say that, but that doesn't mean its true or he lacked interest in Lily. You can have crushes and think other people are attractive when dating. Lily clearly just comes off as being possessive.

You don't need to samefag every post you make.

That too. If it was right after dating Lily he would've said that, not said 1 or two years and then have that removed from a video. that's an alibi. Why would you delete an alibi if cheating did happen.

Anons aren't making sense, nothing points to cheating at all besides this argument that this was commissioned for dating which is really weak proof as the picture isn't even romantic. It looks like two people in general. If the artist posted it, no one would've thought it was them.

No. 236827

So you want us to condemn Sharla for pointing out racist comments? Or you want for us to assume every single moment and words from that event was captured on video. You want us to believe that the things Sharla mentioned could not been said off camera. You were not there, but more importantly you want us to rehash and condemn over a potential mistake that happened 7 years ago! Also you want us to ignore that this Monday, Lily went on twitter and showed her ass! We saw unhinged behavior with our very eyes from Lily, you have yet to provide unhinged behavior from Sharla, just huge leaps and assumptions.

No. 236828

are you completely incapable of logical thinking? you're saying it makes no sense for him to edit that out provided what he said is true. why on earth then did he delete that bit?

No. 236830

You clearly didn't watch the video or you wouldn't have made the following comment.
>You want us to believe that the things Sharla mentioned could not been said off camera.

No. 236831

What benefit does he have to delete it from the live stream when it's the perfect excuse if your assumption cheating happened? Sounds like it's smarter to keep that in the video.

Sharla's shit was years ago and not relevant right now. Taylor doesn't even live in Japan anymore and is no longer a Jvlogger. What are you even wanting to be discussed when it's been discussed? Sorry you missed it in the threads 6+ years ago. Doesn't mean you need to beg anons to talk about it. Desperate as fuck.

No. 236832

Guys it was clear they were already dating by April 2019. When Sharla spoke to that artist about it on twitter she mentioned that the artist kept the secret for soooo long. Clearly the secret is that her and Chris were seeing each other already. It’s not a difficult puzzle to put together, nor does April 2019 overlap with his relationship with Lily. Did he move in quickly? he’ll yes, that’s the only proof we have. Also clearly Chris doesn’t want people to know that he started dating Sharla early 2019, that’s why he lied. Is there more to it? Perhaps, but we currently have no proof that he cheated.

No. 236834

you're watching lily's every move and want us to believe she is the one who is unhinged?

No. 236835

Anons took photos of mats in bathrooms and tried to put two and two together of who lives in an apartment. Get over it. Lily is being discussed. Any more minimodding about the fact that she's let herself be on the table is just being reported. You guys aren't adding anything to the thread.

No. 236836

>all speculation is tinfoil, there is no way to know what this was commissioned for
It showed up in Sharla's apartment video, the one she shares with Chris. We know what it was commissioned for; they were bumping uglies.

No. 236837

I don’t think it’s that strange to have art made of you and your friends, who know maybe they were having sex, maybe they weren’t. I don’t think so personally but seems like it’s the only thing milky? Why do we even care.

No. 236839

>Sharla's shit was years ago and not relevant right now.
Then why was Lily's GoFund me included? Why were her suicidal tweets included? If they're relevant to her character, so is the old milk about Sharla and her relationship with Norm is ongoing. Be fair.

No. 236840

I have fucking watch that boring ass video and it’s as boring as your silly attempt to make it a big deal. Stop trying to make it a thing, like who gives a fuck? Even IF what you are saying is true, soooo the fuck what, she made a mistake or just was off the mark, it’s stale ass news. I don’t care about it!

No. 236841

It's not that strange. I don't know why anons think it is. Sharla has a whole business where she commissions artists. Commissioning is what she does. Commissioning photos of her cats to put on her stationary too.

No. 236842

Calm down.

No. 236843

>I have fucking watch that boring ass video and it’s as boring as your silly attempt to make it a big deal.
Then why did you comment if you didn't watch the video and didn't know what was in it?
>Even IF what you are saying is true, soooo the fuck what, she made a mistake or just was off the mark, it’s stale ass news. I don’t care about it!
Then why do you keep commenting about it?

No. 236847

>shows up in "HER" apartment video
>only posted it after confirming their relationship
>only friends
Are you being obtuse on purpose?

No. 236852

Sharla made fake accounts to spread rumors about another JVlogger that sounds kinda unhinged no?

No. 236853

Lily made herself a topic of conversation when she decided to make cheating accusations on her public Twitter about about a man who dumb her 3 years ago! This is a gossip site, and we are discussing it.
In my opinion if you are so hung up on a boring fat white boy, 3 years after he dumped you for a boring white girl you’re are fucking unhinge! She needs to get a fucking life, get a man, leave Japan or whatever because she is trying to hang on to a man that don’t want her. I am not saying she’s a bad person, I’m not saying that it’s her fault, I’m saying 3 years after you are dumb you need to pick up your dignity and not embarrass yourself like that on Twitter.
This relationship should be a learning opportunity for her, 1) don’t ever move to another country for a boy you met on YouTube
2) when he dumps you, don’t hang around said country for 3 years, sub posting on twitter to get his attention.
3). If he cheated on you, move on and upgrade.

No. 236856

You have no proof of that, but I also don’t care about what happened 6 years ago. PS, it’s not the battle of the unhinge, if you want sharla to be declared unhinged to make you feel better, go ahead. As long as can move on to current events, cause your boring stale tea, is doing nothing.

No. 236857

Where the fuck is the proof in that after all these years? Anons are going to talk about Lily. No amount of this fake milk from 'years ago' is going to fix that.

No. 236858

Because I want you to know that your comment is stupid and immature and I will continue to point out to you every single time you post it on here. It’s as boring as your new singing career Lilly lol

No. 236859

File: 1659739392721.png (433.69 KB, 763x709, IGNUK on Twitter.png)

Why would a video game review site give a shit about this jvlogger?

No. 236861

Well they do, soooooo

No. 236862

They do, so oh well lol Also probably because he said in his live stream "10 outta 10, would date again" and they are memeing it.

No. 236863

>and I will continue to point out to you every single time you post it on here.
That means you care, anon.
>It’s as boring as your new singing career Lilly lol
Hate to disappoint, but I'm not Lily and most of us who are sick of your simp asses are anons who've been here pre-redditor invasion.

No. 236864

He said "10 out of 10 IGN, would date again"

No. 236865

Singing career?

No. 236866

Lily should take comfort in that everyone's reaction to Chris and Sharla is "I knew it would happen one day" It was always meant to be. Sucks for her, but Chris was so painfully obviously in love with Sharla during JAJ and I honestly think he struggled with that fact. He did the right thing and ended things with Lily when he got home, went to the UK for a long time and got his thoughts and feelings sorted out and then went back to Japan and asked Sharla out.

No. 236870

Honestly, even if he cheat, idc. They both seem happy and both came from unhappy relationships. Sometimes it happens and doesn't make someone unfaithful except from the nightmare that was Lily and she deserved it if it's true.

No. 236872

The thing is I feel for Lily! It must suck, it must really hurt her to see this. But I also know how unhealthy it is to hang on to a man that doesn’t want you! Perhaps this parade of love that Chris and Sharla are on well push her to move on. But I think she’s on unhinged, so I doubt it

No. 236873

If they broke up in Oct 2019, and then dated Sharla in April 2020, Thats 6 months, anons. That's not breaking up after a month and then sleeping with Sharla. That's so far from cheating it's not even funny.

No. 236874

Silly girl, I know you are not Lilly, but you are as boring as her. I never said I don’t care about your derailing, that’s why I am commenting. I said I didn’t care about whatever you accused sharla of doing, its as irrelevant and stale as Lilly’s wanna be influencer singing ventures lol

No. 236875

He dumped Lily in December 2018, got with Sharla probably either February or March 2019

No. 236876

They broke up dec 2018.

No. 236877

It really must suck, literally tens of thousands of comments celebrating Chris and Sharla with lots of people going back to watch JAJ and talking about how they were obviously into each other. Chris saying it is easily the best relationship he ever had and saying his views on marriage changed after he met Sharla.

He is also proudly announcing the relationship everywhere that he possibly can when he kept his relationship with Lily hidden despite her attempts to post photos of them and talking about their relationship online. At least Chris and Sharla both decided to keep it hidden, but that was obviously not the case with Lily and Chris.

No. 236878

Then 5 months since it was early Dec.

No. 236880

The first time the couple art popped up in a video was April 2019. For it to be commissioned and drawn would've taken time and sharla having it was more likely March and/or earlier. Chris and sharla probably started to date February or earlier, a monthish after dumping lily. Whether you think crazy lily was kept around to keep the bed warm deserved to be quickly dumped when sharla was available is up to anyone but chris obviously wants to put some buffer space between S+C started dating

No. 236881

April 2019, not 2020. 4 months after he said on his patreon that he was single.
Dec 18, 2018 - Chris tells patreon he’s single
Jan 7, 2019 - Lily says her year started with bad news
April 22/23 Sharla & Chris post Sakura pics in Morioka
April 28, 2019 - cute lovey couple art visible in Sharla’s Vlog

They are unlikely to admit to a specific timeline but it’s clearly much much shorter than admitted.
If they weren’t together on JAJ1, spending weeks with a newly single Sharla seems to have given Chris the resolve to end his relationship with Lily. He went home for Christmas and when he returned to Japan moved out. Lily stayed in the apartment until she moved away, her now deleted Vlog of that first apartment in Tokyo had all the furniture from the Sendai apartment.

Chris probably went to Morioka when he returned to Japan.

No. 236883

Nta tkyosam tweeted about Sharla having fake accounts and he was a lurker on PULL, that's how he found out about Norm's sock puppet account that he mentioned in his vid about Norm at 25:35-26:38 So if you want proof you can ask him or look for the PULL archives.

No. 236884

File: 1659743314597.png (512.37 KB, 1079x1598, Screenshot_20220806-000708.png)

No. 236894

The point is that he said they started dating 1-2 years after JAJ, so if they stated dating earlier he lied, and he edited this out of a clip he uploaded not long after this was pointed out on this thread. Whether or not he lied because he cheated is another matter, but the vast majority of people who lie about when they started a new relationship do it because there was an overlap, so it's not unreasonable to be suspicious and question if that's why he lied.

No. 236896

>got with Sharla probably either February or March 2019
Are you Chris or Sharla?

No. 236897

He "lied" because he's probably not keen on his audience finding out he lived in Morioka and not Sendai like he said

No. 236898

Why are you putting lie in quotes if what he said wasn't true?

No. 236901

Because he is not entitled to share that information with us. It's about his private life, whether him and Sharla got together 2 months or 2 years after JAJ doesn't matter to his viewers.

No. 236902

FYI this is Lily posting.

No. 236903

Yeah it checks out. Guess it’s only natural for her to be in here trying to defend herself

No. 236906

seems you forgot where you are but this lolcow

No. 236909

I highly doubt it. Doesn’t sound like her.

No. 236912

Yes I trust tkyo Sam for accurate information. If that’s your source, you are just as unhinged as Lily lol

No. 236913

Lol so Lily would call herself unhinged in her on self post, you make a shit detective

No. 236914

You sound like you should be posting on reddit and not on this gossip site. This isn't a thread to rave about your fav weabos, anon.

No. 236928

89 posts in and everyone's still arguing about the painting and the date they started dating, thought we might leave that in the last thread kek

No. 236951

So stil not cheating.

>Believing anything Sam says lol

>Sam refuses to post proof and explain at all about where the account is, anything about the accounts, or her purpose for having them if they existed
>trump level bargaining for you to believe him

>he "lied"
Anon, don't take the everything to heart. No1currs that much about the 1-2 years after JAJ comment. That would extend the projection and would make no sense. He's clearly just stupid.

No. 236959

Yes I thought it was pretty obvious that because of the painting it's basically confirmed they started dating pre April 2019, but that doesn't mean he cheated on Lily. We can just assume February/March 2019.

No. 236960

Tkyosam is king

No. 236961

Tokyo is our god

No. 236962

Ngl, PDP and Martzia seem really happy in Japan. I wonder where they are in relation to other vloggers because there's no way him and Chris won't film together at some point, right? PDP not collabing with the biggest jvloggers seems like a massive miss for him.

His birthday is also April 21st. We can't confirm if it was for dating or a birthday gift.

No. 236963

Maybe not but the painting is romantic in nature so it was made when they were dating, regardless of it being a b-day gift or not.

No. 236964

It's not that romantic. Her character is using a napkin to wipe Chris's dirty face. It's not her hand touching her face lol

No. 236967

your platonic friend wipes your mouth for you?

No. 236969

Romance can be subtle, as it is in the painting. It's an intimate gesture.

No. 236970

Something a girl would give a guy she likes, but isn't dating as hint-hint-nudge-nudge after his breakup. This artwork IMO feels like what probably started the dating.

No. 236971

Absolutely not. She commissioned it when they were already dating, obviously.

No. 236972

There's no obviously and that wouldn't prove they were dating before commissioning. The idea this was a confession piece seems more up her alley and what she'd do because of her awkward self. They didn't live together and she hadn't settled in for a while yet, dating right when she moved back makes no sense and that means she would've been in the middle of going and coming from Korea. Nowhere does it make sense she was dating him before coming back to Morioka. That's a lot of hassle.

No. 236975

I take it back, he is at an arcade with Connor and Chris in the video lol

No. 236976

Lmao Chris is in his latest video

No. 236977


No. 237000

so sharla and chris are drunk on stream for halloween, flirting a bunch, joking that anacondas are her favourite animal, making bedroom eyes at each other and sleeping in the same series of hotels for weeks on end all while sharing great chemistry. Is this the behaviour of someone who hasn't cheated and is waiting to break up first before making a move? Clearly not. They hooked up on JAJ, there's more evidence to show that they did than didn't and this is why the start of the relationship is unclear, c and s didn't agree on when the "official" start date would be, its lies upon lies at this point.

No. 237002

I'm confused. Anons are saying he broke up with Lily in Oct 2019 or Oct 2018?

No. 237004

You're trying really hard to paint Sharla's gift as something friendly lol.

No. 237009

File: 1659769973433.jpg (117.82 KB, 397x1113, 24.jpg)

Then what was mochiipanko keeping secret for so long - their platonic friendship?
And also "I was so excited when you told me"

No. 237010

Artists don't post commissions without the commissioner's permission. It's their property as they paid for it.

No. 237012

Apparently he said on patreon on December 18, 2018, that he was single. I assumed that the break up was after Christmas since Lily said on Jan 7, 2019 that her year started with bad news. Sometime in there, though. End of the year 2018. JAJ1 was filming Oct 8, 2018 - end of November ish? 2 months. Less than a month after getting home if the Dec 18 date is correct, he breaks up with Lily. A month at best if it was in the New Year before her Jan 7, 2019 tweet.

No. 237013

As someone in my 30s seeing Sharla so clearly head over heels in love at her age is really encouraging. Does anyone else get that that feeling from her? She's just completely in love with Chris and probably has been for years.

No. 237014

So factually, that's at least 4 months if they were dating when the commission was given. Sounds good to me even if it wasn't just a birthday gift, but I still don't think they were dating until later. Nothing else really adds up, especially since Sharla was busy moving. You can commission something online, but unless it was dating online, that makes no sense that they were dating while she was in Korea still while he was dating Lily and she was still in Korea in March.

No. 237016

He broke up with Lily in September 2018 before the cycle

No. 237018

So then, 8 months after his breakup he dated Sharla if he dated her right when she moved back to Japan [which is very unlikely again unless they were dating beforehand. They wouldn't have dated right when she moved, that makes no sense and wishful thinking on anons part because they think the commission is the only thing that points to dating when this also adds to it just being a friend/confession gift on her part and not because of actually dating. Liking someone for 8 months after your breakup doesn't make it as weird.

No. 237019

He's her last chance tbh

No. 237020

Kinda a shitty thing to say. I doubt he's someone she's just settling for. Seems way more into him than she was with her ex husband.

No. 237021

How the fuck does everyone here always fuck up timelines? She tweeted a photo with him the day before he left for the cycle in October and talked about her "bf* giving her a birthday gift for her birthday on November 30th. That's just clearly not true unless she was pretending that they were still together for a few months, she was in denial, or it wasn't a clean break.

No. 237022

Was she in Korea, though? She was in Japan for 2 months for JAJ1. Her last Korea Vlog was Oct 8 just as the cycle was beginning. She said that she was already divorced on JAJ1. Which seems really soon so maybe separated? At least already not with her husband. Then she posts JAJ vlogs until her “Why I’m moving back to Japan “ video Mar 9, 2019 where she is already settled in her Morioka apartment. So she’d already been moved back to Japan for who knows how long when that was posted. April 28 we see the couple art in her place. Again, we don’t know when it was filmed but it was posted April 28. In April she posts a bunch of Sakura pictures taken in Morioka and Chris posts one at the same spot.
They’re clearly a couple at this point and probably living together in Morioka as Lily was still in Sendai until she got the job in Tokyo.

No. 237024

lmao surely you're kidding.
I feel like if they were in any other country they wouldn't be dating, it's just the cultural difference with the locals is too big

No. 237025

Yeah the break up was clearly post cycle but only just. Dec 2018/ before Jan 7 2019.

Like a month after the cycle ended (the vids were still posting long after the end of the actual cycle).

No. 237027

Surely you’re kidding? They have very obvious chemistry and clearly are a good fit.

No. 237034

NTA but I definitely disagree with this. They give off those “meant to be” vibes and have extremely good chemistry.

No. 237035

Bedroom eyes? He was wearing sunglasses in that stream. Their friend Ian was in the room with them. They shared hotels but not hotel rooms ffs. This does not mean they cheated, it’s not their fault they had onscreen chemistry.

No. 237036

File: 1659774246427.jpeg (301.34 KB, 1169x1515, 0778FE00-EA1F-4A5A-8AB9-7146F3…)

These screenshots say otherwise.

No. 237037

>“meant to be” vibes
You have to be 18 to post here anon

No. 237038

File: 1659774320896.jpeg (544.53 KB, 2048x2048, 03D1B6C8-806B-4627-AD0A-57ED2D…)

Still together end of 2018. Maybe stop with the weird speculating now with no proof 😅

No. 237039

It’s odd how she tweeted so much about him when he never mentioned her at all. If she also knew he had a crush on Sharla the whole time … why would she stay in a relationship like that? She should be glad he broke up with her so she can move on and find someone she is into and who is into her.

And why does she not delete these tweets now? Girl …

No. 237040

It’s the truth. Some couples have no chemistry and don’t match and you can just tell they will break up eventually. There’s something about Chris and Sharla that make me think they’re in it for the long run.

No. 237041

“The bf knows how to get rid of me” ooooh boy that is sad looking back

No. 237057

Holy shit are we still talking about the break up from 4 years ago. Who gives a fucking shit. I’d rather discuss the inevitable wedding in 2023 than some psycho ex from 2018

No. 237066

I will be very surprised if they’re not married within a year. They’re definitely already engaged.

No. 237068

Wtf are talking about!!! It was chris himself on video Dec 2018 that said he was single. It’s not up for debate!!!
Dec 2018 chris broke up with Lily!!!
Jan 2019 lily tweeted about it

No. 237069

Her last chance of what? You know people can find love at age 40, 60, 80 right? She doesn’t want to have children so it’s not like she has to stress about that.

No. 237072

Calm down. This was in reply to people saying they broke up in September 2018. This tweet proves they were still together end of November 2018.

No. 237073

They posted that because this anon >>237016 said that they broke up in Sept of that year, which is clearly a lie.

No. 237074

Ugh people are so slow, we keep saying the same thing over and over again

No. 237075

I hope the fuckers on this thread aren’t police offers or we’re all fucked. Investigations going in circles on the most mundane garbage.

No. 237076

Lily still cares as is evident by her tweets the other day

No. 237079

Seems like Chris broke up with all these anons too and they care deeply.

No. 237080

I think some of them have gotten dumped in a similar fashion and feel for Lily and are unable to move on

No. 237081

File: 1659782698238.jpeg (1 MB, 1284x1565, 4B371F01-F294-4194-A581-620504…)

I’ve always wondered if Sharla and chris had a rough patch summer of 2019! Sharla went back to Canada and refers to it as a rough time. Chris also went back to the UK and described that time as brutal! But by aug/sept 2019 things seemed to be good again because that’s around the time Sharla announced that chris would join the road trip she was planning with norm.

No. 237084

when your partner might have cancer its going to be a rough time for sure, then add in being in different countries and being away from one another and its even worse.

No. 237087

Maybe it was because they had just moved in together so early and were figuring things out?

No. 237096

The thyroid thing didn’t start happening until 2021 I believe

No. 237097

No. 237102

Maybe they broke up during this time and got back together in sep 2019 which is why Chris says they got together 1 year after jaj …

No. 237103

Actually this makes the most sense out of the last three threads

No. 237104

It also makes sense that they waited so long to announce it because they wanted to make sure it worked after already having broken up once

No. 237107

Lmao this thread has wandered into pure fiction at this point. No evidence just entire speculation built on a trio to Canada

No. 237115

all chris and sharla threads have been pure speculation. some of it has proven to be correct, no reason this isn't as well. i don't think we will ever know the truth though.

No. 237117

she split from her husband a year earlier

No. 237118

Can someone explain why her and her ex husband had a dead bedroom? It seems to be common among international couples in Asia but is it common between local couples too?

No. 237119

What makes you think they had that?

No. 237123

What the hell is a dead bedroom and how do you know that?

No. 237125

>because that’s around the time Sharla announced that chris would join the road trip she was planning with norm.
Again, why are they friends with Norm? That's still long after his sockpuppets, doxing threats on youtube comments and Gaba stories came to light, and they probably know even more dirt about him if his unhinged behavior is that obvious in public.

No. 237126

He said one or two years.

No. 237127

one or two years so it could very well be one year after JAJ …

No. 237128

NTA dead bedroom means being in a relationship with no sex but Sharla has never ever talked about her sex life as far as I know so that anon is way off base.

No. 237131

Why would a Lily simp think Chris and Sharla are a good match?

No. 237132

Careful. They'll accuse you of being a Lily simp if you don't agree with them.

No. 237133

I hope Sharla vlogged her latest romantic trip with Chris! Their first vlog as an official couple ahhh

No. 237134

Sharla and her ex couldn't speak each other's languages and had to rely on a third, which they both couldn't speak freely in. She then moved to a country where she could not speak the language and would've had been very dependent on her husband who she couldn't fully communicate with. That and she complained about her MIL. Her MIL must've been pretty unbearable for her if she didn't think twice about complaining about her on her channel to thousands. It's really not a surprise that she got divorced and so soon. It's more surprising that she and her ex got married in the first place.

No. 237136

imo i think she and her exhusband maybe would've been fine as long as they stayed in Japan. I think Japan is sharla's comfort place and she just couldn't hack it in korea. They were together 7ish years in Japan and like 4~5 months(?) in korea lmao. I mean it makes sense, 1/3 of her life has been in Japan, so when it came down to which she values more - japan or her marriage - it's not that hard. But who knows she was pretty private about her relationship even though trying to put him on camera.

No. 237140

IDK, she acted very over Japan by the time she moved to Korea and was a total Koreaboo, although it did seem like she was trying too hard. Maybe it was an attempt to adopt her husband's culture though their pop culture since her interest dissipated after the divorce. But if you watched her vlogs where her ex appeared, they spoke very stilted Japanese together and it's not easy communicating about serious marital issues, like bossy MILs, even in a shared native language. Being in Korea with just his side the family and friends, and hardly anyone on her side when they were in a more equal position in Japan definitely made it worse, but I think they eventually would've had the same problems if they married in Japan with the communication barrier.

No. 237141

It wasn’t 1 or 2 years, Chris lied. They were clear together before that. Sharla’s post about the picture made that very clear. It’s not up for debate, move on! It’s not a big deal!

No. 237142

If Chris had to delete it from his stream, it is a big deal.

No. 237143

You are going to have to let go of the why are they friend with Norm boner. I don’t like norm, I think he is horrible, but they have chose to remain friends with him for whatever reason. Soooo you can either continue to beat that dead horse over over again or just hope Norm is expose one day and let it go.

No. 237144

>or just hope Norm is expose one day and let it go.
He has been exposed, several times. That's the point.

No. 237147

He doesn’t want people to know about the timeline, that much is clear. But you are stuck on the 1 to 2 years statement, followed by the edit, you have nothing else. It isn’t a big deal, simply because other than the fact that we know that they started the relationship way longer than they want us to know, we have nothing else. You are trying to stretch a conversation that we have already had here, but you are not bringing anything new.

No. 237148

>He doesn’t want people to know about the timeline, that much is clear.
Which means it is a big deal.
>You are trying to stretch a conversation that we have already had here, but you are not bringing anything new.
You're the one who wrote a full paragraph about it. All I did was type out one short sentence pointing out that it was important enough for Chris to delete it, so it clearly is a big deal. If you don't think it is, you don't have to comment on it.

No. 237149

And so from that I hope that you don’t gave him your time by watching his videos. I dislike him and will not watch anything that he is on. That’s the only thing I can control. You and I can not dictate who Chris and Sharla are friends with. If you feel that their friendship with Norm changes your view of them, stop watching them as well. That’s the only thing you can control, the constant harping about I don’t understand why they are friends with norm, changes nothing.

No. 237150

If people can talk about Lily all of the time, I can talk about an active and known jvlogger who's a friend of Sharla and Chris, who we're also talking about and an anon just mentioned Sharla's trip with Norm. Norm also films for them.

No. 237151

Why are you on lolcow?

No. 237152

Anyway, it looks like since norm moved they both stop filming with norm

No. 237153

Kek he was exposed on Chris's subreddit >>212983 and on his Patreon discord >>213276

No. 237175

Norm stopped filmed for Chris a year ago. Norm never filmed for Sharla. While I still think the why are they friend convo is stale and pointless, I am vet much here by for a shit taking session about norm!

No. 237183

A year later isn't milky. He was probably joking about the length being almost 2 years. Chris does this bad joking bit all the time and it probably wasn't funny to Sharla.

No. 237212

Do you think Lily watched Chris' Sharla video? She has been awfully quiet on twitter lately, hopefully she's alright.

No. 237214

she literally posted yesterday

No. 237216

Oh, sorry I didn't see that.

No. 237218

girl has a gig coming up soon and is planning a trip to america
I think she's doing more than fine

No. 237219

Good that she's thriving! It's just said how she's obviously not over Chris but the first step is acceptance and I guess she's got that now after both Chris and Sharla have made gushy videos about their relationship.

No. 237221

I mean They are screaming about their love in every mountain top! Lily couldn’t avoid it if she tried. It must really suck, but also I Am imagining an engagement announcement soon, so hopefully Lily will keep her unhinged fingers off Twitter after the announcement. LOL!

No. 237229

I am surprised that they have been so open about their relationship. From nada and hiding it as much as possible one day to talking about it everywherrrr the other! Chris said he didn't know why they decided to share it now but surely there must be a reason.

No. 237232

don't mean to armchair but I believe she mentioned somewhere that she grew up with 9 other siblings, so I don't imagine such an upbringing wouldn't reflect on you in your adult life. but yeah, glad she's thriving

(and before the retard upthread accuses me or you of being lily: read the rules)

No. 237240

How is Lily thriving when this week alone a bunch of people except Rachel and Jun dropped her? lol

No. 237242

I feel like most j-vloggers dropped her as soon as Chris did 4 years ago.

No. 237246

her channel is empty and it doesn't look like she's going to pick it up again any time soon
so why should she care?

No. 237247

Some still followed her and probably forgot they did. Most of the stuff in her replies around that time are all sucking up to one girl specifically who's name idc enough to go back and look at the tags for or they are removed posts from other Jvloggers. When she made that fake cheated tweet for sympathy and everyone knew she posted that as wishful thinking when clearly everyone knew there was no cheating, she lost whoever else was still following her. Lily is a downright moron. She doesn't have proof and someone like Sam would've leaked that shit immediately if there was cheating, but the whole crew seemed to know they were dating and are relieved to finally hear the announcement according to Chris's live stream. Joey is even heard saying "FINALLY YOU SAID IT!". The circle knew. Lily is just mad she didn't know and because of it she wants to try to cause drama with this cheating narrative. She's needs meds.

No. 237248

she still has her channel linked in her twitter bio and calls herself an "enthusiast content creator" so i'm assuming being buddy buddy with other japan based content creators is a good thing.

No. 237253

Lily is not thriving, she is surviving. Someone who is thriving and living their best life would not go on that Twitter rampage. If she was thriving and find out that chris possibly cheated on her, her mindset should have been, well thank god I dodge that bullet, and I am no longer with a liar and a cheater. I don’t fault her for not being over it, cause heartbreak is hard. I remember that I thought I was completely over my ex, but remembered balling when I found out that he was engaged! IMO she has been living her life in suspense, 3 years on she has yet to have a relationship. Perhaps this conformation will shock her into getting over chris, cause otherwise she is in for a world of hurt, cause these 2 are going full on with their relationship. Chris and Sharla are crazy in love and are not going to hide it, and most likely will announce engagement etc soon, so lily needs to do herself a favor and find a good therapist to help heal her heart!

No. 237254

Yeah I think if they cheated it would have leaked by now. No one else has even mentioned cheating. I cringed at her tweets because it was obvious she had absolutely no proof of cheating, just that Chris and Sharla got together after he broke up with Lily.

I understand it must be painful when her boyfriend has obvious chemistry with (and a crush on) another, more successful woman in the field Lily wants to work (youtube) but that does not mean there was cheating. He left her, probably because he was no longer in love with her, got with Sharla later on and is still in a seemingly very happy relationship with her and that's all there is to it.

No. 237259

Do you really think Chris and Sharla will announce their engagement soon? Even if they are engaged (and I think they are) waiting with the announcement makes sense as people are still getting over the shock of them dating.

No. 237260

Not a single person because it didn't happen, but the whole inner circle knew they were dating at some point. She was still in the process of moving, which I've said several times and anons keep ignoring, around the time anons claim cheating was going on. She wasn't even settled in Morioka yet and she was still in Korea in March 2019. The artwork was clearly overseas commissioned and now even more points to it being a birthday gift.

It's like anons are purposely ignoring shit to try and spin some cheating narrative that doesn't make any sense aside from it being good milk for their headcanons.

No. 237263

>She was still in the process of moving

No. 237265

Go upthread. I said I mentioned it earlier. She had a "Why I'm moving back to Japan" or whatever video she filmed in March 2019. Stop begging to be spoonfed.

No. 237268

File: 1659810741939.png (1.63 MB, 1562x709, no cheating.png)

She's fucking crying in her moving to Japan video in March 2019. She's not fake crying, she lamenting her past relationship and her cats not being able to come with her. How the fuck is she having time to cheat when she's this upset? Anons need to give this cheating crap a rest. It doesn't make sense and doesn't add up. Asserting this commissioned work is because of dating looks even less likely now. Chris was also single at the time when him and Joey visited her. I don't think they were dating, but I think the commission might be more of a thank you for being there now. It would be weird to give that type of sentiment to Joey in the form of a photo, but a photo like that to thank Chris seems cute and appropriate and since she works with stationary and commissions art for that stuff already, art isn't out of her wheelhouse as a gift.

No. 237273

Anon have you seriously never heard of someone ending a marriage and basically immediately falling into the arms of a person who was there for them? It's classic rebound shit. Sharla could've been upset about her marriage ending AND starting seeing Chris, all at the same time. people are complicated. I don't know if they cheated, I think it is impossible for us to know as just random anon viewers but we can't say for sure just because Sharla was crying in a video, just like we can't say for sure because Lily tweeted some dumb shit. Wish we'd just drop this subject but I understand there isn't exactly a lot of milk coming from any other jvloggers at the moment. Only so many times can you say Norm is a cunt.

No. 237276

That's clearly not what happened. Take your meds. So within 2 weeks, according to you, she fell in love with Chris and commissioned some art?

No. 237283

I wondered who one of the dumbasses was who thought the reactions to the announcement were real. They've been layering TT's reaction clips on that video for the last two weeks as a joke.

No. 237285

uh, no? She could've fallen in love with Chris before two weeks, what makes you think there is some kind of two week window exclusively? You realize it is also entirely possible that Sharla cheated on her husband with Chris? I don't get why any anons here assert anything with this 100% certainty. They could've all cheated, they could've all NOT cheated, Sharla & Chris could've pined for each other in bad relationships for a couple years, and she commissions the art because they finally get to be together? Why would Sharla have displayed in her own apartment a birthday gift of art that she had made for her friend? Why wouldn't she have given it to Chris, to display in his apartment? Or do you believe they just platonically lived together in 2019?

No. 237297

But the “why I’m moving back to Japan” video was filmed in her apartment in Morioka! She’s already in Japan when she filmed that, settled in an apartment with furniture. On March 5. Given that she needed to film, edit, upload it was filmed anywhere from a day to a week earlier. Why are you pushing this idea that she was still in Korea when she very clearly was not?

No. 237298

sharla divorced before JAJ happened, she just continued to wear the ring because she wasn't ready to talk about it

No. 237301

Too broke up from a 5 year marriage to even remove the ring, but fine enough to cheat? No fucking way.

No. 237305

She wasn't ready to talk about it, she didn't want to field all the questions from viewers. That's why she'd keep the ring on. To be honest, Sharla's marriage always seemed pretty farcical - how close could you have ever really been to someone who you could barely communicate with? Once they moved away from Japan, a country she liked that occupied her time, to his home country of Korea they ended pretty damn quickly. It's like him and his family weren't "enough", and she missed her social life (including Chris kek) in Japan. Obviously we don't know the inner workings of their marriage but I imagine it was basically Tom and Taylor R redux. Two people barely communicating, who really don't have major chemistry or sparks flying - a marriage of convenience. Chris and Sharla's chemistry is visible in every one of their videos, not so much with her husband. She wore the ring so bozos wouldn't ask her "What happened to your ring!?" not because she missed him, necessarily.

No. 237306

Sharla and Chris must be VERY confident in their relationship to announce it across all their platforms. Sharla went through a painful divorce she had to announce so I can't help but feel they are engaged and in it for the long run.

No. 237314

Where are you getting a 5 year marriage from? She announced she was getting engaged in early 2016, referred to him as her husband in 2017, then got divorced sometime during the summer of 2018. Also the speculation was about if Chris cheated not if she did.

No. 237318

Agreed on the still wearing the rings to avoid questions. I wonder if the 2+ months away on JAJ were a trial separation that made it clear things were over. Or if they had already agreed to divorce.

I don’t agree on the Taylor R thing. Tom is from HK and speaks fluent English. They wouldn’t have the same communication issues as Sharla and her ex. No idea even what the ex’s name is which is kind of weird but I guess he really didn’t want to be in the public eye.

No. 237319

File: 1659813989024.jpeg (632.17 KB, 1232x1355, 57CE7D41-F8D9-4C3A-8CD8-4C73A9…)

>>23726just a quick correction Sharla was already in Morioka apartment by January 2019. She applied for it September 2018. This is her livestream from her morioka apt in Feb 2019

No. 237320

It looks like she’s sitting in that room Chris turned into his office which proves that he had not yet moved in here

No. 237327

Exactly right

No. 237330

Has anyone ever claimed Chris was already living with her in Feb 2019?

No. 237338

File: 1659816655606.jpeg (797.02 KB, 1284x1358, 2C8E4414-CDA5-4245-99A2-73D1C5…)

I was surprised how much Kiera Ashley who knew Lily before moving back to Australia, gushed over chris and Sharla’s announcement. lol cow rumor is that Kiera famously was trolled by norm’s sock puppet account. It’s very interesting to see how she still interact with Chris and Sharla

No. 237339

I remember she asked Lily on Twitter why she’s not in more Chris videos and she said it was because of privacy and because people criticised him for not being with a Japanese woman. I wonder if that was the whole truth or if he didn’t want her in his videos because he knew she wasn’t “the one” and that he would eventually break up with her..

No. 237341

File: 1659817865576.jpeg (526.13 KB, 1321x1228, 30B1E780-D4CD-47F6-82AE-159FA2…)

Keira smelled that something was off, but Lily was too far deep to question why her boyfriend refused to acknowledge her publicly. Now that we see him declaring Sharla as the love of his life on every platform know to man, it must sting so much!

No. 237347

Omg I remember Keira Ashley getting bullied by someone on twitter. I wish I could remember what was said so I could have a look back at the tweets. Never knew at the time the rumour was it was Norm! I remember how upset she was & other jvloggers were like wtf.

No. 237348

Yeah Chris suddenly does not seem to give a single fuck about being criticised for dating a non-Japanese woman or about privacy for that matter. In the livestream he wanted to talk about Sharla, he wanted questions about their relationship.

Sharla also wanted to keep their relationship private as well, that's the difference between her relationship with Chris and Chris' relationship with Lily.

No. 237352

File: 1659818893592.jpeg (347.4 KB, 1169x1924, B2E2B2E2-6252-47B4-83C0-7406B8…)

Was this ever discussed on lolcow? Above mention of Keira Ashley & Norm reminded me of this!
Sorry for bringing up old stuff but was amusing at the time & people may not have seen this back then.

No. 237362

We see how sensitive norm Is and see how he overreacts to the slightest criticism on his comment section.. He must have lost his ever loving mind with her publicly calling him a leech.

No. 237363

Is Rachel still friends with Sharla? I haven't seen her reply to any of Sharla's posts about her and Chris.
>someone like sam would've leaked that shit immediately if there was cheating
How would sam have known anything? Has he ever even associated with anyone who is friends with Chris and Sharla or who was part of the cycle across Japan? I don't even think he knows about Lily.

No. 237366

Sharla and Chris always wanted to slam each other deep down. 7 long years for them and they can finally fuck each other after all that time.

No. 237370

Exactly Sam is a nobody, who knows nothing, why the hell would he know about people who are no where near his sad obese circle? And before that person said he knew Sharla and Chris were dating. He didn’t know, he just saw what what 90% of us saw with our own eyes. That Chris and Sharla were shit at hiding that they were madly in love, it was so obvious!

No. 237372

Not just a rumour. AFAIK, there were receipts on PULL.

No. 237378

Either way it’s interesting that she seem to be a Sharla and Chris cheerleader in spite of their association with Norm, after what he has done to her.

No. 237380

I don't think Sharla was into Chris before she got divorced, but Chris watched Sharla videos before he moved to Japan so maybe he always harboured a little crush on her?

No. 237384

She even replied to Sharla’s tweets from today. Interesting how so many of Lily’s old friends have gone over to interacting with Sharla.

No. 237386

Are these receipts on lolcow?

No. 237390

It makes perfect sense now why Sharla kept Maro in the second apartment when she brought him over from Korea. They were probably trying to get Chris with his cat allergy used to Maro gradually.

No. 237391

Yes, in one of his old videos, he said that Sharla was one of the first videos that he watched prior to coming to Japan. If you watch the old collabs, you can see the puppy dog eyes as he looked at her. clearly has had a crush on her for a very long time but she was always in a relationship and then got married so he sort of moved on to other girls. But he always held a candle for her and as soon as she was single and he thought he had a chance he went for it I guess .

No. 237394

Keira, Lily Chris

No. 237397

Thats because after Sendai he moved in with her.

No. 237399

Interesting to see Lily in motion. She looks kinda shy. A big part of the video is her sitting at the table not talking to anyone. It's also a little weird that she's sitting so far away from Chris. Obviously it's difficult to tell from a video like this but they don't seem to have much chemistry.

This made me feel kinda bad for her, actually.

No. 237401

Nadine Sharla go to Sendai friend with Lily back in the days

No. 237402

You can see why most of Chris’s viewers had no idea that he had a girlfriend.
She even backed away from the group goodbye shot.

No. 237404

Yes, that was a little weird. Maybe she is uncomfortable in front of the camera. Chris does not look at her once in this video, but in videos with Sharla he looks at her at all times.

No. 237405

Nadine filming with Sharla in 2022. She was supposed to go to the tanabata festival with Sharla this weekend, but got covid!

No. 237406

Yes, she understood the assignment. You can be my girlfriend, but no publicly. What’s interesting though on her Twitter she was bating people to know that she was his girlfriend

No. 237409

File: 1659830861930.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1276x1656, 9B46E972-EA84-4040-B1FE-3A13CA…)

So close Nadine and Sharla has become that Sharla invited her to stay over night. Here she is with Sharla new cat tuna

No. 237410

Where does it say she stayed over?

No. 237411

That’s a little strange and must have been awkward for her. Sharla is now getting the gold star girlfriend treatment with Chris saying to everyone who wants to listen that they’re dating. As he should! It isCute to see a proud boyfriend.

No. 237414

Those are bed sheets, she is in a bed! She in Sharla’s apartment. It’s an easy conclusion that she didn’t go to sharla‘s house to take a nap during the day.

No. 237415

anyone else remember that ear cleaning video Sharla did? It was summer 2018 so I guess she was already separated from her husband! chris did the filming and i remember thinking it was kind of an intimate video

No. 237416

Interacting with a cat that is laying on a bed does not equal a sleepover.

No. 237419

She was already divorced by then, just wasn’t telling people. After she got back to Korea from that Japan trip, she did a live and you can see her giddy giggle when Chris jumped in the chat. He said he showed her ears video to his sister.
Jump to 1:35 and 17: 15 to see her giddiness

No. 237420

File: 1659832478598.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1288x1656, 9F453E98-C06E-493E-8F00-77914A…)

Since you want to argue, here is another perspective. Look at the background of this post. It’s Sharla living room, that’s her TV stand and glass planter. Nadine is laying on Sharla’s sofa bed in the living room. Nadine had just returned from long trip back from Australia and it looked like she stayed with Sharla for a day or so.

No. 237421

awww that's actually really cute how chris can make her laugh. you can tell they became close friends after he visited korea.

No. 237424

Sharla liked one of that Keira girl’s tweets today

No. 237426

It’s a bit more than that! He changed her mood. In her prior collabs with chris, yes she would laugh at his jokes but there was a clear friend zone wall there. But this live stream she perked up when she saw him in the chat. More to the point, as the live stream was ending, she said “a friend requested me to do this livestream” and Then look directly at the camera and said “so you owe me.” Looking back at it now it’s clear that Chris asked her to do the livestream. He wanted/needed to see her, cause he missed her. Lilly was doomed!

No. 237430

oof. and hadn’t he seen sharla pretty recently? and compare how he is acting with sharla to how he’s acting with lily in that other video that was posted and they were together for almost two years after that … no wonder lily picked up on his crush on sharla. maybe this is what she meant when she tweeted that he changed after sharla got divorced?

No. 237439

Again, does she say anywhere she slept at her place? Don't be this retarded.

No. 237441

Exactly they saw each other like the week before, but here he is logging in to see a very mundane live stream of her just eating Korean food. When you are falling in love with someone, you just want to be around them, you want to see them all the time, just doing anything. This is why he invited Sharla to join the whole JAJ trip, he didn’t want to be apart from her!
they both may have diluted themselves into thinking that they were just friends, but it’s clear that they were falling in love!
I am not staying that they had a physical affair, because I just get the feeling that they never let it go that far. but they had an emotional affair at best. Since JaJ ended I think that Chris went back to UK in November 2018, and finally stopped lying to himself about his feelings for her and ended his relationship with Lily in December. This obviously fucked with Lily’s mind and heart, because I am sure she saw him slipping away emotionally, months before he finally ended things.
This is why I believed she has a hard time moving on. So she genuinely needs therapy to heal that sorts of damage! In the end of the day, probably deep down inside Lily always knew Chris was always waiting for Sharla.
The expression “the heart wants what it wants” is so true, you can fight, ignore, suppress your heart desire all you want but only for so long.
They have have the soul make like connections, which we all can see.

No. 237446

Why would she stay with Sharla when she lives in Sendai? Blanket in living room doesn’t equal sleepover either. Cats like blankets.

No. 237447

File: 1659838949917.jpeg (187.81 KB, 1241x699, CB7391C3-B265-42DA-BECD-046922…)

You really want to argue with me huh!? She is literally laying on Sharla’s sofa bed in the middle of sharlas living room. but you want me to just think that just because she didn’t say “she slept over”, she just happens to pull out Sharla sofa bed, put sheets on it, lay in it and took a nap in ghe middle of the day and took this picture? It’s called discernment or power of reasoning try it . But then again I am guessing you were one of those who fought me on here when I was pointing out the matching cups etc. you are incapable of putting together puzzles. Bless your heart!

No. 237449

Take your meds. Even if she did, why would it matter and that still doesn't prove it. They could have even had it out for some other reason and not for sleeping since the sun is out, why would they still keep it out and take up all that space?

No. 237450

Yes you are 100% right! It means nothing! I will take my meds. How can I be so stupid to come to that obvious conclusion. Yes they just happens to open up their sofa bed and leave or open, my bad. It just like back when I incorrectly assumed that because they had matching cups and furnitures that they were a couple and living together. But you kindly reminded me back then to take my meds and that they were daiso cups that everyone has. You were right then and you are right now!! Of to take my meds, I keep getting things wrong! I am a so retarted, you are very astute!

No. 237456

“Emotional affair” must be the stupidest phrase I’ve ever heard. From all the evidence it’s clear he wasn’t overjoyed in his last relationship hence why he hid it. And from Lily’s erratic online behavior historically you can see why. There’s a reason Chris stayed good friends with previous ex gfs but not her. Control freak ex partners never ever handle break ups well speaking fro my experience.

No. 237459

I mean I can’t say I disagree. But emotional affair is a thing. Per Google——
The term emotional affair describes a type of relationship between people. The term often describes a bond between two people that mimics or matches the closeness and emotional intimacy of a romantic relationship while not being physically consummated.

No. 237468

No. 237475

The dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.

No. 237493

That's a bold call like such relationship was extremely private.
And as far as we know it lasted a lot.

No. 237495

…..cliche as hell phrase kek
The relationship looks quite average ,I'm referring to it being an usual we all see around.

No. 237519

Lily said Chris started acting weird after Sharla’s divorce so I wonder when she told them she was getting divorced. In Korea? Before JAJ? After JAJ?

No. 237520

tinfoil but my guess is before/during JAJ. they might have found it strange that she'd willingy choose to be away from her partner for a month, given that she didn't have to be present for the whole trip

No. 237523

They probably knew about her separation during their trip to Korea . She was sleazy divorced by jaj

No. 237524

Well u r a child to think that this doesn’t happen

No. 237525

Chris used to be a little bit subtly flirty with Sharla on twitter before he got with Lily, saying things like "the day you rank higher than me on famous birthdays is the day i take you out for dinner" … so yes, he probably did always nurse a crush on her.

No. 237526

Lily just heavily filter her Twitter fotos as opposed to her normal appearance in these vids.

No. 237531

File: 1659871906033.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1260x2224, 61843D24-86DE-4B37-8E7E-C6DF83…)

She removes the bags from under her eyes and smooths out her face. Lol her latest pic she pushed her boobs together, look at me Chris sub post. Meanwhile Chris is like “EVERYONE, this is my girlfriend Sharla, love of my life, the best relationship I have ever had.”

No. 237532

who doesn't these days? so many people and j-vloggers especially heavily edit their photos. i think lily might be a bit insecure which tracks with her not being over chris after 4 years. i feel bad for her.

and even though she says she doesn't, she definitely looks her age in the videos, which btw isn't a bad thing. i wonder if she started the "i look so young!!" stuff because sharla always gets those comments.

No. 237535

Yes lol she is lying to herself with the I look so incredibly young post lol! She is the queen of humble brag.
I look so young
I make too much money to get a dates
I lost so much weight
so many man are DM me for dates

No. 237539

So let me get this right.. you think lily posted this pic with the exact intention of trying to get Chris’s attention?
Guys this is so cringeworthy, you’re just making all this shit up based on the fact that Sharla and Chris hid their relationship for so long.
Lily obviously reads here so her recent tweets about cheating were probably based on your ridiculous tinfoils.
Please can we move on? There’s nothing to gain out of any of this speculation and I would rather chat about norms snowflakery than lily - she isn’t even a jvlogger and at 1.8k subscribers she never was. Inb4 you reeee that ex-jvloggers are included in this thread.

No. 237541

All these people who wanna chat about Norm never have anything new to say about Norm besides "here are screenshots of him being rude." Taking about Lily isn't much better but no one ever has anything new to say about him.

No. 237547

It’s partly because 80% of this thread are from Reddit and are obsessed Sharla and Chris.
But yeah I know.. I just used norm as an example, if Sharla and Chris weren’t a thing this thread would be dead. There’s no need to keep a thread going if there’s nothing new to discuss, there’s nothing wrong with it lying dormant until milk happens.

This is what people mean when they talk about the culture of lolcow, fan forums and subreddits exist for a reason…

No. 237552

>Lily should take comfort in that everyone's reaction to Chris and Sharla is "I knew it would happen one day"
so comforting

No. 237553

You sound so pathetic and retarded. You’ll never find love.

No. 237555

god its so obvious too, the reddit whiteknights on standby ready to defend their queen and king.
Sharla has never been well liked here nor had many simps but ever since they announced they're dating there's been such a huge simp increase. It's probably gonna be like this for another few weeks until the news gets old

No. 237556

LMAO this was spot on

No. 237558

She has photos of her with her thighs on his head still. She's psycho, so yeah. She probably thinks Chris browses their images she keeps up and looks at her zoomed in selfies lol

No. 237561

Yes, she should find comfort in that it was inevitable. It would probably have happened sooner or later anyway so better now than if she had been with Chris for 10 years and still no ring and then he breaks up with her and later gets with Sharla.

No. 237564

Photos she took recently or is just left on her social media…?
Also imageboard

No. 237565

NTA but they probably mean old couple photos of her and Chris that are still on her Twitter and Instagram. Most people delete those kind of photos after a break up, especially if they’re the ones who got dumped.

No. 237566

>Lily obviously reads here so her recent tweets about cheating were probably based on your ridiculous tinfoils.

This. There was the anon in here a thread or two back claiming they saw Chris and Sharla holding hands, and then Lily tweeting "my friend even saw them holding hands" so somebody's lying or one of the Lily simps knows her personally. Also, seconding that Lily probably didn't post that photo especially for Chris to notice, Looks like she's just trying to pick herself back up and give herself a little self esteem boost by posting a cute pic.

No. 237567

Yeah some people do but not everyone. I still have photos up with an ex from 10 years ago, partly because it’s Facebook and they are so old I forget they’re there. (Who even uses Facebook right)
Perhaps that’s why lilys are there too? I’m using this angle because I think this whole thing is ridiculous. Yeah she was probably bitter about the breakup, who isn’t fucking bitter after a breakup???

No. 237569

And you're a bitter little femcel who's so miserable that all you can do is turn it outward because you'll never find peace or have anything resembling a healthy, loving relationship.

No. 237571

Yeah the jump from "some people just do that" to "she's psychotic" is a bit severe. I know plenty of people who don't do a big purge after a breakup. They just don't place as big of an emphasis on social media as a constantly current representation of the present.

No. 237573

But it's been almost four years and showed a few days ago that she is clearly not over him … and she has her insta story highlights of him saved underneath a heart emoji still.

No. 237574

OP has it linked, spoonie, and no, from 4 years ago. Most exes remove their exes photos. Lily hasn't and keeps the suggestive ones up. She's still obsessed with chris. She needs a life.

No. 237578

If she already applied for her apartment in >>237319
Morioka by September 2018, she probably told them before she moved to Japan, so that summer, maybe while she was in the process of divorce.

No. 237579

Do you realize just how much Sharla filters herself? Not to mention the majority of the other female jvloggers.

No. 237581

Filters in 2022 after being around for over 20 years. No1currs about basic bitch editing anymore. Strawmanning for milk.

No. 237582

I thought Sharla looked cute without filters in that video where she helped Chris film him and Connor eat noodles

No. 237583

Anons mad people are talking about Lily so now they are nitpicking Sharla

No. 237584

I wonder if he knew she was getting a divorce when she did that livestream he commented on?

No. 237587

Divorces can take 6+ months. Probably, but she cried immediately when she finally talked about it on camera. I don't think cheating existed.

No. 237590

I don't think there was cheating either, but Lily said Chris started acting weird after finding out Sharla was getting divorced so I'm curious if he knew by the time Sharla did that livestream because he was all up in that chat.

No. 237591

We've made fun of Sharla's filters for years, long before you simps invaded the thread. Same for the other jvloggers. You'd know that if you'd bothered to acquaint yourself with this thread before turning it into a simp fest for Sharla and Chris. That you won't stand for anyone mentioning Sharla's obvious filters when you can go on and on about Lily's just goes to show what an obsessed fan you are.

No. 237592

FYI This comment is Lily

No. 237593

Sharla looks the same in other peoples videos though and Lily looks quite different. Sharla seems really self confident though and Lily doesn’t so that could be a reason why that is. Anyway, most people put some kind of filter on their photos and many people are insecure and not self confident so who cares.

No. 237594

How do you know?

No. 237595

But she never specifically said why? Like was he wanting to call her in another country or was he texting her too much? I wouldn't doubt Lily thinks he was different when he probably,like the other vloggers, felt bad for her and Lily took that as "HE LIKES HER!!!SHES OPEN SEASON NOW, I DONT TRUST MY MAN!". She seems like one to jump to conclusions (as seen in her cheated then deleted tweet because she did the same shit then too).

Its always the one who gets broken up with that makes claims and doesn't ever back it up.

No. 237596

>Sharla looks the same in other peoples videos though
No, she doesn't. That's exactly what we've laughed about.
>Anyway, most people put some kind of filter on their photos and many people are insecure and not self confident so who cares.
That was exactly my point, yet got accused of being a Lily stan for pointing out that most of the female jvloggers filter, including the one they like.

No. 237597

Stop nitpicking. No1 was talking about Sharla's filters and if its been discussed before like you said, its a dead discussion. We are talking about Lily.

No. 237599

Yea she does, like I said that noodle video with Chris she looked like she does in her own videos and there was both bad lighting and no filter in that video.

No. 237601

This was the old house that was on Rachel and June's property before they demolished and built the new one. When are we finally going to get a house tour? It's been a long time since they moved in. How much did Jun earn from his Rusty knife video and how much do they earn sporadically releasing their videos now? It takes them months to release new videos on Jun's cooking channel since he became successful. Usually, youtubers will try to take advantage of blowing up, but it's been the opposite with them.

No. 237602

lmao no sharla is not confindent as you say
she has a habit of hiding in hoodies and baggy clothes and favoring certain angles to appear slim. This has all been discussed before if you're not new.
you can just look at her tagged photos vs her own to see the differences

No. 237604

Or maybe she likes wearing hoodies? She has talked openly about how she has gained a lot of weight these past few months and is trying to lose it now. I think that’s pretty self confident to be able to talk about that. Sharla has never been super skinny and I think that suits her actually.

No. 237605

I can hear your gleeful snorts through the computer screen. Why don’t you take a selfie of yourself and share it on here. I’d love to see the orange cheetos crumbs stuck in the corners of your lips through the dimly lit corner of your basement.

No. 237606

I hope to god you're trolling. It'd be scary if you said that without any sense of irony.

No. 237609

Hah. When you realize 80% of the people on this board are bitter 38 year old white girls, you know this description has an alarming degree of accuracy.

No. 237610

No I am not lily, I am the same uk anon as I have always been. But if you want to hi cow me, go ahead and enjoy your ban kek.
You redditfags love to call anyone who trashes your opinion the cow in question lol

No. 237614

funny how there are four different videos on youtube about sharla's and chris relationship reveal and they all have over 500 000 views. people really love them together.

No. 237615

We saw Juns kitchen finished at least. This was yesterdays video? This isn't the house they bought. This is a fixer they are going to sell/rent out.

No. 237616

if the whole sharla/chris shit hadnt popped off on lolcow, i'm pretty sure we'd all be bitching about how rachel and jun milked their audience for money in the year they built their house from 2020-2021.

they made shitty low quality vids every week hocking some dumb sponsorship, all under the guise of "you guys are our friends helping us achieve our dream, wait until you see the house!"

and have now waited over a year to share anything bout the house. pretty lame

this is the house their new house was built on top of. they knocked this house down back in 2020.

No. 237618

Woah so this is a two year old video?

No. 237619

yeah this was filmed years ago before they started construction on their house. they just decided to share this video now for some reason.

No. 237627

The editing for Jun's cooking videos used to be slick. Dunno if it was laziness or to increase their length, but then they became more traditional vlog-style with the same music that everyone uses. You'd think with more money and time, the quality would improve, not deteriorate.

No. 237628

He still has the entire beginning part where him and Haku just roam around outside, camera several feet away, quiet music.

Where's the traditional vlog style? It's his same style.

No. 237635

His old videos were around 6 minutes or less, used dynamic/upbeat music for when he was cooking, more creative angles, shorter cuts obviously. The camera quality wasn't as good as it is now and they didn't have a drone, but the editing was more inspired and it didn't take as long for them to release a video. The longer intros and quiet music throughout the entire vlogs that resemble other jvlogs came later.

No. 237639

Do you need help? 4 Years ago he already started doing longer videos. "Upbeat music", sorry you hate lofi? What's the milk?

No. 237644

tried to catch up with the last threads and i had no idea that chris even had a gf before sharla…

op only states the unhinged things lily does now but many mention that chris already seemed unhappy while he was still in a relationship with her.
is it known what she did back then (other than the gofundme stuff)?

No. 237648

he's had several girlfriends before sharla

what do you mean what she did? for a living?

No. 237680

That was after his knife video blew up and when they started to take more time to release videos. You keep describing the videos that I said follow a more typical jvlog.

No. 237682

Where did Stan's mom and dad meet? Usually, it's the mom who's Filipino. Did the parents divorce because Stan's dad was too conservative and wouldn't accept him?

No. 237702

File: 1659899313807.jpg (306.83 KB, 2048x2048, WWl2oZi.jpg)

Lily stated that she got her first full time job in Japan after the break up. Before that she was a student and doing small jobs “modelling” trying to start a YouTube channel and possibly helping with Chris’s videos a bit since she seems to have been there behind the scenes most of the time.

No. 237707

File: 1659899711934.jpg (67.97 KB, 828x793, uxs7MBT.jpg)

I know many say that Lily doesn’t count as a jvlogger and is just Chris’s ex. But before she deleted them she did have a YouTube channel. She claimed to have been working on it for 5 years. She didn’t have many videos when I saw it, but at that time the Korea Vlog was still up as well as videos about her new apartment in Tokyo and some stuff about having to go to the hospital when she was living alone in Tokyo .

No. 237711

You noticed the only white woman line. No shit Lilly it’s Japan, there’s not a lot of white people there. But sage loves to feel special and different. She gives me huge pick me vibes!

No. 237721

Foreign students aren't allowed to work full-time per visa regulations. That's probably why her first full-time job was 2 years later and she'd need one for a work visa.
It says famous and infamous (ex)-jvlogger. She wasn't either. You could try to argue now that she's infamous as Chris' ex, but not as a current or former jvlogger.

No. 237724

Was Sharla in the Korea vlog?

No. 237725

Maybe Chris didn’t break up with her sooner because she didn’t have a full time job? Finding a new apartment is tricky and she probably couldn’t afford to live in her and Chris apartment alone as that apartment was quite big (according to Chris). When he broke up with her she was finishing up school and could find a job and place of her own.

No. 237727

They broke up September 2018. She got her job in July 2019.

No. 237731

No they broke up in December 2018 after he got back from JAJ. She moved to Tokyo in April 2019 when the lease on their Sendai apartment was up to find a job there.

No. 237732

File: 1659901979377.jpg (104.01 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_20220807_225313.jpg)

No. 237733

So he broke up with her just a couple of months before she graduated which meant she would be fine on her own from there on.

No. 237734

Yes. Sharla was, and Chiaki and Nick.

No. 237737

that's still a couple of months without a stable income. not to mention she had to get a new visa

No. 237740

No wonder she deleted it then. Did Chris and Sharla interact in the vlog?

No. 237741

Yeah but at least he gave her all the furniture when she moved out?

No. 237742

yeah. but did that furniture come with a new apartment to put it into?

No. 237744

File: 1659902887329.jpg (304.05 KB, 2048x2048, wqsa3RS.jpg)

He broke up with her in December 2018. She was still in school. Close to finishing I guess if she gave her marks April 1 2019.

Explains why she stayed in the apartment that they had shared until she moved away from Sendai.

No. 237745

She was still a student and wouldn't have had a job lined up yet since she didn't move to Tokyo until April 2019. It was possibly the worse time to break up and maybe why he allowed her to keep so much.

No. 237746

What’s he supposed to do? Not break up with her? Find her a new apartment? Pay her rent? She made the choice to move from France to Japan, probably directly into his apartment. It’s not his fault it didn’t work out.

No. 237747

Why are you so defensive? Anon didn't blame Chris for the break up.

No. 237748

She took it all with her to her new apartment in Chiba prefecture. It was in the vlogs on her channel before she deleted or privated them. Including those stuffed toys that used to be in the livestreams Chris did from the apartment they shared in Sendai.

No. 237749

i never said that he was supposed to do something. just didn't really line up with your theory

No. 237750

people still ask him about mr snuggles

No. 237751

Why would you go to lolcow to try to convince people what a great guy Chris is?

No. 237752

sharla has/had a photo up on her fridge of herself, chris, chiaki and nick up on her fridge, probably taken in korea by lily. awkward.

No. 237753

I wonder if she lived anywhere else after moving to Japan or just straight in with Chris.
That puts a lot of pressure on a relationship being so dependent on one person especially early on in the relationship and in a foreign country.

No. 237756

File: 1659903850480.jpg (Spoiler Image,284.17 KB, 2048x2048, RulIh5l.jpg)

Lily and Sharla were friendly still a month into JAJ. Lily probably didn’t know that Sharla was already single.

No. 237757

probably straight in with chris. she moved here summer 2016 after visiting a few times and that's when he moved out of his very small apartment in sendai and into that bigger one they shared.

No. 237760

No I watched that vlog a while ago, not long before it was deleted and I remember it was just her, Chiaki, Nick and Chris who she barely showed. They were at a restaurant, went to a cafe and then some art gallery place.

No. 237762

sorry i worded that badly
i wanted to know what other problematic or crazy things she did while chris was dating her, because so many anons mentioned that he seemed unhappy with her

No. 237763

If you go through her Twitter and search Abroad in Japan you can see all the things she tweeted at him. Pretty rude and embarrassing, honestly. Even while they were together.

No. 237764

File: 1659906586168.jpg (338.14 KB, 2048x2048, H4JwZ4s.jpg)

From Chiaki’s Instagram July 10 2018.
Lily is not in the pictures despite being on the trip.

No. 237766

There is no proof that the GoFundMe thing happened so it shouldn't have even been listed.

No. 237767

that's so weird to me how she isn't in the photos and that bottom photo looks like a selfie. why didn't lily take it?

No. 237768

as far as i know she hasn't done anything problematic, but her relationship with chris was weird. she would constantly tweet about him and post photos of him and his friends yet he never ever mentioned her. she also said he said he didn't want her in videos because people would criticize him because he wasn't dating a japanese woman. that seems like a strange relationship in my opinion.

No. 237769

a month ago she also said on twitter that she didn't pass a first date because she was too smart for the guy

No. 237770

i kind of expected more, i wouldn't really call that unhinged
sounds more like she liked him more than he liked her, like he was ashamed of being with her

No. 237773

Yeah I definitely don't think she is unhinged at all, but she is hung up on Chris four years later which can't be good for her. Those tweets she made about Sharla and Chris were very unnecessary because she had literally no proof. She also only recently unfollowed Chris on twitter. She keeps all of the photos of him up and hasn't deleted them.

At the same time she also tweeted shady things about Chris not too long ago and after they broke up she tweeted at him that she wanted to "buy all the chicken nuggets in the world and watch you starve" and six months later that he should attend "shaving school" because of his facial hair. I don't know, to me that's just odd behaviour from an ex when Chris unfollowed her on all social media platforms after breaking up with her.

No. 237775

i was more referring to the time during which they were dating
she might be a crazy ex, but she wasn't a crazy gf

No. 237778

She also would constantly comment on his videos and instagram photos before she moved to Japan to be with him. I think someone in the comment section actually called her out for having a crush on him, I think I saw the screen grab posted here.

But yes, that does not prove that she was a crazy girlfriend, only very into Chris who did not seem to be that into her. She said it herself though that Chris always had a crush on Sharla so maybe he never saw Lily as a long term thing in the same way that she did. Who knows.

No. 237785

File: 1659909063686.png (862.44 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20220807-224528.png)

This is an imageboard nonnie.

Here are the tweets with context.

No. 237786

so one tweet was a month after the break up and another 9 months later.

No. 237790

Exactly. She is just Chris’s ex, it’s kinda creepy the level of stalking the redditfags are doing.
Why does everyone care about this? Why is lily being petty 3 years on Twitter worth discussing?
What are you all trying to figure out?

No. 237796

Anon asked of proof of what "problematic" things Lily has done and there aren't any, those tweets just show that she made some weird tweets after they were broken up and her recent tweets about the cheating show that she probably still is not over Chris.

No. 237797

in the relationship reveal video chris is blushing, i think that's pretty cute

No. 237798

December, they broke up December 2018

No. 237806

Publicly embarrassing your boyfriend is milky repeatedly. She's a cunt.

No. 237808

File: 1659910894135.jpg (250.43 KB, 2048x2048, K7kXGh2.jpg)

Just a few from during the relationship. Not to mention her constantly tweeting at other YouTubers which often veered into weirdly flirtatious.
Idk maybe she was trying to do the British banter thing but it just never came off. Awkward.

No. 237810

This is some of the weirdest “flirting” I have ever seen lmfao. We don’t know their dynamic though, maybe he was into that.

No. 237820

Anon it was 3 years ago. That’s not milk it’s mouldy cheese.
Not only that, it wasn’t milky 3 year so ago because no one cares about her being a dick

No. 237824

It’s a little interesting considering that she is Chris ex and Chris and Sharla just “came out” with their relationship

No. 237828

Why? Seriously, why? Why do you care about Chris’s past relationship?
What does it have to do with them now?
You’ve established she was clearly upset and sent him some questionable tweets. End of?
Stop trying to milk a dead cow, seriously
Inb4 I get called lily again, I am the same anon as before.

No. 237831

there’s literally nothing else going on with the jvloggers right now

No. 237834

nothing wrong with having a thread lie dormant

No. 237835

Sharla and Chris just announced that they’re dating after hiding it for 3 and a half years, Chris’ ex Lily just accused him of cheating why isn’t that relevant to the thread?

No. 237838

what else is there to say? it's all been done in the previous thread and no new info has come up since
she even deleted the tweets

No. 237839

because their redditfag simps spazz out and prefer lily tweeting into the void

No. 237841

Lol it would be better to have some context with these tweets. And yeah she was clearly trying to do the whole banter thing but it fell flat.

No. 237843

My guess but anons see Sharla / Chris too perfect so they focus on Lily the so called "unhinged".

No. 237845

File: 1659914502224.png (1.2 MB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20220807-222104.png)

I've found a place where all of you Chris and Sharla simps can go. How about you all go and help sweetsweettea revive the old jvlogger thread there.

No. 237848

File: 1659914629732.jpg (217.2 KB, 1328x862, IMG_6243.jpg)

I don't think she is awkwardly flirting or trying to be witty in those tweets. Her initial comments on his instagram posts show a completely different side of her.

No. 237850

You can feel their chemistry coming through strong here

No. 237851

Almost since one of his very first Instagram posts she was there in the comments. I don’t think they were “dating” here yet or whatever you would call their long distance thing.

No. 237855

Wait till you see how she was commenting under his videos on YouTube!

No. 237864

Because lilys accusation of cheating came from here, you lot were speculating long before she said it.
Do you not read further up the thread or something?

No. 237868

are these the two people Sharla visited in England?

No. 237877

I mean she saw them they are in her Uk vlog, but she didn’t go there for them. But she really went to the Uk to go to chris sisters wedding and vacation in Spain or Greece

No. 237883

See? Even when we try to discuss other jvloggers, they bring it back to how in looove Chris and Sharla are and look at what Lily did!

No. 237884

Yes Chiaki and her husband/partner Nick spent time with Chris and Sharla on the recent UK trip. As well as a trip to Aomori in November 2019 (Sharla’s Vlog Dec 1 2019) and Chiaki was with them at the Snow festival in Sapporo in February 2020.
She is also a YouTuber although her videos are all in Japanese.

No. 237885

It’s a white swimming pool.

No. 237886

Lmao I wish they’d reveal where they went just to end the debate.

No. 237887

Is this place a fanclub now?

No. 237894

Like what?

No. 237896

Sure, why not

No. 237899

and on that vacation Chris popped the question? maybe??

No. 237900

It looked like one of those fancy hotel rooms in Oia, Santorini with private infinity pools and neither Chris nor Sharla like to show off like that so I don’t think we will ever find out. Unless they actually did get engaged there and share the story in the future.

No. 237904

Yes. People have said that a million times. Thanks for repeating yourself and contributing nothing.

No. 237908

File: 1659926231844.jpeg (62.5 KB, 2160x306, 61C9C5D4-B8AA-4294-892D-799D66…)

No. 237909

File: 1659926254084.jpeg (333.74 KB, 1890x1094, FACDC06C-EFAE-4476-8247-9F5BB0…)

No. 237910

Does anyone know why Taylor B's fiancé ended their engagement?

No. 237911

File: 1659926299961.jpeg (322.5 KB, 1650x1820, 1DEC54C1-D43F-43A5-8FA1-7880EC…)

No. 237912

File: 1659926343112.jpeg (301.37 KB, 1648x1654, AEA2453A-59E5-4B0A-AED3-AAE193…)

No. 237913

File: 1659926366587.jpeg (243.65 KB, 1668x1231, 10DA2A61-7AF2-4B12-9537-0A875A…)

No. 237915

File: 1659926401859.jpeg (329.32 KB, 1668x1840, 4A78EB35-37A5-4A8B-B285-63C5FE…)

No. 237917

File: 1659926451081.jpeg (373.7 KB, 1668x1824, A8C65A9C-C77B-4CE3-9940-F0E76A…)

No. 237918

File: 1659926501261.jpeg (299.65 KB, 1668x1540, 69889F7F-4087-4F5E-89E8-DDB1E1…)

No. 237920

File: 1659926533772.jpeg (296.21 KB, 1663x1701, B749623C-0BAA-49C9-B738-D9F229…)

No. 237921

File: 1659926558084.jpeg (270.76 KB, 1668x1660, 8EF0BE6B-E876-4595-A052-53DC60…)

No. 237922

File: 1659926611347.jpeg (295.41 KB, 1668x1591, 99BB1500-DEF3-4831-A6FC-62D8C2…)

No. 237923

File: 1659926632311.jpeg (303.31 KB, 1668x1645, AA59207B-8719-41FB-8328-AA0B02…)

No. 237924

File: 1659926660344.jpeg (299.12 KB, 1668x1741, F198DCE0-B6ED-422F-8948-171241…)

No. 237925

File: 1659926687041.jpeg (291.31 KB, 1668x1768, DCCB41F1-7567-473D-AD51-E2E229…)

No. 237926

File: 1659926720248.jpeg (133.3 KB, 1623x866, 7D07E3F1-F7E4-4A46-ABC6-744FA3…)

No. 237927

File: 1659926743821.jpeg (241.58 KB, 1668x1174, B45A55D7-B596-4D3A-B834-C91146…)

No. 237928

File: 1659926789756.jpeg (284.62 KB, 1668x1556, 7CA0584A-AB94-47E4-B6A6-5B8CE2…)

No. 237931

"Thumb up because I like watching chubby British guys fattening :)"

uhh isn't it a little weird how she talks about his weight here in this comment and in these tweets >>237808 ?

No. 237939

I wonder if Lily only visited him once (April 2016, when they filmed that video together that Chris has now deleted) before moving to Japan that summer and into his apartment.

No. 237943

It’s all a bit creepy and weird tbh

No. 237959

So the progression of pictures is when she was basically his stan, his biggest fan. Before she was his girlfriend.

No. 237961

She pretty much commented in all his videos, so much so that others started noticing and calling her out for being a little excessive.
She would get into little fights with people in the comment section that basically called her Chris’ stalker.

No. 237963

Her first comment

No. 237965

Lily fighting wit other commenters under Chris video, who called her a stalker.

No. 237966

As they should. She still is. There was no reason she needed to butt her big nose into a 3 year later relationship. Anons keep saying she's normal and anons are blowing her existence out of proportion, but she really is a fucking stalker. It's like she is obsessed with making sure everyone knows she once dated this Jvlog celebrity.

>keeps old intimate photos up of her ex

>would purposely embarrass him in front of friends or online for some weird narcissistic reason
>pussied out with her unbelievable cheating tweet
>waited 3 years to even acknowledge anyone in Chris's circle again and oy did once her rival, Sharla, got announced
>seems always been jealous of Sharla

Sharla is nice. Lily should've been jealous. She's trash in and out comparatively.

No. 237967

Also did anons ever post proof of the stupid tinfoil that was made about her having secret accounts? I've never seen anyone post proof, only of norms. Sam must've been lying. What a jealous fatty because Sharla stopped filming with him. He's a literal Fat Bastard

No. 237978

Stalker before. Paranoid during. Bitter afterwards. She must be fun to be around. That’s why everyone she meets sticks around so long.

No. 237980

And yet, Chris chose to get involved with this stalker , which is something some of you are forgetting. Chris chose to live with this person despite public evidence of her being crazy, on his own channel no less. Why?

No. 237981

Sooo discussing Sharla's texts and the fake racism claim are not allowed, but Lily's youtube comments from 2015 are?

No. 237982

there's nothing wrong with the youtube comments you posted, it just looks like normal conversations?

yeah looks like some anon(s) has a vendetta for lily

No. 237983

lmao calling her a stalker is such a stretch, chris and lily were dating and fucking for years.
Lily was cringe, we get it. But she's a nobody talking about nothing to no one. No one cared about lily or any of this before until a week ago, not like it was hidden or slipped through any cracks - nobody cared for a reason. Her pointless comments aren't groundbreaking. These anons spaming lily comments and trying to find milk where there is none to derail

No. 237993

Isn't bringing up years old tweets to prove lily's a weird stalker, kind of weird stalking?

No. 237994

I don’t think Lily was a stalker at all, she was just a fan girl whose comments Chris obviously found flattering. If she felt so strongly for him before they got together I think her behaviour during the relationship (when she constantly would talk about and to him on Twitter even though he never replied) and now her behaviour after the breakup (being unable to move on four years later) is pretty understandable though.

No. 237995

It’s weird because I have never seen people in a relationship publicly make fun of each other’s weight like that. Imagine if Sharla said these things about Chris? Or Taylor about her husband? Or Chris about Sharla? It would never happen.

No. 237996

Yeah if she’s like that in public, what’s she like in private

No. 237998

436 posts in and now and what is essentially infighting between Sharla's friends and anons continues.

Sharla might not like to think of it but they have both been fucking Chris for the same number of years, they are Sisters in Dick (saw a Tweet earlier joking about girls who've fucked the same guy getting a nickname for their club and thought it suited the thread)

Sharla's friends and stans going on and on about how weird it is that Lily interacted and hung around with the boyfriend she lived with and fucked for years are like, in denial and delusional? There was a Japanese girlfriend before that and the other smiley girl who joined them on JAJ, chris has fucked many girls for many years and the current girlfriend and her stans need to get over it and stop being so insecure with the best relationship evar, so in love shit they keep posting, the only people who care are the Sisters in Dick and us anons with our bowls of popcorn laughing at all of this

No. 237999

sharla & chris friends and simps trying to squeeze milk out of a rock at this point

No. 238000

This anon is unhinged for dredging up harmless comments from 2016 and spamming the thread with it, seems they are the stalker in this scenario. 6 years ago fam

No. 238001

how do chris and sharla benefit from the lily stuff being brought up? if anything they seem to ignore lily completely.

No. 238002

It is interesting though that Chris has a good relationship with both his Japanese ex gf and his British ex gf. Even Sharla has a good relationship with his British ex. Lily is notably absent from that list.

I think Chris and Sharla have been together for longer, no? Three and a half years for them, only two and a half for Lily as far as we know. Chris also talked a lot about the importance of friendship before getting into a relationship which he had with Sharla but not with Lily, as she seems to have been his fan girl. Sharla also already had an apartment of her own and a full time job and wasn't a student unlike Lily. It seems like Chris and Sharla are more equal and compatible that way. Clearly they also feel very confident that the relationship will last because they announced it publicly.

No. 238003

Yeah maybe Chris got tired of being made fun of, he has talked many times about struggling with his weight. It’s a little funny how he dumped her after JAJ when he was in better shape than he had ever been in though.

No. 238008

Do Pewdiepie and Marzia count as Jvloggers now? Their move to Japan is so cringy and weird, two grown adults brainwashed by anime to believe that Japan is some sort of paradise. I also think it's very weird how they treat their two ugly pugs like children, carrying them around in a baby carrier and pushing them in a stroller. It's so obvious that they are ready for kids and want kids, but instead of having them they just treat their dogs like babies instead.
Just shows that watching anime makes you mentally ill. Can't believe these two (wo)manchild retards are in their 30s already. Marzia does fuck-all all day.

No. 238011

Yes they are and this has been discussed before. I also agree with that sentiment. Pewds channel has been weird and low effort for a while now with no clear direction whatsoever. It's clear that he has lost the passion for gaming and doing brain dead reaction videos and just does the bare minimum to keep his audience entertained. He often talks philosophy in his videos and how reading is important to him, almost as if he searching for some meaning in life but at the same time he has that obsessive relationship with his dogs and seems to be dependant on Marzia for validation. Then there is Marzia, who obsessed with her body and image. I feel like she might turn into a Taylor 2.0 at some point when those dogs die and turn children into her substitute obsession, poor pewds kek.

No. 238017

Pewdiepie should really work on getting a profession in something that isn't gaming/epic memes/anime. I understand that shit was fun and exciting back when he was younger and it made him a millionaire, but normally human mind matures - and this is obvious with Pewds. He could receive education and work a profession that interests him without added stress of having to wageslave and worry about money. But the thing is living in Japan limits his options, especially since he does not know the language and it could take years to master it.

I guess same with Marzia, she did have some creative projects though but as anon above me said, she is more obsessed with her looks and living instagrammable life".

Moving to Japan just for the sake of "japan is utopia just like anime!!" without actual career or education in mind is really a bad idea. Treating a country like a theme park comes to bite you in the ass, especially one like Japan where you are always a "guest" to their society, even when you can speak the language. It is a country with very limited opportunities for foreigners unless you are very very highly specialised in something.

No. 238019

I think that Pewds wants to have children, which is why he treats his dogs so much like babies. What normal man carries around dogs in a baby carrier strapped to his chest? The way he talks about the dogs is like they are children. I think Marzia is the reason they aren't having and real kids. She is either infertile from her years of being an ana-chan or she is afraid to "ruin" her body because it's literally all she has since she has zero personality. It's pretty sad since I think Felix would be a good dad. Their days seem incredibly boring and pointless and they have all the money in the world to provide children with a good life (although moving to Japan was a really dumb move if they were to have kids cause their kids would never fit in).

No. 238020

felix is filthy rich, he doesn't need a real career nor specialization in anything to live in japan. But feels like he's not going to do anything worthwhile to film in japan, another lifestyle vlogger to throw into the pile. Probably will become a reoccurring guest for trash taste.

and for the dog thing, it's pretty normal in japan and korea to put small dogs into dog strollers. Looks stupid as fuck but its because fucking people don't train their dogs so its just easier to put them into stroller so it wont spazz out near other dogs. Even tho its normal in japan/korea still looks weird when foreigners do it lmao

No. 238022

He says people come up to them all the time expecting a baby to be in the stroller and then it's just a dog, so it can't be THAT normal, if even the Japanese are confused by it.

No. 238023

>felix is filthy rich, he doesn't need a real career nor specialization in anything to live in japan.

I agree but on the other hand, living a life like it is an endless theme park vacation gets very boring quickly especially when you are older and I think people go crazy without some kind of a "work" purpose (see filthy rich joining literal cults to find purpose in life). Not saying he should go become a wageslaving salaryman, but actually find something to work on that he has interest in developing. Problem is, move to Japan makes his opportunity limited, even as a world famous vlogger.

Jvlogging with a bunch of coomer weebs is not going to be it I think.

No. 238024

I think they will have kids eventually because it will be too much FOMO for Marzia if they don't. They have so much money, Marzia can afford the best fertility treatments if she needs to, like Taylor R.

No. 238029


This is so true. A couple (two) of my friends are wealthy peers so I've seen people who have inherited wealth with no real purpose in life and the happiest of them are the ones that find a profession or become active investors or start their own businesses in something they enjoy (like a distillery).

Felix should find something that makes him happy but also gives him a reason to get up in the morning and contribute to society whether it's opening a coffee shop or becoming a doctor. One shouldn't underestimate how much that matters to most people.

No. 238030

I was at the one who posted Lily‘s YouTube comments. I didn’t do it to make her look like a stalker I was just wanted to show the seeds of their relationship.
some on the YouTube comment saw that she was a super fan, thus the infighting that u see there.

I equally blame Chris for dating somebody he met on YouTube comment section. It was a disaster in the making.
But on the other hand they were both relatively young early 20s when they met.
The relationship was a world wind sort of relationship. The kind of relationship you have in your 20s that you look back and go what the hell was I thinking. They lasted a long time though, they were with each other for over 4 years, so it is what it is.

No. 238031

They were 25/26 when they got together, hardly early 20s though. They were together from 2016 - 2018 so only two years.

No. 238033

If that's her first comment, it's a bit crazy that seven months later, she was moving to Japan and presumably into his home.

No. 238035

What it is with the people in this thread getting timelines wrong? They started dating around April 2016 and broke up late Dec 2018.

No. 238038

Lily left a total of 151 comments on Chris videos. I’m assuming most of those were before they started dating but that doesn’t seem too bad to me?

No. 238040

Are you being sarcastic anon? Because that’s my idea of obsessive

No. 238041

I’m comparison Sharla has left 83 comments on Chris videos and she has also received most ‘hearts’ on her comments from Chris of all his commenters - 35 hearts total. Lily did not receive any hearts but I don’t know when YouTube added this ‘heart’ function. It’s very possible that it was after him and Lily got together.

No. 238044

she probably just had a crush

No. 238046

Lily also left comments on almost every single IG post he made in 2015, which is also before they got together. So yes, she was definitely a fan girl.

No. 238047

File: 1659961932499.png (398.56 KB, 926x465, Screenshot_20220808-113640.png)

Sharla never filmed with Sam wtf are you talking about? He found out about Norm's fake accounts from PULL >>236883 so that's likely where he also found out about Sharla's. If you want proof you'll have to go and dig up the PULL archives. Also the Tokyorants account where he was harassing other Japan YouTubers, including Keira Ashley, was linked to Sharla's twitter >>236884 and she was known to lurk and post in PULL so she no doubt knew of all the shit he had done.

No. 238048

How is this proof? And why is it relevant?

No. 238050

Tkyosam has no proof. He repeated what he read on pull. Please use your Brian and stopped going to that guy for info, he is often wrong, misquote things and makes huge assumptions with no proof. He should not be your source! Also I have read the old pull archive, while they had proof of Norm sock puppetry, they were not able to link it with any other jvloggers. The 2 people who had sock puppets accounts were norm and Kanadajain, there is no proof and link to anyone else. Stop spreading misinformation base on sam’s tweet!

No. 238052

File: 1659964919518.png (1.84 MB, 840x1122, Marzia Kjellberg (@itsmarziapi…)


This shit is weird as fuck.

No. 238058

Not really, those types of strollers are not uncommon in big cities for older, smaller dogs.

No. 238059

Sharla told Mira they should make a page about Ashiya on Mira's hate site. She called Ashiya a Russian hooker, talentless, has a shitty Russian accent when she speaks Japanese that she should "benkyou shite" (Sharla's accent is still worse to this day), also made a comment about Chinese people… Remember, this is the same person who brazenly made false accusations of other people being racist on video and she was also friends with two different people who she knew made sockpuppets to harass other jvloggers. It's all in thread 2, which we've linked to several times already. This is why newfags should lurk to integrate first instead of bringing their fangirling here. You guys don't know anything about the people you're fawning over.

No. 238060

File: 1659965954509.jpeg (518.01 KB, 2048x2048, 5B0D660A-2936-4547-8CC8-5BB888…)

Yes so lily responded to every post that chris had in 2015. She was very complementary and very supportive of his posts. He often responded back. She was a huge fan.! And flirted al lot with him in the comment section. They probably started an online long distance relationship and eventually met up IRL in April 2016.

No. 238061

I am not a newfag my dear. And I am telling your proof in the pull site were assumptions and not proof. Also learn about what racism is her saying those people were being racist is not racist!!!! As a minority who have actually experienced racism it’s really annoying to see people like you use that silly example as “racist” you are so dumb!

No. 238062

was her old ig handle kumaguro3? btw when did chris break up with his japanese girlfriend? were they still together in summer 2015?

No. 238063

Post the link to the PULL archive nonnie I wanna read Norm's thread. Did you find Sharla's thread?

No. 238064

File: 1659966354251.jpeg (512 KB, 2048x2048, 1CB83FF4-9021-44C3-9FD9-E87DA1…)

It’s equally intresting that lily’s interest in japan did not extend to the other jvloggers. She was exclusively a Chris follower. She never acknowledged Sharla for example here in chris post.

No. 238065

It's probably not uncommon, but it's still weird as fuck.

No. 238066

Old dogs deserve to go out and get fresh air as well. They usually have trouble walking long distances but like getting pushed around in a stroller because they get to smell stuff. I don't find it odd.

No. 238067

Oh, it's you again. The anon who didn't actually watch the false racism video and who flipped out when anons were only answering your questions because you didn't like what you learned. Sharla was being racist about Chinese people in her texts, didn't say she was being racist in the video, although it is pretty fucking racist to exploit and knowingly made false accusations of racism against a people whose country you're using. You're obviously a newfag because the Norm sockpuppet was confirmed on PULL with screenshots linking Norm to the account and Sharla posted on PULL herself.

No. 238069

Chris also made a post about Sharla and famous birthdays around this time which Lily did not comment on. This was when she usually commented on almost all his photos.

No. 238071

File: 1659966946491.jpeg (671.29 KB, 1284x1604, 5ADC79EC-6707-44A0-BB5C-365751…)

Nice observation, but no. Chris was not with his Japanese GF in 2015, he had a short fling with a girl from taiwan in 2015, but that didn’t last long. Also interesting that Chris is still good friends with Aki,( his Japanese ex) and she has since become friends with Sharla lol.

No. 238074

I over you and that stupid video that I watch and thought that was nothing and I still don’t get why you have such and agenda to make fetch a thing! That’s not racism. Bye

No. 238076

chris looks hot here, damn. funny how he keeps all photos of his exes up but never posted any of lily and deleted the lone video she was in unlike the videos with his ex japanese girlfriend. how do you know sharla is friends with her?

No. 238077

Again I know that norm was proven to have a sock puppet account. I know that Sharla went on pull, as did miceala and Rachelle. But you have not proven in Pull was that Sharla had a sock puppet account to harass jvloggers. Ps Aisha which I claim was harassed by Sharla. Is out there simping for chris and Sharla on Twitter Lol

No. 238079

You should read more carefully anon. First you claimed I said Sharla was being racist to people in the vlog, which I never said. Now, you're saying I said Sharla created a sockpuppet, which I also didn't say. I said she told Mira a hate page should be made for Ashiya, and was friends with two different people who she knew had sockpuppets that they used to harass other jvloggers.

No. 238080

File: 1659968076224.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1284x2167, BD28DC4D-81DC-46FF-8F3A-3C2E44…)

Something to keep in mind that In the beginning although chris didn’t post pics of lily or put her in his videos. chris was a bit more open about alluding to lily early in their relationship . As time went on by, he pulled back significantly and would make sure no signs of her in his videos or his socials. What I am gathering is that he got more popular and got a bit more private, but also saw that his relationship was not stable enough to publicize. He obviously did the opposite with Sharla, they were super obsessively private and secretive in the beginning and slowly, especially recently started to not hide it as much, until it was announced. they both now cant seem to shut up about it.

No. 238082

Nta what are you talking about? The point is those people were not being racist to Sharla and her friends, they were actually talking about their coworker. So Sharla straight up lied about people saying racist things. There is no way that she didn't know exactly what they were saying and she didn't give a shit, just giggled about it in the vid and never apologized. She's a cunt for doing that.
No she isn't, you're thinking of Keira Ashley

No. 238084

All so anons will stop talking about Lily? Anon, the Sharla thing was 7 years ago. Wtf.

No. 238085

'cute british boy' lmfao. chris seemed surprised by how well people reacted to him and sharla so that is probably why neither of them can shut up about it now. i think he was really nervous about what his viewers were gonna say but clearly everyone (except lily) is on board with their relationship. both their videos on the subject are doing very well so that's an added bonus. i'm guessing we will see more chris on sharla's channel and vice versa in the future.

No. 238086

the lily thing was 6 years ago

No. 238088

Sharla also talked about making a fake account to comment on Ashiya's videos in Thread 2 and she wanted Ashiya deported. She was obsessed with the Russian girl.

She also goes by Katalin, her middle name.

No. 238089

Anons were asking about Norm, Sharla and sockpuppets. And the Lily youtube comments, which aren't even milky, go back to 2015 as well.

No. 238093

Where? Link the post, not just the thread.

No. 238095

That specific dog breed is cursed with a life full of suffering and health issues anyway. The stroller treatment just seems hypocritical and purely for aesthetic reasons. If they wanted the best for their dogs they should have bought a house with a bigger yard or access to a beach where the dogs can roam unbothered. But afaik they live in a concrete mansion in the middle of the city - because, again, aesthetics.

No. 238096

Sharla had filmed with Sam before.

No. 238097

how did he allude to lily?

No. 238098

Where is any of that publicly? Coming from Sam is bs. Post caps of Sharla.

No. 238102

Nope never did she film or collab with fat sam.

No. 238105

So that slapping his belly gif?

No. 238108

Don't know what you're talking about. Never said it came from Sam and never even mentioned his name. The screenshots are of Sharla's texts, and Micaela confirmed on lolcow that they're real and Sharla confirmed on PULL that she did say these things but said she was pretending. She's never denied anything.

No. 238111

So how and why is any of this relevant now? Sharla and Micaela seem to have grown up and moved on.

No. 238112

It's relevant because someone was asking about Norm, PULL, Sharla, sockpuppets -info that was shared in Thread 2 which I guess Sam just regurgitated or incorrectly summarized.

No. 238113

I can't find it in the thread linked. Repost it.

No. 238117

Sharla made a big deal out of going to that festival yesterday and even got dressed up in traditional clothing, but she hasn’t posted any photos of her outfit.

No. 238118

In a couple of videos. The now deleted hiking one. A video where he does a drinking game with Natsuki on his 2nd channel. A video a Genghis Khan meat in Hokkaido, where he refers to his camera person as very pretty.

No. 238119

There was even a Bon Jovi group dance that I saw in passing on tiktok. Itd be hard to miss unless she went at night. This was during the day. She did say in her LS that she is going to try to get the video about it out before she leaves to CAN (Chris is staying home to watch cats). She might have got footage and didn't post anything else yet. It's not really been 24hrs,anon.

No. 238121

it is normal in a sense, but when I lived in jp (four years total) it was mostly older folks, or people taking their dogs for fresh air in the stroller. marzia and felix take them to shrines, hardware stores and shit which I've never ever seen while I was there. Just leave them home ffs

No. 238122

What's "it"? You should read the entire thread, especially as someone new. The Sharla stuff begins from 146469.

No. 238123

Leaving it for the videos I guess. I did see some pics that victor frame of travel reposted on IG stories. It was her chris victor and 3 other dudes hanging out, her friend Nadine got covid and couldn’t go

No. 238124

Nta you clearly didn't scroll though the whole thread kek.
Start from here >>>/snow/146469

And go all the way down to Micaela's post >>>/snow/154292

No. 238127

And we know these are actually her because..? And how do we know it wasn't an anon or Sam larping ITT?

No. 238128

Not sure if ESL - I think the word you're looking for is deluded.

No. 238130

Samefag, but I just scrolled. So many anons are calling out the entire post as bait. Lol

No. 238153

Sharla posted a cute video of her cats made by Chris on Twitter

No. 238156

Aren't their pugs very old and sick? I don't blame them if they put their old dogs in a carrier if they're told old to walk properly.

No. 238183

Why don’t you learn how to imageboard

No. 238189

I would hope if they’re smart they would reconsider having children while in Japan. Being half Italian and half Swedish and being born in Japan - a country where if you are not obviously Japanese looking you will always be considered the foreigner seems like the perfect identify crisis for a child growing up.

No. 238191


Link to the cat video filmed by Chris that Sharla tweeted today for International Cat Day.
Warning: Maro’s face is adorably grumpy. Must be why Chris likes Maro best lol(imageboard)

No. 238194

Are you high, those are some crazy turns and twists to make it out to look normal. That’s just not true about dogs in Korea and Japan. Yes they love their dogs, but you don’t see that often. Have you even been to either country?

No. 238195

He even said he loves Maro

No. 238197

>the relationship reveal video chris is blushing, i think that's pretty cute
>chris looks hot here, damn.
>Maro’s face is adorably grumpy. Must be why Chris likes Maro best lol

i still remember when 95% of the jvlogger thread was just anons calling (much younger and thinner) sharla deathfat, cringy and secretly evil af
what a 180

No. 238198

we need to scare the redditors away again

No. 238199

I feel bad for Lily but she only has herself to blame. She's clearly attractive enough to get someone better than Chris but she's obsessed with him and lives in Japan with no real career prospects and probably isn't who Japanese men would go for. She should move to America or something. There's not much going for her in Japan.

I doubt she did anything. Chris was never that into her. He wanted to get with a hot fan (especially since most of his fanbase is male) and he did it.

She's also not wrong on anything she's saying here other than some choice of words. Chris puts a lot of effort in his videos but not that much on himself or his appearance. The rest is just crude French blunt humour. It'd be like overreacting to Chris' British pessimistic sarcasm.

I have to agree with this. It's obvious PewDiePie feels bored with his life. The peak of his channel was long ago and his fanbase has mostly grown up and moved on. People like MrBeast (who will inevitably formally surpass him in subs and already has way better viewership) have the young fanbase and managed to do it in a way that was more sustainable and allows for more fulfilling work than screaming at indie games. On PewDiePie's end he did attempt to make his channel more high brow and interesting to him with things like book review but now (outside of jvlogs) he just reacts to content that either Ken or his subreddit finds for him. Even with the book reviews I'm sure he's run out of classics to read by now. So now he's in Japan pretending that his pugs (why does he have the most unethical dog breed? I hope they were rescues at least) are kids because there's not really much else for him to do in his field that he clearly matured past. How many people deep into stoic philosophy would make his original content? He also doesn't strike me as a business mind which is something a lot of people get into after retiring from their own fast wealth but short lifespan type careers. Being bored in England is one thing but he's gonna be hit like a brick when the novelty of Japan wears off and hanging out with three guys talking about pervy anime drawings a couple times a year isn't going to refresh him. I did like him when I was younger so I hope he does figure out what he wants to do with himself.

No. 238201

Sharla has matured and is not cringe at all. Jvloggers are drama free these days.

No. 238202

>marzia and felix take them to shrines, hardware stores
Hardware stores like Cainz also have a pet section and petshop. People take their dogs there all the time. As for temples and shrines, it depends on the place. Some allow dogs, some don't. Some allow dogs in some parts of the grounds but prohibit them near the altar. Some allow small dogs in strollers while prohibiting large dogs. You get the idea.

No. 238204

You guys sound so salty. The guy is filthy rich. He can go wherever he wants. If he gets bored of Japan, he can leave anytime and move anywhere else. He also isn't doing anything milky right now, either.

No. 238206

Are you sure you read the entire thing? You are aware what Sharla said and confirmed on PULL? What people thought was bait was it being rehashed again. She also said the same things about Ashiya to two other people, including Micaela, who confirmed it in that thread.

No. 238212

You acclimate to money fairly quickly. I actually don't hate Pewds just feel a bit concerned with how he's been last couple years. The passion isn't there anymore. You can be rich and feel unhappy or in a rut especially if the money comes in an unconventional way. I mean look at Notch who is so rich he could outbid Jay Z and Beyonce on a house. At the end of the day were all just human.

No. 238213

it's actually pretty good. very moody. sharla even makes a cameo!

No. 238216

yeah, it's gotten way too comfortable here to just aimlessly comment on how great Sharla and/or Chris are. Even some random pewdiepie defenders logging in to "WELL ACKSHULLY it's completely normal to tote your ugly ass dog around like a baby and make yourself into a spectacle!"

No. 238217

Sure, it’s their baby carriage, their dog, their business. It doesn’t concern you

No. 238218

same goes every other situation, in every other thread, with every other cow, on this site you absolute newfag

No. 238220

Thoughts and prayers.

No. 238221

Chris unlists and privates so many of his videos these days and not just livestreams. That livestream with Chiaki is now unlisted and that animated podcast episode as well. Probably because they didn't do well in terms of views.

I wonder if he would have unlisted the relationship reveal video if it hadn't done well?

No. 238230

Yes he says that he will unlist all his live streams going forward and have them cut into bite size clips.

No. 238231

He hasn't uploaded any clips from the Chiaki stream though and that was months ago.

No. 238235

Perhaps he didn’t think three was anything in there worth clipping

No. 238237

I wonder why he unlisted his aokigahara vid

No. 238246

Isn't it obvious why?

No. 238250

yeah, but why only now?

No. 238253

Well ion his friends Pete twitch stream, someone asked why he deleted the video. Pete quickly jumped in and said that it was because the quality is not up to chris standards and chris said nothing. But in one of his Patreon live stream it was asked again, and Chris basically said he did not want to encourage people to go to that forest.
but I have a theory: without any proof, just speculating)
I wondered if lily was asking him to pay her residual ad revenues for that video and he deleted as a FU to her.

No. 238256

I'm surprised Chris actually did a paid ad in his most recent video. I thought it was a joke at first.

No. 238257

could be that. I don't see him doing that bc of all the digging here since there was nothing really incriminating in that vid
maybe what he said on patreon was true given that lockdown been pretty hard on some people but in that case, why pete would jump in like that?
maybe cheating anons were onto something idk

No. 238258

Lol all the bullshit about sharla having a secret account leads to dead ends everywhere lol Anons really feel for the bait

No. 238261

he did say love is expensive

No. 238263

I think it was probably a mix of it not being a video he is proud of and a video that featured his ex, whom he does not seem to have a good relationship with judging by her tweets last week. It's been a year since he deleted it though so it's not a recent thing.

No. 238264

Maybe he's saving up for the wedding? He must have gotten paid a shit ton for that ad though so good for him.

No. 238265

that seems to be the most likely scenario. i'm probably reading too much into that

No. 238267

If Chris and Sharla actually do get married I'm so curious where they will have the actual wedding. Canada where they both have family? Japan where most of their friends are? England where Chris as family and friends but Sharla doesn't?

No. 238270

garnt from trash taste is doing a three-part wedding, apparently, so family and friends from both sides can attend
could be something like that

No. 238271

is that his glasses atop of his head? i think it's weird how he never wears his glasses in photos or in his videos. the few times i have seen him wear them he has looked good.

No. 238274

It looks like Chris viewers are pissed he is now making sponsored adverts!

No. 238275

Probably like 8 to 10k for that add. Good to him!

No. 238279

Lol like 4 people mildly pointed out. Also it seems to be the trend anytime a YouTuber start to do ads. Some start complaining and calling the sell out. Like, you are watching a video for free. He needs to pay his bills, and live, the ad doesn’t hurt you.

No. 238280

Garnt did 2 weddings. 1 in the Uk and one in the USA. No more after that

No. 238281

Maybe saving up for a house in Sendai or Yamagata?

No. 238282

File: 1660000298538.jpg (Spoiler Image,304.13 KB, 1600x1012, wtmk_photo 13.JPG)

it is normal numbnut
just google image pet strollers japan/korea and tons of images appear
people don't do this retarded shit in the west but happens all the time in asia bc they treat their tiny autistic dogs like babies

No. 238283

File: 1660000444475.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.88 KB, 900x599, dog_buggy.jpg)

can't believe this is surprising but it's common in asia

No. 238284

He said that he does not want to buy a house in Japan. He doesn’t want to stay in Japan long term! And he feels like buying a house in japan is not an investment, they hold no value!

No. 238285

File: 1660000689832.jpeg (362.86 KB, 1284x635, 629AA87E-177F-473F-B99B-5009ED…)

This explains a lot!

No. 238286

huh. well maybe they're saving up to rent a bigger place.

No. 238287

lmao we've been trapped with newfags simps for 2 weeks now, sharla is a two faced twat with a queen bee comlex but feels we've been fighting her wks in circles. Does chris not have a discord for his fans to praise him and his queen?

No. 238288

does it? what are the symptoms of PMDD?

No. 238289

NO we want to be here with you!

No. 238290

is his subreddit that boring and dry?

No. 238293

They can all go to the Guru Gossip jvlogger thread. >>237845
It's the perfect place for them.

No. 238294

Honestly, after those cheating tweets she made a "reset" is probably a good idea for her. I hope she gets her vacay and can go to LA and hopefully let this whole Chris and Sharla thing go. It must suck to deal with an illness on top of being heartbroken.

No. 238296

can we please stop defending their weird behavior? it's normal in certain aspects, not to the extent that they do it

No. 238298


PreMenstrual Dysphoric Disorder is PMS with psychosis, essentially. The typical treatment is antidepressants used during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle - ovulation to menstruation. Hormonal birth control is another treatment option.

No. 238299

On john hopkins medicine it says that psychological symptoms include "poor self-image" and "paranoia". Maybe that explains why she felt paranoid about Chris and Sharla dating and why she sometimes seems to seek validation from twitter. That's gotta be rough. I feel bad for her.

No. 238301

I wouldn’t say full on psychosis.. but severe symptoms of depression/anxiety during that phase. Not saying it can’t happen and I know it’s relatively new to mental health in terms of its diagnosis, I’m also definitely not a doctor.
I just wanted to add this because you redditors like to call lily a psycho. If she’s being truthful about it then it might explain her behaviour.

No. 238303

Simps are running wild here indeed.

No. 238306

The Chiaki one was good and without issues I don't know why he unlisted that one.
Even if his plan was to cut videos in parts that one was great to know Chiaki ,i mean it's a good friend.

No. 238307

Considering the date,he probably paid for the house Sharla is upgrading.

No. 238308

Well he did talk about marriage in that livestream and how he wants to get married so maybe that’s why he deleted it because people will speculate?

No. 238309

Which was probably a sound investment as I’m sure that place will be popular.

No. 238312

Now it's more believable Sharla buying the house,even if a not so popular area it is still the capital so the price was probably high for her.Let's be real she is not making huge bucks like him.

No. 238314

File: 1660004855009.jpg (332 KB, 1079x1288, Screenshot_20220808-202704_Twi…)

Didn't she just start her job? No wonder the boss denied it.

No. 238315

One of the milkiest things about Sharla in my opinion is A) her godawful taste, that NekoNeko Inn looks like the tackiest cat cafe (that you sleep in kek) in Tokyo, and B) her laughably bad business with Ushka where they send people a few pads of cat stationary a month. No way in hell is it making enough money to do anything she does, and when she said she had a second apartment ostensibly for the retarded stationary business, it was such an obvious lie. I like Sharla but her taste is godawful and her business idea is weak as shit. Chris is absolutely her daddy warbucks, not that I think there is anything wrong with that per se. They're a cute couple otherwise.

No. 238316

>Even some random pewdiepie defenders logging in to "WELL ACKSHULLY it's completely normal to tote your ugly ass dog around like a baby and make yourself into a spectacle!"
"Defenders," lol. It might be kind of cringy, but the dogs are sick and elderly, aren't drawing much attention so far where they've taken them and it's just not milky. If it upsets you that much that no one's as taken aback as you by the dogs, I think he has his own thread somewhere, although if you have actual milk, I think a lot here would welcome it.

No. 238317

File: 1660005469975.jpg (326.74 KB, 1079x1166, Screenshot_20220808-203744_You…)

After their marriage, Felix mentioned in a Q&A Video that people keep asking when they will have children - his response was that he wish people would stop asking. I was a daily viewer and dont recall any other time he mentioned children.

No. 238318

another lily tweet about nothing to no one
its getting ridiculous

No. 238320

File: 1660005668057.jpg (745.21 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20220807-193556_Ins…)

Looking at Lilys instagram highlights - is this supposed to be Marzia? Were they friends?

No. 238327

did anybody saw old lily's video about korea before she delete it

No. 238329

Really wish mods didn't lock the sharla and chris thread. This whole thread and the 4 others are just about them. At least lily could've been added and all 3 could sit in their own thread.

No. 238332

It was locked because it attracted freaks like tkyosam and the ice age sloth girl samefagging over and over.

No. 238334

Yes. It was boring

No. 238339

I think it’s just a picture of a white girl holding a dog has nothing to do with maritza

No. 238342

File: 1660012167600.jpeg (539.57 KB, 861x659, B14892D5-A3D2-4140-A752-6FC22B…)

Tanabata festival Sendai

No. 238344

Sharla looks cute. That's a great color combination on her.

No. 238346

Yep. This is what happened in the vid >>237760.

No. 238348

I know Chiaki still has her vlogs from that trip up

No. 238349

She still has Chris photos saved under those highlights, that’s him in the thumbnail in the upper left corner.

No. 238350

Old tweets about Chris or something can have some sense this is irrelevant,she ain't a Jvlogger.

No. 238352

Odd angle probably but Chris face looks so round kek.

No. 238361

No it didn't. What? Retarded anin

No. 238362

EX vlogger. Are you blind to reading the thread title and shes self inserted herself..stfu. everyone is tired of hearing how she's 'not relevant' when she was and still is. Not every vlogger has milk at the sametime.

No. 238366

where's the milk?
a hundred spammed tweet screenshots and the only thing proven is that lily talks too much but has nothing to say. Trying force a boring person to be interesting.

No. 238369

We've been posting it. Stfu if you don't want to be a part of the discussion. she literally, 5 days ago shaded Sharla. she opened the door to being discussed. We've never discussed Lily like this so we are going over her old stuff which is NEW to the thread and yes,on topic, as an EX and an EX-Jvlogger.

No. 238370

LILY IS AN EX J-VLOGGER. She is legally in the thread photo, dated Chris, attacked Sharla and Chris's relationship, still had photos of Chris up on social medias, is still actively talking shit. She is/was friends with Jvloggers up untik even 5 dats ago. She pissied out after her breakup,deleted everything, but kept everything about Chris up for clout as seen by her begging for DM collabs in Jan/Feb if 2019 in order to stay relevant.

No. 238372

>retarded anin
The jokes write themselves. Slow day for you huh?

No. 238373

we never discussed lily bc she boring as fuck and has no milk. You didn't discover a holy grail, we've always known about her hence her pathetic title of 'chris's gf' in past threads when brought up. All these lily comments clogging the thread is her fucking rambling. Lily rambling about fucking nothing is not milk.

No. 238374

Now that I think about it sharla did say she went to ushkas house once a month to work on their business if so why wouldn't they do it at the apartment she rented out for their business?

No. 238376

>shaded sharla
Lol simp

No. 238397

What milk? It seems more like spam at this point imo.

No. 238398

A parasocial champion here.

No. 238417

Chris has made a rare appearance on his subreddit, responding to people who are mad that he had an ad in his latest video!

No. 238422

Good for him. Half his Reddit are people complaining about mundane garbage.

No. 238427

I love that Chris is not apologizing for making lots of money from ads and he's proudly showing off his girlfriend. We are witnessing a new Chris.

No. 238429

I mean his production quality speaks volumes. At least he puts it to good use. The trailer for JaJ was well done

No. 238437

I have not been able to find that chaiki vlogg

No. 238438

All I remember is they (Chiaki, Chris, Nick and Lily) went up in some tall building or tower

No. 238441

Currently lolcow ain't so different.
I think is more due"expressvpn" being crap and fishy.

No. 238442

Now he does ads… interesting.
I recall him saying thanks to patreon he doesn't need to do ads, considering his patreon is fairly healthy with 7k members the only reason to do ads is due needing extra cash for project.
Anons saying wedding this and that migth he into something or probably buying a house .

No. 238444

I think maybe he figured people would be more okay with him doing ads now that he basically has a family

No. 238445

You think due revealing his relationship the costs duplicated or something? Sharla has cash too anon and more than enough to sustain herself and two cats.
If she retires from YouTube then I can see a case.

No. 238447

File: 1660052330256.png (718.52 KB, 1069x309, Screenshot_20220809-130211.png)

She also supported sunny during the drama with her, Chris okano and Natasha. >>168305 >>167716 and then she pussied out and deleted her comment kek >>168376

She is 100% a "well they're nice to me" type.

No. 238448

Well I suppose if they’re getting married a wedding is not cheap, especially if they’re having a destination wedding which I can see them do.

No. 238465

Everyone does ads on YT? Chris has always done them too.

No. 238466

He has never pushed a product in a video like this before.

No. 238467

So Rachel and jun did a whole year of infommercial for expres vpn, Tokyo treats, water proof shoes etc so they can build a house and then fucked off YouTube for like 6 months after the house sale paid for, & no one complained

No. 238468

Exactly. Chris has made high quality videos consistently for years, why shouldn't he get to do some ads? It's a ridiculous complaint. Clearly some of the videos he does like JaJ cost more to make than basic kitchen videos and vlogs.

No. 238469

It would be more surprising if I-would-never-let-a-Chinese-touch-my-hair-Sharla was offended by their comments about Indonesians.

No. 238472

I wonder if Chris and Sharla will do an engagement announcement or just jump straight to the “we’re married!” surprise video

No. 238507

Looks like she deleted these tweets

No. 238556

Especially with the algorithm.

No. 238594

Anyone catch the norm livestream?

No. 238596

hell no, would not give him views

No. 238604

youtubers being moochers what else is new?

No. 238607

how is that mooching?

No. 238615

No because no one is signed up to any patreon but me

No. 238633

I never understand why people are so opposed to YouTubers getting paid.
It costs the viewer nothing but a minute or two of your time. The YouTube algorithm pays so little, I’d rather that YouTubers I like get paid directly from a sponsor (as long as it’s legit) than rely on pennies from YouTube and be at the whim of them deciding to demonetize the video.

No. 238637


No. 238639

Watched the latest Chris vid and honestly i do not see a problem with the ad. It didn't stick out like a sore thumb and had Chris' trademark British wit all over it. Not cringey like Paolo's 10,000 wpm disclaimer before each of his vids.

No. 238646

A lot of anons are just making up stupid complaints just to create milk.

No. 238673

Sharla said in her insta stories that Tuna keeps her up until 5 am. Is that really normal for a kitten?

No. 238677

No, but it is normal for those replacing a baby with an animal

No. 238684

Very much normal. The kitten stage is the worst!

No. 238686

Literally 4 people complained. It’s not that big of a deal. That video is about to hit 1mil, he most likely got 10k for the ad. So he can just enjoy the fruits is his labor and get that cash! Jokes he does more lol

No. 238694

Anons do be thinking an extra cat messed up with their expenses kek

No. 238699

Emma is drinking and doing a Q&A with Chris on Twitter … now’s your chance to get all of your questions in!

No. 238702

The fact you've been told this is an imageboard several times and yet you keep doing this bullshit.

No. 238734

Go announce that on Reddit where you belong

No. 238748

You have been telling people to leave and go on a Reddit for a while now. Perhaps it’s time for you to leave and go elsewhere.

No. 238803

It's a little weird that Chris wouldn't retweet this seeing as he made it.

No. 238811

What does he have to retweet it? lol

No. 238819

I’m only telling the redditors to fuck off, I mean anon came in to announce something without posting a screen cap - it’s like people don’t know they’re posting on an imageboard or something /s

No. 238882

Lol, I get what you mean in that a lot of people use pets as a replacement but Sharla doesn't want kids. I honestly don't see her going down that road at least give it to her current cutesy/cat focused persona. Nothing wrong with that.
What's Emma's dating story? It seems like she, Connor, Lily in Japan, and Daniel Lord (lol) are the only Jvloggers who are still single. Connor is probably dating someone but won't reveal it because it'll cut into his money/image (the flip side is that Chris said he doesn't shower so maybe he is single). But Emma doesn't have a reason to hide it so she's probably is single. Hopefully she can find someone. It seems like she always gets the short end of the stick

No. 238890

She had an American boyfriend living with her for a while but I gather they broke up.
I can’t remember how far back that was, she visited his family in the US and vlogged in January 2020. Some time after that they split up but I don’t see that video now.

No. 238950

If Chris hadn’t gotten with Sharla, maybe he and Emma would have ended up together. They have good chemistry.

No. 238957

Connor is not single

No. 238958

Chris is not Emma type

No. 238961

I always got a "siblings" vibe from them

No. 238963

File: 1660221166821.png (387.91 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20220810-105840.png)

The discussion of all the shit Sharla has done, including the mimei drama >>149088 and her queen bee complex, reminded me of this comment. I'm gonna tinfoil that this is the same thing that happened to Lily and is the reason why the others dropped her. All of the Lily spam definitely gave off smear campaign vibes. I'm guessing that Sharla has blacklisted her because she didn't want the bitter ex around in the gaijin clique, or it's a similar situation as mikan mandarin where she started a relationship with a guy who had a gf then talked shit about the ex when she found out. It could also be that Chris is the one who blacklisted her, or both did.

No. 238967

That comment is incomprehensible. What is she trying to say? Isn’t it from the tkyosam video about her?

No. 238976

You need to learn how to read lol, it's in plain English
>was friends with Sharla
>was blacklisted by her and all her friends for silly reasons
>not much to say about her now

Kinda backs up the tinfoil itt that Lily may have been blacklisted the same way, the fact it has happened to someone else and was documented. Good find anon!

No. 238977

It’s a very vague comment. What silly reasons?

No. 238978

If you click on her channel, she is just a wannabe jvlogger who is mad she is not besties with a popular jvlogger.

No. 238981

This girl is known throughout the land for being a shit stirring jvlogger wannabe. She used to be at the center of every scandal, spilling out more gossip than TMZ. I fucking love morons claiming to be “blacklisted” as if there’s a conspiracy when in reality it’s just they’re toxic individuals. It’s all very Trumpian.

No. 239005

No1 blacklisted anyone. That's such a reach. Nobody wants to work with a toxic bitch.

No. 239016

Who is she and how do you know this? Was she talked about here or does she have a PULL thread archived?
Nta I wouldn't call it a reach kek it's likely that that's what happened.
How do you know that she's a toxic bitch? Do you know her personally? Share proof nonnie.

No. 239025

Yeah pretty sure she’s gay

No. 239035

She's known to do this and she was a shitty vlogger anyway. Lurk more.

No. 239041

>shitting on someone
>no proof
>"she was a shitty jvlogger anyway"

Yeah you're just backing up what was said in the comment, same proofless vendetta with weak rationale we see with Lily.
Meanwhile sharla and chris are still friends with proven psycho Norm, no questions asked.

No. 239042

Don’t know about that, there was a video they did together years ago where they talked about “this or that” and there was definitely some chemistry there. They also livestreamed together once during JaJ and Emma looked almost shy as she said she missed Chris and that he should come to Tokyo more often and he was like “what’s in it for me?” which struck me as a bit flirty. Maybe thats just me though.

No. 239050

Lurk more. You spoonies are the fucking worst. You derail and then you do this shit. No one has to reroute you to another thread. Especially when you act like this.

No. 239088

She does have good chemistry with Sarah, wondered if they were just 'gals being pals'

No. 239092

File: 1660248295014.jpg (65.31 KB, 643x495, tokidoki-traveller-boyfriend-a…)

unfortunately I can't find the videos of them together on her channel, they're probably deleted, but she used to date this guy named Arick who I truly believed was FTM. Came off as quite a lavender relationship either way, because she definitely gives off gay vibes and that Arick guy seemed either gay, or was actually a woman.

No. 239105

Emma said on a twitch stream months ago, or maybe even last year, that she is bisexual

I don't watch her streams anymore but she always talked about personal stuff. On regards to her type, at least concerning males, she said that it is tall and skinny iirc

No. 239113

How do you know he's not single?

No. 239125

This person? How is your source? This is your smoking gun? Wow she is just as crazy as you! What the hell is this incoherent jabber!?

No. 239126

Karen, demon dice that’s his girlfriend

No. 239127

You are sooo drunk of convicting Sharla and Chris for Norm’s crimes!

No. 239128

Nope 0 chemistry!

No. 239139

Do you have any proof? That seems unlikely

No. 239142

Why are you so mad? Holy shit anon,

No. 239146

Another bitch who has no proof just like Sam lol

No. 239150

She's likely in this very thread being a salty cunt because she can't get over being excluded from the popular kids club for being toxic. I highly doubt the others cut her out just because Sharla said to, she doesn't have THAT much influence and these are adults who can think for themselves, not teenagers.

No. 239151

You must be new here but Sharla was in the center of cutting off Mira and Mimei.
Sharla has always been known as a twofaced toxic cunt despite her redditfag simps who've been saying opposite for the past two threads.

No. 239152

sharla's white knight champion that's been diligently defending her a while

No. 239196

Go outside.

No. 239247

File: 1660272568391.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, 8DDCF2A2-5D01-4D91-AD36-49B684…)

My tinfoil for her more recent dating history is that Emma was hooking up (or wanted to) with Retrogaijin/Chris last summer. They were together all the time on livestreams and also always talking about each other in their own separate livestreams. Just a few months later they never hung out again, at least on camera. And then Emma released another vague “I’m sad” video after this. Seems like a fizzled romance/hookup to me at least.

No. 239282

your tinfoil timeline is off my dear. the I am sad video she did was when she was actually hanging out with him. there is 1 scene in her video where she is sitting by the river and because he was in the area streaming, he stopped by to hang with her and ask her to join his livestream. it was on that very livestream, where she tells him I am filming a YouTube video to explain why I am sad, and have been away for so long. they actually stopped hanging around around the time, she started to talk about how much better she was feeling and when he started to date his now gf.

No. 239322

emma and sarah are an item. It's very obvious if you know where to look and no, I'm not spoon feeding this one to you for privacy reasons.

No. 239325

Emma has stated that Sarah playes it up. So i kinda doubt that they are together.

No. 239333

Sarah has a girlfriend

No. 239334

That i believe but that the girlfriend is Emma i dont.

No. 239349

its a bannable offense on /vt/ to mention it due to doxxing, so id strongly consider it to be true

No. 239364

In the last trashtaste after dark special they were saying Garnt and Joey would have advantages with the American quiz because they're with Americans. Obviously they would keep it under wraps if Connor was dating her but it seems like they wouldn't say that if he was with an American.

No. 239367

No. 239376

Did Sam ever actually say he personally knew that Sharla did these things or was that an assumption by an anon who wasn't aware that all of this was discovered and proven on PULL and confirmed by Sharla herself? Kat is a piece of work, but you could say that Sharla blacklisted Mimei and Duncan, and her friends Bii and Toph went after Mimei despite having nothing to do with what happened between her and Sharla. I don't think Toph even really knew Mimei. At the same time that the blacklisting happened, Mimei was suddenly doxxed. Anyway, I've always wondered what Sharla actually thought of Taylor R and Tom considering her thoughts about Ashiya.

No. 239389

No. Everything about it from everyone is flippant, no proof aside from "well I definitely heard from xxx". No one has firsthand anything and anons who are apparently "the cow" posting in old threads was proved fake and extreme bait because of it. Anyine believing the shit about Sharla without some proof of fake accounts or anything, are gullible as fuck.

No. 239406

Sam makes things up all the time! Anyone who quotes him as a source needs to go get their head examined!

No. 239433

The PULL screenshots and Sharla's post confirming their existence are not fake. Many of us saw it unfold in real time.

No. 239459

Yeah I noticed that too. I thought he was dating ironmouse. Maybe Joey is just really good at keeping the relationship a secret though.

No. 239460

You thought he was dating Iron mouse?! Omg are you 10 years old? Iron mouse is a sweetheart, but she is also terminally ill, handicapped, housebound, highly medicated. She can’t walk, she is bed ridden, has to use an oxygen tank, she is feed via a feeding tube, lives in Puerto Rico and is not allowed to have any visitors, other than her medical care providers and her family, who lives with her!
Not to say that she’s unlovable but if you use your brain you’ll guess that a 26-year-old young man would want to date somebody he can actually see physically!

No. 239471

I'm well aware she's not a viable dating partner because of her illnesses. I'm just saying the way they act with each other is not how I'd act with my best friends, even though I love my friends to death. It's weird. Like very much a "friends who like each other but won't get romantic" situation. Her health is also slightly better than it was like a year ago, she's more able to walk now. Now that she has her new place she wants her friends to visit. I still wouldn't date anyone in that situation, but some people are more optimistic than I am. I don't even like her, I was just making an assumption.(learn2sage)

No. 239473

Is anyone else weirded out about Connor always collabing with Ironmouse? She comes across as con artist material to me .

No. 239476

Why did you guys even make a trash taste thread if you aren't going to use it?

No. 239513

I think both just use each other quite well.

No. 239539

File: 1660392593790.jpeg (63.3 KB, 1124x780, FEF75BED-45A0-40A2-9B5E-62D2B8…)

The timeline doesn’t need to perfectly match up with when she made/released that video. Tinfoil still but I think Emma wanted something more from that relationship than he did so she felt sad about it. The video was made around the same time she was spending a ton of time around a relatively attractive male friend who was in her tight knit friend group with Joey/Aki/Luke/Sophie. Shortly after the sad video they stopped hanging out altogether… and stopped following each other on social media when just a couple months before they were bffs? And Chris seems to be out of that friend group now. That situation happens more often between two people where feelings or sex are involved.

No. 239554

Yes you’re immature and you must be a child people can be friends of the opposite sex honestly grow up

No. 239555

Your are making huge assumptions. But yes Chris is out of that friendship group it may not have nothing to do with Emma. Chris is a raging alcoholic and perhaps his behavior got in the way of those friendship. I don’t know but just because he was hanging out with Emma that doesn’t mean she wanted to fuck him. Not every guy and girl that hangs out are dating or want to date. It’s something that you’re going to have to learn when you grow up

No. 239556

I suggest you move on

No. 239579

Either anon really believes the old bait an anon keft about Sharla, fake texts and all, or they are just trolling.

No. 239607

How do you know that all the texts and other stuff is fake?
Where was it proven that it was all just fake bait?

No. 239610

We already went over this in the other thread where it was first posted, anon. Stop being this retarded and trying to bait anons. If you don't have milk, just say so, but to keep bringing up 3+ year old milk and then to call it "not fake" when it clearly was, it was discussed it was fake in that same thread too. Info came from reliable sources, an anon faked being one of the girls. Being this dense makes me really embarrassed for you.

No. 239612

It wasn't proven fake, quite the contrary. Ignore Sharla stans.

No. 239661

I’m not a Sharla stan and I think you’re evidence and bullshit

No. 239694

Shut up already if you can't be bothered to not fall for fake bs posted by other anons

No. 239700

Only newfags aren't aware that it was confirmed by Sharla herself on Pretty Ugly Little Liars (PULL) and by her bestie Micaela in Jvloggers Thread 2. It was the biggest inter "drama" in jvlogger history. It was never declared fake and the people who are saying it was didn't read through entirety of Thread 2 and only recently joined this thread. This is why you should lurk before posting. It was also talked about in later threads when Sharla and her friends began to shun Mimei, and there was speculation that Sharla herself or a friend was posting in the threads. Anyone who disagreed with that person or who was skeptical of Sharla's behavior at that time was accused of being Mira or Mimei. (Sound familiar?) That Sharla was such a close friend of someone like Mira for years would've been reason enough to be suspicious of her behavior outside youtube. Then add her long friendship with Norm, who's also A LOT like Mira. Mimei's husband, PDR, also confirmed Sharla veganism was fake and that she and her friends basically cut off Mimei for not giving them enough likes on insta, which Sharla also complained about in the texts. You might even be able to find out more on 5ch if you can read Japanese.

No. 239703

Thank you anon

No. 239704

>pretty ugly little liars
This thread is full of Redditfags and people from Guru gossip; why can’t you just stay there? What is it about here that makes you want to come to it?

No. 239712

You Keep repeating the same thing . I was there am not a new fag. All you have is miceala logging into pull to deny the rumors. Nothing else, nothing else was proven.

No. 239713

You being a WK simp for a twofaced, queen bee complex weeb, who made a false racism accusation for shits and giggles, makes me extremely embarrassed for you.
Fuck off back to Sharla's discord ya little cunt.

No. 239715

Thoughts and prayers sweetie, I’m not going anywhere! You are fighting a losing battle, most people you don’t give a crap about that happened 1000 years ago with your fake racism charge and your fake screenshots.

No. 239716

It seems the confirmation of CxS lured cheap ass simps here,they don't even check the last threads yet they dare to comment.
Those who are friend with Norm are definitely red flags.

No. 239717

yea after the announcement some simps tried but mostly jumped ship, but a particular one has became the simp champion and been diligently and dedicatedly been on standby for weeks for the blessed snake queen

No. 239718

Rinse repeat, should be your username

No. 239719

You've both just proven that you're not only newfags, but never read through Thread 2. Micaela posted on lolcow, not PULL, to defend what she and Sharla said about Ashiya in them. Sharla is the one who posted on PULL to defend what she said in them, so we had double confirmation in two different places that the texts were real. Micaela also made a video about it which is now private.

No. 239720

great advice for an anonymous board

No. 239721

>fake racism charge
Too bad for you that the vlog was saved.

No. 239724

Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake. This video proves nothing, it’s does not show racism. You’re an idiot. You bring this up every time and you get the same response, this video has nothing, it shows nothing, it’s stupid. It happened a 1000 years ago! stop bring it up, and move on, it’s boring. You are boring

No. 239725

I don’t care!No one cares. You are so obvious you reveal yourself every single time. You have 3 things you bring up, Micaela and that stupid lolcow comment, the stupid fake racism video and some Russian girl name Aisha. I don’t give a fuck about any of those things, no one here gives a fuck about it, you’re the only one that keeps bringing it up! Go buy a dildo to relieve all that pent-up stale anger, so that you can move on to a more relevant topic!

No. 239727

oh fuck this, sharla fucked up bad considering she claims to speaks japanese lmao. Sharlas or someone else's video that more of the convo got posted on japanese board like 2ch or something and all the japaense anons were pretty wtf because they weren't saying racist shit about the jvloggers at all. Dumbfuck westerners girls causing problems bc sharla and kim japanese sucks

No. 239728

Anon you are a fucking idiot. The vid shows Sharla lying about someone saying racist things when the person was talking about their coworker, not them, and didn't say anything racist. Anons already explained this but you are just too fucking dumb. >>235332 >>235511

No. 239729

I do no care, I do not care, I do not care, I do not care. it does not show racism, it does not show racism, it does not show racism, it does not show racism. Stale, old, boring news. You’re an idiot. You’re gonna to keep talking about this stale ass boring topic, so you can insert these response above for every time you bring it up. I’m going to ignore you now!

No. 239730

This standby simp is either autistic, 12 years old, 3rd world country, or a boomer based on their writing. Take your pick.

No. 239735

File: 1660437221080.png (1.27 MB, 1080x426, Screenshot_20220805-153228.png)

I have a feeling that this is who they are. They were selfposting at the end of thread #14. >>225187

No. 239744

No it doesn’t. If you think this is “fake racism” you’re clearly bat shit crazy.

No. 239746

File: 1660441770507.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1285x1528, BDC1835B-D630-41BA-9613-D42A78…)

And just like that, the girl who has been “dying” to see her family in France that she hasn’t see in 3 years, but couldn’t because the tickets were too “pricey” is taking her 2nd trip to LA this summer.

No. 239757

The woman was not talking about them and did not say this "those people don't fit in Japan. I can't fucking stand them." So Sharla was a lying cunt. Get over it.
Again, no one gives a fuck about her boring tweets. She was never an actual jvlogger anyway, a couple of shitty vlogs about her apartment and hanging out in Tokyo or wherever spread out over the course of 4 years, doesn't fucking count. So go and sperg about her somewhere else.

No. 239758

Stfu. At least Lily's shit is new and not you trying to drudge up 5 threads ago fake bait milk about Sharla.

No. 239762

I wonder if Lilly will find a hard fit boyfriend in LA. Lol cause she is not doing well in Japan

No. 239767

None of the old milk about Sharla is fake. Now get over it you pathetic simp. Go back to writing your Chris and Sharla fanfic and try not to touch yourself while you're at it.

No. 239770

Take meds, I beg you.

What do you think the chances of her trying to move and start an OF? Lol she's been trying to show off her body on Twitter, probably to show Chris what he's missing.

No. 239773

Chris likes fat asses we already know anon.

No. 239774

Not to mention that she said she hadn’t spoken to her father in ten years but was suddenly so desperate to get out and go to his funeral. Couldn’t go so instead she took a 3 month vacation to Okinawa. Now she’s on her second trip to LA in 4 months but still hasn’t gone to see family in France.

No. 239776

The hypocrisy is real.
It’s a tragedy no one could screenshot the gofundme before she deleted it after two days. The family are just pawns to dredge up sympathy at this point. In reality when she’s got the money she uses it to go to Okinawa or LA.

No. 239781

File: 1660457502136.jpg (26.94 KB, 640x382, vxp9dfkkhh791.jpg)

One of the funniest mistakes of Chris kek.(shitposting)

No. 239782

This has been debunked as photoshop. Go away

No. 239783

Piss poor photoshop but good effort

No. 239784

Not the poster, but it wasn’t photoshop. I saw it but it was unfollowed quickly.

No. 239789

several people saw it themselves before he unfollowed it, one for example >>223788

No. 239790

File: 1660461685199.png (235.98 KB, 720x1243, bbwking.png)

No. 239793

I like that the stans are now screeching about photoshop and edits or whatever for things that are proven to be true, so desperate to defend the honour of your fat jvloggers

No. 239798

Who the fuck cares. No one cares about lily

No. 239801

File: 1660466763330.jpeg (577.33 KB, 1125x835, A39D0F73-CB57-498F-AC28-D1A753…)

Lol why are you defending Emma so hard? Two single people spending that much one-on-one time together shortly after meeting each other is a recipe for at least some attraction between them. That’s human nature.

If you have milk about Chris being a raging alcoholic or about getting kicked out of Joey/Aki friend group then post it. That would be more interesting to read than yet another anon running to defend a jvlogger as soon as someone makes a post they don’t like.

No. 239812

>Two single people spending that much one-on-one time together shortly after meeting each other is a recipe for at least some attraction between them.

offtopic but spending time with someone doesn't make you attracted to them, I'm repulsed by the vast majority of men and spending more time with one of them wouldn't change that kek

I feel bad for jvloggers though since their friendships and romances are heightened by the solitude of being the only whitey for miles in an environment which is quite cold and abrasive for foreigners, it seems hellish especially with all the backbiting and bitchiness revealed in this thread. Like a falling out or a romance is like x100 due to the lack of options, where in whiteland like the UK (where I am) you can just pick another one and move on. It's not the end of the world if you get rejected by one of these tards, but in such a small community it can seem huge, so I do feel sorry for those who've been rejected or blacklisted or whatever which seems to be a common drama for these lot.

No. 239822

I’m not defending Emma there’s nothing to defend. if she liked him and he broke her heart that’s fine, shit happens! but you are making using assumptions based on 0 proof. but some fucking videos that you saw and decided that they had chemistry. So I’m telling you that what you’re saying doesn’t make sense because the timeline doesn’t make match. I don’t give a fuck about retro or Emma but you’re an idiot because you’re trying to make something happen that you have no proof of.

No. 239826

File: 1660480328288.png (723.71 KB, 1080x3322, Screenshot_20220814-130910.png)

Apparently prices have increased due to the war.

No. 239827

File: 1660480706190.png (832.9 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20220814-133622.png)

No. 239828

File: 1660482091794.png (864.61 KB, 1080x697, Screenshot_20220814-131607.png)

Anon we've been over this. If she had a gofundme up for two days someone would've definitely taken a screenshot. Show proof or stfu with this bs.

No. 239829

Honey I’m not a newfag, I was pointing out anon got the website wrong.. because none of you frequent gossip sites and don’t understand lolcow culture.
My post had nothing to do with the current topic of the thread, because this thread is a mess.

No. 239836

NTA, but you sound insufferable.

No. 239837

As she's an ex Jvlogger, thank you for keeping Lily stuff updated.

No. 239841

It is a lot more expensive to travel to Europe than LA from Japan and it's freaking Obon right now, when tickets are more expensive than ever.
Did ya miss the whole borders being closed in Japan during the pandemic? Many permanent residents who left couldn't return and you had to apply for special permission to before you left to be able to come back, but you couldn't get immediately approved, which stranded and trapped a lot of foreigners, It was all over the international news. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/05/business/japan-entry-ban-coronavirus.html

I don't even like Lily, but this is stupid. Whenever something true about Sharla comes up, some anon suddenly starts sperging about Lily.

No. 239842

Not only that, they make no sense.

No. 239843

Both Mira and Norm exaggerate and lie about their accomplishments. Both hide and lie about their personal lives. Both like to harass other people. Both use sockpuppets to antagonize and gaslight other jvloggers while pretending to be friendly to them in real life. Both doxx or threaten to doxx people because they don't like them or don't like something they said. Now, what else do they have in common and who is the one person who ties them together? To have not just one malicious, egomaniac friend, but two?

No. 239844

It's basically two autsitics that think lily is interesting and that her ramblings are worth posting. Her ramblings aren't even skimmilk, it's fucking nothing. And now lily traveling is interesting? More fucking nothing clogging the thread.

No. 239845

>true about sharla
>still pushing over 5 threads ago bait

Move on, anon. At least Lily's stuff was new as it wasn't discussed before at all, but there's zero reason aside from being an autist to try and be this angry about anons not wanting to talk about 3+ years old discussed milk about Sharla is ridiculous. You're doing it because you're mad anons are talking about Lily and it's so assbackwards of you. Lily is all new discussion.

Let me make this easier for you:

>not discussed in length before
>anons have catching up to do regarding her milk because it wasn't posted here before
>an ex Jvlogger and an ex of Chris

>anons talked about the fake Sam stuff 3+ years ago already, doesn't need to be rehashed, old milk
>sharla and taylor video was discussed 3+ years ago, doesn't need to be rehashed, old milk

No. 239848

Lily is not a true jvlogger nor ex-jvlogger and her traveling to LA is not milk. Sharla was brought up because anons have been trying to rewrite jvlogger history by falsely attributing Sharla's texts to Sam and calling them fake, which they weren't. What Sharla did is milk and "simps" coming here to try to convince other anons that she didn't do what she did and derail the thread is also somewhat milky, because we've had jvloggers come here and try to do the same or defend their actions in the past.

No. 239851

Lily's shit wasn't discussed before because it's fucking nothing, y'all didn't find a pot of gold suddenly, for years she never had milk. Lily comments 3+ years ago of talking into a vacuum of milkless nonsense is just clogging shit. She's a fucking boring nobody with no milk that's been ignored for years for good reason.

No. 239852

What EV Fuck are you talking about.? She went back to LA twice and has not visited her family was the point people are trying to make. Everybody knows she was an allowed to leave japan during the height of the pandemic. many have observed that she likes to complain but doesn’t really like to find a solution. A.k.a. I haven’t seen my family in ages but I’m not going to take a connecting flight, I’m not going to connected in Dubai, I’m not going to fly this airline or that airline, and yet she has managed to go to LA New York LA twice this year along .

No. 239853

No one is simping and the fake texts sure looked fake to me and so did the convenience of anons apparently getting whoever the hell to come in and give this long-winded, and clearly padded with fake shit, an anecdote about it. You are literally just gullible, anon. You really, really are. Not only was the anon not verified at all and they didn't post any proof at all it was them, but those texts didn't even make sense either. On top of that, what else verification that any of that is true, is true? What, outside of lolcow, proof of accounts? Any names for these fake accounts? No hint or anything on anyone's side, not Sharla's, her friend's, Norm even?

This is why anons don't talk about it because everything adds up to you all being baited.

No. 239854

> rinse and repeat is back>>239843

No. 239856

I can understand why you might be confused if you're new, but ex-jvlogger refers to a former jvlogger who now lives or vlogs from outside Japan, like Brownwyn, Kim Dao, Sunny, or Chris Okano, btw. It doesn't refer to someone who doesn't vlog anymore. The "ex-jvloggers" was added from jvloggers thread 10.

No. 239857

Boring as hell Lilly is being discussed because she made a point to tweet two weeks ago that Chris cheated on her with Sharla.
So people started to look and discuss some of her behavior.
Is she unhinged? is she in jilted ex girlfriend ? or does she have a point?
Very highly debated topic on here!

No. 239859

They were saying it's strange she wanted to go her Dad's funeral despite not seeing him in 10 years, which isn't strange at all. Her dad died ffs. Also not strange that she took off time because her dad died and went to Okinawa instead since she couldn't leave Japan. It's far cheaper to go to LA twice than to go to France, especially during Obon season, and maybe she doesn't want to go back because her Dad isn't there anymore, she doesn't get along with her family, France is in the middle of a heat wave and most don't have AC unlike LA. Where is the milk?

No. 239864

Lily didn't even need to do or say anything about Chris and Sharla. She did it because she wanted the attention and thought she would get pity, but literally everyone could tell she was being a dumb bitch. She brought attention to herself. Oh well.

No. 239866

You misunderstand about the point. Being made mentioning not seeing her dads for 10 years. The point that you don’t understand is that over Lilly likes to runs to Twitter to complain, to gain sympathy but doesn’t really want a solutions, a true solution to the problem is she’s complaining about.
After complaining and garnering loads of attention, sympathy, condolences about her father, one would think that the first trip she took out of Japan, would be France. To visit her mom, her siblings, her dad’s grave. But no the first trip she took was to LA and New York in May. cut back to June, she complained that she was sad because because of the Ukraine war she was unable to visit her family. She complained plane tickets were too expensive, she refused to take a connecting flight, she refused to connect in Dubai. Now we’re in August, ticket price has gone down, where is she going? back to LA .

No. 239867

File: 1660493986029.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1301x819, BFE3F578-2A6E-427B-B382-ABC956…)

Japanese people don’t typically travel out of Japan during obone season my dear. So am not sure what that has to do with Lily going to France as suppose to LA.
But also if you are dying to see your family and the prices are expensive, you save up your money, so that you able afford the expensive tickets. you don’t take another trip for several weeks to another country, that you just came back from 2 months ago.
My point is she’s not dying to see her family, she just wants to complain about not being able to see them.
She gets off on the wave of sympathy she gets on Twitter but that’s starting to wear thin, people are starting to call her put.
Look at the first assumptions a person made when she posted she is traveling ..

No. 239870

You're the one who doesn't understand. The borders were closed, so she couldn't leave, so she traveled within the country. Tickets to Europe are extremely expensive and Russia invaded Ukraine in February, not after May, so she traveled to someplace closer and cheaper after the borders opened. And WTF about prices being cheaper now? It's OBON. One of the busiest times of the year to travel from Japan, peak travel season.

No. 239875

>Japanese people don’t typically travel out of Japan during obone season my dear.
Now you're just embarrassing yourself. It's O-B-O-N and yes, many Japanese travel outside Japan during obon because it's one of the few times of the year everyone in the family has enough time off together. Every year, the news always covers the rush at the international terminals at Haneda, Narita, Kansai and Chubu Centrair. They're even doing it right now. You know what 出国ラッシュ means right?
https://www3.nhk.or.jp/shutoken-news/20220811/1000083488.html Please stop pretending you know Japanese people or Japan.

No. 239881

Again I am not criticizing her for not traveling in 2020 or 2021.
I’m saying in 2022 she still has not chosen to go to France.

If I haven’t seen my family in 2 years and I’m dying to see my them, I will take a connecting flight, yes they suck but if I want to see my family, I’m going to go make the sacrifices no matter the connecting flights or price.

April,May 2022 she went to New York and LA!

May 30th 2022 she complained about prices being too much to go to France! With a litany of excuses why she won’t take connecting flights to bring the price down.

August 2022 she’s headed back to LA.

My point is if she really wanted to go to France to see her family, she would’ve gone to France instead of another trip to LA.

No. 239886

File: 1660498061082.jpg (25.78 KB, 826x281, Khd7c1S.jpg)

Not strange to want to attend your Dad’s funeral. But when she got the ability to leave the country she went to the US not to see her family. Also 2 months (I was wrong I thought it was 3) in Okinawa because she has no one to grieve with. “No boyfriend, no family, no friends around” (notice boyfriend is first listed)
Yet here we are she can travel and she’s taking multiple trips to the US instead of seeing family in France.

>>239881 Exactly.

No. 239887

Lol I don’t pretend to know Japanese people, I just Google it and the kayak data shows that travel outside of japan for aug is not as high as may for example. I don’t care to be a Japanese expert it doesn’t matter to me lol. I’m not embarrassed to get things wrong about Japan, because it’s traditions, history etc is not important to me.

No. 239888

You do realize she’s actually traveling right now right? If she was, let’s say staying home , not traveling and complaining about the prices you could use this excuse. but the fact that she’s actually traveling back to a place where she was only 2 months ago, during the “busiest time” of the year and that you decided to use that as the reason for her not going to France, is laughable.

No. 239896

Girl must be making serious bank to fly to LA every other month in between work:

No. 239903

Honestly good for her! but she should shut up and not complain about not being able to see her family.

No. 239905

File: 1660502053812.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x2040, 04AB86F9-B1C5-46A1-8505-193A13…)

Mikaela is about to pop. Hoping all the best for her.

No. 239915

>Lol I don’t pretend to know Japanese people,
>it’s traditions, history etc is not important to me
Then why did you say
>Japanese people don’t typically travel out of Japan during obone season my dear.
If you don't actually know something, maybe don't pretend to know that you do. Obon coincides with the long summer break for students in Japan. It's basic knowledge for anyone who's spent time in Japan that it's one of the busiest times to travel within and from Japan of the year.

No. 239917

You’re choosing to concentrate on a non-point, to derail the conversation. she is still traveling whether its to LA or France, she still traveling.

No. 239920

Basic knowledge or not, I just don’t give a fuck. The conversation that was not about the traditions of Japan. It was about you girl Lilly baiting people with sob stories so they shower her with attention and sympathy on Twitter.

No. 239925

Did you all miss
> It's far cheaper to go to LA twice than to go to France, especially during Obon season
She went to LA in May for just 500USD, or did you guys not read the tweets?
May is Golden Week and August is Obon. They're one of the few times of the year when people who work in Japan can actually travel without getting permission to take time off from their job. So Lily traveling in May and August is not a surprise, and it's also not a surprise that travel to Europe is more expensive than travel to LA during peak travel time in Japan. That Lily was able to get such a cheap ticket for LA is a surprise, but not a surprise that she'd take advantage of it. Sure, she could be more careful with her money, plan better and sacrifice more to go to France, but what she actually said in her tweets about not being able to see her family during the pandemic and about tickets being prohibitively expensive when she can actually take time off to go are not untrue. Lily, who never is or was a true jvlogger, being a whiner and complainer is also not new and not milk, and neither is some rando's comment on one of her tweets. It's obvious what's going on here.

No. 239928

Why are you responding to me? I just pointed out that anon lied and Obon season is actually one of the most popular times of the year for Japanese people to travel overseas.
Did you just forget what you wrote again?
>Japanese people don’t typically travel out of Japan during obone season my dear.
You're the one who attempted to talk about tradition. I was talking about peak travel times and facts.

No. 239930

If your dad died two years ago and you haven’t seen your mom and your sisters for 2 years and you’re desperate to see them, would you not save up the money and pay $2500 $3000 for tickets to go see them rather than going to LA twice, within a couple of months?
I’m not saying she wasn’t sad about her dad’s deaths, I’m not saying that she doesn’t want to see her family. I’m saying the level of urgency that she was expressing in those tweets it’s not her reality, because her actions doesn’t match that reality.
I’m sure it made more sense for her economically to go to LA, that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I saying that the way to express her desperation or sadness on Social does not match her actions.
And it’s a pattern I’ve noticed with her, that she runs to Twitter to complain about something and gets loads of sympathy and people genuinely tweeting solutions, but yet she usually chooses to not use those wise solutions to solve the issue.
My hunch is that she enjoys the wave of sympathy/ attention more than she wants to solve the actual problem.

No. 239933

The desperation you were talking about was in the 2020 tweet. >>239828 Her recent tweet about tickets to France being too expensive is >>239826 >>239827
Her tweet implies that she was planning to visit France before the tickets became too expensive. She cites health reasons for why she tries to avoid transfers.

No. 239944

Again my point is seeing her family it is not her top priority. Because if it was, she would’ve move heaven and earth to go to France to visit them, when the border restrictions were lowered.
Look how she phrase her tweet, she could’ve easily said, OMG look how expensive flights are now. But she chose to tie it in her how the prices has kept her from seeing her family and that it’s been in 4 years. When many people started giving her advice as how to get to France, she quickly tweets out “oh I don’t want advice I was just showing you how expensive it is.” It goes to show my theory about her, she likes the attention but she doesn’t want a solution.

One would think that the person who was tweeting about being suicidal because she couldn’t see her family, is in contradiction with the person that has chosen to take back 2 back trip to LA two months apart, instead of going to see her family.

No. 239949

This is spot on.
I’m amazed people can’t see that.

No. 239953

>One would think that the person who was tweeting about being suicidal because she couldn’t see her family, is in contradiction with the person that has chosen to take back 2 back trip to LA two months apart, instead of going to see her family.
Why do you continue to keep confusing the 2020 tweets after her father had recently died with the 2022 tweets?

No. 239962

It’s not confusing them. But if you were so very distressed about feeling alone, missing family, so very angry about not being able to visit your father’s grave… then you have the opportunity to travel and choose instead to take back to back trips to LA. It’s giving hypocritical drama Queen.
And the US for a few weeks? That’s expensive no matter how cheap the airfare was.
She plays it up for attention then does what she wants.

No. 239967

>It’s not confusing them. But if you were so very distressed about feeling alone, missing family, so very angry about not being able to visit your father’s grave…
That was in her tweet from 2020 when her father died, when she wanted to grieve with her family. It's been two years since her dad died and she didn't say anything about suicide, feeling alone, grieving, or her dad's grave in her 2022 tweet.

No. 239971

You’re so fucking slow, I understand it was 2020.
she was suicidal about missing her family and not being able to see them in 2020. So one would think, in 2022 the first thing she would want to do, as soon as the opportunity presented itself is, to go see the family she was suicidal about not being able to see!

Why is that line of thinking hard for you to understand.

Girl is suicidal because she forced to stay in Japan and is unable able to see her family. 3 years later girl leaves japan twice, but does not go see her family!

From suicidal when she couldn’t to its too expensive when she could.

No. 239972

File: 1660520518714.jpeg (820.44 KB, 1289x1668, 2FD54F19-73C2-479C-AAD6-E05455…)

Suicidal thoughts were her words not mine.

No. 239973

OMG , a safe delivery I hope.

No. 239977

Yeah, we know. How are you not getting that if she was SO desperate to see her family and visit her father’s grave in 2020, it’s weird that by 2022 she when she can go she instead chooses to repeatedly visit the US? 2 years later she should surely be missing her family even more.

No. 239979

She was distraught and claimed to be suicidal when her dad died. She did not claim to be suicidal two years later.
That was in 2020, when her dad died.

No. 239983

>How are you not getting that if she was SO desperate to see her family and visit her father’s grave in 2020, it’s weird that by 2022 she when she can go she instead chooses to repeatedly visit the US? 2 years later she should surely be missing her family even more.
It's not weird at all. Two years have passed since her dad died, foreigners no longer need to feel trapped and people are no longer as scared and feeling as isolated as they did at the height of the pandemic when everything was uncertain. That's more than enough time not to have suicidal thoughts anymore. She complained in May that she can't go home because tickets home were unexpectedly expensive and she got a very cheap ticket to LA. We don't know why she's going to LA this second time, but it's still cheaper than going to France and the urgency to go home isn't the same as when her dad passed away.

No. 239990

Sharla’s cat sitter has a video out!!

No. 239996

File: 1660529886943.jpg (63.19 KB, 828x785, CKesaz7.jpg)

Yeah they’re definitely not living together /s
The anons who claimed there was no proof that they live together, wya?

No. 239997

Imagine being so retarded that you're try to bait with weeks old milk that has already been discussed to death holy shit

No. 239998

Just providing an image proof for the image board. Nothing was ever good enough for some people in those discussions.

No. 239999

I know right you show proof and they this is old milk this guys been doing the same shit for two years now. Ignore lol

No. 240002


Why does he stay up to finish the video? Can he not work like a normal person and go to sleep and finish it the next day? The video was filmed months ago too.

No. 240003

Maybe because he had said that it would be out today and it wasn’t done. I don’t understand how it takes 4 months to get a few videos edited. It was filmed back in April.
He did say on Twitter that he was having copyright issues, presumably for the use of the Spandau Ballet song Gold. Which is why it posted so late in the day.

No. 240006

As usual, anon purposely crops out dates and times so old milk can't be reported to mods. MO as usual

No. 240007

File: 1660535787165.jpg (631.55 KB, 1080x1945, Screenshot_20220814-205430_Pat…)

I'm going to unsub. The patreon isn't milky, no one else is even trying to get patreon into from Chris or Sharla and I'm not wasting my money on anons who ignore the updates, twice now. Last update. You guys argue about livestreams that are paywalled amongst yourselves again. Especially when you'd ask rather nitpick than stay in topic.

No. 240008

He even has editors if remember well.
I guess the control freak nature will never die.

No. 240009

yea might be for the best since a couple of lily obsessed autists/s+c simps basically took over, seems like most gave up and jumped ship

No. 240010

File: 1660536977851.jpg (135.75 KB, 827x1359, nhDQi5P.jpg)

I didn’t crop them out. It was posted today so hardly old. Didn’t think I needed a date on something that was posted a few minutes earlier. Here’s the bottom of the post with the date. Couldn’t get the whole thing in a screenshot.

No. 240015

Her patreon will become so shit kek

No. 240016

sharla's really showing off her boyfriend this time

No. 240019

She seems really proud of him and proud to be with him. It’s sweet.

No. 240020

editors dont touch the big projects, only the small videos

No. 240023

You’re so dumb how can it be old milk when the video was just posted today? And a Twitter post can easily be vf? what an idiot

No. 240025

Her Patreon was always shit.

No. 240027

Maybe Chris will force Sharla to choose between him and Tuna

No. 240034

Unlike her ex Chris is also a public person.

No. 240045

Grow up

No. 240046

It was a joke

No. 240049

LOL sorry I was triggered by these four–year-olds that like to come on here

No. 240063

File: 1660565408812.jpeg (94.49 KB, 668x851, 23E9CAE2-03B5-446D-99FD-304F9A…)

We know understand why Sharla is sticking around

No. 240064


I came here specifically to see if anyone else had noticed

No. 240071

LOL I was like well, damn Daddy laying down the pipes.

No. 240072

I personally find it extremely boring when content creators turn their relationship into content…

No. 240073

I worded that poorly but I meant that two people who are attracted to each other are more likely to spend one-on-one time together, not the other way around.

Emma/Chris is just tinfoil obviously but someone asked about her dating history so I thought it was relevant to mention a male friend where there was potential chemistry. Anons also bring up Sarah because they spend a lot of time together and seem to have chemistry. Unless someone has proof for anyone she’s dated other than the Arick guy there’s not much else to talk about.

No. 240075

I don’t think Sharla is that shallow. Chris is funny and treats her well, the rest is just a bonus.

No. 240077

Ew anon spoiler that shit

No. 240079

File: 1660571895904.png (307.64 KB, 1778x789, Screenshot_20220412-193822~3.p…)

We've already discussed her track record of being good friends with problematic people. Like I said she is a "well they're nice to me" type and likely doesn't give a shit about any of the shitty things that her friends do. >>238447

We've also had one anon say that Chris and Lily broke up in September when it's been mentioned multiple times with proof that it was around the end of December. >>237727 and another anon >>237260 said that Sharla was still in Korea in march 2019 when she said in the vid "I've moved back to Japan. Welcome to my new apartment." and you can see the faux concrete wall and other features of her Morioka apartment kek. I also posted a vid from Dec 2018 in which she is referred to as 'Iwate resident'. So she was back in Japan at the end of 2018. >>233122

>No one is simping
Kek this thread has been full of simps for weeks.
Like this anon said >>239700 it was confirmed by Sharla on PULL and it was never declared fake.
The texts aren't fake. Deal with it.
Sam got things mixed up with the fake accounts thing, I don't think there was ever anything about Sharla having fake accounts. That was all Mira and Norm.

No. 240101

He has nice arms and shoulders

No. 240105

Disagreeing with you doesn't mean simping.

No. 240108

Sharla’s newest video about the festival gave me the impression that she doesn’t want people to know her and Chris live together

No. 240111

Repeatedly talking about how handsome Chris is, how attractive Sharla is, and what a cute couple they make, while sperging whenever anyone mentions something foolish they actually did, is simping.

No. 240115

>We've also had one anon say that Chris and Lily broke up in September when it's been mentioned multiple times with proof that it was around the end of December.
Sharla signed the contract for her apartment in Morioka in September 2018, that may be why that anon tried to trick people into believing that Lily and Chris broke up earlier than they actually did.

No. 240119

You're falling for bait from some anons, but they are allowed to think they are a cute couple. If you mean the ones calling Chris cute and shit, that's pure bait. Ignore it and honestly, Sharla is pretty imo and NTA either. Not everything people say here has to be shitty as long as its in context and on topic. You going to say we can't compliment her house too? None of that is WKing either. You're just being mad that not everyone agrees with you. Weak shit, anon.

No. 240120

They aren't even at home.

No. 240127

Seems unlikely given her tweet yesterday about him staying up all night with the cat.
The haven’t explicitly said that they live together but they’re not hiding it anymore either.

No. 240133

People on Twitter seem to think it means he was cat sitting

No. 240140

Presumably the same people who were astonished at the news that they are a couple.
Clueless or obsessed with either Sharla or Chris.

No. 240152

Lol I. Many ways he is. She is in Canada right now.

No. 240162


No. 240170

Funny how this tweet has more likes than Chris original tweet!

No. 240174

Most stuff around her seems shallow tbh.

No. 240177

Top kek ,it's obvious they live together.

No. 240180

Like what?

No. 240191

What do you know what their relationship looks like. They barely shared anything at all.

No. 240192

he literally watched her videos before coming to japan himself and states she was a reason to motivate himself to take the chance.

No. 240200

>but they are allowed to think they are a cute couple.
while sperging whenever anyone mentions something foolish Chris or Sharla actually did? You missed the second half of my sentence.
>Not everything people say here has to be shitty as long as its in context and on topic.
It's often not in context or on topic, which is the problem, and belongs elsewhere. Some anons are definitely baiting, but some are dead serious and creepy, and obviously came here from Chris' subreddit.

No. 240201

This is video is so low effort even by Sharla's standards imo, she made such a big deal about Tanabata in Sendai but it looked like the crappiest festival ever.
Also ik I'm a minority but the couple-y stuff is so incredibly boring to me, I wish she'd keep her content separate

No. 240204

Sharla videos are low energy always such is not bad that's just her brand but when one bf it derails the vibe.
In Chris channel such videos make more sense due being something out of the ordinary.

No. 240207

Lol it was so not couply at all. She spent most of the video with other people, and Chris popped in at the very end. If you showed this to a person who knows nothing about them, they would just think she just met up with friends. No hand holding, no pda, nothing couply at all. you were just looking for something to criticize, you pretending that Sharla content was good, and now is boring because she is now dating Chris is delusional. I mean most of Sharla’s videos are boring, bland and lack effort.
But also were you this bothered when Sharla was doing “ my husband ______” videos?
Sharla has date night with my husband videos, pumpkin carving with my husband video, my husband does my makeup video, and so on and so forth. But God forbid Chris shows up for 2 minutes in her boring ass video, You want Call the content police!!!!!!
Lol u r silly.

No. 240208

You made that shit up, lol. Chris never said that.

No. 240213

The first part it's true I think anon.

No. 240214

lmao god hope this is true, funny how the lily spergchan newfags constantly cry that lily stalked and watched chris before going to japan, then to think Chris basically did the same thing himself. THe IRONY

No. 240215

I've gone to the festival pre-pandemic. I think it was scaled down compared to past years before COVID hit, but Sharla barely showed anything. Maybe she's saving some material for later. There are a lot more streamers in the arcade and the fireworks on the last night is a big part of the festival. There's also the beautiful light up at Zuihoden and Sendai Station also has displays. They still had live music and other performances this year at the castle ruins and other events. If what she did was all that she showed in the vlog, that's surprising since she's been dreaming of going to the festival forever. It's over three days, too.

No. 240218

Lots of photos from the patreon

No. 240220


No. 240221

So wait, to put things together…. Chris kept an eye on Sharla (or stalked) back in England, was "motivated" to go to Japan because of Sharla, when he arrived she was already in a relationship with her 7ish years secret ex-husband, probably moped around and dated others, years later the moment Sharla divorced her husband, he immediately dumped Lily to not lose the chance of dating the girl he kinda online stalked and his reason to move to Japan 5 years prior.

No. 240222

On Twitter. Just search for mentions of Sharla on Chris’ account.

No. 240224

He wasn’t motivated to go to Japan because of Sharla, but I think he was motivated to start making YouTube videos. He didn’t stalk her. I think he had a crush on her though, it’s evident in those videos they did with Rachel and Jun when they road tripped across Japan in 2015.

No. 240226

and the Chris simps went wild.

No. 240228

what couple-y stuff? i'm legitimately curious, what was couple-y about chris and sharla in this video?

No. 240230

Watch out nonnie you're going to get the simps rattled by pointing that out.

No. 240232

Y’all were the fucking weirdos yelling show me proof, show a video, show a picture. And today here is somebody making up shit that Chris was motivated to move to Japan because Sharla and yall believe it, or pretending to believe it so you can yell Simps.
I love the hypocrisy lol lol

No. 240233

Imageboard … I love that you didn’t post it because you know you made it up but you said just search Twitter, to throw people off the sent of your lie. I love it!

No. 240234

Not a lie and this was almost two weeks ago, I don't have the time nor the energy to look it up myself again and post screen caps. Look for it yourself, go to Chris' twitter account, search for "famous birthdays" and it will pop right up. It was from 2016.

No. 240236

That’s not true, Sharla did not post any pictures of her attending the tanabata festival on Patreon or anywhere.

No. 240237

Yeah she did. There's more to >>240007 dumbass

No. 240239

File: 1660610326510.jpeg (542.62 KB, 2048x2048, 4EBD24E4-92E4-416D-AB14-48438B…)

Oh my God you literally don’t have a sense of humor, it’s called a joke, sarcasm. Both Chris and Sharla have posted similar line about each other as a joke back-and-forth on socials. It’s a joke Chris has mentioned many times before because viewers would tell him that line, when they bump into him in Japan.

No. 240246

Dumnass Go back and look and see that she only posted pictures of her 3 vacatIon trip with Chrison that post. Nothing on tanabata

No. 240253

This is a recurring joke you dumb cunts. Neither of them watched each other’s videos before coming to Japan in 2012

No. 240254

You clearly didn’t read what I wrote I’m saying exactly what you’re saying lol

No. 240257

To add, her livestream said she might not attend both due to time.

No. 240258

File: 1660616398702.jpg (361.82 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20220815-191734_Pat…)

She said in her LS she might not be able to attend both.

No. 240267

Bitch are you slow? her latest video is about her attending the tanabata festival last weekend. So she clearly went. You’re claiming that she had pictures on patreo of her attending the tanabata festival but she doesn’t!!
You called me a dumb ass when I told you , that she did not post pictures of the festival as you claimed, and u r wrong!

No. 240271


If that's the kind of video she makes after 20 years "dreaming" to be able to attend Sendai's Tanabata…

But we all know it was about selling you that shitty box and not making a great video about the Tanabata Festival.

No. 240275

Sweetie they haven’t invented time travel machine yet.
on July 28th she wrote a post that japan has 2 different dates for the Tanabata festival. The rest of Japan celebrates it on July 7.
Sendai, where she lives, celebrates it on August 7.
So if she’s writing it on July 28 she obviously could not attend the one that was celebrated on July 7th.
So read this slowly
Sendai tanabata was on Aug 7th, she vlogged about it. But she has not posted any picture of her attending the tanabata festival on her Patreon.
So you falsely claim she did and you were wrong!

No. 240277

Dumb dumb if she did her livestream on July 31st how could she say that she was going to attend both?
The two dates are July 7th and august 7th.

No. 240311

I don't see anything to get excited about

No. 240316

their dog maya has dementia and is very very old. I think its nice they take them along as much as possible atm and didn't immediately get a dog sitter or something

No. 240317

Wow you're surely all fired up about that stroller, huh? This is by far the farthest reach for milk in this thread.

No. 240318

kek the highlights disappeared. Wonder if she actually is reading here…and possibly posting.

No. 240323

could've been her posting back in thread 9 >>>/w/146372

No. 240324

I don’t know what you’re talking about Lily post with an heart emoji featuring Chris is still on IG

No. 240327

Chris always has an expression like a dog who pissed on something and is wondering if you're gonna notice

No. 240332

And yet the daft cunt is more affable than everyone in this thread combined

No. 240334


There's a difference between stalking and being motivated/inspired to move to Japan because you're a fan of someone. Chris obviously had wanted to do it for a while and Sharla wasn't his main or sole reason. You're either a newfag or being purposefully obtuse in an attempt to twist the facts. We've been over this shit like two threads ago, please stop trying to make it a thing again, it's tiring. He had a light crush on Sharla, she was unavailable, he decided to move on and give Lily a chance after Lily pursued him aggressively, things with Lily ended up being unhealthy and they were unsuitable for each other, but he had a hard time breaking things off because of how unstable she seemed, and by the time he had figured out his feelings for Sharla were serious he had already been ready to move on from Lily, so he and Sharla got together not long after he finalized the breakup. Pretty average for how most adult relationships progress.

No. 240341

I can’t find the video now, it may have been in a Patreon live that I no longer have access to. But Chris said that when he was younger he wanted to move overseas but wasn’t sure where. Then he met a couple on a plane whose daughter was teaching English in Japan on the Jet program. They told him what a great experience she was having and he went home and researched it, then in college worked towards it (like taking linguistics and things if I recall correctly) so it was a goal. He said he saw Sharla’s eating bread video when he was planning to come to Japan. But the reason he went to Japan thing is just them joking around.

No. 240343

File: 1660660620424.png (1.03 MB, 1079x1221, Screenshot_20220816-153324.png)

No. 240353

y'all are so funny and equally weird.

No. 240360

Chill, he was a regular viewer. As far as I know he didn't comment under every single post under the sun like Lily did. Sharla was one of the OG Japan Vloggers. I bet she and others like her naturally inspired literally most of nowadays Jvloggers.

No. 240361

Stop bumping this thread with literally zero milk.

No. 240376

Where did he say that though? Tweets, videos, comments, anywhere? Just sounds like you guys making up your own storylines for Chris, Sharla, and Lily.

No. 240380

File: 1660673503685.jpeg (828.5 KB, 2074x1454, 83ED55D9-457D-41DF-8D5A-F3C0AB…)

Here is an interview with Chris where he said his interest in Japan was sparked by a couple and plane ride to France who that told him about the Jet program. That’s why he came to Japan in his own words. ignore that stupid fantasy that weird anon was spinning about him coming because he saw a sharla’s video.


No. 240381

File: 1660673719348.jpg (253.56 KB, 1920x1080, brave_ZKDAK2R0pY.jpg)

Behold, the British man in his natural and most vulnerable sleeping position.

No. 240408

>so he and Sharla got together not long after he finalized the breakup.
Nice try. That's your headcannon. We don't know when Sharla and Chris got together, only that Chris has already lied about when they did. Lily was already unstable before Chris started dating and living with her yet he chose to get involved with her. You should never date your fans.
We already suspected Lily had been posting here years ago, but she has a distinct way of writing due to her English, so it's fairly obvious when it's her writing.

No. 240410

She is the OG vlogger in japan.

No. 240415

He's a frog.

No. 240417

That's what I thought, especially with that logic he would've followed her to Korea too.

No. 240430

what's the tea on micaela's husband?

No. 240437

He talked about watching Sharla's bread video before going to Japan in the video he made right before going on JAJ. I think it was called 6 years in Japan or something.

No. 240440

Yes he did he said seeing her YouTube video inspired him to make a YouTube channel. He did not say inspired him to move to Japan as that anon falsely claimed. by the time he saw he was already planning to move. In this video he tells the exact reasons he chose to move to Japan…. the plane story, nothing to do with Sharla!

No. 240445

Yep it was this vid. Starts at 02:05

No. 240463

So again on this video he did not say he came to Japan because of Sharla

No. 240464

I feel like there are two types of Abroad in Japan fans: soyfaced Redditors who wear shirts that say "I speak sarcasm" and people who just take everything he says at face value. No in between.

No. 240483

He did a Chris Broad and stalked his future gf lmao

No. 240519

Find it funny that she jumped into another relationship so quickly after tatsu and got pregnant twice when she was only with the new guy for a year and a bit.

No. 240520

what, for real?

No. 240523

File: 1660716902925.jpg (406.25 KB, 958x1066, n.jpg)

Nah. I can't remember his twitter username but I know I've seen it before.

No. 240554

The guy with the beard is her husband?

No. 240560

The long haired guy

No. 240564

Huh, okay

No. 240565

Apparently he had a set plan at what age he wanted to be married and have kids. I think he is 4 years younger than Micaela, so maybe he wanted to get married young and that’s why they got married so quickly.

No. 240566

is that a crime?

No. 240567

Of course not, I was just responding to the anon who thought she got married and pregnant quickly after breaking up with her ex and getting together with her new guy.

No. 240569

No. It's just stupid. If it works out for them, that's good, though. All I wish is that Micaela would find a hair color and style that suit her instead of making her look greasy and plain.

No. 240570

interesting that people are now chatting about her husband. its said that she has a public reddit page. does anyone know its link?

No. 240577

kelly Morioka is pregnant and we will never hear the end of this. its going to be the longest ass 9 months for all of the people who watches her content lol

No. 240578

She allegedly does and if that’s really her account she is very open about things like her relationship with her husband and their sex life. It’s surprisingly fairly easy to find with a quick google search.

No. 240580

what exactly are people googling to find it

No. 240586

I genuinely thought Michaela's husband was an unfortunate looking girl at first in that picture lol.

No. 240589

Sage your shit

No. 240631

I remember her being pretty open on youtube when she was with tatsu. How can we find her reddit account?

No. 240635

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while. Is she still doing that scam life coaching stuff?

No. 240643

he looks like her twin she'll need to change her hair color to stop people from thinking its her

No. 240644

What does Micaela's husband do for a living? What does she do? Is she gonna be a housewife/stay at home mom after her baby is born?(learn2integrate)

No. 240654


Anon do any research yourself. Shut up. Spooning so hard. You won't even lurk old threads.

No. 240660

Micaela's alleged reddit account is actually a pretty depressing read. I almost hope it's not actually her, but it seems like it is.

No. 240668

What is Micaeala reddit name?

No. 240670

Link that shit anon

No. 240675

>baiting us this hard

No. 240677

whats her username before its gone

No. 240724

What exactly should we be googling? I’ve spent the last hour googling everything micaela related and nothing

No. 240732

If you wanna talk about it without screencaps despite it being a damn imageboard, at least archive the links here https://archive.ph/
This thread is exhausting because it reeks of newfaggotory.

No. 240738

I think they're just high on the feeling that they think they know something no one else knows. Makes them feel important for once.

No. 240739

Pretty sure it is trashbox555

No. 240746

Probably because he is a foreigner so Japanese people are expecting a baby and not a dog.

No. 240747

so this is why she broke up with tatsu

No. 240748

File: 1660826124719.png (120.52 KB, 1533x332, Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.33…)

No. 240749

Her ex sounds like an absolute ass, clearly cheating on her all day long but too afraid to be alone so he kept stringing her along.
From skimming it is definitely her due to what she says about losing a baby last year to terminal illness.
A husband who rushes into marriage and pregnancy is gonna seem like a relief to her after the last guy even if some people might think it's odd, she did her time already waiting for that.

No. 240750

If that’s really her, her husband seems like a piece of work and very unlike with how she portrays him on Instagram.

No. 240751

Her ex seemed upfront about not wanting to get married or have children though so I guess she was fine with that.

No. 240753

kinda get the vibe that he wants a baby right now more than her, seems like she wanted to wait 6+ months like the doctor advised plus dealing with her depression after losing the first. But she said she didn't expect to get pregnant right away with the lack of sexlife despite not using protection. And her comment 'not wanting to be the one withholding a baby from him' stuck out… like they're both under 35, chill and take your time to recover. Why the rush, it's weird.

No. 240754

Maybe she was afraid he’d leave her if she didn’t give him a healthy baby ASAP

No. 240761

Hey Sharla, I know you'll read this, do Micaela a favour and let her know to burn that reddit account before the miserable losers here go through her life with a fine toothed comb.

No. 240765

Stringing someone along and making them feel they need to constantly work for your approval and love is not "being upfront" why are you caping for a shitass cheating scrote

No. 240766

He really doesn't seem that bad? He was upfront about what he wanted and she agreed.

No. 240767

Just because he was upfront about it doesn't mean he's a good husband. Maybe she's fine with doing everything around the house and having a husband who has trouble completing basic "adult tasks" but that doesn't mean he's a good partner. Who knows though, that reddit account might not even be hers but I would personally never be with someone who doesn't lift a finger to do house chores. This isn't the 1950s.

No. 240768

Yeah it seems like a classic situation of running away from your family of origin and settling for partners who are shitty in different ways because them not being like your family or your last partner is either good enough or makes them "amazing."

No. 240771


What you need to do is ask Sharla to tell her friend Micaela to stop being an inconsiderate wife and partner and stop exposing her and her husband private and intimate life on the internet.

No. 240772

Yeah I have known women who fall for lazy guys who don't lift a finger because they feel that cooking and cleaning for him allows her to have the outlet of creating the home they always wanted and creating the peace they always wanted. Then a decade or two in, they are amazed at how they have no support from their partner when he was up front from the beginning of how he was. Not excusing the guy. He's trash.

No. 240773

I got bored scrolling after a couple pages but I saw a post where she expressed resentment at people automatically crediting both of them for tasks she solely did (like getting a nursery ready) and another post where she shared that he was like "I love you very much but I can't be your sole outlet, you should see a therapist" so like no emotional support and no physical labor either, just a glorified sperm donor. Still sounds better than the cheating ex though.
Sounds like she has a bpd/narc mom as well based on another post where she described her privacy invasion and stalking (reading diaries and msn messages as a teen all the way to following all her friends and exes and shit now and commenting on it all) so she has much to escape from.

No. 240774

>What you need to do is ask Sharla to tell her friend Micaela to stop being an inconsiderate wife and partner and stop exposing her and her husband private and intimate life on the internet.
She's allowed to express herself on a fucking anonymous account on reddit you male piece of trash, I hope this is not her actual partner posting rn, go help your wife who is currently giving birth

No. 240778


If you think is OK to post in reddit about giving her partner morning blowjobs…. I don't know what to tell you.

The moment you expose your private live in a public space, you are exposed to having people talk about it.

It was an anonymous account? Sure but she gave so many details that the anonymity was totally pointless.

I don't know dude, like you talk about this things with a friend or an expert that can help you, not Reddit… in public.

No. 240779

idk how far you dug to see that shit, she seems reserved and polite and mostly talking about her pregnancy. Classic scrote to ctrl+f sex related words though.
Also not a crime? Every couple does it.
It's not attached to her name so idk how an anon even found it, many people have similar lives so it's doubtful anyone could make the connection without being told in advance.
You say she should seek alternative outlets to express herself while complaining about her…outlet she uses to express herself. Sounds like you just don't think women should speak or have opinions.

No. 240780

The simple fact is, once you post something online whether anonymous or not (and she includes a lot of personal details in all her posts it seems) it really is not private anymore, and it is out and open for everyone in the world to read and see.

No. 240781


I wonder if Rachel and Jun are implicated in this post, mainly these parts:

>That is, until a few weeks ago. One couple recently moved and let us know they were ready to have guests over and “because they hadn’t seen us in forever” we should come see their new house.

>I felt… really dumbfounded by this. Why should we come celebrate your wins when you couldn’t show up for our loss? My husband is particularly dragging his feet when it comes to trying to rekindle the friendship. If I’m honest, I do miss having more friends in the city and I’m lonely and want to go out more (especially now that the weather is so nice, I never know who to plan things with now, as they used to be my first choice.)

>Anyway I didn’t bother responding to their message because when I brought it up with my partner it made him really negative and the thought of returning to that conversation was making me anxious.

>I saw on Instagram that they had a group barbecue with friends on the weekend and I felt left out, even though I know I was probably technically invited. My husband says I should just confront them and tell them it was shitty of them to leave us alone like they did, if I want to fix it, but I don’t know if I should even bother?? But I also can’t wrap my head around it. I’m so disappointed.

Rachel and Jun didn't post about a barbecue on Instagram (unless it was a story or on a finsta), but they did post a video about upcycling a barbecue pit recently (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Zi32LsG_GU).

She also says here (https://www.reddit.com/r/pregnant/comments/vevjfp/comment/icvbts3/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3):

>I couldn’t return to a career because I knew I wanted to have a child, I knew having a biological child meant a lot to my husband and I didn’t want to he the one withholding it from him, so with lots of love and support from him, I was able to choose to move forward with my second pregnancy (honestly, I really didn’t want to at first - three months is realllllly too soon, but thankfully it takes 9 months to have a baby so I had a lot of time to warm up to the pregnancy even if I had trouble connecting to it at first.)

Sounds like pressure, even if it's self-pressure.

>If your wife is feeling up to trying again, please just do what you can to make it easy for her. My husband allowed me to take this year off of having to worry about rent or bills (I still worked part time up until last month but my money was my own spending / saving money)

The phrasing of "allowed me to take this year off." Yeah, after a traumatic pregnancy and stillbirth and quick second pregnancy, I'm glad he "allowed" her to not worry about working.

No. 240782

Yea seems like she has some trauma with NPD family. She made a couple of posts on simonandmartina subreddit for Martina’s defense ans anti-Simon since it’s believed Simon has npd. Simon is scrote so whatever

No. 240784

There a many forums for pregnant women with the goal to exchange and get help. A reddit subforum is one of those. Sometimes you don't want to talk about intimate things with friends. Or you friends are in a different life stage from yours and cannot help or relate to your problems. I think it can be healthy to anonymously discuss pregnancy related things, especially intimate things. Or do you want to ask your doctor if your blood sugar increases from sperm? I … wouldn't.

No. 240785

Wow, this is messy as fuck. Isn’t he just 30 years old and she’s 34? They seem to have had no trouble conceiving their first child, they could have easily taken a year or even two off to allow her to heal both physically and emotionally. Idek what to think about her husband now.

No. 240788

Say what you want about Sharla and Chris, but their relationship seems to be really healthy.

No. 240789

can you post screenshots instead of only showing the links…

No. 240791

File: 1660836891652.png (57.47 KB, 574x349, reddit2.PNG)

Reveddit's blocked on the computer I'm on, but here's the regular Reddit screenshot where she says her husband "allowed" her to take the year off from worrying about bills and rent.

No. 240797

Maybe that's why she was so stressed about this pregnancy, two strikes and he leaves sort of thing.

>I didn't want to be the one withholding the baby from him
>lots of support and love from him
So he pressured her when she wasn't ready? What a fucking loser. Especially after she lost the baby. If he had to be the one to experience pregnancy twice in a short time I bet he would have waited. pregnancy isn't just popping out a baby, it's hard on a women's body so much so women have died from complications. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets pregnant with the year again.

No. 240799

File: 1660838671660.jpg (474.71 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20220818-120459_Duc…)

The reveddit post, potentially about Rachel and Jun.

No. 240800

>like getting a nursery ready
Geez what a nice partner
Micaela should have learned to live with herself first before getting into relationships so quickly and with shitty men. Clearly went to Japan to escape her narc mom lol.

No. 240802

Yeah she goes on about how they've had an amazing three years with no arguments when red flags don't often hear fruit that early when you're blinded by love or came from unhealthy family relationships. What seems put together and up front about what he wants early on may later be controlling and inflexible. On Instagram, she said she was grateful for "his leadership." It just gives me fundie vibes.

No. 240804

Wonder what Rachel and Jun did, and if they did do something Micaela is a grown adult and mother now so she should just discuss it? Seems like the hate is from her side only and R & J are just being oblivious to what they apparently did to her if they invited her out.

No. 240805

File: 1660839124202.jpg (154.93 KB, 1080x308, Screenshot_20220819-010138_Red…)

Did she have an abortion with her ex? If so I wonder if she was coerced into it by him.

No. 240806

The rest of the post is here (it was removed from Reddit), but it seems like Micaela had a bunch of friends not check on her or offer support when she lost her daughter last year. The screenshot seems to fit Rachel and Jun so it's just a guess. New house, barbecue, "celebrating wins," being very close.

https://www.reveddit.com/v/relationships/comments/ttfdol/was_i_34f_wrong_to_cut_out_friends_who_didnt/(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 240808

If thats the case thats really sad considering she seems to keep in touch with everyone and support whatever is up with them. Always comments on videos and instagram and you can tell she's genuinely friendly with them. Damn thats rough

No. 240812

Very interesting. Sharla must be one of the "good" friends, because Micaela called her "auntie Sharla" today.

No. 240813

You guys gotta stop using incel reddit as verified info.

No. 240816

File: 1660841901718.png (1.36 MB, 1528x918, Screenshot.png)

So cute

Evie reminds me of a pokemon name

No. 240817

Careful, anon. Anons are going to claim you are WKing just like in the Taylor thread when people posted Taylor's baby.

The kid is cute though. Thank you for the general update as that's also appreciated unlike how some anons react.

No. 240818

I hate Reddit as much as you do, but if it seems to actually be her account, I'm not sure how much more "verified" you want besides a post that says "I am Micaela Braithwite and this is my account."

No. 240824

I think we should post the good with the bad here too, and it is an update on her.

Lol the taylor fans are another species.

No. 240825

awww look at this adorable bby! Happy to about the successful delivery! Wishing both of them the best.

No. 240828

They both had photos of babies. Shut up about who can post what already. An update is an update. It creates discussion. Not everything in these threads has to be said in malice or it's a WK.

No. 240829

So anons coming in here and saying that is also just as believable. This isn't the first time anons have pretended to be her.

No. 240834

File: 1660843544111.png (13.92 KB, 1078x160, anon.png)

there's too many coincidences not to be her.. the posting about the loss of her baby, this..

No. 240844

So is the old stuff in the old thread with Sharla even true then because she seems to be fine with her for someone who is a backstabber and had secret accounts.

No. 240845

Well, that explains why she used to get so upset when Tatsu was complimented on photos he took that she helped set up when I don't think there was any way for anyone to know what she did. It seemed very petty at the time, but her reaction is more understandable if she thought he was cheating on her.

But thr