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File: 1720197680881.png (623.65 KB, 571x589, Get_Milk.png)

No. 79881

No. 79889

When shotafags are revealing how new they are by not knowing global rule #14 was put in place as the result of a poll held explicitly because of how out of control shotafagging and shotafag infighting got on /m/ and /ot/ only like a year or two ago you know it's time to send them off, for good. They've been given more than enough chances, and new ones keep coming in.

No. 79890


No. 79891

Yeah it got out of control because of fake misandrist moralfags screaming “DURR PEDOPHILIA” as if even kid moids aren’t the scum of the earth. Congrats on defending future rapists and people who’ll commit femicide in 20 years

No. 79892

Do you really not see how hard you’re reaching right now? How you’re deflecting? Like what the hell are you talking about kek. Average IQ post of shotafags on here.

No. 79893

what you don't get is that shota wasn't banned just for moral reasons, it was banned beacuse it causes boring retarded infights all the time. like right now

No. 79894

In a way it's a good thing that the concern-troll/bot got confined to this thread instead of shitting up the entire site. I hope the rest of you will keep feeding that distorted creature to save the rest of us from its spergery. I appreciate your sacrifice in advance.

No. 79895

Anti shotafags are often moralists who equate fictional moids to actual living children. What’s there not to get?

No. 79896

>ongoing debate about fictional pedo art
>shotadefender itt:
>as if kid moids aren’t the scum of the earth. Congrats on defending future rapists and people who’ll commit femicide in 20 years
So sorry to moralfag, but some of you are legitimately sick in the head

No. 79897

I think you just bootlick moids too much. FYI as long as they don’t rape anyone I don’t give a shit about straight female pedos. Their biggest crime is having taste so dogshit they find underage moids hot KEK. All moids are subhuman scum, that includes children

No. 79898

File: 1720199948320.jpg (39.84 KB, 512x396, take em.JPG)

>reeeee you bootlick moids because you’re not sexually aroused by little moidlets!!
Right… There’s no reasoning with kiddie lovers. >>79889 was right. This is why you should all be banned.

No. 79900

Moidlets aren’t people, while I don’t think they should have any form of abuse inflicted on them considering what happens to young girls on the daily I truly couldn’t give any less of a fuck. All moidlets grow up to be moids, keep that in mind

No. 79901

You are so retarded that you don't understand that people don't hate you because they love moids, they hate you because you're destroying the site with your retardation.

No. 79902

once again, shota wasn't banned because of the morality of being a pedophile. it was banned because retards like yourself do it in every thread where it doesn't belong, start fights over it daily, and most of all, it's already against the fucking rules but you ignore them and do it anyways. some anons don't like it because it's degenerate pedoshit, but the rest of us don't like it because you act like every other group of annoying faggots who decided to push their degeneracy onto unwilling participants around them. bronies, furries, troons, and now you. you're all the same.

No. 79903

There has been an influx of shitty new threads in snow. These are vendetta threads/ threads with no proof/ or possible cows that could be mentioned in an already made thread. I am not sure there is a good solution. The only thing I can think of are admins reviewing threads before they go up but that seems extreme.

As well old threads are getting bumped when there is no new milk.

Instead of letting these threads stay on the top of the forum could admins push them to the bottom or delete them so we don't have to go through all these shitty threads?

No. 79904

They don't get it that most people are repulsed by sexualized images of children, be it real or imaginary. When we see someone cooming to real child porn, we call the cops. When we see someone cooming to fictional child porn, we don't do that or call them criminals since it's not illegal. But we still (accurately) label them as fucked in the head. Even if it's not illegal and they are not attacking actual humans, the imagery and discussion around the concept of sexualized children still causes visceral disgust in anyone who isn't pornsick.

No. 79905

This wouldn’t be an issue if moralfags didn’t decide to flip their shit on anyone who posts an innocuous shota post and start sperging about it relentlessly

Idc about sexualized fictional moids and I’d deck the fuck out of an irl kid moid in the face if I could, unlearn your female empathy

No. 79906

shotafags are annoying bc they push their degeneracy and it moralfags are annoying because they create infights. that's why shota is banned, none of you retards can behave and people are tired of reading the same tedious derails time and again.

No. 79907

Both of these responses are rational, clear, and cover both sides of the argument as to why shotafags are criticized here. Shocking that the shotafag is still going while simultaneously claiming everyone else is the sperg.

No. 79908

Even if that was true and shotafags weren't constantly announcing their fetish to people who didn't ask or chiming in to other anons conversations to ERM ACKSHUALLY about themselves, there is no "innocuous" shota post. Simply stop fucking spamming shota all over the site. It doesn't matter if the 6 year old anime boy you want to rape or watch get raped is wearing clothes or not, stop shoving your fucking pedo fetish into other anons faces.

No. 79909

There were users defending loli gore games while complaining about shota. Anti shota posters don’t give a shit about "sexualized children"

No. 79910

>strawman argument
One or two loud retards doesn’t represent the majority of farmers who don’t like shota OR loli

No. 79911

How many times will this argument have to happen before farmhands get the hint and blanket ban. It's not like the site is even gonna lose any worthwhile posters with it.

No. 79912

Where are these users coomposting loli gore everywhere they go and fighting tooth and nail for their right to do so on a daily basis? Are they in the room with us right now?

No. 79913

>thinking female pedos are a threat
>thinking i’m a pedo
Lol, lmao even. This all started because an anon was just asking for shotacon recs and wasn’t tearing anyone else down, just let people live. Go think about the precious moids elsewhere

No. 79914

Where did she say threat? Take a breather. You’re not helping your cause by acting like an illiterate retard

No. 79915

She implied it by calling it pedo shit as if once again, female pedos are an issue at all

No. 79916

This. Sfw lolisho art that isn't related to milk and discussion of pedobait series by people who are obviously getting of to it like the fujos should also be banned.

No. 79917

File: 1720201704906.gif (984.83 KB, 500x334, IMG_1535.gif)

shotafags get the rope
furries get the rope
poltards get the rope
troons get the rope

No. 79918

>This all started because an anon was just asking for shotacon recs
She was specifically soliciting recs for smut shotacon which is explicitly against the rules without any gray area.

No. 79919

tsd, ttd, etc, ily, bbq

No. 79920

Don’t act retarded. No one was posting explicit shota either. You’re unironically getting triggered by an anon posting a list of mangaka who have made both regular BL and shota manga

No. 79921

Can you not form your own opinions without a set of guidelines in front of you? Embarrassing

Female pedos are based, mald harder. Go pop out kids and marry an abusive scrote with how much you seem to love defending moids

No. 79922

>This is the kind of poster the site will be free from if shota is totally banned.
Very attractive prospect ngl.

No. 79923

If there was a way to permaban or filter bots, the mods would have done it ages ago. There isn't, so you'll just have to manually process the sperging you see in this thread every time.

No. 79924

So you got triggered by semantics? Did it hurt your feelings to be called a pedo? Kek

No. 79925

Using racist dogwhistles isn’t helping your case. I don’t even care about racism against moids, but you’re a hypocrite

Have any more dicks to suck left?

No. 79926

Ok at this point I’m convinced that the shota defender is a troll who wants everyone to think that this is what shotafags are like. Let’s stop the discussion here.

No. 79927

I’m just not a pedo, it’s not correct. Like I said before though, idc about female pedos and think they’re harmless (and I will hold my viewpoint until proven otherwise), so idc if I’m called one but it’s dumb. Female only spaces have gone to shit because of moralfagging and fake misandrists who claim they hate men yet are anti shota and care about male sa victims, for example

No. 79928

This, if shotafags were confident that they weren't pedos they wouldn't reeee and go into damage control mode everytime someone says it. They know deep down their fetish is fucked up which is why they're always redressing it as "le based stacy owning the moids by jilling off to shota" (when said moids are either not caring or actively jacking off to it alongside them), but they need to do daily affirmations to keep reality from ever setting in.

No. 79929

I don't know what post you're even talking about, but there are nsfw shota images in the fujo thread up right now
And another shotafag was banned and had their image deleted not long ago. How many times are we going to have to have to tell you it's not just the nsfw posts that are a problem? If furries came in and started spamming typical furfag art everywhere and getting in lengthy arguments with everyone who objects to it would you argue that it should be allowed as long as it's not nsfw?

No. 79931

Perhaps you’re a newfag, but this site doesn’t subscribe to one ideology, including blackpill feminism. Since women with all sorts of views and life experiences are here, there are rules in place to avoid repetitive infights about sensitive subjects, like what’s happening now. That doesn’t make us “fake misandrists” like you said. I agree with >>79911, and I hope farmhands become stricter with handing out bans for any and all shotafaggotry. It’s cancerous.

No. 79932

I know my fetish is wrong by Muh Society’s standards, but deep down it’s morally right. Also why do you even care about shotashit if not even moids care if their underage counterparts are being sexualized? This proves to me that you’re a moid dickrider who will defend them even when unprompted. Are you scared of your little brother getting molested or some shit

No. 79933

File: 1720202729106.jpg (150.93 KB, 1026x954, 1720099430653.jpg)

This is not a shota. Have your head examined.

No. 79934

Kekk did you even play the game? That character is a teenager not a shota. Or should we ban posting all underage characters now?

No. 79935

>A-avoid sensitive subjects because it may trigger bpd chans who haven’t gotten over their trauma yet!
And this is why this website has gone to shit, thanks to moralfags like you who clearly migrated from tumblr or Twitter

No. 79936

>I goon to pictures of little boys getting raped all day and I need everyone to know hahaha tranny jannies and the handmaiden cunts attracted to disgusting postpubescent apes should neck
>but I'm not a pedo guise stop calling me that female pedophilia is based anyways but I'm not one so cut it out /srs
Starting to suspect they like shota so much because they themselves are children

No. 79937

>Also why do you even care about shotashit if not even moids care
I don't give a shit what moids think, I give a shit about the state of LC.

No. 79938

I don’t use twitter, never have. I was just speaking in grown up language. “Race” is a sensitive subject, for example, which is why “racebait” is banned. Are you following now?

No. 79939

Fine, call me a pedo then. I don’t care. I hate children though, I’d beat the shit out of one if I could

No. 79940

Least mentally ill shotadefender

No. 79941

File: 1720203133749.png (1.12 MB, 1046x1192, 1720203077492.png)

u wot

No. 79942

KEKKK. They tell on themselves

No. 79943

Oh no how dare I wanna hurt the poor moids kek

Oh so you’re a tumblrtard, move along then

No. 79944

Also I will let the mods know that one of the shotafags is definitely Rancefag so make of that what you will.

No. 79945

It’s a known fact that Rancefag is a shotacon, this isn’t the groundbreaking information you think it is

No. 79946

File: 1720203450899.jpg (Spoiler Image,615.22 KB, 909x1084, 1720104787655.jpg)

And the other picture shows a man in a sexual relationship with a very young child, unspoilered. But nooo shotafags are heckin' wholesome they never did anything wrong, moralfags are slandering them!

No. 79947

I mean one of the ones responsible for the most recent uptick.

No. 79948

If you are that offended by an sfw illustration you need to be medicated asap

No. 79949

THIS. Anons don't understand how many of these bad actors are her and her fellow attention whoring discord pals kf tranny and kf tranmaiden style.

Is there anyone here in their discord? It's called Oldschool Fujoshi IIRC

No. 79950

No. 79951

>bottom right corner: them naked in bed together presumably before or after sex
Your brain is so rotted by all the shota porn that nothing about this strikes you as out of the ordinary anymore. I almost feel bad for you.

No. 79952

>racebait is based! if you disagree with me you're caping for foreign moids!
>homophobia is based! if you disagree with me you're caping for gay moids!
>shotashit is based! if you disagree with me you're caping for baby moids!
transparent as fuck

No. 79953

This but unironiclaly. I am a moid genocide advocate

No. 79954

amen and co-signed

No. 79955

Insane how much women love to police each other, this thread is so pathetic

No. 79956

The homophobic anons (not the ones who just talk about bad experiences they've had with gay moids bc they're usually lesbians, the actual homophobes) are transparent as fuck because their talking points are either 30 years old or ripped directly from 4chan kek. They're also most likely behind all the "god there's just SO MANY lesbians on this site and they're WEIRD!" posts.

No. 79957

Me. It's honestly like 2 attention whores that are so obvious with the content of their baiting and sperging that I can identify them when they shit up certain threads (/fujo/, fandom discourse are the obvious ones they derail at times, somewhat involved in the video games sexism infights from a few months ago). If there are more people from that discord who shit up the site, I wouldn't know because they don't post in the server enough for me to recognize them elsewhere. It's not coordinated shitting, there's just some mentally ill NEETs who would probably keep baiting until the world ends because iirc both of them have been permabanned (to no effect) countless times. I'm no one's friend in there so that's pretty much all the info I can give.

No. 79958

File: 1720205426616.jpg (27.07 KB, 497x402, F2I-IwhWsBEpFGi.jpg)

I'm just going to repeat what I already said in the yaoi thread: I'm not going to moralfag against anons who are into shota or incest, but as someone who isn't into those kinks it's aggravating that the topic is frequently (and unnecessarily) steered in that direction by a handful of anons who get a kick out of being edgy and shocking. That doesn't happen with any other kink. Imagine if there were a couple of anons who constantly tried to change the topic to foot fetish stuff, and every time someone complained about it, they got berated for moralfagging or getting filtered. It's tiresome.

There are a couple of fujo anons who enjoy guro, but they don't act as obnoxiously as shotafags. They'll talk about it if it's relevant, but they don't jerk themselves off about how they're popping everyone's monocle and shocking the squares with their kink. I think that's the right approach: follow the natural flow of the conversation instead of constantly baiting people into arguing about your favorite fetish.

No. 79959

This. They give themselves away by constantly talking about AIDS, even though HIV is the only STI that's currently declining. It's clearly a recycled talking point from 20 years ago. They also often target gay moids specifically for things overwhelmingly done by straight people, like molesting children or hiring surrogates.

No. 79960

File: 1720205751313.jpg (51.44 KB, 720x479, tumblr_p0thya9Nfc1tjjzxpo1_128…)

Even as someone who frequently gets pocket bans for stupid shit, I am once again asking admins to consider banning vpns.

No. 79961

It's a drawing you sped. It's probably like a year old.

No. 79962

The gurofags/ryonafags are shockingly well behaved in that thread and it sucks that they occasionally get conflated with the shotaspergs. I think the VN fans also tend to infight a lot but at least they try to stay somewhat on-topic.

No. 79963

>I know my fetish is wrong by Muh Society’s standards, but deep down it’s morally right.
Frankly anyone arguing with a take this retarded is a retard in their own right. You have brain problems.

No. 79964


No. 79965

You can blame whichever retarded fujo decided to link lolcow on 4chan. That's why /fujo/ has declined so much in quality despite the threads being a LOT faster recently. I have personally seen retards over there be like
>lolcow's fujo thread is soo much better than [whatever thread they're posting in]
Typically in the /a/ homo threads and /blog/. Not sure about /y/ or /cm/ since I dont use those boards

No. 79966

They talk so much about filtering and gatekeeping and then decide to link our sacred thread on 4chan, smh they are false apostles.

No. 79967

Shotafags love playing the victim and acting oblivious just like trannies. Acting like youu totaaally have no idea what you're doing as if you haven't been shitting up multiple threads with your extremely unfunny shitposts about shotas and derailing threads while attempting to be edgy or trying to solicit porn about shota for more than a year.
No one likes you in this site and you retards literally have men on your side considering two shotafags were literally exposed for being men.
You braindead 2edgy4u hostile fucks don't belong here so you should go back to 4chan.

No. 79968

Asking again since the other thread hit post limit, why was the last standing anons of /ot/ thread locked?

No. 79969

>anons calling me out are BOTS
Least schizophrenic shotafag be like:

No. 79970

Is this not because most of them are on /g/?

No. 79972

Most of them are normal, but two particularly loud Nitroplus vn fans don't do anything besides pick mindless infights with the others over their taste and shitpost about their edgy scrote-owning ecksdee kinks, just like the shotafags. I'm sure these are the same people. The Original Fujoshi discord uses a picture of Aoba from Dramatical Murder as its icon, and one of the other discord attention whores >>79957 is talking about is an avid vnsperg. This second one has personalityfagged as SDchan, Nitrofag, Takujifag, Kawoshinfag, etc, are all one Rosethornfumu, creator of the slow damage butthole meme fujo anons were making fun of yesterday and alleged the owner of the discord. If you ctrl+f her handle in the /g/ friendfinder thread you can see a list of series whose fanart all these bait posts anons have been complaining about will often be accompanied by if not other vn cgs. Rance also originates from a classic vn series, and vns often contain excessively edgy content and shota, making it very likely rancefag is a vnsperg as well.
Both are active on fujochan, even claiming to know their admin, and 4chan. They've brought beef with other personalityfags from 4chan's bl circles onto here, such as antitrapfag who would sperg religiously about traps and spam moidy anti-trap memes she brought with her, so it was probably one of them who linked lolcow there too.
These two neets are blai and elai 2.0. Everyone who was there for that would know they ban evaded like no tomorrow and only left when they got bored so we're fucked, but if anons could learn to recognize their posting habits and avoid interacting with them it would help.

No. 79973

I have no cow in this race but I can believe this + the same people constantly samefagging. Even ignoring calm explanations like >>79958

No. 79974

Nice, bless you for sharing nonnie.

No. 79975

>twf when the shotafags shitting up this place end up being greasy unwashed neets from discord.

This is bleak.

Yes you described it so well. Shotafags are voyeuristic freaks. If they actually enjoyed that..that's fine but instead they are getting off to trying to be as edgy as possible and shoving shota down anons throats. Definetely mental illness.
The VNfags are annoying too, and this is coming from someone who loves slow damage, i still find them annoying. Also it doesnt help that shotafags also try to derail the VNfags too and start talking about how they wished some VNcharacters to be shotas getting raped.

No. 79976

Very informative, thank you nonna

No. 79977

Faghag are disgusting. Are we forgetting about nambla, how common pederasty was globally etc? Gay moids have always been disgusting child molesters, idk why you defend gay moids so hard when they would never do the same back

No. 79978

>pederasty reee

This is hilarious considering more than two shotafags on this site got exposed for being gay men.
Are you sure you want to talk about pederasty when it's you newfag 4chan refuges and gay moids defending shota.

No. 79979

Get with the program nonny, we defend moids here and shit on anons who deviate from how a proper woman should act

No. 79980

Fuck off back to discord, no one wants you here

No. 79981

>Two shotafags on this site got exposed for being men
Literally who are you even talking about. I’m a woman who found out about this website in 2018 back from pull so save your headcanons for another day. Ofc you’ll defend fags raping underage scrotes before you defend women consooming Chinese cartoons though. Pickme

No. 79982

Yeah I've been here for 8 years and do not remember this ever happening.

No. 79983

The discord duo probably influenced the current culture surrounding vns too, but in their defense vns are very much an edgelord thing so it could be organic. The saner vnfags are completely drowned out and sometimes harrassed by the ones there to make low effort shitposts. They don't positively interact with anyone but anons who are just like them, and that discourages the sane ones and encourages more cancer. It's rough.

No. 79984

Imagine getting this triggered someone said they wanted shota towa to get raped kek

No. 79985

That someone was Rancefag btw

No. 79986

Least cancerous pullfag.

>defending men raping boys

When did i do that, are you schizophrenic? Is there some collective delusion all shotafags are suffering from, kek. Dont project your guilt onto others.

Take a shower you smelly beast.

No. 79987

People claim anyone they don’t like is rancefag or fatefag or whatever the personalityfag of the month is

No. 79988

based queen

No. 79989

>getting triggered by Rancefag
I hope it's not true for that nonny's sake.

No. 79990

I mean she's a deranged shotacon and vnfag with a rape fetish so this one does make sense

No. 79991

You implied it by equating pederasty to shota. Stop giving pedomoids the benefit of the doubt while shitting on women in the process. Keep slurping faggot cock though, surely it’ll benefit you in the long run!

No. 79992

File: 1720210553324.png (20.3 KB, 934x73, rancefag btw.png)

>People claim anyone they don’t like is rancefag
I am not making claims. She literally crossposts her discord messages onto LC.

No. 79993

omg KEK huge

No. 79994

>is chronically online
>is shotafag
>is jobless neet
>is raider
>is discordfag
>is mentally ill and attention starved enough to be a personalityfag (looking at you rancefag)
>stench so hard it can be felt through this thread.

Mcdonalds is calling you, fellow shotafags its time to fill in your job applications and hit the treadmill.

No. 79995

Ot but why is that her name

No. 79996

I only have a window into rancefag's discord messages, not her brain.

No. 79997

>confirmed true that there is a discord full of nitro+chiral edgelord fujoneets who sit around posting about little anime boys getting raped
>they copy paste posts straight from it on to here
>one of them is literally rancefag
this is dreadful PR for my fujosisters but I'm kekking up a storm. finally some good milk out of this. holy fuck.

No. 79998

File: 1720212188333.jpg (56.37 KB, 500x333, da14ef35.jpg)

Anon how are you in 'her' discord yet you don't even know the meaning of her name.

Eitherway for the anons who don't know i will explain. She is named rancefag because she is a fan of Rance, a protagonist from a eroge VM that's made for men.

That eroge VN seems to be a rpg game where he fucks multiple girls who look..very young.
Not surprised that shotafags also sexualise young girls too.

No. 79999

Nta but I was talking about pooty pooty tang tang

No. 80001

I know why she's called Rancefag, you don't need to give me a lesson. I'm talking about her display name.

No. 80002

Pooty tang is a slang word for female genetalia. Thats what it means.


Enjoy the report, ban evader.

No. 80005


No. 80006

Anon don't reply to the retard, just report and ignore. They get off on attention since they lack it in real life.

No. 80007

I hope your new husbando is a better choice [?]fag

No. 80008

Remember when admin was all sympathetic to rancefag for having a legit bipolar meltdown where she posted her own nudes and they hesitantly permabanned her "for her own mental health" or some shit? And here we are now kek. Pathetic attention whore.

No. 80009

you guys are on like gangstalking schizo levels of delusion.

No. 80010

>one of the shotafags is rancefag
This is probably true given how she posted Shota before Shota was going to be banned. She also regularly posts on 4chan(sending incels nudes, lying about being 17-18) she might have linked lolcow on there

No. 80011

The fujos here are huge cows

No. 80012

>Yuripedo finally shuts the fuck up for a few days
>Shotafag appears with exactly the same style of posting and obsessive baiting
We can never know peace

/fujo/ was right with their clairvoyance, these people are just gooner ryonafags disguised as fujos because of their obsession with edgy nitro chiral dogshit and loudly hating the actual BL discussed in the thread. Even rancefag admitted that she only likes yaoi when it's her husbando being raped by other men when she tried sneaking into the thread and got swiftly banned. Glad to know that it's just a few schizos from a discord group running the thread to the ground, maybe there's hope for salvation.

No. 80013

nty personality fag baiting by mentioning the meta drama in the fujo thread. She's using "recommendations" to disguise her intent

No. 80014

How is it tinfoiling discussing whether Addy and "Juicygirl" are actually siblings? Farmers found out she was lying about her profession. It's possible she's lying about having a "sister" since it's been proven that only recently have they started making sibling videos. So far there hasn't been hard proof they're related other than her word, which can't be trusted.

No. 80015

File: 1720218128012.png (45.74 KB, 1016x91, rancefag on yaoi.png)

>tfw antifujos get to say I told you so now
Does it get any worse
>Even rancefag admitted that she only likes yaoi when it's her husbando being raped by other men when she tried sneaking into the thread and got swiftly banned
This explains why the shotafags have been saying a lot of shit like picrel

No. 80017

It’s an attempt by outsiders to make a space for undesirables hoping they migrate here and off their sites, like dumping homeless people in california

No. 80018

According to the dox NTY-chan dropped during her schizo rants I'm pretty sure the admin of that discord in question shilled Subahibi in one of the fandom discourse threads and got mad when people told her to take her coomer moidshit pedo hentai out. It's just a bunch of arrested development NEETs in their early 20's using fujoshi as an edgy label, just like the thread predicted.

No. 80019

Hey i know anons are busy here talking a about other things but i wanted to ask would any anons be interested in a thread about Gypsy Rose? we wont be discussing her past, only after she got released from prison when she became a influencer and started drama.
Would any anon or farmhand be okay with that? She has been in a lot of entertaining drama ever since she got released.

No. 80020

Everyone in this thread is a huge cow.

No. 80021

Nty"chan" is also a zoomer edgelord who defends moidshit pedo hentai and spends all day infighting like a neet. Maybe the fujos here are all just mentally ill.

No. 80022

Didn’t she start using lc consistently during the beginning of high school? No wonder her brains so rotted

No. 80023

Blaming fujos for this is really unfair when it was me and other fujos who complained about shotafags and vn spergs to stop ruining our BL thread and came here to talk abut them. Most fujo anons can't stand them and can't even post in that thread because rance and the other obese neets are treating that thread like its their own personal discord server chat room.
Why do some of you always blame all fujos.

No. 80024

Those retards drove everyone else off the thread once they took over, poor Ennead-chans are trying to act like they don't exist and keep up the intelligent discussion but I wouldn't be surprised if they too left the sinking ship to a containment thread soon like the Danmei and Nu:Carnival people did.

No. 80025

No. 80026

Oh… do you mind explaining why? The drama that Gypsy rose is currently in is very popular in other parts of the internet so i don't know why we don't have that here. Anons will complain that snow is dead or no new threads but then always says no when someone gives thread suggestions.

No. 80027

I'm a fujo but sometimes I think it should be banned as a topic because the fujo personalityfags are insufferable and have caused many infights across threads and boards. Literally just give it the k-pop treatment.
Sidenote: I like the no-porn rule here and frankly it's a little weird to have a thread about a porn genre when you can't post porn (I know it's not all porn but, come on, a lot of it is). It's a little stifling to have to talk around it and not even be able to post funny lightsaber dicks etc. I get it's popular with a lot of normal farmers but we don't need to have it here, it feels like it doesn't belong sometimes. fujochan exists.

No. 80028

One of the other fujos who complained about shotafags is ntyfag, someone who has been shitting threads up with her VN sperging for months and is constantly trying to bait infights. You repeating her arguments is exactly what she wants and that is to shift the blame of ruining the fujo thread on that one discord user she is obsessed with. What is actually taking up most of the space in the thread isn't the one slow damage shota post and its two replies but all the resulting infighting. You would be able to post normally if you just ignore them.

No. 80029

You mean the organization that was ousted from all of the LGB orgs over thirty years ago?

>how common pederasty was globally

This is literally just your fujobrain confirmation bias. Most cultures throughout history did not practice pederasty, and it was sometimes frowned upon even in cultures where it was practiced (it was hotly debated in Greece for instance.)

>idk why you defend gay moids

It's not "defending gay moids" to point out that you're saying things that are factually untrue, and that you dedicate 10x as much time to paranoia about gay men being pedos as you do to caring about female victims of child sexual abuse. For someone who purports to hate men, you sure spend a lot of time worrying about male children in the context of a crime where the vast majority of the victims are female.

Fact of the matter is, you don't give a rat's ass about CSA unless you can weaponize it against fags, trannies, or some other group you dislike.

No. 80030

I'd be interested in a thread! you've caught my attention.

No. 80031

File: 1720221132355.jpg (177.2 KB, 648x646, 1000012372.jpg)

Ntychan just posts her doodles in the art threads and writes essays about how much slow damage sucks or how great NTY is which caused rancefag and rosethornfumu to develop a hateboner against her

No. 80032

can they just go back to their discord and/or 4chan already

No. 80033

If you believe this you're either her defending herself in third person or don't know nearly enough of her lore to comment on this.

No. 80034

Oh now we're going to just ban fujo discussion and content in general? What the fuck, I don't believe for one second that you're a fujo. This sounds like a psyop antifujo agenda. Just ban shotafaggotry of all sorts, but banning fujoshi in general is too far and too retarded.

>fujochan exists

Hardly anyone fucking talks there. It hardly exists as a viable option.

No. 80035

>I'm a fujo but sometimes I think it should be banned as a topic
>Ban the entire topic when it's confirmed 3-4 retards shitting up the site
Nice falseflag, and if you're going to ban the entire thing on grounds of it containing NSFW topics, half the threads on /g/ have to go too.

No. 80036

>One of the anons who agrees with you is bad!
>That means you're all bad!
>This is all a big targeted harrassment campaign orchestrated by ntychan!
>You cannot come to these conclusions on your own!
>Me–I-I mean Rancefag getting caught red handed with a Slow Damage profile picture is irrelevant!
The cope is real

No. 80037

>Hardly anyone fucking talks there.
Hardly anyone talked in the fujo thread here before the annoying infighters settled in and started bumping it constantly. It was slow just like the manga or anime thread and frequently fell back to the 4th or 5th page. Actual BL discussion in the thread is not why it's on the first page all the time now.

No. 80039

>half the threads on /g/ have to go too
Sure, whatever. If they start being annoying and dragging infights across boards and spamming stupid shit they can be banned too. It's nice to shoot the shit on /m/ or /ot/ while waiting for new milk but it stops being nice when this kind of faggotry settles in and if they have to be cut off so be it. I'm not a mod it's not like I can actually do this I don't know why I'm being accused of running a psyop kek. It's like you read "k-pop treatment" and started shitting bricks because you know it can be done

No. 80040

>Me–I-I mean Rancefag getting caught red handed with a Slow Damage profile picture is irrelevant!
I'm not Rancefag clearly but this did made me laugh a little. Enjoy your fujo thread filled with pointless infighting then

No. 80041

>I don't know why I'm being accused of running a psyop
It's because there are actual antifujos on LC who unironically want fujos corrected/gone. Have you not seen pakichan's rants?

No. 80042

Wtf is this fanfic

No. 80044

Infighting over shotafags has been happening long, long before the ntyposting started. It isn't just one anon that has a problem with it. You obviously weren't here for the first shotagate with the poll so I recommend you read up on that, it predates all of the current drama.

No. 80045

I was there during the poll, but what does my post have anything to do with me saying you're an antifujo psyop?

No. 80046

More cock gargling nonsense, why are you so desperate to defend pedomoids? All moids are degenerate subhumans who should be put down and that includes faggots

No. 80047

Listen Rancefag both you and Nty are cows and no one gives a fuck about your lame drama with each other, go fight each other in discord dm's.
Both of you are shitting up multiple threads with your garbage posts that no one wants to read or see. You need to go back to 4chan or discord.
Im sure youre mental instability would be more welcomed on 4chan although i dont think the mods on 4chan would offer you the same mercy that the mods did here when you were spamming this site with your nudes. Stop ban evading, no one cares about your ancient doujins,lolì pedobait eroge for men, mid VNs or your shota incest obssesion.

No. 80048

Replied to wrong post, sorry. I disagree with that anon and don't want fujos to be banned kpop style, but I don't think she's a psyop either.

No. 80049

Rancefag is a minor

No. 80050

I don't think mental retardation makes someone a minor.

No. 80051

File: 1720224159643.gif (1.49 MB, 500x429, 7BN9.gif)

This thread is basically just an autistic thunderdome at this point

No. 80052

Literally where? Show me where I defended pedophiles. You're the one bragging about how you shlick it to anime children.

No. 80053

That's not what I meant to say. That poll didn't happen that long ago, and I know the nty infights started to happen somewhat recently. Ever since ntyfag learned that rosefumu is a shotafag she's been sperging about "pedos" and posting bait despite having said how based both the dadson rape backstory in no thank you is and the old man shota rape route in laughter land. It's like how she used to make Slow Damage fanart in the past.

kek you're not wrong but please stop saying I'm her

No. 80054

>Hardly anyone fucking talks there.
But if you all go there it'll be active plus less restrictions that the farms comes with

No. 80055

Isn’t the owner a shotacon?

No. 80056

Even if she is, nsfw shota isn’t allowed to be posted there because the site is hosted in the uk or something

No. 80058

>obsessing this hard over ntyfag, just proving the vendetta claim right
Rosethorn, rancefag, to whomever I have the pleasure of speaking, everyone but shotafags are sick of shotafags and your unfunny shitposts. Most of the infighting in the fujo thread is started by you, your own shotafagging, and your own unfunny shitposts, and it's not limited to the fujo thread either. It's not all this one specific anon you're obsessed with, moralfags, handmaidens, or anyone else you keep trying to shift the blame to to cover your own ass. No one finds your retarded inside jokes and your fetishes funny or cute. Go back.

No. 80059

girl its an image board

No. 80060

I know admin will not respond but I'll try anyway. I'm seriously requesting that admin clarify to the farmhands what a-logging is supposed to be. I'm tired of seeing "a-log" bans and the post is like "I want to punch Donald Trump" or "i would spit on Arians Grande" (these are just examples). A-logging is not just being aggressive, it's specifically making threats on someone's life or saying you want to kill them/want them to die. I didn't believe the whole "the mods are newfags" thing but the a log bans are making me think otherwise.

No. 80061

Yeah, specifically they deleted her nudes just because she sent an email to them saying she was manic at the time yet did nothing about other anons nudes kek

No. 80062

I'm think they just did it of their own accord, never heard anything about an email.

No. 80063

The admin herself mentioned the email part, I have to dig through one of these threads to find it.

No. 80064

I remember the email too, why on earth were they giving her special treatment compared to spoony and mystery

No. 80065

can you just perma ban ntyfag already? how many times is she going to sperg, catch a ban and then return to sperg and get banned again

No. 80066

Nooooo I’m a nytfag stan ngl. Her controversial gijinkas made me a permafan
nyt you may resent me for this but I ♥ you anyways

No. 80067

why are you speaking like a zoomer kpop fan

No. 80068

>everyone talking about me is ntyfag

Rancefag stop, we are talking about you because you and your discord buddies are making certain threads on this site unusable and are trying too hard to be edgy like this is 4chan.
Nty seems like a cow too tbh you all are cows metaphorically and physically.

No. 80069

You are just as cringe as rancefag. You both are pedos that need to fuck off to 4chan.
Im waiting for your ban. If you want to attention whore and personalityfag then go to abother site.

No. 80070

the fuck, i wasnt even part of this infight but i was checking the BL thread and she was trying to drag whatever gay infight you filthy neets had yesterday to that thread >>>/m/398157 .She's an obnoxious dramafag who loves to bait and infight and post her piss fetish all over the site.

No. 80071

neither of those anons, and unfortunately that first one wasn't ntyfag. you two still aren't listening the anons repeatedly telling you it's not just your pedophilia. we hate how you derail threads by proudly telling everyone you're a flaming pedo and infight for hours when told to knock it off, then you accuse everyone of being this piss spamming drama-loving ntyfag who gangstalks you across the web you've dreamed up to cope because one of you is a manic bipolar freak and the other is probably just as loony.

this is really not as personal as you think it is. I've never spoken to you outside of /fujo/, haven't even actively lurked /ot/ in a year let alone posted let alone did either on cuckchan or discord. but I'll never convince a pair of self-admitted mentally ill losers of anything so I'll stop trying and get back to my drawing.

No. 80072

mods should start using the bpd and other mental illness threads as permaban honeypots

No. 80073

again i dont give a shit about your retarded infight ntyfag is just annoying as fuck and i am tired of her stirring the pot in that thread

No. 80074

Theres no such thing as permaban on lc sadly

No. 80076

>More cock gargling nonsense
I wonder if its the same people on various /m/ threads posting unfunny bait pictures.

No. 80077

Whiteknight who can't write basic English is back to shitting up Dakota's thread (same person keeps dragging Venus into the thread to derail it) >>>/w/330766
WK also has no frame of reference, since Kiki has wanted nothing more than to have babies based on her IG posts and stories, but instead she screws bums living in vans, like a true cow. But I'm not going to help derail the thread. Just ban this idiot and the problem goes away.

No. 80079

Can we please have a containment thread for jjk husbandofags or some shit they clog up the thread and I’ve seen 20 posts in a row just of those fugly moids. I’m sick of it

No. 80080

You need to stop punching air over self inflicted imgboard drama, pop some percs or some shit idk

No. 80081

How about banning degenerates and twitter/tumblr moralfag immigrants all together? Both are insufferable and retarded.
Having shotafags force-feeding you their degeneracy is annoying, but so are moralfags who are ready to infight and moral police even tame stuff, such as a manga with a school setting or a love interest in a game that is just younger to main character, not a shota.

No. 80082

This, also ban all the degenarates into maledom. Anons in the husbando thread talking about how they want their husbandos to force fuck them and write about how they want to gag on their husbando's cock are disgusting.

No. 80083

If shotafags are given a centimetre they take a mile.i think the moderation should be as strict as it is with lolishit.there's one consistent retard(s?) That keeps posting "shotaoni rapechad!!" shit all over lc. I am a fujo myself but these tumours have made the fujo thread unusable and any Japanese school setting content to discuss

No. 80084

A good amount are fotm husbandos, they'll find new ones once they find a new guy to like.
Banning husbandos just because you don't like them just leads to endless picrews and "I wish I could post him but I won't, I'm too worried people will recognize me so instead of anything sexy here's vague posting about maybe a guy."

No. 80085

I’d honestly rather that than see gojos ugly ass every post or so. Clearly jjk is popular enough to warrant some kind of containment thread. The thread reaches max every like two weeks cause of jjkr retards

No. 80086

Are you unable to hide images?

No. 80087

I'd rather have the irl serial killer/school shooter fetishizer fanatic schizos getting banned instead of yumejos, who are just masochists and braindamaged. These schizos send letters to them in jail and even marry them and even get pregnant. A danger to society not only sick in the head.

No. 80088

why not both? i dont want to read about women who dream about getting abused. They can go back to twitter if they want to sperg about their lana del rey induced ddlg degeneracy.

No. 80089

Let's just turn the entire offtopic boards into the bechdel thread. Any mention of a moid, fictional or otherwise, gets the permanent banhammer. Husbandofags, fujoshis, yumejoshis, every woman hornyposting for a moid, ax them all. Only properly behaved ladies allowed right fellow girlies. This is what you all sound like right now.

No. 80090

There are a lot of prolific posters in those threads that I also get sick of seeing, idk why you're singling out jjk. Just be a big girl and ride it out.

No. 80091

A degeneracy thread only maybe? Where they can all move to there, like what they did with leprocy patients, moving them to islands years ago. Can just avoid that certain thread.
And if they ever post any of that shit or bait to other threads, permaban. But if moralfags try to moralfag there, permaban too, just avoid their den. This would save a lot of time for the mods who have irl lives too, but also to us who just want to chill and discuss about our hobbies in peace, without constant infighting, degeneracy and morafagging.

No. 80092

This game is not shotacon, unless you guys think that every underage character in bl = shota. Vndb has a shotacon tag to all works involving shota and if you check this game doesn't have one, since it's not and was never advertised as one. School life/settings don't necessarily have shota characters in. Agegaps are another thing. Just need to be careful with the decisions that you are going to take, because we might turn worse than tumblr and tiktok, whereas liking a joke manga like Yarichin bitch club or liking bl in general = pedo and gay moid relationship fetishizing.

No. 80093

That's such a non issue. We used to have a prolific spam of ghost and konig and nobody gave a shit. I swear that thread is attracting the most annoying newfags who want to come up with new rules all the time, as if that wasn't just a horny shitposting thread in it's inception. Every month there's someone crying about something.
>please make a different thread for ugly husbandos or monsters
>no waifus, just husbandos, make your own thread
>can we have a containment thread for x?
>no picrews, It's spam
You know what? I don't even have a ugly husbando, I never watched jjk, and I don't like the picrews either, but it's really easy to ignore those posts and move on. Anons like you piss me off the most, you screen the thread to your own views and thinks it should suit you. The other day someone was complaining on ot over a bunch of minor non important issues about that thread too, only to admit they just started using the thread recently.

No. 80095

I played that game and you are correct, those 2 characters are both teens just 1 year apart. I agree that the picture itself isn't the issue, but the related commentary and the posts before and after it was definitely baiting on the shotafags' part.

No. 80096

This would probably be the best bet. Containment thread for all the freak shit.

No. 80097

We have /sty/ for this, though nobody knows it exists because it's hidden.

No. 80098

hidden /d/ coming soon

No. 80099

And what would be your definition of degeneracy/freak shit?

No. 80100

File: 1720276641308.png (1.54 MB, 1170x1342, stop being retarded.png)

Can you guys teach your newfag farmhands the rules because it seems like they’re confused about what’s allowed to be posted in Celebricows kek

No. 80101

Fetishes that get most reports/infighting/derails and you know, stuff that turn off majority of people?
Shota, guro/amputee/necro, piss/shit, ryona, bara, furry, futas etc. They can all move to there and have a place of their own. But it's important to make sure that they'd get perma-banned if they ever attempt to post any weird imagery of that shit to other threads. And moralfags too, permabanned if they willingly go to their den to do moralfag lessons,since the purpose of that board would be to shut up both parties. Could try it for a month as a test to see how it goes and mods can judge if they see a decrease of infighting and baiting to other threads.

No. 80102

no celebricows is a milk thread go ask if anyone else is missing amy in the stupid questions thread ♥

No. 80104

No. 80105

Pedophilia and nazi worship

No. 80106

So would this be some kind of image dumping thread for /d/ tier NSFW stuff, or does that mean that discussion of manga/anime/series/games with things such as ryona or guro (quite a lot of them) would all be banned from their respective threads and redirected to this single-use one? Does this mean the male yandere thread would be locked and merged into this one, as it falls under "freaky shit"? Would something such as discussing Bravern in the BL or anime thread be banned, since that constitutes "bara"? Is every single BL game no longer allowed in the BL thread, since they absolutely all contain "freak shit" without exception? Would nonnies discussing horror movies/book including guro or male ryona be redirected to this thread? Or does the guro/ryona have to come from a movie/book/manga/game where it's meant to be sexualized? Does this cover only R18 works? What happens to the wholesome furry thread, since it's furry? Is discussion of anime with "loli"-looking characters now also relegated to this thread? Some nonas were discussing Redo of healer just a while ago. Would this count under "freak shit"?

No. 80107

I think the people who hornypost about these topics should be kicked, not general discussion of the media. Just the brain damaged coomers.

No. 80108

Samefag, are you then proposing to create a containment thread where nazi worship and pedophilia is exceptionally allowed? Is this a dig at the /g/ nonas kek

No. 80109

What separates a brain damaged coomer posting on lc from a simple anon discussing the media? This is a genuine question. Since you know, both the brain damaged coomer hornyposting about slow damage and the anon having a real discussion about it played slow damage, and slow damage contains "freak shit". How do you know the second one didn't also coom to it?

No. 80111

What's stopping you from posting in the already existing hornyposting threads?

No. 80112

We can't peer into anyone's minds to see if they coom to something, just don't allow posts like this (complete non-contributing hornypost not even discussing the game) >>79941 to be made in general board. Coomers can come discuss the actual content of games in a normal manner on normal boards, and if they want to be degenerates, they can take it to the hidden board.

No. 80113

Agreed. >>80106 Is playing dumb and forcefully trying to move goalposts so regular discussion gets lumped together with extremist crap and thus trying to spook other nonas into not supporting the clearly worded proposal by >>80101.

No. 80114

How is this moving the goalpost? I'm asking real questions about the rule implementation. If I read a book that contains gore, I want to know if I should post about it in the book thread or in the extremist fetish thread. If I read a manwha with a male yandere who puts (You) in a cage I want to know if I can post about it in the male yandere thread or in the extremist fetish thread. If I read a manwha with male rape etc. etc. etc. I'm not arguing against a piss/shit/shota containment fetish thread, if you read my post again.

No. 80115

I don't personally see the problem with that post being in the fujo thread which is why I'm asking. Yes, nona mentions shota which is a banned topic, but otherwise, that's a standard BL game plot and not actually controversial. If she hasn't said shota in there that would have been a perfectly normal VNfujo post.

No. 80116

I'm using it as an example specifically because she did mention shota (yes I know the characters in the pic aren't shota)

No. 80117

>Is this a dig at the /g/ nonas kek
Yes. My true and honest take is that a degeneracy general is a shit idea and they should all just be exiled.

No. 80118

>both the brain damaged coomer hornyposting about slow damage and the anon having a real discussion about it played slow damage, and slow damage contains "freak shit". How do you know the second one didn't also coom to it?
It doesn't matter if the second one came to it or not, if they're having a real discussion and not treating the thread like dumbass shit: fujo edition then that's that. And you know all people making these stupid posts used to spam dumbass shit and funposting with them.

No. 80119

I thought posting about shota was already banned, which is why she got the banhammer in the following post.

No. 80120

Seconding this. I've complained about this in the past, but I'm sick of /g/ anons making unnecessary containments in /m/ dedicated to individual, flavor-of-the-month moids. At least a JJK thread would be appropriate for /m/, but their habit of banishing their annoying anons to /m/ needs to stop. There are going to be husbando threads where a particular guy or IP gets posted a lot, grow the hell up and deal with it.

No. 80121

>these stupid posts
Are you talking about slow damage butthole meme-tier posts or the posts where anons compare slow damage to NTY? Which one are you suggesting be banned?

No. 80122

There are already two dedicated threads for weird fetishes in /g/. The shotafag anons don't want a space to talk about their fetish, they want to start shit with farmhands and anti-shota anons.

No. 80123

She didn't get banned what

No. 80124

This, they specifically enjoy shoving their fetish where it doesn't belong, which is why farmhands shouldn't give them an inch of leniency.

No. 80125

My bad, thought I remembered a redtext for posting shota bait. Guess it escaped the mods. So should she have been banned? You can still report the post and I'm sure mods will just ban her, shota is against the rules. No need to create a containment thread just for her and other shotaposters.

No. 80126

We don't even have /img/ yet, fagmin has gone MIA, we sure as shit aren't getting /degen/ anytime soon

No. 80127

Where do they bring up shota, outside of the fujo thread? One on-topic thread surely wouldn't be enough to be considered "shoving their fetish where it doesn't belong". And again, shota is already against the rules.

No. 80129

I don't get why people keep posting and making new /meta/ threads at all when the admin is MIA for months now. She's not reading any of this shit and the complaints are just falling on deaf ears.

No. 80130

Smells like shaymin times….

No. 80131

Can the Effina thread be unlocked now? There's been a lot of milk since

No. 80132

No one cares about what you want. You are being rejected by the userbase. Hope that helps.

No. 80133

I'm sure you would love a porn board but it's not going to happen. Go to 4chan.

No. 80135

You do share the same pedo interest with them. Fuck off from lolcow

No. 80137

those 3DPD threads? that's the fault of unconventional thread anons banishing them out, not 2d husbandofags. but i agree anyway, idg why anons making those individual moid threads don't just use the 'IRL husbando' thread since it was basically made for that, basically for 3D husbando spergs and the individual threads always die after 2 weeks

No. 80138

Your questions are really valid and I understand your concerns. I think everything should be allowed on fujo but "not cross the line?"
And what i mean by that. Lamento isn't furryshit, kemonomimi and a tail on a character doesn't make him a furry. Now a blvn/manga with zoophilia/beastiality tag, full of animals or sonic looking charas, should go there since furry stuff cause infighting. Same with bara focused games. A chara having extra muscles doesn't mean that he is bara. But hairy looking bara chubby characters are classified bara and if there's a tag for it, it means that it is. As long as a game or a manga/webtoon series has one of these tags, it should go to there?
School life settings or shota bait looking characters who are adults or just teens shouldn't go to there since a lot of series are school settings and in games at least one LI is younger looking/a teen?
All blvns should be allowed there but idk maybe not specify one of these bad endings?
>it was so hot when keisuke pulled out akiras intestines and turned them into a necklace posts cg
This should go to that thread for example or
>i wish we could see towa getting raped by ugly bastards!!
We just want to avoid these kind of people, not anons who want to discuss about the game but anons who played the game for these scenes/fetishes.
So discussing a game that happens to have bad endings involving these tags or scenes isn't enough force everyone to go to that thread. Specifically talking about these certain endings in a fetishizing way, would obviously attract infighting. Just a look at the fujo thread will tell you.
Now of course there will be anons that will get triggered by stuff like older dudes, priests, leg hair or bald men. Or rape, that is a fetish in majority of bl/blvn. Banning that is like banning 70% of bl. These are not degenerate enough by most people and the goal shouldn't be making the thread vanilla-only, just moving the "extremes fetishes" to thread. Fujochan has something similar.
I'm just making suggestions and explaining how this would work. In order to make a decision the best would be to make a poll so anons can vote what they want to stay and what they want to move to that thread.
Sorry for the bad English I hope I made sense.

No. 80139

>My bad, thought I remembered a redtext for posting shota bait
This one?

No. 80140

Your explanation is perfect, thank you nona. ♥

No. 80141

No problem nona and sorry for any English mistakes! ^^
Just making some suggestions that could make things easier and fun for everyone. The fujos purpose is supposed be to stick together, so having places where nonas can get together without bothering others and have their fun should work and have most satisfied? Obviously not everyone will be happy about it but if it works for majority would be nice.
Mods or someone could start up polls there where we could vote what stays and whats not. And if a tags has x number votes it stays or goes there. Something like that.

No. 80142

>Which one are you suggesting be banned?
Are you being obtuse on purpose? The low effort fetish shitposts like >>79941 that are always related to edgefag kinks

No. 80143

Mods aren't constantly refreshing every thread, you need to report it when you see it

No. 80144

there was a day long infight about shota in the fucking you cringe you lose thread just last month for example kek and it happens all the time in the fandom thread

No. 80148

Ayrt thanks for taking the time to address each of my concerns. I can see what you mean, but I still hesitate on this solution. I completely second the separation of bara and furry for the BL thread, since it's commonly accepted among fujoshi that BL is different from bara and furry. But I don't agree that these posts where anonas express how sexy or hot they found a particular scene, be it "degen" or not, are always bait nor don't belong in the fujo thread. Of course I mostly enjoy actual, substance-based discussion of BL manga and games, but sometimes fujos do find some (extreme or not) fetishes hot. Is that not compatible with being a fujoshi? Are they wrong for finding a male ryona scene sexy? BL is mostly a NSFW genre at its core. Should fujoshi using the thread render themselves asexual in order to share in this R18 hobby? Even BLVNs, while most of them do have beautiful and thoughtful stories, also have a collection of as many different fetishes as possible. Is it a mistake to talk about these aspects too?
What I'm saying is, separating discussion of sexual aspects from being a fan of BL is like trying to separate your body from your soul. Being able to discuss BLVNs but not the scenes/bad ends where "extreme" fetishes are present also stifles freedom of discussion, and if I try to picture it, would make myself feel censored when trying to share my honest thoughts on a story. It's all akin to being on Tiktok. If no one is breaking any rules, can't we all just be adults and ignore the hornyposts we don't agree with and carry on with the discussions that we really want to have?

No. 80150

This is going to sound hostile and I don't mean it that way but you should just go back to fujochan, you are way to into this whole topic and your suggestions are asking for way too much work from the farmhands. None of this is going to happen.
Ok, so you are not a regular here. Got it. All this is not what lolcow.farm is for. This whole discussion is actually just making the topic more annoying, I'm unironically more in favor of just banning fujoposting altogether (I don't think the mods will actually do that.) The annoying posters would probably find a new way to be annoying (like infecting the retarded husbando hornyposting thread) or move to fujochan but whatever.

No. 80151

It would probably just be like animated bl where the stories are all just short nonsense fluff.
Frankly, isn't it just tiring trying to restructure stuff so you can only get what you like?
I'm not sure, I just think no matter what way to try to slice the degen part out, you're cutting into a lot of bl. I wouldn't be surprised that if it did happen the normal bl thread would be slowly abandoned and people would just post in the degen thread instead regardless if what they're talking about, like what happened with the husbando threads.
Banning fujoposting seems pretty dumb unless you really just ban anything to do with men and anime.

No. 80152

Walls of text asserting that a lowkey comment about some game being hot buried in a discussion post is totally the same as rancefag screaming at the top of her lungs about shota rape porn and hating bl but liking the porn. A known manic attention seeker who spends her time off here sending nudes to failmoids on 4chan, and is on record reposting her own discord messages in the fujo thread. If you can't tell the difference between a post made for attention and one that wasn't, you need to lurk more.

Dumbass shitters were named and shamed when they moved their retardation to other /ot/ threads. There was a majority fujo dumbass shit thread full of the same dumb nitro+chiral posts and edgefagging plaguing the fujo thread right now. The same treatment should apply.

No. 80153

>banning fujoposting

oh now just because some retarded newfags get mad at the fujo thread and come here to bitch and moan means that the entirety of fujoposting deserves to get taken out back and put down like old yeller?

No. 80155

>whenever she pops up
She evades and does it again, Toki. Read the whole thread if you aren't redpilled on how many of these posts we're annoyed by are most likely hers or her friends', that's who you're defending right now.

No. 80156

>>I'm unironically more in favor of just banning fujoposting altogether
nta but no offense thats plain retarded. the issue isnt nonas shipping or liking two ADULT men together its the constant pedo shit and those fagtards not getting banned appropriately, yaoi isnt a genre based on only shota if you believe or not its only the degenerate 30% shota shit not 70% ,which is generally hated with good reason,anime has these same problems too but if you look at the anime thread you see that shit rightfully called for what it is, pedophilia. im not buying the "its fictional" or "women cant be pedos" excuse if you are attracted to childlike features drawn or real you are a pedophile if everyone can understand how harmful lolishit is why the double standard with shota? shotafags deserve the rope

No. 80157

Who the fuck is Toki?

No. 80158

File: 1720290090451.png (136.72 KB, 675x394, Toki_full.png)

>Rancefags gets bans whenever shes pops up

No. 80159

Kek need to watch this show but seriously, how is it every single other user's fault that rancefag ban evades? Why does the entire website need to change just because she's a mentally ill NEET with no life? Banning VPNs would be a more effective solution to keep her out.

No. 80160

The anime thread is just about bitching about anime, and despite shitting on shota they still like that stuff or else they'd finally shut up about old anime and black butler.

No. 80161

Are you willingly being obtuse? Fujoshi are not a hivemind. A fujoshi is a person, she can like anything from the most sanitized vanilla to the most demented shit, but other fujos are not obligated to listen to her or share her passion if she's an extreme degenerate that doesn't understand boundaries. Fujos only share the interest in m/m relationships, being a fujo doesn't mean signing up for extreme kinks like gore, piss/scat, choking, body mutilation, amputation etc. Shota is kinda a gray area because some people may just jokingly call characters like Rin from tnc shota and I think most fujos don't care at all about it, but others will lust after literally prepubescent looking characters which unnerves most people, and failure to realize why other fujos are disturbed by the latter shows that the shotafags posting lately are out of touch with reality.
Anyway, >>80101 and >>80138 summarized things well. I don't think every single of the proposals need to be implemented (like all the polls), but it'd be a step in the right direction.

No. 80162

>jokingly call characters like Rin from tnc shota
Rin’s pretty obviously meant to be a shotabait character though

No. 80164

You should and I never said that, you're talking to 2+ anons. It's the style of shitposting that needs to go, you have no reason to defend it because it negatively impacts fujos than anyone else. It tramples on real discussion and bleeds into other threads so non-fujos start to think of fujos as an obnoxious nuisance when it's not even a fujo problem at the root. If they banned fujoposting, these shitheads would move on to the next controversial topic to get them attention. A ban of all shotaposting gay or straight is warranted though, they can all fuck off.

No. 80166

> You’re probably gonna be a tradthot in 3 years time
and you're probably going to end up on a sex offenders list(infighting)

No. 80167

No. 80168

Actual schizophrenia

No. 80170

Start banning in meta what is this? It's been almost 2 days.

No. 80171

kek i predicted a long time ago that bl would be blanket banned (or at least called into question) after shota. and ofc after they ban bl (if they do) they'll probably continue to give in to whiny complainerfags and ban uh, i dunno. ryona. imagine if mods banned the complainerfags on the onset of their whining instead of anons who are just posting normally though, that'd be sweet.

permabanning doesn't do anything though
t. permabanned

No. 80172

Tranny logic


Go back to discord

Even your responses are retarded
>Cryptofascist moment skssksksks
>Touch grass sis
>Umm actually she's based for that
>Omg why are you so obsessed with me
>Hi ntyfag xoxo daily reminder that shes a fujopedo too lmaoooo this yalls leader?
Are you low IQ or do your meds turn you into a veggie?(infighting)

No. 80174

I've complained here about engaging with the personalityfags and this is what happens when you retards insist in "keeping cows" in your threads instead of ignoring them and not feeding their retardation. "Kkekekek but this personalityfag cow is funny!" is the stupidest excuse I've ever heard. Now you've finally had your come to Jesus moment and realized that it's gotten to a boiling point. You've made your bed, now lay in it. There's a reason why avatarfagging and personalityfagging is against the rules

No. 80178

Please stop responding to the personalityfag. They have been banned and their posts deleted.

No. 80180

I deleted my post because of >>80178
I'm not a ban evader or a personality fag, I just found it to be an interesting revelation.

No. 80181

are you going to ban and delete the other personalityfags posts too?

No. 80182

>rancefag once again pretends to be a minor just like how she did to appeal to pedos on r9k

No. 80183

can you remove the goosh goosh video from the BL thread? I haven't seen that video since 2007 on 4chan, I can't believe it's allowed to stay up it has nothing to do with BL it's just a gay rape/snuff scene for shock value. >>>/m/398184

No. 80184

File: 1720297139643.jpeg (704.62 KB, 828x1523, IMG_4490.jpeg)

Leaving the """"wholesome""" furfag thread stay really has opened the floodgates to all kinds of degenerates posting openly on /m/.
mods please take action before /m/ gets ruined

No. 80185

Wow, the anon in that thread who immediately clocked it as another bait thread made by the anti-furry sperg to come feign outrage about in /meta/ was dead on. Mods, please do take action and ban this autist. This is the second bait thread she's made this week.

No. 80186

File: 1720297749285.jpg (1.05 MB, 1475x1776, 1710548026448.jpg)

No. 80187

To be fair I was about to post the same shit and I'm not >>80184

No. 80188

ayrt what the fuck are you on about, yeah i don't like furfags but im far from the only one. and i'm not retarded enough to do some falseflag gayops reporting my own thread

No. 80189

a normal person?

No. 80190

Sorry for samefagging, but why is it that lola/shota is considered bait but the original furry thread isn't? Asking sincerely (I dislike both obviously)

No. 80191

Because there isn't a wholesome way to enjoy content made for pedophiles but you can like anthro pics of animals without being a degenerate. Don't be retarded nonny.

No. 80192

loli/shota are inherently sexual because the terms themselves were coined in direct correlation to lolicon/shotacon(sexual material). The term furry is simply synonymous with anthropomorphic animals.

No. 80193

anthropomorphic animals are not synonymous with the furry community. I'm sorry your brain is so rotted by the internet that you see a drawing of a cute cartoon animal and immediately think of sex

No. 80194

the shota one comes on the heel of a heated infight about shota. it was clearly a bait thread using the same wording as the furry one bc we have some degens on here who keep trying to argue that their fetish should be allowed.
i have no idea why the furfag thread is still open though.
mods really shouldn't let furfags proliferate there, once they get too comfortable they spread their shit everywhere.

No. 80195

Normally, but not this sperg. She's just a selfhating furfag mad about having to post furfags in a thread that constantly reminds her of what she is.

No. 80196

Not to be devil's advocate but furry is also an inherently sexual term because its historical origin was associated with, well, sexual cartoons of anthropomorphic animals. The term furry is by itself sexual just like loli/shota.

No. 80197

>fellow shotafags
All shotafags are bad, no exceptions.

No. 80198


Anons, when you hear the term "anthropomorphic animals," what kinds of images does that conjure up in your mind? And when someone refers to themselves as an anthropomorphic animal enjoyer, do you think anything else about that person or do you think "aww that's so wholesome"?

No. 80199

>was associated with, well, sexual cartoons
No. There's a difference between mature content that may be sexually explicit and straight up porn that was only created to be porn. Furry may entail sexual material but that doesn't mean the term itself is synonymous with a fetish like loli/shota is. It's like saying all of cinema is degenerate because there exists a lot of degenerate films.

No. 80200

Critical reading for nonnies who don't believe furry has always been inherently sexual before anyone starts sperging

No. 80201

Go up to a normalfag and say "I'm a film enjoyer" and "I'm a furry enjoyer" and gauge their reactions if you want to know the difference between the two, kek.

No. 80202

"Yiffers" have always been the term for coomer furries. Female furfags who started out as horse girls or lps collectors have been fighting people about this for decades.

No. 80203

You're right. All Disney movies should be rated X. Bambi, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey mouse are degenerate filth.

No. 80204

funny. I was actually about to link that exact video to dispute your claim. Did you even watch it yourself?

No. 80205

Most of the art posted in that thread isn't Disney shit or other storybook animal type stuff, it's just straight up sfw furfag art.

No. 80206

if someone walked up to me and said "I'm an anthropomorphic animal enjoyer" I'd burst out laughing and make a mental note to 1. never leave them alone around my pets and 2. take it easy on the sarcasm around them

No. 80208

>Furry may entail sexual material but that doesn't mean the term itself
Come on nonna we all know thats not true anthropomorphic has non sexual connotations but furry? Feral porn was literally made by them and the first fucking fursuiter was a coomer troon. I haven't met or seen one furry who wasn't in degenerate shit

No. 80209

File: 1720299893592.jpg (164.33 KB, 718x1024, fritz-the-cat.jpg)

>the comic strip that inspired the first furry zine

No. 80210

Just because something is meant to be edgy, features nudity and is meant for mature audiences doesn't make it porn ffs. By your logic any form of media that has these things are porn/fetisch. Does any film become porn because it contains nudity? or do you understand that it is different from a straight up porno?

No. 80211

I didn't call furry porn at any moment, you did. I simply said furry has always been associated with sexual cartoons.

No. 80212

Does that make the lolita subculture a fetish as well? Because the name has roots from Nabokovs book, and there are a lot of ageplayers and sissies in the lolita community.

No. 80213

Girl stop trying to gaslight us about furfags, we didn't join the Internet yesterday your gayops attempt won't work.

No. 80214

stop trying to twist my words and 'no you' me. You know very well what anons have been arguing and why they take issue with the furry thread. They think furry automatically equals sex and that there can't be such a thing as wholesome non-sexual furry content

No. 80215

No but by your logic it's the same thing. A subculture gets hijacked by degens and thus the entire subculture is automatically something sexual now.

No. 80216

Peter rabbit is not furry and it never will be. It’s so embarrassing to call innocent children’s book illustrations furry. Holy shit.

No. 80217

>You know very well what anons have been arguing and why they take issue with the furry thread.
No, I fucking don't. I only know what I meant. I'm not responsible for what other people think ITT. Sorry you're upset that more than one person disagrees with you.

No. 80218

No one is trying to argue that the entire furry community/ is entirely non-sexual. Just like how literally any subculture has a sexual subgroup, but that doesn't mean the entire thing is automatically a fetish.

No. 80219

Maybe read the fucking posts and learn the context before posting then

No. 80220

It's the literal main group…like that's 90% of you.

No. 80221

I don't think there's a point in arguing with the denialfurfag because she's already made such a fool of herself so many times the mods are going to ignore everything shes saying and keep locking her threads

No. 80222

>furry is not a fetish
you gotta be baiting kek

No. 80223

Do you have the stats or what?

No. 80224

>Peter rabbit is not furry and it never will be
almost choked. autists are hilarious.

No. 80225

it is literally synonymous with anthropomorphic animals. What is so hard to understand? Maybe if you actually read up on what you're talking about instead of using only your personal opinions and anecdotes as facts you would understand this.

No. 80226

>Furfag desperately trying to rope children's animal stories into the definition of "furry" to make herself look less degenerate.
Not today, furfag, not today.

No. 80227

Do you even know how words work? Do you understand what synonyms are? Do you comprehend the fact that new terms can be created to describe things that fit into that definition? Or are you purposefully playing retarded for the sake of your argument?

No. 80228

Its funny how you can tell that thread is filled with miserable bitches who romanticize the anime they watched in their youth and use any chance to seethe about modern shows, instead of maybe, idk, realizing they've lost interest in the hobby and need to find something better to do with their lives than wistfully whine about da good old days

No. 80229

According to you Beatrix Potter was a member of the furry community. How am I supposed to take you seriously?

No. 80230

Fucking please how is it possible to be this retarded

No. 80231

Shocking revelations ITT today!

No. 80232

Can the radfem thread be locked, there’s never any actual milk and everything posted is just thinly veiled tranny seethe about nazis.

No. 80233

Someone creates anthropomorphic animal cartoon. Years later the term furry is coined as a synonym to anthropomorphic animals. Therefore any depictions of anthropomorphic animals can be described as furry. Or do you refuse to call things by their names because the things existed before the word?

No. 80234

Except that literally no one on earth besides you uses the word "furry" to describe Beatrix Potter. And might I add that all children everywhere love cute talking animals, so also according to your definition all children everywhere are furfags. You really want to unpack the implications of your statement?

No. 80235

Let me fix that for you real quick
>Someone creates anthropomorphic animal cartoon.
>Someone creates sexual anthropomorphic animal cartoon.
>Years later the term furry is coined as a synonym to sexual anthropomorphic animals.

No. 80236

Source: just trust me bro

No. 80237

>itt: sonic is NOT a furry you perverts!!!! he is a CHILD.

No. 80238

No. 80239

I'm sorry you can't look at cartoon animals without thinking about sex.

No. 80240

If you guys don't stop talking about shotas and furries right now I'm gonna kill myself.

No. 80241

what timestamp?

No. 80242

File: 1720302320315.jpeg (56.44 KB, 1280x932, me-watching-two-of-my-allies-f…)

>this thread rn

No. 80243

No. 80244

File: 1720302409887.jpg (61.62 KB, 640x480, 362177.jpg)

lol. More like picrel though

No. 80245

This image is peak Linkin Parkcore.

No. 80246

Imo there's absolutely no barrier from them getting posted in any if the general cute girls/boys art threads.

No. 80247

No1currs shotafag

No. 80249

as a shotafag i think furries are disgusting zoophiles and need to be banned, get the thread closed and kept away from animals.

No. 80250

no1currs shotafag. dogfuckers and pedos all deserve the chair.

No. 80251

Radfems are cows so no.

No. 80252

Famrhands need to be camped out in the lesbian thread because the yuripedo baiter has been throwing out the same exact bait all day long and anons continue to take it like the world's dumbest fish unless famrhands are quick with the redtexts.

No. 80253

File: 1720315671911.jpeg (71.15 KB, 600x888, 1649698972230.jpeg)

This is exactly what I was complaining about, what the fuck is wrong with anons atm.
I cannot imagine getting this mad over figments of imagination and I hate shotafags but anons arguing with them are just as bad just fucking report and don't take the bait

No. 80254

Half a hour and a scrote talking about femorrhoids and muh lack of emphathy in /g/ hasn't been redtexted or deleted

No. 80255

half an hour is a millisecond in farmhand time

No. 80256

I'm disappointed that the Tradthot thread got locked/autosaged/died. There was some pretty good milk recently with Lilly Gaddis' face getting eaten by leopards.

No. 80257

File: 1720319438883.jpg (5.18 KB, 417x121, index.jpg)

>She's not reading any of this shit

No. 80258

My theory is that they're newish-fags who like being able to make OPs and are too retarded to do a cursory search to find an appropriate existing thread to sperg in. Most of them are Twitterbrained and under 25.

No. 80259

>Liking anthro animals is somehow worse than drooling over fictional toddlers
Ok retard also the thread isn't getting closed

No. 80260

The takeaway from this video is that furries are an aggregate of different concepts, all stemming from cartoons and Asperger's. Some of it is sexual and some of it isn't. It's just an inevitable fact that these people would eventually come together and exist.

No. 80261

see? the ~wholeseome furry~ threads already bringing in the furfags. and of course they immediately start shitting up the site seething about how their faggotry is totes normal actually. jannies get a grip and ban furfaggotry altogether

No. 80262

The furry thread is so peaceful save for the redtext bait posts, this headbashing infighting feels so manufactured my default. They're almost arguing for terminology but I can assure you someone's gonna lump "Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit and similar style images" thread with furries and still think that's degen and they sexualize the drawings lmao.

No. 80263

336 posts of nothing but retarded and completely off-topic infighting, bravo.

No. 80265

Yeah it's weird. Like who cares. Where's the furry porn spam? Where are all the furries sperging about getting knotted? Is it shotafags like >>80249 deflecting? No one has any strong feelings about the thread but that one anon, who wants to rebrand it using a euphemism for furries mind you, which shouldn't be allowed either if furries were to get banned kek imagine:
>mods cave, ban furfagging to appease this lone autist chimping for a month+ over a non-issue
>she tries to make her furry euphemism thread
>gets banned for being a furry
>chimps for another month about peter rabbit not being a furry
At the end of the day this anon is malding about ironic use of the word furry and making herself sound like a real furry in the closet in the process

No. 80267

Yeah, you proved your initial point, that you're a retarded baiter who can't stop sperging over a thread you refuse to hide.

No. 80268

I guess it's back to /meta/ not having a functioning complaints thread.

No. 80269

File: 1720358252758.gif (461.91 KB, 500x368, tumblr_lm87rh47zU1qad04no1_500…)

CP on /ot/, bumping off front page. Please take it down quickly farmhands.

No. 80270

this was my thought process with shota but it still got banned (like it wasn’t as if hordes of shota porn were being spammed everywhere, it was just the occasional sfw image or “it would hot if ciel and sebastian banged” tier post)

No. 80271

Kek suuure it wasn't, shotafag. pedochans are so peaceful and innocent!

No. 80272

i never understood the shota ban because NSFW images are already banned from /m/ so it seemed pointless

No. 80273

It's banned, but nobody follow this rule, including mods. So it's an ignored rule, so specific shota ban was needed, kek.

No. 80274

Sorry for derailing your really important debate about shota and furry shit. But can farmhands clean up blackpill thread from all twitter drama? Thread is in shambles from all baiters and schizos.

No. 80275

Can mods do something about the moralfagging in the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread? They’re also scrotefoiling.

No. 80276

Can mods check the post history of the rape fetish posters in the fetishes you’re ashamed of thread? I love manhating posts but I think it's pretty obviously bait and not genuine manhate

No. 80277

can mods pee and poo? thank you

No. 80278

No. 80279

No. 80280

A newfag is currently in the Lillee Jean thread asking to be spoonfed unsaged

No. 80281

No. 80287

Is there any farmhand awake or even active?
There is a ban evader sperg in the confessions thread aiding to cowtipping and infighting with all the anons basically.
The threads a mess.

Also suggestion but think about implementing a ip rangeban.


No. 80288

Now there's gore getting posted it as well

No. 80296

>biased moderation style that favors angry, whiny, disagreeable autists
>red texting everything for some reason, to the point that nobody gives a shit about bans anymore
>farmhands unfunny autists that can't take or understand a shitpost and ban you for giggling or being stupid for a quick laugh
>ban evasion at an all time high because of the former points
>banning of certain topics only leads to more infighting about those topics. people continue to post and ban evade. yes this is about shota
>site still fucking broken in multiple places despite cerbmin's supposed swe background
>removal of casual threads like dumbass shit possibly only removed due to the angry whiny autists angrily whining leading to dumbass shit spilling all over the site
>posts actually being deleted if they're making too much sense and not bootlicking
>ips leaked multiple times
>personalityfags everywhere as its common knowledge mods are shit and ban evasion takes ten seconds
>farmhands picking petty fights with anons when their feefees get hurt
most incompetent moderation style i've seen on an ib in a while, im ngl. anyone whining about the userbase needs to understand its current state is a direct reflection of the people overseeing it :/(:/)

No. 80297

/g/ is pointless, all its threads about husbandos can go to /m/, the others are fine for /ot/, it’s moid infested, if we need a board that emphasizes lolcow being a women only, feminist site then /2X/ can be made public

No. 80299

Permabans are impossible. 4chan has been trying to cull barneyfag's autism for years, to no avail. He always finds a way to ban evade, and 4chan has an explicit no-VPN rule, too. Autism always finds a way.

No. 80300

>if we need a board that emphasizes lolcow being a women only, feminist site then /2X/ can be made public
this keeps getting suggested and i don't understand how anons forgot what happened last time /2X/ was made public/unhidden, it's the main reason why it went to total shit. you guys want it to get worse or were you not around when it was temporarily unhidden?

No. 80301

Have you seen the state of /2X/? Lol

No. 80302

You are dumb if you think the posters you don't like will stop posting because you moved threads to different boards
>lolcow being a women only, feminist site
It's always people like you.

No. 80303

2X is a quarantine zone for ftm and mtf retards

No. 80305

there's no way barneyfag is still at it

No. 80306

A moid made a thread


No. 80307

Newfags keep making retarded new threads in /m/

No. 80308

Anons bitching about opinions regarding adding Addy's brother into the next thread need to take a fucking seat. Someone brought it up, but any opinions saying "we don't want him in the next thread" are just getting replies from anons seething >>>/w/331185

No. 80310

And so slowly, predictably, updates stop and responses reduce to a crawl, the time between them getting longer and longer. Updates disappear. Patiently waiting for this admin to resign and the cycle to begin anew.

No. 80312

who’s barneyfag? i posted barney a few times now i feel like maybe i shouldn’t have…

No. 80313

No. 80314

File: 1720503362887.png (148.61 KB, 720x1209, Screenshot_20240709-003053~2.p…)

It's doing that thing where it says I'm banned but then I click it and it says "you do not appear to be banned" and redirects me to farmcow.lol, i already cleared site data so idk wtf I'm supposed to do.

No. 80315

That thread screams newfag as well as some of it's posters.

No. 80316

if you monitor 4chan's ban page you see his bans quite often, he's severely autistic

No. 80317

Its the infighting /ot/ newfags trying to migrate to /m/
That thread is literally no different from the already existing characters/media you hate threads but lumped into one retard magnet thread

No. 80319

switch browsers or use incognito mode, also change ip address.

No. 80321

Baiter shitting up the female fantasy thread trying to invent an infight by calling bisexuals “inferior”

No. 80322

It’s not baiting to state a fact, bislut.

No. 80323

she’s right tho

No. 80324

Of course, if we call them lescel they’d start crying kek

No. 80325

Cry more. She’s based. Bisexuals should gtfo of that thread anyway. It’s disgusting to imagine bisluts are writing their fantasies alongside lesbians.

No. 80326

Stop samefagging oh my goodness

No. 80327

The same tard who keeps derailing the /ot/ news thread and canadian thread now derails the moidtakes thread.

No. 80328

bisexuality is inferior to just being a lesbian though cause you’re basically still just straight(bringing in retarded baity infights to other threads)

No. 80329

Too many racebait derails in moidtakes to report

No. 80330

Nooo don’t say that, the biwhores will self harm!!!! Kek it’s always hilarious to see them complaining in the bi thread about feeling like shit about themselves and blaming it on lesbians. They hate themselves because they’re whores. Even if they don’t fuck men, they still fantasize about sucking cock. And then they have the nerve to act like we should respect them kek. I honestly don’t mind straight women because at least they keep to themselves. Bishits are always trying to act like they’re anything like us, they’re in all our spaces, they pretend to BE us. Then they say “Oh but we have to pretend because if you knew we were bi you wouldn’t want anything to do with us” yeah well I happen to think we should have the right to identify and avoid dick lovers.(bringing in retarded baity infights to other threads)

No. 80331

please just report 1 or 2 of them and we'll take a look

No. 80332

Why did this get banned but the initial post that actually brought this topic into the thread didn’t?

No. 80333

(mickey mouse voice)
Why did this get banned but the initial post that actually brought this topic into the thread didn’t?

No. 80334

File: 1720547398081.jpeg (120.64 KB, 750x947, 873CF70C-0D6A-4275-A759-BF0C4B…)

So the top post is fine and it’s a-ok to call bisexuals inferior in an obvious bait post, but if it gets flipped around, only then does the ban hammer come out?

No. 80335

Kek, based bislut-hating farmhand. Keep crying, it won’t make the world stop hating you.(infighting )

No. 80336

Stop sucking the mods cocks

No. 80337

Bisexuals go 5 minutes without acting oppressed because no one likes you challenge (always failed)

No. 80338

Moidtakes is being derailed.

No. 80339

i hate the mods kek im just fucking around

No. 80340

If the order was reversed, the reply probably would have received a bait ban as well. The problem isn't the fantasy, it's the fact that the reply is trying to start a fight by pointing out some perceived hypocrisy. The first post could be bait but is also very plausibly a real fantasy (and if you lurk here at all you know that many lesbians and bisexuals have weird things for each other)
>they're calling bisexuals INFERIOR!!!
Learn to read. She says wants to be served as if she were superior for being a lesbian, which implies that she doesn't think thats actually the case.
t. Proud bihet. I truly don't know why so many bi women have such a complex about it. I very much enjoy being able to be perceived as straight, and you should too. These hysterics over literally nothing are why people think most self-proclaimed bi women are just attention seekers.

No. 80341

Damn they're STILL going. All of this because of an image of some random black woman btw. the post wasn't even about euros nor brown people.

No. 80342

The same retarded britbong is accusing any anon that dares criticize the sacred British empire of being a brown scrote. Please release us from her retardation and permaban.

No. 80343

Thank you for having basic reading comprehension skills. I swear to God this website is so retarded sometimes. Some of you failed high school English class and it shows.

No. 80346

The first one was obviously bait, you are retarded. Literally mocking bisexuals right to our faces and we’re just expected to silently accept it or else we get banned? If some bihet posted a lesbian breaking fantasy I’m sure that would get rightfully flagged as bait, but when it’s instead degrading bisexual women that’s totally fine and even seen as so normal and acceptable that people doubt it’s even bait. Fuck off.
Not to mention, as if there was any doubt about the intention and effect, in swooped in these retards to continue the bait
Oh and lastly, no one brought up “being glad to be seen as straight” or any of that nonsense, you are pulling actual shit directly from your ass. The response was directly to a post calling bi women inferior (“reading comprehension” check: if one party is called “superior”, what does that make the other party?)(dragging infights to /meta/)

No. 80347

stop caring about the opinions of hateful retards on the hateful retard website

No. 80348

Boo-hoo. You’re just like a troon who gets mad when people call him a man. Bis are inferior in pretty much every way, this is just the only place we’re allowed to say it to your face since the whole world performatively coddles you. Everyone else is thinking it.(dragging infights to /meta/)

No. 80349

Your inferiority complex is showing(dragging infights to /meta/)

No. 80350

why do we allow the weird doghaters all over this site? half the posters seem like the weirdo men who inhabit demented kf threads and 100% of the posters are schizo. it's 100% a sign of low emotional intelligence and half of them are cat owners with brain parasites unironically going on about how 'cat hate is misogynistic' because cats are 'feminine animals'. it's like the female version of alpha male schizophrenia. i genuinely don't understand why it's allowed all over this website, including throughout snow and ot, when it brings in absolute freaks and retards who start talking about how they want to watch random animals die in front of them or something every single time. if you let them there's a definite chance the weirdos would start posting gore of dead dogs.
>inb4 dogfucker
i don't own a dog and never have. i don't particularly care for dogs and hate shitbulls especially. still not a freak who needs to sit on a thread all day ranting about dogs and their owners like a sperg

No. 80351

the dog hate thread shouldn't be allowed in the first place because these freaks can't even keep their mental illness in their own thread and it's inviting more users to spread their retardation. and as someone who owns a cat, those posters make me ashamed of owning a cat.

No. 80352

Then how are you posting? If a VPN got banned, who cares?

No. 80353

File: 1720563950001.jpeg (66.46 KB, 393x570, 5713216E-53F3-4548-A475-FA21E4…)

Anons walks in and makes a schizo unprovable accusation complete with things that never happened and gets to go on their merry way, but anyone responding to say
>you’re retarded, where is any of that happening
gets banned for derail? Whatever farmhand is monitoring this thread is seriously biased and isn’t even trying to hide it kek

No. 80354

Do you think there are users who camp in the dog hate thread? I thought it was just a popular thread because it’s something a lot of users seem to relate on

No. 80356

>She says wants to be served as if she were superior for being a lesbian
Ok not trying to kick up the infight again but I have to say this or it's gonna bother me: the first post is a bisexual woman saying she wants to serve lesbians, and the other post is a lesbian saying she wants to serve bisexuals. Neither posts are lesbians saying they want to be served.

No. 80357

Don't forget the constant racebaiting

No. 80359

"bishit" "bislut" "biwhore" baiters still going strong in the female fantasies thread, probably emboldened by the fact farmhands refuse to redtext their bait, as seen in

No. 80360

Damn I let myself be gaslit by all the anons that had a problem with it. This is literally just coomposting.

No. 80361

How is hating dogs related to racebait?

No. 80363

TIL you can say anything degrading about any group of people with no ban as long as you claim to be part of that group and frame it as an edgy sex fantasy.

No. 80364

>waaah wah how dare you not like pitbulls ypu psycho
>immediately starts shitting on cats
Just hide the thread retard.

She secretly links a certain race of dog to a certain race of moid, therefore criticising that dog race is racism kek.

No. 80365

Whining about "false" biphobic stereotypes when you couldn't be a better poster girl for bisexuals acting like they're perpetual victims kek. Even turning on your own for having ~problematic~ fantasies because anything that isn't heckin' wholesome has to be evil lesbian bait. It's obvious why you don't also police the male fantasies thread this hard. Interesting how you didn't take issue with the lack of redtexts given for the bisexuals that were talking about men though.(infighting)

No. 80366

>silently tolerate being called a slut and a whore or else you are acting like a "perpetual victim"
makes sense. The consensus seems to be that it's okay to call bisexuals any degrading thing in the book and if they take issue with that (the nerve!!!) then you can just switch into the next phase of harassment which is all about "Oh so you think you're a victim? this is why everyone hates you". Absolute insanity.

No. 80367

Have you ever considered that bisexuals simply deserve to be called those things? This is like raging at someone for calling the sky “blue”. There’s a reason that straights and gays alike both think bisexuals are whores— don’t pretend it’s some evil lesbian thing.(dragging infights to /meta/)

No. 80368

>There’s a reason that straights and gays alike both think bisexuals are whores
Nta but what makes straights not whores? Kek what's the conclusion of this thought?(dragging infights to /meta/)

No. 80371

>average reading comprehension of a dog hate thread poster

No. 80379

The Addy thread on /w/ becoming a /ot/ loli debate thread is a nightmare.

No. 80381

Seethe harder. I consider slobbermutt lovers mentally deficient and I'm not alone on this feeling.

No. 80382

Nta, but good for you? I don't like dogs either, but who fucking cares? I really don't see the point of going into these hate threads and complaining about people hating something when it's this specific like hating dogs. You don't hate dogs? Cool. Fuck off. You do? Then post in the thread.

Going out of your way to be condescending little shits about it should make you auto-banned.

No. 80383

I hope you at least get a disability check for all this mental illness

No. 80384

File: 1720639544181.png (683.2 KB, 814x601, the absolute state of the huma…)

How is seeing inbred man-made mutants like pic-related (courtesy of >>>/ot/1166255 ) mental illness? Actually keeping such a creature around shows that the owner belongs in the loony bin.(dragging infights to /meta/)

No. 80386

UNSAGE THE DUMBASS SHIT THREAD YOU COWARDS (jk I love you farmhands) but really, hear me out: Now the dumbassery is spilling out everywhere else, at least it was somewhat contained before

No. 80387

You need to be quicker.

No. 80388

Taylor's pet janny is back from vacation lmao? The thread is turning red again after a week of piece and harmony lol

No. 80389

infighting and shotafagging in the fujo thread. again.

No. 80390

Nothing in that thread is bannable for shota except maybe the anon asking where shota x older guy is at. The Hanako posting is just like black butler posting. Although the retarded fight about nigels should be banned for infighting.

No. 80391

i'm starting to think that janny is more of a tom fangirl, rather than taylor's lol
funny how she's back to banning posts critising tom specifically lol. sure, the saged posts were not particularly milky but calling out his moidness and complete lack of skills when dealing with his own child is not a "nitpick" lol especially when taylor tries to constantly push this narrative of him helping her with childcare and cooking, even though it's obvious he's not doing either of those.

No. 80392

What a coincidence that there's now someone in unpopular opinions fighting for their life over how lusting after teenagers is actually totally based.

No. 80393

Really makes you thunk doesn't it

No. 80394

if you keep coming to /meta/ to bitch about virtually nothing you're going to get the thread locked. shut up already

No. 80395

at least ban the infighters, this is ridiculous

No. 80396

dramafags derailing the fujo thread, again. At this point mentioning discord should be a bannablea offense. These dumb children are incapable of living without talking about dicord and twitter like the retarded normalfags zoomies they are.

No. 80397

What’s with the recent influx of anons saying women not having kids by X age are failures? I just saw it in the yukapon thread but it feels like I’ve been seeing it more and more on the site.

No. 80400

sounds like something a baiting male would say

No. 80401

Legit just bait report and ignore

No. 80402

They said it in the dakota thread too. I'm certain it's the same anon but then you have Taylor with kids and it's not good enough lol so like wtf

No. 80405

That person isn't baiting in the taylor thread though, what does she have to do with this?

No. 80406

The point is even with kids, anons are still seething. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

No. 80407

Nta but are you blind? She literally said that she hates pitbulls.

No. 80408

some fucking retard (or retards) has been posting in the skirby thread unsaged and it has started to become annoying

No. 80409

Retards replying to moid thread in ot

No. 80411

Yes, they always do so no one calls out the obvious kek. There's a reason these anon(s) never sperg out and demand closed threads when the cat hate thread gets bumped. The focus is always on the dog hate thread and how everyone in there is a psycho that wants to torture dogs, and then you visit the thread and it's just nonnas of all kinds shitting on pitbulls.

No. 80412

This is your brain on toxoplasmosis

No. 80413

Schizos that have no reading comprehension are the exact people i picture using that thread.

No. 80414

please delete the newfag thread on addy, it has incorrect information and she forgot a shit ton of stuff like links

No. 80415

we are talking about one anon with moid/trad views, keep up

No. 80416

File: 1720719101186.png (64.92 KB, 704x231, m - Lolcow's most hated media …)

Really not trying to reignite the shotafag debate itt, but can farmhands please crackdown on the shotafag personalityfags that plague /m/ and brag about their relentless baiting?

No. 80417

you dont know what a personalityfag means, retarded newfag(infighting)

No. 80418

Seethe more, retard. The shota shinjifag is as much a personalityfag as ntyfag. Perhaps you don’t use the fujo thread or /m/ in general, or else you would be familiar with her

No. 80419

The absolute state of /m/. Post kpop dark age it was only cozy board and now we're closing in on dark age 2 because of one shitcord.

No. 80420

>only retarded newfag moralfag dramafags hate us lol
Who do you think you're fooling when you can't help repeating the same words and phrases in the same order every time you go to whiteknight yourself

No. 80421

i’m on /m/ all the time and i have no idea who you’re talking about. going to echo that other anon and say you have no clue what a personalityfag is

No. 80423

I’m the anon who made the og complaint, and a farmhand banned her for personalityfagging. Either you’ve missed countless retarded slapfights between the cordchans, including shinjifag, or you’re one of her wks. Either way, don’t care

No. 80424

You are an idiot, kawoshin is one of the most popular fujo ships from one of the most popular anime ever. To be a personalityfag you need to be autistically attached to something niche that makes it easily identificable it's you, you cant do that with kawoshin because its from a super popular anime and its several anons talking about it.

No. 80425

She is autistically obsessed with shota shinji and is very identifiable. She even identified herself. Hope that helps. Shotafag wks are something else, kek

No. 80426

It's also funny how everytime someone complains about another spergout about this a bunch of whiteknights spawn in to call everyone a moralfag retard and say there are no personalityfags–except the ones that don't like shotafags, those need to be permabanned asap.

No. 80427

i have literally never heard of her

No. 80428

I wish I was you

No. 80429

they've both been caught defending themselves in here while still infighting in other tabs, one had her posts mass deleted the other day for it

No. 80430

The shotashit keeps getting vile and vile I'm sure soon we'll see lolifags too saying "it's anime culture!! You normie!! They're fictional!" either that or one of the farmhands is a shotafag and doesn't want it to get fully banned

No. 80431

Ayrt, the farmhand banned her after I reported shinjifag’s post. I think we need to just mass report shotafags when we see it and ignore their bait, especially when they’re personalityfagging. They’ve gotten far too comfortable on /m/ with their discord friends to back them up

No. 80432

>it's anime culture!
it literally is.

No. 80433

Ignore this bait, nonnas. This is irrelevant to the discussion at hand and the same tactic the shotafags used to derail this thread last time this topic was brought up here

No. 80434

i am not even a shotafag i am just tired of /m/ getting derailed by retarded newfags that must complain and seethe about everything instead of just ignoring it. Now everyone feels like they must justify their taste in everything and the anime thread gets derailed by twitterfags every day. You think something is against the rules? report and move on, don't shit up the thread with your bait.

No. 80436

>report and move on, don't shit up the thread with your bait.
Yeah, I agree. That’s why I posted here. No need to cry newfag over this

No. 80437

Report and ignore bait unless it's your own, then anons are being hysterical moralfag narcs.

No. 80438

>too retarded to ignore posts
>throws oil on the fire and cries when it grows
hoping you don’t carry this retardation outside of lolcow

No. 80439

So the mods are now redtexting tards infighting here, but where were they when a tranny was derailing the last complaint threads calling everyone with a negative opinion of the moderation a camper? You guys are a joke, fuckin transparent

No. 80440

they've given up and are basically letting anons do the moderation themselves. if you report something, they'll redtext it with your exact report wording without even looking at the post or the rest of the thread. anons are the farmhands now.

No. 80441

Idk there seems to be an influx of idiots to the site (summerfags?) so in this situation I kinda feel for the mods I mean that jeremy poster was shitting up several threads on several boards for quite a while took a while to get on top of it.

No. 80442

>jeremy poster
That blackpill "everyone is a cocksucker/cockbreath" sperg with the weird autocorrect typos? She's been around since last year unfortunately but used to stay contained in /2X/

No. 80443

I report things all the time and the redtext is often different from the words I use when I report so I think you're wrong.

No. 80444

for real. "uhn it's so hawt that a [hentai trope] happens to [young boy character] in the first episode!!1! right gorls!??" give me a break these faggots are so tiresome

No. 80445

File: 1720742092637.png (1.58 MB, 1170x1286, what do you do.png)

Can I ask why you guys locked this thread? It doesn’t look like anyone was banned and there’s also no post from a farmhand or the admin explaining why this thread shouldn’t be open

No. 80446

kek @ jannies just fucking ignoring this

No. 80447

Funny they lock it without notice and don't address your concerns when they were so talkative during the good moid stories ordeal. Whats up with that.

No. 80448

So when is current admin's resignation coming? It's obvious nobody is running the site anymore.

No. 80449

newfag made retarded vtuber vendetta thread and keeps bumping it

No. 80450

Can you prune the posts the freak in black girl general made ruining the thread? Its hard to get through since his posts are mostly unsaved. The red texts are not worth keeping up when so many posts are his

No. 80451

Obvious how? Unable to use volunteers to keep up with Obvious shitposts or is too much moderation suddenly a sign that no one watches the site? Honestly, which way of the tinfoil do you fall?

No. 80452

Lolcow is no longer recognizable, even the anons feel different

No. 80453

So, you're a newfag who has no opinion. Understood. You can't even reply properly.

No. 80454

why is this site so not mobile-friendly, fix this shit it's so fucking slow. wake up admin, wake up!

No. 80456

What are you even talking about schizo

No. 80457

lmao based useless devs gatekeeping the site from mobilefags

No. 80458

What exactly is the point of this thread when we already have several other individual threads covering the same topics/purpose?

No. 80459

brokies when they can never experience the joys of epic phoneposting

No. 80460

Actually we don’t have other threads just talking about /ot/ itself…

No. 80461

If they felt like this thread just wasn’t necessary wouldn’t they have said that instead of silently locking it hoping that no one would notice kek..?

No. 80462

nta but that thread was only made because when shaymin broke the site then tried reverting it back the original, many anons couldn't access it, so that thread was for the handful who could. since all of that is over the thread is pointless now.

also i feel like this thread >>>/ot/1817934 kind of already discusses /ot/ and the site in general

No. 80463

I’m tired of the terminally online faggot farmhand who obviously made the ugly man psyop thread and stays in there to ban people. They’re the ones killing the website honestly they start most of these garbage novelty threads based off of infights and then turn around coming in to “clean” the boards. They are all so full of shit and lard from sitting on their asses all day modding a dying imageboard that they made into a flaming pile of sewage. The bootlickers will soon come out of their hoarders trash strewn cracks to defend them

No. 80464

Hide the thread. Also defending walled men was always bannable there if you read the earlier thread OPs (it's also not the only thread there with its own rules)

No. 80465

The more I think about it the weirder it seems to me that we got rid of the dumbass shit thread but we now have like 2-3 replacements and one of them is incredibly restrictive because you can't talk about or post pictures with the opposite sex, not even as a meme

No. 80466

But they have a thread solely about men and their attractiveness while claiming that men aren’t important. Dumbass shit thread was fun and not even male-centric like these threads that are supposedly very important so I don’t get the bechdel rule? It’s proving the farmhands are a bunch of annoying newfags. It’s the same topics on rotation: ugly men, fandoms, fujos, they’ve basically fueled these topics that cause the most infighting and division so they have a reason to ban you. Mods are not interested in fixing the site they are interested in creating problems to maintain their power trip

No. 80467

Neither, I'm talking about the proposed site updates admin said she was planning months and months ago. It's been radio silence ever since.

No. 80469

it works fine for me. maybe the problem is your device/internet. maybe you have to use lite mode

No. 80470

This was a year ago. Who even cares

No. 80473


No. 80474

>Mods are not interested in fixing the site they are interested in creating problems to maintain their power trip
i wish something could be done tbh. i’d just leave the site but i’ve been here since like 2015ish and lc’s one of the only female-only spaces on the western web

No. 80475

No it actually wasn’t a year ago, they locked this thread a couple days ago.

No. 80476

I asked this twice a while ago and they ignored it, so weird.

No. 80477

no that thread is fun as hell. if you got banned you must have been defending a scrote and that's your problem

No. 80478


No. 80479

they are newfags, the admin(no there aren't 3) didn't even use the site before she took it over, she's from c.c. FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT THE DISCORD IS STILL UP BUT JUST NOT LISTED ON THE SITE.

No. 80480

i will never understand why a single thread to laugh at ugly moids angers so many anons. There are like 5 threads on /g/ to cocksuck ugly men.

No. 80481

I think >>>/ot/2086164 was posted by that baiting Indian moid

No. 80482

Prove they are from cc. A moid or troon is not in charge of our site. This stupid tinfoil is old af and has been debunked several times

No. 80484

Same. I also don’t understand why some anons rage at farmhands for moderating the bechdall thread. I’m not even trying to wk farmhands, but I honestly think both threads are fun, and redtextings anons who fail to follow the simple rules adds to the entertainment value

No. 80485

Whats even sadder is that moids would never do the same for these pickmes

No. 80486

Site demographic has changed. Anons nowadays want the site gentrified like the rest of the internet. I don't think it's even a conscious effort at this point.

No. 80487

This. Only bans I have seen in there is infighting or defending ugly men. Nonna maybe an uggo lover but theres also a thread for that.

No. 80488

it's not a moid or a troon, she was a c.c user before and besides she's lied about literally everything.

No. 80489

Please fix the chatrooming in w it's so irritating to have anons replying to your posts and taking them personally

No. 80491

File: 1720849120526.jpg (22.15 KB, 828x588, 33w.jpg)

No. 80492

File: 1720850753665.jpeg (469.63 KB, 821x863, IMG_4541.jpeg)

Mentioning your phobia of dogs in the dog hate thread is tumblrfagging now?

No. 80493

If you're going to go in the dog hate thread …you're going to see dogs you fucking retard.

No. 80494

i didnt say there should be no pics at all. im just saying i personally don't see the point in posting a bilion pics of shitbulls over and over.

No. 80495

You also type like a tumblrina

No. 80496

kek nonny just click hide images

No. 80497

Ma'am this is an image board

No. 80498

Honestly the nerve of you to complain about this here. You curate your own online experience, including hiding threads if they "trigger" you. What do you even expect anons to do? This is like going into a cow thread and complaining that others post caps.

No. 80499

kek seethe harder xylet

No. 80500

Everyone knows the discord still exists, that's why people like you shut down this conversation.

No. 80501

Nta but most users know moids took over the discord. No actual women want to be in there and it got raided a bunch of times. Normal farmers don't give a fuck about the discord and it hasn't been relevant for like 3 years. 4 even. There weren't even that many people in it while the site alone gets something like 10k visits a day the hellweek thing said? So 90% moids and barely anyone in it and 10 people active only ever.

The discord was fucking trash.

No. 80502

They made a new one, it's just not posted on the site. That's part of why there are no updates from Admin here, it's just like Shaymin only giving updates there, she talks to the people she invited to the hidden discord server about the site issues. The problem with saying anything about this is that there are red herrings floating around to discredit actual information. Even without data, it's more than obvious Admin and mods aren't the userbase of the site, and that there aren't 3 admins.

No. 80503

The idea of an imageboard having a discord is so retarded to me

No. 80504

I think admin and mods wanted it to be an easier way to discuss reports and rectify them because I remember being redirected back in 2016 to try contacted a mod on discord about a ban and it did get fixed, but then moids started raiding it and it became a nightmare and then there were groups that only spammed thot porn like belle delphine. It was just a moidified extension of the site.

No. 80505

Post the link to the super secret discord.

No. 80506

how do you know all of this? where is all this information and also the stuff about her being from CC coming from?

No. 80507

When you give an invite it shows up in discord logs so nona will get nuked

Sounds like a mod or ex mod in touch with older current mod

No. 80508

So it's fake. Got it.

As if the mod team having a private discord is a bad thing at all. They should have a personal area without farmers to interact and communicate. Doing it all through email or something is so unorganized when there are other ways to communicate like Discord.

No. 80509

This has been tinfoil for years even before the pandemic. Ignore the baiters. They even claimed it was a man who took over lolcow.

No. 80510

nta but the mod team having a discord was a huge problem in shaymin's time, and is part of why the site is going to shit now.

No. 80511

We don't even know who took over lc though, no one is claiming it's a man and the anon tinfoiling about c.c is a different anon from the one dishing about the discord.

No. 80512

Once again there's infighting on the radfems cows thread. More derailing about Muslims Vs Jews

No. 80514

You guys better keep a hold on the America thread because it’s gonna get flooded with spergs soon

No. 80515

Bunch of /pol/ and kiwitards on the amerifag general

No. 80516

>entire rest of the board gets one post every 30 mins
It glows in the dark

No. 80517

now it's even brought out the circumcision retards. incredible.

No. 80518

It's that same scrote faggot who has been camping the site for months

No. 80519

Why would you lock the amerifags thread during an important moment in history KEK?

No. 80520

damn, I wanted to follow the shooting drama and the spergs got it shut down, we cant have nice things

No. 80521

Locking the thread isn’t gonna do anything because we can make a new one

No. 80523

If you’re the eurodivergent scrote that was shitting up that thread: kys
If not: we’ll survive with the thread being locked temporarily until he gets bored and leaves

No. 80524

They can also just lock new threads anon kek. I think admin can even disable thread making.

No. 80525

I can understand why they don’t want to deal
With the flooding kek

No. 80526

but where are non spergs who just wanna enjoy the assassination discourse supposed to go now? the whole thread has to be locked just because the jannie’s don’t know how to hit the ban button?

No. 80527

Because then jannies would be forced to work overtime moderating a single thread because of scrotes and trolls and retarded anons that can't contain their autism. Even worse that it was an assassination attempt, so now they'd have to be on high alert for fedposters

No. 80528

Retarded decision. Open the thread and do your one job jannies

No. 80529

>work overtime
they barely work normal time

No. 80530

Some of you need to go for a walk outside or something kek

No. 80531

If it'll get unlocked eventually then it's okay… Thanks farmhands for dealing with scrotes

No. 80532

It's dark outside and I'm scared. Will go with me? Will you hold my hand? Will you keep me safe?

No. 80533

It’s easy to ban evade though

>inb4 we get raided

No. 80534

File: 1720920572784.jpg (107.81 KB, 736x1108, 1000001571.jpg)

Nyart, but I'm here to protect you

No. 80536

>It's dark outside
Move to Alaska

No. 80537

There was a European moid in the Amerifag thread who was complaining about circumcision and saying American women should come to Europe to get dicked down. Can farmhands say which country he was posting from please? It’s not a doxx since it’s still very vague but I’m worried it’s my ebf and I want to dump him if it turns out it was really him writing it.

No. 80538

is there seriously lore to the circumcision sperging

No. 80539

Yes. My euro Nigel is awake right now and he gets butthurt about circumcision too. It sounded suspiciously like him but I would like to know for sure. If it is I’m dumping him immediately.

No. 80540

They actually locked the thread because they hate stan

No. 80541

justice for stan walkout

No. 80542

If it’s against rules to reveal posters countries then can you please tell me at least what the first letter of the name of the country his IP was from. That would be enough. Thanks farmhand.

No. 80544

KEK based farmhand. That threadpic gave me uncanny valley

No. 80545

File: 1720922232445.jpeg (525.47 KB, 828x552, 14420A6A-7D96-4749-A336-CE69A9…)

Farmhands locked the thread right before I could post my masterpiece…. >>2088535

No. 80546

On kiwifarms they're saying the shooter's pc was still logged into his lolcow mod account when the feds seized it

No. 80547

thank you for this, nona.. hopefully this one becomes the next threadpic for whenever we can make an amerifag thread again. a masterpiece

No. 80548

aaaaaaand the beautiful new thread is locked. Sorry amerifags, we tried to bring Alfred back


No. 80549

A true American masterpiece. God bless you, nona

No. 80550

We can’t even have discussions about our own fucking country on this place. Fuck the tranny jannies, I’m going to 4chan kek

No. 80551

My political husbando has fvllen… me lord, wipe your blood off your face and get moving

No. 80552

Ikr. Cringe locking the thread because they’re so goddamn lazy and don’t feel like doing their jobs. I fucking hate these new moderators

No. 80553

kek same. Begrudgingly on /pol/ and kiwi now, ugh

No. 80554

The new thread didn't even have the problems of the other one. How much "cleaning up" do they need to do? Just ban the eurofags, moids, and baiters and keep an eye on the thread.

No. 80555

I hate it but it’s the only places that allow you actually say what you want. Now the faggots are claiming they want to “clean” the threads (basically censor) just like Reddit. What’s the difference between using this place and Reddit now, honestly? What makes it worth it being on a place that’s basically just a copy of another insufferable website?

No. 80556


No. 80557

I think they just want to delete the moid’s posts. This is dramatic as hell kek

No. 80558

i mean this is a female only imageboard they gotta get the moid spammers out somehow

No. 80559

I don't disagree, but is closing the thread during a historical moment in the country really the answer?

No. 80560

File: 1720923019519.jpeg (237.34 KB, 736x981, IMG_1729.jpeg)

They could’ve done it without locking the thread. Can’t even have real time discussion on an important historical topic about our country. GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS GOD BLESS OUR HVAC SYSTEMS EUROPOORS COULD NEVER COMPREHEND

No. 80562

Another america thread in ot. You retards will live

No. 80563

File: 1720923457443.png (62.66 KB, 901x277, 2c1a3d9.png)

let us shitpost this is a historical moment

No. 80564

>Posting 4chan screenshots without the sake of making fun of OP

No. 80565

Shut your eurofag ass up and stay out of the threads.

No. 80566

american website.

No. 80568

This has got to be satire but fucking kek

No. 80569

Based mods banning /pol/ burgerfags

No. 80570

We don't need to know. This isn't some company. It's an imageboard. I don't understand the logic of needing to know who is who on a site that's anonymous. We have people who raid us. That's not safe for a possibly full female staff online. Are you braindead? The staff and admin would be doxxed so quick. Fuck off with this need-to-know crap.

No. 80571

Can we make replying to opinions in the opinion thread bannable? Anons are just using it as an extension of Addy's thread to infight with anons about their real opinions on the cow. They don't need to come in there and derail the thread about a take they don't like. They are just replying as they do to other anons in her personal thread.

No. 80573

Anons are allowed to disagree if it doesn't turn into an infight with namecalling and bad faith arguments. That thread always served as a thread for meta discussions about cows and their fans and haters that would otherwise be rule breaking on the cow boards. We're not going to make every thread into gioyc 2.0 because anons can't handle being disagreed with.
The reason why talking about Addy gets a lot of replies is because she's a fresh cow and a lot of eyes are looking at the thread, it should be expected.

No. 80574

Oh okay, but it just seems like one anon is purposely trying to infight about it. Just a suggestion to check it out, but if it's all good then just ignore it.

>>>/ot/2089124 This is the poster I meant, but if they aren't making bad faith replies, I guess it's fine. It seems less of a personal cow opinion and more like trying to get anons to justify what they are posting.

No. 80576

>I'm going back to 4chan/pol
Both of you just proved the point of locking it kek.

No. 80578

People arnt just posting pics they are posting the propaganda around these dogs like the idea people would just post random pics of dogs in the dog hate thread…nonna you aint fooling anyone.

No. 80579

Could mods check if it could possibly be Addy that was sperging out in the real opinions on cows thread? I usually don't hi cows but that anon is oddly riled up and we know she lurks kek

No. 80580

>90% of the posts on that trump thread are just bait, racebait and obvious moids posting.
>Now those moids are leaking onto other threads too and baiting.
>The posters on the trump thread admitting to being from pol, 4chan and KF.
>Farmhands will not lock that thread

>dumbass shit thread or kpop thread

>Farmhands automatically lock it.

Shit moderation

No. 80581

it should have stay locked i wonder if the same farmhand unlocked it or it was a different one.

No. 80584

File: 1720963388406.jpeg (448.04 KB, 961x583, IMG_4580.jpeg)

jannies seem pretty ok with the current /pol/ification of /ot/.
>you aren't fooling anyone
lmao what are you on about? im not trying to censor anyone all i said was that i might be biased but i don't see the point of making repeated posts like picrel, ie just random social media pictures of ugly dogs with repetitive "look how evil and scary this one looks" commentary. admittedly i worded myslef badly.

No. 80586

the whole point of moderation is for mods to ban posts that break the site rules and be neutral but they can't even do that.

The moderators themselves are huge cows who will bait and infight on anon and go through a anons whole post history that they argued with to try and find a post that they could ban them for. This has led to mods banning anons for months old posts when they don't know what to currently ban them for or moderators who "accidentally" end up permabanning anons without any reason.

The moderators are extremely biased, so they are okay with the trump thread staying up even though it has brought many moids and trolls to this site in the span of a couple of hours, imagine how many more moids it will bring in a couple of days?

Lol we unironically need a moderator to moderate the moderators too because many of these mods aren't doing their job and are abusing their mod powers (probably the only time in their life they weild any type of authority)

No. 80587

LC is an image board and moderation on image boards is always going to be shit becuase of it's anonymous nature and the limited tools available to moderators.

No. 80588

the only people with limited tools are the jannys. Farmhands have way more tools and there is currently more farmhands so there is no excuse for this level of incompetence.

No. 80589

Can you tell me which country the European moid poster from the amerifag thread last night was from please

No. 80590

Why wasn't the mpreg thread locked? It even got redtexed as shit bait

No. 80591

anon get with the program, the new moderation team only locks threads or bans people if they feel like it.

No. 80593

Why is there a "Love after porn"
thread in /g/? It seems like it's made as an easier way to collect porn widow fantasies. It doesn't have discussion to it as well, it's just a thread of people replying saying to, obviously, break up with the nigel? No reason for it not to just be in relationship advice

No. 80594

I'm sorry, the what thread??

No. 80595

No. 80596

Cp spam again

No. 80597

We have a bad fetish art thread for this. You don't need one specifically. This is when I know moids are making threads because they do this on for the dumbest niche shit on 4chan.

No. 80599

Because some of us are tired of every 2nd question in the relationships thread being related to their nigel's porn addiction and it deserves its own general
Also 'we can't post anything or make certain threads because the 0.1% of weirdo moids who have a fetish for our posts might be lurking's such a stupid arbitrary reason to not make threads. 'Porn widows' is an extremely niche fetish anyway, you might as well close the domestic abuse thread then since a couple moids might getting off to it. Fuck that.

No. 80600

>You don't need one specifically
nona she's asking why WASN'T it locked, meaning that she wants it locked. no one wants this thread kek

No. 80602

Then it should be. I saw the redtext and thought I saw the lock icon. There's no point to it.

No. 80603

Can you ban the avatarfag in the fujo thread please? She can use the husbando thread if she insists on posting the same 3 men she wants to fuck every two weeks.

No. 80604

The /pol/ tier posting is ridiculous, and bait and infighting makes it hard to read about the actual event. It’s clearly attracting a different crowd than we normally get because no other thread has that level of activity. It needs to be locked or modded with a firm hand.

No. 80605

there is a moid trolling in the Trump thread and he is calling anons vaginas "beef curtains"

please ffs lock that thread, if you care about this site just lock it.

No. 80606

I miss when this site wasn't dominated by tradthots and right-wing retards constantly sperging

No. 80607

the trump thread is full of unironic trump shills and "voting doesn't matter both sides bad" retards. unbearable
hibestly starting to think we should ban all politisperging if we want to keep this place readable

No. 80608

Those anons calling any thots with husbands and enjoying having a family "trad" is pretty irritating too.

I personally love discussing politics, but the fact that mods raid it and I guarantee some of them are actual farmers just fucking around, really kills discussion. I am so tired of reaction image replies and shit.

No. 80609

I honestly feel a bit bad for farmhands. When they tried locking the amerifag thread last night, there was a huge uproar and two new threads were made in protest. I was enjoying the threads at first, but I do think such threads bring the retards out of the woodworks. I wish there was a better way to contain politisperging without banning it outright, lest the same spergs will accuse them of censorship

No. 80611

Your whole post is bait. I hope you get banned.

No. 80612

You are exactly the type of politisperg no one likes trying to force your opinions down everyone’s throat in unrelated discussions. Thanks for proving anon’s point, retard

No. 80614

Not having an autistic tantrum every time someone disagrees with you would go a long way to solving this issue. Don't feed the trolls, don't take the bait, report and ignore.

No. 80615

>there was a huge uproar and two new threads were made in protest.

The uproar was done by retards who don't even use this site and only came here to post once they saw a political thread and admitted to being 4chan, pol and kiwifruit posters.

Why the fuck do farmhands even care about their opinions when they are not even farmers, farmhands should ignore the opinions and uproar of baiting losers who add nothing to this site and instead listen to the anon farmers who are begging them lock that mess of a thread.

Farmhands please lock that thread, love you, pls lock.

No. 80616

nta but is your logic that they can shitpost and be dumbasses in replies and they can't complain about it in meta?

No. 80617

File: 1720982144379.jpeg (115.2 KB, 1412x738, IMG_5047.jpeg)

WTF are jannies retarded or something? How does this qualify as bait? It was obviously a rhetorical question to point out how unnecessarily often Shaytards like to nitpick Shayna's weight. The lolcow opinion thread doesn't even move fast enough to be worthy of posting infight bait.(ban evasion)

No. 80618

That's not an opinion. That's you trying to say stuff about anons, has nothing to do about a real opinion on a cow. I've noticed this a lot lately in that thread, that anons use it as a way to vent about the posters when that's not the topic of the thread.

No. 80619

Except the OP of the thread literally states
>However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.
So my post was fair game. I'm sorry that a sensitive Shaytard ran across my post and felt called out enough that they needed to report the post KEK

No. 80620

Fanbase is their fanbase, not other anons. The thread isn't meant to critique other farmers.

No. 80621

They locked the infight and that thread with the cat pic for no reason, but let this shit up

No. 80623

Read the sentence again, there are two parts.
>or the people who dislike the cow here.
So, not just the fanbase. Regardless, I've never been banned for giving an opinion on the users of a certain thread (and there's no explicit ban on doing so anyway), so it makes little sense to argue over a hypothetical infraction when the main complaint is that >>80617 was mislabelled as bait. If posting about other anons was really the main issue and a cause for being banned, then that should've been written as the reason instead.

No. 80624

This isn't even a new concept for the thread.

No. 80625

File: 1720986526266.gif (129.36 KB, 160x160, tumblr_ee2a8004be975b1db9f5899…)

is a 12 hour ban for responding to some european seething about circumcisions really warranted

No. 80626

Did you even read the post that you linked? They aren't complaining/opinion-ing about the Placentaverse anons, they're complaining about the jannies, which is explicitly prohibited
>Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/.
If you're going to simp this hard over newfag jannies, at least put in a little effort

No. 80627

can a farmhand unlock this thread now that the old one is full, thank you

No. 80628

yes and if you have to ask you should fucking leave

No. 80629

No. 80630

Confused by all the bans for derailing in the amerifag thread. Are we only allowed to discuss politics there?

No. 80631

You mean in the trump assassination bunker thread? I haven’t seen any derailing bans in the amerifag thread today. I’m assuming farmhands don’t want general political debate in the assassination thread since it’s about documenting the event and not politisperging

No. 80632

sooo is there a reason why you keep ignoring

No. 80633

That's not what that means and your post was obvious bait. Get over yourself. This has nothing to do with the mods.

No. 80634

The shayna thread is more retarded than usual. can we get a ban warning for clip-on bangs tinfoilers? its so unfunny and uninteresting please

No. 80635

>w-well it doesn't matter what the rules ackshually say!!! jannies r alwayz right!!!!1!11!1
Pathetic attempt to defend the jannies by a farmhand themself or a retarded bootlicker. Why is it any time someone contests a ban there's always at least one faggot ready to die at the sword for the fucking mods?

No. 80636

File: 1721002862584.jpeg (396.92 KB, 1576x1195, 7K3GdLf.jpeg)

Literally only a few posts above (and below) the post you quoted >>>/ot/2054612 you'll find anons doing the same thing without a redtext. You'd think nonnies would be allowed to complain in the complaints thread but the resident sycophants think that site staff can do no wrong.

No. 80637

No. 80638

What? At this point you're grasping at straws. There was no infighting in the thread, and no one really disagreed with each other. Is thinking that anons unnecessarily point out Shayna's weight considered bad faith now? Getting called >24 BMI is one of the least offensive things someone could say to you online. Pull your panties out of your asscrack.

No. 80639

are you retarded? admin lied about being 3 people, or their friends dipped, and provided no clarification, so who can say what they're comfortable doing. and it's entirely important to know who is running it because of the site's history.

No. 80640

Not that anon, but the nona saying the stuff about how the Shayna thread is particularly creepy is right.
I have a feeling there’s one or two obsessed moids/trannies in that thread. The way they write just gives off creepy perverted tranny energy.
They always posts links to and screenshots of her porn which lets face it no actual woman wants to watch or see, they talk about her body and vagina and whatever in very perverse gross ways, they’re very psychologically and verbally dehumanizing and degrading to her in a way that goes beyond just being a regular hater or vendettachan.
It’s almost like theyre getting off to her or have a sexually motivated hateboner for her, and we all know that men are often turned on by people and stuff that also disgusts them. It just screams male.

Shayna is a disgusting person who makes disgusting content and I’m not defending that at all, but the obsessive weirdo(s) in her thread are almost as much of a cow as she is. Definitely some weird sexual obsession they have with her, and it comes across very VERY male.

No. 80641

>I guess they see what they hate about themselves in Shayna
Correct interpretation.

No. 80642

I actually remember there was a thread here exposing who the posters in the Shayna thread were and many of them were fat, ugly and doing onlyfans or camming. It's just so funny to see a obese camgirl criticize shayna's weight or her doing porn, like talk about throwing rocks while in a glass house.

No. 80643

Link the thread please

No. 80644

You know they're male because only men truly hate and despise and try to dehumanize ugly women. Actual women either dont care about ugly women, or have some empathy for them.

No. 80645

No they didn't. Anons came up with the 2 admin tinfoil. All admin ever said was they they were in co tact about info, not working together to run the site. The shit some of you come up with is crazy.

No. 80646

File: 1721018661053.jpg (183.63 KB, 1080x855, 1000006675.jpg)

Honestly should ban all skirby discussion, the anons are not here to act like farmers

No. 80647

Nta in their introduction thread admin said it's 3 of them working together with different roles for the site. They even gave us names of each admin.

No. 80648

Wow, they even gave us names? Totemo legit desu…

No. 80650

The point is, admin did say it was 3 of them working together to run the site and not something anons came up with on their own.

No. 80651

Link and greenbelt because it was about learning to be admin, you know, like training and handing over the "keys". It's not a 3-man run site lol

No. 80652

how the fuck did they even find lolcow, there's so many of them

No. 80654

Ok, here's your spoon-feeding. Also, note that in every single post they make it's "we" instead of "I".
>Hello anons, we are the new admin team! We are a team of three taking over for Shaymin.
>we are a team of 3 consisting of two devs and a liaison + project manager to keep communication flowing between devs and farmers

>We are admins Aimée, Jenny and Sentinel.

The entire first part of this post

>Favorite normie activities?
>A: alcoholism
>J: alcoholism
>S: alcoholism

No. 80655

>every single post it’s “we” instead of “I”
It’s not as if anyone can type any pronoun they want so yes ironclad evidence

No. 80656

Seeing all the positivity and hope for cerbmin in that thread is really disappointing now

No. 80657

Idk why you're fighting this so hard anon kekkkk. Its not about whether or not there are ACTUALLY three admins running the site, it's about the fact that they are the ones who said it and it was never a tinfoil made up by farmers.

No. 80658

Ikr, and all the promises admin made that the site would be better and have better communication and administration. Now they've practically disappeared and won't even answer questions about the site.

No. 80659

Mb I didn’t realize that’s what you meant. I just find the three admins facade to be really silly especially when one was meant to be a community manager or whatever.

No. 80660

I think a lot of anons were either very naïve or doped up on hopium because the timeline for cerbmin's "hiring" didn't even make sense. Shaymin spent a good year trying to find a replacement admin, gave up on the search, and then started again when SHTF and she decided she didn't want to do the work anymore. Then, coincidentally she was able to find not one but three administrators in the span of a month, all of whom knew how to code, and all of whom were female. It was incredibly suspicious and I'd been skeptical ever since. Anyone who's been here a while too (6+ years) will also know that the admin (Shaymin) is shady and known for larping as different admins so that it would seem like she had relinquished control of the website. Of course communication fell through, and of course the website never received the update that it needed because cerbmin is Shaymin in a trench coat KEK

No. 80661

>two devs and a liaison + project manager
Having admin abilities doesn't make all of them admin in the sense that they own the site. Jesus, are you this stupid?

No. 80662

Wtf happened to the girl who was supposed to be liaison?

No. 80663

>Having admin abilities doesn't make all of them admin in the sense that they own the site.
Pure Mongolian idiocy. The fact of the matter is that admin claimed to be a team of 3. We do not know who actually owns the site. We do not know if these three people ever existed.
I assume one of the three admins took on the role of "liason + project manager" but they didn't write it out very clearly.

No. 80664

Don't bother arguing with the kiwitard, they always shit up this thread with their half-baked tinfoils like clockwork.

No. 80665

Its ok anon, it's possible I misunderstood the discussion too. I don't even know anymore.

No. 80666

I believe it. It is the same bullshit again but the jannies are more incompetent than ever.

No. 80667

Farmhands please look at the unpopular opinions thread, there is a massive infight and so many anons are baiting

No. 80668

BMI 24 is so random nor is it overweight, when Shay looks around BMI 27, and is what made your post read as bait. I honestly think it would've been less baity if you said Shay's weight or something like that, other anons have implied her poster base is similar to her without issue.

No. 80669

i was about to say, I hid the thread. so much infighting

No. 80670

Disagreeing isn't infighting.

No. 80671

NTA but what do you call sperging about someone for over a day when it's obvious the same couple of anons are the ones doing it? It's retarded and literally the only people involved give a shit about some random ass celebrity. It's also not the "change people's minds into exactly what I think is correct" thread

No. 80673

Unspoilered yaoi porn spam in /ot/

No. 80674

That was about a different thread you turd and not one that constantly has retarded racebaity infights in it

No. 80675

unspoilered anime buttsex spam, i was about to say, mods save us…

No. 80676

It's so disturbing too

No. 80677

whos been spergign for over a day? that discussion only went on for an hour

No. 80678

File: 1721032868232.jpg (496.44 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20240715-183729_Chr…)

How is Venus's weather? Anyways thank god its over

No. 80679

Exactly this. It's still burritomin and her friends. I feel like there has been too much of the users leaving so people don't notice it as easily.
burrito claimed to want to offload it for more than six months, tried the 'shaymin' farce to get PULL x LC off the ground, then went full tard tantrum.
The sudden appearance of coding admins out of nowhere was so damn sus but we still had so many anons eating it up. It's craziness.

No. 80680

File: 1721041454971.jpeg (400.83 KB, 1535x925, tB8mstM.jpeg)

Anything over BMI 24 is considered overweight, not sure what you're on about. It's just that many (if not most) Westerners are 24 BMI or more so people don't realize that that's technically overweight and not "healthy" (unless you've got a lot of muscle mass, of course, which most people don't). Nobody is saying Shay's specific weight in her thread when they call her "wide load" or other retarded nitpicks ad nauseam, even though she's demonstrably lost weight since her peak, so why should I? I get what you're saying, but it's not bait just because it struck a nerve with someone. But at the end of the day I don't care so much about the ban as much as I think jannies have been displaying extreme newfaggotry over the last year or two.

No. 80681

>only men truly hate and despise and try to dehumanize ugly women

the absolute state of this place

No. 80682

All of those anons were newfags joining after 2020, which is why they had no idea that this shit has happened before. Oldfags saw right through it, but I think people like us are far outnumbered, and probably most users have joined within the last 4 years (i.e. in or after 2020).

No. 80683

My bmi according to the chart is 19 and retards have called me anorexic, people genuinely haven't a clue what a normal healthy weight is.

No. 80684

burritomin hated this place, she ragequit like 5 times. I think by this point she'd just let it rot.

No. 80685

>everyone who disagrees is a newfag
You didn't even get the timeline right upthread, I think you're projecting.

No. 80686

agreed, farmhands please consider this. the retards in that thread are always posting unspoilered porn, purposely bumping the thread, nitpicking, etc. pretty sure most of them are vendettafags that interact with the cow on tiktok, other anons have mentioned this too. they definitely know the site rules by now and are refusing to follow them on purpose.

No. 80687

This tinfoil gets passed around every six months or so with zero evidence. The difference in competence with regards to how to site functions from a performance and technical stand point is like night day between the three of them.

Burritomin was fairly competent and was a decent admin overall. She introduced new boards and made several improvements to the site software to keep it functioning. She was also working on a long term project of moving LC to Lynxchan.

Shaymin did her best but was not competent. No hate towards her at all, I do think that she underestimated the amount of work required and didn't have any malicious intentions to harm LC. The performance of the site declined, spam and CP raids were frequent, she also failed to finish moving LC to Lynxchan because autistic speds had a nervous breakdown over the initial CSS.

Cerbmin has so far proved themselves to be competent. They have made extremely noticeable improvements to how the site performs and implemented software that blocks CP from being posted. Even though there's been no communication from them for months, they're still here and working on the site because there are changes being made to how the site performs.

No. 80688

Like… ok. There's less CP now. Which is a good thing, but it should be standard. There hasn't been anything else notable from a technical/QOL standpoint.

No. 80689

Yeah I used to regularly browse lc with an extension that turns off all images but after cerbmin I dont feel paranoid with images showing anymore, I havent once run into cp since. Obviously timing plays a part but prior to them those images would be left up for literal hours. I still wish they followed through with the "better communication" they promised though, especially with the lower quality anons posting nowadays

No. 80690

Sounds like you should go sit in the technical thread in meta instead of begging to be spoonfed.

No. 80691

Anyone else think that the decline in milk is at least partly caused by the lower standards for what qualifies as proof? I can’t actually remember if it was always this way, but now any time I open a thread on snow or kf all of the “milk” is random screenshots with missing names or from unknown places that could easily be doctored, or just taking whatever detractors say at 100% face value with no proof, so I get immediately bored and leave. I swear I remember seeing things like this get mocked in the past because cows can be bad people, but random people beefing with them can be bad or attention-whores at the same time, and even literal whos will make up crazy shit for clout.

No. 80692

Last year they restored the old /m/ threads that shaymin broke and allow other file types now like mp4s

No. 80693

Do you even know who you're tagging? Assuming everyone is one anon is peak newfaggotry kek

No. 80694

>check the thread
>you can embed webps now

No. 80695

This is trivial to what was actually promised of the admins. They said that they were working on building a new platform from scratch to transfer this website over. It's been over a year and we've seen few updates ever since. There's three of them and two of them are software devs, I can promise you it would not take this long. The most dramatic change was when Shaymin attempted to update the website (to much backlash). Admins have not been corresponding regularly with the userbase.
Kek nowhere else on this site do you see anons going this hard in the paint over the incompetent site staff than in /meta/. If Null were as inefficient as Cerbmin the Kiwis would start a riot

No. 80696

plus the "admin(s)" claimed they'd overhaul the site and never did, never post here and have been running the site the same dumb way as shaymin did. it also explains why the dox mod didn't get removed, shaymin and her friends still run the site.
i also know remember seeing posts by an anon who was going to take the site over and was turned down by shaymin basically right before the new "team" randomly appeared. this is not tinfoil at this point.

No. 80697

Anon BMI 25 is overweight, not BMI 24. Your chart rounds down and marks multiple BMI between 24-25 as BMI 24.

No. 80698

As an ugly woman, not only is this wrong, but it has mostly been other women tormenting me for being ugly.

No. 80699

I do wish there was more communication. It could just be that there's nothing new that needs to be discussed.

>They said that they were working on building a new platform from scratch to transfer this website over. It's been over a year and we've seen few updates ever since
Coding image board software from scratch is going to take a while, especially if they are only doing it in their spare time because they have jobs and lives outside of the internet. They would also need to code an importer that would convert threads from LC's current tinyboard based software to the new software.

No. 80700

Again, there's two of them (at the least) who are capable of software/website development. It wouldn't even matter if it took them 10 years, what matters is that they're providing consistent updates and not overpromising. Sure, they may have jobs outside of the farms, but at the end of the day this is a position that they volunteered to do, so it is their responsibility to get shit done. I'm not going to cut them any slack.

No. 80701

OK, but I didn't say 24 BMI is overweight, I wrote ">24". The ">" isn't inclusive of 24, unless I were to write it >=24. I don't know how mathematically precise the fattie Shaytards want me to get, but the range of 24 < x < 25 is the difference of fewer than 5 pounds or 2 kg. The contribution of 0.9 is then negligible, so there should be no issue in writing ">24" as it does not detract from the over all point that you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. I don't see why anyone who's 24.5 BMI should be making fun of someone who's 26 BMI when they're a cheeseburger away from being at that same size.

No. 80702

ban politisperging tbh

No. 80703

Imagine getting annoyed about politics in the thread about a presidential candidate getting shot at when he was campaigning. The shooter probably didn't care about politics and thought it was a giant rare bird

No. 80704

im not just talking about the one thread. i normally like political discussion but when you look at the cutrent state of /ot/, politics discussion invariably ends in infighting and attracts low quality posters like poltards and baiters. we should pribably stick to shitposting

No. 80705

Like the current shit posting in the American thread? Pass.

No. 80706

Recreational abortion chan, is that you??

No. 80707

No but I was wondering why the quality of the assassination thread went to shit and then saw the American thread was being cringe and figured its related to current active users online

No. 80708

>The shooter probably didn't care about politics and thought it was a giant rare bird
my sides nonna

No. 80709

honestly i think /ot/ would be more enjoyable if people replied to politisperging with cat gifs rather than infights yeah. when your thread gets some tradthot unitonically posting about recreational abortions, it's better to laugh at her than get mad

No. 80710

the main issue with infights on this site(and everywhere else) is the inability for some to recognize when they're talking to a brick wall. it's better to just think "trads gonna tradthot" and disengage than to let it piss you off. The american thread was fun when the failed assassination first happened because everyone was shitposting about it, then it went to shit because people kept responding to european moids and brick wall infighters

No. 80711

Farmhand pls ban the lowercase tourist retard in the American ot thread

No. 80712

mods please delete the blackpill threads. i can’t do this anymore.

No. 80713

Someone spamming furfaggotry (featherfaggotry?) in the yaoi thread for attention.

No. 80715

This would be great
Current trump thread is filled with admitted /pol/ posters that share their images on 4chan, plus kiwifarms removed registration again so the more these things are discussed it's going to bring more moids and pickmes here.

No. 80716

>>>/ot/2093545 Using the real opinions thread as an extension of Addy's thread shouldn't be happening.

No. 80717

It really feels like there's like two anons trying to drag cartoon industry milk into the proshipper thread to keep it from dying. The whole pro/anti ship discourse is retarded and it's obvious that the zoomers who made that thread are coming at it from one side of the debate instead of just impartially posting milk. One of them is upset that people donate to ao3, for instance.

No. 80718

I thought it was already banned? I've been redtexted for it.

No. 80719

I only posted on pol to see if my edit would spread because scrotes are retarded

No. 80720

A farmhand said all unsaged milk will be deleted by repeat offenders, but how are they doing to do this when the person keeps changing their VPN anyway? It's obvious the exact same posters are posting. >>>/snow/2015726 They unsage for the sole purpose of bumping this ugly cows images. They really want to use lolcow as a personal army like anons were saying in the photoshop thread.

No. 80721

>One of them is upset that people donate to ao3
In her defense giving money to a fanfiction website is a cuck move

No. 80723

The pedo tinfoil in moos thread needs to stop

No. 80724

The unpopular opinions thread is once again at war, this time between scrote handmaidens and BPDettes who are bragging about being side chicks.

No. 80725

Can farmhards do something about anons who use Addy's thread to argue about which types of anime porn are more moral than others? Especially when it's completely unrelated to milk and just two retards squabbling about their own personal opinions on media rather than Addy's.

No. 80726

Considering some posters are pearl clutching, explaining the differences between humans and aliens is pretty on topic

No. 80727

It's not tinfoil and no one is accusing her of anything. This site doesn't even allow discussion anymore. Autist admin took "archive site" too seriously. We're treated like ED at this point. I'd rather be on KF because atleast we can alog moids there personally.

No. 80728

Is there any way to set up a bot that autodeletes posts that includes certain words? Because I'm tired of anons arguing about how pregnant women bad

No. 80729

Yes there is pedo tinfoil kek "Moo is going to fuck her kids boyfriends" and anons are specifying shota. It's fucking sick the shit some posters come up with

No. 80730

How was not this milk? The poster is retarded but she posted milk.

No. 80733

Can we please lock the black girls thread? They’re blaming their problems on evil infiltrators (Jewish people) ? Lazy progressive anti-Semitism

No. 80734

>literally oy vey shut it down

No. 80735

Back to kiwifarms

No. 80736

Judaism isn't untouchable buddy, we shit on all religions here. Have a look into the ex-muslims and ex-christian(do we have that?) threads.

No. 80737

There are several anons on blackpill thread that argue prepubescent girls are sexually attractive, why is that thread still not locked? Any other thread would've been locked if 1/10th of the mess in that thread happened

No. 80738

>noo please don’t be mean to da joos LOCK THE THREAD NOW
Just hide it babe

No. 80739

lazy kiwi bait

No. 80740

Then why are you here and not there.

No. 80741

I don’t think the thread should be locked but it is LSA-tier unhinged

No. 80742

The Trump assassination thread has served its purpose. Most posts there now could go in either the Amerifag or conspiracy threads.

No. 80743

Jill poster refusing to post proof they knew him in school.

I'm chalking this up to what other anons have said, these posters are just regular users pretending to have extra milk because the cows area boring. Honestly tired of seeing these fake "I know the cow" posts. They never post proof

No. 80744

They should ban fucking blackpill already. No kpop cause it attracts retards, but blackpill yes? Fuck off.

No. 80745

Dear god permaban the larper this is so stupid >>>/w/332203

No. 80747

I don’t use the thread nor am I black but based. How do you guys control the world but still go OH GOOD GOY over the slightest criticism

No. 80749

NTA but if you think random jewish anons on lolcow control the world you are retarded too

No. 80750

File: 1721328746246.png (238.02 KB, 828x428, r9k.png)

/r9k/ (4chan incel board) is advertising lc as the female /pol/, it’s over so over nonnies. Look out for scrote tourists during the next few days.

No. 80751

This is nothing new, some of the OG cows would link lc on /r9k/ to bait moids into posting here. It's just going to be exacerbated because so many newfags like >>80719 think they're funny and edgy for posting on 4chan.

No. 80753

>it’s over so over nonnies.
They've been pestering lc since its inception. We used even to have a robot ban for these autists. There are always salty robots lurking, upset the evil ib women don't like their sorry ass.

No. 80754

nowhere in the thread have any of those anons said total jew death or justified physical violence against jewish people.

No. 80755

No one said they did? Is this bait or?

No. 80757

File: 1721341421202.jpeg (63.1 KB, 735x628, IMG_1794.jpeg)

Kekkkk do you ever wonder why people don’t like you motherfuckers? Always shutting people down on talking about the injustices your people commit on to other people. That isn’t anti-semitism this is criticism that every ethnic, racial, civil rights groups face including black people. Grow a bigger labia, shut the fuck up and learn to mind your business or better yet go make a Jewish woman circlejerk thread and stop concern trolling(infighting)

No. 80758

I have a feeling that they are in this very thread.

No. 80759

you newfags are completely unaware that imageboards cultures intermix. plenty of anons here go on 4chan

No. 80760

Lc being posted on r9k has been happening all this year, it started with the ugly man psyop thread

No. 80761

i bet it was one of those cocksuckers in the ugly man psyop pretending to hate scrotes tipping this website off to them. wish they linked the rest of thread (because surprise surprise that cocksucking idiot was the one who posted that thread kek)

No. 80762

If there was a jewish women’s thread it would get derailed constantly by retards like you who are terminally online and buy into right wing and NOI conspiracy theories in order to feel better about yourself by blaming everything wrong with your life on da joos lol

No. 80763

Only the worst anons use r9k specifically though (like a certain personalityfag i won't name)

No. 80765

You’re overly sensitive and want to shut down other people’s speech because the negative behavior of your eve impacts practically everybody on this earth except your own. Palestine is even making leftists realize this fact but they’re still too scared and try to cater to every “POC” group lmfao. Uh oh I guess it’s offensive to now state the facts that they’re killing and bombing women and children, sterilizing Ethiopian jewish women, traded black people into slavery, profit off of gang violence and hypersexuality in my communities uh oh(bringing infights to /meta/)

No. 80766

I wasn’t the op, I’m not Israeli, nor have I ever posted in the black women’s thread. Seethe more kek

No. 80768

Who cares, they've done this since the sites inception. Just report and ignore bait and spam. They're not worth our attention.

No. 80770

This explains a lot about all the homophobia and racebaiting that's been going on here for the past few months. It was not this bad a year or two ago.

While there's overlap between the two, I feel like it's worse to advertise us as "female /pol/" on /pol/ than it is to try to get retards from /r9k/ to brigade us. The /r9k/ speds just spam gore and porn, which is easy to delete, but the tourists from /pol/ are actively infiltrating and ruining the culture of lolcor because the current crop of farmhands refuse to ban them half of the time.

No. 80771

>muh freeze peach
The site has rules about politisperging and race sperging. If you're tired of getting reported and redtexted, follow them.

No. 80772

there may be an incel coomer defending himself in the skirby thread - that or the incel wk that was banned earlier is back at it
>implies an anon that doesn't feel bad for some unhinged coomer incel is skirby herself
>upset at said anon for "bashing a mentally ill coomer"
>somehow knows the incel coomer totally doesn't know about lolcow
it wouldn't be surprising if that thread has some deranged scrotes in it, could be just some unintegrated retard but I hope farmhands look into it.

No. 80773

samefag to add that said incel scrote seems to be alluding to posting here himself as well

No. 80775

File: 1721369148498.jpg (394.61 KB, 1170x1530, GSpMpd3WIAAphmE.jpg)

cp in /pt/

No. 80776

Do farmhands not bother moderating the black girl thread the same way that police don't bother responding to 911 calls in the ghetto

No. 80778

If you still use 4chan that's really nothing to brag about.

No. 80779

>Look out for scrote tourists during the next few days
We can't since we'll get banned for "scrotefoiling". This has been going on for years by the way.

No. 80780

You can report a suspected moid without announcing it in thread.

No. 80781

And they can ban evade with one click and continue plaguing the boards.

No. 80782

File: 1721412733514.jpg (366.33 KB, 850x961, patchy my beloved.jpg)

cp in ot

No. 80783

the fujos are posting children again

No. 80784

Literally where? Why are you lying?

No. 80785

We already knew the skirby poster has a vendetta and now they are reaching out to get milk from people involved with the cow >>>/snow/2016698

No. 80786

Sperg got redtexted for infighting in the Shitty Short Comics thread and either ban evaded or immediately went back to continuing the same infighting right after the ban expired. Please deal with this autist, they've been derailing the thread all day.

No. 80787

Someone do something about the Skirby's thread. Obvious twitterfags are running wild in there.

No. 80788

This is more of a genuine question before I complain, but how nitpicky should I be with reports on bad integration or if anons in a thread are off-topic? There are some threads in /OT/ where they'll discuss something that should belong in a different thread, such as a topic shift to something we already have a thread for. Should I tell them to move, should I report it, or should I ignore it? Also, there are a couple of times when people will make posts or jokes in a way that shows they're new to this board or sounds like they came straight from Twitter or TikTok. Should I do the same for these too, or should I consider that maybe I just don't find that anon funny? Please let me know if I'm acting like a wet blanket and if the demographic of this site is just changing. I don't want to be a mini-mod or clog up reports but some threads feel like most of the posters are new and you can instantly feel it

No. 80789

why are farmhands not locking the skirby thread despite it being entirely filled with constant rule-breakers who refuse to integrate? there's one or two spergs who purposely bump the thread almost daily and even though their posts get deleted they still keep coming back and doing it, retards whiteknighting an insane incel scrote and even messaging him being sympathetic and posting screenshots of their interaction with him, frequent use of tiktok/twitter lingo, constant nitpicking, obvious vendettafags, unspoilered porn, little to no actual milk, etc. any other cow thread that is of such low quality and exclusively used by abhorrent posters likely would've been locked by now. I'm genuinely asking - can farmhands provide insight as to why this particular thread is not held to the same standards as all the other cow threads?

No. 80790

This is why I'm glad they got fucking kicked out of the shoop thread. They shat it up with the near nonstop bumping to say "look at this pic, she shooped her waist omg! she is UGLY" The thread itself is very reminiscent of a PULL thread. Acting like some random e-thot making her waist small is the milkiest shit in the world kek

No. 80791

talking about her should be banned atp

No. 80792

Imo it's only entertaining if the shoop is unusually bad. Like the person shooped themselves into a dumbbell.

No. 80793

I agree with all the complaints about the twitterfags being spastics. But this redtext is incorrect. If farmhand notices the thread name there are 3 seperate known aliases she has gone by. That anon should have saged old milk, but that is very obviously Skirby in the video >>>/snow/2016477

No. 80794

I don't even know how they found lolcow

No. 80795

Because they googled her most likely. Her skinwalker Gonkgonk even posted screenshots from here because one of these underage retards made an ~expose~ IG page. Twitterfags flock to this place and pretend it's their moral obligation to cancel cows, rather than just gawk at their behaviour.

No. 80796

Remove PT corndog banner please it's so moidy and cringe

No. 80797

I am funny for posting the tranny edit of trump shooter on pol(personalityfag )

No. 80803

I know it's full of horribly unintegrated posters but the skirby thread has been entertaining me. skirby herself is not actually milky but her fans are funny. imagine cutting yourself over an ethot who is 90% angles and filters. negative brain cell behavior. like it's good for him his face and identity aren't leaked because that is some peak embarrassing footage kek

No. 80805

Thats one instance. otherwise there isn't any other interactions really defending her and personally, I don't want a thread made just to cap what other people think of a cow when the cow is the one that is supposed to have the milk. All this bitch does is edit her waist and lie. She has no other milk besides that.

No. 80807

You're right I just got some enjoyment out of it. I would not care if it got locked.

No. 80808

The skirby thread has gone to absolute shit, it's being infested with blow-ins from tiktok and twitter. >>80789 is right, how is a thread that's 1/3 redtext not being dealt with?

No. 80809

Celebricows has derailed into what counts as rape and what doesn't count as rape

No. 80810

Some retarded samefag in the vent thread talking about "cocksuckers" and "cockbrained" women please ban that retarded scrote pls and thanks.

No. 80811

I fear it is not a scrote but the /2X/ blackpill blowjob obsessed nona. She wandered outside of her containment zone

No. 80812

File: 1721516397535.jpg (40.17 KB, 521x296, neglect.jpg)

Firstly, I just want to say I appreciate the jannies hard work atm because it seems like you are dealing with a lot lately.

I just wanted to ask though why this is considered in the wrong thread as I think letting your puppy eat your infants fingers would be a prime example of bad parenting?

No. 80813

If it’s ok to talk about how Asians hate black people in the black girls general on /g/, it’d be ok for Asians to talk about black people being racist towards them in the Asian girl general too right?

No. 80814

I assume because they consider it dog hate rather than shit parenting

No. 80815

There's a moid alogging and commenting in Addy Harajuku's thread.

No. 80816

The newfags in Addy's thread need to have their hand held and told not to post people unrelated to drama even if they are in Addy's discord. There's no reason to post random moids.


No. 80817

I swear, there is some moid in the ugly-man psy-op thread whose been racebaiting for weeks now, I feel nothing's been doing about it, recently he sperged over in the bad short comics thread

No. 80818

I think blackpill shit should get banned, bring back pinkpill though

No. 80819

File: 1721560000524.jpeg (64.28 KB, 657x238, IMG_1833.jpeg)

>side comments have to be in designated containment threads
No the fuck it doesn’t you insufferable, annoying newfag moderator, no where does it state in the gd rules that “you cannot post your own quips or comments in a thread” they just love slapping bans on fucking anyone (because they are biased pieces of shit addicted to crack and being complete pathetic fatties with no lives choosing to be mods). A lot of the newfags from 2021 with too much dip on their chip have a vendetta towards most of the users. They are biased, create the infights, create threads with the most in fights, keep one of the threads with the most in
fights but decided to get rid of dumbass shit thread that was allegedly causing the same problems (when you can just simply ignore the mass reports because it’s a shitposting thread). The bootlickers find nothing wrong with these retards piss poor attempt at modding and furthermore this website goes into the toilet like the tranny jannies want. You do not have honor like a hardworking retail employee dealing with “angry entitled customers” which you probably view as this userbase, you’re a fat incompetent witch who’s powertripping as a mod on an imageboard. You have virtually no fucking life. Never ban me for this shit again and go kill yourself out of the farmhand team.

No. 80820

I’ve been here like 6 or 7 years and I report people who post dog hate outside of the containment thread. Not sorry about it, you have to keep that shit in the containment thread

No. 80822

Another oldfag, and dogfags absolutely should be contained to their CONTAINMENT thread kek. If anyone has been here for a long time and remembers the times before the doghate thread was created/used and the dog haters were freely sperging, then you'll probably get why.
Also, taking a 2 hour ban serious to post about it in /meta/ and a-log over it screams newfag. I don't like the staff that much either, but some of the anons itt need to be honest and just admit that you take bans as personal attacks

No. 80825

>I report people who post dog hate
This place is exactly like Reddit now, how fucking pussy can you be?

No. 80826

>doesn’t understand that bans are 6 hours
>automatically assumes it’s 2 hours
>”you’re alogging”
>bootlicking and defending mods
No1currs that you’re an oldfag, my vent still stands. They kill the fun of the website. Cases closed.

No. 80827

nona stop you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 80828

>doesn’t understand that bans are 6 hours
>automatically assumes it’s 2 hours
Kek wtf are you talking about? Bans can be any length, I've had bans that were a few minutes. And I didn't assume, it's what's in your screenshot. But even if it was a 6 hour ban, that doesn't change the point that it's a short ass ban. Literally no one used to care about short bans.

No. 80830

Stop the cap. I know when and what time the ban was made and they are usually 6 hours. They only do those few minute/less than 6 hour bans when they come into a thread where everybody is having fun, an anon says something a little too weird and then just start banning people but they are a cool, fun mod, not a boring one!! so they only ban you for a few seconds to save face. One of the mods got removed and you’re still defending them endlessly because you use them as your personal army when you don’t like what you see on the website by mass reporting people, that’s funny as hell

No. 80831

how many times have you been banned that you think you know how long bans "usually" are? the world doesn't revolve around you, what you see is not what everyone else sees.

No. 80832

They literally said before that’s usually how long the bans are. Shut up twerp

No. 80833

If farmhands were giving out a ton of bans that are only a few minutes long just to pretend they're moderating, don't you think more anons would be posting about their abnormally short bans?
I specifically remember the one time (before you had to type something in the report box) I got a ban that was like a minute long just for the farmhand to say something about not reporting posts without typing a reason. This was like years ago and it wasn't even something other anons would've been able to see. Anyway, you sound genuinely crazy and I think you need to get a hobby.

No. 80834

File: 1721567590768.gif (1.18 MB, 245x245, kermit.gif)


No. 80836

Yeah but thats what im asking how is it not shit parenting?! Not even hating on the dog here im hating on the parents that would allow 5 of their babies fingers to be chewed off.

No. 80837

that’s the cartoon racial slur for “retard”

No. 80839

>goes straight to calling you crazy for no reason
Alright anon, have a nice day kekkkk

No. 80840

>stop the cap
t. Low quality bait-chan

No. 80841

This is a dumb ban tbh, unless you were trying to infight its stupid to ban just because a random dog comment might hurt someone’s feelings

No. 80842

Crashout nonny

No. 80846

If you alog the mods you deserve to be banned forever.

No. 80848

thanks for quickly banning the feral fangirl in taylor's thread. much appreciated. ♥

No. 80849

I'm really sick of the bp thread on 2X it's contaminating the whole board. No insights and constantly personality fagging or infighting

No. 80850

Drink some water

No. 80851

I’m convinced nobody even knows what alogging is including the mods. Calling out their behavior isn’t alogging, venting and being frustrated about their moderation is not alogging, fuck off with that shit already

No. 80852

Can anons stop nitpicking dumbass pr and food already in the Taylor thread? It's really not milk or funny.

No. 80853

The post literally says
>go kill yourself out of the farmhand team.

No. 80854

there is a brain damaged moid in addy’s thread please ban

No. 80855

Don't like, don't read. No one's forcing you. Check the thread if it's bumped to the top for milk, if that's what interests you.

No. 80856

your screenshot literally says 2 hours though

No. 80857

Sooo, about /2X/…

No. 80858

The blackpill thread should just get deleted.

No. 80859

Go cry about all posters from that thread then and tag >>80848 get your head out of your ass. do you know where you are

No. 80860

pretend wking larping >>>/w/332437 and using twitter /s terms.

No. 80861

Nta, but the only one crying here is you, though.

The thread has gone to shit again. No wonder, a retard mentioned it here, now trolls flocked there.

No. 80862

Are you saying anons shouldn't come here to complain about the trolls? All the posts being brought here from /w/ in general are pretty based for being banned. You sound salty for some reason over anons who report specific posts. You don't have to only use the report function you know, newfag. Can't believe we have minimods in /meta/

No. 80863

File: 1721591464931.png (648.16 KB, 1079x1421, 1000047921.png)

I don't usually sperg about threads I don't like on here but that thread was made 10 hours ago and already has over 600 posts, the majority of which is infighting. The thread is literally unreadable and the front page looks like this. ONE thread is somehow getting over 50% of current site traffic.

No. 80864

Please close those threads

No. 80865

And i thought the schizophrenic anon crying for help was the worst thing that could happen in this thread.
Probably BP twitterfags who are known for exactly this (lusting after teenage girls). Who knows though

No. 80866

.. the worst of them all..?

No. 80867

I'm out of the loop, she was active two threads ago and now that you say it, i'm sure there's worse shit on there.

No. 80868

Close the threads please.

No. 80869

It's weird how threads that had much less infighting were locked yet those threads that have non-stop infighting, shitposting, and general rambling for months (since like around the 3rd thread really) are allowed to continue. Like it literally doesn't stop AT ALL unlike some other threads.
There was recently someone trying to defend trannies in there and call them "based", saying they were better at destroying masculinity or something but it might be bait, idk the entire thread is like retard-on-retard action.

No. 80870

The ONLY thing in the bp thread is talking about bjs

No. 80871

If you report any post that mentions a dog as dog hate, not only are you further legitimizing the dog hate thread you are also showing how much of a triggered retard you are. So congrats anon.

No. 80872

There's a retarded moid shitting up the genshit thread even more.

No. 80873

that's a dumb post that deserved a ban, but it's obviously sarcasm, not "pretend wking" kek

No. 80874

If you’re posting doghate outside of the doghate thread (which I’m assuming that nona did) then yes I will happily report it. Don’t give a fuck if that is ruining the site for you. Boohoo.
Kek can I be honest? I’m kinda glad the personalityfag who lives in that thread sperging out over oral sex and how much she hates other women, is getting trolled. She uses that thread like a retarded diary saying the same things over and over.

No. 80875

Isn't that their containment thread? Why are you trying to get it closed just so they can return to plaguing /ot/? Just dont open the thread and let the spergs fight, they'll get it out of their system and it'll die down just like fujo vs antifujo spam

No. 80876

File: 1721596128766.gif (457.17 KB, 220x164, khaled-dj-khaled.gif)

How is this >>80812 doghate? The post was clearly about the idiot parents but thanks to you retards you've got it relabelled as doghate.

> Don’t give a fuck if that is ruining the site for you. Boohoo.

Lol I didnt say that but like I say you are the wierdos spreading doghate so well done.

No. 80877

That’s not even what I was originally replying to, you fucking retard. Maybe look at who I’m directly responding to next time? Here I’ll make it easy, I’m talking about this post >>80819

No. 80878

Hide the thread.

No. 80879

>That’s not even what I was originally replying to
This is me
you were responding to me, maybe YOU take your own advice and look at who you are responding to before calling anyone a fucking retard because its clear thats projection at this point.

No. 80880

NTA but you literally misquoted the anon you replied to in >>80871. >>80820 said she reports dogHATE outside of the doghate containment thread.

No. 80881

Nona? How the fuck am I supposed to know that you’re raging at me about an entirely different post that had nothing to do with what I originall replied to? Sorry I’m not a mind reader, but this entire conversation is retarded because you replied to my original post thinking about a whole ass other post. Why’d you do that?

No. 80882

Nonna, you are the one raging here calm your tits. If you were responding to >>80819 why respond to >>80871, like do numbers confuse you?

Yes, and my post >>80812 was reported as doghate when it isnt. What part are you struggling with?

No. 80884

>How the fuck am I supposed to know that you’re raging at me about an entirely different post
Again, projection
>If you’re posting doghate outside of the doghate thread (which I’m assuming that nona did)

No. 80885

Okay let me get this straight, I'm fucking confused. I am >>80820. You said this >>80871 in response to me. I was never talking about >>80812

No. 80887

Yes, you outed yourself as someone who did what I got redtexed for(my post was not doghate but was reported) and I replied thats retarded.You assumed I was the other nonna, you could have just asked instead of running your mouth like a bitch.

>I'm fucking confused.

Yes thats pretty clear, there was no need to be an ass about it.

No. 80888

I assumed you were what other nona? What? Why did you originally fucking reply to me in response to another anon???? And kek continue posting caps of my posts in the dog hate thread.

No. 80889

You are really struggling here arnt you
>Why did you originally fucking reply to me in response to another anon?

I didnt

>And kek continue posting caps of my posts in the dog hate thread.

Yes because that thread is also for retarded dogfags. I dont even hate dogs which was what my original op was about.

No. 80890

Nobody gives a fuck about that pitbull eating the babies fingers, I never reported it, I was never talking about it, I was talking about the retard raging over her doghate comments getting her a 6 hour ban. Doghate goes to the doghate containment thread. I get replied to that I'm retarded for reporting dog hate outside of the dog hate thread, assumed that I'm talking about the stupid pitbull, when I never was. I never even actually reported anybody ffs. Actual low IQ shit going on here from you.

No. 80892

abortion baiter back at it >>>/ot/2098940

No. 80894

File: 1721604655385.png (12.24 KB, 1213x94, bioooo.png)

Most annoying kind of infighting

No. 80895

The taylor R thread should be locked until something noteworthy actually happens. And this is coming from someone who previously believed people should just hide the thread. It attracts the absolute worst kind of obsessed spergs (the level of pull-tier nitpicking is crazy), and is all but completely devoid of milk.

No. 80896

File: 1721613712348.jpg (22.64 KB, 1261x72, example of low IQ posting.jpg)

>I never even actually reported anybody ffs.
Nonna, at least keep your story straight.

>Actual low IQ shit going on here from you.

It would be if I was imitating you, you are either forgetting the post you made, are too blinded by tard rage, replied to the wrong person or really just stupid. Which is it?

No. 80897

>post 1 is a post complaining they got banned for posting about a pitbull eating a babies fingers
>post 2 is a post raging they got banned for dog hate outside of the dog hate thread
>i reply to post 2 saying doghate goes in the doghate containment thread and ill happily report anybody who posts doghate outside of the containment thread
>i get replied to that im retarded for helping get post 1 banned
I did not, do not, and will not ever fucking care about post 1. I dont have anything to say about it, i never did, for some reason theyre getting correlated when I have had 0 to do with post 1.
You guys keep screenshotting me to put in the doghate thread as some sort of “See she is the one reporting everyone!” retarded ass gotcha attempt

No. 80898

>anons keep screenshotting me to put in the doghate thread
Kek holy shit what is wrong with doghate users. Also I see why >>80812 was redtexted with wrong thread because it barely has any context related to bad parenting. Like sure you can try to connect the dots, but the actual image doesn't at all and just says the dog got relocated to another home.

No. 80899

I feel the same. So tired of seeing the anons complain about her fucking cooking and good parenting as if they are destroying the kids life. Not just that, the bitching about what is and isn't an ad. I'd understand if stuff was funny, but it really isn't. It's kicking an already dead cow. I understand legacy cows, but be for real about what is and isn't worth keeping a cows thread alive for.

No. 80900

File: 1721622087723.png (333.71 KB, 1284x1714, Screenshot 2024-07-22 at 12.16…)

Ok so the reason I put the new Shoe0nHead thread link in thread requests on /pt/ is because the previous thread was locked and wouldn’t let me post it so I was under the impression you were supposed to post new threads since other anons did the same >>>/pt/935424 my big question is where do we put new threads if the previous one was locked? Do we just do nothing and hope they find it?

No. 80901

hammer looking for a nail anon don’t worry.

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