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No. 1075106

Maghrebis & Algerians get your own place

No. 1075170

File: 1646058500416.jpeg (45.42 KB, 428x717, 9EDF1922-DDBD-400B-B016-9B2379…)

cmon don’t be shy

No. 1075181

the north-african anons have self-hatred don’t worry anon they’ll come to their senses. honestly you should have made it north african/middle east for the extra drama kek

No. 1075182

( doubleposting sorry i accidentally put sage in the subject field kek )
moroccanonette here are there any algerianonitas present with us

No. 1075192

Born and raised in France with a Moroccan parent and an Algerian parent, does that count?

No. 1075195

So how many are willing to date/marry any type of Muslim man

No. 1075203

absolutely! do you speak darija or are you completely francophone?

No. 1075224

I never learned darija, my mother was told by teachers in m
primary school that knowing two languages would confuse me so she never taught me because she believed them. It was probably just a pretext to make the rare north african kids more "assimilated", they always punished the kids who were speaking darija together during recess for some reason.

No. 1075270

okay but your in France, its not bigoted to have kids speak in French

No. 1075274

i would to be honest. muslims in my city are A LOT more lenient than in probably any other, but i wouldnt know since i dont really go out and socialize. the point is males my age dont strut out in beards preaching islam and sexism they just believe in god and thats about as far as their islam goes, at least in my experience ( which is just middle to highschool since im only 18. sure there was sexism obviously but it wasnt any different than say atheist american sexism ). my area has lots of muslim metalheads even kek
i dont think my parents would happily let me marry a man that wasnt a muslim and there is no way i could convince somebody to convert for me.

No. 1075288

Probably not malicious. It does confuse some NEURODIVERGENT kids but people learned to make that distinction quite recently. People used to think that bilingual kids were able to speak much later, it is true, but it is still in a normal time range. The bad effects of being bilingual used to be overblown. Now it's the contrary, they overblow the benefits kek

No. 1075290

I have spoken to an Algerian friend whose told me stories of parents beating their daughters and the girls having broken teeth for even being friends with a white guy

No. 1075295

>my mother was told by teachers in primary school that knowing two languages would confuse me
not north african but this is really bizzarre and wrong, as someone who grew up bilingual in italy (english/italian) i never had any problem learning italian at school and no one ever told my mom not to speak English with me at home

No. 1075301

Daughter of Tunisian+French living in France, I have a lot of friends from NA from uni: apparently there's this common Muslim guy stereotype of men who drink and whore around in their 20s, never lose faith but just don't care about it until they get to 30s and 40S where they become überreligious, while still talking about their glory days. Several guys from different NA countries have told me it's super common for their uncles or cousins to be like that. It's funny because that's how my male friends kind of are now, I'm wondering if my friends will end up like this if they go back kek

No. 1075309

couldnt imagine this happening in my city. my family has plenty of women married to european men and one woman married to an american one. i was under the impression that all of us loved white people to death since its usually the same thing as asians with fixing the lineage with more attractive features + the status of being white, even extreme muslims. im shocked to hear that.

No. 1075326

Wait nevermind i didnt see the algerian part, well we're sister countries so i didnt think we would be any different… ive never heard of this so i still dont believe its the majority anyway. But i hope those women recover and find a safer more loving space away from their abusers.

No. 1075327

How some berber women have very small features is so qt. But im guessing thats not the type that thinks they need improvement kek

No. 1075354

Do they convert to Islam ? If a white guy converts to Islam for a girl then that's a considered a huge win for the family and the faith overall

No. 1075397

yeah they always do otherwise they cant get married i dont think. its not the same for men, they can marry any abrahamic religious woman ( probably atheist too ? but in my country white = christian so thats what they go by i assume ). SO UNFAIR :((:()

No. 1075404

Yeah but my teacher didn't want me to be bilingual, my first language was going to be French either way. They encouraged kids to learn English though, funny how that works huh.

No. 1075425

Weird af considering most people where I live in Algeria is at least bilingual (even trilingual sometimes, if they know Berber + French + Arabic)

No. 1075430

I'd never want to date any religious guy ever, but especially not a muslim guy. They're the type who treat you like a queen at first and then they want you to become another person because they want you to look good in front of his parents. I don't want to wait until marriage to have sex either, but they have weird double standards so it's ok if they act like what >>1075301 described but don't you dare eat during ramadan. I see myself as an atheist so whatever. And all the north african muslim guys I know are the worst kind of weebs, no way I'm letting a narutard come anywhere near me willingly.

No. 1075441

File: 1646064661469.jpg (144.52 KB, 1024x576, beard.jpg)

okay, I've only known a few cases of a white guy who was willing to convert to Islam for a MENA girl but they were usually well received by the community, In practice they just grow out their beards and with the beard they instantly get recognized/identified as being Muslim in society
Its funny with the beards they end up looking like tall Kaybles

No. 1075450

Algerian anon here. Never. Mainly because I'm gay kek
We also have a lot of "Moderate" Muslim young men where I'm from, especially in larger cities. But from what I've experienced, they're a lot more conservative than they appear at surface level. They're all homophobic af for one, and they're much more misogynistic than your average scrote I've had a conversation with one who thought that a woman hiding the fact that she got raped from her husband is terrible because her virginity is the most important thing in marriage to most men They're also timebombs like >>1075301 said. They become much more religious as time goes on and fear of death and "the day of reckoning" dawns on them

No. 1075458

I hate how they all look like they want to fuck him. Even the dude in the denim jacket.

No. 1075490

Height and growing beards are a still big part of Islamic cultures and masculinity, any above average height white guy who can grow a proper beard becomes an Ideal male by Islamic male standards

No. 1119476

Necroing because I have a dumb question. I'm way more familiar with Morocco because of my family from my mother's side and live in France. I work in HR and I often see resumes by Algerian applicants who say their first languages are either French/Kabyle or both at the same time and they imply they don't talk Arabic/Darija at all. Is that common? I always thought Darija was the most common language by far in Algeria because of how similar Morocco and Algeria are and that everyone knew it but I guess I was wrong?

No. 1119483

I know Algerians that prefer to say they are Kabyles because Algerians have such a shit reputation in France. Maybe they are trying to do the same through languages?

No. 1119485

Maybe, but I'm not sure it works since it seems most educated people here know that Kabyles are Algerians from a specific region. And a lot of Algerians born and raised in France will say they're both all the time out of habit. I did see some applicants and students showing on their resumes that they know Darija but only a little bit btw.

No. 1119495

NTA I'm Kabyle Algerian (tho I don't speak Amazigh) not sure about other but personally, while I still put Arabic as my mother tongue on my resume I'm hesitant about it because I'm legit shit at Arabic kek. Most people here do indeed speak Darja as their main language, more or less mixed with French terms depending on the region/person, but we barely ever use Formal Arabic except maybe in official documents, and even then some just opt for the French option since both are usually available. This might be why you see them not put it on their resumes, they don't feel confident enough in their Arabic to use it in a business environment

No. 1119498

Oh and I'd also like to add that while we do study in Arabic in school and most in social/literary degrees, pretty much all STEM degrees are taught exclusively in French, as well as most private companies, clinics, hospitals, etc using French as their main internal communication language. Heck there's even been some controversy about this recently because the minister of health wanted to impose Arabic use in hospitals cause fuck France or smth. T

No. 1119502

Makes sense. My mother told me she hated learning classic Arabic at school even if it was useful because it's too different from Darija.

So that's the same as Morocco when it comes to official documents and some fiels like STEM and medicine? I'm not surprised since it's an indirect consequence of colonialism.

>cause fuck France or smth. T

That reminded me of my parents visiting Algeria and going to Kabylie because my father's family being Kabyle and when my mother talked to one of the locals in Darija she was told to either talk in French, in Amazigh, or to fuck off, kek

No. 1119512

>either talk in French, in Amazigh, or to fuck off, kek
Lol yes that's a pretty typical regionalist Kabyle view. I had to face it a lot as well since I don't speak Amazigh despite being Kabyle from both sides. There's a lot of social/political tension in regards to language in Algeria. Because of the Arab invasion then the French invasion that followed, and then we had a president in the 80s that outright banned Amazigh in public settings. This garnered a lot of resentment from Amazigh folk that is still around to this day. This is the reason why I don't speak it, my parents were young adults during this era so they got the habit of not speaking it, not even with each other

No. 1119529

Ok now I'm seriously wondering how I would be viewed if I went to Algeria

No. 1119564

Nah it ain't that bad. The worst I got were some offhand remarks, and people who grew up abroad are usually spared from this bs. Things have been getting progressively better lately, especially since the 2019 Hirak protests. One of its most important and widely accepted messages was that we're all siblings under the same shitty government and that any hint of regionalism is just a divide to conquer tactic.

No. 1119568

At this point I would rather marry a Muslim (moderate obviously, I don't want to be with an extremist) since it feels like all the ex-Muslim men I know run around identifying as queer or love to live very self-destructive life styles and get triggered if you tell them "maybe you shouldn't drink alcohol everyday"

No. 1119655

I actually don't think I know any ex-muslim men irl now that I think about but you make it seem like they act like ex-mormons or ex-catholics from old communities.

No. 1139027

Ex-muslims are trash and usually have some sort of inferiority complex against whites.

Ex-mormons are just insane.

No. 1139051

File: 1650291918193.jpg (72.83 KB, 900x663, EX2BDbGWsAIYjEW.jpg)

Seethe and cope, at least I don't shit my pants in fear and stress just because I'm eating three meals a day and not ruining my sleep schedule during ramadan.

No. 1139053

>>1139051 lmao I'm not the one who has to cope with my whole family and culture hating me

No. 1139061

I don't need to cope with anything, because that would imply I even think about any of this in the first place. I'm physically and mentally free from Abrahamic religions and living my best life. If it bothers you that much, just let your so-called omnipotent, omnipresent god smite me himself or some shit.

No. 1139081

Ex-muslims are based and know that a they are no longer brainwashed by a pedo moid religion. Islam is the worst thing ever, especially for women and children.

No. 1139107

why would you be muslim and on this board lmao. every woman here hates pedos, males committing acts of violence and oppressing women and that's what your religion is about. ur messiah is a disgusting scrote congrats.

No. 1139116

Probably because it's a website about gossips and Muslims are the biggest gossip hens on earth, which is encouraged by their shit religion. I've had so many North African, Muslim classmates, coworkers and family friends trying to get in my business just because we're from the same ethnic group and trying to give me unsolicited advice and lessons about how I should act, think and feel just because of "our" culture, etc. Then they gossip behind you back and tell everyone that you're disgusting, mentally ill, or a degenerate for thinking that women should date men before marrying them or that pregnant women and old, sick people should force themselves to fast during ramadan despite the social pressure, you know, basic opinions. These people just can't let their omnipotent, omnipresent god do his job and judge and punish so-called sinners himself, they want to judge you themselves as well and spread rumors and lies to ruin your reputation and then set you straight.

>hates pedos, males committing acts of violence and oppressing women and that's what your religion is about

I'm hoping the Muslim anons were born and raised in the West with open-minded, understanding parents who didn't force their shit religion on their kids so they only avoid eating bacon and they receive presents during Eid. I almost fit that description but the problem is that my parents are very superstitious despite all of this and just fucked in the head so they would disown me if I decide to wear the hijab but they prevented me from going abroad or a year in an exchange program in uni like I planned for several years, which would have immensely helped me kickstart my career, because "w-what if you accidentally eat pork uwu?? and what if you gasp """talk""" to men your age????" and since we're a big minority in France I can't truly escape that shit. I feel like the ones in North America have it easy because there less of them, so they can avoid retarded, dangerous Muslims with archaic ideas and principles.

No. 1139924

File: 1650362863905.jpg (190.2 KB, 828x821, tumblr_f712010ead27003a10d9e90…)

>>1139116 nobody cares.

No. 1139927

an anon asked a question and another anon replied, calm down

No. 1139929

>>1139927 still sperging tho.

No. 1139940

if you are a muslim, i pity you anon

No. 1139944

Anon, just say you have adhd and go back to twitter, maybe the 280 characters limit will be more convenient for your retarded brain.

No. 1140005

File: 1650368740088.gif (1.07 MB, 211x250, 6FD9E383-7F2C-438B-922E-8BBC7D…)

tfw ur ex muslim AND white

No. 1140012

A north african general? Can’t get worse than the finnish general. Or actually can.

No. 1140014

How is the finnish thread? Finnish anons tend to be total shitposters, aren't they?

No. 1140016

According to that anon you have an inferiory complex against yourself.

No. 1140029

does white cock really taste that good for you all, y'all support white nationalists and racist white imperialists you know

No. 1140048

Most non-muslims are not white, white nationalists or corporations. Abrahamic religion is the foundation of American culture, it’s most harmful laws and justifier of exploitative capitalism. Islam is used in the exact same way as American imperialism to spread Arab supremacy while negatively affecting most arabs anyway. Do you think being muslim hurts “white cock”? It doesn’t affect them at all. It’s the Middle Eastern version of their own ideology, which they use to trap women under the pretence that there’s no escape from their similar cultures. Pedos use muslim cultures to push their sexist paraphilia as natural/traditional etc. “See, they do it too!”. A white man has more freedom in a muslim country than a female native does and that’s facilitated by muslim men on purpose.

No. 1140052

You know it's possible to be an exmuslim and hate racists at the same time, right? I'm starting to suspect you're a male muslim, since I'm starting to since a little bit of jealousy in your posts now.

No. 1140081

The most racist people I've personally known were Muslims, fuck off lol

No. 1140410

end your life scrote

No. 1146882

File: 1650866103418.jpg (20.85 KB, 395x750, 1632445374935.jpg)


No. 1146889

Oh look, a misogynist woke-bro come to sperg at women because they don’t want your dick.

No. 1146925

Ik this is random but I don't want this thread to die. I'm an Egyptian and my family is entrenched in pro-Sisi propaganda. I remember when these two tiktok stars were imprisoned on fallacious charges. My father actually believed the lies the Egyptian government held up against them, while my brother was just glad that "tiktok thots" got their supposed comeuppance. I was actually thinking of visiting Egypt after years of avoiding it to check it out but every time I go I sorely regret it. It turns out that Egypt is pretty much a surveillance state at this point considering that those who stand out to Egyptian authorities get in trouble. What do you guys think? Vid relatd.

No. 1150050

I read this entire thread with a funny strong Middle Eastern accent

No. 1150056

>north africa
>middle eastern accent

No. 1150116

>muh difference is not a lot
The accent is about the same fatima

No. 1150125

Ok Jeremy, run along now

No. 1150141

Did you go to school? Don't you have basic geography lessons in primary school in your country?

No. 1150169

Grab a dictionary, the accent is about the same.
I’m a fatima actually.

No. 1150358

Sure you are.

No. 1150411

File: 1651066286986.jpg (188.08 KB, 542x629, sA8fxv7.jpg)

>my family is entrenched in pro-Sisi propaganda.
I don't blame anyone for getting sucked into it, during that era there was so much fake news and propaganda it became hard to know who to trust.
There's a class element to the tiktok girls getting arrested. A lot of upper class girls upload the same kind of stuff and never get in trouble but middle and lower class girls do. I don't they it's because they have money either it's just kind of accepted I guess? It's Egypt so it has to be wildly classist. If tiktok really did bother the authorities they would just ban it.
Honestly the youtuber getting in so much trouble with the authorities was shocking especially since the government has been trying to hard to boost tourism in Egypt even during covid. I have a feeling they were alarmed that he wanted to film the unglamorous parts of the country, it goes against the image they're trying to project. The government is kind of autistic about "cleaning up Egypt's image" without actually fixing the structural issues; see what they did to the zabaleen.
Just visit any place that isn't Cairo I guess or don't stay too long in Cairo, it's nothing but ugly bridges now kek.
>Middle Eastern Accent
Which one?

No. 1178869

gem go uppy

No. 1195253

North african countries have so much beautiful dances, from algeria to egypt. I hope one day the region will be in peace and the world will be able to enjoy the creativity each country has to show.

No. 1200298

>you can only disagree with the mainstream thought if you have a white boyfriend because actual WOC are incapable of having their own thoughts, lmao

No. 1206397

>the majority of people going to hell are women because they are not good at worshipping allah
>they are not good at worshipping because they aren't allowed to pray and fast during their periods
>they aren't allowed to pray and fast during their periods because allah forbade them from doing so

No. 1206401

>It was narrated from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that women will form the majority of the people of Hell. It was narrated from ‘Imran ibn Husayn that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I looked into Paradise and I saw that the majority of its people were the poor. And I looked into Hell and I saw that the majority of its people are women.”
>It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its people are women.” They said, “Why, O Messenger of Allah?” He said, “Because of their ingratitude (kufr).” It was said, “Are they ungrateful to Allah?” He said, “They are ungrateful to their companions (husbands) and ungrateful for good treatment. If you are kind to one of them for a lifetime then she sees one (undesirable) thing in you, she will say, ‘I have never had anything good from you.’” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 1052)

No. 1206406

>“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) went out to the musalla (prayer place) on the day of Eid al-Adha or Eid al-Fitr. He passed by the women and said, ‘O women! Give charity, for I have seen that you form the majority of the people of Hell.’ They asked, ‘Why is that, O Messenger of Allah?’ He replied, ‘You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religious commitment than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.’ The women asked, ‘O Messenger of Allah, what is deficient in our intelligence and religious commitment?’ He said, ‘Is not the testimony of two women equal to the testimony of one man?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Is it not true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?’ The women said, ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her religious commitment.’”

No. 1206443


kek anon these are the exact ahadith that made me rage quit islam. Thx for reminding me

No. 1206447

File: 1654115543508.gif (3.91 MB, 640x570, fubuki-confused.gif)

>Women are going to hell because "deficience in intelligence"
>Because the testimony of two women equals the tesimony of 1 man

No. 1206465

that specfic passage about women making up the majority of the inhabitants of hell is from the Quran not even the Hadiths, for Muslims the Quran is the most incorruptible text in the world and every word of it is true

No. 1206487

>The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “I was shown Hell and I have never seen anything more terrifying than it. And I saw that the majority of its people are women.”
Sounds extremely gay to be this terrified of women just because they're women, piss be upon him.

I can already picture it
>they're deficient in intelligence because, uuuuuuh, because I say so! there!
>they're also deficient in commitment for their husbands because my 9 years old wife didn't cook my favorite dish for dinner today bawww

No. 1206547

It's kinda sad thinking that these may not have been his actual views, the historical Muhammad did exit, there were contemporary mentions of him by Byzantin and Syriac sources, interesting enough in almost all of these early accounts Muahmmad is not portrayed as the founder of a new religion, rather just the leader of a hertical sect of Christianity, which is what Islam likely started as, a Arab centric non trianatrian sect of Christianity

No. 1206569

I know all that but still, he actively participated in creating this whole mess, even if all these religious texts were written by his followers soon after his death. If his followers thought it'd look flattering to write about him going to space while riding a donkey and raping a 9 yo little girl I'm sure Muhammad's own views weren't all that different from theirs. So, fuck this guy, fuck his followers, especially the ones who invaded north Africa and huge parts of Asia and utterly fucked up these territories for the next centuries to come, fuck Muslims males, fuck Islam as a whole.

No. 1206598

اللغة المغربية الفصحى

No. 1207725

File: 1654178978598.jpg (84.47 KB, 488x516, 3e3.jpg)

Since when were emotes banworthy wtf?!

No. 1207732

Being this new is a bannable offense

No. 1207733

Since forever, only the heart emoji is fine iirc. Read the rules.

No. 1207762

since forever newfag, integrate.

No. 1207765

absolute newfag

No. 1207767

File: 1654180902435.jpg (116.65 KB, 875x450, emote.jpg)

Show me

No. 1207768

File: 1654180952880.png (6.84 KB, 735x142, retard.PNG)

No. 1207769

>emojis make you stand out
that's new

No. 1207772

no, you're just new. and retarded. it's not too late to delete your posts.

No. 1207777

File: 1654181268545.jpg (13.76 KB, 360x360, mO6QTmr6_400x400.jpg)

Nobody in this thread is really north african. except >>1206598

No. 1207780

It's still a dumb rule

No. 1207793

Newfags are so fucking embarrassing

No. 1207822

>since forever
Literally bullshit, just dig up old threads and see. The no emoticons rule is relatively new.(newfag)

No. 1207840

It's been a rule since at least 2017, not very new anymore. Especially considering that lolcow is only around 8 years old, I think.

No. 1207843

Fuck off Dwayne you're not North African either.

No. 1207846

it makes me sad when i find out somebody with my interests is also nafri but later finding out they were born and raised in europe/america etc so it doesnt even matter. even if their parents are first generation and speak to them in arabic at home its not the same. not mad at them though because its not like it was their choice nor can they do anything about it either.

No. 1207903

I think it's perfectly understandable tbh. I'm in France, born and raised there, and I can notice the different between me, who knows my aunts, uncles and cousins from Morocco very well from spending most of my summers in Casablanca with them until I started uni, and the Moroccans and Algerians around my age in France who are 3rd gen and only go to fancy Marrakech hotels once in a while, and even between us and the ones in Canada (are they even Maghrebis in the USA?) who are geographically so far away from the continent they can barely communicate with the diaspora in Europe and with the locals in Maghreb. I wasn't taught Arabic at all because my mom listened to my primary school teachers when they told her that having two mother tongues would make me speak like an idiot, but I know 3nd gen people around my age who almost never set foot anywhere near Maghreb whose first language is Arabic. Actually I'm always really surprised when African (aka the whole continent) foreign students or immigrant coworkers seem to think we have a lot in common just because of our origins.

No. 1207924

The formal Moroccan language?

No. 1207951

Make a mena thread

No. 1207954

>Actually I'm always really surprised when African (aka the whole continent) foreign students or immigrant coworkers seem to think we have a lot in common just because of our origins.
You can't believe how much I hate that. Beliveing that everyone from the second largest continents is the same. We're separated from our nearest subsaharan neighbors by the largest land barrier on earth for god's sake.

No. 1207957

A beurette farmer, it’s still hard to believe. What threads do you even lurk?

No. 1207960

For some reason, I just remembered that one north African anon who said slavery wasn't a big deal and tried to speak for all Africans even though she wasn't even black kek. Gross lol

No. 1207964

Same here, it's very clearl that there are a lot of differences underneath "Maghrebi" identity in the diaspora. I'm half-Tunisian but I barely consider it that way, for me this is just my dad's origins, not my mine (especially because I don't speak darija). So tbh I prefer hanging out with recent immigrants that are more "integrated" and that consider me fully French and think my interest in Tunisia is a cute quirk (I don't even tell the ones that behave like foreigners that my dad is from Tunisia if I feel like they'll take it weirdly). Rather than 2nd/3rd gen immigrants, that assume we have shared identities or shared experiences and that's a bit uncomfortable.

No. 1207976

File: 1654189161899.jpg (2.25 MB, 2126x1397, Moids at work.jpg)

It IS not a big deal in the way that it is often talked about and depicted as if it was the only instance of slavery in history, especially by Americans (can't blame them since it's a core part of their history).

No. 1207994

Didn't your mom teach you manners? Anyway, I've been here for awhile now. None of the cows I cared about are active or interesting anymore so I just check the FTM and MTF threads and stick to /ot/ and /m/ mostly.

No. 1207998

samefag but you tell them, not me. I guess we do have some stuff in common due to cultural stuff but they're the one trying to hang out with me and enthusiastically asking me where I "really" come from.

No. 1208007

Yes but it has failed, that’s why I’m here. Could be worse or else I’d be on 4chan.
And yes I too just use lolcow for a female image board platform because gossiping about internet nobodies has gotten so boring. Also one last question, is france romantic like on emily in paris?

No. 1208027

I think we can all agree it's fucked up and wrong either way kek

No. 1208028

I'm not watching that show anytime soon so it would be hard to make a comparison.

No. 1212178

Does anyone remember 8chan?
موقع قذر جدا
>Gross men brown, helpless women white
Ah yes orientalist art, never change.
اه مينفاش. مش بديقني لاكن رول معقدظ
انا حقا اعترض لول
I'm not sure if there's any point in writing in Arabic. I think most of the anons here are either diaspora or aren't Arab.

No. 1212204

I'm part of the diaspora and wasn't taught Arabic or Darija, but from what I've seen from my cousins on skype and whatsapp they don't write in Arabic, they mix letters and numbers to write in Darija if I understood this well. I've seen people type like that too on twitter. No idea how that works.

No. 1212270

>Does anyone remember 8chan?

No. 1212359

I called it a disgusting website nonnie. You can throw whatever I write into google translate.

لا انا مش راجل (الحمد لله)
اصل ده ال"شان" الواحيد الكان عنده عرب
/egy/ board.

The whole website was disgusting and I have certain pictures seared into my brain. The /egy/ board or whatever it's called was very the worst. ملحدين بينشره صور الستات في الشارع أو من غير اذنهم و بسببهم كنت بجد خيفه امشي في الشارع

Why did you separate Darija from Arabic? It's just Moroccan Arabic iirc?
>they mix letters and numbers to write in Darija
ah zay el franco keda sa7? 2ah wala la2 ya nonnie? <- Like this?
It's pretty easy but I always wondered how Moroccans deal with it because it's based on the English pronunciation of letters not French.
I believe what numbers you use would depend on what Arabic you speak but basically certain numbers are used for letters in Arabic because English doesn't have it. so 3 = ع is the easiest to remember because they look similar some people used to do 3' = غ but it's not used that much anymore at least not here. 2 = ء because they look similar و للمصريين 2 = ق because of how they pronounce ق.
5 = خ so it's why you'll see some Arabs writing 5555555
7 = ح for some reason.

No. 1212382

>ah zay el franco keda sa7? 2ah wala la2 ya nonnie?
Exactly like that, that's why I separated both in my post

No. 1212391

It's not unique to Darija. You basically need to know how to speak Arabic.
I can't find a Moroccan specific guide sorry.

No. 1212411

ok because the things that i saw there when i accidentally stumbled there…..lets just say that men are disgusting vile human beings.

I find it weird whenever someone brings up that board casually especially when i see males (not here) go and bring it up casually when that site hosted vile things.

No. 1212413

File: 1654435697041.png (32.07 KB, 1326x1128, 86EE0FC1-84D0-4899-A20D-FD41E1…)

nayrt but yay finally somebody that speaks arabic ! i am so happy that you are here, even if we are on opposite sides of north africa >>1212178
>Does anyone remember 8chan?
yeah, i never frequented /egy/ because i barely understand egyptian dialect as a moroccan zoomer. it was the same with my classmates too, but every generation before mine grew up on egyptian films and series so they understand just fine.
>ينشره صور الستات في الشارع أو من غير اذنهم و بسببهم كنت بجد خيفه امشي في الشارع
wtf, thats horrific. its like you arent allowed to exist outside of your house when you live in an arabic country. i heard from an egyptian friend that sexual harrassment is crazy over there. the moroccan board on 8ch was completely dead, but there are videos of men of my country going around filming themselves groping women for a laugh on facebook, so even without the use of an imageboard it still happens.
>they don't write in Arabic, they mix letters and numbers to write in Darija
yes but also not always, there are several people that get really pissy when you use latin letters rather than arabic ones, because in public schools they learn arabic way more than french and therefore have an easier time reading arabic than latin. that and they would accuse you of sucking up to france/white people and such

No. 1213700

>Ah yes orientalist art, never change.
It's called history you fucking retard. Everyone conquered everyone and everyone was enslaved by everyone. The word "slave" literally derives from Slavs.

No. 1213706

File: 1654513126153.png (44.65 KB, 300x380, Untitled.png)

Apologies for calling you a retard. It triggers my autism when one seemingly goes out of their way to find something offensive.

No. 1213746

Nonnie it's fine, I get why you lashed out.

I didn't call it orientalist art because it's showing slavery and I'm offended by it doing so no. I called it orientalist because IT IS orientalist. Look into the painter he's an orientalist painter.
It's a painting by a European guy depicting the Middle East to show a very specific message that's often highly fictionalized and essentialist but he's trying to pass it off as a representation of Arabs of that time. I don't hate orientalist art I appreciate it as a product of it's time and sometimes find it useful to find clothes from that era but it's still not accurate. Reading into Edward Saiid really changes how you views these paintings. The Arabs are savages and exotic look the women are in need of saving! Look at how uncivilized the Arabs are! This is a painting made by a European for a European.

I'm not denying that Arabs had things like slave markets either but I'm just critical when it comes from Europeans.
Again I don't hate orientalist art and Edward Said's own book on the subject isn't perfect, I think some are nice and I really wish that Arabs took an interest in art outside of geometry and calligraphy while documenting their own lives.

No. 1213761

I don't understand Moroccan Arabic I feel like I need a French dictionary.

I understand why people get annoyed over franco or writing zay keda ya3ny. Some are worried there's a growing trend of young Arabs not knowing how to write in Arabic, which seems a bit dramatic but a lot of private schools don't teach subjects in Arabic and students graduate with the idea of English/French > Arabic. inferiority complex is strong and the only thing that stopped is unironically the woke trend from the West.

I want to see what an anonymous imageboard for Arab women would look like /egy/ just gave me cause to believe that men shouldn't be allowed to be anonymous online. I used to cringe at Arab women's facebook groups but I really did take them for granted. I still think they're cringe.

No. 1215207

Anybody here used to post/posts on /mena/? What do you think?

No. 1215255

I never did but half of the words are just
زبي زبي زبي كس*ك
Arab men's vocabulary is so vulgar.

No. 1215273

File: 1654618453249.jpeg (93.19 KB, 598x120, 380DCB55-D399-4786-A720-677147…)

i did, but then they range banned morocco so i cant anymore. it used to just be that i couldnt post media but now i cant post at all.
i requested somebody to make a moroccan apustaja once and he did ! but i cant find the thread anymore, and unfortunately i only had that image saved onto my computer that died of old age (kek) shortly after

No. 1215368

But there are Moroccan posters in /mena/. Have you tried restarting your router?

No. 1215429

File: 1654628468112.jpeg (58.12 KB, 540x387, 869A7B0E-7737-4B90-87AC-C70631…)

yes multiple times, but thank you anyways for the suggestion nona ! i actually found a way around the ban earlier this year by using portable wifi/internet i bought from asia but i guess they figured me out because i stopped being able to post a few months after… i saw something about posting using data and not wifi on forgive me for this reddit but even that seemed to not work. and the ban applies to all boards not just /int/ so i cant even post on my actual most frequented boards anymore. sad !
i have no idea how to post again and i have nobody to ask ( or post in general ) on my behalf kek

No. 1215745

Hey, what is this image from?

No. 1215767


I have the same problem sometimes, I always got around it by using data instead of wifi too. Not sure why that works but it does!

No. 1216082

peep "tv" show !
from 2003/2004, it features a lolita making it the first movie to have one as a character before shimotsuma monogatari (kamikaze girls). but many people are not fans of the "story" if you can call it that, it gets repetitive and beyond that it is consistently disturbing throughout. i mostly only watched for the egl.
i embedded the full movie with subtitles if you want to give it a watch !

No. 1221852

File: 1654990587544.png (133.13 KB, 1073x1163, brahim sadun.png)

No. 1221895

Ah, now they've moved to Telegram. They take pictures/videos of them sexually assaulting covered women and post them there. I'd just say not to care about those losers. It's pointless.

No. 1229177

File: 1655495018784.jpg (149.42 KB, 1030x822, 1634851260677.jpg)

Just keep restarting the router, it always works for me when I get those IP range bans. I got one just a few days ago.

No. 1229321

File: 1655505389057.png (200.79 KB, 1158x660, moroccanapu.png)

thank you but it still doesnt work for me… it just says the same with the ip has been blocked due to abuse. not even on 4G, and i dont even use neither orange nor maroc telecom (which apparently are banned according to some anons). i honestly dont even care about not being able to post on /int/ i am moreso upset about not being able to participate in the other boards. why is my country even banned ? i am so sad…
also i found the apu i requested last year when i was going through the archives looking for solutions or reasons as to why. kek here it is

No. 1231068

That looks so cute

No. 1231148

Have you tried vpn? You could also ask through 4chan im sure someone has a solution >>1221895
I also heard about those groups. It’s disgusting. I hope they get exposed or punished one day.

No. 1233791

only germanics are truly white ur probably some arab arent u(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1236807

Naira’s murder made me realize how a not insignificant portion of the male population would be absolutely delighted to see your head crushed against the wall.

No. 1245000

File: 1656512980182.png (182.67 KB, 1158x660, 1594404736271.png)

Edit. I hate our current flag (and anthem).
What made you think that? Was there an overwhelming male support towards the murderer?

No. 1245042

File: 1656514928117.png (203.68 KB, 1232x1548, ahidustaja.png)

thanks for the edit ! i love it. but omg are you moroccan ? do you mind if i ask if from the north or south ? i am from the capital so yes prissy and faggotlike demeanor. sorry im just excited, ive never met a female imageboard user from my country before

No. 1245510

the way they shifted the blame onto her for the murder on Facebook is insane. people are spreading rumours about how she deserved it because she was actually treating him poorly/other lies to try and shift the blame off the murderer etc as if that justifies being murdered.

No. 1246066

Could you post links/screenshots of the FB posts? I find it hard to believe that anyone would support a murderer, unless the victim happened to be an apostate or insulted islam.

No. 1246160

File: 1656591536158.jpg (122.35 KB, 1080x847, FWVqUdqWQAEn7aE.jpg)

NTA but you shouldn't take those comments are a representation of what most people think. It's very clear that most people were outright horrified and they were shocked about the murder happening. Anyone defending it was rightly dogpiled on and told to stfu. I'm much more concerned over the reported copycat murders they didn't get as much coverage.

TI can do you one better instead of facebook posts from nobodies.


He was heavily criticized.

Her murderer is getting the capital punishment

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