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No. 31751

Previous thread: >>>/meta/30359

No. 31763

A man wouldn’t let this site fall into such a state. Just sayin’

No. 31764

Jannies I know you get a lot of hate but I just wanna say thank you for sticking around

No. 31767

So where jill's thread is going, /pt/, /snow/ or still on /w/?

No. 31768

File: 1650931737042.jpg (46.45 KB, 486x272, heysquid.jpg)

Old admin would have banned the Johnny and Amber thread on sight tbh.

Are you guys ever going to tell us what's going on or are we gonna keep going like this until the site shuts down with no warning one day? Shits actually making me miss oldmin and her bitchy attitude because at least she would show up and do her job.

No. 31769

there has been a sperg spamming unsaged photos for 2 hours in the altcows thread. I suspect it’s the cow offended that she’s getting posted, since she’s lurked before. Either way it’s causing infighting

No. 31770

Moid back in the Amber/Johnny thread.

No. 31771

Why should that thread be banned? Because it offended you? There are going to be scrotes in every thread if that's what you mean, we'd have to close down relationship, men types, unpopular opinions and conspiracy threads too because they're always scrote targets as well.

No. 31772

Have you posted in thread suggestions? I can see a lot of people being interested in a shifting thread. A lot of the people in that community are bizarre and have constant drama so do please consider posting there. I'd love to see it!

No. 31773

nta but I think she means the infighting in general. I personally don't see anything wrong with the thread but I can see why some nonnie wouldn't like it

No. 31774

You have a point but that thread is for to keep those infighting from leaking into other threads. I also dislike some threads but hiding them is smarter rather than crying about it and getting it shut down. If it were to shut down, you'd have no way to hide the discussion because it'd be all over the other threads.

No. 31778

I'll make one later, in which board should I post it since I don't think its appropriate for snow since there isn't that much milk and its not constant.

No. 31779

damn I guess they woke up, more spamming

No. 31780

Did you do the shifting thread? tbh it kinda fits /ot/ or /snow/

No. 31781

If you see this, maybe /ot/ would be the place?

No. 31782

I'd really rather she didn't go in /snow/ because the thread will be filled with infighting in no time

No. 31783

Can mods remove autosage from the /w/ belle delphine thread? She's back now

No. 31784

Moid in the depp/heard thread and vent thread.

No. 31786

File: 1651031449980.jpeg (111.54 KB, 900x900, 68B4040F-FFCA-40E5-A8A4-66E631…)

I made the shifting thread for anyone who is interested in it

No. 31787

What type of posts get deleted?

No. 31788

I am accused of being a moid but this post is still there? >>31763

No. 31789

Gay man in Mtf thread minimodding infighting and avatarfagging.

No. 31790

Moid in ot sperging about whores or something

No. 31791

>we'd have to close down relationship, men types, unpopular opinions and conspiracy threads too

That sounds heavenly tbh.

No. 31792

someone please ban the spamming male in Fromsoft thread on /m/

No. 31793

cp on /ot/

No. 31794

If we had an existing Admin I would ask her what she was doing to prevent these bots, but it seems useless now that Admin doesn't seem to exist.

No. 31795

The schizo moid in OT is posting text walls to the mod. I reported but just so everyone knows. He’s livid kek

No. 31796

If you talking about me i aint a moid motherfucker and I'll be coming for you too so you just watch your back you lizard dumbass retarded bootlicker know your stuff before reporting me again over nothing

No. 31797

At this point I want to message her on discord and ask wtf is going on. We know they see our posts

No. 31798

Moid in the amber/johnny thread and in the things you hate thread

No. 31799

Yeah, I think we all have to understand that there is no admin on lolcow anymore. She has not responded for months. It’s just farmhands and jannies left here.

No. 31800

confused journalist who needs a reverse-website permaban asap on /ot/

No. 31801

Some journo needs to be permabaned in /ot/

No. 31804

Moid in vent thread telling anon to get violently raped.

No. 31806

I got banned because I reported a cow for pedophilia on Twitter. I understand that you shouldn't mass report accounts, but I think the mods shouldn't ban people for reporting literal pedophilia? Some things are more important than milk

No. 31807

They banned me for mocking virgins, meanwhile they let actual moids say this crap? Mods are troon virgins who ban actual women.

No. 31808

Moids = mods = moids
Just so everybody knows.

No. 31809

Kek the fact that it's still up.

No. 31810

You sounded like a moid because you mocked a girl with an abusive mother cause you assumed she was a virgin and asked if anons laugh at her because she's a loser virgin. You're probably a moid or scrote-minded because why else would someone bring that up randomly or want to mock a girl who's already down in a way only a male would? Stop ban evading.

No. 31811

I’m still not a man and I’ll never be a man, not even if I take testosterone.

No. 31812

File: 1651152059040.png (15.55 KB, 100x100, sociedad.png)


i was banned for "derailing" and the report told me that i need to report moids instead of engaging them. except i did fucking report the moid and nothing happened. he kept spamming in the thread. get your shit together, mod team.

No. 31813

maybe stop sperging about moids in the thread and ignore + report. so sick of newfags being this retarded and acknowledging moids.

No. 31814

You were banned because you cowtipped, retard. You can report, sure. why would you come here and brag about it, which is literally against the rules. Be smarter.

No. 31815

actually she shouldn't be banned for that. reporting illegal activities isn't cowtipping (see old zoophilia threads)

No. 31816

Where was this?

No. 31817

Scrote/baiter in depp amber thread calling anons mongoloids or other weird insults.
Amber depp thread but his scroteposts got banned. Then he came back and shit up some more.

No. 31818

You're here on lolcow whining that someone called you a bad name?

No. 31819

No I'm not the one who he insulted, kek. There are a few scrotes who have been shitting up the thread with infighting though.

No. 31820

I think someone is having some kind of breakdown in /ot/? Its funny but for the sake if dignity we should probably temp ban her

No. 31821

just admit you fucked up dipshit mod. you ignored the report then banned someone for no reason.

No. 31822


No. 31823

stop whining and ban evading

No. 31824

Where was the proof that this person is a moid anyway?? Because they posted on /y/? How did you know they posted on /y/ if you weren't also there yourself, i.e. moids aren't the only people that post on 4chan. I've actually copied and pasted the same stuff I posted on 4chan over here, vice versa, for more interactions.

No. 31825

File: 1651177524736.gif (1.42 MB, 435x250, CB63CA9A-48DC-4B86-AF5A-32201D…)

There’s some retards on /ot/. It’s nothing serious but clean it up when you get the chance janny.

No. 31826

No. 31827

No. 31828

Racebait and a sperging male in the Johnny/Amber thread.

No. 31829

some girl from lsa I think, using white as an insult

No. 31830

Ngl that "sis" post sounded like a larping male. That reaction picture was suspicious.

No. 31831

nah the girls over on lsa love him, they love these kind of white men, like Chris evans

No. 31833

im not ban evading retard it was a temp ban
continuously posting gross images that people asked them to stop posting, becoming more aggro when accused of being a scrote, and then later straight-up admitting they weren’t allowed in the female only discord server.

No. 31834

What a shit thread, deemed to attract autists and schizos alongside retarded scrotes

No. 31835

Quit complaining about every thread with controversial opinions. You guys whined about the covid thread, you whined about the ukraine war thread, now this. Do you want this website to be like pre-musk twatter you fucking Borg Queen

No. 31837

One of the worst threads i've encountered in a while, even tinfoil is chiller than the johnny thread.

No. 31838

Amber Johnny thread is a whole shitshow now. There was a 4chan racebaiter, a weird person trying to prove they're a woman, an anon admitting too being 80iq aka legal retard but also larping as a lawyer, etc.

No. 31839

Just lock the thread already, its been full of autists and infighters for days, the thread is useless.

No. 31840

it's not so much about opinions when it comes to things that can be easily proven or disproven

No. 31841

Kek. I agree. Some anons want to remove threads they dislike but I think hiding would be better. If those threads were locked, the posters would post all over the board anyway cause it's recent drama.

No. 31842

Ma'am, you're on a gossip website

No. 31843

No. 31844

Yes but the thread is full of infighting and derailing which is not part of lc rules.

No. 31845

I feel like I know which anon you are.

No. 31846

Good for you

No. 31847

you really didn't understand? 80iq anon?

No. 31850

so again i ask: saged infighting is supposed to be acceptable on /ot/. is it still or not? because people are receiving bans for saged infighting and idk if it's just because mods are new, banning for heart codes and such, and are unaware of the saged infighting rule, or if rules have changed?

No. 31851

Which one?
Are you sure it's saged? And some infighters kind of sound male, maybe that's why they got banned, especially if they mocked women for being lesbians or even virgins like that one anon in this thread did.

No. 31852

kek i'm not her, i think she's wrong. i mean it's like someone insisting that the sky is pink over and over and then saying it's just an "opinion" when everyone else proves to you that it's actually blue. like there's physical evidence of the things being discussed.

No. 31854

yes because i've been banned for saged infighting and seen others banned for saged infighting on /ot/, and it's not bc they sound male. i definitely don't sound male nor have i been accused of being one

No. 31855

Thank you, yes exactly
It'll blow over anyway just like the covid and war thread did

No. 31856

Can anyone else post in /g/? I keep getting a "file already exists" error

No. 31857

Just tested it and it was working for me.

No. 31858

File: 1651219171154.jpg (40.04 KB, 735x429, merightnow.jpg)

did you post an image? its now giving me that again.
Jeez, I just want to post in the husbando thread…

No. 31859

Posted a test pic and it went through just fine?

No. 31860

I think repetative attention seeking moid posts like this one >>>/ot/1153560 should be deleted, not just locked.

No. 31861

Tranny is posting in the MTF thread seething about anons.

No. 31862

That's not an error, it means you're trying to post a picture that's already in the thread

No. 31863

what is happening in the shayna thread

No. 31864

idk but that autist is dedicated, been going on for 20+ minutes now

No. 31865

Lock this shit thread. It was made early with no updates in OP about Taylor even giving birth, her nanny, confinement.. read the OP miss, its just garble anons gave tinfoiled about for a good 20% of it. They were desperate to make a thread early. All they added was "ignore WKs" as if yelling anons to stfu about tinfoils when they get tedtexted for them like the spermfags do. >>>/w/209757

No. 31866

Why's the Venus Angelic's thread still automatically set to auto-sage mode ?
I know some of you farmhands have a soft spot for her, but come on!
There are way worse threads on /w that aren't put on autosage, even when they produce no milk whatsoever (the Taylor R, Dakota Rose and Gyaru's ones comes to mind)

Also, it would be nice to permaban the porn-obsessed gay scrotoid who regularly posts his gross ~soft Japanese Boi uwu~ fantaisies in this thread, and who comes back, ban after ban. I keep reporting him but it's been months and he's still at it.
Thank you.

No. 31867

Is that the anon who keeps saying venus is evil and her husband is poor for having to be with her?

No. 31869

You're the crazed WK who never read the OPs of the previous threads and are desperate to make another awful thread/OP about Taylor. Since you obviously have a personal stake in all this.

No. 31870

Nope. Just agreeing its shit. Please explain what's been WKed in thread?

No. 31871

Can someone please explain who Kaitlyn Tiffany is and why anons are accusing her of combing lolcow for information?

No. 31872

gyaru thread is full of salty cunts.

No. 31873

File: 1651277495344.jpg (52.03 KB, 1024x683, shutterstock_1006176421-1-1024…)

Here comes the airplane! >>>/ot/1151094

No. 31874

Mods, the thread even has their own headcanon tinfoils posted as proof in the OP when there is nothing to back shit up even though we have proof of opposite things being true. Literally lock it. Fucking fags who are trying to steamroll a quick new thread made it, copy pasted, and didn't even try to fix the bio with labeled new milk.

No. 31875

wtf are you talking about, "we have proof"? you are really this obsessed over a woman who defended her pedophile-enabling husband? This site is not for you.

No. 31876

Love that you spergs still detail about sperm. The baby was born. Move on already

No. 31877

Amber and depp thread being derailed with weight sperging, also there's a random male thread floating there (the one that says imbaby:3 or whatever)

No. 31878

I don't understand why anons are allowed to bring up other random coswhores in Looni's thread yet if you're in a Shay thread and bring up another ewhore you get told to fuck off and rightfully so. Its derailing.

No. 31879

A moid in a top hat in /ot/

No. 31881

cp in /g/

No. 31882

And /ot/

No. 31883

Like 5 plus threads of cp

No. 31884

Cp in /m/ too

No. 31885

jfc being male is a mental illness

No. 31886

Cp in ot
t. 80 iq

No. 31888

Cp threads in catalog in OT. Don’t scroll down. There’s two plus still

No. 31889

there's still cp on /g/

No. 31890

For fucks sake it's been 2 hrs. Posts getting a lot of reports needs to be autospoilered at least.

No. 31891

How about mods unban me from my wifi ip address? Coz I ain’t a moid and you let the cp hanging?

No. 31892

Appeal by emailing them. If you're the anon I think you are, good riddance and stop posting because no one enjoys your baiting or sperging.
He is. There are several baiters and trolls who are camping in that thred and constantly ban evading.

No. 31893

If you’re the anon who I think you are you could stfu

No. 31894

I hope this is the anon who keeps arguing in /w/ who keeps pushing collages and derail multiple threads by claiming everyone is a WK constantly. If it is, stay banned.

No. 31895

Put the amber vs depp thread on autosage

No. 31896

Mods please. This whole thread is infighting, derailing avout IVF, and the OP has misleading fake milk that OP added in which is contrary to what the cow has said and the oy thing that goes against it is anons personal takes and the excuse "we aren't detectives, we aren't going to stalk her personal stuff she isn't posting". HOW is that proof? Anons tinfoiling the OP is an issue, isn't it??

No. 31897

you are derailing the thread by reeeing about the OP, which was copied largely from the last good OP. You had no problem with it then, but suddenly now you do? Go read the previous OPs and stfu about IVF and no one will talk about it anymore. You can't demand proof and then reeee when proof is posted. You need to take a break from whatever it is you think you're doing.

No. 31899

Posting false information about when the IVF started is wrong. Anons making up milk to say it was 2021 should NOT be in the OP. I don't know why you don't get that. The OP is for facts, not what anons WISH was factual.>>31897

No. 31903

I can't distinguish what's going on in that thread. Whenever I pop in I can see anons seething over Taylor for no good reason mixed with out of place praise. Is it just the Nicole thread again with real vendetta/wk-chans that confused the majority bystanders into picking a side?

No. 31904

I don't see where the praise even is. Anons have just pointed out the baby looks cute, explained to anons about how she doesn't have PPD [armchairing tinfoil that she has it], I saw a lot of correcting when anons tried to pass off clips of Taylor's TikToks as fetish porn when it was just following trends and is click-bait based on mommy vlogger 'relate to me' stuff, I don't see anyone defending Tom either, but anons trying to claim he hates the kid because he's playing games standing while the kid is passed out in a sling.

Like, I have seen any actual WKing at all. Those anons just love screaming "WK" every time someone isn't falling over themselves with irrational takes and trying to twist shit into milk when it isn't, not to mention the needless nitpicking too which also gets redtexted. I'm with you that is seems like the Nicole vendetta anons are posting in a majority or /w/, I feel I see the same irrationality in some other boards too, usually active around the same time every time. Mods have pointed out that the anon IP hops, so I wouldn't be surprised they moved to other threads because they've been so heavily banned in the Nicole thread at this point because people ITT are fucking fed up of seeing her thread get boosted to the top of /w/ with shitty posted like:

>Destery is definitely lowkey trying to get Nicole's attention a year later by making his girlfriend wear her old hoodie

Instead of it just being that he now owns the clothing because they arne't friends and aren't together and why throw away gamer girl/boy merch when they both fit in the clothes anyway? Like it's literally just that black and white sometimes, but the fucking spergs try to create this whole other rabbit hole of tinfoil to pass off as milk. It's massively autistic and I see other anons calling it out too. It derails as fuck.

No. 31905

I was probably being a little general there, I more or less meant when I've checked her thread in the past I've noticed examples of a sort of "back and fourth" dichotomy similar to the Nicole thread. It's like there's only two perspectives and that an anon who chooses to point out a vendetta post also couldn't possibly be the same anon who's a part the usual discourse in the thread. The rabid wk accusations all over /w/ are a good example. We know the vast majority of the posts are from normal users but people insist on putting them in a box because they don't have the same opinion. I gotta agree I just read the fetish sperging and it's literally Venus is a pedophile 2.0 with less legs to stand on kek. I notice this Nicolefag style of derailment all the time but I honestly just chalked it up to it being a zoomer/twitter thing but it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 31906

I would second this, but I don't think autosaging is a thing in off topic boards

No. 31907

Just hide the thread, newfags. No thread is going to be hidden solely because you lost an argument or a sperg you hate keeps posting there.
If people like you actually hid the thread instead of posing bait to start infighting, the thread wouldn't be as much of a shitshow. Someone comes along, says they hate the thread, in their rant they say a baity phrase and it all delves back into infighting because that's what you actually want. If you didn't want to see the thread, you'd have hidden it but you want to be petty and annoy other anons because how dare someone likes something you don't!

No. 31908

It says she started her fertility series on youtube in 2021, not that she first had ivf then. can you read?

No. 31909

Ban all the newfags who don't sage their shit for a week from their 1st offense, then make it progressively worse till perma banned. Literally /ot/ right now page 1 is 75% unsaged bullshit bumping every thread. I know they can evade if willing but might help to get rid of some of these cancerous newfags for fucks sake.

No. 31910

File: 1651394711785.jpeg (89.74 KB, 548x639, 1644257041889.jpeg)

can't tell if this is shitposting or not, but either way well done

No. 31911

High quality bait.

No. 31912

ban anons that respond to moids

No. 31913

scrotes keep making bait threads in ot

No. 31914

you don't have to sage in /ot/

No. 31915

They use the same excuse of 'this is a gossip site' in both Venus, Nicole, and Taylor's threads when lolcow is probably more strict on posting rules for milk than places like kiwi where you CAN make up stories and get anons to believe the bullshit posted. Like you said, the accusing everyone of being a WK because anons are pointing out reaches/tinfoils that have no merit makes no sense.

No. 31916

I'm not a newfag and I don't post in the thread kek. I was literally telling anon that autosage isn't a thing in /ot/ so that wouldn't happen, retard.

No. 31917

Why is that anon's first go to "just hide"? Like, that's not going to stop a thread from being derailed. If it's constantly derailed or raided by spergs, yeah. Autosage it Fucking retarded.

No. 31918

Series isn't the same as her actually starting it. A series is for you, not for her, so when she says she started in 2019, you automatically go to only when the series was filmed? That's literally just twisting it to make her look like a liar because anons don't want to acknowledge when she actually started. And the excuse of 'we aren't detectives, we aren't stalking her irl' isn't a reasonable reason.There's even Instagram videos from 2020 of her saying the treatments are working since 2019. This isn't the Taylor thread, so I'm not going to try to explain why the OP is wrong. AGAIN.

No. 31919

>Autosage it Fucking retarded.
What are you trying to say? You're obviously mad to the point you can't type but you try to argue it's not a personal thing. There's also a sperg who keeps complaining about that thread in that very own thread to start infights. Let people have their trendy threads, this isn't the your autistic safe space it's a public image board.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, anon. I've seen a lot of anons complaining about war, covid or trial threads so I assumed you were one of them.

No. 31920

Spam in /g/. Some edit of Detective Conan in naked anime girls body with dragon ball-z logo

No. 31921

Please do something about the moid in the relationship advice thread, that thread has been even more of a dumpster past few months.

No. 31922

Shut up you fucking slut

No. 31923

Look, you dumb piece of shit, you need to learn to read. The OP does not say she started IVF in 2021. It does not make her look like a liar about her IVF start date. It was a summary of stuff and does not give precise dates. It is the same OP that was posted in 2021 before you came to astroturf here. Why the fuck you care so deeply about this is another question. You need therapy.

No. 31924

Can you ban the anon that invited the incel into relationships thread? He's unhinged

Can you also ban the big black cock enthusiast faggot in the amber johnny thread?

Why are men such huge faggots? Fuck.

No. 31925

Maybe you should just report the post and move on instead of starting to fight with the scrote for 20+ posts. You deserve a ban for engaging and infighting as well.

No. 31926

I can't stop laughing what a fucking wild post this is. I love our website.

No. 31928

I didn't engage with him, retard. Now take your incel bitchboy and go. Damn. Embarassing.
I was laughing while typing too, feel shamed for all the shit scrotes pull. Imagine posting an image called bbc(54), does fucker have hundres of bbc pictures? Wtf!

No. 31929

You have completely derailed the thread with several unsaged posts about this scrote instead of just reporting and ignoring him like you should have done.

No. 31930

uh huh. why do you keep lying about how many times he posted? no fucking wonder the convo kept going on between anons about it.

No. 31931

I wasn't one of those anons, schizo.
It's because she probably invited him. She's been screeching at different anons who said mean stuffy about him itt too.

No. 31932

I reported him and posted about it here, as is the etiquette. Why are you so buttblasted thinking I'm replying to him on there?

No. 31934

File: 1651427858221.jpeg (65.5 KB, 489x614, CCCD62A6-3A36-4F55-9118-437B3A…)

Bump cp in meta

No. 31935

File: 1651427883005.jpeg (108.36 KB, 1024x1017, EE1252B0-7986-439F-A063-369947…)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 31936

File: 1651427942443.jpg (46.74 KB, 480x270, ghnvid74xqpz.jpg)

as always, men show their asses.

No. 31937

File: 1651427961117.jpeg (40.25 KB, 720x408, E3E36B4F-6B64-4F05-97A4-78C388…)

Bump for scrote

No. 31938

File: 1651428056682.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648502427098.png)

No. 31940

File: 1651428099212.jpg (22.18 KB, 750x406, 968d69b0df821dea519839d0780cea…)


No. 31941

File: 1651428139734.jpeg (100.95 KB, 612x612, 36241701-2D16-4190-956E-65ABE3…)

No. 31942

File: 1651428162808.gif (1.47 MB, 320x240, 1D075660-D807-4FE0-BD23-934D4D…)

Janny pls

No. 31943

File: 1651428175505.gif (968.81 KB, 445x250, FarBlankAmericancrow-size_rest…)

No. 31944

File: 1651428209799.gif (227.45 KB, 427x240, HvGz.gif)

No. 31945

File: 1651428213203.png (376 KB, 560x500, 03109926-A7DF-4D68-9A11-43CFFD…)

No. 31946

File: 1651428245820.jpeg (27.92 KB, 238x275, B7C82C56-D9D2-4F02-8FE4-1CCDB5…)

Don’t go to /meta/

No. 31947

CP on /w/

No. 31948

wow, someone is triggered. this doesn't seem to be a bot too.

No. 31951

bruh, the mods are dead. anyways, the spam is on /ot/ too.

No. 31953

The cleared a bunch already stfu

No. 31954

i'm sorry for hurting your feelings, mod.

No. 31956

Is OT safe? I backed out when I saw the first warning post

No. 31957

No. 31958

All I said was to stop replying to the scrote and stop derailing the thread, you are completely nuts

No. 31959

Maybe it’s time to create an 18-25 and 25-40 board now that lcs average age is approaching mid 30s.

No. 31961

Maybe it’s time for you to retire and get a career. No offense.

No. 31962

Nta, maybe it's time for you to grow up.

No. 31966

I’m older as well, but I’m not gonna autistically ask for a mature magazine spinoff of this website, like wtf? Why does it hurt a nerve for my fellow old fucks whenever age is brought up? It’s with everything. Had I not brought up the fact I’m older as well, you’d think I’m a zoomer. Y’all pathetic.

No. 31967

File: 1651471565196.jpeg (58.99 KB, 500x500, 1632083957965.jpeg)

i agree so much. /w/ has legit nothing going on. eg the Nicole David thread is just two anons arguing about the quality of her OnlyFans every few days and thats it. Its not autosaged. Venus being in psych ward a second time and losing her mind is less milky than Nicoles blowjob skills?? Its not just her, Mikan and other /w/ threads are filled with nothing.

Venus is one of the only non boring cow in /w/ and shouldnt be autosaged.

No. 31968

NTA, but exactly, and mods wonder why people have complained about that Nicole thread repeatedly when if they even looked into it, anons are just posting tons of photos with added context and trying to desperately pass it off as milk. Apparently, everything she does is a lie according to anons and that's the milk they have on her. No car break-ins, all staged. Can't have moved away and that's why she hasn't been at her job, DEFINITELY FIRED INSTEAD. Like, jfc. Venus is milkier, fucking costhots thread is milkier with their VTuber thing that was going on.

You can TELL it's the same fuck each time too because they keep insisting this is ONLY a gossip site and ignoring everything about needing proof and real proof to make logical tinfoil. Not some bullshit about someone's ex being a gamer and they let their ex keep a gamer hat and now every time they wear the hat of their ex its 'narcissism to get revenge' when its clearly just a dude who kept the clothes because they fit him too.

No. 31970

Mikan's rage is always milky. She always delivers.

No. 31971

There wouldn't be enough users, imo.

No. 31972

Gay scrote talking about anal and crying about gay male hate in stupidly questions thread.

No. 31973

Can I get uhhhh one hellweek, extra Kaitlin Tiffany on the side, the six piece infighting faggies, and some husbandofag sauce. Thank you.

No. 31974

File: 1651497766239.gif (1.43 MB, 382x328, b7492c8996b25e613a2ab58a5d8019…)

Was just about to report the dickpicks in /ot/ and they are gone already, nice job jannies and thank you!!

No. 31975

Is anyone else feeling the moid spam and the rise in ransoms starting to go off about bpd and autism women at length all the time are kiwicel retards?

No. 31976

Yes of course it is.

No. 31977

Yeah he’s proving himself real quick to be a moid. No one respond to him. I reported. Could we maybe get OT spergs about people with mental disorders limited to the right thread? Like vent about one person in vent thread sure but like whole rants about a diagnosis group should just go in mental disorders you can’t stand. It’s in like 8 threads actively right now.

No. 31978

Moid hovering unpopular opinions

No. 31979

the fake dick tinfoiling in moo's thread has gone on long enough. it's derailing the thread.

No. 31980

File: 1651509839898.jpeg (102.28 KB, 640x856, 847F9F0C-0ABC-490C-8F62-AB2FAC…)

>be admin
>leave child porn up for hours upon hours in /W/ thread
>leave scrote posts up all over the site
>anons try to bump it so that nobody else has to see it
>ban them and call them an idiot

No. 31981

You're not even trying to post a gif to bury it or something to help hide it. Dont bump. >>31941 This is cute. Your post is retarded.

No. 31984

Oh I really didn't think that autosage was a thing on /ot/. Cool.

No. 31985

Samefag but wait this means…this means that jannies read /meta/! Say something you motherfuckers!

No. 31986

Dis something happened that I missed? Why do it to a popular thread. They're only going to last as long as the trial lasts and whoever doesn't like it can hide it. This is some bullshit

No. 31988

What moids

No. 31991

Amber Johnny thread is autosaged because mods would rather ignore the fact that it's moid central rather than ban the said moids. Ffs there's a prolific racebaiter, an anon who posted a picture from his bbc collection names BBC(54) and other anon who begged anons itt for body pictures. None of them were banned but mods rather autosaged it, as if the same moids wouldn't go around and shit up other threads.
The good thing is we won't have scrotes who invade the thread but I'm worried it'll just die down or leak into celebricows instead.

No. 31993

Inb4 mods autosage celebricows lmao.

No. 31994

If it leaks into celebricows, tell them to go to the containment thread. And report.

No. 31995

Report for? Calm down.

No. 31996

Nta, but anon literally said what to report for in the post.

No. 31997

They asked for the thread to be autosaged knowing it'd die and the discussion would leak to other threads. Talking about celebs in celebricows isn't against the rules and reporting would be pointless unless there's unsaged infighting.

No. 31998

Why are you assuming that's the same person? And anyway, it is against the rules if you have a containment thread (it's called that for a reason). I'm pretty sure anons have been banned for it in the previous celeb thread.

No. 32001

They post with added photo. That should be clear.

No. 32002

Maybe next time write why exactly are you bumping a thread? There's a moid that keeps bumping threads just to annoy us and he also just writes "bump" and that's it

No. 32003

No. 32004

It's just me now talking to myself there and I feel lonely

No. 32005

File: 1651549824021.gif (5.85 MB, 640x356, 54325235325.gif)

No. 32006

I'm already crying, you don't have to twist the knife

No. 32007

Eh the containment got autosaged so nah. I'm also not assuming it's the same anon, I'm saying the anons who asked for autosage don't get to complain now because they've been told it'd bleed but they continued crying both in meta and in the thread.

No. 32008

Spergs back in Nicole's thread with unsaged shitposting just to test the thread waters >>>/w/210622

No. 32009

Can we please get a ban on Zara in pro Ana scumbags thread? Idc if it's her self posting or autistic WKs but the thread is 80% unhinged Zara related blog posts right now

No. 32010

Can we bring back kpop critical? I'm not a kpoopie myself, I just find it amusing.

No. 32011

Moid larping, basking in attention and sperging about abortions and how women are lying about rape in the Unpopular Opinions thread

No. 32012


No. 32013

unspoilered porn on /m/

No. 32014

File: 1651599378585.png (65.29 KB, 1364x195, ban.png)

The unpopular opinions thread is just a bunch of derail right now.
I also don't get why this poster got a ban with that redtext. Which ideology is that? Noticing scrote posts?

No. 32015

Acting like we're a hivemind.
We're not.

No. 32016

Tinfoil, that anon was a mod or a mod agreed with their posts. They were screaming in how rape victims shouldn't get abortion and how women shouldn't attack back men or rapists aka stuff scrotes say.

No. 32017

if this is mods banning people for responding to bait it seems like they don't do it enough and this time is an exception because of the topic

No. 32018

Mods get the stick out your ass

No. 32019

This. They're obviously caping for trannies/scroted while shitting on real women by telling them to go to 2X.

No. 32020

Nice going derail-chans you got the thread locked. Way to go.

No. 32022

File: 1651601622273.jpeg (113.51 KB, 1125x180, CDEDED4F-5D65-4ADA-A64B-0F77A5…)

It’s rule 6 in /ot/ retards

No. 32024

Why was the hand pic deleted in the unpopular opinions thread? That shit was hilarous.

No. 32025

Mod is one of those retards who would rather support trannies or men.
No one reported it. They simply said why they thought women who get raped should be able to get abortions - which is common sense. Even pro-life women agree that rape victims are an exception.

No. 32026

Unlock the unpopular opinions thread so I can yell at the anon who said she bites into cheese

No. 32027

But for real, why is the thread locked?

No. 32028

File: 1651602344273.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1651597064023.jpeg)

Handpic was deleted but other anons who got their handpics or sceenshots of their handpic reposted didn't. Wonder why.

No. 32029

I reported a post that sounded like complete bait, and don't see why we shouldn't.
The OP pic is too badass to be locked.

No. 32031

A tranny said women shouldn't be allowed to get abortions. When other anons pointed out how some of those women are raped and stuff, she said they deserved them. She also said women shouldn't carry self defense material and fighting back if you're getting raped is stupid, although she also argued women who get pregnant from rape should have to carry to term.

She got reported and had a sperg out, send a picture of her weird claw which ended up getting deleted unlike all the other handpictures of anons that have been reposted such as greek-chan or yaoi-sperg.

The mod banned every anon the tranny disagreed with and then shut the thread when mods ban spree got attention.

No. 32032

thank you for explaining. i appreciate it. Makes sense

No. 32035

I think it'd make sense if this was the mod herself. She also banned anyone that disagreed with her without redtexting her own posts.

No. 32036

Not everyone who disagrees is a tranny.

No. 32037

kek did that one anon ever get deleted for posting the back of her head/back in the dumbass shit thread (I think) a while back? That is pretty strange, but don't we have a mod that's still learning? Still weird, imo.

No. 32038

>mod that's still learning
I wonder if that's why. Though they're clearly biased and I think this is definitely their own hand. No other picture got removed like this.
Keep coping tranny.

No. 32039

it wasn’t a troon it was a woman. keep coping with the fact that not everyone has the exact same feelings as you.

No. 32040

Keep coping with the fact that you're starving yourself to death and your hands look like they blond to a rancid monster.

No. 32041

Fuck off tranny

No. 32042

File: 1651605318682.jpg (38.56 KB, 735x737, why this happen to me.jpg)

keep cryin about it

No. 32043

i’m not crying about anything kek. i don’t need an abortion

No. 32044

You don't even have a womb

No. 32046

you aren’t gonna manipulate me into posting my cervix. you won’t be happy if i post a video

No. 32047

Careful tranny, your womb envy is showing.
It's probably the new mod himself. Anyone who disagrees gets banned and their picture keep getting removed.

No. 32048

they did get banned, but only after everyone else who replied kek

No. 32049

NTA. Why do they keep removing the dreaded handpic though?

No. 32052

File: 1651605866882.jpeg (20.85 KB, 400x400, FF7561BB-FF40-49D7-8F28-1BC839…)

Oh my god. We are going to start getting banned for “fEmInIsT iDEoLoGy and RaDfeM SpErGinG!!!” Again like we where 3 years ago. Eventually they will get bored and shit will go back to normal but in the meantime it will be fucking annoying.
Scrotes are nothing but a burden and an obstacle. They are all fucking parasites that we will never escape from and I wish them all a painful death. Fucking kill all men.

No. 32053

I'm not sure what it is that makes me certain this is a man's hand but I am. My hands are less feminine than other women's but this one is way worse. I don't give a shit about "her" opinion being this or that, but I hate male posters.

No. 32054

Women can have wide hands, muscular hands, thick fingers with bitten nails but it'll always read as female and be more aesthetic than a man's. This picture looks like it belongs to an anorexic male desperately trying to mimic women with his poor nailpolish and weird nails. The overly long nails because he views them as hyperfeminine and the weird thumb also give it away.

Sage for autism.

No. 32055

Nah you're right anon, I have NEVER met a woman with hands like these, but I unfortunately have met MTFs. It's a match.

No. 32056

The hands look just like mine, minus the filthy, disgusting talons. Very long fingers, very thin. I assure you I am very much a woman but my hands are fucking massive.

No. 32057

Holy shit is whatever it is going to stop

No. 32058

stop calling me a troon. you said “post your hand to prove you’re a woman” and i did. i’m sorry i have anorexia and my hands don’t look like a big fat buzz feed employees hands. stop calling me a troon and i’ll be on my way

No. 32059

File: 1651607061195.gif (3.9 MB, 498x498, C5F92F3C-3A91-4F3A-83D8-ED8D2D…)

Even so, the talons themselves are an indicator it's male.

No. 32061

If you're not a troon then just drop it and move on instead of trying to prove yourself to a bunch of anons like a loser?

No. 32062

plz trim your nails nonny…im begging. nail files are your best friend

No. 32064

I'm laughing hysterically. The troony posted about how his boyfriend uses a speculum and shines light into his cervix. Wtf. Why are mods so retarded? Is this one of the mods? Why do red texts only happen when tranny is active? Why did the handpic here not get removed? So many questions.

No. 32065

Why should we feel bad for your anorexia? You are actively making the world a worse place for women. Women like you are a fucking blight and I wish you would just stop eating all together and die. Scum.

No. 32067

I'm still sure thats a male with anorexia. They wrote some fetish stuff in the vent thread.

No. 32068

I was like… Wtf does this tranny watch in porn??? It's definitely womb-envy that's making him shit himself as hard.

No. 32071

I wish we could have insight over the relationship between troony-chan and mod-tard. It was obvious it was a male from his picture and writhing style yet she kept caping for him. Weird.

No. 32073

>I'm laughing hysterically
Same, someone is in serious need of dilation.


Nah, unfortunately CC is way too late with that strict moderation style. They also take longer to remove spam and cp. Farmhands were trying their best the past months, it's just this time that they missed the goal by miles.

No. 32074

Wonder if the mod is gonna get removed after this. It seems like one of those faggots who scream
>go to 2X evil wimminz
Whenever a woman says something they disagree with or fights with a scrote. Can't believe they banned someone else when the tyranny was talking about rape, how women who get raped should give birth too the baby and how minors should also have to complete their pregnancy to term.

No. 32076

Crystal cafe would be good if it was more active and had enough mods. It's always dead compared to here which is sad. I wonder why anyone who's against women or women having spaces of their own would step in for moderation of a fenale only imageboard, though. Makes no sense unless they're trying to sabotage the site.

No. 32079

I'm pretty sure that your hands don't look like that, anon.

No. 32080

File: 1651610107952.gif (40.5 KB, 319x498, moomin-cross-arms.gif)

>tfw the vent thread is locked because mods threw a tantrum and now I can't go rant

No. 32081

ok but where are the actual posts from that poster saying that she though rape victims should be forced to carry the child? i’m not seeing it did it get deleted

No. 32084

I was banned for rule 6 before, and the mod just gave me a regular ban that was like one minute. This was a couple months ago and I know mods are different, but it's really weird that they would give that anon a rule 6 redtext instead of just banning them normally. Maybe I'm reaching but I don't think I've ever even seen a redtext for that rule before.

No. 32085

i’m pretty sure the anon who posted her hand actually was a woman and is a mod and that’s why she keeps redtexting everyone but has gone silent. i think the >cervix cervix cervix
sperg was just an actual troon larping for attention.

No. 32088

it’s okay if you didn’t get it because it didn’t green text but i said that the
>cervix uterus nudes speculum
poster was probably not the OP because she’s likely a mod and that’s why everyone’s being banned and redtexted. i’m not defending anyone that’s just what it looks like..

No. 32089

also i saw the photo and i’m really not understanding what’s “clockable” about the hand being boney? i mean she looks unhealthy but that doesn’t mean that it’s a man. when mens nails grow out as much as hers are they’re much thinner, you can google a photo kek

No. 32090

File: 1651611785056.jpeg (12.09 KB, 480x360, E885FDEB-57E4-4323-8B57-09D55E…)

Skelly hands was banned already, who cares?

No. 32091

this. when are we gonna be done with this

No. 32093

This. It's obvious that this is a trannyjanny incident. They wouldn't be depleting the hand pictures if they didn't know they fucked up.
They ban evaded and got two threads locked because either mod is supporting them or mod is the tranny.

No. 32094

Neither threads got locked kek they just necro’d after the troon obsessed lesbians wouldn’t stop sperging and eventually got banned.

No. 32095

File: 1651612993977.jpeg (41.47 KB, 600x837, 3C1A26DA-2596-4F8B-A1C0-76DDFB…)

They keep getting locked because you keep sperging!!! STOP TALKING ABOUT HANDS

No. 32097

They were, retard. If abortion obsessed troons like you would fuck off then it would've never happened.

No. 32098

File: 1651613236950.jpg (122.32 KB, 1024x793, skeleton_hands_wrote_this.jpg)

No. 32099

>troon obsessed lesbians
Neither of these mean what you think they mean, kek.

No. 32100

You're out of laxatives, go buy some.

No. 32101

Skelly hands didn’t type that kek

No. 32102

File: 1651614604889.jpg (34.15 KB, 500x375, alt.jpg)

>mfw tranny jannies are upon us

No. 32103

No. 32104

Was this morning/evening even real. Everything happened so fast kek

No. 32105

can you islamophobes finally ban pakianon already? she keeps derailing threads that were perfectly normal just so she can bitch and whine about not having the freedumbs to eat at mcdonalds like burgerfags can I just can’t stand this shit anymore

No. 32106

which threads?

No. 32107

tinfoil thread in /ot/ >>>/ot/1147862 she straight up ruined anons chances to talk about how the met gala is being used a psychological operation to distract people, she keeps avatarfagging

No. 32109

The fingers aren’t quite so long but yes, they do. I have very thin long fingers and large hands. One day I might post my hand just to see how nonnis react but basically every scrote I’ve compared hands with has either smaller hands or the same size. This is why I do believe the poster is a woman.

No. 32110

it's not a woman, trust me. the hands are honestly irrelevant. you can tell it's a dude just by what he said and his conduct. and the botched gargoyle talons are a huge indicator alone that there's troonery afoot

No. 32111

You wouldn’t believe how many women are vile anti abortion spergs. You just wouldn’t. There are women out there who would see their own daughters put to death before allowing them to abort a rape baby. There are women out there who are facilitating the trafficking and rape of other women and girls. Forcing other women to be slaves for their disgusting husbands and sons. It’s a cop out to assume every woman who says things like that is a lurking scrote.

No. 32112

ban pakianon and romanianon from posting in any thread except a containment thread for the two of them to argue in and the interested farmers to spectate

No. 32113

They have both been banned a million times. They ban evade.

No. 32114

NTA but those are obviously tranny hands. The weird bone shape, tint thumb and weirdly long and unstyled nails are all trannyhand essentials.

No. 32116

Anon, I have the same kind of bony, long hands as you. Arachnodactyly. I keep my hands hidden in pictures because they look ugly to me. I've wondered myself if lolcow would think I'm a man. My wrist circumference is very small though, don't men usually have larger wrist circumferences? (Has to do with frame size.)

I don't want to judge the hand posted because the nails gross me out, I had to scroll away.

No. 32117

An underage looking moid posted his nudes in the femdom thread

No. 32118

Nta but I knew women with arachnodactly and I always thought their hands were very beautiful, hand models even have longer fingers so I say it's beautiful but the hand picture was obviously not like that. The weird nails and again, the body short thumb along with the veins makes me think it absolutely belongs to a anorexic tranny

The same tranny also made posts about how his bf always looked at his cervix with a speculum during sex, Kek the pornsickness, so I'm more than certain it wasn't a woman.

No. 32119

Romanianon is a fucking disease in this community and if we really want to keep this place away from irl crime and murder threats, she should really get permabanned.

No. 32120

She's banned but evades just like pakichan and c(rap) - chan.

No. 32121

I think I was banned for reporting a certain anon. Just putting this out there

No. 32122

She’s been permabanned a million times. The only way to get rid of her is encourage her to Kermit but she won’t even do that. Just ignore her since she craves attention.

No. 32123

If you A-log you're not any better than her.

No. 32124

Send pictures of who you reported.

No. 32125

I’ve never fiddled any children and I’m not a camwhore so yes, actually I am.

No. 32126

I swear it's the same ban evading group from Nicole/Taylor/Mikan/Momosweet threads in the Belle thread in /w/. It's full of autistic collages, the same file formats, and nitpicking. It's impossible to get milk in /w/ or have actual discussions bc of their off the rails infighting and retarded image dumps and yelling about whiteknights. All the threads keep being filled up by non-milk.

No. 32127

I feel like shaynadmin just cares about the shayna threads and she stepped up just to make sure they continue going… she might not care about the rest of the website. The fact that moderation is super slow worries me.

One example of this is how anons are the ones to make these complain threads, not a farmhand, like before

No. 32128

oh god I missed that detail about the speculum. tranny 100%. And the nails are vile

No. 32129

ban evasion? you think? please explain what you mean, because no one in at least three of those threads did anything worth a long ban. And what do you have against collages? You are so easily triggered by other women discussing things in a way you particularly don't like.

No. 32130

You're either one of the anons or you have literally no idea what you are talking about because most anons seem to agree (based on the foaming at the mouth screaming about white knights) don't find these posts milky or interesting. There are so many anons across the threads that even still have to tell anons to move the fuck on about Mikan's nose job from 4+ years ago. It's not milky anymore just because an anon wants to keep making fanart collage edits. No one is triggered by what other women are posting. They are annoyed by the fact that people are trying to pass reaches as milk, useless social media posts - as milk, comparisons via fan collages at this point - as milk. When anons point out the absurdity, the go-to for you and others is apparently claiming everyone is a white knight and claims lolcow as only a gossip site.

No. 32131

stop making dumb assumptions about me, since I'm not „one of those anons“ except people like you shitting up threads minimodding and whining about milk have ruined some threads for me. Do you know about the Streisand effect? The more you make a shitstorm out of something, the more you call attention to it and keep it in the spotlight. I've made collages when I want to put more than one photo in a post, didn't know that's some electric railtrack for your rage.

You are not the prime minister of what is allowed to be discussed. Hard truth.

No. 32132

Could you please ban ALL the discussion about pakianon and romanianon, and ban them as well? It's infecting every /ot/ thread and it's retarded and tiring.

No. 32133

File: 1651682481699.jpeg (28.58 KB, 238x264, D642CCAB-EE91-444A-BA82-176F7F…)

Fook off!! Thought police

No. 32134

Ok so which one are you?

No. 32135

So can the personal cows thread have better rules/enforcement next time around? Most of the shit getting posted isn't even milky, retards are bumping it with obvious vendettas or self posts.

>ib4 "hurr were u posted anon"

Literally just tired of seeing posts that could go in the troon threads instead or obvious attention seeking.

No. 32136

Thats another thing constantly brought up, but in Nicole's thread
>Streisand effect

Lol lots of anons have pointed this out and this is a complaint thread for a reason. Using the idea that complaining about what anons have been doing which is against the rules [useless social media posts, nitpicking filters, nitpicking boobs, nitpicking changing a baby's diaper, nitpicking braces, nitpicking someone's nose, making up tinfoil without a base to pass off as milk]. These things have gotten anons redtext on multiple threads. Pretending that anons haven't been calling it out and reporting it, and immediately complaining in those threads about an agenda that mods have apparently, doesn't make the fact that it is happening go away.

No. 32137

Who's this supposed to be?

No. 32138

None, I'm fucking tired of seeing them everywhere.

No. 32139

No. 32140

"shaynadmin" is most likely a moid. i just don't understand why else things would be going down this way (especially with yesterday). i would like just one explanation from "her" or from a farmhand at this point. sad to see this happening to one of the only female orientated spaces online. i expect by the end of the year for this site to be gone. the false hope we got last year really sucks now with what we've actually gotten.

No. 32141

Yeah, it all started with the bunkers and the /m/assacre. It's getting worse.

No. 32142

Put this thread in manure please.

No. 32143

i believe this now. the shayna cover was just a way to hide the yeasty-scrotal underpinnings of the actual moderation team. yesterday was a fucking shitshow and i foresee this place turning into a male sympathizing shithole not meant for women given the way that mod acted towards women and pro-troon/male/anti-woman yesterday

No. 32144

>i foresee this place turning into a male sympathizing shithole
I've been seeing traces of this already. Sad shit.

Can someone please give a summary of what happened yesterday?

No. 32145

Shaynadmin isn't admin right now. We're still transitioning from admins and I think the poor quality of the site is because oldmin refuses to speak to us.

No. 32146

shaynadmin better bring back the kpop threads I’m tired of looking at the celebricows thread I need unhinged stans fighting each other about plastic surgery and dating rumors

No. 32147

I don't know if it helps, but Romanianon is using NordVPN to evade. I cought one of her fresher bans when I was turning it on.

No. 32148

How do you use vpns nonny when I connect to one it still runs on my IP

No. 32149

You just buy it, download the program, run it and give a permission through a popup. Maybe your firewall is blocking it or something? I mainly use it on mobile because youtube in my country is shit and blocks everything.

No. 32150

>newfag doesn't remember Ian

No. 32151

I was banned for something I literally never posted but I use a VPN and the comment was obviously by a moid. I forgot to save the screenshot like an idiot but it was something about having a 4.5 inch penis? on /m/? Anyway saging because I already wrote that in the appeal but has this happened to anyone else? It was a permaban too so now I can't use that one VPN server anymore unless they reverse it.

No. 32152

>I use a VPN
That’s why. It happened to me when I used them. Usually it gets fixed pretty soon if you post in ban appeal and send an email but if not…just change vpn kek.

No. 32153

Please take off the autosage in the amber and johnny thread, it was one of the most active threads and Ambers testimony just started and we want to discuss it with other anons too instead of it being autosaged.

No. 32154

Did you forget that this site was started by shoeonhead and a moid.

No. 32155


No. 32156

Are you doing somenthing about /ot/ currently or…

No. 32157

You allow literal shit threads and trolls here to stay for days but the amber vs johnny which was one of the most active threads gets autosaged.

At this point just lock or autosage all threads for fucks sake since you cant do your job.

No. 32158

no they are not, they only lock thread when kpop is mentioned but moids trolling is totally okay.

No. 32159

Lock /ot/ for week again.

The thread was shit and moid magnet.

No. 32160

yes lock ot/ instead of being more active or recruiting more jannys. And when the lock ends after a week it will still be filled with trolls and moids so what should we do then, imbecile?
every thread here is a ''moid magnet'' by your logic are you one of those butthurt deppfags, the majority of users here liked that thread.

No. 32161

hellweek pls

No. 32162

nta but that thread was complained about the most here (and will probably be complained about again if autosage is removed lol)

No. 32163

This website's been such shit lately. The weird farmhand sperg in the unpopular opinions thread. Autosaging the amber/johnny thread because there's clearly not enough jannies to monitor the thread closely. No word about /m/ STILL. Boo. This sucks.

No. 32164

No. 32165

>complained about the most here
not true except for the same two anons who complain about it.

The vent and unpopular thread have way more complaints than any threads in ot/ combined but that doesn't mean they should be autosaged now does it.

No. 32166

the autosage isn't bad, just be sure to save the thread on your browser

No. 32167

>Lock /ot/ for week again.
god no, that would be worse than the last time

No. 32168

the website has changed and we deserve something better than a moid running this website.

No. 32169

how about we autosage the vent and unpopular too and then just SAVE it on your browser and see how you like it.
You know damn well autosaging threads kills the activity of a thread. Autosaging is basically when mods dont want to moderate a thread and are too scared to lock it so they autosage it.

No. 32170

Not gonna happen. It's obviously not a thing anymore and hasn't been for a long time. When was the last time, years ago? We didn't even have hellweek after the creepshow newfag influx and that's when it was most needed

No. 32171

Read upthread and the unpopular opinions thread. A tranny who blamed women for getting raped get defended by a mod. Their handpicture kept gettimg removed as it was reposted.

No. 32172

how are we going to have a hellweek when the mods are just as bad as the moidposters, for example?
this. wtf is that mod.
i do remember ian, the difference is that the site is different now and if it's the case that there are moids/trannies present, we were literally sold a bill of goods that would be entirely different from reality. you don't lie and say you're transitioning the site to other women when in reality you're hiding that you're transitioning it to men. at least give posters who feel uncomfortable with it a chance to leave if you're going to do that. yesterday was sus as fuck and i have little hope combined with the secrecy now.

No. 32173

Tinfoil trannyjanny locked it because there was a lot of manhate in that thread. "she" also told anons to go to 2x and defended the troony hands..

No. 32174

>the website has changed and we deserve something better than a moid running this website.
this. people like this >>32154 have to be moids themselves. im sick of the "muh oldfag cuhlture" shit. we have made a new culture. it's honestly quite shady seeing all these kind of posts.

No. 32177

yesterday there was an anti-abortion troon posting in the unpopular opinions thread, saying very vile and clearly male shit (also 100% male talking points, totally retarded), they were insulting people for no reason, being a chauvinistic online asshole. he posted that pic of his hand as "proof" he's female. one janny flipped the fuck out and banned and redtexted everyone who disagreed with him tell us "lolcow doesn't cater to your ideology, go back to 2X" just when an anon suspected he was a scrote, removed all traces of his hand picture, and only ever banned him or redtexted him when it got sus. then they locked the unpopular opinions thread, even though anons had already moved on and were talking about other topics. then the convo moved to the vent thread because it was weird as fuck the way the mod acted. the mod barged into vent thread to shut that shit down, did the same thing they did in unpopular opinions, locked the vent thread and redtexted all the women. all of this happened in a matter of like 30-40 minutes.

he started posting very creepy/weird fetishy stuff and it's just so obvious it's a fucking dude. it wouldn't have been anywhere near as suspicious if not for the fact that they were immediately removing his pics and banning and redtexting everyone but him, then locking threads all over the place. meanwhile moid spam and cp stays up for hours. we don't need trannystanning modding, silencing women and condemning them like a sperg for hours while you usually ignore ignore the site for days and let actually harmful material like CP or gore stay up for a long time. retarded. why is it so hard just to find mods that will clean up horrendous material and not step in like faggot hallmonitors?

No. 32178

Nta but really want to know what the hell was up with that janny. Extremely cowish behavior. Especially removing the hand picture and the redtext sperging. Anons in /g/ post their bodies in the kibbe thread and it's fine but some autist posts their bony unkept hands and it's gotta be taken down and it's not allowed up? You're right, it is sus.

No. 32179

>he posted that pic of his hand as "proof" he's female. one janny flipped the fuck out and banned and redtexted everyone who disagreed with him tell us "lolcow doesn't cater to your ideology, go back to 2X"
Fucking tranny janny. This place is falling to pieces.

No. 32180

File: 1651697803952.png (420.51 KB, 1920x776, wfiuwfgfw.png)

Soyjaks and wojaks should be banned on sight. This guy, the wojakposter, has done this type of raiding before on here (I've catched him on multiple boards and reported, mods always delete his posts thankfully). And he admits to raid other websites as well. Consider banning this shit once and for all.

No. 32181

It might be the Janny herself too. She banned anyone who disagreed with her.

No. 32182


No. 32183

it's scrote soyjak.party raiders, they usually raid crystal cafe because there is less mods there but some are stupid enough to try shitting this place up as well
agreed soyjak/wojak should be banned

No. 32184

So like what happened to that site upgrade and rangeban for moids that you promised in townhall

No. 32185

Wojak sperging in /ot/

No. 32186

File: 1651699453258.png (29.56 KB, 317x226, discord.PNG)

Admin literally posted in discord today, so what is stopping her from giving us one update on the admin situation and all the shit she promised at the townhall and to the people who donated?
This might mean nothing, but I also noticed she doesn't have the admin role. I remember something like that being there before, but now it's gone.

No. 32188

File: 1651699634656.png (38.2 KB, 858x236, discord 2.PNG)

Samefag, she's literally doing shit for the discord but she nor newmin can be assed to even say anything to us.

No. 32189

Thats the mod, you retard. The admin is @5dmin and theyre barely active on discord too.

No. 32190

I thought it was admin because of the things they post (especially the stuff referencing Elaine, and how they were having movie nights since Admin posted about hosting one in the movie thread) and that 5dmin was the new admin, but if that's not either of them then my mistake. My point still stands though, even if it's just a farmhand/janny they should still be saying something to us instead of just pretending this site doesn't exist.

No. 32191

More soyjak sperging in /ot/

No. 32192

Trannyjanny is the one posting

No. 32193

why has the moderation on this site been so weirdly involved on discord servers for the site? they're weird and it's a very strange responsibility to invest more of your time and attention to than an actual site you're in charge of. even oldmin and her literal catty irl friends were obsessed with discord instead of the site and what its users wanted

No. 32194

ok then why even post if you have no idea if they're admin or not which they are not.
idiots i swear, this the reason why so many meta complaints aren't taken seriously.

Either way there is difference between a server mod and a actual mod, some of them only moderate the discord but they have nothing to do with the site.

No. 32195

Thank you for informing us employee of Lolcow.farm, now would you like to do something about the spammer in /ot/?

No. 32196

I literally explained in my post why I thought they are admin. Maybe if the staff actually communicated with us then this type of confusion wouldn't happen, and I wouldn't have gone to discord in the first place to try and figure out what's going on.
>some of them only moderate the discord but they have nothing to do with the site.
That user posted about how they (they being the staff, I guess) were trying to work out the issues with the shutdown back in February, so I think it's reasonable to assume that they might have something to do with the actual site.

Anyway, since you know so much then would you like to explain why we haven't had any announcements on /meta/ in like 2 months?

No. 32197

Boo, you whore.

No. 32198

i would if i was a actual janny.

No. 32200

File: 1651700837421.jpg (39.28 KB, 720x685, 513ed23.jpg)

I didn't say that we didn't deserve better, just that I don't understand why anons running around here forget how everything started. There have always been moids lurking and infiltrating, even back on 8ch when /fem/ existed and that Swami retard (who was also a friend of shoe's) turned out to be some pornsick troon up in Canada.

What's sad and shady is retards like you who get so defensive over a post like mine, assign whatever tone or meaning you want to it, then use that as an excuse to chimp out. Like I told the anon above: I didn't defend it. I pointed out what's happened since the beginning and how this place was never some Sapphic utopia you guys act like it was back in 2014. If you're still mad, go to the crystal cafe place, but its also basically dead. Imageboards themselves are a dying concept.

No. 32201

Moid samefagging, larping and baiting in /ot/ can you permaban already

No. 32202

File: 1651705760356.jpg (26.39 KB, 127x127, relatable.jpg)

Where did 2X go? Is it gone for good?

No. 32203

it still shows up for me, you just have to access it manually

No. 32204

Second for unlocking the Amber v Johnny thread. It wasn’t any more cancer than other threads that are allowed to stay up.

No. 32205


No. 32207

Don't unlock it. Absolute retarded circlejerk thread and attracts shizos.

No. 32208

It's not locked tho

No. 32209

fucking thank you.

No. 32210

>I pointed out what's happened since the beginning and how this place was never some Sapphic utopia you guys act like it was back in 2014.
sure it wasn't but why are you against it?

No. 32211

hell no, pure cancer and moid central.

No. 32212

this. It should be a separate thing.

No. 32213

Maybe the mods should do their job to prevent that instead of us having to make space for/cater to them.

No. 32214

Anon, once again, where did I say that I was against it? Why are you so pissed off and being this desperate for an argument with somebody over a perceived slight?

No. 32216

cp posted on /ot again

No. 32217

The same cp post has been posted again on the /ot main page. Mods please wake up

No. 32218

I hope the jannies kill themselves unironically. You come on here to get rid of shitpost threads but leave the CP up? Makes sense. Anons have been complaining about this inconsistency in moderation this for years now and it’s just sad. Just kill yourselves, ban me for alogging while you let disgusting CP sit in /ot/ you lousy pieces of shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 32219

File: 1651757099926.png (709.79 KB, 569x580, 493AE322-F086-4871-B0F0-DA315C…)

Cp on ot

No. 32220

File: 1651757194718.gif (1.37 MB, 400x300, 8AB93832-F039-429D-8405-8127CC…)


No. 32221

It seems to be all gone for now?

No. 32222

Dicks are being spammed on /ot/. Kinda funny actually, but annoying nevertheless.

No. 32224

Mind you that person was able to post the cp thread twice in a span of about half an hour. Fucking sad

No. 32225

It’s a polfag Scrote spamming what he loves the most: gigantic black dicks. At least it’s not cp but still delete it.

No. 32226

>lolcow goes from a community where everyone is hostile and edginess is rewarded, letting makes run free and rampant, to a community of smart and funny women who just try to have fun

>raids start to happen

>the pictures drive a lot of good nonnies away
>sus anons start to appear instead
>"lolcow is not your sapphic heaven!!!! MEN should be allowed as long as they don't mention they're men!!"
>happens every damn time

No. 32227

Can we ban these anons who keep derailing in thread and calling everyone a WK in all their posts? Its not adding to the threads and its almost every 10 posts. >>>/w/210963

Not to mentiined their shitposting is annoying as fuck too because they are mad they keep getting banned for their autistic posts.

No. 32228

We need another hellweek, please. These raids are really driving away good users. Does nobody care about the future of this website?

No. 32229

I don't think we can because mod shortage

No. 32231

why aren't mod applications open anymore if they don't have enough people to clean up cp?

No. 32232

Please this. I miss hellweek. These newfags are so obvious.

No. 32233

They were up for a long time. My guess is that no one signed up.

No. 32234

File: 1651773054839.jpg (273.78 KB, 1600x1600, 0488f3fa7888b7fca40ced1a325019…)

You still sperging, retard? I didn't defend men nor do I think they belong here. Somebody pointing out that a scrote had a hand in the lore of this place =/= condoning men and tranny jannies. Learn to sage and take a breather.

No. 32236

I'm going to start reportinh for derailing posts that just yell about whiteknights now. It's all over W and derailing as fuck at this point and mods won't stop it or even give 'take it to meta derailing' bans. Jfc

No. 32237

Stfu. The cp has been cleared quickly lately. What cp. Where at this moment, anon?

No. 32239

File: 1651778486643.jpg (422.28 KB, 952x1769, Screenshot_20220505-211957.jpg)

>another pointless emoji ban
>meanwhile cp/gore stays up for hours, obvious transvestites in the mtf thread can keep posting

Jannies are seriously cringe for this

No. 32240

anons forgot the only reason men were banned is because of the "male here i'd fuck x cow" posts, not to make the site exclusive to women. all the non drama boards should be nuked.

No. 32241

NTA but that post is from 5 hours ago, clearly it's gone now but wasn't earlier.

No. 32242

Why the fuck is the zoo vid still up?

No. 32243

Ban the moid in depp vs heard thread

No. 32244


No. 32245

Nah, I'd rather your shitposts cop bans.

No. 32246

I was about to ask why threads look weird and regular pics seem to disappear, but I assume it's because scrotes are spamming disgusting shit atm and it's a preventative measure.

No. 32247

Meaning they get to it quickly lately, anon acts like it's always left up on purpose

No. 32248

I haven't made a single shitpost.

No. 32249

congratulations, gold star for u, hun

No. 32250

why don't you leave. the site isn't for you.

No. 32251

Moid posting his nudes in /ot/ atm. Between them and the Heard-Depp case I feel bad for the mods

No. 32252

I don’t they let CP stay but destroy anons trying to lighten the mood

No. 32253

/g/ has been affected too

No. 32254

Underage looking male posting his nudes.

No. 32255

god I could not hit the back button fast enough

No. 32256

Hey moids, I mean mods, stop abusing your powers and stop banning women that aren’t moids just because they don’t share opinions for subjects that you have a soft spot for. I can’t go on 4chan, because that’s not a safe space for me. And hivemind chans need to fuck off.(moid)

No. 32257

>safe space
The chans were never safe spaces for anyone nona kek

No. 32258

>that’s not a safe space for me
And lolcow is? LOL

No. 32259

The hysteria over moids potentially posting is killing this site quicker than actual moids.

Someone has an opinion that you don't like?
Farmhand banned you for being a retard?
Someone makes a typo?
Someone likes something you don't?

No. 32261

is that it or is it that the OTT response to women disagreeing with handposter and subsequent retarded locks and retexts, removing all attachments of his hand reposted by posters (never seen that done except for anything actually haram) while letting him off on redtexts until other women make it clear you're being obvious, a red flag?

No. 32262

agree. it's just used as an insult now.

No. 32264

Nta, but calling anons scrotes for usually petty reasons has been going on for a lot longer than the stuff that happened in the unpopular opinions thread. It didn't just start because of that.

No. 32265

is actually ridiculous because I feel like so many of my opinions have just been gaslighted just because I wasn't agreeing with an overall sentiment everyone was discussing. It's either group think or nothing at all, it's so hard to have healthy discussions now without the fear of being called this shit and disregarded if you have a different opinion.

No. 32266

No. 32268

Well no because moids are spamming cp, and they don’t do much for them. I repeat, stop banning actual women ffs.

No. 32269

post his hand because I have never seen it

No. 32270

Pls no.. It should be up there if you scroll. The nails make me so nauseous.

No. 32271

I thought you guys were exaggerating. It really is a faggot.

No. 32272

Hey thanks for unsaging and moderating the DvH trial thread

No. 32273

Its a one sided toxic thread that invites schizos into it. What is there to thank its a shit thread just like the covid one

No. 32274

Agree. Thank you mods

No. 32275

Agree. I couldn't learn about the case in any other side because there are always weird rape or such threads towards Amber in male dominant sites.

No. 32276

Nothing wrong with the covid thread
You can always just not read threads you dislike

No. 32277

Stupid hivemind chan poster(infighting)

No. 32278

“Stupid” says the child throwing a tantrum because something didn’t go her way(infighting)

No. 32280

Nta but what's wrong with the covid thread? There are anti or provaxx and even schizo-chans.

No. 32281


Can you guys please clean up my thread, and remove all the infighting posts

I just wanted to discuss pets…not anons crazy vendettas against eachother

No. 32282

True, and the trial thread also has varying opinions. Guess I missed what triggered that anon

No. 32283

Karma for making such a shitty thread in the first place.

No. 32284

The rules of this website =/= my way, Hivemind-chan.

No. 32285

What happened anon?

No. 32286

please stop responding to the ban evading male, see >>32256

No. 32287

Thanks anon, sorry about that. I’ll stop responding to them now.

No. 32288

Sorry your pug is ugly

No. 32289

I’m not male. This shit needs to fucking stop.

No. 32290


No. 32291

Kek I was going to post the same thing.

No. 32292

Faggot moid spamming his cock obsession on /ot/

No. 32293

A scrote is spamming black dicks in the heard v depp thread and the vent thread

No. 32295

I wish I wouldn’t be such a tradthot or pickne on lolcow precisely because of the many r9k fags/moids..I just can’t help myself. But hey, can’t they be filtered before posting like that thing on r9k has in terms of uniqueness but instead of that it becomes scroteness? So scrote posts will no longer be able to be published.

No. 32296

File: 1651865086888.png (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1232x740, troonhands.png)

went digging for troon hands… this is pretty sus, just saying. Save the pic.(we won’t help you with this)

No. 32297

For the last time; That is my hand. I’m a cis woman. I’ve been female since I was conceived. This obsession with calling women moids and accusing them of being scrotes just because we have different experiences or opinions is ridiculous, my opinions do not make me any less of a woman, and furthermore - me being skinny does not make me any less of a woman either. Just because I have boney hands and grown nails doesn’t mean I’m a man. I’m a woman. I’m a human. I have a right to have my own opinion, and I also have a right to correct you. I’m never going to be less female simply because we don’t have identical opinions and bodies.

No. 32298

>troons werent lying about troon haters being moid themselves
Who in the pornhub living fuck is that frankenstein?

No. 32300

No, it doesn’t. My hand is just boney because I’m anorexic. I’m sorry if it looks large like a man’s because it’s up close to the camera, but I’m a biological woman with a skinny body and boney hands because I have psychological issues. But those issues don’t make me a fucking man.

No. 32301

how convenient. Also convenient that the manhand in question is there immediately to start another round of spam.

No. 32302

What? Answer me. Who is that?

No. 32303

What’s wrong with your nails? People who sperg about you are worse than your nails. Anyways? Answer me. What’s wrong with your nails.

No. 32304

im saying the manhand posted the trannyporn shit, since they immediately responded to it, despite the issue being several days old

No. 32305

check the IP’s immediately and see for yourself that they were not posted by me you dumb child

No. 32306

I’m a regular lolcow user. When people post me I’m gonna fucking see it? What is wrong with you.

No. 32307

. Nothing is wrong with my nails. What is wrong is people treating me as less than a woman just because I have boney hands

No. 32308

really? because people have been clowning you for days and you've not said anything.

No. 32309

>I’m a regular lolcow user
>check my ip
beg your pardon?

No. 32310

I said something now because posting my hands next to pornography crosses a line.

No. 32311

Mods can see your IP.

No. 32312

Kek you must be new

No. 32313

No, I’ve been on lolcow since 2018

No. 32314

And yet you do embarrassing shit like posting your hand? Was 2018 your first year on the internet or what?

No. 32315

My hand doesn’t embarrass me. The posted photo is edited by farmers(let it go already)

No. 32316

File: 1651874755446.jpeg (110.64 KB, 1170x695, D6759A86-BB20-474B-9FFC-69D5C8…)

oh so it’s okay for everyone else to post about it but the moment I say stop, I’m the problem(retard)

No. 32317

File: 1651881815159.png (604.23 KB, 599x685, 20220502_.PNG)

i post my hand sometimes

No. 32318

I was like "haha man hands" but now I'm trippin cause I held up my hand and it's identical

No. 32319

kek my hands look like that too, but that hand exudes twink energy

No. 32320

File: 1651882963224.jpg (75.77 KB, 509x339, fortune.jpg)

>Double life lines in the palm are called sister lines. It is a good sign of vitality and a smooth life. A person with double life lines will always receive support from others when encountering troubles and has a higher possibility of getting riches and renown.

No. 32321

File: 1651883145729.jpeg (75.96 KB, 609x429, 2FAC0F24-1643-4841-B6B9-804F61…)

No. 32322

i don't see it on my hand, but that's also not the way you take a handpic

No. 32323

Tfw have a fat hand (no I’m not fat) but it’s still feminine. I think slender hands are manly.

No. 32324

That's not the right side. You also don't have fat hands, don't say thatt.

No. 32325

Could you please permaban the tranny-pornsperg in the Venus Angelic thread ?
Thank you.

No. 32326

I said I have fat hands. She has slender manly hands.

No. 32327

mods wake the fuck up and take a look at ot/ , there is a literal nazi thread.

No. 32328

can we get a ban for the unsaged anachan who literally posted her own nudes in lori's thread? and remove the picture pretty please too it's freaking me out. her posts have been gaining in frequency.

No. 32329

File: 1651929380836.jpg (620.97 KB, 1100x1453, 190411154422-elisabetta-sirani…)

The boring 'Why aren't you' moid is back at it: >>>/ot/1170364
Please exterminate him thank you

No. 32330

saved as fuk

No. 32331

Please put the CC thread in /ot/ in autosage, I'm suprised it's still up at all. It reads as an advertising thread for people to migrate to CC.
Closing it could also work.

No. 32332

can you please ban him too… assuming he's the one in lori's thread trolling for more nudes now.

No. 32333

Seconding this. There's more coming in now encouraging the freak to post more in the thread. She comes here high off starvation and barely mentally functioning just to slur out fat jokes and selfpost her nudes to prove she's a real bone rattler. She's going to shit up the thread with her "post physique then fatty" cope. There's already enough anachan retards in there we don't need /soc/ whores and scrotes in there too.

No. 32335

Yo, can we get the fucking troon out of the altcows thread?

No. 32336

midget on ot

No. 32337

File: 1651983420324.jpeg (58.59 KB, 744x245, 2B16429E-9A7A-4851-BB1E-589882…)

it’s almost like the mods are newfags. why would you ban something that is literally coded within the website? really? banning “<3”? actual tranny janny alert

No. 32338

waiting for them to update this site

No. 32339

File: 1651993577926.jpeg (344.39 KB, 640x890, 06DEA63C-3FB0-409F-8D48-1A9BCA…)

Delete this thread please. The scrotes think they can kekeke and have a good time with us when they’re constantly spamming child porn.

No. 32340

I already reported it, I think mods are asleep

No. 32341

File: 1651994792774.jpeg (131.34 KB, 458x438, 467D615F-CA94-4901-9628-CCC6B7…)

>scrote comes to website where men are banned on site and unwelcome in every way
>goes on to eating disorder thread
>”no one cares! GO AWAY you ANNOYING whore! Go get RAPED by Your dad teehee!”

No. 32342

Bitch, you think us men know about the no1curr meme? You got trolled so hard by a foid that you rushed to meta to complain about men.

That shit is like a 3 point slam dunk in the trolle game.(you’re embarrassing)

No. 32343

File: 1651995381425.jpeg (98.28 KB, 640x729, CDA50C80-AACD-43B9-A200-F1D917…)

>>32342(don’t reply to males)

No. 32344

Post your hand clawbitch tranny

No. 32345

cp in /ot/ again

No. 32346

Why are these moids camping out here in /ot/ and /g/, everything they do is predictable even when trying to shock us. It would change things up if they got banned and went outside…

No. 32347

Come to think of it I wonder if the Depp/Heard thread is what's attracting them, I can't remember if these particular ones were here before then

No. 32348

Totally. This is why I said the thread should be autosaged but nooooooo bitches really REALLY need to discuss some publicity stunt and all its done is attract moids to come fight and be schizo which is bleeding out into the rest of the boards.

No. 32349


No. 32350

Definitely. It instantly got worse again after the autosage on that thread was lifted.

No. 32351

At this point I wish it were gone. It's not worth it.

No. 32352

Keep them contained there

No. 32353

No. 32355

We said it got worse, together with advanced baiting posts in /g/ and /ot/.

No. 32356

It didn’t get worse, it was worse during the Elaine threads, blame those.

No. 32357

File: 1652025981523.png (435.18 KB, 1123x614, seeing double.png)

two amber vs johnny threads

No. 32358

dick sperging in moo thread is getting worse.

No. 32359

looking at this is giving me a headache. it should be banned because the rest of the threads on /ot/ have been abandoned just to join that tinfoil circlejerk

No. 32360

>keep the moids contained!!!
Fuck off and kill yourself. And I genuinely mean that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 32361

You bitches also be saying covid, tinfoil, war, euro and every other thread attracts moids. At this point you just have vendettas against some anons posting in those threads and you're saying everyone is a moid to get those threads removed.
This is the only website I can follow this situation because on other website women are saying they wish they were in Amber's place as she got sexually assaulted or men wish her death. If it triggers you, hide it.

No. 32364

agreed. the war threads, the covid thread, the tinfoil threads, did attract moids, but it's just how it is. we're going to have vigilantly try to contain their presence, always, on this site, or else we will have no threads or end up completely silenced on issues that are important to us. it's not a justification to shut threads down, or autosage, it's reason to just be more vigilant and diligent in getting rid of them. they tire eventually if they are called out and banned.

No. 32365

>You bitches also be saying covid, tinfoil, war, euro and every other thread attracts moids.
Nta, but they literally did

No. 32366

So do unpopular opinion, ideal man and relationship thread. Actually half posters in the ideal male type or whatever are men posting themselves but somehow no one is complaining about it. Same for relationship advice thread.

No. 32367

I think there's cp in /ot/. Anons are bumping threads and saying don't scroll.

No. 32368

wow the mother's day is really triggering some moid's traumas about women

No. 32369

Is it gone now?

No. 32370

>You bitches
Opinion discarded, didn't read, plus go back.

No. 32371

I just saw more of the cp spam in /ot/, sigh

No. 32372

Are applications open for farmhands?

No. 32373

I hope so because we need another hellweek, asap.

No. 32374

>post in a gossipforum
>get triggered over being called a bitch
Ok twittard. You go back.

No. 32375

File: 1652080679801.jpeg (164.4 KB, 1000x1327, 709951CA-3FFD-4BF1-B710-218DE3…)

Cp on snow

No. 32376

File: 1652080979469.jpeg (183.67 KB, 658x900, 8BB50AD1-586D-4F94-B564-5EFC95…)

Cp on ot

No. 32377

File: 1652081029739.jpeg (177.81 KB, 856x640, 1FC37A65-97DC-4EB8-9B8E-E2C103…)

Bump cp in ot

No. 32378

Cp in /g/ too

No. 32379

Cp in snow make it go away

No. 32380

& /m/

No. 32381

Where the fuck are you guys ffs

No. 32382

File: 1652082014986.jpeg (56.08 KB, 378x457, 26C58BE2-EB67-4D9B-88E7-45F063…)

Mods please WAKE THE FUCK UP

No. 32383

File: 1652082023549.png (74.72 KB, 203x275, 1454825617251.png)

why is the CP still up?

No. 32384

File: 1652082035880.jpg (113.6 KB, 540x470, tumblr_1ed1914f0a9c2a532fcd9e7…)

cp raid on all boards

No. 32385

CP raid just stay away. Can we get more eu mods i hate this

No. 32386

File: 1652082234737.jpg (438.54 KB, 1432x1080, 1652082173274.jpg)

I know mods are trying their best and all but LC honestly needs to hire more, and much more capable, mods tbh.

No. 32387

File: 1652082613346.jpeg (40.63 KB, 564x564, 80DD9578-C632-43E8-B6E7-C98FB5…)

I can’t wait to be banned for bumping threads in snow just to prevent people seeing disgusting graphic child abuse
Mods wake the fuck up and get the FBI involved you lazy cunts. I want this fat child abusing scrote to be carved up alive like a Christmas turkey and doused in prison napalm.

No. 32389

CP being posted in /m/

No. 32390

File: 1652082825452.jpg (68.42 KB, 896x755, IMG_20220403_182618_601.jpg)

They banned Boyegay chan for making hilarious content in the celebricows thread and then proceed to let cp stay up. Are we sure that all farmhands are not trannies? Tinfoil time

No. 32391

It’s in every board - it’s been over 30 minutes now

No. 32392

Farmhands aren't online 24/7 and especially the EU timezone seems to be a challenge for them, for example yesterday the CP spam was deleted before I even saw it myself when US mods were online. Please open up applications admin.

No. 32393

File: 1652083097896.jpg (321.89 KB, 1900x1595, og2-artemisia-gentileschi.ngsv…)


No. 32394

it seems like basic fucking logic to have a mod schedule that would have someone on duty 24/7, im sure some euros applied or they could fucking open the applications again. Everytime you guys do this shit you prove that retarded faggot right and i’m starting to believe him, the moderation here is fucking shit

No. 32395

Wake the fuck up and open janny application rn

No. 32397

especially since this has been an ongoing issue since MONTHS now, there should be a better solution to this shit

No. 32398

I don't go here every day but what the fuck.

No. 32399

Mods get rid of the nasty moid posting cp on /ot/ I’m fucking traumatised

No. 32400

Are the admins even reporting this shit to the FBI? Are they even putting measures for preventing this and actually stopping pedos?

No. 32401

Alright, I take my words back. Mods aren't 'trying their best'. Vile moid has been spamming since forever and jannies still won't do shit. Why does this site only hire burgers with squeaky clean sleep schedules? Like, seriously why? They can literally take a tour around the vent thread on ot and hire whoever mentions they're insomniac and/or terminally online on LC kek, but it just has to be burgers for some fucking reason.

No. 32402

I sincerely hope everyone who has been bumping threads doesn’t get a ban and instead gets a thank you, because it’s been an HOUR. This is insane, please. I frequent this site so often and this is such an ongoing problem. Please open applications for jannies.

No. 32404

File: 1652084563212.png (279.01 KB, 640x1176, SXjqovMNr74jg9wCYiQNo7TBAc_UA_…)

thank you mods for continuously removing the cp that keeps getting posted, I haven't seen it yet, so thank you. I'm sorry you have to go through that.

No. 32405

File: 1652084634185.jpeg (176.15 KB, 482x919, EC8D282B-2DC7-4EDE-91D9-203418…)

Keep bumping, nonnies.

No. 32406

If they ban people for bumping then I am out of this place, I rather spend time on other websites. The fact this is a problem means they are not even reporting shit along with having only burgerland mods is just stupid.

No. 32407

File: 1652084746551.jpeg (125.31 KB, 1452x816, 651058A0-A60A-4F06-A216-4A953D…)

fuck off pedo

No. 32409

I imagine cp poster isn’t american so the FBI doesn’t care. Hate that it’s reality but the only pedos who get caught are ones who are literal retards.

No. 32411

I am pretty sure, they would still need to report this activity as even if the pedo is not american, the child can still be sex trafficked.

No. 32412

legit will never come back if we get bans for bumping when it has been over an hour of him continually posting cp at this point

No. 32413

File: 1652085160741.jpeg (660.6 KB, 828x1067, AD83B868-46FA-4CA1-9342-E13E7F…)

Wait is this something that’s happened before? I mean I’d rather get a ban than let the pedo scrote ruin more anons’ days but as >>32406 said I’ll legit just leave if it’s a real possibility… We really shouldn’t have to be doing this, not for so long

No. 32415

File: 1652085274684.png (4.14 MB, 1074x2046, 2D5E652B-68DB-4C13-B504-CBA7BB…)

I use this site everyday, if I get a ban for this idk what imma do. Mods pls don’t ban us we are just trying to protect our turf

No. 32416

I think there should be a auto-mod(/bot?), like the one who locks a thread when it reaches maximum amount of posts, which immediately removes a post/thread and temp ban the anon who posted once it gets reported for CP/Gore/Beastility or stuff like that. Of course, some retards could misuse this feature during infighting spergs, but I still believe this auto-mod would do more good than harm.

No. 32417

File: 1652085460165.jpeg (102.04 KB, 640x855, B251967B-6836-4F9D-A37D-309084…)

Yes they do and they call you an idiot for it too

No. 32418

There should be an automod take down for review as soon as illegal content is posted and flagged by a specific amount of people. Why is this not a thing?

No. 32420

this shit has been going on for months. there's literally no reason why applications should not be open at this time. they know it's a problem.

No. 32421

wow how sweet, guess wanting to shield people from child abuse makes you an idiot, good to know!

No. 32423

I'm pretty sure this anon got confused with the scrote who has been bumping /snow/ threads for no reason. I've been bumping with pictures and warnings and never got banned for it, I haven't seen anyone else doing the same thing get banned either.
Anyway, is it gone?

No. 32425

regardless no one here should be punished, if they don't like the post they can flag it under safe guarding

No. 32426

No I was the anon and that’s not the case at all. Cp was posted in a snow thread and I bumped so it would not show when anons opened snow

No. 32427

Its now been an hour and that cp thread has still not been removed. Whats going on?

No. 32428

File: 1652085855552.png (47.43 KB, 275x175, 1636802527041.png)

no its still there

No. 32429

Sorry it was /W/

No. 32430

They do it because it makes the CP more difficult for them to find and delete. The vichan mod panel has an option to sort all posts on a board by recently posted. If no one makes any posts bumping a thread to hide CP, dealing with CP is simply a case of opening the recent posts panel and deleting it. If there are lots of bump posts, it takes longer to find.

No. 32431

>no one here should be punished
Yeah, but like I said there's been a moid bumping old threads for no reason by just saying "bump" with no picture or additional text so maybe there was confusion. I think if you include a photo or clarify what the bump is for it should be ok
I wasn't trying to say that you're that scrote, sorry anon.

No. 32433

Well, it's been real nonnas. Every bump was worth it though.

No. 32434

that's bullshit, you have catalogs and mass reports of specific posts. You can't tell me they don't know where all these posts are

No. 32435

Samefag, but I just don't want anons to panicmonger about banning and think that if they try to bump they will get banned for it. Like I said, I've been doing it for a while with no ban and I think that anon was the first to get banned for that. Of course, if farmhands would actually communicate to us and explain what happened then that would help a lot.

No. 32436

Kek. This is probably the pedomoid and he's mad we are bumping away his thread.

No. 32437

It’s another thread on /m/ remove that one too

No. 32438

You’re actually retarded

No. 32439

Is it gone? can I go back to my boards now? I really can't handle seeing another one

No. 32440

Do we think there could be some features implimented to deter stuff like cp spam in future?

There was some talk in /ot/ about banning VPNS or implimenting post timers/captia ala other imageboards. Captia also collects a digital thumbprint, meaning pedos might be less incentivised to spam.

I feel it would be a bit annoying if VPNs get blocked, but if it means less people have to be exposed to this stuff on here then its worth it. Maybe during periods where its clear moids are spamming, a temporary block on vpn posts could be implimented?
I'm sure most vpn users would not mind not being able to post for a day or two if it deterred pedo shit from being posted.

Since LC (seemingly) tracks cookies or some form of user data, maybe they could impliment a script to tempban and hide threads of users who are mass reported if possible. Opens the risk for abuse of the feature- but abusing reports is in itself bannable, so that could deter it? (plus its not hard to distinguish false reports by just viewing the original post)
I remember there was discussion of something like that to hide mass reported threads, but it never got implimented.

I don't know exactly how imageboards work or what reporting systems are in place, so these are just ideas, but it feels like we are in desperate need of some preventative measures to stop stuff like this from happening and help the admins/mods in dealing with it when it does.

No. 32441

I don't think that it's possible to moderate from the catalog from mod.php on tinyboard. One of the reasons why this site is moderated like it is could be because the moderation tools are woefully outdated.

Have you ever moderated an image board?

No. 32442

Is that the post? This looks like deleted cp, not a bump post.

No. 32443

2 hours and cp is still there. mods for fucks sake do your jobs.

No. 32444

meanwhile, yesterday that farmhand sarcastically quoted an anon saying they leave cp up for "hours" as if it doesn't stay up for hours. they'll probably just get bitchy about it tbh. admin, whoever, it is, needs to open up applications, this is fucking retarded. it's always at around 3-4 am EST and it has been this way for months and nothing has been done when they are so obviously woefully understaffed at the exact time these moids have been like clockwork spamming cp.

No. 32445

While these are good ideas, none of this can be implemented by farmhands. We need our admin for this who seems to have vanished. Same for taking/opening farmhand applications.

I also think there might be farmhands who specified they don't want to deal with cp.

No. 32446

Could it be that making new threads needs some sort of approval? Although, I can why it's not really a good option for normal users and it may deter spambots but not actual humans, who would then just post csem on threads users use…

No. 32447

Yeah, I feel like there are certain times cp is posted most regularly, so they could open applications for specifically those times? I don't know, inspecting the applications is the admin's job and clearly admin has been mia for a long while, so who will open janny applications and do the whole process? Tough cookie.

No. 32448

File: 1652087871737.png (159.2 KB, 1434x477, bunker trannies.png)

Seems like this particular raid is coming from leftypol/bunkerchan -esque spaces

No. 32449

>We need our admin for this who seems to have vanished. Same for taking/opening farmhand applications.
Yeah, I hate to blame jannies for this because the root problem is that Oldmin and Newmin have both seemingly abandoned us. We were promised stuff at the townhall and on the Ko-Fi page, some of which was supposed to fix this (like range bans), and then admin just dipped with barely any word except for "yeah, you guys are totally getting a new admin. btw, give me your money because I'm not paying for the site anymore".

No. 32450

Yeah we definitely need admin to unvanish and get something done, theres only so much mods/farmhands can do with the tools they have. Very frustrating to see this problem is still ongoing.

zomg totes pwning the terfs by posting cp

No. 32451

>posts CP
This doesn't surprise me at all.

Look at what is being said in this image >>32188
>back-end improvements and migration are still WIP but the custom front-end is essentially complete
This sounds like the new site software is being worked on.

No. 32453

Well that and all other updates need to be said here.

No. 32454

Mods need to set up a mobile notification system on their phones that spam them if there is enough 'gore' or 'cp' reports.
The police can actually shut down sites if cp stays up for too long.

No. 32455

Yeah this. Most of us don't use dickcord and don't care about the stupid circlejerk they've got there. But admins have been using it for "updates", and I never know what's happening because I'm not going on a totally different platform to find out. They need to post stuff here.

No. 32456

File: 1652089224651.png (232.31 KB, 1136x1313, bunter trannies_3.png)

Seeing this in real time is wild, I have never actually seen anyone justifying spamming cp and yet here they are

No. 32458

stop interacting with them, you only lead more troons here this way

No. 32459

>it wasn't us
>but if it was us, it doesn't matter
>lol you're such a karen caring about CP "won't somebody pleeaase think of the children!!"
Society could be so good if males just weren't given so many rights. It's not even worth arguing with them

No. 32460

Fucking lazy jannies wake up

No. 32462

>>32461 What can we do to get it off the site?

No. 32464

Can severed penis nonny stop trying to combat the cp with gore. Thanks.

No. 32465

It probably doesn't even work on them cause their own genitals are likely be in even worse conditions

No. 32466

I mean he did stop posting after it so, and it was saged anyways until some dumbass bumped the thread.

No. 32467

File: 1652091711085.png (15.38 KB, 1372x96, leftypol mods.png)

okay so the mods of leftypol are asking for the IPs of the cp spammers so they can deal with them

No. 32468

now if only our own mods could respond and finally remove the cp that would be great

No. 32469

these are the same people who willingly pay to get their dicks turned inside out and stuffed up inside themselves to larp as "real women". I don't think these scrotes are all too bothered by it. He probably got all hot and bothered and refocused on cooming. All it's really doing is putting gore on homepage.

No. 32471

3 hours…. cp is still up all over the site

No. 32472

who fucking cares, idgaf what happens on troon headquarters and staff shouldn't waste time om them, i want lolcow to thrive and browse it without seeing this vile shit

No. 32473

CP on /m/

No. 32475

Holy shit can you retards stop talking about lc on moid hq websites? I know it's not a muh secret society but doing that only leads to more moids (tranny or not) coming here to spam their vile shit. I've seen many posters also mention lc so often on the tranny threads of kf. STOP.

No. 32476

Yes a million times. They advertise this site and then swarm the threads moids make and shower them with replies. Literal garbage users, all should be banned. If you love interacting with moids so much leave lc.

No. 32477

Cp thread on ot still there.
Where are the mods? They usually dont take this long

No. 32478

Yeah sorry anon I just read this thread. This is disgusting, first time seeing CP after 5 years here. I can't get it out of my head.

Seriously I don't care anymore we need more posting regulations on LC.

No. 32479

why isn't there a "hide thread" function

No. 32480

Open the mod applications again if you can't handle it, damn. The applications should constantly be open, there was no reason to take them down to begin with. Fucking communicate with us.

No. 32481

There is. You can hide images also.

No. 32482

There is, it's the little minimize button next to the thread.

No. 32483

im blind and can't see/understand where it is

No. 32484

you can't hide it in the catalog though

No. 32485

we have at least a dozen NEETs here who are online 16 hours a day, hiring any of them as mods would fix the cp issue instantly

No. 32487

that's why i didn't notice it, i usually use catalog and why are people replying to the cp thread i thought anons were over reacting about some people commenting to that random thot thread but why would you interract with the cp thread

No. 32488

File: 1652094087873.png (431.41 KB, 806x832, hide thread.png)

Picrel to your question
Good fucking question

No. 32489

Kys dumbass, no wonder we're getting raided when male attention addicted sluts like you are guiding them here. Fuck off from lolcow and stay on your moid site.

No. 32490

Yeah I'm a Nippon hikki awake when the americans sleep, janny me up

No. 32492

oh you're the kiwimoid who collects images from the kibbe thread?

No. 32494


No. 32495

File: 1652095070360.jpeg (181.14 KB, 934x891, 1648746797944.jpeg)

Damn it, mods there's cp on the front page

No. 32498

why are people responding to the cp thread? why is it still up? can we have a crumb of communication or action please?

No. 32500

so you're a discord tranny pedophile

No. 32501

are you from finland or sweden

No. 32502

Fuck you jannies, I'm going to open my own fucking imageboard, I am sick of your lack of communication and nonsense bans for fucking emojis when we have child porn on our boards for hours and hours. This is embarrassing and I honestly hope you jannies fucking fall off something tall because you're worthless. Nonnies expect a female-only imageboard to emerge sometime in the next year because I am fucking serious about this. I am not going to let this community die because admin fucked off and our mods are slower than a turtle with downs.

No. 32504

Its just heroes trying to act edgy to the raiders or the raiders themselves stirring up the thread.

No. 32505

File: 1652095719868.jpeg (55.77 KB, 680x578, 1649339339806.jpeg)

that'd be amazing. love you nonnie.

No. 32507

so mad that can't even end your sentences

No. 32508

so basically we can presume the fugly moid is english or british. remember that nonners.

No. 32509

and interacting with them accomplishes what?

No. 32512

or maybe it is an tactic to make us think so because he is from finland or sweden

No. 32513

Please admin say something. Please at least open mod applications after this, what the fuck. It hasn't been this bad in years

No. 32514

Please do nona!!
There are so many positive things going on with lc like the drawing board and the movie nights, would be such a waste if incompetent modding ruins this site.

No. 32516

I am 100% invested in you anons and our space. I will make this happen.

No. 32517

tranny confirmed

No. 32519

realistically, we need to consider taking our asses elsewhere if there's going to be 0 communication and no modding that adjusts to repeated raiding. the other board is prime for migration and admin is actually communicative and wants more jannies as opposed to here, having no apps open and being chided and gaslighted as if cp ISN'T kept up for hours (per farmhand's post yesterday) when it does truly happen, yet people receive bullshit petty bans for nonsense. if you're going to mod, at least be consistent and lax all around, don't just bring the banhammer down for small shit when you're not even here consistently enough to warrant such strict behavior.

No. 32520

do it nonny!

No. 32521

No, I'm going to stay here and defend lolcow with weaponized autism until it closes down.

No. 32522

It was one anon who accidentally got banned for bumping CP away, she wrote only "bump" and not "bump for CP" or anything. Seeing how there's a scrote in /snow/ bumping threads just like that just to annoy people it's understandable to make the mistake. So when you're bumping threads to hide scroteshit, just write why you're bumping.

No. 32523

that's fine, but consider the alternative for when it does in terms of cultivating the currently present back up because we have no other concrete plans set in place and realistically this site can go down at any time considering 0 communication and the denial of obvious HUGE glaring problems.

No. 32524

We just need a euro mod who is active in the time zone when the Amerimod is asleep

No. 32525

Are you talking about CC?
Wonderful. How will you keep us updated on the project?

No. 32527

i agree, but we've had this issue for how many months now and they've yet to supply themselves with one? it's a simple fix but apparently admin or whoever is incapable of implementing simple fixes. if it doesn't change then we'll have to.

No. 32528

no doubt. it's to the point where it's insane and their own personal liability but it's more important to make sure mods are petty or something.

No. 32529

It is absolutely disgusting that this is allowed to stay up. With how many times this happens you think that there would be an auto mod function of make sure anything like this stays up. I feel sick, how is NO mod on right now? how many do we have? Why has admin not given us any fucking updates.

No. 32531

Aren’t we all waiters and prostitutes? How can we afford our own site?(unemployed scrote)

No. 32532

movie room

No. 32533

If a new site is made I hope it will be farm themed as well.
I'm getting tinfoily and wondering if there is a plan to slowly ruin lc. If admin cared about the site she would have communicated with us months ago.

No. 32534

By selling off your organs, fuck face. Don't ask stupid questions.

No. 32536

do you honestly think this is clever, be serious now. getting tired from your cp binge? post nut clarity making you weak?

No. 32537

i hate to admit it, but I was thinking the same thing tbh

No. 32538

The site needs to be blacked out fr I don't care if I lose lc for a day or two

No. 32539

I don't think they plan on it, it's just what happens when the old admin checks out mentally and the new one seemingly ghosts the website. I'm starting to feel sorry for farmhands, who don't even get paid and can't do much in the long run either.

Either way, I'm gonna start archiving boards and gonna upload it to archive.org if lolcow goes down, so whoever comes after can pick up the old threads.

No. 32540

Honestly, I agree. I miss hell week. Instead we get weeks of hell.

No. 32541

Much appreciated, thank you!

No. 32542

I have never, ever seen even the most unhinged of female vendetta-chans use child porn the way scrotes do. The Y chromosome is a birth defect.

No. 32543

I'm the anon you're replying to and I have the same theory…there is something going on here, whether it be your tinfoil or just site abandonment what has been made obvious is that it is not good enough. Before today as an Ausfag I have never been exposed to the raids because they were posted when I wasn't on, now my night is ruined..
AGREE! If there is no one to take down this disgusting content then this site doesn't deserve to exist. I don't care if I wouldn't be able to laugh at cows every morning like a newspaper, LC doesn't deserve to be up if this can't be fixed.

No. 32544

This incident had made me lose faith in the mods, even fujochan did a better job in dealing with these raids, just a handful of troons have managed to make this site unusable

No. 32545

Why is there still CP, it's been hours? I found out first on my phone in the bus I nearly had a heart attack.

No. 32546

Why tf is this shit still up. WAKE THE FUCK UP JANNIES

No. 32547

It's been around 4 hours and there are multiple images all over the website. The sites going to get taken down, don't be surprised if you won't be able to get on here soon.
Try to get off the site for a while and go browse something else/safe

No. 32548

any chance we can get a EU mod? cp is posted and not removed because you are all asleep dreaming of cute things, meanwhile we are here getting our eyes and minds raped

No. 32549

If anything happens to the site we always have the movie room to meet up with each other anons, please bookmark the link.

No. 32550

I'm from aus and it's the same thing. Whenever I get online I always have to see these raids because they know the mods are asleep.
I would gladly help mod the board in the dead hours, especially after bullshit like this.

No. 32552

can you post the link in here? i don't want to go to any other threads and come upon things i don't want to see

No. 32554

I'll just go full internet detox if this keeps up, lc is one of the very few websites I use on a daily basis.

No. 32555

No. 32556

it's 8 here on the east coast of the US

No. 32557

Ausfags rise up, janny us please mods

No. 32558

what is wrong with this fucking website right now? why is there so much cp being posted and left up for ages and not removed

No. 32559

it's getting too much… these images are sick.. and it's been fucking hours

No. 32560

mods are asleep and the ones that are awake cant be bothered to deal with the sites issues

No. 32561

It's been around 4 hours now. We're being raided, it's on every board.
Mods are sleeping on us. It's probably a raid to take down the site entirely.

No. 32562

What if its one of the mods turning on the site?

No. 32563

File: 1652098682333.png (130.27 KB, 820x644, 381-3814039_america-hetalia-am…)


No. 32565

why cant moids just let us live, like, lc isnt hurting them

No. 32569

collect the original file names and other evidence and report them to your local authorities, if people from different countries do this then it is more likely some action can be taken because american police can't do much for european cp spammer and so on.

No. 32571

Fucking finally.

No. 32572

Finally, after 5+ hours

No. 32573

where do mods usually respond? I want some fucking answers

No. 32575

they don't

No. 32576

its too much, whats this little place where women come together to just talk and gossip doing to them, a lot of us have been hurt as children, its just too sick, there is no reason for this

No. 32578

Yep. We need answers and a statement from the ADMIN not a farmhand, the ADMIN.

No. 32579

Probably the worst raid we've had in years. Mods/admins need to say something about this.

No. 32580

yeah, i don't think this is something for mods to really answer for, like, admin can you please give us a sign of life?

No. 32581

it was too much. left up too long, and not by a spambot but by humans

No. 32582

File: 1652099422912.jpg (20.29 KB, 480x429, 1651489114436.jpg)

and unfortunately, it's still continuing.
Mods, new one popped up in /ot/

No. 32584

If they do say something it's probably just gonna be a vague 2 sentence message saying they are working on things and need time

No. 32585


No. 32587

File: 1652099653905.jpg (499.75 KB, 1400x1631, 56328869 (1).jpg)

Admins please you gotta change the system we have here, please just get a neet or two as mods so that we don't to worry about cp raids

No. 32588

I've never seen this stuff before and now I had to endure many pics of it. I feel sad.

No. 32589

Just got a 2 year ban for shitposting and spamming goofy stuff to cover up + distract from the hardcore cp these shitmods allowed up all night! Lol.

No. 32591

Would’ve thanks you mods, but this went on for too long. Do a better job.

No. 32592

They aren’t remotely concerned with the highly illegal, sickening abuse that was posted for hours, instead one of the first things they do is basically permaban a shitposter

No. 32593

i'm so sorry, these men are pathetic. i've sadly seen more but this was too much, too sad. wish i could help you out, the thing i do is to just feel what i feel honestly.
where you the kpopposter?

No. 32594

Damn. Which side are you on mods?
This is it really, we need a new site with an admin who actually wants to take care of the site and it's users.

No. 32596

can the ips of the moids be reported? their harddrives should be investigated and they should be tortured

No. 32597

Apparently covering up children getting raped + being outraged at cp earns you a year ban lmao

I’m done here.

No. 32598

Jannies jannies jannies get out of your jammies jammies jammies

No. 32599

Mods you really think you have the right to ban anons for bumping threads to get rid of cp that YOU didn't remove?
You're banning people for doing YOUR job? Pathetic.

No. 32600

Were you served a ban anon?????

No. 32602

lets not turn that into a /pol/tardism

No. 32604

They took the time to make my ban reason “retard” too lol, after I yes absolutely shitted up threads and boards (but not with anything actually violent or let alone illegal!!) but the point is: instead of seeing that of course this place will go feral while moids are spamming real cp, they take time to be petty and come after the actual users they’ve screwed over
Fine, let moids ruin the site pickmes

No. 32605

I might try to FDS.com or spinster cause of this incident, cause I know the mods here do not a give a shit about literal cp being spammed but will ban us for making shitposts

No. 32607

FDS is having their own shit show and drama, it isn't anything like this, but just so you know what you're walking into

No. 32608

I mean at most they deserve a day's suspension for making joke about a serious topic, but a permaman over that, seriously ? WTF is wrong with the mods

No. 32609

I've made this suggestion before but I think we should hide the non-drama boards so they would need to accessed like /2X/. It makes the boards less visible to spamming scrotes and would make the site easier to moderate.


I made some edits and I did not get banned.

No. 32610

I honestly don't care nonna, but I believe you. Sorry for stressing you out. I've seen a lot of quick bans such as bans for emotes, and random bans in vent thread. I just wish it was done about raids the same way some of the bans are given.

No. 32611

Imagine you had child porn hosted on your site for 6 hours but the second thing you do after lazily deleting the cp is call a shitposter retard and ban them for 2 years rather than addressing meta or collecting IP addresses etc

If I was admin or mod, I would not handle things in that fashion is all I’m saying. Ban me and call me retard any other day for retarded spamming and bumps sure

No. 32612

Lazy fucking worthless jannies if you don't want to be here let the women who do want to be here take the fucking reigns, you sicken me. Anyone who feels sorry for a janny is being a fool.

No. 32613

i appreciate all the nonnies who spammed the threads to move the cp pics in the background and save some of the eyes here. you did the right thing

No. 32614

Mind giving a quick rundown? Last I heard of them was when they left reddit.

No. 32615


No. 32616

is it still up?

No. 32617

Ok… who else got banned for shitposting?? I wanna see the numbers because I doubt it’s just me…. Im thinking maybe we really need to go. And my stomsch is still sick from that scrote spam of you know what.

No. 32618

Its because the jannies aren't women. And if they are, they certainly couldn't give two shits that you all had to be subjected to that and actually tried to do something while they were asleep.

No. 32619

I'm not in the thick of it, but from the gossip I've heard the drama spans from possible male mods to power hungry libfem mods to trying to monetize.

No. 32620

me kek

No. 32621

Please don't stop coming to movie nights/tunesdays if you're taking a break/leaving LC! Your presence is valued!

No. 32622

I was a cytuber before I was a lolcow poster so I’ll probably only be active on there after being treated so unfairly here yeah

No. 32623

I survived apparently, and my posts where all over the place just because wanting to bump quickly.. I'm sorry nonnas, that's so unfair

No. 32624

is the raid still up

No. 32625

No. 32626

I know you have bigger fish to fry mods, but please can you think autosaging the jvlogger thread? I think it’ll discourage the weebs from sperging about Chris and Sharla. I’m not sure how it’s managed to get this far actually.

No. 32627

What was in these messages? A proof the spammer is a tranny? And from the nordics??? I don't wanna live in the same country as him ew ew ew

No. 32628

File: 1652104053064.gif (602.74 KB, 400x300, witch-crystal-ball.gif)

it is just my personal schizophrenia to believe the moid spammer is from there. but i feel it in my bones.

No. 32629

Kek ok then. Was there evidence? Did he post cp here too, what outed him as a discord tranny?

No. 32632

that one deleted post said something about nonnie's photos from the kibbe thread being posted to some discord chat

No. 32633

it was confirmed it was a “communist” TiM on a likeminded image board (i only use lc so I couldn’t figure out which one) someone was posting caps of the scrotes discussing it on their board like muh transphobia equates to images of a 4 year old being raped

No. 32634

File: 1652109254526.gif (Spoiler Image,3.2 MB, 634x640, 2AE178C2-518A-44BE-BB6E-5B50E2…)

Hoping variousfags will be allowed. Ily and thank you. ♥

No. 32635

I feel like it was a lot of anons’ first time seeing cp too. That shit stays with you for years. I’m so sorry we all had to witness that. Not to use twitterfag lingo but that shit is traumatic to see.

I was thinking, since admins on lc never hire enough mods, since they’ve all been picky for years and years, wouldn’t it be okay to create a system where anons can delete images ourselves. Like for example, if 50 anons all report the same uploaded image or thread that image will be deleted until it has gotten a farmhand approval. And it should only be images or threads rather than comments, in order to avoid unfair censorship. I feel like if 50 anons genuinely report something then there obviously is a damn reason, like a cp raid.

No. 32636

I have no talents but I want to help you nonna!

No. 32637

Thank you sweet anon! If you hang out in the movie room we can rendezvous there and I'd love to hear anything you have to say! Tunesday is tomorrow~

No. 32638

>wouldn’t it be okay to create a system where anons can delete images ourselves. Like for example, if 50 anons all report the same uploaded image or thread that image will be deleted until it has gotten a farmhand approval.
this same thing has been suggested like a million times and we've gotten nowhere so i guess the answer is no

No. 32639

I guess it would be to difficult for the admins to implement, so the only solution would be as stated multiple times already get a couple new mods

No. 32640

Nta, you're going to update us using the movie room? That's not really reasonable considering a lot of anons won't actually see it. I think you should just update here or make a throwaway discord account for updates for something. Anyway, thank you for trying to create a safer website for us

No. 32641

this is genuiely so fucked up, nu admin deserves her own /pt/ thread, absolutely vile. Fuck you go ahead and ban me for this because you know it's true.

No. 32642

I think that was the anon who was banned for TWO YEARS lmao

No. 32644

>Not to use twitterfag lingo but that shit is traumatic to see.
That's not twitterfag lingo nonna

Anyway, I didn't want to blame jannies for admin being a huge retard since they have to put up with the spams, but now I think they all should kys. Neither of them have actually communicated with us in months other than farmhands posting in /ot/ threads a couple of times. They're blatantly ignoring us and power tripping.

No. 32645

the fact I have seen literal cp more than once here makes me feel so dirty and sick to my stomach, I can’t even word it. I know it isn’t the sites fault but it makes me want to never come back. But I do love certain threads and I hate that scummy pedo moids have tainted it

No. 32646

And you guys bullied fujos kek, at least they could create their own website. Being a ~based radfem~ doesn't pay the bills(scrote)

No. 32647

I had avoided seeing CP for almost a year up until a month age and now once again, I really wish the mods would get their shit together

No. 32649

I am a resident fujo hater but I will be the first to admit that I will always prefer your kind over these disgusting cp spamming bunker trannies

No. 32650

That's a male nonniekins

No. 32651

Has a statement been made by mods or by the admin about this? I can’t find anything but it might be just me being dumb

No. 32652

Wow wtf you guys really banned me for "being a scrote"?? I'm from fujochan I'm not a male

No. 32653

Well go back then my dear fujo. This should be an honor, don't you want your tits cut off for the larp anyway lol

No. 32654

Nobody cares, stop making everything about fujos when we literally are talking about more important shit. Also, radfems literally do pay our site bill despite admin trying to run them off.

No. 32656

So much fucking infighting and derailing in Shayna’s thread right now

No. 32657

who cares about fujos when there was been literally an influx of cp being posted

No. 32658

right anon but it’s mainly one black and white bpd farmer being a contrarian I think everyone is pretty much on the same page. For non-shaytards we discovered an ongoing incestous relationship involving one of her coomers and his daughter right before the raid

No. 32659

I feel you nonnie, it just burns into your brain I feel and I hate how frequent it has become that is not okay and no communication from admin or mods is just the cherry on top

No. 32660


so this is ongoing issue for over a year?

No. 32661

I felt that way the first time I saw it and I couldn’t even bring myself to report. Just noped out so fast and honestly cried a bit. Now it just makes me feel very angry. Being proactive with bumping and reporting helps me feel better and just making sure I cover the image with my hand, press “hide” ASAP so I see as little of it as possible. It’s surprising how much of the image I still take in the most recent raid I noticed Pokemon bedsheets with the snorlax visible

No. 32662

It’s always been an issue everywhere on the internet. Still an issue on imageboards. When zoom meetings started during the pandemic pedos where hacking into them and posting cp. pedos love to span their wank bait everywhere because they think that everyone else is secretly a pedo as well.

No. 32664

Jannies said they care about the site since they're users as well, but tbh the way they've been treating us these past few months says otherwise. Literally banning users in this thread but nobody, not even the fucking admin, can actually say anything or make any kind of announcement kek. This site is going down the drain.

No. 32665

Nta butof us are interested to know where it’s coming from so stfu

No. 32666

Post this in the MTF thread

No. 32667

so, i am just going to stick my neck out and risk it but ian, it’s obvious you are back running the board full time after claiming you left a few years ago. why not just admit it? this is the same shit we went through when you were being stubborn and obstinate about how the board was being administered and gave all the farmhands hell at the time in regards to moderation way back when regina was still around. i’m curious ian, was shaynadmin one big conspiracy between you and hispanic admin to grift coins and sympathy or did they really fall through because they realized you were still the owner and she had to report to you? and before you permaban me for calling you out, i recognized you by the unnecessarily snarky ban replies, the lack of consistent moderation, and absolute silence on meta when anons panic during raids or when the board crashed earlier this year. plus, no other admin ever really complained about doing their job other than you and you were the only admin i remember who used the “we/i have a life!” excuse whenever the site got raided and shit stayed up for hours. what happened to all the money anons donated to “keep the board alive” since hispanic admin claimed she was strapped for cash and the board was going to collapse in on itself at any moment? did you fire all the farmhands again? because it’s obvious there are no part time moderators keeping up with the board and it’s just you logging in when you have the time or can even be arsed to do anything about it. ian, if it really is you, i am not angry with you, i just wish you were more honest with us. i think you owe it to us all to explain what’s going on, but i know realistically you won’t and i really have no idea why this is so much of a problem with you. did you troon out or something? i just don’t get what the problem is and why it’s always been hell trying to communicate with you? why the big illuminati type conspiracy? why so much drama? the feds will eventually seize the board at some point if cp stays up as long as it did this morning. just talk to us nigga, damn.

No. 32668

I didn't want to believe the posts about how Ian was still the owner of the site when I first saw it since I believe it came from KFers, but at this point I'm starting to believe it. The future of this site is looking so bleak. Even a couple months ago Oldmin was too busy arguing with other sites and emailing Josh about Elaine to even pay attention to us.

I always feel wary about migrating to other sites since I know all the sister sites of LC are slow as hell and the userbase doesn't really transfer, but if the anon who said she wants to make her own imageboard is 100% serious, then I'm in complete support. I would even maybe be willing to janny. I just hope LC sticks around long enough to see it happen (and that people who donated get their money back). Sorry for the lame ass rant. This is very frustrating.

No. 32669

If this is true then HOLY SHIT

We need to make a new one. All moids know about cc and it's also raided CONSTANTLY

No. 32670

Samefag for the anon who's making the new imageboard: if you need some kind of help maybe try contacting the admins of Crystalcafe and Choachan. I don't know anything about making imageboards but afaik their admins are active and Choachan literally exists because of this site. I'm sure at least one of them would be happy to help.

No. 32671

Your irl husbando look hot as fuck but I want to beat his ass for terrorizing Hawaii and women. No offense though I still love you.

No. 32672

pretty sure the cp-posting moid is also the OP from the cap

No. 32673

this is so awful. i've been so lucky to have missed it every time it's been spammed but just reading this made me sick to my stomach. i'm sorry nona, i hope you're okay

No. 32674

File: 1652120635051.jpeg (Spoiler Image,629.87 KB, 828x800, 32BAE385-CDE8-47D4-90A0-A60BD4…)

Some of us do too kek
Ily more ♥ ♥

No. 32675

the cp posting has made me instinctively flinch away when i saw a figure lying in sheets after i unspoilered jfc lmao. glad it's just your irl husbando

No. 32676

File: 1652121873571.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.26 KB, 564x705, 56a35686ac78a604a2f9ea31136c54…)

i hope they would let us in fellow ezrafag

No. 32677

things wouldn't be the same without Ezrafags

No. 32679

Is this the reason 2X is hidden? And things getting more terfy now is why admin is MIA? He tried to get radfems off the site before but it's not happening

No. 32680

He fucking failed miserably.

No. 32681

which boards should i avoid? i enjoy using lolcow so i'd hate to stop using it completely.. but i'm really relieved to have missed the raids and i really don't want to have to experience it later.

No. 32682

who even is he? do we know?

No. 32683

They get posted on all on them

No. 32684

He's the one who made lolcow years ago

No. 32685

isn't that ironic, that the site was created by a male

No. 32686

Farmhands have time to write snarky replies on /ot/ when they don't like what an anon says in the Unpopular Opinions thread but none of you want to address this morning's spam?

No. 32687

I'm pretty sure now that there is only the admin, no farmhands like >>32667 suggested

No. 32688

Admin needs to get her shit together. We don't even know if old admin is still here or if this bs is happening under the shaynatard's rule

No. 32689

Tinfoil kinda but this makes sense. First we had that former farmhand post in the mtf thread about how she could reveal all of manifesto chans posts, and notice how she got an angry response (I can't remember now if it was from admin or from another farmhand) and that was the only thing we heard. Then it was hands anon who posted and other anons got banned for reposting that pic, and now there was this last one in the unpopular opinions thread, so maybe it really just is one person doing everything and not working with mods anymore

No. 32690

This is possibly the most retarded tinfoil yet.

No. 32691

>former farmhand post in the mtf thread about how she could reveal all of manifesto chans posts
I haven't kept up with the MtF thread in months, do you know what thread this happened in?

No. 32692

Go back the threads in order and ctrl + f "manifesto" or "Farmhand"

No. 32693

I barely started using the site again but I don't want to continue anymore, I don't want to risk seeing CSAM. This is so sad.

No. 32694

It's ok for right now, just keep /meta/ up and browse carefully

No. 32695

that crazy bitch is selfposting nudes in the usagi kou/lori lewd thread again.

No. 32696

If there an any recent ex-mods, I lowkey wish they would step up. I just want to know what it was like and if Admin is as unresponsive to her own staff as she is with the users.

No. 32697

File: 1652126605417.png (195.89 KB, 1272x629, unknown.png)

Look at >>23160 theres some info concerning the current situation

No. 32698

File: 1652129191752.jpg (31.01 KB, 600x419, images.jpg)

Jesus Christ every day that I come to this website so much new bad shit happens that I feel like I'm visiting my grandma who had a stroke in December and now she's terminally ill

No. 32699

Consider downloading an adblocker to block images. I use ublock origin and it's super easy to use and makes browsing here so much safer.

No. 32700

Wtf is this recent?

No. 32701

No. 32702

Wouldn't that block all pictures or like you have to manually block after having to see it?

No. 32704

Damn this reminded me how anti-gc admin was. I forgot since she switched to her current tactic (deafening silence) instead of banning/sperging left & right.

No. 32707

File: 1652131500113.gif (1.43 MB, 500x280, B2059D49-D3C6-4B05-8EAC-A6FADC…)

Holy shit the /meta/ milk! I do think what you’re saying might be true anon, I remember seeing another anon speculating that this is first admin’s behavior again too.

No. 32708

Yeah, anon missed a lot of context the first time around. Pretending to be cows (even if it's just shitposting) in a /snow/ thread really isn't that funny.

No. 32709

File: 1652132886783.jpeg (46.85 KB, 480x480, AF033E90-BDA7-47DF-AFF2-FF40E9…)

here is my complaint: why aren’t we allowed to have manhate threads in /ot/, you do absolutely fuck all to promote the 2XX board to the rest of the website because you’re more afraid of trannies raiding than anons hurting the poor little feefees of the lurking men who decide to spam gore and cp that you should be cleaning up in the first place. you simply want to remove anything fun that would require you to actually do your job which is to moderate, you seriously have me seething and typing like an angry soccer mom ordering mcdonalds like this is so fucking annoying. and you guys always complain “well what about us!!! we have to see that nasty content!!” then why the fuck are you even jannies in the first place? you should already know what you’re dealing with before you become one. it can’t even be because it’s “political bias” because you allow racists in /snow/ to talk about hoteps/ black extremists in any way they see fit and let people sperg about alleged wokies blackwashing their favorite fictional characters. you’re all a bunch of faggot-loving, scrote-loving normie women who love withholding titles of power on an obscure image board that barely anyone uses anymore because since you can’t even run it. the rest of /m/ is still unrecovered, you took away mod and admin applications when you’re stretched thin, and you have the audacity to get mad and ban anyone who criticizes you dick-hungry fuckers and wants to make people laugh in this hellsite? girl fuck you KEK

No. 32710

File: 1652133178932.jpg (67.96 KB, 720x708, cesa7xnhmct51.jpg)

Here's an opposite tinfoil, and maybe I'm trying to cope but stick with me now…

I feel like all the "end of the site" defeatist/despair fill users that seem to magically appear at the same time spam does, even when there are like 5 users on the site at any given time, are both samefags and the spammers themselves. It's not unheard of for KF fags to come and praise other site others and try to throw fuel in the fire. THIS or some major vendettafag. Plus it's already confirmed that scrotes are trying to throw shit around in the mix of all of this.
There are dozens posts of anons thanking jannies for dealing with the bullshit, even after all of the cp spams that have happened in the past, because those anons at least see that jannies are still human and trying. But every time something happens like this, the insults get so bad. And the tinfoils are even worse than before. Every time, it always sounds like a unintergrated user too. Well, not every time but almost every time. inb4 "I'm a regular and I made the tinf–" I don't care there are plenty of moids that lie about being an oldfag

How many times have users said "omg we need to leave this site! the site is DYING" in the past few years and yet: A. the site hasn't died, we're still posting and enjoying ourselves B. scrotes have been getting banned faster, jannies are pinning threads without needing to be asked 300 time in the past few months C. farmhands have actually been answering questions in threads, and not JUST snarky. they have been genuinely answering questions and making comments.

Idk, like I said, maybe I'm coping but it feels like every time we're raided, even if it isn't cp, there seems to be a suspiciously odd group of people with somehow perfect insight on the history of the site and who is currently admin, that somehow scream that the site is dying even though there has been no actual indication of that happening, always flood to /meta/ to talk about the good old days or seem to "know for a fact" it's still a moid running the site… SUS.

All I'll say is…. ladies just remember, if moids can dedicate their time spamming cp, they can dedicate their time samefagging and circle-jerking the same ideas over and over again while pretending to be actual users. Fucking vile beings will try to do anything like stir up fear, including posting cp/gore and doing their retarded little psyops.

No. 32713

I see why you'd think that but I think some people are just legit annoyed that nothing promised during townhall was implemented, and since then it's been a deafening silence from admin besides that one measly message from shaynafag admin who said she was currently in-training/had partial control or whatever
We even went through that bunker period with almost zero contact and that's the fucking website breaking

No. 32714

have you ever considered that anons love to talk shit about the jannies until they’re actually present and posting. they completely switch when a janny finally gives them a crumb of a useless response and when they disappear back into the ether they go rightfully back to shitting on them. it’s out of a fear of being banned or deleted for criticizing them, not that they’re actually thankful kek

No. 32715

This is wrong. Some anons ask for jannies to do something in /meta/, when it's done anons come back and say a simple "thanks". I'm not talking about the asskissing or bootlicking when a farmhand posts, I mean the anons that genuinely ask for help and say thanks when it's done.

> I think some people are just legit annoyed
Of course that's the case. But the people that are legit annoyed talk about legit complaints and ask legit questions and seem to want something to actually be done about it, unlike the ones that are just spamming that admin fucks herself or claiming that they know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody that says that there's still a male admin. the people that are legit frustrated, in my opinion, don't come up with a million theories about how moids are running the site and how there's only one mod running the place (legit, that is the dumbest thing I heard and doesn't make any sense for multiple reasons). Those all sound like made up catastrophizing to get users to get scared, which is what moids love to do.

No. 32717

samefag but there are also anons that thank jannies for no reason, see here: >>31764
That's not out of "fear of being banned", that's just plain being a nice human being.

No. 32718

There's gore on /ot/ now.

No. 32719

Gore in /ot/

No. 32720

gore in /g/

No. 32721

This fucking spam is pushing me to the edge and I'm 100% sure this is what moids want.

No. 32723

ya i never said all of them. thanks

No. 32724

File: 1652134446138.jpeg (29.89 KB, 300x300, D5FE8E00-04F6-498F-93FB-306C63…)

Literally just decided to rest my eyes and recover from last time and this popped up

No. 32725

I didn't read this whole post, but as one of the anons who said it seems like the LC is on it's last leg, I only say that because it seems like the staff is dead and admin has abandoned us. I've been hopeful these past few months, and I've even been telling other anons to not be dramatic or panic, and lose faith, but I can't keep ignoring the huge, glaring issues with this site. I've also been trying to support jannies and I'm sure they do work hard to protect us from the content that gets posted here. I don't want to leave LC, I don't want the site to die and I don't think it can be replaced by another imageboard, but sometimes it really does feel like we're posting on a ghost site.
>scrotes have been getting banned faster
This is honestly debatable. It doesn't feel any faster than before, imo.
>jannies are pinning threads without needing to be asked 300 time in the past few months
The most recent movie thread took days to be pinned. Idk how fast it takes for /snow/ threads to be pinned, but /snow/ in general seems to have more active mods so I'm just speaking from my perspective as an /ot/ user.
>farmhands have actually been answering questions in threads, and not JUST snarky. they have been genuinely answering questions and making comments.
What threads? The last 3 times I've seen a janny comment in a thread was the celeb thread (telling users to stop racebaiting/arguing about race), Amber v. Johnny thread (saying to be civil), and the unpopular opinions thread (idk what that even was, honestly). Sometimes staff does do what we ask here, but they never respond to any questions or concerns. When an anon has any kind of question or issue, it's always users here that have to try and help.

You can believe I'm a scrote, but I'm just saying it's very unreasonable to blame anons for feeling hopeless and frustrated about the site when our admin (admins?) has been MIA and the issues with this site continue to grow. Even if admin is gone, if farmhands could just post and tell us something it would help. Sometimes we have to even to a completely different site to get updates because they refuse to speak here.

One last thing, to me it's pretty obvious why anons who feel hopeless about the site show up with huge things happen that go un-addressed.

No. 32726

Samefag, I'm sorry for my bad grammar in this post. Typing fast and I don't want to go back and read through the whole thing.

No. 32727

File: 1652134593606.jpeg (56.37 KB, 828x814, EmmMDvrVoAEYcPj.jpeg)

A reaction is what they want, probably fingering their inverted mutilated dicks while obsessively lurking.

No. 32729

I just woke up after last nights raid and holy shit the images are still imprinted in my head. I cried to my bf yesterday after getting so overwhelmed.

Has there been any response yet on any thread/board?

No. 32730

so which is it? moid posts stay up for hours or they get deleted immediately by the moid themselves?

No. 32731

>Has there been any response
AHAHAHAHA look at this anon! Expecting an actual response!

No. 32733

Are you stupid? I'm sure she meant THEY as in the mods delete the spam. Why would the moids delete their own shit?

No. 32734

I'm so close to remaking a tumblr and linking it somewhere here so we can follow each other away from this bullshit. I know it's a stupid idea but still, it's very tempting sometimes.

No. 32735

stay in school

No. 32736

You can only delete your posts within 30mins, the cp was up for hours

No. 32737

depends on if you think it’s more than one scrote doing it, it’s probably one ugly fatass incel doing it, maybe if they finally traced his IP and exposed his post history we would know. they were able to do it with creepshow art but suddenly they can’t do it to actual criminals and sociopaths?

No. 32738

I think the gore is gone, but still stay alert

No. 32740

Was this before or after the mod turnover? Where's your source?

this is dumb, please don't die on this retarded hill kek. you know moids post via vpn, creepshow art didn't.

No. 32741

I thought it doesn’t matter if you post on a vpn, they can still trace your cookies or something? kek i’m not a technological person

No. 32742

Girl… I can see that bless you

No. 32743

im so confused how this website works someone help me I just accidentally found myself here(the rules aren't there for decoration)

No. 32744

Yeah, and did you know you can clear your cookies?

No. 32745

Shut the fuck up, we're talking about important shit here.

No. 32748

>>32743 lolcow.farm/rules/ but you will be banned sooner than latter kek. Btw for the future to sage a post you need to write sage in the email field. And don't put your name.

No. 32749

Not a complaint just wondering if admin is reporting all the CP to the FBI? Because I will, if not

No. 32750

How we do that? I wrote down some filenames too in case we can do anything

No. 32751

The spoilered text, the bedsheets really freaked me out because I had those same bedsheets as a kid. I hope the girl is okay and away from that disgusting fat fuck now. Was gonna post that video of the pitbull eating between a rapist's legs and there was no dick just gore to counteract it. But I didn't want to upset nonnas sensitive to gore
Too bad this image crops out the part where he pretends his friend found his body.

No. 32752

since we dont have the file or IP address i would assume reporting it to the appropriate area on the fbi's site (i know they ask for help identifying pieces of cp photos in one area) and telling them the board, the time it was posted etc, they can see the site data despite it being deleted.

No. 32753

I'm not making updates here. I'll have updates attached to the movie room docs. I'm not opening a discord at this time either. Thank you for your suggestions nona.

No. 32754

Thank you for the support and thank you for the info!

No. 32755

Hey mod, come talk to us and tell us whatsup and why you let this happen.

No. 32756

how would you even find that?

No. 32757

nta but 4chan has a search bar so if you just type in lolcow it'll come up with whatever thread features the word

No. 32758

File: 1652152704684.png (513.4 KB, 1098x1069, bonk.png)

Why is it so common for imageboards to have a great userbase but absolutely terrible mods? Not rhetorical. I don't get it. Admins/mods/jannies must be users and most users are good, so are they just bad users or not users at all? If they don't use the website, then why moderate it, even if they barely do any work? Why would only the worst users assume responsibility for the site? I don't understand.

No. 32759

Maybe it's powertripping. Maybe they're not really bad, idk.

No. 32760

Please mods, I beg of you, stop the dick debate in Moo's thread. It's getting so stupid, has been going on for hours if not days, and Moo is probably enjoying it.

No. 32761

Its almost been a full day since this incident and no report, no comment, not even an apology from the mods.
We can go fuck ourselves right?

No. 32765

File: 1652166722753.jpg (50.87 KB, 600x600, 1618850672167.jpg)

Mods need to ban the fuckin fangirls derail in the celeb thread. Whether it be Boyega or Erza or w/e ugly ass moid they drool over it has never been funny and it's honestly very embarassing to scroll past

No. 32766

please. it's fucking annoying. and now anons claiming to be moids are chiming in. we've already had a bunch of "my boyfriend said x". shit needs to stop.

No. 32767

idk i think it's funny. boyardeefag was already banned though, but i guess she either evades a lot or has short bans

No. 32769

Gore on /g

No. 32770

Gore and scat on /ot, /g and /m

No. 32771

On /ot/ as well. I wish I could smite the guy posting this shit myself.

No. 32772

probably the same guy as yesterday then since it happened around the same time. Maybe mods will actually do their job tonight

No. 32773

WHY the fuck did I see cp last night. I’m fuming, where the fuck are the mods on this website?! This is fuckin gross and triggering for victims with similar experiences. I can’t even read this thread, and don’t know if anyone has mentioned it. Went into a panic attack last night and took me all day to feel normal again. Fuckkkk, seriously brought me back to my childhood. This website has been a place I feel safe, and love lurking threads. But this is just unacceptable. Who is running this mess?

No. 32774

gotta be the same dude, same exact time

No. 32775

That is fucking awful nonna, here is a pdf with tips how to deal with that https://www.missingkids.org/content/dam/missingkids/pdfs/NCMEC_0022-20_CSAM%20Brochure_Digital.pdf

Also I'm afraid this is the EXACT response the moids want, for us to be affected. They are probably screenshotting and laughing in their little tranny groomer discords as we speak.

No. 32776

Mods the same shit is happening at the same time, I know because its always at dinner time here in aus that these raids occur.
You need to be MORE vigilant around these hours because its exactly when it happens.


No. 32777

Mods you were doing so well there for a sec, where are you now?

No. 32778

Still is, can we get more mods already? Fucking disgusting spam on every board, every morning.

No. 32779

i have a funny feeling the raid is mainly due to the depp/heard trial thread…it's been a hotbed of maleposting since it started.

No. 32780

There is animal cruelty in /pt/ and /w/

No. 32781

It is, the mtf thread didnt conjure up this many raids and its been up for ages. But the moment the johnny/amber thread started it was leaked all over reddit and 4chan and probably discord so im not surprised. Especially with how angry anons argue and vouch for amber, it certainly brought up heaps of trolls.

No. 32782

i hope celeb anons are happy they're supporting an obvious publicity stunt by both parties.

No. 32783

if you need more help, just say that. i’m sure there are lots of people who would be more than willing to moderate. stop leaving gore and gross porn up for hours at a time without even apologizing. i like this place, i wish it was moderated better.

No. 32784

File: 1652171471493.gif (5.51 MB, 498x498, cat-goes-away.gif)

Jannies, oh dear jannies, wake up. Wake up for fucks sake or I'll spam cat pics everyday and everywhere.

No. 32785

Oh for god sake. So we had the exact same thing happen in this timeframe yesterday, and not one of the mods thought it might be a good idea to ask someone to be awake at this time to moderate their freaking site? Is this actually just a one person show at this point? I get that people have lives and can’t be on lolcow all day but out of all the volunteers yesterday there and the current team there was NOBODY who could be here?

No. 32787

what if we made gas chambers for men?

No. 32788

I'd rather have some anons posting retarded but light-hearted and on-topic posts than CP and gore.

No. 32789

There is/was a board. Can't say because they'll spam it there.

No. 32790

I do not understand why don't they go in their celeb thirst threads on /g/. Too much spam

No. 32791

is this board run by a man?

No. 32792

File: 1652175040673.jpg (25.89 KB, 480x763, 1651829405987.jpg)

Starts to fucking feel like it


Seconded, we can freeze some genetic material in case some women want to have daughters in future.

No. 32793

That exists, it's called 4chan, KiwiFarms, every other goddamn site on the internet. They just specifically want access to female spaces and / or destroy them


No. 32794

You might be unto something here.

No. 32795

4chan, retard

No. 32797

Too incompetent to not be a man.

No. 32805

File: 1652179975039.jpeg (61.54 KB, 736x487, 1643128989846.jpeg)

Ah yes, "foids". Something you will never ever be, no matter how much you try to roleplay on discord.

No. 32806

File: 1652180074898.jpg (14.96 KB, 360x360, c0febc834e8b5ed3ed9fe719d413c3…)

Imagine being NEET to the point of keep checking and spamming a board because you disagree with its userbase—no wait, you don't need to imagine something that you're already doing, we live in your head rent free kek. As I've said before, the subhumoids love to weep and seethe whenever we say "kill all men" just to give us a reason to kill all men. I'd be happily cheering for every female serial killer, who slaughters moids, from now on.

No. 32808

Mods the animal gore on the front page of /pt is still there. 3 hours already.

No. 32809

you spend hours spamming cp and gore here it is obvious you do not work and have no life outside of internet

No. 32810

Yes and the tranny spammer is right here in this thread. They don't give a fuck.

No. 32812

Well, when you're 'occasionally' spamming shit from your gallery to here, it's not far-fetched at all to believe you're a NEET kek. Guess you don't like to call yourself one because you recently got to suck some desperate moid's dick near a gas station for 1$ and plan on making a living out of it.

No. 32814

File: 1652180877954.jpg (316.37 KB, 1400x1400, b9dbq.jpg)


No. 32815


11PM huh? So he's either from NZ or Russia, unless he's lying

No. 32816

the fact that you cannot imagine spending your free time doing anything else than this gives away your bmi

No. 32817

File: 1652181525698.gif (2.5 MB, 302x302, 1612464262630.gif)

anuroin kaksoispiste dee dee

No. 32818

this just proves there are zero safe spaces for women, moids always want to see us suffering

No. 32819

its not that we're suffering, it's that they're suffering on the inside and are constantly projecting onto women. Mens minds are full of porn, gore, violence and sadness. They show you this stuff because they want you to suffer with them.

No. 32820

imagine being such an impotent faggot that you'd dedicate even a moment of your time to doing whatever this is. doing this shit is the literal opposite of making yourself likable or socially acceptable or hot. males on the internet can't stop failing themselves on purpose
yeah but it's not really spiting us. their actions are literally making them more retarded and deranged. they're already literal limpdicks behind on social development and human development. actual speds

No. 32821

It's incredible the trannies think this will help their optics lmao. And he's DEFINITELY a tranny, he hasn't replied to any of those accusations.

No. 32822

Well yeah you're right, but because they don't have the processing power to view themselves in the third person or have empathy for others they think its some 'epic win' if they get people to join them in their pit of despair

No. 32823

And to add, the porn obsessed apes will excuse animal cruelty, murder, rape, anything horrible you can imagine for their coom. Especially pedophilia, that's their own goal in life lol.

No. 32824

4 hours. Animal cruelty still on /pt front page.
Mods come on.

No. 32825

They just don't give a fuuuuuck do they

No. 32826

this is fucking bullshit. some things can never be unseen

No. 32827

gore is boring if youve been on the internet for more than 2 seconds. and posting it will not cure your autism or erectile dysfunction

No. 32828

Finally deleted now.

No. 32829

My periods are bloodier than the pictures you’re posting, faggot.

No. 32830

Literal retard, stop giving him attention anon. We’re not supposed to reply to bait

No. 32831

You're an idiot. There's people responding with OH MY GOD I'M SO TRIGGERED with such blatant hysteria that it feels like one of the moids larping in hopes they get other posts like that. Every time someone posts about being upset, one of the moids caps it and jerks off to it.

I want him to know most of us aren't bothered by gore, most of us see worse gore on our periods, and all the CP is being reported. Enjoy jail time.

No. 32832

Yes anon but if you truly wanna show how you’re not bothered, then stop replying to him.

No. 32833

>i want him to be reasonable, but only can assert he will be right now to prove my point
are you listening to yourself? you think moids will suddenly think you're honestly not bothered and think about their actions?

No. 32834

nona you're protesting too much

No. 32835

we need to ban anons who bump random threads to try to hide raid posts. it does not work and just puts threads without gore into view of the fuckers posting the gore.

No. 32836

>ban anons who bump
>can't even catch one cp spammer
idk about that

No. 32837

anon, it's clearly more than one spammer. we got posted to several image boards, they usually time these things and use the same pool of images during a raid.

No. 32838

so you want to see cp on the front page? whoever spammed at least managed to hide some of the threads for whoever opened the page later, we have no other power because mods are asleep and today just repeated yesterday

No. 32839

No. 32840

bumping random threads will just make them full of CP also, what about that don't you idiots get?

No. 32841

"mods!!! apologize for the actions of a moid and also apologize for not being online!!!" right kek. lemme know when that happens and i'll give you a pound of gold

No. 32843

earlier. were you on every board the entire time? cp/gore isn't just being posted as a new thread. jfc.

No. 32845

Spam hasn't been this this bad in years and it's got much worse since someone had the bright idea to start bumping threads. Moids spam to get a reaction and what is happening now gives them exactly what they want. Report the spam, hide it if you don't want to see it and then ignore it, maybe make a post in this thread and inform mods on discord if you are able to. The sick fuck scrote will get bored of finding new IPs to use if he doesn't get the reaction he's looking for.

No. 32847

holy fuck i am not going to respond properly to a question this stupid. maybe if you were actually reporting instead of hiding in your safe thread bunker you'd know.

it's clearly not one guy ffs.

No. 32849

nta but stop being a cunt, doofus. There have been plenty of times when the gore poster has picked a specific thread or two to post gore in, and then when anons bump other threads he posts in those too. If you're still hard pressed to find the answer, why don't you use the nifty little search feature on the website and search the words like "gore in thread" or something. Sure you'll find it, cheers.

No. 32852

Are you stupid? Please re-read what I said before you make yourself look even worse. Plus, I thought it was your "last reply"?

No. 32853

trouble with reading, anon?

No. 32854

don't bother with her. these newfags really don't understand how to properly deal with raids. if they think that derailing threads with useless bumps doesn't make them targets for gore, they can find out the hard way for all i care.

No. 32856

(nta) oh, so you're clinically retarded. got it.

No. 32857

File: 1652192865174.jpg (24.17 KB, 473x476, 176.jpg)

Can another anon reply… doesn't "last reply" mean you're done with the conversation regardless of who's replying? Yes? Okay that's what I thought too.

Shut up retard. You can't read and you look stupid. You couldn't even acknowledge the fact that you misread my post KEK

No. 32859

she's braindead, just ignore her.

No. 32861

she also thinks that if you say nta you can't reply to the post ever.

No. 32862

File: 1652193035717.jpg (66.48 KB, 1000x1000, MentalHealthMatters-SocialMedi…)


No. 32863

Apparently more than one person can't disagree with her, unlike the voices in her head kek.

No. 32864

nah fam, we're clearly all the same anon!

No. 32866

a lot of threads are bringing those kinds of posters here.

No. 32867

whoa… nothing wrong with tiktokers… we're quiet hobbyists that enjoy radfem stuff like everyone else.

No. 32868

It doesn't really matter how many of them there are. The spam we get on LC is usually for two reasons.

The first is the automated CP spam bot that advertises where to find more. It does it to other image boards and doesn't care about any consequences because it's a bot that works it's way through a list of sites. There's not much you can do about it as a poster other than report it when it posts.

The second is probably troons. They manually find images and then manually post them. They do it for the reaction it gets. They want to upset the evil TERFs and enjoy seeing the chaos and disruption that it causes because they're mentally ill. As a poster you can do something about this, don't react beyond reporting and hiding it.

No. 32869

Can mods address who the sperg is who keeps coming into threads just to be assmad and go on about cows being fat? Literally feels like the same group that's been shitposting already, but now they are just doing it unsaged to spite mods.

No. 32872

>nah fam

why do mods allow kiwifarm scrotes post in here? like they’re right in front of your eyes and aren’t being banned

No. 32873

>Keeping quiet doesn't help
It does. Report and ignore deprives them of the boner they get from reading about women who are angry that they've been exposed to CP.

No. 32874

I get the same vibes as the anons who keep tinfoiling like crazy across the threads too. The typing structure and everything. I don't know if a mod can tell if it's the same people just hopping around, but the way they specifically interact with threads that only those vendetta anons would focus on too, when they are buried or auto-saged, makes it feel like it's the same group. It's annoying as fuck. So many threads are being filled up with conspiracy bullshit and reaches all over /w/. I can't think of a single thread that's had actual milk. Even the Belle thread as divulged back into complaining about 6 year old photos and derailing about Pixie Cat when it's not even her thread just because anons want to compare the two for some autistic reason.

No. 32876

No. 32877

File: 1652194234382.png (291.38 KB, 528x390, 8434A73E-302B-481C-88FC-DE4D0E…)

you’re in the wrong place go back to KF

No. 32878

>nah fam
>doesn't talk like me
>must be a scrote
nta but that makes no sense, I'm sorry.

I wish I could personally meet and discuss with every anon about how THIS is the right strategy. But every time there are always two or three anons that dig into their biggest best insult book and pull out some bullshit for a moid that's probably just going to read it, chuckle and continue jerking off to the "angery terf wamans" that he triggered. It's so annoying, but I understand it. I can't fault them for their reactions but jesus christ, if we just pretended it wasn't there while reporting and ignoring they'd probably eventually think we didn't see it.
Side note, I don't understand why anons get so pissed off when we say things like this. They get mad at us like we're the moids.

No. 32879

All men have chimp-tier attention spans. Even if they hypothetically know that the cp bothers people, they'll get distracted and move on to something else if they're not getting reactions.

No. 32882

i’ve never seen an anon on here call other people fam it’s a black scrote or suburban scrote who likes rap thing

No. 32883

Please nonnas love yourself and take your meds if you think "nah fam" makes someone a male

No. 32884

so i guess you've seen all 100k posts or whatever that are on the website then?

No. 32885

that's just because you've only used the site for a few days.

No. 32886

i promise you no anon who’s likely to be a non-black woman is saying fam kek

No. 32888

this is the most retarded shit i've read, and i read your other posts already.

No. 32889

Actual mental illness right here good god. I'm genuinely worried for you.

No. 32891

File: 1652194952836.gif (1.02 KB, 48x95, silblackcasual16.gif)


why are you so retarded, fam?

No. 32892

you're absolutely nuts.

No. 32894

Did you grow huge black balls yet nonna? How fast is the effect? Fuck it, I'm doing it


No. 32895

I mean, I won't deny this. I was joking here: >>32891. But as a black anon, I wouldn't use fam. I don't think any black women use that phrase anymore, but I could see a non-black woman using it. idk. But still, don't be retarded. It's not that big of a deal if someone on the site uses "fam", it has definitely been used before.
no balls yet… let me try again, fam. Fuck it, I'll get a little fancy… famoglio!

No. 32896

i leave the thread for 5 minutes to explain jojifuku to ignorant anons in the fashion thread on /g/ and i return to find out i'm apparently a moid, sick.

No. 32897

Oh you grew huge black cock and balls too? It's fast, be careful nonnas

No. 32899

nah, i guess it didn't work for me. i'm jelly!

seriously though. this infighting shit is pathetic. anons are so triggered that their bumping shit is actually harmful to threads they have to close their ears and accuse anons of being everything under the sun but correct. like i am trying to help stop the cp and gore from being spread around, so i'm the bad guy? it's pathetic.

No. 32902

the anons you're defending were the ones posting like retards. denying that CP was posted because of bumping threads, as if she was monitoring ever thread and then refusing to accept reality. it's delusional.

No. 32903

uselessly bumping a thread isn't going to stop shit, it was trying to hide it, not stop it. don't pointlessly expose other threads to gore by bumping them so moids will post there because they think those threads are active. period.

No. 32905

anons are to blame for bumping threads, retard.

No. 32907

Holy shit we're just trying to help by burying the cp to not expose nonnas to it

No. 32908

you’re on the wrong platform this platform is for racist white/asian/hispanic women who think dressing themselves in macy’s clothing is peak fashion, go to lipstickalley.com it’s better

No. 32909

>the initial CP is worse than the additional CP that wouldn't have existed if anons hadn't bumped threads
you're unreasonable and obstinate.

No. 32910

then explain why threads that were bumped got hit with CP also. i'll wait.

No. 32912

can you both stop minimodding the jannies will never fuck you or pat you on the back

No. 32914

stop digging your heels in because you were wrong. just admit your methods are just adding fuel to the fire.

No. 32916

i'm not minimodding. this thread is for complaints. anons are just upset that i called for bans on anons bumping and derailing threads uselessly.

No. 32917

i have been here since the inception of the site, i stopped being a mod because of crazy regina's dumb ass. stop assuming i am talking out my ass.

No. 32919

So what do you think would have happened if no threads were not bumped? The tranny spammer would have just said "ok, front page is full of cp, I cannot use the catalog or page navigation, I will now leave smiley"

The bumping made smaller amount of nonnas see cp

No. 32920

WHY WOULD ANYONE BE ABLE TO RECALL SPECIFICALLY WHAT THREAD WAS BUMPED 8 MONTHS AGO DURING A CP/GORE RAID WHEN EVERY ONE WAS PANICKING. that literally does not make sense anon. But since you're a little slow, as I've noticed, and also lazy too, here are a few threads dumbass. read these and exit site.

>>>/snow/1236993 (but it was deleted, obviously)

And NO ONE claimed that it during the most recent raid, I just want to clarify.

No. 32921

Oh my god, no one gives a shit.

No. 32922

I have a sneaky suspicion that former mods and oldfags are very milky individuals. Anyone who wants to become a virtual cop or police for a gay ass website is bound to be an a-logger

No. 32924

please stop arguing with them, it's not worth it. if they were old enough to recall the time tumblr
did that when being raided by 4chan they would know better. some anons even think it's only 1 person, and got baited into interacting with moids itt. mods will handle it however they want. they know that fucking up threads by bumping them just plays into what raiders are already doing.

No. 32927

kek, I'm not reading your little manifesto.

No. 32931

the unchecked autism in this thread kekk

No. 32932

File: 1652197258442.jpeg (8.45 KB, 600x315, FQvF-amX0AIpKn1.jpeg)

i'm not reading this either, seethe and cope

No. 32933

File: 1652198417632.jpeg (143.38 KB, 586x383, 3CA2BA46-43BF-4A71-B487-E274C8…)

soo are you just gonna allow this anon to racebait but only the anti-white anon gets to be banned?

No. 32934

did you not check again one more time before posting? it was literally banned and redtexted

No. 32937

File: 1652199263314.jpeg (56.59 KB, 622x929, ddc (1).jpeg)

Wow. You came back 30 minutes later to post, just for me to not read your post again.

No. 32939

File: 1652199613460.png (218.87 KB, 681x706, SHE REPLIED TO THE WRONG POST …)


No. 32941

Would a image thread specifically for bumping it off the front page work? That way random threads wouldn't be clogged up with random images but it'll still clear the front page. Then the anons that want to bump it off the front page can and the anons that complain about images in other threads won't have anything to complain about. Also mention in the op not to cry about how the cp/gore/scat made you feel for scrotes to enjoy, just images. Thots & opinions.

No. 32942

File: 1652199941998.gif (79.24 KB, 381x147, fQE0.gif)

No. 32944

>my being retarded was a test! yes! haha!
lovely graphic, thank you anon

No. 32946

a space after each reply? you're definitely a newfaggot. nice.

No. 32947

gore posted in vent thread

No. 32949

The irony of linking my very own post to me KEK holy shit, this day couldn't get any better.

No. 32950

please anons listen to this nonna. this is the appropriate way to deal with raids, one for the sake of preserving existing threads from being spammed and two because spammers feed off of acknowledgement and attention. unfortunately a scrote was probably lurking this thread and was encouraged by you guys infighting so >>32947 happened.

No. 32952

Gore was posted in this very thread, and anons are bumping it while being retarded. Is this enough proof for you, retard?

No. 32954

that wasn't the original argument tho, retard. It was bumping threads in general, not bumping old threads. Why do you keep changing the narrative?

No. 32957

Nta but where did you learn that?

No. 32959

Just wanted to pop in and say that I support banning anons who respond to scrotes, good idea

No. 32960

That anon is right though. You shouldn’t be giving the scrotes any attention when they are spamming. Carrying on the site like normal is a good thing, bumping threads with relevant info is a good thing, but just posting an image and “bump cp/gore/porn” is just acknowledging what they are doing and encouraging the problem.

No. 32961

It blocks all pictures (on LC, not all other websites you choose to visit). You can toggle it off with 1 click if you think it's safe to browse with pictures on, but generally I find that browsing with pics blocked is no hassle on the non-cowboards.

No. 32963

I get why anons bump threads in response to cp/gore, but I also think it eggs on the spammers. It's like those dni posts on tumblr or when people post shit like "i,m shakign and cr ying now are you happy???" - acknowledgement that something's getting to you is exactly what they want, and the implication that lc users will vacate the site if there's a possibility that they'll see a triggering image makes them feel powerful. It's better to just respond normally in the threads instead of bumping, it accomplishes the same thing in a subtler way.

No. 32964

Ok THIS is a good point, the way the other anons were going at it was retarded. Good point from you, noted.

No. 32966

Uh… I'm sorry, how is this any different than what other users were saying about not bumping? Did you think we meant to just not post at all? All users were saying was to not spam. Just post regularly.

No. 32968

No, your point was that bumping threads is bad because it makes them more visible to the spammer. The other anons point I agreed with was that showing panic is just encouraging to the moid.

No. 32969

Nta but it was right here >>32960

No. 32971

Why do anons insist that they know exactly who said what?? Are you a mod or something, can you check IP addresses? I didn't mention anything about not bumping, retards. I was talking about not spamming random stuff that doesn't contribute to the threads.

No. 32973

Most of the argument has been about bumping threads with no substance to block CP. I think we are all in agreement that we are all talking about the same thing now.

No. 32974

The anons who are constantly trying to police other anons over the raids are annoying as fuck. Throughout these past few months, first it was
>Stop complaining about the raids! You guys are just sensitive. This is an imageboard so you shouldn't complain about abuse material being left up, normies!"
then it was
>"don't say CP in your bump posts, you're making them post more! You're advertising it!"
and then when anons stopped doing that it became
>"Don't bump the threads! Just shut up altogether and pretend it's not happening! This is your fault! Moids are totally going to leave us alone if we just be good and put up with it! Don't say anything about what they're doing! Mods can't see it if you bump!"
I'm just wondering when exactly these anons think it would be ok to acknowledge the issues we have been having with raids these past couple of months. Should we also not discuss it in relation to the administration in /meta/? Are we supposed to ignore all the times raid images were left up for hours? Are we supposed to ignore that nothing has been done to prevent raids? I promise, seeing someone bump a thread with a cat picture to hide gore/CP isn't going to kill you, and it's certainly not what's killing this site.

No. 32976

File: 1652204765287.jpg (66.57 KB, 828x777, 0ae79fe7b4c0ae4d.jpg)

These anons are Based and Correct

No. 32977


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 32979

>your point was that bumping threads is bad
??? Do you know how to read, you absolute fuck up of a human being?

No. 32981

Samefag, all of these anons don't believe an ounce of the shit they're saying. They just want to blame the userbase, and to stop being reminded of how shit this situation is. If we do all the things they say, they'll just move on to something else to blame users for.

No. 32982

both of you are incorrect.

No. 32985

Literally, it’s a pedo that stalks and spams a womens image board, because they feel unwelcome. What a sad gross person. I hope the fbi finds them, puts them in jail. Any news if any anons are reporting this?

No. 32986

Why'd you sage and then unsage the same post?

No. 32988

I (and some other nonna from this country) reported the incident to the police here, dunno if it will do shit.

No. 32989

Is the gore still there?

No. 32990

No, you're safe to browse right now.

No. 32991

oh, that's what this shit is. you have some stupid all or nothing mindset. you don't realize we're actually "giving in" by purposely distrupting the board just because some moid posted cp.

No. 32993

Different anon but not really. Sometimes it looks like reddit spacing tbh.

No. 32994

Take your meds and get a grip. No one here is being victimized by spam on a web site. Spam on the internet has been a thing since it's creation. You are not the victim in this. The poor child, woman or animal in the image is the actual victim. Report, ignore and deny the scrote posting this shit the reaction he wants. It's not victim blaming, it's common fucking sense that has been practiced on the internet for decades.

No. 32997

Report and ignore works, what you're doing doesn't, it encourages more spam to be posted. I don't get what's so hard to understand. Do you not remember what happened when 4chan /b/ raided tumblr?

No. 32999

Where did I say I was a tumblrfag? /b/ wrecked tumblr so hard it was a internet wide spectacle that proved responding to spam doesn't work. tumblrtards tried to flood out the spam and hide it, all it did was give /b/ more incentive to spam harder. At the time tumblr was the larger site with more users, yet /b/ succeeded in making the site unusable. If you're too much of a newfag to remember it, then go and look it up on youtube as there have been videos made about what happened.

No. 33001

>It's done
Kekk do you think you can just shut down a conversation because you don't like what other people are saying?

No. 33003

I haven't been talking about tumblr at all, I don't even agree with the person you replied to. What you said just sounded retarded.

No. 33005

What the fuck is going on in this thread? This shit is getting embarrassing.

No. 33008

Retard created a thread: >>>/ot/1175905

No. 33009

Looks like retards are responding to it too

No. 33010

Delete the moid’s thread already, it’s polluting the board.

No. 33011

It always gets like this when we have actual issues. Moids come to bait, anons respond to bait, infighting starts.

No. 33012

Please ban these anons too for a week or so. They’re responding to a scrote which in turn encourages the scrote to stay for attention.

No. 33013

Are some anons unironcally helping and flirting with the moid or has he gone full schizo and keeps replying to himself??

No. 33014

The anime reply was clearly satire good god. Should not have replied at all but it's certainly not serious

No. 33015

Don’t reply to bait. It’s clearly listed in the rules if you get banned you deserve it.

No. 33016

That's why I said she should not have replied at all

No. 33017

bumping threads in an effort to "hide" gore is the same as replying to bait. anons should not do anything as a response to bait, especially if it's contributing to the disrupted flow of the site. bumping threads that don't need bumped is also against the rules. no one is going to change the rules just because some moid posted CP and some anons are concerned with anons not being able to just click hide and report. plain and simple. i hope all of you get bans.

No. 33018

No it isn't the same thing, it's to help other nonas so they don't have to see any such crap.

No. 33020

It's not the same at all. If you can't see the difference between someone engaging with a scrote to try and be cool vs anons bumping so people won't be exposed to raids, then you're just dumb. If mods think it's responding to bait then they can say that themselves. If jannies had an issue with bumps they probably would have said it by now.
>bumping threads that don't need bumped is also against the rules.
Not in off topic boards, which is where most raids happen. If you're such a stickler for rules then you should know.

No. 33021

Who cares, I would much rather anons be allowed to break the rules so I'm warned about potentially having to see CP then not, the "don't scroll" bumps have saved me from seeing vile shit. It's not even remotely similar to shitting up a thread responding to bait, especially when reporting posts does fuck all if there's no mods around.

No. 33022

> If jannies had an issue with bumps they probably would have said it by now.
Lol, I mean, you don’t have to scroll far up in this thread to see anons complaining about getting bans for doing it. Just engage with threads like normal without saging, anons don’t need to announce what they are bumping for. This thread should be kept open to watch for raids in this time where we are getting raided frequently.

No. 33023

It's the same. You respond to bait by showing the spammers that you have noticed them.
Pretend they don't exist.

No. 33024

that anon was banned because all she said was "bump" with no image. Idk where you've been, but we've been dealing a male bumping threads for no reason. They just looked like the same person. Most anons are not being banned for bumping to hide raids.

No. 33026

It does nothing for the people who check the catalog instead of scrolling. That’s how most people use image boards.

No. 33027

>Pretend they don't exist
refer to >>32974
No, stop trying to silence anons.

No. 33029

she's a mentally ill retarded newfag that has been acting formal all day while trying to hide the fact that she's a newfag. Nothing she says means anything.

No. 33030

I hate to tell some of you this but being on the site for a few months still makes you a newfag if you continue to act like one. Mostly the "/meta/ police" are the ones acting like it the most.

No. 33031

What warrants posts to get deleted?

No. 33032

I’m the anon who made that post and I’ve only made like three other posts in the thread girl, not everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. Anyway, here another anon who got banned for trying to “counteract the spammers” >>32589

No. 33034

Nooope that anon did not get banned for bumping. She got banned for pretending to be a cow as shitposting, see >>32703
Note that she was unbanned.

No. 33035

Well what about this one >>32597 ? And there are lots of anons above her who are saying they are worried they would get a ban for the same thing. Obviously I will change my opinion if anons don’t actually get banned for it but there are a lot of posts saying they do. Also that post you linked literally said she was doing that to cover up cp.

No. 33036

That anon wasn't just making simple "bump don't scroll" posts, it's a lot more disruptive when you're shitposting in a /snow/ thread. Idk the context behind that post you linked, but if anon got banned then yeah it was wrong of mods. Afaik in all the months that this has been going on, very few anons have been banned for bumping. I've personally never got one just for making a bump post, and anons saying they're worried about something doesn't mean it's actually happening.

No. 33038

Suggestion to mods: Any thread that possesses no text within it should instantly be sent to you guys for approval. NOT posted automatically. I don't understand why this hasn't been implemented years ago.

No. 33042

your point would only make sense if we had responsive mods assigned to that time zone. at this point we're dealing with a site so understaffed or improperly staffed that illegal child abuse and gore stays up for 4-6 hours at times. do you not like to factor in context for fun or are you just incapable of being intellectually honest, or what?

(not exactly blaming the mods because ultimately it's admin's choice to add more mods or not but this is the situation we are in)

No. 33044

Why won't they stay forever fucked off already? >>>/w/212102

No. 33045

I think this is the spammer scrote who's upset we bump his shit away.

No. 33046

I'm so sorry, anon. I really hate how rough its been lately.
I'm glad we are being taken in with open arms. But that pic kek

No. 33047

Can the amber/depp thread be autosaged again? it's been days and it's still literally just infighting and name calling eachother.

No. 33048

The trial is on pause until the 16th. Don't expect anything interesting in that thread in the meantime.

No. 33049

File: 1652269158896.png (44.09 KB, 916x752, 1624991995457.png)

This was posted in a previous thread, and I'm so curious as to what this meant

No. 33050

I do too.

No. 33051

If the spammers trying to bump the cp bother you much…just take your own advice and ignore them.

No. 33052

Bumping takes power away from them because not so many people see the disgusting shit they post and feel disturbed by it. It’s exactly what they don’t want. It gets buried underneath memes and cute animals and anons ugly husbandos and whatever benign crap and not disgusting cp and gore.

No. 33053

Begging you to escort the obvious scrote in the amber/johnny thread back to kiwifarms or autosage the thread until its relevant again.

No. 33054

Sounds like responding to bait that scrotes leave and making up bs about stuff regarding mods in other posts.

No. 33055

But what if someone uses the catalog?

No. 33056

I have a feeling the anons who keep nitpicking on /w/ and making shit threads also made >>>/w/212106

Yet another thread without past info, links to the old threads, or socials of the cow in the OP. Im tired of these threads being rushed and lazy AF. This the same idiot who made Taylor's new thread?

No. 33057

actually it gives them more power because they're making us inadvertently ruin our own threads.

No. 33058

>on-topic, calm posts
>ruining threads

No. 33059

it does on drama boards, and yes people were doing it on drama boards. also it doesn't help people who use the catalog or see it on the homepage or people who monitor threads and just update them. it's only useful if you constantly refresh and scroll a board.

No. 33060

>don't make on-topic posts in drama boards, that's ruining the threads

No. 33062

Bumping threads with pictures will bump any spam off of the front page, and if anons refresh threads instead of scrolling them clearly the bumps aren't for them

No. 33063

File: 1652285217774.png (338.92 KB, 413x1000, ball.png)

Not staff, just an opinion, and not an authoritative one but I have some experience in this sphere and…

To the anon threatening to take her ball and go home to make her own imageboard: get real, nonna. If this would solve our problem, I'd gladly help you. But it won't solve anything. This site will be 8 years old come the summer. That's a lot of history and momentum. You can't just up and make your own shit. I mean, you can, it's not at all difficult to spin up a quick imageboard (although this one has developed some nice bells and whistles over the years) nor is it particularly expensive or anything else.

So why not do it? Why am I not doing it? Why doesn't everyone? Growing a userbase is hard work and a different skillset than administering a website. But it's not even just that. It's not even just the need to moderate the board, manage the politics and personalities of your jannies, etc. Speaking as someone who's been a forum jannie, admin and owner each several times over, the hardest stuff is creating and maintaining a site culture that doesn't suck but continues itself in a positive direction over months and years.

That actually requires not just skill but a lot of luck and synergy. When this site, or Josh's site, or heck, even something the size of SA or 4chan started, the owners were catching lightning in a bottle. You can't really replicate it. Look at the state of the Kiwi Farms splinter sites, they're either directionless or toxic circle-jerks. I doubt a splinter off our site would be any different.

So, be the change, etc. However, I don't see how we can be change without some more of us becoming farmhands/jannies. It's clear that it's needed. Add one or two in some complementary timezones. There's really no excuse not to be giving up that minimal amount of power in order to not just deal with CP and general scrotery but also to make the userbase feel a bit more empowered and listened-to. Why not put up the ad for jannie applications today?

–Just considerably more than my two cents. thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.

No. 33064

And as a technical thing I've heard different opinions on whether the CP spam is automated or not. I assume some of it isn't but I guess spamming it on imageboards on an automated basis to advertise to pedos is a thing (gross.) Some of it is probably targeted because scrotes know it will be upsetting (to say the least) for us to run into it, so too some of the gore and general bullshit that gets posted. But if any of the CP at all is automated, as much of a pain in the ass as it would be to legitimate users, maybe we need a CAPTCHA to post (although please not the one that 4chan was using the last time I was over there, it was practically unusable) at least during times we are having problems. (No, I really, really don't want one either but needs must if this shit keeps happening.)

No. 33067

>the anon threatening to take her ball and go home to make her own imageboard

No. 33070

They do moderate it, I was banned the other day for sperging by responding to bait, which was deserved, it wasn’t redtext though. But they are trying.

No. 33071

We’ve said this for years but it’s never implemented. Captcha, users being able to delete cp themselves through mass reporting, banning VPNs etc
These are all valid suggestions that will not be implemented cause our admins for years now have no technical coding skills or are completely absent.

No. 33072

can a mod go into the altcows thread and help calm down the infighting? i have no idea why they’re so angry but it’s getting toxic.

No. 33073

Can these fags make a single post without bitching and derailing and attempting to bait anons by screaming about WKs every post they can? Pointing out your retarded nitpicking isn't being a WK. Pretty sure this is the fuck who keeps posting in Belle's thread and is ban evading anyway. >>>/w/212203

Can derailing about WKs be reportable at this point? Its bait for infighting and does nothing but create shitposting from these anons.

No. 33074

Then any post can be removed with enough mass reports. That's a shitty solution, anon.

No. 33076

Nta, but a better one (and one that has been suggested over and over) would be if posts/threads were temporarily taken down for janitors to review. If it's nothing bad, it can just be approved and put back up.

No. 33077

Exactly. If a thread is mass reported it should instantly go to janny review, or as I suggested the other day, all threads with no text in them should be sent for review, not posted automatically

No. 33078

>banning vpns

now you went too fucking far kek. we should remove our right to privacy just because of some sick pedophiles and derailing scrotes? not to mention jannies love to powermod like crazy and ban for the dumbest reasons? no don’t be retarded and just stick with the captcha idea

No. 33081

File: 1652321859009.jpg (37.3 KB, 469x609, 9b85cc0dd0910b384654e38f223cea…)

Someone just posted something with a suspicious link in /m/. The photo was just an naked anime character drawing, but please be careful scrolling just incase there's another raid anons.

No. 33082

Cp link in m

No. 33083

Weird porn on /m/

No. 33084

I wouldn't be surprised if the character is underage

No. 33085

gone now!

No. 33086

Still a bad idea. When we get raided, who do you think is going to mass report normal posts just to overload and fuck with the farmhands? That seems uncessessarily complicated and a complete waste of time.

No. 33088

It wouldn't be a waste of time if it actually prevents threads from staying up for hours. I don't see how you can call a method to take down raids unnecessary and anyway I'm sure it mods get tons of unnecessary reports everyday. I don't even think that there's that many people raiding. I mean there's been instances of groups/boards raiding, but I think most of the spam is just the same few males and a bot. Even if there are a bunch of scrotes spamming, the positives could still outweigh the negatives. if you have any better suggestions, then go ahead and post them.

No. 33089

No one should be able to remove posts except their own, unless you're a moderator. This is basic forum rules for obvious reasons. Anons can use this outside of raids to harass posts they just disagree with. If they already get spammed with useless reports, why should be they have to deal anons who are salty and just mass reporting just to have those posts end up in a different report system to also manage? You guys complain about how un-managed this place is already and now you want to tack on extra work that's easily abused.

No. 33090

>No one should be able to remove posts except their own
I never said to let other users delete posts.
>You guys complain about how un-managed this place is already and now you want to tack on extra work
Then it would help if we had more jannies.
Once again if you have any better suggestions then go ahead. So far admin hasn't done anything to fix anything that's going on, so of course we're going to keep throwing out ideas to curb the raids.

No. 33091

>I never said to let other users delete posts.
NTA but neither did that anon. They never used the word delete. You were implying the post gets taken down AKA removed from view. that anon said removed. Just wanted to jump in and say that.

No. 33092

Mods just need to filter out keywords when people report, if someone writes 'cp' or 'gore' in their report, the post should automatically be hidden and moved to mod approval.
>inb4 but that means anyone can just report posts as cp or gore
then just ban people who report for the wrong reason, simple as that.

No. 33093


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 33095

NEW THREAD: >>33094

No. 42371

Yeah I guess I’d rather be falsely accused of being mentally ill than get like successfully doxxed or something kek

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