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File: 1660261792818.png (152.88 KB, 507x493, 1660253982685.png)

No. 41695

In the most recent admin appareance, she suggested that some artistic anons should make a new site logo for the front page. Original post is here:
All artistic anons are welcomed to participate, please suggest a cool website logo!

No. 41697

File: 1660261827547.jpeg (447.32 KB, 828x937, 1660133923566.jpeg)

screenshot of the post

No. 41797

I want this pic as the site logo

No. 41799

i second this!

No. 41815

I think other anons should have a chance too but I love threadpic as well!

Anyway what is that template?

No. 41816

Also samefag but the fact someone drew it in our own doodle room makes it extra fit to be the site logo imo

No. 41914

The template is the size dimensions!

No. 43546

Bumping so nonnies remember this is still going on!

No. 43581

File: 1661801551165.png (13.41 KB, 358x164, lolcow.png)

We're doing a Lolcow logo theme on the art board, so many cute designs already!

No. 44088

File: 1662331898334.gif (680.13 KB, 800x450, cowwie.gif)

hurhughu low quality cause I suck with tech, if another nona wants the .fla file lmk.
Design credit to the person who drew it in the doodle room, in love with it it's soo cute!

No. 44089

File: 1662331943357.png (4.19 KB, 420x172, Capture.PNG)

this is the og ily

No. 44090

How cute, I love this!

No. 44093

Is the intention to look like the cow is pooping out the words? I love it lol it's so cute

No. 44100

thank u!
(It secretly was, u got me)

No. 44115

File: 1662352535311.gif (3.07 MB, 1280x720, fuckkcowagain.gif)

another version cause I'm bored

No. 44116

Holy shit i love this

No. 44121

I want both of them I don't care, make it work admin

No. 44122

Omfgg this is amazing

No. 44154

anon make this the favicon pls!!!

No. 44186

File: 1662476736511.gif (49.63 KB, 116x128, 819391428379541554.gif)

original drawanon here and hoooly fuck this is amazing wtf. I'm glad you liked my design! your animation is beautiful

No. 44187

samefag sorry but I'm also the same anon who drew threadpic and I'm very glad that people on here like my work. love u nonnies

No. 44188

So excited you accidentally a word? Many such cases.

No. 44196

animation anon here! I was with you in the doodle room when the thread pic was drawn, I'm now convinced lolcor gods fated this. (your art is sick)

No. 44198

I have added this version and the second version
>>44115 can be accessed through different themes.
So many anons in this thread are talented artists so thanks for participating and adding to the culture!

No. 44200

Shaymin lives! Hi! May I ask a few questions? Do we have any refuge in case the anti-KF attention is directed our way? Do we have any “strategies”?

No. 44203

Your art is precious, Nona.

No. 44205

File: 1662522006696.jpg (24.24 KB, 477x249, lolcow-pink-white.jpg)

No. 44212

I still think this one should be used if it can be adapted to the template dimension size. Is anon who originally drew it around?

No. 44267

File: 1662564699214.png (104.7 KB, 600x600, elsie02.png)

here's the transparent version as-is if anyone ever wants to do something. though it looks better with a white stroke around it. dunno if anyone cares but I have the separated layers too before I merged it

No. 44322

File: 1662598240172.png (135.74 KB, 600x600, 1662564699214.png)

Added the stroke, I also really want this one on the front page

No. 44323

Question, why is one on one theme and the other in others? this is a legit question, is it to save data?

No. 45516

Yesss that looks good!

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