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No. 44601

This is a thread to talk about the current issues within lolcow and suggest possible solutions. Discuss, vent, and archive anything you might feel is relevant to combat people who might want to take it down. Complaints go in the complaints thread.

No. 44602

I made this thread based on this post on the current complaints thread:
>I hope we have archives of our reactions here to this shit. I don’t want lc being taken down because of edgy worthless scrote retards.
In case these edgy retards want to pin their own disgusting shit on us, please go ahead and document / talk about anything that might be relevant in here.

No. 44608

(Sorry I didn't see this thread before posting in the shaymin one) I wanted to say that it's really telling how trannies are willing to download and distribute child pornography (of literal children, not just 17 year olds mind you) to take down a site whose worst crime was laugh at internet personalities and ugly men in dresses. All because we dare not believe that trans women are women. I assure you that if trans "women" weren't made fun of on this website, trannies wouldn't give a shit and would even participate in making fun of actual women.
I say it's telling because two of the things we say about MtFs are that 1) they're still men and behave like such and 2) they're porn addicts and that's how they developed AGP, and they just keep proving us right: They're so desensitized to disgusting and traumatizing porn like CP that they have no problems saving illegal content like child abuse, they know it's illegal and incredibly morally wrong, but they would rather look at it than allow actual women to hurt their egos and not believe their delusions. That's the real reason they're posting that shit along with "TAKE DOWN LOLCOW FARM", we're no terrorists and have no interest in murdering anyone but apparently troons are so delusional that they think using illegal pictures of abused children to take this site down is somehow good compared to what we do here.
And this isn't the first time they've done it, either. How many times have you seen women spam a website with something so horrible? Probably none because jacking off to children and seeing nothing wrong with rape is male behavior. A woman would practically only do such a vile thing if she was extremely mentally ill and/or deliberately trying to emulate males (like FtMs do).

No. 44742

File: 1663155841411.jpg (145.82 KB, 700x1000, b14.jpg)

An aside note, I appreciate how lc seems like it's one of the few remaining places where sage is actually utilized as a part of manners and site etiquette as opposed to merely not bumping threads. I can't actually think of another imageboard in 2022 whose userbase understands the use of sage in its original, discursive function

No. 44869

ppl even make fun of me for saging on the other imageboard I usually go to, kek

No. 44915

This board will be sunset

No. 44991

is the board getting ddos attacks as well as the usual cp spam? Does it use cloudflare

No. 44997

I hate that about other IBs. They'll think you're saging because you're a coward or trying to own the person you're arguing with but it's just common courtesy to not bring dumb fights to the first page.

No. 45006

moid breaking rule 4 >>1342767

No. 45096

File: 1663616454826.png (28.16 KB, 722x210, this.png)

this pretty much

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