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File: 1548653480408.jpg (55.27 KB, 731x1024, KCZVTKB.jpg)

No. 1[Reply]

Welcome to our new experimental board, the following topics and cows are to go here instead of /snow/ or /ot/:

• Cosplay or costhots
• Lolita
• J-vloggers, k-vloggers
• drama related to any individual or group with an obsession with Japanese culture or a particular trend
Global rules apply. Any threads created that do not fit the above criteria are subject to deletion.
Racebaiting will not be tolerated
Threads not dedicated to drama can go to /ot/ for discussion.

File: 1628157331352.png (469.84 KB, 616x297, ex-jvloggers 10.PNG)

No. 166355[Reply]

Previous thread

Some milk summarized from the previous thread:
>Queen Sharla and King Chris have been secretly dating since at least 2019, clues are all over the place. Currently doing a very shit job of hiding it.
>Norm is creepier than ever. Has a secret sugar-mommy wife and hāfu child, can never be seen with his family and gives the impression of being single. ​Also known for aggressive outbursts and sockpuppet shenanigans.
>Emma is still having monthly breakdowns but is able to make and edit videos about it.
>Tokyo Creative vloggers trying to stay afloat, now with less budget, less consistent quality videos, but maybe most importantly less Okano-backstabbery.
>Mimei, Kim Dao, Bii.. lost and forgotten?

Taylor, Aki and some other Jvloggers may have their own thread, please post your (non-)milk in their corresponding threads!

Please sage your non-milk posts! General rules apply: https://lolcow.farm/rules
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No. 177570

>Reminds me of the old eatyourkimchi videos before they got all pretentious with Simon being self absorbed and spending crazy amounts of money on fruit and other bullshit.

So, Martina was never the bad guy? I hope this isn't going to come across as sexist, but I guess I always assumed it was Martina's ideas that were ruining the whole vibe. I never watched much of their stuff in general, though.

No. 177591

Nah, Simon admitted that his spending was pissing off Martina. We don't care that you want to lick Simon's balls, scrote.

No. 177592

It was a joke. He posted a picture of a kaiseki dinner that's more likely from his date.

No. 177614

update on the sunny and chris drama

I don't understand indo at all but from what I can guess from the images, Sunny is not apologetic and maybe brought some lawyers to back up her behavior? Anyways I hope her indonesian audience doesn't forgive her, because she hasn't addressed why Chris called them dirt

No. 177615

File: 1634628494485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.91 KB, 835x486, uwu.jpg)

found a pic of chris on his date

File: 1632194295228.png (2.5 MB, 1373x1350, masterofpuppets.png)

No. 173567[Reply]

Before posting: Read lolcow.farm rules and follow them. Sage your non-contribution, tinfoil and non-milk. Don’t rehash old milk discussed in previous threads. No appearance nitpicking unless you have something new to add (new fillers, plastic surgery, etc). Don’t hi cow, not everyone that disagrees with you is a whiteknight or Nicole, the same way not everyone is vendetta posting. If an anon is breaking the rules, report them instead of infighting. Complaints go in /meta/

Previous Thread (#4) >>163459
(#3): >>155594
(#2): >>95156
(#1): >>82304

Recent Milk:

>Cassie originally planned to make an OnlyFans account >>163659 but after discovering this thread has distanced herself from Nicole, despite her and Nathan Owens planning to move in with Nicole >>163723 they seem to be staying at Nate’s parents’ house with no plan of ever moving to the apartment they talked about for months. Worth noting despite Cassie trying to reach out to Nate’s child grooming victims and try to “help” them >>164147 she may also be a victim herself, considering she has been friends with him when she was 17 >>163760 although no indication there was anything romantic going on at the time >>165538

>Nicole spergs over scrotes fapping to underage cartoon characters but caters to the same demographic with her child character cosplays >>163959

>Admits to spending her OF money on funding her card collection rather than feeding her family
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 177596

File: 1634611655488.jpeg (372.92 KB, 698x1351, CFD1BC6E-B129-4975-ADB9-B118EC…)

>”I didn’t even know they liked lounging in water”
So basically you don’t do research on your pets before purchasing them?

I’m very curious to see what her terrarium looks like. She hasn’t shown it at all.

No. 177597

File: 1634613512706.jpeg (281.03 KB, 828x980, 1DCF01AE-B679-488E-BB51-334BD1…)

Tells her followers she’s unwell, but trying to get to a point of health. The opposite of being healthy is unwell, she is retarded. Also from all her miserable tweets about having trauma and unable to attach to anything anymore and all her ment illness sperging. I think she gets too defensive with her scrotes lol

No. 177606

You can give a snake a drinking pool and it won't get in it and hang out all the time. Most prefer to hide out. Most sellers don't even mention that because you just expect them to go in the water if they feel like it.

No. 177608

If you’re trying to excuse her lack of research - nice try. Most sellers expect the person purchasing the animal knows what to do. Like, you know… Making a simple google search? Kek

No. 177613

Her snake is a ball python and they need a 4 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft enclosure as an adult. When they grow up they require a diet of adult mice and rats (live or frozen). Considering she freaks out when her cat tries to attack insects, I can’t imagine her actually going through with their requirements as a pet.

File: 1614265512959.png (74.31 KB, 680x480, 1600992275397.png)

No. 139494[Reply]

Previous thread >>90367

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody, Kuronekoknaifu, Ruru-chan, Kuro Hime

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 177542

File: 1634585045818.jpg (277.07 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20211018-152225_Twi…)


The lolita community does their best to not be associated with weird fetish shit, yet her goes Micky trying to do just that.

No. 177545

Link to this video? her tiktok link doesn't work.

No. 177546

For real, it's bad enough lolita gets linked to lolicon shit at times, now that community has to deal with crusty chicks like mucky trying to be a 'sexual lolita', which is literally the OPPOSITE of lolita fashion.

No. 177593

File: 1634610936801.jpg (950.94 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20211018-222526_Tik…)

She also posted this tiktok. Which is hilarious considering she ran away, crying, from the last two times she was "tested" and told to square up.


No. 177595

File: 1634611174569.jpg (1.35 MB, 2560x1920, 21-10-18-22-37-31-004_deco.jpg)

I think it's stupid of her to use a heavy filter, when you can easily scroll down and see her real face.

File: 1632616569816.jpeg (77.4 KB, 783x1228, toucansam.jpeg)

No. 174287[Reply]

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikan.mandarin/?hl=en
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Mikanmandarin
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@mikanmandarin?lang=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikantheorange
Thread #1: >>143614
General info:
> Mikan (Vina) Mandarin is a J-Vlogger currently living in Japan. She is Kurdish, Iraqi, Swedish, and English, and wants the whole world to know about it. But will only claim her West-Asian heritage POC card when called white-passing. >>>149078 >>157122 >>149372
>Got famous for her pro-ana body and her awful weeaboo fast fashion cords.
>Lived in the UK long enough to blame her stank bitchy attitude on her “British humor”
> Used to be best friends with Venus Angelic and Tsuruko but stopped mentioning/seeing them after it was revealed she’s an absolute bitch to people and leading to failed friendships. >>146039
>Went to Bunka Fashion College for about a year and a half before either dropping out or getting kicked out after showing her teenybopper weeaboo fans the work quality she submits for a final grade. >>143658
>Dated a Japanese boy whose famiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
267 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 177588

in her last video where she was reviewing some old Japanese magazine she was acting like she was so cautious of people potentially getting triggered over the dieting sections, and that she didn't agree with all of the advertisements aiming to look thinner, however now shes posting about how its "so hard being tiny uwu" like its some cutesy thing with yasu.

No. 177589

File: 1634610084296.jpeg (178.83 KB, 744x1121, 95FFBB61-B151-41A4-B4CA-6E6CF0…)

She’s back at calling herself West Asian. What happened with her being ME?

No. 177590

wtf does being west asian have to do with having a lot of cousins??? i see no correlation. she dumb af lol

No. 177616

dated pol speak in a pull tier thread, mikan certainly has a diverse audience

No. 177623

i don't know what it is about this cow in particular but she makes me want to a-log frequently lmao. Her constant deflection and crutch to her mental illness is so maddening. Maybe the reason you feel like shit all the time mikan is because you lack any fucking autonomy whatsoever and refuse to take any accountability for inappropriate outbursts towards your "fans" (and probably people irl). Yes, you are mentally ill, but that doesn't mean the whole world is responsible to tip toe around your ever changing rolodex of emotions and self-image. do you even have an identity outside your ethnicity/nationality and mental illness? better humble yourself before you fly right into the fucking sun girl.

File: 1571796246407.jpg (223.53 KB, 1124x1124, Yumi.jpg)

No. 70540[Reply]

New thread since the old one hit the reply limit (7 months ago) and some strange things are happening. I have been digging around online for a summary:

Around July/August 2019 Yumi uploads a video where Splenda pushes/shoves her and she looks scared. Then she uploads "we are fine" video since people obviously reacted to that.
Then she moves back to Seattle to be with her mom for 2 months, and goes offline.

People are now suspecting she is getting divorced based on her sad, lone video and photo posts she has been making since she returned mid-October 2019, but she has said nothing.
Yumi was not happy with how Splenda acted on the trip to China in 2019, and said she will "go alone next time" and has not worn the wedding ring since.

Background: Yumi is a Chinese Youtube vlogger who rose to fame via her Lolita DIY videos, but has dipped in popularity recently as she quit sewing and mainly uploads hauls. She is a mega-weeb but now segued to being obsessed with Hanfu and Chinese history.
Married(?) to a creepy dude in his forties who talks to her like she is a child, criticizes her weight and generally treats her like a mail-order bride (they actually met on a dating site.)
She now mostly posts sponsored videos of cheap clothes hauls she got online, but also has a second Food/Eating channel.
She has a Patreon which includes a "secret" Youtube Channel where she talks about wanting to get pregnant, her relationship, etc. She posted some minor drama there about tracking down ex boyfriends and the fact she was still looking for another partner after already meeting Splenda.

Her wedding ceremony was done on her lawn, and the videos were posted several months after the fact as if they had just happened. Splenda is so-called since he's a massive cheapskate and Yumi has to practically beg him to buy her anything, as seen on her shopping vlogs.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
518 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 177604

Why on earth is Trisha watching yumi’s videos in the first place kek but seriously props to her.

No. 177612

Trisha watches Yumi King. What a fucking timeline

No. 177631

Man what a shit show. My heart breaks for Yumi but cmon girl, Splenda was exactly the type of crusty old white man who lusts after childish looking Asian girls half his age. This was inevitable. There is a reason why American women of all races avoid this type of male and they have to find foreign brides kek. She seems lost, what I don’t understand is isn’t Splenda daddy legally bound to pay child support since he’s the biological father? Yumi taking on 100% of the responsibility is a bit off putting to me.

No. 177632

Hard agree!

No. 177633

Unfortunately anon there are millions of women from Third world who would tolerate this guy for a semi decent life in America

File: 1633314900850.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 1632763292408.png)

No. 175556[Reply]


Previous Thread (#11: >>>/w/169213 )
#1: >>>/w/24583
#2: >>>/w/54057
#3: >>>/w/67368
#4: >>>/w/84714
#5: >>>/w/132036
#6: >>>/w/140775
#7: >>>/w/119140
#8: >>>/w/146474
#9: >>>/w/155617
#10: >>>/w/161851

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
509 posts and 102 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 177574

Because passion has nothing to with responsibility. If you make good choices you choose a life that doesnt feel like your lost. Lori's to dumb to accept she hates her life and its her fault she fucked it up. She's running out of time to fix it beyond settling for someone and whatever comes with them.

No. 177577

File: 1634602812269.png (409.98 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20211018-165434.png)

No. 177578

File: 1634603392576.png (414.74 KB, 2048x517, Screenshot_20211018-165443.png)

No. 177581

Her feet are literally orc-sized and ape tier. She can't even afford pedicures.

Kek that weekly ban until Kevvy coughs up his parent's money.

No. 177582

Her feet are so blurred and blown out from the filters you can barely make them out. Pretty sure foot fetishists actually want to see a clear photo of your feet. Why bother trying to cater to them if you cant even do it correctly Lori

File: 1633922024632.png (4.35 MB, 1880x2032, 1633555793450.png)

No. 176591[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/w/164089

>Began her lolcow run as a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~

>Is most well known as creator of the Party-Kei style, a style she no longer personally wears
>Known lurker
>History of ED, mental illness, and self-harm

General info:
>Frivolously spends her parents' or her own money on once-worn clothes, makeup and junk shit for her trends; claims she makes enough from Youtube despite previously complaining about demonetization on her videos; will often post/tell the cost of items to show off how much she had spent; now relies on video monetization and Patreon donations to keep her afloat despite offering poor incentives for supporting her
>Is an extreme narcissist; regularly claims herself to be the best/have superior skills in many aspects like fandom and fashion designing despite her skills, knowledge, and results of projects proving otherwise
>Heavily pushes her "full-time Youtuber" title even though she fails to keep up a consistent upload schedule and keep solid engaging content beyond hauls and bullshit vlogs of her ramblings
>Opts for "self-care" rather than working on her videos and other projects; defines self-care as doing nothing but taking baths with Lush bathbombs and laying in bed all day
>Claims to be ethically responsible about her purchases, yet still buys in ridiculous amounts from problematic sites and sellers
>Extremely thin-skinned and defensive of herself, will either delete comments or posts under fire or act passive-aggressive in tweets and videos likely alluding to what she has seen in the threads
>Has been highly dependent on her mother, friends, or partner in social events and blows minor issues way out of proportion
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
174 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 177549

This is hilariously sad.
I feel that it was inappropriate for the phycologist to tell her all the things she was (possibly) diagnosed with with out going in to what about her meets the criteria. It makes sense that that's her ED diagnosis since she went from "spoopy" ana to over eating calorically dense foods. Now she wants the excuse of eating like shit by saying she has texture issues when most people who genuinely have texture issues are under weight since eating food grosses them out.

Do you anons think that she'll make a video about her mental health assessment she paid money for or will she just push it under a rug because she didn't get the diagnosis she wanted?

No. 177552

Did she not also say in a vid recently that she just woke up and didn’t care / didn’t have an ED anymore?? So she’s claiming she had one this whole time but literally said that she just stopped one day?

No. 177558

File: 1634593582219.png (1.15 MB, 828x818, 5c00ce8dcb300242e0fdfd7974be74…)

Jillian be like

No. 177561

so like her retarded ass didn't understand the diagnosis that her doctor gave her, but still milked it to no end, saying she was a poor uwuskinny anachan and always mentioning how much she suffered from her ED but like, she never dared to ask for clarification? until now that she can actually milk it for being "uwu special eating disorder" type? godddddd she's disgusting.

>I thought the doctors were just saying "I don't know"
jillian doctors are not as retarded as you think they are

No. 177618

What a bizarre woman. I just don't understand it. Her life is perfectly fine. She has no physical ailments, no traumatic experiences that limit her abilities or cause deep conflict anywhere. There's just nothing. And yet she continues to relentlessly collect all these things that are supposedly wrong and harp about them every chance she gets. "Well it turns out I have THIS now!" and then every day she'll mention how she has it and how it makes her life so hard now, meanwhile absolutely nothing had actually changed.

She'll throw herself into others conversations going "Well for people like us who have this-" hard-ignoring that she isnt actually apart of that group. It's not weird feeling? She feels nothing doing it?? At this point it wouldnt shock me if she co-oped an amputee's struggle. One day she's going to forget where she put her keys and start hashtagging and making graphic explanations for dementia. It's not like anyone who actually had it could fight back, they wouldnt even remember that she tweeted it.

File: 1599409962984.jpg (600.27 KB, 828x1211, 1599343750478.jpeg.jpg)

No. 111582[Reply]

Dakota's last thread maxed out & locked, use this one to discuss her attempted comeback alongside her eternal frenemy, Kiki.

>Dakota Rose Ostrenga, went viral on Tumblr in 2011 for heinously photoshopping herself into a kawaii pedobait animu pickme before pickmes were even invented yet

>Previously nothing more than the tagalong younger sister of MySpace scene queen & starfucker Kiki Kannibal/Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga AKA Sperg-chan (>>>/pt/333878)
>Signed to Bravo models in Japan, who unintentionally revealed her real face and tanked her ability to model for anyone afterwards, so she spent the next 5 years as a blogger posting fake selfies while inexplicably living luxuriously, also going on TV to talk about going viral & deny plastic surgery- while wearing a mysterious and basic ring & going to high end model parties… all without doing any legitimate modeling work (that isn't shooped or blurred out)
>Lived like an upper class sugar baby in a huge apartment in Shibuya, ate in luxurious restaurants weekly and received many extensive gifts from unnamed, unpictured friends she never mentioned or showed off again, in addition to barely working or blogging. She also received random, expensive gifts from her "roommate" at the time like a limited edition PS4, jewelry, and a bicycle.
>Kota carries on like this, flaunting her lifestyle on Instagram and twitter. Anons here on LC catalogue her posts, as she goes back and deletes a fuckload of pics after Sheinagate, because prior to that she was getting thousands of dollars' worth of clothes, accessories, and gifts from her mysterious friends, including Sachico of the brand Malicious.X, who invited Dakota to dinner at an upscale traditional restaurant just to deliver her a bag by hand. Dakota immediately deletes the pic once LC anons notice how much Sachico swag she's received going back years, some peices costing several hundred USD.
>when Sheina gets busted for visa fraud, Kota suddenly flies home that July, removes the 5-year mystery ring. Kota quietly returns to Japan later, pretending nothing happened while starting collabs with small time Instagram brands and artists. Her lifestyle prior to Sheinagate is now just a happy memory for her.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1093 posts and 228 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 177584

Derp, I'm exhausted- 2018 was Sheinagate. 2019 was Covid. But aside from Covid, everything seemed to fall apart for Kooter between July and September. She got 2 sad little gigs before leaving in December and her last selfie in Japan was at someone else's birthday party looking miserable.

No. 177624

From her sudden July 2018 trip home, all her in-Japan posts aside from Girls Award and the Google Pixel commercial, like her random Japan selfies and new hair/nails pics, are latergrams. She kept reusing pics in the green long sleeve shirt and yellow from the outing with Hirari, pics in the ugly denim Rizel jacket, and pics of her with the 3 silver hoop earrings (+multiple hair lengths).

She was going to Japan fpr legit work like Toitafest, GA, the commercial and some stream she subbed for Yula on, but every uodate she posted like her new phone and laptop were from a different room than her Japan bedroom. I think from July 2018 she had to start flying to Japan for work, but was living in the US with her family because of Sheinagate. She hasn't been able to stay in Japan since July 2018, despite being able to get jobs there.

Also looking back on the Malicious.X sugar momma reveal, that was horribly obvious. Everything came down for her after she got kicked back home so suddenly in July 2018, at the same time Sheina was arrested, and she hasn't been able to live in Japan since- she just escorts for work a few times a year there to take selfies for her LARP.

No. 177625

File: 1634640081988.png (281.14 KB, 611x643, Screenshot_20211018-203712_(1)…)

She flew back on the 2nd, which means she left Japan before Sheina was arrested, but she had already been reported by her husband to immigration by then. While Kota was in FL Sheina was arrested and the news broke immediately when Kooter returned 2 weeks later and started all the latergrams in between jobs.

No. 177627

Casual note: that's clearly not Japan out the plane window, meaning she posted a pic of her landing in FL as she suddenly announced she was flying home for July 4th.

I really don't think Dakota flew home in July 2018 willingly, guys. And it looks like she was allowed to return for work, but not allowed to live there.

No. 177629

July 2018 is also when Kiki gave up acting cold turkey and suddenly switched her IG back to Mmmkikikannibal from Lilouvos. She then stayed offline until January 2019 when Kooter flew back to Japan to go to Osaka chocolate fest and be fitted for the white Midiumsolid dress, but she never walked in the show and they let her keep the dress (which she used for latergrams in 2020).

Comparing their threads, this pattern stays consistent. When Kota flops, Kiki goes dark.

I bet that's why Kiki keeps randomly trying new projects and dropping them while crying about heartbreak- she's likely trying to do in LA what Kota does for work in Japan but fails, and when Kooter is in Japan for work she drops Kiki like a hot rock. They both have been teasing marriage on and off for years, and Kota loved modeling wedding dresses after months of inactivity.

File: 1629157047575.jpg (135.22 KB, 1280x720, asdij29092348dfgi30003.jpg)

No. 167989[Reply]

Old thread: #46405

topics from previous thread:

>k00nkun/niccu_tan starting flame wars on tiktok with vets because she/her friend bubble_bee_tee got called out for not being gyaru enough. claims gyaru styling is regional and religiously refers to it as "gyal" for some reason

>emi leaves gyaru for yamikawaii

>neckbeard kingrui_yo believes gyaru is in your heart which is a popular take among #TiktokGyaru

>asian fishing continues to be a hot topic especially on tiktok
286 posts and 63 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 177491

File: 1634559843036.png (587.51 KB, 577x605, f.png)

Checked SNG just to see some AGP scrote parading his fetish. It's impressive that he doesn't manage to look good even once. And y'all handmaidens encouraging this are just as bad.

No. 177496

kek did not expect gyaru fashion to make it all the way to inspire bigfoot. I would not be able to help but laugh if I saw this man in public.

No. 177510

Baby goth where?

No. 177511

Eww she needs to lose weightand tone her thighs.

No. 177548

Fukin REEEEEE ! Go dilate you scrote with a bimbofication fetish. Why must these trannies invade every single female fashion facebook group I’m a part of. It’s never trannies that pass either, always disgusting old men who never match the fashion who probably fap furiously after clicking post.

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