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File: 1516994809047.png (62.98 KB, 155x275, image.png)

No. 482064

> claims to be an schizo- mental health snowflake
> made a video about an ex being abusive towards her (ionlycryblood)only to get back together with him (they broke up which myah deleted the video she made about why she was sooo in love with him)
> dropped out of college due to skin condition (has to stay indoors)
> regularly posted on her instagram of her being outside
> cries to her mom to sue anyone who "slanders" her online
> acts edgy xD but constantly talks about the haterz on twitter
> has an obsession with the game IMVU where she asserts her superiority over other users
She is also known to delete things so try to take caps if you catch them.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyahAlanna

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myahalanna/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyahAlannaScavo

IMVU: http://avatars.imvu.com/Guest_MyahAlanna

No. 482081

File: 1516995949927.jpg (22.73 KB, 320x400, crustylilpeepwannabe.jpg)

In the video where she doted on him he was totally fucking braindead. Claimed to be off drugs but was clearly on xans or something of the like.

No. 482130

File: 1516999802244.png (45.83 KB, 391x579, pt1.PNG)

here are some photo dumps of her complaining of getting "no attention" (there are three parts to the post so sorry for incoming posts) (1/3)

No. 482131

File: 1516999818266.png (36.34 KB, 393x507, pt2.PNG)


No. 482132

File: 1516999830689.png (21.34 KB, 425x293, pt3.PNG)


No. 482139


What prompted her to write this? It seems really scattered. That plus the fuckin 30 minute long video she put out.

>my plan is to change realities for good and live in my head.

What did she mean by this?

No. 482514

I actually think this chick is really pretty. Normally I dislike colored hair, but the green suits her since it matches her eyes. She has a quite striking, doll-type face. That being said, her personality is terrible! Granted she's only, what, 19? If she chills out a bit she could have some success as a social influencer, but she's gotta become more easy-going and likeable

No. 482527

in her old videos she used to have a trump sticker up, and said that it was purely for attention. at least she owned it lol

No. 482763

File: 1517075745884.png (699.46 KB, 669x612, 12718.PNG)

Does anyone know what's up with her health? She was kinda vague about it before, I didn't know she had to drop out of school because of it. She showed these marks on her arm in her newest video. What condition would even cause this?

No. 482764

subacute cutaneous lupus possibly

No. 482808

it’s a form of dermatitis. I have it too, it’s painful as fuck. can’t blame her for not wanting to go outside with it when it’s flaring up.

No. 483086

File: 1517090321778.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9829.PNG)

Her face is perf now Bc she got her squidward nose fixed at 16 lol

No. 483090

I think the reason she deleted the video was because of her explicit claim that he wasn't on drugs. Iirc not even a few days later he had a picture of him in a room with various drugs talking about lean on his Instagram story. He also regularly "flexes" with really small amounts of money (100-250$).

No. 483094

File: 1517090629150.png (113.12 KB, 750x670, IMG_9828.PNG)

She must be aware she is part of the reason social media is ugly

No. 483145

Dear god her new video is a train wreck.
"People are so vile to each other"
>proceeds to call people trash, "I have no problem calling people a retard", calls people pathetic and sensitive, etc.
"I hate when people say "they don't care" because if you really didn't care you wouldn't have to say it, if you say you don't care you do care"
>proceeds to say she doesn't care, she doesn't give a fuck, etc etc etccc.

She's talking so much about being bullied and getting death threats but I really can't find anything on twitter or IG of her being bullied, save one post about IMVU?

No. 483164

oh how I've been waiting for this, she really was once every dairy-farmers dream. unfortunately she privatized majority of her previous videos like her sperging out to idubbbz, some +1mil video on the tana saga, onion boy, etc., basically doing anything to gain relevancy to promote her album (which from the impression I got, she was not happy with at all iirc.)

you just can't leave out these goldmines out of the links:

itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/myah/319380541

tumblr: http://myahalanna.tumblr.com/

No. 483185

File: 1517094693708.jpg (59.53 KB, 500x500, fetusmyah.jpg)

The myahscavo tag is a goldmine.

No. 483192


been following her for a bit but sage for forgetting to include this as well, she use to be apart of a collaborative channel called "The Real Deals"

channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMbf56WDy8ovouw3I1q6b6Q

her playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0Fpjg2g-AU&list=PLaPLaAxjC0vrWFdsPbxStvina3I0KYuHF (mild ear blood warning for the intro music)

No. 483302

She looks so much more plain and of average weight in older videos. Has she gotten any more plastic surgery done besides her nose?

No. 483322

File: 1517100557179.png (492.78 KB, 1080x1286, 20180127_164652.png)

Psshhh, do any of you anons think you can beat Myah at cod?

No. 483460

is that video where she rants about hearing voices and her shitty song relating to that still up? it was pretty funny

No. 483532

I know she's been talking for a while about getting her nose re-done (apparently there was some kind of mistake the first time?) but I'm not sure if she's actually done it or not and I can't really tell from old photos compared to now.

No. 483549

iirc, she's had two nose jobs or at least was considering getting it done again.

No. 484204

Did no one really download any of the videos she deleted from her YouTube channel?

No. 484207

I'm equally dissappointed

No. 484234

No. 484556


Guess I have to give her some credit, this was at least more entertaining than her Cash saga

No. 484563


sage for samefagging but just noticed that her atrocious Cash mv & this one were directed by the same guy.
For somebody that writes a overtly pretentious & self-glorifying song on how much she adores money, she really can't seem to up her budget much for a better or at least more competent director can she?

No. 484703

She keeps complaining about her "team" and how they treat her like trash, but I wonder if she's aware that she'd probably have more success with independent directors and probably save money too? There are a lot of music videos produced by just YouTube creators that are masterpieces compared to what her current videos are.

No. 484995

maybe she'd have more success if she didn't produce music that is pure shit lol

No. 485105

I don’t find it hard to believe she’s schizophrenic in the sense that she has delusion of grandeur is she thinks she’s way greater than she is..like she’s some musical goddess supreme success higher level of intellect reincarnation of god

No. 485318

She reminds me of onision personality wise without the paedo shit, thinks she's far more talented than she is, thinks she's smarter than everyone etc. As she is only 19 I'm hoping it's just a phase and she changes.

No. 485899

File: 1517268739347.jpeg (177.22 KB, 750x654, 3C0FE3EE-8682-4491-B94E-E7CE6D…)

No. 486881

As someone who has studied psychology for, well, only 3 years I guess, ….this isn't what schizophrenia is LOL. You don't maintain delusions of specific people with identities and can name them and they're your friendddd and shit. What is this tumblr.

No. 486935

yup you don't even require some superb psychology knowledge to know this. Sounds like she either pulled it out of her ass just to get mental illness points or she created a tulpa, which is weird but not linked with mental issues

No. 487463

File: 1517358406145.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9883.PNG)

My doctors say I shouldn't do something but I'll continue doing it to keep up appearances!! Yes my condition has forced me to drop out of college and yes I could help by not doing my nails or stopping drinking but where's the fun in that!! I'll just play an alternate reality game all day long :)

No. 487464

File: 1517358434923.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9884.PNG)

sage for samefag.

No. 501598

File: 1518461855608.png (97.72 KB, 795x697, isheok.PNG)

what the actual fuck?

No. 501604

Nails so grown out they're dangling off the edge of her fingertips with half her real nails showing

No. 501944

she really is like onion with the "muh skin disease"

No. 502066

Another deleted video that was reposted

No. 504352

File: 1518740145615.png (21.56 KB, 801x149, cap.PNG)

she sure is obsessed with googling herself if she's already concerned about this thread…

No. 504450

imo it’s far more likely one of her followers sent it to her. if i recall correctly she has quite a few active followers on instagram

No. 504573

the thread has like 40 replies myah calm the fuck down

No. 511866

She deleted her old Vimeo page after it was linked here loll

No. 511888

Found this deleted video

No. 512907

Has anyone noticed that the videos made about Myah, other than by Ammis Bloom are all deleted? There was one titled Myah Alanna - hypocrisy and another about the n word by a girl named Tanzie I believe. I wonder why

No. 512928

File: 1519430331716.png (731.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180223-153642.png)

Her mom is just as ridiculous. I normally wouldn't open my mouth to someone about their child but it is just so annoying how she encourages Myah's spoiled entitlement and narcissism. I truly believe Myah is that way because her mom constantly told her she is special and different feeding into her delusions of grandeur and narcissism. It's important to encourage your child and give them good self esteem but damn her parents have just set her up for failure by spoiling her. Pretty typical. It's also so cringy how her mom is constantly following everyone's comments and videos about her daughter. It's like she lives vicariously through her. (1/2)

No. 512930

File: 1519430362841.png (560.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180223-164844.png)


No. 514305


I found the video about her.

No. 514310

File: 1519588032378.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180223-181541.png)

Her mom telling her it's okay to be bratty smh

No. 516179

seriously! it's so clear myah was raised entitled and thinks that people should care about her and her feelings just because she exists. She needs a therapist to sit her down and tell her she's not special, and that's okay, and learn to come to terms with that fact.
She needs to get out of her mommys house and into the real world.

No. 518004

File: 1519939700812.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_2018-03-01-22-26-31…)

The wall behind her is wonky as hell

No. 525851

File: 1520723376068.png (774.53 KB, 813x595, 067543253.PNG)

This is mega-autistic of me but I found her mom's instagram and yeah, it's pretty much the nail in the coffin confirming how coddled Myah is by her mom. Practically her entire account looks like a fan account for Myah. It's a bunch of her selfies and clips of her songs with weird captions about how Myah is so talented and gorgeous and perfect (just like her mama teehee!) and how she's "mommy's girl" and the "light of [her] life", etc. It's kinda sad because it appears that she has sons too but they're barely mentioned in comparison to Myah.

No. 527240

It's like her mom has no identity of her own and just lives through her daughter. It's creepy. And "looks just like her mom" minus the nose job LOL

No. 532191


No. 538862

She posted a new video yesterday and the comment section is full of people roasting her. It's hilarious

No. 538883

here is the video just in case anyone wants to suffer with me

No. 538889

She has such a superiority complex. I can’t imagine having her mindset.

No. 538893

what bothers me is she's basically backing off the video she made about Tana (she since deleted idk if it ever re-uploaded)when in the video about Tana she boosted about how "real" she was being about the video. I hardly doubt her music producers forced her to make that video other than she's maybe intimidated by Tana.

No. 539117

File: 1522122241230.png (141.62 KB, 861x363, Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 8.33…)

God bless this comment on the new video because every word is true. Every. Word. I am SO sick of her whining about how stupid the world is when she's a 19 y/o in college with no degree and the world "anal" written on a sock hanging on her wall. like choose an aesthetic. You're either too smart and deep for everyone or "edgy" with a xannie- popping abusive ex boyfriend and all lowercase twitter posts.

No. 539308

Myah is such an all or nothing type of person. She has no balance in the life she presents on youtube, she is either this pretentious misanthropic old man trapped in a slutty 19 year olds body, or this narcissistic spoiled rich girl who cries if she doesn't get her way. A good way for to find this balance would be some therapy.
Funny hearing her complain about mumble rappers when she has covered xxx, lil xan, lil peep, is a fan of young lean and post malone, who are no better than your average 'mumble rapper' lol.

No. 539309


She seems like a completely different person in this video than in the one uploaded yesterday.

No. 539317

……….well duh? you’re comparing a fun video she made with her friend about a haul or something to a video where she essentially lays out reasons why she feels like shit, all by herself. i get that she’s blindsided by her own ego sometimes but she’s a barely 19 year old who’s been a little show business piggy bank for her parents since like 5 years old so that kind of environment probably doesn’t lend itself really well to having healthy self image and worldview. idk why anyone here is pretending that it’s some kind of unexpected shock that a showbiz kid would be a little out of touch.

No. 539382

This vid is actually rly cute. She should make more videos of her just having fun rather than ranting about stupid shit.

No. 539391

I think it would help her mental state to do more things like this. Myah understands show business and social media, and she knows how bad it is. She started acting this way after she got that weird 'skin disease' (granted she's always had that I'm smarter than you thing going on forever), and she was locked up in her house. It can't be healthy to lock yourself up in a house, with a coddling mother, and all the time in the world to do 'research'. I'm glad she doesn't make holier than videos about people like Tana, or that one time she tried to talk about Onision. If she hates all the evilness and vileness in the world, maybe she should something about it instead of putting more of it out there.
In general I like Myah. She's cute and talented.

No. 539818

She made this song about ionlycryblood

No. 541941

that song "mr no soul" isn't even about anyone. she confirmed it on younow. the song "for the record" on her first album is about her ex

No. 546663

File: 1522891314145.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.75 KB, 390x210, 20180404_182038.jpg)


Spoiler for OT but does anyone know where her necklace is from?

No. 553452

Uhh so shes recently been on tumblr alot and some of the things she posts is very questionable. Recently, a little girl screaming while getting held by 2 men, one if which pulling this girls panties down. I rly liked Myah but some of the content on her tumblr is kinda fucked up. If she plans on getting anywhere with her music she should know that what she posts may hurt her chances.

No. 564916

has nobody mentioned how she constantly changed up best friends over the years? I know kids do that but the way she would talk about them afterwards just showed exactly who she is. Also she just made a live stream making fun of her ex and his new kid. Her “imvu” Instagram also shows her getting into that DDLG shit with the baby stuff.

No. 564919

when you do that “how many followers are bots” thing (Shane Dawson did this in a video) it shows that half her followers are bots. Makes me wonder if she bought them back when she did “share for share xD” on instagram.

No. 564922

Post screen caps. what did she say about them? what is her imuv instagram
Doesn't surprise me most of her followers are bots.. Her twitter barely gets 5 likes now and days.

No. 571809

File: 1525267534646.png (70.37 KB, 741x728, wtf.png)

She just posted recently again about how "fed up" she if of social media and how repulsed she is of society and yet again her complaining about her not being able to "speak her mind xd". She acts so superior to everyone and thinks she's above society and that we're all not worth knowing her. If you're that bothered by social media then get off it? Bitch wants to be making music and shit but complains about her audience making herself seem rather ungrateful. No wonder her management is so bad, she'll never get anywhere with her music career when she has an attitude like that.To think this entire rant was caused just because a video of her second life avis got deleted off instagram because they were pretending to have sex, and then she goes and rants saying she's going to call instagram and email them like they're going to listen to her. Isn't it obvious why it got removed, sweetie? You aren't special and instagram won't bend their rules for you and your disgusting second life avis fucking. Speaking of SL the fact that she lives through a fucking VR game and even made her song cover for Foreign of a FUCKING IMVU CHARACTER? LMFAOOO I was wheezing when I saw that like wtf you're gonna release a shitty emo "i'm so different" song and make the cover an IMVU character kskksksksks. I used to like her, genuinely I liked her, but recently she's really going downhill with this whole "I only have intelligent friends, owo i'm too good for everyone" attitude. Can't wait to see what y'all have to say about this post, because it's truly pathetic that she thinks like this.

No. 571931

File: 1525284347728.png (15.44 KB, 701x204, fake.PNG)

She acts like she's a perfect angel who never said anything rude on the internet. Did she forget she only became popular because she talked about Tana and Onision? oh wait.. she deleted those videos. (btw here is how many followers were fake on her twitter before she deleted her twitter.) She talks about how she hates the internet yet her entire fuckin life was on IMVU.

No. 572898

kinda funny since all the people she meets on SL and IMVU are probably the fakest people she will ever meet yet she holds them to a higher standard than everyone else. They probably act like myah around her to be her friend since she's got a following and irl are probably completely different. fakes are everywhere on those games, it's actually a shame(learn to integrate)

No. 572902

This is fucking hilarious.
She also recently stirred up shit with her ex Anthony (AKA IOnlyCryBlood AKA @UhhKeltecc on Instagram) talking shit about him and his relationships. It's clear to me that she's extremely emotionally stunted. She acts like Ant is such a bother to her but if he's really bugging you fucking block him on everything. Before Ant deleted a lot of his pictures and moved his Instagram account, she would occasionally leave petty comments and then delete them later. She has nothing going on in her life currently so she obsesses over her ex's every move and has the audacity to speak on his child. And then she goes on rants about how society is fucked? You're fucked Myah, we know you lurk here. Move on from your ex, re-enroll in your shitty community college classes, keep making your mediocre music, and stay off of social media if you hate it so much!

No. 572905

Im taking bets on how long it is until we see her on younow again. I say a week max, she streams 2-3 times a week because of how bored and isolated she always is. I doubt she'd give it up like she did twitter.

No. 572907

File: 1525380673636.png (239.09 KB, 425x425, myah.PNG)

She's either deleting comments on her ig now or no one legit cares about her leaving lol. It also shows how many fake followers she has even on instagram.

No. 572932

File: 1525381820973.jpg (2.04 MB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

>I hate that I need social media to succeed in most fields and careers
Where the fuck is she getting this idea from? There's a reason most people who start singing on social media just end up being known for that instead of experiencing commercial success
>inb4 justin bieber

No. 572941

File: 1525382101769.jpeg (359.14 KB, 750x1291, 8D6B3560-6F76-4903-81BC-18ECCA…)

Nah, I wanted to comment something but she limited the comments. She did this for the rest of her posts too.

No. 572948

A while back she made a post about having no real world experience and only knowing how to do music (see here: >>482130
) so I think she's referring to the fact that realistically at this point she thinks the only careers she can pursue are that which involve social media…which is not the case. She's young, she says she plans on getting her doctorate, yet she always reverts back to really wanting to work in the music industry. She puts up this ploy that she hates her own music, hates her team and hates the industry but she's working on new music videos right now. I think the reality is that she hates she's not popular or successful and that people in the music industry don't think she's successful/worthy of a second glance.

No. 572950

she raves about how honest she is to people yet she limited her instagram comments? weak. She ruined her own career with her damn superior complex she has.

No. 572971

She really never had one to begin with, the only reason her music started to get some actual attention was because of her preteen fans being supportive11!!1!

No. 573328

File: 1525406866091.jpeg (563.41 KB, 750x1107, 35AAEE12-3AEC-4EA6-91D4-77168D…)

Myah posted.

No. 573329

File: 1525406884854.jpeg (507.12 KB, 750x1077, ED593452-7D97-4FF2-948E-183174…)

No. 573335

She was gone for literally a day.. How much you wanna bet she's lurking here since she's obviously full of herself

No. 573373

>I only surround myself with educated hard working people with careers
>I've never worked a real job and am no longer enrolled in college and spend all day googling myself and getting triggered
Whew lads

No. 573401

>surround myself with well-educated people
>only want 2 be
>ASHOLS NEAR ME … their enegery SOKED!

yeah, these totally real friends of hers must really enjoy her intellect and maturity

No. 573732

i used to be friends with myah irl ama

No. 573734

got any proof?

No. 573822

Share proof and I'm interested

No. 573830

File: 1525466233766.png (1.21 MB, 1233x795, myah.PNG)

didn't she mention she couldn't have fake nails cause of her skin disease? I guess talons are better than your health.

No. 573917

what kind of proof would you guys want? id prefer not to give out my info as id rather not hear anything from myah or her family coming at me. if you guys would like i can reread over this thread and correct or confirm any information

No. 573976

Is all the info here correct? and do you have any stories or anything you wanna tell us?

No. 574147

i can give some personal bg of me and myah and some pretty out there stories but im tired so i am just going to read the thread and reply to certain things for now.

i cant speak on anthony (ionlycryblood) now but back when he was with myah he was completely sober. hes always been very slow and a lot of her friends could never stand it. he never would even drink. i heard now he does drugs but back then that was just anthony being his braindead self.

myah is honestly allergic to everything, most animals, syrups, processed food, etc. most of the time shed just kinda suck it up and eat/drink whatever she liked anyways. looking back im 95% sure she just has dermatitis of some sort due to her insane allergies and lack of care overall.

the real deals was our friend jasons collab channel. she hated the idea of it and only did it to make him shut up. thats why she was so happy to leave when it went to shit. it was a bit too cringey.

the only plastic surgery she's gotten is her nose and that was when she was 16. it was her sweet 16 present and was that or a really extravagant party. she wants to redo it because of scarring or whatever but im not sure if her family is really down for it. if you're asking if she got liposuction or her lips done or anything like that the answer is no.

cash lol. i remember her talking about the filming. that was a shitshow.

she really doesnt get a say in her music team. its mostly her parents who believe they know whats best for her regarding show business. i personally think that if they had let her do her own thing creatively speaking she would have blown up through music. especially because of her initial connection with people like lil peep. she writes her music if its any consolation.

myah's mental health has always been messy. even more messy than she puts online believe it or not. as far as i know she isnt lying about the voices and what not in her head. sometimes it was way too elaborate to be true. i can go into a bit more detail or explain more if anybody wants.

her parents are making up for how she was treated in the past during things like their divorce. irl they are both very loving and caring people who would take the shirt off their back for you. sometimes i think myah isnt appreciative of them enough- even if they dont always agree with her.
her mom also has a very sweet boyfriend whose children she considers her own. its very cute. her mom does get a bit carried away with her comments towards "the haters" but shes only trying to show how much she cares about her daughter. in person she always was worried myah wasnt treating her friends right.

the first part sums her up at her worst very well. she constantly seeks change and pushes drama into her life to get it. she cant stand still or get a real job or anything like that because she thinks that type of repetitive state would drive her completely over the edge. that being said she does think shes above everyone else and always had. she thinks she hangs with intellectuals but in reality it is just whoever she has been around lately. her circle has changed so much over the years (me being one of them) with no key figures that completely stay.

she is convinced that her career and what she says shouldnt be relative to each other.

if i am being honest here i do not think she uses bots for at least a substantial amount of her instagram. i watched her blow up. some of it was her, some the videos like the tana one, some from her mutuals on instagram like lilpeep, ghosty, terroru, etc. when one person blows up everybody eats. thats why anthony gained thousands of followers from her.

No. 574185

File: 1525498318597.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2089.PNG)

Well he must only be sober during the periods that they're dating because this is only a few months before they started dating last year no? What does Ant do for a living to support his child??

No. 574191

nyart, but pretty sure anthony does not contribute financially to his child. he "makes music" on soundcloud but that certainly isn't paying any bills.

No. 574287

Could you elaborate more on her mental health and the voices thing? Has she been professionally diagnosed?

No. 574589

her tumblr is slowly becoming so damn nasty. Is she into dd/lg shit now? http://myahalanna.tumblr.com/ (wont post caps cause a lot of the images are questionable)

No. 574682

It's just hilarious that she sees herself as this 'higher being' and thinks she's so much more intelligent and better than everyone else when she doesn't really even… do anything? She dropped out of college and sits around all day playing Second Life with other people who don't go to school / have jobs and minors. She makes a 20 minute long video to bitch and whine about how she hates being in the public eye, deletes all of her posts and rage quits instagram only to come back two days later and talk about how she "doesn't care" about other peoples' opinions of her. It's wild, the way she thinks is just so fucking backwards.

No. 577307

File: 1525852616154.png (24.16 KB, 830x293, myah.PNG)

sooo Myah is reblogging photos of someones children to her blog that contains porn. I checked the source of the blog and apparently someone alerted the mom of the children of what she is doing.

No. 577365

maybe she should give out her intellectual self-reflective well-educated open-minded tumblr out to her pSycH proffsrs and also to her future trauma patients when she gets her phd in sigh call of g what do u guys think? <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577544

Myah uploaded a GRWM where she basically confirms what we all suspect, she spends all her time and money on second life. Says her sleeping schedule is fucked up because she stays up all night on it. I'd embed a link but I'm on mobile right now, so I'll probably get to it later if no one beats me.

No. 577569

No. 591643

god how do people like her lol.
shes on younow bragging about how rich she is that her "alledged" boyfriend is coming to see her. I dont get how she acts holier than thou and wants to only hang around "intelligent"people, but yet all she does is cuss like?? I thought you were smart myah???
(Its embarrassing how i used to like her than i saw her live and it made me cringe how do people stand her?
sage for shit posting(namefagging)

No. 591651

I legit was cackling when she stated her house was $8000 and how she pays for it like um HOW??
you play second life all day..

No. 596367

apparently her twitter has been taken down, does anyone know why?

No. 596371

She deleted it herself when she deleted (or hid?? I didn't know you could do that on Instagram) most of her IG pics, but now the pics are back and she's just closed comments to only her followers so she could create an echo chamber for herself.

No. 613135

File: 1529226654465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 425.42 KB, 1080x1684, 20180617_020636.jpg)

sorry for the NSFW but wtf..

No. 613143

Girl idk why you are "wtfing" at this pic, seems you like it rofl

(or is the Tumblr like button automatically red now?)

No. 613156

anon, tumblr is 99% porn, and this is hardly wtf compared to the shayna threads

No. 624492

New commentary video. Thoughts?

No. 625067

boring, but what else do you expect. Myah being bitter about Tana, and rejoicing in her failures. What's new.

No. 625236

>>624492 god, the only interesting thing it that video was when her stupid earring fell off

No. 625333

Doing a Tana video where she says over and over again that she doesn’t want to talk about the subject …12 hours after she drops a music video. Cheap

No. 625395

Myah's resentment towards Tana is so obvious in this new video. Tana is the antithesis of what Myah hates. At the same time Tana is in the position Myah wants to be in. Tana is able to freely make music and music videos, vacation, live with her friends, etc. This video was not a cute look on miss Myah's behalf.

No. 625473

It's especially odd considering how much she's harped on hating YouTube and contributing to people being shitty on there. In one of her more recently uploaded videos she insisted that "im someone who doesn't want to be like these nasty disgusting social media influencers, these youtubers"….so stop posting content for attention Myah. She's moving in with her dad and actually attending a non-community college (although I doubt it's a good school considering she mentioned officially transferring on her instagram well after what I believe a normal university deadline to be). I wonder if her shit talking Tana again is a desperate grab at some sort of income because perhaps daddy doesn't spoil her rottten like mommy does.

No. 625510

Oh god, when she went on that rant about being careful of who you look up to. Why is she criticizing the ~mindless sheep~ who look up to uneducated mumble rappers when she fangirled over Lil Peep and XXX after their deaths? I don't know much about Peep but she defended XXX after his death, who is not only uneducated but a literal criminal who beat women. Is her head that far up her ass that she doesn't realize what a fucking hypocrite she is?

No. 627955

File: 1530639582788.png (283.37 KB, 750x1009, IMG_3510.PNG)

On a related note, TOP KEK. 1/2

No. 627956

File: 1530639611641.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3511.PNG)

No. 627963

It is incredibly obvious she wants to at least be like Tana (they even have the same annoying voice at times) I wonder what happened to hating the internet cause of the hate it brings? She's quick to shit on Tana simply cause she wants the 'success' Tana has.

No. 627970

to me it's just fascinating how often this girl does complete 180s on things she pretends to have a super firm belief in.

Within ~3weeks she went from saying in a video that she thinks instagram comments are toxic and that she'll only read them to humor herself or her friends, to then limiting the amount of comments on her ig posts, to then again saying in a video that comments are toxic, to then completely removing the limit from her posts, to then saying on her belated bday post that if you didn't comment hbd to her then "fuck u all u fake hoes who didnt wish me hbd ur all beneath my platform flip flop I STEP on u bch". Like god damn.

No. 627972

No anon her comments are still limited, just down to those who follow her so every time there's a negative comment she can "clap back" by saying "BUT YOU STILL FOLLOW SHMEE ;)"

No. 627997

File: 1530643743444.png (734.89 KB, 1085x688, dsd.PNG)

ew, does she into ddlg?

No. 628012

Wouldn't surprise me, one look at her Tumblr and it's just full of ddlg shit..

No. 631304

File: 1531020474674.jpg (805.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180707-212350_Ins…)

No. 631305

File: 1531020508999.jpg (722.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180707-212353_Ins…)

Twerking while drunk

No. 631399

we are all thoroughly impressed by her supreme intelligence

No. 631998

File: 1531103359492.jpg (796.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180708-200424_Ins…)

This is in reference to her drunk on her livestream yesterday. She said her BF likes to pretend she is 12, which wouldn't be surprising her all her Tumblr shit

No. 632000

that's disgusting.

No. 632002

how have you not realized she says this shit purely to get people to leave dumbass comments on her photos so she can clap back? it’s not serious. i can’t believe that has to be pointed out at this point.

No. 632236

I don't know, after she said it she was like "oh shit I shouldn't say that on here" so it wasn't to get replies

No. 632238

you sweet summer child. you're too innocent to be here.

No. 632267

who is she dating?

No. 632289

She is dating a guy from Croatia she met on Second Life or from some game. He's apparently 21, owns a business, and is moving to America.

No. 632293

File: 1531148005278.png (536.76 KB, 472x589, aaron.PNG)

Someone from Croatia. I think his name was Aaron.
Pic related

No. 632300

She literally reblogs dd/lg shit to her tumblr all the time. It's funny at this point how she thinks she is more intelligent yet fails (or doesn't care) that she is glorifying child abuse.
Is her bf a troon?

No. 637883

she made a long IG post about how none of her friends would be anywhere without her, and how NONE of her friends besides her boyfriend have asked her how she was / tried to help her move, and she unfollowed Megan and Kelsey, two of the people she claimed were her "best friends"

No. 638021

I am actually blown tf away. I thought when she was bitching about not having friends to help her I thought she meant her left over friends, not her core. [And tbh I've never moved before but Myah having the expectation that her friends would help her move all of her shit is kinda dumb to me?)

Also Kelsey may not be super relevant but she was a famous scene queen, so Myah didn't make her, but Megan? Myah must have major screws loss if she's just gonna drop Megan at the drop of a hat

No. 638079

i dunno, i always got a weird vibe from megan, like she was annoyed that myah always has more followers and attention than she. when she’d appear in myah’s videos i remember her complaining about people using her just to get to myah and how she’s her own person and should be liked for that. it came off like straight up envy imo.

No. 638087

File: 1531748263714.png (167.32 KB, 749x1078, IMG_3813.PNG)

Screenshots, anon, this is an image board. 1/3, edgy Myah.

No. 638088

File: 1531748330318.png (207.85 KB, 750x1104, IMG_3812.PNG)

2/3, Myah complaining that the world doesn't revolve around her

No. 638089

File: 1531748414016.png (249.06 KB, 750x920, IMG_3811.PNG)

3/3, Kelsey explaining that she {understandably} is an adult and has other things going on than helping Myah move states away? It's just an unreasonable expectation to me that your friends should help you move.

No. 638122

it's crazy how easily she dropped megan especially since how "close" they were, even with kelsey, she is 25 years old with her own life,(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 638217

I mean I can see how it would suck to only be seen as an appendage of/gateway to Myah instead of being seen as your own self. Megan also seemed genuinely happy to be w/ Myah again after school and w/e.

The whole situation just reeks of entitlement. Like to her if a friend isn't kissing her ass 24/7 then they aren't a true friend. And the whole edgelord-ness of "ion need ppl i just need my demons!!<3"

No. 638223

File: 1531759824138.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3844.PNG)

It's ok guys, she hung out with new people today and she's restored her faith in friendships and shit. This girl is manic as fuck, which doesn't make sense since she's so rich she can definitely afford medication and help.

No. 638388

don't her friends literally live in other states? grow the actual fuck up, Myah. Your friends aren't obligated to help you fucking move when your mommy could literally just hire people to move your stuff. Can you imagine being so self centered that you think your friends should be obligated to help you move? I give it about a week before she's posting with Megan again.

No. 638396

her boyfriend is coyokov on instagram and he doesnt own a business, he lives with his mom lol

No. 638400

It seems like her issue is self-medication, not to mention a stage mom from hell who lets her get away with murder.

No. 638503

I can't believe she would drop her best friends simply because they didn't offer to help her move. She's insane! Megan doesn't even live in the same state as her. Kelsey actually has to work a job like a regular person. I don't think Myah comprehends that real people have responsibilities unlike her.

No. 638508

File: 1531780676634.jpeg (89.21 KB, 667x499, B894B7A9-FB42-4890-83F3-CF220C…)

god this is rlly dumb and ot but does anyone know if this reaction image i keep seeing on twitter is her or not? i’m p sure that’s her natural hair color but around the time i presume it was taken myah was a scene girl so idk

No. 638511

that's miley cyrus

No. 638561

File: 1531783496479.jpg (532.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-172320_Ins…)

Lol wow

No. 638563

File: 1531783542674.jpg (630.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180716-172326_Ins…)

Hasn't she done this over and over? This bitch is mental.

No. 638592

lmao thanks anon

No. 638594

she really got rid of Kelsey, Megan, and Aaron. The people she loved the most, Megan came to see her so many times

No. 638596

File: 1531785834947.jpeg (160.04 KB, 1242x618, 52A6AFE8-0B7E-40B9-BAFE-785F1F…)

Before I thought maybe she does have a reason for all of this but she must really be enjoying herself

No. 638658

i wonder what it's like to actually be friends w this girl jfc. how can you lose 3 of your closest people in the span of what? 2 days? that's when it becomes a you problem, myah. i hope her ex boyfriend exposes her for her sudden ddlg/bimbo kink. how can you be so full of yourself for how ~ knowledgeable ~ u are and then wanna be a snow bunny (despite only dating lil peep wannabe white boys) bimbo 12 year old ?

No. 638674

File: 1531790422963.png (46.05 KB, 750x605, IMG_3849.PNG)

I'm honestly impressed that Megan hasn't said anything on any social media about this besides pic related. She must be used to being tossed aside every now and then when Myah is manic, I can't imagine this is the first time Myah has expected the world to revolve around her. It's kind of sad, their friendship must be so toxic.

No. 638686

File: 1531791365195.jpeg (489.2 KB, 1125x1922, 42EC4A04-07AD-4E5A-9372-E97214…)

Megan did like a few tweets that seem targeted at her.

No. 638744

Wait wtf, Aaron her boyfriend? Weren't they dating for only like a month? Plus I thought she said her boyfriend was the only person who checked up on her. Why did they break up?

No. 638764

He probably said something wrong and she just decided to add him to everyone she is ditching.
Also looks like she got triggered by something as she restricted her comments on instagram.

No. 638788

assuming it's part of her seemingly constant routine of feeling "used" by everyone in her life or he might have called her out on literally throwing every single person who's given a shit about her into the dust and she got triggered about it

No. 638797

God she's a mess. Unfollowed aaron yesterday, re-followed him, he did a live today and someone asked if they were still together, he said yes, now she's unfollowed again and saying she's single

No. 638801

Guaranteed she alienates all her step siblings in like a month. Maybe then she'll realize she's the common denominator? Also bet none of them are happy to have an unpottytrained ferret around. They stink and shit in corners that you then have to find

No. 638804

Also cause now I'm just annoyed how come she's constantly saying she looks 12? Like no, you're 20 and you look 20. She obviously just wants to stay a kid so she doesn't have to face the reality that life is moving on with or without her.

No. 638834

Her comments have /been/ restricted anon, only to those who follow her.

No. 638854

File: 1531807575675.png (20.88 KB, 645x153, UsT0Uf5.png)

Kelsey tweeted about the cutting off incident a few days ago

No. 639368

She posted on her insta story that Kyle and Kelsey are her friends for life.. what about megan?

No. 639396

loooooool she followed Aaron and Kelsey again on instagram, it must be exhausting to deal with a flip floppy bitch like myah all the time

No. 639399

File: 1531858167459.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3866.PNG)

Kelsey posted these earlier 1/2

No. 639400

File: 1531858221391.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3867.PNG)

No. 639404

File: 1531858403658.jpg (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, 20180717-131040.jpg)

No. 639429

Wow Myah doesn't even deserve someone like Kelsey. I honestly feel bad for Myah because she was raised so fucked up that she doesn't even live in reality. Myah's life includes thinking she is 12, never working and just drinking almost every day because she has nothing really going on.

No. 639462

What I'm willing to bet what happened is that Myah came at Megan all red and hot, causing Megan to lash back at her. Then, when Kelsey told publicly of everything that she has been going through, Myah accepted her back into her black heart to look less like the bitch she is, meanwhile Megan is still in her Burn Book

No. 639487

It's embarrassing how immature and selfish Myah is. She's so obviously spoiled and sheltered, considering how she's incapable of comprehending the fact that adults with full-time jobs can't just drop everything to help a rich brat move out of state. And she never even attempted to communicate with Kelsey before whining about how "fake" everyone is on her Instagram. Maybe if you want people to help you move, you go and fucking ask them? She's like one of those girls who tell their boyfriend "I'm fine, nothing's wrong" and then get mad at him for thinking there's nothing wrong.

No. 639541

Lol OP you do realize that statistically, battered women go back to their abuser on average 8 times?
She's normal for begging her abuser to get back together…

No. 639634

She was literally with Megan 10 days ago…how so you throw your friends out that fast?

No. 640058

She made a rant about hate threads on her Insta Story

No. 640167

Of course considering she literally has no life besides her second life shit. Doesn't she have more "music" she should be working on? She strikes me as the type who obsessively googles her name all day.

No. 640169

In her rant she says she is fighting with people in real life because they are involved in her hate threads. I'm guessing Megan? Not that any of her friends are getting hated on. They were only really brought up when she brought them up.

No. 640181

File: 1531937209950.png (661.54 KB, 935x449, Capture.PNG)

Megan posted this the day after her and Myah were together. I'm wondering if it has to do with this whole thing?

No. 640201

How would Megan be involved? I honestly doubt any of them post here

No. 640412

No I meant her friends are being spoken about on here, because of Myah talking about them on her Instagram. And now Myah is fighting with her friends (she said on her insta story rant) because they are being talked about in Myahs hate threads.

No. 640468

I mean, Myah is the one who made the post about all of her friends sucking and how she "made them" and passive aggressively unfollowed everyone, including Megan & Kelsey. There wouldn't be fights to be had if she just dealt with things like an adult.

No. 640470

Hey guys you seem new, just type "sage" into the email box when you're not adding milk just discussing it

No. 640479

Oh, okay! Sorry, i'm a big noobie

No. 640491

Poor Megan

No. 640626

File: 1531963306880.png (175.6 KB, 750x661, IMG_3895.PNG)

Yeah her efforts have clearly gone unnoticed

No. 640713

1) reading hr posts give me the biggest headache sometimes with all the rawrXD grammar

2) this is the bitch who wants to go to grad school for psychology so she can help people (mental-health wise I guess?), yet she can barely grasp how to be a decent person and have healthy relationships. gr8

No. 640971

She keeps crying about people wronging her when she legit pushed everyone out of her life? She's acting like a child.

Who knew being shit to people can have consequences.

No. 642173

she's followed and unfollowed aaron like twice in the last day alone lmfao it's so confusing like? on her insta story she says shit about being single and then goes on younow a day later talking about her "boyfriend" who she then unfollows on insta in like .4 seconds after the fact. i'm literally cackling at how bipolar she is abt that shit. she's also STILL dragging her ex anthony on younow as well, like when will she actually give it up? every time she says she's gonna get in trouble for talking about him and that she CAN'T and then she does anyway??

No. 642361

What was she saying about ant? She always says he has shit on her but i think it would be leaked by now if he did

No. 642362

Love shes posting shit about wanting to make new friends but there's people in her comments begging her to check their dms… like obvs she doesn't want to be friends with any fans. Im amazed she has any after how much she indirectly shades them

No. 643418

Girl teaaaaa

No. 646023

File: 1532446238974.png (7.78 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0255.PNG)

In a house full with family yet she needs servants to carry out her deeds

No. 646599

She literally forgot about Jason and all her other emo "friends" she's met on IMVU in 2016-2017 but yet she thinks that only Megan Kelsey and Aaron can ONLY be her rebel-puppets.

She also thinks that privating her videos and telling her fans to false report her shit is gonna hide her past and what she's done, but nah sis we all know that you were obsessed with your haters and people making videos on you so you could respond to them because you ran out of ideas.

No. 647291

she cut jason off last year because he called her an egotistical psycho

No. 648564


Nothing great sadly but documentation

No. 648571

Holy hell I never thought there was a thread of Myah around. I remember finding her when she was making videos left and right hating on Tana Mongeau. Mind you she’s dumb too, but I noticed watching those videos she seemed to hypocritical at points?? I had no idea she was such a lazy, hypocritical girl. Tired of seeing these young girls trying to get famous whilst also using conditions as an excuse to seek attention constantly, especially when they’re outright lying about said conditions.

No. 648798


She's constantly changing her stances on everything. One minute she hates social media the next she opens her comments up because despite what she says she can't live without constant praise. The ultimate hypocrite

No. 649316

File: 1532753903621.jpeg (272.44 KB, 750x1087, 5A9D162B-DC2B-458A-AE77-763ED7…)

good lord what is happening in there

No. 649359


whole picture is photoshopped, including her pink eye. sis sperged out in over ten videos on her instagram story about people being stupid and dense and basically lesser than her for not understanding that the pink eye was a “joke” and photoshopped. she’s not funny, she’s the joke. her purposeful scene kid texting is stupid asf too

myah is insufferable, she’s a privileged woman that comes from money and still lives with her mom. yet has the audacity to talk down to everyone. that’s why she has no fans, no friends, and no career. probably treats her family like shit too because they spoiled her rotten and gave her a grandiose view of her subpar self. can’t wait until she alienates absolutely everyone and is subjected to the real world and real responsibilities. myah alanna is in for a rude awakening

No. 649366

"I thought I could make the picture more interesting by making my eye red" or…you could just go a few days without posting a selfie? For someone who hates social media so much she sure posts the same fucking photos of herself over and over again. I have a friend who hates social media and just…doesn't have any social media accounts. At all. Not one. Myah just says she hates social media as another ploy as "iM sUpErIoR mY BrAin!!!". And we know she reads here so let me go ahead and address it: yes you can be successful as a youtuber or a musician and not have social media. There are many A-list celebrities that don't have or actively participate in social media. Pop up on your Instagram to announce a music drop and promote new merch, then move on with life if you hate social media platforms so much. But you don't. You just use them as a source of constant validation because there's no one who knows you in person who genuinely cares for you, just fans online who care about you in the sense that they might say RIP when you die.

No. 649471

File: 1532782017543.png (193.69 KB, 374x371, sis... wyd....png)

Have y'all heard her new song? Its all over the place smh. Way too edgy and the voice effects are horrendous

No. 649521

Holy shit you were right about the voice effects. It sounds so bad, like one of those parody videos where they fuck up the notes as a joke

No. 649590

File: 1532797447390.png (896.58 KB, 841x498, hmmm.PNG)

Look at who she reblogs from on her tumblr… another cow cross over

No. 649663

this is irrelevant but does anyone know how tall she is?

No. 649670

I think like 5’ 6” ?
I know she’s not short like 5’ 2” or 5’ 3” but she’s also not tall like 5’ 8” 5’ 10”

She’s kinda in the middle, you can tell from her “cash” music video if you compare her height to surrounding objects if you can suffer long enough through her nails-on-chalk-board dreadful screechin…. singing.

I’m sure she has some sort of imdb famous birthday profile with her height since she’s been trying to be a “famous” singer for years.

No. 649687

No she is short like 5'2 she has said it multiple times

No. 649793

she’s 5’1

No. 649902

Her tumblr is hella gross its full of porn and ddlg shit, and i was thinking that she's gonna end up being a pornstar or something lol

No. 650037


Between her ddlg shit, her constant insistence that she's 12, and having pics of actual children mixed in with the porn I gonna go out on a limb and say she's got some serious issues.>>649902

No. 650102

Hey where can u watch the Cash video? I wasn't able to find it anywhere.

No. 650110

File: 1532851450046.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 441.29 KB, 750x877, EC414620-1484-49FB-BF15-030061…)

I’m new to the whole posting thing on here so excuse my noob-ness.

I think Myah has some piss kink as well. This is an expample of the many strange reposts I’ve seen on her tumblr including incest. It’s sickening.

No. 650115

Dear god what the fuck

No. 650316

Ew, and she posts this shit on her public Tumblr where her username is her actual name.
I love how she always talks about how intelligent she is and how she spends all her time "researching" and "learning". Yeah… researching…

No. 650652

lmao i bet she's gonna turn aaron into a daddy once he gets to maryland

No. 651151

File: 1532969992447.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1265x709, nastybitch.PNG)

now she posts loli shit onto her second IG… What a nasty cunt

No. 651212

File: 1532973284100.png (956.74 KB, 750x1334, F7170298-F1A2-4368-867C-9293EB…)

brb crying

No. 651227


slightly OT but he recently broke up with his stripper gf (nicole) and got back together with his baby momma (alyssa). Lets see how long that lasts lmao. The dude defines deadbeat.

No. 651253

That’s so messed up. Why the hell does she have porn mixed in with little kids. Who sees a picture of a toddler with a black eye and thinks “that’ll be great for my blog, so my aesthetic!” That’s just kinda wrong, also all the imvu shit on her blog is cringy. Her IMVU profile is mega cringe as well.

She claimed in this photo that she “photoshopped” her eye red as a “joke”… but when I zoom in on the pixels in the red eye, it doesn’t show any sign of photoshop or photoshopped pink/red pixels, it’s definately not photoshopped red. Why did she randomly make that up? Plus she rarely wears her glasses, or will wear her contacts with fake hipster glasses on top, so she probs just got the red eye from keeping her contacts in without changing them for months or her contact ripping.

>posts selfie with slightly pink eye

>”yo what’s up with your eye? U ok?”
>”your eye looks infected”
>you guize are so gullible
>totes photoshopped it
>jokes on you! April fools
>”it’s called humor EVER HEARD OF IT!!1”
>”get it! It looks like I have a minor eye infection, but I don’t! LOLROFLLMAO!”
>fooled everyone, major pwnage

And she’s retarded for putting eyeliner and mascara on an inflamed eye.

No. 651409

She's live on YouNow right now talking about how "someone" recently stopped speaking to her due to them disliking her social media presence, and talking about how she likes well educated people who have jobs, and doesn't wanna be friends with people who "eat like shit" and live their lives being "useless" like she actually does anything but sit at home and sit on secondlife LOL

No. 651422

She just said that Aaron broke up with her for the "umpteenth" time, she's actually going OFF on YouNow. I'll post the video when her stream is over.

No. 651464

No. 651508

File: 1532997007857.jpg (83.47 KB, 1100x676, pink eye.jpg)


Would you say you've seen quite a few shops in your time lmao

Sorry anon but she posted a story the day of and her eye was fine. Also actual pink eye doesn't look that uniformly pink, not to mention the surrounding area is usually puffy.

With her being such an instahoe she no doubt has a million past selfies to choose from, she wouldn't post a pic of legit pink eye unless she wanted people to know

No. 651522


Thanks anon this is great so far. Aaron deleted a ton of followers, me included :')

best part so far "yes it is everyone elses fault"

No. 651551

Myah is slowly turning into a wannabe 12yr scene kid, she's deleted her old instagram posts from 2015 along with her videos and replaced them with her videos based on her complaining about how the internet is mean to her, and of her instagram posts contain her wearing expensive shit and of her complaining in the comments in a different language that nobody's ever heard about. Her along with her reputation is slowly dying to the fact that she now lives off of younow and tumblr and bullies her fans for not agreeing with her.

No. 651986

It's hilarious that she's so rabid about not wanting to share her life on social media and how she isn't about spilling tea, yet she always puts her relationships on blast, then they soon go wrong, and then she bitches for the next year. Like girl just quit trying to show off your deadbeat boyfriends thinking they're hot as shit. Also

>"It's not like I'm that person who like rants on their story about their personal life everyday..like thAt's NoT mE"
>"There is only so much I can do for people who don't have a grasp on reality"

major kek

No. 654863

File: 1533241119907.jpg (42.87 KB, 339x579, Capture.JPG)

she literally just updated her story claiming that imvu ""deleted"" both of her acc's which is fake af because her myah alanna acc is still there and she deleted the shmee account herself. Her 12yo life has gotten to her deeply lmao.

No. 654883

I would have thought she got banned instead on imvu for constantly trying to sell her credits for money

No. 656145

File: 1533348621497.png (649.9 KB, 750x1334, 006F175D-41FE-4375-9079-A1526C…)

apparently she’s back with aaron for the umpteenth time even though he “doesn’t wanna be with her bc of her social media status”

No. 656159

Wow, what a freaking liar.

No. 656431

Not surprised by that. They’re meeting next month

No. 656526

I'm sorry but for someone who is constantly talking about how she wants people around her who are intelligent & hardworking people, what does she think ABOUT HER would even attract quality people? She doesn't want to be friends with people who "eat like shit" yet she can't even remember to eat, or take care of her skin drinking every night by herself with the possible chance of social interaction within a drunk ig live where her secondlife friends call people n*ggers and she laughs it off, like a "useless" pig. She has no passion, no "craft" to be passionate about, and no stable sense of self allowing her to nurture herself let alone anyone else but expects that from caring, ambitious, and genuine people in her life. Lmao ok…. All this time "self reflecting" and "researching" hmmm maybe she should look within and face her "shared reality" a little more realistically.

No. 656694

I truly hope Aaron has just been fucking with her this whole time and won't go see her LOL

No. 656721

I thought her and aaron were cute at first.

Her constantly going "this my man look hes cute he has a business look im going to flash a picture you cant fucking see and say hes the most handsom guy evr!! ;)" in her streams, her giggling and acting all giddy.

But then suddenly….
Here come the sad no context ddlg insta posts, the younow rants, instagram stories.

That… never happened? What are you two, twelve? I've never seen a relationship this childish since I was in middle school.

Not to mention how gross her tumblr is. Can't really blame it on aesthetics xd when you're posting pictures of actual children.

Why she doesn't have 0.1 fans by now is surprising.

No. 656728

God, I took a chance to look at her tumblr. It literally just consists of ddlg, actual children, porn, ddlg porn, cartoon children, lolis, old interwebz aesthetic, hentai, paris hilton, bratz. And a little sasha grey.

She literally posted the fucking dragon loli. And a… random video of a little?… boy?

Not to mention most of her actual child posts are directly after the porn. You won't see that in a christian manga.

No. 656865

>actual child posts are directly after the porn
her tumblr is giving me weird pedo vibes

No. 656887

looks like someone nutted in her eye

No. 657339

File: 1533496541858.jpeg (650.16 KB, 1242x1836, FAF4E67D-65E6-42DE-9594-3ECF50…)

Or maybe like, people are tired of seeing the same selfie everyday, the retarded rants, and incoherent texts…
Also I can’t wait for this girl to get a taste of actual college life and actual responsibilities soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if she only lasts a semester and continues to claim she’s going to get a doctorates.

No. 657348

You're gonna have to wait a bit longer. She said in a previous younow stream a few days ago that she missed the application deadline for the university she wants to attend. So, basically, her and her mom moved states away so that she can maybe attend the university of Delaware.

No. 657377

iirc, they're moving because her mom and boyfriend wanted to live together and Myah tagged along because she's too much of a neet to figure out how to actually live on her own / doesn't want to pay rent and bills

No. 657432

not trying to sound dumb but on her 2nd Instagram she was answering questions and someone asked “are you coming back to YouTube?” and she said “never”. Was she being serious?

No. 657514

Probably not, Myah really can't help staying away from social media. But she might be too smart to make an effort in making a video.

No. 657725

File: 1533536105157.png (7.24 MB, 1242x2208, DCD9C044-D947-4B4F-ACB6-0BFADF…)

Part 2 of her abusive relationships. Her and aaron need to stop trying to make it work

No. 657743

She should quit youtube (for real) and focus more on her music imo. Maybe she should stop being an edgelord and get some decent managers. Then get signed.

No. 657987

File: 1533576029749.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4449.PNG)

Of course she'd say a convicted sex offender (Dahvie Vanity) is her style icon. Suits her edgelord ddlg trash aesthetic. The girl runs a literal TRAUMA BLOG that she publicly promotes, what is a bigger cry for help than that??? She's still in the care of her family so I don't understand why they won't do anything?? Sending her to school to become a therapist in the midst of her own shit is wild to me. Too arrogant to start her own healing process but expects those around her to be perfectly unbroken… Okay!

No. 658104

Please tell me this "trauma blog" isn't her main? Knowing Dumblr, I'm sure someone on there thinks her blog full of pics of kids next to porno gifs is helping something.

No. 658191

Who'd make a trauma blog using their full name and advertise it?

No. 658250

File: 1533594798801.jpg (Spoiler Image, 181.27 KB, 1082x948, dssdf.JPG)

Is this her tumblr or pornsite? Like WTF…

No. 658260

I think 'trauma blog' is the new term for these lolita/kawaii/porn/fake deep blogs. Myah's tumblr aesthetic is edgy and overplayed.

No. 658328

I thought that was shay gnar's blog at first.


No. 658405

I want to save the child shit on her page for that milk but I'd feel dirty about having that on my computer.

No. 658530

File: 1533623395391.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, BB76B9B1-C0B2-498F-AB16-DCBA50…)

Girl moves on fast. His insta is heyitsxray or something like that, prob assumed it would only be safe to post this on snapchat so no one would screenshot it but idgaf lol

No. 658550

what is aarons insta?

No. 658551

i feel like it wont be long before he gets tired of her too.i mean i could be wrong but unlikely lol

No. 658552

aarons insta is coyokov

No. 658554

I just looked at @heyitsxray insta its so gross and cringey how much of a peep skinwalker he is..
also he has a youtube??

No. 658707

can already tell whats gonna happen here, i have a strange feeling this relationship isnt going to work out.

ngl this guy looks like a twink

No. 658737

File: 1533659098880.png (963.07 KB, 838x827, 2018-08-07 (2).png)

lmfao isn't he a daddy. He also just turned 18 this year.
The last time I saw this guy was when he was dating effortlessemotions/spaceparks and she would show off all of the hickeys she'd give him. They def won't last long.

No. 658786

She reblogs stuff on her main Tumblr from "trauma aesthetic" blogs, yes those blogs are always anonymous which makes it weirder that she posts it on her main. It's the reason I don't follow her, the 2007 jailbait shit, children's distressed handwriting, childlike porn/hentai. Like honestly someone who hasn't experienced childhood trauma doesn't just hop on board with this shit because it's "kinky." Sub/dom blogs don't ALL have a overboard trauma theme lol. If my therapist ran a blog like that I wouldn't go back. She's in no place to help anybody.

No. 658796

File: 1533664807779.jpg (85.65 KB, 750x1334, 55bec476-ba8d-4d77-9f8b-6207d0…)

Lolz Georgia Cooke so edgy!

No. 658836

The fact that she's moved on with some peep skinwalker literally DAYS after she broke up with someone she was seemingly all over and "in love" with just goes to show what an emotionally immature and indecisive little shit she is. Also, her blog is fucking disgusting… your "kink" immediately becomes pedophilia when you're posting loli porn and literal children. Imagine a potential employer searching your name and the first thing that comes up is your gross ddlg porn blog…

No. 658872

The fact she keeps whining about how she keeps sucking up to people and letting people wrong her and shit, but then immediately doing this just really says something about herself.

She seems very mentally unstable, to be honest she really should take a break from everything now and then.

No. 659202

File: 1533696635010.png (735.01 KB, 883x482, screenshot_01.png)

nice hickeys, myah

No. 659330

lol right? like who willingly points out hickeys on their neck. honestly i feel like she's just doing shit to try to make her ex jealous or something since she's known this guy for .5 seconds and is already calling him her boyfriend

No. 659369

She needs a mental examination

No. 659385

No. 659387

File: 1533721051178.jpg (978.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180808-193547_Ins…)

> Tries to recover from contradicting herself

No. 659451

sooo fucking cringe when she uses the word “faggot” to be edgy. I winced

No. 659596

she followed this new guy no more than two weeks ago LOL

No. 659606

actually she followed the new guy few days ago and started dating him immediately WHICH says a lot about her

also in fact aaron was better than the ugly twink who is just another boyfriend she has that's a wannabe lil peep. SO UNORIGINAL and cringYYY!!

No. 659610

File: 1533747671159.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 77272B63-8C75-4203-A874-6CF788…)

No. 659612


what the fuck is that LOL

No. 659764

great minds think alike, anon

No. 659768

>>659764 samefag
She was doing so good up until aaron left honestly, she just went back to doing what she was doing before she met him.
Another peep skinwalker to fill in her broken ego.

No. 660336

I struck fucking gold bout to grace you peasants with some OG cringe


No. 660339


14:00 onward NSFW autofillation

Found 8 others, sadly the most infamous of all is lost to the depths

No. 660393

When I try to watch the videos it won’t allow me to?

No. 660395

Also this is going to sound stupid but how do you watch her past younow streams? Like how do you find them etc(read the rules & usage info)

No. 660594


Well that sucks for you
Try refreshing


You can't

No. 660744


You can if you catch the YouNow stream that links to her YT channel, but all of the past lives are unlisted.

No. 660768

did she actually point out her hickeys? where was this from? shit thats gross(read the rules & usage info)

No. 660809

Here is the live stream with the hickeys https://youtu.be/olZIpxWNlMc

No. 660853

File: 1533856968938.png (126.57 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_2018-08-10-01-20-34…)

From Myahs new photo on IG.

No. 660989

Here's the time stamp for her actually talking about her new skinwalker bf that she's been dating for 4 days

No. 660998

File: 1533870390598.png (952.23 KB, 879x592, yikes.png)

why is she wearing a nightie in public

No. 661004

File: 1533870998120.png (30.41 KB, 750x266, IMG_4368.PNG)

She's being short with his friend for making a joke

No. 661094

No. 661096

>"For the first time in my life I've found someone I actually get along with"

Calm down Myah, its only been a few days.

Is this a joke or something? With how this shit is, it's going to end as fast as it started. If she's not doing this to try and make aaron shed a tear then… I don't even know.

No. 661102

File: 1533879308040.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, Zm9MhR4.gif)

>>661096 samefag
>"That and I thought he was gay."

not even myah can deny he looks like a twink

No. 661147

A nightie with boots.
But that beige bra tho
If a bra is appearing that much outside your clothing this clothing isn’t made to be worn with a bra. So annoying to look at it

No. 661347

i like some of her music & i loved her aesthetic in 2016-2017 but she's so trashy now its ridiculous. she looks and acts like a ddlg barbie on meth and shes so unaware of herself.

No. 661411

I wonder where the money comes from since I'm pretty sure her mom used to work at Buffalo Wild Wings, must be from her dad

No. 661418

Myah genuinely confuses me sometimes. I remember in her old YouTube vids she would consistently advocate for the “not giving a fuck” type of attitude. She would consistently state that she could care less about what people think about her…buuut now you always see her on her insta stories getting triggered over people misinterpreting what she says (for example when people ask her if she still plays imvu and she gets angry and goes off calling them retarded ect. but she still posts occansional pics of her ugly imvu avi? You can’t be offended by people assuming u still play a game which u whine about and post pics about)

She literally gets pissed about this type of shit pops off on her if story. MYAH YOU LITERALLY CONDTRADICT URSELF SO MUCH WHAT IS GOING ON R U OK????(namefagging)

No. 661421

And pops off on her ig story** my bad I got fat fingers

No. 661426

It just seems like she has no real grasp on a real world view of life. She has little to no life experience (apart from her fkin online game)

She has the outlook and mentality of a literal child. She wants everything done for her but can’t reciprocate?

I swear this bitch seems to think she’s Regina George or some shit. On her taccy pink bed acting all above everyone and such. Being a fucking cunt gets you nowhere in life and sooner or later you need to take a step back and ask yourself why all of your friends leave you. You can’t keep blaming everyone else for your selfishness.

No. 661565


Before she even made her Tana vid she made a really shitty video towards Morgan Joyce about her scarification. Basically said "yeah people are gonna ask questions deal with it"


Now she's spazzes out over people asking bout imvu

No. 661566


Type sage in the email if you're not adding anything

and stop giving yourselves dumbass names

No. 661758

oh my god "peepeeflapss"

No. 661846

I've never seen this video. Thanks for the link anon!

No. 661975

I am subbed to her and have notification on so I can watch her lives after she has finished them

No. 662037

How do we make the other videos by her on that site work?? I could only view the three linked here

No. 662124

File: 1533996099645.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 3F9BF477-7611-4F4E-A22E-2EA778…)

idk maybe her ‘boyfriend’ she’s posted vids of her kissing last night lmfao like how can she not put two and two together

No. 662141

File: 1533997778590.jpeg (318.32 KB, 1242x2052, 9C18F0BB-7948-4DF7-81D2-DB23CD…)

DYING at the fact she referred to herself as her irl avi.

No. 662551

File: 1534043018511.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, 770CD3B4-09B4-4199-B9D3-1FB6D7…)

From a pic posted on her IG. Had to zoom in. wtf Myah? I knew she photoshopped but this is horrible editing.

No. 662587


You can only view vids that have been archived previously. Not many of her vids are archived. Basically if you have a link to a past vid you can check it, maybe you get lucky maybe not.

You can also archive current webpages if you see something you think might get taken down

No. 662945

File: 1534098502751.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4634.PNG)

Who the fuck drinks alcohol on antibiotics?? What does she expect? The victim complex this bitch has is hilarious lmao

No. 663172

File: 1534115361722.png (58.65 KB, 750x600, IMG_4637.PNG)

Is she laughing at her own "integrity" or…

No. 663203

it looks like her legs are fused together at the thigh LOL

No. 663569

lol was she trying to make herself look thicker in that picture or skinnier? I can't tell

No. 663762

File: 1534188446431.jpg (349.92 KB, 719x1280, nose.jpg)

now we know why he only takes photos from one angle
cus his nose is fucked
and myah I thought you had a nose fetish /:

No. 663810

Holy fuck what's even happening here. Is it leaning super lopsided?

No. 664047

File: 1534215151707.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4409.PNG)

They're edited in her latest upload too. Why? Why is she poorly editing her thighs?

No. 664095

No. 664097

No. 664116

This is the definition of trying too hard

No. 664422

I was scrolling through her tumblr when I saw she literally reblogged a photo of a child watching porn (wont post for obvious reasons being a child is in the photo) is she a pedophile now? There is no way this behavior is fucking normal.

No. 664454

I find it interesting how she's said she finds her boyfriend's age being eighteen weird and acts uncomfortable when people bring it up but then.. there's her tumblr

No. 664556


eh makes sense to me. She wants to be the young one. I think most of her posts are more self inserts. Her bf being younger breaks the fantasy of her being the little girl

No. 664558


NGL these are a bit of a stretch. I don't see anything.

No. 665351

She has live stream now and repeats she has BF, boyfriend again and again.. Wtf, does he has no name? Like we get it Myah, U HAVE A BOYFRIEND..

No. 665392

File: 1534359857215.jpg (59.92 KB, 759x762, frizzyhair.jpg)

"I don't have frizzy hair."
u H ok myah

No. 665520

oh my god, she looks awful in this picture

No. 665931

File: 1534388463874.png (1.54 MB, 1242x2208, F17BF311-E1B1-4B66-A8AB-72B8F0…)

part 1 of what happened with megan

No. 665932

File: 1534388525796.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 51B29673-3BFE-4B1C-9DF5-0233FE…)

part 2

No. 665953

Part 1 of her last YouNow stream, she spends the first entire minute talking ghetto, cringe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBMKtf9bR0k

No. 665956

2'nd part of the YouNow stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7Fqg6qQJIk

No. 665964


What's she talking about at 5:00? Did Ant msg Aaron?

No. 665966


Also all her pets seem to get hurt/die? Dog dead, kitten dead, 2nd ferret returned(?), now cat inured

No. 666020


Kink vid her current bf made

Basically he wants a harem of women he can shit all over but can't take even an ounce back

At the end he said non-monogamy(for him only obvs) should be at the top while ddlg is only a 70.

Poor Myah :')

No. 666429

Trying to sit through a video of some 17 year old dumbass talk about his kinks hurt me.

No. 666735

someone should watch her younow i heard shes online but i dont have the app

No. 666769

No. 667046

File: 1534520395428.png (484.47 KB, 439x535, wtf..PNG)

that extra long tongue tho.

No. 667054

File: 1534520859766.jpg (7.91 KB, 160x175, IMG_20180817_114636.jpg)

never seen a tongue warp the fabric of reality before! amazing

No. 667055

File: 1534520880109.png (25.45 KB, 93x131, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.4…)

You mean "that extra awful shoop tho"

No. 667113

File: 1534528424697.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, 6EF45908-DB74-4D9B-9611-AEDF27…)

ant coming for myah

No. 667114

your icon is showing.

No. 667130

it's about time he's said something damn
too bad he seems to have deleted it already

No. 667331

I agree with Ant on some level but I’m laughing at the fact he bitched about her being toxic and shit, but instead of just leaving it at that he has to be immature and admit to harassing some random guy and continue to prove he’s also toxic. Maybe him and Myah are meant for each other? ;)))

No. 667332

she went on another ig rant about being stopped behind someone while driving and insults the fuck out of them literay because she couldn’t wait five seconds for them to turn lmfao like of course she’s that bitch driving a sports car and honking at everyone that mildly inconveniences her like she’s actual fucking garbage

No. 667379

File: 1534558140026.png (80.57 KB, 170x174, shop.PNG)

I honestly think that Ant was being reasonable, myah is a true bitch who is completely self-entitled and just wants attention. She uses her
boyfriends for instagram likes and for money on younow, while she's also completely brainwashed by tumblr and SL to where now she's basically a shitty 12yo wannabe knock-off of paris hilton and miley cyrus. Everyone basically hates her now which isn't really surprising due to the fact that she thinks everyone is a fucking bully when's one herself lol.

No. 667396


It’s fucking creepy how one of Myah’s first pictures with Anthony that she posted on Instagram was the exact same as this photo of her new boyfriend. Same pose/angle of them on a park bench. I will look for caps since Myah deleted it when they broke up.

This woman is so rotten, mentally ill, and grandiose. She dedicated her whole life and career to music and still can’t succeed in that!

No. 667405

I've never read this thread but I've always thought this was a transwoman or something based in the OP.

Holy shit, that's a unflattering screen grab

No. 667410

Cap is definitely in a TooPoor thread but I’m not sure which.

No. 667428

it's nice how nothing can filter away the crazy eyes

No. 667498


I've posted a ton on this thread so I'm not some Myah stan, but honestly Ant is absolute trash, even more than Myah. His excuses of sending messages on accident, just fucking around etc. don't hold any water. That's on the same level of "oh my cousin sent that haha". This is the dude who left his baby momma to drive out to jersey to try to get Myah back, went back to baby momma, got together with a fucking stripper, and back to baby momma. He's the definition of deadbeat.

No. 667503


cont..He posted his first insta pic/rant about 20min after she started talking about him on younow. He was obviously watching the stream. Which is absolutely pathetic and obsessive behavior, if he had really moved on he wouldn't be pulling shit like that. He has a child for christs sake. Just cause we don't like Myah doesn't mean we should make excuses for a deadbeat.

No. 667506


Now for some fucking milk


Shit starts happening at 1:04. Starts talking about ant. Little while later a couple of her "friends" start mentioning ant was messaging them. One of them mentions a pic or something. Sets Myah off. 1:22 someone lets her know he posted on insta about her.

Later she mentions she cries during sex. If that doesn't summarize her life idk what does.

No. 668154

File: 1534664090315.jpg (6 KB, 240x135, 53752_thumb.jpg)

this girl has changed so much

No. 668731

did she get her lips done?

No. 668835

No Myah didn’t get her lips done only her nose

No. 669042

Yea she likes crying that's why she cries during sex.. How messed up you have to be to do this?

No. 669166

No. 670009

Here's her 2nd livestream she's done today, it consists of myah getting her face eaten the whole time.

No. 670019

This is a car crash of a live stream, Ginger Elon Musk droning on about utter crap and those two all over each other in the background. Who would want to watch that?

No. 670109

lol you can tell that myah told ray to crawl all over her due to the fact that she keeps glancing at the camera to see if anyone can notice them lmao

No. 670118

wow she already deleted it

No. 670119

File: 1534909606270.png (411.95 KB, 811x597, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 8.45…)

No. 670125

File: 1534910161177.png (3.03 MB, 1125x2001, A6FC8D7C-76B6-4BBD-9F82-23DC24…)

This was posted on her Instagram story about not giving a fuck so that explains why those videos got deleted. Awk to claim you don’t care but you care enough to delete the vids.

No. 670130

i love listening to a 99 cent store austin powers sing about how he clearly gives a fuck and wants to run everyone in this thread with a truck lmao

No. 670131

… and she’s off to rant some more, showing us how triggered she really is. Sorry not sorry, your actions speak louder than words and if people are talking about you online like this, you’re doing something wrong.

No. 670150

She’s one the most sensitive social media influencers
All Myah does is hide what she has done even though she preaches how things will always be stamped in time.. how hypocritical

No. 670198

Myah Alanna = an hypocritical snowflake
Im waiting for someone to just publically call her out on her bullsht. She preaches that shes so over everyone and how real she is (Im literally cackling over her rants) and how shes the victim* but how many times can you be the victim Myah? All of us on here arent dicussing you to get a laugh, we are here cause you need to wake up.Get real please and get help.You need it Myah.

No. 670212

lmao cant wait 4 a lawsuit !!

No. 670261

Getting Shay vibes from her here. Ew.

No. 670341

A lawsuit for forming our own opinions of someone who makes videos about making HER own opinions of people on YouTube. Free speech hun. She’s a fuckin hypocrite, it’s okay for her to do something but if someone else does, fuckin all hell breaks loose

No. 670344

File: 1534944740580.jpeg (364.24 KB, 831x1248, 66471C5C-3FA0-4637-B0E6-FE21FF…)

Then why should I care if I hurt her feelings?

The hypocrisy is strong with this one xx

No. 670356

Lmao it’s not even like we are making her seem bad all we do is state our opinions based off what happens

No. 670416

File: 1534956873699.jpeg (169.89 KB, 750x1146, 490C3246-8360-4851-BE0B-2831BA…)

She’s really channeling Lylah with this picture. Back when Ant left Myah for Lylah, Myah hardcore stalked Lylah and would post passive aggressive things towards her. I wonder if she still creeps on her account.

No. 670417

File: 1534956893572.jpeg (185.79 KB, 750x1021, ABEC6E3E-BD74-4DE8-9711-2E3216…)

Lylah, for reference

No. 670418

why does she even acknowledge the existence of her hate pages? everyone else (well maybe not everyone) who has a following just pays little to no attention to the hate. like why doesn’t she practice what she preaches? This isn’t even a hate comment; it’s a general concern lol

No. 670445


I'm here to laugh

sage your shit retard

No. 670692

oKaY Myah lmaoooooo
Believe it or not,sometimes people make typos.

No. 670720

wow you're probably right

No. 670807

it's sad how myah cant even take fucking criticism and opinions lmao

No. 670845

Can someone explain who lylah is? All I know is that she somehow knew ant

No. 670874


oKaY AnT

sage your shit retard

No. 670875

i just imagine myah laying in bed every morning refreshing her thread and adding more posts to her pedo blog while making more ig stories about how much she 'duznt giv a fukkkk lolz!!!"

No. 670952



No. 671014

File: 1535007338123.jpeg (53.47 KB, 750x471, 3BD5B132-88FF-476D-961B-E30932…)

Lylah is the girl Anthony hopped to post-Myah breakup. She’s actually sweet and loved Ant a lot, but was unfortunately too caught up to realize he was abusive until after the fact. I think he left her cause he was cheating on her with his baby mama. The entire 2 weeks they were together Myah made dumb passive posts about how she’s better than Lylah and shit about Lylah being a poser or clout chaser or something. I have very little evidence of Myah being an asshole to an innocent girl because Myah did a lot of shit talk on shmee and loves to delete posts on there. This is the closest I could find of the “downgrade” language being encouraged—by Megan.

No. 671519

new younow stream

No. 671719


New video with her gross boyfriend, featuring his garbage disposal mouth.

No. 671732

"he does things nobody else does, he'll get himself a water and get me one too" how fucking low could your standards be

No. 671779

File: 1535072797986.jpeg (304.19 KB, 750x1075, 37C373F4-6EF8-4D87-8A0A-DE03DB…)


No. 671792

File: 1535073320547.png (2.03 MB, 1334x750, 4355032F-24A2-4601-A10F-34CC1D…)

His response was “I just feel like those are normal things to do” and she goes on to encourage us to “find this”…..the bar is 6 feet under. I’m not sure the bar exists anymore. Also her hair is fucking FUCKED

No. 671805

her room screams pampered princess who was never told no

No. 671813

I like that she pretends like she's not used to just getting handed things from other people rather than getting shit for herself.

No. 671899

I think that's the look she's going for

No. 672432

myah’s on younow right now and accidentally called her bf nigga lmfao

No. 672443

hopefully she doesn't delete it

No. 672452

She just stated in her live that she hasn't spoken to Megan since Megan "fucked her over"

No. 672472

at what time did she say that?>>672432

No. 672483

one of yall needs to download or save that specific clip before she fucking deletes it

No. 672486

its at 13:50
she also says tranny and faggot earlier on the stream. i dont follow her or this thread but is she usually this edgy? how the fuck is she still popular when all these influencers are getting struck down for similar shit?

No. 672487


44:09 is where she talked about Megan

No. 672502

She's like this all the time. Her excuse is "i don't live my life caring about how you feel. Words have no power. You're responsible for being offended, I don't give a shit"
Her fan base is similar, but there's a reason why her music career isn't doing so well despite her being talented at singing. No one wants to hire someone who acts like her. She's the reason why her music career is a flop, not everyone else. She's getting nowhere with her attitude, and even if she does eventually calm down from her "edgy" phase, her past will always fuck her over. Let her act the way she does, it's not like she's got a solid record label or any songs that are interesting enough to blow up.

No. 672514

lmao she is not popular at all anymore

No. 672570

File: 1535152904370.png (765.26 KB, 640x1136, 7C780053-9FA1-4A7F-BB52-FCFF42…)

DDLG anyone? Cringey af

No. 672598

little meeyah got mad on her ig story once again (who's surprised? happens every other day at this point) yelling about how the "narrative that she doesn't pay for her own shit" needs to stop and then proceeded to say that her mom pays for her car insurance and phone bill, and doesn't charge her rent. i think she kind of misses the entire point of the whole "narrative" that she's talking about because those are the exact things that spoiled lil beebs Don't Pay for. the clothes and the new tech shit are easy for her to buy BECAUSE she doesn't pay for fuck all except for clothes and gas. honestly.

No. 672648

In her old "lmk if u can relate" video from March this year at around 16:40 she mentions that she "doesn't spend her money on materialistic things because they don't matter."

Meanwhile, like 90% of the things that she listed in her IG story that she "pays for herself" are materialistic things and only a few things she mentioned are things that actually matter, the rest of her necessities are still payed for by her mommy.

No. 672736

The money she makes from YouTube at this point is pretty insignificant, but her fans still stream her music so she probably scrapes in a few hundred a month. However, this is overlooking how reliant she is on her parents coin to pay for her to even have music produced. Without her parents money she would me NOTHING.

No. 672737


lmao she called some girl racist for using the word caucasian yesterday. Then she drops that

No. 672743

Here’s the thing
She knows immediately that she made a mistake by saying that on-stream
But as someone that doesn’t say that word and hasn’t said that word since I was 13 and edgy

It’s not a word that slips?? From anyone who doesn’t use the word? If you don’t say n——— regularly it’s not gonna slip in public.

No. 672745

File: 1535172012802.jpeg (134.2 KB, 750x1334, 3D78DB03-4A6C-4B78-BDE3-666E20…)

No. 672757


lmao didn't she get mad at this one girl in her "How not 2 be a noob on imvu" video for saying XD, when she goes off and say "Lmao look i'm a loli baby girl princess XDDDDD rawr yall 2 gay XD" like seriously.

No. 672758

You'd think that since she sided with iDubbbz on the Tana vs. iDubbbz situation she would have listened when he said "Either all of them
are okay, or none of them are okay." 'them' being insults and slurs in general. Guess not tho.

No. 672763

it's wild that she's only 20 and already she seems washed up and dated. I wish she would get her shit together and do better in life.

I feel like anyone can comeback from a jaded past, as long as she owns her shit; which i doubt she will ever do. I mean look at jeffree star there are videos of him saying hard-r n-word and he's on a high right now. I don't really see that in Myah's future though.

She doesn't take the blame for anything, like her failing music career which is everyone but her own fault. She seems extremely self destructive.

No. 672775

She added a bunch of those dumb stickers to her thumbnails of her recent vids, like she puts all over her insta photos now. That baby bottle necklace in her latest stream is fucking CRINGE 🤮

No. 672790


yeah i noticed that too, it just doesn't fit in with the other videos she has on the bottom of her page such as her old covers and etc.

No. 673125

it’s because all the cutesy ddlg girls on instagram/tumblr put edits on their photos & she’s obviously trying to be one of them for some reason. it’s weird watching her try to transform into some ddlg loli princess.

No. 673405

It is especially weird considering she tried to call herself 'goth' in her older videos just because she wore black lipstick.

No. 673664

Can she give those musty jean shorts a fucking rest?

No. 673703

lol no she wants to show everyone her ass even though she bashed tana for posting the same shit

No. 673940

too accurate my friend.

No. 674054

New video

No. 674055

File: 1535331772477.jpg (828.34 KB, 1080x2023, Screenshot_20180826-175904_You…)

um wtf…and those socks girl
her aesthetic is gross af

No. 674066

I think it was very inappropriate of her to make this video, even with the permission of the person involved it’s not her story to tell at all.

No. 674068

I just feel like this video was unnecessary, it's sad to hear that someone had to abort their child but the fact that myah uploaded this video (this is a theory) possibly for some cash because she hasn't been getting much money on younow and from ad revenue. This video is extremely inappropriate and triggering to many people who had to go through something similar to this.

No. 674084

Is she talking about Megan?

No. 674105

now people who are against abortion are going to assume it’s Megan, or Kelsey, or any female friend that’s shes been public about. I hope it doesn’t bother them

No. 674117

it’s probably a female friend from when she was in hs. there was a green haired girl she cut off. all her friends from hs were messes though.

No. 674122

It's weird to hear her talk shit that this stripper friend not being 'like the life style she lives' when she literally is a ddlg fag

No. 674130

oh yeah I’m pretty such I know who it’s about lol only like really old viewers of myah can probably guess who because she’s deleted the photos w her from way back when

No. 674142

I think I can see where’s she’s coming from for this video. I think she spoke about her beliefs and feelings well. As someone who thinks abortion is completely fine; and I don’t get scared over it nor do I think about “how it could of had a life”. I like the way she expressed her feelings and I can see where she’s coming from as a bystander. And I shocked myself because for once I’m not against her opinion LOL

No. 674150

I don't think It's about Megan. I think I recall on a live her saying it's not about anyone she has shown online. Therefore we wont know who it is

No. 674185

>i've never had an abortion

I feel like people who say this and opt to talk about "a friend" experience actually very likely have, but since stigma is still so strong they talk about it in the third person and pretend like they haven't had one.
In fact I had a little chuckle at
>i was raised conservatively
Because it's often the conservative and biblical who secure abortions for their daughters in secret and cover it up.
Hate to be that person, but she looks like a girl who's had an abortion. For her to talk about abortion like it's this foreign, alien procedure that no common woman endures…sounds a little tryhard. She's trying way too hard to other and distance herself from it, unnecessarily.

No. 674339

i didnt know that women who've had abortions "look" a certain way, anon.

No. 674351

File: 1535378726005.jpeg (835.69 KB, 750x786, FA6CE698-5383-42F8-AB03-BEE276…)

Her shirts and shoes are actually cute but she ruins every single one of her outfits by wearing jeans or shorts from American Eagle. Not very edgyYy

No. 674361

You'd think someone who always has to brag about her family's wealth and flaunt all her tacky expensive goods would buy jeans from somewhere better than American Eagle, the favorite store of every Midwestern 10th grader.

No. 674379

>she looks like a girl who's had an abortion

lmao wtf is this stupidity

No. 674409

All shade intended, Myah seems like a very jealous friend. Could you even imagine her cheering on her best friend's success? Esp one who's doing better than her? Meanwhile she's stagnantly living, thinking and dressing like a 15 year old? Compared to Myah, Megan glew up. Fit body, consistent style, follow worthy ig feed, in love with her bf while Myah had a sl bf, has a solid self image/education/social life, and she's mentioned wanting to pursue a MUSIC CAREER. Um hello??? She is everything Myah claims to be, actually "intellectual/with the times/alternative"… But suddenly Megan not putting her whole ass ADULT LIFE aside to bend over backwards for Myah is the petty reason their friendship broke? Riiight… The bitch works "40 hours/wk" and "studies astrophysics" but bc she didn't drive hrs just to box Myah's shit up for her, THATS what makes her disposable? Kk sure. It goes deeper than that. Megan should be thankful bc I really only see her thriving without Myah. Like sorry but Myah is not far off from becoming those grown ass creepy warped-tour-scene dudes who hang out with teenagers. If not that, then becoming a semi tumblr-relevant camgirl, while having a useless (maybe) degree. At least buy a new pair of jean shorts and wash your fucking hair. Thanks!

No. 674469


Agreed, and that narrative is really shitty for all women. 40 y/o sahmoms get abortions. 30 y/o power business women get abortions. There's no "look"

No. 674514

I agree I actually think the abortion video was really good.

No. 674594

File: 1535406392267.png (1002.94 KB, 650x649, nrhqIvF.png)

why are her nostrils so triangular? is it from her nose job? It looks very unnatural… sage for general unimportance

No. 674755

she has mentioned before that her nose didn’t heal correctly or something like that, and she’s been saying she wants to have it redone but she’s too sickly all the time to do it

No. 674903

File: 1535449864916.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, CC70BEF8-EE7B-497C-9D46-3EEA86…)

I find it so fucking funny how Tana Mongeau has done her hair like this (pink and blue) JUST LIKE MYAH’S HAIR SKSKSKSK she’s not going to be happy about this.

No. 675083

File: 1535479426048.png (810.63 KB, 750x1334, CA59A238-05F1-4C2F-B824-251B61…)

No. 675104

Damn that was quick of her lol except Tanya's hair has purple while Myah's has green (the only 'copy' is the pink) I can't wait for her sperg put that Tana is obsessed with her.

No. 675117

Myah’s is supposed to be pink and blue but I don’t see any blue in hers. It looks green, more light green but definitely far from blue even though she says she dyed it pink and blue.

No. 675177

anyone else remember when she was dating that guy Mark? From her IMVU after ant? Lol…

No. 675188

Demeanor. And I'd say someone who protests as much as she does has got something hiding in her closet. Take it or leave it.

No. 675307

File: 1535503437584.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 9D545406-61CB-40A6-86FD-805E1A…)

i’m just curious about why she actually wore that outfit in public today?? she was on younow in it and the jeans look at least four sizes to big for her and that top has so many frayed ends on it because it was a silk dress before she chopped it in half. sighs very loudly. what a mess.

No. 675333

File: 1535507060382.gif (858.71 KB, 500x270, dumbareuchelsea.gif)

No. 675335

whats funny is belts are a great way to add pizzazz to a look, and they sell silk tanks even for real cheap. its super easy to make this look a lot better and maybe even flattering for her body type but she cant even do that.

No. 675453


huh?? Girl where you getting silk tops for cheap

No. 675541

The girl doesn’t protest….she doesn’t know/five a fuck about what happens in the government regardless because mommy and daddy are conservative so those are her views too.

Yeah wasn’t his name like Vro or something?

No. 676068

not exactly real silk, but i see really cheap ones at forever 21. they are tacky af but would look much better than her cutting a silk dress.

No. 677483

fucking myah reposted a pic of some old man fucking a sex doll on tumblr like ew.

No. 677839

File: 1535812780038.jpg (289.66 KB, 702x948, dee.jpg)

wht happened to her and Dee?

No. 677880

WHAT? I never knew they were friends!

No. 677903

why does tanas new song sound like something myah would do? they're both such messes, ugh.

No. 677990

Tana's song sounds like a parody of Myah's life/music tbh

No. 678007

myah’s apparently unable to log in to her instagram on any other device lmao here’s hoping she gets logged out on her phone so we don’t have to see her post the same pics over and over anymore

No. 678087

Or u can just unfollow her? Lol, ur logic is epic.

No. 678099

She’s even uploading a video asking for help. I’m sure she’s low-key freaking out because if she were to remake an Instagram we all know she’d only regain maybe 15k out of her 150k

No. 678205

I think if the above statement did happen, it would possibly make her realize how entitled she thinks she is

or not

No. 678642

Her body is so bizarre looking….. she’s extremely short and chunky. She wouldn’t look that odd if she maybe bought some shorts and pants that aren’t five sizes too small

No. 678662


she’s average height and I don’t see chunky… flat stomach and slim thick legs uh

No. 678756

relax anachan

No. 680453

No. 680815

lol yeah her subscriber count has been steadily declining for a while now. her insta’s been teetering between 143k/144k for the longest time too and she keeps complaining about her reach being fucked but i think we all know it’s because she doesn’t post anything remotely interesting anymore

No. 681294

File: 1536126647391.png (218.06 KB, 304x632, alcoholism.png)

Imagine having to get drunk every time you go hang out with your boyfriend/girlfriend lol

No. 681308

The alcohol makes his wonky nose look normal.

No. 681404

They have a drinking problem

No. 681614


I thought she was really short or something?

No. 681622

this is a guy??? this isn't a fakeboi?

No. 681750

anon check out his adam's apple, neck width, shoulders, arms, hands (and lack of pretending to pretend to be male)

No. 681778

I think she's mentioned in a video before (that's probably deleted) that she tends to be attracted to guys with more feminine facial features.

No. 682854

If I was her mom I would be concerned about how much they drink. It's like every single day

No. 682909

Her mom seems like a bizarre combo of stage parent and extreme hands-off bordering on neglect/money instead of affection figure.
The newest boyfriend has always seemed to drink a lot judging by his unwatchable youtube prank videos.

No. 685102

Anyone notice how she is suddenly fine with her friends smoking weed, when she used to make fun of people that do. She said she didn't want to be around it or people who did it, now her friends are smoking weed inside her beach house on her snapchat story

No. 685147

sage this next time. changing an opinion over like two years worth of time is not milk

No. 685328

She's said it 4 months ago lol https://youtu.be/8CsfiPQ7pQA 13:55

No. 686743

File: 1536782236118.png (Spoiler Image, 99.94 KB, 750x938, IMG_5717.PNG)

Is she like a full on pedophile now? If a guy her age was running a blog like hers everyone would be a lot more alarmed. She has a picture of a dead little girl in a casket amidst like 4 childlike-porn posts. It's… Gross.

No. 687055

No. 687095

somebody fairly popular on tumblr who runs a blog with a very similar aesthetic to Myah's just got called out for being a weird pedo. I don't think Myah is a pedo, she's just an edgelord and thinks she's cool and subversive.

No. 687103

Nah that’s a little bit too much to me…like I don’t see anything edgy about this. It’s just creepy on a fucked up level.

No. 687234

Can't expect too much from a DDLG freak who reblogs gifs of porn next to pics of dead little girls, or children smoking and drinking. This pic literally looks like something you'd probably see on a NAMBLA imageboard (do those even exist? probably.)

Not only that, but pedo doesn't automatically equal child molester (im sure you know this anon) they are sexually attracted to kids, if she's reblogging childlike porno next to pics of little girls with bruises or them smoking/drinking and into DDLG she probably is indeed sexually attracted to little girls.

(Kinda a sidenote, but I've always assumed the DDLG people who say things like "omg muh consent between adults! no little kids allowed" are probably jealous that their "daddies" would ditch them for a naive little/teenage girl who's into this gross shit) As always, sage for sperging.

No. 687897

Her Tumblr posts aside, I will say that the fact that she acts like the age gap between she and her boyfriend is such a big deal when it's just two years and he's legal makes her look extremely guilty of something. She doesn't seem to realize that the more repulsed she acts toward things that aren't a big deal, the more it seems like she's trying to cover something up.

No. 691108

No. 691184

Learn to sage your non milk newfag

No. 691736

On her insta story she addresses the ddlg stuff and says she doesn't appreciate people saying she's into that, because she says she's not, she just likes "pink cute stuff" non sexually lmao

I guess having pictures of old men fucking young looking girls on your tumblr is non sexual lol

No. 691916

File: 1537374389209.gif (Spoiler Image, 142.95 KB, 574x568, IM SO FUKING RETARDED HURRDURR…)

>wears necklace that says "daddy"
>reblogs ddlg shit
>says how she looks "12"
but guis i-im not ddlg i-i swear!

No. 691995

It’s clear that she’s talking about this website so I’ll answer her question
“Why do you do it?”
It’s funny. Your life is pathetic and it’s funny. You’re so used to abuse you find a boy getting you a bottle of water amazing. You preach education but you’re a community college drop out who keeps putting off going back to school. Your music is trash and your tumblr is pedophilic. And the funniest part about it is you’re so deluded you think you don’t care about this stuff yet you constantly look at this website.

No. 692069

I suppose she reblogs the piss porn posts because they're cute too, right?

No. 692282

but her pacifier necklace and daddy shirts are for "fun" and because it's "cute"…. sure, Myah. Posting a picture of little girls and boys in their underwear isn't cute, it just makes you a giant pedo.

No. 692634

File: 1537454637944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 290.2 KB, 755x1280, 18-09-20-08-41-59-245_deco.jpg)

It's like she forgets that she reblogs shit like this on tumblr. The girl is so stupid that she uses her name while reblogging basically pedophile shit.

No. 692658

On her ig story she's like "people I've never talked to are fixated on me and none of them will tell me why!!" Hang on to anything that makes you feel special Myah, but talking often is what made me realize you're an entitled fucking person who works for nothing. Your ego is huge but your hypocrisy outweighs it, that's why people post. Keep making it easy lol

No. 692685

Maybe she noticed that this thread was slowing down a bit so she had to address it so we'd pick it back up again.

No. 692804

Isn't she the one who dumped all her friends because she didn't see why they would send her things from threads about her but once she leaves the only genuine and normal friend she has she goes on here on her own will? Also her excuse of her tumblr being "deeper than it is" is laughable because yes a close up of some skinny girl getting fucked by some guy in ddlg style is definitely "intellectual" or whatever it is in her mind.

No. 693622

Also she can't say that she's not into it when her bf is clearly all about ddlg with his weird ass kinks youtube video….. but ok myah

No. 693951

It's odd now that her bf deleted the video. I wonder if Myah got jealous that he wanted a harem of women. Either that or she made him delete it to hide the fact he is into ddlg.

No. 694465

oh of course it's fucking deleted now lmao

No. 694623

This is posted here and suddenly the video is gone a day later? But Myah totally doesn’t lurk here cause she has better things to do

No. 695695

No. 695806


Is anyone able to view the archived version >>666020? It says "file not supported" on both browsers I've tried

No. 695926

myah’s been a bit less active lately and way less whiny as well. i think she might finally be getting the hang of how to run a social media acc. even made it past 144k after however long she was stuck in that purgatory. maybe she finally got the clue that going on ig rants was bad for her brand lol.

No. 700537

File: 1538261833742.png (26.74 KB, 645x387, nword'.PNG)

someone commented a link to myah saying "nigga" on younow on her latest youtube video and she just went on a rant on her instagram story about how she isn't a perfect person and her following knows who she is and knows its okay that she isn't held accountable for her mistakes. I just don't understand her… wouldn't her logic apply to everyone else she has heavily criticized in the past (including Tana)? If you watch her story you can see just how upset she was that someone commented a link to that video. She couldn't even address the fact that she said the word. She says she doesn't care, then she goes on rants like that. She really tries to make her fans feel like they're "intellectuals" for ignorantly supporting hypocritical things she does.

I wish she would have just apologized if it had offended anyone and moved on. This is just going to get drug up if she ever goes big with music. It would have been such a better move to just handle it maturely instead of making excuses

No. 700538

File: 1538261960080.png (22.55 KB, 261x395, nword1.PNG)

No. 700540

File: 1538261978435.png (23.84 KB, 279x407, nword2.PNG)

No. 700541

File: 1538262097365.png (21.36 KB, 279x378, nword3.PNG)

And of course she won't be getting any feedback from people who aren't in her echo chamber because she changed her comment settings.

No. 700573

File: 1538264919985.jpeg (249.96 KB, 750x683, 15423191-3B29-423C-A77E-4BC856…)

lol she really had the audacity to make those videos about pewdepie and tana acting as if she was better because she understood why the word is harmful to black people and insensitive to use

No. 700581

Why does she sperg every time—if she truly didn’t give a fuck, like she claims, she would just outright say “yeah I said it, and what?”
I also love how she refers to her followers and supporters as “all these people” even though her engagement is low as fuck and that’s with the majority of her “fans” not knowing how truly autistic she is

No. 700582

>blah blah blah society is sooo mean and unrealistic, let me say nigga in peace!! pc culture is sooo mean!!! i h8 all of you. time to go back to reblogged borderline cp next to pics of kids!

>People r just 2 sensitive uwu
Says the person who changed her comment settings. If she truly didn't care, she wouldn't change anything. If she was truly hardcore and KEWL she woulda just recorded herself saying nigger and got on with her day.

No. 700590

Her saying “nigger, I don’t care” would be 10x more effective than her sperging over internet strangers having an opinion on her. Has it even been a month since her last sperg out? I wonder if we’ll gain traction and she’ll get more and more defensive the more she tries to interact with the social media circle that effectively abandoned her a while ago

No. 700599

Her new boyfriend video, featuring gems such as
>what is your favorite thing to do together
>Scott: hang out, sex, we don’t do much
>Myah: yeah like watch things

>how often do you argue

>Myah: we don’t bicker a lot during the day…..but when scott drinks he has a dark side

Congrats on two months of alcoholism and sex Myah, you guys seem into each other in the most shallow, daft way possible

No. 700620


she says words like faggot, cunt, and retard publicly on her snapchat, instagram, and youtube all the time but she knows saying nigga is wrong and she has no justification for it. shes ridiculous. she does care and thats why she still hasn't explicitly addressed what she did

No. 700633

File: 1538270914385.jpeg (69.21 KB, 750x452, D77D0D07-7BE6-4DAB-921C-573EFD…)

Thanks myah for invalidating a black girls opinion because you know that you’re in the wrong

No. 700643

File: 1538271184202.jpeg (144.64 KB, 750x1080, B0DCF03C-F746-4B8C-B329-92B031…)

>they can speak for themselves
>except for the original commenter, because she’s disagreeing with Myah she can not speak for herself or others in her community
No surprise, all the likes on Myahs comment are white people.

No. 700655

Okay Myah since I know you’re so fucking sensitive you’ll stumble upon this thread once again.
Don’t make 2 fucking videos about how nigger is bad and then make another video about how someone faked you saying the n word. Which that video I have downloaded cunt. You know the history you know it’s bad. Just own up and take a small step off you god mindeset.
Ps if you want to seem all big and strong stop going on rants when someone says the littelest things about you. Just a tip. (:

No. 700659

you can just tell how backwards the majority of her followers are reading the comments on that post.

seeing shit like this painfully reminds me of how much she boasts about being an intellectual and studying psychology and only surrounding herself with people who are smart. cultural compentency is an important aspect of intellect especially in today’s society. how could she not understand that saying that word is insensitive to black people? how does she expect to be a psychologist with this mindset…

No. 700663

Why did she sound like she was gonna cry tho lol
She seems so upset it’s kinda hard to believe she ‘doesn’t care at all‘

No. 700665

she blames her producers/managers for where her music career is but she does this shit to herself. bitch just admit you fucked up and move on lol

No. 700669

this video has such a chaotic energy. The girl seems deeply unwell and histrionic.

No. 700672

Yeah, she's clearly nuts and that doesn't help but her music is generic and unmemorable too. It's a shit show from top to bottom with Myah.

No. 700681


because she probably was just like she was gonna cry that time she was going off about not being able to log into her insta. pretending like she doesn't care is edgy to her but its so obvious she does

No. 700734

>his hand digging in her crotch half the video
>calls him feminine
>he's "new to drinking" and acts like an idiot when drunk
>Myah berating him for painting her toenails incorrectly

That was super cringe all the way through

No. 700738

she'll just call all of the people that decide to go to her for psychiatry dumb niggers and tell them to get on with their day while b'awwing when she loses her job by saying, "it's a free country i can say what i want"

No. 700743

I'm glad she likes his teeth because holy fuck his teeth literally make me hate his face.

No. 700744

Saying nigga is no fucking different than saying faggot. They are all 'offensive'. Nigga isn't special.

No. 700747

The thing is in her Tana video she said she wouldn't care that Tana said the n word. What made her think she was a scumbag is that Tana lied about it and made dumb excuses and she doesn't like liars.

No. 700765

right? and i even like "ugly" teeth but his just makes his mouth look even wider

No. 700885


and myah lied as well. if you watched the younow clip she acts so shocked that she said it and pretended like she never said it before. then she blames her bf for being the reason she said it. but on insta she said she says it all the time. this girl is no better than tana


in myahs own words nigga is a “bad word” that’s why you’ll never catch her saying it on her social media. maybe you don’t think it’s different, but she knows it is

No. 700897

did she even mention to her fans at all what she said? or did she just make a huge post avoiding telling them? “I don’t care if I offend you” ok then…tell them what you really said princess..give them the link

No. 700914


nope! lol she’s acting like a coward

No. 700940

"people are dying" 1:09

uhm the word you used…do you..oh honey do you even know the history behind this word?

No. 700964

File: 1538320755414.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, surejan.gif)

>"I'm not here to give a fuck if what I say hurts your feelings"
>repeatedly makes posts/comments/videos/ defending herself and how she "doesn't give a fuck" and "says what she wants" and "has better things to do"

No. 701047

jesus christ anon this is embarrassing for you

do the people here sperging about the word nigga realize this isn’t PULL

No. 701263


so her only defense is everyone does it? what happened to her being different from society and "foreign" lol

megan really dodged a bullet

No. 701561

Godspeed anon for catching this, I can’t screen record on my phone. Hopefully you can catch some of her other sperg outs because they’re pretty fucking cringey

No. 701729

File: 1538405013447.jpg (287.53 KB, 751x1280, 18-09-30-22-13-50-510_deco.jpg)

Yet she wants to pretend she's not a pedophile? Imagine thinking you're superior than everyone while reblogging shit like this. She also reblogged a Pic of a little boy with some black men with the 'brazzers' logo on it.

No. 701751

File: 1538408236699.png (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1290x870, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.2…)

God, does she really think this shit is okay? Especially that picture of the little girl dead in a casket. Nothing was blurred. That really threw me off. She also follows a lot of trauma blogs (as you can see by who she reblogs this nasty shit from.) She clearly has some problems that haven't been worked out at all. And I wonder if she still sticks with her whole "i hAvE pEoPLe iN mY hEAd" crazy thing. Seems like she does most of this stuff just to be edgy or for the aesthetic. Or to make her seem "unique" smh.

No. 701848

If there's one upside to her publicly posting her degeneracy, it's that it guarantees she'll never be a therapist. There's 0% chance she'll ever pass a background check…

No. 701852

the shit she reblogs is so gross. Honestly don't really care about her saying the n-word and sperging about it. Shit like this is what makes me dislike her.

No. 701876

I remember her saying that everyone took her voices in her head thing way too literal and that she’s definitely not schizophrenic a little while ago in one of her streams

No. 702002

I wonder if this bitch has ever had it occur to her that nothing she puts on the Internet goes away. In order for her to get her PhD she’d….have to be accepted into a PhD program….and those are hard to get into, especially considering you’re representing the school, bc often PhD programs are funded. We’ll never watch her fade into the degeneracy level of ShayGnar because daddy’s money but what happens when another year, two, three of her go by and she still hasn’t gone back to college?

No. 702110

No. 702181

File: 1538448018791.jpg (32.38 KB, 420x420, fuck jawdog.jpg)

Pic unrelated
In a few of her videos (that are now deleted ofc) she talked about how she was bullied horribly in middle school because of her music. She never really says what they said or did. But the thing is, she says she started an anti bullying campaign and started talking to a bunch of different schools about bullying. Does anyone have ANY evidence of that? Because honestly she seems like a bully herself. One of the main things I saw was on IMVU when she would make fun of people who didn't spend money on that fucking trash game. I went into one of her rooms when she was on and she and her friends were bullying some fan who didn't even like the game but just wanted to talk to her. I don't know if the bullying turned her into a bully or what but it doesn't seem like she'd be able to hold an anti bullying campaign unless she convinced everyone with that psuedo intellectualism… or daddy and mommy complaining and waving their money around. One other thing is that her mom seems to be the one who spoils her so much but she used to work at Buffalo Wild Wings and I think she's a stay at home mom now. Where's the money coming from? I know Myah makes some money from YouTube and her music but it's definitely not enough for all the random crap Myah has. My best guess is her mom's boyfriend has to spoil that brat. That, or her dad sends Myah or her mom money? Not really sure. I have no clue where her mom's boyfriend or her dad works. Also, if she tries to get into college, she's going to try the tactic of waving money around but the shit they'll find on her will be too bad. You know she's going to complain to the entire internet about "fReE sPEecH" and whatnot. She will never be able to stand it when she doesn't get what she wants because she's been a spoiled brat her whole life.

No. 702185

File: 1538448628934.png (124.07 KB, 1312x780, Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.4…)

OT but this was just too funny for me not to share.

I just found this little community for Myah on some app called Amino (she probably has no idea about it/doesn't care. It's mostly kids anyway.) but some of the rules made me laugh my fucking ass off. Guess you can't post caps of Myah's tumblr, certain things she says in her instagram posts, or certain videos of her saying certain words lmaooo

offensive statements and swearing is allowed but just be RESPECTFUL Do they even know who Myah is? :eyeroll:

No. 702193

Lol ITT there's another post with a cap of her instagram where she's talking about how she just wants to live in her head and shit. And then talking about the guy she made in her head that she's apparently known all her life. She's complaining about not being able to be with him because he's perfect for her. She's clearly not schizophrenic but I'm pretty sure she created a Tulpa (as someone else already said.) I'm pretty sure she has more "people" in her head based off of the (now deleted) video where she explains all her mental shit and the song she wrote about it. If it wasn't that serious, why the hell would she write a song about it

No. 702231

Here’s the post in case anyone didn’t want to scroll. Wonder why this is deleted now, after people on here pointed out that this wasn’t at all what schizophrenia is…and why she’s stopped talking about her mental illnesses in general…almost as if they were never real to begin with

No. 702308

She’s boring and needs to dramatise her life to be somewhat interesting. There’s nothing exciting about some spoiled brat from New Jersey that got a nose job in her early teen years.

No. 702611

At least sage your shit if you're too much of a dumbass to do a simple google search


No. 702730

File: 1538508902667.jpeg (103.51 KB, 750x864, 6C3CD133-87DE-4715-9329-809309…)

NTAYRT but this isn’t proof of any of her “campaigning” —Which she has explicitly said she’s done—and I would think an article covering a music video of hers that went viral (at 4,000 views kek) about being bullied would bring up her campaigning, the closest I could find of her talking about the “anti-bully movement” is an old video description.

No. 702731

File: 1538508972927.jpeg (224.57 KB, 750x1084, 4BAAE039-432C-48CD-9A5C-E8A105…)

also, the fact that she considers herself plain gave me a good chuckle. After being rejected from a show that really could have sparked her career no wonder she plays up the special snowflake edgelord thing to have some semblance of a personality

No. 702799

iirc her dad owns a pizza chain or some shit in Jersey and was a producer. So I imagine he just spoils her for doing absolutely nothing

No. 703265

Amino is a 13+ app so porn isn’t allowed on the app. Basically nothing 18+ isn’t really allowed.

(sage for shitposting?)

No. 704123

File: 1538668680946.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 3345DE57-A34A-4584-B663-3EA3FD…)

It’s the beginning of the end I guess, assuming she never gains access back. I was wondering why she didn’t have anything on her main accounts story

No. 705177

File: 1538792578404.jpeg (52.88 KB, 800x297, 25C30B64-590D-4390-A9CA-10528D…)

Dear lord what is this

No. 705252

That doesn't stop anyone, Twitter is 13+, has rules against posting porn, and still has a thriving porn community, all completely public and accessible to anyone.

No. 705264


yeah but the app is actually serious about that stuff which is quite shocking that people actually care.

No. 705373

File: 1538825190650.jpeg (66.69 KB, 1104x199, 4F4768FC-D707-491C-9197-D5F996…)

She deleted the pic with this caption lol. Seems like she’s been catching up on the thread.

No. 705374

No. 705423

File: 1538836257164.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, C9B5BB95-458B-4A9E-AD54-FCA2A0…)

She did a Q&A and posted this as well, meanwhile her boyfriend had a post up talking about his “Master” tattoo

No. 705424

File: 1538836383209.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, E0EB6191-56CB-4BE7-94D4-B8F266…)

Not that either of them are mature enough to understand and fulfill bdsm dynamics of power exchange, he’s probably just a tumblr dom and she likes wearing her daddy’s girl shirt to be ironic eksdee

No. 705438

>Not that either of them are mature enough to understand and fulfill bdsm dynamics of power exchange
>thinking bdsm is 'deep' or meaningful or requires maturity in 2018

No. 705441

If she was smart she would just delete her tumblr to hide the nasty shit she reblogged under her name lol then again what retard would use their name as their url on tumblr while reblogging nasty pedo stuff? Can't wait for her sperg on why she likes to reblog kids so much.

No. 705916

ugh, im trying to look at her old videos on wayback machine but dont know how

No. 706918

Git good then newfag

No. 706920


sage your shit

No. 706927

mte exactly lmfao i participate in bdsm and the majority of people in it are people like binkie princess and shay/fupapa nothing about participating in it really requires maturity hence why so many underage tumblrinas eat that shit up

No. 707541

LMAO holy shit, could she try to make a pop career happen and flop any harder? I get that she was young there but she still turns anything into Disney cartoon singing. Every time she sings it's the same corny "broadway" style, even her covers of rap songs. She has a new song called Throwing Paper, I ctfu every time it comes on at the end of her new vids like it's SO poorly mixed it sounds like she's running around the mic. Also her juxtaposing lyrics "Talk is cheap" take your own advice child predator apologist headass

No. 707939

File: 1539119263894.jpeg (160.26 KB, 750x849, D829E971-2289-4525-96E0-331EC3…)

This girl deadass looks like Myah. Her @ is ang3ltea. I can’t tell if they’re copying each other or—

No. 708208

File: 1539129714906.png (251.84 KB, 463x622, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 7.01…)

here is your answer

No. 708621

She posted on her insta that she is sad because no one comes to visit her and she is lonely.

She spends every day with her boyfriend and friends, and recently she was with Kelsey and Keaty…

Her mental illness is coming out again.

No. 709002

I wish she would get help, she needs it.

No. 711692

Holy shit that is actually scary. She looks just like Myah which I thought was coincidence but her first pic is her nails and crediting myah as inspo. But she also puts those stickers in her photos before myah and made her hair blonde etc. Its hard to know who is copying who

No. 711710

this style has been around

No. 712245

she's on younow

No. 712266

She admitted she’s not schizo she just had friends who convinced her she was lol
Also said she hates her boyfriends queer past
Also says her boyfriend doesn’t like being sober and smokes whenever he can

No. 712330

She also admitted three days ago on her stream that she had an eating disorder earlier this year because she was afraid to eat anything as it could bring out her skin disorder

No. 712622

File: 1539539979839.jpg (604.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181014-112924_Ins…)

I thought she didn't want to be famous? Also her singing sucks in that vid

No. 712974

Shes had this aesthetic for a pretty long time, like since before myah switched her hair and stuff. That said I think shes definitely feeding off of myahs style and persona. It concerns me because she's quite young and really sweet and myah is just a horrible person to have as a role model

No. 712997

It creeps me out that this girl has that aesthetic and she is only 16.

No. 712999

She posted a new vid.
Also in her stream 3 days ago she admitted she was sexually assaulted.

No. 713000

It creeps me out that this girl has that aesthetic and she is only 16.

No. 713001

She posted a new vid.
Also in her stream 3 days ago she admitted she was sexually assaulted.

No. 713024

Is this whole video a subtweet at her current boyfriend
I love how I felt empathetic for her in the beginning bit
Then for a moment its almost like she dissociates and becomes a cunt like we know her to be
We’ve known that the hard attitude is an act but it’s funny to watch her defense mechanism shoot up in the middle of a video

No. 713123

I honestly hope she learns to allow herself to be vulnerable. I dont think its possible to be a sensitive person and then suddenly decide I'm going to be the opposite of that and just stop being sensitive. You cant just change your personality like that, so its obvious that it is a defense mechanism like you said. It makes me sad because I did that when I was like, 12. But i got over it around 13 and realized emotions are okay. I hope she realizes that one day and doesn't feel like she constantly needs to put up a wall.

No. 713218

Is NJ some sort of whoreland? Because where I live, 16 is young to lose your virginity, but she says it like it's proof shes "asexual"

No. 713522

In my country. Children lose their virginity at 14y. So 16 is pretty asexual by their logic. But we olders think too that 16 is too young to have sex.

No. 713532

she could be if she would change up her singing voice and make it a little more unique. She sounds like every other white girl who's been taking singing lessons since childhood.
I don't think Myah is that bad, but she frustrates me.

No. 713547

i went to hs with myah and if you weren't in the "nerd program" it was pretty typical to lose it at 15ish. i go to college in nj though and a large amount of people i met my freshman year were virgins so idk.

No. 713688

I'm in Canada and everyone lost it around 14. Looking back, that is so young that it is sad, tho.

No. 714094

File: 1539691903855.jpg (656.8 KB, 810x1913, Screenshot_20181016-080626_Ins…)

gotta love the end where she says she wants to beat up these kids when they're 18…lol

No. 714111


it’s so obvious this was about billie eilish. myahs superiority complex is horrifying.. like someone here said she’s the reason she isn’t going anywhere. myah needs to learn the business of an industry she so desperately wants to be a part of but instead she just burns potential connections. pride will be the reason she falls

No. 714115

File: 1539695543677.jpeg (61.98 KB, 732x178, 1AE52ED1-BA9B-40C4-AFA4-E5AF48…)


the way her followers mindlessly worship her is just so embarrassing lol

No. 714148

File: 1539701941493.png (567.48 KB, 1125x2001, 474D68A7-864D-4C0F-A905-AF6C17…)

She tries to deflect the title of being a pedo apologist by calling other people that (in this case I believe it was directed towards Malu/ her fans) when it literally wasn’t even in topic, classy

No. 714150

It's honestly ridiculous that she shits all over Billie Eilish yet defended XXXTentacion after his death. Billie Eilish may be a sheltered rich LA girl with no life experience, but at least she isn't a violent drug addict and a literal convicted felon. Her music may not be groundbreaking but at least she's never assaulted a pregnant woman… who is the one "ruining lives" here?

No. 714222

Holy fucking shit pot meet kettle
You’ve experience shelter and privilege your whole life Myah you sperging about Billie Eilish is exclusively because you’re mad she caught on and you didn’t.
Hate to break it to Myah but….her music isn’t good. Whoever works with her overproduced her voice and ruins any talent she has. She is almost just as much of a failure as her SoundCloud rapper ex, the only difference is mommy and daddy pay for her to be a bum.

No. 714232

File: 1539711156525.jpeg (109.32 KB, 744x571, 4B0705D3-16E2-4FAE-98E3-647EDA…)

It’s always funny for Myah to be cited as some end-all know-all and for her to openly admit she relates and is good friends with a 12 year old. It’s a fucking 12 year old, she won’t act any type of way around Myah except a direct reflection of Myah because Myah is heavily influencing her. No one in her life is intelligent or can shed any insight on what’s happening in the world, not even Myah. She said her boyfriend is gonna be an engineer but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to classes? Maybe he’ll be a community college drop out just like Myah? Her most intelligent friend was Megan, but she fucked that up. Now she spends her days with her boyfriend who is never sober and talking to people on Second Life who don’t have an original life to begin with.

No. 714247

Myah is so fucking delusional. Her music sounds like shit, she should get a new producer and learn to stfu every once in a while
I dislike Billie but atleast she doesn’t behave like a psychotic cunt

No. 714874

she's so fucking frustrating, she will never blow up as an artist because she's too busy being an insta thot. She refuses to market herself as an artist. Also she runs her mouth too much, and is an insufferable perfectionist. If she ever was to blow up she would be Azealia Banks 2.0 minus the god music.

God I can see myah posting 5 minute long insta rants and writing mini essays in her story daily.

No. 715334

she's on younow.
So far she's talked about almost getting in a car accident and having a meeting in atlantic city

No. 716399

File: 1539908017176.jpeg (120.77 KB, 640x828, EAA40BE5-05E6-453F-B399-BCE493…)

Myah’s lookalike photoshops too, apparently. Look at her leg. Lmao

No. 716407

No. 716608

Ok so I’ve heard some comments about myahs “cash” music video. I’ve never seen the video so I’m confused by the reference, what was so bad about it?

No. 716693

The cash mucic video was a complete shit show. She hated her team and the idea for the video. The concept of the video was nothing that she wanted but she filmed it anyway. It was just her in all white on some mansions staircase with some edgy clips of her with a masked girl around some fire outside the mansion. She explained how much she hated the cash video multiple times and around the time the Circus Freak music video was dropped, she privatized Cash. I think she talks about it in the Why I hate the music industry video or whatever she's titled it today.

She also uploaded a new video with Kelsey. How can she have friends that actually seem fun and mature whereas she's the complete opposite? I hope Kelsey's music career takes off better than Myahs. Honestly Kelsey deserves it way more since she goes out to venues and does shows whereas Miss Myah relies on her intelligent fanbase to support her as well as daddies money for music videos.

No. 716720

This looks like it’s done on purpose anon

No. 716844

I love how in her new vid w/ Kelsey she claims she doesn't "grasp the concept" of how "most" people behave, and can't "grasp the concept" of people who talk about her on the internet, yet this is the same bitch who did anti-bullying campaigns for fame (flopped) in her teens meanwhile literally minutes later in the same new video she admits to bullying and her likeminded small town american pseudo manic-philosphical friend joked about her "bullying" by taking pics of random people at school and teachers making her delete it. She stay beeping out what she says in vids and it's hilarious for someone who claims they dgaf every two seconds of their life

No. 718844

Does anyone know where I can watch the Cash music video? I wanna see it lmfao

No. 718850

Myah's Tumblr got deleted bc ppl were reporting it. She just went on Instagram live and went on a whole rant about it, the live is still saved.

No. 718858

Around 16:40 on the live stream (its on instagram) she claims she doesn’t repost dead bodies and children doing gross things. Funny, she has posted many disturbing images of kids.

No. 718886

link the live

No. 720181

new video

No. 720339

anybody have anything on what happened to her old old friends aside from jason like parker and tristan

No. 721250

Jason called myah a psycho last year, she then went on a rant saying how shes perfectly normal and how jason is a bitch to everyone.

No. 722222

What happened with her and Tristan?

No. 725560

She made a new tumblr but it’s private so no one reports it again kek

No. 725744

File: 1541221376250.png (913.06 KB, 720x1057, Screenshot_2018-11-03-01-00-46…)

Hi my name is myah I liek to dickride dead ppl 4 money!!! gotta buy$ me some dollskill and some goodbye bread 2 make me look goth cx xd(learn 2 integrate)

No. 725792

sage this shit, you late summerfag.

No. 726113

youre mentally ill

No. 726541

Please tell me your joking

No. 726869

idk if this is like, well known to anyone yet but i have a hunch that myah's new tumblr is xoxomyah (same handle as her 2nd insta), not to mention it's password protected

No. 727775

Myah uploaded a new story time, that ginger dude from one of her livestreams was there for some reason, she goes on about how she was targeted by some random dude at a party who wanted to buy her bape hoodie. Does she actually think people care about her life at this point? She's basically lost most of viewers and tries to revive her channel with shitty storytimes that seem to catch young 12y olds who rely on tumblr as their oxygen. She's trying too hard to be "2009 ddlg baby goth doll who is a dollskill and goodbye bread sellout" that its making her seem like she is dying at this point lol.

No. 727870

y'all are looking WAYYY too deep into this lol, it isn't that srs.

No. 727901

fun fact the bape hoodie is fake the guy who gifted it to her goes to my school and bragged about how he got a ton of shit and spent 20 on the hoodie

No. 727948

you need to be 18 to post here, begone.

No. 730299

https://youtu.be/5pEdnTGkV1Y?t=612 talking about her tumblr getting deleted

"I would know if the things I was reblogging were against tos, I don't know how these people have nasty gore blogs" Myah, you literally post children watching porn in their underwear. Shut your fucking mouth.

No. 730869

It's not fucking nitpicking to say it's wrong to blog children next to pornography. If she can't see that she has actual mental issues.

She has serious levels of cognitive dissonance. She says she hates blood but uses it as an accessory? She also reblogged a cut in half zombie thing going down on a girl, how can she do that and say she hates gore.

No. 733698

WOOOWWWW FOUND AN OLD VIDEO OF HER MAKING RACIST JOKES ON HER OLD FRIENDS CHANNEL, i guess they didnt delete but the things she saying are fucked up :/

No. 733702

Fuck off Kpop fag

No. 733707

a bop

No. 735495


you need to be over 18 to post on this forum.

No. 738841

File: 1543283471477.png (745.87 KB, 540x960, dumb cunt.png)

I think she's forgetting the part where she reblogged literal children watching porn and such.

No. 740402

i went to school with her lol

No. 741118

Yeah? What was she like? Just as how she describes?

No. 741164

This bitch is Billie Eilish

No. 741324

Wishes she was anyway. It kinda blows my mind tbh

No. 742572

Myah and Scott broke up, she announced it on her YouNow.

No. 742671

if they couldn't make it work there's no hope for anyone

No. 742679

I doubt anyone didn't see that coming.
Does anyone have a youtube link?

Girl you joking right

No. 743221

did she explain why?

No. 743226

https://youtu.be/iPoCM3Pel-w?t=948, here's the Younow video + timestamp. She said she broke up with him and she wants someone "on her level" lolllll. They were on fucking par with each other? She acts like a child just like him and gets fucked up every day.

No. 743806

How can i watch it? It says: Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.

No. 745190

Her new music video just dropped and the way she dances in it is so awkward I canttt! It reminds me of that video of Katy Perry trying to dance next to Migos.

No. 745261

where is the mv??

No. 745296

I don't think the full video is out yet, there's a short clip of it on her instagram though (https://www.instagram.com/p/BrEuNtEniyG/)
And here's the full song. Sounds really generic.

No. 745311

how to dance like Myah: slightly stick your ass out, keep your elbows bent, and wave you hand around at face level.

I find it funny that she essentially sabotaged her career as a kid by insisting on being different and weird but now is as basic as basic gets.

No. 745321

She's wearing those awful light wash jean shorts again

No. 745405

she looks like such white trash I kind of like it. Song blows though.

No. 746276

Ya'll need to start downloading clips it doesn't help to just post links because she deletes the videos

No. 746279

her ig story is her going off about Scott.. Scott went live and it apparently has to do with some girl. @hhallekirk on insta

No. 746291

must suck being twenty years old and none of your relationships last long enough to even meet the six month mark lmao

wonder why

No. 746310

ig story rant about scott https://vimeo.com/305333415 password is cow

No. 746316

hate myah but thank god there won't be anymore videos of scott.. intetesting that she calls him out for being perverted. although its pretty hypocritical of her to say, i got the same vibe and by "vibe" i mean i gagged @ him touching her pussy in the nail painting video… scott confirmed they broke up at the beginning of his live but refused to give any details because he "doesn't care" these kids are giving me whiplash

No. 746406

i just watched this video and i'm so confused. does she actually think she has some kind of special power? i don't get it.

No. 746408

sorry im an idiot i forgot to post the video

No. 746421

I honestly used to find her videos like this interesting and I admired her view of the world. But now all she does is talk down to people. She took one college course on philosophy or something and now she thinks she's above everyone else its sad.

No. 746655

I think she legitimately believes in astral projection. Like no girl, it's called daydreaming and everyone can do it. Most of us don't have the same amount of free time to indulge in it as you do though.

No. 746702

She does the same fucking photo everyday. Always a shitty goth look, always the shitty gore and anime stickers

No. 746834

guys.. save the video with scott b4 she deletes it

No. 746847

do it yourself and learn to fucking sage.

No. 746950

Not the newfag but on that note, I can't archive anything on the wayback machine? It archives the page but the vid doesn't play.

No. 747314

anyone else realize that she’s been mad at her fans telling others that she uses Picsart to edit? but refuses to clear it up and tell anyone because she’s so entitled she can’t even share a simple editing app lols

No. 747583

Yeah she told people on her ig story to stop speaking for her.. okay well if you aren’t going to tell people the fucking app then you can hardly blame others for assuming.

Also it’s an APP!! What tf has she got to lose by telling people what app u use to edit your weird ass pics anyway?

Perhaps the reason so many people apparently ‘don’t understand’ her or aren’t on her wave length is bc most normal people aren’t as conceded and delusional as her. Like yeah I’ll admit it’s good to be different and not the same as other people but if you have to be an arse hole to make yourself stand out then you’re just a cunt, you aren’t special lmao.

She consistently speaks about how fucked up the world is and how she feels she wasn’t made for it (LMAOOO) but she’s a perfect example of a stereotypical high school bully, she has nothing to give to the world other than her shitty auto tuned music with lyrics like “you know that pussy suicide”. Her thought process is completely backwards and I can’t see her accomplishing anything meaningful with her life with her attitude.

No. 747584

&the fact she has to consistently beg people on social media to make plans with her is embarrassing for her. I see that shit and cringe so much. She’s 20, never had a job, her best friend is apparently 13years. And yet all her weird ass fans glorify her as if she’s some greater than otherworldly being, come to bless us with cringe YouTube videos and the odd Instagram rant about her many unsuccessful relationships. Tragic

No. 747725

yall suck lmao

No. 747726

fucken shitheadz hehe

No. 747729

why is nobody talking abt that @naturalxwrath chick on ig she os literally copying myah trying to be her fucking clone using the same editing and that fucking stupid font or am I the only one who is seeing that wtf(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 747758

Pretty sure they're online friends. They comment on each other's posts all the time.

No. 747767

No. 747770

watch her cry in a few months about how she hates this and how her team made her do it

No. 747797

No. 747837

All the upvoted comments are people pointing how she dances like she got advanced tetanus kek

No. 747894

This girl can’t dance for shit lmao

No. 748317

Are you sure it was about that girl? If so, I feel bad for myah.she shouted her out a bunch of times

No. 748319

Lmfaoo I had to show my friend this who doesn't follow anything myah to show an example of how ridiculous she is. Girl I can do that too I just recognize thats completely unhealthy so I dont induldge in a fantasy lmao

No. 748320

Lol wouldn't that be funny if that was her

No. 748321

Holy shit that video was cringe and LMFAOOOOO SHES WEARING THOSE DAMN SHORTS

No. 748977

File: 1544763813977.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, CA8D347E-3CC2-46A6-8F7E-A272F9…)

Pretty sure Ant found this forum site lmao

No. 749147

He's been aware of it for a while. See >>651212
Honestly fuck him though for not giving us anything milky

No. 749238

ant give us some fuckin' m i l k pls lmao

No. 749501

Sorry I’m New, what ever happened to myah and megan?

No. 749596

1) Type the word "sage" into the email field unless you're contributing new content
2) Read the thread or at least Ctrl f Megan
3) Read the goddamn thread
4) As far as I can tell Megan didn't do enough in Myahs eyes to say goodbye when she left Jersey for Maryland. Myah also went on to say that she "made" all her friends pretty quickly after, so I wouldn't be surprised if some of that attitude was prevalent in their friendship. They're probably both too stubborn to be the first to reach out.

No. 749622

ha. why is he paying any attention anyhow? he’s in a new relationship. he should focus on that instead of secondhand stalking his ex and publicizing it. he’s probably just doing it to fuck with her head.

No. 749638

Wow. This has got to be the nail in the coffin of her nonexistent career. Who is telling her she looks good? Does she have a management team? Why the fuck?
Those fucking jean shorts…. I'm triggered

No. 749685

File: 1544914184990.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, EB3B7684-DF31-42AF-BD31-76F87D…)

myah finally acknowledging her god complex bc scott dragged her on his live lmfao

No. 749737

File: 1544923915590.png (80.58 KB, 460x286, 2342345.png)

isn't this her ex bf..? he has her acc when she said she deleted it or that imvu deleted it ? lol

No. 749789


What he say? Any way to view it?

No. 749797

someone record that live and post it here ffs

No. 749813

it was on insta, not sure if he deleted it or not but it was still saved on his profile a few hours ago

there was a bit where he said myah had previously fucked her ‘not boyfriend’s’ best friend to make him mad, and it truly seems like that’s what she’s getting ready to do with hunter. don’t like scott that much but i feel bad for him.

No. 749836

Yeah she was posting photos of Scott’s friend Hunter at her place last night. I’m not surprised she’s trying to piss scott off but damn hunter’s a shitty friend for that.

No. 749838

no he isn’t. that’s some high school tier bullshit, adults can be friends with whoever they like. just because two of his friends had a breakup doesn’t mean he should be forced to choose a side. it’s fucking petty and stupid and only causes more issues especially with scott talking shit publicly about hunter for it. they’ve made up now, but this whole time hunter is the only one who hasn’t said anything negative. he genuinely appears to just want to be everyone’s friend and avoid drama. he’s not involved.

also sage your shit.

No. 749847

might i add, scott’s live had some great milk included, not anytning new but it’s nice to be reassured what an asshole she really honestly is. i hope someone recorded it.

No. 749853

Basically to summarise his live:
-Myah apparently has a huge god complex (we knew that) and doesn’t give a shit about what she says. Every single argument would lead to her breaking up with him and they broke up because she was talking shit about him to everyone just because he followed some girl who he’s known for years.
- At 16, she fucked some guy and then his best friend to piss him off, he thinks she could do the same to Hunter, especially since they still hang out despite Scott saying that he’s not happy with it.
- She keeps a hard drive of dirt on people, from dick pics to screenshots of them saying the N word (even though she says words shouldn’t matter and has even said it herself)
- Scott’s mom hated her and she apparently likes everyone
He’s apparently got a lot more dirt on her that is more personal about her family and friends and stuff she doesn’t want getting out but he doesn’t want to stoop to that level (yet)

No. 749951


Wait are you serious? Forget the morality of the issue who would EVER feel comfortable with their best friend hanging out with their ex? It’s not like Myah and Hunter have years (or even a year) of shared experiences, memories, and friendship. As far as we know all they did was hang out at Scott’s trap house lol. Unless Hunter is also her social media manager which would justify there time together I guess…

Also, I can’t believe nobody recorded Scott’s live ahaha

No. 749953


Scott isn’t following Hunter on Instagram anymore so I don’t think they made up

No. 749965

I did but the files too big to upload

No. 750042

just post the milky parts then

No. 750043

wasn't she with ant at 16?

No. 750089

Yeah we wanna see the milk:P

No. 750092

Lmaoo Scott apparently compared her to a cam girl xD Also she kept that toenail painting video up but changed the title to ex boyfriend

No. 750101

In her recent insta live she said she doesn’t participate in drama but then kept making indirect comments and jokes abt Scott? OK you fucking backwards thinking skank.

No. 750198

Yeah in her live she kept making comments to hunter like “I can get 300 viewers without causing drama hehe I don’t need drama to get views” and hunter was just laughing along. For someone who doesn’t want to take sides it’s pretty fucking disrespectful to sit there with your best friends ex girlfriend and laugh while she talks shit about him

No. 750224

does anyone have a copy of this video?

No. 750230

File: 1545061045982.jpeg (105.89 KB, 750x430, 1D668BAF-C757-4164-A8FA-BCB9A4…)

comment on her latest upload, looks like her and hunter made a video together

No. 750423

It’s funny that I almost felt sympathy for her but about 12 minutes in she dropped the act and went back to being a loud cunt.

No. 750551

Ah geez this girl. Tbh I always thought this was a bs disease but she can be the poster child of affluenza

No. 750575

That mental breakdown video is HILARIOUS. Myah, you're allowed not like people being mean? You don't wanna suck it up? Well why do you go around saying you don't care how what you say affects people's feelings? Offense is given not taken right?

Also why is she so afraid of people "doxing" her? Seems shady. She's clearly hiding some shady shit and she's afraid of being found out LOL

No. 750583

File: 1545147027182.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6768.PNG)

"yur WEIRD!!!!'"

No. 750585

File: 1545147065029.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6770.PNG)

No. 750586

File: 1545147092715.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6771.PNG)

No. 750587

File: 1545147126458.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6772.PNG)

No. 750594

Ew she always makes the sameee fuckin annoying faces in her rants. And the same hand signs.

She always says she’d swing on people if she saw them in real life. She’s like 5”1 i would spin your fucking jaw you absolute weird cunt.

No. 750708

my favorite part of her latest video is when her friend calls her a bratz doll which is so sweet and she just yells in the most obnoxious "GOOD SERVING CHLOE LOOKS" while a somewhat-classy bratz doll appears on the screen. she is so loud & obnoxious despite wanting to be a cute girly bratz doll.

No. 750817

Her constant ass sucking Belle Delphine is so embarrassing… imagine being so irrelevant you gotta kiss up to this girl whom you’d otherwise hate for clout shivers

No. 750822

Oh yeah. and on that note, I’m pretty sure in the past she’s called girls who get their tits out online and dress provocatively.. whores? Oh deary fuckin me. But ofc she makes an exeption for belle if there’s the slightest chance she can leech of the fact they follow eachother and are “friends”, my guesses are it’s a very one sided friendship. Myah u fake ass bitch stop contradicting urself you look (in your own words) retarded xxx

No. 750921

She pretty much always contradicts herself.

Says how her words affects other people is not her business? Constantly cries about the hate she gets.

Says she's a Non-Pussy Hardass Bad Bitch Who Gives No Fucks ? Tells her parents to sue her haters. Obsessively whines about her haters and replies to hate comments.

Puts down Tana and other girls for dressing slutty? Take a look at her Instagram

Hates Tana and Onision? Acts like a lovechild of Tana and Onision

Says she hates drama? Everytime she fights with her friends or breakups with a boyfriend, she won't shut up about it them on her social media.

No. 750932


I think this is the reason she doesn't talk about Megan anymore and literally freaks out when someone mentions her name in her livestreams. I feel like Megan has A LOT of shit on her and Myah knows if she said anything bad about her it could all be revealed

No. 750953

fuckin too right, she whines about how tana dresses like a slut but Myah literally has a pic of her almost bare ass hanging out from her Halloween try on haul LMAO.

makes me laugh how she portrays herself to be self aware. If she’s so self aware then why does she call tana a slut for doing exactly what she’s doing? She’s honestly just shooting herself in the foot at this point.

I don’t understand how she doesn’t understand that. Perhaps it’s her worshippers who are enabling her to act this way. But they’re all fucking sheep anyway, they aren’t ‘intellectuals’ they’re just teens who think they’re edgy, looking up to some girl on the internet who says outrageous things, they look up to her to rationalise their own fucked up behaviour.

No. 751237

Everything Myah says she is, is what she's not.

She says she's self aware. She's not.

She says she an intellectual (lol). She's not.

She says she's a hard ass. She's not.

No. 751300

tbh I was really surprised with how bold Scott was with putting Myah's shit out there, even if it was just a few things. I've been following her for two years now and I don't think anyone has really been "brave" enough (for lack of a better word) to call her out on her shit like that. I hope she finds more people like that who aren't afraid of her stupid ass.

No. 751312

Can u write in short, what he has said?

No. 751370

File: 1545270709729.jpeg (40.34 KB, 749x483, 2B977301-B1AB-42BC-A5C4-9A25D0…)

She has said in the past she hates “internet whores”, and by in the past I mean definitely during a younow or some other stream sometime this year.

Does anyone remember seeing/hearing Myah talk about Belle? I could have sworn she said they linked up because Belle followed Myah but….that’s not the case, only a fan account.

No. 751375

She comments on pretty much all of belles ig posts

No. 751379

Yes, but she posted (I think on her alternative Instagram story) something like “my good sis belle and I linked up and became friends you guys leave it alone!” I guess because people were commenting on it. I didn’t grab a screenshot I was hoping someone else did.

No. 751564

File: 1545315893296.png (2.45 MB, 1440x2560, Mya.png)

Stories are nothing noteworthy, she's always complaining & being speshul. Takes her friends for granted, sage for nothing new except this cap

No. 751817

jesus why does she type the way she does? it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does but wow

No. 751855

Does no one really have a recording of Scott spilling milk about her?? all her lives are recorded but idek what he said besides she’s a hoe and threatened to break up with him 1000x times, and if that’s all she was sperging about damn girl that’s not doxxing…

No. 752010

Y'all need to shut the fuck up with all this negativity! You guys are hating on someone you don't even fucking know. Myah is a beautiful soul with a beautiful mind. And guess fucking what bitch, she's human♡♡ surprise!!

No. 752022

She has posted pornographic pictures OF CHILDREN to her tumblr (which was removed because of said images) and her xoxomyah insta account. She doesn't have a beautiful mind she's a peadophile hiding behind the 'little' spoopy asthetic and it's disgusting. She is disgusting.

No. 752034

Lol imagine defending someone who doesn’t give a shit about you (her fans) and is overall just fucked up and thinks they’re better than everyone else. Sucking her dick won’t get her to notice you xd

No. 752041

Yes, the cyber police have informed me that you're underage, and your name is Sierra. Sierra, plz go. Why are you stanning a hoe who literally reblogged gifs of people fucking next to images of bruised up toddlers? Not to mention she's also reblogged child porn, which is why her blog was deleted.

No. 752050

hi musicisnow02@gmail.com kissing a girls ass that you never met nor ever will. chill the fuck out she’s not a nice person why are all her fans so god damn defensive over her? i will never understand that. she gives zero fucks about em lol

No. 752096

Y’all gotta take it easy.. a lot of myahs fans are minors who practice blind devotion and idolize her to the point of trying to take on her identity

If you’re gonna take time to comment and derail, take time to read through this thread. Very few posts here are “hate” a majority of then address her insensitive and hypocritical actions, statements, and behaviors. Be independent enough to form a mind and identity of your own. Realize that the people you follow create an image of themselves they want you to believe. Social media influencers are very different under the surface; sometimes their true character slips out and you can see proof of it here. Myah has stated many times that she doesn’t understand or want fans like you. Respect yourself enough to support those who genuinely appreciate you

Someone said they recorded it but the files too big

No. 752103


Can we stop with the pedophile allegation? That’s a BIG word to throw around and you have no credible proof that it’s true.
It’s incredibly disturbing that she had images of children next to pictures of gore, women urinating, and other sexual pictures… Even more disturbing that she had pictures of children with pornographic insinuations ON them. But even that doesn’t make her a pedophile.

I think she just lacks social experience and understanding. In plain words… she’s really fucking weird. Just watch her lives and you’ll leave wondering what the fuck you just watched lmao. It goes beyond her being unlikeable, she’s socially awkward and uncultured. Her mannerisms, language, and the way she mimics commenters is so weird. Even the way she writes omg. It seems she’s lived a majority of her social developmental stages in virtual worlds which explains a lot. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an excuse.. but I genuinely don’t think she understands why it’s wrong. Like she doesn’t have the social or emotional intellectual capacity to understand.. you know?

No. 752160

Even more disturbing that she had pictures of children with pornographic insinuations ON them. But even that doesn’t make her a pedophile

Uhhh lol idk about you but I think rebloggng pics of children saying 'legalize pedophilia' might make you a pedophile

No. 752201

do you actually believe she's a pedophile? really? c'mon now ahahaha

keyword you used there is "might". nothing substantial enough to warrant pedophilia accusations… her twisted sense of humor is probably similar to jokes made on imvu and secondlife all the time

No. 752226

Either way you see it, she still reblogged pics of underage children with porn ect, they’re too Young to comprehend what it really is and can’t consent to having those photos taken of them, when these children are adults they’ll probably see these pics taken of them and be abit fucked up from them. Myah chose to share these pictures around for whatever reason. To me that seems very fucking weird.

If she one day has kids of her own I hope to god she realises how weird it is to take pics like that. It simply isn’t right to take those photos or share them. By sharing them you’re supporting what is depicted.

No. 752291

She often refers to her self as being '12 years old' and even said in a live stream with Megan that her BF (At the time, I'm guessing Scott) likes to pretend she's only 12 years old when they have sex.. That's role-playing paedophilia. If you're sexually attracted to children or sexually aroused by pretending to be a child or pretending/role-playing to have any kind of sexual contact with a child then you're a paedophile, and you should at the very least castrate yourself immediately.

Scroll through the thread for proof pics and screen shots, all the evidence you need is right here.

No. 752316

ewwwwwie @ her latest sc post. Just confirmed you’re a bit of a slut really doesn’t it myah, exactly what you claim to hate.
Ur mom must Ben thrilled to see her daughter say shit like I fucked the guy you liked. Ewie evict urself pls ur gods mistake x(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 752333

sage your shit. nobody gives a fuck what a 20 year old adult likes to do in bed and neither should you. roleplay isn’t the damn same as the real thing. come back when she’s actually done something along those lines you weird vendetta chan

No. 752342

suck me asshol you lanky piss streak

No. 752455

Myah go away ffs

even if you're not Myah, you're still just as retarded.

No. 752534

So you don't think it's messed up that she's actually aware of how young a good portion of her fans are and that she's normalizing adults having sex with minors? And you think role playing being a child in a sexual manner is normal? It isn't normal it's paedophilic. She's not just doing this quietly in the privacy of her own home she's posting about it on the internet and posting actual pornographic pictures of children and pictures saying "legalize paedophilia" If you can't grasp the severity of her actions then you need psychiatric help just as much as she does.

No. 752560

She's not a pedo. She's just trying to be edgy.

No. 752569


Where did anyone here say it wasn’t messed up, disturbing, or extremely disgusting?

All her tumblr proved is that she’s desensitized, weird, and socially inept… not a pedophile. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people on tumblr have pages just like that. It isn’t anything new or unique to her. Pedophilia is a serious issue, stop throwing the word around

No. 752608

No, no one has it recorded.

No. 753129

'Stop throwing the word paedophile around' Well snowflake, i wouldn't be saying it if she hadn't posted shit like 'legalize paedophilia' and all of the other substantial amount of evidence posted to this thread to indicate she's a fucking NONCE. But oooh nooo don't call her a Pedrofile it's a biiig word u might offend all the other 'desensitized' creepy weebs who post the same shit purely for edge points kek

No. 753532

I've been on this page a few times before and I've held my tongue but after watching this live I can't be quiet. I enjoy watching Myah but after that live oh my god. Myah claims to be a hardass, etc. you know she refers herself as. but in reality myah has been through so much she is so screwed up. Myah screaming at her phone fighting against people who were literally watching her live and going from sobbing to cursing basically everybody in her life. myah claims to be somewhat stable but she is not. I'm not even trying to be mean myah needs serious help, like she needs to be put in a facility that can watch over her because she has lost her mind.

No. 753537

hi - I’m new here and have no idea what this site is so forgive me if I’m not posting correctly. I found this thread when I searched up “myah alanna tumblr” in google and I now realize it’s been deleted. after skimming your comments for about 15 minutes, I thought I’d pitch in my two cents. I don’t understand why you people are dedicating so much of your time to someone you clearly despise. the amount of screenshots from her stories/lives/posts in here is crazy. clearly most, if not all of you, follow her on her social media platforms, yet you’re all in here criticizing her every move. it begs the question… why?? why are you so interested in her life? how do her decisions affect you? what is there to gain from it all? and simply, why is she worth it? if you don’t like her, move on? or don’t. you do you. just a suggestion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753560

>suck me asshol

Why does Myah type like a retard? I thought she was a worldly woman of means and intellect?

Damn I wanna see that live

This isn't the place for you. Whitw knights are not welcomed here so do yourself a favor and fuck off now rather than later and save yourself the effort.

No. 753563

File: 1545677608457.jpg (215.28 KB, 800x389, 20181224_105216.jpg)

Holy personality disorders, Batman

No. 753606


alright, which one of y'all made this? lol(use the embed field)

No. 754385

I've posted on here a few times but I'm stopping right now. This thread is so messed up. I don't agree with the pedo accusations at ALL. Myah might post disturbing pictures and say things that are easy to take out of context to fit a narrative but she is not a danger to kids nor attracted to them so MOVE ON. I have suspicions that people from Myah's past have started using this thread which makes me feel so dirty after seeing her insta live.
Let's be real, Myah hasn't done anything worth noting on here in a long time. I really hope this thread dies off because Myah might be fun to poke at but the people I believe to be using this thread to hurt her are ACTUAL fucked up people. One of her exes constantly teases about how he knows of this thread and I'm genuinely scared after hearing that Myah has been dealing with a doxxing issue.
I really hope the reupload of the live on youtube gets taken down but I'm grateful I saw it and that it woke me tf up.

No. 754914


lmao go suck her dick somewhere else

No. 755349

they have a point though.. the pedo accusation is absurd and it's enough to completely discredit this entire thread

No. 755402

What do you mean completely discredit this thread? She exploited children.

No. 755490

A huge fan of hers had the name of her skin condition that she keeps begging us for answers for, and she completely blew up on them ( the fan is autistic and open about it ) she got really mad at them called them “retarded” ofc and said people need to back tf out of her buisness and went on live ranting about her and bullied the shit out of this small youtuber who then deleted their channel. Don’t know if you guys care to know this…I knew she was a bitch but I’ve never seen someone be treated so fucking badly

No. 755499

did u save it

No. 756463


No. 756464

was her name emily or something? because myah constantly brings up this girl named emily and i believe that she is autistic

No. 756619

yall complain about the pedo accusations discrediting this thread, but u know what's really discrediting it?

the fact that none of yall know how to save/record shit that provides good milk smh. still salty about scott's rant not being recorded

No. 756711

do it yourself or stop complaining

No. 756727

i dont even post on the thread often. it's not my job. suck my nuts lmao

No. 756748


Suck my nuts too bitch, we want the fucking milk.

No. 758075

top comment pretty much sums everything up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep0ZN_RBtEs

No. 759132

File: 1546636259950.png (868.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-04-16-05-14…)

Possibly her new bf? And also, I like how she attempts to date guys who are at least 7ft tall. She trying to show off how "smol" and "tiny" she is to everyone because she TOTALLY isn't a little.

No. 759273


No. 759299


>7ft tall

How long did it take for you to try to come up with something wrong with this for the sake of a post. At least sage if your going to reach like this.

No. 759537

Her body is kinda weird tbh

No. 759627

"im so mad that this girl is short >:(((( why was i cursed with the legs of a giraffe. short gurlz suk"

this aint it. try again.

No. 759636

File: 1546710055676.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 7CECD7FC-ECAE-463F-9CFE-2A6377…)

Your post is autistic anon but anyway seems like this is her new flavor of the month. How long till we get a boyfriend tag video? 2 weeks?

No. 760077

File: 1546795376347.jpg (297.18 KB, 720x845, 20190106_122050.jpg)

No. 760086

What kind of teenager bullshit is TheSlap Mobile?

No. 760097

She's still keeping note of her hate pages? how sad.

No. 760113

it’s a VICTORIOUS joke, old show on Nickelodeon. they couldn’t use real social media so they used “the slap”

No. 760119

why are all of you idiots from her instagram completely incapable of integrating yourselves? sage this shit

No. 760177

Not in a bitchy way but what does putting sage in the email do? I don’t use this site often and I barely comment so I was just wondering what the deal is with sageing stuff

No. 760186


You can hide posts that are saged when you only want to see milk.

No. 760234

myah really likes to tell people who dont like her to "get a lyf" while she spends an awfully large part of hers looking and talking about this thread.

tbh i wouldn't be surprised if her mommy looks at this thread too since everyone else in her life seems to

No. 760263


isn't she the same one who said she doesn't fuck around and have random sex??? does she avoid being a "hoe" by just dating new guys one after the other because if so… you're still a hoe sis

No. 761899

No. 764968

File: 1547484677727.jpg (412.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190114-114135_Ins…)

What a fucking child. Blaming everyone in her life for her problems. She'll do anything to deflect blame to someone else instead of owning up to shit and realizing she was a wussy angry bitch looooong before everyone "wronged" her.
"I cant believe this constant battle that is being sensitive vs being cold." Oh woe is me, how poetic Myah. She should take a pretty fucking long break from social media, it's actually rotting whatever is left of her brain.

No. 767140

I know this is nothing new but jfc her family must be rich af. Her room is a fucking in-law suite. She donated 3/4 of her clothing and still has 3 closets literally stuffed full. I wonder what it's like to be so insulated and rich and comfy.
>tfw poorfag
Must be boring tho bc she literally motivates herself into ……….filming outfits in her room. No wonder she's insane

>calls her pet ferret "the ferret" instead of it's name. Idk that's weird to me but def a nitpick lol
>using the word "finna" unironically
>thinks a banana might be bad because it has the tiniest brown spots. Like normal ass banana brownness not even an old banana howwww can you be this retarded
>this shirt gives off a skater-dykish vibe (lmaoooo)
>the comments roasting her for using the word "tranny"

She mentions she's going to eat a salad and we all know this bitch don't make her own food so I wonder what kinda rich person food she gets delivered

She looks beautiful without makeup imho don't kill me for white knighting

No. 767142

Samefagging but wow this girl needs to focus her energy elsewhere. I want the milk she mentions tho.
>pic of her sick in bathroom that a friend took while she was "quarantined"
>pics of her w no makeup posted without her consent

I'm watching it on 1.5x speed and still idk if I will make it through. Look at that gorgeous couch behind her ughh

No. 767144

Did her whole family move? She makes it sound like she decided to move bc she was stifled in NJ. Which doesn't make sense bc her problems are all obnline and self-inflicted…Knowing how spoiled she is I can't tell if she followed her family or if they moved bc of what she wanted.

No. 767191

anon you must be really lazy, she’s mentioned this like 25 times by now. her mom moved to maryland and her dad lives in nj. it’s like a 3 hour distance, she goes back and forth.

No. 767270


Her mom moved to Maryland because of her boyfriend (idk if they got engaged, I don't think so though) it was crazy when I watched her previous younow because she mentioned wanting to go back to NJ with her mom??? tinfoil but it makes me feel like there might be trouble in paradise for them / with her step siblings. she claimed to love Maryland a few months ago and she said she wanted to get out of Maryland and move back to NJ with just her and her mom, I imagine it causes problems with the rest of her step family because of her disgusting god complex

No. 767313

she probably only wants to go back to NJ bc her personal Dolan twin lives there, but i'm willing to bet that if she does move back to NJ she'll be bitching about wanting to move back to Maryland as soon as her bf gets sick of her shitty attitude.

No. 767438

Why is this thread even still going? You guys look pathetic with how hard you're trying to get milk out of this girl and quite frankly its annoying seeing the same old topics being brought up. Shes just another irrelevant insta "influencer". Its not like you instagram people ever record/screenshot things anyways

No. 767459

File: 1547791197403.jpg (417.1 KB, 720x1064, inCollage_20190117_103634585.j…)

Her mom's instagram is creepy. Like it's kinda sorta sweet but… wtf at the same time like…

No. 767460

File: 1547791325475.jpg (303.59 KB, 800x1007, 20190117_152944.jpg)

Omg anon is this you? Stop it fpr christ's sake

No. 767463

File: 1547791492237.jpg (356.88 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190117-152832.jpg)

Also related. Wtf you freak this is straight up creepy I'm laffin'

Thank you for spoon feeding me anons. I reread the thread and came across the explanatory posts from earlier

No. 767539

File: 1547810291591.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, AD616212-D20A-44F0-ADE8-FB251A…)

What do you guys think of her new song

No. 767540

look at a different thread then? myah's a boring ass bitch, not much anyone can do about it.

No. 767562

it literally sounds like she skyped in her vocals

No. 767594

The worst song she’s made to date. I get that she’s trying to go a different direction but it’s just in no way shape or form good. People who flaunt wealth in music earned it so it feels empowering, her thanking her dad in the song for her wealth is cringe and lyrically it reminds me of songs like Friday by Rebecca Black.

No. 768554

the song isnt even that bad yall are just nitpicking now……. maybe some of the lyrics are a bit cringey but other than that its a nice catchy song and i dont see the problem with it.

No. 768641

i actually like this a lot i didnt expect this lol

No. 768682

…. is this really how desperate you guys are for something to nitpick? i'm all for calling out myah when she actually does something wrong but its not a bad song and the vocals are part of the aesthetic its not meant to sound like katy perry or something. idk i think this is rly trivial

No. 768711

I don’t really think it’s nitpicking for saying you don’t like a song that she put out for people to give their own opinions on. Taste is music varies drastically from person to person, I’m sure way more people like her song more than people that don’t.

I don’t really like Myah, just from what I’ve seen of her online (which isn’t really much to go on but hey) I’m not going to sit here and list off everything I don’t like abt her because most of it is on here already.

I do like some of her songs like “stop” and “mirror” and a few others.. and that’s just a personal preference which is a part of being human lmao x

No. 768737

ur all very weird get a LOIFE plz xoxo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 768792

You guys have to remember that this girl obsessively Googles herself lol more than likely it's just her white knighting herself or it's her rabid fans.

No. 768809

>people having rational thoughts other than ripping apart myah for absolutely nothin
you: guys this can only be myah or her obsessed fans its impossible for others to recognize how inane this thread is


No. 769008

Well, yeah, what else would she be doing? Making up outfits from her hoards of shit? Hanging out with her orbiters? She's too lazy for that and her faggy orbiters are out of state. Kek
Not like she ever has to clean or cook or plan ahead or god forbid, work. When you strip all that away what is there? Her mother is just a delusional. Of course she googles herself daily and responds to this in her cockney-retard slang.

Then leave? Do you think you're going to make us all go "True! Let's turn this shit-talking thread on a site made for shit-talking into something positive!" I thought you were supposed to be ~intelligent~.

Speaking of intelligence does she ever engage in any type of conversation on her live streams besides talking about herself? Surely she attracts other intellects with her worldly being!!!

No. 769017

ur right i am the most intellectual being in the worldd thats EXACTLY what i meant fuck i can't believe u saw right through me :/

No. 769022

There was a lot more to the comment you're responding to but okay. Defend yourself some more it's starting to work I think!!

No. 769030

No. 769047


At this point just stop replying. You seem really fucking annoying

No. 769056

This is so inappropriate what the fuck Myah

No. 769061

how on earth is this inappropriate. the photos were sent into her. she had explicit permission to do this. chill the fuck out

No. 769098

why do u keep replying then :0(whitenight)

No. 769103

If you can't see how young people's photos being manipulated by someone they admire and aspire to be like is inappropriate idk what to tell you.
You need to be 18 to post here btw white knight-chan

You're talking to multiple anons retard

No. 769119

you’re reading too much into it. highly doubt all 100k of her followers actually aspire to be like her, and “young people” kek she’s what, 19 or 20? it’s not like she’s editing 13 year olds and rating their bodies a la onision. she said herself in the video she’s not exactly comfortable with it anyway for whatever reason. also, not everyone who disagrees with you is a wk or underage. saging for replying to dumb bait.

No. 769142

Where did I mention all 100k of her followers? We're talking about the 4 people she edited or whatever. How old are they? And yeah, 19 or 20 is young you dolt. The brain isn't finished developing at that age.
>B-but she said herself she's uncomfortable with it
Then it shouldn't be surprising that other people think it's gross too. And you're 100% white knighting so try again sweaty

You're not gonna change my opinion on this so why are you still here? Go to PULL if you wanna ass kiss.

No. 772424

What was y’all favorite song from her album XIX?(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 772762

wow this thread got slapped to death with white knights

anyways everyone notice how when she comments on belles photos everyone despises her in the replies? its almost like she isn't a good person and doesn't have a stable reputation.

No. 773642

File: 1548863312331.jpg (254.99 KB, 720x1280, 19-01-30-08-46-15-121_deco.jpg)

I find it kinda ironic how much she comments on Belle's pics calling her 'sissy' and what not when Belle literally doesn't ever comment back to her. I also noticed a lot of the responses seem to be bashing on her.

No. 773910

Ehhh Belle commented on one of Myahs pics, so it's not like she's ignoring her. Belle does that to other people though too so it's not like Myahs that special.

No. 776579

No. 776619

What the fuck is up with her makeup in the second video lmao

No. 776709

File: 1549811864377.png (1.15 MB, 800x1224, 20190210_071551.png)

Wow so humble. Also I didn't cap it and I couldn't find the post again, but someone commented that they find comfort in her pics bc she reminds them of their bff who passed away recently. Myah just responded "oh god." HuMbLe QuEeN. This chick literally doesn't know the meaning of the word.

No. 776710

File: 1549811988141.jpg (581.27 KB, 800x1052, 20190210_071905.jpg)

Her ass looks like it stinks

No. 776723

File: 1549813105235.jpg (286.57 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190210-073534.jpg)

Forcing her bf who she admits is uncomfortable being posted online to be on her ig whilst simultaneously glued to her own reflection

I know this is same old same old for her but jfc

No. 776758

he’s a grown up. pretty sure if he didn’t want to be on camera he wouldn’t be.

No. 776766

Yeah bc it's not like Myah is bossy, whiney, and controlling or anything.
Lol "a grown up"? You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 776909


the fake blaccent lmaoooo

No. 776942

>you need to be 18 to post here
ah yes, the true sign of adulthood is nitpicking a boring relationship to death and posting milkless screenshots of it. my mistake.

No. 777033

So sorry it wasn't satisfying enough for you, anon-sama.

No. 777269

File: 1549929579866.jpg (118.5 KB, 1024x768, Myah and shmee.jpg)

Look at how much her style has changed on imvu and then to second life. She made such oddly shaped and try-hard outfits on imvu, and now she makes "lolita" and "pastel goth-ish" outfits. She barely logs into second life now, which isn't much of a surprise to some people. Next thing you know, she moves onto the deadbeat haven called "Roblox"

No. 777446

File: 1549952888242.jpg (603.96 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190211-222738.jpg)

Looks like he dumped her

No. 777447

File: 1549953059333.jpg (32.06 KB, 716x190, 20190211_223044.jpg)

No. 777534

Lmaooo how long did they date, like a month and a half? Try getting dumped after like 2 years.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 777671

File: 1550018711469.png (958.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-12-19-42-15…)

I wonder how long it took for her to copystrike those videos lmao

No. 777749

Remember in her video talking about boys…”we’re gonna get marrrriiiiieeeddddd!”….lel

No. 777753

File: 1550035544202.jpeg (249.83 KB, 749x1167, 94A3FB2B-763F-49E6-BB24-99763B…)

How much can anyone grieve a month long relationship….

No. 777757

Girl needs to stop forcing "true love" to happen

No. 777769

She blames everyone but herself. Like damn look inside for the answers girl. That's what happens when your mother simultaneously exploits you and worships the ground you walk on.

No. 777818

File: 1550068694399.jpeg (194.13 KB, 691x1229, 1AB3DDDE-87D1-4057-9609-115B1C…)

She was on live last night crying, I hope livehive caught it because I joined only a couple minutes before it ended. I did however catch her say that he had tinder on his phone.

No. 777969


That facial expression tho, and yet i think the reason why he cheated on her was because of the constant force she bringing onto him. She always wants to flash off her relationship that she has with someone CONSTANTLY. No wonder why he cheated on her.

No. 777991

They had also been dating for such a short time that he probably didn't take the relationship as seriously as she did. I mean yeah being cheated on sucks but it's way different being cheated on in a one month tinder relationship vs a serious long term one

No. 778049

File: 1550117454576.jpeg (307.56 KB, 750x1164, 514E6C82-1E80-46FD-8795-93AFFE…)

Why the fuck does she keep posting about this doesn’t she realize him and all of his friends must be laughing at her being so publicly pathetic?

No. 778050

Who cancelled her?? A boy? No one really knows who this chick is KEK someone needs to get a grip.

No. 778051

Her ex dumped her and she’s feeling rejected for the first time in her life because all she’s had in her life are fake friends and parents who worship the ground she walks on.

No. 778054

>"Me me I me me III me I me I" still somehow manages to avoid looking inward and at own behavior critically
>uwuu i hate crying in front of my peers livestreams self crying for pity points and asspats
>why does the happen to me i lyke pray about it does fuckall for anyone but herself
>only my tinder hookup can make me feel whole even though I dgaf what he wants

Did this guy ever say he was exclusive with her or was she creepily trying to will it into existence. She was cling level +5000 over this guy immediately. I watched like 5 minutes of her livestream a week or so ago and in between screeching about her cam being too bright she was obsessing over him. A dude she met on tinder who she probably got wasted with and fucked immediately. Which is fine but like maybe that's why your ~angels~ betrayed you with a fuckboy Myah.

No. 778056

File: 1550119636839.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190213-233245.png)

she's live right now going on about how this break up is affecting her daily life. Imagine being in your 20s and being this hurt over a month long relationship and publicly milking it. Doesn't she have friends to warn her that this is possibly as pathetic as it gets ?

No. 778062

Did he post here?? That comment on the live. Or was she just crying over the thread because that’s even more pathetic

No. 778063

File: 1550121340549.png (3.39 MB, 800x5120, 2019-2-13_21-10-27.PNG)


No. 778067

No she was just going on about how dating her is so ~different~ than normal girls because she gets hit up by chief keef and other celebrities and that people will follow and stalk her bfs and she and anyone she associates with will get posted about in "hate forums" which someone just took and ran with that he was the one posting on hate forums about her. I should get around to learning how to screen record, my bad. I think it's funny how salty she is about this forum tho, even with how much milk she's giving us these past few days, her thread is relatively dead compared to most.

No. 778072

Tinfoil but I bet she told him about this thread bc ~omg haturs r so dumb~ but also yay something about meeeee and got scared off or saw that he was reposted here and ran with his ass on fire away from her and back to tinder where he proceeded to "cheat" on her aka move tf on from this trainwreck of a child. I missed the livestream but the person commenting "omg he posted you on a hate thread?" may have misunderstood her saying he was posted in this ~hate thread~. I can't recall when but I remember Myah mentioning that he is adverse to social media and doesn't like being posted to hers. Which she proceeded to disregard fully of course because she doesn't give a fuck about anyone else's thoughts and feelings.
This, basically.

Also I'm sure she's lurking and feeling the cringe bc she posted a pic of her and one of her friends with the caption "we don't need no men/time to move the fuck on" kek

No. 778081

I would agree with you ten fold if it weren't for the fact that Myah is one of the most self centered creatures to have lived. I mean, she just flat out never admits to any faults whatsoever. Can't ever see that being a personality trait that would make it far in a relationship. She even goes as far as to put cringey "regal" sounding music in the background of her YouTube videos as if there were anything remotely elegant about her. I think that speaks volumes about her mindset.

No. 778261

I mean, she's never had to lift a finger a day in her life because everything she's gotten has all been handed to her by mommy and daddy. Do you really expect some spoiled retard to be crying about something ACTUALLY worth shedding tears over? Remember who we're talking about here lmao

No. 778306

the best part of her meltdown last night was when she was sobbing and yelling "he doesn't want me!!! This has never happened before in my 20 years of life!!!"

No. 778500

Fuck I really hope livehive caught absolutely any of that

No. 779551

File: 1550609174328.png (3.34 MB, 640x1136, 8E38B359-EF29-470A-8C7E-B95B85…)

Welp looks like myah likes tristen now

No. 779552

File: 1550609212051.png (3.34 MB, 640x1136, 44D343C1-E648-4CF1-89D4-284CD1…)

2/2 of myahs love for her “friends”

No. 779555


sage this shit, who the fuck cares? and learn to fuckin integrate.

No. 780281

File: 1550789428719.png (859.5 KB, 640x1136, 7B55413A-B1FB-47AA-A1BF-218584…)

Sage for kinda OT, started following this thread today and decided to find her ex’s IG out of curiosity, and he posted a longer caption and deleted it down to this. I wish i had screenshotted earlier, it was something about how unfair it is that they never want each other at the same time or something.

No. 780282

File: 1550789472037.png (94.86 KB, 640x1136, 1EC3F25F-CCCB-4317-ADB6-B72BA8…)

sage comments as well

No. 780445

The caption was actually about Alyssa, who is the mother of Ants child. She’s finally broken (I hope) the toxic cycle she was stuck in of breaking up with him over and over every time he fucked up then taking him back again when she’s lonely. I’ve actually spoken with her, out of support. She’s not really a cow, just seems lost. She’s a couple years younger I believe than Myah and Ant. Ant is obsessive, you can see him comment on Myahs live Instagram streams from time to time. He’d be a cow himself if he wasn’t so low key about his crazy.

No. 780995

Why is she still going on about her ex's? Legit nobody cares at this point.

No. 781003


She admitted to trying to be a homewrecker for someone. That's fucked up

No. 781009

Didn't her other ex expose her for sleeping with some other dude just to make her boyfriend mad when she was sixteen or some shit? Hm..

No. 781013

"pls dont go & bother any of my exes.. thank you"

Your just giving off an excuse for people to pity you and hate on them because your trying so hard for your career to not fall over even though your lowkey dead at this point

No. 781032

no. she slept with her ex’s friend. they weren’t together.

No. 781086


My boyfriend dumped me and instead of learning how to be more content in my own skin I decided to ruin another woman's relationship in order to give myself a ego boost.

No. 781123

>ruin another woman’s relationship
kek anon. sage your shit. she wasn’t the one in a committed relationship, she didn’t “ruin” anything. that’s on the dude with a girlfriend.

No. 781163

she fucked a guy named john after her ex boyfriend marco was having beef with the guy. they were best friends before that.

No. 781669

I used to be good friends with her. We're not friends anymore though because I'm disgusted with the fact that she used her old friend Parker to post about a girl she was friends with and tell thousands of people about the girls personal life around the time her mom passed away. She didn't want to post it on her account because she knew people would look at her badly for it. Then she went to make youtube videos about her and other people with some bitch she went to school with. Want to know the truth? Myah's fucking crazy. She see's people a certain way in her head and if her friends don't fit to match what she sees them as in her head they aren't good enough. She's had too many good people in her life who deserve the platform she has. She has what she has because she steps on everybody to get there. People give her the world and more and she spits on them. She plays the victim and NEVER looks at herself as the problem. She claims she's "changing" but she's not.. She changed into this mess of a person back in 2014 and I miss the Myah I used to know and love. She was the best and I only wanted the best for her. Now Idk how I feel.. Ant was a fucking crazy basket case and she was fucking stupid for taking him back. Myah freaked out because Ant was live on FB one night and she was drunk and people saw her thats when she suddenly stopped showing anything to do with alcohol for awhile its because her mom didnt want her showing that to the world and didnt think it was appropriate for her career. Ant just got in his car and took off that night. Yet her mother is feeding her daughter gallons of Vodka and doesnt think twice. The whole situation is fucked if you ask me. She needs to be knocked down a couple notches.(post proof)

No. 781687

Learn to integrate. Identify yourself or this isn’t milk just crap. Hell you didn’t even really tell us anything that we didn’t already know.

No. 781845

She is making a song about boys that says "I will be your girlfriend"

She is sooo desperate it is uggo.

No. 781858

you need to be 18 or older to post here.

No. 781915

her mom is desperately trying to be the cool mean girls mom knowing that if she said anything to her daughter, myah would flip her off. of course it includes her buying her underage daughter alcohol but her father does the same so lets say both of her parents just raised her badly. myah said herself on ig post (its somewhere here but im lazy to look it up) that she always had everything and never had to lift a finger and thats why shes so confused about the adult world and doesn't even know how to pay bills

No. 781916

File: 1551389661215.png (44.92 KB, 720x419, IMG_20190228_213243.png)

No. 781978

File: 1551401210524.png (344.35 KB, 821x500, ex.PNG)

God her whole bandwagon on her ex's seems like it will never end

No. 782008

Why is myah so focused on her love life? She really is boy-crazy but there's so many other things she could be devoting her time to.

No. 782135

Why the FUCK is she following Ant? She’s that desperate for dick? His own babymomma is going to court to get full custody

No. 782200

They are friends again she called him on live stream

No. 782248


I miss livehive smh I want to see the mess. What did she say to him?

No. 782293

Honestly I was taking pain pills so I dont remember much. She brought up the locking her in the basement, and he said she dramatizes things to make them seem worse than they were. They didnt appear to have much bad blood, which is odd considering he took pictures of her sick and delirious and lied about it.

I miss livehive too.

No. 782444

File: 1551503548142.jpg (459.85 KB, 1242x1810, IMG_7133.jpg)

Sage cuz not sure if anyone will care but Myah and Lil Tracy have been going back and forth in each other's Instagram comments recently. This has the potential to be milky as fuck if anything comes out of it other than e-flirting.

No. 782853

File: 1551594280508.png (1.07 MB, 1423x864, Sebastian.png)


Messy ass Myah doxxed the basketball dude she's been crushing on. Sebastian Much. Poor guy

No. 782951

File: 1551633669726.jpeg (138.48 KB, 747x1100, 3C8F120A-81F0-445C-ACED-B88485…)

I did not know I could cringe this much but, he plays for Princeton and the caption of that clip of the “let me be your girlfriend song” ….

No. 782957

No. 782965

Omfg is that actually the name of the fucking song. He must be so creeped out.

No. 783041

I'm really hoping Tracy is just playing. Myah is crazy and Tracy needs to be less crazy.

No. 783052

I don't think so, she said in her live yesterday that he asked for her #

No. 784624

File: 1552077480993.png (3.22 MB, 640x1136, 91F7B3B8-B586-4B05-BB5D-0F5153…)

Mentioning her ex’s again

No. 784655

On her live stream, she said to her viewers"I should do a video about messaging to your crushes and boyfriends, and if they talk to me, they are shitty guys" like WTF… My bf can talk to anyone with no problem, cause it's called trust and it's definitely not cheating… For real, what's wrong with her mindset

No. 784675

File: 1552088639873.png (844.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190308-112725.png)

No. 784754

File: 1552106860725.jpeg (298.29 KB, 828x1457, 13300C79-108F-4E5E-82BE-2D67C8…)

No. 784765

Not only is that a huge red flag… but it's also in such poor taste considering she just made a video openly admitting she knowingly got involved with a guy who has a girlfriend and didn't care. She's delusional and if anything she'd just be making the video for an ego boost and views.

No. 785024

File: 1552183622201.png (577.16 KB, 724x535, Screenshot.PNG)

I like how Myahs descriptions in her photos are constantly a horrible attempt at a relatable and ""Depressing"" mood she is trying to bring out whilst the photo is of her flashing off her ass and underwear

No. 785325

so I asked Myah in her live a week or two ago why she posted an old pic of anthony on her instagram story, it was like a screenshot from their facetime call and he looked scary because of the way the screen was glitching. anyways, I asked her what tf that was happening and she said don’t worry, i’m not talking to him like that & she told me not to worry and she thanked me for looking out for her. what do you guys think? she complains about shitty people but now she’s letting the one she compares all of her recent exes to, anthony, back into her life. what’s goin on?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786269

File: 1552510983245.png (497.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190310-194911.png)

No. 787396

I wish she could honestly stop at this point, the numerous amounts of "Omg i need a boyfriend lolz" is getting out of hand.

No. 787716

god the girls talking about what myah needs from a boyfriend were so embarrassing

No. 787799

Her new video is sooo fucking obnoxious. I have no idea why she is so boy crazy. She honestly comes off as a crazy fucking stalker chick. No wonder guys just use her for sex. I wouldn’t be surprised if she became an alcoholic. It seems her life is just doing nothing all day then getting wasted every night if you watch her Snapchat. Her parents are honestly shitty for giving her all that alcohol. Bitch maybe go get a real job and do something with your life. I love how she wines and complains everytime she leaves jersey on Snapchat. But when she first moved she was so happy to get out…she makes zero sense.(http://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 787803

File: 1552871828750.png (2.91 MB, 1242x2208, 88685185-E88E-449D-B22D-A16949…)

Somebody tried to tell her straight up

No. 788624

Tbh she just comes across like a 14 year old who’s never been in a real relationship… This is the shit girls do in middle school for fun, like… She said in her newest video she wants to be married by 25?? Not even considering her Tinder fascination, she’s hasty and desperate then wonders why she can’t find a “life partner.” The rest of the video was loaded with hypocrisies like wanting someone loyal and emotionally intelligent with a good heart. None of which she is? She constantly lists standards she never actually applies to anybody in her life. I guess it’s a nice distraction from her collapsing career, daydreaming about a long term relationship with a star athlete when you’re a socially inept child with alcoholism induced skin disease and no valuable long term qualities… Just cover it up with a ddlg aesthetic and land herself a xanned out c-list rapper who doesn’t care she says the N word and is too high to notice her shortcomings like Lil Tracy. Not that they’d want her once she actually hits 25 lol

No. 788679

>alcohol induced skin disease
kek what? that’s a massive reach. she’s had that condition for years, even back when she was a teen on youtube and looked down on people who drink alcohol. 99% sure it’s an autoimmune thing.

No. 788739


No. 788870

It is an autoimmune thing, and daily excessive alcohol consumption flares up conditions. Specially when it interferes with the antibiotics she's supposed to be taking. She's drunk even when sitting around by herself "due to" her condition.

No. 788882

My dad also as an auto immune disorder and alcohol makes it flare up really badly. So guess what? He doesn’t drink anymore. I mean maybe myah could still drink if she didn’t get wasted every night and only drank once in a while. She is seriously on the brink of becoming an alcoholic

No. 789922

What do you guys think about her recent songs? In my perspective, they sound very weird (I prefer the xix and cc ones) as, for example, a song which hasn't a name yet, it has an absurd verse like "i miss you, so hurt me like u say u want 2".

No. 790014

I loved her cover of Let Me Down Slowly but that's it. Her lyrics have always been shit and she uses the same trap beat in 75% of her songs. Controlled Chaos and XIX each had good melodies in my opinion (Cash, Moio, Love Shots) but everything she's released since has been absolute trash. Her music has never been good enough to distract from her shit personality. Maybe it would be if she hired a better producer with daddy's money.

No. 790080

She's live-streaming atm.

No. 790265

Found it interesting when she sent her fans after a small page for using her image as a profile picture without credit. He wasn't impersonating her or anything just using the one photo. It kinda backfired on her though, as a lot of her fans sympathized with the small page and saw Myahs actions as bratty. I agree sicking fans on people is kinda sad.

No. 790268

File: 1553536865304.png (888.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190325-134848.png)

No. 790302

File: 1553541878440.jpg (420.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190325-132118_Sna…)

Is she talking with ant?

No. 790348

Yeah, that cover of Let Me Down Slowly is actually good, in fact her covers are amazing. But I don't get why she uses autotune (maybe because of her style and/or pitch problems as some artists or another reason). I do think she can do better than she does, if she wants to improve, but it's her problem.

No. 790420

I really hope she goes to a therapist and gets the help she obviously needs because I feel like I would actually like her if she wasn't completely insane and out of her mind

No. 790429

when are you absolute fucking retards going to learn to sage. WHEN.

No. 790461

Chill, it's not like I bumped a thread from several weeks ago.
Anyway, sage for ot

No. 790483

Every time this thread is bumped with a newfag I regret suggesting it in the new threads post to begin with

No. 790670

Myah is really boring milk wise. Most of the posters in this thread are just jealous of the fact she's skinny, rich, and pretty. I hate saying people are just jealous but their just isn't much there to talk about. Honestly how she acts on social media is how I imagine most farmers act irl lol.

No. 790684

she is none of those things. stop being so angry ffs.

No. 790713

was I angry? Just pointing out that a lot of posters in this thread seem to be jealous minors…
the closest she's been to milky is the questionable things she post on Tumblr, her non existent love life, and the fact that she is a bit of a know it all.

No. 790774

No. 790791

the ending had me wheezing

No. 790839

the 'people are dying' part was hilarious

No. 791171

is there a way someone could dig up myah's deleted video about photoshop from years ago? she was firmly against it and made a full video about it back then.

No. 791716

Can we just cancel this girl already? She’s a lost cause. Not only has she said nigger but she’s gone out of her way to tell people to kill themselves in the past too. Saw her most recent video on YouTube where she’s talking about how she’s had friends in the past who pose half naked for the camera and she doesn’t support that yet she does it. No man is going to want to be with a girl who’s half naked on Instagram (btw only about 30,000 something of her followers are even active anymore from what I’ve seen.) Like she always says, she’s “looking for a boy” She’s not going to get anywhere messing w/ these bum ass children.. That pretty face don’t match that nasty ass attitude of hers. Another Lauren Grey or whatever that chicks name is. Gross.(tumblr)

No. 792992


Well, the lack of milk is why this thread isn't that active. I wouldn't say there's no milk tho.

As for people being jealous, I don't think so.

I also don't think she is as rich as she wants people to believe.

No. 794291

She's on youtube live right now & the rundown is that she's being kicked out. For some reason she won't stay with her mom in Maryland and insists on staying in Jersey because it's close to her studio. Keeps complaining that she can't get a real job because it will interfere with her music & she claims she's been sleeping in her car for days and showered in a sink. Wew.

No. 794298

She admits her mom pays for all her alcohol. She said her dad called her a shit daughter and she isnt welcome in their home. Complains she wasnt taught anything about life then thrown into the world and expected to get a job.

No. 794323

Christ, what happened to her going to college? She's too sick to go to school but not too sick to go back and forth between Maryland and New Jersey to record shitty music?

>she can't get a real job because it will interfere with her music

Yeah welcome to the real world, where adults have to sacrifice their hobbies in order to be a productive member of society and receive an income instead of milking your parents…

No. 794324

Her mom apparently doesn't make much money and has to work extra shifts to support Myah. Her dad cut her off financially.

Lmao she fucking deserves it for making fun of people for being poor.

No. 794346

Her music career is going nowhere anyways. She could spend all that money on college and have a higher chance of ever earning a living rather than what she's doing now.

It's funny how she denies being a spoiled brat,yet everyone she's ever come in contact with has called her one. How delusional.

No. 794411

good job not even watching the fucking live, newfag. she called HERSELF spoiled and she already went to college. sage your shit next time and learn to integrate.

No. 794433

I actually do feel a little bad for her in this regard. There's a lot of spoiled kids and brats that never have someone stop to tell them that the world isn't waiting for them, and when the world falls off for them, they have to learn all the lessons they never got taught if they weren't spoiled and handed everything. She's been a bad person, but her parents failed her a lot buy trying to buy her way into the industry, management, etc. Her life may be way different if someone interfered, but she seems to have been surrounded by yes people for most of her life.

Myah is delusional though, because if she would scale back her dreams a little bit and stop focusing on the immediate blow up, she might actually have a chance of making it if she starts way closer to the underground. Her music could be better, if she would focus on making music, but she's so caught up in getting a deal like Baby Goth and blowing up that she forgot that it takes time to make those things happen.

No. 794435

She’s a college drop out, she didn’t earn a degree or do anything amazing considering her time was only spent in community college to begin with.

No. 794854

On her IG, she posted she is starting a patreon.. Really does she expect people will send her money? Well, gj, it's better than finding a job I guess

No. 794962

File: 1554475831932.jpg (387.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190405-154533_Chr…)

one way of spending money I guess..

No. 794963

File: 1554475964565.jpg (804.21 KB, 809x3529, Screenshot_20190405-155209_Chr…)

>i created this Patreon with the hopes that it can bring us closer
sure, Jan

No. 794983

“discuss my life as a community”
nobody…. cares about you…
do something worth talking about.

No. 795152

When people say "went to college" they obviously mean graduated.

I doubt he kicked her out, she's the most petty person and she still follows him on insta. Also she has friends she could stay with? She's probably just trying to get sympathy for patreon.

No. 795434

She doesn’t live with her dad she lives with her mom and stepdad. I think anon meant her father cut off her mother financially.

No. 795458

Claiming she was thrown into the real world and expected to get a job after graduation? Isn't that the average experience of almost every American? She's not a special case. Everyone else can adjust but 'she's not like most girls".

No. 795847

File: 1554740715510.png (1.55 MB, 1678x1248, Captura de pantalla 2019-04-08…)

Soo, checking all the posts I found thisss
Just thought it was funny how Myah's ex be posting comments on that other girl

No. 795866

Lol that girl looks so much like Myah.. guess Scott is the one who turned Myah into a ddlg thot cuz she used to never dress or edit her pics like this before.

Btw her patreon sounds very cult-ish. "personal blog where we can discuss my life as community"? wttttffff.

Also, you can pay 15$ to have access to her private snapchat and talk to her. So essentially you're paying her to be her friend.

No. 795870

so at some recent-ish point in time i was super-liked by a 6'5 frat male on tinder that attends the college near me. i like tall guys with athletic backgrounds and he seemed well put-together so i liked him back. one night, Shy and i needed a wave, so i was harassing guys @ this college to let me over. i kept calling this male specifically and yelling @ him for his address n eventually he caved in & gave it to me. Shy and i drove over and ended up staying the night - no hook ups or anything at all. i actually confided in this guy about my recent male troubles and he held me all night and pet my head.. seemed like a nice guy. we were rooting for him. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

some time goes by and we hooked up. i love doxing myself. i remember he turned to me after and literally said " well atleast im still attracted to you "


we didnt see eachother after that ever again { GOOD } and i remember one night i was TRASSSHED near his house and he wouldnt let me over for whatever fucking reason and i was SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEAMING AT HIM drunk as FOOOOOOOKKKK via snapchat call… LMFAOOOO VERY ME. whatever whatever he didnt really mind it bc the fucker still watched my snap stories and i confronted him about it and he was all like " of course " … love my fans.

so yeah i move onto taller and hotter athletes and he becomes a thing of the past. he hmu like once or twice - nothing of value and nothing interesting. THEN.



this fucker DMS Shy on instagram { after not saying the nicest shit about her to me but thats just the tea bitch } & was TRYING TO CONVERSE WITH HER. BIG QUESTION MARK. Shy showed me right away as any of my girls would, && i was like " bitch answer him lmfao "

so she does and he tries to hold a conversation with her & i was like na Shy skip to the point. IN THAT VERY MOMENT he starts talking about HER PORNNNNNNNNNN SHITTTTTT and trying BUY HER CONTENTTTTT … LITERALLY SHITTING A BRICK.


Shy is such a savage and was like " lets scam him " and i was like " lets scam him " .. and ofc thats not enough JUST to scam him bitch i post the convo to my snapchat story KNOWING HE WATCHES THEM EVENTUALLY but i blurred his name bc im a good girl and idk if i could ever straight up knowingly dox even the people who do me wrong or try fucking my sisters after fucking me xoxoxooxox






LITERALLY WHAT KIND OF L SEASON IS THIS LIFE LMFAOOOOO & we laughed ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK, BABYYYYYYHURNJFDKJENFKEJFSDMIOED rip that frat boys 15 usd we will be using it on chey's juul pods xxooxoxo sorry she finessed u it was her idea not mine. then i told my mom and she yelled at me xxxxx

Copy paste from her patreon.

No. 795879

Christ, I lost brain cells reading that.

I'm sure she laughed all the way to the nearest dollar tree with that $15

No. 795897

Holy shit I’m thoroughly convinced she doesn’t think much beyond boys and social media.
She’s actually making like $400 on Patreon a month. Though, I bet that’ll drop to about half when the men who subscribed realize she’s not gonna get naked on her snapchat

No. 795923

that shit was hard to read.
also, you payed her only to post them here? BASED.

No. 796686

i don't get heated about stupid shit like this but this bitch gets me FUCKED UP. she wants to be married by 25,making her a young housewife so she doesn't have to work, having her crazy ass taken care of by her delusional (because who in their right mind would fucking be with her) husband while she sits at home all day doing nothing. i can't stand when she makes herself a victim with her "i was never taught how to turn on a washing mashine" then fucking learn it now. she makes herself look 'intellectual' because she reads and researches shit but then she says "i don't know how to pay bills".. hunny this makes no cents.

No. 796758

Holy shit that hurt to read

No. 797266

idk if its new facts but she was on insta live with ant and said that warfare and lessons is about him

No. 797284


Guess she hasn't learned her lesson lol

No. 797286

She's so desperate for any male attention right now that it seems like she'll talk to whoever to satisfy that need, even her abusive ex boyfriend.

No. 797425

so last night i went out for the first time in a minute { since my ordeal @ princeton university LOL i hate remembering it } .. im sure i was ratchet as hell { as usual } but at least i had fun. thats how im going to cope with the remembrance of me twerking shittily in a nasty basement- barely drunk with sweaty females and no tall hot men to finesse. i feel like the idea of going out and partying seems L season, but the idea of having a life changing night is what gets me there. I get OD excited because i feel like so many things can come out of doing such.
since most of my interactions with the world are via social media, its a little something that switches up my normal day-to-days. I feel like I should be going out and having a drink with people my age. Im literally 20. not to mention all my life i have found it hard to meet people my age because theyre not as interested in doing so as i am; everyones always anti-social and preoccupied. i feel like if im not engaging with the world around me, im not living. that means we gotta put ourselves out there yall. live in the moment. even though most people attending these parties arent on a level i fuck with, you never know who you will meet; not that ive ever met anyone of substance at these places, but ill keep my hopes up. the idea of meeting someone who im tryna know is almost as satisfying as it actually happening, at this point.
honestly, its always just my friends and i making it fun. alot of these places are filled with people who wont even acknowledge your existence. very few times have girls came up to me and started conversation, which actually happened alot last night.. really depends where youre @. a couple of em throughout the night complimented my hair lol. kinda missed having that ice breaker ngl. we love random bitches touching my hair. fr tho i cant even recall a time of a male approaching me at a party. probably because im a living demon with arms and legs and they so could NEVERRR HANDLE ME. honestly i cant even imagine how the fuck anything with a dick could ever walk up to me FUCKT UP @ a frat n tryna engage in convo with me. he would have to have some MAJOR LARGE COCK ENERGY to attempt at containing the beast within my literal soul. literally cannot imagine it for the life of me but i hope to see that through one day before all my homies graduate and leave me sad and alone @ a college ion even go to. :3
unpopular opinion probably but pre-gaming is a vibe killer. i just find it so odd that people can literally have me in their house and not want to know who i am like what if im a nasty disgusting! bitch wouldnt you want me escorted out the door?!?! its such a wasted opportunity to make friends and get to know some potentially valuable. ive always had a social side to me; and as unfriendly as ive become, im still off-put by this. such an odd concept for me to grasp like idc how many people come in and out its a pre-game not a party like wtf im standing RIGHT NEXT TO YOU give me EYE CONTACT bitch and atleast tell me your name like the fuck where am i??? next time a thot doesnt make me feel validated as a fellow human being im going to have a shit on her counter top so she has no choice but to look at me.
speaking of being looked @ by people >> didnt send out ONE drunken n mean spirited snapchat last night which is SO worth noting because thats something im infamous for. we love doing shit that isnt good for our souls. i never minded it myself tho tbh bc idc if i come off as crazy bitch i am the fuck LOL look people truly get me there & if im associating with assholes- that part within me erupts FAST and i will lash out on whoever is fucking up my feelings up @ the time. its wack bc guys lowkey love it & im like🤔🤔🤔 yall are really rude for enabling my demonic behavior! please stop!
ok also not to be dramatic but i get extreme anxiety that i post on my snapchat & go on insta live while im drunk. i dont even remember the shit i say and i feel like i probably look so dummy goofy on it. idk why i feel so guilty the next day when i honestly dont even do that cringey or nasty of shit. someone

No. 797426

help me cope with this because it literally eats me alive when it shouldnt..? especially because i dont even care about the opinions of those who are here to judge me so idk why i feel gross about this LMAO like i wish i could just be 20 and not care about being a goon online.
i guess whats most impressive to note is i that actually stopped wanting all the guys ive been talking tos' attention, as of a few days ago. like im actually just chilling aside from me stalking the only tall hot guy @ machi's last night but he OFC had a gf { i didnt know till i left }. he had all these hos tryna smash n i was like running around following him lowkey probs highkey tbh hehe xoxoxoxoxo so fun n sexy of me xxxxxx
ATM i just wanna find atleast one guy who isnt a complete tard in the brain who can hang n keep up w me. i dont expect to find husband material at a frat party but my logic is always IM THERE SO SOMEBODY HERE GOTTA BE COOL CUZ IF IM HERE & THIS AINT MY SCENE THEN SOMEONE ELSE HERE GOTTA BE FEELIN THE SAME WAY!!! me @ shows me on tinder me walking down the street me xxxxxxxxxxxxx
but like i was saying its been a week since ive even spoken to that guy i was like obsessed with for 3 months or whatever so im making moves xx.. if you know me youd know i move on in literal moments. i get over shit so fast and become completely turned off to the idea that i been had. i was definitely born with that trait. its a blessing though bc i dont deal with agony for DAT long xxxxxxx
in other newz, i dont have any music updates & thats annoying bc i feel like all i do sometimes is play play play & no work & thats ugly for me. i need to feel like im contributing to something otherwise i feel extreme guilt xxx
also went to my specialist about my previously, unrelated to him, misdiagnosis of shingles and even he doesnt know wtf is up w me { duh } so they all gave me oral steroids that im not taking until sunday only if im still fokt. x
today i will record a video about my pets. ill post it first and uncensored to here duh. also finna ask if i can post a snippet of my song w Skinny just to here lohl. i wanna give yall as much BANG FOR YO BUCK HUNNY!!! what else can i post here that only YALL wanna see aside from my vag xxxxx lmk in comments.
will speak with yall later – peep my drunken snaps tonight also!!! i need to get sum sleep bitch it fuckin 9 am i been woke. kiss bich
xoxo myah

No. 797537

on the ig live she said that they are better in friendship more than relationship… idk abou you but i would not be friens with someone who locked me in the basement to the point that i had to kick out the door, smashed my phone several times,cheated on me also several times,released intimite information of me to internet,mentally abused me,talked shit to my parents and all the other shit she said he did.

it's not that long ago when she cried how he realeased picture of her being sick. or when he contacted aaron on why they broke up or talked to megan lmao

back to ig live… she was constantly yelling at him saying that he sounds like an idiot to which he always said 'i have grills in i can't talk like a usually do' and he had to repeat that all the time
if i didn't know about all that shit he has done to her i would think that she is the abusive one

No. 797538

also the reason why they are talking in the first place is that "he would not leave me alone and i just accepted that"

No. 797542

I love how she has become everything she despised. Before she hated on people that didn't shower, slept all say and did nothing. And what she does now? Does nothing all the time then goes on the internet and says "i didn'nt shower my hair is fucked hehe anyway it's 9 am i need to go to sleep bye"
get your shit together

No. 797544

also this

No. 797563

sage things like this. how ironic that the person providing milk sages their posts but you instagram refugees are incapable of it

No. 797618

No. 797622

she’s genuinely so unhinged lol. id like to see her try to fuck anyone up. she’d get her ass handed to her lmao

No. 797633

She's acting like something of importance and monetary value got leaked when the only thing that was posted here was just her stupid rambling about getting drunk and being obsessed with frat boys, which isn't exactly new or exclusive knowledge considering how it's the only thing she ever talks about. If it was something like her music getting leaked I could understand her being upset but she's just being petty and hypersensitive.

No. 797751

I can’t screen record her story right now, but on instagram she said we’re gonna get dMcA’d for leaking her shitty mentally ill ramblings about how she has literally no purpose in life. What’s up with her and her mother thinking they have any legal standing…ever.

No. 797967

What does sage mean in this chat???

No. 797991

No. 798013

Good looks anon!
What a fucking train wreck. It's embarrassing that she can't realize calling a dude at god knows what hour of the night, trying to go to his house and then screaming at him in a drunken stupor when he says no is enough to make him not want to deal with her anymore. She shouldn't even be surprised that he went to her friend.

No. 798125

So like idk if its just me, but she seems to be getting fucking WORSE if that's even possible. I've kept up w this feed for a long ass amount of time and people have honestly been making valid points. So the whole Tinder thing..smfh. Like the storylines and endless rants about it where she's trying to act nonchalant n shit. Idk its beginning to get on my nerves a whole bunch. Also i saw her commenting on Anthony's IG again and making these weird statements? Has anyone else noticed this? Also whats going on w that dude she WAS dating like a month ago?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 798205

File: 1555380926198.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, A99265ED-05D4-44E6-9956-14A9E0…)

No. 798785

8:24 - 8:30

"I'm open about not wanting to be in a relationship right now"

Sure Jan

No. 798814

File: 1555626431647.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.63 KB, 720x1440, IMG_20190418_230843_322.jpg)

Now I just realized something strange in her most recent posts. Is it just me or is her belly button bleeding?

No. 798819

Imagine harassing someone into getting their address. Yikes. Psycho.

No. 798822

Looks like a happy trail to me

No. 798825

she claims its part of her belly button ring but its far too close to the skin

No. 798867

File: 1555643298856.jpeg (13.44 KB, 450x600, 1A7FCA76-8C1E-48CF-A44B-BBE4CB…)

did you not exist in the early 2000’s? it’s a really long dangler belly button ring. probably similar to pic related.
it’s just resting against the flat part of her skin.

No. 799270

i did some sleuthing in the true spirit of this damn forum - to see what been poppin w myah since we last checked in. So Scott is outta the picture it seems…and Ant is
….back? Or their feuding again? I can't tell. She's commenting on his picures n stuff but i can't tell if she's being sarcastic or snarky. Of if it's like…genuine. And Ant has stopped posting all this depressive shit…so I'm feel like I'm onto something rn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 799378

Why does she look so different in this video? And she really needs to stop overdoing her eyebrows.

No. 799426

She made a new vid on where she was reacting to her old “fuck u tana” video she made in 2017

No. 799439

funny bc nowadays she might as well be tana 2.0
i mean people were saying that years ago but i feel like it's more obvious now

No. 799836

isn't she fucking desperate for friends and stans? she should let people reach out to her for FREE. she's probably so lonely because she thinks she's so special, so she doesn't let anybody in. come on myah.

No. 800845

File: 1556415045720.png (Spoiler Image, 848.81 KB, 910x575, Capture.PNG)

myah is out here clout chasing again ft. the Dr. Phil girl

No. 801455

Has anybody else seen this? I had a laugh because the tea was spilled.

No. 801926

what “tea”? this is literally just some unwashed white trash middle aged woman living in a literal shit hovel saying everything that’s been said here

No. 802990

It’s just someone self posting their video, pathetic.

No. 803003

File: 1557265483832.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_2019-05-07-23-39-21…)

Her recent IG. Sure babe, u steal all men, coz all men are just trash and unloyale… Such ego

No. 803023

stop posting random stories of hers as if they have any milk or relevance. this is the exact problem that’s dragged down so many threads. we don’t need to see every meaningless update she posts on IG.

No. 806462

Anybody else see Myah’s new video on James Charles? Of course she’s gotta make a video and desperately reach for clout any chance she can get. Like honestly I watched the whole thing and she didn’t say or add anything new that wasn’t already said by someone else. jfc, let’s cancel her too… or then again that’s not necessary since she’s not even that relevant anyway.(emoji)

No. 806559

She's a milkless, boring husk of her old self at this point. Really just should delete her YouTube channel and become an instathot, she's much better looking when she's not rambling unintelligibly for 10 minutes and she already sucks Belle Delphine's ass.
A shame, to be honest.

No. 807486

Myah’s instathot posts aren’t even that good to begin with, her style has always been a mess. She barely uploads to up to youtube anyway, and if she does it’s to get more clout, or rant about boys. Her life’s going nowhere, we all know it, she knows it, it’s just a matter of time until nobody cares about her.

No. 807775

I still don't understand what's preventing this bitch from getting a job?

No. 807892

Probably because of her uNkNoWn DiSeAsE and her nonexistent music career

No. 808066

Because she thinks she’s above having a real job. Or rather, daddy paying for her music is her “job”. Once she graduated from a vocational school, she started her non-stop party life (after in-completing community college), while taking advantage of anyone she could. She goes through so many cycles of friends for a reason.

No. 808142

Oh wow, another James video.

No. 808411

the title, the emma chamberlain ripoff editing, her monotone, worthless rant… she's ridiculously basic now.

No. 808606

She really tryna chase that clout train, huh.

No. 808608

ANOTHER James video.

No. 808777

Watch her unlist/delete those videos because James was innocent lmao.

No. 809104

I know this whore from Second Life, she unironically friended a local pedophile on the game to send her money via paypal, she practically lives on the game.

No. 809271


Do you have any proof ? Like videos or screenshots??

No. 809285

yet another vid of her sitting on the couch with her furbaby dickriding a famous youtuber, girl is on a spree

give us receipts anon!

No. 809395

does anyone know her discord server name?

No. 809568

What happened to Myah “not being a youtuber”?? She always claims to be “a singer that sometimes makes youtube videos”, but she rarely ever posts covers anymore like she should be. Instead choosing to make youtube videos that hop on the drama train. Sure Myah, you’re “not a Youtuber.”

No. 811012

Boyd Doghouse aka Alexander Boyd Campbell has been white knighting, pay pigging her and hanging out with her on second life.


(he threatens her because she hangs out with people her own age)

(Hanging with him here, even have some voice clips of her giving her paypal email to him I'd have to find them)


No. 811013

Forgot to mention he's a 60 year old pedophile.

No. 811919

File: 1558656625583.jpg (202.08 KB, 687x643, wOnd.jpg)

ty for this anon
These videos are months old, and by the looks of the comments people are aware of how nasty that is. Does 2nd Life deserve its own thread?

No. 813178

File: 1558898284682.jpg (883.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190526-131621_Ins…)

Lmfao her with Dr.Phil girl

No. 813204

Can you elaborate? Was that girl on Dr. Phil?

No. 813382

File: 1558941545701.png (55.82 KB, 716x935, ava louise.PNG)

Ava Louise / @xoavvvaxo
Local NJ trainwreck. Her No Jumper video