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File: 1440304539377.jpg (52.76 KB, 533x263, moustache.jpg)

No. 2

No. 3


And guess what? His brother's daughter goes to a dancing school in Manahawkin, New Jersey.



No. 4

I think we've already proven enough she's not a new yorker

No. 5

File: 1440309960917.jpg (46.91 KB, 312x470, unnamed (13).jpg)

Where are ur tatas burry

No. 6

Idk about directly doing it to posters here but she's been at it since about two years ago

No. 7


I just said it because she recently was mentioning it again

No. 8

it looks like she's been doing it more recently though loool

No. 9

*more often

No. 10

I am not sure if she has a mustache. I think it's just the shadows behind her protruding lips. People with big lips have that prob

No. 1219

it's not shadow lol, just dark hair

No. 13808

File: 1440321362867.jpg (77.08 KB, 543x960, image.jpg)

New Ouji picture.

No. 13809

Might be reaching but his fingers seem a little pudgy.

No. 13811

Hell, his fingernails are even orange due to the shitty filter he's using.

No. 13812

Is ouji Muslim ? Someone talked about a photo which shows Him in a traditional Muslim clothing

No. 13814

>>13812 Yeah he is. Muslims are the majority in indonesia since it's an islamic country.

No. 13818

He has black roots all of a sudden now when he used to be full blonde
Also if he truly is a muslim then he can't marry / be with someone from another religion and i'm 100% sure Berry isn't muslim lmao
Ouji in your religion you are sinning for a shitty girl, Good luck in hell

No. 13819

File: 1440347005652.gif (36.94 KB, 300x225, tumblr_m7xpffvkI11r3wd4to1_400…)

I'm not sure if only part of your cheek is supposed to stretch out like that, Berry.
Original: http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7xpffvkI11r3wd4to1_400.gif

No. 13820

File: 1440347092487.gif (1.3 MB, 360x480, tumblr_mqbbw547v91r3wd4to1_r1_…)

Anyone else notice how odd the scarf and bottom lashes shift?

No. 13821

File: 1440347234741.jpg (175.49 KB, 705x803, ss (2015-08-22 at 08.22.42).jp…)

No. 13822


But is there a photo or did ouji say anything about it ? I mean its weird, Berry likes to make fun of God and religious people and thats like The shittiest thing you could ever do in Islam or the Muslim community

No. 13823


Is it just me or did she PS her stomach away ?

No. 13824

I think she does have boobs to a degree, but not the huge super oppai kind. Remember besides photoshop girls can wear double miracle bras, stuff them, etc.

No. 13825

can she stop making her hair look like it's eating her head…jesus berry unless your face is a straight up circle this is excessive

No. 13826

File: 1440348203683.jpg (100.69 KB, 500x727, image.jpg)

They don't exist here though
Where her big boobs go

No. 13828

File: 1440348339256.jpg (6.31 KB, 121x96, image.jpg)

Baby Berry ?

No. 13830


Nope thats Lauren I think

No. 13831

File: 1440348726063.jpg (104.48 KB, 522x849, ss (2015-08-23 at 09.20.21).jp…)

Anyone got any news on her "best friend?"


No. 13832

>>13822 I used to be friends with him on fb so I can see his pictures and he was wearing traditional muslim suit used for praying. Besides, most Indonesians are Muslim. Having a religion is a must in indonesia, and tho there are 5 widely recognized religion most are born a muslim. Idk I guess he never talk about religion stuff to burry

No. 13834

hah.my old ex used to be friends with her
i used to be so jealous.
im pretty sure at one point we talked together too
sry i dont have any useful information but she used to be reaaaaally sweet as far as i remember

No. 13835

File: 1440350245975.png (48.88 KB, 531x909, ss (2015-08-22 at 08.02.18).pn…)

Berry and Ouji met before they started dating?

No. 13836

File: 1440350277627.png (6.36 KB, 542x121, ss (2015-08-22 at 08.15.03).pn…)

But I thought you were rich, Berry ..

No. 13837

last part should be "they will see each other again soon and prove people on lolcow that ouji is real" the damn moment when she said that she doesn't care what other say about her relationship </3 you are in denial berry

No. 13838

Oops she forgot about being rich, she has things that fans buy for her

No. 13839

File: 1440351061269.gif (892.96 KB, 400x300, tumblr_mcdr61bTHl1r3wd4to1_400…)

Ouji's real. Whether or not they're still together is in question. Theories are that Berry is using his Twitter to keep on with the idea that they're still dating, since their up times are exactly the same despite Ouji living in Indo. However, Ouji is def. a real person.

No. 13841

No one ever questioned ouji being a real Person ?

No. 13842

>>13835 Maybe she tried to pass this poem as their story bc she thought being in a ldr for a long time without actually meeting each other is ridiculous (implying as usual) no this isn't their story. I know Ouji ever since he's dating his ex before burry and i'm sure as hell they met in msn lmao

To those who still doubt that he's real, yeah ouji is a real person and they're really dating. I'm this anon >>13832 I'm indonesian as well, used to be in his circle. I also know friends which are mutuals with him and have met him irl so I can confirm this much.

No. 13843


How do you know that they are dating ?

No. 13844

someone posted this "it's finally 12 in NYC so Happy Bday to mama berry" why do people still think she lives in NY..

No. 13845

>>13843 **I know they're dating years ago but idk now bc I don't talk to him anymore. I changed my facebook so we ain't friends anymore.

No. 13847

I feel like she has acess to his pic somewhere (maybe he has another fb account and they still friends )
but they are not dating.
she posts old pics of him holding proof that they still together
but the new seflies of him don't match

No. 13859

He looks so much like a girl here

No. 13861

File: 1440360695491.png (469.7 KB, 501x500, yoZR0Tg.png)

They're eating some of Korinne's cake here LOL

No. 13864

why were you jealous?

No. 13866

maybe they're in NY..?

No. 13867

i was just jealous because hurr durr shes a female!!!! i was 15 back then btw
i agree

No. 13868

LEL at the difference in fridge with her recent kitchen photo (sorry i cant tag or upload photo im on mobile)

No. 13869

File: 1440365162431.jpg (100.97 KB, 600x800, 1440232269132.jpg)

Here you have it

No. 13871

You're all creepy stalking her brother's FB and posting pictures of his kids

No. 13872

they're public for everyone to see wtf

No. 13873

Still doesn't erase the fact that it's creepy, since Korinne doesn't even tweet or post about those pictures herself

No. 13874

she always has her glasses so low on her nose in her photos lul

No. 14047

Costco pizza and some chocolate cake
She isn't even spenidng her bd with friends…….smh

No. 14048

IRL her glasses are like that too

No. 14050

Did anybody notice that one of the photos Berry posted suggesting it was her home (rocky fireplace with flat screen on top) was the room of an hotel where her brother took his family?

No. 14051

yeah it was mentioned before

people can spend their bday how they want though

No. 14053

what's wrong with spending your birthday with family?

No. 14055

that actually sounds stupid. it's cause they think she's in ny

No. 14056

it's not really stupid if the person is in another place and they're like hey it's midnight here! happy birthday burry!
just a diff perspective though.

No. 14057

it's stupid since it was 12 in NJ too why not just say "happy birthday" ? lol or "hey it's midnight here in NY happy bday" anyway this convo is irrelevant people just need to wake up and realize she lives in NJ

No. 14058

I wear glasses and I don't know how she can see through them like that
Unless she just looks down all the time.

No. 14085

i have seen her irl lol she just tilts her head up more than normal people

No. 14087

if you've seen her then what does she look like
have you really seen her?

No. 14088

She was talking about Berry's friend, not Berry.

No. 14097


what >>14088 said. unless you're really asking about michyuu/bakkyun?

No. 14110

File: 1440391391737.jpg (37.94 KB, 500x667, CNJYmM_WoAAYtFP.jpg)

birthday pic

No. 14111

File: 1440391416649.jpg (42.19 KB, 500x667, CNJYmSAWwAAgmYI.jpg)

another one

No. 14113

I quickly scrolled past that and it scared me. When I did a double take it just made me cringe

No. 14115

File: 1440391628516.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.04 KB, 720x720, 11951942_10204985335660922_958…)

OT but myk also posted a new picture and she actually looks like a human and is pretty cute 7/10

No. 14116

for some reason her mouth looks like an eldery woman who forgot to put in her dentures. she has like no upper lip and no teeth.

No. 14117

this doesnt' look like any of her normal shoops at all she looks like she's tryig to be neko nyapii

also where her big puss lips that she never shuts up about?? the ones in this pic look like the op thread pic

No. 14118

that fake parted hair..

No. 14119

All that shit on and in her eyes looks painful.
She looks like she's struggling to blink properly.

No. 14120

She looks totally different and scary what the fuck is up with.. everything ??? Lmao

No. 15133

File: 1440394838997.png (14.86 KB, 580x96, ss (2015-08-23 at 10.40.31).pn…)

They noticed.

No. 15135

i know that Ouji is real, my comment was about her telling fans that she doesn't care about people on lolcow questioning their relationship and now she writes a poem about showing everyone they are together? lol

No. 15137

This is male?

No. 15138

holy shit I thought that this was a completely different person

No. 15140

Wow, she looks so different but i cant put my finger on what makes it look so different from the others. What did she photoshop different?

No. 15142

Her nose looks weird and she's giving me Michael Jackson vibes.
Her mouth corners look odd too. I dunno.

No. 15143

It feels like she shooped her head bigger.

No. 15144

Where did her super full top lip go? Lol

No. 15145

She over edits her photos so much, her face is just comlete blur. I dont think she shops her head bigger, she uses the same think the meitu app has where you can shrink your face to make it look like you have a small face lol it looks like sge naturally has a big head and possibly face

No. 15146

this is really cute though

No. 15147

In a way yeah, though the head-face size with derp lip ..lol

No. 15148

wow it's like a completely different person lol…she looks crazy/deranged, sigh. why does she do this? she has the capacity to be cute naturally as herself so wtf is this shit. it's not the particular features that make her look creepy, it's that you can sense there's something artificial about her face. (also her crazy circle lenses)
this could be subtle shade and then they backtracked and called her cute so they wouldnt offend the kween

No. 15153

File: 1440409142242.jpg (29.89 KB, 430x624, tumblr_mua12u4VyE1r3wd4to1_500…)

I agree. I think this is one of her best pictures because she looks natural but also very cute.
Her face here is more appealing to me; even if her super shooped face was real, I'd still prefer this aesthetically.
I'm sure this pic is still somewhat edited but it's much closer to her true face and nowhere near as edited and fake (also in terms of makeup/circle lenses/fake lashes/wigs/etc.) than her regular pictures.
I dunno, I personally think she doesn't need to go as overboard as she does in changing her appearance when she already looks fine.
It's a shame about her ugly personality though.

No. 15157

it looks nothing like her and and is a blurry mess. SO KAWAII

No. 15158

obviously. nothing wrong with celebrating with your family, the point is she clearly has no friends because she chooses to live her life via twitter and lies.

No. 15179

i dont even think she did that much :/
i have a weird feeling that she came out of her room for a little bit to appease her family, had someone take pictures of her licking cake, and then went back to her room to play on twitter and edit her pictures

No. 15184

No age candles on the cake because "they run out"

No. 15187

maybe she used one of those asian selfie apps that blur the fuck out of everything and all she needed to do was some "minor" adjustments

No. 15188

her head looks massive lmfao

No. 15192

File: 1440431338868.jpg (155.01 KB, 640x1038, image.jpg)

They know

No. 15193

Some replied to her tweet "Your hair's long again"
I think this is an old picture

No. 15195

I noticed her hair is long again when it was really short the other day
so u are saying this pic was taken yesterday ?

No. 15196

she made her eyebrows arched and hid her double eye lid with thick eyeliner so now it looks like she doesnt have a bug double eye lid like she really does, so she can pretend to look more chinese/japanese

No. 15198

but a lot of jp girls have double lids or create them with tape or glue. berry's dumb af.

No. 15199

She bought extensions some time ago (i saw a tweet or something about it?) so it could be clip-ons

No. 15200

she has to make her head look massive to balance out her broad shoulders

No. 16506


that shooped hairline is ridiculous.

She doesn't look the same as her other photos at all…

No. 16508

File: 1440445554905.jpg (45.38 KB, 440x466, 5837378_orig[1].jpg)

I think it might be a lacefront wig or maybe even something different. her hairline is blurry all the way around and sometimes in photos the lace front is more visible so she probably shooped it out.

No. 16509

wtf is wrong with her face in the first picture? It's so unnatural, it looks like plastic

No. 16510

In person, someone who has this 'look' on is very hard to look at because your eyes just pinpoint something is very off. The combination of huge circle lens, false lashes, strained face, etc is really uncomfortable to view. If they have these features naturally and aren't straining themselves to look cute, it's charming. This however is off putting.

My uni is mostly asians so it's not hard to find girls looking like this and they're not very approachable because it's hard to look at them…and they try so hard to stand out and be cute

No. 16531

File: 1440452117368.jpg (68.92 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

I remember seeing this picture about 2 years ago

No. 16558

File: 1440456593125.jpg (43.77 KB, 355x604, dmsvx2n1Zzo.jpg)

quite old but

No. 16563

so she doesn't know what the word "influence means". You Influence negativity you get negativity. I think her explanation is ignorant. But whatever.

No. 16566

>Bwahaha you have a different opinion, how stupid of you!

No. 16587

How old was she supposed to be turning? 21?

No. 16594

yeah, 1994. but something about her being 21 and her school bs doesn't add up

No. 16598

No. 16601

she COULD be taking gap years but not admitting to it. just a possibility.

No. 16605

File: 1440465932503.jpg (37.37 KB, 600x399, XUlMrHybdOg.jpg)

reminds me of her dogs birthday cake

i agree when i first saw this photo on facebook i didnt realize it was her until i scrolled back up

in person she would look really scary

No. 16609

File: 1440466499084.png (23.84 KB, 588x81, Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.32…)

…someone tell me why her dog is having cake with chocolate on it.

No. 16630

I assume the dog getting the cake is just for show, and the family (human) eats the cake after. Or they just had the cake, didn't eat it, and saved it for Barry's bday which isn't too far from the dog's bday. Therefore the dog had the cake first, but Berry got it. Somewhat like a hand-me-down.
Only logical way I can see this, tbh.

No. 16631

that's kinda messed up. putting cake in front of the dog just to snap a cute picture then eating the cake themselves. shoulda got the dog a special cake or something

No. 16632

dogs arent suppose to eat chocolate because its poisonous to them right?

i remember berry saying something along the lines of her dog can eat the chocolate cake. someone said something about it

No. 16633

It may be a carob cake. That stuff is safe for dogs but IDK.

No. 16634

chocolate is poisonous to dogs yes but chocolate used in cakes/sweets is milk chocolate not pure chocolate so it's not normally as bad but it's still highly recommended not yo give your dog chocolate

No. 16636

She is sitting on the same thing as the doggy is, right?

No. 16637

No. 16640

Unless they made it themselves out of dog food, would Barry's family have enough money to waste on a cake for a pet*.

*I know some people have a different idea how to treat dogs and cats, but if they don't have money to run rampant (at least upper middle class), and why they would spend money on a pet.
Or probably he had a different treat. Idk

No. 16646

no, even upper middle class is too poor

No. 17357

cakes aren't that expensive

No. 17361

cheesecake factory dou

her cake is just a cake though seems like one of those wal-mart or cheap costco cakes

No. 17364

exactly lol and sometimes there are cakes that are on sale so they can just pick up a half priced cake, nbd

No. 17365

Jeezus yall are reaching, she can't be too poor to buy a cake. They don't cost a fortune

No. 17367

I was just thinking that too. Lol

No. 17381


No. 17393

many people I know, from ranging income types, celebrate their pet's birthdays and get them a cake and even throw them parties. It doesn't really indicate anything about wealth. Even lower middle class can have enough disposable income to spend a couple of bucks on a cake

No. 17394

Idiocy knows no class

No. 17395

Also, to add on, that's most definitely a store bought chocolate cake.

No. 17416

In case anyone is new here, just letting you guys know there's tons of evidence back at http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/.

No. 17417

File: 1440508105186.jpg (41.71 KB, 600x880, chopsticks.jpg)

Caption: "Im so good at chopsticks

No. 17418

File: 1440508169123.jpg (56.36 KB, 600x1015, sushitwitter.jpg)

Caption: "Brb going to Japan to fight Daisuke."

No. 17425

It was just for show berry says so herself she ate the cake after the photo was taken little fattie

No. 17427

File: 1440516286965.png (628.68 KB, 511x638, EeZ7Dcr.png)

>meanwhile berry without shoop

No. 17432

whoever this is has a nicer nose, imo. it looks small and button-like in this pic. it's the nose berry wishes she has

No. 17443

File: 1440533052710.jpg (70.24 KB, 569x506, ss (2015-08-25 at 01.03.42).jp…)

Ok but doesn't she go on about how cute Asian guys are all the time and how she needs herself a Japanese sugar Daddy? This tea.

No. 17446

kind of glad she's posting that tho

shes such a hypocrite though

No. 17448

I'm glad we're all girls here.

No. 17449

File: 1440536985844.jpg (37.65 KB, 453x604, 5.12.13.jpg)

This was posted on her twitter on 5/12/2013 according to vk, does anyone knows where this is? Is it possible to be Toms River North HS?

No. 17457

File: 1440541559453.png (16.9 KB, 583x148, ss (2015-08-25 at 03.25.38).pn…)

Wouldn't the stuff addressed to her show she doesn't live in New York? Anyone have a link to her Wishlist and what address (city, state) she uses?

No. 17459

She doesn't put her address on her Amazon wishlist lol. Instead she gets people to send her a Amazon gift voucher with what they want to gift to her and she'll buy it.

No. 17460

she probably lies to her friend too for the reason she's in nj instead of ny

No. 17466

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if she says something like she's staying w her parents or siblings for summer. How she will get around it when school months are back is beyond me lol.

No. 17490

File: 1440569863528.jpg (33.93 KB, 640x171, image.jpg)

Trynna defend her friend in a racist way.
There she go again
Im sure she has white followers tsk tsk

No. 17492

of course her face is big, that's why on all of her existing picture she has it covered with hair (and I'm not talking about her moustache)

No. 17494

File: 1440571043249.jpg (83.76 KB, 763x897, image.jpg)

Ouji tweeted this
when he tweeted that the current times in
New Jersey is 2 am which is the hour he is saying on his tweet (ironically new jersey time)
Indonesia depening where you are its either 1pm, 2pm or 3pm ….
So is he saying he is actually in New jersey then ?

No. 17503

>Gotta use racism to defend my friend

Only people with low intelligence use this tactic.

No. 17504

Why is she generalizing Asian women though? Some Asian girls are cute and shy– esp considering how they are raised in such a submissive culture… And some aren't. Soo…

That photo is grossing me out though. Is that seriously necessary? I don't use twitter much, but do they allow creepy penis pics like that?

No. 17506

She's such a dumb cunt. I wouldn't doubt she'd kill her dog with a chocolate cake.

No. 17507

she's generalising all races, she's just primitive and tries to build her own identity through stereotypes

No. 17519

File: 1440579498358.jpg (43.98 KB, 500x900, 1922311_744568798900123_141767…)

What the fuck is going on in this picture? The longer I stare the more I find wrong with it and its really confusing me. Its like one of those "when you see it you'll shit bricks" pictures. On her right arm you can see the dress's sleeves attached by her arm/shoulders. But for some reason, that doesn't exist on the left arm? And then she photoshopped in some weird looking roses to cover up her hand/arm? There's also some weird blur going on around her neck/jawline where her hair is, looks like a really bad content-aware filter.

No. 17520

File: 1440579807951.png (383 KB, 500x900, whatfreshhell.png)

Looking closer it looks like she tried to cover something up with content-aware on her left arm too. See: left expanded picture. There's that weird mismatching patch of skin on her shoulder.

No. 17523

what bothers me even more than the bad photoshop is that dumb look she has on her face - that have to be the most retarded and empty pair of eyes I've ever seen
why would anyone want to present themselves like that?

No. 17526

The stare fucking terrifies me. It's like shes going to slowly look at you and jump out

No. 17527

wow she didn't shoop off as much chin as she always does
(or gained much weight)
(or both)

No. 17530

the position of her fake cleavage doesn't make any sense when looking at her shoulders and waist. hoo boy thanks for the laugh~

No. 17531


Berry never shoops her chin off, she makes it longer and pointier

No. 17537

lol i just noticed that wtf
it looks like one of her tits is massive and the other is no whereto be seen. gr8 shop burry.

No. 17552

File: 1440608654220.png (241 KB, 499x388, burry.png)

i meant this part, it's usually pitch black

No. 17555

guys the number on the cake is 98, could it be berry is born on 1998 and shes 17 now?

No. 17556

or she probably lied to them like "i have to say to public im living in NY instead of NJ because I don't want people to stalk/come find me or something (for privacy purpose)"

No. 17557

one thing I'm really jealous of berry is her real hair. She has a nice hair.

No. 17559

File: 1440613544178.jpg (173.26 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Has anyone seen this?
This is Berry's screenshot, but it looks like an android phone would….
Wasn't she bragging about getting an iPhone 6?

No. 17560

yeah she was. She posted tons of pictures of her new phone case that she got for it and everything

No. 17561

File: 1440613700758.jpg (40.35 KB, 639x519, image.jpg)

This bitch lol
Always trying to get free stuff from someone

No. 17562

File: 1440613731152.jpg (46.22 KB, 639x510, image.jpg)

And another

No. 17563


Does anyone have a link to the photos?

No. 17564

Its on twitter and insta i think
i'll look for it

No. 17566

File: 1440616814867.jpg (141.99 KB, 640x903, image.jpg)

She deleted the one on he Twitter where she claimed she was getting the 6, but u found this one

No. 17570

btw did berry meet with @catsgomao in ny after all? someone should ask him

No. 17571

IT's been proven many times she has an android lmao

No. 17572

then why is she saying "ooo look at my new iphone 6" lol

No. 17573

it is sad that she forgets her lies so easily and can't keep up with them; she can't even come up with good lies anymore without being outed in 2 seconds… nothing with her ever adds up

No. 17574


looks like korinne needs money so she found another way to get money from her followers by getting them to buy her dumb shit! Good old korinne

No. 17575

File: 1440628078891.jpg (109.85 KB, 640x612, image.jpg)

The comments I receive on fakemiruku's Instagram…

No. 17576

Berry uses both an android and iPhone. Recently for the past month or so she hasn't used an iPhone at all. I use an alternative twitter UI called "tweetdeck" and on tweetdeck you can see which version of twitter they used (ex: Twitter for Android, desktop, iPhone) and back when she was talking about her getting an iPhone some of her tweets would be posted by iPhone and some were by Android, it would be pretty random. But none of her tweets from the past month have been posted via iPhone. Maybe she was using Myk's iPhone?

No. 17579

I lied actually. Theres a few tweets that are from an iPhone. They seem to be pretty random and sporadic though. Usually she'll post a picture off her iPhone and reply to one or two people from it, maybe make another tweet, and then immediately switch back to her Android. But general most of her tweets are off her Android.

No. 17609


he didn't even though he asked to meet her. I recall a post in the previous thread where she said she had a "party" to go to.

No. 17610

Cause she lies?? Is that a hard concept to understand lmao

No. 17618

she and her "best friend" both unfollowed catsgomao
they used to follow him and idk when this happened but wow

No. 17621

File: 1440652254893.jpg (36.93 KB, 600x1015, CNW-B9zUEAEFdSC.jpg)


this is an android key board and pop up message too, she posted this screenshot today

didnt she claim to have "bought" myk an iphone 6+? i think she's just using her sisters time to time or just placing it in her photos to make it seem like it is hers. i dont think myk has an instagram either so its easier for berry to keep it underwraps. she might also be using her brothers or parents phone but as far as i know only myk has an iphone 6 plus.

No. 17624

She un-followed alot of people, even on IG, and followed new ones.
Maybe he wasn't of benefit to her anymore lolol and he is kind of annoying LOL

Or it could be that he was suspicious of her or she was scared he would be suspicious of her? He isn't stupid as far as I know. I think her "best friend" might be the only person who knows berry and some of her secret life. Prolly not her richu desu and shit lies because Berry seem to have dug herself too deep into that and it'd be too embarassing for her at this point to admit.

No. 17630

then why do you need to say its been proven many times
i just was providing proof of her lies
she said the iphone was hers, and I clearly remember

No. 17632

oh ngl he really IS annoying in his own way and he doesn't look all that special in his NY pics
i don't blame her for unfollowing if she thought he was annoying

hmm maybe her best friend knows about everything since she knew berry before berry spread out onto tumblr and twitter but we'll never know lol

No. 17633

berry does always tweet about "don't question me if i unfollow you" and stuff

No. 17648

i wouldnt believe these duplicitous fobs. they'd vouche for each other.

No. 17662

File: 1440671124121.jpg (80.15 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

You can see the edge of her phone in this recent photo. Does that look like an iPhone 6?

No. 17679

No. 17695

why are you guys trying to prove berry has android? lol
we all know she does, the issue is that she CLAIMED to have an IPHONE
We just proved she's lying again

No. 17709


What a bitch. It's so annoying when bitches are working on a project/drawing and they have to update the world every step of the way to validate itself..


How is there no backlash for her saying this? Her followers are PUSSIES and now to make it worse theyre all going to be buying her crappy plushies bitch can't even cut out a perfect circle.

No. 17716

she never said she was making plushies to sell

No. 17717

File: 1440711900333.jpg (84.87 KB, 640x811, image.jpg)

Yeah she did

No. 18919

File: 1440719731953.jpg (204.45 KB, 913x1024, image.jpg)

Why would you even say this to your dad?

No. 18920

File: 1440719777635.jpg (95.8 KB, 640x691, image.jpg)

She even calls her 'dad' a betch. So edgy!

No. 18921


Damn, we posted the same thing at the same time.

No. 18922

HAHAHA. Perfect timing.

No. 19027


It's fucking inevitable.

No. 19028

I highly, very highly doubt this is her dad she's speaking to like this. I feel this is one of her "friends" but she wants to seem cool so she made seem like it's her dad.

No. 20174

that sounds more like a joke though i'll only condemn her for it when it happens

No. 20178

I don't think she sent the bitch message
im' pretty sure she just typed it in and screen shot it w/o sending it bc of the orange bar above the message

No. 20189

if i ever said that to my parents they would roundhouse kick me dead in my throat so quick….

No. 20195

No way that's her real dad messaging her.

No. 20217

is it me or berry n ouji are becoming an ugly couple with lame shoops wtf

No. 20232

she deleted this tweet

No. 20234

couple? you mean berry and her fake bf account?
it's really a shame that she uses ouji's old pics (+shoop). he surely didn't ask for this.

No. 20235

File: 1440781386332.jpg (44.61 KB, 340x604, tJtWGBhTA4s.jpg)

I found this old pic of her and you can see how fucking huge she is, especially when she photoshops her head so tiny it's ridiculous. I can't even understand how her followers can think this is real

No. 20250

What is it with this remark? I always see the "white girls are quickly" one being used by Asian girls that will go on a rampage 3 days later on how they don't understand why people like Asian girls so much.

It's racist humblebragging.

No. 20252

pretty sure her followers all know she shoops and stuff
and they don't give a damn

No. 20253

It makes them feel better in their shitty situation. Ain't right but understandable.

No. 20256

burrys just salty she isn't east asian so she just claims LEL SO ASIAN GUIZE

No. 20257

Lmao, this is the biggest complex Filipinos have. Most other Asians don't recognize them as Asian, they're referred to as Pacific Islanders.

No. 20262

her followers are idiots so i doubt they know the extent of her shoops.

No. 20264

It's extremely counter productive, by saying how great asian genes are all the time they're only making the yellow fever they hate even worse.

No. 20265

Yes we do, shes south east asian…

No. 20267

Yeah, Filipinos are south east Asian.

No. 20268

I'm having a hard time understanding what you said… bUT yeah. .. I would expect more people to be upset about this ? I'd like to think she just has a dry sense of humor and I always felt bad for her until I read that… I know she said things about blacks too but that's a little more obvious she's joking since most kids who are still in highschool are mild swagfags…

The annoying part is how nobody really cares and just keep kissing her ass .

No. 20269

Self post I would like to add…
And the aminyan thing too aminyan is clearly shit and likes shit chiptunes so I excused that.

And these days too everyone can praise her and give her false sense of having talent … yah I think I made a pillow in home economics class in middleschool that was better than this.

Oh well ass kisser will be ass kisser we can't change it guise.

No. 20270

Just an FYI, this remark wasn't racist.

No. 20271

it actually was racist

No. 20272

here we go again with the "whites cant suffer racims" please fuck off

No. 20274

maybe is wasnt racist but it sure as hell was rude AF. yeah some white people age terribly, but not all.

No. 20279

i love it when this thread gets all "u can be racists to whitiesss!!" like
why you guys want to feel racism so bad, it's not a good thing.

No. 20280

fakemiruku is pretty dead, what's going on with them?

No. 20281

please let's not shit on this thread with more race remarks

instead let us direct our attention to her ugly hamster plushie which is crying because it's been brought to existence

No. 20285

I stated "most." You can give your opinion but you can't speak for all Asians. I've had conversations with other Asians and Filipinos and while opinions vary, most don't want them under the umbrella.

No. 20286


saw this tumblr post and thought it was relevant to the south east asian thing

No. 20287

same poster

my point in linking this that, if south east asian's feel isolated like this, then yeah it's a real thing and just because you're not south east asian and you don't feel that way about them doesn't mean that it's not a stigma ???

i'm not asian so w/e but i know that they're not the most talked about topic amongst asian's
it's always japanese and korean
then like chinese and viet

No. 20288

File: 1440816632053.jpg (60.55 KB, 579x1024, image.jpg)

Seems like she's making another one.

No. 20307

Whhhaaattt? An apartment therapy link? Thought you said tumblr op

No. 20309

Bitch, you aint even asian so shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit what you wanna thinm

No. 20312

Lol wow, you're ridiculously good at guessing people's ethnicities on an anon board.
And I thought I was Japanese my whole life.

No. 20314

If you're Japanese berry will suck your dick. ANYTIME a Japanese person tweets at her she will respond OR retweet it 100% of the time. It doesn't matter if they're a complete random nobody, she will be all over them because they're sugoi nihonjin desu ^_^ plz luv me and accept me as one of your people! ^___^

No. 20315

That is just so sad and unhealthy. Has she ever posted pics of her family with her photoshopped caricature of herself?

No. 20316

Diff anon (i'm chinese) most asians that i knew don't want them to be under the same umbrella either.

No. 20320

another anon here
I have friends who hate Filipinos and would be furious if grouped with them "bc all asians are the same"

No. 20321

Her twitter page is set to private for me

No. 20322

something must've happened and she reset her twitter and locked it. either she got hacked or shes upset and is using her twitter to vent.

No. 20323

i think either shes upset because of this thread or somebody said something to her and it drove her over the edge. i wonder if shes gonna open her twitter back up?

No. 20324

she changed her twitter name to K0MARU

No. 20325

ty. shes using pinkmiruku as a private now.

No. 20326

she has two pirivates @pinkmiruku and @pinkochinchin now

No. 20327

File: 1440841212605.png (128.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-08-29-17-39-02…)

No. 20328

Pinkochinchin isn't her account. It's a girl name Zoe's.

No. 20331

File: 1440842907845.png (332.44 KB, 619x543, 48pc2C3.png)

shes been telling this guy how much she'll try her best to learn Japanese and how she wants to practice japanese with him and become fluent. as soon as he speaks japanese to her and it isn't ez google translatable she doesn't even try to understand what he said or respond in japanese, she goes right back to english and proclaims how bad she is at japanese. lol this is embarrassing

No. 20332


She changed her Twitter name

No. 20333

Do you think she changed her Twitter due to Fakemiruku tagging all the Instagram photos with her Twitter name?

No. 20350

The real question is why you'd rather ignore the fact that there is racism against white people because you find it " attention seeking". Have tumblr really dug that deep into your head? While it indeed happens less, it is of importance. Would you help a white person who was told very hurtfull racist things in the street? Or would you ignore it simply because their white? I'm not sure about your mindset but i find it that everyone should stand up against any kind of racism. Do you find it right for someone to have to endure racism because they're told " it can't happen to you, you're white which means you deserve it."? if this doesn't sound sick in your ears, continue living in your dream world. I just wanted to voice my opinion about this,im aware it's off topic so let's just continue with Berry.

No. 20352


Same anon, Im friends with her on fb

No. 20353

Just say "She seems cute, who is she?" and say sorry for sounding weird, she just stood out.

No. 20359

How do you know that's her irl friend anon? Do they go to the same school or something?

No. 20366

damn, i laughed really hard when I sent the wrong link lmao, shooting myself in the foot

ok here's the right one

No. 20367

does no one follow her on twitter, in case she legit ever sets it on private for a while some people should follower and keep tabs

i dont have a twitter so idk

No. 20368

wah wah wah
boo hooo hoooo
this thread is about berry
not about you trying to change the opinions of if racism against the whities is real take that somewhere else

No. 20369

Yeah, can we keep the thread on topic? Y'all can go to /pt if you wanna discus whether or not Filipinos are Asian and whether or not racism against Whites is a real thing. We're talking about Berry, here.

No. 20370

seriously, agreed

everyone shut the hell up it's so annoying

No. 20371

shes trying way too hard to be an "Umaru" irl. I think the KO in Komaru might stand for Korrine? Just a theory dou

No. 20374


One of Fakemiruku's admins here. We just posted a shitload of stuff now. We apologize for the wait. Unlike Korinne, we have obligations/responsibilities to attend to.

No. 20375

This whole berry thing looks like its dying really quickly now

No. 20376

File: 1440870831986.jpg (182.17 KB, 956x535, komaru.jpg)

OR its just from this

No. 20377

sorry, didn't mean it in an accusatory tone

No. 20385

My theory on berry changing her twitter handle is because she wants to be umaru. Not because of the thread or the fakemiruku tagging. She just wants to be umaru.

No. 20386

I think its because of the association with fake miruku LOL thats why she was so quick to try and gwt the twitter accounts suspended

No. 20388

It's definitely this.
She's reaaaally desperate to be like Umaru in every aspect possible.
It's embarrassing tbh.

No. 20389

I think it's a mixture of both. She definitely wants to be umaru-chan so badly, but I find it amusing how she changes her Twitter name around the time Fakemiruku decides to lay off Twitter and work on tagging her on the content they've posted throughout their social media accounts. She doesn't want to be associated with Fakemiruku, that's for sure.

No. 20391

she's such a try-hard lol

No. 20393

It's hilarious because she'll never be like Umaru. Oh sure she can be like the at home Umaru, but never like the beautiful perfect popular Umaru when she's outside.

No. 20394

Dang she's milking this "I am this character luz" thing way too hard

No. 20449

File: 1440901778581.jpg (81.85 KB, 640x779, image.jpg)

I agree, Korinne. Your life is so boring that you've created a fake internet persona to keep you entertained and make you feel better about your real life circumstances (aka no friends, just a fat weeaboo unlike Umaru-chan. Umaru is a fictional character, yet she represents everything you'll never be. She's pretty, Japanese, and naturally pale skinned.) while you lie to thousands of people, aka your followers.

No. 20453

i have always hated sayings like the bottom retweet. just because you make enemies it does not mean you are doing something right?

you could con people out for their money for a living and make enemies or lie to thousands of people and make enemies and i dont think either is morally right. I think it is some quote to make socially insecure or socially inept people feel better about themselves.

No. 20456

her life is so boring and yet yall are sitting around discussing her life

No. 20459

File: 1440904448349.jpg (97.51 KB, 720x540, 2015-08-29-20-12-50_deco.jpg)

No. 20472

Ah yes because japan is the holy land free of any and all erroneous action that has never done anything problematic before to any country. Everyone there is free of racism, homophobia, and all other discriminations that plague the US. /sarcasm

weebs/japanophiles are so annoying

No. 20478

Oh the irony.
I fucking hate it when people who live in America bash it for fucktarded reasons. You're fucking family either risked their lives/spent their hard earned money/left behind everything familiar to them to go into the unknown to get to this country because they believed they had a better chance at survival than they did in their motherland.

No. 20487

Prob cuz our lives are pretty boring as well tbh lol I mean it's not something to judge about. Lots of peoples lives are average. But not everyone does the shit she does so that is why people end up talking about her.

No. 20502

File: 1440949128211.jpg (33.72 KB, 640x211, image.jpg)

I laughed so hard at this.

No. 20504

File: 1440950310835.jpg (33.82 KB, 640x305, image.jpg)

This girl wants to be Japanese so bad it's disgusting. Someone redirect her to pixyteri.

No. 20506

if you even watched the anime, umaru was caught by her classmate in her "small form" and claimed she was umaru's little sister komaru

No. 20507

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/127931760480/take-this-with-a-grain-of-salt-we-found-this did anyone see this? Was this posted here? Because this is solid evidence she lies about her age.

No. 20508

File: 1440950766413.jpg (69.11 KB, 640x609, image.jpg)

Do you guys think this is really another room or do you think she rearranged her room? She seems to always take photos with that bear. I'm not sure why she takes her old stuffed animals in her room and then transfer it to another room. Then again, why am I sitting here trying to decipher a lying weeaboo tendencies.

No. 20511

You can barely see anything in this photo it's been bleached as fuck

No. 20514

why are you trying to decipher something that's so common sense?? if ya got an extra room and too much stuff in your own, store it in there for more space. doesn't take a genius to figure it out. reaching for the skies here

No. 20516

Hasn't fall semester started for most uni students? I'm surprised she hasnt posted anything about her sugoi college life

I still believe it's her same bedroom. Or maybe her sister's and she moved out so it became an "extra room" who knows

No. 20517

that's what i thought. probably due to the thread being moved to snow and berry changing her twitter name.

No. 20518

Not op but considering her living arrangements I'm surprised no one else brought it up. Weren't we even questioning if the older brother lived w them? We've seen the house and its not that big. Doesn't she have a younger bro and sis too? That house having more than three rooms is pushing it imo. Correct me if I'm wrong on this.

No. 20519

I believed its her sister room ive seen that bed posted somewhere by berry and she claimed it was her sister. The room she posted before where she said it was her sister was small too. Might be on her vk fanpage
Not saying what im saying is totally accurate but could be, you never know when it comes to Berry /Korinne.

No. 20520

Also to add on to my post above, her sister is older so the possibility of moving out? Big Families rearrange rooms all the time

No. 20524

Yeah all of that is possible.

No. 20528

Personally, school hasn't started and I'm bored as fuck/tired after work. This is the best place to be anti-socially social.

No. 20534

That has been mentioned in one of the older threads
the person who was strawbewwie was not berry lol it was someone else who took the name.

No. 20535

She's the youngest child, MYK, Luke, and Levin are all older than her.

No. 20540

I checked the tag and more than one person must have had that username and then they both must have changed it to some keyboard smash. One deleted tho and the other one is still up. Maybe they got heckled?

No. 20554

File: 1440969094614.jpg (146.44 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 20555

http://sei4j.tumblr.com/ this person is definitely the one that said they were in grade 9.
the other one probably deleted for other reasons but we'll never know for sure
that post is not solid evidence of her lying about her age though, since she didn't say it

No. 20557

How does her sister or brother not question Berry's lies? Like.. If I was posting all of this on social networking and either of my siblings found out I'd be so embarrassed.

No. 20561

Do you know when she changed her tumblr name? Because that post saying she's in 9th grade is posted on a certain date. If she changed her name before then, then yes it is probably not her.

No. 20563

berry said she didn't know how something looks on iphone and someone told her that she has two iphones and then she said she only views social media on her android lmao who can believe this girl anymore she said she has two iphones and only views social media on her android lol

No. 20567

I dedicate this video to Korinne.

No. 20581


No. 20582

File: 1440987837567.jpg (181.31 KB, 573x651, Untitled-2.jpg)

I don't think she gets the point. Not everything is going to be handed to her in life. Just trying to justify herself being lazy af.

No. 20585

File: 1440988253339.jpg (179.16 KB, 1500x900, Untitled-3.jpg)


I think these were the caps they were talking about?

No. 20590

paying bills doesn't mean your parents don't love you. It meant they taught you how to be responsible and independent and to be able
to afford things for yourself

No. 20591

Yes it was.

No. 20592

Lol you hear that everyone? Your parents don't love you unless they pay for everything you want!!!

No. 20593

Even if she changed her url afterwards, the post would have ichigoflavor on it then. The post directs to the blog I linked before, it's not her lol

No. 20595

just because you're at a certain age doesn't mean you should be thrown out of the house though, my parents won't let me leave the house ffs and i'm 20. i'm not defending her but i think i get her point..correct me if i'm wrong though. i don't think she's wording her thoughts right, but my parents refuse to let me pay for shit even if i have the money to do so. i think its overprotective parenting. (inb4 hello burry!)

No. 20597

File: 1440990926176.jpg (88.25 KB, 640x653, image.jpg)

Already attempting to do damage control now that one of her followers have expressed how displeased they are with Berry's 'harsh' words.

No. 20598

File: 1440990955471.jpg (136.39 KB, 640x1001, image.jpg)

More of the conversation.

No. 20600

She is pretty much saying that in America parents kick their kids out at an early age and make them get jobs and that her parents don't do that to her because they love her. How the reason she doesn't have a job and pay bills is because her parents are nice. Totally different from your situation. I get what you mean though.

No. 20601


it's a mole

No. 20609

your parents dont love you if they dont pay for all your shit wow that was SO BITCHY lol

maybe some parents dont have the capacity to pay for their child's every frivolous desire, like berry's idiotic toys.

if this whole 'doctor' thing doesn't work out what are you gonna when you're 20+ years old with NO job experience and no community or club involvement? (because she's online 24/7)

i have very overprotective parents who dont want me to have a job and also dont want me to do club/school things that keep me out late. but im 20 years old and i find it a complete hindrance and get involved anyway and do shit loads of work and get home at 12am and leave my house at 6am.

the fact that she is so comfortable to keep taking advantage of her parents and continue holding off being self sufficient is more alarming. 'my parents are nice and actually love me that's why i dont have to get a job and buy my own things' DOES SHE EVEN HEAR HERSELF LMAO

she's so entitled and probably feels the same about her followers. 'my followers are nice and actually love me thats why i dont have to get a job and buy my own things'

No. 20610

To me what I'm getting from this is

Just because someone getting a job to make their own money and perhaps even building their own credit and such does not mean your parents does not love you. She's generalizing America again yet she lives in America lel hun where have you been? 95% of the people I know and knew from school actually don't get kicked out? They choose to leave. Maybe it varies from communities.
And why would ANYONE wants their parent, who works really hard, to pay for everything? Not to mention her parents have 3 other kids to care for! (Minus her eldest brother) College tuition and all.

As someone from an immigrant family and knows many people from immigrant families, we have jobs and our parents love us in-fact they are proud of us. We are younger or around the same age as Korinne if that is even her right age. Most of our parents didn't want us to get a job but we got one so our parents didnt have to pay for us all the time and so we can work for ourselves.

I might be reaching but I think She really just cornered herself into admitting she is a spoiled brat who does not want to get a job and her excuse is because her parents love her

I think her logic is flawed. Perhaps if she worded differently I would understand her point, if there was one aside from what I said above, better.


No. 20611

I hope her followers know better, its a shame they look up to her.

No. 20612

ah I see, thanks for clarifying that for me

well at least she admitted she's spoiled

No. 20614

Why would she own 2 iphones and an android but not use either iphones? Waste of money, I feel bad for her parents.

Or could be a total lie once again to seem rich. Then I'd just pity Korinne and Zoe and whoever else believes her.

No. 20615

so during that time when she had to draw doodles and beg people for money because she said she was too poor to buy anything, what happened? why didnt her parents just buy everything for her? did they stop being nice and loving her for a while lol

No. 20616

she also said she worked at an ice cream shop

No. 20617

Probably a lie to fit her animu desu kawaii fake-life.

Her stuff has so much lies in them you never know what is true anymore

No. 20618

i think she lied about having a job so ppl would think she actually worked for her shit and that she isn't spoiled but i guess she is done with that lie since she hasn't brought it up in a while

No. 20622

Nope. As far as I'm aware, for my best friend who is going to Seattle University, her semester doesn't start until September 21st. I go to a CC so my classes started on the 24th.

No. 20623

wow, korrine, you repay your parents' love by spoiling yourself with shit you don't need? shouldn't you be working harder to study and make something of yourself in order to repay them instead of siphoning away their money? ffs this girl isn't at all grateful of the sacrifices her parents made to bring her to this country.

No. 20624

is this still true for new jersey universities?

No. 20626

File: 1441002835588.jpg (168.73 KB, 720x664, 2015-08-30-23-31-10_deco.jpg)

This was a reply to a tweet about the usage of the 'N' word. Back to being a hypocrite, I see.

No. 20632

Well people often say that my family is rich(we have private maids, gardener, and i have my own private chauffeur) my parents sent me to one of the most expensive university abroad where i lived in a high-end apartment for 5 years with my own car. My parents won't let me get out of my house even after I've graduated, but I paid half of the bills with my salary and buy things of my own. You see burry, my parents love me enough to provide me with all these things but that doesn't mean I'm gonna be lazy and mooch off my parents. Aren't you ashamed of yourself? Bc I'd be if i were you.

No. 20634

Idk, I've been looking at the nigga tweet, and In wondering if she said it?

It looked more like a quote than anything since she added the '-Tony 2014(15?)' at the end. Probably in this case she's not a hypocrite.
Idk if she said it before or after then again though….

Jesus, nice to know that your well off, but tone the powerleveling down a bit will ya? Sorry, but to compare our lives to snowflakes seems sad(not really, but I can't find any other words).

No. 20639

I read this in remy bucksaplenty's voice.

No. 20651

Please adopt me

No. 20658

lmao you sound like piper on orange is the new black. just say you're rich, not people think you are lol jfc.

No. 20661

It might be a quote but its pretty much the equivalent of singing a song with the word in it and she also found the person saying the word funny so that prob means the person isn't black? Idk I'm reaching a bit. But I really don't think she's as innocent as you think, but its not the worst thing someone has done regarding race. However still hypocritical.

No. 20664

"i'm rich, look at me, do you want to know about my life? no? i will tell you anyway, so i have maids, gardener, hey, where are you going?"

No. 20665

college and university probably start in the month of September in Jersey I'm fairly accurate

No. 20667

Lol at Korrine trying to justify being a lazy, spoiled brat :)

No. 20668


If she is still in high school it starts on September 2nd. So we'll see when she starts whining about school interfering with her ~*weeaboo otaku life*~ XDD

No. 20672

>>20634 sorry if i seemed to be powerleveling, didn't mean to.

>>20651 i live in a shitty third world country where i might be dead tomorrow, but sure if you want me to.

>>20658 i said that bc we're not actually rich, more like upper middle really. Hiring man power is cheap here and my parents gave up everything they have to provide me with all these things (sending me abroad, high-end apt) with hope i can get out of this hell hole one day.

No. 20677

or maybe she HAD the job but not anymore

No. 20686


Pretty sure Korinne didn't have a job. Will continue to think so until there's evidence to back her statement up. I've followed this girl from the beginning and it's very unrealistic that this spoiled brat has spent any time working.

No. 20694

hey I know in one of the older threads there's some tweets between berry and the Twitter honeybearicetea
where berry states like "I want to say the n word soo bad"
and the hbt girl is like "go ahead just do it, I give you permission since I'm part black, you just have to make it sound funny and not offensive"

I'm on my phone so I can't find it

No. 20696

No. 20699


Damn, someone please find this for us.

No. 20700

Shows off about rich lifestyle having everything provided for them
"But I'm not like you berry I buy things for myself too"

Also >>20672 "Get out of this hell hole"
Life must be very hard for you

Is this what I'm reading?

No. 20701

But, just because you're rich in a poor country doesn't mean you're rich in a first world country…..
My bf is eating six figures, but in Cuba, he's a rich motherfucker and can drop w/e amount of money cause everything is so cheap there. The reverse of that doesn't really work the same.

No. 20707

How is six figures not rich???

No. 20708

File: 1441049558025.png (19.94 KB, 683x200, 234r5ty67u8.png)

No. 20710


What the hell? I'm really hoping this isn't someone from lolcow, because that's embarrassing.

No. 20712

Depends not what state:city you live in. We live in LA where houses cost millions.

No. 20716

I remember this. Their convo to each other are always so cringe.

Speaking of hbt did hbt ever send berry her bento/lunch box or whatever? hbt is berry's #1 sugar mamma

No. 20717

That doesn't mean you aren't wealthy or rich. The average American probably makes 40k a year. You are v lucky. Don't try to downplay it. Be happy :)

No. 20719

if you look at the people berry is following on twitter, hbt is not one of them anymore lol

No. 20721

I mean, My opinion is be skewed because I'm still a poor college student living in an expensive metro city.

I'm definitely happy, thanks anon, but when you date a financial analyst who is cheap, you're opinion gets skewed.

No. 20722

You must be Filipino

No. 20726

File: 1441062111784.jpg (67.26 KB, 500x883, CNv5ZHVUwAEyhqF.jpg)

if she's huge like this imagine if she didn't put her arms like that

No. 20729

Does she think life is the sims? You don't get kicked out, you can leave if you have money, I know people who's over 18 and they're living with their parents until they finish uni and get a job.

No. 20730

guys remember that she can also base her opinions on influences of people around her lol maybe her friends got "kicked" out of the house after college

No. 20731

or maybe she watches too much t.v and plays too many video games. I'd kick my daughter if she were like Korrine tbh only eating crap, lying on the internet and playing video games? I wonder what grades did she get on high school, because it seems that she doesn't study. What a failure of woman, doesn't she realize that lying about becoming a doctor is not going to make her a doctor? She'll be working for Mcdonalds and will still lie about being rich and being a doctor. If I were her parents I'd cry while asking myself what went wrong with my child.

No. 20732

I'm not defending her but I don't think she only eats junk food? That's super unhealthy and I'm pretty sure that she isn't THAT stupid. Just because she tweets and posts pics of junk foods doesn't mean she eats it 24/7, do you guys want her to put up pictures of normal food or??

No. 20734

Realistically she probably doesn't only eat junk food but that is still all she posts. Fried chicken, cookies, and Japanese snacks. Posting photos of her normal food wouldn't be bad but I don't think the kawaii lifestyle she wants to have online fits it.

No. 20738

Eh, even if she doesn't only eat that stuff, Filipino foo is VERY greasy and fattening.

And since her parents love her so much, why wouldn't they go home cooking every day? Because you know, she loves being Asian so much she's gotta only eat that.

No. 20741

If she was rich and had friends and lived in ny she'd be going to fancy restaurants and showing off the food on social media.

No. 20755

Caption: "The greatest heroes have come to save humanity from destruction."

Berry is too lazy to photoshop herself so she just took a photo of her own shadow. While taking a second look, it looks like there is photoshop after all. …That tiny wrist.

No. 20756

File: 1441079291002.jpg (18.77 KB, 600x423, image.jpg)

Oops forgot to add photo ^^^^

No. 20757

Pretty sure there's a healthy side to all food but I'm not too knowledgeable and we'll never know what she eats for sure lol

No. 20760

File: 1441085867343.png (41 KB, 701x268, Screenshot_2015-09-01-12-36-03…)

What about your 2 iphones

No. 20774

She's such a brat, it's disgusting.

No. 20779

>I'm not too knowledgeable
no, you're not. we know exactly what she eats because she feels the need to post it. why would you even bother posting when you don't know what you're talking about?

No. 20780

How is she a brat?She didn't deny/did deny she had an iPhone this time. And I think that's a joke using people that iPhones are fragile. She is a shitty person, but she can make jokes too lol

No. 20782

Except her jokes are always copy pasted

No. 20785

Eh, in this case this joke is pretty old, so we'll never know if its copy pasted or not….unless you copypaste into Google. But I'm on mobile, so I'm lazy.

Now, how does that make her a brat?

No. 20789

File: 1441112974520.jpg (27.12 KB, 599x588, image.jpg)

Look at her tiny wrist/hand. That's not realistic at all.

No. 20790

File: 1441113097375.jpg (35.48 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)


Reminds me of Hanson from Scary Movie 2…

No. 20809

It looks tiny because it is shown on the side + the giant wig.

No. 20835

I don't think it's her wig this time,she's wearing that Umaru cloak to hide her girth

No. 20841

Do u rly think her hands are that petite? Compare it to the doll she's holding lol. Her fingers are the size of its tail and its tail is Hella small lol.

No. 20847

She tries so hard to be Umaru LOL

No. 20852

Never said so but when you hold your hand sideways it looks small even at the fattest person, hence why only 3 of her fingers are showing.

No. 20856

I said that I wasn't knowledgeable meaning I don't know about Filipino food. Why are you so mad? She posts snacks, a lot of people post about snacks and stuff they eat outside of home. Do you want her to put up a pic of a bowl of rice? Is that what you want?

No. 20874

lmao i think she deleted this photo

No. 20876


Oops, looks like Korinne is feeling guilty for photoshopping her shadow. What kind of person photoshops their damn shadow? Pathetic.

No. 20885

You can literally see that the hand is fake
Her head is way more foggy than the entire hand

No. 21316

Lmfao I was thinking that it was normal for shadows like your wrist to tend to be thinner, but you're right, her hand is waaaaayy more defined than the rest of her body. So ridiculous.

No. 21333


>Do you want her to put up a pic of a bowl of rice? Is that what you want?

not sure what the anon you're talking to wants, but that's definitely what i want. a food diary would be splendid.

No. 21334

File: 1441195669512.jpg (83.09 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

She re-edited one of her Umaru photos. Rolling my eyes so hard.

No. 21336

her lips look so weird, dry and fugly

No. 21338

File: 1441198220487.png (953.41 KB, 862x800, borrylips.png)


Her lips truly resemble a prune.

No. 21339

File: 1441201105563.jpg (40.96 KB, 600x600, ouji.jpg)

Looks like Ouji finally dyed his hair pink.

No. 21480

That looks really, really not great.

No. 22508

That looks more red to me.. and damn his hairstyle is unappealing
Guess they really are still together?

No. 22511


I agree it doesn't look pink at all. Ouji said it was pink on his Twitter though, lol. It seems they might still be together despite the fact she goes on his Twitter and pretends to be him. He wasn't really active until we started getting suspicious so I'm assuming Berry told him to go on Twitter more. I'm not entirely sure. All I know is Ouji is a real person.

No. 22512

Looks like photoshop to me… or maybe photoshopped was used to retouch idk

im still suspicious of them actually being together. Need better proof than this.

No. 22514

File: 1441206872764.jpg (47.28 KB, 543x960, CNBbTfJUcAEFtbb.jpg)

i swear to god, this isn't the real ouji. someone is cosplaying him for that account.
likely even a female.
even the mole is fake (pic related)

No. 22516

She needs to get the right wig color

No. 22520

https://instagram.com/0.933/ Ouji just opened up an instragram account…

No. 22521

it is the right color, she just shooped her face nearly pigmentfree and the wig along with it.
she has blue undertones in that pic which looks weird as fuck.

No. 22528

File: 1441219210677.jpg (30.83 KB, 355x344, 51 RnDhRjuL._SX355_[1].jpg)

you can tell how much she lightened even with the original photo because isn't umarus cloak supposed to be orange? Everyone I've seen even the shitty knockoffs are orange…

No. 22532

kek hurry someone resaturate the pictures until the cloak is orange so we can see how much her face gets darkened

No. 22534

File: 1441223172411.png (455.72 KB, 500x667, 10238401.png)

here you go anon-san

No. 22535

compare that to this >>21334 l o l

No. 22537

File: 1441223696423.png (1011.22 KB, 839x856, burry.png)

Based on a pic of the cloak she posted before I made these.

No. 22539

holy shit look at all the caked on highlighter on the bottom lash line and the blush…
and what is with the weird mustache shadow…

No. 22542

I think she actually looks cute like this

No. 22543

File: 1441230790646.jpg (38.42 KB, 283x394, bbb.JPG)

wheres your massive titties berry

No. 22551

so is no one gonna talk about ouji's ig? no one is gonna say that berry made a fake account?

No. 22553

I don't get it. How come some of you guys think ouji is fake? o.o I'm pretty sure he's a real person. Besides what's wrong with it if he makes an Instagram. It'd be pretty crazy for berry to make an Instagram for him because that makes no sense

No. 22556

he used the abao filter on meitu, I believe. it filters out certain colors and makes others appear brighter and more red/orange, you can tell in this photo things that may have color are dulled and his lips, ears fingertips, and the doll in the background are all highly saturated.

No. 22557

Most people that follow this thread know that Ouji is real. It's his presence as Berry's internet boyfriend is what's in question

No. 22558

no one is mad, just telling you what you seem to be unaware of. she eats shit, anon. she has no issue with it, why do you?

No. 22563

I don't have an issue with it but you people are the ones that do lol
I am aware she posts pics of junk food but damn everyone does it on their IG
Junk food and outside food look more appealing to take a picture of (wow that grammar sounds weird). Unless your parents make 5 star looking dishes most people don't usually post their home meals up lool

No. 22569

she looks like a fucking ghost haha.

No. 22570

wow he looks really different in these pictures

No. 22576

I never realized how much she conceals and tries to reshape her lips. At least she looks human colored though, but I can really tell the makeup mistakes now.

No. 22586

honestly don't get why she puts on makeup that costs $$ when she already uses the best in the world: photoshop

No. 22607


dat right eye though LMAO

No. 22611

you mean berry.

>most people don't usually post their home meals up lool

you are mistaken. for example https://instagram.com/thefitveganginger/

No. 22619

Berry protected her Twitter, lmao. I wonder how long that will last.

No. 22620

File: 1441289347707.png (514.26 KB, 929x596, e5345234.png)

Probably not too long, she can't handle not getting attention. Though it does look like she's trying to get people to follow her by advertising on IG.

No. 22621

her japanese is weird

No. 22622

Ouji doesn't post selfies - Omg he's fake, they aren't in a real relationship!

Ouji posts selfies - It's probably someone cosplaying him!! The account is still fake!!

Now it just looks like you're all in denial and won't accept the fact after he posted so many selfies lately lol.

No. 22623

yeah i was reading some tweets she was tweeting to some japanese users and her japanese is not really good. shes been trying to tweet a lot of japanese lately.

No. 22624

File: 1441292397962.png (19.45 KB, 454x208, aBHfGRh.png)

apparently shes 152cm lmao christ

No. 22625


Isn't that like 4'11? I thought she said she was 5FT. Is she now lying about her height???

No. 22626

File: 1441295516935.gif (366.67 KB, 500x667, 901284.gif)

i made a gif

No. 22627

File: 1441296785928.png (548.88 KB, 604x604, 2912490124.png)

her skin looks so fucking gross what the fuck

No. 22631

theres another japanese guy who has been helping berry with her japanese and he keeps trying to get berry to call him on LINE and she keeps avoiding him LMFAOOOOOO "my LINE account got deleted" "i can't I'm at school" this is hilarious

No. 22632

her account keeps randomly locking and unlocking

No. 22633

Christ she really cakes on the make-up doesn't she?

No. 22635


Wow, this looks so disgusting… You can tell she used foundation much more whiter than her skin and caked it on. She probably needs to to exfoliate her skin much better and find a better primer. But even with all of that, caking on so much foundation is still going to make you look like shit.

No. 22636

File: 1441302149557.jpg (90.37 KB, 632x633, image.jpg)

Being interested/appreciating a culture and the people is different from fetishizing it and that's exactly what Korinne is doing. She's obsessing and glamorizing Japan and Japanese people. She even wishes she was Japanese. As if Japanese people would want this tanned overweight Filipino in their country… This stupid insufferable weeaboo.

No. 22638

Is she saying 152cm because michele (michyuu) found out that she was 4'10 and she wants to be tiny like her

No. 22639


I was thinking the same exact thing, lol.

No. 22640

File: 1441302828375.jpg (124.58 KB, 640x972, image.jpg)

For you information, Korinne… I'm Asian and offended by your stupid fetishizing ass.

No. 22641

File: 1441303565654.jpg (21.56 KB, 540x279, 3242353245324532.jpg)

No. 22642

File: 1441303640748.jpg (10.43 KB, 275x221, 4454444334.jpg)

yeah Berry

No. 22643

File: 1441303701734.jpg (35.82 KB, 540x337, 44543543.jpg)

No. 22644

couldn't have said this better myself. there is a difference between appreciating a culture and obsessing over it. berry crossed that line a long time ago. there's also a difference between putting the time and dedication into learning a language, versus peppering in random words you learned from watching anime into your english sentences and saying "look guys! im speaking nihongo!! ^_^"

No. 22645

File: 1441303760685.jpg (16.2 KB, 275x270, 43543543543543.jpg)

No. 22646


Does she want the visa too?

No. 22647


Oh don't flatter yourself Berry, you're not Japanese and is just another average chink in taobao wear. Once the kawaii "i wanna b asian" trend is over, no one will give a fuck.

No. 22649

File: 1441305203097.gif (327.3 KB, 453x604, 1028410.gif)

mini gif dump

No. 22650

File: 1441305265915.gif (257.41 KB, 453x604, 018941279.gif)

while editing these i've fully realized just how much she lightens her pictures and its really terrifying

No. 22651

berry isn't chinese js

No. 22653

do you ever wonder if her parents ever stumble in on her "photoshoots" and ask wtf is going on and why their chubster daughter is in a weird bear cloak

No. 22655

I remember she made a post on twitter stating that she's "filipino, chinese, spanish etc etc." i'm starting to think berry is a troll. or maybe she's just fucking retarded.

No. 22656

There is no logic in your argument.
The amount of selfies berry posts as him has nothing to do with the account's credibility.
It's not relevant.
What's more relevant are (among other things) the facts that their twitter posting times coincide and that their writing styles are very alike.
Plus, why the fuck does he have a chubby woman's hand in the recent pics?

I think her diet plays a huge role as well.
A lot of people have that kind of skin and it can be easily improved by just cutting down on sugar which is really hard, since it's so prevalent nowadays (snacks, soda, fastfood, instant meals,…).

No. 22657

idk why she edits her pictures, she seems cute enough without it

No. 22659

> filipino,chinese,Spanish

So just a basic ass pinay.

Because our country was conquered and mixed by all of them anyway.

No. 22660

don't forget pancake and milk or some shit

No. 22661

i said most lol how does this girl account for "most"?

No. 22662

has michyuu lied about her height before?

No. 22664

File: 1441314868034.png (14.47 KB, 573x95, lol.png)

I guess she has been reading our recent posts. We made her sad, you guys.

No. 22665

She always waste times anyways ¬_¬ "college life" "going to medical school" "going to be a doctor." MY ASS. lmao. If she is really in college and going to become a "successful" doctor, she wouldn't be wasting her own time playing games and shiet. my goddd.

No. 22666

File: 1441315049262.png (336 KB, 581x461, school.png)

Alright, so she pretty much confirmed school is soon or has already started for her. Does anyone know when New Jersey colleges start? Specifically in Tom River? I still have a feeling she's still in High School… Public schools in Toms River started their first day yesterday.

No. 22667

i'm not too sure when college starts in New Jersey. But it should've already started. I'm not guaranteeing that i'm correct. There's enough proof showing that she's still in Highschool. I remember last year or a few months ago, she made a post on Twitter saying that there was a fight in her school and she was recording it and she got in trouble. And she also stated that there's a popular" boy in college that likes her or she likes him.. I don't really remember. AND she also said that a few guys tried to unhook her bra. What kind of immature shit is that in "college." o. o

No. 22668

I go to college in the u.s (west) and we don't have classes on Fridays. Maybe it's different for other schools..

No. 22669

it really depends on your schedule. some students don't attend in school 5 days a week (from monday-friday)

No. 22670

only community colleges have started school so far bc UCs all start on the 21st of September. still, if she's going to a community, then it's not a med school and she's def not paying "62k for four years and ongoing" kek

No. 22674

? what college are you going to, I'd like to apply

No. 22682

I go to UCLA and we start on 9/24. What UCs are you talking about?
Depends on how you want your schedule to be. Normal classes at CCs are like an he and a half and meet twice a week (Monday & Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday). If you have a class on Friday it's probably 3 hours long. Or you have a lab time you have to attend on Friday.

No. 22687

Accurate ^

I know people who are in UC that went to school the same time our CCs here did, perhaps it depends on area?

No. 22688

Well I don't live in NJ or in the west, I live in the midwest. Here we have classes that are usually either MWF or Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1.5 hours long for the T & TR ones.

No. 22691

oops i looked at the wrong date. the quarter starts on the 21 but instruction is on 24th.
i'm also going to UCLA this year! :D

No. 22694

the ocean county college in nj starts on september 8th.

the most expensive college that has over 60k tuition is the Sarah Lawrence college which comes at 65k and it also starts on september 8th. it's located in NY, though.

No. 22696

someone should just get close to her like that twitter hentaithot guy did, so she'll spill everything and then post it here

No. 22697

Shitposting but: fuck yeah! Go Bruins! Welcome fam.

No. 22710

>Unless your parents make 5 star looking dishes most people don't usually post their home meals up lool
how old are you??

No. 22711

I'm 22, and that's my opinion from what I've seen online. So if you can correct me, then do so, I'm not trying to fight anyone.

No. 22712

OT and interjecting cuz i paid a shit ton of money just for bragging rights
Berkeley started 8/26

No. 22713

At least you didn't go to USC

No. 22714

OT as well but if you had high enough grades you could've gone through the blue and gold program which helps you pay your tuition (this goes for all UCs)

ANYWAYS srsly doubt Korrine is going to Sarah Lawrence (the only school with high enough tuition costs for her brag)

No. 22715

So I went to check the dates for when Tom Rivers hs students go back and it was the 2nd of this month. Berry made a tweet on that exact day telling someone she was busy at school. So, she isn't in college and is potbelly younger than we thought.

No. 22716

File: 1441343638984.jpg (65.9 KB, 500x333, dog.jpg)

Yeah. I have a feeling she's 16-17. The cake on the picture says 98. So i'm assume that year 1998. Most dogs lifespan is 13 years. it's hard to believe that her dog is 16-17 years old. Well I'm not too sure what type of dog that is. So I'm really starting to think that the cake is HERS. Not her dog.

No. 22718

kek i see no difference

No. 22719

Eh, I see where you're coming from, but who puts the year on their cake?
Probably most people and I just didn't know, but I've never seen that. Unless they put their age next to it, and it has no other holes in the cake that can indicate that.

No. 22735



No. 22736

she locked her account AGAIN lmao wtf is she doing?

No. 22770

Maybe she is deleting old shit or something idk

No. 22772

Nah. Her twitter is "glitching" again like what she said yesterday. Lmfao.

No. 22779

File: 1441377278982.jpg (194.45 KB, 500x500, image.jpg)

This is all I can see. I am not even saturating anything, I am dead fucking serious. I wonder if she is purposely caking on so much blush so she could lighten it later to get this light pink color.

No. 22781

it can be possible that it's not real blush. she could've photoshopped them on too lol

No. 22786

She's just making it obvious that not only does she read this thread but also I correctly figured out she's still in high school and isn't anywhere close to an adult. Otherwise, she wouldn't make her account private and then lie by saying it's glitching.

No. 22791

that twitter @ptn325 guy is so stupid
she keeps saying she's busy and can't video chat with him on line
and he keeps bugging her about it, unable to see that she just really doesn't want to do it and is too gutless to say so; so korinne has to come up w/ excuses like oh i'm busy with school

but then she has all this time to watch movies with online friends and play games and do stupid shit

like how are you unable to take that big of a hint
and also

korrine would always go on about how tough and she doesn't give a fuck what people think of her
you think she would toughen the fuck up and just say i don't want to do it
stupid bitch

No. 22794

I bet burry is chickening out also becsuse she knows she isn't close to what she shoops herself to be and doesnt want that guy to know the truth lel

No. 22795

damn, nice work.

No. 22796

The lighting isn't the only thing she edited though. Her nose is edited (and poorly at that), so there's probably a lot more.

No. 22799

i dont get why she insists on using this image everywhere
its not flattering at all, it just shows off how chubby and round her face is kek

No. 22801

right? She even took better pictures before.

No. 22802

lol just let her use what she wants

No. 22803

File: 1441398312245.png (15.85 KB, 580x98, oksure.png)

No. 22806

That brag. Is she not mistaken her family's desktop monitors as TVs too? Lol

No. 22807

so rich desu
yet everybody can have a tv LOL

No. 22808

That's such an embarrassing thing to fake brag about. Who the fuck needs 8 tvs? They're mostly affordable now anyway but it strikes me as such a nouveau riche thing to do.

No. 22809

Lol laptops and tablets are less yet she prob still lies about having like 6 its pretty funny.

No. 22816

She switched her main twitter back to Pinkmiruku but it's still locked

No. 22820

File: 1441409681874.jpg (77.88 KB, 600x954, IMG_0587.JPG)

Hey guys I haven't read every thread only the first one and the previous 2 so I'm not sure if you guys have posted these photos. Is this really Ouji, I'm 99% positive she said this was her boyfriend. Sorry if this has already been discussed.

No. 22821

File: 1441409717378.jpg (57.41 KB, 500x736, IMG_0590.JPG)

No. 22822

that's her sister..

No. 22823


I think that's her sister.

No. 22827

is that caries on myk's teeth

No. 22828

she changed her main twitter back to pinkmiruku and k0maru to her private one and the main it's protected once again LOL I have a feeling she's replying to shit she doesn't want people to find out, so she protects it while replying and then deletes the replies? I don't know, thoughts?

No. 22829

Someone here must follow her. What is she saying?

No. 22830

nothing surprisingly her last reply was to herself 2 hours ago

No. 22832

you know I'm really surprised she doesn't photoshop her teeth whiter
they're not terribly yellow, but they're still yellow in every single one of her pictures and she keeps them like that

No. 22843

File: 1441423798659.jpg (75.38 KB, 640x575, image.jpg)

Berry's ass kisser is really trying it.

No. 22849

I am laughing so hard because while I do agree to not speak over Asians while speaking on Asian issues, it is asinine to say someone is not allowed to criticise someone for being racist or doing fetishizing stuff unless they are in the race being fetishized. Where do they get this shit from? Considering these morons don't even fucking speak up on the issue, besides telling people some bullshit right here, they still actively participate in fetishizing hah no wonder they support such ridiculous exclusions and exceptions. Hmm I wonder if it would take a senpai to tell Berry and her dumbass friends to stop fetishizing for them to stop? Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?

No. 22853

I'm asian and I agree her fetishizing is disgusting.

And guess who followed catsgomao again? Berry and her bff Michyuu LEL guess they read the threads. Prolly both wants to save their image, how embarassing. It's already noted you both unfollowed, if you don't like the guy in the first place why follow him again after its been noted here? keeeekk makes them seem so fake.

No. 22854

Berry is Filipino, so she can fetishize Japanese people and culture in rude way? ok

No. 22856

I'm so embarrassed for these kinds of people

No. 22857

So it's wrong for non-asian to fetishize/talking about asian people, but it's okay for asian person (Berry) to be racist towards black and white people? Also haha, Burrys talking only about anime, manga and kpop. Her fans are so stupid, oh my lord.

No. 22877

File: 1441457708678.png (16.09 KB, 350x194, bxQzDVc.png)

didn't she tell ptn325 that her LINE was deleted? LMAO shes so shitty. why won't she just tell him straight up that she doesn't want to talk to him? I wonder if he'll see this and how he'll feel about her lying to him

No. 22879


Looks like a chick…and dem cavities though

No. 22880


So rich and can't afford a dentist?

No. 22882

I wouldn't take anything serious from a person that calls themself "HENTAITHOT" lmao.

No. 22899

Is there a way those could be fillings? What kinda cavity looks like that? Way too dark brown and big. Her teeth would have to be rotting and judging by her white teeth that doesn't fit unless the teeth are photoshsopped too lol.

No. 22900

Haven't seen.this pic before, but I'm calling it. Her sister (Myk) is cosplaying as ouji in those latest twitter pics (like >>13808).

No. 22901

File: 1441473989960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.45 KB, 180x238, 1151aaa.jpg)

When I was younger I had cavities like that. Its generally from eating a ton of sweet/sugary stuff and not brushing your teeth afterwards. They look like that when you get them on your molars. If they're fillings they'd have to be silver ones but I don't think they do those anymore due to health risks, plus that looks way too dark to be silver fillings, they should be shiny and silver.
Spoiler because sorta gross picture, proceed with caution.

No. 22903

File: 1441474865859.jpg (71.14 KB, 640x588, image.jpg)

I really doubt her parents know what she does on the Internet.

No. 22904

It's an amalgam filling. If they were rich they'd definitely go for acrylic fillings or golden ones, since amalgam is apparently harmful.
At least where i'm from health care only pays for amalgam, for acrylic or gold you'd have to pay yourself.

No. 22905

File: 1441474937715.jpg (111.04 KB, 640x966, image.jpg)

Look at how cool and funny her dad is! Sugoi!!!

No. 22908

maybe something happened between them lol you guys.
what image does michyuu even have to save? she's just a normal girl compared to berry.

No. 22910

maybe myk ate chocolate or something dark colored before taking the pic? looks like food to me.

No. 22911

you're an idiot.

No. 22914

I only started following this girls antics recently and like does she buy her thousands of wigs and weeb shit and cosplays especially to show off to the internet? Does she even go to cons? Seems like a waste if she doesn't.

I want people to stop diluting komaru's brand. Can't wait til there is a different flavor of the month anime chick for people to latch onto. The hestia craze was bad enough.

No. 22916

She doesn't go to cons, that would mean she would have to show her true face lol

No. 22918

She doesn't go out in public to cons or anything else, lol we all know why… But she used to cosplay, do more makeup, and overall take more pictures and claim more shit. That's how we found out she is such a liar and how much she truly photoshops. I think since people started noticing her bullshit she slowed it down big time. I'm interested to see what she has lined up for Halloween.

No. 22919

you're an asshole

No. 22920

File: 1441484104217.jpg (29.32 KB, 640x183, image.jpg)

One of Fakemiruku's admins here. Just went on our Instagram and found this gem of a comment. Korinne is too damn poor to even fix up her face that's why she relies on photoshop.

No. 23031

I'm not saying I'm jealous here but why do her fans actually buy her things? What do the fans get back? A follow back on Twitter?

No. 23033

a favorite and reply on twitter lol

No. 23038

they want to be noticed by a photoshopped pinoy kek

No. 23047

File: 1441505995891.jpg (80.39 KB, 640x629, image.jpg)

Coworker? You don't even have a job Korinne. You sit on your fat tanned ass all day eating pocky and sipping on calpico.

No. 23048

someone ask for a work photo or uniform but she might just take creep photos of a work place by sneaking behind the counter or fake a uniform kek

learned not to believe this girl ever

No. 23050

File: 1441507490933.jpg (129.52 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

She posted a new photo of herself.

No. 23051

No. 23052

So she's back to having a mole and trying to look like Wylona. Hilarious.

No. 23053

damn her face is always evolving lol

No. 23054


She has 3 moles on her face… Since when? Fake mole ass Filipino girl.

No. 23055

File: 1441508119125.jpg (195.92 KB, 500x667, duhkawaii.jpg)

dem pixels though.. lmao

No. 23056

LOL. "not wearing circle lenses". wait so is she wearing normal contacts or did she photoshop her eye color? anddddd I thought she said got her hair done. Her hair is short again. interesting. ¬_¬

No. 23057

File: 1441508367488.jpg (53.22 KB, 347x411, image.jpg)


Oh my god. She looks like Lil' Kim.

No. 23058

File: 1441508410142.jpg (66.65 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Zoomed in and you can see her under eyelid blurred while her eye is very sharpened. There's also a weird film on the top left of her eye, near the cornerstone .

No. 23059


Near the corner of her eye* fucking autocorrect

No. 23060

File: 1441508606513.jpg (47.62 KB, 636x1014, image.jpg)

Another zoom in… Her nose has melted into her face.

No. 23061

File: 1441508616951.png (30.7 KB, 604x172, bs.png)

"it's not photoshopped but i did use a bunch of filters"

No. 23062

File: 1441508861994.jpg (42.12 KB, 640x414, image.jpg)

LMAO. They pointed out her sweater. When does she not wear a sweater? It's in the fucking 80s in NJ throughout the day.

No. 23064

Not photoshopped? Uhhh k sure burry
no pores, blurry face, sharpened eyes, your real chin is more round than that

No. 23065

&& her nose is not that small, compare it to thread photo

No. 23066

her lips are always crusty as hell.
try carmex, korinne :)

No. 23067

Hey, where's her ear lmao

No. 23068

File: 1441510112549.gif (426.33 KB, 500x667, burry.gif)

totally the same guys

No. 23069

she looks so different like fatter and weird maybe she did photoshop less but this photo is completely weird looking for me

No. 23070

File: 1441511694690.jpg (57.94 KB, 640x456, image.jpg)

Yes, your stupidity is killing my brain cells one by one, Korinne.

No. 23071

File: 1441511708205.png (51.99 KB, 578x238, bs.png)

sometimes i wonder if she over-exaggerates or she's completely aware of this forum. or maybe both

No. 23072

I have a feeling she overexaggerates, on many things. her lies are proof enough she overexaggerates.

No. 23073

she looks sick in her new image. too much junk food consumption ? on the internet too much ?

No. 23074

File: 1441512317850.jpg (266.51 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

You can see the edge of her contacts quite easily.

No. 23076

File: 1441516290800.jpg (254.19 KB, 1600x1021, Untitled-5.jpg)

why does this make me laugh so much lmao.
tries so hard to look like GD

No. 23077

Her stupidity is strong on this one I actually laughed out loud

No. 23078

File: 1441517902001.jpg (28.29 KB, 640x331, image.jpg)

Yet not lazy enough to not mention how much you want to cry on Twitter. Ok, Korinne.

No. 23079

didnt she tell people she was crying when the fakemiruku twitter exposed her? And said that they threatened to rape her as a way to get the account deleted and things. pathetic victim play.

No. 23080


One of Fakemiruku's admins here. Can confirm she said we threatened to rape her to cover her tracks (proof here: http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/127166352686/i-just-dont-even-know-where-to-begin-when-we) which was pretty much the last straw for us. We're completely disgusted with her behavior. We knew she'd make up some fake sob story to her friends but we were still shocked she'd go as far as sexual assault. Which we never have done and we dare Berry to find any valid evidence that states we did so. We have yet to see any evidence that backs up her statement because it's fabricated. We simply have posted evidence of her lies and her inconsistency throughout social media platforms. She never fights her own battles and gets her followers to attack us or anyone else she sees as a threat for that matter. She has and will always play the victim card. She's a huge coward and doesn't deal with confrontation too well. We're really interested as to how this will all end. We wonder what will be her next move. More plushies? More pocky and calpico? Going to wawa to get a free kawaii sandwich??? Her calling her sugoi dad a baka bitch? The possibilities are endless…

No. 23086

So her real hair is short. Why did she lie about her hair? Also that crap about her being with her "bae" for so long her hair was long.

No. 23087

-forgot to add about her only cutting hair after a break up.

No. 23088

Not trying to be a WK here but who is the person that said that Berry told them that someone wanted to rape her? (that's a mess of a sentence, sorry.) It looks like a bunch of exaggerated facts by her asskissers too lol.

No. 23089

So because she's super retarded and inarticulate, she didn't express what she meant correctly. Circle lenses are huge and make your iris look enormous. She said that she was just wearing normal lenses, but didn't mention that they were colored. But I think she meant that she'd just wearing normal sized lenses? Because the only light Asian eyes I've seen are on older people's eyes. They turn grayish.

No. 23092

File: 1441539671548.gif (1.26 MB, 320x180, noticeme.gif)

pic related

shit like that makes wonder why she's on /snow/ and not /pt/

No. 23095

File: 1441542552349.png (278.24 KB, 604x342, 9284012.png)

I think this is the closest we can get to her with her un-ps'd/meitu'd skin. Her neck actually matches the rest of her face here.

No. 23096

File: 1441542762269.png (651.92 KB, 500x667, 4018247.png)

Also I did an unshop. That dirty look to her skin is none of my doing, as in I didn't edit that there at all. While I was unbrightening her skin it started to show the actual shadows of her skin, so I guess it just naturally looks really dirty.

No. 23097

Maybe because shit like that isn't funny, but terribly sad?

I kinda agree with >>23088
Did Berry say she was getting rape threats, or was that made up using her fans as a rumor and just never said anything about it? Did you ask the person you tested if Berry said she was getting rape threats, or did they hear it from another fan?
Did you rationally (instead of friending her and anyone else, and trying to be sneaky)try to private message Berry, tell her the severity of a rape threat, and ask her for sure if the rape threat came from the fakemiriku account? Or if she saw something on lolcow that prompted that idea? Did she someone with a new Twitter account or spam account something about rape around that time the truth accounts popped up and immediately assumed that it was from you guys?

There is a lot of things you guys have to consider before pointing fingers at Berry all the time, sorry. If she's lying expose her, but if she's technically not….

No. 23098

No. 23101

No one should have to tell Berry the severity of a rape threat. But, do you really think she'd tell the truth if she was asked about it? Even if she's not the one who outright said it, she's not stopping it either because it increases the severity of the issue and makes it more likely to take the accounts down, which is all berry cares about. I honestly believe that if there was an actual claim of raping her, whether here, on twitter, or whatever, she would have taken a screenshot in five seconds and posted it to twitter. That way she could really cement herself as a victim and any effort at exposing her henceforth would be null. But no screenshots or proof have been posted.

I think this muddy look is from smoothing and airbrushing her skin. Also, from the attempted contouring she did on her nose. Also, that is a really strange gap between her eye and her tear ducts. I've only seen that on girls who get eye widening surgery (not saying she's gotten surgery)

No. 23105

Well I hope so if she wants to save some not of her reputation, if she said it and it wasn't a rumor. Chances are, it could be a rumor.
I see what you're saying, but probably she's trying to hide it, but it's not form the fakemiriku account, but she wants dat sympathy.
Or lying, but I wanna make sure!

I still don't see how that proves anything since I based my post on that. How do we know she said it? I'm not taking any sides here, I just don't like to point fingers, especially for something like rape. Sorry if I seem like a WK.

I don't know much about undertones, but could it be that? Like the undertone doesn't match her skin making it look plain or dirty.

Or it could be her makeup, especially if she uses the wrong type of foundation. Finally, usually if you shoop dark skin it sometimes turn gray right?
Sorry I don't shoop my pics so I wouldn't know, but I think I saw someone who wrote that on PULL from another girl who did the same thing.
But honestly, she'll benefit from powder.

No. 23106


Fakemiruku here.

She did make those allegations for sure. All her friends contacted us instead of Berry herself. The thing is before Fakemiruku was even up and running she found us and said how she loved seeing old photos of her and then blocked us. She has blocked us on every account we have without us even making any sort of contact with her. She's even blocked us on Instagram when we haven't directed anything to her. We simply post the evidence and hashtag them. So blocking us is her doing… The reason why we say we know she said we threatened to rape her was because of HENTAITHOT. We had a one on one conversation after Berry 'allowed' him to talk to us. He was unsure of Berry himself but Berry was supposedly sending him receipts during our talk. And he sent us barely half of the things she was telling him. He said he found it so hard to believe what we were saying was true since she has so many followers and that would mean she's deceiving every single one of them. He then mentioned how Berry was crying. We kept sending him more evidence and going back and forth until he told us to stop. That Berry had finally told him the whole story. He expressed how disgusted he was of us. We could only imagine what the whole story was, but back then we simply thought she said a few lies as she always tends to do. Nothing too serious. After this whole ordeal we found out there were screenshots floating around with allegations of us threatening to rape her. You can easily start to put the pieces together. We will never know what Berry exactly said to him. We will never know what her sob story consists of but there's no way Berry is innocent in this and she hasn't even come forth to say she didn't make those allegations. She has allowed it. That alone is very telling. Even if she didn't send that in herself she's still just as responsible. This was probably sent through her first seeking her approval and she more than likely approved it. You underestimate how much Berry controls her 'friends'. Every person that came forth to us on Twitter said they were only there because Berry wanted them to 'drag' us. What drag Korinne? I know you read lolcow Korinne so you'll more than likely read this. That drag your friends were speaking of was weak. We are still waiting for this drag they're speaking of. Learn how to fight the our own battles. You made the mess and now it's your time to deal with it. I know you're not good with messes and you make it your dad clean your room, your brother clean your clothes; but this is a mess your family cannot clean for you. This is your doing and your responsibility.

No. 23107


I apologize for any typos. I'm currently on my phone. If you have any questions I'll gladly answer them.

No. 23113

You see. This is stupid. Does she even know half of these people that she's ranting to and having them baby for her and deal with her own fucking problems? How weak of a person is this shit? What about her "boyfriend" I don't see him supporting her or hardly is. Maybe she is controlling ouji's account after all and making up all this lovey dovey bullshit.

No. 23115

While I was editing the pic she definitely had a weird orangey contour for her nose, and it was a bit wonky on one side. I don't think she should use warm-toned contours anymore, instead a neutral/grey. But then again, that might make her look ashy and more dirty. Maybe she just shouldn't contour at all LOL

No. 23117

File: 1441555218349.png (100.08 KB, 319x413, bs.png)

I realized that this kid is 18y/o. Doesn't this give you guys some hints? Why is she ranting at people that are supposedly "younger" than her and making them talk or fight back for her "mature" self.

No. 23122

File: 1441557512299.jpg (13.86 KB, 601x209, Clipboard01.jpg)

light skinned asian

No. 23123

are those tweets just deleted on her twitter? lmao.

No. 23124


No. 23125

i think this just goes to show how obsessed with light skin she is…also calling grade a bullshit on this story.

No. 23126

https://twitter.com/youronIyace/status/640559687855771649 Berry just retweeted this and I can't stop laughing because she's doing the same exact shit. She's obsessing over Japanese people and their culture. No matter what race you are, even if you are Asian you do not get a free pass to fetishize other Asian cultures. What is so hard to get about that? I am so disgusted by her.

No. 23127


I am laughing. She deleted it. Such a baka weeaboo desu ne. xDDDDD

No. 23128

File: 1441558082712.png (617.61 KB, 1170x954, Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 12.4…)

uh says the girl trying so hard to be Japanese??? Has Japanese all over her profile and wants to go by berry TSUKASA? I really don't think she has any room to talk. You don't get a free pass just because you're asian.

No. 23129

File: 1441558143623.png (772.73 KB, 618x425, berryeatsthepupu.png)


In case she ends up deleting this too, here's proof she retweeted this nonsense when she does the same exact thing.

No. 23130

She's a hypocrite. She think that it's only okay for Asians to go obsessed with other Asians. Wtf? She's not even Japanese and look how hard she's trying to be one. Probably using google translate to communicate with other Japanese people on Twitter and other social medias. Look at her fucking description using Japanese text. Jesus Christ. This girl has no idea what she's doing in her life and making herself look stupid as fuck.

No. 23131


Damn. Missed you by 55 seconds…

No. 23132

This is just embarrassing.

No. 23133

Stuff like this makes me think she's really an idiot…that guy's face is the exact face I made.

No. 23134


I agree, anon. I agree.

No. 23137

File: 1441558696625.png (77.22 KB, 306x83, friedchickenfatputabitch.png)

Look at this fat weeaboo trying to deflect the situation.

No. 23142

File: 1441559148448.png (66.06 KB, 313x69, ifyousaysoborry.png)

Pretty sure you're just fat, Berry. I find it so odd that this is the one of the first things she says in the morning, lol. Perhaps she was on lolcow reading about our comments on her shoops.

No. 23163

wtf bs! i know plenty of pretty light skinned asians and girls in general in person that dont need photoshop ljke berry and NEVER in my life or theirs did anyone ever go up to them and ask for a photo like that. It's creepy and weird. Unless at conventions of course but we all know berry does not go to those lol.

No. 23169

even at a con, WHO the fuck is gonna ask for a photo with someone because they're a light skinned asian? berry is such a bullshitter

No. 23171

I was the one who said >>23088.
That does seem plausible, but HENTAITHOT seems like the type of person to exaggerate things judging from his tweets (if he was the one who said the rape thing, if he isn't then sorry I got mixed up.)
Idk I've read most of the threads, rape doesn't seem like something even she would touch on, it seems a bit out of character but that's my own opinion and everyone is welcome to have their own opinions on her character. I'm not trying to defend her but rape seems like too much of a lie. (inb4 berry lies about everything and blah blah). Since that kevin kid participates in group chats with those people around here, theres a possibility that in the chat they decided to go exaggerate the fuck out of things just to take FakeMiruku down – I forgot where I was going with this. Sorry. If anyone has a differing opinion then feel free to say so. This is just a speculation from me.

No. 23172

File: 1441565557073.jpg (10.02 KB, 275x178, 1427911566386.jpg)

Berry is the true and only light-skinned asian in her kawaii world LOL reminds me of that bullshit lie she said about a classmate thinking she was a pop-star back in her middle school days omfg

No. 23174

We don't think we can say anything to change your mind, but the evidence is still very telling and still leads to one outcome: she is responsible for this lie. You say that it's out of her character to lie about rape accusations but then say that her and her friends could have exaggerated a lie? Both of those are the exact same thing: her lying about being threatened. Her and her friends still lied about the rape accusations in this scenario. Honestly, either way you look at it she is still at fault and plays a big part in it. Whether she is the one who lied to her friends or her friends are the one that lied for her, her hands are still dirty in this and she did nothing to correct it.

No. 23175

File: 1441566588802.png (7.28 KB, 582x117, 1428123836682.png)

old tweet but

No. 23177

I'm very open to changing my mind and I also know that I don't think I can change your mind either. When I said her friends might have exaggerated it I meant it could be them alone thinking "Lets say this in order to make it seem more serious! Yeah! Justice 4 Berry-senpai!" and being stupid teens who are a few years younger than her they go around telling people she was threatened with rape.

But yes, I do agree that she has a hand in this since she didn't do anything towards it. Thanks for not being hostile and whatnot lol

No. 23178


That's understandable. I can also see where you're coming from. We would never be hostile towards someone expressing their thoughts and opinions in a civil manner.

No. 23182

korinne in denial that she's a dark skinned pinoy girl lmfao.

No. 23197

it's possible to be light skin and filipino but i dont think berry is. i dont get the big deal anyway, tans are hot? but then again i dont understand the allure of looking like an anime character either

No. 23201

I mean, I know a lot of pale Filipino's. And that's not the problem. Sometimes you guys have to understand that lighting is very important in pictures. I'm Asian and I wouldn't say I'm the palest person of all but lighting can really change your skin color. The problem is, Berry just uses intense photoshop OR just a shit load of filters that makes her skin look flawless.

No. 23203

Being tan is fine and she might be a little on the lighter side of tan
But being tan would make it hard to get the popularity that she has. Seems like filters to me, whenever I take a selfie I always use a filter or two to make the lighting around me and my skin look better.
She probably uses filters and then shoops anymore "minor" imperfections

No. 23212

We talked about her most recent photoshop mishaps here: http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/128511780421/berrys-new-photo-she-claims-it-isnt

Feel free to let us know if we missed anything!

No. 23227

I like the post, the only thing I find weird is how you circled the eyebrows. Personally I don't do my eyebrows but when I see videos on youtube on how to do your eyebrows and pictures on tumblr of people where their "eyebrow game is strong", it seems to blur at the inner edges like that. So…is it really Berry photshopping or is it just make up?

No. 23230

Personally, I think her eyebrows are fine and I don't think she photoshopped her brows. It's more of a gradient effect brows. Because if you fill or draw on your brows bold, it will look super un-natural and fake.

No. 23237

I didn't even notice she drew hair on her I'm actually laughing so hard

No. 23243

Photoshopped or not, I like the pic.
And does anyone know where she got that kind of jacket? I would ask her myself but she didn't post it on Insta and I only have an Insta.
I'll save since I didn't post nothing of substance.

No. 23251

Yeah that's exactly what I thought, she might PS a lot but she is pretty good at make-up imo.

No. 23252

We are not criticizing her makeup or eyebrows. We are criticizing her photoshop. Despite her makeup being done, lots of the photo is randomly blurred/smudged/smoothened and the tips of her eyebrows in the places we circled is included in that. We know the process of eyebrow shading but there is no way her eyebrows could look that blurred into her skin without Photoshop.

No. 23257

File: 1441587193265.jpg (99.48 KB, 604x604, image.jpg)


Pretty good at caking makeup on her face kek

No. 23262

File: 1441590164263.jpg (54.19 KB, 640x451, image.jpg)

Look guys. Progress.

No. 23263

File: 1441590195582.jpg (60.5 KB, 640x671, image.jpg)

Her comment was directed to this tweet.

No. 23264

File: 1441590231713.jpg (36.36 KB, 640x301, image.jpg)

And their commentary…

No. 23265

File: 1441590833737.jpg (39.31 KB, 640x365, image.jpg)

…And we are back at square one. That progress has disintegrated before our eyes within 15 minutes. Bravo, Berry. Bravo.

No. 23267

What is the sense of apologizing if she still doesn't understand why its wrong…? She is just trying to save face. Nice try Burry.

No. 23271

Is anyone actually offended from what she says? It just bothers me how stupid she sounds. And makes her look like a hypocrite

No. 23272

It's obvious she doesn't care and is still desperate to appear nipponese. I mean, shes been going by "berry tsukasa" this whole time and probably has no plans to change that. You don't see japanese girls into western culture nicknaming themselves shit like Elizabeth Montgomery.

No. 23273

File: 1441592550563.jpg (291.2 KB, 1280x1182, 15-09-06-22-19-58-249_deco.jpg)

Why am I finding this buttkisser so annoying

No. 23274

I don't mind the Photoshop tbh. Berry is an idiot and a liar lol

No. 23275

File: 1441593187422.jpg (136.39 KB, 522x675, 15-09-06-22-31-08-220_deco.jpg)

Who cares? Aprilchu looks like a frog anyways. Why is she even bothering to buttkiss berry. Prolly not enough attention kek

No. 23281

File: 1441594792689.jpg (64.42 KB, 636x431, image.jpg)

Did anyone else notice how she added cosplay to her description? lol

No. 23446

File: 1441599108150.jpg (42.28 KB, 635x366, image.jpg)

difference is you can still recognize beyonce in the streets she posts unphotoshopped photos she only uses photoshop for magazine covers etc that she gets paid to do

No. 23447

her nose is so wide

No. 23448

she calls herself otaku she's so dumb kek

No. 23497

File: 1441603157215.jpg (33.29 KB, 640x254, image.jpg)

Yeah that's why she's always buying knockoffs on eBay. So rich*~

No. 23504

But like knock offs of $4 lip glosses…

No. 23506

>caking on cheap makeup

>treating your skin well

Top kek

I can't imagine being as dumb as her. If she keeps this up by the time she's in her early twenties she'll be looking haggard.

No. 23508


wow so rich berry, so $60 foundation goes with knock off lip products and naked palette?

No. 23510

she's already 21 though (inb4 any of you say she's not)
i'm going by what i've seen on her twitter, if you have actual proof she's not 21 then you can show it but otherwise i think she's over 20

No. 23512

It has already been pointed out she's still in high school here >>22715

No. 23514

Yeah but that could be a lie lol if my memory serves me right (lazy to find the post in all these other posts) didn't she say that to some guy she obviously didn't want to talk to?

No. 23515

She's mentioned school after that as well. She had also made her Twitter private after that post pointed out her lie. If was actually in college(like OCC) she would be starting sometime this week or later instead of on the second.

No. 23518

File: 1441612420782.png (295.15 KB, 500x376, side-eye-queen.png)


No. 23519

File: 1441612737968.jpg (74.9 KB, 720x482, image.jpg)

I've been following her for years on social media and I'm pretty sure she's 21, she's either in a community college or held back in highschool
it doesn't make sense to me if she's 16 now because apparently this pic is from 2010 and if she's 16/17 now then that means she's 10/11 in this picture?
She should be 15 in this picture which means she's 21 now

No. 23521

She's in school now. Most of the colleges in her area haven't even started their fall semesters. Tom Rivers High Schools were in session during the initial tweet she made about being in school. I thought she might have been in VoTech, but they didn't start until the next day. It's not hard to believe she's lying about her age. She's lied about everything else at this point.

No. 23533

File: 1441625855405.png (253.53 KB, 1167x944, Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 7.21…)

Just to add on to these (see pic)
To berrykissu: Maybe it wasn't an issue until berry tried to call out non-Asians for wanting to be Asian, when she has expressed and continues to express how much she wants to be Japanese.

To vu: How can you say she has learned from her mistakes when she's still trying to pass as Japanese, has her profile decorated with kanji, and tries to go by a Japanese surname?

To berry: You're still a dumbass and it increases at exponential rates on a daily basis. Please stop attempting to look clever when it's clear you can't even keep track of the things you say


Isn't this the same girl that thought MAC was high end, that bought potentially toxic 1$ lip tints on ebay that was knock offs of already 4$ cheap etude lip tints, and stated that you didn't need expensive make up? If she really has 60$ foundation I feel like she wouldve taken a picture to show it off like everything else.

No. 23535

File: 1441627307388.jpg (76.9 KB, 640x821, image.jpg)

Meanwhile Berry on the streets with no ps

No. 23538

For arguments sake since it seems her age is on topic again, what makes you say she is 15/16 here? Is it something she said? I don't get why you think it's common knowledge she is 15/16 here. Is it because of the way she looks? Is that all you are going on or more?

No. 23540

^^^^ its because everything she does, and say is really irrational. So whatever she tweets about in her life makes it sound like she's 16. I mean if we were able to figure out her real name then finding out her real age should be the same… Maybe…? Most likely..?

No. 23543

Oh I'm on your side. I was asking that person why they think that in that old photo she is 15/16 in and thinks they are 21 now. We have no proof of either her being 15/16 or her being 21 so I was wondering their thoughts on why they think she is 21 now and 15/16 in that photo. But yeah I agree with you. It's not far fetched to think she is young because she sounds childish as hell but I've seen 21 year olds childish as hell too.

No. 23557

I keep laughiing at the picture OP chose and I'm a bit curious now. How do you actually get rid of a moustache like that? Would she wax it or shave it? In elementary school my friend would bleach hers.

No. 23558

all those methods work just depends on the preference of who is getting it lol

No. 23562

File: 1441642040525.jpg (56.52 KB, 640x463, image.jpg)

What school is she going to that has class on labor day ?

No. 23564


It depends on how thick your mustache is. If you wear makeup the foundation will go over your mustache and make it look more obvious. Just imagine a mustache covered with bb cream, lol! Something Korinne probably does and tries to edit it out which leads to darkness around her lips. Bleaching it helps but if you're in the sun often they'll see your facial hair due to the sunlight. So you're better off tweezing, waxing, or using hair removal cream. When you have any sort of facial hair it's a hassle. Especially if you're someone that wears makeup. You have to exfoliate your face to make sure your face is smooth before applying any sort of makeup or primer on or your dead skin cells will show with the makeup. Moisturizing is also important but it depends on type of skin you have. I personally have very dry skin so I go through hell making sure my face is ready for applying makeup. I'm baffled though. You'd think since Korinne spends $60 on foundation she'd at least take care or that mustache…

No. 23566


Is there even any schools open today?

No. 23572

Most schools are closed but I guess she's one of those people that have to go to school.

No. 23580

Probably but not likely. I really doubt she'd be stuck in the random ass school that IS open. I think she's just making a joke since it is Monday or she doesn't even know its labor day and no school because she isn't in school lmao. Who knows.

No. 23581

Schools are definitely closed today. She's either trying to make a joke or she's talking out of her ass.

No. 23582

I kind of have this theory that she could be in high school. I googled the school people thought she went to and it starts on the 2nd. On the 1st she said that she was going 'textbook shopping' and that could be school supply shipping and she's putting on a front. She also stopped making plushies August 31st lol. Just a theory though.

No. 23589

Kind of late on that, it's already been brought. It's likely she's either in her Junior or Senior year now. She snitched on herself without even realizing it.

No. 23590

i have a theory she just graduated and hasnt applied/wasnt accepted to any colleges thats why she makes up a fake successful life where she is a doctor and lies about how smart she was in highschool

No. 23591

I'm with you on this

No. 23592

also sorry for double posting this is backed by how she went to go eat out the time of her schools senior prom, probably because no one asked her, so she made lies about out with the bae cause she was sad and made lies about how a highschool boy asked her but she is done with the highschool shit lulz no boy asked her

No. 23593

>i love myself
>thats why i photoshop myself into almost an entirely different human being

No. 23594

Yeah book shopping
where atleast in my college u gotta wait to see if you are going to use them or if the professor is just gonna hand lectures.
But high school in general usually assign the books u gotta buy since its "obligated"
So u buy them before even starting school.

No. 23597

She can also be lying about her school start date though?
And there's also the possibility of taking a couple of gap years and lying about that, that could be why she has all this time to play games

No. 23598

oops double posting because i saw the rest of the posts

i'm in college right now and some of my professors email their syllabus before class starts so we can order/buy the books as soon as possible. i don't know about where you live but in high school we'd have to actually go to school to pick up our books and we don't really buy them?..

No. 23599

When I was in HS, we had to buy certain books. Like stuff for English class and foreign languages.

But why would she privatizate her Twitter when it was pointed out she was in school at the time HS started back over there? Like, if she was lying she wouldn't need to do that. Not to mention it's super easy to see when the schools over there started back up. The colleges haven't even began their fall semesters but the high schools have and Tom Rivers HS had just started when she made that tweet. If anything, she would be a HS dropout if she's not actually in HS.

No. 23601

Usually public schools are the one that lend books

No. 23608

Dude, she's just a child, or is that a childhood pic she posted?

No. 23609

hmm well it could be a location thing? unless you live near her and know how it works around there.
she still seems active throughout the day though (i don't follow her so correct me if i'm wrong) so if she was in school last week she'd have to be offline more

No. 23612

What will she do all the other school days though??? She can't privatize her page everytime she has school lol. If this is true that sounds stupid as hell imo idk what she was thinking.
She is literally always active unless you count the times she is probably sleeping. I mean today she is very active. She got up four hours ago (idk I just went to her twitter) and has been active since. Doubt she's in class and even more so doubt it because it's LABOR DAY lol. Unless she tweeted that shit way after she went on twittee and went to class before but…labor day tho…lol. So we'll see the rest of the week :D

No. 23617

Actually after today we can't tell if she's in high school or college anymore since that's when OCC (and other schools around there?) starts their fall semester. We'll only know if she's in class.

I personally think she's in college and she was just saying she was in school to fuck people up lol

But I agree with you on the privatizing thing, it seems stupid and I don't think she'd do that EVERY time school is mentioned. Maybe she was just trying to figure out if she should private her twitter or nah.

No. 23625

Fall semester at OCC starts tomorrow. The other colleges are starting later. It's not hard to look up. Honestly she should just come clean instead lying.

No. 23630

Lol sometimes schools in the same area start on the same date here but putting that aside, lets see.

No. 23746

File: 1441742686628.png (57.29 KB, 772x244, Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 4.03…)

She tweeted this in the morning and hasn't tweeted all day until now so I'm assuming she had school today

No. 23757

File: 1441748842809.png (31.55 KB, 611x299, ss (2015-09-08 at 05.42.09).pn…)

She tweeted a picture of the TV and she was watching some girl talk about how to eat sushi the right way but she immediently deleted it, I should've screenshot it.

No. 23760

File: 1441749885434.png (37.09 KB, 780x139, Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.04…)

Berry I think you meant to say living room

No. 23761

I'm middle class and 65" TV isn't that big or expensive lmao

No. 23768

If she really wants to flex how rich desu wa~ she is she'd talk about having a housekeeper or maybe owning luxury hand bags and clothes, cars, so forth. Any regular ass family can afford a huge tv it's 2015.

No. 23770

>gaming room

No. 23784

Is it uncommon for houses to have a gameroom? That doesn't really seem like anything to brag about… but then again she brags about having a $40 daki when most of then are around that price. It seems like she doesn't really know what being wealthy is.

No. 23785

File: 1441758348475.jpg (73.08 KB, 640x751, image.jpg)

Look at what I found. It looks like hentaithot had a huge roll in the tale accusations.

No. 23786

Fuck my phone **

Look at what I found. It looks like hentaithot had a huge role in the fake accusations.

No. 23787


Rape accusations *

No. 23793

File: 1441760514601.png (2.48 MB, 1146x1130, Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.58…)

Might be reaching but this is a picture on Ouji's instagram. I found that it resembles the pictures that berry took outside of her house. There are several of them in this vk album https://vk.com/album-50726051_206081693

No. 23810

File: 1441765931117.jpg (75.79 KB, 604x341, 2okb40iCt-4.jpg)

they're really similar, here's an example

No. 23815

If only the image was of a higher resolution so that we could have a botany fag determine if those trees are indigenous to Ouji's region of Indonesia.

No. 23817

She could just be calling her living room a game room since their gaming consoles are probably in there

No. 23818

Guys this might or might not be out there but I think hentaithot was the one who wrote and sent that message around.

No. 23825

File: 1441773906159.jpg (287.62 KB, 1242x1702, image.jpg)

Since we are talking about HENTAITHOT or whatever he seems to be really rude and racist. Can't tell if it's a joke but it's gross? The term coon has a really negative connotation to it. Does berry follow this guy? Says lot about her, joke or not. She kinda does the same thing: the chicken nugget thing, black face, wanting to say nigga and trying to be not racist towards blacks but ends up being racist anyways for trying too hard to not ne racist lel. There are pics somewhere of the tweets. Im prolly reaching though, ideas anybody?

No. 23828


He probably had a part in the message but that doesn't mean Korinne is innocent by any means.

No. 23829


You're not reaching. I've been looking into hentaithot and he is just as (or even more) problematic as Korinne. He loves to start shit. Him and kungfllu go hand in hand with their Twitter drama. But then again all of Korinnes friends are pretty much problematic and little pieces of shit. Korinne became friends with hentaithot after he 'dragged' Fakemiruku and she has been kissing his ass ever since. The same exact thing goes for kungfllu. She follows both of them and sits back and watch them 'drag' people on Twitter. We all know how much Korinne loves watching her friends start shit with people while she sits back and watches. She can't even fight her own battles. It's very telling that she's friends with these fools but I'm not surprised.

No. 23831

Since I live in indonesia I can confirm that there are no trees like that here. Almost all the leaves have fallen so they are probably taken during autumn?? And you guys know there's no autumn in indonesia. Trees in indonesia tend to be more lush so I'm saying this picture gave me more american feel than indonesian one. Idk if i make any sense loll btw i'm indonesian who's been living in the states for 5-6 years.. Btw what is ouji's ig?

No. 23834

File: 1441780682549.jpg (70.47 KB, 450x300, cuqegarut.jpg)

Added some pictures for reference..

No. 23836

File: 1441780718971.jpg (19.62 KB, 460x320, images (8).jpg)

No. 23841


he's just like Korinne. Having a second persona; by the look of his Facebook account, his friends probably think he's an innocent anime loving kid that can't harm anybody.

No. 23859

No. 23862

Thanks! Well I checked the account, and in one of the pic he was speaking in indonesian slang with one indonesian girl. I'm assuming the real ouji is behind this acc. Hope this helps with proving rumours that he's not real/berry using his acc or w/e.. sadly he doesn't post much so i can't dig any deeper

No. 23941

his hair is red not pink what is this

No. 23957

File: 1441829314569.png (12.86 KB, 509x77, lolgdouji.png)

LOL. Ok, Korinne. Ouji doesn't look like G-Dragon at all.

No. 23960

People only think he looks like G-dragon because of his pink hair. meh.

No. 23975

Eh.. he wishes he was GD. I was the one who posted that image of him beside GD , and I didn't mean it as a compliment. Hahahahah

No. 23976

She wish lmao

No. 24015

ouji tries to pull off the middle part/dyed hair thing that only GD can pull off and he just looks like a tool

No. 24018

he's a feg

No. 24025

File: 1441843549637.jpg (64.28 KB, 599x779, image.jpg)

This doesn't sound like Ouiji tbh. They sound like the same person. Wouldn't be surprised if Berry is back at her bullshit.

No. 24026

File: 1441843634186.jpg (2.12 MB, 2560x2560, 15-09-09-19-32-14-509_deco.jpg)

Imagine being so obsessed with a Korean artist you try to mold your boyfriend into looking like one. If I was Ouji I would have left Korinne years ago.

No. 24038

Except they're not really together???
Seriously, long distance relationships are a joke.

No. 24040


Look, I have some weird hangups about e-relationships too. I get you, I really do, but saying something like that is just going to turn the thread into some huge-ass retarded debate.

No. 24044


Holy fucking shit
Why do people do this
Oh man, you can just tell they're the kind of couple who would interact like this irl in public implying they'd ever meet implying Ouji is real and you're forced to hold your vomit in until they leave

No. 24045

Not saying she's innocent but he seems to be the main perp in the message

you guys don't understand lol if you've been there 4-5 years ago on fb ouji used to have blond hair and looked pretty similar to gd in his heartbreaker era.

No. 24048

So what? This cow is dry rn and a long distance relationship with a person you've never met before, and have "been with" for years? Puhlease anon. Shit is borderline catfishing.

No. 24052


Well, whatever then. I do agree with you, though.

>I love Ouji so much, my relationship is so perfect, we've been together so long and it's still amazing <3

>Doesn't use rich kid dolla to buy a fucking plane ticket to see your ~*~omg soul mate~*~ but can spend it on Etude House fakes

No. 24053

Kek. Seriously. With all the money she wastes you would think!!!!!
All she needs is a plane ticket. I'm sure he'd let her stay at his place.

No. 24056

there was more of a resemblance back then (thanks to angle and ps) but currently the only resemblance is the wannabe gd hairstyle

No. 24064

I might be reaching, but is it possible her parents don't know about Ouji and she possibly hides him from them? Didn't she have a tweet where her mom said "look for a husband with a nice nose" or something?

No. 24068

she claims she is doing homework (or was earlier) if she was in college would she have hw?

I don't know how's stuff in the US but here we usually had tons of shit to study at college (exams and shit), but we never really had homework like we used to do in hs?

No. 24086

There is homework in college but usually it's writing papers. More work is in class with group work, notes, and hands on work. Online classes have more homework though in replace of the work in class. Lots of forum type writing for class participation and papers depending on the class. But yeah like you said none of it is like high school homework or the high school homework experience.

No. 24095

math and language classes give out a shit ton of homework to be fair

No. 24122

The reason why I think Ouji is "fake" comes from the fact that he has no interaction wat so ever with other ppl unless its with Berries friends or her and thats it.
Like doesn't he has friends of his own?
who knows maybe she has access of his pic somewhere but are not actually dating

No. 24132


I've wondered that myself. Has anyone seen Ouji talking to his irl friends online? It's just so strange how he seems to live for only Berry.

No. 24189

He used to back then, but not anymore. That's what confuses me, what is he doing living like that? I know few of his friends that used to be with him in videos and pictures years ago(his irl friends) they have actually gotten into decent job and looking pretty succesfull.. he's always been this way tho ever since he deleted his facebook page for her. Whether it's his tumblr, twitter or any other social media he's always been focusing on berry, talking only about her and such. I stalked him and found out that he doesn't follow any of his irl friends on his social media, so maybe he just wanted to keep up with berry and therefore created the account just for her. Idk it makes sense to me, and that's why he only talked about things related to berry. Also i'm not even sure if he keeps in touch with his irl friends anymore, they've become kind of estranged.. maybe he threw his social life away, live like a hermit, so that he can stay up and talk to berry?? (Timezones man) idk what do you guys think?
Ouji is realllly stupid.

No. 24196

File: 1441884323406.gif (495.4 KB, 500x240, smh.gif)

Look at this retard trying to make it out like these ouji accounts are actually run by the real ouji from back in the day.

(While they're cleary berry's sockpuppets)

No. 24210

Actually that makes a lot of sense

No. 24214

I kind of think that's the reason she hasn't saved money or put effort into seeing Ouji. I don't think her parents know.. her siblings do. After 5 years, doesn't seem like he met her parents or she doesn't bring him up to them. Gonna wait to see if she makes up a tweet of her parents talking about Ouji.

No. 24218

So i can't have my own opinion? Look, I did my research. >>23862 was me as well. If berry is behind the account, could she be speaking in indonesian slang? with real indonesian people? Plus the girl he was talking to seems to know him as well (i'm not sure if she knows the real him or his ol persona tho) which is why i was wondering if this was the case. You don't have to be so rude. It might be berry's sockpuppet, or he might be a retard in love, who knows.

No. 24220

>>24214 Actually she tweeted something about her mom asking her to find a nice boyf, and she said something like "she doesn't know i've been dating my boyfriend for years lmao" it was a year ago tho. Anyone else remember??

No. 24225

Hm… My theory: I think she's prolly ashamed that they met on the internet so she hasn't said anything to her parents. Berry and Ouji met online and never met each other in person. maybe she thinks her parents won't approve of them since he lives hella far away.

No. 24229

I don't think she's really ashamed about it since it seems most of her friends are people she's met online.

>maybe she thinks her parents won't approve of them since he lives hella far away.

This might be closer to the truth. The chances of the two of them actually meeting and getting together in real life is pretty slim. Also, I don't think her parents are really aware of her online persona. I can't imagine any parent would be Ok with some of the shit she posts.

No. 24236

File: 1441906773700.png (277.36 KB, 676x307, ridiculous.png)

>in one of the pic he was speaking in indonesian slang with one indonesian girl. I'm assuming the real ouji is behind this acc.

THIS (pic related) is the result of your fucking research?

No. 24253

File: 1441914617874.png (17.02 KB, 579x121, schoolbooks.png)

Ah, yes, like pocky and calpico along with Umaru merchandise! Good investment.

No. 24254

File: 1441914860315.png (17.56 KB, 569x116, berryyourealreadytrashthough.p…)

But Berry, you already do wear baggy clothes! In all your photos it's all you wear, even when it's 92 degrees. You are already the trash you desperately want to be.

No. 24255

File: 1441914990284.png (11.83 KB, 509x151, iambaka.png)

私は神です translates to I am God. (Correct me if I'm wrong. I am not fluent in Japanese and used google translate like Korinne herself probably did, kek.)

More like I am baka.

No. 24257

>You are already the trash you desperately want to be.


No. 24263

File: 1441917962142.png (28.92 KB, 564x230, tfwyouactuallygiveafuck.png)

Why complain about how someone's doing something that displeases you and then proceed to say you don't care? What kind of logic is that?

No. 24272

it could be that he's texting his friends instead of talking to them on social media. I heard that indonesian people still use BBM.

No. 24273

if you're in college you also know the struggle of buying expensive ass books sometimes if it's not on the internet lol


not trying to WK (and some people are probably gonna come at me for this) but have you considered the fact that she puts on baggy clothes in photos only and it doesn't have anything to do with the weather

No. 24286

She always does this lmfao. Talk about being pathetic.

No. 24296

File: 1441926969835.png (22.03 KB, 575x103, bs.png)

Well no shit. Even if he's older than you, he has a much more mature mind unlike you- scum.

No. 24308

File: 1441932506592.jpg (57.83 KB, 640x422, image.jpg)

She has a lot of feelings today. She deleted a few things before I could screenshot them which sucks.

No. 24312

yeah I agree. she's prolly on her period

No. 24313

why is she having so much problems today? lol. is she over exaggerating again or is she making up shit again

No. 24317


Probably both. When has she ever stopped?

No. 24376

dif anon but im indonesian too, and i can say im pretty sure it's ouji just by looking at their convo at that pic,well you can ask that dina girl if you want to make sure tho, there's her email info on her ig

No. 24402

all he said was okeeh like couldnt have berry picked up a little indo while actually dating him for 3 years

No. 24408

File: 1441943434227.png (113.76 KB, 305x383, eJKUg5x.png)

she also changed her named and completely wiped her bio. i think this thread is starting to get to her LMAO

No. 24412

File: 1441943671398.png (23.85 KB, 376x228, Untitled-9.png)

Was she trying to say she was in classes? At this time of day? Like, she posted these at 9PM eastern………bye

No. 24416

People have late classes in college if she is in college.

No. 24421

She's not. She went back to school on the second. The colleges don't start until later. Lik, OCC started on the 8th. Idk why she keeps pretending like she's in college when you can easily check their calendars to see she's full of it.

No. 24425

She can just be talking about school in general. If you talk about school you don't necessarily have to be IN school

Nah I think she's in college because her tweets were sparse starting this week.

No. 24430

She is trynna make it seem like that
she could be going to school then back home to her house play video games and pretend she is in college

No. 24431

So is she trying to make it so you assume shes in school? She was tweeting "realness" leading up to that tweet, so it makes it seem like she was in school at the time

No. 24446

She only start doing that after it was pointed out she started posting about school when the high schools there went back in session. Had she actually been in college she wouldn't have been mentioning school until the following week.

This sounds more like Berry and it lines up with the frequency and times of her tweets.

No. 24451

>well you can ask that dina girl if you want to make sure tho,

Will do.

Who knows if they were actually (long-distance-) dating. From the looks of it, they just cammed two or three times.

No. 24453

>>24402 The thing is he said okay to the girl telling him to follow her back (polbek) unless you're fluent in indonesian slang, you wouldn't know what it means. The term just emerged a few years ago too. For the record I said I was assuming and that I can't dig any deeper, i know that short conversation doesn't prove anything but still I can have my own theory right?
>>24236 dude if you wanna keep reaching then thats fine lmao sit your rude ass down.
>>24451 please ask her lol, tell me if you need a translator!

Maybe her mother is one of those "no bf till you need to get married" asian mother? Then again she's been trying to show off how cool her mother is so the chance is low right hmm.
Or maybe admitting to "i'm in a relationship with a random guy 1000 thousand miles away" is too ridiculous for her lol.
Or is it the fact that he's muslim and that her kawaii animu dream to be married to animu prince is far too impossible?
Tune in for more details

No. 24464

Her tweets are not that sparse imo. I mean I looked at the website you guys thought she went to and it says they end around 1-2pm? And lately she's been inactive for around 8 hours, I guess sleeping, and tweeting very very loosely for the next 7-8. It isn't until 1-3pm when she starts to be more active. I swear it's not that hard to notice lol. Unless she has college classes at your typical high school times…

No. 24480

File: 1441991448561.jpg (24.54 KB, 640x236, image.jpg)

Starting school on the right track!

No. 24481

I was bored and stalked his ig again and found out one of his real friend is following him but he didn't follow him back

No. 24491

Some people have college classes in the morning and some people like to have it in the afternoon, being in college has loose time boundaries (that is worded weirdly so i hope you get me)

No. 24495

No. 24496

7:37 am? shudders who would voluntarily take classes so early

No. 24497

No I get you I know how it works. It's just that I also know different days probably have different times and her times are pretty typical with high school times according to her tweets. I'm just steadily pushing that she still might be in hs. Which brings me to my reply here.
The hs everyone thought she was in starts at 7:15am.

No. 24505

File: 1442004259280.png (214.62 KB, 579x415, img236543w45.png)

ok berry tsubaka

No. 24506

File: 1442004323939.png (14.64 KB, 573x108, IMG0150911-153539.png)

that """humble""" brag

No. 24507


Looks like she deleted it. I can't find this on her twitter.

No. 24512

Why would you need help getting to the library if you already go to the same school you've BEEN going to? Very cute to post when you have a "bf" 5000000 miles away.

No. 24535

i like how her new twitter name 笑 explains what she is in reality, a fucking joke

No. 24549

File: 1442008465252.png (21.41 KB, 577x127, cde018ce4a8554f53d4f06013541c7…)

"hi i'm berry and my bf is so annoying just because he's older and questions me every time - like he's my dad. he keeps asking me these questions because he doesn't know any of my guy friends."

well guess what. I bet you don't even know them personally too.

No. 24556

Berry has been tweeting a lot of shit these past 2 days and constantly delete them. Does she finally realize how much of a pitiful person she is? XD

No. 24670

File: 1442015276499.png (143.25 KB, 586x296, loool.png)

her friends lurks here, i saw this pic in venus thread.

No. 24671

Not surprising that she has spies everywhere that lurk for her, and that her friends know about her bs but put up with it for fame.

No. 24672

michele deleted the tweet n i c e

No. 24678

This got deleted ?? hmmm
Theres a lot of theories out there that she just rolled in college & this tweet would explain why she needed help to get to the library because she doesn't know since she just joined.. HMMM HMMM

No. 24680

While I won't deny she lurks here, we gotta slow down on that 'I bet they lurk here' thing.
Because Venus is pretty well known or at the least, mentioned once or laughed or gawked at once in the online general weeb community.
Or the YT weeb/idoru community.

Probably she didn't want to start trouble with other people/Venus or get you all on her ass for teasing Venus. So she deleted them

No. 24682

no..like..the image that michele posted, was posted IN the venus thread. she saved it and posted it to twitter lel.

No. 24684

File: 1442018493280.png (210.9 KB, 639x296, venus.png)

pic of the post in the current venus thread lel

No. 24685

Oh! My bad, sorry.

But another question, was the pictures origin from the Venus thread then?

Sorry to give Berry ideas but I kinda feel bad when her solution is just simple.

Keep Berry as a persona.
Make a personal account you can tell the truth on, tell your closest friends who'll understand, and start over. Done.

No. 24688


Hi I'm Michele, someone told me that my deleted tweet was mentioned here.
No I don't lurk her, that was my original pic (can I even call it that……) because I was on youtube and I saw that suggested to me. I bet none of you follow me since I'm not well known but I usually watch scary story videos so thats why when I saw the venus thing next to the suggestions I thought it was funny. I deleted it today because I thought it didn't look nice on the side w/ all my other drink pics and yeah things you all don't care about.
This is literally what I did and if you don't believe me then fine.
On a sidenote I am aware of this thread but I don't really care since it's really none of my business. Believe me or not but yeah. - Michele

No. 24689

File: 1442020579202.jpg (19.28 KB, 575x323, CMyL9b6W8AAROJ1.jpg)

No. 24691

> someone told me that my deleted tweet was mentioned here

bitch, step off with your lies omg

No. 24692

I don't get why you're here if you don't care?

No. 24693

What lies? That really was originally my screenshot.
I don't care about the thread, I only wanted to clear up my tweet jfc
And before you say why am I still here, of course I'm gonna check back to see if anyone replied to me/is asking anything

No. 24695

You don't care ? LOL You just explained yourself to people here. Of course you do.

No. 24696

? idg what you're going on about. i wanted to settle the tweet thing and leave after all of you move on with the topic but please enlighten me then

No. 24697

The post for the tweet was made an hour ago, and your "first" post here was made 30 minutes ago; so please
No one's arguing if it was your screenshot or not, but no one is going to tell you within 30 minutes "hey you were mentioned in the berry lolcow thread"
You checked it yourself, saw yourself mentioned and decided to post for some stupid reason.

No. 24698

Soo you basically just ratted yourself out? If its your original screenshot it must mean you are active in the venus thread or even other threads. kek ok. What a good friend you are only coming here to defend yourself and not your best friend.

No. 24699

awkward, michele just dug herself into a hole.

No. 24700

Dude I was out the whole day until I got home to order pizza
And some of you (or one of you?) were saying that I took it from the venus thread and it's actually them who posted my screenie there.

My screenshot was posted on twitter, and then Berry RT'd it and someone probably saw it and posted it to the venus thread. I'm not active on this site lol the only time I interacted with someone from the thread was when the fakemiruku twitter was up and i talked to whoever that was.
and even if I defended her, you guys would say stuff against it and it'd be an endless back and forth

No. 24701

If you don't care about the thread itself, why post on it? You obv care since your tweet was on this thread (this thread you said YOU DIDN'T. CARE ABOUT.) How difficult is it to understand that?

No. 24702

the CONCEPT of the thread i don't care about. my tweet yes I do care because you all think I'm active

No. 24703

The post for the tweet was made 2 hrs ago and my post was made 1 hr ago so within an hour yes someone did tell me

No. 24704

ok i'm off see you all never 8)

No. 24705

good get the fuck outta here ugly chink(race comments only permitted in /b/)

No. 24706

birds of a feather flock together, Berry is fake, a liar and sketchy and it would only make sense that her best friend is like that too. Not surprised. She actually sounds more immature than Berry lel.

No. 24707

Whoa lets not bring racism slang in the thread. That makes everything worse.

No. 24708

Since Berry lurks this thread, watch her say "don't mess with my friend I'll drag u!!!" And do nothing. LOL

No. 24709

she sounded stupid but she doesn't seem sketchy?? she said "believe me or not" and if you guys didn't believe her just ignore her lol

>inb4 WK

No. 24710

I always forget she does shit like that
where's that one post where she tweeted "if you piss me off don't be surprised when i come at you with my fist, I won't say anything I'll just throw a punch"

like she never does shit for herself why would she bother for her inturnut fwiendos

No. 24711

I thought she sounded sketchy about the whole 'i don't lurk!!!11'
She might be lying to save face like Beery during damage control and the fakemiruku twitter incident. i dont know.

No. 24712

Berry bluffing and all talk keeeek why does she bother putting up an IDGAF persona.

No. 24713

no you're right, she's sketchy in that way just as that hentaithot guy is
they all back track, say shit and then back pedal so that they still seem cool

the other anon doesn't know what theyre talking about

No. 24714

she probably comes in here a few times but damn who would admit that they lurk here? its fucking embarrassing to say that.

No. 24715

*a few times or more

No. 24716

if you're caught in a lie though, why not just be like yeah ok???????????
own up to your shit
she's not even as bad as berry, the most that would come out of it would probably just be something along the lines of "she secretly has a dislike for her in some way" and that's literally it bc she's not lolcow material

No. 24717

at least her twitter is less annoying compared to hentaithot's lol
or maybe..it's not a lie but really who knows and who cares. but yeah she's nothing special, this is derailing the thread.

No. 24718

i keep double posting lol but also maybe she would've owned up if someone didn't call her a bitch, she got defensive.

No. 24720

boo hoo, someone called her a bitch, call a therapist and go cry about it there.

No. 24721

what the fuck
michele what are you still doing here

No. 24723

wow you guys i'm just speculating lol
playing "devils advocate" as some of you may call it.

No. 24725

"how come i dont know him?"
2) ur not real :(

No. 24727

berry's friends having to defend themselves bc she doesn't defend them the way they do for her :'(

No. 24728

one quick last thing to add onto the michele stuff since i was thinking about it from her perspective and inb4 WK again, she probably didn't defend burry since that wouldn't have moved any of you anyways so i see why she didn't bother
i think it's better that she didn't since she would've looked even more foolish.


No. 24729

let's all just go back to talking about berry and instead of bickering between each other about michele and her fee fee's; let's just rip berry a new mouth asshole

No. 24730

Jesus Christ… Michele made a bad move by coming in here. Just further shows Korinne and her friends do lurk in this thread. So much for not caring about what people say about you, right, Korinne? kek

No. 24731


With the way her mouth has been spewing diarrhea left and right she's going to need a diaper for that mouth of hers.

No. 24732

I wish she would learn what chapstick is jfc

No. 24733

eh, i'm more surprised by the fact that she didn't come in here earlier.

No. 24735

File: 1442032395119.png (14.95 KB, 527x181, ironic.png)

Funny because she can't even love herself.

No. 24736

Pratice what you preach hoe

No. 24777

Why does Berry's bio say born 1990(did she do it as a joke?) or is she implying she's 24/25?

No. 24782

It says 1900 on her bio. Either way though, she's trying to hide her real age.

No. 24789

Am I the only one think Ouji is chubbier now? his fingers are thick now. o.o He isn't as handsome as he used to be.

No. 24790


You're not the only one thinking Ouji probably gained weight. His fingers do look thicker, but if anything, he probably weighs less than Korinne, lmao. As for him looking handsome… I'm pretty sure he photoshopped his photos and Korinne probably helped him with that too.

No. 24791

Nah I don't think he is handsome anymore lol. He used to look good. I think Ouji will look good again if he's back to his weight before. I think Ouji still looks better than Berry without photoshop lol. Ouji is trying to catch up Berry's weight! They're going to match each other's weights LOL. Could it be Berry asked him to gain weight cause she doesnt want to look huge next to him? Haha

No. 24794

File: 1442049664276.jpg (44.98 KB, 640x436, lmaothisfoolishness.jpg)

It must be sad having an internet boyfriend you'll never meet along with him probably being skinnier and shorter than you. But like Korinne says, she has better things to do! She has to focus on being a doctor!

No. 24795


I agree that Ouji looks better than Berry without photoshop. I'm not sure what's stopping him from finding a real girlfriend in Indonesia… And it doesn't matter how much weight Ouji tries to gain in attempt to catch up to Berry. She'll always look like a damn cow next to him. Those shoulders of hers are massive despite her trying to hide them with her sweaters.

No. 24796

She's probably gained more weight since this video, let's be real here.

No. 24797

>massive amount of hair barely hiding a massive head
>massive sweater barely hiding a massive body

No. 24825

File: 1442062894241.jpg (367.99 KB, 1920x1506, 15-09-12-06-00-13-127_deco.jpg)


No. 24827

honestly who's she fooling, she looks huge

No. 24833

>No I don't lurk her

you do lurk here lol. you even posted in previous berry threads.

That's because it's not the same person. those aren't the fingers of a male. shouldn't berry as a "doctor to be" at least be aware of human anatomy like that?

No. 24865

File: 1442082708135.png (364.63 KB, 940x548, 2015-09-12_13-08-40.png)

she deleted the photo tweet and her reply to the girl lmao

No. 24866

File: 1442082896303.jpg (20.26 KB, 340x504, COuJ2EUWsAAJA__.jpg)

She also tweeted this but after having it up not even 15 or 20 minutes she deleted it. https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/642758937129959424

No. 24868

maybe she didn't want her followers seeing that the photos look like two completely different people

No. 24870

File: 1442083242196.png (26.32 KB, 339x452, 2015-09-12_13-18-11.png)

AND she deleted this tweet aswell. Shes been tweeting so fucking much today and she just goes back and deletes all of them lmao.

No. 24874

Lol that isn't even funny I'd delete that too. One thing she hasn't deleted tho is her 'my eyebrows have cancer' tweet and her tweet saying 'my tweets are useless but so is your life so we are even' and she's gross as hell for saying that shit.

No. 24876

No. 24877

File: 1442087407347.png (19.66 KB, 626x259, 1dyq5su.png)

Why does she feel the need to tweet out her being an ass to her parents? Is it so she looks edgy or something? It makes her look like an ungrateful piece of shit. https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/642786596811579392

No. 24878

She took a picture of a shit ton of junk food that she bought and immediately deleted it. You're on a roll today, Korinne.

No. 24880

File: 1442087583018.png (152.71 KB, 581x503, aoWfseK.png)

Deleted this aswell.

No. 24881

File: 1442087699562.jpg (96.3 KB, 600x808, image.jpg)

Her sausage fingers are going to be fatter lmao

No. 24889

File: 1442088405146.png (36.65 KB, 582x213, 2e88a246c7e11fa64b53e4ba85c14f…)

"delete's twitter"
I'm sure she's just trolling around on Twitter now. I'm also sure that she's reading all this stuff and just making posts about it and tryna mess with you guys

No. 24893

Lol anyone know what store this is?

No. 24894

The deletes twitter thing wasn't in reference to her deleting her tweets. Its apart of that "DELETE THIS"/"DELETING" joke thing thats going around, I'm pretty sure its from tumblr.

No. 24902

She probably is trolling the hell out of us. That would explain why she deletes every other photo she posts and every other tweet. I don't know why she would even post things and delete them a minute later unless it was to fuck with someone lol.

No. 24903

Thats not trolling, thats acting like an idiot.

No. 24918

when has michele posted in the previous threads? as far as i know, michelle/berrykissu is the only one that posted here before.

No. 24925

didnt she say the truck was hers??? hmm

No. 24936

File: 1442104677526.png (5.32 KB, 509x221, berryheightlies.png)

Didn't Berry say she was 5FT and then went on to say she was like 4'11"? I looked on her tumblr and on August 13th, 2012 she stated she was 5'1".

Original post: http://ichigoflavor.tumblr.com/post/29315207277/guyse-why-am-i-so-short-im-like-51-and-im

No. 24940

File: 1442108418389.jpg (70.84 KB, 640x539, image.jpg)

thats because you are problematic :)
But honestly like
When you become known on the internet is not all bad.
But for her she only seems to always point out the bad side of it…
Its like she has a love hate relationship with it

No. 24945

File: 1442108989003.png (27.3 KB, 509x203, thisbitch.png)

Pot calling the kettle black… You are a very annoying and problematic person, Korinne. I thought you were trying to be less of an 'asshole'. How is that working out for you?

No. 24946

Hey! the hypocrite talks about herself again!

No. 24953

she most be on her period with all the mood swings and junk food she bought

No. 24956

File: 1442117091285.png (8.39 KB, 494x149, emoweeabo.png)

She wants to leave America and go to Japan so she can eat her pocky and calpico in peace. Why can't anyone understand?!

No. 24957

File: 1442117139125.jpg (483.18 KB, 1280x956, forkorinne.jpg)

Take notes, Korinne.

No. 24959

if she thinks japan is only full of kawaii girls and senpais then she is soooooo wrong.

No. 24961

File: 1442117717008.png (549.64 KB, 489x627, chineseeyeswhat.png)

What the fuck are Chinese eyes?

No. 24963


berry even doesn't go outside, but sees other people

No. 24965

says she wants small eyes but photoshops them so their more than twice the actual size

No. 24971

wtf, if this was from three years ago, but in some of her clothes reviews from last year and two years ago she said she was just 5ft… ??? stay consistent berry

No. 24975

also, what is with the trend of wanting to act and look like a child? like, "ppl always tell me i look just like a little kid!! im 5ft! i look like im 10! but im really an adult!! ^______^ posts hentai and hypersexual stuff while under the same breath boasting about how childlike they are" its super disgusting and it makes me feel uncomfortable

No. 24976

I hate it too, and it is disgusting. We are currently in a time where some people don't want to separate growing into adulthood versus being a child and the innocence that comes with it. You can still have childlike things as a adult, but you'll never have that innocence and purity that comes with the ignorance of childhood.

No. 24978

File: 1442121018742.jpg (15.22 KB, 632x274, image.jpg)

She has been so moody lately lmao

No. 24980

she's probably on her period, but then again she's on her period 24/7

No. 24981


She deleted it, lol. Such an attention seeker…

No. 24982

File: 1442122360518.jpg (26.27 KB, 640x312, image.jpg)

I don't know how colleges work in America, so please forgive me. Is this normal? Do you get homework that you can do earlier or in advance?

No. 24983

didn't she say she forgot to do her essay? what a fucktard. of course she didn't do her work 2 weeks earlier

No. 24986

Wow nice jab at your sister for having small eyes korrine

No. 24996

File: 1442129139224.png (24.35 KB, 586x221, stfuberry.png)

so edgy!!

No. 24997

i was just thinking how i haven't seen berry post a full body shot (without the stickers/roses/etc. masking parts of her body) since people took note of her shooping herself to look thin. haven't seen her with an exposed midriff, wearing a sporty outfit or anything remotely similar since back then. that was her, right? that's right when i was getting into her shooping antics.

No. 25000

File: 1442131326561.jpg (64.78 KB, 640x432, 1441208700893fds.jpg)

berry be like ''It's only the lighting LOL'' and ''I LOOK BETTER WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP LOOOLLL''

No. 25003

>trolling you guys

who the fuck even are you? you keep saying stupid shit here all the time.
you must be a special kind of idiot, that you have no idea what "trolling" means.

No. 25004

File: 1442133687924.png (25 KB, 584x214, wth.png)

what is going on with her?

No. 25006

Maybe she is breaking?
Would be the best thing ever if she started responding to this thread.

No. 25007


Yeah, I'm starting to think this is all getting to her. She's been like this for a couple of days already.

No. 25010

What if she deletes her twitter after this and disappear from the net? lmao but I doubt she would do that because she is thirst for the fame.

No. 25012


I think her deleting her Twitter would be a good step for her but I really doubt she'd do that. And if she does she'll just use another social media platform more obsessively. She needs an audience so badly. Like you said, the thirst is real with this one. I don't think she's willing to let go of that yet.

No. 25047

In college you get a list of what is due in advance but she is knee deep in med school I truly don't know what kind of homework she can do two weeks in advance there. College isn't high school. You don't get things randomly there and you can actually plan stuff out more but college homework is not just a sheet of paper, usually it's reading a book or doing a project from material you study in class and then you may or may not present it or may or may not have to do hands on work to write the report. It's more difficult. Also obligatory high school kids get deadlines in the form of dates too sometimes so they can do things in advance as well.

No. 25050

she's still a troll keke

No. 25056


I'm not American but I don't think that college/university would be all too different from where I am from. IF, Berry is attending a post-secondary institution and IF by some miracle she is actually on the Pre-Med track, she would have to be taking a load of first year science and maths courses (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus).

Usually these courses include weekly assignments (that are almost always turned on online) that are worth about 10% of the final mark. These assignments are good for practice and for gauging weaknesses before a midterm. Some teachers make all of the semester's assignments available at the beginning of the course and others put each assignment up a week in advance.

If the former, she could have "technically" finished 2 weeks of those assignments or "homework" in advance. As for things like: labs, major research papers, or projects, you can only finish so much in advance but you would probably have to revise them anyway as you progress in the course (and labs obviously can't be written before doing the actual lab).

No. 25079

Isn't it funny how burry keeps posting things about school when she has absolutely no clue about the mechanics of college much less med school? For a high school student who has super percent gpa I expected more from you burry.

No. 25081


^ This. I'm surprised these courses haven't consumed all her time. O_O They require loads of dedication with no time to procrastinate. She should be looking for clubs or internships to apply for, but no. That's what makes it seem sketchy.

No. 25095

didn't she say her gpa was like 115% or something looooool

No. 25122

Yeah I remember she did because I Googled it LOL something like that. Screenshot probably flying around somewhere.

No. 25167

File: 1442201231364.jpg (301.13 KB, 1920x1250, 15-09-13-20-23-38-489_deco.jpg)

No. 25168

File: 1442201306869.jpg (442.47 KB, 1920x1712, 15-09-13-20-24-37-756_deco.jpg)

No. 28723

File: 1442205977715.png (13.44 KB, 333x234, 0M5mpBu.png)

…ok so anyway

No. 28726

whoa, so different! like 90% of other weaboos.

No. 28727

File: 1442206970150.gif (411.36 KB, 500x213, tumblr_m41e5iYpUs1r2gea6.gif)

I snorted

No. 28728

I have this feeling she started med school finally and it's NOTHING like she imagined, so she is kinda pissed off.
Actually does college costs much? She always blabs like she is going to be a plastic surgeon, but what if her parents are only going to pay for her college? And everything above that will either be paid with her own money or not paid at all? I mean, they are not the richest people in their neighborhood.
Her mom is a nurse, so she might think "Well, being a nurse is enough, so there is no point in going higher than that." Imagine Korinne getting her college degree and collecting piss from patients for the rest of her life (because I'm doubting her getting somewhere higher, with all that laziness and her stuck-up personality)? That would be top kek.

No. 28749

File: 1442209634650.png (52.69 KB, 595x507, embarrassing.png)

This is beyond ridiculous. I can't get over how pathetic this girl is.

No. 28759


I still feel like she still spends too much time on twitter to be in med school. This pathetic ass excuse for a human being still has time to lie about shit on twitter while she keeps saying she has better things to do: aka become a doctor. I don't see where she's trying to better herself. All I've seen so far is passive aggressive tweets and bitching about her dad for drinking her calpico. I also find it funny how she starts tweeting at the same time high schoolers are usually out of school. I refuse to believe she's in college unless there's some valid proof on this. She hasn't really said anything she's doing school wise besides an essay, yet she goes on to say she finished all her work before the due date (2 weeks). I find that so fishy. I feel like if she really was in college she'd be talking about it more and instead she keeps her school messages vague. Why would a college student make their tweets so vague? Why is she so paranoid? Why? Because she has something to hide. It just doesn't add up at all to me.

No. 28760


This is the closest we'll get to Korinne admitting she lies about her age, lol.

No. 28762

File: 1442210305462.jpg (10.91 KB, 223x275, CMhOOpUUAAAzECl.jpg)


Appreciate your oppai? What oppai? You barely have any tits, Korinne.

No. 28768

File: 1442210629130.png (36.57 KB, 592x244, schoolholiday.png)

Isn't it a holiday? I heard schools are closed because of Rosh Hashanah. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 28777

I had to go search it up, but its the Jewish New Year right? So wouldnt it depend on the college/uni you're going to?
For example, one with a relatively large Jewish population. Idk though, could be wrong.

No. 28780

schools/colleges in NYC are closed monday and tuesday (I assume it's the same for NJ)..

No. 28811

He will never propose to you, unless you convert into muslim berry-chan~

No. 28831

I don't know if it depends on where you live, but I do know that the high school everyone thought she went to is closed. Can't say the same for college though since we have no idea if she is even going let alone the college name. All of this doesn't make up for her sounding out of touch whenever she talks about school. She tweeted what class she has tomorrow in >>28749 and if she really was in college in NY it is probably closed so…wtf lol. She tweets jokes and stuff on days when high school AND college might be off and that just makes her sound extremely out of touch with the school system and makes it sound like she isn't even in school at all??? But who knows, maybe her darling bf Ouji is the one who keeps up with it all! Lazy kawaii queen doesn't need to do do anything.

No. 28834

if she was in uni i would expect at least a picture of it to shut up the haterz lol
and we know the excuse "I won't show because privacy" is bullshit, she would love to show off

No. 28851

so true, bitch sure looks like a literal one lmao

No. 28854

The fact she thinks you need a school email and a receipt to turn in an essay proves to me hands down she's not even close to being in college. All she really has to do is just email the assignment to her professor with her personal email. That's it. When she finally ends up in college she's going to look back at these tweets and feel like an idiot.

No. 28863

I'm sure Ouji parents don't know of her either.

No. 28865

File: 1442250687672.jpg (22.54 KB, 640x208, image.jpg)

Her entire twitter is basically complaining and showing off

No. 28868

She's lying out of her ass. She knows she doesn't have a dime to her name. If she's has a stable enough income to have that much she could afford a car, an apartment,and stop mooching off her friends, followers, siblings, and parents. She has zero grasp of adulthood and college.

No. 28871

And yet she wont see her bf
If i was her bf id dumb her lol she has money and has dated him for 5 years and yet theyve never seen eachother

No. 28878

File: 1442251913030.png (19.7 KB, 337x183, querxrV.png)

Can't wait for her to fail her "classes" because all she does is tweet and ignore her professors.

No. 28880

File: 1442252053984.png (12.76 KB, 575x126, U997ti.png)

Right, but then she posts weird shit like this all the time too…Which is it Berry?! Is Ouiji actually there with you or all the way across the world?

I'm starting to wonder if it's all an elaborate roleplay.

No. 28883

Does she really expect us to believe her parents are ok with a grown man from the otherside of the globe living with them, in their daughter's room?

No. 28887

that's exactly how much I get from financial aid since my family is poor as hell lol

No. 28890


does this explain berry's internet life?

No. 28891

Wait tho…why is she at school again? Isn't it a holiday? LOL. Also lol at her account tweet. Ok sure you do Berry.

No. 28902

Maybe some colleges in her area are actually open even if it's a Jewish holiday. Mine is open.

No. 28928

It IS a roleplay. Seriously, the recent pics she's posting of "ouji" are a fucking woman, i tell ya. Just…look at it, it's a female:
Who knows, who this even is, her sister myk maybe? Any recent pics of her?

No. 28933

File: 1442262133697.jpg (138.02 KB, 658x960, 10452329_10202422663915730_396…)

this is her sister

No. 28934


I live an hour away from Berry and we don't have school…

No. 28935

specially if she is in med school, since everyone that graduated says that the first year is like hell; everything about her sound extremely fishy

No. 28947

Why do you insist its a girl??? I'm confused.

No. 28977

is her twitter a satire/comedy twitter? she could always brush it off as that and get away with narcissistic stuff like that

No. 28986

This may be a stretch, but have you possibly seen her anywhere?

I think she tries to be one, but fails.

No. 28991

File: 1442268148880.jpg (44.56 KB, 599x775, image.jpg)

He sounds like a girl more than a man.
Unless he likes acting really femenine

No. 28996

This is giving me second hand embarrassment.

No. 29003

File: 1442270021166.jpg (13.55 KB, 297x395, 11988581_1675732556006474_2971…)

Just came to the horrific realization that Korinne and Ouji probably ero-RP because they'll never get to fuck IRL

No. 29019

Can someone translate this to me

No. 29022

File: 1442271272046.png (34.24 KB, 775x108, Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.53…)

but aren't you a genius with 115% gpa?

No. 29080

lmao someone is having a hard time

No. 29081

see, this is the thing I don't like aout her tweets, they are never consistent! she'll claim to be thin and than wish for a thinner body, she'll claim to be an A+ student and than wish for good grades

No. 29301

File: 1442281482909.jpg (124.95 KB, 507x339, berrypoop.jpg)


No. 29989

File: 1442283612907.jpg (46.12 KB, 499x673, CO6OmWRU8AAzdXI.jpg)

caption: lazy to comb hair

No. 29990

$2.5k is actually not that much, considering she claimed to be "working" and having "rich parents" not sure why she is humble bragging about this lel i know people who have more than this but don't dare to let strangers know because why be known for having money in your name? It only attracts fake admirers. I also know someonewho has been working in the food industry and made over 6k but has to pay bills. My point is berry must not know wealth, she seems childlike when it comes to money and that "rich" image she tries so hard to achieve.

$2.5k is actually the amount of financial aid most kids in my area get when they need money because their parents aren't wealthy enough. Possibly a correlation here with Korinne!

No. 29991


wtf everything looks so off

No. 29992

Her forehead looks massive ?

No. 29993

Doesnt she mean extensions lul she goes from having short hair to long ass length hair

No. 29994

File: 1442284359131.png (1001.94 KB, 499x673, flip.png)

This is how it looks when I flip it. She has gotten so sloppy with photoshopping.

No. 29995

who is this though

No. 29998

File: 1442284669798.png (13.44 KB, 364x136, lolplease.png)

This insufferable piece of shit.

No. 29999


When does she not take a photo where her hair isn't covering half her face? Like god damn, Korinne. We get it. You're a fat piece of shit.

No. 30001

File: 1442284828999.png (22.17 KB, 585x173, lolicant.png)

Her friends are even calling out her inconsistency while kissing her ass at the same time.

No. 30002

i feel like her friends kiss her ass on the daily for a piece of that fame pie but they all talk about her inconsistencies behind her back

No. 30003

Stalking her "friends" er twitter friends profiles and it looks like they usually have seperate group chats of their own, excluding people like korinne kek
korinne claims to be 22? why are all her twitter friends that she talks to most in highschool

No. 30007

Didn't know its winter already

No. 30009

File: 1442287555339.jpg (70.82 KB, 499x673, image.jpg)

Her face and that tiny bit of hands are the most pixelated part in this pics
Obviously we all know why
Nothing new here

No. 30010

how the fuck is her hair that long?? this is probably an old photo

No. 30011

File: 1442287800414.png (1.33 MB, 757x608, wheredidyoureargo.png)

Where did her ear go?

No. 30014

imagine how sad it is when u procrastinate school in order to ps urself

No. 30015

i can't unsee it now

No. 30018

Her shoops nowadays seem really rushed.

No. 30019

Somebody gotta ID that wig.

No. 30020

There are all sorts of wigs online that are super long but no way of telling which she has because she could have always cut them. Plus they could be extensions and not even a wig.

No. 30022


not that anyone believed she was in medical school, but if she was she would say med, at the very least pre-med
if she's really in school I think she would be in community college

No. 30025

File: 1442292276218.jpg (74.26 KB, 500x884, 1623656_927141313976203_434463…)


Old photo or wig. This photo was posted in January so I highly doubt Korinne can grow 20 inchs in less than a year

No. 30026

her friends are stupid. she mentioned a while ago on twitter that she got extentions

No. 30027

She looks so tired, she didnt try to hide the dark circles.

No. 30028

Is she wearing a half-wig? her bangs seem really thin and sparse and the rest of her hair is quite thick, also wasn't shoulder length

No. 30029

also I know all her pics are shooped to hell and back but did anyone ever ID her circle lenses?

No. 30030

File: 1442293490480.jpg (184.72 KB, 900x722, image.jpg)

Sept 5 vs Sept 14
she uses extensions
or a wig
who knows

No. 30031

lol she said they where Adriana by fxeyes , which are like 400$ high doubt she paid that much for contacts, plus she always photoshops them so one can never tell

No. 30032

in the picture on the right her damn forehead is huge

No. 30034


they're probably Freshlook lens + photoshop lol

No. 30037

File: 1442296037630.png (525.96 KB, 517x677, Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.46…)

lol dream on

No. 30042

korrine you're fucking ugly, kill yourself you're never going to be even close to that idol you ugly bitch

No. 30045

The toppest of keks

No. 30046

Is that Hani? If it is, this became 10x funnier to me. Berry is seriously delusional.

No. 30048

File: 1442300185333.png (25.34 KB, 584x85, Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 2.55…)


yeah it is

No. 30049

she actually looks sorta her age here
you can see her mouth line and some wrinkles and dark spots lol

No. 30050

did anyone notice shes not using her """iphone 6 plus""""
whatever excuse it is with her phone, its not valid and completely ba

No. 30055

I don't get how she's an insufferable price of shit? We can kinda all agree she's way past 'eh' and highly annoying, I don't see what's wrong here. If she agreed and played along to what the person said, you guys would be saying in her dreams and such.

And lol, before she would have said she's a med student.

If she would just admit that's extensions or a wig, she could freely still call it her hair without the fear or bother of being called out. It would still be "her hair", and she could still say she's too lazy to comb it.

No. 30057

No. 30058

lol someone actually posted the vid before me. It really looks like Berry

No. 30060

obviously a wig, sis.

No. 30062

you're implying she's not just rping with herself. that's masturbation, k.

No. 30063

because highschoolers are generally retarded and the only people stupid enough to believe her bs.

No. 30069

ratty extensions, ew.

No. 30079

How long is a while?

No. 30080

I'm actually offended by this.

No. 30081

She only uses her android for social media lmao that was the last excuse I saw. Who believes this shit istg.

No. 30108

Her face looks so long compared to her other photos. She still has so much hair covering one side of her face. Picture her without having any hair on her face or just having a pony tail. I bet she would look so round.

She's always covering her hands when she takes a mirror selfie or when ever someone takes a full body picture of her. Or she always wear a big bulky sweater to cover her fat. Lul

No. 30117

she looks so dead inside LOL

No. 30137

Berry memes yessss

No. 30369

Probs obvious but i'm sure she stretched her pics

No. 30378

That was really amazing..damn, all for a beauty clinic

No. 30396

She keeps comparing herself to Hani and its kind of annoying like a bunch of the other shit she does. Hani is a good person, very nice, and most of all she is what you would call a natural beauty. Berry has photoshops and does crappy things. She wishes she was even remotely like Hani. The only thing she barely has in common is bang spacing smh.

No. 30397

they look nothing alike LOL

No. 30398

File: 1442354848815.jpg (45.72 KB, 720x557, CO-VbrJUAAA_t_n.jpg)

Comparing the two of them like this makes Berry's deformed face look even more prominent and where the hell are her phones inserted?

No. 30399

File: 1442355056806.jpg (36.89 KB, 640x403, image.jpg)

This fucking fetishizing weeaboo.

No. 30409

they would deport her ass so fast

No. 30445

She probably tried so hard to shoop herself into looking like Hani

No. 30446

in berry's recent tweet, she said "ehueh okeh"

isn't that indonesian slang or w.e that ouji used in his ig pic talked about above?

idk i'm prolly reaching lol

No. 30447

Wow anon this video was really powerful
I hope she watches it.
Really reflects her life sort of.

No. 30459

File: 1442362926350.jpg (78.67 KB, 1366x768, image.jpg)

No. 30486

Hani's head proportion to her body is okay and then we have Berry with that tiny photoshoped head and huge body

No. 30487

I mean her head is almost the size of her hand wtf

No. 30495

No. 30496


same username as Berry's facebook loooll

No. 30500

In that photobucket account posted some threads back there was also references to that "Tsukisaki" name

No. 30617

I doubt that's berry
Because that girl has a mole on her nose, berry doesnt

No. 32546

File: 1442376249220.jpg (12.01 KB, 200x150, berry.jpg)

im so pale bishes

No. 32551

File: 1442376474287.png (38.65 KB, 332x468, ss (2015-09-16 at 12.04.40).pn…)

No. 32552

File: 1442376610700.png (28.47 KB, 332x406, ss (2015-09-16 at 12.09.47).pn…)

No. 32554

Haha I saw these she has to be trolling, it's not even an hour before she contradicts herself. She knows lolcow would point this out.

Maybe I'm reaching but it seems weird to say that right after

No. 32555

File: 1442376961145.jpg (38.05 KB, 600x661, CO_szN0WIAA0W7O.jpg)

She has absolutely corrupted this guy. Wtf

No. 32557

I think from these it's obvious that she doesn't know shit about med school and what being a doctor entails LOL
if she really is in med school I can't wait until she experiences residency

No. 32564

That 3 year minimum residency ughhhhh

I thought she wanted to be a surgeon not a doctor

No. 32566

File: 1442378227509.jpg (289.77 KB, 1860x1045, 15-09-15-23-33-59-648_deco.jpg)

Glad to know all it takes is like $40

No. 32568

File: 1442379405977.png (101.33 KB, 642x452, Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.5…)

yeah she said plastic surgeon. but she should fix herself before fixing others

No. 32571

My ex is the same way. I became very spoiled and selfish when I dated him. He was a really sweet guy and we met online too. I felt weird though cause he made his life revolve around me.

No. 32573

berry has edited out her moles before the three beauty marks she has now didnt show up till the beginning of the year

No. 32574


No. 32592

>>30446 the slang i pointed out was 'polbek' not 'okeh'. Anybody would know what okeh means

No. 32593

I'm pretty sure those moles actually are fake themselves and she draws them on. That's why they've only recently appeared.
And they all just happen to be in the places where people desire them the most and that make them 'beauty spots' (below the eye/on cheekbone and below the bottom lip to one side).
Also they only appear when she's in her Wylona copycat phases.

No. 32594

Lol this has to be her. Same as her fb username, going by Berry, didn't she go by Lin as well? Also into Anime and Japan it seems…and the name is really close to Tsukasa. Yeah probably her lol. She looks really young though.

No. 32604

File: 1442399720921.png (130.07 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_2015-09-15-22-09-03…)

I think you meant clique, Ms. A+ Med school

No. 32651

i don't think many people here actually buy her fake bf charade.

No. 32668

>>32594 She was 'Yin Tsukasa' in 2009, she never go by Lin (correct me if i'm wrong) in her maxstar shoes review, if you google it, she was referred to as Yin Tigno.

No. 32669

>>32546 I don't think this is berry. They don't even look similar at all? This is just another asian chick who copied berry because she adored her. I have to admit I used to do the same.. I used meowieberry everytime I need a username creeps back to my hole

No. 32684

>>32551 I love how she is supposedly in Medical School without having ever mentioned all of the hell one has to go through just to get in. She has never mentioned studying for and writing the MCAT or busting her ass to earn top marks in Pre-med. We've never heard about her preparing her applications or traveling to interviews.

In fact, I doubt that she would have the time to even maintain such a intricate online persona in between all of the hours she would have to put into studying, volunteering, shadowing doctors, networking for letters of recommendation, running pre-med society clubs, and doing undergraduate research.

To be a doctor you really have to want it and be ready to fully devote your life to it. Unless she has a major change of heart, this profession is not for her smfh.

No. 32685

File: 1442421110443.jpg (105.73 KB, 736x512, 1419886741504.jpg)

i was kind of on the fence, whether that's berry or not.
especially you (out of all posters here) saying this stuff, made me dig deeper.

and holy fuck, the similarity is uncanny (pic related).

No. 32703

Oh just you wait. She's going to randomly start talking about it. Just like when it was pointed out that she most likely in high school because of when she start tweeting abut school and the consist times she was posting those tweets. She then start trying to tweet randomly and mention her "college classes" and the money leftover from books.

Seriously, don't buy into her bullshit. The girl is most likely a stupid high school student who has zero clue as to how college actually works.

No. 32704

I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying she's in Med School.
She's not.

She even said she wasn't herself.

In the twitch stream with PorkyPanda she said she was going into Pre-Med.

She obviously isn't going into pre-med, but when everyone fucks up the facts like this it makes us all look stupid.

No. 32750

No one is fucking up the facts she's been alluding to her being in med school for the longest time on her twitter. She is the one circulating that shit lol. If what you say is true, she probably changed her (lie) story, once again. She hasn't said she was in pre-med on twitter at all, what does that mean? She's still lying. That is the lie she's going by now. Also if I may ask for receipts? I didn't know this myself.
They do look really similar but you have a point. Users pointed out she didn't go by Lin so it probably isn't her but saying they don't look similar is not correct because the she does look like a younger, in photoshsopped Berry here >>32685
Lol seriously. She always becomes more active at 12-3. What kinda med student leaves school everyday at 12-3pm (after getting ~8 hours of sleep it seems which is a laugh itself) and is active the whole rest of the day doing other shit besides her claims of studying 3 hours and essay writing. This truly is classic behavior of a high school student or someone in community college who has classes Monday-Friday from morning to afternoon. I swear you can look at her twitter usage throughout the times of the day. It's consistent with someone in hs or com college that goes on twitter during class break.

No. 32756

File: 1442431295594.jpg (19.52 KB, 600x150, siggy.JPG)

There's also this http://twitpic.com/photos/meowieberry
"Tsukisaki" was mentioned in one of her images back on the Michelle Tigno photobucket account (image) but as some of you said it can be a copycat. It's strange though that the profile pic and Berry's old pic match quite well.

No. 32758

idk if someone already posted this here since is old af but: ouji's webcomic, it really makes us think that Ouji lives with Berry

No. 32778

No. 32779

This one is better tho
https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/644168250562056192 (sorry for no screencaps ut i cant rn)

No. 32813

Because of a web comic? This is no proof. Though lol.

No. 32815

Lol yeah she always has these times when she actually does try to make it seem like she is in school or some shit. Who knows what she is actually doing.

No. 32854

File: 1442441371911.jpg (20.25 KB, 598x336, berryeyes.jpg)


"Asians have small eyes"

Me: Say what

No. 32856

I think she was deffo to being sarcastic anon.
Like saying other people say that Asians have small eyes, and then showing off how big her eyes are (Photoshopped or not).

Could be wrong. Going off on your post.

No. 32858

I think you're right

No. 32860


Oh no, I know she was being sarcastic. I was just putting the caption on so others would know what she said. The thing in question isn't her caption but her eyes. I uploaded it to see if anyone would point out how much she's photoshopped her eyes like we usually do with every new photo she's uploaded.

No. 32864

she is trying so hard to open them

No. 32865

Oh okay! I see, I thought the 'Me' in the caption was you speaking. Very sorry. I don't see anything off, but her skin color (we all know it isn't that light).
I also said that because there is this other anon who posts tweets of Korrine and just curses her and calls her all kind of names when the tweet wasn't even that bad. Sometimes I try to explain stuff, but I fear being called a WK so I delete it. Found this post easier to "explain". Whoops.

Yeah, she's forcing them open, but I'll give her a slight pass because of her "point" and trying to look over to the side.

No. 32866

Plus she's even pulling one down so. So I think that was the point.

No. 32867

her iris looks so tiny compared to the rest of the eye. Her lack of knowledge on anatomy really impacts her PSing

No. 32868

File: 1442443270453.png (14.61 KB, 589x122, sure berry.png)

Pretty sure she's reading this thread.

No. 32870

definitely LOL

No. 32871

maybe we should stop talking much about how things work at universities and shit so we can see her lies

No. 32872

I'm shocked no one commented on the lack of veins. An unedited eyeball has veins.

No. 32882

Honestly it has never stopped her from doing other stuff lol.

No. 32883

Pretty sure if she could stop being so damned lazy, she could actually research on her own how colleges work. Some high school freshmen I know who put their all in colleges and getting into the career field they want already know which classes would benefit them, which ones they should take when they get there, how lectures and labs work, planned out how they plan to lessen living expenses and student dept, and know they have to fricking study 24/7. Mostly medical/bio fields.
Makes my blood boil if she's actually wasting her parents money actually playing games when someone else who is dedicated could well have her spot.
I'm not going to rip on her, but Korinne, if you're lurking. Consistency is key!
She could well ask her college/already graduated buddies how things work on campus….if she has any.

No. 32884

File: 1442447543660.jpg (42.11 KB, 1242x303, image.jpg)

I feel like she ain't even at school at all….

All she's talking about is how she completed her 'homework' early just so she can brag about the games she plays…

No. 32893

is she like in highschool were u can finish ur homework in an hour
I mean college homeworks take ages to do and review

No. 32894


Her hair looks more natural in this photo compared to her other recent one. She whitened her skin and the inside of her eyes, and probably made her eyes even more bigger in an app/photoshop despite trying to open them as wide as she could before the initial photoshop. As for the direction her eyes are looking, I can't really pinpoint what's exactly wrong with it but it still looks very odd. Her eyes don't look normal and in fact if you stare at it long enough she starts to look as if she's cross-eyed. It could just be due to her photoshop, though. So take everything with a grain of salt. I also noticed there's this weird fuzzy line on the right side of her cheek. It looks as if she tried slimming down that part of her face.

No. 32895

File: 1442450663449.png (1.06 MB, 712x513, what.png)


Forgot to include the photo.

No. 32898

Isn't that face hair with powder on it?

No. 32900


If you look at the first photo that was posted you'll see that powder could not do that to ones face. It legit looks like she tried reshaping that side and did it in a very half-assed manner. Her skin looks blurred and yet the edges of the right side of her face look fuzzy. That doesn't make any sense to me.

No. 32901

who knows anymore lmao maybe she does have something small due that she can do early but would that be her only work? No way. This facade she puts on is hilarious yet sad.

No. 32910

What sticks out to me is that she doesn't specify anything about them. Not even what subject or what class she's taking. Also, she's such an amazing student that does amazing work also why not take a pic?

Honestly, my money is on that she's taking online classes.

No. 32912

>Mistakes - Generally awful threads which probably should not have been made in the first place. Vendettas, personal army requests, uninteresting/pointless subjects, and anything else that makes a thread worthless.

Admin sama is strategically kinda smart, but she of course likely is a Jew. So this is PULL. Make sure to stay here PULLtards and dont cross the border!

No. 32913

How much milk is your Dakota threads getting you? lol none

No. 32915

Hi. Dakota Rose is old news and I dont care about her. I in fact think she is quite cute m8. In japan at least, in America or Europe she is considered average.

No. 32937

6 hours in total so 3 hours each… that's nothing to brag about

No. 32942

File: 1442463811258.png (50.79 KB, 339x442, eSJNKeT.png)

why does she feel so special for liking video games? there are millions of people who like video games, not just herself LOL. all she does is play shitty FPS games and shes super garbage at them.

No. 32943

also watch that PTN guy actually buy her MGSV, i almost feel bad for him.

No. 32946

You mean video game…franchise? As Metal Gear? Or just the first MGS?
Because Raiden doesn't appear in the first…
She would name the actual game title/instalment (e.g. 2/3/4/5/Rising) if she knew what she was talking about.
Suddenly she's sperging out over it retweeting Hideo Kojima's tweets and has been for the past hour.
I guess it's her new temporary thing to be obsessed with and pretend she loves for the ~nerd grrl~ image.

>nobody shares the same passion as me

And if you really were involved in gaming and its community as much as you imply, you would know that is absolute bullshit and wouldn't say that.

No. 32952

No idea. but that annoys me. I work around a ton of nerds and gamers. She isn't special and half my coworkers are women into gaming. She's just a try hard. No one should care.

No. 32953

As as actual fan of the MGS games, it makes me rage that people are jumping onto the fandom now only because of the exposure they're getting because Kojima and Konami. ugh… So many people are playing MGSV first and never even played the earlier installments.

No. 32954

What the fuck? She isn't the only gamer. the gamer community is anything is bigger now than it's ever been. And the MGS games are a huge staple– not obscure by any means. I enjoy a lot of older jrpgs and those are hard to find more followers for than fucking MGSV.

No. 32957

"I am so speshul and nerdy u guise"

No. 32958

THIS. What's amusing to me is that she thinks that to become a "plastic surgeon" (aka going into med school) all she has to do is get good marks
Which is only part of it!!!! Don't they also look at volunteer work, leadership skills, involvement in the medicine/science field prior to applying to med school (workshops, demos, shadowing etc)????
Yet all she does is brag about being "smart" and play video games… these people dedicate their lives to make their application look good.. because anyone can get good marks but it's the extras that really boost you above everyone else and she literally had never talked about anything like that other than playing video games and as of recently, "studying for 6 hours"

No. 32959

Real gamers will eat her alive. It's like saying "OMG I LOVE THAT MARIO GAME, you know, the one with the plumber in it?". Fuck, Korinne, why are you so stupid?

No. 32961

File: 1442468109385.png (38.92 KB, 584x133, Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 1.33…)

really. like really. ok ~gamer gurl~

No. 32962

Yes, it's just you and estimated 3,5 billion people. Poor Korinne, nobody understands how speshul you are.

No. 32969

She's only talking about MSG to try and gain popularity points. At the moment everyone's focus is elsewhere, so what she's saying is irrelevant. She would know that if she actually liked video games and invested time into reading up on gaming news.

No. 32970

it sucks cause it's painfully obvious she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Also I hate that she has the same " interest" cause I'm a salty bitch that's really passionate about stupid shit like this.

She's dick-riding that MGSV hype train so she looks cool cause girls totally don't play videogames

No. 32971

inb4 quiet cosplay to show off her tater-tots

No. 32995



No. 33027

File: 1442486242961.jpg (103.01 KB, 544x544, 1432634232925-2.jpg)

are you fucking kidding me?

No. 33032

>>32592 as far as i know "polbek" mean follow back, and "okeh" means okay

without photoshopchan she looks indonesian to me.

not all med.school have that "hard" requirement, i hear at certain place you could really pay to get degree

No. 33043

Is their degree going to be like Dr. Spaceman's from 30 Rock?

No. 33059

lets not forget the long amount of time you spend in the lab

No. 33155

you could probably pay for a degree (which is unethical and illegal) but it probably costs a shit ton of money…which korrine doesn't have.

No. 33175

My personal theory is that her parents will only pay for her basic college education and that would be it. I think she is probably either lying about med school or just too starry-eyed about her bright and awesome future to notice the obvious lack of support.

No. 33180

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I was thinking the same thing

No. 33184

Went to go look at porkypanda's past streams, where berry clearly says she's "pre-med"
and it's been deleted of course, I was there though so I know and in the past thread I wrote down what they were saying as they were saying it, as fast as i could

No. 33246

I remember that two. I think she said that she was either in 2nd or 3rd year as well

No. 33247

too* sorry

No. 33251

Anyone know what pre-med is like?

No. 33285

File: 1442521973045.png (26.59 KB, 580x110, 467a14e64c4fdabbf964ccc53ff1d8…)

I don't know if any of you guys watched Himouto but ever since she started watching this anime, she has been making so much tweets saying similar crap that actually happens in the actual anime. lmao

No. 33286

File: 1442521986748.png (41.02 KB, 581x165, c38dc91bcc49a9f9ebec5e4d7f8b3f…)

+ this

No. 33289


OMG YOU ARe right anon this really happens in The anime, Theres this girl who always looked creepily at oumaru and when she finally spoke about her she admitted that she admired oumaru and omg BYE

No. 33297

Uhm, anon, we've kind of been saying that for a whole now….a long while. Like one or two threads atom

No. 33298

No. 33301

you cant expect everyone to follow you guys talking about her on every thread so relax

No. 33303

To be fair her playing up and comparing Umaru's lifestyle at home with video games and snacks is nothing compared to her making up scenarios like the TV show exactly like it happened on the show. This is something just pointed out.

No. 33304

File: 1442527289958.png (45.9 KB, 324x227, hYFk8hg.png)

how she gonna like this tweet when she literally cried because she was getting called out on her shit by some random people on the internet, and then made her ass kissers defend her and claim she was being cyber bullied

No. 33319

Twas also talked about and brought up time and time again in this current thread anon.
I am, I was just saying that the anon was pointing out stuff we already knew. I think I read it wrong though, didn't see the pllast part. Not a big deal. I didn't even curse or anything

Ah I see. But I think it that was pointed out too, or at least her personality was pointed out to be changing. My bad, didn't mean to seem as if I was attacking anyone.

Sad anyway.

No. 33322

>>33043 hahaha.. no, not that. just a regular doctor (not all of them are "stupid" but well yea almost all of them only look for the doctor title)

>>33155 yeah.. it was expensive as hell.
maybe she was delusional thinking about she was in med.school? that would be sad lol

>>33286 more like today from shit that never happened

No. 33357

File: 1442539071864.png (24.13 KB, 579x116, 410fe4d5c8d15299a69c5bb4612abf…)

"oh im in college. actually wait no. i'm in medical school. oh wait no. i'm actually in pre-med." Lol. This is definitely the best way to become a doctor Berry. just stfu already

No. 33358

File: 1442539221832.png (144.8 KB, 326x432, Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.18…)

this girl is delusional. she really thinks shes a Hani doppelganger

No. 33359

"Fuck Umaru! I'm Hani now qurls uwu"
Is she going to be a mixture of them both or what?

No. 33361

File: 1442539951517.jpg (87.79 KB, 1242x476, image.jpg)

Still at the 'I don't care but I do care' stage

No. 33363


such a try hard. Ouji and her wannabe kpop idols soooo bad, I swear.

No. 33366

File: 1442541301819.png (330.95 KB, 563x676, Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.53…)

he wants to be GD. so cringe

No. 33368

File: 1442542446209.png (10.17 KB, 332x70, mU3O6qP.png)

@ them next time, berry

No. 33369

File: 1442542581272.jpg (78.49 KB, 500x667, herlips.jpg)

I was trying to see if I could make Berry's shooped self look a little bit like the OP pic but this creature was created, I wonder how long it takes her to Photoshop tbh

No. 33372

Lol so how long before she starts to say and do things Hani has done and claims stuff happened to her exactly like it happened to Hani?

No. 33383

i wished someone who knows her irl discovered her accounts and talked about the real burry, but i have a feeling she is/was insignificant in hs and nobody cares about her lol

No. 33393

File: 1442551610071.jpg (26.67 KB, 600x750, image.jpg)

Isn't Ouji supposed to be short?

No. 33394

how embarrassing.

No. 33402

I haven't been keeping up since this thread got moved, but it looks like these Ouji pics are her sister. Is that what's going on now?