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File: 1618181748900.jpeg (833.14 KB, 2509x3345, ugly squidward.jpeg)

No. 1206111

SUMMARY: ScorpioAssHeaux / AliceAmoreLove / PickledPetShop / Ariana McMillan is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.


>Has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare; constantly talks about needing more surgery to feel better about herself.

>Posts before and after pics of her surgery nonstop, unable to see her own obvious physical decline and downward spiral despite spending hours staring at her own face.
>Recently had a botched facial fat transfer against her surgeon's wishes that gave her a terrible moon face.
>Has a history of posting her animal abuse online: most notably letting her pet gecko get so malnurished that the gecko's jaw broke; and shaving both her cats for no reason during winter in a manic episode >>1106616
>Each time she gets called out, she makes herself the victim, tells people to google it, and then nukes her social media to hide.
>Other notable animal abuse: video of her spraying her hamster with water while it is backed into a corner in a cage >>1034430, and bragging on twitter how she would rather be ugly and pay for her dog's much needed hip surgery >>1107085 , but then spends the money instead on her recent facial fat transfer instead.
>Ari finds dead great dane puppies and decides to put them in her freezer for taxidermy >>1184368
>Ari gets engaged to Matt for a second time >>1198821

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1143442
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649




>Ari makes a new ethot friend who she takes pool pics with >>1144060

>Ari tries to sell her art with "I'm an artist, respect my prices!!!". Her art did not sell. >>1149211
>Continues to mix art/sex work and think it'll sell >>1153101
>Ari discovers she can hide her messy, dirty apartment background with photoshop and further proves she lacks artistic flair >>1153302
>Desperate times call for desperate OF pics in the… snow? >>1153445
>Ari the Empath tells someone she's sad their friend died too even tho she didn't know them >>1155090
>Ari buys luminous body paint (and new underwear!!!!!) and dances around like a tweaker >>1157534
>Ari goes live, talks about how protective she is of her hair & shakes her ass like she's trying to chop off a turd >>1159348
>PI Anons discover Ari's amazing cool photoshoot location at her apartment complex looks like a 4x4 pool from the OG Sims game >>1160688
>"Super protective of my hair" Ari dyes her hair after playing around with a filter. >>1163942 Spoiler: It was green >>1164261
>Ari shares a pic she took for her gynaecologist, I mean OF subs >>1167618 >>1190097
>Not milk but Ari calls out a ring flex… a foreshadowing of what was to come >>1168489
>Shaves her eyebrows, gets on live to rub them off and then gets off again. Absolute crackhead >>1170249
>Ari flashes her poonani to the camera in a beanie, mens socks and one of her brand new thongs. Weird ensemble but ok girl >>1171954
>Ari takes her new love of background editing to weird places >>1173117
>Working from home as an artist and sex worker during a global pandemic where people are dying is HARD WORK >>1175404
>Ari shares her BDD struggles with her therapist/twitter followers >>1179574 >>1179577
>DIY haircut and another black box dye later, Ari manifests herself as Tommy Wiseau >>1181002
>Edited background is taken to even weirder lengths, with her legs missing after photoshopping herself into her apartment pool? >>1181394
>Ari posts a dead, frozen great dane puppy in her bare hands, talks about how sad it is but it's ok because she's gonna taxidermy them >>1184368
>Apparently a BBL is on the cards >>1190753
>OF subs get to see Tommy Wiseau blowing Matt >>1195947
>After talking about wanting to be 'bred' for milky jugs & referring to Matt as her hubby, Ari makes a big announcement…. for the second time >>1198821
>Once Ari get's a BBL and starts pole dancing again, it's over for us >>1204523


Instagram: PlasticandProud, Plasticnproud, ScorpioAssHoe, PsoriasisandProud, VersatileHeaux, VersatileHeauxArt
Twitter: PlasticandProud, VersatileHeaux, PsoriasisandProud
Tumblr: PlasticandProud, inippleny, ScorpioAssHoe


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scorpioassheaux/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/scorpioassheaux
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/scorpioassheaux
Manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1003297752/AliceAmorLove/Store/Videos/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Airkilla321
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pickledpetshop
Depop: https://www.depop.com/scorpioasshoe/

No. 1206240

Thanks for the new thread anon

No. 1206255

File: 1618204063910.jpeg (183.34 KB, 828x574, F2CCC7F1-E0B9-47AD-922A-5FA7D4…)

Considering the usual criteria for her vacation fuckery, I’m excited.

No. 1206256

God she’s so gross. She blocked me Twitter cause (before I knew she was on here) I asked her where her ‘hubby’ got her ring

No. 1206257

Anon, I love you and this thread pic. chefs kiss

No. 1206319

Thread anon here, when I was compiling the milk list it did make me laugh how there was so much lead up to the engagement announcement. Calling out someone’s ring flex, referring to Matt as her husband/hubby all the live long day & replying to anyone she could find about pregnancy lol, bitch probably proposed to herself

No. 1206376

Yeah she's a mean, botched, stuck up, granny-like, bitter little troll. She really thinks she's hot shit and that she's famous or something, therefore she can't even answer a basic question because you're a peasant and obviously a hater… Even though you didn't even know she was on lolcow.

No. 1206391

She probably got it with her own money lmao

No. 1206413

Kek, anon. I don’t see why little ms thriving wouldn’t want to flex. I’m sure her ring can’t be found outside of JCPenny catalog.

Let’s keep it realistic, anon. She probably bullied Matt into giving her the money. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was her logic loop hole.

No. 1206829

File: 1618270140304.png (4.37 MB, 828x1792, 448BAE72-CAF1-40F5-ABB5-071C8F…)

God will this greasy bitch finally post something worthwhile

No. 1206836

File: 1618270483144.jpeg (220.33 KB, 828x561, BF2C03CF-487A-4ACA-A8A9-7CD9CC…)

Of course it’s behind a paywall

No. 1206839

yeah because she wants the cowtipping retards from here to buy it

No. 1206843

well they didn't fall for it when she was in texas so hopefully they can rein in any urges this time too. Last yr she basically posted the same awk bikini posts the whole time and whined about being there alone with no other young people other than "the locals". There won't be milk unless she brings her friend and even then they are boring af

No. 1206847

the trend seems to be that after nobody buys her shit to post it here, she starts craving the attention and ends up posting it for free

No. 1206872

Exactly anon. I’m only sore because I don’t want to wait the few hours it takes for the desperation to set in. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the one posting her own OF content here at this point. Retarded tinfoil but it’s been a while since someone actually posted one of her OF video. (Unless they protect from screen capture even on mobile) I Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to goat people into buy her shit by posting screenshots only.

I’m somewhat expecting her to fall into the “locals and tourist won’t stop staring I’m so hot” category this time around. It’s been while since she’s had a chance to brag about that kind of shit. Especially outside of the states

No. 1206900

Buying a cows of and posting their vids isn’t cowtipping if you keep it anonymous.

No. 1206970

The app "mobizen" screen records and doesn't notify anyone. I've used it for snapchat, as well as my bank (won't let me screenshot normally.)

And if anyone does use it for Snapchat: If you use it to record, don't use the screenshot, you MUST record. If you screenshot it notifies the user.

No. 1207605

i'm sure people will be staring at her, like when you see a car crash and can't look away. freaks always attract attention.

No. 1207643

File: 1618347508862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 686.2 KB, 828x1208, 2F96906D-9697-46BE-8F6A-9BF83C…)

The only time I'm thankful to see her in anything but those old crusty gray panties she keeps on life support. Also rip to the locals and tourists that are subjected to that doughy face. They deserve better than to be enjoying the beach just to have that come scrawling out of the water next to them

No. 1207657

File: 1618348442211.jpg (245.16 KB, 1079x919, Screenshot_20210413-171351_Sam…)

I bet she's blessing her OF followers with her sunburnt body and doughy face along with her stubbly puss.

No. 1207678

lmao the obvious baiting of trying to get farmers to spend their money is hilarious. why the fuck would scrotes want to pay to see non nude vacation pics on OF??

No. 1207702

Lol I always forget she has an OF following. It's easy to believe that she's the only one posting her own shit here. Anyways Ariana no one wants to look at that raw rotisserie we all know you got going on. I think it's fair to say that we're all good. Send your gyne our regards

No. 1207704

that bathroom doesn't look very luxurious or decent hotel-like lol, is she at some poor local's place as a mail-order prostitute?

No. 1207706


Close! Her grandparents shitty old boat house

No. 1207731

wasn’t the grandparents’ place in Dominica?
also, those bangs are heinous

No. 1207741

That place she went to last time with her grandparents was a house boat, not a boat house lol and it was in Dominica, like >>1207731 said

No. 1207763

Sage for no milk but she is honestly the definition of the Ronald Dahl quote about when you think good thoughts your face will become beautiful and when you think bad thoughts your face will become ugly I feel bad for her because she obviously is fucked up and retarded but she’s an awful disgusting person her outer appearance now reflects what’s within

No. 1207770

where’s the FiAnCe??? Looks like he’s enjoying the vacay away from this goblin.

No. 1207821

Why are you replying to that post?

No. 1207861

im just passing by but this isnt the 1800s it doesnt take 8 hours to process a pic.

No. 1207867

How often are you really checking up on this thread? Yikes.

No. 1207870

fill me in then, a picture is just a second of time, was it posted he didnt go before, was it confirmed they arent together. did she show tickets of them leaving for the bahamas damn its okay to hate someone but shit an iphone snap is a second of time.

No. 1207894

learn to sage before you come at another farmer, dumb ass.

No. 1207956

Didn’t she post a million pictures in this dress the last time she was on vacation?

No. 1208009

So she wore the same dress on two separate occasions, why does that matter? Insane nitpick haha. This is Arianna we’re talking about, a girl that wears the same minging underwear in every photo. Wearing a dress twice isn’t weird

No. 1208013

This dress has a bit of history. She wore it during THE vacation to Dominica - the one where she was allegedly raped, contracted a mysterious rash, and bawled her eyes out in the airport >>782680. Wasn’t really trying to nitpick. Just find it interesting that she’s choosing to wear it again for more vacation photos.

No. 1208082


Sorry, I was multi-tasking and not being clear at all!

I definitely think this is a family vacation with her grandparents though.

No. 1208084


Pretty sure her tRaUmAtIc vacation where she initially claimed Matt "watched" her get raped, is about as real as all her other delusions.

She also claimed her beloved ex Tim raped her and then dropped that narrative fast when she was trying to keep him as a friend when he got a new gf, now fiancée.

She gets ugly new outfits more often than she changes her underwear. The only history to this dress for her is she wore it on another vacation.

The only trauma Ariana has ever known was growing up in Florida and getting made fun of for her big nose (and most likely shitty personality). Everything else is either a lie, a choice, or an exaggeration.

No. 1208112

nitpick but none of the thread images are recent photos from the last thread. like damn, she found a dead puppy and posted herself holding it with no gloves last thread lol.

i didnt wanna make it tho and no one really cares about her enough to put effort for as well so i'll take what i can get, thanks OP!

No. 1208180

File: 1618409869853.jpg (244.5 KB, 1080x1150, 20210414_091811.jpg)

Matt looks like a pedophile…

No. 1208181

File: 1618409902816.jpg (437.75 KB, 1080x1487, 20210414_091754.jpg)

No. 1208201

they both look like they would reek of cat piss

No. 1208202

She looks like a cross between Tommy Wisea and MJ, mean while Matt is looking like a trailer park meth head these days jfc let’s just pray they never procreate

No. 1208208

I word searched the last thread for nominated pics & this was the only one lol, I don’t care enough to make a collage but some anons here are creative and clever so hoping they come thru this thread. Praying for some tropical milk from Ari’s holiday

No. 1208508

File: 1618433775836.gif (17.15 MB, 446x640, SmartSelect_20210414-155427_In…)

I hope she knows that's not considered a bath. Kek

No. 1208535

File: 1618435942512.jpg (68.48 KB, 1191x866, 20210414_173250.jpg)

This reminded me of ari and matt immediately

No. 1208802

The desperate for us to buy her shit is hilarious. None of us care that much Ari

No. 1208807

She also wore this dress on the same vacation where Matt first proposed

No. 1208894

That fucking crescent moon side profile holy s h i t

No. 1208939

File: 1618486512535.gif (2.7 MB, 476x355, 00204640-32E4-4EE9-948B-40C13B…)

Honestly it’s all I can think about when I look at her face now

No. 1208966

What’s up with this being repeated lately? She been had an of she’s been “promoting” it for years. Why do you specifically think it has to do with us now? She’s been doing it with her shitty room or pool pics or having sex with Matt, it’s the same shit.

No. 1208997

god i hate gen z’s obsession with sponge bob

No. 1209005


No. 1209159

It's because no man who would be interested in her onlyfans would give a fuck about seeing her vacation pics. who else would she be catering to but farmers looking for milk?

No. 1209172

File: 1618506640316.jpeg (799.39 KB, 1242x1073, 9665A350-9F9A-4CDE-9932-B37F75…)

For those who were speculating….she is staying with her grandparents

No. 1209176

the beach looks like shit lol why is she like laying in kelp and shit that washed up?(nitpick)

No. 1209190

Anon…do you not know how tides work?

No. 1209212

few days earlier she begged on Twitter for some sugar daddy to fly her and her friend out to tropics. No one wanted their asses so she had to settle to go with Matt and her grandpa lol pathetic. Imagine being her ~hubby~, her second choice after some old ass rich stranger. Sad

No. 1209213

wtf does that have to do with laying on a dirty spot on the beach?

No. 1209214

this is a separate trip she’s had planned with her grandparents before that “columbia” situation iirc

No. 1209436

I thought the same thing kek

No. 1209470

Idk whats sadder, coming second to a non-existant sugar daddy or the fact that you wouldn't see cent of that money if she even pulls it off. Makes me wonder if her decrepit ass could manage it again. Either way Idk if Doormatt can do another round of bills w the retarded way ariana likes to flex. But than again at least it'll leave him some money for gum.

No. 1209772

File: 1618573879587.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1760, AF5569EA-2028-4C75-9B36-88F8B1…)

She’s trying her best to convince everyone that she’s not an irresponsible person for going on vacation during a pandemic

No. 1209794

sage for no milk, but i love how her promoting her vaca on OF has only made her twitter engagement go down even more. i think i saw only one person besides herself, reply to a tweet saying she looks tan. kek

No. 1209823


Yeah Ive seen more wall-text posts from her trying to give excuses to why taking a vacation in another country is okay than actual vacation photos at this point. Hilarious she thought this would be a flex or something to brag about?

No. 1209849

Somehow she still looks like a junkyard hill billy even in the Bahamas

No. 1209858

it’s her head. that body with a different head would otherwise be a typical vacation bikini pic you scroll past if you’re not fat

No. 1209918


Ariana always has this stank face when she does this awkward smile and it looks like she smelled something bad, such as herself/Matt.

No. 1209919


Her grandpa probably filmed this while the conversation went like this:
Matt: (yelling directions) No, you actually gotta pop your back out more to twerk!
Ariana: This is the best I can do!!
Grandpa filming: Good enough for me, hehehe.(integrate)

No. 1209921


Ariana's twerk attempt is painful to watch. Her lazy ass hardly moves because she's bobbing her butt up and down while barely arching her back. I've seen scrawny girls with bony asses with better twerk skills where there's more ass movement. Please stop this charade, Ariana.

No. 1209926


Well, at least Ariana can rest assured that none of her beloved "natives" or anyone else on the island will hit on her during her vacation with her elderly grandparents and out of shape fiance. With her shitty white button up attempting to act as a beach cover up and her hideous middle aged man hat and bad scribble tattoos and Mac 2nite face and matching hideous personality, she's lucky Matt even sticks around.

No. 1209927

File: 1618595693656.jpg (194.74 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20210416-135408_Sam…)

She doesn't know how to act with her current body, based on all of her awkward movements and stiff hands awkwardly groping herself and jerky dancing. Of course she's going to look worse and even more uncoordinated with more plastic surgery.

No. 1209929

File: 1618595774785.jpg (537.58 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20210416-135605_Sam…)

I can't decide what's more pitiful: the engagement she gets on Twitter or the "engagement" with Matt.

No. 1209998

File: 1618600571854.png (Spoiler Image, 4.49 MB, 750x1334, 88998F5F-AF4A-4DB5-AE59-412280…)

she’s so awkward

No. 1210003

holy cow, spoiler this and that old face is out in full force here

No. 1210005

This photo looks like it was taken in a basement by a serial killer and she was forced to pose.

No. 1210046

this is spot-on. why the fuck would she put something this cursed out there? there is nothing sexy or sexual about this whatsoever.

No. 1210091


everyone is thinking what a piece of shit she is for traveling during a pandemic but damn she is really putting herself and matt at risk for really no reason. you’d think she’s care more about the person financially supporting her flabby white ass. covid saga incoming.

No. 1210104

File: 1618609523380.jpeg (209.57 KB, 1125x1960, 40AEF654-17FB-40B7-9047-2DADA1…)

No. 1210106

File: 1618609800187.jpeg (722.38 KB, 828x1226, 2B7C6226-1F3F-4FB7-83F4-B4F911…)

No. 1210108

Looking like a creepy uncle taking pictures of himself in the basement wearing his female relatives clothing. She’s horrendous.

No. 1210110

The juxtaposition between these two photos is startling

No. 1210127

I love that she’s from Florida. It’s too perfect. Like there’s a “Florida Man”, she’s “Florida Woman”…. or should I say, Florida Goblin

No. 1210129

Girl, Ari, baby…. that whole biting the lip thing doesn’t work for you. That’s for pretty girls. Girls who are attractive. You’ll never be one of them, so just give up.

No. 1210130

She looks like someone’s drunk elderly aunt

No. 1210136

Shes probably trying to make some money because she’s a broke bitch and no one buys her OF so this is all she has to promote, she’s hoping it’ll pop off. I think y’all are just feeling yourselves a bit

No. 1210191

File: 1618618228495.jpg (6.42 KB, 319x337, cassual.jpg)

No. 1210388

Anon pls kek

No. 1210398

absolutely same energy

No. 1210644

File: 1618682351086.jpeg (613.36 KB, 828x1173, 32E4B46D-2233-4843-94E5-C00BCC…)

No. 1210645

Pooping at the beach, classy.

No. 1210662

this crazy old lady face framed by the greasy stringy hair i'm OUT

No. 1210666

the way she can even make a nice beach look dirty and bland is a talent at this point. everything she touches and every space she occupies instantly looks like it smells

No. 1210728

It would be, except for the hag shitting in the foreground

No. 1210733

this is like so off topic but has she ever been pregnant? because she’s got that dark line down her stomach that you get when you’re pregnant. linea nigra i think.(medfag)

No. 1210744

No that’s just her body hair kek. She has been pregnant but she got an abortion

No. 1210782

She is so pale omg she needs her hemoglobin checked(medfag)

No. 1210784

anon pls

No. 1210880

This is Hey Arnold’s grandma

No. 1211225

File: 1618751325386.jpg (137.3 KB, 1079x626, Screenshot_20210418-090813_Sam…)

Says the idiot who can't clap her ass or actually twerk

No. 1211702

File: 1618798736108.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, EDE1FD6C-A712-4E82-8FCD-23A9F6…)

queen of facetuning the ones you leave up

No. 1211985

its probably from her birth control, I got the same line while on the jab, its gormone related

No. 1211986

hormone not gormone but she does look like a gnome so whatever

No. 1212154

File: 1618850579497.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 903.21 KB, 1242x1672, 5B351B8C-3B3C-4C39-9D15-8F3E0C…)

She takes the most unappealing nude shots, it’s a talent at this point…

No. 1212215

File: 1618853924253.jpeg (623.12 KB, 1125x1807, 826D595E-5F71-4254-BA7C-A07B2D…)

can’t decide if her nose or lips look worse

No. 1212492


Or her eyelashes or her unkempt eyebrows or her bloated face or her sloppy haircut… shit, it's all bad.

No. 1212733

Imagine spending up to $20k of plastic surgery and only getting 14 likes on fucking Twitter and 3 likes on OF. Fucking embarrassing

No. 1213395

I feel like ariana is so addicted to ps and fillers that she would be the type a bitch to get fillers in her vagina. If she knew it was a thing that is…

No. 1213491

She should get fillers in her personality and sex appeal if she wants to make it as a sex worker

No. 1213561


Its really sad how she isnt doing anything with her life after investing so much of her hard earned money into plastic surgery. I feel like if you’re selling body you should at least invest that money wisely…

I don’t think she’ll get her shit together until her 30s and by then all her work will need to be redone or else she’ll look wonky.

No. 1213563


it was hard to see through her shit personality but she used to have really interesting bone structure and its just all completely erased with the fat graft. The smoothness of her face is more uncanny valley than attractive.

No. 1213672

File: 1619032317179.jpeg (846.16 KB, 828x1171, FF4BCEDC-6224-40E9-9CEA-1FDEE3…)

No. 1213736


And with her track record, she'd come out with a more shitty and botched personality

No. 1213738


Embracing the sun damage and fading and blurring her already shit tattoos for an uneven tan that'll fade faster than the shit tattoos. Nice choice, Ariana.

No. 1213740

oof you can see that she's still lobster red under that tan. In coming crepey skin saga

No. 1213990

Love how she’s completely hiding her face behind her fucked up mop hair

No. 1214229

File: 1619110405999.jpeg (563.95 KB, 828x1263, 7A60AE72-52C8-4978-A487-F31430…)

Comments are back on

No. 1214284

File: 1619118359083.jpeg (467.11 KB, 827x1319, F0704A49-11D6-4688-AA7D-A47FD1…)

They're back on Twitter as well

No. 1214292


How long till someone asks her why she shaved her cats again? Weird ass bitch. She just did this cus she wants attention on her vacation pics.

No. 1214296

I really hope nobody asks about the cats or cow tips her, her hiatus has lead to some stale ass milk. I miss when she was over sharing her trash fire life

No. 1214297

File: 1619119483522.jpeg (595.38 KB, 1242x1150, 0A656B6C-9A74-4070-A193-F7C7E3…)

No. 1214337

God stfu ariana you're worser than shay when it comes to being sexual. jesus do you two even look at each other w/out feeling aggressively repulsed?

No. 1214356

File: 1619124334063.jpeg (689.66 KB, 1242x1507, 8D1E788E-69E4-4940-9863-9AC580…)

Stay classy Ariana

No. 1214378


ring post is deleted. matt must really be ashamed of her and wanting to keep it on the down low.

after all the times shes bailed on him he doesnt wanna embarrass himself again by saying anything cause he knows she’ll flip a switch and suddenly “not need him”

No. 1214399

The micropenis shaming post has also been deleted

No. 1214450

Ariana should write a book about how to scare away costumers as a sexworker

No. 1214451


No. 1214453

these face edits she's been doing lately look like a fucked up flat mask.

No. 1214457

Thanks for your corrections. Your being so helpful, Ariana(hi cow)

No. 1214459

the weird line from the tip of her nose and the piercings make her nose look like the face of a turtle

No. 1214461

File: 1619134259992.jpg (9.72 KB, 152x144, IMG_20210423_011833.jpg)

No. 1214486

This is autism but I love it

No. 1214649

God this is tacky as fuck. we know full well the only reason she brought this up (again) is to make herself sound fuckable and to humiliate the guy. Her fixation with putting people from her past on blast (who probably never think about her) is just pathetic.

No. 1214822

File: 1619188970770.jpg (92.46 KB, 1300x957, closeup-shot-of-a-big-land-tur…)

Her toothless granny mouth when she smiles or talks (or moves her mouth im the slightest) is also reminiscent to that of a turtle's

No. 1214898


tinfoil: matt shared with her some old friends talking shit about her (either her botched face or the fact theyre vacationing during a pandemic and you know 100% they wont quarantine properly when they came back) and now she’s trying to bring up some story she thinks will embarrass them or call them out. Except she forgets she deplatformed herself years ago and has no following and nobody cares. Shes typing into the void.

No. 1214902

tbf that scrote is retarded for trying to guilt her into sexing him. I don't know why she's bringing it up though

No. 1215058

it most likely never even happened

No. 1215354

TurtleAssHeaux it is

No. 1215612

File: 1619270110356.jpg (90.76 KB, 1080x447, Screenshot_20210424-091430.jpg)

Any ideas on who this could be?

No. 1215703

File: 1619282387511.jpg (572.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210424-093808_Tik…)

Looks like she's finally giving TikTok a go, I can't record it but this was her first video and it's just… weird.

No. 1215731


Guess we have a new account to add to the bio: https://www.tiktok.com/@scorpioassheaux

And yes, her first video is very fucking weird. Someone please capture it.

No. 1215739

File: 1619285152951.webm (2.39 MB, 576x720, 20b0eaadaf1c9cdbcfc5d065d3c967…)

Here ya go

No. 1215745

She is so fucking obsessed with herself it baffles the mind

No. 1215771

she looks legitimately scary

No. 1215780


She most likely begged him to sleep in the bed with her and he obliged, but when he turned her down for sex, she turned it into him having a "micro penis" to feel better about herself.

She's the idiot asking touring nobodies to stay with her to try to get laid and she really thinks she's gonna make the dude feel bad?

No. 1215800

Why is it so crazy to believe that a scrote would take sex thrown at him by a crazy bitch like Ari and she'd lie about fucking him and/or his dick size? The story she told was dumb, not unbelievable scrotes will fuck anything.
she has that negative clevage that troons get when they get breast implants. It's odd seeing that on a woman.

No. 1215802

I hate to say your giving a scrote too much credit. Band guys bang ugly groupies all the time.

No. 1215842

How did you manage to screenshot this 19 seconds after it was posted and to a new account

No. 1215848

You can see the shape of her entire face morph as she moves. Totally normal.

No. 1215879

yeah wait a second..

No. 1215897

Someone’s been craving attention huh

No. 1215902

Her eyes widening awkwardly as fuck at the very end lol
Screenshot taken hours before she announced having a Tik Tok account as well as being taken 19 seconds after posting, hmmm

No. 1215908

File: 1619298689960.jpeg (422.39 KB, 1125x659, E7818F6D-01A7-49C8-99B9-0FFF3C…)

Thanks for pointing out the crazy eyes at the end, anon, I’m howling. I do get fed up with the hard drug tinfoil but surely she’s on something? She’s gurning at the beginning of the video too

No. 1215947

She looks so out of place being on TikTok. She does not have the personality for video content, she doesn't even have the looks for the kind of photo content that gained her followers once. The kind of look she is going for is not trending anymore + she went way too overboard with fillers and surgery to be able to stand out.
She is past her peak, and this is just embarrassing. Like a middle aged mom who tries to fit in with her daughter and her daughter's friends

No. 1215953

File: 1619306129457.png (1 MB, 686x692, KyxI2l1.png)

not wking and maybe i'm retarded/not understanding what you mean but she's making the crazy eyes at the end because thats the joke/meme of the video+song, like shes cringing at her past face like picrel. sorry if i'm autistic and missing something. regardless it's bleak that her first tiktok is about how much she hates herself

No. 1215964

She looks so much better in the before pics she's trying to make fun of. Momokun and Ariana have truly convinced me fillers should be banned.

No. 1215993

She self posted her tik tok 17 seconds after making her first post before even uploading an icon and notifying her two simps why are people giving her what she wants
You guys need to hold out until she isn’t dressed like a holiday party drunk aunt who had a dress barn coupon in late spring, or goes full Florida Woman. Pick one and set goals you wannabe Stacys.

No. 1215998

Jfc, just shut up. I swear Anons in all threads are acting extra brain damaged lately.

No. 1215999

Idc if she wants farmers to talk about her, that just makes her more of an embarrassing cow

No. 1216084

Tbf the screenshot is from an android and I’m pretty sure Ariana has an iPhone, still weird anon could capture it that fast

No. 1216088

there's literally no possible way it wasn't a selfpost kek please. 19 seconds, no profile pic even??

No. 1216169

Yeah but we know that Ariana uses DoorMatt’s phone….not sure if he has an android though

No. 1216170

File: 1619351018095.jpeg (84.79 KB, 757x286, 02ED12C0-8401-4A8D-88FC-AA85D1…)

I looked up the temperature in Philadelphia for around the time the screenshot was taken and it pretty much matches the temp of 47f on the phone. Sorry for the Celsius (I’m in the UK) but 8c = 46 f

No. 1216176

this lmao, nice try Ariana!

No. 1216230


Of course her first video tries to latch onto her original ig audience of insecure girls who want plastic surgery and see her as their filler spirit animal.

No. 1216237

it isn't going to work this time. tiktok is a lot less beauty based than instagram and you have a lot more of the "body positive" crowd on there. she might get a small following but most of them are just leeches shifting over from instagram.

No. 1216238

it makes no sense to me that she is sitting with this bitchy ass attitude and judging her old self for a feature she had no control over. you would think as someone with her level of body dysmorphia who got made fun of for her old nose, that she wouldn't now sit and act like having a big nose is something so undesirable. it's like she has no empathy for the person she was and everyone else who has a big nose. at least she used to say (pretend) she thought she was beautiful both ways. i know farmers always shit on her old face as well as her thousand of new faces, but i would never judge or give a shit if i came by a tiktok with a girl who had a nose like her old. it's 10000 times more undesirable to me that she actually chose to have this puffy potatoface and then goes and makes fun of her original face. i know it's probably not that deep and she's just trying to be funny and go viral with her plastic and proud thing again, but all this does is show her shitty personality and crusty hair. everyone and their moms have fillers and plastic surgery now, she's not going to go viral again for having baboon ass lips and shitty drag queen makeup

No. 1216367

Even then, the phone itself says “9:38” but it was posted at noon according to eastern standard time, why would his phone be in an entire different time zone. She tweeted about the tiktok a few minutes before it was posted here I bet it was just captured by a farmer with post notifications on

No. 1216465

File: 1619389241836.jpeg (120.39 KB, 750x972, E8B51DD6-A7D9-4701-A6F3-545D2D…)

PLEASE go watch her most recent tik tok. Seeing her face in motion is jarring. You can just hear the lisp and she looks toothless

No. 1216526

god her nose is so fucked. the holes are so cartoonish, like a drawn animal?

No. 1216535

Not everyone has tik tok…. also this is an image board. Post it.

No. 1216546

File: 1619397273224.webm (4.42 MB, 576x1024, bfd570655528e56ed04a1adef74169…)

All you have to do is download her video from Tik Tok and look up a webm converter to post the video to lolcow, it's not hard anon. Here ya go again since I have the time.

No. 1216554

Or you could just click on her tiktok link that was posted like ten posts ago. I don’t have tiktok.. it’s not that difficult. Anon posted an image that I got enough from to see the trainwreck

No. 1216557

>hear the lisp
?? She's lip syncing, that's not her voice

Ntart, it depends on whether you want anons to see what you're talking about because it's rarely worth clicking the link. Embed is better.

No. 1216559


No. 1216562

you can see the lisp lol her tongue is just weirdly in the middle of her teeth all the time.
absolutely crazy that her hair is greasy and stiff at the same time

No. 1216584

I'm saying you can practically hear her lisping behind the audio track bc of the way her mouth moves. And how is it rarely worth clicking the link? This is Ariana in live action we're talking about.
You don't need a tik tok account to view a profile, how old are you anon?

No. 1216590

Dam she really does overdraw her lip line like crazy… literally paints a new face onto hers. Wonder if she’d get clients all natural?

No. 1216595

Could her nose still be swollen at the tip? It’s so bulbous that it’s insane she paid for that.

No. 1216615


Lip syncing a song about pussy tasting like vape juice. Stay classy, Ari.

No. 1216631

I mean… completely toothless middle aged crack whores get clients

No. 1216632

This is an image board. If you cant be bothered posting it here to be archived you are better off not posting at all.

No. 1216641

nose looking like silly putty with holes crudely cut in

No. 1216644

I literally went to her account and downloaded the video and posted it here? What makes you think I'm old or that I don't know how to use Tik Tok just because I'm telling someone how to upload a webm and use an image board correctly? I'm not the same anon who said not everyone has an account.

No. 1216673

it looks like she has no top teeth

No. 1216762


Whats with the influx of hormonal, bitchy cunts in this thread? Its almost like Ari (who was outted as self posting) is trying to get her thread closed again by infighting


the irony of anons bitching its an image board while contributing even less to the conversation themselves. we dont need to spoonfed you, the anon posted an IMAGE on an image board, chill.

No. 1216887

File: 1619448943391.jpg (554.81 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210426_165409_com…)

i'm keking at her trying to be sexy

No. 1216891

File: 1619449634500.jpg (244.42 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20210426_170707.jpg)


ofc this is going to be her whole shtick. she doesn't have the personality for video content

No. 1216896

I wonder if she realizes how obvious it is to everyone that she’s trying really hard to show her teeth and prove she’s not a toothless granny to the point of overacting and coming across cringe af even for tiktok

No. 1216899

File: 1619450318021.jpeg (336.76 KB, 764x810, 538528E6-FB85-4C8A-B6D3-F3200C…)

And you can STILL see her tiny mouth inside of her mouth kek. Also that bulbous tip, can’t believe she went into debt again just to have another botched ass nose.

No. 1216911

that's what i thought too kek. this just shows her botched lips and that her lower teeth are twice the length as the upper ones

No. 1217111

Lmfao imagine seeing this in person, if I did I would wonder who gave this poor autistic girl all these fillers. These tik toks are cringe. The gothic lettered shirt you might assume at first glance might be a cool punk or hardcore band shirt but once you read “my lips are real” you’re reminded of forever21.. that’s a metaphor for Ariana in general.

No. 1217112

nta but didn't she only get it in the past few months? nose job swelling takes 6mo-a year to fully resolve, and fat grafting takes 3-6 months. so yeah, this isn't the final result in either case, but her face is gonna be fucked no matter what until she gets the jaw surgery she actually needs >>1162808

No. 1217117

Looks like she has ditched one of her nose piercings now. Was it maybe >>121445 and >>1214461 that got to her, lol?

No. 1217118

She’s going to get views not because of her “catfish transition glo up”, but because people want to see her jarring face in action. Woof.

No. 1217133

her nose is so fucking botched it looks bigger and uglier then it ever was

No. 1217136

File: 1619465700638.jpeg (383.21 KB, 828x1474, 9615E921-A00D-45A4-8994-08FD27…)

Wtf is Clapper? (Sorry repost, I forgot to include screenshot)

No. 1217144

File: 1619466408355.jpeg (148.95 KB, 828x940, F6610214-B466-440B-AF9C-457036…)

Nevermind its just a poor man's tiktok

No. 1217223


I'm so curious how the mini mouth botch job happened. I've seen a lot of bad lip/filler jobs but her's is uniquely terrible. Can any medanons weigh in? I've lurked Ari for a while and haven't learned anything. It's fascinating.

No. 1217229

File: 1619472533441.jpg (125.32 KB, 968x1390, 4GBWzkT.jpg)


Definitely reminiscent of those pictures of celebrities with their teeth edited out.

No. 1217236

Fuck, sorry, the 9 fell out, this was the post I meant to tag >>1214459

No. 1217465

Out of curiosity, why do some people’s piercings stick out like this? I’ve mostly noticed it with lip and nose studs.

No. 1217485

New piercings are often fitted with bars which are too long to allow for swelling and prevent pressure or rubbing on the wound site

No. 1217491

I can't get over how bad her lips look. All the filler has ruined her lip lift. She needs to dissolve that shit

No. 1217493

how can someone have THREE nose jobs and still have a gargantuan nose? may as well have just kept the original.

No. 1217522

they are areas that constantly move so it could shift the jewelry. or she took it out to do her makeup and she didn't notice or care it was off.

No. 1217663


You're not supposed to remove new piercings to do your makeup unless you want your shit to close. Ariana probably hated her pig nose that the double piercings magnified.

No. 1217665


This is painful. Her awkwardly baring her teeth while showing her xenomorph mouth and then lip syncing out of sync with the music while baring her teeth… Ariana's TikTok is a whole different level of embarrassing for her. Yes Ariana, everyone knows you're ugly outside of your 2 posed angles. Thanks for confirming.

No. 1217666

File: 1619521354844.jpg (233.81 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20210427-070144_Sam…)

"How do I get more people to watch these videos of me that are embarrassing?

Lemme succc you!!"

No. 1217667

File: 1619521457446.jpg (527.58 KB, 1080x1796, Screenshot_20210427-070311_Sam…)

At least she knows she's cringey.

I like how she's asking people to applaud her awkward "dancing" and only 1 person even liked it.

No. 1217669

File: 1619521525053.jpg (578.53 KB, 1079x1829, Screenshot_20210427-070450_Sam…)

No one wants to spoil you Ariana. You're already rotten and unwanted.

No. 1217722

right?? holy fuck is that thing ever huge. i dont get how she can look down on people with big noses and use it as an insult when her own nose practically takes up half of her face. 3 nosejobs and this is the best she could get it? its honestly so shocking seeing her real face without all the makeup, editing, poses, etc.

No. 1217800

File: 1619538100666.jpeg (177.44 KB, 750x347, C9644378-8393-4558-B42C-E0A4E9…)

Not me

No. 1217805

I’ll never forget. That poor thing was so fucked up.
Didn’t it’s jaw like, literally fall off? And she was like “omg I’m so sad my poor gecko, :( should I take it to the vet?”

No. 1217819

File: 1619539360416.jpeg (744.34 KB, 1242x1757, EB973C41-7958-4AD8-96C6-D7CAD7…)

Yes she got absolutely hammered by all the animal blogs on tumblr at the time. I’m not going to repost the photo because honestly it’s just distressing but you can find it in the old threads.

No. 1217824

“Do the world a favour and avoid getting another animal in the future”
Has since:
> paid for plastic surgery instead of hip surgery for her aging dog
> adopted a kitten before it was properly weaned
> shaved both her cats
> bought another snake that doesn’t seem to see the light of day until Ari needs it as a prop

No. 1217977

File: 1619551927656.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 36974160-A718-45F2-B667-A64CA7…)


No. 1218154

TikTok is certainly her most sad and embarrassing journey.

No. 1218188

it's my fav though! it's literally the easiest place to get followers but people def won't be into her sucking her own dick since that's all she's posted so far. Just like every other social media platform make interesting and/or high quality content bonus if you're pretty and don't be an asshole. She has none of that
the snake gives me tnd vibes where she only has it to seem edgy

No. 1218394

She's so dumb. She must mean in person on camera and in the mirror. Phone and camera are essentially the same thing.

No. 1218398

must have been a freudian slip on her part since she knows she doesn't look like that in person

No. 1218501

File: 1619581290273.png (7.53 MB, 1242x2688, 5E1A647F-84B3-499E-B173-DB82E7…)

found this old photo and it cracked me tf up, thought I’d post it. soz for old milk

No. 1219271

File: 1619657256925.jpeg (226.15 KB, 828x1520, F7EE8491-47FB-4388-A542-1FBB07…)

New tik tok alert

No. 1219273

File: 1619657326429.jpeg (230.22 KB, 827x1561, FDA1D83E-CCB0-456B-9FCB-9C4BE1…)

No. 1219284

Hey could you tiktokers embed her videos instead of saying “hey go look she’s got a new video”. This is an image board and the entire point of it is that you shouldn’t need to go off site to go hunting for whatever. Some retard up thread said that’s spoonfeeding when this is literally just following the culture of the site. Spoon feeding is asking for information that was already covered in previous threads. It is not asking people to embed a vid when they come here like, “she posted a new video go look”. PLEASE stop doing this. Its better you don’t post at all, then do that. It pisses people off. Learn board culture, learn the rules. It’s not that hard, promise.

No. 1219296

I agree it’s a way to prevent from the cow from getting views as well.

No. 1219356

whats up with her leg? AIDs rash saga to be continued?

No. 1219391

yep just screen record it and put it on streamable next time

No. 1219392

looks like extremely bad sunburn

No. 1219405

it’s really boring as fuck though

No. 1219469

TikTok is already cringey as hell. When Ari participates, it’s even worse. I can barely make it through these videos.

No. 1219471

File: 1619687848827.jpeg (262.3 KB, 655x993, BC4A547D-5185-4E91-AB8F-9332D7…)

Truly amazing how much money she spent on all that surgery and her candids just expose her pre surgery face completely

No. 1219512

If i didnt know better id say this was the face of a chubby botched 40yr old mom on her vow renewal vacation lol

No. 1219513

You didn't sage and you fucked up. Type sage in the email field, anon.

No. 1219514

File: 1619699720639.webm (4.37 MB, 885x1634, FullSizeRender.webm)

No. 1219516

File: 1619700086466.webm (2.97 MB, 885x1624, FullSizeRender.webm)

No. 1219518

File: 1619700289062.webm (5.44 MB, 886x1640, FullSizeRender (1).webm)

No. 1219519

File: 1619700414078.webm (1.87 MB, 885x1638, FullSizeRender (2).webm)

No. 1219521

No. 1219524

besides the hilariously strange looking picture in the background, what the fuck is it with her use of the word normie? everyone and their mother has heard of contouring, no need to explain it to anyone. her doughy face looks doughy in both the picture and the video too

No. 1219548


Oh no the lips are worse in motion

No. 1219561

idk if its necessary to repost every single tiktok here unless its something milky or to point out something when anons can view her tiktok without an account or else its gonna shit up the whole thread


No. 1219563

looks like people on tiktok are already getting bored of every other video being her comparison videos to her old face. Her viewings are dropping. Tiktok always pushes out your first couple videos more though then you sink or swim from there.

No. 1219567

it's for people that don't want to give her views. i don't see the issue as long as it stays saged (unfortunately these weren't, but i digress)

No. 1219594


this is valid, as well as she has a history of deleting everything the minute there’s controversy

No. 1219621

File: 1619711485620.jpeg (436.02 KB, 1125x1531, 46402E83-59C7-4AD5-B43E-C2A57A…)

she seriously gets uglier as time goes on it’s crazy

No. 1219630

She's blocking/deleting comments from anyone who calls out her past behavior on her tiktok videos.

No. 1219631

oh absolutely bleak. her mouth barely moves at all. shes really just trying to pick up the pieces of everything shes ruined now i guess.

No. 1219632

her "freckles" look like someone splattered paint on her face kek

No. 1219866


Is she trying to improve her fingertip strength for Ninja Warrior? Because her and her bent knees aren't going to improve on the pole with this "conditioning" training method

No. 1219870


TikTok is gold for showing her unfiltered face in motion, making her lipsyncing look horrifically worse than any photo I've seen her in

No. 1219872


Her head cocking to the side in an attempt to look sexy while she just looks like she's on meth thanks to her meth mouth look

No. 1219873


What in the world is this fist pumping body convulsion?! Yes, Ariana, please try to strip again for a day… because clearly you're sooo gOoD at "dancing"

No. 1219875


Of course she'd freak out over no weed. It's not like she's lived in Philly for years and should easily have multiple weed connects. I can imagine how difficult it is to retain anyone with her ugly personality and fucked up face

No. 1219878


I much prefer for her shit toks to be posted here so I can laugh at these videos without her thinking people like these videos

No. 1219892

You don’t have to post every video….. people are just saying to post it instead of posting a screenshot saying she made a new tiktok, or coming here to announce a new video. For both anons have to go look for it. But she is rarely seen in motion so I’d think anons would want to have an archive of her videos, especially since she’s new to tiktok - anons want to see what her shtick is. She’s one of the biggest catfishes on lolcow so being able to see her without her cakeface + in motion is kind of a treat as compared to her facetuned selfies. So yeah, just don’t talk about a new tiktok without making it so all anons can see it here!

No. 1219893

For this reason too! Doing that also got anons banned for the most part. Talking about a video the cow posted, without making it viewable here = bad. Making the video available here = good.

No. 1219902

File: 1619734217034.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3979x2473, F27D28CB-41C5-467B-BA54-54E279…)

ari’s various faces

No. 1220041


kind of shocking she’s made it this long without fixing her jaw and chin.

No. 1220107

Dental work to fix her jaw/overbite would be the largest change to her face lmao.
She won’t do it. It would be too hard and take super long to heal

No. 1220172

It’s not like she’s doing anything, and yes I agree that’s literally the most important and first thing she should have done. Her lip lift is nonexistent now too, not sure how that happened as the surgeon didn’t make her nose shorter? Maybe it’s just filler that’s settled, she needs to get that shit dissolved, even people in the camgirls thread got theirs dissolved and they have more simps than Ariana. She shouldn’t wear that heavy ass bright makeup though it makes her look more drag with her strong features, unless she does some 80s revival like other girls on of.

Lastly why is her hair black wasn’t it blonde then blue or some shit not full on fuck your dreams of having any other hair color Black?

No. 1220175

She has said she’s never even gone to the dentist and got her invisalign from the ps office or something like that

No. 1220203

yeah she’s absolutely convinced herself that everything else is wrong with her face besides her jaw somehow

No. 1220268

I dont think that the jaw fixing would really make a difference here. She is just insanely ugly and it’s literally everything about her. Not only she has very unfortunate face, her body is unfortunate as well, and she has 0 charisma or sex-appeal. She should just give up imo because all of her “once I do X it’s over for you bitches” is just so pathetic I actually pity her like I’ve never pitied any cow. She is so desperate to be hot but alongside with being smart, it’s something she will never be. She would be like able as this ugly awkward girl who loves animals if she was at least nice and kind. But her terrible personality will not let that happen.

No. 1220295


This helped me see specifically why she looks terrible in motion. Her fillers give her mouth this droopy look, where her mouth just looks downturned at the corners. But when she has her clown makeup on and angles her head to minimize her jaw, she raises her eyebrows and holds her mouth in a position to emphasize that she painted the corners of her mouth upturned like a clown.
But once she moves and talks and can't keep the close-mouthed smirk frozen in place, her lips are back to their perpetual frown.

No. 1220407

File: 1619798930696.jpg (325.27 KB, 1062x1573, Screenshot_20210430_180454.jpg)

Totally not a farmer who did this kek

No. 1220416

File: 1619799220002.jpeg (125.38 KB, 758x722, 9A65B655-E9AE-41A8-929D-9DB9C1…)

I think it’s cute, hopefully the show will die with a beautifully animated finale

No. 1220419

Ok but to be fair, jaw surgery is a major surgery. It’s not like the plastic surgery she’s already had done, this is the type of surgery that is a last resort type of deal. The healing process is among the worst of any aesthetic surgery. It’s not something to be taken lightly. And tbh, Ari isn’t the worst case I’ve seen… just google “double jaw surgery” and you’ll see what I mean… for someone like her, most people would say it isn’t worth it, that’s how ducking crazy it is.

No. 1220423

File: 1619799838756.jpeg (73.02 KB, 980x551, C99536D8-E192-47B0-9930-B8F180…)

Here’s one example!

No. 1220456

She postures as an animal lover when that couldn’t be further from the truth.. when it comes between her wants and her animals needs/livelihood… she’ll choose her wants, every time. All that previous animal abuse has been documented in earlier threads, for anyone who wants to check it out. This cunt projects all of her insecurities onto other people/pets, so pay attention to what she says…. it’s always her worst qualities, which are called out here.

This useless cunt enrages me bc of this animal altruistic side it likes to portray, when its nothing but an empty husk of a human being, with no personality of its own.. and its detrimental effect on everyone it comes into contact with. It’s like a bedbug, or a mosquito, it sucks the life force out of people until there’s nothing left. This can be seen in Doormatts deteriorating looks. It will use Doormatt till there’s nothing left, and find some other poor low-self esteem bastard to sink its claws into.

Sorry, narcissists/sociopaths/ b O r D e R l I n E s like it are the scum of the world

No. 1220513

I agree with almost all of what you said, but the idea that Ariana is responsible for Matt aging like milk is dumb af. He's probably a cow in his own way, he just doesn't air all of his thoughts and life to the internet like she does. But he does enable all of her crazy shit. He chooses to be with a woman who abuses animals, he chooses to appear in her sad "porn", etc. Don't feel sorry for him

No. 1220515

the anons that cry over doormatt are pathetic

No. 1220549

This is the first time I’ve seen her genuinely smile and look happy and even tho she’s botched she actually looks quite cute, probably just her real face coming thru.

No. 1220558

she looks like an alien wearing a human mask

No. 1220585

I mean…. Excuse the blog post but I am getting jaw surgery and my jaw issues (though different than ari's, i have an overbite) are WAY less noticeable than hers. Considering she already had braces and her jaw is still noticeably fucked up, jaw surgery is probably medically necessary for her, cosmetic benefits aside. But no way she would ever see an actual doctor to get it fixed. Psoriasis saga proved that

No. 1220653

I actually think she looks cute too, everything aside.

Matt uses her as some kind of trophy, to make himself look more sane, and to get sympathy because he has such low self esteem. He can’t open up on social media because people would see straight through him.

No. 1220706


Some wk shit right here.

Matt can't blame Ariana for the state of his life because he chose it. And there's nothing wrong with him for not wanting to be on social media, considering how much she makes an ass of herself. He sees and hears it from her all day. She isn't a trophy for him at all. He could get a regular bitch, but his self esteem is shit now thanks to being around a loser like Ariana

No. 1220786

File: 1619839246478.jpeg (24.27 KB, 413x488, 57DD0295-2B3E-45D9-A8A4-72C06A…)

She genuinely looks retarded

No. 1220808

No someone who knew him irl posted about him having extremely low self esteem and using her as a trophy, she made that shirt of him holding her as a blow up doll too. By no means am I defending her, I said her actually smiling was cute because it’s genuine, and way better than who she thinks the world wants to see her as. Maybe she’s rotten to the core, I really do not care, Matt is around her constantly and couldn’t be sane or a good person himself. A lot of beta men use “crazy girls” to make themselves feel or look better, or because they can control them. Don’t blame his bad self esteem on her lmao. It’s called self esteem and he’s a white man, save your actual wking they both suck.

No. 1220901


i think the days of her being considered a trophy are loooongg gone now. if anything it seems like matt hides her these days and does the whole “im single until you directly ask about it” thing. i mean…. who proposes to someone and doesnt post anything at all about it. matts still plugging his shitty band on socials semi regularly but has nothing to say about his own fiancee?

No. 1220919

He’s not even in the band anymore. His whole life is delivering mail, coming home to his apartment in Kensington, banging Ariana with his flaccid cock and passing out.

No. 1220926


Shitting on Matt for having a low self-esteem and staying in a relationship due to convenience is ridiculous. It's quite normal for complacent men who don't want to fuck around with dating and sharing their life details on social media.

Saying there's something wrong with Matt for being committed to someone who gradually showed her craziness over time is like blaming an abused woman for being with an abusive man.

You also think Ariana's puffy retarded face is cute, so that explains why your views are a little… off.

No. 1221018

NTA but Matt is not only with a woman who is maybe abusive to him, he is with a woman who abuses animals, and have for a long time. He should have left when the gecko saga happened, but he has chosen to stay with her through all this. So idc if he is a poor abooosed boy, he still has a responsibility for the living beings around them, but he does not give a fuck. He lets it happen. Which means he is a shitty person too.

No. 1221028


A complacent person isn't necessarily a shitty person. An abused woman isn't automatically a shitty person because she doesn't leave her man for hitting her or their children.

I don't have any sympathy for Matt and the life he chooses, but it's a bit farfetched to say he's terrible for not leaving Ariana. Her actions aren't his, just like Josh Duggar's wife isn't a shitty person for staying with him.

No. 1221248

Let’s face it - Matt is a 3/10 mailman with a pedostache. No woman would want him so he has to stay with Ariana because only she, a 1/10 woman will treat him like a godsend.

No. 1221260


Even 3/10 mustachioed dudes with a stable government full time job at $18/hr can get a gf. She might not be attractive, but she'd have a better personality than someone who's personality is bpd and plastic surgery/ fillers.

But Matt is complacent, clearly. There's a girl for every guy, it just depends how long he's going to spend looking. Ariana can keep him, he's not a winner. But that's ridiculous to think she's all someone can get. Even the elephant man could get better than Ariana.

No. 1221265

Are you seriously talking about me? Check the post again you retard and tell me where I was “crying over him”. All I said is Ariana is sucking his life force and used “poor” as a descriptive, because any person stuck with It is worthy of sympathy just for that. Other than that, I think he’s fucking retarded and I shed no tears over him.

No. 1221607

File: 1619955655488.jpeg (35.03 KB, 641x191, 5216459B-DCBC-45CA-8369-B04642…)

Sage for no milk but this reminded me of Ariana

No. 1221698

Yeah but he would have to work hard for a regular woman. Ari treats him like he’s some sort of Chad and jumps on him on every occasion. He wouldn’t have that with a woman of value and self respect.

No. 1221702

Not because he is a man but because he ain’t shit or anything special.

No. 1221771


*jumps on him all the time only to film shitty pOrN for OF

No. 1221777

File: 1619978398617.jpeg (186.52 KB, 1242x352, 15F346A1-7CDA-4C74-9B7C-D86CC3…)

Interested to see who this supposed “best friend” is since I’ve only ever seen her mention Aaron as her close friend, and of course the countless burnt friendships with e-thots over the years

No. 1221993

How’s Aaron’s eating disorder and veganism going btw

No. 1222308

With her posting about her “bestie” coming to see her, the sad attempt at dancing now and the sudden engagement to matt and all of the baby talk i feel like she actually is skinwalking that one girl she harassed for a good minute

No. 1222375

File: 1620058376010.jpeg (103.9 KB, 1242x303, 86790100-BC3A-4536-855E-C34E64…)

Pining for PnP after she ditched him for the pool thot and her ~lifelong bestie~

No. 1222712

File: 1620075623837.png (1.66 MB, 828x1792, 1D485DAB-EA7A-4492-ADB3-E1C9D2…)

Oh god, she’s looking at extensions

No. 1222714

File: 1620075686334.png (118.42 KB, 254x198, 8FFDAF16-AE84-4119-8912-2BE74B…)


No. 1222719

File: 1620075972178.png (3.14 MB, 828x1792, D249F5CF-BC41-4224-835C-499B6C…)

Yikes 1/2

No. 1222721

File: 1620076006613.png (1.96 MB, 828x1792, DAC74610-7FB7-4C70-AFBA-661123…)


No. 1222745

Didn’t she already try to do this?

No. 1222768

She had a party city wig phase. Don’t recall a professional extensions phase.

No. 1222794


Nothing she does is legit professional. Just like her aCrYlIc bingo chip nails.

She put those bad extensions in when she had short hair and she couldn't blend them for shit, remember?

No. 1222797


I remember the last time she wanted them, she wanted blond on top and to put black extensions on the bottom, too.

No. 1223106

Her tiny tits were a much better suit for her body. Those lopsided bolt-ons were a mistake and she knows it kek

No. 1223151

But anon, what would she slap and tug at when she makes porn then?

No. 1223196


Matt's flaccid dick.

BTW, I guess she never filmed with the oThEr guy that wasn't Matt. Just to add to the list of things she says she'll do that never happens.

No. 1223230


Yeah i rest my case. sage for old milk but she hated that abcd girl for a while and now she’s talking about how she’s gonna strip, she wants black extensions and she all of a sudden wants to marry matt and make a baby

No. 1223237

Jfc will this abcde w/e girl stop self posting? Nobody cares about you

No. 1223279

if she had left herself entirely alone she could be interesting-looking and skinny-sexy
but she mangled her face and body so badly that she just looks like a deflated blowup doll
she could have spent the plastic surgery money on being educated for an actual career
what a dumb fuck

No. 1223381

My advice is buy shitty synthetic extensions, cus those are the only ones that will look similar to your actual hair and blend in. My better advice is that you should buzz it all off again, cus you already reached the point of no return with your hair a while ago. You are not going to be able to save it. And then fucking stop making changes to your appearance every other week. The rush you get from making a change will never last very long, and then you will want to do something new again, when you should have stopped a long time ago

…. Scratch that, just keep going! It's what makes you my favorite cow together with Vicky Shingles

No. 1223498

Oh my fucking god. She will not know how to take care of them and it will fuck up her hair that much more. They are for high maintenance people. They are also very expensive. Tape ins can destroy your hair and people fall for them because they’re “cheaper” when they are in fact not. If she has never appreciated or enjoyed any hair phase she has had for an extended period of time, this will just be another one of them and it will destroy her hair. She already bleached it from black to near white, then black permanent dye again. Putting additional weight and adhesive she does not know how to take care of on top of a very damaged foundation is fucking stupid even for her. I actually want her to have hair she likes, but she can’t ever like her hair no matter what so there is no excuse to damage it more. We’ve all said it but if she just spent that money on intensive therapy she could at least be making more stable decisions about her appearance, and also actually enjoying them. Sorry for the rant her hair stuff agitates me to no end.

No. 1223810

Lol no one wants to be that trashy abcd hoe, not even our white trash queen who shits herself on the side of the road… think about it

No. 1223835

Ari cared about you for all of five minutes and probably no longer remembers that you exist. You’re white trash just like her, and your self-posting is cringey as hell.

No. 1223922

why does it feel like two cows are fighting in the thread right now. i mean, we all know ari writes cheques her ass cant cash and turns into a little bitch when confronted. so it would be very onbrand for her to be a farmer in her own thread, not afraid to call herself out because as noted above - her self esteems is shot to shit and she’s her own biggest enemy.

No. 1224045

Because they are. Ariana needs around the clock attention no matter what and where it’s from. And most of the bitches that self post here want traction like potential cow status and OF subscribers. News flash: farmers here barley pay Ariana any mind, let alone willing toss her money. If you’ve haven’t notice how dead it’s been that because Ariana stopped self-posting her raw, undercooked pussy herself.

No. 1224099


Nta, but I highly doubt abcd bitch who has a kid and actually is a real swer/stripper, is going to waste her time trying to drop her name on a thread about Ariana. I think she likes actually not being a part of Ariana's drama thread. Anons always yell about self posts to anyone who mentions anyone besides Ariana. Yes, this is a thread about Ariana's dumb flat ass, but other people get mentioned sometimes. Nobody is flattering abcd, they're just being slightly facetious and saying Ariana is doing similar shit to someone she made fun of when she actually had a following. I've compared Ariana to some other bitch, not even accusing her of skin walking, but just making a comparison to someone successful in sw vs Ariana and her larping sw shit, and had to face all the annoying "nobody cares about you and your self post!"

If someone posts the page of someone nobody in this thread has ever heard of or someone's @ that isn't related to anything, then that makes more sense to accuse them of a self post. But not just a random mention/comparison.

No. 1224102


"…farmers barley pay…"

Barley is worth more than whatever Ariana makes on OF these days.

Nobody posted their OF here. This would be the worst place to try to get OF subs. Ariana is the only one trying to fish in the lolcow pond for OF subs since no one actually is attracted to her.

No. 1224119

>actually is a real swer/stripper
get a real job whore

No. 1224189

Anon money is money no matter where you get it from. We've seen plenty of cows do it and their orbiters do it on the daily as well. It's not as rare as you think it is. ntg anyone any ideas, but hate watching fans are more sustainable then the scrotes, just look at our resident cow momokun

One of the anons you tagged, do urself a favor and stfu. No one wants to hear about these low-tier bitches and your the only one that continues to invoke this chics name. No one and i repeat no one cares that much to do comparison with an establish landfill but those bpd faggots. I'm sorry but either go self-post somewhere else, learn to stfu about urself, or at least attempt to bring it up w/out making it obvious. Just because you say its important doesn't make it important. Take a note from most camwhores on this site and learn to lurk w/out frothing at the mouth for attention

No. 1224306

If you truly believe that the anon was self posting, why don't you just ignore it instead of shitting up the thread jfc

No. 1224384

>Barley is worth more than whatever Ariana makes on OF these days.

kek soz but the 'barley' misspelling drives me insane and i love u for this anon

No. 1224524


I mentioned I'm not even the same anon and you're insisting I'm self posting… you and Ariana have a similar sense of logic.

No. 1225371

File: 1620397909533.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x2040, CE83EC54-957B-4CA2-A946-78D0E8…)

New photo on twitter, looking absolutely deranged

No. 1225399

Too bad she posted all those stupid superficial vids on TikTok. She finally went viral and no one wanted to follow her. Had she deleted those vids she would have thousands of followers on there now but instead she has 400.

No. 1225462

Honestly her tik toks make her seem like a transsexual. The way her face moves is disturbing.

No. 1225586

Went viral? Wtf did I miss?

No. 1225731

her nostrils are so fucked up…kek.

No. 1225798

She needs to stop contouring/highlighting like she still has the same nose as before. She wanted a ski slope nose but is still doing her makeup like she has a protruding nose bridge. It looks really strange. Heavy contour and highlight really doesn't suit noses like that. Not that her potato nose is better in itself, but she's not going to save it with makeup. That last nose job was a mistake

No. 1225838

…why are you replying to this post? Went viral? What are you on about?

No. 1225863

nta but her latest video on tiktok has almost 70k views, i guess that's what anon meant although i wouldn't call that going viral. but it is more viral than her face will ever go

No. 1225865

File: 1620464044978.jpg (1.91 MB, 2560x1920, body dysmorphia.jpg)

No. 1225938

File: 1620480456227.jpg (834.13 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20210508-092643_Sam…)

I love how her recent Twitter post shows how important Matt is that she cuts his face off to make sure her ugly overdone caked makeup mug is centered in the picture.

No. 1225940

File: 1620480618915.jpg (308.89 KB, 1078x1189, Screenshot_20210508-092841_Sam…)

Her childhood best friend is the person she's been stoked about visiting… she really has no other friends besides the 3 friends she knew before all the embarrassing ps.

No. 1225941

File: 1620480690911.jpg (513.41 KB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20210508-092904_Sam…)

From her 8th a day weed aDdIcTiOn to enjoying queefing, Ariana is all about getting more followers with her oversharing posts.

No. 1225942

File: 1620480871714.jpg (543.17 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20210508-093219_Sam…)

What a savvy business woman. She owes "thousands" to the IRS and is supposedly stoked she doesn't owe more, but this dumbass could have used a tax calculator on her own all year to figure out what percentage she needs to set aside to pay taxes. You know she can't pay it off up front either because she probably didn't actually save money to pay taxes. She's probably just on a payment plan because "debt is sooo good if you're smart about it!"

No. 1225944

File: 1620481071231.jpg (790.79 KB, 1078x1351, Screenshot_20210508-093533_Sam…)

Ariana and her full face of clown makeup in bed trying to look hOt with her ratty old shitty shirt that looks like the writing style from a bad metal core band, teenybopper underwear, while laying on top of an ugly brown bra and some other clothes. Looks like she just changed in bed for the picture and then took it all off after the pic to put the previous ugly outfit on.

No. 1226403

Is this the old best friend that had her blocked for years? The one that told Ari that she was a horrible person or whatever? She used to cry over that girl constantly on Tumblr.

No. 1226488


Soooo so sad. She actually looked really good in the left pic even if it was still face tuned a bit. She looks so youthful. I always think shes early 30s. Its insane how thin the line is with filler from making you look young and aging you years.

No. 1227045

Yeah, it's tuned and posed, but even with that in mind, it's a million times better. At this point she can't edit or pose the uncally valley away. It's jarringly sad to see what she has done to herself. She went overboard with every single thing! Fillers, surgery, hair and makeup.

No. 1227120


Ariana is so dumb she can't even do her own basic af taxes using an idiot-proof system like TurboTax. She doesn't own property and I guarantee she doesn't save her receipts to write them off as "business expenses". I know Ariana doesn't need what she calls a "tax lady" aka a tax preparer/accountant for her extremely basic taxes, although I'm sure she claims she needs one because she's a sw larper.

No. 1228255

She probably doesn't have the reading comprehension/vocabulary/ability to use Google to understand turbotax

No. 1228796

File: 1620847868555.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1536x1645, 45F9B1DD-CB1C-4FC5-8987-3EB141…)

Referring to Matt as her “husband” again

No. 1228800

File: 1620848447213.jpeg (367.74 KB, 1125x1469, E828B053-2DCB-4345-8DF6-7C1C28…)

every time she posts a picture I feel bad for her lol the delusion

No. 1228924

File: 1620860943739.png (9.41 MB, 1242x2208, 07FF392C-4E83-4BAD-809E-1E7E22…)

No. 1229096

It's so funny to me that she never even got above 10k followers anymore

No. 1229099

nitpick but her body looks scary in the right pic.

No. 1229401


Honestly not a scary as it looks now! Her face was definitely prettier back then, too.

No. 1229404

She probably aspires to work in the same club as checkyagirl, her botched fRiEnd. I'm positive that she'll never even recoup 5% of the money she spent on plastic surgery and fillers, and that's even if she managed to actually work at a club and go on for more than 1 day/night.

No. 1229441

File: 1620933400476.jpg (438.92 KB, 1080x1856, Screenshot_20210513-151656_Twi…)

No. 1229443

File: 1620933523479.jpg (54.23 KB, 1080x346, Screenshot_20210513-151836_One…)

No. 1229446

File: 1620933608390.jpg (277.39 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20210513-152019_Twi…)

No. 1229451

yeah she desperately needs those kek

No. 1229453

no one besides this person would care about her twitter or what pills someone takes it’s 2021 and two grand can buy a lot more stable and long term results than overprescribed boring fat pills

No. 1229514

she won’t take the time tested cheap ones because she might gain weight
be sane but have to watch what you eat, or be a complete mental case?

No. 1229573

In this Tik tok she talks about one of many “horror stories” in her arsenal (really making sex work sound like a desirable career choice)
> Ariana turns up to clients “mansion” and said client and her sex worker friend are wasted
> client proceeds to drink a bottle of grey goose and pisses himself
> Ariana and her friend spend all night in the mansion whilst he refuses to pay them
> they are finally paid
>Ariana claims she receives a text message from the client asking her not to tell her friend that he only wants to see Ariana again in the future
> she declines because he was creepy

I feel like she honestly only told this story just to make herself sound more desirable than her friend lol.

No. 1229577

File: 1620943753509.jpeg (234.24 KB, 1229x569, 9F176761-A7A7-4DD0-891E-D4E6B0…)

Acting as if she isn’t desperate to baby trap Doormatt

No. 1229706

File: 1620956901818.jpeg (364.82 KB, 750x1332, D1985704-781E-4E33-ACE6-B9A7C3…)

No. 1229707

A tank top on your wedding day? What?

No. 1229711


what? this is on par for white trash weddings

No. 1229721

The whole bottom half of her face looks like it’s 4 inches too far forward

No. 1230019


The fact that Doormatt’s mom is endorsing her son to marry and have children with Ariana….smh

No. 1230050

File: 1621012878859.png (Spoiler Image, 4.5 MB, 1125x2436, EC45A42A-A427-41ED-8F04-0AA339…)


No. 1230054

Surprise surprise it looks like she hasn't cleaned up since forever again

No. 1230075


all she does is sit around all day at home, i dont get why her house always looks so unkempt. people with 40+ hours a week jobs can pick up clothes off the floor, she acts like her art consumes her life when the reality is she just never learned to how clean up due to poverty upbringing/hooker mom never taught her how.

No. 1230078

doesnt sound like much of an endorsement. why am i shocked matts mom doesnt like her.

No. 1230079

File: 1621014948689.png (Spoiler Image, 319.87 KB, 854x479, EE31A5EB-0FB8-48EC-9AA2-0B2DB9…)


pretty sure there a lot worse photos her future kids could end up seeing, doormatt’s mom.

No. 1230093

At this point I can’t decide who has the most grimy, low effort content, Shayna or Ariana? The greasy hair, pasty chicken fillet skin, backdrop of a lizard tank and random shite thrown on the floor…..wtf

No. 1230121


She's exaggerating so hard it's pathetic. I remember the story she made on Snapchat or IG where she talked about what a sCaRy night it was and her and friend drove around with the drunk/passed out guy to find an ATM and she was soooo sCaReD but "thank God we finally got paid and we're safe". She also said she should get money up front from now on, although I'm wondering why she didn't do that from the start like most "literal whores". She said she'll never go back again. Although the joke is on her because she had no other clients to make money from.

But suddenly now the guy expressed he only wanted her sooo bad in his drunken stupor and he lived in a mansion… cows really live in a delusional world of their mind's creation.

No. 1230126


Great idea, wear a tank top to your fictional wedding to spite your "future mother-in-law" and future fictional children when your tattoos aren't even the most embarrassing part. Just show off your botched tits and fillers as you wear a tank top to your own (fictional) wedding. Sounds like her imaginary wedding will be in a free public park with red Solo cups and bags of chips galore.

No. 1230130


Major kek. She looks like she woke up with a really stiff back and is trying to hover over a toilet to piss/shit.

No. 1230135


You forgot the sExI inner thigh 5 o'clock shadow stubble.

No. 1230215

I can’t unsee this lmfao

No. 1230219

File: 1621024047500.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1904, 6EB5E0DB-4AEF-4412-831B-F54719…)


No. 1230220

File: 1621024071957.jpeg (64.86 KB, 273x321, 270BAFB0-F005-4E06-902F-671BF1…)

2/2 kill it with fire

No. 1230241

File: 1621025868657.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 0BC47E24-4F9D-4F2A-9181-A75DB8…)


No. 1230245

File: 1621025962030.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 466F8452-7995-49A3-8752-B74180…)


No. 1230246

File: 1621026062427.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 2F735C68-2013-4F13-9AB6-BC5E4A…)


No. 1230248

When I saw this on the front page I thought for sure it was the MTF thread. kek

No. 1230269

File: 1621027633005.png (122.97 KB, 500x374, 6CE7C0FD-597E-4806-B7D8-9D77E2…)

Hank hill ass

No. 1230274

File: 1621027829470.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 22FDB77D-BD63-4545-AD02-18C38A…)


No. 1230276

File: 1621027863853.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, B9F4D339-2EC5-4225-8A36-F253BB…)

looks like she’s taking a dump

No. 1230286

why would she ever post this. she has a white trash mom's body. all torso, no ass, and bad boob job that doesn't flow with the body. the face, we already know is a wreck

No. 1230326

ariana, sweaty, please stop contouring your nose like this, you look like michael jackson

No. 1230329

File: 1621032060784.png (1.29 MB, 1161x737, Screen-Shot-2019-10-07-at-10.4…)

No. 1230336

How dare you she’s beautiful

No. 1230352


This is beginner artist anatomy at its finest

No. 1230439

what was the video? haha she deleted it

No. 1230440

oh wait no sorry just saw it on twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/scorpioassheaux/status/1393252709428514833
is she supposed to be farting, lol?
sage for double post(imageboard)

No. 1230461

Think about how she’ll be smiling in her wedding photos and she can’t pose them with her dead face kek. Can’t wait to see those

No. 1230559

I wonder how often the snake tank gets cleaned. Does it even have heat or light?

This is appalling in so many ways.

No. 1230583

File: 1621066701801.jpg (550.8 KB, 2560x1900, bongcheon dong ari.jpg)

No. 1230627

File: 1621077353896.jpeg (20.32 KB, 480x360, 5C431F96-3591-4F99-AEAA-757E18…)

> Ariana and Doormatt actually going through with a marriage ceremony

No. 1230803

this is so embarrassing…why would she post this

No. 1230832

File: 1621105915260.jpg (205.59 KB, 1080x807, IMG_20210515_151052_644.jpg)

No. 1230913

File: 1621114472263.jpg (651.32 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210515_232533_com…)

i love the pinched nose/swordfish/michael jackson/ white line on a potato look, thanks for teaching us, makeup queen

No. 1231030

can’t tell if the contour is off-center or if her new nose is just super asymmetrical

No. 1231087

No. 1231131

One nostril is definitely bigger than the other

No. 1231275

File: 1621177336650.jpeg (522.04 KB, 828x1307, E17BDC91-5A48-47C3-B91A-2C93FA…)

No. 1231316

her hair is so damaged and stringy i always think it's wet

No. 1231328

If she’s going to spend hours contouring her nose, the least she could do is neaten up her bush…the half shaved pubic stubble sticking out of her underwear looks sloppy af especially for a sex worker

No. 1231699

File: 1621218335441.jpeg (60.25 KB, 564x564, B8A374E3-E89A-4A70-B81C-5A4420…)

Looking more and more like a drag queen daily

No. 1231811

the fact that nearly everyone in this site is incapable of believing that cis women can be ugly and built like bricks is beyond me

No. 1231812

i wonder how she feels knowing that despite all this surgery her face still looks odd and in fact even worse since it resembles a mask, esp with the overdone makeup.

No. 1231832

anon you replied to and kek that swordfish drag queen is exactly who she reminds me of

No. 1231894

I think it's her nose. The right side in the photo looks concave.

No. 1232024


She can't even do a proper inversion on a pole, despite all the simple tutorials on IG and YouTube. She'll go work in a club for one night again and then fall off the pole trying to invert herself with an unsupported grip all on one side of the pole and never go back again due to her iNjUrY. I can imagine how awkwardly Ariana and her bent knees got into this position and how she flopped her feet back down with a loud thump, nearly breaking her basic af generic clear heels.

No. 1232025


Buffalo Bill got fake tits, I see… his stomach used to look sooo much more firm and fit, though.

No. 1232026


Looks like a still from an oh-so-graceful fall

No. 1232030


Oh she IS falling… like going from standing straight-ish to a bent forward grandma squat over a toilet really pushed her balance limits. That's truly painful to watch. Yeah, bring those moves to a strip club while you do your stiff hand self-grope and it'll really bring together the stiff back, hovering over the toilet vibe, Ariana. Man, you got the surgery and are "pOlE dAnCiNg" again, but this video really showed us that it's over for us hoes. Keeeek.

No. 1232035


Good thing she isn't a real sex worker because that sloppy bikini line wouldn't net anyone. She's just a stay-at-home wannabe sw who occasionally posts pre-made amateur sex videos with her ugly cuck.

It's embarrassing how hard she's trying to larp as a stripper, when it's not even a difficult job to get. That whole outfit is like a teen movies idea of what a stripper should look like, from the basic clear heels with no design or decorations on them at all, combined with a bikini top meant for swimming and g-string underwear with a tacky rhinestoned dollar sign meant for teenagers. This outfit would never stand out in a real strip club and certainly wouldn't make her look interesting or unique.

Ariana always says how she misses her flat tits, but at least she has fake tits that literally disappear when she raises her arms and they fall outward.

No. 1232037


She must be trying a new strategy for stripping where she looks so awkward and ugly and kills so many boners that dudes at strip clubs will pay her to take her sad body and botched face back home and not come back and kill their vibe anymore.

No. 1232062

File: 1621278827463.jpeg (189 KB, 1242x409, 4EA1D24A-0C0E-4181-9D5E-5CFB77…)

She even admits that she doesn’t want to go to the strip club kek.

No. 1232097

File: 1621280835621.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.53 MB, 886x1708, FullSizeRender (3).webm)

Uploaded for the sake of archiving this cringe

No. 1232131


agreed… if she wanted to strip all she has to do is go down to the club and apply. SWers give their scrotes way too much credit. If she actually wanted to learn, actually being at the club around other strippers is the only way.

No. 1232160

File: 1621284008587.gif (533.11 KB, 220x223, 83BCE59A-DE4F-435B-9618-35533D…)

No. 1232298

Ariana wishes her hindquarters were so juicy
What do you mean anon, she's clearly an accomplished stripper already. Other dancers wish to look like her

No. 1232570

No matter the quality of the club in Philly, she will have to audition. She can’t dance, and usually the girls who can’t dance are talented on the pole. You make the most money by doing private lap dances. So after your 2 or 3 songs on stage, you’re going to walk the room and basically sell yourself. She has the personality of a potato, she’s unapproachable, unfriendly and condescending. She doesn’t even want to engage men on her social media, so I can’t imagine her making any money doing private lap dances. Those girls could either be your best friend or your worst enemy, it can be a super catty environment, so you can all imagine the friends she will make with her attitude towards other females. And a good club won’t tolerate prostitution.

No. 1232707


That "twerk" attempt is truly worse than most men attempting to twerk. She's literally just doing a lazy attempt at a cat/cow stretch while in a bent forward squat. There's no actual booty pop at any point.
And somehow she watches herself move in these videos and instead of realizing what she needs to practice and understand what the majority of people consider sexy, she decides this is great cOnTeNt and that she's finally ready to work her 2nd day as a sTrIpPeR after 20k+ worth of surgeries and all her "pole dance training" and an outfit from Forever 21.

No. 1232709


Except she's extremely threatened by the beauty and talent of other women and is fearful of not being a hit at the club.

No. 1232716


Some states are easier than others to work in a club, but Ariana acts like stripping is the holy grail, her dream career, like she's been preparing for this to serve as her return on investment for all the surgery and cosmetic procedures she's paid for during her whole life.

Ariana just has to walk into any tacky (as in not high end) club and talk to them and then they'll let her know what her schedule will be. They won't even care how badly her dancing abilities are or how horrific her incorrectly performed inversions are, as long as she shows up and pays the house fees and serves as another female body in the club. Ariana being unable to make a profit at the club isn't even their concern.

No. 1232747

She had a very temporary stint as a stripper a couple of years ago after she quit the dog walking job. She said she hated it so much and felt degraded so idk why she’s trying to return to it

No. 1232913

She worked only 1 or 2 days though. I remember 2 posts about going to club to wOrK and then that quickly stopped.

She really wants to be a stripper so badly for some reason. Some women want to be doctors and Ariana wants to be a stripper. She thinks it'll add to her sw validity, like she's a real sw as opposed to her current sw larping. Plus she probably thinks she'll get money now that she's had so many surgeries and that this will give her the social media validity that she desperately craves.

The reality of her dream either not coming to fruition due to her never going to work in a club or due to her unpopularity and inability to secure private dances or even table dances is going to crush her fragile ego.

No. 1233404

File: 1621408287776.jpeg (683.9 KB, 1242x1236, 02A2DA14-71D1-4354-9ECA-21BBED…)

So Matt is still getting cucked

No. 1233628

When is she gonna make a meme
addressing her inability to keep an SD?
Sorry Matt, your stable job isn't good enough for your 26 year old able bodies "fiancée" looking for an SD like an 18 year old unemployed kid

No. 1233837

File: 1621449176582.png (7.79 MB, 1242x2208, 141B0DC4-487B-4B66-A88D-84FFD8…)

Still whining about shadowban

No. 1233839

I love how this cow thinks she's "permanently shadowbanned" when in fact she is not and everyone who follows her hates her

No. 1234016

File: 1621460546979.jpg (14.21 KB, 375x346, 637b690017ba2cfa2d674a28680496…)

Why does she always make this face like she just smelled something stinky or she's pushing out a fart?

No. 1234038

anon I am crying

No. 1234203

File: 1621479833050.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210519_230337209.jpg)

Of course she made porn in the pool that other people swim in .. disgusting

No. 1234246

It’s actually not porn, just an extremely awkward slow motion video of her shaking her tits in an unappealing manner.

No. 1234333

File: 1621500668739.jpeg (138.54 KB, 1242x365, D38CB2BD-4D69-4BD3-A032-A4BB09…)

No. 1234356

I guess you are what you eat.

No. 1234392


She has to tell herself something to feel better about her crushed dreams of being an influencr and her wounded ego. She begs for money and followers and becomes more embittered as she continues to get nothing. Her insecurity has really worsened so badly over the years that I truly believe she was better off with her original beak nose and obsession with being thin. Now she's just trying to keep up with Jocelyn "Cat Face" Wildenstein and larping as a sw/dreaming of being a stripper/fantasizing over more surgeries that will cHaNgE her life while being lonely and isolated and hating herself. She's the perfect example of fucking her own life up and then crying about it.

No. 1234406


Ariana's idea of sExI: Making a stank face while lounging in a cheap tank top with unfinished hemlines, combined with an overly made-up face that is 5+ shades lighter than her body while her upper thighs are 10+ shades darker than everything else, while perpetually perched on piles of random junk (like that pink tube of lube/drugstore lotion and gray furry pile).

She's just naturally has a flair for looking like a tacky guest on Jerry Springer.

No. 1234416


All the side-by-side thumbnails of her cell phone amateur porn combined with the awkward positions and bummed out face is the biggest advertisement for why her OF isn't worth subbing to. This is the type of content people scroll right past because it's so boring and lazy that even videos sent from a soccer mom to her husband of 10 years would be spicier.

No. 1234424


"Got the $200 bag from eating dinner with someone who at best will have 1-3 sw sessions before ghosting me! I also got to eat escargot, which is as slimy as me, but I feel so classy that I have to mention it like I do with tuna tartare!"

This is the first time since December that she's made money from a date. What a huge financial contribution to Doormatt… actually, let's be real here - it's for her plastic surgery fund.

I don't know precisely how much she made, but I know she often uses What's Your Price for paid dates where she eats dinner with someone while "discussing what we both want to get out of the relationship", according to one of her sw profiles. She had mentioned based on that initial meeting and how compatible they are, they'll then discuss if they want to meet again next time for paid sex services. So despite her crowing about getting "the bag", she really just had dinner with someone she's hoping will be her SD and got paid between $150-$300 to talk about if they're compatible for future sex meetups.

I guess the 1 SD that flew her out for the holidays ditched her trashy pancake ass for good.

No. 1234429


I always forget that she's based her entire life goals on Natalie Portman in "Closer". She got the ugly outfit from Dollskill that reminded her of Natalie Portman's character Alice and wore it for a few bad pictures and videos she filmed at home, she got a pink bob wig that was meant to resemble Natalie Portman's pastel pink bob wig, she borrowed Alice as her moniker due to Natalie Portman's character's name, and aims to be a stripper like Alice is in "Closer".

Yet she desperately wants to convince everyone, including herself, that she's original and not basic at all.

No. 1234432

File: 1621515109313.jpg (850.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210520-083850_Sam…)

I don't use Tik Tok, so I'm not sure if this is typical content, but it really looks more like something for sw Twitter. I just watched a clip from Ariana's TikTok posted on her Twitter, and I'm first baffled by the sundress with a riveted black belt wrapped around it. Then she busts out her all time sExIeSt move with her stiff hands groping herself, then she tries to jiggle her ass by literally just bending one knee and quickly straightening it while bending the other. No Ariana, knee bending is not at all how you make your ass clap. She lifts up the dress to show her butthole before it gets covered by a heart with wings sticker and ends this masterpiece by "twerking" which shows how she puts more emphasis on rounding her back in a c shape instead of actually popping her booty out. More stills to follow this post, but I don't have the wifi right now to post the whole video. It's a typical Ariana cringe video with her same recycled moves, so you're not missing anything.

No. 1234433

File: 1621515135480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 779.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210520-083717_Sam…)

No. 1234435

File: 1621515175852.jpg (Spoiler Image, 791.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210520-083931_Sam…)


Hank Hill, is that your ass?

No. 1234437

File: 1621515269338.jpg (797.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210520-084043_Sam…)

The Hunchback of Kensington

No. 1234472

This video is removed now. Why she thought Tik tok would be the proper platform to show her asshole to a bunch of strangers and teens without consent is exactly the reason why she’s not successful at anything she does and has no influential friends or accounts helping her out.

No. 1234482

it’s not even like a tik tok dance made super sexual or anything?? she just went on tik tok, made a weirdly quiet awkward video of her showing her asshole, let it obviously get taken down, and then posted it on twitter.

ariana wtf

No. 1234491

File: 1621524028947.png (Spoiler Image, 7.34 MB, 1125x2436, D70B875C-1A1C-45E9-931D-8B33FC…)

No. 1234545

jfc is she not aware that there are actual children on this app?

No. 1234593

Why the fuck would she shove her literal pussy and asshole in the camera on fucking TikTok, oh my fucking god. TikTok is NOT a platform for shitty porn. You'd think it was impossible to get trashier than she already was. I'm so tired of women like her who thinks this behavior is sexy and empowering cus "sex and body positivity yadda yadda" but I guarantee that if a man was posting his dick on a place like TikTok the same women would think he was disgusting and predatory

No. 1234612

File: 1621534098615.jpg (379.73 KB, 1079x1367, Screenshot_20210520-140612_Sam…)

She met the potential SD in public so like >>1234424 said, this wasn't a "get the sw bag" baller gig. This was a "meet in public and get dinner and see if you want to pay me for more in the future" kind of thing.

Thank goodness for Matt's income because her cucking him doesn't make shit.

No. 1234615

File: 1621534278791.jpg (306.2 KB, 972x2451, Screenshot_20210520-140927_Sam…)

Posted by the wannabe sw who admitted she's not into women at all and had to pretend to eat out a girl on one of the rare occasions someone actually hired her for sexual girl-on-girl services.

And Ariana, you have no friends besides Matt and A-Aron and your childhood bestie that lives states away, so no, you don't have any hot friends.

No. 1234619

File: 1621534480912.jpg (285.61 KB, 972x1884, Screenshot_20210520-141239_Sam…)

This is getting to be on par with Luna Slater level e-begging, but with plastic surgery and fillers as the addiction instead of opiates and benzos… actually, Ariana is into the benzos too. Maybe they can be friends and e-beg and larp as SWs together.

No. 1234622


The picture of her in the woods looking bloated and groggy with a frozen face as she's begging for a date must be Ariana's definition of thriving.

No. 1234718

Who's paying for my teef would be more fitting

No. 1234797

File: 1621551364934.png (Spoiler Image, 9.7 MB, 1125x2436, A0F618CD-A433-4817-9722-61BF22…)

why is she making that face

No. 1234838

it has been said by other anons a million times before but her skin tone is so fucking weird and corpse-like, it's super off-putting and kind of creepy

No. 1234843

Escargot is what trashy poor people think rich people eat, and it’s sad that she feels the need the broadcast that… ”whoa, she ate rich people food isn’t she sooo classy and elegant?!!!” while ignoring the fact that she had to prostitute herself to do it.
It’s so transparent that she’s self-conscious about her socio-economic status. She’s literal trailer park trash who comes from a family of trailer park trash and she’s desperately trying to distance herself from her background. It’s too bad she’s not smart enough, or ambitious enough, or talented enough, or even pretty enough to escape her circumstances. Doormatts her only mealticket & that’s why she clings to him so hard. It might be sad but honestly she deserves to be an ugly, dumb, white trash whore.

No. 1234847

Wait, is porn even allowed on tiktok? She showed her literal asshole on a platform that’s mostly meant for children and teens, like wtf?

No. 1234848

She’s such a baller but can’t afford contacts or the appropriate pair of glasses.

No. 1234854

agree. she doesn't have a job and all she has to do is sit around all day, so i don't understand why it's so fucking hard to put some effort into her content. simply picking up the mess behind her and shaving would make her content look a little better. it doesn't just apply to her porn but her normal selfies too. there's always a mess behind her

i've always found it weird because she will put so much effort into her makeup and then everything else is just a mess and zero effort. not that her makeup looks good, she's overdoing it way too much, but she clearly spends time and energy on her makeup and only her makeup. other sw'ers will set up a place in their house to make content, have a clear background, good lighting, good camera, do themes, plan their content ahead, plan their outfits etc and then there's ariana, she will spend half an hour or something doing her makeup, keep on whatever socks and grey underwear she has been wearing the past few days, not brush her hair, stand in front of a mess of dirty socks, wrappers and dog toys, show her pussy and call it a day. and she think that is worth people's money. kek

No. 1234858

she does have glasses but if she can walk around without wearing them or contacts, her sight can't be that bad. and the last time she got new glasses it was pointed out that they weren't creating any visible distortion, so her eyesight is most likely not so bad and she's just trying to be funny and/or make up away to casually mention that she is meeting her sUgArDaDdY

No. 1234999

back when she used to have a tumblr she said that she didn’t care if underage people bought her content so i doubt she cares

No. 1235022

No it’s not, a lot of sw will make videos on there and save them cause they like the sounds, did anyone actually see this get posted?

No. 1235053

That video just has the original sound though, no tiktok sound… It’s just the awkward sound of her rubbing her hands on her dress and stepping around on the floor in heels

No. 1235103

File: 1621603310688.jpeg (347.11 KB, 1242x878, E50D9024-41DD-4238-89D8-6DA74F…)

File this under things that will never actually happen

No. 1235105

What a dumbass. Her botched turtle looking friend isn’t the top dog at any strip club I can tell you that. There are younger 20 year old natural looking girls making bank. And applying at a strip club isn’t hard at all, they’re always looking for girls to work. You literally apply and you’re in if you make sure to pay the dj/owner at the end of the night and do your songs when they call you up. Not hard. Been there done that.

No. 1235380

File: 1621632042965.jpg (2.58 MB, 1920x2400, hmmmmm.jpg)

No. 1235390

File: 1621632952679.jpg (2.52 MB, 1920x2400, hmmmmmmmmmmm.jpg)

hey ariana, thanks for the good content today. love ya

No. 1235398

Trying sooooo hard to show her teeth lol

No. 1235416

File: 1621635106083.png (991.66 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20210521-174547~2.p…)

She just looks so funny

Also I never understood this weird freckle fad, looks like one of those speckled eggs lol

No. 1235421

File: 1621635456506.jpg (349.1 KB, 961x960, teeth.jpg)

look, i do have teeth lmao. i had to grow a thecond pair of lipth to contain all my teeth. y'all are juth jealouth and once i get fillerth in my teeth to make them even bigger it will be over for you hoeth

No. 1235462

>>1235416 While lip syncing this song she finished off the word "human" with her tongue sticking out, shown in this screenshot. No wonder her lisp is so bad. She has no idea where to place her tongue when speaking. The sound an "n" makes comes from your tongue being against the roof of your mouth kek

No. 1235494

Yes, I did specify “appropriate glasses” for a reason…. being that I know she has glasses, just none that are appropriate for meeting a potential sUgAr dAdDy. Idk why she’d lie about having bad eye sight, where is the benefit in that? She only lies for her benefit, I’ve noticed. And not all glasses distort your face….. that only happens with extremely strong prescriptions and such. I have glasses and they don’t distort my face at all despite almost being at -4

No. 1235497

Samefag but I cannot see anything at all at -4 (everything from more than an arms length away is blurry af). So yeah, just because your glasses don’t cause distortion doesn’t mean your vision doesn’t suck. I believe she has shitty vision, it’s not so uncommon or prestigious

No. 1235499

File: 1621643687280.png (287.16 KB, 900x745, 9F19CCBE-3D9B-4C80-9EBA-F08706…)

Do it, queen. Show us all up.

No. 1235503

my prescription is half as much as yours and glasses still cause some distortion so it's not just with extremely bad eyesight. i'm just tinfoiling cus i find it hard to believe that she will walk around without contacts or glasses if her sight is really so bad that she see people around her as completely blurry. that's just a recipe for a headache. and cows lie about the stupidest things, this is not an imageboard dedicated to gossip about rational thinking people, so anything is possible. really not an interesting subject to discuss though so i will shut up about this now

No. 1235511


Lol pretty sure last time she tried to "respond to hate" it ended with her nuking all her socials. she still hasnt turned comments on her twitter.

No. 1235557

When will she get rid of the witch chin

No. 1235603

File: 1621664580699.jpeg (110.99 KB, 750x922, 91E6E632-ED00-48B7-98B9-793AE9…)

Presented without comment.

No. 1235605

I bet she’s absolutely seething that none of the tiktoks with her face in can get over a couple of thousand views and she’s stuck at a few hundred followers. The only one of her videos that vaguely popped off with six figure views was the one of her and her “childhood best friend” taking their crocs/sliders off to show the same socks kek.

No. 1235786

File: 1621700527166.jpeg (579.28 KB, 1232x751, 78460C86-9283-4E96-B829-A16896…)


No. 1235931

Their pillow faces just scream insecurity. They don’t look good, just pathetic.

No. 1235962

I think the blonde looks very attractive but maybe it’s because she’s next to Ari

No. 1235974

Imagine larping as a stripper when you’re creeping into 30 years old.

No. 1236041

File: 1621738555605.jpg (324.14 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20210522-195453_Tik…)

Holy shit her dog looks rough as hell in her recent tiktoks 1/2

No. 1236047

File: 1621739346592.jpg (331.92 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20210522-195449_Tik…)


No. 1236055

why is it completely shaved? does she just not want to brush it?

No. 1236058

File: 1621740411110.jpg (988.41 KB, 1079x1919, Screenshot_20210522-232706_Ins…)

No. 1236068


No. 1236070


This makeup reminds me of the historical accounts of royalty trying to cover up their small pox scars.

No. 1236086

wtf is that upper lip shape

No. 1236185

File: 1621770282891.jpg (2.15 MB, 2400x1920, xenomorphasshoe.jpg)

ariana, i have a feeling that maybe video content isn't a good idea for you

No. 1236251

File: 1621782932554.jpeg (650.27 KB, 809x1264, 388C4A17-D830-4990-AD60-52AF54…)

I actually gasped when I saw how intensely shit splattered she looked today… yikes. Dalmatian looking ass

No. 1236285

Good for her that she has the confidence to post videos when every single screenshot will reveal that she actually looks like THAT

No. 1236286

This doesn't even looks like freckles, it looks more like moles and that she is at high risk for skin cancer

No. 1236323

File: 1621789779731.jpeg (566.42 KB, 750x1104, C223A001-02E1-44B1-9A3E-ECA836…)


No. 1236325

File: 1621789907841.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, 8EE5D178-2D6E-4206-B82C-BCE12C…)


No. 1236367

File: 1621795440616.png (3.67 MB, 750x1334, A3DD2678-63A6-49DF-9F6D-D9FA24…)

No. 1236394

would it kill her to use the manuel background deleting tool or what

No. 1236838

File: 1621869633380.jpeg (457.8 KB, 828x1364, 5E0E93E6-D2FB-47F0-9029-A4880C…)

No. 1236953

The socks… just get a fucking pedicure already.

No. 1237203

File: 1621900477894.jpg (605.23 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210524-195434_Twi…)

Can't wait to see how this marriage turns out

No. 1237266

File: 1621906521526.jpeg (91.67 KB, 828x423, 139BEC6E-E55C-47E3-B15B-49F1A5…)

I’m pretty sure both your families already know you’re a dumbass

No. 1237314

Why socks? You can use your ankles to grip the pole dummy

No. 1237325

what a wild, crazy thing that like 90% of all people do at some time in their lives
getting married is so daring

No. 1237389

Jfc… now she just shittily pixel blurs the trash/clutter in her backgrounds. So…close… to being self aware…. she’ll never get there bc of the low functioning iq. All of her edits look SO bad . Like we stumbled upon a teen’s photobucket account in 2010.

No. 1237400

Now deleted

I will be shocked if this wedding actually materialises lol. If it does, Doormatt has put the final nail in his coffin smh

No. 1237716

File: 1621961901907.jpeg (498.64 KB, 1242x1162, 073C3EDA-DF1D-44F4-84EE-51848C…)

Throwback to Ariana’s relationship with Matt’s family, I can imagine they’re thrilled he’s marrying her

No. 1237931


to be fair, matt doesnt have anything to lose. people make him out to be so much better than pnp, and he is, but that really doesnt amount to much. hes only better than her because he can hold a stable job with benefits, and occasionally socializes without drama. other than that, he’s just as much of a drugged up, skid lose as her. what exactly would be the worst that could happen if ari divorced him? he doesnt seem to own anything of value.

No. 1237936


she probably bought some cheap, chinese hooker heels from shein and stunk them up already and thinks wearing socks is solutions vs cleaning them. or theyre hand-me-downs from her stripper bestie that still had cum stains.

No. 1238016

If the Sims 2 had a stripclub

No. 1238043

File: 1621985436928.jpg (242.8 KB, 1080x1019, Screenshot_20210525-193024_Twi…)

No. 1238159

File: 1621995419046.jpg (34.46 KB, 389x597, topkek.jpg)

No. 1238309

holy shit, imagine seeing your honeymoon as an opportunity for shitty porn that no one wants to buy anyway. pathetic

No. 1239654

File: 1622098322777.jpeg (87.04 KB, 750x1093, 6F592CCA-4924-447E-A836-FFEA44…)

Her ring

No. 1239701

Lmao it looks like it was 80$. Not very classy rich bitch swer with boyfriend who works for government of her.

No. 1239702

These are all zirconias and silver. Wont survive 5 years with her hygiene.

No. 1239717


I'm dying that she's showing off her cz ring (that Matt paid no more than $50 for, a slight upgrade compared to the previous $30 lime green eMeRaLd) with a filter showing fake nails that don't even look real. Everything about this idiot is all about faking everything instead of just being content with reality.

No. 1239718


Sorry, I mean BADLY faking everything

No. 1239759

Remember how often she would talk about being “normie” “I need bangs or else I feel like a normie”. This dumb bitch is actually morphing into the most basic and “normie” ever. Playboy bunny nails? Her skin walking that ugly blonde chick is becoming really cringey. She seriously thinks she’s an actually stripper/SWer and it’s hilarious. Please never stop you ugly, chaotic lady.

No. 1239792


so many girls think styling themselves slightly alternative somehow makes them so different than everyone else, when its literally the new normie.

No. 1240542


Exactly. As much as the "alt"-styled kids want to appear like rebels, they fail to realize that all of the basic bitch "alt" shit splashed on social media and sold by shit brands like Dollskill are popular mainstream and extremely typical attire for older teens and young adults. Anytime you buy into the popular trends, you're smack in the middle of normie territory.

I've discovered over the years from watching punks debate if someone who calls themselves punk is considered a punk at all, that terms like "punk" or "normie" or whatever label people wear like a badge of honor is more indicative of the person's desire to fit in. Truly unique and rebellious people don't seek labels to fit into and oppose being labeled at all since they know they're more than someone in a category.

But Ariana is jumping up and down with her hand in the air shouting, "ME! PICK MEEEE! I'M NOT A NORMIE!!"

Unique individuals can easily be picked out of a sea of basic bitch normies like Ariana.

No. 1240846

The only thing she could be considered "alt" for is that she's completely fucking botched kek

No. 1241456

File: 1622319107091.jpeg (233.42 KB, 1236x477, B5B1DDAD-E3F8-4190-9EDC-D3B995…)

Let’s see how long this lasts

No. 1241540

Literally hasn’t even applied and is already talking like she’s gonna get it kek

No. 1241585

File: 1622333638523.png (412 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20210529-200436~2.p…)

Ariana posted this to her ig but is hiding her lower body.. I wonder why that is lol

No. 1241979

Reminds me of taxidermy school

No. 1241983

File: 1622365559082.jpeg (269.35 KB, 1242x524, 8AB4D626-6E37-4E52-9556-BB7EEC…)

No. 1242088

Lmao all her “besties”. I can already see the tweet in 2 years

“Can’t believe I let that stupid bitch be in my WEDDING!”

No. 1242294

>all my besties
so your grandpa, aaron and the one girl from the swimming pool?

No. 1242363

File: 1622405477337.jpg (886.88 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210530-161101_Ins…)

She's so broke. Why not just go to a bakery

No. 1242375

File: 1622406211001.jpeg (69.3 KB, 828x701, D25E9B33-82F6-47A9-BFC8-62D967…)


No. 1242395

I have never met Matt’s mom, but I badly want to hug her and give sympathy for raising a retarded son.

No. 1242608

“will pay ofc”
we all know she’s gonna demand a professional baker level cake for about… 50 bucks if that because iTs NoT tHatT hArD and she can dO iT hErSeLf

No. 1242622

>>1242608 she'll probably beg to have it be her WeDdInG gIfT

No. 1242677

Kek she’s such a cheapskate. She could just order this from a professional but no she has to beg one of her orbiters because they’ll probably do it for free or discounted. User

No. 1242680

I’m so pumped to see this white trash wedding unfold. Let the chaos commence.

No. 1242902

Love how this tweet says "my friend" and not "bestie" like Ariana's. That's pretty sad.

No. 1242917

bold of you to assume she'll hold onto shrinkydink tier ring for more than six months. whenever her manic wedding delusion goes up in flames– whether prior or after to any actual ceremony– she'll chuck it into one of her many filth piles and then shill it on depop.

No. 1243252

File: 1622503680350.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 363.16 KB, 1170x2218, D307002E-7BB1-46A7-B167-3DAF0D…)

This bitch is so lazy

No. 1243264

Her acrylics gotta be disgusting

No. 1243333

The way she can’t stage an appealing setup, looks like a snap you’d send a horny guy you were barely interested in… and she’s selling this shit for money. The gall to not even put a single blurring filter on it. This bitch really doesn’t care.

No. 1243415

i feel like i’m looking at some kind of posed dead body. why is everything she does inherently disgusting?

No. 1243509

Exactly what I thought. The corpse coloured flesh paired with the green sofa just screams “dead body” vibes

No. 1243781

File: 1622573639331.jpeg (531.08 KB, 1125x1735, 80F728BF-6641-42D9-BED3-3BB89F…)

looking more like a tranny with every selfie

No. 1243954

I honestly don’t know who’s worse at sex work; pnp or shay. Both take terrible pictures, but shay goes for the vomit pink everything color so I guess that’s a “”look””, pnp always looks like she’s in a crack den or pool full of band aids and hepatitis. Both are rude and can’t interact with customers to save their lives, pnp occasionally has doormatt fuck her when he’s flaccid so that’s better than shays fuck machine or bodiless dildo. Shay panders to pedos while pnp panders to….well I don’t actually know what her target demographic is (and neither does she, clearly)

No idea if full service is considered being more of a “real sex worker” (kek) but who knows if pnp still has that one client

Saged for autism

No. 1244064

File: 1622602871997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.02 KB, 1170x2141, 554439A3-5370-4DF6-A6C8-50EBF3…)

The pixelated background is so bizarre. How hard is it to clean up a bit and create a nice background to shoot in front of?

No. 1244072

File: 1622604402333.gif (444.41 KB, 334x251, LightheartedImpoliteClownanemo…)

No. 1244073

File: 1622604568751.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 229.02 KB, 1170x2149, FED2F859-62B0-4C52-ABB6-E351F6…)

No. 1244122


Does Ari even have any OF subscribers? Lmao I guess she had a “SD” for a bit but she still doesn’t make shit. Let’s be honest, she’s not going out with highbrow rich men

No. 1244242


She doesn't even have the one "SD" anymore. She went on a cheap paid date to TRY to find a SD and boasted about the classy escargot she ate, yet no word on this guy actually booking a date/ paid sex session with her.

No. 1244306

Could have sworn she made mention of completely quitting sex work once she got married. Probably used that line to force matt into marrying her and she'll continue to suck old dry balls for hundreds.

No. 1244314

As much as she desperately tries, she ain’t even got old, dry balls to suck. It doesn’t surprise me since she’s a massive cat fish. My guess is she turned up to her ~escargot dinner~ with the potential SD looking nothing like her photos with a stank attitude and he hasn’t contacted her since

No. 1244343

men's standards aren't that high, if she wasn't lazy she could find some old balls to suck and fuck, have a dude throw her $10-$30 for it.
Sure she could be catfishing, but if men are falling for her pictures, expect twitter sex workers to be honest and like her ugly ass pictures in the first place, they are just as stupid as she is.

No. 1244725

File: 1622693450868.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 314.37 KB, 1170x2131, 8F668356-BCC8-4593-8E63-2D13F5…)

Another top quality sEX tApE

No. 1244728

File: 1622693471925.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 303.01 KB, 1170x2159, FBCA3202-1D51-4B20-8670-49A0F2…)

No. 1244825

What a brave trans woman

No. 1244841

File: 1622699935506.jpg (72.15 KB, 951x1054, n3Lzmlg.jpg)

why ari out here looking like this abomination from the "how to draw manga" book? kek

No. 1244874

This is probably the worst I’ve ever seen her look. Just…wow.

No. 1245411

File: 1622756871456.jpeg (481.31 KB, 2048x2048, E3B20256-024A-41A2-A4C6-C07B12…)

I see no difference

No. 1245424

File: 1622758061411.jpeg (495.46 KB, 1242x1121, 3FE7463B-0D89-4FAD-8657-CDDE80…)

Talking about Matt to her SD…nice lol.

No. 1245951

this is the worst fucking angle for porn ever? no one wants to see her botched ass face and body distorting in weird ways… it's not even hard being an e-whore yet she still fails miserably

No. 1246017

Is she actually retarded? Men are dangerous. Your privacy is an absolute must when it comes to sugaring. Any actual successful sex worker will tell you this. She’s asking to be stalked and fucked up.

No. 1246042

File: 1622834770757.jpeg (475 KB, 1125x1460, 5A047A1A-6F61-4ABA-935C-0302A4…)

still looking like a tranny

No. 1246044

File: 1622834946548.jpeg (266.75 KB, 1125x2436, 78BF6014-B241-4AC1-B93D-A579AE…)

definitely looked like Ariana was drinking on her friends birthday too

No. 1246118

We all know Ariana stretches the definition of “sober”…that’s probably a mocktail she’s drinking but she is more than likely to also be high on prescription pills

No. 1246661

File: 1622882445590.jpeg (430.18 KB, 1242x823, D0363551-CAB4-402D-BFC8-F04EC4…)

No. 1246704

Ariana your hand was forced when were shamed off the internet for shaving your poor cats. I have no doubt that she continues to be a shitty narc IRL, the only difference now is that she’s not broadcasting it for everyone to see these days.

No. 1247566

File: 1622979813688.jpeg (572.36 KB, 1242x1583, 9CDA3122-7DDB-4E16-BDB9-010246…)


No. 1247567

File: 1622979883381.jpeg (750.58 KB, 1242x1732, 771D1DBA-A741-4F7D-BC5F-614FC6…)

2/2 you know you have a ~thriving~ career when you’re contemplating taking hard drugs just to get through the shift

No. 1247674

Coke, Xanax and weed are pretty popular in Philly strip clubs. You need thick skin to be a dancer, especially in a city like Philly. If she dances, I absolutely guarantee her mental state will be reaching out for whatever the other girls, or customers, offer her.

No. 1247807

File: 1623002497332.jpeg (323.46 KB, 1125x1883, B78411BE-AB27-49AA-B2BB-4760B7…)

No. 1247816

So this bitch just popped on my tiktok feed. Shes doing the same old, showing before and after surgery pics, trying to get her old followers back, and meme about running off with sd's money

No. 1247847

I cannot wait to see how this first day goes.

No. 1247963

File: 1623015952353.jpeg (366.29 KB, 1125x1578, 1CE7FF66-31B6-4B08-A692-72B46D…)


No. 1248013

Caveman dragqueen

No. 1248025

Wow for someone who loved to talk about her ~perfect bone structure~, she sure has perfected that filler moon face look

No. 1248132

i’m calling that she’s gonna talk out of her ass and say that one of the ppl at the club said she looked like angelina jolie

No. 1248271

File: 1623040811012.jpeg (359.45 KB, 1125x1933, 1736FF3F-7C20-4391-A02F-CF1747…)

No. 1248289

that makeup isn't going to make her any money but lol I hope she takes us along and does lives or something. I don't think she'll last more than a week or two at most. Maybe sporadically for a month

No. 1248430

Good fucking lord, her lips are casting their own shadow

No. 1248502

File: 1623070178211.jpeg (390.35 KB, 1242x867, 7803B4FB-B323-4833-9E7B-869424…)

Not quite Angelina Jolie anon but close enough

No. 1248504

File: 1623070247479.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 877.33 KB, 941x1448, EE16FCE7-A01F-4CDB-A5A1-608AB8…)

No. 1248581

Alrighty but I wanna know how much did she make.

No. 1248622

she tweets this while literally having her birth year tattooed across her belly

No. 1248675


What a pro sw, giving out her real name and bf's info to a potential SD (not even an SD yet) on the first $100-$150 paid dinner… yep, that'll help you land clients since your face and body irl won't. Blatantly asking Twitter for beginner's advice on your fake sw profession that you've been supposedly doing for 2-3 years is on par with asking Reddit for what to do when your gecko's jaw is dislocated and hanging off while claiming you love your pets.

I can't wait for the day her shitty apartment catches fire and she just sits on a burning building and tweets, "Soooo, my apartment is on fire, but at least I'm hot and my makeup looks like a clown, what should I do now?" Followed by a nude picture of her awkwardly groping her tits with her stiff claw hands, while posting a caption of, "50% off my Only Hams to pay for new clothes!"

No. 1248679


But we get such a good view of the bell bottom nose so maybe she can use this to pity beg for more plastic surgery. "If you Venmo me money to get a BBL in Colombia, you'll get to see my ass in my sEx tApE!"

Matt must be stoked he doesn't have to look at her face from the back. He might even be able to get his dick hard so he doesn't have to cram his floppy gummy worm in her stubbly hole.

No. 1248680


Pretty sure that'll never be a concern for her, since the SD will run the other way once she starts rambling about her boring homebound life, depressed bf, her online haterZ and desire for more surgery. Nobody who's willing to pay for a fuck will want to stalk her or see her again once she opens her xenomorph mouth.

No. 1248682

Sooo… she's saying she used to have an inflated ego and didn't care what people online thought of her, and now she's stoked she's not like that anymore? As in she's now insecure and is overly concerned about what strangers online think of her. Yeah, I can see that. She still posts the boring details of her life online now and trying to create and image of happiness for the strangers whose opinions to clearly cares about.

I'm sure she doesn't realize what she wrote, but if you say you used to think the world of yourself and didn't care about the opinions of strangers, but you're not like that anymore, then she's actually implying how much strangers affect her now and how little she thinks of herself. This is one of the only truths Ariana has ever said.

No. 1248685


She already sounds like a failure at working at a club if she's thinking of distracting herself with other activities while working… before she's even started the job. I guess her "top dog" filler buddy at the club hasn't clued her in on the secret to making money at the club is hustling and not just getting fucked up to pass the time.

No. 1248687


I'm cracking tf up at that cheap electric blue mesh with rhinestones under a t-shirt, so she can go to the dressing room and just remove the ugly t-shirt instead of changing into your outfit like a normal dancer. It's hot af in Philly right now, but sure, wear your sweaty outfit into the club to match your stink face.

No. 1248689


No Ariana, you don't look like a basic normie in a club with your $20 Amazon fishnet attire and cheap plain g-string. It's so unique and sets you apart from all the basic bitches… keeeeekkkk

No. 1248696


She wants to say "come support me at the club" to sound like she's a real pro, but avoids saying which club because she knows she looks like a fool and doesn't want lolcow documenting her bad dancing and lack of tips.

And I knew she wouldn't say how much money she made (or how long she stayed) because she would have lost money by the time she tipped out the house and the staff, so the club probably told her she could pay them less since it's her first day and they felt bad about having her owe money on the first day.

Seriously, it was a Monday, almost looks like a day shift based on the sunlight through her car windows while she's wearing her ugly blue outfit… that's a tough crowd anyway, let alone for an awkward tyranny lookalike. I bet she was thinking someone was gonna make it rain on her, then realized the only good part of the shift was the ego boost that came from a compliment about looking 7 years younger. Ariana shoots so low for someone who "invested" in all these cosmetic procedures.

Hey Ariana, glad your first day of wOrK was successful thanks to a compliment, but unfortunately compliments don't pay the bills.

No. 1248802

i guess she didn’t wear her ring to her first day of work, gee i wonder why

No. 1248840


Too bad you tattoo'd the year you were born across your stomach ya dumbass. Enjoy it while you still can kek

No. 1248864

“I’m at the age now” wtf you’re only 25 years old

No. 1248923

She turns 27 this autumn. That’s still not old enough to be saying that tho, lol

No. 1249187

File: 1623120382398.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 416.25 KB, 1170x2138, A7A135BA-37A5-4261-829A-2DD23C…)

Extremely unappealing and unsexy as always.

No. 1249319

File: 1623130047979.gif (441.55 KB, 240x135, 71889529-1834-4A20-9038-598D82…)

Fucking hell, she needs to be pressure washed.

No. 1249441

I wonder if she knows they put all of the ugly girls on dayshift?

No. 1249455

No. 1249487


27 is ancient is sex work and these girls know it too. So they love pretending they’re still barely legal because they know thats what the pedos love.

No. 1249843

It makes me laugh that Ariana is on this stripping tip. The boss way to do this is to dance when you’re 18-21 and go to school or start a business a few years after. But she’s just fulfilling her trailer trash destiny by being a close to 30 years old stripping in a hole in the wall club. I know the younger girls are going to make her rage lol.

No. 1250477

File: 1623227336428.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.9 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20210608-220607_Ins…)

No. 1250953


Playboy square tipped nails… not normie at all, kek.

A whopping 6 likes from 6 followers… with her constant 50% off, she's probably pulling in no more than $50/month from OF. Still more than she'd net on average at a club with her personality, fucked up appearance, annoying laugh, and bad work ethic.

No. 1250956


Did she buy those bad horrifyingly cheap fishnet rhinestoned outfits in a 10 for $5 pack? Terrible.

No. 1251130

File: 1623275210275.jpeg (383.86 KB, 1125x1527, 9741AE0F-8EA0-4725-B24B-E318BC…)

so much facetune

No. 1251133

Man her face after those procedures

No. 1251142

File: 1623275930255.jpg (816.4 KB, 1076x1919, Screenshot_20210609-175856_Ins…)

Sounds about right. We knew she wouldn't last long.

No. 1251299

Don't you think you're jumping the gun a little bit? I can assure you she's probably not stripping full time.

No. 1251415

All the anons who would say she looked like a mtf, I never understood or saw it. But after this most recent surgery, it’s like BAM. The most mtf looking bitch I’ve ever seen. Like, what does she see when see looks in the mirror?? She has to know she’s ugly af. She should choose that as her target audience, tranny chasers. No one will be able to tell.

Ari, sweetie, just accept you’re an uggo and always will be. Poor dear. It must be hard to have that face.

No. 1251421

She really needed work on her bone structure, then a solid rhinoplasty. With how bad her jaw is I’m surprised she never had it done, or had braces or whatever idk.

No. 1251549

She had Invisalign which she wore for maybe a month and was talking about jaw alignment surgery for her under or open bite for a while

No. 1251641

Maybe I'm alone in this thought, but I truly think even jaw alignment surgery still wouldn't fix her face in motion. The way she talks and forms her words looks strange, most likely due to the fuckton of fillers settling worse than Ariana's life. She looks like she contort her mouth when she talks in an overly animated way.

Also, her personality, voice, mannerisms and years of poorly executed cosmetic procedures and botched plastic surgery just destroys any chance at beauty she might have had when she was younger.

She'd do better for herself by fixing her desperate need for public validation of any kind from any man rather than getting any more cosmetic procedures/ surgery. But that'll never happen. Even a severely botched BBL from "Columbia" aka Colombia wouldn't stop her from endless additional procedures bought on credit.

No. 1252052

No caps but I was on the livestream she did yesterday. Someone in the comments kept asking over and over “what happened with you and Matt?” She ignored the comment and answered other people. Didn’t say they were engaged or anything

No. 1252141

File: 1623360275469.jpeg (513.79 KB, 1125x1511, AF72A5DE-0080-42E3-9716-F82BB6…)

at least she’s toning down the clown tranny look

No. 1252246

i don't understand why this shit splatter fake freckle look has her by the throat the way that it does. it's not even in style the way it was like 2-3 years ago when she started doing it.

No. 1252443

Yeah it looks stupid and unnatural on her. It’s just on her face and not really anywhere else on her body.

No. 1252813

File: 1623401397122.jpg (482.07 KB, 971x1457, Screenshot_20210611-045035_Twi…)

No. 1252817

Nah. She said "come hang tomorrow" then the next day said she wasn't going in. Looks like she skipped a day. It'll slowly become more and more days she skips until she stops.

No. 1252883

File: 1623412398109.jpeg (290.1 KB, 1242x685, CD95B4DD-4F47-40E9-A465-D71910…)

No. 1252933

This is now deleted. That club really whooping her ass.

No. 1252944

why does she glorify being a stripper like becoming one is her dream come true but then when she’s finally working at a club all she does is whine about how it isn’t easy

No. 1252972


Kek, she gets a couple of bruises and skin burns from most likely her uncoordinated, vigorous slithering around on her knees and awkwardly grabbing herself with stiff hands and has the nerve to say 5-6 minutes of stage dancing every hour or 2 is brutal. I'm sure what's even more brutal is the amount of time she's spending sitting alone at the bar not making money since her physical appearance and personality keeps clients at bay.

I'm positive though that Ariana is going to the club in hopes of finding an SD. She's waiting for someone to pay her for multiple lap dances or who will make it rain on her when she's onstage, then she'll bombard them with her sales pitch, like, "If you want, we can meet outside of here and you can pay me $800 for much, much more! No? Okay, maybe $500? I swear, I'm SOOOO loving and want to give pleasure to a man that spoils me! Have you heard of escargot or steak tartare? I'm classy so that's what I eat usually."

I'm also positive she's trying to live out her dreams of being Alice in the movie Closer and has surely claimed Alice as her stage name.

No. 1252980

Because like >>1252972 said, this is as close as she can get to pretending she's Alice from Closer.

She also thought it would be "over for you hos" since she has normie fake Playboy nails to go with her normie fake tits and normie filler face. I imagine she assumed she'd be so unique with her outfits and bad tattoos that she'd be raking in cash and getting SD offers left and right. She also craves validation from any male besides Matt and his ugly bleach blonde toupee-esque hairdo so the club was her one chance in life to feel like she's getting paid to be hOt.

No. 1253027

File: 1623429174638.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3464x3464, 645466FF-D01C-48F0-AA27-89D980…)

She reposted it on Instagram but with a much less brutal caption

No. 1253037

>Have you heard of escargot or steak tartare? I'm classy so that's what I eat usually.
lmao why do i feel like this is not far off from what she would really say

No. 1253040


Agreed, but obviously Ari is seriously deluded if she thinks there are anything more than splenda daddies who are strip club regulars.

No. 1253062

File: 1623431470022.jpg (3.05 MB, 1920x2400, helpimretarded.jpg)

No. 1253077

Yes for next thread pic pls.

No. 1253130

I’m dying anon

Just add Shayna’s charcuterie for the holy trinity of white trash food

No. 1253305

Jesus this was to OnlyFans? This is nightmare fuel.

No. 1253331

Yup! I just checked and she has posted absolutely nothing since then. Man she really sucks at everything.

No. 1253383

File: 1623452980860.jpg (965.08 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20210611-180746_Tik…)

Poor thing's fur is growing back in!

No. 1253389

The shaving incident was months ago - bet she doesn’t give the fact it takes ages to grow back a second thought.

No. 1253398

the balls on this bitch to post her cat still looking like that

No. 1253562

KEEEEKEKEK. anon you’re my hero. this must be the next thread pic. goddamn, how does she live with herself? i would’ve killed myself out of embarrassment as soon as i saw this. actually, if i had her face i woulda been a goner a long time ago, especially being as nonsensically vain as her.

never seen someone with a goblin face have zero humility as if they were gods gift to the world, yeugh. and she wonders why everyone in her life whether they know her irl or just thru the internet has bullied/hated her. the hot girl front is just sad…

No. 1253615

Holy hell i can't stop laughing at this, I'm actually wheezing. The cough cough is 100% accurate. I'm curious if she's as unkempt now that she's dancing in front of a (probably very small) live audience..is she still doing a half ass shaving job every few days and letting her vagina grow a 5'oclock shadow? Is she still letting her fingernails collect dirt and grime underneath? Still not washing hergreasy ass hair more than 1x a week? I have very little faith she's actually practicing good hygiene now. She's just gonna be 10x more disgusting now that she's sharing a pole with 10 other dancers' ass sweat.

No. 1253617

Omfg I'd been wondering what the cat looks like and it's still so bad. Poor thing

No. 1253673

File: 1623479809261.jpeg (48.53 KB, 433x572, 68A66391-1A05-409A-B3A8-B2FE73…)

The more I see of this chick the more I hope she gets the help she desperately needs. She cannot survive another nose job.

No. 1253826

This was also deleted. Girl is hiding for some reason..

No. 1253894

File: 1623511099557.jpeg (706.31 KB, 1242x1100, A6DEB2E9-B69A-4D8F-B7EA-F7D638…)

Deleted from Twitter and Instagram and now reposted back on Twitter…..bizarre

No. 1253937

she’s unhinged she wants validation. i’m just waiting for her to show off her ~moves~ so we can get a glimpse of what the clientele at the club has to endure. how much longer do you guys think she’ll keep up the stripper fantasy before she starts stuffing roadkill again

No. 1254122

Probably a few weeks like the last stripper venture she attempted

No. 1254161

Is this recent…?! Her nose is all fucked up! It’s literally crooked wtf. It looks worse from the front than before holy shit. I cant believe that this is her result after 3? 4? nosejobs. didn’t the last one cost A LOT? she can’t be happy with this and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s already thinking of another.

No. 1254179

yeah, in retrospect her last nose wasn't bad. it wasn't the tiny fairy nose she wants, but it harmonised with the rest of her face. now her nose is just a crooked lump that she desperately tries to fix with contour and highlight and she still applies it like she did before, even though it doesn't work with her new nose at all. and you just know that she is still unhappy with her nose because she said she wanted to be "skincare and lashes only" and yet where he is, covering it with as much makeup as she always did

No. 1254180

She only survived for 1 or 2 days the last time, not weeks kek. This bitchs only aspiration really is just to be a stripper… I guess after failing at becoming a lawyer (KEK), writer, artist, taxidermist, sugar baby, high end prostitute, etc, she had to settle for something more realistic. But I think she still has her sights set too high. Maybe she should consider becoming a street walker - I’m sure there’s lots of opportunities in Philly for her!

And not to mention her goals of buying a house and getting married. (Still not convinced they’re going through with it). Even so, getting married to Matt wouldn’t be an accomplishment, she’ll just have succeeded in wearing him down until he gives up and does what she wants. It would’ve happened a long time ago if he actually loved her.

No. 1254203

Yeah she really endured anesthesia and thousands in debt just to be be at the mercy of whatever jon walks into the club and asks of her. Let’s be honest we as women can dissect her stubble and photoshop endlessly but the dark truth is that her “customers” probably don’t even gaf about any of it, they go to clubs to unload their sickest urges onto the only people who will play along for money but who cares about the latest wave of self inflicted trauma when it’s just more time for Mart to get to jerk off in peace

No. 1254536

Trust me, if you’re as unfortunate looking as our girl Ari, you won’t get much business in the club. A lot of girls like her end up making less than minimum wage or even worse, they LOSE money (from tip outs, having to “rent” their workspace, paying for drinks, etc). And you know she’s going to have to drink/drug to get through her shift.

It’s a myth that every stripper makes bank, there are a lot of girls who have no business setting foot inside a club and are disappointed when they make a grand total of $30 for the night. Those ones don’t last long. Why would anyone even look at her when there are other super hot girls walking around? Her candid selfies are bad, but the videos that have been exposed are even worse. Imagine her face irl, in a club. Coming up to you and lisping with no visible teeth and a play dough face. I know men have low standards, but in a club it’s different - you have to actually be hot or at least passably pretty to make good money. Ari isn’t either and she doesn’t even have a good personality or dance moves to make up for it.

No. 1255040


I always forget how much debt this bitch is in just to look like … that. And to end up just being a cheap stripper in some dingy bar. THRIVING.

No. 1256312


This is exactly right. The sex positive writer and truly professional stripper of 10+ years in Portland, Elle Stanger, often writes how strippers make much less than they usually admit to. Usually these women are trying to make it seem like their shitty stripper work is "worth it" and to try to impress other dancers so they don't seem like the loser of the club. But tbh, many strippers and sex workers in general with bad sales techniques, bad personality, and lack of a unique identity (like Ariana) are making much less than a minimum wage job, while some even try to flex with cash from a week's worth of work while talking about "getting the bag". Elle Stanger says this type of false narrative is bad for women because it brings in new girls who think stripping is all tons of cash and being ballers. For a small handful of dancers, often at high end clubs, stripping can be lucrative, but for the majority of sub-par strippers (that are still better than Ariana), stripping is a a zero sum job with very little return.

Glad Ariana chose this as her dream job for years and prepped with thousands of dollars of debt for cosmetic surgery. She still isn't going to break even on the return on investment even if she did this "sw career" for the rest of her life.

No. 1256569

File: 1623703198794.jpeg (132.1 KB, 1242x273, 65CD094A-7A34-4932-A05F-0F1D5F…)

She really is marriage material

No. 1256722

File: 1623708780708.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.41 KB, 1170x2136, D8F52EF7-C212-4E85-9FB5-4B8560…)

Looks like a candid photo of a crack head in a public restroom.

No. 1256730

File: 1623708980718.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 306.08 KB, 1170x1955, C5476A97-E8E4-43DC-A79A-76A915…)

No. 1256733

File: 1623709085072.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 289.34 KB, 1170x2029, AB628AD2-9C80-4A72-9D1D-9AE71A…)


No. 1256736

File: 1623709146246.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 338.22 KB, 1170x2038, 638A569C-5B57-4816-A28D-042336…)

3/3 my sub is expiring soon so hopefully another anon steps up.

No. 1256744

Everytime i see a photo of this bitch i gag she just seems so musty and like she stinks

No. 1256771

Samefag, but remember her taxidermy phase? I don’t remember her saying anything other than whinging about the commute just before she was supposed to start. She was even talking about going back to school and “graduating” as if she’d already been and only needs 2 credits or something to finish. Even though it was literally just a hobbyist course that anyone could pay for. She made it sound like she was finishing a uni degree, even though she hadn’t even started this hobbyist course that required no prerequisites (except a small sum of money). Kek, the insecurity is off the charts.

But yeah, I remember that anons were predicting she was setting up the narrative that she had to “quit” (before she started, and I remember her spewing this shit about graduating before she even applied KEK). Sage for spoon feeding but I’ve read the threads and honestly don’t know if she just never mentioned it again. It would be fitting, but just crazy to think someone would build all this non-deserved hype only to bail on it. It’s hard to keep track of all of her delusional boss bitch careers. Let’s see how the stripping goes, it’s her most low effort “career” yet and she’s made it out to be the end all, be all. Bet, she’ll fail at this too.

No. 1256781

File: 1623712058132.jpeg (1.25 MB, 4000x2924, A1919CF2-2E81-4A81-8F73-F6AE5D…)

Here’s our skincare and eyelashes only bitch in all her glory! After her billionth nose job, she doesn’t even need to do nose contour, unlike us plebs. She’s an au naturale beauty, unlike those uggos who need to pile on 10lbs of makeup and gratuitous Facetune to look even half as good as her. We’re just jelly because she’s a natural beauty. We could never

… never look so hideous after so much plastic surgery, makeup, and Facetune.

No. 1256888

Heard of cottage cheese thighs but cottage cheese boobs is a new one

No. 1256984

File: 1623725304718.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 351.93 KB, 1170x2033, 0A38869D-D0A3-4FAF-80C8-B9E3AE…)

Roughly squeezes her tits for a millisecond and then let’s them fling to the sides. She has no idea how to move in a sexy way. The saggy little boy pants aren’t a good look either.

No. 1257306

File: 1623758700723.jpg (36.52 KB, 600x315, titty kith.jpg)

ariana playing with her boobs has the same energy as picrel
and the same lisp

No. 1257315

ew Elle Stanger is a narcissistic idiot and a cow herself, stfu about her

No. 1257379

i thought it was a young dude's body

No. 1257384

Ooooh, she's busting out her signature sExI moves that I'm positive she puts on repeat at the club, especially when these have been the same go to moves she's been doing for years.
Whether it's in an attempt to look sensual making amateur porn with flaccid Matt or taking photos in bog water with A-Aron, Ariana constantly does the limp wrist/stiff hands & fingers combo, reminiscent of a sitcom gay man or Robin Williams in The Birdcage. Just imagine if you were a straight man at the club and see what appears to be a plastic surgery-ridden, shapeless tranny who clumsily teeters towards you in heels with the same limp wrists/stiff hands as she gropes herself and says, "Heeeeey honey… Come spoil me by buying some dances with me and my cReAmY puthy and I'll make you soooo hard!" and try to convince him (or any man) that she's not a MTF.

No. 1257392


I can't tell if her vicious self-grope looks worse with the tacky square normie Playboy nails or without. Without them, she appears to be a boy who woke up in a female's body due to the lack of grace as she digs her nubby chewed up fingernails into herself, while the same picture with her fake nails makes her look like an adult MTF who just got his first pair of crooked tits.

No. 1257402


I don't see why you consider her to be a cow, considering there's no threads about her, she's a mother, co-parent, long-time sex activist, stripper, and sex positive writer who doesn't make herself into a social media embarrassment, doesn't overshare, is supportive and lobbies for laws that are beneficial for sex workers and is well-respected and liked by other professional sex workers like herself. Regardless of your personal opinion about a real sw professional, my comment wasn't meant to elicit judgment towards Elle, just stating a well-known fact about sex workers lying to appear more successful and that Ariana will never cop to her lack of success in sw. Using Elle Stanger's name was simply meant to provide a source for the comment subject so no one would think I just pulled the fact out of my ass.

No. 1257608

You can gossip without being a transphobic piece of shit :-)(newfaggotry. :-))

No. 1257610

Do you know where you are? Leave, Twitterfag. I'd say learn to say your bullshit replies but nah just fucking yeet yourself out if you're going to be throwing "transphobic" around

No. 1257699

FYI: no one cares about trannies or t w a n s p h o b i a here so just turn back around and go back to Twitter or tumbler or whatever other hellish hugbox you came from

No. 1257785

I mean I've been a long time lurker and poster and I think you ladies should realize we're not in 2006 anymore… trans people exist and some of them are shitty asf but its not like all of them are. Cows come in all genders. Might get a ban for this but I'm sure I'm not the only one with that opinion so suck it edgelords(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1257810

how did no one noticed this is clearly stretched

No. 1257908

U sure…? Doesn’t look like that to me. She has a very long torso and because she’s lifting her boobs up it makes it look even longer. She just has a torso that looks like it has been streched out lol

No. 1257915

look at her fingers

No. 1258374

nta but all i see are her normal man hands?

No. 1258427

I really don't think it is

No. 1258469

Yeah, it’s a screenshot from a shitty iPhone video. Ari editing the video would require putting in some effort, which she is clearly very unwilling to do, ever.

No. 1258514

Why does it look like there is white paint splattered across her ass cheeks? And why is her asshole white and black?

It’s hilarious how hard her fake tits are attempting to defy gravity in this one. Just pointing straight up into the sky without a care in the world.

No. 1258527

sex work isn't real work and your fics about scrotes magically evolving standards "in the club" aren't real either

No. 1258556

File: 1623919777073.jpeg (503.34 KB, 1242x1267, F507EB87-0F58-4664-9EFE-C37C0B…)

The desperation for validation and lack of engagement….lmao

No. 1258644

you’d think she would publicize what club she’s at to earn more money. the more people you bring into the club, the better shifts you get, OF subs you get, the more lap dance requests being made. for fucks sakes, you have a pole in your apartment, use it more than a photo prop. she was desperate enough to try stripping again, you’d think you’d put a little more effort into the hustle.

No. 1258700

I’m willing to bet it’s Risqué(namefag)

No. 1259105

File: 1623976130115.jpg (3.01 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210617_202829498.jpg)

No. 1259113

File: 1623976804269.png (4.37 MB, 828x1792, A97EC980-D12A-4AC5-8A59-B1DD56…)

Bet she’s been building up that stack just to post this.

No. 1259118

granny’s first stack

No. 1259228

This is like… $500
She probably made more money shitting in the woods and walking dogs.

No. 1259267

File: 1623991034226.jpeg (729.23 KB, 1242x1441, 0658DDF2-D53B-481D-8EFD-6E88F7…)

More cringe Mattcuck porn with her crescent shaped MJ face

No. 1259271

Looks like a witch, even with her new weird nose(sage non-milk)

No. 1259321

She and Lillee Jean could compete for 2021 Crone of the year with those gummy mouths and protruding chins

No. 1259408

If Ariana started shit with me in the strip club I would just call her flat face

No. 1259426

i'd love to see ariana through her own eyes. she prob has body dysmorphia but it's almost as if it's only her face she feels bad about. she will go far (surgery, editing, makeup) to feel better about her face, so much that she has gone way overboard and she is now botched as hell and her makeup always looks like drag or clown makeup

then she goes ahead and posts OF content that is just absolutely repulsive. awkward poses, no editing to at least make her corpse-skin look better, no regular shaving, trash in the background etc. like does she really not feel bad about herself when she sees her own porn? does she look at that shit and think "this is so sexy and appealing"??? i don't get it(integrate)

No. 1259914

File: 1624070604660.jpg (Spoiler Image, 769.52 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20210618-214144_Twi…)

STILL hasn't retired the musty 15yr old thong. Maybe she's so attached to it because it resembles her nauseating baby blanket?

No. 1259981

I JUST realized that she uses the mani and brain emojis around “Alice amore” on twitter and I’m fucking dead… she must be trying to convince herself because she’s definitely not fooling anyone else

No. 1260037


She really only appears to have worked at the club for one night, maaaaaybe 2, but it appears to be just one. She's recycled pictures for a few days of her wearing the electric blue rhinestone mesh and the tranny makeup with her spiderweb earrings. On Twitter she's worn a red rhinestoned mesh bodysuit like the blue one, then also the orange one in the video you just shared here, but it seems like she just put those outfits on for pictures for social media or to inspire her to go to the club and show her lewks off. But no mentions about going to the club and "surviving" or more my-life-is-soooo-hard bruises and no other "come to the cluuuuub I won't mention the name of" posts.

It really seems like Ariana's 1st night at the club on a Monday night was also her last, unless I missed some other selfie of her sitting in her car in a baggy t-shirt over her cheap Amazon outfit before going into the club. What a successful, hard worker.

No. 1260081

Nothing says sexy like having your geriatric dog chilling in the background

No. 1260083

File: 1624109389709.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1845, BDF32FF9-1CD9-460C-8C05-4B1DA5…)

I’m guessing it’s this botched friend that introduced her to the club?

No. 1260087

why is it anon? idgi

No. 1260609

ntayrt but it’s Ari saying she has beauty and brains

No. 1260667

god I’m really convinced now that she was actually born with a dick

No. 1260732


Hilarious because she never painted her nails except the translucent bingo chip nails and continues to make pathetic life choices as if she has no brains and just exists to be a social media tranny clown.

No. 1261034

her nose looks muddy from all that contour, there is no way she is happy with her third nosejob if she's trying so hard to change it with makeup

No. 1261258


Let's be real here… she hates everything about herself and her life and wants desperately to look like and be the opposite of who she really is.

No. 1261342

File: 1624287911996.jpeg (157.91 KB, 828x1307, 6EE0A23C-5C6D-411F-9CD6-4E1922…)

Who called it that she’s gonna start bailing? Collect your prize now.

No. 1261525

I mean, how long has this bitch been sitting on her ass now? Must be at least 2 years. The most effort she put into her "work" was creating that only fans account.
I'm sure getting up and having to leave the house itself is too grating on her.

No. 1261654

File: 1624316354106.jpeg (147.06 KB, 1125x874, 9DAE84E1-72E9-42E5-A7A6-62163F…)

you asked, and you receive a tweet from 2019.

No. 1261673


What in god’s name is happening with the blonde’s head? It is comically large compared to her body. She almost makes pnp look normal in comparison, and lets be real, it’s probably the only reason ari can tolerate her. She would likely hiss at anyone naturally beautiful.

No. 1261773

i think they look the same level of bad but you're right, ofc she becomes good friends with a botched stripper since any normal looking women would force her to notice how bad she looks

No. 1262030

File: 1624371434021.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1878, 08571A6A-D19B-40EB-B199-3FD10D…)

I personally think at least her friend looks clean and healthy, even if she is botched. Whenever I see a picture of Ariana I just think of rotting flesh

No. 1262187

File: 1624390121015.jpg (643.26 KB, 1080x1560, Screenshot_20210622-152830_Twi…)

No. 1262188

Imo she's just as gross. Her skin looks dusty and musty

No. 1262192

File: 1624390765060.jpeg (447.85 KB, 1125x1777, AA3513D0-90B3-4C4E-8B06-34A96C…)

Ariana serving up all the tranny vibes

No. 1262244

File: 1624395306910.jpeg (553.27 KB, 1242x1339, 195971AB-2964-4BE2-B7D5-6985EF…)

Ariana is surprised that she has to interact with scrotes as part of her job…thriving

No. 1262475

File: 1624422261068.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 341.71 KB, 1170x2034, DE1BDAEB-33FC-450B-A93F-129869…)


No. 1262477

File: 1624422295407.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 432.98 KB, 1170x2143, 83ACC49C-426C-48DA-848B-E3D06D…)

No. 1262478

File: 1624422331205.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.27 KB, 1170x1666, 81419EC1-CDD9-4012-83B4-BC5847…)

No. 1262480

am i missing something here? is it a photoshop job my rookie eyes can't detect?

No. 1262481

File: 1624422721638.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.09 KB, 1170x2149, 5BA9DED8-9FB1-4B78-A71D-200879…)

This video is as frightening as you’d expect. Really highlights the nose and jaw.

No. 1262482

File: 1624422792052.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 344.33 KB, 1170x2133, EEA9704D-73A0-4D3F-9D22-110A68…)

No. 1262485

No just being an artfag sorry, the demented pose made me laugh.

No. 1262491

all good! yeah the hand pose threw me off initially. dang ariana.

No. 1262518

Does Matt have Ed when he's around her? Dude is literally never fully hard.

No. 1262538

File: 1624435120919.jpeg (36.84 KB, 681x863, a2f4979bd54fcdc3178f858ceb4e80…)

ive never seen someone built so xenomorphic

No. 1262575

your crop also highlights how yellowed her favourite old ass thong is. Disgusting

No. 1262608

Yes his dick is always flaccid in their porn. He can’t even maintain a semi, truly embarrassing for Ariana

No. 1262731

File: 1624470430950.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 301.05 KB, 1170x2179, E2A1B34F-32C0-465D-9CED-E64BEF…)

Here it is right after she pulls it out. It awkwardly boops her in the face and then she abruptly starts aggressively sucking.

No. 1262759

I was always on the Matt stays flaccid train but here it looks kinda hard. I don’t think it’s as big as she brags about. I bet she makes him shave before porn so it looks bigger kek

No. 1262768


Saged but how did you anons miss the humor that is the feminine products displayed in the construction site that is this pic? What the fuck is with cows and their photo backgrounds

No. 1262777

LMAOOOO thank you for pointing this out anon, I'm genuinely confused

No. 1262778

File: 1624476021064.png (5.75 MB, 1125x2436, 354CB216-8BF9-4D89-8B01-595884…)


No. 1262779

File: 1624476080972.jpeg (357.86 KB, 1125x1781, 91FD61FC-F179-4E68-BD96-C38FE6…)

No. 1262784

Fucking kek, not one, but THREE packages of pads and tampons.

No. 1262785

what the fuck? this thing is looking more manly every day

No. 1262787

Boyfriend? Not fiancé? Lol

No. 1262791

What the fuck is this picture? She’s so deranged she thinks this pose looks good?

No. 1262802

..is she wearing the top upside down?

No. 1262824

she’s such a crackhead

No. 1262863

… who is this for? why the hell would she post this?? The tension in her neck, her tits in her armpits, she has to be high or something

No. 1262881


“Am I passing? 2 months HRT”

No. 1262936

I was thinking the same thing, i used to think maybe he’s one of those guys that’s never fully hard but this pic proves otherwise. Size-wise though he does look big in this pic when u consider the fact that he’s a big ass dude overall

No. 1262978

It's become a recent trend to wear string bikini tops upside down but it doesn't look great on everyone and Ariana is proof of that lol.

No. 1263036

it doesn't look good on anyone but funny how she follows a normie trend like the total alt girl she is

No. 1263072

File: 1624505440307.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.14 KB, 1170x1954, 633EBD79-BA62-47D6-9B26-73432D…)

OF anon here. The day is over and she hasn’t posted this “haul” on her OF yet after trying to entice people with a sale. Such a scammer

No. 1263138

It’s a semi at best….lol

No. 1263220

She’s definitely the type of person who will simmer over a benign comment like this. These tweets only show how fragile her ego is despite everything she says otherwise. It’s so funny but sad that she chose a profession where having thick skin is a must to survive.

No. 1263239

File: 1624542025731.jpeg (215.37 KB, 1269x285, 5B61246D-6910-4FD1-A731-3E0BA7…)

Another sex worker responded politely reminding Ariana of where she chooses to work (in a strip club full of scrotes, profiting from being a “male fantasy”) safe to say she didn’t reply

No. 1263352

File: 1624560961479.jpeg (388.22 KB, 1125x1770, 49A99F97-D067-4748-A73D-31F31F…)

her “bestie” that posted that pic doesn’t even follow Ariana back. but keep pretending you have friends?

No. 1263389

Tbf if my "bestie" regularly embarrassed herself by posting porn I wouldn't follow her either. Nobody wants to see their mates butt hole

No. 1263423

File: 1624566883527.jpeg (158.83 KB, 1242x585, A9CBA174-A630-4210-AA14-123F04…)

She does follow her back. It seems like she’s ditched Aaron though to chase after friendships with botched sex workers who she’ll inevitably fall out with

No. 1263488

File: 1624572195501.jpg (631.74 KB, 1077x1918, Screenshot_20210624-175716_Ins…)

No. 1263526

Thats transvestite Borat vibes

No. 1263534

Shoulders are wider than her hips! I agree she looks very manly

No. 1263538

File: 1624575630131.jpeg (248.39 KB, 1125x831, 179D7E86-7373-4EFD-9A00-86EEF4…)

Who’s gonna tell her

No. 1263539

Dumb bitch. Cannot get a bbl without a certain body fat percentage. Like WHERE are they gonna pull the fat from? You’re too scrawny, Ariana, maybe try butt implants!

No. 1263541

Lol the fat she DID have they stuffed in her moon face when she got the fat transfer kek

No. 1263545

Thats the case for the majority of women, especially skinny women

No. 1263552

Uhhhh no? Maybe for a man or a woman shaped as an inverted triangle but typically hips should be wider than shoulders. Sorry if i triggered you

No. 1263565

This bitch will never stop getting surgeries. She is straight up addicted and will never feel accomplished. It’s so damn sad. But whatever go off sis do you KEK

No. 1263595

sorry you got that hottentot ass anon

No. 1263617

real life is not an episode of the kardashians anon

No. 1263685

Just… wash your fucking hands, Ariana

No. 1263726

File: 1624598123221.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 397.99 KB, 1170x2149, 5F9EA448-E47B-43F0-B33A-AC6054…)

No. 1263730

File: 1624599342645.jpg (873.91 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210625-013446_Ins…)

The toe over the edge of the shoe kek

No. 1263733

File: 1624599836725.jpg (11.75 KB, 162x311, be0.jpg)

thats such a retarded nitpick her shoe fits fine

No. 1263735

File: 1624600041536.jpeg (188.67 KB, 1242x466, 36244ACA-142A-49D4-96ED-C118BA…)

No. 1263744


I haven’t been to a strip club in years but is this what most girls wear nowadays? Rhinestoned singlets? Maybe they have to wear one pieces because the club’s not full nude and it’s a liability?

No. 1263752


No. 1263755

are you a guy or a whore who was booted for not being whoreish enough? that is p spot on for stripping

No. 1263815

Ari underground illegal ass shots era coming soon

No. 1263860


Her body actually looks good here but then you get to the fucking rock hard boulders on her chest and bloated face.

No. 1263913

Ntayrt but her toes are literally going over the tip of her shoes, if that's fine to you, you should buy yourself some new shoes
Why don't you look at some actual women instead of asking Google? It depends on bodyshape but most women definitely do not have hips wider than their shoulder

No. 1263949

Okay. Fact is…every single dancers toes hang over pleasers. It’s impossible for them not to. I have short ass flinstone toes and they do. I’ve never met a dancer whose toes don’t hang off their pleasers, the slant makes it impossible. The outfits however…they do work for the girls who work at non high class clubs. They’re rampant right now.
If you work in a good club, they’d likely ask you to change from that trash.

No. 1263952

The fucking editing is atrocious ari just stop gd

No. 1263966

>what would you do to me?
blast you with a pressure washer

No. 1264100

damn ok i don't even know the word pleaser so i'm just going to trust your little blogpost

No. 1264165

Nah I've seen many women who's toes don't hang over the tip of their pleasers

No. 1264354

File: 1624664432847.jpg (516.32 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_20210625-194025_Twi…)

No. 1264378

Botched tits damn. Looking up all the time, the angle is crazy. Like they are about to start shooting.

Still not over the body builder pose tf

No. 1264430

File: 1624672078906.jpeg (205.79 KB, 828x1535, 86ED7705-EDC1-4447-9DA9-20570E…)

Absolute cringe on her Tik Tok right now

No. 1264484

ask sugar daddy to get you some olaplex

No. 1264522

I thought it was because they're easier to dance in if you can grip them

No. 1264575

no, they are for whores

No. 1264619

miss butthole lips

No. 1264625

i saved it for you anon. idk why i gave her the benefit of doubt with her usual dancing videos, thinking that maybe she was joking with her stiff and awkward dancing. but no, she actually dances like this at the club https://streamable.com/0n9uvq

No. 1264636

Your video got removed

No. 1264715

File: 1624712287359.jpeg (548.96 KB, 1242x786, 6E18102D-A0C3-40F9-990B-23C17F…)

Yas queen fry that straw hair even more

No. 1264727

that’s correct for open-toed ballroom dance and tango shoes (having your toes hang off a bit for gripping), would make sense for stripper shoes as well

No. 1264778

yes! do it, please!! it will make your hair look so lush

No. 1264780

She cycles every 6months

No. 1264925

I lost my shit when I saw this.(namefag)

No. 1264943

Kek she’s going to scare away her new stripper friend because she’s trying to skinwalk her already.

This new friend won’t stick around that much longer.

No. 1264949

File: 1624738237570.jpeg (561.42 KB, 828x1238, 6AC473FF-A9AE-4C90-B699-35EA2A…)

Holy shit, not sure what’s the worst part of this

No. 1264955

my jaw dropped when she started contorting her body, everything about it looked inhuman and i can't imagine being a coomer, going to a strip club and not straight up laughing at this bitch trying to move her hips with this HIDEOUS rhinestoned tacky ass thing on it's lanky ass alien-esque body

No. 1264986

She straight up moves like a jellyfish if it dropped acid. Humiliating.

No. 1264999

Who wants to place bets on her having to shave her head again?

No. 1265026

I wanna see it, is it possible without the app?

No. 1265030

Yes. Just look up her @ n tiktok it’ll be the first link

No. 1265032

File: 1624744667618.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 2EB11189-5E26-40C2-8D64-BAB4D8…)

she really chose to do tiktok when her face does things like this and moves her body like a jellyfish on acid KEK the ship is sinking ari your perceived internet relevance is over. let it go

No. 1265039

File: 1624745371469.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.25 KB, 500x341, best-of-week-bikini-dude-parts…)

No. 1265042

Pissing my fucking pants right now KEK

No. 1265088

Holy shit just watched the tik tok she legit looks like a transvestite. How does she not see this!?

No. 1265131

File: 1624754659573.webm (1.92 MB, 720x1552, 20210626_173213_1-1.webm)

She dances like a dying worm. How is she a stripper?

No. 1265141

She's a horrible person but at this point I just feel bad for her. Her face is botched. Her boobs are botched. She legitimately looks trans now. Girl needs a psychologist and to go back to school.

No. 1265149

Those heavy handed freckles are really killing me off, she does know they aren't black right?

No. 1265362

jesus christ… i don't follow this thread often but i have seen anons saying how unsexy she is and i think i fully understand what they mean now. why the hell does she move so stilted and awkwardly? i don't know if i've ever really seen a woman lacking any natural grace or sex appeal like this.

No. 1265365

Like she even has the mental capacity to register for classes. She can’t even get a taxidermy license or get married.

No. 1265368

i can't stop watching this, she is so hillariously bad

No. 1265370

File: 1624791278680.jpg (2.55 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20210627_125339866.j…)

did you mean glow down

No. 1265375

the exaggerated makeup just makes whatever she got done even less noticeable. and she still looks like a fugly witch but she's trying so hard to go viral with her "glow up" kek

No. 1265378

File: 1624793503228.jpeg (154.31 KB, 1242x341, 6240E94A-0D0D-4F46-B173-FE33DB…)

I wonder what it’s like to exist with such a delusion? Kek

No. 1265384

This is how awkward teenagers dance. Anyone can dance, but you have to loosen up and have fun. She’s so self-conscious and socially anxious. Worst personality for sex work. You need confidence and the gift of gab

No. 1265393

Legitimately so depressing to see the difference. At least back then she had a unique face shape going on, even when she was all natural.

No. 1265402

yeah, she had a huge nose and all, but i absolutely prefer that to what she looks like now. i've seen plenty of women who knew how to work what they had, even if their looks didn't meet western beauty standards and sadly had to endure bullying due to it. ariana could have done that, but she chose to get so much work done that you can tell that she isn't natural, she just looks puffy and botched now

No. 1265411

cool, you went from “person with unusual asymmetric features” to “plastic surgery trainwreck.”
if she had left her face alone and spent the money on education she’d have a better life.

No. 1265442


Wow, her content has been the same for years. before and afters and self-congratulatory posts back to back. I can see why she's totally lost her audience since her Insta-fame, she won't evolve.

No. 1265445


No, singlets are only popular with basic bitches. You can wear whatever you want that will sell your dances. Just boring basic bitches that want to follow social media trends will wear the same shit and now it happens to be singlets

No. 1265449


No, pleasers don't make your toes hang over. Just a lack of proper fit and not knowing how to customize the ugly clear plastic shit on the top makes your toes hang over. They're seriously customizable which is taught to newbie strippers by house moms

No. 1265511

The fact she just made her nose 3x wider is sending me

No. 1265560

File: 1624812823406.jpeg (423.23 KB, 2048x2048, A7A732AC-FCB7-4551-8567-35D989…)

No. 1265573

yeah her new nose looks like shit, at first I thought, "Maybe it's still healing" but she legit made her nose, way uglier than it ever was.

No. 1265592

She NEEDED that bridge to give her nose a slim, defined appearance but since she shaved it all off to a ski slope she looks like someone punched her so hard in the face that they flattened her nose

No. 1265658

it's rare she uses a photo like the left one where the photo is taken from a good angle + she is wearing makeup, when she does those before and afters. she usually chooses the worst ones on purpose so the "glow up" looks more extreme. she would never make something like >>1265560 kek. only fair comparisions would be posed vs posed photos or ugly candid vs ugly candid. and in both examples she would be prettier before. i also dunno how she thinks she "aged backwards". she looked like a normal teen before and now she looks in her 30s because she is too delusional to see how much the fillers ages her

No. 1265663


Big yikes. Her nose looks so fucked up compared to her old one.

No. 1265778

No. 1265784

she wanted to be an "eyelashes and skincare only" bitch but she's putting more makeup on her nose than ever before to create the illusion of a defined bridge when she could just not have spent thousands to have it shaved off lmao

No. 1265808

We can see your username when you post tiktok links @porcelainnunivers

No. 1265829


you guys are some lying ass hoe’s lmao the old nose is definitely not better than the new one it was fucking huge. let’s be honest here.

No. 1265832

it was huge back then, but now it's huge and flat. think the old one wins out

No. 1265836

not any of the anons you replied to but i agree it was better before and no one is lying about that, it's a matter of taste. personally huge does not equal ugly to me. it had definition and gave her a unique look. now she looks botched and basic with a wide potato in the middle of her face

No. 1265840

Having an ugly nose for free is less embarrassing than having an ugly nose you had to pay for

No. 1265877

File: 1624840319490.jpeg (370 KB, 1242x1221, A98A2864-A6EE-46ED-A9FF-0927B0…)

Honestly? Sure her nose was large, but it fit her face and made her uniquely attractive. So not only did this clown get a nose job to make her face look swollen, she gets fillers as well. She has no distinguishable face shape, it’s just wide face with no angles. She has the face of a bloated alcoholic. If anything, her plastic surgery made her look more like what she hates most – looking like a normie. She once looked very feminine. She legitimately looks like a male to female transsexual post plastic surgery.

No. 1265899

She has a serious knack for utterly unappealing wording in regards to her “sex work” accounts

No. 1265924

The lips as well. There is so much filler migration, she has ruined her lip lift. It looks like the right was the before photo

No. 1265974

she looked better before and she could have used that money to get an education or start a real business
she would be better off as a big-nosed person with a job or a business than a plastic surgery disaster stripping for cheap

No. 1265980

File: 1624850672813.jpeg (13.99 KB, 299x168, C4777604-E9E4-4A55-99EF-C90A22…)

repost cause i forgot to sage but I’m the original anon that said her nose looks 3x bigger than her pre-surgery nose, which at least had definition in the bridge. She literally paid tens of thousands of dollars for her nose to look like picrel. Her original nose was SO much better than this shit

No. 1265987


She should have just fixted the bridge if anything and left the rest the same.

The thing about longer noses is that they often look narrower from the front because of how the light hits the nose. Now it's just obvious how wide her nose is

No. 1266038

anon this comment made me decide not to get a cheap boob job lmao

No. 1266086

BDD-chan, you need help. Her previous nose isn't just better than the absolute botched mess she has now, it's also in harmony with the face.

There's more to facial aesthetics than "durr make nose smaller lips bigger". If you think otherwise, you'll end up like Ariana.

No. 1266118

Her current nose is at least flat, a huge improvement from her old witch nose.

No. 1266137

i'd rather look witchy than mtf

No. 1266145

why would you want a flat nose? her original nose was in proportion to her face, and the short snub nose isn't, simple. but agree to disagree.
let's just hope she keeps doing shit to her face and body. hope she fattens up and gets a bbl it will look hilarious.

No. 1266152

jesus even her eyelids are a completely different shape. her face constantly looks like its having an allergic reaction to itself

the only angle her new nose looks better from is the side. from all other angles the new nose just looks like a massive blobby mistake

No. 1266157

Fully agree with you. Ariana originally wasn't happy with her nose since she was made fun of for it. Shaving the bridge is similar to cutting off the top of a mountain, where the pointy apex is gone and becomes more of a plateau. I'm pretty sure she didn't even consider that because she was so captivated with the thought of a smaller nose. She was super happy with not having her biggest insecurity until the new purchase excitement faded, and started down the rabbit hole of constantly changing things she didn't like about her appearance, while trying to keep her debt low and cut costs by using the cheapest options available (which even extends to the salon, where she leaves with wet hair to save money or pays the salon to bleach her hair, only to go home and immediately box dye over it instead of paying for the salon to finish it). I really think if she had sat down at the beginning and made a laundry list of aaallll these things she hated about her face and body and had a virtual face created that looks like her face now, she would have said hell no. By not thinking of her overall goal and just thinking bigger lips, smaller nose, no wrinkles, etc., she really just created this mismatched Picasso-but-make-it-botched face that was poorly executed.

And the tits are literally under her armpits! In her bodybuilder posed pics, she looks like she has small tits due to their tendency to spread outward and far away from each other.

But sure Ariana, bleach your hair again and go to "Columbia" for a BBL. Considering how all of your other surgeries have gone, I'm sure this highly-coveted BBL will be the best of all.

No. 1266208

Her new nose looks bigger, oddly enough. And bloated. Was her profile too aquiline or something?

No. 1266210

>flat bloated boxing match accident noses are good
Instagram brainworms

No. 1266248

File: 1624896900794.jpeg (173.84 KB, 1125x734, F9AFBF3C-491F-4186-A324-956F4A…)

How can she go from looking like a long ass lanky alien to looking stubby all of a sudden

No. 1266250

”Compressed” might be a word that better describes it lol

No. 1266388

That bra is not doing her ANY favors

No. 1266434


My mom is trailer trash and this is exactly how she dances in flip flops on grass after her 28th Budweiser.

No. 1266451

“uniquely attractive” oh puhhlease, remember what nickname her classmates had for her? It was “goblin” wasn’t it? You don’t call a uniquely attractive person a goblin. The only talent she has is taking selfies where she looks decent. But when you see her in motion, you can understand why she was called that. She was never attractive, none of her old selfies come with videos of her because those would show the truth.

No. 1266459

As if her face needed to be any flatter kek. At least with her old honker, ms.flatface here had a normal human profile.

No. 1266489

File: 1624910528014.png (Spoiler Image, 7.65 MB, 1170x2532, 366919DB-5478-43EA-9975-EE9250…)

2 min video. She takes off her bra and then fingers/rubs herself before a quick fake cum ending. Them suddenly flips over and jiggles her butt for 2 seconds (“twerking”). The whole thing is creepily silent except for her fake moaning. 1/2

No. 1266490

File: 1624910605848.png (Spoiler Image, 6.67 MB, 1170x2532, F44914B2-473A-4C16-910A-8C1BB7…)


No. 1266493

What is wrong with straight men, how do they consistently find these fake moaning plastic porn thots attractive? Testosterone induced brain damage?

No. 1266508

Coom brained males can find any niche attractive. Believe it or not, botched trailer trash is a real kink.

No. 1266515

Always with the fucking snake tank in the background

I don’t think Ariana has any male followers though? Lol

No. 1266545

Did she ever show off her stripper outfits?

No. 1266602

File: 1624921407063.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 262.5 KB, 750x1085, 2B758FAF-46D4-4AFB-95AD-0D6125…)

Her insta feed is so embarrassing. It's literally just pictures of her face with no variety whatsoever. God she's such a hermit.

No. 1266732

File: 1624931943906.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 431.46 KB, 1170x2100, 22761E65-3826-462A-BF74-DA75D9…)


Just this and the one with her tits out, the orange outfit. Pretty lame and low effort as always.

No. 1266737

File: 1624932115800.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 531.08 KB, 1168x2131, 23BD6770-E1F1-46B2-AD7F-D94EFD…)

No. 1266842

She’s just like shayna posting content that’s already on her Twitter

No. 1266946

ntayrt that's some dumb logic. lots of good looking people were bullied. that one photo is from a good angle yes, but ariana has posted a million of pictures from before that were terrible but i still prefer the witchy face to the bloated moonface. i don't get why some of you get so mad about anons saying something good about how she looked before and pretending that it isn't subjective anyway.

No. 1267006

Anons get ridiculously bent out of shape whenever anyone calls her old self attractive. I genuinely thought she was HOT back then (appearance only, certainly not her personality).

Kids will bully anyone over anything. It means nothing. I don’t get why having a big nose is such a dealbreaker for some people. She had a cool look going on.

No. 1267057

they don't think these bitches are attractive, they see how much money they paid to look like this, how willing they are to degrade themselves for more money, the mental illness, they basically see them as vile, insane whores deserving of no respect. it's how porn works so obviously ugly bitches doing disgusting things (see: shaynus) works

No. 1267186

Adriana did herself dirty by saying she didn't find women attractive a couple months ago. That's literally the only customer base she has, no wonder she's doing absolutely dogshit on OF and SW Twitter.

No. 1267260

File: 1624978415019.png (922.88 KB, 817x966, BBBB3F1B-BC6C-4324-86D8-8FDC3C…)

Confirmed Ariana most definitely works at Club Risqué. She wouldn’t go anywhere else but where her new skin walker material goes

No. 1267309

honestly from the photos on the site she would not stand out among the other dancers there in terms of looks
lots of plastic surgery disasters with man face and bad hair
her terrible dancing might be another story

No. 1267418

>what they call you in middle school is the most accurate gauge of aesthetics

lolcow dot farm described in one sentence

No. 1267816

File: 1625019632677.png (5.71 MB, 1242x2688, E7696B5C-4DD2-45CB-87C7-7B75E9…)


No. 1267983

File: 1625034002518.jpg (63.72 KB, 648x450, 181028_153131_15.jpg)

I mean she looked like handsome squidward before but that's still better then whatever kinda look she's going after nowadays

No. 1268845

File: 1625136177293.jpg (799.08 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20210701-063854_Sam…)

Captioned "partner in crime [smiling money face emoji]"

No. 1268847

File: 1625136486268.jpg (219.99 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20210701-063831_Sam…)

Once again showing her obsession with being a stripper (in a Borat monokini) thanks to Natalie Portman in Closer.

No Ariana, you are nowhere near the "beautiful sadness" of Alice in Closer. Your lack of identity just turns you into a pathetic skinwalker

No. 1268850

Did she photoshop her neck here? She shopped it like Sophie Westling of she did, that's so odd looking ew

No. 1268871

she looks straight out of a japanese horror movie when her hair is wet

No. 1269026

File: 1625158627694.jpeg (476.6 KB, 847x897, 4A4E3D0E-AB85-43A8-9221-E5541E…)

Anon you read my mind, she looks like the grudge

No. 1269034

Sensing major Patches anon getting obsessed with Closer vibes. Let it go, bro.

No. 1269547

File: 1625204022775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 381.96 KB, 1170x2095, 3FB3E7D4-2D35-46D7-9C20-AA1FB6…)

No new OF content on the feed or inbox in over a week, she really really sucks at this.

No. 1269548

File: 1625204221685.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 300.52 KB, 1170x2121, F5868CB0-DB83-441A-B871-3ABEDD…)

No. 1269578

She always looks like she has no teeth.

No. 1269780

God, what a moron she is. She thinks she's in a 90s movie about a sad hooker who finds true love and has to "escape" her life as a stripper, when in reality she's a dingy, underweight OnlyFans whore with botched surgery, swiffer mop hair that could fall apart any second, a loser boyfriend and bolt-on tits that look like two ripe honeydew melons with washed out skin stretched over them.
That's what watching too many dumb movies and being a female coomer does to your brain. She needs to read a book and go back to school or at LEAST get a job that doesn't have to do with her weird fetish coomer fantasies of being a "boss ass bitch", she's nauseatingly stupid.

No. 1270140

She could easily not look "top heavy" as she says if she just did weight training for her legs/butt. Then she wouldn't need a BBL. So dumb.

No. 1270151

she's built like a piece of raw fettucine, she will never be able to change her butt/hip shape that way without surgery. you'd think by now (after the botched tits and nose) she would realize that more surgery is not her answer though.

No. 1270432

i'm betting she chose tiktok because unlike insta and twitter random people are getting mega famous for things like looking up and over. TT will randomly make vids viral so she probably thinks this is a good way to regain internet popularity lol

tbh I get that punched in the face impression from 99% of people who shave their bump. that or it also looks like someone took an ice cream scooper to her face and removed a bunch.

No. 1270604

File: 1625313764244.jpg (262.2 KB, 1079x1645, Screenshot_20210703-075720_Sam…)

This idiot and her self-diagnosed thoriasis is afraid to get the vaccine… when the actual National Psoriasis Foundation (psoriasis.org) says anyone with actual psoriasis needs to get it:

"That guidance states that, “Patients with psoriatic disease, who do not have contraindications to vaccination, should receive an mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available to them based on federal, state and local guidance.”

No. 1270605

File: 1625313858396.jpg (193.45 KB, 1032x583, Screenshot_20210703-075640_Sam…)

Screenshot from psoriasis.org

No. 1270680

Ah yes the “psoriasis” that we never saw before she was sexually assaulted in Dominica and mysteriously appeared following this incident, never to be seen again

No. 1270699

If she simply, you know, asked her medical team that looks after her psoriasis care (that don’t exist because we all know that she didn’t get an actual diagnosis) they would recommend you get the vaccine. I know a lot of people with autoimmune diseases and other clinically vulnerable people (uk fag) and all of them were recommended to get the vaccine, often earlier than the general population. She doesn’t think it would potentially trigger a flare, she’s just the sort of white trash who doesn’t ‘trust the vaccine’ and yet will still flaunt the distancing and mask rules.
Sorry to autoimmune sperg, but when ari’s stupidity starts harming other people it stops being funny.

No. 1270818

She absolutely seems like the kind of trash that won’t get the vaccine for no other reason than low IQ and pigheadedness, and she probably discourages her low IQ “hubby” from getting it as well

No. 1271145

File: 1625385406981.jpeg (141.7 KB, 1242x318, F33F6693-2C60-4455-BEE5-33C316…)

No. 1271166

she’s always talking about other men and “loving” their attention but when that guy flirted with her at the club she was disgusted. matt can’t even be in a band with another girl without her insecurity throwing her into a meltdown

No. 1271192

Nah you can't get hips from training

No. 1271258


You can increase your hip measurements from training. There's specific exercises that work your hip muscles which makes them larger due to the increased muscle

No. 1271434

Come on you’re acting like Ari isn’t lazy af

No. 1272674

File: 1625616250409.jpg (338.66 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20210706-200413_Twi…)

No. 1272680

yep she's done with that job lol. If she ever goes back it'll be like 1 or 2 more times. She prefers the aesthetic and idea of being a stripper more than the reality of it. back to pretending to have sugar daddies (matts usps paycheque lbr) and crap out an awful sparkly wood slice every so often.

No. 1272808

File: 1625632931925.jpeg (181.72 KB, 1170x1020, 63DF16AE-5F3E-4867-B621-EC9FDB…)

“Fellow strippers” lmao. God she is an idiot. Already failing

No. 1272810

File: 1625633449339.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 268.15 KB, 1127x1876, 546BA63C-824C-4218-8031-371CBE…)

No. 1272821

Straight up Michael Jackson heehee vibes

No. 1272833

Jesus Christ this bitch is record breaking levels of lazy. Just say you’re not making any tips because you’re botched and move like a dying animal twitching around in its’ last hours

No. 1272877

i g g a

No. 1272885

omfg I cannot unsee it

No. 1272895

don't know about stripping, but 'no show no call' = auto fired for most shift work, no?

No. 1272902

how long has she been doing this?

ariana why are you romanticising/ glamorising a profession whose toxicity and general precariousness is so well documented.

gtfu girl.

No. 1272911

File: 1625655759916.jpg (801.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210707-063216_Sam…)

Took the time to view her Shit Tok and heard it from the cow's botched mouth about the oh-so-traumatizing client incident she previously Tweeted about when her and her "friend" went to meet up with a client and she was "scared" after she didn't get money up front and didn't know if the guy was going to pay her. She had made it cryptic on purpose to make it seem like her life was in jeopardy, and of course the 3 comments from SWs told her how happy they are that she's okay. Turns out her friend, who she admits she never had met irl before, was blackout drunk along with the client and Ariana was the only sober one. Here's some of her poorly-worded quotes that really gives me a good idea of what people actually have to sit through when talking to this idiot:

"…This man is belligerently drunk and super rich… Mind you that was the first experience [with the client?] in my entire life…"

She goes home and the client supposedly texts her to want to see just her again and she claims she said she didn't think so since he didn't give HER a good first impression. "…And literally, I SHIT YOU NOT, 'What didn't give you the good impression, the Bentley or the fucking…' I don't even know the name of the car, but it was a super nice car [laughs like something is funny]!"

End of clip. Most of the clip is just repeatedly reminding everyone that the client was rich, since she keeps mentioning going back to his "mansion", how the blackout drunk client pissed on his "leather couch" and "in-home movie theater", etc.

Her entire Shit Tok is all about money and her obsession with trying to craft her identity around the stripper/sw/plastic surgery aesthetic.

No. 1272918


She's been wanting to identify as a stripper for literally years and how it'll be over for us hos once she does ____ .

Now she's finally achieved her life goals of being a stripper for no more than 4 days in her whole life (2 days the first time, 2 days this time), getting multiple plastic surgeries in an attempt to invest in her appearance despite never making money off of it… and the only wannabe ho it's over for is Ariana and her sTrIpPiNg career.

No. 1272971

What is with this editing she’s been doing? The pixelation is jarring and it seems like she copied and pasted herself into the scenery

No. 1273042

ok what really? girl come on. if she’s acting like this she should at least be on better drugs. strippers are either people who really love the work or really just need the money, what is she doing. and her outfits fucking suck and it’s not like they have to be expensive i don’t fucking get it that’s a big part of the fun.

can anyone who is following her animals do an update please? how is her dog?

No. 1273043

She doesn’t update anything other than shitty sex work pictures so it’s impossible to know how her pets are these days. I hope Tarte is ok

No. 1273077

maybe farmers comments about her constant unappealing backgrounds got to her

No. 1273271

File: 1625707087126.jpeg (351.04 KB, 1170x1458, 130E1DBA-DFA9-4A77-A9E7-F8477F…)

Scrolling on Instagram I had to do a double take to realize this isn’t a picture of ari

No. 1273329

File: 1625714419189.jpeg (305.33 KB, 1170x1855, 6549B5B4-602A-4DB6-A29C-3A0622…)


No. 1273330

Do I wanna rip off the fake tits? Absolutely yes.

No. 1273331

File: 1625714529597.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 370.73 KB, 1170x2085, 554B274C-851C-4E03-BAB1-C088A5…)

No. 1273333

File: 1625714713647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 297.73 KB, 1163x1840, ED779164-AF93-4B8C-8C37-3AEA13…)

Bonus one. Grabbing at her tits in a frightening manner per usual.

No. 1273336

it's bizarre that she pays to look like an old whore when she had a cute, unique look before

No. 1273339

How has nobody shared or mentioned how deranged Matt looks in that video she posted??!

No. 1273353

File: 1625718811749.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 154.71 KB, 1600x1130, 5D0424D9-3B58-443B-B978-9E78BC…)

Those boobs are so botched.

They look like boob shaped cakes. Pic rel

No. 1273359

File: 1625719293082.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 1230A810-7ED9-4788-B9EB-A0376B…)

Kek anon I had to go look. Idk I think ari still looks worse and her lisp is so obvious even just mouthing the words.

No. 1273394

File: 1625734876715.jpeg (727.54 KB, 901x1185, 085F8FEE-11B5-44CE-A2B6-DF43A2…)

It’s bizarre to me that you can’t see her teeth at all when she’s talking, she literally looks like a toothless, gummy grandma

No. 1273399

Her nipples are gross

No. 1273595

File: 1625770562952.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1622, 25418F59-3E85-4674-BBF5-FCA8DB…)

No. 1273614

Who does her fillers now? Also I thought she got a fat graft in her face?? Why does she need filler

No. 1273680

don't do Bimini like that…

No. 1273687

all i see here is shayna's disgusting silicone torso lol

that's what I thought her fat grafting was for too! to save her money on fillers. I was just thinking yesterday while I watched one of her tiktoks that I hope she doesn't get more lip fillers because they look like they're sausages about to burst. I guess she doesn't want to accept that filler will stick around for yrs, it just migrates

No. 1273922

the only difference i see is that now they are even more outside of her lips

No. 1273932

p e e l

No. 1273940

No. 1273941

i really hate lipgloss on big fake lips, it makes them look even more like they're about to burst

No. 1274042

it's crazy to me that she gave herself a lisp and could probably still fix it if she dissolved that second inner lip (if it even can go away maybe the skin is too stretched) but she won't because she actually thinks she looks okay rn. I say ok because obviously she's still getting fillers, contouring, and using filters.

on the subject of plastic surgery it's hilarious that both her and pumpy spent a fortune getting nose job revisions and both of them ended up despising their new noses more than their presurgery noses

No. 1274057

She definitely didn't give herself a lisp. She was raised like shit and probably got no early intervention or speech therapy.

No. 1274095


I honestly don't think she thinks she looks good at all. She says it a lot to try to get other people to compliment her or agree or look like she's thriving for the haterz, but it's clear she really doesn't like her face, body, style, or hair. I'd honestly say she hates herself more now than before all the surgery.

No. 1275607

Same. I think she will keep getting surgeries for the rest of her life. She hasn’t looked good in a long time

No. 1275819

File: 1626147183758.jpeg (122.63 KB, 1170x810, 6BC9B0AB-72C4-4A11-9D33-01E3B5…)

Hasn’t posted on onlyfans since July 7th. Thriving!

No. 1275898

File: 1626171490261.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 142.92 KB, 750x1037, 9F50B7E7-E9B9-495E-ACD3-38A100…)

So. Much. Facetune.

No. 1275926

nice clashing colors… NOT

No. 1275948

when is she gonna realize those freckles look like absolute shit?

No. 1276070

i'm convinced at this point that she's using the freckles as a distraction from her other botched features

No. 1276688

File: 1626301834947.jpeg (826.59 KB, 1125x1444, 32C1AC81-CAC7-4D0C-BA73-AD044F…)

No. 1276891

File: 1626321068055.jpeg (88.47 KB, 1170x353, 6340617E-ED53-4B2C-B1CF-CD5F9F…)

It’s because you are mentally ill Ari.

No. 1276892

this bitch was really trying to convince herself she was going to get up at the crack of dawn to go to taxidermy school when she can barely hack it for a couple days as a stripper

No. 1276920

She's such a fucking lazy dose. During her whole shitty copied mushroom panel art phase she was all about the hustle..

No. 1277076

stop smoking weed

No. 1277391

this lip makeup looks a million times better on her than when she is using more intense colours, overlining and gloss. they still look botched as fuck but at least she is not drawing the same amount of attention to them as usual and they don't look like they've been copy pasted onto her face like in this >>1273595

No. 1277605

Yeah i actually think she looks pretty in these last couple pictures. She would still look way better with the lips dissolved but this makeup looks much nicer on her.

No. 1277620

File: 1626406998724.jpeg (134.67 KB, 750x744, 747F4072-D5BB-4D66-AA8E-1FACBB…)

she should really chill on the freckles also, looks much better without them. saged for autistic edit

No. 1277661

This edit really highlights the fact that she reverse contoured her nose wtf. The tip is so much darker than the sides

No. 1277672

she’s trying to make the sides of her nose blend into her cheeks because she’s still self conscious about how wide and potato-like it is from the front

No. 1277789

I can’t even see the lips when I look at that photo, all I see is her god awful paint splatter ”freckles”. They really are a distraction.
If she only could realize this! It’s seriously so much better.

No. 1277808

File: 1626441440289.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 3F61DB41-A0AC-4FC5-93C9-F12722…)

No. 1277821

Hair doesn't look as fried as usual, except her bangs, of course, they look atrocious. However, this colour doesn't suit her at all, and the soft hairdo clashes with her clown makeup. No matter, she will change it in two weeks' time anyway.

No. 1277830

agree, the soft hair doesn't work with either her makeup or features. she looks mtf

No. 1277875

I agree she looks prettier but let’s face it this photo isn’t an accurate reflection of reality, she has heavily contoured her face, is super posing and likely using face tune. If you were seeing her in motion the pre-surgery face would pop right back out. Saying that, not using the clown make up is an infinitely better look for her

No. 1277880

File: 1626449740023.jpeg (597.02 KB, 1242x749, 1FCC0CF5-64CA-4D6F-9A63-6F2486…)

She giving out BJs?

No. 1277904

are we really supposed to believe this thing is sober?

No. 1277912

is… is it normal that strippers kiss/blow their johns? what the fuck is up here why would you post this

No. 1277929

File: 1626454439479.jpeg (149.67 KB, 962x962, 09994A1E-BE96-41D3-A67A-E214CA…)

Which one is it