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File: 1628447944163.jpg (3.05 MB, 1920x2400, mattswife.jpg)

No. 1294420

ScorpioAssHeaux/AliceAmoreLove/PickledPetShop/Ariana McMillan is a 26 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.

Previous Thread:
>Ariana finally convinces DoorMatt to marry her. Congrats to the glowing methheads, in their future of shaved cats, drugs and implications of allowing a sexual assault to occur! >>1288462
>Bastardizes the intimacy of their honeymoon by going to a cheap sex motel to make "newly wed porn" >>1290709
>Finally becomes the stripper she always dreamed she could be; apparently her highest aspiration. >>252813, >>1248504
>Hates it after a couple days >>1276891
>Posts awkward OF content while on vacation with her grandparents in the Bahamas >>1210104
>Trying to gain a following on TikTok now that she's lost it everywhere else >>1215703
>Confirms she's had 3 nosejobs >>1279603

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1206111
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649




Instagram: PlasticandProud, Plasticnproud, ScorpioAssHoe, PsoriasisandProud, VersatileHeaux, VersatileHeauxArt
Twitter: PlasticandProud, VersatileHeaux, PsoriasisandProud
Tumblr: PlasticandProud, inippleny, ScorpioAssHoe



No. 1294435

Ooohhh yeeaaaahhhh I forgot she "had psoriasis".

No. 1294451

File: 1628449261224.jpeg (Spoiler Image,372.15 KB, 750x610, B5D4CCD8-5021-4AB4-88A7-8A0ED4…)

Ariana looks like she’s about to be sick and Matt is flaccid

No. 1294457

sorry one of the op post links was broken kek

>>252813 should be >>1252813

No. 1294472

>I want off this ride mommy, I feel sick
Literally her face. This marriage will not last.

No. 1294475

File: 1628450189748.png (179.03 KB, 599x304, graphic_design_is_my_passion.p…)

first time i've had an edit used as thread pic on this site. thanks anon!
her arm/hand in her mouth is the only thing that reveals she isn't actually a corpse. it's almost impressive how good she is at looking dead. she should just cater to necrophiliacs at this point

No. 1294497

Good job on the new thread, anon!

No. 1294543

I thought she was playing a harmonica

No. 1294911

Wonder if Matt is camera shy?

No. 1295179

nice thread nonnie! thanks for cleaning up the summary like i suggested, looks way better.
srs question but how can you tell??

No. 1295637

Because his dick looks tiny and soft, he’s always flaccid when they film their porn

No. 1296104


I like how the top 3 photos highlights that apparently she only owns/wears 1 matching set of cheap fast fashion "lingerie" and yet still can't be bothered to put together a photogenic outfit. In the 3rd photo, she thought she'd really sex up the poor quality material and the tacky ruffles by wearing a lightly padded, molded Target bra that I haven't seen the looks of since a high school locker room.

No. 1296111

Yeah, it seriously looks like that!

Or I thought she had the metal pipe from The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus that Heath Ledger swallows to cheat death. As if Ariana is about to die from the horrific nature of her life and her face and she's trying to guarantee reincarnation while hoping for a better face/body/life for her next life

No. 1296113


I imagine it's not a harmonica or a reincarnation metal pipe, but wtf is that? Is she chewing the side of a vape pen like a kid biting a wooden spoon to avoid yelling out when he gets kicked in the nuts on purpose?! Is this her in sExIi mOdE?!

No. 1296178

File: 1628533028251.jpeg (Spoiler Image,265.64 KB, 2048x1492, E8NIVfGXoAI6mnq.jpeg)


No. 1296221

Guys.. she has the side of her finger in her mouth and her long ass acrylics are reflecting the light

No. 1296228

File: 1628536168023.jpg (1.3 MB, 2048x1536, pRnecuT.jpg)

she has the body shape of deadpool with tiny legs

No. 1296230


He looks like he's full of regret. It almost looks like he's seeing an escort and now has to call his actual wife. But his wife is the escort.

No. 1296311

Matt looks so damn awkward
Wtf is going on with his eyes is he seeing another realm of existence where he didn't just make the biggest mistake of his life?

No. 1296315

I see what you mean, anon, but don't do my boy Deadpool dirty by comparing him to Ariana, lmao.

No. 1296348

Lmao the thought of her playing the harmonica while getting fucked in her shitty porn is sending me

No. 1296406

for some reason it wouldn't be off brand for her

No. 1296451

Busting out some tunes on the harmonica blues style, breaking to verse about crusty stripper life

No. 1296537

Ari, please, if you’re reading this, make harmonica porn your new identity!("hi cow")

No. 1297286

File: 1628621457960.jpeg (52.62 KB, 1536x215, EEE51A8E-9CFA-43FA-A36E-BD733F…)

The fact that she had to ASK to be proposed to for 6 years is a sobering testament to the state of their relationship

No. 1297492

I remember a comment someone wrote ages ago that was like “imagine the only thing you have to offer is a not fat body” and I think of this whenever I see a still of her shitty porn

No. 1297518

I mean, women can propose any time they want, it’s the 21st century, but also kek at Ariana carrying on like she’s the first person to get married

No. 1297540

She'll probably act like the first person to get a divorce too when that happens

No. 1297632

File: 1628651069249.jpeg (Spoiler Image,314.72 KB, 607x1100, 28DAA611-8FA3-414C-9F08-11986C…)

No. 1297735

Is this supposed to be her as a…bruxa…? Lol

No. 1297903


No. 1297956

The most authentic picture of Ariana I've ever seen!

No. 1297957


Women can propose anytime, sure… but if you're literally being annoying af for 6 years about it, that's not a proposal. That's straight up begging for a hopelessly flaccid dude to marry you for 6 years.

No. 1297989


I also bet he feels he had little options after his sad dick and dad bod has been ridiculed all over the internet for the past 6 years and gave up any hope.

And Ariana probably promised a lot, including telling him she'll stop begging for anyone to pay to fuck her IF he finally marries her.

Knowing how cheap their relationship is, I guarantee they got married in a courthouse with no one present, and then just rented a picnic table next to 97-yr-old lady's birthday party for a couple of hours to eat their cheap cake and take pictures by the water. There was no actual ceremony as you can tell from the pictures. It was 3 friends (2 of which are acquaintances and 1 of which she met on Tinder and later fucked while drunk), Ariana's family and maaaaaybe Matt's parents invited to a no more than 2-course reception lunch on a rented picnic table.

I'm also glad they didn't cave in to traditional weddings and kept it 100% their "aesthetic", if you will. As in:

-Cheap (probably the bride's family offered to spend $300 on renting the space and providing food while Ariana refused to spend a dime of her precious CoLuMbIa BBL money)
-Low effort
-No effort with fashion: Matt wears nice shoes and ruins the clean look of a suit while Ariana wears her granny-esque 1960s Victorian sack dress to avoid showing her scandalous tattoos and ankles, then just goes barefoot for wedding pictures and steps on Matt's shoes with her grubby toes
-Ariana refuses to spend money on a photographer as her "twin flame" takes pictures for free and isn't able to relax and enjoy the reception
-2/3rds of the guests (and 100% of the bridesmaids) she barely knows
-Entirely performative so social media knows she's married

No. 1298065

matt didn’t even shave the day of the wedding
stubblegroom was not the look

No. 1298116

I got a hearty kek from this analysis anon

I also think she probably agreed to stop sugaring in order to get Matt to marry her but we all know she’s not going to, and if Matt gets annoyed she’ll pull the ~stop shaming sex workers~ card on him

No. 1298296

File: 1628734335585.png (3.46 MB, 1242x2208, 1D50973B-F796-48E5-9F5D-F7135B…)

No. 1298352

the high of her wedding died and now she needs to spice up her life by frying her hair a little more. the cycle continues

No. 1298667

File: 1628789023729.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x1604, FC81493F-8091-42C0-8250-73F334…)

No. 1298702

Why did she shave her head when people actually cared about her just to fry the shit out of it, literally going from blonde to black. This is the stupidest mother fucking thing.

No. 1298805

File: 1628802311717.jpg (676.21 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210812_230040_com…)

No. 1298841

*my face

No. 1298846

File: 1628806759533.jpeg (329.91 KB, 1125x1942, 4C039279-6CD2-4D0D-8BFA-2A7AC0…)

What the fuck is this hair?!?? It looks ridiculous. It doesn’t suit her what so ever

No. 1298877

She looks like she’s trying to channel Lisa Rinna. Why does she want to look like an old hag so bad?

No. 1298919

File: 1628813601411.jpeg (230.81 KB, 1125x432, 0DBB611B-96D0-4B6B-A972-6E162B…)


No. 1298939

delusional. coomers don't go to the strip club to look at your swollen goblin face, ari. they'll look at any half naked fake titty bitch

No. 1298957

funny yet sad that she doesn’t see that her body is all she has. if she wasn’t skinny and had a decent waistline, she’d be beyond help.

No. 1299006

I’m late af but I’ll never get why people ever felt bad for matt. he comes off like a huge sleazebag and always has. dude is perfectly content with his seedy life and his botched whore girlfriend.

No. 1299173


"dude is perfectly content with his seedy life and his botched whore girlfriend" … now that he's learned to be complacent with Ariana in exchange for sex without effort.

There. Fixed the sentence.

No. 1299184

It's probably a blessing for customers to have her face covered, she looks like a Pitbull chewing a wasp

No. 1299231

File: 1628864468762.jpeg (204.2 KB, 750x470, 1086346A-CBD4-49EB-9586-24ED88…)

Why does her head look shaped like a peanut here?

No. 1299232

File: 1628864543097.jpeg (Spoiler Image,246.83 KB, 750x476, C009C939-D98D-4081-9E8B-7E4780…)

And Matt is totally fine with this…

No. 1299393

how tf does she still have a bump on her nose after three nosejobs? is it starting to cave in?

No. 1299394

She's trying so hard to do a 70s shag/curly thing but doesn't have the hair texture/cut/skills for it… this just looks like terrible hat hair lol

No. 1299535

File: 1628894191324.jpeg (238.45 KB, 1124x1617, 41276952-004B-48A2-AAC0-A8A44D…)

Looking like a manly giraffe

No. 1299622

File: 1628906118046.jpeg (Spoiler Image,438.36 KB, 1242x2152, 05F3C95F-3B45-496C-8C88-CBCF00…)

Ari…lol such a skinwalker…this is from her stripper bestie’s ig the blonde chick , recognize the room from her off key “honeymoon” ”shoot” … so straight up weird , wtf

No. 1299623

File: 1628906145046.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 1242x1451, 4F17AA2B-28DF-42B6-8D25-35FFCF…)


No. 1299639

File: 1628907952900.png (2.86 MB, 2126x1196, IMG_20210814_042417.png)

No. 1299650

File: 1628909212084.jpeg (491.9 KB, 828x807, EC4CA0BC-85E5-4CFB-B63F-8DDE78…)

Ari vs some of her coworkers. Like any of the dudes are even looking at Ari, other than as a quick ‘wtf’ when the more attractive girls are backstage, probably trying to decipher what her shitty tattoos are.

No. 1299766

Nonny stop. Scrotes do not give a single fuck about any of the the girls faces at some dodgy strip joint, they don't go there to see some beautiful maidens.

No. 1299819


Nta, but as a former dancer, I can tell you that the face (or attitude or style, etc) helps draw them into a fantasy to encourage them to buy the product aka buy a dance).

A botched surgery bitch will only entice people interested in that vibe.

No. 1299835

When she pulls this face she looks like she has no teeth wth

No. 1299935

She always looks like she has no teeth anon

No. 1300511

File: 1629029414155.jpg (548.94 KB, 1030x1029, Screenshot_20210815-074445_Pho…)

Ariana's pit scarred face looking like fun terrain for some off road biking

No. 1300519

File: 1629031112985.jpg (378.2 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20210815_143648.jpg)

something about her trying to sensually grab and twist her hair is so funny to me. it doesn't really work when your hair is fried to hell and you have to grab half of the hair on your head to form a lock

No. 1300520

samefag, but i hate her makeup so gd much. her nose looks so sharp and michael jackson like and as seen on her candids from her wedding it just like mud irl. imagine getting three nosejobs and still applying so much makeup in an attempt to change your nose kek. and the gloss makes her overly filled lips look so painful. her makeup looked so much better before any of her surgeries, how do you get so much worse at something you do all the time?

No. 1300554

I’m guessing Matt is the one driving, imagine having to endure the whole journey with this narcissist staring into her camera and posing

No. 1300699

File: 1629055120879.jpeg (144.76 KB, 695x507, 3813E24F-ED94-4407-A5E9-C20670…)

What is going on underneath her nose? Does she still not know how to use Facetune

No. 1301989

It's scarring from a botched lip lift. It looks like a rag doll's sewn on nose.

No. 1302002

What's with trying to make a single shitty motel room into an entire personality?

No. 1303071

File: 1629324666055.png (3.36 MB, 828x1792, B15D1FEF-1E0F-4D02-AA92-F10F11…)

No filter

No. 1303076

File: 1629325014585.jpeg (366.91 KB, 718x748, 235534EB-7F47-4733-94AE-1A6E80…)

No. 1303215

She’s got those Amy Slaton eyes

No. 1303222

ok but everyone needs to watch this tiktok because it’s the cringiest thing she’s done in a WHILE and idk how to upload a video on here, i usually just lurk, but oh my god it’s so bad and so good

No. 1303272


Here’s the link for non TikTok anons

No. 1303296

does she not realize that to everyone else this entire TikTok is a symptom of her personality disorder that she mentions in the video? she’s trying so hard to convince both herself and everyone else that she’s worth something. the sad part is those things aren’t even real accomplishments, everyone in the age of social media is a model and full time artist. anyone can whore themselves for enough money to get plastic surgery (bimbofication is huge and basically mainstream right now). any straight couple can get married and for gods sake I don’t think her marriage is anything to brag about. cringe.

No. 1303337

I viscerally cringed watching this. Why doesn’t she mention sex work as her job? I thought that was ~real work~ Ariana? Lmao. She had one modelling gig years ago, barely makes art and never makes taxidermy. The delusion is strong

No. 1303342

It's been months since her drawing something and idk how long since taxidermy shit. Modelling? Years. Like, am I allowed to call myself a lawyer because 7 years ago I worked as an assistant briefly? Right know, she's a beginner stripper and that's about it.
She could've at least washed her greasy hair for this deep uwu life change tik tok

No. 1303345

The best part about her modelling is that the companies cut ties with her because of how toxic her social media presence was at the time

No. 1303404

Oh god I thought this was meant as a joke, mocking herself what unrealistic expectations she had a teenager about her adult life… until the husband bit

No. 1303416

Yes because getting married (something the majority of the human population do) is such an achievement…can you imagine how insufferable she’d be if she got pregnant? She’d act like she’s the first woman to ever have a baby

No. 1303459

File: 1629377638730.jpg (892.93 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210819_145113_com…)

The editing …. Kek. I guess she wasn't so happy about her wedding photos revealing her as a catfish

No. 1303476

Man, I was really waiting for the punchline on this one to be "Oh, but you grow up to be a stripper" but it just never came. I'm honestly uncomfortable with how often she refers to herself as a whore. Wondering if it's starting to have an affect on her self-esteem lately.

No. 1303498

My favorite part is how unsure she sounds at the end when she says “yeah you end up being successful and doing everything you wanted to do actually”

No. 1303522

I just can’t get past the greasy hair(emoji)

No. 1303543

sage for nitpick but i almost can't believe she deliberately uploaded a video of herself to the internet looking this greasy

No. 1303589

Kek the change in body language when she gets to the punchline aka "career" cope delusion.

No. 1303606

Why does she post a pic of her nosejobs while she's talking about being "successful"? Kek

No. 1303622

I love the part about how she was admitted into a “mental ward”, finds out she has a personality disorder, and “from here on out, it only gets better.” Bitch, where? She literally has done nothing to address her mental illness, except maybe take some medications, and she has spiraled before our eyes several times. Pure delusion.

No. 1303805

File: 1629402646461.jpg (158.54 KB, 1079x791, Screenshot_20210819-154653_Goo…)

Uh oh, Ariana will soon lose her $40/month career income.

Good thing she occasionally strips, otherwise how would she save for BBL?

Good thing she's married now and won't be escorting despite the sun to be lack of Only Fans

No. 1303810

Saw people saying something along the lines of "nudity is okay" so does it mean toys or fucking isn't okay?

No. 1303903

> The company will continue to allow some posts containing nudity but “any content containing sexually-explicit conduct” will be banned

No. 1304261

File: 1629435494773.jpeg (282.44 KB, 1125x1983, 81B5F481-315E-472E-8921-E6CADF…)

we got a new banger y’all

No. 1304289

I thought that part of her “doing better” is that she stopped over sharing online? I mean we all know she never actually stopped it’s just mind boggling how much self awareness she lacks.

No. 1304296

Even though we all know she's female, all I can see is the visible adam's apple in this one, the prior one all I can see is the greasy hair, she needs to wash and sit up straight

No. 1304301

File: 1629438913752.png (4.17 MB, 828x1792, E2488938-3990-497E-8AD5-DABD73…)

No. 1304406

Damn that pre-surgery face is never really going away is it?

No. 1304408

File: 1629451019405.jpeg (264.27 KB, 750x608, 85E84BEF-5F36-486C-8B82-0A6F5D…)

What is this dream job she speaks of? The sex work she never mentioned in her tiktok or the imaginary modelling/artist/taxidermy career?

No. 1304478

the surgeries that put her in debt which she is struggling to pay off, too

No. 1304605

The cognitive dissonance of the tiktok she just made coupled with the phrase “supportive family” in this tweet lol

No. 1304606


no "i finally learned not to base all my happiness and self worth of how good i look" it's "i finally changed my ugly face and body!" even though every year she's talking about how ugly she actually is and booking another surgery. talk to your therapist about that, fuggo

No. 1304636

File: 1629478537724.jpeg (484.61 KB, 750x929, 0D2BA530-29F8-4223-BAA2-16CD91…)

Yeah she’s really going off on her Mom on tiktok…

No. 1304664

If she knew that narc mothers almost always raise narc daughters I wonder if she’d be exposing herself like this?

…. Who am I kidding she doesn’t have a even a tiny grain of self awareness

No. 1304676


While most people's definition of living the dream isn't:
- Having Dollskill fly you to LA once for a $200 mOdElInG gig (where covering the cost of said flight is more than what you were paid) and then never working with you again as you bitterly bash them for not paying you enough,
- Bomb at selling hundreds of porn nudes for the monthly all access price of a cup of coffee,
- Beg an out of shape city employee to marry you for 6 years, then gloat as you flash your department store dIaMoNd on social media after you demanded he get it for you, despite you initially leaving him after you claimed he "let" you get fictionally raped,
- Finally being able to "afford" plastic surgery on credit,
- Have no friends so you invite 2 busted strippers you've known for a few months to be your "bridesmaids" at a picnic table reception since you couldn't afford an actual ceremony (which is fine because you couldn't afford bridesmaids dresses and instead just told them to wear what they have in their closets),
- Could only afford a $50 thrifted granny dress as your wedding dress and ditched your tacky Payless heels to trample around barefoot with your fried hair flapping in the breeze,
- Your dear "childhood best friend" didn't even come while another man you call your twin flame that you once drunkenly fucked behind your husband's back acts as the unpaid photographer,
- Paying $100 for a PA taxidermy license you never use because you don't actually know how to taxidermy anything,
- And the only goals you aspire to achieve involve more plastic surgery…

…I gotta admit, Ariana has really proved to the world that if you set your goals and standards low enough, you can convince yourself you're a success that has achieved all of your life's goals before the age of 30.

And if nothing else, like she asks herself multiple times in her cringy Shit Tok, at least she "got away from her mom" by moving out, just like the majority of kids over 18. Just call her an escape artist/survivor like Elizabeth Smart!

No. 1304700

ah I see it didn't take her long to find the trauma dumping BPD side of tiktok. People share some seriously fucked up shit on there trying to one up each other. If I knew some of these people irl and didn't know these things it would seriously make me reconsider being their friend using this shit for clout

No. 1304940

>dream job
the fuck is she talking about??? stripping fortnightly?

No. 1305847

Bpd tiktok is gonna tear her to fuckin shreds(sage)

No. 1305872

File: 1629605510872.jpeg (280.14 KB, 828x1193, 43C33D6A-F831-499D-AD0E-9312BF…)

Gagging at the bottom of her shoes holy shit that’s disgusting

No. 1305876

File: 1629605825595.png (144.33 KB, 460x374, EMK-V0tWkAIW9mh.png)

No. 1305916

She sounds fucking miserable. And all these points are so embellished and just comes off as a loser trying to pat herself on the back. How melodramatic

No. 1306039

ew wtf nothing about this photo is appealing

No. 1306098

Looks like she stepped in dog shit

No. 1306380

File: 1629668934738.jpeg (248.73 KB, 750x577, 04EF46B8-644D-4E03-9721-623C14…)

This is the dream job everyone

No. 1306395

it's your inner child realizing you went down the same trailer trash whore route as your mother. go to fucking therapy you dumb bitch

No. 1306425

doesn’t she take xanax recreationally? that’s literally what that’s for, ariana.

No. 1306436

File: 1629673978658.jpeg (287.43 KB, 555x470, 1DC4CD65-C0C9-4AFA-B331-8A1AEE…)

ARIANA. It takes two fucking seconds to crop the gross dog shit bottom of your heels out of your ~sexthsiiii~ pics. Chick on the left looks like Kim Petras so this whole pic is just gives off backpage tranny escort vibes.

No. 1306502

lmao this is what happens when you believe the glamorizing of stripping and fail to realize what the job actually entails. It's not just dressing up in lingerie you actually have to talk to and touch disgusting creepy pervs and you have convince them you're into it otherwise they won't be giving you a cent. I guess her pal told her about how much money she supposedly makes but strippers only ever talk about their good nights never the nights they owe the club or leave with 10$ after dancing (semi)naked all night for nothing. I guess in that way she fits right in because lying about her "amazing" income etc comes naturally to her. She probably thinks this is the only thing holding her back from a fortune but I'm sure matt will continue to be the sole breadwinner for a long ass time

No. 1306592

I think the majority of you are pretty ignorant about how stripping works. Majority of clubs are full nude, that doesn’t always mean that you’re always naked but it means that you have to get naked during stage and private. You know that a strip club is not full nude when they are not allowed to wear g strings for local or state law. Not only do sometimes you only with $10, sometimes you lose money because you are required to pay out DJs, house moms and you have to pay to get into work your shift. There is absolutely no schedule for when you have to come to work because you are an independent contractor. You can show up once a day once a week once a month it doesn’t matter. On top of that you are required to perform stage once every person dances, so if there are 15 girls there you must go on the stage within 15 stage dances unless you’re doing private or a floor dance. Often times if you’re not willing to do stage you’ll be asked not to come back. If she’s not personable no matter how attractive her face or body is she will not make any money. Any money she’s flexing is probably dollar bills. Likelihood is that if she does make good money it’s because she was purchased for private for an hour or two. ($600-900 an hour but as many guys as they want in room.)

No. 1306622

uhh nobody here thinks she's actually making any money

No. 1306632

I didn’t imply that. Y’all are always on some retard shit saying she never shows up for her work and that they should fire her and that’s just not how shit works lol

No. 1306643

nobody's said that itt

No. 1307021

File: 1629749100545.jpeg (1.95 MB, 1125x1673, 014EAD38-1D00-451C-9A26-B3FF69…)

Looking like a whole ass man, as usual

No. 1307047

Ariana is so scary looking now a days..

No. 1307071

the fact she looks like a giant next to her friend doesn’t help how manly she looks

No. 1307098

Her entire lower half of her face is just ruined. The concaved nose-mouth-smile lines area. The weird skelator jaw she’s a horrorshow

No. 1307108

It's insane seeing her next to someone relatively "normal" looking. The girl next to her is by no means a beauty queen, but by God, she looks so botched next to her.

No. 1307202

ariana i bet you to stop doing that intense nose contour, it looks absolutely terrible

No. 1307204

drag queen brings his straight friend to the local gay bar

No. 1307210

the sad thing is the other girl is actually botched in her own rite if you look at her other pics. that’s how badly ariana has fucked up her face. she makes other botched bitches look normal.

No. 1307226

This picture looks like Ari wanted to go out and play dress up in the other girl’s clothes to make it seem like she’s been making $

No. 1307286

File: 1629772231511.jpeg (346.48 KB, 828x1432, 5673F079-EDD9-4C68-A038-72BCBD…)

Her nose is so flat. How can she breathe?

No. 1307287

It would be funny if she wrote “m’lady” and that’s all I want to contribute thank u

No. 1307289

File: 1629772475645.jpeg (290.96 KB, 828x1454, 9DDA3229-8E8F-495F-9D9F-8DC663…)

Doormatt spotted

No. 1307306

lol soyface

No. 1307307

File: 1629773565887.png (194.73 KB, 417x286, 00000.PNG)

she literally deformed herself with facetune/photoshop. sorry forehead was hard to follow with her hair colour and background but eyebrow and below is just following the outline of her face

No. 1307415

I think the nose is that pointy because she is slightly pressing it against her friends nose, not because of photoshop

No. 1307435

File: 1629800723647.png (119.28 KB, 640x654, malf.png)

No. 1307477

File: 1629811737546.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.52 MB, 3840x1920, inCollage_20210824_152254849.j…)

botched lips seen from the side are so funny to me. really highlights how much they've migrated/the fact that your lips can't even contain the amount of filler you get. looks exactly like photos an influencer from my country would post (right picture) because she wanted to warn other people of going too far and becoming blind to how you look. she then got them dissolved and looks a million times better now. still waiting for the day ariana will gain that kind of insight but i bet i'll have to wait forever and she'll just keep filling her face with shit

spoilered because botched lips are gross

No. 1307768

File: 1629840527064.jpeg (286.99 KB, 750x489, 9E46D472-69EA-4041-809B-99A102…)

Something tells me this is a lie…also she looks like an amputee here

No. 1307796

got that flat ass down syndrome profile kek

No. 1307815

of course it’s not true she’s delusional

No. 1307818

It’s crazy how checkyagurl’s lips don’t even look filled next to Ariana

No. 1307823

Didn't this bitch just get off a xans binge cause "uhhh can'th cope with thripping, my anxthiety"

No. 1307875

File: 1629849990105.png (389.68 KB, 828x491, 4C31CF89-B708-47BB-86D2-BFA4AC…)

Connecting the dots that Ariana and doormatt got stuck dog sitting for checkyagurl’s while she went on vacation

No. 1307877

File: 1629850089957.jpeg (857.76 KB, 828x1481, DA309A49-51DC-43F7-80B8-56385D…)

No. 1307899

hopefully she doesn’t come home to it having been shaved

No. 1308063

Lmfao I would have the same reaction as that dog if Matt and Ariana walked into my apartment

The story of the pissed off dog has now been dirty deleted, any bets she was winding it up and filming it like she used to do with Tarte?

No. 1308436

File: 1629922901079.jpeg (373.57 KB, 1170x1762, AECE9CAD-0ACC-42AE-B7E4-6FD203…)

man vibes as usual

No. 1308437

who the fuck is this appealing to? how many weird ass fetishes does a man need to have to find this thing sexy?

No. 1308449

Wow, the oversharing is so cringe. Like, tiktok is not a place for you to dump your trauma. Go see an actual therapist because a real therapist would have never said that to a patient. She’s delusional and. A pathological liar online. I don’t believe anything she says.

No. 1308453

she almost passes as female, too!

No. 1308461

The pose makes sure that one boob looks like pre-surgery, while the other looks floppy. Way to good dude.(no1curr tit sperging)

No. 1308463

The aesthetics clash a little, but she looks good here. I hope she goes full body builder. At least it's better than shoving cement into your body every few weeks.

No. 1308474

are you on crack?

No. 1308489

You're tripping anon, she looks like a gross malnourished goblin. Only reason you can see her muscles is because she has absolutely 0% body fat.

No. 1308491

The dog behind her just watching her try to hoe has me dead

No. 1308494

File: 1629928674435.webm (3.24 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-scorpioassheaux…)

After how many yrs of sex work now it would appear that @checkyagirl taught her how to shake her ass. She's pretty chuffed with herself but that's such an unfortunate thing to have a skill in. Wow teen her would be SO happy to see she is learning to be a better stripper! /s

No. 1308508

File: 1629929604956.png (49.6 KB, 172x178, Screenshot 2021-08-26 001248.p…)

it's like she's got her face smashed against a table one too many times as a child

No. 1308521

Very strong cat woman vibes here

No. 1308527

File: 1629930846893.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1674, 0195BF18-236B-41DC-A4C8-1F04DA…)

Another one…

No. 1308567

kek anon that’s hilarious

No. 1308591

She is the ugliest cow on snow god. Idgi since technically she is skinny and has good proportions. But the botched face, filthy makeup combined with this aesthetic, she is so repulsive looking jesus. And she paid for that shit.

No. 1308608

idk, i can see that she technically got better but she still looks extremely stiff and not erotic or attractive at all. so that's just worse because it proves it's not lack of dancing skills that makes her unappealing as a stripper, it's just her

No. 1308667

File: 1629944717309.jpeg (23.77 KB, 127x182, 4FC1021B-5016-4C53-8B02-55074C…)

Omg I didn’t even notice lmao

No. 1308714

File: 1629949786466.jpeg (Spoiler Image,241.44 KB, 1170x1967, BD0F9C65-86D0-4B33-8993-DF58CE…)

The dog

No. 1308715

File: 1629949932424.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.43 KB, 1170x1491, C27720FF-8BD0-4D18-BD41-942097…)

No. 1308755

All her proportions are way off both on her face and body, what are you on about

No. 1308790

File: 1629963139785.png (767.58 KB, 1208x1054, doggo.png)

what the dog doin'

No. 1308834

It's looking into the camera like on the office

No. 1308850

Did you really need to crop and repost that with almost the same caption

No. 1308893

File: 1629984652628.jpeg (99.67 KB, 750x209, BAB75EFD-C84A-4924-8F81-396123…)

No. 1308927

well she looks like a cheap whore so i can see where they are coming from

No. 1309001

you are literally a prostitute Ari

No. 1309035

She reminds me of Shayna who gets offended/annoyed when scrotes be scrotes, despite being a sex worker and that’s your literal job lmao. These girls act like they work in a regular office job and are getting unsolicited advances.

No. 1310045

File: 1630117424595.jpeg (439.25 KB, 2048x2027, E9q50-JWYAQJeH9.jpeg)

Ari's art is displayed at Umai Umai restaurant in Philly. How did they find her? Does she have her art for sale somewhere that isn't also tied to who she is? And I don't even mean being a sex worker, really, just… literally everything about her. I guess they don't vet their artists.

Kind of an odd way to decorate, too - sticking a tiny art piece off center on a very questionable looking wood wall.

No. 1310062

are you sure it's hers? never saw that one

No. 1310063

nta but yeah, it's on her art instagram page. she said it was a commission, so i'm guessing it's someone that knows her.

No. 1310065

File: 1630119629398.png (1.05 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210823-232247.png)

it is she posted it on her art insta a day or two ago

No. 1310066

honestly it doesn't seem vulgar enough to be hers, i thought all she painted was vaginas and weird hands holding snakes

No. 1310068

my bad, definitely a commission tho cos she wouldn't have chose such a normal thing to paint, it's still underwhelming "art"

No. 1310076

but is it more sparkly irl?

No. 1310120

She has posted eating there like five times with her new whore bestie. Likely the blonde sucks the owner off or something.

No. 1310180

File: 1630135687966.jpeg (308.97 KB, 827x1152, 539BA66D-DDA2-4743-AFFD-3CD172…)

Sage for no milk, but this chick popped up on my explore page and I had to do a double take. Shes also a stripper

No. 1310216

File: 1630142972931.jpeg (239.25 KB, 750x532, D58FBB4D-F010-49B8-A1A4-CD618F…)

No. 1310378

she looks better than ari though. ari looks like an ftm trying to be this woman

No. 1310395

why is she still doing the sksksksk thing from 2 years ago? she’s like shayna with being on the internet 24/7 but always so far behind on trends.

No. 1310452

weird nitpick tbh, keysmash has been a thing for a long time and is just as normal as saying lol

No. 1310648

What are the odds this anon stumbled upon Ari's art 4 days after it was made, and had a screenshot of the art 10 hours after she posted it? Something seems fishy here lol

No. 1310655

File: 1630186462466.jpeg (857.82 KB, 1125x1370, D8A54893-4251-4AD0-A880-29A3F0…)

Ntayrt but Ariana herself posted the photo of her art in the restaurant. Anon didn’t take the photo.

No. 1310978

you don’t understand what i’m referencing

No. 1311146


Exact conversation from the first time I learned this tip drill move at 14:

Dance class teenager in my high school: Hey if you swing your hips from side to side and put a little weight on each foot while doing it, your ass shakes!

Teenager #2: Oh yeah, that's cool, but I think a twerk has more pop to it!

Teenager #1: But a good twerk is haaaaard, so this is easier to move your butt fat!

On God, the 9 year old girl I lived next to in Seattle used to do this all the time to her mother's dismay.

And let's not forget Miley Cyrus doing the same simple tip drill move during her We Can't Stop video, while wearing white leggings and a white crop top while hanging with her black "friends".

Glad it's taken Drag Queen Ariana that long to learn how to shift your weight while your hips move in the same direction!(retard spacing)

No. 1311148


The only part I noticed is the weird face puckering she does before bending over and also how she has to set it up by doing a light hip swing before she can properly get into the momentum of… shifting her weight from foot to foot.

No. 1311149


I guarantee this was her best of 50+ takes so she kept it even with the curious dog in it.

No. 1311152


The puckered face or the underbite jaw (which is unfortunately Ariana's natural face anyway) are the typical "white people trying to groove" faces.

The second time she does it, she swings her arms to the side and then up like a tap dancer really getting down. That's weird af in a strip club.

No. 1311155


Do you not remember her eating there with Less-botched bitch #2? It's not hard to ask a restaurant that you regularly eat to post a painting up since you're trying to make a living.

In every metropolitan city I've lived in, I've walked in to a food establishment or even a bar and asked for them to display art for sale and they easily agree since it's just a bit of wall space to them and means the world to an artist. I guarantee it's not an actual commission where they paid her for it. She's asked them to post it on hopes someone will ask the restaurant to buy it.

No. 1311563

File: 1630292886799.jpg (2.03 MB, 3840x1920, inCollage_20210830_050657389.j…)

she looks like joji in drag

No. 1311929

what's up with the joji vendetta chans stinking up lolcow?

No. 1312274

ayrt i don't have anything against him, my point is that ari looks like a man

No. 1312798

File: 1630441385569.jpeg (140.49 KB, 1165x876, B4B1CAD6-544B-4598-B382-48C425…)

girl what

No. 1312898

girl strips for a month or however long it's been and now she is suddenly gatekeeping sw and too good for online sw, kek. your online porn sucks anyway ari, i don't think other whores care about the opinion of a gray, musty thong porn ass bitch

No. 1312933

I dance outside of the city in various clubs successfully as well as Florida. I avoid girls like her because they don’t make money and sit on their phones all night taking selfies while others are hard at work. She is the type of baby stripper that would not last in a real hustling environment and is likely talking up her new career online to feel better about herself. If she’s suddenly going to shit on online sworkers when she literally was one for a long period time it really highlights her false sense of superiority. If she ever shows up to any of my local clubs I will do everything I can to prevent her weak ass from being hired and she can go back to embarrassingly shaking her flabby ass on camera. No one wants to put up with girls like her.(no1curr)

No. 1312939

That's amazing and all but next time sage your shit.

No. 1312940

no one cares about how you’re such a better stripper~ than ariana, retard.

No. 1312950

This isn't Twitter you retard, you're not getting asspats here for being a better whore, no one cares.

No. 1312954


Ntayrt, but other than telling an anon to sage, the other shit is unnecessary. She didn't say she was better, she just prefaced her statement with her shit-talking Ari credentials.

No reason why 3 anons need to come at another anon when we can come together for the greater good of laughing at pathetic Ariana.

No. 1312960


She likes it better because she makes more than $40/month, doesn't have to fuck her tubby hubby, gets validated from scrotes desperate for a female's touch, doesn't have her embarrassing videos bashed online, and because her $40/month OF career is ending when their sexually explicit ban starts on 10/1.

No. 1312966


OF has said they’re not going thru with those policy changes

No. 1312974

Found the camwhore!

No. 1313014

File: 1630463512350.jpeg (35.53 KB, 792x410, 3576961D-6FB0-448D-A4CD-3BC6D4…)

Sage retard

No. 1313303

Nayrt but anons post was nothing except an annoying blogpost. She didnt preface anything she's still blogging at the end lmao. Also
>I will do everything I can to prevent her weak ass from being hired

No. 1313399

File: 1630526130892.jpeg (258.04 KB, 750x921, 3C3D3F71-61BB-41EB-B5B1-066E01…)

Lol at the comment from one of her coomers

No. 1315068

File: 1630706431508.png (7.7 MB, 1125x2001, 5BBA4AA4-7209-45BA-8068-7788CC…)

Bleached her hair again. Second head shaving saga when?

No. 1315282

The skinwalking is staring to get real creepy…

No. 1315283

Samefag but would it hurt the girl to add lowlights or any definition? This flat blonde looks gross

No. 1316406

File: 1630859028727.jpeg (248.55 KB, 1170x2059, EB0B2337-BC27-4DC2-91D3-A123C6…)

This new tik tok is.. something else. The abrupt pole dancing to slapstick music is incredibly jarring

No. 1316488

I don’t think you’d have to actively do anything to prevent her from being hired?

Lmfao this is the only time I’ve laughed at something a dude wrote on Twitter. Good for him.

Her hair is going to break the fuck off and she does not know how to take care of it. She’s going to have ugly chemical cut shoulder length hair forever. She should do a harsher cyber goth look because whatever she was only worked at one point because she was alt and it worked with her stronger features. She is still at this job tho and I didn’t think she would last this long and I have to congratulate a gorl because she’s bad at it but still going.

No. 1316554

She's not even sexy with it, she's just… spinning.

No. 1316571

File: 1630874508672.jpeg (501.75 KB, 750x924, AA35DE0C-B1A6-413F-B619-43DD31…)

Ariana you would literally do this

No. 1316591

ugh just look at the way she treats her pets. Her poor dog that still needs hip surgery! And her cats who she shaved like a nutjob. Oh and the snake we see once in a blue moon that she only has to seem "edgy". I seriously hope she never gets pregnant again

No. 1316684

Love how every single Tik Tok of hers has a face changing filter KEK

No. 1316819


No. 1316846

lmao she would

No. 1316877

File: 1630905773673.jpg (759.84 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210906-012002_Sam…)


I'm sure she thinks her whole video is thooper theckthy.

No. 1316878

File: 1630905855041.jpg (724.26 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210906-011950_Sam…)


I especially find the pulling an imaginary rope move to show Ariana has the moves like Jagger.

No. 1316879

File: 1630906023858.jpg (721.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210906-011924_Sam…)


The running in place arms after the rope pulling must be her new dance moves that she busts out during her 11:30am, once a month stripping.

No. 1316901

File: 1630910377624.webm (4 MB, 576x1024, download (1).webm)

No. 1317095

KEK, i was going to ask if she's trying to look like a flag on a pole but fabric has better rhytm than her

No. 1317317

LMAO the struggle of her trying to hold herself up and flailing her legs around

Jesus Christ, Ariana. Take some pole dancing classes and learn how to do this shit right before you try to flex.

No. 1317365

her nose contour is just random squares of brown at this point. idk why she would get that third nosejobs just to contour it even more. she wanted a ski slope nose and she got it (a wide one, but still) and she still contours like she has a prominent nose bridge? just shows that she doesn't know basic art or makeup. it's like putting contour directly on the cheekbone and highlight below. looks absolutely retarded.

No. 1317479

File: 1630977093866.png (502.91 KB, 401x714, someonehavingregerts.PNG)

Seems she's having regrets and lmao consent?! She clearly sat through the whole tattoo wtf is she talking about?!

No. 1317480

File: 1630977174188.png (506.48 KB, 399x715, more regerts.PNG)

I wonder what her plans are with this; expose a local scratcher?? or revel in the fact that other people have fucked up shit on them too?

No. 1317483

File: 1630977403272.png (417.69 KB, 400x719, on the snake enclosure wonderf…)

looks like she bought herself a gift with all her stripper money. Good to see her priorities are straight and that there isn't a dog needing a surgery to improve their quality of life or anything /s. Nice plopping it on the snake enclosure, clearly just a prop/cool points to her

No. 1317561

Pretty sure she means that she stole the design for the tattoo on Tumblr and wants to give the artist credit because her TikTok is making mediocre views lmao

No. 1317616

I honestly think she might have got rid of Tarte. She has videos of Frogger/Weezy on her Tiktok but no sign of the other cat. Tarte was always walking about in the background of her videos and pictures and you literally don’t see her anymore.

No. 1317791

Buying expensive things isn't a flex if you still have credit card debt, rent to pay, don't put in money into savings/Roth IRA… but yeah, definitely thriving!!

No. 1317860


She's wildly throwing her legs everywhere because she can't figure out where to go after she inverts. So she just puts her legs in a way that leans on her hyperextended strained left elbow so bad that she's going to hurt herself and will bitch that she can't work.

She clearly is hoping she can make it as the club's resident pole pro since she can't dance.

No. 1317864


Such a baller with that $60 Amazon low pile carpet that I had when I was super low income, too. That high class sex worker and artist/ taxidermy life is helping her thrive!

No. 1317866


What, she didn't think Cartier goes with $60 carpets found under "cheap carpets"? I wouldn't put it past her to buy something used from the brand and the seller said they'd send the original bag. Remember how cheap Ariana is?

No. 1317869


She points to herself when she says the hot in hot dog. She probably didn't even notice that she does that.

No. 1317874


What's the point in buying Cartier when everything about you screams trailer park reject ho, from your botched plastic surgery to bad makeup to muddled and faded tattoos? Her tattoos are as Faded as a 30 year old non-traditional tattoo.

No. 1317896

It’s the most typical low class shit. Buying luxury items when the rest of your life is trailer trash tier bc that’s your retard understanding of what being rich is.

Oh if I buy a Cartier item, that means I’m rich! Meanwhile she can’t go to a decent hairstylist to fix her terrible color choices or buy new underwear.

No. 1318046

File: 1631040862304.jpeg (649.01 KB, 707x1110, EBF1D111-34B9-44DA-A6BD-E433F6…)

Shayna keeping stuffed toys on her kitchen surfaces….imagine the bacteria

No. 1318082

Why are you posting that here tho……….?

No. 1318147

Ah, she's what we call n*a rich in the hood

No. 1318148


Is this a joke on how dirty and generic both Ariana and this other bitch are? Kek.

No. 1318175

Lmfao my bad I meant to post it on Shayna’s thread

No. 1318179

File: 1631047778960.jpeg (Spoiler Image,543.44 KB, 1536x2048, 36B4514C-5A0B-4411-94E6-858F01…)

Nothing says sexy like posing on your dirty, off white duvet cover that doesn’t even have a sheet on it

No. 1318211

I’ll never get over her having her brothers name tattooed right under her tit. Just so nasty. Seeing that she proudly admits to taking a shit in a trash can, I have to wonder what other gross shit she’s done that she hasn’t talked about. Like this is the girl who has had rumours that she fucked a dog. She’s a complete degenerate. So if all this is stuff that we know about…. what don’t we know about? She’s had someone piss on her as well. Just imagine what she’s done in private that even she is too embarrassed to share if all that is something she announced to the internet? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it turns out she and her brother had sexual relations. Incest, bestiality, what else?

No. 1318256

wtf, kek. she's spending so much time overdoing her makeup to the point it looks like a mask but can never spend 2 mins making her surroundings look inviting. it really must be sad to be so obsessed with your face that you can't worry about anything else

No. 1318268

File: 1631053893594.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1859, B17C1989-6DA9-4240-B189-B44B6D…)

I don’t know where to start

No. 1318324

she looks incredibly mtf it's almost uncanny

No. 1318350

Damn, Ari, atleast try to not make it so obvious that you’re skinwalking your current whore/stripper buddy. Looks like shit anyway

The choice of unitard and sudden decision to bleach her hair are so creepy after I scrolled through that other girl’s IG.

No. 1318363

File: 1631059694967.webm (1.09 MB, 576x1024, 29310842185.webm)

Another video reminding everyone about her surgeries and procedures

No. 1318481

i feel like she is being hyper aware of her facial expressions in her tiktoks. it's the exact same in every video. i know we would always make fun of her frog's view lispy car rant videos but this is not better. i think she's just trying really hard to prove she has teeth and control her lips so her mouth inside her mouth doesn't show too much

No. 1318790

File: 1631105873237.jpeg (254.42 KB, 1170x1147, 3DC1A81D-0A4E-4F53-8C87-ACEFA0…)


No. 1319214

Awww baby's first DHgate order.

No. 1319233

File: 1631143046548.jpg (97.66 KB, 580x580, m_5c2bd6340cb5aa5c0eb9bc47.jpg)

Authentic Cartier shopping bags have handles with twisted rope handles. Nice try flexing, fake like everything else!

No. 1319398

Oh good. She’s back to the playboy nails…

No. 1319416

i unfortunately think you’re right. can anyone confirm this?

No. 1319474

Never saw a Cartier bag before, but nice anon. Looking back at hers, it defs look cheap and nothing like the real one you posted

No. 1319504

File: 1631172309802.jpeg (374.87 KB, 575x656, 44FA063E-01CE-4054-AD4D-308CBA…)

So now she looks like a total clone of check ya gurl…this woman has no identity does she?

No. 1319506

File: 1631172407606.jpeg (392.68 KB, 508x1037, 62A8A43D-DF3A-43E3-A24D-AF3495…)

No. 1319543

If only she’d skin walk someone that would lead to her life actually improving. How far does she actually expect stripping to take her?
What’s her plan when she ages out of the industry? How does she expect to afford knock offs or filler?

No. 1319602

Her money bag is just a plastic fucking bag lmaooo

No. 1319617

I don’t get why she “flexes” her cash like this, if any person who receives a bank transfer from their employer took out the cash and put it on a table it would look exactly the fucking same. This doesn’t make you look like a baller Ari, it’s just tacky.

No. 1319754

Probably needless to say but these shitty leotards with designer logos printed on them are also poor quality trash ordered from China or etsy. I'll never understand why girls will buy designer inspired products. I totally understand buying high quality 1:1 replicas, but chanel has never made any article of clothing that looks remotely like this trash. So, anyone with half a brain knows at first glance that it's fake. It's just kinda pathetic/sad that girls like this are trying so hard to look like they have money, but they end up looking super hood.
Also i just remembered when she bought her marc jacobs shoes and wouldn't stop bragging about them, meanwhile they were in awful used condition bought from depop lmao

No. 1319816

That “friend” won’t stick around much longer. Ari’s skinwalking is so jarring, she probably obsessively looks at her IG photos and tries to emulate them from the poses, outfits, hair color, etc. Creepy af

No. 1319871


And fuck all yall that sperg and cry "sElFpOsT!" when someone calls ariana out for skinwalking. This is latinamilk all over again. And the girl who she copied the shaved head from (can't remember her name). Ariana is a parasite. She attaches herself to someone she thinks is prettier/more successful/ better than her in some way, then tries to become them. Notice how these friendships never last, because who the hell would want to be around someone like that??? Sad.

No. 1319898

I think everyone is well aware that these designer labels didn't make these costumes lol (at least i hope!) but I agree I think it's just that odd obsession with labels that so many poor(in mind or reality) people have. The sad thing though is that they buy these scraps of fabric for like 60-100$ each; Idk why anyone would think that's a fair price and not a total scam. It does seem like looking tacky is the goal

agreed she's got to be creeped out at this point. Strippers come off as super competitive people who constantly compare themselves. I can't help but think the girl is going to think ari is trying to steal her look and therefore customers. Then again I feel like every ig stripper looks exactly the same lol

No. 1320001

File: 1631214720274.jpg (414.41 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20210909_211143.jpg)

that's a man 100%

No. 1320013

Lmao I really can’t handle the copycat poses this bitch is doing. Her stripper friend does this grab strands of her hair pose in all her pics and I just….this is so hilarious to watch.

The BPD is strong.

No. 1320020

Shut the fuck up. Whatever dumb skank she's supposedly sKiNwAlKiNg looks like ever other alt stripper in Pennsylvania. The artistic integrity of mirror selfies doesn't need to be defended

No. 1320043

File: 1631217734554.jpeg (553.23 KB, 2048x2048, C7DF6C87-AAD8-4638-98D4-E253CB…)

Nobody is acting like her stripper friend is original, calm down. They’re just pointing out Ariana’s pattern of behaviour is cycling through different girls and skin walking them, there’s no denying that she does this every time she “adopts” a new friend.

No. 1320048

Nta but ???????? There's literally always someone who says something like this when ariana starts copying someone.
Myabe you're new here, which is fine. But, if you cannot see the way that ariana is directly mimicking her new best friend, even down to the poses she's doing (which was anon's point), then you're blind. The fact that they are both "alt strippers in Pennsylvania" is beside the point. Ariana follows this exact trend every time she gets a new friend.

No. 1320070

File: 1631219120796.jpg (335.85 KB, 1075x1003, Screenshot_20210909-142422_Chr…)

Her hair is beyond fucked at this point. It straight up looks like a big strip of skin you'd peel off a sunburn.

No. 1320089

File: 1631220465723.png (330.46 KB, 519x619, 1588624165062.png)

For the skinwalking skeptics, I'm just gonna leave this here as a reminder. I give you Ariana, at the height of her latinamilk/frejayeah phase…

No. 1320090

Looks like a used condom(sage)

No. 1320146

File: 1631224300729.jpeg (365.77 KB, 750x914, 2AC8D28F-D886-44BC-8367-6423A0…)

How many times is she going to tweet about scrotes commenting on her age…also Ariana I hate to break it to you, but you are busted

No. 1320147


Lmao, nonnie, i wasn’t defending their dumbass IG baddie posing or some “artistic integrity”(lmao what??) I have been following PNP for a long time and she does this every time. She will study her target’s social media and make a Walmart tier carbon copy of it for herself.

It’s a v common thing that these messy BPD girls do. They have no sense of identity (something Ari admits constantly).

No. 1320148

File: 1631224384355.jpeg (122.17 KB, 750x549, E16B4B17-53D0-49AD-AF69-9E8EE8…)

No. 1320155

File: 1631225065831.jpg (1.94 KB, 45x51, IMG_20210910_000351.jpg)

wtf is she doing

No. 1320206

Oh she's definitely lurking

No. 1320207

there must be sixty or seventy singles in there
wow so successful, so aspirational

No. 1320454

What a pathetic existence. Can those 50 dollars buy back your fathers love that you clearly missed out on?

No. 1320470

Can only see 1's in there
Working at noon? Kek they usually get the fugly cheap ones to work the early shifts

No. 1320547

let’s be super generous and say that’s $70
if she worked three days a week and cleared $70 every time, that would add up to a whopping $11,000 a year
straight balling
I mean, cashier in a supermarket would pay more, but you do you, sex worker queen

No. 1320563

Kek and it sounds like this is the first time she’s needed a zip lock bag for the money, so yeah probably a one off where she made slightly more than she usually does

No. 1320580

that’s about 200-400$ if it’s just ones, they don’t make anyone work certain shifts you get to choose when you work because you’re an independent contractor lol. y’all reaching. nitpick over something else, like how botched she is and how she makes shitty life decisions.

No. 1320602

Did the anons touch a nerve?

No. 1320610

I agree that is probably 200-400 if it’s just ones. Not trying to defend Ariana, just work at a bank and know what a few hundred bills looks like. Either way she just admitted that on an average day she doesn’t do as well which is embarrassing to admit while being a fucking stripper

No. 1320633

hey dayshiftstripperanon, it’s true, they do tend to make the facially challenged girls work the day shift. i’m sorry you had to find out the hard way kek. they dgaf if you’re an “independent contractor”, they still tell you when to come in and if you don’t like it, they’ll likely just fire you. they’re not gonna lose money by putting all the hot girls in during the day when no ones there and all the ugly girls in at night when it’s packed.

No. 1320657

Facially challenged or full blown obvious drug addicts with just enough capacity left to scrape themselves out of bed and slap their grimy parts onto a pole.
Don't know a single night shift stripper who doesn't agree with that, sorry dayshiftstipperanon for the awakening.
Clubs aren't going to miss out putting on decent dancers during the early bird lunch time shifts kek when the coked up punters don't roll in until after dark

No. 1320691

Independent contractor. Kek. Whatever you have to tell your ugly self.

No. 1320717

almost sounds like ari but idk if she's smart enough to add an insult in the end to try to blend in. anyways idc if there's 70 or 200 usd, bragging about a bag of dirty bills that she spends on fake designer while in debt for her botched face, is trashy. i earn more than her working a minimum wage job in my country and live better than her but she thinks she's thriving cus some horny scrotes throws 1 dollar bills at her manly body. that's more funny than talking about her looks

No. 1320944

I don’t work as a stripper but I have common sense not to just watch movies or consume content that misrepresents dancers to justify some sperg/nitpick about someone who is way more milky in other ways

No. 1320946

dead ass I work with money all day running tills that’s why I was like are y’all retarded lol nitpick some other shit

No. 1320948

y’all are braindead… there aren’t shifts at clubs lol you work when you want. they make money off of cover fees because it costs to get in/alcohol if the club sells it, not based on who is working and how much that individual makes or what they look like. you can’t even see the girls until you pay cover fee. it’s about quantity not quality for hiring strippers. news flash, everyone who works as a dancer is fugly and a crack whore LMAO- it is certainly not limited to day shift.

No. 1320949

Stop with the 'y'all' you sound like a brain-dead crackwhore kek
Also they legit do keep certain people on later shifts (using shifts as a general term don't get your undies all bunched over the word again lmao), don't know what bullshito you've been told but some anons actually know how strip clubs work. Yes people can pick when they work but there's regularly flack from higher ups if they say no. They need regular dancers as much as they need regular customers. Like any workplace if you're unreliable they won't want to rely on you. They also need decent quality strippers so it's both quality and quantity. Better quality = more tips. Unless you're on an early and then no one gives a fuck what your face looks like cause there'll be no one there

No. 1320951

Clubs take a percentage of the dancers earnings. The more attractive the dancer, the more tips and private dancers they give, the more the club profits. Logic

No. 1320952

stop seething about what anons want to talk about. no ones stopping you from talking about whatever milk you like

No. 1321012

literally clubs don’t take dancers tips lmao. dancers only pay out DJ and housemoms. clubs make money off of covers from dancers/customers and alcohol and food lol.

No. 1321013

you pay less to get in earlier, so majority of girls will go in early, lounge around or do stage and stay till late to avoid expensive cover.(samefagging)

No. 1321017

Strippers and whore experts fighting itt is boring, can we just make fun of Ariana without all that well akshually, who tf cares

No. 1321150

File: 1631355075088.png (910.7 KB, 1080x1462, IMG_20210911_110943.png)

Lmao they do though you clearly don't know shit.
Never known a club not take a cut, the % varies between establishments but it is done.
Anyway back to the topic at hand, is keeping her ring (albeit a bit squiffy) on a cuck porn thing?

No. 1321367


Sorry to keep this going but it’s not always percentage based. My stripper friend pays into her club based on the time she shows up. It’s something like $20 for each hour you get there after the club opens. Club opens at 6pm, you show up at 8pm, you pay the club $40, for example. You pay less but you’re tired and over it by the time the place is busy. You show up at 2am, pay the club $160, work a couple hours when it’s busy and you got to sleep all fuckin day. So if you’re a mediocre dancer you usually can’t afford to show up very late because you could owe the club more than you make or close to it

No. 1321395

ariana mentioned going in to work before noon, that is a completely different thing. she is a day shift worker, not a night shift worker who can’t afford to come in late. totally different. are we done with the matter now? like we even have to debate that no club will want to waste their night shift spots on her. what was the day she went in before noon? if it was a weekday, it’s even sadder. imagine being a monday morning stripper KEK.

No. 1321672

File: 1631416771539.jpeg (91.87 KB, 750x482, 33AB8F01-0BC2-41CF-A382-790AA8…)

This day shift/night shift debate will be irrelevant now anyway, I’m sure the short-lived stripping saga is now done

No. 1321875

I don’t understand why she puts herself through this…surely it would be easier to get a part time job in a coffee shop or something. Matt already basically supports them financially with his gov job, so it’s not like it would make a difference? Mind boggling

No. 1321894

Imo she won't go back and if she does it won't be for long
If they've not kicked him out then I hate to say it but the level of assault (to even call it assault) might not be so severe. Clubs wouldn't keep someone in if they've genuinely harmed a dancer right? It wouldn't be the first time STD queen has shouted assault

No. 1321948


Doesn't she know how to stack money instead of just crushing it into a bag? I worked in clubs for years and taking money from clients and taking stage money/ walking around to collect money (depending on the club and time of shift) still can all be collected by the stripper by stacking each bill grabbed. This is some lazy, social media performative idiocy.

And let it be known there is nothing alt about her or the other girl. They're basic bitches who caught on to the trend of bad tattoos/copying other basic bitches. That's obvious from the trendy tattoos both of them have. They're as alt as Spencer's at the mall is… they're not even mall Hot Topic alt.

No. 1321987


He "assaulted" her by grabbing her ass, I'm positive of this. Day shift are the ones that typically (not always because all clubs are different) walk around after a dance (night shift has enough clients that usually tip on the stage) and ask each patron if they want to tip them. You usually have to try tobbe cutesy and flirty. I bet Ariana turned around and grabbed her butt and jiggled it while saying "wanna tip me?" And the dude grabbed her butt and then handed her $1. She got annoyed he grabbed her and told the club to kick him out and they just told him not to touch the tAlEnT. Most likely what happened since she didn't clarify the assault. If she gives no deets, there's nothing to see!(tinfoil)

No. 1321994


Just came on and saw all this arguing between anons… let's all agree that there are DIFFERENT clubs that have DIFFERENT rules. It varies from club to club so if you worked at a club that took a percentage from dancers, that's that club's rules. When I worked in FL clubs, they didn't take a percentage from me, but I had to tip out the house mom, a flat fee to the club (paid at the same front desk check in people that take the cover charge when clients walk in) for whether I worked in the day or a higher flat fee at night), the security dudes and DJ. I made a cut off the drinks clients bought me on top of tips and the front desk paid me based on the number of private dances or vip that I did. I told the club from the beginning I had a regular job so I'll come in when I can. I'd CHOOSE to work day or night. But like another anon said, some weeks I didn't come in and when I'd come in eventually, they'd give me a bit of bitching and say, "Where have YOU been?!" I could come in day or night when I wanted to. There's no clocking in. As long as you tip everyone out, you're good.
Now if any anons who worked at the same club Ariana works at tell us what it's like there, then we should trust them. If you didn't work at that same club, then you had a different club with different rules. Not everything in life is a dead set rule.
some clubs charge you also depending on how many hours you were there. The front desk people check you in (not a clock in) and write down the time and then you check out when you leave.

So it just depends on the club. Now that we all agree that different club owners create different rules for dancers while still trying to be competitive with other clubs, we can chill with the rules shit.

No. 1322052

You really just typed all that shit out. No one cares that you're a bruised, chicken legged, stripper whore you're just as nasty as Ari

No. 1322060

>I saw that people were infighting and derailing about stripping, so I wrote a paragraph including my two cents about stripping as well.

No. 1322079

Did you not see that the thread had moved on from the infighting anon? Shush with your blogging

No. 1322311

Didn't realize this thread was chock full of washed strippers.

No. 1322331

File: 1631477793499.jpeg (165.46 KB, 828x1410, 2AFF322A-9C60-4540-9F8F-3791A7…)

POV: You’re about to tip a stripper a dollar and she gives you this look before hitting your arm for not tipping more.

No. 1322397

She’s already setting up the stage for her to quit stripping. This is how shes going to justify leaving her only income source.

Also kek, she really tries to make it look like she’s a successful/confident stripper whore but she’s actually miserable going to work.

No. 1322553

File: 1631489932332.jpg (52.95 KB, 574x534, Screenshot_20210912-193624_Chr…)

Ramen noodles and thriving.

No. 1322556

I feel like when Ari is at home she spends all her time staring at herself and then when she’s at ‘work’ she just wants to sit around on her phone, and look at herself(sage)

No. 1322570

thanks for that unsaged nugget of wisdom, captain obvious

No. 1322582

it’s crazy that you can SEE her lisp

No. 1322702

I always feel so bad for her. I can't imagine being so ugly and then spending thousands of dollars and still being ugly. You'd think "but I bought the things to make me pretty" but you just can't escape it. It's in your energy. It's in your joie de vivre. You're just a sad soul.

No. 1322841

Don’t feel too bad- she uses the people in her life and is an animal abuser. But yeah, I also get an overwhelming sense of pity when I see how bad she looks in her candids/videos

No. 1322903

After her first nose job and round of subtle lip fillers was as attractive as she was going to get. That was her only “glow up” and she’s gone rapidly downhill since. I bet she wishes she’d stopped there but she’s in too deep and fell into the sunk cost fallacy trap. Now she’s just an ugly grimey whore like her mom

No. 1323044


I don't think Ariana has the self-awareness to really see where she went wrong. She probably just thinks whatever doesn't look right now can just be fixed with more surgical tweaks and BBL, when the truth is, she needs to stop all her tweaking.

No. 1323092

her entire nose is brown

No. 1323292

I don’t want to give her any tips but it legit looks like she stuck her nose in one of her John’s ass cracks. She needs to learn to harmonize her makeup looks- your nose contour shouldn’t be any more dramatic than your cheek contouring/blush. I don’t know how someone can try so hard with their face yet miss the mark every time.

No. 1323309

File: 1631572566485.jpeg (21.7 KB, 365x273, 197DCA56-E79C-4CE0-B19A-9C01EE…)

No. 1323562

offensive, ariana will never look as good as the groke

No. 1323756

You do know though because you said it- she tries too hard and it shows. She's over the top with her makeup like she's painting a clown face. All of us liked her when she was subtle with her makeup back before her nose job. She thinks she's just doing makeup like an artist, but doesn’t realize that's the same as drag queen "artist" makeup.

No. 1323880

Speak for yourself. I knew of her before she got her nose job and thought she was ugly inside and out, I followed her on tumblr to watch the circus. Her makeup still sucked too but at least it was subtle enough to look past (either that or her nose was too big of a distraction that you didn’t notice her makeup idk)

No. 1324064

i csnt believe this girl went from getting like 10k likes on a dumb rant captioned selfie to sexy photos with under 600likes…. like bitch what do you do all day? damn

No. 1325003

i can believe it, she went from alt (mainstream instagram type of alt, but still) to boring, basic sw'er bitch that you can find on every corner of instagram. also the before and after pictures that used to make her popular doesn't have the same effect since she went so overboard, those overfilled baboon ass lips are rapidly going out of style and people like natural looks more nowadays. surgeries and fillers are so normal at this point that it doesn't have the same wow effect, it' s been seen a million times now and not as many people will go "oh, good for her!" they will just think she's a sad case of bdd and roast her and women like her on r/botchedsurgeries. also her makeup got more boring. she really went downhill.

No. 1325122

are overfilled lips really going out of style/not trendy anymore? please tell me that’s true! it’s gonna be awesome if the new trendy thing is to have lips that are delicate and on the thinner side (like emma watson) and see all the baboon ass lip-filler bitches scramble to get them dissolved. arianas lips have been so overfilled for so long that they’ll look like a deflated ball sack if she decides to dissolve them.

also it’s funny how many times she’s been posted on r/botchedsurgeries kek. it reminds me of when pewdiepie made fun of her because he found her photo there and she acted like she was famous at first, then dissolved into a fit once the reality set in that no one knew who she was - she wasn’t “famous”, just a sad, deformed, nameless botched girl on r/botchedsurgeries with a mouth inside of her mouth kekekek. she really is delusional, can’t imagine anyone trying to spin that situation as a positive.

No. 1325954

File: 1631825784851.jpg (923.47 KB, 1079x1712, Screenshot_20210916-165634_Twi…)

This is beyond ugly..

No. 1325955

LMAO wow. This is so bad. And not in a "cool" ironic way, like some of her other shitty tattoos. This looks like a suburban dad bicep tattoo you would see in a Kentucky Walmart.

No. 1325959

File: 1631826566676.jpeg (635.89 KB, 734x1028, F5B11718-F376-44D7-831F-D065F3…)

She also had this done, seriously what is it with the unappealing tattoos?

No. 1325964

Both done by drivelikeyourkids on ig

No. 1326024

Since when is she into Hellraiser? This feels like her doing anything she can to seem like a more alt “spooky bitch” kinda girl.

No. 1326041

The hands make me wanna throw up

No. 1326047

Samefag. Honestly everything below the head is garbage .. gonna end up like that splotch of a bear on her shoulder

No. 1326088


The only positive things about these horribly inconsistent line weighted tattoos are that she found someone who stipples slightly better than her and at least it'll blob into a non-stippled tattoo in a few years thanks to her shitty tattoo aftercare, which she admitted on Shittok that she's picked tattoos before (specifically the bEaR on her shoulder)

No. 1326244

It….. looks like a screaming ballsack

No. 1326434

kek of course its a pitbull, the fugliest most white trash dog breed

No. 1326541

The head is trash too… It's fresh and it already looks like a cat person/the pins look like whiskers. Can't wait to see it in a few years, it'll be unrecognizable as pinhead

No. 1327040

am i mixing her up with another cow or isn't this the same bitch who used to say she didn't like pits cus she was bitten by one

No. 1327059

nope you’re right lmao

No. 1327159

And you know she still feels the same way about them and only got this tattooed because it was trendy on instagram two years ago and this bitch is queen of doing trends two years late and thinking of herself as alt and different

No. 1327170

ayrt yeah exactly what i was thinking, her getting a tattoo of a breed she hates just proves she is the biggest poser and that she doesn't have any genuine likes and interests. not that we didn't know that though

No. 1327553

File: 1631985103618.jpeg (130.89 KB, 750x832, 04F6FAB6-AE64-4E10-9E91-0A3028…)

No comment

No. 1327630

I’m just glad she only has two ”freckles” in this pic and not the usual all over shit splatter

No. 1327672

I know the whole “singular eyeliner dot under each eye” is trendy and all, but what the hell is she trying to accomplish putting the dots in the middle of her cheek??
motion capture lookin headass…

No. 1327801

File: 1632010904578.jpeg (632.99 KB, 1527x3438, A1711864-4B17-4141-AFA0-5B246A…)

Wish I would have screen recorded this tik tok she deleted. Basically exposing that she KNOWS she is ugly without makeup.

No. 1327813

She’s obsessed with stippling. She thinks it’s rare and cool to do art that way, that’s why she does it all the time, but those tats look like shit.

No. 1327819

File: 1632012909886.jpg (68.48 KB, 725x513, Pitbull-Terrier.jpg)


Ninja is that you??

No. 1327827

File: 1632013881577.jpeg (260.7 KB, 1170x1512, 02C77DF8-B5A8-4F09-824B-2C8B2B…)

Ariana is now a tattoo artist!

No. 1327840

>fuck working for anyone
>i'm going to start tattooing without an apprenticeship just like vicky shingles

dumb fucking cunt. none of that shit is impressive when your skills are less than mediocre. and you'll stay mediocre if you want to be a jack of all trades instead of investing your time in one field and accepting guidance from professionals. no talented tattoo artist skipped apprenticeship and has a million other jobs on the side. and selling your greasy, used clothes that "will make your booty pop!" is not a skill to brag about

No. 1327841

Selling used clothes is a new one, kek it totally takes effort and determination to take a photo of a wrangled old skirt and upload it to depop

No. 1327854

She acts like she has to make these statements about every month so that she doesn’t die.

No. 1327910

selling your gross used clothes to make back a fraction of what you paid isn’t a hustle lmao

No. 1327954


this. she can say she's a fucking architect, it doesn't mean she's good at it or knows anything about it. who wants to bet that her "tattooing" is just advertising people to come over her dirty house where she'll do unoriginal poorly-done stick and pokes on them and charge 200$?

No. 1328188

Hang on, doesn’t everyone and their dog sell their second hand clothes on depop/eBay? How the fuck is this an considered achievement? The bar is so low. I feel like this list of supposed “hustles” is what she emotionally blackmails Matt with when rent payment comes around and she has no money lol.

No. 1328189

File: 1632060915775.jpeg (95.01 KB, 750x185, DB9DD816-E63A-4684-99B7-D5CA9F…)

Funny how she always goes on about being substance free but still has to e-beg to non existent coomers to fund her weed habit

No. 1328198

Wow new levels of pathetic. Calling men “sissy’s” while begging for a dime bag. Most young women get smoked out for free. Her flabby cockeyed husband really doesn’t gaf does he? I bet they don’t even have a shared bank account kek

No. 1329138

This is obviously tinfoil… but after ari posted her tacky dollar store stripper garbed self with the caption “in search of stoner sw friends” on IG, I noticed that her new bestie for lyfe stripper pale hasn’t liked her most recent posts and they haven’t posted things together lately… do you think she caught on to ari’s skin walking tactics and bailed? Or maybe she stumbled upon lolcow? I always wonder if the few irl friends of hers have seen these threads and what they think of them if they have.

No. 1329218

File: 1632159902167.jpeg (456.12 KB, 1834x2048, 3CF1A43C-BB0E-4303-AC26-63245F…)

this bitch really just needs to shave her head again

No. 1329221

looks like a drag queen with a cheap, synthetic wig

No. 1329238

the fuck are these two points supposed to do? does she know it's enhancing her piercing scars? and that no matter how many points she draws or doesn't draw, that they are extremely visible because of her botched lips anyway?

No. 1329270

it's possible. She has a small circle, Matt and Aaron have kind of acknowledged it in previous thread milk. These kind of friend groups definitely gossip about each other (and someone ended up telling checkyagurl about it) and Ari is always involved with drama.

No. 1329300

the other girl that was at arianas wedding doesn’t follow her on Insta anymore and vice versa so that friendship has already failed kek

No. 1329303

Didn’t that girl upload wedding pics to her page too? They’re gone now lmao

No. 1329305

Ariana burns bridges with every new female friend she makes. This is why she only has Aaron and Matt consistently in her life. It happened with baby trash, latina milk, cotted and many more. Ariana hates women so I think after a while she can’t tolerate it and sabotages the relationship

No. 1329372

she skinwalks them to death and scares them away immediately kek

No. 1329431

Definitely that too but I think there’s a big element of jealousy/envy at play as well as the skin walking. Like when she begged babytrash for a foursome and then acted like her husband was obsessed with her and how she fucked latinamilk’s bf. I don’t think she can stand the thought of someone being more desirable than her but at the same time she wants to emulate them because she has no stable sense of identity

No. 1329651

File: 1632191191115.jpeg (485.29 KB, 1242x1983, AF79906B-B113-43D8-91A1-9FE5A9…)

Deleted content

No. 1329661

order has been restored to her life in the form of mini egg speckles. Her eyeliner that goes to her eyebrows looks insane from this angle. I can only wonder what men think of her cirque due soleil makeup

No. 1329779

sorry but the fried yellow hair with the blue background is really giving rod stewart lmao

No. 1329956

File: 1632222909689.gif (138.08 KB, 316x316, 20210921_130949.gif)

sometimes i like to challenge myself to make ariana look less like a man. it's a difficult task but at the very least it highlights how absolutely botched she is and how her baboon ass lips look clownish compared to normal sized lips. i'll get a fanart ban for this, sorry nonnies and mods(fanart)

No. 1329984

This type of shit is so cringe, I will never understand it.

No. 1330060

i just get frustrated that she willingly makes herself a million times more ugly with fillers and makeup and so i get some satisfaction from seeing her without all that shit. i do that with plenty of ewhores and celebrities but i know it's cringe and retarded

No. 1330062

Serving “I deal meth through my ‘job’ at a grimy truck stop strip club” realness.

No. 1330076

bleak but true

No. 1330090


Anyone can claim to be a "tattoo artist" thanks to poser Amazon tattoo machines/ kits (which I guarantee she'll call a gun as if she's going to shoot someone). I can't wait to see her covered in even worse tattoos that'll most likely be stippled amd will make the blurry shoulder bear look much better!

She doesn't know the actual terminology of course, but she's way off on her new job description since she misspelled "scratcher" by spelling it "tattoo artist".

No. 1330093


They share a "bank account" via Matt's money in his wallet

No. 1330100


Aka trying to pretend to be a lIl
tHaNg by holding her shoulders back and turning her body at an angle.

She's so annoying on literally every level that it's hilarious karma that she'll forever have pictures of her reception guests (or bridesmaids without being in a ceremony which defeats the purpose of having or needing bridesmaids) that she barely knew and who will never talk to her again.

She really should just have had Aaron come over to smoke her out after her courthouse wedding and maybe a family dinner since the cheap lunch at a rented picnic table with strangers and her parents just made her look lonely.

No. 1330105

She clearly doesn't plan on being anything more than a scratcher since actual artists work at a shop that, unless they own it, they work for the shop owner who is their boss and pay they the shop fees as an independent contractor. Good luck not showing up to your tattoo shop shift and not incurring the wrath of or firing by the owner.

No. 1332546

File: 1632438178582.jpeg (436.72 KB, 1170x1704, F3B8DC6F-A9DA-49B4-9589-312C4A…)

I really wonder if anyone ever makes comments about the dirt specs on her face

No. 1332876

It looks like Ari removed all pics of checkyagurl and unliked all of her pics. Checkyagurl also unliked all of Ari’s pics. The other one- credit whatever and checkyagurl also removed all pics of each other and haven’t liked or commented on each other’s posts since the wedding. In addition to everything that’s been said about her, it seems like more than just being possessive and skin-walking, she seems hell bent on making sure her “friends” are as lonely and miserable as she is

No. 1332979

Don’t they work at the same club? How awkward

No. 1332990

File: 1632488577543.jpeg (257.73 KB, 1170x1438, F5E45921-28F4-4072-AC50-8EFA98…)

Ariana went live yesterday begging for someone to buy her weed and ignoring all questions about her cats.

No. 1333029

maybe this will be her excuse for quitting the club and starting her new successful career as a tattoo artist

No. 1333045

What were people asking kek?

No. 1333060

kek wasn't she a bridesmaid in ari's wedding? bleak

No. 1333081

Weird, I still see everyone’s likes on everything right now. But we all know Ariana is a narcissist who probably doesn’t want someone less botched showing her up on her own Instagram

No. 1333164

people were asking how they were doing and she ignored multiple people. only acknowledged one question about frogger and said she’s doing good

No. 1333167

there were 2 cats right? the younger one, Tarte … and an older, fatter one? something obviously happened to one/both of them. she hasn’t bitched about Tarte in awhile, probably got rid of him.

No. 1333183

File: 1632502936043.png (3.19 MB, 828x1792, 761CE402-1F51-4D1A-800F-9F4512…)

This bitch cant fucking spell knight lmaoooo

No. 1333191

This bitch is terminally retarded.

No. 1333203

is she just choosing random spots to put marks on her face, is she covering pimples, what the fuck is this holy shit

these are the worse fake freckles I’ve ever seen. in my life. and that’s really saying something.

No. 1333208

lol this bitch cant find weed? its not that hard… shes literally working around drugs all the time. im a stoner and can confirm, its insanely easy to get weed from a new connect. the desperate posts are so bleak

No. 1333297

It's probably not that she can't find it, but she can't afford it kek

No. 1333337

I don’t think she would get rid of weezy (the old one) because she doesn’t bother her and sleeps all day. Tarte was the cat she abused by hitting her and constantly spraying her with water. I am 99% sure she’s got rid of the poor thing.

No. 1333347

File: 1632511082311.jpeg (356.42 KB, 750x771, F30093CE-1B5D-4B90-9360-D70FE0…)

No. 1333360

checkyagurl and ari are following each other and have pics up of each other still

No. 1333454

…the cartier and louis are clearly fakes and you put yourself into debt for your nose jobs tho?????

No. 1333466

kek looks like someone flicked a paintbrush at her face. jackson pollock lookin ass.

No. 1333474

yes we know, you like ruining men because you hate yourself and you were raised by a narcissist mother and only know how to be a toxic wastebag. we've seen how you've worn down your husband, no need to tweet about it, fuggo :)(:))

No. 1333576

Kek why the fuck is that anon even lying about that shit

No. 1333702

File: 1632548091131.jpeg (122.89 KB, 960x1440, 900CC8E4-DD34-4F57-BBCB-42EB35…)

Honestly these freckles make me think of that old episode of True Life called “I Hate My Face” about people with body dysmorphia. She reminds me of the girl that wore the jewel between her eyes to distract from her “ugliness”

No. 1333757

To be fair Ariana has deleted images of checkyagurl from her Insta, but yeah that’s probably because she doesn’t want any other botched bitch “outshining” her not because they’ve fallen out

No. 1333758

In reference to a man paying for her nose job is she referring to Matt who presumably foot the bill for their rent and bills that month whilst she plunged herself into more debt and ran off to Texas lol?

No. 1333860

Ntayrt- Ari deleted all pics of checkyagurl, not that they both did

No. 1333861

They’re not??? They never said they all unfollowed each other. Creditdebitcash and Ari unfollowed each other. Ari removed all pics of checkyagurl. Ari and checkyagurl have unliked all of each other’s photos. Creditdebitcash and checkyagurl have not liked each other’s posts since the wedding. Learn how to read dumbass

No. 1333870

Makes sense, when Ari posted this >>1329218 I thought her botched man face suddenly became even more obvious without the shit specs. She can't really win though because the "freckles" still make her look ugly af. The girl you posted actually looks cute, Ari could never

No. 1333879

Ntayrt But Ari hasn’t unliked checkyagirls photos at all though? She has liked almost all of them

No. 1333972

Damn anon, u got real triggered Lmao

No. 1334234

Lmao they're triggered as fuck and still wrong

No. 1334362

File: 1632618764474.png (502.61 KB, 1242x2208, D69F3A1C-EE3C-4722-A4B1-B0BA87…)

Ntayrt but out of boredom I looked and Ari did remove her likes on checkyagurls posts, including the pics she’s in. All of the pics come back like this

No. 1334403

Must be a glitch because it's still showing that she liked her photos for some of us. Can we stop wasting thread space talking about it?

No. 1334456

If you don’t follow Ari it won’t show up in the likes, maybe because she’s shadowbanned?

No. 1335400

Weird how her psoriasis didn't flare up after these new tattoos

No. 1335614

damn so as we thought Matt really does fund everything. I thought she was at least paying for her own surgeries, but I doubt he had much of a choice, she's clearly quite manipulative if not flat out emotionally abusive

oh damn I remember this ep. and she is so much like this girl! I remember this girl got a nose job on the show and by the next day she had focused on a new insecurity and wasn't happy with her new nose and if I'm remembering right had a whole breakdown over it. Definitely makes me think of ari too!

No. 1335765


This is Ariana we're talking about… I'm more likely to believe that Ariana is lying about "a man" with no name or title (notice she didn't say "my husband" or "a client") paying for her surgery than to believe that her husband put down a down payment for a wide ski slope hill to be carved out of Ariana's nose using his whopping $18/hr city job. You know he wouldn't risk her blaming him forever for a botched new nose that he probably preferred she didn't get.

No. 1335770


Ariana thinks she'll somehow manifest a man to buy her weed and other shit she can't afford by pretending other nameless men are showering her with gifts and drugs. She thinks she's pulling some ace "sex worker hustle" so that men will have no other choice but to step up against aaaalll the other competition.
In reality, she can't even get her own husband or her #1 fan Aaron to buy her weed.
She also doesn't even need a connect in Philly for weed since she can easily score medical weed at a non-weed shop in Trenton, NJ without a medical card. So scoring the weed isn't so much the problem for her as is the $60 to buy it. Thriving!

No. 1335851

File: 1632775528577.jpeg (117.4 KB, 750x377, 162C9FE6-F9A5-4A2C-B900-727752…)

But anon!!! What about all the men lining up to treat her like a princess?

No. 1336056

anon she’s most definitely lying. remember, almost every word out of her mouth is a lie and she will spin anything and everything to make herself look good. she is insecure that she isn’t attractive, isn’t successful in her porn cArEeR, and insecure that men don’t spend money on her. the narrative up until recently is that she’s always been in a lot of debt due to her surgeries. why all of a sudden has DoorMat paid for her nose job when she never mentioned it before? you KNOW if he actually payed for it, she would have bragged about it before.

it’s because ever since she started whoring herself out, we’ve been ripping on her hard because she struggles insanely hard to turn a profit or even get any male followers/attention. this makes her super insecure so now she’s changing the narrative to her being sooo spoiled that her bf pays for her plastic surgeries.(sage)

No. 1336064

it’s truly pathetic that she has to beg for weed money from strangers on the internet. any girl who smokes and is in a relationship will have her weed payed for and supplied by her boyfriend… without even having to ask. it’s just how it is. even an ugly girl (but with a nice personality) can have this arrangement. this is true if you have a male best friend too - they will always supply you for free. you know she has to have a truly foul, nasty personality if neither her bf nor ~best friend~ will help her out at all.

hilarious she tells on herself so often by ranting about her narc moms behaviours without having the self-awareness to see those same traits in herself. she will die alone, miserable and broke while blaming anyone but herself. narcissists are fucking wack

No. 1336132

File: 1632796521636.jpeg (185.9 KB, 750x456, D6038382-E860-4F3D-A9C9-947295…)

No. 1336283

I don’t think she was referring to Matt paying, I think she was trying to imply that the money she makes from sex work (men) has paid for her nose job, but we all know she makes 0 money from sex work and actually just got into debt. Matt has inadvertently paid for it though since he’s the only one who seems to contribute towards their household

No. 1336349

everything she says is unsexy and unlikeable. imagine being such a narc you rub one off to your own porn. watching porn is degenerated in itself don't get me wrong but it's weird and fucked up in it's own way to be able to cum to watching yourself on video

No. 1336382


Let's be perfectly clear: There's nothing wrong with watching porn. There's nothing even wrong with watching your homemade shitty porn because you're fond of seeing real attraction and interaction while remembering the feelings you felt between yourself and your partner (and before anons start calling me a narc, I personally don't believe in filming my sex life due to the number of "leaked" or revenge porn situations I've seen others in, however I can understand why some couples do this). I get the feeling though that Ariana wants to feel like "a good wife" so she's posting this tmi take on her wIfElY dUtIeS so the world can believe that #1, her subpar amateur porn is worth paying for, #2, she's a classic porn version of a wife so she can boost her own desirability, #3, most importantly, she boosts her own thought process that she's soooo hot. In actuality, I doubt she even watches herself unless it's to focus on what other surgeries she "needs" or what else she can tighten up for her pseudo-bodybuilding poses.
The best part is that I'm positive that the world and I agree that she'd be a much better "good wife" if Matt got home to find out she made some money to put towards household bills and necessities or she organized and deep cleaned that filthy mess she calls a home. Now THAT would be a good wife!

No. 1336411

the ariana threads are always filled to the brim with self proclaimed "sex workers", so it isn't surprising to see someone defending porn. porn is inherently harmful to all women, so there definitely is a lot wrong with watching porn. but you do you rubbing your pussy to imagery of rape, sex trafficking, misogyny and violence towards women. sex work isn't work and it never will be.

No. 1336478


Way to generalize people and make assumptions. Yes, threads are full of people who are either interested in someone due to a subject matter they find fascinating or because they identify with aspects of the person (be it bpd, sex work, or body dysmorphia for example). No I am not a sex worker. No, I don't personally masturbate to porn. Porn is simply the visual manifestation of human fantasies. There's also porn content directed towards females too, that doesn't revolve around playing into traditional male porn stereotypes. This thread isn't a discussion of porn so I'm not out to give you a full lesson on how close-minded your comments come across as. So here's an assumption you might understand: You're so busy blaming porn for society's problems and are so against it that the last time you took the time to watch porn was back when you watched the DVD hidden at your parent's house or watched one online that was uploaded from someone's parent's porn collection. If you think modern day porn is all still misogynistic bullshit, then you've missed out on the newer breed of porn directors and content creators whose aim is to create titillating material for all genders and sexual interests.
Just look at Ariana- she only offers porn for those into watching a traditionally silicone-implanted female flip the script by having non-traditional, awkward sex with a subservient man being cucked into submission by his manipulative partner. The only violence towards women that her porn provokes is the violence others want to do to her for her DoorMatt mistreatment. Keeeeekkkk.

No. 1336484

Btw, I was being sarcastic about us only wanting to commit violence against her for her DoorMatt mistreatment. Most of us care more about her mistreatment of animals than how she treats DoorMatt and most of us probably want to do her harm for a litany of reasons. I was just giving an example of a "content creator" we're all familiar with who (unintentionally) isn't part of the traditional violence-against-women porn that the anon was assuming is all porn. Ariana thinks her porn is typical porn, but it falls more in the category of clown porn when she does her usual clown make up combined with her clownish acting.

No. 1336519

File: 1632847667792.jpg (1.99 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1632847264871.jpg)

While checking Ariana's Tik Tok for any new fIrE content, I saw the visual lisp anons always mention seeing in the video where she writes she's going to work, then says "just kidding again!" accompanied by her maniacal laughing expression. I captured her saying the "s" in "just" and also tossed in her crazy laughing expression at the end. She really has a horrific lisp to match her horrific personality!

No. 1336570

Her makeup choices are so bad it makes me puke. The hair too.

No. 1336571

thees juth thso thexy!!

No. 1336923

“you’re missing out if you’re not watching modern porn”. yeah, ok bud. take your porn-defending ass elsewhere because you won’t get a lot of support here. porn is inherently exploitative to women and if you don’t see that then…. there’s no helping you. you sound like a pickme.

No. 1336983

File: 1632880501062.jpg (498.27 KB, 1077x1413, Screenshot_20210928-215441_Ins…)

Flat af

No. 1336993


if she's still flat after doing the IG booty pop pose, that's not your girl - that's hank hill

No. 1337332

Also didnt she buy her nose and botched tits with care credit?

No. 1337341

Nah narc coomer, I’m just here to laugh at this train wreck. That must blow to have things in common with pnp kek.

No. 1337420

Ntayrt, but you're clearly triggered about porn to the point of getting off the subject of the cow. No one responded to you and you're still going off. Move on or bitch about porn elsewhere.

No. 1338881

nta but
>getting off the subject of the cow
why don't you direct that to the porn defender typing out long ass novels about how great and normal porn is

No. 1338883

Because you've gone off for like 3 days now. Go touch some grass.

No. 1338886

File: 1633096849588.jpg (1.58 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1633096463267.jpg)

Before the "porn is inherently evil" anon keeps rambling, let's get back to cow shit!!

I don't have a video capture app, but Ariana's latest tik tok again captures her visible af lithp. She decided to do shitty buns and does her typical no makeup to makeup "transformation" because she lives to try to convince the world that she looks better with makeup or plastic surgery. This time it's makeup. She lip syncs to a song, saying, "Come ooooonnn… Now THWING, THWING, THWING!" I captured the images of her lip syncing and her lower lip looks like an overfill water balloon when she says "on". It's disturbing. Since I can't video capture, here's the link:


No. 1338932

I'd rather spend money on serious speech lessons if I were her.

No. 1339008

It’s not ”come on”, it’s ”now murder”.
The way she lipsyncs the ”swing” part though absolutely looks like she’s saying thwink or thwing, such a god awful lisp lol

No. 1339072

im not that anon, i haven't looked at this thread for a week. just came in and saw your dumb comment, so

No. 1339074

Do you realise that this board is mainly radfems? Quit acting so above someone who says the truth, porn IS evil

No. 1339126

File: 1633118262801.jpeg (45.86 KB, 798x644, 93AB9043-0F81-4346-8791-A2A9EC…)

No. 1339426

File: 1633152260418.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 557AE495-D727-45D3-8643-DC6E6C…)

Guess she deleted this one before I downloaded it. I screencapped this gem before it was gone.

No. 1339487


I bet that was the stiffest twerk any of her fellow trannies has ever done.

No. 1339497

Sorry for the wrong lyrics… it just shows how horrible her speech is when I can't even figure out what she's trying to say despite how up close the frame is.

I don't think most of those rAdFeMs understand (although they can surely justify it) how non-feminist they are for trashing the choices made by a female regarding her own physical appearance, but here we are banging on for years about cows like Ari and her musty twat, so…
OP is different anon than the one you're responding to. We can disagree about porn, but we agree on this dumbass cow so let's stick to that instead of pushing personal opinions so hard it's a damn debate. I get it, you get off hating on women that don't drink your brand of Kool-aid, à la an incel. I'm done with your rAdfEm wannabe self.

No. 1339565

stop sperging retard

No. 1339591

shut up

No. 1339845

File: 1633206775597.png (282.81 KB, 390x435, 184234AF-9884-4A87-A7CD-490230…)

Please stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1340398

File: 1633275667715.webm (2.27 MB, 576x1024, thwing thwing thwing.webm)

No. 1340929

File: 1633340727303.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1125x1749, 5DA664C6-B90A-4FDA-B435-1B8042…)

Looking like a clown

No. 1341163

how tf does her nose look wider than ever

No. 1341665

Never get used to seeing her toothless granny mouth

No. 1343025

File: 1633608929141.jpg (1.01 MB, 1076x1164, Screenshot_20211007-081412_Sam…)

Captioned "friends"

No. 1343026

File: 1633608954469.jpg (651.44 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20211007-081349_Sam…)

No. 1343027

File: 1633609003200.jpg (692.27 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20211007-081329_Sam…)

Captioned "forever using my arm as a palette for makeup lmao"

No. 1343029

Sorry, forgot the caption: "It is my birthday month hehe"

No. 1343030

By "friends", she means DoorMatt and Aaron, I'm sure. She would have posted the other botched faces if she had any friends.

No. 1343031

She really means "forever too lazy to wash my greasy self"

No. 1343062

File: 1633616731891.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1907, 24002E31-D243-4795-9E9B-B66699…)

No. 1343225

i cant get over her wrinkly ballsack dog tattoo

No. 1343228

File: 1633636468816.jpg (15.76 KB, 168x107, IMG_20211007_214950.jpg)


No. 1343279

Sigh…narcissistic cows and their need to have a “birthday month” as opposed to just a regular birthday

No. 1343664

While I'm one of those people that don't like planned out tattoos since traditionally they've been something you collect over the years and not something you bang out in a few sessions, I must say Ariana's tattoos are really, really bad. Like worse than Pete Davidson's tattoos that he's smart enough to be removing. Just the various blob-like tattoos, or the newer ones like the dog that look faded, or the blob Jesus looking guy on her leg, all make me want to stab myself in the eye. The horribly bad sketch of the lady stabbing herself is accurate for how I feel when I look at the small tattoo puzzle pieces randomly dropped on her. She's the perfect example of how tattoos are not meant for everyone since they make some people look way worse than without them. For all the "bread" she claims to have, she really looks like some kid tattooed her in their garage with their cheap Amazon kit, just like the first bEaR she got. Except it's worse than that since she's paying for these. I don't even blame the artists since I'm sure she makes demands on EXACTLY how she wants it and where she wants it and refuses their suggestions.

No. 1343741

agree and it looks even more dumb that she keeps plastering edgy kliché tattoos randomly all over the front with almost nothing on her backside lol >>1336983
it makes it obvious that she's only trying to look cool for pictures and for the instant gratification she gets from taking some selfies with another retarded tattoo showing - not at all trying to just create a cohesive aesthetic and style that makes her feel comfortable irl when no one is there to watch her

No. 1343883

File: 1633722271705.jpeg (Spoiler Image,669.67 KB, 743x1167, EA4FAAFC-3ADC-45C6-8D00-BE80D4…)

She’s finally mentioned which club she works in

No. 1343958

>I don't think most of those rAdFeMs understand (although they can surely justify it) how non-feminist they are for trashing the choices made by a female

Radical feminism isn't choice feminism or liberal feminism, try again. Radfems don't believe any and all moronic decisions by any woman are justified. You're thinking of pickme libfems. (I am not one of the anons who have commented so far, you really do have this much disagreement. Imagine supporting child rape and trafficking, couldn't be me. muh modern porn how out of touch do you have to be to defend modern porn of all things, aka the most violent and damaging porn ever made? The coomerbrain is strong with this one.)

No. 1343964

File: 1633729179551.webm (1.77 MB, 576x1024, a9759644ab468b866b442c1d6cb11b…)


No. 1343979

File: 1633730891527.png (778.46 KB, 770x1311, 65F74F50-FE80-441B-9178-9DCB6F…)

No. 1344024

Kek the lisp is so bad

No. 1344036

the “thethxy” shein outfit has been dusted off and back out

No. 1344141

she looks like an “edgy” seventh-grader’s Trapper Keeper
a seventh-grader named Iggy

No. 1344222

File: 1633751855455.jpeg (935.87 KB, 4000x4000, 207AE7F0-32A1-431A-9EEB-B54F8D…)


No. 1344949

the lisp and her lack of rhythm are sending me

No. 1345363

File: 1633966528270.jpeg (317.08 KB, 1170x1162, ECA17B8A-C2FD-480F-BB1C-A815A5…)

too bad Ariana can’t facetune that chest of hers

No. 1345405

why would she post this jc

No. 1345407

File: 1633974336103.jpeg (861.07 KB, 2048x2048, E141DAD1-EADB-426E-85A2-7678B8…)

Sorry for tism collage but her transformation into her new “bestie” I believe is complete. The bottom picture is from September 1st, just a bit more than a month ago.

No. 1345529

You made her delete KEK

No. 1345779

File: 1634043246324.jpeg (402.41 KB, 743x1089, 9FE326F9-1CC5-4A4A-A28F-784AA2…)

Deleted and changed the photo for a less skeletal angle

No. 1345787

she has kind of a large bone structure compared to other girls that makes her look trans. she'd really look better with some weight on

No. 1345839

Definitely agree. Although she can’t undo the damage she’s caused her face, if she gained just a little weight, her figure would definitely be more feminine and soft as opposed to the board-like, bony, MTF bod she has

No. 1345874

this one just looks more manly, kek. sometimes you just shouldn't post any of the selfies you just took.

No. 1346119

File: 1634096346768.jpeg (470.28 KB, 828x1122, DDE4A2D6-7425-4DE8-B946-393ECA…)

No. 1346235

Dead eyes.

No. 1346468

I’m gonna say it, I’m ready for the backlash, but if she chose the makeup artist route over sex work (years ago it’s too late now), she could have blown up in the Instagram makeup circle.
Sure she’s a skinwalker with no personal creativity, but she would have flourished, maybe do some artsy photo shoots. Not saying her makeup is good now, but if she spent the time focusing solely on that instead of her OF and broadcasting her “Pusthy” maybe she could have made money and be happy.
Instead she became a stripper and ski walks other strippers. So fucking bleak

No. 1346530

File: 1634152969286.jpeg (97.97 KB, 325x346, ECFDBC7F-81B3-4A46-99B7-6D697C…)

No. 1347305

i fucking hate her makeup. i hate her shit splatter freckles. her nose contour always looks like she just fully dipped her nose in brown powder + after getting her wide ass "ski slope nose" she is still doing her contour as if she has a defined nose bridge which makes it super michael jackson esque. her lips always looks grotesque because she uses eye catching colours, gloss and overlining which draws attention to her baboon ass lips which is one of her worst features. her eye makeup makes her look like a man cus she goes overboard like a drag queen. her makeup makes me fucking seethe because it sucks but the only reason ariana's makeup annoys my eyes more than shayna's for example, is because i agree with you that she could be much better and have done something with it! she could even keep her drag queen style cus there's a market for that, but she still would need to practice and allow herself to learn from others (which she never will) and put some effort into making a proper online catalogue that isn't tainted with her cunty personality, lack of eye for detail (messy background, no overall aesthetic to catch people's eyes, ugly and dry hair), and ugly flat ass and bolt ons in tacky stripper wear. it will never happen cus she doesn't know how to make good choices. and because she's got too much body dysmorphia to stop overdoing her nose contour and get her lips dissolved so she doesn't scare normal people away.
sorry for long post

No. 1347306

i'm sorry for not saging, i accidentally typed it into the wrong box

No. 1347436

File: 1634226491786.jpeg (89.51 KB, 750x188, 736000AB-CD5A-4744-BA00-5587F6…)

Couple goals

No. 1347455

she's told this story a million times and still doesn't realise that it's pathetic and not funny

No. 1347505

She also forced him into buying a ring and doing a last minute wedding

No. 1347696

I agree but are you okay nonnie? Quite the hate ramble kek

No. 1347736

yes, it helped to let it out. thanks for asking nona

No. 1348049

File: 1634278389449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,693.79 KB, 1242x1123, 76E3CFE0-CBA5-4D47-8FB8-D63522…)

I actually like this critique (>>>/snow/1347305) … Her makeup accentuates her insecurities rather than her actual features (,so botched) , you can tell by how hard she poop splatters the fugly frecks to complete her routine, she thinks she’s the contour queen but she obviously sucks at the face part of makeup ie her nose and the fact that it just screams “I slaved away in the makeup chair for hours just to hate it all and ruin it” at the end…lol , I love to hate this cow. Her face never matches the rest of her body lmao (pic related)

No. 1348055

File: 1634278598464.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1343, 1423C668-9CCF-4CB5-AC28-2864A1…)

Like why would she post this she looks much ~cooler~ here , too bad she fried the shit out of her locks and ended up a Barbie reject

No. 1348093

shut the fuck up. anyways how many BJs do we think Ari gives at work whilst pretending she doesn't?

No. 1348250

Samefag didn’t mean 2 post a wall of text I don’t usually post, tbh I’m sure she smacks her baboon lips around so much the minute she gets that shit close to anyone’s cock it just goes limp(sage your shit)

No. 1348325

No. 1348415

none, she’s too lazy to hustle for them and she looks dirtier than the other girls (at least the ones in the club’s ads) and that’s not a high bar

No. 1348642

File: 1634356634688.jpeg (108.94 KB, 750x1000, 4F48097A-9268-40B3-ACBB-827E9B…)

Bitch please learn to brush your hair

No. 1348690

It looks like that because it’s dead not unbrushed

No. 1348845

Its both

No. 1348866

File: 1634389958337.jpg (1.3 MB, 1076x1442, Screenshot_20211016-091104_Sam…)

To confirm the picnic with "friends" from the other day was just her cuck husband and Aaron…

No. 1348995

File: 1634401605996.jpeg (Spoiler Image,691.39 KB, 1827x1827, 574C569C-EC41-4672-8779-7B8153…)

Nah it was Aaron and another stripper from Risqué. I don’t think Matt was involved.

No. 1349008

damn this whore looks like ari herself minus the botched tits and ugly tattoos kek

No. 1349916

File: 1634520811312.jpg (681.4 KB, 1076x1921, Screenshot_20211017-213302_Ins…)

These nails are not cute

No. 1350409

kek, even shayna's spoopy nails are better than this

No. 1350459

File: 1634576201537.jpeg (464.85 KB, 1170x1913, FB916A34-4F0C-4CE7-949C-3137EF…)

why would she post this kek

No. 1350463

File: 1634577145843.jpg (717.61 KB, 960x1272, SNOW_20211018_191104_850.jpg)

To remind us all that she hates her botched nose so much that it needs to be concealed in mud.

No. 1350587

body dysmorphia

No. 1350661

File: 1634592991125.jpeg (268.4 KB, 529x409, 0519D2DB-F466-4299-AB4D-9C5004…)

No. 1350810

Did she ever get her dog the hip surgery it's needed for like three years now or did she really drag an arthritic dog up a hill?

No. 1351058

They went for a picnic with Starbucks boxed lunches because actually cutting your own fruit and bringing crackers and cheese is tough… how romantic.

No. 1351155

If she had ever got the surgery we would have most likely heard about it and what a dedicated pet owner she is

No. 1352463

File: 1634783089566.jpg (466.67 KB, 1536x2048, 20211020_222414.jpg)

Look very closely at her coochie. It looks like a diaper..

No. 1352581

The entire outfit is corny and cheap as shit, the fit is unflattering, she has mtf face, shit fried bottled blonde hair, a body like the worm aliens from men in black, and you’re over here pointing out her crotch which is arguably the most normal looking thing about her appearance in this photo

No. 1352714

Honestly as bad as it is, this outfit actually looks like she put some effort into it. Way better than those fugly $2 unitards she wears imo

No. 1352740

I cannot get over the tattoo of the stabbed woman. Those fucking feet are sending me.
Also her lifeless and dumb as shit facial expression which is nearly identical in every photo. Probably because it's easier to edit and showing any emotion besides arrogance makes her botched face look even more retarded kek

No. 1353044

She makes the same expression because any other expression would either show her Xenomorph mouth within a mouth or look like she has no teeth. This is her only facial expression she can tolerate since this one is the only one that doesn't immediately out her as a catfish.

No. 1353050

While this outfit has more pieces to it, it still clearly came in the same cheap package so it looks even lazier than the discount pack of singlet oufits since she couldn't even bother to tie the ribbons on each tit on the top so there's just ribbons trailing like streamers on my kindergarten bike.

The poor fit on the bottom due to her booty that doesn't pop is less noticeable than the blatant moose knuckle crotch. Maybe she's trying to corner the customer market into the camel toe look.

No. 1353402

File: 1634869653472.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1809, 0D493680-B0A9-4CE8-8B67-5EE40A…)

What even is this outfit? Does she purposefully choose unflattering outfits? The stockings look absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1353412

She dresses like a Joyce Leslie tranny.

No. 1353415

How does she have flat implants?

No. 1353430

terrible pose, it looks like someone stretched her out. her torso’s like 3 miles long

No. 1353535

File: 1634887606233.jpg (242.97 KB, 1078x661, SmartSelect_20211022-032617_Tw…)

Why post this

No. 1353556

fake, why would she have a dentist when she doesn't even have teeth

No. 1353601

File: 1634901507637.png (8.88 MB, 1242x2208, 559EB192-3180-4B5D-8CC6-65ECCD…)

Goblin nose contour qkween

No. 1353602

File: 1634901565269.png (10.37 MB, 1242x2208, E82989AC-17F6-46DB-88BE-69875C…)

Major worm vibes why does she look like Gumby w no bones

No. 1353635

seems like the club will regularly promote the girls on their twitter too but ari has never once been posted

No. 1353659

If he’s her dentist why wouldn’t she recognise him?

No. 1353666

Wait she actually looks nice tho

No. 1353667

It’s only for a strip club fuck spending shit tons of money for an outfit you’ll wear twice

No. 1353689

That entire critique and you’re hung up on anon calling her outfit cheap

No. 1353745

unsaged too. feathers have been ruffled kek

No. 1353809

File: 1634931062112.jpg (134.62 KB, 720x1097, Screenshot_20211022-152953_Chr…)

On what planet?

No. 1353848

I mean I just seen this and thought she looked alright ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 1353869

>>1353848 nice emoji, you must be new

No. 1353873

File: 1634936998888.jpg (103.69 KB, 1080x1082, DeepFryer_20211022_230633.jpg)

on what fucking planet bitch

No. 1354192

>looked it up
Right. As if he introduced himself to her with his full name and profession. Kek

No. 1354251

You'd be surprised to know that some strippers aren't into fast fashion and actually spend money on nice outfits so they can wear them outside of the club. Well made lingerie and bikinis can be worn in the club, to lounge at home, for time with your man… not every stripper only wears an outfit twice since most clients don't give a shit if they see you in the same (nice) outfit multiple times.
Ariana is just from the Walmart class of wannabe hos.

No. 1354288

this stripper would never shop at walmart. target only

No. 1354291

Yes of course you're totally a different stripper than Ari. No one cares.

No. 1354417

Who unironically lounges at home in a stripper outfit wtf

No. 1354475

Not really, it’s for one purpose only most clubs are dirty so who wants to spend tons on an outfit for a few uses

No. 1354478


>Wearing your stage outfit at home on a Tuesday for no reason

>Wearing your stage outfit that you gave countless men lapdances on home for your man
>Not leaving your stage outfit in the car
>Not separating work from home life

You sound dumber than Ari lol

No. 1354479

You sound like a stripper. Good for you!

No. 1354591

>lounging at home in your titty tassles

No. 1354782

Some women really like to feel beautiful even when they're alone. It depends on the outfit of course.
Sage for blog, but for example, I'd wear Agent Provocateur to the club back in my stripping days and then wash it after the club and wear it at home. My stripping outfits were the same as my lingerie collection. This isn't the same for every stripper though, but strippers are all different so who knows who does or wears what at home.

No. 1354790

Please kindly never post on this site again, thanks

No. 1354801

When did strippers see Ari’s thread and think yes, I should blogpost here all the time. Unless you are working with her, it does not fucking matter. If dancers want to blogpost, they should make or find their own threads in /ot/ .

No. 1354808

Guys I used to follow Ari back in her prime tumblr days, and when I found out we had the same birthday, I sent her a little starbucks card. This was when she “quit” the office job she had for SW, and I felt so bad for her. Of course, no real gratitude just a emoji reply back.
Our birthdays are tomorrow and I’m STILL embarrassed by what I did eons ago. I wonder if she will pander again for her birthday this year.

No. 1354814

can we get the "sex work isn't work" glitter gif redtext please?

No. 1354904

File: 1635093921074.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1170x2063, ED63E715-3A4F-4AC4-B843-69B6B0…)

No. 1354907

This bitch is still e begging nine years later, wow. Such a glow up Ari, glad you’ve matured so much.

No. 1354908

She’s never nice to anyone and yet she wants to be celebrated for being born, just wow.

No. 1355296

File: 1635138099767.png (11.51 MB, 1242x2688, 46F1967D-AD28-40FF-B1DA-9314EA…)

No. 1355732

File: 1635199290452.png (6.05 MB, 1242x2208, 962E6034-1FF6-4333-85DC-5BD421…)

No. 1355733

File: 1635199396684.png (10.07 MB, 1242x2208, A2410904-3EB4-45DE-BA8E-E4587D…)


No. 1355734

File: 1635199521279.png (Spoiler Image,6.7 MB, 1242x2208, 32AF850C-EB67-4E1F-A825-781B66…)

No. 1355735

Shoulda posted it with her caption “being your friend is easy”. Yikes

No. 1355737

File: 1635199861727.jpeg (380.66 KB, 1163x2149, F1B59E49-D395-4FCB-BAE2-17BF23…)

No. 1355738

Love how she tip toed around this question

No. 1355826

File: 1635211230263.png (777.97 KB, 1242x2208, CB29B938-B285-4DDA-B90E-CEBCCF…)

What a weird way to answer this- coulda just said she married him but ok

No. 1355836

so knew damn well what this person was asking, but she decided to be intentionally obtuse so she could “school” them. she’s so transparently insecure about her intellect. just pathetic

No. 1355888

File: 1635216226743.png (Spoiler Image,5.36 MB, 1170x2532, C8375C6E-80FB-4260-AB01-787CC0…)

Sure Jan. 1/2

No. 1355890

File: 1635216254744.jpeg (227.07 KB, 1170x1177, F915768F-EA8A-4023-80D7-F4E768…)


No. 1356094

I get the feeling she doesn't get anxiety onstage because she craves the attention. But she gets anxious talking to people because her day shift ass has to walk around the club asking for a tip and she doesn't like having to flirt with a real human and doesn't know how. Plus she thinks an ass grab while getting her $1 is getting "assaulted" so if course asking for a $1 and having to flirt to get people to buy a lap dance is anxiety inducing. Plus it's sales where you don't get a base salary. There's so much pre-work pressure on yourself to try to get paid when you're only making commission that it gives anxiety. So I completely believe she's never anxious onstage where she can pretend to be in a hot girl music video. She just hates the reality of her dReAm career.

No. 1356178

File: 1635264532776.jpeg (614.5 KB, 828x1197, 24E81C5E-420F-4FE8-AFC6-13DC0A…)

Anyone actually making a joke over lying about their age would leave comments open for fun, but not Ariana. Lol, she’s literally being serious about lying about her age. Weird bitch. This is something only older women really do, not someone who is self described “peaking”

No. 1356179

File: 1635264668777.png (2.14 MB, 828x1792, 54344747-4855-4D9B-AB12-C1DDE7…)

Sage for samefag just laughing cus she’s really leaning into it lol

No. 1356206

Girl you are almost (if not) creeping on 30; what a fucking loser. She’s had her “21st” birthday how many times now

No. 1356207

is this for real? she literally has her birth year tattooed on her stomach

No. 1356227

Pretty sure she stole the “joke” of her age from Nikita Dragon

No. 1356229

File: 1635268719794.jpeg (93.35 KB, 828x379, D7EF4477-E91C-4F8C-B57C-041E23…)

All you have to do is google her name, it pops right up, lmao. She really should used a different name for her internet fame. She’s just like shayna

No. 1356230

File: 1635268755775.jpeg (667.49 KB, 1242x2208, 4178C7A8-2DA3-4685-9434-CCDAE6…)

No. 1356255

File: 1635271231019.jpeg (66.87 KB, 749x710, 7F445CF1-8925-4D6A-BEE4-44D970…)

Really? Back to this shit?! Ari, don’t quit your day job sweatie, this is a hobby at best

No. 1356317


Iunno, it looks like she got better at it and tbh ever since I've seen the holly Brown threads I've been convinced that if she can make money off her shit, anyone who gets hard enough can. Plus her art scammer saga might be funny

No. 1356323

No. 1356417

People really do come for her art like it's some horrible piece of shit each time she draws anything lmao

No. 1356427

It’s not worth the price, ever. It’s made with shit markers, too. So yea, I agree her art sucks. But if you like it, you can buy it and show the support

No. 1356438

Oh hell no it's not worth the price. Her prices are fucking ridiculous. I just don't think this particular piece is that bad…

No. 1356483

looks like she didn't know what to do with the background, she just started to fill in with all Black as usual, came close to the tarantulas, then realised it would ruin it if she went all the way in, so she had to keep some space. it looks dumb as fuck. she obviously isn't jonny's gf syd-tier bad but she's been at this level for years and never improves. she shouldn't be making mistaked like these still

No. 1356511

File: 1635299957920.png (2.91 MB, 828x1792, 33EB48DB-FF2F-4C4A-8E75-8F2D55…)

More tranny vibes

No. 1356521

I love how she’s like 21,21,21
Until one anon post her real age and she’s 70- gEt the JoKe gUys. Just keep throwing numbers out, that don’t change shit girl, but nice try.
Happy 27/28th birthday, hope enough dirty hands stuffed collar bills in your “work clothes” to feel important.

No. 1356537

It’s so weird how the left side of that chair is straight but the right side by her ribs/waist is curved

No. 1356624

File: 1635322182981.jpg (263.26 KB, 800x877, SmartSelect_20211027-040722_Ch…)

I wonder what the other strippers think of her looks, especially her atrocious eye makeup. I bet she's a laughing stock. Crack skinny, drag queen makeup, dead bleached hair, bad tattoos… she can't make that much money. Nothing about her is a commodity in a club.

No. 1356628

Ari posted the ”I’m 70” photo on her story before anon posted the screenshot of her real age

No. 1356649

I wouldn't say crackhead skinny, since that would be even skinnier than she is. She's skinny, but it's mostly that long, straight torso.

And the other strippers probably liken her to just another basic bitch, Philly stripper. The club uses better looking girls for promotional pictures, but they're really all pretty gross looking at that club so she fits in with the other non-pictured girls in terms of looks and style. But her makeup is far more drag than the other girls at the club.

No. 1356651

It's one of those hard plastic "ergonomic" chairs. She actually didn't shoop this. She's just sticking her hip out and turning at an angle that makes her waist look more narrow.
You know she tries out all her selfie angles before she actually takes the 100 pictures and chooses the best one.

No. 1356685

Dancers with a curvier body do well in Philly. She’s on the older side to be a baby stripper. Women her age do well based on previous experience. Dancers around her age are already pretty seasoned, they are talented at pole work, have loyal regulars who tip well and know how to work a room. They’re tough hustlers because they’re competing against younger girls. You make better money doing lap dances, but in order to get lap dance requests, you really need to know how to sell yourself. If she’s primarily comfortable only on stage and too anxiety stricken to hustle customers on the floor, I can’t imagine she’s making as much as other dancers there. I highly doubt the club owners would use her as promotion; she looks miserable in every selfie and complains about her job on Twitter.

No. 1356717

i wonder how many costumers confused her for a man so far

No. 1357301

I'm assuming you meant to say customer… because strippers don't have costumers.

No. 1357310

i did. thanks for correcting my esl ass nonnie, i've probably mispelled that for a long time kek

No. 1357341

It's all good! Just making sure I understood your comment!
And the customers probably look at the drag face and the worm body with the stiff hands and don't know what to think of it!

No. 1357342

How dare your colonizer ass correct an ESL

No. 1357413

weak bait

i can't believe i'm saying this but i doubt ariana is the most busted one there.

No. 1357672

File: 1635450998839.jpeg (406.38 KB, 740x1137, 3237DC82-1E21-4D4A-89FF-746375…)

Ariana uploaded a cursed video of her dancing

No. 1357701

already deleted it goddamn

No. 1357707

It’s on twitter

No. 1357715

I recorded it, I’m a newfag so give me a minute to figure out how to share it here

No. 1357786

File: 1635467918230.jpeg (88.65 KB, 1098x750, E777C736-F330-4300-98A6-49230F…)

No. 1357793

File: 1635468655013.jpg (1.63 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1635467546366.jpg)

Video caption: I love pole :-)

Here's some stills for the tl;Dr version

No. 1357795

File: 1635468818419.jpg (83.71 KB, 1079x324, Screenshot_20211028-204929_Sam…)

So much for "no more theckth werk once I'm married!"

And before anyone says maybe she's just sugaring, she previously mentioned how sugaring is a lot more involved than what she originally thought. As in tHeTcKtH.

No. 1357800

File: 1635469111194.webm (1.59 MB, 720x1096, I bored.webm)

Video “glitches” are Ariana’s

No. 1357802

File: 1635469176830.webm (514.89 KB, 576x870, I love pole -).webm)

No. 1357827

"There's no place like ho-ome" vibes. Poor Ariana can't figure out how to jiggle her ass without really pulling her heels in.

And she always does this weird squat before she stands, like she crosses her arms and then squats, partially stands, goes back down and then stands back up. She looks like she pissed her pants.

No. 1357828

File: 1635474853556.jpg (360.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211028-223126_Sam…)

This moment.

No. 1357831

File: 1635475354611.gif (2.7 MB, 368x542, Edited_20211028_204722_1.gif)

Ariana's new ShitTok is only worth watching for these theckthy mouth movements.

No. 1357835

You can tell she has no experience walking in tall heels because those closed toe shoes are going to fuck her feet up, not to mention make any shift miserable when she's not just spinning upside down with no coordination or body awareness.

No. 1357953

File: 1635497022899.webm (1.96 MB, 720x1156, ArianaCrazy.webm)

Newer ShitToks

No. 1357954

File: 1635497051436.webm (3.44 MB, 720x1156, ArianaNeedsMoney.webm)

No. 1358029

It looks so weird that she's completely covered in tattoos in the front but nothing on her back. Like she just made some scribbles on herself with a marker.

No. 1358033

So embarrassing to tag her own videos #viral LMFAO

No. 1358048

Way to tell on yourself. Bitch, there is a reason they are trying to brush you off without a tip.

No. 1358056

Tattoo artists make fun of people like this because it’s obvious they’re only getting tattooed for the gram. They only get tattoos in front so they can be seen in pics- major poser behavior but it’s nothing we didn’t already know, but she probably doesn’t realize how bad she’s outing herself to literally everyone who meets her and realizes

No. 1358097

File: 1635522110875.png (4.07 MB, 1125x2436, 6667DB28-0071-4BF1-8EB7-1E28CF…)

Lmao so her being spoiled involves her taking the bus to DC, eating food she doesn’t like at nobu, getting fucked in a hotel which only serves as a whore photo op and then takes public transportation back to her philly slum 5 hours later in the middle of the night?? Bitch if you were so spoiled he would hire a car service. At least she got new underwear but I give them 2 months before they’re ratty just like all her other clothes.

Can you imagine the whit hotel sheets after fucking her? Im sure face down no matter what so the sheets are probably stained af from her makeup. Sooo too heavy too lol bitch should go get that bbl, what happened??

No. 1358098

*top heavy

No. 1358102

File: 1635522421694.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.53 KB, 750x814, 209BAAB8-DFFC-4722-8FA2-249BCE…)

“A girl in her new Louis”

Bitch where? I don’t see any Louis

No. 1358115

Do you think Matt dropped her off at the bus station, holy fuck, imagine marrying that, and thinking that it’s okay for her to be traveling to fuck randos to bring back stds. All while you’re expected to be faithful?
Doormatt, please, get a spine

No. 1358146

My prreciouss…she prob saw a nickel on the floor or sumn!

No. 1358256

Hang on, I thought she said she was going to give up full service sex work when she got “wifed up”? It’s so transparent how manipulative she is- she clearly only told Doormatt that she’d stop prostituting herself so he’d put a ring on it, now she’s bullied him into being okay with it again, he’s absolutely spineless.

No. 1358260

The necklace. Her new sugar daddy seems to enjoy buying his whores DHgate knockoffs. You can get these necklaces for about $10 on there. Let's see how long it lasts knowing that it isn't real gold and will likely tarnish or break within weeks.

No. 1358345

still will never get over how this man was ran off the internet because of their bullshit

No. 1359036

File: 1635690901271.jpg (703.16 KB, 1076x1226, Screenshot_20211031-103502_Ins…)

No. 1359154

is this supposed to be pumpkin orange? looks like a british chav kek

No. 1359219

File: 1635718634882.jpg (771.94 KB, 1077x1519, Screenshot_20211031-181704_Ins…)

No. 1359328

she can't even let go of the shit splatter freckles when she's doing halloween makeup. but her lips actually looks better than usual, even if it's clown lips kek. she gave her upper lip some proper shape instead of the usual prolapsed anus look

No. 1359755

Pretty sure you're actually just thinking her lips look better due to the angle because she was turning up the corners of her lipstick months ago and we all had a hearty kek over how ridiculous she looked.

Although I must admit this makeup looks natural for her as a clown.

No. 1360013

NGL she has decent technical skills for makeup, but definitely makes terrible stylistic choices, which is subjective I guess

No. 1361552

File: 1636037804783.jpeg (Spoiler Image,426.37 KB, 1170x1867, 0B2BCBE6-990C-418E-9D22-EDC22A…)

You literally do.

No. 1361561

I don’t know much about makeup but that orange and green combo looks like absolute garbage to me

No. 1361565

She just wants to hide her nose kek

No. 1361581

She would fit right in with her white trash brethren at one of those juggalo gatherings.

No. 1361654

idk how you are all raving about ari's make up skills when all her photos are shopped and she looks like a toothless crescent moon with clown paint on IRL

No. 1361686

File: 1636050503325.jpg (80.54 KB, 648x647, Screenshot_20211104_192801.jpg)

thank you

No. 1361765

KEK bless your heart nonnie

No. 1361972

File: 1636079436611.jpeg (130.44 KB, 1169x812, 50B885C1-4B3A-4F20-B110-6B3A3E…)

Oh god here we go

No. 1362000

Wonder if this will actually be worth the money unlike her last procedure

No. 1362005

BBL saga? She has no fat to redistribute though. Also isn’t the aftercare super involved and she’s literal dog shit at aftercare so that would be interesting to say the least.

No. 1362084

maybe it's bait for a big tattoo.

No. 1362092

double mastectomy

No. 1362108

File: 1636105221695.jpeg (140.81 KB, 1258x225, 04C01E83-0BF9-4F2E-93A1-4F560B…)

What a shame that she can’t publically bitch about her husband/pets/family/friends anymore

No. 1362200

hopefully she gets something done on her blank back then.

No. 1362254

Big ol' portrait of Doormatt hopefully

No. 1362265

It would be way more likely that it’d be a portrait of Aaron kek but I hope she’s doing more surgery or fillers and fucks her face up more.

No. 1362379

This is actually so sad. I’m all for plastic surgery and filler and body mods. But the way she announces it and the language she uses is fucking bleak and gives away a lot more about herself than all of her deliberate over-sharing ever does. the narcissistic personality and childhood trauma of being poor and ugly and unimportant just oozes out of everything she does

No. 1362458

Ot but what is this song? I love it.

No. 1362483

New person, same old mistakes by tame Impala

No. 1362526

Wait sorry it's Kiss me more by doja cat. Wrong video.

No. 1362888

*fails at making friends with real shoppers

No. 1363300

damn anon KEK. "ugly and poor and unimportant". you're right though, she acts hard and confident but irl you know shes like a little mouse and feels inferior to everyone around her. she acts this way online to make up for the way shes perceived irl and to save her ego a bit. its sad as shit but you get what you deserve, i guess.

No. 1363508

File: 1636274247586.webm (1.34 MB, 720x1280, Edited_20211106_053612.webm)

Caption should be "Tries to make friends with other dancers, but immediately feels inferior since they're all younger and hotter."

No. 1363509

File: 1636274628057.webm (906.03 KB, 720x1172, Edited_20211107_034117.webm)

She's really trying to build get entire identity around being a stripper when she works all of 1 day a week at the most. Her larp stages are so embarrassing.

No. 1363513

File: 1636275183409.webm (2.4 MB, 720x1168, Edited_20211107_034701.webm)

Here's what Matt truly must have to deal with and why he's always "working"

No. 1363514

File: 1636275286579.webm (1.96 MB, 720x1168, Edited_20211107_034955.webm)

I love that she knows she looks like an ogre and then thinks she puts on makeup and thinks she looks so hot making bedroom eyes at the camera… in reality she's so awkward and un-theckthy it's embarrassing.

No. 1363516

In every video she posts, all I can see is her visible lisp and her jaw jutting out like Quagmire's in Family Guy.

No. 1363524

File: 1636275745664.webm (1.85 MB, 720x1156, Edited_20211107_035847.webm)

She's posted stories before using this horrible shit she calls music while pretending she's soooo alt. No girl, you are the epitome of your basic bitch repetitive early 2000s rAvE mUsIc.

No. 1363550

She went live on IG for a short while yesterday. Accidentaly showed her extremely filthy bong water and got very embarrased.

Said she’s getting expensive surgery soon that she doesn’t even really want that bad, but she has already paid the deposit so now she ”has to do it”.

She said it wasn’t a BBL and that she ”almost went and got a BBL last week but changed her mind”.

Said her cat got into the back of a closed drawer 2-3 days ago, found her edibles, flinged them down to the floor, and then Frogger ate them. Said she was panicking and was 100% sure Frogger was going to die because she got so so high and was totally out and couldn’t even open her eyes. Did not call the vet, just called Matt and asked what to do and he said ”let her sleep”. She is apparently fine now..

That was basically it

No. 1363560

The videos won’t show(sage your shit)

No. 1363563

Yeah funny how she doesn’t realise acting like a bitch is the ugliest form of personality

No. 1363590


learn to sage if you got no milk, dum dum

No. 1363605

What a fucking mess, thanks for sharing nonnie. She has no shame in outing her insane behaviour and body dysmorphia. Getting surgery she doesn't want and changing her mind about BBL all the time. Reminds me of when she said she didn't want a boob job and then spontaneously got it shortly after

Same and her purposefully showing off her teeth to remind us that she does in fact have teeth

No. 1363852

Sage for no milk but my guess would be something like 4D etching on her abs to make it look like she has any without putting forth the actual effort

No. 1363876

Thanks anon. I knew this bitch would still be abusing her pets behind the scenes

No. 1363927

kinda cringe that she doesn't want a bbl when she really needs one

No. 1363940

Seriously, the way she treats her pets is awful. At least she’s not neglecting a baby too

No. 1364267

If you're on mobile, that's probably why

No. 1364908

File: 1636427259491.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3438x3438, 71A7A726-E71E-45B4-9BC4-5923B9…)

Skin walker transformation is going well

No. 1365262

File: 1636479459634.jpeg (182.54 KB, 1170x1270, C81C1A82-6F1F-479E-AB67-0349F7…)

I hope she’s buying a pair of teeth.

No. 1365289

or something she actually doesnt need at all like kybella

No. 1365523

She even copied the side part , bets she’ll pine over any guy her friend is interested in lolol

No. 1365527

File: 1636498941347.png (6.48 MB, 1242x2208, 29E3E0B6-AF22-4AF2-BAE0-C88E81…)

She flipped out on live because she couldn’t get the filter to work and then announced that she’s getting veneers

No. 1365534


kek I bet she hates the comments about her secret hidden teeth so much

No. 1365536

This is proof bullying works. Finally Granny is getting some gd fucking teeth. I can’t wait to see how insane she looks

No. 1365542

I guess she sucked off that dentist that came into her club.

No. 1365554

File: 1636501886529.jpg (525.9 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20211108_222716.jpg)

Her entire feed is just a catalogue of a no teeth granny kek

She's dumb as fuck for getting veneers though. No dentist in my country makes them on people who don't need them because they don't want to fuck up healthy teeth just to earn money. Veneers don't last forever and every time you have to get them redone, your natural teeth will be filed down even more. So when you get them when you're as young as Ari it means you might eventually have no natural teeth left and you'll need to get dentures, if you can even afford that, not to mention her financial future is extremely unstable, so who knows if she can afford to get her veneers redone in 10 years? She might actually end up with no teeth at all just because she is insecure about her actual teeth not being visible.

Sorry for teeth sperg, I just really hate veneers, they're almost always too white and too big and look uncanny and unnatural. Her lisp might get worse from this. I make mean comments about her teeth but I don't think this is a good choice, the best choice she could make is stop obsessing about her looks and wasting money to make herself look more and more fake when she will never look as good as she want to. But then again, I can't say I'm not excited to see her fuck herself up even more. Have fun with that kek

No. 1365601

File: 1636505029717.jpeg (781.17 KB, 3438x3438, A1DEADBE-5F39-4066-9418-09FC72…)

Some snapshots of her live ft. obese Wheezy

No. 1365617

jesus, looks like someone punched her on her nose. can't tell if her botched nose is starting to sink in or if it's the terrible contour or both

No. 1365721

Ooh, good point she was so adamant about rejecting him in that tweet

No. 1365847

You're exactly right. Dentists file down the teeth to just little nubby points since veneers are basically like crowns on each tooth. She's fucking herself over by destroying her natural teeth when her self care maintenance is extremely bad as is her financial stability.
I'm not surprised her dentist is bad enough to not recognize asking his own patient for sexual favors at a cheap strip club and then willingly agrees to just take her money to destroy her teeth. Even my own Medicaid dentist is doing everything he can to avoid putting a crown on my tooth since he wanted to avoid destroying my natural tooth due to fake teeth like crowns and veneers only lasting about 10 years with good care, making upkeep expensive.
So yes Ariana, please continue to fuck yourself up more and self-sabotage as usual.

No. 1365852

I still don't believe her dumb story. Since she said she looked him up later to confirm he was a doctor, why would a dentist give her his full name? And if she really was giving him sexual favors, the veneers wouldn't be soooo expensive since he'd cut her a deal on his part of the labor costs. He still couldn't cut the cost of the actual veneers which are expensive even without all the time spent grinding down teeth.
I bet she asked her dentist to buy a vip room and he asked what comes with it and when she didn't have an answer besides awkward giggling and he said no, she turned it into a "my dentist didn't recognize me and tried to fuck me". Ariana always stretches the truth.

No. 1366086

File: 1636561055249.png (637.82 KB, 1058x1198, Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 12.1…)

Why would she need new teeth though? Hers are completely fine. She literally tweeted she has nice teeth the other day. Also is she wearing Invisalign? Because veneers would just be a waste of money

No. 1366129

she doesn't really think her teeth are nice, she's obviously insecure cus she has to point out that she "never smiles in pictures" every time she does it. she just wants people to compliment her smile so she can feel better about herself

No. 1366146

File: 1636565526370.jpg (1.94 MB, 1920x1920, warum.jpg)

fake freckles are stupid but at least she used to try to make them look real. this just looks insane, how can she get worse at doing makeup

No. 1366148

yes, she had knock off invisalign and still wears the retainer. it was a waste of money if she gets "veneers". she also said in her live yesterday that her teeth feel thin and weak when she's not wearing her retainer, so she's hoping the veneers make it feel like she's wearing a retainer. kinda weird but she's weird so. oh and she's getting it done the day before thanksgiving and is nervous for everyone to ask about her teeth lmao.

No. 1366626

Great idea, Ariana! Your new horse teeth will totes distract from your Quagmire jaw! Go for it! Fixing your fucked up jaw movements or just getting those horrific lip fillers dissolved won't fix your insecurities so just keep making everything else bigger!
I'm convinced that at every cosmetic appointment she goes to, she just says, "I don't care about fixing the root of the 'problem', just give me something right now that'll give me a sense of satisfaction immediately after!"

No. 1366662

Ikr! What she needs is braces and possibly jaw surgery to fix that fucked up croissant face of hers but instead she'll just make her teeth… larger.
Great idea! I'm here for it lol

No. 1366666

>croissant face

No. 1366812

File: 1636642148304.jpeg (23.69 KB, 225x225, E1AE3140-76F6-4AC5-92DC-D39C2B…)

Oh my good she’s gonna go full farquad with the giant jaw and teeth

No. 1368184

File: 1636812019814.jpeg (674.64 KB, 1816x1816, 964346C5-2C85-49C5-BC70-BF3208…)

Okay, so I could be completely wrong… but I think she continues to do the shit splatter freckles because they hide her angel bite scars she will forever have. Which is funny, because, yes, she might regret the angel bite scars, but letting them be noticed isn’t anywhere near as ugly as the OBVIOUSLY fake freckles… not sure if anyone has mentioned this before.

No. 1368316

File: 1636833301179.jpeg (505.83 KB, 1170x1499, 0B6DC4D5-F85C-4A0F-8CBC-EBC946…)


No. 1368394

The delusion…….. she looks NOTHING like this pic (now deleted kek)

No. 1368413

you can get surgery to sew those up/ remove them right? I'm sure she is really insecure about them so why wouldn't she just put some of her veneer money towards that? her pattern really is just fucking her appearance up to distract from the things that are actually making her look worse

No. 1368434

She has said before that she does the freckles because she thinks her face looks boring without them

No. 1368575


I assume she stopped doing them so often because her latest skinwalking victim doesn't do them lol. to become checkyagurl she must ~become~ checkyagurl.

Since she seemed to use them to camouflage her piercing holes (and acne/picked skin but ot), I wonder if one of her next ventures will be to close the snakebites with surgery? I can't remember if she's talked about this but, she tends to fix as much as she can with makeup, surgery, and facetune so idk. She can't rly hide her scars completely with coverup, she can shop them out, but I could see her going for the perma option.

No. 1368661

File: 1636895351831.png (58.37 KB, 255x162, Screenshot 2021-11-14 140517.p…)

the holes look like little eyes and with her botched ass mouth it looks like a tiny face of its own kek(unsaged nitpick )

No. 1368742

one time in her live, when i still liked her, i asked if she'd ever get her snake bites sewn up and she was really rude about it and was like "um no, they're as closed as they can be" and laughed… i think she just didn't know you can sew them up kek

No. 1368755

File: 1636910689408.jpeg (82.19 KB, 1000x1000, 9E75C637-CA18-4451-B0EB-8F6421…)

Kek nonnie it looks like one of these axolotls

No. 1368907

File: 1636924073059.jpeg (187.58 KB, 1800x1205, 24FAF98A-1E74-474B-8B2F-935812…)

I always thought she looks more like a catfish

No. 1369162

File: 1636952269016.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.35 KB, 1475x2048, 20211114_235724.jpg)

I'm 100% convinced she had her implants removed or down sized

No. 1369258

Nah, cosmetic surgery doesn't happen unless she posts about it. For her, the thrill of the comments like "you look soooo good!" is worth more than the surgery. Her implants have always had a weird profile, probably because she got the whole surgery half price, so they did a half ass job.

No. 1369352

Not the thong fading into her ass

No. 1369400

File: 1636998986406.jpg (36.31 KB, 454x583, Screenshot_20211115_185616.jpg)

wtf is happening here

No. 1369425

Can’t tell if it’s a filter or Ariana’s shitty paint job

No. 1369526

On our right? I think it’s her nose ring

No. 1369627

the weird contouring around her nose

No. 1369797

I love that her face, makeup and nose is so fucked up we can't tell what anon is referring to when anon says "wtf is going on here?!"
The weird brown in the top of her nose is weird af, like she tried to accentuate the dip and shrink the sides/top of her nostrils.

No. 1369829

Wtf is this shitty new tattoo on her arm? A flower with an angry fish on the end?

No. 1369943

That's not new at all, but I can see how all of her bad tattoos are so basic and uninteresting that we only notice how shitty they look and not what they actually are.

No. 1370058

File: 1637102212605.jpeg (995.67 KB, 3263x2447, 9495C815-67CB-4967-B168-7AE34F…)

ok this is hilarious

No. 1370064

what fucking year does she think it is now? did she forget she has igg4 tattooed on her stomach? she would've been 15 in 2009 kek.

No. 1370074

this feels like a cognitive test and she failed

No. 1370081

She’s 100% trying to convince people she’s 21 again & acting like she was born in 2000/2001 this is embarrassing

No. 1370140

This is my first thought as well. She’s not even 30 yet and already insecure about being old yeesh. I guess that’s what happens when you reach her age and haven’t achieved anything. She’s probably feeling insecure being surrounded by the 20 year old strippers at work.

No. 1370216

she looks like corey feldman in goonies kek

No. 1370537

Nah, Goonies era Corey Feldman was considered cute still. Ariana looks more like a special needs trailer park kid who gets bullied by all the kids and adults in the trailer park.

No. 1372572

File: 1637442121004.webm (1.3 MB, 720x1174, XRecorder_Edited_20112021_1555…)

I can't wait to see how funny her lisp will look with new horse teeth. Giggity giggity.

No. 1372573

File: 1637442152522.webm (1.69 MB, 720x1178, XRecorder_Edited_20112021_1556…)

No. 1372575

There's another tranny Quagmire video, but it was just her doing another bare face to clown makeup to theckthy fathe transformation and I couldn't stomach more time trimming her clips when I just want to trim her tongue off too quit seeing the lithp.

No. 1372576

I just noticed she's still doing the drag chola lipliner that she did for her Halloween clown makeup and wearing the same shirt, meaning she's just recording these back to back like the idle clown she is.

No. 1372582

Hey Ariana, I'm sure getting some new giant horse teeth will fix your finger when you get cold, just like it'll fix your fucked up jaw and lithp!

No. 1372611

Lmfao every time I see her in motion I'm caught off guard by something. Her top lip really doesn't move at all. I wonder if the beyond-botched lip lift affected muscle. Maybe she wouldn't be able to move it even if she didn't have them overinflated on top of it all.

No. 1372686

The way she can’t take a tik tok without a face changing filter..(sage)

No. 1372730

She looks like she’s aged quite a bit. And her face is bloated af

No. 1372731

File: 1637461671144.webm (1.59 MB, 576x1024, -ˌwʌn.trɪk ˈpəʊ.ni-.webm)

Was it this one? Everything looks tragic

No. 1372735

File: 1637461906718.webm (1.33 MB, 576x1024, twenty-theven.webm)

Indeed and you know she hates she’s ageing. She makes videos like attached as a joke but you know it’s killing her inside

No. 1372737

god those nails are atrocious. they’re way too big for her fingers.

No. 1373167

I don't understand why she doesn't get at least some of her lip fillers dissolved? There's a line where filler stops making your lips look bigger and just makes them look deformed and she's definitely crossed it. Looks so horrible in videos I can't even imagine how it looks irl

No. 1373287

Getting them dissolved isn’t as easy as everyone has been led to believe. If you look at the reviews for it you’re see they’re incredibly low. The Hyaluronidase actually removes your own bodies hyaluronic acid as well and bc of this when they try to refill after dissolving it has nothing to grab on to and won’t stay refilled. She’s probably concerned it will look worse

No. 1373520

Well she did actually get them dissolved… just to pump them back up again soon after lol

No. 1373547

Yeah, that's why she should just get them dissolved and not put any back in. Since last year she claimed she didn't have any more filler anyway and she was supposedly fine with her lips. Besides, then she wouldn't need horse teeth since you would be able to see her chiclet teeth.

No. 1374093

she looks like Jeffrey Star

No. 1374687

File: 1637702657676.jpeg (395.83 KB, 1170x1704, 4F26F456-B7D2-47A9-99EF-A84BB8…)

her nose looks so bad

No. 1374695

the nose looks bad, the freckles are horrible, but her fingernails are killing me, why do women think that something like that looks nice? And how do you do anything with fingernails like those?

No. 1374732

Flat hair to go with her flat personality, flat implants and flat booty that doesn't pop. The only parts of her that aren't flat are her Quagmire/Mac2Nite jaw and filler outside of her lips.

No. 1374770


sage for blogpost but I tried fake nails about half that length, and it was a mistake to even get them that long. My hands were useless and I was constantly scratching or poking myself, messing up what I was doing, knocking things over, couldn't even type on my phone let alone a keyboard. It's so odd having your fingers extended even a centimetre, my hand-eye coordination couldn't function automatically like it normally can. I hear you get used to it and can be somewhat functional, but I made it 4 days before I went in to get them shaped shorter, and haven't bothered with nails more than once or twice since. I couldn't do art, play instruments, write, type etc normally and it really messed up my daily rhythm. It took me ages to learn how to even open a soda can with them.

I was also constantly paranoid about getting gross stuff under them especially wiping my ass ugh, and scrubbed them so many times a day with a nail brush. I never felt clean or productive lol and was always worried about losing/breaking one, they were too pricey.

I just see nails that long and it makes me shudder tbh. At a certain length it looks so creepy to me, and I can't imagine they don't get gross sometimes no matter how diligent you are. I guess I work with my hands too much to consider it but some people can make it work.(no1currs)

No. 1375052

I hate ariana just as much as everyone else but this post wreaks of basic

No. 1375054

Good thing Ariana doesn't do anything so she's probably just her usual amount of clumsy.

No. 1375136


I don't rly get what's basic about it lol but yeah fair, I was bored & wrote more than I meant to. I'm just incompetent myself with longer fake nails tbh, and I admire it when people can operate with them. Just comes off a tad gross to me, like I picture them scraping up germs more than short nails. Probably a personal hangup. If you don't use your hands a lot (like Ariana) I can see it being easier to make it work day to day.

No. 1375166

you're right, it's gross and her nails are 100% filled with germs, this is the same bitch who can't be bothered to wash her hands when they're full of makeup, there's no way she does anything to keep her ugly nails clean

No. 1375228

We do not care about your nails and what you think about long ones. Next time you start your post with "sage for blogposting" just stop typing, thankuuu

No. 1375293

She got veneers. It’s up on TT.

No. 1375297

File: 1637784256039.jpeg (279.66 KB, 989x1025, E145BBB8-B3D2-459E-AB17-50C702…)

They look.. the same???? Just whiter?

No. 1375325

File: 1637788018167.jpeg (444.75 KB, 2048x2048, 0DC3908F-A58F-484D-9C30-6B50C2…)

They look so terrible in motion like they don’t fit in her mouth

No. 1375327

I think jaw surgery is what she needs. Looks like she still has to make the same kind of grin to try and show her teeth

No. 1375339

They look here like every one of them is a front tooth. Yikes.

No. 1375342

ugly horse teeth as expected and this ss really shows that she had three fucking nosejob just to look the exact same as before KEK

No. 1375345

They….literally look the same?? She won’t even smile naturally to show them off right. Just giving us her goblin grimace face wtf

No. 1375376

They give people with veneers a tray to put over their teeth and try it out for a week or so first for fit, before making adjustments for the real set, that's probably what this is.

No. 1375384

File: 1637792276697.webm (4.96 MB, 576x1024, thcorpioaththheaux veneerth.we…)

Here they are in motion

> I did a thing 😛 #veneers #beforeandafter #fyp #teeth

You thure did

No. 1375387

damn, you need to have mental health issues to do this to your natural healthy looking teeth

No. 1375391

once again, she looks worse than before the procedure. she needed an entire new jaw, not whiter, somehow even bigger teeth
also kek at the filename

No. 1375438

Oh noooo what did she do lol this is really bad. It reminds me of the first time my dad got dentures and asked for them to be “straight and white as possible” even though the professionals advised against getting them so big and white. they looked like literal fucking chiclets and he learned his lesson and shilled out for another set- ariana is fucked because she will have to get her veneers redone entirely when she wakes up from this BDD daze and realized she fucked herself up just like she did her tits.

No. 1375442

File: 1637798192334.png (24.33 KB, 300x244, 56570AB9-565A-4B80-BFFA-F2A640…)

Samefag but between the quagmire chin and chiclet teeth all I can see when I look at her face now is this meme. The nostrils even look similar somehow.

No. 1375474

She already deleted this lol

No. 1375562

File: 1637816277333.jpeg (343.88 KB, 1170x2005, 8130ACB6-809E-47D4-97AB-FA580A…)

Yikes. All of this. That’s not even that much money, such a cringey and annoying flex.
She could make more cash babysitting, if she wasn’t such an untrustworthy lunatic.

No. 1375635

Each band appears to be $100, coming from the opinion of a former banker and bartender. So that's about $2000 in cash from 3 months of working off and on making less than minimum wage. A rookie administrative assistant makes that in 2 weeks, but doesn't turn it all into dollar bills. Her mom's trashiness is rubbing off in her.

No. 1375637

They look so enormous and oddly thick.

No. 1375638

Samefag, but I just watched a bunch of her videos, and you STILL can’t see her teeth when she opens her mouth. What a huge waste of money.

No. 1375664

Why is she incapable of smiling like a normal person?

No. 1375706

not only is it cringe that she is flexxing such a sad amount of money but that she's keeping them in dirty cash full of germs and playing around with them. vom

No. 1375741

it looks like it's painful for her to smile because she has so much fucking filler in her lips. they look like they're about to burst. she really needs to get them dissolved, maybe then you'd be able to almost see her teeth kek

No. 1375753

yeah it was just as pointless as her last nosejob. she's willing to dish out thousands for procedures that aren't doing anything to improve her appearance but STILL refuses to acknowledge her fucked up jaw and witch chin. it makes no sense.

No. 1375760

File: 1637859287018.webm (3.83 MB, 576x1024, yolo.webm)

No. 1375762

File: 1637859514090.webm (1.39 MB, 576x1024, thmile for uth Ariana.webm)

Uff, that smile

No. 1375784

I’m sorry if I’m dumb but where did you watch all these videos you speak of? Has she deleted all of them now? She only has one video on her tiktok where she has her new teeth

No. 1375848

wait, this is her with her new teeth/temporary teeth? she really got her teeth filed down to stumps just so she could look like a toothless granny as always KEK

No. 1375960

Eventually she will age out of sex work and won't be able to afford maintenance on these shit-tier chicklets. Knowing it was likely negotiated in a musty VIP room, the craftsmanship will reveal itself soon enough. Sooo fucking stupid.

No. 1376095

Try basic troubleshooting and if you still can't find them, we anons that can see it must be wizards.

No. 1376097

Her duck lips are obnoxious
Almost as obnoxious as tranny Quagmire's creepy clown grin.

No. 1376098

File: 1637917489317.webm (805.62 KB, 720x1168, XRecorder_Edited_26112021_0352…)

Glad she acknowledges that she hasn't matured in the decade since high school. It'll never happen, but her at her FL high school reunion would be a great laugh.

No. 1376099

File: 1637917639287.webm (966.21 KB, 720x1162, XRecorder_Edited_26112021_0350…)

Eager beaver hoping to make another $2000 in 3 months.

No. 1376100

are those from after the veneers? her top lip is literally covering her teeth at all times, what a waste of money and healthy teeth kek

No. 1376111

These two are from before the veneers >>1376099>>1376098

No. 1376117

File: 1637919878627.jpeg (951.6 KB, 1125x1142, 6AC6D79A-F04E-45EE-97F0-3B3336…)

This is the only video on her tik tok that she has uploaded (and kept up) after getting her teeth done, idk where the ”bunch of videos” you’ve watched is

No. 1376133

File: 1637922459200.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1447, 71DE5EAB-0CC0-4D15-B953-3D6D24…)


No. 1376246

Imagine waking up to your wife and she’s wearing this necklace she got for sucking on some degenerate man’s balls. Bleak.

No. 1377203

The only reason she got veneers is because random people’s comments online about her not having teeth… bleak as fuck

No. 1377307

Wait, what? When did this happen? Sorry to ask for spoonfeed but I’ve been following these threads for a long time and this specific instance/necklace apparently eluded me.

No. 1377325

A previous tweet she made bragging ab some necklace she got for sucking dick.


No. 1377597

File: 1638127776693.png (4.57 MB, 1125x2436, DABCAFA4-9079-4212-A8ED-0BF2F5…)

She posted on her tiktok about her veneers. They’re just whiter?

No. 1377598

File: 1638127811292.png (5.7 MB, 1125x2436, 03F6C786-B8E8-4ED6-AF4F-A17743…)

No. 1377600

File: 1638127834205.png (3.85 MB, 1125x2436, 0B3EC43F-318E-4F5C-96A8-5109A2…)

No. 1377601

File: 1638127867656.png (6.93 MB, 1125x2436, 1CCEA9F7-C803-4D31-972A-A9AB8B…)

No. 1377602

File: 1638127898822.png (8.48 MB, 1125x2436, 2663035E-1C4B-4DD0-919F-DAC5DF…)

No. 1377620

Tbh her teeth looked fine. She could’ve just had some whitening procedure and got the same results. I agree with anons, the toothless granny comments got to her and she thought veneers was the solution.

No. 1377635

File: 1638129740406.jpeg (154.94 KB, 750x924, D85F92CC-430D-4C88-91AB-E5FE07…)

> only girl at work for hours

Brags about being the day time shift stripper

No. 1377721

File: 1638136241285.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1668, BDF269A2-0F20-4B52-8E64-AB0D67…)

No. 1377729

File: 1638137026460.jpeg (45.18 KB, 560x840, FC8EED04-32C7-4B8F-BCA7-65FD16…)

No. 1377748

lmao new veneers? filters working overtime? cmon Ari, like that’s a match for the old crescent moon face. glad to see it’s still prevailing as always, completely undeterred by her efforts.

No. 1377757

Damn she’s always been ugly. Inside and out . The plastic surgery did not help at all

No. 1377763

File: 1638141998293.jpeg (262.66 KB, 1125x1950, 8F3E258D-988F-4D5A-A26F-2E9C82…)

This is like a week old but I just feel I needed to post this lol. She’s looking all smug showing off her side profile like it’s a flex to be ”90% silicone” and look like THAT? The whole caption is: ”Customers telling me to not get my body done cos it’s unattractive to be fake” -> ”me being 90% silicone”

No. 1377813

Did her orthodontist lie to her because they do need replacing every ten years.

No. 1377814

File: 1638144976212.gif (398.8 KB, 650x375, FCE5EFB3-7AE1-4847-9DF7-E80B3A…)

No. 1377829

File: 1638145438263.webm (1.44 MB, 576x1024, “Upgrade”.webm)

Again, here it is in motion. I beg you, nonas, learn to upload the actual videos

No. 1377875

They already posted an image on the imageboard and tiktok you can watch without an account, do some work. If you’re that concerned how bout you do a streamable or Dropbox so people can actually watch it. Most posters are mobile and will not watch the webm.. because they cant.

No. 1377888

File: 1638151977574.jpeg (477.39 KB, 1170x1845, 702F3529-2D6C-481C-BEA0-5DF05D…)

“My teeth are nice” to getting veneers, in less than 3 weeks.

No. 1377910

the hilarious thing is that her teeth themselves were never bad. they looked very straight, even and fairly unstained. the problem is that she has that weird bite that makes her look toothless, even before she got fillers. the fillers made her look even more toothless.
so she got veneers… and the veneers don't make her look any different lmao her teeth actually look virtually the same and did not change the fact that she has that weird toothless grandma bite and lisp

No. 1377939

it's for archiving purposes, anon. cows will often change handles and make links obsolete or delete all together. it's so people reading this in the future can see what we're talking about!

No. 1378028

This reminds me of her boob job all over again.. she really must have gotten that dirty dentist discount

No. 1378043

Tiktok anon here, sorry using mobile online plus I can never watch the videos others post so I thought pics are better than none milk

No. 1378046

been using lolcow for years on both ios and android, could always watch webm. this sounds like a you problem nonnie

No. 1378052

Ntayrt but how. I’m on mobile and never have been able to watch a webm without downloading it to Dropbox and I did that once to see some horrific momokun shit—never again

No. 1378086

just use VLC

No. 1378158

The problem is Safari, it can't play webms on both mobile and desktop, use a different web browser, or download it to your phone and use VLC like >>1378086 suggests

No. 1378529

Her teeth WERE nice tbh. Her BDD is just so bad she doesn't realize it's her disgusting botched lips that ruined her mouth.

No. 1378690

File: 1638250899835.png (7.85 MB, 1170x2532, 01112096-F27B-4949-B747-F1E71C…)

God these comparison videos are dumb. She’s delusional. Her peak was a few years ago, it’s all been downhill since she got her tits done.

No. 1378691

File: 1638251025699.jpeg (503.93 KB, 1170x1934, 3A6C5774-E12F-4392-B975-D63FD7…)

The fried hair is horrifying.

No. 1378696

>I like getting old
meanwhile she refuses to let herself age naturally

No. 1378702

this is same grown woman who was trying to pretend she was turning 21 last month

No. 1378724

Exactly! She doesn’t enjoy aging. She enjoys plastic surgery.

No. 1378725

Thank you nonnie

No. 1378868

File: 1638281370591.webm (784.01 KB, 576x1024, before after.webm)

No. 1378874

butthole lips ft. bottom teeth that looks like dentures about to fall out. i love this new saga! please do more plastic surgery, ari

No. 1379083

I really don't understand her interpretation of freckles. It looks like she was standing too close to a car driving over a mud puddle and she got splattered

No. 1379260

File: 1638305371908.png (43.19 KB, 230x167, 01112096-F27B-4949-B747-F1E71C…)

is her mouth on upside down tho

No. 1379277

She's channeling Bubba from Forrest Gump with the over-exposed lower teeth.
"I wath bern with big gumth."

No. 1379412

Its nuts that she ruined perfectly healthy teeth for fake teeth that look way worse! I guess thats a trend she's following since so many influencers did the same. Cant wait for her to regret it and shit talk it just like dollskill, even though she hyped it up before. She'd do herself a bigger favour disolving her upper lip and attempting to get rid of her gross second inner lip

No. 1379699

Her teeth look the same and she's just as awkward as usual with yet another weird unnatural pose.

No. 1379701

File: 1638317763327.jpg (211.81 KB, 573x560, SmartSelect_20211130-191438_In…)

Meant to attach this

No. 1380361

Wow she really looks like a clone of check ya girl now lmao (not saying check ya gurl is original before people jump down my throat)

No. 1380599

File: 1638374549725.jpeg (402.11 KB, 1242x2114, 58290444-BCBF-4D62-96A0-4D6682…)

She finally got a pic with the DJ

No. 1380643

it's funny how she looks photoshopped into the photo kek

No. 1380705

Looking at his instagram really puts into perspective how trashy and almost scary-looking she is compared to the other girls she works with. I’m sure there are much worse that just don’t get posted online but ffs if I looked like her I’d feel really bad about myself compared to a lot of those other girls

No. 1380781

You can totally tell she took the picture with a heavy smoothing filter turned on since his face is so smooth and lacks a single wrinkle. In fact, his face is smoother than hers by far. I'm sure he didn't ask her to take a picture since the girls could use that against him and report him for creeping on them, so I'm laughing at the quality of people Ariana eagerly and desperately needs validation from.

No. 1381334

As much as I hate this bitch it seems like taking pics with the strippers is this guys thing judging by his page. I wouldn’t put it past Ari to ask him for a pic after seeing him post with all the other girls, but it’s a reach to say he wouldn’t request a pic because the strippers could report him for creeping- it goes right along with the atmosphere in most clubs and isn’t out of the ordinary

No. 1381859

My bad, I never looked at his profile. I can definitely see Ariana bitching the she isn't on his page with the other girls. I can also see get funny

No. 1381873

File: 1638431430456.jpeg (485.87 KB, 1125x872, FABDFF87-EDBE-4D11-9AE7-3C17D8…)

No. 1381875

File: 1638431451856.jpeg (791.72 KB, 1125x1339, 32514D77-9F83-42FD-9632-977D9B…)

No. 1381882

Such an obvious tweet to make and she’s only doing it defensively. She’s fucked herself on all three! Her work is tied to her socials which are linked to her real name. Her birth year is tattooed across her stomach. Her location might be a bit harder for the average joe to figure out but google leads you right to these threads which have screenshots of her doxxing her own location. What a fucking retard.

No. 1381919

File: 1638437428905.jpg (2.16 MB, 2560x2560, 21-12-02-04-29-46-255_deco.jpg)

The dancer he posted a pic with before is exactly what ari thinks she looks like lol

No. 1382037

All of them look pretty trashy, but I do agree with you that Ari looks downright terrifying compared to them. She also looks about 30 years older than the rest.

Also, I guess her Invisalign is useless, now that she has veneers? Total waste of money.

No. 1382064

i don't think she's ever cared about wasting money. i mean, maybe deep down, but i feel like she tries not to acknowledge or think about it. i wouldn't if i was her kek.

No. 1383038

File: 1638498210770.jpg (671.89 KB, 968x2135, Screenshot_20211202-212322_Twi…)

No. 1383141

omg is that normal for strippers/dancers? i feel like that just looks sad

No. 1383166

The bruising is definitely normal when you work the pole. That post however is her trying to flex that she gets bruised more than the other girls at work, but in reality it doesn't mean she's better at using the pole. Plus her tattoos are way more distracting.

No. 1383204

god her nose looks awful. seeing her next to a girl with a normal looking nose really shows how botched it is. she really should have just kept her last one, this is just sad.

No. 1383271

Bruising your knees is NOT normal for pole dancing! She's clearly rolling and crawling on the stage without ever having practiced dancing for most of her set. Also lacking iron will contribute to bruising.
Check out any pole dancers even the ones who post daily videos from a studio with hard floors and they don't have intense knee bruises. Your kneecaps never make contact with the pole! Ariana is literally spending her whole shift on her knees and I don't even wanna assume what activities contribute to that because I don't want to throw up. But she's definitely crawling in the stage and sitting on her shins bouncing around, which you can tell because she's kicking her calves with the sharp heel of her Pleasers.

No. 1383761

my bad, I know the bruises at the shins are an occupational hazard but the ones at the knees are probably from more than just dancing on the stage…

No. 1383885

Omg. This whore. She’s a cow herself and could deserve her own thread. She’s all plastic too, don’t be fooled. But it’s crazy how much better she actually looks next to Ariana because this bitch is literally in her mid 30s.

No. 1384146


sage because the veneer talk is a few days old and I'm echoing other farmers, but holy hell those are giant and so white, they're blinding. it's so unnatural and uncanny valley looking. contributes to the blow-up doll aesthetic she's going for I guess.

you're supposed to be able to hold a piece of paper up to your teeth, and if they're any whiter than that, it just looks plain weird and fake. I also can't believe she ruined her perfectly good teeth and committed to the crazy upkeep for such a weird looking smile. I liked her smile way more without the sausage lips, she actually looked human, but now her expressions just look painful and completely lack personality. I wonder how the veneers are gonna look when her face starts deflating even more with age.

No. 1384557

File: 1638608780557.jpg (Spoiler Image,528.87 KB, 1028x1753, Screenshot_20211204-040218_Sam…)

Kek. Only her booty is still flat as a pancake and still doesn't pop at all, not to mention her once a week crawling on the floor at the club isn't dancing at all.

No. 1384637

Every single nude this bitch posts ends up looking like a photo of corpse from the dark web

No. 1384638

Eurgh, is that Doormatt’s yellow spunk on her lower back? And the dirty, yellowing duvet with no sheet on it in shot…

No. 1384965

File: 1638648791747.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1125x1512, 4E8E207C-C376-42F3-8C34-5E8F88…)

Another post about her ”ass” including another awful photo

No. 1385080

“Fine this pic uncensored on OF” yet post an uncensored for free soon after. A true business woman.

No. 1385362

Girl if you can lay down and your asshole just shows like this without posing in an unnatural position or spreading your cheeks, you don’t have a fat ass.

No. 1385406

File: 1638693242204.jpeg (109.41 KB, 750x209, 4E0D410D-514F-4712-87B0-3FA059…)


No. 1385879

Says the eScOrT who obviously was so terrible about making the dude feel special that he refused to pay more than he had to. This was her first champagne room clearly. I bet she figured she could just do the same shit lap dance and wink at him and how dare he expect any special treatment!

No. 1385882

She's so great at her chosen career after telling people to come see her at the club and then trashing customers on social media. Way to reel in new customers!

No. 1386061

had the same thought, her nudes are straight up creepy. i dont follow her on twitter but do men actually like this? even Shayna has males lusting for her but i never see any response from males in screenshots itt

No. 1386074

File: 1638759998737.jpg (Spoiler Image,627.76 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20211205-220602_Twi…)

>>1384557 her ass hasn't changed at all since dancing

No. 1386095

It looks like she lost some mass, actually.

No. 1386152

lul what, this could literally be “after I ate dinner vs me in the morning today”. what is she on.

No. 1386349

Lmfao excuse me… which one is the before and which one is the after

No. 1386503

Agree lol this is just bloat vs no bloat

No. 1386524

File: 1638815264024.jpeg (575.51 KB, 1125x2009, 9FEA353D-941F-42F8-ACB6-FEA4D7…)

She posted this to her insta story a couple hours ago, but it’s deleted now. Why she decided to post it in the first place is impossible for me to understand

No. 1386562

File: 1638818285987.jpeg (139.55 KB, 423x377, 4E9BE4DD-3F79-4909-B4E8-3C6961…)

She looks like the human Ken doll

No. 1386580

Yeahhh…. She’s not a natural beauty as hard as she tries to be.

No. 1386595

This isn't even bloat. She's standing swaybacked to curve her lower back and make it appear like her "booty pops". If she actually corrected her posture and stacked her shoulders and hip bones she wouldn't have the bloated stomach of a malnourished Somalian child. All she's succeeding in is putting unnecessary pressure on her lower spine.

No. 1386597

She lost her ass kek

No. 1386600

Tf does her stupid shirt say? "I love long walks on the beach with my bf until the LSD wears off…" Does it end with "… and I realize the plastic surgery hasn't erased my mom's face from mine, my life is still depressing and hopeless, and DoorMatt is still ugly except now I'm married to him"?

No. 1386884

> I love long walks on the beach with my bf until the LSD wears off and I realize I'm just dragging a stolen mannequin around a Wendy's parking lot
No idea if you truly wanted to know but I was curious.

No. 1386966

Ahhh thank you! Yeah that sounds like an Ariana/ Florida trash shirt!

No. 1388622

File: 1639023401164.jpeg (734.2 KB, 3263x1835, 3652E2CF-9EE8-4A44-8971-C3A7C0…)

she's so deep /s

No. 1388759

why even do a q&a if you're just gonna write "idk" for every question lmfao

No. 1388831

I know this was meant to be rhetorical but how else will this bpdasshoe get her attention fix when she’s not crawling around on her knees at work or posting cringe-worthy tiktoks

No. 1388837

Lol I just opened it and wondered why someone would post something that looks like a creepshot taken while someone was asleep on her sexwork account.

No. 1389149

I believe she’s actually into it when someone fucks her while she sleeps? She made an onlyfans video of it

No. 1389993

Oh my god… her face is getting so long. She looks horrible. You can’t fix it past that point.

No. 1390299

File: 1639209045568.webm (2.9 MB, 720x1184, XRecorder_Edited_11122021_0245…)

She has a ShitTok claiming she just had undiagnosed ADHD previously and then posts other crazy videos like this deranged masterpiece… safe to say Ariana going to wOrK and looking like she lost muscle mass in addition to posting too many ShitToks is a sign she's just getting high on Adderall/ Ritalin

No. 1390301

No curtains, just mismatched drapes tacked over windows like a proper tweaker

No. 1390304

File: 1639209413517.webm (378.63 KB, 720x1152, XRecorder_Edited_11122021_0253…)

No. 1390307

Sorry, it froze somehow and I didn't feel like re-recording and trimming and converting and downloading and uploading again, but her badly contorted face is much easier to look at than her punchable face in motion

No. 1390704

thats just your raging bpd you crazy bint

No. 1391170

File: 1639336403078.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 633CC50E-08B9-47FC-9197-2DD602…)

Another before/after nosejob video and this one made me kek. THERES NO DIFFERENCE LMAO

No. 1391362

File: 1639349989639.webm (681.94 KB, 576x1024, Nose job check.webm)

No. 1391367

File: 1639350319860.webm (608.05 KB, 576x1024, Anyways idk who I am hahahah #…)

No. 1391371

File: 1639350594823.webm (1001.69 KB, 576x1024, every day lol.webm)

What’s sad is she doesn’t realise she looks more like the first clip than the second or do we think she tries to move her face as little as little as possible and maintain her angles at all times?

No. 1391704

She's definitely taking adhd meds for her newly "diagnosed" condition. She never had it before and was able to paint all night and finish things. I guarantee she just wanted a legal high.

No. 1391965

My first thought was those weird piles of blanket and the LITERAL SHOWER CURTAIN over her window. I'm used to her fucked up face, but the way she has invested her alleged "skripper" money into that instead of her hovel blows my mind. Depressing.

No. 1392545

That's because she hasn't used the $1000 she's made in 3 months. She uses it for "evidence" on social media that she's a skripper hunting for skripts.

No. 1394526

100% agree. There are some cows I can legitimately believe have ADD/ADHD, but this bitch ain't even on the radar of possibility.

No. 1394989

File: 1639711500566.jpg (757.74 KB, 1077x1734, Screenshot_20211216-222301_Ins…)

No. 1395010

What the fuck is that? A tick?

No. 1395017

Anon, it’s clearly going to be a spider hence her emoji, and you can faintly see the outline on her skin. I’m curious why if this is something she’s genuinely interested she only got that far on such a tiny ass tattoo? Girl puts in the most minimal effort into every new endeavor and then posts about them all like she’ll be making it her livelihood, I do not understand.
Also, tattoo pen? Is she trying to look more like a washed up junkie convict turned stripper with all these shit tattoos?

No. 1395984

I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even click on the photo or read the caption before commenting– thanks!

No. 1396009

Just another cockeyed tattoo going on another direction! It's hilarious that she thinks blowouts come from her sooo delIcAtE "tattoo pen" and doesn't realize they come from going in at the wrong angle and going too deep!
I guess I'm not at all surprised since all her "professional" tattoos have inconsistent line weight.
With all her bad tattoos, I'm just waiting for her to start her SoundClout page full of obnoxious yelling but with more cowbell.

No. 1396089

I'm excited for this new saga. Tattooing is permanent and can easily go wrong, and is a craft which takes years to perfect. Excited for some fresh milk.

No. 1396292

Oh boy. The retard bought a tattoo gun off Amazon… This will definitely turn her trashy life around for the better…

No. 1396523

She bought a tattoo pen, not a machine. Tattoos don't kill people either so there's no need to call it a gun like I'm sure Ariana does.

No. 1396524

She had to buy a "tattoo pen" which is a joke of a tool since she couldn't be bothered learning how to set up a machine and buy real supplies like tubes. I'm sure she also felt it would be similar to her stick and poke days, too.
I'm laughing just imagining how she's hoping this pEn will lead to an apprenticeship, just like how her stick on nails to manicurist career pipeline worked out.

No. 1396840

File: 1639894943287.jpg (575.29 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20211219-012202_Twi…)

No. 1396848

lol what the fuck is going on

No. 1396867

File: 1639897899833.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, C1E9B66F-42A6-4971-B770-1B0608…)

Nonnies this cow is dissolving her fillers again.


No. 1396889

File: 1639900524257.png (192.93 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20211219-025443.png)

She sounds so retarded

No. 1396916

tbf she is right but she didn't have to be such a bitch about it. I had really conservative lip filler and swelled even worse than her lol. she should just stop getting her lips filled at this point though it's just stretching out her philtrum & weighing her face down

No. 1397047

She’s just trying to get ppl to talk again so she showed what’s really going on inside her mouth..

‘people heal differently’ .. it’s called noticing how bad it’s getting and doing something about it sooner.

No. 1397398

anon your dentist is retarded. You get a crown if you need a root canal and you need a root canal if your tooth is infected at the nerve. The only alternative to a root canal is having the tooth pulled. Your dentist isn't trying to help you by not getting you a crown, he's being lazy. Root canaled teeth without a crown last a few years. Vanners are different because they don't use a post to hold the veneer on and the nerve is still alive which is what makes them fucking retarded to get in the first place.
well if she's being doing it for years there's no issue!

No. 1397462

She is just $$$ to these people. Her face has been fucked since last year. She’s a lost cause.

No. 1397653

Op here and you don't even know what's wrong with my teeth as I didn't get or need a root canal. Derailing from a post ages ago isn't important. The whole point is ruining natural teeth if it's unnecessary is pointless and stupid. Ariana always does unnecessary bullshit. That's why she's a cow.

No. 1397971

File: 1640038663138.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 0AD881CC-8A7F-4FB5-97FB-847912…)


No. 1398054

File: 1640048347308.webm (1.85 MB, 576x1024, Dissolver hurts so bad I can’t…)

No. 1398055

File: 1640048455508.webm (2.69 MB, 576x1024, My lips are so tiny help hahah…)

Ariana, please! They’re still huge compared to your original lips

No. 1398059

File: 1640048802672.webm (979.73 KB, 720x1280, Come thee me?.webm)

I still don’t get the veneers

No. 1398272

File: 1640064101606.jpeg (111.4 KB, 750x776, 6233FED6-478D-4219-8742-C9AE1F…)

Her old face is showing

No. 1398373

From defined beak nose to a wide pig snout with large teeth. I'm sure her old dog is like, "So glad i donated to my evil mom's cartoon pig look instead of fixing the pain in my hips!"

No. 1398374

Her old face is always showing. That's why clown makeup and super black fReCkLeS to cover her pimple are caked on in an attempt to "distract" as she's said before.

No. 1398400

Do scrotes really get off on this terrifying clown/drag make up? It looks bad with this filter I dread to think what she looks like IRL

No. 1398501

she’s spent tens and tens of thousands on surgery and fillers and buys cartier or whatever but she hangs mismatched curtains over her bedroom window with nails instead of a curtain rod. love this cow

No. 1398536

No, she gets virtually 0 engagement

No. 1398978

She’s trailer park rich which is the poor people way of getting money and blowing it on stupid designer stuff and crap that’s worthless trust to show off like they can afford it even though they idk hang fucking sheets up as curtains. I don’t hate poor people but I dislike the people who stick with the dumbest way to be poor

No. 1398987

File: 1640137732830.jpg (356.08 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20211221-204508_Twi…)

She tweets and deletes so often.

No. 1399100

What was the point of getting her fillers dissolved/redone if she’s just going to overline a moustache’s worth of lipstick on her upper lip??

No. 1399206

The left looks so much better and is still too much.

No. 1399224

Yes it looks like she is living in a trap house.. white trash as anon said

No. 1399752

File: 1640225348095.jpeg (323.29 KB, 1170x1423, 06F67471-11E6-4B13-BD4A-9421F9…)

Ariana’s face of the day

No. 1399837

Man the lighter makeup and lips dissolved is a huge improvement. She's never going to be able to fix that nose job though, how did they manage to make it look both bulbous and pointy at the same time?

No. 1399956

Lighter makeup than her usual drag queen performance look, but still really heavy handed. Plus those freckles are only slightly less disturbing than the deep black ones the goes ham with.

No. 1400127

Her lips are looking SO good! Hate that she’s gonna pump em up again

No. 1400553

Anon pls, those lips never looked good

No. 1400742

File: 1640343004869.jpg (819.66 KB, 1076x1919, Screenshot_20211224-054929_Ins…)

Looks like she finally got covid

No. 1401297

File: 1640393692562.png (2.37 MB, 828x1792, 478F84C5-F0CC-44B9-B689-02A7C3…)

Surprise surprise. /s

No. 1401303

Yeah right she was vaxxed. She would have mentioned getting it. Instead she just talked about being worried about if she should get it or not on TikTok and insta

No. 1401413

Plus you'd think she'd know the vaccine doesn't 100% keep you from getting covid lol

No. 1401452

The vaccine doesn’t stop you from contracting covid, it only reduces the likelihood of getting seriously ill from it. She’s probably one of these idiots who thinks just because she’s vaccinated she doesn’t have to wear a mask or take other precautions

No. 1401797

File: 1640503465545.jpeg (492.89 KB, 1170x2018, DF9313B9-A563-4B54-A8C0-B66870…)

No. 1401806

Unless she can't breathe without a ventilator they're just going to send her home. She's wasting everyone's time and exposing them all to covid. What a dummy.

No. 1401833

Her skin is the same color as her driver's license looking profile pic.
I'm not surprised she got covid since she never wears a mask in her mirror selfies at the club. She probably only wears one when she's forced to. Plus it's hard to keep your distance from other people with questionable vaccination status when 2 times a month you're grinding on them while mouth breathing for less than minimum wage

No. 1401845

File: 1640511910809.webm (781.4 KB, 720x1184, XRecorder_Edited_26122021_0440…)

Imagine having a high fever and bringing your covid infected flat ass to the ER, yet still being able to make a ShitTok with your last dYiNg breath.

No. 1401906

Her old face is so clear here. Also all these cows getting covid and acting shocked after taking 0 precautions are really cracking me up

No. 1402031

File: 1640544886974.jpeg (437.45 KB, 1170x2143, A8E68AC2-D020-4915-AB4F-486FE0…)

her oxygen level is 98% which is totally normal so yeah they're just going to send her home kek

No. 1402039

Just being dramatic for no reason. 90 is absolutely normal.

No. 1402055

I don't follow this cow much but the OP image annoys me. It's normal for discharge to be somewhat thick when a woman is ovulating. Of all the disgusting things she says and does, why choose to nitpick the consistency of her discharge? It's not exactly something she has much control over (unless she has some kind of untreated yeast infection.) If you think discharge is always perfectly clear and smooth, you're pornsick.

No. 1402079

It’s not making fun of her discharge consistency it’s making fun of the fact that she regularly has yeast infections from poor hygiene and wearing the same ratty grey thong over and over again

No. 1402099

just assuming your 90 was a typo for 98. 90 is not normal. especially if symptomatic. but yah, 98 is fine. she prob has a shitty case of it cuz she’s careless with her body and health. she’s def being over dramatic

No. 1402100

Ariana is an anthropomorphic yeast infection

No. 1402107

File: 1640552625633.png (2.03 MB, 828x1792, 607A36AA-1D56-4A92-8D51-427490…)

The never ending parade of procedures continues

No. 1402147

She's definitely fine if her concerns rn are getting more work done ahhaha

No. 1402280

Of course she feels like she can't breathe after 3 failed nose jobs, eating like shit and incorrectly using a bong. Idiot whore

No. 1402419

You know what should be normal though? Posting the actual ShitTok video and not just a screenshot.

Let's make that as normal as 98% oxygen.

No. 1402420

I don't recall how she smokes a bong since I'm usually staring in awe at how fucked up her lips and nose are, but does she not know to pull the bowl out to get the smoke out?

No. 1402451

does anyone have a video of this kek

No. 1402558

They might be referring to her constantly taking hot dabs and using a dirty charred banger and filthy rig. Dabs are supposed to be taken low temp enough that you don’t burn them and then you’re supposed to clean any residue out of the nail but she just lets hers build up and get burnt so every time she does a dab she’s inhaling the burnt shit on her nail. Yay lung cancer. Her bong is gross too. She’s just gross. I don’t believe they meant that she doesn’t actually know how to pull the bowl to clear a bong lol?

No. 1403679

File: 1640737214182.jpeg (211.12 KB, 1242x1645, 3FB0EE60-5483-492A-AB41-B869F7…)

so this is old milk but i was browsing the botched surgeries sub by most popular and guess who is in spot #8? our very own girl! check out how many upvotes she got, pretty crazy. the comments are hilarious

No. 1405887

I checked around most of her socials and didn't see anything, but has anyone seen posts from Ari in any way since she was hospitalized?

No. 1406111

File: 1641014997285.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1492, 58B2E83F-21D9-4864-A5F0-A3800C…)

yes she posted to her instagram

No. 1406169

No. 1406202