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File: 1535304879721.jpeg (430.64 KB, 1080x899, 1B2E5228-4603-456C-80CB-1A7ABF…)

No. 673730

23 year old plastic surgery addict/instahoe/sexworker/model.

>A true narcissist, posts before and after pics of her surgery literally nonstop

>"Doesn't care what you think" but will sperg at the slightest rustle of her jimmies
>Obligatory ~BPD~ sufferer
>Will stop at nothing to look as fucked as possible; just got her boobs done and is already planning her next surgery
>Begs her followers to buy her private snapchat where she lisps incoherently for hours through her clown mouth

Links: https://www.instagram.com/plasticandproud/
"ASMR w/ PlasticAndProud | Dolls Kill"

No. 673777

> 638648
first thread link

No. 673818

File: 1535312939067.jpeg (283.45 KB, 750x1115, 4430433B-EDCC-4632-9F46-039AA1…)

“Looks from clothes and makeup”
Or how about your face being fucking jacked from plastic surgery and coke bloat

No. 673879

File: 1535316453447.jpg (816.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180826-164612.jpg)

Why tf is there a plumbob from The Sims in the middle??

No. 673888


No. 673906

her art could be actually really nice, she has skill. but i bet you $100 shes gonna shade this to look like a ballsack, again, as shown in the last thread. such a shame

No. 673913

Lol all she does is hands. That's like middle School level shit and it still looks awful. She needs to practice more on paper before she tries to do these works she thinks are sellable on these dumbass wood slabs.

No. 673944

they probs wonderin why those titties are cross eyed

No. 673983

On her snap she’s literally like I’m taking the two first wood plaques off because I’m gonna proud of them and my followers are brokeass teenagers

No. 674003

She was also ranting AGAIN on IG about how unbothered she is by this thread. She claimed her followers were sending her a lot of messages about the thread then asked them ti stop because she can guarantee they're (by they she meant her followers lmao) more bothered by lolcow than her…. Apparently also we all hate her because she blocked us or is prettier and more "successful"

No. 674004

She says that about everyone who doesn't react the exact way she wants and give her the recognition she feels entitled to. "Angry ugly broke teenagers"

Get new insults not everyone values looks, age and superficial attributes the way you do, Ariana. That's why you only started feeling proud of yourself AFTER you butchered yourself to the point you consider attractive. Lmaooo

No. 674005

File: 1535326313576.jpg (118.07 KB, 532x452, SmartSelect_20180826-193103_In…)

"Talented" artist but every broken nail breaks the exact same way

No. 674019

All I can see are faceless worms with mohawks popping up out of the ground

No. 674074

On her snap she said that she’s printing t shirts with the meme created here and that’s “400 bucks in her pocket” as well as her sd sending 50 and 100 bucks for ass pictures and then she proceeds to talk about how she used to take it up the ass but doesn’t anymore because matt has a “huge wiener”

No. 674076

Wouldn't it cost money to make the tshirts tho?

No. 674081

File: 1535334686048.jpeg (239 KB, 750x1100, DF4FA684-3E16-4225-875D-7FAF26…)


No. 674082

Not if you use a vendor or site that allows you to upload images onto the t-shirt

No. 674087

File: 1535335663684.jpeg (584.28 KB, 750x1095, 2DD3B480-8234-486B-8E61-C1F593…)

She’s living her best life guys. Life is perfect. She has great credit and pays her bills and has the perfect fiancé. Who is she trying to convince?

I’m going to go vomit now.

No. 674088


Her parents must be so proud.

Imagine having a fiancé and being this fucking thristy for attention.

No. 674090

No matter which way she chooses to sell them she would have to sell many many shirts to make her “$400”. Considering only 2 of her prints sold that’s obviously not gonna happen. Knowing her she’ll probably charge $30+ per shirt. And I thought her followers were “broke teenagers”? Either way, anyone who willingly pays money for a t shirt of an internet stranger’s face photoshopped onto a sex doll is a weirdo.

No. 674110

I wish the content created here was copywritten somehow lmao that would be such icing on her shitty cake.

No. 674114

>great credit
>up to my eyeballs in debt
literally pick one

No. 674115

Well if she's living the picture perfect life, then why TF is she always on Instagram or snap screeching and bitching about dumb things and claiming everyone is totes so jealous of her. Words don't mean a damn thing when she's gonna turn around in like an hour and start complaining again

No. 674119

>great with money
>begs for money on tumblr

No. 674125

This is just asking for a paragraph of everything wrong with her tbh

No. 674147

File: 1535341163689.jpeg (315.78 KB, 750x1094, A9CB514D-3880-42AF-BC99-EA2D4A…)

“I’m so proud of myself look at my art”
>fan actually wants to buy one
“I don’t want to sell them”

No. 674162

lol ofc not cus she needs to keep them to look at and like that girl is thinkin ok $20? but they're really gonna be over 100 for some shitty hands on a piece of wood that doesn't fit with anyones style

You know she's just gonna stay at this skill level too

No. 674177

The only people who would want to buy these are teenagers.

No. 674224

File: 1535352611431.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180827-022440_Ins…)


No. 674268

isn't it like a theft? lol
author-chan please report it as soon as she lists the shirts. I'm sure her shop may go down because of this(Cowtipping)

No. 674342

File: 1535377699070.png (5.17 MB, 1125x2436, 9E0A4091-B303-4BCF-9110-A3D57D…)

One of her photographer friends she used to hang out with all time & do shoots with posted this in her stories. Look familiar? Did pnp straight up rip off her friend??

No. 674346

she probably got the idea from them, but these are almost worse

No. 674373

No. 674456

Does she ever go to public? What does her social life consist of? Going to the park walking DoorMatt & the dog and sitting in the house taking selfies. I imagine people in the parks just think she's crazy wearing a photoshoot makeup and slutty clothes, as if squirrels could care.

Next time her cucks take her to the restaurant, she should make sure to show some proof she's having social life, so we could be even more jealous of her glamorous happy life of a celebrity cough-cough. Why spending so much money on operations if nobody can see your beauty? Lol. I can't see anything on her insta proving that she's having any sort of interesting or meaningful life, because people who have that would at least not only post selfies made in the shit hole house and inside their bathroom.

Also wondering if she has any future plans to have any sort of life at all, I dunno, partying for example, going to museums, finding a better place to live. She's how old? 20? And spends all her time sitting on bed. And she's anxious of opinions of the people on the internet. Pathetic really.

No. 674462

lol she's about to be 24

No. 674506

when she started with the whole „I wanna have a baby and be a kewl mom!!11“ a few months ago I felt so sorry for her non-existent child… just imagine your mom doing drugs, being mentally unstable, not going to therapy, living in a chaotic/Dirty place, not taking her medication and being a rude, ignorant person in general. Luckily she’s not talking about that anymore and doing coke/being jobless instead lol

No. 674510

File: 1535397135204.png (507.96 KB, 923x538, spencer's.png)

No. 674512

>getting hair done next week is a life accomplishment

No. 674515

I'm laughing because Spencer's reached out to random tattooed/alternative looking people. I know people who have modeled for them who are definitely not models or even have an online following.

No. 674550

She really thinks modeling for Spencer's is brag-worthy? Who even shops there? Middleschoolers with their parent's money..

No. 674564

File: 1535402882359.png (501.42 KB, 904x544, revenge.png)

No. 674591

File: 1535406267935.jpg (231.23 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(49).jpg)


No. 674592

File: 1535406296101.jpg (248.83 KB, 750x1334, Image-2.jpg)

Good luck Luna Slater

No. 674602

i mean…. art is only worth what someone will pay for it lol. you can think it's "worth $150" but if it looks like trash to someone else, obviously you aren't going to sell it. the delusions keep running deeper and deeper…

No. 674613

Girl those brows.
Those are two girls who WISH they were sisters.

No. 674621

They're really worth 30-50 bucks tbh
You don't determine your own worth when you're just starting out as an artist and have 0 originality and minimal skills lol she is so delusional. She has never been great at anything just mediocre at a few..

No. 674626

That and I'm pretty sure she only spent like a day or two each on all of them. There are artists that spend a week or more on pieces they sell for $100+ lol

No. 674639

I know what she does for a living she knows a very wealthy respected man and does a very simple house keeping task for him

No. 674655

Did this dumb bitch really compare getting plastic surgery many times in her 20s to be the same qualifications that one would need to provixe a paid consultation as an actual surgeon? I am gagged lmfao how can someone be so ignorant and conceded?

No. 674656

It’s called a sugar baby we know what she “does”

No. 674657

Proof? Details?
You don't have to out yourself or anything but that's a pretty bold claim considering she tries to discredit everything that's posted here.

No. 674671

She literally cannot take a shit without bragging about it I highly doubt she's secretly working for some rich man

No. 674695

File: 1535418959141.jpg (250.94 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(50).jpg)

Lmao what advice?

>insert Tyler the creator cyber bully meme

No. 674699

Been following her for over (sadly) a year now when she sat around 10k followers. I remember during one of her lisp rants she said her therapist she sees advised heavily against her going back and getting her lips injected again. So she bragged about hiding it from her therapist.
Why do you even go to a therapist then… like what are you trying to achieve……..

No. 674718

File: 1535421236721.jpeg (801.55 KB, 750x1251, 4F03195D-4A5C-450D-99B3-51F41C…)

Omfg shave your pits 🤢. She always looks in desperate need of a shower.

No. 674719

Whatever anon

No. 674721

nta but there's nothing unhygienic about not shaving. she does need to shower though, her mop is always so greasy it makes my skin crawl.

No. 674727

You need to lurk more and learn to integrate before you catch yourself a ban

No. 674751

i really don’t know why she’s gotta be a big bitch about everything. if you hate peoples commentary, stop putting your dumb ass on blast on social media. she’s so stupid.

No. 674766

I wonder what her therapist thinks about her social media following and how that affects her BPD

No. 674785

i really doubt she sees a therapist anymore

No. 674795

File: 1535427865274.jpeg (780.27 KB, 2048x2048, image1(2).jpeg)

This is how she treats a potential customer that actually wants to pay $500 for that garbage
She really wants people to beg its so unattractive
Also I'm like 98% sure that was a troll cuz who on earth would offer her that much money for such shitty quality arts n crafts projects

No. 674806

She is on her snap literally saying she’s going to call the internet police and get people’s IP addresses and dox them/send their families hate on Facebook and she knows a lot of shit because “she watches forensic files”

No. 674810

God that is hilarious. I don't think its that ridiculous that some people have paid for her snap to hatewatch her, its pure entertainment. She's such a train wreck.

No. 674815

Lol how foolish. As if the police don't have better things to do. Also, actual celebrities get way more hate online and you don't see the police knocking on anyone of their haters' doors.

No. 674826

File: 1535431654606.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 5E2AAD7A-9737-4691-AACD-6A0677…)

No. 674827

LOL this bitch didn’t even know what the “PR” meant in a PR package let alone anything to do with IP addresses or doxx’ing in general lmfao. As fucking if.

No. 674829

She’s talking about how people are “threatening her real life outside the internet”

No. 674832

She’s saying on her snap that she put a lot of “thought and effort” into her drawings that she’s selling and doesn’t want to “undermine her work” and wants to sell the large wood piece for over $250

No. 674834

Why can't I see her teeth when she talks? It looks like she has no teeth and her mouth is a black hole.

No. 674852

Oh god I noticed this too, it's so uncanny and creepy

No. 674866

File: 1535440800732.jpeg (539.11 KB, 2048x2048, 05D9C14C-4391-429F-9CF7-01B52E…)

scrolled past kylie’s ig post then saw pnp’s right after. just kinda shows how absolutely fucked her plastic surgery really is compared to decent work. its so jarring.

No. 674874

Reasonably she should price the smaller ones like 20 or 25 and the bigger one MAYBE 40-5. She clearly didn't put that much effort into them. I could make ones exactly like those very easily.

No. 674909

Honestly I’ve been thinking about copying these exactly and pretend I’m selling them for 1 dollar a pop. Etsy item title:mediocre hands on craft store wood, <2 hours work each, unoriginal mock of unoriginal content

No. 674942

How is this cowtipping? This doesn't even fit in the "expanded" definition. Maybe more like a personal army. I do agree that selling stuff with a graphic someone else made is legally shady.

yeah I think that was just some kind of a mood swing. A caprice, one of many. Good thing she didn't act on it, oh God imagine the mess. If a puppy was too much work for her…

probably because she's cleaning the place or something and it doesn't fit her edgy persona.

No. 674984

File: 1535465191391.png (1.75 MB, 872x1188, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 10.0…)

I hate her make-up so fucking much. the fake freckle trend is so ugly

No. 674987

File: 1535465339724.png (1.69 MB, 1012x1182, Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 10.0…)

she looked so much better pre surgeries and instahoe make-up wow

No. 674998

She clearly already had a bunch of surgeries/injections in this one

No. 675002

This Must have been before she stopped washing herself.

No. 675014

Drinking makes your blood vessels expand and sometimes they burst. The effect on the skin is becoming permanent. Most common area: nose.

Thus: alcoholic makeup trend.

So cool and successful.

Btw jfyi: you can buy a bottle of wine in Belgium for 1.79€

No. 675016

True but at least she looked normal. I have no clue how one could think those ridiculous lip fillers look better than what her lips looked like in that photo.

No. 675017

the greasy film over her face literally makes me want to vomit how can someone be so unaware

No. 675033

The lack of washing her hair is probably why she has such bad dry scalp/scaling. I have it too and when I don’t wash my hair enough my scalp turns into lizard skin.

No. 675037

Yeah and didn’t she just say the other day she made it in one night? What a delusional lying bitch.

No. 675093

File: 1535480583038.png (702.81 KB, 927x540, thriving.png)

No. 675100

File: 1535480886991.jpg (515.85 KB, 1080x1301, SmartSelect_20180828-142740_In…)

STILL addressing the haters that she is totally unbothered by

No. 675103

She’s obsessed with us. She’s our biggest fan. She’s just jealous of us.

No. 675105

When your success is literally you sitting in your sweaty ass bed drawing ballsack hands on pieces of store bought wood, having no insurance or net worth, and turning your boyfriend into a cuck.
Ahh… success indeed.

No. 675109

Fr this bitch didn’t even Make the wood but is acting like she did and charging >$100 for shitty doodling using her cheapest Michaels paint headass
It’s fine though I hope all the Luna Slating ends her up in /pt

No. 675133

File: 1535486031631.jpg (650.23 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20180828-154822_Ins…)

Why would I be jealous of someone who has to beg her followers for EVERYTHING?

Money, support, companionship, validation, her entire career was created by begging for attention online. She has no expertise or skill, the only reason she is even able to model is because she has a following and a ton of plastic surgery. Modeling gigs aren't based off of your portfolio when it comes to instagream. What has she really achieved? Putting herself in debt and seeming extremely desperate for money she doesn't deserve.

Anddd after all of that, she still has to beg for people to keep her company because she is a friendless narc loser.

I'm totally a jealous h8r of her sooper successful lyfe

No. 675141

She keeps saying she's so ~successful~ how? what am I meant to be jealous of?

No. 675147

I hate when skinny girls get breast implants. It NEVER suits their frame. What a shame.

No. 675150

File: 1535487572679.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180828-161638_Ins…)

I agree. It makes her look way worse. The medium-large breast implants are completely disproportionate to her "naturally" skinny frame. Her lack of ass and hips make her look top heavy. As she gains weight it will probably look more obvious too lol

No. 675151

High five, anon. Offtop but I can't agree enough and this trend is just awful and should diiiiiie asap (and take greasy skin look). How did it start though? There are lots of skinny girls getting boobs and it's just infuriating.

No. 675152

Sage this but well skinny or not bolt ons don’t look good on anyone unless you’re going for the bimbo aesthetic. They’re the least of Ariana’s problems though I’m surprised they haven’t rotted off her since she’s so damn gross on the inside.

No. 675164

when u got that severe body dysmorphia
lets see how successful she will be in 10 years when shes 34 and a worn out bag of plastic and bones LOL

No. 675243

Imagine paying so much for multiple as surgeries and still using facetune? Lol

No. 675256

how can you tell she used face tune? also what surgeries has she had?

No. 675260

Different anon but, she used to talk about it a lot before she got big. And ~exposed~ Babytrash for using it well its kinda obvious she copied everything from that woman. I wouldn’t doubt it.

No. 675270

File: 1535499984926.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 33320CF7-2370-4AF3-868B-52A867…)

Could be wrong but I think that’s her huge ass vibrator just plopped out on the bed with her animals running around on it , Jesus she is so trashy.

No. 675277

what level of cluster b delusional does she have to be to think anyone is jealous of her? she's an untalented, friendless NEET. her bolt-ons suck, her make-up sucks, her mental health sucks, her personality sucks… her life sucks. why would anyone be jealous of someone whose life is objectively worse than the average 20-something's? because she has a few thousand ig followers? as if they won't eventually realize how rotten she is and unfollow kek.

sage for rant

No. 675302

how tf do you even rack up that much debt unless she went to college which she didn't right? all plastic surgery expenses? maybe i'm just naive but it seems that seems like a lot. I guess she doesn't have a job or anything though so she uses credit cards to pay for everything…

I can't believe she spends so much time on her makeup yet ends up looking like this… she could've showered in the same amount of time

she's not bothered tho. also does she ever leave the house? she seems like she would love shitting on other girls on lolcow tbh

No. 675311

Yeah that's definitely her vibrator lmao gross

No. 675320

File: 1535505052431.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x2560, 18-08-28-21-09-33-464_deco.jpg)

The person didn't even respond so prolapsed and fans got confident and went off in the reply section. Pathetic

No. 675325

Alright I’m going to sound like a noob I don’t care can someone please explain what happened with babytrash? I know they had the foursome and she got jealous but I mean more so when did her copying babytrash start?

No. 675484

File: 1535530019004.jpg (1.53 MB, 2550x1887, 20180829_040628.jpg)

No. 675486


No. 675503

yes, you do sound like a noob. This ain't Onsion with 1029 threads. Read the first thread

No. 675516

It gets me giddy knowing it’s just a matter of time! Ariana McMillan is so sick in the head she’ll keep butchering her face until she looks like this or worse.

No. 675636

File: 1535561431559.jpeg (240.55 KB, 476x427, B67C52DE-DEAF-40AF-AC46-1B9280…)

“Successful” “70k a year”

No. 675637

it just makes me laugh how she spends like literally every single day just liking her ass sucking fans positive comments in defense of anything someone comments negatively

No. 675638

this comparison is too on point.

No. 675644


An expert discussing what makes you self confident and what makes you a narcissist. Ties in social media and vlogging nicely too

No. 675737

File: 1535570302988.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180829-151630_Ins…)

Why shower when you can pin your wet-with-grease bangs back and put way too much makeup on to create the illusion of proper hygiene

No. 675744

Damn look at all that filthy smoke damage on the ceiling and walls. Luna would be proud

No. 675753

fuckin gross. she looks like she smells like cat piss (even though pretty sure she doesn't have a cat) and that place looks like…bedbug/roach infested.
But I'm just you know, jealous of her crosseyed tiddies, no job, tenement she lives in, body dysmorphia, poor hygiene and that (probably) mentally challenged ogre boyfriend of hers. Totally….

No. 675768

This looks like a Pokémon evolution

No. 675769

I think her nose is all red from her botched surgery, she said there were so many problems with it so im not surprised she has so much erythema

No. 675771

She does have a cat, noob. There is a picture of her cat a few posts up. She looks like the type of trash to never clean her cats litter box
Her lips from this angle look botched.

No. 675781

oops. Totally lost track of which of her pets she hasn't killed yet. Smell confirmed, though.

No. 675798

I wonder if she genuinely thinks she's successful? I mean, i'm guessing her parents are poor, poor enough that they can't afford health care (she doesn't have health care and she's young enough to still be covered by their policy), and from what she's posted her parents sound psycho. She also seems to think having large amounts of debt is normal…

No. 675802

pretty sure her nose is red bc she puts red makeup on it

No. 675818

well if anyone would put red makeup on their nose it would be her

No. 675825

large amounts of debt are pretty normal in this day and age tbh. not that it's a good thing, but you shouldn't be THAT surprised.

No. 675832

File: 1535576324989.png (711.2 KB, 812x598, 2018-08-29 16_57_00-@plastican…)

she really went and did it
also – i can smell doormatt's breath from here

No. 675834

alright so we taking bets for the price? im thinking 40

No. 675841

File: 1535576746717.jpg (48.35 KB, 1077x293, SmartSelect_20180829-170506_In…)

She should sell the shirts for like $60 as to not downgrade her expertise

No. 675843

Did she really shower AFTER people on the hate forum called out her greasy hair LMAO

No. 675845

File: 1535576863052.jpg (337.66 KB, 884x1057, SmartSelect_20180829-170651_Ch…)

No. 675846

right…. except angelina jolie didn't give herself a man jaw and her lips are actually real. her followers freak me out. they are just as delusional as she is.

No. 675850

it kind of looks like it might just be that greasy

No. 675852

File: 1535576977772.jpg (146.68 KB, 1080x668, SmartSelect_20180829-170916_In…)


No. 675858

Her house is absolutely disgusting. She lives in a shithole.
She is completely delusional and her personality is nasty. Also she fucks guys for a couple of bucks.

No. 675871

File: 1535577858603.png (2.35 MB, 1432x1673, Screenshot_2018-08-29-16-14-39…)

Found our cow in an AliExpress listing

No. 675876

why does she think anyone will buy a shirt with a random insta hoes boyfriend on it

literally no one irl would even get the joke if someone asked you what your shirt means what would you say
>oh uh theres this instagram girl that has a lot of plastic surgery

No. 675878

>and that's her boyfriend, he's a mailman

No. 675883

I noticed that right after she quit her day job and started to utilize her insta followers for money she changed her tune about meeting her fans out and about, and saying "I got meds now Im cool with meeting you guys" no, once your followers were getting that app and paying you to promo their page is when you changed your tune. I lost respect for her after that.

No. 675902

I just can’t believe what a goddamn cuck dweeb her boyfriend is - look at him grinning and proud of his girl for marketing T-shirt’s with her as a plastic blowup fuck doll. As if they are clever 😂

After the original thread blew up her sugardaddy Work she started talking about being a sex worker in her ig stories - so we basically just have to point out why she’s shit and she will publicly embrace those things to look clever and confident 😂

Next I predict she will start talking about how washing your hair is bad for it and bathing too often dries out your skin and start a white trash no hygiene beauty guru move

No. 675909

File: 1535580165719.jpeg (104.55 KB, 750x353, 68495641-1186-4636-BE5E-829D32…)


No. 675989

She said on her snap she is using hot water and dish soap to get the color to fade faster. That will fuck up anybody's scalp…

No. 675992

I would think she's just using the soap on her ends and not her whole head

No. 676010

File: 1535589842489.jpg (552.53 KB, 750x1070, IMG_8061.jpg)

Nah she's bathing in the river like a rat

No. 676019

She deleted this post kek

No. 676030

her boyfriend is so ugly…that soyboy smile ew

No. 676041

Wow she's got this thread open at all times apparently she's so obsessed with us

She still hasn't put the shirt on her etsy and its 9 pm hmmmm

No. 676045

The way she quit her job also made me lose respect for her - over the phone, no notice. Obviously I don’t really know the environment but to so publicly call out her employers and act that way was painful to watch. Car crash

No. 676090

Ewww it's gross how she obviously hardly showers then goes swimming in a river daily lol

No. 676118

File: 1535600153727.jpg (638.21 KB, 1080x1551, SmartSelect_20180829-233510_In…)

Why would you go swimming in a dirty ass river with a full face of makeup on? That's so unnecessary and bad for your skin lol

No. 676119

File: 1535600335127.jpg (79.74 KB, 1070x340, SmartSelect_20180829-233840_In…)


No. 676136

Guys this janky bitch on her private snap (lol) is literally bragging about how her makeup didn’t come off even though she went swimming then got ‘fucked too hard’ and now she’s… dressed to go out for dinner…

No. 676150

I'm sorry but I can not get over how gross Matt's teeth are. Whoever
zoomed in on that pic got me dyeing 😂😂😂

No. 676164

File: 1535607610543.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, D7E37399-94FC-4A4A-8832-2FB5E7…)

shirts up on her etsy for $20 and it looks like people have already bought it

No. 676166

File: 1535608346470.png (366.96 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180829-224847.png)

This hoe

No. 676175

not bothered at all!!!

No. 676181

Maybe her mom bought one? Or some cousin? “Hey, that’s my famous relative, she has insta and her haturz mock her a lot on lolcow”. I dunno who’s her target audience?

No. 676201

Are you sure people have bought any? I feel like she'd be bragging lol

No. 676202

That doesn't mean anyone bought any, that's the amount she listed for sale.

No. 676207

She made 2, she is keeping one so there’s only one left for sale.

No. 676210

she said she made 10 but no one would ever buy this crap anyway

No. 676255

I was looking at her other thread and saw the pic of her and her mother captioned "me and a demon". Do all bpdfags viscerally hate their mothers? Every bpdfag I follow for lols and some I knew irl absolutely fucking hate their mothers.

No. 676284

um the jokes still on you though?

No. 676294

Sry to be that person but I am diagnosed BPD and I don't hate my parents. However being so irritable sometimes you always go to hurt the ones you love that won't leave you.

I don't think she has BPD though, she has no shame. Most people with BPD feel a lot of shame. She's more likely a narcicisst but I guess thats not trending right now.

And if she makes so much money why not seek treatment for BPD? Probably because she has NPD and there's no known treatment for that.
She so obviously uses mental illness as an excuse for being shitty, she's the worst.
So sry/sage for arm chair and blog

No. 676299

lol ok bpdfag

No. 676301

its for the photo. she probably went in once to make her hair wet then took the photo posted it on ig then went home.

No. 676304

sage your bullshitting. this is how we get autosaged.

No. 676307

Why does the image look like a fucking Avery iron-on.

No. 676318

I like how she was screeching about the person who drew her saying they can’t steal and profit off her face.. and now she stole someone else’s work and is profiting off it lol does anyone else find that a bit hypocritical?

No. 676322

seriously why is no one making a stink about this

No. 676392

what is anyone supposed to do about it without coming off anon?

No. 676400

Arm chair/ OT bullshittin
Lmao yes at least at one parent, afterall someone must have fucked them up right?
Not all narcs are borderline but all borderlines can be outwardly narcissistic
High functioning self aware ones though will put in work to heal instead of glorifying being a shit and embracing it for ig points
I wouldnt deny the possibility of her having bpd tbh but i get not wanting to be lumped with that as she’d be presenting the worst case scenario that singlehandedly stigmatized the whole condition

No. 676420

File: 1535653589297.gif (4.67 MB, 387x640, SmartSelect_20180830-142549_In…)

No. 676430

>Lmao yes at least at one parent, afterall someone must have fucked them up right?
yep because bpd's never lie about abuse, exaggerate situations or go on smear campaigns to make themselves look like innocent victims.

>stigmatized the whole condition

fucking kek. Its a cluster b personality disorder. I'm getting sick of the white knighting against a PD which is in the same category of narcissists and sociopaths.

and its not OT/armchair bullshit she has literally admitted to being a bpdfag. Lurk moar. Seems to be a lot of triggered bpdfags on /snow/. How ironic.

No. 676462

File: 1535656037282.gif (7.3 MB, 379x640, SmartSelect_20180830-150603_In…)

No. 676469

File: 1535657376377.jpg (590.35 KB, 1080x1379, SmartSelect_20180830-152733_In…)

Still talking about us ayy

No. 676470

File: 1535657464353.jpg (95.02 KB, 1074x422, SmartSelect_20180830-153028_In…)

Imagine being so emotionally shallow that whenever someone is percieved as more attractive than you, you actually dislike them

No. 676472

>loving urself

nose job, lips, tits, 30 pound of make-up

No. 676473

"Love yourself for who you are… after multiple cosmetic procedures"

No. 676474


She a nail biter too

No. 676481

she really reminds me of leafy with her no chin lol

No. 676482

her teeth are so weird she shouldve gotten veneers instead of those bolt ons hahaha

No. 676488

File: 1535659237772.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, E57CF15B-1C17-4128-BA04-D41A54…)

No. 676489

How does she have no chin?

No. 676490

just my personal opinion

No. 676491

File: 1535659519026.jpeg (532.36 KB, 750x938, 927A788A-C1D9-4EB9-A2DA-BF4A9D…)

She deleted this lol

No. 676519

woah its scary how her original face comes out in videos

No. 676529

File: 1535662571288.png (3.36 MB, 750x1334, D75F41FF-87B9-44C7-9EE2-46CF14…)

Cow crossover? Also twitch was brought to her attention via followers

No. 676538

It doesn’t matter how many fillers she gets. The way her lip curls in naturally will always make her look like she has no lips lmao

No. 676549

File: 1535664629452.png (6.46 MB, 1242x2208, 0CA9D88B-77FF-4A49-9A34-BAFEE9…)

No. 676566

File: 1535667429332.png (5.06 MB, 1242x2208, EF2FFBF2-E269-4835-9167-689A60…)

No. 676568

Does anyone else feel like she got her tits for free / in trade to promote her plastic surgeon? She always answered her plastic surgery questions until the tits - then she started ranting about how it doesn’t matter what she paid because everyone pays something different and her surgeon def reposts her and profits off of her sploogeloads everytime she gets a procedure. Because there is plenty of reference to her saying she’d never get implants and loved her breast size etc and right up until she got them done she was on the fence of whether she even wanted them and liked her body and honestly that’s what derailed me, I think. Because it felt like she didn’t want them, took them because fuck it free and anyway sex sells. Idk if it’s just me but I get that vibe so hard , had to ask.

She oozes pathicness , I cant even say what it is exactly.

I also don’t think any of the sugardaddy stuff is real - when she referenced herself as a sex worker I gagged over what a lying trend skank she is. Legitimate sex workers are finally empowering themselves over their professions and this lying scag is trying to use it in some hip way.

Also literally every goddamn post she makes now is in reference to this board - she can have a ton of followers and tons of asskissing but she’s so psychotic that the only thing that replays in her head is the shit that gets said here, because she knows it’s all true.

No. 676572

File: 1535667983380.png (Spoiler Image, 443.7 KB, 791x559, greasy.png)

No. 676580

I'm not reading this wall of text, but no, I highly doubt she got her tits for free lmao

No. 676590

File: 1535669155360.gif (7.06 MB, 507x640, SmartSelect_20180805-080944_In…)

No. 676591

She keeps indirecting this thread, yet we’re obsessed. lol

No. 676592

She looks so oily smh

No. 676596

I don’t think she’s oily, I think she’s constantly applying skincare products

No. 676599

She uses the shit out of Rose Hip oil.

No. 676601

On her hair? lol

No. 676605

File: 1535670495124.jpg (265.45 KB, 978x1193, IMG_20180830_141254_550.jpg)


No. 676606

Ew. brush your tongue, Ariana.

No. 676731

File: 1535675900580.png (1.97 MB, 1318x1334, Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 02.3…)

The look of PnP's nails helps to maintain low weight, thank you PnP for inducing vomiting. Love u, kiss-kiss.

No. 676754

her nails are disgusting dear god this is honestly one of my biggest issues with her because she spends so much on her looks but doesn't give a fuck that she has the hands of a thirty year old man

No. 676767

She is rambling on Snapchat about how she wants to sell all three wood pieces as a set for $600. That's hilarious

No. 676770

Gross wtf. How do you spend thousands on surgery but can't shower regularly and get a proper haircut or manicure??

No. 676776

LMFAO $600???

No. 676866

I’m so confused someone pls explain how is it her teeth are never visible? Is it just the combination of prolapsed anus mouth + teeny dolphin teeth that does it? My brain breaks trying to figure out wtf is wrong with her mouth

No. 676895

It’s a disclaimer that Myyy post is OT… I know what she claimed. Stay triggered tho tf
The question was whether all bpds /hate/ their mom not whether Ariana’s alleged abuse was real??
Way to show how ignorant you are about mental illnesses though Pls be proficient at reading and 18+ yo to post thanks

No. 676901

Lol shut up you sound even dumber than you did upthread and I'm not even the anon you originally responded to. Unless you know the bitch in person or have receipts, everything about her could be a like. This isn't your personal mental health blog.

No. 676902

*a lie

No. 676907

Personality disorders are not a mental illness. Try again, bpdfag.

No. 676955

Take that to another thread, mini-flake

No. 676961

File: 1535694094103.gif (13.69 MB, 574x545, SmartSelect_20180831-014049_Yo…)

Swamp rat

No. 676962

File: 1535694328087.jpg (689.57 KB, 1920x2560, 18-08-31-01-44-16-493_deco.jpg)

No. 676978

her drawn on freckles just look dirt

No. 676985

jesus, unpopular opinion i know, but i like the way her plastic face looks and find her pretty…when she takes still front facing selfies. it's brutal that as soon as she moves even a little bit you can see both her old face and how separate from her the new face is. this gif really shows how it's not just farmers taking the odd unflattering screenshot or something. she really just looks like that ANY time she's not doing her perfect blue steel angle to the exact tenth of a degree.

No. 677125

File: 1535724807448.jpg (654.78 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20180831-100801_Ins…)

Still indirecting the h8rz… tell us more about how unbothered you are, Ari..

No. 677129

deleted too

No. 677130


kek nevermind she just changed the pic

No. 677132

I agree you with you, I think she looks pretty esp the rare times she just has eyeliner on. it's so weird to see her uh moving lol that crabby witch face is under there all along

No. 677133

I think P&P’s most unforgiving feature is her nasolabial area. Her dermal area in general is just odd to me, like her face sunk inwards. She has bad bone structure and no amount of surgery or fillers will fix that. Her best bet was accepting herself, using her unique features to stand out in a positive light, and developing a friendly and likeable personality. Instead, she chose to butcher her face for the sake of vanity, let her BDD control her every move, and now she’s almost entirely unredeemable as a person.

No. 677172

File: 1535730968015.jpg (1.84 MB, 1080x1281, 39881783_295119577955544_11251…)

late but this is amazing! The arms look like penis shafts with these random folds, the thumbs like fat radishes thrice as big as the fingers and overall the hands have ballsack skin as other anons have pointed out.
This would be fine as a sketch but you immortalised it on wood (unless you're gonna fire your oven with it)

She has a beginner's understanding of art and thinks her half-assed attempts are God's gift to the world, I love it

No. 677184

File: 1535732222530.png (2.12 MB, 1440x1837, Screenshot_20180831-110949.png)

her lips look so botched yikes i have no idea how she thinks this is a "look" because she straight up ruined herself beyond repair i mean the longer she goes without getting fillers the more her mouth looks like diseased and inflamed labia but when she gets them done again its gonna like a prolasped asshole once again idk i feel like one percent bad for her because now she'll either have to keep shoving plastic in her body and look like Joan Rivers or stop and look like a deflated blow up doll

No. 677195

Dat farquad jawline

No. 677196

File: 1535736438345.jpeg (371.06 KB, 675x470, FxipSgCNds7_UdEu75KjJQ.jpeg)

No. 677204

I like how since the Farquad meme she has been clipping her bangs back.

No. 677215

You can always get your fillers disolved but it hurts a lot. I don’t think she looks that bad, she does look dirty I feel bad for the photographers. She was beyond ugly before but the thing is when you get that much work done to your face and you were ugly before you start looking deformed, the more you try unless you have 30k and a damn good plastic surgeon. Like most IG models. I think she paid around 10k for her implants (I might be wrong) she prolly got a discount.
But if I was her I would try to clean my image, talking about drugs, haters, sex working etc. That is if she really wants to have a shot as an influencer. And its funny and sad she is awalys tagging Dolls Kill but yet they ignore her.
As they say you can take the trailer..

No. 677222

I don't think the nose job or lip lift fucked up her face. I think it was excessive and compulsive injections. Also the very impulsive boob job. She just decided to get them done one day, after ranting multiple times about loving her flat chest and not wanting implants. Even her Therapist at the time advised her not to get anymore fillers, she lied and attempted to conceal them from said Doctor and was then excommunicated from their services..

No. 677224

golden. i love u anon.

No. 677225

File: 1535739092444.jpg (593.95 KB, 701x1013, SmartSelect_20180827-043305_In…)

No. 677226

File: 1535739232289.jpg (575.68 KB, 1080x1143, SmartSelect_20180831-141306_In…)

She actually looks kinda pretty here.. she should've kept this look and just grew her bangs out a bit

No. 677230

Yeah. Those short bangs need to go, and the lips.

No. 677233

this whole thread is so disgusting all of you go get a life, go get a job, reach out to a friend if this is how you choose to spend your lives you need some love in your hearts, who does this kind of thing?? why go out of your way to intentionally try to hurt someone you don't even know.. how would you feel if you came across a page like this of you ?? this page is abusive and just plain cruel how is this content okay ??

No. 677237

Why even bother posting something like this lol. You also don’t actually add your email dumbass

No. 677238

because I'm not scared of pathetic bullies. what are you going to bully me too now ? I'm not hiding behind an anonymous cowards

No. 677243

She is sending her followers to defend her. I bet she stays in bed all day reading this thread. LOL. you can tell by her pics captions.
And since shenis reading this PLEASE GO WASH YOUR FREAKING HAIR.
If I was her I’d dump that ugly boyfriend and get a nice place by myself, some friends too.

No. 677244

nobody sent me lol right is right and wrong is wrong and sometimes people who are not shit stand up for others. the fact that you are worried about A STRANGER WASHING THEIR HAIR is sad

No. 677250

>>677244 right and wrong are actually subjective and i subjectively think you're an idiot. read the whole thread, shut the fuck up, and learn to distinguish between gossiping and bullying.

No. 677251

I tried reaching out but she just blocked me, she takes every neutral comment as a personal attack. It is a lost cause she has no real friends, you can tell her bf is a white trash beta male also an ignorant.

No. 677253

yes I must be an idiot for standing up for a human being while you are spreading hate.. hmmm.. and you ever think she is with hey man because he loves and protects her lol yes she should def leave him lol

No. 677255

it must be so easy to prey on someone from behind an anonymous computer screen

No. 677261

okay, we get it. You did your good deed for the day, here are your brownie points <3

In all honesty, I personally think she's cute, unflattering pics or videos, personal style and make-up preferences, before/afters included. And she's not really milky. But she is eccentric, over-compensates for deep insecurity and also seems to be internet-addicted. She views herself through a lens and through her ig and has some major issues and this is a recipe for disaster.

No. 677264

You can tell he is an ignorant, she deserves much better!!!
She has no life goal, she is not a sugar baby she is just a hooker she fucks guys for a couple of bucks, also the vid with babytrash absolutely disgusting, if I was her I would be mortified, watching her being violated by two guys like a crackhoe. DISGUSTING.
Being a sex worker is not empowering at the end of the day. Like I said she needs to clean her image, she has her opportunity to be an influencer but she is choosing to show her tits on snapchat. She is a dumbass.
If she wants to be an adult entertainer so be it but at least do it right.

No. 677265

ill take my brownie points thank you but my question is WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT A STRANGER DOES ? its actually really sad

No. 677276

the "disgusting" part is strangers obsessing over who a person fucks and then shaming them for what they choose to do with their own body that is just creepy tbh

No. 677277

this is clearly plasticandproud.

No. 677278

Maybe you can get Ariana to send you a t shirt for wking for her so hard.

No. 677279

nope I'm someone who thinks she is a human and doesn't deserve your vile abuse

No. 677280

fuck yes ariana I will take a farqward shirt please(emoji)

No. 677285

She has treated people who don’t agree with her like trash, she is entitled and rude on her live streams. She lets her followers gang up on anyone in her comments.
She doesn’t spread positity and acceptance, she only started treating people a little better after she got called out.

No. 677287


She's like 75% human at this point

No. 677288

she stands up for herself when people are rude or shady in the comments and of course her followers defend her, why would you not stand up to hate ? I've never seen her randomly attack a nice comment she even takes time to respond and like the positive comments why should she allow hate on her personal page, would you ?

No. 677290

No, she is plain rude and uneducated. I don’t see other serious influencers getting hate. She gets hate because she is a shitty person. It is not too late for her to change.
IMO the main reason people dislike her or hate her is her personality and the way she shows herself.
If she was nice and she had a clean image she would be making bank instead she is in bed ranting about the haters and making a couple hundreds on snapchat. That IS fcking SAD.

No. 677291

but.. if you don't like her page or her live or her personality why continue to stalk her ?

No. 677292

if you don't like someone then isnt the mature thing to do is unfollow them and go on with your life ?

No. 677294

The same reason you could just leave and stop whiteknighting somebody who wouldn't care about you unless you paid her $30 for her Snapchat. Unless you are her, then it's just more sad.

No. 677296

She makes me feel better about myself. Lol. Whenever I feel ugly or bad about my life I watch her streams or rants and I feel much better. She is such a trainwreck.

No. 677298

i don't care if she cares its just sad to see so many people relentlessly stalk and try to tear down another person for no reason other than to gain validation in a hate support group.. everyone here has been quick to point out her flaws but r no one yet has answered WHY DO YOU CARE ??

No. 677299

Also like her snapchat content is being leaked so lol

No. 677301

people here are just talking about her public social media posts. no one's doxxing her or anything stupid like that. it's not stalking, she wants the attention.

No. 677302

someone PAID to get her snap to post hate how is that not stalking ??

No. 677303

so you're saying her snapchat should be free?

No. 677304

I'm saying its pathetic and unhealthy to be so obsessed with what someone you don't like to pay money to spread hate

No. 677309

sounds like you just want it to be free and are just upset people are buying it. you can just look at the snaps here you know.

No. 677311

yes that's it exactly you are so correct 😂 wow

No. 677314

then why are you bitching? snaps are in the thraad.

No. 677315

thanks to the haters who violated her privacy i guess I can thanks

No. 677317

that was sarcasm btw

No. 677318

who are you talking to?

No. 677321

>violated her privacy
…it's just snapchat

No. 677324

i just hope you all realize this is a person. no one deserves every detail of their life to be ripped apart and criticized with so much hate. I hope you guys find some good things in your lives to focus on instead

No. 677325

i love how the wk's always try to push the word "stalking" here as if anons are waiting outside her apartment to see what she does next lmao. the bitch broadcasts her entire life for the world to see, if she doesn't want the "hate" (aka opinions the general public are entitled to) then guess what… she can just stop posting! it's as easy as that.

No. 677326

The only aspects of her life that are criticized are the aspects she puts on the internet.
Besides, she isn't bothered by the h8erz so why should you be?

No. 677327

then maybe she shouldn't share every detail of her life for it to be documented and commented about. she does it to herself and if you're too dumb to see that then she is the perfect "role model" for you.

No. 677329

it honestly scares me to think that someone can read this thread and not be bothered, yikes

No. 677331

just because someone shares their life w the world it gives you the right to ANONYMOUSLY be so triggered that you have to share w your fellow haters ?? I DON'T UNDERSTAND do you not have emotions, like..

No. 677333

yes we here at lolcow are emotionless

No. 677334

may not be outside her apt but waiting desperately on your phone to see what she does next so you can run over here to post hate for anymous validation tho ?

No. 677335

you got her snapchat what more do you need?

god i swear you're a creep stalking us in the thread.

No. 677337

how can you hate with no emotions?

No. 677339

Anonymous validation. The irony.

No. 677342

I'm mostly speaking for myself but I don't believe anyone here truly hates her, we're just talking about her…
Tell me you never gossip about trainwrecks lol sorry we don't dickride your fav

No. 677343

do you think the same thing every time you pass a gossip rag in the supermarket?

this is just a silly gossip site, nothing more nothing less.

No. 677344

I tried to stand up for someone the same way I would want someone to stand up for me. maybe one day you'll get there too. ✌

No. 677346

It's the internet kiddo. Why don't you close your browser and go stand up for someone in real life or something.

No. 677347

If you said the wrong thing to her she would block you and probably put you on blast. . . Stop with the pseudo anti bullying activism. White knighting is still white knighting even if you think you have a point

No. 677348

"CLOSE MY BROWSER" lol why don't you

people who are anti antizbullying I cannot

No. 677352

I don’t understand why you guys are defending someone who doesnt give a sht about you.
And lol at people buying her snap to get a consultation, beeeshh you are lucky if you have your ged diploma. Besides google and youtube are free. Even then you still need to get a REAL consultation. Its not like you can go to a plastic surgeon and be like I want the same thing she got.

No. 677355

i'm trying to figure out how fat and ugly you are irl to be defending her this hard. the low self-esteem is running deep lmao

No. 677357


This bait is weak

No. 677361

what's wrong with being fat ? or ugly ? or insecure ? I think being a superficial hater is worse

No. 677363

File: 1535748067099.png (507.75 KB, 552x446, DBE8239F-A2D5-4728-8B20-45417D…)


Lmao you had type this out twice

No. 677366

what can I say salty people make me salty

No. 677370

Ignore the wk, it's clogging up the thread and too dumb to just close the tab.

No. 677373

File: 1535748766669.png (807.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180831-164137.png)

She went on live. Those joker lips…she's just getting stoned all day everyday. That's so…sad.

No. 677374

what's sad is that you care

No. 677378

omg is she doing the lips like that now because an anon mentioned the curve of her lips upthread? i'm deceased.

No. 677382

File: 1535749789901.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 89B90154-23B2-4123-A999-F13EB9…)

No. 677383

That’s the thing. We don’t care. She’s a trash person from a trash family in a trash place with 0 redeeming characteristics or desire to improve herself besides visually. She fails even at that when she opens her cod fuckin mouth. Literally this piece of trash could kill herself and most of us would still be here talking shit. See: blade(Melanie)’s thread. It’s entertainment, you absolute moron. You’re only adding to it, since we have such a low opinion of her, someone who is some random “fan” feels the need to defend her must be even more pathetic. If ya want to be fwends just stand around in like shitty alleys around philly with a $20 and a pinner and she’ll come crawling out at some point I bet.

No. 677385

wow lighten up you're obviously a bigger fan than me

No. 677392

File: 1535751912780.png (746.09 KB, 906x541, drunk.png)

No. 677407

i can't believe you've been stalking us in the thread for hours.

No. 677414

Well said.

No. 677431

can't believe you've been stalking her for months

No. 677440

So wasn’t her sugardaddy gonna buy her a shitty used ps3 from a discount store today (way to hustle that daddy, your 20k face is paying for itself at this point!!) but she ended up drunk in the woods wallowing around on a wasp nest and thorns? Idk I’d tell him if he has the big cash for a gaming console he can splurge for a pay by the hour room, too. Know your worth PnP.

No. 677443

Whiteknight probably got a worse nosejob than Ariana and now looks up to her because of it

No. 677448

bullying at its finest kids

No. 677452

Can you guys please sage and stop taking obvious bait? You're becoming as bad as the wk's

No. 677454

You obviously don't know what real bullying even is 😂 nobody would know who she is if she didn't blast herself all over instagram. She could just not be on the internet constantly but clearly she has no life outside of instagram and snapchat but yes those of us who just come here for a little entertainment when we're bored yes we're the ones with no life. Okay honey. I'm not even bothered I just think its funny.

No. 677456

File: 1535756326974.jpeg (151.43 KB, 750x1066, FA1B0960-66E7-436B-8252-C1593D…)

Her side by side transformations are littered with comments like these

No. 677459

so your choice of entertainment when you're bored is publically shaming and picking on people then ok honey i hope you're working on yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 677471

he ended up buying her a new ps4 and wen bra shopping with him today, she got stung because she has him drop her off a few houses down so he doesn’t know where she lives

No. 677475

I doubt it'd be that hard for him to find the crack den down the street that she lives in tho

No. 677492

File: 1535759008342.png (502.4 KB, 908x521, happi.png)

No. 677502

pnp every day: look at how much BETTER i look now!!!! i'm PROUD of my PLASTIC SURGERY. I'm so happy I made this choice!!!!

follower: I agree. You do look better now and plastic surgery was a good decision.

pnp and orbiters: well you're ugly! fuck you?????

No. 677506

Cyber bullying isn’t real shut the fuck up. I know it’s been posted multiple times in this thread but insert Tyler, the creator’s cyber bully tweet

No. 677554

Why isn't the annoying WK banned already? They don't know how to sage and are constantly bumping the thread and clogging it with their repetitive posts. Report and ignore.

No. 677555

all she needed to do was fix her nose

please stop with the emojis, emoji anon

No. 677599

No she used to have bad skin and her face was completely flat. She got cheek fillers. She has bad bone structure.

No. 677600

So she ran through the woods with a new PS4 and bras?

No. 677603

It's so funny how she shouts from time to time about her hapiiines. Cry wolf. You don't need to announce your happiness just like we don't announce our sage. Silly girl.

No. 677606

Would you fucking sage? My God.

No. 677609

I know right? It is so clear her life is a mess, she is trying to portray this happy life she pretends to have. But at the same time maybe she is trying to convince herself.
She has mental issues

No. 677613

i was thinking the same thing…. she's such a mess. you best bet your ass DoorMatt will play on that PlayStation "SD" bought her too. ultimate cuck

No. 677662

The mental image of her doing this is hilarious to me. Especially while getting stung by wasps.. I wonder if she used the PS as a shield.

No. 677694

Farmhands all died apparently cuz this thread is a dumpster fire just like its subject…

No. 677828

File: 1535810252653.png (876.28 KB, 1420x940, 1535751912780.png)


how is this even the same person?

what that other anon said about being able to see her ugly beneath the work she's done in video is so true, it's almost creepy.

if nothing else, she truly is the queen of angle.

No. 677904

She's ugly as fuck before, during, and after all of her procedures. There's not one thing about her that looks good and that fact that her life is so trashy and she thinks she's "a boss ass bitch" like nah you're just a "BOTCHED ASS BITCH"

No. 677910

File: 1535822127877.jpg (32.43 KB, 1080x261, SmartSelect_20180901-131053_In…)

Matt commented this on her most recent before and after post. It must fuel her raging insecurities to know even Matt thinks she looks hotter after all of the work she's had done. As well as her fans since no one cared for her when she was Toucan Sam

No. 677913

she probably posted it from his acct

No. 677925

File: 1535823597849.jpeg (411.13 KB, 2400x1800, BAF4717C-2A61-462E-BBF8-BEC003…)

No. 677927

I was thinking that she looks especially bad when she smiles. Which is weird because usually people look better

No. 677934

File: 1535824388953.jpg (468.04 KB, 1080x1463, SmartSelect_20180901-135223_In…)

Is she trolling with this pic?

No. 677936

File: 1535824471829.jpg (92.48 KB, 384x411, SmartSelect_20180901-135419_In…)

No. 677941

Walmart shopper

No. 677947


why is she wearing a picnic cloth?

No. 677951

Her face looks copy pasted / Facetuned to hell

No. 677956

It is a paid promo but she is not getting paid. She just gets clothes instead of money my guess.

No. 677969

LOL literally one of the ugliest dresses I've ever seen

No. 678006

Even Walmart doesn’t do their customers THIS dirty. No one would want this shit even if it was free, but it’s what pnp deserves.

No. 678018

Honestly it seems like a lot of shitty things happen to her.. more often than great things. Karma is real

No. 678146

I honestly feel so bad for her… As someone with bpd who didn't work through my trauma for a while i was the most vile person just like her. I think she really needs help to just figure out whatever trauma is still affecting her from her childhood, and unlearn the attention-seeking and compulsive behaviors she got from obviously sick and neglecting parents.After reading this page for a while, i realize everything she's done SCREAMS BPD. It's so sick that she does these things. If she put all her money that she used on those surgeries towards long term therapy and medications she wouldn't need those surgeries.

No. 678150

What is it about this bitch that brings out all the bpdfags?

No. 678168

What is it with triggered cunts who don't realize BPD is a mental illness caused by trauma. Whatcha gonna do, fight NIMH about it?

No. 678170

File: 1535852662992.png (482.03 KB, 594x590, yert1.png)

No. 678171

File: 1535852675622.png (469.83 KB, 583x595, yert2.png)

No. 678178

but anooon, i have no spine so i need to feel morally justified when i roast cows so i need to believe that no cow has ever had anything bad happen to them and they have full control over every single aspect of their life! the idea that a cow i roast might be a huge bitch because of something that wasn't her fault makes me super uncomfy! it's not enough that she can change now but refuses to, i need her to have no sympathetic qualities whatsoever!

No. 678181

It's more that nobody cares about the blogposting

No. 678186

No one cares bpdfag. Mental illness will never be an excuse to treat those around you poorly. Now go be triggered somewhere else unless you have milk.

No. 678202

If you knew how to comprehend what you read you would understand that I was EXPLAINING why she acts that way. I agree with you, her BPD will never excuse how she lashes out shittily towards her boyfriend and her friends and has an addiction to social media. I'm not triggered, but you clearly seem to be since you attack every "bpdfag" that seems to come into this chat. Did somebody's mommy have mental pwoblems?

No. 678217

I have BPD and I’m into roasting her. most people with it in the public eye are annoying because of the attention they’re getting

No. 678235

Is this Josh Peck

No. 678237

Her hair is so thin. What happened? Her hair looked so thick and healthy and soft here >>674987. My own hair looks like this when wet now and I know it only got this way because my hair began thinning due to stress and not taking care of myself. She has a noticeably widening middle part and sparseness at her temples. She should go and talk to her doctor about this ASAP if she ever wants to recover her hair before it is too late.

No. 678301

No one gives a shit. PD's are not a mental illness either.

God, I fucking hate bpd cunts so much. I wish majority of you would actually go through with your suicide threats. You people are vile, empty, narcissistic leeches.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 678315

Lol TRIGGERED with no basic knowledge of mental disorders and wanting someone to commit suicide you're like 12 gtfo of here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 678317

Not the anon you responded to but calm down with that edge. Posts like yours are embarrassing as fuck.

No. 678325

Every time someone mentions BPD itt (something Ariana claims to have so it’s relevant) this anon gets hella salty lmao who hurt you

No. 678333

why are there SO many bpdfags in this thread?

No. 678350

Honey, stfu. You're triggered. BPD is not an illness as it is not curable. Only therapy and experimenting with certain prescriptions can aid it. BPD screws up the people who have it's lives and typically those around them. Most are narcissistic, dramatic, impulsive cunts. Have it diagnosed myself (sorry for being that guy) and I can atest.

Own your shit and while you're do some research into psychology, mainly personality disorders. Thanks

No. 678351

While you're at it**

No. 678353

>things that aren't curable aren't illnesses

wew lad.

No. 678361

Wew, people who use lad but likely aren't from anywhere the slang originates from.
I meant why equate a serious, incurable disorder to say a common cold or possibly completely treatable depression. Disorders are more pervasive

No. 678369

nta but colds aren't curable they just aren't chronic conditions. you sound super edgy tjo jfc.

No. 678379

File: 1535876463915.jpg (383.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180902-042048_Sam…)

No. 678380

File: 1535876527113.gif (13 MB, 453x640, SmartSelect_20180902-041749_In…)

No. 678382

File: 1535876777016.jpg (397.75 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20180901-130959_Ins…)

No. 678390

Probs so many people with bpd bc they’re intrigued as to why she doesn’t get help like any other normal person with a diagnosed mental illness lmaooo, instead she sits at home smoking weed and selling her skinyn ass and ranting in her gross nasally voice to her phone. It’s amusing as someone else with the same mental illness. Stop derailing the thread

No. 678392

File: 1535878618953.jpeg (135.72 KB, 960x958, 7433C048-C890-492B-81D9-466BBA…)

Let’s instead talk about how she runs around with hairy pits but we’ve all figured ou the bich don’t shower unless it’s in a river … imagine the stench

No. 678398


tbh that is one of the only redeeming things i find in her personality. (and the only point where her "not conforming to your beauty standards, i live by my own judgements" etc ever holds up).

there's no reason for her to shave so she doesn't. good. on. her.

No. 678409

It’s more the fact it’s becoming increasingly obvious she doesn’t fucking shower unless it’s in a damn river, dude. Read up the thread. Stinky pit headass bitch. Yuck.

No. 678465

She probs wears deodorant tho. Having hair under your armpits doesn't make them smell worse but yeah in her case it might be trapping river water moisture lol

No. 678467

this. she's not trying to be all non-conforming by not shaving, it's cause she's gross. as trashy as she is, she does conform to a lot of standards. you can see pics earlier ITT where she clearly shaves.

No. 678469

actually hair under the armpits does make you smell worse, it traps the bacteria there and makes you smell more strongly. that's literally what it's for (it's what pubes are for too) because it traps pheromones too.

No. 678483

Do you care when men don't shave their pits? Ariana is gross but not because she doesn't shave.

No. 678485

this isn't the thread for that, i was legit just pointing out science.

>Underarm Hair And Hygiene. The odor from sweat is caused by bacteria and the bacteria can multiply in the damp area of armpit hair – shaving the armpits results in less space for bacteria to breed. And increased effectiveness from your deodorant products.

No. 678566

Having strong opinions about pit hair is on either end of the spectrum is stupid. If you bathe it wont smell bad. Period. Sage because this thread is getting shit up by pit hair/bpd talk.

No. 678597

Who fucking cares. The way she treats her pits is the least interesting thing about her and if you care about this, you are a retarded petty bitch with a giant stick up your vagina.

No. 678619

File: 1535908368967.jpeg (80.59 KB, 479x785, 54341E2B-42F4-4256-9630-12BE9A…)

Living her best life

No. 678624

pits aside, her fake freckles are some of the worst i have ever seen, period. they don’t look natural, they don’t look aesthetic or artistic— just terrible.
>gets nosejob
>covers entiriety of nose in horrendous black dots

No. 678626

They look like blackheads and dirt marks.

No. 678643

I hate the fake freckle trend like it must be so much work and it always looks fake

No. 678649

File: 1535911201402.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, C1147666-4A48-4EAD-9911-680FD5…)

Antagonizing the cat really urked me 1/2

No. 678651

File: 1535911253023.png (3.37 MB, 750x1334, 4E185A65-BBB0-455C-98E6-B20D4A…)


No. 678664

File: 1535912333059.png (8.54 MB, 1242x2208, 1E37FC99-ADA8-4840-9538-F63F15…)

Boo wash your face

No. 678666

File: 1535912372056.png (10.79 MB, 1242x2208, A1656AFB-073F-4D8A-A503-5CC7BF…)

The scabs….

No. 678669

She's literally so god damn ugly it almost makes my stomach turn

No. 678677

Looks like a crackhoe

No. 678685

File: 1535913624460.jpeg (1.8 MB, 2448x1069, CB92FB57-B32C-4F5C-8D52-807A02…)

it’s wild how much of a sham her before and after photos are, and it’s hilariously ironic how the image and brand she’s choosing to cultivate revolves around this dramatic ~pLaStiC sUrGeRy tRaNsFoRmAtiOn~. her current post-surgery face actually really looks practically identical to her face pre-surgery, especially when she isn’t pouting or posing. it looks especially similar when she smiles. catfish extraordinaire

No. 678692

File: 1535913907653.jpeg (59.25 KB, 266x256, 23DDAE0F-AECC-4817-8495-5B2C0D…)


No. 678701

Stupid ass fucking bitch of course she has no respect for animals either

No. 678704

no it does look very different when she doesnt smile and isn't on IG. she shouldve gotten braces though because she has a granny-ass bite. that's the problem. she WOULD look entirely different if she got braces.

No. 678719

File: 1535915661611.png (637.28 KB, 924x540, magical bean.png)

No. 678732

Matt is so ugly and very autistic looking. I don't feel sorry for him either. Bet he's just in it for the sex anyway.

No. 678735

File: 1535916610042.gif (1.39 MB, 375x211, F41E2175-242B-46EA-BFEF-15B984…)

No. 678739

Ok so I’ve been following pnp for a few months, saw her before&afters on explore & I love looking at those idk so I followed. I wanna preface by saying I never hated her, but was never particularly….interested? Idk. I did notice how rude she was to her followers, and that ticked me off—but hey, some people are just assholes, whatever. I also noticed how she’d continuously beg her followers for money/donations so she could “move out” or something, and the next week brag about how well off she was, and post about all these microdermals/fillers/Whatever. I’ve been keen on getting some procedures done myself, and I’m from the same region as Ariana—so I’m familiar with the cost of these kinds of procedures and they’re not cheap. They’re not the kinds of things a 24 year old needs to or ought to be doing, especially so often. This shit is for wealthy middle aged housewives lmao unless you’re living in LA or soho and trying to land a shitty modeling/acting career.
Anyways. There’s so much more I could go on about….
I don’t have her Snapchat nor care enough to follow closely to know the details of her “sugar” lifestyle, but I’ve been an SB before. 1), that shit can be extraordinarily traumatizing. 2), no normal man in his right mind would be okay with his gf engaging in the behaviors associated with sugaring if he knew what was really expected. 3), she doesn’t get paid to just go to dinner with him. There are ways you can do that and make a quick $200 maybe, but nowhere near $500. The only circumstances in which sex/intimacy aren’t immediately required are actual “relationships” in which the SB actually engages with SD as a boyfriend. So uh you can be a glorified prostitute, or be dating an old man. Not sure if either Ariana or Matt is aware of this, but it’s a difficult job and is NOTHING to brag about.
Also her art is decent considering she’s entirely untrained, but to sell that shit for more than $30 is insulting (and i do digital art commissions for extra $ ).
At this point I’m just following bc her life makes me feel better about my own lmao. I grapple with depression and BDD and a few other problems, and I could easily have turned out to be like her. It’s like “trauma porn” to me at this point.

No. 678740


No. 678741

Following her makes me feel better about myself. Also a former SB.

No. 678746

I've also been a sugarbaby, and I just don't feel like Ariana has the personality to make money without sex. She's way too self-centered for that.

No. 678749

Arianas skinwalking( ?) babytrashs tattoos, freckles, and style also freaked me the hell out. It’s just so fucking…..unsettling. Ughhdjd. Sage bc irrelevant comment.

No. 678753

Sorry I keep spamming lol. Another thing that irks me is that ppl keep idolizing her as a “role model”. For any impressionable young person—especially younger/teenage girls—she’s the WORST kind of human you could possibly be influenced by. This is how younger/mentally ill girls end up traumatizing themselves, engaging in prostitution….(such as myself after being exposed to sugaring on tumblr); her entire image also speaks about superficiality and “clout” and “money” and “appearance”—she is such a toxic figure for younger people to possibly “look up to”. She doesn’t think her actions are hurting anybody, but she NEEDS to clean up her act. If not for herself, then at least for the people she may be negatively influencing via social media.

No. 678757

bitch looks like a raisin when she opens her weird toothless horrorshow of a mouth

No. 678808

I wanthhho chhhkkkill mythelf slobber

No. 678809

Yeh. Ari probably told her cuck exactly what he wanted to hear to feel comfortable about it. While there are some old creeps out there would be fine with dinner and snap chat pics… that is the 1%. Usually reserved for girls who are presentable and can put their ego aside and be KIND..and NICE.. to the poor lonley sap paying for it. Ari does not have that skill…makes me question if she did actually have sex with him? It just doesn't seem like she would do that bc Ego.

No. 678812

Dude. That was a booger sugar night for sure. You get REALLY depressed after doing blow lol.

No. 679410

File: 1535933954015.jpeg (2.64 MB, 4032x3024, 4660BD3D-3BDC-404F-9681-05B14D…)

I think she cheated on Matt last night with the SD…

No. 679412

File: 1535934543050.gif (874.35 KB, 275x155, 7C70EF79-417C-404E-8479-285B21…)

No. 679418

She was getting money from a SD without sex until now?

No. 679421

why would any sugar daddy do that? what was she doing sending nudes and moaning on the phone? i doubt anyone would pay a girl monthly/weekly/whatever for no skin…

No. 679426

My first impression was she cheated on Matt with her friend Aaron last night, I always was surprised that Matt was ok with her spending the night with her guy “bff”

No. 679427

I’m pretty sure Aaron is gay …but could be wrong who knows …

No. 679429

Possibly? There was a pic on her story of her in bed with him but it just looked like them sharing a bed after a drunken night out. It said something like "I love my bff". They had clothes on and he was turned away…but it's suspicious that it's now deleted. Maybe something happened…

No. 679430

Think it’s deleted now but pretty sure I saw on her insta story them sleeping in the same bed so it’s possible

No. 679431

He's at least pan/bisexual. I found his personal/porn Tumblr and it's very hetero.

No. 679433

It sounds like she cheated but honestly…who cheats and posts their admission of guilt online? Also, does her bf even care what she does at this point? She has a sugar daddy and footage of her getting dicked down by another guy. Unless she crossed a boundary and he already knows. When I was a lot younger I cheated and posted a lot of "I hate myself, i want to die" stuff with the hope my SO would see and take pity on me. Who knows.

Sage for blogpost

No. 679437

File: 1535936693854.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 27403D7C-1346-4EFC-8383-5F584E…)


No. 679457

I’m guessing she slept with the sd or cheated on Matt in some capacity and he has to know if she’s publicly posting her shame about it. Or did something that put frogger in danger or got him hurt. Only two things I can see making her cry?

No. 679462

it’s very interesting how she posts this, then posts about wanting to kill herself and making the “biggest mistake in her life,” and posts selfies wearing yesterday’s clothes and clearly having slept in her makeup. bitch definitely cheated.

No. 679468

Anon you're forgetting that this is the same person who makes it seem like her whole life revolves around IG/social media. She's looking for coddles.

No. 679490

File: 1535943271357.jpg (322.41 KB, 1079x1636, Screenshot_20180902-225332-1.j…)

No. 679493

Lol I guess she was able to manipulate him within a few hours . Dude really is a cuck now … smh

No. 679497

Pretty sure that’s an old pic guys.

No. 679501

Comments are turned off for some reason

No. 679505

She definitely cheated on him

No. 679510

File: 1535944489250.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, 6F7F4173-C374-4146-BEC4-C48740…)


No. 679512

Im confused though because earlier today on her snap she said “I want… to kill myself lmao”

If she had really cheated on matt I don’t think she would have been laughing or lmao-ing

No. 679513


she's obsessed with showing everything online and has BPD i think lmao doesn't actually mean laughing out loud.
'i have no worth right now i only have this stupid fucking app'

No. 679515

I know she’s not actually laughing out loud but “lmao” usually makes light of a situation. Anywho I digress

No. 679518

pretty sure that pic isn’t from today, she’s apparently been a crying mess all day feeling bad for herself about cheating so i doubt she’s gone from this mess >>679412 to having a full face of undisturbed makeup, specially when she’s posting shit like this at the same time >>679510

No. 679531

File: 1535946553255.png (1.08 MB, 1075x1608, Screenshot_20180902-234230~2.p…)

Maybe from this day? Hair is the same yellow intensity and the same tshirt

No. 679539

Makes me wonder if she cheated the other day when she got the ps4 and Matt just found out or if she cheated early this morning while up on blow …

No. 679566

Seems like she definitely cheated. Everytime someone writes something on here about her, she either indirectly or directly addresses it via her insta story or in a caption on a picture she posts. The fact that she’s not responding to anything says a lot. If she didn’t cheat, I’m pretty sure she would make an insta story saying how stupid, pathetic, sad we all are and that Matt and her have the perfect relationship.

No. 679577

Sorry but imagine being with a guy that puts up with… All the shit we address here… And then cheating on him

No. 679607

On her snap she said she made the biggest mistake of her life and hasn’t eaten in two days so I wonder if it was the SD and not Aaron since that was last night??

No. 679823

File: 1535984676688.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20180903-102221~2.p…)

I'm just guessing but I think she cheated but must've manipulated Matt into staying and the relationship status isn't changing. It's her only stability..

No. 679830

This version of her face unsettles me

No. 679837

That nose contour looks like a damn potato

No. 679856

Atteeeennntiiooon wah wah wah

No. 679864

she didn’t even try with the freckles here. she looks diseased

No. 679882

File: 1535991864451.jpg (475.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180903-112100_Ins…)


Sage for tinfoil.

No. 679899

No. 679901


Matt liked this photo also

No. 679910

Why is she being so dramatic about not wanting to eat as if her appetite isn’t suppressed from that coke binge kek

No. 679911

Assuming that she did cheat, Matt is even more pathetic than I thought for not leaving her. She probably threatened suicide/refused to eat just to guilt him into staying …. how sad

No. 679913

No. 679938

The most reasonable explanation is she cheated. Posting that shit to social media was very strange…

No. 679939

I wonder how long it will be until she posts pics of her and matt with the caption “I seriously have the best guy in the world, I don’t deserve him, thanks for putting up with me baby, etc etc”

No. 679946

She shooped this. Look at her arm lmao

No. 679950

Also, it looks like she hardly eats to begin with sooo..

No. 679953

Has anyone else lurked Matt's page, either his music one or personal? I noticed that Ariana doesn't support his music AT ALL. He's written a lot about how meaningful she is to him and how proud he is of anything she achieves but she doesn't give him any support career wise. She only seems to care if he's making enough money to keep them afloat while she thots around online and bathes in rivers.

So, not only did she likely cheat on him and ruin the bond they've formed over the past years, she also has never given him the same amount of compassion he gives her. She seems like the kind of girl who thinks she's the catch in the relationship and anyone would be lucky to have her because she's butchered herself to "perfection".

I hope Matt realizes he can do a lot better and deserves to be treated a lot better. Especially if she really did cheat.

No. 679969

Matt is a user.

No. 679981

Yeah don't know why people think he has some helpless idiot.

No. 679986

He's an enabler and their relationship is toxic but that doesn't mean it's okay to cheat. Not to say Matt was a great guy, but no one deserves a shitty relationship. Sorry I guess?

No. 680005

who says he's not cheating too?

No. 680011

Look at him.

No. 680029

looks aside, the guy works long ass hours and gets woken up by his bpd loser girlfriend at 4 am every night to hang out with her, they live together and her following basically prevents him from interacting with any other girl publically without her seeing it. besides that he seems to actually really love her (even if for shallow reasons) and all of that cannot be said the same for her, i think it’s pretty unlikely he’d cheat

No. 680040

Where is the evidence that he has? Besides ariana getting mad that he creeped some chicks ig lol

No. 680044

I just don't think he's as victimised as people think he is. I'm not going to feel sorry for a doormat. He should grow up and be a man and leave. He could. But he doesn't want too. He loves the FREE crazy bpd girl sex too much.

No. 680046

I feel like he loves her because she is verbally manipulative enough to convince most people she knows that she is very smart and worthy of being listened to. Along with the fact that her looking physically "perfect" fulfills his ego and makes him feel like he's good enough to land a ten.

They're both really, really fucking delusional about themselves and each other lolol

No. 680048

>Along with the fact that her looking physically "perfect" fulfills his ego and makes him feel like he's good enough to land a ten.

THIS. lmao they are both incredibly shallow people.

No. 680049

He is an enabler and user, she is a narcissist and a manipulative e-hoe. They are both toxic and effed up in a way or another.

No. 680053

which is why they deserve each other lolol

No. 680136

Nah, she is selfish and vain. She ruined the only good thing in her life, her long term relationship. She can’t blame her mental illness or anything else. Matt uses her for free sex aswell. So I don’t feel bad for either of them.
Aalsooo the side effects of drugs and alcohol are starting to show, she looks pale and malnurish. Her skin looks dull when she is not wearing makeup.

No. 680140

This recent pic just confirms she's still insecure about her nose… if you have ever watched her live 70% is her conturing her 2nd nose lol… BDD forreal. She reminds me so much of Luna… although Luna isn't a total bitch

No. 680142

File: 1536014593388.jpg (100.75 KB, 801x557, brain hurted.jpg)

Luna is a total bitch though.

No. 680169

If Matt doesn’t take her back what will she do ? Maybe she’ll try to get in deeper with the SD?

No. 680171

Yes she is selfish and vain, but that doesn't mean Matt is a good person or truly loves her. Also, shitty people can be in love lol

They have awful personalities. Now that Ariana is "hot" she acts as mean and entitled as she always wishes she could. Betcha if Matt was a hot, tattooed, trendy guy he'd act way douchier

No. 680175

I feel like since Matt p much financially supports her she's mostly scared hell kick heevout and she won't have anywhere to go or any money cuz she's so nasty no one wants to be around her. I'm sure that other guy she hangs out with doesn't give a fuck about her at all he seemsvto photograph her for aethtic instaho points.

No. 680178

She probably tried to suck his dick and he didn't want to, so she now has a reason to go on "woe is me" 20+ yo drama, "I cheated on my love of my life with my platonic love gay friend". Nah this whole shit gives me a feeling she just trolls us.

No. 680206

she's way too fucking dumb for that anon im laughing

No. 680219

File: 1536020379569.jpg (21.54 KB, 253x316, Ugly_troll.jpg)

She thinks she's trolling us by making those shirts and saying she's "not bothered living my best life definitely not refreshing this thread every 5 minutes" she's certainly not clever enough to actually troll us. She's just going to keep calling us ugly and jealous (of what? Were still not sure) pretending she's so show not bothered but actually talking about us constantly.
She is however a troll in this original sense of the word, of course. Pic related.

No. 680221

Aaron isn’t gay on one of her lives someone asked how they met and she said tinder

No. 680226

How does that make him straight? They let gay people use tinder too lol

No. 680236

I remember once she was doing a Q&A and someone asked if she’s ever cheated on anyone ever and she said “haha no I’m not a piece of shit”

A simple no would suffice. Just seems extra suspicious now

No. 680245

If they met/matched on tinder it means he was trying to meet girls (or at least had girls and boys selected)

No. 680250

Was she on tinder during her and matt’s Foursome stage or did she meet Aaron before matt?

No. 680255

Did she ever explain what she did?

I've been following for a while but never thought anything of her behavior other than she was rude but this thread is joocy

Does anyone have footage of her snaps?

No. 680265

She keeps posting picture after picture of her and matt. So annoying

No. 680267

File: 1536024365392.png (Spoiler Image, 330.38 KB, 1242x2208, 7806EB2C-3B9F-4E44-A514-1D4ADA…)


No. 680269

File: 1536024492871.jpeg (196.77 KB, 1241x2011, 361F8615-CB4C-4AC6-A888-84D905…)

there’s pictures of her on some sort of dating app most likely for the foursome so it’s possible she was on tinder too while dating matt

No. 680270

your username is showing, lol.

No. 680277

Lol she already deleted these comments

No. 680331


>hints at cheating on fiance

>someone finally says it
>"omg how fucking dare u mock my struggles??? Gross"

No. 680342

On her snap she’s been posting videos in her car with Matt showing him off .. smh

No. 680393

File: 1536034257983.png (61.08 KB, 800x600, 774B34F0-99C3-4645-95CA-DA29AA…)

Love bombing. She kinda reminds me of Tyler grosso tbh. Self aggrandizing and delusional while being utterly mediocre.

No. 680431

File: 1536037986606.jpeg (713.88 KB, 750x1334, FEC0DC55-A116-4662-BC63-027828…)

she reposted this selfie from just 3 days ago w a dif caption..why??

No. 680433

Cuz she a narcissist who tf cares
Milk or sage

No. 680452

Those nasty holes in her upper lip, did she have a piercing or are those pimple scars? I'm so obsessed cannot sleep before I get answers.

No. 680458


She had angel bites as a teenager

No. 680526

ok tumblr

No. 680527

ok tumblr X2

No. 680536

any news on her snap about the ~biggest mistake of her lyfe11!!!:-(((~ ? I’m pretty sure she’s gonna use „the incidence“ sooner or later to make herself look even more twisted and troubled…

No. 680605

File: 1536068909963.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-04-08-44-10…)

that's because it is undeserved, ariana. you're an unremarkable person and everyone who cares about you is just as bad.

No. 680606

The app seems OkCupid

No. 680607

File: 1536068987603.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-04-08-45-08…)

more trying to be self aware about her botched bolt ons lol.

No. 680611

I find it fascinating that everything she drew, aside from the color of her eyes, is something she modified/manipulated into her body. Can't identify with her own body without spending money on it to change it…

No. 680622

Oh shit, Matt unfollowed her ig but she’s still following him. I guess confirmed some shit hit the fan.

No. 680629

File: 1536071947502.png (7.59 MB, 1125x2436, 635588E4-5044-413D-BF2C-D4FFA8…)

Yo, her shirt is so grimes and gross

No. 680640

File: 1536073166862.png (284.59 KB, 750x1334, 28A0DAC5-2DAD-466A-9C6D-F73156…)

He’s still following her…

No. 680641

Apparently she’s going to take a break from alcohol since she’s blaming her weekend ordeal on the substance. And not her shitty antics.

No. 680645


he’s obviously still following her why would you make that shit up?

No. 680656

File: 1536074932430.gif (1.46 MB, 260x462, 3BCDD709-DE43-42AA-8D00-44B81A…)


I went to her followers, started typing in male, maleman.mp3… his account wasn’t on there?

No. 680666

Its just a glitch

This thread needs more milk

No. 680681

File: 1536078070676.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 1F6E7B61-8453-41D0-B53F-3953A1…)

Old (not necessarily milk) but a true throwback to her tumblr days. Carrot cake anyone?

No. 680683


She was paid $100 to eat that whole thing. She said that recently on a live that some paid her to do that. I’m assuming this is it.

No. 680684

dear god at first glance I thought that was shit

No. 680693

File: 1536078752627.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 750x1334, C4A2B971-AFBE-4EA0-96C0-9E351F…)

It was a gif but I’m not tech savvy enough for that

No. 680710

well..thank god for your lack of gif skills

No. 680735

She's going off on snap about how she can't dig back at us because we are anon and how heartless we are..she's obsessed with us!

No. 680739

She fucked for a Playstation console and got paid to eat carrot cake naked.
My. Fucking. God. Lmao.

No. 680745

anon don't u kno that's success!!!! (to her)

No. 680748

Did she ever own up to what she did on her snap?

No. 680761

All she said on Insta, at least, she just made a “weally weally big mithtake” and blamed alcohol for making her look like an “ath.” So no. She’s being vague and boring.

No. 680771

said she’s not gonna drink anymore and it sucks because that’s how she hangs out with people, it makes her fun and outgoing. apparently she doesn’t know how to drink in moderation.

No. 680791

Isn’t that what the beginning of alcoholism is? You can’t control your intake

No. 680797

As an alcoholic. Yes, yes it is

No. 680849

On her snap she said she cut her wrist during her breakdown and it was with the same scalpel she used to cut open a dead squirrel

While she said this she was touching her hair and clearly showing off her cut wrist

No. 680854

File: 1536090120886.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 968E312E-20BC-4191-AECC-20A70D…)

No. 680858

Why's this fucking bitch cutting open dead squirrels?

No. 680859

Damn nott good. That hairstylist did her so wrong.

No. 680865

For her Etsy shop probably

Not doubting you but can you explain how her stylist did it wrong? Just looks like orange hair to me

No. 680881

She really needs to ditch these terf bangs asap. They just dont suit anything about her face. Every picture posted where she sports a side or pushed back part looks a lot better. Sage for hair sperg.

No. 680890

Off topic, but Matt's band is actually pretty alright if you like that kind of music and it looks like they're doing pretty well. Maybe the money he makes there funds here plastic surgery addiction.

Shame she doesn't support him.

No. 680915

Looking like pippi longstocking

No. 680918

File: 1536094417734.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 4A700484-8B2B-4DCA-BA1B-65E5EB…)

No. 680925

i weirdly like it a lot better than the green farquaad atrocity tbh softens her features a lot. it's gonna look terrible in prob like a week tho.

No. 680944

Lol I swear this page was probably like 10 or so people and then she brought everybody’s attention to it and made it blow the fuck up hahahaha

No. 680956

File: 1536097943368.jpeg (370.69 KB, 1200x1800, 28676058-4088-4B3A-BDD6-4A439C…)

No. 680959

perhaps she did it on purpose bc she likes the attention ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No. 680960

I got here trying to figure out what her name was lol

She's just sticking her bare pussy in the river water

No. 680961

Well she said she wanted “copper” but it’s dedinitely straight orange and it is supposed to fade into the blonde on the ends but it legit just looks like she used two different box dyes - one on the scalp and one on the ends of the hair there’s no blending at all sksksk

No. 680962


That bear tattoo always makes me sad

No. 680963

>She's just sticking her bare pussy in the river water
lmao i'm done with this thread

No. 680968

Omg that fucking bear tattoo…. can somebody please send her a photo of her ugly ass arm tattoo the next time she rants about shitty tattoos?

No. 680972

all her tattoos are horrible so whatever. I don’t get how a person can spend so much money on plastic surgery and not even get a decent tattoo. That shit is permanent an way to dark to get covered lol

No. 680974

Not too long ago on her live she mentions how she wants to tattoo but doesnt want to put in the work for an apparentenceship then goes on to say her make up is better quality than professional so why should she work for a tattoo liscence? All that matters is talent!!1!

No. 680977

my bf is a tattoo apprentice and I can tell you this shit is hard work and needs a lot of creativity and talent if you don’t wanna end up as a fucking scratcher like these people that did her shitty tattoos. she is so delusional it makes me cringe, especially when I compare her ball sack looking „art“ with real quality tattoo flash

No. 680983

the multiple crying and suicide threat posts were so incredibly disgusting. Threatening/fake-attempting suicide to garner sympathy from a loved one IS abuse. What a sick, rotten person.

Why would someone post that shit online for all to see? It’s all about attention. Guaranteed, she loves this thread. Anything that brings the focus back to her.

No. 680984

Any screenshots? She must be deleting those posts

No. 680986

because she is dumb as fuck, has no self esteem and would do anything to get attention from her teenage fans

No. 680988

Real shit tho. I only found this page after she brought it up but it's honestly great to see others see through her bullshit and aren't constantly kissing her arse like most her followers. Probably the worst thing for her is to have all that validation so she never has to realize how shitty she actually is.

No. 680994

The struggle of wanting to buy her Snapchat to get a more in depth look at this train wreck of a life but not wanting to give any money to an actual piece of trash l o l

No. 680998

This makes my heart warm anon

No. 680999

I want to see how much she lasts without drinking a single drop of alcohol

No. 681013

File: 1536102171973.gif (874.35 KB, 275x155, B3FC32C1-4BBB-4DB1-8389-31B767…)

No. 681018

Damn, I thought there was more

No. 681021

File: 1536103085628.png (292.47 KB, 480x445, Screenshot_20180904-161448~2.p…)

Still conceited but trying to be funny about it.

No. 681023

File: 1536103121885.png (2.77 MB, 1440x1956, Screenshot_20180904-181514.png)

gets her hair done (finally washed) and immediately crawls right back into her swamp like the literal monster she is

No. 681025


Oh bitch, you were growing out 6-8 inches of your natural hair color, and you had to go and bleach it and put red dye on it.

Now, you'll having wispy, fading straw hairs for another year and a half just to get back where you started.

Shit taste.

No. 681030

Fucking yes. Why did she dye that shit she could have had a nice ombré going on but decided yeah let’s put fucking orange on my scalp and then blonde ends.

No. 681036

where those zits go

No. 681039

Make up and kylie jenner filter, duhhh

No. 681153

She was bad when she was working but at least she was contributing to society back then. Now it’s pathetic to listen to her rant when she lives off of matt. Oh sorry I mean freelancing

No. 681157

Doesn’t look like Matt is liking much of her stuff these days.

No. 681167

File: 1536115769081.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 949FA44A-79AB-4F5A-9B50-D6F59E…)

This cut? Hahhhh

No. 681173


Untrue. Doormatt is a faithful cuck and has liked almost every photo except her “all that matters” post

No. 681176

File: 1536116288551.jpeg (300.51 KB, 750x1261, 3A86E631-C73E-4EC9-A14E-07A540…)

Wooden pieces are up on Etsy

No. 681193

Selfpost? Uhm…

No. 681208

Lol i just noticed how cross eyed her boobs are

No. 681218

She really thinks people are gonna pay that much for her art just shows how egotistical she is. Like $30- $40 seems reasonable. As an artist I'm shook she thinks that her art is worth that much.Its not bad or anything it's just nothing that special really. She can never just be humble and it seriously her worst quality. Good luck selling those lmao

No. 681219

File: 1536119698165.png (1.26 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180904-083538.png)

I like this chick, too bad she's Ariana's friend.

No. 681310

Idk if it’s a glitch like someone thought earlier but when I check her followers on my phone it also says Matt unfollowed ?????? Hm

No. 681342

fully type in “maleman.mp3” and actually press the search button on her followers. he didn’t unfollow

No. 681419

laughing cos she still hasn't sold all the shirts

No. 681430


No. 681517

>"giving hands"
>actually carrying a snake
Sounds about right for Ariana

No. 681593

oh god her new story….. she’s an adult, has been working and living on her own but doesn’t even know what a pdf document is…. the fuck

No. 681595

She’s begging people for advice…I wonder if she’ll pay them for it

No. 681599

So true. Does she think our time/advice is free? Heheheoo

No. 681608

File: 1536170515703.jpg (170.44 KB, 918x544, blondie.jpg)

No. 681623

She is such a hypocrite lmaooo

No. 681624

deleted again

No. 681702

File: 1536177337356.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 3C83BA2D-5C2C-4D7E-BD63-5D2386…)

She’s never loved anyone more in her life

No. 681718

if you love your man so much tell him to brush his teeth

No. 681725

File: 1536178668169.jpeg (107.94 KB, 747x1084, 2C480BE7-DE1F-4F38-942F-0D4613…)

No. 681731

how tf do you have VISIBLE PLAQUE? you can seriously smell his bad breath through the screen.

No. 681732

Legit looks like that dude smoked a bunch, got cotton mouth and then proceeded to eat a whole loaf of white bread

No. 681746

“Honesty is key” oh boy what could that mean hmmmm

No. 681775


You don't brush your teeth.. Ever. His plaque is really bad lmfao ew

No. 681804

Why does she keep uploading old pictures? Does she not like her new orange hair?

No. 681805

My teeth are STAINED FROM BULIMIA and they don’t even look that bad what on gods earth

No. 681886

she is going OFF on me in my instagram dm’s for calling her out about hypocrisy lol. snap anon, if she starts ranting about her hate please keep it posted

No. 681888

No. 681895

File: 1536188642019.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 468B026D-941F-4FC6-805F-133A94…)

No. 681898

File: 1536188727671.png (1.5 MB, 1242x2208, D3DAC153-58BD-4A8D-A13B-81984A…)

i didn’t mean to spoiler that last in and they are in the wrong order but

No. 681902

I love how her current insult is “you’re below average intelligence” when she also said matt was “slow”

No. 681906

Can’t really get much lower intelligence than a trailer park girl with no education or job but go off PNP

No. 681910

File: 1536189620686.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, 935549B9-1EF0-4D8E-9071-B544EF…)

tried to say that people laughing at her makes her money, just makes it even clearer that she is lying about her income lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 681948

Her porn didnt even make her famous tho
She got popular bc its hard to look away from a trainwreck like her
…so lets watch her ruin her life to the point of no return

No. 681953

1. You can tell people they have low intelligence when you can’t wrap your head around PDFs, one of the most basic things in computer technology lol
2. The fact that she’s so quick to insult other people’s intelligence and anyways bragging about how much smarter she is than others… sure makes it seems like she’s very deeply insecure about her own intelligence. And for a good reason, this bitch is dumb as rocks.

No. 681955

Can’t* not lookin too smart myself lolol

No. 681959

You should have been like "$10 and i'll help u" and see what she would have said

No. 681970

She’s straight up white trailer trash like her mom. Like of course intelligence insults are her go-to. She’s uneducated as fuck and has absolutely no trade/skill.
Appearance and intellect. The 2 fucking things she lacks so she lashes it as insults against others who ever so slightly disagree with her lispy fish lips lopsided-tiddies ass, my dude. Keep baiting her for more tho other Anon. Wonder what else we can indirectly pull out of her that is obviously her insecurities.

No. 681985

File: 1536195173491.png (124.55 KB, 720x919, 20180905_195145.png)

Literally what is the point of hinting that u cheated then acting like it didnt happen

No. 681995

File: 1536196209898.jpg (157.08 KB, 720x1125, RNXJjHS.jpg)


she deleted the other comment

No. 682004

she's probably just gonna buy the rest herself then act like she trolled the haterz

No. 682009

Gee for how much she doesn’t care and is above all the haters she sure spends a lot of her “valuable” time and energy defending herself.

No. 682020

File: 1536199069403.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1998, BC572337-CCCE-43FB-B008-B021D7…)

No. 682037

Somebody should make an instagram thats just screenshots of shit she deleted lmao

No. 682041

pretty sure she drives a mini van. almost positive thats why she deleted a picture one time. she was leaning against a mini van. unless she makes a habit of posting up on strangers cars.

No. 682065

she does, it’s an old mini van

No. 682066

File: 1536202038925.jpeg (261.79 KB, 1213x1832, 07D27D20-1650-4C51-91AF-237E6D…)

this is what she was talking about in the comments

No. 682071

Did he have a girlfriend at the time she hit him up? Lmao

No. 682074

If you’re talking about the thumbnail. That’s him and her…

No. 682119

Her deleting comments to visually prove her argument is so childish. She can’t even let opinions stay posted because her defenses become weak and repetitive.The obsession with perfected appareance is truly unruly.

No. 682140

So let me get this straight. She drives a mini van and is constantly making recording herself for instagram while driving. This bic gonna kill someone one day facepalm

No. 682174

Its still shady

No. 682179

They’ve only been together a year huh? Their relationship is so sad. I really wonder how she convinced him to stay. She probably made him feel like because she was honest about the cheating that it doesn’t matter. Fucked up logic

No. 682183

She ran into a roadwork sign and then snapped about it whilst driving. Even if she wasn't snapping at the time of the incident, her mind is clearly not on the road.

No. 682188

File: 1536217959676.jpeg (173.43 KB, 750x971, 97452C63-1310-4285-9FC0-36E947…)

how she always replies multiple times to people who criticize her and insults them in the worst way makes it so obvious how bothered she is…. this girl needs to see a good therapist for real

No. 682190

File: 1536217980880.jpeg (185.93 KB, 750x1052, F3B5ACF7-7803-44D1-815F-1E512C…)

No. 682197

She obviously wants an adult to tell her she ain’t shit: Ariana, you’re a horrible person, you’re rude and uneducated, your house looks like shit and you need help. You can gas yourself up for a while but things will eventually fall apart and you will crash and burn.

No. 682202


No, they’ve been together since 2015. Just look at the dates that is all over the screenshot…

No. 682271

Lmaooo she literally talks abt getting paid from spencers and less than 24 hours later girl is getting her fillers. total addict.

No. 682320

I can’t believe she’s squeezing more garbage into those clown lips

No. 682332

File: 1536245058267.jpeg (46.8 KB, 637x203, 15DE08E7-E7EC-4643-A76C-B4A888…)

what a good role model!!! (this girl is 15)

No. 682375

This is something that genuinely disturbs me about PnP’s popularity. I don’t think getting a nose job should be shamed considering it’s someones personal choice. But when it’s a 15 year old who hasn’t had the chance to find acceptance in her own skin and sees the side by sides of PnP with the caption “glow up” it’s probably going to cause more self image problems than not.

Of course PnP says “I loved myself before my surgeries” but we all know that’s not the case…and still isn’t. She still contours her nose and obsesses over it, talks about new procedures (fat fillers), got her tits done “to know boob life”…she’ll never be happy and that’s her prerogative. But the fact she’s so oblivious to her affect on younger/more insecure followers shows she is not ready to be an influencer or make any sort of money off being popular on IG

No. 682378

File: 1536249925583.jpeg (512.55 KB, 750x863, 8B988D4D-4BAD-45FA-BEFA-B2990C…)

Is that straight up blood all over her lower lip lmao

No. 682379

I remember on her live I asked her why in God’s name she would buy her mom a puppy if she always bitches about how “my mom couldn’t raise me or my brother” “she couldn’t provide for us” “she’s a drug addict” etc. She just went on a tangent about how I didn’t know anything and only assumed things about her life, then said “I was trying to be a good person, she just lost her bf so I wanted to get her a dog” dude if anything that makes you an even worse person? Sending a helpless puppy to such an unstable home?

No. 682413

she's offering a "sale" on her snapchat. 10$
she must need to make rent.

No. 682493

Gee whiz that 70k a year income is really kickin in

No. 682502

File: 1536264388282.jpeg (78.23 KB, 750x329, F7898DAC-FC1F-4F2C-9E07-5DF2D2…)


No. 682520

Kinkshaming furries? (ik furries aren’t necessarily a kink, moreso referring to her wording) that’s a bit hypocritical of u Ariana

No. 682522

I can’t stop flaming this loser on insta rn. She’s right it’s addicting af, she makes it WAY too easy to be cruel as fuck and wanna watch her reeeeee.
Sage for semi comment.

No. 682523

Why you Mfs say "sage for etc" but you dont even sage.

No. 682524

I know this cow my bff goes out with A once and then tells me she plans on getting her face under the knife
this bitch is toxic asf(namefag)

No. 682634

File: 1536279397329.png (397.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180906-191433.png)

So I scrolled all the way down because i wanted to see what she used to look like ((i was bored dont judge, im obviously obsessed rite))
And here's a video of her literally shooting a fucking hamster with a bb gun
Even if you dont care for hamsters this is kinda fucking sick

No. 682659

how the fuck did her hair go from >>680854 to >>682378 in 2 days?

No. 682663

furries deserve to be kinkshamed

No. 682680

If you guys look at ghostprophet/aaron's instagram story it seems like he's shading her lmao

No. 682685

Interesting that they both don’t follow each other anymore…..

No. 682694

On IG? He still follows her.

No. 682696

they still follow each other

No. 682697

He follows her. Why do y’all keep giving this false info.

No. 682698

This is horrifying. How have none of her fans noticed this yet? I suppose even animal abuse is to be overlooked, since their goddess can do no wrong.

No. 682700

What the actual fuck?!?

No. 682701

oh sorry I forgot I blocked her so her name doesn’t show up…. bad on my part sorry for the false info

No. 682705

Samefagging, but you should take a screen recording of that video, since we all know she's going to delete it once she reads this thread.

No. 682712

File: 1536283484428.png (3.26 MB, 1125x2436, 0F2A1463-61C1-4067-85E6-FE4CE3…)

Yet has the nerve to post shit like this as if she doesn’t harm animals all the same??

No. 682727

Did a hamster shortly after end up on her stupid pickled pet site?

No. 682738

It's from 2013 so that's probably why nobody noticed.
But it's not like she can deny it anyway, it literally says "shot a hamster" with the hamster
Still gon record it tho

No. 682760

I went back and looked. She sprayed it with water/clear liquid from a spray bottle. Stop giving bad info.

No. 682775

File: 1536286134038.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 600x375, hamster.gif)

Appears to be water. Little guy got stunned not very nice.

No. 682786

Ew. What a rednecked vile cunt she is

No. 682799

Ariana McMillan is an animal abuser what a surprise
She probably screams at her pets like Pumpy does, just see how she treats Matt.
Though she does seem to care more about her dog than her fiance.

No. 682806

my sweet guy is essentially in hamster hospice right now from a mass on his brain and this video just made me almost gag. What a shit fucking human being. Animal abusers deserve to die honestly

No. 682828

agreed. what a horrible bitch. i don’t care if it doesn’t do “real” damage. Scaring or hurting an animal on purpose is disgusting and a really psycho thing to do

No. 682933

My bad i dont know why the hell i thought it was a bb gun lmao

No. 682936

She begged her followers for money so she and DoorMatt™ could rent a different trash hole a few months back. What happened to the money?

Also according to Ariana she never did DP with Nathan & Matt. She said this on her (deleted) Tumblr. She claims Nathan aka DaddyTrash wanted to & up until that point he and she would flirt incessantly online. Nathan is so desperate to creep on Kaycee’s friends but they are so ugly in real life like Ariana & Mattpew. Ari says after their long coked out week together, she came back to philly & Nate started “harassing” her about why she didn’t want to fuck him/do DP. She said he creeped her out and was “pressuring” her to do DP all during their trip. PnP also got insecure & threw a fit because Kaycee sucked Matt’s dick. Then wouldn’t let them do anything after that LOL. But she can cheat?

All four of them are messy, fake, smelly crack losers.

No. 682937

She never got the house & sssthlobber lisp cried about it for DAYS on her IG.

Also with the foursome info I don’t have screenshots because it was a while ago, but she talked about it in Live.

No. 682938


No. 682939

….and a little on Tumblr.

No. 683067

ive been following both ari and kaycee since before the foursome and anyone who bought either of their snapchats knows ari is manipulating the situation to make herself sound better. she and nathan were hooking up the whole week and she made him fuck her ass, some girl with a pnp vendetta leaked the snapchat footage on tumblr and had the whole video for sale. im pretty sure ariana was pissed off about a lot more than seeing matt get his dick sucked considering she herself recorded matt completely pounding kaycee.

No. 683084

I wanna punch her ugly tit for doing that she is horrible and I feel so sorry for her puppy and her cat…..

No. 683152

Filler day uwu

No. 683172

File: 1536333500446.jpg (315.47 KB, 2048x2048, Image-1(55).jpg)

She said she didn't get fillers yesterday so maybe she just has herpes

No. 683175

She said on snap she was so proud of not picking her skin and then she started on her lip. I initially started following her since I have the same picking disorder but I stayed for the milk.
Sage because not v milky

No. 683209

File: 1536339250264.jpeg (39.06 KB, 750x211, A4737833-8199-4626-B5AB-3D2FF0…)


No. 683211

why did she let a 16 yr old pierce her nipples

No. 683278

In the last thread, someone posted a gif of what looked like that DP scene. So if she claims it never happened, she's lying.

No. 683285

She was getting fucked by Matt and Nathan was holding her legs back and holding her mouth shut….

No. 683320

File: 1536351183284.jpg (591.6 KB, 1080x1575, SmartSelect_20180907-161015_In…)

No. 683321

File: 1536351196217.jpg (342 KB, 1073x1531, SmartSelect_20180907-161043_In…)

No. 683322

Her breast job is one of the worst I've seen and I have one myself. Look at those placement scars yikes…

No. 683326

Absolutely disgusting behaviour as well. She looks bad and is a terrible person…

No. 683338

I’m no doctor but I’m almost positive your scars shouldn’t fuckin look like that…. or be there………

No. 683378

Those scars are worth crying about though. Yikes.

No. 683388

My sister has had hers done twice (went back to get them larger) and hers looked natural pretty much right away. PnP’s are tragically far apart as if they’re about to drift off of her body! Also those scars are BAD. I’ve only seen ones like hers as botched examples. Sad she spends all of her thot money to look like shit

No. 683389

Not only are the scars horrendous, but what are those weird seams above them? Looks like frankenhooker! I’m guessing they are the edge of the implant

No. 683397

File: 1536358733260.png (338.39 KB, 592x594, 7q87SJo.png)

No. 683408

File: 1536359824294.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1855, 8D325111-9BA4-4362-B45C-14561A…)

This is from Spencer’s Dec 2017 lol

No. 683409

File: 1536359852080.jpeg (776.49 KB, 1242x2036, B834C1B9-4CF5-48FA-A3FF-2D05AD…)

Look at the comments…

No. 683410

File: 1536359888685.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1842, 9AF4AC51-C72A-49DD-B8D8-CCDBB6…)


No. 683431

sage for OT but where'd she go?

No. 683452

File: 1536362003585.jpeg (123.37 KB, 750x847, 4720CA77-0F60-4410-A2FD-02087F…)


No. 683454

File: 1536362035510.jpeg (144.23 KB, 720x974, 3A072860-F009-48E8-A7F6-08AD88…)


No. 683455

File: 1536362057181.jpeg (122.2 KB, 750x919, C1CD25A5-1E78-459A-9592-9A7FCD…)


No. 683457

File: 1536362095250.jpeg (172.82 KB, 750x1031, D770C700-723B-462F-A589-822A9C…)

Comments on this pic


No. 683466

she's on live right now and said her lips plus face filler she got was $1200, yet matt cant even buy fast food lol

No. 683468

THIS RACIST BITCH just said “Shut the fuck up! GO BACK TO CHINA!” on her ig live re: people pointing out the pixelation on that one picture

No. 683497

on live she said she has to get fat because she wants to buy herself “kylie jenner hips”

No. 683498

She has been eating fast food for every meal these past two days, overspent on dog toys n grooming, just fattened her face with injections, and is now talking on live about buying herself HIPS

No. 683499

Apparently she’s getting Kylie Jenner hips next as stated on her live. Fake ass to go with her fake personality lmfaooo

No. 683504

When she is stressed she gets more surgery and acts out on social more. See: getting augmentation immediately following quitting her job on a bad day

No. 683509

No. 683526

God I can’t imagine a worse case of being a bpdfag than this girl. This has become her identity. 70 thousand people enable her. Her boyfriend is a cuck who can’t stand up for himself let alone tell her to stop spending money on surgeries. I don’t know if her bpd will ever get the treatment she needs at this point. Sorry mix of growing up poor, internet popularity, unchecked bpd, low intelligence and enabling boyfriend/friends. Holy fuck I love watching this trainwreck

No. 683535

She isn’t even diagnosed bpd, on tumblr she had posted pissed off about seeing a therapist because she told them she thought she had bpd and they told her it was just bad anxiety. She wouldn’t stop crying about how invalidated she felt on her blog. her bpd is self dx.

No. 683539

These incisions are so insane. I really want to know why they are placed like that. It has to be a mistake

No. 683546

okay but these comments are unnecessarily mean and cruel. they’re making fun of her for not having hips or tits…

No. 683547

Holy fuck.
She looks like an alt Alyce Casati.

No. 683557

So I'm guessing the mean comments+bad pics were what made her flip out in the beginning of the year. She all of a sudden changed her wardrobe, hair, and makeup in January.

No. 683561

File: 1536373206122.jpg (304.05 KB, 1067x1418, SmartSelect_20180907-221844_In…)

No. 683562

File: 1536373219126.jpg (372.33 KB, 1067x1553, SmartSelect_20180907-221909_In…)

No. 683567

File: 1536373953529.png (544.17 KB, 924x552, botox.png)

No. 683575

File: 1536375042719.jpeg (478.47 KB, 1242x1836, E255F483-287A-435B-991C-FC4BC1…)

No. 683576

A couple of months ago she got a wrinkle in her forehead and did ‘baby botex’ it’s very small amounts of botex mostly as preventative. Idk why she is denying it. I’ve done botex too and see it as the least altering thing she’s done, her denial is confusing.

No. 683581

Lol her bizarre need to lie about things like injections in her cheeks or jaw or Botox is probably the reason why she “only answers those types of questions on snap” she knows she’s lying and if she answers shit on snap, people can’t publicly call her out about it

No. 683594

She literally admitted on her Live many times about getting baby Botox. And answered tons of questions on the subject and even explained how it was different from the regular Botox.
She’s fucking delusional and can’t even lie properly.

No. 683597

File: 1536377110749.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2208, DD9463C6-BE66-4545-8CA1-1B302D…)

Thanks to those new injections her lips stick out so far they now need their own postcode lmaooooo

No. 683598

File: 1536377231977.jpg (286.19 KB, 1066x744, SmartSelect_20180907-165445_In…)

"Back to normal"

No. 683600

Looks like she's been sucking on a jar.

No. 683607

How come she ALWAYS has makeup smeared all over the tops of her hands? I understand using them as a canvas while putting it on, but don't people usually wash their hands afterward?

No. 683611

it makes her look ~artsy~

No. 683616

She didn't go the river yet, anon

No. 683622

File: 1536379958520.jpg (342.59 KB, 821x1066, SmartSelect_20180907-163725_In…)

No. 683624

reminds me of shuwu and preg.
look how smol i am commpared to my fat-i mean big stwong bf! this is totally candid and i didn't even realize our size difference!

No. 683625

That hog body though. Yikes. He look like he stank. Okay I don't blame Ariana for not allowing him to have junk food.

No. 683627

File: 1536380621649.jpg (2.28 MB, 1920x2560, 18-09-08-00-09-16-083_deco.jpg)

No. 683628

File: 1536380648444.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 18-09-08-00-10-34-728_deco.jpg)

No. 683637

that mirror alone makes me sick. what a nasty bitch

No. 683646

File: 1536383680046.jpeg (203.53 KB, 843x1024, 664E1889-37D8-4F3A-AAE4-D897EE…)

A rare photo of Ariana in the wild.

No. 683652

look at the lip around the shower, don't b eating when you do it.

No. 683658

File: 1536384777596.png (2.65 MB, 750x1334, 3469313E-DE76-4855-90AA-EF07E2…)

Video of her freshly picked fat, bloody lips

No. 683659


She also made a point to show off her blood crusted fingertips for that extra edge

No. 683682

Are these before or after the nosejob + lip lift?

No. 683685

Definitely after lip lift at least. You can see that scar under her nose from it. And I’m pretty sure her nose job was the first cosmetic “enhancement” she ever did so I’m thinking this is post rhinoplasty as well.
Definitely before she knew how to contour though lmao bc the nose really doesn’t look like she’s had any work done

No. 683687

does she know that ur not supposed to touch freshly injected areas with dirty ass fingers? I thought she was „an expert“ on that and even sells her big knowledge? lol

No. 683693

I’ll never understand how people have no shame living in literal filth like this and posting selfies with it clearly visible. How are you gonna pay all this money to try to make yourself look “perfect” and then post pics of your grimey ass house like this? I feel like the image she is trying to create for herself is often conflicted by images like these which just end up adding to her washed up tweaker look.

No. 683720


why lie about obvious shit like that??

No. 683722

File: 1536398013918.png (Spoiler Image, 565.04 KB, 809x869, worst-bobs-evah.png)

There are definitely worse boob jobs than Ariana's, just look at those stretch marks and scars. No idea, but maybe it's likely to happen when a girl has naturally small tits and their butchers squeeze inside watermelons of the bobs? Or in the future they will sag more and scars will be just in place. Honestly every time somebody shits on PnP tits I remember those horrendous examples, her flat chest was perfectly fine before the boob job, but at least her silicon sacks look somewhat natural. Plastic surgeons nowadays are mercenaries, it's almost like if you have the money they will do whatever you desire even without a proper consult.

No. 683724

Arianas tits are under her armpits and have dropped below her incision line which isn't supossed to happen

No. 683726

Im a very skinny girl with breast implants and mine are the 2nd smallest implant on the market. Mine are not under my armpit and you cant see the incision line. They feel soft and aren't lockable.
Her's look really really bad.
Pumpy is a good example of a skinny girl with good (not great) implants that look far better than arianas.

No. 683740

The best implants on skinny girls still look ridiculous.

No. 683743

That's fine if you think that, I wanted to have more of a mature look without having to put on weight and be fat.
Pnp is probably just as her name says and just to be plastic without a skilled surgeon, or sometimes implants just dont sit right on a patient, there are always risks going in.

No. 683760

Is that like body hair or what? Wtf?

No. 683764

You’re so right and >>683722’s argument of bbbut these botch jobs r worse tho” is hilarious— they are alll botched, sis. Least shitty is still. Shitty. If they drop any more them scars are gonna be mid-titty. She’s stuck with Frankenstein bolt on boobs and it’s Frankly hilarious.

No. 683773

this is straight up fucking disgusting. girl living like a junkie pack rat. no money left for cleaning products guys it all goes to her plastic, lumpy ass body.

No. 683774

this is straight up fucking disgusting. girl living like a junkie pack rat. no money left for cleaning products guys it all goes to her plastic, lumpy ass body.

No. 683791

She's had two nosejobs right? Because the nose in the picture doesn't look like her natural beak but it doesn't look like her current nose either

No. 683806

File: 1536418675826.png (9.16 MB, 1242x2208, 5ADE0D84-5C47-4FF1-A41D-7EA831…)

she looks so fucking gross here LOL

No. 683812

It's not even about putting on weight though. Skinny frames don't put on weight on the breasts anyway. Breast implants look ridiculous on skinny girls because theres nothing to work with. Its literally skin and implant. No natural fat in the breast and I know you're born that way and you can't help it. The meme of bigger breasts look better just needs to die.

sage for kinda OT

No. 683816

File: 1536419866123.jpg (901.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180908-111726_Ins…)

No. 683823

This ho is really out here begging for someone to pay $15 so she can ubereats a smoothie……

No. 683824

Those titties struggling to come together lmao

No. 683826

File: 1536420454339.jpg (105.31 KB, 1075x529, SmartSelect_20180908-021354_In…)

Found the spencer's pic on their insta.

She is so disgusting that she feels the need to lie to people about her health.

She has admitted to starving herself and being underweight. That's not healthy. Also, neither is having severe mental disorders which aren't under control…

No. 683827

File: 1536420561385.jpg (194.94 KB, 1052x496, SmartSelect_20180907-164203_In…)

No. 683836

Idk bitch that sure sounds like an ed to me

No. 683843

how the fuck does it make sense to restrict AND binge every day? couldn't you take the extra food from the binge and spread it out to several meals to make a normal diet? also if you truly binged (not just calling a normal meal a binge) every day wouldn't you be pretty fat? she's definitely lying about something

No. 683846


No. 683848

She ‘restricts’ when coked out and binges of on the come down and the bitch makes herself throw up obviously hence her no teeth having ass

No. 683850

File: 1536423014830.jpg (556.55 KB, 1080x1393, SmartSelect_20180907-164226_In…)

The level of delusion this girl has lmao

No. 683852

>I don't have an ed
>I restrict and binge daily

No. 683892

I kind of feel bad that her lip lift and injections cant do much for her mouth area. She honestly should have consulted with an oral surgeon because she looks like she has vertical maxillary deficiency. Basically her mouth caves in because of misaligned jaw. I know because I have this issue and was considering a lip lift but it wouldn't work. That's the tricky thing with changing your appearance drastically. Your features are formed around your existing bones and when you augment and lift too much it does nothing for the framework you already have. Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 683915

File: 1536428232100.jpeg (110.14 KB, 750x686, 5BC9EF90-DBB3-40A0-84C3-AE41FD…)

Wow Arianna it’s not like there’s more than 1 type of an eating disorder. Like wow. You definitely don’t fall under an branch of one. Like wow.
Most uneducated bitch I ever SEEN. No wonder she/Matt keeps her locked up in a house. I wouldn’t want to let society see this unintelligent, prolapsed anus lips, lopsided mango tits looking girl running around.

No. 683930

She has been picking like crazy lately. First her newly injected lips and now her precious nose? Wonder what’s eating at her

No. 683934


She’s attached to her identity? But she talks so much about having identity issues from BPD.

No. 683956

she posted on her ig story earlier that she’s keeping her snap at $10. i’m honestly kinda tempted just to get it so i can snoop but i don’t wanna give her a dime lmao

No. 683986

we can go half on it, Anon.

No. 684003

Make it 1/3

No. 684014

Is this the same filthy mirror from >>683627 ?
Does she just move it around her house to take selfies?

No. 684118

buying it could prevent others from buying it just for the milk. so in a way, she’d be losing $

No. 684145

File: 1536446789107.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.92 KB, 426x640, C3690BE9-CF3B-4FF6-BEB1-97571C…)

No. 684156

omg she's gonna think it's so funny!

No. 684158

Bet she won't post this one on her insta

No. 684167

File: 1536449258218.png (476.7 KB, 806x560, DrLZVgE.png)

No. 684191

I find it hilarious she's losing followers

No. 684197

File: 1536452599156.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 8D70F3B7-6F8F-4CB7-A267-EC49B0…)

I feel like she actually used to look so good I can’t quite put my finger on what’s different but she looks so much worse now.

No. 684198


Ariana, are you passionate about anything other than taking photos of yourself? Of gazing at yourself in the mirror state of a front facing camera?

Maybe all the botulism, and plastic compounds have gone to your brain

No. 684212

don't namefag anon

she's all angles, she never looked good

No. 684233

Nah I agree. She looks best as blonde with an open part and softer makeup.

No. 684287

File: 1536464569966.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, D0FEA234-E4DE-40F1-8BBF-AE79FC…)

Romanticizing her disorder? Her lips do not deserve this especially in their fragile state

No. 684290

File: 1536464883985.jpg (545.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180908-223441_Ins…)

Earlier she was doing her makeup on live and got her eyeliner in her hair… And it's still there. Also, she's picked at her lips horribly. Is she on drugs lately? She's been acting weird and on live she was very mellow/spaced out.

No. 684291

File: 1536464911904.jpg (566.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180908-223446_Ins…)

No. 684292

i am literally cackling at her trying to make her bleeding prolapsed anus lips look sexy

No. 684317


I think I’ve heard before she takes a pill but I don’t know what it would be. Maybe psych meds?

No. 684323

I think she takes meds for her “BPD” or anxiety maybe.

No. 684341

I remember reading in a reply to some comment that it's Lamotrigine. It's a mood stabilizing medication commonly prescribed to treat bipolar disorder among other conditions.

No. 684343


she's just having a narcoid ego meltdown in the wake of confronting her grandiosity gap via the negative attention from the farms. first she chimps out high on grandiosity, now time for the crash and burn. they always act like neurotic little weirdos when this happens.

No. 684352

She was smoking weed on the live earlier.

No. 684361

File: 1536474813059.png (6.39 MB, 1242x2208, CB5B0A3C-60D9-40C8-B13C-469BB2…)

“Couldn’t give two fucks about my appearance”
But yet she spends thousands of dollars on surgeries, injections and skin treatments.
Also claims to have an entire mental disorder that causes her to care TOO MUCH about her appearance… so which one is it boo?

No. 684417

No, only one. It's just her contouring and editing that makes it look different.

No. 684474

Yeeeesh. Lost 145 just yesterday. Lmao
She went super overboard on her “improvements” to the point where she looks monstrous that’s what happened

No. 684510

>70k a year
>has to beg randoms for $5 in order to move out

No. 684524

File: 1536504550072.png (644.78 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20180909-104714~2.p…)

I'm cackling! You can fill your face and slap as much make up on but your muscles and bone structure reveal the truth! Now that she has more filler it almost makes all the creases in her face worse when she makes any expression – it just doesn't move quite right

No. 684527

Jesus they actually posted this awful candid photo of her? They throwing shade her way kek.

No. 684548

you can tell she still never washes her hair, but since it’s been bleached again it’s turned into literal stiff straw in every single photo. looks like it feels like a fucking wire dog brush

No. 684578

She has a smooshed potato face. No jawline, no cheekbones, no chin to speak of. How unfortunate.

No. 684583

File: 1536513124769.jpeg (260.13 KB, 1242x1366, B4741EE9-2ED9-4BB7-BE8F-094009…)

Lol she even says it herself that she doesn’t wash her hair and basically uses all the grease to style it.

No. 684594

on her snapchat she basically admitted she fucked her SD. she said is able to have sex with men and it's not a big deal basically. she compared herself to a porn star. although she hasn't directly admitted to fucking the SD yet she said "it has has potential" to being sexual. but THEN she immediately said "i have thousands and thousands of dollars from 30 minutes". what does that imply??

she said she can love matt and also have a sexual work relationship. so it sounds like she DID fuck the SD last week but manipulated matt into being ok with it becasue "porn stars have husbands too" . dude truly is cucked .

No. 684622

Lol that part about porn stars having husbands is inaccurate. Most don't lol

She'll use anything as an excuse to justify being able to do and tet away with whatever she wants.

Sorry, but becoming a Sugar Baby for someone else AFTER getting engaged is plain stupid and a road to ruining the one consistent relationship she had

No. 684629

File: 1536517548573.gif (7.29 MB, 640x536, SmartSelect_20180909-142501_In…)

No. 684645

File: 1536518271126.jpg (612.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180909-142344_Ins…)

No. 684656

Her lips are fucked. She needs to stop before her lips like… fall off? Why are her doctors letting her do this?

No. 684657

File: 1536519530181.jpg (178.74 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(57).jpg)

At her doctors appointment acting like an oversexed five year old

No. 684671

File: 1536521161277.jpg (606.97 KB, 1080x1534, SmartSelect_20180909-152453_In…)

Why is she always pulling at her implants in pictures? She seems unhappy with the way they naturally sit

No. 684675

Why has no one called her out for recording herself while driving literally every day.. the up-nose videos of her lip syncing to the radio are certainly not worth risking a car accident

No. 684676

to hide her nips

No. 684677

I feel like you'd get soaking wet just sitting across the table having a conversation with this bitchhhthhhhp.

No. 684687

File: 1536522196243.jpg (654.84 KB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20180909-154247_Ins…)

No. 684700

File: 1536523252300.jpg (583.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180909-155926_Ins…)

She just posted this lmao probably desperately trying to make it look like she wasn't driving despite the 2 hour difference and obvious change of seats.

Side note, she keeps up with what we say very frequently

No. 684706

nah. if she was just trying to hide her nips she’d just censor them with emojis like she used to. she’s pulling them together because we keep pointing out her refund gap and cross eyed tits

No. 684707

Who on this fucking earth would think that looks anything but horrid? Her lips literally are a BUTTHOLE. And she spews constant shit out of her butthole mouth 24/7 so confirmed pnp has 2 assholes.

No. 684708

Oh jesus, yeah, the road must be soaked especially if she had the window open.

No. 684711

She is so delusional! Comparing a Walmart job to fucking for money. Oh my god. She has lost her marbles. She is so manipulative and she’s good at it… she’ll convince anyone that they’re wrong and she’s right.

No. 684713

Wasn’t she mad not that long ago that matt was looking at some chicks Instagram frequently? But it’s okay if she has sex with another man for money. LOL

No. 684714

She’s been particularly ugly lately. Just too much work done - her lips are so gross and I like big lips but .. idk they look overfilled like meme jokes - why does she like having so much work and makeup that if you saw her in public you’d have to stare at her like, bitch what is going on with your face? And her giant Frankenstein tit scars . Just no to all of it.

And for someone so vain why does she have the rattiest hair and nails I’ve ever seen?? you can get cute extensions and nail sets off amazon cheap and learn to style both for an overall clean look and influencing style? It just screams how dirty she is on top of the drag queen makeup and everything on her being busted and bloody and cracked and picked and diced up

No. 684716

I mean, Wal-Mart usually at least tries to keep their produce looking fresh.

No. 684720

Rather than comparing working at Wal-Mart to being a sex worker, she should just be comparing herself to Wal-Mart. Open 24/7 and so cheap that anyone can afford it.

No. 684728

She also brags about making so much money but is so cheap when it comes to absolutely everything but plastic surgery. Even begging for someone to send her a smoothie. I thought she made 70k a year? Oh but that’s right she would much rather beg her followers for it.

No. 684739

Did she say that on snap? It doesnt seem like its on instagram and i dont have $10-$30 to spend on her

No. 684743

Yes. She basically implied matt should be okay with her having sex with a digger daddy if that’s her decision, because at the end of the day it’s just a job, like working at Walmart

No. 684744

Sugar daddy*

No. 684745


No. 684746

Actually she didn’t imply- she straight out said. My apologies

No. 684754

File: 1536527313368.jpg (47.75 KB, 1073x274, SmartSelect_20180909-170728_In…)

Take your own advice, ProlapsedandProud!

Keep your baboon ass lips shut so you stop spewing your shitty thoughts

No. 684800

“I love seeing how my success and happiness bothers so many people” what success? All Ive seen her do on ig is lose her job and cheat on her fiancé. And what happiness? Wasn’t she cutting her wrist on her snap last weekend wanting to die after she got fucked for a ps4?

No. 684809

File: 1536532477284.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47.04 KB, 450x675, -7.jpeg)

Her inflated sausages look like something one would frequently see at Dyagilev club in Moscow circa mid zeroes.

No. 684822

Lmao I love the way you worded this because it shows how no one dislikes her because she is famous or "pretty" ..

Why is it that whenever you disloke someone, basic people think it's out of jealousy? Maybe they're just dumb

No. 684827

literally it was the opposite of what she thinks in my case. i liked her style and thought she was pretty, so it made me kind of like her in a first impression way, but then when i found out she has the personality of a fat ratchet sixth grade bully, i came to dislike her

No. 684833

Ooofff her boobs do not look good at all. I have a similar body type as her (I’m 5’5 and 125 so maybe a lil heavier) and have similar sized breasts compared to her implants (look like 34C or D?)
Hers are way too far apart and have too much weight in the bottoms and sides, look way too “flat”—like the cup size is large but there’s no volume. The implants are clearly lopsided (nothing wrong w lopsided boobs, mine aren’t even, but it’s sad that she paid for this). The push up bra should make them look massive and cleavagey but it makes them look smaller somehow :/ she should’ve left her body alone. She’s going to have to pay thousands more to get this shit fixed bc of some regrettable impulse decision. This should be a lesson for anyone considering cosmetic surgery — do your research, don’t just bite at the cheapest deal—and be sure it’s what you really want.

No. 684838

File: 1536535080485.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 76FF8D0F-513B-429C-9F7D-4C5D24…)

No. 684848


She was told by her doctor that she needs to wear a push up bra for a month straight. I’m sure it’s because of her bottoming out.

No. 684854

Hahahaha seriously!!!!! Success lol, her idea of success is living in filth, cheating on her fiance, and looking like garbage and probably smelling like it too.

No. 684856

File: 1536536744488.png (87.9 KB, 500x300, proxy.duckduckgo.com.png)

No. 684863

File: 1536537601136.jpeg (364.24 KB, 750x867, 9254681F-A1F2-4AA5-A000-60D687…)

She looked best like this in my opinion, and I had to scroll for tiiiiiiiiime to even find it.

No. 684886

An anon on the previous thread mentioned something about this and her eagerness to "drop and fluff" quickly probably ruined her results. Is that why the scars are so bad?

No. 684894

I know several people with boob jobs, someone who even got their's done around the same time and they have no scars and still wear bras.

Also I asked them certain questions out of my own curiosity and they told me they still have to wead bras, regardless of the quality of the boob job. Andd they were recommended to wear bras daily while the implants drop to prevent an undesirable result….

No. 684895

File: 1536541045289.jpg (150.29 KB, 750x1045, Image-1(59).jpg)


No. 684897

File: 1536541075579.jpg (126.97 KB, 750x1117, Image-1(58).jpg)

No. 684898

Tbh she has some of the worst breast augmentation scars I’ve seen…I honestly doubt she throughly researched the surgery before she got the procedure. Most respectable surgeons will try to minimize scar size/visibly. Hers scars are almost twice the size as some I’ve seen and they’re in such an odd place. She could’ve gotten a transaxiallry augmentation (implant is inserted through an incision through the armpit) but instead she settled to have two hug e nasty red scars in almost the center of her tits…. if this isn’t the best instance of you get what you pay for idk what is.

No. 684899


every time she bragged about not wearing bras after surgery ppl were telling her she should be wearing one and she would say variations of LMAO my dr said not to?? u arent an expert!~ hahaha

No. 684902


Areola McIncision's tits were already permanently disfigured from the generic mandala tattoos. The boob job just made them comical and hard to the touch.

No. 684906

How about not going over to her insta and saying the shit we say here on her page? It just draws her back to lolcow. Also it’s tacky as fuck and her reactions aren’t even interesting. I don’t know but seems redundant to comment on her insta.

No. 684937

calm down anon way to sperg who knows if the anon posting that is the one commenting jesus christ

No. 684966

File: 1536547560976.jpg (40.72 KB, 315x269, SmartSelect_20180909-224238_In…)

She also claims to do a bunch of research on cosmetic procedures yet keeps going back to a subpar injection clinic because it's what she's used to

Pretty sure you aren't supposed to have a bubble above your lip where it's clear they have been injected.

Not only that, but if she were honest with the clinic and phsyicians regarding her mental state, there is nothing ethical about that clinic. They are taking advantage of a sick woman lol

No. 684969

File: 1536547701730.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 962FBC01-D720-4D30-AF6A-4428BE…)


From her surgeon’s page

No. 684983

Funny because Ariana's are far above the vermilion border

No. 684999

File: 1536549518658.jpeg (40.83 KB, 700x362, 17D725CA-6B87-4E0F-B4F4-BF5E24…)

something about her mouth area just reminds me so much of that kid from stranger things. maybe it’s her rice grain teeth

No. 685013

this comparison is spot fucking on thanks anon

No. 685053

yeah what? there should be checkmarks instead of Xs just from that pic alone, the pic that they chose, let alone candids. is this that theplastics_pa account or what? whoever it is is fucking blatantly lying

No. 685063

i don’t think that’s her is it? there’s no angel bite scars and the eyebrows are kinda bushy

No. 685065

That isn't Ariana

No. 685067


They are showing what’s wrong with this patient’s lips. That is not Ariana but a close second

No. 685075

Her breasts don't look that off to me? I mean breasts come in a lot of shapes even in the same 'size' category. They're uneven and dropping way too fast.

No. 685076

ooohhhh, gotcha. ariana’s look like they’ll burst if she ever goes into high altitudes lol

No. 685127

File: 1536562806227.jpg (11.18 KB, 259x194, images(3).jpg)

No. 685157

She says her lip lift scar is barely visible but imho her nose looks like pasted on her face. This is a low quality crop but still the scar is thick and visible. Jesus

No. 685199


what. the FUCK.

among all the hype for beauty gurus and "pro make up techniques" i'd forgotten about the noughties orange blow up doll aesthetic.

but v accurate, yes.

No. 685257

File: 1536592511839.png (7.19 MB, 1125x2436, 332FFCBD-036D-456F-A5C9-C86225…)

She posted another disgusting vid of her inflated fat worm lip bleeding.

No. 685301

she's really putting her face at risk with picking at the injection points so aggressively .. i'm honestly worried about the possible domino effect this could have

No. 685304

File: 1536599362706.jpeg (184.72 KB, 1242x831, 928D8BB4-FD51-4547-B44A-87EB83…)


No. 685319

Disgusting. Why does she keep posting that revolting stuff?

No. 685335

File: 1536604432381.jpg (531.05 KB, 1041x1242, SmartSelect_20180910-143134_In…)

It's becoming more self aware

No. 685337

She just wants to paint herself as a mentally ill victim while never changing her behavior or outlook . “Guys I CAN’T not be a total self obsessed weirdo!!”

No. 685338

File: 1536604867859.jpg (16.2 KB, 156x156, SmartSelect_20180910-143859_In…)

Her injection specialist just uploaded a clip of Ariana getting botox injected ..

Didn't she say she hadn't done thag like a week ago

Vid was posted after this pic

No. 685340

I’ve had injections, the bubble stays for a bit and goes away. From what I can tell where she goes actually seems good, but if she wants crazy huge lips that’s more on her

No. 685345

Yeahh, you guys can enjoy looking butchered lmao

No. 685347

File: 1536606355992.jpg (31.78 KB, 299x172, SmartSelect_20180910-150417_In…)

If the bubble only stays for a bit, why did her mouth look like this a week or two ago?

Regardless of their other patient's outcome, the frequency at which they work on Ariana is unethical if she has been diagnosed with BDD.

Also her lip injections don't look well placed to me but idk I don't have any

No. 685348

Personal opinions of her aside, does anyone else find it really questionable that this cosmetic facility is continuing to enable a severely mentally ill person to indulge in what’s clearly become an addiction through which she’s gradually destroying her body because it means more money in their pocket?

No. 685349

Yes!! This is exactly what I'm saying.
She is in there every few WEEKS (look through her page)

How can the clinic itself be okay with this let alone the physician that sees her EVERY time she goes in??

She got an impulse boob job.. and gets fillers every COUPLE of months, which is unnecessary

No. 685352

I honestly hope the people who love her step in at some point and quit enabling her. I feel sorry for this girl because continuing to relentlessly pursue plastic surgery after plastic surgery will do nothing but trap her in never ending debt and eventually just worsen her BDD when she realizes how botched she looks. Matt, if you read these and care about her at all, you should stand up to her and keep her from going off the deep end with these procedures.

No. 685355

Ariana, you clearly read this thread, so just know that the power is in your hands to become self aware and seek treatment for your BDD instead of making it worse and making yourself a walking spectacle on the internet, which surely can’t help the mental issues either what with the constant stress of being observed. I don’t think anyone here truly hates you, it’s just sad and morbidly interesting to watch someone continually make and manipulatively, pathologically defend what they must know, deep down, are bad choices. I hope you delete your social media and get real help.

No. 685356


it's not that deep bitch you're just a narcissist.

No. 685361

Why is it offensive to you I have injections

filler lasts a few months

I don’t see a bubble but I think her lips don’t look good anyway let’s be real

Look at kylie Jenner’s face, are we saying her surgeon is doing something immoral because of her insecurity. She just got more famous as a consequent, much like PnP.
I just don’t think we should be going after the clinic and just focus on the person in the thread

No. 685362

I messed up my reply but it was to whoever said I must look butchered

No. 685363

I disagree, I think the clinic is definitely at fault here. Kylie Jenner actually looks good, albeit different from before. PnP looks like she’s one year away from being on Dr. Phil and her surgeon continues to abuse her mental illness and addiction for easy money.

No. 685367

Apart from the lips I think PnP looks great, and so do many others considering her following and because so many more “regular” people want or are getting injections/surgery.

But I suspect because of her mental illness she will want more and more and if they keep it up when she looks something like that Ken doll freak then yes I’d say they’re taking advantage

No. 685372

Her looking great is really all in the angles—when you see a candid photo it’s obvious that her nose job is a little crooked and her lips overfilled to the point of being comical and looking like a disease. Her boob job was also extremely botched, whether by her surgeon or her aftercare of them. Scars are NOT supposed to sit in the middle of the boob, they’re supposed to be concealed in the crease. They’re also crooked and not ever going to fill with fat deposits like her surgeon dishonestly told her they would because she’s so skinny. It’s very bad plastic surgery and unethical on multiple counts. No decent plastic surgeon should have put implants that large on someone with a completely flat chest.

No. 685378

(Continued) I don’t even dislike this girl, I just feel sorry for her. She clearly has serious mental health issues and the people in her life are enabling her time and time again instead of helping her quit this addiction before she turns into a complete Frankenstein. Her surgeries have all been botched in some way—lip lift scar is enormous and obvious, boob job is terrible on all counts, and the nose job she even admitted was botched because she can barely breathe. If she has to beg for money to order a smoothie she clearly can’t afford high quality surgeries and is feeding her addiction with the only thing she can afford, which is clearly this shit tier monstrosity. People need to stop taking her money and stop enabling her to ruin her body. She was perfectly nice looking before all the surgeries and should have just gotten help for her BDD. I even thought her big nose was pretty and had character.

No. 685380

She’s on live right now if anyone would like to milk

No. 685381

I agree
When i had my breasts done my surgeon told me he would not go above a certain size because it would look 'awful' and 'weird'
A good surgeon will tell you no.

No. 685385

I almost believe she’s being given free/discount injections and surgeries in exchange for promoting them and being a sort of “mascot”

No. 685386

I feel like this is OT so I’ll stop after this and it’ll prob be better if it’s in the PS thread.

She probably gets less surgery than celebrities and we don’t question their clinician’s ethics. You say kylie Jenner looks good but her body looks ridiculous. Look at kim’s disgusting ass. In the world of surgery PnP isn’t botched yet. To me botched means one tit is bigger than the other, huge scars, uncanny valley shit. Whether PnP looks good is obv subjective

No. 685388

Who's offended?
And yes anyone who does work on the kardashians/jenners is supporting a mentally unwell family unit so.. what's your point?

Any kind of cosmetic surgery/procedure exploits the mentally insecure.

And there is no way she needs fillers every 2 months, shut up

No. 685390

Kylie Jenner looks okay now because she had some of her filler dissolved and photoshops the shit out of her pics…

No. 685391

You’re right, OT, so I’ll move on after this. But yeah, while looking “good” is subjective, there’s still a difference between technically well done plastic surgery and poorly done plastic surgery. You might not like the way a certain procedure looks on someone but still admit that it’s well done in that it looks like what the surgery is supposed to—and none of hers fit into that category. If this kind of cosmetic surgery is obvious and recognizable, it’s not well done. Every procedure she’s had is obvious.

No. 685395

Commented after, messed up the reply, someone said I must look botched earlier

They dissolve around 9 months, that was in response to someone saying people didn’t need them every few months

And most people do not think famous people who get surgery are unwell, nor question the clinician. That is my point :)
Anything else just go to the PS thread and we can argue until forever

No. 685402

We don’t think she’s unwell. We know she’s been diagnosed with BDD and self do with BPD, both very serious mental disorders that play on insecurities about physical appearance and a constant desire to change it recklessly.

No. 685427

I guess since being a toxic, shit head and her losing 3k followers made her change her tune. So now she’s the “omgeee mirrors guys”? Pick a fucking attitude girl. Are you a bad bitch or are you an insecure piece of trash?

No. 685437

File: 1536615223610.jpg (334.78 KB, 1065x1371, SmartSelect_20180910-173302_In…)

This is so??? Normal??? Lol

Most women carry purses with a small makeup bag in them

No. 685444

File: 1536616405619.jpg (480.36 KB, 818x1043, SmartSelect_20180910-175031_In…)

This is how she shows up to a modelling job?

Hair poorly tied up and pinned back, unmanicured nails, overly dramatic makeup for casual clothing?? How is this being a successful model. These look like pictures her friend took of her while they went ~adventuring~, not pictures a prestigious company paid to be taken of an extremely gorgeous supermodel.

I'm offended she thinks I could be jealous of her…

No. 685455

i dont follow this thread but this is an extreme reach, anon. look at the shirt, the brand is very edgy, she and the aesthetic she presents in this picture is what their target audience finds interesting/cool. you act like their styling team wouldn't have fixed her hair/makeup (if they didn't do it in the first place) or sent her home if she was that off-brand. it's not your aesthetic, but go peep into the soundcloud thread and you'll see that it isn't just her

No. 685457

terrible choices aside, she’s also just not a very good model. she makes the same dead fish face in all her shots because that’s all the collagen will allow, and has no idea how to work her body either.

stay killin them spencer’s campaigns boo LOL

No. 685458

She dropped like 3k followers over the weekend so let’s not pretend she’s self aware, or instead of finding her a vain self obsessed fuck doll try to feel sympathy for her - but she’s clever, I’ll give her that, she atleast knows she has to start playing on people’s feelings.

No. 685459

Why does it always look like she has translucent powder all over her clothes? She's always so grimy and unfinished-looking in photos not taken by her.

No. 685461

File: 1536617889070.png (5.71 MB, 1125x2436, FAEBED7F-5D62-4478-9C31-795DA3…)

No. 685465


Look at her hand

No. 685469

What was I reaching to?
I just said she looked bad lol
Never said Spencer's gave a fuck because clearly they don't. I don't see what you're trying to say at all.

She looks trashy, why would I be jealous of someone who models for a company anyone could apply to online?

No. 685472

She makes the same dead-eyed, constipated look in every picture and her general appearance is unbecoming of modeling. The only people she would be able to work for are brands seeking out alt social media influencers rather than real models.

Ahhh, "success" aka buying your way into a couple mediocre modelling gigs

No. 685481

What is all over her hand on the right? Can’t tell if that’s purposeful or if she just didn’t wash her makeup off her hand after…

No. 685511


She always has that shit on her hands. Someone mentioned it earlier in the thread that she never washes her fakeup off her hand. It just makes her look filthy

No. 685515

File: 1536623364198.jpg (889.14 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20180910_194803082.jpg)

No. 685541

Her lips are so lopsided they look like they’re falling off.
Also her unemployed ass spends all day deleting any negative comments and blocking everyone who liked it.

No. 685561

y’all are reaching, i have makeup on my hand rn from doing my makeup this morning lol that doesn’t make you dirty it means you did your makeup

No. 685562

File: 1536628564636.png (630.49 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20180910-211411~2.p…)

Oh man that weird crease in the middle of her top lip that happens when she smiles…you can see where the fillers are stiffer than the rest of her lip…

No. 685565

You'd think one would take the two seconds to wipe that shit off your hand if you're doing a photoshoot for a company. Like maybe Spencer's doesn't care but if you're such a 'professional model'…

No. 685587

kinda fucked up they do this on a 23 y/o like I know she's payin so they don't care but it just seems weird. The botox made her skin look really good tho I guess

I know I could google this but does anyone know what getting all this plastic surgery n shit does to your skin/face in the long run? like if she stops getting the fillers in her lips will they shrivel up like a sad balloon?

No. 685597

There have been studies that suggest that the longer people have had Botox/fillers in their face the harder it is for them to decipher emotion on other peoples faces because their own faces can no longer move in the ways it normally would to express emotion

No. 685605

File: 1536633399934.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, 63443DCD-57C0-43D5-BF73-9E0C5E…)

Holy shit

No. 685608

This bitch is on crack lol what the hell is going on here?

No. 685610

Gross, so you don’t wash your hands after using the toilet? Piss hands, no wonder you’re defending her dirty ass.

No. 685619


I honestly think she posts these to “mess with” us

No. 685641

reaching “piss hands” LMFAO

No. 685647

HAHA at first i thought the left pictures were her lips n then i realized

No. 685650

No. 685656

File: 1536639420526.jpeg (248.75 KB, 1242x1215, A5DFDD52-F33E-4407-9E66-C68D6A…)

Since she thinks she looks like Angelina Jolie…

No. 685657

File: 1536639447178.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, DD9D701C-F60E-4B82-ABEF-F63650…)

She’s molesting matt in her story

No. 685661

She’s so exhausting. she alludes to people disliking her very often…. and it’s always them in the wrong lol. Will she ever learn

No. 685673

Matt looks so annoyed lmao

No. 685690

Molesting, anon? Lol more like annoying the fuck out of him. She follows Matt to his shows and sulks in the corner getting wasted & taking selfies. She STARES at him the whole time to make sure no girls talk to him! It’s gross because she won’t let him do shows “out of town” anymore. She’s so insecure & worried he’ll cheat yet she’s fucking someone else.

No. 685700

Do you know them or are you a snapchat anon…

No. 685705

I know how she is because I’m close to one of Matt’s friends.

No. 685716

That’s absolutely disgusting. Have you ever heard of washing your damn hands? It’s not that hard to use a little soap and water before you leave the house. Do you not wash your hands after you pee either?

What the fuck is wrong with people?

No. 685717

i wear lots of waterproof makeup so i usually have a little on my hands too no matter how many times i piss-wash hands-repeat but lets be real here…. it looks like she has multiple days worth on her hand and it barely looks faded from washing

No. 685725

File: 1536647372245.jpg (1.09 MB, 2560x1920, 18-09-11-02-28-50-605_deco.jpg)

Didn't realize how bad her scars are until I zoomed in lol

No. 685747

It makes me so uncomfortable to see how all they ever do is get high, sit in their dirty bed and watch tv. Does this bitch get any sunlight, any vitamins, any real social interaction? Does she ever read a book, go to a god damn museum or at least a cinema? How can she be so delusional that she thinks people are actually jealous of her? Her life is nothing but sad and pathetic to me and I would feel really sorry for her if she wasn’t such an idiot.

No. 685756

Lol can’t take two minutes to wash your dirty ass hands
If you can’t wash your makeup of your fucking hand then wtf else do you just let slip jeez

No. 685759

Bless her for being so insecure jeez
You can tell just by matts follow list that he is NOT allowed to follow girls, and if you find a girl on his follow list, sure as hell she ain’t uploading herself lol
Ariana for sure removes anyone he follows
Infact he won’t bother trying to anymore because she just removes it
Ariana get help with confidence rather than controlling your mans eyes
You can’t turn off attraction Jesus doesn’t mean he loves you any less because he looks at girls

No. 685760

People are for sure jealous of her
She obviously has a folllowing and opportunities because of that
However, she is stagnant and dirty and doesn’t care to change that fact, people are jealous of her regardless of her mental illness that’s just facts

No. 685763

It’s sad really
I’ve been in her place before not even taking two seconds to wash my hands not wanting to move from my bed anxiety issues controlling my boyfriend etc
Unfortunately you can be aware that you’re doing these things and still not change
It really takes some work and focus to change the bad stagnant shit in your life
When you’re so consumed by insecurities and anxiety it’s so hard to focus on getting your life together
I wouldn’t last more than 6 month at any job because my mental focus was on anything and everything that would deplete my life rather than enhance it, she’s a strong as fuck person and is for sure making the best of what she can, you can see she has a lot of awareness, still, even with awareness it’s very hard to control yourself and do the things you know you need to do AND stop the things you know are depleting you
It’s hard
You have to give her props
She does more than most with her mental state, and admits that she has problems and finds it hard to function and that alone is all she needs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685764

And I’m saying this because I’ve been where she is
Not even washing my fucking hand or picking up after myself because doing those things literally never crossed my mind and if it did I’d be like ‘cba’ lol

No. 685779

Spill more.

No. 685780

Awwww can’t have a discussion lol as soon as u don’t agree get me banned u some hateful ass no understanding haa

No. 685781

Ain’t no banning me muahahhahahah(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685782

true I’ve been depressed before and not done the things I know I should. pnp is deep in it

No. 685783

Damn try having a discussion rather than banning me
Or is this just hate ONLY? Lmaooooo

No. 685784

Try again u lil bitch
U ent gunna ban me ;) kiss kiss muah muah xox(Ban evasion)

No. 685785

Clearly u lil dumb ass fucks on this thread have no idea what it’s like to not be a ‘normal’ member of society
All u so damn perfect damn 😂
Can’t even discuss
Just blurt out shit you observe yet have no understanding of

No. 685788

then she should get some help

No. 685789

That’s the point lol

No. 685793

>does more than most in her mental state
lmao, doing what more than most? laying in bed getting high and drawing ballsack hands on wood?

No. 685798

Hey not all art is to your taste and clearly the tasteless fucks on here lmao
It’s a style of art u dumb fuck
Lol don’t act like those drawings don’t look good
Oh no forgot you’ll act like they’re absolutely shite drawn by a 3 year old because you’re a close minded cunt 😅
If someone you love drew those you’d drool all over them u cretin 😂😂
And yes she is doing more than most
I’ve been around very mentally ill people who won’t even stimulate themselves whatso ever
She is creating atleast u fucking mug
No wonder mental health is SO misunderstood if people like you exist lmfao

No. 685799

Nothing wrong with getting high and creating
ESPECIALLY when you have mental health issues
You closed mind ass
Slave to the system ass
Dumb ass
Misunderstanding ass
Hating ass

No. 685801

what’s wrong with getting high and drawing? haha

No. 685802

Can’t believe you guys are so blinded by hate you can’t see how fucking amazing those hand drawings are damn the veins going up that hand!!!! So fucking sick wtf 🧡🔥🔥🔥

No. 685803

Yeah they’re good as fuk
The aesthetic is amazing
And the style is so complimented being on the wooden ovals 😍
See gals n boys
You can like things without liking a person

No. 685806

Agree, I don’t agree with how Ariana chooses her life but no denying that her drawing style is awesome to look at.

No. 685807

Most people with mental health issues can’t even get dressed do makeup pick up a pen etc.. so yeah

No. 685810

File: 1536662292877.jpeg (21.72 KB, 437x336, images (6).jpeg)


This is so embarrassing jesus fucking christ

No. 685813

Embarrassing 😂😂
Yeah yeah
You’re the one embarrassed u fuk 😂😂😂

No. 685814

Do u genuinely think they’re worth 150+ dollars though? Each? 1-2 hours of work too lol
I don’t hate on her “art” but ths superiority complex she has and audacity to ask for that much money for mediocre work from her “broke ass teen” followers is delusional lol. Narcissism is so prominent with her it even bleeds into art, a concept meant to remain humble

No. 685815

You can’t price art, or say what’s art is ‘worth’ worth is in the ye of the beholder….if people wanna buy it they wanna buy it lol
Putting a high price on your work no matter what it is.. isn’t narcissism hahahahaha

No. 685816

A concept meant to remain humble
Hahahaha wtf
Art is art
It’s everywhere it’s life

No. 685817

At the end of the day each one of you on this thread are perpetuating the stigma around mental health rather than trying to understand it lol.

No. 685818

stop samefagging, emoji-chan. It's very obvious.

No. 685821

Girl, stop. You're embarrassing yourself for real. Stop using your mental health issues as an excuse to be selfish, narcissistic and useless. It's insulting to mentally ill people to say slathering your face with makeup, getting high and producing crap art are achievements worthy of praise.

Mentally ill people are capable of getting degrees, having jobs, having hobbies and being responsible adults. Your woe is me mentality is keeping you from doing anything of value with your life. You are literally worthless, not because you're mentally ill but because you're lazy, and choose to not useless.

No. 685822

Lol only one out of 5 was me u dumb fuk 😂
That all u gotta say tho damn 😂😂😂

No. 685823

I’m not embarrassed or a girl HAHA and why you telling me I’m worthless and all that shit when I’m an anon that you have no idea about lmfao

No. 685824

Oh and value is a perspective babes

No. 685829

It’s quite clear you don’t understand mental health quite enough, it’s enjoyable that you can understand people with mental health can be part of society with jobs etc, but it’s very clear you don’t understand the full extent of mental health, as they can also be the opposite of ‘responsible adults’ etc are you dumb? Mental health excuses nothing, doesn’t mean it’s not happening to her Jesus Christ. And clearly you know nothing about narcissism either you lot just throw words around as if you Understand what they mean lmfao

No. 685830

Bet none of you work with mentally ill, or have any education on mental illness or psychology, or even know how the brain works, Why do you all act as if you know.. it’s very clear by each sentence you are driven by hate or misunderstanding, get some knowledge in you, rather than talking perpetually about what you don’t like without one tiny bit of understanding, and if you aren’t dumb then you’d know narcissism is a mental illness, we all have a fucking brain and it’s a shame they don’t teach you in school how our brains truly work

No. 685834

anons, stop taking the bait please

No. 685836

Lol I’m mentally ill but at least I know how to go to a doctor and have a fucking shower. Anyone else notice they don’t change their bed sheets LOL

No. 685838

Then you’re an ignorant mentally ill person
Mental illness comes in all shapes and forms yet people are still trying to categorise it lol

No. 685839

Good for you that you can do some things with your mental illness that some other mentally ill people may not be able to do jeez are you that closed minded you don’t understand how mental illness affects absolute everyone differently tf

No. 685840

For some reason I can’t upload the photo but I just matched the ones from her video today with her dog on the bed to ones from the 25th and 16th of August. She doesn’t shower, let alone after being in the river fucks her boyfriend, eats, smokes weed and has dirty ass animals in the bed? Yuck

No. 685841

You are all so great as judgement without understanding scum true scum

No. 685842

and your point is? All these things CAN be biproducts of thought patterns in the brain
Try and understand that rather than judge what you clearly do NOT understand

No. 685843

Matt looks like he stinks like shit. That photo of his teeth made me ill. Disgusting.

No. 685844

Dude, I study psychology and worked with addicts, I was depressed myself, grew up with a traumatized mom and went to therapy myself. I know how hard it is to not be functional. But there sure as hell is a huge difference between being mentally ill but still trying to be a decent person and being an ass with a mental illness. She could easily spend all that plastic surgery money on therapy, delete her Instagram and work hard to become better but instead she does nothing, glamorizes personality disorders/mental illness, manipulates people, negatively influences a very young crowd and is rude as fuck.

No. 685845

You mental illness wk need to stop clogging the thread. If you seriously are struggling you get help, you talk to a professional and you take your meds on time. You try make an effort to get better. You don’t post incessantly online and let your yes-men followers enable your symptoms. Mental illness is a reason not an excuse for pnp or your own or anyone’s behavior. Now moving on:

Idk what it is with these two and their teeth. One has plaque-caked horse teeth and the other has aquarium rock-sized beads for teeth. It makes me so uncomfortable when she talks and I can’t see her teeth. I must be so unnerving in person.

No. 685849

File: 1536669376229.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, C8CF2F4A-EE75-4465-B73D-B51338…)

And deleted a bunch of pics with DoorMatt…..

No. 685852

File: 1536670329008.jpeg (510.54 KB, 750x1063, 570538B7-9C7F-429A-BC8B-C5C6F4…)

She looks soooo fucking different in candids

No. 685855

you cute anon

No. 685863

Haha it’s actually some random girl online, just wanted to make a hate profile seem a bit more legit since she blocks every single one of them

No. 685864

Her and Matt aren’t following each other anymore either

No. 685869


She also deleted a bunch of pictures.

No. 685871

File: 1536675065041.png (320.69 KB, 1242x2208, 68029050-D851-40D8-B61D-6C4B9A…)

This is actually true this time. I checked both their profiles to see if it was a glitch.

No. 685874

just checked too on multiple accounts and same thing. hm

No. 685884


The best thing that this girl can do to save her relationship is to get off of the internet.


No. 685887

Friends with Matt on FB and his status reads single. It’s sad that this girl couldn’t even stay off the internet to save what seemed to be the only stable relationship she’s ever had in her life. I hope this is a wake up call and she deletes her instagram and gets her life together. I feel very sorry for him. This forum is about her and you’ve all been evil to him by association for no reason. He seems like a victim of her manipulative behavior and is a very nice, caring guy.

No. 685890

File: 1536678348495.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 301F8D99-83D9-42B8-98DB-C09C5B…)

No. 685893

Lol wut? Sure he can be attracted to girls but who in their sane mind would be attracted to an unwashed fat autistic/schizophrenic dude who doesn't shave for weeks or brush his teeth and lives in a shithole with a swamp witch?! Jeez… Who needs a DoorMatt if you can buy all sorts of dongs from the internet. Girls, find some self respect.

No. 685896

Tell him to brush his goddamn teeth. Visible plaque isn't normal.

No. 685898

She deleted all his pictures now

No. 685899

>this forum is about her and you’ve all been evil to him

Aww diddims.

No. 685900

Why do you hate him so much? He’s a really nice dude who was unlucky enough to get involved with someone who seemed nice at first and looked normal but gradually revealed herself. You just seem hateful for no reason. He’s not rude like pnp and seemingly just lost his fiancé and probably his home because I think she was there first. I’m genuinely curious about why he’s the subject of your hatred.

No. 685901

Can we get back to the gossip plz.
Make a different thread about mental illness to argue in, im here for sum milk

No. 685902

I guess she might go fulltime sex worker now to pay the bills. Probably won’t be great for her self worth/mental health. If this hypothetically happens of course.

No. 685906


Gonna take a wild guess and say the break up was because of this comment. Lol

No. 685908

Pretty sure ghostprophet was shading her in his stories the other day

No. 685909

She did delete a bunch but there are still a lot with him up.

Like 10 hours ago she was posting stories of them both hanging out bed with her poking and screeching as usual. If they did break up it just happened, she wasted no time editing her social media.

No. 685911

Im waiting to see if matt will ever post anything lmao

No. 685912

What did he say?? I missed it and I don’t follow him

No. 685914

He posted a meme of aries dragging scorpio while libra watches. Makes no sense when i type it out that way but i cant find the meme
Maybe it wasnt shade, but its hard to not think it might be sense shes always talking about being a scorpio

He posted more things but i forgot lmao

No. 685916

Even Kaycee shaded her too
She posted a pic with the caption "How i sit knowing what goes around comes around"

Definitely directed at Ariana

No. 685917

File: 1536681942223.jpeg (720.4 KB, 750x1181, 98081799-9ED0-4E3A-8C40-8C1982…)

Still wants to marry his bean

No. 685920

"Still wants to marry his bean" i am fucking dying

No. 685921

I find it funny how she has said several times on lives she doesn't believe in zodiac signs yet she's always talking about being a scorpio and justifying her behavior because of that

No. 685922

Oh honey don't act like he doesn't encourage her vile behaviour.
Dudes that choose to be with narcissistic cunts aren't "unlucky" they are making a choice.

No. 685945

Why is there like one person here who keeps defending this vain garbage sack? It’s probably her but all the replies have emojis which everyone else knows better than to use can we get these heroes banned plz no one wants to read about how Ariana doesn’t change her sheets or shower because she has a ~mental illness~

No. 685962

I have depression and anxiety and I still change my sheets and shower. It’s annoying that I keep reading peoples defensive stories on how pnp doesn’t shower or clean her stuff because she is depressed. It’s not an excuse!!! When you are that depressed, you seek help. Not seeking help is simply an invite for attention.

No. 685966

Stop using whatever bullshit mental illness she has as an excuse. If she makes 70k a year like she says she does she has more than enough money for meds and therapy. She spends all her money on drugs and surgeries to mask her self-hatred but she probably won't ever truly fix it. She claims "social anxiety" yet there's so many instances in which she says she wants people to touch her boobs and even pictures of her showing her body in public places and pissing in the grass? She posts about her "mental struggle" and then continues to act like the strongest baddest bitch who ever lived? She's clearly running on empty and ruining her own life. When matt realizes he's being manipulated just like she does to her friends and followers how will she get money? Probably fucking more SDs. Soon she'll be making posts about paid meetups

No. 685967

It’s so cringe seeing her respond to herself but I’m also living for it because bitch is clearly losing her shit over whatever happened with Matt. The timing is just too sus to be some random wk lmao.

No. 685976

I’d say it’s probably her, or she sent her followers/her friends she has been posting about for ‘always being there for her’.

Tinfoil but I bet whatever is going on with Matt is because he realized how manipulative she is after seeing this thread, now she’s losing her shit and going on the attack here.

No. 686002

I agree. He probably saw what she was saying on her snap about him being bad with money and “slow”/people pointing out her manipulative tendencies and started to form a different opinion than the one she gaslighted him to have

All because she had to open up to random people on Snapchat for attention/narcissistic supply

No. 686003

So on her Snapchat she said “evil people online leaked information to Matt” … I bet someone ripped / filmed the Snapchat video she made the other day talking about her fucking the sugar daddy / sex work is like working at wal mart etc . I bet he saw it last night and lost it .

No. 686005

Also her friend came over and she said she already feels better… so I guess she got over her relationship within an hour ! Lol

No. 686008

Love how it’s everyone else’s fault that Matt and her split. She makes as many choices on how to make money or grow her fan base as anyone else. Should have started an ethical business that invites and seeks out ethical customers instead of letting people pay her for her personal info and then getting mad that society loves to see other people suffer including herself lol!

No. 686009

I hope he did see it and lose it on her. Honestly she gets what she deserves. How can you go around talking shit about your fiancé online and then act like he’s the love of your life to his face. That type of behaviour is absolute trash.

No. 686013

“Leaked”!!!!! Lolololol

wow it’s so fucking crazy how broadcasting your dirty-ass shit to strangers online could backfire on you…. evil evil people…. so fucked up. /s

People with the snap pls keep me updated this milk is hella good

No. 686016

She never said people leaked information about her to matt. She said: “regarding my relationship, anything that’s leaked online, which it will because there are evil people on here”

She’s speaking in future tense. As in someone WILL leak info regarding her relationship in the future. She then goes to say once that happens she will probably want to kill herself.

No. 686020

So she cares more about her relationship status leaking more than the actual breakup? Lol

No. 686025

anyone notice she ONLY deleted the pics of doorMatt where his teeth are showing?? i'm cackling

No. 686032

I’m just so confused how he’s never seen her Snapchat until now…. your fiancé doesn’t let you have her on Snapchat? Probably an indication she’s sleeping around

No. 686035


She took him off a while ago. While they were on vacation at his family’s place.

People on her have access to the Snap and they leak the details on here.

No. 686038

Wait what.. she talked about ducking the sd? Did she actually admit it… and didn’t tell Matt, Is she dumb wtf

No. 686039

Oh god this right here, almost makes me want to pay for her snap.

No. 686042

Areola McIncision is not the type of girl that you wife. Despite being vain, Matt seems to have actual work ethic, and ambitions that aren't related to his perceived physical appearance lol.

Plus, pnp's all sewn up and puffy with botulism like frankenstein. You can see the poorly healed stitches on the bottom of her nose crease where it was sewn back onto her skull, also creases / gashes in her breasts from where plastic bags were inserted. Ariana had failed to realize that beauty is a depreciating asset. All the injections in the world aren't going to fill that rotten void of personality.

matt should invest the money he saves by not supporting ariana and spend it on A GOOD DENTIST instead.

No. 686049

Ariana always patches on to Aaron when her life goes to shit but she just uses and manipulated him like everyone else in her life and he’s got the personality of a doormat just like Matt. I know both of them personally and Ariana has talked shit about Aaron saying he is so creepy with the girls he photographs and worries that he thinks about her that way. Really sounds like a best friend to me !!

No. 686050

what is with these people claiming they know Ariana and/or her friends but not proving it or providing any actual milk?

No. 686055

No. 686058

More milk plz

No. 686064

File: 1536698466147.jpeg (505.89 KB, 750x1063, 7A201FC1-A6C7-48AF-A9C0-B29CA7…)

Sad girl hours

No. 686065

File: 1536698484870.jpeg (160.66 KB, 750x741, 8078D327-E01E-4518-AFA0-EB3427…)

Her self pity is nauseating

No. 686067

Will the three people who supposedly know the two of them irl please a pill some more milk? Also, whatever happened to her friendship with Dahvi? She used to post about her nonstop, and then Dahvi suddenly disappeared from her life one day.

No. 686068

**spill. Fuck autocorrect.

No. 686069

File: 1536699550899.jpeg (605.61 KB, 750x938, 3ACB579F-3A77-4D59-A7F5-434120…)

This just looks sloppy. Messy ass makeup. Blurry photo. Trying way too fucking hard in every department. She’s crashing and burning quickly.

No. 686071

looks like a MtF honestly

No. 686072

Same happened with Rhiannon couple of months ago, she even called her and Aaron her best friends, does anyone know what happened? They still follow each other tho.

No. 686073


I got the feeling that she wasn’t “cool enough” for PnP. She always looked annoyed at her on the lives.

No. 686076

So does this mean Matt is single? I can’t imagine trashfires sloppy std seconds but I live in philly and have always wanted to reach out to him because I love his music and he seems mad chill and has to be the most down to earth and empathetic person to put up with that heap but I never tried because I was afraid the banshee would go into a jealous rage about a local girl messaging him. I think he’d be surprised at the nice people who would like to be in his life if he doesn’t have a heroin chic tranny on his arm (and he can focus on his music and his life and not be put through torment every day by a psycho insecure narcicist raging on him or having emotional breakdowns!) cool day , hope the split sticks. (I know this isn’t milky but imagine her misery once he realizes his self worth and lives a good life? That will produce great milk when she melts publicly).

No. 686077

Go for it if you want a codependent doormat… Also tell him to brush his teeth lol

No. 686080

im judging you for trying to hook up with a lolcow

No. 686082

She already said her SD has been texting her asking if she needs anything . She also said it’s like he was talking to her “father to daughter” lol fuck … also she’s going out to get wasted tonight . She didn’t drink for a week . Now that Matt is gone there’s not holding back !! Let the cocaine flow

No. 686083

Have you seen his fucking teeth? Good lord respect yourself.

No. 686084

what is this thirsty blogpost

No. 686085

I'll give her what's left of this year. She is a huge mess now.

No. 686090

How long till she just starts straight escorting and developing a huge drug problem ?

No. 686094

Looks like she’s been huffing spray cans

No. 686095

Omg… taylorbradyphoto is a childhood best friend of mine… I can NOT believe she’s friends with this dumpster fire. If they’re such ~besties~ I wonder why Taylor has never done a shoot with pnp or she’s never mentioned her before? I doubt they’re friends IRL even though Taylor does live in Philly which is even weirder considering they have never posted one another. pnp doesn’t seem like the type to form real, lasting relationships with other women simply because she views another woman’s existence as competition. Taylor has a very cool and unique style and repurposes all her clothes from thrift stores. If they have been friends or known each other for some time, I would totally bet pnp totally ripped off her Y2K bratz doll style.

No. 686098

Ariana has photos with Taylor on her ig, as well as photos of herself Taylor has taken.

So many of you need to learn to sage your non-milky posts god damn

No. 686100

She’s been growing Aaron to be a BackupMatt for a while now and he posts thirsty stories all the time, I’m sure they’ll get together

No. 686103

I say 2 months max and she’s moved on

No. 686104

Whether it be with Aaron (let’s be real here it’ll probably happen) or some other cuck

No. 686109

She does not look only 23 in this pic Jesus Christ

No. 686111

She also still is wearing her engagement ring

No. 686113

I went through both of Taylor’s instagrams and saw no pictures of them together, maybe Ariana had a different face at that point

No. 686116

Wait, did she really breakup with Matt? I need documentation….

saged for no milk

No. 686118

That’s not how you sage tho

No. 686122

Well at least i tried lol

No. 686124


it's obviously an old pic, her hair is still swamp green instead of duck sauce orange


type sage in email field.

read the evidence and judge for yourself.

No. 686125


here's how to sage

No. 686128

I remember during her tumblr days she would bitch about Matt any time they got into the slightest argument pulling some wah wah woe is me my bf is so mean

No. 686140

She shoulld just date a girl.

No. 686141

where can i see pics of that pussy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 686149

No. 686153


This is hilarious cause she just said on snap she doesn’t want to feel and is going to get wasted tonight

No. 686160

File: 1536709208186.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.2 KB, 225x224, download.jpg)

To me she looks like smeagol from lord of the rings

No. 686169

My money's on back together in under a week.

No. 686179

My thoughts exactly.

No. 686180

with a nauseating ig caption about how tru luv conkurs all and how loyul and strong their relationship is

and her walking away not learning a damn thing from this. watch

No. 686205

File: 1536714044631.jpg (15.97 KB, 638x154, -.jpg)

Damn, I can feel the despair in that sentence

No. 686213

he's dropping hints, desperate•local-chan! bitch boy should have seen it coming though, and I wouldn't be shocked if he had a few nights where he laid awake figuring the end. Regardless of whether or not it got as far as marriage, I'm sure the possible reality toyed with his sleep. I hope he left her, though. fosho

No. 686215

Your icon is showing >>686203

No. 686225

File: 1536715429137.jpeg (416.67 KB, 1241x1846, C8DE0907-CD8F-43B6-A338-C0D96A…)

Non milk photo with Kaycee. My icon removed because I’m really on that dumb shit tonight.

No. 686250

Can the anon friends with matt see if him and pnp are still friends on fb??

No. 686264

Not to mention the light pink bra is way too big on her botched tits and doesn’t match her emo aesthetic…

No. 686281

Assuming they’re still friends on Facebook since he still has his profile picture set as them

No. 686282

Really catching the vibe she manipulated him into taking a “break”

No. 686304

File: 1536722534165.png (500.95 KB, 907x557, vuLRoTu.png)

No. 686327

She’s showing Aaron her boobs on her Snapchat

No. 686368

So she’s drunk showing her boobs on snap with Aaron and pals does anyone know what doormatt is up to

No. 686374

File: 1536730300568.webm (5.05 MB, 720x1280, 20180912_021450-VideoToMp4.web…)


No. 686375

I literally thought this was a photoshopped pic of her kissing herself before I read the caption wtf

No. 686380

can someone tell me the content of this vid, it won’t play on my phone.

No. 686387

Oh god the new video on her ig with Taylor (?) looking uncomfortable and annoyed as hell is so cringe pnp is crashing and burning

No. 686398

I can feel a lot of stuff brewing under the surface

No. 686403

In her vid with Taylor you can overhear Taylor saying “we are in the same situation the only difference is your boyfriend knows and mine doesn’t” … hmm

No. 686406

heads up a lot of us who know them irl probably aren’t going to show a lot of milk cause it can be linked directly to us, therefore probably a big shitpost storm on her story

No. 686407

Samefag again but i do have access to their finstas so i’ll see what i can provide

No. 686424

File: 1536735376004.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, EE587F86-7892-473A-B0B8-37EA88…)


No. 686432

Anyone know why lolcow is back to front for me hahahah?(ban evading)

No. 686433

Where’s this? Has she deleted it …

No. 686438

On her Snapchat it’s the first video after the sword vids . Listen carefully … she is saying it off screen shoe Arianna films herself …

No. 686440

Omg so a lot of people who know her irl lurk here?? I love itttt that's funny