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File: 1571979909735.png (1.56 MB, 1372x1372, IMG_2828.PNG)

No. 884425

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis 

Previous Threads:


Recent milk:

>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”, posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it

>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man) with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes

>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar 

>Ariana’s rash disappears and never mentions her lifelong psoriasis diagnosis ever again

> cuts open a chipmunk and stuffs it, admits she has dead animals in her freezer for years.

>Starts using her escort page again, takes pics of her looking like a MTF

>Only has two clients, admits she “hates working” on snapchat

>Faked eating her friend out when a client paid for her to go down on them

>Is moving with just matt and no roommates, will somehow make rent

> is currently at her family reunion in vermot posting baby pictures and pictures of her grandma next to videos of her slapping her tits and shoving dildos in her ass for sushi money

>Ariana’s IG is back, she posts her sw shit there and loses followers instantly. Does cringe things like tag companies that used to work with her to get them to notice her, however no one does
>Snapchat gets banned, makes private ig account instead, barely updates it like the snap
>Ariana makes an onlyfans that produces horrifyingly bad porn that she makes in her living room while her roommate is home, sells it for 7 bucks
>Bleaches her hair after dying it black, dyes it red, intends on going blonde in a bpd episode
>Barely “works”
>Posts a caption about how her lip injector who she thought was a “friend” used her, most likely cutting Ariana off from free injections in exchange for ig promotion now that pnp is losing followers and posts dirty grimy “sex work” pictures

>Pnp officially outs her lip injector after no longer receiving free/discounted injections for bringing business in, because Ariana can’t keep a decent image online to save her life
>Talks shit about Dollskill, gets blocked, immediately tries to save face by posting pics of herself modeling for them
>Wants to become a suicide girl, says they ‘reached out to her’, anons confirmed this is not how the process happens
>Got a “normie job” in retail, unconfirmed where
>Promised a “double creampie” in a threesome with two other guys (possible matt and her only client or matt and aaron), still has not happened yet
>”psoriasis” flaring up
>Skinwalks cotted
>Brings up old beef with other philly sw (possibly almondmilkhunni), latinamilk is no longer following pnp either
>Moves into studio apartment where the train goes by literally every 5 minutes, thriving
>Dyes her hair blonde and hates it immediately
>Does molly on live while looking like a toothless grandma

Happy birthday, Ariana!

Social media:
Ig: plasticandproud

Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud 

Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove
Reddit: Airkilla321
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/aliceamorlove

No. 884445

my apologies to him but she looks like steve buscemi in a fucked up wig in the lower left.

No. 884505

Quality thread pic

Did she ever get those test results back?

No. 884512

Choose Your Player

No. 884515

File: 1572014303937.png (275.52 KB, 828x1792, F79FFB02-083C-49F1-8459-510201…)

How will Ariana function with her kylie filter?

No. 884516


No. 884538

The Kylie lipkit filter is just lipstick and eyelashes. No surgery enhancements so she'll still be able to use it

No. 884550

File: 1572023468969.png (1.37 MB, 1234x2048, Screenshot_20191025-110829.png)

What's up with the red marks are her boobs? Also goblin face much, baffles me she claims her overly edited pics aren't edited. Love that she exposes herself

No. 884553

Those are her "psoriasis" spots

No. 884575

File: 1572028505844.png (378.1 KB, 1210x800, FE60C59A-766F-4D6C-95CA-8B71D3…)

So her “psoriasis” started at her crotch, went down her legs and is now appearing on her fake tits? This dumpster fire is gonna be dead in a a few years if she doesn’t see a real doctor. Is it that hard to go outside and go to a doctors office? What a fucking NEET.

No. 884582

hasn't it always been all over

No. 884588

File: 1572029919098.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 79556F7D-826A-4F31-9909-1D262C…)

Started mostly on her back and chest but it seems to be spreading the more she neglects herself.

No. 884614

Excited to see how bad the “flare up” will be these next few days after the Molly. What a dummy.

Imagine being the doctor and this walking disease comes into the office and she lifts up her shirt to show the spots, they would probably be so blown away by those heinous tattoos.

No. 884623

I die every time she posts on instagram lol this bitch is so bored

No. 884631

Imagine being halfway to 30, taking molly for your birthday and excitedly talking about the “trippy 3D part” of a haunted house.

Remember being 17?

No. 884640

File: 1572038562528.png (4.22 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191025-152229.png)

>more responsibility
Kek when are you ever responsible Ari

No. 884643

Living proof that karma exists and continues to fuck her shit up on a daily basis

No. 884656

How long til she decides all the "responsibility" is too much and she'll resort to getting fillers and doing drugs to escape from everyday life? All narrated with lengthy melodramatic Instagram captions and stories, of course.

No. 884663

I see a lot of ~self care days~ in her future

“I just need to spoil myself today and take a bath, smoke weed, sushi, and spend $400.00 on an outfit. Buy my Only Fans to cheer me up!”

No. 884666

Okay so you guys (or just this one anon) keep saying "halfway to 30" but that's 15 so your point seems invalid when you word it that way, just sayin

No. 884670

Amen, for some reason anons are obsessed with rounding up anyone in their mid20s to "basically 30" / "this almost 30yo woman"!!!!!

It just makes you sound either bitter that you are thirty or like a 13yo posting

No. 884676

lol no one is bitter, it’s quite sad that these women in their mid 20s (however you wanna word it) are still on their bullshit and although i lurk and laugh, i genuinely worry for their futures tbh

No. 884687

Sounds more like you’re also hurtling toward 30 with nothing to show for it.

No. 884694

What is she even talking about?

No. 884706

I think what the other anon was talking about was that she’s actually halfway to 50, not 30. She’d be 15 if she was halfway to 30. Just a mathematical error.

No. 884708

Different anon here
It's not the first time I read it in the thread tbh lol

No. 884725

File: 1572052813494.jpg (107.73 KB, 1440x2561, 70914177_169128360903558_19159…)

Does she realize that most people who get taxidermy animals made are hunters…? How is she shocked? Not everyone steals carcasses from pet stores or finds roadkill, ariana. How can she want to become a taxidermist??? These will be your customers you dumbfuck

No. 884737

Hilarious that she didn’t realize trophy taxidermy existed or was the most popular.

No. 884764

oh my god she's so dense its just incredible. how did she not realize this? its pretty well known, not even among just people who are interested in it but most people. watch her drop this "hobby" because she realizes its the alley of hunters/fishers and just makes her look even more white trash hick.

No. 884766

Does she think it’s normal to have random dead animals and roadkill propped up in her living room? The only place I’ve ever even seen taxidermy is at people’s houses that go hunting…

No. 884768

Or restaurants, gun shops, fishing gear supply stores, zoos, museums, research centers, etc. In my eyes there is no such thing as “ethical” taxidermy.

No. 884778

Nobody cares about your ethics, the bigger thing here is that she assumed that EVERYONE used and displayed solely roadkill

No. 884919

nta you guys are talking about, but when I see the halfway to 30 shit, it always just translated in my brain as she's 5 years into her 20's and 5 away from being 30. I wouldn't use the phrase myself, but at the same time, is it really that strange/illogical?

No. 884928

File: 1572104542507.jpeg (105.31 KB, 1125x957, C98F8AF0-ADB9-4AFA-A8E7-A978DD…)

How is her hair already so orange??

No. 884930

Can't believe we're still discussing this but yes it is strange and illogical. If you're trying to make a point that she's old, just say almost 30.

Poor toning job

Also, she's on her stories right now crying about extreme fatigue. She's setting the scene for declining the job offer due to her psoriasis, I guarantee you.

No. 884932

I was thinking the exact same thing. She’s probably already regretting even going for the job and posting about it because she knows she doesn’t have the drive to actually follow through. So she’s using fatigue as the excuse.

No. 884936

File: 1572106256850.jpeg (86.37 KB, 600x450, 958F43F9-CFD9-4F47-B0C8-989EA7…)

No. 884937

So does anyone know what job she finally got? Has she mentioned anything else about it?

No. 884938

Girl just needs some purple shampoo

No. 884944

It never stopped being orange

No. 884949

File: 1572107719228.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, BA965429-132D-4459-BEF6-56DF7A…)

Off to see sugar daddie looking like an absolute mummy

No. 884979

File: 1572111404360.jpg (32.49 KB, 401x496, e8b0fa3d17a56f092bc42b4a926ea5…)

She looks like a mix between Lord Farquad and Prince Charming from shrek.

No. 885017

Don’t ever disrespect Prince Charming like this ever again.

No. 885035

Maybe, if Donkey found a way to get in the gene pool too

No. 885040

She claimed she's not having a bad comedown from doing the molly meanwhile her "psoriasis" is freaking out from it + I'm sure she's depressed as well as fatigued but is blaming it all on fatigue because of her "disease" kekeke

No. 885108

Yooo you dumb dumb, taxidermy is literally so hunters and fisherman can make trophies LOL now do you understand why everyone judges you for keeping ROADKILL? That’s something you should keep to yourself hunny

No. 885136

It’s also illegal to pick up roadkill or any animal remains without a permit. Every specimen she’s collected has been obtained, most likely, illegally. From stealing bodies during her pet store career to unrightfully claiming wild corpses. When will the malpractice end?

No. 885140

File: 1572133390741.jpeg (249.39 KB, 1125x886, 2A23E7B6-CC10-418C-B1D7-382217…)


No. 885141

In many states picking up roadkill isnt illegal. I lived in a state next to PA where it was legal to pick up roadkill, and if I'm not mistaken, it's legal in PA. Coming from a person who was trained in taxidermy, a lot of old dudes tell you to practice on animals from pet shops, but not roadkill. Roadkill more often than not has been mutilated and torn up, even if its fresh most of the animal will likely not be usable. As an aside, lots of people who arent hunters or fishermen like taxidermy. Taxidermy was very popular in the Victorian era as curios and continues to intrigue lots of people. It's not weird that she has taxidermy, although alot of her shit is really wonky and would be considered shitty by most skilled artists. I dont hunt and I have many pieces but I've also spent upwards of 2k for a good piece. The tube chipmunk she made is a thing if a taxidermists nightmares.(blog)

No. 885166

No one cares

No. 885190

File: 1572137890572.jpeg (640.25 KB, 750x1062, 8C8067E6-F0B8-42C9-8114-F77172…)

The delusion.

No. 885195

Wasn't she just doing molly yesterday? Last I check that is not sober

No. 885204

She's made a lot of outlandish statements but claiming she's been sober this year and that she enjoyed her sobriety is absolutely absurd and flat out false. Lmao does she honestly believe that that's what being sober means?

No. 885207

>from pet shops

How awful. To think you are sending them to a new home but they will be killed and stuffed.

Taxidermy is gross whoever does it, there I said it. Roadkill, pet shop, hunting, all it is is glorifying death and murder.(derailing)

No. 885214

Getting so sick and tired of this stupid bitch claiming to have an “illness” she never even got diagnosed for. It’s literally like saying you have cancer because you googled your symptoms and they match? Where is the disconnect? Her “career” is SW yet she can’t even do that properly. Like yeah by all means, keep calling your undiagnosed STD psoriasis while you continue to fuck your boyfriend and other “clients”. It’s so fucking asinine.

No. 885215

Pretty sure they meant that they buy them frozen from pet shops. You can buy rats/rabbits/ gerbils etc from reptile food suppliers

No. 885220

Speaking of getting tested, wasn’t she gonna do a threesome with Aaron and Matt a few weeks ago, only Aaron asked her to get tested first and then suddenly the whole thing got dropped and she hasn’t spoken of it since? Makes me think she either lied about going for a checkup or she got some less-than-satisfactory results and now she’s in denial about it.

No. 885231

Bitch you aren’t fooling anyone with these fake stories LOL no old man knows what vogue is. Good try tho! Stay tuned for the next episode of Wannabe tranny who fishes for compliments ..

No. 885236

Dead animals from pet shops, not live ones. Ones that dont make it. Alternatively asking shelters for euthanized animals. No one is killing puppies to practice on anon, use your head.

No. 885249

She’s seriously fucked up. She acts like it’s her right to not get tested, even though that’s the entire premise of her job. It’s a disservice to the SW community. She’s adding to the stigma that SW’s are “dirty”. She’s a lazy pos in all aspects of her life. She’d be the type to give someone an STD and then twist it around and write all over IG saying how someone gave her it in an attempt to garner sympathy.

No. 885265

Could you just imagine the pet store manager’s reaction when this gangly, awkward pseudo-goth lisps incoherently for “deceased specimens” or however she will decide on phrasing it in an attempt to sound professional. NO BITCH you cannot have the dead animals? Like that is some psychopath shit. Could you imagine “practicing” on a puppy? Sick fuck. She’s so corny

No. 885268

"sober" but she just documented being on molly just the other night. last time i checked, doing party drugs isn't being sober. is she totally incapable of telling the truth? everything she says is an outright lie, literally everything that comes out of her mouth. i don't believe anything this lying bitch says, she will say anything that she thinks fits her current narrative. i mean how hard is it to just say the truth for once?

No. 885270

samefag: how much do you want to bet she's not going to say another word about her new job because she realized she'd actually have to leave her apartment and be a responsible adult? IF she does, she won't last more than 2 months. calling it now.

also how funny is it that she wasn't supposed to touch her hair to let it grow out and now she's gone and went fucking bleach blonde of all colours, instantly ruining what little hair she had. she should just shave it all again and start over. seriously, it probably won't be able to grow very long now.

No. 885276

what happened to the double creampie vid? She kept going on about it, but was it ever made/posted? I don't bother to actually look at any of her accounts, so anything I get is from here. But anyway, anons haven't really said anything more about it, and if there was an announcement, no-one has bothered to actually post caps from it or discuss it.

No. 885280

she’s admitted to drinking alcohol recently too lol. sober where bitch??

No. 885281

who in their right fucking minds goes red knowing they’re going to go blonde next too? i get not wanting orange bleach hair but intentionally dying it red before trying to go blonde? no wonder her current hair is patchy and brassy as shit

No. 885289

I think she is trying to say she feels ok WHEN she is sober, not that she has stopped drugs/alcohol. At least that’s how I interpreted it because she obviously isn’t sober. It’s a weird thing for her to say in general. Also doesn’t seem true because she’s always posting how miserable she is.

No. 885348

um go look for it then if you really want to see it

No. 885351

She got sick when it was supossed to be filmed

No. 885356

Nta, >but umm
pretty sure anon is just commenting on her not following through and how even her boytoy won’t fuck her because she refuses to get checked. Nobody wants to see the fucken video idiot

No. 885369

they've mentioned it several times lol

No. 885379


Sure anon. It had nothing to do with her going silent immediately after Aaron posted about there being free clinics available.

This chick is infested with something and the only reason DoorMatt doesnt care is because he probably is infested with it too (also im doubting a failed screamo singer has got a lot of options these days)

If she can't follow through with anything she should stop bragging about what she's going to do for weeks before they (dont) happen.

No. 885381

File: 1572189636584.jpg (795.23 KB, 1080x1663, Screenshot_20191027-081838_Ins…)

Wasn't this bitch supposed to start working this week?

No. 885390

But it’s her birthday anon!

No. 885415

File: 1572195683489.png (10.41 MB, 1125x2436, 97B60435-50CA-4C4B-9A54-E114C6…)

No. 885416

She was just on her private IG story ranting about how she paid a $100 deposit for a tattoo and the guy never gave her a time and whatnot. Not much milk, but just her making herself feel like a bad bitch for getting her $100 back from PayPal.

No. 885419

Two gay dads pose with their mentally disabled son

No. 885423

This is bad lulz

No. 885428

File: 1572197129689.png (4.53 MB, 750x1334, E2040272-6DF7-4B3D-ACA0-00BEA3…)

Wow wow wow. I love it even more that you know she’s rolling. I love these candies because you can see how gnarly and gargoyle-like she is. That’s an ugly crew, I’m sorry. And no, we’re not just jealous

No. 885430


God she's completely ruined herself. She used to be somewhat decent (minus the grease fire hair and horrible makeup) but damn she looks scarier than the guy who jumped in front of her photo. Great halloween costume Ari

No. 885431

y’all are vicious lmao but seriously what a horrible look. the lack of eyebrows, weird ass jaw and the haircut… i just don’t understand

No. 885433

She should be in … Vogue Magazine

No. 885437

Lmaooooo anon

No. 885438

>>885379 i remember in the beginning, when the rash started she showed the spots on matts legs. I haven't heard anything about his itchy rash after her fake diagnose. What's up with that thooooo

No. 885442

We’ve gone over this a thousand times, the picture of Matt’s rash was old and not related whatsoever. Probably bed bugs

No. 885447

It was also once said that Matt has severe allergies to most things.

No. 885467

She doesn’t even have psoriasis she literally has herpes or STD/STI and much worse when she displays this public online

No. 885470

there's a foreboding Sheena Oum Duquette vibe to this

No. 885472

I’m always baffled why she showcases the AIDS lesions. Like… why? Just don’t talk about it and photoshop it out or something! People will leave you alone then! That’s how you know she uses it solely for attention.

No. 885482

File: 1572207169388.png (3.89 MB, 750x1334, AD27C717-770E-4053-83D8-58FAC9…)

Deleted content from ig story. It’s getting bad again and she’s doing everything in her power to aggravate it.

No. 885513

wow it’s bad on her face. that ain’t psoriasis bitch go see a doctor before you become patient 0

No. 885525

She’s very self destructive, probably likes the affliction. She looks a little zitty too.

No. 885530

File: 1572214773121.jpeg (106.21 KB, 750x519, 4A190546-DBD6-4DC3-8629-8BE705…)

God, she’s so funny. Takes every opportunity to draw attention to her “eating disorder” yet if anyone makes a comment good or bad, she bangs on her prison bars like an angry chimpanzee (aptly put description by an anon threads ago). Notice how there’s no comments on those ED posts, no one dares trigger her and get caught in the sloppy, visceral clap back.

No. 885531

File: 1572215202414.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 5486BE8E-2126-401D-952F-F2CF5D…)

She thinks she’s so cute and adorable! Aw!

No. 885542

omg she went to a midwestern haunted house with this “look” while doing molly?
I had figured she was going to some kind of show during/afterwards. it’s certainly not the weirdest/cringiest thing she’s done but. These haunted house things are for middle & high schoolers to enjoy. The fact that she treated it like a music festival with her hard drugs & getup is just….idk beyond trashy

No. 885544

It’s not midwestern it’s in Philly. She went to east state penitentiary. It is one of the more adult oriented ones, and is a lot more of a production than most haunted houses. But it’s still pretty silly and kitschy. Certainly not something you take drugs for.

No. 885546

File: 1572216349122.png (275.29 KB, 750x1334, 4393EAB2-20F4-4A22-98AA-222CF1…)

(1/3) Oldie but goodie. She’s on reddit “venting” about psoriasis and getting caught in ALL her lies.

Here she says she’s seen a doctor

No. 885548

File: 1572216431328.png (308.65 KB, 750x1334, 1048C5BE-95C0-447F-AAB1-67863E…)

(2/3) alluding to not going to a doctor because health care is inaccessible while being a massive cunt to people that are genuinely concerned

No. 885549

File: 1572216526977.jpeg (35.75 KB, 750x252, 0F64FEFF-439F-40EA-8D7A-1EAE96…)

(3/3) and lastly, stating she has gone to see a dermatologist. They’re all 115 weeks ago. She said all this within the span of a week. Does she think we’re all as dense as she is?

All you got to do is google search Airkilla321

No. 885555

you must be new here

this is literally over 100 days old and her reddit username is in this thread. move on.

No. 885565

Ot nitpick but i fucking hate when people say “oldie but gOoDie” it’s fucking goLdie. Goodie makes sense, I guess, but it sounds fucking stupid.

No. 885567

both are applicable, autismo

No. 885612

File: 1572232449152.jpg (870.41 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191027-210633_Chr…)

(1/3) she deleted this post because she again confirmed she was diagnosed by a photo (kek) but also I noticed all three symptoms she speaks of are symptoms of HIV. In fact, lower extremity edema is very common in the early stages of HIV and not psoriasis, at least not the type she claims to have. It occurs in people with psoriatic arthritis, but swelling is common with arthritis anyway. Along with her recent weight loss and her appearance becoming more and more sunken, I'm pretty positive she's pozzed.

No. 885613

File: 1572232549817.jpg (769.92 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191027-210712_Chr…)

(2/3) you'd think seeing everyone posting in all her various threads she would actually be worried…

No. 885615

File: 1572232646057.jpg (891.13 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191027-211020_Chr…)

(3/3) she also complained of flu like symptoms at the beginning of all this. Arianna if you're reading this please go get tested. Philly AIDS thrift along with a handful of other places offer FREE TESTING. Jesus woman.

No. 885619

File: 1572233426919.jpg (885.6 KB, 1440x1419, 20191027_212912.jpg)

Samefag buy I figured since she was "diagnosed" via photos I figured we should all weigh in. What do you guys think? The guttate always looks more raised and smaller lesions than what she's presenting, so I am leaning more towards the HIV, especially looking at the lesions of the person with HIV

No. 885622

I looked up symptoms of HIV and guttate psoriasis and they are so shockingly [viSuAlLy] similar that we shouldn’t even be having this conversation, this Bitch needs to go to the doctor and get it ruled out. But she’s so fucken smart and doesn’t need anyone! Yes, perhaps the doctor wouldn’t have much to offer if it is psoriasis, but you a goddamn S E X worker….. like seeing the doctor has to be apart of your routine in life now! I hate how she bounces from “bo$$ a$$ Bitch who never has less than $400k at all times” to “wah, poor me! Health care isn’t available!” Oh, well just get Medicare? “Oh, well I have debilitating anxiety that keeps me from being responsible so that’s not an option, fuck you for even suggesting such a thing!” Whatever, fine with me. It’s my reputation being ruined. Everyone will just keep gossiping behind her lesion spotted back.

No. 885625

No one even wants to touch her with a ten foot pole. She removed the Eros account (yes, I know that’s not new milk) I think it’s safe to say the SW thing is petering out. I think it’s safe to say this bitch peaked and is headed into a really unfulfilling bleak future just like her trailer trash parents.

No. 885626

I honestly just want to rustle her jimmies enough to get her ass to a free clinic. You dont even need Medicaid for those places, they test REAL street sex workers and homeless people, most of whom dont have any healthcare, even public assistance. I don't think we should all "dIaGnOsE" her but it's funny to point out how visually similar these diseases are, yet the actually physiological symptoms are not. Swelling should be a concern for her, instead she deleted that comment because she admitted she was "diagnosed" via a photo

No. 885633

She deleted the comment because it didn’t confirm her bias and the screams to go to the doctor would only get louder lol.

A lot of those testings are considered “preventative” and are covered/free with practically every insurance package out there including catastrophic insurance and I’m sure it would be free in most states without insurance like you said.

1. She’s lazy
2. She’s scared of the possibility of it being HIV. She admitted once that she’s always scared going in for that test just bc it would be a nightmare to be diagnosed. However they even have some pill now you can take like birth control that helps you from contracting HIV. She should be on that too. Some people can’t be helped though

No. 885638

My brother I'd gay, his partner nis HIV+ and he takes prep (my brother), which is the pill you're talking about. His partner is also undetectable because his meds are covered by the state in full. I just looked it up and in PA HIV meds are covered in full by the state if you're unable to pay…even just sitting here 8ve found 4 free HIV testing facilities IN Philly. It took me literally 2 minutes to do all of this. It's not a death sentence anymore, but it is if you ignore it. What's worse is she has that smelly boyfriend who probably is infected now and her sugar daddy who "tOtAlLy lewks like Jeff Goldblum" likely is as well if she has it. Not addressing it is far worse than facing the reality of your situation.

No. 885642

Exactly. They have ways of helping you now if you do unfortunately contract it.

Maybe she should jUsT gOoGlE iT like she so graciously says to people that are just trying to help.

Ariana, if you just google “free clinic Philly” you will have all the answers you’re looking for on reddit sweetheart.

No. 885649

Off topic but just realizing she never finished that drawing challenge. She must have given up after realizing no one would buy her art supplies

No. 885658

Please learn to sage jfc.

No. 885666

File: 1572247458002.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, D4FF25E4-CB52-4B0F-B111-9433D3…)

Blaming everyone but herself.

No. 885669

Prep destroys your liver and kidneys though, so maybe you won't get hiv, but you will still die quickly.

No. 885672

she’s built like one of those aliens from men in black lol

i don’t understand why is she constantly flexing her syphilis rash on instagram, it’s disgusting

No. 885674

”Love to suffer”
”Why must I suffer”

No. 885677

The lack of self awareness borders on satire at this point

No. 885696

>Makes joke about how her father gave her bad genetics
How do you communicate in day-to-day life when you blow simple statements way out of proportion like this?

No. 885722

File: 1572270614342.jpeg (238.21 KB, 1125x810, 41C91875-4263-426E-A096-874B6F…)

No. 885723

that's the longest torso i've ever seen

No. 885745

i’m surprised she’s managed to keep a “mini vacation” location quiet this long, how long til she spills? lol and is it with her one crusty client? especially now that her rash is back?

No. 885749

Genuinely thought this was Aaron

No. 885770

She isn't joking though is she? she's making a passive aggressive comment about how flare ups have nothing do with her disgusting health maintenance instead deferring all responsibility onto her "fAthErs GeNEtIcs"

Go white knight this diseased cunt somewhere else.

No. 885783

I suspect it’s florida. She’s mentioned several times recently that she wants to visit old friends where she used to live

No. 885789

i had that same feeling. back to the swamp the creature goes, now equipped with a full body rash to spread

No. 885792

File: 1572282561469.jpeg (218.15 KB, 742x1093, 2ED3659C-8E58-47A8-9CCF-E38FB7…)

Location was announced yesterday. Chicago!

No. 885810

I mean people joking about not enjoying their parents genetics is pretty common, are you a dermatologist or something? Flare ups can be completely uncontrollable, maybe if you were stomping on the ground like a child over everything this girl does you could learn something and make a medically correct statement

No. 885815

Ok I know the shit about her retail job was posted like over a week ago.. but I have some tinfoil about it. I’m going to assume the job can’t be too far from the edible arrangements store, bc she seems to have gotten it before or after the interview? I looked up all EA in philly and the W Oregon Ave location seems to have the most businesses surrounding it, assuming she walked from her interview to the EA store. This really just comes from the fact that I used to to work for Sally Beauty, and right next to our store was an EA I would go to now and again… and I’m not sure if this is true but most retail businesses seem to have certain businesses they pop up next to, right? Ex: Ross and Marshall’s..
Anyways I googled Sally Beauty for that area as well and there is one on the same street only 12min. away.

No. 885821

Yeah no shit it’s common but do you know who we are even talking about here? She has done nothing to help herself. Drinking alcohol for an entire weekend knowing damn well it triggers your immune disorder is IDIOTIC. Especially while also being fully aware that winter is upon us. She’s asking for a flare up by laughing the disease in its face and neglecting her body to no end. I’d be sympathetic if she was actually doing something to better her life but she isn’t.

No. 885826

>Drinking alcohol for an entire weekend knowing damn well it triggers your immune disorder is IDIOTIC.
I guess but it's not like it's uncommon for people to drink on weekends at her age. It's not like she's literally dying, and it is genetic so I don't see an issue with her joking about complaining about her dad's genes. Just chill and stop blowing everything she says or does out of proportion

No. 885840

It isn’t uncommon to drink at all. It is, however, uncommon for those afflicted with a sensitivity to alcohol to be drinking so halfhazardly. Not only is she in the middle of a flare up but she’s also prescribed medication that should not be used while drinking. That’s all fine though. Her health is her problem. She can do dumb shit and continue to use the family genetic scapegoat for eternity.

No. 885852

she’s not even diagnosed with psoriasis get your whiteknight out of here

No. 885882

It’s haphazardly hahah and you are being a pinch dramatic

Just because someone drinks a lot which triggers the disease , they can still curse the face they were born with it.

Whatever, this is a massive derailment, the bitch wasn’t even diagnosed. We all know it’s HIV.

No. 885884

someone keeps coming in here to WK like this (subtly sometimes too) and I’m pretty sure it’s cotted. Contribute or GTFO

No. 885898

This is so fucking weird and you’re too into this seek going outside maybe you had too much time on ur hands to be looking that into it

No. 885909

Seconding this. Cotted also comes here to tell us not to call her cotted.

Ps. Sage your nonmilk

No. 885910

It's insane to do something that makes you more ill with whatever issue you may have and then whine for sympathy, regardless of what the illness is. Kek. Someone with a badly broken arm wouldn't go play baseball and then beg for attention because their arm hurts. Kekekeke

No. 885929

Uh yeah, it’s called a day off? People have free time ya know. You obviously choose to be here for your free time as well, so you can get off your high horse now.
At least I contributed something, try being useful lol

No. 885952


And just to refresh everyone’s memory, all this happened after she says she was raped in Dominica when she was blacked out. In her Snap (that she had behind a paywall) she talked about being behind a shed or something? And I think she herself said, who knows if it was one guy or one guy all his buddies. And I can 100% guarantee her rapist didn’t throw on a rubber.

It’s not even funny or something to be joked about. She is at HIGH RISK of having contracted the HIV virus.

She DID get tested when she came back from the trip at a free clinic (which begs the question why does she sometimes act like they dont exist) - but in a snap she made after the appointment she talked about how she didnt tell the doctor that she was raped because she felt uncomfortable that is was a guy doctor.

I highly doubt she’s disclosed the fact she was raped in a foreign country while blacked out at ANY of the check ups she had since.

Please fucking get help Arianna McMillan. You are a sex worker who advertises online. Your clients and future clients have a right to know they won’t get HIV if they hire you. It’s actually sickening.

No. 885992

it's also illegal for someone to have sex with another person if they know they are hiv+, without disclosing that fact to the other party. i don't think she's disclosing her health status (or lack of knowledge of it) to her 1 client. i'm sure if he was made aware of all this, he'd drop her like a hot potato. no person aware of all the info would want to touch her with a 10 ft pole. she's potentially spreading around her diseases to many people as a sex worker, and i'm sure she knows SOMETHING is up. she's absolutely disgusting.

No. 886006

File: 1572311034222.jpg (720.77 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191028-210347_Ins…)

Goes on vacay and continues drinking alcohol. Jesus

No. 886019

File: 1572312985858.jpeg (71.3 KB, 750x395, 49E3020E-A268-4083-88FB-203428…)

I think we can confirm she’s visiting her SD.

No. 886021

is fucking hate her if i was matt, working tons of hours and putting up with her lazy ass and her bullshit, being roped into being cheated on because it’s “just work” and her sitting her fucking ass in a tub on a “vacation” with the dude she emotionally and physically cheats on him with for money. what are you taking a vacation from? doing absolutely fucking nothing all day. i’d hate her fucking guts after this if i was in his position

No. 886024

Saged for blogpost but most of the time as a straight woman you don’t get tested for hiv unless on request - I’ve had to take an sti test and they tested me for everything but hiv, whereas my gay male friends are told to take the hiv test right away

No. 886106

I don’t live in philly but I can second this anon, in my state you have to ask. Whether it be a gp an obgyn or free clinic, you still have to ask, as it costs a lot more money so they don’t do it unless you elect to.

No. 886120

File: 1572345098856.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 7F952444-3647-442E-B4B3-CAEA42…)

I think she deleted this off of her story for some reason. Sage for no milk.

No. 886123

Agreed. You have to ask to be tested for HSV1 and 2 as well. However considering SW is her entire career, how does she not ask? She didn’t even have to go into details about her rape? She simply could have said, “I was sexually assaulted on my vacation, please test me for everything.” It’s not like she was going to the cops to file a report where they’d obviously ask for all the details. It was a fuckin doctor. And if the real reason she didn’t disclose of this was because the doc was “a man”, why didn’t she just ask for a woman doctor or go to another clinic with more women doctors? Again, this is coming from someone who brags about all the money she makes/has. So she has no excuse lol. She easily could have figured it out. “love to suffer”.

No. 886130

But anon her phobia of doctors restricts her from taking that responsibility! We must be empathetic (kek)

No. 886172

She’s probably pregnant again

No. 886211

>no person aware of all the info would want to touch her with a 10 ft pole
Her bff Aaron wouldn't even take one for the team and fuck her so they could all make $$$. That says a lot.

No. 886221

Regards: testing.

She doesn't have to disclose her rape to anyone. Asking for the test saying it was unprotected with a stranget is enough.

Even in Philly

No. 886247


You're assuming that lying diseased bitch was even raped. You're giving her a lot of credit.

No. 886270

File: 1572374739687.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 22C8D903-AAF4-4FB2-838F-27FEFA…)

Not trying to nitpick but is this a normal way of wearing necklaces with a turtle neck?

No. 886271

Oh god anon you just said the words that got this thread locked last time. Everybody please don't start another argument about whether or not she was raped and that we have to believe all victims. Let's just keep posting milk let's not get into the feminist discourse for god's sake

No. 886283

No lmao. You either keep them inside the shirt (hidden) or have them completely outside, around the neck of the shirt. I hope she’s joking in this post

No. 886317

Imagine this, and some torn ass looking teen goth skirt, is the outfit you choose to wear for a client that has flown you out for dinner?

Guy must be severely autistic.

No. 886319

File: 1572380022077.png (4.26 MB, 750x1334, A2DEBF37-4CD9-401F-AE36-965404…)

She’s really trying her best I think.

No. 886340

File: 1572382589968.png (4.4 MB, 1125x2436, 68770FC1-CFBB-4261-AC44-D58252…)

Imagine being such a dumb ass to think that just because you're "sEx wOrKeR" doesn't mean you're a cheater. Just because it doesn't bother you Ariana does not mean that it doesn't bother your boyfriend…

No. 886376

She has absolutely no attention to detail. It’s astounding.

No. 886380

She has absolutely no attention to detail. It’s astounding.

No. 886383

I wonder if her client requested whore makeup or if she did that on her own

No. 886385

"i'M a SeX wOrKeR!!!!!"

you only have one old ass client tho…

No. 886392

In my opinion, she kinda changed the goal posts on him. She wasn’t a sex worker when they met and began their relationship. It’s on him that he stayed with that dirty cunt but she should still be willing to admit how it is shitty on her end.

No. 886394

I love this moral dilemma that she created though. We should put it to a vote.

Is it considered cheating if you only have 1 client?

No. 886397

File: 1572389810303.png (292.9 KB, 750x1334, 9A9F2B68-CB48-4105-9AD3-DC28CC…)

No. 886404

She literally has posted multiple times about how Matt isn’t okay with it? Or that he wasn’t for a while? I doubt he just woke up one morning without any persuasion and was like “yeah i’m 100% ok with you doing SW”. She manipulated him into being “ok” with it lol emotional abuse at its finest but go off Ari. We’re all jealous idiots anyways kek.

No. 886439

Cheating is cheating no matter the pay check lol that just makes u an even bigger hoe so I vote yes for cheating lmao

No. 886466

Idk why but it would feel like less of cheating if she had more than 1 client even though that would be way more slutty. I hope she wraps it up man, if I were Matt I would not want to be putting my dick in her pus-filled gash wondering how many people blasted in her in the last week. I don’t judge sex workers, just this particular situation.

No. 886505

Matt didn't know he was getting into a relationship with a full service sexworker. The initial start of the full service sexwork caused trouble between them and she went off on how he was being insecure/ignorant about sexwork. Matt showed some sign of having emotional/relationship boundaries but got manipulated/cucked.

No. 886513

He’s always like “thank you for helping me become more open, my smol bean.”

Lmao. He’s literally just so weak that he can’t stand up for what he knows is right. She makes him feel like if he doesn’t agree, he’s wrong. The dude is so bitchmade that he’d rather wait at home alone while his girlfriend jet sets to suck and fuck an old man, than stand up for himself.

No. 886516

Matt is an idiot for staying with her at this point but I think she’s seriously emotionally abusive. I mean for fucks sake, she blamed him for her sexual assault. That was no ones fault but the perpetrator’s But even with that, she broadcasted to the world that it was all on him. She treats him like shit in public so who knows what she actually does behind closed doors. Again he chooses to stay but i really wonder why he does. An emotionally stable person would leave this bitch. She probably broke the guy.

No. 886523

This is actually thee most codependent relationship I’ve ever seen. They’re both trapped in a relationship they’ve both outgrown but are too weak to actually just let it the fuck go

No. 886530

He’s definitely being manipulated by her. She has BPD and that’s something they do without even realizing they’re doing it, she def doesn’t coupled with her raging narcissism. You know he sees these threads,too, because she can’t help but bring them up constantly- she’s manipulated him into thinking all the things we say here about how she treats him is just a bunch of jEaLouS h8tErZ and even made that tshirt to sell with him on it with her as a blow up doll . All to convince him it’s all some joke. Maybe he feels like he’s in it too deep to get out now or something, but anything could be better than sticking with such an abusive trainwreck. He’s got lStockholm syndrome.

No. 886533

And what’s even better is they just locked themselves into a lease so we can watch them miserable together for months to come.

No. 886561


He's called MattCuck for a reason, he obviously has a cuckold fetish. He's cool with a bunch of other dudes laying pipe on his literal prostititue gf.

He's a scumbag, just like her, and they find refuge in their codependency. The moment either of them gets a whiff of success, they'll be out of the relationship incredibly fast.

No. 886562

Exactly. Also feel like pnp mainly liked him cause he was in a band. And he only really liked her for “the clout” as well. But chooses to stay with each other because they have a history and it’s comfortable. Codependent on so many levels.

No. 886577

Lmao, when she was with "cute" she was all in up the internet faces with how poly she was

No. 886607

I'm looking at these and some of them look like pustules. One looks like it's been picked open. I know I'm in the minority here, but it looks herpes related. This is for sure not psoriasis.

No. 886612

Nah, that ain't no herpes unless it's just some loosely related thing, but def not herpes.

No. 886647

she changed it in her last post. do you think she's lurking while on vacation? LOL

No. 886653

She def lurks. It’s like dude you wear these ducking basic ass necklaces everyday, Just give it a rest for once

No. 886666

NTA but i sincerely think that Matt has some kind of mental disability/deficit/mild retardation. Pnp has alluded to it before, and I think this may be why he’s so “ok” with everything — He just doesn’t have the mental faculties to know any better, or to disagree with her. i guess it’s kinda like nursing home abuse of old people with dementia. doesn’t make it ok, but I think we’re giving him way too much credit here

No. 886675

God could you imagine if these two mental midgets did reproduce ? They would be the ugliest, stupidest human

No. 886682

File: 1572449714631.jpeg (215.08 KB, 750x1106, 85786BCF-F0F0-402F-8076-64E7F8…)

Posting to show she did fix her necklaces as recommended by the thread.
Ariana wouldn’t have anyone to tag in her pictures without those necklaces so of course she’d wear them until they fell off her body.
Also is she wearing the same turtleneck two days in a row? Classy.

No. 886695

The same turtleneck that no one would buy for her off her Amazon wish list. Lmao. This bitch is a trainweck

No. 886697

>> a bunch of dudes

What are you talking about? You're making it sound like she's a legit sex worker. She has one client, that's it. She used to fuck the tinder guy on the side, but that's clearly over.

Speaking of… are the tinder guy/ "cute" and Aaron the same person? I never figured that out, and I Ctrl+F'ed all the threads.

No. 886701

i think "cute" was @allamericanbadboy

No. 886703

kek he looks like Jake Paul 2.0. "Cute"… thx, anon.

No. 886710

That’s correct. Cute is LM’s ex lover of whatever the fuck

No. 886744

one of my favorite things about this cow (could be a nitpick) is how she never checks the background of her photos before posting. the toilets in this one really work for her white trash aesthetic

No. 886751

Just checked her private insta and she deleted this post…. More proof she lurks hard

No. 886754

She had a few other clients when she first started. One dude asked to piss all over her, another just wanted to "talk" the only client that stuck around was the 60 year old aka her "Jeff Goldbloom" look a like. She stole "cute" from LM which ended there short lived friendship and then she got dumped not that long after. And found herself crawling back to Matt who was just moving on…

No. 886761

it was heavily implied but never officially proven that Ariana slept with Aaron on a drunken night out. she posted a picture of herself in Aaron’s bed with the caption “I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life”. Cute is allamericanbadboy who she met through LM at a party. again, implied but not proven that Ariana slept with him when LM and cute were still dating, which caused the rift between them.

No. 886773

File: 1572462291579.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 6E9E7021-3981-4EF5-8F61-79A28F…)

psoriasis my ass, your eyes are red, crusty and inflamed around the upper lash line. you’re diseased and not with what you think. fucking gross, GET HELP

No. 886779


It'th thoriathith, guyth! I'm a monogamouth thecks worker with 1 "client", too! -Ariana Goblin McMillan

No. 886813

File: 1572469983089.png (868.2 KB, 1080x1506, PicsArt_10-30-05.13.04.png)

No. 886815

she posted in this story how she gets it all over her eyelids and her LIPS


No. 886825

File: 1572471688727.jpg (668.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191030-144104_Ins…)


No. 886826

File: 1572471729655.jpg (669.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191030-144034_Ins…)

Would you fuck it? I would!
In the face! With a knife!(a-log)

No. 886828

File: 1572471773217.jpg (794.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191030-143934_Ins…)

This diseased bitch. Kek

No. 886829


C'mon everyone… It's not nice to make fun of retarded kids.

No. 886841

Didn’t she have the one Indian John for a little too that wanted her to step on his balls? Or am I confusing this with another cow

No. 886845

Not sure about the Indian part but she did have a client that requested ball busting

No. 886855

How is it possible she keeps getting uglier and uglier !?!?

No. 886856

The hair is even dull and sickly. Kevin McCallister lookin-ass

No. 886857

File: 1572476879376.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 856CD88E-F7CC-46BD-97E9-7CCB64…)

The lips is 100% not psoriasis, that’s just regular dry ass lips smh .. and her eyelid is probably not psoriasis either considering that it’s perfectly symmetrical on her lash line on both sides. She probably just wore the same dirty pair of fake lashes too many times without cleaning them now her lash line is fucked.

No. 886859

The eyelids looks swollen and blistered not dry and scaly. Bitch is in the hardest denial I’ve ever seen.

No. 886862

She really had the nerve to

No. 886863

File: 1572477321921.jpeg (100.43 KB, 644x581, 3412730B-DECE-4FFC-A59D-96DB37…)

No. 886876


No. 886881

File: 1572480086937.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2432, Screenshot_20191030-172428~2.p…)

No. 886882

Fuck I pressed post to soon. I'll like to see her actually quit drinking for more than a couple of days!

No. 886891

why am i not surprised this gremlin sits like this with her face buried in her phone

No. 886897

File: 1572481843105.jpeg (126.83 KB, 580x633, 480158A9-6419-42F7-A058-9B8508…)

No. 886902

It looks like an allergic reaction to eyeliner or mascara. That's what an allergic reaction looked like when I got one at least.

No. 886903

Holy shit this is literally her . One minute she’s a textbook insta-thot and the next she’s a no-tooth granny

No. 886924

File: 1572485198657.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 5EB5137A-A984-46C4-8B61-94434C…)

She’s live

No. 886931

File: 1572486167006.png (3.68 MB, 828x1792, 91AAE98E-05E4-4E52-A2B0-DA8820…)

This is truly unsettling

No. 886937

OT but I have literally no idea what this image is, can someone help me bc I feel like it’s supposed to be an optical illusion but all I see is a little girl facing away who has a weird ear

No. 886939

No, reverse search the image. It’s rather common and if you haven’t seen it then I am sorry, I’m pretty sure your too young to be here.

No. 886940

What the absolute is this makeup???

No. 886944

File: 1572488066718.png (3.62 MB, 750x1334, 1E2D9F69-B023-462A-A386-8D7173…)

Couldn’t get a good pic, but when she would lean in, her entire jacket was c-o-v-e-r-e-d in dandruff. Like, don’t wear a black jacket jfc!

No. 886945

she was bitching about her skin and then covers her face in literal clown makeup i really don’t know why i’m surprised at this point

No. 886946

File: 1572488197907.jpeg (92.48 KB, 750x730, 54F9A1F6-EB65-4831-A434-60CB4D…)

No. 886948

Ok it was worth asking kek. I didn’t know 23 was too young. Also, *you’re. You finish grade school yet?

No. 886952

life imitates art

No. 886956

Autistic much?

No. 886957

File: 1572490206511.jpg (761.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191030-224949_Ins…)

She's drunk on ig live rn

No. 886958

She even did the stupid fucking freckles. The FRECKLES. She is a goddamn clown!!!?

No. 886960

File: 1572490697140.jpeg (114.46 KB, 750x1334, E4982776-50EA-4055-B0B9-CF9FBA…)

Probably drunk on this jug of homemade swamp water

No. 886961

File: 1572491110780.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, BC528456-24D2-4F22-9E19-589D83…)

No. 886962

all three of them look so…bad? like it doesn't even look good, especially ariana's.

No. 886964

File: 1572491779147.jpg (2.85 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191030_231419890.jpg)

No. 886967

Who’s the blonde

No. 886968

Her side profile makes her look like a damn witch her old nose evened out her long chin but now it just looks weird

No. 886969

File: 1572492520714.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, F8972D92-BCE6-467B-BF9D-DFCF65…)

Mental Matt’s got a little lipstick on his plaque

No. 886981

Ariana called her Tory

No. 886997

Ariana is so botched she makes the normie blonde look like a 10. I personally don’t know why she can’t keep a friend to save her life /s. She paid money to be the token ugly friend of any group she’s in, never forget.

No. 886999

Local instathot. Her ig is @checkyagurl

No. 887006

She's so irresponsible with her health like wtf get a grip Ariana.

She goes on vacation instead of seeing a doctor? She is a fool.

Her body is already having a severe immune response to SOMETHING. Is it a virus? HIV? Psoriasis? Reaction to the fillers? Reaction to the radiating plastic silicone bags? Breaking down from your starving it? Over excess of alcohol and Molly?

Who the fuck knows, only a doctor can tell her.

it's obvious her body is really sick and needs healing.

I don't even think she realizes that she's not 17 anymore and all this drinking, doing Molly, starving yourself, constant nicotine, unsafe sex, silicone/botulism injections have a cumulative effect on her body.

She's going to wake up tomorrow feeling pain but do nothing to change it. She's in denial about her health.

I've never seen an adult with poor foresight and avoidance of responsibility.

No. 887037

>Reaction to the radiating plastic silicone bags

No. 887042

yeah can you autists stop with the "breast implant illness" shit lol you sound like antivaxxers

No. 887047

Can someone clear this up for me, during the live she kept referring to Matt as “Barn” or something??

No. 887048

they call each other different variations of "barb" for wtf ever reason

No. 887049

The implants act as a foreign body so the immune system is put into overdrive at times. It makes sense considering she never had a psoriasis outbreak before the implants. It’s 100% possible that her body just doesn’t agree with the implants. Not saying it’s the cause of psoriasis, but it definitely could have triggered something.(medfag)

No. 887058

you guys are so annoying with being bitter with the “made up breast implant illness” shit, just sound like mad bitches with botched surgeries yourselves/want implants. any kind of foreign substance in your body can cause a reaction. it’s rare and doesn’t happen to everyone, it’s not a real illness no but it’s not fucking natural either and your body recognizes that. it’s not even comparable to anti vaxx you sound stupid and bitter thinking it can’t cause any type of reaction.

that said i think it’s entirely possible this bitch is reacting poorly to the amount of surgeries she’s put her body through and has a disease simultaneously and they’re just exacerbating each other. let’s not forget she never consistently takes care of her body or health either, never sees a doctor for her physical health or exercises.

No. 887063


Considering how fucked her lips are, which we can see with our own two eyes and then taking into consideration the fact that she got her tits done at the same place i think its safe to assume that they're just as fucked and could easily be linked to the downward spiral in her health.

No. 887071

Her boob job looks like shit . They look like classic bolt ons from the 80s. Those inflamed red scars on the underside of her boobs is a telltale sign of a shit job and inexperience plastic surgeon. The scar is supposed to be hidden in the fold of where your boob meets your rib cage, so ideally you would never even see a scar. So when she would do that very “sexy” pose if pulling her tits upward, you wouldn’t see two bright red incision sites. They make me queasy to look at honestly. They shouldn’t still be red. I got mine done over a year ago and the scar was almost undetectable in 6 months.

No. 887072

But just like everything else she owns, she doesn’t know how to take care of shit. No surprise. She ruins everything.

No. 887078

File: 1572539029846.jpeg (223.8 KB, 750x1026, 663FA29C-976A-4D0A-8A89-B0B959…)

Booboo the whore and her dandruff laden jacket

No. 887079

cool blog. ari actually fucked her own incisions up by refusing to do any of the aftercare she was told to do by her surgeon.

No. 887081

Yeah her name is Tori and she’s an onlyfans/stripper/ escort.

No. 887105

File: 1572545549995.jpeg (567.1 KB, 1242x1686, D58F21A0-CE01-4400-B90E-1BDD32…)

lmao about her sporting a kaonashi hoodie after repeatedly acting like she’s too cool for hardcore and like she doesn’t actually enjoy the music or the scene
it looks sooo edgy though, right?

No. 887110

The circle around her mouth really doesn’t make sense like what is that supposed to be

No. 887118

Love how this is supposedly a Halloween look yet her everyday makeup isn’t too far off from this

No. 887121

LMFAO the only thing she added to her daily look is the wrinkles, the tear, and the circle around her mouth.

No. 887160

God the circle around her mouth and the fact it’s painted white and not red, more like a clown, screams Minstrel Show. She oblivious or just awful?

No. 887195

The mouth looks like a bloody pad hahaha Christ

No. 887198

How come no one is talking about the wrinkled boobs she drew on her forehead?

No. 887237

File: 1572572157876.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1716, A91C10D2-90A2-4CAF-9FE2-1D9399…)

aliciaaadani did it better kek

No. 887242

Alicia is a wonderful human being. Ariana would require years and years of therapy and hard work to get on her level but she just hasn’t shown any level of self awareness.

No. 887246

Not saying she isn’t, I just think its funny that Ariana claims she’s “just that good at makeup” when this is how it could’ve been done

No. 887278

File: 1572581391196.jpg (217.54 KB, 1080x1310, PicsArt_11-01-12.09.51.jpg)

Deleted content

No. 887302

File: 1572586729469.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, 26D11B5B-B29B-4C01-BB8B-B5D106…)

why does she act like she truly doesn't know why people are rude to her? could it be people throwing her own rudeness to them back at her?? nah, she's a total sweetheart (said no one ever)

this bitch.

No. 887306

File: 1572589808086.jpg (135.06 KB, 1080x1736, PicsArt_11-01-02.29.12.jpg)

Looks like all the fillers are almost completely gone

No. 887344

She posted another video on her story putting her juul on her cat’s mouth….

No. 887365

File: 1572612710368.png (3.69 MB, 828x1792, 14D7E12F-2995-4A13-96B8-F0C59C…)

No. 887374

Matt isn’t mentally unwell in any way hes just codependent. He was moving on with another ig/twitter thot until she told Ariana and then she told him to cut her off and shortly after he went back and now “accepts” her sw

No. 887391

Does anyone know who the other girl was? Just curious to see what could have been Mel

No. 887402

Do some effort and read the thread, we already addressed this and no one gives a fuck who the girl is.

No. 887415

Why wouldn't anyone care if this is a gossip board.

No. 887439

lol ok ariana

No. 887465

File: 1572631486011.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, F25736D5-2AC7-4569-B664-6D83C4…)

Maybe it’s just me but I feel like it’s really fucking gross for Matt to be wearing the contact after it was already in Ariana’s eye

No. 887472

no it’s not just you. that’s a lovely way to acquire an eye infection or a scratched cornea.

No. 887477


There you go >>887415 since you seem to think she’s important.

No. 887482

Nta but none of you in this thread have reading comprehension skills. That's not the girl anon was referring to, obviously they were referring to doormatts other girl

No. 887491

File: 1572634920793.jpeg (242.59 KB, 740x1080, FB1B25B9-187F-44E9-B785-7AA1C8…)

Peep the necklace turtle neck combo

No. 887508

It was zoey luna on twitter she talked about it on her page when it happened and then deleted after her friend allegedly outed her in the previous threads

No. 887510

Any caps?

No. 887515

This was never brought up here. And I'm 99% sure when Ariana did speak about it on her snap and IG, she never said the girls name or tagged her. (most likely because either she didn't know who it was, or the girl was prettier than her- Ariana is shallow like that).

I think when Ariana was seeing "cute" Matt thought he was free to talk/fuck other people to, and that's exactly what he did. Then Ariana had to control him and what he does with his life, and threw a fit all over social media.

No. 887517

File: 1572639460448.jpg (342.03 KB, 1080x1973, PicsArt_11-01-05.11.48.jpg)

IG just updated their community standards. Pages that link to only fans can now be removed for violation

No. 887519

and with her psoriasis all over her fucking eyelid? i’m gonna throw up

No. 887525

File: 1572640135696.jpeg (230.39 KB, 750x1190, 643A6674-A6CA-45B4-A13D-03E2EE…)

If it’s this girl then I can see why Ariana would be jealous. She is everything pnp wishes she could be.

No. 887529

No one cares about you. Stop self posting

No. 887530

No one cares about your unsaged comment. Stop being an idiot.

No. 887531

File: 1572640860724.jpg (1016.15 KB, 1440x2334, 20191101_133844.jpg)

and now her new tattoo is infected. i dont think psoriasis spreads onto tattoos

No. 887532

File: 1572640936475.jpg (876.18 KB, 1440x2443, 20191101_133901.jpg)

another pic, closer up. why is it still so dry like that?

No. 887535

Not that I think she has psoriasis and it’s obvs infected but it can suddenly affect areas of skin trauma outside of the areas of the body it’s usually found on people

No. 887537

Stupid bitch is slapping it and complaining MAYBE go to a doctor I swear or even a pharmacy and get some ointment and put some medicine on it

No. 887543

if you can, try and get a close look at her spider on her arm. she doesn't take proper care of healing tattoos. she picks the dry skin off and doesn't keep it moisturized because she's cretin

No. 887550

Isn’t that tattoo like weeks old? It should be healed by now. It’s mostly thin line work.. even the small bit of heavy black should be fine. What the hell.

No. 887554

Also in the vid she keeps touching and smacking the tattoo which is the stupidest thing to do when it's healing. Literally everyone knows that

No. 887556

File: 1572643257413.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, 87C7C9C9-4C3D-4FC2-BA43-367739…)

The other side of her torso looks so much worse.

No. 887564

They look like inflamed pustules

No. 887596

File: 1572648316161.jpeg (247.87 KB, 750x657, 91FA06DF-A838-41C7-A919-98C7D3…)

i’m sure the tweet about you throwing up in your mouth while giving head is surely gonna make people wanna watch your deepthroat video or “book” you.

No. 887614

File: 1572651790911.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 9F5BA027-673E-4CE1-93EC-5C47F0…)

No. 887635

Is that a Bad Dragon dildo?

No. 887645

Would've been an upgrade tbh. Shame he missed out and now stuck with coconut head in a lease lmao

No. 887648

Lmao she lurks here so hard. She unlinked her only fans from ig

No. 887667

What a pathetic loser. Like go outside, get a hobby, move along cow

No. 887708

he's probably on the lease o n his own and she just makes enough money for take out and lip fillers and bad hair alterations and make up

No. 887717

This tattoo looks like a blob

No. 887738

i’m pretty sure in most places anyone over 18 has to be listed on the lease so it’s unlikely she’s not also on there

No. 887741

Matt is but a man. AirKilla is a slut who while not attractive, technically meets much of their qualities. She is is emotional and goes up one side down the other–she probably fans on him in between this shit talking on social media. So we have Matt, who is a good looking dude (he is in a band, or at least knows how to play music, and he is tall and dark haired and has a beard–that's enough to get pussy) and then answer AirKilla, a relatively small (but out of shape, floppy and gross human) "alt" girl who is mindless enough to suck his dick a couple times a week and she has no friends so he had nothing to worry about. their relationship is easy to get

No. 887743

cute how you think that everyone abides by rules lol

No. 887787

No. 887805

No. 887812

Matt looks and probably smells like a foot

No. 887846

I think it’s safe to assume they both smell like athlete’s foot because they both probably have that lol.

No. 887863

File: 1572711392928.png (3.12 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191102-101352.png)

She is the most unattractive and unsexy sex worker ever. No wonder why she throws up on a dick, she's in the wrong profession. Go back to a day job Ari

No. 887898

What happened to the job she "got" literally 11 days ago? She went to chicago and never said anything about it since. This bitch. She'll probably blame her "psorisis" flare up or some stupid shit

No. 887906

y’all really think she wouldn’t force herself into the lease with him lmfao alright she tries to control his every move

No. 887929

File: 1572719481327.jpeg (202.85 KB, 750x1071, B4D8D435-FDAB-480C-8594-B0F21B…)

There’s an actual name for this condition. Psoriasis or not that tattoo is totally fucked.

No. 887934

Exactly! Wasn’t she the one who got the old apartment too? I feel as if she’d want to be in control of finances since she doesn’t trust Doormatt to take that kind of responsibility.

No. 887937

I’m curious how she got approved for an apartment with very little income. Like did she write on the application “sex worker”? They ask for occupation information. Maybe her gOoD cReDiT and Doormatts regular Income was enough to carry it

No. 887945

Matt could be on the lease and she could just be listed as an "occupant" that way she can legally live there but her finances and credit wouldn't have had anything to do with securing the lease.

No. 887955

File: 1572721340405.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, 47FF05EF-D8BB-41B4-8A92-F57E01…)


No. 887959

File: 1572721646464.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 3AD48B3A-63E3-4330-9025-6807CC…)

Is she okay? She looks so fragile and sickly. Strong granny vibes

No. 887961

File: 1572721699260.jpg (769.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191102-150815_Ins…)

The reality of her skin

No. 887963

I don’t know why she wanted a ring light so badly. Look at how badly her skin texture is with it

No. 887975

File: 1572722606106.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, DAC62CDF-D907-464A-BBAC-69068A…)

With skin like hers..I would not be putting makeup on it! Ari, honey, get some help. Put some lotion on and get some help. And putting eyeliner on your pussy eye god help her. I bet she used these brushes and makeup on her friends.(nitpick)

No. 887985

Watching her livestream I honestly get the feeling that she’s gonna die soon. She looks extremely ill and I don’t think it’s psoriasis…

No. 887987

File: 1572723811835.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 333E21F3-2169-42BB-8FC4-3B849B…)

No. 888003

File: 1572726181621.jpg (733.69 KB, 1070x1354, Screenshot_20191102-162240_Ins…)


She's "just that good at makeup" kek she obviously photoshops her skin

No. 888004

idk you can still see all the bumps n she's wearing about 10 pounds of foundation

No. 888013

The “freckles” cover some of the bumps. You can still see her shit skin texture through the mask. Lighting and angles also play a good part in deceiving the viewer. You can really see every crevice once she looks down. I don’t doubt it could be edited but not by much.

No. 888014

File: 1572726911038.png (7.42 MB, 1125x2436, DD60A365-4942-473D-A4B8-4BA9EC…)

Ok what the fuck….

No. 888016

File: 1572726956939.png (7.21 MB, 1125x2436, 37911816-BF07-4C24-B972-7A52E7…)

Also…holy shit

No. 888017

Can someone help me understand what the fuck is up with these IG hoes and the pink nose make up? It looks fucking stupid and Im baffled that this trend has hung around as long as it has

No. 888019

This is bleak. She looks like an actual aids patient

No. 888021

File: 1572727110557.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, 125FF2D4-3BDB-49AB-AF32-6653B7…)

This is probably why her eyelids are always red kek

No. 888022

Holy fuck the hair is like brassy and straw-like combined with the pink skin. Jesus that is rough.

Why does she yank at her eyelids like this???? So bad

No. 888027

This is a cursed image

No. 888034

damn this bitch is ugly, no lotion underneath, sunscreen or even primer. shit she didn't even wash her hands. she 100% has HIV

No. 888036

She's pulling her fake eyelashes off

No. 888043

she's got very deep nasolabial folds for a 25 year old. damn.

No. 888097

File: 1572736376535.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, CEE44356-C1AC-4B60-ABF0-61FFC1…)

No. 888114

File: 1572738639360.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 9A107180-74A5-4F53-B658-99D27C…)

I would love to know the amount of hours a day she spends gazing at her reflection. So conceited, self absorbed and gross… it makes me cringe seeing her constantly post random videos of her checking her angles, with those vacant eyes while sucking on a juul. She contributes nothing in this world. Sad. Maybe her HIV is the universe’s way of shaking her off this planet.

No. 888117

I hopped on for a minute and she started talking about how a girl said her hair looked nice and it was "weird" and she should have complimented her make up. kinda made me sad the girl was just trying to be nice?

No. 888118

Her issue is forever going to be that she can’t control the way other people perceive her

No. 888119

File: 1572739077205.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 08CAA7F0-2D83-40C5-B71D-0854B5…)

Shes on live talking about her “psoriasis” fatigue right now

No. 888121

I think they're emphasizing blush on the nose to give themselves a more youthful and cute flushed look

No. 888144

It just makes them look like drunk grandmas.

No. 888160

David Spade looking rough these days

No. 888205

File: 1572750084415.png (8.09 MB, 1125x2436, 75067B2B-6F57-491C-B1BA-132DF4…)

Not sure if this is a nitpick, but I wish she would stop putting her juul in her animals’ faces.

No. 888212

File: 1572750566143.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, 8A5076A3-F47F-4CBC-8A3D-294A85…)

No. 888269

Top kek anon

No. 888325

File: 1572773287985.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 35A85188-CE1C-4BFA-B027-F4A724…)

She’s so ugly without that Kylie Jenner filter KEK

No. 888326

Also, Ariana, why do you have to contour your nose 5 times? Why not just scrap that nose and buy a new one. Make your face more botched and give us milk.

No. 888338

thank god tons of people see through her faux-confidence. i had to block her like a year ago because seeing her posts in my explore page legitimately upset me. she's one of the most severe cases of plastic-surgery-addicted + body dysmorphia i've seen in someone this young and seen as legitimately attractive by so many people.
it's so hilarious and sad at the same time that she claims to be fully happy with her appearance yet constantly wants new procedures and cakes her face in makeup that changes her face still.
"i used to hate myself! now i'm happy that i compulsively spend thousands upon thousands of dollars regularly to try to look like a built up ideal in my head that will change in a couple of years if not less!"
imagine how she's gonna feel when the media stops favoring the bimbo look, lol. sad genuinely

No. 888376

She wants to

No. 888389

I love the delusional comments , “looookin good queen YASSS!”

No. 888406

no one cares who you blocked

No. 888416

File: 1572804273158.jpg (741.47 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20191103-130436_Twi…)

No. 888417

File: 1572804298562.jpg (727.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191103-130451_Twi…)

No. 888424

She's trying so hard to stay relevant yet failing miserably. Lmao no one is buying her new identity as a makeup guru. It's honestly hilarious watching someone this delusional. She obviously doesn't know the first thing about makeup. During live someone asked what her top 3 makeup recommendations were and she said she didn't have any. Kek. She had nothing to offer, ever

No. 888434

god that filler is all over the place

No. 888449

her shit is CAKED on there. but go off about your “talent” girl!

No. 888554

File: 1572836644848.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, C5A7AE87-7C41-4405-ACE6-1150C4…)

Oh Those Digi-Lashes

No. 888610

talented at what? Making your eyes look smaller, nose bigger, eyebrows go from nice brown to dusty ass gray? Skin like you've just biked through the mud? Objectively, she's made all her features look worse

No. 888682

File: 1572883808138.jpeg (153.87 KB, 1242x1087, BCE129C8-B404-4C1B-97BE-6BF837…)

I'm pretty sure she's complained about at least a few of these symptoms, asking for advice with "abnormal psoriasis symptoms"

And didn't she mention going to a free clinic after she found out about it? Whatever became of that? I guess even if she did go, they wouldn't have tested for HIV unless she asked and I really doubt she asked specifically for that. I cannot believe she's not doing anything about this, knowing it could very well be HIV. Especially seeing as the symptoms line up. Then sleeping with other people while not knowing? That's just psychotic.

No. 888691

File: 1572884329635.jpeg (420.38 KB, 738x1108, 5E807C98-EF11-4B1A-B312-72D027…)

Drama queen. Girl needs to get a life, I couldn’t even finish reading this.

No. 888692

File: 1572884351790.jpeg (199.07 KB, 732x933, FF3214B8-B2C1-4127-91CB-28483B…)


No. 888697

fuck me she looks like a junkie here

No. 888700

File: 1572884565568.png (201.44 KB, 750x1334, DB527DF4-F83A-45FF-AF6C-C8DA85…)

She did complain about abnormal symptoms on reddit. Since then it’s been deleted, but I believe it was like dark bags under the eyes and swollen ankles or something really strange like that.

No. 888709

When will this dumb bitch learn and go to a fucking doctor

No. 888726

i love how she says we need to talk about it more but she never fucking said a word about it again when her last “flare up” cleared away. what she really means is she needs attention, pitty and relevancy for her fake “autoimmune disease”

No. 888730

Can she just fucking go and get humira or something already and stop being ignorant like jfc

No. 888732

File: 1572886629767.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 951F9757-2FC4-4E60-ADD9-962644…)

No-tooth granny wah wah wahh

No. 888743

File: 1572887254367.jpeg (466.55 KB, 750x911, 7690FCEB-113C-4285-BE21-171F9D…)

where’s the difference tho

No. 888744

Used to think the HIV tinfoil was just that, tinfoil, but with her complaining about being sick frequently, vomiting, and that uncanny rash…honest to god, I really think that’s what’s going on.

You don’t have to ask out of the blue for a test. If you ask for regular testing they ask YOU if you want an HIV test as well. There’s just no excuse. Even she doesn’t deserve what’s possibly about to happen, but she’s such an unbelievable idiot to just let it happen.

No. 888752

i don't see her getting help anytime soon with the way she jumps down people's throats even when she asks for advice.

No. 888753

she doesn't have HIV she has syphilis

No. 888758

I mean none of us really know, the point is instead of complaining and letting it run unchecked, dumbass needs to see a doctor and get treatment yesterday

No. 888759

So she’s saying the psoriasis is in her mouth now. This CAN happen but from what I’ve read it’s pretty rare..they say when a lamotrigine rash spreads to mucus membranes (mouth, eyes, inside nose, etc) that means it could be deadly ! i have no idea what it is and neither do any of us. Psoriasis, lamotrigine, syphilis …obviously none of us can diagnose her but the girl needs to get herself to the doctor. Hope you’re reading this!

No. 888764

File: 1572889605215.jpg (2.21 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20191104_094644505.j…)

No. 888765

>in her mouth now
Oh wow… that sounds very serious… this is fucked up. 100% horrorcow

No. 888782

literally see a dr and get some medication

No. 888784

Is she seriously THAT prideful she won’t just see a fucking doctor? She’s literally crying that she’s suffering. God, this cow is moronic

No. 888793

File: 1572892088200.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 9789A707-7AEA-4091-BD58-C8B877…)

I never get used to seeing her new face over her old face it freaks me the fuck out

No. 888797

Bad things happen to bad people

No. 888831


So many contradictions in 1 post…
"I feel like no one gets it…"
"I never saw anyone talk about [psoriasis] until I got it…"
"I know personally seeing people relate to me helps me a lot…"
"I've never seen anyone with this specific type of psoriasis in real life…"
"And knowing others get through it gets me through it too."

This is an example of when illogical people think they're making sense.

No. 888837

She’s so fucking dumb, what she’s describing isn’t even psoriasis. Go to the clinic, retard. Get real medical opinion.

No. 888838

The fillers are slowly melting away

No. 888864

I always think this, she is so illogical that reading her paragraphs are very confusing. She spergs off on something and it’s so hard to understand on top of her horrible grammar and syntax. Nitpick, I know, sorry.

No. 888872


Stop insulting junkies.

No. 888933

I posted that HIV rash checklist containing "mouth sores" & now she's complaining about it inside her mouth…….. dot… dot. dot…. wonder what it could be? This bitch got AIDS.

No. 888962


Ari, that depression you are feeling comes from the fact your skin herpes make you realize you have no value without your quickly diminishing looks. If you invest some of that “gOoD cReDiT” into developing a skill that doesn’t involve choking on elderly dick - then maybe JUST MAYBE the world won’t feel like its crumbling from under you everytime you don’t look presentable.

Like aging is going to wreak havoc on this bitch if she doesnt address her mental issues asap.

No. 888991

man, I had been iffy on whether or not to completely believe the tinfoils that it's for sure a disease/std, rather than something caused by meds, drugs, etc. But jesus. These new symptoms she's talking about are fucked for real. This cannot be something that isn't gross and scary as shit, be that syphilis, HIV, or whatever else. I know she wants a never-ending pity party through not addressing this, but she should at least know what she's dealing with before she ignores it. And I'm pretty sure if she really knew what the fuck is going on, she wouldn't be continuing this bullshit. It almost feels like she doesn't want to go because then the h8erzzzz will win, but she could do something, anything, and not a single person will know if she doesn't publicly broadcast it. Oh well, maybe it's more fun this way. Can't wait to see what happens when the dangerous symptoms begin to kick in. I'm sure at that point there will be a lot of irreversible damage done

No. 889016

File: 1572914420867.jpg (494.9 KB, 1080x1662, 20191104_193334.jpg)

Dumb ass wants to make a YouTube channel but has no idea how to properly film herself or edit, I hope she goes through with it, that'd be a fun mess to watch.

"Not to toot my own horn but like my life is pretty interesting…compared to like if you're a nOrMiE."

No. 889021

well her storytime on how she finally came to terms with having syphilis should be good tho

No. 889026


LOL at her being a Youtuber as the flavour of the week. She does realize giant youtubers barely make money right? Right?!

She is never going to make the connection that she is the common problem, not her platform.

No. 889027

File: 1572916054753.png (3.98 MB, 1125x2436, 469DD962-09C4-45EE-BF52-713358…)


No. 889048

The L train does not "run through all of Philly" like she says in her video. I've lived in Philadelphia my entire life. In many different areas of the city. And I'm in my 30's and have NEVER lived anywhere near where the L train runs through. Those are generally the undesirable areas. If you have money and can afford to live away from the L or Kensington area, you just don't live there. There are soooooooo many neighborhoods in Philly that are nice like Fishtown, Olde City, South Philly… that the L train don't run right outside your fucking window. This bitch is an idiot. An idiot who obviously isn't from or familiar with Philadelphia.(blog)

No. 889058

Well that’s not true. Have you ever watched YouTube? The huge channels make tons of money, if not on ads then on sponsorships…

No. 889060

Guys, just google search the Kensington area of Philadelphia. It's the worst part. The way she talks about how "dangerous" going out in her neighborhood is, or how "sketchy" Philly is. kek. It's because she CHOSE to live in the dredges with the junkies. Philly is actually really nice outside of her neighborhood. Her and her ugly ass boyfriend just can't afford to live anywhere nicer.

No. 889072

File: 1572919856258.jpg (2.6 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20191104_181101596.j…)

I can't stop making these

No. 889083

It DOES take a while to start making money from Youtube, though. To be able to monetize a video you need 4,000 hours of overall watch time within the past 12 months and you also need at least 1,000 subscribers.

No. 889102

File: 1572921477720.png (1.23 MB, 1242x2208, F96EEBC1-7D74-4444-B992-029CB1…)

Just in case she checks the thread tonight…you can literally order STI tests online Ari!! I can understand being prideful or embarrassed but it’s irresponsible on multiple levels not to get tested. Makes me feel sick

No. 889110

Have you been living under a rock.

No. 889132


No. 889148

File: 1572927536866.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, A2B30274-6477-498B-8946-BBB252…)

This is actually shocking to look at. They are open sores. I feel like she just sits around all day staring at it lamenting

No. 889152

It’s so bizarre that she’s choosing psoriasis as the hill to (possibly literally) die on when the more she posts pictures, the less it looks like guttate to everyone that sees it. This picture of her back honestly looks so much more like the pictures of HIV or syphilis rash than your average psoriasis flare up. She needs to get real medical treatment and stop pretending “muh sea salt baths” are doing anything

No. 889156


She always claims these spots are flat patches of dry skin but they're most definitely 100% open sores…

No. 889163

File: 1572929577569.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, F0445840-AC0C-4DDE-8949-B7ED9D…)

I know I’m about to sound like a Boomer but their relationship is sad to me, just both sitting in probably silence on their phone.

No. 889172

fucking hell, i don’t think psoriasis is puss filled like that. she’s delusional

No. 889175

So what happened to her “normie” job? She got hired like two weeks ago now…. also she never posted anything in her only fans aside from two nudes covered in pustules in her dirty ass 7 year old thong. Like girl you don’t have a job, you have an STD rash so you aren’t booking clients, and you’re not even gonna be regularly posting on the one website people pay for you to post your disgusting videos? And for someone with extreme fatigue she sure has so much time to do clown makeup and go on social media

No. 889183

Googled hiv rashes and I am ready to put my hiv foil hat on, shit's not funny anymore. Get this bitch to a doctor.

No. 889188

Even if this IS psoriasis she needs to get on state healthcare and see a fucking doctor. It’s a lifelong illness that needs some fucking Humana, not Dead Sea baths. Again if it IS psoriasis, my tinfoil hat is only halfway on for the sti rash

Has she said why she doesn’t apply for state healthcare? I know she’s said “disability should be there for people who need it” but we know she’s just too lazy to fill out the paperwork, and it would also require an actual diagnosis

No. 889256

File: 1572954312909.jpeg (671.22 KB, 828x1327, 3A6ADF14-B161-47F1-94C8-2BB1F5…)

Maybe she doesn’t want to go to the doctor because she doesn’t care if she dies?

No. 889262

seriously. how is doormatt not concerned? he is so dull it's unreal lol

No. 889265

Sage for continuance of tinfoil and ot but holy shit I seldomly visit this thread and I'm blown away by her rash issue. Personally, I've never seen psoriasis look like that. It does look more like an HIV rash vs syphilis to me. I think subconsciously she knows it's not psoriasis and that's why she wont get a diagnosis or treatment for it

No. 889275

He’s probably googling your HIV skin symptoms Ari lol staying far away from your diseased ass

No. 889288

Why doesn't her psoriasis collect at the elbows and knees? My brother has it and it gets really scaly and scabby in those spots. Even her pusticular psoriasis doesn't look typical.

No. 889292

she was complaining on her stories about not knowing how to do a YouTube makeup video
"how do people do makeup tutorials? the mirror is in front of my face .how are you doing your makeup with the phone right there?"
but she does her makeup on live all the time????? what's the difference?

No. 889300

Guttate psoriasis clusters and blisters. This isn't psoriasis. Go to a fucking doctor, Ariana.

No. 889302

Doesn’t matter if it “really is” psoriasis or not. Psoriasis is a lifelong illness that can be managed WITH A DOCTOR’S HELP to prevent further progression & damage to your body. Her utter unwillingness to see a doctor, especially given she thinks it’s psoriasis, is so fucking alarming. She’s doing permanent damage to her body by being too what? Lazy? And proud? To see a fucking medical professional? This shits just beyond me, i wonder what other nasty shit this bitch has let fly, she’s probably a walking cesspool of vaginosis and viral infections

No. 889309

I think her depression , pride, fear, and other lazy habits are keeping her from the doctor. J think she’s okay with throwing herself into an early grave. If she doesn’t die, however, this “psoriasis” will age her sooo much left untreated and we will all be waiting on the sidelines for that milky spiral. Some people just can’t be helped. This is her cross to bare.

No. 889310

A skin condition and AIDS are two different things so it kind of does matter. But either way she probably won’t go to a doctor

No. 889318

Obviously AIDS is serious but a skin condition is still gonna progress, sores make you more prone to infection, etc.

The fact that she doesn’t even care enough to rule out severe illness is insane. I don’t care if you have Ebola or the flu, the solution isn’t ‘welp I guess I’ll just let this run wild and maybe give it to other people until it puts me in the hospital’

No. 889328

Also think about the grime we’ve seen in the background before, mixed with open sores. Laying in bed all day on sheets that are never washed.

No. 889338

File: 1572972607614.jpg (998.72 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191105-114642_Ins…)

She said
"I look cute. I look like a little baby."

No. 889339

the anon that said david spade had it right

No. 889345

great, she makes phone quality blurry porn (at horrible angles) why would she try and do better at makeup tutorials? shes so delusional that she cant tell the difference between james charles quality vids and what she tries to put out. excited to see her in full cringe and lisp-ing glory tho

No. 889349

its like her nose has gotten bigger

No. 889361

Geez I almost wish I were in her area to help her out and hold her hand through whatever she needs to get done. At the expense of being treated like garbage of course. Almost.

No. 889370

she just posted up like a million stories on instagram of her talking about her ~trauma~. i was going to record it, but it's literally 15 minutes of her talking about how her childhood was so much harder than everyone else's. even goes as far as to say that her brother had it easier.

some bizarre points:

>i'm feeling narcissistic so i'm going to talk about my trauma

>said dad slit his wrists in front of her
>said mom had sex in front of her throughout her childhood
>said her mom used her social security number since she was a kid so "that's probably why it's so good"
>thinks her brother has asbergers
>said her mom always used to "copy her"
>has "sex aversion"

No. 889374

She also mentioned a story about being alone with a sketchy guy and not remembering what happened, but heavily implying she may have been assaulted. If this isn't a cry for help then I don't know what is. Fucking heartbreaking

No. 889375


She'll get a ton of views just from people wanting to see how miserably she fails. But she's such a conceited idiot that she'll get less than 500 subscribers.

She admitted in her stories that she loves to talk about herself, so if nothing else, at least she'll be entertaining in all her arrogant glory.

No. 889376

i don't even think she wants help, she just wants the asspats and pity points

No. 889392

Looks like an ugly aftermath of cersei lannister getting shamed down kings landing to me

No. 889398

File: 1572984703537.jpeg (496.6 KB, 750x1093, 37FB9675-8804-429F-A8D9-66D4B9…)

Then just write a script and shoot it again? Some creators spend a huge chunk of their time perfecting their content so it's high quality and enjoyable, especially those who plan to or already do make money off of it. This flaky insecure bitch will never commit to making or maintaining a channel lol. So naturally she posts an ugly selfie to ig. She thinks this looks like she has clear skin kek


No. 889399

File: 1572984730864.jpeg (673.02 KB, 750x1295, 6D4687C2-1ED2-48B9-863E-5F1343…)


No. 889400

so her solution is to heavily cake her face with makeup? that looks like shit and it probably looks even worse irl

No. 889403

File: 1572985665337.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.03 KB, 1079x952, Screenshot_20191105-152720_Twi…)

Posts this not long after ranting about her trauma on ig stories.. also why wouldn't she put on a cute outfit for this?

No. 889404

File: 1572985741153.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.9 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20191105_152725.jpg)

No. 889410


I was thinking the same thing. Anything would be nicer than that janky black hoodie. Also… Maybe if you're going to sell your content, make it worth people's money? Put some effort in. Edit the video a bit, put a flattering filter over it. She's so repulsive.

No. 889412

God, she needs to see a therapist like no one’s fucking business. I can’t imagine airing out my trauma for instagram. How is she so shameless? Attention-seeking at its finest.

No. 889424

File: 1572988848623.jpeg (206.25 KB, 946x2048, A99B8C05-CB83-42F4-9F8C-1E363F…)

Juul in hand but she worries about appearing professional.

No. 889430

OMG the juul! Pathetic lol

No. 889433

She gets the shamelessness from her mother

No. 889443

What is the point of surgically altering her face when she is going to age like shit. Using nicotine all the time, eating like shit and not wearing moisturizer is gonna fuck her up in 5 years time

No. 889479

File: 1572997577029.png (335.68 KB, 750x1334, D2E041A0-D21D-4244-B4DC-248B5E…)

“me included”


No. 889481

same anon but at least she kind of finally admits she’s miserable and pointless

No. 889487

Kinda funny how there’s been tinfoil here about her being weird about her brother and acting like she’s in love with him bc during her trauma story today she said her mom’s boyfriend had a son and Ari always talked about him as her “half brother/half boyfriend” because she like him and nobody told her that it was wrong

No. 889496

File: 1572999934511.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, CF9773FC-0154-4C54-BB06-0C3B6A…)

“Dark eye shadow and a dark lip always make me look like a drag queen” honey no that’s not what makes you look like shit kek. Also I know it’s a nitpick but the thing she does with her tongue always makes her hillbilly grandma mouth so much worse

No. 889520

File: 1573003185356.png (4.63 MB, 1125x2436, B85BED6D-F474-44E8-AEC8-96B86D…)

God I fucking hate that tongue thing she’s doing lately after when she talks to express her bitchyness this cow acting like she’s got good face expressions when she looks like a botched up cunt with lispy lips that go with anything that comes out of her Damn mouth

No. 889521

Was about to say that in my post above anon omg I hate it it makes it look like she’s got her face stuck in a lisp

No. 889524

I’m not even trying to start shit but why does everyone in this thread like legitimately LOATHE her to the pettiest of degrees. I’ve been reading the threads and yeah she’s definitely on one and like I said I’m not arguing I know where I am, I just don;t get why everyone is attacking the shit out of her instead of making solid jokes idk

No. 889528

I mean we all aren't Skankhunt42 in this bitch. Shut the fuck up and cry about it.

No. 889529

If you don't like it, fuck off. It's that simple.

No. 889532

This is actually retarded considering how much her thread has improved since autosage

No. 889572

File: 1573013965509.jpeg (152.05 KB, 519x342, 5847156A-6E3F-47C3-9A11-D98E7C…)

this is what the original post said. for future reference just replace the R in reddit with a C in the url and it’ll show you deleted posts and comments

No. 889577

Kek anon, Im going to watch this ep now.

No. 889590

File: 1573015652699.jpeg (179.23 KB, 928x750, 9211DF0A-175E-4A8D-9E57-73D616…)

This summer’s flare up vs this fall/winter’s flare up. I swear it’s only going to get worse.

No. 889595

File: 1573016810794.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 7EA74330-C99D-465A-BDC2-2E6F70…)

wonder if she’s actually gonna go and follow through with any aftercare/follow up appointments or if it’ll fall through like her nOrMiE job. or if she’ll just log on instagram after the appointment and cry about how horrible doctors who don’t agree with her are

No. 889636


Hope she's going for real. That looks painful.

No. 889660

File: 1573026790557.png (211.2 KB, 750x1334, BBC711CE-F8B4-42EB-882E-306559…)

she knows it’s not psoriasis lol

No. 889708

Makes you wonder what other symptoms shes experiencig that isnt being mentioned online

No. 889713


>> isn't being mentioned online

do you even know who we are dealing with here lol

No. 889755

File: 1573049184494.jpeg (1.34 MB, 4002x4002, BFB853BD-8E20-47B2-B865-EB149A…)

some of our beauty queens finest moments! could be good for next thread photo if nothing better comes along.

No. 889762

at least use current pictures, some of these are years old

No. 889766

File: 1573053684206.png (3.99 MB, 750x1334, EFD6B46C-5ED9-4041-A356-4D89F9…)

This looks sooo bad she is a fucking moron for not going to the doctor. She deserves everything she gets for this.

No. 889767

She looks like a motherfucking leper

No. 889771

i mean, she did just say she's going to a doctor in >>889595

No. 889792

what baffles me is that it doesn't seem to bother her beyond the itching and the fact that it looks bad. I'd be freaking out if I had a rash like this, nevermind if it didn't go away and kept getting worse over a period of months. wtf

No. 889796

File: 1573059519528.png (3.79 MB, 828x1792, E58BE825-9C02-4C3C-B908-F97274…)

On live whining about how her makeup doesn’t look the way she wants it to… for her doctors appointment.

No. 889798

This fucking moron. Why wear makeup to the doctors? They're gonna wanna see the extent of the damage, especially if it's on your face. Nevermind the fact that they're going to probably give her a mild scolding for putting makeup over those patches/sores, which obv only makes them worse. I just… cannot.

No. 889799

This fucking moron. Why wear makeup to the doctors? They're gonna wanna see the extent of the damage, especially if it's on your face. Nevermind the fact that they're going to probably give her a mild scolding for putting makeup over those patches/sores, which obv only makes them worse. I just… cannot.

No. 889804


She just mentioned that she hasn't seen her doctor in 6 months, which makes me doubt she's seeing a specialist for the psoriasis OR getting tested.

Also on the live, in regards to what happened to her job: "JuSt bEcAuSe I doN't PosT abOUt it DoesN't MeAn iT doEsn'T ExiSt"

No. 889805

File: 1573060521269.png (3.92 MB, 828x1792, 134445F3-6B71-4ACF-BABA-36AEBF…)

She said she’s already started her new job, snapped at someone else who asked about it. “Just because I don’t post about it doesn’t mean it.. doesn’t exist?”
Said she hasn’t seen a doctor in 6 months.
Also said she might be doing stuff after her appointment, which is why she’s stressing about how she looks (literally making herself late in the process), and claims LOTS of people recognize her from Instagram so it makes her anxious about her looks whenever she goes out.
Her nose contour isn’t as good as she would like and it’s making her hate her whole look today. When her nose contour looks good, she claims she feels like she doesn’t need any other make up.

No. 889807

She was in love talking about going to her doctor for the first time in six months.

Someone asked her “what happened to your job” and she flipped saying “why do you people always ask about my job? Just because I don’t say anything doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists”

So definitely doesn’t have a “normie” job and hasn’t been tested for her SW job in half a year

No. 889808

Someone commented in her live earlier asking what happened to her job and she replied "why does everyone keep asking about my job? Just because I don't post about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist" LOL ok Ari.

No. 889810

I’m pretty sure she is going to her therapist so she can reup her meds not a dr for her skin bc she doesn’t have money for that kek

No. 889811

The sunk in cheeks, the strawlike hair, the swollen, red nose…

No. 889815

I cannot believe she just openly admitted to avoiding doctors ever since her first flare up

No. 889837

I wonder if her new job is the suicide girls or whatever the fuck it’s called

No. 889842

File: 1573066223073.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1537, PicsArt_11-06-01.50.27.png)

No. 889848

File: 1573067886023.jpeg (439.16 KB, 750x988, 756E311E-FA2B-4C30-98D4-0E8427…)

seriously though this girl needs actual medical help it’s right infront of her face and she won’t even admit it kek

No. 889851

Ari going on about writing good scary stories cause she's an "awesome" story teller I mean idk Ari your stories are pretty fucking dull..she's wants to write a book man this girls has too many projects she'll never actually do.

No. 889853

Ari talking about wanting a dick her whole life. I swear she's gonna come out as trans sooner or later. She looks the part.

No. 889854

Post proof or all of this is just hearsay. This is an image board.

No. 889855

Bitch what? She was talking about it on her story. Didn't you know, Ari is going to write a novel with her own illustrations. The next beauty guru and award winning author. I mean what can't she do. Kek

No. 889858

lol i love how she says “just because it’s not online doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” has she not considered that everyone can see her posting videos and lives right from her couch al lady long? bitch when are you working a real job when you have time for all of that?

No. 889860

File: 1573070011690.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 7740127E-5E28-48CD-AE48-F7235B…)

As vain as she is, I’m shocked she hasn’t used some of dat güd credit to get the lip ball sack removed

No. 889880

This is an image board, so either actually post proof of this, or don't post at all. No one cares about your unsaged hearsay. If the anons who recorded her snap about her abortion, or about her rape, or about the million of other things she's done and didn't post it, no one would believe them. You honestly sound pathetic, kinda like Ariana. So either figure out how to save her ridiculous stories to post here, or don't post.

No. 889882

are you 100% certain her lip ballsack is even from her fillers though? i’ve seen a lot of people with that bit of skin there when they smile who definitely did not have any injections

No. 889883

NTA but record it yourself you autistic minimod jfc.

No. 889886

nta but it’s not even milky so who cares

No. 889927

>>889882 ntayr but ew wtf, never seen that without the help of fillers

No. 889961

I’ve seen it on a boy

No. 889994

It didn’t say it was from fillers. Who knows what the fuck causes it but I’m sure the technology exists to remove it.

No. 889995

I agree with you. She avoids actual PCP like the plague, and definitely wouldn’t go for her “psoriasis” or STD testing. She merely went for a meds refill.

No. 889997

Ok gum lasering isn’t even expensive cmon girl………

No. 890006

I’m really bummed because I predicted this too many threads ago, lip fillers stretch the fuck out of your lips and make her lip lift a waste. Also because it is literally stretching your lip out and down, it pulls the bottom of your nose/columella down so it looks bulkier and her nostrils more pulled out and flared appearing.

“Doctors” or rather any money hungry asshole who can get away with somehow running a practice offering fillers of course will never tell you this. An overfilled or bigger top lip makes you look like a man anyways, she needs to get it dissolved before it’s too late. Kylie Jenner and the Huda beauty owner dissolved that shit too for a reason and both had to get lip lifts.

Ariana really gets taken advantage of so much and i’m not surprised she’s out of her mind her reality is so fucked. She’s still young and your 20s are for experimenting, but I think between her body dystrophin and skin picking or whatever she has these obsessive tendencies and clearly isn’t getting the right kind of help. And no one says it enough, fuck Matt for enabling this shit and using her appearance to feel like more of a man, I’m glad his stupid ass is getting cheated on but she needs to go into a women’s only sober living for a while or something I don’t even know.

A lot of what she’s doing also looks like really obvious side effects of being on the wrong medication, she treats her body like fucking shit and pumps all these chemicals inside of her when she has had to go to inpatient before. Like fuck bitch love yourself no one else will and no one else will even know how until you fucking show them. Does anyone know if she has saline or silicone implants? Breast implant illness is finally getting the media coverage it deserves and there was actually a full on recall recently. Sorry for my ~*~*feelingz but yeah no one talks about this because so many people are trying to hustle these things as safe and I’m a few years older and given the times or w/e yeah women should be looking out for each other.

No. 890013

Yas! It is a real thing. Literally putting ANY foreign object/substance into your body causes an instant immuno reaction. Even tattoos, piercings, medically necessary implants… it all causes an immediate immune response. It's actual science, not tinfoil. And especially in people with underlying immune deficit or immuno compromised bodies. Duh. Like, are all you guys doctoral students? Ctfu. Also, she needs to STAHP the injections and implants and see a doctor immediately.

No. 890014

Her picking seems liked a learned behavior from her meth-head mom. Her sores are like identical to meth mites. Kids subconsciously take those habits on.

Breast implant illness started with a bunch on moms on Facebook based on no evidence. However, I’ve read there could be a link between people with autoimmune diseases attacking the implants. Idk… if she actually has psoriasis then maybe.. but seems like a reach.

No. 890015

Yup. My mother was one of the plaintiffs in the Dow lawsuit for faulty silicone implants causing illness in the 80's. She won big. Just google the info. That shit is BAD FOR YOU. Especially if you have underlying autoimmune issues.

No. 890016

…also, Facebook didn't exist at the time when illness linked to implants was proven. So… not a "Facebook mom" thing.

No. 890017


You and PnP should go in on a two-fer for therapy.

No. 890022

Nobody cares about your opinion.

No. 890024

Your mom is one person 40 years ago. Off topic, just end it.

No. 890025

File: 1573098038532.jpg (181.8 KB, 1080x1195, 20191106_213635.jpg)

Its not an opinion, its medical science but ok go off. Also this is the best. She's like, tomorrow is Matt Cuck's bday so say happy bday to him. Yes. Go to his insta and wish him well, right under this stank pussy comment that's been there for 6 WHOLE WEEKS. Kek.

No. 890026


You sound like someone who actually has no idea how hyaluronic acid works. The reason why this cunts lips are pulled down is because the acid that was placed in her lips has been broken down by her immune system and she has not been able to go for a refill in months considering her PS place no longer offer her free top ups.

Neither Huda beauty nor kylie jenner have had a fucking lip lift, they got poorly placed filler dissolved and had their lips refilled.

Ariana peaked when she just had her lips done and only truly transformed into the creature she is now cause of her lip lift which completely destroyed her cupids bow/philtrum and left her with a nasty cakey scar.

No. 890033

File: 1573099566099.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 7187338D-5125-4B27-A823-9916FE…)

She looks like she has two sets of lips

No. 890039

File: 1573101775699.jpeg (88.11 KB, 594x558, 6180A76C-5DDF-4AA5-B170-AE7377…)


No. 890040

that's just a list of generic symptoms, plus she got the implants ages ago now. You're not going to convince anyone.

No. 890042

>it’s totally a distinct illness!
>posts a list of forty fucking symptoms

For fuck’s sake, yes the body often reacts to foreign substances, but calling it ‘breast implant illness’ makes you lose any credibility. Can we be done with this now?

No. 890052

Guttate is definitively linked to the strep bacterium. She avoids going to the doctor, sooooo… Let's then postulate that the initial outbreak was not adequately addressed and the bacteria continued to thrive inside her body and throat. Remember 2 weeks ago when she all of a sudden was "so sick"? This absolutely would cause another outbreak weeks later. It's a streptococcus bacterium. Just look it up.

No. 890072

Except we know it's not really psoriasis, so it doesn't really matter what guttate is linked to.

No. 890082

As much as she obsessed with her looks you’d think she’d be going to a doctor trying to at least treat this “psoriasis” a simple google search will tell you that guttate psoriasis can turn into chronic plaque psoriasis

No. 890090

At this point im convinced the “IMPLANT ILLNESS” anon is one wk anon trying to steer the tinfoil away from HIV, nobody cares and Ari has had her implants in for ages yet the “psoriasis” develops in full swing specifically after her rape. Its not her hard plastic tits by a long stretch, its all the raw dick she keeps taking for pennies.

No. 890105

Wasn't she supposed to go to the doctor yesterday? Did she mention anything about it?

No. 890111

I think she said it was at 1 and she came A little late and he had to do something? So she had to wait until 1:30 I couldn’t really understand her mumbling lisp
Then she did a cringy whine

No. 890114

She was on her way and would arrive too late so when she called they gave her spot away and she ended up being on time anyways but had to wait so she was annoyed.

No. 890166

sage for OT, but does this also apply to small amounts of filler? (0,5 - 1ml)

I'll check the plastic surgery thread on /g if you want to reply there. >>>/g/49328

No. 890183


We don't know if her mom was hooked on meth. Meth heads pick because of obsessiveness and crystals literally come out of the skin. People into picking who aren't on drugs are obsessed with their appearance and constantly want to make it better. They think they're getting out whiteheads or blackheads. Maybe they are, but they're destroying their healthy skin. No one learns picking… her and her pill head mom didn't sit side by side and pick together. Sage because no one fucking cares, but untrue rumors should be avoided.

No. 890216

File: 1573147873267.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 5F35873E-13D9-49FE-87C3-279CB2…)

Cry/complaining about strangers dogs playing with her ~perfect~ angel dog even though it was her own free will to take Frogger to the motherfucking dog park in the first place. A place where you can expect dogs to be rowdy, maybe don’t take your old ass dog if you’re so concerned

No. 890223

This. She’s absolutely delusional. Claiming she was a “dog trainer” for years. Being a dog BABYSITTER/HANDLER is not the same as being a trainer.

Dog parks are the place to socialize puppies/dogs. She’s claiming it’s not because you don’t have the consent of the owners for your dog to play with theirs. Last I checked…you willing brought your dog to a place where you know other dogs will be?? Also, if Frogger has such bad hip problems and issues with needing to approach other dogs…maybe don’t bring her to a dog park…. dumb bitch

No. 890236

Blogging but just to debunk the skin picking thing aka dermatillomania; it's a compulsive disorder that goes alongside anxiety and depression and doesn't have to be due to obsession over appearance although hers doesn't seem to be severe

No. 890242

File: 1573149900963.jpeg (514.53 KB, 750x1055, 8DE6F9E6-8FA8-40B5-A7B1-9A171F…)

Most influences are careful of what they post and plan content and engagement strategies lol so what the hell is this? She'll just post anything when she needs some instant attention. Also am I the only one who hates the top lip covered in concealer "look?" It does the cake face no favors

No. 890244

did she smother her entire upper lip in foundation? kek

No. 890245

she looks like a dehydrated grandma

No. 890246

Aw poor ari and poor froggie are being bullied. If your dog doesn’t like other dogs why take her to a dog park in the first place

No. 890247

She is seriously dumb. Dogs don’t know they are “bullying” another dog?
They aren’t think oh yeah I’m gonna go fuck with that dog just cause.
She just doesn’t know what playing around looks like because her dog is old as shit

No. 890251

Tool. Crystals don't come out of ppls skin. Wtf are you talking about. That's not why they pick

No. 890252

File: 1573152522056.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 5E1A190D-0E46-4CC7-8249-79EB8E…)

Did this bitch really sit here and make like 30 stories boohooing over the dog park? Why don’t you stop being a lazy bitch and just walk her on a harness and leash instead of taking her some place with a bunch of random dogs off leash. Like……??? And then going on and on and on and on and on about it. For someone who’s always telling people they need to get a life, she really fixates on some dumbass mundane shit sometimes.

Unrelated: here’s her nasty psoriasis tattoo she just posted before her dog park rant

No. 890253

I love how walking already trained dogs for 6 months = “trained dogs for years” lmao

No. 890258

It weird when her fillers disolve, her witch features start shining through. Her nose is so bulbous

No. 890259

oh my god it looks so infected wtf

No. 890262

Her current story is literally an hour of her giving reasons why she is better than other people.

Imagine having no friends to talk to, just to get a simple boring story off your chest, resulting in posting endless repetitive rants on Instagram making you look like a manic narcissist.

No. 890264

File: 1573153582199.png (2.93 MB, 750x1334, 2B645937-4856-4E35-8F16-45AD5F…)

she's looking alarmingly thin in her recent pictures, and it's not ana chan because she would be posting about it otherwise. Her body is covered in sores and the weight is melting off her with zero effort but she thinks going to the gym is going to fix her life..? I genuinely think she's going to die within a few months.

No. 890268

She looks thin but not “alarmingly thin.” She’s intentionally posing to look thinner

You know she lurks this thread so why give her what she will take as a compliment about being a frail ~uwu~ ana

No. 890271

The entire tattoo is going to need to be redone once it finally heals. What a waste kek

No. 890276


No one fucking cares, but from my experience, skin picking is often related to how someone views their outward appearance. No one picks holes in their face until they bleed from just depression. Sage because you don't know what tf you're talking about and no one cares.

No. 890277

She thinks she’s such hot shit it’s honestly funny. Her nose is getting wider and longer/pointer at the tip.
Like you dumb bitch you still look the same as you did before. Her nose doesn’t look any better than before, but she obviously knows that because she contours the fuck out of it. And her lips look like they are busting open. She looks like trailer trash

No. 890278

her Instagram story is sooooo fucking long JFC

No. 890279

this hurts to look at

No. 890284


No one cares, but as a former meth addict and current friend of meth addicts, it appears as if "crystals" are sticking up from your skin. They just look like weird whiteheads that partially stick up from the skin, but when you pluck them out with a tweezer, it's connected to your skin and pulls off the skin underneath it. But it always appears that some of the "crystal" stays in your skin, within view, but out of reach. So meth heads try to get them out. Sage for blogpost, but you don't know anything about meth if you don't know about the "crystals" meth heads try to get. And it's probably a good thing.(blogposting)

No. 890291

Kind of incredible the mix of medfags and drug addicts this thread attracts kek

No. 890292

I suffer with the same condition and i seek therapy i know what i'm on about but again (no1curr) but go off

No. 890294

File: 1573156216988.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, FE0053D6-1821-4F1D-961B-BD053B…)

She looks like her old self kek

No. 890297

File: 1573156752871.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, FF008A5A-F438-4444-85AA-AF98A4…)

Ironic considering she’s using filters in her stories 24/7

No. 890300

24/7 isn’t even an exaggeration. This bitch is delusional.

No. 890301

that looks like it’s gonna be one nasty infection soon maybe don’t get tattoos when you’re already covered in a full body rash. this bitch is a public health hazard

No. 890304

wow. looks worse now. her tattoo looks like its rotting off. once it heals its basically not going to be there/crazy faded

No. 890306

File: 1573157852689.png (601.59 KB, 2048x999, Screenshot_20191107-141738.png)


No. 890308

Lmao what on earth is going on in that household

No. 890310


I love that her cursed drawing is so bad even her body is rejecting it

No. 890313

Wow this is going to be horrible for their relationship. I can’t wait

No. 890315

File: 1573158477182.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 0CF0B823-6079-49A1-9534-5DDF34…)

I counted and she said the work “dog” 112 times during the sperg out. Wow. Truly an insufferable bitch, you can tell she had been crying. That was hard to watch and embarrassing

The rant after the dog rant she says how it’s so hard for her to be motivated or whatever like her goals for the day literally involved getting dressed. She should not be self employed. Can’t even do the SW thing right. She says it’s hArd to focus, like gee maybe it’s the countless hours spent on your fucking screen all day you vapid whore

No. 890318

yeah just tag along matt! lol great idea

No. 890326

god this is so gross, not everyone wants to be a whore. trying to drag people into sex work, especially the people closest to you who see how miserable and bad at it you are isn’t even laughable anymore it’s just creepy and a big red flag of how unstable she really is mentally.

No. 890328

she looks so much like her old face its crazy

No. 890329

Her manipulation at it’s peek. Remember when he didn’t even approve of her beginning escorting? I’m sure he’s more so curious of what she does in those hours than the actual career itself.

No. 890331

I seriously doubt she'd be ok with it if he had female clients

No. 890341

She looked way better with the green hair and less insane lips. Whoever she goes to now makes her head look like a balloon

No. 890387

It looks more like excessive over lining than fillers at this point. You can see where the lip line is, especially when she has the darker lip and is talking, and then the 3 or 4 millimeters of overlining the top at least

No. 890411

File: 1573170870635.png (146.47 KB, 804x542, Screenshot_20191107-165203.png)

Why does Ariana think everyone hates their job and secretly wants to fuck old men for their income…

No. 890413

File: 1573171326731.jpg (1.18 MB, 1440x2299, 201911074291040874737294041.jp…)

I couldn't help myself

No. 890423

File: 1573172836842.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, AD0BD5E2-FFEA-4EBE-9516-173E26…)

I will never understand how she sits around all day with no friends to hang out with, no money to spend & still can’t bother to clean anything. Her rig & other glass is always so fucking filthy no wonder why she’s always hacking up a lung on her stories. The new apartment already looks scattered with random junk just like the old place.

No. 890428

Sage cuz no one cared but I had dermatillomania and its not having to do with being vein or concerned with your image, more that its soothing. My acne caused terrible anxiety and picking made me feel like was in control. Maybe dont say everyone who does this is am egomaniac, most people who have it have cripplingly low self esteem.(no1curr)

No. 890434

sage but I agree. Nothing to do being obsessed with yourself. its an OCD issue. Plus it comes and goes.

No. 890441

Can the blogposting madness please stop? Literally nobody cares.

No. 890442

File: 1573174668797.png (275.51 KB, 750x1334, B527F554-C115-462D-AE85-84A787…)


No. 890451

She expects everyone to remember/know her ugly ass face

No. 890474

Yep. Def rather get pissed on and fucked by grandpa, instead of hanging with dogs…. delusions.

No. 890523

ariana tries to spin the fact that she literally cannot a handle a normal job into "you are all jealous lol imagine being okay with a normie job". she is mentally ill enough that she cannot handle one.

blog whatever but i have done online "sex work" and guess what, its super annoying and i hated it. having to be online all the time, respond to messages as if you care, make videos when you are not at all horny and have to pretend like you are. it is draining and i would MUCH rather have a 9-5.

her one IRL client cannot support her, or rather, does not. she might make enough money from him to afford her half of the rent, but it cannot be much more than that. it is painfully obvious that she is TERRIBLE at being an online sex content creator, we have seen the clips, low effort, sucking a fake dragon dick in an ugly hoodie with her juul in her hand.

if her job was so great, why would she be acting like she is depressed and lonely all the time? she would honestly be better off getting a job at a gas station. social interaction, schedule, etc.

No. 890549

this is gold anon

No. 890562

File: 1573203616983.jpeg (167.6 KB, 763x763, 7C217410-1C7A-4BE5-A22A-42A22E…)

couldn’t get her username in the collage but she’s oversharing on twitter about “muh bpd!!!!” like she was ever even stable

No. 890572

File: 1573206109008.png (9.15 MB, 1242x2208, 2731B5D5-06DC-408A-B468-64CD21…)

i was looking at this for awhile trying to figure out where the ankle was. thats a HEEL ariana. even i, a layperson knows this kek.

her rash seems to be getting worse! and i have no sympathy. cunts don't deserve sympathy.

No. 890600

File: 1573213410108.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191108-064239_Ins…)

She really can't put her phone down, huh

No. 890605


Poor matt probably has to go in for another 12 hour shift at the postal horror show and he's got ariana turning on the light and trying to get a picture of ~how loved~ she is. Jesus christ

No. 890607

"how shit your feel or look"

how about how shit you act? it's not difficult to be a decent person and she fails with zero self-awareness

No. 890615


Please Ariana, you have HIV.

No. 890618

File: 1573219620295.png (1.62 MB, 1205x2048, Screenshot_20191108-072618.png)

Another d rated photoshoot with Spencer's. I remember back in middle/highschool when Spencer's was the shit but now it's lame just like her kek

No. 890622

God the fucking bragging she’s doing. Just take doormatt out, why do you need to brag about how much you spent? Also, imagine being the photographer for Spencer’s and this rashy tranny looking fuck comes in for photos. Sage for useless nitpick I guess.

No. 890641

Explains the fucking insanely manic 2hr dog Park rant yesterday

No. 890642

You could shove a potato up those nostrils Jesus Christ

No. 890644

Cringe at her describing herself as bubbly

No. 890664

how's she seriously gonna show up to a modeling gig with a full body rash. that's just wasting this company's time

No. 890668


I guarantee the "shoot" for Spencer's is just her taking pictures at her ragged house wearing ragged shit.

Kek at this dumb bitch texting her "boss" instead of her dealer. What a loser.

No. 890685

File: 1573231851248.jpeg (171.97 KB, 750x727, 5F5C5007-6941-4A7F-B61E-15ECB7…)

Off topic, but can we just look at how smooth her lip lift scar was right after she got it done? She royally fucked the aftercare and it’s her own fault. It could have healed even better than what it looks like in this picture.

No. 890694

This was her peak, now it's all down hill from here

No. 890718

File: 1573234819058.png (1.7 MB, 1291x2048, Screenshot_20191108-114016.png)

This ain't it

No. 890728

Nose still wide af

No. 890733

Lol she has to put her clean clothes on for the shoot. She’ll probably wear those dirty ugly white nike shoes

No. 890741

right? even mentioning that it's the ~fanciest~ restaurant is kinda tacky, but putting a price tag on it? who does that?!

No. 890749

File: 1573238830059.jpeg (266.43 KB, 1242x482, E5C5ABD6-6651-4D96-818F-356309…)

anything for attention and validation…feel bad for matt

No. 890750

It's not cat calling if it's a polite interaction.

No. 890752

File: 1573239220756.jpeg (535.46 KB, 750x845, 90D913C9-1BF5-4973-A1EB-CFAC4D…)

Looks like they have a … type

No. 890766

Is no one going to talk about the fact she texted her “boss” she needs another weed cartridge? What boss is she referring to exactly?! If she’s her own boss in sex work then she must have texted her “normie ” boss. How do you fuck that up so quickly?

No. 890767

The beautiful chivalry of a random dude telling you to suck his cock.

She is the quintessence of pickme.

No. 890772

it’s actually pretty sad that she thinks just because it’s ~polite~ means it isn’t still sexual harassment. her heads so far up her ass about how people think she looks that she can’t recognize a predator once they stroke her fragile ego

No. 890775

she's live on instagram going on about the fucking dog park again lol

No. 890783

I recorded most of her live today but I’m a dummy and forgot which is the best site to upload it to. Nothing super milky tho.

No. 890785

Always searching for the asspats she can’t receive in real life.

No. 890803

I mean all of this is assuming people even talk to her and it’s not just bullshit stories she invents to hype herself up and make herself seem more important. Too bad looks are fading and hers have been gone for some time now. Ari- pro tip since *~you~* really shouldn’t put all your merit into your botched work and infested skin- people tend to like people who are genuinely kind, hard working, and selfless

No. 890814

Maybe she means her boss at Edible Arrangements (if she still works there)?

No. 890825

You’re clearly a newfag. Learn to sage.

No. 890871

Do you think all those posts are the same person? I’m the one with the video, just feeling out if people care enough to upload it and where I should since I’ve only ever posted pictures here lmao. Just be glad someone actually recorded something instead of just saying what happened and causing the dumb “proof or fuck off” argument all over again.

No. 890874

yeah but you didn't post it

No. 890876

Ive been working on it lol shit uploads slow when you can only use your phone and have other stuff going on. I’ll post it when I have it obviously

No. 890880

Dropbox, YouTube, and Vimeo are the main formats people use when posting here.

No. 890888

I’m doing it on youtube lol but at this rate, it might take until tomorrow. If I figure out a more efficient way of uploading her lives on mobile (don’t have a computer lmao), I’ll keep it up.

No. 890889

Yeah, you’re a newfag. Glad you learned to sage tho. Keep us updated with your slow video though. Food for thought, don’t post without the milk

No. 890917

Did she ever say anything about the doctor's appointment beyond the part about her being late? I bet she finally got there an hour too late and they refused to take her because they had assumed she wasn't coming and moved onto the next patient. She's probably hoping everyone will just take the pre-appointment posts as enough "proof".

No. 890918


Convert to webm using any number of free video file conversion sites and upload the file directly to LC.

No. 890965

Nah I think the anons were right about her just reupping her usual meds since she was in a full face of makeup

No. 890983

This is the most bipolar Bitch I’ve ever seen

No. 890985

Learn to sage before we get placed on auto again.

No. 890986

That, and she was posting about her BPD symptoms at an high. More signs of her refilling her meds and not going to a doctor regarding her physical health. Also a red flag that the “fire content” she was going to drop NEVER happened after Aaron went and got tested and she didn’t.

No. 890987

File: 1573274457304.jpg (214.51 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191108-233845_Ins…)

No. 890988

File: 1573274491479.jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191108_234118317.jpg)

Her hair is so greasy it looks wet

No. 890992

she captioned this pic saying her skin was bad and reposted it crying over how great her skin was, this bitch will never be satisfied with herself

No. 890993

did anyone else notice she tagged dollskill in this photoset after she shit talked them on twitter, she’s losing hella followers and trying so hard lol

No. 890994

Disgusting meter level: TND

No. 890999

Lol it’s just funny because no one forced her into having unprotected sex with clients. Her HIV, i mean psoriasis, could had have been treated much earlier had she at least done regular STD testing. It’s literally her only source of income so how is she not getting tested and also having safe sex? She’s really “this” prideful.

No. 891048

isn’t knowingly fucking people while you have HIV and not getting care/telling them about it a federal offence? you can do serious time for that

No. 891051

File: 1573314235176.jpg (994.89 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191109-104357_Ins…)

Because you are

No. 891052

No. 891057

File: 1573316939713.png (317.3 KB, 750x1334, B041298E-F91E-4E1A-A68E-534023…)

just showing how much she lurks here still. also her twitter sEx WoRkEr rants are so fucking retired and boring. literally no one fucking cares. and posts about how she’s still obsessed w/ her high school bullies and that THEYRE the idiots for growing and moving on, it’s pretty hilarious

No. 891058

File: 1573316980488.png (409.93 KB, 750x1334, 22AAFF8B-A050-4D45-988E-2B5F10…)

same anon, the bully bullshit rant

No. 891071

File: 1573320713467.png (1.34 MB, 1234x2048, Screenshot_20191109-113104.png)

Her excuse for not uploading on her paid insta is because it's on Matt's phone. Does this bitch know that you can have multiple accounts on the same phone?? Scam!

No. 891091

why is she so incessant about having others join in on sex work, she even fucking hates it. she’s probably just wanting more people in it to validate her own self in it i think. like if more people wanted to do it then she’s not crazy for wanting to type of thing? seems like a bpd thing to do

No. 891105

File: 1573325989223.jpeg (237.57 KB, 1242x746, 615CA1AB-1A72-41EB-9795-8C49D2…)

Pre surgery vs post

No. 891107

Holy shit why tf idd she spend so much money. It's literally the same Lol

No. 891118

I’m gonna upload this now kek I recorded the whole rant.

No. 891119

File: 1573327997253.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, F8F04795-B3AE-48A2-880C-D0842B…)

reposted because i left out the part about credit cards

she’s on a rant on her story but went over her ~2020 goals~ which include
-more “side hustles”
-her grandpa paying $9k upfront for taxidermy school
-her flying to san diego and paying $12k with her 3 credit cards for fat grafts which are “permanent” because “fat never goes away in your body”
-another nose job

she talked about how she’s finally going to commit to something and learn a skill and stop being a lazy bitch. like just do it then why does the entire internet need to know?

No. 891120

bless lol. couldn’t do that while at work but managed to cringe through the whole thing

No. 891121

File: 1573328274244.jpg (577 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191109-113730_Twi…)

lol ok ariana

No. 891135

But she says she lost her ass from not eating as much.. that’s because you lost fat there.. this bitch is dumb as fuck

No. 891143

$1k for 3hrs is an abysmal rate for real time…that's middling camgirl money at best. But Ari should do it! That Grimy chick is NASTY so I'm sure her clients would be totally cool with Ari's greasy, infected ass.

No. 891150

>uwu meanies scarred me for life
This bitch. You just know Ariana was mean and nasty to her peers growing up.

No. 891154

Or at least to the people she cared about/cared for her.

No. 891174

Here is the video of this rant.

No. 891183

fat grafts?? damn this bitch really trying to fuck up her face

No. 891184

I only made it half way because the delusion is too annoying. She thinks she can pay off $6k before the end of the year, that her grandpa will loan her $9k which she seems to have no intention of paying back, as she is going to spend $12k on her fat face immediately after that. If she can afford $12k why wouldn’t she pay her own way for her “school” or pay him back. Also what’s with the idea that she will easily be able to get a job in taxidermy? I have literally never seen a taxidermy shop, let alone jobs going in one of them.

No. 891188

Also why the fuck is she putting fat grafts to replace her fillers above correcting her septum issue with her nose if she can’t BREATHE properly or comfortably? Like how in the world does that take a backseat for years to just making your face look fuller when you’re going to age anyway???? I can’t keep up

No. 891195

File: 1573339669272.png (95.98 KB, 1440x456, Screenshot_20191109-130041~2.p…)

She really shouldn't be putting that out in her SW account

No. 891196

File: 1573339845899.png (688.74 KB, 750x1334, B72ED438-B19C-49F6-83D7-084749…)

Oh boy

No. 891199

she just doesn't know how to live she's useless. she wants to study taxidermy so she can sell stuff over instagram i guess?

No. 891200

this bitch is worried about being 80 and not being able to breath through her nose, but not worried about being 25 and having a raging HIV rash all over her body…

No. 891201

this bitch is worried about being 80 and not being able to breath through her nose, but not worried about being 25 and having a raging HIV rash all over her body…

No. 891212

lol like how she sells her “art” and her “porn” and how well that’s going for her. she’s a mess and she’s gonna flop because she doesn’t want any real applicable life skills cause fuck being a nOrMiE right?

No. 891218

She tries so hard to convince people she knows what the fuck she’s talking about when she actually sounds like a fucking idiot. She has no common sense

No. 891221

does she not know that models rarely get paid well when they start out? she's acting like she's tyra banks out here.

No. 891229


Scratching at it, regardless of its cause, can easily resuot in secondary opportunistic bacterial infections involving the bacteria strains that already existed on her body (everyone is walking around with their unique collection of bacteria which are harmless unless they are otherwise sick or injured, eg picking at zits and ingrown hairs).

No. 891231

Spencers being a wayyyy bigger company than dollskill means that they can afford to pay their models more.
Also wasn't she bitching about dollskill being a shitty company before she got her instagram back?

No. 891247

Is she ever not complaining?

No. 891249

File: 1573348215504.png (7.78 MB, 1125x2436, 48A2FA67-420C-4F77-B1E4-A7C2DE…)

Is she crying because of this?

No. 891253

Kek she’s always saying to her followers “Instagram hates me so if you want to help me out you can share my posts and tag me”. I wanted so bad to respond to her and say “sure, shoutouts are $5!”

No. 891261

File: 1573349803649.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, D81D52E7-23F3-42F8-B094-8E416B…)

Lmao this is like 2 hours worth of things to do. Bitch you have no job and spend more time than any of this combined sitting and looking at yourself on Instagram, like…

No. 891283

File: 1573353894285.jpeg (97.96 KB, 750x693, FCBEC9F8-D99C-42BE-A78E-7E043E…)

More shade presumably @ almondmilkhunni. Why can’t Ariana just admit she’s jealous and talentless? Move on girl.

No. 891287

this is like classic unemployed/depression checklist for your day

No. 891289

why can’t ariana accept she’s not made for the sex work industry first lol

No. 891310

File: 1573361576752.png (1.99 MB, 828x1792, D350DE8B-78CC-4090-AB8A-F5BADC…)


No. 891311

What the hell kind of thing is that to say???

No. 891313

this is fucking disgusting, as if i couldn’t hate this stupid cunt more. go pick your “psoriasis” scabs, ariana, you garbage human.

No. 891315

WHY specifically a baby?! This girl is sick.

No. 891319

File: 1573364601730.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 34117491-3CC6-4A97-80D6-73250F…)

It’s spreading to her legs again

No. 891321

Good, I’d hope it covers her whole body. Her last comment really solidified how shitty she is and I have lost whatever sympathy I had for her “skin condition”.

No. 891325

what an evil wench. i'm glad she's broadcasting how awful she is to everyone though, her fake "i'm so sweet" act is really annoying just because i know she's a slimy bitch.

No. 891332

File: 1573369846282.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, F597AEF5-9077-4BF7-B34C-9A759E…)

guys… i tried to read as much of this as i could, and it’s BAD. from grammar errors to the middle school level descriptions and overall writing style, holy shit. i sincerely hope writing stays a hobby for her and she never tries to monetize it like she does all the other hobbies she’s bad at

No. 891333

samefag… “her breasts like daggers” fucking SENT me oh my god

No. 891337

So many unnecessary or incorrect commas. It hurts to read.

No. 891341

Oh my god is this written by a 13 year old boy after watching one goosebumps episode

No. 891356

“Her breasts like daggers” and “her dresser and closet, were on the other side of the room” killed me inside a little bit. Please don’t make this short story any longer

No. 891358

File: 1573380531756.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 85D17A6C-04F9-4AF8-A032-331D1B…)

This bitch needs to see someone quick. I think she’s in denial. How is she not concerned at all?

No. 891360

File: 1573381261557.jpeg (236.83 KB, 1242x535, A93C510E-2524-4A34-882C-2FA558…)

matt seriously needs to leave her

No. 891361

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't psoriasis supposed to be flat? This looks so raised

No. 891362


Scratching at psoriatic lesions will inflame them and flake off the excess layer skin. Keep scratching and go to >>891229.

No. 891364


"over it"

how about go to a doctor over it? cheese and rice

No. 891366

File: 1573383417751.jpeg (181.8 KB, 357x770, 31B194BA-9C1C-443E-B4C4-876397…)

I’m not a doctor but.. i would be looking up hiv if I was a sex worker that never gets tested

No. 891368

The only thing that looks like psoriasis in this photo is the back of her ankles

No. 891372

she definitely writes like a boy lol. "she breasted boobily to the stairs"

No. 891380

Nitpick but lmaooo she lurks so hard. She knows we shit on her for abusing the Kylie Jenner lip kit filter on allllll of her stories so she goes and saves to her phone to remove the filter tag before posting. Next level pathetic.

No. 891382

so, when she says she has psoriasis or rather genetically she is pre-disposed, couldn't it be acvtivated by HIV? and that's why she randomly started having it?

No. 891396

Probably. But she’ll never get tested because she’s too prideful. She’d rather say it’s psoriasis as a means to garner sympathy as opposed to calling it what it really is. If she says she has HIV, she’ll get shit on for continuing to participate in SW.

No. 891405

I am unsure where she is getting this $9k taxidermy education lol. There aren't any schools on the east coast outside of taking "how to taxidermy mice and small animal" workshops that cost $500 or so. My guess is she is scamming her grandpa out of $10k, as most taxidermists learn by apprenticeship and while its unpaid, it's usually not charged either, except for your own materials. She also talks about hating hunters…who are the main customers of taxidermists. Does she think people are going to just bring her road kill or she'll have access to a bevy of animals that would interest people? She's not going to make a career off of tube chipmunks and roadkill cats.

No. 891407


I find it hilarious how none of the other days have been filled out. Bitch just put this shit in your iphone notes, no one cares, and no one believes you keep up with an organizer kek

No. 891414


This dumb cunt wants to put another 12k into her face so she can be a taxidermist? Reaching 50k in plastic surgery so she can take shitty cell phone photos for onlyfan, get paid 200 for a photoshoot maybe twice a year, and all so she can be a fucking taxidermist.

And dropping more money into a body she and everyone else can see is rapidly failing her.

Hey ari, how about you take ANY of that fucking money and put it towards figuring out why your body looks like a fucking pepperoni pizza.

No. 891416


No. 891418

breasts like daggers lmao maybe that can be the title of the series

No. 891421

File: 1573401729278.jpeg (243.22 KB, 828x1454, B9732297-4888-43D0-A038-AC6894…)

This bitch is fucking insane

No. 891422

File: 1573401750381.jpeg (329.01 KB, 828x1447, F034DE41-4ECF-465E-8776-3E1F43…)

No. 891423

>mfw comparing getting fillers and multiple nose jobs to buying a house

No. 891424

Isnt her grandpa literally giving her $9k for school lmao?

No. 891425

File: 1573402560730.jpg (863.96 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191110-091510_Chr…)

What she tweeted directly after the hot edible arrangements guy. Woof, she abuses the fuck out of that big retard.

No. 891426

There’s a difference between responsible debt and irresponsible debt… having a car payment, mortgage, school, and even having to make payments on big household appliances/home repairs.. normal. And generally good for your credit. Dropping 10s of thousands on your FACE is something you should save for, at least making a hefty payment upfront and only having small payments for the remainder.

I really wanna know what her available credit is and what her score is at. Let’s see how good it really is.

No. 891427

If she had HIV, at this point would it be visible on Matt? Maybe I don’t understand how it works in transfer, but if she’s still fucking him consistently it seems like it would be obvious sooner rather than later

No. 891429

File: 1573403357936.jpeg (171.3 KB, 750x1133, 6BBB5803-A671-4907-B6AB-4508E8…)

Her pretentious, cringey comments. “Because just so you know I CAn afford it”

No. 891430

File: 1573403445731.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 8716E64F-8D6A-400D-A660-8EFEEE…)

here’s her “evidence” does she honestly think the average american is in debt over their FACE??? insufferable

No. 891431

she’s so full of shit lol she doesn’t have money she has credit cards, she could blow that on these shoes sure but she does not have the actual money for these. she’s “too cheap” yet she just admitted to dropping $400 on an outfit

No. 891435

omg does she think peoples parents pay like on a credit card for school?

right like i wouldn't call having a car loan or a mortgage debt because you're continually paying it off

No. 891437

Dumb question from an EU fag hence the sage. But, y'all talking about debt as if it is completely normal to be in debt? Like, is it really like that in the US? Sorry for this, but it's so confusing

No. 891442

debt builds credit if you have it and pay it off responsibly. not everyone has it.

No. 891443

Now I don't have to feel guilty for reading this thread and laughing at the HIV girl hooray!!

>her breasts like daggers from fear….
>aaaand having to air dry afer her shower

There was a pic a thread or so ago of Matt's legs covered in bumps, probably aids bumps

No. 891445

it's been established multiple times that that pic of matt was old

No. 891455

it’s prevalent in america among the working class of people because of privatized healthcare, privatized education, etc. most people who are in debt are for those things, not plastic surgery and irresponsible use of credit

No. 891460

Student loan debt is very common in the u.s. Education is a business here. Even public schooling could cost upwards of $10k a year. But $9k of debt for your face is NOT normal. Not in the U.S., not anywhere.

No. 891469

File: 1573409616408.png (22.33 KB, 190x129, Madmoon.png)

>Only the moon could be seen, with its pathetic disappointing light that did absolutely nothing for her besides provide a glare.

No. 891473

She writes like she thinks/talks. decent writers don’t do that. Run on sentances galore. It’ll be truly painful to read. But we all know she’ll never finish it kek.

No. 891480

File: 1573411432663.jpg (400.56 KB, 826x1313, lolcow.jpg)



No. 891483

good fucking lord lol this reads like a third grader writing for an in-class creative journal prompt

No. 891488

File: 1573413968377.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2432, plastingandindebt.png)


And this 9k is just what is left after paying this shit off for YEARS. A few months ago she said she's been 30k in debt over JUST plastic surgery. And it was 4k then. Her story is never straight. I'm guessing she's closer to 40-50k in money dropped into her appearance. which i'm sure feels real great right now doesn't it ari? you'd think she'd take better care of her "investment" by going to the doctor and getting on medicine to stop the outbreaks from being so bad. she already said she found wrinkles on her eyes that werent there last year. she's gonna continue to neglect herself.

yet she tries to justify it by saying it helped "build her credit". and she can't see she's 9k still in debt with no house, no car, no education, no skills, no talents.

yeah, you're so above us ariana.

No. 891491

When she says she can afford these boots she likely means sheiterally has like 1200 bucks, which is not some amazing feat. Again, she wont go to a clinic to get seen, nor will she pay 150 bucks out of pocket for a doctor visit, but she'll go in debt 30+k for her face…

No. 891492

She has a car but it’s some old shitty mini van lol

No. 891493

File: 1573414586592.jpeg (161.32 KB, 750x970, 27BB2B59-AAE0-4735-BF81-890B24…)

When you go to the “doctors” to fill your face more so than you do to check on your own health then I have to assume you’re a broke, vain bitch. Do better! Stop lurking.

No. 891498

File: 1573415051430.png (469.69 KB, 1125x2436, C7D4FA99-468B-4AD1-8B85-9CCA0D…)

Her response after I asked why she doesn’t own a house, have a degree and drives a shitty used mini van if being that much in debt is so great and normal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 891499

Nice cowtipping

No. 891500

I absolutely loathe her holier than thou responses but dude don’t cowtip lmao.

No. 891502

lol yeah all us students, full time workers, people with actual and applicable life skills, healthy coping mechanisms and real, tangible shit to show for our debts and hard work are sooo fucking jealous of your apartment in a shit area and beat down car, insane and obviously manic social media presence, constant relationship issues “hustles” that includes you fucking one dude for shit money w/ a full body rash. i’m shaking and crying because of how jealous i am of your lifestyle. /s

No. 891504

This bitch is such a cluck.
She will say how much money she has and makes then the next day she’ll be asking for money or talking about how Instagram is “fucking with my money”
Like when she posted her amazon wishlist? you can’t buy simple things for yourself with all of your money?
She obviously doesn’t make enough for her smoothies and Starbucks chai lattes

No. 891515

File: 1573418656534.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 5F22677B-85B2-40F7-A3D8-456427…)

This hurt ass bitch blocked me right after I told her to to put cleaning her nails on her to do list for today lol

No. 891518

Well if you guys would stop cowtipping that wouldn’t be an issue. Why are you even trying to interact and give her the attention??

No. 891520

you sound like a hurt ass bitch being blocked, no one cares stop interacting with her idiot

No. 891521

Because she thinks no one will say anything to her directly and she’s knows she’s dirty. Obviously I didn’t do it on my actual account.

No. 891527

Lmao this is the only time I’ve said anything to her

No. 891530

Cowtipping is against the rules, you’ll probably be given a temporary ban becuse of it. Refresh yourself on the rules before posting and please, stop talking to Ariana.

No. 891531

Like I said bitch I messaged her once. Re read my comment.

No. 891534

Personally, I love when she gets super manic and overly-angry about shit. I fucking love these bitchy responses. She makes herself look like a complete asshole to her fans…

I also love her talent of sounding completely stuck up and disgusting. I don’t think she has the self awareness to see how bad this shit sounds. Im sooo good with money I can’t remember the last time I had less than $3k in the bank like cOoOoOl…. you’re 25…. $3k ain’t that much. Especially if your literally sucking hairy old dong for pennies. White trash always feels the need to make sure everyone knows they have the nice shit when in reality she is actually bad with money bc she doesn’t invest and spend what little money she has on stupid shit and dead ends.

No. 891563

this >>891051 looks exactly like this >>888743 imo
sage for repetitive HIV tin-foiling

No. 891593

It doesn’t matter, you still messaged her.

this is assuming that she even has that money and isn’t lying about it just to seem more mature. she’ll probably get the money from her grandpa and brag about having 9k in there after.

No. 891615

In the rules it says cow tipping is harassing or brigading. I didn’t do either of those. Lol

No. 891616


That’s not her car, that is Matt Cuck’s car that he lets her borrow for the day while he does his normie job of being a post man and driving thr USPS van. Colour me shocked that she has a valid driver’s licence tho.

No. 891628

You would prob get along with Ariana really well with your complete lack of self-awareness & stank attitude anon you should try to be her friend

No. 891634

It’s not that I’m not self aware or have an attitude. I just don’t give a fuck.. lol
Your just soft

No. 891639

This isn’t about you. Go away for fuck sake! no one gives a fuck what you were or weren’t doing, just stop it. It’s annoying to keep reading your pointless comments. Cowtipping and derailing, what’s the question?

No. 891641

Cowtipper in this group is embarrassing. Literally same arrogance as Ari. Strangest thing to me is that you presumably came out of nowhere and got blocked by her as soon as you entered the scene. Thanks for all the insight! Saged for literally mocking someone who is narcissistic enough to try to make themselves a main character in the most embarrassing of stories

No. 891644

File: 1573440092684.png (217.7 KB, 750x1334, 01734ED8-67C1-44E3-95F0-9B8462…)

Are you kidding
She just last night was crying about how Instagram hates her & says they fuck with her money by not showing people her posts or being able to see her name. & how some people use Instagram for business. She OBVIOUSLY cares.

No. 891646

It’s obvious that you give a fuck since you and other people are mad I told her to clean her nails? lmao that is not harassment or brigading
I’m simply responding to people that are saying dumb shit back to me.
Why respond to me and expect me not to respond back? The fuck you idiot.

No. 891647

kek enjoy your ban

I don’t think I’d trust someone like Ari to drive my vehicle lmao, I’d imagine she’s the type to go live while she’s driving and not pay attention to the road.

No. 891648

I didn’t just enter the “scene”…lmfao

No. 891650


dude seriously shut the fuck up. you were cowtipping

No. 891651

Youre clearly as retarded as ari jesus christ

No. 891653

Nope. I wasn’t. Read the rules and you will see what cow tipping actually means. Harassing and brigading.
Why is everyone trying to ignore that it says that in the rules?

No. 891654

File: 1573441493197.png (419.38 KB, 750x1334, A01A378A-693D-4C60-AC0B-79D1EB…)

Anon: maybe check out breast implant illness bc you have psoriasis?
Ari: “um, fuck you and don’t ever ask me anything that doesn’t exclusively confirm my bias.”

No. 891656

dude just kill you self

No. 891658

File: 1573441662655.jpeg (26.2 KB, 523x135, 735E0664-C6B0-461C-A47B-10D450…)

If you or anyone needs a reminder.

No. 891661


Cowtipping or not why exactly message her, what did you even gain from this. Stop wasting your time before you accidently get a ban.

No. 891665

She said she had really bad seborrheic dermatitis on her head where big flakes come off (those are her words) a couple years ago?

No. 891667

Yeah like I said your soft and hurt so that’s all you can say hahahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 891668

i vaguely remember this and i feel like she only stuck with that self diagnosis for about a week or two

No. 891670

soft and hurt about not wanting someone to cowtip? what are you on about

No. 891671

She thinks no one will directly say something to her.

No. 891673

No soft and hurt that all you can say back to my response is “kill you self “ (you missed a letter)

No. 891674

She definitely doesn’t have psoriasis on her head and has the dermatitis. It can be triggered by excess oily unwashed hair. Kek

No. 891701

>ha ha you missed a letter i'm better than you
>your soft
Bye Ari-wannabe-noobanon

No. 891703

File: 1573449614249.png (5.4 MB, 1125x2436, A758343D-800E-48D4-8109-F88D1B…)

I wish she would stop letting her cats fight. One of them is going to get hurt eventually.

No. 891723

File: 1573454504543.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, 73C070CC-8B36-4675-B85D-6B741E…)


No. 891729

I, for one, am glad that this dumb bitch has this rash rather than an innocent baby. For anyone confused, she said that she would wish her rash on a baby instead of herself if she could. Absolutely vile cunt. You really do reap what you sow… her ugly insides are starting to shine through. Just give up the innocent act Ari, it's clear as day that you're a scumbag… anyone who's not retarded can see through you.

No. 891738

KEK at the top RT

No. 891742

Anon, I'm sure they fight like this when she's away from home. They're fine.

No. 891745

dude they’re cats they’re playing my cats pummel the fuck outta each other and it’s a great spectator sport

No. 891760

There’s not a disease in the world that I wouldn’t take from a baby and give to Ariana if I could

No. 891831

Honestly she can have her HIV—I was going to have sympathy for her if she did but she very obviously doesn’t deserve anyone feeling bad for her. She’s scum. Imagine wishing a skin affliction on a baby, specifically a baby. Not only that but something tells me she knows it isn’t JUST psoriasis doing this to her skin, so she likely KNOWINGLY wished a horrible disease on a child. Ariana is a garbage human being and I hope her psoriasis covers her face lmao.

No. 891878

File: 1573494360427.jpg (958.58 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191111-124456_Ins…)

The cats aren't fine. Wheezy still has her infected bite wound from tarte that happened weeks ago which was already shared in this thread, and ari never took her to the vet for it. They're going to seriously hurt eachother.

No. 891879


On the brightside, her only client prefers her anorexic skinny. So maybe he will dig this new HIV rash/ crack whore aesthetic.

No. 891880


Yep this bitch just doesn’t understand karma. She just doomed any of her future children to a life of being scabby messes like herself.

No. 891912


This debt hound apparently isn't familiar with the concept of return on investment. Buying houses and getting a mortgage is good debt because it appreciates in value. Putting a ridiculous amount of money into shitty plastic surgery will only result in depreciating value. This bitch has never and certainly isn't going to be worth more after she puts more money into her physical appearance. I encourage her to keep racking up her debt to pay for pointless shit on credit because she's a sucker that deserves failure.

No. 891914

Exactly what >>891878 said. All it takes is one bite or scratch to become infected (if Wheezy’s scratch isn’t already). Especially with how often they fight and, from what she posts, they fight hard. Not wrestling.

No. 891966

Can't help but say KARAMA BITCH! Also what's with all the newfags…?

No. 891971

Nitpicking ass w this cat fight shit

No. 892021

File: 1573518618501.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 373FEBF1-2219-4714-BA71-C6DF77…)

You don’t eat dairy but you have Kraft macaroni and cheese box right there
Why does she have to lie about little ass shit. who cares if you eat dairy bitch

No. 892027

And the smoothies from editable arrangements that she lovvves has dairy in it too fucking idiot

No. 892028

File: 1573518871545.png (395.75 KB, 1125x2436, 0910E3F3-20CA-4A5B-BC2A-F9657C…)

wow so pure.

No. 892034

Somebody needs to gift her a damn dictionary and thesaurus for christmas damn.

No. 892127

File: 1573529417327.jpeg (260.23 KB, 750x1060, A9D695DB-89B2-4D51-882C-86CC72…)

Ironic coming from this grody bitch. BPD skrong

No. 892130

Funny how the rules only apply to her.

No. 892165

she’s probably too fucking dumb to know what actually has dairy in it/what dairy actually is lol

No. 892166

it’s amazing to me how she’ll preach on instagram about how it’s so important to be open and understanding of other people’s situations and then she’ll go attack anyone who does not have the same values or mindset as her. or how anyone who thinks she’s irresponsible is a dUmB jEaLoUs BiTcH!!!1!1!

No. 892379

File: 1573577882383.jpeg (253.47 KB, 750x1074, 67A74111-6314-4141-9E3C-B6170E…)


No. 892381

File: 1573577998064.jpeg (169.79 KB, 750x1066, EE614653-77F0-4D65-A94F-B6F8F0…)

why is her posture so weird

No. 892382

she seems so unnatural kek

No. 892389

lmao she looks fucking horrendous. standing next to the girl beside her she looks 40 years old.

No. 892398

kek is that a xxxtentacion shirt
holy shit

No. 892399

BROOOOOOO her face is so fucked up in real life (not selfies she can control). Her face looks like its fucking play-do melting off her bones. she is way too young to look like such a mangled old woman

No. 892400

Nitpick but she’s got her hands all hidden in the sweater sleeves and it makes her look so awkward

No. 892402

actual models mind their hands, not only does it show how uncomfortable she really is in a real photoshoot, it shows she doesnt know shit. It makes for really ugly photos, spencers shouldnt have even paid her. This qualifies as free work

No. 892408

>>892379 grinch looking ass lulz

No. 892418

yes her face in that pic with the other girl, her smile looks so stretched out over the entire bottom half of her face in like the ugliest way possible… what even is that

Sorry for nitpicking but god damn that shit is so off putting when they’re not just hanging off her face when her mouth is at rest. like what does that even feel like??

No. 892430

File: 1573583396978.jpeg (114.83 KB, 750x1218, A458A8F4-D7D6-4E16-9FC5-256770…)

Fucken gross ass crusty arms looking all malnourished as shit . She looks more and more like a junkie every fucking day

No. 892483

They styled her real frumpy in both those pictures and you really can tell how uncomfortable she is in front of a camera she can’t control

No. 892501

File: 1573593757047.jpeg (847.34 KB, 1980x1363, D0BF50AD-5DCA-4A16-BE4E-6F94F9…)

Ariana modeling for Spencer’s 2017-2019. Can’t wait to see the rest of the shoot.

No. 892505


She looks so awkward when she's not controlling what angle the camera is at. The hidden hands and forced smirk in an attempt to look happy next to a model who looks natural and relaxed just makes her look like a noob. Kek at Spencer's only using the back of her for their IG. Her face certainly didn't make the cut!

No. 892510

Imagine how the stylists reacted when they saw her “psoriasis” rash. She can’t model those undies anymore.

No. 892518

this looks like a photo from a 7th grade birthday party where the pretty popular kid’s mom made her pose for a picture with the weird kid she was forced to invite to the party LOL

No. 892524

how the fuck did she age herself 15 years over the course of two years??

No. 892548

She looks best in the very top left and the Space Jam undies pic. She peaked around this time IMO. It's really sad how she aged herselff with all the fillers… Just ew @ these new pics. Does she realize a second nose job and fat grafts will only age her more?? She's gonna end up looking like that cat woman who got addicted to PS.

No. 892585

I bet we see her wearing the clothes again in her personal pics. She'll say it's because they thought she looked soo~o good in them that they let her keep them, but we know it's because they don't want them back after touching her skin.

No. 892628

can't believe they let her put on their clothes with that rash, i hope they're not going to reuse them.

No. 892630

No. 892664

File: 1573612383667.png (76.68 KB, 174x217, PicsArt_11-12-09.26.14.png)

This is the ultimate cringe. She screams awkwardness and insecurity. I dont think they'll ever have her back again. She could easily pass for 40 here. Her makeup is absolutely horrible and not doing her any favors. Look at the inner wing, what is that? She also looks emaciated, like a cracked out junkie

No. 892674

That hair tho omg this good does a lot of horrible shit but her shaving her hair and this process of awkward cuts n destroying the new growth is my favorite saga it's just so bad

No. 892682

new hair growing in? better destroy it!
new fake tits? better ignore the aftercare advice!
new filler? better keep going overboard and fucking up your bloated face!

literally nothing is ever enough for her. this bitch will never be satisfied. she is 100% doomed to become jocelyn wildenstein 2.0 but without any of the money or status. when you take a step back from the thread and look at her life it’s honestly one of the most pathetic things to see.

No. 892695

File: 1573620755713.png (615.17 KB, 750x1334, EB1A5E51-E62E-4CC8-BE36-332091…)


No. 892734

File: 1573631352475.jpeg (492.93 KB, 750x990, 388440DB-A76A-4B2F-8315-B9A158…)

Maybe don’t stop eating? Working out will do just fine…

No. 892742


Nvm I read it wrong she just said “stop eating bad” yes Ariana you can stop eating macaroni and sushi for every meal

No. 892750

Hilarious that they chose to post a pic where you can't even see her face. That's gotta sting. She does look awful next to the other model in the other picture though, not surprising they went with that one.

No. 892764


It's because she has a malformed skull lol. It's obvious on both her old and her new face. It's the reason for her missing bottom teeth, her gum flap, her weird profile.

Whenever she smiles it distorts the filler in her face, and her top lip was sewn closer to her nose so it creates that weird, stiff fold.

Must suck to be her tbh. Had a taste of being considered hot at 22, and now aging like a prune with no other assets besides your depreciating body and bad genetics.

She needs to focus on getting her health in order.

No. 892779

Omg…WHY did she not just stop in 2017 with the plastic surgery (or whenever she was blonde in those pics)? That was the best she was ever going to look.

If she wasn’t such a terrible person, I’d feel bad for her. She completely ruined the good ps she had in favor of looking like a botched, 50 y/o Hollywood actress

No. 892799

Why has this bitch not been able to spell or form basic sentences but is trying to become a writer???

No. 892801

She really looks decent in all of those pictures before the previous shoot. In the new one the pose, editorial style and outfit doesn't suit her. But also she probably can't do any face except RBF due to all the filler in it which isn't good for modeling jobs

No. 892825

She gets her looks from her mother that’s for damn sure.

No. 892841


her lip lift completed distorted her facial harmony and thankfully its irreversible, so she's left looking like a joke for the rest of her life

cant wait to see her fuck her face up even more with irreversible face grafts

No. 892848

File: 1573661060946.jpeg (628.85 KB, 1242x1176, 91BD58D6-220C-47C7-9152-504CB7…)

Meme not related but
I feel like she’ll end up looking like this if she gets that fat transplant or grafting or whatever the fuck she was talking about

No. 892854

File: 1573663158332.jpeg (209.08 KB, 750x1107, 55633E1B-B275-432E-BC1A-A24018…)

Bro the leprosy is so bad. How has seen not seen a doctor. Like she is suicidal? God, she can’t even help herself . Pathetic

No. 892857

Seeing a doctor would stop her suffering. So she mustn't be suffering too bad if she won't go. It isn't difficult to see one

No. 892858

She actually looks very much like her dad

No. 892864

lol i wonder if she’ll post more nudes and expose if her pussy is covered in open sores again

No. 892865

She's starting to remind me of those heavily religious people who won't seek modern medical help and someone dies and when the story breaks to the world and everyone is like "WTF??? How does this happen in the 1st world??" And it turns out it was just willful ignorance and/or insanity. Imagine living in the 5th largest city in the USA and allowing your health to perish because you won't see a doctor for your hiv rash. I wish she would be honest about why. Also by ignoring her scabies, her appearance will continue to degrade. So she's not even protecting her "investments" aka her plastic surgery and appearance. What a stupid bitch. I bet if her chicken pox made her gain weight instead of rashy she'd be at the doctor's office asap

No. 892868

all this whilst also trying to flex how she can afford LV boots. she's seriously psychotic.

No. 892870

A lot of people were making fun of her in the comments. That could have triggered something in her.

No. 892871

What's going on with her hair… The wigs were bad but a step up from this

No. 892874

File: 1573665892488.png (407.51 KB, 750x1334, 69203E8F-EA48-4FDC-9898-1F1D03…)

No. 892875

instead of tip toeing around it like she does, why doesn't she directly address the HIV claims and say "i went to the doctor and i'm clean". it's not hard.

No. 892880

she’s down to 57.9k lmfao and always bitching about her “income” being affected. if you tried harder and followed the rules maybe you wouldn’t have this problem dummy

No. 892886

>regular amount of unfollowing which happens to everyone

No. 892893

Is she even on shadowban still?

No. 892894

No and the “people” on Twitter complaining they can’t find her account are people she’s probably blocked

No. 892896

File: 1573669845539.jpeg (438.4 KB, 828x815, A37F5B7C-536A-46D5-A5C8-BCA634…)

Syren Cove did a long post about stress induced psoriasis and how it ruined her confidence… How long til Ari finds and hijacks her post? Also… interesting that their outbreaks don’t look similar at all. Huh! Weird!

No. 892909


See, but she recognized that SW and being constantly plugged in was unhealthy and is pursuing other options. Bold of you to assume Ariana has that kind of self awareness or self restraint.

No. 892913

File: 1573671740872.jpeg (72.67 KB, 750x643, F120E48A-9200-431D-97E0-1319D7…)

Maybe this is nitpicking but.. is this not suspicious? This is one of her “followers”

No. 892922

prob just a farmer or something

No. 892924

File: 1573672484781.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, FBF35EDA-736A-4ED5-92A2-A35AF3…)

No you stupid skank, you being a lazy bitch is what heavily effects ur income…?

And wtf, ur ‘eco system’?

No. 892925

File: 1573672725345.png (550.87 KB, 750x1334, 1353E046-7018-4360-B04F-92DD03…)

So she can tell people to see a therapist but we can’t tell her the obvious shit to see a goddamn doctor?

Also, she loses follower count bc she does things like delete her comments. It’s boring now. Sorry Ariana, a lot of people aren’t here to watch you be a bitch and succeed / be happy. We’re here to watch you fail, so when you screen that shit, you’re so unbearable why else would anyone follow you? How has she not gotten that yet?

No. 892926

If her friends lurk here and aren’t concerned for her well being enough to take her depressive, scaley ass to a doctor they are NOT real friends. Especially knowing she was “raped” and currently a sex worker. I feel bad for her even though I know she is allowing this to happen, she is mentally ill and needs more help than what she is receiving now. Matt is an enabler by being a pussy and not speaking up.

No. 892927

File: 1573672957990.jpeg (287.32 KB, 750x1084, 687C1EAF-EB3B-4A02-B2C1-05A372…)

Does all she do all day is stare at pictures of herself and cry of the “good old days”

No. 892931

File: 1573673208366.png (736.78 KB, 750x1334, E7B12FB6-2FDF-4D88-9C12-D4F6C2…)

I think she’s talking about her going to the doctor. Ariana, if so many people tell you to go to the doctor and you want it to end cuz it’s annoying, then just post you at the doctor and it will fucking end!!! You post everything from the first moment you open your eyes in the morning to you masterbating! No one believes you went so don’t try to even pretend with me.

No. 892932

is that your username up top anon

No. 892933

No that’s the account that follows only those two accounts lol

No. 892938

just binge read this thread n as an active sw myself im disgusted. shes so blatently irresponsible and bad at it. i remember her from the vivadrag days but didn't know she went the e thot route. this is just pathetic n sad. hope her lame boyfriend dumps her and she makes something of herself(nobody cares)

No. 892947

umm yeah… i'm saying it's most likely a farmer or someone just trying to keep tabs with a separate account

No. 892993

>see a fucking therapist

Wish she would spend the money she supposedly has for LV shoes on therapy instead

No. 892995

Regardless of whether it's hiv or breast implant illness she's using it as her new identity. She never once complained of psoriasis prior to the trip where she got raped or prior to the breast implants. Never once had a rash or even discussed it. Now she acts like it's something she's had forever just to be somewhat relatable and to desperately try to save her dying following

No. 893110

Sorry I responded to the wrong person

No. 893167

That's what almost 50k of debt looks like folks. Return on investment who?

No. 893169

File: 1573692846988.png (3.96 MB, 750x1334, 31373056-B13D-419C-ADC1-1FAD6C…)

These fucking simpletons man. Pathetic ass Doormatt works all day, buys Ariana toys because apparently she’s been crying all day because she THOUGHT she lost her necklaces (which was days ago?), now he’s walking Frogger because -What A Surprise- shes feeling depressed because she’s not taking her meds. God, she’s like a defiant granny with dementia refusing to eat her apple sauce smh. He needs to roll them in cheese and hide them in her microwave dinners like dog or something.

No. 893189

Y’all doing the lords work watching her instagram stories and picking out the good stuff couldn’t be me

No. 893194

Wow that lip lift fucked her

No. 893237

wait really? you mean on the spencer’s post?

No. 893279

But not everyone "seeks attention" as desperately as she does? Pretty narcissistic to think everyone operates the same as you do. And how is wondering if someone is lying about their serious health conditions (when it soo obvious they are) "seeking attention"? That doesn't make any sense? How does she even correlate the two? She just went with seeking attention because its what she knows best, I guess.

What's psychotic is potentially spreading around STI's with no regard for anyone else! We don't have to be your Dr., or psychotic, or seeking attention to worry for the health of innocent people, those are all just strawmen she likes to throw when she has literally no other defense. Google the meaning of "strawman argument" because I know you're reading this Ari and that you're too stupid to know.

No. 893280

File: 1573700997231.jpeg (65.86 KB, 827x365, 6D2C7953-D8D6-4918-96C2-62761B…)

This is the top comment on the spencer’s post lmao

No. 893307

Yo shut the fuck up.

No. 893313

File: 1573704912329.jpeg (44.61 KB, 750x394, 6B2C0EA4-66E8-43D7-B8A0-FD73E9…)

Omfg I’m dying, the person who commented that is ONLY following LM… hmmmmm…

No. 893317

yeah because it's probably someone in this thread lol how is it so hard for some of you guys to fill in the blanks?

No. 893331

Ari is that u?(hi cow)

No. 893370

File: 1573725802570.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20191114-045750~2.p…)

Scrolling back you can see she never talks about psoriasis. She latches on to whatever is convenient to manipulate ppl and to make herself seem relatable

No. 893373

there's no big difference between this picture and her recent ones and yet she looks so much better. Like… she looks alive and fresh. Now she's like a waxy corpse. Like a basement creature

No. 893396

You’d think the psoriasis would have triggered her “horrible picking disorder” so much more. She literally just hops from one disorder to another instead of realizing she is just searching for reasons on why she is so shitty instead of looking inwards and realizing she is her own worst enemy and is self destructing.

No. 893400

why does the thread say she had her tits redone?

No. 893404

Because she did.

No. 893415

They were bottomed out and wonky because of poor after care. Apparently she was awake for the procedure. Not sure if she had to pay for it. I vaguely remember her partying the night before and being on drugs during the procedure.

No. 893429

Can you do me a favor and delete that thanks, I make separate accounts to follow specific groups of cows.

No. 893450

nta but you can only delete a post within 30 mins of posting it

No. 893455

it was discussed itt >>>/snow/753018

No. 893473

File: 1573754407619.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, B86D37BD-FAA9-4C98-96A7-480386…)

That cat is fucking obese. It’s sad. She takes such poor care of her animals. Lazy piece of shit.

Also, “baby blanket” kek.

No. 893479

I don't know any 25 yr old adult who still carries around their baby blankey. What a well-adjusted, healthy person! In all seriousness though it's very odd to me..

No. 893487

File: 1573757400221.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 92B93D35-6EE1-44A2-BE94-D2A16F…)

who in their RIGHT MIND would purchase this! maybe promote your gross worn clothes on racks or something, not your rash filled body

No. 893489

One side of her mouth she kisses up to Dollskill and the other she talks trash. Pathetic. Also, no one wants your rashy cloths

No. 893537

File: 1573765931135.png (593.69 KB, 1242x2208, 461A0CF0-AAF8-44E5-B17C-DDC16D…)

why is she so hypocritical? she literally came for a girl for being suicidal and blasted her on her social media, made fun of her for her depression and hospital visits. now she's experiencing the same treatment. karma is a bitch, that's all i have to say.

No. 893539

I remember when “cute” helped her style a fit with this dress on one of their date nights. Matt was left home alone to write sad songs while they ice skated kek

No. 893540

Anyone else notice how she never mentions her BFF ex-roommate o roosts pics with them anymore?

No. 893543

File: 1573767018014.jpeg (161.71 KB, 750x836, DA3147FE-486F-44AD-95B9-5F0861…)

No. 893544


These clothes are so cheap looking, better use for them would be as rags

No. 893546

File: 1573767794112.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, E3992E33-1708-4240-A6C3-4D6839…)

Gollum bitch

No. 893547

lol i was grossed out watching her let her cat lick her open mouth

No. 893558

File: 1573770584907.jpg (321.43 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191114-173006_Ins…)

Tobacco sauce

No. 893561

She’s on her story talking about how she doesn’t know anyone at all in her life “that has what she has”………I thought it was genetic???? How do her family members have it at the same time that she doesn’t know anyone in her life who has it? Kek

No. 893564

File: 1573771665429.png (675.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191114-135029.png)

She put the dress on to upload a pic to depop then took it off in the same spot leaving it on the floor…

No. 893566

She's a pathological liar…

No. 893567

File: 1573772745710.jpg (115.98 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20191114_170540.jpg)

I got a feeling this is her spam account and sent herself this message so people can feel bad for her kek (tinfoil)

No. 893568

Slight nitpick but Her face in OP is soooo annoying and punchable ugh I hate her face she looks so gummy

No. 893577

There isn't account under that name on instagram

No. 893581

i bet she’s not gonna wash those clothes either if they even sell. that’s so disgusting you know she doesn’t clean her floors either, probably covered in cat hair and shit

No. 893582

Further proves the point

No. 893587

Oh my god that was fucking fast

No. 893590

she actually posted these on twitter before the “farmer” made a comment.

No. 893617

Would make sense since she hid the @ when posting the screenshot on Instagram.

No. 893648

weird bc no one actually bought it yet either, it would display on depop as sold if someone put their card info in and bought it lol she really is one of those kind of liars

No. 893659

File: 1573787395834.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 22F5C906-F356-459D-B21F-0116BC…)

kek from yesterday

No. 893663

She’s a pathological liar like her mom. Which is my fav kind bc they’re so delusional. Like bitch, we can confirm that on your public Depop you stupid, stupid cunt. And in her own little world, she did a sick burn

No. 893698

What if she just made up this scenario with herself to persuade people into believing it would be okay to buy her clothes listed despite her blatant rash? Manipulating people’s emotional responses to ensure the possibility of a purchase wouldn’t be far fetched for her.

No. 893704

She’s said at least twice this week on live that she has never in her life met someone that has psoriasis but she also says her dad and “whole family” have it.

No. 893716

She looks like an off brand Cersi Lannister. Lena Headey is 46 though and still looks better

No. 893722

File: 1573805340165.jpeg (143.41 KB, 750x897, 86EC8D28-77D5-4E3A-A222-E54D63…)


No. 893733

File: 1573809958006.png (72.97 KB, 1080x376, Screenshot_20191115-041744~2.p…)

She's been lying about it this whole time. She'll say she's had it forever yet the first time she ever mentioned it was this year. She even says 'I had no idea what ppl with psoriasis were going through' and completely contradicts herself. Someone that actually had it their whole lives would never say that. All She ever mentioned prior to this year was her acne and her picking disorder. If it were such an integral part of her life we'd have heard it about it before now

No. 893771

but she didn't have them redone? just like she didn't have a second nose job as people keep saying

No. 893799

It did happen, wtf…it was talked about, SHE talked about it, her getting the pain pills after and everything.

No. 893802

it didn't

No. 893811

Read this thread, dumbass >>893455

No. 893820

It wasn’t like a whole new boob job, the doctor just like repositioned them because they were wonky af… like emboedo’s. Are you new?

No. 893853

Nice eye anon, wonder whatever happened to this giveway/winner. We already knew she was a scammer. Just adds fuel to the fire

No. 893883

File: 1573839547782.jpeg (212.85 KB, 750x1095, A76A513A-C1C3-4F5B-9F7E-898541…)

Vaguely remember her saying that the winner did not respond but doesn’t that mean you just move on to second place? Pretty sure every single item in that giveaway was sold on her depop or etsy

No. 893907

I don’t have caps but I do remember her saying the winner wasn’t answering. She’s such a scumbag. I honestly wish ill on her.

No. 893909

She probably had no intention of giving it away. She just wanted to make money on the entries. She was charging $1 or $2 per entry and you could enter as much as you wanted.

No. 893931

Just like when she went on vacation and took "donations" to get one of the dogs brought to the usa. She's a 100% scam artist and it's the only artist she'll even be.

No. 893938

File: 1573847694224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.85 KB, 1079x956, Screenshot_20191115-145532_Twi…)


No. 893952

Is that an open bag of chips in the background?

No. 893960

fucking ew. this picture stinks

No. 893980

No. 893987

this reeks of her messaging herself for pity points

No. 894004

Probably is. After she posted to Twitter the account was no longer an account. She went and changed the name so noone knows her secret account.

No. 894095

File: 1573864608042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 529.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191115-173602_Chr…)

The hell is this blurry ass shit

No. 894099

why are her thongs always all twisted up? lol

No. 894102

File: 1573865488773.jpg (159.02 KB, 1079x799, plasticandhankhill.jpg)


Cause there ain't no ass there to fill it out with. Hank Hill Ass.

No. 894105

i mean idk what the size of her ass has to do with the material being all bunched around in the front and side but ok

No. 894113

Because she pays zero attention to detail.

No. 894128

I cannot get over this ill fitting bra. The straps are way too tight, the cups are way bigger than her actual boobs, the goddamn tags…

Nitpick, sue me

No. 894130

DIY g string

No. 894131

at least fix your bra straps and undies and take off the socks. Geeeez I’m tired of getting secondhand embarrassment girl

No. 894140


It always makes me laugh how little she cares about what would one assume would be her passion - modelling. Took her half a year to buy a cheap ring light and still can’t afford a 20 dollar backdrop. My expectations arent even high and she still disappoints.

No. 894262

He’s just chubby. Too much snack

No. 894277

File: 1573894413977.jpeg (76.64 KB, 741x253, 7103BC83-ACE2-4CE5-97A4-19E7DA…)

Comment from her last post pre-op. Imagine smiling with her mouth and all the filler just pushing against her skin. Eughhh. Now every time she smiles I get seriously creeped out.

She should have just fixed her slope on her nose and it would all be ok. Why on earth would she want more surgery.

No. 894338

I feel like they only have sex for content now. Can’t imagine they’re relationship having and real fire left in it

No. 894444

File: 1573929673563.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191116-124108.png)

She probably had a client that doesn't like her "thotty" style. Notice she only dresses like so when she is "working"

No. 894447

File: 1573929871652.jpeg (191.02 KB, 750x953, 59575F41-F041-430A-AE03-7BA4DF…)

Her depop pics are legit disgusting. Between the rash and the pit hair and the wrinkly clothes idk how tf she manages to sell anything. The obvious fake tits and man hands makes her look extra MTF in this pic.

No. 894454

File: 1573931589106.jpeg (151.48 KB, 750x1334, D3E0FCFF-9E36-4C2E-8497-CD38C7…)


No. 894456

File: 1573931967135.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, 36D759CD-C3A7-4A7B-99D3-0D342F…)

Sorry to nitpick I guess but doesn’t she look pregnant as fuck? That gut!

Also, “thoriathis” KEK.

No. 894457

That outfit was retarded as f still.

No. 894458

God, us haturzzz couldn’t of asked for anything better than that full body rash, so hilarious. I just love Ariana. She’s such a fucking constant living, breathing nightmare.

No. 894460

File: 1573932575612.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, FFC1D356-B824-497F-969B-7B133B…)

Lookin’ good Ariana… still on that clown make up.

No. 894467

File: 1573933026169.jpg (45.63 KB, 1102x675, Tyrone-Biggums.jpg)

The "nice" blazer mixed with her crackhead peroxide orange hair peeking out…

No. 894472

It's not a gut, it's just a weird angle. What a dumb thing to focus on when all her recent pics show her drastic HIV-induced weight loss

No. 894477


It's not a gut and losing weight is usually an AIDS thing and not an HIV thing. She stands with a major anterior pelvic tilt, aka she's always pushing her tailbone back so it looks like she has a butt. It also is creates the appearance that someone has a longer, thinner torso than they really do. She's gonna regret that stance in a few years when her L4 spinal joint is fucked up from the uneven pressure. Kek at her outfit and skin walking lack of identity.

No. 894505

File: 1573936952118.png (2.47 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191116-144243.png)

What's with the dumb open mouth pose?? Thought you were a model Ari

No. 894514

Where does her face end and her neck begin?

No. 894565


With her body going haywire it's easy to consider that she has gotten to the point of full blown AIDS

No. 894567

she gave herself gumby proportions with those bolt ons

No. 894568

File: 1573942929934.jpg (660.03 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20191116-172150_Ins…)

She's said before that she shaves her face to make applying makeup easier. Here we can see she stopped at the edge of her jawline and it looks like a damn neck beard kek

No. 894586

her shit is so obviously caked on on instagram that you know it looks worse in real life. like you could poke a hole through all the layers until you hit her real skin. she’s gonna bitch forever about her skin and then take no fucking care of it. like girl please shut the fuck up already.

No. 894587

Holy fuck that chin strap is gleaming in the sunlight. Also, she looks sick as hell. See a doctor Ari, we know you’re still working with full blown AIDs

No. 894588

jesus christ shut up about her having AIDS. it's safe to assume she has something along those lines but it's been mentioned weirdly often in the last few hours.

No. 894591

File: 1573945402139.jpeg (241.76 KB, 750x1055, 8A4378FA-57B8-4762-B9D6-C43537…)

Deleted content.

No. 894592

File: 1573945280430.jpeg (241.76 KB, 750x1055, 8A4378FA-57B8-4762-B9D6-C43537…)

Deleted content.

No. 894618

Mr. Pencilneck and his trusty sidechick, Big-chinned Retard

No. 894620

File: 1574028983123.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1094x2060, 0E93B051-6376-4180-8AB8-23A799…)

I always think about this. Like if you makeup looks this fucking caked on in a filtered photo what in the world does it look like in person.

No. 894636

File: 1574030423801.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 4B916FBE-6748-458C-B8B7-44884B…)

she really can’t look past anyone’s physical appearance lol, why not try and take after sasha’s work ethic and do something productive with yourself instead of being a lazy sex worker comparing yourself to icons of the industry?

she’s also says she’s been told she looks like angelina jolie though, and again focuses so hard on the appearance of her rather than all the productive things and hard work she’s done. she really is just straight up delusional to be comparing herself to industry icons.

No. 894641

Freckles are starting to look manic as fuck. So tired of this look, you’d think she would at least get better at the placement.

No. 894643

She covering her psoriasis rash with them kek

No. 894647

File: 1574031061433.jpeg (100.7 KB, 750x540, C351AFA8-19FE-4D23-92ED-6F9FCC…)

More deleted content from yesterday.

No. 894650

as if the surgery hasn’t aged her enough. that hair cut adds another 5 years

No. 894701


Her lips are astonishing, they dont even look like lips anymore. How could anyone see that fucking tumor and proceed to put lipstick on it and think it looks good????

No. 894708

Does she have those sores on her lips too?

No. 894727


Sheesh that lip lift rly fucked her up

No. 894741

Hair so fried it just sticks up above her ears lol

No. 894762

if she really has some kind of contagious disease and she's walking around in public, this is just fucked. i live in Philly and just saw a video of her around market street from a week or two ago and i'm just concerned after reading all of this…like, i'm around there a lot and if i were to touch something she's touched, something as simple as a fucking door handle, who knows wtf could happen…it kinda looks like chicken pox to me but who knows. this is completely fucked

No. 894817

File: 1574048112320.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x3464, F7B913E9-A475-49C9-96AD-931F5F…)

she looks like the girl(?) on the shirt she’s wearing lol

No. 894821

File: 1574048508389.png (100.36 KB, 300x207, serveimage.png)

Jessica Rabbit from that movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

No. 894823

File: 1574049441548.png (6.48 MB, 1125x2436, 329825E6-A8C1-45B5-BCA3-06D3E9…)

Dyed her hair pink? Kek

No. 894825

She needs to leave her damn her alone

No. 894828

I’m thinking they mean the distorted version caused by the fold in her shirt. Ariana does kind of resemble a missing chromosome downy version of jessica rabbit

No. 894830

Maybe. But her body looks like Gumby.

No. 894854

File: 1574062228399.jpeg (106.94 KB, 750x875, 8CC6BE85-14B8-4F89-B900-4827DF…)

No. 894855

damn, I can’t believe how much she destroyed her appearance. In the older photo she actually has a very pretty bone structure, her lips look a nice shape and her hair is glossy and healthy

No. 894921

I think PlasticandProud would make a good Gamer Girl. Going on Twitch could definitely be a good way for her to waste her days aways and get tips at the same time. I mean, obviously she isn't a hardcore gamer, but I could see that being her appeal if that she'd have no fuckin' clue whats going on.

Honestly, as much as I hate teh bitch, she needs to set up some sort of camwhore/twitch thot situation now that she's basically house bounds.

Twitch nerds wont give a fuck if she's covered in scabs cause they are too.

No. 894925

she's mean and bitchy lol why you think she would humor twitch neckbeards is beyond me. she doesn't even have patience for teenage girls asking her basic questions. also i've never seen her talk about games a day in her life.

No. 894928

she recently mentioned wanting to play mortal kombat on her stories. I doubt she plays anything beyond a casual level. i completely agree with you, shes too mean and snappy for twitch. besides, she can’t even commit to her “art” for more than a week and she’s too dumb to make a youtube video. she would fail miserably

No. 894974

Your injection filled face is always round hunni. Call it quits already and leave ur face and hair alone. Wasting all that money on fillers that are about to leak out of your pores

No. 895058

people say she peaked w/ blonde hair and minimal surgery but i really think this was her true peak. healthier weight, healthier hair, nice skin etc. she’s probably always been a bitch though but this was likely her true physical peak.

No. 895059

File: 1574110148135.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, C1DCD660-BEDF-409A-AE1A-ABBA3B…)

uh meant to include this pic

No. 895071

File: 1574112105063.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20191118-152020.png)

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

No. 895084

File: 1574113876110.jpeg (255.46 KB, 1056x738, ECB40E67-7784-4C2E-A8B5-A71FA9…)

I agree. Natural acceptance was her peak.

No. 895085

File: 1574114038469.jpeg (120.58 KB, 558x799, 774A1271-68D7-446F-93AB-53EBFA…)

No. 895088

File: 1574114543760.jpeg (481.86 KB, 750x1116, F5A05343-49F6-4120-91A4-4448A5…)

Ah yes, SUCH an improvement. Those prolapse lips make you look much better.

No. 895089


Agreed. Like yeah her nose was big but I don't think it looked bad. She had a really unique face and was quite pretty. I get that body/face dysmorphia is a bitch but damn.

No. 895090

she only needed to fix her nose, she went waaaay to far

No. 895096

she was ugly then and shes ugly now. she just knows her angles. probably her only talent - being able to take a decent selfie. anytime i see her in candid photos or video makes that very clear. she has a deformed skull, neanderthal brow ridge and a witch chin. shes a goblin in general. a goblin aesthetically and mentally.

No. 895098

File: 1574116102402.jpeg (260.86 KB, 1283x750, C7E9CD3F-8F7C-424B-B310-C22997…)

The nose job was even taken too
far. She shouldn’t be shocked at the fact she can’t breathe. Her surgeon shaved the whole damn thing off!

No. 895099

all she needed was some self confidence and she would have been fine in terms of getting her external validation, but i guess self confidence also requires internal validation and with BPD/body dysmorphia…. yeah, not easy

No. 895102

I can’t get over how bad her bangs are cut

No. 895103

File: 1574117227331.jpeg (123.68 KB, 750x701, 0CD38BCC-6B7A-4C1E-8CA3-8FFA7F…)

Still looks like a damn egg head with dead eyes

No. 895104

>shes a goblin in general. a goblin aesthetically and mentally.
Topkek anon

No. 895107

File: 1574118186002.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1775, BE03347D-5CE8-4750-89E1-38EB80…)

From the same post, but agreed. She looked 100000x better here and actually had a kind of unique look. Her features now don’t work in harmony at all and it looks like this exercise kids do in school where they accordion fold paper and each kid gets a fold to draw part of a face and then when you unfold you see the craziness it is all together. She doesn’t look like one cohesive person at all, more like she just took pieces from random people to make her face, which I guess she did do in a way. Saged for opinions that no one cares about but I feel like she would’ve gone so much further with her modeling career too had she kept this look.

No. 895113

File: 1574119949632.jpeg (276.11 KB, 1203x748, 96B9DB83-B475-4AD8-B661-B6A832…)

No. 895117


im sorry but she straight up looks like some wannabe chola, and the bumpy nose really didn't suit her face.
The truth is that she was a very boring and plain girl, facewise.

It doesn't look "natural" but the first nosejob, brow lift and lip injections did make her stand out and look more attractive.

sage for beauty sperging

No. 895120

File: 1574121401724.jpg (231.27 KB, 1600x1700, depositphotos_224019204-stock-…)

terrible. her nose job left her face completely unbalanced and makes it look like she has a Jay Leno moon chin instead of a big nose. it's no wonder she keeps having additional surgeries in an attempt to rectify her facial imbalance, but they just keep making her more and more botched.

she doesn't even look like a real person anymore, and i don't mean that in the *~so ethereal and beautiful uwu~* way. she looks like a hollow, sad, and bizarre attempt at emulating an IMVU character irl.

No. 895137

Lmao she could’ve dumped doormatt and started escorting with that second face. She would’ve made mad cash.

2 late for that.

No. 895139

i dont think she had a brow lift

No. 895140

pretty sure that's her face when she was escorting, it's just extremely facetuned

No. 895156

She reminds me of Angelica Huston here, really quite beautiful.

No. 895172

File: 1574128997557.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 374288D7-6B67-4647-AC3A-EB72A0…)

She looks like this buzzfeed thumbnail. Uncanny

No. 895189

Lmao I’m not convinced this isn’t her

No. 895196

Nta but holy shit if you posted this and said it was her, I wouldn’t have thought twice.

No. 895207

And the caption is oddly fitting..

No. 895210

same! I was thinking to myself that even before the hair shave she clearly was no stranger to fucking up her hair…and then I read it lol

No. 895215

File: 1574135261903.jpeg (143.58 KB, 643x627, BF742014-8D42-453B-A3CB-796700…)

I see no difference kek.

No. 895276

She hasn’t got a brow lift and she only had one nosejob…….

No. 895280

File: 1574171825509.png (314.57 KB, 750x1334, 66889F41-4A01-49EA-A1F2-A9CE7A…)

Gum smacking is annoying but probably not as annoying as having a lazy, unmotivated “sex worker” gf covered in full body rash who refuses to go to a doctor, venomously lisps at whoever suggests it, doesn’t take accountability for herself, wakes you up at all hours of the night and makes you take her thot pictures

No. 895283

kind of resembles shay lol

No. 895288

File: 1574173734441.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1504, AACF5443-39DE-42B3-9453-DEB5F8…)

NTA but she peaked around 2 years ago and has been going quickly downhill since. it seems like right after the babytrash falling out she just went nuts. it’s such a shame she just doesn’t know when to quit while she’s ahead.

No. 895296

I think she had her first nose job corrected, maybe that is what they meant.

No. 895301

i don't think she did though, that's why she's talking about getting another one now. she said they fucked up her septum.

No. 895309

Yeah the first time got corrected but she still isn't happy with it.

No. 895310

No it wasn't. Only her boobs were corrected. She has only gotten 1 nose job….. PERIOD.

No. 895316

File: 1574181896342.jpg (236.17 KB, 1000x846, two-teenager-girls-laughing-an…)

>venomously lisps

No. 895329

File: 1574184987382.jpg (76.4 KB, 960x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

to me she looks like she could be the daughter of russian ice skater jevgini plushenko and his wife

No. 895371

File: 1574192321306.jpeg (75.22 KB, 750x321, D4A2BF17-5023-4F11-9204-AF95A1…)

Tell me why she posts these mega boring laundry lists that include get dressed, eat food, take meds.. on her SW Twitter?

No. 895373

middle of the fucking afternoon and this grotty leper still hasn’t even showered. scratch that, she doesn’t shower, she literally just marinates in her own diseased filth in the tub. wonderful.

No. 895374

File: 1574192544552.png (300.78 KB, 750x1334, 79D4503A-B0B3-4400-8B42-12426E…)

her tweets are so fucking… i don’t even know what to say lmao i have 3. this first one like alright bitch we all know you eat bugs for fun you fucking freak 1/3

No. 895375

File: 1574192594947.png (244.61 KB, 750x1334, B30ECAA7-CCA5-4896-BF5F-4A13DB…)

2/3, your holier than thou uneducated white privilege is showing