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File: 1561583412025.jpeg (37.98 KB, 245x275, 6E0E2129-B130-48E7-B88A-D04287…)

No. 827520

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud/Alice Amor/Ariana McMillan (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old plastic surgery addict, ex Instagram “influencer”, and full service sex worker in philly

>Vapid narcissist and obligatory BPDfag, “doesn’t care wat u think” but will have a defensive spergout and be mad for hours over the slightest rustle of jimmies

>has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare, had to have boobs redone and are still wonky

>gets her lips injected to the point of them resembling sausages, posts side by sides showing her progression from normal human being to blow up doll constantly

>quit her steady paying job to be an Instagram influencer, paid for boobs with credit, began prostituting herself shortly after, forces her spineless boyfriend to go along with it, aborts his baby and jokes about it on Snapchat

>shaved her head in a manic episode and regrets it a day later, wears cheap wigs daily

>has a mysterious rash after having unprotected sex in Dominica and calls it psoriasis

Previous Threads:

Recent milk:
>pnp and doormatt go to dominica as “just friends”, posts pictures of them making out with her anus lips and doormatt’s plaque

>posts pic of her face down in the sand with some random local next to her, later posts ig stories about how she was raped by him and sells her Snapchat with the intention of telling people about it

>says doormatt was responsible for not babysitting her, breaks up with him, says she’ll never see him again as she slobbers and cries on snap

>literally gets back together with him two days later

>continues being an escort before getting tested, gets tested a month later for HIV and is “clean as a whistle”, doesn’t get retested afterwards at any point

>ig gets deleted, moves to twitter to promote her “sex work” which includes low quality videos of her and her prolapsed lips attempting to be sexy with premade and custom videos

>a mysterious rash appears

>calls doctor, tells her to get off lamicital, pnp refuses and looks up pictures of psoriasis, convinced that she has it. Begs for money to go to the doctor since she makes no money as an escort and doesn’t have insurance

>texts a picture of the rash to the bitch who does her lip injections, who sends it to a dermatologist, and “”confirms”” it’s psoriasis. Pnp never sees a doctor about a formal diagnosis or another test for HIV/other std’s

>uses psoriasis as her identity because bpdfag

>continues to fuck Matt and her clients/other sex workers (one pisses on her while she rides the face of a dirty old man)

with open sore rash covering her entire body, concentrated around her pubes

>only has one client currently that puts up with her pus pockets, has to rent out living room to her friend to make rent

>friend moves in to living room and pnp texts her that she needs to move into their shit stained decrepit basement and keep their animals in the basement at all times, friend only needed to stay for 3 months, friend blasts her on ig then removes it to avoid pnp having a sperg out

>adds a snake and a kitten to her animal horde consisting of her roommate’s two cats and her cat and dog, has admitted she doesn’t walk the dog when she’s depressed (always) when she can’t afford 600 dollars in rent and begs online for a literal dollar

Social media:
Ig (up, locked out): plasticandproud
Ig (deleted): Plasticnproud
Twitter: twitter.com/AliceAmorLove

No. 827533


You used the thumbnail of the pic!

No. 827542

Please remake the thread and ask farmhands to delete this one.

No. 827559

File: 1561586790408.jpeg (583.73 KB, 1589x1786, 4EAAF5E2-3D01-4334-890E-BA3744…)

Guys I fucked up I just have to accept my failure on this one I don’t think the farmhands will be kind enough

No. 827603

File: 1561593077875.jpg (504.19 KB, 2048x2048, itspsoriasis.jpg)

Damn, I missed the new thread. I'll just leave this here.

No. 827608

This makes her look good. No milk

No. 827626

needs more feces and neglected animals on the floor

No. 827627

This one is better

No. 827650

Thiiiiis needs to be the new thread image. Except the rash needs to be much nastier.

No. 827663

more rash, more shit on the floor, maybe the wig slipping off

No. 827672

Can the milk recap be condensed in new thread also. too much empty space

No. 827674

File: 1561600280340.jpg (341.92 KB, 742x643, D96xJXqWwAAcF_v.jpg)

you asked for something nasty, just an idea for the new thread

No. 827678

Needs her gross botched nose job scar too. Using this as the thread pic discussion thread lmfao

No. 827712

Jfc she has syphilis and psoriasis confused.

No. 827747

That's actually a scar from her lip lift, but yeah she needs that too

No. 827775

File: 1561618969874.png (657.41 KB, 1152x1152, 8BAC946E-815F-41E7-9743-1E6BC2…)

Does she know this person or is she just looking for a freebie from someone else who is established in the SW industry?

No. 827831

File: 1561625647804.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, BF4C0404-7349-4016-83B6-BF0DCC…)

This bitch is delusional, that rash looks disgusting.

No. 827840

Is that all scarring? Imagine spending all that money on cosmetic surgeries just to have something like this happen.

No. 827858


No. 827859

What are you fucking losers doing? Making fan art and compilation pics at this point? Lmfao Ariana is right, you are fans because all you’re doing is making her more accessible to others with these threads. This like TMZ. Atleast employees at TMZ get paid you losers do this with your own free will. It’s like magic and you’re under a spell.

No. 827860

Whiteknighting huh?

No. 827861


Something tells me people aren’t coming here and seeing her undiagnosed rash/unprotected sex without proper testing than going to her twitter to buy her XXX snapchat LOL. If you think any of her threads online are bringing her actual business thats pretty funny.

Sure we might bring her some extra views, but who doesn’t love a good trainwreck? Ariana is too much of a dumbass to even know how to capitalize on views alone.

No. 827871

The way she accessorizes with it is beyond wild to me, as if she’s proud of it.

No. 827925

Then what are you doing here on a GOSSIP SITE DUMMY?

No. 827973

She could throw a rock and you would all lose your mind over it. It’s fucking hilarious. It does bring her clientele because there’s an underbelly of men who want exactly what you all describe her as. Half of the things she posts at this point is to make everyone in lolcow become reactive and inflammatory.. and clearly it’s working.(emoji, tism )

No. 827978

nice word choice lol

No. 827981

She must really be bored with her life if we take that much priority over hers.

No. 827983

>>the amount of energy that has gone into these threads
>self projection

No. 827986

File: 1561648280143.jpeg (187.61 KB, 750x927, F4A3C0A8-70AD-4AC1-83A0-C87C5A…)

Lol can’t comprehend sex work ok Ariana

It’s aaron’s Twitter

No. 827987

I like your thread description, maybe next time add some older milk like

>claims to be ready for a baby, then gets pregnant a month later and aborts the so called „gemini demon“, insults everyone who guessed she was pregnant, calls them liars

>shat behind a bush and let a puppy eat her shit, posts about it on insta

>had a foursome with matt, babytrash and her boyfriend, posts about looking forward to it for weeks, afterwards claims she was talked into it and didn‘t even want it

and so on…

No. 828005

File: 1561650332767.jpg (323.78 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190627-114449_Ins…)

Maybe ariana really does have bed bugs and cotted storing a few items there brought them to her bed

No. 828007

Okay nitpick but this is just annoying me. It’s not “cotted” it’s cotte de mailles which means chainmail in French.

No. 828016

Sorry that I don't care to learn about the username of a friend of psoriasis and proud lmao weird flex but ok

No. 828025


Bed bug bites are very distinct, not an evenly distributed rash.

No. 828026

Bed bugs cause rashes if you're allergic

No. 828030

See what fucking losers you are? Go outside

No. 828034


lol @ your rage. you sure are showing us! stick around, we need a straight man.

oh wait this is just ariana..

No. 828043

Why are people responding to the white knight? Stop entertaining them and they'll go away.

No. 828044

File: 1561652714125.jpg (411.54 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20190627-122456_Goo…)

No. 828048

there are clear bite wounds here, which she has none of. there would be bite marks with bed bugs as well, not just rash sores.

No. 828049

Hey everyone, it looks like we're on the right path to getting this thread autosaged again. Great work team!
Now, if we could all learn to sage, stop engaging with the trolls, stop medfagging, and post new milk only then that would be great.

Read the old threads. Bedbugs have been discussed a million times over, let it go. I think we've spent enough posts speculating her rash.

No. 828052

Damn OP, wish you had used her full twitter handle in the description so that photo of AliceAmorLove would come up when future clients google her

No. 828122

File: 1561657591767.jpeg (256.08 KB, 695x711, 87A8AB9B-471C-48BA-A641-7DC058…)

This bitch.. these tweets are less than 24 hours apart

No. 828124

Samefag - she posted this girl’s face (which i’m not gonna post here) and is seriously acting like all of lolcow and everyone who hates her is this one girl… Ariana is seriously unstable.

No. 828132

Sage and integrate retard.
>inb4 this topic gets locked Again

No. 828137

She's acting like it's Just one girl for a few reasons.

1. She doesn't want to give us the satisfaction of knowing that she still lurks here, so she pretends that she thinks it's one person.
2. It's much easier for her followers to feel bad for her if she plays the victim and claims she has a stalker, instead of them wondering why a whole group dislikes her.
3. She has to post about every little detail of her life, and she know that if she posts about lolcow, then her followers and potential clients will search and see an archive of every gross thing she's ever done. So instead, she twists the truth so she's free to complain on her own terms with people on her side…kinda like the rash thing. She repeats over and over what she wants people to think, even if she knows it's far from the truth.

No. 828147

how did she even track this girl down though? seems just as obsessive as the "stalker"

No. 828152

File: 1561658653410.jpeg (442.27 KB, 1242x993, 7133FC57-B249-4FFD-A03A-C46BFE…)

but this bitch still refuses to see a damn doctor

No. 828153

I don't understand why she is directing people here? Especially from her sex "worker" Twitter account where there are creepy dudes she doesn't know following her. There are enough screenshots and recording, FROM HER that she posted on her public Instagram/Twitter, that anyone who can Google can find out where she lives.

Ya big dumb bitch, don't post your outside surroundings where you live. Anyone who follows you know you are there 98% of the time, you don't believe in owning protection (guns), and your boyfriend doesn't live there all the time and Arron is not intimidating at all. These are like the Avoid People Finding You 101, especially being a sex worker. Especially with the crazy girl, why possibly bring more people here to talk shit about her?

No. 828169

Her denial is pathological at this point

No. 828174

acting like a good portion of her insta followers weren’t just there for a shitshow kek
I was following her back when she still walked dogs and I literally never would’ve found lolcow if it weren’t for her posting about it. Like I thought she was a spectacle for sure, but bc she mentioned this site, I ended up learning so much shit about her and stuck around for new gossip. She really is screwing herself again by posting about it

No. 828211

When ur a dumbass druggie sex worker with a disease and don’t know the difference between a thread and a forum. I’d love to see her operate a computer.

No. 828504

File: 1561699668340.jpeg (113.78 KB, 566x736, 0828FB93-AF87-48AD-96D8-6574B8…)

No. 828524

File: 1561703248657.png (495.79 KB, 1242x2208, DBCA7B01-7C5B-480D-A45A-20B02D…)

I’m the “stalker” she is talking about. The only contact I had with her, was posted on here on the last thread. I didn’t think she belonged in the sub and I also thought that lie was dangerous so I made a public comment. I was not expecting her to go through my 5 year old acct and spin lies about me being a fucking pedophile and necrophiliac. Nothing in my history says such. The only thing, is I made a comment on a self proclaimed necrophiliac asking for pics (LIKE 100 OTHER PPL) bc I was pretty sure he was bullshitting. I am honestly about to file a slander lawsuit against her for these claims as they are so awful. I’ll take my ban idfc. I’m not the twitter acct either. I just made the comment to her on her reddit and that’s it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 828534

File: 1561704777429.jpeg (121.86 KB, 640x634, 07E6D6C4-A38E-4A2B-A194-7E18DF…)

And yet despite doing that she can then justify posting “I am holier than thou” comments… oh the hypocrisy.

No. 828548

Why is she boasting about having common curtesy? You shouldn’t have to prove it to everyone if it’s true.
Pretty sure she was just looking for a picture of you. Ariana has always been obsessed over what farmers may look like. It shouldn’t matter. If pnp really didn’t care about looks she wouldn’t be pointing it out. Not even for a second. Yet, here she goes again bullying her bullies for quick satisfaction. Ariana is really no better.

No. 828549


A kind enough person to change your mind last minute about your friend living with you and make them move to the basement. Class, beauty and grace, this one.

No. 828580

plebbitors getting caught up w/ cows because they can't not self insert is almost funnier than the HIV rash saga.
This is why you don't cowtip and acting like you can sue her like when cows get mad at LC is even funnier

No. 828584

I apologize if this has already been discussed or explained (I haven’t made it through all of the previous threads yet), but why would Instagram kick her out of her account but not fully delete it? It’s funny to me that people can still look at it and see her in such a scummy state, and she has no control over it.

No. 828638

Very hilarious that she’s bragging whilst trying to make herself sound like a good person. Actually just makes her seem way more narc-y.

No. 828780

File: 1561736228808.png (591.22 KB, 767x768, aris-crack-den.png)


You'd think as a SW she'd be more cautious about verifying her location with her outdoor photos.

Which brings the question, this room seems way bigger than what we've seen PnP post selfies in? Maybe her and the Arin guy actually just split this room into two with a blanket? She seemed to freak out when an anon accused her of that.

No. 828784

File: 1561736365521.png (717.31 KB, 630x842, ruined floor.png)


She totally wrecked the floor

No. 828789

Looks like it’s just full of grime to me. Could probably be cleaned but she’s lazy. I Could be wrong or just nitpicking tho. Could be fucked.

No. 828825



I believe it was in the previous thread that she'd said something about it being awkward to film JOI porn because technically her and her roommmate's room is the same room divided by a sheet or something?

No. 828826

I think she was just saying her walls are so thin that it’s LIKE a sheet. I’m not WKing. Just pretty sure that’s what she said. I still think it’s gross.

No. 828833

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her mention on twitter that she always takes selfies in aaron’s room because it has better lighting

No. 828857

I would feel so fucking weird knowing my trashy room mate was in my room 24/7 walking around in outside shoes, stripping for selfies, and making masturbation porn on my bed.

No. 828860

File: 1561744888870.jpg (852.68 KB, 1077x1915, 20190628_135156.jpg)

"A few thousand"? I dont think she knows how to count money. That's like 1k and change, max. This girl is in her mid to late twentys why is she flexing 1.4k….err. I mean to her that's probably a lot of money but generally speaking, it's nothing to flex about. She needs to take several seats and calm down.

No. 828867

Idk anon, there's about $1000 just in 50s and 100s, so this could easily be 2k

No. 828868

Most women in SW think what they make is a large sum and even the top of the chain celeb type models we all know have sugar daddies still dont make "im rich" sums that arent a collaberative effort of several careers pay slips coming in together with the prostitute money.
Shes rolling in whats effectively someones hourly pay if she just bothered like three years of school, one which would have been a paid intership in alot of fields but no posting about her troubled past while never once aknowledging that maybe thats why shes ended up a sex worker among tendencies like living in filth that only mentally ill people do is what chief told her was it

No. 828874

can YOU tho? i can see at least $1.9k

No. 828877

Dunno why she would post this when she regularly begs for shit, like literally just the other day asking her followers to donate her a dollar. She either has v poor money management skills or she's scamming her followers.

Also, rolling around in it? Lol money is filthy. Gross bitch.

No. 828881

I am betting her regular hit her up about this date right around the time Cotte moved in. PNP knowing this payday was coming made her realize Cotte (her $) was no longer of use to her.

No. 828909

Ariana acts like she loves her job but always has to get fucked up on drugs or alcohol to be able to be with a client.

No. 828911

I think there is max 2k in that photo, a couple hundred more than my original estimate. So..still, nothing to write home about imo. Weird flex if you ask me. Sure this is a lot of money to some people and theres nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of people in the US living in poverty, but she claims to make so much "bReAd" so flexing 2k is like…huh?

No. 828912

And I bet she still won’t go the doctor. Rot you dumb bitch.

No. 828913


Yup reminds me of the crackheads I used to see when I worked as a cashier, who would pull out a a wad of 20s to pay for a dollar item.

Its not impressive when you realize that's all the money to their name…

No. 828919

Her roomate is also trashy. He has a porn tumblr blog and nasty twitter - post cringy fapping videos. So pretty sure he just finds it hot/normal

No. 828944



>>someone's hourly pay
>>3 years of school


No. 828946

What’s his Twitter?

No. 828947

File: 1561758369851.jpeg (239.06 KB, 750x615, B07B1FB2-E341-4E4B-88F0-55D447…)

No. 828955

File: 1561760246234.png (668.8 KB, 1125x2436, 8BEE06F1-E0D9-47DE-881E-52C7E5…)

she makes it seem like frogger is 9 years old…cocker spaniels can live until they're 15. chill ariana

No. 828958

File: 1561760451300.jpeg (596.92 KB, 1242x1859, 0CBACE93-10DD-471B-892B-46D694…)

always lurking i see, ariana!
also that account should rly just stop lmfao

No. 828967

3yrs is a BA where im from and theres plenty of tech and tech adjacent fields where that money especially if you do niche things rack up mighty quicker than spending a whole day to fuck one john for something like max 2k.

No. 828972


regardless of how bad Ariana's choices may be, there's no job with a regular hourly pay of $2000 that a regular person could realistically get after 3 years of school(derailing)

No. 828976

Yeah ..no lol

No. 828977

Wasnt the point dipshit learn 2 sage its about her using a whole work day to accumulate something that barely covers rent for alot of people, but keep sperging over a single exaggeration. Thats if the money she is showing came from one day or several because its PP and nothing she shows has ever been 100% contextually true.

No. 828996

>using a whole work day to accumulate something that barely covers rent for alot of people
No offense but wtf are you talking about. $2000 in one day is lucrative as shit? We all know Rashiana here isn’t hooking 5 days a week or making 2k a day but literally the president of United States of America doesn’t make 2k a day
Lmao you’re embarrassing and 100% deserved this

No. 829032

You could expand this into a pretty princess points image and it'd be pretty good
>average ass bitch
Risky insult coming from someone whose appearance was artificially-created

No. 829042

You think the president doesn't make more than 730,000 annually from all his companies and investments?
Showing a pile of cash is a typical SW thing to do to show gullible people what a fantastic career choice it is. However over a year she wouldn't make more than 40k even working as often as she does. The market for SW in 2019 is full; nobody is regularly paying over the odds for any woman (infectious diseases she may or may not have aside.)
The odd high paying customer is the exception, not the rule.

No. 829050

File: 1561781644825.jpeg (Spoiler Image,377.52 KB, 750x1244, F0B8CF9A-EF02-4021-9D9F-854634…)

I feel bad for whoever this “custom” was for. Shitty angle and it looks entirely lazy. Obvi this was only a second of it… but come on.

No. 829054

And shes got socks on again too. Crusty ass hobo feet under there I'm sure

No. 829061

She’s probably embarrassed by the scars she got from jumping into that fire on vacation

No. 829072

File: 1561786506882.jpg (220.95 KB, 789x570, hfh.jpg)

fanart for our psoriasis princess who everyone loves and wishes to be

No. 829089

that's a really upsetting and horrible background to use

No. 829092

that bg anon why… have some decency I don't wanna see that shit. also if ur gonna artfag at least be good at caricatures that face looks nothing like her

No. 829095

>>828860 hang on a sec, won’t she need to claim tax on this income? Don’t think I’ve ever heard her talk about doing it either.

No. 829096

With the socks on because an anon here called her feet grody, of course

No. 829115

Lol, we actually remember how you went off about him on snap like „i wish he made more money and wouldnt live off mine, he‘s no real man if he cant get his own bread bla bla“ but go on

No. 829158

lol relax it does look like her, no need to whine incessantly just because you’re triggered by the background

No. 829190

Oh boohoo. Cry more faggot. We literally see her nasty aids vagina and this is what triggers you anon kek(samefagging)

No. 829191

I've followed this girl for awhile now and I liked her for a bit because I thought she was "real" but I stumbled upon this thread a few days ago and kinda got caught up on anything and wow. Weird how I just believed her.

No. 829201

At first i liked her too, last summer, but as time went on her mental health deteriorated more and more. It just keeps getting worse, but the worst part is is that she thinks she’s getting better! Delusional!

No. 829211


claiming cash income as a prostitute? sounds about as likely as a drug dealer filing taxes… anything online is automatically reported over certain amounts so you have to file for those sources, but this is under the table soooo fat chance.

No. 829234

File: 1561837525581.jpeg (225.7 KB, 1125x678, 5AA9869B-A3E9-4DD2-B972-E7013B…)

No. 829249

File: 1561839072842.png (57.13 KB, 637x169, wm.png)

No. 829252

Lol..so yeah..would’ve been pretty cool tbh.

No. 829269

It didn't want to catch VD too

No. 829281

File: 1561843221794.jpeg (Spoiler Image,509.23 KB, 1933x1933, A44538D0-9FDB-4621-BC50-F0538E…)

Same pair of socks two days in a row along with soaking in “the river” two days in one week. I imagine that’s really good for “psoriasis”.

No. 829290

There are no water moccasins in PA, only non venomous Northern water snakes, and less seldom copperheads. Probably she just wants to seem like a badass

No. 829294

File: 1561843846948.jpeg (470.72 KB, 1936x1936, C436DC84-14FD-4DBD-A70D-A40866…)

The fact that one day Rashiana is all “my rash is gone… am whole new woman” and a few days later continues on about “my fatigue, my fatigue” is asinine. Like only one person replied about fatigue being related to their actually diagnosed psoriasis, and they basically said it was only when they had a MAJOR flare up. This didn’t start until the end of her “flare up”… so uhm, maybe she should see a doctor about this undiagnosed disease process now… and from the looks of the second photo, I think we are about to get a new drug and alcohol inspired milky spiral

No. 829322

I think that she just means her eating disorder is coming back.

No. 829346

File: 1561850383912.jpeg (127.81 KB, 765x765, 610AE712-9925-4702-9F9A-4FB693…)

Is she ever going to get a personality of her own?

No. 829414

File: 1561860823044.png (2.24 MB, 750x1334, 8F2730A3-E019-41CA-92B9-F301FF…)

I agree Aaron

No. 829441

File: 1561864196407.png (607.38 KB, 1242x2208, C8F0CF9B-ED4F-452D-9A17-72DA7D…)

Has she always had diabetes or is this another diagnosis coming from someone she sent a photo to? Hahahaha

No. 829442

are you unable to read or something? she’s saying she has a family history of diabetes, not that she has diabetes. and sage this shit.

No. 829445

Oh god I made a mistake and i misread oh geez it’s the worst thing ever!!! I’ve made my first mistake in this thread and I am so so sorry please please please forgive me because this thread is definitely very serious business and I totally understand being hostile about a small error!!

No. 829448

Are you asking to get blocked? There are rules for a reason…

No. 829454

Learn to sage

No. 829463

I have been trying to sage my non milky posts. I know I put sage in the email box of that last one… is this one saged?

No. 829473

File: 1561869635744.jpeg (378.67 KB, 750x1247, 77CBD02C-6408-4FB8-ADF5-E27CDA…)

Back at it again with the sock to cover the scummy feet

No. 829475

File: 1561869953750.jpeg (299.79 KB, 750x1251, 78780F51-3D38-4586-B752-2BBB2A…)

Can’t wait to see what potential milk and lies come from this. Notice how this actual escort/porn star states she is TESTED and ready to work. I’m surprised her one and only client hasn’t even made her show him recent papers. Or maybe he has asked and she’s showing fake results. Anyone who is smart would steer 100 miles clear of Ariana since she most likely has no proof of testing since the rash development. Honestly surprised Hooker Problems worked with her without recent testing…

No. 829476

File: 1561869965778.png (104.31 KB, 750x1334, 8F8590D4-0AF8-454B-AA09-4F4297…)

Trying to disguise her eating disorder as healthier because she’s not using laxatives. “Lol guyz look at me forcing Doormatt to support my eating disorder hehe <3 !!!!!”
She really never fails to be disgusting.

No. 829478

The picture with the body suit and taller socks is from before her breast augmentations

No. 829480

I love when "Successful SWs" do this shit and it's clearly their rent money, at least space out the timing

No. 829489

Apologies for the autism, but cottonheads have been documented in SE PA and there's a huge urban legend around them in the area that causes the natives to call any patterned watersnake a copperhead or coppermouth. Even if she misidentified the snake, it was probably a sincere mistake. Dumb nitpick, she's just assimilating into the working-class SE Pennsylvania culture
Imagine having such munchie nature that you try to use your family history of a condition you don't have for sympathy

No. 829516

File: 1561888516348.jpeg (90.29 KB, 640x517, 4586456F-69ED-4E3E-BBDF-D96966…)

Kek, “look at me I am special too!”

No. 829521

File: 1561888800250.jpeg (83.76 KB, 640x520, 94FB6096-24F3-4214-8030-BC4494…)

Been lots of pictures reminiscing about how good she used to look. I think someone is feeling like they peaked

No. 829542

>every shot has the same exact facial expression bc any other one would expose her actual face

No. 829589

What a trash company Dollskill is.

No. 829597

Wasn’t she trash talking Dolls Skill on IG before the purge & fucking tweeted about his shitty they are? Is she ever consistent

No. 829611


Wtf. Now she claims to have diabetes?

No. 829626

File: 1561918777363.jpg (765.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190630-141751_Ins…)

I could be wrong but isn't this the jacket pnp never gave back to babytrash? The explanation of sizing from cotte isn't from someone who sounds like they purchases the item themselves.

No. 829630

No that’s not the jacket

No. 829634

File: 1561919474460.jpeg (225.31 KB, 750x1300, D3D555A2-4C0F-418B-AEF9-6E3B27…)

She Def feels like she peaked if she's romanticizing her eating disorder. She looks like shit this skinny, and that makeup is awful and useless

No. 829669

File: 1561924545689.jpeg (40.49 KB, 453x592, 31A79766-2E33-46EC-8031-3E2CC0…)

Man, her head is huge. At least she noticed it herself

No. 829671

File: 1561924667829.jpeg (62.72 KB, 640x395, A952A316-722A-4724-8FBF-3635C5…)

Sounds exactly like her life now tbh

No. 829688

File: 1561926582615.jpeg (340.83 KB, 1536x2048, D-VfcsVXkAEsqh-.jpeg)

Can you guys imagine how bad this looks irl

No. 829693

She looks like that balloon from doofenschmirtz in phinaes and ferb

No. 829704

File: 1561928213524.png (129.96 KB, 804x541, Screenshot_20190630-145305.png)

All her money is gone. She needs to work on money management, but I guess begging is easier.

No. 829727

Read again. She doesn't have diabetes, she says it's in her family like the psoriasis is.

No. 829820

File: 1561944963424.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 3BF381B9-17D8-4F02-9FD9-05AC49…)

Why can this girl not learn how to cut a wig jfc

Even if she was legitimately tested when she got back from Dominica, it’s time for her to get tested again. Especially since her client sees other girls, and other girls see other people. She should be doing it for her own safety, but especially if she wants to work with more people

No. 829825

Really gross that she doesn’t get tested regularly and then acts like she’s such a professional and so great at being a sex worker and bitch has only gotten herself tested once. Grooooooooosssssss. She’s as hazardous as she is stupid. Every SW in their right mind knows that testing NEEDS to be done super regularly. She can’t even do the one “job” she “loves” right, she’s going nowhere.

No. 829839

File: 1561947566544.jpeg (586.82 KB, 1536x2048, 79CA641B-570A-494D-97C8-4ECC12…)

Gross ass bitch

No. 829854

File: 1561950403100.jpeg (498.65 KB, 2048x1364, EB437D12-9BE2-465B-8742-5FC58D…)

New photo

No. 829859

File: 1561951551962.png (3.87 MB, 750x1334, ED1AF82F-99A5-4461-80DD-61B923…)

Lower half kek

No. 829862

when were these pics taken? since she claimed her rash is "like gone now", or before?

No. 829868

This was definitely from today kek.

No. 829879

This is honesty so fucking disgusting. What the actual fuck?????

No. 829887

Psoriasis usually presents itself in large patches… since it’s on her scalp psoriasis could be the case. But when it gets this bad you go the fucking doctor.

No. 829890

I agree. The main issue is that she's continuing to work and her clients see other girls who see other clients and so on. It's disrespectful and irresponsible.

No. 829895

That Goosebumps tattoo is oddly fitting..

No. 829900

Pretty sure she only has one client and she sees him like….once every month and a half. Lol

No. 829941

so sad u guys hate on random girl you dont know. incels need to get a life or get fucked. wat u so mad about

No. 829942

she's hot as fuck and u guys mad why? because u can't fuck her or want to be her? I dont get it. I would never write online hate about some random person …. the internet is a sad place(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 829948

You say that but I bet you're reading through the threads and finding out what a horrible person she really is.

No. 829955

File: 1561978401220.jpeg (182.87 KB, 750x750, 74710587-E5E8-4885-AA3F-9B2EAE…)

No. 829962


Yet here you are writing hate to strangers?


I’m glad to know this whore knows all she is good for is a cheap fuck. Her aids rash must really be killing her business.

No. 829964


It’s always the dumbasses who won’t listen to any good advice who go on twitter and whine about their problems.

No. 829973

Plastic surgery is disgusting and no one would be jealous of that

No. 829978

You’re embarrassing yourself sweaty. Grab a snack and read the threads.

No. 829987

You sound like a scrote

No. 829990

File: 1561986011916.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, 1561403679812.png)


Yeah it's hard to keep friends when you treat them like shit. Maybe if you clean up your fly-infested basement you can feel a sense of accomplishment?

No. 830000

Honesty I think she just fucking sucks as a sex worker. Last year when she was doing the ball-stomping fetish shit, she had no idea what she was doing and practically scammed those guys. And they never asked her to do it again so she moved on to full on sex. She’s just fucking sucks at everything she does.

No. 830002

jesus that ahegao face makes her look genuinely retarded

No. 830003

fuck forgot to sage. sorry mods

No. 830038

this girl has an eating disorder and a full body rash, and what does her significant other do? bring her laxatives. she obviously needs professional medical care and he’s too cucked to actually help her. their relationship is so toxic and codependent, it’s fucking sad

No. 830049

i’m noticing that arianna’s an opportunist. she just hops onto whatever is popular at the time ie instagram famous influencer turned model, beauty/health guru, artist, dominatrix, (disabled) sex worker. she never really commits to ANYTHING she takes an interest in unless it brings forth some money or attention. it’s like she never outgrew that phase most teens go through when they find a new interest and is mentally stunted or something.

No. 830126

I’m beginning to wonder if she was ever tested to begin with. Until she shows papers, there’s no proof she was tested. And even then, she needs to get tested again because her profession is SEX WORK.

I wonder if Matt can even question her on her rash or if he just goes along with it being psoriasis, no questions asked. Or if he can even voice any opinions on her sex work at all at this point.

No. 830129

File: 1562008381740.jpeg (Spoiler Image,175.8 KB, 2048x1364, B0E1E79B-6F18-4AF7-B6B1-E74F43…)

how did y’all miss this horrific gem?

No. 830177

looks like sum fucking doo doo in her mouth

No. 830181

Tinfoil: What if Matt is really horrible, he brings her the prune juice knowing she’s having an episode instead of making her feel better, then brings her fucking McDonald’s knowing she will regret it and feel bad about it later? I think he likes keeping a little pet, she always seems to spiral when they get close again.

No. 830182

those “professional” looking photos of her in the red wig (on her twitter heading, and in that dick pic just above) were taken by aaron, her roommate lol. so she literally had him reach around matt’s cuck to take this shot. the caption on twitter previously for this pic was something about how her roommate was in the other room, “being sneaky” lol, like yr not even good at the illusion dude

No. 830204

File: 1562014881795.jpg (445.49 KB, 1139x849, pnp.jpg)

>>830129 what's going on here?

No. 830213

File: 1562015570629.jpg (569.18 KB, 1070x1479, Screenshot_20190701-171151_Twi…)

Claims she never edits or facetunes pictures then admits she does and shows how bland and clownlike she really is

No. 830215

File: 1562015638203.jpg (606.15 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190701_171126.jpg)

Without the editing the wig is even worse and so is the makeup. Her lashes Aren't even glued down well in reality. Lol

No. 830216

File: 1562015686404.jpg (611.85 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190701_171124.jpg)

No. 830260

File: 1562018969738.jpeg (266.12 KB, 750x511, A9FB0446-7A8C-478F-982E-37B40F…)

Maybe open your eyes. Figuratively and literally.

No. 830290


I mean lol what kind of a person looks at Ari's total lack of executive function and mental stability and says "I want that".

Matt has to also be a pretty big scumbag to willingly choose being cucked, risking his health, living in squalor, constantly being subjected to erratic moods/drama.

What guy wants to settle down with someone who doesn't have the ability to clean, cook, take care of themselves?

It's pretty easy to mistake Matt as neutral because of his relative lack of internet drama, but ACTIONS truly speak louder than words. He chose this life, and continues to.

Tbh at this point his interest in Ari is probably mostly sexual with some nostalgia thrown in there.

No. 830337

You act like Ari would let him leave. She’s a manipulative narc. Last time they broke up she blasted him all over the internet claiming he let her get raped. If she’s willing to be so openly shitty and manipulative online where she doesn’t have the self awareness to realize she’s being the dick, how horrible do you think she is behind closed doors? CuckMatt should’ve left when he had the chance.

No. 830356

File: 1562028778626.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 09FD3D15-8F12-44C8-B5D8-14412F…)

Engagement ring is back also-wash. Your. Hands.

No. 830360

Those bangs look like shite.

No. 830368

Those fucking makeup marks are a staple for her now. Even during PROFESSIONAL photo shoots that shit stain still remains.

No. 830405

File: 1562038989799.jpg (100.45 KB, 960x960, olshittyasswig.jpg)

She should have left the bangs alone.
I don't understand how she can't afford decent quality wigs if shes making bank. Almost all of her wigs look like cheap Halloween store wigs.

No. 830425

She's such a smug & selfish asshole jfc

No. 830445

I don't feel bad for Matt. He knows what he's getting into. Bet he reads these threads as often as she does. Any word since be allegedly left his steady postal service job or is he still plugging at that?

She's posted this grody ass hand and scar before. I just wonder why despite this image obsession, she refuses to get her nails did. She's either too broke or too eating disordered, imo.

No. 830448


Hes not simply an unwitting victim, he chooses this.

He repeatedly sticks his dick in crazy and likes it. Despite STDs, filthy bed, being cucked.

No. 830598

File: 1562073047453.jpeg (115.12 KB, 750x352, 0A58EAFF-C23F-4CEE-B709-8E2440…)

The irony of this retweet… all this girl does is overshare, but surely she isn’t talking about airing her dirty laundry 24/7 on social media platforms…

No. 830650

File: 1562079231864.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.8 KB, 523x991, 93647ACF-F5FB-434F-97D9-DF17B1…)

An interesting find I stumbled across. It seems pnp was completely aware of the state of her basement way before offering it to Cotte. Even found an extremely decayed large rat carcass down there to take pictures of while Cotte was visiting. Who knows what those fucking clumps of black shit are now considering the amount of death and decay that’s passed through that grimy hole of a basement. No wonder there are flies!

No. 830684


Gross. Rotting animals was my initial thought with the fly infestation.

No. 830779

File: 1562089156710.jpg (777.57 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20190702-133832_Ins…)

Do you think she means pnp? It looks like she waited until she was fully done moving then posted this pretty soon after.

No. 830807

File: 1562092703625.jpeg (179.4 KB, 750x384, 1FBFE5CA-7EF0-4201-A8FE-AB04CE…)

No. 830841

Shows she really is abusive and awful in relationships because we know she hasn't changed much since

No. 830846

she legit makes herself look trans it’s wild. why is her jaw so fucking big

No. 830855

And she definitely said her ex raped and abused her on Instagram before lol she’s so fake

No. 830858

File: 1562097186183.jpeg (737.21 KB, 1536x2048, 4E90AB29-74DA-4349-B3EF-965AC7…)

That color match tho

No. 830902


Matt never rapes and hits me like my ex did! I miss feeling cared about!

No. 830912

File: 1562103599452.png (10.88 MB, 1125x2436, 65A9A1B0-FA16-49AE-8DFB-2980F0…)

yeah ariana extensions are a great idea

No. 830919

File: 1562104560375.jpeg (462.06 KB, 1242x1184, 28EDC6C2-A37B-4BAE-9F98-A28A4E…)

How did no one catch this? She posted about being “so fucked up” after seeing her client. Also she was doing coke the night she got pissed on which was under a month ago. Does she forget that she can’t lie when she posts every time she drinks or snorts coke?

No. 830945

File: 1562106161939.jpeg (283.98 KB, 1073x1066, 696D3B16-1F5E-4CB3-9F32-2C38B3…)

Snakes live to be 20 years old so she should still have her first snake lmao she kills all her pets

No. 830946


Well she already acts like trailer trash… the mullet seems fitting.

For real tho L O L

No. 830953

possibly just multiple light sources casting opposing shadows. she can't be lit from the front or the man's shadow would be cast over her, so she has lights from either side to fully illuminate her, and her nose is the only thing to cast a shadow.

maybe? could just be whacky editing.

No. 830981

File: 1562109889368.jpeg (273.96 KB, 1125x885, 74DEFA80-B31D-4336-84E7-856E31…)

Does this seem like a lie to anyone else kek.

No. 830988

yeah, i'm sure doormatt said "my bean" LMAO

No. 831010

that is actually what he calls her…

No. 831036

File: 1562119551345.jpg (474.15 KB, 1065x1077, Screenshot_20190702-220440_You…)

This is how good arianas extensions look

No. 831037

File: 1562119579033.jpg (495.65 KB, 1258x1073, Screenshot_20190702-220503_You…)

No. 831063

I’m fucking DEADDDD

No. 831090

File: 1562134968160.png (285.18 KB, 1125x2436, FE0FF08A-6F15-476E-B036-9BC5EB…)

>brags about how much money she has
>can't afford weed
>begs for food deliveries
>can't go physically see a doctor because she "can't afford it"

No. 831095

File: 1562136058638.jpg (240.1 KB, 1063x828, 20190703_071906.jpg)

Leave wild animlals alone!
>what if thats how she gets her taxidermied ones?

No. 831107

File: 1562140307267.jpg (426.95 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190703_024736.jpg)

Her head still huge af(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 831181

File: 1562151353180.png (949.41 KB, 750x1334, 2CC94A07-E776-49B5-B72F-5F145D…)

Says the same bitch who just tweeted after this she wants to kill herself because she doesn’t know how 2 doctor lol pls. What a joke.

No. 831189

So funny how she censored the word “killing” like k*lling in that tweet about killing herself, literally a couple weeks ago she was complaining about how dumb it is to put trigger warnings on social media and how she’s not gonna censor herself for the comfort of other people lmao.

On a real note, if she’s being serious about wanting to off herself I hope she gets help

No. 831224

File: 1562159134311.jpeg (146.39 KB, 640x746, FDC2A17D-123A-46D4-942E-7A113E…)

No. 831225

File: 1562159190430.jpeg (137.63 KB, 640x703, 2F65B6BF-4AFD-4A74-8ED2-4B8374…)

Bitter how there‘s truth in her words, although no one should feel like this

No. 831229

and you know how to manage dangerous, wild animals Ariana? lol. idk who the other person is, but using Steve Irwin as an example when he was killed by a stingray and dangled his infant son in front of a crocodile doesn't really help your argument. although i'm sure even he would have said not to bother and try to handle dangerous animals unless you're a professional

No. 831232

omfg go to the fucking doctor???? are we supposed to feel sorry for you for feeling self conscious about your self diagnosed psoriasis?

No. 831248

File: 1562161730001.jpeg (261.55 KB, 750x1031, E959AC58-9FD0-49EB-B2A2-1808E9…)

Once again she’s going to Reddit for assurance instead of a fucking doctor. How many times must she learn this lesson?

No. 831249

exactly. And it’s not like she’s broke either. She has the means to see a doctor but instead chooses to bitch about a self-diagnosed illness. It’s just like stop flaunting thousands of dollars then. It’s pathetic and weird at this point to refuse medical treatment for something this severe.

No. 831268


Always me before the rent check gets cashed

No. 831271

This is the first I heard that this flare up was brought on after a sore throat I’m pretty sure that sounds different than psoriasis. Those sound like flu symptoms and then a rash that doesn’t sound normal. Idk how she isn’t running to a doctor

No. 831277

Yeah that's alarming tbh. This is crazy to witness

No. 831300

Ariana, you need to go see a doctor. You know deep down that this is something serious and it needs to be dealt with.

No. 831310

I had a friend that developed this after getting strep throat. It was a mild rash on her torso. Took a few months to go away. The doc took photos because it is fairly rare. He said this type generally only happens once.

No. 831338

File: 1562170859593.png (185.86 KB, 750x1334, FEFCC3EF-FE8D-4C58-8778-FD9D58…)

she is so fucking stupid, I can’t believe it. Bitch, why you bragging about how much money you make if you can’t even afford to see a doctor!?

No. 831346


Good lord, that response is stupid, frustrating and annoying on so many levels.

No. 831352

it's so clear that she's only writing in the sub to get asspats and whine about her issues while pretending it's all because of her rash. she only replied to this person + wrote thank you to the only person who didn't tell her to see a doctor. she's ignoring everyone, including people who actually has psoriasis, who tells her to go see a doctor and a shrink. i feel like she sees it as an attack and refuses to admit that everyone telling her to see a doctor is right because she doesn't want to give in to her "haters" + she doesn't care if she actually has it or not, she just wants to stay comfortably in her new uwu i'm disabled, feel sorry for me and pay my meals-phase

No. 831357

File: 1562172639636.jpg (299.34 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20190703-125013_Twi…)

She turned down a client but can sit there and feel like it's justified that she's too broke to see a doctor. If she can spread her legs for a stranger to be able to buy a kitten and a snake she can do it for her medical bills.

No. 831358

Why does she think she knows “how doctors usually diagnose”? She isn’t a doctor. She looks shit up on google and cherry picks the information she likes and WANTS to believe..and won’t listen to anyone who says differently. Don’t ask for advice if you’re not even willing to listen? What’s the point?

No. 831370

Ariana acts likes she’s seen doctors on the regular before. Bitch has been avoiding them her whole life! The only doctors she’s willingly seen in years have been plastic surgeons and dentists. If pnp is able to spend thousands of dollars via credit card for Invisalign, tits, and a nose she can do the same for a hospital visit. This is serious. I don’t even care what the rash is anymore. She’s failing her job by being stubborn and avoiding tests. It’s pathetic really.

No. 831372


When the alternative for this lazy cunt is to lay out in the sun or in the bathtub for hours, there’s no way she’ll put effort into actually getting better.

I mean, when was the last time we saw any improvement for this lazy bitch in years? She does nothing to better her life and needs to brag on Twitter to feel any sort of achievement out of her life.

I bet she is loving having this as an excuse whenever she has to actually be an adult.

No. 831378

Love how she thinks laying in the sun will help her skin. Bitch there’s a hole in the ozone, now you’re gonna get cancer!

No. 831383

I’m certain that she’s previously posted that she’s never been to the dentist before. She must have gotten her Invisalign from the plastic surgery clinic.

No. 831426

What bothers me the most and what also paints her as a fucking psycho skin walker, is she boasts her liberating sex work on her echo chamber twitter account. But on reddit she constantly hides her occupation or waters it down to “performer.”

Like are you proud or not. Because it looks like you’re completely ashamed of doing what you do (poorly btw).

No. 831449

She probably knows if she says her real occupation, she’d get significantly more replies telling her to go to a doctor and it might not be psoriasis. Plus her bullshit “diagnosis” would be questioned a lot more.
What I don’t get is why she isn’t getting regularly tested to begin with? She might only have one client (and Matt kek), but.. he probably has multiple girls he sees. She’s being horribly unsafe by default.

No. 831464

File: 1562184184868.png (390.49 KB, 804x666, Screenshot_20190703-140119.png)

Lol "clearing up" but the photo she posted is old. I really don't think it was ever clearing up but that she was editing it to look like it.

No. 831465

God what a horrible work Twitter she has. Who the fuck would pay to fuck this mentally unstable fruit with a timeline of her newfound disease

No. 831484

She clearly doesn‘t know the difference between what‘s appropiate on a work twitter and her personal bullshit no one cares about. Don‘t get why she doesn‘t have two accounts, one for “Alice Amor“ and one as a replacement for her instagram. This are the kind of things that let everybody see how unprofessional she is, she‘s never going to be a successful SW shitting all the things on her timeline no one cares about. Once trailer trash, always trailer trash

No. 831540

You can find a low cost clinic, don't use that shit to justify yourself. If it is psoriasis, wouldn't she want to treat it? That's the suspicion.

No. 831541

Light spots where the red was, is that scarring then? Christ, how do you get to suicide-tier over this but still not get it looked at?

No. 831562

File: 1562195740039.png (286.7 KB, 750x1334, 5C0D17AD-37C0-4681-A7DE-540905…)

Ugly white people? I see Ariana is trying to get on that SJW white guilt part of twitter as well

No. 831563


Never see this girl talk about new clients.

I mean, she has no friends to help her out. And when dudes go to her profile trying to bust their nut, they’re greeted by suicide-bate and pictures of a rash.


Ya suck at yo job!

Another thing… it seems like it takes her the majority of her day doing things to keep her rash at bay. Doesnt seem sustainable. No way this girl is gonna be able to sun bathe for several hours, afford to drink smoothies every day, soak in her filthy bathtub for a few more hours - shes gonna do this every day for the rest of her life?

Thats why people think youre dumb when you post your life’s savings on your dirty mattress like we’re supposed to be impressed by it.

I mean she’s in massive debt. None of the money she’s making is even actually hers.

Sad shit

No. 831564

File: 1562196133144.png (267.14 KB, 750x1334, 414A137B-6627-4A7B-A1B6-5D628C…)

In response to her post about crying all night. She literally has known she’s had “psoriasis” for two months. Stop being so fucking dramatic and shell out some money on a HIV test, also she’s privileged as shit to have grandparents that pay for expensive vacations ?? Where does she get this logic?

No. 831575

Yet she was just flexing her $2000 a few days ago. A dermatologist visit isn’t cheap, but a $$ sex work baller $$$ should be able to afford it?

No. 831586

Oh I see. So THAT'S the answer to getting it treated. By natural means. I love how she looks and then backpedals and lies. Where's your natural treatments when you're in pain and fatigued? Natural treatments for a rash like that? If there were, you wouldn't be in the state you're in.

No. 831587

*lurks sorry

No. 831594

Which is ironic since the subreddit she posts in removes posts about people trying to find a “~natural~” way to pray the skin scabies away

No. 831595

now if she could just stop calling it "her life long disease" when she hasnt even had it for 3 full months yet that would be great

No. 831604

File: 1562200332954.jpeg (189.34 KB, 750x797, A72BB960-2977-4D5C-B4D4-E73092…)


No. 831607

This just in, doctors no longer treat diseases, make nothing better for anyone.

No. 831623

I cant wait till an actual doctor replies to hear repeating what everyone else is saying. I am sure the doctor will get the same reaction from pnp as everyone else.

This is just crazy getting crazier, I am in awe.

No. 831633

File: 1562202725643.jpeg (205.32 KB, 750x403, CE9A519A-E866-430E-815D-9E6EC6…)

No. 831636

File: 1562203222148.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2292, DFDA28D2-E340-47DA-9682-39715B…)

she’s getting ripped

No. 831637

File: 1562203564892.jpeg (363.03 KB, 1242x1658, 6F4D5DD3-45FE-4C94-A1FC-4B4169…)


No. 831640

File: 1562204122514.jpeg (62.82 KB, 750x298, DD489203-D795-41A5-A1AE-01565A…)

Holy shit this is hilarious. An ignorant twitter friend trying defend PnP while unknowingly calling out PnP on how stupid trying diagnose yourself with a photo is. True gold.

Its so obvious these random rotating spectators dont actually spend any time IRL with her or aren’t actually her friends.

No. 831641

File: 1562204305460.jpg (189.81 KB, 1080x637, 1557511462753.jpg)


She claims she goes to Planned Parenthood >>>/snow/804731.

They test for syphilis there, too, Ariana.

No. 831642

File: 1562204439902.jpeg (581.59 KB, 1242x1629, 1560619309147.jpeg)

No, they're not. Nor is having diarrhea so bad that you have to pull over and shit into a plastic bag.

No. 831654

is she aware that she is seriously ill from HIV or some other sexually transmitted disease? is she pretending to be this fucking stupid or is she really just in denial? i can’t wrap my head around her behavior, i’ve never come across someone so bewilderingly fucking stupid and unintelligent, and simultaneously willfully ignorant.

No. 831664

It took less than two minutes to search up sliding scale medical practices in philly. I go to one in my state and she should at least take the opportunity to get herself to a primary care who could help her get a referral and deal with financial issues as well. Someone to touch base with and do bloodwork. Usually places like those are understanding and can also help you apply for benefits etc. i get shes anxious and fatigued but literally nothings going to get better and no ones going to be able solve anything on twitter or reddit, and i dont think a derm is fit to diagnose the other symptoms. There are options and shes in a popular city so shes lucky enough to be close to one of those options. All it takes is doing the damn work especially if its making her feel this bad. Its so cringey how she lashes out at people giving her solid advice when she asked in the first place.

No. 831666

samefag but shes talking about going out drinking tonight after all that there is no god damn hope for this chick jesus nvm

No. 831667

Is Ariana a horrorcow?

No. 831671

She's definitely getting there.

No. 831677

What’s a horrorcow? I apologize in advance for my ignorance.

No. 831680

A Horrorcow is a Person of Interest who is primarily known for their creepy and/or disgusting behavior. Typical horrorcow traits include but are not limited to pedophilia, zoophilia, coprophilia (abnormal interest and pleasure in feces and defecation), and exceptionally violent or excessive attention-seeking displays. Horrorcows are almost always looked down upon more than other people of interest, mainly because their disgusting/unpleasant personalities serve to remove any sympathy one may otherwise feel for them. (Lolcow Wiki)

No. 831681

File: 1562210406576.jpeg (540.69 KB, 1693x1693, 5B06514E-1C7A-4FB0-BA29-1E84BE…)

Clearly her BPD has not been as under control as she’s claimed for so long since she’s been displaying all of this for months. She clearly needs to see whoever prescribed her lamictal at least because it clearly isn’t working. Maybe that would actually solve everything, doubtful, but maybe.(medfagging)

No. 831683

she's a snowflake through and through. what a reach

No. 831684

File: 1562210793074.jpeg (345.2 KB, 1125x1015, 1557516504751.jpeg)


The aforementioned "shitting in a plastic bag".


She could be in denial as a function of burying the trauma of the rape or evidence of her unsafe behavior.

If her "psoriasis" clears up and never recurs, then it's not psoriasis.

No. 831687

>many times

No. 831691

Idk man

>shitting in bags

>botched surgeries
>abhorrent living conditions
>vomiting often (bonus points- on camera a few times)
>rashes and infections
>piss-soaked sex work
>bathing in the river
>foot jobs
>dead rats
>dog-fucker rumors

Anything else?

No. 831696


Including rape in that list is uncalled for

No. 831701

Does she still post to the “premium” snap she scammed people into buying? I remember she recently was bitching about people being entitled wanting her to give them content on something they paid for….

No. 831716

File: 1562214444134.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2320, 2E02477B-DBDE-4159-B82C-4A727B…)

what….the fuck

No. 831753

File: 1562222805719.jpeg (72.64 KB, 750x314, 1C51324C-9831-48D1-8D91-0C6285…)

This shit writes itself.

No. 831787

she also acts like she’s crushing on her younger brother, like he’s her bf it’s weird

No. 831819

Lmao translated: stop calling me out for being stupid and telling me to go to the doctor.

You're a prostitute who begs for money and asspats online, obviously you want focus to be on you

No. 831826

She very likely has syphilis. Literally the exact type of rash syphilis causes and all the other symptoms match up. Her ignoring it isnt going to make it go away, if she doesnt get treatment it can progress to stage 3 and thats when shit gets real. Not the mention all the people she could be passing this std on to. I bet she knows it is syphilis and is in denial and thats why she isnt going to the doctor.

No. 831842

She’s so dumb she definitely has syphilis, she has all the symptoms and it literally starts with a sore throat. The rash lasts 1-2 months and she’s going to think she “healed” herself but in reality it’s just the stages of it progressing and she can literally die

No. 831863

Dogfucking rumors?? Pls link anon

No. 831865

File: 1562247891829.jpeg (91.82 KB, 1125x598, EFA0AA12-E58B-4970-804A-56F66A…)

she also has shit her pants LOL

No. 831872

She looks like Zui Suicide here

No. 831878

If you don’t want people telling you to go to a doctor then stop asking for advice. It’s simple.

No. 831887

its somewhere in the earlier threads, someone that knew her from highschool said she told people she fucks dogs or something. I remember very vividly she posted pics of her dogs dick as well???

No. 831894


Yeah there was definitely pics of her dogs dick and it wasn't like a little red rocket either. It was full on aroused raging hard on, generally not a random thing that happens. You can have a dog a lifetime and never see it at its full potential like that.

No. 831896

Ita and I know, it's kinda fucked up, but it is horrorcow after all.

Oh jesus, I didn't know about the dog dick pics. I just remember the anon coming into one of the old threads and saying she went to school with Ariana and there were dog fucking rumors.

I did adress the pooping but tbf I was only remembering her shitting into bags, I totally forgot she's a variety shitter. I wonder how many times she's shit the tub. At LEAST one time for sure

No. 831903

File: 1562255384338.png (19.69 KB, 1821x112, Screenshot_42.png)

from the older threads; this the anon that met her in Highschool 1/2

No. 831904

File: 1562255442533.png (26.87 KB, 1827x188, Screenshot_43.png)

here she talks about the dog licking

No. 832015

She threatened to ban people who continued to demand the content they paid for, talking about how a "lifetime" subscription didn't mean she had to upload pics for life, and the terminology always just entailed that she would upload pics until it was no longer fun for her to do so. I would be so fucking angry if I'd paid full price during the peak of her instathot career.

No. 832033

File: 1562273773695.jpeg (471.19 KB, 750x849, A6483F75-E0F1-4BFB-B9BA-10003E…)


No. 832034


She keeps switching her story on reddit and twitter from she got diagnosed by a Derm via picture, to she did go she just never posted about it.

I feel like if she actually went to a doctor for a second time that she wouldn’t be asking people online if her symptoms are normal or for so much advice.

Its also kind of gross she said she only uses the american free sex clinic thing (sorry not a yank) to get tested free for STDs.

I mean, why cant she just go there and at least get somewhat of a professional opinion?

Also Im calling it that once her syphilis gets worse she’s gonna try to blame the derm who told her it looks like psoriasis based on a pic. Wouldnt even be surprised if she throws around the word “sue”

No. 832035

File: 1562273818008.jpeg (673.38 KB, 750x1125, 3BB45BD5-27CB-4541-9F87-C2B91E…)

2/2 “Exposed me as a sex worker” bitch are you ashamed or something?

No. 832038


i laughed pretty hard in an earlier post how she described herself as a “performer”

Than later a redditor goes “You should try to sue your employer if you lost your job over this!”


No. 832077


Why is it gross? Planned Parenthood is not "somewhat of a professional opinion".

>blame the derm

No licensed physician who wants to keep their license would even remotely suggest a diagnosis based on a photo.

One of the differential diagnoses for psoriasis is syphilis. Numerous warnings have been issued in the medical community to be aware of its increasing occurrence in recent years. It is, after all, called "the great imitator".

No. 832084


I mean, if I was raped by some random old Colombian dude while blacked out on vacation than developed a full body rash - I’d want more testing than every couple months at a free clinic.

The fact she doesn’t prioritize getting serious bloodwork and testing done after that and being an active sex worker is disgusting.

Didnt mean to imply Planned Parenthood was gross, can see how it comes off that way, my bad anon.

No. 832092

"Health care isnt accessible"
>"the number in my bank account makes me wet"<
Which one is it ariana? Are you balling with your SW and the thousands of dollars on your mattress and/or bank account or are you broke? Ya gotta pick one.

No. 832099

I love when cows say "you probably live at home." like yes, where else would someone live? unless they were homeless, they're going to live in their home.

(I know she probably means parents' house, but if she's using that as an insult, she should reexamine who is making assumptions and being condescending.)

No. 832102

Her stupid ass doesn't have a job, makes no money on the books. She could probably get free health care, shit maybe even disability if she tried. Instead she'd rather act like she is oppressed and no-one else understands the plight of a white girl in 2019 while also posting a couple thousand in cash right before rent is due.

No. 832119

she says people should focus on themselves in one tweet and then the same day posts about going to a hardcore fest just to flex on people she used to know, she doesnt want to go bc she'll actually enjoy it, just to flex…how much more contradictory can she be

No. 832150

The level of delusion is truly staggering

No. 832157

File: 1562295438466.jpeg (213.61 KB, 750x1296, A22D5630-FAF3-438D-9AA2-DAC869…)

I’m cackling

No. 832160

you don't even know what you have dummy. or you do know it's syphilis and you're waiting for the latent phase so you can out-of-sight-out-of-mind it

No. 832165

Right? And how can she even say “you don’t even know what I have” when she has plastered all over social media that it is allegedly guttate psoriasis… like what?

No. 832173

holy shit lol. soooo i wonder what the dermatologist's opinion is on all of this… could you imagine if she confronted ariana & told her she needs to see a doctor? bitch would probably implode.

No. 832180


Imagine tweeting out “you don’t even know what I have” on your sw account.

She sure knows how to market herself.

No. 832192


She’s like a venereal disease “sex worker” wonder ball…

And who knows, I mean, doormatt is a doormatt, but he was talking to that girl on the side. She could have gotten her syphillis, HIV, untreated strep throat rash from the Dominican, a client, or doormatt since I highly doubt he was just talking to that other girl, and who knows, maybe he fucks around on the side regularly… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 832197

File: 1562307732590.png (94.58 KB, 750x1334, D2E0A9E8-85B3-4DFA-B75E-57772A…)

I can’t find can’t find the tweet so she probably deleted it but wasn’t she just talking about “flexing” on people at some hardcore festival? Hilarious.

No. 832201

this tweet sounds rooted in absolute madness. I’m really lost on this woman.

No. 832212

She’s probably spending her entire bank account on expensive, organic home remedies so she can’t possibly also afford to see a doctor

No. 832215

File: 1562313583957.jpeg (173.53 KB, 750x1101, B3D45973-7635-41DA-8733-1BDEA7…)

Not even. If her reddit replies are anything to go by, her "natural psoriasis treatment" involves little more than the most bare bones tumblr self-care routine imaginable. She's just doing familiar low-intensity activities (like tanning and bathing) that allow her to completely dissociate from her problems whilst enjoying temporary relief and deluding herself into thinking she's taking care of herself. Oh, and regressing into an eating diso– I mean, avoiding all dairy!

No. 832247

It seems like miss loud and proud, always speak ur mind, fuck the haterz has been deleting her tweets shortly after they’re being posted here. I can’t find that one now either. Good lord

No. 832284

she’s literally doing what she always does when she’s trying to improve her health/mental health. it’s not working, it never works the way she wants. these weird grabs for control over her life are sad.

No. 832285

I brought her up to a couple of the doctors I work with the other night while we were slow and we all seemed to agree that this girl could very well have a death wish if she doesn’t see a doctor soon. So I imagine this alleged dermatologist that “diagnosed” her would be mortified if she saw all of the shit spewing from Ariana’s mouth.

No. 832296

Her futile grabs for control are extremely familiar to me because I grew up among people with personality disorders. The way she can't do a single responsible thing without posting about it and asking for asspats, obsessively chronicling her syph rash to prove there's been improvement, talking about how incredible her life is before admitting it's falling apart, rinse and repeat ad nauseum… It would be hilarious if it wasn't so tragic and idiotic.

I hope she's reading this.

No. 832313

Based on the way she’s been reminiscing about how she peaked, talking about her eating disorder and literally saying she’s suicidal… This thread is getting hard to watch because she literally seems like she’d rather succumb to syphilis and die than admit she needs help.

No. 832335

File: 1562337784396.jpeg (528.86 KB, 750x1027, E194BEC0-0CE6-46FA-A22E-84DFF4…)

Something I don’t understand, she posts a lot of before or after photos and the latest one does look a lot better but.. this picture is from like 2 days ago and her calves still look like shit. Is she actually healing or not?

Side note, her saying “doctor” with quotations is funny as fuck. A “doctor” can totally help you manage symptoms of a “genetic” disease. But I’m sure her “dermatologist” never officially diagnosed her.

No. 832350

Sore throat after Dominica. Body rash right after. Sleeping all day …. yikes. You would think if someone read all those symptoms that could correlate with syphilis they would help themselves. Fuck a medical bill or your obsession with proving a forum wrong. I can’t imagine the bullshit she spews to DoorMatt about having her rash under control.

No. 832351

Ive always lurked and never posted but this psoriasis shit has really gotten me heated. She wants to be oppressed SO badly its actually hilarious. There are actual disabled people who work as SWs to cover medical costs as this is their only option.She is just attaching herself to a group of people stronger and more interesting than her because she has no real strength or personality. Its absolutely insulting to people with actual disabilities who struggle with life altering fatigue and auto immune issues. Girl please go see a doctor and get a final diagnosis or stop using the term "disabled" and stop talking about your life long disease. Since I know shes reading this, I have even looked up some sliding scale or walk in clinics for you in your city! Check out Stoll Medical group. They can write you a referral for a derm that will work with your financial issues. Mazzoni Center is also an option for you. Either go to the doctor or shut the fuck up and find something less offensive to cling to as an identity.

No. 832371

File: 1562342248704.jpeg (356.71 KB, 2048x2048, EC520B9F-4F6A-4129-847C-A36636…)

A good person doesn’t spread a possible STD to others because she won’t get tested…a good person doesn’t force their boyfriend to accept her as a sex worker when he clearly doesn’t want to…and a good person does not cowardly text their friend the day they move in to move into her decrepit basement.
Bitch is fucking delusional.

Also she’s moving out of the crack house?

No. 832374

File: 1562342529885.png (468.63 KB, 1202x558, aal.png)

She's already crafting the narrative that she's at the last stage of psoriasis flare-up, despite never being diagnosed by a doctor. And "so excited to move"? Literally the definition of running away from your problems. I used to enjoy this thread but now it's beginning to feel extremely sad and morbid.

No. 832378

File: 1562343087365.png (140.51 KB, 764x588, Screenshot_2019-07-05-08-53-07…)


Yet after dispensing her miracle natural cure regimen she was seeking validation of her "diagnosis".

No. 832379

File: 1562343250395.png (125.01 KB, 800x504, Screenshot_2019-07-03-21-59-02…)


The Great Imitator

No. 832389

i don’t have caps, I’m sorry, but she 100% posted to her snap a couple of months back about giving unprotected oral sex to clients with the “logic” that they are rich and therefore are std-free. I believe it was mentioned in the last thread.
Her rapist likely also didn’t use protection.

No. 832394

File: 1562344513712.png (99.52 KB, 800x505, Screenshot_2019-07-05-09-18-40…)

A biopsy would diagnose either and likely settle the matter, but she'll get a strep test instead.

No. 832396

File: 1562344644205.png (45.22 KB, 800x269, Screenshot_2019-07-05-09-20-22…)

>No biopsy!

No. 832400

Godamn she is so condescending when she tells people to do online research about her sickness when people are trying to help. Actual Doctors tell you not to do that, if she told this stuff to one they would be mortified.

No. 832409

Who gets multiple pets right before moving.. she never plans ahead.

No. 832413

Are there any caps where she admitted to having unprotected penetrative sex because her clients were "clean"? Also when was the last time she was tested? I'm trying to form a rough timeline of what's happening. This is so fucking grim

No. 832425

She just SO BADLY doesn’t want it to be an STD hahaha and if it really ran in her family I feel like by now she would’ve posted photos with her family members “flare ups” to show they look like hers. If she actually went to a dermatologist like she insists she went to one then she would’ve also posted the doctors paperwork by now. She knows it’s something serious and doesn’t want to admit it so she’d rather spread it to others

No. 832439

Ariana, once again sending a picture to a derm is not the same as seeing one.

No. 832442

>Yeah getting a test will help! I'll try that

I don't even have words- like I literally just typed out a few things and deleted them bc I have no idea what to say

No. 832464

Does anyone else think ariana might be legitimately mentally challenged?

Like, not just stupid. Whether it was her mother having toxic habits while she was pregnant, or ariana's own drug use, I think her brain stopped developing prematurely. She literally acts like a child pretending to be an adult. She doesn't have the ability to think long term, she doesn't have empathy, she doesn't take care of herself, her home, or her belongings. She constantly lies for attention and contradicts herself daily.

Just think, what would a kid do if they were sick but didn't want to go to the doctor? They wouldn't go unless someone forced them! Adults do things that they don't necessarily want to, but they do what's best and responsible.

 It's sad too that she doesn't have anyone in her life that actually gives a fuck about her. Matt and her "friends"are standing by, watching her get worse and worse, but don't care enough to step in because it doesn't affect them if she gets sicker or fucking dies. Instead they just offer an echo chamber of validation, because that's enough to make her childlike mind feel like she's doing well.

It's all just sad and gross.

Also, funny how she can afford a nose job, boobs, a lip lift, and millions of injections on whims, but can't access healthcare when it's actually dire.

No. 832474


You're describing 85% of the cows on this site, anon.

No. 832483

lmao im the one who said go to a doctor maybe???? before she got t r i g g e r e d

its like
> omg i have so many medical problems what should i do wah wah wah
> "go to a doctor"

the thing is she KNOWS shes wrong because she was so quick to block me (and every person that liked my tweet) bc she knows we'd rip her argument to shreds. she just refuses to address it.

also the fact she said 'youre one of those people who assume peoples lives offline' like sis you literally assumed i lived with my parents and was privileged…

she is seriously deluded and i hope she gets some real help. biggest hypocrite.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 832484

Jesus, read the rules Charlotte.

No. 832503

File: 1562356068301.jpeg (431.65 KB, 750x1158, BFC84AD0-1994-4634-84B1-04B7B7…)

i dont have any primary sources but here’s an old cap from PULL where someone else corroborates

No. 832548

File: 1562362841656.jpeg (125.06 KB, 1125x1061, 1E48BFA1-CF49-41B6-897B-309E07…)

well well well looks like aaron won't be living with ariana and doormatt

No. 832550

what do you think it's gonna take for her to actually go to a doctor?
also, im wondering if we'll ever find out what it is for sure. I know she loves to post all the gross details of her life online, but an STI diagnosis?

No. 832556


She would probably have to been in a state where not was an immediate medical emergency and someone, say Matt, took her in.

If STI, I dont believe she would tell anyone. I think it would be more likely that we would find out from someone, or a friend of someone, who got infected from a mutual partner. In which case she would probably still deny any responsibility.

No. 832608

File: 1562370236958.png (132.97 KB, 750x1334, BB4BDC34-F482-423A-90D4-EEBAE6…)

I’m not the only one who thinks all these stories about random strangers telling her she’s pretty, they like her hair, outfit, makeup etc are completely fabricated, am I? There’s no way she looks like anything but a caked ass clown without all her editing, lighting and angles.

No. 832611

If ariana calls mcdonalds fillet o fish sandwiches "fish fillets" one more time I'm burning my phone

No. 832620

File: 1562372203648.jpeg (553.38 KB, 2048x2048, FE00135B-9CC3-4C45-A126-DF145D…)

Every single time she posts one of the “getting better” pictures it’s never as crisp as the ones before it (seen in the detail of her tattoos, especially the eyebrow), clearly blurred and desaturated. She just posts these to fool herself

No. 832653

Snap anon here, went through my caps and found this


No. 832678

File: 1562377461501.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, B4E42047-2B9D-4357-B48C-F8F278…)

Still feels so weird that she continues to post on the psoriasis Reddit.

No. 832685

File: 1562379157644.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2048x2048, 246E55D8-4F80-4AE0-BCE6-6C0E09…)

yeah.. no, still awful. It looks like she has some kind of fungal infection. Lol.

No. 832687

bless u snap anon, looks like she said here that she does use protection with her wEaLthY cLieNtS so that’s good. still don’t follow the logic that rich = no STIs. it’s very possible she contracted something on the job, bc condoms are not 100% effective, especially when you’re engaging in fluid to skin contact (she has done piss play and “facials”)

HIV is essentially more benign than herpes these days bc with meds the chance of transmission is near zero. if it’s syphillis, it can be easily cured with medication. but if she doesn’t treat whatever this is it is entirely possible she will die or transmit to someone else. even if it’s not an sti she should still get an official diagnosis, which a text response to a photo is not. for the love of god someone force her to go to the fucking doctor. this shit isn’t even entertaining anymore, it’s frustrating and upsetting. sage for blogpost

No. 832695

Isn't this going to fuck all her tattoos?

No. 832698

In the previous thread, there is a screenshot from her snap showing her sucking her client’s dick without a condom.

No. 832703

What app do you use to record on snap anon?

No. 832706

File: 1562381526506.png (9.38 MB, 1125x2436, FB596339-84F4-49EF-9A16-3CC919…)

this is a cursed image. it's not edited either

No. 832712

File: 1562382626724.png (151.58 KB, 735x409, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-06-22…)


For the timeline.

No. 832715

File: 1562383012091.png (47.85 KB, 751x224, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-07-07…)


Now it has been 7 weeks and 2 days.

No. 832719

File: 1562383891907.png (66.7 KB, 800x384, Screenshot_2019-07-05-20-19-39…)


It started with seeking validation of her self-diagnosis.

Now she's also collecting praise from psoriasis sufferers who want to know the secret of her miraculous cure when, in truth, she's giving them false hope.


>exposing me as a sex worker

No one needs to when you use the same handle for reddit.

No. 832737

Stop being a cow, it's dumbass comments like yours that make her prioritize plastic surgery over getting an STI test. Shit on her for having a horrible attitude and making idiotic choices, not for having a regular face.

No. 832740

It's so amazing to watch someone like this from the 1st thread and literally a year later destroy their life for…. not even clout, I don't even know what the fuck she's doing.

Just a reminder not to get to invested in social media.

No. 832751

She can do this exact face with fillers. If this dumbass isn't gonna get an STI test, then she isn't gonna get one especially if it's people from lolcow telling her to do it

No. 832760

I use du recorder. Here's a cap of her talking about getting tested


No. 832778


damn, her tattoo faded drastically in the 2 months her skin "got better" – what a strange coincidence!

No. 832792

I found this thread browsing this site while PULL was down and… wow. This is a disaster. I'm really worried about this condition she's developed. I am a hypochondriac and have crippling anxiety, so I can relate to fearing doctors, but this is next level. She is so deeply in denial and she's going to end up seriously hurting or killing herself. Dude, no matter how problematic she is, I hope we're all wanting to see her improve, and right now that starts with seeing a doctor in person - or at least working towards that. Girl there is no way your derm friend would say you're totally fine just listening to her TEXTED opinion and taking no further medical action other than natural remedies you read online.(blog)

No. 832795


Go back to PULL.

No. 832797

>feeling superior to another person because you frequent different gossip websites

No. 832799

anon's feeling superior because she is, in fact, superior. Integrate, lurk more before posting

No. 832801

No. 832807

lmao. get over yourself cringelord.

No. 832818

File: 1562408111688.jpeg (214.31 KB, 750x1253, EF2B3677-3B89-4AE7-AB5E-A6FB2C…)

If Angelina Jolie had a blind plastic surgeon… yes, yes she does…

No. 832824

Can't afford to go to the doctor and buys more makeup instead of even attempting to save up… It's like watching someone put bandaid after bandaid on a festering open wound. It doesn't feel like we're laughing at an idiot anymore, it's more like watching someone commit suicide in slow motion

No. 832829


She doesn't need to save up. She can go to PP and apply for Medicaid. But it's not about money, anyway. It's about her precious ego and denial of her risky behavior.

No. 832839

Honestly that seems like a backhanded compliment considered Jolie looks like a crusty ass hoe in Girl, Interrupted

No. 832850


Wow… so she didn’t even tell the doctor she was raped during the only time she’s got tested since she came back?

Honestly, my sympathy that talking about assault can be scary and hard. But the fact she continues to do sex work and sit on guys faces and post about it on her twitter…

Just wow. This girl and anyone she fucks is in serious danger. I’ll be interesting to see if DoorMatt starts developing symptoms as he would apparently be the one fucking her bare most often.

No. 832874

When I have gotten tested for HIV at PP, the results literally take 10 minutes. Are there tests that take longer? Why does she make it seem like it's longer, not just in that video but also is her tweets.

No. 832898

File: 1562428506351.jpeg (574.37 KB, 1125x1602, 880E9BA3-6537-4554-A456-877E3C…)

old milk, but the way she describes her lip lift just grossed me out.

No. 833009

File: 1562442554055.jpeg (103.22 KB, 750x516, 3C72F804-EF3E-44E0-8B53-04555E…)


No. 833077

File: 1562450556904.png (9.38 MB, 1242x2208, F3B905FB-10B7-43BA-B5C5-F221C3…)

“New hat” is dirty

No. 833079

File: 1562450643010.png (9.09 MB, 1242x2208, 19355925-7FC8-472F-81E1-EE2487…)

Eyelashes falling off

No. 833080

File: 1562450722417.png (6.96 MB, 1242x2208, 8BC96449-2D7D-468C-82C2-C6DB31…)

And wtf is going on with her wall? How many holes and why lol

This photo is a disaster(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833101

Did you really need to post the same picture for 3 different nitpicks? This isn’t milk.

No. 833121

The holes are alarming lol

No. 833129

She was on live the day after her assault promoting her premium over share Snapchat on the basis that she would go into detail about her rape. This was when she was still in the airport bathroom after she had a big fight with Matt.

No. 833132

Isn't she moving? Most of these are probably just nail/tack holes from items that were on the wall.

No. 833137

Wait so she's trying to get money on the assault/rape from like five months ago? Or is there a newer assault?

No. 833139

File: 1562458764002.jpeg (476 KB, 2048x2048, 0EAA2BD9-668C-40FA-B81D-0B341A…)

What’s it like to have no shame

No. 833149

Poop-chan strikes again

No. 833153

Not a new assault, the old one from the overseas trip with Matt and her grandparents. She immediately capitalised on it to sell her Snapchat. I was shook.

No. 833161

Childish! Stop flooding the thread with fake tweets… gurl.

No. 833172

She may not have posted the pic along with that caption, but they're from the same day so anon's point about having no shame still stands. Ariana is truly a study on what happens when an average girl is catapulted to relative fame and starts getting the attention she always craved.

Having a crowd of brain dead orbiters and a platform to use for instant gratification was the worst thing that could ever have happened to this girl.

No. 833177

learn to sage then you can tell people what it's okay to post or not

No. 833184

Pasting them together so they looked like the original tweet wasn’t intentional, was just trying to optimize space while posting. But yeah they were posted the same day a couple hours apart

She did however delete the poop tweet I guess she does have shame

No. 833221

File: 1562488968157.png (5.4 MB, 1125x2436, A7D9FD33-0539-4905-BA9E-DB8C5E…)

Yall see this? Lmao.

No. 833223


16 year old twink in first time drag

No. 833229

Yo her bar cave nostrils are such a dead give away that she had a nose like an antisemitic cartoon

No. 833254

did you have a stroke

No. 833262

No. 833310

THAT FUCKING MAKEUP. GOD. How does she think any of this looks remotely attractive

No. 833334

Lmao spot on anon hahaha

No. 833433

I was thinking the same, she is starting to look more and more like a tranny

No. 833442

File: 1562536359029.jpeg (363.17 KB, 750x2206, 76C0E542-9803-48B9-86C0-FF81FC…)

Nothing new but I was scrolling back through her original IG and June 9th 2018 is when she quit her dog walking job, it’s been a year and that hustle has turned into hooking with an undiagnosed rash

No. 833459

File: 1562537925492.jpeg (603.4 KB, 730x3766, 02B894D7-A10B-4136-8CFB-94069E…)

And another old one. This is a q&a she had, some gold answers in this one, but the job one is my favorite

No. 833461

i have no idea how she gets customers while posting this sort of stuff on her ‘work’ account. ariana, get a personal twitter or just journal privately instead of embarrassing yourself online

No. 833465

how has she become so much more botched looking in a year???

No. 833473

File: 1562541106858.jpeg (791.63 KB, 2048x2048, AFC07263-0AB2-4739-8AF2-BEF2B5…)

Are we just going to ignore this?

No. 833475

yea because that post has more stretch than stretch armstrong. chill out a little.

No. 833476

Right? I know it’s an unpopular opinion but She was kinda cute before.

No. 833486

It's really not a stretch. That is one botched haircut.

No. 833500

File: 1562545714459.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, B724CC39-1306-4B73-9810-73DB77…)

Yeah, what stretch? It’s not even a nitpick it’s totally delusional.

No. 833528

File: 1562550815674.png (101.57 KB, 750x1334, 94E6D79E-BD55-4ACE-BF32-79924D…)

I love how she announces everything she does, especially when it’s “gonna be an every day thing!1!1!” because then you know it’s gonna fall through in like 2 days

No. 833531

File: 1562551015936.jpeg (206.8 KB, 1125x727, 1C93C3BA-75DD-4013-9882-7B3001…)

Who told her this lmfao.

No. 833541

File: 1562552377876.jpeg (433.76 KB, 828x1011, 5616AFA7-7E10-415F-A843-0F2EFD…)

Did she fuck her friend’s boyfriend….for money? Nice

No. 833596

calling this >>833473 a stretch is whiteknighting lmao

No. 833627

I knew she had to be hiding something really hideous to be wearing that ugly fucking fisherman’s hat for 2 days… but I’m still shocked how terrible her extensions are, literally the worst I’ve ever seen.

No. 833665

She really is regretting her manic head shave clearly. Going out in public with the most obvious, terribly blended extensions covered by a bucket hat… delusional.

No. 833702

What do you mean 'before'? This >>833473 isn't a before and after pic lmao

No. 833704

Omg those are extensions clipped in to her real hair???? How did I not notice I thought the whole thing was a badly cut wig. That makes it 1000x worse lmaoooooo ded

No. 833712

File: 1562593503818.jpeg (522.19 KB, 750x1288, A0425122-9B2A-4387-B513-4FB51A…)

Syphillis but make it sexy*

No. 833715

Syphilis but make it pathetic*

No. 833718

That's not how you spell psoriasis, sis.

No. 833722

"Fuck you, Mom!!!!!!"

No. 833730

damn, she's really going all out and making this her entire identity. She's going to have severe legal problems when she ends up giving her clients syphilis

No. 833753

File: 1562602684407.jpg (318.99 KB, 1077x1106, Screenshot_20190708-121723_Twi…)

She craps on matt so hard and he must like it

No. 833817

Crying over this. Bitch doesn’t even know how to spell her own “diagnosis”! Autocorrect couldn't even save her KEK

No. 833831

File: 1562616135072.jpeg (697.42 KB, 1242x1534, 8FF4BB24-7CCB-43F3-92BD-46186A…)

lol inb4 “non-binary”

No. 833905

File: 1562624778777.jpeg (237.97 KB, 750x638, 56C74329-9E2F-4910-813C-E6D4A6…)

Definitely going down the horrorcow path…

No. 833951

And it was a video on a severely anorexic girl being (consensually) suffocated.

No. 833957


Citation needed.

No. 834000

God damn idk how this girl will have a future if she tries to escape the sew work life

No. 834060

I can’t believe adults actually get enjoyment out of watching that fucked up shit… like I get having a friend show you stuff in high school, but like her purposefully going out of her way to find the most fucked up shit is really disturbing to me…

No. 834064

You know, thanks to her facial feminization surgeries she can actually kinda pull this look off

No. 834112

File: 1562649957874.jpeg (411.3 KB, 1125x2193, 66241E43-4A80-454B-BF4C-E2E80A…)

She changed it. Still lurking.

No. 834168

I’m probably gonna sound like a bitch but I don’t really care tbh, I don’t feel sorry for her at all with this rash. Yes, I first felt sorry for her (and still do) about the rape BUT she has done absolutely nothing to help herself except complain on the internet looking for sympathy. Attacking people genuinely trying to give her advice is such a shitty ass move. She’s being a complete dumbass, sis this is serious, you can’t just show someone a picture and call it a day. I have no sympathy for her until she decides to actually go to the fucking doctor about it.

No. 834178

I don't feel it either. This is why she's posting like crazy in the psoriasis subreddits. She's hoping so hard she can slap some kind of natural treatment on to her skin, make the rash go away, and be able to claim it was psoriasis all along. I don't understand the mentality of just walking around with this saying "oh well" when you know full well it's not good.

No. 834182

File: 1562663753603.jpeg (309.88 KB, 750x1206, 487C464F-78B7-401D-936A-035E58…)

But where are they? Because in the past she would post at least one photo from her hanging out with friends… and I haven’t seen Mia in forever and clearly no talya since the shitty basement incident… shit, she lives with Aaron but rarely makes it seem like they hang out. Maybe he’s over her after living with her and seeing how grimy she is… he did post something about looking for a new place recently I believe.

No. 834203

File: 1562670862052.jpeg (13.08 KB, 284x177, E1D0A655-F692-4515-9D20-1436C1…)

This is what I thought about for that tweet. Comparison is too ironic lol.
Didn’t she tweet like a fucking day ago about having NO friends? She has to be doing this on purpose.

No. 834211

File: 1562672648513.jpeg (223.55 KB, 750x588, EE6EC1B2-BAF3-48FF-89F3-3118F2…)

No. 834214

Jfc she's always bashing on people who're "sooo obsessed with her" yet she's the one reading this thread 24/7 lol

No. 834226

It’s probably because she’s obsessed with herself

No. 834324

File: 1562691369007.jpeg (338.15 KB, 1125x1176, CD26168B-981E-4E90-BA1C-336B4E…)

Didn't she just post the other day about how other people are in competition with everyone else whereas she's in competition with herself???

No. 834331

I’ve been quietly following these threads for so long SOLELY because this girl is a walking contradiction and it’s amazing to see someone virtue signal and immediately
contradict themself on the daily.

No. 834340

She constantly repeats the same “thoughts” she has and then contradicts. Then repeats. It’s kind of boring. No wonder her twitter has stopped gaining followers. She’s stale as fuck.

No. 834392

jesus ariana. you’re in your mid to late twenties. you haven’t been in high school for damn near a decade. they’re still above you even if all of them are flipping burgers and look like cave creatures, because at least they aren’t disease ridden sex workers spreading their questionable rash and BPD cycling all their friendships down the toilet.

No. 834424

File: 1562701720894.png (358.47 KB, 804x1107, Screenshot_20190709-134548.png)

Lol Ariana you are proof.

No. 834454

File: 1562705413782.jpeg (242.17 KB, 750x756, FD7228CB-9213-4740-BDE3-7BDC35…)

The dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. You fucking your cervix? Do you know anything about anatomy?

No. 834463

File: 1562706961651.jpg (491.23 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20190709-171546_Twi…)

I don't even have a comment anymore

No. 834476

Psorasis queen

No. 834478

This is the equivalent to saying “sluts” have loose pussies

No. 834512

When ya don’t know your own bod

No. 834555

File: 1562714190344.jpeg (299.92 KB, 750x1258, B2C5C049-207F-4856-8594-A39D33…)

Oh did I strike a nerve by questioning what friends you have on a pointless forum that “doesn’t bother you”, but you still read daily? Sounds like someone got their wittle feelings hurt about us noting you don’t have those “quality” friends you brag about…

No. 834559

File: 1562715030903.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, 1547473895369.gif)

this is… WHAT

LIKE WHAT. This is something a retarded incel would ask, not a woman. holyshit

No. 834578

File: 1562718787445.jpeg (226.83 KB, 750x982, C004E808-CBEA-4375-B15D-146B5E…)

Hate to break it to you anon but the cow has had a lot of sour interactions on twitter today. I believe she was subtweeting about this conversation specifically. Also have a really strong feeling Psoriasis & Proud was referring to an ex in op

No. 834579

It’s hilarious how quickly her stupid adds up when she can’t distract people with flooding selfies.

This rash, whatever it is, is the real MVP

No. 834580

File: 1562719050989.png (Spoiler Image,139.85 KB, 750x1334, 0F82000D-3BB3-4CBD-B5C8-AC35AB…)

She’s really acting like the only people who love and choose their careers are sex workers, like everyone who is in an actual career hates their job. How does she not understand that some people are happy living completely normal and stable lives. Her mind is so insanely warped to try and validate her own opinions and actions and lifestyle that she shits out delusional shit like this online. It’s fucking crazy. What a crazy idea that someone would be happy at a normal job and enjoy a stable income and not want to whore themselves around for monthly rent.

No. 834581

didn’t meant to spoiler this post

No. 834589

File: 1562719746160.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, B355ED34-E938-4B85-8EF0-1B351A…)

she asked for proof from that user then they both tweeted (on the right). looks like she definitely didn’t want any proof!

No. 834590

I hope one day she understands that no one should have to "hustle". Regular "vanilla" jobs have more to offer. More stability, raises (that stick), advancement, learning NEW things. Like. Fuck. That's the one thing that's irritating about SWs. They assume that sit on some higher totem pole because all they do is sell their face? Sure you can have sex appeal, but look at the market. It's all people that are attractive. Ugh. Stupid

No. 834591

this fucking idiot acting like her ass is gonna be 20 something forever

like lol bitch how many “sex workers” (see: rashly camgirls) have long illustrious careers

is she really expecting her orbiters to stick around after all her implants have blown out in her thirties? bitch is delusional.

No. 834594

her original tweet just reads as “I love blocking anyone who disagrees with me ever on anything at all.”

No. 834600

Not to mention a lot of"regular" jobs require actually using your fucking brain, which she had previously said she hopes to do in the future (anon posted screenshot of her saying that on IG earlier in this thread). I think she thinks the only other regular jobs in this world are like retail or service or careers were people.dont make a lot of money and actually enjoy their jobs….like people dont have careers in corporate or tech or medicine and love it and make Bank?? Shes so delusional. Hate to break it to you ariana, a lot of us went to school and have careers that we love and are successful and make good money….sorry that's too difficilt for you to understand or too far fetched to believe.

No. 834653

You’re right. She’s exposing herself even more than when she used Instagram. I was surprised how much I disliked her once she ended up on Twitter..she’s just taken a dive.

No. 834654

File: 1562728364652.png (131.29 KB, 750x1334, 6D713561-75E0-48C9-9FCE-D344D6…)

If others opinions don’t matter why do you never shut the fuck up about it. She’s getting fucking annoying with this, people who don’t care and can go on without caring what people think don’t need to announce it every hour.

No. 834736

File: 1562736513130.jpeg (395.2 KB, 750x1789, B12EF2C2-E311-4ED9-A1E6-AD581D…)

This shit right here. Literally a 5 day gap in between “I have a salaried normie job I love my life” and “I quit my bs job”

She had benefits, a stable income and didn’t have to get pissed on to make rent. I think she knows this deep down inside but has to post tweets about it every single day because she’s made her job as a ~sex worker her identity and can’t go back now

No. 834771

File: 1562739189143.jpg (127.73 KB, 1075x497, Screenshot_20190710-021259_One…)


No. 834772

Not to mention, by this logic, her idea of flourishing is to put herself in debt to correct the pieces of her they all made fun of. She didn’t get hotter through naturally aging and she’s been ruining her life. If anything this girl is just becoming exactly the insecure cum rag her bullies always made her out to be.

No. 834780

I know it’s a probably a pretty unpopular opinion considering people generally agree he does this to himself, but this kind of shit makes me feel genuinely so bad for Matt. She bullied her way into having all the sexual freedom she wants because she’s unstable as fuck but is so grossly possessive of him. She’s fucking toxic trash and even if he does choose to stay with her that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a huge toll on him. It’s beyond fucked up how she can even do that to someone

No. 834792

File: 1562740696386.jpeg (Spoiler Image,297.01 KB, 750x1199, 07A112EC-1FB5-4E1B-8A6B-47EA87…)

It’s sad to me how she truly looks so much happier pre surgeries, like for real. And the amount of posts since having surgery that make her seem truly insecure is sad since she claims she’s so much happier after all of her procedures.

No. 834856

>That's probably because she simply can't move her face that much anymore to express anything other than moody "bich"

No. 834860

File: 1562750286496.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1232x1088, Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 2.47…)


she's right though, sex appeal is a skill.

All of her net worth over like 8 years, most of her thoughts and mental energy, all of her work experience, most of her emotional labor…. have all gone into portraying a "hot" body (what ari deems as a "hot" body).

she's made it the most important thing in her life to play this role. at what cost, though?

sex work is literally all she has. She has no education or creative fulfillment from hobbies. it sounds like a sad life to spend literally all your time considering about how much you attract men, looking at yourself in selfie cam, risking your health & safety by allowing someone to rent your body.

but, ultimately, "looking hot" is the skill she has chosen to cultivate with her money and time. she has invested in her sex.

unfortunately for ari, beauty is a depreciating asset.

No. 834869

But she isn’t even good at it? She has one client and sees him every few weeks. She failed at all her modelling chances because she didn’t realise that modelling is more than having one dead expression. She has filled her SW Twitter with STD pics, breakdowns and picking fights.

I’m know there would be a niche for the whole dirty trash heroin chic kind of escort but she can’t even market that right.

No. 834889

funny how she keeps shitting on people with real jobs and schreeching about how they could never do what she does!!! yet she demands that people respect HER and HER job. and someone who is so happy with their job shouldn't feel the need to defend it all the time

No. 834900

File: 1562761645658.png (100.79 KB, 750x1334, A6A5C487-4E19-428C-BF61-F9240C…)

Posted on her only social platform she has to promote her sex work. Honestly I think a real career would be challenging for her in a lot of ways, but I feel like one of the biggest ways would be her not being able to contain her dumb disgusting thoughts to herself and speak them out loud to the people around her. Imagine her saying this shit to coworkers in an office. She doesn’t think, like ever.

No. 835156

File: 1562791758046.jpg (768.5 KB, 810x2393, Screenshot_20190710-164914_Twi…)

No. 835158

This is from tanning. It'll be right back to where it was soon enough

No. 835180


She’s literally turning into a cow with those spots. Moo!

No. 835183

File: 1562792993220.jpeg (215.43 KB, 750x1013, D21944BC-5592-49B5-A811-447690…)

No. 835187


Wonder how much her parents still look up to her seeing her covered in a STD rash getting pissed on so she can pay rent. I mean, if youre getting pissed on and cant afford to go to the doctor? Something is very wrong with your life decisions.

No. 835195

Well we will know it’s definitely syphilis if it goes away after this and doesn’t come back, that’s how long those symptoms last kek

No. 835248

File: 1562798551890.png (2.24 MB, 1125x2436, ECC243CC-B1D1-48F5-8895-55C990…)

when cows collide

No. 835258

File: 1562799475596.png (318.28 KB, 1536x2048, 1562796549143.png)


Ari is having it out with Taylor.


No. 835263

Those fucking scars crack me up. I guess we shouldn't have been surprised by her lack of concern with her rash since her boobjob and her facepicking showed us that she has no concern for skincare in general.
Holy shit I thought I was in the wrong thread for a second.

No. 835264

File: 1562800079251.jpg (55.25 KB, 1280x720, cute-rescued-baby-rabbit-drink…)

No. 835266

File: 1562800151823.png (446.96 KB, 1242x2208, FACC2B46-D71D-405A-9D58-749C2A…)

Ariana has no room to talk. Here she is getting shredded on Tumblr for her created gecko care.


No. 835267

File: 1562800176784.png (494.35 KB, 1242x2208, CC446459-7CA9-4F57-8340-C683D5…)


No. 835269

File: 1562800275921.png (479.57 KB, 1242x2208, A4DB4897-47F7-47A6-BE28-680044…)


No. 835271

File: 1562800367419.png (377.5 KB, 1242x2208, C280C2FB-EB7F-4FD1-9E4C-95EE73…)


No. 835288

File: 1562801586724.png (703.91 KB, 1242x2208, 3CAC0597-6149-46E9-943A-EE1090…)

“Guess what it’s twitter where everyone can give their input” lmao says the cow who gets mad whenever someone comments on a tweet of hers in a way that doesn’t fit her deluded agenda. I’ve never seen someone so contradictory

No. 835304

We know she lurks here. She probably is a regular poster in the Taylor thread.

No. 835309

“You’d go to a god damn doctor” LMAO actually no she wouldn’t apparently. No ones health has ever mattered to her apparently.

No. 835342


Lynn coming thru with the sick burn

No. 835351

File: 1562807829508.jpeg (389.21 KB, 2051x2051, 94FC0714-9803-4601-8719-673AA8…)

I honestly hope her Instagram starts working for her. It would probably make the milk flow better. She’d definitely do more lives since she hardly posts at alllllll on her snapchats and beats the dead “syphillis but make people think it’s psoriasis” horse.

No. 835353

File: 1562808138950.jpeg (570.28 KB, 750x1257, 3E23E391-13C8-4239-AA0C-7A255B…)

She changed her pinned tweet, too. Even though her death rash is “getting better”, she’s back to saying she can’t work at all. Even though she shoots herself in the foot daily in her SW twitter making her extremely unappealing to any potential clients.

I honestly wonder if she plasters the rash she claims is psoriasis all over her SW Twitter to prevent herself from getting new clients because it’s way easier to make yourself seem disgusting but not contagious as opposed to knowingly potentially infecting new unsuspecting people

No. 835363

File: 1562809138013.jpeg (172.41 KB, 750x534, B4470106-2C19-419B-B64D-1F8B27…)

Says a lot when your roommate and one of your “best friends” starts liking statuses like this. I wonder if they had a falling out for real, because she never posts stuff in his room like she was and doesn’t even talk about him anymore.

No. 835365

This is a reach

No. 835375

There’s no way she’s that smart, self aware, or cares that much.

No. 835381

>autoimmune disease
>sex worker


No. 835392

File: 1562815399464.jpeg (190.53 KB, 750x763, 0C60A793-B6EF-469C-B50D-D2A1DD…)

always lurking

No. 835463

Fucking men. Maybe if we keep nitpicking at random shit she’ll get more milky and post more cringey stuff to prove us wrong. Praying she gets IG back it was such a beautiful mess.

No. 835473

File: 1562828737993.png (206.31 KB, 750x1334, 6A68E4C0-CEA2-4770-A7CA-2E10AD…)

Her lurking this thread is growing even more disgustingly obvious. Bitch really needs to get on with her life. “Thriving” should not entail this amount of reminiscing on the past. Really putting an emphasis on how poor her future seems compared to old memories. Begs the question: Are you truly happy or just complacent with familiarity?

No. 835490

She’s recycling this bs tweet to prove us wrong lol. It’s kind of hard to prove us wrong when since she quit her job she has had a full manic breakdown which resulted in a break up with her bf, shaving her head (which she regrets) dangerous drug binges with strangers and a token dabble in escorting- she’s posting on reddit and twitter about being depressed and suicidal every other day so I don’t know how all of the above counts as being happier than before all that.

At this point she is contradicting herself literally multiple times a day. I’ve stopped trying to make sense of her because she’s an oblivious mess. But like a train wreck, it’s too fascinating to look away….

I on the one hand do not miss her Instagram, I’m grateful I can view the twitter and reddit milk without having to listen to her voice or she her face in motion, her insta stories were feral.

No. 835516

Def don’t miss her toothless looking baby mouth thing she has going on and yes grating voice

No. 835649


Is this salary job working for the heirs of Mars that was so rough the dog walking job?

No. 835655

No. 835656

Correct anon

No. 835796

It wasn’t even walking. She just sat outside on property while they ran around.

No. 835798


Kinda funny she quit her job that would have gotten her lots of sunshine to help her her psoriasis

But she quit for a job that requires her body to look good to make even half the amount she used to.


No. 835804

Funny how she makes it sound like she walked away from some grueling 9-5 corporate rat race. What a loser to drop a salaried (?!!!) dog walking job because she couldn't do that and her 2 sw jobs a month.

No. 835857

She didn’t even quit it to be a ~sex worker. Basically they hired some professional dog trainer and she was telling pnp what to do and she sperged out over it. I remember vividly the live she had where she talked about it and doormatt came in and was like “I was like, so angry, FOR YOU” basically ass kissing her. Couple days later she quit over the phone, no two weeks notice, nothing. THEN she decided she wanted to “hustle”. She got her boobs done on credit shortly after.

Of course no one close to her could tell her otherwise because she can’t listen to any criticism.

No. 835869


Haha so she’s “so much better than” and “so much happier” not working a salaried job she couldnt even get back if she tried.

Classic over-the-hill PnP

No. 835876

File: 1562880257184.jpeg (318.08 KB, 1242x1834, 9C5361C6-FF07-40AE-849E-72FB29…)

God could you imagine getting upset and put into a bad mood over a video on Twitter? Like omg no wonder she never leaves her house, every tiny thing either gives her anxiety or puts her in a bad mood. Ariana, go to the doctor and get mental help please.

No. 835881

File: 1562880904267.jpeg (128.07 KB, 750x587, 7AA79DB8-3190-404E-996A-D1FEA5…)

Classic pnp needing instant gratification

Also confirmed that she hasn’t been making money since her ~psoriasis started, but buys a kitten. Probably hasn’t had that vet check yet either

No. 835960

File: 1562888652001.png (1.81 MB, 1455x2048, 1805473466.png)

Someone posted this in a group on Facebook and I had a hearty kek. She's mostly filler.

No. 835965

Part of it is also due to her eating disorder making her sickly skinny in pic #1.

No. 836079


first picture, she looks 28 years old

second picture, a rough 38. what has she done to herself…

No. 836086

File: 1562900351253.jpg (409.87 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20190711_195727.jpg)

The first pic timeline wise would actually be around here

No. 836089

File: 1562900735458.jpg (1.3 MB, 810x4896, Screenshot_20190711-230523_Twi…)

No. 836103

She is way to lazy and inconsistent to be caring for these animals. She ended up quitting her dog sitting job because that new trainer insisted on her keeping one of the dogs leashed when they walked (that particular dog was having behavioural issues) and she went off on her insta and quit… if she can’t go through the effort of leashing a dog (because in her words it was too hard to have another dog roam free with one leashed) then you really think she is monitoring humidity and temperature levels on the regular?

No. 836104

She doesn’t actually have any good response or argument to support her ideas, she just replies with “omg I’m so concerned for u” ..she does this all the time. It’s very annoying.

No. 836137

Is her dress on backwards?

No. 836216

If its from one of those online boutiques (I.E. Dollskill) that caters to “edgy” skinny instathot cringelords, probably not.

No. 836227

File: 1562911941403.jpeg (203 KB, 750x1297, 318542E4-00AE-45D3-B867-F92569…)

Yeah the dress is meant to be like that

No. 836247

File: 1562915507651.png (105.76 KB, 750x1334, 17440EDC-17E2-4C2D-9F32-AB3721…)

She can’t go by herself, she needs Matt to babysit her ass even at the gym. This whole time she’s been making it seem like she was so independent and doing this by herself.

No. 836267

File: 1562921062885.jpeg (110.67 KB, 1207x288, E0FA3B90-FCE4-47B8-84BE-734184…)

Flash backs to her foursome with ppeaked / babytrash and her husband, and Matt. What an absolute shitshow that was! I actually really like babytrash/Kaycee now, she was problematic as hell but she’s grown heaps. She still appears to be everything Ariana wants to be, not surprised if that’s where this gym inspo is coming from tbh.

No. 836289

I can't believe she was modeling for such a big brand and just let it slip between her fingers… Now she's living in a crack house with the man who allowed her to be assaulted, and lcan't even engage in sw because she contracted an STI as a result.

No. 836292

She used to work for the heirs of the Mars candy company? why the hell did she quit to do shitty SW? that's the complete opposite of thriving.

No. 836324

LOL holy shit !..FUCK she’s the absolute worst dude. She’s so manipulative. I can’t believe she’s been making Matt go. Well, I guess I can believe it ..considering her personality. It’s not that hard just to go by yourself you fuckin drama queen. But no, of course you’re so codependent you could never do anything alone. Doesn’t matt have a real job? I’m sure he’s tired and sore. Your ass gets to sit home all day and SLEEP.

No. 836343

When was babytrash (Kaycee) ever problematic? Imo she was kinda cringe but not really problematic

No. 836396

Matt didn't "allow her to get assaulted" she's an adult responsible for herself and left with the guy, leaving matt alone. The only one to truly blame for the assault is the man who took whatever he wanted. Her choice to walk away wasn't up to matt. Not defending matt. But at least only blame him for things he's responsible for. Making him responsible for something he didn't cause is treating him exactly the way Ariana does.

No. 836399

She needs to make better decisions for herself and when bad things come up she needs to blame the actual attacker rather than projecting on to the one person that tries to care about her

No. 836403

File: 1562946342983.jpeg (335.62 KB, 750x739, 84FF51E1-25B4-4D7B-AC3D-E8A84E…)

sounds like one of matt’s friends told her to get over her rape and go get tested.

No. 836405


I love watching her try to look down on people because its always so obvious she’s just projecting her own insecurities. It’s actually a pretty insightful look at how she really sees herself.

Does it make you insecure to feel like you’ve peaked already, Ari? I bet you think that insult is killer because it destroys you every time someone point it out.

No. 836421


All time record for PnP reading this thread and than posting on twitter about it. Anon calling our her codependency got her jimmies all russled

No. 836423

File: 1562947482732.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190712_115157154.jpg)

It's pathetic watching her convince herself that a strict diet + exercising is healthy and helping her syphilis- sorry I mean psoriasis haha. She's completely back into her eating disorder while simultaneously sitting on a high horse about being hEaLtHy. She would rather self-diagnose her skin and control it with anorexic style eating habits and exercise than just take proper care of herself. It really is like watching somebody slowly commit suicide.

No. 836424

In the same 24 hour period she goes on about how she is underweight, and about how she would lose weight if she didn't order so much take out.

No. 836468

She’s obviously wanting attention and sympathy for this ED. I think that’s why she goes back and forth between discussing her low weight & going to the gym/laxatives..etc. she’s desperate for attention and wants people to know she’s slipping..tries to make it seem like she wants people to believe she’s healthy but it’s clear to me she wants everyone to know she’s falling back into her disordered habits.

In a way it works because I do not enjoy seeing anyone slip into eating disordered habits. She really doesn’t need to be going to the gym so much especially if she’s not eating right. Sometimes she claims she’s eating like normal, other times not at all. Intermittent fasting can still be part of an ED. EDs are common with BPD as people really use their ED/low weight to define themselves. Speaking from experience w/ anorexia. I could be wrong though.

No. 836509

I’ve noticed her tweets get less likes and replies now. No one wants to hear her shit.

No. 836551

File: 1562959298586.jpeg (134.97 KB, 750x848, 59F8337F-2C7B-4FA0-B333-DA01B9…)

No. 836555

??? She didn’t even say anything mean ???

No. 836567

As a former bulimic, her behavior gets on my fucking nerves. This idiot is insufferable

No. 836592

I know I'm late but I wanted to chime in on her health insurance sperging as another person who lives in PA. It is INCREDIBLY easy to get medicaid in this state, and it is completely free. You can do most of the sign up process online, you only have to use the phone once to set everything up, but choosing your provider and your GP can be done online. (You can also filter it so you can go to a specialist, there is a dermatology filter.)

I know it has been said a lot before but this bitch isn't even TRYING. If she was she would have insurance in less than two weeks for no cost at all. You dont even have to have a steady job to do so!

No. 836595

she should just post her food pictures and move on. it annoys the fuck out of me every time she posts the details of her diet (natural PB!!) like it’s anything special. she should post gym selfies too instead of this weird humble brag ~I’ve gone four days in a row but I’m still not sore~. Oh wait, posting like a normal person on social media wouldnt gain enough attention to her ED.. never mind.

No. 836619

She is so fucking annoying..
Today i took a big shit then i worked out for 2 hours walked my dog, i am gonna do my makeup to for my d appointment then take a bubble bath and wait for matt to come home
Bitch call a friend nobody cares about your boring life

No. 836622

Matt is soooo great for bringing me food, frogger is old and idk what im gonna do when she dies, y’all are dumb for assuming shit I don’t post everything about my life stop obsessing over me, sex work is the best thing I’ve ever done, psoriasis makes me depressed!!, I’m living my BEST life, I’m not skinny enough

what else did I miss?

No. 836644

File: 1562965855751.jpeg (293.93 KB, 749x1459, 07AC79EE-91B9-4CF3-B663-5CDFE3…)

This is especially funny following >>836622

Also does she actually have an appointment or is she just announcing ~officially back as an escort because her rash has cleared up enough?

No. 836766

Nah you definitely still look and sound diseased Syphiana

No. 836787

File: 1562973508228.png (342.21 KB, 1242x2208, 2F0343B1-C1DA-4B1F-A73B-47277F…)

This is so funny to me because I remember when she was ~scorpioasshoe~ on instagram and she’d always say how she doesn’t buy into astrology and thinks it’s dumb etc but that she just liked the name and slowly she moved on to saying she doesn’t get along with Gemini’s or something and now she’s to the point where she genuinely wants to know her birth chart?? She just loves trying on new personalities for size to see how they feel and to see how much attention it can all get her

No. 836792

File: 1562973769118.jpg (456.69 KB, 1016x1354, 1562973652078.jpg)

"Trigger warnings don't exist in real life"
"You're triggering me!!"
Bitch pick a side and stay there

No. 836796

She used her rash to define her personality (ew lol) now that’s clearing she needs the ED to define her personality.

Also is this rash clearing lining up with the natural recession of a syphilis rash? I haven’t been overly paying attention to the timeline. I hope she’s getting tested now that she’s back to escorting.

No. 836806

Problematic might be the wrong word. Her past behaviour of romanticising unhealthy habits.. drugs, alcohol, ED. I think she’s outgrown it all now and luckily she dodged a bullet with Ariana.

No. 836812

Yes. Her rash is within the right timeline to go dormant for now. That’s when the real shit starts developing though.

No. 836860


bring on the madness!

No. 836866

of course she isn’t going to get tested, let’s be real.

No. 836894

I noticed this happen to after she cowtipped herself on Twitter, I thought it might have just been a crazy coincidence but I wonder how many people actually looked it up and read through the threads and now only follow her for the shit show.

No. 836924

I am one of those people.

No. 836941


People in r/psoriasis told her the same, and she didn't reply despite repeatedly whining about not having insurance or money because she "lost her job" due to being sick. She made it all about muh oppression points reinforced by her usual denial, projection, and arrogance.


She could possibly have a recurrence, but it would be much less severe.

The rash appeared 8 weeks and 2 days ago.

No. 836989

I really want to see a PnP markov chain generator

No. 837034


lmao I hope she sees this.

"Ooh please don't call me skinny" as if she wouldn't get off from people acting concerned about her weight. or as if she's in recovery instead of leaning into her ED.

She's manic as fuck right now on her eating disorder and outcall.

No. 837043

I live in PA. I’m on Medicaid. I honestly make less than her because of what she claims, and I still can afford that payment. I work too much to make enough to live each fucking day. She’s too much of a stupid bitch to actually try.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 837156

No1curr anon. This isn’t your blog.

No. 837209

File: 1563023634758.jpeg (212.71 KB, 1242x671, EE9B6A69-2873-42DD-857D-1715F0…)

Had she ever mentioned what birth control she uses?? It’s obviously not the pill if she has no idea when her period is coming. Wouldn’t be shocked if she isn’t using anything besides a condom.. and even that I remember her being flexible on.

And her tweet about her juice guy.. how much of a bitch does she have to be to be publicly swooning over a guy when she has a bf? I know she says the SW is strictly business but talking about other guys like that is ok now too? I bet Matt loves reading that. I would love to see him treat her the way she treats him. That would be the most epic milk.

No. 837215

I would doubt she is on any birth control because of her body issues and lack of knowledge.she had better step up her hoing game, she's getting a bit old to only have 1 client.

No. 837219


The insurance is not the point. She doesn't want to go to the doctor because then she would have to face the truth of her dangerous behavior.

No. 837224

File: 1563025858706.jpeg (136.07 KB, 750x1250, 4D06C6A6-9A09-4AD7-A514-5D9F70…)

Why? So you can give him an STI. I puked in my mouth a little bit.

No. 837236

She sits on her ass in her bed or sleeps all day so I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t even know what day it is. I really hope that the way she treats Matt comes back to bite her in the ass soon, it’s beyond fucked up at this point.

No. 837289

File: 1563034608265.jpeg (185.8 KB, 750x1059, 511E0C71-55B7-46F7-9B38-2310E8…)

When you’re a sex worker and barely get tested.

No. 837306

No thanks Ari, I don’t feel like ruining my dad’s day/month/year.

No. 837339

File: 1563041096550.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, B2E5B25E-0764-4C96-AFA2-063F1A…)

With all her syphilis tanning, she’s faded her versatile hoe tattoo to oblivion

No. 837403

Saw that post too! I can't believe how many people came to her defense saying she looks good now… but I loved seeing people link lolcow and talk about her "psoriasis" lmao

No. 837465

Tbh it looks like she didn't do aftercare properly and it just never had a chance to heal. Probably because she aggressively takes baths and that's not good for fresh tattoos.

No. 837636

File: 1563066802177.png (9.07 MB, 1242x2208, 3E1708C8-C9DC-4D9E-8D06-77531C…)

These “extensions” make me speechless.

No. 837723

File: 1563073757402.jpeg (172.05 KB, 969x732, E0A7F7CE-F273-41E5-858C-05994A…)

Noticed this. Kaycee posted about her extensions on the 4th of July. Ariana posted pictures around the 6th

No. 837732

File: 1563074840776.png (214.8 KB, 356x357, tumblr_inline_ngcxouj58D1siuqt…)

Her new header on Twitter just reminds me of rickety cricket everytime I see it. It's all about the hips and nips..

No. 837765

I’d never seen babytrash until this thread and it’s hilarious to me how much ariana looks like a completely botched wannabe version of her. She even has similar tattoos. She could never. Get ur own fucking identity

No. 837859

I won’t be surprised if Ariana chops her botched extensions into a bob next.

No. 837900

scarlet fever?

No. 837914

File: 1563103227007.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, 1E071E9E-3AF6-483D-BD38-1CD2EB…)

Actually the symptoms and rash for scarlet fever are pretty similar to Ariana’s symptoms. The only problem with this theory is that i haven’t seen her tongue recently so idk if she has strawberry tongue, it’s contagious and it doesn’t look like Matt or her roommate got anything, and I couldn’t find the rates of scarlet fever in Dominica. Just thought it was interesting(medfagging)

No. 837953

File: 1563111440872.jpeg (636.7 KB, 750x1071, A1EAF4FD-2ECB-4100-957C-16C28F…)

Are those scars around her lips from the 500 lip fillers she’s gotten? When she used to post videos of herself getting the fillers on Instagram, I wondered how you wouldn’t develop scarring from repetitively sticking the same spots with a needle even if it is like a 27 g…

No. 837955


The ones above her lips? They look like piercing holes.

No. 837956

No, it’s old piercing scars.

No. 838006

She claims that she doesn't do hard drugs anymore but she looks xanned out af constantly

No. 838015

Every time I see her lip lift scars, I cringe. Or nose job scars. Not sure.

No. 838020

File: 1563125078747.png (Spoiler Image,2.54 MB, 1284x2048, Screenshot_20190714-105953.png)

Saw this and reminded me of Ariana

No. 838024

File: 1563125547712.png (465.93 KB, 1125x2001, 3FC73278-8DFD-455A-B51F-892A73…)

So it seems she DOES only have one client…..

No. 838081

I'm sure she does but where does it say that?

No. 838109

I've had scarlet fever and if she let that now dead disease rock for so long I'm pretty sure she would have literally died. That rash is no joke. Sorry for blog but I think syphilis is way more likely.

No. 838137

She had 2 “regular” clients but the other one dumped her when her rash showed up. Shocker!

No. 838179

Sage your posts.

Stop reaching. She's clearly saying "my client" because she is talking about one particular client, not because she only has one client (who knows). It's this type of dumb reaching and tinfoiling that makes the thread lack credibility.

No. 838185

I'm sticking to scabies.

No. 838187

File: 1563143482625.png (246.48 KB, 985x409, friend of scabies.png)

dropped pic
exhibit A

No. 838190

File: 1563143696902.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, E24D1A1D-F7E0-41F8-AE8F-7531B1…)

I can’t believe she thinks this looks good.

No. 838194

I second that.
The ratty dealer of my ex bf got scabies too and it looked exactly the same..

No. 838199

The colors don’t even match and you can tell she hasn’t been taking care of those extensions because of how ratty they look. Plus the extensions they sell at Sally’s (where she bought them impulsively) are shit quality, there’s much better online. This is worse than any wig she’s butchered so far.

No. 838203

I don't think it could be, otherwise Matt would have it too. And probably Aaron.

No. 838207


Yeah also you have to have specific treatment to treat scabies and she hasn't unless she's straight up lying about having psoriasis.

No. 838236

File: 1563148368278.jpeg (171.3 KB, 750x996, 78CBC1F6-94A8-43EB-81DE-2FCC2A…)

At least she acknowledges it looks ridiculous kek

No. 838379

She didn't even have the common sense to wash her greasy hair before clipping in her ratty extensions for selfies

No. 838419

Didn't her rash suddenly appear in huge red chunks? Scabies develops over time, the first month or so you don't even recognize having something apart from being super itchy all the time. Scabies looks like her rash after having it for several months if not years. I think the syphilis theory is the most plausible one, but it's all tinfoling eventiully

No. 838439

File: 1563193293932.png (85.23 KB, 750x1334, 4AB588AA-C763-4E0E-91DC-A82FC3…)

Up at 4am and contemplating going to the gym, im probably tinfoiling but my guess is she’s either completely manic or her client gave her drugs and she’s high as shit since. Her tweets since her “appointment” just seem to have way more delusional energy to them which really contradicts the “fatigue” she’s been whining about.

No. 838548

File: 1563213278996.jpeg (110.34 KB, 750x680, 2981D1DE-4237-4CDF-B75B-61B5D3…)

I concur, anon. Wtf are these tweets

No. 838603

>wooooo weoooo
>4am gym thoughts

i ain't no psycho-pharmacologist but like i know what /i'm/ like on blow.

No. 838616

Also remember she just saw her “favorite” client the other day. Didn’t she say somewhere she’s always given “really great coke” whenever they have an appointment? I can’t find it but she already has a well known history of using during work.

No. 838693

File: 1563233190399.jpeg (311.15 KB, 750x642, A6D74AD6-88DB-4DA4-AAC1-52443F…)

Considering how much she documents every completely normal thing she does including give us ingredient lists for her "healthy" meals, I seriously doubt she's going to the gym. We'd be seeing gym selfies or hearing about all the different exercises she's done because she can't not post every detail of her life online.

No. 838707

Jfc. She tweeted that she made a vet apt for the kitten like the same week she got it…never saw her post about going to the vet so i doubt the kitten ever even went…hopefully she takes it this time bc that kitten was not vaccinated or fixed when she got it according to the craigslist posting she tweeted

No. 838714

File: 1563235857348.jpg (166.25 KB, 1439x479, Screenshot_20190715-180906_Chr…)

So she'll take her pets to the vet regularly, yet won't take herself to the doctor when she has a nasty ass whole body rash?

No. 838758

File: 1563243311489.jpeg (421.37 KB, 750x1254, 91BD985C-EE40-423A-A15D-1A4C83…)

Says the girl who has had full blown symptoms of something going terribly wrong in her body for months now yet still hasn’t been evaluated by any medical physicians in person…. because of the cost… I highly, highly doubt she’s ever taken her animals to the vet for annual check ups. What a hypocrite… especially after the whole gecko incident… I legit feel bad for her pets.

No. 838768

File: 1563244196330.jpeg (175.21 KB, 1223x960, 9DDE0A0B-51EC-4005-BFD8-03F5EB…)

Is this a joke

No. 838769

File: 1563244225912.jpeg (358.51 KB, 1242x1680, C454DE14-CEB2-4059-8618-14EA2F…)

She posted this just hours ago lmaooo

No. 838770

She gets her dog groomed more regularly than a lot of people. I don’t doubt she takes at least her dog and cats there yearly.

No. 838772

oh my god
how can someone be so stupid

No. 838796

She’s also literally bragged about her credit score and paying off her debts and bills before like…. girl…. come ON…

No. 838800

Just finished reading the thread of this whorecow. I find her syphilis denial fascinating and morbid. Psoriasis? I don't think the bane of a raped prostitute's existence is sudden onset psoriasis with a bunch of flu-like symptoms, fatigue, and weird digestive issues that usually are not on par with a psoriasis diagnosis.

This rash will go away eventually but her next "psoriasis flare up" could happen years down the line as her syphilis becomes latent in her body. Except the night time it returns, it could have severe consequences.
Let me guess, she'll celebrate the sudden disappearance of the syphilis rash and flu symptoms as a victory against the hadursss while she continues to struggle with her BPD roller coaster? Of pretending her life is great in one minute while complaining about life in the next? Tsk.

No. 838801

File: 1563248669161.png (954.04 KB, 750x1334, 465DFA98-72C0-48C1-9F4C-0A7C40…)

kek someone I know from high school posted this.
Is this a farmer or actually a random “stalker”

No. 838809

File: 1563250045928.jpeg (101.82 KB, 750x454, 91258491-7609-46B2-A5CE-EEBE97…)

I have a feeling the milk flood gates will soon burst open

No. 838831

Did she delete it? I'm not seeing it on her page anymore.

No. 838834

File: 1563255729947.jpeg (594.15 KB, 750x1189, 927BA9CC-31E6-48F6-8C2D-4BA1BC…)

Not sure if her fillers are dissolving or because she's back on her ED bullshit but she's starting to look a whole lot like her pre op self lately, lmao.

No. 838839

It's because her upper lip has foundation on it and it creates the illusion of her pre lip-lift face.

No. 838901

She still looks bloated as fuck with way too much filler to me? But her old face has always been visible anyway

No. 838926

File: 1563281793796.jpeg (186.71 KB, 1125x1049, 2CD6FA70-61C1-4720-8760-0914C6…)

I think the hair is worse. She looks like one of the little boys from stranger things. That isn’t a compliment.

No. 839007

I came here to post the same thing. That picture looks like her pre op self and it is creepy as fuck. I feel bad that she paid so much money to look the same after the fillers dissolve or depending on the illusion of putting makeup on lips.

No. 839045

File: 1563302002279.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190716-123329.png)

Imagine booking an escort and this appears

No. 839046

File: 1563302029139.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190716-122235.png)

Utterly disgusted kek

No. 839054

There's a plethora of reasons to make fun of Ariana, but her disheveled appearance after going for a jog isn't one. Stop samefagging

No. 839058

File: 1563303722994.png (8.6 MB, 1125x2436, A3161830-6EE0-411F-8BCA-4EF355…)

Matt posted this. Is this one of Arianas animals?
I dont know anything about lizards but this cage looks dreary and dirty to me.

No. 839103

wtf is all the shit in her hair tho? jfc.

No. 839175

that picture smells like an old sponge and urine.

No. 839228

Dandruff because she has a dry scalp. She tried to use head and shoulders but the bitch doesn’t realize head & shoulders only makes it worse so you’ll keep buying. Need to salon brand that flaky shit because it looks wack. Redken up. Just a tip bc I know you’re reading this!

No. 839241

This bitch is so grimy.

No. 839314

File: 1563339342834.jpeg (125.21 KB, 750x741, 8112BF1F-E5DB-46A8-AA71-FAD782…)

I fucking called it.

No. 839320

Yeah Ariana, I'm sure everything will fall into place and the productivity that eludes you will finally be within grasp. Until another convenient excuse emerges, of course.

No. 839353

she's excited about moving bc of lighting lmao what a narc. does she know that she can buy lamps?

No. 839363

It's not really narc behavior, it's just she just needs to compulsively make up excuses to account for all her failures. It alleviates her anxiety and keeps her from facing her failures head-on, because she can pin all her shortcomings on environmental factors instead of examining the internal reasons why she defaults to avoidance and learned helplessness. Don't take enough pictures? It's because the house is so ugly and the lightening is soo bad– I'll take so many amazing pics when the environment is better! I only have 2 clients? Well it's because I prefer quality of quantity yanno? Sex work has put me in contact with soo many amazing people! #blessed

No. 839464

File: 1563381228095.png (862.48 KB, 1242x2688, A92AB23B-5859-4106-9125-BBD1EA…)

I know this is pretty much a dead topic but the fact she has this much scarring rules out both a syphlis and psoriasis rash as neither of them are known to leave scars.

No. 839478

Kek. I’m actually dead. Could there be anyone less self aware on the entire planet? I doubt it.

No. 839540

Wait, so what could it be at this point with the rash timeline and scarring?

No. 839578

There are so many things it could be (pityriasis versicolor leaves discoloured skin, the causes match her living conditions etc etc etc) The point is, she and we will never know without a proper diagnosis

No. 839626

Not to medfag. But I’m pretty sure most cases of psoriasis only affect a small part of the body. Hers looks like it covers all of her legs and thighs, groin, possibly face too (I think she reported that). Also outbreaks typically last 2-3 weeks. Even if it turns out she DOES have guttate psoriasis, there seems to be something else going on that makes this outbreak much more serious. I have read that more severe manifestations can lead to decreased lifespan.
Saged for no milk but just wanting to relay how serious this is, and further showing how concerning it is that she utterly refuses to see a medical professional……can’t rly be “showin the haterzzz” when you’re dead at 35(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 839717

She's being weirdly quieg, hasn't posted anything since yesterday at 7 am(lrn2sage)

No. 839940

No. 839953

Only thing new to update, which isn’t even related to the cow per se, is that Ariana’s old ex Timothy is getting engaged to his 4yr old flame. Could have something to do with why she’s so quiet? Kinda doubt it.(3.2 lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 839954

bitch's hand is 2 feet long

No. 839976

Probably not but this might bring it to her attention seeing as she stalks these threads kek

No. 839984

lmao whose hand is bigger than they head?

No. 839991

More like 2 hands long yuk yuk yuk

No. 840001

I totally believe that this is the reason for her silence. In this tweet >>830807 she admits that she looks at his social media and is nostalgic for their relationship. Knowing how ariana is so self-destructive and obsessive, she definitely stalks her ex and his girl's pages. Not gonna lie, I looked through both their instas and if I was ariana and still had feelings for him that shit would sting. They seem really happy and perfect for each other. Her and doormat's relationship doesn't even come close. Maybe their engagement was just another trigger for a classic PNP spiral.

No. 840015

Samefag but, is there anything to report from the snap anons?
The last time she was this quiet was when she found out she was pregnant, but even then she was posting cryptic messages in a dark room on snap.

No. 840033

No, she hasn’t put anything on the old snap. Don’t know about the premium… not willing to go there though, no thanks!

No. 840059

File: 1563492388794.jpeg (126.83 KB, 1124x982, 9F78ABA7-A232-4D32-B51E-19F6D5…)

im 99% sure this is about ariana LOL

No. 840087

1. Irrelevant 2. She's holding it in front of her to see the ring. Obv it is a minor warp from the front camera, her hands are not that long.

No. 840203

Ntayrt but her hands are pretty long lol

I think it might have something to do with her silence, but I’m surprised she’s not posting inflammatory tweets or saying how much she loves Matt or something.

Aaron totally deleted this tweet lmao

No. 840210

You’re right it doesn’t matter, BUT she does have gigantic hands and there’s no reason to pretend she doesn’t.

Also, it is definitely surprising that pnp hasn’t posted. I wonder why.

No. 840239

Yea this matches up so well great tinfoil.

No. 840250

I know it's a long shot, but I hope watching her ex thrive motivates her to leave her stale-ass toxic relationship and start trying to flourish alone. Of course she won't though because Matt is her security blanket and her self-esteem is so low she legitimately thinks no one else will love her. She's young and it's upsetting to watch her flush her own life down the toilet, but c'est la milk

No. 840365

I'm pretty sure posting her ex and his fiancée is against the rules? They have nothing to do with Ariana

No. 840397

File: 1563542430785.png (Spoiler Image,3.41 MB, 1242x2208, 6D38F579-4DDA-478D-94B7-18632B…)


No. 840423

then report it

No. 840458

File: 1563551053718.jpeg (741.77 KB, 750x5856, 9C9B730E-38AE-4FFA-8DC2-B44ACD…)

Since we’re low on milk, I compiled some caps on ariana’s relationship with her ex. The first is from an anon in an earlier thread that knew her in high school, the psych ward thing was confirmed in this cap

Taking into consideration what she posted here >>830807, and what anon says about how Ariana went on a hate campaign about her ex, we can see pnp’s bpd split in full force

To add insult to injury, her ex kept their dog (Hank), which I can see Ariana being weirdly jealous over.

The last caps are just tinfoil shits n giggles, fiancé wears a pink wig and is doing a Natalie Portman Closer thing, Ariana did something similar last year. This one is just reaching, but I found it moderately amusing since ari can’t think of anything original even for Halloween

No. 840485

So this is actually pretty interesting because I had tinfoil floating around in my head that ariana finally got tested and received less than ideal results. Obviously she can't keep marketing herself on her sw page if she's got an std.
I wasn't going to speculate that until there was some sort of evidence, but this definitely makes ariana's silence seem more suspicious.
As mentioned above, the last time she was this quiet, she was pregnant.

Oof ariana doing the natalie portman costume after the ex's new girl is so cringey.

No. 840501

Guys.. look at her reddit

No. 840507

File: 1563558189462.png (Spoiler Image,921.66 KB, 878x802, ppr.PNG)

No. 840510


what the actual fuck

No. 840519

File: 1563559058933.png (47 KB, 708x270, 1019288722786.png)

this bitch literally can not ever do anything the right way

inb4 she replies with a bitchy remark, even though she asked for advice

No. 840524

Her ex gets engaged. She poorly defiles a dead animal. Nice.

No. 840525

did she catch this from her basement? kek

No. 840536

well that explains >>840059

No. 840545

Ok guys she's on snap talking about how she's been gone on a mini vacation with one of her clients and she's seeing another one this weekend in New York. She's also talking about how she skinned this chipmunk or something and I want to gag.

No. 840552

She also just said she doesn't want to work but then back tracked saying it's because she's depressed. I feel like she doesn't want to admit that she actually doesn't like being an escort.

No. 840554

I find it incredibly hard to believe that she went on a "mini vacation" and didn't tweet the entire time. She can't even have a one night stay in a hotel without posting hotel room selfies.

I think when she entered this line of work, she expected to be like latinamilk right off the bat…an abundance of clients, a large and supportive following, luxurious vacations, etc.
But, yet again, she is just the dollar store version of everything she attempts in life.

Also, post caps.

No. 840592

i know taxidermy is a legitimate hobby, but the shoddy job combined with her multitude of other borderline and antisocial behaviors, it just reads as sociopathic and ill
>sage for armchairing

No. 840609

She’s definitely on a temporary ban from twitter. She was saying all that stuff to Ann Coulter to kill herself and I bet someone reported it lol. No way she has the self-discipline to not post.

No. 840648

File: 1563567454211.jpeg (272.59 KB, 750x1213, 0E8E8C79-4526-4256-8BA6-EF7718…)

She just posted this on her reddit

Will be able to post caps in a few hours if someone else doesn’t but I can confirm she was on her snap saying she was on vacation with her client on the beach in a ~nice ass hotel~, says she hates working and seems like she’s going to say she didn’t hate it before she “got depressed” but goes on a tangent about depression and never finishes.

No. 840665

Chould this be syphilis brain already? Judging by the responses to her posts she did everything wrong, so she didn't even research anything. She just skinned a dead animal and put random shit on it to then wrap it around… something, to create this >>840648

Something has to be eating her brain away.

No. 840677

what kind of animal even is that? if it's a chipmunk (which it seems to be based on markings, but I'm so thrown off by its shape) it looks like she just shoved a hot dog inside of it, it's so tubular

No. 840701

Will you cap the part where she says she has had dead animals in her freezer for YEARS. this girl is so disgusting

No. 840707

she legit just made a chipmunk log and is so pleased with herself wtf.

No. 840721

she completely ignored it and only replied to the hugbox message ahahahaha

No. 840770

Was this deleted? Kek

No. 840780

So I literally don’t get it. She talks about her Invisalign she just finished on her snap…. but like that shit isn’t cheap. Obviously she probably used credit, but then used to brag all the time about having great credit and never missing appointments. How is she so totally okay with rearranging her face and teeth with credit, but, uh, not using it for her actual health? The shit blows my mind.

No. 840955

File: 1563599415416.jpg (217.2 KB, 1172x1062, dumb thot.jpg)

to call her a retard at this point is an understatement, how can she document her hypocrisy and still not see it

No. 840962

Please sage, this was posted and discussed 4 days ago

No. 841063

Anyone else feel like this is just way too specific for it to NOT be about Ariana?

No. 841103

Sorry for the shit quality. The end she just talks about the process of skinning the chipmunk and it’s boring as fuck so I didn’t record that to save everyone the trouble

No. 841116

How did she already finish her Invisalign but her mouth/teeth look the exact same? She is seriously the only person I’ve ever seen that looks like they have no teeth when they talk, it’s jarring as fuck.

No. 841183

I’m sure she just got a knock off online without the help of a professional.

No. 841196

She originally got it "to fix her lisp". She would go over on lives about her having an open bite (she doesn't) and that she'd need a $10,000 jaw surgery. girl is obsessed with her flaws

No. 841198

She literally can't seem to decide if she hates sex working or not. In the video she says she "hates working" which seems for her in general is the truth but every other day she posts about how she loves it . It's being made more and more transparent with time that this is destroying her mentally

No. 841223

File: 1563657598759.jpeg (965.71 KB, 2048x2048, 2269D750-5037-49A2-B1B8-6A3FC9…)

Expectation vs reality

No. 841448

No. 841759

File: 1563746029485.jpeg (725.07 KB, 1125x1377, 9EE49251-A163-4D6B-9770-4598D4…)


No. 841761

She's slowly becoming a horrorcow between that rash situation and dead animal hording.

No. 841779

File: 1563748638005.jpeg (418.86 KB, 750x967, 057956B6-421F-40BD-ACD4-C7C8F6…)

Literally hoping she gets her account back because the milk was splendid

No. 841787

didn't she already say she had a "freezer full" of dead animals? why not do something with those before acquiring more? so fucking bizarre.

No. 841798

She changed her pinned tweet but still hasn't tweeted, she must be blocked from tweeting. especially since she is now trying to get her Instagram back again

No. 841807

File: 1563751226387.jpeg (514.62 KB, 750x1184, 0297CDEC-35AF-4590-8EB9-5FB55A…)

seems to be the case

No. 841816

File: 1563751929287.jpeg (168.78 KB, 750x1015, E9FFC3B3-1174-4A09-922F-00D2BF…)

Comments on her most recent tweet where she talks about how she’ll create content when they move. Not sure if anyone has her on fb, only thing that can be seen as an outsider is she changed her profile picture.

No. 842121

It looks like she stuffed it with a fucking dildo

No. 842229

LOL she contacted the Better Business Bureau like they'd give a fuck about some e-whore's instagram~

No. 842421

File: 1563827488493.png (164.65 KB, 750x1334, E081D4DE-76B6-4046-B976-A5B62E…)

She’s giving advice to others now.

No. 842442

Infection? Does she not know what autoimmune means?

No. 842465


Gosh I just want to give a big HAHAHAHA to PnP not being able to tweet. That’s fucking hilarious and serves her right.

Also prayers to doorMatt who probably has to hear every single half retarded thought that pops into her head until its back - because lord knows this girl has no friends.

This chick has so much bad karma surrounding her.

No. 842741

in this thread she claims that she didn't break any of instagrams guideline and that instagram is personally attcking her lol. correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't that the profile where she kept reuploading that thot knife video? and even though people kept telling her that it was against the rules she would insist that her posts got taken down bc of "jealous hoes" reporting it?

No. 842765

What’s the thot knife video? I must have missed that

No. 842802

She was playing with a knife in her mouth trying to be edgy (licking it etc) and then she got banned

No. 842909

File: 1563909521976.jpeg (158.87 KB, 719x991, 70A66A6A-ED5D-4E90-BF24-918612…)

and she’s back

No. 843001

Why couldn’t she post?

No. 843012

Pretty sure it’s because she told Ann Coulter to kill herself lmao. Coming from someone who hAtEs BuLliEs

No. 843049

File: 1563925091737.jpeg (188.38 KB, 750x1082, 5B12E84E-BE86-422D-9237-2B88A1…)


No. 843057

Why is her shirt LITERALLY hanging by a thread?

No. 843082

All her posts about men trying to haggle prices for her… wonder if they want the psoriasis discount? kek

No. 843302

It's only worth what someones willing to pay

No. 843345

i vote that she be considered a horrorcow from now on. the rumours of her getting her dog to eat her out, being into beastiality videos, watching liveleak & bestgore, the freezer full of animal carcasses… for dissection and taxidermy…
its all very jeffrey dahmer/norman bates. its all pretty fucking creepy if you ask me. i could totally see her flying into a murderous rage if doormatt ever cheated. like i knew she wasnt right in the head but all this recent stuff is freak level fucked up. i can just see her down there in her shit encrusted basement with her new mullet style hair, dissecting some roadkill. …. fucking bleak.

No. 843375

File: 1563973674967.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, 1DDDF6BF-88AE-470D-B19C-E28F3C…)

Does anyone else think her nosejob is bad? The profile is ugly af and the bridge is wide as hell, which she obviously hates because she contours the shit out of it everytime she does her makeup & makes it look completely different than what it really is. Must suck to pay thousand for a nose job and end up altering its appearance every day anyway.

No. 843377

it is horrible and it doesn't help that her nostrils are fucking huge

No. 843387

her nose isn’t too bad. like if you saw her in public and didn’t know her you wouldn’t instantly clock her beak or anything. but when she smiles her original face shows through completely and it’s so fucking jarring.. i don’t think anything can even be done about that

No. 843582

File: 1563999874556.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 750x1334, 232FF2D5-57A6-471F-BFFC-613185…)

you can literally see her unbrushed tongue through the filter

No. 843584

There's only so much you can do with rhinoplasty while maintaining the appearance of having a semi-natural nose. Her nostrils are pretty much set for life since they were wide to begin with, but I think her surgeon did a decent job. Her haphazard fillers on the other hand… that's what's gonna be aging her hardcore in a couple of years.

No. 843604

File: 1564003315886.jpeg (204.78 KB, 1242x990, 85990D26-0A18-4EEE-8134-2CDCF4…)

It’s seriously no surprise she didn’t even graduate high school.

No. 843616

Omg what about her dog!?? Where has that been revealed? that’s disgusting.

No. 843620

File: 1564005321890.png (13.05 KB, 579x126, lmao.png)

Calling it right now, she is not going to be sober.

Even if you actually had the absence of mind to think something like this, why would you put it into words and share with nearly 10,000 people..? Even as a joke it falls completely flat because no one could possibly be that dumb. I know she has an inferiority complex and she regains control by joking about her intelligence, but holy shit. This is stupid even for her. I'm honestly floored

No. 843621

File: 1564005482578.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.7 KB, 750x257, 9743FD52-86F3-4D1F-881F-9AE3D8…)

Taking home a grand in a night but only working once a month and having to spend it on bills immediately is not being the bread winner ari

No. 843624

File: 1564005807237.jpeg (779.31 KB, 1536x2048, 82C96E9F-620B-40B0-9C47-2AC36C…)

Also this hair

No. 843629


Ugh jesus. This girl posts multiple photos a day on her twitter that make her look better than that god awful twitter profile picture. Every time someone posts a screen cap I cringe at how much she looks trans. The shit wig, her nose giant, her lip touching her nose basically. ARI CHANGE THAT SHIT.

And this twitter is how she makes money? Put some effort into your life honey.

No. 843637

File: 1564007664431.jpg (61.21 KB, 800x400, wcn.jpg)

>nose giant

girl, did you see what it looked like before surgery? If she got a third (fourth?) nosejob then it would take her over the edge and you'd be complaining about how she went too far. Stop nitpicking when there's so much to actually criticize her for.

No. 843641

Wow that's as ugly as possible. She really fucked herself shaving her head kekek

No. 843655

She was on snap a couple hours ago rambling. I'm catching up right now but what I have so far is she's made $2700 this month, is getting $600 tonight, and $800 later this week. Oh and she "purged" a bunch of friends because she was sick of being the only one putting effort into the friendships.

No. 843658

Imagine being this fucking stupid? The fact that she thinks fucking people for money is an accomplishment just blows my mind. Her bf literally works as a mailman full time or whatever. Actually being outside, walking, delivering things at a certain expected time. Strenuous WORK and his dumbass, blowup fuck toy,dirty, lazy disgusting girlfriend is calling herself the "BREAD WINNER" of the relationship because she spreads her sti/psoriasis(sure) infected legs to some fat old dude once a month. Lmao. She actually thinks this is successful???? It's almost infuriating how stupid and nasty she is.

No. 843659

Yeah that was about all she talked about. And how her new kitten is the worst but she loves it and how everyone should boycott Instagram and go to Twitter instead. But she did say she misses instagram because she could talk and people would listen and it made her feel like she had friends. Kek.

No. 843661

The part that baffles me the most is she lacks the ability to plan for the future. She's not going to do this forever. And after people stop booking her (they've already dwindled), how is she going to get an actual job? What is her work experience going to look like?

No. 843671

Anyone else remember when PlasticandProud killed her and Matt’s unborn baby so she could “get an education”?

And now she’s a rash infested prostitute who expresses the desire to kill herself every other week.

That baby would have saved her life.

No. 843673


She’s previously expressed that she thinks you build a bigger clientele the longer you’re a hooker. She thinks she can compete with the never ending stream of 18-20 year olds for the rest of her life.

No. 843674

Oh come on, Anon. No child should have that as a mother. Babies shouldn't be had to, "save lives". Get your pro-life ass outta here.

No. 843682

Seriously 10000% she would have given it up for adoption or killed it tbh, not even joking. She can't even clean herself (and sex work is her JOB" shudders she can't take care of her pets,her partner. Nothing. The thought of her around a child is actually terrifying.

No. 843683

>killed her unborn baby
okay, boomer

No. 843687

iirc she talked about aborting “the gemini demon” which is ironic considering she used to shit talk people who cared about their zodiac signs

No. 843688

an abortion was probably the smartest thing she's ever done. let's be real.

No. 843695

holy shit never have a child anon if his is how you see their role in their parents' lives. only abusive pieces of shit rely on the child to change everything. she had the good sense to stop this before it started.

No. 843698

File: 1564015758981.png (47.5 KB, 261x312, xkcd.png)

That's some Ariana-level mental gymnastics, anon. A baby would have saved her life the same way getting a kitten did. The same way ignoring her rash and pretending it's psoriasis did. The same way all her plastic surgery fixed her insecurities. The same way getting a house with better lighting will suddenly enable her to start producing good material, and she'll actually make it as a sex worker instead of just barely making ends meet and destroying her sanity in the process. Nothing can save her because the common denominator in all her failures is her.

No. 843737

So I was curious about which friends she’s referring to on snap, talking about her number of friends dwindling… and she talks about how all of her friendships are one sided and she’s done with it, saying she gave someone a place to live (obviously talya, but uh kek because no one deserves the space she was going to make her stay in) and then she also said picking a friend up from the airport… I know she mentioned picking up Mia from the airport before… do you think she is finally over pnp’s bullshit too?

No. 843754

You have a pretty fucked up mindset, anon. Please don’t breed.

No. 843755

File: 1564028622145.jpeg (402.83 KB, 750x902, 1CC9F32A-4C93-4F1A-94B8-6776E5…)

Reclaiming her old identity I see.. guess the “sexy psoriasis” sympathy train ran dry

No. 843773

Can someone record the snap and upload

No. 843783

File: 1564036082962.jpeg (206.36 KB, 1125x1451, CB6A3757-38B4-4038-A205-125369…)


No. 843785

that's… sad. Lmao

No. 843829

She would have ruined the baby's life, anon. Thank god she aborted.

No. 843918

File: 1564072218485.jpeg (161.85 KB, 750x501, C45F78A5-0041-4672-908E-C0F888…)

Imagine posting things like this on a SW account where you’re trying to attract clients?

No. 843955

She deleted kek

No. 844008

File: 1564085956767.jpeg (531.3 KB, 1126x1980, 02C358CF-F2C1-4F30-8B68-57B510…)

No. 844013

ik shes an sw so sexual acts with people she isnt attracted to is norm to her lel but wow what a life where you post about having your face in your friends snatch, pretending to give her head infront of some undoubtly gross stranger and all you think when viewing this in third person is "haha so funny." Its a Requiem for a dream scene, but I figure thats pnp's life goal with the way shes going.

No. 844035

File: 1564092177228.gif (Spoiler Image,410.51 KB, 320x212, nT252k.gif)

No. 844081

File: 1564097656580.jpeg (112.63 KB, 750x486, 7B42798C-101D-4F4E-9F64-14BEA8…)

She's honestly on a roll today, all her tweets are terrible. Does she think these are her only options?

No. 844086

the fact that shes posting about being depressed and suicidal when she literally just publically shamed a girl for being depressed and suicidal…….. karma came for her real quick. shes so hypocritical and contradicts herself every other tweet, its very telling how stupid she really is. i guess you couldnt expect very much from someone with her background but its still shocking to see.

No. 844128

File: 1564106617020.jpeg (401.15 KB, 1500x1779, EF6B9C88-B9BB-4D76-9DE2-262CF1…)

No. 844179

Would she consider a Thursday the weekend?

No. 844180

File: 1564117679970.jpeg (179.13 KB, 750x997, 11ABC1C6-3DF4-4ECF-80F5-B46F64…)

No. 844181

File: 1564117833984.jpeg (181.77 KB, 750x995, D849CA87-DC5A-4A9F-8B2A-086EC2…)

Anyone else think this is extremely closed minded?

No. 844190

I hate her but she is right. Most rapes are committed by men and theyre towards women/girls.
this isnt milky anon

No. 844195

anyone have any predictions for her future? personally i think she will become a welfare baby; she has no education or skills and no intention to get an education. the only way she could survive was through sex work… but now shes all gross and diseased looking so i doubt she will last much longer. who knows, maybe she'll die before she needs to think of this. the world certainly won't be missing anything if she does.

No. 844200

She's right.

No. 844205

At this point every single thing she tweets will have a contradictory statement within a day or two. Dumb ass hoe

No. 844212

What is with this influx of anons thinking every screenshot needs to be milky?

No. 844213


Never understand people who share their opinion on twitter to their followers than get pissed when people disagree. She’s getting defensive as hell that people aren’t agreeing with her and claiming because she was raped she shouldn’t be questioned.

What a miserable person.

No. 844215

File: 1564126381554.jpeg (253.96 KB, 742x1021, AF379ACF-EA5A-4157-AA37-04F12D…)

No. 844219

ntayrt but the screenshot does have some potential milk depending on how people reply + how she responds to those replies. Also,
>What is with this influx of anons thinking every screenshot needs to be milky?
What the fuck does this even mean? We're here specifically to watch the trainwreck or occasionally discuss some idea she spouts out. If you want non-milk, go browse her fucking twitter. There's plenty of shit you seem like you'd be interested in, like her catching japanese beetles as a child or the fact she listens to Joji

No. 844235

She can't take anyone disagreeing with her ever & she can't ever admit to being wrong about anything. That person on her twitter is right; her take on everything is so ugly, just like her personality. I don't know how she fools herself into thinking she's a good person coz she's about as ugly a person can get on the inside. I wonder if it ever eats her up on the inside that she's such a bitch, like I bet she's legit jealous of girls who are genuinely kind and nice kek

No. 844279

File: 1564143887357.jpeg (281.18 KB, 750x560, FE87F142-21B1-47BB-8374-F404C2…)

Looks like she took anon yesterday saying her old pic made her look like a tranny to heart

No. 844280

Is that the ~thot knife~ that anons were referring to >>842765 >>842802 >>842741 3 days ago?

No. 844283

No. The one that got her off Insta was a video.

No. 844347

Not to nitpick but ..”knit pick” LOL

No. 844351

File: 1564159910030.jpg (1.71 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190726_125003067.jpg)

She's really getting sicker and deeper into her ed. That edited picture of how thin she wants to me made me actually nauseous. She seems to want to be a thinspo account under the guise of fitness and health. Going back and forth between "I was too skinny omg look at my progress" to "i feel fat look at my thinspo goals"

No. 844354

File: 1564160098810.jpg (177.01 KB, 733x2047, IMG_20190726_125455.jpg)

No. 844360

Did she get those titties at the discount doc?

No. 844364

what happened to her wanting to be uwu thicc? she legitimately looks like shit at that ana weight that she wants to be and it's going to age her even more than her plastic surgery already has.
also is that a top-entry litter box literally right next to her bed?

No. 844366

File: 1564161039028.png (21.43 KB, 530x292, 2019-07-26 13_10_41-Plastic an…)

fucking disgusting of her to post shit like this

No. 844371

she’s such a fucking stupid thot. posting dumbass content like that when probably most of her audience that hasn’t been overtaken by horny orbiters is still compromised of very emotionally unstable girls with low self esteem (just like her ass). this is really going to trigger the wannarexics who follow her.

No. 844375

File: 1564161528164.jpg (567.24 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20190726-131717_Twi…)

Anything for attention. She isn't as edgy without her syphilis/hiv rash so now she's "relapsing her ed". Just a month or so ago she was "proud of her recovery". Starting to think she never had an ed and instead has Munchausen this entire time

No. 844383

No. 844386

File: 1564162568043.jpeg (157.1 KB, 750x845, F65559AA-C23F-4D01-9DE7-A6723A…)

She’s pulling out all the disorder cards today!

No. 844390

is she on crack or what? bitch, get off the internet for 5 minutes. you'd think the twitter break would've helped, but it seems to have made it worse.

No. 844393

Idk she’s had an ED for a long time and sometimes even when you do think you’re ready to recover you slip up.. most times people relapse multiple times before they end up recovering..or they die because they never get better!

She is definitely attention seeking in her posts so i can see where your coming from but it’s probably partially a cry for help..even though she won’t get any.

No. 844398

What you’re saying is true but pnp knows damn well you need to talk to your real life friends if you start noticing a relapse not just vomit mouth to your 8k Twitter fan base.

No. 844413

So I guess she quit the gym. Another waste of money.

No. 844424

Why does she always post these super greasy pictures? Does she want clients or not??

No. 844437

File: 1564168588476.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 357D5014-BA13-4661-A605-5CD858…)


Says her brain is telling her she cannot eat again for at least a day because she ate KFC. Now she must resist going to McDonalds only 2 hours later?..

No. 844441

File: 1564168977792.jpeg (89.77 KB, 750x676, 9B931EDD-F2F7-46E4-9332-FCC5A9…)

Absolutely insufferable.

No. 844449

I want to bitch slap her so badly. Newsflash idiot: countless women feel guilty after eating fast food and try to rationalize with irrational thoughts of fasting. Stop airing every single vapid thought that graces your empty mind and saying it's your "ED brain" talking. An eating disorder is not some kind of FBI badge you can just flash at people for edgy points or immunity against the dumb shit you do. " Chill sWeAtiE, don't u know I have an ED??~ I have zero agency over anything I say or do~" She does this so people will fawn over her and tell her she's thin, and right after getting that hit of dopamine she reverts back to using enjoyment of food as a personality trait. I guess it's easier to edit your pics and eat fast food than it is to actually lose the weight? It sounds mean but I can't bring myself to have a single iota of pity for her when she acts like this.

No. 844462

She makes absolutely no sense.
constantly showcases her “uwu anorexic look how ‘fat’ i am” bullshit and then when ppl tell her what she wants to hear….that she’s skinny…..she lashes out “i have an ED so shut up ur triggering me”
I mean she must honestly post these kinds of things just baiting ppl into telling her she’s skinny so her weird ego can expand and then she has an excuse to bitch at ppl bc she’s a hormonal nutjob? it’s the same exact behavior exhibited by young kids who come from broken homes, usually a cry for help, but creepy and disturbing coming from an adult woman.

No. 844479

Haha swollen…. riiight, I think thats just how your nose is sweaty. That's one big ass honker she has. I've noticed she likes to insult other girls by saying they have a big nose (even if they don't) which I think is just pure projection coz even after getting a nose job its still… sizable.

No. 844480

File: 1564173849248.jpeg (33.08 KB, 350x300, 4D395D8B-3A41-4587-8673-CC7471…)

No. 844488

samefag but I think it's quite obvious she's extremely emotionally stunted. The way she behaves is reminiscent of a kid/young teen rather than a grown adult.

No. 844505

Please dont insult jim carey (who looks considerably better than pnp in this pic) by comparing her to him! Honestly though she looks WAY more unstable and busted kek

No. 844558

Most people with eating disorders don’t want to be called skinny because it is triggering. It’s never really ok to comment on their bodies even if they accept the “compliment”. Don’t speak on things you don’t know about.

No. 844567

What? Most anorexics love to be called skinny and just pretend they don’t. And unless they are in recovery they also love to get triggered into not eating.

No. 844576


No. 844580

File: 1564187890124.jpg (846.7 KB, 1077x1390, Screenshot_20190726-172502_Sam…)

"I luuuuv drugth and partying, like thuuuhhh much, but I'm really deep and a good perthon and it'th not muh faaaaault that I'm emotionally thtunted becauthe I yoothed to get picked on for being a goblin-looking ho in high thkool and I thpent a lot of time and muhney to look thith good and now I jutht need validathin that I'm not the same loother with no friendth even do deep down I know the truth and therefore live my life in my imaginary world on the web where I can pretend to be a hot party ho like all my idols but I really wannabe thkinny and adrogynouth cuz that's cool and all, but don't, like, tell me I'm thkinny or I'll get triiiiggggeerrrd!"

No. 844581

why are y'all like this

No. 844586

File: 1564188914565.png (699.06 KB, 1125x2436, 746F777C-2184-4319-AFB1-13FCA4…)

She literally said she was going to go to this party sober like two days ago kek.

No. 844590

File: 1564189656238.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, D8BE5326-5EF1-4C4E-A3DA-C8C0D5…)

What… the fuck

No. 844591

File: 1564189723802.jpg (1.13 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190726-190758_Chr…)

Does she know how to wash her hair?(nitpicking)

No. 844592

Imagine spewing a dumbass take like this and claiming it's other people who know nothing about EDs

her hypocrisy has gone from being concerning to infuriating then looping back around to being hysterically funny. She can't be serious, this has to be a joke

No. 844593

she's totally going off the rails, i mean i would be too if i had her life. but is it just me or does she seem like an actual lunatic in the past little while? she just seems especially unhinged lately

No. 844607

File: 1564190788855.jpeg (598.05 KB, 2048x2048, 227F5F51-6271-4044-9D52-253B74…)

No. 844619

Her normal hair is hilarious. It looks when a teenage boy stops getting hair cuts for a year or 2. It wouldn't look so bad if she got the sides and back shortened while the top grows out.

No. 844631

This is.. not a good look. Greasy pigtails and a ratty mullet, so high end.
Also this is a nitpick but why can’t she wear cute socks lmao it would at least slightly improve her overall look.

No. 844633

hahahaha can you imagine what this looks like irl? the fucking greasy bangs and ratty extensions…. from the back its probably even more obvious. i wonder how many ppl are laughing at her behind her back rn

No. 844662

File: 1564201943494.png (749.36 KB, 779x455, D22F69AB-EFD3-4F6E-9C90-7C4208…)

No. 844665

File: 1564202274523.jpeg (152.52 KB, 1125x395, 8344AEC6-BB96-4E6C-88EE-755B45…)

Not to wk but I think it’s an area 51 themed party. Doesn’t excuse the ratchet ass extensions tho or the fact her bangs
literally look wet with grease

No. 844666

Holy shit wtf is up with her double upper lip or whatever the hell that is. How does that even happen? No wonder her mouth looks like a black hole everytime she talks, all the bundled up skin (I guess?) Behind her upper lip. That's gonna be in my nightmares for sure.

No. 844681

Fuck the haterth, this is amathing

No. 844691

I’ve learned that it’s common with people who get cheap filler or lip filler from sketchy people, it happens when there’s a silicone substance in the syringe and it settles into making that weirdness happen on the inner lips. It doesn’t dissolve. It stays there unless you get it literally surgically removed.

Not saying this is what’s going on here but if you compare photos of what I’m talking about with her lips, it’s literally the same thing going on. It would also explain how when she claims her filler is “dissolved” and that it’s time for new fillers, her lips clearly still have some unnatural volume left that look nothing like how they looked pre-fillers.

Ofc she complains and says it’s an issue with her bite but I’ve literally only ever seen this with people who have gotten filled from questionable sources that have silicone in them.

No. 844703

>>844691 see >>844607

Fillers are a factor, but honestly it's obvious from her original face that she has a very small and malformed skeleton.

Her face shape is just like, wack, and short. No amount of fillers or botox is going to hide her terrible genetics. It just makes her look uncanny Valley.

No. 844705

baythed and troofpilled

No. 844945

File: 1564266178895.jpeg (2.65 MB, 4032x3024, 7DBD156D-D6A4-4003-A6FC-EBA1C7…)

She likes to say that everyone here hates themselves but I'm pretty sure every insult she uses is pure projection because she's too much of a self-absorbed dumbass to think of anything except what applies to her. It's obvious she hates herself like… a lot so of course she throws that insult around. She wishes everyone hated themselves as much as she does herself. saged for old image

No. 844950

File: 1564267044191.jpg (346.92 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190727-233734_Twi…)

she's clearly been stalking again lmao

No. 844960

I'm sure this is the opposite of the truth. She probably spent the night crying and feeling ugly but needs everyone to think she's feeling amazing kek. Nothing that comes out of her mouth is the truth she's such a manipulative lying witch

No. 844987

File: 1564275319112.jpeg (62 KB, 750x263, 4AC49E11-19FF-480B-A439-0C72B3…)

that's not pure at all, it's codependent and sad as fuck

No. 845006

Again, she’s tweeting this shit on her sex work twitter account. No wonder her job flopped.

No. 845053

Anon chill, we all enjoy the milk but that’s some serious effort dude.

No. 845056

It's a repost from the first thread, you chill.

No. 845057

i don’t think that’s a very accurate guess. If she did do molly, then she was probably all vibed up and a bunch of other drunken/drugged up idiots were doing the whole “super nice drunk girl in the bathroom” act. Don’t think it was accurate she spent the night crying if she was on molly. this might be accurate come suicide tuesday tho

No. 845137

forgot to tuck

No. 845139

Wow she really just does not care.. doing mdma with history of mental health as extensive as hers. Just downright stupidity. Especially if she has bpd.

No. 845176

Do you expect someone as mentally ill and unstable as her to say no to drugs?

No. 845297

File: 1564348110197.jpeg (634.77 KB, 1536x2048, 8F45CA8B-A031-4064-99D4-B1E195…)

She just posted this on Twitter but god damn how is her car that dirty?

No. 845333

I mean look at the rest of her life, shes so greasy did we really expect anything less

No. 845451

She is an STI infested prostitute who raw dogs her clients with a basement that is covered in animal feces, dead rats, probably live rats, and is fit for maybe a cockroach. The fact that her car is disgusting shouldn't be too surprising. She's comfortable in filth and grime because that's what she grew up in and is used to, and she will always live in filth because she's not smart or driven enough to break the cycle of poverty. Can't say I sympathize because she's made her choices. She's right where she belongs.

No. 845459


She said before her parents were proud of her. I wonder how proud her parents are of her now?Shes a hooker with no education or future (except maybe a premature death by OD or suicide) the parents are junkies and the daughter turns out to be a prostitute. About as white trash a family can get.

No. 845486

File: 1564382179818.png (Spoiler Image,5.76 MB, 1125x2436, 2E313512-C752-47F0-B769-AC3027…)

this POV of matt's stomach is horrifying

No. 845488

I just vomited, someone give me some bleach for my eyes

No. 845494

Funniest thing is Ariana and Aaron had sec and then felt weird about it. She told Matt. And that’s basically how they broke up a couple months ago (not bc of sex work or Cutie) And then Matt let’s Aaron live with them like nothing happened. This couple is so messed up. She’s obviously the manic crazy one but he is a literal doormat with no self love. He even admits it that he had no respect for himself. Back to swearing to never get back with Ari, he promised himself to get more involved in his aspirations. He was almost convincing. Then they went on that weird vacation and it was so obvious they were gonna get back together. Call this bluff or no, but those who knows… knows. So girls, have no pity, the guy loves being a cuck

No. 845496

I mean SEX obviously. Yes. Weird. Both felt awkward about it not like it but still.

No. 845497

File: 1564387455932.jpeg (265.1 KB, 750x565, 9346ECD0-6129-4449-907A-7266A8…)

Couple hours ago she was posting about being mad she didn't get to groupie up to ghostmane, then posts these gross over sharing love bombs and reposted a pick of Matts dick. What a mess. Not posting his junk here cus it's in the last thread I believe.

No. 845499

as if the video weren't already gross and lackluster on its own, she plays the news in the background at max volume. She begs for money and this is the garbage quality she puts out

No. 845564

so just being on top?

No. 845570

This is what you say when you're new to sex and talking with your girlfriends in the bathroom in between class…

Not something you overshare to your only "friends" on the internet when you're 25.

No. 845578


Where’d this information come from?

No. 845667

File: 1564428609511.jpeg (250.74 KB, 1237x1106, 45FB4AC5-0978-4CF0-99C9-E226CA…)

Lmao yeah Ariana, people look forward to those things instead of paying off their debt because they either, don’t have debt (or not a shit ton anyway) or because they’re in debt for the “right reasons” such as, university tuition loans, car loans, or mortgage loans. Not paying for their lips and titties with a fucking credit card.

No. 845683

…How is this not bragging about paying bills aka the thing she said earlier that only impresses kids? Lmao hypocritical as always

No. 845686

File: 1564431883311.jpeg (212.82 KB, 750x1014, 8CF5A890-BB44-4066-9CE0-11C619…)

Agreed! She needs to get a journal and some therapy. Her social media is littered with this shit.
Wasn’t she just looking forward to/fantasizing about vacationing with her grandparents again and even a client at one point? She just wanted to show off her credit score kek

No. 845694

Late to the party but this is the vid

No. 845756

absolute sleep paralysis demon wtf. i forgot how weird and jerky and cracked out she is in motion

No. 845812

also notice how her “porn ads” get like, 10-20 favorites. that’s a pretty godawful ratio considering how many followers she has. I wonder if she bought most of her following? The numbers just make absolutely no sense, even on her selfies and stuff where she’ll get around 100.

No. 845816

No wonder she failed as a stripper and can’t get back into it. I wonder how she looks dancing at parties lmfao, assuming she doesn’t just stand there awkwardly hunched over.

No. 845818

File: 1564459679655.jpeg (64.61 KB, 739x269, 33DE9C8D-5DF7-41C0-AB09-B26853…)

imagine doing this when you know full well your partner didn't go to the doctor for her horrible rash, wow

No. 845822

Lol baby daddy? Okay…

No. 845835

She's gonna look back on these tweets and realize how embarrassing this is

No. 845850

Matt will look back at these one day and realize lie bombing is a hallmark sign of emotional abuse

No. 845851

Love* Bombing, pardon me.

No. 845853

File: 1564472213336.jpeg (135.5 KB, 750x1334, 361D8E64-C4FE-4403-A467-13AB33…)

Anyone else find it kinda uncomfortable how she retweets/likes so many videos of kids onto her porn account? Like sure the videos are cute and I’m not trying to suggest anything crazy I just feel like it’s kinda inappropriate?

No. 845896

Ofcourse its inappropriate, you cannot have a feed full of likes/tweets that go from "ily matt fucking my loose cunt cause its the only thing i can offer teehee!!'" Attached to videos of her getting barebacked only for two posts up there to be videos of actual babies and children cause shes emotionally a mess who can't seperate two sides of herself. Its all videos she can project unto Matt with the whole "baby daddy" shit because while she doesnt want children, talking about and fantasizing about it publicly where your partner can see is what we call a "pro gamer move" kek. (Jk but it does feel partially like love bombing/is gross no matter how you twist it)

No. 845898

File: 1564483142987.png (441.49 KB, 1242x2208, F9C7286F-581E-4019-9BBA-76EC3B…)

Such a liar. She’s said before that she’s had 2 nosejobs befaus the first one was so bad

No. 845906

No she didn't? Lol

No. 845968

File: 1564497178447.jpeg (188.56 KB, 750x989, 329535A4-913B-4FC8-BCD8-A1D304…)

Yikes looks like she’s desperate for any type of content…. does anyone know if babytrash is on twitter

No. 845971

File: 1564497526309.jpeg (163.1 KB, 743x1107, DE7A9D34-9DC6-436E-8D03-8131E5…)

No. 845987

File: 1564500475384.jpeg (411.96 KB, 1713x1713, EF3F5A55-C78D-43A0-BB5B-2DEA59…)

Imagine being such a horrible person that you lose your shit over your boyfriend fucking someone in front of you that you said was fine beforehand, and then turning around and treating said boyfriend like trash for not supporting your “sw” career at first. Pure garbage.

No. 845988

“Being monogamous is totally okay”, bitch you spread your legs for money and expect your “perfect man” to be perfectly okay with it. Some people might consider that monogamy, but all I see is the mental and emotional damage it has the potential for creating for other person. Yeah, doormatt might be a doormatt, but everyone is different, and not everyone enjoys being a cuck

No. 845989

Wow. She used to look way better.

No. 846000

RIGHT i know it’s an unpopular opinion in this thread but..i think she looked pretty good back then and i really just am so shocked at what happened.

No. 846003

Remember when she justified her new relationship with Cute by saying “Not one person is going to give you everything. Different people have different shit to offer”. (I’ll post the caps later) She is so manipulative it’s disturbing. Doormatt can’t even fuck a person they mutually consented into a foursome but Ariana will casually test out poly relationships and overall be a mess all around with no repercussions. I don’t get it. How is it she’ll blast her man all over social media as “abusive” for simply venting to a girl about his feeling on Ariana’s wack ass while in the same moment Ariana is over there in another man’s bed “having fun”? Make it make sense.

No. 846008

i think it's an extremely popular opinion that she looked better after the nosejob and with minimal fillers. it's been said many times.

No. 846023


lmao Ari is obviously ovulating right now with all the kid pics and calling Matt "baby daddy".

She has no purpose in her life and getting knocked up will give her a clear direction.

God help the child.

No. 846028

if she gets pregnant i'll pray for a miscarriage
nobody should have to grow up with this for a mom lol… imagine…

No. 846050

File: 1564509888598.jpeg (370.87 KB, 1242x1590, 7914CE1D-5DE4-49F0-9E33-044FA5…)

“Stopped over sharing” OKAYYY LMAOO

I think she is fucking trolling like… she posts things that are so contradictory right after another.

No. 846168


She already confirmed aborting one. God knows how many she's had since then, and from how many different men?

I'd call her self aware for not bringing a child into her shit-ditch of a life, but she's too stupid for that. She aborts because she can't have anyone else more important than herself taking away her attention.

No. 846171

File: 1564523093243.jpg (34.87 KB, 631x288, cumfirmed.jpg)

So confirmation PnP and Doormatt will be moving October 1st?

No. 846173

Does anyone else remember last year when she was hounding Matt every day to "put a baby in her" and posting their screenshots and shit… then she really got pregnant and aborted immediately

No. 846203

File: 1564524887754.png (84.06 KB, 262x420, arihoe.png)

So I don't get it. Is their roommate Aaron gay? He has a very homosex aesthetic on his IG.

If he isn't gay, his and Ari's relationship would make me very uncomfortable if I were Doormatt. Although she probably manufactures the drama to keep Matt on his leash lol because the man's not hot.

Pic from Wayback Machine of her tumblr commenting on this nude aaron posted.

No. 846206

Pretty sure they met on Tinder and fucked.

No. 846211

pretty sure she did have two nose jobs. first one the doctor fucked up her nose and she couldn’t breathe, so she had a revision done. I believe this was already discussed in previous threads.

No. 846218

File: 1564526012739.jpg (87.01 KB, 585x660, nosey.jpg)


Her current pinned tweet clearly shows what looks like two nose jobs does it not?

No. 846239

looks more like a before/after/post-swelling, but i also remember something about needing something re-done.
or was that her tits?

No. 846264

She had to have the nose redone because the first job was so botched it gave her breathing problems. I don’t know if she had to get her boobs fully redone but there had to be some sort of adjustment due to her taking the strapping off too soon (improper aftercare) she documented all this on insta at the time, the nose job stuff was before her insta was public, it was documented on her tumblr.

No. 846280

File: 1564534540052.jpg (82.17 KB, 1080x542, Screenshot_20190731_025334.jpg)

Just look through her insta, she's been documenting her procedures there as well. And the second picture is because of swelling

No. 846337

She’s had one nose job. She said she needs a revision because her doctor didn’t fix her breathing problem but just made an aesthetically pleasing nose. She has not had a revision yet.

No. 846366

File: 1564545770869.jpg (38.28 KB, 579x293, crazy town.jpg)


Aaron's not taking it well. And Alice is being a bitch. Guess Aaron is too creepy for her?

No. 846404

File: 1564552094296.jpeg (609.66 KB, 1125x1741, B8C16BE0-854F-4365-ABBD-CD87A6…)

Video of her giving Matt a blowjob with the dog right behind her in horrible quality, how cringe. How does she think this is going to get her followers or money? Maybe she should actually put some more effort into her “content” so she can get passed her dry spell with one client.

No. 846409

Is Frogger sleeping on Ariana’s hitachi?!

No. 846410

File: 1564554220279.jpeg (240.87 KB, 750x943, 2B5DF44A-B33B-45B5-B543-58DCAD…)

No milk! Just caps of deleted content. I notice she’s not wearing any shoes? Don’t know what’s up with that.

No. 846411

File: 1564554240211.jpeg (834.58 KB, 1125x1559, F1D127A3-1289-4ADC-8DC8-EB7C21…)

Is this face supposed to be seductive or something? She looks out of it.

No. 846412

File: 1564554349858.png (1.51 MB, 1125x2436, EF049FB3-A3BF-4F32-8FD5-90C7D9…)

Why can't she just take a compliment? It's always something at least slightly negative.

No. 846455

She looks so much more like Michael Jackson when she isn’t using the Snow camera app to manipulate her face

No. 846468

what a bizarre response lmao

No. 846471

She's got such a neanderthal/caveman looking forehead - might explain why she's so stupid? She's just less evolved than everyone else kek

No. 846477

File: 1564573456831.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 66529C5F-BA17-4A1D-86B5-CEEAE5…)

This arm is hella warped tho lol

No. 846479

We know Arianna comes here daily to check the thread, but I wonder how often Matt and Aaron secretly read?


No. 846484

Probably warping from retouching the bust. Also armpits are so gross, hers looks like a tiny vagina in that pic.

No. 846494

alice? lol. come on, anon.

No. 846530

Tbh it doesn't look that warped. Also nitpicking what her damn armpit looks like is a bit crazy…

No. 846613

Uh, no. It looks warped completely.
Fuel 4 the BD I guess.

No. 846635

File: 1564594033944.jpeg (170.24 KB, 750x966, 322A583A-1075-4F74-8167-29C0FE…)

No. 846637

No. 846650

That was deleted quick, must be lurking early today.

No. 846672

File: 1564600657877.jpg (72.83 KB, 1080x570, IMG_20190731_121530.jpg)

No. 846681

File: 1564601738304.jpg (Spoiler Image,570.65 KB, 809x2215, Screenshot_20190731-153356_Twi…)

Did aaron always sell porn too or is this new for him?

No. 846693

"Never struggling" says the girl who was literally begging her followers for $1 not a month ago, top kek

No. 846717

File: 1564607320810.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, D30DEDE9-BF40-4707-B3C2-7D7A77…)


No. 846777

She definitely just wanted asspats for paying bills. Newsflash Ariana: EVERYONE pays bills. You're not special for being able to pay them you fucking retard. It's only special if you're mentally deficient. I guess it makes sense that you want to be congratulated for paying your bills as you are obviously not all there mentally. It's like a down syndrome girl announcing how good she feels for paying her rent all by herself kek.

No. 846789

she's stupid enough that she could be in special needs classes kek.

No. 846791

She loves him so much because he's the only one who will put up with her abusive ass

No. 846793

File: 1564618551789.png (16.42 KB, 588x146, sm.png)

I was never as toxic as Ariana but I understand what it's like to stay with a partner who stagnates your progress and enables you to be the worst version of yourself. And of course she's tired and unmotivated, this bitch has been smoking every single day for 7 years from before her brain was even done developing. Sage for blogpost

No. 846815

File: 1564620242937.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 481429FC-72C6-4615-B9A3-BFEE9E…)

Jesus Christ she is really going for that trans hooker aesthetic in this one

No. 846817

She looks more MtF than a lot of trannies out there lol Jesus

No. 846820

File: 1564620739997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,584.22 KB, 750x1121, 71918B6D-EC15-43A2-BABE-59196E…)

Bailey Jay is that you?

No. 846821

For real. Her fillers and Botox have given her a weird boxy man face. But it looks wider than ever. She’ll look like Stalking Cat before 30.

No. 846835

How can anyone get hard or do oral in a room with a dog 10 feet away? this is some degenerate shit

No. 846868

People fuck with pets in the room who cares? Weird nitpick. Grossed that the dog is sleeping on her nasty vibrator.

No. 846970

Weird nitpick…. plus she apparently does a lot worse with dogs if you wanna go there

No. 846974

Bailey jay is naturally pretty, Ariana—not so much lol

No. 846982

File: 1564634457141.jpeg (89.15 KB, 750x411, 58BE04C3-0679-4DF2-A505-86312C…)

She used to look a lot more feminine. Seems it’s a struggle for her now a days..

No. 847060

Wtf, details please?

No. 847064

File: 1564658212893.png (20.37 KB, 133x136, angery.png)

don't do my girl Bailey like that.

No. 847099

Super old milk.
It has already been discussed before.

No. 847121

File: 1564672242907.png (131.96 KB, 539x283, E5DB00EA-1623-41D8-AB1E-43A9A8…)

Just the other day she was talking about Stouffers mac and cheese.

No. 847137

Where? I’ve followed these threads for like a year and never saw it mentioned until now so I was curious.

No. 847163

File: 1564680482771.png (19.27 KB, 1838x200, 2019-08-01 13_26_18-_snow_ - f…)

there was never proof provided. this was from thread 3 but it's all conjecture as far as whether it actually happened or not.

No. 847202

Also “fresh vanilla ice cream” lmao

No. 847221

she said "french", it's literally right there

No. 847250

File: 1564689400735.jpg (462.61 KB, 1080x1223, 20190801_125405.jpg)

Thinking about her perching like a gargoyle one moment does not lead me to think about her being a nympho OR a nymph. That's just nasty. And oversharing.

No. 847264

File: 1564691358603.jpeg (288.29 KB, 1242x1145, 600E75BA-8927-47AC-A84D-BB3596…)

What do these pictures smell like?

No. 847265

Imagine putting your bare feet on a toilet seat… imagine the splash back from shitting like that.. just what the fuck. Why can’t she even use the bathroom correctly

No. 847309

LOL this hillbilly bitch

No. 847324

A rat that bathes in the river and "perches" on the toilet to crap. Eau de arianna

No. 847333


a hoagie that has been sitting in a insulated cooler In the trunk of 1995 Malibu for the entire summer.

No. 847347

I imagine it smells like her nasty ass 20 yr old blankets and comforters that lay on her bed, probably never washed, and covered in animal urine and feces and jizz and sweat

No. 847367

Unwashed pussy, grease, and self-hatred

No. 847378

Dead animals in the freezer for years

No. 847398

Vaginal discharge.

No. 847407

Matt looks like he smells like tonsil stones and Ari looks like she reeks of cheap weed and musty pussy

No. 847421

File: 1564714020323.png (135.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0570.PNG)

This response to her gargoyle stance wtf

No. 847423

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that she can't afford a squatty potty that is literally designed for this so you're not splashing shit water all over the place

No. 847463

File: 1564729594907.jpeg (746.02 KB, 750x994, 2FCFE82B-A545-4BB7-A80D-C506BE…)

Uses Snow app to take pictures

No. 847624

Buy one of those Ikea footstools that raise your feet up ya stank bitch lmao

No. 847665

Oh my god

No. 847667

RE: Her shaving her own mullet cause lolcow kept laughing at her for it.

Maybe I’m just a dumbass when it comes to hair, but I thought she’s been pining for long hair ever since she went britney and shaved it. Don’t you just have to suffer through an awkward mullet stage to get your length back? She seems impatient.

No. 847679

that response is from the same girl who went viral after recording herself licking an airplane toilet and posting it on twitter. Trashy sex workers sticking together!

No. 847743

Does anyone have her private snap still?

No. 847779

>My skin always looks facetuned
Except when you've peeled off the top three layers

No. 847781

I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to buy her second Snapchat. The original one she sold is still up but posts are extremely rare. It’s always her doing her makeup routine or promoting her new nsfw snap.

No. 847785

File: 1564787913599.jpg (825.82 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190803-001519_Twi…)

no wonder she deleted this quickly.. maybe she realised how much of a hypocrite she is (for once)

No. 847786

File: 1564788367934.jpg (726.52 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190803-002458_Twi…)

Ummm that's not how MDMA works my gal

No. 847800

File: 1564790337149.png (554.58 KB, 1125x2001, 26E11E51-E1C9-44D2-A3E9-32CD28…)

Well, it’s confirmed then.

No. 847805

File: 1564792017145.jpg (84.55 KB, 1080x500, IMG_20190802_172505.jpg)

kek does she even read what she posts?

No. 847806

File: 1564792029334.png (639.13 KB, 750x1334, 22CCB2D5-8F23-4240-A1CD-DB7D1E…)

She changed her pinned tweet again and I think it’s funny that ever since her syphilis rash went away there has been 0 mention of her pSoRiAsIs AuTo ImMuNe DiSoRdEr and now she is trying to cling back onto her fake personality of being an “escort.”

No. 847816


Yeah, theres a definite awkward mullet stage. You can avoid it by going to the hairdresser and getting it trimmed every month or two.

Ariana just seems very impatient.

t. buzzcut anon

No. 847820

Not only impatient but she completely lacks impulse control, so the moment she gets a weird uncomfortable feeling, instead of waiting out the awkward stage, she just does it herself. Same with the extensions, same way she makes all her stupid decisions. She has 0 impulse control.

No. 847868

Even if she was burning in hell she'd be ranting about amazing she feels and how happy and awesome her life is. She obsessively spins stories about how everything is sO gReAt when thats the furthest she could get from the truth. Thats how you can tell she has low self esteem, if she was actually content she wouldn't feel the need to constantly tell everyone how content she is.

No. 847901

Every time she talks about these 2 clients she’s speaking as if she’s emotionally attached to them (classic bpd) some of the crap she says contradicts her “having sex with clients is 100% different to cheating” and is just inappropriate imo and would make Matt feel like even more shit.

No. 847902

File: 1564821175230.jpeg (186.52 KB, 1242x382, DAFD563A-B14B-4B90-81E5-B80203…)

This has to sting a little

No. 847911

I do have her private snap because I just had to know how lazy she really is. I confirm it. She hardly posts anything at all, and it’s norhing close to anything anyone would ever be able to jerk off to. Basically it’s the “clips” she posts on Twitter without stickers covering anything. And it’s never more than one or two of the video segments. Half the time doing that stupid ass jiggling and slapping that she probably thinks is twerking. Definitely not worth the money for any sad soul trying to get off, but I make real money unlike ari, so I paid a one time payment for a good laugh maybe once a week.

No. 847938

File: 1564833971508.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1242x2205, 0A97E0B1-8169-43E9-BA61-881907…)

God what is happening here?

No. 847940

File: 1564834018515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 1242x2208, A01FE9E4-F784-4E5C-82A1-E35CA1…)

Also love when my pinned tweet trying to get clients to buy my content shows off a huge zit on my ass lmaoooo

No. 847950

File: 1564836671875.jpeg (305.32 KB, 1125x1287, 8912AC00-77C5-45FD-8E05-398DA5…)

Saged because no milk, but Jesus her denial truly knows no bounds

No. 847961

You didn’t sage

No. 847962

File: 1564839680768.png (426.37 KB, 640x1136, 92540940-9ABC-442C-8DD7-5AB071…)

…..literally just took the 2 seconds to google this like she said and found its true. Goddamn.

No. 847963

Tbf the misinformation she's referring to is that not all allergan implants are being recalled, only the textured ones.
But she should have said that to avoid looking like a dumbass

No. 848016


it's just her faded out tattoo on her shoulder

No. 848017


it's just her faded out tattoo on her shoulder

No. 848091

This is an image board, post caps!

No. 848093

They aren't talking about the tattoo

Looks like her shoulder is popping out, or could be a shoop fail

No. 848094

File: 1564854980930.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.9 KB, 1014x748, C60A6E16-9BF8-4FD9-912E-27E68C…)


No. 848097

OMG lol it looks like she airbrushed her asshole. Never understood when other anons called her trans but I see it know. Her features are too strong, she looks more masculine than feminine. No sex appeal just forced awkwardness

No. 848098

File: 1564855486733.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20190803_12041610…)

Why does her face change so much?

No. 848146

File: 1564862896340.jpeg (715.38 KB, 1125x1142, 0C3B1FC3-D583-4B8F-8B3E-C499DB…)


No. 848215

Bro why does her pussy look like a deflated ball bag(nitpicking)

No. 848268

These dumb "sexworker" cunts spend hours facetuning their fucked faces, but won't even spend 5 min removing boils and zits from their nudes

No. 848322

Still can't get over how she tattooed her brothers name under her tit. So white trash.

No. 848455

File: 1564921247650.jpeg (185.32 KB, 750x589, 955D6D0C-0DEB-47BD-835E-9FD1D3…)

20 people dead and 26 injured and her addition to the public discourse is about looks… What a stupid, vapid bitch.

No. 848456

File: 1564921300431.jpeg (114.36 KB, 750x423, 4C7AD5E9-9773-40DA-AE1A-413EDC…)

No. 848478

File: 1564925545692.png (147.48 KB, 750x1334, 9F277BAF-CB15-4B2A-979A-241258…)

What post is she referring to? Is it >>848456? He obviously deleted the tweet. But if she IS referring to that post, it’s actually super disgusting and offensive, people died and were injured and traumatized. Saying these things even as “jokes” or “ironically” really highlights how immature she is. And wasn’t she just talking shit about “hc girls” looking dumb for trying to be edgy online?

No. 848504

File: 1564930534223.jpeg (153.07 KB, 750x958, 641A5FC6-C4CD-4FB7-ABDE-AF8A43…)

Landlord troubles she doesn’t want us to know about? Seems she’s hoarding far too many animals than it is allowed.

No. 848506

I doubt she cleans her cat’s litter box every day and hasn’t it been mentioned before that Frogger uses puppy pads when she can’t be bothered to walk her? And I could only imagine what her musty gross basement smells like with all the dead/decomposing rats and who knows what else down there. Could be used to cover the smell of weed too

No. 848696

File: 1564962379743.jpeg (121.79 KB, 750x1277, 4DBA5337-7BB0-4DA1-89C2-7AF954…)

Suckers people into buying her Snapchat by posting shitty, cringey videos on there only when she needs money… to get drunk… even though she brags about all of the money she makes. But then the rest of the time the snap is dry as fuck… laziest “sex worker” I have ever seen

No. 848699

go to olive garden and get drunk? that might be one of the top 3 most white trash things she's ever tweeted lmao

No. 848729

She’s becoming more like Shayna day by day.. literally showing her asshole for wine and breadsticks

No. 848824

File: 1564983456708.jpeg (679.46 KB, 1920x2560, 5C88B990-1DFB-453F-8075-00601E…)

I get so much secondhand embarrassment from this cow. She's extremely curt to clients and always talks about how she hates working and cuts corners (remember that tweet about faking oral sex on her friend during a session even though the client asked for it?), but puts on a fake cutesy persona when she wants instant money. She clearly has money and frequently splurges on random shit (remember the expensive rare art book she claimed would be an "investment" because it would inspire her to make more art? lmfao), but doesn't want to spend her money. Wasn't she bragging about being sober literally a week ago? Holy shit

No. 848841

File: 1564989296244.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 4EA1B508-4D79-49AA-8FA1-B41024…)

She looks like coconut head from Ned’s Declassified if he grew up and decided to transition MTF

No. 848856

She looks like that boy out of Stranger Things here 😂

No. 848938

File: 1564998049266.jpg (1.72 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190805_103938102.j…)

Lmaoooo I can't unsee it

No. 848946

File: 1565003393853.jpeg (705.94 KB, 1242x2129,