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File: 1611767140802.jpg (443.87 KB, 779x839, PlasticandProud.jpg)

No. 1143442

SUMMARY: ScorpioAssHeaux / AliceAmoreLove / PickledPetShop / Ariana McMillan is a 25 year old plastic surgery addict, ex-Instagram “influencer”, animal abuser, and full service sex worker based in Philly.


>Has a botched nose job, lip lift and boob job that all have scarring from improper aftercare; constantly talks about needing more surgery to feel better about herself.

>Posts before and after pics of her surgery nonstop, unable to see her own obvious physical decline and downward spiral despite spending hours staring at her own face.
>Recently had a botched facial fat transfer against her surgeon's wishes that gave her a terrible moon face.
>Has a history of posting her animal abuse online: most notably letting her pet gecko get so malnurished that the gecko's jaw broke; and shaving both her cats for no reason during winter in a manic episode >>1106616
>Each time she gets called out, she makes herself the victim, tells people to google it, and then nukes her social media to hide.
>Other notable animal abuse: video of her spraying her hamster with water while it is backed into a corner in a cage >>1034430, and bragging on twitter how she would rather be ugly and pay for her dog's much needed hip surgery >>1107085 , but then spends the money instead on her recent facial fat transfer instead.

Last Thread: >>>/snow/1106584
First Thread: >>>/snow/638649




>Ariana is still recovering being called out >>1106605 for her cat shaving controversy >>1106616 and >>1120541

>Continues to destroy her hair by putting box bleach over her hair after getting it done at a salon >>1106640 and >>1106646
>Ariana tries to be cheeky and show off her shaved cats >>1106674 like she doesn't care about the hate >>1106651
>Ariana drags in her fuck buddy Aaron for help >>1106695 while people call her out for cat shaving >>1106858. He tries to help >>1109272
>Even though she shaved her cats for no reason, Ariana thinks her meds are working >>1106665 and she's completely stable
>Ariana decides she can't laugh her way out of this one, and deletes tweets >>1106980, privates accounts >>1140671, and nukes all her Instagram photos >>1106996
>Tries to make her Twitter a "Sexy People Only" zone >>1107583 where she only posts SW related content and her art >>1108971
>Ariana's before-and-after shots are starting to get scary >>1107131
>Ariana's boyfriend DoorMatt reveals he is no longer in RatGod >>1108059 following a pattern of Matt having no life or friends outside of Ariana
>Ariana forgets she needs gifts for Grandparents and quickly starts some arts and craft projects on Dec. 15th >>1108345
and >>1108059 for grandpa and this hideous elf for grandma >>1115922
>A month later Ariana lists the Grateful Dead skull for sale >>1142720, so much for him being her favorite person >>1115397
>The saga or Ariana only owning two pairs of dirty panties continues >>1109420 and >>1118890 and >>1126828
>Posts more wrinkled clothes to her depop >>1109967 and >>1109968 and >>1131288
>For the second time, Ariana nukes her Instagram and starts over with her new catcher mitt's face >>1110783 but is confused why she gets no interaction >>1111123
>Posts about her plans to make a new video with a "Mystery Guy" >>1111824 but like all her plans it falls through
>Anon posts some stats about her socials >>1112196 and >>1112202 and >>1112214 showing that she basically talks to herself on Twitter all day
>New selfies reveral her under nosing scarring is still bad >>1115557 and >>1115768
>Ariana reveals she once walked around with dog shit in her shoe all day >>1116003
>Anons making a shocking comparison >>1116065
>Ariana continue to defend her bloated face by saying it's all swelling that will go down >>1116863 Are you sure Ari?
>Small update from Ari >>1116866 about how she's posting less because the internet is toxic >>1117016
>Ari continues to up the prices on her stump art >>1117425 with this ratking piece listed at the highest price yet
>Despite hiding from the internet, Ariana is grateful for you beliving in her >>1119022
>Ari claims she has been drug and alcohol free for a year >>1119038 then posts this >>1119571 a few hours later
>Ari and DoorCuck post a new video showing off his very thin cock >>1119463 and her very large chin >>1120319 and >>1120519
>After her thin cock video does not do well, Ari complains trying to get OF interaction is like pulling teeth >>1120160 and >>1120283
>Ariana continues to post pictures of her shaved cats >>1120485 on Facebook where she knows no one cares enough to call her out
>Ariana is currently on the lookout for a new Sugar Daddy >>1121862
>Ariana goes manic and decides to add black dye to her hair >>1121941 after spending months trying to get back to blonde and goes for it >>1125026 and >>1125091
>Farmers grow concerned about the state of Ariana's asshole >>1123220
>Ariana remembers she has a snake and decides to use it as a prop for porn >>1124707
>New year, New Ari >>1125842 and >>1126316
>Ariana finally gets interaction from a coomer who says she would sub if she showed more armpit, Ari starts censoring the free armpit he's been getting >>1126906 and >>1131241
>Ariana takes a photo that looks like she's taking a shit >>1127323
>Ariana still cannot sell this buck she claimed would be "instant profit" >>1127635
>Ariana continues to photoshop her nose despite spending over 20k on it now >>1128704 and >>1130002 for nose progress
>Ari's face continues to look pudgy >>1131804
>The armpit fan doesn't sub, so she decides to give him some free pits >>1133893
and >>1133894
>Be warned, just be warned >>1134433 and >>1134434
>Ari asks her follows what they want >>1135349 while now allowing replies >>1136347
>Ari and DoorMatt film a crappy porn in a hotel during pandemic >>1136773 and >>1137554 and >>1141129
>Stats farmers posts more info showing Ariana has mostly bought followers >>1138282 and >>1138289
>Ariana goes back to Texas for a follow up on her nose job, and her surgeon posts the worst photos we've seen of her yet >>1141864 and >>1141865 and the worst of all >>1141923


Instagram: PlasticandProud, Plasticnproud, ScorpioAssHoe, PsoriasisandProud, VersatileHeaux, VersatileHeauxArt
Twitter: PlasticandProud, VersatileHeaux, PsoriasisandProud
Tumblr: PlasticandProud, inippleny, ScorpioAssHoe


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scorpioassheaux/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/scorpioassheaux
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/scorpioassheaux
Manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1003297752/AliceAmorLove/Store/Videos/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Airkilla321
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Pickledpetshop
Depop: https://www.depop.com/scorpioasshoe/

No. 1143488

loving the thread pic, it's honestly the best so far

No. 1143524

Seconded. Love it, anon. The reality is just so shocking.

No. 1143660

File: 1611782488163.jpg (826.73 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20210127-162134_Ins…)

No. 1143674

File: 1611783144247.jpg (254.57 KB, 972x1104, Screenshot_20210127-163121_Mes…)

She posted this and immediately deleted it. I grabbed this screenshot from my notifications before opening it.

No. 1143678

After I posted this she reuploaded the image

No. 1143804

Next thread please update bio from age 25 to 26

No. 1143821

It sucks because this is actually hoards better and less scary than what she actually looks like which is sad

No. 1143880

She’s gaining weight it looks like

No. 1143971

is it just me or do the tiles look a bit warped by her chin?

No. 1144060

File: 1611810741268.jpg (268.38 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20210128-001124_You…)

Here's another post I grabbed before she deleted it

No. 1144066

Kek at her friend also being botched. She has a lip filler cat mouth

No. 1144067

File: 1611811171036.jpeg (81.9 KB, 750x735, 8843666A-D6CC-4BD6-9541-52CE43…)


Yes. Not surprising that she’s still aggressively facetuning after tens of thousands in surgery.

So happy for Ariana that she could find someone more botched than her willing to hang out and take photos. Love that for her

No. 1144109

I thought they were two trannies.

No. 1144130

i mean at least she's wearing a matching set even if it's a bikini instead of that biohazard grey thong, she's not in her dirty apartment, the lighting is natural, and hopefully the chlorine will kill off some germs.

No. 1144139

Where are her boobs

No. 1144144

Wow that filler mustache..

No. 1144163

She deleted it again kek

No. 1144168

Who wears clown makeup while swimming?

No. 1144227


Pretty sure this is the only bikini she owns because it's the same one from that bad "photoshoot" she did with Aaron when she was in the polluted river.
I feel like she might be trying to eke out some thooper thexy pictures with her filler mustache buddy. It's literally 30 degrees in the daytime in Philly and this doesn't look like a high quality heated pool. The fact that she's so desperate to sit in pool water after carefully only wetting her hair and freezing her head off just for these terrible pictures is very telling.

No. 1144286


It’s honestly sad how she can barely stand to look at herself after spending so much of her time and money on plastic surgery. She could have a really good life if she just gave this “I’m a unique alt girl and should be paid to exist” bullshit girls are fed these day so they can be manipulated into trying to sell grimy nudes online for coomers.

Like, just get a fucking job Ariana. You’re not above it and clearly need the money.

She’s just embarrassing herself at this point putting out content she regrets and tries to deletes. Go in hiding, get a job, let your face de-pudge, then try again next year.

No. 1144306

I believe she’s still in Texas so that would explain the outdoor pool, looks like she found someone pathetic enough to actually want to hang out with her

No. 1144332


fuck covid right? lets just cross states, meet up with randoms, and soak in a public pool together.

No. 1144350

she’s not a random she’s another ugly philly girl. maybe she went with Ariana instead of Aaron this time

No. 1144438

The way she fixed her own face but didn’t do anything to her ‘friends’… cunt

No. 1144502


I'm sorry but it can't be said enough, every little detail of her is stained. Just, stained.

No. 1144544

File: 1611866435568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.17 KB, 717x1243, 20210128_154022.jpg)

No. 1144550

File: 1611866848889.jpeg (159.44 KB, 828x983, 0DBBADCB-D3A9-4CC9-B7C4-03B997…)

Ew. They were in a hot tub.

No. 1144610

File: 1611871692198.jpeg (572.49 KB, 1125x1938, 36A389AC-4E44-48EC-9E48-3A3F2B…)

No. 1144699

omg someone PLEASE buy a session so we can all laugh(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 1144700

these angles are so bad i know they're not photographers but if this is more than a hobby you should learn a little to best shoot your own content. it's weird that they didn't make this look more "normal" like two friends doing something sexy, it's just awkward af. i don't think they even study how girls that do well in that industry pose, act, and market themselves.

it's also cloudy out which makes this whole situation even less appealing. there's so many actually good ideas they could have done i'm so annoyed.

No. 1144754

File: 1611880124704.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 3CE8B48E-1144-40F0-8D8E-9E50DC…)

really trying to push people to text her lol

No. 1144760

this gives me major old school chat line energy lmao. Like damn girl you can't even respond on twitter without being a total asshole what makes you think someone would pay you to talk?

No. 1144786

This bitch is just as bad a catfish as Ari. No wonder they would get along.

No. 1144793


Everything about her has dry texer energy she mostly talks about herself, imagine you’re trying to get your rocks off with some old school chatline shit and she starts talking about taxidermy or her art then ends up telling you her entire life story

No. 1144838

tfw when i know this thot.. weird cow crossover

No. 1144861

Definitely botched and definitely a catfish but at least the pics she posts are cute. Ari can't make herself remotely appealing even with photoshop

No. 1144893


two people whose entire moustache area is a big filler bubble

No. 1145020

>>1144893 Yeah, there's a doctor on YT (think he's from Australia or NZ or something) who did a study where he did CT scans on women who had done lip filler. The general thing you hear is that filler disappears in a few months. In reality, the CT scans show it sticking around in people's faces for years – the only reason your lips de-puff is because the muscles in your mouth cause the filler to migrate further into your upper lip/face.

That's how you end up with botched duckfaces and they don't even see it. Women notice the difference in their lips after six months and go get a top-up but don't notice that the old filler is still in their face, puffing up in different spots than it should be.

Ari's a perfect example. Obviously she's had a fat transfer and other procedures but even with those you can still see the migrating filler in her and her friend's lips. Woof.

No. 1145037

This specifically happens with juvaderm because juvaderm attracts water.

No. 1145041

File: 1611907279102.jpeg (288.88 KB, 549x683, B820E48A-1BE7-4AC6-A751-B526C5…)

Still in awe that she looks this fugly.

Unrelated but browsing through the surgeons vids, there’s one where he shows a print out of a before picture where he just barely covered the girls eyes with masking tape (which implies she didn’t want to share her photos) but then proceeded to move the picture and show the girl passed out on the operating table with her eyes rolled into the back of her head, tubes still in her mouth, with her removed buccal just sitting on top of her cheeks. That made me cringe.. something something the patient’s dignity.

No. 1145569

It's always so disconcerting seeing these girls in their face tuned photos compared to real life. Jesus.

No. 1145919

File: 1612021368899.jpeg (799.91 KB, 828x1164, 77C1F7F7-0D74-4702-B670-BB8DDE…)

Y’all I’m dying at her legs in this photo

No. 1145921

Lol she is so pathetically insecure. Makeup? In a hot tub?
She hates her own face sooo much.

No. 1145975

what's funny is after her most recent nosejob she claimed she was going to be a "lash extension and skincare only bitch". so much for that.

No. 1145990

File: 1612028048747.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 203.54 KB, 828x1332, 850BF955-C2D6-4EA4-8B47-22A5C4…)

This is revolting. The lint…. the fucking THONG. ari… bitch I know you read this thread how do you live with yourself knowing your thong looks like that and still have the audacity to post this shit … my eyes

No. 1145993

Expired chicken cutlet vibe lmfao Ari is so revolting, she probably just keeps that ratty thong to spite us at this point. She will always be my favorite trashy cow.

No. 1146023


how about instead of going into 10k debt for unnecessary surgery, you regularly purchase new underwear - then maybe you can take some photos with your face showing.

seriously ladies, don't keep underwear to the point they get this bad. they're like 3 dollars a pair, $12 for a 6 pack.

No. 1146024


Peep the unsold $500 ratking stump in the background. kekkkkkkkkk

No. 1146323

Omg, aside from her distorted legs, what is this pose? She needs to practice being more comfortable in front of the camera or pose more. She looks like she’s about to throw punches. It’s so awkward.

No. 1147021

It would really do her some good to buy a multi color pack of thongs. This thing looks like it’s made out of her baby blanket.

No. 1148023

and she seriously thinks people should fork over their money for this? this is the regular content one gets by subbing to her OF ?

she whines she doesn’t get tips. feels entitled to find a SD…
gurl needs to learn the value of a dollar. aka, that she ain’t.

is she just totally oblivious to all her competition? it would explain her complete lack of effort

No. 1148279

Omfg nice catch anon. I didn't realize she hangs her own art in her home until she sells it.

No. 1149010

She posted this again

No. 1149139

Her one thong is actually hilarious. Such a rich bitch. Going into debt to look the same and still not able to afford panties. I…

No. 1149140

File: 1612265911707.jpg (788.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210202-063811_Ins…)

Somehow I wouldn't put it past her to post pics with actual cat scratches… also wouldn't put it past her cats to inflict said wounds

No. 1149163

File: 1612267990047.jpg (893.31 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20210202-071319_Sam…)


Price lowered

No. 1149166

It's ironic that next to her name on Twitter she uses a brain emoji and a manicure emoji… when she's the least intelligent person and her nails and appearance is horrific. Is she tryna be ironic or troll everybody?!

No. 1149176

But her pieces sELLs OuT iN sEcOnDs???

No. 1149182

The more makeup and surgery she does the more she literally looks like a clown. Yeah, she wasn't cute before, but now she's like a crack head-esque blow up doll. But like, the cheapest blow up doll possible. I've never seen a woman as unsexy as Ariana. And the more work she has done, the worse it's getting.

No. 1149183

Her hair is holding in for dear life, even while wet.

No. 1149211

File: 1612275508186.jpeg (164.46 KB, 750x1107, C55CEBF6-A06F-480C-813D-E6BDA3…)


yep, forgot to post this cap from her art twitter because she’s such a boring bitch lately, but guess she already ran out of people willing too pay 300+ for a Michaels’ stump

No. 1149243


so was it her bday or her cats?

No. 1149256

my only question is.. why is Matt scratching HER back? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around lmao

No. 1149263

File: 1612283355046.jpeg (197.62 KB, 1242x519, 7C7D1DD2-FAE6-4803-B5AF-3F8251…)

It was Matt. Clearly channeling his hatred for her through sex

No. 1149304


incoming psoriasis breakout from letting matt dig his dirty untrimmed finger nails down her back. they both look like theyre in a constant state of being sweaty and unwashed, i don't want to image what is under either of their nails.

No. 1149317

i think for some reason on IG she said cat scratches to make it SFW? no clue

No. 1149456

>I spend 40+ hours on some of these
Is she counting the drying time? I can’t imagine the shite she creates takes this long to paint

No. 1149509


If she's spending over 40 hours on a painting and can't even get $500 from it, she should probably just get a job. She's getting less than minimum wage!

No. 1149591

Poor Doormatt's kitty litter-encrusted nails.

No. 1150834


I'm a hyperrealistic oil painter and not even my stuff takes 40 hours to make lol. She's definitely counting drying time(no1curr)

No. 1150939

any one here see how much that awful mushroom snake decay went for?

No. 1150941

File: 1612377939705.png (763 KB, 750x1334, 846E2B77-FE42-4E5F-AD39-8CA7D8…)

Apparently $300. People truly have no taste.

No. 1151001

given that she’s a “licensed taxidermist” and owns a snake and claims to have grown up dissecting dead things for fun… i thought she could have done a decent job on the concept, but all the details.. the different bones poking out, are so anatomically amateur. the scales almost look more like feathers

sorry for sperg, i like snakes

No. 1151007

Anon, this is snow. Nobody fucking cares that you’re a “hyperrealistic oil painter.”

>tore my back up
she is completely incapable of making anything she does sound appealing

No. 1151095

I wouldn't even send such a shitty pic to a partner as a lazy nude, and she is selling this shit? We know you lurk, use a dime of matts money on new underwear you filthy hag

No. 1151104

File: 1612383525537.jpg (1.64 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210203_151842695.jpg)

No. 1151106

File: 1612383608732.jpg (922.14 KB, 1079x1919, Screenshot_20210203-152018_Ins…)

She's the opposite of sexy in every way

No. 1151231

Imagine how special needs this face looks without the facetune

No. 1151242

The eye makeup is just rotten. She needs to stop doing her inner corners..it looks awful.

No. 1151298

File: 1612397105252.jpeg (64.57 KB, 450x526, 3BB13B7F-0EB0-4A16-B0EB-192B73…)

No but literally

No. 1151329

File: 1612398500030.png (308.21 KB, 828x1792, D2D427BC-22AF-44D5-9679-6BB14A…)

Uh has anyone else read this? Yikes

No. 1151405

I know this is meant to read like ‘if you don’t already have a pet my taxidermy will make a great substitute with zero upkeep’ but it comes across as ‘I am insane and will murder pets you already own’

No. 1151561

File: 1612412994924.jpg (1.27 MB, 972x2909, Screenshot_20210203-233019_Twi…)

No. 1151691

Slightly ot but I can't help but wonder when her or matt or their pets are going to start (if they haven't already) developing health issues from her working with resin indoors with 0 ppe or ventilation. It's been what a yr now that she has been doing resin coated stumps? That cannot be good for the snake especially, but also her cats and dog who are SO precious because she's SUCH an empath kek.

No. 1152096

File: 1612459925339.png (537.25 KB, 750x1334, F88EB7CF-2799-4858-A569-1D9B0B…)


No. 1152128

File: 1612462573382.jpeg (669.18 KB, 2048x2048, 0A2FCDF3-74E3-4F51-9467-4076DB…)

More lol, she commented this on the giveaway post. Shocker.

No. 1152134

foxes and wolves both have different body/face shapes. you can't just draw one and call it the other.
is she giving it away because it's so off-center? how do you not notice that?

No. 1152167

File: 1612465209747.jpeg (287.34 KB, 1242x550, 4E8583F4-B698-477A-A8DE-B24EF8…)

Add it to the list of things that are never going to happen…

No. 1152240

It's called having working muscles, you absolute dumbass.

No. 1152250

File: 1612471404079.jpeg (456.65 KB, 1125x1978, 5BD62545-1F76-463F-9334-9BCE11…)

No. 1152262

We're not going to buy your video Ariana

No. 1152330

thanks for proving once again that literally no one buys your shit on of and that you have to advertise towards us ariana

No. 1152385

Invest in some fucking lip salve ari, jesus christ.

No. 1152386

Nice deodorant stain, grandma

No. 1152505

Baby stripper at 27? Lol no thnx trailer trash

No. 1152659

Oh so now she's a bAbY stripper but in the past she frequently bragged about being a stripper when she was 18. For one day.

No. 1152780

Kek it’s actually way easier u just move your ankles so it’s even funnier that she needed to be taught this

No. 1153098


Oh, you mean when you pivot on the balls of your feet so your ass claps? Literally the most basic of all moves for newbie strippers. But sure Ariana, your fellow filler mustache "friend" taught you how to turn your knees out and in, good job. Let's see your super stiff and awkward new moves, kek.

No. 1153100

File: 1612540860911.jpg (403.01 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20210205-110118_Sam…)

That pitiful begging is so desperate.

No. 1153101

File: 1612541016370.jpg (599.36 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20210205-110223_Sam…)

"Yes I'm sexy and my porn is amazing…" says no one ever except yourself, Ariana.

I'm 100% sure no one texted her despite all her begging for someone to text her so she's butthurt and trying to pretend like she's in high demand.

No. 1153102

File: 1612541081487.jpg (551.19 KB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20210205-110445_Sam…)

No Ariana, no one is paying for a video of you awkwardly trying to make your pancake ass clap.

No. 1153164

what’s sad is you can’t even tell if she’s referring to Matt or her scrote clients

No. 1153302

File: 1612557607515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 624.37 KB, 971x1751, Screenshot_20210205-153706_Ins…)

So grimy. Her hair looks disgusting.

No. 1153316

Came here to post this. The low low quality edit is worse than seeing her filthy bed and snake enclosure in the back. This looks like an edit an autistic 8 year old would make. Not something a ~~content creator~~ should ever post to their feed

No. 1153324

I can't stand the way she talks. "Boobs pierced" ew.. no. It made me imagine her getting her boob balloons impaled and popped.

No. 1153347

Welcome to your life, Miss ‘I don’t wanna be a normie’ McMillan. Your idea of something sexy to wear is a school girl uniform. How much more basic bitch can you get than a school girl Halloween costume.

No. 1153424

File: 1612564282259.jpg (877.64 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210205_162935.jpg)

I think she's just trying to copy her latest "friend" but doing a horrible job at it.

No. 1153438

File: 1612564977575.jpg (920.2 KB, 1079x1663, Screenshot_20210205-174225_Ins…)


No. 1153442

File: 1612565115530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.71 KB, 1364x2048, 20210205_174525.jpg)

Her underwear … ew

No. 1153445

File: 1612565179733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.85 KB, 1364x2048, 20210205_174527.jpg)

No. 1153449

File: 1612565261266.jpg (Spoiler Image, 682.3 KB, 972x1691, Screenshot_20210205-174816_Ins…)

No. 1153450

>>1153302 she deleted this kek

No. 1153451

The nose is seriously looking fatter and more down turned than ever here

No. 1153465


Oh god the massive SHEIN tag. Literally cut it out, Ariana. Fucking hell.

No. 1153474

new nose looking straight up like a potato

No. 1153501

wow it’s weird how she has the perfect ski slope nose from the side/when her head is angled but from the front it’s downturned and looks bolbus.

No. 1153533


Brush your friggin hair you dollar store Uma Thurman lookin ass

No. 1153548

Why not get actual thigh highs to cover your nasty leg bruises ?? Or just crop the picture completely from the waist up jfc she’s lucky she has us to help her. She takes down shitty posts we roast.

Such a narcissist too.immediately had to post a shitty mirror pic edited horribly bc she put on clothes and a face. Couldn’t even wait to get validation from strangers online until her cuck friend Aaron could give her his blooper reel (learn to pose tooo!!!)

No. 1153561

File: 1612576226404.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 896A8831-A4C9-45C1-B758-AEFBB0…)

Playing with the colored hair filter. I’ll bet she dyes it again within three weeks or less.

No. 1153576

bald pnp when

No. 1153579

Honestly it's still better than the crusty white underwear kek.

No. 1153602

Imagine you're just taking your dog for a walk and as it's laying a nice, steamy turd you look over and lock eyes with this greasy sewer rat wearing a party city quality schoolgirl costume rolling around in the snow…for fucks sake. Why are her legs so bruised and why is her asscrack gray and dirty? How tf does this bitch put her genitals all over social media and NOT invest in waxing?

No. 1153629

I think her legs are bruised from practicing pole dancing with that one girl she took pics with

No. 1153650

Mr potato head lookin ass. She needs another nose job, this nose ain’t it

No. 1153671

Traveling around again with Aaron (hand tattoo?) during Matt’s working hours. What a pathetic cuck. Gonna assume it was Aaron that took these >>1153442 >>1153442 >>1153449 photos, sooo

No. 1153676

can someone explain why she censors only fans? shes already shadow banned, does ig for real ban ethots for mentioning OF?

No. 1153711

She looks so puffy and fake. She has always wished she could be a natural beauty but she just isn't. I wish she'd just actually get with the whole plastic surgery bimbo thing. She's going to keep acting like she has some appeal outside of looking like a blow-up doll and she doesn't. She'd make more money if she just owned up to being fake.

No. 1153732


I just know all of her underwear is encrusted with discharge. This bitch is so grimy, she always looks like she stinks lmao.

No. 1153794

Yeah you can get your account deleted if you mention only fans or link to your site.

No. 1153817

Exactly what I thought. Aaron is a total creep

No. 1153928


when u cant afford your nosejob so u have to sell your good clothes on poshmark and wear paper thin Shein clothes lol.

No. 1153936


If her knees are that bruised, she's not practicing pole dancing. That means she's just rolling around on her knees while holding a pole.

No. 1153967

File: 1612620559670.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 867.5 KB, 828x1474, 659AB7F4-F82D-4710-8F43-25D72D…)

No. 1153971

she looks so fucking trashy. i mean she's a literal prostitute but even most other prostitutes look classier than her. the cheap ass shein set makes my skin crawl, how is she not embarassed to post pics wearing it? everyone and their grandma knows this is the cheapest piece of fabric you can buy

No. 1153975

File: 1612621419351.jpg (513.96 KB, 1079x1536, Screenshot_20210206-092349_Sam…)


Guess she's hungry and no one's buying her breakfast

No. 1153990

God I hate her tattoos. What is that supposed to be on her shoulder? A nug of weed?

No. 1154001

It used to be a bear but it bled to death.

No. 1154011

Why in the ever loving fuck won’t she wash her hair? It bugs the hell out of me that she will put a full face of make up on and then leaves her hair stringy and greasy. It literally takes 5 mins to wash your hair.

No. 1154012

Why does the collar on her outfit look like it’s made out of a napkin lmfao

No. 1154081

Even if your budget is shein, they have so many lingerie sets that couldn’t be distinguished from something more expensive like just a simple, single-colored teddy but she went for a glaringly obvious tacky replica and is she really wearing it out as part of a real outfit?

No. 1154117

File: 1612634349876.jpg (2.45 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210206_125933554.jpg)

No. 1154122

I can’t get enough of these ridiculous lashes that cast shadows over her eyes and make her look even MORE zonked out

No. 1154135


true, its not hard to mix and match some cheap shit on shein and not come out looking like this trashy abomination. she has no sense of style at all, she just copies people. isolation from covid and her mental issues has really started to show in her recently clothing choices/ratty panties

No. 1154199

She's not wearing it out as a normal outfit. She wore it out for a photo shoot and had normal clothes over it in the car on the way.
The photo shoot.

No. 1154290

File: 1612646850980.jpeg (784.61 KB, 828x1412, 6553E09E-730D-49B2-A9A8-A21A52…)

No. 1154554

Lmao she actually took my advice and cropped that pic with her nasty bruises

No. 1154602

I think it’s hysterical she’s tagging the lame ass Ink magazine or whatever on her posts as if her tattoos are anything to be proud of. She’s too trashy even for that mag/scene lol

No. 1154861

can anyone explain wth happened to her? sure, she's always been a huge ugly cow that peaked 3 years ago but damn, she looks like an actual crack head now. when she still had a following and did the dog job she somehow managed to at least look like a typical EdGyyy alternative thot and people seemed to like or at least be interested in her. I honestly feel embarrassed and would even feel sorry for her if she wasn't such an idiot. she is literally begging for people to buy her low quality "porn" and nobody is interested. her life is so dull, empty and meaningless it‘s creeping me tf out.

No. 1154922

the shein collar is just absurd looking lmao it looks like it audibly crinkles when she walks

No. 1154925

File: 1612715764803.jpeg (190.87 KB, 750x808, 0BFF01F3-BF7B-458E-9989-D38879…)

Some retard bought these shoes. Can imagine the pnp smell lmaoooo

No. 1154931

I just think her terrible life choices eventually caught up to her. Leaving the dog walking job/abandoning any goals of getting an education and becoming a full service sex worker essentially destroyed her relationship and all the shit that happened around that time was bound to have an impact, the abortion, getting raped in Dominica and botching herself with more surgeries whilst spiralling into debt…

No. 1154932

A cow?? I bought nice shoes…They are perfect and lace up my thighs. English is not my first language, should I have asked more question?? I was here for momokun stuff and now I’m here wtf? These shoes are perfect wtf is wrong with you people?

No. 1154938

If you purchased these shoes I mean that’s fine, just know that you bought them off of a sleazy cow. If you like them I guess that’s all that matters hahaha

No. 1155002


you purchased these from someone who does taxidermy with no gloves, does full service sex during a pandemic and has been known to take clients with an unknown rash, and someone who abuses animals and recently shaved her cats for twitter likes. So enjoy your good deal I guess?

No. 1155019

you're a fucking retard and you have trash taste lol.

No. 1155090

File: 1612725586680.png (612 KB, 1242x2208, 7A61F728-8D85-4958-962E-3700F9…)

She’s such an empath

No. 1155146

LMAOOO this is so funny please you should definitely put them in a bag, freeze them for a while and desinfect them heavily anon there's probably dead rat residue on them somewhere

No. 1155195

File: 1612732647348.jpg (168.9 KB, 1064x832, SmartSelect_20210207-161706_Tw…)

Literally begging for a client to fuck… disgusting. Toss her in the bin

No. 1155295


Its so gross she wants marriage and a kid with matt but has no issue advertising she will do full service sex work during the 2nd big covid wave.

No. 1155480

Why does she insist on being a crusty failed whore when she could just put 40 hours a week into her art (until it doesn't take her a week to do small pieces) and sell that? Her stumps get more likes than her asshole - take the hint Ari.

No. 1155663

being an actual stripper would be better because she has zero sex appeal online, maybe in person she would feel more of a sense of competition and work harder, or just be in that environment and learn if that's what she wants to do so badly.

i don't understand why this is what she does when she doesn't seem to analyze and appreciate any sex work, porn, literally anything/anyone with sex appeal. it's just copying other suburban ig thots badly and without any fast fashion relevancy, but is somehow always pumping out meaningless content no one connects to.

No. 1155786


Guess her "text me all night!" shit isn't selling. No one but farmers sub to her "Lonely Hams" account. And she's begged for a SD and a "real man" that'll spoil her and not "question [her] self-worth" for months now… which seems like she's not-so-subtle at ragging on Matt. I've never seen anyone on SW Twitter begging this hard so frequently. She gets visibly bitter when she doesn't get a response too, like saying "so many of y'all are unimpressive" after saying men should give her the money she requests and not question her self-worth. Her personality is truly as ugly as her botched surgery and her tacky Halloween costume outfits.

No. 1155798


The sad reality of OF Sex Workers is men want the youngest of the crop while these raggity old whores will do anything for a couple bucks. She totally ruined herself and her "young 20s" appeal by making her face look like that cat lady. Now I won't be as cruel as some and say she'd hideous, but she doesn't look human and looks 30+ now. Sorry, but unless you're young, dumb, and full of cum - you need a fucking personality/not be a raging cunt to keep coomers coming back.

No. 1155806


I've seen older women getting much more engagement and subs on OF than Ariana. I've seen obese women getting more subs and engagement than Ariana. Her personality drives everyone away. Her entitled attitude, her constantly putting down people for being "unimpressive" or "fake" just because they're not tipping her for shit videos no one wants to see… even in her badly botched state, she could still get a few male subs if she didn't come across as such an awkward, full-of-herself bitch.

No. 1155880


ayrt, i agree with you for sure, I just meant you can only get away with that “im a total cunt but people will still interact with me” persona if youre 18-21 or extremely above average. She could almost pull it off before she botched herself into looking like kylie jenners mom.

No. 1155925

File: 1612800806998.png (71.94 KB, 277x254, AriJon.png)

Does anyone else think PnP resembles Naomi Jon (German Youtuber)? This five minute crafts lips thumbnail just made me double take.

No. 1156156

no kek

No. 1156196

Lmao. She could NEVER pull that off. She’s always been fugly, she’s just able to take decent selfies. Someone as grotesque looking as her, with that personality…. well, it’s really no wonder she repels anyone and everyone who interacts with her. It’s like her personality is a mishmash of every undesirable trait, all rolled up into one abominable person. Her looks are the rotting cherry on top. Everyone is going to hate someone like her.

No. 1156254

File: 1612821036436.jpeg (394.75 KB, 956x1280, A44D06ED-263D-433A-AE33-2A1D6C…)

sage cause it was already posted from her twitter but here’s today post she deleted 2 seconds after posting, i kekd so hard at that greasy hair

No. 1156279

Everything has to be about her in her world kek

No. 1156288

yeah, she’s gonna have to always keep her hair down. without hair framing her face, she looks like a dude.

No. 1156290

her eyes look like they're going in different directions, oof

No. 1156454

Obsessed much?

No. 1156469

We are obsessed with you wearing clean undies

No. 1156486

It’s depressing how badly that fat transfer fucked yo her face. I really didn’t think she was that ugly before, she could at least work her angles but now…. it’s unsettling.

No. 1156532

File: 1612839530240.jpg (110.41 KB, 1200x1500, hanes_PP46AS_assorted.jpg)

take this

No. 1156537

File: 1612839942269.jpg (525.53 KB, 1136x852, 20210208_220604_379.jpg)

No. 1156562

The only thing that fat transfer did for her was make her look like she gained weight and now makes her nose area look even more unnatural and freakish. Her whole face is so pillowy and then at the sides of her nostrils it looks like everything is caving in.

No. 1156579

File: 1612841795237.jpg (744.03 KB, 971x1735, Screenshot_20210208-223614_Ins…)

She can't actually think this looks good, right?

No. 1156590

LOL she edited herself into a white room wtf

No. 1156593

File: 1612842479277.jpg (165.07 KB, 387x852, SmartSelect_20210208-224737_Tw…)

So weird lol

No. 1156598

File: 1612842936096.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, 1A4F86F6-FF84-4F83-A868-510483…)


No. 1156599

imagine getting multiple nose jobs just for your nose to still look so.. wide.

No. 1156600

For real her nose looks like a deformed blob on her face

No. 1156603

She looks grimes in the worst possible way

No. 1156609

File: 1612844103033.jpeg (240.18 KB, 750x1365, F5DF8ED9-402C-4A82-A722-C1A813…)

Correct choice of words for once. You do indeed look very bizarre, Ari. And it’s not a good thing.

No. 1156614

Wow I hate her face so fucking much. Her expression actually shows how mentally deranged she is. The worse part is that she isn’t deranged in an interesting way that could spawn amazing/meaningful art. Instead, she tries to pathetically emulate certain aesthetics that are shitty to begin with, and still can’t make anything look good or cohesive. I’m not sure why it bothers me so much but maybe it’s bc she has such a condescending air. She reminds me of lillie Jean the fake beauty guru

No. 1156617


Something so sad about how hard she tries to be a social media sex worker influencer type to the point of spending assume amounts of money on her face and body just to get zero interactions online and look like this. Why do I get the eerie feeling she gonna die soon.

No. 1156665

I think her downfall also has to do with the rise of woke and cancel culture. She did and said a lot of weird shit that wouldn’t fly today or rather would slip by you know? She already has almost been cancelled and you might say she currently is.

No. 1156688

did her nosetip get even more wide since the last surgery? I'm aware swelling is a thing but it has no definition, it's just a blob

No. 1156714

her downfall started when she got her first IG deleted and hasnt been able to have one stick around since

No. 1156910

She really thought this was a nice pic huh

No. 1156923

It must suck to be so obsessed with a person, haters are the biggest fans lol

No. 1156938

youre right, ariana really is obsessed with herself. must really suck for her to have such a fragile ego like that, but it explains why shes her own biggest fan.

No. 1156941

Imagine using your free time to talk about someone’s underwear?? Wow just wow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1156942

Ari needs to be obsessed with therapy instead of her own reflection

No. 1156955

imagine defending the same ratty thong that a bitch has worn for months.

i won't 'hey cow' you but why don't you go get another nosejob and give us more milk?

No. 1157003

I agree anon. She's gonna reach a point where no doctor will work on her anymore and she'll resort to some back alley surgeon, catch an infection or just die during the procedure. She will never stop mutilating her face until it comes off or she is dead, kek. Sad, but Ariana has had something like this coming for a long time. I'd put money on it taking less than two years.

No. 1157039

File: 1612887008066.jpeg (30.73 KB, 348x367, 431EA545-8F53-4EEB-8102-4F701C…)

>I won't be as cruel as some and say she'd hideous

No. 1157127


Guaranteed no one will ever bring in a picture of her bell bottom nose to a plastic surgeon and ask for the same nose. "I want a bell bottom nose from the front but from the SIDE, I want it to look like a ski slope!"

No. 1157131


Ariana's candid photos are honestly painful to look at. She has to look in the mirror every morning and see that's the face she's stuck with, despite all her attempts to erase her trashy dad's nose and whatever one of her disgusting parents' witch chin she inherited. I'm surprised she hasn't killed herself yet, too. Her life and lack of future is so bleak it's pointless.

No. 1157138

File: 1612893268099.jpg (1.33 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1612893132165.jpg)

Her bad art is sooo sparkly irl!

She always says everything about herself looks better irl. No… you and your horrific art are just as ugly in person.

No. 1157147

File: 1612893602503.jpg (287.45 KB, 972x2264, Screenshot_20210209-125603_Sam…)

Begging on repeat.

"Buy my wrinkled and stained used clothing!"
"Buy my porn!"
"Buy my art!"
"Send me money to eat on a 'virtual date'!"
"I don't care about being hot, but it means sooo much to be appreciated for my art!"
"I'm so hot! I'm going to 'invest' in more surgery because it's what sHe dEsErVeS!"
"Y'all are unimpressive for questioning my worth!!"

No. 1157150

kek, retweeting her own onlyfans link because she got such low engagement on it the first time. she’s such a broken record at this point and she’s so pathetic, it’s almost sad.

No. 1157151

She’d be the stripper you’d throw a pity dollar at hoping she’d move out of the way.

No. 1157152


I still remember her posts about "working out" back when she wanted to look fit for the 1 day she tried so working in a club. She did 50 squats a day and boasted that she finally had an "ass". She has no real concept of actually working out or how to grow her pancake ass.

No. 1157160

i guarantee she would struggle selling her shitty stumps even more if she didn’t throw glitter on them and cover them in resin. it just gives them that “ooh shiny” factor that makes them more attractive to the average buyer and makes them look past her mediocre drawings underneath the shininess.

No. 1157174

Underrated post I swear

No. 1157185

Side note, but what the fuck is this imagery anyway? Why would someone want a chained, shot and bleeding wolf/fox/whatever on their wall? Fucking gross.

No. 1157189

Followed by the five days of crippling soreness from actually moving once.

No. 1157192


Right there with you, anon. I know it was posted a little while back but when I saw the hotel sex video screen caps I literally howled at how different and jarring her unshooped, especially side profile face, is. If only she spent half of what she did on surgery and used that towards styling herself. It shouldn't piss me off this much but I literally recoil at her spastic makeup, greasy ratty hair, and wrinkly cheap clothing. I've known so many sloppy bitches like this and they're all the same.

No. 1157197

File: 1612896664145.jpg (406.4 KB, 1125x2000, 20210209_122334.jpg)

does she just fill the black in with fucking sharpie? not surprising that she cant even post her totally original art without a filter.

No. 1157199

If there are people who buy stuffed animal corpses they will buy this. Some people just have very tacky tastes, I mean people bought her wet specimens and probably have them displayed. I think her "beloved" tube rats have been bought too, and those were horrendous. Wires sticking out of its legs and having no shape.

I don't know why she doesn't use paint it would be so much more cost effective.

No. 1157251


If I was into this kind of stuff and wanted to spend money on it and it was being made by a decent human the most I would be comfortable spending is $25CAD maaaybe $30. Anymore than that and I could just do it my fucking self. Her prices are insane given she probably gets the supplies for under $100.

No. 1157253


I feel like she could do better with her taxidermy if she marketed it as bad taxidermy. I have some specimens myself and would honestly find something like that fun. But, knowing her, anything she sells would probably still end up decaying, even the wet specimens, lol.

No. 1157263

File: 1612901444412.jpeg (389.55 KB, 828x622, EAEF60CD-3529-412D-B783-1D83D2…)

She looks like this

No. 1157271

Looks like Adore Delano the drag queen

No. 1157311

File: 1612905774391.jpeg (185.72 KB, 1242x1508, E084FBE3-C590-4089-8262-4C9501…)

You could have chosen a way better picture than that to display her stunning visage kek. Like this

No. 1157325

The tip of her nose is uneven. I don’t think it’s the swelling either, most of it should have gone away by now. Also that’s not her face kek. She would neverrr post an unedited, makeup free selfie. We know that she looks like a goblin irl. She knows it too.

No. 1157333

File: 1612907016438.jpeg (153.91 KB, 1242x301, AD25376C-2862-4646-9176-252624…)

I think Matt is just hate fucking her at this point

No. 1157338

File: 1612907234281.jpg (833.14 KB, 2509x3345, image0-9.jpg)

No. 1157359


Please can we have this as the next thread pic? Thank u, anon. Excellent work.

No. 1157371

File: 1612910471527.jpg (2.54 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210209_174138201.jpg)

No. 1157378

Love how she doesn't wear a bra for outfits she should wear one with and then puts a bra on with a sleeveless top…
Fashion queen

No. 1157391

lmfao. god I lov that cartoon cat, they got the gist of it.

No. 1157407

The shirt is a regular one with sleeves. She just pushed them over.
If she was a little smarter she would also push the bra strap over so it wouldn't show. But she's being classy as always

No. 1157534

File: 1612919671493.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 720x1280, wFiavoi6COW44yiJ.webm)

Zero sex appeal.

No. 1157635

File: 1612925589819.png (Spoiler Image, 3.4 MB, 828x1792, DA6D46A3-B944-475C-B261-D38274…)

This.. this is the body paint that this insufferable bitch went on and on about on all of her social media platforms. Ofc she picks the fugliest and sloppiest designs she can think of and the ugliest colors and background. I hate her oh my god

No. 1157641

I mean we all know he punches her in the nose “in his sleep” on purpose, so

No. 1157682

It literally looks like she’s tucking here kek

No. 1157683

File: 1612930866257.png (Spoiler Image, 3.36 MB, 750x1624, AFDD7920-A316-41EE-969B-697A39…)

At least she’s wearing better panties.

No. 1157684

File: 1612930987286.png (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 750x1624, 31DC5880-E3C4-4065-B6BE-C457B5…)

She was almost on the right track, actually wearing a bra and getting some cleavage. Then ruining it by strangely tugging at them like usual.

No. 1157686

File: 1612931046121.png (Spoiler Image, 3.72 MB, 750x1624, 7E104536-7474-4A6F-89A4-9A6152…)

No. 1157707


its like she doesnt even try. why buy black light paint and not also spend the 2.00 for a blacklight bulb? im so sick of these cows bragging about good something is going to be before it ever reaches “good” (and it never does because cows cant follow through)

No. 1157724

her right breast looks so red/painful!
Maybe all the tugging isn't the best idea with her bolt ons…

Or it's just the pink paint. Either way, not sexy.

No. 1157755

The fucking haunted ass baby doll behind her in this shot

No. 1157862

File: 1612956322234.jpg (725.19 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20210210-062229_Goo…)

Slightly OT, but Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently opened up about a botched polypectomy procedure where she says the surgeon accidentally shaved her bridge while trying to shave the polyp and her bridge collapsed (pic related). It actually looks like Ariana's pictures with the extremely wide bridge that was much more defined before the surgery. It looks like Ariana's bridge is collapsed… not saying that's the cause of her bell bottom nose, but we've talked about her nose collapsing and this is proof of how easily that could happen or could have already happened without Ariana knowing.

No. 1158059

Ariana looks so much worse now with the fat transfer. Her nose looks worse now because it has zero definition and is a literal downturned blob from the front. Her face is bloated looking literally everywhere, it looks like she's having a permanent allergic reaction. Her lips look like they're literally about to burst and you guys are right on the money when you say she looks toothless. She looks like she would be on an episode of botched. I've been following her thread for a while and this is the worst she has ever looked. She probably looks like a circus freak in real life.

No. 1158157


I'm pretty sure those rats never sold just like her rat king painting never sold. She just quietly pulls it off Etsy and puts it up in her own house to save herself from the embarrassment of things not actually "selling out in minutes".

No. 1158159


She wishes she looked like a circus freak, but she's too basic and too much of a normie to actually be an attraction.

No. 1158168

File: 1612978770309.jpg (154.66 KB, 1027x332, Screenshot_20210210-123441_Pho…)


Wow, this body paint looks like a child's attempt at finger painti g for the first time. The crooked heart clearly done with her finger and then the smears like she just wiped her hands all over her stomach and the basic circles around her tits… for an "artist", she really looks stupid. And shining her flashlight on herself to show the blacklight effect with that satisfied expression on her downturned face is peak trailer park energy.
It looks like she's wearing a panty liner on sheer underwear like Tuna does to wear her crusty unwashed underwear longer. Pic related. It just looks so stiff and pointy, especially once she turns to the side. She looks comically filthy.

No. 1158260

I think she was going for an Ariana Grande God is a woman type of aesthetic but she is extremely lazy and untalented so it looks like this

No. 1158325

File: 1612988210654.jpeg (589.72 KB, 828x1212, 3E9075B3-F886-4CCE-8B50-1A4812…)

God she doesn’t even look human to me anymore

No. 1158334

I think it’s safe to say I’m now prettier than Ariana, without all the surgeries. I outlasted her, I saved so much money. Also I’m dying she could have just bought a black light fixture and a bulb from her weekly Walmart trip instead she’s just using some shitty black flash light that people use to scope out splooge marks in a hotel room. it’s really apparent she’s hurting for money.(no1curr)

No. 1158335

File: 1612988738150.jpg (Spoiler Image, 482.51 KB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20210210-152604_Twi…)

No. 1158336

Seeing as she’s likely here often, although she doesn’t listen and buy clean underwear: Ariana stop doing your inner corners like that. Making your eyes look so much closer together makes you look even fuglier and makes your nose look huger. You don’t look cute, you look fucked up and gross.

No. 1158412

File: 1612992811556.jpg (225.61 KB, 1080x1747, Screenshot_20210210-163027_Sam…)


Right under the discounted "portal to heaven", you'll see her botched face and scabby lips. She's more like the epitome of plastic surgery hell.

No. 1158417


If she looks this gross Facetuned, I can only imagine how horrifying her downturned face actually looks irl. We saw the candid photos from the doctor and know how droopy and bloated she looks. She looks so depressing.

No. 1158421


Holy manic bitch… did she dye her hair again?!

No. 1158592

File: 1613002524681.jpeg (190.93 KB, 1125x1651, CE170FFA-E05B-4CE4-B2B2-545371…)

can’t wait to see it Ari!

No. 1158606

File: 1613004354773.jpg (26.69 KB, 286x275, Screenshot_20210210-194044.jpg)

Her lips in the second photo are sending me lol.

No. 1158634

damn Frogger is only 8? i thought she (?) was way older. she's gonna have to live with excruciating hip pain for the next 5 years because her owner is an incompetent plastic surgery addict. that's so fucking sad.

No. 1158663

Did she get glow in the dark paint in her pussy? I’m not a gynaecologist but I think I can say you shouldn’t be doing that.

No. 1158680

Realizing the blacklight flashlight is the same one she uses to find cat pee in her home

No. 1158758

I was just about to say this. Frogger is so deteriorated for an 8 year old dog.

No. 1158781

Not to mention that her hip getting this bad could have probably been prevented in the first place. She doesn’t get regular daily exercise and leads a sedentary lifestyle, not to mention you’re supposed to buy furniture stairs for those types of dogs from an early age. Ariana is neglectful, a bad mom (just like her mother), and it’s likely her fault Frogger has this bad of issues/is in pain. I hope she feels sick with guilt over it because she should.

No. 1158782

Ugh not to mention the lace on the top of these nasty underwear is very torn. It’s like she hasn’t purchased new panties since she was 18 shopping at wet seal

No. 1158797

Kek anon that’s great. She’s looking for a sugar daddy, maybe he can help her get a few new pairs.

No. 1158847

She's not capable of feeling guilt

No. 1158928

While I can't totally fault her in thinking all she has to do is get naked for scrotes to come but she actively does disgusting, bizarre shit

No. 1159139

Oh god you're right. I'm gonna throw up.

No. 1159146


Considering she knows she's botched and it's painfully evident without photo editing apps and filters, she should know that it's nearly impossible for her and her horrifying personality to build a male fan base. Even when she looked her best, her IG still only had females encouraging her and hardly any male attention. The 1 positive male comment she received annually she'd shut down by being a bitch.

Considering how much uglier and more botched she's gotten over the past 4 years, I think all of us could have warned her she'd be stranded in the middle of a man desert with her cuck bf as her only oasis.

No. 1159155

File: 1613072558790.jpg (235.01 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20210211-143707_Sam…)

Proudly featuring the pancake ass she's been asking everyone on social media if they notice she's been "working out" and the smeared finger paints, combined with the crooked tits and the cheap thong with the pointy panty liner really emphasizes how pathetically trashy and desperate she looks. This is bottom-of-the-barrel unwanted free bin shit, Ariana. Have a little pride.

No. 1159161

I don't think it's her body or looks, men fuck anything, including troons who look just like her. Her fanbase is just full of women and she's rude as hell, so I think that turns a lot of women off from supporting her.
In fact, if she went the Bimbo route and just embraced that whole movement she'd fit in, especially if she keeps blowing her lips up, get ass shots, etc.
I feel like you either have to be very pretty and naturally sexy to make it, or like Shayna & PNP, willing to do anything and go right for the kinky super degrading shit.
It's crazy because Shayna is focused on the bimbo shit while looking being doughy bodied with zero sex appeal, tiny lips and not even trying to look the part, while PNP could easily do that because she's already getting work done anyway.
I say she should just go extreme. Her issue is she's rude as hell and does not try to get men's attention. If she was nicer to women i'm sure they'd retweet and support her more.

No. 1159170

File: 1613073404999.jpeg (559.11 KB, 828x1172, 64CA0680-AFB4-4CAD-BD40-8346F6…)

No. 1159178

File: 1613073711957.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 149.81 KB, 750x1310, 04F0374C-5B0B-4DB0-95FE-662D09…)

her tits are so lopsided omg

No. 1159198

On top of the fact that she’s rude to everyone, her personality is boring and the only thing she cares to talk about is herself and her delusions of grandeur. There’s nothing there that anyone even wants to pay attention to. On top of that, she’s thrown the higher end of five figures down the drain and she’s still ugly. She’s painfully awkward and doesn’t know how to talk to anyone and it’s evident in every single thing she attempts and fails at. Now, thanks to the wonky fat transfer she looks special needs without makeup on. It’s glorious really.

No. 1159227

I think after years and years of being narcissistic/ and obsessed with plastic surgery she is realized that plastic surgery isn’t all that great/going to make her look perfect.

Her lips, nose, and boobs are fucked up. She’s just grasping at any way to make money online at this point because she has no marketable skills. She will get bored of this soon and realize she needs something more out of life (maybe something with benefits? 401k? Health care? Stability?)

No. 1159260

she’s live. i’m at work but i saw that she was live, if anyone wants to check it out.

No. 1159283

File: 1613078423788.png (3.98 MB, 828x1792, F376D87C-56D0-485C-AF25-AA6DBD…)

She’s live with? Some guy? Having a normal conversation like they’re FaceTiming.

No. 1159286

File: 1613078714349.png (3.11 MB, 828x1792, FD83AF31-0B1B-4D32-ADC1-7C7E1B…)

I keep forgetting how young and obnoxious she sounds.

No. 1159289

File: 1613078875351.png (3.7 MB, 828x1792, 4A031AE6-130F-4D54-8385-87E5DE…)

god I hope someone is recording her rn. All I can get are screen caps

No. 1159308

Probably because when she opens her mouth you expect Joan Cusacks voice to come out

No. 1159319

File: 1613080666987.png (7.26 MB, 1242x2208, 5A80D579-C04C-4556-9D69-1C6665…)

She’s “really protective” of her hair

No. 1159320

File: 1613080704541.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210211_165651952.jpg)

This is who she was on live with, they're hanging out later today.

No. 1159326

Anons discus how she’s awkward, has no friends, and doesn’t know how to talk to people and now she’s suddenly hanging out with other people. Kek that won’t last.

No. 1159327

>>1158592 >>1159319
She wanted to make us think she dyed her hair blue already kek. She says she plans to do it.

No. 1159336

File: 1613081021913.jpg (145.61 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_20210211-165236_Ins…)

No. 1159348

File: 1613081529518.gif (10.04 MB, 282x500, 93587FDC-263A-4453-A89D-876E84…)

Trying to “shake her ass” but just clenching her butt cheeks

No. 1159350

St Vitus dance

No. 1159354

Demi Lovato fart noise

No. 1159408

I cant tell if shes wearing these inside out or if she has a panty liner in? It looks so weird

No. 1159471

honestly as a fellow flat-assed female I admire her resolve and the fact that it at least kind of looks like it's shaking

No. 1159474

Girl it looks like she’s trying to wiggle out a shit

No. 1159551

Lmao I thought her hand was a dick.

No. 1159563

What a catfish. Is that armpit hair guy? I don’t feel like going back

No. 1159593

underrated post, kek

No. 1159599

File: 1613102387417.jpeg (568.6 KB, 828x823, 644E860B-4121-4760-8B73-9AC637…)


No. 1159614

File: 1613104017568.png (4.86 MB, 828x1792, 6ACF4D4F-10E3-4F85-94F5-C527F0…)

It seems like she copied “vivadrag” (now Damagednerves) another cow’s makeup look hahahha

No. 1159616

File: 1613104100635.jpeg (62.21 KB, 750x475, 5DE41374-29FE-4631-AE67-AE4DD9…)

But why

No. 1159619

that’s a reach. the eye makeup isn’t the same and the pink outline hearts thing has been a trend for a while now.

No. 1159623

this is so hilariously bad lmfao it looks like she’s just twitching

No. 1159630

I was about to say they're a pretty standard amount of asymmetrical, but then I remembered she paid for those

No. 1159788


This is nowhere near an ass clap. She's quaking in her normie Calvin Klein Amazon sweatpants.

No. 1159789


Even if she didn't pay for them, this is a whole cup size and a half difference between the 2. And the tit on the right looks like it's looking off to the side. Her nipples (with one pointing straight out and the other pointing to the side) and bellybutton combined look like that crazy eyed emoji.

No. 1160025

File: 1613153301731.png (3.78 MB, 828x1792, 91A1F171-6E32-4861-B3D0-CA08F7…)

From her live yesterday. Yikes

No. 1160032

I’m aware of the dumb e girl heart Trend. I’m talking about the specific cut crease with the hearts.

No. 1160074

the way her cheeks are sagging lmao she looks 50

No. 1160113

File: 1613162217623.jpeg (31.32 KB, 406x348, 38730A95-BF84-4B3A-928C-1FB16A…)

No. 1160166

This is fucking scary. Her face is inverted like a hereditary disorder. Whut.

No. 1160180

Did she ever pick a winner for her giveaway?

No. 1160195

Yeah, her face is literally deformed and you can really see it in candids. She’s been trying to fix it with plastic surgery, but it’s not working. She will simply never be beautiful. She could fix her personality at least… but I think it’s just as unfixable as her face kek

No. 1160204

File: 1613171276403.jpeg (809.18 KB, 4000x4000, F6C652FE-3C27-4E2F-B75E-CB139B…)

All of that plastic surgery and money was totally worth it, Ari. Another nose job will totally make you look perfect and not botched at all!

No. 1160373


I couldn't quite put my finger on what her face reminds me of but it just hit me, "faces of meth".

No. 1160376


I could be wrong but this could be another filter multiple people use.

No. 1160378

File: 1613187748924.jpg (30.78 KB, 573x480, Screenshot_20210212_224241.jpg)


I can't stop starring at this.

No. 1160479

Is this the fat transfer sagging?

No. 1160489

File: 1613200899304.jpg (909.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210213_011544.jpg)

The reason she's been pushing her "art", onlyfans, and trying to find a sugar daddy so bad is because Matt's rent is so expensive and he must be bitching at her to chip in. I can't remember if she's mentioned if they have a 1 or 2 bedroom place, but price wise it seems high. 1/2

>>1159320 she's hung out with this dude before, maybe 3-4 threads ago.

No. 1160491

File: 1613201039649.jpg (1.35 MB, 4096x6144, CollageMaker_20210213_01172630…)

2/2 the building is way too nice for her ratchet ass, and I bet we haven't heard about her going to the gym because she has one in her building and now has no excuse not to go and get a "fat ass".

No. 1160647

File: 1613225630711.png (98.61 KB, 1017x557, Screenshot 2021-02-13 at 9.10.…)

Damnnnn. They're paying $1400-1500 a month for a luxury apartment their trashy asses don't fit in at. Didn't she choose the place without his input too? So the pool from the latest shoot is her apartments pool and she's working out because her building has a nice ass gym.

No. 1160682


$1400 is only a studio in Seattle and half of a 1 bedroom in SF so that's actually normal for Philly.

That's also affordable enough for Matt on his own.

No. 1160688

File: 1613231047642.jpg (1.31 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210213_012941.jpg)

It must kill her so much to not show off and flex her "luxury life style" because she was trying to keep farmers from knowing her trashy ass is stinking up a new place.

And she absolutely took the pictures at her apartment kek no wonder she looks so uncomfortable. Bitch must have been cold.

No. 1160695

I never said Matt couldn't afford it on his own, I said it's an expensive luxury apartment that doesn't fit their trashy lifestyle.

No. 1160740

anyone notice how pnp and cotte de mailles unfollowed each other or am I late to the party

No. 1160769


For a 1 bedroom at $1500, that's actually not an "expensive luxury apartment". If she was paying at least 2k for a 1 bedroom, then yes. Kek, maybe for someone from a trailer park like Ariana, but that's basic, lower middle class shit for people who can't afford homes or condos. She couldn't even afford a 2 bedroom, for someone who wanted a separate room for her "art" and bad amateur porn.


It was 30 degrees out while she was taking pictures in that painfully small pool.

No. 1160770

File: 1613240307963.jpg (310.93 KB, 965x2145, Screenshot_20210213-131252_Sam…)

This unpainted anatomically botched dog with random chains and "arrowheads" that look like leaves with sticks connected is going up for sale soon. Her "sold out in minutes" art is so highly desired, kek.

No. 1160774

File: 1613240593328.jpg (454.29 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210213-132030_Sam…)


She says it sold already.

It actually looks like only the same few people are buying these tacky bland wood stumps with glitter. The reviews show that the same loser girl bought 3 painted wood stumps.

No. 1160777


At least she's making money to contribute to Matt and their bills because we all know she can't hook a man or SD to save her life. She's best targeting other self-loathing females for money for her shitty normie art encircled with crooked barbed wire and gold leaf randomly stuck on.

No. 1160779

File: 1613240860099.jpg (625.51 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20210213-132722_Sam…)

I still feel like this is probably still hanging on her wall unsold. But if it really did sell, I'm glad her 40+ hours spent on bad drawings are earning her less than minimum wage.

No. 1160948

File: 1613254568332.jpg (77.02 KB, 826x723, frankenstein.jpg)

she reminds me of the aunt from that movie Thirteen when she was hiding from everyone after her botched surgery where her ears got cut off her to give her a facelift. pp is on that route

No. 1160959

She posted the giveaway winner and nitpick but her “art” IG doesn’t even fucking follow the winner. That’s small business 101. Humble yoself, Narcissa

No. 1161111

Except this woman isn’t an ugly cunt that looks like a Keebler elf

No. 1161325


makes you wonder why her and matt cant buy a home or condo as their mortgage payments would probably be less than what theyre paying now for lifeless apartment. i mean, she said her credit was amazing right? lol… or did she prioritize and botch her face instead, oh wait.

No. 1161424

It would be Matt’s house. Unless they get married, Ari would simply be a tenant in Matt’s house. No way she can get approved for a loan for a house without a job

No. 1161508

In North Philly, you can get a nice apartment with 2 bedrooms for a little under $900. I'm going to outright tinfoil and say they're either living in the old city or they're towards Drexel's campus

No. 1161681

This. She was asking people on Twitter how to get a housing loan without proper legitimate documentation of her ‘money trail’ income. Like I said, this will get old for her soon enough and she will get older and want health care, benefits, stability on paper to move on from the young 20 something lifestyle

No. 1161751

File: 1613344659374.jpeg (361.76 KB, 1169x1538, 5571C7C2-4A2B-4D88-BD74-B574EF…)

probably nitpick but in her recent insta post her lash looks like it’s hanging on for dear life. it also looks like it came off and she crudely stuck it back on (hence the patch of missing eyeliner lmao.) she’s so sloppy in everything she does.

No. 1162123

Those lashes look second hand

No. 1162169

Like I get lashes can be reused and I’ve def done that, but it doesn’t look like she’s cleaned them in between uses, they don’t look adhered properly, and they look like they have a lot of build up on the band whether from old glue or old cum

No. 1162201

doormatt and pnp are such a fake couple/couple for convenience, I almost forgot to check if they did anything for valentines. And yep, depressing radio silence.

No. 1162344


All I see is the huge bulbous bell bottom nose she tried so hard to get rid of and yet failed.

No. 1162416

Is there something she could do to fix the lower half of her face?

No. 1162430

No. 1162442

social media is not always a good indication of what people are doing. don't forget that, anon. although, it is pnp, and well.. it's hard to imagine there's anything she doesn't post online.

No. 1162496

In one of her lives, she picked up crusty-looking lashes off of her dusty table and just stuck them on. There is documentation of this in one of the older threads, I think. She’s so grimy.

No. 1162528

Not even saying this to be mean, jawline shaving or facial feminization surgery

No. 1162794

Dental work. Serious dental work.

No. 1162808

File: 1613463374295.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1972, 646C9B78-EC94-4EF5-91F1-561822…)

Not the greatest example, but I just did a quick search.
Ari’s teeth are not properly aligned. Her jaw is fucked and it causes that moon face we see when she smiles.

No. 1162903

File: 1613482034627.jpeg (155.21 KB, 1242x294, 322B36A6-E887-4BB5-A63A-B4D102…)


I think this tweet is for you anon

No. 1162947


Looks like she's saying she was too busy loving on her 8 yr old dog that donated her hip surgery money to Ariana's misaligned face.
Btw, that dog is supposed to live until about 15 years old, as a small breed dog. Considering she already acts like a senior dog, something is seriously wrong with the way she's (not) caring for that mutt.

No. 1162948

File: 1613487882610.jpg (140.15 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20210216-100217_Sam…)

Another badly drawn, one-of-a-kind, sparklier irl, glittery wood stump colored in with sharpies soon to have resin dumped over the top and sides while perched on top of a soup can.
Her minimum wage scribbles are worth more than her pussy.

No. 1163139

I never found her art as horrendous as I do her personality, but it lacks creativity in ever single way and, with that being said, she literally just steals other people's art and puts it on a wood stump from hobby lobby. Nothing she draws is ever centered. If she knew even the slightest bit about art, she'd know the glitter is so fucking tacky and ugly. No art professional or professor would ever enjoy her art. My professors literally all banned glitter. She has no talent. Her drawings aren't bad, but like I said, they aren't hers. She steals from people.

No. 1163141

Every* also, yes, you can tell by the texture of the background and how it's dried, she literally just uses sharpies.

No. 1163289

File: 1613518338060.jpeg (786.13 KB, 828x1241, B6B58854-25D3-4F0E-A727-93A379…)

She’s fucking insane, she literally always says this like clockwork after being roasted extra hard for being ugly, useless, and without prospects

No. 1163295

People who call her ugly constantly are nitpicking to be honest. She’s not ugly, but she is ugly on the inside.

No. 1163299

Sage your white knighting. Ari is objectively ugly, she’s got chipolata-shaped, overfilled lips, she wears drag makeup daily, she never styles her fried as fuck hair, and her jaw juts out off her face like the Crimson Chin. She’s not as ugly as her real face, sure, but she’s still objectively not attractive or nice to look at

No. 1163307

lol you sex worker anons hate women so much. she’s whatever, unremarkable looking and over styled. the seethe and sperging is just entirely you weird bitches with only fans who perform worse than hers and outperform scrotes in your autism about women’s bodies.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1163309

she looks like those imvu avatars lmao.

No. 1163312

I’m not whiteknighting, I get that your emotions make you hate animal abusers but calling her ugly on the outside when she looks fine in pics is just petty as hell. She definitely looked pretty bad before all her surgery but meh, getting surgery and being plastered in makeup doesn’t make her a cow alone. Most instathots have surgery and are cakefaces too. As for her personality and animal abusing antics, yeah that is pretty vile. Her nose is pretty botched but she’s not hideous like you keep insisting. It’s annoying when people nitpick to that degree.

No. 1163332

It’s far more annoying when people post their unsaged whining about other anons not finding a cow pretty

No. 1163345

File: 1613523127073.jpg (130.67 KB, 970x903, Screenshot_20210216-195047_Twi…)

I immediately read this caption in Austin Powers' voice which is definitely not sexy

No. 1163350

File: 1613523479261.jpeg (40.17 KB, 348x367, F66AB86F-1068-4066-AA9B-D47D13…)

Sex… worker… anons? You have to be new. Sex workers are the ones dumb enough to find this botched ogre look attractive. Normal women do not think this something to aspire for, it is delusional and quite frankly painful looking. You’re out of your mind

No. 1163356

I’m a nurse but ok anon lol. Just because I find her ugly doesn’t mean I’m now a sex worker.

No. 1163364

That was such a weird post, it was like a newfag tried to pepper every single lc term they’ve gathered over the last week and shoved it into a paragraph that made no sense. Sex workers are the only people who support her kek.

No. 1163365

File: 1613525805911.jpeg (69.92 KB, 684x816, F8A16F87-7DE8-48C6-9C1A-547BD3…)

Suuuure anon, she’s not ugly. Not ugly at all.

No. 1163431

damn maybe she does need the lip filler

No. 1163471

File: 1613537899863.jpeg (92.67 KB, 750x613, B5244F78-9239-4187-8AA6-E08BB2…)

No. 1163480

File: 1613538355214.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 257.59 KB, 750x1368, C61EDF45-CD45-4FC3-8B47-14EAF6…)

No. 1163482

Just because you’re spreading your pussy doesn’t make this a good or sexy photo arianna.

Her body looks so warped and unappealing from the water. Such a bad photo overall.

No. 1163488

What happened to the threesome she was supposed to do. All she does is lie lol

No. 1163499

the only word that comes to mind when looking at this pic is "menstruation"

No. 1163533

File: 1613544718568.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1242x1680, D32F4C27-0AAA-47A6-B6B1-E0FA44…)

No. 1163585

She wouldn’t know how to be sexy if her life depended on it

No. 1163605

loose lips sink ships

No. 1163667


"AA-ron may or may not be taking nudes of my Buffalo Bill awkward body in a 'naughty' shoot for the internet, which I claim to be too busy for."

No. 1163672

File: 1613561725028.jpg (528.05 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20210217-063359_Sam…)

When you have to try to gas yourself up because nobody else will.

Again, 7 hours for this shit… she'd really make more working as a receptionist at a temp company.

No. 1163674

File: 1613561947547.jpg (478.9 KB, 1079x1783, Screenshot_20210217-063734_Sam…)

She doesn't mention the sharpies in her "materials used", but she does mention the pencil and glitter! Surprised she didn't put an "eraser" on that list.

No. 1163722

She doesn’t put any work into it though kek she literally does the bare minimum and expects people to go above and beyond in tips and offering her sugar daddy/sugar baby relations when she doesn’t do anything. Her “art” is mediocre at best, her “porn” is boring, tasteless, and trashy, her “relationship” is a joke. People don’t necessarily hate sex work/workers but she is not a sex worker. Even Shayna puts real effort and time into hers.

No. 1163727


sage for blogpost but i find the majority of farmers find SW sad and depressing, especially OF girls. this is one of the few places you can see the bleak reality these girl’s “jobs”.


the absolute cope here is sad. coping almost as hard over wanting to believe she’s still “hot and talented”

No. 1163769

give the pussy sperging a rest, she has a normal vagina and an ugly loose personality

No. 1163834

>People don’t necessarily hate sex work/workers but she is not a sex worker. Even Shayna puts real effort and time into hers.
Her and shayna do the same exact shit, expect this idiot fucks her boyfriend on camera every once in the blue moon, they both sell effortless nude, they both put out dry ass porn out, they both had phases where they were sugaring for old men, they both put personal bullshit on their dead twitters. PNP is no better than Shayna & Shayna is no better than PNP, Shayna also puts no "real effort" into her work. Ariana is a sex worker, she's literally selling sex.
I don't know why anons try to make it seem like this job has qualifications as to who selling dry pussy pictures deserve the title or not.

No. 1163906

This art is so lazy. So much negative space. I bet it took 3 hours max and she will try to sell it for an arm and a leg

No. 1163942

File: 1613588902956.jpg (667.64 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210217-140801_Ins…)

No. 1164003

Tinfoil: maybe she actually does her entire background in microns. She’s a heinous idiot, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 1164004


Both Shayna and Ariana are an embarrassment to the term sex worker, but I'd still call Shayna a sex worker while Ariana seems to larp as a sex worker to try to have an identity and try to get validation by telling herself she's a "high class full service sex worker". Ariana's "sex work" is more for the sake of her posting ho pictures, saying she's a sw to try to convince herself she's attractive and the surgeries were worth it, and to bang other dudes besides Matt and make money while being validated. She also failed as a stripper the 1 day she did it because her personality sucks. This is really the only career she can pretend to have and claim she's good at.

No. 1164006


Ariana is like who Luna Slater wishes she was, which is a pathetic statement in itself, but at least SOMEBODY might think highly of her plastic surgery and bad art and Buffalo Bill body.

No. 1164011

Anon, it was a four word joke. Maybe you should reassess what you seem to think sperging means.

No. 1164012


Great, another manic hair dye hack job for shapeless potato nose! She should also cut her hair into some other shitty bowl cut like her old Halloween haunted house photos she called "a look" a couple of months ago.

No. 1164135

File: 1613600948727.jpg (609.55 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210217-172834_Ins…)

No. 1164197

File: 1613604556960.jpg (421.58 KB, 1080x1222, SmartSelect_20210217-182420_Tw…)

Since when are her lips cracked and bloody because of ~anxiety~ not just lack of proper hygiene such as exfoliating and using chapstick?
She whines about every detail of her life down to what dick she's sucking for money this week.

No. 1164208

She’s admitted to picking at her lips before so I’m assuming that’s what happened

No. 1164213

are you really gatekeeping sex „work“ like it‘s some prestigious thing? lmao sex work isn‘t real work

No. 1164218

I think the main reason why your lips are ugly is that you got way too much lip filler from some shady back room aesthetician but the open wounds on them botched sausages are definitely adding to the crack whore look ariana

No. 1164244

Her nose looks like those transplant noses they grow on peoples foreheads..

No. 1164261

File: 1613611445470.jpeg (450.28 KB, 1125x1977, 1DABEFFC-D8B4-44A3-A645-3560D4…)


No. 1164262

Bitch you’re supposed to avoid your skin, it ain’t cute

No. 1164265

>>1164261 she really thought she could put blue dye on yellow hair lol of course it's green now.

No. 1164272

File: 1613612226120.png (66.19 KB, 659x609, 62B624D9-C642-4461-BB99-710145…)

every time Ariana changes her hair color and wrecks that straw more, my day is legitimately made

No. 1164310

Oh honey.. no

No. 1164327

Does she not even try?

No. 1164401

From the dye on her hands it doesn't even look like she used blue. Is this bitch color blind? Might explain a few things honestly

No. 1164457

Yeah I’m going… far away from this train wreck. Close your mouth.

No. 1164552

oh man, with her makeup skills, she’s about to achieve some Joker vibes with that green hair.

No. 1164607


when you risk covid exposure several times to bleach your hair blonde, only to put blue dye over it all that turns green. kek

No. 1164616

File: 1613663568287.jpeg (657.96 KB, 828x1039, B812CA56-9874-4CFA-A072-C8F88B…)

No. 1164620

No. I wasn’t literally saying she has a loose vagina (I have one & know how they work, dumbass). I said “loose lips sinks ships” because it rhymes and I’m funny. Fuck off loser

No. 1164637

Anon get a fucking grip.
That was my first thought too. Shes going to look almost as bad as her Ronald McDonald days when she did that shitty "red" dye job.

No. 1164665


A straight up joker look that's incredibly sloppy and green! You'd think she'd have learned a bit about hair dye from going to salons. Plus with her raising her eyebrows so much like she's surprised at how ugly she is really makes this a comical mess. I'm assuming she raises her eyebrows to try to make it look like her face is taut and toned like a Bella Hadid wannabe and to hide her hooded eyelids. But it just looks so odd and is clearly the cause of the deep creases in her forehead she works so hard to photoshop, hide, and fill with badly placed filler. She really went from decent looking with a big nose to a botched bell bottom nose grotesque ogre with ripped up lips.

No. 1164667

What is it w trashy bitches and not using gloves or skin protectant/Vaseline when dying their hair… so fucking musty and gross. Doing your hair yourself isn’t that hard either but it’s really obvious she goes for a diff hair color when her roots start peaking in, bc she has no idea how to maintain a hair color other than black. Take a second to learn about color theory and light vs warm tones instead of selling your pussy and doodle stumps you fucking idiot

No. 1164692

wasn’t she just the other month talking about wanting blue hair like a girl named cortana? looks like she was trying to skinwalk but forgot she doesn’t know what she’s doing kek

No. 1164722

File: 1613672261621.jpg (29.6 KB, 700x300, Cortana-actress-700x300.jpg)

lmao anon cortana is a character from halo, not a person to skinwalk

No. 1164737

name one reason why i cant skinwalk cortana

No. 1164741

because she doesn't have skin????

No. 1164745


The shopping list Ari Deserves:

1. New underwear
2. A new necklace

No. 1164912

File: 1613690034556.jpeg (553.94 KB, 1182x1207, 6C44532D-9022-4A7B-BD29-9859CB…)

sorry i forgot she uses the name laika now, she used to go by cortana blue.
it was a couple threads back where she talked about it. someone photoshopped her face onto laika and she went bonkers about it.

No. 1165059

>>1153561 called it! this bitch is so predictable.


No. 1165204

File: 1613725948639.jpg (339.09 KB, 1079x705, Screenshot_20210219-041131_Twi…)

Nitpick but her lashes are never put on correctly. The uncircled one is just hovering above her lash line while thr circled one is hanging off.

No. 1165281


Positive she just slaps them on for pictures and then rips them right off for tomorrow's 2 hours of potato nosed selfies

No. 1165302

the boob on the left looks absolutely massive, lmao… what happened here? lol

No. 1165508

so she's still hiding from the internet cause she shaved her cats huh? she really died off after her latest facial botch.

No. 1165575

hard to believe someone paid $400 for this

No. 1165636

File: 1613769566303.jpg (496.9 KB, 1079x1328, Screenshot_20210219-161810_Sam…)

Thank goodness for her insecure female followers/supporters because she could never sell this shit without the same few people paying for her resin amd glitter covered wood stumps.

No. 1165659


I noticed that she's no longer in the top 7% of OF that she used to brag about and post as her header on Twitter. The top .08% make an average of $10,000/month. She's making no more than a couple hundred a month on OF now, it seems, judging from the dwindling number of likes her OF posts get. She has maybe 30 subs tops. And they all probably subbed during her OF sales she's constantly doing. Even if she managed to average $5 per sub, that's only a couple hundred. And by the time OF takes 20%… sad.

No. 1165829

File: 1613785435250.jpg (900.7 KB, 971x1741, Screenshot_20210219-204300_Ins…)

Pink top with red lips and green hair.. barf

No. 1165840


she just went live and her hair is black.
i just cant with her.

No. 1165842

File: 1613786225414.png (233.81 KB, 395x714, grossout.png)


my bad, its just really dark.
she claims she put blue over her hair "so the blonde would have something to stick to" then put green over it? sure jan.

No. 1165845

File: 1613786378403.png (244.15 KB, 400x714, wasted.png)

Confirms she got fat transfer under her eyes and along her jaw line.

Says she has nothing exciting going on to talk about (big surprise)

And keeps saying "some people think I totally different but I look like myself"

No. 1165846

On live she just called frogger a pos for knocking her phone over and then yelled at her.. disgusting

No. 1165847

File: 1613786456347.jpg (727.79 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210219-205137_Ins…)

No. 1165853

File: 1613786878920.jpeg (235.14 KB, 828x1471, 1D1D068D-AF3F-4A5C-94EA-4ACE2A…)

lol she ignored the cat comment to continue talking about how she smokes sooOooOoo much

No. 1165855


shes such a manic liar. like why lie about this.. just admit you tried to go blue and turned green but you like it. shes just like her mom.

No. 1165857

This is what middle life crisis looks like. To be in your 20's still and already look like that…like, where do you go from there?

No. 1165858

File: 1613787432143.jpeg (300.56 KB, 828x1502, 1CA9C60F-E2F4-4DB3-950E-3BAFA8…)

No. 1165860

went through the trouble to fry her hair cause she wanted ice blonde hair (never got it, it was always a poorly toned yellow/purple) and now it's a dark greeny black that looks crispy as fuck

No. 1166210

File: 1613800467518.png (278.49 KB, 397x714, getanewnecklace.png)

update on her weird inner mini lip

No. 1166497

Anon, learn the rules and stop infighting u fucking newfag. #Integrate /s

No. 1166607

File: 1613815227315.jpg (578.21 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210220-050002_Ins…)

No. 1166717


Good luck EVER trying to go blonde again after slathering cheap greenish blue dye over it. She officially ruined her hair this time and it looks sooo bad. She cant even get it off her skin.

No. 1166720


the saggy neck… the jowels….the weird michael jackson after several nose jobs nose.

is it just the filter or does her nose really look that fucked up? so much extra skin on the tip.

No. 1166735

What I don’t understand is how she seems to have increased the amount of clown make up she wears..I assumed before she used the make up to hide her insecurities about her nose but it seems to be getting worse post 3rd nose job/fat transfer. The combination of the botched face with the horrifying clown make up is truly dire.

No. 1166753


Agreed, the heavy stage makeup combined with the overfilled face and the filter working overtime is horrifying. And you know this is even better than what the reality looks like. Based on her doctor's candid picture, she's still saggy-faced and droopy, but now with a bell bottom nose, fried green hair, sloppy eyebrows where she just draws thinner brows on and leaves her unkempt stray brows above and below the drawn on brows, a jutting jaw, peeling, raw, deflated lips that are half the size they appear in her filtered photos. How she looks in the mirror and takes pictures so often when the reality of her botched and scarred face and body and lack of future would make most people want to kill themselves is truly the only thing about herself I'm impressed with.

No. 1166817

File: 1613849838855.png (1.69 MB, 1012x1182, C59C29AA-9BAF-4851-9710-8A8059…)

It’s truly hard to believe that this is the same person. She actually looked decent here. She’s seriously aged a good 30 years since then; it’s jarring.

No. 1166872

You guys think she’ll go for another nose job?? If she did, it’d be what? the 3rd or 4th? I’ll bet my left tit that she will, because it looks mostly the same from the front… actually the bottom looks worse than before. Bell bottomed and all that. It’s a chunky boi when viewed from the front, and we know she’s definitely gonna be bothered by that. Girl has the worst nose ever, it just won’t cooperate lol

No. 1166883


it still cracks me up that her ex got a girlfriend who looks exactly like this just more exotic and she looks like she got stung by a bee. must hurt(ban evasion)

No. 1166898

She never looked like this, either. Literally never.

No. 1167434


If she really had looked like this, then she REALLY fucked up because she looked really sweet and pretty here. But I'm sure it's as shooped and filtered as her current selfies. Regardless, this is definitely the period that most anons agree on that she looked the best. Her life seemed to be improving steadily as did her future. And then she abruptly crashed and burned not even 3 years later. Sad.

No. 1167444

File: 1613933968479.jpg (222.25 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20210221-135053_Sam…)

Isn't Aaron that "friend"?

And I'm dying over her horrible descriptions… gUsHiNg. That's actually the same wording used in the latest period commercial. It said "what the gush?". And Ariana is out here using the same root word as a damn period commercial in an effort to sound sexy. Give it up, lady. This is so awkward. Just go with selling the stumps and stop the fake SWer bullshit. She doesn't make shit from it and it isn't her primary income. She should just be more realistic and call herself an artist because she profits more from insecure girls buying her art than farmers subbing to her price-of-a-Starbucks OF.

No. 1167564

File: 1613941783140.jpg (515.49 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210221-160929_Ins…)

No. 1167566

>That's actually the same wording used in the latest period commercial. It said "what the gush?". And Ariana is out here using the same root word as a damn period commercial in an effort to sound sexy.

Anon, please, what the fuck are you even saying at this point

No. 1167601

Anons right though, it isn’t sexy. You’d be more likely to claim period blood is gushing when you sneeze than trying to use it as a hot adjective for being horny. You say your nose is gushing blood, not that your pussy is gushing discharge.

No. 1167618

File: 1613946658153.png (Spoiler Image, 2.31 MB, 750x1624, 5C0C620D-3314-4978-9585-FD1453…)

Queen of flattering photos

No. 1167627

Her fanny would be cute if it wasn't for that ugly shaving rash, but otherwise, what an unflattering photo jfc.

No. 1167654

Is that a shoe lace……?

No. 1167686

Are you good, anon?

No. 1167709

Lmfaooo you right anon i didn’t even notice it’s such a train wreck

No. 1167762

POV: you’re a stray piece of lint from Ari’s baby blanket, you’ve been sat there on the floor for weeks because nobody in this apartment knows how to mop or hoover. This is your final view before you get stuck to Ari’s ass cheek

No. 1167763

I just cannot believe this dirty bitch takes pictures of herself with her bare ass and coochie on the dirty floor. A true tramp

No. 1167818

I’m angry that I had to see this

No. 1167898

looks like chewed gum. also wish she’d commit to either having a bush or not, the stubble just makes her shit look worse. she has literally no sex appeal whatsoever.

No. 1167963


Ot, but here's the commercial I was referring to:

Basically, a recent Always commercial kept using the phrase "what the gush", as in, "You can't plan for life's what the gush moments, so there's Always pads!"

So when Ariana said gushing, it immediately reminded me of the period pad commercial.

Sorry for the poor original explanation!

No. 1167964


Looks like the beginnings of a kid trying to grow his first beard at the age of 17. I agree that choosing hair or no hair and staying consistent would be better than whatever this lazy shit is. And if it's no hair, laser hair removal if she's so baller or wax/epilator OR if she has to shave, just a good clean shave job with a new razor, warming the area with a hot towel, and finishing with witch hazel to prevent those ingrown hairs… but she'll never do anything to improve herself. It's Ariana who shits in a trash can.

No. 1168241

File: 1614031805615.jpeg (320.94 KB, 1125x1809, 1D2C9FFD-2E59-4572-B8EB-32F940…)

bitch needs some deep conditioner

No. 1168269


Time to shave your head again Ari

No. 1168273

She needs to shave her head again jesus

No. 1168311

Chin length bob at the very least

No. 1168357

I can see now that she really does use her own body as a reference for her drawings. Remember when she drew that vagina and it looked like the lips were being held open by pins or something? Like the vagina lips were spread open, and then pinned in place as they looked soo stretched out. I see she used her own weird lips as inspiration KEK. Everyone was so confused at that depiction but I guess we should’ve really been confused at her anatomy lol.

No. 1168359

She’s gonna have to, soon. Her hairs gonna start falling out and breaking off. But remember, she was gonna grow her hair out it’s natural colour and iT wOuLd bE oVeR fOr uS bITcHeS

No. 1168393

it's been over for you guys you've been studying her vagina and posting the most unflattering screenshots you guys can find to feel better. this woman manages to fuck up sex work and yet you guys are still pressed. she literally has one thong, and >>1168357 has a phd in arianas vagina and vaginal representations. like are you serious

No. 1168394

god never mind i remembered she abuses cats my bad just ignore im a dumb ass

No. 1168406

Thanks but I don’t “study” her, I just happen to have working memory! There are pictures posted here after all! Christ people really love to grasp at straws and say people are “obsessed” when they just have working eyes and are able to remember things

No. 1168489

File: 1614060030040.jpeg (871.26 KB, 1125x1863, BB68EB40-2C52-433C-888C-0287BC…)

lol this interaction

No. 1168490

You're defending having a photographic memory, that works more than ariana, specifically of her vagine. I personally don't remember photos of genitals but knock yourself out, your brain probably replaced some nice magic school bus memories with the "pinned labia" of a complete stranger.(infighting)

No. 1168507


nyayrt, but to be fair, no one wanted to buy that vagina stump for so long that she had to try to make it a giveaway, and even then, only a few people entered the giveaway contest. everyone who even semi regularly checks in here had to be exposed to that abomination. i dont blame pinned-vagina-anon for being permanently scarred.

No. 1168535

Ariana must be seething with jealousy whilst she still waits for that non existent engagement proposal from Doormatt

No. 1168554

Her vagina looks weird get over it

No. 1168626


The pinned opened vag drawing was weird af and seeing that's Ariana's puss or she's into splaying her lips open for maximum attractiveness, is not hard to recall the drawing.

It's not even so much she does the pinned lips thing but the fact she posts that about herself AND draws a picture like that is strange. She could have used any million pictures of vag's as the model for her "art", but she used her own vag. And her artistic rendering of the vag was just bad.

No. 1168681

This isn’t how memory works, you sweet, summer child.

No. 1168862

Those ends look crispy and hard

No. 1168888

Yesss exactly. I saw that nude of her and was instantly reminded of the strange anatomy of her painting. That anon was fucking weird man, idk how they got that I was studying anything at all

No. 1168902

Stop talking.

No. 1168998

Why are Ari fans up in here? Idk if you got the memo, but there’s no ass sucking here

No. 1169047

The pinned labia painting is kind of infamous here, anon. Just admit u have long labia and are offended lmao

No. 1169065

literally no one complimented her, so no there's no "ass sucking", but you guys are in such denial about memorizing her pInNeD lAbIa. sometimes these threads are funny but if you actually found someone unattractive you sure as fuck wouldn't want to look at their naked body idk just a thought

lmao >just admit it, tell me all about your labia
i bet that's all you want, cult of ariana's pinned labia

No. 1169096

I’m not even part of this convo but anon you need to calm down, you say everyone in here is in denial but nobody is ~wanting~ to look at her naked body, they’re literally just responding to a photo that was very recently posted and compared it to her god awful tampon string pierced vagina art that’s made multiple appearances on her social media and is burned into everyone’s memory. Stop sperging, why the fuck do you have such an emotional response to what the other anon said?

No. 1169126

Can y'all stop going back and forth? Nobody cares

No. 1169156


No one cares that you’re upset your vagina looks like ari’s. Lurk harder before thinking you can control the direction of a lolcow thread. People post pics of her gross nudes because its hilarious she cannot for the life of her ever be actually sexy. That pussy pic looks a child exploring their genitals for the first time all hunched over with belly rolls. Except the child has ground beef instead of a pussy.

No. 1169164

File: 1614146302634.jpg (202.12 KB, 1080x650, SmartSelect_20210224-005736_Tw…)

God she is so cringe-worthy. Is she trying to make a viral tweet or something? What did she think she was saying with this one lol

No. 1169180

That’s absolutely what she was going for here.

No. 1169195

>f you actually found someone unattractive you sure as fuck wouldn't want to look at their naked body idk just a thought
I’ve seen anons make asherahs garden jokes a lot more recently and now I see why. The hypocrisy of posting on lolcow and thinking your high and mighty garbage rants about morality mean anything. Nice try. Nobody here finds her desirable.

No. 1169321

File: 1614166996744.jpg (1.28 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1614166897478.jpg)


Kek at Ariana's repetitive posts due to her lack of vocabulary… "it is SOOOO sparkly!"

No. 1169322


First of all, she doesn't even have an SD anymore, most likely because he wanted an anorexic twat and she gained weight, or maybe because she shit in a trash can or because her voice and personality is grating and not worth the few hundred she demanded for her subpar "services". Second of all, even if she had an SD, "some bird on Twitter" would probably assume it was her dad because she's too botched to be worth anything. And finally, we all know how money hungry and desperate broke ass Ariana is. It's obvious she'd fuck anything for money at this point.

She really is so much better off painting the same shit on wood slabs with glitter slapped on as opposed to larping as a SWer.

No. 1169324


Her pinned vag drawing in an effort to be a fEmInIsT and subsequent up close and personal picture of her equally bizarre vag is really a visual that disgusted a lot of anons to the point we can't forget it, like seeing gore on Rotten.com.

It's funny that Ariana posts these unflattering free bare pussy on the ground pictures, yet blurs out the soles of her feet and draws a line over some pics of her armpit to try to eNtIcE people into subbing.

No. 1169398


This is almost kinda cool but those lines don't meet up at ALL dude. How do you mess up something so simple?

No. 1169447

Wow all these years of drawing the same exact hand in different colors and she still can't make it look good

No. 1169537

It’s like she does have her own hands to look at as a reference

No. 1170249

File: 1614276410633.jpeg (578.24 KB, 750x5336, 3239DF35-C11B-4EE5-AF7A-30BDCF…)

Did anyone catch her live yesterday where she said she shaved off her eyebrows and then started wiping off her brows on camera and abruptly stopped the stream afterwards?

No. 1170271

Still better than shaving cats

No. 1170288

She just looks like she's on coke. That filter makes her look absolutely terrifying.

No. 1170389

I bet she’s done this because she realised the last time she had a huge following was when she had that green hair & used to shave off her eyebrows, when she modelled for dollskill

No. 1170418

Holy fuck that last picture is straight up nightmare fuel.

No. 1170468

got the notif 9m after she started and she had already ended the live. she just cant stand not being popular anymore.

No. 1170472


oof, that beanie reeks of “i hate my hair”

No. 1170732

is she rubbing her makeup off with spit?

No. 1170813

File: 1614316087503.png (Spoiler Image, 3.76 MB, 750x1624, DC694F83-A54A-4B9D-AFDB-37C118…)

She has not posted one thing on onlyfans since that pussy photo. Zero effort at all.

No. 1170899

File: 1614325910685.jpeg (45.16 KB, 320x320, EAAA569A-44E8-46A3-9CEA-FB27C2…)

You know you look like shit when the only lookalike comparisons you get for your actual face are Fargoth and Joan Cusack

No. 1170910

Please don't say mean things about Fargoth.

No. 1171129

It's pretty sad that so many of these she's already posted on her twitter, for free. She's not very good at this. Kek

No. 1171269

>>1170249 wooooof, usually I find anons to be nitpicky with the cows but that face in the last pic is…making me creeped out

No. 1171321


I laugh everytime she plays off that its normal her lips are constantly bruised. “I bite and pick the skin off my lips off my skin all the time”. Sure, has nothing to do with getting “Russian Style” lip injections from some shady injector - which by the way many professionals are advising against getting as its the most common style that migrates.

No. 1171377

File: 1614375975587.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 452955E0-6150-46D0-B1A9-89864B…)

ariana went live to smoke a blunt, complain about how her new lashes are making it hard to see and how she’s bored all the time but happy to be an “escort” while continuously coughing

No. 1171380

File: 1614376070225.png (2.82 MB, 750x1334, DE61806E-68F8-404C-BFD0-CFE4CD…)


No. 1171384

File: 1614376187934.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 7035DBCB-A908-41D1-B4E6-A81DB1…)


No. 1171385

File: 1614376235015.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, F06893E8-DBA5-4676-91C6-4B0AC8…)

That side profile tho

No. 1171386

File: 1614376285313.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, FF463140-3EA7-4B9A-BFA6-1D6FEC…)


No. 1171391

File: 1614376454276.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 1F763A48-A78C-4A33-86BC-49CD1E…)

her face is so bloated and what’s with her always showing off her armpits now and licking them???

No. 1171394

File: 1614376776408.png (4.06 MB, 828x1792, 22AA22F9-3D54-449C-A868-25B581…)

She was saying she wants to make art her main source of income and people were like why not sell prints? (Solid advice) and she’s like nah I’m too dumb to figure that out. Girl google is free you’re just lazy.

No. 1171395

File: 1614377002876.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210226-170004.png)

Talking about BBL and cited @embodoe as the inspiration for it. Also said embodoe recommended a BBL surgeon to her.

No. 1171397

File: 1614377127943.png (11.53 MB, 2048x2732, AB3BB6DA-C415-4955-9ECE-10E475…)

Someone called out that embodoe referred one to the surgeon who did her botched tits

No. 1171399

I cannot believe this dumb bitch wants to go for a BBL when your ass is one of the only things you can change by going to the gym instead of getting ps. Of course she's chronically lazy but holy fuck, if she would just get off it once in a while, she wouldnt have to drop thousands on her droopy cheeks.

No. 1171401

File: 1614377213939.png (585.51 KB, 525x525, 3813B697-2637-44C2-945D-701464…)

she just went on a rant about dying under anesthesia how anesthesia is ~amazing~ being under then waking up fucked up not remembering anything
then she went on about how she only has girl followers that join her live uwu and support her men are garbage blah blah blah

No. 1171413


She’s going to be in her 30s by the time she’s “satisfied” with the amount of surgeries she’s had. And by then she’ll be old enough to set off a whole new set of insecurities. Its a never ending cycle with her that has led her nowhere except massive debt.

No. 1171421

File: 1614378933037.jpeg (69.68 KB, 1280x720, 8766DDF6-0ADA-489D-9B99-3013D2…)

ari by 30

No. 1171425

File: 1614379126284.jpeg (181.75 KB, 750x1273, F36364A3-2BA3-4D01-B034-0AF35B…)

Nightmare fuel!!!! I'm actually terrified!

No. 1171427

File: 1614379176550.jpg (708.24 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210226-162815_Ins…)

No. 1171486

jesus the facetune is on another level

No. 1171555

Her tits look like two oranges in a shopping bag. The implants themselves look rock solid yet they seem to travel all over her torso…

No. 1171561

File: 1614392853551.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 8DCE9A2F-04F2-4594-9049-01D37F…)

…..her boobs look like they for injected with concrete or she stuff her bra or something lol

No. 1171600

File: 1614396603447.jpg (Spoiler Image, 531.58 KB, 1079x1683, Screenshot_20210226-222949_Ins…)

No. 1171615


So she finally caved and bought new panties? Hahaha

No. 1171823

I like that they’re already piled with black lint.

No. 1171910

File: 1614432743357.jpg (96.34 KB, 1136x852, L1I8KQV.jpg)

She’s giving me Rumer Willis vibes picrel

No. 1171918

it's not like all the surgeries and shit she's doing is only for male approval and to fulfill the male gaze but okay ariana go off with your supposed man hate

No. 1171954

File: 1614441087222.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1242x1570, 4D405460-DCE5-4E57-964B-0AA344…)

MJ lookin ass….

No. 1171955

File: 1614441147665.jpeg (467.28 KB, 710x948, 06279CB1-071E-4346-A5C4-A2E76B…)

How the fuck did she think this was a good look?

No. 1171974


It looks like she’s blurring out a dick. The tranny make up isnt helping.

How can someone who is an artist have no artistic eye whatsoever for taking photos?

No. 1171986

return of the sexy socks

No. 1171998

this hairy bitch with her hospital socks jfc

No. 1172011

Straight up cursed image holy hell kek

No. 1172012

would it kill her to clean up the fucking pubes on her inner thighs and ass? bitch lookin like she sat down in a pile of beard trimmings with glue on her pussy

No. 1172026

she doesn't have even close to enough body fat and that surgery has the highest death rate. so fucking sick of people thinking it's so easy or a surgery for everyone, it isn't. at all. you have to have like 40 extra pounds and fat you just gained doesn't take as well, and you lose about 30% anyway. it's also obviously on your butt so you have to sit and sleep with that in mind for the months and months it takes to heal. unless she just wants to pay another ten grand she doesn't have for something that will only last a year or two while her dog dies in helpless agony in front of her.

No. 1172032

I just love the presentation of the filthy hardwood floor and frogger’s half chewed, dirty tennis ball in the background

No. 1172105

This is so repulsive. No wonder she has no clients. Bitch should find another way to get validation because being sexy is something she will just never achieve and no surgery in the world can change that. It’s just unfortunate inbred junkie genetics.

No. 1172113

File: 1614459767768.png (3.92 MB, 750x1334, 4CD60D00-80F8-47A8-B4E9-99B069…)

trying to manifest a sugar daddy and doormatt to buy her a ring

No. 1172115

everything about this is disgusting, i'm at a loss for words

No. 1172188

Lmfao this bitch is literally a fucking caveman

No. 1172221

File: 1614470422947.png (321.43 KB, 500x379, 74499A97-8DCF-44AC-BF7E-B18C88…)

No. 1172234

Does she think she’s a floating head? She spent 3 hours on make up and hair just to wear grandpas socks, beanie, wife beater. Lmao wtf. I’m scared.

No. 1172237

When you want an old sugar daddy so bad you start dressing like one

No. 1172482

there's so many younger sugar daddies though especially with the pandemic, more men sign up for those sites and do stuff online to be safe. she's fucking up so bad and it's just like, do laundry, shave, more natural makeup, aside from personality issues. but if you can't normally do those things your mental health should be priority, like a whole team should be working with her. and matt knows this shit but he watches her doing allllll this absurd shit and enables it so she doesn't get a clue and leave his hobo ass. i don't like her but she really comes across as someone who needs robust medication, and nobody deserves a partner who couldn't give a fuck about them beyond convenience and some weird self esteem boost. if he wanted to marry her he would have done that by now and the longer she puts off living her own life the more it's going to fuck up her own self esteem.

No. 1172565

>bitch lookin like she sat down in a pile of beard trimmings with glue on her pussy
Holy fuck anon my sides

No. 1172628

I’m in disbelief that she believes her face looks good and the new change she needs is a BBL. I’m not going to backpeddle when the inevitable obituary is posted in a year or two after she kicks it from fat embolism.

No. 1172649

Someone mentioned on the life that it has a high death rate. She responded with 'if I die, I die'.

No. 1172698

File: 1614526430573.jpeg (177 KB, 1494x268, 8F89CE02-E1FE-4285-A604-868EF9…)

She’s really willing to risk her health and potentially her life over this??? BDD is a hell of a drug. Surely Matt could intervene or convince her not to do this? If he supports it he’s a scumbag

No. 1172811

he's been living with her for how many years watching this and encouraging it, yes he is a fucking scumbag

No. 1172974

Hilarious that you think matt would even have a say in it. She won’t even listen to her damn surgeon, she certainly won’t listen to Matt’s 2 cents. If he tried to intervene she would scream bloody abuse and trash him all over twitter, he prob keeps his mouth shut to keep the peace

No. 1173040

Wtf her pubes go so far down her leg?! And they cover such a large area other than her actual pussy… gross

No. 1173042

Not to wk Matt AT ALL. He is indeed a different type of trash. However, Matt gets literally no say in how she lives. The last time Matt stepped even a little but out of line he became the asshole that watched her get raped and used her. He can't risk getting ripped apart by her army of 16 year olds. It's in his best interest to keep his nose to the ground and hope she get whisked away by some old fuck or overdoses.

No. 1173048

Scrote detected. It’s pretty normal for the pubic hair growth to spread down and cover a wide area like that. What’s gross about Ariana is that instead of committing to full bush or shaved/waxed, she has this scraggly inbetween state that exacerbates the look that she’s just going days without showering.

No. 1173055

Fuck off kek, I just don’t have pubes growing halfway down my leg you hairy ass bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1173102

File: 1614563448077.png (5.54 MB, 828x1792, 936F8E53-D202-49BB-9A90-C8047C…)

This is what nightmares are made of(repost)

No. 1173106


hard agree, like bitch you clearly have the time based off your clown makeup. and with how little she even puts content out for her OF you’d think she be a little less lazy. but thats why shes a failed SW

No. 1173114

Does she really have an army anymore though

No. 1173117

File: 1614567123143.png (Spoiler Image, 2.43 MB, 750x1624, EA4209DE-B080-4115-B046-4CF722…)


No. 1173118

what? no, he can and should leave. he could let her family know if it may trigger her. he's a grown ass man and he's not just watching this for YEARS, he's enabling her and lying to himself and her. a trusted intimate partner that you wear a promise ring or engagement ring or whatever that is is a person you deeply trust, they live together and have been for years. if she trusts him so deeply, yeah he needs to step in if his partner is spiraling like this and has been, or he needs to leave so she can get a real support system. he's not a little innocent witness, he's the closest person to her. if you really cared about someone you couldn't be able to watch this happen, we all know this and no one would attack someone over that.

if your concern is over what literally random kids on the internet think of you, who won't remember you or wise up in a year or so anyway, instead of a partner you say you love who trusts you ruining their lives in front of you, you're fucked. this is the same man that contracted the same skin disease she has(?)/had and also did not go get tested, or get his partner to get tested. if someone puts your health like that at risk, you leave. period.

No. 1173125

File: 1614569730257.jpeg (622.15 KB, 750x1211, D6A5D3C3-3F2C-48B1-8CB6-98608F…)

this is the worst editing lol

No. 1173126

File: 1614569824466.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 615.37 KB, 750x1244, FBC6D8FD-ABC6-4342-BFC3-E3A96A…)

it look like she gave herself more curves or something it’s hard to look at

No. 1173128

Lmfao this is actually funny, not sexy in the least but I loled out loud.

No. 1173139

Thank you OF anon for getting screen caps, I know it must be traumatizing. I cannot believe she thought this looked good enough to post online for others to see.

During her last live girl was tweakin, I wouldn't put it past her to be on some type of drug other than weed.

No. 1173148

>halfway down her leg
Relax anon, growing hair on her inner thigh isn't "halfway down her leg". No need to exaggerate when we all have eyes. Congrats on your naturally hairless punani tho queen. lmao

Tragic. She definitely went in with the erase tool on her waist.

No. 1173197

she on meth or something??

No. 1173237


I fully agree with this anon. I've never seen any other female with stubble that far out. Most pubic hair is in the pubic region. Most men I've seen don't even have pubic hair that extends outward past their groin and leg like that. That's seriously some excessive hair.

No. 1173246

Love when underage and early 18s girls come on lolcow and have actual meltdowns over pubic hair. A few months ago an anon was throwing a fit in ot because she was starting to get creases in her inner elbows “like old people.”

It’s actually pretty common, I don’t know why you’d try to act like an authority on women’s pubic reach like lol you can hate Ariana without starting some campaign that there’s something supernaturally specifically grotesque about her pubic hair. She’s just ugly and gross so everything about her presents as ugly and gross. There’s no special case here.

No. 1173280

File: 1614605025317.jpg (431.42 KB, 972x3391, Screenshot_20210301-081142_Sam…)

Ariana the Broken Record saying she's going to start __ activity: This time she's back to saying she's going to start a TikTok, presumably to make bad clown makeup videos while she rambles about being a "full service sw", coughing excessively like a newbie pothead while taking a couple of tokes off a joint, and advertising her OF. Her life is so dull and predictable. She keeps saying she wants art to be her main source of income, but does she not realize it already is?! Her sw larping doesn't sell for shit. Her approximately 10 OF subs are farmers. It's hilarious in a pathetic way that her "main source of income" is still earning her less than minimum wage for the amount of time she spends on her adolescent-style eDgY art, which equates to approximately $600/month on a good month. Combined with a couple hundred a month from OF farmers and her monthly income is still less than a basic customer service, work from home job. She's pitiful.

No. 1173510

I’ve only ever seen one female with hair this far down and it was some gross homeschooled chick who didn’t bath and had hairy armpits.
Neither myself nor my female friends have hair going this far down, but even if they did…they’d trim it? It’s like a guy having a pube beard and letting it go all the way down his neck. It just looks gross and unkempt.

No. 1173572

I love how you say this like you just go around looking at all the women you knows entire bare naked pussies

No. 1173600


ari farmers really do be the worst. all you have to do is google “is pubes on your thighs normal” sweetie. and fun fact, the area you get pubes actually grows the older you get and how much you shave. the only thing thats gross about her pubes is she leaves them half grown and sparse when her job literally depends on how she looks; and that she spends hours on her face and completely disregards other aspects of personal hygiene.

No. 1173678

Why doesn’t her face color match her body color? Time for new foundation

No. 1173683

Hard agree, thank you anon. Now can we all get off Ari’s pubes now?

No. 1173840

File: 1614652211305.jpeg (168.47 KB, 1372x1372, 07CF923C-E887-46B3-BE02-479B1E…)

Her photoshop is not fooling anyone

No. 1173905

Is pinned labia poster the same as pube thigh poster

No. 1173977

I guess you’ve never been around people that change together or whatever. It’s not uncommon to see your friends naked. Sorry you have a massive bush all the way down your thighs anon(nitpicking)

No. 1173978

All that work and her nose is still just as wide.

No. 1174076

Big ole motherfucking oof

No. 1174231

You pussy spergs are insane, do you know how crazy you sound claiming to be a bush expert because you’ve changed around other women when there are millions of others in the world? Relax.

Those lashes are disgusting

No. 1174251

Eye lashes looking like a tuft of dog hair

No. 1174460

File: 1614710826346.png (Spoiler Image, 2.29 MB, 750x1624, 273572C3-CC0C-4144-89C1-C2EBBE…)

More lazy content that she’s already posted on Twitter

No. 1174488

She really is a shell of her former self. She’s like starting to age and that “alternative” look is starting to look more trashy than intriguing, which tends to happen. She looks like she loves ghost hunting and the yearly county fair. Lol.

No. 1174501

She's still in her 20s

No. 1174512

her stark white face is startling

No. 1174740

Lol didn't even notice the lashes bc the rest of that face is so terrible

No. 1175072

File: 1614773396554.jpeg (820.87 KB, 828x816, BF68DF11-8703-4F07-9114-F9AFB7…)

She’s got to be on drugs, she looks like a doctor seuss nightmare. It’s crazy how she looks so horrifying now that she’s prettier and softer looking during 2019 in comparison

No. 1175081


Every thread she really has gotten uglier and uglier. She doesn't look alternative at all either. She just looks like a maniacal clown.

No. 1175367

File: 1614796290434.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3464x2353, F5E66CFB-CFC9-486B-8B38-B924BB…)

It’s like a game of Spot the Difference.

No. 1175404

File: 1614799586598.jpeg (322.33 KB, 1242x532, 794B4144-82D6-44EF-99C5-03DF4A…)

Fuck the millions of key workers going out to work during a pandemic and risking their health, this is the real issue!!!!

No. 1175477


i love how girls like her try to rationalize negative emotions. negative emotions are natural, and she should feel guilty about being lazy and not working as hard at doormatt to earn her keep. fuck, even shat-na clifford puts more effort into making a living than ari. All ari does is sit around and smoke weed, posting the lowest quality nudes ive seen from any lolcow (literally just lifting her legs and taking a few hairy pussy pics with her cellphone) and thinks that gives her the right to complain that living at home is overwhelming. get a fucking grip honey! she probably wastes more money existing (food and weed) than she actually makes. once this pandemic settles i really think matt is gonna start realizing this - i mean, he already tried when he joined that band and tried to make real friends/connections - and look how fast she suddenly changed her tune from wanting to live alone as a stripper to suddenly wanting his baby and a ring.

No. 1175738

File: 1614828756987.jpeg (425.5 KB, 1125x1851, A754A3FF-A8A4-4D54-A391-4A520B…)


No. 1175744

i’m probably just dumb but i have no idea what point she’s trying to make here.

No. 1175759

File: 1614833086394.png (Spoiler Image, 2.49 MB, 750x1624, 90A4A457-05FA-4E0E-A6F6-F005F0…)

“Struggling” to get them on for an unsexy 20 seconds before they do, in fact, seem to fit just fine. 1/3

No. 1175760

File: 1614833131254.png (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 750x1624, D93D9939-B54B-4463-A67D-CDF93B…)


No. 1175761

File: 1614833231684.png (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 750x1624, 866E190E-247F-477D-A724-38A9EA…)


No. 1175940


Sad that she's literally begging for tips to buy clothes on OF.

When her hoards of clothes fit just fine and she'd probably get more tips asking for new thongs.

She really does just seem to take all her pictures on 1 day that she does makeup and wearing the same well worn thong.

No. 1176042

This is so retarded. Many people who don’t work from home still struggle with finding a work/life balance that doesn’t make them feel guilty because the current work culture encourages you to bring work home and always be available. What ari feels is probably just guilt from not doing anything productive or worthwhile with her time.

No. 1176054

Her smile is so fucked up. It morphs her entire face into her pre surgery self

No. 1176590

File: 1614921411459.png (Spoiler Image, 3.58 MB, 750x1624, DD595CBE-C2D2-4FE9-8C43-0EBAD9…)

New video. Awkward boob grabbing followed by fake touching herself, followed by her moaning “let’s see how far I can get this down my throat” in her witch voice. Then proceeds to do this.(spoiler)

No. 1176623

I feel sick, everything about her is so repulsive. I get so much second hand embarrassment whenever I check on this thread.

No. 1176657

her idiotic followers have no idea how hard she's pursing her mouth in every photo like this.

No. 1176740

File: 1614945004220.jpg (412.03 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20210305-064256_Sam…)

You can literally see how hard she pursing her lips in this picture. If you actually want to see the whole picture, open it on Twitter, but it's exactly as you imagine: Ariana using orange/brown stained fingers to grab her concrete lopsided tits. The only positive is that at least she's wearing less eye makeup than her costume makeup look.

I'm not really sure why she'd post asking if the head of a man's dick gets as sensitive as a woman's clit after cumming when, a) She has a cuck she can ask, and, b) She can use Google if she really didn't know how many nerves are in a man's dick head compared to a clit.

Her not understanding the sensitivity of a dick head has really solidified how bad her sex and bj technique is irl when she's supposedly a sw. Way to know your "client". Oh wait, she doesn't even have one anymore.

No. 1176860

All in can think of is an almost empty container of cottage cheese..

No. 1176876

Her nose is so upturned…like wtf is this look. It looks like shit lol

No. 1177118

Horrorcow territory.

No. 1177213

No, anon, I think she's just trying to engage her audience. Unfortunately, nobody wants to talk to her.

No. 1177223

File: 1614991020943.jpeg (725.12 KB, 1125x1255, 9F84F4AC-E89E-4044-8953-D2E4B4…)

Gross wording, as usual

No. 1177276

File: 1614997417295.png (5.3 MB, 828x1792, B8FF791A-1083-4A15-A1D8-665691…)

The fuck is this

No. 1177307

Yeah, I always try to read her descriptions with an open mind, but they’re just… unappealing

No. 1177316

OK this one is the worst one yet. It really does look like she colours the black bits in with a sharpie and calls it a day, as other anons have pointed out kek

No. 1177317

What a mess??? The red is way outside the lines in some places and you can see the different shades of black from using a different marker around the edges of the spider

No. 1177346

Can’t go a single day without sounding like a loser

No. 1177788


Holy shit dude. That fat transfer totally fucked her face up. The second nose job was wasteful because it changed nothing aesthetically for her, but hot damn how long do facial fat transfers last? Because her face is -b-i-g-

No. 1177862

File: 1615055953491.jpg (473.27 KB, 971x1993, Screenshot_20210306-133843_Twi…)

Is she dumb enough to not realize the vaccines don't fully stop people from spreading the virus

No. 1177864

she is dumb enough is the issue but this is also the same bitch that got a voluntary nosejob halfway across the country during the pandemic as well

No. 1177905

She’s going with her big shot, millionaire, trailer park manager grandpa isn’t she? I will never stop kekking that she made him sound like this high class wealthy person but he turned out to be the owner/manager of a fucking trailer park KEK it’s so fitting. She’s the master of spinning things to be as flattering as possible when the truth is always very lacklustre.

No. 1177928

I wonder if Mattcuck will have the privilege of attending this trip?

No. 1178023

I’m sure he will be texting back how much he misses his “Barbie” while hitting up his old band mate. Having Ari tf out of his apartment is probably a vacay for him

No. 1178038

File: 1615075958445.jpeg (339.95 KB, 1125x1267, 194F0D32-C02F-4BF7-8F6D-7757B4…)

she’s so ugly and scary looking

No. 1178072

Did they break up? Haven’t seen or heard anything about him in awhile, or Aaron

No. 1178255

I doubt it, she just isn’t posting personal stuff at the moment

No. 1178294

She activated comments on this post and commented ”also, hi!” like she was ”encouraging” people to write. She got like two comments and now she has deactivated them again

No. 1178321

with the ringlight behind her for some reason as always

No. 1178385

Maybe she doesn’t know how to use it and thinks it’s for backlighting kek.

No. 1178467

File: 1615133721005.jpeg (129.08 KB, 1242x304, C6EA83D0-E654-4DA3-9B81-CB3959…)

Yes Matt is still having bi-monthly sex with Ariana in exchange for blowing half of his pay check on rent so she can sit in the apartment all day lol

No. 1178581

File: 1615144945043.jpeg (130.05 KB, 828x817, 2B92CE5C-D62C-4346-91E2-7696C0…)

Possessive much?

No. 1178728

It's sad how much she pushes her onlyfans onto people. It seems like every other post she makes is begging for people to subscribe and they only average like 2-3 likes. Most successful onlyfans girls can just….. exist…. on instagram and gain a following, but she tries so fucking hard it's so embarrassing.

No. 1178760

File: 1615156696701.jpeg (252.36 KB, 1125x908, E014FB33-FAA1-4850-9975-69D76C…)

Ari I know you read this, get your lip fillers dissolved… You have no lip line anymore and your lipstick can't even hide it at this point. Also what is that eyeliner… I know she thinks her makeup looks ~alt~ but attractive alt girls know how to do makeup that suits their face, it really just looks crazy and ugly

No. 1178793

Her hair looks like a party city wig. Also she should just get freckles tattooed at this point

No. 1178801

I literally don’t know what point she’s trying to make with this lol I’ll also never understand why she’ll do a full face of makeup but won’t even brush her hair

No. 1178956

eventually those eyeliner wings will connect around the back of her head

No. 1179046

File: 1615196203002.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 756.54 KB, 1242x1073, 7B9929FB-BBC2-4520-AA70-AC49D3…)

Ariana quantifying the cost of her own dignity as a single coffee

No. 1179071


I swear I thought that was some kind of white mold growing out of her stank puss. And sitting in a hot bath with her makeup just seeping into her open pores is disturbing for someone who kept saying she was going to be a "skincare and eyelash extensions only" bitch after her never ending nose job cycle.

No. 1179075


Kek, a lot of artists don't do names because of how incredibly common it is for the same client to come back later for a cover up. What a narcissistic loser to see a Tweet that seems like a joke/sarcasm based around a desire to feel important and then point out she really does push for Matt to tattoo her name irl.

Matt should just get "Asshoe" in a heart and tell her it's for her and then when they inevitably break up he can add an "l" between the o and e so he can tell everyone how he used to date an asshole. Or he can just say he loves anal… especially judging from how often Ariana fucks him in the ass by publicly treating him like the cuck he is.

No. 1179077


Yeah we get it Ariana, you look like a maniacal clown with makeup on and cartoon eyebrows and a manic botched nightmare without makeup.

No. 1179080


This reminds me of those ads with the poverty-stricken kids with the flies on their faces featuring a voice-over that says, "And for the price of a cup of coffee, YOU can help these children get the food they so desperately need."

Except Ariana's voice over would say for the price of a cup of coffee, YOU can help this desperate clown get more plastic surgery and cheap Shein costume lingerie.

No. 1179437

File: 1615232057917.jpeg (304.59 KB, 1125x1769, 1F3E3775-FC80-448C-85F5-F3D52F…)


No. 1179525

File: 1615237149043.jpg (188.03 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20210308-155422_Sam…)

I still remember when this uncoordinated idiot claimed she had a pole and knew "all the basic pole tricks that everybody knows".

Then she said she'd buy a house in the middle of nowhere and go strip so she could be the "unique alt girl at the club".

Then she couldn't wait to have a separate room for art and a separate room for sw and not have to bring Matt because he "ruins everything". And how she'd put up her pole and "learn pole".

Then she said she'd do pole shows on OF.

Now she's back to wanting someone to buy her a $400 pole.

Get off your broke ass and make some money and buy one if you're so desperate, awkward idiot. Ariana is completely incompetent.

No. 1179569

File: 1615240546835.jpg (166.58 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20210308-165535_Chr…)

Has she admitted to having BDD before this post today?

No. 1179574

File: 1615241009367.jpeg (516.08 KB, 1242x1204, 993249CF-E2E4-4E30-A500-4BA911…)

Omg get a therapist

No. 1179577

File: 1615241298274.jpg (502.46 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210308-170822_Twi…)

No. 1179582


No. 1179583


So she finally admits she botched her face with the fat transfer. I mean its true, has to fuck with you bad to look in the mirror and see a permanently bloated version of your former self.

No. 1179601

Jesus Christ, what is with these bottom-tier OFers airing their mental health shit on their business accounts?

No. 1179613

That hair is tragic. Sad she has to ruin everything about herself, the black and blonde actually looked cute

No. 1179629

Having an alt aesthetic as a stripper really isn’t as unique as she thinks it is lmao. It’s like she thinks she’s the only ~aLt~ girl to ever exist and she’s soo speshul for dressing that way. It’s pretty much her personality at this point.

No. 1179643

File: 1615246595850.png (620.36 KB, 1080x1183, 22049FF4-A184-48BD-864A-33C071…)

She does look like a monster. She’s trying to lie to herself and say it’s just a delusion but lol, she has to know she isn’t a looker. I mean, c’mon…

No. 1179651

She's mentally ill.

No. 1179679

File: 1615248818478.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3087x2867, 1E05DE8A-395C-46E4-95AC-D72BC9…)

Ariana you need to seek therapy. This is what fillers and surgery did to you in only 2 years. You're just making everything worse for yourself.

No. 1179716

File: 1615250458866.png (5.99 MB, 1242x2208, 2A7E144B-D189-45DC-8EBA-A64D7D…)

No. 1179724

Tell why or how she is starting to look more like her pre surgery face? Imo she looked the best with the choppy short bangs, when her thread pic was something taken at a subway train.

No. 1179725

File: 1615251667735.png (424.9 KB, 584x389, a350.PNG)

this bitch and her eyeliner are ready for takeoff at this point looking like she has winglets on her face. Seeya bitch!

probably pity money. She is friends with shayna so maybe she sees that the tactic works for shayna

No. 1179751

File: 1615254752259.jpg (901.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210308-132339_Ins…)

I thought she said she buzzed her head? Doesnt look like it.

No. 1179752

Sorry, "chopped all my hair off."

No. 1179889

File: 1615266222734.jpeg (476.94 KB, 1528x1528, 511D6EB6-1FF9-4C50-9061-C83091…)

No. 1179925

I’ve never felt even a single ounce of sympathy for her until right now. She looks beyond dead inside with such sad eyes. Ancient, too. I’ve NEVER seen someone age decades in a span of just two years. She looks like one of those 65-year-old women who wears cheetah leggings and chain-smokes Virginia Slims while yearning for their younger years.

No. 1179959

She looked like a pretty, sweet girl in the bottom right. She will never be happy with her appearance.

No. 1180039


I am horrified… what is this crooked haircut?! So much for trying to be blonde for the millionth time.

She's always saying how hard it is to be "hot and talented" and we're again finding out from the horse's mouth how incredibly not hot she knows she is.

Don't get better and go get more surgeries, Ariana. You look like a clown and your life is a joke.

No. 1180132

File: 1615308447535.jpeg (259.93 KB, 1750x2500, 61B0FCFD-5606-4590-807F-3ADDBB…)

Oh no!!!! Ari stop. You look like you’re wearing a cheap pulp fiction wig from party city

No. 1180193

Terf bangs aside, what the fuck is that layer that hits at her cheekbone?

No. 1180217

Failed hime cut

No. 1180240

How much has she spent on her face in her lifetime? Jesus I’d have constant breakdowns too if this was the end result. She probably could’ve owned a house by now or something.

No. 1180350


Kek all of this depressing shit is deleted from her "sw Twitter"

No. 1180465

Not to be an asshole, but her selfies were always way better than her face in movement

No. 1180493

File: 1615338845902.jpeg (134.64 KB, 750x1270, D5C044F1-DE51-4F7F-B0AA-A7BC44…)

imagine expecting ppl to pay to see your trashy haircut lmao pathetic

No. 1180616

Agreed. The only props I can give her is that she knows her angles. Or rather, her angle, cause there’s only one she can make work. Wow such an impressive life skill.

She still looks fucking bloated and plastic but the bitches who are into that love her one angle

No. 1180903

File: 1615392765079.jpeg (877.01 KB, 828x1155, 68C7E57F-8A23-4C28-94B4-AA2F79…)

No. 1180927

Ewww her hair looks a badly cut wig.

No. 1180998

File: 1615401361580.jpg (731.32 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210310-133605_Twi…)

No. 1181000

kek can someone post the pictures separately pls they look like a mess

No. 1181001

File: 1615401642882.jpeg (434.9 KB, 1784x2048, 84C713B1-FC7B-489A-8495-DBF4E1…)

No. 1181002

File: 1615401671391.jpeg (471.64 KB, 1601x2048, 42EB5F69-09B6-4A67-9220-AFFEAB…)

No. 1181003

File: 1615401694315.jpeg (433.07 KB, 1644x2048, C6FD2FD9-D484-4076-B401-5E5E31…)

No. 1181005

File: 1615401740371.jpeg (469.32 KB, 1845x2047, B3DEDA9F-861B-4B60-9F44-721335…)

she’s so ugly and so obviously seeking validation that she’s not. grimy lord Farquuad

No. 1181010

thank you anon. she rly did herself badddd with those weird super short side pieces and the upper lip looking like a snotty kid lmao I know whatever salon she goes to is trash, but seriously she should’ve just gone back there instead of doing this to herself

No. 1181011

This is actually sad because she truly looks like one of those old fat guys that wears an entire latex face mask over their head to look like a "hot woman."

Terrifying. No wonder she's having a BDD flare up.

No. 1181013

File: 1615402412180.jpg (42.58 KB, 600x469, livingdolls.jpg)

No. 1181015

File: 1615402688943.jpg (186.39 KB, 1080x638, Screenshot_20210310-135806_Tik…)

No. 1181045

>>1181005 it doesn't matter what she looks like in her photoshopped images anyway, we all know she looks like OP pic

No. 1181056

i cant stop laughing, what is this hair? im all for edgy styles but seriously what is this? she tries so hard and for what? god she’s such a joke

No. 1181089


Agreed, this is a terribly manic haircut. The random choppy pieces that weren't even razored, but just bluntly hacked at with scissors.

She really is all about making herself look as terrible a possible.

No. 1181095

This can't be the hair of sobriety. Or sanity. I'd forgive her if this was a one time mistake, but she repeatedly fucks up her hair. She should just shave it and wear wigs.

No. 1181155

File: 1615413324970.jpeg (560.88 KB, 750x923, C2B6C4F2-209E-49CC-8ED3-3D90E0…)

I know everyone is gonna say “not this again” but is she skinwalking babytrash? Or is this just the new alt girl look

No. 1181160

It's not new, it's been done a million times

No. 1181176

Agreed anon. I would say she’s taking benzos again. Her eyes scream overly barred out

No. 1181185

if this hair was on some spunky punk chick i'd love it, but it's on a skinwalking weirdo who picks and chooses from so many aesthetics that she ends up looking like the donate bin at a goodwill.

No. 1181193

I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say it either, and like she cut the sides like that so it would look edgy when tucked behind her ear like babytrash too.

No. 1181197

She needs to shave her head again. Her hair literally looks like rubber. A damn shame.. she could’ve rocked the hell out of her natural color at this length

No. 1181394

File: 1615434245193.jpg (452.63 KB, 1536x2048, 20210310_224402.jpg)


No. 1181409

What the fuck is this scrapbook tier editing

No. 1181412

is this a joke?

No. 1181425

damn, drugs really are bad for you huh

No. 1181452

But why did she edit herself into the photo

No. 1181467

Did she curl one piece of hair on the back of her head and then stop?

No. 1181470

Is this actually a joke????

No. 1181491

Love how she just didn't bother with legs

No. 1181630

the level of her filler migration on the top lip is actually scary.

you can't tell me she's not on drugs. if not drugs then actual autism/brain damage because what else would explain this edit

No. 1181666

File: 1615464432049.jpeg (37.76 KB, 380x474, 42D5890E-463B-441A-8421-62FB95…)

What even is happening here? Did she draw this on purpose or is it spilled filler?

No. 1181714


This looks like she had a different picture of her face and upper torso that she didn't like so she edited another picture onto the top half of herself. Clearly part of the photo is real because of the direction of the light and the shadows cast and it also appears to match the light direction on her face, but her arms and upper body makes no shadows at all. Her trying to do more than Facetune/Snow is a complete failure.

No. 1181715


I've seen this in some pictures, but the doctor's video where her lips look like she has meth mouth doesn't show that noticeable bubble. I really think she thinks she's highlighting that filler migration with tinted lip gloss or blush, but it really gives it an inflamed, infected look.

No. 1181718


It does look like she thinks she's creating a shadow with makeup to appear like she has fuller lips but it really just highlights her botched filler. Remember she's not a very good artist so it makes sense why her makeup makes her look horrifying.

No. 1181794

File: 1615479766156.png (60.83 KB, 220x275, sausage.png)


Wanted to see how it looked without the redness on the lip filler spillage. It did not look good.

No. 1181818

She has no legs in the water? I legit think she took a photo of the pool so she could use it as a backdrop for editing pics of herself into it, so she doesn’t have to keep going to the pool with a friend bc she has none

No. 1181836

File: 1615483387703.jpeg (712.61 KB, 1125x1865, C4ECE446-BBA4-4E06-AE72-353A9B…)

how much you wanna bet she tells herself everyone hates her because they're jEaLoUs

No. 1181842

File: 1615483622503.jpeg (976.91 KB, 1125x1768, FD759527-7013-4832-9A52-907B5A…)

specimen is beginning to show signs of life post shaved feline experiment. dopamine rush post sperging via validation from internet confirmed chronic. standby

No. 1181868

File: 1615485034886.jpeg (791.63 KB, 828x1406, A42677CB-E986-4A9B-998F-DF7A12…)

No. 1181906

Oof this hair looks like it was done by a blind 5 year old.

No. 1182016

Wish she would get fat like Shayna kek

No. 1182030

Give it a year or two

No. 1182044

File: 1615497285347.jpg (64.61 KB, 1200x675, EFK_aAnWkAAarht.jpg)

Ariana reminds me of a contestant from next top model that said she only had filler on her lips.

No. 1182100

Crazy how she got half her philtrum lopped off but she’s shoved her lip full of so much filler that it stretched and is now drooping to the same length it was before

No. 1182208

The ugly genes on her are strong, she can try to beat them but she can’t. Her philtrum will just grow as it once was kek

No. 1182210

…. she looks like she has no idea where she is kek. epitome of the saying “the lights are on but nobody’s home” she’s def on xanax.

No. 1182222

File: 1615509549447.jpeg (852.87 KB, 828x1497, C4713953-141E-44B3-9021-B68D5B…)

No. 1182355

File: 1615518510991.jpeg (764.33 KB, 828x1132, 1A708A52-47C8-47DE-8196-A8E58D…)

No. 1182433

she truly looks like a blow up doll with this smoothed out filter and massive over-filled lips. I hope she wakes up one day and gets the help she needs, this is crazy. Where’s doormat?

No. 1182438

File: 1615523989156.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20210311_233815959.jpg)

No. 1182440

He’s likely still clocked out as per usual. As long as she’s not taking another pair of clippers to the cat, he’ll let it run it’s course. Lbh this hot-tub thing is probably the most space he has gotten in years.

No. 1182455

File: 1615524707860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.69 KB, 419x419, IMG_20210312_054648.jpg)

No. 1182652


I'm speechless… she looks even more horrifying than usual. Out of all the odd looks she's given herself during her ever changing and various skinwalking/poser phases, this one is frightening.

I never tinfoil regarding drug use, but for the first time in my life I'm gonna have to agree with the anons that think this bitch is on some kind of benzo. Maybe popping benzos is the "be kind to yourself because it could be your last hour on Earth" nice thing she did for herself because she is nOt her mental illness.

I'd really be ashamed of my life if I used my last hour on Earth capturing bad pictures of myself, documenting a manic look dripping with self-hatred.

No. 1182660


The worst part is she has a totally healthy body now, but the way she didn't loosen the strings around her waist is very unflattering and makes it look like she's skinny fat. She clearly isn't toned or muscular, but she makes herself look doughy with the bulges of her side pushing through the strings just like anon's comparison of a tied up chicken. She only knows her face angles if she's taking a selfie, but self-timer/anyone else taking a picture of her shows how she completely lacks body awareness and has no clue how to pose any part of herself in a flattering way.

I guess all those years she spent "growing up watching America's Next Top Model" didn't teach her shit about posing, as is clearly evident from her last "modeling job" with Spencer's during Christmas 1½-2 years ago.

No. 1182773

I think this was her trying to cut her hair into that shag haircut she was talking about a while back but girl has no finesse and just cut straight lines and angles into her hair lmfao

No. 1182917

She looks very underweight to me. You can see the veins on her hands. She doesn’t look healthy at all. Maybe she’s gained a tad but she looks frail

No. 1183020

wtf? how fat are you? veins on hands is normal af

No. 1183029

She is severely underweight, I agree with you.

No. 1183035

you should be able to see the veins in your hands at a healthy weight.

No. 1183054

nah veins indicate nothing. i have tiny veiny hands and my weight hasn’t changed in years.

No. 1183082

You can’t see her rib cage, hipbones or a protruding sternum and collar bones. She’s not fat, stop pretending she waify. You can see the mush around the straps.

No. 1183099

veins aside, she's still thin as a rail, idk why we're saying she's fat?? honestly a little plumping might do her good. With how much time she spends photoshopping her face, you'd think she might think to photoshop some damn curves onto herself.

No. 1183120

i had a stroke trying to read this

No. 1183374

Can someone explain to me why the fingers on her right hand appear to be fused together

No. 1183427

This picture accentuates how bad her tattoos are.

No. 1183492


agree. she needs a little more weight to balance out her giant head now but she’s always been skeletal.

No. 1183546

she has one of those alien long-bodies that would probably carry weight awfully unfortunately

No. 1183631

File: 1615653620986.jpeg (440.87 KB, 1237x830, EC21566E-308C-4068-9093-A79780…)

Aaron has an ED

No. 1183719

Lol there are tons of fat vegans, and substitutions aren't remotely as "restricting" as they used to be. It's like he needs twitter's permission to not be vegan because of an ED. If Ariana or any other woman posted his same tweet they would get so attacked. Weird how she's telling people how to recover, publicly, and using "we" to bring herself into it.

Does she still live off of baby food

No. 1183798

Agreed you can pretty much get a vegan substitute for any type of junk/comfort food these days. And they usually have the same amount of calories… sounds like Aaron is throwing around self-diagnosis in order to justify eating animal products kek

No. 1183901


She's definitely not underweight, let alone severely underweight. Veins aren't an indicator of weight at all, not in the real world or lolcow tinfoil realm. She has no jutting bones, I can't see ribs unless it's one of the rare pictures where she's stretching out while clearly sucking her stomach in, and those were older pictures. She has bony elbows, but her arms just look like a less scrawny version of Aaron's. Not even saying this to try to fuck with Ariana's BDD, but her body looks completely normal and healthy, unlike how skinny she used to be in her old pre-surgery days.

She's 5'5 and at least 115 lbs clearly. That's a BMI of approx 19.3 which is totally healthy for a 26 yr old female.

No. 1183902


Her weight is healthy and fine. She just needs to get off her lazy ass and get toned and build strength to balance out her curve-less body

No. 1183911

I have no idea what "I just discovered I have an ED" means. How the fuck do you "just find out" you have an ED, and how does that happen right as you make an excuse for being vegan, which is the easiest thing ever? I mean you either put food in your mouth and digest it correctly or not.

No. 1183917

File: 1615678045569.jpeg (285.03 KB, 828x1245, D39B5A2A-5A47-4EBE-8A15-DA0D23…)

She’s back on WIA but only their 2k side account

No. 1183918

File: 1615678074732.jpeg (226.28 KB, 828x1399, F856E69B-8BF8-4989-A233-353016…)

They also posted this pic on their story kek

No. 1183970

File: 1615683374491.jpeg (659.66 KB, 828x1190, F3295F85-B2D4-439B-A0B0-4F0CA0…)

No. 1183980

Lol, did they remove it from their story? It wasn’t there now

No. 1184136

File: 1615705763868.png (309.29 KB, 1255x565, xxxxx.png)

incoming mental breakdown in 3 2 1…

No. 1184155

…and she thinks this haircut looks good?

No. 1184166

"1 std"

No. 1184184

lmao nta but it‘s german for hour, very fitting in this case. she is fucking nuts, i can‘t believe she keeps spiraling and just doesn‘t realize that „dick appointments“ aka prostitution and her untreated bpd/bdd will never allow her to be happy. it‘s the same with shayna, why are these bitches so stubborn and insist on ruining their lifes further

No. 1184302


She doesn't even have a client anymore kek

No. 1184355

File: 1615740565414.jpeg (659.09 KB, 1080x1920, F68D4CAA-FA90-4C4F-A9C4-4BC972…)

Pretty sure this who she’s attempting to skin walk now, just very very poorly

No. 1184368

File: 1615741566442.jpeg (563.09 KB, 1125x1890, 5F32E316-DDF7-45A8-8110-C40C9B…)

fucking yikes

No. 1184381

File: 1615742224151.jpeg (730.17 KB, 828x1485, FBB73755-B8EA-4BF5-BFE8-047340…)

No. 1184392

File: 1615742701088.jpg (322.48 KB, 1080x1223, Screenshot_20210314-132502_Twi…)

No. 1184401

A) Philly has stray Great Danes wandering around? Terrifying.
B) Who is the audience for a bunch of pictures of dead puppies?

No. 1184429

apparently the finished result won't even be for sale. so i really can't understand why she straight up posted a picture of her bare hands holding a frozen puppy corpse to her audience and then wonders why no one is buying her onlyfans

No. 1184430

More lip fillers. MORE LIP FILLERS

No. 1184447

Idkw she thinks anyone would care if it’s going to be pay to see. No ones gonna drop $20+ Plus OF subscription to watch her lie there like a dead fish. Or jerk her body around like a kid in polio braces shy of a scoliosis diagnosis.

At this point I’m hoping she goes full body mods. She has nothing else going for her so she might as well go for a reptile lady look or just go full blow up doll at this point.

No. 1184452

First off - oh my fucking god she is truly a horrifying person. Secondly - How can she be so sure that it’s great danes specifically? If she just found them outside she wouldn’t have any way of knowing if it’s GD’s or some random cross breed. I mean what are the chances a litter of GD’s just lying there? Her being so sure of the breed just feels fishy to me, like she got her hands on them in some other way.
Sorry for tinfoil but this really rubbed me the wrong way. She’s disguisting

No. 1184479

I will be truly shocked if this content ever materialises. She’s been saying that she has someone new to film with for at least a year now kek

No. 1184493

File: 1615749238231.jpg (Spoiler Image, 852.62 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20210314-151407_Ins…)

No. 1184504

What does holy ham mean ?

No. 1184521

File: 1615750937531.jpg (385.21 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20210314-154229_Twi…)

No. 1184523

Only fans. She's trying to evade being removed from ig for posting about it

No. 1184525

I was going to roll my eyes, but I believe this one. The badly done weird strip of hair she has would check out as a botched attempt at whatever this is.

No. 1184556

Gross. What a sickening choice of words to bypass that, but that’s no surprise from her

No. 1184607

am i just being nitpicky or does she seem like she’s in a severe mania phase? her absolute horrible haircut and dye, getting several piercings and injections, fucking a dude on camera that’s not her bf. i feel like a breakdown is overdue at this point.

No. 1184611

idk about her mental health and all that - don't want to armchair, but in general I do think a breakdown is overdue. She disappears and then usually comes back with a bang and is obsessively online and doing crazy shit. Seems we're in that phase

No. 1184619

This is the same kitchen counter she has just been handling dead frozen puppies on

No. 1184620

she's prob off her meds

No. 1184693

File: 1615765037112.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, ECF54DB9-8EB5-40E0-BA10-001F62…)


This is bleak.

No. 1184696

Lol. Is this a Jeffrey star filter or something?

No. 1184725

Wouldnt the shock to her immune system will make her "thoriathis" flare up? I wonder where her rash went anyways lmfao

No. 1184732

So this woman who never leaves her hovel just happened to find some dead puppies? This women who barely takes the time to look at anything besides her own face? I am having doubts that she “sourced these ethically”……..

No. 1184739

Samefag but I feel sick because I’m sure she’s lying. People don’t just find dead puppies on the street………. and they sure as hell don’t take the thing and take pictures with it. She’s sick in the head, sicker than we ever thought

No. 1184742

Guys if this is legit she should have notified the proper authorities. Did she notify anything other than twitter?

No. 1184877

File: 1615798691909.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.06 KB, 1431x2048, 20210315_045810.jpg)

No. 1184900


She's filmed with a cLiEnT aka sugar daddy before… I still remember her riding the face of gross fatty with her cheap black wig with the bad bob haircut when she got pissed on and felt the need to document that horror for everyone. Oh but that doesn't count to Ariana because she just posted it on her paid private Snapchat, not on OF because she didn't have one at the time.

I hope this will be better than the threesome with Matt and a mysterious dude that never happened and was never mentioned again.

No. 1184904

File: 1615805835279.jpg (289.42 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20210315-065410_Sam…)

She's trying to sell more wrinkled, dirty clothes to buy more ugly shit from some Buffalo Exchange-like trendy used clothing store. I'm glad she didn't say these shorts will make your booty pop because the picture of her ass shows the same pancake flat ass that she claims she's been working out. Can't wait until she tries to get a surgically enhanced butt and continues to botch herself worse and worse.

No. 1184905


Keekkk… "pinup shorts"?! Oh Ariana, nothing about these shorts says 1950s-styled, vintage reproduction pInUp shorts. Her lack of fashion and fashion knowledge is understandable given all the outfits she's trotted out over the years, but this is just an absolute reach to call these pInUp shorts.

She really doesn't need more clothes to sit around at home in for an hour while posing for a couple photos to post on IG. Just buy some real lingerie, Ariana. Not Shein. Not old Urban Outfitters purchased at a used clothing store.

Not even talking La Perla, but maybe just some Honey Birdette. Just real lingerie that won't fall apart and doesn't look like the rest of her freshman-in-a-high-school-locker-room sad, worn, pilled, and dirty rolled up thongs.

No. 1184908

File: 1615806595780.jpg (663.96 KB, 1078x1811, Screenshot_20210315-070822_Sam…)

She called this "punk and edgy" when a better description would be "Hot Topic High School Poser Girl purse".

No. 1184963

Why does she always describe these items as “like new” or “worn once”? She’s worn those shorts in so many trashy pics in the last couple of years. Nasty scamming clown.

No. 1184969

fellow german lurker. She's a global phenomenon at this point

No. 1184993

She has been that for a looong time lol

No. 1185013

the style name of the shorts from BDG is literally called "pinup" you fucking sped lmao

No. 1185039

File: 1615822762197.jpeg (442.66 KB, 1111x1577, 49E92AEB-AF2E-44D0-9CE5-58E6C9…)

Wtf is going on here

No. 1185041

"no honey we can't go swimming, the transgendered prostitute down the hall is in the pool taking photos again."

No. 1185076

why is the pool her like new place for photo shoots? i guess one could say she is making an effort with more frequent photo sets, but they’re all shit, unflattering, and a rinse and repeat of the previous pool shots

No. 1185085

I wonder if the pool area has surveillance cameras.
The building staff probably get such a kick out of seeing her flailing around taking photos of herself

No. 1185097

onlyfans anon, come thru please

No. 1185112

File: 1615828483594.jpeg (380.47 KB, 750x971, 984772E9-F34A-45C3-A67F-2AB070…)

So Matt’s got new hair

No. 1185125

her profile is so unfortunate, there's no surgery to fix it

No. 1185129

File: 1615829569127.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 104.22 KB, 750x783, 5640B1F6-8E36-4447-9DE9-5B4A8C…)

No. 1185170

Back on that fake positive self- talk

No. 1185172


You can't blame an anon for not knowing the style of ugly teenager shorts from Urban Outfitters. Most anons are over the age of 18 and don't shop there. Plus Ariana is known for her lying to sell shit and lack of fashion knowledge so all of that combined can clearly result in thinking Ariana is calling them pInUp, just like her clothes making your booty pOp.

No. 1185179

Look at this fucking giraffe lmao

No. 1185215

Watch the whole video at your peril farmers

No. 1185220

I don't know what I expected but I'm down to try whatever he's on.

No. 1185372

Wow her Depop page is sadder than I thought. A romper sold for $5… For someone who’s so rich and good with money, everything is fast fashion or Goodwill reject tier.

No. 1185384

i went to google to get to her twitter for this and lc showed up before her social media profiles lmao how sad for her

No. 1185394

this has low budget porn parody vibes

No. 1185439

is the video in the threads? I somehow missed it when I skimmed through them and whenever it comes up I always think that I need to see this shit

No. 1185505

Here’s the best I can do for ya: >>818412

No. 1185554

File: 1615870706361.png (11.13 MB, 1242x2688, 58FDA907-C637-4BB2-B01E-3D6295…)

her lips literally cannot get more horrifying than this, i swear, what in the actual fuck

No. 1185555

Her face really needed that big nose for balance or something. This new nose looks so off and shapeless. Could it still be swollen?

No. 1185564

Couldn’t even detangle her necklace for this photo? Everything she does is so low effort

No. 1185583

It creeps me out how self obsessed she is. All she ever does is either talk about her physical appearance or take photos of her self. She must literally spend her entire day staring into her front faced camera…what a life

No. 1185625

The new nose piercings really accentuates how off her nose is

No. 1185652

Xanny bars

No. 1185680

Legit squidwards nose

No. 1185705

File: 1615900135899.jpg (86.44 KB, 1079x338, Screenshot_20210315-142314_Sam…)


Sorry, I was stoned and forgot to add the picture yesterday

No. 1185710

File: 1615900674955.jpeg (580.81 KB, 1242x754, 97C7E410-0907-44C5-9E0A-FA7FC5…)

God her nose looks like a literal pig snout. The combination of her piggy looks and the idea of her “bare ass” in this post is so un appealing. Also isn’t this the holiday she goes on with her pimp grandpa?

No. 1185735


I literally laughed out loud at this picture because getting double nostril piercings just accentuates the piggy width of her bell bottom nose.
I get the feeling she's eventually (or probably prematurely) change it to either put the stupid chain at the top like Gen Z's response to the horrible nose ring-to-ear piercing from the '80s, or put 2 rings which would also do no favors for that skate ramp of a nose.

No. 1185738

File: 1615903399827.jpg (210.57 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20210316-100051_Sam…)

"Can't wait to film us having sex for my OF (so I can try to make some kind of money)!!!!"

Poor dude is on his feet for hours a day and his only relaxation all day is the couple of seconds cumming and trying to block out the sound of Ariana screaming she needs to get the perfect shot for her sW bUsInEsS.

No. 1185740

File: 1615903510452.jpg (695.96 KB, 1079x1599, Screenshot_20210316-100419_Sam…)


You missed the best part: the woe-is-me, fishing for compliments comment she posted with the Facetuned picture.

No. 1185746

File: 1615903779098.jpg (181.3 KB, 1079x666, Screenshot_20210316-100623_Sam…)

If he's real, this is the 1 client she finally got a date with who she claims she's going to film with, when in fact she's never going to actually film with him.

I still doubt he's real though. Must be real ugly if he's real, but then again, that's all Ariana can get.

No. 1185760

File: 1615905976230.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 539.04 KB, 828x1173, 72D41BD0-CAA6-40F8-9479-B5E2A1…)

You can see her whole ass nipple kek

No. 1185764

Then spoiler it?

No. 1185784

File: 1615907828397.jpeg (18.62 KB, 160x236, D9D5BBD8-93AB-425D-BFA6-B01907…)

God, she’s giving serious Tommy Wiseau vibes lately. Picrel

No. 1185787

File: 1615907895662.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.83 KB, 1125x1554, 4464C2CE-A6D1-41BB-BEED-3E0011…)

Very attractive Ariana

No. 1185814

can someone please explain her twisted up thong epidemic to me? i've never seen anyone else with this issue and it seems like she does it on purpose at this point?

No. 1185839

As far as Ik, she’s just rolling up her regular bikini panties into thongs. Affectively she’s just too lazy to either get some or change out of the panties she’s been in

No. 1185852

that actually makes sense for this river monster but it's weird as fuck

No. 1185864

that's a one sad ass

No. 1185894

She can’t afford new underwear kek. Why work a job that only requires so little and not meet the basic requirements of clean nice underwear and a decent haircut. Spending thousands on your witch face and not 3 dollars on a thong, cause that makes sense.

No. 1185905

i mean this is a different pair than the beige ones. new or old, them being twisted up still makes no sense.

No. 1185930

File: 1615916782829.jpeg (88.13 KB, 750x605, E0229A71-E117-41EA-8F05-9C9CF9…)


I realised who she reminds me of with this v3 new nose: Telly from Sesame Street.

No. 1185931


Translation: she hates her face when she looks at it as it is, then Facetunes it and thinks she’s hot.

No. 1185949

This is the depressing thing about Ariana’s life….she literally sacrifices every shred of dignity she has and for what? At least if she made lots of money it would mitigate the horrors of sex work. She literally makes less than she would at a ~soul destroying~ minimum wage retail job

No. 1185955

i think it's honestly like a sunk-cost thing for her now, especially since her thread here stays so active. she knows we're watching so she wants to keep up the appearance that she's "totes successful and thriving" but i think in reality she's given up for the most part and just wants to not work ever and sit around getting high on matt's dime.

No. 1185990

File: 1615920853632.jpg (129.96 KB, 521x602, SmartSelect_20210316-145410_In…)

Finally painted her nails and they somehow look dirtier

No. 1186039

File: 1615925019136.jpg (628.45 KB, 971x1839, Screenshot_20210316-160239_Ins…)

She might be skin walking her friend sugarpotionn who changed her hair to this in early January.

No. 1186057

People need to cool it with the skinwalking accusations. All these basic OF thots are all pulling from the same pool of 3 haircuts, 5 outfits and 25 tattoos, of course they all look like one another

No. 1186058

thank you

No. 1186103

a little louder for the anons in the back please. none of these thots are in any way original, and most of these "i think she's skinwalking this person" comments just seem like self-posts from other randoms with equally terrible hair

No. 1186150

File: 1615931600302.jpg (816.1 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20210316-175254_Sam…)

Pulled an all-nighter for this manic minimum wage aRt.

No. 1186151

i'm fucking cackling that she filled in the black space with paint this time instead of the shitty sharpie/pen like anons had been pointing out

No. 1186201

That’s finished?

No. 1186206

nah she still has to poorly dump glittery resin on top of it

No. 1186209

Basic, low effort tumblr shit

No. 1186216

File: 1615936180816.jpeg (581.43 KB, 828x1039, A3AFEA49-8AA3-45F7-BA04-A31AA9…)

Thank you anon>>1185784 i finally realize who this picture >>1185710 reminded me of

No. 1186261

Love the lack of waterlines on every eye

No. 1186268

never realized how long her neck is

No. 1186352

Lol that’s why they look so flat. You’d think if she was going to repeat a single, small body part over and over, she would put extra detail into it. But nope. Low effort as always

No. 1186414

wow you literally zoomed all the fuck way in to inspect that, you guys are equally on one

No. 1186437

Actually my phone has smart select so I can crop ss before taking them but go off, moron.

No. 1186443

Nta but her hand is in the foreground and takes up more space than her face in that photo, it’s not hard to notice lol. Stop acting like anons observation needed detective work

No. 1186454

She won’t buy new underwear so when the elastic wears out in the material / the material just stretches out she rolls them to shorten them back to fit. It’s insane. Should we send her a gift card to vs

No. 1186508


Nah, she'll start bragging on Twitter how many strangers love her for being hOt and tAlEnTeD and gift her things and then ask to be gifted a new ass.

No. 1186603

Lower half of her jaw and lips, looks like it’s sliding away from her top half. Why does her face look so abnormally oblong?

No. 1186692


Lack of ass causes this, but also probably cause theyre just a cheap 10 pack of amazon thongs. i will say, at least she got rid of that awful beige thong wore for almost a year or more

No. 1186890

File: 1616013496778.png (3.1 MB, 828x1792, 71E35EEA-E1E7-44F6-92A0-F7B7BF…)

Nightmare stuff. What even are those bangs?

No. 1186900

Bitch this picture has been posted 2 times already and please sage

No. 1186902

She thinks she’s angelina jolie in girl, interrupted when she’s actually a back alley crackhead who did her own bangs with cerated craft scissors

No. 1186904

File: 1616014421637.jpeg (325.69 KB, 750x728, ADE2998F-B935-4C04-81BE-944BB9…)


No. 1186976

I'm sorry but how does she keep getting SO much uglier with each post she makes. Jesus christ, her last two surgeries and new lip fillers were a mistake. She looks like she's made of silicone and her lips are about to BURST with all of that filler. Not to mention her blob nose…. Lord

No. 1187042

File: 1616026024002.jpeg (117.44 KB, 1242x1017, 1038E6DC-E26D-4989-B53E-073E71…)

Her fucking Cupid’s bow, it looks diseased. She’s fucked herself over. Can fillers make it feel lumpy too?

No. 1187078

Lol ready for her next round of lip fillers, anon?

No. 1187121

File: 1616034095123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 678.8 KB, 971x1954, Screenshot_20210317-222146_Twi…)

No. 1187122

It’s the underwear hiked up to heaven for me(integrate)

No. 1187124

she’s starting to look legitimately scary

No. 1187125

It’s pretty sad how she wears her mental illness on her outsides. Her poor face especially.

No. 1187165

sure, if i had a firehose of disinfectant

No. 1187239

Her underwear, holy shit. I’m cracking tf up. Jesus Christ, that must hurt.

No. 1187240

File: 1616050650804.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 565.73 KB, 1125x1102, EF1190C3-4F56-453E-AA3F-D52AD1…)

>>1185129 Ariana making everything sound so incredibly unsexy - part 27381738

No. 1187246

So….4 days later and no sign of this other guy she claimed she was going to film with, kek she’s so predictable

No. 1187353

File: 1616071687173.jpg (469.8 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20210318-084801_Sam…)

Way to draw in clients with your charm

No. 1187496

it's probably lumpy. what she's trying to do is create that top lip where there is no cupid's bow and the lip is just a hill. but there's no way to just remove or replace her cupid's bow so the result looks like she got stung by a bee.

No. 1187526

File: 1616089031035.jpeg (484.21 KB, 828x1184, 5CF60D85-5060-4B60-B4B6-E33627…)

No. 1187644

File: 1616098046705.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 858.98 KB, 1211x1208, 33146995-9DC1-48A6-81C2-9AB366…)

The words “juicy” and “queefing” just brought up my dinner

No. 1187648


Girls who describe their pussy juice as creamy usually smell like raw dough.

No. 1187656



No. 1187769

Ok but her thong is actually ripped on her left side. You can see half of it pulled up to her damn tit and half of it still clinging onto her skeletor hip

No. 1187785

I thought this too, but it’s a double strap design, you can see on the other side. she’s worn it before

No. 1187889

Might as well be ripped, that nasty fucking bitch. You’d think she’d take a tip from hmm let’s see literally every other sex worker and try a little harder but nope, nasty fucking bitch lives on

No. 1187976

Peep the off white duvet cover without a sheet on it behind her…..I might of known this bitch sleeps without bed linen

No. 1188207

File: 1616170204813.jpeg (474.53 KB, 1125x770, FF818DE7-08C0-47D7-BD2B-6BE294…)

i don’t understand how someone can try to write something ~hot~ and make it sound absolutely disguisting EVERY SINGLE TIME

No. 1188216

man she looks fuckin old, the right pic especially

No. 1188218

yeah she looks like a 40 year old drag queen

No. 1188249

File: 1616174033160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 609.38 KB, 750x1097, 142D6F68-482A-4B31-8F04-582E25…)

probably nitpicking but damn her scars from her botched boob job is so sad it obviously seems like she’s comfortable with it or has convinced herself it’s normal

No. 1188251

File: 1616174155551.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 600.06 KB, 750x1103, 4DA5AE21-2F15-403A-8B14-1A0C68…)

also i don’t understand this picture/her content isn’t sexy its just uncomfortable to look at

No. 1188271

If we're being honest, there's a demo for trashy botched women. That's a hallmark of pornography and scrotes cannot be reasoned with or understood when it comes to attraction and sex. There's at least one guy besides her bf that is attracted to her BECAUSE she looks that way and mutilates herself. It's a whole thing. But I'm totally with you, no one with a working brain and pair of eyes would think that these were post worthy.

No. 1188281


She also gave such up close and personal photos of the 2 pimples on her left and right inner thighs. That combined with the camel toe makes me believe that Ariana has a fetish for being humiliated

No. 1188282

oh god oh fuck her thong looks so fucking yellow… might just be the cheap materials but it looks disgusting

No. 1188284


There's definitely a market for trashy skanks, but usually they aren't trying to make potential clients feel like shit/make the audience's dick more flaccid than Matt's:

"Just know I don't actually like you or want to talk to you, but I just want your money so stfu and pay me while I never engage with you."

"I only love my mailman bf, not YOU."

"I'm so hot and talented. Pay me for it or retweet if you're cheap, but this is my passion."

"No one gave me money today. Y'all are fake."

"I look in the mirror and feel so ugly even though I KNOW I'm hot. Bdd is soooo haaard."

"I love pleasing men… but only if they give me money!"

Nobody can take a trashy botched bitch who also has a trashy botched attitude. You either have to be trashy and botched while being a nice or dumb bimbo, or be hot af with a trashy botched attitude and do some humiliation kink shit to your audience.

You can't be successful with an ugly face and an ugly personality, otherwise there's absolutely no charm. People would rather just get some grumpy, ugly loser bitch irl for much cheaper that they can actually touch without being hounded for tips.

No. 1188286

hardcore nitpick but how do you discover you have an ED? its not like u go to the doctor and they just tell u have one and suddenly its something out of left field. normally ur aware u have one and have a huge complex over it and its like ur whole identity? unless he means erectile dysfunction kek

No. 1188295

I'm wondering if the weird dudes she talks to use this kind of language, and she repeats it because that's her audience, instead of being her own person. Professionals can use those trigger words in a sexual way while being more feminine, but I don't think she understands this and repeats a lot of vulgar things that just come off super clunky.

Still in the dark about this too.

No. 1188344

File: 1616180794088.jpeg (127.09 KB, 1242x369, BF4C63FD-F4BD-47E9-990F-B4C1D3…)

He also claims to have BDD…he’s just collecting diagnoses like Ariana does

No. 1188361

I mean, you do? It will take to a certain point to realize that your ed habits aren't normal/rational.

No. 1188450

File: 1616188353028.jpeg (280.13 KB, 750x1322, 86A472B1-7303-4A6A-B5FD-DD4A24…)

How can anyone buy the shit off her depop after she literally made her nasty HIV rash her entire personality for years?

No. 1188529

File: 1616194472201.jpg (382.75 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20210319-185250_Sam…)


The only people that buy her shit are the insecure kids who still shop at Hot Topic, where she used to work with the rest of the posers and stole this ugly dress.

No. 1188531


Yeah, like when you're 14 maybe. Not likely a dude in his mid twenties just learned about EDs and how his eating compares when he hangs out with his only friend Ariana.

No. 1188637

turtleneck ass gumby bitch

No. 1188733

Body of a man with tits

No. 1188894

File: 1616249917912.jpg (196.23 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20210320-101528_Sam…)

Tryna buy drugs via social media is truly one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. It's Philly. You know where the drugs are, Ariana. Lazy bitch can't even drive less than 20 minutes to find a connect.

No. 1188900

sage for nitpick but i can’t with these pool photos anymore. yes this one if from awhile ago already but just. it’s march. and you’re in phillly. what the fuck is sexy about an ice bath?!

No. 1188909

How does she need a new plug all the time? And she’s done drugs in Philly for how long… Didn’t she say she fucked a dealer for drugs at one point, did this guy (if he was real) just ghost her after that? You know you have a terrible personality when dealers won’t even interact with you.

No. 1189063


Exactly my thoughts. She really must annoy tf outta dealers if she's lived in Philly for almost a decade and still can't find a connect.

At least she knows she's such an awkward idiot with absolutely no street smarts that she realizes she'll get jacked in Kensington trying to cop. I guess that's why asking strangers on social media seems like a much better idea for her.

She's such an embarrassing human.

No. 1189071

File: 1616268085962.jpg (397.7 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_20210320-151041_Sam…)

She apparently wants her few remaining farmer OF subs to tip her for her doing something nice, when everyone knows Ariana is never nice nor does she ever do anything nice. She expects to put out bad, low quality pictures on OF and get paid for them, and also get tipped.

The funniest is that she claims she's happy everyone likes her porn and her face… when her face averages 20 likes and her pOrN averages 3 likes.

Out of 18.5k "followers", around 3 people like her horrific attempt at porn.

She has to know how pitiful those low numbers are for SW Twitter. It must really fuck with her self esteem, yet she keeps trying to larp as a sw out of stupidity or stubbornness. Talk about not knowing when you're literally spending all your time and money on something not even worth your time and money.

Not to mention she's getting absolutely no return on investment for any of her fillers and plastic surgery and is only getting botched beyond repair.

She could move on and live her life and try to find happiness, but she'd rather chase a dying dream of being desired by men and women.

No. 1189219


Exactly this, she’s holding herself back by being desperate to be desired and also obsessed with owning the haters

No. 1189294

Pretty sure her only client was a drug dealer in NY and he dumped her for getting too fat.

No. 1189472

Is literally no one commenting on how she posted a picture with a dead dog..She’s now horror cow

No. 1189480

Ariana has been a horror cow for a while, this is the person that posted pictures of a dead rat which she’d cut open without gloves and in the same breath tweets about fingering herself on her sex work twitter….btw the dead puppy picture has now been deleted

No. 1189484

File: 1616339631687.jpeg (503.61 KB, 1242x931, F224DB8A-3DFB-44B6-8B90-EF946F…)

Trying to be sexy and managing to sound disgusting again

No. 1189486

Fucking spoiler this Jesus Christ

No. 1189492

Yes, multiple people have already commented on that, you’re just late

The dead puppy photos are still up on her art ig account

No. 1189860

File: 1616367286891.jpg (125.1 KB, 1080x420, Screenshot_20210321-185447_One…)

Blackmailing matt to make him marry her lol

No. 1189907

>once I'm married
kek… so never?

No. 1189956

>cum from last night

So this bitch doesn't use the fucking bathroom after sex??? That's nasty af. Just confirms she's as smelly as she looks

No. 1190022

File: 1616381661429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 402.86 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20210321-225303__01…)

She hacked off some more hair and now her bangs look like shit.

No. 1190039

File: 1616383031348.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 792.44 KB, 750x1128, F2D4804C-272F-4FEF-A4E0-05657C…)

No. 1190040

File: 1616383107705.png (Spoiler Image, 3.89 MB, 750x1334, 09DFBBBB-CE49-4FCE-B3DA-2BD4E4…)

so prickly

No. 1190065

can't believe she seriously thinks she's fooling anyone with shit like this. we all know how you actually look >>1143442

No. 1190067

i don't think i ever noticed how hairy she is.

her boobs look incredibly fake here, by the way. like straight up bolt ons. idk if they actually look like that or she photoshopped them for some stupid reason.

No. 1190096

Why, anon, why…

No. 1190097

File: 1616392852734.png (Spoiler Image, 3.81 MB, 750x1334, DA83CF1D-33A1-45DD-89FB-F481FE…)

it looks like ground beef

No. 1190102

please stop watching porn anon, that's a normal looking vagina

No. 1190104


this isn't my usual thread but as i was scrolling to the mtf thread i had to comment. this is what actual vulvas look like, if you want to see a freakshow come look at the results of srs.

No. 1190124

Not using the bathroom after sex is just asking for a UTI

No. 1190194

the vagina looks fine, the finger nail color is offputting
can't avoid thinking of an infection with those there

No. 1190209


I like how she's pushing those concrete balls together to help combat how widely they swing outward, but they STILL don't want nothing to do with each other and refuse to touch no matter how hard she tries.

No. 1190210


Nta, but I think it looks worse because of the fingernails and the angle doing absolutely no favors for anyone's genitalia. Her photos of her 5 o'clock shadow pussy are better suited for people with some kind of gynecological fetish.

No. 1190220


If (not when) Matt ever decided to finally give in and give up on life and marry her, she won't have to give up anything anyway because no clients pay her for sex. She doesn't escort because her 1 client dropped her for gaining weight. She just takes bad photos to repost for months whenever she feels like doing makeup so she can larp as a SWer, when she's really just doing it to feel validated on the internet.

I'm noticing with cows that despite everything pointing towards them to stop oversharing or tone shit down for awhile, they continue with their public stunts to give strangers more reasons to make fun of them. Even though Ariana makes no money off trashing her own reputation online, she and other like-minded cows seem to think it's better to be shit-talked than not talked about at all. They'd rather get any attention, even bad attention, than be ignored. Ariana could stop with these poor attempts at pretending to do sw when she makes nothing from it. She could just have an art account for solely art and close the others so she won't overshare and make an ass of herself. She really just craves any kind of attention from strangers as opposed to living a quiet life and getting positive attention from only Matt.

Ariana likes to say she lives "rent-free" in other strangers' heads, but she's really paying everything she has: her dignity, her sanity, her happiness, her relationship and partner's happiness, her reputation, and sacrificing her financial stability. All to live on in infamy in Lolcow threads.

I truly will never understand her decision to spend most of her twenties on permanently destroying her reputation for absolutely no gains.

No. 1190227

File: 1616412662255.jpg (294.65 KB, 1079x1285, Screenshot_20210322-072633_Sam…)


She's always "putting the offer out there" for someone to buy her dinner, yet constantly reminds people how she only likes her mailman bf and doesn't want to talk to any guys unless they pay her or buy her things.

Why would anyone want to buy her dinner? She's incredibly ungrateful and any guy could spend the same amount of money to purchase a custom video from a real sw with actually satisfying, hot imagery.

No. 1190228

File: 1616412735632.jpg (Spoiler Image, 607.2 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20210322-072604_Sam…)

Her post said "only sexy people can see this", as she proceeds to post another unsexy photo with her googly-eyed tits.

No. 1190245

The lack of interaction she gets on these kinds of posts is utterly depressing

No. 1190278

The plastic bimbo look combined with her hairiness is always jarring to me

No. 1190285

kinda funny how she didn’t notice the hairs stuck to her lips in all these pics kek

No. 1190316

Her boob job has never looked worse, wow. It reminds me of those female body builders who just have them sort of placed on top of the muscle. Surely they’re massively uncomfortable?

No. 1190445


Jesus her head looks SO BIG compared to her body. And this is how she looks after: strategic posing, full beat of makeup, lighting and editing. So botched. She should just run with being botched at this point and maybe purposely make herself look more alien or something, because she’s never going to be the “skincare and fake lashes” type of beauty she claimed she wanted.

No. 1190449


I feel like a lot of sex workers are the type of people who purposely put themselves in situations that continuously make them “the victim”. Who wants to bet anytime money gets tight and Matt is footing the majority of the bills that she takes a few stank pussy pics then claims she cant “work” because she’s a “marginalized sex worker”. The worst is when these girls claim they cant do anything else now. Then ari probably just spends weeks sitting around doodling on wood while getting high all day, then thinks everyones impressed with she makes a random $200 here and there. Matt sucks but so does his life with her.

No. 1190468

Matt’s life is a cautionary tale. He’s almost 30 with a stable, decent paying job…he could have his own home, a healthy relationship and a family. Difficult to feel sorry for him though since he actively chooses his current lifestyle

No. 1190471

I wonder what the deal with Matt’s family is. We always see them visiting Ariana’s family in Vermont but never any Matt’s family? I wonder if they disapprove of his relationship with this botched monster, I can’t imagine she’d make a good impression on his parents, probably taking pussy pics in their bathroom

No. 1190654

This haircut is really bad, throws off her facial symmetry and makes it look worse than it is. I’ll refrain from saying what exactly it throws it off (and the terms to describe it) just to drive her crazy trying to figure out what it is kek. I’m sure she spends all day “contemplating” how she can fix her ugliness as it is though.

No. 1190682

The comments about her philtrum growing back to its previous length have been getting to her - check out that overlining on her upper lip.

No. 1190753

File: 1616457971435.jpg (265.63 KB, 1080x1319, Screenshot_20210322-200624_Twi…)

No. 1190774

File: 1616460141258.jpg (818.2 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210322_185612.jpg)

She really doesn't have an original thought or concept. Skin walker, but the off brand shitty kind kek

No. 1190829

How is this skinwalking? They aren't even doing the same pose.

No. 1190850

Oh christ she can't even be bothered to spell it correctly. Bitch, no one in that country wants you there! There are people with family in South America who haven't even visited their own families in a year. Get the fuck out of here. It's a less developed country and they do NOT have the resources to be accommodating your stank, unhygienic ass. Shes so fucking selfish and uneducated.

No. 1190861

File: 1616468547172.jpeg (88.86 KB, 1000x1000, 8B8C922E-BBCB-4930-B508-13D524…)

Holy fuck, she's got a speedbag pussy. And jesus christ how does it not just get tangled and irritated by everything? It's like a gigantic skin tag. Also if this is a normal vag to you, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

No. 1190862

It’s called labia. How would it get tangled LMAO it’s not a shoelace

No. 1190868

assuming it is the drawn-on swimsuit.

No. 1190877

The circumference of implants gets smaller but the projection/how full it is doesn't really vary, especially if they're saline (instead of silicone) which can give that water balloon look. You shouldn't get small implants unless you have a very small ribcage or the exact right fat distribution because there will be an obvious gap and still have projection. It doesn't really matter though because she said fuck it all and got tire tracks tattooed around her nipples.

Why be a sex worker aimed at a straight male audience when she just models herself after instagram trends? But not instagram trends that are related to being sexy?

No. 1190902

Can we please get over this skin walker shit. We all know none of these bitches have an original thought in their heads. They all bite each other styles or whatever is going to make them the most alt at the time. At this point making correlation to other e-thots is like sneezing pre-covid, it ain't doing what you think it's doing. Can we please go at least a thread w/out someone going full retard and wasting posts

No. 1190903

at this point it just seems like one anon that's obsessed with LM and making these comparisons

No. 1190912

Seriously this. None of these thots are original. They’re all a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy……

No. 1190931


I wish we could donate, ugh! Nonetheless, I for one cannot wait to see her botched ass! I hope it's one of those ones that goes completely flat when she sits, where she has to massage it into a round shape whenever she gets up!!!

I wish we could crowdfund her surgeries, I cannot wait to see the monster she turns herself into in the next couple of years

No. 1191078

She’s talking about a city in the US, not the country Colombia. Although it would be funny to see her epically fail at raising money for an international trip

No. 1191079

This is truly disgusting imagery, I’m appalled. Knowing Ariana’s history of poor aftercare and hygiene I can’t imagine a situation where she doesn’t come out of this with an infection in her botched ass

No. 1191081


None of us actually want to fund anything for this ugly scum. She'll do just fine wasting all of her money from whatever trash she sells at home and then coming back with more surgery to not make a dime off of.

This is like that post she previously made about having BDD, but she said herself she doesn't want to get better and just wants more surgery. Cool, fuck yourself up more, Ariana. Good luck getting another proposal with a cheap $25 ring like your lime green eMeRaLd.

No. 1191097


Its sad she has no one in her life that cares enough to try to talk some sense into her. She is living a dangerous lifestyle to pay off debt that she constantly puts herself into to feed an addiction that is no longer in any way paying off for her. Sad to see her piss away so much cash and interest into something so temporary as her looks when shes not even profiting off her looks. There are tons of girls of all sizes much more successful than her on OF that arent in cripping debt from plastic surgery, and as far as I know thats her only income source related to her looks.

No. 1191136

Kek she IS taking about a country, it’s cheaper to do the Brazilian butt lift there.

No. 1191142

I think she might be talking about the country, Colombia. It's known for cheap plastic surgeries-namely, butt and breast implants. I hope she goes to the surgeon who did Yina Calderon's butt implants KEK (if you don't know her, google it…truly tragic). Thats how she's gonna end up looking with her straight, curve-less plywood board body. Cant wait for this milk.

No. 1191143

File: 1616512248477.jpg (160.35 KB, 790x1603, Screenshot_20210323-110703_Sam…)

Something tells me that she's buying followers… all her new followers seem to have joined on days she didn't even tweet anything. I see a lot of bot/blank accounts following her, plus the number of likes hasn't increased in any of her posts since going from 18.3k to 18.6k followers. Statistically, it just isn't likely that a couple thousand people suddenly follow her for no reason in a short span of time and don't like one single post.

Good luck trying to crowd fund surgery with 15 sw and 1 gay-looking A-Aron as your only actual followers.

No. 1191146


She is 100% talking about the country. Nobody mentions a city without naming the state if it isn't a huge city like NYC or SF that everyone knows.

No. 1191147

File: 1616512503782.jpg (112.53 KB, 972x1287, Screenshot_20210323-111351_Sam…)


I compared her data to her former friend Freja (Latinamilk) to see the difference between a popular account and a bum account and the difference is clear.

Just give it up Ariana.

No. 1191161

Dude… shut the fuck up about that fucking whore. So cringe. No one gives a fuck about LM

No. 1191185

lmao imagine being this retarded

No. 1191198

Fuck off! No one gives a shit about your mediocre self-posting! Here’s a reality check: everyone in this thread is doing miles better than Ariana! It doesn’t take fucking stats to acknowledge that! Especially when the bitch is posting herself picking through rat guts! Stfu and keep it pushing bitch. If your really looking for a bunch of stranger to validate your existence maybe you should go to Reddit and show them your pussy for free.
(Saged especially for my retard rage)

No. 1191241

sorry, didn't know miss perfect pussy lips had entered the thread