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File: 1538935397823.png (1008.66 KB, 750x1036, ariana-mcmillan.png)

No. 706068

PlasticandProud (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old instagram "influencer" and plastic surgery addict.

Previous Threads:

Recent Milk:
> After their dramatic, public breakup antics, Matt Copp (aka MattCuck/DoorMatt) and Ariana are back together and moved into a new hovel in Philadelphia.

> Ariana continues to get poorly thought out body modifications, the latest of which are plumping her strained lips to Vienna sausage levels and bleaching her hair into a limp strawlike texture.

> PnP continues to do the only thing she is good at, spreading her legs for old men, and is working as an escort/sugarbaby. DoorMatt allows himself to get cucked on the regular.

> Most recently, Ariana has been "hinting" that she is pregnant, though whether this is a bipolar stunt for attention remains to be seen.


No. 706079

Wasn’t she just on Instagram talking about how her SD wanted her to not wear underwear to dinner? And she felt weird bc she was on her period? That was like…two weeks ago. Bitch ain’t preg

No. 706101

She didn’t end up getting her period (that’s what she said) and this all culminated in her taking a pregnancy test yesterday …now she’s implying she’s preg and “confused” aka wants to abort … after that no underwear date there’s been no word from the sugar daddy . She was supposed to go to Atlantic City with him for an overnight but that got canceled on the Saturday before last ( aka not yesterday) …

Some of us think Matt told her / begged her not to go on the overnight … but who knows

No. 706109

File: 1538938458467.gif (3.84 MB, 568x320, 080DBDDA-AA77-4658-897A-35A68E…)

What happened here?

No. 706111

She probably just wants company/somebody to vent to about her getting pregnant

No. 706115

No. 706133

On her snap she just admitted she was pregnant . She said she didn’t want to go on Ig live because she knew people would ask about her being pregnant or not . She said she didn’t want to announce she was pregnant on a Ig comment …

But I guess she also basically just announced it via Snapchat ??? Loll

No. 706141

Can you post screen recordings or record from another device ?

Also, what’s even the difference between announcing it on Snapchat rather than Instagram ?? Obviously word is going to get around no matter what but I guess that’s the ~exclusive~ info you get when you have her snap

No. 706154

Fgs please one of you snapchat anons just FUCKINg record the snapchat with another device it’s not that hard, could be fake milk for all we know

No. 706157

I call bs

No. 706163

Same.. hurry up and post proof Sc anons

No. 706166

Dropbox won’t work for me . My only option is to use YouTube . I don’t wanna powerlevel and have PnP annoy my life …

No. 706167

I don’t understand how she says “I never share the bad things” when she’s literally cried and said “I wanna kill myself” multiple times on her social media..

No. 706168

just make a new account bud

No. 706176

>can someone who knows me irl NOT jUST ONLINE online hang out with me I need it really bad

Why can't she reach out to one of her friends herself? She's so self-centered Jesus

Also jfc can someone just explain what app to use to screen record and what platform to upload it to?

No. 706182

she probably thought her period was imminent at any moment. when I was preg I thought it was just mega PMS and that I'd start soon. it feels similar in many ways esp if you're not intentionally pregnant.
i saw an anon say their abortion was over $700 at pp, mine was like $450 there? either way still cheaper than spawning. for the love of god please don't have a baby you fuckup retards…

No. 706202

it literally costs 10 dollars to solve this problem you keep hopping from thread to thread complaining about. if you can’t spare 10 bucks that’s your problem dude.

No. 706209

for the sake of god please do not give her your money.

There are snap-anons who provide, not everyone's a "just buy her snap hurr" sperg like ^
She'll spill on insta anyway because attention is what she feeds on. Patience

No. 706211

not everyone has the luxury of shelling out 10 dollars to a random person online. esp not to someone like her.

No. 706213

Anon I would rather set fire to my ten bucks than pay it to her.

No. 706225

agreed anon, plus in that that hideous photo of her and matt she has a tampon string hanging out

No. 706230

She didn’t literally say the words “I’m pregnant” or admit it tho. She just keeps alluding to it just more blatantly than she is on IG. She hasn’t literally said the words out loud yet or fully admitted it

No. 706233

Pretty sure those were just ratty undies. On her tumblr says she would post photos in DISGUSTING torn up thongs that are essentially in shreds and prob 10 years old

No. 706235

ALso a few days ago on Snapchat when she was starting to realize she might be pregnant she was saying how hard it would be to “kill her baby” even though she calls herself pro choice. She’s just making this obvious decision way harder because she’s just stupid and doesn’t look at things with an educated rational mindset because she’s white trash with an iq of 85

No. 706236

Fake news…

No. 706258

Why tf should farmers shell out for this hoe bc yall too stupid to google? If you want to come here and bitch then bring the fucking milk. Don’t blame anon for thinking Ariana’s calves coming in with fake news to make people pay

No. 706265


No. 706267

What you see on social media doesn’t determine whether or not someone is going to be a good mother. My sister was a drug addict and had a terrible history with a terrible personality, her pregnancy changed that and she’s totally different. Just sayin.

No. 706290

Wonder if she's keeping the (possible) baby?

No. 706291

Her trashy parents created the monster she is today and it's often hard to break that cycle. Would I rejoice if she suddenly had a 180 and stopped being a horrible manipulative mess? Of course! Am I gonna count on that happening? Hell no.

She practically puts her entire life on social media because she's so dull and attention starved and I don't think it's unfair to make assumptions about her based on that.

No. 706315

couldn’t you use your laptop’s webcam to record Snapchat on your phone? I know quality would be shit but it’s more reasonable than using two different phones lol

No. 706367

File: 1538963662628.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 870E2997-37EE-421E-9103-E1A7A3…)

Can someone please explain to me what is so hard about sitting around by yourself in your house all day doing your makeup for selfies on the internet? She doesn’t have a job, doesn’t go to school….what is so hard? I really just don’t get it.

No. 706370

she was crying hard on snap like different than usual and she asked if anyone else has gone through this -specifically about breaking down and being really confused to tell her how they handled it. (about being pregnant and i'm assuming about wanting to abort but having feelings of guilt/wanting to keep it)

No. 706374

Who wants to go through all that trouble? You really think we have time to sit around and record her snap and upload? Pay the 10 bucks you demanding pos

No. 706377

why do you have it then?

its so dumb how shes trying to act like some poor little victim who's fighting on despite it all like who is stupid enough to have regular sex and not use any bc, you fucking idiot

No. 706378

Oh fuck off

No. 706380

>too busy
>posting on lolcow

No. 706383

if you have the time to read and post on here… like why not just go that extra step to solidify the milk y’all snap anons post? it’s all just theoretical gossip if there’s no real proof lol

No. 706387

Every day the snap anons disappoint me the closer and closer I get to giving this thot $10

No. 706394

I think you still don’t get it. We. Do. Not. Think. This. Girl. Is. Worth. $10. I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.
Don’t be trying to rationalize your dumb ass investment in this ho by trying to get us to spend money on her trash ass, jfc. We’re just saying, if you’re gonna contribute, contribute. Don’t spout off this “she said this” bullshit if you’re a. Too lazy to cap to b. (More likely) too dumb to figure out screen recording.

No. 706402

If. You. Want. Exact. Details. Buy. The. Fucking. Snap. shhhessh stop clogging the thread asking for screen records. NOT MILKY(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 706406

>Waaah stop clogging thread
>Doesn’t sage

No. 706407

Sage your non milk you dumbfuck

No. 706409

Thought the thread pic was the new death grips album

No. 706411

Is this literally Arianna? Who pushes a paid snap this hard lmao

No. 706421

Come on guys stop bickering.

No. 706425

Mkay, Ariana. Do that potential baby a favor and abort before it has to grow up with a dumpster fire for a mother such as yourself. You obviously have trash genes, triple whammy with the ugly, stupid and mentally ill. It’s honestly the most ethical thing to do. What a sad fuckin life it has in store, mama’s hooking and e-begging for people to buy her cheap ass discount snap that people Still don’t wanna buy. Because you’re worth less than a pack of cigarettes honey.

No. 706440

I know this is lolcow but this post is just nasty. Nobody is worth less than a pack of cigarettes. Like, her snaps may be but she isn't. Just an instathot like any other.

No. 706469

…but nothing >>706425 said is technically wrong?
PNP should abort this child because no child deserves to be brought up in what is surely an extremely unstable environment with an unreliable cluster B disaster for a mother. You can bet that her child would grow into an adult just as fucked up as she is, if not worse.

No. 706472

File: 1538974946595.jpeg (53.44 KB, 800x450, C6131D42-F8D8-45E1-B446-59EA4B…)

i can’t tell what’s more annoying, pnp’s obnoxious lisping/screaming rants and vague posts about being pregnant, anons talking about their own abortions/pregnancies/why pnp would never be a good mom (like they would), or the weirdos who actually bought her snap but are weirdly cagey about it.

she’s an absolute trainwreck but so are these threads with the unsaged blogging and sperging. bless the anon who keeps uploading her stories onto youtube though, i appreciate the effort and i’m sorry you have to sit through her entire rants to record them

No. 706475

everything u said articulated everything I’ve been feeling bout this thread. tysm

No. 706492

lol this concern trolling

No. 706495

I hope you contribute more to this thread than just this big whiny essay no one cares about

No. 706497

Anon jimmies rustled lol these threads are absolutely garbage even though the cow essentially milks itself. Probs cuz a good portion here are pnp clout chasing thotty former/current calves mad that she didn’t reply to their DMs.

No. 706514

Can you guys just shut the fuckkkkk up jesus christ we’re all here for a common purpose and that’s not to fight amongst one another over stupid shit

No. 706516

bless you

No. 706520

If really knocked up, I think she should have it. Not a pro-lifer (actually just had an abortion). Sometimes it takes a completely selfless choice, like pregnancy, to turn someone’s life around. Ariana needs to let go of her body dysmorphia, pregnancy and motherhood could help her move on from this whole lifestyle she’s been glorifying

No. 706525

Maybe that’s possible, but given her current living situation where there is only one main source of income I find it hard to believe that she could even finically support having a child, let alone be mentally stable enough to. Not sure if she has any savings at all but from what she’s said her and Matt were “going to be hurting for awhile” after they moved. It also seems like she’s been debating with herself on wether or not to get an abortion or keep it because I think she knows she can’t possibly care for a child seeing how she would have to give up the comfortable lifestyle she’s gotten used to.

No. 706529

I'm pretty sure she has around $6000 in the bank after the move if i remember correctly and apparently matt is horrible at saving money and has little to no savings at all

No. 706541

What the fuck is this post? Please be a troll. An innocent baby's life is not worth this kind of gamble on the off-chance it "might" turn her into a better person. So many people assume that a baby is going to make their lives complete and force them to grow up, only to learn that being a parent is impossibly difficult emotionally, mentally, and physically, and you have a child that's left in the middle of all of this to take the impact of poor parenting choices.

No. 706550

Jesus fucking christ anon, a baby is a living human being, not an opportunity for character growth. She needs therapy, not a kid.

No. 706562

Is it too late to abort you?

No. 706563

Having tons of botched surgery jobs can make you depressed..i’ve only had one (botched) nose job and it made me extremely depressed and suicidal..

No. 706603

File: 1539001980078.png (6.68 MB, 1125x2001, 1A68E248-AB79-4F6A-A725-A7864B…)

She’s definitely at the dr right now…

No. 706609

>Not a pro-lifer (actually just had an abortion).
>Sometimes it takes a completely selfless choice, like pregnancy, to turn someone’s life around.
I'm fucking crying, what is wrong with you abortion-chan

No. 706611

i don’t think you know what concern trolling means.

No. 706628

clearly they hormones are fuckd and messing with their brain after said abortion. fuckin crazy.

No. 706629

File: 1539006921709.png (3.51 MB, 750x1334, CECA7D94-EEEA-484E-A9E9-6CAECD…)

Her nose looks like its gonna fall of at any minute

No. 706638

Insta account abcdezzz is going off in her stories right now because pnP accused her of something she didn’t do, publicly to 70k people. Trying to find some screen recording apps to get this milk

No. 706640

File: 1539009422808.png (620.52 KB, 750x1334, 43806FDD-6630-4674-9980-BDEEE3…)

No. 706641

File: 1539009437132.png (505.37 KB, 750x1334, 2D135ADE-AA85-4409-A120-15FF83…)

No. 706642

File: 1539009451415.png (449.95 KB, 750x1334, 0185DD7C-06A0-4473-9A07-08B35F…)

No. 706643

File: 1539009520607.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, 376980F7-5EEF-4013-B648-BA7B3D…)

No. 706644

Yeah keep telling ppl you dont care about "haters" Ariana, what a joke

No. 706645

File: 1539009688023.jpg (607.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181008-093522_Ins…)

No. 706649

"it's not that deep!!!!!!" she says as she proceeds to make unnecessary snap stories about it.

No. 706654

"Finds it amusing" yet harasses the girl, ok

No. 706658

I don’t know if someone already did suggest this as I don’t want to go through all the nonsaged bullshit but is it possible Snapchat doesn’t inform the poster about screen recording if you first open the snap, then cut off your internet connection and then record it?
Or maybe it doesn’t do it if you remove snapchats right to access the camera/pictures?
I would try it but don’t have snapchat and don’t want to get it for that.

No. 706659

File: 1539011052291.jpeg (183.81 KB, 750x1064, 8BA34B46-58C5-48E7-8487-FFC6FB…)

Good way to get a retarded kid Ariana, go smoke some more weed and fuck up your fetus yay #momgoals

No. 706666

This caption must be her trying to convince herself to go forward w abortion lmfao

No. 706668

This only delays the screenshot notification.
For those who are interested in recording without detection: google recording snapchat with Quicktime

No. 706669

she's really trying to be as edgy as possible right now.

theory (that is more of just a joke): she isn't pregnant, she got an std from her sd and told matt it was smth else and that she was pregnant. doctor today wasn't for an abortion, it was for std antibiotics.

No. 706678

I think she definitely got an abortion this mornint, she couldn’t this weekend because PP was closed. On her insta story it definitely looked like a doctors office. And she’s smoking now because she can. The std story is lame, she clearly was preggo

No. 706684

If it was very early on, she could have gotten an abortion pill. I’m fairly certain that’s an option if it’s just a few weeks

No. 706685

It wasn't a story, I literally said it was a joke theory.

The way Matt posted "nervous but happy" obviously hints towards them keeping it and people still smoke when they're pregnant. Idk why you're all assuming she got rid of it–think of all the internet clout she can get while she's pregnant, she wouldn't give that up.

No. 706691

File: 1539014128283.jpeg (421.04 KB, 1936x1936, E7996339-9049-4254-A819-7F35AE…)

100% confirmed she was at pp. on the left is a pic from pp philly’s Yelp. Right is from her story. The chairs match

No. 706696

Oh, this is what I was trying to find since she posted the right picture. Glorious anon!

No. 706702

God she’s going off in her story about how people have “fake personas” on the internet and how “she’s the same everywhere she goes”, yet she talks shit about Matt and her friends on her Snapchat but acts so innocent to their faces ?? This bitch is so delusional

No. 706706

The craziest part is that she comes up with these elaborate justifications for her actions that even I start to feel convinced at a certain point and eventually have to snap myself back into reality. She is great at manipulating people

No. 706712

I'm pretty sure one of Ariana's minions or Ariana herself is gonna see that and it's gonna go over like a wheel on rocks.

She's probably gonna cry on snap / ig about how sad she is and how she regrets it to earn sympathy points. I mean if Anon figured it out then anyone in Philly who follows her is gonna know as well.

No. 706713

Right, like. Hey girl! We wouldn’t know anything about you if you didn’t post about your life 24/7.

No. 706727

File: 1539017115850.jpeg (380.96 KB, 1242x1698, E49CAF63-A520-4427-B146-D7A269…)


No. 706732

Somebody mentioned pp and she deleted those comments QUICK. She’s def pregnant and took an abortion pill or got an std from sd. Nobody who’s just “sick” is that defensive. Still don’t know where Matt’s “nervous but happy” status fits in to all of this so maybe it wasn’t in relation to her being pregnant ? Who knows at this point she’s gonna change and manipulate her story multiple times before she eventually comes public and spills the milk on snap

No. 706733

No. 706734

She was excited about maybe being pregnant a few months ago, I guarantee She did get pregnant this time and she didn’t know if it was Matt’s or the SDs baby which is why she probably got an abortion

No. 706735

File: 1539017854486.jpeg (196.59 KB, 750x1033, 142B64E9-FE44-4049-89A1-0E6F2D…)

No. 706736

It’s so fucking funny how she always gets off just because a single person posted something slightly critical as if there would be millions of her followers harassing her lmao

No. 706737

"Grow up" says the goblin who smokes weed, fucks for bucks and cries on insta 24/7

No. 706738

Exactly. But her favorite insults are “it’s not that deep” or “you’re overdramatic”. She just projects everything that she subconsciously hates about herself onto other people so she feels better about being the “vile piece of shit” that she hates so much

No. 706742

She does the same thing when she calls people goblins because she was called one growing up. I remember her saying “you’re jealous because you have a big nose” or something like that to some girl who commented on a post of hers. She tries so desperately hard to escape her insecurities that she attempts to find those flaws in other people

No. 706746

File: 1539019210455.png (7.4 MB, 1125x2001, 8EB4548F-10EB-49C8-A89C-5CC579…)

I don’t know how anyone chooses to live jobless and knowingly taking advantage of every person around them but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 706747

I saw someone on the toopoor thread calling TP a goblin bc of her big nose and I was reaaaly wondering if it was Ariana since she's following her on insta

No. 706749

File: 1539019379204.jpeg (107.64 KB, 750x892, 026F94FA-FDDB-4983-B898-321D62…)

No. 706760

Look at how dirty that bong is…. imagine what the inside of her lungs look like

No. 706767

Why does she sound like a trump tweet

No. 706768

She's literally trash inside out

No. 706776

File: 1539021704544.png (448.53 KB, 750x1334, 77E4D60F-ABA5-467E-BEE0-849808…)

No. 706777

File: 1539021719245.png (678.99 KB, 750x1334, 94CA8695-3371-414E-AD2D-F60EB6…)

No. 706783

nobody is that interested in you, ariana
i literally browse your thread when i'm on the toilet and have nothing else to do

No. 706787

saying something mean on the internet isnt grounds to sue. why do idiots assume the law will rescue them from when they overshare on the internet and cant stop updating?

No. 706812

This proves again that her stans are braindead retards

No. 706817

Maybe so, but I feel like this woman is rightfully pissed that thousands of crazy pnP followers are flooding to her account to hate on her, especially if she actually didn’t do this. Still, probably no real grounds to sue.

No. 706818

She whines about hate accounts 24/7 but her followers literally do the SAME thing to harass people at her whim

No. 706832

I was talking about pnp, not the girl thats being harassed

No. 706852

a good way to deal with the haters is to directly address them every single day of your life lol

No. 706866

File: 1539029127156.png (858.91 KB, 1080x4287, 2018-10-7_14-0-22.PNG)

Here's something I found while googling. I hope it's helpful for someone


No. 706873

she's on live right now

No. 706880

>right and wrong and good and evil don't exist, js angel baby emoji

Imagine being this transparent because you are painfully alone and then acting like a wounded cunt when others take time to pay you mind

No. 706882

File: 1539030492243.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 228DDEB8-9FDD-4D61-A453-D596A5…)

No. 706889

These “fans” are absolutely vile! It’s amazing how she cannot see how toxic her platform is.

No. 706894

Tbh she probably just went live so she could watch her fans tongue her asshole in support of her. She feeds off conflict

No. 706895

fuck all these people suckin her dick on live lmao she says 'I can't be bothered' when her fans ask how she's not disturbed but she's literally talked about nothing else all day.

No. 706923

I really feel bad for that bacdezzz, she's getting so much hate for no reason at all. Now Goblin is acting like she can't control it like, maybe just delete all your stories mentioning her idk? She's so addicted to drama and attention it's beyond pathetic

No. 706930

I feel like PnP is hating on her cause she's way prettier than her and bc at least she is able to take care of her child. She literally has to bring anyone down that's doing better than her

No. 706933

very much true

No. 706949

Her general attitude & the way she talks makes me wonder how no one has ever lost their nerves & just slapped her. She reminds of those stuck up self absorbed ugly turds back in high school who you hear running their mouth but never say it to anyone’s face & think everyone not kissing their ass is against them. She’s just so slappable is my point

No. 706969

If someone slapped her those “lips” would definitely pop

No. 706989

Ik other people must have definetly noticed this but she grooms her comment sections so much. She specially chooses comments to keep/delete so they make herself look better. The comments that I see her delete the most are ones with truth in them that are critical of her and the snarky comments she makes towards innocent questions that she deletes right after she posts so she doesn’t expose herself as being the rude and vile person that she really is

No. 707027

No. 707031

File: 1539043025207.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-08-19-57-11-379_deco.jpg)

No. 707041

Not sure what this “make it look easy coz it is to me” bullshit is but it used to be her FB bio as well, probably trying to manipulate people into perceiving her differently

No. 707057

That’s a Yolandi Visser verse from a Die Antwoord song. Nothing about this chick is original except her rotten insides

No. 707075

bitch is like “were you raised in a barn” or something like that when she was legit raised all over the place, one of those places being a tent in a backyard. being raised in a barn would’ve been a huge upgrade for her.

No. 707100

a tent in the backyard? damn no wonder she's so fucked up

No. 707103

Ariana just said on her snap that she has no nothing against Trump and that she thinks "everyone is just taking him too seriously." wow this girl really is nuts

No. 707109

abcdezzz acts exactly like PnP on her stories. quick zoom, lips, screaming. talking about strip clubs and anxiety.

No. 707136


No. 707141

At least she doesn't start every story with "EEEEEEEH"

No. 707142

it's a troll

No. 707152

ye im getting similar vibes after watching her whiny story but tbh she seems like a more well rounded individual than prolapsed and petty, she looks clean, well dressed, cute makeup looks, can prob look after her kid and probably doesn't bitch about her partner on a private snapchat… if people like the content pnp posted aside from her shit personality i can see her gaining followers from this.
relevant coz pnp is trying to call her out, saged coz it's not milky lmaooo

No. 707158

File: 1539054268881.jpeg (418.55 KB, 2048x2048, 604A700A-6F5F-4B1B-9D4D-F074B9…)

No. 707173

sorry if I missed something but who is this girl? does ariana know her irl or just thru ig?

No. 707174

abcdezz started following her, pnp followed her back and apparently abc would constantly ask pnp to be friends with her thru dms

No. 707302

She's definitely way cuter and her voice isn't annoying.

No. 707307

File: 1539077003621.png (8.42 MB, 1125x2001, CFB6F172-5A3C-4917-8B22-7D420D…)

Wow a true hero

No. 707352

About 5 or 6 months ago when she was rambling on about wanting to get pregs, poopandpee was asking followers on her IG story if they’d smoked weed during their pregnancies to DM her. She wanted to know about their experiences.. because that’s the first thing potential mothers worry about, right? Immediately she sperges about all of the “imbeciles” in her DM’s telling her NOT TO SMOKE AT ALL WHILE PREGNANT. She was pissed (surprise) because people who “don’t know wtf they’re talking about” aren’t telling her snowflake ass exactly what she wants to hear. How are you gonna tell people they don’t know what they’re speaking of when you have to ask your followers for FREE advice when you could, ya know, use Google. Isn’t “Google is free!” tattooed inside one of her several lip flaps

No. 707357

She's retarded not to believe them. I got a weed and alcohol addicted cousin who got 3 kids and 2 of em really are fucked now so if she doesn't wanna believe them then it's her own dumb fault and she's gonna have to deal with the consequences

No. 707367

Also with all the tinfoil about her alleged pregnancy, PP offers prenatal care and they perform full exams & pregnancy tests. Just because she went to PP doesn’t mean she had a abortion.

No. 707377


If that's true and that baby is still growing, then it has no chance really. It's mother has already guzzled enough booze and pot for a small frat party. And when the poor thing comes out damaged from it, she'll blame anyone but herself, because she's such a marc.

No. 707380

Use your brain okay she was showing off her morning sickness and now she’s fine not making any suggestions that she’s pregnant (which if she didn’t have an abortion pill she would still be doing for atttention) next!

No. 707398


yeah she aint pregnant so let's move on

No. 707436

No. 707438

She even laughs the same at the end of the last story. Jesus.

No. 707449

Ikr, I found her speech patterns to be particularly disturbing since she seems to copy so much of it from PNP…

No. 707452

File: 1539097380120.jpg (1.46 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-09-11-02-55-292_deco.jpg)

No. 707456

Okay if you aren’t giving pnp exactly what she wants now with making fun of this girl eyeroll

No. 707457

alllllright. cute deflection, Ariana or one of Ariana's thuperthstans. How transparent.
If you think this girl's even close to as milky as prolapsedandloud go ahead and make your own thread for her.
At least she started off with a nice enough bone structure. Don't be jelly.

No. 707459

That says it all. A degenerate mom with cervical cancer who drives her car while ranting to the phone. Hilarious bitches. Going from "Haturs gonna hate, lalala, quack-quack-quack" to "Don't hurt mah feelings, I'm a fragile snowflake" in a glimpse of an eye. What dirty pit all these crazy coming from? What did their parents do wrong? And how are they even qualify for a driving license?

This girl got what she wanted — followers of Ariana and attenzion.

No. 707463

Can you guys just stfuuu this thread isn’t about abcdezz or picking out her flaws this is exactly what Ariana would want because you know she’s already done that herself and had all he followers spew the same shit that’s you guys are right now

No. 707471

God Ariana. Go to the jungles of Peru, throw your phone away, take some ayahuasca, get some acupuncture, some therapy, douce yourself in some holy water. Anything besides sitting at home in bed, on instagram all day, regurgitating the same lame insults to “teenagers”. This person honestly pisses me off so much that I don’t blame all of you for checking up on her life. She’s right we are obsessed, but not because we admire or envy her, but because she is simply entertaining in her destructive and nasty ways. It’s like watching Angelina or The Situation on Jersey Shore.

No. 707473

plastic and proud looks like she’s tried to tuck her own brother a couple of times

saged because i don’t have proof (yet)

No. 707494

She's prettier than you Ariana get over it

No. 707500

I’ve known ariana, don’t like her, and have contributed here, even to the dog licking conversation but this is a HUGE REACH. If you’re gonna try to make her look bad stick to things that are real to keep from invalidating all the other true stuff being said here

No. 707508

Well spill tea about the things you know then, since you've known her. Agreed that it's a huge reach but nobody wants a whining ass on here

No. 707510

Lmao Ariana why are you bringing this up from like 2 threads ago and STILL trying to act like that’s not true? You’re more retarded than I thought if you think you’re being slick and acting like you’re some random anon in this thread.

No. 707517

Bad detective work. Check the tile.

No. 707520

So your ass is whining about “spill the tea then waaaaa” when I HAVE spilled the things I know

No. 707523

No I mean I contributed info to support that is was true, I’m not Ariana, nice try

No. 707524

It’s wood flooring in both pics lmao but ok if you have better milk we’ll standby

No. 707530

Yeah let’s try and keep things as factual as possible.

On another note, I sort of feel like this spiral she’s in began when she left her job with the dogs. Aka when the internet became her entire life

No. 707567

Don’t you guys thing this is exactly what Ariana would want? Us fighting amoungst each other and roasting some ig girl that she already doesn’t like ?

Also, on her live yesterday she said “when I was in the mental ward” right before it cut off, has she ever mentioned being institutionized before ? And I wonder for what if nobody knows

No. 707581

Who gives a fuck what the cow wants or doesn't want from us?

That being said, I don't find this other girl interesting or milky and it felt like vendetta-chan from the first mention of her imo

No. 707590

You might as well suck her disfigured tit and pay her 10$ for her snap

No. 707592

Simply saying 'saged' in your post doesn't make it so dumbfuck.

No. 707644

On her live she just said “I threw up my juice this morning”

No. 707728

if someone pays me $10 i’ll screen record 10 days worth of snapchat stories and post them here. don’t worry about giving your money to a goblin when you could give it to a struggling ukelele player :3

No. 707729

Her ex Timmy had her committed I believe two different times. At least once. I can’t exavtly remember if he convinced her to go in or if he basically involuntarily has her committed. But she was there for 3 days and this was basically when she found out about be bipolar/bpd and it was for cutting herself and having a meltdown

No. 707733

No. Fuck off.

No. 707735

aww, you’re sweet

No. 707737

Sage your retardation

No. 707742

To the anon who was speaking about poop and pee wanting to fuck her brother, I don’t actually believe this is a load of crap.
I grew up in the same small area of Vermont as her, she went to school with her brother who she always seemed to be too close to. I even saw them kiss on the mouth once after school. I don’t know how they do their shit in that family but I certainly don’t kiss my siblings. I don’t know if a simple angelina jolie style incestual kiss means wanting to fuck your brother, but who knows with this bitch.

No. 707743

i love you too babe :3

No. 707746

She also has his name tattooed under her boob. Not that that means anything but

No. 707753

Shit man, this thread as well as the last three have been the biggest shit shows I might have ever seen on this pathetic site. Grow up, all of you, that means the struggling ukelele player, and the trolls, and the name fags, the fake milk about the incest that we have no proof of, or the dog licking thing, grow up get a life because your all fucking pathetic

No. 707758

So why have you been on the 3 threads?

No. 707760

You're just as pathetic as you think the rest of us are. You read all the threads just to comment "ur all pathetic grow up!!1!!"
If you dont like it just go girl. It's not that srs

No. 707769

Because it WAS entertaining and now it’s just sad. Y’all are just reaching for shit at this point.
These things established: she abuses animals, she cheated on her fiancé and briefly broke up with him, she’s a scammer, she’s a plastic surgery addict and alcoholic.
However, i don’t think she’s into beastiality or incest. i fuckin hate the bitch too but these rumors are just so out there, too many vendetta chan’s here.

No. 707774

She’s literally said on tumblr she watches animals having sex and gets turned on and is into beasteality. Just because you haven’t followed her enough or saw the posts from tumblr that said this doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It just means you don’t know what you’re talking about :)

No. 707776


This thread attracts the biggest immature dumbasses. Half of you don’t even know how to work the site or stick with the actual purpose of the thread…PNP should have stayed a banned topic, it’s hard to get milk with all the sperging and it’s obvious she loves the attention.

Fuck off vendetta chans.

No. 707777

does anyone else hate the way she chews lol

No. 707778

But yet you still read all the posts and have been following it since everyone started bitching about people not posting milk or knowing how to use the site. Are you going to just continue to bitch of are you too obsessed with stop reading the threads?

No. 707793

I’m gonna see if I can find the post on tumblr when I get off work. PNP posted a pic of her tattoo when she first got it and made the caption “The only boy for me”. If we’re not mistaken, the only drake she knows is her brother. I’m not saying it’s true but given the rest of her personality i wouldn’t put it past her cracker ass. Ps to everyone that hates this thread why do you keep coming back then? Genuine question!!

No. 707797

y’all be projecting as bad as ariana herself

No. 707804

No, I don’t read the posts anymore but this thread gets bumped since half of you don’t know how to sage. I was a dedicated lil anonchan but now I don’t give a fuck. I’ll stick with other cows unless mods stop all this sperging. Good luck hate fucking

No. 707813


No. 707821


Mini-modding i know, but 9 not saged nonmilk posts in not even one hour?
Learn how to sage fucking dumb newfags.

No. 707828

Please look for the post of her talking about being into animals fucking too if you’re going to be skimming old posts. Those of us who have been following her since tumblr days know that it exists and it would be helpful for putting all the “vendettachan!!!!” comments to rest.

No. 707829

Put ‘sage’ in the email field if your shit is not interesting ffs

No. 707859

Has she ever said why she dropped the price of her snap? It used to be 20.

No. 707870

im assuming bc no one wanted to pay 20 lol

No. 707876

NO shove it up ur ass :3(learn to integrate)

No. 707896


No. 707904

Not everyone spends their entire lives on this site saying shit like kek and newfag. don’t know what that means, don’t care, don’t know how to use this site, don’t care. Just here for the tea hoes :3(learn to integrate, newfag)

No. 707909


just don't use emojis anon, you'll get banned and lose access to tea.

No. 707917

Learn to assimilate or you’ll get banned, it’s really simple. Read the rules.

No. 707918

someone just end my life
i’m miserable
$200 reward

No. 707930

ariana is that you?

No. 707951

File: 1539119688448.jpeg (167.93 KB, 750x754, C6A89F55-E539-48D1-864B-874999…)

There are 40 NICE comments on her most recent pic but she takes the time to respond to the only comment that isn’t kissing her ass. What is wrong with her?

No. 707960

she's always been like this. she says fuck it to all the nice comments and waits to prey on the "mean" comment. she lives for this shit.

No. 707961

She usually just likes the nice comments and only replies to ones that are kissing major ass. I feel like she refreshes her notification bar constantly on insta just to see what comments pop up because she usually replies instantly if it’s something she doesn’t like.

No. 707973

Someone remix this please

No. 707979

File: 1539120618185.jpg (703.96 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20181009-171724_Ins…)

We get it, you lurk your hate threads constantly and that's the hardest part of your life… she really addresses us in every caption.. but of course she doesn't care what anyone thinks..

No. 707990

in reference to the maybe baby, let me elaborate on what it takes to get an abortion (depends on the state, but my experience follows).. it took me a full 24 hours after my initial check up + paperwork bs to actually be allowed to get prescribed the pills! And they also gave me prescription pain killers. Then I bled like a slaughtered pig for days on end, I could hardly leave the house because it was so bad. Despite the meds, it still hurt really horribly too.
Considering all that and her appointment yesterday, if she were actually get an abortion, it might not be immediately and we would all be aware of the hell she’d be in after it (possibly with her passing it off as an awful period?).
sooo… I’d bet money we’ll get some vague answer to this big Q in the next day or so lol

No. 708008

Honestly, I thought she might be pregnant before she started all the hinting around about it. Despite her fillers, which haven really done all that much for her anyway…she’s getting that moon face you
get when you are pregnant. I’ve seen it so many times before. That and the sudden deep acne which she hasn’t gotten for ages.

No. 708012

I think she's referring to the pregnancy thing here. she's still sick she threw up this morning and was sitting on the bathroom floor on snap. she also seems to be having a pickle craving lately she was eating them yesterday and today in the car on snap…she said before she posted the story at the doc office that she was going to the doc and she probably was getting a proper pregnancy test to even be able to get an abortion

No. 708032


She said she’s beat him up a couple of times too. She’s either said that on a story or the live at some point.

No. 708038

File: 1539122532909.png (9.04 MB, 1242x2208, 89E9F1AE-A41B-4FF1-B5F1-0842CE…)

She is the most wishy washy person I’ve ever been exposed to.

No. 708088

Shut the fuck up you tinfoil ass goon. NONE of us know for sure if she’s pregnant because 1) PnP hasn’t addressed 2) The bitch is a pathological liar anyway! But a Snap Anon just stated she posted herself throwing up again this morning. Don’t speak in absolutes, it makes you look more retarded than you are!

No. 708245

on her live earlier she said shes still going to atlantic city with the sugar daddy in like 2 days

No. 708252

File: 1539132151330.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, F2D0CA56-F59C-4ABD-9990-02171E…)

Who….is she talking to? Herself?

No. 708296

Can anyone do me a favor and link me to a more interesting thread?

No. 708313

there’s a very easy solution to your problem lol

No. 708344

She probably the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever witnessed but she’ll never realize/believe that she is because she’s so guarded and sure of herself. She genuinely believes that she does nothing wrong because I guess right and wrong doesn’t exist to her lol. She can go on for days with her pseudo positivity but she says nastiest things to people in her comments every day.

No. 708470

File: 1539140505449.jpg (89.51 KB, 540x745, img1003.jpg)

i've honestly…never seen anyone so delusional, she's just impaired. How can she be so blind and not realize she's just ending up describing herself? speaking into a literal fucking mirror?

she judges everyone right off the bat when they make one comment that doesn't entirely kiss her ass, people who criticize her with no intention to offend or harm her are immediately labeled as jealous, insecure or bitter. She doesn't know how to interact like a normal human being at all and thinks she's in any position to say everyone else is wrong. she's just a deranged, sad person who has no sense of reality

No. 708499

Tbh I think a lot of her followers are actually pretty genuine and good people, a lot of them just don’t see the nasty things she spews because she deletes things so fast. The only comments she leaves up are ones that make it look like she’s being attacked when in reality she just being insanely over dramatic about what usually is an innocent question/comment. She deletes specific comments that people make to manipulate the way others perceive it when they read it…

Then theirs the followers of hers that have literally taken over her persona and mimick everything she says on her pictures that also attack the same people that she goes after

No. 708501

No one cares about your abortion

No. 708504

I think anon was just trying to give some insight on the topic seeing how the idea that she’s already had/ is planning to get an abortion has been thrown around a couple times in this thread

No. 708513

File: 1539144553373.png (1.16 MB, 1096x898, seductive.png)

It's really not that hard to read the rules. Stop blogposting. These threads have gone to shit ever since pnp posted about it and all of her followers >>708499 came here

What is the deal with her boyfriend's cringy band? Seems kind of weird that she never posts about it/seems to support him in much of anything

No. 708518

That might just be your biblebelt state lol. I got one done in high school on the appointment date I asked for no questions asked. they just knocked me out, took care of it, I was fine & out with fiends that night

No. 708608

File: 1539152527585.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2208, 65B313B4-59EF-4D75-A55A-4CBA4B…)

Was reading this article and immediately thought or Ariana lol

No. 708662

Anon, what's this from?

No. 708670

No. 708694

File: 1539164885650.jpg (Spoiler Image, 403.03 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20181009-195844_Ins…)

Pretty sure this is why people accused her of fucking her dogs along with the sus tumblr posts.

If you can't tell, that's a dog's erect penis that Ariana posted a pic of

No. 708708

Gross wtf. She was likely just trying to be edgy and shocking though

No. 708711

Yeah, true. I don't think she actually was checking her dog out but it's weird to post regardless

No. 708714

File: 1539168146710.jpg (1.7 MB, 1920x2560, 18-10-10-06-40-42-014_deco.jpg)

Went through some pics and found these. I think her ex's new gf is were she found a lot of her makeup inspo. She was clearly jealous of her from the beginning lol so this kinda makes sense. I have more examples as well.

No. 708752

All this female borderline/psychopathy bullshit… why nobody just explains it with hormones? You go on your period — you become nuts, go off your period — become normal a bit. So simple.

No. 708755

Are you male cuz thats not how it works

No. 708763

Lmao uh wtf anon are you that stupid or is this meant to be ironic or something

No. 708818

Female here, your mental state is not dictated by your hormone cycle. Mental illness is an every day of the year kinda deal. Having "mood swings" related to periods is a meme. Some women get that but plenty don't.

No. 708854

What in the fuck??????
This degenerate bitch (see what i did there) needs to never procreate.

No. 708857

Yes, DIFFERENT wood flooring, as if that doesn’t exist. It’s not the same place. Look at the way the wood is patterned.

No. 708863

She’s not a psychopath.
People love to use that word when they have zero understanding of it.

No. 708877

File: 1539187539078.png (5.81 MB, 1125x2001, 21F8A776-99A2-4B93-9EA7-ACBCDC…)

Here’s another pov inside. Same chairs again and same floor.

No. 708896

I’m on mobile and I have some pretty juicy input but I don’t want to get reamed out for not saging or whatever can somebody please reply to this and tell me how to add to the thread on mobile

No. 708915

same as on desktop, just type in sage in the email field

No. 709029

>I don’t wanna be yelled at for not sageing
>doesn’t sage
Had you actually just posted whatever this supposedly “juicy” detail is you wouldn’t even need to sage
I’m convinced that everyone who consorted with pnp at one point or another are all at least stupid

No. 709043

File: 1539195266330.png (7.17 MB, 1125x2001, 1EEDFD8E-4812-4B45-A069-CDD30F…)

god it’s like she reads this mess and spoonfeeds is things to post about

No. 709060

Are you ok?

No. 709061

They actually asked how to do it since They’re on mobile, Maybe they thought it might be different. Yeah we’re on a hate thread, but you don’t have to be a cunt

No. 709062

File: 1539196453798.jpg (16.73 KB, 550x413, pp,550x550.u2.jpg)

No. 709064

Is her bed made of butter? She's shockingly greasy

No. 709066

File: 1539197041781.jpeg (71.05 KB, 800x426, fellowanon.JPEG)

Sage goes in the email field anon I hope this handy visual guide helps!


No. 709077

File: 1539198840196.jpeg (203.3 KB, 750x952, 77FB5719-1D64-4D28-8B9B-8CB770…)

God this photo just looks so filthy. Her fan page really does her dirty.

No. 709083

File: 1539199060645.jpeg (27.55 KB, 333x202, 80763925-1872-42C1-8958-B832EC…)

that pillow peaking out from the pillowcase is literally tinted brownish yellow. And the fucking wall is just as bad jesus

No. 709119

Samefag sage Is the same mobile and desktop jesus

No. 709154

What are the chances she operates her own fan page?

No. 709165

I'd say as high as Ariana gets after seeing her Sugar Daddy

No. 709169

I was watching her live and that fan account was watching and commenting, so it’s not owned by her

No. 709186

Damn, I wonder which of her delulu fans it is then..
Maybe it's Dasha from another thread. Ik she makes fake fan accounts and I noticed a bit ago that she was even liking pnp's posts and follows her.

No. 709207


Ew fuck. I gagged. That’s so gross. You know they don’t wash the bed linens either.

No. 709508

Man something really must be going down … this is the least PnP has ever posted in months (or as long as I’ve follow her)… maybe today is the Abortion ??

No. 709586

Those god damn fucking WALL STAINS

No. 709612

File: 1539224614954.jpg (8.03 MB, 6000x4000, IMG_0759.JPG)

two hours ago she posted on snapchat

No. 709627

Wow a snap anon offering a legitimate screen cap?!?!!!?!! Thank u

No. 709672

File: 1539229882583.jpeg (488.78 KB, 750x1087, 41AE6835-DF49-4169-8114-33046D…)

Anyone see this cringe ass video she posted trying to be sexy?

No. 709675

File: 1539229950881.jpeg (512.02 KB, 1242x1680, 62775E08-89AF-4112-959C-E66490…)

No. 709679

File: 1539230211878.jpeg (111.74 KB, 750x378, F7223D9B-4917-40AF-A1D8-AEE107…)

Guess who liked this comment….lmao

No. 709687


No. 709696

I wonder if she’s gonna try to start branding herself as a sex worker more like she did on tumblr since it seems like she wants to pursue it as a full time job

No. 709699

You think she's doing something more than just smoking pot? This is strictly tinfoiling of course.

No. 709701

Has she been working on her lisp? She almost sounds normal.

No. 709703

Well she’s admitted to doing coke before and not that long ago she was asking for a coke plug on her story

No. 709704

File: 1539231773023.jpeg (201.71 KB, 750x1089, 8243FB5F-2790-4B46-B73E-DD24CA…)

No. 709707

I like how she assumes “insecure little girls” got her shit taken down when Instagram takes down most videos of that content.. she always tries to find grounds to attack somebody

No. 709710

oof i feel so much secondhand embarrassment for her even if she feels embarrassment or not

No. 709711

I would probably bet that her video didn’t get flagged and taken down but she just deleted it and seized the opportunity to create conflict

No. 709721

File: 1539232362706.jpg (550.43 KB, 1080x1693, 20181010_233051.jpg)

Girl, your arms are hairier than some men's, and ya got a $20 fold out table from Walmart to hold up the small amount of things you own. No one is jealous of you. Kek

No. 709726

she reposted the video and it’s so cringeee

all her minions are hyping her up in the comments which makes it even worse lmao

No. 709730

I guess it got taken down again and she’s going off in her story about it saying “we get it you’re ugly” she’s just too fucking dumb to realize that NSFW content on insta never stays up long she just loves to convince herself that people are actually that offended by her video

No. 709734

its even worse in colour you can see how diiiirty she is. that underwear look like it cost her 2 cent lmao

No. 709746

No. 709754

File: 1539235105129.jpg (309.98 KB, 1080x1302, SmartSelect_20181011-011806_In…)

No. 709755

File: 1539235114067.jpg (140.47 KB, 1072x679, SmartSelect_20181011-011820_In…)

No. 709836


Ewwww, this is such a pedesteian, low class attempt at being sexy.

how many hours a day does she stare at herself in selfie cam? Why does she enjoy it more than anything else?

No. 709858

Her lips are so flappy that it makes her look toothless lmao.

No. 709880

Looks like a pic of a heorin addict prostitute in a roach motel

No. 709917

Lmfaoooo wtf i cant what is she even doing, does she realize how retarded she looks

No. 709938

Her post of screenshots of that awful vid and the story of the awful vid are all down lol so she either took them down or they got taken down but I’m leaning toward her deleting them bc otherwise she’d be bitching about it and fishing for compliments and sympathy

No. 709941

She looks like a toothless prostitute about to blow her dealer for her next fix. I actually lost it laughing when she starts licking the knife. Who thinks that's sext?

Does she really think she should strip??? I doubt she'll make much money if she is that cringe to watch in a video.

Also is there something wrong with her hips that she can't move them correctly? Like.. is she okay? Probs not

No. 709943

Instagram only takes content down when it’s been reported by many people so someone’s been reporting them

No. 709944

Anyone know what Matt is saying to her on her story something about a selfie and getting milk?

No. 709945


she WAS a stripper. let tht sink in anon

No. 709950


On a story she mentioned that he friend was gonna have her in their music video and all she has to do is mouth the words and look edgy.

No. 709951

Or she removed them herself lol

No. 709952

Those poor customers who had to witness that…. rip

Also I really really want her to make that music video with ger friend omggg the levels of cringe would be astronomical. I can't wait

No. 709954

Not milky at all but he waz just asking her if she was gonna need milk for her selfie (jokingly) because he was gonna use up the rest. Not very interesting lol

No. 709967

claims to promote positivity and confidence, tells people to have empathy and not be a dick

calls strangers ugly, judges and complains about people who should have no real effect on her happiness or success

it's not the internet's fault you quit your job and didn't make any type of goal or action plan to do something with your life and are resorting to trying to becomes a sex worker while shamelessly not being able to give up your spot in the public eye.

This isn't even your demographic? why wouldn't you try and distance yourself from all of this in order to be taken seriously as a sex worker? I'd never want to sugar someone who could so easily expose my life and privacy to the world through her Snap….

No. 709984

Damn how u find that? Only thing nice is the bath

No. 710008

Was anybody else hoping she accidentally sliced her sausage lips open

No. 710119

Speaking of sex workers, what happened to the Shayna thread?

No. 710132

Full screen version. Not milky. Just cringe

No. 710133

Hank hill ass lolol

No. 710151

She hit 72k and then it dropped to 71.8k again after she posted that video lmaoo

No. 710154

I bet she masturbates to herself. No joke

No. 710155

I imagine the innards sloughing out in chunks

No. 710156

Dolly Mattel? There’s a new thread.

No. 710176

Both look like men

No. 710198

File: 1539276634600.jpeg (312.42 KB, 750x969, F573036D-89B1-408A-8051-F1EEC8…)

No. 710204

Damn does this bitch ever go to sleep and wake up with new thoughts or does she just fucking pine on the most minuscule shit she can grab ahold of?
Get the fuck over it you sausage faced idiot. Move on.

No. 710207

She can claim that she was confident about herself back then but confident people don’t spend thousands of dollars to completly alter their faces. Theirs nothing wrong with admitting that you weren’t confident pre surgery, a lot of normal people actually do acknowledge that they weren’t confident in themselves pre op and theirs nothing wrong with that so I don’t get why she tries so desperately hard to protect her past selfs ego

No. 710216

File: 1539278547957.jpeg (150.5 KB, 750x607, 85FA3DF8-2A4B-41CD-8E4E-9F4500…)

No. 710217

File: 1539278637925.jpeg (45.28 KB, 738x257, CFED48BE-7A89-43EE-8416-DA17A3…)

> this page is for empowering women
> attacks other women for their appearance regularly when they @ her
>constantly tells women that they’re bitter/insecure/jealous/stupid
> told one girl “you’re jealous because your nose is big”

No. 710222

She must be completely incapable of believing that people can see right through her bullshit ~positivity only~ facade

I guess it only makes sense when she has hundreds of minions who believe her shit and constantly enable her to be a shitty person

No. 710228

She disabled comments on that post.
I guess she can’t handle when people expose her just like other women, apparently, can’t handle seeing her inflated lips and tits flopping around in a vid.

No. 710229

For a literal 2 days. She went for 1 day of work each time she tried to strip and got anxiety and never went back

No. 710240

lmfao this isn't even a negative comment! OT, but why is it always the narcissistic cunts that put "x" after everything? Her fans are just like her and incredibly annoying.

No. 710243

>this page is for empowering women
>”we get it you’re ugly”

She has the most repulsive and (dare I say) ~toxic~ attitude. Thinking you’re better than any other women because you bought yourself a new face & body is disgusting. And Instagram probably did just take her video down for nsfw content, her tattooed aerolas were sticking out of her top and the video was obviously sexual in nature.

No. 710248

She’s a public page as well so her video could’ve shown up on the explore page to people who don’t even follower her. She mentioned why porn stars don’t get their shit taken down but that’s because they usually have private accounts and their content doesn’t reach past their audience

No. 710256


a page empowering women but "no lil girls allowed uwu"??? she's just another degenerate passing off her toxic attitude as "empowerment" and attacking younger girls. i hope her female followers realize how disgusting, toxic and manipulative she is. This is no role model and she needs to stop acting like people are attacking her for showing off her body. There are women on instagram who promote confidence and post their bodies without a toxic attitude.

No. 710264

File: 1539281487976.jpeg (45.94 KB, 488x221, 81D9216D-0B34-4B1B-ABFF-D15527…)

Irrelevant but FUCK, almost all of her tattoos are so god awful especially that giant black blob thats supposed to be a bear on her arm. She looks like a high school detention room desk but has the audacity to rag on other people’s tattoos

No. 710265

Now she turned comments off on that post lmao… she's already ruining any potential career she could muster up from Instagram. Everyday she makes a bigger ass of herself and it's well documented here too. She addresses h8rz in 97% of her posts.

No. 710266

Her forearm is bigger than her upper arm, looks goofy as fuck

No. 710270

Her tattoos are garbage and horribly placed. She has the awful taste. In clothes, hair, makeup and tattoos. Her home isn't even decorated well yet she has dolled out thousands to reconstruct her witch face… so weird.

No. 710271

"Small but strong" tho

No. 710275

Right ? This bitch really claims that her priorities are straight but she’s invested 20k on surgeries and has a plastic fold up table in her bedroom as decor lmao

No. 710281

She should use the credit card that she brags about constantly to buy some actual furniture but they’re probably all maxed out with her sugery expenses. I also think it’s funny how whenever somebody asks how she affords her procedures she just says “I pay for it lmao” when all she really did was put a balance on a credit card that’s probably gonna sit their for months while she pays the minimum on it

No. 710283

Wew she is the ugliest on the inside person I have ever encountered! The way she behaves is disgusting

No. 710290

why do stoners constantly defend being fucking retards. literally how can you justify smoking weed while pregnant it's not a good idea to smoke ANYTHING while you're pregnant

No. 710297

No. 710313

I hope that worked never linked a thread before lol

No. 710343

Ot but while smoking pot isn’t as deadly as smoking cigs, I wish stoners would realize it still can affect your body in bad ways, changes the way your brain works & does affect the lungs, especially if you start young.

And especially if you’re fucking pregnant don’t smoke any shit! smoking weed is gonna affect the baby’s development. Whether Arianna was/is preg or not I can’t believe fucking retards r really passing that around!

No. 710395

Another day of almost no Ig videos or snaps … she posted one snap mentioning her going on a date with a sugar daddy but it was 10 seconds long and just abruptly ended …

She’s usually so addicted to social media I really wonder what the hell is going on lol

No. 710432

Are you stupid? Of course there’s a developmental affect on unborn babies. It’s been proven to cause low birth weight, premature birth, and cognitive delays… guys c’mon. Don’t smoke while you’re pregnant. It’s literally only 9 months…

No. 710435

File: 1539291898349.png (6.98 MB, 1125x2001, AD35EDD3-6C66-475C-B02C-3B77E7…)

From her live the other day, I lost my shit when someone asked her how to do eyeliner. You’re asking the wrong bitch.

No. 710457

File: 1539293308010.jpeg (182.84 KB, 750x911, 204663EA-B7A7-452F-A55E-E79C04…)

On another picture.

No. 710484

She's so different from vid & photo i canr cope she looks like shit irl

No. 710511

Watching her try to be sexy and mouthing words with her lisping baboon lips and Appalachia teeth is really….. something

No. 710524

Its like she literally doesnt have teeth but ok boo be proud of your lips kek

No. 710539

Yo don’t bash me because I can’t screen record but on her snap she stated she is currently kicked off Instagram but it’s relieving because her “ass” is always on there. Says she had a good day not being sucked into her phone and even saw her SD. Then proceeeds to go on about how “everyone on Instagram hates me because I look good and I know it” and it’s unfortunate we are upset because we don’t look good and other people do.

No. 710542

Can confirm this milk

No. 710543

She also said the sugar daddy gave her 650 dollars … she also said she asked him to buy her jewelry for her birthday … also dissed Matt by saying “Matt has failed to buy me jewelry for 3 years”… and that “Matt needs to step up his game”

No. 710550

How could he afford to buy her jewelry when he has to care for two people on a single person salary? Buying furniture for their house would be a much better investment

No. 710552

I wish Matt knew what she says about him behind his back on her snap.
He obviously trusts her enough not to be on it so it makes it even sadder that she chooses to diss him there.
It honestly dumbfounds me every time she says she acts the same to everyone and isn’t two faced when she literally exposes herself as hypocrite on the regular

No. 710584

She’s banned from IG per the snaps.

No. 710590

But she’s not though? Her profile is still up..

No. 710594

File: 1539305461956.jpeg (261.61 KB, 606x845, 5A5D9CEB-F8A3-4B83-B25E-81979A…)

the fold out table is indeed awful bedroom furniture… but is her nightstand literally a drink cooler?

No. 710598

anon clearly you're just jealous of her avant-garde decor. this is a page for empowering other women not for lil girls you stupid bitch!!!!!!

No. 710608

No. 710613

No. 710615

No. 710623


You are the best. All hail snap anon.

No. 710624

oh my goddddddd. Matt has failed to get her jewelry? What about that engagement ring that suddenly disappeared?
also thank you anon for the gift of snapchat videos, this is great

No. 710632

Says her sugar daddy
>is like her dad but he would fuck her
>sent her home with a separate meal for mattv
>makes her gush like a school girl
its so sad she never talks about Matt like that

No. 710633

Barely showering is not a thing normal people boast about, wtf. Gagging at the thought of what she smells like.

No. 710635

If there’s a group of people that reports every one of her posts and reports her page and enough people do it she’ll eventually get kicked off Instagram(cowtipping)

No. 710641

Adding that she mentioned how Matt couldn't give her jewelry to the SD and the SD got worried that Matt would get upset. She told the SD that it should be a way of showing Matt to step it up.
SD seems like a straightforward guy here. Pnp wants to make Matt compete for her attention?

No. 710644

The SD is still a pos, she said before that it’s a secret because she’s the “other woman” and she loves it kek he should be getting jewelry for his wife, how fucking embarrassing. Imagine your husband paying for sex with pnp and buying her shit

No. 710668

Hopefully the snap anons can find a discreet app soon…. if they could get clips of her talking about him and her friends imagine all the milk?

No. 710676

No. 710680

Sorry guys did my best to record the snaps, I’m not risking an app to screen record though

No. 710709

On this topic does anyone know what she said about egg girl/Mia/sugar potion? Because there was a story from Mia where she was like don’t take my friendship for granted or for the clout a few weeks ago

No. 710834


no he's not married, she isn't the "other woman" she's just a "secret"…pretty much he doesn't want his extremely successful company seeing him with him or knowing he's paying a sugar baby while on this business trip

No. 710852

Thank you anon for the snap milk!

No. 710929

thanks snap anon! your efforts are appreciated, this is nice milk

No. 711057

Why doesn’t somebody just make a fake account and link doormat to these?(cowtipping)

No. 711061

Because that’s cowtipping.

No. 711063

cowtipping and honestly who is that invested in their dumpster fire of a relationship? lmao. must be the anon that was all horny for doormatt in the last thread.

No. 711065

because then she’ll stop spilling the milk, dipshit

No. 711068


Exactly, lol. We want her to keep up with her shenanigans. Also DoorMatt clearly doesn't gaf about his own mental wellbeing at this point so why should we?

He sticks up for her and probably has the same shitty inner personality she does. He just doesn't act on it because he looks like a homeless pillsbury doughboy but that's besides the point.

Remember, birds of a feather flock together.

No. 711093

anyone with a brain could take one look at the trainwreck and head for the hills. he's seen it and decided to stick around. obviously he's there for some reason. i doubt he cares anyways.

No. 711127

The fact that she compares her sugardaddy with her dad is actually gross

No. 711302

File: 1539375528482.jpg (1.79 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-12-16-18-30-373_deco.jpg)

I feel like us making a bunch of edits where she looks better would make her mad, no?

No. 711321

Nope. It’s just weird. Stop.

No. 711322

She doesn't even look better, she can never possibly look better because she's fucking hideous.

No. 711326

this looks worse, anon. your edits always do. just stop it, you're obnoxious as fuck.

No. 711344

File: 1539377801489.jpg (1.8 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-12-16-56-59-824_deco.jpg)

(Edit derail/spam)

No. 711346

Sage ur replies please

No. 711349

Why haven't the mods banned you yet? Are you ever going to stop shitting up the thread with your awful shooping skills?

No. 711379

Oh great. The shitty edits nobody asked for are back.

No. 711423

Anon, please fuck off. Your edits are tragic.

No. 711440

I recorded some snap footage does it matter if her username is on visible?

No. 711578

No share

No. 711825


No. 711832

Sorry I’ve been trying to upload to vimeo but it’s not working. Honestly it’s not that milky she just talks about how much she hates people that can’t drive and talks again about Matt not getting her jewelry and how she’s going to start stripping but she needs to work out and she’s too lazy to start camming. Will try again if anyone wants to see

No. 711885

Lol the fact that this thread is so quiet now really proves that her life means nothing besides her insta. But yeah keep telling people you're "living your dream"

No. 711988

Pnps account is gone and the badmoodrude account just put in her story that she has a new profile but it could be fake

No. 711991

New PnP Insta is @plasticnproud

No. 712002

She posted a story on the new account. Weird how her other one is still up

No. 712003

File: 1539457510551.jpeg (475.96 KB, 739x1193, C4EAA47A-65A7-4BFC-B13E-940650…)

No. 712017

File: 1539459569483.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, C17A75B5-6FE3-4DDD-AAF9-0CF4C3…)

I'll never get over the fact that that big ass gray blob is supposed to be bear lol, person who tattood that did her dirty

No. 712027

lmao this! I actually have a bears head tattooed on my arm as well and even on a blurry selfie you can see what it is. Ariana’s tattoos are just next level shitty, at least the old ones…

No. 712029

She can kiss her instagramcarreer goodbye now. No way she's gonna get all those followers back unless she does another crazy transformation OR she's gonna post all those before/after pics all over again like we haven't seen them a thousand times already

No. 712037

Hateful fag here, I would love to see her struggle to gain her followers back. Her blowup had a little to do with BabyTrash,and since she burned that bridge I can bet the instahoes associated with her aren't looking to collab with Ariana.

No. 712042

Same here! I also think lots of her following was bc of her journey through bodymods but now that she isnt gonna do anything soon she doesn't have a brand anymore, people are gonna get bored of her

No. 712046

Her low following will also result in no one paying her for features anymore lmao she's gonna go broke

No. 712054

She’s probably gonna get her account back eventually tbh. Every insta hoe I’ve seen who got their accounts deleted, specifically spo00kybabyy got their accounts back shortly after they were locked out. Only difference is you weren’t able to access/see their accounts whereas pnps is still up and you can still comment/like posts

No. 712058

She’s def gonna have money troubles if she doesn’t get her account back though because she won’t have nearly the amount of people to advertise her shoutouts/snap to and she won’t be able to beg for money because their won’t be such a big pool of idiots to manipulate

No. 712086

I love that the new accounts bio says “deleted at 72k” but nah it got deleted .9k closer to 71k lol

No. 712087

I guess now would be the time to comment some shit she’d normally just delete lol

No. 712088

On her story she’s asking people to post her new account…funny how she would normally charge 10 dollars for something like that and whines about people asking for handouts

No. 712091

Just read a comment that the post that fucked with her old insta and got it reported probably got deleted bc of the knife in the video which it most likely true. Smh she wants to make it her vs. the world so bad and say she has so many haters reporting cause they ugly. What a dumb cunt

No. 712100

Lol at her not even having 2K followers yet. And i really hope people will indeed post shit in her old profiles comments, she deserves it, karma is a bish

No. 712104

Curious to see if her insta famous "friends" will follow her on her new acc with that following lol. In the end they really dont care about anyone with a small amount of followers

No. 712119

I guess karma is a btch.

No. 712130

Tbh she doesn't have real connections to those people and she probably secretly annoys them so I can guarantee most will not follow her second account. They can probably see through her act.

Also… most of her following is from babytrash's boost on insta lol before knowing her Ariana got like 20-40 likes MAYBE a post. She got more attention for being thotty, met babytrash, blew up, then her acc kept growing when she played the victim in order to defend her shitpost of an ig account. She will not go back to that kind of following, there is no way.

As soon as people started exposing her, her account stopped growing. No one wants a new account from her. She wont get her followers back unless she gets her old account back. She doesn't deserve that tho

No. 712131

she says she was "bout to reveal some big shit too". I still think she could be pregnant.

No. 712133

I think its bullshit to make people follow her.

No. 712134

Even doormatt has more followers than her at this point i cant

No. 712136

Any snap anons who know if she isn't having a mental breakdown on snap yet?

No. 712169

She hasn’t posted at all today

No. 712175

Hmm prob begging her sugar daddy for more money and jewellry then i guess

No. 712187

probably another spencers "ad campaign "kek

No. 712211

Weird wonder if she’ll do what badmoodrude did and buy some more followers

No. 712220

I actually know badmoodrude in person because we worked together at a pizza place when we were 16 haha her followers are real because she worked in music before she started making it

No. 712222

Sage your blogging

No. 712223

File: 1539477600885.jpeg (96.93 KB, 750x394, 0EDD742C-37B5-4FF7-A5A7-2D58F1…)

“Worked hard for what you had” lol her followers are just as delusional as she is

No. 712226

I actually know badmoodrude in person because we worked together at a pizza place when we were 16 haha her followers are real because she worked in music before she started making it

No. 712227


No. 712232

If y’all just report her new insta then they’ll maybe delete that one too, so you think they’ll actually get rid of her other one??(read the rules)

No. 712239

File: 1539478636237.jpeg (202.77 KB, 1242x715, 8A50DD43-B3C5-4452-A537-82684A…)

who’s manning this

No. 712244

Sure you did

No. 712249

well ya kek I only know about plasticandproud from her posts and that lead me here, FULL CIRCLE

No. 712265


Learn to sage and don't double post.

No. 712285

Dude stop trying to get ppl to report her this is cowtipping and against the rule

No. 712292

Anon, if you do end up with any milky snap videos in future, convert the file to webm (google 'mp4 to webm converter' for websites that do it) then you can upload it directly here like you would an image.

No. 712318

Not the same snap anon but thanks for the tip

No. 712449

File: 1539509228537.png (5.26 MB, 1242x2208, E3169CE0-9973-4E09-8D77-186408…)

Her fucking FACE I caaaant

No. 712516

she's had soo much work but she pretty much looks the same as her before…

like her nose got way bigger?? does that happen so quickly after rhinoplasty??

No. 712532

It's something about her dentition, it's so… concave? Like an old lady. She emulates the more attractive prognathe look with fillers but when she moves her facial muscles the real underlying skeletal morphology becomes apparent

No. 712544

she can't even hit 5k on her new account. pretty sure that shows ya something. her "instagram career" is over LOL

No. 712566

File: 1539536392369.jpeg (38.45 KB, 698x329, 2A3B9C23-86AB-4A4D-9799-47C8D8…)

She looks like an old woman who lost her teeth.

No. 712578

Yes exactly. She should probably see an orthodontist before eating more money on fillers

No. 712786

Women with "witch face syndrome" have concave faces. There's a vid I'll drop on the face Arianna has. Her nose job doesn't fit the face, so now it looks odd. The goblin nose fit her better.

No. 712863

She’s on her second account’s story saying she still can’t post pictures even on this account and would like advice from anyone with experience.

No. 712883

Maybe she should give someone $10 to their private Snapchat to get advice on how to get her shit back.
She should take this as a technological fucking divine intervention and get a job.

No. 712888

Instagram will never give her account back and she’ll sink into internet anonymity.

No. 712895

lol its so sad that instagram is her whole life. she was going to annouce she was pregnant and people on the internet were going to care! now she's just gonna be pregnant and uh

No. 712916

Idk this might be a good thing. Internet fame enables the very worst parts of her personality. Maybe she will be forced to reevaluate her priorities.

No. 712970

No. 712976

Unfortunate right? She’s trying to act like she shouldn’t care because it’s an app, and all this time she’s always said she never cared about followers… now she literally has… no income and no following, even if that income was just people buying her Snapchat or getting free clothes once in a blue moon lol.

No. 713002

Her eyes are weirdly small which is why she always does the overexaggerated cat eyes

No. 713068

Is retarded edit anon just one person? I like to imagine it's the same autistic fuck that visits unfortunate threads and spams her shitty edits.

No. 713093


I’m guessing your icon being visible is intentional with all that namefagging?

No. 713099

Namefag and pic visible lol

If you had put your email in you'd have the newfag trifecta

No. 713105

This is not how you use this site Jessica also that comment is cringy af

No. 713108

File: 1539596171462.jpeg (329.29 KB, 1125x1399, 851BA818-7F24-4662-8A39-91F7CA…)

Hahaha fuck what a dolt. I’ve never used this site before, hence my idiocy. I fixed it.

No. 713113

Can you learn to sage and also not seek attention for the posts you make on other platforms. Useful advice can be found at https://lolcow.farm/info and https://lolcow.farm/rules.

No. 713118

yeah we can tell.
no need to doublepost it and double the cringe, are you new not only to the site but to Ariana too? She gets comments like this under every pic, primo, and secundo - this comment is not a ~call out~, it's some autist parroting what they've read here spiced up with their own idiocy and cringe

No. 713124

Bet it’s anaemia_art herself seeking asspats

No. 713126

If I had to take a guess on why insta banned her it’s because she had her followers harassing that girl just a few days before, and her constant shit talk to women and young girls. They have a huge hate speech policy and she basically does nothing but (if that broad term blankets having random girls harassed and speaking girl hate talk all the time?) idk just a thought

No. 713190

Their hate speech policy is a bunch of bullshit - from my experience, Instagram is the least active social network when it comes to moderation and bans for these reasons. So it's strange that they would ban her for hate speech, they usually don't really care about this stuff.

No. 713199

True, i feel like they only ban people based on how many people report it. Not once has a post I reported ever been deleted

No. 713430

She’s throwing up on snap spitting into a basket and complaining about how she takes her meds then throws them up

No. 713450

Snap anon save us pls

No. 713459

she probs never eats and takes them on an empty stomach, that shit will make u nauseous

No. 713470

It wouldn’t focus because her snaps were blurry. She probably has left over grease on her damn camera.

No. 713483

Haha omg she’s even more disgusting than I thought.
Thank you anon

No. 713496

So this is what people paid $10 for

No. 713506

Incredible, isn’t it? Most of the time she’s repeating what she says on Instagram. The other day she was showing her nipples for some gross reason but otherwise her premium Snapchat is bullshit.

No. 713508

Ty anon
She is a disgusting mess. Why does she feel the need to record herself and brag about this behavior. No idea how people are paying for her snap unironically. She’s a nasty person inside and out

No. 713514

God this is so fucking unattractive

No. 713581

literally never seen her look worse. ever. snap anon we appreciate u

No. 713597

File: 1539640380425.png (3.63 MB, 1242x2208, 8C705708-BA28-4C45-8F96-9300BA…)


No. 713615

What in the fucking hell

No. 713635

So if she IS pregnant, the doctor prob would have advised her how dangerous it is to take psych meds while pregnant. So either she’s lying and thinks people are too stupid to realize she’s still taking meds while “pregnant” and won’t call her out, orrrr she’s actually pregnant and making her baby even more retarded by still taking her psych meds if it doesn’t already have fetal alcohol syndrome

No. 713655

it would be an understatement to say her hair is fucked

No. 713681

Why the fuck would you even film yourself looking like that? This girl is a living meme

No. 713691

there are plenty of psych meds that are okay for pregnant women. you are just trying to make up dramatic shit that may not be true

No. 713694

Isn’t she on lithium? Can’t be pregnant on that. Even simple antidepressants like Prozac or SSRIs like cymbalta you can’t be pregnant on. Idk most of the time it’s safe to stay off of that.

No. 713728

Lmao how dare you bring reason to this thread. You’re right though, prolapsednproud is clearly lying and trying to bait her fans and anons into believing she’s pregnant.

No. 713736

I read on an old post of hers that she takes lamictal–a mood stabilizer commonly prescribed to those with bipolar/bpd/mood disorders. I take it myself and I can attest that it will make you very nauseated if taken without food. Adding something as acidic as apple cider doesn't help either.

It literally says it on the bottle and one has to have some kind of self awareness to keep track of your moods/mental illness.

Sage for blog post

No. 713738

File: 1539649853350.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.23 MB, 6000x4000, IMG_0764.JPG)

Gag. I guess her front camera is coated with hair grease because now her snaps are clear when rear facing.

No. 713744

Those elbows scare the fuck out of me.


No. 713762

She just announced on Snap that she's been pregnant for 2 months and just found out last week…wanted to wait to get an abortion to make sure she was confident in her decision but she is not keeping it

Also sorry but too lazy/dumb/dont care to screen record

No. 713766

Anyone friends with her on Facebook said she said something on there earlier about it too

No. 713767


No. 713779

When I got my boobs done 4 years ago my surgeon warned me not to get pregnant for at least two years, doing so ruins breast augmentations and can cause "bottoming out."

No. 713785

I'll post again in a few minutes, since these guys are fucking useless. Give me a sec.

No. 713797

Bless you.

No. 713822

No. 713824

No. 713826

bless this milk

sidenote: so happy for matt

No. 713831

"at one point we were trying for this"


No. 713833

She is the most repulsive human being to ever exist. Why does she talk like she’s some fucking enlightened being. Nobody has the impression that pregnancy is easy. Morning sickness is so incredibly common. Fucking retard. You are not special, Ariana, you fucking grimey ass crooked tit whore. You don’t deserve a child and I hope this is the last time you ever reproduce. Get a fucking historectomy you nasty cunt.

No. 713836

Why the fuck would she announce her abortion on Facebook to friends and family?

No. 713843

“You feel like you’re dying…this has made me question if I ever want to be a parent” dude it’s morning sickness and it doesn’t even last that long/is seriously tolerable. She is so extreme in her exaggerations.

No. 713845


"i dont want to have a kid before i get an education…. which ive always wanted"
she used to post on ig all the time that she hated school so much and would never ever go back…

"i have so much i want to do before sitting at home taking care of a kid"
all you do rn is sit at home all day everyday.

also the last time she had a scare like 5 months ago she was like matt and i never use protection and don't pull out soooo i could def be pregnant right now hehe i hope i am! and even quit drikning coffee cause she thought she was.. how are you all of a sudden shocked that you could have gotten pregnant when you dont try to prevent it at all??

No. 713847

yeah… at this point she's scum of the earth. the way she talks about how she will never let anything get in the way of how she wants to live her life. she's not wrong for getting an abortion, there's nothing wrong with doing that.. but she of all people should never bring life into this world ever.

No. 713851

"I was gonna real something big" was her abortion announcement? Omfggggggndjeji3nrjfjrr I'm screaming internally. You don't have to be ashamed about it but for fucks sake this is personal.

No. 713854

I’m dead, I’m seriously reveling in all of this. If she wonders why people are so interested in her life it’s exactly because of this, she makes it a shit show! Like not only does she make the most dumb ass decisions and live the most despicable lifestyle, but then she also airs her own dirty laundry to the whole internet. It’s like a car crash, it’s hard not to be interested in what’s going on. I just hope the saga continues with some sort of mental break due to receiving an abortion.

No. 713864

Since when does “living my best life” and having a life people would be jealous of include having no friends, having no relationship with family, almost ruining your engagement, having to spread your pussy for money, being so ugly you have to pay for a whole new face, having your Instagram account deleted, having an abortion, and having a body tore up from shitty tattoos and implants? What a joke

No. 713889

>i can't have a kid before i get my insta followers back up

she's literally how my prolife in-laws think everyone who gets an abortion is like, you know has sex w no contraception whilst knowing the risks and well, even they wouldn't think you'd announce it on facebook lol like ok get an abortion that is your right but something things should be personal jfc

No. 713901

Matt and her will be over in a few months. I've never seen a couple withstand an abortion in the relationship. Also, "nervous but happy" makes me think he was down to be a dad.

No. 713909

she probably having an abortion bc she probably thinks it’s her SD’s
it’s would be so sad to see any child in her care, it’s good she isn’t having it because people like her are the reason children get neglected and mistreated! you’d think she’d learn from her shitty childhood but it seems like she’d just recreate it.

No. 713919

Honestly so heated at this. I get being a scared teen or your birth control failing, but fucking christ you cant be that fucking stupid to think you can have unprotected sex at 24 with no consequences. "This is hard and I'm strong" give me a break. Being a strong adult means taking care of your fucking sexual health so you dont run into this. You can get birth control with no insurance with an app nowadays so you don't even need to leave the house. I've done it. It's not hard or that expensive.

No. 713959

File: 1539666741418.jpeg (277.84 KB, 749x1151, D50F0B2C-1CC1-4980-A1BA-16DCEA…)

No. 713961

All because people started to comment about her pregnancy after they saw her snaps.
What did you think was going to happen Ariana?? You broadcast your whole life, including your fucking abortion and expect people not to have commentary ? She’s deranged. Tbh I’m glad she hasn’t had access to her old account because she’s so powerless without her following.

No. 713963

With her new account I think the 5,000 followers she accumulated seems a lot more fitting than 70k. There couldn’t have been THAT many people who were incaple of seeing through her bullshit. I hope this is a reality check for her when she realizes not that many people actually give a shit about her and forgot about her as soon as she was gone. Almost makes me thinks she had to bring up the whole pregnancy scandal just so she could gain more attention but who knows with this crazy hoe

No. 713970

I'm so glad she's aborting. The amount of resentment she has against a FETUS for allegedly holding her back from imaginary study, making her stay home every day when that's all the fuck she does, or making her feel sick. Not a word of thoughtfulness or compassion or reflection came out of her mouth. She's really fucking damaged and not fit to care for a child, she'd be an absolute cunt to it.

No. 713983

I’m actually shocked at how stupid she is. I always knew but this is some next level bullshit. Not too long ago she talked about wanting a baby all the fucking time and how they never use protection and now she acts all tough with her fake feminism pro-choice. Sure, all that is good and important, but it is not Ariana‘s fucking excuse for being such a dumb cunt. She is nothing but a compulsive liar and I’m glad that she’s not having the baby. She would have been the worst mother I could ever imagine.

No. 714041

Just fucking imagine how that kid would've turned out with all that alcohol and meds, good thing she aborted it

No. 714061

So annoying bc abortion should always be a human right but she is saying she’s getting one bc she wants to go to school? Like don’t lie to yourself dude it’s fucking good you’re getting an abortion and seriously okay to just admit that you’re getting one bc you’re too broke, your relationship is turning to shit, you’re not ready for your body to change and ruin your income by not being able to fuck old dudes or strip, and you don’t wanna ruin the tit squares you’re in debt for. Like just admit it bitch it ain’t that deep

and also don’t tell people?

She could’ve just kept posting and people would put 2 and 2 together when they see in 6 months that she’s not showing. So annoying and self righteous

No. 714085


I was thinking the same thing. She doesn’t need to

No. 714096

I wonder if she will start a donation fund for her abortion. Anything to get attention and cash.

No. 714104

Right??? Like I just had an abortion and not to blogpost but it’s just NOT something someone in their right mind blasts all over IG. What is wrong with her? She’s just using this as a way to gain followers and attention, like Jesus girl get it together. This is something serious and personal. She should just take a break from social media and get her life in order.
Watch her Snapchat the abortion kek. Post ultrasounds and turn it into some “bad bitch instathot” thing

No. 714106

Maybe she’s aborting because she’s not sure if it’s Matt’s or sugar daddy’s

No. 714108

can you people sage? jesus

No. 714113

I couldn’t agree anymore, anon. I give it 3-5 months and he will leave her. He seemed down to be a dad since they were “at one point planning this” and now shes aborting. Once she gets over the pain and bleeding she will start sugaring again and Matt will leave.

No. 714122

D&C anon here–she's literally only have like three days of soreness and spotting, that's it. She'll be sugaring the week after she aborts probably.

Matt likely didn't even know she chose to abort until he saw the instagram live…

No. 714128

I can see how you wouldn’t be happy about finding out you are pregnant when you are a literal pyschopath lol

No. 714138

I don't even believe she was ever pregnant in the first place. It sounded so fake to me

No. 714147

File: 1539701766140.jpeg (216.27 KB, 750x1042, 5C0B4A8F-E033-463D-98F3-503A8E…)

Super old but can we call her uglyandproud now please? Lol

No. 714153


No. 714189

She looks almost the same or worse.

No. 714205

Can someone post a screenshot of her rambling about the abortion on Facebook?

No. 714244

Was she even seeing the SD two months ago when she apparently got pregnant?

No. 714250

File: 1539712629707.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181016_125521.jpg)

She turned off all the comments on her pictures. Kek must have been getting too many people talking about her being pregnant and then ending it. How is she going to convince people to buy her snap if people ruin it in the comments?

No. 714272

Pretty sure on her live she said it had been about 2 months. This live was the last I believe before insta shut her down

No. 714277

Write 'sage' in the email field if you don't have any milk.

Otherwise everyone's disappointed when there's no milk to read.

No. 714279

“It’s such a lie it’s almost deceiving… not like the movies” well you were only pregnant for 2 months, ate like shit, did blow, smoked and drank. No wonder!

No. 714281

She admitted the abortion on live before Snapchat??

No. 714297

File: 1539718735788.png (1.56 MB, 1437x2291, Screenshot_20181016-143733.png)

even he couldn't wait for her to get rid of the witch beak… and look how fucked her nose is now that poor thing LOL

No. 714303

I honestly think she looked better with her old face. What a waste of money, she turned herself into a fugly blowup doll and now her whole „career“ and relationship is crumbling down.

No. 714330

File: 1539722677699.jpeg (564.2 KB, 750x1173, 7A6B585F-A8E5-44F8-918A-EC65C5…)


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